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It is respectfully requested that any information respecting 
Changes by BirtlUy Deatfa, Marriages^ AppointmeiitSj 

Addresses, d;c,, 
may be communicated at the earliest possible moment to 

The Editor op "The Upper Ten Thousand," 

49, Torrington Square, 

London, W,C, 



As this work is the first of the kind ever published, it may bo 
neoessary to enter into some explanation of its object and plan. 

Its object has been to include in One general Alphabetical list all 
^hme who have any definite position arising eithei 

From hereditary rank, 

or From any recognised title or order conferred upon them by the 

or From any of the higher grades of the military, naval, clerical, 
or colonial services of the State. 

Hitherto, although there have been various works giving informa- 
tion respecting certain of the above-mentioned classes, there has been 
no one book of reference sufficiently comprehensive and concise, and 
at the same time handy in size, in which, they all were included. 
Indeed, a great number of names have been included which have 
never before appeared in any similar work ; and it is to supply this 
deficiency that this work has been undertaken. 

As regards the plan, it was found that it would be impossible to 
minutely carry out in every instance the alphabetical plan of arrange- 
ment. It has, therefore, been thought best, when the same name was 
borne both by commoners and the chil4ren of peers, to place all the 
commoners first, then the sons of peers, then the daughters of peers, 
and finally widows, whether of peers, baronets, or knights. It has 
also been thought best to insert the titles of the eldest sons of peers, 
<eTen although there may be no living person at the time to bear them. 




With regard to the Scottiah Judges, it must be understood that, like 
the Bishops in the Church of England, their title is merely one of 
courtesy, that it ceases on their retirement from office, and does not 
entitle their wives to the prefix of " Lady." 

To those unaccustomed to literary compilation, no adequate idea 
can be conveyed of the enormous labour which it has been necessary to 
expend on a work like this, containing so large and minute an 
accumulation of particulars ; for, although the notices of each name 
may at first sight appear somewhat brief, they will challenge oom- 
parison as regards comprehensiveness and completeness with any 
which are to be found in similar works. 

The Editor, consequently, cannot but expect that some inaocuracite 

must have occurred, but he can unhesitatingly assert that he has 

spared neither time nor trouble in rendering the work as complete and 

accurate as possible. He, therefore, hopes that the public and the 

subscribers will pardon any omissions or inaccuracies which they may 

observe, and that all those who are interested in any of the names 

will do him the favour of informing him of such shortcomings in order 

that they may be rectified. 


49, TosRiNOTON Square, London, 
January^ 1876k 


Vp Bishop. 

Mil. Baronet. 

(c.) Coiiaenrati?e. 

c.B Companion of the Order of 

the Bath. 
c.M.o Companion of the Order of 

St. Michael and St. George. 
C.S.I Companion of the Order of 

the Star of India, 
dep.-lieut. . . Deputy-lieutenant. 

dew Dowager. 

dr Daughter. 

o.c.B *. .Knight Grand Croaa of the 


O.C.H Knight Grand Cross of the 

HanoTerian Guelphic Order. 
O.c.M.o Knight Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George, 
o. C.S.I Knight Ghrand Cross of the 

Star of India, 
(hon.) Honourable by right of 


hon Honourable. 

(H.&.) Home Ruler. 

H.B..H His or Her Boyal Highness. 

IreL Ireland. 

K.c.B Knight Commander of the 


K.c.H Knight Commander of tlie 

Hanoverian Guelphic Order. 
K.c.M.Q Knight Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
K.o Knight of the Order of tiic 

K.u Knight of the Hanoverian 

Guelphic Order. 
K.C.8.I Knight Commander uf the 

Star of India. 
K.p Knight of the Order of St. 

K.T Knight of the Order of the 


licut Lieutenant. 

(l.) Liberal. 

m Married. 

marq Marquis. 

p.c Privy Councillor. 

pres Presumptive. 

vise Viscount. 

♦ Scotch Peer. 

6 Irish Peer. 

T Representative Peer. 


The Sovereign. 

OTie Viceroy of Ireland.) 

The Prince of Wales. 

The younger sons of the Sovereign. 

Grandsons of the Sovereign. 

Brothers of the Sovereign. 

Uncles of the Sovereign. 

Hephews of the Sovereign (according to 

tne seniority of their fathers). 
(Lord Mayor of Dublin.) 
Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Lord High Chancellor. 
Archbishop of York. 



(Lord Chancellor of Ireland.) 

Lord High Treasurer (no such office existK 
at present). 

Lord President of the Privy Council. 

Lord Privy Seal. 

Lord Great Chamberlain (hut only when 
a duke ; if of lower rank, ne takes prece- 
dence of all those of the same ranx). 

Lord High Constable (but only if .a duke : 
if of lower rank, he takes precedence of 
all those of the same rank ; but no sucli 
office exists at present). 

Earl Marshal. 

Lord High Admiral (no such office exists 
at present). 



Lord Steward of the Household (but only 
if a duke ; if of lower rank, he takes 

Srecedenco of all others of the same 
Lord Chamberlain of the Household (but 

only if a duke ; if of lower rank, he 

takes precedence of all others of the 

same deeree). 
(Lord Hififh Steward of Ireland : earl of 

Dukes of England. 

Scotland (none created since 


Great Britain (1707-1801}. 

Duke of Leinster (being the only one 

existing at the time of the union). 
Dukes of the United Kingdom (created 

after 1801). 
Eldest sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal 

(when they are not brothers, grandsons, 

uticles, or nephews of the reigning 

Lord Great Chamberlain (when of the 

rank of a marquis}. 
Lord High Constable (when of the rank 

of a marouis). 
Earl Marsnal (when of the rank of a 

Lord Steward of the Household (when of 

the rank of a marquis). 
Lord Chamberlain of the Household (when 

of the rank of a marouis). 
Marquises of Englana (marq. of Win- 

Scotland (none created after 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Lieland (created before 

the United Kingdom (created 

after 1801). 
Eldest sons of Dukes (according to the 

date of their father's patent). 
Lord Great Chamberlain (if an earl). 
Lord High Constable (if an earl). 
Earl Marshal (if an earl). 
Lord Steward of the Household (if an 

Lord Chamberlain of the Household (if 

an earl). 
Earls of Enghind (anterior to 1707). 

- Scotland (none created after 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (created before 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

after 1801). 
Toimger sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal 

(when they are not brothers, grand- 

sons, uncles, or nephews of the reigning 

Eldest sons of Marquises. 
Younger sons of Dukes. 
I/)rd Great Chamberlain (if a riscount). 
Lord High Constable (if a viscount). 
Lord Steward of the Household (if a 

Lord Chamberlain of the Household (if a 

Viscounts of England (vise. Hereford}. 

Scotland (anterior to 1801). 

Great Britain (1707-180n. 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

after 1801). 
Eldest sons of Earls. 
Youngest sons of Marquises. 
Bishop of London. 



English Bishops (according to priority of 

Bishop of Meath (has the title of ** most 

Iridi Bishops (according to priority of 

Lord Great Chamberlain (if a baron). 
Lord High Constable (if a baron). 
Lord Steward of the Household (if a 

Lord Chamberlain of the Household (if a 

Secretan' of State (if a baron). 
(Chief l^retary to the Viceroy of Ireland, 

if a baron.) 
Barons of England. 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

— ^ Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

after 1801). 
Speaker of the House of Commons. 
Commissioners of the Great Seal (those 

eirsons who execute the office of Lord 
igh Chancellor when it happens to be 

Treasurer of the Household. 

Comptroller of the Household. 

Master of the Horse (but only if a com- 

Vico-Charaberlain of the Household. 

Secretary- of State (but only if a com- 

(Chief Secretar}' to the Viceroy of Ire- 

Eldest sons of Viscounts. 

Younger sons of Earls 

Eldest sons of Barons. 



Privy CoimciUora (but only when com- 

(The general commanding the forces in 
Ireland, and the Attorney-General of 
Ireland, unless of higher personal rank.) 
Chancellor of the Order of the Garter (but 
only if a layman ; the office being always 
attached to the bishopric of Oxford^. 
Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench 
(but if a Peer or a Pnvy Coxmcillor, he 
takes rank as such}. 
Master of the Bolls (ditto). 
Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 

Lord Chief Baron (ditto). 
Judge Ordinary of the Divorce Court 

Lord Justices of the Court of Appeal in 

Chancery (ditto) . 
The Vice-chancellors. 
Puisne Judges of the Queen's Bench. 
Common Pleas. 

Barons of the Exchequer. 

Judge of the Court of Probate. 

(The last four rank according to their 

appointment as judges, and notnom their 

appointment to their different courts.) 
Commissioneni of the Court of Bankruptcy. 
(Judges of the Landed Estates Court m 

Younger sons of Viscounts. 


Baronets (but if they are jud^ or of 

higher rank, their precedence is derived 

from such rank). 
Knights Crrand Cross of the Bath. 
Knights Grand Cross of the Star of India. 
Knights Grand Cross of St. Michael and 

St. George. 
Knights Commander of the Bath. 
Knights Commander of the Star of India. 
Knights Commander of St. Biichael and 

St. George. 
Knights Bachelor. 
Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber (if 

without any higher rank). 
Lord Advocate of Scotland. 
Queen's Counsel. 

Masters in Chancery, and in Lunacy. 
(Judges of the Court of Bai^kruptcy and 

Insolyency in Dublin.) 
Companions of the Bath. 
Companions of the Star of India. 

Companions of St. Michael and St. George. 
Eldest sons of the younger sons of Peers. 
Eldest sons of Baronets. 
Eldest sons of Knights Grand Cross of the 

Eldest sons of Knights Grand Cross of the 

Star of India. 
Eldest sons of Grand Cross of St. Michael 

and St. George. 
Eldest sons of Knights Commander of the 

Eldest sons of Knights Commander of the 

Star of India. 
Eldest sons of Knights Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
Eldest sons of Knights Bachelor. 
Younger sons of the younger sons of 

Younger sons of Baronets. 
Esquires by office. 
Younger sons of Knights Grand Oross of 

the Bath. 
Younger sons of Knights Grand Cross of 

the Star of India. 
Younger sons of Knights Ghrand Cross of 

St. Michael and St. George. 
Younger sons of Knights Commander of 

the Bath. 
Younger sons of Knights Commander of 

the Star of India. 
Younger sons of Knights Commander of 

St. Michael and St. George. 
Younger sons of Knights Bachelor. 
Doctors of Divinity. ♦ 



Bachelors of Divinity. 


-^— ^-^— Medicine. 
Subaltern officers. 
Professional gentlemen. 

* Persons of the same rank who have 
graduated at different universities take 
rank according to the dates of the 
foundation of the universities to which 
they belong : — Oxford, Cambridge. St. 
Andrew's, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edin* 
burgh, Dublin, London, Durham, 
Queen's University in Ireland, Sydney, 



Field-Hanhal Admiral, or Commander-in-Chief of H.M.*f( 


Generals Admirals. 

lieutenant-Generals * Yice-Admirals. 

llajor-Generals Bear- Admirals. 

tnspectoni-Oeneral of Hospitals after 3 Inspectors-General of Hospitals and 

years' serWce on ftill pay. Fleets after 3 years* service on full 

Commiasaries-General. pay. 

Brigadier-Generals Captains of the Fleet : Commodores. 

Deputy Paymaster-General. Inspectors-General of Hospitals and 

Ini^>ector8-(jk!neral of Hospitals. Fleets under 3 years* service. 

Colonel Post Captains after 3 years* service. 

Deputy Judge- Advocate (if at the head Secretaries to Admirals of the Fleet. 

m his department). Paymasters-in-Chief. 

Deputy Inspectors-General of Hospitals Deputy Inspectors-General of Hoepitabt 

Mter 6 years* full service. and Fleets of 5 j'ears* service. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Captains under 3 years* service : Staff 

Deputy Commissaries-General of 5 Captains. 

years' standing. Secretaries to a Commander-in-Chief of 

Deputy Inspectors-General of Hospitals. 5 years* standing. 

Surgeons-Major. Deputy Inspectors-General of HospitalB 

and Fleets. 
Commanders: StaflT Commanders. 
Secretaries to a Commander-in-Chief. 
Staff Surgeons. 
Paymasters of 15 years', standing. 

Hajor Lieutenants and Navigating Lieutenants 

Deputy Commissaries-General under 3 of 8 years* standing. 

years* standing. Secretaries to a Junior Flag Officer. 

Assistant Commissaries-General. Secretaries to a Conmiodore, or Captain 

Staff or Regimental Surgeons. of the Fleet. 

Chaplains attached to brigades. Surveyors of 8 years* standing. 

Deputy Judge-Advocates (if not at the Pa>'masters between 8 and 15 yenrs* 

heaa of their department). standing. 

Barrackmasters of the 1st and 2nd class. 

Oantains Lieutenants andNavigating Lieutenants of 

Deputy Assistant Commissarice-General. _ 6 years' standing. 

Regimental Pa3rmastei«. 

Staff or Regimental Assistant Surgeons 

after 6 years* full service. 
Chaplains attached to regiments. 
Veterinary Surgeons after 20 years* 

Barrackmasters of the 3rd and 4th class. 

Pa}'masters of 6 years* standing. 
Secretaries to Commodores of 6 years* 

AssiRtant Surgeons of 6 years* standing,'. 


The daughter of a peer does not lose her own rank should she marry a commoner or 
a bishop : but if the marries a peer her title and precedency are mersed in his, e.g. if 
the daugnter of a duke marries a baron, she sinks to the rank of a baroness. But if 
the widow of, for example, a duke marries a baron, she retains her o^-n rank of 
duchess. The widow of a peer or knight may retain her title notwithstanding her 
second marriage, but she does so only by courtesy. The widow of a baronet, however, 
enjoys her precedence for life by r^ht. OflScial rank and precedence is not com- 
municable to the wife, but the wife of the Viceroy of Ireland and of a lord mayor has 
precedence derived tram her husband's office. 

The Queen. 

The Princess of Wales. 

The Princess Royal. 

The younger daughters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's youn^ sons. 

Grand-daughters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereijsn's grandisons. 

Sisters of the Soverdgn. 

Wives of the Sovereign's brothers. 

Aunts of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the SovereijKn's uncles. 

Nieces of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's nephews. 

f Wife of the Viceroy of Ireland.) 

I Lady Mayoress of Dublin.) 

Ihichesses of England. 


Great Britain. 


the United Kingdom. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes of the 

Blood Boyal. 
Marchionesses (in the same manner as the 

Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes. 
Daughters of Dukes (while unmarried, or 

when married to commoners). 
Countesses (in the same manner as the 

Wives of the younger sons of Dukes of the 

Blood Boyal. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Marquises. 
Daughters of Marquises (while unmarried, 

or when marriea to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Dukes. 
Viscountesses (in the same manner as 

Wives of the eldest sons of Earls. 
Daughters of Earls (while unmarried, or 
when married to commoners). 

Wives of the younger sons of Marquises. 
Baronesses (m the same manner as the 

Wives of the eldest sons of Viscounts. 
Daughters of Viscounts (while unmarried, 

or when married to a conmioner). 
Wives of the younger sons of Earls. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Barons. 
Daughters of Barons (if unmarried, or 

when married to a commoner). 
Maids of Honour (during their tenure of 

office they are styled " Honourable"). 
Wives of the younger sons of Viscounts. 
Wives .of the younger sons of BaronR. 
Wives of Baronets. 
Wives of Knights Grand Cro^s of the 

Wives of Knights Grand Cross of the Star 

of India. 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
Wives of Knights Commander of the Bath. 
Wives of Knights Commander of the Star 

of India. 
Wives of Knights Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
Wives of Knights Bachelor. 
Wives of Companions of the Bath. 
Wives of Companions of the Star of India. 
Wives of Companions of St. Michael luid 

St. Greorge. 
Wives of the eldest sons of the younger 

sons of Peers. 
Daughters of the younger sons of Peers. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Baronets. 
Daughters of Baronets. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Grand 

Cross of the Bath. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Grand 

Cross of the Star of India. 


DaughteiB of Knights Ghrand Cran of the 

Daughters of Knights Grand Cross of the 
Star of India. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Grand 
Cross of St. Michael and St. George. 

Daughters of Knights Grand Cross of St. 
Michael and St. George. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Com- 
mander of the Bath. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Com- 
mander of the Star of India. 

Daughters of Knights Commander of the 

Daughters of Knights Commander of the 
Star of India. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Com- 
mander of St. Michael and St. George. 

Daughters of Knights Commander of St. 
Michael and St. George. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Knights 

Daughters of Knights Bachelor. 

Wives of the younger sons of Peers* 

^^ounger sons. 

Wives of the younger s^ns of Barons. 

Wives of Esquires by office. 

Wives of the younger sons of KnighU 

Grand Cross of the Buth. 
Wives of the younger sons of KnighU 

Grand Cross of the Star of India. 
Wives of the younger sons of Knight» 

Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. 

Wives of the younger sons of Knights 

Commander of the Bath. 
Wives of the younger sons of Knights 

Commander of the Star of India. 
Wives of the younger sons of Knight» 

Comimander of St. Michael and St. 

Wives of the younger sons of Knight» 

Wives of Doctors of Divinity. 




Wives of Clergj-men. 

Queen's Counsel. 



Subaltern officers. 

Professional gentlemen. 



They have *^ Excellency'* prefixed to their other titles, and their ac^Todited rank 

Super aeriptiwK To His Excellency The Bight Honourable Lord Lyons, o.c.b., 

H.B.M. Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiar>' 
to France. 
Oominaicement . My Lord. 
Conclusion. I have the honour to be, My Lord, Your Excellency's, &c. 

The wives of Ambassadors have also '* Excellency ** added to their other titles. 


Sup, To His Grace the Archbishop of . 

Comm. My Lord Archbishop. 

Con, I remain. My Lord, Your Grace's, &c. 

He is addressed personally in conversation as " Your Grace." 
The Archbishop of Armagh is addrrased as ** His Grace the Lord Primate of 

The wife of an ^Vrchbishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simple- 
Mrs. A. 


Sup, To the Right Honourable Lord . 

Comm, My Lora. 

Con, I have the honour to be. My Lord, Your Lordship's, &c. 

The Baroness is addressed as ** Lady -^/' and personally as ** Your Ladyship.' 


Babon'8 Davohtbs. 

She ha£ the title of ^* Honourable " prefixed to her Christian name. If married, 
the only ehange is in her surname ; if to a commoner, she is addressed as ** The 
Honourable Mrs. ;" if to a Baronet or Knight, ^*The Honourable Lady.'* 

Bakon'8 Son. 

He has the tiUe of " Honourable." 

Stfp. To the Honourable Henry . 

CO0HM. Sir. 

The wife takes the title of " Honourable," and is addressed as ** The Honourable 
Mrs. Henrj' ." 

Snp, To Sir John 6., Bart. 
Comm. Sir. 

The wife is ^Lady B." Her letters commence with ** Madam," and she is 
personally addressed ^ Tour Ladyship." 


Sup. To the Right Beverend the Lord Bishop of . 

Coniw. My Lord. 

Qw. I n'main, My Lord, Tour Lordship's, &c. 


Snp. The Right Rev. the Suffingan Bishop of . 

OnttM. Right Rererend Sir. 

The wife of a Bishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simply Mrs. B. 


Sup. To the Right Honourable the Countess of . 

Cowm. Madam. 

Cw*. I liave the honour to be, Madam, Tour Ladyship's, &c. 


St*p. To Her Grace the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Can. I have the honour to be, Madam, ToUr Grace's, &c. 


Sup. To Her Royal Highness the Duchess of . 

CofNM. Madam. 

Coft. I have the honour to be. Madam, Tour Royal Highness' s, &c. 


Sup. To His Royal Highness the Duke of . 

Comm. Sir. 

Coti. I remain. Sir, Tour Boyal Highness's, &c. 

The formal style of Dukes of tne Blood Boyal is ^ Most High, Most Mighty, and 
Illustrious Prince. ' 


Sup. To His Grace the Duke of . 

Cotum. My Lord Duke. 

G>tt. I have the honour to be. My Lord Duke, Tour Gbuce's, &c. 

The formal style of Duke is *' Most High, Potent, and Noble Prince." 

Duke's Davohteb, 

She has the title of ** Lady " prefixed to her Christian name. If married to any 
person not being a Peer, she still retains her title and precedence, changing only her 
nimamc. Her letters commence "Madam," and she is personally addressed ns 
** Tour Ladyship." 


DuKB*8 Eldest Son. 

He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Uarqui^ 
or an Earl. 


They have the title of " Lord ** prefixed to their Christian name. 

Sup, Lord WilUam . 

Comm, My Lord. 

The wife takes the title of " Lady," and is addressed as " Lady William ." 


Sup. To the Right Honourable the Earl of . 

Comm. My Lora. 

Con. I have the honour to be, My Lord, Tour Lordship's, &c. 

Eakl's Daughter. 
Vide Duke's Daughter. 

Earl's Eldest Son. 

He takes his father^s second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Viscount 
or a Baron. 

Earl's Tounoer Sons. 
Vide Baron's Son. 

Earl's Wife. 
Vide Countess. 


Chief Jmtiee. 

Snp. To the Ri^t Honourable the Lord Chief Justice, or To the Right Honourable 
Sir A. B., Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench (Common Pleas). 

Puisne Judge*. 

The Puisne Judges and the Barons of the Exchequer, who on the Bench are styled 
'* My Lord," are Knights, and, in private intercourse, are addressed as such ; but the title 
of Judge being superior to that of Knight, it is usual to address them thus : — 
Sup. To the Honourable Mr. Justice. 
„ To the Honourable Mr. Baron. 


Sup» To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 
CbmM. Sire, May it please Tour Majesty. 

Sup. To Sir James C. 
Comm. Sir^ or Dear Sir James. 

The wife is "Lady C" Her letters commence with ** Madam,*' and she is person- 
ally addressed as " Tour Ladyship." 

Lord Advocate. 

Letters are addressed ¥dth the prefix ** Right Honourable," and commence with 
the word " Sir." 

Lord-Lieutenant op Ireland. 

Sup. His Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant. 
If a Duke, " His Grace the Lord-lieutenant." 
Cotnm. My Lord (Duke, Marquis). 

Lord Mayor. 

Sup. To the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor. 
Comm. My Lora. 

The wife has the title of "Lady Mayoress." Her letters commence with 
** Madam," and she is perscmally addressed as ** Your Ladyship." 

In England liiere arc only two lord mayors, viz., those of London and York ; in 


Ireland one, viz., Dublin. In Scotland the heads of the corporations are called 
^ provosts,'* and there is only one lord provost, viz., of Edinburgh. 

Lords of Session (Judges in Scotland). 

Snp. To the Honourable Lord Ardmillan. 
Cbmm. My Lord. , 

A Scotch judge's wife has no title from her husband's rank, but is simply Mrs. A. 

Maids of Honour. 

During their tenure of office thev have the title of ** Honourable," if they have 
not it already by courtesy, and their letters commence with ^ Madam." 


Sup. To the Most Honourable the Marchioness of . 

Oomm. Madam. 

C%>». I have the Honour to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, &c. 


Sup. To the Most Honourable the Marquis of — . 

Comm. My Lord Marquis. 

Con. I have the honour to be, M^ Lord, Your Lordship's, &c. 

The formal style of Marquis is ** Most Noble and rotent Prince." 

Marquis's Dauohtbr. 
Vui^ Duke's Daughter. 

Marquis's Eldest Son. 

He takes his father^s second title, and is addressed as if he were really an 
Earl or a Viscount 

MXrquis's Younobr Sons. 

Vide Duke's Younger Sons. 


Sttp. The Right Worshipful the Mayor of . 

Ccmm. Sir. 

Military Offiobrs. 

All officers in the army above Lieutenant and Sub-Lieutenant hare their 
military rank prefixed to their name and title, e.g., The Right Honourable General 
Lord , P.O., O.C.B., or Major-General Sir James , o.cs.i. 

Natal Offiobrs. 
Fide MiUtary Officers. 


Sup. His Royal Highness Prince Leopold. 

Oamm. Sir. 

Con. I remain. Sir, Your Royal ffighness's, &c. 


Sttp. To Her Royal Highness Princess . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Rojral Highness's, ko. 

Privy Councillor. 

Sup. The Right Honourable James , 

or The Right Honourable Sir William . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I hare the honour to be, Sir, Your, &c. 




8up. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Omm, Madam, May it please your Majesty. 
Cbn. I remain, Ma<um, Your Majesty's, &c. 


Sup. To John , Esq., Serjeant-at-Law, 

or To Mr. Serjeant. 


Sup, To the Right Honourable Lord Yiscount . 

Conim. My Loiu. 

Con, I have the honour to be, My Lord, Tour Lordship's, &c. 

Vide Countess. 

Vide Baron's Daughter. 

Vide Baron's Son. 


Yiscount's Dauohtbb. 
Vibcoxtnt's Son. 


Anderfon, hon. mrs. Caroline (</.) 
Ball, riffht hon. J. T., lord chancellor 

of Ireland from Jan., 1875. 
Bandon, earl, lord-lient. of Cork 1874. 

Bennett, sir John, deputy of Cheap 

ward from 1874. 
Bignold, sir S., d. 2 Jan. 1875. 
Blake, for sir T. £., 18 bart, read sir 

Valentine, 14 bart., b. 1836 ; m. dr. of 

Harvey Combe, Madras civil service : a 

ma^tratc for Oalway, capt Oalway 

mihtia from 1865. 
Bnehanan, marq. now Montrose, q. v. 
Bnokle, H. B., d. 12 Dec, 1874. 
Bndd, maj.-gen. Ralph : ex-inspecting 

field officer at Dublin, ret. on f. p. as 

Buy, hon. Alfred, now Charleville, q. v, 
Catheart, lady Louisa, {d,) 
Cheetham, bp. for 1670-3 read from 

1870 : m. 2 dr. of kte Wm. Newton, 

Whately Hall, Warwick. 
Cholmlej, for sir G., 7 bart, read sir 

Charles Wm., 8 bart., b. 1819; m. 1. 

dr. of sir W. Milner, 4 bart.; 2. dr. of 

rev. C. Nevill, Thomly, Notts: b.a. 

Cantab., called to the bar 1847, dop.- 
lieut. for the East and North Ridings. 

Clark, archdeacon, {d.) 

CoUini, R. H., c.b., priv. sec. to ju*. 

Cotter, sir Ludlow, eld. s. of sir J. L. 
C, 4 bart. ; b. 1853. 

Craighill, lord. John Millar, s. of 
J. H. M., Glasgow; b. 1817; m. dr. of 
Charles (lord) Ncavee: railed to th(» 
Scotch bar 1842, an advocate-den. 1858- 
1859, 1866-67, sol.-i^en. for S<-otland 
1867-68. and in 1874, queen's counsel 
1868, a lord of session from 1874. 

Junior Carlton ; New {Edinburgh) ; 
3 Ainslie Place ^ Edinburgh. 

Crake, very rev. Ed. Neville ; m. dr. 
of Wm. Chapman, Wimpole St. : m.a. 
Cantab., dean and vicar, from 1863, of 
Battle, SuMex (765/.). 

Cnrriehill, lord. John MarKhall, eld. s. 
of late J. M. (lord C. 1852-68) ; b. 1827 : 
called to the Scotch bar 1851, a magis- 
tratc for Midlothian, assesMr to the 
chancellor of Edin. univ. (John Ingli^, 
r.c.) from 1871, a lord of session fnun 
1874. Junior Carlton ; Xor {Edin.) ; 



CHrriehUl, Midlothian; 6 Randolph 
Cre*.^ Edinbttrgh. 

Sgin, earl, assessor to rector of St. 
Andrew's univ. (dean Stanley) from 

Payrer, J., c.s.i., pres. of the medical 
board of the Inddim council firom 1874. 

Trere, William Edward, c.m.o. : mem- 
ber of the commisflion of inquiry into 
the treatment of immigrants m ftitish 
Guiana and Mauritius. 

5 Kin^a Bench Walk, Tetnple, E.G. ; 
BiltoH, Bristol. 

Gibbon, coL ; m. Harriet, dr. of H. £. 
Hill, Blandford. 

Omrdiner, maj.-gen. Nathan S. : served 
M-ith 22 ft. in Scinde including Meeanee 
and Hyderabad, ex-major unatt. 

OUditone, hon. mrs. Ellen, dr. of 2 
baron Newborough ; b. 1839 ; m. lieut. 
Murray Gladstone, k.n. ^s. of M. G., 
Paenmaenmawr, cousin or right hon. 
W. £. Gladstone.) 

Ctower, lord Albert, (2. 22 Dec. 1874. 

Harding, vice-adm. F. d, 2 Jan. 1875. 

Hanltain, maj.-gen. Fr. Mitchell: 
ex-lieul;.-col. Madras staff corps, served 
in the southern Mahratta cammdgn 
1844-4^, commandant 19 Madras N. I. 

Hill, for 2 vise., read 3 vise. Rowland 
Clegg Hill, q. V. 

IQnde, lady Selina, dr. of 2 earl of 
Kilmorev ; b. 1817 ; m. rev. J. Fitz- 
gerald dinde, m.a., Cantab., vicar from 
1861 of Balb^ Parva, Melton Mowhray, 

Hodgton, mig.-gen. Henry Burdon : 
ex-lieut.-col. Bombay staff corps. 

HoUond, maj^-gen. Lomley H. H. ; 
m. dr. of W. H. THler, Bebnont, 
Brighton: ex-licut.-col. Madras staff 

Home, sir A. D., head of the statistical 
dept. of the army medical dept. from 
1874. 6 Whitehall Yard, 8. W. 

'Bifmj, arch, (d.) 

Hornby, vice-adm. G. T. P., a lord of 
the admiralty from Dec. 1874. 

Innei, sir J. G. L. : called to the bar 
at Lincoln's inn in 1859, attorney-gen. 
of New South Wales. 

James, coL T., cb., {d.) 

IkXTt, maj.-gen. John Henry Lyte : 
ex-lieut.-coT. Madras staff corps, served 
in the second Burmese war, mcluding 
the capture of Martaban, 1852. 

Kingsborongh, vise., b. 1874. 

Lear, arch. Fr. : m.a. Oxon., domestic 
chaplain to bp. (Moberley^ of Salisbury 
from 1869, precentor of Salis. from 1864, 
canon (500f.) from 1862, archdeacon of 
Surum from 1874, rector from 1850 of 
BishopstonCy Salisbury. 

Hellj, G. retired from Stoke-upon- 
Trent in Dec. 1874. 

Xilward, col., cb., (d.) 

Mitford, lady Clementine, dr. of 7 earl 
of Airlie ; b. 1854 ; m. Algernon B. 
Mitford (nephew of 2 baron Kedesdale), 
sec. to the board of works from 1874. 

Hontrion, col. W. ; m. Fannv, dr. of 
Walter Moore Fowler, Redcli£^ gardens, 

OTlaherty, R. J., c.n., (d.) 

Owen, Francis Philip Cunliffe, cb., 
sometime sec. to the royal commission 
for the Vienna exhibition 1873. 

Sierra Leone, bp. of; vide Cheetham. 

Sinclair, dow.-beironess, d. Jan. 1875. 


♦ ■ 


Notice ii 

Preface iii 

Abrrbtiatioxs T 

General Table of Prbobdbnob ▼ 

Relative Rank in Abmt and Navt yiii 

Precedence among Ladies ix 

Forms of Epistolary Address x 

Addenda et Corrigenda xiv 

Parliamentary Constituencies, List of 621 

Clubs 527 

Colonies . . 529 


AbtMtt, nuj.'^ii. nir Frederick, i 
C.B., B. of Henry Alciiui Abbott, I 
Court, Herts; b. 1805; m. dr. of 
Cot, K.A. : KT-Tpd in the Buntiise 
1H24-2G, chief eiif^Gcr with gen. 
lack's force m Caboal lS4t-43, 9U|> 
tending cnnneer of the north-wciit 
riDc^s of Ben^l 1841-47, govern 
AddiKombe coUcee 18S1-61. »ioiul 
thf council of military edQculiim I 


U»ited8trviee; Bn>oiiiHall,Shm 
Mill. K^nt. 
Abbott, rol. Henry Dyett, o.B. : k' 
with the :JizBm's canlrv in the Kiir- 
nool camjiaign 1839, and tiH^n^'i'-niaj- 
of the Siaim'« caTOrj division rluriiijj 
the opentiDiu againHt tha Buhillii^ 184U, 
tmnnunded (he Hyder^^a<l cnvulr)' 
coDtiDient at the Mttlea of Koont-h. 
Golowlee, and Herar, and pursuit of 
nbeli under Tsntia Topee Eroin C wulior, 
eammiiiiled s field detachment in pur- 
niit of Rohillas in the hill I'ouiitry ticai 
Ginloor 1B59, commanding the Hyiti'i'- 

Abbott, m^.-gen. Herberl 
Stacy ; Mrved with the Jhoudiiuiu uiiu 
tttcix 1839-40, ccnmunded 2 Europeiin 
ficnnl fuolien in the Drlhi di^trii t 
U5^ oiaimuiided the diitri^'t of Ui.>hr.i 
Doon 1S57-«S, comnuinded th'.- Bund^l- 
cimd atuiliance with the Ruugur tiilil 
force 1868. Bengal infiuitry. 

Ubott, maj.-gen. James, r..A., c.b., 
bn>. of maj.'gen. Saundcni Ahlutl : 
t tie eaptmii of Bhurlpore 
■anicd tenni of ■ccommodnliou 

on, S.fl 

igal anny. 
lAsfR Terre 

B.; formerly 
t. South Knuing- 

Abbott, hon. Charles Stuart Henry, 
eld. s. of 3 bamn Tenteiden ; I. I86fi. 

Abbott, hon. Aadrey Mary, b. 1861 ; 
hon. Oeraldinc Alioe, b. 1863; hon. 
Gwen ElcH Violet, h. 1868, dn. of 3 
baron Tcnterden. 

Abbott, hon. mis. Charlra. dr. of lord 
Geoi^ Stuart; b. 1806; m. hon. C. 
Abbott (rf.). 

31 Cad(iganPIatf,SloamSfrtet,S.W. 

Abdy, sir Thomas NeviUe, 1 bart. 
n649) b. 1811} : m. dr. of Bowland 
Alston, I^shiobiuy, Herts: B.A.Cantab., 
M.F. Lyme fiegis I847-S2, a magiitralo 

Bnmki', Athtnaum ; Albyni, Rom- 
ford, Euex ; Chobham Plati, Chert- 
tey ; S Orotvetior l^aet, Ilydt Pari, 
Oomtr, W. 

A'Beekett, lady. Matilda, dr. of J. 
Haeley, Mel1>Dume; m. rir William 
A'Beekett (rf.), chief juatice of Vict«riu 
1862-67 (bro. of Gilbert A'Bccliett). 

QahMl, Suriiten; 11 South Addi- 
toH QttTdtm, Xmiinglon, W. 
Aberaani, 1 dnke of (1868). James 

1811 ; m. dr. of 6 duko of Bedford ; 


asmarq. of Alwrrom (1790); 
suirq. of Hiunlltiin; h.a. Oion. 
of tlic atolo to Prince Albert 1846-63. 
B maj.-gen, i>( the myal body-guard of 
BTthers in Scotlwid, lord.-licut. of Do- 
negal from 1844, viperoy of Ireland 
1866-68, nnd srandmsslcr of the ' 


n 1874. 

■ Cowt, 

'», Carllm; Ban 
lyroHc ; DuddiHgtliHie Huust, tit 
Edinburgh ; HanpdiH HoiiK, 58 On 
Street, Gromnor Square, W. 

Aberorombr, 4 Imron (1801). GooigE 
Ralph AbcDTomby ; b. 1838 ; m. dr. of 
2 i-arl of Campcrdovn : dcp.-licut. of 
Slirlingihirc, and of Clntkniiuinan. 

Airthric CattU, BriSur ef AUau ; 
Tidlibody Jfoiwr, CYaciHioiinnB ,■ 13 
CharUt Strut, 8. W. 

Atereromby, sir Robert; John, 7 hart. 
(t6»6},b. ISaO: chief of the ctuiAbor- 
cromby, a majrictnite fbr BandUiire. 

Carllm ; Fbrglen S-mie, Bunf; Fer- 
HKn, Cork. 

Abararomby, do w - baron nut, Louim 


', Btlgrare 

J, dow.-lady. hon. Agnes, 
r, of 3 haron Kilmnine ; m. nr Geor^ 
Samupl Aborrromby, 6 bart. 

Forglin IlBuir. Banf; S Feriman 
Sqaart, W. 

Absrorombj, hon. Jobn, eltl. a. of 4 
bamn Abercromby ; b. 1841 : ei-lient. 
riflo brijtndt. 

Abercromby, bon. Ralph, b. of 4 baron 
AbertTomby: b. 1842; ei-liout. 60 rifl™. 
Naval and Militart/. 

Abndua, 1 huron (1S73). Austin 
Hmry Brace. P.C., t, of John Brure 
PrycE', of DuffVyn. and nophew of lori) 
juatitcEirJuncE^lieht- Bruce lb. 1816; 
m. 1. dr. atltichu4IJ<^on,Clinon;2. 
Norah, dr. of Ucut.-jien. air WUlum 
Napier, K.c.B. : mllcd to the bar at 
lincoln's Inn 1837. police nuigialrate at 
Uerthyr Tydvil 1847-62, under aecre- 
Uiy for the home department 1862-64, 
Kcnnd church eelatcs conuniaUDiiLT 
ISeS-Ae, Tirc-preaident of the council 
1866-67, aecrctary of Blate for the home 
department 1860-73, prenidciit of the 
touncU IS73-74, M.p. (l.) Merthyr Tyd- 
vil 1862-68, Renfrewshire I868-7a,dep.- 
licut. of GlajDomiDBlurc. 
MAaueum; ijvffrgn,Aberrbiri, Gla- 


I Q.,r, 

I Gate, Soul/- 
. Thomau 

Aberdaen, bp. of. rt. re 

Sulher, ii.c.L : formerly it . . 

St. Andnw's.Aberdeen.'hp.uf Aberdeen 

troTu 1857. 
AbwdMll,8earlDr(]e82). John Cnmp- 

beU nomilton-Gordon ; b. 1817 ; au aa 

vise. Gordon (1814); "iiil tit. barou 

Haddo; n.A, Oxon., a ninsislnilc for 


Carlton; Hodda HoaK, Aierdeen; 

St. J.i« 

•i Flarr, 


.. G 

Abardean, dow.-countess of. Mnry, Ar. 

of Gconrc BaiUie, of Jcrviawoode, iinil 

ais. of lord Jcrvigwoodi 

earl of Aberdeen. 
nnddo IIoaiK, Aim 
AbordoiiT, Inron (eld. s. of earl ofUor' 

ton). Sho- " 

b. 1844 : M 

■ Brooi 

DaliMioy, Edinburgh ; 
Street, W. 

Absi^Toimy, 5cnrlof(17S4). William 
Sevill;b. 18IS;m. dr. of air Jolin Tan- 
den Hnnpile Johnatone, 2 bart. ; 2nd tiL 
viae Nevill ; fonnerly in the 2iid life 
Ruarda, cant, wert Kent ycomanrr 

CarlfDu; Erridgt CaiHe, Twiiridfc 
trrlh,- SirliHSMamr, Haid,lat.c; 34 
Jkrcr Slreel, IT. 

Abingdon, 6 enri of (1682). Montagu 
Bertie, n.c.L. ; b. 1808 ;m. dr. (rf.) of 
Geonic OranTillo Harcourt, M.p. ; 2nd 
tit. baron Norreva ; M.A. Canlab,, dep.- 
lieut. of Oxfordabin?. >c.l'. (c.) Oifonl- 
ahire 1832-62, Abinfrdon 1BJ2.64, hiph 
■tevard of Abingdon, lord-Iicut. of Berk- 
ahin^ from IBfiS. 

While'ii, Carlton, BroaW ; Wutheiu 
Abbiv. AbituidoH, Berhi; 18 Gntre- 


■, W. 

Ablnger, 3 l»ron (183S). eol. William 
Frederick Scarlett; b. 1828 : m. dr. of 
Magrudcr, L'nilc'd Btntca 
d in Ihc C 

jBmjjuiir, ui^p.-lieut. of lljveniew 

lifuL-cot. Scots ftuilicr guard*. 

(hiardi, Carlton; Inverloehv, Kit<- 
guuie, InvrrtKn-thire ; 3 dromicfll 
Bead, SaiUA A'rNnngton, S. W. 
AUhroTi dow. -baronoBB. Elizabeth, dr. 
of Lee Slecrc, Jaypa, Surrey: no. 1. 
reT, John Itiplcy, Ockley ; 2, firal 


baron Abingcr, chief baron of the ex- 

12 mUon Street, S.W.; WentcHffe 
Ilou9e, Brighton, 

Abinger, dow. -baroness. Sarah, dr. of 
George Smith, chief-justice of Mauritiufl; 
m. 2 boron Abinger. 
30 Que€fi*S'ffate Terrace, Kensington. 

Aboyne, earl of (eld. s. of inarci. of 

Abraham, rt. rev. Charles John, d.d., 
b. 1817 ; m. dr. of Sir Charles Pahner, 2 
bart. : H.A. Cantab., oflsistant-master at 
Eton 1841-51, arrhd. of Waitemata, 
New Zealand. 1852-58, bp. of Welling- 
ton, New Zealand, 1858-/0, prebendarj' 
of Lichfield Cathedral from 1872, coad- 
jutor bp. in the diocese of Lichfield from 

The Close, LlchJUld. 

Abraham, hon. mrs. Ellen, dr. of 1 
baron Westburj' ; b. 1 826 ; m. rev. Thomas 
£. Abraham (bro. of bp. Abraham), h.a. 
Oxou., hon. canon of Ely, rector of 
Risbij^ Bury St. Edmunds (J501.). 

Aebeson, boron (eld. s. of earl of Gos- 

Aehaaoa, hon. Edward Archibald Bi*a- 
bakon, s. of 3 earl of Gosford ; b. 1844 ; 
m. dr. of lieut.-gen. sir Gaspard Le 
Merchant, k.c.b. : capt. Coldstream 

21 Queen Anne Street, 

Aclieaon, lady Edith, dr. of 3 earl of 
Gosford; b. 1836. 

105 Hmrlejf Street, W. 

Aeland, sir Thomas Dyke, p.c.l., 11 
bart (1644) b. 1809; m. 1. dr. of Sir 
CharlM Mordaunt ; 2. Mary, dr. of hon. 
John Erskine : m.a. Ozon., major 1 
Bevonshire yeomanry from 1872, ueut.- 
col. 1 Devonshire rifle volunteers from 
1860, second church estates commissioner 
1869-74. M.p. (L.) west Somerset 1837- 
47, north Devon from 1865. 

Atheuaum: KiUerton, Exeter; Ho- 
Uneote, Mine head, Somerset. 

A'Coort, hon. Arthur Wvndham Hol- 
mes-, s. of 2 baron Heytesboir ; b. 1848 ; 
m. Annie, dr. of Thomas Berkeley, vice- 
president of the council of the L(>eward 

A'Conrt, hon. Charles George Holmes-, 

s, of 2 baron Hcytcsbury; b. 1843. 
A'Conrt, hon. £<lw. Alexander Holmes-, 
c.of2baniiifieyte^rary; b. 1845: capt. 


A'Conrt, hon. Frederick Holmes-, s. of 
2 baron Ueytesburj- ; b. 1839 : ex-lieut. 
85 ft. 

A'Conrt, hon. Henry Holmes-, s. of 2 
baron Heyteabury ; b. 1841 : commander 
royal navy. 

A'Conrt, hon. Hor])crt Holmes-, s. of 
2 baron ITcj-tesbury ; b. 18^31. 

A'Conrt, hon. Ix-oimrd Worsley Hol- 
mes-, s. of 2 baron Hej-tesbury ; b. 184U. 

A'Conrt, hon. Walter Ashe Holmes-, 
s. of 2 boron Ilcytesbur}' ; b. 1850. 

A'Conrt, hon. Wni. Leonard HoUne-s-, 
eld. 8. of 2 baron Hevtesburv; b. 
1835 ; m. Isabella, dr. «f rev. Richard a 
Court Bcadon, vicar of Cheddar : m.a. 

A'Conrt, hon. Gertrude Anne ; b. 1847 ; 
hon. Margaret, b. 1855, drs. of 2 baron 

Acton, 1 baron (1869). John Kmerich 
Edward Dalberg Acton ; b. 1814 ; m. 
Marie, dr. of Count Arco Valley of 
Munich: dep.-lieut. of Salop, m.p. Car- 
low 18o9-a5, «ri(lgcnorth 1865-68, a 
member of the Senate of London uni- 

Athrnfcnm, Brooks' ; Aldenham 
Park, Bridgeuorth, Salop. 

Acton, hon. Richard Maximilian, eld. 
8. of 1 baron Acton ; b. 1870. 

Acton, hon. Anne b. 1868, hon. Mary 

b. 1866, hon. b. 1874, drs. of 1 

baron Acton. 

Adair, col. Charles William, R.M., c.B.: 
served in SjTia in 1840, in the Crimea, 
and at the bombnnlment of the batteries 
at the Straits of Simonosaki in Japan 
1864, second in command of the Chat- 
ham division of royal marines 1869-72, 
aide-de-camp to the Queen from 1870, 
assist, adj. -gen. of marines from 1872. 

7 Xeto Street, Whitehall, S. W. ; 92 
St. George's Road, S. JF. 

Adair, lady. An^elique Gabriclle, dr. of 
marquis d'Hagmcourt; m. rt. hon. sir 
Robert Adair, M.r., o.c.b. (rf.), ambas- 
sador to Vienna, r. of Robert Adair, 
serg.-surgeon to George III., by dr. of 2 
earl of Albemarle. 

Adam, rt. hon. William Patrick, r.c, 
8. of adm. sir Charles Adam, k.c.b., m.p. ; 
b. 1823 ; m. Emily, dr. of gen. sir Wil- 
liam Wyllie, K.C.B. : m.a. Cantab., called 
to the bar at the Inner Temnle 1850, 
private sec. to the governor oi Bombay 
(Lord Elphinstone) 1853-58, a lord of 


the treasury 1865-66, 1869-73, chief- 
comminsioner of works and buildings 
1873-74, dep.-lieut. of Fife and of Kin- 
ro8B, maj. Fifeshirc rifle volunteers from 
1863, M.r. (l.) Clackmannanshire from 
Brooks* ; Blairadam House y Kinross, 

Adam, lady Anne, dr. of John Maber- 
Icy, m. g€*n. rt. hon. sir Frederick Adam, 
o.c.B. (</.), bro. of adm. sir Charles 
Adam, k.c.h., M.r., and s. of rt. hon. 
W. Adam, lord-lieut. of Kinross. 

Adams, col. Cadwallnder, c.B., s. of 
Ilenr}' Cadwallader Adams, Ansty Hall, 
and bro. of sir Henrj- William Adams, 
K.c.B. ; b. 1825 : served in the Crimea, 
including the Alma, the Inkermann, and 
the liedan, knight of the legion of 
honour, and of tne ALedjidie, lieut.-col. 
49 ft., brigadier commanding the Bel- 
gaum district, Bombay, from 1869. 

Adams, conimi8.sary-g<m. George, c. b. : 
8er>'ed in the Crimea, including the 
Alma and Sebastopol, knight of the 
Medjidie : retired as commissary-gen. in 
47 Qiteefi^s Gardens^ Baystcater. 

Adams, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dr. of 2 

* baron Lilford; bom 1807; m. rev. Richd. 

Leonard Adains, m.a. Oxon., chaplain 

to the late lord Stowell, rector, from 

1859, oiShere, Guildford {SOOf.) 

Adams, lady. Kathcrine, dr. of rev. 
Thomas Coker Adams, vicar of Ansty, 
Coventry; m. cousin, major-gen. sir 
Henry William Adams, k.c.b. (d.). 

8 Albert Mansions, Vietoria Street, 

Adare, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Dun- 

Adderlej, rt. hon. sir Charles Bowyer, 
K.c.M.o.,r.c.,bom 1814; m. hon. Julia, 
dr. of 1 baron Leigh : n.A. Oxon., vice- 
president of the council 1858-59, fourth 
charity commissioner 1858-59, under-sec- 
rotary of state for the colonies 1866-68, 
president of the board of trade (2,000/.) 
from 1874, a magistrate and dep.-lieut. 
of Staffonlshire and of "Warwickshire, 
1874, capt. Warwickshire Yeomanry 
1836-67, M.p. (c.) North Staffordshire 
from 1841. 

Carlton ; Hams hall, Birmingham ; 
Korton, Stoke-itpon- Trent : 35, Uatoft 
riace, S. W. 

Addington, rol. hon. Charles John, s. 
of 2 vise. Sidmouth; b. 1832 ; m. dr. 
of Alfred Miller Mundy, Shipley HaU, 

Derby : served in the Crimea, knight of 
the 3ledjidie, lieut.-col. 100 ft. 
Army and Navy, United Service. 

Addington, hon. Gerald Anthony, eld. 
B. of 3 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 1854. 

Addington, hon. Harold William, s. of 
3 visc\ Sidmouth; b. 1860. 

Addington, hon. Herbert Hiley, s. of 
3. vise. Sidmouth; b. 1859. 

Addington, major hon. Leonard Allen, 
K.A., son of 2 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 
1828; m. dr. of Erring Clark, IflTord 
Manor, Devon : ex-capt. royal artillery 
(retired on an annuity), ex-deputy quar^ 
termaster-general in Bengal, a magis- 
trate for Down. 
Jun ior I w ited Serr ice. 

Addington, hon. Eliza Anne, b. 1839 ; 
hon. Alice Marj', b. 1849 ; hon. Ursula 
Georgina,b. 1800; hon. Evel3m, b. 1852; 
hon. Mabel, b. 1853, drs. of 3 vise. Sid- 

Addison, major-gen. Joseph Edward: 
major h. p. 70 ft., assistant to the 
governor of the royal militarj' college 
from 1865. 

Addison, col. Thomas, c.B. ; m. dr. of 
Robert Gillespie, York Street, Portman 
Square : served in the Affghanistan and 
Beloochistan campaign 1839, major of 
brigade in the Southern Mahratta cam- 
paign 1844, 8er>-cd in the Kaffir war 
1851, commandant first battalion 2 ft. 
in the North China campaign of 1860, 
lieut.-col. 2 ft., brigadier-general com- 
manding the Scinde division, Bombay,, 
from 1869. 

Adeane, lady Elizabeth, dr. of 4 Earl 
of Hardwicke; b. 1834; m. Hcnrj- 
John Adeane, m.p. (d.) : a bedchamber 
woman to the Queen from 1874. 

54, Rutlandgate, Kniyhtsbridge ; 
Babraham Half, Cambridgeshire. 

Adelaide, 1 bp. of (1847). rt. rev. 
Augustus Short, d.d., s. of Charles 
Short, barrister; b. 1803; m. dr. of John 
Phillips, Culham, Oxfordshire: m.a. 
Oxon., vicar of Kayensthorpe,Northants, 
1835-47, Bampton lecturer in 1846, bp. 
of Adelaide (WX)/.^ from 1847. 
Adelaide, South Australia. 

Adlam, maj. -gen. Heniy Charles, ex- 
lieut.-col. Bengal staff corps, served 
•with the Candahar force imaer general 
Nott 1840-42, commanded the governor- 
general's escort at the battle of Maha- 
rajpore 1843, served in the Sutlej cam- 


pugn 1846, iucluding the battle of 

Ady, ven. archdeacon William Brice, 
x.A. Oxon., vicar of Little Baddow 
1842-57, archdeacon of Colchester from 
1867, rector, from 1857, of Utile Bad- 
dowy CMttuford (640/.) 

Adye, major-gen. sir John Miller, 
K.A., K.C.B., B. of Major James P. Adye, 
K.A.; b. 1819; m. Mar}-, dr. of vice- 
jidmiral hon. sir Montagu Stopford, 
K.c.B. : anistant-adjutant-general of 
artillery during the Crimean war, and 
during the Indian mutiny, knight of the 
Medjidie, dcputy-adjutant-general in 
Bengal 1863^, commander of the 
legion of honour, director of artillery 
and stores from 1870. 

War Office ; Woolwich ChmutoHy 

.aitteek, air Robert, 6 bart. (1702); b. 
1805; m. dr. of Edmund Singer Burton, 
Chun-hill, Daventry: a magistrate for 
Cambridgeshire ana for Suffolk. 

Dulham Hally Netctnarket; Fingr'tH' 
hoe BaUf Colcheter. 

Afiriea, bp. of CJentral. rt. rev. Ed- 
ward Steerc, ll.d., son of W. Stecrc, 
barrister>at-law : m.a. London, curate 
of Kingskerswcll, Devon, 1856-58, of 
Skevnes, Lincolnshire, 1858-62, rector of 
LitUc Steeping, Lincolnshire, 1859-72, 
chaplain to bp. Tozer in Central Africa 
1862-68, author of several works in the 
SwabOi language, bp. of Central Africa 
from 1874. 

r, hon. Henry Augustus Ellis, 
a. of 3 earl of Normanton; b. 1870. 

r, hon. Herbert Welbore Ellis, 
a. of 2 earl of Normanton; b. 1823; 
m. dr. of James A. Gibson, member of 
tiic legislative council, Tasmania. 

r, hon. Sidney James Ellis, s. of 
3 earl of Normanton ; b. 1864. 

J^[lur, hon. Mrs. James, dr. of Samuel 
lliompaon, Grcenmount Antrim; m. 
hon. and venerable James Agar {d.), 

lady Caroline Elizabeth, b. 
1857; lady Mary Beatrix, b. 1859 ; lady 
Margaret Elizabeth Diana, b. 1863; ladv 
MaiT Adehiidc, b. 1869, drs. of 3 Earl 
of Normanton. 

Lgnew, sir Andrew, 8 bart. (1629), b. 
1818; m. lady Louisa, dr. of 1 carl 
of Crainsboroui^h : served with 93 ft. 
in the Canadian rebellion 1838, ex- 
capt. 4 light dragoons, dep.-licut. of 

Wigtonshire, and vicc-lieut. from 1852, 
M.p. (l.) Wigtonshire 1856-68. 

Army and Navy^BrookB* ; Lochnaw 
CtutlCy Stranraer^ Wigtonshire. 
Agnew, Robert Vans, s. of coL Patrick 
Vans Agnew, c.B.; bom 1817 ; m. dr. of 
sir David Hunter Blair, 3 bart. : ex-lieut^ 
rifle brigade, a magistrate and dep.« 
lieut. of Wigtonshire, m.p. (c.) Wigton. 
shire from 1874. 

Carlton ; New f Edinburgh) ; Baru' 
barrochy Wigton; Farkhome, Stran- 

Agnew, lady Louisa, dr. of 1 eail of 
Gainsborough; b. 1822; vide sir An- 
drew Agnew, 8 bart. 

Aileibury, 2 manj. of (1821). George 
William Frederick Brudonell-Bruce, 
P.C., K.o. ; b. 1804 ; m. dr. of 11 carl 
of Pembroke ; 2nd tit. earl Bruce : m.a. 
Oxon., master of the horse 1859-66, 
1869-74, aide-de-camp to the Queen from 
1857, lieut.-col. commandant Wilts Yeo- 
manry from 1837, lord-lieut. of Wilts 
from 1863. 

CarltoUy Traveller!^ ; Tottenham 
Farky Marlborough; Jerveaux Abbey ^ 
BedaUy Yorkshire; 78 FaU Mall, 

Ailesbury, dow. -marchioness of. Maria, 
dr. of hon. Charles ToUemache, Haring- 
ton, Northants; bom 1809; m. 1 marq. 
of Ailesburj', k.o. 
10 Hertford Street, May/air. 

Ailsa, 3 marq. (1831). Archibald Ken- 
nedy ; b. 1847 ; m. dr. of 12 baron Blan- 
tyre ; 2nd tit. earl of Cassilis : ex-lieut. 
Coldstream guards. 

Guards ; Cassilis House and Culsean 
Castle, Maybole, Ayr; 41 Berkeley 
Square, W. 

Ailta, dow. -marchioness of. Julia, dr. 
of sir Richard Mounteny Jcphson, 1 
bart. ; m. 2 marq. of Ailsa, lord-licut, of 

Lovell Hill, Windsor. 

Ainalie, lieut. -gen. Charles Philip: col. 
1 dragoons from 1869. 

Ainilie, col. William Bernard, c.B. ; m. 
Joanna, dr. of maj.-gen. Thomas Falls : 
served with 93 ft. tlm)ugh the Crimean 
campaign, including the Alma and Bala- 
klava, knight of the Mcdjidic, cx-licut.- 
col. 93 ft. 

Airej, m^'or-gen. James Talbot, c.B., 
8. of lieut.-gen. sir George Airey, k.c.h. : 
aide-de-camp to maj.-gen. Elphinstone 
in Affghnnistnn 1841-42, served in the 



Crimea as assistant quartermaster-gen. 
of the light division, quartermaster-gen. 
of the expedition to Kertch in 1855 
under Sir George Brown, knight of the 
legion of honour, and of the Medjidiei 
nuu. h. p. Coldstream guards. 
88 St. James' Street, 8, W. 

Airey, gen. Sir Richard, o.c.b., s. of 
lieut.-gen. sir George Airej, k.c.h.; b. 
1803 ; m. cousin, hon. Harnett Mary, dr. 
of 2 baron Talbot do Malahide: aide-de- 
camp to the commissioner of the Ionian 
islands 1827-30, to the governor of 
Canada (sir H. Douglas) 1830-32, mili- 
tary secretary in Canada 1832-35, assis- 
tant adj. -gen. at the horse guards 1838- 
47, assistant quartermaster-gen. 1851- 
53, served in the Crimea as quartermas- 
ter-gen., governor of Gibraltar 1865-70, 
adj. -gen. of the forces at head-quarters 
from 1870, col. 17 ft. 1860-68, 7 ft. from 
1868, commander of the legion of honour 
and of the Savoy order. 

Horse Ouara*^ S. IP. ; United Ser- 
vice ; 7 Lowndes Sauare, S. W. ; Kil- 
lingworth, Netceastte. 

Airlie, 10 earl of (1639). David Gra- 
ham Drummond Ogih'j', k.t. ; b. 1826 ; 
m. dr. of 1 baron Stanley of Alderley ; 
2nd tit. baron OgUvy : m.a. Oxon., dep.- 
lieut. of Forfar, ex-capt. Forfarshire 
yeomanry, lord high commissioner to 
the general assembly of the kirk of 
Scotland in 1872 and 1873. 

Travellers'; Airlie Castle, Forfar; 
Clunie Castle and Keltie Castle^ Perth; 
3 Campden Hill, Kensington, TF. 

Airthrie, vise. (eld. s. of carl of Hope- 

Airy, sir George Biddcll, f.r.8., ll.d., 
D.C.L., K.C.B., s. of William Air)', Aln- 
wick ; b. 1801 ; m. Mariane, dr. of rev. 
Richard Smith, Edensor, Chatsworth: 
M.A. Cantab, and senior wrangler in 
1823, Lucasian professor of mathematics 
1826-36, Plumian professor of astronomy 
1828-35, associate of the institute of 
France, knight of the Prussian order of 
merit, president of the roval society 
1871-72, astronomer-royal (I'OOO/.) from 

Royal Observatory, Greenwich ; Play- 
ford, Ipswich. 

Aitehiion, Charles Umpherston, c.s.i. : 
entered the Bengal civil service in 1856, 
foreign secretary to the government of 
India from 1870. secretary' to the order 
of the star of Inaia. 

Aitehison, ^n. sir John, g.c.b., s. of 
William Aitchison, Drummore, East 
Lothian ; b. 1788; m. dr. of Thomas May<* 
hew, Fairfield House, Saxmundham : 
served in the Peninsula, commanded the 
Mysore di>'ision in India 1845-51, col. 
72 ft. 1851-70, of Scots fusilier guards 
from 1870. 

Carlton, United Service; 4 Devon- 
shire Place, W. 

Albemarle, 6 earl of (1696). Geoi*^e 
Thomas Keppel ; b. 1799 ; m. dr. of sir 
Coutts Trotter, 1 hart. ; 2nd tit. vise. 
Bury : served with 14 ft. at Waterloo, 
formerly a groom in waiting to the 
Queen, m.p. Norfolk east 1832-35, Ly- 
mington 1847-50, a gen. in the army. 

Brooks' ; Quiddenham Hall, Larlxng- 
ford, Norfolk. 

Alcock, lieut. -gen. George : formerly in 
the Madras army. 


Alcock, sir Rutherford, d.c.l., k.o.b., 
b. 1809 ; m. 1. dr. of Charles Bacon ; 2. 
widow of rev. John Lowder, British 
chaplain at Shangai : educated for the 
medical profession at King's College, 
London, surgeon of the marine brigade 
in Portugal 1833-34, served in the 
Spanish legion under sir De Lacy Evans 
as deputy inspector-gen. of hospitals 
1835-37, commander of the order of 
Isabella of Spain, and of Charles III., 
knight of the Tower and Sword, consul 
at Shanghai 1846, at Canton 18o4, con- 
Bul-gcn. in Japan 1858, envoy extra- 
ordinary and minister plenipoten- 
tian' in Japan 1859-65, in China 

Athcnaum; 14 Great Queen Street, 

Aldborongh, 6earlof(1777). Benjamin 
O'Neale Stratford; b. 1808; 2nd tit. vise. 
Amiens: dep.-lieut. of Wicklow, ex-capt. 
1 dragoon guards. 

Junior United Service ; Belan Hall, 
Kildare; Stratford Lodge, Bait in ff lass, 

Alderson, sir James, m.d., f.ii..s., 
D.C.L., s. of John Alderson, Hull, m.d. ; 
b. 1800 ; m. Marianne, dr. of Peter Ber- 
thon : M.A. Cantab., m.d. Oxon., presi- 
dent of the college of physicians in 1867 
and 1871, consulting physician to St. 
Man'*s hospital. 
\i Berkeley Square, W. 

Aldkam, rear-adm. William Comwallis, 
C.B., s. of capt. George Aldham, r.n. ; 
b. 1800; m. dr. of John Pearson, Notting- 


ham : serred on the Meditcrnmean, Cape 
tnd Pacific stations. 

Aldxidge, vice-adm. John Williams, s. 
of rev. Joseph Aldridgo, vicar of North 
Petherton. Domeraet; b. 1794; m. 1. dr. 
of C. Kni^nt, Axminster; 2. dr. of major- 
gen. Pilkin^n, u.e. : scrrcd at tho re- 
duction of Curnqoa 1807, ori^ator of 
the present sj-stem of apprenticeship for 
the nary. 
Hilary House, Axminster, Devon, 

Aldworth, lady Mary, dr. of 3 earl of 
Bondon ; b. 1837; m. col. Jiichard WU- 
liam Aldworth (s. of Richard Oliver Aid- 
worth, by SIB. of 2 earl of listowcl), 
nerved in the Crimea, ex-lieut.-col. 7 ft. 
Newmarket, Cork. 

Alexander, bp. vide Deny. 

Alexander, Vise (eld. s. ofearlof Cale^ 

Alexander, lieat.-col. Claud, s. of Boyd 
Alexander, of Ballochmylo, by sis. of 
Lord Broughton : b. 1831 ; m. dr. of Alex- 
ander Speirs, of Ellerlie, h.p., lord-lieut. 
of Renfrewshire : M. A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. 
of A}T and of Renfrew, servea in the 
Cnmicfl^ knight of the Mediidie. capt. 
grenadier guards, m.p. (c.) south Ayr- 
shire from 1874. 

Carlton, Oiiards^ ; BaUoehmyle, 
Mauchline, Ayr. 

Alexander, major-gen. Frederick Lie- 

well^m, R.M.A. 

Alexander, major-gen. George Gardiner, 

B.M., c.B. ; b. ; m. dr. of rev. G. 

Txewecke : commanded the royal marine 
artillery serving with the brigade in the 
Crimea, knight of the Ic^on of honour, 
and of the Mediidie, retired on full pay 
as col-commandant. 

Alexander, capt. John Ilobhonso Inglis, 
B.y., C.B., s. of Boyd Alexander of Bal- 
loclunyle, Ayr, by sis. of 1 baron Brough- 
ton; b. 1832; m. dr. of Thomas C. Hume: 
served in the Crimea, and in New Zea- 
land, commanding the *^ Hector '* coast- 
guard at Southampton from 1874. 

Army and Navy; Southbar, Faisley; 
14 GranviUs Place, W. 

Alexander, sir John Wallis, 4 bart. 

(1809) ; b. 1800; m. sis. {d.) of 1 marq. 

of Normanby : called to the bar at the 

Middle Temple 1844. 
27 Eaton Square, 8. W. 
Alexander, gen. sir James, R.A., e.c.b., 

b. 1803 : served at the siege and capture 

of Bhurtpore 1825-26, commanded the 

artillery in the AfTghaniston campaign 
1842, also in the Gwalior and outfej 
campaigns, including the battles of Ali- 
wal and Sobraon, col.-commandant 22 

United Service. 
Alexander, major-gen. sir James Ed- 
ward, C.B., s. of Edward Alexander, 
Powis, Clackmannan, by niece of maj.- 

fen. Sir Alexander Bryce, k.c.u.; b. 
803; m. dr. of col. Charles Com wallis 
Michell, K.n., surveyor-gen. at the Cape : 
adj. of the body-guard of the governor 
of Madras (sir T. Munro), private secre- 
tar}' and aide-de-camp to governor of 
the Cape (Sir B. D'Urban) 1834-36, and 
aide-de-camp to the same when com- 
mander of the forces in Canada, served 
in the Burmese, Portuguese, and Kaffir 
wars, commanded 14 ft. at Sebastopol, 
and a brigade in Now Zealand durmg 
the war 1862, knight of the Lion and 
Sun, and of St. John of Jerusalem, 
fellow of the royal society of Edinburgh, 
dep.-lieut. of Stirlingshire. 

United Service; Westerton House, 
Alexander, j;en. Robert : entered tho 
navy in 1810, and engaged in several 
engagements on the coasts of France 
and Spain 1811-12, was at the siege of 
Terragona 1812/ at the capitulation of 
Fort Maurice 1813, and at Uie surrender 
of Naples 1815. Madras infantry. 
6 Marloes Road, Cromwell Koad, IF. 

Alexander, Robert, c.B., s. of Robert 
Alexander, Gloucester Place; b. 1813; 
m. 1. dr. of George Murray and grand- 
dr. of adm. sir George Murray, k.c.b. ; 
2. dr. of Robert Ka^'e GreviUe, ll.d., 
Edinburgh, and widow of maj.-gen. 
Henry Drummond : in the Bengal civil 
service 1846-61, a magistrate for 

Arthttr's, Oriental; Holwood, Brom- 
ley; Down House, Maidstone. 

Alexander, hon. Charles, s. of 3 carl of 
Caledon ; b. 1854. 

Alexander, hon. Walter, s. of 3 carl of 
Caledon ; b. 1849 : lieut. Scots greys. 

Alexander, lady Jane Charlotte, dr. of 
3 earl of Caledon ; b. 1850. 

Alexander, ladv Louisa, dr. of 2 earl of 
Ranfurly ; b. 1820 ; m. Henry Alexander 

. (s. of bp. Nathaniel Alexander of Meath) , 
dep.-lieut. of Armagh, and high sheriflT 
in 1837. 
ForkhiU House, Armagh. 



Alford, rt. rev. bp. Charles Kichard, 
D.D., 8. of rev. Charles Alford, West 
Quantonhead, Somerset, and bro. of 
dean Alford ; bom 1816 ; m. dr. of 
John Fleet: m.a. Cantab., principal of 
Highbury training college 1854-65, in- 
cumbent of Holy Trinity, Islington, 1865- 
67, bp. of Hong Kong 1867-72, curate of 
Bowaon, Manchester, 1872-74, vicar, 
from 1874, of Christ Chureh^ Claughtan, 
Birkenhead (550/.). 

Alford, vise. (eld. s. of earl Brownlow). 

Alford, lady Marian, dr. of 2 marq. of 
Northampton ; b. 1817 ; m. vise. Alford 
(d.). father of 3 Earl Brownlow. 

Alford Mouse, Frittce's Gate, Hyde 
Parte, W. ; Ashridge, Little Gaddesdeti, 
Hemel Hempstead. 

Alifon, col. sir Archibald, K.C.B., 2 
bart. a852) ; b. 1826 ; m. dr. of James 
Connell Black: served in the Crimea with 
72 ft. at the siege and fall of Sebasto- 
pol, militarv secretary to lord Clyde 
during the Indian mutinv 1857-58, as- 
sistant adjt.-gcn. of south-western dis- 
trict 1865-67, at Aldershot 1870-4, second 
in command of the Ashantee expedition 
in 1874, deputy adjt.-gcn. in Ireland 
from 1874, heut.-col. h. p. unattached. 
United /Service; 43 Jutland Gate, 

Algoma, 1 bp. of (1873). rt. rev. F. 
D. Fauquier. 
Algoma, Ontario, Canada. 

Allan, sir Hugh, s. of Alexander Allan, 
Glasgow ; b. 1810 ; m. Matilda, dr. of 
John Smith, Montreal : the owner of a 
large fleet of ships trading between 
Canada and Glasgow. 
Ravenseraig, Montreal. 

Allen, Frederick Freeman, c.B., mem- 
ber of the royal college of surgeons, 1846, 
surffeon-major in the Bengal army, in 
medical cluu^ of 2 Ghoorka regiment 
from 1858. 
Beyrah Boon. 

Allen, ven. \ archd. John, s. of rev. 
David Bird AUen, rector of Burton, and 
bro. of Joshua J. Allen, Bicton, Milford ; 
b. 1810; m. dr. of J. White Higgins, 
Hormead, Bury, Herts: m.a. Cantab., 
chaplain of King's College, London, 
1833. examining chaplain to bp. Otter of 
Chicnester 1836, an msnector of schools 
1839-47, examining chaplain to bp. 
Lonsdale of Lichfield, 1843, prebendary* 
of Lichfield 1848-49,archd. of Salop from 
1847, vicar oi Frees, Shrewsbury (570/.). I 

Allen, major Ralph Shuttleworth, R.A., 
s. of H. Allen, Bathampton; b. 1818; 
m. 1. dr. of sir Samuel Cunard ; 2. dr. of 
John Boy Allen, Lvndford House, Somer- 
set : ex-cant, royal artillery, major Corn- 
wall and Devon miners' artilleij 1853- 
67, a magistrate and dep.-lieut. of 
Somersetshire, ex-major oi Somerset 
militia, m.p. (c.) East Somerset from 

Carlton, United Service; Hampton, 

AUen, William Shepheni, s. of William 
AUen, Woodhcad Hall, Cheadle; b. 1831 ; 
m. dr. of John CandUsh, m.p.: m.a. 
Oxon., a magistrate and dep.-lieut. of 
StafTordshire, m.p. (l. ) rfewcastle- 
under-L>'ne from 1865. 

Reform. Un iversity ; Woodhead Hall, 
Cheadle, Staffordshire. 

AUen, lady Catherine, di*. of 4 earl of 
Portsmouth ; b. 1820; m. Sejmour Phil- 
lips Allen {d.), high sheriff of Cornwall 
in 1850. 

Cresselly House, Pembroke. 
AUen, lady Henrietta, dr. of 1 earl of 
Camperdown; b. 1808; m. capt. John 
James Allen, k.n. iji.), of Erroll Park, 

27 Chesham Street, S. IF. 
AUeyne, sir John Gay Newton, 3 bart. 
(1769); b. 1820; m. dr. of sir Henry 
Fitxherbert, 3 bart. : warden of Dulwicn 
College 1845-51, capt. 12 Derbyshire 
rifle volunteers 1862-73. 

Mesnar Hall, Essex ; Batterby, Al' 
freton, Derby. 
AUgood, major-gen. George, c.B., bro. 
of Launcelot John Hunter AUgood, of 
Nimwick, high sherifi' of Northumber- 
land in 1858 ; b. 1827 : retired on full pay 
Bengal staff corps, formerlv assistant 
quartermastcr-gen. in Bengal. 

Numciek, Iiumshaugh, Northumber- 
Alliopp, Henry, s. of Samuel Allsopp, 
Burton-on-Trent ; b. 1811; m. dr. of 
William Tongue, Combcrford Hall, Staf- 
fordshire ; h»Ad partner of Allsopp and 
Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent, a magis- 
trate for Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and 
Worccsterriiire, dep.-lieut. of Stafford- 
shire, M.p. (c.) East Worcestershire 
from 1874. 

Carlton; Hindlip Hall, Worcester; 
83 Eaton Square, S. IF. 
Alliopp, Samuel Charles,^ s. of Heni-y 
Allsopp, M.p. ; bom 1842; m. dr. of Bow- 


land Palmer Horevood, Al£reton Hall, 
Derby: m.a. Cantab., putner in Allsopp 
and Co., brewers, Burton, a magistrate 
for Derbyshire and for Staffordshire, 
lieut. Derbyshire yeomanry, m.p. (c.) 
East Stafforshire from 1873. 

Junior Carlton ; Ctaythonie, Burton- 
on- Trent ; Marehingtotky Uttoxeter ; 83 
£aton Square, S. IF, 
Altamont, earl oC (eld. s. of maru. of 

Althorp, vise (eld. s. of earl Spencer). 

Amberlej, vise (eld. s. of earlliussell). 
John Kuasell; b. 1842; m. dr. {d,) of 2 
baron Stanley of Alderloy : educated at 
the univcrsitv of Edinburgh, H.r. (l.) 
Nottingham 1866-68. 
37 Chesham Place, S. W. 

Amhent, 2 earl (1826). William Htt 
Amherst; b. 1803; m. dr. of bp. Percy, 
of Carlisle, and niece of 3 duke of Nor- 
thumberland; 2nd tit. vise. Holmesdale : 
H.A. Oxon., a magistrate and dep. -lieut. 
of Kent. 

Carlton; Montreal^ Sevenoaka, Kent ; 
Forest House, Bournemouth ; 43 Gros' 
venor Square, W. 

Amhent, hon. Fi-ederic, s. of 2 earl 
Amherst ; b. 1838 : served as a midship- 
man in the Baltic 1854-55, capt. 14 
Naval and Military. 

Amherst, hon. Hugh, s. of 2 earl Am- 
herst ; b. 1856. 

Amhent, hon. Jeffery Charles, s. of 2 
earl AmJierBt; b. 1844: lieut. rifle brigade. 
Junior Army and Navy. 

Amhent, hon. Josceline George, s. of 2 
earl Amherst ; b. 1846 : called to the bar 
at the Inner Temple 1874. 

Amhent, hon. Percy Arthur, s. of 2 
earl Amherst ; b. 1839 : m.a. Cantab. 

Amhent, lady Margaret Catherine, b. 
1848; lady£linor,b. 1850; lady Charlotte 
Florentia, b. 1851, drs. of 2 earl Am- 

Amieni, vise. (eld. s. of e^l of Aid- 

Amory, sir John Heathcoat Heathcoat-, 
1 bart. (1874), s. of Samuel Amory, 
Portland Place, by dr. and heir of J. 
Heathcoat of Bolam, m.p. Tiverton ; b. 
1829; m. dr.of William Unwin: educated 
at University College, I>ondon, a magis- 
trate and dep.-Ueut. of Devon, ex-major 
1 Devon rifle volunteers, an extensive 

manufacturer at Tiverton, m.p. (l.) 
Tiverton from 1868. 

Reform; Knightshayes Court, Tiver- 

Amphlett, sir Paul Richard, s. of rev. 
H. Amphlett, rector of Hadzor ; b. 1809 ; 
m. dr. and heir of Edward Ferrand. St. 
Ives, Yorkshire and cousin of William 
Ferrand, m.p. : m.a. Cantab., called to 
the bar 1834,' queen's counsel 1858, ii 
magistrate and den.-lieut. of Worcester- 
shire, M.p. (c.) Worccstcrsliiro 1869-73, 
a baron of the exchequer (5,000/.) from 

Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge ; 32 
Wimpole Street ; 7 Old Square, Lin- 
coln's Inn ; Wyehbold Half, Droitwich. 

Ancmm, earl of (eld. s. of mara. of 
Lothian). William Walter, Schomberg 
Kerr ; b. 1867. 

Anderfon, sir Alexander, s. of rev. 
William Anderson, minister of Strichen, 
Aberdeenshire; b. 1802; m. dr. of W. 
Johnston, Viewficld, Aberdeenshire: m.a. 
Aberdeen, became an advocate in Aber- 
deen 1826, provost of Aberdeen 1859-66, 
dep.-Ueut. of Aberdeenshire. 

239 Union Street, Aberdeen; Blc- 
lack, Tar land, Aberdeefishire. 

Andenon, mm. Alexander, r.m., c.b., 
served at the battle of Navarino in 1827, 
and in Svria 1840-41, including the sur- 
render or St. Jean d' Acre and Jaffa. 

Andenon, rt. rev. bp. David, d.d., bro. 
of T. Damley Anderson, Waverley 
Abbey, Aldershot; b. 1814; m. dr.Cd.) of 
James Marsdcn, Liverpool : m.a. Oxon., 
vice-principal of St. Bee's College, 
Derby, 1840-49, bp. of Rupert's Land 
1849-64, chancellor of St. Paul's cathe- 
dral frem 1866, rector of Clifton, Bristol 
(700/.) from 1864. 

Andenon, Ai-tbur, m.d., c.b. : memU'i 
of the royal college of surgeons, Eng- 
land, 1831, served in the Crimea in- 
cluding the Alma, Balaklava, and In- 
kerman, knight of the legion of honour, 
present at the capture of Canton 1857, 
mspector-gen. of hospitals retired on 

Caledonian United Service ( Edin- 

Andenon, sir Charles Henry John, 
bart. (1660) ; b. 1804 ; m. dr. (4.) of John 
SavUe Foljambe, Aldwarke, Yorkshire : 
m.a. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Lincolnshire, 
and high sherin'in 1851. 
Athena urn; Lea Hall, Gainsborough. 



Anderson, major-gen. David Grecnhill, 
K.A. : served in the Punjab campaign 
including: the capture of Mooltan and 
the battle of Goojerat, retired on ftiU 
pay as lieut.-col. royal Bombay artil- 

Anderson, Georae, a. of George Ander- 
son, Luscar, Fife; b. 1819: m.a. St. 
Andrews, mai. 4 Laimrkshire rifle volun- 
teers from 1863, formerly a merchant in 
Glasjrow, M.p. (l.) Gla4:ow from 1868. 
Reform; Western {Glasgoiv) ; St, 
Vincent Street^ Glasgow. 

Anderson, sir George Canjj)bell : attor- 
nev of the general court or the Bahamas 
1827, speaker of the House of Assembly 
1861-68, attorney-gen. of the Bahamas 
from 1837. 

Anderson, sir Henry I^acon, K.C.8.I., 
8. of sir George Anderson, k.c.b., gover- 
nor of Ceylon ; b. 1817 ; m. Anne, dr. of 
Hope Stewart, Ballechin, Perth : in the 
Bombay civil service 1840-65, secretary 
to the government of Bomlwy in the 
political and judicial departments 1854- 
60, chief secretary to the government of 
Bombav 1860-65, fellow of the univer- 
sity of iJombay, secretar)' of llie judicial 
punlic and revenue department of the 
India council from I860. 
5 Leinster Gardens^ Jlydt Park^ W. 

Anderson, sir James, s. of John Ander- 
son, Dumfries; b. 1824 ; m. 1. dr. of John 
Stuart ; 2. Mar^carot, dr. of Thomas Mil- 
ligan, Rosefield, Annan : entered the 
mercantile marine in 1840, and theCun- 
ard steam service in 1851, commanded 
the " Great Eastern " in 1865, when em- 
ploved in laying the Athmtic telegraph 

16 Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, 

Anderson, vice-adm. James, bro. of sir 
William George Anderson ; b. 1795 ; m. 
dr. of lieut. David Henderson, n.x. : took 
an active part in the chief operations of 
the American war, served afterwards on 
the Mediterranean and African stations. 
Beaufort Lodge^ Meedvale, Teign- 

Anderson, maj.-gen. John Richard, 
B.A., c.B. ; m. Mary dr. of Robert Ain- 
slie, Elvington, East Lothian : served in 
China 1842, in the Crimea including 
the Alma and Balaklava, knight of the 
Medjidie, commanded the artillery of 
Gnmt's division at the capture of Mean- 
gunge and at the siege and capture of 

Lucknow, retired on fiill pay as col., 
dcp.-licut. of Midlothian. 

Anderson, col. Joseph, K.n., c.B. : ser- 
ved in the expedition to Calabria, in the 
expedition to Egypt 1807, in the Penin- 
sula 1 809- 1 2, including Talavera, Busaco, 
and Fuentcs d'Onor, was at the capture 
of Guadaloupe 1815, and commanucd a 
brigade at the battle of Punniar, ex- 
lieut.-col. 50 ft. 

Anderson, sir William Geoi^, K.O.B., 
s. of James Anderson, gen. post office, 
and bro. of vice-adm. James Anderson ; 
b. 1804 ; m. Marj-, dr. of Henry White- 
side, Frognal, Ilampstead: assistant 
comptroller and auditor-gen. of the ex- 
cheauer 1866-73, auditor of the Duchy 
of Cornwall from 1851, auditor of the 
ecclesiastical commission. 

1 Buckingham GaU, S.W. ; 10 
Whitehall Place, 8.W. 

Anderson, hon. mrs. Caroline, dr. of 1 
baron Teignmouth; b. 1802; m. rev. 
Robert Anderson (rf.), incumbent of 
Trinity church, Brighton. 

Anderson, lady. Jane, dr. of Archibald 
Wright, Ormiston, East Lothian ; m. sir 
George William Anderson, k.c.b. (rf.), 
governor of Ceylon 1850-55. 
99 Westhoume Terrace, W, 

Anderson, lady. Janet, dr. of Robert 
Hood, Glasgow ; m. sir James Anderson 
(/f.), provost of Glasgow in 1849. 

Andoyer, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Suffolk). 
Henry Charles Howard ; b. 1833 ; m. dr. 
of hon. Henry Coventry : m.p. (l.) Mal- 
mesburj' 1859-68, capt. north Gloucester- 
eJ^ire militia from 1860. 

Charlton House, Malmesbury, Wilts. 

Anglesey, 8 mani. of (1815). Henry 
William George Paget ; b. 1821 ; m. dr. 
of James Eversfield, Denne Park, Sus- 
sex : 2nd tit. earl of Uxbridge : ex -lieut. 
1 life guards, dep.-lieut. of Staffordshire, 
M.p. (L.) Staffordshire south 1854-57, 
Ueut.-col. Staffordshire miUtia 1852-55. 
A rth ur' s ; Bea udcsert , Park, Bir- 
mingham; Plasnewydd, AngUsea; 33 
Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. 

Annaly, 2 baron (1863). Luke White ; 
b. 1829 ; m. dr. of James Stuart : ex-capt. 
13 light dragoons, m.p. (l.) I/ongford 
1861-62, Kidderminster 1862-65, a jun. 
lord of the treasury 1862-66, lord-heut. 
of Longford 1873-/4, lieut.-col. Long- 
ford militia from 1847. 
Arthur's; Woodlands, Lucan, Dub^ 



Uh; Ralkel'iHt, L»iietboro<'gh, Lntig- 

j^iiatlej.5cnrl(1789). cuL Hiigli'Aii- 
DalFV : b. IKIl ; 2nd lit. rite. QlpnulT: 
N.A. Dublin, H.F. (c.) Ciinui lSa7-T4. 
> maEiilmtQ and dcp.-lieut. of Down, 
•orrnl in the Kaffir vw ISfil.53, pind in 
the Crimni, ex-rapt. Scota ftinlirr )nurds. 

10 huBsan, aide-de-Fomp to me loru 
high nniimiBmcmer of tho Igniui iiUnda 
(or John TcmnK) in 1858, priTate mem- 
tary Xa the frarcmor of Hotik-K(h» (ur 
H. Robiiuun) in 1860, m^. Oxrordriurc 
militia 1856'72, liput.M^ol. rmnniuidant 
from 1872. 
7 .ff. Gnrgc't Square, nmlitti, S. W. 

iMMtlaj, hon. Atthar, h. of 3 earl 
Animley: b. 1835: m. Clara, dr. of 
Gmt|^ WntDIl,Nomifh;^la- 
diPT eiurilK, Fx-capt, rifle brigade. 

HMli'i, Armu umt Naiv; 9iMeida 
TaU, W. 

kuMiej, hot). (iMige, g. of 3 mrl 

Anniwlpf ; b. 1837 ; in. 1. t'ounii, dr. of 
Jamn Annndev. n>Titul-Et!ii. at Anutpr- 
dam : 2. dr. of 'WUliiiin II. Duniell, Au- 
bnni, Weatmeatli : Lieut. Tyrone militia. 
Outliirrlitn, Dmrit. 

AaamAvj, hon. William Octariiu, a. 
ot 3 nri Annesley ; b. 183S ; m. dr. (rf.) 
of John Mean, Bagihot : licnt, S dra- 
scwiu 1358-60. 

PaiHtieirk, Slroud, Olaureifer. 

AmMlej, hon. inre. Arthur Grorc-, 

dr. of John Mabon, Beaborough, Tipp«- 

mry: m. gen. hon. Ai^urGmve-Anncs- 

ley {</.). *. ot'i earl of Anne«Iey. 

jtHiii^i Orope, CaalilBKHnrlu, Chri. 

AuMley, hon. Eleanor Catherins, b. 
1831 : hon. Auiputa Coiutantin, b. IMl : 
hon. Ahlridora Virtoria, b. 1W3, dm. of 
9 riar. Tak-ntia. 

7 .St. Georgt't Sgiiare. Pimlito, S. W. 

Jaaimitj, (low.-noantessDf. Priscilla, 
dr. of Hugh Moore, Eelnntine Hooh, 
Daim ; m. S earl Annoaley. 

DoHerd LoHge. Ifewnutir, Jhtm; 2-9 
Norfolk Strert, Park Lane, W. 

AxMll, mBJ.'gen. Au^stna Ftancia : 
fDrmerly town-maj. at Bulifox, Uent.- 
col. h. p. unattached. 

11 Vii 

ia AmoT, W. 

AniDD, viBi'. <e]d. a. ofewlorU.'iifii'ld}. 
Tboma* Fmni-in Aniun ; b. ISdU. 
SiuglmrougA llart, Sluffoni. 

AlUDn, vtn. nrcbiluocun George Hemy 
Orevitlo. «. of gvn. ni Williun AnFwn, 
ecu., 1 hart. ; b. 1820; m. dr. of very 
rev. doan Uoolt of Chichestorr m.a, 
Oion., hon. vunon of MaDcheiter from, onhd. of Miuu-hi«tCT tram 1870, 
ilaiwhciirr Ifi'lOl.). 

Anaon, ailni. TaUivvrn Vernon, a. of 


buon. air Witliaiu Brynell, 3 bart 
] ; b. 1843 : k.a. Oion., called to 
■ bor at Iho Inner Temple 1869,Vini>- 
nnn lav rwuler ut Oxford Dnivemty 
from 1874. 

Birck KalL Ijineathire ; 39 rorllanii . 
Fiaee, »'.; I Brict Omrt, Tempk, 
Inaon, lion, and rer. Ailelbert Robert, 

0. of 1 earl of Lii-IiGeld ; b. 1810 : h.a. 
Oxon,, rumt deuti of tlimley, Stufford- 
sliiro, from 1870, virar of Stdgtitg, Htef- 
/oi-rf {fi03/.) from 1870. 

^UMn, fol. hon. AngUHtu» Henry, v.c, 

1. of I purl of Uvhdi-ld ; b. 1835: m. dr. 
of bp. CUughlon of Itorherier: cx-inaj. 
7 hujHirE, [creitnl Iho Vii-torin Cron 
for CDTupieuoua valour at Lucknow, M.P. 
(L.) Lichfield 185S-68, Bowiiley 1809-74. 

OaTTick, Armg and Navy; Shug- 
karongA, Tamieorlh. 
'-~n. hon. Claud, a. of 2 rnrl of Lich- 

field; 1 


.. . I. Fnuitis, B. of 2 purl ot 

Ijrhfield ; b. 1867. 

Aaaon, hon. Frcderiek 'Witliani, b. of 
2eDrlofUehaeld:b. 1BC2. 

Anton, hon. Georrai Aiigunlun, a. of 2 
mrl of LichHcld ; b. 18fi7. 

Anaon, hon. Henrr -Tamoa, n. of 2 enri 
of Lichfield; b. l65B. 

Anton, hon. mra. Caroline Marin.ilr. ofS 
bnron Vernon : b. IS'ifi ; m. rev. Frcdo- 
riclt Anaon {a. of rev. F. Anaon, u.n,, 
dean of Cheater, bro. of I'riae. Anaon), 
M.A. Oxon., canon of TVindaor (1000/.), 
rector, ftum 1836, of SMrfftwj/, Drrbv 

The ChinlcTi, Windior Oath. 



Anson, lady Florence Beatrice, b. 1860 ; 
lady Beatrice, b. 1865 ; lady Mary Maud, 
b. 1869 ; ladv Edith, b. 1870, is. of 2 
earl of Lichfield. 

Anion, dow. -lady Elizabeth, dr. of m^ . - 
gen. sir Denis Pack, k.c.b. ; m. sir Joiin 
Anson, 2 bart. 

^ Portland Place, W. 

Anftmther, maj.-gen. Philip, R.A., 
C.B., 8. of sir Alexander Anstruther, 
recorder of Bombay, and cousin of sir 
-Ralpih Anstruther, 4 oart. ; b. 1807 : ser- 
ved in China 1841, in the Punjab cam- 
paign 1849, in the Kaffir war 1851, and 
in the Burmese expedition 1853, formerly 
in the Madras artillery. 

United Service; Thirdpart, Fife; 
107 Sloane Street, S, W. 

Anftmther, col. sir Robert, 5 bart. 
(1694) ; b. 1834 ; m. dr. of rev. canon 
William Knox Marshall, b.d., rector of 
Wragby : cx-licut. -col. grenadier guards, 
dep.-lieut. of Caithness, lord-lieut. of 
Fife from 1864, m.p. (l.) Fife from 

Brooks\ Travellers*; Balcaukie, Pit- 
tentceem, Fife; Watten, Caithness; 1 
Eccleston Square, S. W. 

Anitmther, sir Windham Charles 
James Carmichacl, 8 bart. (1694 and 
1798) ; b. 1826 ; m. Janetta, dr. of Robert 
Btfoour, Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire: 
hereditary carver to the royal household 
in ScotLwd. a magistrate for Lanark- 
shire, M.p. (c.) south Lanarkshire from 

Arthur's; Carmichael House and 
Westraw House, JAxnark. 

Anstmther, hon. mrs. Georgina, dr. 
of 5 vise. Barrington ; b. 1810 ; m. James 
Hamilton Lloyd Anstruther (bro. of sir 
Ralph Abercrombie Anstruther, 4 bart.), 
b. 1806 : dep.-lieut of Suffolk. 

Hintlesham Hall, Ipswich, Suf- 

Anitmther, dow. -lady. Janet, dr. of 
mai.-gcn. David Dewar, Gilston house, 
Fi^; m. 1. sir John Carmiehael An- 
strutiier, 6 bart. ; 2. Robert Bullock Mer- 
sham, D.C.L., warden of Merton college, 
Oxford, from 1826, dep.-lieut. of Oxford- 

University; Merton Colleffc, Oxford; 
Caversficld, Bicester. 

Anitmther, dow. -lady. Mary, dr. of 
maj.-gen. sir Henry Torrcns, k.c.b. ; m. 
1. sir lialph Abercrombie Anstruther, 4 
bart. (1694^ ; 2. William Talbot-Crosbie, 

dep.-lieut. of Kerr\' and high sherifl' in 
Ardfert Abbey, Tralcc, Kerry. 

Antigua, 8 bp. of (1842). rt. rev. Wil- 
liam Walrond Jackson, d.d. ; b. 1811 : m. 
dr. of Comade Pile, Barlmdos: aiiuy 
chaplain at Barbados 1840-60, bp. of 
Antigua (2000/.) from 1860, a member 
of the lenslative council from 1863. 
Clare Mall, Antigua. 

Antrim, 9 carl of (1785). William Ran- 
dall McDonnell; b. 1851; 2nd tit vis. 
Dunlue« : state steward to the \'icer6v of 
Ireland (earl Spencer) 1869-74. 

Olenarm Castle^ Lame, Antrim; 10 
Lotcndes Square, S. W. 

Antrim, dow. -countess of. Laura Ce- 
cilia, dr. of 5 earl of Macclesfield ; b, 
1809 ; m. 7 earl of Antrim. 
30 Lowndes Square, S. W. 

Antrim, dow. -countess of. Jane, dr. of 
maj. Macan, Carriff, Armagh ; m. 8 ciirl 
of Antrim, ii.n. 

10 Lowndes Square, S. W.; Glenann 
Castle, Antrim. 

Antrobni, sir Fxlmund, 3 bart. (181i3), 
b. 1818 ; m. Marianne, dr. of sir GcorrCe 
Dashwood, 4 bart. : m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Wilts, capt. Wilts yeomanry, 
M.p. (l.^ east Surrey 1841-4*7, Wilton 
from 18o5. 

United Unirrrsittf ; Amesbury Abbtif, 
Salisbury, Wilts; 146 Piccadilly. 

Appleby, adin. John Frederick, s. of 
John Appleby, Soberton, Hants ; b. 1800 ; 
m. dr. of W. Osbom, Leominster, Arun- 
del : served in the siege of Tarragona in 

Apiley, baron (eld. s. of earl Bathurst). 

Apthorp, maj.-gen. East, c.B. : retired 
on full pay as col. Madras infantry. 
Amhurst Lodge, Tunbridgc Wells. 

Arbnthnot, sir Alexander John , k. c. 8- 1. , 
s. of bp. Arbuthnot of Killaloc; b. 1822 ; 
m. Frederica, dr. of mai.-gen. R. B. 
Fearon, c.B. : in the Madras civil sor- 
yicc 1842-67, first director of public in- 
struction in Madras 1855-62, chief-soi'- 
retary to the government of Madras 
1862-67, member of council at Madrus 
1867-72, vice-chancellor of the univer- 
sitv of Madras 1871-72. 
tFindlesham, Bagshot. 

Arbnthnot, col. Cliarles Georf^e, K.A., 
c.B. : served in tlie Crimea, knight of 
the Medjidie, dci».-adj.-gcn. of artillery 
in India from 1873. 



Arbnthnot, sir William Wcdderbarn, 
3 bart. (1822) ; b. 1831 ; m. dr. of rev. 
Mattbew Carrier Thompson, vicar of 
Alderminster : ex-maj. lohuasars. 
16 Charlotte Square^ Edinburgh, 

Arbnthnot, hon. mrs. Gertrude, dr. of 
1 vise. Gough; b. 1816; m. Archibald 
FranoU Arbuthnot (s. of sir W. Arbuth- 
noti 1 bart,, lord provost of Edinburgh), 
b. 1805. 
25 Hyde Park Gardens. 

Arbuthnot, hon. nirs. Charlotte, dr. of 
1 baron Vivian ; b. 1815 ; m. lieut.-gen. 
Charles Arbuthnot (rf.), col. 89 ft. 

Woodford House^ Thrapstone; 46 
GUlingham Street, Eeeleston Square, 

Arbuthnott, 9 vise. (1641). John Ar- 
buthnott ; b. 1806 ; m. cousin, dr. of 6 
earl of Airlie : rapt, unattached, dep.- 
lieut. of Kincardineshire. 

Arbuthnott House, Fourdonn, Kin- 

Arbnthnott, master of (eld. s. of vise. 
Arbuthnott). hon. John Arbuthnott ; b. 
1843 ; m. Anna, dr. of Edmund Allen, 
andgrand-dr. of col. Allen, Inchraartine : 
ex-Ueut. 49 ft., dep.-lieut. of Kincar- 

Arbuthnott, hon. David, s. of 8 vise. 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. of Thomas 
Forbes Reynolds, m.d., Walling1»nj Sur- 
rey : entered the Madras civil service in 
1841, collector, magistrate, and agent at 

Arbuthnott, hon. David » s. of 9 vise. 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1845. 

Arbuthnott, hon. Hugh, s. of 9 vise. 
Arbuthnott; b. 1849:lieut. 81 ft. 

Arbuthnott, hon. John ; vide master of 

Arbnthnott, capt. hon. Walter, s. of 8 
viic. Arbuthnott ; b. 1808 ; m. dr. of Brook 
Taylor Ottley, Delaford, Dublin : dep.- 
lieut. of Kincardineshire. 
HatUm, Marykirk, Montrose, 

Arbnthnott, gen. hon. William, 11.A., 
s. of 7 viae. Arbuthnott ; b. 1786 : dep.- 
lieut. of Kincardineshire, served in the 
Peninsula at Oporto, Talavera, and 
Busaeo, retired on full pay as lieut.-col. 
8 Regent's Park Road, N, W. 

Arbnthnott, hon. William, s. of 8 vise. 
Arbnthnott; b. 1821 ; m. dr. of lieut- 
sen. air Keil Douglas, and widow of 
Keill Ferguson Blair: in the Madras 

army 1841-50, capt. Forfar artillery mi- 
litia* from 1855. 

Arbnthnott, hon. mrs. Hugh. Susan, 
dr. of John Campbell, controller of cus- 
toms at Greenock ; m. col. hon. Hugh 
Arbuthnott {d). 

Arbnthnott, lady Charlotte Rachel, dr. 
of 2 earl of Clonmell; b. 1808; m. 
Henr}' Arbuthnott (h. of rt. hon. Charles 

Archdall, William Humphreys, bro. of 
Mervyn E. Archdall, m.p. ; b. 1814 ; m. 
dr. of hon. and rev. John Charles 
Maude : M. a. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Ferma- 
nagh, high sheriff of TjTone in 1839, 
M.p. (c.) Fermanagh from 1874. 
JtiversdaUy Enniskillen. 

Archibald, Adams George, c.M.o., 
nephew of Samuel George Archibald, 
LL.D., master of the rolls in Nova 
Scotia : called to the bar of Nova Scotia 
1839, member of the legislative assem- 
bly in Canada 1860-70, lieut. -governor 
of Manitoba 1870-72, of Nova Scotia 
(1400/.) from 1873. 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Archibald, Edward Mortimer, c.B., s. 
of Samuel George Archibald, ll.d., 
master of the rolls in Nova Scotia; 
b. 1811 : attorney-gen. of Newfoundland 
1846-57, consul-gen. in New York 
(1500/.) frx)m 1857. 

Archibald, sir Thomas Dickson, s. of 
Samuel George Archibald, ll.d., master 
of the rolls in Nova Scotia, and bro. of 
Charles Dickson Archibald, Rusland 
Hall, Lancaster ; b. 1817 ; m. Sarah, dr. 
of Richard Smith, the Priory, Dudley : 
called to the bar at the Midmo Temple 
1852, junior counsel to the treasun* 
1868-72, a justice in the court of queen s 
bench (5000/.) from 1872. 

Athetiaum ; Sergeant's Inn, Chan- 
cery Law, E.C. ; Inglewood, Bickleyf 

Arden, hon. Catherine, dr. of 1 baron 
Alvanley (extinct) ; b. 1794. 

4 Chesham Placed Belgrave Square, 

Arden, Baillie-Hamilton-; vide Baillie. 

Ardmillan, lord. James Craufurd, s. of 
Archibald Clifford Blackwell Craufurd, 
of Ardmillan, Ayr ; b. 1805 ; m. dr. of 
James Balfour, Edinburgh : m.a. Edin- 
burgh, called to the Scotch bar 1829, 
sheriff of Perthshire 1849-53, solicitor- 
gen, for Scotland 1853-55, a judge of 



the court of session (3000^.) from 1855, 
dep.-lieut. of Midlothian. 

18 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh; 
ArdmUlan, Girvan, Ayr. 

JLrgyU, 8 duke of (1701). George Doug- 
las Campbellf D.C.L., LL.D., P.C., K.T.; 
b. 1823 ; m. dr. of 2 duke of Sutherland 
(mistress of the robes to the queen 
1868-70) ; sits as baron Sundridge and 
Hamilton (1766) ; 2nd tit. mara. of 
Lome : hereditary lord steward of Scot- 
land, hereditary keeper of the royal 
castles of Dunoon and Carrick, heredi- 
tarj' sheriff" of Argyleshire, lord priv>' 
seal 1853-55, 1859-^, postmaster-gen. 
1855-58, sccretarj* of state for India 
1869-74, lord rector of the imiversity of 
Glasgow 1854-55, chancellor of the uni- 
versity of St. Andrews from 1851, lord- 
lieut.'of Ai^leshire from 1862, hon. col. 
Argyleshu"e rifle volunteers from 1867. 

Athenaeum, Tratellmt* ; Argyll 
Lodae, Campden Hill, W. ; Inverary 
castle, Argyteshire ; Roscncath, Melcmt- 
burgh, Dumbartonshire. 

Argyll, bp. of. rt. rev. Georce Richard 
Mackamess, D.i>.,bro. of bp. Mackamess 
of Oxford: m.a. Oxon., fellow of St. Co- 
lumba's college, Ireland, 1846-47, vicar 
of Ilam, Ashbourne, 18o4-74, bp. of Ar- 
gyll from 1874. 
Bishoptown, Lochgilphead. 

Arkwright, capt. Augustus Peter, r.n., 
8. of Peter Arkwright, Willersley, Mat- 
lock ; b. 1821 : educated at the royal 
naval college, m.p. (c.) north Derby- 
shire from 1868. 

Carlton; Willersley, Matlock; 28 
Bury Street, St. James*s, S. W, 

Arkwright, Francis, s. of rev. Godfrey 
Arkwright; b. 1846; m. dr. {d^ of 
Henry Milbank: formerlv in the 100 ft., 
a magistrate for Warwickshire and the 
North Riding of Yorkshire, m.p. (c.) 
east Derby sh&e from 1874. 
Junior Carlton; Coton Souse, Jtugby, 

Arkwright, Richard, s. of John Ark- 
wright, Hampton Court, Hereford ; b. 
1835 ; m. lady Mar}', dr. of 2 earl of 
Strafibnl : m.a. Cantab., called to the 
bar at lincoln^s inn 1859, dep.-lieut. of 
Herefordshire, m.p. (c.) LeominBtcr 
from 1866. 

Carlton, Whitens; Hamptofi Court, 
Hereford; 8 Cadogan Place, S. W. 

Arkwright, lady Mary, dr. of 2 earl of 
Straflbrd; b. 1838; rwfc Richard Ark- 

Arkwright, hon. Mrs. Elizabeth, dr. of 
3 baron Kenyon; b. 1837 ; m. rev. George 
Arkwright (s. of John Arkwright, 
Hampton Court, Hereford), b. 1836, 
M.A. Oxon., rector from 18(S2, of P«»- 
combe, Bromyard^ Hereford (600/.) 

Armagh, 107 archbp. of (444), 91 bp. 
of Clogher (500), most rev. and rt. hon. 
Marcus Gcrvais Beresford, n.c.L., D.D., 
p.c. (Irel.), s. of bp. Boreaford of Kil- 
moro (grandson of 1 earl of Tyrone) ; b. 
1801 ; m. 1. dr. of col. Henfj' Peidoy 
L'Estrange, Moystowii, Kmg's County ; 
2. dr. (rf.y of James Trail Kennedy, Ax- 
madale, Down, and widow of Robert 
George Bomford, Rallensto^vn, Meath : 
M.A. Cantab., rector of Kildallen, Kil- 
more, 1825-28, vicar of Drung and 
Wcar-gen. of Kilmore 1828-54, archd. 
of Ardagh 1839-54, bp. of Kilmoro 
1854-62, archbp. of Annagh, primate 
and metropolitan, from 1862. 

Athenaum; Palace^ Armagh; 42 
Prince's Gardens^ South Kensington. 

Armitage, sir Elkanah; b. 1794; m. dr. 
{d.) of Henry Kirke, Chapel-le-Frith : 
mavor of Manchester in 1849, dep.-lieut. 
of Lancashire and high sherifi' in 1866, 
head partner in Armitage & Co., cotton- 

Reform; Hope Hall, Eccles, Man- 
chester ; 48 Mosley Street, Man- 

Armitrong, sir Alexander, m.p., f.r.8., 
LL.D.,K.c.B.,s. of Alexander Armstrong, 
Chrahan,Fermanagh;b. 1818: M.A.Edin- 
burgh, entered the medical department 
of the navy in 1842, present in the 
" Investigator ** at the discovery of the 
north-west paissage, ser>'ed in tKe Baltic 
during the Russian war and was present 
at the bombardment of Sweaborg, hon. 
physician to the Prince of Wales, direc- 
tor-gen. of the naval medical department 
at Somerset house from 1869. 

Junior United Service ; 9 New Street, 
Spring Gardens; Crohan, Fermanagh, 

Armitrong, rev. sir Edmund Frederick, 
2 hart. (1841) ; b. 1836; m. dr. of William 
Windsor Fisher: educated at King*8 col- 
lege, London, a magistrate for King's 
county, vicar of Skeirke, Queen's 

Castle Fleming, Templemorc, Queeu*8 
Go. ; GaUen Prwry, Ferbane, King*8 

Armstrong, sen. Edward, c.R.: serred 
with 34 Madni natiTe iolGuitiy in the 


cipeditioD against HutgooD 1821, ami' 
muid«l thp regiment in the uctioD 
fought at Zoraporc, in which hp per- 
(oniUly captured the NiiHiib. Uidnu. 

Anutiong, majar-crn. Jamca Wtlls, 
C.B., «. of Jamefl W. ArmattODC, lienKal 
ciril ■errin: b. 1821; m. dr. of J). 
Deime,£lbiid[re house, Kent: major of 
brigade of the 2 diviiion ia 1334 in tbt 
Crinwan war, laainuit adjuUnt-cen. al 
Aldnahot 1860-65. dcpnty adiutunl- 
gen. in Ireland 1860-71. at hcad-quu-- 
JuHior Uniled Btnite; JVar OJife. 

Anwtnnig, sir William George, r.n.s., 

liiin Jbtiuinnig. NewcBiUe ; h 1810; m. 
dr. of WilUam tbutuphav, Ilighop Auck- 
land : high sheriff of Nortliumberland 
is 1873, iurentor of the Annatrong gun, 
foundeJ the Elswick factocj in 1861, 
superintendent of the ArrastronK g'Uii 
foTPrtiment manufac-ton' 1868-63, pre- 
ndentof the British Anuria tion in 1803. 
Athtmeum ; Jeimontl Dene, Nru-- 
ouHt-eH-TyH«; 8 Great Qeornt Street , 

Aiajtaga, air Georse, 6 bart. (1738), 
b. 1BI»; m. dr. ofm J«epli Hadeliffc, 2 
bait.: dep.-Ueut. of Yorkaliire. 

GarrUk, CmrUm i KirkUa Hall, 
Srigkkaiuc, Xamuintm ; 27 Cam- 
hridge Square, Hyde Park, W. 

AivytagB, hon. Hn. Fenelk, dr. of 1 

. tiarDii Fitthardinge ; b. 1800; m. ro1,' 
Henry Aimytoge, coldstrcun gunrdt, 
(couaiD of Hr George AiTOylage, 

Ovardt' ; BroomkUl Bank, Tuu- 
hriJge WelU. 

Aiairtaga, hon. Mnt. Jane Rnrah, ilr. 
of 2 banmBridport; b. IN17; m.l. Hugh 
Holbech,'FaniborouEh, Warwick ; 2, eapt. 
air Charlea Hothani. R.N., K.C.D. ; 3. 
ofit. William Ami}'taec. ii.n. (if.), 
capl. snperinlendent of I'cmbroke dock- 
yaid 1871-72. 

AlMj, air George Alfred, s. of Williaiii 
Ainn.TbeCloK, Salisbury; b. 1806; m. 
dr. (d.) of capt. Thomas Pair, H..V. : 
K.A. Oxon., raited to the bar at IJn- 
folii'a inn 1834, chief-justice of Kcw 
Zealand (ITHU.) traia 18fi8. 
Aaekland, Xew Zcalnnd. 

Anald, hon. mra. Henrietta, dr. of 
taren Doflerin; b. 1816; m- 1. boa. and 

rev. Thomas Clotworthy Skcfflngton- 
FoBter; 2. Edwin Arnold. 
Yitvttty, Mid/llatx. 

Arnold, Udy Chiirlotte Georgina, dr. of 
3 marq. Cholmondelcy ; b. 1838; m. rev. 
Edward Qtadwin Arnold (s. uf capt. 
William Fitt'h Arnold, of Little Uisaen- 
den Abbey, fllucks), b. 1823, M.A. 
Oion., retlor of Barrow 1862-72, of 
Great Maimgham, Remham, Norfolk 
(900(.) from 1872. 

irnott, Francis Short, M.n., c.n.: for- 
merly inspodtor-gcn. of hospitnb in Uiu 
Boilibay nnnj'. 

Amott, sir John, a. of John Amott, 
Auchtcrmnchty ; b. 1817; m.l. dr. of 
John Jiuncs McKinlay, w.s., Stirling; 
2. Emilv. dr. of rev. Edviard Loflua 
Fitzgerald, reetot of Aidugh, Cork : 
mmor of Cork 1869-60, M.r. Kinsale 
18a9-63, dep.-lieut. of Cork, eommodoru 
of the roi-af yaiht flub in Ireland. 

Refoi-m; Fir Hill, JUenkilowti, 

Amcmld, sir J[>Rei>h, n. of Joseiih 

- Amould, V.D., White Cross, WsllinR- 
ford;h. IBlfi; m. l.dr. ofH, G. Kidg,- 
way, 2. dr. of major John W. Carnegie, 
C.H.; H.A. Oion., eolled to the bar iit 
the Middle Tc>mp1c 1841, puime judgo 
at Itombav I84U. judge of the htgli 
court of juiiicature 1862-69. 

Uarrick; SapUt; IfkiHrron, Wal. 
liagfard, Jlertt. 

Awan, 4 earl of (1762). PhiUp York,- 
Oorc, K.p. ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. of gen. sir 
William Francis Patrick Napier, k.c.b.; 
2ad tit. vise. Sudley:sccrr(ar]' of legation 
at Lisbon l828-;ti, a magistrate for We\. 
ford, Donegal and Haj-o, dep.-lieut. of 

The Pariliim, Eatu Plair, Sloaiif 
Street.S. JF.; Saimderi Court, Wexford; 
Gert Catlle, Mai/e, 
Arrow, capt air Frederick, f.R.a.g., h. 
of eapt. William Arrow, Indian nai-y; ''. 
1818 ; m. Harriet, dr. ot Hobert Sdle- 
niiin, The Friare, Winchelsca : entered 
the mercantile murine in 1834. dep.- 
lieut. of Essex and of the Tower Hum- 
lets, an elder brother of the Trinity 
bouse fivm 1669, dep.-maatcr from 

Trmilf HtUM. Tatcer BUI, £.C. ; 
rUqrMi Ball, South Weald, 



dr. of 10 rarl of Kinnoull : oi-mpt. 11 

ft., military S0('retiu7 to his fntherwheii 

eovenior of Bombay 1842-46. 

Oarllm, United Sirvicf : 24 Qucm\ 

Gate, SoHth KeatingtOB, S. W. 
ArthiiT, luajor-gpn. George M. : ronuerly 

in the Hiulru army. 
Arthur, John FindUy, m.d., c.!).i.: 

formprl}' surgpon -major in tbe MadraB 

Artimr, hon. mrs. Ailepn, dr. of 2 barot 
Uonteng-lv ; b. 1B44; m. John lta)iio[ 
Arthur (b. of major-gen. rt. hon. ait 
GeoTKC Arthur,! bait.}, b. 1830, cntercii 
the Bombay civil wm-ict in 1851^ 
spaior colleclor uid magiatrnle at 

Arthnr, lailv EJiKabfth, dr. of 10 par] 
of Kinnoull; h. 1834;rirf? col. b " 
dcriok Leopold Arthur, 2 hurt. 

Anndall ft SnjTey, earl of (eU. s. of 

ArandaU ofTudoni', 12!Hiron {160S). 
John Francis Anindell; b.l837;m.dr. 
of JohnErrinKton. High Warden. Nor- 
thumberland ; a count of the Holy Ro- 
mim Empire, dcp.-lieut. of WilU, a ma- 
gi»tnit« tar Middleacs, lieut. royal Wills 
yeomanry from 1865. 
SlaffbrdjAthemcum; WerdowCiutle, 

Anudell, hon. Edward Ignatius, s. of 

11 baron Arundell; b. 1842: ei-lieut. 12 

lancen, lieut. royal Wills jcomanrj- 

thtm 1872. 

OiT-i JTotel, Jermt/n Slr^l, S. IF. 

Amndall, hon. and rev, Everard Aloy- 1 
riua, s.of 11 baron Arundell: b. 1S34: ' 
B.A. London, in holv ordera in the 
church of Rome. ffoir pros, to his 
brother. I 

Anndall, hon. Robert, b. of 9 baron ' 
Arundell; b. I81S ; m. 1. dr. of rer. 
John Jones; 2. dr. of Ilenn- Parkin,' 
K.N., insppctor-f>«n. of hospilals : ei- 
lieut. 2 life ruards, rapt. HbuIb yDo- 
mannr from 1862. 

CaTtH>B,J«nior United Strriee; Oin- 
rfowr SoHM, Atrnford. 

Anudell, lion. Mrs. Henry, dr. of 
Joseph Esdaiie ; m. hon. Henry Anin- 
deU (r^. 

7 Oiltton Read, We'l Bromplon, 
S. W. ; Betmmit OiilU. Gtryt, E.tfz. 

ArandaU. hon. Cecily Mary, 1>. 1845: a 
nun ; hon. Gertruds Mary, b. ISIS, dn. 
of II buvQ AnmdelL 

Amndall, dow, -baronosa. Teresa, dr. ot 
17 baron Stourton; b. ISI2; m. 11 
baron Arundell. 
6» Montafu Sguarc, W. 
AahbTMk, fl viae. (1761). Henry Jeffrey 
Flower; b. 1829: m. dr. of J. F. Abine- 
ton, Esher, Suiray : ei-mpt. 62 ft., high 
■herilT of Queen's i»unty in 18W. 
Oarllon ; Cattlt Dumnr, Silkenny. 
Aahbrook, dow. -viscountess. Emily, sia. 
I o( 1 baron Metcalfe (extinct) ; b. 1790; 
m. 4 vise. Ashbrook. 

26 Qwen'i Gale Tareee, S. W. 

Achbrook, dow.-viseounteia. Frances, 

dr. of rev. sir John Robinson, 1 bnrt.; m. 

5 vise. Ashbrook. 

I AlhbnmaT, Lionel Ko1>ert, c.s.i. ; on- 

■■ terod the Bombajr civil service in 1848, 

I northern division. 

I AalibnniliBm, 4 carl of (1730). Itertrom 
I Ashbumham ; b. 1797 ; m. ris. of 10 earl 
I of Haddington; 2nd. tit. vise. St. 

QirUen ; Ashbumham Flaee, Batik, 

SaiMz ; Barking SaB, Ipsurich ; 30 

Dover Slre/l. PireadiUy. 
lihhumlimm, sir Anchitel, 8 bart. 

(1661); b. 1828 ; m. dr. of rapt. Gcotro 

IJohuQ Martin, K.S., c.b„ East Bridg- 

ford. Notts: a maEijitnile for Susspi. 
Bromham Pari, Hattings. 
Aahbnmham, lion. George, a. of 4 earl 

of Asbumham ; li. 1863. 
Aahbomham, hon. John, a. of 4 earl of 

Ashbumham; b. 1845 : attache at Lisbon 

1867, at Madrid from 1869. 
A^hbomhun, hon. Percy, a. of 3 earl 

of Ashbumham ; b. 1799 ; m. dr. (d.) of 

ccl. By, H.E. 
Shernfotd Park, Timbridgt TFelU ; 

20 Briitoii Sirrel, Berkeley Square, IF. 
Aihbnmluun. hon. Richard, a. o! 4 earl 

of AHhbumham; b. 1848: n.A. Cantab. 
AahbornliBm, hou, Thomas, s. of 4 car) 

of Ashbumham ; b. 1855. 
Adtbnrnliun, hon. William, s. of 4 earl 

of Ashbumham ; I 

Aahbnnilum, lady Elizabeth, b. 178S ; 
lady TheodoMa Julia, ■■ '""■ ' 
earl of Ashbumham. 

ladv Theodoua Julia, b. 1802, drs. of 2 

Cadogan Plaa . 
Aahbnmhun, lady Margaret, b. 18S1 ; 

lady UflTj-, b. 1869, dn. of 4 earl of 

AahbnnUuun, dow. -lady. Anne, dr. of 

J. Hamun; m., as his second wife.raT. 


rir John A«hbumlinin, 7 bart., chun- 
ctUor nf Chioheslrr calhednil. 
98 Eiurff Sirert, S. W. 

Aihbnrtim, 4 bnron (1835). AlpxaniJer 
Hiig-h Baring; b. laij: m. dr. of B bnron 
Liitbv: «.*. Oion., M.p. (c.) Thetford 
1867-^7, u DUEistintc and dcp.-lteut. of 

Ot^on.WhUift; Ttit Omngi. At- 
nifenl. HmU; Sutktnham Pmk, 
7%ct/ord; 82 PifeadiUy. 

Aibbortoa, Jow.-haroness, Cloirp Hor- 
tPnH.dr. of due de Biwaiio; m. 3 buron 

AlbbortOB, ilow.-bflronosa. l^ouisa, dr. 
of rt. hoik. Jiimw SMwart-Mackeozio 
(gntndson of 6 eorl of Oaliowny), bjr dr. 
of Ian baron Sonforlh ; b. 1S27 ; m. 2 
buvn Aafabuiton, e.C paymioter-^en. 
1815-46 : a membcraf tho Soyal InaUtu- 

Mtkhtl Park, Romirs, Hand ; Ad- 
diictiiittc Farm, Crogdon. 
Ailibiiiy, Jami^ Uoyd, a. or.Tohn Ash- 
buij-; b. 1894: chmnnnn of therailfcaj 
raniagc and iron rompuny, Manchsstn', 
dirrctor of tho Smjmn and Cnsmba 
tic, cumnuuidfr of the ordcn 


nilway, elc, cumnuuiuer dI t 
of laabella TI. and of Charlei 
(c.1 BrijtbtoQ from 1874. 

CbtUoh; eSailfrn Ttrnm, Brigh- 
ton ; 66 Gntvtuor Stmt, Omveru/r 
8«Mn, W. 

likby, Jsowa William Mamy, C. b. ; m, 
Cuherine, dr. of Frederick Bichard 
llaKpnis, GroarcQor PUtw : papnutcr 
royid nnTv, ^ecTolBrr to the com. -in- 
chiFf nt PortmnouHiihrtii 1869. 

Aihley. baron (old. s, of earl of Shaftes- 
burj).AiilhDnv Ashley; b. 1831: m. lady 
Harriet, dr. of 3 niarq. of Donegal: 
aerved in the royal n«vy in the Mtic 
during the Crimoon war, 4ep.-Ueat. of 
DoTKt, K.P. Hull 1557-aa, Cricklado 

Army i yary: Maiiuait Ball, 
Ohntoume.Saliiiury; 33 CAulcr 
Spi»re, S. (P. 

Utumf, hon. Anthony d-cil, a. of 7 
earl of Shsfteabury; b. ISIB : dep.-tieut. 
of Dorset. 

Aiblsy, hon. Anthony Evelyn, e. of 7 
tarl of Shnflwbury ; b. 1836; m. Sybella, 
dr. of sir Wollev Farquhar, 2 bait. ; 
K.A. Cantnb., twcretaty to viae. Fiil- 
meraton 1868-69, commander of the 
onJer of the Dannebrog, called to tbr 

Poole from 1874. 

2 Hare Court, Temple, E.C. ; ei 
Cadogsn Flare. 
lihls]', hon. Anthony Lionol Oeorge, 
8. of 7 enrl of Shafleabiiiy : b. 1B3S : m. 
dr. of Capel Hnnbuij Leigh, Ponlyjiool 
park, Uonmoiith: u.a, Cantab., became 
a partner ia I'ioto Percn, Ashley k Co. 

Hugh lliLQcan Boillie, of Tarradnlo : 
attache at Vienna 1830-34, vice-cham- 
berluin and treasurer of the household 
of nuecn Adelaide 1834-49. nuuter of 
St. Katherine's hospital, Kegent's-park, 
from 1839. 

Stablt Yard, SI. James's PalBre. 

■hlay, hon. mrs. Henry. J', of Kobcrt 
Pattioon.Wmckleford, "Dorset; m. hon, 
Henry Ashley (rf.) 
12 Upper Oroarenar Streil, W. 

Aalil«7, hoD. mrs. John. dr. of Henry 
Jabn Conveis, Copthall, Eawi; ni, boo. 
John ABhIey, a.c. M.) 

17 Upper Brook Sli-eef, IF. 

Aihlay, hon, Margnlet, b. 1858 ; hon. 
EveljTi, b. 186.5; hon. MUdrcd, b. 
1867 ; hon. Susan, b. 1869., dis. of lord 

Alhlar, lady Edith Florenre, dr, of T 
rarlofShttfti-sbmy: b. 1847. 
ihla;, ladv Harriet, dr. of 3 niang. of 
Dane^; b. 1836; ciif« baron Ashley, 

Aihmon, lieut.-gcn. Charles : col, 30 
ft. from 18G7. 

10 Oranville Plaet, FOrtman Sjuare, 
W. ; aoverhiU, Aulrim. 

Aihtown, 2 baron (1800). Fri'derick 
Mason Trench; b. 1804 ; m, 1, dr. of 
Thomas D. Cosby, Btradbally-hill, 
Queen's ro. ; 2. dr. and rohoir of 
lUchard Oliver Oascoigne, Parliugton- 

Eirk, Yorkehiro: a mseittrate and ilep.- 
eut. of Galway, of which he has been 
high sheriff. 

CarUui, : Woodiami, nalieay ; Lo- 
lAirtOH Bali, -SAeritirti, YoriaMre. 
Atkew, hon. mra. Snmh, dr. of 1 haroji 
Matjoribanka; b. 183o; m. Watson As- 
kew (nephew of lieut.-gcn. sir HeniJ 
Askew, K.c.n.) b. 1834, Jep.-iiout. of 



Northumberland, and high sheriff in 

raUimtburn Housc^ CoUhtrcam ; 
Caatle HilUj Beric'ick-on-Tweed. 

Askwith, major. -gen. William Har- 
rison, R.A., b. 1810: employed under the 
foreigTi office during the Carlist wars in 
Spain, commander of the order of Isa- 
bella, knight of the order of Charles III., 
and of San Fernando, 
119 St. George's Square, S. W. 

Assheton, Ralph, s. of W. Assheton, 
Downham Hall, by dr. of hon. "William 
Cockayne, and niece of 6 and last vise. 
CuUen ; b. 1830 ; m. dr. of Joseph 
Feilden, of Witton, m.p. : m.a. Cantat)., 
a magistrate for Lancashire and for the 
AVe«t Riding of Yorkshire, ex-capt. 1 
Lancashire militia, m.p. (c.) Clitheroe 
from 1868. 

Carlton, University ; Downham 
Hall, Clitheroe; 11 Queen's Gate 
Flace, South Kensington, S. W, 

Aitley, col. sir John Dugdale, 3 bart. 
(1821) b. 1828; m. dr. of Thomas 
George Corbett, Elsham, Lincoln, m.p. : 
ex-Ueut.-col. Scots fusilier guards, sensed 
in the Crimea, knight of the Medjidie, a 
magistrate for Lincolnshire, M.P. (c.) 
north Lbicolnshire from 1874. 

Guards' ; Everleigh House, Marl- 
borough, W'Uts; £lsham Hall, Jirigg, 

Astley, hon. George Manners, s. of 9 
baron Hastings ; b. 1857. 

Aitley, hon. Henry Jacob, s. of 9 baron 
Hastings; b. 1873. 

Aitley, hon. Agneta Frances, dr. of 9 
baron Hastings; b. 1864. 

Athabasca, 1 bp. of (1874). rt. rev. 
■\Villiam Carpenter Bompas, d.d. ; m. dr. 
of Joseph Cox, M.D. ; missionar\' in Atha- 
basca 1864-74, bp. from 1874. " 

Church Missionary House, Salisbury 
Square, E. C. 

Atherley, lieut.-gen. Mark Kerr : coL 
109 ft. from 1873. 

Atherley, lady Isabel Julia, dr. of 17 
earl of Suffolk; b. 1831 ; m. major Francis 
Henry Atherley, ex rifle brigade. 

Travellers' ;'ShankUn, Isle of Wight. 

Athlone, dow. -countess of. Wendela 
Eleanor, dr. of mons. Borcel; m. 10 earl 
of Athlone (extinct). 

Athlnmney, 2 baron (1863). James Her- 
bert Gustavus Meredvth Somerville; b. 
1865; site as baron ileredj-th (1866). 
Sonierville House, Navan^ Meath. 

Athlnmney, dow. -baroness. Mary Geor- 
^a, dr. of Herbert Geoi-ge Jones, ser- 
jeant-at-law; m. 1 baron Athlumney, 
p.c, chief secretary for Ireland. 
Somerville House, Xavan, Meath. 

Athole, 7 duke of (1703). John James 
Hugh Henry Stewart Murray, k.t. ; b. 
1840; m. dr. of sir Thomas Moncrieffe, 
bait.; site as earl Strange (1786); 2na 
tit. marq. of Tullibardine : hereditary 
sheriff of Perthshire, ex-capt. Scote 
fusilier guards. 

Gunrds' , Carlton; Blair Athole 
House, Dunkeld, Perthshire ; 84 Eatoti 
Place, S. IV, 

Athole, dow. -duchess of. Anne, dr. of 
Henry Dnunmond, of Blair Druramond, 
Perth ; m. 6 duke of Athole : mistresB of 
the robes to the Queen in j 862, a lady of 
the bedchamber (500/.) from 1854. 

Dunkeld, Perthshire ; St. George's 
Hotel, Albemarle Street, W. 

Atkinson, major-gen. Edward H. : for- 
merly in the Madras army. 

East Ifulia United Service; Wabner, 

Atkinaon, hon. mrs. Charlotte, dr. of 
6 vise. ChetwjTid ; b. 1831 ; m. rev. James 
Augustus Atl^inson, m.a. Oxon., rector, 
from 1861, of Lonsightf Manchester 

AtJdnson, lady. Louisa Jane, dr. of capt. 
William Gyll, 2 life guards, and sis. of 
sir Robert Gyll; m. 1. sir Jasper Atkin- 
son, provost of the company of monevers ; 
2. Percy Honey-Atkinson, late or the 
Exchequer oflice, Lincoln's inn. 
15 Grove Street, Leamington. 

Atlay, bp. ; vide Hereford. 

AtUy, major-gen. Edward, R.A., c.b. : 
sen-ed in the Sutlej campaign 1845-46. 
in the Punjab campaign 1848-49, retired 
on full pay of col. royal Bengal ar- 

Anckland, 4 baron (1793). William 
George Eden, s. of 3 baron, bp. of Bath ; 
b.l829;m. 1. dr. of John Walbanke 
Childers ; 2. dr. (</.) of 10 earl of Win- 
chelsea : charge d'affaires at Carlsruhe 

Travellers'; 13 Queen's Square, 
Westminster, S. W. ; Edenthorpe, Doit- 

Anckland, Ibp. of (1869). rt.rev. Wil- 
Ham Garden Cowie. d.d., s. of Alexan- 
der Cowie, Aucht«rles8, Aberdeenshirt' ; 
b. 1831 ; m. dr. of W. Webber, Fidget 
Hall, Suffolk, and grand-dr. of sir 


Hamas Frenton, bort.: h.a.. Cnntiib. 
tumls of Moiilton. SulTolk, lS.35-ii? 
ffaapUin to lord C'lvdi^'* army at til 
aplure of Luctnow 1857, domerti- 
chapLuB to bp. Cotton at Calcutta in 
1864. chapluin at duhmETc 1806-67, 
TMtor of Staflhrd 1B67-69, bp- of Auck- 
land (rom 1869. 
AtKkland, Xeic Zealand. 

Andl«T,ilow.-1»mncsti. Morgitn't, ais. of 
irr. TkonuiB DaWMn Hudwm, Fropmoro 
Hall,H«Tlii: m. LJamHWUIiam Smith; 
2.ui\ai tecoai wife, 20 baron Audley 
la Ghaatltr Sq., H<jdt Park Sq., IT. 

Aiutan, John, k.h. 

Autul, bp. ; ride British Guiana. 

Asitiiii Al&ed, c. B. : forrnvrlj secretary 

and builditin. 
Mai/a, Slaleford. near EdmiuiyA. 
AvelBnd, 2 baron (1856). Gilbert Heniy 

IlMlhioti' (Urummond WilloaRhby) ; b. 

1836; m.dr. of IQ man], of Ilantly : H.a. 

Cantab., deputy toni great ubamberlain 

of EngUad, H.p. Beaton 1852-66, Eut- 

luidihirc 1856-67. 

Whilst ; NomiantoH Fart, Oakham. 

S>UUnd.l,in ; £h% Ho 

12 Btlgnoe Square, S. W. 
ATilmnd, doir.-baronpss, Clenii'iitinii, 

dr. of 10 baron Willoughby il'Ereibv 

b. 1809; m. 1. baron Arelauii. 

botoncsa Willoughby d'Emby in hm 

OnmttkiiTpt, BaHme, Lineolnthire ; 

Vrummani Cattk, Critff; 4 " ' 

Avonmor*. 4 rise. (ISOfl). Williaiu 

ChartM TelTerton; b. 1824 

1657, Tereaa, dr. of J. Longworth. 

Smedloy. Lancashin? (tl " ' " '" 

ubich vol derided agnini 

of lord« in 1864); i. in l&SS, dr. of 

major-gen. rir Cliarlm Aihworth, k.c.b., 

■od widow of profeiBor Edviuil Forbes, 

r.H.a., ii.C.L,, of thp univEniitj of 

BdinbuTEh: aert-ed in Iha Orunea. 

Imiifht of the Medjidie, ei-nwjoc roval 

Btllr Iile, Soterta, Tipptrary ; Sazle 

Sari, 3(a^. 
ATOHiSDre, dow.-viaconntcM. C!er,iliii, 
dr. of Charlca 0' Eeefe, lloHybrook Park, 
Dublin; m. 3 vise. Avonmore. 

Awdry, uir Jo)in Wither, D.e.L., s. of 
jDhuAwdn-.NnttonllouM^b. lTDS:ni. 
1. pousin, dr. of rev*. Jeremiah Awdry, 
Felnod. Ebhx; 2. FninceB Ellm. dr. of 
rt. rev. bp. Carr. of Bombay : m.a.Oxoo., 
failed to the iHir at the middle temtde 
1822, puimc judKc at Bombay 1830, 
rbief juibcB of the suprems eooA In 
liombav 1839-11, dep.-Iieul. of Wilta, 
cbainniin of ^'ilts quarter h«. 1848-66. 
I'»irertily; A'otloa Maaat, Chippat- 

A7en,sir Henry, tCH-r,. : chief lerra- 
tar}' of South Auatralia 1863-65, 1867-68. 
Adrtaiik, Saiilh Auilralia, 


■be rapture of Aden 1839, retired on full 
pay as col. commaodaut, 
Aylsalord, 7 eurl of (1714). Tleneaffs 
Fini'h; b. lUO; m. dr. of col. Peara 
Williima. Crag-y-don. Uangor: 2nd tit. 
baron Guemaey ; dep.-lieut.otW'arwick- 
ihilV, I'apl. Varwickiliire leomaliry froni 

CarltuH; FofiiHglim Hall, Ceimilrff; 
AyltKford, Uaiiiatoiu; Laagt SbM, 
NiipSmd Slrwl, W. 
Aylmar, 7baron{1718|. Uriolrhns Ayl- 
mer; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of Edwanl Jour- 
neam, Melbourne, lluebec; lieut.'i'ol. 
54 " ttichmond " bnllulion of Canadian 
infuntrt- militia from 1866. 
MrlSoame, Quebec, Canada. 
Aylmer, sir Geralil George, 9 bnrt. 
(1021) b. 1798: m. ttr. of col. nodgson, 
H.E.i.c.s. : ei-lieut, 1 dragoon guards, 
den.-lieut. of Kildare, 
Dimadea Caetle, Kilevck, KUdart. 
Aylmw, major-gen. Henry, ila., s. of 
-*'--' ' Jm Aylmer, Cwebce. hv at. 
Tbomai Pcaraon, K 

of Kcn. sir T: 

half-br. of Tbaron Avlmer; b. IBM: 
CharlnHe, dr. of John G»-atki ' 
Behan, Cornwall : reliivd on fuL 


Aylmer, hon. Frederick Whitwortb, a. 
of 7 baron Aylmer; b. 1860: ensign in 
the "Hiehmoud" comi>nny of il bat- 
talion of Canadian militia from 1871. 

AyliDBT, hon. Henry, bro. of 7 baron 
Aylmer; b. IHIG; m. dr. of Henry 
Alkiua, Cork. 

Aylmer. hon. Henry, s. of 7 baron 
'-'jiier; b. 1843; m. dr. of Uenry A^pin- 



wall Howe, LL.D., Sise Carroll, Mon- 
treal: ex-lieut. royal marine artillery^ 
capt. ** Bichmond company of 54 bat- 
talion of Canadian militia fiitim 1869. 
Sherbrooke, Canada. 

Ajlmer, hon. Matthew, eld. s. of 7 
baron Aylmer; b. 1842: ex-lieut. 7 ft. 

Aylmer, hon. Mrs. Isabella, dr. of 7 
baron Aylmer; b. 1845; m. cousin Henry 
Lowell Aylmer (s. of major-£:en. Henry 
A^'lmcr, K.A.), D. 1848. 

Ayrton, rt. hon. Acton Smee, p.c, s. 
of Frederick Ayrton, Bombay; b. 1816: 
called to the tmr at the middile temple 
1853, M.p. (L.) Tower Hamleto 1857-74, 
financial secretary to the treasury 
1868-69, commissioner of works and 
buildings 1869-73, judge adroeate-gen. 



T*""|;t", lieuL-gen. David ; servMl : 
vitk the Gocmuoor field force in 1S37. 
Blp4rv infui&y. | 

BkUngtos, msAoT-gea. WiUkin Knox : 
HTved with t£e Goomwnr field foicc in 
IBU7, and in the Indinn mutiny cun- 
paign. MidisB infitntry. 

Buk, eJmiral air (n'orge, - - " ~ " ■ 

-B«cli, Stockport; b. 1796; m. ' 

dr. {dA of Anthonj' Humnond, SaTile 
AoT, London: s«ompimied air John 
Ftauklin on two different ToyKgc* of 
diacoTery in the Arctii: rc^iu in 1333 
and 1B36, conunanded in 1880 the " Ter- 
ror" on a Toyage to the Frozen itraiU. 

UHittdServijx: lOS Gloueeitrr J-imx, 
J^rlmaH Square, W. | 

BmUwub, EdmoDil, b. of J. Church 

BackhouK, Blackball, UarlinEtoD; b. 
\«H: m. Juliet, dr. of Chorln Foi, 
Trtbih, Frimouth: a magiitrate for 
Durham and for the noru riding of 
Torkahire, a banker at Darlington, M.F. , 
(l.) Uarluigton boia 1868. I 

Bmki, Be/orm: Middltim Lodgt, 
Sithmoiid, i'ortsAire. 
Bacon, rice-chfucellor sir JameB, b. of 
Jamea Bacon, barriiter; b. 1798; m. dr. 
U.) of WilUam Cook, Enfield, Hiddle- 
tei: caUedtothobarKCGray'aimil827, 
uecn'i counael 1(M6, commiadoner in 
■nkruptcy for the London dlBtrict lB60-> 
oil, chief judge in bankruptiiy from 1869, 
> Tice-chancellor, retainiuj hia prarious 
office J600(K.) from 1870. 

1 KmtiHftoyi Oardnit TerraBi,Sydt 
Ftrk, W.; Manor Mmte, CviKpton 

m^or-gen. Frederick Heniy, 
179(i: retired on full pay as coL 
BaggklUy, sir Richard, <i.c., a. of 

Itictiard liaggallay, Kingthorpe Houbs, 
Upper Tootmg, Surrey; b. 1816; m. 
Mariimac dr. of Henrj- C. Lacjj With, 
deane Jlall, Suaecx, H.r. : k.a. Cantab., 
called to the bar at Lincoln') inn 1S<^ 

iueen'scounael 1881, Bolicitor-jeneral ill 
868, attorney -general from 1874, a ma. 
giatrale for Surrey and for Hcrefoidthiio, 

isel to the univcnnty of Can 
d Surrey b 



TkaHoek Halt, Oaiiuioromh, Lin- 
tohukin; Eaeetiingham SaU, toddan, 
Bmob, lady Charlotte, dr. of G earl of 
OxToni (extinct); b. 1801; m. general 
Anliiony Bacon, k.t.b. jd.), commanding 
the cavalry in the Portugueae aervice : 
it mi to her that B}Ton dedicated his 
"Childe Harold." 

), K.r. (c.) Hereford 18(u- 
ly from 1870. 
CarUen; 66 Qua,-.', Gate, South 
KiiHiHplOH, S.W.; 10 Old Sqaart, 
Liiuxin't Inn, IF.C. 
B»gg», air William, 1 bitrt. (1867). a. cS 
iWnaa Philip llagge, Btradiett EaU. 
Norfolk; b. 1810; m. Francei, dr. of air 
Thomaa Preston, 1 bait. : m.a. Oxon., a 
magietrate anddep.-lieut- of Norfolk , u. p. 
{c.)wo«lNorfolki837-fi7,aad from 1865. 
CarlioH; Slradielt Hall, Market 
B*gat,3baroii(lSG0). WUIiam Bagot ; 
b. 181 1 : m. dr. of baron Dover, and lu. of 
^■iac. Clifdcn : u.r. (c.) Uenbyahire 1836- 
fi2,a lord in waiting to the queen 1866-68, 
lieut.-cot. Btaflbrdnhire yeomanry 1851- 
64, lieuC.-co]. cammandont from 1864. 

Carlton; Blilhfleld Houie, RugeUu ; 
Fool Park, Riithm, Denbighthin. 
BagDt, hon. Alfred Walter, a, of 2 baron 
Bagot; b, 1816: ci-capt. 3 Stafibrdihire 

BlitkJIeld Ball, Sufelry. 

Bkgot, hoD. and rev. Henry Charles, a. 
of 2 baron Bogot* b. 1812; m. dr. of 
Thomas Uieken, Barton -under -Need- 
wood ; ex-fellow of AU Soula, Oxford, 
rector of Blilhfitid, Bugeley (430<.). 

Bwot, hon. Walter Lewis, B. of barau 
Sagot;b. 1884. 

Bagot, hon. WiUiom, eld. s. of 3 baron 
Bagot ; b. 1367. 

Bagot, hon. Elcauoi, dr. of 2 boron 
' Bagot;b. 1814. 



Bagot, hon. Louisa, b. 1853 ; hon. Ka- 
therinc, b. 1859 ; hon. Elizabeth, b. 1861 ; 
hon. Constance, b. I860, drs. of 3 baron 

Bagot, hon. mrs. Catlierine, sis. of 6 
^Bc. Fahnouth; b. 1817; m. rev. Le^\'i« 
Francis Bagot (a. of hon. and rt. rev. 
bp. Bagot of Bath), formerly rector of 
Leigh. Staffordshire. 

50 Treauntcr JtoatI, South Kamng- 
tou, S.lP. 

Bagot, vice-adm. Henry, ». of bp. Ba- 
got of Bath; b. 1810; in. 1. dr. of rt. hon. 
sir Charles Bagot ; 2. dr. of E. Saeheve- 
rell- Pole, of Radboume, Derby : present at 
the battle of Navarino, acted as secretar}' 
to his uncle, sir Charles Bagot, o.c.n., 
govenior-gen. of Canada in 1843, a ma- 
gistrate for Staffonlshire. 
Brocton Villa, Batuvich, Stafford. 

Bagwell, hon. mrs. Elizalx'th, dr. of 3 
baron Dunalley; b. 1814; m. John Bag- 
well (nephew of rt. hon. col. Bagwell, 
M.P.), dep.-licut. Tipnerarj' and high 
sheriff in 1834, a lord of the treasury 
1859-61, M.p. (L.) Clonmel 1857-74. 

Reform ; Kitdare Street Club, Dublin ; 
Marjjieldy Cloumel, Tipperary ; 10 
Fork Plaee, St. James's, S. W. 

Baigree, coL Robert, c.b. : honorary 
aide-de-camp to governor-general of 
India, ser\e<l in the Punjab, in the 
Crimea and in Central India, assistant- 
quartemiaster-general in the Abyssinian 
campaign 1867. Bombay staff corps. 

Bailey, sir Joseph Russell, 2bart. (1852) ; 
b. 1840; ni. dr. of Henr}- Lucas, m.d.. 
Glen vrafon, Brecon : dep.-lieut. Brecon 
and IUdnor8hire,high sheriff of Radnor- 
shire in 1864, M.P. (c.) Herefordshire 
from 1865. 

Carlton; GlanuskParky Criekhotrell; 
Easton Court, Tenbunj; Hay Castle, 

Bailey, James, c.b. : ex-assistant-com- 
missar^'-general, son-ed in the Kaffir 
war 1651-53, in the Crimea, in north 
China and in New Zealand. 

Bailey, do w. -lady. Mary, dr. of J. Hop- 

Jer, Witton Castle, Durhiuu; m. su: 
oseph Bailey, 1 bart. 
2'o Belgrave Square; Glamoye Park, 
Baillie, rt. hon. Henry James, b. 1804; 
m. 1. dr. of 6 vise. Strangford ; 2. dr. of 
G. Rush, Elsenham Hall, Essex: under- | 

sec. of state for India 1858-59, m.p. In- 
verness-shire 1840-68. 

Carlton; Bedeastle,Killearfian, Boss; 
Letterjinlay, Inverness; 5 Upper Bel" 
grave Street^ Belgravc Square. 

BaiUie, sir William, 2 bart. (1823) ; b. 
1816; m. dr. of Stair H. Stewart, Phj-s- 
gill, Wigton : m. a. Oxon., dep.-lieut. Lm- 
uthgowshire, capt. Midlothian yeomanry 
1852-72, M.P. Lmlithgowshire 1845-47. 
Polkomnu't, If hit burn, Linlithgow* 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. and rev. Arthur 
Chailes, s. of 10 earl of Haddington ; b. 
1838 ; m. dr. of sir David Baird, 2 bart.: 
M.A. Durham, war from 1865 of Ridge* 
mount, Woburn, Beds (220/.). 

BaiUie, hon. Charles ; vide Jerviswoode. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Henry, s. of 10 
earl of Haddington; b. 1832; m. dr. of 5 
baron Polwarth : knight of the Medjidie, 
ex -commander royal navy. 

Lennel House, Coldstream, Hadding* 
tonsh ire. 

Baillie-Arden, hon. Henry, s. of 11 earl 
of Haddington; b. 1862. 

Baillie, hon. and rev. John, bro. of 10 
earl of Haddington; b. 1810; m. dr. -of 
rev. Cliarles Hawkins: canon of York 
(700/.),rector from lSoio{£ldon,Xorth' 
umberland (860/.). 

Baillie-Arden, hon. Richard, s. of 11 

earl of Haddington ; b. 1858. 
Baillie, maj. hon. Robert, bro. of 10 

earl of Haddington ; b. 1807. 
Dryburgh Abbey, St. Boswelfs, 

BaiUie-Hamilton, maj. hon. Robert, 8. 
of 10 earl of Haddington; b. 1828; m. dr. 
of sir John Pringle, bart. : aide-de-camp 
to general Spencer in the Crimea, ex- 
maj. 44 ft., dep.-lieut. Benftickshire, 
M.p. (c.) BerwicKshire from 1874. 

Carlton, United Service; Langton^ 

BaiUie, adm. hon. Thomas, bro. of 10 
earl of Haddington; b. 1811; at th» 
battle of Navarino, and from 1845 to 
1847 was stationed on the Columbia 
during the Oregon boundary dispute. 
Dryburgh Abbey, St. Boawelt'a. 

BaiUie-Arden, lady Ruth, b. 1855 ; lady 

Grizel,b. 1861; lady Cicely, b. 1868, dr». 

of 1 1 earl of Haddington. 
BaiUie, lady Grizel, sis. of 10 earl of 

Haddington ; b. 1822. 
BaiUie-Handlton, lady Frances, dr. of 

10 earl of Haddington; b. 1829. 



Baillie, lady Frances, dr. of 7 earl of 
£l£:m; b. 1831; m. Evan P. Montafi:u 
SSllie (eld. b. of Eran BailUe, of Doch- 
four); b. 1824; dep.-lieut. for Inverness- 
shire, secretary of Ix^gation at Rio de 
Janeiro 1859-61, at Stuttgrardt 1861-71, 
cluu^ d*affiiire8 at Carbruhc and Darm- 
stadt, 1871-73. She is lady of the bed- 
chamber to the duchess of Edinburgh 
finom 1874. 

Btillie, lady Georgina, dr. of 5 duke of 
Manchester; b. 1803; ra. Evan Baillie 
(s. of Peter Baillie, m.p.), b. 1798, dep.- 
Ueut. for Invemesa-sliire. 
Carlton; DochfoWy Invemesn. 

Btillie, lady Thcodosia, dr. of 3 earl of 
Carysfort; b. 183:); m. William Baillie 
(2na 8. of Evan Baillie, of Dochfour) , dep . - 
ueut. Gloucestershire and high sheriff' of 
Bristol 1860. 
DoehfouTy Inverness. 

Baillie, dow.-lady. Mary, dr. of J. Dc- 
ninstoun, Colgrain; m. sir Wm. Baillie, 
1 bart. of Polkommet. 

Bainbriggo, lieu t. -gen. John Hankey, 
bro. of general sir Philip Bainbrigge, 
K.C.B.; D. 1791; m. Sophia QJO» dr. of 
Bonamy Dobree : served m the Peninsula, 
and on the Walcheren expedition. 

Bainbrigge, maj. -gen. Philij) John, R.£., 
s. of general sir Philip Bainbrigge, k . c. b. , 
col. 20 ft., by dr. of Peter Dobree, Beau- 
regard, Jersey; b. 1817; m. Margaret, 
dr. of maj. -gen. Puterson, royal artillery : 
retired on fUll piy as lieut.-col. 

Vanbrugh Park Hoad^ Blackheathy 

Baird, maj. sir David, 3 bart (1809) ; b. 
1832; m. hon. Ellen, dr. of 12 baron 
Slant \Te: 8er>'e<l in 74 ft. in the Kaffir 
war 1851 -52, in the Indian mutiny on lord 
Clyde's staff, e.\-capt. 98 ft., dep.-lieut. 
Haddingtonshire, maj. London Scottish 
rifle volunteers 1860-f 3. 

Army and Kari/ ; Xewhifth Mouse, 
Haddittgton ; 41 liirlcehy /Square, 

Baird, sir James Gardiner, 7 bart (1695) ; 
b. 1813; m. dr. of John Wauchope, of 
Edmoniftone : cx-capt. 10 light dragoons, 
rapt. Midlothian yeomanry 1847-63, 
lieut.-eol. Midlothiim artillcr}' volun- 
teers from 1860. 
Ineh House f Liberton, FAiinburgh. 

Baird, lady Anne, dr. of 1 mart^. of AiLsa ; 
b. 1800; m. capt. sir DaWd B(ui-d, 2 bart. 
76 Eaton Sqttare, 

Baird, dow.-lady. Cornelia, dr. of W» 
Moir, New Grove, ni. col. sii* James 
Gardiner Baird, 6 bart. 
Baker, sir 'Edward, 2 bart. (1802) ; b. 
1806: dep.-lieut. Dorset. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; Banston^ 
"Blandfordy Dorset. 
Baker, sir George, 3 hart. (1776); b. 
1816; m. 1. dr. of It N. Sutton; 2. dr. 
of sir R. Fitzwygram, 2 bart. : m.a. Oxon. 
Carlton; 4 'J{gdc Park Square ; Lo- 
ventor, Totness^ Devon. 
Baker, rev. sir Henry Williams, 3 bart. 
(1796); b. 1821: b.a. Cantab., \Ticar of 
Monkland, Hereford (250/.), from 1851. 
Monk/a mi J J^oniinstn' ; Dunstable 
House, Richmond, Sunrg. 

Baker, sir Samuel AVhite, f.r.o.8., s. 
of K. Baker, Thomgrove, Worcester; b. 
1821 ; m. 1. dr. of rev. C. Martin; 2. dr. 
of Finian von Siiss: hon. m.a. Cantab., 
distinguished as an African traveller 
and the discoverer of the Albert N'Yanza, 
knight of the Mediidie, and of the Os- 
manlie order, liede lecturer at Cambridge 
university for 1874. 

Athen'aum : Medcnham Hall. Nor- 

Baker, lient. -g^n. sir William Erskine, 
K.E.. K.C.B., s. of capt. Joseph Baker, 
royal navy; b. 1809; lu. dr. of maj. -gen. 
A. Duncan: ex-sccrctary to the govern- 
ment of India in the public works de- 
partment, militar}' secretarj' at the India 
office 18.38-61, member of council of 
India from 1861, col.-commandant royal 
engineere from 1871. 

United Scrr ire ; Morden Park, Hit' 
eham ; India OJice. 

Baker, Thomas Palmer, n.x., f.r.o.8., 
c.B. : ex-chief inspei'tor of machinery 
under the admiralty, and late chief 
engineer in the dockyard at Chatham. 
JVickham Terrace, Xew Cross, S.E. 

Baker, vice-adin. James Vaslion ; b. 
1798 : sen'wl on the North American, 
AVest India and Meditemuiean station.^, 
employed in the naval coast volunteer 
sendee 1853-57. 

Baker, lieut.-col. Thomas Durand, c.B. : 
served in the Crimea and in India, in 
New Zealand as dep.-assistant-adj.-gen. 
1864-66, assistant-adj. and quarter- 
master-gen. on the Gold Coast, 1870-74 
lieut.-col. 18 ft., dcp.-aasistant-quarter- 
master-gen. at headquarters from 1874. 
War Office. 



Baker, lady. dr. of alderman Morrisson, 
Dublin ; m. aldennan sir Richard Baker 
(</.), sheriff of Dublin in 1833. 

11 Datcaon Streetj Dublin; Mount 
£rrolif Donnybrook, Dttbiin, 

Balden, licut.-gen. Charles William 
Morlev, c.B., b. of C. M. Balders, Ba- 
Bham ![Iall, Norfolk; b. 1805; m. cousin 
lady Katherine, dr. of ^isc. Ennisinore : 
commanded 3 light dragoons in the battles 
of I^loodkecand Feroozeshah, col. 17 lane. 
United Service; Basham Hall, Norfolk. 

Balden, lady Katherine ; i-t(2clieut.-gcn. 

Balfour, of Bnrleigh, 6 baron (1606). 
Alexander Hugh Bruce ; b. 1849: m.a. 
and 8.C.L. Oxon., ex-lieut. Ayrshire 
militia, capt. Highland borderers light 
infantry nulitia from 1872. 

Kennet House, Clackmannan; Blair- 
logic, Perth, 

Balfour, lieiit.-gen. sir George, B.A., 
K.C.B., 8. of capt. George Balfour, K.N., 
Montrose; b. 1809; m. dr. of Joseph 
Hume, M.P. : brigade-maj. of artiller}' 
at Madras 1^39-42, consul at Shanghae 
1843-46, inspector-gen. of onlnancc at 
Madras 1857-59, president of the finance 
commission of India 1860-62, assistant 
to comptroller-gen. of the war office 
from 1868, M.r. (l.) Kincardineshire 
from 1872. 

Oriental^ Afhcnaum; 6 Cleveland 
Gardens, JFestbounie Terrace, 

Balfour, Arthur James, s. of J. M. and 
lady Blanche Balfour; b. 1848: m.a. 
Cantab., dep.-lieut. Haddingtonshire, 
capt. east Lothiun and BenK4ck militia, 
M.r. (c.) Hertford from 1874. 

Whittinghame, Haddington; 4 Carl- 
ton Gardens, S. TV. 

Balfour, lady Georgina, dr. of earl of 
Cawdor; b. 1820; m. John Balfour (s. of 
general Balfour), b. 1811, ex-heut. 
grenadier guards, dep-lieut. of Fife, 
hon. col. FiJfe artillery militia from 1856. 
Balbimie, Fife; 46, Belgrade Square. 

Balinhard, baix)n ; vidn Southesk. 

BaU, rt. hon. John Thomas, ll. d. (Dub. ), 
D.c.L. (Oxon.), p.c. (Irel.), s. of maj. 
Benjamin Ball, 40 ft.; b. 1815; m. dr. of 
rev. Charles Elrington, professor of di- 
\*inity in Dublin university: M.A.Dublin, 
called to the Irish bar* 1840, queen's 
counsel 1854, solicitor-gen. 1868, at- 
torney-gen. in 1868, and from 1874, 

vicar-gen. of Armagh, m.p. (c.) Dublin 
university from 1868. 

Carlton ; 3 Merrion Square, Dublin; 
Kildare Street Club, Dublin ; Merton, 
St. Doulough's, Dublin. 

BaU, general Thomas Gerrard: served 
in the Peninsula, col. 8 ft. from 1861. 
Stanley Place, Chester. 
Ball, hon. mrs. Juliana, dr. of 1 vise. 
Guillamore; m. maj. AVilliam Hawkins 
Ball {d.), dep.-lieut. of Clare, and high 
sheriff in 1850. 

Fort Fergus^ Funis, Clare, 
BaU, dow.-lady. Louisa, dr. of capt. 
Yeats, roval navy ; m. sir Wm. Keith 
Ball, 2 bart. 
Blofield, Norfolk. 

BaUard, col. John Archibald, r.e., c.B., 
b. 1830 ; m. dr. of Robert Moncrieff, 
Fossaway, Perth : assistaut-quartermas- 
ter-gen. in the Persian campaign 1856- 
57, and of the Rajpootaua field force 
during the Indian mutiny, mint master 
at Bombay 1869-74. 

Balmain, maj. -gen. James John, B.A.: 
sen'ed in the Coorg campaign 1834, 
commanded the artiller}- at the capture 
of Nunchair, Hyderabad, at Bai Milun 
1850, and at the siege of Daroor 1851, 
retired on full pay of col. royal Madras 

Baliton, archdeacon Edwanl, s. of W, 
Balston, Springfield, Kent : d.d. Cantab., 
fellow of Eton college, archdeacon of 
Derby fix)m 1873, vicar, from 1869, of 
Bakcwell, Derbyshire. 

Bamfylde, hon. Chai-les "Warwick, s. of 

2 baron Poltimore ; b. 1867. 
Bamfyide, hon. Copleston Bichard, eld. 

8. of 2 baron Poltnnore ; b. 1859. 
Bamfylde, hon. Marcia, d. of 2 baron 

Poltimore ;b. 1861. 

Bandini, hon. Charles, eld. s. of vise. 
Kj-nnaird; b. 1862. 

Bandini, hon. Elena, b. 1855 ; hon. 
Nicoletta, b. 1863 ; hon. Maria, b. 
1866; hon. Isabella, b. 1867; hon. 
Maria Teresa, b. 18G9, drs. of lisc. 

§tBandon, 3 earl of (1800). Francis Ber- 
nard, D.c.L. ; b. 1810 ; m. dr. (d.), of T. 
. Whitmore, Apley Park, Salop ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Bernard: dep.-lieut. Cork, 
M.r. Bandon 1842-56, non. col. Cork 
artiller}' city militia from 1846. 

Carlton; Castle Bernard, Bandon, 
Durras Castle, Bantry, Cork. 


Itagor.dow.-viscoimtfss. Harriet,!), of 
6 vise. Funham ; b. 1806 ; m. I. the 3 
viic. Bangor ; 2. major Andrew Nugent 
C». of Andrew Nugent, of Portafcrry), 
ex 36 ft., dep.-lieut.of I>own,)iiul hi£h 
iheriffin 1867. 

United 8ervirf;Sael:cUU:Striet Club, 
Dublin; StraHSford, Dawn. 

£tBuicor,tTi3c(1731). Edward Wird; 
born 1827 : dep.-lkut. Down. 

Carliou; CattU Ward, Stranj/ord, 

Btogor, 70 l)]). of (516). James Colqu- 
houn Cunplwll, D.D., ■. of John Camp- 
bell. Stouefield; b. 1813 ; m. d. (d.), of 
J. Bruce Prj'cc, Duffiyn, Glamorgan : 
M.A. CanUb., rector of Merthj-r Tydvil 
bp. of Bangor ('1,200{.) from 18iS. 
AtitiKeiiiii ; Falaet, Bangor. 
Basgor, dean of ; ride J. V. Vincent. 
Bugor, archdeocoQ of ; vide J. W. Jonea. 
Bukaa, hon. inrs, Lolafe Letitia, dr. 
of 1 buvu Vivian ; b. iSii ; m. Henry 
Hvde Nugent Banki (■. of rt. ban. 
George Iknka, H.r.), b. 182B, h.a. 
Cantab., called to the bar 1864. 

Studland ifaitor, Doriel; Chaiitrty 
Heiut, Eccltilon SIrat, S. W. 
BuikM, hon. Mrs. JIaria, sister of S 
banm Dyncvor; b. 1813; m. rev. £d- 
itard Baukea {rl^, I'uion uf Gloucester, 
bro. of rt. hon. George Banker, M.f. 
Sliy Villa, Utpiaaaih. 
BumanuB, air Alexandi-r, bart. 
(1682) ; b. ia'23 : m, 1. dr. of 6 earl de 
la WarT;2. dr. of eurl of Aalibumbam : 
Tirc-lieut. Aberdceuahirc from 1866, 
dep.-liout. Kincardineabire, h.a. Can- 
tab, attuhf at Florence 1»M-47. 

TrattUtTt' j Crinonmofalt, Lonnay, 

AbrrdtTH ; ijlirt, KiHtaidine ; 

rr Plaet, 

s. ofs 


M.A. Cantab., Hnancial •ecretar)- to (be 
war office 1871-74, M.P. (L.) Stirling 
from 1868. 

Rtform, Oxford and Cambridgt ; 
Geaningt Park, ilaidilom. 

Buiaeniiui, lady Katherine ; vide sir 
AJex. Bannennan. 

Bannanuui, Udy. Mary, dr. of Guthrie 
Gordon; m. air Aleiander Banoermon, 
k.p. ((f.), provost of Aberdeen. 

5tBmiiti7,3carlor(1818). Wm. Hemy 
Hedges White ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. of rt. 
hon. H. Herbert, Uuckroaa Abbey ; 
'2ni tit. viae. Berobavon : dep.-lIeuL 
Cork and high iheriff in 1818, lieut.-coL 
west Cork artillery militia 18M-70. 

Carllo,,; Ilantry Hoi.u, Cork; 38 
Loicndrt Square, S. IF. 

Barbkdoi, 4 bp. of (1824). John 
Uitchinson, d.c.l., d.d. ; b. 1833: 
headmaster of King's Srhool, Canter- 
hiuj-, 18o9-73, lelcut preacher at Oi- 
ford univcnrity in 1873, ban. canon of 
CantcrbuT}' cathedral, bp. of Barbsjlai 
C^SOW.) from 1873. 
Biikop't Court, Barbado: 

Barber, ladv Millicent, dr. of 1 earl of < 
Goaford; b. 1790; m. rev. J. Hurt 

tS Montagu Square, W. 

Bkrber, m^or-gen. Frederick Charlei i 
formerly in the Madras army. 

Banhard, col Henry, c.b, ; m. Ann, 
dr. of J. Siddsll, royal horse guards : 
■erred in the Punjab campaign, and in 
the Indian mutiny, aquadron -"■--- " 
Bengal cavalr}' &om 18(U, . 

Barolay, hit David William, 10 bart. 

(1668), b. 1804; m. dr. (rf.) of C. 

ilalo, marq. do Hune, TV'oisy, Picardy : 

ei-capt.eO n.,mcmbororthelegiaUtiTe 

council of Mauritius 1846. 

Coiuenntitr ; I'ort Loni>,MBUrititu ; 

42 HoUand Road, Knuingloi,, W. 
BiTolay, Alexander Charles, a. of D. 

Barclay, Easta-ick Park, Leatherlead; 

b, 1823: H.A. Canlab., h.f. (l.) 

Taunton from I860. 
Brookt', Boodle'i; 26 BoUon Street, 

PiccadiUg ; Serapteft Had, Leieeitcr. 
Banlaj, James William, a. of 0. Bar- 

elav, Culti, Abenleen ; b. 1832 ; m. dr. 

(d.) of J. Bmith, Strathdon, Aberdeen- 
shire : M.A. Aberdeen, a merchant in 

Aberdeen, h.p. (l.) Forfarshire bom 

60 Dee Street, Aberdaii. 
Bardin, George Gregory, r.n'., c.b.: 

■erred in South America nnd at the 

Cape of Good Hope, chief iiupcctor of 

machinery afloat. 
The Admiraltt/. 
Bardtlaj, sir James Lomax, m.d., 

r.B.C.B. ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. (rf.) of lieut. 

Brant, a.N. : dep. -lieut. Lancashire, 



senior consulting physician to the Man- 
chester Royal Infirmary. 

8 Chatham Street^ Manchester ; The 
Orchard^ Greenhei/Sy Manchester. 

Baring, bp. ; vide Durham. 

Baring, hon. Alexander, s. of 4 baron 

Ashburton ; b. 1869. 
Baring, hon. Francis Denzil, eld. s. of 

4 baron Ashburton ; b. 1860. 
Baring, hon. Francis George, eld. s. of 

2 baron Northbrook ; b. 1850 : lieut. 

rifle brigade. 

Baring, hon. Francis Henry, s. of 1 

baron Northbrook ; b. 1850 : b.a. Oxon. 

Baring, hon. Frederick Arthur, s. of 

4 baron Ashburton; b. 1867. 

* Banng, hon. Louisa, b. 1807, dr. of 

1 baron Ashburton. 

23 Prince's GatcJIyde Park South; 
Wcsthillj Farehamy Hants, 

Baring, hon. Mary Florence, dr. of 2 
baron Ashburton ; b. 1860. 

Baring, hon. Hannah, b. 1830 ; hon. 
Alice, b. 1833, di-s. of 1 baron North- 

Baring, hon. Jane, dr. of 2 baron North- 
brook ; b. 1853. 

Baring, hon. nirs. Frederick, dr. of 
John Ashton, The Grange, Cheshire; m. 
hon. and rev. Frederick Baring (rf.), s. 
of 1 baron Ashburton. 

9 Grosvenor Crescent^ Bclgrare Sq. 

Baring, Thomas Charles, s. of hon. and 
right rev. bp. Baring, of Durham ; b. 
1831 ; m. dr. of R. B. Mintum, New 
York: m.a. Oxon., m.p. (c.) Essex south 
from 1874. 
High Beechy Essex. 

Barker, bp. ; vide Sydney. 

Barker, lady Catherine, dr. of 1 carl 
of Ducie ; b. 1815 ; m. John Raymond 
Barker, b. 1801, dcp.-lieut. of Glou- 
cestershire, and high sherifl' in 1853. 
Fairford Parky Gloucester. 

Barker, lady. Marj', dr. of Walter 
Stewart, secretar}* of Jamaica ; m. 1. col. 
sir Georee Barker, k.c.b. ; 2. Frederick 
Napier Broome, Canterbury, New Zea- 
land : she has written several works, and 
is editor of " Evening Hoiu».*' 

22 Thurloe Square^ South Kcfisinff- 

Barkly, sir Henry, o.c.m.o., k.c.b.; 
b. 1815 ; m. 1. dr. of J. F. Timins; 2. 
dr. of major-gen. sir T. Simson Pratt : 
M.p. Leominster 1845-49, governor of 

British Guiana 1849, of Jamaica 1853t 
of Victoria 1856, of Mauritius 1803, of 
the Cape 1870. 

Windhaniy Carlton. 

Barlow, sir Morrison, 3 hart. (1803) 
b. 1835 : ex.-capt. 88 ft., capt. 9 

Barlow, Geor^ Nelson, c. s. i. : entered 
the Bengal civil service 1855, magistrate 
and collector at MonghjT, Bengal. 

Barlow, gen. Maurice, c.b. : commanded 
a brigade at the fall of Sebastopol, 
knight of the legion of honour, and of 
the Medjidie, col. 14 ft. from 1870. 

Barnard, major-gen. Charles Loudon, 
R.M., C.B., s. of adm. E. Barnard ; b. 
1823 ; m. dr. of cnpt. Edwards, r.n. : 
served in Sma in the royal navy, and 
in north China fis semor officer of 
marines at the surrender of Pekin in 
1860, ex-col. second commandant royal 
marine artillerj'. 

Barnard, lieut. John Henry, cm. a f 
served in the Ilazara campaign in 1868, 
and on the Yolta expedition in Ashanteo 
in 1874 under Sir John Glover, lieut. 
19 ft. 

Barnard, lady. dr. of col. James C. 
Craufurd; m. major-gen. sir Ilcnry Bar- 
nard, K.C.B. (rf.), chief of the staff iu 
the Crimea under gen. Simpson, s. of 
rev. W. Barnard, ll.d.. Water Strat- 
ford, Bucks. 
liampton Court Palace^ S. W. 

Bamardiiton, lady Florence, dr. of 
4 earl of Dartmouth ; b. 1838; m. 
Nathaniel' Bamardiston, b. 1832, ex» 

27 ft. 
RijeSy Stidburi/f Suffolk. 

Bame, lady Constance, dr. of 5 marn. 
of Hertford ; b. 1852 ; m. col. Fredericic 
St. John Bame, capt. fusilier guarda 
(eld. 8. of Frederick Bame, of Sotterly 
Park, Wrayford, Suffolk). 

Sotterly Hall, Wangford ; Grey^ 
friarsy Dunwichy Suffolk. 

Bamett, hon. mrs. Augusta, dr. of 1 
baron Ormathwaite; b. 1833 ; m. Charle* 
Edward Bamett. 

Bamett, vice-adm. Edward, b. 1798 : 
in 1840, while in command of the 
Thunder, he received a vote of thank» 
from the legislature of the Bahamas 
and from the merchants of St. Thomas, 
for services rendered to those islands, a 
magistrate for Middlesex. 
14 IVoburn Squarcy IK.C. 



Bamewall, sir Eoginald Aylmcr, 8 
bart. (1622) ; b. ISS. 
Grrenanstowytf Meath. 

Barnstaple, archdeacon of (Ex.) ; vide 
H. Woollcombe. 

Barr, Edward Frederick, c.m.g. 

Barr, major-gen. Henry James : served 
in the Persian expeditionary force 
1856-57. Bombay staff corps. 

Barr, major-gen. William, ii.A. : served 
at the forcing: of the Khyber pass 1839, 
and in the Sutlcj, and in the Pimjab 
campaig^ns, retire<l on full |)ay as col. 
royal Bengal artiller}'. 

Middle GrnHj Lanjlcy Maritihy 

Barrett, major-gen. John. Bengal in- 

Barnngton, 7 vise. (1720). George 
William Barrinjrton, p.c. ; b. 1824; m. 
dr. of J. Morritt, Rokeby Hall, York- 
shire: dep.-licut. Berks, private sec. to 
earl of Derby, premier, 1866-68. ex.- 
heut. Wilts yeomanry, m.p. (c.) Eye 
ftvm 1866, vice-chamberlain of tne 
household from 1874. 

Carlton ; Traveller^ ; Beckett House^ 
Berkt ; 19 Hertford Street, Mayfair. 

Barrin^n, sir Croker, 4 hart. (1831), 
b. 1817 ; m. dr. (d.) of John Beattie 
West, M.p. : ex-clerk of the crown for 
Limerick county. 

Glenstal^ Mttrroe, ZimericK' ; 10 £11/ 
Place, DubliH. 

Barrington, sir John, s. of Edward 
Barrington, Bray ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of 
Jonathan Pirn, Dublin : dep.-lieut. Dub- 
lin, lord mayor of Dublin 1865. 

BelvilU, Kingttown, Dublin ; Royal 
Iri»h Yacht Cltib, Dublin, 

Barrinfi^ton, dow.-viscountess. Jane, 
dr. of 1 baron Kavensworth ; b. 1804; m. 
6 vise. Barringrton : she was for some 
yean a lady of the bedchamber to the 
late Queen. 

20 Cavendish Square; Beckett House, 
Skrirenkatn, Berks. 

Barriagten, hon. Bernard Eric, s. of 
6 vise. Barrington; b. 1847; private sec. 
to the under-sec. for foreign affairs (A. 
J. Otway and vise. Enfield) 1869-74. 

St. Jaineits; Foreign Office; 20 
Cavendish Square. 

Barrington, hon. Henry Frederick, s. 
of 5 yiec. Barrington ; h. 1808 ; m. dr. 

of col. Wright Knox : called to the bar 
at Lincoln's Inn 1835. 
Oxford attd Cambridge. 

Barrington, hon. and rev. Lowther 
John, s. of 5 >'isc. Barrington ; b. 1805^ 
m. lady Catherine, dr. of 2 earl of 
Chichester : m.a. Oxon., hon. canon of 
Rot^hester, rector from 1850 of JVatton^ 
Herts (744/.) 

Barrington, liout.-col. hon. Percy, s. 
of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1825 ; m. dr. of 
Tully Higj^ns : dep.-lieut. of Oxford- 
shire, ex-capt. Scots fusilier guards, 
cx-capt. Oxfordshire militia, high she- 
riff of Bucks in 1864. 

Barrington, hon. William Augustus, 
s. of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1842 ; second 
sec. in the diplomatic service at Athens 
1870, where he was acting charge 
d'affaires in 1872, second sec. at Paris 
from 1873. 

Travellers*, St. James* s; 20 Ca- 
vendish Square, W. 

Barrington, hon. Augusta, dr. of 6 
>Tsc. Barrington ; b. 1836. 

Barrington, hon. Florence, dr. of 7 
vise. Barrington ; b. 1850. 

Barrington, lady Caroline, dr. of 2 earl 
Grey; b. 1804; m. capt. hon. George 
Barrington (rf.): a bedchamber woman to 
the Queen. 
Kensington Palace, W. 

Barrington, lady Catherine ; ride hon. 
and rev. Lowther Barrington. 

Barrington, dow. -lady. Elizabeth, dr. of 
Henry Dai-lev; m. sir William Hartigan 
Barrin^n, 2 bart. 

Barrogill, baron ; vide Caithness. 

Barron, sir Henry Page Turner, 2 bart. 
(1841); b. 1824: b.a., sec. to the em- 
bassy at Brussels from 1871. 

St. James's ; Barron Court, Water- 
ford ; Glenanna, Dungarvan. 

Barron, dow. -lady. Augusta Anne, dr. 
of lord Charles Somerset ; m. as his 
second wife, Sir Henry Winston Barron, 
1 bart., M.p. 

2 Halkin Street, Belgrave Square, 

Barrow, sir George, c.m.o., 2 bart. 
(1835} ; b. 1806; m. dr. of W. Pennell, 
consul-gen. in the Brazil, and niece and 
adopted dr. of rt. hon. J. Wilson Croker : 
chief clerk of the colonial office and 
registrar of the order of St. Michael and 
St. George 1870-72. 

Athmoium ; 24 Addison Road, Ken- 
sitigton, W. 



Barrow, coL Charles Malcolm, C.B.: 
served in Scinde, AffghanJBtan, Punjaub 
and Gwalior campaigns. Bombay staff 

Barrow, coL Joseph Lyon, R.A., c.b., 
b. 1810 ; m. dr. of col. McMaster : ex- 
inspector-gen. of ordnance and maga- 
zines, served in Kumool 1839, in 
the Chinese war 1840-43, and with 
Bundelcund field force 1857-58, retired 
on fiill pay as col. of royal Madras 

Barrow, m%jor-gen. Lousada, cb. : chief 
commissioner of Oude 1869-74. 

Barry, rt hon. Charles Robert, p.c. 
(Irel.), s. of JohnBarr>', Limerick; b. 
1824 ; m. dr. of John Fitzgerald, Dublin: 
M.A. Dublin, called to the Irish bar 
1845, queen's counsel 1859^ law adviser 
to the cro^-n 1865, serjeant-at-law 
1866, solicitor-gen. for Ireland 1868-70, 
attomcy-^en. 1870-72, m.p. Dungarvau 
1865-68, judge of the Queen's bench in 
Ireland irom 1872 (3,685/.) Reform ; 
3 FUzwiUiam Square, Dublin. 

Barry, sir Redipond, s. of major-gen. 
Barrj-, Ballyclough, Cork ; b. 1813: called 
to the Irish bar 1838, solicitor-gen. of 
Victoria 1850, judge of the supreme 
court 1852 (2,500/.), chancellor of Mel- 
bourne imivcrsity. 

Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Vie- 

Barry, coL William Wigram, E.A., 
C.B., s. of major-gen. Barrj-, Ballv- 
clough, Cork ; o. 1820 : sen-ed in tne 
Crimea, knight of the Medjidie, served 
in the ludmn mutiny, and in China 

Barry, lady Charlotte, dr. of 3 earl of 
Enmskillen; b. 1847; m. James Hugh 
Smith Barr>' (bro. of Arthur H. S. 
Barrj', m.p.), b. 1845. 

Barry, lady Maiy, dr. of 3 earl of Dim- 
raven; b. 1844 ; m. Arthur Hugh Smith 
Barry (s. of J. H. S. Barr>-, high sheriff of 
Cheshire in 1846), b. 1*843, dep.-lieut. 
of Cork, M.p. (l.) Cork 1867-74. 

8t. Jantes's; Fota Island^ Queens^ 
toicn ; Marhttry Hall, Korthwich, 

Bury, hon. mrs. Margaret, sis. of 4 
\Tsc. Southwell ; b. 1843 ; m. Charles 
Standish Ban*}'. 
Lemlara, CarrighthtU, Cork. 

Barry, lady. dr. of Samuel Rowsell; m. 
sir Charles Barr}' (</.), the celebrated 
architect. 8 Cleveland Square, IV. 

Bartlett, Henry, c.b.: dep. -controller 
in the Kaffir war 1846-47, nad commis- 
sariat charge of 4 division in the Crimea, 
served in New Zealand 1859-65, in Ire- 
land 1866, in Tasmania 1866-69, Wool- 
wich 1870-71, in Ireland 1871-73. 

22 Dcncent Jioad, South Penge Park^ 

Bartlett, maj.-gen. Henry Thomas : 
ex-lieut^col. Bengal staff corps, canton- 
ment joint magistrate at Sangor 1873- 
74, commanded 18 Puiyab native in- 
fantry on the occasion of the mutiny of 
51 Bengal native infantrj' at Peshawur 
1857, treasurer of the Abyssinian expe- 
ditionary foi-ce 1867. 

Bartley, m^jor-gen. John Cowell : served 
in the Crimea, knight of the Medjidie, 
retired on full pay as lieut.-col. 5 it. 

Barton, nu^or- gen. Charles James, B.A.: 
retired on fuu pay aa lieut.-col. royal 
Bombay artiller}-. 
Zgnn Barton, Virginia, U.S. 

Barton, Alexander, k.u. 

Barton, hon. mrs. Anna, dr. of 3 baron 
Clarina; b. 1829; m. cousin Hugh Lyne- 
doch Barton (s. of Nathaniel Barton, 
high sheriff of Kildare in 1850), b. 1824, 
ex-capt. 6 dragoons, dep.-lieut. of Kil- 
dare, and liigh slieriii'iu 1861. 
Straffan, Kildare: 

Barton, hon. mrs. Charlotte, dr. of 8 
baron Plunkct; b. 1832; m. Thomas 
Henry Barton (s. of Dunbar Barton, 
high shcrill'of Tippcrar>', and nephew of 
lieut.-gen. sir Robert Barton, x.c.u.), 
b. 1816. Monkstotrn, Dublin. 

Barton, lady, widow of lieut.-gen. sir 
Robert Barton, k.c.h. (s. of W. Barton, 
Grove, Tippcrar^', by dr. of very rev. 
dean Massey, of Limeriek). 

Barton, vice-adm. Ralph : served in the 
Mediterranean, 2nd capt. of the Monarch 
and Vanguard 1840-46. 
Southport, Lancashire. 

Barttelot, col. Walter Bai-ttelot, s. of 
George (Smj*th) Barttelot, Stopham 
House, Petworth ; b. 1820 ; m. 1. dr. of 
sir Christopher Musgrave, bart. ; 2. only 
child of H. Boldero: ex-capt. 1 dragoons, 
dep.-lieut. Sussex, lieut.-col. comman- 
dant 2 Sussex rifle volunteers from 1860, 
M.p. (c.) Sussex West from 1860. 

Carlton, Junior United Service ; 
Hilliers, Pettcorth, 

Barwell, major-gen. Charles Arthur, 
C.B. Bengal stalf corps. 



Ban, Michael Arthur, s. of Michael 
Thomas Bass, m.p. ; b. 1837 ; m. dr. of 
E. Thomewill: m.a. Cantab., u.p. (l.) 
Stafford 1865-68, Staffordshire East from 

Reform^ Oxford and Cambridge; 
ManffcmoWf Burton-on- Trent ; 101 
Eaton Sqitarc, S. TV, 

Ban, Michael Thomas, b. 1799 ; m. dr. 
ofmaj. Samuel Arden, Longcroft Hall. 
Stafford : dep.-lieut. of Staffordshire ana 
Derbphire, a brewer at Burton, lieut. 
Staffordshire yeomanry 1831-67, m.p. 
(L.) Derby from 1848. 

Keform ; Rangenioor^ Burton- on ^ 
Trent ; 101, Eaton Square, S. W. 

Bmnano, col. Alfred, c.b. : served in 
India, ex-lieut.-col. 32 ft., assistant 
military secretary to the commander of 
the forces in China (maj.-gen. Colbome) 
from 1874. 

Baitett, Francis, b. 1820 ; m. dr. of E. 
Harris, Stoke Newington : a banker at 
Leighton (Bassett, Son and Harris^, a 
magistrate for Beds, m.p. (l.) Beds 
from 1872. 

Reform ; The Heathy Leighton Buz- 

Bateman, 2 baron (1837). William Bate- 
man Bateman-Hanbury; b. 1826; m. dr. 
of sir Edward Kerrison, k.c.b., m.p. : 
dep.-lieut. Herefordshire and lord-lieut. 
from 1852, a lord in waiting to the queen 
1858-59, dol. Herefordshire militia from 

Carlton ; Shobden Court, Hereford; 
Kelmarsh, Northampton. 

Bateman^dow.-lady. Elizabeth, dr. of 
lord Spencer Stanley Chichester; m. 1 
baron Bateman. 

36 Great Cumberland Place, Bryan- 
aton Square, W, 

Bateman, hon. mrs. Jessy, sis. of 2 
baron Skelmersdale ; b. 183i5 ; m. John 
Bateman, b. 1839, dep.-lieut. of Stafford- 

Kypetiley Hall, Conaleton, Stafford; 
MoveroM Manse ana Brtghttngaea, 

B«tM, Edward, b. 1816 ; m. 1. dr. of C. 
Smith ; 2. dr. of Thomas Thompson, 
Hessle, York: dep.-lieut. Lancaster, a 
magistrate for Hants, an East India 
merchant and shipowner at liverpool, 
M.p. (c.) Plymouth from 1871. 

Junior Carlton; Bellefield, Liverpool; 
Manydoum, Basingstoke. 

Bates, lieut. -gen. Heniy, c.b. : aide-de- 
camp to commander-in-chief in India 
(lord Gough) 1848-49, member of the 
army purchase commission from 1873 
(1,000/.), col. 9 ft. from 1871. 

2 Sussex Place, Hyde Park Gardens^ 
W. ; 4 New Street, Spring Gardens. 
Bateion, sir Thomas, 2bart. (1818) ; b. 
1819 ; ra. dr. of 4 baron Djrnevor : dep.- 
Ueut. Londonderry and Down, ex-cant. 
13 Ught dragoons, a junior lord of me 
treasury in 1852, m.p. (c.) Londonderry 
county from 1864. 

TThite's, Carlton ; Belvoir Park, Bel- 
fast; Moira Park, Down; 12 Grosve- 
nor Place. 
Bateion, dow. -lady. Catherine, dr. of 
Samuel Dickson, Balljmaguille, Lime- 
rick ; m. Sir Robert Bateson, 1 hart., m.p. 
Bateion, hon. mrs. Florinda, dr. of 3 
baron Castlemaine ; b. 1823 ; m. Samuel 
Stephen Bateson (2nd s. of sir Robert 
Bateson, 1 bart.)) called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1847. 

17 Bolton Street, Piccadilly ; Cam- 
busmore, Golspie, Sutherlandsnire. 
Bath, 4 marq. of (1789). John Alexander 
Thjmne ; b. 1831 ; m. dr. of 3 vise, de 
Vesci ; 2nd tit. rise. Weymouth : dep.- 
lieut. Wilts and Somerset, knight grand 
cross of the tower and sword of Portugal, 
capt. Wilts yeomanry from 1850. 

Boodles, Carlton; Longleate, War- 
minster, Wilts ; 48 Berkeley Square. 
Bath and Weill, 69 bp. of (609), lord 
Arthur Hervey, d.d., s. of 1 marq. of 
Bristol ; b. 1808 ; m. dr. of John Single- 
ton: M.A. Cantab., rector of Ickworth 
1832, Holling^'orth 1852-69, archd. of 
SudbiuT 1862-69, bp. of Bath and Wells 
(5,000/.) frt)m 1869. 
Athenaum ; The Palace, Wells. 
Bath, archd. of ; vide R. W. Browne* 

Bath, dow. -marchioness of. Harriet, dr. 
of 1 baron Ashburton; b. 1804; m. 3 
marq. of Bath. 
Muntham Court, Worthing. 

Bathunt, 5 earl of (1772). WUUam 
Lennox Bathurst, d.c.l. ; b. 1791 ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Apsley : called to the bar 1821, 
clerk of the privy council 1827-60, m.a. 

White's, Carlton; Oakley Grove, Ci- 
rencester, Gloucester: 38 Half Moon 
Street, Piccadilly, W. 

Bathnrit, 1 bp. of (1869). rt. rev. 
Samuel E. Marsden, d.d. ; m. dr. of J 
Maclaren, Melbourne: vicar of Bur>'- 



worth, Evesham, 1861-69, bp. from 
1869 of Bathurst^ New South fFaka. 

Bathnrtt, sir Frederick Hutchinson 
Hen-ev-,3 bart a818J, b. 1807 ; m. 1. dr. 
of Walter Smjthe, Brambrid^e, Hants ; 
2. dr. (d.) of sir R. Brooke, 6 bart. : ex- 
capt. grenadier guards, dep.-lieut. Wilts, 
ex-lieut.-col. royal Wilts yeomanry. 

TraveUcri* ; Clareftdon Fork, oaliS' 

Bathurf t, Allen Alexander, nephew and 
heir pres. of earl Bathurst; b. 1832; m. 1. 
tU-. of baron de Tabley ; 2. Evelj-n, dr. of 
George Barnard Hankey, Fetcham Park, 
Surrey : m.a. Cantab., m.p. Cirencester 
from 1857, maj. North Gloucestershire 
militia from 1870. 

White's^ Travellers* ; Hyatm, Bag- 
shot ; 32 St. James's Plaeey S. Jr. 

Batinirtt,archd. Frederick: m.a. Oxen., 
hon, canon of Ely from 1870, rector of 
Diddington, Buckden, Hunts, 1857-74, 
an'hd. of Bedford from 1872, rector, from 
1874, oi Biggleswade^ Beds (367/.). 

Bathnrtt, lady Emily, dr. of 5 earl of 
Abingdon; b. 1810; m. hon. and rev. 
Charles Bathurst, ll.d. (</.) rector of 
Siddington St. Mar}', Gloucester. 
Great Ilford. 

Bathnrit, hon. mrs. Seymour, dr. of 
John Peter Hankev, by sis. of chief-baron 
Alexander ; m. col. hon. Thomas Sey- 
mour Bathurst (</.) 

3 Grosvenor Creseent^ Belgrave 
Square; Hyams^ Bagshot, Surrey. 

Battle, dean of; vide E. Crake. 

Baumgarten, countess, hon. Mary, dr. 
of 2 baron Erskinc ; b. 1806 ; m. count de 
Baumgarten (rf.), of Bavaria. 
6 Max Josef strassey Munich ^ Bavaria. 

Bamngartner, mai.-een. Robert Julian, 
C.B., s. of J. T. Baumgartner, m.d., 
Godmanchester ; b. 1814; m. Helen 
Thompson: ser\'ed in the Crimea, knight 
of the Medjidie, lieut-col. half pay 
27 ft. 

Baxter, rt. hon. William Edward, p.c, 
s. of £. Baxter, Eilcaldrum ; b. 1825 ; m. 
dr. of J. Home Scott, Dundee: dep.- 
lieut. Forfar, secretary to the admiralty 
1869-71, joint secretarj- to the treasury' 
1871-73, M.p. (l.) Montrose from 1857. 
Bcfonn ; Ashcliffy Dundee. 

Baxter, lady. Elizabeth, dr. of Robert 
Montgomerie, Bama Hill, Ayr ; m. sir 
David Baxter, 1 bart. (extinct). 

Kilmaron. Cupar^ Fife; 6 Moray 
FlacCf Edinburgh, 

Bajrfield, adm. Henry Wolsey ; m. dr. 
of cnpt. Charles Wright, r.e.: serA'ed in 
the Walcheren expedition, and in Canada 
in surve}'ing the St. Law-rence and Lake 
Ontario, admiralty survcvor in Canada 

Bayley, rev. sir John Robert Emilius, 
B.D., 3 bart. (1834), b. 1823 ; m. dr. of 
Edward Rice, Dane Court, Kent : m.a. 
Cantab., rector of St. George's, Blooms- 
bury, 1856-67, St. John's, Paddington 
(1,100/.), from 1867. 

National; 14 Hyde Park Street, 
Hyde Park, IF. ; The Lodge, Shere^ 

Bayley, Edward Clive, c.s.i. : entered 
the Bengal civil service 1841, called to 
the bar 1857, member of the governor- 
general's council, cx-secretarj' to govern- 
ment of India in home department, vice- 
chancellor of Calcutta umversity. 

Bayly, lieut-gen. Richard Albert; Bom- 
bav infantr\'. 
Tctton Hotise, Kingston, Taunton, 

Bayly, maj. -gen. Pacc't : sei-ved in the 
Crimea with 30 ft., knight of the legion 
of honour, and of the Medjidie, lieut.- 
col. brigade dep6t at Fort George 1869- 

Bajrnei , bp. ; vide Madaga.scar. 

Basrnei, sir William John Walter, 3 
bart. (1801) ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. of Daniel 
Stuart, Wykehara Piu-k, Oxon. 

Coonibe Wood^ Kingston-on-Thames, 

Basrnei, dow.-lady. Julia, dr. ofc^n. 
John Smith, k.a. ; m. sir Wimam 

Ba\'nes, 2 bart. 
68 Portland Place. 

Basrnei , hon. lady. Frances, dr. of 1 
baron Denman ; b. 1812 ; m. adm. sir 
Robert Baynes, k.c «. {d.), knight of 
the order of the Redeemer of Greece. 
The Cottage, Hurst Green, Sussex. 

Basrnei , gen. Sinicoe : served as a mid- 
iSiipman in the royal navy in 1810, then 
entered the army and sen-ed in the West 
Indies and North America, col. 35 ft. 
frt)m 1863. 

Basalgette, sir Josenh AVilliam, M. 
IXHT. c.B.,c.B., b. 1819: designer of the 
Thames embankment, engineer in chief 
to metropolitan board of works (2,200/.) 
from 18o5, 
Morden^ Mitcham, Surrey. 

Bayning, lady. Emma, dr. of W. H. 
Fellowes, liamsey Abbey, Huntingdon ; 
m. rev. lord Ba>'ning, 3 "and last baron. 
Honingham Hall, Norwich. 



Jailey, sir Thomas, 1 bart. (1869), b. 
1797; m. dr. of Sebastian Noah : dcp.- 
lieut. Lancaster, formerly a merchant 
and cotton-spinner in Manchester, ex- 
chairman Manchester chamber of com- 
merce, knight of the leg:ion of honour, 
M.p. (l.) Manchester from 1858. 

Rejwrttu Brooks* ; 1 King Street, St. 
James* 8^. W. ; Eyford Park, Burtoti- 
on'th€' Water , Gloucestershire, 

Seaeh, sir Michael Hicks-, 9 bart. 
(1619^ ; b. 1837; m. 1. dr. of J. H. Elwes, 
Colesbomc Park, Gloucester; 2. lady 
Lucy Catherine, or. of 3 earl Fortescue*: 
dep.-lieut. Gloucestershire, capt. royal 
North Gloucesterehiret militia, m'.a. 
Oxon., under secretary home department 
in 18(^, chief secretary* for Ireland from 
1874, M.p. (c.) Gloucestershire East 
from 1864. 

Carlionj Arthur^ s ; TFllliamstrij) 
Park J Fairford, 

Beach, William Wither Bramston, 
cousin of sir M. H. Beach ; b. 1826 ; m. 
dr. of col. Augustus Cleveland, Tapley 
Park, North Devon : m.a. Oxon., capt. 
Ilants yeomanry fpom 1858, a manstrate 
for Hants, m.p. (c.) Hants Norm from 

Carlton, Poodle* s ; Oakley Hall, Pa- 
sinastoke ; Keevil Souse, Troubridge, 
Wilts; Garland: s Motel, Suffolk Street, 
Pall MaU, 

Beaeh, lady Lucy Hicks-, dr. of 3 earl 
Fortescue; b. 1851; vide sir M. H. 

Beadle, m^g.-gen. James Pattle, R.E. : 
served in the Sutlej campaign, retired 
on full pay of lieut.-col. royal Bengal 

6 Queen* s Gate Gardens, South Ken- 
ting ton. 

Beadon, sir Cecil, k.c.s.i., grandson of 
bp. Beadon of Bath and WeUs ; b. 1816 ; 
m. 1. dr. of maj. Snevd, Bengal cavalry ; 
2. dr. of W. H. iStemdale, Ashford, 
Derby: educated at Haileybury, secre- 
tary to government of Bengal 1852. sec- 
retary to government of India, noma 
department, 1854, foreign department 
1859, lieut.-govemor of Bengal 1862-67, 
chairman of Credit Foncier of England 
from 1874. 
Oriental, Athenecum. 

Beamiah, maj. -gen. Charles : retired on 

full pay as lieut.-col. 35 ft. 
Beatson, maj. -gen. Roger Stewart, B.E. : 

retired on full pay as col. 

Beauehamp, 6 earl of ( 1 8 1 5) . Frederic 
Lygon, D.C.L., p.c. ; b. 1830; m. dr. of 
earl Stanhope; 2ud tit. vise. Elmley: 
dei>.-lieut. Worcestershire, m.a. Oxon., 
a lord of the admiralty in 1859, m.p. 
Tewkesbury 1857 - 63, "Worcestershire 
West 1863-66, lord steward of the 
household from 1874. 

Carlton; Madresjicld Court, Great 
Malvern ; 13 Pelgrave Sqttare. 

Beanohamp, sir Reginald William Proc- 
tor, 5 bart. (1744) b. 1853. 
Langley Park, Actc, Norfolk. 

Beauehamp, hon. lady Proctor-, Caro- 
line, dr. of 2 baron lladstock; bom 1826; 
m. sir Thomas Proctor- Beauehamp, 4 bt. 

Beauehamp, dow. -countess of. Cathe- 
rine, dr. of Henr}' Otway, Castle Otway, 
Tipperar}', by baroness Braye; m, 1. 
Henry M'urra\' ; 2. the 3 earl Beauehamp. 
Stanford Mall, Rugby ; 19^, Grosve- 
fior Square ; Pose Cottage, Willesden. 

Beauclerk, capt. lord Amelins Went- 
worth, K.X., 8. of 8 duke of St. Albans ; 
b. 1815 ; m. dr. of Charles Harrison ; a 
magistrate for East Suflblk. 

3 Pryanston Square, W. ; Leiston, 

Beauclerk, lord George, s. of 8 duke of 
St. Albans; b. 1818: se^^'cd in the 
Crimea, cx-maj. 6 dragoon guards. 
VI Little Stanhope Street, W. 

Beauclerk, lord , s. of 10 duke of 

St. Albans ; b. 1874. 

Beauclerk, lady Frederick, dr. of James 
Ra}*mond Jolmstone, of Alva, Clack- 
mannan ; m. capt. lord Frederick Beau- 
clerk, R.N. (</.). 

Beauclerk, lady Louisa, dr. of 10 duke 
of St. Albans ;b. 1869. 

Beaufort, 8 duke of (1682). Henry 
Charles Fitzroy Somerset, P.O., K.o. ; b. 
1824 ; m. dr. of 1 earl Howe ; 2nd tit. 
marq. of Worcester: dep.-lieut. Glouces- 
tershire, M.p. Gloucestershire 1846-53, 
master of the horse to the queen 1858- 
59, 1866-68, lieut.-col. commandant 
Gloucestershire yeomanry 1854-74, hon. 
col. from 1874, lord-lieut. Monmouth- 
shire from 1867. 

Carlton; Padminton, Chippenham; 
Troy House, Monmouth. 

Beaufort, dow.-ducbess of. Emily, dr. 
of Culling Smith ; m. 7 duke of Beau- 
19 Hill Street, Perkeley Square. 


, 6 baron (U33). Henir 
Staplcton ; b. . 1848 : ci-comet 1 lifu 

Guards' ; Carlton Sill, &%, Yort- 

BMnmant, sir Grorge Hawlanil, 8 bart. 
(1660) b. 1822 ; m. 1. dr. offfm. Hal- 
low* BeUi : 2. widow of mBJ. ]. Wallia, 
4drag(«n guards, Diuhane Caatlf, Cork ; 
dep. - lieut. Leiceit«n]iiro and high 
sheriff in 1852, ei-cspt. Lokeetenhiro 

CarUrm; Coleorim Boll, AihlH,.di. 
la-Zowhe ,- 99 Eaten I'laci, S. W. 

BMomont, lieut.-coL Frederick Edward 
Blackett, b.e., a. of Edn-snl Blackett 
Beaumont, F.R.8. ; b. 1833 : aerred with 
local rank of capt. in the Torkiih con- 
tinent enginec™ 1866-66, «.p. (c.) 
Uurham South fVom 1868. 

JanioT Unitid Sertnet, Juoior Xatai 
and Military ; J>arjleld. Banulty. 

BaanmDnt, Wentworth Blackett, b. of 
T. Wentworth Beaumont, «.!•., and bro. 
of Somerset A. Beaumont, u. p.; b. 1829; 
m. Uiiy Margaret, dr. of 1 monj. of 
Clanricarde; k.a. Cantab., dep.-lieul. 
Northumberland, m.p. (l.) Northum- 
berland South IVom 1862. 

Reform, Broalii ; Snltort Hall, 
WaktStld; AUenheai; Haydonbridgt ; 
144 /icrarfitfy, W. 

BMQinont, lad; Margaret, b. 1831 ; 
ride W. B. Deaumont. 

BMunont, dow.-Iady. Isabella, dr. 

baron Kilmaini 


. 8 baron Bean- 

Carlton Mill, Stlby, Yorlnhirc. 

BMinincint, hon. mrs. Suaan, dr. of 3 
boron Macdonald; b. 1807: m- ">!>(' 
Richard BeaumoDt, B.N. 

2 Kulland GaU.KniyhUbridgr, S. IF. 

Bfchei, rear-adm. Alexander Bridport, 
r.K.A.N..F.B.0.8., s. of oapt. Aleiander 
Becher, k.N. ; b. 1796: accompanied capt. 
Ba^ Hull in hia tour in the FaciGo 
1820-22, erapIo);ed for many years in 
the bjdrograpnic department of the 
admiralty, editor and proprietor of the 
"Nauti«d Magaiine," 

BMlisr, sir Henrv Wriiron, 2 bnrt. 
(1831) b. 1826: dcp.-li«ul. Cork, ex- 
fieut. ritl. 

fantry ; b. 1818 ; m. dr. of capt. M. 1 

1848-49, quartermaater-gL 

in India 1862-63, commanded SirhiDd 
division 1866-69. 

JfaUinglon Soute, Farehata, Sanf: 

Bscltsr, m^.-gen. JohnBeid,B.E.,c.D.: 
•erred in the A^hanistan campaign at 
Sobraan, and in the Hasan frontier 
campaign 1867, commianoner in the 

Beehsr, lady Emily, dr. of 2 earl of 
Lielotrel; b. 1834; m. John Richard 
Hedgei Wriion Becher (bro. and heir 
pres. of air HenrT Becher), k.a. Cantab., 
ci-licut. 27 ft., high aherifT of Cork 

CaiitU Hyde, Tcnnoy, 

BMkstt, air Edmund, Q.C., S hart. 
(1B13'), s. of 1 bart., H.F., and nephew 
of 2 bart., F.C., h.p,, judge adroeate- 
gen. 1836-47 ; b, 1816 ; m. Fanny, dr. of 
bp. Lonadalc of Lichfield : K.A. Cantab., 
called to the bar at Lincoln'! Inn 1841, 
quccn't counael 1864, a member of the 
council of King's college, London. 

SemrrlvBM. Gaiinbonmgh; Grim- 
thorpf, FocilingriM, Yoriihire ; 33 
Queen Armt Striet, Cacendiih Souart, 

BMkett, dow.-Iady. Caroline, dr. of 
Joseph Beckett, Bamaley, m. couain, sir 
Thanios Beckett, 3 bart. 

Bsiikstt, hon. mrs. Sophie, dr. of 1 

baroii Lyndbunt b. W& ; m. Uamiltoa 

Beckett (grandson of air John Beckett, 

lbai1.},b. 1829. 

16 O.rfo?on iVa«, Sloani Stn€l, 


BmUm, rt. rev. Edward Hyndman, 
n.n., e. of J. Allevne Bccklca, president 
of BarbadoB : b. IBlfl ; m. dr. ot Edward 
Brace Wallcott, Barbados ; rector of St. 
Peter's, Antigua, 1863-69, bp. of Sierra 
Leone 1 860-70, rector of Wootton, Dorer, 
1871-73, chaplainof theSkinncrs' nbnt- 
houses tnra 1873, rector from 1873 of 
Si. Peter'i, Bcl/inal Green (300i.) 

BMtlve, rarl ot (eid. a. of marn. of 
Hcodfort). Thoraaa Taylor ; b. 1844; m. 
dr. of 4 marq. of l)cronshir«: dep.-lieut. 
of Westmoreland, ci-capl. "Westmorr- 
land j-eomanry, m.p. (c.) Westmoreland 



9 duke of (1694). Francis 
n Bumell ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of 5 
la Warr ; 2nd tit. marq. of Tavi- 

ex-capt. Scots fusilier guards, 
sat, Beds, custos rotulorum of 
i of Ely from 1874, m.p. (l.) 
1947-72, hon. col. 1 Beds rifle 
ien from 1872. 
ik^ Reform; Vobum Abbey ^ 

EmUUigh., Tavistock ^ Devon; 
on Square, 

archd. of (Ely); vide F. 

m^j. -gen. William Fanshaw : 
in the Kaffir war 1851-53, retired 
pay as lieut.-col. 60 ft. 
mtu Hill House, Northam, Bide- 

, rear-adm. George Augastus, 
mt. Fred. Bedford, r.n. ; b. 1809 ; 
dr. of lieut. William Renwick, 

2. dr. of Thomas Steele, Beigate, 
dow of Charles Priaulx, suigeon, 
sommanded the ^'Baven " in the 

of the coast of Africa 1835-38, 
ional member of the marine de- 
nt of the board of trade. 
UkaU; South View, Widmore 
Bromley, S. 

eld, sir Henry George Paston, 
(1660^ ; b. 1830 ; m. dr. of Edward 
ing, Callaly castle, Korthumber- 
I^.-Ueut. Norfolk^ ex-capt. west 
£ militia, formerly m the Austrian 

rm; Ozburyhy Stoke Ferry ^ Nor- 
Brailesy Warwick. 
eld, Felix, C.M.O., bro. of sir 
P. Bedingfield; b. 1808; m. dr. of 
ads, goTemor of Virgin islands : 
of the supreme court at Trinidad 
I, colonial secretary at Mauritius 

3, called to the bar 1849. 
^reen Street, Grosvenor Square. 
ield, hon. mrs. Frances, dr. of 
m Henniker; b. 1807; m. rev. 
Bedingfield (bro. of J. Longue- 
edhigfield, of Ditchingham Hall, 
c), B.A. Cantab., rector,!frt)m 1833, 
Itta/leld, Eye, Suffolk (408/.). 

eld, dow. -lady. Margaret, dr. 
rard Paston, Appleton ; m. sir 
Paston- Bedingfield : she assumed 
ne of Bisshopp in 1841 on in- 
X the Brailes estate. 
ir Thomas Branthwayt, 3 bart 
b. 1798 ; m. 1. dr. of Richard 
K, M.D., Norwich; 2. dr. of A. 

Hardiment; 3. dr. of F. Davies: dep.- 
Ueut of Norfolk. 

Haryhan Hall, Attleborough^ Nw* 

Beloher, vice-adm. sir Edward, K.C.B., 
grandson of J. Belcher, goTemor of 
Nora Scotia ; b. 1799 ; m. Diana Jol- 
lifle, grand-dr. of col. Simpson, Plean 
house : sailed round the world 1836-42, 
served at the siege of Algiers 1816, and 
in China 1841-47. 

UnioHilZ Dorset Street, MotUaau 
Sauare, W, 
Belfut, earl of (eld. s. of marq. of 

•Belhayenand Btenton, 9 baron (1617)« 
James Hamilton. 
Albany Street, North Ltith. 
Belgrave, vise (eld. s. of earl Groe- 

Bell, sir Francis Dillon : sneaker of the 
house of representatives. New Zealand. 
Auckland, New Zealand. 
Bell, lieut. -gen. sir George, K.G.B., b. 
1794 ; m. dr. of T. Dou^ : served at 
Waterloo and in the Crimea, knight of 
the legion of honour and of the Medji- 
die, col. 104 ft. 1863-68, of 1 ft from 

Junior United Service; 156 West' 
bourne Terrace, W. 
Bell, gen. sir John, o.c.b., b. 1782 ; 
m. at. (d.) of 1 earl of Malmesbury : 
aide-de-camp to William lY. 1831-37, 
chief secretary at the Cape 1828-41, 
lieut. -governor of Guernsey 1848-64, 
col. 4 ft. from 1853. 

United Service; 66 Cadogan Place, 
Sloane Street, W. 
Bell, sir Sydney Smith, s. of William 
Smith, banker, London ; b. 1805 ; m. dr. 
of William Pattison, Edinburgh : edu- 
cated at Edinburgh nniversitv , called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1839, judge 
at the Cape 1851, chief-justice 1868-73. 
Thatched House. 
Bell, coL Edward William Deddington, 
T.c, c.B. ; b. 1822 ; m. widow of J. 
Davies, Cheltenham: served in the 
Crimea, knight of the legion of honour 
and of the Mediidiej served in the Indian 
campaign at the siege and capture of 
Lucknow, lieut.-col. of the brigade de-^ 
pdt at Wrexham from 1873. 
Bell, gen. James : served in the Mah- 
ratta and Burmese war, including the 
canture of Bangoon 1824-26. Madras 



Bell, maj. -gen. Henry Wainwri^ht Bax, 
R.B. : superintending engineer mt grade 

fublic works department at Poonah from 

Bell, lady. dr. of Charles Shaw, Ayr ; 
m. sir Charles Bell, m.d.^ f.r.s., k.h. 
(rf.), professor of surgery in the univ. of 

47 Albany Street, Regenfa Park, 

Bellain, lady. Mary, dr. of Edward 
Hooke, hamster, Mulbarton lodge, Nor- 
wich ; m. sir William Bellairs (a.), exon 
of the yeomen of the guard 1837-49. 
Muibarton lAtdge, Norfolk, 

BellasiB, maj. -gen. John B. : formerly 
in the Bombay army. 

Belleau, sir Narcisse Fortunat ; m. dr. 
of L. Gavreau : called to the bar of Lower 
Canada 1832, speaker of the legislative 
council of Canada 1857-62, minister of 
agriculture 1862-65, lieut. -governor of 
St, Lewis Street, Quebec. 

§Bellew, 2 baron (1848). Edward Joseph 
Bellew ; b. 1830 ; m. dr. of col. G. Brjan, 
of Jenkinstown, Kilkenny: dep.-lieut. 
of Louth, col. Louth rifle militia 1843- 

Stafford; Barmeath, Louth; Cox'i 
Hotel, Jermyn Street, S. W, 

Bellew, hon. Bertram Charles, eld. s. 
of 2 baron Bellew ; b. 1855 : ex -lieut. 5 
Middlesex militia. 

Bellew, hon. George Ijeopold, s. of 2 
baron Bellew ; b. 1857. 

Bellew, hon. Richard Eustace, s. of 2 
baron Bellew ; b. 1858. 

Bellew, Henry Walter, c.s.i.: surgeon 
on the Bengal establishment, dep. -assay- 
master of me Bombay mint from 1870. 

Bellew-Grattan, bart. ; vide Grattan. 

Bellingham, sir Alan Edward, 3 bart. 
(1796) ; b. 1800 ; m. dr. of Henry Clarke, 
West Skirbeck house, Lincom: m.a. 
Dublin, dep.-lieut. of Louth. 

Carlton; Castle Bellingham, Loath. 

Bellingham, lady Constance, dr. of 2 
earl of Gainsborough ; b. 1847 ; m. Alan 
Bellingham (eld. s. of sir Alan Belling- 
ham, Dart.), b. 1846, lieut. Louth 
militia from 1872. 

§tBelmore, 4 earl of (1797). Somerset 
Richard Lowry-Corry, r.c. (Irel.), 
K.c.M.o. ; b. 1835 ; m. dr. of capt. Jolm 
N. Gladstone, B.N., and niece of rt. hon. 
W. E. Gladstone ; 2nd tit. vise. Corry : 

dep.-lieut. of Tyrone, under-secretary 
for home department 1866-67, governor 
of New South Wales 1868-71. 

Carlton; Castle Coole, EnniskUleny 

Belmore, dow. -countess of. Emily, dr. 
of William Shepherd, Bradbum, Kent ; 
m. 3 earl of Belmore. 
56 Eaton Place, Belgrave Square. 

Belper, 1 baron (1856). Edward Strutt, 
D.C.L., p.c; b. 1801; m. dr. of bp. Otter 
of Chichester: m.a. Cantab., m.p. Derby 
1830-48, Arundel 1851-52, Nottingham 
1852-56 : dep.-lieut. Notts, high-sherir 
in 1850, lord-lieut. from 1864, chair- 
man of Notts auarter-sessions 1854-74,, 
chancellor of tne duchy of Lancaster 
1853-54, president of Umvereity college,^ 
London, trom 1873. 

Brooks' ; Kingston Hall, Keyxcorthy 
Derby; 88 Eaton Square. 

Benedict, sir Julius, s. of J. Benedict, 
Stuttgard ; b. 1805 ; m. dr. (rf.) of C. 
Jean : a great musical composer and con-^ 
ductor of operas, corresponding member 
of the academy of France, knight of the 
order of Christ of Portugal, of Leopold 
of Belgium, of the crown of Wurtem- 
berg, of Frederick of Wurtemberg, of 
Wasa of Sweden, of the crown of Italy,, 
and of the cro^-n of Prussia. 
2 Manchester Sqttare, London. 

Benn, maj. -gen. Anthony, R.A., b. 

Benn, maj. -gen. Piercy, R.A. : retired 
on full pay as col. 

Bennet, hon. Frederick, 8. of 6 earl of 
Tanken-ille ; b. 1853. 

Bennet, hon. (George Montagu, s. of 6 
earl of Tankerville ; b. 1852 : lieut. rifle 

Bennet, lady Corisandc, b. 1855 ; lady 
Ida, b. 1857, drs. of 6 earl of Tanker- 

Bennett, sir William Stemdale, MT7S.D., 
D.C.L., s. of I^bert Bennett, organist 
of Sheffield parish church, and grandson 
of J. Bennett, Bong's college, Cambridge; 
b. 1816 ; m. dr. (d.) of capt. James Wcod, 
K.N. : M.A. Cantab., a well-known musi- 
cal composer, conductor of the Philhar- 
monic concerts 1856-68, professor of 
music in Cambridge university from 
1856, chairman and principal of the 
royal academy of music from 1868. 

Athenaum; St. John's College, Cam^ 
bri^: 66 St. John's Wood Moad^ 



Bonett, sir John, 7.R.S.A., s. of John 
Bennett, watchmaker, Greenwich, and 
bro. of W. C. Bennett, ll.d., a well- 
known song- writer ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of 
John Wilson, Deptford : common coun- 
cilman for the ward of Cheap, London, 
since 1862, member of the London 
Khool board 1870-73, sheriff of London 
1872-73, a watchmaker at 

65 Cheaptide; The Banks, Mount- 
JUidf Sussex. 

BcnMm, niaj.-gen. Henr}' Roxby, c.b. : 
aerred in the Crimea, knight of the 
ICedjidie, served in the Indian mutiny, 
lieat.-col. half-pay 17 lancers. 

Bsnacni, lady. dr. of J. Smith, 56 ft. ; 
m. sir John Benson, c.e. (</.) architect of 
the first Dublin exhibition building 1853. 
Mantenotte, Cork, 

Bent, lient.-gen. Geoi^ge, B.E., c.b., s. 
of col. Bent, r.a. ; m. cousin, dr. of maj. 
J. Bent, Wrexham lodge, Bucks : served 
in the Crimea, aide-de-camp to the 
queen 1859-60, knight of the le^on of 
honour and of the Medjidie, returcd on 
ftill pay of maj. -gen. 

Bent, lady. dr. of John Davenport, 
Westwoodhall, Leek, m.p. ; m. alderman 
air John Bent (^.), mayor of Liverpool 
In 1851. 
JEd^e HiUj Liverpool. 

BOTtiwclr, gen. sir Henry William John, 
X.C.B., grandson of hon. W. Bentinck ; 
b. 1796 ; m. dr. of adm. sir James Haw- 
kins Whitahed, bart. : commanded the 
brigade of guards at Alma, Balaklava, 
Inkermann, and Sebastopol, commander 
of the legion of honour and of the Med- 
jidie, groom-in-waiting to the queen 
1859-67, col. 28 ft. from 1854. 

United Service; 22 Upper Grosvetior 
Street J IF. 

Bentinek, lieut -gen. Arthur Cayendish, 
nephew of lord W . Bentinck, goy.-gen. 
of India ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of air St. Vin- 
cent WMtahed : served with the 7 dra- 
goon-goarda in the EafBr war 1847. 
JSast Court, Wokingham^ Berks. 

Bntiiiek, George Aiunistus Cavendish, 
8. of maj. -gen. lord Frederick Bentinck, 
C.B. ; b. 1821 ; m. dr. of col. Charles 
Powell Leslie, Glaaslough castle, Mo- 
nflghftn : m.a. Cantab., called to the bar 
at linooln'a Inn 1846, parliamentary 
secretary to the board of trade from 
1874, M.p. (c.) Taunton 1859-66, White- 
havea from 1865. 
Oarriekf Carlton; 26 Old Square, 

Lincoln* s Inn ; 3 Grafton Street, Berke- 
ley Square. 

Bentinck, George William Pierrepoint, 
s. of ad^. W. Bentinck, and grandson 
of count John Bentinck, r.n. ; b. 1803 : 
a magistrate and dep.-lieut. of Norfolk, 
M.p. (c.) Norfolk west 1852-65, and 
from 1871. 

Carlton, Travellers* ; Terrington, 
Lynn ; 48 Davies Street, Berkeley 

Bentinek, lady Henrietta, dr. of 4 duke 
of Portland ;b. 1798. 

Benyon, Richard, s. of W. H. Fellowes, 
Ramsey Abbey, m.p. ; b. 1811 ; m. dr. of 
R. ClutterbucK, Watford House, Herts : 
M.A. Cantab., assumed the name of Ben- 
yon on succeeding to the estates of his 
uncle Richd. Benyon de Beauvoir, called 
to the bar at Lincoln's inn 1836, m.p. 
(c.) Berks, from 1860. 

Carlton, Conservative ; Englejield 
House, Reading ; 17 Orosvetwr Square. 

Berehaven, vise. (el<l. s. of earl of 
Bantry) . William Henry Hedges White ; 
b. 18^. 

Beresford, archbp. ; vide Armagh. 

Bereiford-Peine, sir Henry Monson d(^ 
laPoer.3 bart. (1814) b. 1850; m. lady 
Adelaide, dr. of 3 earl of Bandon: m.a. 
Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Yorkshire. 

Travellers* ; Bagnall, Waterford ; 
Bedale Hall, Bedale. 

Beresford, dow.-lady Elizabeth, dr. of 
David Lucas, Clontibret; m. sir George 
de la Poor Beresford, 2 bart. 

Beresford, rt. hon. William, cousin of 
1 marq. of Waterford; b. 1798; m. dr. of 
George R. Heneage, Hainton Hall^ 
Lincoln : m.a. Oxon., ex-major 43 ft., 
secretarj' at war in 1852, m.p. Harwich 
1841-47, Essex north 1847-65, master of 
the tennis court. 

Carlton; Hampton Court Palace, 
S.W.; EUfield, Oxford. 

Beresford, lord Charles de la Poer, s. of 
4 marq. of Waterford ; b. 1846 : lieut^ 
royal navy, m.p. (c.) Waterford from 
10 Victoria Square, S. W. 

Beresford, lord Dclaval James de la 
Poer, s. of 4 marq. of Waterford; b. 

Beresford, lord Marcus dc la Poor, s. 
of 4 marq. of Waterford; b. 1848 : lieut . 
7 Hussars, aide-de-camp to the >'iceroy 
of Ireland (duke of Abercom) from- 

D 2 



Bereiford, lord William de la Poer, a 

of 4 marq. of "Waterford ; b. 1847 : lieut. 

9 lancers. 
Ealewhy Naval and Military, 
Beret ford, hon. John de la Poer Hors- 

ley, 8. of 3 baron Decies ; b. 1866. 
Bereiford, hon. Robert de la Poer 

Horsley, a. of 3 baron Decies ; b. 1868. 
Beresford, hon. William Marcus de la 

Poer Horsley, eld. s. of 3 baron Decies; 

b. 1865. 
Beresford, hon. Caroline Horsley, b. 

1861 ; hon. Catherine Horsley, b. 1870, 

drs. of 3 baron Decies. 

Bereiford, hon. Mrs. Caroline, dr. of 1 
baron Denman ; b. 1823 ; m. rev. John 
George Beresford (s. of adm. sir John 
Poer Beresford, hart., k.c.b.), b. 1821, 
M.A. Cantab., rector from 18(51 of Be- 
dale, Yorkshire (2,000/.) 

Beresford, gen. Marcus, grandson of 
archbp. 1 baron Decies; b. IBOO; m. 1. dr. 
of Thomas Sewell ; 2. Caroline, dr. of 
William Fane : ex-commandant at Ban- 
galore, col. 20 ft. from 1872. 

Beresford, coL Marcus, s. of rev. 
Gilbert Beresford, rector of St. Andrew's, 
Holbom; b. 1818; m. dr. of William 
Green, m.d., Durham : educated at King's 
College, London, col. -commandant 7 
Surrey rifle volunteers, firom 1864, m.p. 
(c.) Southwark from 1870. 

Carlton ; Sheen Hottse, East Sheen ; 
41 Southwark Street, S.K 

Berkeley, 6 earl of (1679). Thomas 

' Morton Fitzhardin^re Berkeley; b. 1796 ; 
2nd tit. vise. Duruey. 
Cranford House, Motmshto, 

Berkeley, hon. Charles Fitzhardinge, 
B. of 1 baron Fitzhardinge ; b. 1830; m. 
dr. of Henry Lindow : dep.-lieut. of 
Gloucestershire, m.p. Gloucester city 
1862-65. Heir pres. to his brother. 

Brooks*; Old Fork. Chichester ; 1 
Bill Street, Berkeley Square, 

Berkeley, hon. George Grantly Fitz- 
hardinge, s. of 6 ean of Berkeley ; b. 
1800 ; m. dr. (d.) of Paul Benfield: ex 
82 ft., M.p. Gloucestershire west 1832-52. 
Heir pres. to his brother. 
Aldemey Manor, Foole, 

Berkeley, lady Mary, dr. of 3 earl of 
Kenmare; b. 1829; m. Robert Berkeley, 
b. 1823, dep.-lieut. of Worcesterrfiire. 
Spetchley Park, Wor tester, 

Berkeley, George, c.m.o.: colonial sec. 
at Honduras 1845, lieut.-gov. of St. 

Vincent 1864-72, administrator of Lagos 

1872-74, governor of the Leeward 

islands from 1874. 
Berks, archdeacon of (Oxf. ) ; vide A. 

Bernard, vise. (eld. s. ofcarlof Bandon). 

James Francis Bernard; b. 1850: ex- 

lieut. Cork militia. 

Castle Bernard, Bandon, Cork. 
Bernard, bp. ; vide Tuam. 

Bernard, hon. ahd rev. Charles ; vide 

Bernard, hon. Henry Boyle, s. of 2 
earl of Bandon ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. of lieut.- 
gen. C. Turner, col. 19 ft. : m.a. Oxon., 
M.p. (c.) Bandon 1863-68, col. south 
Cork mihtia from 1854. 

Carlton ; Coolmain Castle, Cork. 

Bernard, hon. mrs. William Smyth, 
dr. of col. Edward Gillmon, Clancoole, 
Cork ; m. hon. Willisun Smyth Bernard, 
(d,). M.p. Bandon 1857-63. 
The Farm, Bandon, Cork. 

Bernard, lady Catherine, dr. of 2 earl 
ofBandon;b. 1813. 

Bernard, lady Louisa, b. 1841 ; lady 
Charlotte, b. 1843 ; lady Emma, b. 
1844; lady Kathleen, b. 1853, drs. of 3 
earl of Bandon. 

Bernard, rt. hon. Montague, D.aLb, 
P.O., s. of Charles Bernard, Jamaica; b. 
1830 : M.A. Oxon., fellow of All Souls' 
CoUege, called to the bar at Lincoln's 
inn 1844, Chichele professor of inter- 
national law at Oxford university 
1859-74, assessor to the imiversi^ 
1859-71, a member of the judicial com- 
mittee of the privy council fix>m 1871. 
Overross, Ross, Herefordshire. 

Bernard, Hewett, c.m.g. ; called to the 
Canadian bar, dep.-minister of justice, 

Bernard, col. Thomas, s. of col. Thomas 
Bernard, m.p., by sis. of 3 earl of 
Donoughmore; b. 1816; ex-capt. 12 
lancers, lieut. -col. King's co. militia 
1855-71, hon. col. from 1871. high 
sheriff of King's co. 1837, lora-lieut. 
from 1867. 

Carlton ; Castle Bernard^ Kinnetty^ 
King's co. 

Bemers, 7 baroness (1455). Emma 
(Wilson) TjTwhitt, b. 1835 ; m. sir 
Thomas Tyrwhitt, 3 bart. 

Ashweuthorpe Hall, Wymondham, 
Norfolk ; Stanley Hall, Bridgenorth, 



Bemey, sir Henry Hanson, 9 bart. 
(1620), b. 1843; m. dr. of rev. Andrew 
Bloxom, T^-j'cross, Leicester : ll.b. 

Kirhy Beadofiy Noncieh ; 2 Cattle 
Street J Beauuutris, 

Bcrney, dow. -lady Agnes, dr. of Thos. 

Peck ; m. sir Hanson Bemey, 8 bart. 
BarriedAle, vise. (eld. s. of earl of 

Caithness^. Geor^ Philips Alexander 

Sinclair, d. 1858. • 
Bertie, baron (eld. s. of earl of Linde- 


Bertie, hon. and rev. Alberic, s. of 6 
earl of Abinedon ; b. 1846 : m.a. Oxon., 
curate of St. Paul, Middkaboro*, Yorks. 

Bertie, bon. Charles, s. of 6 earl of 
Abingdon; b. 1851 : lieut. royal Berks 
miUtia 1871-74, Ueut. 47 ft. 

Bertie, hon. Francis Lereson, s. of 6 
earl of Abingdon ; b. 1844 : a clerk in the 
foreign office, priyate sec. to under-sec. 
for foreign anairs (hon. B. Bourkc) 
from 1874. 

Bertie, capt. hon. Oeoige Aubrey, s. of 
6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1850: lieut. cold- 
stream guards. 

Guards ; Wytham Abbey ^ Oxford, 

Bertie, hon. and rev. Henry William, 

D.C.L., s. of 5 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1812 : 

feUow of All Souls*. Oxford, rector from 

1844 of Great Ilford, Estex (480/.) ; 

New Univernty Club. 

Bertie, hon. Montagu Charles, s. of 
lord Norrej-s ; b. 1860. 

Bertie, hon. Montagu Pcresrine, s. of 
eirl of lindesey ; b. 1815 ; m. dr. of 
rev. John Earle Welby, Hareston, Lei- 
cester: dep. -lieut. of Inncolnshire, ex- 
cept, grenadier guards. Heirpres. to his 

Uffington Souse, Stamford. 

Bertie, hon. Reginald, s. of 6 earl of 

Abingdon ; b. 1856. 
Bertie, hon. Mary, b. 1859 ; hon. Alice, 

b. 1865; hon. , b. 1873, drs. of lord 


», lady Charlotte Maiffaret, dr. of 
6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1809. 

Bertie, lady Elizabeth, b. 1888 ; lady 
Lavinia, b. 1843; lady Frances, b. 1844, 
dn. of 6 earl of Abingdon. 
18 Growenor Street,-W, 

Bertie, lady Creorgina, dr. of countess 
of Antrim and lord Mark Kerr; b. 1806; 

m. hon. and rev. Frederick Bertie (rf.), 
M.A., rector of Alburj-, Oxon. 

TVeston Manor jBicester^ Oxfordshire, 

Berwick, 6 baron (1784). William Noel 
Noel-Hill; b. 1802: dcp. -lieut. Salop, ex- 
lieut.-col. 73 ft., ex-lieut.-col. Snrop- 
shire militia, hon. col. 1 Shropshire 
rifle volunteers from 1862. 

Carltofi ; Army and Navy ; Atting- 
ham HoHsCy Shrewsbury, 

Berwick, dow. -lady. Sophie, dr. of 
Mons. Dubouohct, Switzerland ; m. 5 
baron Berwick. 

Beffborough, 5 earl of (1739), John 
George Brabazon Ponsonby, p.c. ; b. 
1809 ; m. 1. dr. of earl of Durham ; 2. dr. 
of 5 duke of Bichmond ; 2nd tit. vise. 
Duncannon ; sits as baron Ponsonby 
(1794): M.p. Bletchingley, Higham 
Ferrare, and Derby 1831-47, master of 
the buckhounds 1848-52, 1852-58. 
1859-66, lord steward of the household 
in 1866, 1868-74, lord-lieut. of Carlow 
from 1838. 

Brooks* ; Bcssborough Souse, Kil' 
kenny; Tarry hill^ Carlow : 40 Charles 
Street, Berkeley Square, Jr. 

Beit, hon. FredericK Bamewall, s. of 2 
baron Wvnford ; b. 1827 ; m. 1. dr. of 
Francis Hart Dyke ; 2. dr. of Henry 
Northcote, Crediton, and 'widow of capt. 
H. Crosse, 59 ft. : ex-capt. Bengal fusi- 
liers, served in the Indian mutiny, one 
of the corps of gentlcmcn-at-arms from 

Beit, hon. Henry Molyneux, s. of -2 
baron Wynford ; b. 18^. 

Junior Carlton; 7 Connaught Sq,, 
Hyde Park, IK 

Beit, capt. hon. Robt. Rainy, s. of 2 
baron Wynford; b. 1834; m. dr. of T. A. 
Swaysland, Crawley, Sussex: ex-capt. 

g'enadicr guards, sec. to the general 
nd drainage and improvement com- 

junior Carlton ; Crofton Lodge ^ Ste^ 
venaae, Herts ; 22 JFhitehalf Place, 

Best, hon. mrs. Samuel, dr. of col. 
Charles Duke; m. hon. and rev. canon 
Samuel Best (d.), rector of Abbotts- Ann, 

Bethell, hon. Albert Victor, s. of 2 
baron Westbury ; b. 1864. 

Bethell, hon. Arthur John, s. of 2 
baron Westbmy ; b. 1860. 

Bethell, hon. Edward Alexander, s. of 
2 baron "Westbiuy ; b, 1855. 



Bethell, hon. liichard Luttrell, eld. s. 
of 2 baron Westbury ; b. 1852: lieut. 9 ft. 

Bethell, hon. Slingsby, s. of 1 baron 
Westbury ; b. 1831 ; m. dr. of William J. 
Chaplin, M.p. : reading clerk and clerk of 
priratc committees or the house of peers 
from 1865. 

18 Queen** Gate Terrace^ South Xen- 
aington ; St. Annii Cottage^ Byde, lale 
of Wight, 

Bethell, hon. Walter, s. of 1 baron 
Westbury; b. 1842: b.a. Oxon., called to 
the bar at the Middle Temple 1868. 

Grafton; 3 Stone Buildings, Lin- 
eoM$ Inn, 

Bethell, hon. Florence Ellinor,b. 1853 ; 
hon. Ada Natalie, b. 1858, drs. of 2 
baron Westbury. 

Bethnne, bp. ; vide Toronto. 

Bethnne, sir John Trotter Lindcsay, 

2 bart. (1836), b. 1827; m. dr. of mons. 

Duval, Bordeaux : ex-lieut. 91 ft., dep.- 

lieut. of Fifeahire. 

Union ; KUconquhar, Fife* 

Bethnnet dow.-lady Lindesay-. Coutts, 
dr. of John Trotter, of D}Tham Park, 
Herts; m. gen. sir Henry Lindcsay- 
Bethune, I iMu-t. 

13 Frince*8 Gardens, Knightabridge, 

Bethnne, adm. Charles Ramsay Drink- 
water, C.B., 8. of lieut.-col. Jolm Drink- 
water ; b. 1802; m. dr. of H. E. Stables, 
Clapham : dep.-lieut. of Fife, served in 
New South W ales and in Cluna, assiB- 
tant to the hvdrographer of the admi- 
ralty 1846-49, member of the harbour 
and railwav department 1850-53. 

United Service ; 19 CromweU Boad, 
South Kensington ; Balfour, Fife. 

Beville, coL Henry, c.b. : commanded 
the left wing of tne Belooch battalion in 
the Rohilcund campaign, and 1 Be- 
looch regiment in the Abyssinian expe- 
dition, commanding 27 Bomlmy native 
infantry from 1860. 

Beytagh, hon. mrs. Sarah, dr. of 1 
baron Ffrench; b. 1790; m. Edward 
James Bejrtagh (rf.), Cappagh, Galway. 

Bickeriteth, bp. ; vide Ri{K)n. 

Biekersteth, archd. Edward, d.d., bro. 
of bp. Biekersteth of Ripon ; b. 1814 : 
M.A. Cantab., hon. canon of Christ- 
church, Oxford, prolocutor of the lower 
house of convocation for province of 

Canterbury, archd. of Buckingham from 
1853, vicar of Aylesbury, Bucks (360/.). 

Biddle, maj.-gen. W^illiam: formerly in 
the Madras army. 

Biddecombe, capt. sir George, B.N., 
C.B. : ex-master of the fleet. 

4 Deben Villas, Granville Bark, 
Blackheath, S.E. 

Biddnlph, sir Theophilus William, 7 
bart. (1664), b. 1830 ; m. dr. of 17 banm 
SomerA-illc: m.a. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of 
Wan^dckshire, major 2 Wann-ickahire 
militia 1855-58, Iieut. Waniickshire 
yeomanrj- from 1861. 

Junior Carlton; Birdingbury Kail, 

Biddnlph, lieut. -gen. sir Thomas Myd- 
dleton-, K.C.R., s. of Robert Biddnlph, 
of Ledbury-, Hereford; b. 1809 ; m. dr. of 
Fred. C. W. SejTnour : extra equerry to 
the Queen, receiver-gen. of the duchy 
of Cornwall from 1866, keeper of the 
Queen* 8 privy piurse firom 1867: lady 
Biddnlph is hon. bedchamber woman to 
the Queen. 

United Service ; Ambassadors* Oourty 
St. Jameses Palace. 

Biddnlph, col. Michael Anthony Shrap- 
nell, R.A., C.B., 8. of rev. T. S. Biddulpn, 
of Amroth Castle, prebendar>' of Brecon , 
b. 1821 ; m. Katherine Stoiiiati-Mavro- 
michaele: dep.-adjt.-gen. in Bengal 
from 1868. 

Biddnlph, ^lichael, eld. s. of Robert 
Biddnlph, of Ledbur>' ; b. 1834 ; m. dr. of 
gen. rt. hon. Jonathan and lady Alice 
Peel: dep.-lieut. of Herefordshire, parU 
ner in Cocks, Biddulph, and Co., banxers, 
M.p. (l.) llerefordanire from 1865. 

Beform,Brooks* ; Ledbury, Hereford ; 
31 Baton Place, S.W.; 43 Charing 

Bidwell, hidy Selina, dr. of 3 earl of 
Clanwilliam ; b. 1831 ; m. 1. Granville 
Edward Harcourt Yemon, m.p. ; 2. John 
Bidwell (</.), senior clerk in the foreign 
oflSce 1859-tO. 

91 Ofisloiv Square, South Kensing^ 
ton, S. W. 

Biggar, Joseph Gillis, s. of Joseph 
Biggar, Tram field House, chairman of 
the Ulster bank ; b. 1828 ; chairman of 
the Belfast water commission 1869-72, 
to^Ti councillor of Belfast 1871, m.p. 
(h.k.) Cavan from 1874. 
Tra infield House, Belfant. 

Bignold, sir Samuel, b. 1791 ; m. dr. 
{d.) of Wm. Atkins, Ridlington, Norfolk : 



dep.-lieut. Norfolk, m.p. Norwich 1855- 
57, nmyor of Norwich 1833, 1848, 1853, 
187*2, secretary to the Norwich union 
fire and life assurance company. 
Carlton ; Surrey Street, Norwich. 

Biigham, lord (eld. s. of earl of Lucan). 
Geor;^ Bingham, b. 1830; m. lady 
Cecilia, dr. of 5 duke of Kichmond : ex- 
Ueut.-ool. Coldstream guards, served in 
the Crimean war as aide-de-camp to lord 
Lucan, knight of the legion of nonour, 
and of the Medjidie, m.p. (c.) Mayo 

myites. United Service; 32 Portland 

JUnghtm, hon. Allx'rt Edward, s. of 
lord Bingham ; b. 1866. 

IHnghain, hon. Albert Yelverton, s. of 

3 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1840 ; m. dr. of 
James Begbie, m.i>. Edinburgh. 

HJTighftin, hon. Alexander, s. of lord 

Bingham ; b. 1864. 
Tttnghftin, hon. l^ntinck Yelvei-ton, 

8. of 4 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1855. 
iKnghftm, hon. l^arton Percy, s. of 4 

baron Clanmorris ; b. 1853. 
Kingham, hon. CVoil Edward, s. of lord 

Bingham ;b. 1861. 
Siagham, hon. Denis Arthur, s. of 3 

baron Chmmorris ; b. 1829 : m. Eugenic 

Gabrielle de Lacrctelle, of Burgundy. 

JtiBgham, hon. Francis Richard, s. of 

lord Bingham ; b. 1863. 
Bingbam, hon. Geoi^ge Cliarles, eld. s. 

of lord Bingham ; b. 1860. 
Bingham, hon. Henry Cluirles, s. of 3 

baron CUnmorris ; b. 1834. 
Bingham, hon. John Gcor^, eld. s. of 

4 baron CUinmorris ; b. 18o2 : ex.-lieut. 
South Mavo militia, ex-lieut. 28 ft., 
lieut. rifle ori^adc. 

y^g^^", hon. Richard, s. of 3 earl of 
Lucan ; b. 1847 : lieut. royal navy. 

Bingham, hon. Isabella, dr. of 3 baron 
Clanmorris ; b. 1843. 

^".y^ ' ^^"* ^^> ^* ^^ ^ baron 

C*uinnorrifl ; b. 1858. 
•^"g^*"> hon. Rosaline, dr. of lord 

Bingham ; b. 1869. 
j^nyji^m^ lady Cecilia ; b. 1838 ; vide 

lord Bingham. 
BLugham, col. George William Powlett, 

C.B., s. of capt. Arthur Bingham, r.n. ; 

m. dr. of col. Cox Bingham, r.a. : 8cr\'cd 

in the Pemian campaign 1856-57, and 

in the Indian mutiny, lieut.-col. half- 

5 ay 64 ft., commanding 41 brigade 
ep5t at Reading from 1873. 
Meadifig ; The Vines, Rochester. 

Binney, bp. ; vide Nova Scotia. 

Binning, lord (eld. s. of earl of Had- 
dington) . George BaiUio Hamilton Ardcn, 
b. 1856. 

Binstead, rcar-adm. Cheescman Hcnr^ ; 
b. 1797; m. dr. of John Fulleck, Lip- 
hook, Hants: agent for transports afloat. 
1828-34, assisting in shifting the naval 
establishment from Gibraltar to Malta. 

Bireh, sir Thomas Bernard, 2 bart. 
(1831) ; b. 1791 : m.a. Cantab., called to 
the bar 1817, dcp. -lieut. of Lancashire, 
and high sherifl' in 1841, m.p. Liverpool 

Reform, Brooks^ ; The HazUs, PreS" 
cot, Lancashire. 

Birch, maj.-gen. Walter : served with 
a wing of the 7 Bengal native infantry 
in the Southall rebellion 1855-56, in the 
Indian mutiny at the defence of the 
Luck now residencv, retired on full pay 
as lieut.-col. 104 ft. 

Birch, lieut. -jpen. sir James HolwelL 
K.c.M., 8. or R. Comyns Birch, Ben^ 
civil service ; b. 1803 ; m. 1. dr. of maj.- 
gen. sir Jeremiah Bryant; 2. Mary, dr. 
of capt. George Burden: judge-advocate- 
gen, in India 1841-52, served in the 
8utlej and Punjab campaigns 1845-49, 
secretary to the government of India in 
the military department 1852-62, re- 
tired on full pay as maj.-gen. Bengal 


Bird, vice-adm. Edward Joseph, s. of 
rev. Go<lfrey Bird, rector of Little "Wal- 
tham, Essex ; b. 1798; sailed on a voyti^ 
of discovert' to the southern seas, dis- 
covering Victoria Land 1840-43, and in 
1849 accompanied sir J. C. Ross in quest 
of the missing Franklin expedition. 

Birdwood, lieut. -gen. William Ilbert, 
K.E : retired on full pay as col. royal 
Madras engineers. 
OUnbume, Bideford. 

Birkbeok, hon. mrs. Marv, dr. of 1 
baron Hylton ; b. 1845 ; m. Edward Birk- 
l>eck (s. of Henry Birkbeck, Keswick 
Hall, Norfolk), dep.-lieut. of Norfolk. 

Arthur^s; 10 Upper Brook Street, 
Grosvcnor Square ; Horstead Mall, 

Birley, Hugh, s. of J. Birlcy, of Ford 
Bank, d.l. Lancashire ; b. 1817 ; m. dr. 



of J. Baxendale, Woodside, Middlesex : 
educated at Winchester, chairman of the 
national education union, partner in the 
firm of Mackintosh and Co., m.p. (c.) 
Manchester from 1868. 

Carlton ; Moorland, Withinffton, 
Manchester; 83 Cannon Street, B.C. 

Birrell, lieat.-^en. David : served at 
the capture of Mauritius 1810, in the 
Nepaul and Sutlej campaigns* Bengal 

Bishop, maj.-gen. Geoi^ William : 

* Bengal infantr}-. 

Bisset, miu.-gen. John Jarvis, c.b., s. 
of capt. Alex. Bisset. r.n., and grandson 
of rev. Dr. Alexander Bisset, Croydon ; 
b. 1819 ; m. dr. of Dr. Morgcm, o5 ft. : 
dep.- assistant - quartermaster - gen. in 
Kaffir war 184*5-47, ex-lieut.-col. Cape 
mounted rifles, brigade-maj. at Gibraltar 

Biuhopp, lady. Mary, dr. of rear-adm. 
Taylor, Brazilian navy ; m. sir Edward 
Cecil Biashopp, 11 bart. (extinct). 
9 Palace Ctate, Kensington, Jr. 

Biuhopp, lady. Mary Bickerton, dr. of 
rear-adm. sir James Hillyar, k.c.b., 
x.c.H. ; m. 1. rev. sir Cecil Augustus 
Bisshopp, 9 bart. ; 2. Walter Long (</.), 
of Bood Ashton, Wilts, m.p. 

Bittlei ton, sir Adam, s. of A. Bittles- 
ton, Maryport^umberland; b. 1818; m. 
dr. of George U. Heppcl : called to the 
bar at the Inner Temple 1841, judge of 
the high court at Madras 1858[-72. 

BlAchford, 1 baron (1871). Frederic 
Sogers, K.C.M.O., p.c. ; b. 1811 ; m. sis. 
of rt. hon. sir James Colvile : m.a. and 
B.c.L. Oxon., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1840, under secretary for 
the colonies 1860-71. 

Athen(et(m ; Blackford, Ivybridge, 

BlAchford, maj.-gen. Augustus Oeorge : 
served in the Punjab campaign 1848-49, 
retired on full pay as lieut.-col. 24 ft. 

Black, m^j.-gen. Bladen West, b.a. : 
retired on full pay as col. royal Madras 

Blmek, Henry, c.b. : formerly judge of 
vice-admiralty court, Quebec. 

Black, maj.-gen. James : ex-lieut.-col. 
Bombay staff corps, serA-ed in the South 
Mahratta campaign 1844-4^, political 
agent at Mahee Eanta 1859-74. 

BlAckbum, sir Colin, s. of J. Black- 
bum, Killeam ; b. 1813 : m.a. Cantab., I 

called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1838, justice of the queen's bench 1859. 
Juagei Chavfd>ers, Setjeanfs Inn, 
Chancery Lane ; 10 Ttxnc^s Oardensy 
Kensington, S. W. ; Doonholm, Ayr. 

BlAckett, sir Edward, 6 bart. (1673), b. 
1805; m. 1. dr. of sir Charles Monl^ 
bart. ; 2. dr. of sir W. Loraine, bart.^ and 
widow of W. H. Orde, m.p. : dep.-heut. 
of Northumberland, and high sheriff in 
1833, ex-lieut. 1 life guards. 

Carlton ; Mat/en Mall, Korthumher' 
land ; 34 Portman Square. 

Blackett, hon. mrs. Julia, dr. of 17 
baron Somorville ; b. 1844 ; m. col. Ed- 
ward William Blackett (eld. s. of sir E. 
Blackett), knight of the legion of honour^ 
maj. ha]f-pay rifle brigade. 

I Carlisle Street, Victoria Street^ 

Blackwood, sir Francis, 4 bart. (1814), 
b. 1838; m. 1. dr. of R. S. Pahner, 
Merrion Square, Dublin ; 2. dr. of rev. 
Edward H. Quicke, vicar of Newton St, 
Cyres, Devon : commander royal navy. 
Royal Naval Club. 

Blackwood, hon. Ian Basil Hamilton-, 
s. of 1 earl of Dufferin ; b. 1870. 

Blackwood, hon. Terence John Hamil- 
ton-, s. of 1 earl of Dufferin ; b. 1866. 

Blackwood, hon. mrs. William Steer 
Hamilton. Eliza, dr. of K. Hamilton, 
Clonsilla, Dublin; m. hon. and rev. 
Williun Steer Hanulton-Black wood (</.), 
vicar of Ballinderrj', Antrim. 

II Clarendon Square, Leamington. 

Blackwood, lady Alicia, sis. of 8 earl 
of Cavan; m. rev. James Stevenson 
Blackwood, ll.d., d.d., vicar from 
1856 of ifiddleton Tyas, Bichmond, 
Yorkshire (7051.) 

Blackwood, lady Amelia, sis. of 6 earl 
of Essex; b. 1811; m. hon. Henry 
Stevenson Blackwood (d.). 
4 Cadogan Place, Shane Street, S. W. 

Blackwood, lady Helen, b. 1865 ; lady 
Hermione, b. 1869; lady Victoria, b, 
1873, drs. of 1 earl of Dufferin. 

Blaikie, lady. A^es, dr. of Alexander 
Dingwall, Kannieston, Aberdeen; m, 
sir Thomas Blaikie (rf.), five times 
provost of Aberdeen. 

Kingseat, Aberdeen; 13 Stafford 
Terrace, Campdsn Hill, Kensington, W, 

Blair, sir Edward Hunter, 4bart. (1786), 
b. 1818 ; m. dr. of George Wauchope : 
dep.-lieut. of Wigtonshire and Ajrr- 



diire, ez-lieut. 93 ft., maj. -commandant 
1 Aynhire rifle Toluntcers 1867-73. 

Carlton ; Blairquhan Cantle^ Girvanj 
Ayr ; Bunskey Home, IVigton. 

BUdr, hon. mrs. Eleanore Jane, dr. of 
1 baron Moncricff; b. — ; m. Patrick 
Blair, admitted a writer to the signet in 
Edinoorgh 1860, partner in the tirm of 
Hunter, Blair and Cowan, 7 York 
19 Ainslie Fiace, Edinbttrgh. 

Blike, sir Henry Charles, 4 bart. (1772), 
b. 1794 ; m. 1. dr. of W'm. Whitters, 
Midhurst ; 2. dr. of sir Thomas Pilking- 
ton, bart., and widow of rev. G. A. 

Aahfield Lodge, Bury St. Edmunds ; 
Grolon Howe, Boxford, Suffolk, 

lUke, sir Thomas Edward, 13 bart. 
(1622), b. 1805 ; m. dr. of UUek O'Brien, 
Waterview, Gal way : dep.-lieut. of Gal- 
Menlough Castle, Galxvay, 

BlAke, adm. Patrick John, s. of sir 
James Heniy Blake, 3 bart. ; b. 1800 : 
served in Chmese campaign 1840. 
Thurston, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Slake, major-gen. Henry William : 
serred in the insurrection in Canada 
1837, and in Golcondah rebellion 1848, 
commanding Hyderabad subsidiary 
force. Madras infantry. 

BUkmey, hon. mrs. Mary, dr. of 5 
rise. Ashbrook; b. 1832; m. major 
Bobert Blakeney (second son of J. H. 
Blakeney, Castle Blakeney, Galway), 
ex 48 ft., served in the Crimea and m 
the Indian mutiny, aide-de-camp and 
military secretanr to sir £. Bhuceney 
in Ireland 1849-^, a Queen's messenger 

BlakMley, very rev. dean Joseph 
Williams, s. of John Blakeslcy, mer- 
chant, London: b.d. Cantab., dean of 
Lincoln 1872 (2,000/.) 
The Deanery, Lincoln. 

BUkUton, sir Matthew, 4 bart. (1763), 
b. 1811: M.A. Dublin, ex-Ueut. Staf- 
fordshire yeomanry. 
SandyorookeHall, Ashboume,l)erby. 

Hand, archd. G^rge : m.a. Cantab., 
canon of Durham (1,000/.) archd. of 
Northumberland from 1853 (213/.) 
The College, Durham. 

BUudford, marq. of (eld. s. of duke of 
Marlborough). George Charles Spencer 
Churchill ; b. 1844 ; m. dr. of 1 duke of 
Abercom : ex-lieut. royal horse guards. 

Blane, col. sir Seymour John, c.b., 3 
bart. ^1812), b. 1833 : ex-lieut. -col. 
Scots fusilier guards, knight of the 
Medjidie, militaiy secretary and aide- 
de-camp to the governor-general of 
India 1862-68. 

Whites, Guards' ; The Pastures, 
Mickleover, Derby ; Blanejield, May- 
bole, Ayrshire. 

Blane, dow.-lady. Eliza, dr. of John 
Armit, Dublin ; m. sir Hugh Seymour 
Blane, 2 bart. 

•+Blantyre, 12 baron (1606). Charles 
Walter Stuart, b. 1818; m. dr. (d.) of 2 
duke of Sutherland : den.-lieut. of Ben>- 
frewshire, and of Lanarxshirc. 

Travellers'; Lewwxlove, Hadding- 
ton ; Erskine House, Glasgow; Blan- 
tyre, Renfrew ; 41 Berkeley Square. 

Blantyre, master of (eld. s. of baron 
Blant%Te). Walter Stuart ; b. 1851 : 
capt. lladdington and Berwick art. mil. 
from 1874. 

Blantyre, dow.-ladv. Fanny, dr. of 
capt. hon. John Kodney, R-n^ chief 
secretary to the government of Ceylon ; 
b. 1792 ; m. 11 baron Blantyre. 

Bleckley, surgeon-major Thomas Mac- 
dougall, M.D., C.B. : served in the Crimea 
with 14 ft., and in the Ashantee expe- 
dition 1874. 

Blennerhaiiet, Rowland Ponsonby, s. 
of Richard Francis Blennerhasset. of 
Eells (grandson of sir Rowland Blen- 
nerhasset, 1 bart.) ; b. 1850 : m.a. Dub- 
lin and Oxon., a magistrate for Kerry, 
M.p. (h.r.) Kerry from 1872. 

Bejorm; Kelts, Cahireiveen, Kerry; 
33 St. James Square, S. W. 

BlennerhaMet, sir Rowland, 4 bart. 
(1809), b. 1839; m. dr. of count de 
Leyden : dep.-lieut. of Keny, and high 
sheriff in 1866, m.p. (l.) (Jalway 

Boodles; Churchtoum, Killarney; 
Blennerville, Tralee. 

Bligh, hon. Arthur Frederick, s. of 6 
earlof Damley; b. 1865. 

Bligh, hon. and rev. Edward Vesey, 8L 
of 5 earl of Damley; b. 1829: m. lady 
Isabella, dr. of 4 earl of Abergavenny : 
attach^ at Hanover and Berlin 1850-53, 
lieut. west Kent yeomanry 1853-54, 
chaplain to that corps 18do, rector of 
Rotherfield 1856-65, vicar, from 1865, 
of Birling, Maidstone, Kent (400/.) ; 



Sligh, hon. and rev. Henry, s. of 5 
earl of Damley; b. 1834; m. dr. of 
col. Henry Armytage, Broomhill Bank, 
Kent: m.a. Oxon., vicar of Nettlebed, 
Henley-on-Thames 1866-74, and fix)m 
1874 of Abingdon, Berks; 
The Kail, Jtotherfieldy Sussex, 

Bligh, hon. Ivo Francis, s. of 6 earl of 
Damley ; b. 1859. 

Bligh, lady Edith Louisa, b. 1853 ; lady 
Kathleen, b. 1864; lady Alice, b. 1860; 
lady Mary Rose, b. 1868 ; lady Constance 
Violet, b. 1869, drs. of 6 earl of Damley. 

Bligh, lady Isabella ; vide hon. and 
rev. Edward Vesey Bligh. 

Bligh, hon. lady. Julia, dr. of rev. 
Francis and lady Catherine Brownlow ; 
m. hon. sir John Duncan Bligh, 
i>.c.L., K.c.B. (rf.), minister at the 
Hac:ue, Stockholm and Hanover 1829-56. 
Shornclife Lodge, Sandgate, 

BliiMtt, Henry Frederick, c.m.g..: dep.- 
commiasary-gen. on the Gold Coast, and 
had charge of the stores in the Volta 
expedition under sir John Glover 1874. 

Blois, sir John Kalph, 8 bart. (1686X b. 
1830 ; m. dr. of capt. Alfred Chapman, 
K.x. : dep.-licut. of Suffolk and high 
sheriff in 1862, ex-lieut. royal navy. 

Conservative; Coekjield Hall, Yoz- 
ford, Suffolk; 6 Queen's Gate Flaee, 

Blomefieid, rev. sir Thomas Eardlcy 
Wihnot, 3 bart. (1807), b. 1820; m. 1. 
dr. of gen. sir Peregrine Maitland, 
G.c.B. ; 2. dr. of rev. J. D' Arc v Preston : 
M.A. Cantab., incumbent of AU Saints*, 
Pontefract, 1859-73. 
Jlolgate Lodge, Henuncorth, Pontefraet. 

Bloomfield, 2 baron (1825). John 
Arthur Douglas Bloomfield, g.c.b., p.c; 
b. 1802 ; m. dr. of 1 baron Ravensworth ; 
ex-lieut. coldstream guards, dep.-lieut. 
of Tipperary, ambassador to Russia 
1844, Prussia 1850, Austria 1860-71. 

Travellers* ; Loughton, Moneygall, 
King's County ; Ciamhaltha, Newport, 
Tipperary; iQ Holland Park, Netting 
Hill, W, 

Bloomfield, lieut.-^en. sir John, k.a., 
O.C.B., 8. of Patrick Bloomfield, Sligo; 
b. 1793: served in the Peninsula and 
at Waterloo, ex-aide-de-camp to the 
Queen, cx-inspector-gen. of artiller}', 
col. -commandant B brigade royal horse 
artillery at Aldershot. 

United Service; 108 Jenny n Street, 

Blosse, sir Robert Lvnch, 10 bart. 
(1622) ; b. 1825 ; m. laiy Harriet, dr. of 
2 marq. of Sligo: m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Mayo, and high sheriff in 1847. 
Brooks* ; Athavallie; Balla, Mayo. 

BlOBM, lady Harriet ; vide sir Robert 
Lynch Blosse. 

Blosse, dow.-lady. Elizabeth, dr. of 1 
baron Plunket; b. 1799; m. rev. air 
Francis L3mch ]31osse, 9 bart. 
Ballybrack, Dublin. 

Blosse, archd. Henry Lynch, s. of sir 
Robert Lynch Blosse, 8 bart.; b. 181^; 
m. dr. of rev. Robert Knight, of Tythegs- 
ton : M.A. Dublin, canon of lllandaft* 
(350/.), archd. of Llandaff frQui 1859, 
vicar of Newcastle-with-Bettws, Gla- 
morganshire, from 1839 (438/.) 
Neiccastle, Bridgend. 

Blount, sir Edward, d.c.l., 8 bart. 
(1642), b. 1795 ; m. cousin, dr. of Ed- 
ward Blount, M.p. : dep.-lieut. of Wor- 
cestershire, and high sheriff in 1855. 

Arthur* s ; Sodlngton^ Worcester; 
Mawley Hall, Clcobury- Mortimer, Sa- 

Blount, Edward, c. b. : consul at Paris 
from January to March, 1871. 

Blonnt, lady Charlotte, dr. of 11 duke 
of Somerset; b. 1803; m. William 
Blount, b. 1799, educated nt Stony- 
hurst, called to the bar nt Gray's Inn 
1833, dep.-lieut. of Bucks, m.p. Totnes 

Reform ; Orleton^ Hereford ; Orchi- 
hill, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. 

Blnnden, sir John, 3 bart. (1776) ; b. 
1814 ; m. dr. of John Knox, Dublin : 
dep.-lieut. of Kilkenny, called to the 
Irish bar 1840. 

Castle Blunden, Kilkenny. 

9lQnt, sir Charles William, 6 bart 
(1720), b. 1810: m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. Sussex, and high sheriff in 
1873, called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple in 1835. 

University ; Heathjield Park, SuS' 
sex ; 5 Warwick Street, Charing 

Blnnt, archd. R. F. Lefevre : m.a. Can- 
tab., prebendarj' of York, chaplain to 
Lord Hotham, archd. of the East Riding 
of Yorkshire from 1873 (200/.), vicar of 
Scarborough (300/.) from 1864. 

Blunt, major-gcn. Charles Harris, ii.A., 
C.B., s. of E. W. Blunt, Kempshott 
Park, Hants; b. 1825; m. dr. of col. 



James Tod : served in the Sutlej cam- 
paign and in the Indian mutiny, retired 
on full pay of licut.-col. royal Bengal 

East India ; 35 Montagu Square ; 
Kempshott Park, Basingstoke. 

Blunt, lady Anne, dr. of 1 earl of 
Lovelace ; b. 1837 ; m. William Scawen 
Blunt (s. of F. S. Blunt, Scrabbet, Sus- 
sex), b. 1840, attach^ at the Hague, 
Athens, Frankfort, and Madrid 1859-62. 
third secretary at Paris, Lisbon, and 
Frankfort 1864-65, sec-ond secretary at 
Buenos A}Te8 1867, at Berne 1869-fO. 
Crabbet, Orawlsy, Sussex. 

Blunt, lady Florence, dr. of 5 marq. of 
Hertford ; b. 1845 (maid of honour to 
the Queen 1865-71) ; m. rev. James St. 
John Blunt (bro. or major-gen. Charles 
Harris Blunt,c.B.),M.A. Oxon., chaplain 
to the union at Windsor, honorary' 
chaplain to the Queen and to St. George s 
Chapel from 1870, vicar from 1860 of 
Old Windsor, Berks (270/.) 

Blunt, lady Susannah, dr. of 2 earl 
Nelson ; b. 1829 : m. rev. Alexander Col- 
Tin Blunt (s. of Edward Walter Blunt, 
Kempshott Park, Hants), b. 1831, m.a. 
Oxon., rector from 1865 of MiUhrook, 
Southampton (516/.) 

Boeldng, de^an of ; vide H. Carrington, 
or R. T. Wheeler. 

dn, lady. Sarah, dr. of J. J. Miles ; 
m. sir William Bodkin (rf.), assistant- 
judge at Middlesex sessions 1859-74. 

Westhilly Highgate. 

Boerey, sir Thomas Hyde Crawley-, 5 
hart, (1784), b. 1837; m. dr. of rev. 
Thomas Peters, Eastington, Gloucester : 
ex-lieut. 69 ft. 

FlaxUy Abbey, Kewnham, Olouees- 

BoUeau, sir Frrjicis George Massing- 
ham, 2 bart. (1838), b. 1830; m. dr. of 
air George Nugent, 2 bart. : called to the 
bar at Lmcoln^s Inn 1855, ex-lieut. Nor- 
folk artillery volunteers, maj. 3 Norfolk 
rifle volunteers from 1867. 

Brooks ; Ketieringham Park, Wif- 
motidham ; 20 JJpper Brook Street, W. 

Boileau, maj. -gen. Francis Burton, r. A. , 
a. of Simeon Peter Boilcau, cousin of 1 
hart. : retired on full pay as col. royal 
Bengal artillery. 

Boileau, maj. -gen. John Theophilus, 

11.E., F.R.B., 8. of John Theophilus Boi- 

• leau, Dublin, bro. of 1 bart. : formerly in 

the Bengal engineers, chairman of the 
soldiers' daughters* home. 

31 Ladbrooks Square, Bayswater; 7 
Whitehall, S.W. 

Bolckow, Henry William Ferdinand, 
s. of H. Bolckow, of Mecklenburgh ; b. 
1806 ; m. 1. widow of C. Hay ; 2. dr. of 
J. Farrer, Halifax : dep.-lieut. of north 
riding of Yorkshire, a magistrate for 
Durl^m and Middlesborough, an iron- 
master, the first mayor of Middlesborough 
in 1853, M.p. (l.) Middlesborough from 

Reform; Jfartoft Hall, Middles- 
borough; 33 Prince's Gate, South Ken' 
sing ton. 

Bolingbroke, 5 vise. (1712), Henry St 
John; b. 1820: dep.-Ueut. WUts. 
White's; Lydiard Park, Swindon, 

Bologna, count Nicholas, k.o.m.o. 

Bolton, 3 baron (1797). William Heniy 
Orde-Powlett; b. 1818; m. dr. of ool. 
Crawford, Newfield, Ayr: dep.-liout. of 
the north riding of Yorkshire. 

Carlton: Hackwood Park, Basing- 
stoke; Bolton Hall, Bedale; 46 Princess 
Gardens, S. W. 

Bolton, col. William John, R. A., cm. o. : 
served in the Crimea, knight of the 
legion of honour and of the liledjidie, 
brigade-maj. in Canada from 1869. 

Bombay, 3 bp. of (1836), Henry Alex- 
ander Douglas, D.D., nephew of 5 marq. 
of Queensbcrrj- ; b. 1820 : m.a. Oxon.. 
dean of Capeto^-n 1852-68, consecrated 
1868, value 2500/. 

Cumballa Hill, Bombay. 

Bompas, bp. ; vide Saskatchewan. 

Boncampj, lady Maria, dr. of countess 
of Newburgh; b. 1825: m. cavaliere 
Boncampj, of Perugia. 

Bond, lady Selina, dr. of 2 earl of 
Eldon; b. 1843; m. Nathaniel Bond 
(eld. s. of rev. N. Bond, Creech Grange, 
Wareham), b. 1840, m.a. Oxon. 
Holme, Wareham, Dorset. 

Bonham, sir George Francis, 2 bart. 
(1852) ; b. 1847 ; m. dr. of rt. hon. sir 
Andrew Buchanan: m.a. Oxon., third 
secretary' at Vienna. 
Junior Carlton. 

Bonham, Edward Walter, c.b. : consul 
at Calais 18 -62, consul-gen. at Naples 

36 Lafudowne Road, Kensington 
Park, W. 

Bonnor, dean Richard Bonnor Maurice, 
8. of John Bonnor, Brj-n-y-Gwalio ; b. 


1803; m. 1. dr. of Mstthew Harrison, 
Crordon ; 2. dr. of William Dempster, 
of Skibii; 3. dr. of John Wood, Wor- 
thinc: k.i. Oion., chanc^Uar of St. 
Aiaph, dean of St. Anph &om 1869. 

Sry«-g-Otealie, Oiiceitry ; Dtanay 
SofUe, SI. Asaph. 
Bonny MiUe, kdv. Frances, dr. of cnpt. 
William Johnstone, 70 fl. ; m. col. BIT i 
Bichard Henry Bonnycastle (rf.) ' 

Bontins, Iiod. mrs. Anne, sia. of 14) 
baron ElpliinBtoEe ; b. 1828 ; m. William 
Cunaingluun Bontine, b. IS25, dep.- 
lieut. of Stirling. 

Brooks' ; Ardoth, Cardroit ; Garl- 
mort Hoiae, Stirling. 
BooTd, Thomas William, P.B.A., 8. of 
Joseph Boord, Hareficld Grove, Dji- 
bridge; b. 1B38 : m. Mai^aret, dr. of 
^omofl Mackinlay, F-S.A. : partner in 
Boord and Company, dielillen, u.F. (c.) 
(rTMHwich from 1873. 

Junior Carlton; 180 Btltiu Boad, 
Booth, rt. hon. George Sclater-, a. of 
W. Lutley Sclater ; b. 1826; m. dr. of 
maj. George Birch. Clare Park, Hants : 
ii.A. Oion., caUed to the bur at the 
Inner Temple 1 851, nssumed in 1857 the I 
name of Booth, capt. Hunts yeomanry, i 
M.P. (c.) Uanta North from 1857, sec- 
retary to the poor law bourd 1866-68, 
{resident local goyemmeiit board &om 
Carlton, Unittrnty ; Haddington 
Souse, Oddiham, Hants; 74 SI. 
Georges Stuart, S. W. 
Booth, Mr Robert Gore-, 4 bart. (1760) ; 
b. IB05 ; ID. 1. dr. of 1 tIk. Lorton ; 2. 
dr. (i(.) of Thomas Goold, master in 
chanceET. Dnblin: m.a. Cantab., dep-- 
Leut. of SliKo, high eheriff in 1830, and 
lord-Iieut. from 1868, M.F. (c.) Shgc 
from 1850. 

Cartton ; Listadsl, Camty, Sligo ; 7 
Buckingham Gate, S. W. 
Booth, sir WilliamsoD, 2 bart. (18S.5), 
b. 1805: dept.-lieut. Huntin^onahire, 
and Cambridgeahire, and high aheriff ii 

Windham; Woodbury Hall, Cam- 

bridge; Soydon Hall, Hie*. 

Booth, James, CD. ; formerly secretorj 

to the board of trade, member of tbt 

eouncil ond viK-preodent of Dniver- 

i FriiKs's Qardens, Kniahlsbridge, 

aarj'-gen. 1B18-M, pnnripa 
Bun-ey in Dublin 1824-56. 

17 Lansdovjne Creteenl, Chsltmham. 

BoothbT, sir Brooke, II bart (1660), 
b. 1866. 
Cropperdy, Oxon. 

Boothby, hon. mre. Georgina, dr. of 3 
baron Suffield; b. 1816; m. 1. George 
Edward Anson ; 2. Charles Edward 
Boothbv (nephew of air W. Boothby, 8 
bart.), b. 1820, a commissioner of taxes, 
secretary to the president of the council 
(earl Grani-illo and maiq, of Lana- 
downe) 1861-68, axe-bearer of her Ma- 
jesty's forest of Needwood. 

iraxelltrt- ; The jV™ Lodge, Ussi- 
tcood, Burtonim- Trent. 

Boothby, dow.-lady. Martha, dr. ofrer. 
Charles Boothby, yiear of Sottertoil. 
Lincoln ; m. rev. air Biookc Boothby, 10 

Bonngdon, vise (eld. a. of earl of Hor< 

BorlMeirear-a-lm. John, c.B. ;b.l812; 
m. dr. of W. Chads, Fnreham, Honta: 
knieht of the legion of honour, and of 
the Medjidie. 

BOTongh, sir Edward Richard, 2 bart 
fl8l3),b. 18O0; m. dr. (rf.) of 2 earl of 
Eowth: dep.-licut. of Dublin, ei-maj. 
royal Dubhn militia, head of Borough 
and Co., army agenta. College Grera, 

United Serrire ; Glenarana, Eoath, 
Dublin ; 61 Fitiailliam Square, Dub- 

1645), b. 183 
lutcfiiBon, o: 

ft.: ei-mai. 13 ft. 
1 Caslli, Eildarl; Sii- 

■e-striet Club, Sublin. 

._. air Eraamus Boniive«, 8 bart., 

rector of BalljToan, Queen's Co. 
Borrowai, hon. mra. Louisa, dr. of 3 
baron Eilmaine; b. 1831; m. Robert 
Higginson Borrowea, b. 1826, ei-capt 
13 light dragoons, high sheriff of Kildaie 

2 I 

; Gilltoum, Neabridge, Kil- 

hamBorthnickib, 1815; m. di. of T 



Hermitage Bay, Bochester : a stock- 
lm>ker at Bartholomew House, E.G. 

Carlton ; Soltraj/ House^ St. Andrew's, 
Fife ; 29 Serif ori Street, Mayfair. 

Borthwiok, master of (eld. s. of baron 
Berth wick), hon. Archibald Patrick 
Thomas Borthwick ; b. 1867. 

Sorthwiek, hon. Gabrielle Margaret, 
b. 1866 ; hon. Alice Bachel, b. 1868 ; 
hon. Violet, b. 1871, drs. of 11 baron 

Borton, maj.-gen. Arthur, c.b. : served 
with 9 ft. in the Afighanistan campaign, 
and with 27 ft. in the Crimea, knight of 
the legion of honour, and of tne Medji- 
die, commanding tne second infantry 
brigade in Dublin 1867-70, the Mysore 
division in Madras from 1870. 

Bofcawen, hon. Eveljrn £dw. Thomas, 
eld. 8. of 6 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1847 : 
capt Coldstream guards. 
2 St, Jame^s Square, S. W. 

Boieawen, hon. Hugh, s. of 6 vise. 
Falmouth ; b. 1849 ; m. lady Mary, dr. 
of 4 earl Fitzwilliam ; ex-lieut. 1 life 

WTiite? 8, Boodles; 40 South Street, 
JPari Lane, 

Bofoawen, hon. Edward James, bro. of 
6 tIbc. Falmouth ; b. 1829. 

Bofoawen, hon. John Richard de Clare, 
8. of 6 vise. Falmouth ;b. 1860. 

BoMawen, hon. and rev. John Towns- 
hend, bro. of 6 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1820 ; 
m. dr. of John Hearle Tremayne, Hedi- 
gan, Cornwall: m.a., chaplain to his 
cousin the 2 earl of Falmouth, rector 
from 1849 of Lamorran, Falmouth, 
CbrweaU {TOOL) ; 
Oxford and Cambridge, 

B(Moaweii,hon. Florence, b. 1822 ; hon. 
Gertrude, b. 1825, sisters of 6 vise. Fal- 

Boieawen, hon. Edith, b. 1851 ; hon. 
MabeL b. 1855; hon. Mary, b. 1856, 
drs. 01 6 vise. Falmouth. 

Boieawen, lady Mary ; vide hon. Hugh 

Boetook, John Ashton, m.d., c.b. : 
served at the battle of Punniar 1843, 
and in the Crimea at Alma and Inker- 
man, knight of the legion of honour, 
hon. surgeon to the Queen from 1859, 
surgeon-maj. Scots fumlier guards frt)m 
54 Cheeier Square, Fimlieo, S. W, 

Boston, 5 baron (1761). Florance George 
Henry Irby ; b. 1837 ; m. dr. of 3 baron 
de Saumarez : dep.-lieut. of Anglesea, 
capt. Bucks militia 1855-60, capt. 4 
Berks rifle volunteers 1860-62. 

Carlton; Hedaor Lodge, Maidenhead; 
Llanidan, Anglesea ; The Chrange, 
Hitcham, Taptow, Bucks. 

Boston, dow.-lady. Caroline, dr. of 8 
baron de Saumarez ; b. 1839 ; m., as his 
second wife, 4 baron Boston. 
12 Wilton Crescent, Belgrave Square, 

Bosville, hon. mrs., Harriet, sis. of 8 
baron Middleton ; b. 1825 ; m. Grodfrey 
TVentworth Bosville {d.). 

Thorpe and Gunthwaite, Kudstow, 

Boswall, col. sir Georce Aumistas Fre- 
derick Houston-; 2 bart. a836), s. of 
gen. Houston, o.c.B. ; b. 1809 ; m. dr. 
and heir of T. Boswall, Blackadder: 
dep.-lieut. of Berwickshire, ex-lieut.- 
col. grenadier guards. 

Travellers', United Service ; Black- 
adder, Chimside, Berwick-on' Tweed. 

Boswell, lady. Jessie, dr. of sir James 
Montgomery Cuninghame. bart. ; m. sir 
James Boswell, bart., of Auchinleck, 
Ayr (extinct), grandson of the celebrated 
James Boswell. 
Auchinleck House, Mauehline, Ayr, 

Botreanx, baron ; vide Loudoun. 

Boughey, sir Thomas Fenton Fletcher-, 
3 bart. (1798), b. 1809; m dr. of 
Thomas GhffardjChillington: b.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of Salop, and of Staffordshire, 
and high sheriff of the latter in 1832. 

Boodle's; Aqualate, Newport, Salop ; 
11 Clifford Street, Bond Street, IF, 

Booghton, sir Charles Henry Rouse-, 
11 bart. (1641 and 1791)^. 1825 ; m. 
dr. of J. M. Seveme, Wallop HaU, 
Salop : ex-lieut. 52 ft., capt. 10 Shrop- 
. shire rifle volunteers in 1860, high 
sheriff of Shropshire in 1860. 

Junior United Service; Bownton 
Hall, Ludlow, Salop; Bouse Leneh^ 
Evesham, Worcester, 

Bonltbee, vice-adm. Frederick Moore, 
bro. of J. M. Boultbee, of Springfield, 
"Warwick; b. 1800: employed in the 
suppression of the slave trade on the 
coast of Africa 1825-29. 

Bonrohier, mai.-gen. sir Geonze, B.A., 
K.c.B^ s. of rev. Edward Sourchier, 
Bramfifeld, Herts; b. 1821 ; m. 1. dr. of 
J. G. Lough ; 2. dr. of col. Bartleman : 



Benred in the Gwalior campaign, com- 
manded a field battery during the Indian 
mutiny, commanded the ^st frontier 
diBtrict of Bengal 1868-73, retired on 
full pay of col. royal Bengal artillery. 

Bonrchier, lieat.-gen. Eustace Fane, 
K.B., c.B. ; m. 1. dr. of C. Pillans, Cape 
Town ; 2. widow of Wilmot Soton : 
served in the Kafl5r war 1846, brigade- 
maj. of the royal engineers at the siege 
of Sebastopol, knight of the legion of 
honour and of the Medjidie, ex-com- 
manding royal engineers at Quebec, re- 
tired on full pay of maj.-gen. 

Bourchier, lady. Jane, dr. of adm. sir 
Edward Codrington, o.c.B. ; m. capt. 
sir Thomas Bourchier, r.n., k.c.b. (a.). 
Hampton Court Palace. 

Bonrke, hon. Algernon Henry, s. of 6 
earl of Mayo ; b. 1854. 

Bonrke, hon. Charles Fowler, s. of 5 
earl of Mayo ; b. 1832 : private secretaiy 
to the chief secretary of Ireland (his 
bro.) 1866-68, capt. royal Meath mihtia 
from 1856, inspector-gen. of prisons, 
Ireland, from 1868. 

Carlton. Boodle's ; Kildare - street 
Clttb, Dublin ; The Castle, Dublin. 

Bonrke, maj. hon. Edward Boden, s. 
of 5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1835 ; m. dr. of 
col. Cllffe Hatcn, Bengal staff corps : 
military secretary to the governor-gen. 
of India (his bro.) 1869-72, ex-m^. 3 
hussars, postmaster-gen. at Madras from 
Junior Carlton. 

Bonrke, hon. and rer. George Wing- 
field, 8. of 5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1829 ; m. 
dr. of archbp. Longlcy of Canterbury : 
M.A. Durham, rector from 1866 of CoutS' 
don, Croydon, Surrey (llOOl.). 

Bonrke, hon. Henry Lorton, s. of 5 
earl of Mayo ; b. 1840 : lieut. royal Bucks 

, yeomanry fix)m 1873, partner in the 
firm of Bamett, Ellis, and Co., stock- 
brokers, 18 Finch Lane E.G. 

Carlton, Marlborough, Boodle's ; 2 
Hill Street, Berkeley Square; Falmers- 
town, Naas, Ireland. 

Bonrke, col. hon. John Jocelyn, s. of 
5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1823 : served in the 
Crimea, Imignt of the Medjidie, served 
in the Indian mutiny, assist. -adjutant- 
gen, at Bristol for the western district 
1870-72, lieut.-col. of the brigade depot 
at Bristol from 1873. 
United Service, 

Bonrke, hon. Maurice Archibald, r.n., 
8. of 6 earl of Mayo ; b. 1853 : lieut. of 
the Agincourt from 1874. 

Junior Army and Navy. 
Bonrke, hon. Robert, s. of 5 earl of 
Mayo ; b. 1827 ; m. lady Susan, dr. of 1 
marq. of Dalhousie : m.a. Dublin, called 
to the bar at the Inner Temple 1852, 
M.p. (c.) King's Lynn from 1868, under- 
sec, of state for foreign affairs from 

Carlton; 3 Elm Court, Temple; 68 
Orosvettor Street, W. ; Coalstoun, Had- 

Bonrke, hon. Terence Theobald, s. of 6 
earl of Mayo ; b. 1865. 

Bonrke, lady Eva, b. 1858; lady Flor- 
ence, b. 1861, drs. of 6 earl of Mayo. 

Bonrke, lady Margaret, dr. of 5 earl of 
Mayo ; b. 1825. 

2 Hill Street, Berkeley Square ; Pal- 
mersfoum, Naas, Ireland. 

Bonrke, lady Susan; vide hon. Robert 

Bonrke, maj.-gen. Oliver Paget, s. of 
J. Ruttledge Bourke, Ballina; b. 1817; 
m. dr. of col. Edward Spread Mockler : 
served in the Affghanistan campaign, 
commanded 17 ft. in the Crimea, knight 
of the Medjidie, exon of the yeomen of 
the guard 1866-73. 

Ballina, Mayo ; 5 Martello Terrace, 

Bonme, lieut. -col. James, a. of Peter 
Bourne ; b. \%\% ; m. dr. of T. F. Dy- 
son: dep.-lieut. of Lancashire, lieut.- 
col. Lancashire artillery militia from 
1863, M.p. (c.) Evesham from 1865. 

Carlton, Conservative; Heathjieldf 
Wavertree, Liverpool ; 16 Suffolk Street, 
Pall Mall. 

Bonsfield, maj. Nathaniel Georgo Phi- 
lips; b. 1829 ; m. dr. of J. Barratt, Con- 
iston, Lancashire : formerly a cotton 
broker at Liverpool, a magistrate for 
Westmoreland, maj. 1 Lancashire rifle 
volunteers from 1860, m.p. (c.) Bath 
from 1874. 
Parkside, Kendal. 

Bontflower, archdeacon Samuel Peach r 
M.A. Cantab., canon of Carlisle (700/.), 
archdeacon of Carlisle 1867, vicar of Ap- 
pleby, Westmoreland, 1867, (320/.). 

T icarage, Appleby ; The Abbey, Car- 

Bonverie, rt. hon. Edward Pleydell, 
p.c, 8. of 3 earl of Radnor ; b. 1818 ; 



hl dr. of gen. Balfour, of Balbimie, 
Fife : m.a. Cantab., called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1843, under-sec. for 
bcnne department 18>50-52, chairman of 
committees of the house of commons 
1853-55, president of the poor-law board 
1855-58, a church estates commissioner 
1860-65. M.p. (L.) Kilmarnock 1844-74. 
Brooks\ Reform; 44 JFilton Cres- 
eeniy S.W,; Manor Home^ Market 
LavingtoHy Wills. 

Bouverie, hon. and rev. Bortrand Pley- 
dell, s. of 4 earl of Radnor; b. 1845; 
m. lady Constance, dr. of 3 earl Nelson : 
M.A. Cantab., rector from 1870, of St. 
Quint in^ Stantvn, Cheltenham (300/.). 

Bouverie, hon. Christopher Pleydell, 
8. of 4 earl of Radnor ; b. 1856. 

Bonverie, hon. Duncombe Pleydell, s. 
of 4 earl of Radnor ; b. 1842 : ex-lieut. 
55 ft. 

Longford Castle^ Salisbury. 

Bouyerie, hon. Frank Pleydell, s. of 
4 earl of Radnor; b. 1858. 

BouTerie, hon. Jacob Pleydell, eld. s. 
of rise. Folkestone ; b. 1868. 

Boaverie, hon. John Pleydell, s. of 4 
earl of Radnor ; b. 1846 : lieut. 17 lan- 

Boayerie, hon. Kenelm Pleydell, s. of 
4 earl of Radnor ; b. 1852 : partner in 
Garden and Co., stockbrokers. Royal 
Exchange buildings. 

Bonyerie, hon. Mark PleydeU, s. of 4 
earl of Radnor; b. 1851: called to the 
bar 1873, ex-lieut. Berks militia. 

2 TanJUld Chambers, Inner Temple ; 
52 Lower Orosvenor Street. 

Bouyerie, hon. Helen, b. 1867 ; hon. 
Wilma, b. 1869, drs. of vise. Folke- 

Boiiyerie, lady Constance; vide hon. 

and rer. Bertrand Bouverie. 
Boiiyerie, lady Edith Pleydell, b. 1848; 

ladr Gertrude Pleydell, b. 1858, dre. 

of 4 earl of Radnor. 

Boyill, lady. Maria, dr. of J. H. Bolton, 
Lee Park. Blackhcath ; m. rt. hon. sir 
William Bovill (rf.V chief justice of the 
common pleas 1866-73. 

BowBter, lady. Emilia, dr. of col. Michael 
Bame, Sotterly, Suffolk, m.p. ; m. gen. 
sir Edward Bowater,K.c.H. («?.), groom 
in waiting to the Queen 1846-62. 
Thatched Motise, Richmond, S. 

Bowen, sir George Ferguson, o.e.M.0., 
8. at rev. Edward Bowen, Toughboyne, 

Donegal ; b. 1821 ; m. dr. of count Can- 
diano Roma, o.c.m.o., president of the 
Ionian senate : m.a. Oxon., called to the 
bar at Lincoln's inn 1844, chief sec. to 
the government of the Ionian islands 
1854-59, governor of Queensland 1859- 
68, of New Zealand 1868-72, of Victoria 
from 1872. 

Athenaum; Government House, Mel- 

Bower, George Henry Kerr, R.N., c.b., 
b. 1812 ; m. ^ddow of W. Cruikshank, 
Langley park, Montrose : knight of the 
legion of honour, ex-master attendant 
Wctualling yard, Gosport. 

Bower, vice-adm. James Paterson, s. of 
Graham Bower, of Kincaldrum, Angus ; 
b. 1806 ; m. dr. of John Hickson, The 
Grove, Dingle: distinguished himself 
greatly in the Chinese war 1841. 

Bowie, mig'.-gen. Charles Vincent, R.A.: 
served in the Sutlej and in the Punjab 
campaigns, retired on fuU pay as lieut. - 
col. royal Bengal artiUery. 

Bowles, gen. sir George, a. c.b., s. of 
William Bowl^ Healhouse, Wilts; 
b. 1787 : served in Germany, the Penin- 
sula, Flanders, and France, military sec. 
to governor-gen. of Canada 1818-20 (5 
duke of Richmond), dep.-adjutant-gen. 
in West Indies 1820-2^ in command of 
lower Canada during the rebellion of 
1838, master of the household 1845-51, 
M.p. Launceston 1844-52, lieut. of the 
tower of London from 1851, col. of 1 
West India regiment from 1855. 

United Service; 27 Ourzon Street, 
Mayfair, W. 

Bowles, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dr. of 4 
baron Rokeby; b. 1818 ; m. Charles Old- 
field Bowles (a.), col. Oxfordshire militia. 
North Aston, Oxon; 22 Fortman 
Square, W. 

Bowmont, marq. of (eld. s. of duke of 
Roxburghe). James Robert Innes-Ker; 
b. 1839; m. dr. of 6 duke of Marl- 
borough: M.A. Oxon., one of the queen's 
body-guard for Scotland, m.p. (l.) Rox-^ 
bui^hahire 1870-74. 
Floors Castle, Kelso. 

Bowling, Edgar Alfred, o.B., s. of sir 
JohnBowring,LL.D. ; b. 1826; m. 1. dr. 
of T. Cubitt I 2. dr. of Lewis Cubitt, 
Brighton: librarian of the board of 
trade 40-53, registrar 1853-63, m.p. (l.) 
Exeter 1868-74.. 

Reform^Athemeum ; 69 Westboumo 
Terrace, JF. 


Bowtiug, Lewis 
rir John Bowring, ll.d. ; b. 1824 ; m. 1. 
dr. of adm. hon. bit John ToltMt^ 2. 
Eiitherine, dr. of mr. aerjeant fitUuis l 
in the Beiigal ctTil lerrice 1843-70, ei~ 
priiate wc. to goremar-g^D. of Iiidm 
(earl Cuming], ei-camminioner of Hj- 
Bore and Cao[^, » mnnitrate for Devon. 
Laeroekbert, St. Lvke'i Road, Tot- 

BowTing, lady. dr. of Tbomaa Castle, 
Clifton; m. «t Jobn Bowring, LL.D. 


honour and of the Medjidie. 
B«w7er, sir George, d.c.l,, 7 bart. 
(1660 and 1794), b. 1811: han. m.a. 
Oion., called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple IS39, reader lliere 1850, dep.- 
lieut. of Berlu, kmght of the order of 
Malta, knight grand crosa of the order 
of St, Gregory and of the Conittmtian 
order, author of the '■ Archbiahop of 
Weatminsler and the New Hieiarch]'," 
and several legal works, h.p. Uundalk 
1S52-6S, (k.b.) Wexford fnim 1874. 

Btform ; Radley Houtt, Abingdon, 
B»tk>; 13 Ktn^i Bench Watt, Ttm- 
. Bozall, sir William, v.s-s., d.c.l.; b. 
ISOO : entered as a student of the royal 
academr 1S19, auociale 18S1, a member 
trma 18fi3, director of the national gal- 
lery, Trafalgar Square, from ''""'■ 

Bwer, msj. -sen. 

retired on fklTpay as cot. 
Boyd, sir Harley Hugh, G bart. (177S); 

b. 1853. 
DmmawilUn, Sallycaitlt, Jntrim. 
Vtifi, Alexander Fielding, o.u.a. 
B^, dean Archibald, d.d. Dublin : 

bun. canon of Gloncester, dean of Exeter 

1867 (200(U.). 
Bojd, maj.-gen. Brooke : served in the 

Bunnew war. Bengal infantry. 
Boyd, m^.-^n. Hugh : retired on full 

paT as col. Bengal int. 

14 Sunderlarut Terrace, Bayswater. 
Bwle, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Shaanou), 

Bichard Henrj- Boyle ; b. 1860. 
Boylt, baron ; vide Cork. 
Boyls, hon. Algernon Douglas, e. of G 

earl of Shannon ; b. 1871. 

Boyle, hon. Edmund, bro. of 9 earl of 

Cork; b. 1831; m. dr. of gen. and lady 
Laura Honey: ei-maj. 86 ft., gentle- 
man usher to the viceroy of !&eland 
(earl Spencer) 1869-74. 

Army and Naey ; Dovmtidt Sotue, 
ChUcompUm, Bath. 

Boyle, hon. Edward Spencer, s. of 6 
earl of Shannon ; b. 1860. 

Beyle, hon. Fitzadelm Alfred, a. of fl 
earl of Cork; b. 1866. 

Boyle, han. Henry, s. of G earl of 
Shannon ; b. 1862. 

Boyle, hon. John, b. of 8 earl of Cork; 

b. 1803; m. dr. (if.) of lord Henry 

Fitzgerald and baroness de Bos : dep.- 

lieut. of SomerBetahire (if. Dec. 1374.) 

Socktcaod, Torquay. 

Boyle, hon. and rer. Richard Cavendish, 
R.af8eaTlafCork ;b. 1812; m.dr.of Alex- 
ander Gordon, uf EUon, Aberdeen : M.A. 
Oxon., chaplain in ordinary to theQneen 
at St. James's chapel from 1847, rector 
of Maraton, Somerset, (Tom 1836 (300i.). 
Xiiriton,Froi>u ; HunttrcoinbiBmat. 

Boyle, hon, Robert, s. of G earl of 
Shannon ; b. 1863. 

Boyle, hon. Robert Francis, a. of 3 
eart of Shannon; b. 181B; m. dr. of 
capt- William Hole, b.n. ; ex-omn- 
mander royal navy. , 

Puriey Lodge, Reading. 

Boyle, boa. Robert John, a. of earl 
of Cork; b. 1864. 

Boyle, hoo. Walter John, 8. of 5 earl 
of Shannon; b. 1869. 

Boyle, col. hon. William George, bro. 
of 9 earl of Cork; b. 1830: aide-de- 
camp to air de Lacy Evans in the Crimea, 
knight of the Medjidie, oi-cant. mld- 
■tream guards, h.p. Frome 1866-S7. 

Gnardi ; 10 Chetham Street, Bet- 
grace Square, S. W. 

Boyle, hon. mra. Robert, dr. of Ahi«- 
ham Wildey Hobarts; m. lienL-coL 
hon. Robert Edward Boyle (if.), a. of 8 
earl of Cork. 

Boyle, ladySarah, h. 1803 ; lady Jane, 
b. 1S12; lady Elizabeth, b. 1814; lady 
Chulotte, b. 1817, dis. of 3 earl of 

Boyle, lady Emily, b. 18S4 ; lady 
Grace, b, 1856 ; lady Honora Janet, b. 
1857; lady Dorothy Blanche, b. 18fi8; 
lady Isabel Lottice, b. 1860, drs. of 9 



Boyle, lady Gertnido Julia CaiT-, b. 

1861; lady , b. 1873, drs. of 6 earl 

of Glasgow. 

lojle, lady Elizabeth, dr. of 1 carl of 
Cottenham; b. 1837; ni. Gerald E. 
Boyle (8. of hon. John IJoyle by dr. of 
baroness do Ros), capt. rifle brigradc. 

lojle, Richard Vickars, (.-.s.!., s. of 
Vickars Bovle, Dublin : uncovenanted 
sen-ice of tndia, chief dt'ftMider of the 
Puckah House at Amih, during: the mu- 
tiny 1857-58. 

Boyle, col. Robert, ji.m., c.n. : com- 
manded the royal marines in the central 
American expedition of 1848, served in 
China in 1856. 

Boyne, 8 riac. (1717). Gusta\'us Hamil- 
ton-Ruasell; b. 1830; m. dr. of 2 earl 
of Eldon ; sits as baron Branccpeth 
(1866) : dep. lieut. of Salop. 

Carlton; Brjiiwrpeth <Jmth\ Dur- 
ham; Burwarton lloim\ Ludlow^ Sa- 
lop ; Staekallan, Meath ; 16 Grosvenor 
Qardemy S. IF, 

Boynton, sir Henry Somerville, 1 1 bart. 
(1618), b. 1844 : m.a. Oxon. 
BurtoH'Agneii Hall, HnU. 

Boynton, dow. la<ly. Harriet, dr. of 
Thomas lightfoot, Sevenoaks; m. sir 
Hcmy Boynton, 10 bart. 

Brabamn, lord (eld. s. of earl of Meath). 
Reginald Brabazon; b. 18^il ; m. dr. of 
11 earl of Lauderdale : thinl secretary 
in the diplomatic ser\'ice at Paris, 1871- 
73 : capt. Dublin county militia from 

Brahaion, hon. Henry, s. of 10 earl of 
Meath ; b. 1807. 

Brabaion, hon. Arthur Lauderdale le 
Nonnand, s. of lord Brabazon ; b. 1872. 

Brahaion, hon. John, s. of 10 earl of 
Meath; b. 1805. 

Brabaion, hon. Reginald le Normand, 
eld. 8. of lord Brabazon ; b. 1869. 

Brabaion, hon. Richard, s. of 10 earl 

of Meath ; b. 1806. 
Bimbttion, lady Kathleen, dr. of 11 earl 
of Meath: b. 1851. 

Braekley, yisc. (eld. s. of earl of Elles- 
mere) ; b. 1872. 

Bndted, 3 carl of (1815). Orlando 
George Charles Bridf^man, p.c. ; b. 
1819; m. dr. of 1 baron Forester; 2nd 
tit. viae. Newport : dep. lieut. of War- 
wickdiire, and of Staffordshire, m.p. 
Salop south 1842-65, viec-chambcrlain 
of the houwhold 1852, 1858.'>9, lord 

chamberhiin 1866-68, lieut.-col. 1 Shrop- 
shire rifle volunteers from 1862, master 
of the horse from 1874. 

Carlton ; Castle Bromirich, Bir^ 
mintfham; Westonhall, Shiffnall^ Sa- 
lop ; 43 Belgrave Square, 
Bradford, lieut. -gen. sir John Fowler, 
K.C.R., s. of Capt. Edward Chapman 
Bradford, of the East India sen-ice ; b. 
1805 ; m. dr. of sir William Ouseley : 
ser\*ed in the Bengjal cavalry in the Aff- 
ghanistan, Gwalior, Sutlej and Punjab 
campaigns. Bengal cavalrj'. 
Bradford, major-gen. Evelyn : served in 
the central Indian campaign 1858, in the 
Oude campaign, and commissariat oflicer 
of the Ensofzie field force 1863-64, re- 
tired on fuU pay of lieut.-col. Bengal 
staft' corps. 
Bradford, major-gen. Wilraot Henry : 
served in the Crimea with second battalion 
of rifle brigade, knight of the Medjidie, 
lieut.-col. h. p. late royal Canadian rifle 
Bradley, maj.-gen. Charles John : ex- 
lieut.-col. Madras stafl!" corps, com- 
manded the residents' escort at the 
attack on the residency of Hyderabad 
1857, second in command of 24 Madras 
native infantrj- 1872-74. 
Bradfltreet, sir John Valentine, 5 bart. 
(1759), b. 1815; m. dr. of Vincente 
iavier de Vinnesa, Burgos, Spain. 
Castilla, Chntarfy Dublin. 
Brady, sir Antonio, s. of Anthony 
Brady, royal William yard, Plj-mouth ; 
b. 1811 ; m. dr. of George Kilner, Ips- 
ifc-ich : superintendent of contracts at the 
Admiralty 1854-70, fellow of the Geolo- 
gical and of the Meteorological so- 

Thatched House ; Maryland Pointy 
Stratford, E, 
Brady, sir Francis William, Q.c, 2 bart. 
(1869), s. of rt. hon. Maziere Brady, 
lord chancellor of Ireland; b. 1824; m. 
dr. of bp. Kyle of Cork : educated at 
University college, London, called to the 
Irish bar 1846, queen's counsel I860. 

Hazelbrookj JCoundtown, Dublin ; 26 
Upper Petnbroke Street^ Dublin. 
Brady, doctor John ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. 
(</.) of J. Ra}-ner, Ely : member of the 
royal college of surgeons, England, in 
1840, M.p. (L.) Leitnmfrom 1852, dep.- 
lieut. of Leitrim, and of Cambridge- 
Medical ; Ely, Cambridgeshire. 




Brady, dow. lady. Mary, dr. of rt. hon. 
John Hatchell ; m., aa his second wife, 
rt. hon. sir Maxiere Brady, 1 bart 
26 Upper Pe^nbroke Street, Dublin, 

Brady, lady. dr. of D. Lynch, Dublin ; 
m. sir Francis Brady (rf.), chief justice 
of Newfoundland. 

Brakenbnry, lady. dr. of William Ni- 
cholson ; in. sir John Macphcraon Bra- 
kenbury, k.h. (r/.J, consul at Cadiz, bro. 
of sir Edward Brakcnbur}', of Skendleby 
house, Lincoln. 

Bramston, very rev. John, d.d. ; s. of 
T. Bramston, of Skrecns, M.r. ; b. 1802; 
m. L dr. of sir Nichohis Trant ; 2. dr. of 
Osgood Hanbury, Holfield Grange.Essex : 
M.A. Oxon., vicar of Witham 1840-72, 
dean of Winchester, from 1872. 
Tfie Deanery, Winchester. 

BramweU, sir George William, s. of 
George Bramwell, banker ; b. 1^)8 ; m. 
dr. of Bruno Silva: called to the bar 
ISSS, queen's counsel 1851, Iraron of the 
cxchecjuer from 1856. 

Serjeants^ Inn. Chancery Lane ; 20 
Hane Place, Sloane Street, S. W. ; 
Hever, Kent. 

Brancepeth, baron ; vide Bojme. 

Brand, rt. hon. Henry Bouverie Wm., 
P.C., bro. andheir pros, of 21 baron Dacre ; 
b. 1814; m. dr. of gen.Bobert Ellic« and 
niece of rt. hon. Edward Ellice: dep.- 
lieut. of Sussex, a lord of the treasury 
1855-58, parliamentanr secretary to the 
treasury 1859-66, speaker of the nouse of 
commons from 18/2, M.p. (L0Lewe8l852- 
68, Cambridgeshire from 1868. 

Brook8\, Reform ; Glynde Place, 
Letces ; The Palace, Westminster. 

Brand, Hennr Robert, s. of right hon. 
Henry B. W . Brand, speaker of me house 
of commons ; b. 1841 ; m. 1. dr. of Syl- 
vain Van de Weyer, ambassador from 
Belgium ; 2. Susan, dr. of lord G. H. 
Cavendish : ex-capt. coldstream guards, 
a magistrate for Sussex, m.p. (l.) Herts 
1868- Jan. 74, Stroud from July 1874, 
(unseated on petition 11 Dec. 1874). 
Brooks', Travellers*. 

Brand, sir Christoffel Josephus, ll.d., 

b. 1797; m. dr. (rf.) of col. Kuchler: 

8p<^er of the house of assembly. Cape 

of Good Hope, 1854-74 (pension 1000/.). 

Cape Town, Cape. 

Brandon, duke ; vide Hamilton. 

Braiaey, Henry Arthur, s. of Thomas 
Brassey ; b. 1840 ; m. dr. of major Stc- 

vesnon, of Toupwood, Hawkhurst : m.a. 
Oxon., called to the bar at Lincoln's inu 
1868, M.p. (L.) Sandwich from 1868. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; Preston Hall, 
Maidstone; 6 Cromtcell House, Crom- 
veil Road, S. W 
Braiiey, Thomas, s. of Thomas Bi-assey; 
b. 1836; m. dr. of John Allnut: m.a. 
Oxon., called to the bar at Lincoln's inn 
1866, M.p. (l.) Devonport I860, Hastings 
from 1868, licut. -col. commanding royal 
naval artillerv militia. 

Reform, ihtiversity ; Normanhurst, 
Battle; 24 Park Lane. 

Brassey, hon. mrs., Matilda Maria, dr. 
of 4 baron Clonmorris; b. 1850; m. 
Albert Bnuwey, b. 1844, b.a. Oxon., 
cx-licut. 14 hussars. 

Xaval and Military ; 3 St. George* s 
Place, Hyde Park, S. W. ; Adlestrop, 
Chipping Norton. 

Brasyer, col. Jeremiah, c.B. : formerly 
in the Bengal cavalry. 

Braybrooke, 5 baron (1788). Charles 
Comwallis Neville ; b. 1823 ; m. dr. of 
3 vise. Hawarden : hereditary visitor of 
Magdalene college, Cambridge, m.a. 
Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Essex, and vice- 
Ueut. from 1861, capt. 17 Essex rifle vo- 
lunteers 1869-71. 

Travellers* ; Audley End, Saffron 
Walden ; Billingbear. WokingKam, 
Herts ; 42 Upper Brook Street. 

Braybrooke, lieut. -gen. Samuel : served 
in the Kandian rebellion 1816-18, col. 
99 ft. from 1866. 

3 Oledhota Gardens, South KensinO' 
ton, S. W. 

Breadalbane, 7 earl of (1677). Gavin 
Campbell ; b. 1851 ; m. dr. of 4 duke of 
Montrose: sits as baron Breadalbane 
(1873) ; 2nd tit. vis. Glenorchv : lord in 
waiting: 1873-74. 

Junior Carlton; Taymouth Castle^ 
Perth ; Ardmaddy Castle, Argyle; 2i 
Charles Street, Berkeley Square. 

Brechin, 1)p. of. Alexander Penrose 
Forbes, d.c.l., s. of J. Forbes (lord 
MedwjTi); b. 1817 ; M.A.Oxon.jConsecra- 
ted 1847. Dundee. 

Brecknock, earl of (eld. s. of marq. 

Brecon, archdeacon of (St. David's); 
vide R. W. P. Davics. 

Bremer, lady. Jemima, dr. of commo- 
dore sir James Brisbane, k.c.b. : m. 
rear-adm. James John Gordon Bremer (d.) 



Iratherton, hon. mrs. Lsiibella, dr. of 
12 baron Petrc ; b. 1848 ; m. Frederick 
Joifce Ckturty Jlenhy-on- Thames. 

Breton, li«iut.-gen. Henry William: col. 
56 ft. from 1860. 

Sratt, maj. sir Wilford, k.c.m.o., bro. 
of mr. Juftticc Brett ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of 
Thomas Stephens : ex-maj. 76 ft., mill- 
tarv sec. at Nova Scotia 1856-62, at 
Malta 1862-68. 

Junior United Service ; Eaher, Sur- 

Brett, sir William Balliol, s. of rev. J. 
Brett, Banelagh : b. 1817 ; m. dr. of capt. 
Gurwood : m.a. Cantab., called to the bar 
at Lin<-oln'« Inn 1846, queen's counsel 
1860, M.p. (c), Helston 1866-68, justice 
in the Common Pleas from 1868. 

Carlton : Ennlsinore Gardens, 
Princv** Gate, S.JF.; Heath Farm, 

Brewster, maj. -gen. Heniy Craigie: re- 
tired on full pay jis lieut.-col. 76 foot. 

Brewfter, lady. Jane, dr. of Thomius 
PumeU, Scarborough; m. sir DaWd 
Brewster, k.h., ll.d. (rf.), principal of 
Edinburgh University: she receives a 
pension of 200/. a year. 
AUerly, Melrose, Roxburgh. 

Bridgeman, hon. Fi-ancis, s. of 3 e^vrl 
of Bradford ; b. 1816 : capt. Scots fusilier 

G Hards , White' s;i3£elff rave Square, 

Bridgeman, hon. and rev. Gcorm; 
Thomas Orlando, s. of 2 earl of Bradfora ; 
b. 1823 ; m. dr. (rf.) of bp. Bajrot of Bath : 
M.A. Cantab., hononuy chaplain to the 
Queen 1868-72, chaplain in ordinary at 
St. James's fi^m 18/2, reitor of Wig^an, 
Luicashirc '(1600/.) from 1864, hon. 
canon of Chester from 1872. 
Carlton; The Hall, IFigan. 

Bridgeman, hon. and rev. John Robert 
Orlando, s. of 2 earl of Bradford ; b, 1831 ; 
m. dr. of archdeacon Clive : h.a. Cantab., 
rector from 1859 of JFcston-utider'LiZ' 
ard, Shiffnal (465/.) ; 

Bridgeman, hon. , s. of lord New- 
port; b. 1873. 

Bridgeman, hon. mrs. Charles, dr. of 
nr Henrj' Cluimberlain, hart. ; m. viee- 
«dm. hon. Charles 0. Bridgeman {d.). 
Knockin, Otutstrt/. 

Bridgeman, hon. mrs. Heniy. dr. of 
hon. John Bridgeman Simpson ; m. hon. 
and rcv. Henry Edmund Bridgeman 

Bridgeman, hon. , b. 1870 ; hon. 

, b. 1872, drs. of lord Newport. 

Bridgeman, ladv Mabel, bom 1855; 
lady Florence, b. 1859, drs. of 3 earl of 

Bridgeman, huly Selina, dr. of 1 carl of 
Kilmorev, b. 1794; m. hon. Orlando 
Henrv l^ridgcmjm (d.). 
36 Belgrave Road, Pimlico, S. IF. 

Bridport, 1 vise. (1868). lieut.-gen. 
Alexander Nelson Hood ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. 
of 3 manj. of Downshire : duke of Bronte 
in Sicily, dcp.-lieut. of Somerst'tsliire, 
ex-lieut.-col. in Scots fusilier guards, 
groom in waiting to the Queen 1847-53,- 
clerk-marshal to the late prince consort 
1853-58, e(iueiTy in ordinary' to the Queen 
from 1858. 

Carlton : Cricket Lod(;e,Chard,Sotner' 
set; 12 Wimpole Streit, IF. 

Briggs, sir John Henry, s. of sir Thomas 
Briggs, a<'countant-gen. of the navy ; b. 
1808 ; m. dr. of L. Hopkinson : reader to 
the bo;ird of admiralty 1840-65, chief 
clerk 1865-70. 
4 Royal Crescent, Brighton. 

Briggs, sir Thomas Graham-, 1 bart. 
(1872), 8. of Joseph liVder Briggs, Bar- 
bados; b. 1833: m.dr.ofBenjimiin Carl- 
ton Howell, Barbados: member of the 
executive council of Bai'bados, and also 
of Nevia, memlnir of the general council 
for the L(»eward islands. 
Briyys'DayrcIl, Barbados. 

Briggs, gen. John, Madras infantry. 
2 Tenterden Street, Hanover Square; 
Bridge Lodge, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. 

Briggs, maj. -gen. George, r.a. : retired 
on full pay as col. royal Madras artil- 

Briggs, maj. -gen. Stephen Charles: 
served in the Coorg campaign, and in 
command of a force of tne Hyderabad 
contingent in 1857. Madras staff corps. 

Briggs, James, K.U. 

Briggs, William Edward, s. of Edward 
Briggs, The Grange, Blackburn; b. 1848: 
M.A. Oxon., a cotton spinner at Black- 
bum, M.p. (l.) Blackburn from 1874. 
University ; Bearduood, Blackburn. 
Briggs, col. Willoughby Lake, c.b.: 
served with the irregular Scindc horso 
1852-56, commanded the 1 Scinde horse 

£ 2 



in tlie Persian expcilition 1857, and the 
3 Scinde horae in the AbyBsinian cam- 
paign 1867. Bombay staff corps. 

Bnggii, lady. d. of Tliomas Lewis, of 
Cadb; ; m. sir Thomsis Brij^gs (rf.), ac- 
countant-gen. of the na^-y 1841-54. 

Bright, sir Charles Tilston, s. of Brails- 
ford Bright ; b. 1832 ; m. dr. of John 
Taylor, Kingston-on-IIiill : ex-capt. 7 
Surrey rifle volunteers, laid the Atlantic 
telegraph in 1858, of which he was one 
of the four original projectors in 1856, 
laid the Persian Gulf telegraph inl864, 
M.p. (l.) Greenwich 1865-68. 

Reform; 26 Duke Street, Westmin- 
ster ; 20 Bolton Gardensy South Ken- 

Bright, rt. hon. John, p.c, b. 1811; 

• m. 1. dr. of J. Priestraan ; 2. dr. of W. 
Leatham, Wakefield : cotton spinner 
at Rochdale, president of board of trade 
1869-71, chancellor of the duchy of Lan- 
caster 1873-74, M.r. Manchester 1847-57, 
Birmingham from 1857. 
Reform ; One Ashy Rochdale. 

Bright, Richard, s. of Robert Bright, 
Abbot's T-icigh, Somerset; b. 1822; m. dr. 
of ndm. T. WoUey, and widow of J. A. 
Gordon, of Knockespoc'k, Aberdeen : m.a. 
Oxon., called to tne bar at the Timer 
Temple 1851, a magistrate for Hants 
and Bucks, m.p. (c.) Somersetshire east 
from 1868. 

Carlton, Arthur's; Stocks House, 
Aldbury, Tring ; 9 Portugal Street, 
Grost^enor Square. 

Bright, col. Robert Onesiphorus, c.B. : 
served in the Crimea, knight of the legion 
of honour, and of the Metljidie, com- 
manded the 1 brigade of the Hazara field 
force in 1868, lieut.-col. 19ft., brigadier- 
gen, in Bengal from 1871. 

Bright, lion. mrs. Anna Marisi, dr. of 
3 vise. Canterburj-; b. 1841 ; m. Charles 
Edward Bright, of T>eigh "Wood, Too- 
rak, Melbourne, Australia. 
8 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

Brinckman, sir Theodore Henry, 1 hart. 
(1831), b. 1788 ; m. 1. dr. of 1 baron Go- 
aolphin ; 2. dr. {d.) of J. Corbet, Sun- 
dome Castle, Salop: m.p. Yarmouth 

Athena:um; St.Leonard*s, Windsor; 
Sundome Castle, Shrewsbury ; 40 Berke- 
ley Square. 

Brinckman, lady Cecilia, dr. of 2 marq. 
of ConjTigham ; b. 1831 ; m. Theodore 
Henr}' Brinckman (eld. s. of sir T. H. 

Brinckman, hart.), ex-capt. 17 ft., dep, 
lieut. of Tower Hamlets, m.p. (l.) Can- 
terbur>' 1868-74. 

Army and Nary ; 56 Park Street , 
Grosvenor Square. 
Brind,maj. -gen. sir James, R.A., k.c.b., 
b. 1808 ; m. 1. dr. of rev. G. H. Phillips ; 

2. dr. of rev. D. ^launsell, Balbriggan ; 

3. dr. of rev. H. J. Burue, Grittleton, 
Bath : commanded fort artillerj- at Delhi 
in 1857, commanded the artiller}' of lord 
Clyde's army tlirough Rohilcunii, and at 
the capture of Ban?illy. 

Ivy Cottage, St. Catherine's, Guilds 

Brisbane,! bp. of (1859).Edwar(lTufnell, 
I). I)., cous. of rt. hon. Henr}' Tufnell ; b. 
1814: m. dr. of J. Jolifl'e Tufnell, Lang- 
leys, Kssex : m.a. Oxon., rector of Beech- 
ingstoke 1846-57, select preacher at 
Oxford university in 1858, rector of St. 
Peter and St. Paul, Marlborough, 1858, 
bp. of Brisbane from 1859. 
Brisbane, Queensland. 

Brisco, sir Robert, 3 bart. (1782\ b. 
1808 ; m. dr. of George Rimmington, 
TMiefield house, Cumberland: dep.-lieut. 
o{ Cumberland. 

Crofton Hall, Wigton, Cumberland. 

Briie, coL Samuel Brise Rugbies, s. of 
John Ruggles-Brise, high sheriff of Suf- 
folk in 1852: b. 1825: m. dr. of sir E. 
Bowver-Smyth, 10 bart. : m.a. Cantab., 
ex-licut. 1 dragoon guards, dep.-lieut. 
of Essex, lieut.-col. commandant "West 
Essex militia from 1853, m.p. (c.) Essex 
east from 1868. 

Carlton; Spa ins Hall, Braintree, 
Essex ; Cavendish Hall, Sudlmry. 

Bristol, 3 man], of (1826). Frederick 
William Hervey: b. 1834; m. dr. of 
gen. hon. George^Xuson; 2nd tit. earl Jer- 
nmi : hereditary- steward of Bury St. 
E<\munds: m.a. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of 
Suffolk, M.P. Suffolk west 18d9-64, hon. 
col. west Suffolk militia from 1865. 

White's ; Ickworth Park, Bury St. 
Edmunds; 6 St. Jame^s Square. 

Bristol, dean of (Glouc); vide G. Elliot. 

Bristol, an'hdeacon of (Glouc); vide 
H. G. Randall. 

Bristow, maj.-gen. John William, s. of 
John Charles Bristow, and grandson of 
John Bristow, president of the board of 
trade at Calcutta ; m. Mar}', dr. of maj. 
Sebastian Nash, Bengal cavalry: ex- 



lieut.-col. Bengal staff corps, deputy 
commissioner in the Punjab 1867-74. 
Mitowe, Sainuol Botcler, s. of Samuel 
Ellis Bristowe; b. 1822; m. dr. of 
mons. J. Lavit : m. a. Cantab.^ called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1848, 
queen's coimacl 1872, recorder of New- 
ark 1869-70, M.r. (l.) Newark from 

Oxford and Cauibridge; 2 Paper 
Bttitdings^ Temple; Beenthorpe Jiall, 
Nottingham ; T\c*jjord^ Derby, 

Bziftowe, lady Alicia, dr. of 1 earl of 
Kilmorey; m. Samuel Ellia Bristowe 
(rf.), of Becsthorpc. Notts. 
Beesthorpe Ha4ly Newark, 

Srottdhead, vice - odm. Henry, s. of 
Theodore Broadhcad, m.p., and bro. of 
■Lr T. H. Brinckman, 1 bart. ; b. 
1807; m. miss E^n: served on the 
North American and West India sta- 

Broadhurtt, hon. nirs. Henrietta, sis. 
of 20 baron de Bos ; b. 1802 ; m. John 
Broadhurst (ff.), of Foston haU, Derby. 
Doicn Houte, Richmond Hill. 

Broadley, William Henry Harrison-, s. 
of W. II. Harrison, Ripon, and nephew 
of H. Broadlcy, m.p.; b. 1820: m.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of cast riding of York- 
shire, and high sheriff in 1867, capt. 
Yorkshire veomanr>' hussars from 18o6, 
M.P. (c.) Yorkshire, east riding, from 

Carlton, University ; JFelton, Brought 

Broek, very rev. Carey, m.a. Cantab., 
commissary-general of Guernsey from 
1849, dean from 1869, rector from 1850 
of St. Peter du Boisy Gttcrttsey. 

Broeklehurtt, William Coorc, s. of J. 
Brocklehurst, m.p.; b. 1818; m. dr. of 
William Worthington: capt. earl of 
Chcster^s yeomanry from 1865; presi- 
dent of Macclesfield chamber of com- 
merce, M.p. (l.) Macclesfield from 1868. 
Be/ormj Union ; Tythcrington, Mae- 
eU9field; 33 Milk Street, B.C. 

Srodie, sir Benjamin Collins, f.b.s., 
D.C.L., 2 bart. (1834) b. 1817, m. dr. 
of mr. Serjeant John Vincent Thomp- 
son : M.A. Oxon., preddont of the chemi- 
cal society in 1859 and 1860, Waynfiete 
professor of chemistry in Oxfora Uni- 
versity 1855-72. 

Athena; um; Broek ham Warren, Bei- 

Brodie, James Campbell, k. of J. C. 
Brodie, and nephew of John Clerk 
Brodie, registrar of sasines for Scotland ; 
bom 1848; m. dr. of Edmund W. Wood, 
Wathmds, Stafford : m.a. St. Andrews, 
dep.-lieut. of Moray, lord-licut. of 
Nairn from 1873. 

Lethen House, Nairn, 

Brodie, lady Eleanor, dr. of 2 earl Ducie ; 
b. 1844 ; m. Hugh ^Vshley Fife Brodie, 
R.A. (s. of W. Brodie, of Brodie), b. 
1840, dep.-lieut. of Elgin. 
Brodie Castle, Forres, Moray, 

Brodie, lady Maria, dr. of 8 earl of 
Waldegrave; b. 1824; m. rev. William 
Brodie (s. of sir Benjamin Brodie, 1 bt.), 
b. 1821, M.A. Cantab., vicar from 1867 
of East MeoH, Petersficld, Hants 

Brodrick, baron ; vulc Midleton. 

Brodrick, hon. and rev. Alan, s. of 7 
vise. Midleton; b. 1840; m. dr. of Philip 
Melvill, Bengal civil 8er>'ice: m.a. 
Oxon., rector from 1873 of Huagate, 
Pocklington, York (449/.); UnUed 

Brodrick, hon. Arthur Greville, s. of 8 
vise. Midleton ; b. 1868. 

Brodrick, hon. George Charles, F. b. g. 8. , 
8. of 7 vise. Midleton ; b. 1831 : m.a. 
Oxon., called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 

Athentrum; 32fl Mount Street, GroS' 
renor Square. 

Brodrick, hon. Henry, s. of 7 vise. 
Midleton ; b. 1838 ; m. 1. dr. of Richard 
Brounckcr; 2. Alice, dr. of capt. Alfred 
Chapman, n.y.: ex-lieut. 60 rifles, a 
clerk in the admiralty. 

Windham ; 12 Portman Street, Port' 
man Square ; Admiralty, Whitehali. 

Brodrick, hon. I^wrence, s. of 8 vise. 
Midleton ; b. 1864. 

Brodrick, hon. William St. John Fre- 
mantle, eld. s. of 8 >iBC. Midleton ; b. 

Brodrick, hon. Maria, b. 1799 ; hon. 
Lucy, b. 1809; hon. Emma, b. 1807, drs. 
of 4 vise. Midleton. 
18 Queen's Square, Bath, 

Brodrick, hon. Harriet, dr. of 7 vise. 
Midleton; b. 1834. 
4 Upj)er Grosvenor Street, W. 

Brodrick, hon. Augusta, h. 1854 ; hon. 
Helena, b. 1858: hon. Edith, b. 1860; 
hon. Albinia, b. 1861 ; hon. Marian, b. 
1869, drs. of 8 vise. Midleton. 



Brogden, Alexander, s. of John Brogtlen, 
Sale, Manchester ; b. 1825 ; m. dr. of J. 
Garstang, of Manchester: educated at 
King's College, London, an ironmaster 
at Bridgend, m.p. (l.) Wednesbury firom 

Reform; Lightbume House, Ulver- 
f(fom\ Lancashire ; 51 Prince s Gate, 
8. IV. ; Cot/trahctic, Bridgntd, Gla- 

Broke-Midleton, rear-adm. sir George, 
o.ii.,2bart. (1813) b. 1812; m.Albinia, 
dr. of Thomas Evans, Ljiuinster, Sus- 
sex : dep.-lieut. of Sufl'olk, and high 
sheriff in 1864, assisted at the attack on 
Bomarsund, knight of the Medjidie. 

Carlton; Broke Hall, Ipswich; 
Shrubland Park, Ipswich, 

Bromby, bp. ; vide Tasmania. 

Bromhead, sir Benjamin Paniell, 5 brt. 
(1806) b. 1838 ; m. Annie, dr. of rev. 
James Smith : capt. 40 Bengal native 
infantry from 1871. 

Thurlby Hall, Lincoln ; Agra, Ben- 

Bromley, sir Henir, 4 bart. (1757) b. 
1816; m. 1. dr. of col. Lancelot Balles- 
ton, M.r.; 2. dr. of Verc Fane, Little 
Ponton Hall, Lincoln : ex -capt. 48 ft., 
dep.-lieut. of Notts, capt. commandant 
3 Notts rifle volunteers from 1860. 
Arthur's ; Stoke Hall, Newark. 

Bromley, lady. Clara, dr. of Robert 
Moser, partner in Crawshay & Co., iron- 
masters; m. sir Richard Madox Bromley, 
K.c.B. (</.), accountant-gen. of the na>'y' 
during the Russian war. 

Brooke, lord (eld. s. of earl of Warwick). 
Francis Richard Guy Gre^ille, b. 1853. 

Brooke, lieut.-gen. sir Geonofo, r.a., 
K.c.B.,s. of H. Brooke, Bristol; b. 1790; 
m. dr. (rf.) of Peter Cochrane, Clippins: 
8er\'ed m the Bundelcund, Nepaul, and 
Sutlej campaigns, commanded the horse 

, artillery in the Punjab campaign, col.- 
conmiandant C brigade of horse artillery 
at Bangalore. 
United Service. 

Brooke, sir Richard, 7 bart. (1662) b. 
1814 ; m. 1. sis. of 4 earl of Fife; 2. dr. of 
sir Harry Main waring, bart. : ex-lieut. 1 
life guards, dep.-lieut. of Cheshire, and 
hi^h sherifl'in 1870, ex-lieut.-col. 2 Che- 
shire rifle volunteers. 

IVhite's; Norton Priory, Runcorn, 

Brooke, sir Victor Alexander. 3 bart. 
(1822) b. 1842; m. dr. of sir Alan Bell- 

Ingham, 3 bart.: dep.-lieut. of Ferma- 
nagh, and high sheriff' in 1867. 
Colebrooke Place, Fermanagh. 

Brooke, sir William de Ca]M;ll, 3 bart. 
(ISOZS b. 1801 ; m. dr. of 2 baron Sondes: 
M.A. Oxon., called to the bar 1826, high 
sheriff of Rutlandshire in 1852. 

University; Great Oakley Hally 
Northampton ; The Elms, Market 
Harborottgh, Leicester ; Aghadoe, YoU' 

Brooke, sir William O'Shaughnessy, 
F.R.8., M.D.; b. 1809; m. dr. of capt. 
John Sabine: m.d. Edinburgh, assumed 
the name of Brooke after his patronymic 
in 1861, superintendent-gen. of tele- 
graphs in India 1852-62. 

Brooke, maj.-gen. James Croft, c.b.: 
served in the Aflghanistan war with 31 ft. 
and as second in command at Delhi T^ith 
8 ft., major h. p. 8 ft. 

Brooke, niaj.-gen. Thomas, s. of sir 
Richard Brooke, 6 bart. ; b. 1816 ; m. 
Catherine, dr. of col. Draper, Scots 
fusilier grds. : lieut.-col.h.p.unattached. 
20 Chester Street, Belgrave Square, 

Brooke, lady Arabella, dr. of 11 earl of 
Huntingdon; b. 1811 ; m. George Frede- 
rick Brooke (s. of sir Henrv' Brooke, 1 
bart.) b. 1802, dep.-lieut. of Fermanagh. 
Ashbrook, Fermanagh. 

Brooke, lady Wilhelmina, dr. of 4 earl 
of Dartmouth; b. 1849; m. John Towns- 
bend Brooke (s. of rev. John Brooke, of 
Haughton, Salop, by dr. of John (jotes, 
Woodcote, M.pJ, b. 1844, b.a. Oxon., a 
magistrate for Shropshire. 
Haughton, Shiff'nal, Salop. 

Brooke, hon. mrs. Henrietta, d. of 3 
visc.Monck; b. 1826; m. Francis Richard 
Brooke {d.), high sheriff" of Dublin in 

Somerton, Dublin ; 1 Gardiner's 
Row, Dublin. 

Brooke, lady. Elizabeth ; m. 1. J. J. 
E}Te, Endclifle, Sheffield ; 2. sir Arthur 
de Capell Brooke, 2 bart. ; 3. R. F. Eaton 

Brooki, alderman Maurice, s. of T, 
Brooks, Abney Street, Dublin ; b. 1823 ; 
m. dr. {d.) of James Rose, Burford : 
window-glass manufacturer at Walsall, 
and a merchant in Dublin and London, 
lord mavor of Dublin in 1874, m.p. 
(h.r.) Dublin from 1874. 

Grcsham ; Sackville Place, Dublin ;. 
Temple Road, Rathmines. 



Brooks, WUliam Cuiiliffe, s. of S. 
Brooks; b. 1819; m. dr. (rf.) of K. Orrell. 
Stockport, Chester: m.a. Cantab., ralleu 
to the bar at the Inner Tenmle 1842, 
dep.-lieut. for Cheshire and Lancaster, 
a banker at Manchester, m.p. (c.) Che- 
•hire east from 1869. 

Conservadve, Junior Carlton; Barlow 
Hally Manchester ; 5 Grosvenor Square, 

Brothertoii,lady. Tliomasina, dr. of rev. 
"Walter Hare; m. general sir Thos. Bro- 
therton, g.c.b. (rf.) col. 1 dragoon grds. 

Broogham and Vanz, 2 baron (1830). 
William Brougham, bro. of lord-chan- 
cellor Brougham ; b. 1795 ; m. dr. of sir 
Charles Taylor, bart., m.p. : m.a. Oxon., 
called to tne bar at Lincoln's Inn 1823, 
master in chancerv' 183o-40, m.p. 
Southwark, 1831-3o, *lieut.-col. 1 Cum- 
berland rifle volunteers from 1863. 

BrotMham Hallj rcnrith, WeatmorC' 
land; *21 Berkeley Square. 

Broogham, hon. Heniy, eld. s. of 2 
baron Brougham ; b. 1836: m.a. Cantab., 
dep.-lieut. of Westmoreland, a clerk in 
the house of lords. 
21 Berkeley Sauare, W. 

Broogham, hon. Keginald Dudley, 8. of 
2 baron Brougham ; b. 1853. 

Broogham, hon. Wilfrid, s. of 2 baron 
Brougham ; b. 1842 ; m. dr. of Gaetana 
Viginti : ex-lieut. 17 lancers. 
Virginia^ U.S.A. 

Broogliam, hon. Sybil Maiy ; b. 1851, 
dr. of 2 baron Brougham. 

Broogham, maj.-gen. Tliomas, n.A. : 
served in Affghamstan 1841-42, at the 
defence of Candahar, in the Sutlcj 
campaign, and on the Pcshawur frontier 
during the Indian mutiny, retired on 
full pay as col. royal Bengal artillery. 

Broogntoo, sir Henry Delves, 9 bart. 
(1660) b. 1810: high shcrifl'of Stafford- 
shire in 1859. 

Broughton Rally EeelesJuill, Stafford. 

Brooghton, Heat. -gen. William ^win 
Delves, b.b. : one of the commissioners 
to survey the north-east and north-west 
boundaries of the British possessions in 
north America 1840-45, a commissioner of 
tiie poor-law boundaries in Ireland 1850, 
commanded the royal engineers in China 
1851-54, at Portsmouth 1854, at Portknd 
The Crescent ^ Surhiton. 

Brown, air William, 9 bart. (1686) b. 
1804 ; m . dr. of John Smith, of Dnmgans, 

AjTshire: a solicitor in Dumfries, ad- 
mitted a procurator in 1851. 
Irving Street^ Dumfries. 

Brown, sir John ; b. 1816 ; m. dr. of 
Benjamin S(;hofield, Sheffield: dep.-lieut. 
of Yorkshire, mayor of Sheffield, 1862- 
63, master-cutler there in 1865 and 
1866, chairman of the Atlas iron and 
armour-plate works, Sheffield, dep. 
chairman of Earle's shipbuilding co., 

Junior Carlton ; Unclife Hall, She/- 

Brown, sir William, c.b. ;b. 1812 ; m. dr. 
of W. Tindal, Avlesbury : assist, ac- 
countant-gen. at the war office 1857-60, 
accountant-gen. 1860-70. 

Windham ; Putney Hilly 8. W. 

Brown, sir William Richmond, 2 bart. 
(1863), grandson of sir Wm. Brown, 
M.p. Liverpool; b. 1840; m. dr. of maj.- 
gen. W. MountBtcvcn: dep.-lieut. of 
Northamptonshire, and hign sheriff in 
1873, hon. col. 1 Lancashire artillery 
volunteers from 1866. 

Union; Astropy Banbury y North' 

Brown, Alexander Hargreaves, s. of 
A. Brown, Bcilbygrange, and grandson 
of sir William Brown, 1 bart., m.p. ; b. 
1844: ex-cor. 5 drag.grds., col. 1 Lanca- 
shire artiller}' volunteers from 1869, 
M.p. (l.) Wenlock from 1868. 

Beformy Naval and Military ; Rich- 
mona Hill, Liverpool; 12 Growenor 
Gardensy Eaton Squarcy S. W, 

Brown, John Campbell, c.b. : hon. 
8urg. to the Queen from 1861, surgeon - 
gen. Bengal medical dept., fellow of 
Calcutta university. 

Brown, maj.-gen. John Read : retired 
on full pay as col. Madras cavalr}'. 

Brown-Orieve, gen. JohnTatton, r.m.; 
m. Jane, dr. of Alexander Kellock, m.d., 
lierwick-on-Tweed : served in Spain 
1812, in Algiers 1826, and in S>Tia 
1849-51, retired on full pay. 

Brown, cen. William Gustavus : served 
in the Punjab campaign, col. 83 ft. from 

Brown, coL William Tod, R.A., c.b.: 
served in the Punjab campaign, com- 
missary of ordnance and in charge of 
siege train and artillerj- park during the 
Indian mutiny canipiiioi- 



Brown, hon. nirs. Mary, dr. of 1 baron 
Abcrcromby ; b. 1811 ; m. col. Nicholas 
R. Brown (d.^ 34 ft. 
4 CUvelana Hotc^ St. Jameia^ 8. W. 
Browne, bp. ; vide Ely. 
Browne, sir Charles Manly, 4 bart, 
(1797) b. 1812; m.dr. (rf.) of T.Macau- 
lay Cnittwell, Pcrrjinead-lodge, Bath 
(divorced, 1863) : ex-capt. Durham 
artillery militia. 

Jtvgent ; Johmtoicn^ Dublin; Zaitff- 
ham Hotel^ W. ; Cooinbe Wood, Surrey. 
Browne, lord John Thomas, s. of 2 
marq. Sligo; b. 1824: ex-licut. royal 
navy, m.p. Sligo 1857-58. Heir pres. to 
his brother. 

16 Mansfield Street, Tortland Place; 
JFestportj Mayo. 
Browne, lord Richard Howe, s. of 2 
marq. of Sligo; b. 1834; m. dr. of Joseph 
Amcsbur}*, Brighton : knight of tno 
Mcdjidie, ex-major 96 ft. 
Junior United Service ; Reigate. 
Browne, lord Ulick, s. of 2 marq. of 
Sligo; b. 1831; m. dr. of W. S. Dieken, 
Bengal mcd. 8er>dce: under-sec. to the 
government of India in 1860, chairman 
of the justices at Calcutta in 1872, com- 
missioner of the north-west provinces from 
1872, member of the Bengal legislative 
council from 1871. 
Arthur's; Calcutta. 
Browne, lady Elizabeth, b. 1817 ; lady 
Emily, b. 1829; lady Augusta, b. 1838, 
drs. of 2 marq. of SUgo. 
Browne, lady Ellen, dr. of 3 carl of 
Kenmare ; b. 1826. 
8 Charles Street, Loicndes Square. 

Browne, lady Margaret, dr. of 4 earl of 
Kenmare ; b. 1862. 

Browne, hon. Arthur Henry, s. of 3 
baron Kilmaine ; b. 1850. 

Browne, hon. Cecil Augustine, s. of 4 

earl of Kenmare ; b. 1864. 
Browne, hon. Edward David, s. of 3 

baron Kilmaine; b.l844: lieut.roy.nav}\ 
Junior Army and Navy. 
Browne, hon. Crcorge Augustus, s. of 2 

baron Kihnaine ; b. 1801 ; m. 1. dr. of sir 

Charles Morgan; 2. dr. of Charles 

Prideaux Brune^ of Prideaux Place, 

Cornwall : ex-maior 46 ft. 

Carlton, United Service ; 2S Lowndes 

Square, S. W. 
Browne, hon. and very rev. Henry 

Montagu, s. of 2 baron Kilmaine; b. 1799; 

m. dr. (</.) of 1 vise. Frankfort-dc-Mont- 

morenc}': m.a. Dublin, dean of lismore 
from ItoO, rector of Burnchurch, Ben- 
nettsbridge, Kilkenny, 1860. 

Browne, hon. Richard Howe, s. of 
baron Kilmaine ; b. 1811; m. cousin, dr. of 
col. hon. John Browne: ex-lieut. 2 hus- 
sars, dep.-lieut. of Surrey,and high sheriff 
in 1858. 
Crouch Oak, Surrey. 

Browne, hon. William, s. of 1 earl of 
Kenmare; b. 1791; m. dr. (rf.) of Thomas 
Segravc: dep.-lieut. of Kerry, m.p. 
Kerry CO. 1841-47. 

Browne, hon. Julia, b. 1842; hon. 
Gertrude, b. 1846, drs. of 3 bar. Kilmaine. 

Browne, hon. nirs. Geoi^na, dr. of 2 
baron Decit's ; b.l812; m. l.Wm. Watson; 
2. Hcnrj* EdwanJes Brown. 

Browne, .sir Thomas Gore, c. B. , k. c. M. o. , 
bro. of bp. of Winchester ; b. 1807 ; m. 
dr. of J. Campbell, of Craigie House, 
AjTshire : ex-ueut.-col. 41 ft. which he 
commanded during the whole of the 
Affghanistnu ctmipaign, governor of St. 
Helena 1851-54, of New Ze^riand 1854-61, 
of Tasmania 18G2-70, of Bermuda 1870- 

United Service, Athcntvum ; West 
Hill, Harrow. 

Browne, col. Anibew, c. b. : kuicrht of 
the legion of honour, and of the Medji- 
dic, served in the Crimea, and in China 
1860, licut.-<ol. h. p. 44 ft. 

Browne, lieut.-col. Oeoi^% c.b., bro. of 
lieut.-gcn. sir Thomas H. Browne, 
K.C.H., and of mi's. Felicia Hemans; m. 
dr. of Rev. C. Irwin : ex-lieut. -col. 23 
ft., served with 23 ft. in Portugal and 
Spain, in the AValcheren expedition, 
and in the Peninsula. 

Browne, Georpfi! Eakins, b. 1837 ; m. 
dr. of M. Blake, of Ballinafad, Mayo : a 
magistrate for Mayo, M.r. (u.a.) for 
Mavo from 1870. 

Browmtttoicn, Ballinrobe, Mayo ; 33 
Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington^ 

Browne, col. James F. Manners, R.E., 
C.H., s. of hon. and very rev. Henry 
Bro^^Tie; b. 1824; m. dr. of J. Hunt, 
Quebec : sen-ed in the Crimea, knight 
of the legion of honour, and of the 
Medjidit;, dep.-ad^utiuit-gen. of royal 
engineers from 18/1. 

War Office; 41 FAvaston Place^ 
South Kensington. 

Browne, archdeacon Robert William, 
F.O.8., s. of W. Browne, Kennington; 


WeUs (eOW.), archdeacon of Bath 1860 
CiOOL), roctor of Weeton-supcr-Mute, 
Somerset (2C4/.). 

AthfMum; Tie Liberty, WrlU, 

BnwiB, miuor-geD. Sainuvl Jbiiics, 
y.C\, c-ii. : served in tht Puajub vasn- 
piujp, vommandeil 2 Punjab cavalry 

gal etult' varp«. 

Brawns, gen, Walter John, c.B. ; m. 
dr. of niujor Cluttcibuek, WBrkworth. 
Bombay inriiulrj'. 

Brawne, rcar'iulm. 'William Cheaeldoo, 
1. of Suffield Brown, l.ecRhar}>c Boll, 
LeifcAer: h. 1805; m.dr. of vice-ndin. 
BiiDucI Ifood Liozce (nt-phew of 1 via- 
countMi Uood) : inspecting commander 
of coaM guard 1836-17, nt the battle of 
AJgirni. vcen'tary to the royal yacht 
•quadnni at Cowei ]ai3-60. 

Bnwnlow, 3 earl (1815). Aaelbcrt 
Wellington Urownlow Cuat: b.1844: ni. 
dr. of a) earl of Shrewsbury ; 2nd tit. 
tIac. jVlford t ex-lieut- grenadier guards- 
H.I-. north Salop 1866-67, cx-coloncl 
&Jap militia, lord-lieut. of I.invnln- 
■hire from liS6T, an ecdeaiastical tom- 

; BeUou Homf, Grantham ; 
Ath ridge Park, Btrkhempttted, Scrij ; 
36 Brlgrare Square. 

Bnwnlow, col. wr Cliarlaa Htnry, 
K.c.B. ; b. ISaO: wrred in the Punjab 
csmpaifni, and in China, Ride-de-camp 
to the Uucen from 1HS9, col. 'command- 
ant -id Punjab native infantry 186.i-72, 
brigadier-gen. -eomouLnding i{Awul Pin- 
dee brigade &om 1872. 
Baicul Pindee, Bengal, 

Bnwnlow, hon. Edwuil, s. of 1 baron 
Laigan;b. 1836; m.dr. of John Hardy, 
ci-toiudI at Cuba: ex-capt. fit-oU fun't- 
lier guania, hon. colonel .Vrmagh militia 
from 1887. 

Brownlow, hon. Francia Cecil, s. of 2 

' bnion Lorgon ; b. 1870. 

' iw, hon. John Roderick, s. of 
n Lurgan ; b. 1865. 
>w, hon. William, eld. a. of 2 
baron Lurgan ; b. 1858. 

Brownlow, hon. Emily, b. 1S51; hon. 
Clara Agues, b. 1855 ; hon. Loiuta, b. 
1861 ; hon. Iiabella, b. 18G4 ) hon. Cle- 

mentina, b. 1868, dra. of 2 barou 

BnwniigK, sir Kobert William, i 
bart. (1S16) b. 1817: b.a. Oxon. 

TravfOtrt'; 12 W'«( Ealgi, Flati, 
Belgrade Sqanre, If. 

Brawnrigg, mnjor-gun. John Stnd- 
holme, CD., s. of J. S. Urowurigg, H.P. : 
b. 1814; m. dr. of rt. hon. sir Eenn' 
Watkj'n W}-nn : served as OBsistant a^- 
jutant-^en.' in the Crimea, knigbt of 
tlie legion of honour, and of the Uedji- 
die. coimuanding sauth-uHElcrn district 
1867-71, at Chatham 1871-73. provin- 
cial grand master of the frunnasana for 
Surrey, a miigislrate fur Middlesei. 

91 Vitioria Street, Wtilmiiattr, 
S.W.; A.hford Lodge, Slainei, Mid- 

Brownrigg, lady. dr. of ri-v. Thoinaa 
Cooke; m. air Henry John Brownrigg, 
C'.H. (rf.), inspcctor-gen. of constabulary 
in Ireland, 1858-65 (nephew of gen. or 
Kobert BrownrijtB. 1 bart.). 

Btqm, earl (eld. 9. of uiarq. of Ailes- 

Brooo, boron (eld. s. of earl of Elgin). 
Bnioe, sir Henry Hervey, 3 bart.(180*), 

b. 1830; m. dr. of sirJuckea Cliilon, 8 

bart. : ei-Ueut. 1 lifeguards, dcp.-heut. 

of LondondeiT)-. and higti aherilf in 

1845, u.r. (c.) Coleniimi 1862-74. 
JuHtor iiiited &min; BotCHhOi, 

CoUrainei 7 Fortmnii Square. 
Braoa. niaj. -gen. Kobeii : iierved in the 

KafUr war 1851-53. liuut.-col. h.p. 2 ft. 
BroM, sir Willinm Cunningluim. 6 

bart. (1629), b. 1821 ; m. dr. (</:) of hon. 

Waller O'Urad), a.C. : ex-cupt.74 ft., 

dep.-lieut. of Stu-linnhire. 

Stetihinue, SiYtirt; ScoIsIokii, Aber- 

Brum, lord Charles Brudenell, s. of 1 
marq. of .\ile«burv; b. 1834; m. dr. of. 
F. C. Sej-mour (cousin of 5 marq. of 
Hertford); ex-captain 1 life guards, tapt. 

I Wilts ycomanrv from 1861, u.r. (l.) 
Wais north 186.J-74. 

TrateOer,-, mitc't; 10 Scrt/ard 

' Street, M«!/fair, 

Braoa, rt. hon. lonl Ernest Augustus 
llrudenetl. cc, a. of 1 marq. of Ailea- 

I buT)'; b.l811; m.dr. of 2 baron Defies : 
M.A, Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Wilts, lord 
of the hedchamberto William IV. 1834- 

] 35, vioe-chambcrlain of the Quocn's 
household 1841-46.18J2-5S,majoi Wills 



yeomanry from 1861, m.p. (l.) Marl- 
Dorough from 1832. 

Boodle's; 6 St. Georges Flace, 
Hyde Park Corner ; 6 Chichester Ter- 
race, Kemp Town, Brighton. 

Bmoe, hen. Charles Granville, s. of 1 
baron Abcrdare ; b. 1866. 

Brace, hon. Frederick John, s. of 8 
earl of Elgin ; b. 18o4 : a page of honour 
to the Queen 1869-71. 
Broomhall, Fife. 

Bmce, hon. Henry Campbell, eld. s. 
of I baron Abcrdare ; b. 1851. 

Bruoe, hon. Robert, s. of 8 earl of 
Elgin ;b. 1851. 

Brace, hon. Thomas Charles, s. of 7 
earl of Elgin ; b. 1825 ; m. dr. of Thomas 
Thomhill, Riddlesworth Hall, Norfolk : 
M.A. (wrangler) Cantab.,calledtothe bar 
at the Inner Temple 1854, eapt. 32 Mid- 
dlesex rifle volunteers from 1860, M.p. (c.) 
Portsmouth from 1874. 

Carlton; 42 Hill Street, Berkeley 

Brace, hon. William Napier, s. of 1 
baron Aberdare ; b. 1858. 

Brace, hon. Jesse Frances, b. 18 — ; 
hon. , b. ; hon. , b. ; 






-. b. 

drs. of 1 baron Aberdare. 

Brace, hon. mrs. Robert, dr. of sir 
Michael Shaw Stewart, bart. ; m. maj.- 
gen. hon. Robert Bruce (rf.), governor 
to the Prince of "Wales: extra-bed- 
chamber woman to the Queen 1862-66, 
bedchamber woman in ordinary to the 
Queen from 1866, bedchamber woman 
to the princess of Wales 1863-65, extra 
bedchainber woman from 1865. 

Colour Court ,^St. James' sPalacCyS. JF. 

Brace, hon. mrs. Harriet, dr. of 3 
baron Rivers; b. 1816; m. Charles Dash- 
wood Bruce (rf.), s. of hon. Charles 
Andrew Bruce, governor of Prince of 
Wales's Island. 

Brace, lady. Emma, dr. of J. Ramsbot- 
tom, Clewer Lodge, Windsor, m.p. ; m. 1. 
sir Stewart Bruce, 1 bart. (ext.) ; 2. 
Bernard de Koetteritz, col. imperial 
Russian guard. 

Braen, Henry, s. of col. Henry Bruen, 
M.P.; b. 1828; m. dr. of col. E. M. 
Conolly, M.p. : dep.-lieut. of Carlow, 

and hi^h sheriff in 1855, m.p. (c.) Car- 
low CO. from 1857. 

Carlton; Oak Parky Carlow; Sack- 
viUe Street Club, Dttblin ; Coalbatcu, 

Brane, hon. mrs. Ellen Jane, dr. of 1 
baron Carew ; b. 1824 ; m. Charles Gh-nne 
Prideaux-Brune, b. 1821, dep.-lieut. of 

Prideaux Place, Cornwall ; Plumber, 
Hants ; 20 Charles Street, Berkeley So. 

Bryan, George Leopold, s. of col. 
George Bryan, Jenkinstown, grandson 
of capt. Bryan, m.p. ; b. 1828 ; m. lady 
Elizaoeth, dr. of 2 marq. of Con>'ngham : 
M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Kilkenny, 
and high sherift' in 1852, m.p. (h.r.) 
Kilkenny from 1865. 

Reform ; Jenkinstown Park, KU- 
kenny ; bo Jermyn Street, St. James's, 

Bryan, lady Elizabeth ; vide George 
Leopold Bryan. 

Brydges, sir Harford James Jones, 2 

bart. (1807) b. 1808 ; m. dr. of capt. 

John Maberley, r.n.: m. a. Oxon., high 

sheriff of Radnorshire in 1 852. 

Athenecum; Boultibrookc, Presteign. 

Brymer, W^illiam Ernest, s. of John 
Brj-mer, high sheriff of Dorset in 1866 ; 
b. 1840: M.A. Cantab., lieut. Queen's 
own Dorsetshire yeomanrv from 1871, 
M.p. (c.) Dorchester from 1874. 

Oxjord and Cambridge ; Usington 
Home, Dorchester; 8 St. James's 
Street, Pall Mall. 

Bnccleach, 5 duke of (1663) and 7 
duke of Queensberr>' (1684). Walter 
Francis Douglas Scott, ll.d., d.c.l., 
p.c, K.o. ; b. 1829 ; m. dr. of 2 marq. of 
Bath ; sits as earl of Doncaster (1662) ; 
2nd tit. earl of Dalkeith: M.A. Cantab., 
lord privy seal 1842-46, president of the 
council in 1846, col. Midlothian yeo- 
manr)' from 1856, col. Edinburgh mi- 
litia from 1842, militia aide-de-camp to 
the Queen from 1857, capt. gen. of the 
Queen's body guard in Scotland, high 
steward of Westminster, lord-lieut. of 
Edinburghshire from 1827, and of Rox- 
burghshire from 1841. 

Triton; Montagu House, White^ 
hall, S.W.; Dalkeith Palace, near 
Edinburgh ; Botchill, Selkirk ; Drum- 
lanria Castle, Dumfries; BeaulieUy 

•Bachan, 13 earl of(l 469). Da^-id Stuart 
Erskine; b. 1815; m. dr. of James Smith, 


Cnugcnd Stirling; 2tid tit. viae. Cbt- 
dni»: dpp.-Mcnt. of Linlith^wnhire , 
n-ninj. MiJloUiian yconiunrj, ui-capt. 
35 ft. 

Kirthill, Linlithgoicthire. 

Bncli&n, ilou'.-couiiti-Hsof. Carol jqr, dr. 
of James Priinrosc UsihpII, Kent : m. 
u hia 3rd aife, 12 rarl of Uuchan. 
27 I'aik SInel, Giotcciior Saltan. 

Bneluui, loily. Iauth, dr. of coL Mark 
Wilks, Kirbj> I»k- of Man ; m. liei ' 
gm, fir John Buihan, K.c.B. Oi,). 
fi Smsfi Sfuare. llydc J-ari, JV. 

Bneluiiui, moni. of (eld. b. of duke of 
HoDtroar). Uougliis Hereford MaW 
IConnld Urahaai; b, 1H62: Bub.-Uvut, 
co]detr«un guards. 

■ Andre' 

■. of James Buehunan, Craigeoii Castle, 
Slirlingshirc ; b, 1807 ; ni. l.dr.ofym 
rer. Uniu MelliEh ; 2. dr. of 11 baron 
Blantyrr : churge d'nlTuireit nt St. Peten- 
bnish 1841-dI, miiUHtrr to Switzerland 
lSS2.EnraTto Denmark 1863, to Spain 
1858, to the Hcthirlanda I860, amtnu- 

todor to rruwia 1860, to Riuaia IBM, to 

Austria ftimi 1H71. 

TrairllfrM' ; Craigtnd Cailte, Miln- 

ganir, Olaigoie. 

I, genera) Gilbert John Lane, 

n. nrehdearon Thomas 
Boushtou: ic.A. Oxnn.. chapkin to the 
late Lord Herbert of Lea, aiihdaacon of 
WilU from 1874, reelor of Wiabrord 
Magna, Saliabury, 1863-71, vicar iVom 
1871 of Pallmie, J)rviui (638/.). 

Bnehuiaa, ludy Kathleen, dr. of 3 earl 
of DonouKhiaorp : b, 1828; m. Darid 
Witliam Kamsay Buchanan, b. 1834, 
ei-cnjit. Latnu-knhirc mdilia. 

amnfirld, Shttlkrtom, Lanark. 

Bntkhnnt, tHinin (1864), elaimed by 
hon. Mortimer Barkvillc West. 
Carlton ; Enote, Strenoaki. 

BBaUngtiun uid Chandoi, 3 duke of 
(1822). Kichnrd rinnlagenet Temple- 
Kugeiil - Bn-dgcs - ChaniIo« - GrenviQe, 
P.O. ; b. 1823 m. dr. (rf.) of Hobert Har- 
vey, Langlcy Park, Burks: dep.-Ueut. of 
Buck* and of Northampton pre«dentof 
the council 18CG-67, colonml necretary 
1867-68, lieut.-col. commandant Backs 
Fconuuiry from 1862, lord.-lieul. of 
Burks from 1868, 

Carlton; Wootlon IIoiHe, AyUtburi/ ; \ 
Slinrf, Batkliigham ; Chaiidia Street, 
CareaditA Square. \ 

archdeacon of (Oxf.) ; 
ride E. Bickereteth. 
Bna fc i n ghMnihire, 6earlof (17J6). rev. 
Augustus Edward Hobart ; h. 1793; m. 

1. dr. of mr. Serjeant John WilUama ; 

2. dr. (rf.) of Eev. Godfrey Egremont ;. 
2nd tit, baron Hobart : m.a. Uion., pre- 
bendary- of Wolverhampton, 

Hichmmid lA>dgc, S\dmoutK /)froii, 

BnoUng-liftnulur*, do w. -countess of. 

Anne, dr, of sir Arthur Pigot; m. 1. 

a earl of BucfcinKhamehirc ; 2. David 

Wihon, H.D. 

82 brook Street, Graimior Square, W. 

BnoUe, rear-admiml Claude Heniy 

Mason, C.B., i. of admiral Hatthew 

Buckle ; b. 1803 ; m. dr. of T. Dean Shute, 

Bramshaw Hill, New Forest: knight of 

the Jledjidie, some time senior officer at 

the biocaiadc of Odeaaa in 1856, capt.- 

illing yiuil 

„ , -prineipafniedical store- 

keeper to the government of India, in 
charge of the presidency circle, 
itwklB, air Ediuund Peck. 1 bort. 
(1868) h, 1834; m. dr, of Wm. Bees, 
Tonn, Llandovery : dep.-lieut. of Merio- 
neth, M.P. (c.) Newcastle-under-Lymo 
from 186a. 

CaiHoii i Flat Dinat, Mowddiry, 
Merioiielk; Grattou Hail, Saddle- 
Karl h, Yorkikirt. 

Bnekley, lady Catherine, dr, of 3 earl of 
Uadnor; b. 1801; m. lieut.-gen, Ed- 
ward Perj' Buckley (rf,), M.r. Bolisbury 

JVnc Hall, Saliiiury; 12 So«lk 
Andley Street, W. 

Bndd, general Richard: aprveil in the 
Mahrattn cam[nign,Bnd in Bunuah and 
Coorg. Madms infantry. 

Btilkeley, air Richard JSnlltelcy Wil- 
liams-, 10 hart. (1611) b. 1801 ; m. 1. 
cousin, dr. of 1 baron Dinorben; 2. dr. 
of sir W, M, Stanley, 10 bart.: dep.- 
lieut. of Anglesea, h.p. Beaumaris 1830- 
33. Anglesea 1833-37, KUut borougha 
1841-47, Anglesea 1847-68, lord.-lieut. 
of Carnarvon 1851-68, 

Arthur-, i Baron'i Sill, 


Bnller, air Edward Manninghnm-, 1 
bart, (1866), bro. of 1 baron Churstoii;b 
1800; m. 1. dr. and beiren of inaj.- 


geo. UoDnui^liain : 2. dr. af adm. 
mr Charlei Edvanl Nugent, a.C.n., \ 
and widow of rt. hon. air George BaDkos, ■ 
K.F. : M.A. Oion., dep.-lieut. of Staf- . 
fonlahire. and high thenS in 18a3, U-f. 
(I,.) SUffordahire north 1837-41, Staf- 
ford 1841-17,SfaffonlshirenorthlB6o-74. I 
Traceilcri', Broola' ; Dilhoni, 
ChtadU, Staffai-d ; ShetH Elmi, Eatt 
8httn,SHrrtgio OldFalereYard.S.WA 

Snllsr, jp^n. sir Oeoige, a.c.B., s. ofi 
gen. ficderick W. Buller, Pelynth ; b. 
1805; m.dr.orgen.Bir JohnMacdonald, ' 
o.c.B. : lervGd m the Kaffir war 13a2-3, 
and in the Crimea, knight of the legion 
of honour, Ueut.-gOTemor of Porta- 
niouth and atmiaBinder of the aouth- 
wcalcrn district 1865-70, col.-com- 
mimdaiit of rUie brigade from 1860. 

UnUed ServUf ; 23 Bruloii Strut, 
W. : Ptlynt, EbiI Loot, CarHwall. 

BsUsr, hoD. G(!offrey, bro. of 2 baron 
Churaton ; b. 1861. 
, Bnllw, hon. Henry, bro, of 2 baron 
ChuntoD ; b. 1862. 

Adler, bon. Reginald, bro. of 2 baron 
ChiuWon ; b, 1864. 

3QlleT, bon. Walter, bro. of 2 baror 



^M, bon. Charlotte, b. 1851 ; hon. 

Eleanor, b. lS5e; hoo. llertha, b. 1860, 

■iiten (^ 2 baron Chunton. 
duller, hon. nirs. John, dr. of 

Cbandoa Pole, Uedboume, Uerbv ; m. 

bon. John Yarde Sillier (<;.}, elil. a. of 

1 baron Churaton. 

10 Quceii'i Gate Plaa, S. W. 
BuUar, lady Anne, dr. of 2 earl of Lei- 

cealer ; b. 1845 ; m. licut.-col. Frederitt 

Charloi Manningham Buller (a. of i ' 

E. M. DuUer, bart.), b. 1837. 
Buller, lady. dr. of Francis Temple 

trcaaurer of Ceylon ; m. air Arthur 

Buller, M.P. W.J, Queen's advocate in 

Ccylou 1840-48, judge in CalcutU 1848- 

The Coltagt, Lacanir, Litkeard. 
Ballar, miyor Kedvera Henry, c.b 
of Jamcg Wentwonh Buller, M.i-.. 
Downc*, Credilon ; b, 1839 : acr^•ed 
China 1860, on the Red Kirer eii!>edition 
1870, and in the Aahantee eipeditioii 
1874, ex-di'p.-fl«8iataiit adji ' ' 


CauticeU Rom/, riamslciid, S.E. 

Xnltaal, lady Elizabeth, dr, of 2 enil 

Grey, b. 1798; m. John Crokur BulUvl 

(d.) K.e. Devon aouthiand liigh ahcritf 

in 1841. 

Pan/kle, Icybridi/i; lirroii ; o2 
Orcni Street, Gnutemrr Square. 
Bnlwar, col. Edn-ard Gascoigni^, c.d., 
nephew of 1 boron Lytlon ; b. 1830 ; lu. 
dr. of air J. Buxton, Z butt., m.p. : ex- 
Ueut.-col. 'ii ft. whieh he enmmanded 
in the Crimen, attai'hed to hia UDclex 
(lord Dalling) special mixoion to tlie 
gen. of rcaervc fori-ea from 1873. 

War Offiee; 6 Montagu Square, W. 
Snlwar, air Henry Ernest, K.c-.u.ii., 
nephew of 1 baron L)'ttDn:b. 1833: B.,\. 
Cantab., eoDaiil in the Ionian islands 
1860-64, receiver-gen. of Trinidad 1860- 
70, governor of Liibuim and eonaul-gtu. 
of Borneo from 187 1 . 

United Umcenity, SI. Jamei j 
Bnlwer, James KedfonI, i^.l'., s. of rev. 
1. Bulwer, Hunworth with Slodj, Noi- 
folk ; b. 1820 r K.A, Canlab., calh'd 
to the bar at the limer Temnlo 184J, 

Iueen'scoiinacl IBOj, rccordcrof Ipawiih 
861-66, of Curabridpe IVom 1806, lieut- 

t rifle V 

■a from 

1873. ii.r. (c.) I|»«ith from 1 . 

United Uinter^ilu; 11 Sina't Bench 
Walk, Temple. 

Bnnbarj, airUharleHJaineH Fox, F.K->j-, 
Hbart. (1681)b. 1809:m.dr. oTLeonanl 
Homer: M.a. Cautub., dep.-lieut. of 
Suffolk, and hiEhtheritrin 1868, author 
of a •' Journal of a HeMdcnce at the 
Cape of Good Hope," etc. 

Alhtiiaam; Sarteii Ball, Bury SI. 
EdiouiuU ; 48 Eaton Flaee, S. W. 

Bimbnij, rev. sir John Iliehardnon-, 3 
bart. (1787) b. 1813: ni. dr. of W. An- 

r Jll,eH 

■ Eilfiade, lip. 

Bfuboir, col. Henry William, c.b., 
bro. of idr Cliaries J. Fox Bunbnry, 8 
bart.:b. 1812; m. dr. of lieuL-gen. air 
Geoi^ Napier, k.i-.h.: aeneil in India 
and the Cnmea, knight nf Ihe legion of 
honour, ex-lieul.-i'"l. 23 ft. 



Bnniiy, col. Arthur, ii.A., o.b. : served 
in the Sutlej campaiini 1846, and in the 
Indian mutiny. 

Bnrdett, sir Charles Wentworth, 7 
bart. (1665) b. 1835: ex-Heut. 54 ft., ex- 
licut. 2 Stafibrd8hire militia. 
Aiteomb^ Yorkuhirc. 

Borden, col. sir Rol»ert, 6 bart. (1618), 
8. of sir Francis Bunlett, M.i*., bv miss 
Coutte; b. 1796: ex-lieut.-col. 68 ft., 
high sheriflT of Derbyshire in 1848. 

Traveilvi'fC ; J^amsbunj Manor^ 
Tflits; Foreniark^ Derby; 8 Tark 
PlacCy St. James 8 Street, S. W. 

Bnrdett-Coutts, 1 baroness (1871). An- 
s«lina Bunlett-Coutts, dr. of sir Francis 
Burdctt, U.V.J bv miss Coutts ; b. 1814 : 
celebrated for her various benevolent 
and philanthropic deeds, received the 
freedom of the city of London, and also 
of Edinburgh. 

Holly Lodgc^ Hlghgatc ; 1 Stratton 
Street, Piccadilhj, IV. 

BurdoiL, bp. ; rirfe Victoria. 

Bnrford, earl of (eld. s. of duke of St. 
Albans). Charles Victor Albert Aubrey 
de Vere Beauclerk ; b. 1870. 

Barges, hon. nirs. Edith, sis. of 2 
baron Skelmersdale ; b. 1810 ; m. Ynvr 
Henry Burges, m.a., a magistrate for 

Parkanaur, Tyrone ; 37 Hill Street, 
Berkeley Square. 

Bnrgherili, baron (eld. s. of earl of 
Westmoreland). Anthony Mildmay Ju- 
lian Fane ; b. 1859. 

Bvrghenh, lady. Augusta, dr. of Wil- 
liam Loch; m. 1. baron Burghersh (elder 
bro. of 12 earl of Westmoreland); 2. 
didce of San Arpino. 

Bnrghley, baron (eld. s. of marq. of 
Exeter). Brownlow Henry Cecil, b. 1849: 
dep.-lieut. of Lincolnshin', capt. grena- 
dier guards, aide-de-camp to sir H. 
Doyle commanding southern division. 

Bnrgoyne, col. sir John Montagu, 10 
bart. (1641) b. 1832; m. dr. of capt. H. 
Nealaon Smith, royal engineers: ex -capt. 
grenadier guards, m.ijor Beds militia 
from 1874. 

Carlton, Ouards' ; Stttton Park, Big- 
glencade, Beda. 

Bnrgoyne, dow.-lady. dr. of William 
Gore Langton, m.p.; m. sir John Bur- 
gorne, 9 bart. 

o South Eaton Place, Eaton Square, 

Bnrke, vise. (eld. s. of marq. of Clan- 
ricarde) . 

Bnrke, sir John Bernard, ll.1)., c.b., 
bro. of mr. Serjeant Peter Burke; b. 
1815 ; m. dr. of James MacEvoy, Tober- 
tinan, Meath : called to the bar at the 
Middle Temple 1839, Ulster king of 
arms of all Ireland from 1853 (7^50/.), a 
governor of the national gallery of Ire- 
land from 1874. 

28 Pembroke Place, Dublin ; Record 
Tower, Dublin Ca«tle. 

Bnrke, sir John Lionel, 12 bart. (1628) 
b. 1818. 

Bnrke, m^yor-gen. James Heniy, i:.e., 
s. of col. sir John Burke, 2 bart.; b. 
1816 ;m. Marion, dr. of gen. B. Ciispin : 
retired on full pay as col. royal Bombay 

Bnrke, sir Thomas John, 3 bart. (1797) 
b. 1815 ; m. lady Mar}% dr. of 9 earl of 
Westmeath : ex-capt. 1 dragoon guards^ 
dep.-lieut. of Galway, M.r. Gal way 
1847-65. ^ 

Junior United Service ; Marble Hill, 

Bnrke, lady Mary; vide sir Thomas 
John Burke. 

Bnrleigh, baron ; vide Balfour of Bur- 

Bnrmester, major-gen. Arnold Edward, 
C.B. : commanded 59 ft. in the opera- 
tions before Canton 1860, retired on 

full pay as lieut.-col. 59 ft. 
" St. ^ . - - 


II St. Stephen's Square, Bay a water. 

Bnm, major-gen. Geor^ : retired on 
full pay as col. Madras mfantr>'. 
74 Porchester Terrace, Bayawater,- JJ', 
Bnm, major-gen. Henry Pelhani: n»- 
tired on full pay as col. Bengal infan- 
94 Divemess Terrace, Baysivater, 

Bnm, lieut.-gen. Robert, R.A. : col.- 
commtmdant 7 brigade royal artillery. 

Bnme, col. Owen Tudor, c.s.i., s. of 
rev. H. T. Bume, m.a., Grittleton, 
Wilts; b. 1836 ; m. hon. EvehTi, dr. of 3 
baron Kilmaine : major h. p.*20 ft., pri- 
vate secretarj' to the governor-gen. of 
India (earl *Mayo) 1869-72, assistant 
secretary in the political and secret de- 
partment of the India Oflace 1873-74, 
secretary from 1874. 

Senior United Service; 47 South 
Street, Park Lane, 



. mn. Cacpline, dr. of 2 


Uaredmt, Aiiwit, Guiidferd. 
BwBB, hon. mre. Kvelyn, dr. of ?■ 
baron Kilmainc ; vidt col. Owen T. 

BDmab^i inajor-gea. Cbarlca HerrtiJi. 

and FommnQdcd tho roval actillerj- in 
thf n-iir of 1850-52, retired on full pa; 
tu Iiout.-1'ol- 

■20 Krqriif, Park Trrraee, Glouccilet 
Gale, ..V. ir. 
Bnrnabj, air William Edwitnl, 4 bort. 
(1767) b. 1»U : at. dr. (rf.) of William 
Bcece, Lower Hall, Ifdbur)'. 

Jii«iBr CarUoH, RaUigh, Windham ; 
Monlprlii-r Flaee, SrigAtoH. 
BQTnmby,don'.-lady. KU'anor,m. Joar]>h 
Wood, Uermoda; 2. air William Cnsp 
Hood Buniahy 3 hart. 

Longfurtut, BerrHHda. 
Btunstt, major-gen. FranciB Claude, 
H.A., n. of <'o1. Jnenh Burnett, Bm^l 
urtillerj', of Gndpirth; b. 1811; m. 1. dr. 
of capt. W. Woolridgc, roj-ai navy ; i. 
dr. of gen. John Grant, lUA.: retired on 
full pay aa col. roval Bcogal artillery. 

(1628) b. 1801; m. 1. dr. of Charlos 
Spearman, Thomclay Hall, Durhain; 2, 
couon, dr. of air Alexander Ramaay, 1 
bart., and widow of David Dunian, 
Parkhill,tForfar; admitted a wrilrr to 
therignct in Edinburgh in 1824, den. - 
lieut. of Abeidoonahii«, eonrenor 1856- 
(U, lord-licut, of Kineardineshire from 

WindhaiH ; Cralha Oaillr, Sinear- 

ej, admirftl James, x, of doctor 

■ney, of Gospoi ■ ■ ■ 

of P. L. Burnett. 

Bniner, col. William, k.h.; aerrcd at 
the capture of larhia 1809, in Hotland 
1814, in the BurmeM war, wounded nt 
Quatre B^a^ rotired on full pay an 
major of Capo mounted rifle*. 

3 Elgin Crruenl, XeUiiu Hill, W. 

'tKmrA,iaT Harry Pnul, 6 bart (1769). 

b. 1846; m. dr. of J. Anderaon, St. 

John's, New Bruniwiik; ci-lieut, 60 ft. 

JiiHiBT United Sertitt ; JFttthainptim, 

Lyniington, Hani: 

Bnmud, dow.-lady. Emiiia, dr. of ad- 
miial Jouph llmKham ; m. rev. lir 
Gcot^ Bujrard, 3 hurt,, vicar of Sha- 
fleet. Isle of Wight. 

BniTud, dow.-lody. Louiao, dr. of air 

Henrr Lushington, 2 burt. ; m. admiral 

Sir Charlea Bnrrard. 3 bart. (eitinct). 

Bolmejield, Lyndkar,!, llnutt. 

Bnnud, dow.'taitj, Mary, dr. of J. 
Alien, Blaekheath ; m. sir Harry Bur- 
rard, 5 bart. 

Bmrell. sir Percy, 4 bart. (1774), b. 
1B12 ; m. dr. of vice-admiral air Gcoigi.' 
Broke-Pechell, bart. : H.A. Oxon., dcp.- 
lieut, of Suaaex, capt, 18 Suwex rUr 
volunfeera 1861-73, K.P, (c.) Shore- 
ham from 1862. 

Carllim, Boodk'i: Wett OHiuttad 
Fork, Horiham ; 44 BerUlty Square. 

Burall, ton. Wilioiighby Merrick 
Campbell, eld. t. of 4 baron Gwvdr ; b. 

11 Merriwi Square, DiMin. 

BwreU, hon. Cicely, dr. of i baron 
Gwydr ; b, 1858. 

Borroughi, col. Frederick Wiiliam 
Traill-, C.B„(i. of muj. -gen. F.W. Bur- 
roughs ; b. 1831: m. dr. of col. Gedd«. 
c.B. : Bsaumed the name of Ttaill on 
succeeding to the estates of his matenml 
grand-nnele G. W. TraiU of Vicni. 
lieut. -col. h. p. 93 ft., dvp.-licnt. of 
Orkney, lieut.-col. 1 Orkni? nrtillerj' 
militia from 1873. 

Armu and A'nrv, S-uior United Ser- 
rirr : fine Club, Kitinburgh ; Jtomtv, 

iRol mlantrj- : served in the 

Sntiej campaign, and as nadst-adj.-gen. 

of a diriKion in the Punjab campaign, 
Bnmnglu. hon. mra. Emily, dr. of 3 

baron Suffield; b. 1828; m.rev. Bandall 

BHrU«gham JTall, Norfolk: 
SoROWM, col, HoVrt Edivard, h.h., 

a. of T, Burrowcs, Dublin ; b. 1804 ; ni. 

dr. of hon. sir Knbtrt Ic Pour French, 



col. 66 ft., a magistrate for Somerset- 
Bourton Court, Flax Bourtou, Bristol. 

Borrows, maj.-gen. Arthur George, 
B.A. ; retirecl on full pay of col. 
Lee, S.E. 

Borrows, sir George, m.d., f.r.s., 1 
bart. (1874), 8. of G. M. Burrows, m.d. ; 
b. 183*2: m. dr. of John Abemethy: 
physician in ordinary to the Queen from 
1872, member of the senate of London 
university, president of the college of 
phj-sicians in 1873 and 1874. 

18 Cavmdith Square; Springifield, 

Borrows, sir John Coixiy ; b. 1813 ; m. 
dr. of Arthur Dendy, Dorking : fellow of 
the royal college of surgeons England, 
practises as a surgeon at Brighton, 
fellow of the royal geogranhical society, 
mayor of Brighton for the third time 
in 1872, consulting surgeon to the 
Brighton hospital for children. 

52 Old StetjyWy Brighton; High- 
laftdn, Ket/mer, Hurst pier point. 

Bort, sir Archibald Paul, s. of George 
n. Burt, speaker of the house of as- 
sembly in St. Kitts ; b. 1836 ; m. dr. (d.) 
of John Bnan, m.d. St. Kitts: called to 
the bar at tlie Middle Temple 1845, 
attomev-gen. of St. Kitts 1849-60, chair- 
man o{ quarter sessions 1860-61, chief 
justice of "West Australia from 1861 

Strawberry Hill, Perth, West Aus- 

Bort, Thomas, b. 1837 ; m. di-. of T. 
Weatherbiun, Blyth: secretary to the 
" Northumberland miners' mutual con- 
fident association," m.p. (** working- 
man ") Morpeth from 1874. 

LovaifteCrescefU, Newcastlc-ott'Tyne. 

Borton, sir Charles William Cuffe, 5 
bart. (1758) b. 1823; m. dr. of David 
Hallyburton Dallas, and grand-dr. of 
sir T. Dallas, o.c.b. : ex-lieut. 1 dra- 
goons, high sheriff of Carlo w in 1851. 
Army and Navy ; Follaetoti, Cat low. 

Borton, sir William Weatbrooke, s. of 
Edmond Burton, Daventry ;, b. 1794 ; m. 
1. dr. of Leny Smith, Homerton; 2. 
dr. of J. Beatty West, m.p. : formerly in 
the royal navj' and present at the attack 
on New Orleans, called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1824, recorder of Da- 
ventry 1826-27, judge at the Cape 1828- 
33, at New South Wales 1833-44, at 

Madras 1844-57, president of the coun- 
cil at Sydney 1858-62. 
2 Argyll Villas, Cheltenham. 

Borton, col. Adolphus William Desart, 
C.B., bro. and heir-pres. of sir C. W. C. 
Burton ; b. 1827 ; m. dr. of gen. sir John 
Slade, bart. : served in the Crimea and 
commanded the 5 dragoon guards there, 
knight of the Medjidie, ex-lieut. -col. 7 
dragoon guards. 
Follaetofi, Carlow. 

Borton, col. Fowler, c.b., brother of 
DaWd Burton, Cherry Burton, York; b. 
1823 ; m. dr. of J . B. Friend, Ripple 
Vale, Kent: served in the Crimea at 
Sebastopol, knight of the Medjidie, 
lieut.-col. Walmer dep6t battalion 1860- 
65, assistant-adjutant-gen. at Devonport 
from 1870. - 

Borton, admiral James Ryder, ii.H., 
8. of the bp. of Killala, by his second 
wife, cousin of admiral sir R. W. Otway, 
bart. ; b. 1794 ; m. dr. {d.) of 14 baron 
Dunsany, and widow of rnilip Roche, of 
Donore : received the Vulcan gold medal 
from the society for the encouragement 
of arts in 1818 for his invention for pro- 
pelling ships of war during a calm. 

United Service, Army and Navy; 
Duns fa II Priory, Eyns/ord, Kent ; 15 
Park Square, Regent's Park. 

Bory, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Albemarle). 
William Coutts Keppel, p.c, k.c.m.g. ; 
b. 1832 ; ra. dr. of sir Ahm M'Nab, bart., 
Canada : ex-lieut. 43 ft., ex-capt. Mid- 
dlesex militia, superintendent for Indian 
affairs in Canada 1854-56, treasurer of 
the household, 1859-66, m.p. (l.) Nor- 
wich 1857-60, Wick 1857-65, Berwick 
1868-74, lieut.-col. civil service rifle vo- 
lunteers, president of tiie royal colonitil 
society, hon. lieut. royal naval artillery 

Brooks' Athenaum; Quiddenham 
Hall, Attleborough, Norfolk; (jo 
Prince's Gate, South Kensington ; Kim- 
hirst, Christehurch, Hants. 

Bory, hon. Alfred, s. of 2 earl of Charle- 
ville; b. 1829; m. dr. of gen. su- Wil- 
liam Wood, K.H. : ex-cant. 10 ft., muj. 
King's CO. militia from 1865 

Bory, hon. mrs. John. dr. of Thomas 
Austin ; m. capt. hon. John James Bury, 
R.E. {d.) 

Bory, lady Emily, dr. of 3 earl of 
Charleville ; b. 1856. 



Bnshby, latly FrancCvS dr. of 6 carl of 
Guildford ; b. 1838 ; ra. Henry Jeffreys 
Bushby (b. of Hcnrv* T. Bushby, Madras 
civil 8er>icc), b. 18*i0, entered the Ben- 
gal civil 8er\'ice in 1839, ex-assistant to 
govemor-gcn.'s agent for the Itajpoot 
district, called to the bar of the Inner 
Temple 1851, ex-recorder of Colchester, 
police magistrate at Worship Street 
(1200/.) from 1872. 

Arthur's ; Henkaze, Kingston HiU^ 

Butcher, bp. ; vide Meath. 

Bute, 3 niarq. of (1796). John Patrick 
Crichton Stuart; b. 1847; m. dr. of 1 
baron Howard of Glossop ; 2nd tit. earl 
of "Windsor : hereditarj' coroner of Bute, 
hereditary keeper ofllothesay Castle, 
dcp.-Ucut. of Ayrshire, knigllt of St. 
Gregor}', and of the Holy Sepulchre at 

Carlton, WJnti^s; Cardiff CantlCy 
Olamorqan ; Mount Stuart, Rothesay, 
Bute ; 83 Eeeleston Square, S. IK 

Butler, sir Thomas Pierce, 10 bart. 
(1628) b. 1836; m. dr. of sir Alan Bel- 
lingham, 3 bart. : ex-lieut. 24 ft., high 
sheriff of Carlow in 1866, maj. Carlow 
militia from 1864. 

Junior Carlton, Junior United Ser- 
vice ; Garry hunrf en, Carlotr. 

Butler, loi-d James Arthur Wellington, 
8. of 2 raarq. of Ormonde; b. 1849: m.a. 
Cantab., lieut. 1 life guards. 

Butler, lord James Theobald Bagot, s. 
of 2 marq. of Ormonde ; b. 1852. 

Butler, lord James Wande^ford, s. of 1 
marq. of Ormonde; b. 1815; m. lady Ra- 
chel, dr. of 6 duke of Bedford : ex-capt. 
7 ft., state steward to the >'iceroy of 
Ireland 1866-68. 
Drumcondra Castle, I)td}lin. 

Butler, hon, Charles Henry Danvers, 
bro. of 6 earl of Lanesborougn ; b. 1844 ; 
m. dr. of George Ward, Redditch, Wor- 
cester : ex-ensign 9 ft. 
Swithland, Leicestershire. 

Butler, hon. Charles Lennox, s. of 13 
baron Dumbovne ; b. 1813 ; m. 1. dr. of 
T. lindesey ftolland ; 2. dr. of admiral 
Walcott, M.p. : dep. -lieut. of iliddlesex 
and of Warwicksiiire, high sheriff* of 
Warwickshire in 1862, ex-maj. West- 
minster militia. 

Carlton ; Catoti HouUj Wariciek ; 5 
Belgrave Square, 

Butler, hon. Homy Caventlish, uncle 
of 6 earl of I^nesborough ; b. 1811 ; m. 
dr. of lieut. -gen. sir John Taylor, K.c.n. : 
dep. -lieut. of Fermanagh, and high 
sheriff in 1850. 

Junior Carlton; Innisrath, Linas- 
kea, Fermanagh ; Kildare Street Club, 

Butler, hon. Henry Cavendish, s. of 6 
earl of Lanesborough ; b. 1868. 

Butler, hon. Henry Edmund, eld. s. of 

13 vise. Mountgarret; b. 1844; m. dr. of 
St. John Chiverton Charlton, Apley 
Castle, Salop : ex-lieut. 1 life gusirds. 

Carlton ; lb Queen's Gate, S. W. ; 
Walshestown, Dublin. 

Butler, hon. James, s. of 13 baron 
Dunbovne; b. 1810; m. dr. of sir Wil- 
liam Fitzgerald, 2 bart. 

Zamberton Park, Queen* s co. ; KiU 
dare Street Clttb, Dublin. 

Butler, hon. James Fitzwalter Cliffonl-, 
eld. 8. of 14 baron Dunbo^nie ; b. 1839 ; 
m. dr. of col. H. Morgan Clifford ; dcp.- 
lieut. of Monmouth, lieut.-col. Mon- 
mouth militia 1860-72. 

Llantina, Monmouth ; Fcrristone, 

Butler, hon. Robert St. John, s. of 14 
baron Dmiboyne : b. 1844; m. dr. (d.) of 
capt. George Prob}'n : called to the bar 
at the Imier Temple 1869, lieut. Clare 
militia, a master in the court of ex- 
chequer (1500/.) from 1874. 

6 Stone Builaings, Lincoln's Inn ; 10 
Wilton Street, Belgrave Sqtiare, S. W. 

Butler, hon. St. John, s. of 13 baron 
l)unbo>'ne; b. 1808; m. 1. dr. of Walter 
Archdeacon Burke ; 2. widow of Robert 
George Pamther, rif. brig. : 3. Marian, 
sister of rt. hon. Thomas Edward Tay- 
lour,M.P. : high sheriffof Dublin CO. 18o6. 
Carlton ; Kildare Street Club, Dub- 
lin ; Walshestoxcn, Balbriggan ; Por- 
trane, Donabate, Dublin. 

Butler, hon. Theobald Fitzwalter, s. of 

14 baron Dunboyne, b. 1840 : a magis- 
trate for Clare, capt. Clare militia from 

St. James's ; Knoppogue Castle, iVifir- 
market-on- Fergus, Clare. 

Butler, hon. Frances Sarah, dr. of IS 
\'isc. Montgarret; b. 1845. 

Butler, hon. Julia Anne, dr. of 14 
baron Dunbo}'ne; b. 1854. 


Kntler, hon. mra. Henry, dr. and co- 
heit of John HarriioD, Ifeotoo floufic, 
Torkahiro: m. hon. Henry Butler (ij.), 
fether of 13 vim. Mountgarret. 

Bntier, hon. mra. Sybil, dr. oflS vise. 
1844; m. John Bnj-ford 

Hererord ; 

Butlor, commander royal nuvy. 
fentlw, lady Mair Grace, b. 1349, lady 

of Iho bodchambcr lo the duch-" ' 

Urdinhnrgb from 1874 ; tady Blani 

1854, cits, of 2 loarq. of Ormonde. 
21 Park Lam. IP. 
Butler, lady Eiizabcth Wandoaford, 

dr. of I raarq. of Ormonde ; b. 1H22. 
BntlBT, lady HnirieC EUm, sis. of 

carlofLoncsborouBh; b. 1847. 
Butler, lady Ratbol ; aidt lord Jinu^s 

BhUbt, maj.-gen. Jomea Arthnr ; served 

■,n the Peninsula and at Waterloo, 

intelliitenoe department 
Aalunloc Expedition 1874. 
Bntlar, «ol. Percy Archer-, c.l 
Pienx Archer Bntlvr, Ahcrtow Ca>t(e, 
Tipperary : jerred in 6ande,imd in the 
CtimcB, knight of the legion of honour, 
andof lheUedjidie,lieut.'C.«l. b.p.28 ft. 

Carlton; Shalicell Omrl, Iforfolk; 

Tarkiiia/tam Eeme, Wiltf: 9 Svmtrt 

Place, W. 
Bozton, ladj Victoria ; vide air Thonuw 

Fowell Builon. 
Boxtou, hon. mra. Mary, dr, of 1 baron 

Lawrence ; b. 1844; m. Fninpia Wiliiam 

Buiton («. of eir E. N. Buiton, 2 bart. 

lS40),b. 1847. 

15 Salon Place, S. JF. 
lylei, rt. hon. sir John Bernard, p.a, 

B. of J. By!Es^&towmnTket;b. IfiOl ; m. 

1. dr. of J. Foster. Biggloawode ; 2. dr. 

(rf.J of J. Wedd, Royslone-bouBC, Hurts : 

laillcd lo thu bar at the Inner Templs 

1831, rerirder of Buckinsham IS40, 

aerinant-at-Uw 1843, queen's BerieaDt 

mi, justiee in the DammoD pleu 18fi8- 

AtheHoim; 3 Frinei't OanltBi, 

JMc Park South ; Harifiild Hoiat, 

Byng, hon. Alfred John, s. of 2 eail of 

StraHbrd ; b. 1861 : lieut. 7 hURBara. 

Bntt, Isaac, q 

Butt, rector of Strunorlar, Don 
1813; m. dr. of H. Swanny: i 
IL.D. DubUn, profeai-- ' 
economy at Trinity c 
1836-4^, called to ths 
□ □oen'a eounscl 1844, a nuEistrate 
Cork CO.. M.P. Harwich 1BS2, Youghnl 
1852-(>o, (U.K.) Limerick from 1871- 

yWim-nfy Cluk JMUh ; 6i Eccles 
Street, DHbht. 

Boxton, air Thomas Fowuli. 3 bart. 
(1840) b. 1837 ; m. lady Victoria, dr. 
ot 1 corlof Oalnsborongh : x. A. Cantab., 
dep.-licut. of Norfolk, and of Eaacx, 
M.r. Lynn Rcrna IS65-68, cspt.-com- 
muidant 3 Tonet Hamleta ride Totuu- 
tecis. partner in the brewery of Tniinnn, 
Huibury and Co. 

Bnoki' ; Coinc ietut, OwBfl*, JVor- 
fiUi; »'Brlif,H'altAaiHAtbey,E$Kx! 
14 Ortacenor Criacenl. 

Buxton, sir Robert Jacob, 3 hart. 
(1800) b, 1829; m. dr. of col. John 
JobQBtooe ; dep.-lieut. of Suffolk, 


Byng, ban. and rev. Francia Edmund, 
1. of 2 carl ot StraiTord ; b. 1835 : m. 1, 
dr. of air W. Miloa, 1 bart. ; 2. dr. of 
adm. lord Frederick Kerr : chephun to 
Hiunpton-court palace 1865-67, hon. 
cbaphun to the ^ecn 1867-72, chaplain 
in ordinary at Bt, James's chapel from 
1872, Ticnr of St. Peter"*, South Kon- 
ain^rton (400(.) from 1867. 

Traveiteri' ; OntloK Qurderu, S. W. 
hon, Henry Willioni, b, of 2 eurl 
131 ; m, counteae Hen- 
1 Dannnkiold-Sumsoo (dr. of oount 
Christian D,-3., by dr. of 2 marq. of 
AiJeshury): llent.-col.ColdBtream gnarda, 
major royal Wilts yeomanry from 1865, 
groom-in- waiting to the Queen 1872-74, 
fquerry in ordinary from 1874. 

United Semict, Jl'/iitii ; WCarltvn 
BouM Tirrate. 
Byng, hon. Jnmea MaatHT Owen, a. of 
6 i-isc. Torringlon; b. 1818; m. dr. of 
W. Cook, Koydon-hnll, Easci : dcp.-lieut, 
of Kent, called to the bai nt the Middle 
Temple 1862, chainnim of the aonth- 
eaalem railway company 1860-73. 

Alhcnaitm; Oreal CalvertOH, Ttm- 
bridgl Wellt. 



Byng, hon. Julian Hedworth, & of 2 
earl of Strafford ; b. 1862. 

Byng, hon. Lionel Francis, a. of 2 earl 
ofStraflbrd; b. 1868. 

Byng, hon. William Frederick, a. of 1 
earl of Strafford; b. 1811 ; m. dr. of maj. 
QuintuB Yirian: ex-capt 8 li^drag. 
6 St. Jamais Plaee, S, W, 

Byng, hon. mrs. John. dr. of — Mayne; 
m. hon. John Byng (d,), a. of 5 tibc. 
Boxford Rectory, Suffolk, 

Byng, lady Axnes, dr. of 2 earl of Straf- 
ford ; b. 18S3 ; m. hon. Hedworth Hyl- 
ton Jolliffe, from whom ahe was divorced 
in 1872. 

Byng, lady Susan, b. 1854 ; lady Eliza- 
beth, b. 1855 ; lady Maii^aret, b. 1860, 
diB. of 2 earl of Strafford. 

Byron, 9 baron (1648). Geoi^ Frede- 
rick Byron; b. 1855. 

5 Qraftm Strut. Bond Street, W. ; 
Longford Fark, Maldon; Thnmpton 
JBaUy J)erby, 

Byron, hon. and rer. Augustus, s. of 7 
baron Byron; b. 1828; m. Frederica, 
dr. of gen. sir Thomas McMahon, bert. 
o.c.B. : M.A. Oxon^^ rector from 1861 
of Kirbif MaUoryf Minekleyy Leteuter- 
shire (390 A). 

Byron, hon. Charles, bra of 9 baron 
Byron; b. 1861. 

Byron, hon. and rev. William, & of 7 
baron Bvron; b. 1831; m. dr. of rt 
hon. air Kichaid Torin Kinderaley : ]f.A. 
Ozon., rector from 1873 of Stowutngtoft, 
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk (350/.). 

9yT0Bt hon. mrs. Frederick, dr. of 
rev. William Westcomb, rector of Lang- 
ford, Essex; m. hon. Frederick Byron 
(d.), father of 9 baron Byron. 

5 Grafton Street, Bond Street, W. ; 
Langford Park, Maldon. 

Byron, hon. Eva Lucy, b. 1858 ; hon. 
Margaret Alice, b. 1860, sisters of 9 
baron Byron. 




Gadell, coL Robert, R.A., o.b. : served in 
the Crimea on the staff of the TurkiBh 
army, knight of the Medjidie, served in 
the Indian mutiny, superintendent of the 
gunpowder manufactory, India. 

Cadonn, 5 earl of (1800). George Henry 
Cadogan; h. 1840; m. dr. of 2 carl of 
Graven ; 2 tit. vise. Chelsea : m.p. Bath 
in 1873, maj. 3 Middlesex militia 1865- 

Carlton ; Santoti'Doumham, Bran- 
don^ Suffolk : Chelsea Souse. Cadogan 
Cadogan, hon. Arthur Charles, s. of 4 
earl of Cadogan ; h. 1841 ; m. dr. of 
Richard Arahin, of High Beech, Essex : 
ex-capt. Middlesex militia. 

36 Grosvenor Sqitare. 

Cadogan, hon. Cecil James, s. of 4 
carl of Cadogan ; b. 1846 : lieut. royal 

Cadogan, hon. Charles George, s. of 4 
earl of Cado«in ; b. 1850 ; m. Henrietta, 
dr. of Henry Montgomery, Gothenburgh: 
ex-capt. grenadier guaros. 

Cadogan, hon. Frederick William, s. 
of 3 earl of Cadogan ; b. 1821 ; m. lady 
Adelaide, dr. of 1 marq. of Anglceea : 
M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Middlesex, 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1847, M.p. (L.) CricUade 1868-74. 

Whitest, Brooks* ; 104 Piccadilly ; 
Wembley, Sudbury, Middlesex. 

Cadogan, lieut. -gen. hon. Georige, O.B.. 
8. of 3 earl of Cadogan ; b. 1814 ; m. 
1. dr. of col. Armstrong ; 2. dr. of lieut. - 

Sn. sir Frederick Ashworth : knight of 
e Medjidie, commander of the order 
of St. Maurice and St. lAzarus. served 
in the Crimea and was attachea as col. 
on the staff at the head Quarters of the 
Sardinian contingent 18o5-56, coL 106 
ft. 1870-74, of 71 ft. from 1874. 

Cadogan, hon. Henry Arthur, s. of 5 
earl of Cadogan; b. 1868. 

Cadoffan, hon. Gerald Oakley, s. of 5 
earl of Cadogan ; b. 1869. 

Cadogan, lady Adelaide, b. 1820 ; vide 
hon. Fredenok Wm. Cadogan. 

Cadogan, lady Augusta, b. 1811, lady 
in waiting to the duchess of Cambridge 
from 1846; ludy Honoria Louisa, D. 
1813, drs. of 3 earl of Cadogan. 

Cadogan, lady , b. 1871; lady 

, b. 1874, drs. of 5 earl of Cado- 

Caffin, vice-adm. sir James Crawford, 
K.C.B., R. of William Caffin, royal labo- 
ratory, Woolwich ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. (rf.) 
of William Ashficid, Coeham-house, 
Hants : at the battle of Navarino, and 
at the destruction of Bomarsund, naval 
aide-de-camp to the Queen 1863-66, 
naval director-gen. of artillery 1854-68, 
and director of stores in the war depart- 
ment 1867-68. 

United Service; Vanbrugh Lodge, 
Blackhcath, S.E. 

Caird, James, c.b., son of J. Caird, 
Stranraer; b. 1816; m. 1. dr. of capt. 
Henryson. k.e. ; 2. dr. of Robert Dud- 
geon: M.p. Dartmouth 1857-69, Stirling * 
1859-66, formerly chairman of sea 
fisher}' commitnion, commissioner of 
copyhold commission, 3 St. James's- 
square, from 1865. 

Reform, AthcfitKum ; 8 Qtieen*s OaU 
Qaraens, Kensington Gore, 8.W. ; . 
Cassencary, Kirkcudbright. 

Cairns, 1 baron (1867). Hugh MacCal- 
mont Cairns, ll.d., d.c.l., f.c. ; b. 
1819 ; m. dr. of John McNeill, Park- 
mo\mt, Antrim ; m.a. Dublin, called to 
the bar at the Middle Temple 1844, 
Queen's counsel 1856, solicitor gen. 1868- 
o9, attorney-gen. in 1866, m.p. (c.) Bel- 
fast 1852-66, lord justice of appeal 1866- • 
68, lord high chancellor in 1868, and 
from 1874, chancellor of Dublin univer- 
sity from 1867. 

Carlton ; 6 Cromwell Houses, Ken- 
sington ; Millden, Brechin. 

Cairns, hon. Arthur William, eld. s. 

of 1 baron Cairns; b. 1861. 
Cairns, hon. Douglas Halyburton, s. of 

1 baron Cairns ; b. 1867. 
Cairns, hon. Herbert John, s. of 1 

banm Cairns; b. 1863. 

Y % 


the Qua 

(Urn*, hon. Wtttrid Dallas, s. of I 
baron Cainu; b. IS6fi. 

Calnu, ban. Lilias Charlotte, b. 1S60; 
boQ. Kathleen Mary, b. 1870, dra, of 1 
baron Cainu. 

Caiini, William 'Wellington, cm. a,, 
bro. of lord CairtiB : formerlj' in the 
Ceylon civil serrice, poatmastcr of Cei- 
lon 1864-66, Iieut.-goT. of Slalacca 
1867-68, of St. Eitts 1869-70, ofTiinidad 
lST0-74.ravemor of Queensland (lOOOi.) 
from 1874. 

Caithnwi, 14 earl of {164C>). James 
Binclur, ; b. 1821; m. 1, dr. of 
mr GeorgoR.Fluliu,baFt. ; 2. widow of 
fen. count de Medina Pomar ; sits a* 
baion Bamgill (1866) ; 2nd tit. baron 
Beniedalo: dep.-lieut.of Cflithnes8,und 
lord lieut. tram 1866, lord -in- waiting to 
" " n 1866-68, 1869^, inventor of 
nofive ateam engine." 
Ba ■" " ■■ - 

Calonft, lady Caroline, dr. of S dnlce 
of Hancheater ; b. 1804 ; m. John 
Halra Calciaft (b. ofrt. hon. John Cal. 
craft), dep. -lieut. of Uoivet, and high 
aheriffin 1867. 

Carlton ; Kempttonc Sail, Banet. 

■ Cal(nitta,71)p. of (1814). Robert Hil- 

man, D.d., b. of sir W. G. Mihnan, 2 

bart; b. 181G: K.a, Oxon, ricar o 

ChaddlDwarth, Berka, 1340-61, of lain- 

boume 1861-61, of Qrcat Marlnw 1861. 

67, bp. of CalcutM (4,600/.) tmm 1867. 

Palati, Calcutta. 

■ Oder, air Willi 

6bart. (1686) b. 1821; 

Hutchinson, Tunbridge Welle. 

Muirtoien N.B.; CravenlaiijifiMtlton 
)Caledi)n,4 earl of (1800). James Alex- 
ander b. 1846; 2nd tit. vise. Alexander: 
capt. 1 life guanJB. 

Carlton ; 6 Oarltm Stnue Terrace ; 
Caitti CaledoH, Tynxu. 
Cil«don, dow.-countesK of. Jane, dr. of 
1 earl of Vemlam: b. 1826; m. earl of 
Caledon: a lady of the bedchamber to 
the queen. 

3, Oirltm Hetut Tirraee ; Caledon 
Cattle, TVrDfM. 
4WI. tar William Oeorge MoQtaim, 
but. (1791) b. 1S49. 

son, C.B.: aerred in the first China ex- 
pedition, in the Burmese war 1862 aa 
aaaiatant-adj.-gen. ofPegu diviiton, and 
in the Crimea, knight of the Medjidie, 
Ueut.-cot. h. p. 18 n. 

Callu, Philip, only s. of Owen Calloa, 
Cookstown; b. 18^7; m. dr. of P. Ho 
Donnell, of Ardee, Louth: called to the 
baratthelnncrTeinplel864,K.p. (h.r.> 
Dnndalk from 1868. Eeform ; Coalutovm 
Hatue, Ardee, Louth. 

CftUandsr, William Rumaine, f.s.a,; b. 
dep.-lieut. of Lancashire, merchant and 
manu&cturer at Bolton and Manchester, 
M. p. (c.)Msnchest8rf™m1874, president 
of LancRslurc conserrative union. 

Carlton.ConterratiTt; Mauldeth SaU, 

CaJlawty, bp. ; vide Kaf&aria. 

Cftlthnpe, E baron (1796). Ficdefick 
Willimn Heiuy Gough-Calthorpe ; ' 

rauirt icwu-oe. j^ 

Whits' I, Srooki'; Bhetham, WineK. 
field, Hantt; Bdgbaiton Houu, Bir- 
miiigham; 33 Granmor Sttuare. 

Calthorpe, hon. Augnatue Cholmonde- 
ley. B. of 4 baron C^thorpe;b. 1829; m. 
dr. of col. hon, Octaiius Duncombe: 
ex. -lieut. SlatEbnlahire yeomanry, a ma- 
patrate for Staffordshire. Perr^ hall. 
Perry Bar, Birmitigham . 

-CWthorpe, col. hon. Soniprset John. a. 
ot 4 baron Calthorpe; b, 1831; m. dr. of 
capt. Chamier, royal navy, and widow 
of Fred. Crewe; aide-de-camp to Lort 
Raglan in the Crimea, knight of the 
legion of honour, lieut.-col. h. p. 6 dra- 
|oon guards. 

Cdthorpe, bon. Isabel Eleanor, b. 
1833; hon. Olivia, b. 1834: hon. Sua-" 
b. 1837, di " ■ " ■- 

<U], mi^.-gen-OwirgePredeiickSttrMi- 

b. 1837, drs. of 4 baron Calthorpe. 

C«lT0rt, lady Lacy, dr. of 2 earl of Poiris ; 
b. 1830: m. IWeriok Calvert (s. of 
gen. sir Harry Calvert, 1 bart.), b. 1806. 
called to the bar 1831, queen'^s counsel 
1849. 33 Upper GnuveHor Street, )(' 

CMibridM, H.1LH. 2 dake of (1801). 
prince George William Prederie George, 

K.o., 'p.c. ; i. 1819 ': 'ier^ed in the 
Crimea, grand cross of the Iwion of 
honour, ranger of Hyde, St. Ames's, 
and the Green parka, and ei-ianger ^ 
fiichmond part, eoL IT licht dragoons 



1842-52, of Scots fudlicr guards 1852-61, 
col. royal engineers, royal artillery, 
grenadier guaras, and 60 nfles, governor 
of Woolwich academy, life governor of 
king's oolle^ Lonaon, field-marshal 
oonunander-in-chief from 1856, annuity' 
of 12,000/. a year. 

BoodU? 8^ Army and Navy ; Gloucester 
House, Park Lane, 
Camden, 4 marq. (1812). John Charles 
PraU; h. 1872; 2nd tit. earl of Breck- 

WUdemess Fork, Sevenoaks; Bay- 
ham Abbey f Zamberhurst, Sttssex ; l%e 
Jhriory, Brecknock. 

Camdeiifdow. -marchioness. Clementine, 
dr. of 6 duke of Marlborough ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 3 marq. Camden. 96 Eaton Square, 

Cftmeron, lieat-sen. sir Duncan Alex- 
ander, G.c.B. ; D. 1808; m. dr. of An- 
drew Maclean, m.d., dejp. -inspector-gen. 
of the military college, Sandhurst : com- 
manded 42 ft. at the Alma, and the 
highland brigade at Balaclava, com- 
manded the troops in New Zealand 
1863-65, knight of the legion of honour, 
and of the Mcdjidie, col. 42 ft. from 
1863, governor of royal military aca- 
demy at Sandhurst from 1868. 

Xfnitcd Service ; Royal Military Col' 
lege, Famborough, Hants. 

Cameron, Donald, f,ii.g.8., s. of Donald 
Cameron, of Lochiel, by sis. of 5 earl of 
Buckinghamshire; b. 1835: groom in 
waiting to the Queen from 1874, dep.- 
lieut. of Invemess-shirc, attachd at 
Berlin 1857-59, m.p. (c.) Inverness co. 
from 1868. 

Whites, Carltoft ; Achfiacarry, Fort 
William, Inverness; 32 St. Jameses 

Cameron, Charles, m.d., ll.d., s. of 
John Cameron, Gla^w and Dublin ; b. 
1841 ; m. dr. of J. W. Macaulay, m.d. : 
M.A. Dublin, studied at the medical 
schools in Paris, Vienna and Berlin, 

Srt owner of the " North British Daily 
ail," and of the *' Dublin General 
Advertiser/* m.p. (l.) Glasgow from 

Thatched House; 261 JFest Oeorge 
Street, Glasgow. 

Cameron, col. George Poolett, c.b.: 
formerly in the Madras army. 

Cameron, m^.-gen. John, B.E., c.b.: 
executive officer of ordnance survey at 

Cameron, col. William Gordon, C.B., 
s. of W. G. Cameron, k.h., Nea House, 
Hants: served in the Crimea, and 
commanded 3 German legion 1855-56, 
knight of the Medjidie, served in the 
Abyssinian expedition 1867) lieut.-€ol. 

4 ft. 

Nea House, Christchurehy Hants. 
Cameron, hon. mrs. Charlotte, sis. of 

5 baron Dyncvor; m. rev. Alexander 
Cameron (s. of Donald Cameron^ of 
Lochiel, by dr. of 1 baron Abcrcromby). 

8 Gloucester Street, Belgrave Boad, 

Cameron, lady Yere Catherine, sis. of 
5 earl of Buckinghamshire; b. 1804; 
m. Donald Cameron (d), of Lochiel. 
22 Eccleston Square. . 

Cameron, lady. dr. of Coll McDonell, 
Barisdalc; m. maj.-gen. sir Alexander 
Cameron, k.c.b. (a), col. 74 ft. 

Camoys, 5 baron (1344). Thomas Stonor ; 
b. 1793 ; m. dr. of Peregrine E. Towne- 
ley, of Towneley : m.p. Oxford in 1832, 
title called out of abeyance in 1839. lord 
in waiting 1846-52, 1853-58, 1869-66, 
1868-74. Stonor Park, HenUy-on- 
Thames; 31 Dover Street, W. 

Campbell, baron ; vide Stratheden. 

Campbell, bp. ; inde Bangor. 

Campbell, sir Alexander, 2 bait. (1881) ; 
b. 1819; m. dr. of rear-adm. Henry 
Collier : ex-capt. Argyleshire militia. 
Glenure, Argyleshire. 

Campbell, sir Archibald Ava, 3 bart. 
(1831); b. 1844 : cx-Ueut. 95 ft. 

10 Carlton Crescent, Southampton; 
9 Athole Crescent, Edinburgh. 

Campbell, sir Archibald, 5 bart. (1808), 
b. 1853 : M.A. Oxon. 

Garseube, Glasgow; Suceoth, Dum' 

Campbell, mai.-gen. Archibald Lome : 
retired on fuU pay as col. Bengal cav. 

Campbell, sir Donald, 3 hart. (1886) ; 
b. 1829 ; m. dr. of W. Moore, Grimes- 
hill, Westmoreland : hereditary captain 
of Dunstaflhage Castle. 
J)unstajfiage, Oban, Ar^yle. 

Campbell, sir Edward Fitzgerald- 2 
bart. (1816) ; b. 1822 ; m. dr. (d) of sir 
Theophilus Metcalfe, 6 bart. : served in 
the Punjab 1848-49, aide-de-camp to 
the commander-in-chief in India (sir C. 
Napier) 1849-51, ex-lieut.-col. 60 ft. 

fFest Grinstead Lodge, Horsham 


Ounpb«U, sir Hugh Hume-, 7 ^wrt 
(1665); b. 1812; m. 1. dr. of J. Spottis- 
WDods, Berwiflk; 3. dr. of liant.-gen. 
■rJonpbFullsr.o.c.ii.: u.A. CanUb., 
dsp.-lieut. of BarwickEhiie, h.f. Ber. 
iriokihira 1834-47. 

Carllen; MarckmonI Houtt, Swue, 
BfTWHT*; ISHiUSlreil. IT. 
(hmpbell, rir Oilbert Edward, 3 bort. 
' (1S31J; b. lS38i m. dr. of WiUitun 
BiTTiliam : ei-CBpt. 92 ft. 

bttTTickSiioy, SttUyihomam, J}oiufal. 
CampbcU, air James, 6 bart. (1627) 
b. 1818; m. dr. of &diii. sic Sober. 
Bntmlev, 3 bill. ; dep-survajrorof Dean 
tarect, lieut.-col. 1 GloUDeetenhire 
volunteere from 1872. 

Arlhar't: Whittmeiid Park, CW»- 
^rd, Qbmatter; Sillnydt Quilt, 

CtaafhtU, air John William, 6 bait. 
(1638); b. 1836; m. di. of W. Voolby 
CiTU, Pljmouth : capt. rojal artillery^ 
•Mred in tbe Crimea and in China. 

Cftmpbell, air Louia Henrr DngiJd, 9 
bait. (1628); b. iS44; m. dr. of E 
Gmrg« Auatin. Canterburj'. 

Killadoig, CampbeUen, Argyll. 

CampbBll, sir Thomas Cockburn-, tbtirt. 

(1821) ; b. 1846; a member of the 

bgiiUtiTe council of Wort Anatralia 

Aliang, Wat Aialralia. 
C4mpb«ll, sir George, D.C.L., k.o.s.t.. 
■■ of or George Campbell, of Edenwood, 
md nephew of lord chancellor Camp- 
beU; b. 1824; m. dr. of T. G. Vibart, 
Bengal diil aenice : entered the Bengal 
mril aervice in 1812, called to the bar ' 
tbs Inner Temple 18&4. heut.-gov. 
Bangal 1869-74, member oT the Indii 
ooonoil from 1874. 

StUnumoA Oipar, Fife; 9 CJuit 


ib«U, < 

■ Junes, b. 1760 ; m. dr. 

at blaagow 1841-42. 

Siraeaikra Hoiut, BrteMn; \^Balh 
Street, Glaigov!, 

OuBpIwil, gen. air John, c.b., k.c.s.i., 
■.of John Campbell, Lochend; b. 1801 ; 
m. dr. of William Haiinftan, Uadraa 
ciril aerTioe : aerved in tha Uoomioor 
cMnpaign 1836-37, and in the Cbineae 

expedition, ox-eol. 14 Uadraa natire 
inuntry. Madroa infantry. 

Orimtal, Uniled ^iereici ; CUabnion 
Clui, MdinitirgA ; SoneeviUt, Jertty. 
Ommpball, maj.-gen. Charles, a. of John 
Campbell, of Kinloch; b. 1808; m. 
grand.-dr. of hon. James Wemjn, k.f.: 
retired on l\illpaj as uol. Bengal inf. 

Oriental, United Serriee; Kinloeh 
Lodge, Jhmkeid; IS Qloucater Pltmt. 
Cftmplwll, C^lin Uinton, a. of John 
Campbell. Lirerpool; b. 1B27; m. dr. 
ot rev. WQliam A. C. Browne-Caxe, 
Stretton-en-le-field, Derby: dep.-lieut. 
of Staffordshire, and high ^eriflin 1869, 
H.p. (c.) Staffoidnbire north bum 1874. 

Coitensativt i Wbcdeeat, Uttoxiter. 
Cunpball, rear-adm. Colin Yorke, a. of 
rear-adm, Donald Campbell, of Barbreck; 
b. IS12 ; m. couain. dr. of James Uyde, 
ot Aplcy, Isle of Wight ; thanked in 1862 
by the houaea of legislature of .tTora 
Scotia for the manner in which he had 
protected the fiaheriea of Newfoundland 
and the gulf of St. Lawrence. 

Vnitei S/rria ; Barbnek Saute, 
Lockgilphead, Argyle. 
Campbell, col. Frederick Alexander, 

1., c D, : Bupoiintendant of rayal gun 

Ctmpbell, gru. Georgi, ... . . . 

•erred in Surmcse and Sutlej cumpaigns, 
commanded artillery division at Lahore 
in Punjab campaign, ei-comnuuiding 
Beoarea diviiion, Bengal. 

1 Bgng Place, Gordon Sgwtrr, W.C. 
Cajtipbell, m^.-gen. Gcoige, c.b. \ ni. 
Emma, widow of Kvan fiaillie, and dr. 
maj.-gen. air W. Douglas, k.c.B.; 
red in the Indian mutiny, fonneily 
ommand of the Cork military diatrict. 
Cmpball, nuy.-gen. Hugh Archibald 
BeaDohamp, r.a., c.b.: sencd in the 
Crimea, knubt of the legion ot honour, 
and of the Hcdjidie, retired on full pa; 

Campbell, maj.-geu. John Doiiglaa,R.B. : 
■erred in the uwalior campaign 1843-44 
including the battle of Uahiuajpore, in 
the Bumie« war 1852-53 including tha 
Mptura of Pegu, and at Agra during the 
Indian mutiny, auperintending engineer 
ot the Hrat grade in the public works 
department 1880-74. 

CftmpboU, nu^.-gsa. Thomas Hay, r.^. 


CampbeU, lord ArchibiklJ, h. of 8 iluki 
of Arfyla: b. IMii; m. dr. af Jiuiies H 
Callandor, of Craisfottb ; a partner ii 
CoutM & Co.. bimken. 

14, Beauforl Gardm, South Ecn- 

Campbell, lord CdUb, s. of 8 duke of 

A/gyle; b. 1853. 

Cunpbell, lord Gcorga, a. of S duke of 
Ai^-le; b, 1850. 

Csnipbel], lord Walter, h. of S duke of 
Aijyle; b. 1848; m. Olivia, dr. of J. 
CWkion UilDB, The Oaki, Radcliji, 
£a««(Atr<, and Aiiory Hotae, Suit. 

CaaqibaU, hoa. Aleinudcr Francia, a. 
ar2earl ofCnwdar: b. 18-56: ei-iieut. 
royal CanniuilieD artlller; militiu. 

Oaupball, hon. ami rev. Archibald, s. 
of 1 earl of Oiwdori b. 1827; m. dr. uf 
hoQ. uid Tory rev. E. Howard, dean of 
Licbfiotd : H.A. Oiou., rector from 
of Kingilon, Grantham, LtiaattT. 

Gampball, hon. Dudlej-, Is. of 1 baron 
Campbell ; b. 1833 : u.A. Cantab., culled 
to tho bur at IJncoln'i inn 186&. 

1 irUrs Court J!uUdi»g,.TaiHpU,E.C. 

Cuupbdl, lion. llallyburtoD Gt-orgo, 
of 1 baron Cmnpbell ; h. 1829; m. i_. 
of A. J. B. (and tadf MUUnid; Bcreafonl 
Hope, H.P.: in tbe Bengal citU aerviee' 
1849-Jia, usacint« in tbs qusea'a benob 

SDOO/.) , Kcretar]' uf the conuaiauonsra ol 
cpmco in tho court of cbflneorj. lieul.- 
col. 10 Middlisei riMo valunleoiB 1869- 

Camptwll, boo. Hogh Frederick, b. of 

TiM. Emlyn; b. 1870. 
Cunpbell, hun. Ivan, s. of fl earl of 

Campbell, hon. Bonald George, s. of 3 
carl of Cawdor; b. 1848; m. dr. of bp. 
Ckagbton, of Rochinteri cupt. cold- 
atrenin guards. 

Campbell, hon. Walter Henry, b. of 1 
earl of Cawdor ; b. 1836 ; ni. dr. of col. 
George CatapbeU : Itnight of the legion 
of honour, ci-li«Dt.-c<M, in uoldHtreaiu 

44 c'harUi SIntI, Bcrkelty Square. 
Campbell, hon. mis. ADguatu, dr. of 2 
baron Cnringtoii; b. 1841; m. col. Ar- 
chibald Campbell, en-Ueut.-col. Scoti 

, . ifwwuhire 1873-74, maj" 

KcnfrewBhiro militiu from 1870. 

lUttthtaaod BoHit, Betiffui : 2 Sta- 

,mre Piac>, MoyUir. 
Campbell, hon. Edith Aline, dr. of 

viM. Emlyn ; b, 1869. 
Campbell, hon. inrs, Susan Sophia, dr. 

of4iT»c. Aahbrook; b. 1803; n. 1. ro». 

William Bobinnon ; 2. William Wilion 

Canipbeil, u.u. 

The Ca/lle Port Sttuiarl, CakraiM. 
CsmpbeU, ladj Elizabeth, b. 18S8; 

'idy Victorin, b. 1864; lady ErelTO 

_athflrine, b. 1856; bidy" — "- ""'''- 

bidyConrtanco,b. 1864,d 


Campbell, lady Eva, dr. of 6 earl of 

tn3ndalban»;~b. 18A5. 

CMUpbsll, lady Muriel Sarah, b. 134Si 
ladv Evch-n Caroline, b. 1851 ; lady 
Railhel, b. 1863, dra. ot 2 oarl cS 

Campbell, dow. -lady. Helen, dr. oI coL 
J. Crow, ii,B,i.c,B.; m. major-gen. ai 
John Ciunpbfill, 2 bart. of Ava, vha 
fell before bobakopol in command of a 

Campbell, 7 bart., Ueut.-gov, of St. 

Campbell, dow. -lady. Sophia Trim- 
mer, West Australia ; m. a« his 3 wife, 
air Aleiander Thomas Couhbuni Camp- 
k'U, 2 bart. 
AnniMflihi, Albany, Wat Aiulralia. 
Oampden, vise. (eld. a. of earl of Gains- 
boruugh]. Charles WiUiam. Fruuia 
Noel ; b. 1850 : lieut. 10 huBuuv. 
Campden Hoiae, Olouaiterihire. 
Ctuaperdown, 3 carl of (1331), Robert 
Adam Hatdane-DuDoaD ; b. 1841; 'iai 
tit. viso. DuDcan: u.A, Oion., dep.- 
licut. of Forforahire, a lord in waitmg 
1868-71. civil lord of admiralty 1871-74, 
Braokt' ; Camprrdoum, Far/ar : 
Gletuagle) Hotut, Perth ; 39 Ciarlit 
Jilnet, if. 
CamperdowA, dow. -countess of, Juliana, 
' " lir George R. Pbilips, bart.; m. 2 



Augushis Candy, ex-capt. 9 lancen. 
16 Fark Lane. 
Caiman, inaj.-gen. Alexander, ez-lient- 

col. Madras fifimtry. 
Canning, hon. Albert Stratford, s. of 1 

baron Ganragh, b. 1832. 
31 Portman Square; Boetrepor, 

Canning, hon. Conway Stratford 

George, 8. of 2 baron Garvagh; b. 1846. 
Canning, hon. Geon^ eld. s. of 1 viflc 

Stratford de Bedcliffe, b. 1832. 
Canning, hon. Emmeline Roeabella, dr. 

of 1 baron Garvagh; b. 1828. 
31 Fortman Square, 

Canning, hon. Louisa, b. 1828 ; hon. 
Katherine, b. 1835; hon. Mary,b. 1837, 
dn. of 1 viae. Stratford de Beacliffc. 
29a Orotvenor Square. 

Canning, sir Samuel, s. of R. Canning, 
Ogbum St. Andrew, Wilts; b. 1823; 
m. dr. of W. H. Gale, Grately : a civil 
engineer, engineer in chief of the At- 
lantic telegraph expeditions in 1866 and 

The Manor Houae, Abbots Langley^ 

Cannon, yice-admiral Edward St. Leger, 
bro. of commander Frederick Cannon ; 
b. 1800 ; m. dr. of doctor Boys^ royal 
navy : served in the West Indies and 
the Mediterranean. 

Canterlmry, 8 vise. (1835). John Henry 
Thomas Manners-Sutton, k.c.b., 
O.C.M.O.; b. 1814; m. dr. of Charles Tomp- 
son, Mitchingham hill, Norfolk : m.a. 
Cantab., undersecretary for home de- 
partment 1841-46, M.p. Cambridge 1841- 
47, lieut-gov. of New Brunswick 1864- 
61, governor of Trinidad 1861-66, of 
Victoria 1866-72, registrar of the court 
of faculties. 
Famham, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Caater1rax7,92archbn. of(596). rt. hon. 
and most rev. Archibald Campbell Tait, 
D.D., D.C.L., P.O. ; b. 1811 ; m. dr. of 
archdeacon Spooner of Coventiy : m.a. 
Oxon., head master of Rugby 1842-49, 
dean of Carlisle 1849-66, dean of the 
ehapels royal 1867-69, bp. of London 
1866-68, «n^bp. and primate of all Eng- 
land ftt>m 1868 (16,000/.), a governor of 
the Charterhouse. 

Lambeth Falace ; Addington Farky 

Canterbnry, dean of ; vidi R. P. Smith. 

Caaterbnry, archdeacon of; vide rt. rev. 
£. Parry. 

Capel, hon. Adolphus Frederick, bro. 
of 6 earl of Essex ; b. 1813 ; m. dr. {d.) 
of 3 vise. Maynaid (extinct.) 

Capel, hon. Algernon Henry, bro. of 6 
earlfof Essex ; b. 1807 ; m. dr. of admi- 
ral hon. sir Charles Paget: ex-capt. 
royal navy. 

Capel, hon. Arthur Algernon, a. of 6 
earl of Essex; b. 1864. 

Capel, hon. Georae Devereux de Vere, 
eld. s. of vise, ifidden ; b. 1867. 

Capel, hon. Randolph de Vere, s. of 
vise. Maiden ; b. 1866. 

Capel, hon. Reginald Algernon, s. of 6 
earl of Essex ; b. 1830 ; m. dr. of John 
Nicholas Fazakerly, Stoodly, Devon : a 
Queen's messenger for foreign service 
1836-68, capt. Hertorifle volunteers 1861- 

21 Chesham Flaee.Belgrave Square ; 
Little Cassiobury^ Jvatford. 

Capel, hon. Maud de Vere, b. 1855 ; 
hon. Evelyn de Vere, b. 1856; hon. 
Svbil de Vere, b. 1868, drs. of vise. 

Capel, lady Beatrix Mary, dr. of 6 carl 
of Essex; b. 1870. 

Capel, lady Emilv, dr. of 5 earl of 
Berkeley; b. 1807; m. col. Sydney 
Augustus Capel, ex-lieut. -col. staff officer 
of pensioners. 

Capel, lady Mary, sis. of 6 earl of 
Essex ; b. 1808. 
4 Cadogan Flaee, Sloane Street, S. W. 

Cape Town, 2 bp. of, (1847) it. rev. 
W. W. Jones, d.d. value 900/. 

gCarbery, 7 baron (1715). Gcorce Pat- 
rick Percy Evans-Freke ; b. 1810 ; m 
dr. of lieut.-gen. Edmund W. Shuld- 
ham, Dunmanway, Cork. 

Ckutle Freke, Cork; Laxton HaUy 

Carden, sir John Craven, 4 bart (1787); 
b. 1819; m. 1. dr. of sir W. M. Milner^ 
4 bart. ; 2. dr. of vice-admiral Charles 
Gepp Robinson, Oban : ex-lieut. 8 hus- 
sars, dep.-lieut of Tipperary. 

Templemore Abbey , Tipperary; 
Erigmore, Perthshire. 

Carden, alderman sir Robert Walter, s. 
of Jumes Carden, Bedford-square, by dr. 
of John Walter, of " The Times" ; b. 
1801 ; m. dr. Id.) of doctor Andrews,19fl. : 
formerly in tne 82 ft., sheriff of London 



in 1851, lord mayor of London in 1857, 
M.P. Gloucester 1857-59, alderman of 
Dowgate ward 1849-71, of Bridge with- 
out from 1871, a stock and aharebroker. 
2 Boyal Exchange BuildifigSf £.C. ; 
64 Wimoote Street, W. ; Mole Lodge, 
West MouUey, Surrey. 

€ardew, hon. mrs. Eliza Jane, dr. of 1 
boron Wcstbury ; b. 1828 ; m. capt. 
Christopher B. Cardew (s. of gen. Car- 
dew, R.E.), b. 1817, ex-capt. 74 ft. 

Army and Navy ; Bast Hill, Lye*, 

Cardigan, countess of. Adeline Louisa, 
dr. of Spencer de Horsey; m. 7 earl of 
Cardigan {d,) 

43 Fortman Square; Deane Park, 
Wansfordy Nortnants ; Eose Cottage, 
West Gowes, 

Cardigan, archdeacon of (St. D.); vide 
W. North. 

CardroM, lord (eld. s. of earl of Buchan). 
Shipley Gordon Stuart Erskine; b. 

107 Belgrave Road, S. JF. ; Amman- 
dale Park, Edinburgh, 

Cardwell, 1 vise. (1874). Edward Card- 
well, D.C.L., P.C., 8. of J. Cardwell, mer- 
chant, Liverpool ; b. 1813 ; m. dr. of 
Charles Stewart Parker, of Fairlie, Ajt: 
M.A. Oxon., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1838, secretary to the 
Treasury 1815-46, president of board of 
trade 1853-55, chief secretary for Ireland 
1859-61, chancellor of the duchy of Lan- 
caster 1861-64, colonial secretary 1864- 
66, war secretaiy 1868-74, m.p. 1842-74. 
Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge, 
Athenaum ; Eilerbcek Hall, Chorley ; 
74 Eaton Square, 

Carew, 2 baron (1838). Robert Shapland 
Carew, k.p. ; b. 1818; m. dr. of sir 
George R. Philips, bart., and sister of 
countesses of Camperdown and Caithness : 
M.A. Oxon., M.p. Waterford 1840-47, 
col. Wexford militia from 1847, hon. 
coL from 1871, lord-lieut. of Wexford 
from 1856. 

Reform ; Woodstown, Waterford ; 
Castteborot4gh, Enniacorthy, Wexford; 
28 Belgrave Square. 

Caxew, sir Henry, 10 bart. (1661) ; b. 

Maeeombe, Chudleigh; Tiverton 
Castle, Ikvon. 

Cartw, dow.-lady. Jane, dr. of m^jor 
Anthony Cliffe, Ross; m. 1 b^n 

Carew, hon. Robert Shapland George 
Julian, eld. s. of 2 baron Carew; o. 

Carew, hon. George Patrick John, s. 
of 2 baron Carew ; b. 1863. 

Carew, hon. Shapland Francis, s. of 1 
baron Carew ; b. 1826 ; m. lady Hester, 
dr. of 2 marq. of Sligo ; ex-lieut. 8 dra- 
goons, ex-lieut.-col. Wexford militia, 
resident magistrate at Cahir, Tip- 

Carew, lady Hester ; b. 1837 ; vide 
hon. Shapland Carew. 

Carey, sir Peter Stafford, s. of P. Mar- 
tin Carey, Guernsey; bom 1803; m. 
dr. of licut.-col. Warren, Scots fusilier 
guards : m.a. Oxon., called to the bar at 
the Middle Temple 1830, recorder of 
Dartmouth 1836-45, judge of the court 
of record at Wells 1838-45, professor of 
English law in University college, Lon- 
don, 1838-45, bailiff of Guernsey from 

Oxford and Cambridge; Candie, 

Carey, Col. Robert, c.B. : served in AfiT- 
ghamstan 1841-42, in the Crimea with 
the Turkish contingent as assistant 
quartermaster-^en. to a division, deputy 
adjutant-gen. in Australia 1860-61, de- 
puty judge advocate in London (780/.) 
from 1870. 

Cfreat Oeorge Street, Westminster, 

Carey, lady. Harriet, dr. of R. P. Le 
Marchant, Guernsey ; m. major-gen. sir 
Octavius Carey (rf.), c.B., k.c.h. 
Castel, Guernsey. 

Carington, 3 bai-on (1797). Charles 
Robert Carington ; b. 1843 : b.a. Cantab., 
capt. royal horse guards, ex-capt. Bucks 
yeomann', m.p. Wycomoo I860-68. 

Whites; Wycombe Abbey, Bucks; 
Gayhurat, Newport PagneU; 8 White" 
hall Yard, S. W. 

Carington, dowager-baroness. Charlotte 
Augusta, dr. of 19 baron Willoughby 
d'Eresby ; b. 1815 ; m. 2 baron Caring- 
ton, lord-lieut. of Bucks. 
8 JFhitehall Yard, WhUehaU, 

Carington, hon. Rupert Clement, s. of 
2 baron Carington; b. 1852: lieut. 
grenadier guards. 

Carington, coL hon. William Henry 
Peregrine, s. of 2 baron Carington ; b. 
1845 ; m. dr. of Francis Warden, Paris: 
capt. grenadier guards, secretary to the 
(acting) lord great chamberlain 1871, 
M.p. (L.) Wycombe from 1868 



GvarH ; Soual (hurl, Hmte oi 

Culaton, baron ; tridt Shannon. 

Carleton, hoc. mrs. Charlotte, dr. of 1 

^ onghton (e: 

•J Wilmot ( 

. itichaid Carletan), 

ool. colditream rnarda, bught of tli 
42 Berkeley Square, ff. 

CHletOB, hOQ. iDrs. Henrietta Iira>tt- 
dr, of 3 earl of Dorchester ; b. 1846 ; \i 
Fnmci* Paynlon Pigott Cnrlelon (s. t 
Francis Rgott Stainsby Connnt, H.r: 
b. 1S3T, cx-capt. 16 lanccn. 

Areha- Lodge, Reading; Seckfiel 
Bealh, Winehjield, Hanti. 

Cirleton, myor-gen. Henry Aleiandei 
R.A,, C.B., «. of Francie Carleton, Clai > 
Tipporary; b. 1812; m. dr. of Amu 
Bovle, Uusdnmi : cammanded the Beii 
gal artille^ diiision at the siege h:i 
capture of Luclmow. 

Carlingford, 1 boron (1S74). CliicheBt'' 
Samael Fort*»cue, — """" — "" ■" 

1 Clen 

)nt; b. 1823; 

Ouiiiuih«ii, archdeacon of (St. D.) 

(20W.) ; vide D. A. WiUiamfl. 
Cumarthm, man], of (eld. S. of dul:c 

of Leeda). George tiodalphln (tebome, 

b. 18G2. 
CaimlcliMl, sir James Robert, 2 bort. 

(1821), 8. of major-gen. air James C»r- 

michacl-Smyth, k.c.h., goremor of the 

Bahanuia: b. 1817; m. dr. of air T. 

Butler, 8 bart. ; formerly in tho army, 

dep. lieut. of Kent. 
Army and Navg ; Oakdene, Edcn- 

bridee, Sent; 12 Stuiexl'iaee, JUgetil'i 

Park, N. IF. 
CumiehMl, rev. sir William Henry 

Gibun, 13 bait. ri62B1: b. 1827 : m. dr. 

{d.) of DaTid A 

- t. Cantab. 

\ of ^Valdegrai 
K.i. Oion. a lord of the tnJasu.j 
1854-66, under secretary for the colonir'^ 
1867-58, 18o9-6.i, thief secretary r.n- 
Ireland IS60-CG, 1868-70, president (.f 
the board of trade 1870-74, m.f. Loutli 
1847-74, lord Ueut. of Eskx from 187;i. 
Brf>olu\AtheHa«m; TCarUonOar- 
4e«i,S.W.: Slrawberrn HiU^eddin,,- 
toH ; Dadbrook, Brentwood, Stiex. 

Culitle, 8 earl of (1660). rev. Wil- 
Uom George Howard, b. 1808; 2nd tit. 
vise. Morpeth : rector of Londesbarou{:b, 
Yorkshire, 1832-66. 

CattU Haicard, York; NatBOTtIt 
Cattle, Brampton, Cumierhmd. 

Carliile, 68 bp. of (1133). rt. rev. 
Harrey Qoodvin, D.D., s. of Charlt-^ 
Goodwin, King's Lynn; b. 1818; rii. 
dr. of George King, Higher Bebingtoii. 
Cheshire: H. A. Cantab, .second wranglii- 
in 1840, incumbent of St. Edward-. 
Cambridge, lB4S-68,deBnof Ely 1858-Lli. 
bp. of e^ from 1869, Talue 4600/. 

Alhenaum; Ron Cattle, Cor/ui. ,- 
41 l}evon>hireStroii,RBrtland Plaet, W. 

Ouliila, dean of (U25f.); nide F. C'to!^'. 

Oarllila, archdeacon of jvii^S. P. Bont- 

Ctrlow, viae, (eld, B. of earl of Fortar- 

Oiford * Camhridgt ; EaiUl He 
Edinbargh; Caetle Craig, PetbUt. 



CarmiehMl, coL James Doddington, 
- - - -' DaTid Cannichael, Bengal 

(a. of 1 hart.); m. 1. dr. of 

Latter ; 2. dr. of T. Morris, Crome 
., Gloucester: lieut.-col. h. p. 94 ft., 
aepuly quartermaater-gGn. at Aleian- 
drui to superintend the oTcrland trans- 
port of troops to India, I'Hited Serrice. 
Cunao, sir John Rivett-, 2 bart. (1836), 

a. of 1 bart, m.p., governor of Bombay; 

fonnorly in 21 ft., dep. lieut. of Hants, 
M.p. Lymington 1862-60. 

Car/ion; Hurdle Clip, Lyminglon, 

CMnftrron, 4 carl of (1793). Henry 
Howani Molyneui Herbert, U.C.L., P.O.; 

b. 1831; m. dr. of 6 earl of Chesterfield; 
2nd tit, baron Porcheslcr ; m.A. Oion., 
dep, Uout. of Hants, under secretary for 
the colomos 18o7-69, secretary of atat« 
tor the colonies 1866-67. and from 1874, 
constable of Caraajron castle, high 
steward of Oxford uniTCnity from 1B59, 
pro grand master of the freomasoDi 
of England, 

Carlton ;Higlulere Hovi " ' 


, Somtrut ; 

Camarron, Jow.-counteaa c 

rietta, dr, of lord Henry Thomas Holy- 
neux Howard (bro, of 12 duke of Nor- 
folk) ; b, 18D4 ; m, 3 earl of CamarTDD. 
Manor Haute, Teverttl, Mantfitld, 

Cunapa, baron (eld. B. of earl of Sonth- 
eak). Charles Noel Carnegie, b, 1864: 
lieut, Foi^ and Kincardine militia. 



OuQMffis, hon. Charles, bro. of 6 earl of 
Sottthesk; b. 1833 : ex-lieut. 23 and 27 
ft, dep.-lieut of Forfarshire, m.p. (l.) 
PorfiuKhire I8()0-72, inapector of con- 
•tabolary for Scotland from 1872. 

Army and Navy; ArrattmUly Br^ 

Cumegie, hon. David, a. of lord Rose- 
hill; b. 1865. 
GBni0fl;ie, hon. David Wynford, s. of 6 

earlofSouthcsk; b. 1871. 
Ctmegie, hon. John, bro. of 6 earl of 
Soathfiak; b. 1829: dep.-lieut. of For- 
fuahire, ex-capt. royal navy, senred in 
the Crimea. 
OuiMgie, hon. John Jenris, s. of 7 
earl of Northeak ; b. 1807 ; mr. dr. (rf.) 
of David Stevenson, Dollan, Carmar- 
then : dcp-liout. of Sussex and high 
sheriff in 1862. 

Fair Oakj FitcrsficM, Stutex. 
Camegid, hon. Lancelot Douglas, s. of 

6 earl of Southesk ; b. 1861. 
Ciniagie, vice-adm. hon. Swynfen 
Thomas, c.b., s. of 7 earl of Northcsk ; 
b. 1813 ; m. dr. of Adrian John Hope 
and grand-dr. of count Rapp (divorced 
187:^ : a lord of the treasury in 1846, 
of the admiralty in 1859, m.p. Stafford 
1841-47, served in the Baltic in 1854. 
knight of San Fernando of Spain, and 
of the Mcdjidie. 

16 I'elham Creteenty Fulham Moad, 
Ctrnagie, hon. Robert Francis, s. of 6 

caii of Southesk ; b. 1869. 
Carnegie, lady Arabella, b. 1850; 
lady Constance, b. 1851 ; lady Dora, b. 
1863; lady Ehzabeth. b. 1864; lady 
Helena, b. 1865; lady Katherine, b. 
1887, drs. of 6 earl of Southesk. 
Caron, Ren^, speaker of the legislative 
assembly in 1843 and 1848, puisne judge 
of the superior court 1853-55, judge of 
Queen's bench 1858-73, lieut. -governor 
of Quebec r2000/.) from 1873 
Qyebee, Canada. 
Carpenter, capt. hon. Walter Cecil, 
R.K., s. of 18 earl of Shrewsbury ; b. 
1834 ; m. dr. of major R. Miller Mundy : 
served in the Crimean war, m.p. Water- 
ford CO. 1859-65, assumed the name of 
Carpenter in 1868. 

drlton. United Service ; Kiplin 
Dtrk, Catterick^ Yorkshire. 
'OuBwath, 13 earl of (1639). Heat.- 
gen. Arthur Alexander Dalsell; b. 

1799 ; 2nd. tit. baron DabscU : licut.-col. 

48 ft. 1841-53, commanded south-eastern 

district 1861-65, col. 48 ft. from 1864. 

Glenne House. Dumfrie* ; 28 2iaton 
Place, S. W. 

Camwath, dow. -countess of. Isabella, 
dr. of col. Eardley Wilmot, r.a. ; m. 1. 
J. Hartpolo Lecky; 2. as his second 
wife, 1 1 earl of Camwath. 

15 Cromwell riaee. South Kensinyton, 

Carr, col. George Carr, c.b. : retired on 
full pay as lieut. -col. Madras Infantry. 

§Carrick, 5 earl of (1744). Somerset 
Arthur Butler ; b. 1835 ; 2nd tit. vise, 
Ikerrin : cx-capt. grenadier guards,, 
served in the Cnmoa. 

Guards* ; Mount Juliety Kilkenny, 

Carrick, dow. -countess of. Lucy, dr. of 
Arthur French (cousin of 1 baron de 
FrejTie); m. 1. 3 earl of Carrick; 2. 
hon. Charles Harward Butler-Clarke- 
Southwell- Wandesford (</.), bro. of 1 
marq. of Ormonde. 

Carrington, very rev. Henry, s. of sir 
Codrington Carrington, chiof-justico of 
Ceylon ; b. 1815 ; m. dr. of Haseldine 
LyaU, and grand-dr. of George Lyall, 
M.p. , chairman of K. I. Co. : m.a. Cantab., 
dean and rector of Boeking, Braintree^ 
Essex. (1407/.) 

Carrington, lady. Mary, dr. of John 
Capel, M.p. ; m. sir Codrington Carring- 
ton, B.c.L. (<Q, chief justice of Ceylon 
1801-5, M.p. St. Mawcs 1826-31. 
33 St. Jameses Square, Bath. 

Carroll, sir William, M.K.C.8.E., s. of 
Michael Carroll, Ncnagh, Tipperary; 
b. 1819; m. dr. of J. Pearson, Ballin- 
teer, Dublin : lord mayor of Dublin in 
1868 and 1869. 

Woodlawn, Bundrum, Dublin; 33 
Upper Fitzwilliam Street , Dublin. 

Carte, John Elliott, ilb., o.b. : senior 
medical officer in New Zealand 1860-64, 
inspector general of hospitals h.p. 

Carter, sir James, s. of J. Carter, 
Portsmouth; bi 1805; m. dr. {d.) of 
archdeacon Coster, New Brunswick: 
called to the bar at the 'Inner Temple 
1832, judge of the supreme court of 
New Brunswick 1834-61, chief justice 
1851-65. Union; Stratficld Jlouse^ 
Mortimer f Berks, 
Carter, alderman Robert Meek, s. of 
John Carter, Bridlington; b. 1814: a 
coal merchant and cloth finisher at 
Leeds, m.p. (l) Leeds from 1868. 
Hopewell Houses Leeds, 



OHtWi hoD. nira. Juie, dr. of 8 bHroD 
EUhmk; b. 1816; m. coL John Money 
Cuter, ex 1 rojali. 
Ovtar, hoD. mn, Uary, dr. of 1 baron 
NDrthbnnk ; b. IS24 ; m. John Bonham 
Cirter {8. of J. B. C»rter, M,P. Porto- 
mouth 1816-38), b. leiT, K.A. Can- 
tab., dep.-licut. of Huiti, a lonl of the 
treaiury in 1866, chairman of com- 
mitteei in boiuo of oommons 1872-74, 
M.P. I_i..) Wincherter 1S47-7*. I 

hTODki, Athtntmm; Adhurit SI. 
Mary, Feteriflcld, Haul, ; 25 AtUti/ 
Flaet, Victoria Slreel, S. W. 
CaJrthBw, lieut.-gen. Morden, cb., a. 
of rev. M. Cailhew ; b. 1804 1 m. dr. 
of J. Ewert, Uulluck, KirkcudbriKht: 
Vadrai army. 

Sail TuHBoid, Dumfritt; Bradtn- 
ham SaU, TAtt/Brd, N'trfolk. 
Caitier, dow. ladj, Hortense, dr. of E. 
Baymond Fabre, MoDtreil; m. air 
Georpr Cartier, CB. 1 bart. (cit.), 
minister of militia in Canada 1867-74. 
CftTtwilght, col. Fairl&x Willum, b. of 
liout.-gcn. William Caitwright; b. 
1823: B.A. Oion-.and fcUow of AU 
8ou1b, dep.-lieut. of Vorthamptonshirp, 
formerlf major in the Auitnan armj, 
M.p. (u.) NorthamplonBhire aouth &<»n 

Arthui'i Secdlt'i, Cerllan ; EydoM 
SaU, BmAury; 7 NtV) SHrliHCtlm 
CsrtWTigbt, Wmiani Coniwallis, s. of 
HT T. Cartwright, O.C.H., envoy U 
Sweden; b. 1827; m. mademoiaeilt 
ClementiDe GbuI : dpp.-lieut. of Nor- 
Uiamplonabire, U.p. (l.) Oifoidihiit 
from 1868. 

Brooti', Alitnteum; AuiiA/ie, Bracks 
ley, NorthanU. 
Cartwrigbt, hon. mre. Mary, dr. of 1 
baron Cottcaloe ; m. Aubrey Caitwright. 
(i. of Balph William Cartwright, h.p.. 
and half-bro. of nr Thomas Cartwright) . 
b. 1816. 

EdgiBti, Iiortliant4. 
Cutwrigbt, kdj Elizabeth, dr. of 8 
rari c^ieven and HclviUe; b. 1825. 
m. Thomai Babcrt Brook Cartwright 
(a. of air Tbomai Cartwright, o.c.u.. 
CDVoy to Sweden), b, 1826, m.a. Oion. 
dep.-Ucnt. of Fife. 

Outwright, lady. Mary Elizabeth, dr. 

of count de Bandiiell, of Bavaria; in. 

lir ThoQuia Cartwright, o.c.h. (rf.), 

enToy to Sweden. 
2 Bertie Terrate, LeamiHglOH. 
Ou7, admiral hon. Flanlagenet Pierre 

of 8 V 

. Fall 

. _. ISOli: 

(<f.) of John Frai 

heir prte, of hit brother. 
Cary, hon, mrs. Lacius, dr. of mqor 

Henry Peach Keighly, Idioite lunuc, 

Warwickshire; m, hon. Luciua William 

Gary {d.), maalfr of Falkland, eld. 1. of 

10 viic. Falkland. 
Cary, hon. mrs. Minioiia, dr. of V 

biion Fairfai ; m. Archibald Caiy (ft-)- 
D«i7ifOrt, S eail of (1769). Williani 

Proby, K.T.; b. 1836; m. dr, of rev. 

£. B. Eeathcote; aita ag baron Cans- 

fort (1801) ; 2lid. tit. lonl Proby : b.a. 

Cantab., capt. Wicklow militia from 


arl ol 

as of. Augnst^i, 
iwcl; b. 1832; ni. 

13 Orottenar CreteeiH. S.W. 
kahsl, 51 bp. of (801), 82 bp. of Emlv 
(441), 57 bp. of Waterford (1096), 6J 
bp. of Liamorc (631). i' " " -- 
Ktzgerald Day. - - 
Jfe- ^ '■ 

Day, rector ol' Kiltaiagh, Kmyj, b. 
1816; m. dr. of Joseph OabbFtt. Dub- 
lin : M.A. Dublin, incumbent of St 
Matthias, Dublin, 1843, dean of Lime- 
rick 1868, eltTted bv the eynod of 
Caabel, etc., to the bishopric and consv- 
cnted in 1872. 

See Home, Waterford. 
Cwaanlt, lieut.-col, houis Adolphc, 

Quebec, from 1866, 
Caadlia, earl of (eld. ». of marq. of 

Ailsa), Archibald Kranedy, b. 1872. 
Caatleculla, vise. (eld. b. of earl of 

■JOutlunkine, 4 baron (1812). Richard 

Handcock ; b. 1836 ; m. dr. of 2 baron 

Harris: ei-capt. 41 ft., dep.-licut. of 


Carlton ; Moydrum Castle, AlhleHt, 

Cutlareaa-b, vise. (eld. b, of marq. of 
LondondeTT}'). Charles Stuart Van*- 
Tempeat ; b. 1862. 



CSMtleroua, vise. (eld. s. of earl of 
Kenmare). Yalentine Charles Browne ; 
b. 1860. 

fCattlMtnart, 4 earl of (1800). Henry 
James Knox Stuart; b. 1837; m. 
Aufusta, dr. of major Richardson Brady 
ancT widow of maior Hugh Massy 
(j^. of 2 baron Massy) ; 2nd tit. 
nsc. Stuart : lieut. T\Tone militia 

Stuart Hall, Tyrone; Oaklands, 

CattlMtnart, dow. -countess of. Emme- 
line, dr. of B. Bathurst, and grand-dr. 
of bp. Bathurst of Norwich; m. 1. in 
1830, 3 earl of Castlestuart ; 2. signor 
Alessandro Pistocchi, chevalier of the 
legion of honour (s. of general Pistocchi). 

GutlMtnart, dow. -countess of. Char- 
lotte, dr. of Quentin Hiompson, 
H.B.I.C.S. ; m. 4 earl of Castlestuart. 

CfttUetown, 1 baron (1869). John WU- 
son Fitzpatrick; b. 1810; m. dr. of rev. 
Archibald Douglas, rector of Coolehill : 
fonnerlv in the array, m.p. Queen's 
CO. 1837-62, 1865-69, lord Ueut. of 
Queen's co. from 1855. 

Brooks* ; LUduff, Rathdowne ; 
Orantstown Manor, Abbeyleix ; 38 
Portman SqtMre, 

Oathfiart, 3 earl of (1814). Alan Frede- 
rick Cathcart; b. 1828; m. dr. of sir 
Samuel Crompton^ bart. ; 2nd tit. baron 
Greenock: dcp.-Ueut. of north riding 
of Torkshire^ chairman of north riding 
quarter^ sessions 1858-68, ex-lieut.-col. 
north riding militia, hon. col. 1 north 
riding rifle volunteers from 1871. 

Carlton ; Cathcart Home, Renfrew ; 
Thwmto/ti'U'Strut, Think, Yorkshire, 

Catheart, sir John Andrew, 5 bart. 
a703) ; b. 1810 ; m. lady Eleanor, dr. of 
1 marq. of Ailsa ; ex-capt. 2 life g^uards, 
dep. -lieut. of Ayrshire. 

White a, Carlton ; KiUochan Castle, 
Ayr; Cooper's Hill, Egham, Surrey. 

CSatheart, coL hon. Adolphus Frede- 
rick, 8. of 1 earl of Cathcart; b. 1803 ; 
m. dr. (rf.) of W. Foreman Home, of 
Wedderbum, Berwick : liout.-€ol. un- 
attached, lieut.-col. Berwickshire rifle 
volunteers 1863-69. 

Junior Carlton; 105 Eaton Place; 
New Club, Edinburgh ; Caldra House, 

CSatheart, col. hon. Augustus Murray, 
t. of 2 earl of Cathcart; b. 1830; m. 

dr. of 3 baron Bolton : ex-lieut.-col. in 
the grenadier guards, served in the Cri- 
mea as aido-de-camp to his imcle sir 
George Cathcart, and also as deputv-as- 
sistant-adjutant-general, knight or the 

Carlton, United Service; Spenni- 
thorne, Bedale. 

Catheart, hon. Charles, s. of 8 earl of 
Cathcart; b. 1859. 

Catheart, hon. Geoi^ s. of 3 carl of 
Cathcart ; b. 1862. 

Catheart, hon. Reginald, s. of 3 earl of 
Cathcart; b. 1870. 

Catheart, hon. mrs. McAdam-, dr. of 

. Quentin McAdam ; m. col. hon. Frede- 
rick McAdam-Cathcart {d.), minister 
plenipo. at Frankfort. 

Craigettgillan, Dalmellington, Ayr- 

Catheart, (hon.) Emily, dr. of gen. hon. 
sir Charles Cathcart; b. 1834 : a maid of 
honoiur to the Queen. 

Cathcart, lady Eleanor, b. 1815 ; vUU 
sir John A. Cathcart. 

Cathcart, lady Louisa, dr. of 1 carl of 
Cathcart; b. 1791. 

Catheart, lady CccUia, b. 1857 ; lady 
Ida, b. 1865 ; lady Maria, b. 1867 ; lady 

Emily, b. 1868 ; lady b. 1874, 

drs. of 3 earl of Cathcart. 

Cator, lady Louisa, dr. of 7 earl of 
Scarborough ; b. 1793 ; m. rev. Thomas 
Cator (rf.), rector of Kirksmeaton, York- 

8 Bruanston Square, JF. ; Aekworth, 

Caulfield, vise. (eld. s. of carl of CJharle- 

Caulfield, hon. mrs. Hony, dr. of Dod- 
well Browne. Rabins, l^iyo; m. hon. 
Henry Caulfield (d.), hon. col. Armagh 
militia, father of 3 earl of Charlemont. 

Caulfield, hon. mrs. Annette, dr. of 3 
baron Clastlemaine ; b. 1828 ; m. lieut.- 
col. James Alfred Caulfield (s. of E. 
Houston Caulfield, high sheriff of Ty- 
rone in 1838), ex-capt. coldstream 
guards, major Tyrone fusiliers from 

Drumeaime, Steioartston, Tyrone. 

Canlfield, hon. mrs. Susanna, sis. of 1 
baron Crofton; b. 1802; m. cousin, 
St. George Francis Caulfield (s. of St. 
George Caulfield, by dr. of baroness 
Crofton), b. 1806. 
Ihnoman Castle, Bosoommon, 


Caiuton, Imly. Hitry, dr. of Edwnrd 
FotteF : D). Btdermiui bu* Joseph Caua- 
ton {d.). C/iampioH Bill, Sarrn/. 

•CtaOvj, major^n. George : retired 
IVlll pay aa rol. Ikn)rnl cavalry. 

igCaTan,Beiirlof{1647). John ■Wmiam 
Lnmbort; b. IS15; m. dr. of t baroi: 
Hathnlon ; 2nd tit. nao. Kilcotmie : 
ilep.-licuL of Somemtsbire, lieuL-coL 
SciiDcrect militia from 1H62, 
NMional; TheLadge, JFeifBM-mptr- 

Cftvuiagh, licut.-gen. Orfenr: Borrod 
trich Bcntnil irrrgukr VHTalry in the 
Gvalior canipaiRn inFludioR Maimrnj- 
Pdre, and in Sutkj aUDVaisa including 
fiuddiwi]. Benjnkl staff corps. 

Ctivtge, general William. Bombnf in- 

€«To. air Mvles CnTo Brown, 11 bart. 

S641); b.'l822: m, dr. of John Taylor, 
rtitton hsU, Derby: ra-licut. 11 W 
Ban, dep.-lieut. of DerbyshirG, and ol 
Ifurwickihirp, major UcrbjishiTe yeo- 
nuinr; lSr4-T4. 

Carlton ; Haddim So«»e, Saietrcll ; 
SirdloH Hall, AMi/ dc la Zouehe, 

Cava, A. hon. Stephen, ■. or Duuiel 
CnTE. Clevo HUl, by sis. of sir Charles 
Lotwk, U.I)., 1 hart. ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. 
of reT. W. Smj-th. Elkington Hall, Louth, 
lincoln: m.a. Ojon., called to Ihe bar 
t the Inner Temple 1M6. dtp.-liput. 

Hrform : Compton Place, Saitbotam ; 
78 iHeeadilly. 
Cavendijh, lord Frederick Charles, b. 
of 7 duke of Devonaliire : b. 1836 ; id. 
dr. of 4 baron LytlcUon (>]id was a maid 
-'"- the Quo. " 

GioucEslprBhire. Ticc-prejiident of the 
board of trade 1866-68, judge-adTocnla- 
»n. and payniMler from 1874, director 
of the bank of England 1860-66, H.r. 
(C.) Shoreham IVom 1869. 

Carltoti, Oxford and Cambridge; 
Cine Bill, Brutal; 36 Willen Flaee, 


Cats, Thomaa, s. of Ceorgit Cave, Eod- 
dicote; b. 182A; m. dr. of J. SliailcroEa: 
formerly a merchant in Lond"n. sheriff 
at Lnndan and Middlesex in 1864, 

OftTB, hon. Maria Otway, dr. of Inat 
buonnaBnrn: b. 1796. 

CaTondith, lord Kdwnrd, s. of 7 dnke 
of Devonihire ; b. 1838 ; m. dr. of rt. 
Imu. William LoscoUoa (she ii an hono- 
mry lady in waiting to pnncoss Helena) : 
M.A. Cantab., ex-lieut.rifie brigade, H,r. 
out Snaei 1866-68, printe aacretan' to 
vir^roy of IreUnd (earl Spencer) 1869- 

the president of the couneil (earl 
Granvilfe) 1859-64, to the first lord of 
the treaaury (mr. Gladstone) 1872-73, a 
lord of the ttMUiurj' 1873-74, m.f. (l.) 
west riding of Yoikriure oortli divisdon 
from 1865. 

Brooii-; 21 Carllon Hova Terrace, 
Gavinditb, lord George Henry, bro. of 
7 duke of Devonshire ; b. 1810; m.lady 
Iiouiea, dr. of 2 eorl of Harewoad : ei- 
capt. 2 DiTby^hire militia, maj. 3 Dor- 
bjihiro rifle volunleera from 1860, M.P. 
(L.) Derbyshire north fnira 1834. 

TravtUa-t- ; 3 Upper Ecclaton Blntt, 
Belgravt Sqttnre ; jithford SiU, Bakt- 
leell, Derby. 
CkTBsdlih, hon. Charles ComptoD Wil- 
liun, eld. B. of 2 baron Clieehum; b. 
186D: ei-lieut, coldstreou] guardB,liout. 
10 huiKirs. 
CavMidi»h, hoD. Biwin William, b. of 

2 bamn Cbeaham; b. \m6. 
Cavandiih, hon. Frederick, t of 2 
baron Waterpart; b, 18M; ci-capt, in 
the army. 
6 Saulh Strrtt, Paris Lone. 
Cttvendiih, hon. Bichard, a. of 2 boron 
■Wstcrpnrk; b. 1796; m. dr. (rf.) of 
Thomas Hsrt. and nieee of eir T. Bhep- 
pard: in the Bengal riYil serrico 1811- 
a, resident at Gwalior 1830-39, dep.- 
lieut. of Staffordshire and of Bucks, high 

Athenievrn ; Thornton Ball, Stoney 
Slralford, Jlueii ; 36 CAaAan Plaei, 
Bclgrare Squarr. 
CkTsndlih, hon. WOliain Ednin, s. ol 

Sbaron Cbesham; b. 1862. 
CBTondiali, hon. nirs. George, dr. of rer. 
Charles Prideiui Bmne; m. Tiie-adm. 
hoQ, George Carcodish Id.), s. of 1 baton 

Lyiii Grott, CAerlirg. 

CaTBndlih, hon. nak. Henry, dr. of W. 

Byorloe; m. gen. hon. Henry Fredario 

Compton CaTCndish (d.), s. of 1 earl of 


Caveodiah, hon. mra. Thomas, dr. of 

John HobinjKHi, bart. ; m. h<tc. 


and rer. Tbomiu (bvendish (,d.), a. of 2 
b«TOD WaUTjiark. 
dTOtdiali, lion. Anne Emma, dr. of 2 
baron Walcqiarlc. 

64 Cadogan Flact, Sloam Street, S. IT. 

CkTendiib, lion. Georgina, b. 1SA2 ; 

hon. Wiay Suatin, h. 1S53 ; hon. Catlic- 

riac Caroline, b. 18fi7, tin. of 2 baron 


Cav«adi«h, (bon.) Caroline Fanny, dr. 
of gen. ton. Hnnry CavendUh; b. 18aS: 
a maid of honour to the Queen. 

CaTcndiih, hnn. Susan Fredcrica, dr. 
of 2 baroa Wnlcrpark ; b. 1843. 

C&Tendiih, Lidy Rniily, dr. of I pari of 
Durbum: b. 1923; m.Frcderipk Caven- 
di-h (a. of liuut.-ecn. hon. Umry F. 
Complnn Cavendinb), b. 1817, dpp.- 
lieut. of Dcrhyiihire, a groom in vaituig 
to the Queen, liouL-coL Ucrbyahir" 
militia tnm IB66. 

AgatI St. Lawrena, IFilmrit; Weil 
Etoke, Chichaler, Siutex. 

Cknndiili, lady Looiw, b. 1812; vide 
lori Oeoi^e E. Cnvendisb. 

CBwdor, 2 carl of (1827) John Frederick 
Tfto^bui Cnmiibell ; b. IS17 : m. dr. of 
lieut--Ken. bon. Hfinry F. Cavendiih; 
2nd tit. vine. Emljm : m.a. Oion., dpp.- 
lieut. of Nairn, private Hcrctury to the 
lord privy seal (diiko of Buccleueb) in 
1S41, precia- writer to the foreign Kctc 
tarj (earl of AberdcVD) in 1S42, H.i' 
PeiDbrok'fhire 1841-61, ei-eapt. 1 Car 
marthmBhirB rifle volunteera, lord-liEut 
«f CannarlhcRHhire (ram IS61. 

Carlton; Gnldm Gtbvi, LUmdiio 
Cawdor CbiI It. Nairn; StaekpattCoHTl 
Ftmbroie; 74 Sonth AudUy Street. 

Cftwlej, Charles Edward, b. of S. Caw 

K' , Hejwood; b. 1812; m. dr. of Q. 
tley, Sturton House : member of the 
inrtitution of civil cnginocni, m.p. fc.) 
Balfoni from 1868. 

National ; The Bialh, Kertal, Man- 

eifltr; S Whitehall. S.W. 

fcyler. sir Digby, 7 bart. (1661) : b. 

1B07 : m. dr. of rev. prebendary AUan- 

nn,Bipim: u.A. Cantab., dep.-Ucut. of 


OmU, lord AdelbcTt, a. of 2 marq. of 

Eieter ; b. 1S41 ; ei-1icut. rifle brigade. 
CmU, lord Arthur Gaacoigne-, a. of H 

marq. of Salisbury; b. 1B51 ; m. dr. of 

J. Wilion, Wondhsm MaDor: b.a. 

Cftfitnb , lieut* NerlhuaboJoad ptilfti" 

0»cU, lord Brown low Thomas Montagn, 
»..)f2niani.ofEMler; b.lS27: m. dr. 
of E. Thompoon Cujiy, eoneul at (hlcnd : 
cx-capt. Seota fueiiicr ^anta, lieut.-coL 
KorthamptonehLre militia from 1874. 

Csflil, lohl Edgar Algernon, a. of 3 
miuTj. of Saliabury; b. 1864. 

Cacil, lord Edward Herbert, a. of S 
marq. of Saliabury ; b. 1887. 

ChU, lorit Euataca Henry Ganroigno-, 
9. (if2marq. of Salisbury: b. 1834 ; m. 
Indy Gertrude, dr. of 3 cor! of Eldon 1 
ex-lieut.-eol. coldslreera (nianlB, m.p, 
(c.) Ebki cast 1865-68. Eaaex wert from 
1868, lurvevor-gcn. of ordnance from 

Cartttm; 32 Eeeltilen Sqiwrt, S. W. 

CmU, lord Francia Homce, r-n., a. of 
3 miirn. of Exeter : b. 1851 : m. Edith, 
dr. of W. Cunlillfe Brootoi, «.p. 

CmU, lord Hugli Riehanl, a. ofS mnrq. 
of Salisbury: b. 1869. 

CcoU, lonl_JohD I'akenham, a. of 3 


man), of Snlinburv ; b. 1SG3; B.A. 

Cantab., lieut. Nortuumberland militia. 
OBoil, lord Huiwrt William, a. of 3 

marn.ofSalisbiuT; b. 1863. 
Oeoil, lord Saekville Arthur Gascoixne-, 

B. of a marq. of Saliabury; b. 1848; 

Cecil, lord William, s. of 3 marq. of 

Exeter; b. 1854. 
Cecil, Indy Beatrii, b. 1868 ; lady 

Gucndoien, b. I860, dra, of 3 marq. of 


■" laify Margaret Elizabeth Ga»- 

coigne-, dr. of 2 marq. of Saliaburi' : b. 

1864. ' 

CsoU, lady Gertrude, b. 1841 : vidt lord 

Eustace Cecil 
CeeU. lady Isabella, b. 18G3; lady 

Maria, b. 1867: lady Catherine Sorah, 

h. 1861 ; lady Frances Emily, b. 1862; 

lady Luuiut Aloiandrina, b. 1664, dn. 

ofSmarq. ofExelor. 
CbciI, lady Sophia, dr. of 4 duke of 

Richmond; b. 1809; m. lord Thomaa 

Cecil (d.), e. of 1 marq. of Eitler, 
Chads, rear-sdm. Henry, s. of viec-ndm. 

eir Henry Ducie Chads, S.C.B.; b. 1817: 

servud in Che Baltic, and on the north 

Oludwlok, David, s. of J. Chadwick, 
Mancheslfr; b. 1821; m. dr. of W. 
How, Urouehbrn, MamJinatBr: partner 



in Chadwick& Adamsoii, and Co., ac- 
countants andf auditors in London and 
Manchester, m.p. (l.) Macclesfield from 

Whitehall; 65 Mooraate Street, E. C, ; 
64 OoM Street f Manchester; 27 Behize 
Park, St. John's Wood. 
CSbadwiok, Edwin, c.b. ; b. 1801 : 
called to the bar 1830, secretary to the 
poor law commission 1840-54. 

Athenaum; Bast Sheen^ Mortlake, 
Cludiie, James ; b. 1841 ; m. dr. of C. 
A. Creery, Down: educated at Black- 
heath proprietary grammar school, high 
sheriff of Down in 1873, m.p. (c.) An- 
trim CO. from 1874. 
Ballycraiffp, Antrim. 
Cfhalk, sir James Jell, F.8.A., s. of J. 
Chalk, Queenborough, Kent; b. 1803: 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple 
1839, secretary to the ecclesiastical com- 
missioners 1848-71. 

Aihenaum; 80 Warwick Square, 
Chaloner, rear-adm. Thomas, s. of Ro- 
bert Chaloner, Gainsborough, Yorkshire, 
by dr. of 1 baron Dundas ; b. 1815 ; en- 
gaged in 1839-43 in suppressing the 
slave trade on coast of Africa, lieut.-col. 
1 north riding artillery volunteers from 

61 Princes Square, Bay swater; Long- 
hull, Gainsborough, Yorkshire. 
Chiunberlaiii, sir Henry Hamilton ErroU, 

4 hart. (1828) ; b. 1857. 
Chamberlain, lieut.-gen. sir Neville 
Bowles, K.C.B., O.C.8.I., s. of 1 bart., 
consul-gen. in Brazil ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. 
of maj.-gen. sir William Reid, k.c.b. : 
servea with distinction in IncUa, aide- 
de-camp to the Queen 1859-64, ex-com- 
manding Punjab irregular force, Bengal 

Chamberlain, mig. -gen. Crawford, c. s. i. , 
bro. of sir Nevffle B. Chamberlain, 
o.c.B.i. ; b. 1621 ; m. dr. of J. de Witt, 
Capetown: served in the Affghanistan 
campaigns 1839-42. Punjab campaign 
184^9, and at Mooltan during the 
mutiny of 1857, commanding the Oude 
division from 1874. Bengal staff corps. 

Chamberlain, rear-adm. Wm. Charles, 
s. of sir Henry Chamberlain, 1 bart. ; b. 
1818 ; m. dr. of capt. Basil Hall, royal 
navy : served in Syria at the capture of 
St. Jean d' Acre, ana in the Baltic, capt- 

superintendent Chatham dockyard 1868- 
Chambers, bp. ; vide Labnan. 
Chambers, sir Thomas, b. 1814; m. 
Diana White, niece and adopted dr. of 
John Ghreen, Hertford: m.a. Cantab., 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple 
1840, queen's counsel 1861, common 
sergeant of London from 1857, m.p. (l.) 
Marylebone from 1865, treasurer of the 
Middle Temple in 1872. 

Eeform ; 63 Gloucester Place, Port- 
man Square ; 3 Pump Court, Temple. 
Chambers, hon. mrs. Henrietta Laura, 
dr. of 2 baron Wodehouse ; b. 1805 ; m. 
John David Chambers, b. 1805, m.a. 
Oxon.^ called to the bar 1829, recorder 
of Salisbury from 1842. 

Athenaeum ; 6 Old Square, Lincoln's 
Inn; 16 Princes Gardens, Knights- 
bridgcj S. W. ; Oakley, Brill, Bucks. 
Chambre, m^.-gen. William : lieut.- 
col. h. p. unattached. 
Champneys, dean William Weldon, 
M.A. Oxon., rector of St. Pancras 1860- 
68, canon of St. Paul's 1851-68, dean of 
Lichfield from 1868, rector of Tatenhill, 
Burton-on-Trent, from 1868. 
The Deanery, Lichfield. 
Chandos, marq. of (eld. & of duke of 

Channell, lady. Martha, dr. of Richard 
Moseley, Cbampion Hill, Camberwell; 
m. sir William Fry Channell (<f.), justice 
in the common pleas 1857-73. 

2 Clarendon Place, Hyde Park Gar- 
dens, W. 
Chantrey, lady. Mary, dr. of Daniel 
Wale ; m. sir Francis Chantrey (</), the 
celebrated sculptor. 

Claridafs Hotel, Brook Street, W, 
Chaplin, lieut.-col. Edward, bro. of 
Henry Chaplin, m.p. ; b. 1842 : capt. 
Coldstream gufuds, m.p. (c.) Lincoln 
fit)ml874. Arthur^ s, Guards', Whites; 
Blank Sleaford, Lincolnshire ; 41 Park 
ChapUxi, Henry, s. of rev. H. Chap- 
lin, vicar of Ryhall, Rutlandshire, and 
nephew of Henry Chaplin, ex-M.p. ; b. 
1840: M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. for Lin- 
colnshire, M.p. (c.) Lincolnshire mid 
from 1868. 

Carlton; Blankney, Sleaford, Lin- 
colnshire; 41 Park Lane. 
Chapman, sir Benjamin James, 4 bart. 
(1782) ; b. 1810 ; m. dr. of Richard 
FeatheTstonhAUgh, Rockview, West- 



meath : dep.-lieut. of Westmeath, m.p. 
Wegtaieath 1841-47. 

Reform; Killua Castle, Clonmeilon, 

ChApman, rt. rev. James, d.d., b. 1799 ; 
xn. dr. of rev. canon Keate, headmaster 
of Eton: m.a. Cantab., a master at 
Eton 1824-34, rector of Dunton-Waylett, 
Eseez, 1832-45, bp. of Colombo 184d-61, 
fellow of Eton college fVom 1862, pre- 
bendary of Wells from 1868, rector, rrom 
1863, of Wootton-Courtneyy Dunsier, 
Taunton (430/.). 

ChApman, Ueut-gen. sii* Frederick Ed- 
ward, K.C.B., 8. of R. Chapman, Gat- 
chell, Somerset ; b. 1816 ; m. dr. of W. 
Cox, Cheshunt : served in the Crimea, 
knight of the legion of honour, and of 
the Medjidie, governor of Bermuda 
1867-70, inspector-general of fortifica- 
tions (1600/.) 1870-75. 

Umted Service. Army andXavy ; 45 
Elvaston Fiace, Queeti's Gate, S. JF, 

dutpman, archdeacon Frank Robert, 
M.A. Oxon, archdeacon of Sudbury 
(200/.) from 1870, vicar from 1865 of 
St. James' 9, Bury St. Edmunds (290/.). 

Chapman, John, s. of J. Chapman, 
Aiditon, Lancashire; b. 1810; m. cou- 
sin, dr. of George Sidebottom, of Mot- 
tram : M.A.Oxon.,dep.-lieut. of Cheshire, 
and high sheriff in 1856, director of 
Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire 
railway, m.p. (c.) Great Grimsby 1862- 
65, and from 1874. 

Carlton; Hill End, Mottram. Che- 
ahire ; Carleeotes, Dunfordhridge, 

CSiapman, hon. mrs. Thcodosia, sis. of 
2 baron Monteagle ; b. 1841 ; m. rev. 
Edward William Chapman (s. of Wil- 
liam Chapman, Lower Hall, Ledbury), 
M.A. Cantab., curate of St. Pancras 
1870-72. vicar of Lanercost, Brampton, 

Chapman, lady. Caroline, dr. of rev. 
George Pykc, Baythom park, Suffolk; 
m. 1. lieut.-gen. sir Stephen R. Chap- 
man, C.B., K.c.H. ; 2. William Edward 
Surtees, d.c.l., called to the bar at 
Lincoln* s-inn 1856, dep.-lieut. of Dur- 
ham, and high sheriff in 1866. 

Oxford and Cambridge; Seaton Ca- 
rew, West Hartlepool ; Tainjield House, 

Charlemont, 8 earl of (1763). James 
Molyneux Caulfield,K.T. ; b. 1820 ; m. 

dr. of baron Athlunmey ; sits as baron 
Charlemont (1837); 2nd tit baron 
Caulfield: high sheriff of Tyrone in 
1842, and m.p. 1847-57, lord-Ueut. of 
Tyrone fit)m 1864. 

Brooks*; Marino, Clontarf. Dublin ; 
Castle Caulfield, Tyrone; Charlemont 
House, Dublin. 

Charlemont, dow. -countess of. Anne, 
dr. of William Bcmingham, Rosehill, 
Galway ; m. 2. earl of Cliarlemont : a 
lady of the bedchamber to tiie Queen 
14 Upper Grosvenor Street, W. 

fCharleville, 4 earl of (1806). Alfred 
Bury ; b. 1829 ; m. Emily, d. of gen. sir 
Wm. Wood, K.C.B.; 2nd tit. baron 
Tullamore: ex-capt. 69 ft., dep.-lieut. 
of King's CO., lieut.-col. King's co. 

Charleville Forest, Tullamore, King's 


Charlewood, rear-adm. Edward Philips, 
s. of rev. C. B. Charlewood, Oak hill, 
Stafford ; b. 1814 ; m. 1. dr. of W. 
Willie, Kingston, Hants; 2. Lucy, 
widow of W. Rochefort Keats, Porthill, 
Bideford : ser>'ed at the capture of St. 
Jean d'Acre. 

Charley, William Tliomas, d.c.l., s. of 
M. Charley, Woodbume, Antrim; b. 
1833 : M.A.. and d.c.l. Oxon., called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1865, pre- 
sident of the metropolitan conser\'ative 
association, m.p. (c.) Salford from 1868. 
Carlton, National; 5 Crown Office 
Bow, Tnnple. 

Charteris, hon. Alan Dudley Wemyss, 

s. oflordElcho; b. 1860. 
Charterii, hon. Evan Wemyss, s. of 

lordElcho; b. 1864. 
CharteriB, hon. Frederick William 

Wemyss, s. of 8 earl of Wemyss; b. 

1833 ; m. lady Louisa, dr. of 6 earl of 

Albemarle : commander roval navy. 
Charteris, hon. Hugo Richard We- 
myss, s. of lord Elcho ; b. 1857. 
Charteris, hon. Hilda, dr. of lord 

Elcho ; b. 1854. 
Charteris, lady Caroline, dr. of 7 earl 

of Wemyss ; b. 1816. 
Charteris, l^y Louisa, b. 1836 ; vide 

hon. Frederick Charteris. 
Charteris, lady Margaret, dr. of 2 earl 

of Glengall ; b. 1834 ; m. lieut.-col. hon. 

Richard Charteris (d.), grenadier guards. 
16 Ch^fsvenor Square. 




Chatterton, right hon. Hedges Evre, 
ll.Dm P'C. (Irel.) s. of Abranam Chut- 
terton, Cork; b. 1819; m. dr. of rev. 
prcbendarj' Hallaran, Cloyne : called to 
tlie Irish bar 1843, queen's counsel 
1858, solicitor-general for Ireland 1866, 
attomey-general 1867, m.p. Dublin uni- 
versity in 1867, vice-chancellor of Ire- 
land from 1867. 

Carlton ; 5 FUzw'dliam Plaee^ Dub- 
tin ; Eastview, Glandore, Cork. 

Chatterton, gen. sir James Charles, 
LL.D., K.H., O.C.B., 3 bart. (1801) ; b. 
1794 ; mr. dr. {d.) of James Atkinson, 
Lendale, York : ser^'ed in the Peninsula 
and at Waterloo, knight of San Fer- 
nando of Spain, a gentleman of the 
Srivy chamber, m.p. Cork city 1849h52, 
ep.-lieut. Cork and high 'sheriff in 
18ol, pro\'incial grandmaster of the 
freemasons in Munster, col. 6 royal 
Irish lancers 18d8>68, col. 4 dragoon 
guards from 1868. 

United Service ; Castie Mah<my Cork ; 
30 AlbemarU Street, Piccadilly, W. 

Chatterton, dow.-lady. Georgina, dr. 
of rev. LasceUes Iremonger ; m. 1. sir 
Abraham Chatterton, 2 bart. : 2. Ed- 
ward Heneage Dering, ex-lieut.-eol. 
Coldstream guards Ts. of prebendary 
Edward Dering, Plucklev, Kent). 
Finchden, Teftterdeti, Kent. 

Cliaworth, baron ; vide Meath. 

Chaytor, sir William, 3 bart. (1831) 
b. 1837 ; m. dr. of col. Van Strauben- 
zee, Spenithome, Yorks., and niece of 
2nd baron Wrottesley : ex-capt. 1 Dur- 
ham militia, sub-inspector of factories at 

Scrafton LodgeyMiddlcham, Bedale; 
Clervaux Castle, JDurham. 

Chaytor, dow.-lady. Mary, dr. of 
J. W. Smith, Northallerton ; m. as his 
second wife, sir William Richard Cha}-tor, 
2 bart. MiddUham, Bedale, 

Cheape, general sir John, ile., o.c.b. ; 
b. 1792; m. 1. dr. of J. C. Plowden 
(divorced) : 2. dr. of W. Plowden (di- 
vorced) : distinguished in the Sikh war, 
commanded the forces in Burmah 1853- 
67, ex-aide-de-camp to the Queen, col.- 
commandant royal (Bengal) engineers. 
Oriental ; Old . Park, WhitwelL 
I»k of Wight. 

Cheape, hon. mrs. Anne Charlotte, dr. 
of 8 vise. Arbuthnott ; b. 1813 ; m. 
Alexander Cheape (bro. and heir pres. 
of George Clerk Cheape, of StrathjTum, 

St. Andrew's) b. 1803, dcp.-lieut. of 
Fife. Lathokar, Fife. 

Cheape, hon. mrs. Jean, dr. of 8 vise 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1807 ; m. Barnes Cheape 
(rf.), commander royal navy. 

Cheetham, right rev. bn. Henry, D.D., 
s. of W. Cneetham, Nottingham ; b. 
1827 ; m. dr. {d.) of Richard Eaton, 
Ashover, Derbvsmre: m.a. Cantab., 
curate of Sa^ron Walden 1866-58, 
rector of Quomdcn, Derbyshire, 1868- 
70, bp. of Sierra Leone 1870-73. 

Chelmaford, 1 baron (1858) Frederick 
Thesiger, p.c. ; b. 1794 ; m. dr. of W. 
Tinling, Southampton ; called to the 
bar at Gray's Inn 1818, King's counsel 
1834, solicitor-general 1844-45, attorney- 
general 1845-46, and in 1852, m.p. 
Abingdon 1844-52, Stamford 1852-68, 
lord chancellor 1858-59, 1866-68, when 
he was superseded by lord Cairns. 
Carlton ; 7 Eaton Square. 

Cheleea, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Cado- 
gan). Albert Edward George Henrj- 
Cadogan ; b. 1866. 

Cherry, Ueut.-gen. Peter Thomas: 
served in the Coorg campaign of 1834. 
Madras cavalr}% 

Chesham, 2 baron (1858). William 
George Cavendish; b. 1815; m. dr. of 
rt. hon. Wm. Saunders LasceUes : ex- 
lieut. 10 light dragoons, m.p. Bucks 
1857-63, capt. 2 Derby miUtia 1865- 

Brooki ; Zatitnerg, Chesham, Buck* ; 
17 Grosvenor Street, W. 

Chester, 31 bp. of (1541). rt. rev. WH- 
liam Jacobson, d.d., s. of W. Jacobson, 
Great Yarmouth; b. 1805; m. dr. of 
Dawson Turner, Great Yarmouth : m.a. 
Oxon., vice principal of Magdalen hall, 
Oxford, 1832-48, pubUc orator of the 
university 1842-48, regius professor of 
di\'inity, and canon of Cnristchurch 
1848-66, bp. of Chester (4500/.) from 
1865. Athenaum; The Palace, Chester. 

Chester, dean of (1000/.) ; vide J. S. 

Chester, archdeacon of (200/.) ; vide 
E. R. Johnson. 

Chesterfield, 8 earl of (1628). Georgt> 
Philip Stanhope ; b. 1822 ; m. dr. of Wfl- 
liam Roche : 2nd tit. baron Stanhope : 
ex-lieut. 29 ft. 

Carramore, Rathlackan, Ballina. 

Chesterfield, do w. -countess of. Anne, 
dr. of 1 baron Forester; b. 1802; m. 



6 carl of Chesterfield, master of the 

15 HiU Streety Berkeley Square; 
Brethi Hall, Burton-on- Trent ; Oed- 
liMfft Nbttififfkam. 
Chetwode, col. sir George, 6bart. (1700) 
b. 1823; m. dr. of Michael T. Bass, 
M.p. : ex-lieut.-col. 8 hussars, served in 
the Crimea, and India. 

Chettcode, Bucks; Oakley, Mueek' 
ttottey Staffordshire. 

^Cfhetwynd, 6 vise. (1717). Richard 

Walter (^etwj-nd ; b. 1800 ; m. 1. dr. 

of Robert Moss, and niece of bp. Moss 
■ of Oxford ; 2. dr. of John Hussev, Lyme 

Begis, Dorset: ex-lieut. Ox^rdslure 


Carltofi ; Forest Hall, Sussex; Mar- 

poohy Exmouth. 

Chetwynd, sir George, 4 bart. (1795) 
b. 1849; m. lady Florence, dr. of 2 
marq. of Anglesey, and widow of last 
marq. of Hastings : 

Carlton ; Greudon Hall, Athersfofie, 
Warwick; 6a Ckn-k Street, Bond Street, 


dietwynd, hon. Charles C^mwallis, s. 
of 6 vise. ChetwjTid ; b. 1834 ; m. dr. 
of W. H. Blaauw, Beeohlands, Uckfield : 
ex-capt. 10 ft., adjutant 1 Sussex rifle 
volunteers from 1866. 

Clietwjrnd, hon. Edward George, s. of 

6 vise. Chetw>Tid: b. 1839; capt. 61 

Cllietwjrnd, hon. Henry "Weyland, s. of 

6 vise. Chetwynd; b. 1829; m. dr. of 

Buncan Davidson, of Tulloch : ex-capt. 

royal nav}'. 
Chetwsmd, hon. Richard Walter, eld. 

8. of 6 ^Tsc. Chetwynd : b. 1823 ; m. dr. 

of Walter Campbell, Sunderland: cx- 

lieut. 14 dragoons, dep.-lieut. of Staf- 
25 Elvaston Flace, Kensington, S. W, 
CSietwynd, hon. Mary Anne, dr. of 5 

vise. Chetwynd ; b. 1802. 
113 Park Street, Orosvenor Square, 

Chetwynd, lady Florence, b. 1842 ; 

vide sir George ChetwjTid. 
Cturvignj, hon. mrs. Julia de, dr. of 14 

baron Teynham ; m. le chevalier Bros- 

Band de Chevigny (d.). 
Chewton, vise. ^eld. s. of earl of Wal- 

Chewton, dow. -viscountess. Fanny, 

dr. of capt. John Bastard, royal navy, 

Sharpham, Devon; m. vise. Chewton 
(fatlierof9 earl WaJdegrave), capt. Scots 
fusilier guards : a l)edchamoer woman to 
the Queen from 1855. 

50 Wilton Crescent; Bookham 
Lodge, Cobham, Surrey. 
Chichester, 3 earl of (1801). Heniy 
Thomas PeUiam ; b. 1804 ; m. dr. (rf.) 
of 6 earl of Cardigan; 2nd tit. baron 
Pelham : first church estates commis- 
missioner (1200/.) from 1850, lord-lieut. 
of Sussex ttom i860. 

United Service; Stanmer Parky 
Chichester, 71 bp. of (1071). rt. rev. 
Richard Dumford, s. of Richard Dum- 
ford, rector of Goodworth Clatford, 
Hants ; b. 1810 ; m. dr. of rev. canon 
Keate, headmaster of Eton : m.a. Oxon.^ 
rector of Middleton, Lancashire, 1836, 
archdeacon of Manchester 1867, canon 
of Manchester 1868, bp. of Chichester 
(4200/.) from 1870. 

Atheneetim; The Palace, Chichester ; 
Freetnan's Hotel, 9 Suffolk Street, Poll 
Chichester, dean of (940/.) ; vidi W. F. 

Chichester, aichdeacon of (200/.) ; vide 

J. E. Garbett. 
Chichester, sir Arthur, 8 bart. (1641) 
b. 1822; m. dr. of John Nicholetts, 
South Pctherton, Devon : dep.-lieut. of 
Devon, cx-ca^)t. 7 hussars, major 8. 
Devonshire nfle volunteers 1860-72, 
licut.-eol. north Devon yeomanrj' from 
1862, lieut.-col. commandant from 1867. 
Arthur's ; Youlston, Barnstaple^ 
Chichester, sir Alexander Palmer Brace, 
2 bart. (1840) b. 1842 ; m. dr. of T. 
Chamberlayne, Cranbury-park, Hants: 
high sherifl' of Devonshire m 1868, lieut. 
royal north Devon yeomanry from 1868. 
Arlingtoit Court, Barnstaple. 
Chichester, very rev. lord Edward, s. 
of 2 marq. of Donegal ; b. 1799 ; m. dr. 
of Henry Deane Cr Gnidy, The Lodge, 
Limerick : dean of Raphoe from 1832, 
chaplain to the viceroy of L:«land from 
Chichester, lord Stephen Algernon, s. 
of 2 marq. of Donegal; b. 1814; m. 
Alphonsine Louise de Narbonne. 

Chichester, hon. Arthur Henry, eld. 

s. of 2 baron Templemoro; b. 1864: 

lieut. AVexford militia. 
Chichester, col. hon. Augustus George, 

o 2 


■. of 1 baron Templcmore ; h. 18'22 ; m. 

dr. of W. Townwnd, and n-idow of nuij. 

W. MaedoDald, 77 ft. : Ucut.-col. h. p. 

16 ft. 
CIiiBheiter, hon, Francis Algennin, s. 

on baron TemplemorD; b. 1^; m.dr. 

((/.). or George Biion : ci-ljeut, fietiRnl 

cavtiliy, eiriupt. M ft., tx-copl. 7 liUM. 
CUcIieBtai, laity Hamilton, dr. ol 

Himry James Bloke, and lia. of baron 

WalWourt ; m. Icml HamiltoD Chichca- 

ter (rf.). 
CUolMltw, InJy John, dr. of Henry 

Bevan; m. lard Jobn Ludford ChichcB- 

ter (rf.), K.r. I3«lfii*t 18ti-52. 
7 St. Gtorat', Floor. Hgd* Part 

Comer, S.W.; Camiridgi Hbhk, 

Qhiehutar, daw.-lady. Caroline, dr. of 

T. Thimlelhwajte, Southwirlt-piirk, 

Hants; m. 1. ur John Pabner Bruce 

Chirheiler, h.p. 1 bart. ; 2. major-Ken. 

Studholme HodgBoa (gniudKin of tield 

m]inihal Studho&ie Hoilgwn) . 
OUoheit«T,lad7. Hary, dr. of air Thomas 

Hugh ConBtiihlt^, 1 bart. ; m. fo\ma, 

lieut.-tol. air Charlra Chicherter, K.s.C,, 

81 ft. {il.), cousin of 1 bnrt. 

5 Qviaglau Ogrdcnt, Bnmplon, S. IF. 
Ohild, sirSmith, 1 bart. (18fl5) b. 180S; 

m. dr. and heir of lUftuiid Clarke HilL 

Btallineton-bidl, SUfTurd ; den.-lii;ut. nf 

Staffoidsbire, and high aheriff in 18SS. 

M.F. (c.) Staflbrdihire nortb lSo\-Sd, 

Staiibrdthire von 1S6R-74. 

CbtUbii : SiBlliuglmi Hall, SfBiit, 


Iiwunry 1865-66, flrrt lord of [hi 

ralh' 1868-71, aEDDt-iten. for 1 

1860-64. rhnncellor of (he duchy of 
I-ancasler 1872-73, M.p. (l.) Ponlefmel 
from 1860. chairman of the jreat western 
railwBT of Canada from 1874. 
Scferm; 11 Prinu't Onrdmi. 

China, bp. of (1872). rt. rev. William 
Armstronf; KumpU, d.d., 8. of Marcus 
Curfw Russell : miiaionary biihop of 
north China from 1872. 

Cliipp«nd»l], col. Edwar^l, c.n. : sen-od 
at the Kicce of Moollan. anil in the 
Crimea, knight of the legion uf honour. 

and of the Medjidie, commanded 17 ft. 
in the Ilazara eampaipi, aide-de-camp 
to the Queen fVom iSTI, lieut.-ml. 10 ft, 

CholMnI, marchioneiis de. hon. Seiihin, 
dr. of 3 viar. SoQlbwEil ; b. 1803 ; m. le 
monj. de Cboiseul Beaupri. 

Cholmeley, sir Hogh Arthur, 3 Ixirt. 
(1806) b. 1830; m. Edith, dr. of or 
Sobcrt Rowley, 4 bart. ; ei-tieul. Grena- 
dier euurda, u.r. (l.) Grantham from 

Breoi,-; EkkIoh Hill, OrnnthBm; 
Xvr'Bi, Fhfe. MbtKiI Rmn, LmcoIh ,- 
10 I'pprr Brigeare S/rtet, S. W. 

dislmeli;, huly GrorKina, dr. of S duka 

of St. Albans; b. 1809; m. urMontapi 

John Cbohnelej, 2bart. (rf.), M.P. north 

LiDODlnahirc 1847-73. 

10 t'pprr Belgrate Slrtrl, B. W. 

Oholmley, sir George, 7 bart. (16*1) ; 
b. 1782: m. 1. dr. of rev. Charieo Con- 
sUble,Wa»BaQd.Torks; 2.dr.ofThonm 
Learens : called to (he bar at LincolnV 
inn IBID, dep.-lieut. of Yorkahire, m.p. 
(aa air (Jeorge Strickland) Yorkihire ill 
1831. we«lem division of TorkBhiro 
1832-41, Proiton 1841-57. 

Bo,mloit Hull. Bridlinjlon ; HOdm. 
kil Hall. Xaltm, Yorithirt ; m 

Oliolmaadeley, 3 marn. of (ISISk VII- 
liam Heniy Huuh Cholmondele; ; b. 
1800; m.dr.ofrt.hon,Chiirle«Arbulh- 
not ; 2nd tit. earl of RockaaTage ; joint 
hereditary great chamberlain otEngland, 
dep.-lieut, of Hants, M.P. Hants aouth 

Cnrlton; Cholawdfles CattU.Katit- 
ifieh. CKahiri ; Tht Priory, Si. 
ndcCs, Ride; 3 Cllftrm Plaet, Simrx 
Hqunri. W. 

Cholmondtlej, dow. -march, of. Sosan, 
dr. of 8 duke of Beaufort ; b. 1804 : m. 

2 manj, of Cbolmondcley, p.c. 
Cholmondelay, lord Henry Yerc. a, of 

3 mnrq. of Cholmondeley '; b. 1834 ; m. 
dr. of col. hon. George Augustus Spencer, 

Cholnondaler, lady tiarcia Susan, dr. 
of 3man|. Cholmondeley; b. 1831. 

Cholmondelay, lady Stuuin Marian, b. 
I860; Indv Mnrcia Charlotte, b. I860: 
kdv Mul^l, b. 1863 ; lady Era Hairirt, 
b. 1869. dra, of eorl ot RocksaTigp. 

Cholmondsler, hon. and rev. Henry 
Pill, «. of I bar™ Dclnmere ; b. 1820 ;. 
!U. hon. Marv, dr. of 1 baron Leigb : 
M.A. Oiou-, n:ctor, from ISJi, of Brwrf- 


tecll (cifA AdleilroB, Chipping Xorton 

QMlmimdaley, hon. Hugh, eld. s. of 2 
buvn Delajnere ; b. isfo. 

Cholmondalsy, hou. Thomas Grenrille, 
I. of 1 baran DvLamero ; b. 1818 ; m. dr. 
of lir Tatton Sykea, 4 bart. : dep.-Iicul. 
of Cbesliire, lieut.-col. 1 Cheshire militia 
from 18o2, ei-capt. 43 ft. 

CoTlton; Abboft ^nu.Ssrwieh. 

Ckolmond«lft7, hpn. Sybil, dr. of 2 
boron Uelamere; b. ISil. 

ilhiiitelmmh, N. Z, i bp. of (1SS6). 
rt. rvv. Henry John Chitty Harper, D.ii., 
«. of Tristmm Harper, Gosport ; b. 1807: 
m. dr. of J. Woobidge: h.a. Oion., 
ehiipUin to Eton college 1830-40, rcilor 
of Stratfipld Mortimer, llemline, 1840- 
66, hp., from 18.56, of Christ.' ' 
CoiitetbUTT ' 

G. Liddell. 

ObrbtUn, Alfred, c.H.a. 

Chiiftisa, Schleawig-Holntt'iii, K.a., 
lieut.-gen., k.k.k.,b. of Uufce t'hriilian 
of 8.-H., bv rounlMB Dumeakiold- 
Ssnuoe; b. i\ Jan. 1822; m. h.u.h. 
princen Heleaa (b. May, 1846) bigh 
Btevard of Windsor : Fragmort, Wimi' 


. 1811; 

of T. E. 

Thomai, Newton-parli, Dublin ; 
Ihiblin, called to the Iriiih bar 1834, 
quecn'i counsel IS46, Ktjeant 18^1. 
•olifitor-gen. for Ireland IBo6-a7, justice 
of tho conunon pleas 1858-67, lord just, 
dtaupeal (iOOOl.) from 1867. 

t «ion ; 35 Mn-rion Sqaare, Huili,, ; 
Ac.r Gmrt, Sray, Bublm. 
Cbrtatia, maj.-gen. Samuel Tolfrey, 

!liritti«oii, sir Itobort, i 

u.c.l,., 1 bart. (1871), s. . 

ChiistiaoD, professor of Latin in Edin- 

biji^h umjenity:__b. 1797; m. dr. (A) 

linburgh \ 
dent of tl 

the royal sotiely of Edinburgh, dep.- 
lieut. Midlothian, capt. university nfle 
volunCcrrs, physician in ordinary to the 
Queen in bcotland, assessor in court of 
the univeraity of Edinburgh from 1859, 
professor of materia medicB in the uni> 
versity from 1832. 
40 Morag Flan, Edinburgh. 

Chnreh, lad; Elizabeth, dr. of sir B. 
Wilmot, bart., and sia. of dow. -countess 
of Kemnare; m. lieut.-col. sir lUchaid 
Church, C.B., o.c.k., k.c.f.m. (rf.). 

ChuTOh, dean Kichard William : h.a. 
Oxon., rei'tor of Whatley, Fronn, 
18o3-7l, dean of St. Paul's from 1871, 

George Spcncei , 

dr. of 2 niarq, c 

been a lady of the b._ 

Queen from 1854) ■ dep.-licut. Oion., 

attach* at Vienna and Lisbon 1823-28, 

ranger of Wychwood forest, lieut.-coL 

commandant Oxfordshire ye 

1857. " 

iant Oxfordshirejeomanrf from 

TravtIUrt' ; lre$t LaVHtgMt 

""■ ' Burg Sireet, 

Cbmtie, I 

L. Henry Paget, R 

1, nw.-gei 

retired on full pf . 
ChiMtla, hon. mra. Charlotte, ais. of 

13 rise. MonntEarTet; b. 1820; m. 

John Stednan Christie. 
Sealon Soiiu, Latiark. 
ChriitU, William Langham, s. of Lang- 

iuun Christie, Preston llcaner}-, high 
■ iherifl- of Korthants in 1861 ; b. 1830; 

D). dr. and co-heiress of col. Augustus 

Salben, Tapeley-parlL Devon; m.a. 

Cantab., cx-eapt. Northamptonshiro 

«e, Di 

duke of Marlborough;! 
of 4 baron Calthorpe; m.f. Woodstock 
1846-47, 1857-65, ei-lieut. 4 lightdrag., 
lieut.-col. Oxfordshire yeomanry fr^ 
1860. Brooki, TravelUra' ; 16 But' 
land Gate, KnighttWtdge, S.W.; St. 
Eeten't Collage, Sandharil, Berki. 
Chnrahill, lord Edward Spencer, s. of 
duke of Marlborough ; b. 1853 ; U. 
Augusta, dr. ofmaj. Warburton and ladjr 
Northn-ick : lieut. Isle of Wight artillerv 
miUtiu from 1872. 

28 Gron-tinr Street, W. 

jrd Randolph L,. 


>. (c.) Woodstock from 1874, 



Ohnrcliill, lady Alan Rosamond, dr. of 
Thomas Bowker, Huntingdon hall, 
Torkshire : m. 1. lord Alan Churchill; 
2. Alfred Henrv Caulfield (s. of St. 
George F. Caumeld, Donamon Castle, 
Roscommon, by sis. of lord Crofton), b. 
13 Jutland Gate, S. W. 

C&nrchill, lady Rosamond Jane, b. 
1851 ; lady iVnne Emilv, b. 1854; lady 
Georgina Elizabeth, 1). 1860; lady 
Frances Louisa, b. 1870; lady Sarah 

Isabella, b. 1865 ; lady , b. 1873, 

drs. of 6 duke of Marloorough. 

Chnrchill, Henry Adrian, c.B. : attach^ 
at Teheran 1852, consul at Bosnia 1856, 
in Moldavia 1858, consul-gen. at Algiers 
1863-67, political agent at Zanzibar 
1867-73, knight of the Medjidic. 

Chnrston, 2 baron (1858). John Yarde- 
Buller ; b. 1846 ; m. dr. of baroness de 
Grey and adm. sir Hastings Yelverton : 
ex-capt. Scots fusilier guards. 

Guards\ Carltott ; Lupton House, 

Chnte, lieut.-gen. sir Trevor, K,r.B., s. 
of Francis Chute, Chute Hall, Kerry ; 
b. 1816; m.dr. of S. Browning, Auckland : 
seryed in the Indian mutiny, commanded 
the forces in New Zealand 1865-70, col. 
22 ft. from 1873. 

Army and Navy ; Egmout, Brack- 
nell, Berks. 

Ohnte, hon. mrs. Rose, dr. of 3 baron 
Ventr>- ; b. 1830 ; m. Richard Chute (rf.) 
of Chute Hall, Tralec, Kerr>'. 

Clanbrasiil, baron ; vide Roden. 

Clanearty, 4 carl of (1808). Richard 
Somerset French; b. 1834; m. dr. of 
2 marq. of Bristol ; sits as vise. Clan- 
carty (1823); 2nd tit. yisc. Dunlo: 
x.A. Cantab., marq. of Huesdcn in the 
Netherlands, lieut.-col. commandant 
Galway militia force 1865. 

National ; Garbally Park, Ballbia' 
Mloe, Galtcay. 

Clandeboye, vise. (eld. s. of earl of 
Duflfcrin). Archibald Temple Hamilton 
Blackwood ; b. 1863. 

(Ghuimorrif, 4 baron (1800). John 
Charles Robert Bingham; b. 1826; m. 
dr. of Burton Persse, Moydore castle, 
Galway; ex.-lieut. rifle brigade, dep.- 
lieut. of Mayo. 

Neicbrook'j Ballyglate, Mayo; Sea- 
mount, Gahcay, 

CUuimorrif, dow. -baroness. Maria, dr. 
of Robert Persse, Roxborough, Galway ; 
m. 3 baron Clanmorris. 

Clanrioarde, 2 maiq. of (1825). Hubert 
de Burgh Canning; b. 183i2; sits a6 
baron Somerhill (1826) ; 2nd tit. ^-isc. 
Burke : second secretary at Turin 1862- 
63, M.p. ^L.) Galway 1867-71. 

Travellers* ; Portumna Castle, Gal- 

Clanricarde, dow. -marchioness of. 
Harriet, only sis. of earl Canning (ex- 
tinct) ; b. 1804 ; m. 1 marq. of Clanri- 
carde, K.P., p.c. 
17 StrattoH Street, Pieeadilly. 

Clanwilliam, 3 earl of (1776). Richaixl 
Charles Francis Meade, d.c.l., o.c.h. ; 
b. 1795; m. dr. {d.) of 11 earl of Pem- 
broke ; sits as baron Clanwilliam (1828) ; 
2nd tit. baron Gilford: under-sec. of 
state for foreign affairs in 1822, envoy 
extraordinarj' to Prussia 1823-27. 

Carlton; ' Gill Hall, Ihromore, 
Down; Deal Castle, Deal; 32 Belyrave 

Claremont, major-gen. Edward Stop- 
ford, c.B. : ex.-capt. royal Canadian 
rifles, serA'CHl as assistant comminioner 
at the headquarters of the French army 
in the Crimea, and in the Italian cam- 
paign of 1859, commander of the legion 
of honour, knight of the Medjidie, a 
groom of the privy chamber from 1862, 
militan* attach^ at Paris 1855-71. 

4 Gloucester Street, Belgrare Jtoad, 

Clarendon, 5 earl of (1776). Edward 
Hyde Villiers; b. 1846; 2nd tit. baron 
Hyde : m.a. Cantab., m.p. Brecon 1869- 
70', capt. Herts veomanrj' from 1872. 

White's'; The Grove, Watford, 
Herts; Hindon, Wilts. 

Clarges, lady. Anna Maria, dr. of sir 
Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, 2 bart. ; 
m. licut.-gen. sir Richard Goddard 
Hare-Clai-ges, k.c.b. (V/.), col. 12 ft. 
J^antbrook House, Taunton. 

§Clarma, 4 baron (1800). eol. Eyre 
Challoner Massey; b. 1830: serAed in 
the Crimea, kmght of the legion of 
honour, and of the Medjidie, lieut.-col. 
h.p. 97 ft. 

Carlton ; J^lm Park, Limerick. 

Clarina, dow. -baroness. Susan Eliza- 
beth, dr. of Hugh Barton, Straffan, 
Kildare; m. 3 baron Clarina, an Irish 
representative peer. 



GBik, air John Forbes, 2 bart. (1837) 
8. of sir James Clark, m.d., k.c.b. ; b. 
1821; m. dr. of sir Thomas Coltman. 
justice of the common pleas; attache 
at Tienna 1844, Paris 1846, Brussels 
1862, Turin 1862-55. 

38 Cornwall Gardcmty Qitecn's GatCy 
South Kens hi ff toil ; Tilhjprouiej Tar' 
land, Aberdeen It hi re. 

Clark, archdeacon George, m.a. Oxon., 
prebendary- of Hereford, archdeacon and 
prebendar}- of St. David's from 1864, 
examining chaplain to bp. Jones of St. 
David's from 1874 (d. 14 Dec. 1874). 
Hobtsttm-WathcVy Narberth. 

CUrke, rev. sir Charles, 2 bart. (1831) 
s. of sir Charles Clarke, m.d., phy- 
sician to Queen Adelaide ; b. 1812 ; m. 
dr. of Henry Alexander : b.a. Cantab., 
rector of Hanwell 1847-64. 

WorlifigJwm Hall, Bcccles, Suffolk; 
Wiggingtofi Lodge, Tamworth. 

CUrke, sir Philip Haughtou, 11 bart. 
(1617) b. 1819. 

Oakhill, East Baniet ; Aldwiek 
Flace, Bognor ; Shirlaiidy Notts, 

CUrke, col. sir Andrew, r.e., c.b. 
K.c.M.o. ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of C. Mac- 
kilBop: employed on special service in 
New Zealand' 1848, surveyor-^n. of 
Victoria and minister for public lands 
1853-57, commanded the royal engineers 
of the eastern and midland districts in 
England 1858-63, director of engineer- 
ing and architectural works to the navy 
1864-73, governor of the Straits settle- 
ments (5000/.) from 1873. 

Clarke, sir Robert Bowcher, ll.d., 
C.B., 8. of R. B. Clarke, Eldridge, Bar- 
badoes ; b. 1803 ; m. dr. of J. Spooner : 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1827, solicitor-gen. of Barbados 1837-41, 
chiei-justice of St. Lucia 1849-59, chief- 
justice of Barbados 1842-74. 
Bridgetown, Barbados. 

Clarke, lieut.-col. Alexander Ross, 
R.B., C.B. : ordnance sun'ey, Southamp- 

Clarke, gen. Augustus. Madras in- 

Clarke, xnajor-gen. George Calvert, s. 
of J. Calvert Ckrke ; b. 1811: ser>-ed 
in the Crimea, knight of the legion of 
honour, and of the Medjidie, lieut.-col. 
h. p. 2 dragoons. 

Clarke, major-gen. John, s. of Ralph 
Clarke, Meadow Lodge, Edinburgh ; b. 
1810; m. dr. of rev. Charles Browne, 
rector of Whitstone, Exeter: formerly 
in the Bengal infantry. 

Tlie Dingle, Sgdennam Hill. 

Clarke, John Creenier, s. of Robert 
Clarke, St. Giles's, Dorset ; b. 1821 ; m. 
dr. of John Joyce, Timberscombe, 
Somerset : mayor of Abingdon in 1870, 
a merchant in Abingdon, m.p. (l.) 
Abingdon from 1874. 

JFaste Court, Abingdon, Berks. 

Claughton, bp. ; vide Rochester. 

Clauffhtoii, rt. rev. Piei-s Caveley, bro. 
of bp. of Rochester ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of 
Henrj- Clarke: m.a. Oxon., rector of 
Elton, Huntingdon, 1845-59, bp. of St. 
Helena 1859-67, of Colombo 1867-70, 
archdeacon of London from 1871, canon 
of St. Paul's (666/.) from 1871. 

Oxford and Cambridge^ Residetitiary 
Houses, St, PauVs, E.G. ; 2 Korthwick 
Terrace, St. John's Wood. 

Clanghton, hou. mrs. Julia, b. 1818 ; 
vide bp. of Rochester. 

Clayering, sir Henry Augustus, 11 
bart. (1661) ; b. 1825 ; m. Christina, dr. 
of Andrew Alexander, ll.d. : com- 
mander royal navv. 
Axuell rark, Gateshead. 

Clay, sir William Dickason, 2 bart. 
(1841) ; b. 1828 ; m. dr. of Leo Schuster: 
M.A. Oxon. 

Atheneeum ; Fithrell Lodge, Vwick' 
enham ; 9 Lowndes Square, S. W. 

Clayton, sir William Robert, 6 bart. 
(1731) b. 1842; m. dr. of Edward Mac- 
kenzie, Fawley Court, Henley-on- 
Thames: M.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of 
Bu(?ks, Carmarthen, Norfolk and Surrey, 
governor of Christ's hospital, and of St. 
'Thomas's hospital, London, ex.-capt. 
Bucks militia. 

Marden Park, Oodstone, Surrey; 
Harleyford, Great Marlow ; White 
Hall, Watton, Norfolk. 

Clayton, lady Isabel, dr. of 3 marq. of 
Headfort ; o. 1852 ; m. lieut.-col. Fita- 
roy Augustus Clavton (s. of rev. Au- 
gustus Cla}'ton, Dro. of 5 bart.) b. 
1830, ex.-capt. grenadier guards, served 
in the Crimea. 

Clapton, hon. mrs. Victoria Alexan- 
drina, dr. of baroness Windsor; b. 1839 ; 
m. rev. Edward Ffarington Clayton, 



M.A. Cantab., roctor from 1867 of Lutl- 
low, Salop (290/.) 

dMtfby, sir Anthony, s. of Stephen 
Cleaflcby, Cornwall Terrace, Begent's 
Park; b. 1806; m. dr. of late Walter 
Fawkes, Famley Hall, Torkahire, m.p. : 
M.A. Cantab., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1831, queen's counsel 
1861, baron of the Exchequer (5000/.) 
fit>m 1868. 

Carlton, AtheutBum ; 4 Tark Street, 
Westminster; The Ledgers^ War^ 
lingham, Croydon. 

deeye, Frederick, c.B. : ex. -cashier of 
Greenwich hospital, pa}-ma8ter royal 

deayeland, major-gen. Frederick Bar* 
ley, R.A. : served on the north coast of 
Spain 1837-S9, retired on full pay as 

dementi, vise. (eld. s. of earl of 

dementi, baron ; vide Leitrim. 

dementi, hon. Charles Skeffington, s. 
of 2 earl of Leitrim ; b. 1807 ; ex.-capt. 
in the army, assistant poor-law com- 
missioner in Ireland 1838-46, m.p. 
Leitrim 1847-52. 

44 Grosvcuor Street, IF.; Mortimer 
House, Read in ff. 

dementi, hon. nirs. Francis, dr. of sir 
William Vcmcr, bart. ; m. hon. and rev. 
canon Francis Nathaniel Clements {d.), 
canon of Durham. 

dementi, lady Elizabeth, dr. of 2 earl 
of Leitrim ; horn 1815. 

44 Grasvenor Street, W. ; Mortimer 
House, Reading. 

dementi, lady Winifred, dr. of 2 earl 
of Leicester; b. 1851; m. Robert 
Clements (s. of hon. and rev. Francis 

demoni, heut.*^n. Clement : formerly 
in the Madras mfantr}'. 

4 St. Stephefis Crescettt, Westbourne 

derk, sir George Douglas, 8 bart. 
(1679J, nephew of John Clerk, q.c. ; 
b. 18o2: ex.-lieut. Edinburgh militia, 
lieut. 2 life guards. 
Penicuick House, Midlothian. 

derk, sir Geoi^ Russell, k.c.b., 
O.C.8.I., s. of John Clerk, Brownham 
house, Gloucester ; b. 1801 ; m. widow 
of col. Stewart: entered the Bengal 
civil service 1816, political resident at 
Umballah 1831-38, governor-general's 

agent for the Punjab 1840-42, lieut- 
gov. of north-west provinces in 1842, 
governor of Bombay 1842-47, 1860-61, 
under-secretary to the board of controL 
England 1856-58, under-secretary of 
state for India 1858-60, a member of 
the Indian council from 1863. 

Carltofi, Athenaum; Whitehureh, 

derk, maior-gen. Henry, F.B.R., R.A. : 
retired on full pay as col. 
3 Hobart Flace, Eaton Square^ S. JF. 

derk, dow.-lady. Jane, dr. of major- 
gen. Mercer Henderson, c.B. ; m. sir 
James Clerk, 7 bart. (s. of rt. hon. sir 
George Clerk, d.c.l., m.p.). Cli/Um. 

derke, sir William Henrj', 10 bart 
(1660) b. 1822; m. dr. of Robert Gos- 
Img, Botle^-s park, Surrey : dep.-lieut. 
of Flintshire, a principal clerk in the 
treasur>' (1250/.). 

Carlton; 15 South Eaton Plaee, 
Eaton Square ; Merti/n Hall, Flint, 

derke, archdeacon Charles Carr, d.d., 
s. of rev. sir William Clerke, 8 bart ; 
b. 1799; m. i]r. of William Henry 
Ashurst, Waterstock, Oxon: m.a. 
Oxon., rhnplain to bp. of Oxford, canon 
and sub-dc>nn of Christ Church, Oxford 
0250/.) from 1845, archdeacon of Ox- 
ford from 1830, rector of Milton, Abinff' 
don, Berks (500/.) frt>m 1836. 

dermont, 1 baron (1852). Thomas 
Fortescuc ; b. 1815 ; m. dr. of 1 marq. 
of Ormonde; sits as baron Clermsnt 
(1866) : dep.-lieut. of Louth, m.p. 
Louth 1840-41, a member of the senate 
of Queen's university in Ireland. 

Brooks', Trareflers* ; RavensdaU 
Park, Flurrybridge, Louth; 31 HUl 
Street, Berkeley Square. 

dey eland, 4 duke of (1833). Harry 
George Powlett, x.o. ; b. 1803 ;~m. lady 
Dalmeny, dr. of 4 earl of Stanhope; 
2nd tit. earl of Darlington : m.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of Durham, secretary of 
legation at Stockholm in 1839, m.p. 
Durham south 1841-59, Hastings 1859- 

Reform ; Raby Castle, Darlington ; 
Battle Abbey, Sussex; Yi St. James's 

develand, dow. •duchess of. Caroline, 
dr. of 1 earl of Lonsdale ; b. 1792 ; m. 
3 duke of Cleveland. 

69 Brook Street; Osterley, Bretit' 
ford, Middlesex. 


Clrraluid, geu. John Whelrr : scf 
ia (he fint BurnieH! nur. Mudma 

Cl«T«luid, archdi.';icon of(York)(200f.); 

tiJi W. Hey. 
CUfden, 4 viae. (1781). Henry George 

Anr-EUis; b. 1863; «iU u borgu 

Ifoidip (I7M) and Omar (1S31). 
ttrtW .Ha««, WhiUkalf, S.W.: 

SiMjieoed, KilktMHii i BaUaibg Boau, 

Clifden, viscountess. Eli/n Honttio, dr. 

of F. C. W. Spi-mour; b. 18a3; m. 3 

viae. Ciifden : ■ lady or the bedchamber 

to the Queen 1867.72, an eitni lidy of 

the bedchunber from 1B72- 

JteKT BoHit, WhitchaU; Ihrtr 

BoHH, BorAamptati. 
CUOBrd of Cbudleigb, 6 buon (1€72). 

Chaitn Hugh ClMbrd ; b. IS19; □>. 

dr. of 1 1 bmon Petre : ■ count of the 

holy Bomui empiiF, dep.-licut. of 

Pfinwfa Pari, ClmdUigS, Be-on; 
Coiirl Houtt. CnHHingloo, Samcril. 
CUffiird, admiral sir Aagustua WilliMn 

") of * mnrq. Townnhmd 

. ne pipediti ~ "" " — * '" 

vniy H.P. DuDgarran in lo^u. unnaon 

a tS31, gcntlemui usher of the black 

lii. (d.i 
ed in the 


ClUbrd, hon. and rt. rev. Walter 
Cliurln, D.1I., K. nf bimn Cliffbrd: b. 
1830; bp. (b.c), from l8o7, of aifloB, 

Clifford, hon. WoltiT Hugh Ignatius, 
>. of » baron Clifford ; b. ISG2. 

Clifford, bon. and rt rev. William 
Joseph, D.D., B. of 8 boron CliObrd ; b. 
1823 : fl bisbop iu the ehurcti of Home. 

Clifford, hon. William Hugh, s. of 9 
buron Clifford ; b. 1868. 

CliSbrd, boD. mra. Charli-'s, dr. of 
Klnrmoduke Uaggrratone-Conitable- 
MuiwcU, «n<i liB. of 11 baroQ Herrif«; 
b. 1S00; m. hon. Charlo Thomai Clif- 
ford (r/.), hi^h iherilf of Liscolnibiie 

24 ThHrhe Sqaari, KtHKingtoa. 

Clilbrd, hon. Bertha Jlary, b. 1S43; 
hon. Mniy Lucy, b. 1849 ; hon. Edith 
Teresa, b. 1855 ; hon. Cecilia, b. 1860; 
hon. Emma Uary, b. 1862, dn. ol S 
baron Cliflbnt. 

CUflbrd, Charles Cavemlinh, a. of ailm. 
rir A. CliWord, Ibort.; b. 1821; B.*. 
Oxon, and li-llow All SouIk, called (o 
Ihn bur at the Inner Temple 1848, pri- 
vate lerretary to viw. Palmentim 1850- 
■. (L.) I«lc of Wight 1. 


nith Cqut 

WaCmuuter / 
dUBird, sir Charles, a. of Q. Lnmbart 
Clifford (bra. of sir T. H. Clifford- 
Conriable, 1 bart.) ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. ol 
Jiibn Uercy, Cnilcbfield buune, Berks ; 
edocated at Slonvhunt, speaker of the 
house of representativeB in New Zealand 


Rtform, Stafford ; Campden Beme, 
BroaJuay, H orceiliriAire. 
Cliffltrd, col. faoD, Henry Hugh, v. c, 
C.B., ■. of 8 baion CliSord ; b. 1826 ; m. 
dr. of Joaeidi Ajiattee, Uadcley Wood, 
Salop: ex-eapt. rifle liripidc, nerved ia 
the Kaffir iror IS-Ji-i:!, iu the Crimea 
u aide-ile-i'uiup to gen. Buller, and 
also ai dep.-awstaot nuartermaater gen. 
on the staff of the light division, asdst- 
unt quartennastcr-^n. in the Chinese 
eipHlition 1857, knight of the legion of 
honour, assistant quartermailcr-Keii. al 
the hone guards 1868-70, assistant ad ju- 
tont-geu. at the horse guards fhim 1873. 
laBiJttifi GardtH'. 

&o:ilh Coar 

ofair AuguituaW. 

J. Cliffbrd, I hart. ; b. 1814 ; served in 

Borneo, and is the Baltic. 

South Coitrt, It'ciliaiiiMtcr Filan-. 
dilUn, bnroii (eld. s. of earl of Uam- 

Icv}. Kduunl Henrt- Stuart Blieh; 

b.' 1851 : dep.-Ucut. ol'KenI, 
CUfton, lady Bertha Belgnrde, 'dr. of 

2 rnarq. of Haating* (eit.) ; b. 1835; 

m. capt. Augustus Wykehouse Clifton 

(«. ofT. Clifton, of Clifton), b. 1829,ex. 

cnpt. ride brigade. Ariay and Naty, 
Clifton, buly Eleanor, ajs. of 3 earl of 

Lonsdale; b. 1822; m. John Talbot 

Clifton, b. 1810, II.A. Oion, ei-lieut. 

1 life guards, dep.-lieut. of Laneaater, 

and high Blicriff in 1853, k.p. north 



Lancashire 1844-47, col. 1 Lancashire 

Carlton, Whites; Ciiftan Hall and 
Lytham Hall, Frestoft ; Cat moss Houses 

Clifton, (low. -lady. Geraldine, dr. of col. 
0*Meara, k.s.f. ; m. sir Robert Jukes- 
Clifton, 9 bart. (cxt.), m.p. Nottingham 
Clifton Hall, Kottingham. 

Clifton, maj.-gen. Thomas Henry, s. of 
Thomas Clifton, of Clifton; b. 1820: 
served in the Crimea as aide-de-camp to 
the duke of Cambridge, knight of the 
Medjidie, retired on full pay as nmj. 
24 Fark Street, Grosvenor Sqtwre. 

Clifton, Thomas Henry, s. of J. Talbot 
Clifton, of Clifton, by sis. of 3 carl of 
Lonsdale; b. 1845; m. dr. of sir 
Andrew Agnew, 8 bart. : m.p. (c.) north 
Lancashire from 1874. 

Carlton ; Clifton Hall and Lytham 
Hall, Frcston. 

Clinton, 20 baron (1299). CharlesHenry 
Rolle Trefusis ; b. 1834 ; m. dr. (rf.) of 

, sir John Stuart Forbes, bart. : m.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Devon, m.p. north 
Devon 18o7-68, under-secretary of state 
for India 1867-68, lieut.-col. north Devon 
yeomanry from 1867, chairman of the 
endowed schools commission from 1874. 
Carlton ; Trefusis Castle, Falmouth ; 
Heanton JSatcnville, Beaford, Devon; 
14 Chapel Street, Fark iane. 

Clinton, lord Albert Sidney Pelhara, s. 
of 5 duke of Newcastle ; b. 1845 ; m. dr. 
of capt. Edward Stotherd, 60 ft. 

Clinton, lord Charles Pelham, s. of 4 
" duke of Newcastle ; b. 1813 ; m. dr. of 
William Grant, of Congalton: m.a. 
Oxon., ex -capt. 1 life guards, m.p. Sand- 
wich 1852-57. 

Clinton, lord Edward William Pelham, 
B. of 5 duke of Newcastle ; b. 1836 ; m. 
dr. of sir WUliiim Hartopn, 3 bart. : 
dep.-lieut. of Notts, m.p. ^otts north 
1865-68, maj. rifle brigade. 

Army and Xary ; 66 Warwick 
Square, S. W. 

Clinton, lord Francis Henry Hope, s. 
of 6 duke of Newcastle ; b. 1866. 

Clinton, lord Thomas Charles Pelham, 
8. of 4 duke of Newcastle ; b. 1813 ; m. 
dr. of Francis Orattan (she obtained a 

judicial separation in 1865) : M.A. Oxon.» 
ex-lieut.-col. in 1 life guards. 

St, Stephen* 8 ; 13 Marlborough Hxll^ 
St. JohnU Wood, 

Clinton, lady Charlotte ; b. 1812 ; dr. 
of 4 duke oi Newcastle. 

26 Ebury Street, Eaton Squre ; 
Jianby Hill, Babtvorth, East Retford, 

Clinton, lady Beatrice, b. 1862 ; lady 
Emily AugustA, b. 1863 ; lady Florence 
Josephine, b. 1868, drs. of 6 duke of 

Clinton, hon. mrs. Mary, dr. and co- 
heir of 2 baron ^kfontagu (ext.) ; b. 
1807 ; m. col. Frederick Clinton (s. of 
gen. sir William Clinton, o.c.n.), b. 

Clivo, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Powis). 

Clive, lieut.-col. lion. George Herbert 
Windsor, s. of baroness Windsor; b. 
1835 : ex-capt. coldstream guards, dep.- 
lieut. of Worcestershire, m.p. (c.) Lud- 
low from 1860. 

Oakley Fark, Ludlow, Salop; 53 
Orosrenor Street, W. 

Clivo, hon. Georgina ; b. 1853 ; hon. 
Henrietta Lucv, b. 1855 ; hon. Mary 
Agnes, b. 18o6, sisters of 13 baron 

Cliyo, lady Katherinc Elizabeth, dr. of 
7 earl of Denbigh ; b. 1842 ; m. Charles 
Meysey Bolton Clive (nephew of late 
Edward Bolton Clive, M.\.), b. 1842. 

Whitfi€ld,Hereford; 17 South Eaton 
Flaee, Eaton Square, 

Clivo, lady Mary Selina, dr. of 2 earl of 
Bradford; b. 1829; m. hon. Robert 
Clive (rf.j, M.p. Ludlow, father of 13 
baron Wmdsor. 
53 Growenor Street, W. 

Clive, George, s. of late Edward Bolton 
Clive, M.p. (cousin of 2 earl of Po\*is) ; 
b. 1806 ; m. dr. of sir Thomas Farquhar^ 
bart. : m.a. Oxon., called to the bar 
1830, under-se«rctarA' of home depart- 
ment 1859-62, judge of Southwark 
coimty court 1847-57, recorder of Wo- 
kingham 1857-70, M.p. (l.) Hereford 
1857-71, and from 1874. 

Reform, Travellers^ ; Ferristoue 
Court, Ro8$, Hereford; 13 Mansfield 
Street, Fortland Place. 

Cloete, gen. sir Abraham Josias, k.h., 
K.C.B., s. of P. H. Cloet^s member of 
council at the Cape ; b. 1794 ; m. dr. of 
Thomas Louis, or Culloden, and grand- 



dr. of sir Thomas LouIa, bart. : dep. 
quartermaster-gen. at the Cape 1840-4o, 
commander of the forces in the "Wind- 
ward and Leeward islands I800-6I, col. 
19 ft. from 1861. 

United Ser rice ; 30 Olottcester Place, 
Hyde Fork, W. 

•fCfimbrock, 8 baron (1790). Robert 
Dillon ; b. 1807 ; m. dr. (rf.) of 1 baron 
ChurchUl: m.a. Oxon.. dep.-licut. of 
Galway, capt. Oxfordsniro yeomanry' 
1843-48, lord-lieut. of Gal way from 1874. 
Travellers' ; CloHbrock/ Ahascrag, 

Clonfiurry, 4 baron (1831). Valentine 
Lawless ; b. 1840 : nini. Kildare militia 
1865-73, dep.-licut. of Kildare, and high 

White's ; Lyons Castle, Kildare ; 
Abingtotty Limerick. 

Clonenrry, dow. -baroness. Elizabeth, 
dr. of John Kirwan, of Custle Hackett, 
Galway ; m. 3 baron Cloncurrj'. 

§fGloiimell, 4 earl of (1793). John 
Henr}' Reginald Scott; b. 1839; 2nd 
tit. baron Earlsfort : ex-lieut. 1 life 

Carlton; Bishop's Courts Straffan, 
Kildare; 3 St. James's Place, St. 
Janus' s Street, S. W. 

Clonmore, baron (eld. s. of earl of 

dose, Maxwell Charles, s. of col. 
Maxwell Close, high sheriflT of Armagh ; 
b. 1827 ; m. dr. of Henrj- Samuel Close, 
Newto^-n Park, Dublin: m.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of .Vrmagh, and high sheriff 
in 18>>4, M.p. (c.) Armagh co. 1857-64, 
and from 1874. 

CarltMi ; Drumbanagher, Xetcry. 

ClOM, very rev. dean Francis, d.d. : 
rector of Cheltenham 1826-56, perpetual 
curate of St. Mar}-, Carlisle, 1865-68, 
dean of Carlisle from 1856. 
The Dcafiery, Carlisle. 

ClowM, hon. mrs. Adelaide ; b. 1841 ; 

wide Samuel William Clowes, m.p. 
ClowM, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dr. of 

3 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1837 ; m. St. 

John Lcgh Clowes (s. of W. Clowes, 

barri8ter-at-law),b. 1820. 
Tortcorth, Batrtry, Notts, 

Clowes, Samuel William, s. of col. W. 
L. Clowes ; b. 1821 ; m. 1. dr. of su- R. 
Sutton, bart.; 2. hon. Adekide, dr. of 
2 baron Watcrpark: m.a. Oxon., ex- 
lieut.-coL 3 dragoons, ex-capt. Notts 

yeomann*, m.p. (c.) Leicestershire north 
from 1868. 

Carlton, Brooks', Arthur's ; Wood" 
house Eaves, Loughborough ; 5 Park 
Street, Orosvenor Square. 

Coats, sir Peter, s. of James Coats, 
Paisley ; b. 1808 ; m. dr. of lieut. Daniel 
McKeiusio: educated at Glasgow imi- 
Tcrsity, a thread manufacturer at Pais- 

Woodside, Paisley. 

Cobbett, John Morgan, s. of W. Cobbett, 
M.p. Oldham 1832-45 ; b. 1800 ; m. dr. 
of J. Fielden, m.p. : called to tho bar 
at Lincoln's Inn 1830, ex -chairman of 
Sussex quarter sessions, m.p. (c.) Old- 
ham 1852-65, and from 1872. 

Skeynes. Edcnbridge ; 4 Hare Courtj 
Temple, KC. 

Cobbold, John Pattcson, s. of J. Chcval- 
lier Cobbold, M.p. ; b. 1831 ; m. dr. of rev. 
John George Dupuis, vice-pro vost of Eton 
CoUcgo : partner in Uacon, Cobbold and 
Co., bankers, Ipsv^-ich, m.p. (c.) Ips- 
wich from 1874. 
The Cliff, Ipswich. 

Goolurane, baron (eld. s. of earl of Diin- 
donald). Douglas MacKinnon Baillio 
Hamilton Cochrane ; b. 1852 : licut. 2 
life guards. 
12 Queen's Oatc, South Ketisington. 

Cochrane, n'ar-adni. hon. Arthur Auck- 
land Leopold, C.B., s. of 10 earlof Dim- 
donald ; o. 1824 : granted a '* good ser- 
Wce pension " in 1868, superintendent 
of Sheemess dockyard 1869-73, com- 
mander-in-diief in the Pacific from 

Cochrane, hon. Em»*st Orey Lambton, 
s. of 10 earl of Dundonald ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1. dr. of major Blackall, governor of 
Sierra I*eone ; 2. dr. of Richaird Doherty, 
Redcastle, Donegal: ex-capt. royal navy. 

Cochrane, hon. Horatio Bernard, s. of 
10 earl of Dundonald ; b. 1818 ; m. dr. 
of Alexander Nicholson, and widow of 
George J. Carnegie (nephew of 7 earl 
of Northesk). 

Cochrane, hon. Thomas Horatio Arthur, 
s. of 11 earl of Dundonald ; b. 1857. 

Cochrane, lady Alice Laura, b. 1849 ; 
kdy Elizabeth Mar)-, b. 1854; lady 
Esther Rose, b. 1856, drs. of 11 earl of 

Cochrane, lady. Rosctta, dr. of sir Jonah 
D. Wheler-Cuffe, 1 bart.; m. adm. sir 
Thomas Cochrane, o.c.b. {d.) grs. of 8 
earl of Dundonald. 


, .r Jain««, a. ot Thomaa \ 

CocliraDe, spealier of the hauie of I 
anembly, Nora Scotia; h. 1790; 
(d.) of col. Willum Haly ; called to the 
bw it the Inner Temple 1S29, chief- 
jiutice of Gibraltar (i.OOOn from 1 Ml. 
ThaUied Soute ; Gibraltar. 

4<a«liTana, Alexander Dundas Rou W. 

■ BaiUie, a. of adm. air ThomM Cochrane, 
X.C.B. ; b. 1816 ; m. dr. of Andrew H. 
Dnumnond, of CodUnda : k.a. Cuktnb, 
dep.-lieut. of Haddington and Lanark- 
■hire^ H.F. (c.) Sridport \H\-t6, 
1M7-52, Lanarkthire in 1857, Honiton 
1B59-6S, lale of Wight from 1870. 

Carlton, Soailc' I ; Lam'mgUm, Big- 
gar, Lanarkihire. 

CMkbnm, rt hon. sir Alexander J&iuea 
Edmond, a.c.B., f.c, 10 hart. (1627) 
b. 1802 ; LL.B. Ciintab., caUed to the bar 
at the Uiddle Temple 18'29, queen's . 
eomuel 1841, soUcilor-general lfcO-61, 1 
attorney-general 18al-S2, 1852-66, re- 
corder of Bilstol 1354-66, v.r. South- 
■inptoD 1847-56, chief justice of the 
conunoii pleas 1856-69, of the queen's 

. bench from 1859, the arbitrator on be- 
half of Great Uritain at Oeaeva under 
the WaahingtoD treatv respecting the 
Alabama claims in 1871. 
Bmoki' ; 40 Herlfird StrctI, May- 

CMkbnni, sir Edward Clodde, 7 l»rt, 
(1628) b. 1834 ; m. dr. of Hobert K. 
Elliott, EarKDod Park, Boibureh ; ei- 
capt. U hussars, high sheriff of Here- 

Brifbatif, Qittfruiand. 
Coakij vide SomerB-Cocks. 
Coafct, Arthur Herbert, C.B., s. of hon. 
PhiUp Somers-Cocks ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of 
major-pen. Jame9Ki:kford, Bengal army: 

'■ ~ -■-- Bengnl cLitI scrrice, 

ire militia 1865-72. 
'o«r(, Sapry Bridgt, 

cart. Worcester 

ipt. Woi 
Codiington, sir Gerald WilUam Henry, 
6 hart. (1721, unrecognised), s. of sir 
C. W. CodriDgtoa, N.P.; b. IS50: a 
mwstrate for Glouceetenhire. 

W'AiU'i; IhddinglanPark, Glomtti- 


I Bou/lage, Xontfirl, 

ford ; m. sir Williuni Sonlicld Itonsitcr 
Cockbum. 6 iKirt. 
Doiailoii, Kinglon, Sere/ordihire. 
Cookbnrn, dow.-Iitily. Emma, dr. of 
col. Pearce, Hutleytuill, Cambridgeshire ; 
m. 1. very rev. air William Cockbum, 
9 hart., dean ot York ; 2. rev. Thomas 
irilUam Whale, h.a. Cantab., rector of 
Dolton, Crediton, D< 

Codrington, adm. air Henry John, 

K.C.B., B. of adm. sir Edward Cadring- 
ton, O.C.B.; b. 1808; m. 1. dr. of C. 
Webb Smith (divorcerij ; 2. dr. of Heary 
Cobbe Compton, Lj-ndhurst, and widow 
of adm. Aitchinsoti, Shrub's Hill, LjTid- 
hurat : served at Kararino, adm. super- 
intendent of Malta dockyard 1868-63, 

Coekbim, mnjorKen. Charles Vansit- ' 

tort, B.A. : retirri on full pav as col. I 

16 Soiilhicici Creiant, Syde Park, 


Coekl*, sir James. f.R.h., a. of J. 
Cackle, Great Oaklcv, Essex ; b. 1820 ; ' 
m. dr. of Henry Wilkin : M.a. Cantab., , 

_.. ■merofGre. . 

112 £aloH Hiiiare. S. W. 
CHUingtOD, general sir William John, 
O.C.B., s. ol adm. sir Edward Codring- 
ton, O.C.B.; b. ISW ; m. dr. of Leri 
Auies, The Hyde, Herts (she has been 
a bedclmniber woman to the Queen (rimi 
1856) : conunander-in-chief in the 
Crimea 1865-66, commander of the 
legioD of honour, grand cross of the 
Older of Savoy, m.p. Grantham 1857-69, 
governor of Gibraltar 1859-65, eol. 23 
ft, from 1860, member ot the mettw- 
politan board of irorks from 1872. 
Uniltd Srrtice; 110 Eaton Sfiart, 

„ .—^ >or(f 

dukeof Jleaufort;! _._. 

topher W, Codrington, M.r. ^d.), who 
claimed to be 4 hart. 
Vodinpton, Chipping Sod&urg,Glou- 


Coii, rear-adm. Edward ; b. ISOl : 

Kired in SjTin. 
Otar, sir £<lwaTd ; b. ISOS ; m. <lr, of 

Dooglai Cooper, Oiitealio*d : nuyor of 

Belbrt is 1S61, hisb BheiiffofAatrim 


FaUMall: Ultltr^Bel/ail); Merrilh, 
B^tttt ; DriKigh Oittapr,Liirat,Aiilrim, 
Gofu, lady, Cathrnnc, dr. of major 

J(dm Shephenl, Maiinu army ; m. gen. 

nr I«iiac Campbell Coffin, M.c.s.i, (d.), 

*. of adiB. F. U. Cofflu. 
OodDB, vice-adm. Henir Edward, a. ot 

major-fmi. Coffin, and bro. of adm. J. 

T. Coffin ; b. 1794 ; m. dr. of ■WLlIiam 

Curry, Soutliamplon ; »en-ed in Spain, 

Africa, Brazil. Cateriinm, Rradtug. 
CelDs, adm. John Towitsend, i. of 

major-freR. Coffin, and bro. of Tire-adm. 

HranCoffln ; b. 17E)2 ; m. dr. of LaoUan 

Donaldun : •erred in tbo Uedilei- 

Club Chambert, 16 Regent Street. 

Cogu, rt hon. William Hearj Ford, 
F.c. (Irel.), a. of Brj-an Cogan, Ath- 
nnet, Kildore ; b. 1823: m. dr. of 
Fruicia Kyan: K.A. Dublin, caUed tc 
the Irish bar 1846, dep.-licut. of Wiok- 
low, and hieh>heriffin 1863, k. p. (l.) 
Eildaie ftma 18-53. 

Befervi ; Timtde, Bleuintm, Wuh 
few; Athgarret, Xildare ; 93 Stephen', 
Oneti, Dailin. 

C«gUlI, Hir John Jocelyn, 4 bart. 
0778) b. 182C; m. rouem, hon, 
Katherine, dr. of 3 baron Plunket, and 
(land-dr. of rt. hon. Charl™ Boihe : ei- 
lieat. 60 n., dpp.-lieut. of Dublin. 

Kildart Street (DubliH) ; Olm Bur- 
rehant. Guile Totcauiid. Cork, 

CvfltUn, 1ient-gm. sir William, n.A., 
K.C.B., ■. of rapt. Jeremiah Co^hlan, 
C.B., B.y. ; b. 1803 ; m. dr. of capt. 
John Uanhall, r.n. : brigade-major 
with the force m the Srinde and AfT- 

J"iani>tan 1838-40, political resident a! 
den 1864-63, col. -commandant 21 bri- | 
gade royal artillery. I 

Uitiled Srrrire ; Rnmagale, Kent. I 
Coke, rise. (eliL a. of earl of I.eicc8ter). | 
Thoma* William Coke; b. 1848: capt. 
Srota riudiier goarda. 
Coke, hoQ. Edward K^pprlWentworth. 
f. of I earl of Leirntcr; b. 1824 i m. 
boa. Diana, nt. of 3 tIk. Clifden (u 
bedchamber woman to thp Prince™ of 
Walcabom 1863) : ex-e«pt. Scot! hiiilieT 
guudi, dep.-li«iit. ot HorfbU and of 

Derbvibire, hizh sheriff of Derbyahire 
in IBoS, H.p. Norfolk we«t 1847-^. 

Brookt', GmreU ; Longford Haa, 
Brailiford, Derby. 
Coke, hon. Henry John, s. of 1 earl of 
Leicester; b. 1827; m, lady Katherine, 
dr. of 2 earl of Wilton : ueretary U> the 
chief secretary of Ireland (mr. HorEnuui) 
28 Warvirk Sgiiari, S.W. 
Ooka, hon. Wenman, a. of 2 earl of 

Leicester; b, 1856. 
Coke, coL hon. Wenman Clarence Wal- 
pole, s, of 1 earl of LeiceMer ; b. 1828 : 
ei-capt. Scots fusilier guards, aerred in 
the Crimea, knight of the Uedjidia, M.I-. 
Norfolk eait 1868-66. 
131 Fittadillu. 
Ooka, lady Catherine, b. 1833; vide 

hoD. Henry John Coke. 
Coke, huIyUary, b. 1S49 ; lady Mil- 
dred, h. 1864, d™. of 2 earl of L^cester. 
Coke, m^'or-gen. John, O.B., a. of 
Francis Coke, Lower Moor, Hereford; 
b. 1807: formerly in the Bengal native 
infantry, dep.-Ueut, of Herefordshire. 
Lemortj Marditley^ Mereford. 
Colbome, hon. Edmund, a of I faaron 
Sealon ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of George Blogg, 
Bucklenbury : M.A. Oion. 
Colbome, hon. Francis Lionel, a. of 

2 baron Seaton ; b. 1865. 
ColbaTne,m:^or-Ken.hon. Francis, C.B., 
s. of 1 baron Seaton ; b. 1822 : aerred in 
the Crimea, knight of the l^on of 
honour, assistant -quartermaster-gen. 
at Gibraltar 1856-61. quartermaster-gen. 
at Uauritiut 1862-67, adjutant-gen. in 
Scotland 1867-71. commanding the 
troops in China fhim 1874. 
United Serviee. 
Colbome, hon. and rev. Graham, a. of 
1 baron Seaton : b. 1827: M. A. Cantab., 
rector fVom 1853 of DiltitAam, Tuliut 
Colbome, hon. James TJlyBBes Otahom, 
- of 2 baron Seaton ; b. 1863. 

Oolbome, major-gen. hon. John, a. of 
1 baron Seaton ; b. 1826 : served in the 
Crimea with 77 It., ex-major 11 ft. 

Oolbome, hon. John Beginold Upton, 
eld. s. of 2 boron Seaton ; b. 1S54. 

Colbonia, hon. Alcthea Elizabeth, b. 
1863; hon. Florence Cordelia, b. 1857; 
hon. Henrietta, b. 1969; hon. Alice 
CoDstantia, b. 1861 ; hon. Charlotte 
Annette, b. 1863, drs. of 2 b«nn Seaton. 



Colbome, hon. Elizabeth, dr. of 1 baron 
Seaton, b. 1828. 

Colchester, 3 baron (1817). Reginald 
Charles Abbot ; b. 1842 ; m. dr. of 4 
tIbc. Haxirardcn : m.a. Oxon., called to 
the bar at Lincoln's inn 1867. 

Carlton; Kidbrooke^ East Grin- 
8teud; 37 Montagu Square, W. 

Colchester, dow. -baroness. Elizabeth, 
dr. of 1 baron EUenborough ; b. 1799 ; 
m. adm. 2 baron Colchester, postmaster- 
37 Montagu Square, W. 

Colchester, archd. of (Roch.) (600Z.) ; 

vide W. B. Ady. 
Cole, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Enniskillen). 

Lowry Egerton Cole ; b. 1845 ; m. dr. of 

Douglas Baird. Closebum, Dumfries: 

ex-ensign rifle brigade. 
22Hann Place, Sloane St. ; Hartford 

Grange, Florence Court, Fernianagh, 

Cole, hon. Edward Arthur Cassamajor, 
8. of 3 earl of Enniskillen ; b. 18ol : 
lieut. rifle brigade. 

Cole, col. hon. Henry Arthur, s. of 2 
earl of Enniskillen; b. 1809: ex-capt. 
12 ft., ex-lieut.-col. Fermanagh militia, 
M.p. (c.) Enniskillen 1844-61, Fer- 
managn from 18do. 

Carlton ; 97 Mount Street, Grosvetwr 
Square ; Florence Court, Fermanagh. 

Cole, hon. John Lowry, s. of 2 earl of 
Enniskillen; b. 1813: dep.-lieut. of 
Fermanagh, m.p. Enniskillen 1859-68. 

Cole, hon. mrs. Marv Letitia, dr. of 1 
baron Congleton: b. 1803; m. 1 lord 
Henr>' SejTnour Moore, father of 3 marq. 
of Drogheda ; 2. Edward Henr}' Cole 
(rf.), 8. of Stephen Cole, by dr. of 12 
earl of Derby. 

Cole, lady Charlotte Jane, b. 1847 ; 
hidy Alice Elizabeth, b. 1853; lady 
Jane Evelyn, b. 1855, drs. of 3 earl of 

Cole, coL Arthur Lowry, c.b., s. of 
gen. Galbraith Lowr}' (Jole, o.c.b. ; b. 
1817; m. Frances, dr. of rcar-adm. 
VUliers Francis Hatton : ex-lieut.-col. 
17 ft., which he commanded at the siege 
of Seoastopol and at the assault on the 
Re<lan, kmght of the Medjidic. 

Cole, maj.-gen. John Amber: lieut. - 
col. h. p. 15 foot. 

Cole, Thomas Henry, q.c., s. of John 
George Cole, m.a., capt. Cornwall mili- 
tia, by dr. of capt. Crozier, r.m. ; b. 
1816 ; m. dr. of John Stone, barrister : 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple 
1842, queen's counsel 1866, recorder of 
Penzance 1862-72, of Plj-mouth and 
Devonport from 1872, m.p. (l.) Penrhyn 
and Falmouth from 1874. 

Reform ; Goldsmith Building $, Inner 
Temple; 17 Prince of Wales' $ Terrace^ 
Kensington Palnce, W, 

Colebrooke, sir Thomas Edward, ll.d., 
4 bart. (1759) ; b. 1813; m. dr. of John 
Richardson, Kirklands, Roxburgh: dep.- 
lieut. of Lanark, ex-president of uie 
Royal Asiatic society, ex dean of the 
faculties of Glasgow university, m.p. 
(l.) Taunton 1842-52, Lanarkshire 
1857-68, Lanark north from 1868, lord- 
lieut. of Lanarkshire from 1869. 

Athentewn ; Abington Hottse, Lan^ 
ark ; Ottershaw Park, Chertsey ; 37 
South Street, Grosvenor Square. 

Colenio, bp. ; vide Natal. 

Coleridjge, 1 baron (1878). John Duke 
Coleridge, p.c, s. of rt. hon. sir J. T. 
Coleridge ; b. 1821 : ra. dr. of rev. George 
Turner Seymour. Farringford hill, Iwe 
of Wight : M.A. Oxon., called to the bar 
at the Middle Temple 1847, queen's 
counsel 1861, ex recorder of Portsmouth 
1855-65, solicitor-gen. 1868-71, attorney- 
gen. 1871-73, M.p. (L.) Exeter 1865-73, 
chief justice of the common pleas (7000/.) 
from 1873. Athenaum ; 1 Sussex 
Square, Hgde Park. 

Coleridge, rt. hon. sir John Taylor, 
p.c, D.c.L. ; b. 1790; m. dr. (u.) of 
rev. Albert Buchanan, vicar of North- 
fleet: M.A. Oxon., called to the bar at 
the Middle Temple 1819, recorder of 
Exeter 1832-35, serjeant at law in 1832, 
judge of the court of queen's bench 
1835-59. Heath's Court, Ottery St. 
Marv, Devon. 

Coleridge, hon. Bernard John Seymour, 
eld. s. of 1 baron Coleridge ; b. 1848 : 
B.A. Cantab. 

Colleton, sir Robert Aumistus William, 
Cole, Henry, c.b. ; b. 1808 : founder of I ^ l>art- (1^0) ^^ 18^ : lieut. 96 ft. 
the "Globe," officer of the legion of Colleton, dow. -lady. Mary, dr. of Wil- 
liam Comins, Witheridge, Worth Devon ; 
m. sir Robert Augustus Fulford Colle- 
ton, 8 bart., barrackmostcr at Butte- 
vant, Cork. 

honour, commander of the iron crown 
of Austria, director of South Kensington 
museum and sec. of science and art 
department 1853-73. 



GoUeoni, coantess. hon. Caroline, dr. 
of Tisc. Kynnaird ; b. 1852 ; m. count 
Colleoni, iCome. 

CSoUey, hon. George Francis, s. of 4 
vise. Harberton ; b. 1797 ; m. dr. of 
Tery rev. dean Trench of Kildare : as- 
sumed the name of Colley instead of 
Pomeroy, ex-commander royal navy. 
Ferney, Stiilorgan^ Dublin, 

CoUey, col. George Pomeroy, g.b., a. of 
hon. George Francis Colley; b. 1835: 
employed on the Cape frontier 1859-61, 
anu in the China war of 1860, capt. 

Collier, rt. hon. sir Robert Porrett, p.c, 
8. of John Collier, m.p. Ph-mouth 1832- 
41; b. 1817; m. dr. of William Rose, 
"Wolston heath, Warwick : m.a. Cantab., 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1843, queen's counsel 1854, counsel to 
tiie admh-altv 1859-63, solicitor - gen. 
1863-66, attorney-gen. 1868-71, M.r. 
Plymouth 1852-71, judge in the com- 
mon pleas in 1871, a member of the 
judicial committee of the privy council 
(5000/.) from 1871, dep.-lieut. of Devon. 
Jteform ; 104 Eaton Place, 8. W. 

Collier, lady. dr. of Thomas Thistle- 
thwayte, SouthAvick park, Hants; m. 
rear-adm. sir Fnincis Augustus Collier, 
K.c.H. (//.), conmiander-in-chief on the 
East India station, s. of vicc-adm. sir 
George Collier. 

Wickhaniy Fareham, Hants. 

CoUm^, col. John Edward, c.d., s. of 
licut.-col. Joseph Collings. Guernsey 
militia, and nephew of col. sir Wm. 
Collings ; b. 1821 : sen-ed in the Crimea, 
knight of the legion of honour and of 
the Mediidie, lieut.-col. h. p. 33 ft., 
commancQng brigade depot at Halifax 

CoUinft Eugene, s. of Daniel Collins, 
Kinsale; b. 1822; m. dr. of Thomas 
JLeaary Taunton, Grandpoint, Oxford, 
and niece of mr. justice Taunton : m.p. 
(h.r.) Kinsale from 1874. 

38 Forehester Terrace, Bayswater, 
jr.; Kiiuiale, Cork. 

Collixison, vice-adm. Richard, bro. of 
maj. -gen. Thomas Bernard Collinson; 
b. 1810 : served in China, an elder bro. 
of Trinity house, vice-president of royal 
geographical society. 

The Haven, Falinq^ Middlesex. 

Collinson, maj. -gen. Thomas Bemanl, 
R.E. : served in New Zealand in 1847, 
retired on full pay as col. 

Colman, Jeremiah James, s. of James 
Column, Stoke Holv Cross. Norwich ; b. 
1830 ; m. dr. of W. H. Cozens-Hardy, 
Norfolk : sherifl* of Norwich 1862-63, 
and mayor 1867-68, a merchant and 
manufacturer in London and Norwich, 
M.p. (l.) Norwich from 1871. 

Rejorm ; Carrow House, Norwich; 
Corton Hoitse, Lowestoft; 108 Canuoft 
Utreet, F.C. ; BelgraveMaimons, Oros' 
tenor Gardens, Eaton /Square. 

Colombo, 3 bp. of (1845). rt. rev. Hugh 
Willoughby Jermyn, d.d., s. of rev. G. 
Rilton Jermyn, ll.d. ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. 
of Edward Scudamore, m.d., Canter- 
burj': M.A. Cantab., dean of Moray and 
Ross 1851-54, archdeacon of Antigua 
1854-58, rector of Nettlccombe 1858-70, 
vicar of Barking 1870, bp. of Colombo 
(2000/.) from 1871. 
Colombo, Ceylon. 

Colquhonn, sir James, 4 bart. (1786) 
b. 1844 : head of the clan Colquhoun, 
M.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Dun^arton. 
Rossdh u, jDumba rton . 

Colqnhonn, sir Patiick MacCombaich 
de, LL.i).,s. of James Colquhoim, ll.d., 
consul-gen. of the Hansc towns; b, 
1815 ; m. dr. of M. St. Vitalis : m.a. 
Cantab., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1838, queen's counsel 
1868, plenipotentiarj* for the Ilanseatlc 
to>nis at Turkey and Greece 1840-44, 
aulic counsellor of the king of Saxony 
1857, standing counsel to the Saxon 
legation at St. James's, chief justice of 
the Ionian islands 1861-64, knight grand 
cross of the order of the Saviour of 

Athenasnm; 2 King's Bench Walk. 
Tewple; 3 Stratford Place, Oxford 
Street, IF. ; Shepperton, Middlesex. 

Colqnhoun, lady. Anne, dr. of W. Cath- 
row, P.R.C.8., Weymouth Street; m. 1. 
sir Robert Gilmour Colquhoim, k.c.b., 
consul-gen. in Egypt ; 2. William Adare 

Strathgarry, Pitlochry, Perthshire. 

Colt, rev. sir Edward Harry Vaughan, 
6 bart. (1692} b. 1808; m. dr. (d.) of 
Francis II. Northen, m.d., Leanouse, 
Stafford : m.a. Oxon., vicar of Hill, Glou- 
cestershire (260/.) from 1839. 

Hill Vicarage, Thornbury, Glouees' 

Colthnrst, sir George Conway, 5 bart. 
(1744) b. 1824 ; m. dr. of St. John 
Jeffreys, Blarney Castle, Cork : dep.- 



lieut. of Cork, m.p. (l.) EinBale 1863- 
74, high sheriff of Cork in 1850. 

Brooks^ ; Ardrum^ InnUcarra, Cork; 
36 Wilton Cfreteenty Belgrave Square. 

Ooliimbia, 1 bp. of (1859). rt. rev. 
George HilU, d.d., s. of rear-adm. Geoive 
Hills ; b. 1816 ; m. dr. of adm. sir Bich- 
aid King, o.c.b., 2 bart. : perpetual 
curate of St. Nicholas, Yarmouth, 1848- 
69, honorary canon of Norwich, bp. of 
Columbia {mil.) from 1859. 
Victoria^ British Columbia. 

GolTile, rt. hon. sir James William, 
P.C., 8. of Andrew Colvile, Craigflower ; 
b. 1810 ; m. dr. of sir John Peter Grant : 
M.A. Cantab., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1835, advocate-gen. in 
Calcutta 1845, puisne juc^ of the su- 

?reme court of iBengal 1848, chief iustice 
855-59, a member of the j udicial com- 
mittee of the privy council 1865, a per- 
manent judge of the privy council com- 
mittee (5,000/.) from 1871, dep.-lieut. of 

Athenaum ; Craig/lower^ Dumferm- 
line ; 8 Rutland Gate, KnightsSridge, 

Colyile, coL Fiennes Middleton, c.b., 
B. of Frederick Colvile, Barton house, 
Warwick; b. 1832; m. dr. of maj. 
Northcote, Torouay : served in the 
Crimea and in New Zealand 1864-65, 
Ueut.-col. 43 ft. 

Colyile, gen. Henry, s. of Robert Col- 
vile, E^mingston Hall, Suffolk, and 
nephew of sir Charles Colvile ; b. 1795 ; 
m. dr. ((/.) of J. H. Leigh, and sist. of 

1 baron Leigh : col. 12 ft. frx>m 1864. 

United Service; Kempaey Souse, 

Colvile, hon. mrs. Katherine Sarah, dr. 
of baroness de Clifford; b. 1827; m. 
Charles Robert Colvile (only s. of sir 
Charles H. Colvile) b. 1815, M.A, 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Derbyshire, lieutt- 
ool. commandant Derbvslure yeomanry 
firom 1864, m.p. Derbysnire south 1841- 
59, 1865-68. 

Arthur's ; Lullington Hall, Burton- 
on- Trent; 27 Eceleston Square, S. W. 

♦tColville, 11 baron (1604). Charles John 
Colville, P.O., K.T. ; b. 1818 ; m. dr. of 

2 baron Carington : ex-capt. 11 hussars, 
chief equerry to the Queen in 1852, 
1858-59, master of the buckhounds 1866- 
68, lieut.-€ol. London artillery company 

1859-66, chamberlain to the princess of 
Wales from 1873. 

Carlton; Culross Lodge, West Cowes ; 
42 Eaton Place. 

ColTille, hon. Charles Robert (master 
of Culross), eld. s. of 11 boron Colville ; 
b. 1854, 

ColTille, hon. George, s. of 11 baron 
ColviUe ; b. 1867. 

ColYille, hon. Stanley, s. of 11 baron 
ColviUe ; b. 1861. 

Colville, col. hon. William James,' bro. 
of 11 baron Colville ; b. 1827 ; m. dr. of 
Evan (and lady Georgina) Baillie, of 
Dochfour: ex-maj. rifle brigade, served 
in the Crimea, Imizht of ue legion of 
honour and of the Medjidie, treasurer to 
the duke of Edinburgh s household frt)m 
1871, ensign of the yeomen of the guard 
from 1872. 

St. James's Palace, S. W.; 47 Chester 

Colville, hon. Blanche Cecile, dr. of 
11 baron Colville; b. 1857. 

Combermere, 2 vise. (1826). coL Wel- 
lington Henr\' Stapleton- Cotton; b. 
1818 ; m. dr. (d.) of sir George Sitwell, 
2 bart. : ex-maj. 7 dragoon guards, dep.- 
lieut. of Cheshire, m.p. Carrickfergus 

Carlton; Combermere Abhey, Kant- 

Commerell, capt. sir John Edmund, 
R.N., Y.C., K.C.B., s. of J. Commerell, 
Stroud, Horsham; b. 1829: served in 
South America, in the Baltic, and on 
the East India and China station, aide- 
de-camp to the Queen from 1871, com- 
manding at the Cape 1869-74, groom- 
in-waiting to the Queen frx>m 1874. 

Compton, earl (eld. s. of marq. of 

Compton, rev. lord Alwyne, s. of 2 
marq. of Northampton ; b. 1825 ; m. dr. 
of rev. Robert (and hon. mrs.) Ander- 
son : M.A. Cantab., hon. canon of Peter- 
borough, rector of Castle Ashby, North- 
ampton (350/.) frttm 1852, proctor in 
convocationr for Peterborough from 

146 Fieeadillg ; Castle Ashby, North- 

Compton, rear-adm. lord William, s. of 
2 marq. of Northampton ; b. 1818 ; m. 
dr. of admiral hon. sir George Elliot, 
x.c.B. : served in the Chinese war. 
32 Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, 



Congdon, maj.-f^eu. John H. B. : for- 
merly in the Madras anny. 

Congleton, 2l>ai-on (1841). JolmVosey 
Pamell, h. 1805 : m. 1. miss Cronin ; 
2. dr. of Ovanness Moscow; 3. dr. of 
Charles Ormerod, India board. 

Rathleague, Queen's co. ; 53 Gnat 
Cumberland Place, Portman Square. 

Congreye, sir William Augustus, 3 bart. 
(1812) 8. of the inventor of the " Con- 
greve rockets ; " b. 1826. 

Congreye, hon. mrs. Alice, dr. of 3 
baron Clonbrock ; b. 1845; m. cousin 
Ambrose Congreve (s. of John Congreve, 
Mount Congrcve), b. 1832, ex-lieut. 
2 life guards, dep.-lieut. of Waterford, 
and high sheriff in 1871. 

Kildare Street Club^ Dublin ; Mount 
CongrevCy Dublin. 

Congreye, hon. mrs. Louisa, dr. of 2 
baron Clonbrock ; b. 1805 ; ni. John 
Congreve (</.), of Mount Congreve, 

Ctonnaught and Strathearn, H.R.n. 1 
duke of (1874). Prince Arthur William 
Patrick Albert, o.c.m.o., p.c, k.p., 
K.O., b. 1850 ; 2nd tit. earl of Sussex : 
prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, duke of 
oaxony, knight of the Osmanli order, 
and of the black eagle of Prussia, hon. 
col. royal east Kent yeomanry from 
1870, capt. 7 hussars. 

Connolly, maj.-gen. Kichard George, 
B.A. : retired on full pay as col.-com- 

Connolly, Thomas, s. of col. E. M. 
Connolly, m.p., and cousin of 3 earl of 
Longford; b. 1823; m. dr. of J. Shaw, 
Celbridge, Kildare : m.a. Oxon., dep.- 
Heut. of Donegal and high sheriff in 
1848, M.P. (c.) Donegal from 1849. 

Carltotiy Boodl(^8 ; Sackville Street 
Club, Dublin; Clip Home, Balhj- 
shannon, Donegal; Castlctoicn^ Cel- 
bridge, Kildare. 

Conroy, sir John, 3 bart. (1837) b. 
1845: M.A. Oxon., capt. Northumber- 
land militia, 1865-73. 

Junior Carlton; Arborjield, Read- 
ing ; Llanhrymnair, Montgomery, 

Gonroy,' lady Alicia, dr. of 1 carl of 
Boeae ; b. 1816 ; m. sir Edward Ccnroy, 
2 bart. Arbor jield, JReading ; Llan- 
brynmair, Montgomery. 

Conatablo, sir Frederick Augustus Tal- 

bot, CUfford-, 3 bart. (1815) b. 1828; 
m. Mar}-, dr. of William Heny, Scilly 
islands : dep.-lieut. of Yorkslure, maj. 
East Yorkshire militia 1853-61. 

Burton Constable, Mull; JFyeliffe 
Mall, Darlingtoti. 

Constable, dow.-lady. Bosina, dr. of 
Charles Brandon; m. 1. sir Thomas 
Clifford-Constable, 2 bart. ; 2. E. Tre- 
lawny (^.)* 

Constable, bidy Mary. dr. of 12 carl of 
Buchan; b. 1811 ; m. William Browne 
Constable (</.). 

JFallace Craigie, Forfar. 

Conway, baron (eld. s. of earl of Yar- 
mouth). George Francis Alexander Sey- 
mour; b. 1871. 

Conway, maj.-^?n. Thomas Sydenham, 

c.R. : served m the Sciude and South 

Mahratta campaigns, lieut.-col. half- 

pav grenadier guards. 

loo Mount Street, Groavenor Square. 

Conybeare, mai.-gen. Frederick, r.a. : 
retired on full pay as lieut.-col. royal 
Bombtiy artillery. 

2 Marloes Jxoad, Cromwell JRoad. 
S. W. 

Conyers, 12 baron (1509). Sackville 
George Lane-Fox ; b. 1827 ; m. dr. of 
capt. Reginald Curteis, 1 dragoons: suc- 
ceeded his uncle 7 duke of J^eds in the 
barony of Conyers in 1859, served in the 
Crimea, ex-lieut. 87 ft., lieut. east Kent 
yeonianrj' from 1862. 

Carlton; Cox' 8 Hotel, Jermyn Street^ 

Conyngham, 2 marq. of (1816). gen. 
Francis Nathaniel Con}Tigham, p.c, 
O.C.H., K.p. ; b. 1797 ; m. dr. of 1 
marq. of Anglesea ; sits as baron Min- 
ster (1821) ; 2nd tit. earl of Mount- 
charles : imder-secretary for foreign 
affairs 1823-26, a lord of the trcasurj- in 
1826, postmaster-gen. 1834-35, m.p. 
Donegal 1825-32, lord chamberlain 1835- 
39, vice-adm. of Ulster, lord-lieut. of 
Meath from 1869. 

5 Hamilton Place, W. ; Slane Castle, 
Meath; Mounteharles, Donegal; Bi- 
frons, Canterbury. 

Conjmgliani, lord Francis Nathaniel, s. 
of 2 marq. of Convngham ; b. 1832 ; m. 
dr. of 1 baron Iredegar; lieut. royal 
navy, ex-lieut. London Irish rifle volun- 
teers, ex-capt. Donegal artillery militia, 
M.p. Clare 1857-59, and (h.r.) from 
1874. Army and Navy; 5 Hamilton 
Place, W. 


Oonyngham, lady Blanche, b. 1856 ; 
lady Constance Augusta, b. 1859 ; lady 
Jane Sejrmour, b. 1860 ; lady Eliatabetn 
Maud, b. 1862; lady Florence, b. 1866, 
drs. of earl of Mountcharles. 

Coode, sir John, s. of Charles Coode, 
Bodmin; b. 1816; m. dr. of William 
Price, Weston-super-Mare : a civil en- 
gineer, chief engineer of Portland break- 
water 1866-72. 

2 Westmituier Chamhert, Victoria 
Street, S. W. ; 35 Norfolk Square, Hyde 
Park W, 

C©oke,' sir* William Ridley Charles, 7 
bart. (1661) b. 1827; m. 1. dr. of rev. 
Jonathan Trebeck, of Melbourne^ Cam- 
bridge (dissolved) ; 2. dr. of sir William 
Henry Feilden, bart. : dep.-lieut. York- 
shire, ex-capt. 1 west York yeomanry, 
ex-lieut. 2 west York yeomanry. 

Wheatley Hall, Ihneaster ; Long*t 
Hotel, Bond Street, W. 

Cooke, sir William Fothergill, s. of 
William Cooke, m.d., Durham ; b. 1806 ; 
m. dr. of Joseph Wheatley, Treeton, 
Yorkshire: in the east In^an army 
1826-31, invented the electric telegraph 
in 1836 along with sir Charles Wheat- 
Branksea Lodge, Tooting, Sttrrey. 

Cooke, col. Anthony Charles, B.E., 
C.B., s. of rev. R. Brj-an Cooke, rector of 
Wheldrake, Yorkshire; b. 1826: served 
in the Crimea, executive oflBcer, topo- 
graphical branch, war office, command- 
ing royal engineers at Bermuda 1869-73, 
commanding royal engineers at Alder- 
shot from 1873. Bryn Ahjn, Mold. 

Cooke, ladv Marv, dr. of 9 earl of Gal- 
loway; b. 1842; m. Charles Edward 
Cooke fbro. and heir pres. of sir W. R. 
Cooke, 7. bart.), b. 1829: b.a. Cantab. 

Cooke, maj.-gen. Charles John, R.A. : 
retired on full pay of col. Madras artil- 

Cooke, lady. Katherine, m. 1. mig.-gen. 
sir Henry Frederick Cooke, c.b., k.c.h., 
mndson of George Cooke, m.p. ; 2. 
Robert Hook (s. of dean Hook of Wor- 
47 bharlet Street, Berkeley Square, 

Cookworthy, maj.-gen. Colin, r.a. : 
served in the Sutlej and Punjab cam- 
paigns, in the Indian mutiny, and in 
the Ronilcund campaign, retired on full 
pay as col. royal Bengal artillerj'. 

Coope, Octavius Edward, s. of John 
Coopc, Great Cumberland Place, Lon- 

don ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of capt. Fulcher, 
Indian army : dep.-lieut. of Essex, maj. 
Essex rifle volimteers, partner in Xnd, 
Coope, & Co., brewers, Romford, and 
Burton-on-Trent, m.p. (c.) Great Yar- 
mouth 1847-48, Middlesex from 1874. 

Carlton, City; Botehetts, Brentwood, 
Euex; 41 Upper Brook Street, Groa- 
venor Square. 

Cooper, sir Astley Paston, 3 bart. 
(182n b. 1824; m. dr. of George New- 
ton, Croxton Park, Ilimtingdon : served 
in the Crim^, cx-capt. rifle brigade, 
cx-capt. 20 Sussex rifle volunteers. 

Arthur* 8, Windham; Gadeehidge 
Park, Hemel Uempstvad, Herte. 

Cooper, sir Daniel, 1 bart (1857) b. 
1821 ; m. dr. of William Hill, Sydney: 
speaker of the legislative assembly of 
New South Wales 1856-60, member of 
the senate of Sydney Universi^. 

Woolahra, St/^ney ; Maequarie 
Street, Sydney, N.S. W. : 20 Brinci^s 
Gardens, S. TT. 

Cooper, sir Charles, b. 1795 ; m. dr. of 
C. B. Newenham : called to the bar at 
tiic Inner Temple 1827, first jud^ of 
South Australia 1839-49, a puisne ludge 
1849-56, chiefjustice 1856-61. 
Abberton Jiouse, Cheltenham. 

Cooper,' sir Henry, m.b., s. of Samuel 
Cooper, Hull ; b. 1807 ; m. cousin {d.)y 
dr. of William S. Cooper, Hull: m.d. 
London University, mayor of HuU 1864- 
55, physician to the Hull infirmaiy 
1845-74, consulting physician from 1874. 
9 Charlotte Street, Hull. 

Cooper, col. Aithur Sissou, c.b. : served 
in the Indian mutiny, ex-lieut.-coL 
33 ft. 

Cooper, lient-gen. Henry : conunanded 
the resen'c battalion 45 ft. in the 
Kaffir war 1846-47, and a wing of that 
regiment in the war 1850-53, coL 79 ft. 
from 1870. 

Cooper, archd. John, B.D., v. A. Can* 
tab., canon of Carlisle, archd. of West- 
moreland from 1864, vicar of Kendal 
(580/.) from 1858. 

Cooper, dow.-lady. Anne, dr. of coL 
Charles Kemeys Tjnte of Halswell 
House, Somerset, m.p. ; m. sir William 
Henry Cooper, 5 bart. of Gogar. 

CoopNer, dow-lady. Elizabeth, dr. of 
William Rickford, M.P. Aylesbury; m. 
sir Astley Paston Cooper, 2 bart., F.R.8. 
(nephew of sir Astley Cooper, the cele- 
brated surgeon). 



Coore, hon. mrs. Mary Emily, dr. of 
1 baron Helper ; b. 1853 ; m. Henr}* 
Mark Gale Coore (nephew of col. Fos- 
ter Lechmere Coore, Firby, York), b. 
Seruton Hall, BedaU, Yorkshire. 

Coota, sir Charles Algemou, 4 bai-t. 
(1774) b. 1847. 
1 Keniiworth Eoad, Dublin. 

Coota, sir Charles Henry, 10 hart. 
(1670) b. 1815 : premier bart. of Ire- 
land, M.A. Dublin, dep.-lieut. of Queen's 

Carlton ; Ballufin^ Queen* s co. ; 5 Con- 
naught Flace^ Hyde Park, W. _ 

Coote, rear-adm. Robert, c.b., s. of sir 
Charles Coote, 9 bart. ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. 
of adm. sir W. Parry : commanding the 
fleet at Queenstox^-n'from 1873. 

Coote, hon. mrs. Louisa, dr. of 3 baix)u 
Cremome ; m. Charles Coote. 
BeUamont Forest, Cootehill, Cavan. 

Cooto, lady Louisa, dr. of last earl of 

Cope, rev. sir William Henry, 12 bart. 
(1611) b. 1811; m. 1. dr. of Hemy 
(wnett, Green Park, Mcath ; 2. dr. of 
E, Jaffi^y Hautenville, Monkstown, 
Dublin: m.a. Oxon., minor canon of 
Westminster 1842-53. 

Bramshill Fork, Hartfordbridge, 

Copley, sir Joseph William, 4 bart. 
(1778) b. 1804 ; m. lady Charlotte, dr. 
of 1 earl of Yarborough (she is an extra 
bedchamber woman to the Queen) : 
dep.-lieut. of Cornwall, high sheriff of 
Yorkshire in 1853. 

TraveUert? ; Spotboroughy Doncaster, 
Yorkshire; 6 Clifford Street, Bond 

Copley, ladyCharlottc ; b. 1810 ; vide 
sir Joseph W. Copley. 

Corbally, hon. mrs. Matilda, dr. of 12 
vise. Gormanstown ; b. — ; m. Matthew 
Elias Corbally (rf.), m.p. Meath 1840- 


Corbalton Hall, Tara, Meath. 

Corbet, sir Vincent Rowland, 3 bart. 
(1806) b. 1821 ; m. dr. of adm. hon. 
Charles Orlando Bridgeman: ex-lieut. 
royal horse guards, dep.-lieut. of Salop 
and high sheriff in 1862, capt. north 
Salop yeomanry from 1854. 

Army and Navy ; Acton Beynald- 
hall, Shretcsbunj; Moreton Corbet 
Castle, Salop. 

Corbet, capt. John, R.N., c.b., s. of 
Uvedale Corbet, Aston Hall, Salop; b, 
1819 ; m. dr. of George Holmes, Brooko, 
Norfolk: aide-de-camp to the Queen 
from 1870. 
Aston Hall, Shiffnal, Shropshire, 

Corbet, dow.-lady, Rachel, dr. of col. 
John Hill, and sis. of 2 vise. HUl ; b. 
1799 ; m. sir ^Vndrew Vincent Corbet, 2 

Corbett, col. Edward, s. of P. Corbett, 
Longnor Hall, Salop, m.p. ; b. 1817 ; m. 
dr. of K. Scholl : a magistrate and dep.- 
lieut. of Salop, ex-lieut. 51 ft., lieut.- 
col. Salop miutia from 1855, m.p. (c.) 
Shropshire south from 1868. 

Carlton; Longtwr Hall, Shreicsbury. 

Corbett, John, s. of Joseph Corbett, 
Shropshire; b. 1847; m. dr. of John 
O'Meara, Tipperary : a salt manufac- 
turer at Droitwich, m.p. (l.) Droit- 
wieh from 1874. 

Reform, Gresham ; Impneu Lodge, 
Droitwich ; Ferdiswell Mall, Wor» 

Corbett, hon. mrs. Emily Isabella, dr. 
of 3 baron Sherborne ; b. 1834 ; m. Ed- 
win Corbett, m.a. Cantab., attach^ at 
Washington, Madrid, Paris, and Copen- 
hagen 1852-55, charge d'affaires at Flo- 
rence 1858-60, secretary of legation at 
Stockhohn 1860-62, at Frankfort 1862- 
65, at Munich 1865-66, charg^ d'affiures 
in Central America 1866-72, consul-gen. 
to Guatemala from 1872. 

Cordes, Thomas, s. of James Jamieson 
Cordes, Brynglas; b. 1826; ex-lieut.- 
col. 3 Monmouth rifle volimteers, dep.- 
lieut. of Monmouthshire, and high 
sheriff in 1871, m.p. (c.) Monmouth 
boroughs from 1874. 

Carlton; Brynglas, Newport, Mon^ 

Corfleld, lieut.-gen. Frederick Brook: 
served in the Punjab campaign 1848-49. 
Bengal infantry. 

Corfleld, lieut.-gen. William Robert: 
served at the siege of Bhurtpare 1825-26, 
served in the Gwalior and Punjab cam- 
paims, in which last he coromandedthe 
30 Bengal native infantr}'. Bengal in- 

Cork and Orrery, 9 carl of (1620). Richard 
Edmund St. Lawrance Bioyle, P.c, k.p. ; 
b. 1829 ; m. dr. of 1 marq. of Clanri- 
carde ; sits as baron Boyle (1711) ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Dungarvan : m.a. Oxon., maft- 

a 2 


tor of the bucldiounda ]R6a.:4, M.r. 
(L.) Fronie i8o4-SG, U^•u^.-.■ol. .■.,m- 
mniidflDt sith Somi-rert jwnuanrv froia 
1867, dep.-licut. at Somenet, and lord- 
lieut. rnim 1S64. 

imu-t; Marilon Bouu. Fnmt 
BomirKl; 1 Orefloa Strrrt, Soud 
Stmt, W. 
Oerk, 6S bn. of (630), R3 bp. of Clojue 
mi). M bp. of EoM (UOO). rt. rev. 
John Greeg, U.D., ». of Hichard Gregg. 
Cappa,Clwe;b. 1T9B: m. dr. of Robert 
Law, Dulilin : m.a. Dublin, 

Romuev;V 1812; m, nfT-Cieortre Wil- 
lism Corker, h.a. Cunlub., ihapkin to 
tbu enrl of Romncy. rviac from 1864 of 
Fenny Stratford, Smki {118/.). 

ConsMk, sir John Rose, M.S., s. of 
rev. Jolm CormRfk, li.D.. of Slow. Edin- 
burgh: b. 181d; m. dr. of Willinm 
lliup, HuDpohire Trelatraej', Januui's: 
M.n. EdinbiUTih snd Ph™, tonncTlj- 
physiciui to the Eovnl inSmiary. Edin- 
burgh, phjriciiin to'the Hertford Briliah 
hoipital in Paris, nurgeon to the ambu- 
Innee anglaue at Parit during the var 
of 1870, knight uf the legion of honour. 
7 Huf d'Agi'uftatt, Parit ; Viiircr- 
lily Clnb, Ediiiinr^I,. 

Ooninnll, rev. sir George Henty, S 
hart. (17S4]; b. 163-1: m. dr. of Fnincii 
Bayle)-, judge of TTeitininstfT eounty 

Id grand 



Bajley, 1 bart.: M.A. Conlab., 

Mocas, Hmeford (180/.), from 1858. 
JfoHfl. Court, Jt-robly, Uereford. 
Coniili, hp. ; vidt MadagiiBeBr. 
Oonvftll, archd. of (Ex.) (3602.) ; rldt 

W. J. Phillpotn. 
Omrlgui, sir Dominic John, m.d., 1 
bart. (1866) b. 1802: m. dr. of> Wil- 
liam WoodlDck, Dublin: H.n. Edin- 
burgh nnd Dublin, rcpeatedlv eleeted 
Creodent of tlie roll<'i;i; of pfiVHiiinnii, 
lublin, K,P. (L.) Dublin mO-'li. W.e- 
chancellorof Queen's univerjilv.lreliind, 
from 1871, phvmcian to the Uucen in 

iHniteorria, Dalkty; 4 ilcrrloH 
Square, Dublin. 
OinTj, vise, (elil s. of earl of ReimoR') 
Annar LoWiy-Corrj ; b. 1870. 

Corry, hon. Ammr Lowiy-. a. of 3 pari 
of Itclinore: b. ISSG; ni. dr. of Jam™ 
King King. Staunton Park, HiTcford: 
es-eapt. mjul navy. 
15 n'aru-iek Square, S. JT. 

Cony, hoii. Cecil Lowry-, a. of ( earl 
of Belnioi« : b. IS73. 

Cony, hon. Hf nry Williiua Lowrj-, b. 
of 3 earl of Delmore : b. 18t-i: ¥.A. 
Cantab., ennt. eolditreain guards, H.r. 
(C.) Tyrone co. from 1873. 

M li/o« JVflw. S. IF. ; Fdward- 
iloiie Mall, Bor/ord, SHfolli. 

Cony, lady Flol«i(* Eliailicth Loiriy-, 
dr.of3eartorBelaiore:b. 1812. 
36 JEnfoii Plaa, S. W. 

Conj, lady Theresn, b. 1862; lady 
Florenre, b. 186i : liidv Jladdiine, b. 
186.5 : Ud7 Mar)-, b. 18^7, dn. of 4 carl 
of Belmore. 

Owry, James Porter, a. of Robert Corrv, 
merrhont, Belfast : b. 1826; ni. dr. of 
"William Service, Glaagon- : a shipoirner 
and merchant at Belbist, V.F. (c.) Bel- 
fast from 1874. 
Dmrnvei; Bdfatt. 

Coita, sir Michael, ». of Chevalier Pai- 
eol Costa: b. ISIO: a dtitinguiihed 
mufocal eompMer and condnrtor, knight 
of tlu' order of Fiedfrirk ot Wurtcm- 
berg, of the Medjidie, and of the onler 
of tlie red eagle of Pniaria. 

Alkriiaiim; 60 Eefhitoii Sgvart, 

OoiWfty, lady, dr. of— Hallidny, put- 
ner is the tranking-houae of Fntiiuhar 
and Co. ; m, Mr Hii'hard W. Coewav, 
i.s. Id.). 

CotM, Charles Cecil, s. of John Cotes, 
H.r., by dr. of 3 earl of Liverpaol ; li. 
1846: M.A. U^on., a magiMnite for 
Salop and for Staffordahire. dep.-lieut. 
of Staflbrdnhire, ej-eapt. 
^-eomanr}", ■■ ■* f, ^ kb 


, den.-l 
, ioutJi S , 
(l.) bhrenibur}' from 

JTeodeele Ball, 

Brooki', Sfforr 
yacporl, Salop. 
tetu, ladv Louisa, ilr. of 3 earl of 
Liveriuof (extmct) : b. 1814 : m. John 
Cole*, b. 1799, dep.-lieut. of Salop and 
high iheriffin 1826, h.p. Salop Sorth 

Brooii' ; Woodtolf, Xnrporl, Salop ; 
Filr/iford, BArnCftiirv ; 12 Grntmer 
SIrctI, W. 


} earl of (18S0). Williai 


Eobert C. 

Cn>»rhurBt: dep.-lieut. of Surrey, m.a. 


Brixiki ; Tandri^ar Court, GodttotK, 
Sorrty ; Ridlfjf Hall, Xmittrieh. 

Oottar, sir James LanreDce, 4 linrt. 
(1763) b. 1828; m. 1, dr. of Frederiek 
LoinswDrth. H.D.. inenector-sen. at C'al- 
eutlfl : 2. dr. of W. K. Slmigian, fjcdg- 
wict Home, Middlesei ; mt.-lieut. -il 
ft., dep.-lieut. of To»-er Hamlets, ei- 
CBpt. Glamoi^aihire militia, fonuerly 
one of the corps of gentleaten-iit^rnia. 

Junior Untied Seriiet; Xoti/orat, 
MalUir, Cork. 

Cotter, col. George Sackville, R.A., c.b., 

a. of Rev. J. Lau-rcnee Cotter, ll.u., 
rector of Buttcvanl, Cork; b. 1809: 
KTved in the Indian mutiny, and com- 
manded the tindras artillery at the cap- 
ture ol Lucknow, retired on full pnv. 

Uniitd Sfrvice ; Eikbank, Dalkeith, 

Cettenll, air Henry Geers, 3 bort. 
(ISOS) b. 1834 ; m. dr. of lieut.-gen. sir 
Bichwrd Airey, o.c.n. ; dep.-Ueul. of 
Herefordehire and high ihenff in 1865, 
H.V. HerefordBhire 1857-59. 

WTiH^t, Brooke : Oarnoiu, Sere- 
ford; 22 Belgrate SqiiaTi. 

Cotteiill, rt rer. Henry, d.o., s. of 
rev. canon Cotterill, Blakeney, Norfolk ; 

b. 1812; m. dr. of John Panither, 
Jamaica: U.K. Cantab., ehaplain at 
Hadna 1836-50. principal of Brighton 
College 1851-61. bp, of Grahamatown, 
Cape, 1861-71, bp. of Edinburgh from 

CottedoB, 1 baron (1874). Thomiis 
Fmncia Freemantle, i 
baron rir Thomaa Freemantlc, o.c.B, ; 
b. 1798; m. dr. of field-marshal sir 
George Nugent, bart. : m. A. Oion,, dep.- 
lieut. Bucks, tl.T. Buckingham, 1826-46, 
■eeretary to the Ireajury 1834-35, 1841- 
44 , aecrelary-at- war 1 844-45, chief secre- 
tary tor Ireland 1845-46, chairman ol 
the board of customs 1847-73, a biiron ol 

m. hon. Jnne, dr. of 2 baron Methoen: 
capt. ScHia fusilier guards. 
CottDn, hon. llobert Wellington Sta- 
plcton-. eld. s. of 2 vise, CombermetB; 
' ■"•- ■ . of John Flctrher, Peel 

' Alice Staplcton-, 

Uull, Lancashire. 

Cotton, hon 


Cotton, Ueut.-gen. air Arthur Thomtu, 
u.E., K. C.H.I,, cousiD of 1 vi&r. Comber- 
mere, atiil bro. uf lieut.-gen. sir Sydney 
Cotton ; b. 1803 ; m. dr. of Thomas Lear- 
mouth, Tasmania : acrred in the Bui- 
mcBc nar, col.-coiumitndaat (Madras) 

Cotton, lieut-gcn. Corbet; b. 1817, 
lo Lmciidm Sqaare. 

Cotton, vice.-adni. Francis Verc, a. of 
Ilenr)- Calveley Cotton, of Woodoot 
Uouse.Oxon., and cousin of field-marshal 
vise. Combetmere; b, 1798: served iu 
North America and Jamaica. 

mere ; b. 1807 : m. llair, dr. of Brooka 
CunhiTe. Erbislock Hall, Derby: for- 
merly in the Madras army. 
Cotton, alderman William James Bich- 
mond, s. of William Cotton, Stralford- 
le-Bo«- : b. 1822 ; m. dr. of Charles 
Pottiniier, Sunderland : alderman ot 
Lime-street wanl from 1866, sherifT of 
London and Middlesex in 1869, a 
maipstrale for London, Hiddlesei, and 
Herts, member of the London school 
board, fttim 1873, a governor of Uueen 
Aune's bounty, presideDt of Che city of 
London rifle corjw, niaater of the haber- 
dashere' company in 1874, a partner in 
CulverweU, Brooks, and Co., >l.P. (c.) 
London from 1874. 

Theobaldt, Chahunt, 


>; 47 6' 

e, £.C. 

CoQch, sir Richard, b. 1817 ; m. dr. of 
Kicbard T. Beck : called to the bar at 
the Middle Temple 1841, recorder of 
Bedford 1858-G'2, puisne judge at Bom- 
bay 1862-66 chief justice 1866-70, chief 
justice of the hiah court at Calcutta 
(7000/.) from 1870. 
Fori William, Bengal. 

Conlion, hon. inrs. Mary Anne, dr. of 
7 baron Brron ; b. 1817 ; m. John Blen- 
kinsopp Coulson (</.), of Bteukinsopp 
Castle, Xorthumberhind. 



Conper, sir G€orge Ebenezer Wilson, 
c.B» 2 bart. (1841), b. 1824; m. dr. of 
(rir Henry Every, 9 bart. : entered the 
Bengal civil service 1846, secretary to 
the government of the north-west pro- 
vinces 1858-62, judicial commissioner of 
Oude from 1862. AthentBum, 

Court, Major Henry, c.s.i., s. of Major 
Henry Court, R. A., Castlemans, Berks; 
b. 1822 ; m. Helen, dr. of Dr. Voss, East 
India company's service : in ths Bengal 
civil senice 1843-68, ex-commissioner 
at Meerut, ex-commissioner of revenue 
at Allahabad. 

Conrtenay, bp. ; vide Kingston. 

Conrtenay, xisc. (eld. s. of earl of 
DevonJ. Edward Baldv^in Courtenay, 
b. 183o ; m. dr.. of 1 earl of Fortcscue : 
M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Devon, m.p. 
Exeter 1864-68, East Devon 1868-70, 
capt. South Devon yeomann- from 1864. 
Carlton; Limmer^s Hotels George 
Street^ Hauoter tyquare. 

Conrtenay, hon. and rev. Charles Les- 
lie, 8. of 10 earl of Devon ; b. 1816 ; m. 
lady Caroline, dr. of 2 earl Somers (ex- 
maid of honour to tiie Queen) : m.a. 
Oxon., ex-prebendary of Exeter, resi- 
dent chaplain to the Queen 1842-49, 
canon of St. George's Chapel, Wind- 
sor, from 1869, Wear of Bovey Tracey, 
Devon (460/.), from 1849. 

Bovey Tracey Vicarage^ Newton 
Abbott ; CloUterSf Windsor. 

Conrtenay, hon. and rev. Henry Hugh, 
8. of 10 earl of Devon ; b. 1811 ; m. lady 
Anna Maria, sis. of 11 earl of Bothes : 
K.A. Oxon., rector from 1845 of Mam- 
head, Exeter (200/.). 

Conrtenay, lady Anna Maria, b. 1815 ; 
vide hon. and rev. Henry Hugh Cour- 

Conrtenay, lady Caroline, b. 1817 ; 

vide hon. and rev. Charles Courtenay. 
Conrtenay, lady Evelyn, dr. of 1 earl of 

Cottenham ; b. 1839 ; m. Henr}* Reginald 

Courtenay (s. of hon. and rev. Henr}* 

Hugh Courtenav). 
34 Ecclestofi Square, S. W. ; Kenton, 

Exeter, , 

Conrtenay, maj.-gcn. Henry Reginald, 
R.A., 8. of rt. hon. Tliomas Peregiine 
Courtenay, bro. of 11 earl of Devon ; b. 
1823 : served in the Sutlei and Punjab 
campaigns, retired on fuU pay as col. 
Bengal artillery. 

Conrtown, 5 earl of (1762). James 
George Stopfordj b. 1823 ; m. dr. of 4 
baron Sondes ; sits as baron Saltersford 
(1796) ; 2nd tit. vise. Stopford : ex-capt. 
grenadier guards, dep.-lieut. of Wexford 
and high sheriff in 1848. 

Carlton ; Conrtown Hotue, Gorey, 
Wexford; 71 Eaton Square, 

Contenr, col. sir John le, f.r.8., s. of 
lieut.-gen. John le Couteur ; b. 1794 ; 
m. dr. (</.) of Francis Janorin, Belmont, 
Jersey: served in the American war, 
adi.-gen. of Jersev militia, and militia 
aiae-de-camp to t£e Queen 1853-72, hon. 
col. 4 Jersev militia from 1823, viscoimt 
or sheriff ot Jersey from 1842. 
Bellevue, Jersey, 

Coventry, 9 earl of (1697). Geoiige 
WUliam Coventry, b. 1838 ; m. dr. of 2 
earl of Craven ; 2nd tit. vise. Deerhurst : 
dep.-lieut. of Worcestershire, maj. Wor- 
cestershire yeomanry' 1861-71. 

Carlton ; Coornoe Court, Uptoti ; 
Banksfie House, Moreton - in - the - 
Marsh, Gloucestershire; 25 Berkeley 

Coventry, hon. Charles, s. of 9 earl of 

Coventry ; b. 1867. 
Coventry, hon. Henry Thomas, s. of 

9 earl of Coventry ; b. 1868. 

Coventry, hon. Reginald William, 8. of 
9 earl of Coventry ; b. 1869. 

Coventry, hon. William James, s. of 
7 earl of Coventry ; b. 1797 ; m. dr. of 
James Laing, Jamaica : mai. Worcester- 
shire yeomanry 1861-71, aep.-lieut. of 
EarPs Croome Court, Worcester. 

Coventry, lady Alexina, dr. of 6 earl of 
Fife ; b. 1851 ; m. Aubrey Coventrj* (s. 
of late hon. Henr}* Amelius Coventrj). 
31 Onslow Gardefts, Brompton, S.tV. 

Coventry, lady Barbara, b. 1870 ; lady 
Dorothy, b. 1872, drs. of 9 earl of 

Coventry, lady EveljTi, dr. of 2 earl of 
Craven ; b. 1839 ; m. 1. George John 
Bi-udcnell Bruce; 2. Henry Amelius 
Beauelerk Coventrj' (s. of late hon. H. A. 
Coventrj-), ex-capt. grenadier guards. 

Coventry, archd. of (Wore). 200/. ; 
vide C. W. Holbech. 

Cowan, James, bro. of Charles Cowan, 
M.p. 1847-59; b. 1816; m. dr. of Dun- 
can Cowan, Edinburgh : a paper maker 

3 Seffai 

CowwL, lord. JohnCownn, a. of Hugli 
Cowan, Ayr; b. 179!l'. in. dr. of Bobcrt 
UacartDey, Dublin : h.a. Edinburgh, 
called to the Scoti-h bur 1822, solicitoi-- 
enienl for Scotland in ISol, one of the 
koda ofwaBion 1851-74, dep.-Ueut. Edin- 
burgh. 4 Aiiutic Plate, Edinburgh. 

CowAB, laily. Sophiii, dr. of James 
Mullett, London ; m. eir John Co«-aii, 
1 bait, (eit.), lord major of London. 

Cowall, lieut-col. air John Clayton, 

ihn Clayt 

._._ _, dr. of /a 

Pulieine, Crake Hall, Torkuhire: nervis] 
in the Crimea as aide-de-mmp to lieut.- 
gen. or Harry Jonea, knight of the 
logiDO of honour, and of (be Medjidie, 
gorenior to the duke of Edinbureh 
lSU-«5, to prince Leopold 1860-66, 
muter of the Queen'a bousebold from 

uiiUeit Serei/r ; Umkimjhaiii Palace. 

Cowan, Jowpli, s. of late sir Joseph 
Cowen, K.I-. : b. 1S31 : ni. dr. of John 
Thompson, Ilattipld, Durham: educated 
at Edinburt^h unirersity , proprietorof the 
"Newcaitle Chronicle, a coul owner and 
fire-brick manufacturer, m.p. (l.) Ncw- 
eastle-on-tj-nc from 1874. 

Sttlla iroute, Bla'jdoii, Durham. 

Cowl*, bp. ; vide Auuktand. 

Cowle, very rev. Jean Benjamin Mor- 
gaOjB.D. : an inapector of achooU 18S9- 
72, Warburtoniaa lecturer ut Uncoln'a 
inn 1866, vicar of St. Lawrence Jewrj' i 
18o7-73, dean of Munehpaler from lH7a, | 
chaplain in ordinarj- lo the Queen 1871- i 
Deanery, Maaehater. \ 

Cowlej, 1 earl (1857). Henry Bichard 
WelleJey,, o.c.b., p.c, k.o.; 
b. 1804 ; m. dr. of buroncss de Ko» and 
lord Henry Fitigerald; 2n(l tit. viae. 
Daugan : aecrctan- of legation at Stutt- 
gardt 1632, at "Conatantinople 1838, 
minurter plMUpotentiur^' lo Sn-itierlond 
18*8, to the Germanic confeileratioii 
1851, ambaeaador to frame 18a2-67, 
a governor of Wellington colic— 

Cowper, 7 mrl (171S). FranciaThomcB 
de Grey Cowper, t.c, K.o. ; b. 1834: 
ni. dr. of lorti William Compton ; bd 
tit. viBc. Foidwieh: a prince of the holy 
lloman empire, votes aa baran Dingwall 
in Scotland, M.,i. Oxon., dep.-lieut of 
Kent, caul, of the corpaof genllemBH- 
ut-arma 1871-73, lieut.-col, 2 Herts rifla 
voluntcen from I860, grand croaa of the 
order of the Dannebrog, lord-ljcut. of 
Beds from 1861. }rhile'i, Bronkt ; 
I'anihatigrr, HtrU ; Satlliiigevurt, 
Sent ; 8 Groire/ior Squart. 

Cowper, dow. -countess of, baroneaa 
Luiaa. Anne Florence, dr. and co-heir 
of 1 earl do Grey; b. 1)M)6: m. 6 earl 
Cowper; aucceeded her father in 1859 
in the barony, 

4 St. Jama't Square; Wrulpark, 
Ampthill, Btda. 

Cowptr, air _Charlv.i, 

oftheehiirch and sj-hool In . ...^.._ 
tion in New South Walea 1826-33, chief 
Bccretflry and premier of New South 
Walea 1860-71, agent general in £ng- 
land'for New South Walea from 1871, 

Walminiter Chainberi, Vatoria 
Street, S. W. 
Cowper, hon. Charlie Spencer, b. of S 
earl Cowper; b. 1816; m. 1. dr. of 1 
enrl of Blesaington (eit,) and widow of 
count Alfred d'Oiaay; 2. dr, of col. 
Clinton Uacleati, and gnind-dr. of gen. 
Maclean, Newbuigh, New York ; private 
Bctrelary to Uic foreign accretaiy (vijc. 
Palmeraton) 1834-39, eccretary of lega- 
tion at Florence and Stockholm 1839-43, 
high ahcritr of Norfolk in 1846. 

White- 1, Traeelleri' ; 38 Gronenor 
Gardeiii, Ealou Sqnare ; Coeiek, Tg' 

Cowptr, hon. Henry Frederick, s. of 6 
carl Cowper; b. 1836; M.A. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of Kent and Herta, capt. 
Herts rifle volunteeis, m.i'. (l.) Umi 
from 1865. 

Trarelterif ; Paiuhaiiger, Hertford ; 
4 .SI. Janitii Sjwoi-c, 5. (/'. 

Cowper-Temple, it. hon. WiUiam 

Fi-ancia, a. of 5 cari Cowper; b. 1811 ; 
m. 1. dr. of D. Gumev : 2. dr. of adm 
and lady Elizabeth Tollcmache : Btcpaon 


:. ralmerston, i 


limt, royul horee jruirds, a Inrd of tbr 
■dniirally l84S-u:2, ISoJ^-oo, utidt^r-tUHrc- 
' — n the home dcpurtiupnl '~ '"-' 

S7, IS5 

', ISaT-JS, rici-urwidptil of the roun- 
oUin 1869, communoncT of n-orlu 1860- 
68, H.P. (L.) llcrtfcnl 1835-68, Hunts 
■outh from 1868. 

hi-ooki' : BroadtBHil'i, Samty, 
Btrli ; Brwlrlt Hall, Hal Md, Belli; 
16 Grtal Sliin>iajic lSlrert,'ir. 
Oox, Kir Willkm Saurin, 11 bart. 
(1706) b. 1811 ; m. dr. of mnj. Miller, 


a, niaj.-gpTi. Charles VyrvBU, 
C.B.; b. 1830; m. dr. of J. L. 
Horth Cove Hall, SuBblk r wrred 
Ovalior, Sutlej, and I'lmjub csmji ., . 
mad in the Indian mutiny, retired on 
ftill pay aa col. royal Bengal artillery. 

Cos, gen. Henry Chanibvra Murray . 
■ervtdin Jara IHll. in thelluhmtU uid 
Oude ciunpaitpu. Bengsl infaulri". 

COZ, mai.-gi-n. John HamilCon, C.S. : 
■erred m the Indian mutiny a* brigaile- 
nuj. with lord Clyde** force, rutired dii 
flill pay ai lieul.-eoL 7£ ft. 

On, coL John WiUuBD, c.a., s. of ™L 
■ir W. Cm, K.T.S. ; b. ISai ; m. dr. of 
apt. Griffin, royal naiy: lienl.-col. 
h. ti, 13 ft., imiatant-adj.-gtin. ut Dover 
18&)-70. >'ol- on the (taff iu J> 
trmn 1H7Z. 
Coolrlifft, A'rtc Man, Tfttjorg. 

Om. niiu.-geQ. William Hamilton, 
Mired on full pay ni col. 

Cos, (low-lady. Elizabeth, wiilow of 
Henry Hone ; air Hawtrey Coi, 10 hart. 

Oon, sir Jomea, It.n., a. of Robert 
Ou, Gorgio; b. tsll: id. dr. of Bo- 
bert Cumiuine, Logie, Uoiuy : fellow of 
the rojiil I'olIegB of — -— '- 

a. ngtior Gioi 
CoK/iris (d.), of Corfu. 
Oruklow, gBU. Henr)-, Bombay in- 

Cruroft, lion. mrs. Elixuix-th, wa. of 
12 baron t'onyeri; b. ItOi: m. rev. 
Boliurt Ventworth Cnwroft, li.A. O^on., 
nrlorfnunlSfiODf^SarriwfuH, SpilAv, 
iMinla (3W.). 

raig, rt. hon. sir 'Vi'lUiam Gibson, F.C., 
2 bart. (IBSl) b. 1797 ; m. dr. of John 
Hbqtj- \ii-inn,)i.p. : tailed to the Swilch 
bar 1820, dep.-lieul. of Midlothian, 
M.r. Uidlotluan 1837-41, Edinburgh 
lS4t-S2, loid clerk register end keepe* 
of the nitcuut in tdeothiud (12007.) from 
1862, a laaj .-gen. of the ro} ol bodyguard 
of anhiTB in SrotLinil. 

briHski ; Ricriirlmi, JliiflBlhian. 

Onigie, cajiL Duriil, R.N., c.b. 

Cmapton, air John FienncsTwistleloti, 
K.C.B., 2 bart. (1839) b. 1807; m. dr. (rf.) 
ofMirhaetBalfe; M.A.l)uhlin,ei-BtUfh£ 
at Turin, St. Pctereburgh. BmSBela, 

Berne, and Washington, miniater pleni- 
putcnliary ut Wiulilngton l8S2-aG, to 
Hanover IBo7-S8, atSt. retetaburgh 

_. Madrid 1860-69. Trarel- 

•ri' ; Langh Briij), HiiHMaTW, Wiek- 
iw; U Mrrrioii .VjNarr, flttiiin. 
Cranbonu, vise. (eliL a. of nurn. of 
Saliabiin). Jamn Edward Hubert 
Ce<'U; b'. tS6t. 
Crauley, vise. (eld. a. of carl of Onaloir). 
Cranlay, la<ly Kutherine, i-isrouDtfss, 
dr. of 1 earl Brownlow ; b. 1822 ; m. 
vine. Cranley (*),«. of 3 earl nf Onslow. 
Oraiutinui, dow. -baroness. Eliiabi'th, 
dr. of lir John Henry Sculo, I bart. w.r.i 
m. 10 boron Craualoun (ext.). 

hniaroft Houk. 3 Ororc End Saad, 
St. John-f n'oo^; Brnhelm Caillr, 

Ciuutoim, bon. PauUne Emily, dr. ot 
10 liaroD Cianstoim. 

Cnnfard, Janies ; vide Ardtuillan. 

Cnnfnrd, renr-ailiii. Frederiik Angnstus 
Burhanan, r.B.o.s.. (. of John Craof^ird, 
of Awhinamee, and bra. of £dvard H> 
J. Cniufnrd, h.f.; b. 1822: wrrcd in 
the Crimea, knight of the Mcdjidie. 
United Mirritr. 

Cnnfard, rev. nit Geolge William, S 
bart. (1781) b. 1707; in. 1. ms. of 1 eaif 
of UveUee: 2. dr. (rf.) of John Hol- 
land, Cairington IIoUBr, Linroln : M.a. 
Cantab., vicar of Burgh. Lincoln, 1838- 
62, rector of Sirenibv, SpiUby (2»/.), 
from IS62. 

Burgh Hall, BokIk/Ii, Liatoln ; Sec 
If//, Srrimli!), SpiMi/ 

Onofnrd, gen. James Robi'rtmn ; served 
in the Canadian robelliou 1838-42, eom- 
monded the brigide of cuordi in the 



Crimea, commanded at Dover 1857-61, 
the brigade of (guards in London 1861-63, 
coL 27 ft. 1864-70, of 91 ft. from 1870. 

36 Princes Gardtm, South Ketmiig- 
ton ; Woodetidy ChrUtchurch, Hants. 

Granftird, hon. mrs. Isolda Caroline, 
dr. of 4 \\»c. Gort ; b. 1852 ; Charles 
William Frederick Craufurd Teld. s. of 
rev. sir George W. Craufura), lieut. 
royal navy. 

Craven, 3 earl of (1801). George Grim- 
flton Craven ; b. 1841 ; m. dr. of 7 vise. 
Banington, m.p. ; 2nd tit. \'i8c. Ufiing- 
ton : ex-lieut. Scots fusilier guards. 

Coombe Abbey ^ Coventry ; Aahdoicn 
Parky LambotiruCy Berks'; 16 Charles 
Streety Berkeley Square, 

Craven, hon. Osbert William, s. of 2 
earl of Craven; b. 1848: ex-capt. Berk- 
■hire militia. 

Craven, hon. Rupert Cecil, s. of 3 earl 
of Craven; b. 1870. 

Craven, dow. -countess of. Emily, dr. 
of 1 earl of Verulam ; b. 1815; m. 2 earl 
of Craven. 

Craven, lady Marj' Beatrix, dr. of 3 carl 
of Craven; b. 1867. 

Craven, lady Marj', dr. of 4 earl of 
Hardwicke; b. 18^37: m. William George 
Craven (s. of hon. George Augustus 
Craven), D. 1835, ex-lieut. 1 life guards, 
lieut. Gloucestershire yeomanr\' from 

IVhit^s; Craven Lodge y Melton 

Craven, archdeacon of (Rijwn) (200^) ; 
vide C. Musgrave. 

Crawfbrd and Balcarret, 25 earl of 
(1398). Alexander William Crawford 
Lindsay ; b. 1812 ; m. cousin, dr. of 
lieut.-gen. James lindsny ; sits as baron 
Wigan (1826) ; 2nd tit. baron Lindsay : 

Sremier earl of Scotland, m.a. Cantab., 
ep.-lieut. of Aberdeenshire. 
Carlton ; Haigh Hally Wigan ; 
Duneeht House, Aberdeen; 9 Oros- 
Tenor Sqtiare. 
Crawford, John : lieut -governor of On- 
tario, Canada, from 1873. 
Toronto, Canada, 
Crawford, John Sharman, b. of William 
Sharman Crawford, m.p. ; b. 1812 : high 
sherifl' of Down in 1839, ex -major royal 
north Down rifle volunteers, m.p. (l.) 
Down CO. frt)m 1874. 

Be/orm; Badetnony Doicn; Crate- 
fordsbnrtiy Belfast. 

Crawford, lieut. -gen. Robert Fitzgerald 
Copland-, R.A., s. of R. Crawford ; b. 
1810. Sndbury Lodgey Harrow. 

Crawfkird-Pollok, sir Hew, 5 bart. 
(1638) b. 1843; m. dr. of — Green, 
Hull : cx-capt. Renfrewshire militia. 

rollok Castle, Paisley. 

Crawfiird-Pollok,dow.-lady. Elizabeth, 
dr. of Matthew Dunlop; m. sir Hew 
Crawfurd-Pollok, 4 bart. 

Crawley, archdeacon William, m.a* 
Cantab., canon of Llandaff (350/.), arch- 
deacon of Monmouth from 1843, rector 
from 1834 of Bryngwyn, Newport y Mofi- 
mouth CW2i.). 

Creagh, lieut.-gen. James : coL 34 ft. 
from 1874. 

16 St. Stephen's Boady Baystcatery W. 

Creagh, major-een. Jas])er Byng: served 
in Spain, in me Canadian rebellion, in 
the Crimea with the Turkish irregular 
cavalry, capt. h. p. 48 ft. 

Creagh-Otteme, col. Charles Osborne, 
C.B., 8. of gen. sir Michael Creagh, k.u. ; 
b. 1822 ; m. Harriet, dr. of F. H. Cro- 
stier, Delaware, Lymington: served in 
the Scinde campaign in 1845, and on the 
head-quarters staft'of the Azimghur field 
force 1858, commanded the first oattalion 
of 6 ft. in the Hazara campaign 1868, 
superintendent of garrison instructors in 
Bengal from 1874, lieut.-col. 6 ft. 

Crealock, col. Henry Hope, c.B. : de- 
puty-assistant-quartermaster-general in 
the Crimea, and in China 1857-:58, as- 
sistant quartermaster-gMi. in iDanada 
1861-62, knight of the Mediidie,mmtary 
aUache at St. Petersburgh 1865-66, at 
Vienna 1866-69, deputy-quartermaster- 
general in Ireland irom 1873. 

Army and Navy ; 20 Victoria 
Square, S. IV. 

Creaiy, sir Edward Shepherd, s. of £d- 
wanl H. Creasy, auctioneer, Brighton ; 
b. 1812 ; m. dr. of G. Cottam, civil en- 
gineer : M.A. Cantab., called to the bar 
at Lincoln's inn 1837, professor of history 
in University College. London, 1849-58, 
chief justice of Ceylon (2500/.) from 
Colombo, Ceylon. 

Cremome, baron (eld. s. of earl of Dar- 
trey). Vescy Dawson; b. 1842: capt. 
Coldstream guards, m. P. Monaghan 1865- 
30 Curzon Street, May/air, W. 



Cremome, dow. -baroness. Anne Eliza- 
beth, dr. of John Whaley, of Whaley 
Abbey, Wicklow ; m. 1. second baron 
Cremome ; 2. maior-gen. John Dawson 
Bawdon, m.p. (d.). 

34 Prittee's GatCy South Keitaingtofi ; 
Lynmouthy North Devon, 

Crewe, 3 baron (1806). Hungerford 
Crewe ; b. 1812. 

Traveller a* ; Crewe KaU^ Nantwieh ; 
23 Hiil Street, Berkeley Square, W. 

Crewe, sir John Harpur, 9 bart. (1626) 
b. 1824 ; m. dr. of vice-adm. W. Stan- 
hope Lovell, K.H. : dep.-lieut. of Derby- 
shire and hi]g;h sheriff in 1853, lieut-col. 
Warwickshire rifle volunteers 1867-69. 

Calke Abbey, Ashbourne, Derby ; 
Saraloxc Hall, Leeke, Stafford, 

Crewe, dow.-Iadv. Jane, dr. of rev. 
Thomas Whittaxer, Mendham, Norfolk ; 
m. sir George Crewe, 8 bart. 

13 Queen's Gate Gardens, Kensington 
Gore, S. W. 

Crewe, hon. Henrietta Hungerford, dr. 
of 2 baron Crewe ; b. 1808. 

Crichton, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Erne). 
John Henr\' Crifhton ; b. 1839; m. lady 
Florence, or. of 3 earl of EnniBkiUen': 
M.A. Oxon., dcp.-lieut. of Fermanagh, 
high sherifl' of Donegal in 1867, m.p. 
(c.) Enniskillen from 1868. 

Carlton, White's; Crom Castle, New- 
ton Butler, Fermanagh; 95 Eaton 

Cricnton, col. hon. Charles Frederick, 
s. of 3 earl of Erne ; b. 1841 ; m. lady 
Madeleine, dr. of 3 marq. of Headfort : 
K.A. Oxon., capt. grenadier guards. 

Criehton, hon. Henry George Louis, 
8. of 3 earl of Erne ; b. 1844 ; m. dr. of 
major Arthur Cole Hamilton : capt. 21 

Crichton, hon. mrs. Constance, dr. of 
3 baron Lilford ; b. 1842 ; m. Arthur 
William Crichton. 
Broadwood Hail, Salop. 

Crichton, lady Charlotte, b. 1810 ; 

lady Helen, b. 1814, sisters of 3 etu-l of 

Crichton, lady Madeleine, b. 1848 ; vide 

hon. Charles F. Crichton. 
Crichton, lady Margai-et, dr. of 4 earl of 
' Baduor ; b. 1847 ; m. capt. DaWd Mait- 
. land Mackgill Crichton (s. of Da>-id 

Maitland Mackgill-Crichton, of Eankcil- 

lor, Fife), b. 1841, lieut. gi-cnadier 


Crichton, kdy, dr. of — Sutthoff, M.D., 
one of the physicians in ordinary to the 
emneror of Russia ; m. sir Archibald 
William Crichton, m.d., d c.l. (d.), 
physician to the emperor Nicholas I. of 
kussia for 24 years. 

Crichton, maj.-gen. William Hindley, 
c.B. : ex Bengal staff corps, dep. -com- 
missioner at Chandah, Nagpore. 

Croft, rear-adm. Henry, s. of adm. 
William Croft, by niece of sir Thomas 
Plumer ; b. 1814 : served in the Cri- 
mean war. 

Croft, sir Herbert George Denman, 11 
bart. (1671) b. 1838 ; m. dr. of Mat- 
thew Henry Marsh, m.p. : m.a. Oxon., 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1861, dep. -lieut. of Herefordshire, m.p. 
(c.) Herefordshire 1868-74. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; Lugtcardine 
Court, Hereford. 

Croft, sir John Frederick, 2 bart. (1818) 
b. 1828 ; m. dr. of John Graham : m.a. 
Oxon, high sheriff of Kent in 1872. 
Dodington, Sit ting bourne, Kent. 

§tCrofton, 3 baron (1797). Edward 
Henry Churchill Crofton ; b. 1834: 
gentleman of the bedchamber to the 
vicerov of Ireland (duke of Abercom) 
1867-68, dep.-lieut. of Roscommon. 

Carlton ; Sack r tile Street (Dublin) ; 
Mote Park, Roscommon. 

Crofton, sir Malby, 3 bart. (1838) b. 1867. 
Longford House, Ballisodare, Sligo. 

Crefton, sir Morgan Geor^ 4 bart. 
(1801) b. 1850 : cx-lieut. Leitrim militia, 
comet north Somerset veomann*. 

Raleigh; Mohill House, Leitrim; 
Sunnyside, Box, Wilts. 

Crofton, maj. rt. hon. sir Walter Frede- 
rick, R.A., C.B., P.O. (Irel.) s. of capt. 
Walter Crofton, 64 ft. ; b. 1815 ; m. dr. 
of rev. Charles Shipley, Twyford house, 
Portsmouth : di?p. -lieut. of Wilts, chair- 
man of the board of directors of convict 
priRons in Ireland 1854-62. 
Reform; 4 York Crescent, Clifton; 

I EgmofU, Winchester. 

Crofton, hon. Alfred Henry, 8. of 1 
baron Crofton ; b. 1837 : page of honour 
to the Queen 1847-53, ex-lieut. 7 ft., 
sen'cd in the Ciimea. 

Crofton, hon. Charles St. George, s. of 
1 baron Crofton; b. ia36; m. dr. (rf.) 
of Daniel Tighe, Kosanna, Wicklow: 
ex-lieut. royal navy. 



Crofton, hon. Francis George, s. of 1 
baron Crofton; b. 1838 ; m. dr. (d.) of 
col. E. Baylcy, and widow of John Taloot, 
Mount Talbot, Roscommon : commander 
royal navy, inspecting officer of the 
coastguard' division ut Cowes from 1874. 
Mote JParkf Bally murryyRoacomnioii. 

Croftoiif lieut.-gen. John Ffolliot: b.a. 
Dublin. Persian interpreter to the force 
under Drig.-gen. Litchfield in 1832 in 
Parkur, served at the defence of Aden 
1840, commanded the force sent to Red 
river, B.N. A. in 1846, col. 6 ft. from 1869. 

Crofton, m£g.-gcn. Richard Henry, it. A., 
8. of Duke Crofton, high sheriff of Lei- 
trim in 1800 ; b. 1818 ; m. Fanny, dr. 
of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh, Eastbur}', 
Herts : retired on full pay as col. 

Crofton, dow. -baroness. Georgina, dr. of 
1 marq. of ^Vnglesca; b. loOO; m. 1 
baron Crofton, a lord-in- waiting to the 

Crofton, dow. -lady. Emily, dr. of rt. 
hon. Denis Daly, of Dunsandle, Galway, 
and sist. of bp. Duly of Cashel ; m. sir 
Hornm George Crofton, 3 bart., r.n. 
8 Mouutjoy Square North, Dublin. 

Croggan, imij.-gen. John William, r.a. 
35 Treguuter Koad, South Kensing- 

Crolcat, gen. William : served in Sicily 
1807, m Portugal 1808, on the Wal- 
cheren expedition, and in the East In- 

Croker, lady Georgina, dr. of 1 earl of 
fiathdowne (ext.) ; b. 1821 ; m. Edward 
Croker {d.\ high sheriff of Limerick 
in 1862. Ballinagard^, Liinerick. 

Crommrtie, 1 countess of (1861). Anne 
Sutherland Leveson-Gower, b. 1829 ; 
m. 3 duke of Sutherland ; 2nd tit. vise. 

Tarbat House and Castle Leod, CrO' 
marty ; Stafford House, St. Janves^s. 

Crombie, gen. Thomas : served in North 
Amoica 1814-15, and in Fltmders 1815, 
col. 96 ft. from 1872. 

Cromie, lady. Anne, dr. and heir of sir 
William Hicks, 7 bart. ; b. 1794 ; m. 
BUT William Lambart Cromie, bart. 
(ext.). Whit combe Park, Cheltenham. 

Crommelin, coL William Arden, ile., 
c.B. : 8er>'ed in the Sutlej and Punjab 
campaigns and in the Indian mutiny, 
inspector-gen. of military works and 
dep.-scc. to the government of India in 
the pubHc works depart, from 1869. 

Crompton, dow. -lady. • Isabella So])hia, 
dr. of hon. and rev. Archibald Hamilton 
Cathcart ; b. 1808 ; m. sir Samuel Cromp- 
ton, 1 bart. (ext.), m.p. 1818-31. 
Wood End, Thirak, Yorks. 

Crompton, lady, dr. of Thomas Fletcher, 
Liv«rpool; m. sii* Charles Crompton 
(</.), judge of the Queen's bench. 

Llanstinan, Pembroke ; Chorley, 
Bridgenorth ; 15 Phillimore Gardens^ 

Crompton, hon. mrs. Lucy, dr. of 1 
baron Romilly ; b. 1848 ; m. Henry 
Crompton (s. of mr. justice Crompton;, 
b. 1835. 

15 Phillimore Gardens, W.; Chorley^ 

Crookshank, Alexander Crowder, O.B.: 
served in the Crimea and in China 1857, 
knight of the Medjidie, dep.-controller 
at Dublin from 1872. 

Cropper, hon. mrs. Mar^ret, dr. of 1 
baron Denman; b. 181o ; m. 1. Henry 
William Macaulav (bro. of lord Macau- 
lay) ; 2. Edward Cropper. 
Jteform ; Sway land, Pettshurst, Kent. 

Crosbie, sir William Richard, 7 bart 
(1830) b. 1820 ; m. dr. of rev. Samuel 
Madden, Kilkenny, and niece of sir Wil- 
liam Gordon Cumming, 2 bart. 
Latrobe Cottage, Bedford. 

Crotbie, dow. -lady. Dorothea, dr. of 
John Walsh, Dublin; m. sii- Edward 
William Crosbie, 6 bart. 
Bray, Wicklotc. 

Crosley, sir Charles Decimus, s. of 
Henry' Crosley, The Grove, Camberwell; 
b. 1830; m. dr. of John Ford, India 
house: dep.-lieut. of Middlesex, high 
sherifl' of London and Middlesex 1855, 
knight of the legion of honour, a stock- 
broker in London. 
Sunningdale Park, Windsor. 

Cross, John Kynaston, s. of John Cross, 
Bolton; b. ll$32; m. dr. of James Carl- 
ton, Irwell house, Manchester : cotton- 
spinner at Bolton, and a merchant at 
Manchester, m.p. (l.) Bolton from 1874. 
Fernclough, Bolton, Lancashire. 

Cross, rt. hon. Richard Assheton, p.c, 
s. of W. Cross, Red Scar, Lancaster; 
b. 1823 ; m. dr. of T. Lyon, Appleton, 
Chester : m.a. Cantab., called to the bar 
at the Inner Temple 1849, dep.-lieut. of 
Lancaster, and chairman of Lancashire 
ouarter sessions, secretary of state for 
tiie home department from 1874, m.p. (c.) 



Preston 1857-60, Lancashire soath-weet 
from 1868. 

Carlton y University ; Eeclc Rwgs, 
Broughton'in-Furnesa ; Oidbnnk, TVar- 
rington ; 63 Eceleston Sqitare^ S. W, 

Grosse, lady Mary, dr. of 4 earl of Cas- 
tlestiiart ; b. 1838 ; m. Thomas li. Crosse 
(s. of T. Bright Crosse, m.p.), b. 1829. 
Shawhilly Preston, Lancashire. 

Crossley, sir Savile Biintou, 2 bart. 
(1863) s. of sir Francis Crosslcy, 1 bart., 
M.p. 1852-72 ; bom 1857. 

Sonierleytony Lowestoft^ Suffolk ; 
BellevHCy Halifax. 

Crossley, John, s. of John Crossley, 
Halifax ; b. 1812 ; m. 1. dr. of Kitchen- 
man Child, Ovenden : 2. dr. of Joshua 
Wheatley, and w-idow of John Hodgson, 
Mulcture hall, Halifax : a carpet manu- 
facturer at Halifax, an idderman and 
three times mayor of Halifax, m.p. (l.) 
Halifax from 1874. 
Manor Heath, Halifax, Yorkshire. 

Crossley, dow.-lady. Martha Eliza, dr. 
of Henr}' Brintou, Kidderminster; m. 
sir Francis Crossley, 1 bart., m.p. 
JBcllet'ue, Halifax. 

Crowe, sir John Rice, c.b., nephew of 
admiral Crowe, Russian navy : was for 
six years in the Russian sendee under 
his uncle, consul at Finnmarken 1837- 
43, consul-general at Christiania, Nor- 
way, from 1843. 

Crowhnrst, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Cot- 
tenham), — Pepj-s; b. 1874. 

Crowther, bp. ; vide Niger territory. 

Croner, admiral Richard, s. of R. B. 
Crozier, Westhill, Isle of Wight; b. 
1803 ; m. dr. of George Stone, Chisel- 
hurst, Kent : Ber\'ed in Portugal, knight 
of the tower and swonl, cruised against 
the pirates in the straits of Malacca 

United Service ; West Hill, Fresh- 
water^ Isle of IVight. 

Cratchley, lieut. -gen. Charles, bro. and 
heir pres. of Percy Henry Crutchley, of 
Sunninghill park, Beds ; b. 1810 ; m. 
EUza, dr. of John Harris, k.x. 
Sunninghill Park, Staines. 

Cnbitt, George, s. of Thomas Cubitt, of 
Denbies ; b. 1828 ; m. dr. of rev. James 
Joyce, Wear of Dorking : m.a. Cantab., 
dep.-lieut. of Surrey, m.p. (c.) Surrey 

west from 1860, second church e8tate» 
commissioner from 1874. 

Carlton, Junior Carlton; Denbies^ 
Dorking ; 17 Prince's Gate, South Kett' 

Cuffe, sir Charles Frederick Wheeler, 
2 bart. (1799), b. 1832; m. Pauline, dr. 
of 1 baron Stuart de Decies : dep.-lieut. 
of Kilkenny, ex-major 66 ft., assistant- 
adjutant-general in India 1858-59, bri- 
gade major at Madras 1858-60. 

United Service ; Ley rath, Kilkenny ; 
11 Clifford Street, Bond Street. 

Cuffe, hoiL Hamilton John Agmon- 
desham, s. of 3 earl of Desart ; b. 1848 : 
in the royal na\'}-, called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1872. 

25 Chesham Street, Belgrave Square ; 
2 Har court Buildings, temple, E.C. 

Cuffe, hon. Otway Frederick Seymour, 
8. of 3 earl of Desart ; b. 1853 : lieut. 
rifle brigade. 

Cuffe, lady Kathleen Alexina, dr. of 
4 earl of Desart; b. 1872. 

Cullum, lady. Anne, dr. of — Floyd, 
Kingstoxsn, Dublin ; m. rev. sir Thomas 
Gery Cullum, 8 bart. (ext.), bro. of John 
Palmer Cullum, Bath Idng-at-arms. 

Hardwick House, Bury St. Ed' 

Culross, master of (eld. s. of baron Col- 
\-ille). Charles Robert William Col- 
y\)lQ ; b. 1854 : lieut. grenadier guards. 

Cumberbatch, Abraham Carlton, c.b. ; 
consul-general at Constantinople 1845- 
41 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park,'W. 

Cumberland and Teyiotdale, 2 duke of, 
O.C.H., P.C., K.O., grandson of George 
III. ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of duke of Saxe- 
^Utenburg : King of Hanover 1851-66. 

Cumberland, niajor-|^n. Charles Brown- 
low; b. 1802: retired on full pay as 
lieut. -col. 96 ft. 
2 Milverton Crescent, Leamingtoft, 

Cumberland, rear-adm. Octavius, c.b.» 
8. of rear-adm. William Cumberland; 
b. 1810 ; sen'ed in the Black Sea in the 
Crimean war, knight of the legion of 
honour, and of the Medjidie. 

Cumming, sir William Gordoa Gordon-, 
4 bart. (1804) b. 1848: capt. Scot» 
fusilier guards, dep.-lieut. of Llgin. 

Altyre, Forres ; Gordonstown, Elgin ; 
2 John Street, Berkeley Square. 



JyHmmiTig^ rcAr-adni. Arthur, c.b., cou- 
nn of j^cTi. sir John Cummin^, K.c.ii. ; 
b. 1819: 8er>'ediii Syria, south Ame- 
rica, and in the Kussian war, superin- 
tendent of packets at Southampton 1867- 
1869, commander-in-chief on the Eafit 
India station from 1872. 
Spring Grove^ Bishopntoke^ Hants. 

Chunming, dow.-lady Gordon-. Anne 
Pitcaim, dr. of rev. Augustus Campbell, 
rector of Liverpool ; m. sir Alexander 
Penrose Gordon Cumming, 3 bart. 
Gordonstowiiy Elgin. 

CoTniniTig, dow.-lady Gordon". Jane, 
dr. of William Mackintosh, of Geddes 
and Hilton; m. sir William Gordon 
Gordon-Cumming, 2 bart. 
49 Belgrave Road, S. IF. 

Cnnard, sir Bache, 3 bart. (1859); b. 
1851. JFesiwoody Staten Islandj New 
York, U.S. 

Cnninghame, maj. sir AVilliam James, 
v.c, 9 bart. (1672), b. 1834 ; m. dr. of 
E. Bourchier Hartopp, Dalby hall, Lei- 
cester: dep.-lieut. of A\T8lure, served 
in the Crimea, knight of the Medjidie, 
ex-mai. rifle brigade, m.p. (c.) Ayr dis- 
trict from 1874. Corse HUl, Ayr ; 
Kirktonholm, Lanarkshire. 

CnnlifEbt sir Robert Alfred, 5 bart. 
(1769) b. 1839; m. dr. of maj. Egerton 
Leigh, West Hall, Cheshire : mgh sheriff 
of Denbighshire in 1868, ex-capt. Scots 
foiilier guards, lieut. -col. -commandant 
Denbigh militia from 1872, m.p. (l.) 
Flint district 1872-74. 

Guards*, Brooks\ Travellers* ; Acton 
Fark, Wrexham; 17 Eaton Terrace. 

dumingham, maj. - gen. Alexander, 
C.B.I., R.E.J 8. 0^ Allan Cunningham; 
b. 1814: durector-gen. of the arcluco- 
logical survev in India, served in the 
GwaUor and l>unjab campaigns. 

dmyngham, sir Robert Keith Alex- 
ander, 8 bart. (1669) b. 1836 ; m. dr. of 
William Hetherington, Birkenhead ; ex- 
lieut. 93 ft., served in India at Lucknow. 
Frestonjieldj Edinburgh ; New Club, 

Cnnyiigham, dow.-lady. Susan, dr. of 
maj. James Alston Stewart, of Urrard, 
Perthshire; m. col. sir William Han- 
mer Dick Cunyngham, 7 bart. 

pnnyngliame, sir Edward Augustus, 7 
bart. (1702) b. 1839 : ex-lieut. 32 ft. 

United Service ; East Cosham, ForH' 
mouth; Milncraigy Ayrshire, 

Cunynghame, limit. -gen. sir Arthur 
Augustus Thurlow, k.c.b., s. of sir 
David Cum-nghamc, 6 bart. ; b. 1812 ; 
m. hon. Frances, dr, of field-marshal 
1 vise. Hardinge : served in China as 
aide-de-camp to lord Saltoun, assist. 

Quartermaster-gen. of first di\'i8ion in the 
rimea in 18t54, commanded a division 
of the Turkish contingent in 1855, com- 
manding northern di\ision in Ireland 
1865-73, lieut. - governor of the Cape 
from 1873, col. 36 ft. from 1868. 

Senior united Service; Mount DU' 
Ion, Eoebuek, Dublin. 

Cunynghame, dow.-lady. Louisa, dr. of 
William Baker; m., as his 2nd wife, sir 
David Thurlow Cunynghame, 6 bart. 
(grandson of lord chancellor Thurlow.) 

25 Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor 

Cuppage, maj.. gen. Adam, s. of Adam 
Cuppage, of Lurgan ; m. Mary Ernes- 
tine, dr. of E. Lenthal Swifte, keeper 
of the regalia in the Tower of London : 
formerly in the Madras armv. 
Gowrie, Kingstown, Dubhn. 

Cnppage, lieut. - gen. Burke, r.a.: 

served in the Peninsida and at Waterloo, 

lieut. -governor of Jersev 1863-68, col. 

commandant 8 brigade of royal artillery. 

12 Brunswick Square, Brighton. 

Cureton, maj. - gen. Charles, c.b.: 
served in the Sutlej, Punjab, and Oude 
campaigns, and in the Indian mutiny. 
Bengal staff corps. 

Cnrrie, sir Frederick, d.c.l., 1 bart. 
(1846) b. 1799 ; m. 1. dr. of John Pascal 
I-arkins, Bengal civil service ; 2. dr. of 
R. Mertens Bird, Bengal civil service; 
3. dr. of George Powney Thompson. 
Bengal civil service : entered the Bengal 
ci\'il serA'ice 1817, sec. to government of 
India 1842-48, member of the supreme 
council 1847-53, chairman of the East 
India company 1857-58, a member of 
the India council from 1858. 

Athenaeum; 78 Addison Road, Ken- 
sington, W. ; Manor House, Crayford^ 

Cnrrie, lady. dr. ofW. Gardiner, lieut. 
Cape garrison company; m. sir Walter 
Currie {d.), commandant Cape frontier 
police from 1855-72. 

Grahamstown, Cape of Good Hope, 

Cnrrie, surg.-gen. Samuel, m.d., c.b.: 
ser>'ed in the Sutlej campaign at Buddi- 
wal, Aliwal, and Sobraon, field medical 



inspeetor in China 1860, principal medi- 
cal officer in the Abyssinian expedition, 
hon. physician to the Queen from 1874. 

Currier lady Mary, dr. of 4 earl of 
Cadogan; b. 1843; m. rev. Maynard 
Wodehouse Currie (s. of Kaikes Currie, 
M.P., by dr. of 2 buron Wodehouse), b. 
1829, M.A. Cantab., vicar of Mentmore, 
Bucks, 1859-68, rector from 1870 of 
BarnKam Brown^ Wymondham (600/.) 

Curtif, sir Arthur Colin, 3 bart. (1794) 
b. 1859. 
Gateambey Southampton, 

Curtis, sir William Michael, 4 bart. 
(1802) b. 1859. 

University; Caynham Court^ Lttd- 
loiv; Cliff MouaCyMaiiMgate. 

Curtis, dow.-lady. Georgina Maria, dr. 
John Stratton, Farthinghoe, Northants ; 
m. sir William Curtis, 3 bart. 

24 Wilton Flaccy SJF,; Caynham 
Cottaye, Ludlow. 

Cnrson, vise. (eld. s. of earl Howe). 

Cnrson, hon. Alfred Nathaniel, s. of 4 
baron Scarsdale ; b. 1860. 

Cnrson-Howe, hon. Assheton Gore, s. 
of 2 earl Howe; b. 1850: lieut. royal 

Cnrson, hon. Assheton Nathaniel, s. 
of 4 baron Scai-sdale ; b. 1867. 

Cnrson, hon. Edward Cecil, s. of 
' baroness de la Zouche ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. 
of James Daniell : m.a. Oxon, odled to 
the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1840, a magis- 
trate and dep.-lieut. of Middlesex, chief 
clerk and dep.-registrar of the designs 
office, Whitehall, 1842-55, registrar of 
oompanies (700/.) 

Oxford and Cambridge; 13 Ser- 
jeants* Inn^ Fleet Street; Searsdale 
Sousej Wright* s Lane, Kensington. 
Cnrson-Howe, hon. Ernest George, s. 
of 1 earl Howe ; b. 1828 ; m. dr. of col. 
Halifax : served in the Indian mutiny, 
lieut. -col. 52 ft. 

Cnrson, hon. Francis Nathaniel, s. of 

4 baron Scarsdale ; b. 1865. ^ 

Cnrson-Howe, hon. Frederick, s. of 1 

earl Howe; b. 1823: ex.-capt. royal 

Cnrson, hon. George Nathaniel, eld. s. 

of 4 baron ScarsdiQe ; b. 1859. 
Cnrson-Howe, hon. Henrv Dugdale, s. I 

of 1 earl Howe; b. 1824; m. dr. of | 

major-gen. John SAvinbume : m.a. Oxon., 
ex-capt. LeicesterBliiro yeomanrj*. 
East Dean, Romsey. 

Cnrson, hon. Henry George Roper-, 
eld. B. of 16 baron Teynham ; b. 1823 ; 
m. dr. of rev. Thomas Heathcote, Shaw 
Hill House, Wilts: assistant-inspector 
in the exchequer and audit department, 
Somerset House. 
47 Argyll Road, Kensington, W. 

Cnrson, hon. John Roper-, s. of 14 
baron Teynham ; b. 17/4 ; m. 1. dr. of 
col. James Hodgson ; 2. dr. of maj. John 
Harman Browne, 90 ft. Cheltenhtun : 
ex-lieut. 37 ft. Chreat Malvern. 

Cnrson-Howe, hon. Leicester ; vide 

Cnrson-Howe, hon. Monta^, s. of 1 

earl Howe ; b. 1846 : lieut. nfle brigade. 

Cnrson-Howe, mtg.-gen. hon. Richard 
William Fenn, c.b.. s. of 1 earl Howe ; 
b. 1822; m. dr. or gen. hon. George 
Anson : served in the Kaffir war of 1852, 
as aide-de-camp to sir George Cathcart, 
and in the Indian mutiny as acting 
quartermaster-^n. at the siege of Delhi, 
ex-maj. grenadier guards. 
46 Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. 

Cnrson, hon. Sidney Campbell Roper-, 
s. of 14 baron Teynham ; b. 1807 ; m. 
dr. of Richardson Purves, Sunbury 
Place, Middlesex. 

Cnrson-Howe, maj. hon. William 
Henry, s. of 1 earl Howe ; b. 1827 ; m. 
Emily, dr. of Fred. Cowper, Carleton 
hall, Penrith : m.a. Oxon., served in 
the urimea and in central India, ex-maj. 
17 lancers, ex-capt. Leicestershire yeo- 

Cnrson, hon. Darca, dr. of baron de la 
Zouche ; b. 1860. 

Cnrson, hon. Sophia Caroline, h. 
1857 ; hon. Blanche Felicia, b. 1861 ; 
hon. Eveline Mary, b. 1864; hon. Ge- 
raldine Emily, b. 1871; hon. EUnor 
Florence, b. 1873, drs. of 4 baron Scars- 

Cnrson, hon. nu*s. Alfred, dr. of Ro- 
bert Holden ; b. 1803 ; m. hon. and rev. 
Alfred Curzon (rf.), father of 5 baron 

Cnrson, hon. mrs. Edward Henry 
Roper-, dr. of — Bullock ; m. vice-adm, 
hon. Edward Hcnr>- Roper-Curzon (</.), 
knight of the legion of honour, of the 
redeemer of Greece, and of St. Vladimir 
of RuniB. 



Cuioii, hon. mrs. Thomas KoptT- ; ni. 

1. Bobcrt Browne, Ku^isell Pjirk, Surrey ; 

2. capt. hon. Thomas Koper-Cm-zon, 
K.y. (d.). 

Cuaek, sir Ralph Smith, s. of James 
William Cusack, Abbepillo House, 
Dublin, surgeon to the Queen in Ire- 
land ; b. 1822 ; m. dr. of Richard Bar- 
ker, Sterling, Mcath : m.a. Dublin, 
called to the Irish bar 184o, clerk of the 
crovm and hanaper in Ireland from 1858, 
chairman of the midland railway com- 
pam* of Ireland. 

Junior Carlton ; 2^ Rutland Square, 
Dublin ; Mount Eaale, Killiney, iJublin. 

Cnit, maj. hon. Charles Henry, s. of 
1 earl Bro\^7ilow; b. 1813; m. dr. of 
Reginald Geor^ (and lady Caroline) 
Macdonald, chief of CUmronald : m.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Lincolnshire, ex- 
tant, royal horse guards, maj. north 
Salop yeomamy' 1863-69, a magistrate 
for ^orthants and high sheriff in 1859, 
M.P. north Shropshire 1865-66. 

13 Crreat Stanhope Street, May fair, 
W. ; Arthinqworth, Northampton ; 
Cattle Rock, Jl'^est Cowes. 

Cust, gen. hon. sir Edward, r.R.s., 
D.C.L., X.C.H., s. of 1 baron Brownlow ; 
b. 1794 ; m. dr. of L. W. Boodc, Peover 
Hall, Cheshire : dep.-lieut. of Cheshire, 
served in the Peninsular campaign, 
Imight grand cross of the order or Leo- 
pold of Belgium, M.P.Grantham 1818-32, 
master of the ceremonies from 1847, col. 
16 light dragoons from 1859. 

ZeoMwe UastUJiirkenhead,CJie9h\re; 
Brown*8 Motel, Dover Street, W, 

Ciift, hon. mrs. William, dr. of Thomas 
Newnham^ Southborough, Kent; m. 
hon. William Cust {d.), s. of 1 baron 
48 Green Street, Grosvenor Square. 

Ciift, lady Caroline, dr. of 1 earl 
Brownlow ; b. 1819 : lady-in-waiting to 
the grand-duchess of Mecklenburg. 
2 Mobart Place, Eaton Square. 

Cntt, lady Elizabeth, dr. of 5 earl of 
Darnley ; b. 1830 ; m. Reginald John 
Cust (s. of hon. and rev. canon Hcnry 
Cust, of Windsor), b. 1828, called to 
the bar 1856, assistant commissioner and 
secretary of West India encumbered 
estates commission. 8 Park Street, 
Westminster ; 13 Eccleston Square; 
3 Stone Buildings, LincoMs Inn. 

Cust, lady Emma, dr. of 5 earl of 
Darnley ; b. 1832 ; m. rev. Arthur Per- 

ceval Cust (s. of hon. William Cust), 
b. 1828, M.A. Oxon., hon. canon of 
Christ Church, Oxford, from 1874, vicar 
from 1862 of St. Mary the Virgin^ 
Beadiny (661/.). 

Oust, lady Florence Harriet, dr. of 3 
earl of Harewood ; b. 1838 ; m. lieut.- 
col. John Francis Cust (s. of col. hon* 
Peregrine Cust), b. 1825, capt. grena- 
dier guards. Carlton, Guards ; Staff" 
shaw House, Hexham. 

Cust, Henry Francis Cockayne, s. of 
hon. and rev. canon Henry Cust, of 
Windsor ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of Isaac Cook- 
son, Meldon Park, Northumberland : ex« 
capt. 8 hussars, served in India, private 
secretary to \'iceroy of Ireland (earl of 
Eglinton) in 1852 and 1858. maj. Salop 
yeomanry from 1872, hign sheriff of 
»alop in 1869, m.p. (c.) Grantham from 

Carlton, Travellers* ; Hatley Cbek" 
ayne, Beds ; Ellesmerc House, Salop. 

Cost, archd. Edward : M.A. Cantab., 
canon of Ripon (550/.), archd. of Rich- 
mond from 1868, vicar from 1840 of 
Dafiby IFiske-cum-YaJhrth, North- 
allerton (450/.). 

distance, maj. -gen. William Neville, 
C.B., 8. of T. distance, Weston House, 
Norfolk ; b. 1811 ; m. 1. dr. of maj.-gen. 
J. Campbell, k.h. : 2. dr. of T. Meg- 
nson, Northumberland: served in the 
Crimea and in the Indian mutiny with 
6 dragoon guards, knight of the Medjidie. 
Armyand Navy, Senior Unitea Ser» 
vice ; Fryem Court, Fordinghridye^ 

Cnthbert, hon. mrs. Jane Anne, dr. of 
2 baron Graves ; b. 1805 ; m. capt. 
James William Cuthbert (s. of J. Ramsay 
Cuthbert, m.p.), b. 1804, ex-oapt. 2 
life guards, den.-lieut. of Kent, equerry 
to late duke or Cambridge. 

Carlton, Junior United Service; 14 
Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square; 
Hampton Court Palace. 

Cnyler, .air Charles Henry Johnes, 3 
hart. (1814) b. 1826 ; m. dr. of Austen 
Cox : M.A. Cantab., public treasurer of 
Honduras 1855-61, receiver-general of 
Trinidad 1861-65. 

Thatched House, Civil Service ; Oak» 
leaze, Tockington, Bristol. 

Cnyler, dow. -lady. Catherine, dr. of rev. 
R. Fitx¥rilliam Halifax, rector of Rich- 
ard's Castle ; m. maj.-gen. sir Charles 
Cuyler, 2 bart. ^ Saville Place, Clifton. 



Vten, 21 bttTon (1307). Thomas Crosbii 
Brand Trerar ; b. 1B08 ; m. dr. of '. 
bamn Clusham (>he vu for fCYeni 
vcan H bedrhsmber voman to thi 
Queen) : m.A. Cantab., dep.-lieul. or 
Herta,alid H.I-. 1847-S'i, lonl-lieut. oT 
Easex 1866-69. 

Boodl^t; TheEm, Wtliryn, Etrtt ; 
B Screford Gardnu, Fttrk Lant. 

Dmtm, gen. sir Richard James, b.a., 1. of vke-admiral eir EichaM 
DaiT«,a.c.H. : b. 1799; m. dr. of H. 
P. ThoDUu: vaa in coimnand of tht 
■rtUlery at Sebutopol, rommaQdcr o- i 
.i.„i ti. and of the order or 



. Uiittd Scrria 

ShorlUmdt, Knit 

Dmtm, admintl i 

Natrorth Cottage 

r Sydney Coliwya, 
u.v.u.f um. oi n-ii. iir Kicbard Daorea; 
b. 1806 ; m. dr. of John Lambert ol 
Banilead, Surrev : distin^inhed him- 
■elf in Greece, Spain, and tbe Crimea, 
was in command in the Meditemnean, 
Weat lodipii, and the Channel 1869-65, 
Joiight of lefflon of honour, of the re- 
deemer of Greece, of the tower and 
svord. and of the " laurelled rron of 
San Fernando," a lord of the admiralty 
IS66-68, 1869-72. i^ovemor of Greenwich 
hospital ftnm 1872. 
Unittd Service. 
Smt, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Selkirk). 
D'Agiiilar, mnjor-gen. Charles Law 
renee, B.A., c.b., a. of lient.-cen. sir J- 
D'Apiilar, K.C.B.: b. 1821; m.dr.of, 
sdmiral hon. Joiceline Percy : wn-ed in I 
the Crimea, aud in the Indian rumpaij^. I 
knight of the Hedjjdie, commandant of 
Woolwich from 1874. I 

United Serpiee ; Faraham. Snrriy. 
Dakin, aldennnii sir Thomnn, n. of' 
Jonathan Dakin, Knutiford. Cheshire : 
' b. 1808 : m. Uarion, dr. of Jameii FidOes : 
• partner in Dakin brotbera, wholesale 
draggisls, Creechurch lane, alderman 
of Candlewick ward from 1861. ehcrilTar 
London and lliddlewx in 18&i, loni 
mayor of London in IS71, rhainnan of 

tho Great Western Sailway of Canada 


Ci/y; 3 Crecch»reh Law. £.C. ; 
Upper Tooting, Surrey. 
S'Alhanie, countess, lady Alice Mary, 
dr. of earl of Erroll ; b. 1835 ; m. col. 
count Charles U'Albanie (b. of Charles 
Edward Stuart, count D'Albanie, byW. 
of rt. hon. John de la Poer ilereaford). 
Dklhonda, 12 earl of (1633). vii-e-admi- 
ral George Ramnay, c.n, ; b. 1806 ; m. 
Sarah Frances, dr. of William Bobert- 
. son, Logan house, one of the keepers of 
I the records of Scotland ; 2nd tit. lord 
I RarasHj- : M-Bnperintendeot of Pem- 
I broke dockyard. 

! PaHiiiHre Hoiue, Camouttie, Rrfar ; 

I BreehiH Cattle, Forfar. 

IWkeitb, earl of (elil. s. of duke of 

I Buccleuch), William Henn- Walter 

Montagu Uouplas Scott; b.'lS31 : m. 

I dt. of 1 duke of Abercom : dep.-!ieut. 

of Selkirk, lieut,-iol. Midlothian veo- 

mann- 18J6-72, lord-lieut, of Dumfriee- 

I shire from 1868, an enaign-);en. of the 

roial body pinrd of archers in Scolland, 

H.'r. (c.) Midlothian 1863-68, and from 


CarUon ; Dnlkeith Palace, Ba/ttiti ; 
3 SamiUon Place, Ficeadilly, »'. 
thOlu, air George }!jlward, 8 bait. 

(1798) b. 1»J2. 
DttUu, dovr.-lady. hon. Prances, dr. of 

1 baron Ellenboroueh ; m. I. Charles 
dea Vccui ; 2. air Bobcrt Charles DaUaa, 

2 bait. 

Sailing Mid Enlwer, dow, -baroness. 
Georgina Charlotte, dr. of 1 baron Cos-- 
ley; b. 1817; m. baron DallinK and 
Bulwer. r.c, o.c.H. (lO, ambanadorat 
Madrid, Washington and Constantinople 
1843-66, and bra. of I baron Lytton. 
Heron Home, SicAiiiond, Surrey. 

Salneny, lord (eld. s. of earl of Bose- 

Dftlryniple, vise, (idii. s. of earl of 
Stair) . John Hew North Eustace Henry 
UnliTmple ; b. IBIS : lieut. royal hone 


JMijOfia, gir Hew Hamilton, 6 but. 
(I69T) b. IH14; m. dr. orRobcrt Ark- 

Wright, Sutton -ScAndale, Uerbyahire 
■ened at the raptute of Coorg in 1S34. 
cx-lieut.-col. 71 ft., dcp.-lieut. or Fad- 

BoUK, KartK Sfripict. 
StIiTmple, ban. George Grey. 

«ul of Stair; b. 1832; m.dr.of 8 baron 
Napier : ex-lieut. 5™t« fuiilMir gunrds, 
d^p.-Litiit. uf Idnarkabiro. 

Ifnn Glut, EHmiurgA ; SUuloa. St. 
BoniitiriySoxburgh; Clttamt, Ualhtr. 


SalrjmplB, hon. Uew IIuuiltoD, a. of 
!0 earl of Stair; b. 1867. 

]>Klr7mple, ban. Nortb de Cotf 
of lOeariof Stair; b. IBM: lioul 
fu&ilier ^iiarda. 

SftlTymplB. hon. liobcrt Mugill, a. of 
10 earl of Stair; b. 1863. 

IteliTmpIe, lady Elizabeth, dr. of 9 
oar! of Stair: b. 1818. 

SaliTiiiple, liulv Jane Georgiua, b, 
1850; lady Mary Eyelyn. b. 1862; 
lady Anna Henrietta, b. 1865; lady 
Emily EUen, h. iSffi, in. of ID earl of 

XtmlTTmplB, Chafleg, s. ofiir C. Dalrym- 
ple FotKoaaon. 5 lurt., and bro. of rt. 
boD. nr James Fcrf;uwan ; b. 1839; m. 
dr. of air Edward Hunter Blair, bart. : 
■Mumiid the name of Salrymple in 
lUS, u.A. Ctnlab., called to the bar at 
IdDcoln'i Inn IBGA, dep.-lieut. or Had- 
dJiicKnuhire, capt. Ayr and Wielou 
BilitJB from 1862, M.r. (c.) Buteshire 
from 1868. 

CarUoti; Nnc Saiiei, Muin!btirgA. 
Sdintiirak: 3S( Oiaifow Squart ; 
Arim-Oraig, ItU of BuU. 

DUiTinplB, lieut.-gen. John Hamilton 
El^uuitone : aerred in the CrimoB and 
in New Brunawick after the Trent affiiir 
1861-62, knight of the Medjidie, Uent.- 
tol. h.p. Scota furilier guudi. 
QvaTili' : 7 Btaujart OimUiu, SmitA 

Dtltou, major-gen. Chailea James, 
R.A., ■. of col. John DalloB, of Slening- 
ford. Ripon ; b. 180D ; m. Hary, dr. of 

Ua, oomniMioner of GMta MtfpoTB. 

Dtltnjr, Harriott Bobert ; h. 1SS8 ; m. 

only child of Andrsw ARwtrDu 
Barnes, col. 6 royale : dcp.-lieut. H 
Antrim, high ■heriiT of Camckferpu 
in 18-^9, M.p. (l.) CiiRickfeTKua from 
Sifomt ; Bilta Bill. Carrick/irfM. 

D&lj, hon. BoMes Richard, s. of 1 
baron Dunaandle: b. ISlfi: b.a. Oion,, 
dep. -lioul. of Tippcraty, and high 
sheriff in 1804. 

Carlton; Killough Oull; ThurUl, 

Baly, hon. Robert, a. of 1 bsroa Dnn- 
sandle ; b. 1818 ; m. hon. Cecilia, dr. of 
I baron HBjrteibury : ei-liout. 20 (t., 
steward of the baiuehold of the licerDy 
of Ireland (earl of Beasborougb) in 
83 BalBK Plaa, Bilgrave Sqvsrt. 

Salj, hon. SkefEogton James, e. of 1 

Dkly, ladv Anne Elizabeth, dr. of 9 
enrlof Weatmealh; b. 1839; m. John 
Archer Ualv (•. of Andrew W. BI>k«, 

Raford, EillHlla, Athmiy, Qo/way. 

D*JT. miyor-gen. Henry, c.a. : served in 

the Punjab campaign, commanded Bod- 

Bon'i horec at Luelinow and in the Oude 

campaign, ^remor-general's agent in 

Central India. 

DalfBll, sir Robert Aleianitar Osborne, 

F.H.O.B., 8 bart. (leBS) b. 1821 : m.a. 

Cantab,, railed la the bar at tbe Inner 

Temple 1849, consul-gen. at Belgrade 

' 1857-^, eonaul at Eneronm IB61I-6S, at 

Boustrbouk (700^.) 1866-74. 

Tranillert' ; Tkt Bmru, LinliliftM. 

attached . 
DalMll, baron (eld. s. of earl of Carn- 
IklMll, col. hon. Harry BurrarJ, s. of 
10 carl of Carawath : b. I8M ; m. dr. 
Id.) of roT. Alexander Campbell : com- 
miiBarj of oidnance at Agra 1836-42,. 
Bi-col. Bens*] artt]lr~ 


itfyravc Squar. 



IMlsll, ail. hon. Robert AlexaDdfi-, [ 
O.B., a. oT ID earl of Cara<r]>th: b. 
IS16 : m. dr. of Idba Huris, London, 
Cwuda: ei.iicut.-ool. C3 ft.,imDdin 
the Crimea, kniriit of the Miitjidic. 
2 WtlUuftnd Park, Torquay. 

IMiell, lady Emma Mario, Ar. of ID 
«Brl of Cani<ratli ; b. 18D9. 

OuMi, capt, Uodd] Seymottr WiUiam 
Dawun, ■. of rt. hou. Qvaip) Itew«oii 
Camer; b. 1B32: dcp.-lieut. of Sonet, 
ei-eapt. Scots funlier f^uardi. eX'licut. 
Boreet yeomanry, M.r- (c,) Poitarling- 
ton ViaJ-^y and from liWS. 

WkMt, Gi'arda', Carlloii ; Came 
Route, Burekater; 2 CA«pit Street, 
Park Lane. 

Suner, hon. mra. Harriet, dr. of B 
baron Bokeby; b. IS29; m. rapt. 
Lionel Sejmour William Ilawaon- 

rora. Lionel Dawaan, dr. 

Danier (d,), 
Buniano, caunteaa. hon. Paaliiie llario, 
dr. of 3 vise. Southwell; h. lSlt>; m. 

count Henry An San Domiann, of Turin. 

offiiwr in the king of Italy's royal 

Suby, I'arl of (eld. a. of morq, of Car- 

Daaner, nir Tliomaa JohnEton, 7 hort. 
(1862) b. 1852: ei-lient. 2 Soroerett- 
■hire militia. 
Modricng Boiue, Clogjordan, Tip- 

Suoor, dow.-Luly. Helen Jane, only 
child of John Johnston, Lfamington ; 
m. sir Tfaoma£ Going Bernard Daacet, 

Hum, Richard, h.d., c.b. : serveit 
in the runjab compugn 1849-60 ad 
Goojerat, prmtipal njedieiil officer of the- 
expeditionary force in China ISfil, in- 
«poctor-|reD. of hoepitols and flceta h.p, 

Skn^UL, viae. (eld. b. of ear! Cowltj). 

aerred in the Crimea as ude-de-comp to 
lord Bokebj, in the Oudc campaign ua 
nide-de-eamp to lord Clyde, Itnight ' 
the Medjidie, ex-lieuL-col. --'J-'-- 
Euurik, capt. WiltA 

Daniell, entered 
■e 1857, joint judge 
in the Tanna dis- 

Duu«7, hon. nuT(. Eleanore, dr. of S 
baron Gilford: b. 186^; m. Edward 
Haibiter Dattser, 1 life ^uatdit. 

D'Ahj, col. George Abba* Kooli, v 
itrred ir '-'-- — '-— * — ' ■" 

Duall, KT. air William Lionel, 4 hart. 
(1796) b. 18IT; m. dr. (rf.) of BJr 
Edward Tiemej', 2 bart.: m.a. Oion., 
reetor of Frctherae, Stroud (290(.) from 

Carllon; FrelAcrne Kedory, Slrotul, 
Qltofaltrniire ; W Tert Ptaa, J'ert- 

Dorall, dow.-lndy. Amelia Mary, dr. of 

William Beecber, llowbury, Bedford ; 

m. air Henry Verebt Darell, 2 bart 
B Qrffti'i Sate Ttrrnee. South Km- 

tiiigtan ; The Lt/piallt, ChcUcnhain. 
Darloj, hon. mrs. Anne, dr. of 3 baron 

riunkot : h. 1825 ; ride bp. of Kilmore. 
Ouling, lady. F.licabctb IsabdlB, dr. of 

Cbristopher Salter. Ktoke I'ogii, Bucks ; 
m. as Ida third wifu, sir CharloB Dor- 

(rf->. I 

, -geii. 
DulinftoD, eurl of (eld. a. of duke of 

Dunley, 6 earl of (1725). John Stuart 
Bligh ; b. 1827 : m. dr. of 3 earl of CU- 
ehester; aits as bamn Cliltou (1606); 
2nd tit. baron Clillon : H.A. Uion,, 
heredilaiy high steward of Gravesend, 
dep.-lieut. of Kent, Ueul.-eoL com- 
mandant West Kent yeomanry 1863- 


aniell, lady Asnes Ilcorietta, dr. of 
SearlofHaufurTj; b. 1861 ; m.Nueeut 



CorUmi ; Ctiftrm Lodgt 
Heath; Cobham Halt. Orawend 
Bill Street, Berieley Si/vai 

Dairell, John Harvey, c.m.g. : m.a. 
Cantab., called to the bar 1862, attorney- 
f-encral of Bermudiis 1834-«6, chief 
justice. 1868-70. 

Dkrtmonth, d enrl of (ITII). William 
Wolter I.«ege; h. 1823: m. dr. of 6 
enrl of Aylcafiird ; 2nd til. rise. Lewia- 
bam : H.A, Oxen., I'jipt. StaSbrdahini 
militia 1843-64, dep.-lieut. of Slafior.!. 
ahire, M.I'. Sufflirddiire aouth 1849-63, 



eapt. 27 StafibrdBhire rillo volunteers 
from 1860. 

CarUon; Patshull Hall, Wolver- 
hampton ; Sandwell Park, Bimiing' 
kam; Woodsome Molly Hudderafield ; 
40 Oirowenor Square. 

Bartrey, 1 earl of (1866). Richard 
DawBon, k.i». ; b. 1817 ; m. dr. of Ed- 
ward and lady Mary Stanley ; sita as 
baron Dartrey (1847); 2nd tit. vise. 
Crcmome : lonl in waiting to the Queen 
1857-58, 1859-66, lord-Ueut. of Hona- 
gban from 1871. 

Travellers* ' Dartrey HouaCy Coote 
Hiliy Monagiian; 30 Curzon Utrwt, 
Mayfair, W, 

Bairall, lieut. -gen. Edward : served in 
Burmese war 1824-26, and in the In- 
dian mutiny. Bengal staff corps. 

Baryall, John Bay ley, cm.g., s. of 
capt. Darvall, 9 dragoons ; b. 1812 : 
K.A. Cantab., called to the bar 1838, 
queen's counsel 1853, attorney-general 
of New South Wales 1857-67. 
23 Upper Wimpole Street, W. 

Ihuhwood, sir Edwin Hare, 7 bart. 
(1707) b. 1825; m. dr. of sir Robert 
Abercromb)r, 5 bart. : premier bart. of 
Great Britain, formerly m 10 ft. 

Dmahwood, sir Henry William, 5 bart. 
(1684) b. 1816; m. dr. of John Drink- 
water, Sherborne House, Warwick : 
dep.-lieut. of Oxfordshire, and high 
sheriff in 1866. 

Travellers*; Kirklington Park, Bi- 
eetter, Oxon. 

Dmahwood, dow.-lady. Elizabeth, sis. 
of sir Theodore Henry (Broadhead) 
Brinckman ; m. cous. sir Creorge Dash- 
wood, M.P., 5 bart. 

44 Orosvenor Square; West Wy- 
combe Park, Bucks. 

Danbeny, major^gen. sir Henry Bam- 
Bton, K.C.B., s. of lieut.-gen. H. Dau- 
beny, k.h. ; b. 1810 ; m. dr. of C. 
Jaoomb, Upper Clapton, Middlesex: 
senrod in the Coorg war of 1834, China 
war 1841-42, inspector of army clothing 
1842-51, commanded 55 ft. in the 
Crimea, knight of the legion of honour, 
and of the Mediidie, a magistrate for 
Clare and for MituUesex. 

United Service, Junior Carlton; 36 
JilvatUm Place, South Kensington, 

Danbeny, col. James, c.B. ; m. dr. of 
S. Leveson ; served in the Crimea with 
62 ft., knight of the legion of honour, 
and of the Medjidie, assist. -adjutant- 
general of the homo district lo70-73, 
major h.p. 62 ft. 
8 Haton Terrace, Eaton Square, 8. W. 

Davenport, William Bromley, 8. of 
rev. Walter Bromley Davenport, by dr. 
of archdeacon Gooch ; b. lo21 ; m. dr. 
of Walter Campbell, of IsUiy; m.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Staffordshire, lieut.- 
col. Staffordshire yeomanry from 1864, 
M.p. (c.) Warwickshire north from 

White* Sy Carlton; Baginton Hall, 
Coventry ; 5 Lowndes Street, Belgrade 

Dayidson, John, m.d., c.b. : inspector 
of Ph-mouth naval hospital 1868-73, 
served against the Borneo pirates in 
1844, hon.-physician to the Queen from 

Dayie, general sir Henry Robert Fer- 
guson, 1 bart. (1846) b. 1798 ; m. only 
sister and heir of sir John Davie, 18 
bart. (whose name he assumed in 1848) : 
dep.-heut. of Devonshire, m.p. (l.) 
Haddington district from 1846, col. 78 
ft. from 1865. 

United Service, Brooh^ ; Greedy 
Park, CreditoN, Devon; 48 Wilton 
Crescent, Belgrave Square. 

Davies, David, s. of David Davies ; b. 
1818 ; m. dr. of Edward Jones, Llanfair, 
formerly a railway contractor, director 
of the Cambrian, Brecon, and Merthvr 
railway, of the Pembroke and Tenby 
railway, and of the Manchester and Mil* 
ford railway, a coalowner in Wales, 
M.p. (l.) Caixligan boroughs from 1874. 
Ocean Collieries, Cardiff; LUmdi' 
nam, Shrewsbury. 

Daviet, rear-adm. Georae, t. of — 
Davies, St. Cuthbert, Wells; b. 1800; 
m. dr. of Joseph Hume, Somerset House ; 
served in the Mediterranean, in Algiers, 
and has greatly distingmshed himself 
on the coastguard, and received the 
thanks of the country for his conduct 
in the meal riote in Banff in 1846, haf 
received several gold medals, and a 
sword of honour from the French 
chamber of commerce, chief constable of 
the counties of Cambridge and Hun- 
tingdon from 1857. 
^t^ Boad. Cambridge, 




Sftvief , Richard, s. of R. Davies, Llan- 
gefiii, Anglesey ; b. 1818 ; m. only child 
of rev. H. Rees, Liverpool ; hi^h sheriff 
of Camanron, and Anglesey m 1858, 
M.p. (l.) Anglesey 'from 1868) a ship- 
owner at liyerpool. 
lUform ; Treboth^ Bangor. 

Dftvies, archdeacon Richard W. Payne, 
8. of rev. lUchard Davies; b. 1806; m. 
1. dr. of E. Morgan ; 2. dr. of T. Chip- 
pen Faulconer. Newhaven, Suasez : 
M.A. Oxon., prebendary of St. Da>id'8, 
archdeacon or Brecon from 1859, rector 
of Llangasty, Talyllyn, Brecon (260/.) 
from 1833. 

Oourt-^'Oollenf CriekhoweU. 

Daviei, sir Robert Henry, K.C.8.I., s. of 
sir David Davies, k.c.h., physician to 

William lY. ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of 

Cautlev : entered the Bengal civil service 
1844, cnief commissionerof Oude 18 -71, 
lieut. -governor of the Punjab from 1871, 
hon. col. Punjab rifle volunteers. 

SftTief , lady Lncy Clementina, dr. of 5 
earl of Perth; b. 1823; m. Francis 
Henry Davies (ji,) : authoress of " Recol- 
lections of Socie^." 

SftTia, sir John Francis, K.C.B., 1 bart. 
a845) b. 1795; m. 1. dr. of col. Hum- 
nays, Bengal engineerB ; 2. dr. of rev. 
T. J. Rocke, vicar of Exmouth : dep.- 
lieut. of Gloucestershire, joint commis- 
sioner with lord Napier in China in 
1834, British plenipotentiary in China 
and governor of Hong Kong 1844-48. 

Athenaum; HoUytooody Westbury^ 

Satj, lady Emily Rosa, sis. of 6 earl 
of LanesDorough ; b. 1845 ; m. William 
Kincombe Davy. 

SAyjiiarchdeaconOwen: M.A. Cantab., 
canon of Peterborough (5361 X arch- 
deacon of Northampton from 1842, rector 
of Fiskerton, Lincoln (470/.) from 1846. 
Breem^tt, PeUrborough. 

SAWnay, hon. Eostace Henry, s. of 7 
vise. Downs ; b. 1850 : lieut. coldstream 
8 Belgrave Squart, S. W. 

SAwnay, hon. Francis Herbert, s. of 7 
vise. Downej b. 1853: lieut. 1 Staf- 
fiMrdkhire nuhtia from 1874. 

Hftwnay, hon. Geoffrey Nicolas, s. of 7 
Urn. Downe ; b. 1852 : lieut. Yorkshire 
husiar yeomiiiiry from 1S74. 

Dawnay, hon. Guv Cuthbert, s. of 7 
vise. Downe ; b. 1848. 

Bookhatn Orove^ Leaf her head ; 8 
Belgrave Square^ 8. W. 

Bawnay, hon. Lewis Payn, s. of 7 
vise. Downe ; b. 1846 : capt. coldstream 

Dawnay, hon. Payan, s. of 6 vise. 
Downe ; b. 1815 : high sheriff of York- 
shire in 1851. 

Oxford and Catnbridge; Beming' 
borough HaUy York. 

Dawnay, hon. William Frederick, s. of 
7 vise. Downe ; b. 1851 ; capt. 1 
Staffordshire militia firom 1874. 

Dawnay, hon. Lydia Frances, dr. of 6 
vise. Downe ; b. 1813. 

Dawnay, hon. Alice Isabel^ b. 1855 ; 
hon. Edith Mary, b. 1856, drs. of 7 
vise. Downe. 

Dawfon, hon. Anthony Lucius, s. of 1 
earl of Dartrey ; b. 1855. 

Dawion, hon. Edward Stanley, s. of 1 
earl of Dartrey ; b. 1843 : commander 
royal navy, commander of the ** Dwaif '* 
from 1874. 
30 Curztm Street, Mayfairy W.l 

Dawion, hon. Richard Maitland Wes- 
tenra, s. of 1 earl of Dartrey ; b. 1845 ; 
ex-capt. grenadier guards, ex-capt. 92 ft. 
30 Cttrzon Street, Mayfair, W. 

Dawion, hon. mrs. Mary, dr. of 1 
baron Lurgan; b. 1823; m. Robert 
Peel Dawson (eld. s. of rt. hon. George 
Dawson, m.p., by dr. of sir Robert Peel, 
1 bart.^, b. 1818, m.a. Oxon., ex-capt. 
grenadier guards, dep.-lieut. of London- 
derr}*^ and hiff h sheriff in 1850, lord- 
lieut. of Londonderry from 1870, m.p. 
(c.) Londonderr}- 1859-74. 

Carlton; Moyola Park, London- 

^7> hp. ; vide Cashel. 

Deakin, James Henry, s. of col. James 
Henry Deakin, Warrington Park, Com* 
wall, hon. col. 33 Lancashire rifle volun- 
teerB; b. 1849; m. dr. of John W. 
Makin, The Brook, Sandbach: called to 
the bar 1873, m.p. (c.) Launoeston from 
1874. Warrington Park, Zauneetton^ 
Cornwall; The Hollies, Snaresbrook. 

Deane, hon. Matthew James Hastings, 
8. of 3 baron Muskerry ; b. 1831 : ex- 
lieut. 4 dragoon guards. 



; hon. mrs. Lucy, sis. of 6 vise 
Falmouth ; b. 1827 ; m. major Bonar 
Millett Deane, ez-maj. 18 ft., military 
secretary to governor of Bombay (sir 
P. Wodehouse) from 1872. 

Demo, lady. Harriet, dr. of major 
Williams, Cheltenham ; m. sir Thomas 
Deane (a.), a well-known architect in 
Cork, high sheriff of Cork in 1830 and 
in 1851, and president of the royal 
Hibernian academy. 

Longford Terrace, MotikatotcHy Dub' 
lin; Jjundainon CastlCy Cork. 

, sir David, K.C.B., s. of Francis 
Deas, of Falkland, Fife, and bro. of 
lord Deas; b. 1807 ; m. dr. of William 
Hepburn: principal medical officer of 
the naval forces in the Black sea during 
the Ru»ian war, and also in the Chinese 
war, inspector-general of hospitals and 
fleets 1855-72, officer of the legion of 
honour, knight of the Medjidie. 

United Service ; 40 Pembridge Villas, 
Westboume Orove, W. 

Bmm, lord, sir Georee Deas, s. of 
Francis Deas, of Falkj^d, and bro. of 
sir David Deas; b. 1804; m. 1. dr. of 
Sylvester Beid ; 2. widow of sir Benja- 
min Fonseca Outram, m.d., cousin ^of 
lieut.-gen. sir James Outram, 1 bart. : 
M.A. Edinburgh, called to the Scotch 
bar 182& advocate-depute 1840-41, 
1846-51, sneriff of Boss and Cromarty 
1850-51, solicitor-general for Scotland 
1851-53, a lord of session from 1853. 

32 Heriot Bow, Edinburgh ; Harttcood 
SiUy Lanark ; Fittendretehy Lasswade. 

lleMe, Edmund Gerald, s. of G. Dease, 
of Turbotston; b. 1829; m. dr. of 
Henry Grattan, m.p. : high sheriff of 
Uueen's co. in 1859, m.p. (l.) Queen's 
00. from 1870. 

Stafford ; Rath House, BaUyhrittas, 
Queens Co. 

Deasj, rt. hon. Richard, ll.d., p.c. 
^rel.), s. of Richard Deasy, Clonakilty, 
Cork ; b. 1812 ; m. Monica, dr. of Hugh 
O'Connor, Sackville Street, Dublin: m.a. 
Dublin, ddled to the Insh bar 1835, 
queen'scounsel 1849, solicitor-general for 
inland 1859-60, attomey-^ncral I860- 
61, M.p. Cork county 185o-61, a baron 
of the Irish exchequer (3688/.) from 

Refortn; 184 Oreat Brunswick 
■Street, Dublin; Oarysfort, Blackrock, 

De Bathe, major-gen. sir Henry Per- 
cival, 4 bart. (1801) b. 1823 ; m. Char- 
lotte, dr. of William Clare: served in 
the Crimea, lieut.-col. h.p. Scots fusilier 
guards, commanding the northern divi- 
sion from 1874. 

United Service; Kingsioum, Lady" 
rath.Meath; Wood End, Chichester ; 
41 Fortman Square ; 3 Morpeth Ter^ 
race, Victoria Street, S. W, 

De Beauvoir, dow.-lady. Letitia, dr. 
of rev. Charles Mason, rector of Sou- 
thery, and of Denver Hill, Downham ; 
m. sir John Edmund Browne de Beau- 
voir, M.P., 2 bart. 

De Blaquiere, 5 baron (1800). William 
Barmud de Blaquiere ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. 
of J. Wormald, Brockworth Manor, 
Gloucester: great alnager of Ireland, 
ex-capt. royaTnavy. 

Army and Navy; Springfield, 
Crawley, Sussex; Brockworth manor, 
Gloucester ; The Lawn, Whitchurch, 

De Blaquiere, dow.-baroness. Eleanor, 
dr. of 1 baron Hylton ; b. 1828 ; m. as 
his second wife, 4 Won Blaquiere. 
9 Stratford Place, W. 

Be Blaquidre, hon. mrs. Peter Boyle. 
Eliza, dr. of William Roper, s. of hon. 
and very rev. Henry Roper; m. hon. 
Peter Boyle de Blaquiere {d.), chan- 
cellor of Toronto university. 

De Bnrgho, dow.-lady. Catherine, dr. 
of Brooke Brasier, of Mitchell's fort, 
Cork ; m. sir Richard Donnellan. de 
Burgho, 4 bart. (ext.), vice-lieut. of 
Limerick 1835-64. 

Island House, Castle OonneU, Lime" 

De Butts, lady. dr. of Frands Minchin ; 
m. gen. sir Augustus de Butts, k.b., 
K.C.H. {d.). 

Dedes, 3 baron (1812). William John 
Robert Horsley-Beresford ; b. 1811 ; m. 
dr. of William Dent, Shortflat Tower, 
Northumberland: ex-capt. grenadier 

Carlton,YGuardi^ ; Bolam House, 
Morpeth : The Craig, Bowness, West" 

De Clifford, 23 baron (1299). Edward 
Southwell Russell ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of 
admiral sir Charles^EUiot, X.O.B. : M.A. 


■. Tmrirtock 18*7-fflJ, dcp.- 

Cantab-, H-r. lbtuukk loi^-o'^ftr uvp-- 

Usut. of LsiccetenhiiB, lieut. Leiceater- 

■hire yeamanr; from 1860. 

Xirkiy.Malhry, LncaUr ; 3 Oir/- 

tcn SoUH Terraa. 
!>• Casrey, hon. Adelaide Constance, 

dr. of 29 boron Kingnle ; b. IS66. 
Da Conrey, hon. Florence Helena, dr. 

of 28 B*ron Einsute ; b. IS26. 
De Conrcy, hon. mre, William. Char- 

lotto, dr. of Jscob Weymouthj royal 

naT7 ; m. han. TilliBm Almencua de 

Courey, b.h. (rf.). 
De Conny, vice-adm. Hichael, c.b., b. 
U Courcjr, R.N., K.T.B., and 
of admiral hoD. Uicluu^l de 

of cant de Courcjr, 
mnOBon * - ■- - - 

Morrifl, royal navy : Berred in the "Weet 
IndisB in the eapprefleion cf a rebellion 
of the Jamaica negtoea 1831-32. aerred 
on the coaat of Spain, ijupeetlnj — 

it. HoCerrell : ei-Uaut. 60 ndea. 

Wyvenhae Ball, CoUluitfr, Eatx; 

Bmtralhy, Limerict, 

Bt Ctm^faj, dow.-lwiv. Mary, dr. of 

fir John "^/i^ea Tyrell, 2 but. ; m. air 

Claade VUliam Champion de Crea- 

68 Q« 

( att, South Kttumfton, 

, /iac (eld. 1. of earl of 

Corentn). Qeoree Villiam CoTentr)' ; 

De Flalutnltt, hon. Georgina Oabrielle 
Elphinatiine, aia. of buDnen Naime. 

D* Fntm, 4 baroQ USSl). Arthor 
French; b. 1854. 

Frmeh Pari, Batcontmen. 

Bt Omj knd Bipon, earl (eld. a, of 
marq. of Ripon). Fndcrick Oliver 
Bobiiuan;b. 1BJ2^ M.F. (l,) Eiponfrom 
1874, capt. oommandant 27 weat riding 
Yorkahire ride Totunteere from 1870. 

1 CarlUHi Gtrieiu, Pail Mall; 
Stiidtiy Bof/al, Bipon, 

&• Qrvy, hon. Ariiald, a. of 6 baroa 
Walsngham; b. IBM. 

Da Onj, hon. and rev. Frederick, s. 

' of 4buim WaUngham; b. 1810: M.a. 

Cantab., i«ctor &mn 1S37 of Capdott, 
Ipncich (30S/.) ; Oomervaliiie. 
Da Ottj, hon. John AngnatnB, a. of G 
baron Wslnngbam ^ b. 1849 : called to 
the bar at Uie Inner Temple 1874. 

Da Orej, hon. Bobert Baynard, a. of 
5 baron Walnngham; b. 1858. 

De Qnj, hon. Emily Aognata, b. 1853 ; 
hoD. Beatrice, b. 1863; hon. Mabel, b. 
1861 : bon. Elizabeth Odeyne, b. 1861, 
dr«. of 6 baron Walainjham. 

De Hoghton, sir Henry, 9 baTt, (1611) 
b. 1821 ; m. 1. dr. of Joeeph Sanders 
(diMolved in 1849) ; 2. dr. of air Henry 
While-Jerria, 2 bart. ; 3. dr. of Ralph 
HnrYe^f, Lincoln'i Ion : m.a. Cantab., 
dep.-heut. of Lancashire and Car- 
digannhlre, high sheriff of Cardigan- 

Delaeonbe, gen. Henrr Ivatt, B.U., 
c.R. : aerred at the defence of Cadii 
in 1810 at the attack of LegbiKn, re- 
tiral full pay. 

19 AlMon Slreet, SyJi Park, W. 

De U Feld, lady Cecil Jane, dr. of 1 
eart of Limerick ; b. 1801 ; m. count 
John Leopold Ferdinand Caeiniir De la 
Fcld (rf.). 

18 Prine^s Terrace, Knightibridgt, 
S. W. ; Ftidenitein, Qutai'i Soad, AwA- 

uiaior-gen. William Henry, 
B.i. : Bcrreo in the Funjab campaign 
1848-49 at the occupation of Lahore 
retired on full pay aa col. royal Bengal 
Delamere. 2 baron (1821). Hugh 
Cholmondelcv ; b. IB12; m. I. dr. of 
10 earl of 3(innoull ; 2. dr. of rt. hon. 
air George Hamilton Seymour, a. C.B. : 
ex-lieut. 1 life guarda, M.P. Uenbigh- 
■hirc 1840-41, col. Cheshire militia from 

Carlton ; Valt Soyai, Northteieh, 
Chfthire; 14 BrtUon Slnrl, Berktlty 

tUne, mat. -gen. George i ei-lient.- 
col. Bengal etaff corps, serred in the 
Punjab campaign 1848-49, iactading 
the Wtlt?« of ChilliaDwallah and Goo- 

at, eonuDondant goveinor-geueral'a 

Ij-guard 1862-74. 



>• L'lals and Dndlay, 2 buva (1S3E). 
Philip Sidnev Foulis ; b. 1828 ; m. dr. 
and heir of nr WilMain Foulis, bart.. of I 
Ingleby Huuir: ei-conict loyHl hoine ' 
Bimrdi, dep.-lieut. of Yarkahire. 

Carlton; I'tnthwU riaee. Tan- 
bridgi, Eeat ; Ingltiy Manor, iforth. 
mtlerlon, Yorlahire ; 3 Victoria Strat, 
Watmintttr, S. W. 

D* Lille, mBJor-gtii. Alfred, B.E. ; re- 
tired full, pBf ua col. roysl Botnba]: 

De la Vur, 7 pari of <17fll)- rtv. 
Beginald Sackville ; b. 1817 ; m. dr. of 
A. D. E. W. Bsillio Cochrane, K-P. ; 
2nd tit. boron West : H.A. Oion., rector 
of Withyhtm, Ymet, lMO-66, chap- 
lain to the Queen 1B46-70, high steward 
of 8t™tf6rd-on-Avon from 1S71, rice- 
lieut. ot Cambridgeshire fitim 1874. 

Carlton; Buckhuril Fark, Tunhridgi 
WdU; Bourne Souk, Royiton, Cam- 

Da la Zonolie, 15 bnrou (1308). Robert 
Nathaniel Cecil Curzon; b. 1851. 

Farham Pari, Stiyning, Sutux , 
SafUy, Stafarii.hire ; 24 Arlinglw 
Strut, Pieeadilly. 

Dal Balio, duchpM, lad; Mary Dorothy, 
dr. of 1 earl of Orford ; b. 1342 ; m. 
duke del Balio, gmndee of Spain. 

DalTia, baron (eld. h. of earl of Wcat- 

neath). Viliiam Nugent; b. 1832; 

m. dr. of Andrew WUlIam Bl»ke, Fur- 

bouRh, Galway : ex-mpt. 9 ti., aerrcd 

in the Crimea. 
De Kanlay, 2 baron <1838). Cbarlee 

Frederick Aehley Cooper Ponaonby ; b. 

1815; m. counn, dr. of 4 sari of Ben- 

bonugh; H.F. (l.) Pools 1837-17, Dun- 

ganan 18a1-£2. 

TraMtiT,-, Whilift; langfard 

Hoat*, Lithladi. 
Da Ifalajna, hon. Arthar William, a. 

of 4 baron Vcntr>-: b. 18G4. 
Da MaleTU, hoc. Alured Edward, a. 

of 3 baron Vcnlrir : b.lS36; licut. Kerr} 

militia tctm 1872. 
Da Malafni, ban. Denia John, ». of 3 

baton Venlry ; b. 1844 : lieut. 23 ft. 
Da Koleru, bon. Frederick Rosamor^ 

Wauchope, eld. *. of 4 baron Tentry; 

b. 1861. 

. 1S62; 

Qlamorganahire militia 

Da MolByn*, hon. Frances, 1 
hon. Heraey Uice, b. 186d; non. 

Mildred, b. 1867; hon. , b. 1870; 

hon. — , b. 1871, dra. of 4 baron 
Yen try. 

De Hontnoreaej, hon. Albert Bon- 
chard, a. of 4 viae. MoDntmairea ; b. 
1840 ; capt. royat (Hadraa) artiller]', 
adjutant U brigade, royal bone artiller;. 

Da MoBtmoraBoy, hon, Arthnr Hill 
of 4 tiar. Uountrntirel ; b. 

Da Ifontmarsnoy, hon. Francis Ray- 
mond, a. of 4 tiK. Hountmorrea: b. 
1835; m. dr. of lieut.-ool. Echlin 
Uatthew, White Abbey, Antrim ; b.A. 
Dublin, caUed to the iHah bar 1863. 

milmouHl, ShankiU, Duilm. 
a Hontmoranoy, hoiu Raymond 
Harvey, eld. a. of 2 viae. Frankfort do 
Hoatmnreney ; b. 1835 ; m. dr. of lieut.- 
gen. air John Hichfl, k.c.b. : aide-de- 
eamp to the commander of the forces in 
the Windward ialanda in 1861, major 
32 ft. 
a Kantmoranej, hon. William 

Browne, eld. a. of 5 viae. Hountmoirei; 

b. 1872. 
Da Kontmoranoy, bon. Victoria, dr. of 

4 rise. Mountmorrea ; b. 1837. 
De Mantmoraney, hon. Victoria, b. 

1866; ban. Harriet EielfU, b. 1867, 

dre. of S vise. Hountmone*. 
Da Xontmorenoy, hon. mrs. Henrietta, 

dr. of 1 Tiac. Guillamore; b. 18 — ; m. 

John de Montmorency (<^.), of Caatla 

Morroa, Kilkenny. 

77 *(. Qeorgifi Square, S. W. 
Denbigh, 8 carl of (1S22). Radolph 

""■iraBaailFeUdinK; b "" ' 

' Uarid Pennant < 

1 uiii,: 2. dr. of Bobex- .^...v.. 

Spetchley Park, Wormater; 2nd t 

Tiic. Feilding: M.a. CanUb., capt. 

Warwickshire yeomanry 1840-62, hi^ 

■heriff of Flinlahire in 1860, tieut.-col. 

I Flintshire ride rolunteen from 1873. 

Carlton ; Doming, HolymU, Sorth 
Walet: Nevmkam Paddox, Rugby; 48 

Ealott Square. 
Danhain, rica'adm. sir Henry Mandea, 

r.R.B.; b. 1806^ employed fbt thirty 

yeaia of bia eervicc in the conatmction 


of iHazti, a bratber of the Trini^ 

Senitr UniUd Stnia; 21 OirUm 

Sotd, KaidB rob, M W. 
Saniioii, sir Edmund Beckett, Q.c, 

but. (1813) vith Beckett 
Itoiiiwm, Christopher Beckett, ■. of t 

Edmund BwkflL i but ; b. IS2fi : 

the Bengal eivii •erriee 1846-68, m. 

(c.) Torkihire west riding eut divinoo, 


CarUon ; Orimtharpe, Boneiuter. 
DMilwni, archdeacon Oeorge Anthonj, 

a. of John DenuoaT Oninglon, aad b^j. 

It. bon. Joaepli Warner Henler, n.r. 
K.A. Oioa., prebeiiduT of Wellf, arch 
deacon of Taimtoii from 1S61, vicai 
&om 1845 of Beut Brent, HialibTidgt 
Somtrnt (lOOW.). 

BenlMO, William Evelyn, b.a., a. of 
lieat-gen. air William Deniion,E.c.B.. 
■oremor of Nov South Walea and of 

hon. Albert Denisan Somer- 


43 Curmt Strttt, 
Seniton, hon. Conynghun Albert, 
of 1 baron Londeabotougb ' "" 
lieut. royal navy. 
DenUon, hon. Evelyn Albert, a. of 1 

bBTOD Londeaborough ; b. 1B69. 
II«lllMlk, hon. Harold Albert, ILN., s. 

of 1 buon Landeaboniueh ; b. 1866. 
DMiuon, hon. Henry Charles, i. of 1 
buon Londeaborougli ; b. 134S; livut. 
nival artJUerr^ 
8 Oirtton SiHUt TirriKe. 

\, hon. William Francis Henry, 

k of 2 baron Londeaborough : b. 


DnlwB, hon. Edith Henrietta, b. 

1866 ; hon. lilian, b. 1867 : hon. Ida, 

b. 1B69; boa. , b. 1872, dn. of 2 

. .. mra. Helen, dr. of 3 

baron Fererabam ; b. 1831 ; m. Willinin 
Beckett Doiiian (i. of air Edmund 
{DeniNn] Ba^ett), b. 1826, a partner 
in the Sna of Beckett and Co., bankera i 

at Lead*, sapt. Torluhira hnanr* ftva 

Jimiar Otrlten: MeaniBoed Pari, 

Deniwn, lady. Caroline, dr. of adm. 
air Phippi Homby, o.c.B. ; ra. lient- 
gen. airW'illiam Deoiaon. k.c.b. (4.), 
EDvemor of New South Walce 1854-60, 
Hadiaa 1860-66, bro. of ririit hon. viae. 
Onington, nieaker of mc hauK of 
common. 1867-72. 
UpptT Bkun, S. W. 

Oenmaa, 2 baron (1831). Thomal 
Denman, b. 1806 : m. 1. dr. of rev. T. 
fioe, and nieoe of Sir Howard Elphin- 
slone, 1 but. ; %. Uarion, niece of gen- 
air John Aitchiaon, o.o.B. ; called to the 
bar 1830, aaaociate to hii lather when 
chief juitiee of the Queen'a bench. 

Simy Middltlm, Sh^U; SUthe 
Baiui, Marttt Harborough, Lnettttr. 

Seoniaa, hon. a 
Denman; b. II 
Samuel Hope, 

called to the bar [B4G, C|Uoea's coonael 
1861, counsel to Cambridge univerai^ 
1857-72, M.P. (L.) Tiverton 1889-85, 
1866-72, judge in the common pleaa 
(SOOOi.) from 1872, 

Braokt\Allunmim; II PaUtt Gate, 
Ketuinjtim, W. 

Bmuiwii, hon. and rev. Lewis William, 
■. of I bamn Denman ; b. 1821 ; m. 1. 
dr. of Thoniaa Eden (com, of lord 
Auckland) ; 2. dr. of col. Henry 
Armytafe, eoldstreuu guards: m.a. 
Cantab., rector of WaahingtoD, Durham, 
1848-61, from 1861, of fPifiun, HilthiH, 
Htrtt (600/.). 

Denman, hon. Richard, a. of 1 baton 
Denman ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of Hugh 
Jonea, Irkhill, lAncaAhire : k-a. Cajn- 
tab., called to tbe bar 1838, clerk of the 
crown on tho home circuit, maj, 1 Sus- 
hi rifle volunteers fk>m 1863, heir prea. 
to his brother. 

ID Kuu'e Bench Walk, Temple; 
Drove, Chieheilir. 

Daamaa, hon. mrs, Joseph, dr. of Jeade 
Watts BuneU, Ham Hall, Btafibrdihire ; 
m. adm, hon. J. Uenman, r.B.s,, com- 
mander-in-chief in the PaciGc 1860-65. 


V^A, Bathftrahim i retired od fuU pay 

DmkIj, lient.-^n. Jobn Leslie, c.b. : 
■erred in China and in the Indiui 
mutinr, coL 51 it. fnnn 1874. 
38 Ptetorui Soad, fnuii^ten, W. 

Danni*, Udv, Sarah Lncia, dr. of Hngh 
I^vton, Cork; m. maj.-gen, lir Junea 
Dennii, b-CH, (i). 

Bansjr, sir Edward, 4 bart. (1782) b. 
1796 r hieh iheriff ot Kerry in 1829. 

The CattU, Trala Kerrv ; 31 Tht 
Qrm, Bolimi, South Kcnnn^ton. 

Ttmajt, maj.-geo. Edward L. : for- 
merly in the Bengal army. 

Dat, lady BeamoUia Eleanora, dr. of 
2 ewl of CharleviUe ; b, IBM ; m. Ha»- 
tiaga Dent {dX e. of John Dent, M.r., of 
Barton cliff, Hants. 

20 Thurhe Squart, South Seiitiiig- 

Beat,' lady Selina Arabella, dr. of II 
Mri of Huntiiigdon : b. 1807; m. reor- 
odm. Charloa Calmody Dent (i^.),grand- 
Ko of adm. ax Digby Dent. 

r George William, 2 bart. 
I. ISll -, m. dr. of Henry U. 
: oi-Ucut. 68 ft., dcp.-Ueut. of 
Torkihire, maj. 1 north nding rifle 
Tolunteen trora 1H61. 

Jimior Uiiiltd Servict; Dreycvlt 
Sail, Bithmotid, Yarkihirt. 
SwbT.lfiearlofiHSS). Edward Hen [7 

(1813) t 

1B26;di. dr.ofScarldeUWarT.ondwid. 
of 2 marq. of Baliabuiy ; 2nd tit. baioD 
SUnley: «C.i. Cantab., dcp.-Ueut. of 
Idncaihire, nnder-gecretory for forci^ 
a&in in I8fi2, eecretsry for the colooica 
in 1868, wcretary of itale for India 
1868-69, f€- ' - - 

1-32, eait Kent I8S2-5: 
looj-on, ei-col. eeat Kent yeomanry. 

TraeclltTt' ; SuTTtadtn-DcriHg, Aih- 
Jord, Kmt ; 15 Porlman Square, W. 

De Slaity, m^.-gen. G«crge AogogtUH 
Frederick, a. A., a. of Thomaa de Biniev, 
of Clobemon, Weiford, hieh iheiiff in 
1809 ; b. 1811 : retired full pay u col. 

Da Boi, 21 baron (1264). Dndley 
Chsrl»deRoa;b.l827; m. dr. Df2e*rl 
of Wilton \ premier baron of England, 
licut.-col, I life gunrdi 1861-72, equerry 
to Prince Albert 1855-61, to the Queen 
1868-74, a lonl in waiting from 1874. 

Siraiigferd, Dewnuatriek, Down ; 
36 Part Strttt, Onanenor Square, IT. 

De Km, hon. Hary Prances, dr. of SI 
baron delUs; b. 1854. 

D« Bottanbnrg, vol. Oeorge. i;.b,: served 
in Camida during the retellion, ex-nuj. 
100 ft. 

DMTy, 46 bp. of (1158) and Sfi bp. of 
Baphoe (930). rt. tbi. William iOei- 
aiider.D.D..B. of rsT. prebend. Alexander 
of Aghadoe, and nephew of bp. Alexan- 
der of Meath ; b, 1824 ; m. dr. ol maj. 
Humphries, Tyrone: U.K. Qxoa.,imB 
of Emly 1861-87. "elect preacher at 
Oxford univenity 1871-72, bp. of Deny 
from 1867. 

AtheHteim; The Felate, Dtrrf. 
a Balis, in^..gen. Rodolph, C.B., a. of 
Jerome Fane, count de Satis, D.L., by 
dr. of bp. Foster, of Kilmore; b.tSlI: 
Lieut.-ool. h.p. 8 hiuaara, servW in the 
Crimea, and commanded Uie nginirait 
at the fall of Sobaslopol, eommandedtbe 
earalrv at the capture of Eertch, aerred 
' UaJi»otBnaandGentralIndialSST;fi9^ 

a 1874, 

For foreign affairs 1866-68, and 

1, B.p. King's Lj-nn 1848-69, 

a senator of London umveraity, lord 
rector of Glaogow uniTeraily 1868-71, 
and of Edinburgh unirersity from 1874. 
Carltm; 23 St. Jamei't Square; 
Knewtlej/, Fraeot, Laneathire. 
Barby, dow. -countess of. Emma Caro- 
line, dr. of 1 baron Skelmcrsdale ; b. 
1806; m. 14 «rl of Derby, a.c, three 

16 CmmaieU Road, South Kentittgton. 
Darby, archdeacon of (Lich.) (2001.) ; 

videZ. Balaton. 
Baring, sir Edwajd Cbolmeley, S faart. 

(1626) b. 1807 ; m. dr. of 2 bartn Ken- 

Daivifi Court, Uxiridge ; 
MaiKr, SalUiHry. 
StDeMTt, 4 ear! of (1793). William 
'"■ ■ O'Connor Cuffe; b. 1845; in-_dr. 

of T. 1 


paga of 

honour to the Queen 1856-62, ei . 
grenadier guards. 

Ouardt', Carlloti ; Deiart Bmut, 
DcMTt, dow. -countess of- EUnbeth 
Luey, dr. of 1 earl of Cawdor ; b. 1822 ; 
m. SearlofDeaart. 

26 Chetham Jtaei, Bdfravt Sfuart; 
Slum Shut, Mtrttabe, Bumf. 



Bo Sanmarei, 8 baron (1831). John St. 
Yincent Satimarez ; b. 1806 ; m. 1. dr. of 
William Rhodes, Bramhope HalL York- 
shire ; 2. dr. of WilliEun Hopkins Northey, 
Qving, Bucks: ex-lieut.-col. 16 lancers. 
Junior United Service; Montpelier 
Lodge^ Cheltenham ; Saumarez^^item- 
setf ; 41 Princes Gate^ South Kenting- 

De Sanmares, maj.-gen. George, com- 
manding the Pegu division in Madras 
from 1869. Madras infantry. 

Deiboroagh, col. John, r.a., c.b.: served 
in China 1860. 

Des Pallidrei, hon. mrs. Caroline, dr. of 
14 baron Teynham; b. 1800; m. le 
chevalier Martin des PaUidres {d.). 

Dei VoBUZ, sir Henry, 5 bart (1787) 
b. 1824 ; m. lady AHce, dr. of 2 earl of 
Wilton : b.a. Oxon. 

Travellers^ ; 4 Great Cumberland 
Flace^ Bryanaton Square^ W. 

Det VoBUZ, ladv Alice ; b. 1842 ; vide 
sir Henry des Vodux. 

Des VoBUZ, lady Cecilia, dr. of 13 marq. 
of Winchester ; b. 1806 ; m. sir Charles 
Des Ycoux, 2 bart. 
104 Eaton Square. 

Dei VoBOZ, lady Sophia, dr. of 7 earl of 
Coventry ; b. 1801 ; m. 1. sir Robert 
Gresley, 8 bart. ; 2. Ueut.-col. sir Henry 
Des Yoeux, 3 bart., gentleman usher to 
the Queen. 

39 Berkeley Square; Drakelowe^ 
Burton-on- Trmt. 

Be Tabley, 2 baron (1826). George 
Warren, P.O. ; b. 1811 ; m. 1. sis. of 
maj.-gen. de Salis, c.b. ; 2. widow of 
James Smith Barry, of Marbury, Che- 
shire : dep.-licut. of Cheshire, a lord in 
waiting to the Queen 1853-58, 1859-66, 
treasurer of the household 1868-72, 
lieut.-col. commandant Cheshire yeo- 
manry from 1817. 

Carlton; Tabley House^ Knutsford^ 

Cheshire; 12 Upper Belgrave Street. 

De Tra£ford, sir Humphrey, 2 bart. 

(1841) b. 1808 ; m. lady Mary Annette, 

sis. or 17 earl of Shrewsbury : educated 

at Oscott Roman catholic college, ex- 

licut. royal drains, de^.-lieut. of 

Lancadure and high sheriff m 1861. 

Carlton ; Tr afford Far k^ Manchester, 

De Trafford, lady Mary; b. 1834 ; vide 

sir H. de Trafford. 
De Vere, sir Yere Edmund, 3 bart. 
(1784) b. 1808; m. dr. of William 

Standish, Scaleby Castle, Cumberland : 
M.A. Dublin, dep.-lieut. of Limerick. 

Curraah Chase, Adare, Limerick; 
Gtangoole, Tipperary, 

Deverenz, hon. Eustace, s. of 15 vise. 
Hereford ; b. 1849 : ensign 87 ft. 

Devereoz, maj.-^n. hon. George Tal- 
bot, B.A., s. ol 14 vise. Hereford ; b. 
1818 ; m. dr. of lieut.-col. James Mac- 
donald, and widow of hon. Arthur 
Annesley: served in the Kaffir war 1852. 

Devereoz, hon. Henry de Bohun, s. of 
15 vise. Hereford ; b. 1848. 

Dererenz, hon. Humphrey de Bohun, s. 
of 14 vise. Hereford ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. of 
sir Edmund Antrobus, 2 bart.: in the 
Bengal civil service 1829-56, a magistrate 
for Herefordshire. 

Cofiservative; Highwood, Leominster. 

Devereoz, hon. Robert Charles, eld. s. 

of 16 vise. Hereford ; b. 1865. 
Devereoz, hon. Eleanor Mary, b. 1868 ; 

hon.Muriol, b.l866; hon.Lilian,b. 1870 ; 

hon. , b. 1873, drs. of 16 vise. 

Devereoz, hon. mrs. Walter. Adelaide, 

dr. of Hugh Robert Hughes, of Bache 

Hall, bro. of 1 baron Dinorben; m. 

rear-adm. hon. Walter Devereux, m.p. 

middlewoody Hay, Brecon. 

§tDe Veici, 3 vise. (1776). Thomas 
Yesey ; b. 1803 ; m. dr. of 11 earl of 
Pembroke: m.a. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of 
Queen's county, m.p. Queen s co. 1835- 
1837, 1841-52. 

Carlton; Abbeyleix, Queen's Co.; 4 
Carlton House Terrace, Fall Mally 
S. W. 

Devon, 11 earl of (1553). William 
Reginald Courtenay, d.c.l., p.c. ; b. 
1807 ; m. dr. (rf.) of 1 earl Fortescue ; 
2nd tit. vise. Courtenay: m.a. Oxon., 
M.p. south Devon 1841-47, dep.-lieut. 
of Devon, secretary' to the poor law 
board 1852-58, chancellor of the duchy 
of Lancaster 1866-67, president of the 
poor law board 1867-68. 

Carlton ; Fowderham Castle, Teign- 
mouth, Devon; The Moult ^Kings- 
bridge ; 32 Lowndes Square, IF. 

Devon, dow. -countess of. Elizabeth, dr. 
of rev. John Middleton Scott, of Bally- 
gannon, Wicklow ; m. as his second wife, 
10 earl of Devon. 



Devondiire, 7 duke of (1694). William 
Cayendiflh, p.r.s., d.c.l., ll.d., k.o. ; 
b. 1808 ; m. dr. {d.) of 6 earl of Carlisle ; 
2Dd tit. marq. of Harting^ton: M.A. 
Cantab, and second wrangler in 1829, 
dep.-lieut. of Lancashire, and lord-lieut. 
1857-58, lord-lieut. of Derbyshire firom 
1858, M.p. Cambridge university 1829- 
;iO, north Derbyshire 1832-34, when he 
succeeded his father as earl of Burling- 
ton, a senator of London university and 
chancellor 1836-56, chancellor of Cam- 
bridge university from 1862. Devon- 
shire, Oxford arid Camln-idffe ; Chats- 
ioorthy Derby ; Bolton Abbey ^ Skipton^ 
Yorkshire ; HolkerHousefLaticashire; 
Camptofi Place, Eastbourne; Lismore 
Castle, Waterford; IS riccadilly, W. 

D'Eynconrt, rcar-adm. Edwin Clayton 
Tennyson, s. of rt. hon. Charles Tenny- 
son d'Eyncourt ; b. 1813 ; m. lady 
Henrietta, dr. of 4 duke of Newcastle : 
served in China in 1841, commanded a 
division of ships at the entrance of the 
gulf of Finland during the Crimean 

United Service; 56 Warwick Square, 
Belgrarc Road, S. W. ; Bayous Manor, 

D'Eynconrt, George Hildeyard Tenny- 
son, C.M.O., s. of rt. hon. C. Tennyson 
d'Eyncourt ; b. 1809 : dep.-lieut. of 

Bayons Manor, and Usselby Hall, 

D'Eyneonrt, lady Henrietta ; b. 1819 ; 
vide rear-adm. E. C. T. d'Eyncourt. 

Dick, sir Charles William Hockaday, 
9 bart. (1642) b. 1802; m. dr. of 
George Chassereau, Brighton. 
Fort Hail, Brighton. 

■Diok, general Alexander : served in 
Java 1811. Bengal infantry. 

Dick, maj.-gen. Francis, b.a.: retired 
full pay as col. 

Diok, lieut.-gen. Hope : served in Re- 
wah 1813, in the Manratta and Pindaree 
war 1817-18, commanded 56 Bengal 
native infantry at the battle of Maha- 
rajporc in 1843. Bengal infantry. 

Dick, major-gen. Wm. Abercromby : 
cz-lieut.-col. Bombay staff corps, served 
with 3 Bombay cavalry in Upper Soinde 
1846, and witu the central juidia field 
force 1858-59. 

Diok, William Wentworth Fitzwilliaih, 
eld. s. of W. Hoare Hume, m.p., by sis, 
of Quintin Dick, m.p. ; b. 1805 ; m. dr. 
of Robert Chaloner, Guisborough, York- 
shire : assumed the name of Dick in 
1864, dep.-lieut. of Wicklow, and high 
sheriff in 1844, m.p. (c.) Wicklow from 

Carlton ; Sackville Street Club, Dub- 
lin ; Hume Wood, Baiting lass, JFick- 

Diokenf, col. Arthur Davies, c.b.: ser- 
ved in the Indian mutiny, and in the 
Ha^sara expedition of 1»&8, assistant- 
commissary-general, Bengal, from 1868. 
48 Gloucester Crescent, ifyde Park, W. 

Diokenf, col. Craven Hildesley, R.A., 
C.8.I.: secretary to government of India 
in public works department. 

Diokenf on, hon. mrs. Emily Dulcibella, 
dr. of 3 baron Auckland; b. 1832; m. 
Edmund Henry Dickenson. 

Diokey, major-gen. Edward John : for- 
merly in tne Bengal arm^. 

Diokinf , lady Frances Elizabeth, dr. of 
1 marq. of Northampton ; b. 1791 ; m. 
Charles Scrase Dickms, b. 1794, dep. 
Ueut. of Sussex. 
Cool hurst, Horsham. 

Dioldnf on, sir John Nodes, s. of Nodes 
Dickinson, staff-surgeon ; b. 1807 ; m. 
dr. of capt. Jauncey, r.n., Dartmouth : 
M.A. Cantab., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1840, judge of the supreme 
court of New South Wales 1844-61. 

Diokinf on, major William, c.s.i. : ex- 
major 8 BomlMv native infantry j second 
in command of'^3 Scinde horse m Raj- 
pootana 1859. 

Dioldnf on, major-gen. William Price, 
R.E. : served m Persia 1856-57, retired 
full pay as col. royal Bengal engi- 

Diekinfon, hon. mrs. Ursula Elizabeth, 
dr. of 1 baron Londesborough ; b. 1848 ; 
m. rev. (Jeorge Cockbum Dickinson, 
curate of St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington,. 
1866-68, of Holy Trinity, Haverstock 
Hill, 1868-69, of St. George's, Hanover 
Square, 1869-70, domestic chaplain to 1 
baron Athlumney, ourate, from 1872, of 

Diokinf on, lady. Anne, dr. of James 
Stoyt, Gloucester Street, Dublin ; m. sir 
Drury Jones Dickinson (d.), high sheriff^ 
of Dublin in 1833. 
10 Moun^'oy Place, Dublin. 


OHittd Serviet; SgdmAam, Rox- 

MokMn, m^or-gcn. sir Colliogwood, 
E.A., v.r., K.C.B., s. of major-een. sir 
Aleiander Dirkton. o.c.H. ; h. 1H18 ; 
m. HKrict, dr. of rev. T. Burnsby, 
BUkeatey : acrrod on tho north tout of 
Spun m7-39, at Canstutinople IS41- 
M, in the Crime* where he Dominaiided 
the right MegB train, iiide-de-nmip to 
thaQuHD 1666-66, knisht of the legion 
of honour, ind of the Ucdjidie, unitaiit- 
adjntanl-KEQ. of royal artillery in Ire- 
butd 18156-62, itupootor-Rvn. at artillcTy 
at bead-quartera from 1870. 

Vnitti Strvite; Eaitrep Etuii, 

DiokMn, sir Joseph RJtvbie Lyoti, u, n., 

a. of J. Dicliaon, v^s., Dulkeith, but- 
Koon-mnior and chief of the inedioul 
ataff to the regent of Tripoli : phyaiiinn 
to the British legation in I'eraiiL Irom 
1S47, commander of the lion and tun. 

Teheran, fenia. 

Mekiaii, ri'iir-iulm, John Boanni-sttr, 

C.8., ■. of rice-adm. air W. Dickann, 3 
hart.; b. 1816; m. l.dr.of T.Pojiider: 
2. dr. of W. Framplon, Fronie ; served 
in the Chineac war, 1839. 
IHekioii, AlexanderGoorge, a. otGcorgi; 
Dtckun, Belcher, Berwiek ; b.lS34; ni. 
dr. sf hon. and rer. WilUiun Eden, and 
widow of lord North (mother of T earl 
of Guildford) : cx-major VA hnwars, 
nrved in the Crimea and in the Indian 
mutiny, u.r. (c.) Dover &nni 1866. 

CarBM, Armg and Naty, Junior 
Umied Smia; WaUtrihart Part, 


TMktOa, ThomaB Alexander, s. ol 
Jamea Dickson, merchant, Uungannon ; 

b. 1833; m. dr. of John HcGcagh. 
Cookstown, Tyrone; a merehant and 
^ ,__. . "ungannon, M.P. 

.„ 1874. 

; MUUoicn Home, Iliinyaii- 

IHoklon, hoD. mra. Prances Sa|>hin, dr. 
of 2 vise. Bidroonlh ; b. 1B37 ; m. David 
Soott Dii^son, w.a admitted 
to the airnct in Edmbargh 1856, part- 
ner in the firm of Tliomson, Dii-kaon, 
and Shaw, 1 TkialU Court: AJIon 
loilfff, Ftrry Jlead, Sdi ' 

, Lonim Cbarliitte, 
dr.of 2 nae. Bidmoutli : b. 1826 ; m. Tho- 
mas Ooldie Uiekton, C.A., odinitU'd a 
chartered accountant 1864. partner In 
the firm of Dickson and Armilagu, 
3JVer(A 8t. David SirttI; 34 Yorkliitt, 
Diokton, dow.-lady Emmii, <lc. of Wil- 
liam Knyvett ; m, col. sir Colpoya Dick- 

OiokMii, clow.-lady. Laura, dr. of <;ol. 
Lewia Northey, Llangwathan, Pem- 
broke : m. I. vicc-adm. nr William 
Dickaon, 3 hart. ; 2. Henrv Duckworth 
Fowell-Uon^omer}-, b. 1820, ex-^atit. 
gicnailier guatds, dsp.-liaut. of Berks. 

aMirdt',ArtJt«r-,; WUvtrlry Faik, 
Zynifhurtl, Emit. 

Digbr, 9 barou (17^6). Edward St. 
Vincent Digbj- ; b. 1809 ; m. dr. {rf.) "f 
3 earl of Dchester (bedrhamber woinnn 
to the Queen I840-6B) : ex-lieut. 9 h.u- 
eers, lieut.-col. Dorset yeomaiuy from 

Jmior Uiii'ed Srrein: Sktrborne 
CattU, DorcJiater; SaBtluraiv Sgi>«n, 

Digby. hon. AlmaruH Eenelm, a. of 9 

boron Digby; b. 1860. 
39 Beigrnri 8i{Hare, 8. IT. 
Digb;, capt, hon. Edward Henry Tni- 
falear.eld. B.of9biir(inI>ieby; b.I846: 
lieut. roldstrcam guards, sjljutaot finw 

39 Bctgravc Sqiia 
Dlgbj, hon. Kverard Charli's, a. of 9 


Digby, hon. Gerald Fitimaorice, r-n,, 
s. of 9 boron Digby ; b. 1868. 

Digby, hon. and rev. Kenelm, liro. of 
9bHron Digbv: b. 1811; m. 1. dr. of 
Edward Shepphard; 2. dr. of rev. Henry 
T. Lee: M.A. Oxon., hon. canon of Kor- 
wich from I8W, reclnr. n^m 183.^. of 
TttMhall, LUckam, Kor/olt (681/.). 

Digby, hon. Mary Theresa, dr. of 9 
bamn Digby; b.lSIS. 

Digby, hon. mrs. C-uroline, dr. ot 1 
baron Bolper; m. Kenelm Edwurd 

the bar at Lincoln'a Ion I86€, Vinerian 
law reader b Oxford iiniv. 1868-74. 

I Fapir Iliiil^ingi, Tem/tU ; 26 
QiieeHtirrrif Plare, SoHlh Keiuingtou. 


Mtfl>T, Uily Emily, sia. of 5 vniX of 
L»n»borouBt ; b. 1807 ; m. cnpt. GeorgB 
BamerTillE Digby (i/.), «■ of odI. Lod. 
Stephen Di^b}'. 

Kglij, col. Georgia Stephen, r.u.a., 
c.B. ; strvedincomDHUidof royBlmBrinf 
BrtiUery at Sfbnitopoi, knight of the 
legion uf hononr, and of Ihn Medjidie. 

KgbT, Eetidiii Thomns, a. of Keaclm 
B. Digby (8. of dean of Clonfert) ; b. 
1843 ; m. dr. of W. Groesbeck. Ciniun- 
rati. Gniled Stalfs: u.r. (l.) Queen's 
CO, lS6a-74. (H.u.) fnmi 1874. 

21 Queen'' Otttc Plaet, Smith Km- 

DJUu, sir Cbnrles Wcntwortb, S bart. 
(1S62) b. 1843 ; ID. dr. (r/.) of Arthur Gore 
Sbeil: LL.K, Cantab., called to tlie bur 
at the Middle Tflmiilc 1866, proprietor 
itnd editor of the "AthmiDuni," and of 
" NolM and Queri«," m.v. (l.) Chelscn 
bum 1868. 
Stfvrtn ; 7G SImm Strirt, 3. W. 

DUIoa, IG vixc. (1S22). Theobald Do- 
miaiek Lep Dillon; b. 1811 ; m. dr. of 
Alexander Haana: ex-lJeut. 60 rifles. 

Travilltri': Ditehhy Park, Allmn/, 
OxoH.; Loughglipm Houm, Bmcammon. 

Dillon, sir John, S bart. (1801) b. 
IS06 ; m. dr. of Thomai Fox, Beamin- 
«ter, Doraet : a baron of tho hott Roman 
empire (1782). ex-rapt. 32 ft., major 
Heath county mihtia liom 18A4. 
Litmullen, Ifacaii. Meath. 

SUlon, hon. Arthor Edmund Denis, 
of 13 viK. Dillon; b. 1812; m. dr. of 
J. Adderlcy : formerly a clerk in the 
homo office, fellow of the loologiual 

17 Clarfa Slml, PittadiUy, W. 

SiUon, hon. Lnkp Gsmld. eld. a. oC3 
baron Clonbrock; b. 1834; m. hon. 
Augusta, dr. of I boron Crofion: K.A. 
OiDD., 2Dd •ecrctory at Vienna 1862-63 
ptirate lecrctarr to viceroy of IreUnd 
(duke of Abercotn) 1866-68, and " 

Dillon, maj. hon. Ikibert Villiers, 
1. of 3 baron Clonbrock : b. 183f , ._. 
dr. of Adam Slcuarl Gladatono; served 
at the capture of Canton in 1857. 

Dillon, bon. (Caroline Anastaain. b. 
1837; bon. Helen Isabella b. IS4D ; 
hon. Louisa Emilia, b, 1841; hon, Fanny 
Letitia,b. 1842; bon. Gcorgina^b. 1844; 
hon. Catherine, b. 1647: bon. Elizabeth, 
b. 1848, dn. Dt 3 baron Clonbrook. 

Dillon, bon. mrs. Coustantine, dr. of 
Philip Laycock Story; m. hon. Con- 
Btantine AukubIus Uillnn (rf.). 

Dillon, lady Mjiria, dr. of 11 narl oF 
RoBcommoD (eit.) ; b. 1798. 

DUlon, lady. Elizabeth Catherine, dr. 
of T. J. PitEigrew, Satille Bow. London ; 
m. 1. vice-adiD. sir William Henry 
Dillon, K.C.H. ; 2. rev. David Bell, m.D. 
(GlsBKow), vicar Ihim 1866 of Qooli, 

DUlon, col. Martin Andrew, c.R.t., 
CD., s. of maj. Dilion, G4 ft.; b, 1B2S : 
served in the Punjab campaign, the 
t'rim™ and the Indian mutiny, aide- 
dc-oamp to the Queen froni 1868, 
milharv sciretiUT to llio oommander- 
in-chist in Bombay (lord Napier of 
Magdahi) 1865-69, to the command er-in- 
ihiof in India (lord Napier of Magdata) 
from 1870, maj. rifle bngade. 

Dillwyn, Jjewis Llcwolirn, a. of I^ewis 
Weston Dillwrn, of Sketty Hall, k.f.; 
h. 1811 ; m. dr. and heir (d.) of irir H. 
T. de hi Ber^he, l-,b.: dep.-Uout. of Gla- 
moi^anahire, capt. commandant 3 GU- 
morganahire rifles from 1861, k.f. (l.) 
Swansea from 1865. 

Broakt', BoodWi ; MeHdrefailan, 
Swansea; 10 Fritue't Terrace, Enighti- 

, baron Robert, a. of Charles 
John DimsdiUu, h baron of the Kunian 
empire ; b, 1828 ; m. dr. of rev. Marom 
Southwell, St. AlbanX HerU: m.a. 
Oion., dep.-lii'Ut, of Herts, a. p. (c ) 
Hertford 1866-74. 

OarlioH ; EmeuiUti Place, HalJieU. 

DingU, sir Adriano, ll-b., c.b., 

o.c.M.a., a. ot Bir Paul Dinglt, o.t.u.o., 

E resident of the (-ourt of appeal. Malta : 
. 1817; m. dr. of V. Moko. c.u.o.l 
received at the Malta bar 1837, mombor 
of the council of goTGnmient 1849, crown 
advooBle and legal adviser of tho govern- 
ment 1854. 

i'altUa, Malta. 
Dirom, rear^adm. Jamea, s. of Uutit.- 
gen. Dirom, Mount Annan, DumfHos; 
b. ISIfi ; served in the Crimea. 
Diibrowe, hon. mre. Sarah Uuiaa, dr. 
of 2 baron Kihnainc; b. I7V6 ; m. col. 
George Dishrowc, K.H. (rf.) grenadier 

, 26 Eccletlm Street, Vhuler Squan, 


UfTMli, rt. hon. Benjamin, u..l>., 
D.c.L.,F.o.,s. of Imic Dlarncli. d.c.i,,, 
BredEiiliBm Manor. Buckg; b-lSOfi: m. 
dr. W of John Eranis of Braocefoni 
park, DoTOD, aiid vidow of Wyndhaui 
Lewis, H.p. (viKounlea Bauonaford) : 
ohonroUor of the exchequer in 1862, 
ISeB-eO, 1866-68, prime mitiiator in 1868. 
■nd liom 1074. roctor of Gioegow uni- 
wnity from 1871. ancldprbrothwofthc 
TrinitT Hoiuv, u,r. (c.) Maidstone 
1837-^1, Slircweburv I841-t7, Bucks 
from 1M7. 

, Jr Alexander Beaumont-Cburcli- 

hill, 11 bort. (16l>0) b. 1H62: ex-licut. 
Leicertorshirc jmmanrj. 
SoncvrlA Part, Hinckleg, Ltiattrr- 

IHzia, dow.-lady, Maria, dr. of rev. 

CIukrleB Waltep, rector of Bramdeaii, 

Huiti; m. sir Alexander Beatuuunt 

ChnrcbiU Dixie, 10 bort. 
aixie, dow.-lady, dr.of Thomas lldra- 

hun ; m. rupt. sir Alcionder Diiie, 

royal navy, 9 Lart. 
JHXOB, Gcorgi', 8. of A, Dixon, Wliite- 

Jamee Stiuufeld, h.p. Bolitki: a mor- 


Sefom; The DaUi. Ed^tmUtn. Bir- 
mingham; 46 Q<l<e^•^^ Gate, South 

Dtxim, mnj.'gen. George, c.D. : served 
in the Cnmea. knight of thp legion of 
hotuur, nitirrd on tuii pay lu licut.-col. 
depot battalion. 

Uzan, niBJ.-ge-n. WiUiom Manlcy Hill, 
K>1., c.B,, a. of mtj.-gna, Dlxun, u.,b. ; 
b. 1817; m, dr. of Charles Bertram^ 
Jeney: ei-«uperint(!DdentafiT>]*a!aiDaU 
anni bctfliy at Enfield. 

The LoeJt, Ettfitid, Middkttx. 

Sixon, hon. mrs. Juliett, dr. of 1 bnron 
St. Loonarda; b. 1812; m. Keuielb 
llixan [d.). 

Dobbi, nuij.^n. Richard Stewart : 

bondary Wuhe, of Wi 

m. dr. of Joseph Bond: Bcrrfld at the 

Cape and on the coustguard. 

if y). Sxnilh : dep.-lieut. of Durham, 
mayor of Stockton 1SS7~58, a oolicitor tX 
Stockton, u.p. (l.) Stockton from 1868. 
Ufform: Slotkton-an-Tta; \{)6Fall 
Mall, S. W. 
DodgaoB, col. Darid Stott, o.b. : serveil 
in the Aff);hBiiistsii nnd Sutlej cam- 

Saigna, owiBtnnt-adj.-giii. uf Havelodi'g 
irce during tile mutiny, commanding at 
Delhi. Bengal inJintry. 
Dodion, rt. hon. John George, v.r,^ s. 
of rt. hon. sir John Dodson; b. 1825; 
m. dr. of W. J. Campion, Danny. Sob- 
mi: M.i. Oion., called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn 1S51, rtiairman of com- 


1872, financial aucrctary to llic 
1873-74, B.i-. (L.) east Sussci 18fi7-7-i 
Cheater from 1874. 

Brooks ; HHrtlpierjioinI, Stu—x; 6 
Seamon Plaet, Mayfair, IT. 

Itodaworth. sir Charles Edward, 5 hart. 
(1784) b. 18£3. 

ThornlsH Hall. ISeiUIt, Yorkthirr ; 
Stwlaad Park, Wakffield. 

Dsligrt7, litut.-Bi>6. Henry Edward, 
C.B.: served with 14 light dragoona in 
the l*u)ijah compai^, and oonunanded 
the dragoons and native light earalty 

DoBYille, air Chwlea Compton William, 
2 bart. (181S) b. 1822; m. lady Uar- 
garetj dr. of 3 earl of Howtb : nuj. 
Ihibhn militia lS6S-d6, dep.-lieut. of 
Dublin CD mid high sheriff in 1860, 
ei-lieut. 13 light dragoonn. 

BTUBki', Juriiar Unitrd Survier ; 
Saikrilk Street Club, Hublm; Tem- 
pltoauf, and Sanlra Houm, Hovlh. 

Somnlle, sir James Graham, 3 bart. 
(1814) b. 1812: ra. dr. of lev. John 
Ordc, Winalade, Hants: m.a. Oion., 
dep.-lieut. ofSuisci. 

Athfnaiim : Arqua Santa, PaUrvui, 
Sicilu; BruHital/i Home. Bourue- 

Domvilla, Henry Junes, m.d., □.&., ■. q[ 
Jan]<« Domville, h.ij., Greenwich hos- 
pital ; b. 1816 ; m. dr. of oomraonder J. 
Pickard. Stoke; dep.-inspuclor-gen. of 
marine infinnarj-, Chatham (694/.). 

Domrille, Indj MaJ^arBt ; b. 1840 ; tkU 
Charles DomrUle. 



Hod, dow.-Iodf. Eniil^, dr. of .Toiin 
Bflundcn: m. sir WillLnm llcmy Dnn, 
7 bart., who dictingiiiBhsd himself ub an 
neUyr, aiul died iu Hobort Town in 1862. 

c. ODrmanBton; b. 1841; tn. 
KJiJiard DonildvoB. b. 183S, capl. 
Ueoth militm trom IS60. 

Si. Jamei'i; Sarllandt, Mcalh. 

Sonsldwrn, lady. Ameliu, dr. of Fre- 
dcriclc Cawper, Carleton Uull, dunbtr- 
luid ; m. nr Stuutt Aloxandirr Duiiald- 
Bon, F.B.Q.s. (if.], premier and goIoiubI 
McreUr; of Kew South Wall's 18^-SS, 
Inv. of rrv. J. W. Uonildicin, d.d., 
hcodmuter of Biny school, imd of T. L. 
Doaaldscn, profeasor of architecture in 
the Lnndon uniremty. 

15 QuKi, Strut, Mayfair, W. 

Ooncaiter, carl of; vidt Baccleuch. 

SonegftU, 3 marq. of (1791). Gcot^ 
Bamillon Chichester, a.c.ii., p.c, k.p. r 
b. 1797: m. 1. dr. of 1 earlof Olcngnll; 
2. dr. of or BellinEhnni Gioham, 7 bar' 
2nd Ut. enrl of BelfaM; site w has 

commaiidvr nf the It^on d 
Cairirkrerfrue and Ik'Ifiut 1818-37, rapt. 
Df the ycomi;D of the guard 184H-.te, 
Umit.-™1. 28 (l.oodon Iriah) rillf volun- 
teen from I860, ml. Antrim militia 
traa 1841. udc-de-camp to the Queen 
from 1847. lord-lieut. of Antrim from 1841 . 
Baedb'i; FiiAerwii-k lodge, jinl rim; 
Bava Park, Stncn ; Smnjutead Mar- 
fhal, JVewinry, Berij; 23 OrBicnior 

SfSeiierailc, 4 vim. (178G). Haji^a St. 
Lt^or; b. 1818; ra. dr. of George W. 
I«BDi-CoimighHin. foreign offlc« : high 
(iheriffof Cork in 184S, hon-eol. north 
Cort militU from 1874. 

Cartlon; Dtmrraile iTuow, Cork 
33 OroneiiBT Streel, GroiwHar Sgiiarf 

SmiiiiUf, William, i.l.i>., t.b., b, of J 
Donnelly, Arajajh ; b. 1854 ; m. dr. o 
A. Crawford, Auburn : eallvd to thi 
Iiiih bar 1833, n^trar-gen. of Irelaai 
from 18(4, mponntendent of agrioultu 
ril and emigration statiatiFa fk«m 18S1. 
Backrille Slmt Clui, Sutlin; Ah 
bum, Matahidt. 

Jkaucragiaian, 6 earl of (1800). John 
Luke Ooorge Hel^-Hutahinnn ; b. 1848 ; 
m. Prinecti, dr. of eol. Stephen*. Ta*- 
maiii>; tsiU as vise. Hulrliinaon (1821) 
2nd lit. viae. Suirdale; K.a. Oion. 

ton : EHockhfla. CIohhuI, Tip- 
. ; £2 SautA Avdlty Strict, It'. 
Donanghmore, dow.-coontess of. Tfao- 
niosina^ dr. of Waller Steele, b^ dr. of 
hnn. George Jocelyn; b, 1824; m. 4 
earl of Donoughmore, prondont of the 
board of trade. 

bi South Audlty Strut; Ktiaeklefiy, 

Donn, cdL John, c.b. : served in the 
Sutlej campaign, and in China 1860.tom- 
mandant 27 Bengikl nativa infantry tmm 
1857. Bentral ataff corps. Xomitira. 

SorcliaiteT, 3 baron (1780). Guy Car- 
leton ; b. 1811 ; m. dr. (rf.) of T. Wau- 
uhope : ei-lieut 7 husaan. 

artywiU BUI. Odiham, Bantt; 
Htfiffingi. Maidenhead, Berf:); GIukII^ 
Longr, Ti/rBH'. 

Soimer, 12 baron {1615). John Ban- 
listB Joseph Dormer; h. 1830; m. I. 
dr. of col. Tenison, of Eoacommon ; 3, 
dr. of M. Fortampa, and widow of count 
Alfted de Beurtn ; ei-eapt. grenadier 
guards, ex-o«pt. 7 ft- 

Travctltr)- ; Grow Fark, Wartciek ; 
Pcterhy Boiae, Amcrihein. Bucks. 

Dormer, dow.-lnroncjis, Elizabeth, dr. 
of air Henry Jciseph Tiohbome, tait. ; 
b. 1807: m. 11 baron Dormer, at one 
time in the Austrian array, in which his 
father was a general. 
Chainl Street, Pari lane, W. 

Donnar, hon. Hubert Fmncia, a. of II 

' Dormer; b. 1837; m. dr. of 

1 H«nry lligbv (a. of dean o( 
Qonfert- '•■■"■ - ■ ■ 

lelni Hmiry HiBbj (a. of dean 
nfert) : u elerk in the admindlj. 
Shafteikurv Bouie, The Terreet, 
KauCngloH, W. 
Donner, lieut.-col. hon. John Charle- 
magne, t. of 11 baron Dormer; b. 1834; 
m. dr. (rf.) of air Anhibald AlUon, 1 
bart,. and widow of Bobert Cutlar Fer- 
gueon: cx-capt. 13 fl., served in the 
Crimea, aide-de-camp to lord Clyde in 
India 1858-60, aflastant.iidj.-gen. in 
China 1860-62, don.-asBistant-quatler- 
master-iien. at head-quarlen 1889-74. 

CraindBrreek, Mimiaive, DiiiH/riit;' 
6 PrifUeaJ WhUo'k Tfrrare, Kauiag- 

Donaor, hon. Florence, dr. of 12 boron 

Dormer; b. 1868. 
Dormer, huu. Mary Isabel, dr. of U 

baron Dormer; b. 1842; a nun. 
Domberg, ronntesa ; vuli Saxe Weimar. 
DortBt, archdeaeOB of (SaUs.) (200;.); 
I vidt T. Bonctuari'. 


B'OtrantB, Kounti-sa. dr. of coaiit Sti' 
clingt, lihomtwrliiin to the ting of 8wi' 
dpn ; m. 1. hon. William OeorgP Grf y 
2. countGi-orge D'Otranl* : bedchambe 
woman to the prinuxs of Walea 1863-73. 
extra noman of tho bedchamber from 

Donglat, marq, of (eld. s. of doko of 

Donglu, bp. ; vide Bombs;. 

Donglai, nir George Heniy Scott, 4 
b»rt. (1786) b. 1825; m. dr. of dr- 
Frnnoisco do Pina, of Gibraltar: t;. 
eapt. Si ft., lieut.-eol. Roiburghahiro 
rifle voluntwrs from 1868, M.i-. (c.) 
Boxburtiluhire (ram 1874. 

ArmyaHdNary; Springuvod Park, 
EtttB, koxiurgh. 

Donglu, <rir Robert Andn-ws Mackenzie, 
3 bait. (1831) b. 1837: ei-capt. 67 ft. 

Donglu, gen. sir Robert Percj, 4 bart, 
(1777) b. 1H05 ; m. I. dr. of ool. George 
Dufliworth; 2. dr. of Robert Long, 
Moor Park. Fnmhani: liei ' 

Ht the Cape 1863-68, coL 98 ft. t 

Unilid Senlec ; Soetii Court, Farrr- 

IDonglu, air Charles Earwi eke, k.c.h.r., 
natural b. of rt. boD. Charlca Yorkr, 
bra. of 3 eail of Hardwicke : b. 1806 ; 
m. dr. of sir C. de« Vaui, 2 but. : h.a. 
CnDtab., private aeoretary to colonial 
Bei'retor]- (lord lUpon) 1830-34, a coni- 
miasioner of Grecowioh hoapilal 184-5- 
46 Idiig-nt-anDB of the order of St. 
Hiobael nnd St. George 1832-59, M.v. 
Vl.) Warwiik 1837-62, Banbury 1859- 

m,Mt.Broiiiif,Seform; 27 Wlft™ 
Crtmnl, Belfrars Sjnari, S. W. 

Donglu, sir Jatnea, K.r.n., h. of .lohn 
Douglas, Gtaa^w; b. 1803; u. Amelia, 
dr. of William Connolly. Montreal: 
goTsnior of Tancourer'a i«land 1861-58, 
of Britiah Columbia 185B-66. 

Dosglu, m^.-gen. sir John, k.c.b., 
■. of lieut.-gen. sir Noil Douglaa, k.c.r. ; 
b. 1817 ; m. Uidv Elimbcth, dr. of 3 earl 
of Cathcart ; eerved in tho Crimea and in 
tho Indian mutiny, amistant-adj.-pBn. 
in Scotland 1860-flG, commander of the 
forcH in Scotland from 1870. 

Unittd Strvia ; QlmJItiarl, Qritnock, 

BoDglu, ionl Alfred Bruw, s, of 8 
inarq. of Queensberry ; b. 1870. 

BoofflM, Ionl Archibald Edward, a. of 
7 raarq. of Queensberrr ; b, 1850. 

Donglu, lord Cbarlea George Archibald 
Hamilton-, a. of 12 duke of Hamilton, 
by priacoss Mario of Bnden; b. 1847: 
ei-comet 11 hugsan, cornet Lanarkahiro 
yeomanry from 1862. 

DongUi, lord .lames Edwatil, s. of 7 
niarq. of Queensberrj- ; b. 1856. 

DongUi, Ion! Percy Shollo, s. of 8 
manj. of Queensberrv ; b. 1868. 

DOQglai, hon, and 'rev, Arthar Gaa- 
coignc,8. of ISearlofMorlon; b. 1827; 
m. dr. of Riehard Richards, Caerrnwch ; 
M.A. Durham, chaplain of bp. Halfield'a 
Hall, Durham, 1850-54. rector of CuUy 
Mallet, Somerael, 18S4-.W, of St. OlaTe's, 
anlfl, 18(56-72, of Shapiciei, BiBHdford, 
Lcrtel (397/.). from 1872. 

OonS'lM, hon, £dwanl William, s. of 

IB earl of Morton : b. 1826; m. dt. of 

rt. hon. George Bankw: et-lieut. 17 

Rombay native Infantry. 

103 Oiutow Sq., Sovli Emiington. 

OmiglM, rear-adm. hon. George HenlT. 
- "f '« c»rl of Morton : b. IB2I ; m. dr. 
. air WUliam Parker, 1 bart., 
served in the Kuuian war. 

Songlu, hon. and rev. Henty, a. of 
18 earl of Morton; b. 1822; m. lady 
Mar^.dr.of lOearlofHaddicrton: h.a. 
Durham, mininter of St. John's, Cape- 
town, and chaplain to the bishop 1847- 
1864, hon. cjinon of Cumbrae, Beotlnnd, 
rwlor of Haiibiiry, Bronugrove, IFor- 
{1212/.) from 1865. 

Dougtoa, of Stmthendry (d.) a. of sir 
J. Stewart, hurt., of Gtaiidtuilj-, by 
iister of last duke of Doiighis. 
SCrelitTiiiru, Lmlu, MarkiHch. 
i«l", I ' ■ 


Douglai, huiy Eilxabeth ; 

vide major-gen. sir John Dougiaa. 
Dnglai, lady Florence, dr. of 7 marq. 

of QueenaberTy: b. 1856. 
Denglu, lady Georgina, dr. of 6 marq. 
-'aueenibern'; b. 1819. 
Sbvi, Bt^hlon. 


DoBglM, lady Jane Mni^ret, dr. of & 
nmrq. of Qurensbcrr)-; b. 1811; m, 
coin. Itobcrt JobnstoDO DoukIw (d.). 
of Lockcrliie. 

DonglM. laiiy Mary: ^- 1825; vidt 
' — — ' ~Bv, Henry Douglf " 

of II baron pBtrc , .., . 
Alexander Uouglaiu (li.). 

BeniM, lord (eld. s. of carl of Momy). 

Benra, marq. of (eld. s. of duke of 

Dorer, gutfmgiin 1in. of (1870). right 
rev. EdwarJ I'arrv. ii.D,, «. of reiir- 
adm. sir William tldwanl Parrj', by dr. 
of I baroD Stanley { b. 1830; m. ii. of 
BeDJamin Willian^ T JntpaGeld, Surrey: 
M.A. Onon., tutor of the universitv of 
Dortiam ia53-56, cursle of Bomung, 
Berks, in 1S56, domestic chaplain to 
Qte bp. of London (A. C. Tait) 1857-69, 
rector of Aclon 18.49-69, Fanon of Can- 
terbury (lOOOf.) fVoDi 1869, itn'bdeacon 
of Canterbury from 1869, bp. BufiVagftn 
of Dorer from 1870. 
Pritineti, Canterbury. 

DowdMwdl, William Edward, s. of 
William Don-dcswcll. u.p, (great- 
grandson of rt. hon. W. Dowdeawell, 
chancellor of the exchequer under 
BoeUngham) : b. 1841 ; m. dr. of sir 
T. Faikynt, bart.: h.a. Oion,, M.P. 

- (c.) Tewkesbury 1866-66, west Wor- 
ccftenhire from llt66. 

Carlton, Athfiieum ; Full Court, 

DewiU, capt. William Montagu, k.n., 
C.B.; b. ^825; m. dr. of capt. Fyke, 
Fad, Devon ; aervod in the Chincee 
wan of I842-S7, aencd at Uontc Video 
1846-47, and in the Crimeac war, knight 
of tJie legion of honour, and of the 
Medjidie. aide-de-camp to the Queen 
bam 1870. 
Ferd, Bidt/ord. 
Oawlinff, lady, Hamet Mary. dr. of 
John Blayiand, Newington, Kent, and 
afterwardi of NeninRlon, New South 
Wales; m. 1. Alexander Uacdonald 
Eitchie^ merchflDt in Calcutta ; 2. air 
James Dowlinit (rf.), chief jurtioo of 
New South Walce. 
Sydnit/, Nrw South Walei. 

Sown, 66 bp. of (4»9), 66 bp. of 
Connor (507), 61 bp, of Dromoro (666). 
rt rev. Robert Bent Knox, D.D., s. of 
hoD. and TCT. archdeacon Kjioi, of Ar- 

mach; b, 1808; m. dr. of Thoniai 
Gibbon Fitz-GibboD, BallyKeda, Ume- 
rick; H.A. Dublin, prebendary of St. 
Huncbin, Limerick, 1836-40, chancdlor 
of Ardfort end Aghadoe 1840-49, bp. ot 
Down &om 1849. 

AiAeiiaHtii; Ihtert and Oonmr 
Hoiw, Bil/iut. 

Bown*, 8 rise. (1680). Hugh Richard 
Dawnay; b. 1814; m. dr. of 3 earl of 
Sefton; ex-eapt. Yorkehiifl hunai^ 
capt. 2 life guards, M.4. Oiod. 

Carlton, Whilst; Sanbv Lodft, 
Whitby, Torkihirt; Balderiby Park. 
Thirtk; Bookhnvi Grorc, Surrey; 41 
South Street, Qroiveiior Square. 

Dovne,dow. -viscountess. Mary.dr. of 
bon, and rt. rev. bp, Bngot of Bath and 
Wells; b. 1826; m. 1. i-isc. Downe; 3. 
Sidney Leveson Lane, b. 1B31, called 
to the bar 1858, dcp.-Iieut. of York. 

6 Belfrme Square; Batderiby Pari, 
Downl*, lady. Mary Anne, dr. of 
Charles Hare, Berkeley BquarB, Bristol, 
and niece of Sir John Hare; m. air 
Alexander Hackenzie Dovnie, M.D., 
ihysician to the landgravine of Hmbb 

49 Pembroke Boad, CSifton. 

Downing, lieut.-gen. David; served in 
the Pomab campaign. Benral infantry* 
36 tilowttttr Ttrrace, Myie ParM 
Oardeiit, W. 

Downing, McCarthy, s, of Enxens 
Downing, Kemnore, Kerry ; b. 1814 ; 
m. dr. of D. McCarthy, Air Hill, Cork : 
dep.-Ueut. of Cork, vice-chainnan of 
the Cork board of guardians, a solidtOT 
in Cork, M.P. (L.) Cork county 1868-74, 
( ^om 1874. 

Seform; Prospect Some, SkUtentm, 

DownsMr«, emarq. of(1789). Arthur 
WaU John Hill ; b. 1871; ritJ «» «"! 
Hillaborough (1772) ; 2nd tit. tail of 
Hillaborough. _ _ , 

mUiborouah Castle, Dotcn ; Eatt 
Nampntead Park, Bracknell, Berk,. 

Downahlre, dow,-mnrcMoneasof. Caro- 
line, dr. of 1 vise. Combermore; b, 
1816 ; m. 4 marq. of DowEsUra. 

Wakehurtt Plaet, Haywarilt Eottth; 
24 Belffrare Square. 



Downshire, dow. -marchioness of. Geor- 
gina, dr. of John Balfoiu:, of Balbimie ; 
m. 5 marq. of Downshirc. 
24 Belgrave Square^ S. W. 

]>owie, rt. hon. Richard, p.c. (Irel.), 
8. of "William Henry Dowse, Dun- 
gannon; b. 1824; m. dr. of George 
Moore, of Analore, Clones ; m.a. Dublin, 
called to the Irish bar 1852, queen's 
counsel 1863, queen's serieant 1869, 
■olicitor-gen. for Ireland 1870-72, at- 
torney-gen. in 1872, M.p. (l.) London- 
derry 1868-72, a baron of the exchequer 
in Ireland (3688/.) from 1872. 

Be form; 38 Mountjoy Square^ 
Dublin; Stephen^ s Green Club, Dublin. 

Doyle, lieut.-gen. sir Charles Hastings, 
K.C.M.O., 8. of lieut.-gen. sir Charles 
W. Dojle, C.B., o.c.H. ; b. 1804: served 
in India and North America, assistant- 
adptant-gen. of the 3rd division in the 
Crimea, assistant - quartermaster - gen. 
1847-66, inspector-gen. of militia in 
Ireland 1856-61, commander of the 
forces in Nova Scotia 1861-70, com- 
manding the forces in Canada 1870-73, 
col. 70 ft. 1868-70, of 87 ft. from 1873, 
commanding southern district from 1874. 
United Service, White* 8, Travellers' ; 
8 Arlington Street, Piccadilly, W. 

Doyle, sir Francis Hastings Charles, 
D.C.L., 2 bart. (1828) ; b. 1810; m. dr. 
(rf.) of rt. hon. Charles Watkins Wil- 
liams Wynn, m.p. : m.a. Oxon., called 
to the bar at the Inner Temple 1837, 
solicitor of the excise 1845-46, receiver- 
gen, of customs 1846-69, commissioner 
of customs from 1869, professor of 
poetry at Oxford from 1867. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; 96 Cormcall 
Qaraena, Queen's Gate, South Ken- 

Doyle, Percy William, c.b., s. of lieut.- 
gen. air Charles Doyle, k.c.m.o. : secre- 
tary of legation at Mexico in 1842, 
charge d'affiiires 1843-51, minister pleni- 
potentiary to the republic 1851-58. 
6 Half Moon Street, Piceadillg, JF. 

Doyle, sir William Henry, s. of Ed- 
ward Doyle, of Nassau; b. 1823: m 
dr. of Samuel Johnson, Nassau : called 
to the bar at the Middle Temple 
1846, registrar in bankruptcy at the 
Bahamas 1847-58, advocate-gcn. 1850, 
colonial secretary 1853-54, member of 
the house of assembly 1848-58, assist ant- 
juftice of the ' general court of the 

Bahamas 1858, chief justice (900/. with 
fees) from 1865. 
Jsfaasau, Bahatnas. 

D'Oyly, col. sir Charles Walter, 9 bart 
(1663) b. 1822; m. 1. dr. of major-gen. 
George Nott ; 2. dr. of J. Winter Scott, 
Rotherfield park, Hants : aide-de-camp 
to governor-gen. of India (marq. of 
Dalhousie), ser\'ed in the Indian mutiny, 
major in the Bengal staff corps. 

Stapleton Farlc, Blandford, Dorset; 
Saharunpore, Bengal, 

D'Oyly, dow.-lady. Elizabeth, dr. of 
major Thomas Ross, b.a. ; m. sir 
Charles D'Oyly, 7 bart. 

D*Oyly, dow.-lady. Mary, dr. of John 
Fendall, member of the supreme council 
at Calcutta ; m. sir John Hadley D'Oyly, 
8 bart., a judge in India. 

Doyne, lady Frances, dr. of 4 earl of 
Fitzwilliam ; b. 1842 ; m. Charles Mer- 
vyn Doyne, b. 1839, m.a. Cantab. 

St. James's; Kildare Street dub, 
Dublin; Wells, Wexford, 

Drake, sir Francis George Augustus 
Fuller-EHot-, 2 bart. (1821) b. 1837; 
m. dr. of sir Robert A. M. Douglas, 3 
bart. of Glenbervie: ex-capt. royal horse 

United Service; Nutwell Court, 
Exeter; Bttckland Abbey, Plymouth; 
Sheaf haytie House, Devon. 

Drake, sir William Henry, k.c.b., s. of 
commissary-gen. John Drake, of Ex- 
mouth; b. 1812; m. dr. of George 
Wood, member of the ledslative council 
Cape of Good Hope : colonial treasurer 
in West Australia 1833-48, assistant- 
commissary-^en. 1845, commissary-gen. 
1859, 8er\'ed m the Crimea in charge of 
the commissariat of the Turkish con- 
tingent, director of supplies (1500/.) at 
the war office from 1871, knight of the 
legion of honour, and of the Medjidie, 
officer of the order of St. Maurice and 
St. Lazarus. 

Junior United Service; War OJice; 
41 JUgenfs Park Moad, N. W. 

Drake, sir William Richard, f.s.a., s. 
of William Drake, Barnstaple ; b. 1817 ; 
m. dr. of R. T. Goodwin, senior member 
of council at Bombay : partner in Bir- 
cham, Dalrymple, and Drake, parlia- 
mentaiT sohcitors, knight of tne Med- 
jidie, of St. Maurice and St. Lasarus, 
and of the iron crown of Austria. 


Mhrnitum: nallmidtLoflge, Waltax- 
on- Thama; 12 IVimi^'f G'lrdim, South 
Ktnuingloii : 46 tarimmciit Street, 
Bnper, Willmm Ilfor^-, o.b. : ca11<il 

QuLiiialxTrv). Fnincia Jreliiba 
UougUs: b'. 1867. 
Snunmond, lord (fid. a. of taxi of 
rrrth). George Esues UontilL-i Dnim- 

n»nd; 1 


chief justJte of , .... 

tf the QuecD'a bench in lti63, of the 
court of appenl oud enoi tmra 1863. 

Srax, John Sonmel Wanlev SnwbridgE 
Erle.B. ofS. K. - ' ■■" • ■'-'' 
m. dr. of B. Erie 
dep.-lieut, of Dorwl. h.p. (c.) Waw- 
baso 1841-S7, lSo9-6i, and from 1868. 

IVitidham, CartloK! Charlborough 
fark^ WimborM; Hobiett HoiiHt, 
BlitTbtnu, Dortet; Olnattigh Taicrri, 
Wm, KtHl; 20 Sina SIretl, St. 
Jamt^t, 8. ir. 

IlrByar, hon. mre. Charlotte, dr. of a 
baroD Beaf; id. John Urerer, Sluilnu. 

JImr, viie-nim. Andrew ; b. J 783 ; in. 
dr. oF Thomas Henderenn, Longbormigli, 
CnmberUiid : lerved ut the neKO ol 
CopenluKen ]Uid the cnpturo of the 
SuiiBh dcFt, in the Wskhoren ei- 
wdition, in Ailmntee in 1824. in the 
Cknadiiui rebellion, und hnd the thief 
commimd on Lnke Erie 1838-42, on the 
Wert India itation vberc he diacovered 
"Drew's rock" between Trinidiid and 
Tobigo, agent vittimller ut the Cupe 

Drtieiaiart. Liiutrick, 
DrogliadK, 3 lusni. of I179I). H>>niy 
Fnacia Seymour Moore, P.c. (Irel.), 
I.P.; b. 1825; m. dr. of 2 bnron 
■WhBmelifife ; «it« aBbaroa Moore (1801) ; 
2lld tit. viH, Muore: dep.-lieut. of 
Eildore, ranger of the Cumgh of Kil- 

Carllm; Moon Abbry, Muiiaitcra- 
MH, KUdan; Eolloicay'i HoleJ, Dover 
Slnet, Ficeadillif. 
Drailght, lieut.-gen. Thomas Ami- 
■troiiE. bro. of J. Head Uronght, {if 
Let^rook, King's CO.; (>. 1798; ni. 
gnmd-dr, of Tice-ndm, I*ck: eom- 
manded the troops id (he Kaadiju] in- 
mrreetion 1848, cummnnilint of the 
Eandinn proviiieei 1818-62, col. 15 (t. 

BUt Boat, WirKheiUT. 

Draininond, sir .Inines Hamljn Wil- 
liam*, 4 bnrt. (1827) h. 1857. 

HaivlhnTuilcn Mifllolhian.-Edmm- 
feitl, Llmidih, Carmnrl/ieH. 

DrnmmDad, hon. Edniimd, 8. of 8 rise, 
SlrathoUon; b. 1814; m. dr. of C. C. 
Sutherland, C'aleutla; inthcllenpnl civil 
service 1831-68, audilor-geiiend of 
India 1S56-62, lieut.-gorcmor of (ho 
niirlh-wert prorincea of Ueiigal 1863- 

164 St. George > Sijuarr. S. W. 

DmmmoiLd, iioo. Fnuieis Cllailes, a. of 
8 vise. StrathnUun : b. 1815 : m. dr. of 
yen- rev. iir Herbert Oakelej-, 3 bMt, 
and sis. of Herbert S. Onkeley, profcaMr 
of ninide in Edinburgh univereilv : 
58 SI. Qeorge'i Square, S.W. 

Drsmmoiid, hon. James David (master 
of Strathallan) eld, i. of viae. Stnith- 
]dlsii ; b. 1839 : m. dr. [d.) of C. B. 
ITionihill, C.S.I. Bengal eivil eervice: 
ex-ca»t. 14 (t,, brigade major in Bengal 
1868-73, cupt. 8 dragoon guardB. 

Dnunmoad, vice-odiii. bon. sir Junes 
Robert, k.C.h., a. of Si-iw. Strathallan i 
h. 1812: m. dr. of udmiml hon. air 
George Elliot, s.c.H. : officer of the 
legion of honour, knight of the Medjidie, 
a lord of the adioiialty 1858-50, 1861- 
66, pommodora of Woolwieh doi'kjard 
1850-61, naval aide-de-cump to the 
Queen 1852-04, superintcndeot of De- 
von port dot'kyard 1866-70. 
Srmor U»ited Sertln. 
Dmmmond. )ion, Uobert Andrew, s. of 
I viae. StrathaUan; b. ltt2D; m. dr. 
i/,) of Compton Beade : entered tbo 
Ik^ngaL eivil acrvirjo 1842, eommiaaioner 

■t A(,TU. 

Dnunmond, hon. Robert Charles, s. of 
Ovists. 81ratlinlhm;b. 1850: licut. 9!ift. 

Drtunmond, hou. William Heniy, e. of 
U viae. Strathallan, b. 184,5. 

DriuiunOBd, lady Aune Georgiim. dc. of 
5 marq. of QuecBuberr}- ; b. 1817; m. 
Chorlea Home Ilrumniond (a. of Homy 
Home Druuunond, ii.P.),h. 1810, d- 
capt. i lifeguards; 

CarltuH ; AbmairHeij, Gritf, Perth- 
shire; tettrthnm, Surrey. 



I, Iftdy Gntee, dr. of H curl 
of Pmh : b. 1S64. 
nrmunond, lady F.lizabtth Fredpricit, 
dr. of S duke of Sutliuid ; b. tSOl, m. 
Andrew Robert Drummond (rf,)> "f 
Dnunmoiid, kdy Emily Charlotte, dr. 
of a duke Qf rforthumUTland ; b. 1 786 : 
m. Anilrew Mortimer Drummond (rf.), 
of Tile House, Backs, bro. of George 
nu-lcj Drummond, of Stanroore, u.r. 
DTommand, hon, Margaret Alii», h. 
1841 ; hon. Hcrzev AnuabeUn, b. 11«6 ; 
boa. Praacfs &liuy, b. 1818 ; u maid of 
boDDur to tbe Queen frani 1872, in. of 
9 vise. StratluUim. 
DnmLmoud, bon. mn. Adt^laide, dr. of 
2 lumiTi KihbleBdalc; h. 1827; m. 
Maurira Druioraond («. of col. Charles 
JhuramoDd, by dr. of 1 boron / 
land), b. 182a. 
Smmmond, bon. mrs. Charlotte Olivia, 
dr. of baroness Rayleigb : b. 1798; m 
rev. Robert Driumnoud (a. of Tice-adm 
■ir Bob«rt Drummond), h.a. Cantab. 
Ticar of Fcrrine, Essen, 1829-66. 
St. Cal/urine'i Courl, Bath. 
DrDnunoad, hon. mrs. Loaisa Theodo- 
aia, dr. of 3 baron Huncaster ; b. 
m. Edear Atheling Drummond (o 
of Andrev Robert (and lady Elizabeth) 
Dmmniond, of Cadlands. 

Cadlatidi, Soathainpton ; 2 Bryan- 

, .. _ .. rs. Mary, dr. of 2 
baron Lilfonl ; b. 1804 
Drummond, M. A. Oion.. .. 
Pelfrboroucb from 1853. reelor from 
1869 of (?o%, Leicetter (300/.). 
Dminmoiid, general John, s. of John 
Drummond, by dr. of 9 earl of West- 
moreland ; b. 1 793 ; m. Georgina, 
natural dr. (rf.) of 8 earl of 'Wincheuea : 
lieat.-col. n.p. coldatrcam ffuardi 



nack. Otoi 
DTjdtn, sir Henry Edward Leigh, 
hart. (1796) b. 1818 ; m. dr. of r 
Robert Tredcroft, rector of Tangmi 
Suiwei : u.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of 
Northamptanshire, and high ■heriff in 

DiTidale, eol. WU 

" mutiuy, UeuL-col, h.p. 

DlTldole, dr. of J. Pett, Pillow- 
town, Kirfceudbrit'ht ; m. 1. WiUiam 
Copland, of Collision ; 2. air WillJsm 
" t'sdale (i ' 

1 iWn/ _ _... 

. .IT, KithcnUy, F'.ff. 

Dnberley, hon. mrs. Rosa, ilr. of 2 
baron Sandys ; b. 1617: m. ciipt. Wm- 

Duberley (i. rf Jnnies Dubcrlev, by dr. 
of to!, hon. Wni. Grey), b. IMl, ei- 
lieut. grenadier (idt- Broott', Uiiardi' ; 
GnuMi Hall. Si. Xiu'i: 

Dablln, dO arehliishon of (448), 00 bp. 
ofGlendalagh (612). 00 bp. of Kildar« 
(a19) most rev. and rt. ton. Sichard 
Chenevii Trench, d.c.l. o.d., r.c. 
(Irel.) i. of Richard Trench {bro. of I 
barcn Aahtown), br grand-dr. of bp* 
Chenerlx of Waiei^otd ; b. ISOT ; m 
eousiD, dr. of 2 baron Aahtown ; H.A. 
Cantab., ricar of Itrhen Stoke 1846, 
Hultoin lecturer at Cambrid^ nniTtr- 
aity 1846, professor of theologr at 
King's college, London, 1847, daui of 
Weatrainiler 1856, archbiahop of Dublin 
from 1863, a senator of Queen'a nniver- 
sity in Ireland. 

AlAeiiaiiM ; 10 St. Stephm't Oreen, 
Dublin ; Rtrlfwinle. StUlorgan, Duilia. 

DnOMu, lieut-col. Edmund Frederick, 
R.B , CB., 8. of major Richard Sucane, 
20 dragoons ; m. dr. of general sir Wil- 
liam Ansua. bart. : coonerted with the 
convict service in West Australia aa a 
magistrate of the colony and viating 
magielnite of Ihc ticket of leave na- 
tions IS'51-o6, eened in the war-ofEee 
1866-63, inspector of mililary priaons 
and director of convict prison* 1883-70, 
inapBclor-gcnernl from 1870. 

Dncuig, hon. mis. Georgina, dr. of 1 
baron Lpidhunt ; b. 1838 : m. Charles 
Dn Cane, b. 182.>, k.a. Oion., den.- 
lieut- of EsseK, a lord of the adrniralty 
1866-68. H.P. (c.) Uatdon 1862-53, 
north Esseic 1867-68, governor of Tas- 
mania 1868-74. 

ArtlKir'i, Carlloii ; Braxled Pari, 
jnihaoi, Eni^ei. 

Dnoie, 3 earl of (18371. Heniy John 
Reynolds Moreton, f.r.b., P.O. ; b. 
1827 ; m. cousin, dr. of James Haugh- 
ton Langslon. u.v., Sarsden houae, 
Oion; 2Dd lit., baron Moreton: den., 
lieut. of Oxfordshire, M.P. Stroud 18S2- 



63, capt. of the yeomen of the guard 
1859-oi5, lord-lieiit. of Gloucestershire 
irom 1857. 

Brooks^ ; Tortnorth Court, Woottofu 
undeT'Bdffc, Glotwestershire ; Sarsden^ 
Chipping Norton, Oxon ; 16 Portnian 

Sueketty major sir George Floyd, f.s.a., 
3 bart. (1791) b. 1811 ; m. dr. of lieut.- 
gen. sir Lionel Smith, 1 hart., o.c.b., 
G.c.H. : M.A. Oxon., ex-major 87 fusi- 
liers, ex-major 3 West India regiment, 
dep.-lieut. of Middlesex, author of a 
•* Technological militarj- dictionary" in 
C^erman, English, and French, for 
which he has received gold medals ** of 
fidence and merit" from Prussia, Aus- 
tria, and France. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; The Weald 
Some, Bampton, Oxon. 

Unekworth, sir John Thomas Buller, 
2 hart (1813) b. 1809 ; m. dr. of John 
Buller, of Morval: b.a. Oxon., m.p. 
Exeter 1845-57, dep.-lieut. of Devon- 
shire, and high sheiif!' in 1861, lieut.- 
coL-oommandant 1 Devon veomanrj- 
from 1863. 

Traveller is\ Corlton ; JFear Mouse, 

Ihiekworth, hon. mrs. Edina, dr. of 1 
baron Campbell ; b. 1837 ; m. rev. Wil- 
liam Arthur Duckworth (s. of W. Duck- 
worth. Orchard Leigh, Somerset), M.A. 
Cantao., rector from 18^54 of Puttenham, 
Guildford, Surrey (375/.). 

Ihidley,' 1 earl of (1860). WilUam 
Ward; b. 1817; ra. 1. dr. of Hubert de 
Burgh, West Drayton manor, Middle- 
sex ; 2. dr. of sii' Thomas Moncrieffe, 
7 bart. ; 2nd tit. vise. Ednam : m.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Worcestershire, and 
of Stafforoshire, lieut.-col. -commandant 
Worcester yeomanry 1854-71, hon.-col. 
from 1871. 

Carlton ; IhidU^i Hottse, Park Lane, 
W.; HimUy Hall^ Dudley, Stafford; 
Witley Courts Drottwich, Worccftter. 

HmSj hon. George Skene, bro. of 5 earl 
of Fife; b. 1816: attached to the em- 
bassies of Paris and Vienna 1837-39, 
comet royal horse guards blue 1836-37, 
M.P. Elgm district 1847-57, lord-lieut. 
of Elginshire 1856-72. 

Army and Navy; Milton Buff, Elgin. 

TinSj Mountstuart Elphinstoue Grant, 
8. of J. Cuninghame Grant Duff, resi- 
dent at Sattara; b. 1829; m. dr. of 

Edward Webster, North lodge, Ealing : 
M.A. Oxon., LL.B. London university, 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1854, dep.-lieut. of Elgin and Moray, 
lord rector of Aberdeen university 186o- 
73, under-secretary of state for India 
1868-74, M.p. (L.) Elgin district from 

Brooks*, Athenaum, Oxford and 
Cambridge; Eden, Banff; ffampdeti. 
Souse, miasenden, Bucks ; 4 Qtteen^a 
Gate Gardens, South Kefisington. 

Duffi Robert William, s. of Arthur 
(Duff) Abercromby, of Fetteresso; b. 
1835 ; m. dr. of sir Wm. Scott, 6 bart : 
assumed the name of Duff in 1861, dep.- 
lieut. of Banff and Kincardme, com- 
mander royal navy, m.p. (l.) Banff- 
shire from 1861. 

Brooks*, Army and Navy ; Feite^ 
rcsso^ Stonehaven ; Glasshaugh, Port- 
soy, Banff. 

Dnfi^ ladv Ida Louisa, dr. of 5 earl of 
Fife ; b. 1848 ; m. Adrian Elias Hope, 
of Haarlem, Holland, nephew of Alex- 
ander Beresford Hope, m.p. (who ob- 
tained a dissolution of marriage in 

Diiffiprin, 1 earl of (1871). Frederick 
Temple Hamilton Blackwood, k.c.b., 
p.c, K.p. ; b. 1826; m. dr. of Archi- 
bald Hamilton, of Killyleagh castle, 
Down ; 2nd tit. vise. Clandeboye : M.A. 
Oxon., a lord in waiting to the Queen 
1849-52, 1854-58, under-secretary of 
state for India 1864-66, for war in 
1866, chancellor of the duchy of Lan- 
caster 1869-72. governor-general of 
Canada (10,000/.) from 1872, lord-lieut. 
of Down from 1864. 

Travellers* ; Clandeboye House, Bel- 
fast; Ottatca. 

Dnffoi, 7 baron (1650) ; vide Dunbar, 
hart. (1706). 

DnfEy, sir Cliarles Gavan, s. of 

Duffy, a farmer in Monaghan; b. 1816; 
m. 1. dr. of Francis McLaughlin, Bel- 
fast ; 2. dr. of Philip Hughes, Newry : 
called to the Irish bar 1845, foimderand 
editor of the "Nation" newspaper, 1842. 
one of the state prisoners witn O'Connell 
in 1844. M.p. New Boss 1852-56, minister 
of public lands in Victoria 1858 and 
1863, chief secretary and prime minister 
in 1871. 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 

Dngmore, hon. mrs. Evelyn, dr. of 2 



baron Brougham ; b. 

; m. capt. 

Francis S. iJugmore (s. of W. Dugmore, 
queen' s counBel) , ex-royal Canadian rifles. 

Diike, sir James, 2bart. (1849) ; b.l865. 
Laiufhton Lodge, Hurst Chreetty 

Duke, lieut.-gen. Thomas Assheton : 
served in Ava 1824^ in Burmah 1852-53, 
commanded the Kimedy field force in 
1856. Madras infantr}'. 

32 Devonshire Place, Portland Plaee, 

Bnke, dow.-lady. Jane Amelia, dr. of 
William Bennett, Highbur}-, London; 
m. alderman sir James Duke, 1 bart., 
lord mayor of London in 1848. 

Bukinfield, dow.-lady. Jane, dr. of 
sir James Craufurd, 2 bart. ; m. 1. ge- 
neral Chowne ; 2. rev. sir Henry Robert 
Dukinfield, 7 bart. (est.), Wear of St. 
Martin' 8-in-the-fields. 

33 Eaton Place, Eaton Square, 
Dnmbreck, sir David, m.d., v.c, 

K.C.B., s. of Thomas Dumbreek, col- 
lector of inland revenue, Glasgow ; b. 
1805 ; m. dr. of George Gibson, Leith : 
M.D. Edinburgh, deputy-inspector-ge- 
neral of the medical department of the 
armv 1854-59, inspector-general of hos- 
pitals 1859-60, served in the Crimea, 
knight of the Medjidie, honorary phy- 
sician to the Queen from 1866. 
United Service. 

Ihunaresqae, ladv Sophia, sis. of 5 earl 
of Lanesborough ; b. 1807 ; m. lieut.- 
col. Henr}' Dumaresque {d.). 

§lhmalley, 3 baron (1800). Henry 
Prittie ; b. 1807 ; m. dr. (rf.) of 1 vise. 

Kilboy, Netia^h, Tipper ary; Cor- 
rUlc, Jtoserea, Tipper ary. 

Ihmalley, dow. -baroness. Emily, dr. 
of 1 vise. Hawarden, and sis. of capt. 
hon. sir James Ashley Maude, k.c.h. ; 
b. 1794 ; m. 2 vise. Dunalley, an Irish 
representative peer 1839-54. 
Monkstown, Dublin. 

Dunbar, sir Archibald, 6 bart. (1698) ; 
b. 1803 ; m. 1. dr. of George Ramsay, 
of Bamton; 2. dr. of George Orred, 
Tranmere, Cheshire: ex-lieut. 22 ft., 
dep.-Ueut. of Elgin, convener of Moray. 
N^ew {Edinburgh) ; Duffus Souse, 

Dunbar, sir Geoi^ Sutherland, 6 bart. 
(1706), 7 baron Duff\i8, but does not 
aasume the title ; b. 1799 : dep.-lieut. 
of Caithness. 

Hempriggs Castle and Acker gill 
Totcer, Caithness. 

Dunbar, sir James Alexander, 8 bart. 
(1814) b. 1821 ; m. dr. of col. John Whit- 
tle Parsons, c.h.o., of Zante : ex-com- 
mander royal navy, dep.-lieut. of Nairn- 

Junior United Service; Booth Houscy 

Dnnbar, sir William, 7 bart. (1694) 
b. 1812 ; m. dr. of James Paterson^ Car- 
pow, Perth: called to the Scotcn bar 
1835, a lord of the treasury and keeper 
of the privy seal to the prince of Wales 
1859-60, keeper of the great seal to the 
prince of Wales in Scotland 1862-65, 
dep.-lieut. of Wigtonshire, m.p. Wigton 
bmvhs 1857-65, comptroller-gen. of the 
exchequer from 1865 (2000/.) 

Brooks' ; 7 Priticc's Terrace, Prince's 
Gate, South Kensington, S. W, 

Dunbar, rev. sir William, 6 bart. 
(1697) b. 1804; m. dr. of George 
Stei)hen, London : m.a. Oxon., formerly 
minister of St. Paul's, Aberdeen, rector 
of Walwj-n's castle, Pembroke (270/.) 
from 1864. 

JFalicj/n's Castle, Haverfordwest. 

Dunbar, John, s. of Joseph Dunbar, 
Cork : b. 1827 : educated at the Roman 
Catholic college of Clongowes, m.a. 
Dublin, called to the Irish bar 1844, to 
the English bar at the Middle Temple 
1854, practised for some years in Bom- 
bay, fellow of Bombay university, m.p 
(h.r.) New Ross from 1874. 

Garrick, Stafford ; 4 Garden Court^ 

§tDunboyne, 14 baron (1451), Theobald 
Fitzwalter Butler ; b. 1806 ; m. dr. of 
William Brander, Morden Hall, Surrey : 
dep.-lieut. of Clare. 

Carlton; Knoppogue, Neicmarket'On- 
Feraus, Clare; Kildare Street Club^ 

Duncan, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Cam* 

Duncan, hon. George Alexander Hal- 
dane, s. of 2 earl of Campcrdoi^ii ; b. 
39 Charles Street, Berkeley Square, 

Duncan, hon. Hew Adam Haldane, s. 
of 1 earl of Camperdown ; b. 1830 ; m. 
dr. of Lieut.-gcn. fiercer Henderson, 
C.B., Fordell : dep.-lieut. of Forfar, ex- 
capt. Scots fusilier guards. 



1 Wilton Terrace. Belgrave Square, 
8.W. . 

Bancmn, lady Elizabetli, dr. of 1 earl 

of Cainperdown ; b. 1810. 
Baneaxi, lady. Mary, dr. of capt. James 

Coutts-Crawford, roval navy ; m. capt. 

hen. sir Heniy l)imcan, r.n., cm., 

s.c.H. (bro. of 1 earl of Camperdowii). 
IhiXLOaimon, Wsc. (eld. s. of earl of 

Ihuioombe, sir Philip Duncombe 

Paimcefort, 1 bart. (18o9) b. 1818; ni. 

dr. of col. Thos. Philip Maunsell, Thorpe 

MalBor, Northants, m.p. : dep.-lieut. of 

Backs and of Northamptonsiiirc, high 

sheriff of Bucks in 18o5. 

Carlton; Briekh ill Manor, Bucks; 

19 Portman Sqttare. 

Jhmeombe, admiml hon. Arthur, s. of 
1 baron Feversliam ; b. 1806 ; m. dr. 
(rf.) of John Wihuer Field, Heaton hall, 
xorkshire: groom in waiting to the 
Queen 1840-46, a lord of the admiralty 
in 1852, M.p. (c.) east Retford 1830, 
1835-51, east riding of Yorkshire 1851- 
68j dep.-lieut. of east riding of York- 
shire. * 

Carlton. Conservative ; Kiluwick 
Ferey, roekUngton, Yorkshire; 2 
Upper Orosvenor Street, W. 

Dnneombe, hon. and very rev. Augus- 
tus, D.D., B. of 1 baron Feversham ; b. 
1814 ; m. lady Harriet, dr. of 5 marq. of 
Queensberr\' : m.a. Oxon., dean of York 
(2000/.) from 1858. 

The Deanery^ York: Catwick Abbey, 
Ashbourne, Derby; 49 Berkeley 
Square, JF, 

Bimeombe, hon. Cecil, s. of 9 baron 
Feversham ; b. 1832 ; m. dr. of Charles 
Mills, Hillingdon Court, Middlesex: 
capt. 1 life guards 1861-67, a magistrate 
for the east riding of Yorkshire, capt 10 
north riding rifle volunteers from 1860. 
48 Brook Street, Orosvenor Square ; 
Newtongrange, Pickering, Yorkshire, 

Buncombe, hon. James Henry, s. of 
1 earl of Feversham ; b. 1853 : lieut. 
Scots fusilier guards. 

Duncombe, hon. Hubert Valentine, s. 
of 1 earl of Feversham ; b. 1862. 

Duncombe, hon. Octavius, s. of 1 baron 
Feversham ; b. 1817 ; m. lady Emily, 
dr. of 1 earl of Cawdor : dep.-lieut. of 
Huntingdonshire, high sheriff of Cam- 
bridgeshire and Huntingdonshire in 
1866, ex-licut. 1 life guards, m.p. (c.) 

north riding of Yorkshire 1841-59, 1867- 
74, col. Cambridgeshire militia finom 

Carlton; Waresley,St.Xeofs.SwUt; 
Westerdaley Grostnont, York ; 84 EaUm 
Square, S. JF. 

Duncombe, lady Emily, b. 1819 ; vide 

hon. Octavius Duncombe. 
Duncombe, lady Harriet, b. 1809; 

vide hon. and very rev. Augustus 


Duncombe, lady Hermione Wilhelmina, 
b. 1864; lady Helen Venetia, b. 1866; 
ladv Mabel 'Cynthia, b. 1869, die. of I 
earl of Feversham. 

Duncombe, lady Katherine, dr. of 8 
earl of Gosford ; b. 1839; m. capt. 
Charles Wilmer Duncombe (s. of adm. 
hon. Arthur Duncombe), ex-grenadier 

Kilnwick Priory, Pocklington, York' 

Dundas, baron (eld. s. of earl of Zet- 

Dundas, George (a. of James DundaSy 
of Dundas, vice-lieut. of LinlithgowBhire, 
by sis. of 1 earl of Camperdown ; b. 1819 ; 
m. Mary, dr. of rev. canon Atkinion 
Clark, Belford hall, Northumberland: 
ex-lieut. rifle brigade, dep. lieut. of 
Linlithgowshire and m.p. 1847-68. 
governor of Prince Edward's idand 
1859-70, of St. Vincent Jfrom 1874. 

Dundas, sir David, 2 bart. (1821) b. 
1803 ; m. 1. dr. of J. White Melville, of 
Mount Melville ; 2. lady Lucy, dr. of 2 
earl of Chichester : called to tne Scotch 
bar 1824, dep.-lieut. of Perthshire, ex« 
capt. Midlothian yeomanry. 

Carlton; Dunira, Crieff, Perth- 

Dundas, rt. hon. sir David, q.c, p.c, 
8. of James Dundas. Ochtertyre; b. 
1799: M.A. Oxon., called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1823, queen's coun- 
sel 1840, solicitor-gen. 1846-48, judge 
advocate-gen. 1849-52, m.f. Suthenand- 
shire 1840-51, 1861-67. 

Brooks*, Travellers* ; OehtertyrSy 
Stirling, Perth; 13 King^s Bmeh 
Walk, Temple. 

Dundas, hon. and rev. Charles, 8. of 2 
vIbc. Melville; b. 1806; m. cb*. of sir 
William Boothby, bart. : M.A. Cantab., 
rector of Upworth, Bawtry, Lincoh^ 
shire (688/.) 



Bnndas, hon. Cospatrick Thomas^ bro. 
of 3 earl of Zetland ; b. 1862. 

Dnndas, hon. John Charles, bro. of 8 
earl of Zetland; b. 1845; m. hon. 
Alice, dr. of 1 yisc. Halifax : m.p. (l.) 

^ Bichmond from 1873. 

7 New Square, Lincoln* » Inn ; 1 Sal- 
kin Street, Belgrave Square. 

Dnndas, hon. Robert, a. of 2 yisc. Mel- 
▼ille ; b. 1803 : storekeeper-gen. of the 

7 Fortugal Street, South Audley 
Street, W, 

Dnndas, hon. William Fitzwilliam 
James, bro. of 3 earl of Zetland; b. 

Dnndas, hon. mrs. Catherine Anne, dr. 
of 1 baron Napier of Mi^dala ; b. 1821 ; 
m. Henry Dundas (s. oi J. Dundas, of 
Dnndas, and bro. of George Dundas, 
1I.P. 1847-58), b. 1823. 

Diindaa, hon. mrs. John. dr. of James 
Talbot, of Maryville, Wexford : m. hon. 
John Charles Dundas, m.p. {d.), s. of 1 
earl of Zetland. 
88 Harley Street, Cavendish Square. 

Diindaa, lady Emily Whitley-Deans-, 
dr. of 1 earl Ducie : b. 1809 ; m. adm. 
air James Whitley-Deans-Dundas, m.p., 
o.c.B. {d.), s. of J. Deans, m.d., Cal- 
entta, and nephew of lord Amesbury. 
87 Ontlou? Square, Brompton, S. W, 

Dnndai, lady Harriet Emily, b. 1848 ; 
lady Margaret Matilda, b. 1852: lady 
Charlotte Jane, b. 1854 ; lady Laura 
Octavia, b. 1855; lady Alice, b. 1864, 
aisters kA 3 earl of Zetland. 

Dnndaa, lady Jane, dr. of 7 earl of 
Wemyss ; b. 1811 ; m. col. Philip Dun- 
das (a.), cousin of vise. Melville. 
28 Bruton Street, Berkeley Square, 

Dnndaa, lad^ Lucy Anne, b. 1815 ; 

vide sir David Dundas, bart 
*Dnndonald, 11 earl of (1669). Thomas 

Barnes Cochrane; b. 1814; m. dr. of 

William Alexander Mackinnon, of Mac- 

kinnon; 2nd tit. baron Cochrane: ex- 

capt. 2 ft. 
Junior United Service; 12 Quecti's 

Gate. South Kensington, S. W. 
Dnnedin, N.Z., 2 bij. of (1866). rt. 

rev. Samuel Tarrant rfevill,D.D. : rector 

of Shelton, Staffordshire, 1864-71, bp. 

from 1871 of Dunedin, New Zealand, 
Dnngannon, viscountess. Sophia Hill 

Trevor, dr. of G. D'Arcy Irvine, of 

Irvine castle, Fermanagh; m. 3 vise. 
Dungannon (extinct^. 
Brown* s Motel, JJover Street. FieeO' 

Dnngaxran, viscountess. Catherine, 

dr. of 2 earl of Howth ; b. ; m. 

vise. Dungan-an (d.) {jaiher of 9 earl of 

Cork and Orrery. 
10 Chesham Street, Belgrave Square, 
Dnngaxran, vise. (eld. s. of earl of 

Cork) . Charles Spencer Canning Boyle ; 

b. 1861. 

Dnnglas, baron (eld. s. of earl of Home). 
Charles Alexander Home ; b. 1834 ; m. 
dr. of capt. Charles Conrad (Jrey, k.n. : 
dep.-lieut. of Lanarkshire, lieut.-coL 
commandant Lanarkshire yeomanry, 
hon. col. 4 Lanarkshire rifle volunteers. 

Dnnlo, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Clan- 
carty). William Frederick Trench; 
b. 1868. 

Dnnlop, lieut.-gen. Frankbrn, r.a.,c.b.: 
commanded the troops in China 1856-57, 
and commanded the artillery at the 
capture of Canton 1857, retired on full 
pav as maj.-gcn. 

Dnnlop, vice-adm. Hugh, c.B., 8. of 
gen. James Dunlop, m.p. Kirkcudbright 
1812-27; b. 1807; m. dr. of Bobert 
CockburUj Ormiston: served in south 
America, m the Mediterranean, on the 
coast of Africa, in the Baltic during the 
Crimean war, commodore at Jamaica 

Moyal Naval {Edinburgh) ; 106 St, 
Georges Square, S. W, 

Dnnlop, Robert Henry Wallace, C.B., 
s. of J. Wallace Dunlop, member of 
council, 'Bombay ; b. 1823; m. dr. of 
Joseph Dawson, Dulwich : in the Bengal 
civil service 1843-65. 
Lake^ld, Inverness. 

Dnnlop, hon. mrs. Anna Elizabeth, dr. 
of 1 vise. Ferrard ; b. 1816 ; m. Bobert 
Foster (Dclap) Dunlop ; b. 1809. 

Sackville Street Ctnh, Dublin; MO' 
nasterboice, Callan^ Louth. 

Dnnlop, lady Harrii't, dr. of 4 earl of 
Boscberrj' ; b. 1810; m. sir John Dunlop, 
bart., M.P. (oxtiiitt). 

35 Chester Square, litnlieo, S. W. 

Dnnlnce, vise. (eld. s. of carl of Antrim). 

Dnnmore, 7 earl of (1686). Charles 
Adolphus Murray ; b. 1841 ; m. dr. of 
2 earl of I^iccstcr ; sits as baron Dun- 
more (1831) ; 2nd tit. vise. Fincastle : 
dep.-lieut. of Stirlingshire, ex*lieut. 



Seots fusilier guards, a lord in waiting 
to the Queen from 1874. 

Dunmore Fark^ Falkirk, Stirling ' 
Avotuuidhy Isle of Harris ; 86 Brook 
Streetf Grosvenor Sqttare. 

Ihuimore, dow. -countess of. Catherine, 
dr. of 11 earl of Pembroke ; b. 1814; m. 
6 earl of Dunmore. 

24 Carltofi Home Terrace ; Dunmore, 

DaBning, baron ; vide Rollo. 

Dnnraven and Mountearl, 4 earl of 
a822). Thomas W\Tidham-Quin, k.p. ; 
D. 1842 ; m. dr. of lord Charles Lennox 
Eer ; sits as baron Kenry (1866) ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Adare : m.a. Oxon., ueut. 4 
Oxford university rifle volunteers 1860- 
61, lieut. 1 life guards 1865-67, aide-de- 
camp to the viceroy of Ii'eland in 1868. 
Whitens, Gtiaras* ; Adare Abbey, 
Limerick; Dunravcn Castle, Glamor- 

Intiiraveii, dow. -countess of. Anne, 
dr. of Henry Lambert, Camagh ; m., as 
his second wife, 3 earl of Dunraven, 
lord-lieut. of Limerick. 

16 Lowndes Street^ Belgrave Square. 

itIhinBandle and Clanconal, 2 baron 
(1845). Denis St. George Daly; b. 
1810; .m. dr. (rf.) of W. Broderick: 
dep.-lieut. of Galway, ex-capt. 7 dra- 

Carlton; Dunsatidle, Loughrea, Gal- 

ItDimsany, 16 baron (1461). vice-adm. 
Edward Plunkett ; b. 1808 ; m. dr. {d.) 
of 2 baron Sherborne : served on the 
coast of Spain 1835-40, author of " Gaul 
or Teuton," etc. 

Travellers*, United Service ; Dunsang 
Castle, Meath ; 7 Grosvenor Flace, Hyde 
Fark Comer, S. W. 

Ihusany, dow. -baroness. Elizabeth, dr. 
of Lyndon Evehni, Kevnsham Court, 
Hereford ; m. 15 oaron Dunsany. 

18 Boltofi Gardefis, South Kensington. 

Dnniford, maj.-gen. Henry Frederick, 
c.B. ; served as brigade-maj. in the 
Sutlej campaign, commanded the troops 
of the rajahs of Puttiala and 
Jhcend at Delhi, commanded the force 
against the J^mtcas in Assam 1862-63, 
and commanded columns of the Bhotan 
field force in 1864. Bengal statT corps. 

Bimtse, sir John Lewis, 3 bart. (1774) ; 
b. 1809; m. dr. of rev. James Coles: 
ex-Iieut. 7 dragoon guards. 

Carlton; Exleigh, Starcross, Devon. 

Dnntze, adm. John Alexander, 8. of J. 
Nicholas Dimtze ^s. of 1 bart.), pay- 
master-gen. in Sicily ; b. 1806 ; m. or. 
of Francisco de Paula Ramirez y Ba- 
lasco: served on the South Ameiican 
station. United Service; Woolwieh,S.E. 

Dnnwich, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Strad- 
broke). George Edward John Mowbray 
Bous; b. 1862. 

Dupplin, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Kin- 
noull). George Robert Hay; b. 1849; 
m. dr. of 5 earl of Fife ; ex-lieut. 1 life 

65 Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Sq, ; 
Dupplin Castle, Ferth. 

Dapnis, gen. sir John Edward, B.A., 
K.C.B., s. of rev. George Dupuis, rector 
of Wendlebury, Bicester; b. 1803: 
served in Spain with the Spanish army 
1836-38, served in the Crimea, 
knight of the order of St. Fernando, 
of uie legion of honour, and of the 
Medjidie, commanded the royal artillery 
in India 1856-59, commandmg 11 bri- 
gade of royal artillery from 1865. 
United Service; 43 Fall Mall, S, W. 

Dnrand, lady. Emily Augusta, m. 1. 
rev. Henry Poleliampton ; 2. maj.-gen. 
sir Henry Marion Durand, k.c.s.i. (rf.), 
lieut. -governor of the Punjab. 

Durham, 2 eari of (1833). Geoiwj 
Frederick D'Arcy Lambton ; b. 1828; 
m. dr. {d.) of 1 duke of Abercom ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Lambton : dep.-lieut. of Dur- 
ham, and lord-lieut. from 1854. 

Travellers*; Lambton Castle, Dur- 

Dnrham, 81 bp. of (635). rt. rev. Charles 
Baring, d.d., bro. of 1 baron North- 
brook: b. 1807; m. 1. cousin, dr. of 
col. Cnarles Sealy ; 2. cousin, dr. of T. 
Read Kemp, of Lewes, Sussex : m.a. 
Oxon., rector of All Saints, Marylebone, 
1847-56, chaplain in ordinary to the 
Queen, and select preacher at Oxford 
university in 1846 and 1855, bp. of 
Gloucester 1856-61, bp. of Durham 
(8000/.) from 1861, count palatine of 
the principality of Durham. 

Athenaum; The Castle, Bishop 
Auckland, Durham. 

Durham, dean of (3000^.) ; vide W. C, 

Durham, archdeacon of (2102.) ; vide K 



Duing, liput.-gon. Lewis Aiexandcr: 
■ervnl in the Peniiuulii, lieut.-rol. h.p. 
. imaltachcd. 

I, l»ii. ; riilt Chicheiitsr. 

the Chinew espcdition 1847. 
Dnmnt, air Henry Josiiui, 1 1iirt. (net); 
h. 1838 ; m. dr. of gen. or Eobert Bartnn, 

Seellaw Bali, XurU n'ahhnm, Xar- 

Dumsni, air Antonio Lrfcochilo, contr, 
K.C.H.O.; under-aeCTetuT}- of Ionian 
■eoate 1B33, acuntarj- in the political 
depBTbaent lti34, for tbti geDnwl 
depBrtment 1863, tccrelHiT of the 
general coniminnoD od public inatnc- 
tioii 1841^7. 

Dntbiii, Fnuicis Stacker, f.r.o.h., 
C.K.o., I. of F. Dutton, vivc-conml at 
Cuxliavdi, GerTDon)' ; educuteil at 
Bonie and Bremen, member of the 
legisUtiTG council of South Austmlia 
I8al-S7, of the houK of onrmUv 
1857-66. comroiMioner of crown binii 
1867-69, and in 1863, Hmuniseioner of 
public worki in I860, nugociate of the 
uutitute of cit-il enginecn, member of 
the m}-Bl iustitutioD, commiiuinner for 
South Aurtrali* at Uie Vienna exhibi- 
tion of 1873, uErent-gen. in Engluid for 
South AuBtnUs from 1866. 

37 Great Qrorge Stmt, Weilmiiuler, 
S. W- ; 20 Inrei-Hea Sttad, SavMtraler, 

D&tbm, lion. Edirnrd Lenox, eld a. of 
3 bvon Sherborne: <>■ 1831. 

2 St. Jaiiict'i Flaet, St. Jamti't Bl. 

Sutton, hon. Charlps, a. of 3 bAron 
Bherborne; b. 1842; m. dr. of George 
Mohle Taylor, Ifodnu civil jerrice r CBpt. 

i. of 3 baron Sherbomt . , 

OxoD., I'iisr of ShM'bame with Wind- 
rmh <460/.) 6™ 1870. 

Wmdruih Vimrage, S«rford, Okih. 

XhtttOD, hon. John Thomua, a. of 2 
buna Sherbome; b. 1810; m. lady 
Larinia, dr. of 6 rarl of MaccleiGeld ; 
M.A. Oxon., high aberiff of Hanta in 
Sinten Kbuk, Alra/eni. 

DBtton, hon. Ralph Heneage, h. of 2 
b«ron Shprbomc; b. 1821; m. dr, of 
John MansSi'ld, Uigswell House, Uerta: 

H.A. CanlBb., dep.-lieut. of Hnnti, ond 
high ahcriif in 1872. up. (c.) aouth 
Hants 1S57-6.1, Cirencesler 1866-68. 

Boodle'i; 'fimtbari/ Xaiior, Boauey, 
Sniil, ; 16 Sn/ii« .Strrcl Hal, StI- 
grai-t tiqiiarr, N, Jf, 
Dutton, hon. Jnlia Henrietta, dr. of 3 
boron Sherborne ; b. 1832, 

hon. John Uuttoo. 

India (mi 


Uaatin^) in the Nepaiil 

ilao in the Pindaree n-ar. 

Iiitlia 111 iltd Hcrriee. 

Djar, air Thoinaa Swiniiertoii, 7 bort. 

(167HJ ; b. 1799 ; m. dr, of col. John 

Albeck Ciement,E.A., of Sieppe.Hamp- 

■hirc ; ei-capt. royal nrtillen' 

tlifi fiqw, 

Hall, MMIeia; Moni- 
, Chtltmham ; 14 Sri- 
niBc .,y™rr, Wnf Bromplim, S.fF.,- 
JJijirharm, FramJleM, Sttnei. 

Drk^ air PercJval Hart, 6 bart. (1676) ; 
b. 1799 ; m. dr of John Wella, Bitkley, 
Eent: u.A. Oion., dtp.-lieutof Kent. 

CbtUoh; LHllingtloHK Outlr, Dart- 
fird, Knt 

DykB, William Hart. ctd. s. of dr Pi-r- 
ciTiil Hart Dylie, bart, ; b. 1837 : m. 
lady Emily, dr. nf 7 earl of Sandwich : 
M.*. Oion,, dip.-lieut. of Kent, n.i-. 
tc.) van Ki-nt lB6i.«8, mid Kent treat 
1868, ioint aecrelary to the treaiury 
from 1874. 

CarltoH, Trarelleri : Lrri Courl, 
Ftteriham ; LailiiigatriHc Catllr, liarl- 
ford. Suit: 22 Gra/ton Street, Bond 
Strtel, W. 

Ttf\t, lady Emily, b. 1848 ; riA Wil- 
liam H. Dyke. 

Dymoke, dow.-lajy. Emma, dr. oi 
Williimi Pcari'i', of flillinrford, Snrfolk; 
m. air Henry Uj-mutie, 1 \ai\.. (extincOi 
hereditary champion of England. 

8 Portman Squarr, IF.; Boif/iloa 
Hall, HortiaiiHe. 

D;9i7or, 6 baron (1780). nsv, Fmncia 
Bice; b. 1801; ni. 1. dr. of Daniel 
Baymond Barker; 2. dr. of i«T. H™ry 
Caraesie Knox, Lfchladf, Glouentfr: 
M.A. Oxon., rimt of Fairford 1828. 

DyMTor Catllf, Kidirelli/, Oaritutr- 
Ihtn; FairfDTd rieamffr, Glameiirr- 




l^jBeTor, dow. -baroness. Fiances, dr. 
of lord Charles Fitzroj, and niece of 4 
duke of Grafton ; b. 1803 ; m. 4 boron 

19 Frine^B Gardens^ Kniahtabrid^e, 
8. W, ; Bromham Ball, Betlford. 

9jott» col. Richard, s. of general Wil- 
liam Djott; b. 1808; m. dt. of Charles 
Smith Forstcr, M.i>., Lysways HaU, 
Lichfield: x.a. Cantab., dej).-Iieut. of 
Staffordshire and high sheriff in 1856, 

ex-capt. 36 ft., lieut.-ooL 2 Stafford 
militia from 1855, M.F. (c.) Lichfield 
from 1865. 

CarlUm ; Freeford HaUy Lichfield, 

iDysart, 6 earl of (1643). Lionel Wil- 
liam John Tollcmache ; b. 1794 ; m. dr. 
{d.) of Sweeney Toone, Keston Lodge ; 
znd tit. baron Huntingtowcr. 

Buckmin9ter Farky Oranthatn, Lin* 




Eag^r, col. Robt. John, O.B., s. of major 
Francis Bussell Eager, 31 ft., and bro. 
of major Hungerfonl Eager : served in 
tbe Mgbanistan campaign 1842, in the 
Crimea, served in China 1860, knight of 
the legion of honour, and of uie Medji- 
die, ex-lieut.-col. 31 ft. 

Eardley, sir Eardley Gideon Culling, 
4 bart. (1802), b. 1838; m. 1. dr. of 
James Magee, Mobile; 2. miss M. E. 
Allen (which being declared bigamous he 
was sentenced to 18 months' imprison- 
ment wi& hard labour 1868). 
Junior Carlton. 

Earle, sir Hardman, 1 bart. (1869) b. 
1792 ; m. dr. {d.) of William Langton, 
Kirkham^ Lancauiire: a merchant in 

Auerton Tower, ChUdwall, Liver- 

Earle, archd. Alfred : m.a. Oxon., 
prebendary of Exeter, archdeacon of Tot- 
nes from 1872, vicar from 1865 of West 
Alvinffton, Kingsbridge, Devon (900/.) 

Esrlflfort, baron (eld. s. of earl of 

Sarp, Thomas, s. of William Earp, 
Derby; b. 1830; m. dr. of T. Weight- 
man, Lan^ord, Notts : a member of the 
firm of Richardson and Earp, brewers, 
Newark, m.p. (l^ Newark 6om 1874. 
Trent View, Newark. 

Salt, sir James Buller, d.c.l., 2 bart. 
(1823) J b. 1789 ; m. dr. (rf.) of James 
H. Leigh, and sister of 1 oaron Leigh : 
M.A. Oxon.. called to the bar at the 
Lmer Temple 1813, dep.-lieut. of Glou- 
cestershire, M.P. Winchester 1830-32, 

Bourton House, Moreton-in-the- 
Marahj Gloueesterahire ; 4b Albany, 

East, sir Gilbert Augustus Clayton, 2 
bart. (1838) b. 1846; m. dr. of col. 
Fraser, Madras staff corps. 

Union; Hall Place, Maidenhead, 

East, dow.-ladv. ^larianne Francis, 
dr. of Charles Bishop, Sunbury, Middle- 
sex, procurator-general; m. sir East 
George Clayton-East, Ibart. 

13 Stanhope Flace, Hyde Park, W. 

Eaatlake, lady. dr. of Edward Rigby, 
M.D., Norwicn ; m. sir Charles Eastlake 
(i/.),the celebrated historical painter and 
president of the royal academy : author 
of the " History of our Lord," and of 
the " Life of John Gibson, R. Acad." 
7 Fitzroy Square, W. 

Eaitnor, vise. (eld. s. of earl Somers). 

Eaitwiok, Edward Backhouse, f.r.8., 
C.B., 8. of Robert Eastwick, Thurloe 
Square, London; b. 1814; m. dr. of 
James Hunter, Argyle: m.a. Oxon., 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple 
1860, professor of Urdoo at Haileybury 
1845, assistant-secretary in the secret 
department of the India office 1858, sec- 
retary of legation in Persia 1860-63, 
private secretar}* to the Indian secretary 
(vise. Cranbornc) 1866-67, ex-major 
London rifle volunteers, m.p. (c.) Pen- 
rjTi and Falmouth 1868-74. 

Atheneeufn, Carlton; 88 Holland 
Road, Kensington, W. 

Eaton, major-gen. Genird Potter, R,A., 
bro. and neir pres. of rev. George Eaton, 
The Pole, Autrobus, Northwich ; b. 
1813 ; m. Miu-y, dr. of William Henry 
Lawder, Drumdart, Limerick: col. on 
the staff of the south eastern district 
1866-72, retired on full pay as col. royal 
Madras artillcr}'. 

The Pole, Antrobus, Xorthwieh, Che» 

Eaton, Henry William, b. 1816 ; m. 
dr. of Thomas Lender Harman, New 
Orleans : educated at the college KoUin, 
Paris, dep.-lieut. of Suffolk and of the 
Tower Hamlets, fellow of the geo^- 
phical, horticultural, and botanical 
societies, engaged in the silk trade in 
London, m.p. (c.) Coventry from 1865. 
Carltofi, Union; Porter's Park, 
Shenley, St. Alban'»; 16 Princess 
Gate, South Kensington. 


Zbrington, ^ 


■. (.■li 

n. of™ 
ut. B Devi 



Cailic Hill, Sonlh MbUbh, Devon. 
ZlnuT, 1 bnront 18f.7). RoWrt Gros- 
rcnor. r.c.,"-of 1 niarq.of TffwtmiiLiler; 
b. 1801 ; m. dr. of I baron Cowley : u.*. 
Oion^ M.P, Chnter 1826^47, Uiddle- 
■exlS47-57,dpp.-ll('Ut. ofChutiire.lrcn- 
nrer of the hnuwhold lS4&-i7. 

Reform; Moi.r Park, SiekmaHt- 
vxrii, Hirti; 45 Park Street, Oro>- 

&SiB, sa- FHraiiiBna Fpnton, fl hart. 
(1721) b. 1790 ; iii, rlr. (rf.) of J. Ka- 
vaDBBh, Annfldniit. Wotlmealh. 
Rathaag.m, Eitdort. 

Edaa, bp. ; vide Moray nnd Bosa. 

Edao, ndiii. sir i.'burlpfl, K.n.B., bro. ai 
eir W. Ed«n, 6 Imrt., and of hp. Edfln : b. 
1808; m. 1. dr. of lir Bobcrt Williiune, 
9 birt.; 2. dr. of i-ico-odm. Henry 
Fnndt Grerille, c.n.: mntroUcr-^n. 
of the conatgiinrd 18o0-59, actively em- 
ployed during the Crimean war, loiight 
of me Uedjidio, a lord of the admiralty 

9 QMtn-t Crate Flact. KftuingloH Gere 

Eden, mini. H<-nry, k, of Thomn.<i Eden, 
WimblfdoD. dep'-auditor of Gnvnu'ifh 
boapital, and touain at nitm. sir Chorlea 
Eden; b. 1798: m. ElicBbetb, i 

' 'n GtHre and in (outh America, 

oomiDodore-aapmntendentaL Woolwich 
lftlS-63, aide-de-camp to the Queen 
1853-64, It lord uf the Admiralty 1835-68, 
I magistrBte for Norfolk. 

United Serein- : Gilllngham Hall, 

Sdm, or William, 7 burt. (1S73) b 
1849 : ei-rapt. 8 huwars. 

Wmdlei.l«'if Hall, Ferryhilt, D«r 

Edam, secerul William Hassall, col. 90 
ft. fi^in \mi. 

Bden, hon. Ae<hli'y, i.',n.i., a. ofabnrou 
Auctlimd;b. lS31;m. Eva, ' ■ 

Moner, c.n. (whose prcrioi „, 

with the rev. J. C. H. Bellew wm dia- 
Pdlred) : entered the Bengal riril iHrrim 
in 1863. Bccrctary to the b<<ard of 
in Benfral 1860-70, ihief ennin 
of British Burmoh from 1870 

Edaa. hon. Francis Fleftwood, b. of * 
bnron Auckland; b. I860. 
den, hon. Qcorec, a. of 4 biiroii Anok- 
iBud; b. 1861. 
dea, lion. Robert Henley Sluiwe, a. of 

3 baron Auckland: b. 1840 ; m. dr. of 
rev. Froderiet Hildyord, rector of Swau- 
nington, Norfolk. 

den, bon. William Morton, old. a. of 

4 baron Auckland : b. 1869. 

den, hon. Kmea, b. 1863 ; hon. 
Mary, b. 1887, dn. of 4 baron Auckland, 

den, hou. Eleanor, b. 1826; hon. 
Florence Selino, b. 1833; hon. Marin 
Harriet, b. 1836, drs. of 3 boron Auck- 

Eden. dow..lady. EUrida, dr. of col. 

Wherft-ell Priory, Haol* ; m. 

Eden, 6 bart. 

Edgar, John Wore, c.a.i. : entered tho 

Bflujfnl civil service 1861. political ofrent 

Loahoi cipet"-"— ■" '""o ■'— - 


EdKenmbe, lieut.-col. hon. Charleit 
Emeat, 1. of 3 earl of Hount-Bdgcujnbe; 
h. 1838 : ei-capt. grsoadier nude, 
aide-de-camp to iroremor of aoath Aiu- 
tntlifl (sir Jamea Fer^unon) 1SB8-73. 
5 t'tctoria Square, Pimliee, S. W. 

Edgcnmbe, hon. George, s. of 2 earl of 
Moimt-Eilecumbc ; b. 18D0; m. dr. of 
sir John Sbelley, 1 bart. : attaehf at 
the Hague 1821,awrotaiT of legation in 
Switzerland 1827, iu Italy 1830, in 
Switierlsnd 1837. in Hanover 1838-69, 
major ComwoU militia 1826-65, 

Edgonmhe, lady Eniestine Eroina, dr. 
of3earlofMounl-Edgcumbe: b. 1843. 

Edgonmbe, lady Victoria Prederica, b. 
18.>e ; lady Albertha Louiaa, b. 1861 : 
hulv Edith HiUria, b. 186^ dn. of 4 
earl of Moont-Edgeumbc. 

Edgoll, vica-adiii. Heniy Edmun^ 
C.H., a. of adm. EdgelL BtonderwicK 
Court; b. 1800; m. Ciiroline, dr. of T. 
Rowiler, Righclilfe Houae. Bucks: 
brought the "Cunning marbles" to 
England, served in the Crimea and in 

Frame, Somerirt ; 

r EdgsU, ban. mrs. 1 
I (^ borooen Sraji 





Edgell Wyatt-Edgell, B.A., rector of 
North Cray, Kent, 1834-51. 

40, Grosvenor Street^ W. ; Stanford 
Hall, Rugby. 

JBdinburgli, 1 dake of (1866) H.R.H. 
prince Alfred Ernest Albert, ll.d., 

O.C.M.O., O.C.8.I., P.O., K.T. K.O., 

second son of Queen Victoria ; b. 6 Aug. 
1844 ; m. 23 Jan. 1874, grand duchess 
Marie Alexandrovna (b. 5 Oct.^ 1853), 
dr. of Alexander 11. of Russia, and 
cousin of Prince Louis of Hesse (chief 
of the r^. of lancers of Jambourg) : 
earl of Kent and Ulster, prince of 
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, duke or Saxonv, 
educated at the universitY of Edinburgn, 
enterd the royal navy 1858, capt. of fiie 
Galatea 1867. knight of the tower and 
Bword, and oi the black eagle of Prussia, 
master of the Trinity House from 1866, 
col. 95 German (Saxe-Coburg) regt. from 
1873, of 1 London artillery volunteers 
from 1863, granted an annuity of 15,000/., 
in 1866, and an addition of 10,000/. on 

TF7iiU*Sj Travellers', Junior United 
Service; Clarence House, St. James* s, 
S. W.; Easttcell Park, Ashford. 
Edinbnrgh, bp. of. rt. rev. Henry Cot- 
terill, D.D., s. of rev. Joseph Cotterill, 
rector of Blakeney and canon of Nor- 
wich ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. of John Pam- 
ther, Bellevue, Jamaica : m.a. Cantab., 
chaplain at Madras 1836, principal of 
Brighton college 1851, bp. of Granams- 
tow-n, Cape, 1856-71, bp. of Edinburgh 
from 1871. 

Xdmonitone, rear-adm. sir William, 
C.B., 4 hart. (1774) b. 1814 ; m. dr. of 

* col. T. W. Parsons, c.M.o., Zante : 
dep.-lieut. of Stirlingshire, inspecting- 
com. of the coast guard 1844-52, com- 
modore on the west coast of Africa 1860- 
63, capt. of the steam reserve at Devon- 

fort 1864-66, aide-de-camp to the Queen 
865-69, superintendent of Woolwich 
dockyard 1866-71, m.p. (c.) Stirling- 
shire from 1874. 

United Service ; Duntreath and Ool- 
zium, KiUyth, Stirlingshire. 
Sdmonstone, dow.-lady. Emma, dr. of 
Randall Wilbraham, of Rode Hall, 
Cheshire; m. her cousin sir Archibald 
Edmonstone, 3 hart. 

34 Wilton Place, Belgrave Square, 
Sdmnnds, vice-adm. Charles ; b. 1800 : 

served in the West and East Indies, the 
Mediterranean, and on the coast of 

1h Albany, Piccadilly, W. 

Ednam, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Dudley). 

WiUiam Humble Ward ; b. 1867. 
Edwardes, sir Henry Hope, 10 bart. 

(1618) b. 1829 : ex-Ueut. 85 ft, Ueut. 

north Salop yeomanr}- from 1865. 
TFhite^s, Carlton; Wootton Hall, 

Ashbourne, Ikrbyshire ; Orleton Hail, 

Wellington, Salop ; 55 Jermyn Street, 

St. Jatncs^s, S. W. 

Edwardes, hon. Charles, s. of 2 boron 
Kensington; b. 1813. 

Edwardes, hon. Cuthbert Ellison, s. of 
3 baron Kensington; b. 1838: served in 
the Indian mutiny at Lucknow, capt. 
rifle brigade, dep.-assist.-quartermas- 
ter-gen. at Aldershot 1869-73. 

Edwardes, hon. George Warren, a. of 
2 baron Kensington ; b. 1802 : ex-capt. 
royal horse guards, auditor of accounts 
at St. Helena 1845-56, governor and 
commander-in-chief of Labuan 1856-61. 

Edwardes, hon. Henry George, s. of 3 
baron Kensington ; b. 1844 : attach^ at 
Copenhagen 1866, Rio 1868, Brussels 
1869, 2nd secretary at Pekin from 1873. 

Edwardes, hon. and rev. Thomas, s. of 
2 baron Kensington ; b. 1819 ; m. hon. 
Alice, dr. of 2 baron Brougham : m.a. 
Cantab., rector of Brougham, Westmore- 
land, 1846-63, from 1863 of Belshford, 
Horncastle, Lincoln (425/.). 

Edwardes, hon. William, eld. s. of 4 
baron Kensington ; b. 1868. 

Edwardes, hon. nirs. Richard Rosa^ 
dr. of T. Cadell ; m. 1. Hugh W. Bur- 
gess, Bath wick Hill, Somerset ; 2. hon. 
Richard Edwardes (d.), minister to the 
Argentine Confedemtion. 

Edwardes, hon. Laura Jane, b. 1887 ; 
hon. Louisa, b. 1839 ; hon. Elizabeth, b. 
1840 ; hon. Caroline, b. 1843, dra. of 3 
baron Kensington. 

67 Mount Street, Orosvenor Square, 

Edwardes, hon. Gwendolen, b. 1869 ; 
hon. Sybil Laura, b. 1871; hon. Grace 
Louisa, b. 1827, drs. of 4 baron Ken- 

Edwardes, lady. Emma, dr. of James 
Sidney, Richmond Hill, Surrey ; m. sir 
Herbert Benjamin Edwards, ll.d., 
K.c.B.,K.c.s.i. (</.), commissioner of the 



Peahawur frontier in the mutiny of 

41 Onslow Square, Brompton, S. W. 
Xdwardi, sir Bryan, b. 1799 : called 
to the bar at the Inner Temple 1825, 
chief justice and judge of the admjjralty 
at Jamaica from 1856. 

Kingftotiy Jamaica. 

Xdwardf, maj.-fen. Clement Alexander, 
C.B., B. of col. Martin Edwards, military 
secretary to the duke of York ; b. 1810 ; 
m. 1. Jane Newenham ; 2. Ada, dr. of 
Bichard Morrison, p.k.c.s.i.: served in 
China as assist. -quartermaster-gen., in 
the Burmese war 1852, in the Crimea, 
commanded the brigade at Mhow 1858- 
59, knight of the le^on of honour, in- 
spector-gen. of recnuting 1867-73. 

Senior United Service; 13 Devon- 
shire TerracCf Hyde Park, W. 

Xdwarda, sir Henry, 1 bart. (1866) b. 
1812 ; m. dr. of Thomas Coster, March- 
wood, Hants : dep.-lieut. Yorkshire and 
high sheriff in 1871, m.p. (c.) Halifax 
1847-52, Beverley 1857-69, lieut.-col. 
commandant 2 west York yeomanry 
fh>m 1863. 

Carlton, Boodle's, Junior Carlton; 
Pyenest^ Halifax ; 32 Dover Street, 
PiceadUly, fF\ 

Sdwardf, Henry, s. of J. Edwards, 
Somerton, Somersetshire ; b. 1820 : 
dep.-lieut. of the Tower Hamlets and 
of Middlesex, a merchant in London, 
M.P. (l.^ WejTnouth from 1867. 

Windham; NutMld, Medhill ; 53 
Berkeley Square, Jr. 

Sdwardi, gen. Peter. 

Sdwardi, dow.-lacly Harriet, dr. of 
rev. prebcndarj- Johnson of Wells ; 
m. 1. John Owen Herbert, of Dolvorgan ; 
2. sir John Edwards, of Greenfield, Ma- 
chynlleth and Garth, 1 bart. (ext.). 

Qreenjields, Machynlleth, Montgo- 

SfBngham, 2 earl of (1837). Henry 
Howard ; b. 1806 ; m. dr. of gen. sir 
Gordon Drummond, o.c.B. ; *^d tit. 
baron Howard of Effingham : dep.-lieut. 
of "Wilts and of the west Riding of York- 
thire, m.p. (l.) Shaftesbury 1841-45. 

Travellers^ ; Tusmore House, Bices- 
ter, Oxon ; Grange, Rotherham, York- 
shire; 67 Eaton Plaice, Bely rave Square, 

EMton, 1 baron (1859). William 
Tatton Egerton ; b. 1806 ; m. dr. of 2 

marq. of Ely: m.p. L}rmington 1830, 
North Cheshire 1832-58, maj. Cheshire 
yeomanry from 1863, lora-lieut. of 
Cheshire from 1868. 

Carlton ; Tatton Park, KntUsford. 
Cheshire ; 7 St. Janies's Square, PdU 

Egerton, sir Philip de Malpas Grey, 10 
bart. (1617) b. 1806 ; m. dr. of George 
J. Legh, of High Legh, Cheshire : b.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Cheshire, a trustee 
of the British Museum, a member of the 
senate of the University of London, 
lieut.-col. Cheshire yeomanry from 1847, 
m.p. (c.) Chester in 1830, South Cheshire 
183.5-68, West Cheshire from 1868. 

Carlton, Athenaum ; Oulton Park, 
Tarporlei/j Cheshire; 28b Albetnarle 
Street, Piccadilly, W. 

Egerton, hon. Allan de Tatton, s. of 1 
baron Egerton ; b. 1845 :m. dr. of Simon 
Watson Taylor, of Earlstoke Park, 
Wilts : lieut. 36 Middlesex rifle volun- 
teers from 1873. 
4 Portugal Street, Grosvenor Square, 

Egerton, hon. Almn-non Fulke, d.c.l., 
8. of 1 earl of Ellesmere ; b. 1825 ; m. 
dr. of lord George Cavendish : dep.- 
lieut. of Lancashire, lieut. -col. -com- 
mandant duke of Lancaster's yeomanry 
fr^m 1862, hon. col. 40 Lancadiire rif(e 
volunteers from 1860, secretary to the 
adminilt^' from 1874, m.p. (c.) South 
Lancashire 1859-68, South-east Lanca- 
shire from 1868. 

Carlton, Travellers* ; Worsley Hall^ 
Manchester ; 3 Upper Ecclcston Street^ 
Belgrave Square, S. TF. 

Egerton, hon. Alfred John Francis, s. 
of 2 earl of Ellesmere ; b. 1854 : ex.- 
lieut. 3 royal Lancashire militia, lieut. 
grenadier guards. 

Egerton, rear.-adm. hon. Francis, s. of 
1 earl of Ellesmere ; b. 1824 ; m. lady 
Louisa, dr. of 7 duke of Devonshire : 
served in the Crimea, naval aide-de- 
camp to the Queen 1865-73, a magis- 
trate for Surrey, m.p. (l.) Derbyshire 
East from 1868. 

Travellers', United Service; St. 
George's Hill, By/lcet, Weybridge ; 78 
Piccadilly, Jr. 

Egerton, hon. Seymour John Grey, s. 
of 2 earl of WUton; b. 1839; m. dr. of 
W. Russell, accountant. -gen. in chan- 
cery (s. of lord William Buaaell) : ex- 



eapt. 1 life guards, dep. -commiBSLaner of 

mnsic at Kensngton Miueum. 
24 St. Georges Square^ Bdgrave 

Boad, S.JT, 
Efferton, hon. Wilbraham, eld. s. of 1 

oaron Egerton ; b. 1832 ; m. lady Mary, 

dr. of 2 earl Amherst : m.a. Oxon., capt. 

Chmhire yeomanry firom 1863, chairman 

of Chnrth Defence Institution, ParUa- 

ment-street, from 1874, m.p. (c.) North 

Cheshire 1858-68, Mid Cheshire from 

Carlton, Traveller^ ; ItoathemfRall, 

KnuUford, Cheshire ; 45 Rutland Gate, 

KnightMbrvdge, 8. W. 
Egerton, hon. mrs. Arthtir. dr. of 

Martin Tucker Smith, m.p.; m. col. 

hon. Arthur Egerton ((/.), s. of 1 earl of * 

Sgorton, hon. Elizabeth Anna, dr. of 1 

baron Egerton ; b. 1834. 
Egerton, hon. mrs. Henrietta Elizabeth, 

dr. of 1 baron Londesborough ; b. 1836 ; 

m. capt. Philip le Belward Egerton (eld. 

8. of sir Philip de Malpos Egerton, 10 

iMurt.), b. 1833, ex-capt. coldstream 

guards, dep.-Ueut. of Cheshire. 
28b Aloemarle Sir et, PiecadiUy ; 

Oulton Park, Tarporley, Cheshire. 

Egerton, lady Mabel Laura, b. 1869 ; 
lady Alice Constance, b. 1870; lady 
Beatrice, b. 1871, drs. of 4 earl of EUes- 

Egerton, lady Louisa, b. 1835 ; vide 
lion. Francis Egerton. 

Egerton, lady Mary Frances, dr. of 2 
earl Manvers; b. 1819; m. Edward 
Christopher Egerton (rf.), m.p. Maccles- 
field 1852-69. under-secretary for foreign 
affairs 1866-68, bro. of 1 baron Egerton. 

45 Eaton Place, Eaton Square, 8. W. ; i 
MountJIeld Court, Rohertsbridge, Sussex, 

Sfferton, ladv Mary, b. 1837 ; vide 
hon. Wilbranam Egerton. 

EgUnton, 16 earl of (1507). Archibald 
TVilUam Montgomerie ; b. 1841 ; m. dr. 
of 2 earl of Yarborough ; sits as earl of 
Winton (1859) ; 2nd tit. earl of Winton 
(1600) : dep.-lieut. of Ayrshire and 
Leaiarkshire, hereditary sheriff of Ren- 
frewshire, capt. Ayrshire yeomanry from 

Carlton; Eglinton Castle, Ayr; 
Cleugheam, Lanark; Polnoon, Ren- 
frew ; 3 Upper Belgrave Street, 8. W. 

Egnont, 7 earl of (1733). Charles 
George Perceval, nephew of adm. 6 

earl; b. 1845; m. Lucy, dr. of Henrr 
King ; sits as baron Lovell and Holland 
(1762); 2nd tit. yisc. Peroeyal: b.a. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Bucks and of 
Northants, m.p. (o.) Midhurst in 1874, 
capt. Bucks yeomanry from 1874. 

Passenham Manor, Stony Stratford^ 
Northants; Calverton, Bucks; CoW' 
droy Park, Midhurst, Sussex ; Lohart 
Castle, Cork; 26 St. James's Place, S. W, 

Sgremont, dow. -countess of. Jane, 
dr. of rer. William Roberts, Eton Col- 
lege; m. George Wyndham, 4 earl of 
Egremont (extinct). 

Silverton Park, CoUumpton, Dewm; 
Orchard Wyndham, Wuliton, Taun- 

Eloho, baron (eld. s. of earl of Wemyss). 
Francis Wemyss Charteris. ll.d. ; D. 
1818 ; m. dr. of 1 earl of Lichfield : b.a. 
Oxon., LL.D. Edinbui^h, dep.-lieut. of 
Haddingtonshire, a lord of the treasury 
1852-55, M.P. (l.) East Gloucestershire 
1841-46, Haddingtonshire from 1847, 
lieut.-ool. London Scottish rifle volun- 
teers from 1860. 

Carlton ; Amisjield and Gotford 
House, Haddington; 23 St, Jameses 
Place, Pall Mall, 8. W, 

Eldon, 3 earl of (1821). John Scott ; 
b. 1845 ; m. dr. of capt. H. M. Tumor ; 
2nd tit. vise. Encomlx}. 

Junior Carlton ; Encomhe, Wareham, 
Dorset ; Shirley, Croydon ; 1 Hamilton 
Place, Piccadilly, W. 

Eldridge, Charles Monroe : treasnrer 
of Antigua 1863, immigration i^ent 
1864, acting colonial secretary 1865-67, 
secretary to the government of St. Kitts 
and Nevis 1869, president of Dominica 
from 1872. 

Elgin, 9 earl of (1633), and 12 earl of 
Kincardine (1647). Victor Alexander 
Bruce; b. 1849; sits as baron Elgin 
(1849) ; 2nd tit. baron Bruce : B.A. 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Fife. 
Broom Hall, Dunfermline, Fife. 

Elgin, dow. -countess of. Mary, dr. of 
1 earl of Durham ; b. 1819 ; m. 8 earl of 
Elgin, govemor.-gen. of India. 

^Elibank, 10 baron (1643). Montolien 
Fox Oliphant Murray ; b. 1840 ; m. dr. 
of Edwu^ Scott, Southsea : retired com- 
mander royal navj-. 

Elihank Cottage, Selkirk; BaUm- 
erieff, Haddington ; Damhall, Peebles, 



Sibank, master of (eld. s. of baron 
Elibank). Alexander William Charles 
Oliphant Murray ; b. 1870. 
Bilwmlr, dow.-biironess. Emily, dr. of 
Archibald Montgomer>', Whim, Peebles, 
and niece of sir James Montgomer}', 1 
bart. ; m. 9 baron Elibank. 
Darnhallj PeebUs. 
Biot, lord (eld. s. of earl of St. Ger- 
mans). William Gordon ComwaUiB 
Eliot ; b. 1829 : secretary of legation in 
Brazil 1859, Portugal 1864-66, m.p. 
Deronport 1866-68, summoned to the 
house of peers in his father's barony of 
EUot in 1870. 

TraveUers" ; 36 Dover Street, Picea- 
dilbj, IF.; Port Eliot, St. GennanM, 
Corn wall, 
Biot, gen. John, r.a. ; b. 1787 ; m. 
Catherine, dr. of Andrew Tracy : dep.- 
lieut. of Devon, retired on full pay as 
col. royal Bon^ artillery. 
Barley Houm, Plymouth. 
Sliot, hon. Charles George CJomwallis, 
B. of 3 earl St. Germans ; b. 1839 ; m. 
dr. of air John Guest, 1 bart. : ex-capt. 
grenadier guards, a groom of the privy 
ehambcr to the Queen from 1871, 
equerry to Princess Christian of Sehlcs- 
wig-Holstein from 1869. 

2 Ovington Gardetis, Brompton, S. W. 
Xliot, hon. Henry Comwallis, s. of 3 
earl of St. Germans ; b. 1835 : serA-ed i 
in the royal navy 1848-53, a clerk in 
the foreign office from 1855. 
36 Dover Street, Piccadilly, W. 
Xliott, adm. Russell, s. of sir William 
Eliott, 7 bart. ; b. 1799 ; m. 1. dr. of sir 
William Russell, bart. ; 2. Henrietta, dr. 
of sir John Lister Kaye, 1 bart., and 
"Widow of John Ward : served in the 
West Lidies and on the South ^Vmerican 
station, inspector-gen. under the Edin- 
burgh board for the relief of Highland , 
destitution 1847-49. 
Sliott, sir William Francis Augustus, 
8 bart. (1666) b. 1827 ; m. dr. of Robert 
Wood, Quebec : ex-lieut. 93 ft. 

Stoos Castle, Hawick ; Wells House, 
Jedburgh ; Thames Bank House, Mort- 
lake, Surrey. 
Eliott, lady. Georgina, dr. of gen. 
Russell, bengal army ; m. sir Daniel 
Eliott, K.c.s.i. (d.), governor of Madras 
(«. of sir W. F. Ehott, 6 bart.). 
12 Boltons, West Brompton, S. W. 
Sllttiiboroiigh, 8 baron (1802). Charles 
Edmmid Law, nephew of earl of Ellen- 

borough, o.c.B. ; b. 1820 ; m. 1. dr. of 4 
carl of Warwick : 2. dr. of rev. John 
Fitzgerald Day, Beaufort House, Kil- 
liimey ; 3. dr. of Alexander Ogilby, Pel- 
lipar,*Londondcrrv; 4. Beatrice, dr. of sir 
Norton Enatchbull, 10 bart.: served in 9 
lancers in Sutlej campaign, ex-lieut. - 
col. 61 ft. Army and Navy; Holly 
Spring, Bracknell, Herts: 39 Chapel 
Street, Belgrave Square, W. 
Ellesmere, 3 earl of (1846). Francis 
Charles Granville Egerton ; b. 1847 ; m. 
dr. of 2 marq. of Normanby ; 2nd tit. 
vise. Brackley: b.a. Cantab., capt. duke 
of Lancaster's yeomanry from 1869. 

Bridgewater House, Cleveland Square^ 
S. W. ; Worsley Hall, Manchester ; 
Burwood, Cobham, Surrey. 
Ellesmere, dow. -countess of. Mary 
Louisa, dr. of 1 earl Cawdor ; b. 1826 ; 
m. 2 earl of Ellesmere. 

Bridgewater House, Cleveland Sg,, 
St. James's ; Burwood House, Cobham^ 
Ellioe, Edward, s. of rt. hon. Edward 
Ellice, war secretary 1833 ; b. 1817 ; m. 
1. dr. of gen. Balfour, of Balbimie; 2. dr. 
of T. C. Nagart, and widow of A. Speixv, 
Elderslie, Renfrew : m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Invemesa-shire, a magistrate 
for Inverness-shire, Fifeshire, and Banff- 
shire, M.p. (L.) Hudderafield 1837, St. 
Andrew's from 1837. 

Reform, Brooks' ; Glennaquoich, In-' 
vergarry, Inverness; 28 Grosvenor 
Sf/uare, W. 
Ellice, lieut.-fijen. sir Charles Henry, 
K.C.B., 8. or gen. Robert Ellice, and 
nephew of rt. hon. Edward Ellice ; b. 
1823 ; m. dr. of William Henry Lamb- 
ton, and niece of 1 earl of Durham: 
ser\'ed in the Indian mutiny, commanded 
the south-eastern district 1*8(34-68, quar- 
termaster-gen. 1871-74, adjutant-gen. 
from 1874. 85 Eaton Place, S.W, ; 
Horningsheath, Bury St. Edmonds. 

Ellice, lady Jane Harriet, dr. of 3 earl 
of Radnor; b. 1819; m. William Ellice 
(s. of W. Ellice, M.P., and nephew of 
rt. hon. Edward Ellice), b. 1814. 

27 Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor 

Ellicot, bp. ; vidt Gloucester. 

Elliot, adm. sir Charles, s. of rt. hon. 
Hugh Elliot, governor of Madras, and 
nephew of 1 earl of Minto ; b. 1801 ; m. 
dr. of Robert Harley Windsor : consul- 
general of Texaa 184 1-46, superintendent 



of Britiah trade in China 1834-41, 

Syernor of Bermuda 1846-54, of Trini- 
d 1854-56, of St. Helena 1863-70. 
Ath^rueunif Vhi$ed Service. 

Elliot, col. Charles, O.B., s. of James 
Elliot, of Wolflee. and bro. of sir Walter 
Elliot, K.C.8.I.; b. 1819; m. dr. {d.) of 
nr A. Bamsay, 2 hart: superintcniaent 
of Astagram diyision, Mysore, from 

Elliot, very rev. dean Gilbert, d.d., s. 
of rt. hon. Hugh Elliot; b. 1800; m. 1. 
^. of P. Brydone, Berwick ; 2. dr. of 
Charles Dickinson, Farley Hill Court, 
Berks: m.a. Cantab., dean of Bristol 
from 1850. 

Farley Hill Court, Beading; The 
Deanery, Bristol. 

Elliot, sir George, 1 hart. (1874), s. of 
Balph Elliot, Pensher, Durham ; b. 1814 ; 
m. Margaret dr. of G. Green, of Durham : 
president of the institute of mining 
ennneers, formerly of the firm of Glass, 
£lnott,and Co. .wire-rope manufacturers, 
M.p. (c.) North Durham Jan. 1868-74, 
and from J\me 1874. 

Junior Carlton, Whitehall; Houah- 
ton Mally Feticehoueetf Durham ; Aoer- 
aman House, Glamorgan ; 1 Park St., 
Park Lane, W,; 23 Great George St., 
Westminster, S. W. 

Elliot, adm. George, s. of adm. hon. 
sir George Elliot, k.c.b., m.p.; b. 1812 ; 
m. Susan, dr. of lieut.-col. Wauchope. 
Niddrie Marischal, Midlothian: senrea 
on the South American, African, Indian, 
and West Indian stations, aide-de-camp 
to the Queen 1856-58, superintendent of 
Portsmouth dockyard 1858-62, m.p. (c.) 
Chatham from 1874. 

17 St. George* s Square, Pimlieo, S. W. 

Elliot, George William, s. of sir George 
Elliot, Houghton Hall, Durham, hart., 
M.p. ; b. 1844 ; m. dr. of Charles Taylor, 
Sunderland: m.a. Cantab., a colliery 
owner,M.P. (c.) Northallerton from 1874. 
Carlton, Garrick; 1 Park Street, 
Park Lane; Langton Hall, North- 
allerton, Yorkshire. 

Elliot, rt. hon. sir Heniy George, 
O.C.B., p.c, s. of 2 earl of Minto ; b. 
1817; m. dr. of sir Edmund Antrobus, 
2 bart. : secretary to the governor of 
Tasmania (sir John Franklin) 1836-39, 
secretary of legation at the Hague 1848, 

at Vienna 1853, enyoy to Denmark 1858, 
to Naples 1859, to Greece, 1862, to Italy 
1863, ambassador at Constantinople from 

Elliot, Richard Co£5n, o.b. : senred in 
the Crimea, and in India, knight of the 
legion of honour, and of the Medjidie, 
dep.-inspector-gen. of hospitals. 

Elliot, sir Thomas Frederick, K.c.M.O., 
s. of rt. hon. Hugh Elliot, governor of 
Madras, bro. of 1 earl of Minto ; b. 1808; 
m. 1. dr. of James Perry, of tho 
"Morning Chronicle" ; 2. dr. of adm. 
sir Bobert Howe Bromley, Stoke HalL 
Notts : secretary to governor-general of 
Canada (earl of Gosford) 1835-38; chief 
of the first department of emigration in 
England 1838-47, assistant-under-secre-^ 
tary for the colonies 1847-68. 

Athaiaum; 7 Onslow Sq.,BromptOHy 

Elliot, sir Walter, k.c.8.1., s. of James 
Elliot, Wolflee, Koxburgh ; b. 1803 ; m. 
dr. of Sir David Hunter Blair, 3 bart. : 
entered the East India civil service in 
1820, political agent in the Mahratta 
country 1822-23, member of the board 
of revenue at Madras 1837-48, commis- 
sioner of the northern circuit 1848-54, 
senior member of council at Madras 

New {Edinburgh) ; TraveUers* ; 
Wolflee, Hawick. 

Elliot, major-gen. William Hamilton, 
B.A. : retired on full pay as col. 

16 Campdefi House Boad, Kensington^ 

Elliot, hon. Arthur Kalph Douglas, s. 
of 3 earl of Minto ; b.l846 : m.a. Oxon. 
4 Harcourt Buildings, Temple, B.C.; 
48 Eaton Square, S. Jr. 

Elliot, adm. hon. Charles Gilbert, o.B., 
s. of 2 earl of Minto ; b. 1818 ; m. 1. dr. 
of sir Edward Blackett, 6 bart. ; 2. lady 
Harriet, dr. of 1 earl of Bavensworth : 
naval aide-de-camp to the Queen 
1857-63, commander-in-chief in South 
America 1864-66, at Sheemess 1870-73. 

Elliot, hon. George Francis Stewart, s. 
of 2 earl of Minto; b. 1822: M.A. Can- 
tab., called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 
1847, private secretary to earl Bussell 
when foreign secretary, and also when 
first lord of the treasury 1859-66. 



L. Cm- 

48 JUdu Square, 8. IF. 
ZUiot, hon. William Fitzwillism, b. of 

3eMlofMinto; b. 1M9 : lieut, 93 ft. 
ZDIot, hoD. DUB. Gilbert, dr. of rt. 

niT. bp. Gilbert, of Chicheatcr ; m. col. 

hon. Uilbert Elliot, nBe brigaJe {d.). 

5 Slartltope Fla/x. Syde Park, ilT. 
niiot, hon. ran. Annn Mario, dr. of 

16 baroD Trirolestoa ; b. 1S3B ; m. 
Eobt Henry Elliot, b. 1837. 
Clifton Park, KeltB. 
■mot, lady Charlotte, sis. of 6 earl of 

Southeik ; b. ; m. 1. Thomas 

Scrimgeoui Fothariagham, of Fother- 
Tn i^«m ^ Forfar ; 2. Frederick BoUeau 
^^ot (■■ of adm. hon. lir George Elliot, 


■lUot, lady Harriet, b. 1836 ; vidi 

SUiot, lady. dr. of William Cowell, 
Eait India company's service; m. air 
Henry Hieis ElGot, i.c?.B. (if,), fordgn 
■aore^ij to the goTsmor-genersl of 
India in cannoil. 
7 Stan/tope Stmt, Syde Park, W. 

Elliott, ladv. Jane, dr. of William Aah- 
more,8l. Matthew's, Ipswich; m. gen. 
sir William Hemy EUiott, e.b,, o.C.b, 

ai Cambridgt Square, W. 

XlUatt,miqor-gen. George, s.M. : served 
In Spain 1837, in China 1842, and in 
the Ciimea, knight ot San Fernando, 
and of the Madjidie, retired on full pay 
as lieut-ool. 

ZUiott, major-gen. Wm. Rossell : ex- 
liBuL-cd. Bei^al staff corp^ served in 
the Punjab campaign 1846-49, including 
the ^>se of Mooltan and the battle of 

jab 1867-7*. 

XUii, Robert Stannton, c.b. : entered 
the Madras civil Mrvice in 1841. chief 
aecreUiy to the government of Madras ' 
1886-72, member of the council at, 
Madnu from 1872. i 

KlUa. hon. Augnatiu William Charles, | 
1. of 6 baron Howard de Walden; b, | 

KUiii hon. Cbarles Artbnr, s. of 6 1 
baron Howard de Walden ; b. 1839 : 
B.A, OioD.,called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1868. 

6 Sovth Btmt, Orat^mar Sq., W. I 

, .. __ . J. of 

6 baron Howard de "Vi 
Elll*, hon. John Charles, b.h 
baron Howaid de Walden ; b. 
EUia, hon. Leopold Georff 

of 3 vise. Clilden; b. I8_. , „. 

Harriet, dr. of 3 baron Camoys : called 
to the bar 1864, major Kilkenny militia 
1860-70,11- '- ■ '■■■■ ■'■■^- -■ 

re Agar-, bro. 

4, major Kilkenny militia 
(Lj tilkennv 1K7.74. 

Elli*, hon. and rev. William Charlei, 
B. of 6 baron Howard de Walden ; b. 
dr. of Henry Metcalfe Amea, 

jTb^^., , , . 

(I400f.) fiomlSei. 
S/uepwaih Seclory, 3lorpttk. 
Ellis, hon. Harriet Georginn, b. ISSl ; 

hoii. Charlotte Isabella, b. 1831, An. of 

6 Howard de Walden. 
EUis, hon. Lilah Qeorgitia Aognsta 

Agar-, dr. of 4 TiM . Clifden ; b. 1^2. 
Sllii, hon. mT«, AnKostDs, dr. of air 

David Dick Conynghome, 4 bait. ; m. 

tieut.-col. hon. Augustus Ellis (d.). 
Ellis, hon. mra. Mina, dr. of S baron 

Taunton ; b. 1813 ; m. lieut, -col. Arthur 

Ellis, grenadier guards (s. of lieut.-col. 

hon. Augustus Frederick Ellis, s. of 1 

baron Seaford), b. 1837, eqacrry to the 

prince of Wales from 1870. 
36 FUcadiay, W. 
EUiton, hon. mrs. Alary, dr. of 4 baron 

HokBby;b. ; m, col. Robert EUisoo 

id.), Hepburn Hall, Gateshead. 
8 WUton Place, Bilgravt Sguar; 

S. JV. ; Sipbum Ball, 0attthea4,I>\ir- 

Elmhint, nuuor-geD. Charles, o.b., b. 
of Bichard Ehnhirst, of West Abbey 
Grove, LiDcoln, m^or Lincoln "lilitiw ; 
b. 1609 : served in Ai&haiiistBii in 1842 
with 9 ft., and in tbc Crimea, knight of 
the legion of honour, and of the Medjidie, 
commanding the infantry tjrigade ai 
Malta from 1674. 

Elmley, vise. (eld. s. of earl Betm- 

•tHphlMtone, 15 baron (1500). Wil- 
liun Buller Futlerton Elphinstone ; b. 


B lont in vrattini; to the Qu»n from 

Carlton, Annv and ^irry; Car- 
btn-u nicer, Muactiurgh. 

Elphiiutone, sir Hoviiril, F.R.a,, d.c.i.. 
2 bait. (1816) b. 1804; ra. dr. of J. 
Cnrtcis, K.F,, ^'iDdmill HilL Sunei : 
ii.i.Oxoii.,<sUvd tothGbnrntLiDcolii'i 
Inn 1840, u.i-. Hutiiieii 1836-37, Lcwea 
IWl-47, dep.-lieut. of Sus»ei. 
RrfoTin, AthaHTHin, 

Uphinitor" " ' ---"- 

ir Hovard Crsnftini, 

AieiandpT Elphiiurtone, rovnl lUTj ; h, 
1830: Mrvr?d in the Crimea when lie 
receired the Victoria eras. kniEht of the 
legioa of hnnour, and of tbe Hodjidic. 
KovemoT to prince Arthur 1869-71. 
trcuurer to prince Arthur fnim 1871, 
comnuindiLDt roTnl etiginefT train ^m 
jHiiufl- UmlHl Sfrriei. 
2bnrt. {1828) b. 1806; m, dr. of licut.- 
cen. sir JohnHcronMQiwpU.4 bart. : for 
man}' vcan a captain in the Emit India 
ahire, M.P. fc.) jWtmiauth 1857-65. 
Hnd from 1868, a lord of Ibe tnutui^- 
from 1874. 

CarllBH. TraTeOen' ; La^it Elphin- 
utoM, Pilmplt, Ahtrdtfiahtrc. 
BpliiiutiniB, hon. Edward ChHclrs, bro. 
at 16 baron EtphinEtone: b. 1832; 
m. dr. of rt- hon, at Georpt Clerk, 
K.C.B.I., 7hart.: px-capt. 92 ft., ai<lo- 
df'-camp to the ^rernor of Ikiinbav 
(13 baron Elphiiulonc] 1853-67. cipi. 
1 BtirlinK rifle Toluntetn from 1863. 
Elphinitoite, hon, George Junes, n. 

bro. of 15 boron Elphinatone; b. 184i. 
ElphiiutOBe, hon. Junes Dmiomond, 
maaler of Elphinstone, eld, 9. of 15 baron 
EIphinMone ; b. IB65. 
BphinttOBs. hon. Monntstaort Wil- 
liam, B. of 16 hnion Elphinrtonc; b. 
ElphiiutaiM, hon. Sidne}- Herbert, a. 

of 15 baron Elpbinitone ; b. 1869. 
Slphiaitimc, hon. Lilitm, h. 1867 ; 

hon. , b. 1873, drs. of 13 baron. 

Sringtan, col. Frederick Robert, t-.v. -. 
wmi in the Crimea with tbe rifle bri- 
gade, )cni«;ht of the leiion of honour, 
and of the tledjidie, eoi. of the brignde 
dep6t at Wineheiter 1873-71, lieut.-col. 
h.p. brigade depot. 

Elton, sir Arthnr Hnllani, 7 bart. 
11717) b. 1818; m, dr. (rf.) of J. 
Willis. Hampton Court, and iridow of 
Cnpl. James Baird, 16 huHsia: <^-tiBDt. 
14 ft., dep.-lieut, of SomerHtithin'. and 
hifh ibcnff in 1857. m.p, Balh 1857-5Q, 
ex-capt. 1 Somersetehirc artillcrj' rolon- 

AthenaMiK: dfrirhii Otiirl. BriiM. 

Elton, sir Edward Marwood, 1 bart. 
(1838) b, 1801; M,*. Oion.. railed to 
the bar at the Middle Temple 1827, dep.- 
lieul. of DcTon, and high «hrrtff in 

JJfftnu, Drtml-t' ; Widtcorlhg Court, 
mailan, DtrDh ; 31 Ctarlti Sfrttt, 
Brrirki) Sqaeri. 

EItot, air Georea, Mre. D., %. of John 
ElTev, CantCTbnrj-: b. 1816; m. dr. of 
Ri cluirdyarvii, CHmbrid^eTeTTBee. H jdc 

Windsor, from 1835, lo the Queen from 

C!oUtir$, Windnr CatUt. 

ElwTn, mBJor-gen, John Harvey, b.a.; 
commanded tho artilletr in the Suin- 
bulpore diilripta dorinj the Indian mu- 
tiny. retin<d on Ml pay ai lieut.-mL 
roial Modrai nriillerr. 

ElwTii, licut.-gen. Thomas, r.a. : ex- 

■Ely. i marq. of (18101, John Henrr 
WcllinfrtoD Oiaham Ijiftu*, b. I84S ; 
aita oa baron Loftui (18D1) ; 2nd til, 
Ti»c. Loftui. * 

Elt/ CntlU.FtrmUHiiffh ; LefliuHtIt, 
Ely. dow. -niarchioneaq of, Jane, dr, 

n. 3 miai\. of Rlr : a ladv of the bed- 
chamber to the Queen from 1S->I (500/.). 
EluLodgr, Ennutillm ; LbTIhi Hill, 
Ely, 58 bp. of (HOB), rt. rev. Janie* 
Kuwll Woodford, n.n.. •. of Jtme* 
Rumell Woodford, HpnlcT-on-Thnmea ; 
b. 1820: K.A.Olon.,inruinbentnfCo)il- 
pit hcalh, Gloucertenhir?. 1646. of St. 
MarkV Lower Eaaton, 1848. vicor of 
Keniprford 1865, of Leeda 1868-73, hon. 
canon of Christ church. Oxford, chap- 
lain to tbe Queen 1872-73, chaplain 1 
Cnmbridaeshire rifle rolunteen from 
1874. bp. of Ely from 1873 (56007.). 
Thr Palair,' Ely : 37 Borer StrttI, 


nr. dam of (ISOO^.) ; vidt C. TtleriTHlo. 
Br, orchdeacoa of (fliKlf.) ; vide W. 

Xbutj, ven. archdeacon WilliBtn, B.C. : 
U.K. Cantab., Brclidpiu™i of Ely from 
Tht CBlUgi, £lff. 
Xmlr, 1 baron (1873). WiUiom Mon- I 
•el!, r.c. : b. IBW ; m. 1. ilr. of 2 earl ' 
erf Uuniavcn ; i. BerthB, dr. of count <ie I 
Mant%n)' lioulniuvillicn : u.A. Oion., 
olerk ot the onjnanue liSo'i~V, president 
of the board of health in IUo7, vicv- 
pnaident of the bourd of trade in 1S6G, • 
ander-ucntar)- for the coloniL'a 1868-69, 
postmastcr-gcucral 1869-7^ dep.-lieut. 
(f Ijiaerick and high sherill' m 1836, < 
11.P. (L.) Limeritk 1847-73, bon.-cMil. 
limerick county militia from 1861, lonl- 
lieot. of Limericli from 1867. 

AthenauiH, Stafford, Oxford aitd 
Cambridgt; Tei-cae, Liniericl;. \ 

EmlTD, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Cnwdor). i 
Fndetick Archibald Vauf^han Cajiipbell ; 
b. 1847 ; m. dr. of Christopher (and 
lady Caroline) Tumor, of Stoke Roch- 
ford, Lincoln; m.a. (Jxon., m.p. (o.) 
Carmarthenshire from 18H, dcp.-ticut. 
of Carmartheuslure, and of I'eui broke - 
■hire, ei-capt. Caimorthcn artillery 

Carlton, JfTiilc't ; Golden Orane, 
Liandila, CermartAeii; *2 mitoa Crn- 
ttnf, Belgrarc Square. 
]59«amba, vise. (eld. a, of earl of Eldon). 

John Scott; b. 1870. 
Enfleld, vise, (cid. s. of earl of Straf- 
ford) . George Henry Charles lij-ng ; 
b. 1S30 ; m. dr. ot 1 earl of Ellcsiuero : 
M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Uidilleeex, 
pariiameDtiUT secretary to the poor law 
board 1BS5-46, under secretary for foreign 
aflbin 1870-74. a.v. (l.) Taviatoek 
1852-57, Middlesex 1S57-74, Heut.-col. l 
conunandant west Middlesei mililia 
. 1859-73, hon. col. ftoni 1873, caUed to 
thehoiue of pecn in 1874 in hiafather> ! 
barony of Stratford. 

Boodlt't, White'!, Brookt' ; 7 Charlet 
Street, Berkelen Square iPehtrty Lodge, 
Beaulieu, New Foreil, Haute. 
gp gland, gen. airRicbard, K.K,, O.C.B., 
s. of lieut.-gen. Eichord Engltmd, Lif- 
fori Ennis, Clare; b. 1793; m. 1. dr 
of John Anderson; 2. dr. of Kichard 
Fonntayne Wilson, Melton Park, York- 
■hire : aerred at the siege of Flushlug, 

in Sicily, in France (I81S), in the Kalfli 
and Afifthnn van, lomraaudcd a diiision 
of infantry in the Criiiica, );taDd crosa of 
the legion of honour, knight of the 
lledjidie, coL 41 ft. from 1H61. 

United Strvire ; St. Jfargareft, 
TUehfield, Hanle; 10 Cheiter Street, 

JStlsrave Sqiui 

EngUnd, gen. Poole VallaniMiy, B.A. : 
served in the expedition to the 'VTsser 
1805-6, to the Cape of Good Hope and 
South .linerii'a lHa6-7, and in the Fe- 
niueula, including the buttle of Vittoria 
— I .!._ _: — -'San Sebastian, col.- 

Engllih, mai.-gen. Fmlerick, c.b., s. 
ofeol.FrederifkEnglish,iL.K.; b.lS17; 
m. KUen, dr. of rear-adm. air Frajicia 
Collier : served in the Indian mutiny, 
and comnuiDdcd the 53 ft. at the aiege 
and capture of Lucknow, retired on full 
pay us lieut.-col. 53 ft. 

Bnnli.j sir John, 1 bart. (1888) b. 
1806 ; m. dr. of David Henry, Dublin : 

and high aherili' in 1849, dep-l 

,f Dublin 

Westmeath. and high slientf in 1837, 
ci-govemor of the bank of Ireland, 
U.I'. (^L.) Athlone 1857-65. 

Sc/erm ; BalUaahoa-eii Court, Atk- 
toiie; f> Herrioii Square Eaet,J}MiH. 
Ennii, John Jaiues, 8. of bit Jobii 
Entds, I bart.: b. IS42: x.A. Oxon., 
dep.-licnt. of Westmeath, and high 
■heriff in 1866, ii.F. (l.) Athlonefrom 

Jteform; Ballinahoirai, AtUmu ; 9 
Place, Pail MitIK S. jr. 
Ennii, Nicholas, a. of James Ennis, 
Kuul Park ; b. 1815 ; m. ilr. of Owen 
Kicran, Bathbrist, Louth : educated at 
Carlow college, a tenant- burner in Ueath, 
M.p. (H.K.)lleath Bounty from 1874. 

AaricHlturat ISiMiii) ; Claremmt, 


EnniikiUen, 3enrIof(I7Se). William 

WiUoughby Cole.n.c.L. ; b, 1807 ; m. 1. 

dr. of James A. Caaamajor ; 2. dr. ot 6 

vise. Midlclon; aits as baron Grinstod 

I (1816) ; '2nd tit. vise. Cole : dep.-lieut. 

' ofFermanagh. M.P.Fermanagh 1831-40, 

! col. Fermanagh militia from 1834. 

Carlton ; Florence Court, Ferma- 
I »agh ; 65 Ealon Finer, 8. IF. 


b. 1866. 

fcle, rt. boo. Peter, q.c, r.c., b. of rev. 
Chrutflpher Erie, Qillinsriuiii, Unnet. 
and bra. of cbief jusHoe Kris; b. 1797 ; 
ID. dr. of rev. Joeeph Fearoa, virar of 
Cuukliold, Suuex; H.A. Oxon., mlleil 
to the bar at the Middle Temple 1821, 
queen' ■ couiwel lS54,Gliiefci()n]ini«ioner 

12 Fark Crciemt, Farttand Flate, 

XtIb, rt. lion, sir Williitni, d.c.l., p.c, 
«. of rey. Chriatopher Erie, GillWham, 
Dorset ; b. 1793 : m. dr. of rev. David 
WUIinma, warden of New CoUcee, Ox- 
ford: M.A. Oxon., called to the bar 
1819, kins'* counsel 1834, K.P. Q^tari 
city Ip37-41. judge in the rommon pteas 
1841, in queen's benrh 1846. chief jus- 
tice of the common plcai 1889-66. 
AlhrviTHHi; SrnmaliBll Graiigf.Lip- 

a Kilmi 

LDck (1831): 1 


Walerford ; 2nd tit. i-ik. Erne : high 
ihcriff of Fermonaffb in 1831, and of 
Donegal in 1833, lord-lieut. of Fenna- 
nuhWu IB40. 

CnrltoH ; Crum Cnitlr, XckIoh But- 
ler, Fermttiiegh ; 96 Eaton Sqnnrt, S. W. 

Eninffton, air Rowland StRnle;. 11 
hart. (1661) b. 1809; m. dr. (if.) of 
lieut.-gen. sir John Uacdoosld, o.c.b. ; 
dep.-lieut. of Northumberland, major 1 
Northumberland ride volunteen 1809- 

Whitt-t, Trareilrrs- ; Sandhoe, Ha- 
ham : faddmstan Ball, Cheittr. 

BRington, niaj.-gen. Arnold C'hiirlca, ; 
bro, of Georne S. ErrinKton, of Leiden 
Park, Colchester; b. 1806; m. dr. (rf.) 
of — - Loudnn : served n-ith 61 ft. in 
Burmah tSS2. 

BRiagtoa, George, a. of Michael Er- 
rineton, Casino, Dublin, by sLiter of rt. 
hon. E. More O'Eertall ; b. 1839 : cdu- 
rated at the Roman Catholic universitv. 
Dublin, knight of justice of the »ve- 
rei(tn nrdei of Malta, m.p. (h. r.) Long- 
ford county from 1874. 

SttoU. 17 earl of (1453). WiUiam 
Ham- Hav; b. 1823; m. dr. of gen. 
bon.'i'ir Cliarlca Gore (nhe it a Udr of, 

tit. baron Kjlmaraock : hereditary lord 
high constable of Scotland, dep.-lieut. 
of Aberdeenshire, cx-maj. ritie brigade, 
served in the Crimea, kniicht of the 

Bra/In', Sffonn ; Slaintt Caitir, 

George Newnham, Nen-tiiober 1 , 

Sussex, and O'idair of Thonuis Lo^h, 
Adlington, Cheahire^ attach^ at Tunn, 
Naples, and Lisbon 1824-27, 

/H»ior CarltoH ; Bonhhnll, Manla- 
fitld, Chtthire; 137 -IfoHii. Ftrade, 

EnUne, baron (eld. b. of earl of KelUe). 
Walter John Francis Ewkine ; h. 1865. 

Eraldne, sir Thomas, 2 tnrt. (1821) 
b. 1824 ; m. dr. of John Ffolliott, m.p., 
HoUybrook, Sligo r cx-l!eut. 71 ft.dep.- 
lieut. of Dcnbiiih, Cnmarrnn, and Fife, 
lieut.-i'ol. 1 Fifesbire ride volunteers 
from I860. 

Boodle t; Camho Rouu, SI. An- 
drew;, Fifi. 

Enkine, adm. John El pbin stone, g, of 
Dai-id Erskine, of Cardroes; b. 1806: 
M.F. (L.) Slirlingshire ISG5-74, served 
on the North Ameri<.4n, West Indian, 
and Australian stBtionn, aide-de-camp 
to the Queen 1 856-87, second in corn- 
maud of the channel squadron 1869-$!. 
Trarfllcrn', UnilfdSerrue; Curdraii, 
Slirliiia ; Loehriid. Slirliu!/ ; IL Jl- 
bani/, Fiaadilly, W. 

Bnkine, uii^.-gen. George : serveil in 
the Crimea niCh 33 ft., knight of the 
Medjidie, inipector-gea, of volunteere 
1886-68, commanding Chatham district 
'ram 1872. 

(kbis, hon. Albnuy Stuart ilar, a, 
of 13 earl of Buchsn ; b. 1862. 

Snmileri' ; 107 Jidgrnn Road, S. W. 

Enkine, hon. Aueustua William, a. of 
12 earl of Sellie ; li. 1841 ; m. dr. of 
TVilliam Forbes, of Mcdwj-n, FeebW: 
ex-Ueut. 17 lancers, 

.Vara/ and M Hilary ; Caltdoniaii, 
Edinburgh ; Bowcar, hrHrilh. 

Enkfns, hon. Charles Herbert Stenart, 
B.of l2earlofEeme: b. 1363. 

Enkine, hon, David, b. of 2 baron 

Erekine; b. 1815; m. I. dr. of Joaiah 

Tannania ; 2. dr. of capt. J. 

farford. Natal: ei-maj. 21 ft., aerved 

ith SI n. and 21 A. in Australia and 




India, ftipendiary magistrate in Tas- 
mania l»ld-49, colonial secretary at 
Natal (800/.) from 1858. 
Nataly SotUh Africa. 

Xrikiae, hon. Edward Morris, c.b., s* 
of 2 bfljron Erskine; b. 1817 ; m. widow 
of Andrew Loughnan : secretary of lega- 
tion at Florence 1852, Washington 1(38, 
Stockholm 1858, St. Petersburg 1860, 
Constantinople 1860, enroy to Greece 
1864, to Sweden and Norway (3000/.) 
from 1872. 

SnUne, hon. George Francis Albany, 
B. of 12 earl of Buchan ; b. 1823. 

Xrtldne, hon. James Augustus, bro. 
of 12 earl of KeUie ; b. 1812 ; m. 1. dr. 
of lieut.-gen. Henry Ivatt Uclacombe ; 
2. dr. of George Broidie, advocate, Edin- 
burgh : served as a capt. of 8 regiment 
of Anglo-Spanish legion 1835-36, knight 
of the order of San Fernando, assist. - 
commi88ar>'-gen. 1850-66, and again 
from 1867 at Dover. 

Xnkiiie, hon. James Stuart, s. of 2 
baron Erskine ; b. 1839 ; ni. countess 

Xnkine, hon. John Cadwallader, s. of 
2 baron Erskine ; b. 1804 ; m. 1. dr. of 
John Martyn, TjTone ; 2. Mar}*, dr. of 
coL Alexander Campbell, c.b., k.h., 
Blackbum House, Ayr: in the Bengal 
civil service 1826-53, assist. -secretary in 
the territorial and judicial department, 
Boigal, 1830, assist. -commissioner of re- 
venue, Jvsore, 1836, political agent at 
Subatho 1841, resident at Nepaul 1845- 
35 Seymour Street, Portman Square. 

Srikme, hon. mrs. Thomas, dr. of m^'. 
Watson ; m. hon. and rev. Thomas 
Erskine (£?.), s. of 14 earl of Mar. 

Xnkine, lady Elyne Mary, b. 1866; 
ladv Constance EUse, b. 1869, drs. of 13 
earl of Kellie. 

Snkine, lady Millicent Fannv St. Clair, 
b. 1867 ; lady SybU Marj- iSt. Clair, b. 
1871, drs. of 4 earl of Kosslyn. 

Xnkine, lady Horatia Elizabeth, dr. of 
5marq. of Hertford ; b. 1842 ; m. Henrj* 
iavid Erskine, b. 1838, ex-<apt. Scots 
fusilier guards, gentleman usher of the 
privy chamber, groom of the robes to 
the Queen from 1871. 

Ouard^ ; CardrosSyStirihia; 13 Cow- 
nauffht Place, fff/ffe Park, IF. 

Enkine, dow. -baroness. Anna, dr. of 
William Cunningham Graham, of Gart- 
more, Stirling; m. 1. Thomas Calder- 
wood Durham, of Largo, Fife ; 2. as hit 
third wife, 2 baron Erskine ; 3. ven. 
John Sandford, b.d. (</.), arphd. of Co- 
ventry and rector of Aivechurch, Bromi- 
grove, Worcestershire. 
Aivechurch, Redditeh. 

Enkine, dow. -lady. Jane Silence, dr. 

and heir of rev. Hugh Williams, of 

Conway, Carnarvon, and Pwllycrochon, 

Denbigh ; m. sir David Erskine, 1 bart. 

Conway House, Torquay. 

Eicott, hon. mrs. Lucy Horatia, sis. of 
5 baron Dynevor ; b. 1816 ; m. rev. 
William ]&cott, rector from 1863 of 
Carlton with ChelUngton, Beds (375/.). 

Eskdale, lord (eld. s. of earl of Dal- 
keith). Walter Henry Montagu Douglas 
Scott; b. 1861. 

Eslington, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Ra- 
vensworth). Henry George Liddell ; b. 
1821 ; m. dr. of capt. Orlando Gunning 
Sutton, K.N. : dep.-ueut. of Northiunber- 
land, capt. of Northimiberland yeomanry 
from 1860, m.p. (c.) Nortiiumberland 
south from 1852. 

Carlton ; Ravcnsworth Castle, OateS' 
head; 9 Mansjicld Street, Cavendish 
Square, IV. 

Esmonde, sir John, 9 bart. (1628), 
nephew of rt. hon. sir T. Esmonde, 8 
bart., M.p. ; b. 1826 ; m. dr. of Henry 
Grattan: m.a. Dublin, called to the 
Irish bar 1850, a lord of the treasury in 
1866, dep.-lieut. of Wexford and %h 
sheriff in 1866,ex-maj. Waterford artil- 
lery militia, m.p. (l.) Waterford co. 
from 1852. 

JHefomi ; Johnstown Castle, WeX" 
ford ; Pembrokestowtiy Waterford ; 
Ballinastragh, Oorey. 

Essex, 6 earl of Q661). Arthur Algernon 
Capel ; b. 1803 ; m. 1. dr. of 8 duke of 
St. Albans ; 2. dr. {d.) of rise. Dungar- 
van, and grand-dr. of 8 earl of Cork ; 
2nd tit. vise. Maiden. 

Travellers' ; Cash iobury Park, Wat' 
ford, Herts ; 23 Chesham Places BeU 
grave Square. 

Essex, dow. -countess of. Catherine, dr. 
of Edward Stephens, a carver and gilder ; 
b. 1794; m. 5 earl of Essex, ; 
formerly well known as an eminent 
actress and singer. 
9 Belgrave Square, S. W, 



ElHX, arplid. of (licJi.) (2(M)i.) ; tide 
C. A. iiairaa)-. 

SatooiiTt, George Thonum Jolin Buck- 
nnll. B. of KT. E. H. Bufkjiall Ertcourt, 
EckuiEton, Derby, and nephew of rt. 
hoD. Thomiit Bothrmn-EgCcourt : b. 
1832 ; m. dr. of rev. Mnitiii Slapylton, 
irttoT of Barlborougli, Derby : ii.A. 
Oxon., capl. Wilts yeomsnry fiinn 1866, 
M.r. (C.) WUIs north from 1874, n 
nuBJitrate for WilU md for Glouecsler- 

Cariton; Eitcovrl, Olmmler. 
EttMUrt, rt, hoo, Thomas Henry Sut- 
ton Bothernn-, D.c.L., r.c, i. of T. 
GriniBtOD Bueknoll-EriroDit, M.P. ; b. 
1801 ; only child (<f.) of adm. Frank 
Bothwon, M.P. of Kirklington, Nott»: 
u.A. Oxoa., president of poor law board 
ISSS.honiesrci^iLn-iii 18(i9, dep.-Ueut. 
of ■Willa. M.p. Marlbomiiph 1829-32, 
Deriies ie36-«, north Wilts 1844-64^ 

CbtIIdh; Aletmtf, Telbiiri/ ; Sar- 
ritiffton Hall, PmilrfrBtt. 

Eitaonit, lady. Caroline, dr. of rt. hon. 
Belaid Pole Carew, Eait Anthony, 
Coniwall ; m.maj.-gen. sir Jnincc Buck- 
mil JJuelinall-Estcourt (if.), hru. of rt. 
hm. T. H. Sothenm-EBtcourt. 

SnrloH Priory, Tribvry, Gltiienler,- 
S2 £b(o.i Ilarr. S. Jr. 

Etherld^, col. Aitred Thomoa, r.s.i. ; 
aerrtd in the 23 Bombay native infan- 

Mahrnltn loimtry, HliriiatiaD Kttlement 
officer, Boullieni division, from 1852. 
Borntmy etalf corps. 

Sttriok, bnroii ; t-ufc Najiitr of Mcr- 

ZnitoiL, 1 uarl of (eld. a. of duke of 

Xvuu, adm. Georop ; b. ISDO; m. 
Mary, dr. of adm. John GilDud, by dr. 
of air John Carter : served in the Hedi- 
temmean and on the West India station, 
prepared the Gth report of the poit office 
(maritime) commission 1835-3G, coiuct- 
rator of the river Ucraey 1S43. 

I JVVtf SIrnt, Spring Gardnit, S. IF. : 
BiMfky Hea«, Eoghjirld Grtrn. 

Etum, van. archA John ; m.a. Duhlin, 
archd. of Ueiioneth basa 1S6G, canon of 
Baogor (850/.), rector of LlnHlltciid, 
BnHaor (i'ol.). 

Etbm, caiit. John Frederick Owi-n, 

S.N., f .H.A.a. F.I1.0.*.,C.B.l b. 1815' 

Ertiu, ban. ditb. Uargaret Eli 
sis. of IT baron Snltoua; b. 18!i 
capt. John Artliur Evana, b. 1811 
raerly capt. in the Indian army 

m. Elizabeth, dr. of cspl. Charles Hall, 
royal navy : piloted snips of war both 
of England and Frruiiie afiaiiist Bomar- 
sund during Iho Crimean war, chief 
naval ani»liiDt in the hydrographii: do' 
partnient . Whit eball, 185o,h vdrographcr 
froiu 1873 (lUOO/.). 

Etbui, Thomas William, r.R.o.s,, s. 
of William Evans, AUestree Hall, m.p. 
1837-56: b. 1821: m. dr. of TliMius 
John Gisbome, Bohne Hull, Derby: 
H.A. Cantab., dcp..lii'Ut. of I)erby8lutu 
and hirh sbcril! in 1872, chsinnau of 

■. (!■-) 

1857-68, and &oal 


i, for- 

Dean Eaiuf, 0»" ; Inddmham, 
Emu, hon, mrs. Sophia, sia. of I 
baroa Croflon ; b. 1811 ; m. Eyre Evans 
(d.), of Ashill TuwecB, grandson of 1 
baron Carbery. 
• rAirt Totci-- 

■«, EilmaUoek, limeriel. 

Bvelegh, col. Frederick Charles, en. : 
seiTFd with 20 fl, in the Ciimea and 
India, knight of the legion of honour 
and of the Mediidic, barTack-ro osier at 
Clomnel 1860-66, at the Curragh 1866- 
69, asaiBlant-controIler in army serrico 
corps and staff officer at head-quartei* 
(rom 1870. 
109 ric(Di 

S. W. 

r SIrtrl, WetimintUr, 

SralyiL, kdy. Slary, dr. of John Ken- 
nedy, Sntlon, Warwick ; h. 1803; m. 1. 
Thomas Hathaway, Soiilh"-ark ; 2. a* 
Hugh Evch-n. 6 hart., of Wootton Plac«, 
Surrey fcitinct). 

iW. Botw. Foreif mil, Sydmhaa, 

col. f 

Weslieiiriie SIrnI _ 

Charles Shaw 
Ltfei-ir'. u.c.L,, p.c. ; h. 17iM; m. dr. 
til.) of Samuel Whitbread, m.p.; «.*. 
Cantab,, tailed to the bar at Lincoln'* 
Inn 1810, dep-lif ul. of Hants, speaker 
of the house of ronmiimi. 1839-57. m.p. 
Hauls 1831-57, licut.-cul. conimuudaDt 



Hants yeomanry from 1831, and aide- 
de-camp to the Queen frt>m I860, high 
steward of Winchester, governor of the 
Isle of Wight, and of Carisbrooke Castle. 
Reform ; lleck/ield FlacCy Hartford 
Bridge, Ivinchjicld, Hants; 114 £aton 
Square, S. W. 

S^erj, sir Henry Flower, 10 bart. 
(164n b. 1830 ; m. 1. dr. of hon. and 
rev. Baptist Noel ; 2. dr. of rev. Edmund 
Holland, Bcnhall Lodge, Suffolk : ex- 
lieut. 90 ft., high sheriff of Derbyshire 
in 1863. 

Army and I^avy ; Egginton Hall, 
Burton'On- Trent. 

Swart, col. Charles Brisbane, K.E., c.B., 
s. of lt.-gen. J.F.Ewart, c.B.,col. 67ft.; 
b. 1825 ; m. dr. of rev. P.Ewart, Kirkling- 
ton : ser\'ed in the Crimea, knight of the 
legion of honour and of the Medjidie, 
assistant -quartermaster -gen. 1863-65, 
dep. -director for barracks at the war 
office from 1872. 

United Service ; 17 Norfolk Square, 
Hyde Fark, W. 

Xwart, rear-adm. Charles Joseph Fre- 
derick, C.B., 8. of lieut.-gen. John Fre- 
derick Ewart, C.B., col. 67 ft. ; b. 1816 : 
served on the South American station 
and in the Crimea, knight of the legion 
of honour and of the Medjidie. 

15 Ashley Place, Victoria Street, 

Swart, m^'.-gen. John Alexander, c.B., 
8. of lieut.-gen. John Frederick Ewart, 
C.B., col. 67 ft. ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. (d.) of 
Spencer Stone, Collingwood, Staflbrd- 
snire: served in the Crimea as dep.- 
assistant-quartermastcr-gen., and in me 
Indian mutiny, knight of the le^on of 
honour and of the Medjidie, aide-de- 
camp to the Queen 1859-72, ex-lieut.- 
col. 78 ft. 

Tatenhill, Bur ton-on- Trent. 

Swart, lady Anne, sis. of 12 earl of 
Dalhousie ; b. 1815 ; m. col. D. Ewart, 
K.A., formerly in the Bengal artiller}-. 

Swing, Archibald Orr, s. of William 
Ewing, Ardvullin, Dunoon ; b. 1819 ; 
m. dr. of James Keid, Berridale, Lanark : 
dep.-lieut. of Stirlingshire, and a magis- 
trate for Dumbartonshire and Lanark- 
shire, dean of the faculties of Glasgow 
University from 1873, m.p. (c.) Dum- 
bartonshire from 1868, jpartner in the 
firm of A. D. E>*'ing and Co., Turkey-red 
dyers and printers, |Levenbank, Dum- 

bartonshire, and 2 West Begent Street, 

Carlton ; Ballikinrain, Killearn ; 
New Club, JEdinburgh ; New Club, 
Glasgow; 3 Cromwell Road, South 

Ewing, Humuhrey Crum-, s. of A. 
Crum, Thomuebank; b. 1812: m. Helen, 
dr. of rev. John Dick, d.d., Glasgow : a 
magistrate for Lanarkshire, Dumbarton- 
shire, Renfrew, and Argjle, m.p. (l.) 
Paisley 1857-74. dep.-Ueut. of Dum- 
bartonshire and lord-iieut. from 1874. 

Reform, Union; Ardencaple Cattle^ 
Helensburgh; Main's House, Miln- 
gavie, Glasgow. 

Ewing, lady Alice, dr. of 18 earl of 
Morton ; b. 1830 ; m. rt. rev. Alexander 
Elding, D.D., D.c.L. (rf.), bp. of Argj'll. 

Exeter, 8 marq. of (1801). William 
Allej-ne Cecil, p.c. ; b. l82o ; m. dr. of 
2 earl of Longford; 2nd tit. baron 
Burghley: hereditary grand almoner, 
M.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Northamp- 
tonshire, treasurer of the Queen's house- 
hold 1866-67, capt. of the corps of 
gentlemen-at-arms 1867-68. and from 
1874, M.p. Lincohishire 184/-57, North- 
ants 1857-67, col. Northamptonsnire and 
Rutlandshire militia from 1846, and 
aide-de-camp to the Queen from 1866, 
commodore of the royal Victoria yacht 

Carlton; Burghley House, Stamford; 
Brookfield House, Ryde ; 3 Grosvenor 
Square, W. 

Exeter, dow. -marchioness of. Isabella, 
dr. of William Stephen Poyntz, m.p., 
Cowdray House, Su^ex ^grandson of rt. 
hon. S. ro3mtz, ambassador to Sweden) ; 
m. 2 marq. of Exeter, groom of the stole 
to prince Albert. 

32 Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor 
Square, TV. 

Exeter, 62 bp. of (1046). rt. rev. 
Frederick Temple, d.d., s. of mai. Oc- 
tavius Temple, lieut. -governor of Sierra 
Leone ; b. 1821 : m.a. Oxon., principal 
of Kneller's Hall, Twickenham, 1848- 
55, head master of Rugby 1858-69, bp. 
of Exeter (5000y from 1869. 
Athen<tum ; The Palace, Exeter. 

Exeter, dean of (2000/.) ; vide A. Boyd. 

Exeter, archd of (6W.) ; vide P. Free- 

Exmonth, 3 vise. (1816). Edward Pel- 
lew; b. 1811 ; m. madame Dobrowolka 



d.) : in the Bengal dTil lenrice 1829- 


Carlton; Treverry, Cornwall; Canon' 
feign Souse, Exeter ; 1 Frinee otWaUt^e 
Terrace, Kemington Palace, 1r. 

ISjkjn, hon. mrs. Mary, dr. of 6 baron 
Yauz of Harrowden ; b. 1843 ; m. Bc^ger 
Eykyn (1. of Bichaid Eykyn, of Hom- 
sey), b. 1828) dep.-lieut. of Berks, ex- 
lieut. Bucks yeomanry, m.p. (l.) Wind- 
sor 1866-74. 

Reform; The WiUowt, Windtor; 13 
Upper Cfrosvenor Street, W, 

Eyre, gen. Henry: cell 59 ft. fix>m 

10 Berkeley Square, JF.; Garboldis' 
ham Sail, Thet/ord. 

Eyre, maj.-gen. sir Vincent, K. A., c.B., 
K.C.8.I., s. of Henry Eyre ; b. 1811 ; m. 
1. dr. of col. sir James Mouat; 2. 
cousin, dr. of capt. Thomas Evre, R.N. : 
dep. -commissary-gen, of oronanoe in 
Afrghanistan ImO, served in the Cabul 
campaign, in Burmah, and in the Indian 

mutiny, inspector-gen. of ordnance in 
India 1862-63, retired on full pay as col. 
royal Bengal artillery. 

'BjTt, lady Alice Frances, dr. of 25 earl 
of Crawford ; b. 1849^ m. Geoige Bram- 
ston Eyre, b. 1834, m.a. Oxon. 
Wetford Fork, Newhury, Berka, 

"Bjn, lady. dr. of rev. Edward Yaidjr, 
rector of Yelvertoft, Northants; m. sir 
James Eyre, m.d. (</.), mayor ox Here- 
ford in 1830. 
Bilton Souse, Rugby, 

Syton, Peter Ellis, F.o.s., s. of James 
Eyton, Bhydguilwyn, Denbigh ; b. 1830: 
aomitted a solicitor in 1853, and prac- 
tises in Flint, town clerk fiom 1856, 
regiBtrar of the county court at Mol^ 
director dT the WestMoetyn coal ana 
iron oompany, &c., m.p. (l.) Flint 
boroughs firom 1874. 

Junior St, Jamet^s ; Englejidd Soute^ 
Ehyl, Flintshire, 


Kbtr, lient.-^. William Baikes ; 
■erred in China, and iii the Indini 
mutiny incoromand of S3 (I., coL 17 ft. 
from 1S7I. 

T>dd7, general Peter, K.A. : a, mid- 
fhipman an board the "Asia" at the 
e^ture of the Dutch fleet in Snldanha 
Iiay 1795, entered the loyal urtillery 
1803, terved in the Pcniniiulii, rctiretl 
on Tall pay a* lieut.-eol. 

Tina, sir John William Charlts, 8 bart. 
(1660) b. 1830 ; m. Anne Holtum. 
MgitoU, Canierbarg, Kent. 

Tiirbtini, bit Andrew, b. of sir Peter 
Fiirbaim, Leeds (a, of Andrew Vaii- 
beim, SmallhnlniD) ; b, \»iS ; m. dr. of 
arJahnLBmbtonLnrainc,Hbart.: H.A. 
Cantub., esUed to the bar at the Inner 
Temple 1852, mayor of Leeds 1866-68, 
lieut. Yorkshire huBsar ycomanij-, maj. 
Leeds rifle vulunleen, head of Fmrbaim, 
Kennedy, and Kajlor, machine moVerB, 

Sr/oTm, UmUd UaittTtily ; Goldi- 
horeugh Sail, Knarttborough ; IS 
Utcnitt Square, S. W. , 

TaiiUin, sir WUUam, 2 bart. (1809), I 
■. of 1 bart, F.B.a., Ll.ii., preeident of 
tlte imtitule of merhanicnl engineeis in 
Manchester: b. 1823; m. Alison, dr. of 
ThomBB Calloway, ChiaelhtUBt. Kent: 
president of the exhibition of art trca- 
■urea at Hancheater in 1857, one of the 
commianonera of the great exhibitions 
of 1851 and 1862, dcp.-lieut. of Lonca- . 

Falygan, Ardiciek, Manehater. I 

Jftirbum, dow.-lftdy. Dorothy, dr. of 
W. Uarr, Xewcastle-on-Tyne ; m. sir 
WilUain Fairbaini, F.B.a., iL.u., 1 bart. 
Potjigon, Ardtciek, Mancheiltr. 
P«irb«ini, laily. Rachel Anne, dr. of 
Bobert Bnudtine, Low Ooaforlh, North- 
umberland; m. 1. capt. Charles Bell, 
royal navy, Woolsinjtton : 2. as his 
Beeond wife, nr Peter Fairbaira, Leeds 
(rf.J. I 

II aodttey Hoiue, Lteih. 
•r»irf*i, 11 baron (1827). John Contel 
Fuifax, M.D.; b. 1830; m. dr. of col. . 

I Eilward Kirby, United Stat«* aimj: a 

j Jllademburg, Margltnd, Virginia, 

Fairftx, air William Oi-'orge Herbert 
Taylor, 2 bart. (1836) b. 1831 ; m. dr. 
of John PawBoo, Shawdon. Norlbum- 
bcrland: aide-de-camp to tlie govemor 
of Malta 1860-64, eened iu the Crjinea, 
e:L-iji»j. 15 ft. 

Anni/andXofg; SlBonrtiriBani, 
Jlojr/mrg/i ; 16 Qmea't Gate, .South Km- 

Ftirbz, hon. Orlando, u.d., s. of 
boma Pairfiu; m, Fouain Klary, dr. c^ 

Wiluon Jeflenou Cary, Curyabrooke, 

fiichmoud, Maryland, Virginia. 
Fairfax, hon. {Jaroline, b. 1858 ; hon. 
Josephine, b. 1865; hon. Charlie, b. 
1869, dm. of 11 baron Foirfai. 
Fairfax, dow.-lady. Satah, dr. of Wil- 
liam Aalel, H.r. ; m., as hiB second wife, 
col. air Henry Pairfax, I bart. 
45 SI. George' I Road, fimiiai, S. W. 
Fsirlie, sir Percy Arthur Cunningham-, 
bart. (1633) h. 1816; m. dr. of Wil- 
liamBowmanFelton,Sherbrook, Quebec 
Junior Carttan ; Fairlit Home, &ii- 
«,ar»ock, Ayrshire. 
FaUdnsr, sir Samuel Edmund, 6 bart 
(1777) h, 1841; m. dr. of air William 
Berkeley CaU, 3 bart. 
Turf; AmimeuHt, Cork. 
Falkiner, dow.-lady. Mary, dr. of J. 
Ilouvena, Connaught Fkce, Hyde Park; 
Samuel Biggs FaUdner, 6 

FalUaud, 9 vise. (1620). Luciua Ben- 
tintk Cary, a.c.H,, P.O.; b.l803; m. 1. 
dr. of 1 earl of Munater ; 2. widow of 9 
duke of St. Albans ; aite ai baren EudI- 
don ; governor of Neva Seotia 1840-46, 
of Bombay 1818-51. capt. of the yeomen 
of the guard 1816-48. 

Boodlt-i; Skullerakelfe, SloMeu, 

Falkland, master of <e!d. b. of rims. 

ralklanl IiUnda. 1 bp, of (18«a). it 
ter. Waile Hockin Stirling, d.d., *. of 


capt. Thomu Stirliiic, royal lutTj ; b. ' 

1829; m. dr. (rf.)^ Thoma. Wunn, 
Bath: h.a. Oxon., curate of Trinit]- 
cburch, Nnttinghiim, ISSS, aecrelary of 
South Amerieaii mimoiu 1867-62, mper- 

; Falkland 

■broad 1862-69, 
iilsoda from 1869. 

Sippe Itla-id, Wat FalklatiAt. 
f almontli, fl vise (1720). Evelyn Bos- 
cawen; b. 1819; lu. baronega le De- 
apcDcer ; 2ad tit. baron lioecavcn : dep-- 
Ueut. of Cornwall, ei-capt. Wcat Kent 

While'i; tVmlhamplonBoiai,Read- 
iHgfSer/it; Tii-aat/tiuiH, Truro, Corn- 
matl: Mireicorth CailU, Maidttone ; 2 
St. Jama't Sguan, Pali Mall, S. IF. 
r»a», lieut.-col. Walter, c.b.. s. of rev. 
Edwatd Faup, nrFtor of Fulbeck, Lin- 
colDshiro : b. 1 H28 ; commaadiuit of 19 
Bengal cavalry from 1860. Madiu 
stafl' coiM- 

Fmw, lady Gmce, b. 1860 ; lady Mar- 
garet Mary, b. 1870, drs. of 12 carl ol 
Tuihftwe, vice-adm. Edward Geiuiys, 
c.B.,i. of Ueut.-gen. Edward Fanshawe, 
E.I., C.B. ; b. 1814 ; m. Jane, aia. of 1 
Tiio. Cardwell : served in the Crimea^ 
■uperinlcndent of Chatham dockyarU 
ISM^I, commandtT-in-chief of tbt 
iiorth American and Weet India Miuadioii 

United Srrrier; Dtlroie Heuti, Al- 
dmham, Watford. 

low., m. dr. of fhomas Walson, Swan- 
■ea, Qlamorgao, Taimania. 
Baalim Marsh, Milbaunic, Victoria 
Tunall, Henry Bnmird, c.b., g. o: 

D, and the West Indiei. 

a magiitrate for Hero 
lieut. of Uonet, ei-lieut.-col. 1 Keni 
ritle Toluntcero, hon. col. from 1871 
inspector of poor lawa. 

Tht Manor Haute, Ltr. Kent; Bar- 
ley yuia, Lyiitt Stgu, Dortet. 
SFamham, 8 baron (1756). Somersei 
Oichonl MaxweU; b. 1803; m. 1. dr. 
of mr. baron Pcnncfathpr; 2. dr. (_d.) 

Saetvitle Street Club, Dublin; Fani. 
Aam, Cdcan ; Drtimbar Lodge, Caraii. 
FuqolLar, vice-odiu, Arthur, s. of 
rear-adm. sir Arthur Farquhar, k.o.B-^ 
K.C.B. (s. of R. Farquhar, Ncichall. 
Abeideni): b. 1815; m. Ellen, dr. of 
Samuel Philip Rick 
Syria, Borar ' -■■- 

Fuqolui, maj. sir John Harty Towns- 
end, 5 bart. (1821), B. of nr Walter 
Minto Farquhar, 2.bart., m.p. ; b. 1838 : 
served at the defence of Lucknov in 
1857, maj. in the Bengal cavalry. 

16a OrafloH Street, Bond Street, W. 

TarqaliaT, air Walter Rockliffe, 3 hart. 
(1796) b. 1810; m. huly Mar\-, dr. of 
6 duke of Beaufort; dep, -lieut. of Surrey, 
and high eherlif in 1S59, partner m 
Eerries, Farquhar, and Co., bankera. 

Arthur' I ; Foleiden Park Leather- 
head, Surrey; IB King Street, St. 

FftTinhar, lady Mary Oclavia, b. 1814; 
vide idr Walter H. Farquhar. 

FarqnluT, dow.-Iady. Erica Catherine, 
dr. of 7 baron Reay ; m. air Waller 
liinlo Farquhar, 2 hurt., >.!■. 

1 Berkilty Street, Berkeley Sgwirr. 

Furant, maj. .gen. Aueogtos Dover 
Lyddon, E.M., ■. of lieut. Lover Fanant, 
K.II.A. ; b. 1817 : nerved in Syria at 
capture of Acre, and in China 1842, 
ei-col. second commaiidant royal ma- 

Furell, hon. mra. Lucretia Pauline, 
dr. of 2 lise. Qormaueton ; b. 1839 : m. 
John Arthur Farrpll, b. 1825, dep.- 
lieut. of Meath, and high thoriff in 
1837, ei-capt. roval Meath militia. 

Arthur' t; KUdare Street l,DnbIin) ; 
Moytialty, Ktlh, Meath. 

Funn, maj. -gen. Kicbard Thomas, 
c-B. ; aerved S the Crimea with 47 ft., 
which he commanded at the battle of 
Inkennan, officer of the legion of 
honour, knight of the Medjidie, lieut. - 
col. 4 dep6t battalion at Colchester IB5«- 

Forrer (». of J. W. Farrer, Ineleborou^h, 
Torkdiire, and cousin of 2 carl of Eldon), 


b. IS3I, K.A. OioD.. called to the bar 
at Tincoln'a Inn I85I. 

OirltoH,- Gnea Sniatrton, York; 
42 Lattndet SIteel. S. W, 
THTiltgtoil, sir Hrniy Antboay, i 
hut, (1818) h. 1811; m. dr. {d.) of 
TBT. Joha Wiirren, n.D,, Portriew, 

Oatfard Soiue, OlUnj St. Mary, 
FknqoilT, bp. ; vide Al^ma. 
TAWoett, Hemy, s. of WiUinm Ffmcett, 
LoDgtori. Soluburv ; b. 1833 ; in. dr. of 
NevBOD Garrett, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, and 
■U.of mra. Garrett- Anderion, K.D.: II. A, 
Cantab., and uventh wrangler in 1&56, 
profe«Bor of political economy at Cam- 
bridge from 1863, >.f. (l.) Brigbliin 
I86>-74, Hackncv from 1874. 

Seform; Triiiitg HaU Coiabridge; 
■2 Sttiborouf/k Oardetu, S. W. 


Isll, Car 

r. of 
a: edu- 

cated at tbe Jesuit catlejce of Clonei: 
wood, a BoltdtAr in Dublin, v.f, (a-v..) 
CaraD from 1874. 

aarmda Part Eait, SingilBiCH, 

'WvjTVt, Joseph, M.D., C.8.I,, 8. of eom- 
Diander R. J. FajTer, k.n., f.B.q.b. : 
b. 18'20: aurgeon-maj. in tbe Bengal 
medical deportment, profe«or of sureery 
in the medical college, Calcutta, hon, 
phydcian to the Queen trom 1871, 
ph3-ncian to the duko of Edinburgh 
from 1874. 

16 Granrille Place, Portman Square, 

Tsnkarlr, hon. mrs. Georgina Caro- 
line, dr. of 3 baron Lilford ; b. 1836; 
m. John Nicholas raiakcrlj- (». of J. S. 
Firakwl)-, M.p. 1809-41), b. 1830, m.a. 

Orford and Cainbridge ; Biiricood 
Boute, Oobham. Sum;/ ; 6 South Ea 
Flan, Eaton Sqaarr, S. W. 

Tauon, yen. archdeacon Henn-, B,_ . 
M.A. Cantab., hon. canon of Peter- 
borough, archdeacon of Leicester (rom 
1863, rector from 1849 of ZoiiyAAoroi^*, 
Leictiter {IVai.). 

lepui. Henry, H.!i., U.n., C.B. ; serred 
in China, at the naval hospiUl, Hook 
Kong, 1868-6L Greenwich I861,princi- 
paJ medical officer of the navt' '^- — = - 

reUden, air William Henry, 2 bart. 
(IS46) b. 1812; m. dr. of col. J. B. 
Wcmyas, of Wemywi Hall, Fife: ei- 
capt. 17 lance™, dep.-lieut. of I^nca- 
Bhirc. ex-maj. 1 Lancaahire militia. 

Oriental, Junior Uniled Serrite; 
Fmniianclet, Biackburn. 

rsilden, Henry Maater, s. of Joseph 
Fcilden, v.p. ; b. 1843'; m. 1. dr. of rar 
0. MoBley, 3 hart.: 2. dr. of J. Foi, 
Earverigg, Cumberland : H.A. Oion., 
dep.-lieut. of Lancashire, maj. 1 Lanca- 
abire militia 1842-72, M.P. (C.) Black- 
bum from 1869. 

CaTllon. Junior United Servie*; 
ITilton Park, Blaetburn ; 13 Palate 
Gate, Ketuiagto'i, W. 

Fflilden, col. Uaiidle Joserih, C.M.O., 
bro. of Henry Maater Feilden, K.p.; 
b. 1824; m. Janr, dr. of James Horier, 
Mauldslie Caatle. linark : commanded 
the 1 battalion rife brigade in the Bed 
River expedition of 1870, lieut.-col. 
brigade dep6t at Greenlaw from 1873. 

Feilden, hon. mrs. Frances Blanche, 
dr. of 4 baron Calthorpe: b. 1828; m. 
rev. John Robert Feilden (a. at Joseph 
Feilden, M.P.), b. 1827, m.a. 0;<on., 
chaplain to 3 marq. Cholmondeley, recko' 
from 1861 of Baeoeithorpt, Soil, Nor- 
folk (34«.). 

Feilden, hon. mrs, Jane Elizabeth, dr. 
of 12 baron Sinclair; b. 1822; m. rev. 
William Lcyland Feilden (a. of Jowph 
Feilden, Blackburn, m.p.1, m.a. Oion., 
chaplain to 3 marquis Cholmondeley, 
ricar from 1866 of Enouiileg, Freicat, 
Laneathire (300/.). 

Feilding, viic. («Id. a. of earl of Den- 
■igh). Rudolph Robert AlovaiuB Feild- 
ig; b. 1869. 

FeUding, hon. and rev. Charles Wil- 
liam, a. of 7 earl of Denbigh ; b. 1833 i 
m. dr. of John Grtint, of EUgiarton, 
Perth : m.a. Cantab., rector of Staple- 
ton, 8hrew9hur>- (am.) from 1863, rural 
dean of Condover. 

Trarellen' ; Stapietoii, SHreviituiy. 

Fsilding, hon. Francis Henry, a. of 8 
earl rf Denbigh; b, 1867. 

Feildin^, hon. Henry Wentworth ; 

l-idf I'OWVB. 

Feilding, col. hon. Percy Bobcrt, C.B., 
B. of 7 earl of Denbigfi ; b. 1827 ; m. 
hidy Louisa, dr. of 3 marq. of Bath: 
served in the Crimea, knight of the 
legion of honoor, and of the Ucdjidie, 


THE UPl'EH TEX TirOL'SAXD.'r-j^eneritl in Ire- 
land 1858-63, lieut.-col. coldstream 

TroPittert^Marlbortnigh; 39Prine^8 
OatetSouth Misinfton; SturfordMmd, 
WarminsUr, WUU, 

YeUding, col. hon. William Henry, s. 
of 7 earl of Denbigh; b. 1836: ex-page 
of honour to queen Adelaide, assistant 
adiutant-general in Dublin, 1864-69, 
military attach^ in France 1870-71, 
oapt. Coldstream guards. 

Oarricky Guards ; 30 Onslow Square^ 

Pending, hon. mrs. Everard. Anne, 
dr. of sir John Boughey, 2 hart. ; m. 
hon. and rev. Eyerard FeUdiag (</.). 

Yflildiiig, lady Mary Frances, dr. of 7 
earl of Denbigh ; b. 1823. 
30 Onalow Square, 8. W. 

Jeilding, lady Louisa, b. 1834 ; vide 
hon. Percy Robert Feilding. 

FaUding, lady Clare Mary, b. 1861 ; 
hidy Edith Mwy Frances, b. 1862 ; 
lady Mary, b. 1868 : lady A^es Mary, 
b. 1870, in. of 8 earl of Denbigh. 

FellowM, capt. Charles, R.N., C.B. ; 
son of rear-adm. sir Thomas Fellowes, 
C.B. : b. 1828 ; Louisa, dr. of John Tod, 
Ainslie Place, Edinburgh : distin- 
guished himseljf in China. 

Fellowes, Edward, s. of William Henry 
Fellowes, m.p., and bro. of Bichard 
Benyon, m.p. ; b. 1809 : m. hon. Mary, 
dr. of 4 baron Sondes: dep.-lieut. of 
Huntingdonshire, and of Norfolk, ex- 
lieut. 15 hussars, m.p. (c.) Huntingdon- 
shire from 1837. 
OarltoHyJunior United Service ; Bam- 

2v Ahbey^ B.untingd<m ; Haverland 
%U, Norwich ; 3 Belgrave Sq., S. W. 

7ellowes, capt. Thomas Hounson But- 
ler, U.N., C.B., s. of sir James Fellowes, 
Pangboume Lodge, Berks ; b. 1833 ; 
mVcur. of Charles Hanson, Constanti- 
nople : served in the Crimea. 

7elloweB, hon. mrs. Mary Julia, dr. 
of 4 baron Sondes ; b. 1825 ; vide Ed- 
ward Fellowes. 

Fellowes, lady. dr. and co-heir of 
Joseph James. Adbury House, Hants; 
m. sir James Fellowes, m.d. (rf.). 
Adbury Rome, Kingtclere, Mants. 

Fergneon, IJobert, s. of Joseph Fer- 
guson, M.p. Carlisle 1852-57 ; o. 1817 : 

jmrtiicr in the tinii «'t' I"<ri;u.soTi Bro- 
thers, cotton manufacturers, Carlisle, 
president of the Carhsle mechanics' in- 
stitute, twice mayor of Carlisle, ex- 
major 1 Cumberland rifle Yolunteon, 
M.p. (l.) Carlisle from 1874. 

Morton f Carlisle; JSolme Htad 
Works, darlisle. 

Ferguon, hon. mrs. Nina Maria, dr. 
of 1 vise. Bridport ; b. 1841 ; m. lieut.- 
col. Geoive Arthur Ferguson (s. of adm. 
George Fergiison), ex-capt. grenadier 
guards^ dep.-lieut. of Aberdeenshire. 
Pit/our, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. 

FergUfon, rt. hon. sir James, K.O.M.G. ; 
P.O., 6 hart. (1703) b. 1832; m. lady 
Editii.dr. of 1 marc^. of Dalhousie : 2. dr. 
of John Henry Richman, Wamban^ 
South Australia : ex-capt. grenadier 
guards, dep.-lieut. of Ayrdiire, lieut.- 
col. royal Ajrrshire muitia 1858-73» 
hon col. from 1873, m.p. (c.) Ayrshire 
1854-57, 1859-68, under-secretary for 
India 1866-67, for the home depart- 
ment 1867-68, governor of South Aus- 
tralia 1868-73, of New Zealand 1873-74. 
Whites, Carlton ; Kilkerran, May- 
bole, Ayrshire. 

FergnMon, sir William, f.r.8., 1 bart 
(1866), s. of James Fergusson, Loch- 
mabcn, Dumfries ; b. 1808 ; m. dr. (^) 
of William Banken, Spittlehaugh, Pee- 
bles : fellow of the royal college of sur- 
geons of Edinburgh 1822, professor of 
surgery at King's college, London, 
frx)m 1840. surgeon ordinary to prince 
Albert 1819, surgeon extraordinary to 
the Queen 1855, serjeant-surgeon 1866, 
honorary member of the royal society of 
sciences in Brussels^ chairman of the 
British medical association for 1873. 

Conservative ; Spittlehauyh, West 
Linton, Peebles; 16 George Street^ 
Hanover Square, W. 

§Fermo7, 2 baron (1856). Edmund 
Fitz Edmund Burke Roche ; b. 1850. 

Trabolgan, Cloyne, Cork; KUdi* 
ftan, Bathcormac, Cork. 

Fermoj, dow. -baroness, dr. of J. B. 
Boothby, Twyford abbe}\ Middlesex ; m. 
1 baron Fermoy,M.p. Man'lebone 1869- 
65, loid-lieut. of Clare 1856-74. 

Ferr&nd, hon. mrs. Fanny Manr, dr. 
of 11 baron Blantyre; b. 1816; m. 
William Ferrand (s. of Currer Fother- 
gill Busfield, by sis. and heir of Edward 
Ferrand, of St. Ives), dep.-lieut. of 


Tartuhire, m.p. (c.) Enveabarough 
18il-17, Devonpoit 1863-66. 

Cariten; Sarden Orange, SI. Ive't, 


¥amn, 10 earl (1711). S«waUis Ed- 

md Shirlsf : b. 1B47; 2nd tit. yuo. 

Tunvoith: h.a. Oiod., dep.-Ueut of 

d of LoiceMenhire, ei- 

OluirtUv Caille, LicKfleld; SlauHloa 
BareU, Athi^-dt-la-Zaiuht, Leicattr- 

Itmn, dow.-cciiuiteBB of. Augusta, 
di. of v«ry rer. lord Edward ChiohMter ; 
b. 1S28; m. I. 9 earl of Ferren; 2. 
Frederick Hsmy Walih, si-cspL 78 

_ .. , 1, Uent.-een. Aoffustits Hali- 
&z,o.B.; m. I. dr. of J. mncltur, Fre»- 
vick ; 2. dr. of JoHHthan Worthiiigton, 
Cheltenham: serred in the Crimea ~ 
of honour, aui 
ft from 1872. 

Twtiiig, col. air Francis Worgau, 
B.H.A., CD., E.C.M.O.: BOTved in the 
Baltifl 1S64 commanded a mortar in the 
flotilla employed agaiiiBt 8ebastopol, and 
at Kinboum, adjutant of artillery in Che 
Cbina eipeditiDn ISfi7-£9, commanded 
the forcea on the weat ooast of Africa, 
and tirice defeated the Aahanteea at 
Cape Coaat CasUe 1S73, knight of the 

T George Balph, 6 bart. 

Fatheraten, dow.-Iady, Sarah, dr. of 

Senij Alcook, Villon Cutle, Vexford : 

m. ur Thrmat Joho FeUienton, 6 


B Seliorne Fhue, LUtUhampUm, 

FethentonhftiLgh, ban. mra. Mans 
Oeorgina, dr, of 3 boron Dorcheateri b 
1847 ; m. Timothy Fotheratoniaugh (e 
of T. Fethentouhnugh, high eheriff a 
Comberland in 1M6), b. 1S40, ex 
tieut. 13 husnn, a magiitrale and dep. 
UeuL of Cumberland, high Bheriff in 
Tlie ColUge, Sir/iotvald, OmicT- 

Fethanton^nfflL hoo. 
Huia, dr. of 3 banm >' 

m. John Fethentonhan 
Sracklgn OhIU, . 

laTerriuam, 1 earl of (1868). William 
Emert DuneombB; b. 1829; m. dr. of 
rt. hoQ. air Jameg Qraluun, 2 hart. ; 2nd 
tit. fisc. Helmaley: dep.-lioat. of Tork- 
ahire, m.p. (c.) East Retford 1862-67, 
north riding of Tork«hire 18fi9.«7, «- 
capt. Yorkihire huMan, lieuL-ooL 2 
noith riding riSe monlean baa 

TravOUri', Carlton; 



Ttvmhtm, dow, -haroneaB. Looiaa, dr. 
of S earl of OaUowa; ; b. 18M ; m. 2 
baron Ferenham. 

Sandhurtt Ladgt, Wokinghani. 

Ffitlke*, sir WiUism HotbU Browne, 
2 bait. (1774) b. 1847: M.A. Cantab. 

SiBmglon Ball Xing-t Zynii, Ifor- 
folk ! Gmgluua Lodge, Catiit Siting, 

FfolkBi, dow.-ladj. Charlotte Phi- 
lippe, dr. of Doaunick Geoffrey Browne, 
Cutle Macgarret, M™ ; b. 1798 ; m. 
■ir William Henry Browne FfoLwi, 1 

Fftnlkei, ven. archdeacon Henir 
Powell, a. of ool. J. P. Ffoulkea, royal 
Denbigh militts, of Eriviatt, OenbicA ; 
b. 1BI6: K.A. Oion., canon of St. 
Aaaph Offit.), archdaacon of Hont- 
gomeiT' from 1861, rector from 1867 of 
LiandyetU, Montgonerj/ (6««,). 

P*encli, 4 baron (1788). Thomas 
Ffrench ; b. 1810 ; m. dr. of Biohard 
ThompaoD, Stanity hall, Denbigh : dep.- 
lieut. of Galway. 
Ciutte Ffrench, Gaiway. 

Ffrench, hon. Jaeper, a. of 2 banm 
Ffrench; b, 1822. 

Ffrench, hon. mra. Martin. Uargaret, 
dr. of major Thooua Bodkin, BahooD, 
Galway ; m. hon. Martin Ffreoch (if.) 
Bailiaainori Pari, Qaheay. 

Ffrench, hon. Martin Joseph, e. of 2 
baron Ffrench; b. 1813; ra. dr. of 
John O'Shaughneagj-, BimhgroTO, Gal- 
va; : called to the liiah bar 1841, rai- 
dent magistiBte for Tippenuy. 



Field, bp. ; vide Newfoundland. 

Field, col. John, c.b. : aide-de-camp to 
the Queen from 1868, commandant of 
10 Bombay native infantry 1866-72, 
deputy-judge-advocate-general at Bom- 
bay 1872-74, judge-advocate-general 
from 1874. 

Field, lady Georgina, dr. of 4 earl of 
Winterton; b. 1835; m. G^eorge Han- 
burv Field, b. 1834. 

Ashurat Park, Tonbridge Welh^ 
Kent ; 67 EccUaton Sqtiare, S, W, 

Fieldexi, Joshua, s. of J. Fielden, ic.p., 
Centre Vale, Todmorden ; b. 1827 ; m. 
dr. of T. Brocklehurst, The Fence, 
Macclesfield: partner in the firm of 
Fielden Brothers, cotton spinners and 
manufacturers at Todmorden, a magis- 
trate for Lancashire, and for the west 
riding of Yorkshire, m.p. (c.) York- 
shire west riding from 1868. 

Sft. Stephen* 8, Conservative; Stans^ 
field, Todmorden. 

Fiennes, hon. John Twistleton-Wyke- 
ham-, eld. s. of 13 baron Saye and 
Sele; b. 1830; m. lad;^ Augusta So- 

Ehia, dr. of 10 earl of ^nnoull : dep.- 
eut. of Oxfordshire, capt. Oxon yeo- 
manry from 1860. 

Broughton Castle, Banbury; 16 
Queen's Gate Terrace, South Sensing- 
Fiennes, hon. and rev. Charles Samuel ; 

vids T^istleton. 
Fiennes, hon. Edward Turner ; vide 

Fife, 6 earl of (1759). James Duff, 
K.T. ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. {d.) of 16 earl of 
ErroU ; sits as baron Skene (1857) ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Macduff: formerly m the 
diplomatic service at Paris, m.p. Banff- 
slure 1837-57, dep.-lieut. of Aberdeen- 
shire, and of Elginshire, lord.-lieut. of 
Banffshire from 1856. 

White's, Reform; Duff House, 
I3gin; Mar Lodge, Aberdeenshire; 
Innes Bouse, Moray; 4 Cavendish 
Square, W. 

Filmer, sir Edmund, 9 bart. (1674} 
b. 1835; m. hon. Mary, dr. of 2 
baron Sandya: ex-capt. grenadier 
guards, ex-capt. west Kent militia, ex- 
iieut. east Kent yeomanry, m.p. west 
Kent 1859-65. 

Carlton, Guards* ; East Sutton, Sta- 
plehurst, Kent. 

Filmer, dow. -lady. Helen, dr. of David 
Monro, Quebec ; m. sir Edmund Filmer, 
8 bart. 

Fincastle, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Dun- 
more). Alexander Murray ; b. 1871. 

Finch, George Henir, s. of George 
Finch, M.P., by dr. of 6 duke of Beau- 
fort; b. 18:J5; m. 1. dr. of J. Balfour 
(and lady Georgina) of Balbimie ; 2. dr. 
of A. Montgomery, commissioner of In- 
land revenue : m.a. Oxon., capt. Leices- 
tershire yeomanry from 1860, a magis- 
trate for Rutlanashire, m.p. (c.) mit- 
landshire from 1867. 

Carlton ; Burley-onSiU, Oakham, 

Fiennes, hon. Frederic Nathaniel Finch, hon. Charles Wightwick, s. of 

Twistleton- Wykcham-, s. of 13 baron 
Saye and Sele ; b. 1836 : ex-capt 23 ft., 
served in the Crimea. 
Broughton Castle, Banbury, Oxon. 

Fiennes, lieut.-col. hon. Ivo de Vesci 
Edwaii Twistleton-Wykeham-, s. of 
13 baron Saye and Sele; b. 1833; m. 
dr. of Charles Francis Gregg : served in 
the Indian mutiny, lieut.-col. h.p. 9 
Army and Navy. 

Fiennes, hon. and rev. Wingfield 
Twistleton-Wykeham-, s. of 13 baron 
Save and Sele ; b. 1834 ; m. dr. of hon. 
ani very rev. Grantham Munton Yorke : 
M.A. Oxon., domestic chaplain to earl 
Fitz William, and to 13 lord Saye and 
Sole, rector from 1865 of Sitchester, 
Basingstoke (5701.). 

Fiennes, lady Augusta, b. 1837 ; vide 
hon. John Fiennes. 

6 earl of Avlesford ; b. 1851 ; m. hon. 
Georgina (<^), dr. of 3 baron Bagot: 
lieut. 1 Staffordshire militia from 1872. 

Finch, hon. Clement Ekiward, s. of 6 
earl of Avlesford ; b. 1861. 

Finch, hon. Daniel Greville, s. of 5 
earl of Aylesford ; b. 1827 : served with 
68 ft. in the Crimea, knight of the 
Medjidic, lieut.-col. h.p. 24 ft. 

Finch, hon. Daniel Henry, son of 6 
earl of Aylesford ; b. 1858. 

Finch, lady Anne Francesca, dr. of 6 
earl of Aylesford ; b. 1853. 

Finch, lady Elizabeth, b. 1790 ; lady 
Frances, b. 1791, drs. of 4 earl of Ayles- 
9 Chesham Place, Bclgrave Square. 

Finch, lady Louisa Elizabeth, dr. of 6 
duke of Beaufort ; b. 1806 ; m. George 


Findt (d.) of BurI«y-oii-th(4Uill, Oak- 

£, Oakham. Siil- 
tand; S&SutlandOate.Knig/Uiiridsi, 
nngmll, 10 earl of (162S). Arthur 
Jime* Plunkett; b. 1819: m, dr. M.) 
of le chevHlier Rio: sila u bamii Fiii- 
fH. (1831); £nd tit. buron Killn'ii: 

■ Silian 


nrth, sir Chai'les HcDTy, s. of Edwin 
Firth, Hecltmondirike; b. 1836; m. dr. 
(d.) of William Crowlhcr, GomeraaU, 
Torlohin : dep.-lieul. of Yorkshire, 
Ueut.-col. wMt Torluhire artillfrj- 
Tolimteerm from 186((. 

Junior CarUou ; Ftmh. nakmond- 
leike, Narmanton, Yi/rkiAire. 

TUhbonme, rear-uJni. Edmund Gar- 
diner, c.h., b. IKIO : BL'rTcd in the 
Burmese war. and in China, han. 
•ecretary to Ihe patriotin fund during 
the Crimean war. 

Fiahar, cot. Arthur A'Coart, r.f„, c.b., 
I. of rer. W. Fisher, canoD of Salia- 
hnry; b. 1826; m, dr. of rt. rev. bp. 
£den of Moray ; aerrcd in the Crimea, 
and in China 1857-60, knight of the 
legion of honour, and of the Medjidie. 

FUhar, »ir James Hurtle, s. of Jainea 
Fiaber, architect, London; b. 1790: 
for aumy year« a •olicibir in London, 
mmmiaetODer in South Australia 183(i, 
fiTo timea mayor of Adelaide, president 
of the le^labTe counril 1866-6.1. 
AdtUude, S. Amiralia. 

TUlier, sir John William, M.D.. s. of 
Petor Fisher, I'crth: b. 1798; m. 1. dr. 
of William Hamet, Kibworth Hareourt, 
LeiceaUr; 2. dr. of col. Alexander Mac- 
nard, llosa-thire; fello> 

Contrrvatirt ; 33 Part La«t, 

ita'. of major-gen. mmilton, 

served in the Battie during the Crimean 

™« Fisher, b, 1832 fm. 1. dr. of 
Adams, Sydenham), ex-capt. 

FialurwiBk, baron ; vidt Donegall. 
FitMUn. baron (eU. a. of earl of 

Arundel and Surrey), 
FitHUrenea, viso, (eld, a. of earl of 
GcoliVpy George Gordon 


1. 18S9. 

Fitielarenoe, hon. Frederick Cbarlea, 
B. of I earl of Munater; b. 1826: m. 
hon, Adelaide, dr. of 1 mron de I'lsle 
and Dudley: ex-capt. 10 dragoona, 
aide-de-camp to the gOTeraoT of Bom- 
bay (Tiac. FalUand) 1848-S3. 

Fiticlar«nee, hon. George, a. of 1 earl 
of Hunster: b. 1836; m. ladv Maria 
Henrietta, dr. of 3 earl of Clonmell : 
knight of the Medjidie, retired com- 

"■"-•'-■ TrariiUri' ; 1 Wanoieh 


Fitiolkrenee, lady Adelaide Georgina, 

f le 

I of Ml 


Fitiolkrenea, lady Augusta, dr. of i 
earl of Glaagow; b, 1801; m. lord 
Frederick Fiticlarence, Q.C.H, (rf.), 1. 
of William IV, 

Etal Manor, Chldttream, Jforlhtim- 

Fittel*r«ne«, lady Maria, b. 1S4I ; 

ride hou, George Fitzdarence. 
FittgeraJd, bp, ; vuU KiUaloe. 

. Oxon., archdeacon ofWella 

bom 1863, chaplain to 3 carl F 
rector tram 18S3 of Charllim M 

TaitUoH (SSOI.). 


ntiKonld, ( 

b. 179 

;. L'harl 

' Dr. 

Eleanom, dr. of C. C. Eli _. . . 

of the HtUemeuU no the Gnmbia 18U- 
47, of "West AiutnUia 1847-54. 
TiUigrenld, rt. hoc. David, ii.D., p.c. 
(Irel.), B. ot David Fibrpereld, mer- 
rhact, Dublin: b. ISIfi; m, 1. dr. of 
Jnhn O'Donogbue, Ihiblin; 2. han. 
Jnnc, a». of 4 rise. SuuthweU; K.A. 
Bublin, rolled to Ihc Irish bur 1B38, 
nuem'g rounael IHT, lolicitor-gDii. of 
'reland 1856, attoniev-EWj. 1858-68, 

u the 

0, u.r. Enni* 1862-60. a juatiee 
court of Qui^en's bench, L-elajid 


a iseo. 

Broaki' ; Stipken'i OrtnH C/iiS, 

Duilui; 7 Merrian Saiuirt, SHblin ; 

Ktlmarnoek, DuUin. 
Titiganld, col. sir Augustine, 4 bart. 

(18211 b. 180B ; m. dr. of WiUiam Gore : 

ex-licut.-coL Bengnl har*e utiller]', 

high iheriff of Clare in 1871- 

Jmior United Scrriee ; Xeiomarket- 

OH-Rrgm, Clare : IS Sing Street, St. 

Jama' a, S. IT. 
Fitigania, Francis Alesander, ll.d.; 

Mlled to the Irish bur 1834, bapon in 

tho court of Eichoquer from 1 859. 
60 Slepieu'i Gretn Eail, Duilw. 

1 New 

Titigenld, nr Gi-rald liichard Dnlton, 
10 but. (1041) b. 1S32; m. dr. of 
George Wildes, Manchertir; a lieut. 
royal navy. 

Junior Carlton, Sttjbrd ; Siaodt 
Sail, DnnmoK, Ettix; ThHrA„iH 
Ball, LamuulcT ; 42 Oroircimr Plaet, 
Eyii Park Cbmer, S. JF. 

FiOgenld, gen. sir John Forater, 
Q.C.B., B. of Edward Fitzecmld, «,p. ; 
b. 1786; m. I. dr. of M. Ha^on, Sew 
Bninawick ; 2. dr. (d.) of hon. Donald 
Ogilvy r aerved in the Ptningula, M.i-. 
(1,0 Clare 1852-57, col. 18 ft. from 

Pdioii; Worthing, S«!ffi. 
TitiggrBld, sir Joseph Capet Judkin, 4 
biirt. 1801) b. \m ; m. dr. of capl. 
William Aueurtine Hrdcr, 10 buBani. 

GoMtH mil*, Qokfti, Tlppernru; 
Cloghroe Baau, Iniiiicarra, Cor/:; So 
Uppir Mount Street, Ouili 

Fiti^erald, rt. hon. sir^Villiam Robert 

natural b. of William Yi-aey, 2 baron 
Fit/KemU and Veaej; b. 1817; m. 
dr. (</.) of Ed. Se;-mour, V.D.: U.K. 
Oxon., called to tlie bar at Lincobi'f 
inn 1830, under-aecretary for foreign 
affaira tB68-S9. goYvmor of Bamlay 
186&<72, H.F. (r.) Uorvham 1848, W&i- 
66. and from 1874. Carltai', Boodle't ; 
Solbrooi. Horihaii ; BallylioeA, 
ThBPKttOKH, SilteHiig. 

Fitigerkld, hon. mrs. Dorcas Laniaa, 
dr. of 10 vine. UaBtoreme : b. 1836 ; m. 
Pcny FitiKerald, P.s.A. (i. of T. Fit<- 

rraM, Fond Valley, Louth, M^.), 
1834: H.a. Dublin,'calledtathe Itiah 

bar. a well-known nm-eli«t and writer. 
FsHe Villi ------ 

Si. Georj^ij 
Fitigerald, boo. Letitia Yes^y-, b. 

1828 : hon. Uary Geortrina Teeey-, b. 

1834, diB. of 3 baron Fitzgerald and 

Tescy (est). ZramiHglon. 
Fltagerald, hon. mrs. Jane Matilda 

Mary ; b. 1S38 ; I'ti/e rt. hon. John David 

Fitigflrald, lord Charks, r.n., a. of 

4 duke of Leinatcr; b. 1850. 
Fltiger&ld, lofl Frtsleri;:k, a. of 4 dnke 

of LuiDBlcr; b. 1867. 
FiUgenld, lord George, a. of 4 duke of 

>r 3 duke 

Fttinnld, lord Gerald, i 
of Lei&ater; b. 1821 ; m. ur. ui «iun» 
Barker; eapt. 8rota fusilier fnurdi, 
Ueut.-cot. 22 Midd1i?«ex (Qunu'e) riDe 
volunteers from 1881. 
47 Sloanc Street, S. If. 

TltiKarBld, lonl Heniy, s. of 4 duke of 
Leinater. b. 18(13. 

Fiti^srftld, lorrl Slaorice, ll.»., s. of 
4 duke of Leinater; b. 1853. 

FiUgenld, rt. hon. lord Otho Au- 
guatua, a. of 3 duke of Lrioater ; b. 
I3Z7; m. widow of I bnron Londea- 
borough; ex-lieul. royal hora* giwidB, 
iDOalcr of the liorac to the viceroy of 
Ireland 1855-68, gentleman of the bed- 
chamber to the ncctoy of Ireland 186»- 
62, treaiurer of the Queen's houaefaDld 
in 1866, cdmptroller 1868-74, cx^apt. 
London Iriah rifle volunteers, M. P. (L.) 
Kildarc 186,').74. 
Army anil i'ary, If'/iile'i : S CarltDit 




BiHoa Terratr. S. IT. ; Onklfy Court, 
WiHrttor ; W'nl Park, SalMurg. 

litMgmii, IotA Waiter, R.y., b. of 
4 duke of LeinBtfr ; b. 1868. 

ntinnad, lady Alice, b. 1SS3 ; ludv 
En, b. 1B5S; lady Mabel, b. 18eo': 
lady Nesta; b. 18S5, dre. of 4 duke of 

ntiganld, dow.'Iady. Blanche Maiy, 
dr. of hon. PhUip Stourton, of Holme 
hall ; m. air James Giiorge Dalton Fi)z- 
fenld, 8 hart. 
ntiganJd, dow.-lady Judkin. Eninm 
LooiM UbudwU, dr. of Henry White, 
Golden hilla, and Nev Ross. Tippcrar)' : 
m. rir Thomfl* Judldn Fitieerabl, 3 
XiUg«r«ld, dow.-ladj. Julio, dr. of 
EdVard O'Grady; m. 1. W. A. Rose; 
2. «ir EdKHTd Fitzgerald, 3 bort., of 
Hewmarket-on-Feipia . 
Titonrald, do».-lBdy Judkiti. Mar- 
garet, dr. of WilHimi Warner, of Kit- 
well, Worcestershire; b. 1806; m. 1. 
Bobert JoQ» PaiT}-, Nenjuis, Flint ; 2. 
^muel BankH ; 3, US his third wife, nr 
Jofan Judkin FitzKernld. 'I hart. 
Titagibboo, hon. Gerald Kormanby, a. 
df 13 vi»:. Dillon; b. 1823; id. ladv 
LoaiH, dr. and eo-htir of 3 and laet 
MtI of Clare : assistant aeiretary at the 
India offlce 1858-62, cx-fapt. Oiford- 
ahire militia, rice-prea. of the Limerit^k 
poor lav board of guardians from 1874. 
Union; Syife, Ith of TFi^kl; 
Mount Shannon, L'una^ry. Limtriek. 
Tibglbbon, lady Louisa ; b. 1827 ; vidi 

hon. Qerald FitzgibtKin. 
Tibdiaidlnge, 2 baron (1891). Francis 
William Fitzhardinge Berkclev ; b. 
1828; m. dr. of col. William Hohnt 
Sumner, Hatchlands, Guildford : ei- 
capt. royal horw guards, m.p. Chelten- 
ham 1^56-66, lieut.-col. commandant 
■miUi Ghmcesterahire militia from ~ 
1ieut.-ool. Gloueestcrsbiie yoon 
from 1869. 

Turf; Berkeley Caitle. CkeUetiham ; 
Bt. Utorget Mtel, 32 Albeauirle 
Jltifc«^^H^^g^ dow.-bwonesa. Char- 
lotte, dr. of 1 earl Ducie: b. 1806: m. 
as hu aeeond wife, 1 baron Fitihar- 

■a^fard Soutt, RoiintlaiB, Middlt- 

of Simon G 

Fitiharrii, vise. (eld. a. of earl of 

Fitdurbmrt, sir William, 4 bart. (17S3> 
b. 180S; m. dr. (rf.) of sir Reynold 
Abel Allej-ne, 2 hurt. ; high sheriff of 
Derbyshire in 186S and 1868. 

Tumiiigloii Sail, A-hboHiiie, Derbgi 
ll'iit Farleigh, Maiditone, Kent. 

Htiharbert, William, c.m.g. ; educated 
It CiiiDbridge, fellow of Queen's college, 
md member of the royal eoUeirc of phy 
jcians, London, treasurer of New Zei 
and 1864-65, 1866-67. 

Flttnuinriee, hon. Alexander Tempi* 
- -' " —I of Orkney : b. 1834 ; m. d 
IP, of Danhv hnll, and 
. _. Riddell, The Grange, 
Northumberland; served in the Crimea, 
ei-licut. 72 ft., groora of the bed- 
chamber to the prinee of Wales from 

Marlborough ; 44 ioMW Belgrade 
Street, Eaton Square, S. W. 

FitimanrlM, hon. Henry Warrender, 
B. of 2 earl of Orknev; b. 1828; m. 
Sarah, dr. of George ' Bradle; Roose, 
Brj^tirion, north Wales : cx-capt. 72 
ft., high sheriff of Anglesey in 1866, 
cx-capt. Bucks militia. 

Army and Navy ; Tragaf, Aiigleieg. 

FitimauriM, hon. .Tames Terence, 8. of 
2 carl of Orkney : b. 1835; m. Frsncet, 
dr. of sir William Gore Ouseley, K.c.H.; 
inspector of prisons in Ceylon 1867-70, 

21 Bolton Strttt, Fittadilly, W. 
FitimkuriM, m^ior hon. William Ed- 
ward, bro. of 2 earl of Orkney; b. 
1806; m. 1. dr. of Henty Harford, 
Donn plaec, Berks ; 2. dr. of J. Hatton, 
Deal: >i.A. Oion, ei-major 2 life 
guards, u.f. Bucks 1842-47, capt. 
south Middleaci rifle voluntem bom 


Brooke, Kta Vnivernt]/ ; Bevoad 
Fart, Calm: 14 jtrlingtBn Stmt, 


Titnoftunea, kJy Emily t^'lmrlotti.', dr. 

of 2 earl of Orkney : b. IS36. 

3 £>i»ii»iDTf Ptaa, iYinrc'i Gait, 

TttnuBUiDa, lady Emilj Louuu Ann 

Potty-, dr. of i mtxo. or Idiwdoiniu ; 

b, ite. 
HtimauriOB, laily Evitlya Kmily Mary 

Pflllv-, dr. of 5 marq. of Lansdowne; 

b. IS70. 
FitnuTar, inajor-gen. sir JamoB Wil- 

linm, U.A., K,c.K., ■. of niBJor Charles 

Howard Filxnuivcr. u.t.i li. ISI3: m. 

1. dt. of mujor tl. Bowim- Lane. b.a. ; 

2. dr. of C. fc, Sicvwrigfit, Bumtialand: 
scned in the Crimen in commuid ol 
the artillery of the ucond diruion, 
officer of the legion of honour, knight 
of the Medjidie, tonmuuided the royal 

66, at Bcnarea 1866-67, innieotor ol 
artmcr}', northern diviiion, 1867- 

VniM .Serciee ; AH Zievii, Abtryti- 
KUk, tFfln. 

TiUpatiiok, hon. Bernard Edward 
Bfljnabv, eld. s. of 1 baron Caotleb^wn 
b. 1S18; ei-lieut. 1 life s>>i>rda- 

38 Portrnttn Sqvarr; OrmHoi 
JHoHor, Abbey Ltix, Qwvn'i CohhIs. 

Fitapattiok, Iiuly Olivia, dr. of S luani. 
of Hnidfort:b.lB21; m. rer. FredericV 
PitiTWtriclt (•. of rcT. Frcdwirk Fitj- 
palnefc, rector of Lurfian, Yirirfiiia, 
CnTiin), b. 1821, rei'lor of Cloenr, 
MMI, Leilrim. 

TitiToy, hon. Edward Algernon, s, of 
3 baron Southumptoi) ; b. 1869. 

ntiniy, ban. lamay Mary Helen, h. 
18S3; hon. Frederi™ Louiia, h. 1961 ; 
hon. fibmrbe Georgina, b. 1865, drB. of 
3 baron 8authanij)toii. 

Tttmy, hoH. mrs. GertradB, dr. of 2 
baron Fercreham; b. 1827; m. Franrii 
Horatio Filiroj {«, of admiral lord Wil- 
liam Fitiroy, K.CM.), b. 1823, miijor 
Oxfordshire yuomanr}- 1868-73, a nutgis- 
trate for Hants. 

Travelltrt ; Jhywore Park, Blaeh' 
trater, Hanlt. 

TUxnj, i:ol. lord AngnBtos C'barlps 
Ijnnn:[, c.B., i. of 6 duke of Grafton : 
b. 1821 : m. dr. (rf,) of James Balfour, 
of 'Wbittinghame : aerrnl in the Crimea, 
ex-cujit. Coldstream guaidi, knight of 
the JUedjidJe, v^attry to tbe Quten 

nsai.) from 184EI. Heir prefc to his 

Whitr'K, TrateUerf : Wkittkbarv, 

HtKoy, lieut,-eol. lord Frederick John, 
a. of 5 duke of Grafton: b. 1823; m. 
dr. of rev. William WeKomb: ex- 
capt, tcrenailier ^rnrdg, served on tlis 
toast of SiTia in 1840, m.p. (l.) TheU 
ford 1863-d6. 

Giuird,', Tritefrm' ; 23 GrMrtnar 
Strat. jr. 

FitiiiiiMO, ludv. Catlit'iine, dr. of sir 
John I'owei-, 'kin. : b. 1810; m. rir 
If icholaa Fitinmon (if.) , inspeetor-gen. 
of prisoDH in Ireland, x.i: King's co. in 
three suwesMve parliaments. 
88 Sirphca'i Green, JhihiiH. 

Fitiraltar, 1 baron (1B68). Brook 
William Bridecs ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. (.d.) at 
Lewis Cage. Hitgate, Kent : m.a. Oionu. 
ii.p. (c.) Kent 1867-68, dep.-Ueat. of 
Kent, cant, oaat Kent yeoroanry 1830- 

CaTllou,XatUmal: GoodaeiKm Park, 


HUwUlim, 6 earl (1716). William 
Thninas Spencer Wnitwwth - Fiti- 
William, n-o.; b. 1816: m. dr. nf 18 
earl of Morton: 2nd tit. vise. Hilton: 
M.p. (i.) Hilton 1837-41, 1846-47, 
Wieklow 1847-57. dep-lieut. of York- 
(hire, eol. t west York veomanrj from 
IB46, lord-lieut. of wert riding of^York- 
■hiro Cram l8o3. 

TrerrUeti' ; Wailttorth Bantr, 
SMhtrkam, Yarhthiri ; MUtOH Pari, 
Peltrboro'igh ; Mallaa, Jl'tcktou ; 4 
Grotrriiur S^iiarr, W. 

ntivillitun, hon. Charles William 
Wcntttorth., «. of G earl of 
Filiwilliam: b. 1828; m. dr. of hon. 
a>id rev. ThomaB Lawrence Dundas: 
H.A. Cantab., attache at Vienna in 1846, 
rapt, 1 west York yeomanry from 1846, 
M.F. (L.) Malton fmm 1862. 

Trarellert', Bmnki ; AbrnllBu, 
Prlrrbern-tSh ; 13 Rydfr Sirttt, HI. 
Jama'n.S.'n . 


. Henry WiUiau 

)f 6 earl of Vitr. 

Oantab.. lieul 



Titswilliani, hon. William Charles 
Wentworth, r. of 6 earl of Fitzwilliam ; 
b. 1848 : lieut. royal horse guards. 

Boodle's, St. Janiea's; 4 Oronvenor 
Square, W, 

Fitiwilliain, hon. William John Went- 
worth, B. of 6 earl of FitzMilliam ; b. 
1852 : comet 1 west York yeomanry. 
4 Orosvenor Square, W. 

ntiwilliain, hon. William Hugh 
Wentworth, s. of 6 earl of Fitzwilliam ; 
b. 1860. 

FiUwilliAin, hon. William Ilednald 
Wentworth, s. of 6 earl of Fitzwuliam ; 
b. 1862. 

FiUwiUiAin, hon. William Thomas 
Wentworth, s. of 6 earl of Fitzwilliam; 
b. 1846 : lieut. royal horse guards. 
4 Gro9veitor Square, W. 

Titiwillimm, hon. mrs. George. Alice, 
dr. of major-gen. hon. George Anson ; 
m. hon. George Wentworth Fitz\villiam 
{dX, M.P. Peterborough 1841-59. 
MUtott SouMC, PcUrborough. 

Fitswilliam, hon. , b. 1869 ; hon. 

, b. 1870, drs. of vise. Milton. 

Rtewilliaxa, lady Charlottis b. 1807 ; 
lady Dorothea Henrietta Wentworth, b. 
1822, drs. of 5 earl Fitzwilliam. 

11 Hill Street, Berhlvif Square; 
Harrowden House, Wellingborough, 

Titowilliam, lady Alice Mary, b. 1849 ; 
lady Albreda Mar>', b. 1855 ; lady Char- 
lotte Mar}', b. 185*8, drs. of 6 carl Fitz- 

Fitxwygram, sir Frederick Wellington, 
4 bart. (1805) ; b. 1823 : served in the 
Crimea, ex-lieut.-col. 15 hussars. 

Carlton; Belnwnt Lodge, Malvern, 
Worcester; 42 Brunswick Terrace, 
Brighton ; Leigh Park, Fortstnouth, 

Fitiwygram, lady Fanny Oeorgina, 
bIs. of 6 earl of Lanesborough ; b. 1840 ; 
m. Lofhis Fitz>\'ygram (bro. of sir 
Frederick Fitzwygnmi, 4 bnrt.). 
89 EecUston Square, S. W. 

Tlanagan, Stephen Woulfe, s. of 
Terence Flanagan, and nephew of chief 
baron Woulfe ; b. 1817 ; m. tlr. of John 
Corballis, q.c. : called to the Irish bar 
1838, judge of the landed estates court 
in Ireland (3000/.) from 1869. 

20 FitzwUHam Flace, Dublin; Drum^ 
doe. Bogle, Roscommon, 

Fleetwood, rev. sir Peter Louis Hes- 
keth, 2 bart. (1838) b. 1838: M.A. 
OxcJn., incumbent of St, Mary's, Plais- 
tow, 1869-71. 

Boodle's, Athenaum ; Sunburnt 
Twickenham, Middlesex, 

Fleetwood, dow.-lady. Virginie Marie, 
dr. of scfior Pedro Garcia; m. 1. as his 
2 wife. Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood, 
1 bart. ; 2. Henry Willis. 

Fleming, John, o.s.i.: a merchant in 

Fleming, sir Michael le, 7 bart. (1705) 
b. 1828 : m. dr. of capt. Boddic, Russian 
imperial navy. 

Kivertoft, Christchurch^ New Zea- 

Fleming, sir Valentine, s. of Valentine 
Fleming, Tuam, Galway, capt. 9 ft. ; b, 
1811 ; m. dr. {d.) of Gliarles Buckland, 
Hobart town, and niece of dean Buck- 
land of Westminster: r.a. Dublin, 
called to the bar at Gray's Inn 1838. 
commissioner of the insolvent debtorEr 
court, Tasmania, 1841, solicitor-gen. 
1844-48, attorney-gen. 1848-54, chief 
justice 1854-70. 

The Hall, Bedhill, Surrey. 

Flemyng, major-gen. Augustus, r.m., 
served on the North America, West 
India, and Mediterranean stations, re- 
tired on full pay as lieut.-col. 

Fletcher, maj.-gen. EdwardCharles,8. of 
Edward Fletcher, Alresford, Hants, East 
India co.'s ser\'ice ; b. 1799 ; m. 1. dr. 
of 1 baron Teignmouth ; 2. lady Frances 
Harriet, dr. of 2 Earl of Romney : ex- 
lieut.-col. 3 dragoon guards, dcp.-lieut. 
of Kirkcudbright, a magistrate lor Kent 
and for Kirkcudbright. 

United Service; Kenward, Yalding, 

Fletcher, sir Heniy, 4 bart. (1782) b. 
1835 ; m. dr. of Sir John Morillvon 
Wilson, C.B., K.H. : ex-lieut. grenaoier 
gimrds, comet Cumberland and West- 
moreland yeomanr}' 1859-61, maj. Sur- 
rey rifle volunteers' 1860-63, maj. 1 Sus- 
seic rifle volunteers from 1872. 

White's, Guards'; Ham Manor 



Tleteher, Isaac, f.r.o.s., 8. of John 
Wilson Fletcher, Tambank, Cumber- 
land ; b. 1827 ; m. dr. of J. King, Waa- 
sell grove, Stourbridge : a magis^te for 
Worcestershire and for Staffordshire, 
chairman of the Cockermouth, Keswick, 
and Penrith railway, m.p. (l.) Cocker- 
mouth from 1868. 

Reform ; Tambank, CockernKnttk, 

Jleteher, lieut.-col. John, c.m.o. : 
brigade-maj. of the 5th militair district 
of the Canadian militia frt>m 1865. 

Tleteher, adm. John Yenour, 8. of J. 
Fletcher, Chesterfield ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. 
of Walter Askell Yenour, Bengal medical 
service : served on the West India sta- 
tion, and in the first Chinese war 

Jletcher, sir Richard John, 2 bart. 
(1812) b. 1805 : ex-capt. 9 ft. 
Carrow, Cork. 

Jleteher, lady Charlotte, dr. of 7 earl 
of Wemvss; b. 1798; m. Andrew 
Fletcher (s. of gen. John Fletcher Camp- 
bell, of Saltoim), b. 1796, m.a. Oxon., 
ex-lieut. 14 ft., a magistrate for Mid- 
Lothian and for Haddmgtonshirc, dep.- 
lieut. of Haddingtonshire. 

Neto (Edinburgh); Saltoun Castle^ 
Eciit Lothian. 

Jletcher, lady Frances, dr. of 2 earl of 
Romney; b. 1809; vide major-gen. 
Charles Edward Fletcher. 

Ketcher, lady Harriet, dr. of 3 earl of 
Romney ; b. 1838 ; m. cousin lieut.-col. 
Henr>' 'Charles Fletcher (s. of maj.-gen. 
Edward Charles Fletcher, by dr. of baron 
Teignmouth), b. 1833, capt. Scots fusi- 
lier guards, military secretaiy to gover- 
nor-gen. of Canada (Lord Dufferin) from 
Kentcardf Talding, Maidstone. 

Jleteher, dow.-lady. Emily, dr. of Geo. 
Browne, member of council at Bombay ; 
m. sir Henry Fletcher, 3 bart. 

34 Falmetra Square, JlovCy Brighton. 

Tlori, countess Marcelli-. lady Cristina, 
dr. of countess of Newburgh ; b. 1822 ; 
m. count Marcello Marcelli-Flori. 

Tlower, hon. Robert Thomas, s. of 5 
vise. Ashbrook ; b. 1836 ; m. dr. of rev. 
Sewell Hamilton, Bath : capt. Queen's 
county militia from 1859. 

Flower, hon. William Spencer, s. of 5 
vise. Ashbrook; b. 1830; m. dr. of 
Geoi]ge Marton, Capermoray hcdl, Lan- 
cashire: M.A. Dublin. 

Flower, dow.-lady. Mary Jane, dr. of 
sir Walter Stirling, bart., of Faskine; 
b. 1795 ; m. Sir James Flower, 2 bart. 
24 Lowndes Square, S, W. 

Floyd, maj. sir John, 3 bart. (1816) b. 
1823 ; m. dr. (rf.) of rt. hon. sir Frederic 
Shaw, 3 bart., recorder of Dublin : ex- 
capt. 3 ft., capt. 2 royal Lanark militia 
from 1858. 

United Service; Powys, Sidmouth. 

Floyd, dow.-lady. Mary, dr. of Wil- 
liam Murray, Jamaica ; m. major-gen. 
sir Henry Floyd, 2 bart. 

Floyer, John, s. of rev. William Floyer, 
vicar of Stinsford, Dorset ; b. 1811 ; m. 
dr. of rt. hon. George Bankes, m.p. : m.a.' 
Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Dorset, and high 
sheriff in 1844, capt. Dorset yeomanry 
from 1852, M.p. (c.) Dorset 1846-57, and 
from 1864. 

Carltofiy Oxford and Cambridge; 
West Stafford, Dorchester. 

Flade, lieut.-gen. Thomas Peters, b.a. 
The Cedars, Colchester, 

Fludyer, sir Samuel, 3 bart. (1759) 
b. 1800. 

FeUxstowCy Hanrich; Trostrey,Mofi' 
mouth ; 27 Great Cumber/and Place, IF. 

Foley, 5 baron (1776). Henry Thomas 
Foley ; b. 1850 : dep.-lieut. oi Surrey. 

Irorksop Manor, Notts; Ruxley 
Lodge, Esher, Surrey ; 26 Grosvetior 

Foley, dow. -baroness. Mary Charlotte, 
dr. of 13 duke of Norfolk ; b. 1822 ; m. 
4 baron Foley, capt. of the corps of gen- 
tlemen-at-arms, and lord-lieut. of Wor- 

26 Grosvenor Square ; Ruxley Lodge, 
Esher, Surrey. 

Foley, col. hon. Augustus Frederick, s. 
of 3 baron Foley; b. 1810: ex-major 
grenadier guards. 

Foley, hon. Fitzalan Charles, s. of 4 
baron Foley; b. 1852: lieut. 2 Derby 
militia 1873-74. 

Foley, capt. hon. Fitzgerald Alcemon, 
R.N., 8. of 3 baron Foley; b. 1823 ; m. 1. 
I dr. of late sir George Campbell, and niece ^ 



of lord chancellor Campbell ; 2. Eenira 
Anne, widow of Capt. K. H. G. liam- 
bert, K.N. : served on the coaat of S}Tia 
in 1840, commanded the " Cambridge " 
gunnery ship at Devon]>ort 1867-71, 
commanded the "Britannia" training 
ship at Dartmouth 1871-74. 

Foley, major-gen. hou. St. Georffc 
Gerald, c.b., s. of 3 baron Foley; o. 
1814 ; m. dr. of H. C. Sturt, of Critchill, 
Dorset : served in the Crimea, militar}' 
secretar}' at Hong Kong 1857, commis- 
sioner at the head-quoiters of the French 
army in China 1860, knight of the legion 
of honour, and of the Medjidie, military 
attach^ at Vienna 1865-66, licut.-col. 
h.p. 44 ft., lieut.-govemor of Guernsey 
from 1874. 

United Servicey Wit He's, Travellers*. 

Foley, lady Emily, dr. of 3 duke of 
Montrose; b. 1805; m. Edward Thomas 
Foley (^.), M.p. Herefordshire. 

43 Brook Street, Grosvcuor Square ; 
Stoke Edith Park, Hereford. 

Foyambe, Francis John Savile, s. of 
George Sa\'ile Foljambo, by dr. of sir 
W. M. S. Milner, 4 bart. ; b. 1830 ; m. 
lady Gertrude Emily, dr. of 3 earl of 
Gonord: m.a. Oxon., dep.-Heut. of 
Notts, a magistrate for Notts, and for 
the west riding of Yorkshire, capt, Notts 
yeomanry from 1871, m.p. (l.) East 
Retford from 1857. 

Boodle'*, Brooks* ; Osberton Mall, 
Worksop, Notts ; 31 Great Cinnberlafid 
Place, Jiruanston Square^ W.; Aid- 
warke Hall, Itotherham. 

Foyambe, lady Gertrude Emily, b. 
1833; vide Francis J. S. Foljambe. 

Foyambe, lady Selina, dr. of 3 earl of 
laverpool; b. 1812; m. 1. vise. Milton 
(bro. of 6 earl Fit/william) ; 2. as hU 
second vnSe, George Savile Foljambe {d.) 
Aldicarke, Hot her /tarn, Yorkshire; 
Osberton, Worksop, Notts. 

Folkes, bart. ; vidt Ffolkes. 

Folkestone, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Rad- 
nor). William Pleydell Bouverie ; b. 
1841 ; m. Helen, sis." of Hcnr>' Chaplin, 
M.P.: M.A. Cantab., dep. lieut. of Berks, 
ex-lieut. royal Berks militia, m.p. (c.) 
south Wilts'from 1874. 

Whitens ; 13 Lotcudes Sqttare, S. W. 

FoUett, lady Julia Alice, dr. of 2 marq. 
of Ailsa ; b. 1849 ; ra. capt. R. Webb 
FoUett (s. of sir William Follett), cold- 
stream guards. 

Fooks, major-gen. Walker King, r.a. : 
served in the Sutlej and Punjab cam- 
paigns, ex-lieut.-col. roy^ B^igal 
artillery, retired on full pay. 
. Netvjfield House, Bexley Heath. 

Foots, rear-adm. Henry Richard, s. of 
capt. John Foote, ii.x. (nephew of vice- 
adm. sir James Foote, k.c.b.); b. 1817: 
served on the west India and Aftican 

Foote, niaj.-gen. "William Francis, R.M., 
s. of capt. John Foote, R.N. (nephew of 
vice-adm. sir James Foote, k.c.b.^ ; b. 
1820: served in the China expemtion 
1857-59, ex-col.-commandant royal 
marines, retired on ftill pay. 

Foote, lady Elizabeth Katinka, dr. of 
5 marq. of Queensberry; b. 1814; m. 
Henrj- St. George Foote. 

•fForbes, 20 baron (1440J. Horace 
Courtcnay Forbes; b. 1829: premier 
baron of Scotland, M.A. Oxon., dep.- 
Ueut. of Aberdeenshire. 

Athenaum, Carlton; Castle Forbes, 
Aberdeenshire; 22 Palmeira Square, 

Forbes, bp. ; vide Brechin. 

Forbes, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Granard). 

Forbes, vice-adm. Arthur; b. 1810: 
8er\'ed on the north America, west 
India, and Mediterranean stations. 
43 Prince's Square, Baj/stcater, W. 

Forbes, sir Charles, 3 hart. (1828) b. 
1803 ; ra. dr. of George Battve, Campden 
Hill : ex-capt. 17 lancers, ex-lieut. Surrey 
light horse volxmteers. 

Junior United Service ; Netoe House, 
Aberdeenshire; Ashtown, Aberdeen^ 
shire ; Broom Wood, Clapham, Surrey, 

Forbes, maj.-gen. John, c.b., s. of rev. 
G tK)rge Forbes, D.D.,Blelack; b.l817; m. 
dr. of col. Adam A. Drummond : served in 
Scinde and Aftghamstan 1841-42, in the 
Persian campaign 1856-57, and with the 
Central India field force dming the 
mutiny. Bombay cavalry. 

New Club, Edinburgh ; Blelaek, Tar- 
land, Aberdeen ; Inveraruartf Strath- 
don, Aberdeen. 

Forbes, sir William, 8 bart. (1630) b. 
1836 ; m. 1. dr. of sir Charles Forbes, 1 
bart. of Newe (divorced 1861) ; 2. dr. of 
sir Robert Abercrombv, 6 oart. : ex- 
lieut. Coldstream guaros, served in the 
Crimea, lieut.-ool.-eommandant 1 Aber- 



doeiwbini riUe Tnlimtecn frnm 186S. 
dpp.-lioiit. of Abrrdraiulimi. 

Gmrdif ; Craiauvar Cai 
FiHlray Eoute, AirrHtnthirc. 
Jorbei, William Ashhnrnn', c.e. : en- 
tered the Bcngsl ciri] wrtiFe in 1B47. 


it of AlluhaW diviaion ttara 

■ William Stnart, 9 bflrt. 
(1626) b. 1636; m. dr. of J. W.tta, 
Helnia New Zealsnd. 

Pittliga, AhenlremihiFe ; FiUereaini, 
LauitHKkWk, KiHtardinnhire. 

Jnthm, hou. Atholt Moii.'K>ii, b. of IS 

baron Forba; b. 1841. 

ForbM, lion. Junes Hunter, s. of 19 
baron Forbn; b. 1833: M.A. Oion. 
Junior Carlton. 

FotbH, hoD. Robert, s. of IS heron 
Focbea ; b. IS08 ; m. dr. of Tbanuu Luw 
Hodgca, Henieted, Eeut : in the Bcngnl 
dvil aayine 1826-fiO. 

IS CeWerlty Park, Tunbridgc WelU. 

TorbM, hon. Waiter Robsrt Dnuumoad, 
1. of 19 baron Forbca ; b. 186S. 

Torbei, hon. William Francis, bro. of 
7 eorl of Granatd ; b. 1838 ; m. dr. of J. 
Bowe, Ballvrroeii, Wexford: page of 
honour to tlii' Queen 1815-55, rx-capt. 
1 grenadierf^uord^ Bvrved in tbv Crimea, 
dep.-lieiit. of Lcilrim, maj. Lcitrim 
nulitiiL from 1859, roeident magiHtnitc nt 
Ciimgh camp, 

TottM*, hon. mrs. diaries. Caroline, 
dr. of col. lioQ. Geonjo Spencer: b. 
1&«; ra. hon. Churloi Murray Ha)- 
Forbes (d.), >. of 19 baron Forbes. 

FnbM, hon. Elizabeth Jane, tlr. of 16 

banm Forbes; b.l813. 
•TorbH, hon. nirs. Elizabeth, ais. of 17 
baron Salloun ; b. 1823 ; m. col. Hamil- 
ton Forb», b. 1834, served in the 
Sutlei campoii^ lS4a-46, including 
Moodkce, Fenneahah, and Sobraon, in 
the Punjab campaign, including Chil- 
lianvallah and Goojerat, hrigade-maj. 
of catalr^' at the iiejre and capture of 
Lucknow, commandant of the Ithopal 
battalion from IS60. liengil stuiF corpd. 

ForbM, lady Adelaide .lane, ti. 1860 ; 
ladv Sophia Maria, b. t88'2, dra. of 7 
atl of u tnnard. 

Forb^ 8 bait., of PitsiiKO. 

U Chapel Street, Park LtiHe. W.i 
FrJt-rcaini llatuf, Kmrardinn/iire. 

ForboB. dow. -baron CHS. I^onisa, dr. of 
Jfime* Ormond, Abingdon, Berks; m, 
19 baron Forbes. 

Forl>«,dow.-ri!«'onnteGs. FranccsMarj, 
dr. of William Territt, ll.d., Chilton 
Hnll, Suffolk ; m. 1. viw. Fnrben. father 
ofZcarlofGranard: 2. Thonuia Nugml 
Vauirhan {d.) ; a bedchamber woman to 
the Queen, IS -74, extm bedchamber 
woman from 1874. 

3 Onf.'» Sfrrel, Xayfair, W. 

Fotbei, hoD. lady. Charlotte Elizabetli, 
dr. of 17 baron Forbes; b. 1801; m. 
air John Forbes, 7 hart., of CraifieTar. 

Forbtl, lady. Amelia So[)hia, dr. of 
David Gmnt, M.i>., Jamaica; m. nr 
FninciB ForboaW.J.eliief juatico of Hew 
South Wales 1^-41. 

Dynrror Tirraa, Sydney, N.S. W. 

Ford, maj.-gen. Charles Enkiu^, n.R. 

Ford, maj.-gen. Edmund Twiaa, B.E. : 
retired on (uU pay as col. 

Tord. sir Ptnncis Colville, 4 but. (1793) 
b. tS50 : m. couain, dr. of William Pont, 
C.H.I. , Bengal civil serrico. 
17 Xaiiljitllier VUlai, Srigfuim. 

Ford, William, c.k-i,, b. of sir Francis 
Ford, 3 bort; b. 1821 ; ni, dr. (rf.) of 
maj.-gen. J. A. Hodgson. Sheraton, 
Durham ; in the Bengal dvil servicd 

Eart India F.i.Vwf Sei-rier ; Trehol- 
fanl. Jlrirmi. 

Foidwich, vise. (eld. a. of earl CoKper). 

FordfM, maj..geii. Charles Francis, 
c.n. ; b. 1818 : m. Mar\-, dr. of sir 
James Dalrymple Hav, 2 Mrt, : served 
in the Crimea with 47' ft., knight of th« 

inngtoH Ganfem Syiiarr, Bai/i- 

. Tied in .irmcan 

lS!-l-2fl. commanded a batlcrv of artil- 
lery at Sobraon and Fcrojcshah, com- 
manded tbc artillery ngainnt the Sikhi, 
and also in 1850 under ur Charles 
Napier in forcinft the Kohol pass. 
FordyoB, William Dingwall, a. of capt, 
Aleiander D, Fordyce, h.s., h.p., by 
dr. of JamM Thom, Huva Scotia; b. 
1836; m. dr. of R. Horn, advocate: 
H.A. Edinburgh, called to the Scotch 
bdi tSei, dcp.-licuC of Abcrdeciuhire, 


lapt. S Abcrdeon riHes from 1861, u.r. 
(l.) Aberdwnahire frorn 186«. 

Hrfarm, Brookt' ; Brucktai/ OulU, 
forMter, 3 baron (18SI) lieiit.-gen. 
Gmrge Cecil Weld Forratpr; b. 1837 ; 
m. dr. (rf.) of 3 i-Ue. 6t. Vincent, and 
widow of David Ocbtprlony Mjiv Som- 
rol. royal bone guiudi. 


Oirltim ; Mtefori Ball, Stent, Slaf- 
fordtAiri; 3 Carlton Qardtm, Fall 
Mall, S. W. 

Fanitar, tV'uil Theodore Weld, 

hoQ. and rev. OrlimdoFomiter; b. 1812; 
m. Emina.ldr. of air Wm. lliiic, 7 bui.: 
M.p. (c.) Wenloek from 1874. 

Foretter, licul.-col, hon. Emilias John 
Weld, «. of 1 baron Forester: b. 181S: 
aerred in the Atf|rhBni«tan campaien 
1838-42, nide-dc-riuuptoiirWilloughby 
Cotton 1838-40, ex-mpt. 83 ft. 

OrelloH Hoiiac, WtHehmmit, Glouen- 

foTwter, limt.-uol. hon. HunryTovni- 
Dhend, s. of 1 buron Forcatfr ; li. 1821 : 
ei-mpt. grenadier Kuacdn. 

16 JlillSlrret, Bcrkdey Saiiarf, W. 

Faniter, hon. nnd rev. Orlnndo Watkiii 
Weld, B. of 1 baron Forciler; b. 1813 ; 
m. dr. {d.) of Ritbard Normnn, by dr. 
of duke of Itutlnnd : u.a. Cantab., pre- 
bendary of Hereford, ranon of York 
Ofrom 1874, ihaBccUor of York 
874, rectnr of Qedllng, Xoliing- 
ham. NotiM (107B/.) from 1867. 

ForMUr, hon. mrs. Elesaor Alesati- 

dnna,u>.ofl7b<ironSaltoun: b. 1836; 
ni. Hnuy Williom Forerter (s. of Frane is 
FonsKT, by dr. of 1 duke of Clevoland). 
Someriy, IJakham, Leieesttrthirt ; 
.11 St. Ja«<n't /Vfl<r, S. W. 
ForMtor, lady Hnria, dr. of .1 enrt at 
Hoden; b. 1824: m. ma j. hon. Charles 
Kobert Weld Forcatcr {/). 

12 OhiIoik Cirmiit, Jlroinplmi, S. JT. 

FortitBT, do w. -baron wB. Ale.xaiidrinii, 

dr, of Joarhini Mortimer, cniint von 

Moltzan; b. 1SI8; m. 1. 3 vi'o. Mel- 

bourne fell.); 2. 2 bnron Fomitcr Id.) 

6, Ai4dliy.Sq.,Sout),Aniilfv'il.. W. 

Forrart, sir John, 2 lart. (1839) b. 

1817; n commiHioDer of lupply for 


ConittoH, Midlothian; IB MaHur 
Tlaay Edinburgh . 

knight of the Medjidie. 
Foritar, sir Chartos, 1 hart. (1874), s. of 
Chnrle* Smith Forster, U.P. ; b. 181S; 
m. FtsnceB, dr. of John Surleei, New- 
eMtle-upon-TiTie, and nieco of lori 
chimecllDT Eldon ; M.A. Oion,, called to 
the bar at (he loner Temple 1843, dep.- 
lirut. of Staffordshire, h.f. (l.) Walnll 
from 1852. 

\iitter, S. IK. 

Fanter, sir George, S bart. I1794) b. 
1796 ; in. 1. dr. of Matthev Fortcacue, 
Btephenstown, Louth ; 2. dr. of W. Hoare 
Hume, of Hume Wood : m.a. Dublin, 
dep.-lieut. of Monaghan, and of Louth, 
tailed to the bar in Ireland 1830, m.p. 
(C.) Monaghan 18.52-05. 

Cai-lloH : Satkrillt Strrrt Cliii, Duh- 
Hh; Oatldfrry, GtrridaHitaw, Jfo- 
HBijhnii ; 63 FiliieUHam Sgiian, 

Fontar, mujor-geii. Heury, ii.A., o.b. : 
(erred in Afl^haniMon in 1839. 

Forttw, rt. hon. William Eilwiird, 
r.c, B. of W. Foraler, a Quaker mi- 
niiiter; b. 1818: m. dr. of rev. ThoOtM 
Arnold, d.d., hcadmairtxr uf itogbj; 
dep.-lieut. of Torkflhirc, under-neeretuiy 

of ther ._.__._ 

ford from 1861, a wonted n 
at Bradford. 
Rrform ; Buriry, Icedt ; 80 Bcd- 

'iurhy, . 

UoH Sgaar, , 
7ont«T, general William Fredeiiuk, 
K.U.: served with the 8cot« fUiilier 
guards at Bayonne in 1814, military 
Bccretary to the oommnnder-in-chief 
(duko of Cambridge) 1864-72, .-ol. 81 
ft. bata 1863. 
7 Choter/irhl Strrrt, Mayfuu; JT. 
Fontw, hou. nirs. Mar; Elizabeth, dr. 
of 2 bnron I'lunket ; b. 1836 ; m. eol. 
Thonuu Oriol Forater (eld. s. of or 
Gcnrse Fonrtor, 2 bart.) b. 18M, ex- 
capt. 77 ft., iieut.-eol. commandant 
Monaghan militia from 1855. 

Caoldrrry, CarriekmacrBit, Moaa- 


Forayth, .John, c.B, : ei-principol in- 

ofthc medirol department in the 

army.hon.pbjriiician to the Queen 



Tony Ui, sir Thomas Douglas, o.h., 
K.C.8.I., ■. of Thomtts Forej-tli, Liver- 
pool, and bro. of TViUiam Forajth, 
LL.D.. Q.c, M.p. : entered the Bengal 
civil wrrice 1848, commiM ion df inOude, 
envoy of the Tarkund mimion in 1873. 

FonyUi, William, ll.d,, g.c, s. of 
Thonia* Forajth, Liverpool; b. 1812; 
m. 1. dr. of George Lyall, m.p.; 2. 
grand-dr. of rt. hon. sir Tbonias I'lu- 
mtr; m.a. Cantab., railed lo the bai 
1839, queen's counsel 18o7, conuniBMirj 
of the univeraity of Cumbridge from 
IB68, BtaodinE counsel to the secretaiy 
of itate for India 1868-72, m.p. (c.) 
Cambridge in 1865, Manlebone from 
1874. AlhtHaum .■ 61 Sullaiui Gale, 
Kiiightibridge. S.W. ; Firt,!Horti„ia; 
""-'■- ; a Crou!n 0^ Eoa, Tempit, 



FortsHne, 3 earl (1789). Hugh Fo> 
tescue ; b. 1818 ; m. dr. (rf.) ofrt. hon. 
col. Uawaon Qumer; iaA tit. vise. 
Ebrington : dep.-lieut. of Uevon, a lord 
of the treagurj' 1846-47, BCcreUi^- lo the 
poor Uw board 1847-51, m.p. (l.) Ply- 
mouth 1841-62, Mnrj'lebouc 1864-a9, 
lieut.-rol. commandant north Devon 
yeomnnry from 1863. 

Traeeller,\ Brookt- ; Cattle HiU, 
South Maltaii, Devon ; Weafe Giford, 
BidefoTdiOtton ; Sammerrille, Water- 

FortCMtie, hon. Arthur Grenville, a. 
at 3 earl Fortescue ; b. IBoS. 

ForteHD«, hou. Charles GrenviUe, b. 
of 3 ear! FortcBcue : b. 1861. 

ForttlBUB, hon. DuUley Francis, s. of 
2 earl Porteacue ; b. 1820: m. lady 
Camilla, dr. of 4 earl of Portsmouth : 
M.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Devon, e:c- 
capt. I Devon militia, m.p. (lJ An- 
Aovn 1857-74, high sheriff of Wator. 
ford in 1870, a commianonei 



Tramllirt', Braoti' ; 9 i 
Street, Maufiiir, W. ; Sumi 
Dimmere, iValerford. 
Fortstona. hon. Geoi^ Matthew, s. ol 
1 earl Fonescuo; b. 1791; m. lady 
Louisa, dr. of 1 earl of Harrowby : dep.- 
lieut. of Devon and of ComwaU, ei- 
capt. 26 ft.| epeeial deputv-warden ol 
the Btannanes of CorawalL M.P. Hin- 
don 1827-32. 

TraciUeri ; Boronnoe, Cornwall i 
Dropiaort, Maidenhrad, Sucii; 38 
Orotveoor Square, JV. 

FortMoue, hon. John William^ i. of ^ 

earl Fortewue ; b. 1859. 

Fortesone, hon. Lionel Henry Dndley, 
8. of 3 carl Fortescuc, b. 1857. 

Fortswne, hon. .Seymour John, e.k., 
B. of 3 earl Fortesone ; b. 1856. 

FortOMiiB, hon. William Geonre, b. of 
3 earl Forteecue ; b. 1866. 

FortMcue, lady Snsan Elizabeth, b. 
1848; ladv Mary Eleanor, b. 1849; 
lady Georgina Seymour, b. 1862; hidy 
Alice Sophia, b.'l864; lady France* 
Blanchcb. 1866,dn.of3earlFortescuc. 

FDrteww, lady Camilla, b. 1830; 
Fufe hon. Dudley FortMCue. 

FortoKve, lady Ixiuisa, b. 1813 ; vide 
hon. George Fortescne. 

FoTtCKDe, dow. -viscountess. Eliza- 
beth, dr. of Piers Geale, Dublin ; m. 1. 
sir Marcus Somerville, hart., father of 1 
baron Athluniney : 2. ai his second 
wife, 2 earl Forteecue. 

68 Brook Street, Grotrenor Sguarf. 

Forth, -rise. (eld. s. of earl of Perth). 

FoiUr, rcT. sir Cavondish Herrey, 
3 bart. (1831), s. of rt. hon. air Augus- 
tus Foster, O.C.H., 1 bart. : b. 1817 ; in. 
dr. of rev. John Todd, Halesowen : B.A. 
Cantab., rector from 1S43 of Thoutlon- 
Oarnon, Eppmg, Bttex {660/.); Glyde 
Cbtirl, Ardet, Louth. 

Foster, niaj..gcn. Charles John : served 
inthcAflghanistan campaign including- 
the sicfre and capture of Ghusnee, at (he 
bntlle of Muharajpore 1843, and m the 
Sutlcj campaign, including Buddiwal, 
Aliwal, and Sobraou, lleut.-col. h.p. 
16 lancers. 

FostsT, Morgan Hugh, (.'.b., a. of J. 
Foster, Jamaica; b. ISIfl ; m. dr. of 
George Flint : British paymaster in 


1843-49, I 
al 1869, Umincud commissioDer to 
ipal financial officer in 

the imperial Ottoman bank at CDOstin- 
tinnplofrom 1871. 

SricthiU Honee, Bedfordihire. 
Fottar, Skellin^on. ; vitle Skeffington. 
FMtar, sir William, 2 hart. (1838) h. 
1825 ; m. 1. dr. of R, Armit, Dublin ; 2. 
Harriet, dr. of cap. T. Wills, u-s.: ex- 
capt. II huBsais. 
Tliorpe, Noraieh. 


rMar, William Henry, g. of WUliiim 
Onus Foster, Apley Park, M.v. ; b. 
]gt6 ; m. dr. et H. 8. Pakeohjiiu Ma- 
hoD, Stcokestowii Ilouec, Kosooiitniun : 
K.A. OiDD., dep.-lieut. of Sniop, ei- 
lieilt. south Salop yeomanry, M.v. (l.) 
BridgGnorth from 1H70. 

Brooi^ ; ApUv J'arli, Briiiamerth, 
Babv ; 8 Bflgravf Sqmre, S. iV. 

Forter, dow.-laiiv. dr. of 8. Day, 
Korwicli ; m. sir Wni. Foster, 1 bart., a 
■oliritor at Norwich. Tioipr. Xonrkh. 

IMungUl, Kichanl, s. of K. Fother- 
nlL Cambridge, Kendal; b. 1822; m. 
I. dr. of E. Lenis; 2. dr. of Willittm 
Boden: educated at Edinburgh, dep.- 
lieot. of Olamorganshire, and a magiBtrate 
for Fembrolie, an iraiunoBtcr, X.I', (l.) 
MerthytTydril from 1868. 

Oretlmiii, Wiadhatn ; Ahtrtiant, 
Abtrdart, Giauu>rgmu,hire ; Sim 
Boat, TtBby,Fetttbrokr,;lliydel'ark 
Oardtni, Hyde 1-aik, W. 

FOBlMtott, iniijar-gen. Thomaa : for- 
merly in the llombay army. 

4 Albeuiark Street, IV, ; Siibiilaw 
Pari, Abtrdteii. 

Fralii, Hir James Lieton-, 9 bart. (1634) 
b. 1847; m. dr. of air Charles Ochter- 
lony, 2 tart.: cx-eusigii 17 ft., 

Edmbunih ligtit infuntrv militin 

1870. WMdhetl, aud Silburn 71-ucr, 

Toalii, tev. sir Henry, B bart. (1619) 
b. 1800: B.A. Cantab., prebendarj- of 
Uncoln from 1844, rector from 1834, of 
Orcal BriekhitI, Blttehlty, Biickn 
{iToi.) ; Carlltm. 

TOBlil, hon. Algernon Sidney, s. of S 
baron de I'lsle and Dudley; b. !°-' 
lieut. royal artillery. 

Tonlia, hon. Heury Sidney, s. of 2 
baron de Tide and Dudley ; b. 18.58. 

Fenlia, bon. Philip Sidney, eld. s. of 2 
baron dc I'lale and Dudley, b. 1853 ' 
lieut. rife brigade. 

ToDli*, hon. Wiltiam Sidney, s. of 2 
baron de I'lsle and Dudley ; b. 18j9. 

Fonlli, hon. Mary Sophia Sidney., di 
of 2 baron de "i'lsle and Dudley; I 

Tonlli, dow.-lady Liston. Mary Anne, 
dr. of Robert Cndcll ; m. aa his second 
wife, air Wiltium Liston Fnulis, 8 bart. 

Tnwka, air Fix'dcrick Thomas, 2 bart. 
Q814) b. 1816; in. dr. and co-heir of 
Henry Leigh Spencer, Banstead I'ark, 

Surrey : called to the bar at Uie Hiddle 
dep.-lieut. of Leicester- 
i1. Leicestershire militia 
Gonaervatit/e ; Lou'etby 

Salt, Leittittr. 
Fowls, niaj..f{cn. Charles Stephen : ex- 

lieut.-col. Bengal etalF corps, second in 

cDiDiQSnd ^ licDgal natire inftntry 

Fowler, lady Harriet Eleanor, dr, of 1 

marq. of Ormonde ; b. 1810 ; m. Itobert 

Fowler (d.), of Rahinaton, vice-lieut. 

ot Meath, s. of rt. rcT. K. Fowler, bp. 

of Osftory. 
Sahiiutim Houie, Eilmck, Meatk ; 

Rydi. IiU of iVigkt. 
Poi, hon. Saekville Fitzroy Henry 

I,ane-, old, s. of 12 baron Conyera ; b, 

Fas, hon. mrs. Alice Margaret Lane-, 

dr. of 2 baron Stanley of Alderlef; 

b. 1828; m. col, AugustusLone-Foi (s. 

of W. A, Lane-Foi, by dr. of 18 carl of 

Morton), sen'ed us deputy and asoMant 

rirtennastcr-gen. in the Crimea, inclu- 
g the Alma and Seboatopol, eic-assia- 
tantHjuartennaster-gen. at Cti-k, Leut.- 
eol. brigade depAt at Guildford from 

Fox, hon. Lara Mary I<ane-, siia. of 12 
baron Conyera ; b. 1832. 

Fox, hon. Mary I^ne-, b. 1863 ; hon. 
Violet Ida Lane-, b. 1866, drs. of 12 
baron Conyera. 

Fox, lady. dr. of Joseph Brookhonae, 
Matlock : m. air Charles Foi, C.E. (rf.). 
BelUfild. Blackieath. 

Fozford, baron ; eide Limerick. 

Fnuiei*, sir Philip, a. of E. Francia ; 
b.ia22: called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple 1846, Tice-conaul and regiatrarof 
theaupreme conaular court at Conatanti- 
noplel861-62, in Egypt 1864-67, conaiil- 
gen.ondjudge at Constantinople (1600/.) 
from 1867. 

Fruioklin, bon. mrs. Alice Maud, dr. 
of 3 vise. St. Vincent; b. 1848; m. 
John yeU FranckUo, b. 1844, a ma- 
gistrate for Notts. GonaUton, Souths 
well, Notts ; Great Barford, Bah. 

FrMoWyn, mm. -gen. John Henry.R.i., 
c.B. : acn*Fd m the Crimea, knight ot 
the Medjidie. 

Pnuili, Jadv Agnes, dr. of 2 marq. of 
Westmins'ler ; b. 1831; m. I. air Archi- 
bald lalay Campbell, bart. ; 2. Philip 
Frunk, H.D. (Berlin). Caniu;Fnaiee. 



CFnuik&nt d» Xontmorency, 'J viiii-. 
(1816). Lodtre Raynirairl .I,' Mnntinr)- 
renry; b. 1806; m. dr. of Pewr FtU- 
Kibbon Hnncby. Q-C, i-L.D. (ihc 
nbtained a KnantiiHi in 1843) : ti-limt. 
10 husun. 

Xnclaiiih. J)nilm ; T^jaJoh Jotco", 
Ejipint/, Eatl. 

TnnUuid, Tiw-adm. Charles CoItiIIv, 
«, of rev. Roger FrHnkliind, Dulvprt™, 
HomeiHt, by BUi. nf Kdm. liird Ckdville : 
b. 1T97: wrved cm the eoutli kxanritsn 

TnnUand, s\t Frrderick Willkni, 8 
hurt. (IseO) b. 17»3; m. dr. (rf.) of 
Inu BcHTlh Slokeaby, Torkihire : 
•en'ed in tho Pcniiunila and at Waterloo, 
and ID tha cut and west Indii^ iev.- 
licut of Susari, bannokmaeKT at Gib- 
raltar 1813-07. 

GrtBt niriUif Ball, Yorhhirc; 

Traaklin, nug.-gvn. Ciuirles Tripmcc, 
U.A., c.B. ; b. 1822 ; m. dr. of FnmcU 
Haywood, Sillin*. Brom«Tove : wrred 
in the Crimea, kniitht nf the tledjidie, 
ml. on the rtali' of the south-«a«lem 
dirtrict 1872-74, retired on tWI paj ii« 

TiBiiklui, Henry, c.n., a. of rev. Josriih 
Eviuu Franklin, vimr of Kilmimin, 
Meath ; b. 1787 ; m. dr. of «il. CowcU, 
1 ft. : served in the FeninmliL, in the 
American war, and in India, ci-inBpector- 
sea, of hoanitali. 

113 Snu^alf Soaii, Folkalimt. 

VranUin, laJy. Jane, dr. of John 
Griffin, r.a.A. : m., aa hi« aeoond wife, 
rear-adm. sir John Fninkhn, K .C.H. (rf.) 
the Arctic voyager. 4 Senmorc Plate, ff . 

Trssklin, lady. Mary Anii<', ilr. of 
SnniuelTmme.Clonlaiii; m. nlr Rirhard 
Fmnklin, ii.ii., of Limerick (rf.). 

Trsnki, kdy. Ri^lK'i'i'a Congtantia ; n. 
1 . Samuel Brewla, Lui^lerhouM', Freat- ' 
wich; 2. maj.-gen. air Thomaa Harte 
Franka. K.C.B. Trf.), .. of W. Fninki., of ■ 
Carri); raatle, Cork, by aunt of Fibt- 
William Hume, K.F. 

Ihtlime HiHiM, Trltirort/i, Oioh. 

Traaki, lady. Sarah >Voalaaton, ilr. nf 
William Ue^D, borriater ; m., aa hia 
third wife, air John Ftsnka (</.), judge 
of the aupreme rourt at Calcutta. 
Si. Bridgrfi, Sablm. 

Wnaer, bp. ; vide Hiuicheat«r. 

Fraier, lol. Alexander, [UE., e.B. : ser- 
\Ml in tbe .Sutlej rsmpni^ 1845, tho 
Punjab eampaign 1848-49. the Btirmeae 
■war 1852-63, ex-phief enjrineer and tcc- 
retarj- to the chiertoniiniaionerof Kritiah 
Burmah, in tho public works depart- 
ment, ehief injincer and aecrelaiy to 
the eovenunent of India, noith-weat 
provinces, in the public works depait- 

PrM«r,c«l, Charles Craufurd, v,i;.,i;.i!., 
bro. and heir nreamnntive of air William 
A. Fmaer. 41iart.; b, 1829: served in 
the Indian mutiny, ci-lieut.-col. U 
huaaara. aide-dc-caiup tn the comman- 
der-in-chief (duke of Cambrid(n>) from 
1873. 16 WilliiiiH Nlreet, Loirudr- 
Sqiiart, tl'. 

Ftuh, mv.-gen. John, i;.h.a.: com- 
manded a batlnlion of roval marines in 
the Crimea, retired ou full pay. 

FnMi, ilohti, M.D., ex ; acrvedinthe 
Crimea, in the Indian mutiny, and in 
-he Oude campailm, 
IdershotlB -74, at 
onorarj- physician li 

7! ft., commiaaioncr of police of the rity 
of I,ondon (1800;.) from 1863. 

DM JtWTi/. E.C. : 25 Upper IFim- 

pole Sirnt. W. 

nklsr, maj.-gen. Simon, d.m., s. of 

Simon Fraacr, Ford. EdinburKh ; b. 

• ^_ of Lcwia Fraaer, ca|it. IS 


ft. : served in Bi-rin, and in the Ci 
knight of the Sedjidie. retired oi 
pay us col. second commandant. 

Orrrtoii, Araiidiitr. Jiaiitiliim, La- 

Ftu«t,goI. sir William AuKUstug,4bnrt. 

{1806) t 
I life mu 

J life mmrds, h.f. (c.) Ifaimataple 1852- 
53," 1857-SB, Ludlow 1R8.V65, Kidder- 
miniter from 1874, one of the Queen's 

fn»n, lieut.-col, hnn. Alexander F^- 
ward, B. of 10 baron Lovat: b. I83I ; 
m. Georirina, dr. nf Omtite Ueneape. 

n the Crimea, kni^-liL 



dep.-licut. of Invemess-sliire, ex-capt. 
eoldstream guards. 

0uard9\ Brooks* ; 55 Eaton Place ^ 
Bdgrave Square, S. W. ; Eilcan Aigas, 
JSeauly, Inverness-shire. 

FrAier, capt. hon. Alexander William 
Frederick, master of Saltoun, eld. s. of 
17 baron Saltoim ; b. 1851 : lieut. grena- 
dier guards. 

Fraser, capt. hon. Arthur Hay David, 
8. of 17 baron Saltoun ; b. 18o2 : lieut. 
Scots fusilier guards. 

Fraser, col. hon. David McDowaU, r.a., 
C.B.. bro. of 17 baron Saltoun ; b. 1825; 
m. Mar}% dr. of Edward Gonne Bell, 
Streamstown^ Mayo: served in the 
Crimea, knight of the legion of honour, 
and of the Medjidie, commanded a bri- 
gade of royal horse artillery in Peshawur. 
ArtHf/ and Navy, United Service; 
The Grange, Castle Connell, Linierick. 

Fraaer, lieut. -col. hon. Henry Thomas, 
8. of 16 baron Lovat ; b. 1838 : capt. 
Scots fusilier guards. 

Guards*, Brooks* . \ 

Fraaer, maj. hon. James Hay, bro. of 
17 baron Saltoun ; b. 1833 ; m. dr. {d.) 
of John Dimdas, Edinburgh : for some 
time second in command of 10 Bengal 
cavalry (Hodson's horse) at Gonda. 
Bengal staff corps. 

Fraaer, hon. Simon, master of Lovat, 
8. of 16 baron Lovat ; b. 1838 ; m. Alice, 
dr. of T. Weld Blundell. of Ince Blun- 
dell, Lancashire : dep. -lieut. of Liver- 
ness, and vice-lieut. from 1872, lieut.- 
col. commandant Inverness-shire militia 
from 1855. 

Fraaer, hon. Ajinie Mary, b. 1857 ; 
hon. Alexandra Catherine, b. 1862, drs. 
of 17 baron Saltoun. 

Fraaer, lady Blanche, dr. of 5 earl of 
Perth ; b. 1848 ; m. Frederick Macken- 
zie Eraser, b. 1831, dep.-lieut. of 

Travellers* ; CastUFraser, Aberdeen- 
shire ; InveraUochy, Fraserburgh, 

YitLBeT, lady. Isabella, dr. of John 
Mackenzie, Kincraig; m. lieut. -gen. 
sir Hugh Fraaer, k.c.b. (rf.) 
Braelatigwell, Cromarty. 

Frederick, vice-adm. Charles, s. of col. 
Thomas Frederick, nephew of 4 bart. ; 
b. 1797: served in the west Indies, a 
lord of the admiralty 1859-65. 

13 Victoria Street, Westminster, 

Frederick, sir Chafles Edward, 7 bart. 
(1723), s. of gen. Edward Frederick, 
c.B. (s. of col. Charles Frederick, nephew 
of4bart); b. IWl. 
Burwood House, Esher, Surrey. 

Fredericton, 1 bp. of (1846). rt. rev. 
John Medley, d.d., s. of George Medley, 
Grosvenor Placej London ; m. dr. (d.) 
of John Bacon, Sidcliff, Sidmouth : m.a. 
Oxon., vicar of St. Thomas's, Exeter, 
1838-45, prebendary of Exeter 1842-45, 
bp. of Fredericton (1000/.) from 1845. 
Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

Freeling, col. sir Arthur Henry, r.e., 
5 bart. (1828) b. 1819; m.^. of sir 
Henry Rivers, 9 bart. : col. on the staff 
of the western district from 1872. 
Army and Navy ; Levonport. 

Freeling, Sandford, o.m.o., bro. of sir 
Arthur Freeling, 5 bart. ; b. 1827 ; m. 
Frederica, dr. of James Pennington : 
ex-capt. royal artillery, military secre- 
tary at Gibraltar 1855-59, colonial 
secretary 1859-68, lieut. -gov. of Do- 
minica 1868-71, of Grenada (1300/.) 
from 1871. 

Freelixig, hon. mrs. Amabel, dr. of 2 
baron Guillamore; b. 1843; m. Hugh 
Melvil Freeling (bro. of sir Arthiu* 
Freeling, 5 bart), b, 1831 (m. 1. dr. of 

Freeman, lieut. -^en. William Robert 
iindrew, Madras infantry. 

Freeman, archdeacon Philip: m.a. 
Cantab., canon of Exeter (100(6.), arch- 
deacon of Exeter from. 1865, vicar from 
1858 of Thorverton, Gollumpton. Devoid 

Freer, lieut. -gen. John Harbrid^e, 
R.A. : retired on full pay as lieut. -cm. 

Freeie^ major^gen. John Noble Arbuth- 
not, K.A., c.B. : served in China, and in 
the Crimea, knight of the Medjidie, re- 
tired on fuU pay as col. 

Freestnn, lady. Josefa Benita; m. 1. 
Charles Pratt, Totton house, Hants ; 2. 
col. sir William Lockyer Freestun, col. 
on the staff of the "British legion in 
Spain 1835-37. knight commander of 
the order of Charles III., assistant-ad- 
jutant-gen. in SjTia 1840-42, m.p. Wey- 
mouth 1847-59 ; 3. James Considine, 
consul for the Balearic islands. 

Th4f Belvedere, Weymouth, Dorset ; 22 
Gloucester Square, Byde Park Square, 

Freeth, major-gen. James Holt, R.E.: 
retired on fiill pay aa ool. 



nvath, niAJor-gvii. Snniption, U.K.: re- 
tired on fiill pay a* Uiiul.-eoL 

Tnka, lient,-co1. hon. Fonton Jolm 
Etsdi-, bra. ot 7 baron Csrben' ; b. 
1SD4 : m. Udy Knthcrine Felicia, 'dr. of 
2 Mil of Lon^ord ; ex-capt. i life 

9 Loicfida S'/uorr, W. 
Traka, ban. WilliBm Charles Evtrns-, 
bro. of 7 bunm CarbcrT; b. 1806; m. 
1. dr. or S carl of idirboraugh, and 
widow of rir T. Whichtote, S hart. ; 2. 
lady Vii^toiia, dr. of i man], of Ei(^t4frt 
> magiatrate for Cork imd for Butland, 
high *bcriff of Butland in 1SB2, eapt. 
Butland militia 1861-70. 

Bitbrooke Hall, UppiigXam, Sut- 

TnkB, boa. GeoiwnA Dorotbra Ktuis-, 

dr. of 7 baron (Srbcry: b. 18o3. 
Tnk», Iftdy Kntheriiie Felicia Eratis- ; 

h. IS26 ; ri^e hon, Fcnton John Evana- 

iMke, lady Victoria Evana- ; b. ISiS : 

ride hon. Williiim Charlea Evuat- 

TmoBntle, eapt. hon. Edmund Robert, 

B.y., C.B., c.M.o., a, of 1 baron Cot- 

tcaloe; b. 1S38; m. dr. of B. M. Isuice, 

•oiiiilor-gen. of Kcw South Wale* ; to 

Tmiwntlfl. hon. Cliarlm William, s. of 
1 baron Cottc«loe ; b. 11134 ; m. Sonhin, 
dr. of Abel Smith, Woodhall Park, 
Herla: dcpntv-maater of the mint. 
Soyal Mini, B.C. 

FremantlB, bon. Thomas Francis eld. 
a. of 1 baron Cotteiloe; b. 1830; m. 
Udy Auguita, dr. of 2 earl of lEldon : 
M.A. OioD., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 185o. 

OTford <md Cambi-idq/. Trarelleri ; 
22 Clutiam fare, Belaivrr Sguarr ; 
StrnHbeurtit, Whitloir, Smki. 

TmnuiUe, hon: and rev. William 
Henry, a. of 1 baron Cottnloe : b. 1831 
m. dr. of air CuUinj; Eni^lev, 3 hart. 
feUow of All SouU college 1854^3, 
n.A. Oion., vicar of Lewknnr, 0:!oii., 
18.i7-6fi, chaplain to the bp. of I/mdon 

STait) 1861-66, rector of Bt. Mary'a, 
rranilon Square, 1865 (760/.)- 
2 Glovcater Flact, Jhrlman Squart. 
Franuitle, hon. Emily, b. ; hon. 

-, dra. of 1 banm Cot- 
. 1S3S: 

Fremuitle, lady Angnsts ; 1 
riifehon. Thoiiuti Fremantlc. 
Tramaittla. lady. I.'tabcIU. dr. of 
DaTldLvon: ni. 1. Jamea Wedderbnra, . 
Fortlanil Phice ; 2. admiral sir Charles 
Howe Fremnntle, o.c.b. (rf.), bro. of 1 
baron Cotteilw. 
fi7 Gnacener Sti-tct, W. 

Freme, lady Anna Maria, dr. of 3 earl 
of Mount-CuHbel ; b. 1828: m. 1. 
Diehard Paul Hrue Jodrell (hm. of ivr. 
Hir E. Rcppa Jodrell); 2. lieut.-col. 
Junes Herbert Freme, b. 1S3I, ei- 
capl. 79 ft., one of the corps of pmtle- 
men-at-anna from 1866. served in the 
Crimen, lieut.-eol. 1 Salop rifle volnn- 
teera from 1867. 

Armij an^ Kxry : WrtvifaU HatiK, 
.Shrrte'iuiy, Salop; 17 Cbfi Strrel. 
BmdStr/rt, If. 

Fisnoh ; rirfe Ffreneli. 

Frraeh, licut.-gen, Henry Jobn: served 
in the Peniniuhi «ith 86 ft., in the 
American wnr, and commanded the re- 
giment durine the Canadian rebellion 
lS37-afl, col. RO ft. from IS67. 
17 Bflgrart RoBd, Pimlifo. S. W. 

Fnneh, hon. Cbarles, s. of 3 bnmn de 

Fre)-ne ; b. 1851 ; a magistrate for B»- 

commnn: m.f. (H.n.) Rownmmon from 


Staford: Frn-fh Pari, SoKommoH. 

Fnneh, hon. John, s. of 3 bnron de 
Frej-ne: b. 1833. 

Freueh, hon. Kicfaard, a. of 3 baron di- 
Fre>-ne ; b. 1857. 

Fiaiudl, hon. Robert, s. of 3 bamu de 
FrejTie; b. 1868. 

Franoh, ban. 'William, s. of 3 baron 
deFreyne; b. 1*54. 

Frsaah, hon. Mary, dr. of 3 l«ron da 
Fre\-nc; b. IRflO. 

Frar*. rt. hon. air Henry Haitle, p.c.L., 

rt.*h™. Joiin'eiokhaili Frere;™. 1815; 
m, dr. of air George Arthur, 1 hart., 
governor of Bombay; chief commiaioner 
fn Siinde 1860-62," Rovemor of Bombat 
1862-67, a member of the Indian oooncil 
(1200/.) from 1866, Tiec-prcaident of 
the roval ([ef^raphifal aociety. 

AlttHMim; M iViww'i OardfHt, 
Sauth ZimiHgloH; Wraiil Lo^t, 



Traehfield, Charles Kaye, s. of James 
William Freahfield, f.r.8., m.p., high 
■heriff of Surrey in 1852 ; b. 1812 ; m. 
dr. (<f.) of capt. Daniel Stephenson, an 
elder brother of the Trinity house: 
dep.-lieut. of London, for many years 
Boucitor to the bank of England as a 
partner in Freshfields and co.. m.p. (c.) 
Dover 1865-68, and from 1874. 

Carlton. Unton; Upper Gatton Park, 
JSedAiU, Surrey. 

TroBM, lieut.-gen. Edward, r.e.: col. 
on the staff at Gibraltar 1862-66, director 
of works at the war office 1868-69, lieut.- 
gOY. of Guernsey 1869-74. 

Tropisr, sir Gabriel Pierre Jules: mem- 
ber of the legislatiTe council of Mau- 

Fxoit, sir Thomas Gibbons, s. of 
Francis Aylmer FrostJ^hester; b. 1880; 
m. dr. of Henry Wood, Liverpool: 
mayor of Chester 1868-69. 

Medclifff Chester ; DoUeorslltpyn 
Hall, CommaeSf Montgoimry. 

Tollbrd, vice-adm. John, bro. of late bp. 
Fulford, of Montreal; b. 1805; m. 
Isabella, dr. of John Bussell, principal 
clerk of session in Scotland: scrveain 
Syria, and at the Cape. 
Fmford HouaCy Jjunsford, Exeter, 

TnUmrton, lady Georgina, dr. of 1 
earl Granville; b. 1812; m. major 
Alexander* George Fullerton, ex-capt. 
royal hone guards, formerly attache at 
Palis : she is a celebrated authoress. 

27 Cha])el Street, Park Lane; Bal- 
lintoy^ Antrim; Slifuhn Cottage , 
Arundel^ Sunnex. 

Fuller, lady Victoria Alezandrina, dr. 

of 2 earl of Strafford; b. 1842; m. 

Arthur Clarges Loraine Fuller, b. 1847. 

15 Portman Street, Porttnan Square; 

The Rookery, Dorkina. 

Fnrber, rear-adm. Thomas, s. of W. 
Furber, solicitor. Market Drayton; b. 
1785 ; m. 1. dr. of John Dax. master of 
the exchequer of pleas ; 27ar. of John 
Clavering Scott, Stratford Place, Lon- 
don : served in South America, and at 

Fyers, col. William Augustas, c.B.: 
ser>'cd in Affghamstan with 40 ft, in 
the Crimea, and in the Indian mutiny, 
knight of the legion of honour, and of 
the Medjidie, ex-liout.-col. rifle bri- 
42 Oreeft Street, Groevenor Square. 

Fytche, major-^n. Albert, c.8.i., bro. 
of John Lewis Ffytche, Thorpe bnH^ 
Louth, Lincoln; b. 1818; m. Minnie, 
dr. of N. Lambert, Denham court, 
Bucks, M.p. : served in the Punjab cam- 
paign 1848, and generally distinguished 
nimself in British Burmah, ex-chief 
commissioner of British Burmah. 

JRefomi, Junior United Service; 
Thorpe Hall, Elkinpton, Louth; Eia- 
ley, Derby; Killoakehane Cattle^ 
Templitnore, Tipperary; Pyrgo Park^ 
Havering, Romford, JSuex, 


Qabbctt, m^or-gen. Williftm : formeiljf 
in the Hadns arm;. 

Qabiiel, sir Thomaa, 1 bart. (1887) h. 
1811; in,dr.otChBrIo«Peareon,iwUoitOT 
to thfl city of London ; Eldemian of 
Vinln- from 18fi7, sheriff of Londc 
"iddle - 


59,dep.-lieut. otLondon, 

the Medjidie. 

Bdffeeimbe Sail, Wimbltdim,SurTty. 

Owe. 4 rise. (1720). Henry Hall Gage , 

b. 1791 : m. dr. Id.) of tion. Edward 

Fole}- ; sA» ra boron Gage (1790) ; M.A. 

Alhemriim, Union; Firle Ptact, 
LeK(f, Stt"ex ; Wathurif Eotae, 
UltriJIild, Hatitt ; 4 WhitehaU Yard, 
GmgB, hon. Henry Edward Hall, eld. a. 
of 4 vino. Gwe : b. 1814 ; m. dr. of rir 
Charln Knijchtly. bart, ; ex-1ieut. rifle 
brigade, dep.-lieut. of Suuex, lieut.- 

1818 ; m. col. ur Edward Gage, 9 but. 
' (eitinct). 

Hcngravt Halt, Bury SI. Sdmundt, 
Suffolk; ^ Seymour Striel, Farlman 

0«iiuberotigli, 2 earl of (1841), Charles 
George Noel: b. 1818; m. dr. (rf.) of 
16 earl of Erroll ; 2nd tit. viK. Camp- 
den: M.F. (L.) Rutland 1840-41, d^.- 
lieut. of Butland, and high sheriff in 
1848, and lord-lieut. from 1867, apt. 
Leiceatershire yeomanry frtnn 1850, 
major 1 Olouceaterahire riSe Tolunteen 

Saute, OloueeiteriAiri 

9 CBvtndith 

fi4in(borongli,dow.-coimteBaof. Frati- 
cea Jocelyn, dr. of 3 earl of Baden ; b. 
1814 ; m., as hia fourth wife, 1 eul of 
Gainiborough : a lady of the bedchamber 
to the Queen 1860-73, an eilra lady of 
"-- "--^ihamber fhnn 1873. 

4 IFAilehall Yard. S. W. 

0«g«, rol. hon. Edward Thomas, K.A., 
C.B., s. of 4 rise. Gage: h. 1826: m. 
1. dr. of hon. William Gbw; 2. dr. of 
Jamre and lady Canline Maine : sened 
in the Crimea as brigadc-niBior of 
roval artiEerr. knight of the Hedjidie. 
'ESna/iaia JTal!, Dorkinn; 4 White- 
hall Yard, S.W. 

a«g«, hon, Elizabeth Mnria, dr. of 4 
vise. Gage. 

Oare, lady Mary Elizabeth, dr. of 5 
■narq, of Queennberrj- ; b. 1807 : m. rev. 
Thomaa Wentworth Gage (rf.) nephew 
of 3 ™c. Gagp. 
Samplon Court Read, S. W. 

Om, doiT..lady. Adelaide, dr. of 
Henry Dnimmond, Albuiy Park. Sur- 
rey. N.P.; m. nr Thomaa Rokewood 
Gage, 8 bart. 

Oftlidner, Gordon. c,ii,o. : formerly 
chief clerk in the colonial office and ra- 
gislf r of the order of St. Michael and 
St. George. 

Q»iiford, lady Alice May. dr. of 7 
maro. of Lothian ; b. 1836': m. Thamai 
Gaiaford («. of ven' rev. Thomas Gais- 
ford, n.D., dean of' Chriat Church, Oi- 
ford), b. 1816, cx-capt. 79 ft., dep.- 
lieut, of Easex, major commanding 1 
Sussex rifle volunleen from 1862. 

TravtUm' ; Offnfflon, Warlhiiiff, 
Siawx ; 12 SrulonSlnrt, Biriehy Sq. 

Oaitlkell, niajor'gen. Frederick, h.a. 
" n.: m, dr, of major John Hamilloi , 
I widow of Aleiander Reid ; retired 
on full pay as col, royal Bengal artillen' 

GUI, col. liichard Herbert, c.b. : ei. 
major 14 hussars, served in the Punji ' 
campaign and in the Indian mutin , 
aide-de-camp to the Queen, asaistant- 
quartennafter-i^n, of the eastern dis- 
trict 1872-74, lieut.-govemor of Chelsea 
hospital fi'om 1874. 


GkllowBT, 10 earl of (1823). Alan 
PUnUgenet Btewut; b. 1S35; m. dr. 
of 2 msrq, of Salisbury, and alepdr. uf 
15 earl of Derby ; iit» sm baron Stewart 
(1796) ; 2nd tit. lord Garljea : ex-capt. 
royal horse guards, M.p. (c.) Wigloii- 
dure 1868-7^ lieut.-col. couimaudiint 
lojal Aynhire militia fYoni 1873. 

Carlton, United Sarite; Oalhteaij 
Seute, Wlgtou; CHinlodeH, yeirlo; 
Btttpari, Sirkeadbright ; 17 Upper 
Omtmor Strut, W. 

fiaOova;, lieut.-gcn. Thotnas James : 
■erred in Jamaica 1831-32, commanditi 
Peahawur brigade in ths Indian mutiny, 
commanded tb« colonial forces in Auck- 
land 1863-65, col. 19 ft. 1871-74, of 
70 ft. from 1874. 

SallDwBr, dow.-eounteHs of. Harriet, 
da. of 6 duke of Beaufort ; b, 1811; m, 
9 earl of Galloway, lord-lieut. of Wigton- 
■hiie, and of Kirkrudbrieht. 
86 Zatan Hquart, S. W. 

Otllwqr, air William Puyne, 2 bort. 
0812) b. 1805; m. dr. of sir Kobert 
Frankland Ruwell, 7 but. : e\-major 8S 
ft., dep.-lieut. of north riding of York- 
■hire, u.p. (c.) Think iwax 1851. 

IVarri/cr.' ; ThirkUhy Pari, Thirtt, 

e«lt, sir -Ueiander Tillock, k.p.m.o., 
■. of John Gait, the well-known noveliM ; 
b. 1817; m. 1. dr. of John Torrance, 
Montreal ; 2, Amy, another dr. of John 
Tortanee ; chief commiaaioner of the 
British- American land compan y 1 843-55, 
pnndent of the Atlantic and St. Law- 
imce rttilvay eompany 1851-53, fiiuince 
minister of Canada 1868-62, 1H64-66. 
■od in 1867, a member of Che confedera- 
tian conference in London 1866. 

Eefarm ,- JtoeimoHHt, Sherbornt, 
- Montrial. 

Oalton, capt. Douglas, p.k.B,, c.b., 
1. of J. II. Gallon, Hadior House, 
Worcnter; b. l»23: m. dr. ofUte G. 
Nicholson, Wuverloy Abbey, Surrey; 
ei-cipt. royal cngineen, uupector of 
imilways aod wcrelary to the railway 
department 1847-60, BMistant-undcr- 
■ecretary for war 1862-69, dii-eetor uf 
works and public huildings (1500/.) 
from 1S69. 

12 WhUehall Place, S.JT. ; 12 
Chaler Stretl, Belgravt Square, S. Jr. 

|S»lws7, 6 vise. (1727). George Edward 
Arundcll Moncklon ; b. 1805 : m. cousin, 
datct of Ibanm Houghton: ■,a. Oxon., 

a lord in 




s-aiting to the Queoi 
U.F. (c.) east Hetford from Itni. 

Brook,\Boodie';Tra%-tthTt- tSeriby 

Bo,,d Slral,)r. 

Oalway, major-gen. Michael, cb., 
nephew of adm. Galway, Lota, Cork; 
b. 1818: ser>*ed in Bunnah 1862, in 
the Indian mutiny, and in the Uude 
Madras infantry. OtborTU 
%poiHt,MimktlowH, Dublm. 
, ... Edward John, nephew of 
1 baron Oambiec ; b. 1794 ; m. Emilia, 
dr. of C. Morgell, h.f.: h.a. CanUb., 
lalied to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1822, 
recorder of Prince of Wales' Island 
1830-36, puisne Judge at Madras 1836-42, 
chief justice 1842-49. 

U>i.virsitst; 22 Bgdt Park Gait, 
Ktiiiiiigton Govt, S. jy. 

Sunbier, adm. George Cornish, a. of 
Sanmcl Gambler, commissionet of the 
navy, and nephew of 1 baron Gambler; 
b, f796: served on the Meditenanean 

Qrtat BerkJiampiiead. 

Qambier, rear-adm. Robert Fitzgerald, 
B. of sir James Gambler, consuL-genenu 
at Lisbon, and cousin of sir Kdwaxd 
JohnGambier; b. 1803 ; m. Hester, dr. 
ufTliomas Butler, Berry Lodge, Hamble- 
don, Hants: served at the battle of 
Navarino, and on the Cape of Good 
Hope sWUon. 

IHmble, col, Dominic Jacotin, C.B.. : 
Acrred in the Crimea, dep.-quarter- 
maatcr-gen. in New Zealand 1861-66, 
govenicr of the viceroy of Egypt's son 
m Enghind 1868-69, knight of the 
li^yptian order of the Medjidi*- 

^1869?J4, Ueut.-CDL?^^ 

0«pa, Tice-adm. Joseph, a. of rer. J. 
Gape, St. Alhan'a, Herts; b. 1791: 
served at the battles of Trafalgar, Corte- 
lazzo, and Grao, inspecting comaumder 
of the coastguard 1837-41. 

Q*rbett, arcbd. Jamea : h.a. Oxoo., 
prebendary of Chichester, archdeacon of 
Chichester from 1851, rector &om 1836 
of Ctaaten-cum-Ecyinn- (SOOf.), Ilurtl- 
pirrpoint, SlUKI. 

Gardiner, lady. Caroline Mary, dr. of 
Ueut.-gen, sir John MacLeod, by dr. of 
4 marq. of Lothian ; m. gen. sir Bobert 
William Gardiner, K.A.. O.C.B. Id.), 
governor of Gibraltar 1848-55. 
Ifeiiounu Zedge, Claremont, Surrey. 

t Ahler- 



Gardner, 3 baron (1800). Alan Legge 
Gardner ; b. 1810 ; m. 1. dr. of 1 boron 
Dinorben ; 2. dr. of Edward Fortescue : 
lord of the bedchamber to William IV. 
1832-37, lord in waiting to the Queen 

WhiU^s; Court Gardeti, Marloto^ 
Buekt ; Whewell Friory^ Andover. 
Hants; 46 Dover Street , PiceadUly, JF. 

Gardner, rear-adm. Alan Harry, c.b., 
s. of gen. hon. William H. Gardner ; 
b. 1817; m. dr. of J. Payne Elwes, 
Stoke College, Essex. 

Gardner, James Tynte Agg-, s. of 
James Agg Gardner, Hadley House, 
Cheltenluun; b. 1846: m.a. Cantab., 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1873, M.p. (c.) Cheltenham from 1874. 
Junior Carlton; Avondale House^ 

Gardner, col. Robert Richardson-, s. 
of John Richardsom Swansea ; b. 1827 ; 
m. dr. and heir of Henry Gardner, West- 
bourne Terrace, London : called to the 
bar at the Inner Temple 1853, deputy- 
lieut. of the Tower Hamlets, fellow of 
the society of antiquaries, ex-capt. com- 
mandant Hampshire rifle volunteers, 
hon. col. north-cast London rifle volun- 
teers 1862-72, M.p. (c.) Windsor from 

Carlton ; Burcoty Leighton Buzzard, 
Beds ; 46 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, 
W. ; Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire. 

Gardner, major-gen. William Bethel, 
R.A., 8. of gen. hon. William Henr\' 
Gardner ; b. 1816 ; m. Eliza, dr. of col. 
sir Alexander Anderson, c.b. : retired 
on full pay as col. 

Gardner, hon. Florence Coulstoun, b. 
1850 ; hon. Evel\Ti Coulstoun, b. 1853, 
drs. of 3 baron Gardner. 

Garioch, baron (old. s. of earl of Mar). 
John Francis Hamilton Sinclair Goodeve 
Erskine; b. 1868. 

Garlies, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Gallo- 

Gamier, John Carpenter, s. of John 
CaiToenter, Mount Tavy, by dr. of rev. 
WiUiam and lady Harriet* Gamier ; b. 
1839 ; m. hon. Mary Louisa, dr. of 18 
baron Clinton: m.a. Oxon., a magis- 
trate for Hants and for Devon, dep.- 
lieut. of Devon, m.p. (c.) south Devon 

Carlton, St. James* s ; Mount Tavy, 
Tavistock, Devon ; Bookesbury Dark, 
Wiekham, Hants. 

Gamier, hon. mrs. Henrietta Maria, 
dr. of 4 baron Walsingham ; b. 1809 ; 
m. Brownlow North Gamier (rf.), s. of 
rev. W. Gamier, by dr. of o earl of 
38 Gloucester Place, Portman Square, 


Gamier, hon. mrs. Louisa, dr. of 5 
baron Vernon ; b. 1838 ; m. rev. Thomas 
Parry Gamier (s. of verv rev. Thomas 
Garnier, dean of Lincobn, m.a. Oxon., 
vicar of South Hincksey 1868-73, chap- 
lain to the bp. of London, rector from 
1874 of Cranworth (420/.), Thetford. 

Ckurnier, hon. mrs. Mary Ix)ui8a, dr. 
of 18 baron CUnton ; b. 1836 ; rui^ John 
Carpenter Gamier. 

Gamier, lady Caroline Elizabeth, dr. 
of 4 earl of Albemarle; b. 1814; m. 
very rev. Thomas Gamier, d.c.l. (rf.), 
dean of Lincoln, b» of dean Gamier of 

IGarvagh, 3 baron (1818). Charles 
John Spencer Canning; b. 1852: b.a. 

Canning stoiPf I House, Cavan ; Oar" 
vayh House, Londofiderry. 

Ckurvagh, dow. -baroness. Cecilia Susan, 
dr. of John Ruggles Brise, of Spains 
Hall, Essex ; m. 2 baron Garvagh. 

51 St. Georye*s Square, Belgrave 
Boad, S. W. 

Garvagh, dow. -baroness. Charlotte 
Isabella, dr. of Henrj- Bonham, Htness 
Park, Berks, m.p. ;%. 1 baron Garvagh, 
cousin of rt. hon. George Canning. 

31 Portman Square, W. ; Garvagh 
House, Londonderry, 

Garvock, major-gen. sir John, k.c.b., 
8. of major Garvock, assistant-adjutant- 
general; b. 1817; m. dr. of col. George 
Cla\'ton, Scots fusilier guards. Stone 
Hall, Surrey : served in the Sutlej cam- 
paign, assistant -quartermaster -general 
in Africa 1850-52, commanded the Pesh- 
awur division 1862-67, commanded the 
northem district in England 1867-71, 
col. 89 ft. 1870-74, of 10 ft. from 1874. 
United Service, Army and Nary. 

Gascoigne, general Ernest Frederick : 
served in the I'eninsula, and in the 
American war at the capture of Wash- 
ington, col. 69 ft. from 1858. 

14 Lowndes Square, Belgrave Square. 

Gascoigne, lieut.-gen. John Hawkins, 
R.M., c.B.,s. of lieut. J. Gascoigne, li.M.; 



b. 1811: m. Louisa (^.), dr. of Col.^Wil- 
liain Mouldcn Burton, royal marines: 
fenred in the Baltic 1854, commanded 
tile troops at Slianghae in 1860. 
Ivybridge, Devon. 

Oaieoyne, general Charles ; b. 1800 : 
0ol. 72 ft. from 1870. 
4 ChetterJUld Street, Mayfair, W, 

^^KTJi six William Richard Powlett, 8 
bart. a782) b. 1810; m. dr. (rf.) of 
lum. Cnarles Andrew Bruce : dep.-lieut. 
of Kent, M.p. west Kent 1835-38. 
Oz<m Ifothy Tonbridge, Kent, 

€Mdes, col. William, b.a., c.b. ; m. 
dr. (rf.) of Edward d'Oyly, Thirsk: 
served in the Nepaul campaign 1815-16, 
Pindaree campaign 1817-18, commanded 
the royal artiUery under sir Charles 
Napier in the Belooch campaign 1845, 
served in the Sutlej campaign 1845-46, 
raised and commanaed for six years the 
Edinburgh artillery militia, dep.-lieut. 
of Edinburgh and of Midlothian. 
- Caledonian (Edinburgh) ; 52 Qewge 
JSquarey Edinburgh. 

Oell, bp. ; vide Madras. 

Ctoorge, lieut.-gen. Frederick Darley, 
C.B. ; m. dr. of J. Farlem, Blackheath : 
served in the Scinde campaign 1842-43, 
in the Mahratta campaign 1844-45, and 
commanded the field brigade at Kola- 

Oerard, col. sir Robert Tolver, 13 bart. 
(1611) b. 1808; m. dr. of Edward 
Clifton, Dorset Square, London: edu- 
cated at Oscot Roman Catholic college, 
ex-capt. 6 dragoons, dep.-lieut. of Lmi- 
cashire, and high sheriff in 1859, lieut.- 
col. Lancashire hussar yeomanry from 
1855, and yeomanrj- aide-de-camp to the 
Queen from 1866. 

St. James* 8y Stafford; Garswoody 
Warrington, Lancamire ; 35 Groavctior 
Sqtwre, W. 

Oervii, sir George Eliott Meyrick 
Tapps, 3 bart. (1791) b. 1827 ; m. di-. 
of Christopher Harland, Ashbourne, 
Derby : dep.-lieut. of Hants. 

Conservative; Sintoft Admiral, 
Christchureh, Hants. 

Oethin, sir Richard, 7 bart. (1666) b. 
1823 ; m. dr. of George Weller Poley, 
Boxted Hall, Suffolk (from whom he is 
divorced) : ex-lieut. 1 dragoon guards, 
and 83 u., held the rank of coptain in 

the Turkish contingent during the Cri- 
mean war. 

The Mall. Sligo ; Thornbury, Eyde^ 
Isle of Wight. 

Oibb, sir George Duncan, ll.d., H.D., 
bart. (1634) b. 1822 ; m. dr. (rf.) of Wil- 
liam Rumiey, Kildare: ll.d. Quebec, 
M.D. Montreal 1846, l.r.c.s.i. 1848, 
formerly physician to the west London 
hospital, assistant-physician to the West- 
minster hospital 1863-74, physician frx)m 

1 Bryanston Square, W, ; Falkland 
Lodge, lAtdybank, Fife, 

Oibbes, sir Samuel Osborne, 2 bart. 
(1774) b. 1803; m. 1. dr. of Henry 
Moore, Cremorgan, Queen's county, and 
niece of 1 carl of Clonmell; 2. (fr. of 
Ricliard Penny, Dorset : member of the 
legislative council of New Zealand. 
Carltofi ; Auckland, New Zealand, 

Gibbes, lady. Marianne, dr. of capt. 
Thomas Cnapman, 23 ft., and niece of 
Charles Chapman, Bengal civil service ; 
m. sir George Smith Gibbes, m.d. (tf.) 
physician to queen Charlotte. 

Gibbon, col. James Robert, R.A., c.B. : 
served in the Crimea, and in In<Ua. 

Gibbons, sir John, 5 bart. (1752) b. 
1825 : M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Mid- 
dlesex, ex-maj. west Middlesex militia. 
University, Conservative; StanweU 
Place, Staines, Middlesex, 

Gibbons, alderman sir Sills John, 1 
bart. (1872) b. 1809; m. dr. of William 
Crookes, Montagu Place, Russell Square, 
London: dep.-lieut. of London, alder- 
man of Castle Baynard ward from 1862, 
sheriff of London in 1865, lord mayor in 
1872, a hop merchant in the Borough. 

17 Southwark Street, S.E. ; Sitting- 
bourne, Kent. 

Gibbs, Frederick Waymouth, c.B., s. of 
S. N. Gibbs; b. 1821; m.a. Cantab., 
called to the bar 1848, tutor to the 
duke of Edinburgh 1852-56. 

2 Harcourt Buildings, Temple, E.G.; 
24 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 

Gibney, lady. Elizabeth, dr. of Skeffinff- 
ton Thompson, Rathnally House, MeatS; 
m. sir Jonn Gibney, m.d. (d.), physi- 
cian to the Sussex county ho^itaU 


, * bp. of (1812). rt. 
Cberlet Waldpsravi; Sondford, u. 
of aiuhd. Sand/ord of Coventry ; b. 
M.«. Oioii., BelK't praiLcher at Oxford 
unjVDrsity ia 1868, rettor of Bisho 
bounw, Kent, 1870-73, hon. can™ ... 
Canterbary from 1871, hp. of Gibraltar 
<120D;.) froEU 1S73. 

Gilxoii, rt. hon. Thomai Milner-,. 

b. 1807; m, dr. ofrer. BrThonuisGery 
Ci]l]uni,8 bait, (eit.}: x.A. Canbib., 
rioe-preaidunt of tho board of trade 
1846-48, president of the bo»d of Irade 
1859-86, M.r. (l.) IpaKich 1837-3i), 
HanclieBter 1 841.07, Asbton-uudcr-Lyiie 

Oxford and Caniridgt ; Thtbirtot 
Soiuf, SiamundAam, SHffblk, 

eibwn, Willmm CharliM, c.u.a. : coIo- 
nial aetreUrf at Ceylon I8d0-69. 

Qibwma.lieut, -Ken. John Charles Hope, 
*. of moj.-gvn. IlBvid Andpison Glbsoue ; 
b. 1810 ; m. dr. of Rnith Sayc Uriagloe, 
Edinburgh; serred in tba Kaffir «-ar 
1846-47. dep.-lieul. of Edinburgh, Pom- 
nuindant cavalrr depoU at Cnnterbutr 
1864-62, toI. 8 Husmra from 1868. 
Pnitrd^erria; Pcntlaiul,£di»bnr3h. 

OiArd, TJce-adm, GKirite, c.B., a. of air 
Andrew Hurdingt Giffard, thief jnatico 
of Ceylon ; b. 1815 ; m. MBgdalen, dr. 
of Bohcrt UuBbet. mj^al mint: aerrnl 
in wuth Amprica, SjTia. the Baltic, nod 
the Crimra, kniant of tho HedUdie. 
Tlu: Odari, Banbury, MiMtefz. 

WArd,1ad7. Mana,dr. of Charles Pil- 
Eiim, Eingifield, Southaiuptoa ; m. rt. 
hon. air George Harkhani Giifurd {d.), 
judgoot the court of appeal inthauper 
4 Princr'i GardtiH, Frine^i Ga 
Smiih SrutinfftOH. 

Qilbid, earl of (eld. ». of marq. 
Tveeddalo) ; vide viae. Walden. 

OUbrd, 3 boroa (1824). Eric Frederick 
Gifford, T.c. ; b. 18S1 : capt. b.p. 21 ft., 
omunanded the acouU in the ABhanlee 
expedition 1874, 

Junior CbHiervalire, Army otiri 
A'Bfiu; Si«ton Sail, Mrrrford ; Amp- 
my Pari, (SmtttieT. 

GiSbrd, lord. Ailam Gidbnl, s. of James 
Gifibrd, raerehant, Edinburgh ; b. 1820 : 
BL dr. (i) of JamH Soott, Pottburn : 
oOled to the SroUh bar IB49. ndvomle- 
depulc lStlI-66. BherifT of Orknr-)- and 
SbutUnd 1S65-70, judge of the euurt of 
tcBwon from 1870 (SOOOf.), one of tho 

rumlors of tho uni»aruty of Edinburgh 

from 1870. 

Gran (oil, twnr Bdiniurji. 
Oiffilid, hon. Edgar IterEelev, a. of 2 

boron Gilibrd ; b, 186? : ei-bout. royal 

uuth GlauecBterahiro militia. 
Qiflbrd, hon. Edwaid Kobert, B.H., a. 

of2baronGifforf; b. 1853. 
tHfford, hoD. Elton Vivian, e. of 2 

bsnm GiiTonl ; b. 1861. 
fliSbTd, hon. and rev. George Itobert, 

a. of 1 baron GilFord; b. tS26; m. 

dr. (rf.) of Thonuu Norburv: M.i. 

Canlflb., replor of iliddleton '1856-67, 

from 1867 of lt<Kkt„J<»-d, MoTchari 

Biihop, Devon (361/.). 
OUbrd, hoD. and rer. John, b. of I • 

baron OitTord ; h. 182! ; m. coiuin, dr. OC 

Edward Simtoe Drewe, Grange, Honi- 

ton: H.A. Cantab., chaplain to lord 

ehancellor Ljndhurrt. vifBr of Shelford 

1846-fia, rector f*Dm 1862 of SiddififtBn, 

CireHtatcr, GloHcaler (440/.). 
(HAbrd, hon. Klauricc Kaymond, s. of 

2 boron Giffoid ; b. 1859. 
Gifibrd, hon, Elspeth Fitzhardinge, b. 

1856; hon. Edith Chnrlotif, b. 1863, 

drs. of 2 baron Gifford. 
QlSird, dow.-baroneis, Frederica Chtr- 

totte, dr. of 1 baron Fitzhardinge ; b. 

1825; m. 2 baron Giffonl. 
OUbOTt, sir John, jL.n.A. ; b. 1817 : 

ilbert, hon. ran. Ann Dorothea, dr. 
of 1 boron Carew; b. 1822; m. John 
Duvics Gilbert (rf.),of Treliuicfc, Tnito, 

Oillbrd, baron (eld. s. of earl Claniril- 
liam). Itirhard Jamea Ueade ; b.l837i 
m. dr. of sir Arthur Kennedy, c.B^ po- 
vemor of Hong-Konjt : fwrved in Chum 
1857, a eopt. royal navy, aide-de-camp 
to the Queen from 1872.'a junior lord of 
the ndmiralfy from 1874, 

Oilleipie. mig.-gen. HeniyJanies, r.u. : 

-- ved at Rosa* 1808, and in the China 

isdition, ntircd on full pay aa lieut.- 


AOpitt, col. Kichatd Thomas, s. at 
Bjclurd Gilpin, litut.-col. Ikdfonlshiro 
militiB; b. 1801; id. dr, (rf.) ot gen. 
OorefiTOvne,W^-mouth: H.i.Cuitab., 
ei-Iiei]t.-caL riae brigude. dep.-licut. 
of Bedi, aDct of Bucks, col. Beds militiii 
ftwn 1S«. K-P. (c.) Beds from 1851. 

Ctrllen, Vnitid Servire ; BeckUfe 
OroHgt, LtightoH Bv::arii. 

nadltau*, rt. hob. William Enart, 

GUdMooe, 1 Wt. : 'b. 1809 ; m. dr. of 
■irStephtnGlrnn?, 8biut.: u.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieat. of Flint, a lord of the troa- 
•ncy in 183*. under-»ccretury for the 
mlonies in 1836, vice-prondent of the 
bou^ of trade 1841-43, pn-BuIent of the 
board of trade 1843-46, •ei-n-tar)' of tXatc 
fat the ™Ionie> l»45-46, .■hancellor of 
the ex<;heauer 1852-^, 1859-66. piime 

. minuter 1H68-T4, chaDccUor of the ex- 
chequer 1873-74, lord rwtor of Edin- 
buiKl"' uoiveraily 1859-6-5, Bovrmor of 
the charter-houje, n life governor of 
kine'i eoUcge, London, M.r. Newark 
ISXUa, Oxford universitj- 1847-65, 
woth Lanraihirp 1B65-68, Grecna-ii'h 
bom 1868. Reform, UHiInt Vaireriily ; 
11 CarUoH H«H«' Tirran, S. IF. ; Ua- 
trarden Catllr, C/u-ilrr. 

AUdatMM, air Thomas, s.c.L., 2 bort. 
(1846), bm. of rt. hoa. W. E. Gladstone ; 
b. 1804; m. dr. of Robert Fellones, 
Shotteabam Park, Norfolk : m.a.Oiou., 
dep.-lieut. of Kincardineshire, ii.r. (c.) 
QueenboTDueh in 1830, Fortarlinetnn 
18^45, Leic«Btvr 1835-37, Ipawich in 
1842, ex-lieut. eoninianding Kincardine- 
ahirc ride volunteers. 

CarltaH, Tranlltrt' ; Fatque, Lau. 
rtaeekirk, Kineerdiiie ; QUiidye Lodge, 

OUdatona, William Henrv, s. of rt. < 
hon, W. E. Oladatone ; b! 1840 : k.a. 
OiOD.,ei-lieut. 2 Flintshire rifle volun- 
teers, dep.-lieut. of Flintshire, a lord of 
the treasun- 1S69-74, u.\: (l.) Chester 
1865-68, W^tby froDi 1868. 

New UniTtriily ; II OiitloH Heate 
Ttrract; Hairnrden Cattle, Chetler. 

Olunii, baron (eld. s. of earl of Stnttb- 
more). Claude George Ljon-Bowea; b, 
1865: lieut.ForfurBDd Kmeardineaitil- 
iiTj- mililia from 1874. 

Olamis, dow,. baroness. Chsrlotte, dr. 
of JoMph Valentine Grimstend; m. lord 
Glamis (if.), father of 12 and 13 earls or 

, viae. (eld. s. of eatl of Nor- 

Qlugov, bp. of. rt. rev. William Scott 
WiWi. LL.D., D.U.: u.A. King's oal> 
lege, Aberdeen, dean of Glasgow uid 
Gallowav 1846-59, bp. of Gla^w and 
Gallo»-ay from 1868, 

aiugow, S carl of (1703). George Fre- 
derick Boyle; b. 1825; ni. dr. of 2 
baron Abenrombf ; sits as baron Bon 
(1816); 2nd lit. vise. Kelbume: B.A. 
Oxnn., M.p. (c.) Bulein 1865.dep..lient. 
of Bute and of Ayrahire, ex-lieut. Ayi- 

Carlleii ; 


ariaiime jioiue, iMrgt, 
jtijriaire ; Haickhiad, SiHfretB ; 
Vrateford Friora Fife; Oarriton, 
C.„^rat,Bule .- Il Hereford Oardent, 
Park La>K, W. 
UU^ow, dow.-counless of. Georeina, 
dr. of Kdward Hav SlacKcniie, ofMew 
Hall and Cromarti'e ; m. 5 earl of Glas- 
gow, lord-lieut. of KenfteTsliirt. 
SUM, lady. Amie, dr. of Thomas Can- 
ning, Uarlborough, Wilts ; m. w 
Kirhard Attwood Glass, k.f. (<f.). 
Uaorlmtdt, DiUerim, SoutSMmpUm. 
QlasM, vice-ailm, Frederick Henry 
Hastings. C.B., s. of rev. George HeniT 
Glanc, Hanwell, Middlnei ; b. 1806 ; 
m. dr. of Henr>' Richard Rowe, Onaton 
Hall, Devon ; served on the AfHcan and 
East India stations. Plynulock. 
Olaleltui, capt. count Victor Ferdinand 
Francis, K.N., s. of prince of Leiningen. 
□,c.B., bv dr. of duke of Kent, and 
nephew of Queen Victoria ; b. 1887 ; m. 
ly Lsura, dr. of 5 marq. of Hertford: 
'eraor and constable of Windnr 
_!tle, knight of the Medjidie. 
engine Coart^l. Jama' I PaUae.S.W. 
ai«norohy, lord (eld. s. ofearlofBread- 

Olentvortli, vise. (eld. s. of eul of 

Limerick). William Henry Edmosd de 
Vere Sheafib Pery ; h. 1863. 

Olantworth, do w. -viscountess. Ere 
Maria, dr. of Henry Villebois, Uaibam ' 
House, Norfolk ; m. I. rise. Olentworili 
(eWer W. of 2 earl of Limerick) ; 2. eol. 
Hugh Smith Baillie (s. of eol. Hugh 
Uuncan Baillie], b. 1822, ei-lieut.-col. 
royal liorse guanls. 

HoHwHill, yairo; Redautlt, XO- 
lenrn/iH, Son. 

Oleravlej, viae. (eld. a. of eail of Aji* 
I neslev). 



Oloag, hoQ. mrs. Elizabeth OMTgina, 

Jr. of3>T»c. Ij,ke (pit.); b. 1821 ; ni, 
John Austin Gloag. 

61oilMlt«r, 31 bp. of (1541), And 47bp. 
of Brietol (IMi). rt. rev. Charles John 
EUioott, B.D., ■. of rev. C, EUipotl 
■WMtWflU, Sttunford ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. cl 
cspt. Alexnnder lierher. royal navy: 
K.A. Cantab., rector of PilCon. Kuthuui. 
lB4t-£8, Hulsean leclurer in 1859, deiui 
of Exeter 1861-62, bp. of Glouccrter 
(_60m.) from 1862. 

Athaiaum ; Palart, OloHeetter; So 
Great Ciimberland Strnt. If. 

eiODOMter, denn of (10001.) ; vide H. 

eiooBBitar, orcbd. of (3002.) ; videmiG. 

filOT«T, enpt. sir John Hawley, b.n., 
o.c.M.o., f. of rev. John Glover, ehap- 
lain St Cologne : sen-cd in the Baltii- 
1864, served on the Sicer eipeditloD 
1857^1, administrator of Lbros 1843-64. 
1866-73, eolonial secrctHr]- at la^^ 
1864-66, epei'isl eomodwiioner to Ibc 
friendly tnbea on the Gold Coast in 
1871 Irader of the Volta expedition iii 
the Aehantee campaign of lHi4, 

jlTiay and Navy ; 29 Bury SI., S. IF. 
elyn, rev. sir Geortte Ltwen, 4 bnrt. 
(1769), gnmdBon of sir Kicbard Glyn, 
LL.i>., M.F., I bart., lord mat-or of Lon- 
don in 1738 ; b. 1804 ; m. 1. dr. of Jo. 
mah Birch, St. Petersburg: 2. dr. o] 
Bichard Carr Glyn, Beufal civil service . 
M.A. OiDii., (^plain to e earl o: 
Shaftesburj-, vicar of Kwell, Epsom. 
Surrey (290/.), fivm IS31. 
Eieili, Eptom, Sarrej/. 
Slyn, col. JnliuB RiehanI, c.s. : served 
in the Kaffir war 1852-53, in (be Crimea, 
and in th« Indian rautinr, knight of Oie 
legion of honour and of the Uedjidie, 
Iieut.-cDl. b.p. rifle brigade, assist. -ad- 
jutant-gen. of auxiliary forces in Ire- 
land trom 1873. 
61jn,airRichardGeorge, Sbart.(1800), 
pandnepbew of sir Hichard Carr G1)-d, 
I bart-j ford mayor of London in 1798 (s. 
of sir Richard Glyn, I bart., lord mayor 
in 1758): b. 1831 ; m. dr. of maj. FiV 
gerald, Maperton House, Somerset : 
•erred in the Crimea as rapt. I dra- 
goons, dcp.-lieut. of Dorset, and high 

Anai/ n»d Navy, Itrooiy ; Gamfi 
EoHK, iVimierat, Doriel ; InreUm, 

Olyn, hon. Ashley Carr, a. of 1 hutm 
Wolvert«n : b. 1839 ; m. dr. of adm. 
bon. Arthur Duncombe: b.a. Ovia., 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 

Si. Jamei'i, Brooki' ; 105 OwJbw 

Square, Brompton, S. IF. 
01^, hon. and rev. Edward Cut, a. of 

1 baron Wolverton: b. 1843 1 H.A.Oion., 

private seerelan* and domestic chaplain 

to the archbp. o'f York from 1871, viear . 

from 1872 of St. Merv't, BtnerUu 

(362/.): ,Vflr Vmver^ity. 
Olyn, capt. hon. HeDrTCarr,ii.Ji.,B.of 

1 baron Wo1vert«n : b. 1820: m. dr. 

irf.) of rev. Denis Mahony, Dromore 
■astie, Kerri-: served in Uie Crimea, 
and in north America, knigbt of the 
JUedjidie, side-de-camp to the Queen 
from 1873. 

Brooki, Army and Navj) ; 2 Car' 

lull J^ff, Vieloria SIntI, JFeitmin- 

iler, S. IV. 

Olyn, hon. Pasco Charles, a. of I baron 

'ilvcrton; b.l833; m. 1. dr. of archd. 

John Mildmay ; 2. dr. of rapt. W. 

Ic ; K.A. Oxon., partner in Olyn, 

lis, Currie, & Co. 

irihvr'i,! Baiatead Fleet. Eptem. 

Olyn, hon. Sydney Carr, s. of 1 baron 

Wolverton; b. 183-5; m. dr. of mon* 

Maresceaux, St. Omer: served in the 

Crimen, ei-capt. rifle brigade. 

Slyn, hon. mrs. St, Leger Richard. 
Florence, dr. of James Wilmot Williams, 
Herringstone, Dorset ; m. hon. St. Leger 
Richard Gij-nCrf.). 

Dlyn, hon. Georgina Mary, dr. of 1 
baron Wolverton : b. 1845. 

Qobkt. bp. ; vide Jerusalem. 

QmldArd, Ambrose Liithbridge, a. of 
Ambrose Goddard M.F, ; b. 1819; m. 
dr. of Edward Ayshford Sandford, Nyne- 
head Court. Somerset, u.r. ; K.A. Can- 
tab., dep.-lieut. of Wilts, maj. Wilta 
yeomauQ- from 186n, M.r. (c.) Crick- 
lade 1847-68. and from 1874. 

Carllon, Baodl^i ; The Latcn, Saiit- 
dOH, Will,. 

Ooderieh, vise. (.-Id. s. of etirl dr Grey). 

Oodfray, air John Femior, 4 bart. 

(1786) b. 1828:m.dr.ofTbomasWhito 

Bcutt, Clapham House. Lillingtoo, Sua- 

""-iicot. 2 drnKoon euanbv. dep,- 



flodfrey, dow.-lady. Mary Theresa, dr. 

of John Coltmnann, Fleesk Castle, Killar- 

ney ; m. sir Williuiu Duncan Godfrey, 3 

KUeoleman Abbey, MiUtowHy Kerry. 
Ctoding, lady Jane Iilmily, di*. of 7 earl 

CoTentry: b. 1794; m. Jonics Godiug 

13 Wilton Crescent y Bclgravv Square y 

Goff, lady Adelaide Henrietta, dr. of 2 
earl of Ranfiirly; b. 1833; m. Joseph 
Goff (rf.)» dep.-lieut. of TjTone. 

Male Parky Safisburf/ ; Burton 
Orangey Cheshunty Herts. 

Ooldney, Gabriel ; b. 1813 ; m. dr. of 
R. H. Alexander, Corsham, Wilts : dep.- 
lieut. of Wilts, fonnerly practised as a 
solicitor at Chipnenliam, a governor of 
Christ's Hospital, u.p. (c.) Chippenham 
from 1865. 

Conferva tircy Carlton ; Bcech^ld 
House, Chippenham ; 40 Hill Streety 
Berkeley Square y W. 

Ooldsmid, sir Francis Henry, q.c, 2 
bart. (1841) b. 1808; m. dr. of Moses 
Asher GDldsmid, Gloucester Place, Lon- 
don: baron dc Goldsmid and da Pal- 
meira in Portugal, a magistrate for 
Gloucestershire ana for Berks, dep.- 
lieut. of Berks, culled to the bar at Lin- 
coln's Inn 1833, queen's counsel 1858, 
treasurer of University College, London, 
M.p. (l.) Beading from 1860. 

Reform^ Athenaeum ; St. JohrCs 
Lodaey BeyenVs Parky N. W. ; JRend^ 
comhe Manor, Cirencester y Gloucester» 

Ooldfmid, maj.-gen. sir Frederick John, 
C.B., K.C.8.I., 8. of Lionel Goldsmid, 19 
dragoons; b. 1810; m. dr. of Ueut.-gcn. 
George Mackenzie Stewart : ser^'ed in 
China 1840-42, in the Crimea, on civil 
employ in Scinde 1852-62, established 
the Tnrkish-^Vsiatic line of telegraph 
1864-65, director-gen. of Indo-European 
telegraphs 1865-72. !Madras stafl' corps. 
United Service ; 1 Southwell GardefiSy 
South Kensington. 

Goldsmid, Julian, s. of Frederick David 
Goldsmid, m.p., and nephew and heir 

?re8. of sir Francis Golosmid, bart. ; b. 
838 ; m. dr. of A. Philipson, Florence : 
M.A. London, called to the bar at Lin- 
coln's Inn 1864, dep.-lieut. of Kent, 
M.p. (L.) Honiton 1866-68, Kochester 
from 1870. 
Beformy Athcnfeuniy St. James* s; 

Somer hilly TonbridgCy Kent; 49 Grot* 
venor Streety W. 

Goldsmith, vice-adm. George, o.B., s. 
of John Goldsmith, paymaster .royal 
navy ; b. 1807 : served at the capture <^ 
Canton 1841,and capt. of the "Sidon" at 
the bombaroment of Fort Constantine 
1864. Old Charltouy S.R 

Goldsworthy, maj.-gtm. Joseph Webbe : 
formerly in the Madras army. 

Goldsworthy, Roger Tuckfield, o.M.O. : 
8er\'ed in the volunteer cavalry of Have- 
lock's forces in the Indian mutiny, as- 
sistant field engineer in the defence of 
Lucknow, inspector-gen. of police at 
Sierra Leone 1860-70, inspector of 
HouBsa police and district magistrate at 
Lagos 1870-73, collector of customs at 
the Gold Coast from 1873, dep.-commis- 
sioner to the friendly tribes on the Gold 

Gomm, iield-marshal sir William May- 
nard, ll.d., o.c.b., s. of col. Williajn 
Gomm ; b. 1784 ; m. 1. dr. of Granville 
Penn, Stoke Park, Slough ; 2. Elizabeth, 
dr. of lord Robert Kerr : served in Han- 
over, at the siege of Copenhagen, in the 
Peninsula, and at Waterloo, commander- 
in-chief at Jamaica 1840-41, commanded 
northern district of England 1842-43, 
governor of Mauritius 1843-49, com« 
mander-in-chief in India 1851-55, col. 
13 ft. 1842-63, of Coldstream guards from 
1863. created a field-marshal in 1868, 
kniglit of St. Anne of Russia, constable 
of the Tower of London from 1872, lord.- 
lieut. of the Tower Hamlets from 1872. 
Guards\ United ServicCy Carlton : 10 
New Streety Spring Gardens, 8.W. ; 
Bramdean (jottagCy Alresford, Hants ; 
33 Brunswick Terrace, Brighton. 

Gooch, sir Daniel, 1 bart. (1866) ; b. 
1816 ; m. 1. dr. of Henry Tanner, Sun- 
derland ; 2. dr. of John Buider, Norwood, 
Surrey : a civil engineer and created a 
baronet in connection with the laying 
the Atlantic cable in 1866, chairman of 
the Great Western Railway Company, 
M.p. (c.) Cricklade from ISod. 

Carlton; Clewer Park, Windsor: 
Ftdthorpe Houscy Warwick Boadf 
Maida Hilly W. 

Goooh, sir Francis Sherlock, 8 bart. 
(1746) b. 1850; m. dr. of G. A. 
Sutherland : ex-lieut.-coL West Suffolk 

Benacre Hnlly Wangfordy Suffolk; 
31 Clarge* Streety Piccadilly. 



Oooeh, Tioe-adm. Thomas Lewis, s. of 
sir Thomas Sherlock Gooch, 5 bart. ; 
b. 1807; m. Anne, dr, of gen. hon. 
William Gardner. Ymrmouth. 

Oooek, dow.-lady. Ellen Emily, dr. of 
B. A. Hankey Hint, of Down Grange, 
Basingstoke ; m. 1. sir Edward Sherlock 
Gooch, 7 bart.; 2. George T. Gream, 
X.D. Aberdeen 1860, P.&.C.P. London 
1867, physician aocouoheur to the prin- 
cess of Wales. 

2 Upper Brook Street, W, ; Frogmore 
Lod^e, St, Alban'e, Herts. 

CKmoIl, dow.-lady. Harriet, dr. of James 
Joseph Hope Vere, of Craigie, linlith- 

?>w ; m. 1. sir Edward Sherlock Gooch, 
bart., M.p. ; 2. maj. John St. Leger, 
late 14 dragoons. 
42 Ohetrlee Street, Berkeley Square, 

WW m 

Qoodenoiigh, maj. -gen. Arthur Cyril, 
C.B. : served in the Crimea, and com- 
manded 34 ft. at the Kcdan, knight of 
the legion of honour and of the Medjidic, 
fieut-eol. depot battalion at Limerick 
18d6-01, lieut.-col. half-pay depot bat- 
2 Clereland Bow, St. Jamen's, S. W. 

flMdIUlow, lieut.-gcn. William Bar- 
elay, r.e. ; b. 1804. 

eoedfeUow, Ueut.-col. William West, 
IL.B., C.B., 8. of lieut.-gen. W. B. Good- 
fellow, K.E. ; b. 1832 ; m. dr. of col. 
Charles Fuller, k.a. : executive engineer 
in. the public works department, Bom- 

Oooorioke, sir Harry Holyoake, 2 bart. 

(1835) b. 1836 : served in the Crimea 

and in the Indian mutiny, ex-maj . 90 ft. 

Army and Navy ; StttdUy Castle, 

Aleester, JTarwick. 

Ooodrioke, dow-lady. Elizabeth Martha, 
dr. of George Pa}Tie, Sulby, Northamp- 
ton ; m. sir Francis Holyoake Goodricke, 
1 bart. 

Goodwin, bp. ; vide Carlisle. 

Goodwyn, gen. Henry, r.e. : 8er\'ed at 
the capture of Bhurtpore 1825-26, and 
in the Funjab campaign. 

Ooodwyn, maj. -gen. Julius Edmund, 
C.B. : served in the Crimea with 41 ft., 
knight of the legion of honour and of 
the Mcdjidie. 

Ooold, sir Henry Valentine, 3 bart. 
(1801) b. 1803 : dep.-lieut. of Cork. 
Old Court, Cork. 
Gordon, vise. ; vide Aberdeen. 

Gordon, lieut.-gen. hon. sir Alexander 
Hamilton, k.c.b., s. of 4 carl of Aber- 
deen ; b. 1817 ; m. dr. of sir J. P. W. 
Herschel, d.c.l., 1 bart. (she has been 
a bedchamber-woman to the Queen from 
1855) : M.A. Cantab., pi€cis writer at 
the foreign office 1843-46, equerry to 

frincc Albert 1846-54, extra eauerry 
854-61, hon. equerry to the Qneen 
from 1862, served in the Crimea, dep.- 
^uartermaster-gen. 1855-60, oommand- 
mg 2 brigade at the Curragfa 1861-71, 
comman£ng the eastern district in 
England 1871-72, officer of the legion of 
honour, knight of the Medjidie, eoL 100 
ft. from 1872. 

50 Queefi's Gate Gardens, South Ken- 
sington, 8. W. 

Gordon, hon. sir Arthur Hamilton-, 
X.C.M.O., s. of 4 earl of Aberdeen ; b. 
1829 ; m. dr. of sir John Shaw Lefevre, 
x.c.B. : private secretary to foreign secre- 
tary (his father) 1841-46, and to the 
prime minister Hus father) 1852-55, 
M.r. Beverley lo54-57, governor of 
New Brunswick 1861-66, of Trinidad 
1866-70, of Mauritius 1870-74, of the 
Fiji islands from 1874, dep.-lieut. of 
Atheuaum ; Fortree, Aberdeenshire. 

Gordon, Archibald, m.d., c.b. : chief 
medical officer at Mauritius 1860-65, 
inspector-gen. British medical depart- 
ment, Bombay, 1865-70, hon. surgeon 
to the Queen from 1870. 

76 Connrall Gardens, South Ken- 

Gordon, adm. Charles, bro. of rt. hon. 
sir J. W. Gordon, 1 bart, o.c.B. ; b. 
1780; m. hon. Anne, dr. of 11 baron 
Blayney : engaged in the destruction of 
eighty piratical vessels at Kas-al-Kh^ma 
and other parts in the Persian gulf liM)9. 

Gordon, surgeon -gen. Charles Alexan- 
der, M.D., c.n. : served at the battle of 
Manarajpore 1843, in the Indian mutiny, 
in China, and as medical commissioner 
to the French army at the siege of Paris, 
surgeon-gen. at Dover 1869-74, at Alder- 
shot in 1874, officer of the legion of 
honour, principal medical officer of the 
Madras army trom 1874. 

Gordon, col. Charles Edward Parke, 
c.n. : served in the Kaffir war 1834-35, 
in the Indian mutiny, commanding 
the regiment at the capture of Delhi, 
and in the Oude campaign, Ueut-ool. 
h.p. 75 ft. 



Qordon, col. Charles George, k.e., c.b. ; 
B. of gen. W. H. Gordon, k.a. ; b. 1833 : 
aerved in the Crimea, and in China, 
loiight of the legion of honour, for some 
time in the emplo}'ment of the emperor 
of China, vice-consul in the delta of the 
Danube, Turkey, 1871-73. 

Gordon, major-gen. Charles Henry, c.b. ; 
m. dr. of BUT ££uund H . K. Lacon, 3 bart. : 
Benred with 93 ft. in the Crimea, and in 
the Indian mutiny, knight of the legion 
of honour, and of the Medjidie, lieut.- 
col. brigade depot at Aberdeen 1858-63. 

Gordon, rt. hon. Edward Stratheam, 
Q.C., P.C., 8. of major John Gordon, 2 
ft. ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of J. Maclnnes, of 
Auchenreoch: educated at Edinburgh 
university, called to the Scotch bar 
1835, sheriff of Perth 1858-66, solicitor- 
general for Scotland 1866-67, queen's 
counsel 1869, lord advocate 1867-68, and 
from 1874, M.p. (c.) ITictford 1867-68, 
Glasgow and Aberdeen universities from 
1869, lieut.-col. Edinburgh rifle volun- 
teers 1866-73, hon. col. from 1873. 

Unirerttitu {Edin.^^ Carlton ; 2 
Randolph Street^ Edmburtjh ; 1 New 
Street^ Spring Gardetm^ S. W. 

Gordon, vice-adni. George Thomas, 
K.H., 8. of capt. Samuel Gordon, royal 
navy; b. 1807; m. dr. of William 
Parker, Clopton Hall, Suffolk, and 
widow of caut. Harry Ejtcs, r.n., c.b. : 
served on tne coast of Spain at the 
siege of Bilbao 1835, knight of the order 
of San Fernando. 

United Service ; IngUden, St. 
MiehaePSf Ashford^ Kent. 

Ctordon, sir Henry Percy, f.r.s., 2 
bart. (1818), s. of rt. hon. sir "Willoughby 
Gordon, o.c.b., 1 bart.; b. 1806; m'. 
lady Mary, dr. of 3 earl of Ashbumham : 
K.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Isle of 

University ; Niton. Xewport, Isle of 
Wight ; KnockespocKy Aberdeen. 

Chordon, Henry William, c.b., s. of 
gen. H. W. Gordon, r.a., and bro. of 
col. Charles Gordon, c.b., r.e. ; b. 
1818; m. dr. of lieut.-gen. Staveley, 
C.B., and widow of capt. Granet, 12 ft. : 
a poor-law inspector in Ireland 1847-48, 
served on the staff in the east and west 
Indies, and in the Crimea, controller at 
Woolwich from 1870. 

Gordon, John Davison, c.s.i. : entered 
the Bengal civil ser\'ice 1854, judicial 
commiflsioner of Mvsorc from 1868, 

guardian to his royal highness the 
Maharajah of Mysore, private secretary 
to governor-general oi India (lord Law- 
rence) 1863-68. 

Gordon, sir Lionel Eldred Smith, 2 
bart. (1838), s. of lieut.-gen. sir Lionel 
Smith, O.C.B., 1 bart.; b. 1833; m. 
cousin, dr. of Thomas Pottinger, Mount 
Pottinger, Down : served in tne Crimea, 
and in the Indian mutiny, ex-capt. 

Gordon, sir Maurice Duff, 4 bart. 

(1813), b. 1849 ; m. dr. of Henry Water- 

toiij and widow of Seymour Ball Hughes. 

Gordon House^ 'Esher^ Surrey ; 34 

Hertford Street^ Mayfair. 

Gordon, major-gen. ifathaniel : retired 
on full pay as col. Madras infantry. 

Gordon, maior-gen. Patrick, s. of Adam 
Gordon, of Camficld,Fochaber8 ; b. 1807; 
m. Charlotte, dr. of capt. George Ma- 
thers, 59 ft. : retired on rull pay as col. 
Bombay infantry. 

Gordon, col. Samuel Enderby, r.a., 
c.b., s. of gen. W. H. Gordon, r.a. ; b. 
1824 ; m. dr. of major McDougall : 
served in the Crimea, and in India, 
knight of the legion of honour, snd <a 
the Medjidie, director of artillery studies 
at Woolwich from 1871. 

Gordon, sir Robert Glendowyn, 9 bart. 
(1625) b. 1824; premier baronet of 
Nova Scotia, dep.-heut of Banffshire. 
Lettcifouriey Buckie, Banff. 

Gordon, lieut.-col. Thomas Edward, 
c.s.i. : served as second in command 97 
Punjab infantry during the Indian cam- 
paign 1858-59, assistant-adiutant-gen. 
of tne Lahore division frt>m 1872, second 
in command of the Yarkand mission of 
1873. Bengal staff corps. 

Gordon, William, s. of Alexander 
Gordon, solicitor, Wandsworth ; b. 1818; 
m. dr. of John H. Puget, Totterid^ 
Park, Herts: admitted a solicitor m 
1840, M.p. (c.) Chelsea from 1874. 

City, Junior Carlton / 11 Leitister 
Terrace, Hyde Park. 

Gordon, vice-adm. William ; b. 1790 : 
6er\'ed in the action off San Domingo 
1807, on the Walcheren expedition, on 
the Mediterranean station, and on the 
Newfoundland station. 

Gordon, col. William, c.b., s. of John 
Gordon, of Caimbulg, Aberdeen, by dr. 
of sir W. Forbes, 5 bart. ; b. 1821 : served 
with 17 ft. in the Crimea, knight of the 
legion of honoiu:, and of the Medjidie, 


lieut.-mL ot the brigade depot &t 
Hamilton, GUueoT, from 1873. 

Oordon, col. sir Willimn, 7 bart. (1706) 
b. 1830: m. 1. dr. of John Vage, uid 
widow of P. J. Joyce, Coltra Park, Gal. 
v>; : 2. dr. of Bir WilliRni Mnxwell. 3 
hart. : len'ed in the Crimea, and in the 
Indian mutiny, knight of the letcion of 
bonoiir. dep.-lieul. of Kirkcudbright, 
cx-Iit'Ut.-«). 17 luicera. 

Araiy and Narg ; Earhlon Homt, 

QmAva, capt. Willinin Everard Al- 

S'lDQK, E.K., C.B., B, of Alexaoder | 
ardon,of Ellon. AbordeeDihire;b, 1816. 
Oordait, dr ^Villiam Homp, 10 bart. 
(1S31) b. 1BI8 ; m. dr. of Bartholomew 
Bamewall, London : h.a. Cantab,, dep,- 
lieut. of Sulherlandihire. 

Ozferd and Cambridge ; Embo 
Hotut, Sutherland ; Junction Mannen, 
' Brighton. 
Oerdan-lCooTa, lonl CpcjI Jamea, g. of 


Mori>forl. Tipperary. 

flordon, lord DoukIhs William Cope, a. 
of 10 marq. of Kuntly ; b. IS5I : lient. 
coldetnam guardB. 

O«rdon, lord Esme Stewart, s. of 10 
marq. of Huntly; b. 1853; m. Annie, 
dt. of William llrown, Northover, 
Somenetahire, and ni«'o and heireBi of 
alderman Phippm, Bristol, 

OordOB, adm, lord Frederick ; vide 

Oordon, lord Grunville Annine, s. of 
10 marq. of Huntly ; b. 1856. 

fl«rdoil, hon. and rev. Doaglas Hamil- 
ton-, a. ot 4 earl of Aberdeen : b, 1824 ; ' 
ID. hdf Ellen Siunn, dr. of 18 cnri of 
Hoiton: u.A, Cantab, ,donieBtiF chaplain | 
toarchbp. liowicv, rector otGreat Stan- ■ 
more liW-fa, of Koitholt. Middlewx 
(682f.) from 1850, canon of Salisbury 
lam.) from 1S60, chapUin in ordinarr 
to the Queen at St. Jbhicb's troia 187,5. 
Nertholt. SoHthaU, MiddUiex : The 
Cloie, Baliebvrg. 

OordMi, bon. mrs. Anne, dr. of II 
boron BUj-ney ; b. 1818; ride adm. 
Charles Gordon. 

Oordon, hon, Louisa Bellamy-, sis. of 
8 Tisc. Kenmare (dormant) ; m. Charlci 
Bellamy {d.). East India company's icr- 

Kenmara Cattle, JTnr Oeiloicay. 

. 1864, dm. of 10 marq, of 

Elinlty Lodge, Fox Lane, Upper 
yerwood, S.i'. 

Oordon, lady Christian Isabella, dr. of 
ISrnrl of Bui-hnn; b. 1820; m, John 
Gordon, b, 1815. M.A. Oion,, dep.- 
lieut. of Beolrew, and of lanarkshirc. 

Junior Carlion ; Neie {Ediniiirgh) ; 
Aitkenheeidy GlaigBir. 

Sordon, ladv Ellen Soaan Anne Hamil- 
ton-, b. 1824; ride hon. and rev. 
Douglas Hamilton -Gordon. 

Qordan, lady Grace Cicelie, b, 1854 ; 
iady MarRBret Ethel, b, 1S58 ; lady 
Elena Uar^', b. 1861 ; lady Etheldieda 
Caroline, b, 1864, dm. of 10 

Dordon, lady Katherine Hamilton-, 
dr. offiearl of Aberdeen; b. 1862. 

Dordon, lad; ilary Agnes Blanche, b. 
IS16; vide air Henry Percy Gordon, 
2 bart. 

Dordon, lady Fmncia. dr. of sir Wil- 
liam Eier-Orant, K,c.B. ; m, col. lord 
of Huntly. 6 Willeii Cnicenl. Btl- 
grave Square, S. W. 

Oordon, lady, Anne, dr, of Thomaa 
O'Keanieyi Newcastle House, Tippe- 
iBjy; m, sir John Gordon (<£.), a mi^- 
eal practitioner at Cork, and mayor of 
that city in 1865, 

Patrick Street, Cbri. 

Oordon, lady, Helen, dr. of James 
Fletehcr.DuiuuiB.Argylc; m.airCharlci 
Gordon (rf.), BCcretarj to the Highland 
agricultural society. 

Urimwin Jloiiie, Toberinory, Arijyh. 

Oordon, lady. Lydia, dr, o^Joh^^\a^1l, 
Marlborough ; m. adm. sir Jarne* 
Aleiander Gordon, o.c.B, (rf,), governor 
of Grecna-ich hospital, 

Oore, major-gen. A, K. : Madras ataff 

Dora, sir Charles James Knox-, 2 hart. 
(1868) b, 1831 : es-capl, 66 ft., licut.- 
I col, Sligo mililia from 1861, 

BeUeck Manor, Ballina, Mayo. 

DoTO, sir St. George, 8 bart. (1621), 

grand-nqihewof gen. carl of Hosi (eit.) ; 

b. 1811. .Vaiior Gore, Donegal. 

Oore, John Kalivh Ormaby-, s. of Wil- 

I ham Onniibv-GDr¥, M,r. ; b. 1816; m. 

dr, of air John Tyrcll 2 bart.: m.a. 

I Oion., dcp.-lieut. of Salop, and of Car- 


BBrTDD, ^room in wsitiiie to tho Qiiccn 
1811-58, M.P. (C.) Cflnuir%onahire ISS7- 
1S41, north Sliropahire from 1859. 

CarltOH.Jufior CarlloH ; TAeJloiiiil, 
OMCiilrn, Salop, 
Son, maj. WiJimin Hichard Ormsby-, 
1. of WilHam Omiahy-Gore, M.p. ; b. 
1819; m. liuli- Enuly Cbarlotlc. sis. of 
It nurq. of llntlbrd ; ci-rspt. 13 ligbt 
diagooiu, dep.-ticut. DfSiilop, a mnjtia- 
trste lot If ilrini, ami high (heriff in 
1867, n-P. ic.) Slip. 1841^52, Leitrim 

CarUau: Derntairut, Zeitrim; Trl- 
teorti, SHnii'Hgiil/, Jlei'kt ; 12 Grai- 
wtMor CrtarM, Btlgrart Sqiare. 

Oora, lum. and rev. Anai'ilcy Hcmr, 
bro. of4«rlar Arraii; b. 1808; m. dr. 
of gen. Eceve, hy dr. of cnr! of Hsr- 
boniugh ; B.A. Dublin, n.Ttor of Withv- 
bU. Louth, Lincoln«hin>-, 1844-69. 

Uhioh; 15 South Aadltij Strttt, 
GroniHor Sguan. 

Oon, hou. Artlinr Jocohii Charlpg, e. 
of 1-iac. Sudrhiy ; b. 1868. 

that, ban. Cbailca Alcxmider, bro. of 
t earl of Arran; h. 1811; m. don-.- 
oountoM of Kerry : n I'uiiiuiiHiontr of 
woodi and forests (12O0/.] from IS39. 

TraBel/er.- ;l iniM,allFla«;; 

Om«, hon. Edward, a. of 2 mrl of 
Arnn i b. 1T97 ; m. dr. of — CougUa : 
at tho battle of jU^n, fluv.lkut. to lute 
duke of Clarenep when loni high ad- 
miral, ex-cspt. rojnl unvy. 
OareiidoN S^iiiirr, Lettmiiigloii. 

flora, lady ElLtabeth Aii^sta, b. 1SS5 : 
lad; Mary Kapior, b. I8o8, dn. of 4 earl 
of Amin. 

6o», Imly Emily Charlotte Ormshy-, 
wit. of S marq. of Ilertfonl ; h. I82a ; vi'lt- 
maj. n'illiam Kithard Onuaby-Onn'. 

GoTfl, lady EiniJy Jeuv, sis. of 4 carl of 
Anm. 6 iSwry St., EatOH Sg,, S. JI". 

Oore, hon. Mnbel i^ncca, b. 1886; 
hoa. Cicely Alicia, b. 1867 ; hon. Ealhrr 
Caroline, b. 1868, dit. of vino. Sudelry. 

Gore, hon. lady. .Sarah Kachul, dr. of 
Jaoici FcsuT, miTiibcr of tho lerritliitirv 
council of Kova Scotia; m. gpii. huu. 
^ Charlei Stephen Gore, k.l-.ii., k.h. 
(A), commander-in-chief in Soya Si'otia 
BBdXcH' Brunsn1i:k (hro. of late duche!! 
of iQTemcmi). Hampton Oiiirt l^tlaec. 

0l)ia, dow.-lady. Snrah, dr. of col. 
Charica Ketbit Iuiok, Custlo Ijieken, 

Mayo; m. ur Francis Arthur Knoi 
Goff, 1 hart., lord-licut. of Sliso. 
Ooiing, aiTChju-lea, 8 bait. {16271 b. 
. ,,^n . . .. ■ Panton, Plaa- 

Belgrara Sqiia . 

Ghtrlng, hon. luia. Sydney Eloiso, dr. 
of3 viic. AToamoni; b. 1817; m. Forater 
Goring (a. of air Ghorlea Goring, 6 
bnrt.), b. 1810. 

HiiiHiiino, OBtaiaij. 

Oonnutton, 13 vise. (1178}. Edward 
Anthony John Preston; b.l796: m.dr. 
of n'illutm Cluuln Jerningham. and 
niece of 8 baron Stailbrd : aite a« baron 
hiiih Bbcrid'of Dublin county in 1845. 

Carllou ; Gormamton C.ifll'; JSal- 
brlggan, Mtath : JITiitciivod, Nobhir, 
.VfOlk; Batft Eatel, 21 Dover Strict, 

§ODrt, 4 viae. (ISlfl). Standiah Pren- 
derjart Verekcc ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of 4 
rise. Gn^: v.A, Dublin, high iheiiff of 
Gilway in 1844, lieut.-coL Limerick 
artillery mititia fVom 1870. 

Ubwi "• " - -- - 
10 Wa. 

Sort, dnw.-viscoantess. Elusahoth, dr. 
of John Jones; m. 1. George Tudor, 
It.p. Baniataplc: 2, a» hia aecond wife, 
3 viiu:. Gort, ool. Limerick city artillery 

1 liirtmnH Square, IF. ; Eatt OoKCt 
Cnille. lib of Wight. 

GSMhen, rt, hon. George Joachim, P.c, 
s. of William Henry Goachen, London; 
b. 1811 ; m. dr. of John Dalley : partner 
in the firm of Frilhliug and Goachen 
1357-(>D, director of the bonk ofEnghind 
1858-66, i-ice-pn»idcDt of the board of 
trade 1866-66 cbunvelbir of the duchy 
of Lsntanter m 1B66, prcaidont of tha 
poor law board 18G8-71, firat lord of the 
admiralty 1871-74, K.P. (l.) London 
from 188:3. 

Itr/oriH, Mhrmcum ; Seatox Hiath, 
H-irtt GreCH, Keut ; 66 Houiit Street, 
Groin " ■" 

■lY. IF. 

OeitbTd, 4 rarl of (1803). Atthlbald 
Brabaion Sparroir Aolieson, k.p.; b. 
1841; aitdai baron WorlinKhompSSS): 
2nd lit. yitc. Acbewn: dep.-luiut. of 


Tin: UPJi-U TKX TlIor^AM). 

Armagh, maj. Arnia^'li militia iVi»m 

WhiU'*,£rookt\' Worlingham EaU, 
BeedeM^ Suffblk; Go$ford Castle, Ar- 
magh; 106 Marley Street, W, 

Ootford, dow. -countess of. Theodosia, 
dr. of 18 earl of Meath ; b. 1808 ; m. 3 
earl of Grosford, k.p. 
106 Rarley Street, W, 

iOoss, sir John, s. of Joseph Gross, 
organist of Fareham, Hants ; b. 1800 ; 
m. Lucy, dr. of William New : organist 
at St. Paul's cathedral 1839-72, musical 
composer at the chapels royal from 

Claretcood Mouse, Brixton. 

CKMMt, maj.-^n. James William, R.£. ; 
b. 1^: retired on full pay as lieut.- 
. ooL 

CKNwett, adm. Henir, cousin of vice- 
adm. Charles Colvilfc Frankland, and s. 

' of Matthew Gossett, viscoimt of Jersey ; 
b. 1798 : served at the capture of Grenoa, 
in the American war, escorted Napoleon 
the Great to St. Helena, and commanded 
a ship on the West India station. 
United Service. 

Oossett, maj. -gen. William DriscoU, 
B.B., s. of maj. John Noah Gossett, rifle 
brigade, and second cousin of adm. H. 
GoMett ; b. 1820 ; m. Helen, dr. of rev. 

. Isaac Gossett, vicar of Windsor : retired 
on full pay as col. 

Oough, 2 vise. (1849). Geor^ Ste- 
phens Gou^h, M.K.I. A., 8. of field- 
maishal xiac. Gough; b. 1815; m. 1. 
dr. of Wray Palliser, Comragh, Water- 
ford; 2. dr. of ueorge Arbuthnot, 
Elderslie, Surrey : ex-capt. grenadier 
guards, dep.-lieut of Tipperarv, and 
high sheriffin 1849. 

Carlton, Athenaum ; Loughcouter 
Castle, Oort, Galurag ; St. MdetCs, 
BooterS'town, Dublin. 

Ctonglifgen. sir John Bloomfield, k.c.b., 
nephew of 1 vise. Crough ; b. 1804 ; m. 
1. dr. of £. Hittchins; 2. dr. of maj.- 
gen. sir John McCaskill; 3. dr. of 
George Arbuthnot, Elderslie: deputy 
quartermaster-gen. in the Afghanistan 
campaign, military secretary to the 
commander-in-chief in the Gwalior 
camMiign 1843, quartermaster-gen. in 
the Punjab campaign, deputv quarter- 
master-gen. and nead of the department 
in the Crimea, aide-de-camp to tlie 

Qui't.-u 18->0-.3.>, col. 2 (Irairoons (Scots 
grevs) from 1864. 

Senior United Service; Knockscvan, 
donmel, Tipperarv. 

Oough, coL Hu£h Henry, v.c, C.B., s. 
of G. Gough, Kathronan House, Tl|^»e> 
nry; b. 1833: served as adjutant of 
Hodson's horse at the siege of Delhi, 
commanded a wing of the regiment at 
the relief of Lucknow, and at Banode, 
commandant 1 2 Bengal cavalry froml867. 
PeshaiDur, Betwal. 

Oough, hon. Hugh, eld. s. of 2 vise. 
Gough ; b. 1849 : b.a. Oxon., comet 14 

Oough, hon. Hugh George, s. of 2 vise. 
Gough ; b. 1852 : lieut. 14 hussars. 

Oough, hon. Hush Rudolph, s. of 2 
vise. Gough ; b. 1856 : b.a. Oxon. 

Oough, hon. Eleanor Laura, dr. of 2 
vise. Gough ; b. 1854. 

OoulJ)uni,N.S.W., 1 bp. of (1863). rt. 
rev. Mesac Thomas, d.d., s. of John 
Thomas, Aberffmvd, Cardigan ; b. 1816 ; 
m. dr. of Thomas Hinton Hasluck, 
Handsworth, Birmingham: m.a. Can* 
tab., vicar of Tuddenham, Suffolk, 1843- 
1845, incumbent of Attleborough, War- 
wick, 1845-51, secretar}" to the colonial 
and continental church society 1851-63, 
bp. of Goulbum (700/.) from 1863. 

Goulburu, Xcw South Wales, Aus- 

Ooulbum, very rev. dean Edward Mey- 
rick, D.C.L., D.D., R. of mr. serjeant 
Goulbum, M.P., D.c.L. ; b. 1818 ; m. dr. 
of William R. Cartwright, M.P., of 
AA-nhoc, Northants : m.a. Oxon., incum- 
bent of HolyweU, Oxford, 1841-50, 
headmaster of Rugby 1850-^, dean of 
Norwich from 1866, hon. chaplain to 
the bp. of Winchester. 
The Jkanerif^ Norwich, 

Ooulbum, Frederick, c.B., a. of rt. 
hon. Henr)' Goulbum, m.p., chancoUor 
of the exchequer 1841-46 ; b. 1818 ; m. 
hon. Jemima, dr. of 4 baron Sondes: 
chairman of customs (2000/.). 

5 Princess Terrace, Brmois Gate, 
South Kensington. 
Ooulbum, hon. mrs. Jemima, b. 1880 ; 

vide Frederick Goulbum. 
Oourley, Edward Temperley, F. 11.0.8., 
s. of John Toun^ Gourley, Sunderland ; 
b. 1828 : a magistrate and dep.-lieut. of 
Duiham, an alderman, and tnree times 
mayor of Sunderland, owner of the 
Maltese Cross lino of steamers to the 


' idnatic uid Danube, m.p. (l.) Sunder- 
lind from \%S, licut.-rol. SundcrUnd 
rUe ToluDtwn from \S6o. 

Jfeio City Clui,F..C., Jumer Athr- 
a«HM, Royal Thantn Yacht Ctiib; 

8eWM', hon. Edward Frederick Leve- 
■m-, «. of 1 carl GninTUie : h. 1819 ; m. 
ir. {d.) of 2 marq, of XorthiimptoQ : 
N.A. Oion., talleii to the bur nt the 
IimOT Temple IftlS, prfcia writer in the 
foreign olBce 18S1-52, a nia«iatintc for 
Bnjiey, m.p. (l.) Dcrtyin lSt7, Stoke- 
npoD-Trent 1852-57, Bodmin from IBM, 
dep.-lieut. of 8tafford«hire. 

ri-aTcl/er,; While: ; ItolmbHry, 
Dorking; U South Aiidley Stmt, 

, _rs. Sophin LpveBon-, dr. 

of 1 buoD Leigh; V 1838; m. Grui- 
Yille William Greshnm Lcvtwin-Gowcr, 
(Handaon of admiral ben. John Loreeon- 
Sower, ». of 1 earl Gower), b. 1838, 
H.r. (L.) KeigatD 1863-66, dep.-lieut. 
of Siumjr. 
Btaaki : Tttuy Flare, LimptJUld, 

8«waT, lord Albert Sutherland-Lcrc- 

aon-, a. of 2 duks of Sutherland; b. 

1SI3 ; dr. of air ThoraBB Neville Abdy, 

1 bort. : cx-capt. 2 life guurda, lieut. 

myal SUflbrdiihiro yeomanTT from 1867. 

White'i; lADover St.,PUeaiiUly, W. 

Qowor, lord Ronald Sutherland-Lcve- 

■on-,s.of2diikeofSutherland: b.I846: 

M-pJi-) ButherlandBliirc 1867-74, 
Whit^;St.Jome»:; mParkLanr, 

W.; CUrtikH Eouu, MaidiHhead; 

IhiiiTobiH Catlli, Siitherhxd. 
OowBT, ladjr Florence ; b, 1855 ; lady 

Alexandra ; b. 1866, dnt. of 3 duke of 

OowBr, lady Victoria Albert^ b. 1867 : 

lady ; b. 1370, dis. of 2 earl Oran. 



r William, 3 bart. (17S5) b. 

Botcy, Queen' t County ; Oraet CattU, 

Xilienny; Mantua Soute, Elpkin, 

QTMma, lioii. lurs, Marianne .lane, dr. 

of 6 VTK. StrBthallan ; b. ISll; m. 

tnajor Georgo Drummond Gmemo, k.h. 


tnehbrntit, Crliff; Aberuthten, 

AMhlerarder, Perth. 
0rMm», Hamond- ; vide HMnond. 

Smnon, fl duke of (ISiSt. William 
Heniy Fitzroy ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of 3 
baron A^hburton ; 2nd lit. earl of Eus- 
ton: Bttachi at Naples ia 1841, coL 
vest Suflblk miUtU in lS46, >.p. (l.) 
Thetford 1847-63, dep.-lieut. of North- 
amptoDihire, and of Dufitolk, headiangar 
of ftTiittleburv for»l. 

Se/orm; Button Sail, Thtt/onLSuf- 
folk ; Wakefield Lodge, Slony Strat- 
ford, SorlSanli; 47 (target Street, 
Fieeadilly W. 

Onfton ftnd Aimid*le, N.S.W., S bp. 
of (1867). rt. rer. James Frsnn* 
Turner, D.T>,, i. of rt. hon. lotd-juitioo 
air James Turner ; b. 1837 ; m. dr. of 
Benjamin Tonbie. Newcustle-on-Tjue : 
M.A. Durham, rettor of north Tidworth, 
Marlborough, 1859-68, bp. of OrafUo 

: retir«l on full pay ai 

Oraliun, air Frederick Ulrick, 3 bait- 

'""""* - . . - - ^ Graham, 
lady Jan» 

i-capL Wot- 

liile ; 30 ( 
Sguare, S- W. 
Orkhftm, gen. tdr Fortes<m«, iln. 
K.c.B., s. of col. Richard Qrsham, TC^al 
marine* ; b. I7M ; m. 1. dr. of OeOTga 
FaUuer; 2. dr, {d.) of capt. Lawcay, 
and vidow of admml Blight ; served in 
America, Canada, Spain, and China, 
commanded the royal marine battalion 
at the capture of Bomaraund 1864, aide- 
de-camp to the Queen 1854-67, com- 
manded Portnnouth diriiion of royal 
marines 1855-57, 1866-76. 

Army and Nary ; 47 Bumford St., 
Stoiiehouie, Dmii. 

col. Gerald, b.e., v.c, c.B. ; 
dr! of G. Durrant, Ehnham HaU, 
Sul!bUc : served in the Crimea and in 
China 1860, knight of tha legion of 
bonour, and of tho Hedjidic. 

IBfi2-£9, attd oomaHnded the nomd 



])ri^;ido of tlu- I'xpcilitionary force a^^ain.-t 
2d Albany, Ficeadilly, TF, 

Oiahaiii, major-gen. Joseph : retired 
on Aill pay as col. Bengal infiBLntry. 

ChrahAiii, sir Reginald Hennr, 8 bart. 
(1662) b. 1835 : served in the Crimea, 
ex-capt. 14 ft. 

white* », Army and Navy, Boodli^s ; 
Norton Oonyers, Hipon ; Limmer's 
Hotel, George Street, Manover Square, 

Chraluun, sir Robert James Stuart, 10 
bart (1629) b. 1845. 
Montreal, Canada. 

OrahAm, sir Sandford, f.s.a., 3 bart. 
(1808) b. 1821 ; m. dr. {d.) of 2 marq. 
of Anglesey : ex-capt. grenadier guards. 
B^orm, Travellers' ; Kirstall, York- 
ahire ; Wheratead Lodge, Ipswich ; 
Queenbury House, Newmarket. 

OrahAm, lord William Montagu, s. of 
3 duke of Montrose ; b. 1807 ; m. hon. 
Harriet, dr. of 1 baron Bateman, and 
widow of G. A. C. Dashwood, 71 ft. : 
ex-capt. Coldstream guards, dep.-lieut. 
of Herefbrdflhire, m.p. (c.) Grantham 
1862-57, Herefordshire 1858-65. 

Carlton, Guards* ; Caistor St. Ed^ 
mund, Norwich. 

Chraluuii, lady Jane Hermione ; b. 1832 ; 
vide sir Frederick H. Graham, 3 bart. 

Oraham, dow.-lady. Amelia, dr. of 
William John Akers ; m., as his third 
wife, sir Edward Graham, 9 bart. of 

Oraham, dow.-lady. Henrietta, dr. of 
rev. Robert Cottam ; m., as his second 
wife, sir Bellingham Regin&ld Graham, 

Orahamatown, 3 bp. of (1853). rt. 
rev. Nathaniel James Merriman, d.d. : 
aichd. of Georgeto^Mi, 1847-58, dean of 
Capetown 1858-71, bp. of Giiihamsto^ii 
(4(X)/.) fh>m 1871. 
Grahamstown, Cape of Good Hope. 

Oranard, 7 earl of (1684). George 
Arthur Hastings Forbes, k.p. ; b. 1833 ; 
m. 1. dr. of Hamilton Knox Grogan 
Morgan, m.p., Johnstown Castle, Wex- 
ford ; 2. dr. of 12 baron Petre ; sits as 
baron Granard (1806) ; 2nd tit. vise. 
Forbes: attach^ at Dresden 1852-54, 
lord-lieut. of Leitrim 1856-72, lieut.-col. 
Westmeath militia from 1855, knight 

•f^vAwd of tlic orclor of St. Grci^ory 
the Great. 

Boodle* s. Junior United Service; 
Castle Forbes, Longford; Clantugh 
Lodge, Mullingar. 
Granby, marq. of (eld s. of duke of 

Orant, archd. Antony, d.c.l. : m.a. 
Oxon., canon of Rochester (600l.\ archd. 
of Rochester from 1863, vicar of AyleS' 
ford, Maidstotie, Kent (600/.). 

Orant, sir Alexander, ll.d., 8 bart. 
(1688) b. 1826; m. dr. of professor 
rerrier, St. Andrew's University : m.a. 
Oxon., inspector of schools at Madras 
1858, professor of history in Elphinstone 
College, Bombay, 1860, principal 1862, 
\'ice-chancellor of Bombay University 
1863, director of public instruction in 
BomtMnr 1865, member of the lep^islative 
council of Bombay 1868, principal and 
vice-chancellor of Edinburgh Umversity 
from 1868. 

Oxford and Cambridge; 21 LanS' 
downe Crescent, Ediftburgh. 

Grant, sir Archibald, 7 bart. (1705) 
b. 1823 : ex-capt. 4 light dragoons, d^.- 
lieut. of Aberdeenshire. 

Army and Navy ; Monymusk, Aber^ 
deeti ; 5 Bury Street, St. Jaines*s, S. W. 

Orant, lieut.-gen. Charles, R.A., c.B. : 
served in the Burmese war 1825-26, in 
the Affghanistan campaign 1839-40, 
Gwalior campaign 1843, Sutlej campaign 
1846, Punjab campaign 1848-49. 

Orant, sir Francis, d.c.l., s. of Fiuncis 
Grant, of Kilgraston, and bro. of gen. 
sir J. Hope Grant ; b. 1803 ; m. 1. dir. of 
J. Ross Farquliarson, of Invercauld ; 2. 
dr. of Richard and lady Elizabeth Nor- 
man : educated at Edinburgh, a distin- 
guished portrait painter, president of the 
royal academy from 186i5. 

Athtneeum ; The Lodge, Melton 
Mowbray; 27 Sussex Place, Hanover 
Gate, Regent* s Fark, N. IF. ; Burling- 
ton House, Ficcadilly, W, 

Orant, sir George Macpherson, 3 bart. 
(1838) b. 1839; m. dr. of rev. Roger 
Focklington, ^-icar of Widesby, Notts: 
B.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of *Ban£ of 
Elgin, and of Inverness, convener ot the 
countj- of Banff from 1872. 

Brooks* ; BallindaUoeh Castle, Elgin; 
Invereshie House, Inverness, 

Orant, col. James Augustus, c.B., C.8.I., 
B. of rev. James Ghrant, Nairn ; b. 1828 ; 



ai.dr. of Andrew Laurie, and Bi«e of air 
BfXeT Laurie: odui-ntod at Mariflclutl 



r Park. 

■Uff corps. 

Batavil, Dinaicall, Ceith, 
Ari Square Weil, Itrge>,fi 

drwit, sir John Peter,, K.c.n., 
■. of air John I'vtfc Grout, of Rathie- 
murchua, Perth, «.i'., Judge at Cal- 
cutta; b. 1807; m. cir. of iVvor Chichelj- 
FlondoD, Lengal civil service: entered 
the Bengsl civil aerrice 1828, under. 
Kcretu; to the (^TCmmeat of Bcnfal 
lS3fi, B«eretary 1848-S2, •ccretory tc the 

S3Temor-|^. in council for the home 
epartment 1852-5i, member ot the 
coundl of India 1854-59, heut.-gorcmor 
of Bcneal 1859-62, governor of Jaraiiica 

Oritntal, Alhenaiim ; Willenhall, 
WhetstB»e, Bern. 
Qmit, m^.-gea, John Thornton, c.B. ; 
b. 1810: aerrcd in China with 49 ft., 
■nd in the Crimea, officer of the legion 
of honour and of the Medjidie, com- 
mandiuE do Poonah diviaion in Bom- 
bay from 1869. 
6r»nt, gen. sir James Hope, o.c.b., h. 
of Fruneis Grant, of Kilgraalon, and bro. 
o( air Francis Grant, r.B.A. ; b. 1808 ; 
m. Helena, dr. of It. Tavlor, chief judge 
at A^ : served in China 1842, iu the 
Punjab campaign 18^-48, commanded 
the cavalry brigade at Delhi and Luck- 
now, commanded the forces in China 
1860, cammBD<Ier-in~ chief at Madras 
1861-66, quartermii8tcr-)ren. 1865-69, 
commandant at Alderahot from 1870, 
col. 4 hussars I86I-G-5, of 9 lancers from 

Umted Sen-ice : The Grange, Fam- 
berough! 30 Laiicaster Gate, Bade 
Fart, W. 
Oruit, gen. air Patrick, g.c.m.o,,o.cb., 
a. of maj. John Grant. Auchlerblajr, In- 
Tenicss ; b. 1804 ; m. hon. Frances, dr. 
ot I vise. Cough: asAialant-adj.-gen. of 
the Bengal army 1808-41, adj. -gen. in 
India 1845-50, commander-in-cliief in 
Madras 1856-S7, in Bengal 1857-61, 
goremor of Malta 1807-72, col. 104 ft. 
1B62-Ki, 78 ft. from 1863, governor of 
Ghelscn hoBj>ital from 1874. 

Uniaii, f/HittdSt 

; Xoniacli, III. 

tired on full pay as col. royal Usdm 

Gnnt, col. William Jnniea Eaten, b.a., 

c.u. : aide-de-camp to the Queen tram 

1886, col. on the staff of the aouth- 

dislrict 1871-73, commanding 

jf air Robert Abercromby, bart.; «._ 
lapl. 42 ft., ei-mnj. Inve men militia, 
H.r. (c.) Elgin and Nairn 1868-74, 
fice-lieut. of Elgiiiahire from 1868, 

Carlton, Anaij and Kavy ; lacerernt 
Home, Form: Vi Cottage Mood, Chi- 

Orant, hon. Levb Alexander OgilTie, 
s. of 6 earl of Sea£e1d ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. 
of Itabert George Uaonsell, limerick : 
cs-lieut. ro)-a] horse guards, ax-capt. 
BanlGihire militia. 

Carlton ; Wett Park, Elgin. 

Oruit, hun. HITS. George. EUeaoor, dr. 

gin ; b. 1806 ; m. John Grant (d.). 

Kilgrailan, Bridge of Earn, ftr(A- 
ihirr .vff/iewKfr Heutt, GtoHeeiter Oatt, 

Gruit, kdy. Isabella Elizabeth, dr. of 
' G rant, Tulloehgriban ; m. lieut.-gon. 
Le™ Grant, k.c.k. (rf.) col. 96 ft. 


,Ken " 

Richard Grant {rf.), i ._ 
Eichard Grant, proctor at Jamaica. 
8 Adelaide Cramil, Brighton. 
Grant, lady. Margaret, dr. of air DttD- 
ata Davidson, Contray, Nairn ; m. 1, it. 
hoQ. sir Kobert Grant, governor irfBoni* 
bay ; 2. lord Joaceliue William Percy. 
Grantham, William, s. of Qeoige Gran- 
tham, Barcombe, Sussex, high oonstabls 
I of Lewes; b. 1835; m. dr. of BiehanI 
Wilson, Chiddingly, Sussex: eduoated 
at King's Collie. London, called bi tlu 
I bar at the Inner TempU 1S6S, < 


DftheCrovdon Bchool baud, M.T. (c.) 
Eut Suiray from 1874. 

St. Bl^hm'i, Carlton; 3 Papet 
Suildiiig; TempU; Suiiex J'lace,Si>ut* 
Nvraood, Surrey; Barcombc I'lace. 

enatlaj, 3 baron (17S2). Fletchei 
Norton ; b. 1798 : m. dr. ofth-Williui] 
Ttonrhriy - ax-Ueut. grenadier guards. 
■nved ftt 'Waterloo, dep. -lieut. ol 
Surrey, high stenrd of Guildford and 

Oirlton; Grantlty Park, Ripon, 
TorkihiTt ; Woiurth, Guildford, Sar- 
rey .- 10 WUttm Flaa, Lotcndtt Square, 

.._.,. f duke 

of Dalberg, and widow of sir Ferdinand 
Acton, 7 bart. ; 2. Caatslia Itosalind, dr. 
of Walter F. CampbcU, of lalay; 2nd 
tit. lord Levcson: V.A. Oion., dep.- 
lieut. of Salop, attach^ at Faria 1835- 
1836, under-Becretar]' for foreign alAira 
1840-41, master of the buckhounds 1846- 
48, vioe-preeident of the board of trade 
1848-51, foreign Becretary 1861-62. 1870- 
1874, praaident of the council 1852-64, 
1865-68, 1859-66, colonial secretary 
1868-70, lieul.-col. StaBbrdshirc yeo- 
manrj- 1864-61, an elder bro, of Trinity 
House, chsncellor of London UniTersity 
from 1856, lord warden of the cinque 
porta from 1865. 

ff'AiO'., Boodl^t, TraveUeri ; SlOHi 
Fart, Stafordihire ; tFalmer Ciutle,, 
iJwn-. ! 

OniiTille, lady Charlotte Angoeta 
d'Ewes-, lia. of 6 duke of Athole: b. i 
1817 : m. KV. Court d'Ewe* Granville ! 

id.), hon. canon of Durham (a. of Court i 
IranTiile, of Wcllesbonmc). 
fintUn, sir Hemy Christopher Bellevr-, 
3 bart. (1838), b. of Thomaa Arthur ' 
Bellew, by dr. and oo-heir of Henry 
Grsttan, m.p. : b, I860. 
JfoHBt Belltv, Galteag. 
OrtttMi, lady Laura Mario, sis. of 6 
earl of Dymrt; b. 1807; m. rl, hon. 
James Orattan (d.), s. of the celebrated 
Henry Grattan, «c.P. 

Tiiiruhineh, Wicktmi ; 3 Zowndet 
Street, Btlgravi Square, S. W. 
SraTB*, bp. ; vide Limerick. 
SOnTM, 4 baron (17S4). ClarencF Ed- 
wnd GrsTn; b. 1847; m. dr. of lirl 

Clinton Hurdock, x.c.V.O. ; ez-lieut. 
royal navy. 

Waadertri ; I^neia Hoim, Dt- 

Gt&vm, col. John Croabv, c.B., b. of 
maj.-gen. J.W. Graveg; honorary aide- 
de-camp to the ricerov of India (lord 
Northbrook], commandant 3 Bombay 

GraTBi, hon. Adolphns Edward Paget, 
t. of 2 baron Graves ; b. 1821 ; m. dr. of 
cspt. Wiiford, royal navy : ei-capt. 

1 Cromwell VUltu, SithmoHd, Surrey. 

OniTei, hon. Hemy Richard, s, of 2 
baron Gnvei; b. 1318; m. Henrietta 
Wolletley : formerly a clerk of the India 
board, a distinguished portrait painter. 
Traveller!', GraflBn ; 18 Albert 
JfuMrionJ, Ficforio Streit, S. W.; Sack- 
bridge, Carthatton. 

Gram, hon. Jane Adele, h. 1834 ; hon. 
Louisa Eleanor, b. 1840, dn. of 3 bonm 

Graveiend Soiue, Devonpiyrt. 
OravM, hon. Violet Gaoigina, dr. of 4 

baroa Graves; b. 1871. 
OrtTBi, dow.. baroness. Louise AdtU 

Maletie ; m. as his second wife, 3 baron 

QniT«i,dow.-lady. Elizabeth Anne, dr. 
of John Graves, Hickleton, Glouceiter ; 
m. sir John Harwell Steele^irareL 4 
bart. (if.}, bigh sheriff of GlouctetenhuE 
in 1866. 

Miekleton Manor, Campden, Qbmca- 

8TV,18biironega(144S). MnivaMtHur- 
ray, dr. of Jobn Grant, of Ki^raitim, by 
dr. of IS baron Gray : b. 1S2I ; m. maj. 
hoD. David Murray {d.). 

KinfauHi Cattle, Ferlh ; Gray 
Nouie, Forfar ; 42 Groircnor Oardait, 
Baton Sguare, S. W. 

BiBT, maj.-gen, James Clarke Chsr- 
nock : served in the Nepaul war, and at 
thesiegeof Bhurtpore. Bengal infkntiy. 

Etnr, sir John, it.D. ; b, 1816 ; m. dr. 
of C. Dwycr. Limerick : chairman of 
the waterA'orka committee of the talcj a[ 
Dublin, lord mayor of Dublin lB6S,pn^ 
prietor of the Dublin " Freeman' a Jmir- 
nnl." M.p. (h.r.) Kilkennv from 1886. 
JFAilfiall; C/iarieriiii Sout*, £atit. 
mines, Lutlin. 

Oi^j, .lohn Hamilton, c.H.a.:formerlj 
ctuef member of the eieootiTe gimm- 


meDt of Prince Edward ialand, president 
of the eiecutiTe council of Prince Ed- 
vardLB]and,adjutBnt-^cD.or the Prince 
Edward iaknd militia. 

Sny, lady Emilie Cnrolinc, sia. of 2 
esrl of Limerick ; b. 1815 ; m. rvT. 
Henry Gray (rf.), ^ of hp. Gray of Bris- 
tol, and bro. of bp. Gray of Capetown, 
Slandtnoici, FronK, 

BnydDtl,mBJ.-gea.George, li.A. : aerrcd 
in the Crimea, retired on full pay ita col. 

Omtliead, maj.-gen. sir Edward Har- 
ris, D.C.L., K.c.B,, B. of E. Grcathcad, 
Uddena, Donet, by dr. of air lUchard 
Cut Glyn, 1 bart. of Gaunts ; b. 1812 ; 
m. 1. dr. of Srchd. Hiirt»cll ; 3. dr. of 
rcT, George Tufncll ; 3. dr, of sir George 
E. Osboni, 6 bart. ; assiat.-qunrtei- 
ter-gen. of the northern district 
f^, distinguished himself in the Ii 
mutiny, B«iBt.-adjutant-geD. in Dublin 
1S63-&4, commuiding the eastern dis- 
trict in EngLmd bom 1872. 

UniltdSfrviei, Trariller,- ; Uddtru 
Hovitf WimAome, Dortft. 

Grs&thMd, col. William AVUberforce 
Harris, B.B., c.b., b. of E. Greallieud, 
Uddena, Dorset, and bro. of maj.-gen. 
lir E. Harris GreathcfliI ; b. 1826; m, 
dr. of rev. Archer Clive, Whitfield, 
Hereford : serred in the Punjab cam- 
paign, and in the Indian mutiny, as- 
■iatant military secretary at head-quar- 
ter* 1860-66, chief engineer pubho 
vorks department, first claw, and joint 
aecretary to the north-west provinces of 

QrakTH, col. Gcorj^ Richards, C.B., a. 
ofcapt-GeorgeGreaTSa.eOft. : dcy.-aa- 
nat -adjutant-gen. tn the Eusofzic ex- 
pedition 1868. dep.-BMiBt. -quarter -maa- 
ter-gen. in Kew Zealand 1S64-69, dcp,- 
•anat.-acijutiuit-gen. at head-quarters 
1870-74, chief of the staff in the Ashan- 
tee expedition 1S74, eanat. -adjutant- 
gen, at head-quarters from 1874, lieut.- 
col. h. p. 70 ft. 

Gtms, maj.-gen. Andrew Pellatt Scrim- 
shire, B.A. : retired on full pay aa col. 
10 SotrfA Eaton Place, £aten Seuare, 


Orean, maj.-geD, Charles J., R.A.; for- 
merly in the Madras artillery. 

Medical : 52 Ohueetler Oardent, 
Et/de Part, W. 

EhrMm, iient.-gen. sir Edward, k.c.b., a, 
of Jamea Qnen, London ; b. 1810 ; m. 

ima dr. of T. Eaton, royal nary : as- 
l.-odjutant-gen. in Scinde 1843-63, 
il-gen. Bombay anny 1864- 

66, adjutant- El 

. 1856-Sl, commanded 

ton Home., Trddmaton, MiddUttx ; 
ruihead. SUie/ord. Devon. 

Oreen.Enunstt-Bawdoii, maj.-gen. Ed- 
waril Alfred, «. of George Green, Harlejr 
Street; b. 1819; m. Charlotte, dr. of 
ciipt. Geoige Rejland, 16 lanoerar for- 
merly in 'he Bombav army. 

Eait India Unilei Senue ; Eaadan, 

Oreen, maj.-gen. Georee Wade Gay, 
C.B., a. of rev. 0. Wade Green, Court 
Henrj, Carmarthen ; b. 1818; m.dr.of 
W. Carter, Troy, Jamaica: served in 

the Punjab infontry during the Indian 
mutiny. Bengal ataffcorpa. 

Gtmd, sir John, c.b. : acting consul- 
gen. in Egypt 1866, 1867, IBffl, oonaul- 
gen. at BuchareBt from 1867. 

Orstn, col. Malcolm Scrimahire, c.B. : 
formerly in the Bombay army. 

Oreen, gen. Thomas Littleton : em- 
ployed against the insurgent Royanah 
m Kittoor 1830, and in the Goomsoor 
icmindary 1S36 and 1847. Madras in* 

Green, col. sir William Henry Rhodee, 

C.B,, K.C.B.I., a. of sir Andrew Pellatt 
Green, K.c.H. : b. 1824 ; m. dr. of Jn.Hy. 
Dunn, receiver-generat of Canada : ad- 
jutant of Scinde irregular hone ISfS, 
served in the Punjab camuign, and in 
the Crimean war under Omar Pasha, 
knight of the Ue^idie, political super* 
intendent of Upper Seinde 1866-70, 
honorary aide-de-camp to the governor- 
general of India (lord KorUibrook). 
Bombay staff corpa. 

United Service; 36 St. Otorg/t 
Eoad, EceUlton Square, S. W. 

Oragn, bon. mra. Cassandra Julia, dr. 
of 2 baron Hawke ; b. 1772; m. 1. 
Samuel Eitwicke, Barbadoes; 2. rev. 
Stephen Sloane ; 3. Thomas Green. 

OreenkU, Gilbert, a, of Edward Oreeu- 
all. Wilderspool. Cheshire, and hro, of 
Peter Greenall, H.p, ; b. 1806; m. l.dr. 
of David Claughton; 2. dr. of J. L. 
Rapp : dop.-lieut. of Cheshire, and of 
lAncaahire, and high sheriff o( Che^irs 



in 1873, a brewer and glass manufac- 
turer at Warrington, m.p. (c.) Warring- 
ton 1847-68, and from 1874. 

Carlton, National; Walton Sail, 
Warrington^ Lancashire. 
Chreene, Heat. -col. Dominic Garsfield, 
B.A., c.B. : serred in India as aide-de- 
camp to sir John Dupuis 1857-^, com- 
manded the field artillery at the action 
of Paddoo Nuddee, and was present at 
Greene, Edward, s. of Benjamin Greene, 
Bussell Square, a west India proprietor; 
b. 1816 ; m. 1. dr. of rev. G. Smythies, 
rector of Staground, Peterborough ; 2. 
dr. of C. Prideaux-Brune, Pndeaux 
Place, Cornwall, and widow of sir 
William Hoste, 2 bart. : dep.-lieut. of 
Suffolk, a brewer in Bury St. Edmimds, 
M.p. (c.) Bunr St. Edmunds from 1865. 
Carlton ; ixworth Abbey , Bury St. 
Edmunds, Suffolk. 
Chreene, col. Thomas Godfrey, c.B. : 
ex-director of engineering and archi- 
tectural works under the admiralty. 
Greene, hon. mrs. Louisa Lelias, dr. of 
3 baron Plunket ; b. 1833 ; m. Bichard 
J. Greene (s. of rt. hon. mr. baron 
St. Valerie, Bray, Dublin. 

Greenhill-Gardyne, hon. mrs. Amelia 
Anne, dr. of 7 vise. Strathallan; b. 
1836 ; m. capt. Charles Greenhill-Gar- 
dvne, ex-col(btr»un guards, dep.-lieut. 
of Forfarshire. 

Guards^ J Olenforsa House^ Aros, 
Isle of Mull, Argyleshire ; Finavon, 

Greenoek, baron (eld. s. of earl of Cath- 
cart) Alan Cathcart ; b. 1856. 

Greer, col. Henry Harpur, c.B., s. of 
J. Greer, Moy, Tyrone ; b. 1821 ; m. dr. 
of venerable Edmund Knox, ^llaloe: 
served in New Zealand 1864-66, ex- 
lieut.-col. 68 ft., dep.-lieut of Tyrone. 

United Service ; The Grange, Moy, 

Chregg, bp. ; vide Cork. 

Chregory, Welby- ; vide Welby. 

Chregory, George Burrow, s. of John 
Swarbreck Gregory, Shoreham, Kent; 
b. 1813 ; m. dr. of R. E. Price : m.a. 
Cantab., partner in Gregory, Rowclittes, 
and Co., solicitors, treasurer of the 
Foundling hospital, m.p. (c.) east Sus- 
sex from 1868. 
Carlton; 1 Btdford Bow, W.C; 

Boarzell, Hurst Green, Sussex ; Found' 
ling Hospital, Guildford Street, W.C. 

Gregory, rt. hon. William Henry, P.O., 
B. of Robert Gregory, Coole Park, Gal- 
way; b. 1817; m. widow (d.) of James 
Temple Boudoin: m.a. Oxon., dep.- 
lieut. of Gal way, and high sherifTin 
1849, M.p. (c.) Dublin city, 1842-47, 
Galway county 1857-72, governor of 
Ceylon from 1872. 

'Garrick, Carlton ; Coole Park, Gort, 

Gregory, hon. mrs. Caroline, sis. of 8 
vise. Hood ; b. 1805 ; m. Arthur Francis 

Gregory frf.J 
Styvecnale, Coventry, Warwick. 

Greig, major John James, c.B. ; m. dr. 
(d^ of J. McMurdo: ex -major 24 ft., 
chief constable at Liverpool. 
63 Bodney Street, Liverpool. 

Chrenfell, vice-adm. Sydney, c.B. ; b. 
1810 ; m. dr. of J. Sweetland, Hermosa, 
Teignmouth: at the bombardment of 
Gebail in Syria he and a sailor went 
back and rescued a flag under a de- 
structive fire, and at the storming of 
Sidon captured a considerable quantity 
of provisions on their way from Sidon 
to Beyrout. 

Grenville, Ralph Neville, s. of hon. 
and very rev. George Neville Grenville, 
dean of Windsor ; b. 1817 ; m. dr. of 
sir Robert Frankland Russell, 7 bart. : 
M.A. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of Somerset, 
and high sheriff in 1862, a lord of the 
treasurj* in '1846, lieut.-col. West Somer- 
set veomanry 1863-70, m.p. (c.) Wind- 
sor 1841-47, cast Somerset 1865-68, Mid- 
Somerset firom 1868. 

Carlton; Butleigh Court, Glaston" 
bury, Somerset. 

Grenville, lady Mary Templc-Nu^nt- 
Brj'dges-Chandos-, b. 18o2 : heiress- 
nresumptive to the Scotch barony of 
Kinloss ; lady Anne Temple-Nugent- 
Br}-dge8-Chando8-,b. 1853 ;iadv Caroline 
Jemima Temple - Nugent - iBrvdges - 
Chandos, b. 1856, drs. of 3 duke oi Buck- 
7 Chandos Street, Cavettdish Square. 

Grenville, lady Charlotte Neville-, dr. 
of 3 earl of Dartmouth; b. 1789; m. 
hon. and very rev. George Neville- 
Gren\'ille (d.), dean of Windsor. 

Orchard Neville, Glastonbury, Som0r» 


Oreilar, sir Thomas, 11 bart. (1611) < 
b. 1866. I 



Omlej, dov.-lady, Laura Aune, dr. \ 
f>( Kobert Williiuno, and niere of sir 
Bichard Williams-BulkeUv, liutt. ; m. i 
(ir Thomiu Grralcy, 10 bui. 

OreTille, 1 baron (1866). Fiiike Sonth- 
«p11 Grei-iUe-Nugmt; b. 1821 ; m. only I 
dr. of 1 manj. of We«tmoath : assiimcci , 
the name ol Nugent in addition to hia , 
palronjlnic.M.P. [l.) Loniffoi-d 1852-6B, 
col. of Wntmonth militia from 1850, 
loni-lieut. of Westmeath from 1871. 

Traveller,-. Reform; Ctoiiyi. CaatU,] 
Jhliin, WatiBcalk; Clonlfei; Sot- 
romaien; Nerlh Myinmi Park, Mel- 
field. Sertt; 34 Oroavemr Sqanrt, W. 

€mille, hon. Alwyn Henry, s. of 4 
purl of Warwick ; b. 1S64 : beut. 60 ft. 

SreTilla, hon. Louis George, s. of 4 
rarl of Warwick ;b. 1856. 

Arerille, lady Eva Sarah Louisa, dr. of 
4 earl of Warwick ; b. 1860. 

IheTllle-FiigeBt, hon. Algernon Wm. 
Fulke, eld. a. of 1 baron GrevUle ; b. 
1841 : m. lady Violet, dr. of 4 duko of 
Montrose ; ei-eapt. ! life Kuardg, a 
junior lord of . [lie treaaurj" 1873-74, 
groom in naiting to the Queen 1868-73, 
u.T. (L.) Weslmeath 186fi-74. 

Whitt'i, BrooM : Kildan Slretl 
Club. D«blin ; 3 Hereford Gardeni, 
Pork La«e, W. 

OnTUlv-RngBat, hon. Georgt' Fredk., 
«. of 1 baron Greville; b. 1842: m. dr. 
of (teneral H. A. Ilsnkey: m.f. (l.) 
Lon^ord, 1870-74. 

Rfform; 31 St. Gtargt'i Soad, 
EnhitoH Square, S. W. 

fireTillc-iriiffent, hon. Reginald James, 
B. of 1 baron Greville ; b. 1S48 : m. as. 
n{-l boron Cbunton: ex-capt. coldatrcam 
guarda, m.f. (l.) Longford 1869-70. 

OrevillB-H'ngBnt. hon. Patrick Emilivis 
JohTi, 8. of I baron Greville ; b. 1852. 

OreTillB-Rngeiit, lion, Robert South- 

H.r. (l.) Winchebea 1826-30, Hieham 
Ferrers 1831, north Northumberlajid 
1831-41, Sunderlanii 1841-45, lonl-UBOt. 
of Northumberland from 1847, 

Aihtnamn, Travelleri' ; HotcidC 
a^oHif, Atiiwiet. Korthumberland ; IS 
CarltOH Hoiut TermK. S. W. 

Oray de Qroby, Won (eld. a. of earl of 

Qrsy da Bnthyn, dow.-baniness.' Anna 
Maria, dr. of William Eelhsm ; b. 1702; 
m. I. twentieth baron Grey de Ruthyn ; 
2. hon. and rev. William Eden {d.). 

Oiaj de Wilton, vise, (eld, a. of earl of 
Wilton). Arthur Edward Holland Gr«y 
Grosveaor Egeilon ; b. 1833 ; m. dr. of 
2 earl of Craven : ex-licut. 1 life guards, 
ex-rapt, dnfce of Lancaster's yeomanry, 
lieut.-col. commandtutt 6 Lancashire 
rifle volunteers from 1863, k.p. (c.) 
Wci-moulh 1869-65, Bath 1873-74. 
10 Wilton Craceat.Bftgrave Square, 

Qrey, adm. hon. sir Frederick Wil- 
ham, O.C.R., s.af2cHrlOreT; b. 180S; 
m. dr. ot rev. Frederick Sullivan, vicar 
of KimptOQ, Ueris : commandra the 
"EndjTnion" in China 1842, and the 
"Hannibal" in the Crimea 1854, rear- 
adm.-HUpciintendent in the Bosphonia 
1855-56, commander-in-chief at tho 
Cape station 1857-60, a lord of the 
admimlty 1861-66. 

■ (,- Zyntrood, Sumiing- 

t. (1814), r 

veil. B. of 1 baron Greville; b. 1847. 
Orevillg-HiiKeat, laily Violet Beatrice, 

b. 1842 : mde hon. Algernon WilliaDi 

Fulke Greville-Nugent, 
OrBT,3earl(1802). HenryGrey,n.c.M,G,, 

P.O., K.o. ; b. 1802; m. dr. of sir 

Joseph Copley, 3 hart.; 2Dd lit. vise. 

nowick: v.A. Cantab., nnder-secretary 

for the colonies 1830-33, for the home 

mity II 
tiled &.. 
; Berk: 

ephew of 2'eari'GiW; 

of bn. Ryder of Lidi- 
fletd: M.A. Oion., called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn 1826, undcr-Becretary for 
the colonies 1835-39, judRe-advoeate- 
gcnenil 1839-41, secretary for horn* de- 
partment 1846-62, 1866-58, 1861-66, for 
the colonies 1854-55, chancellor of the 
duchv of Lancaster 1841, and 1859-61, 
v.r. (l.) Dflvonport 1832-47, Northum- 
berland 1847-S2, Morpeth 1863-74, dep.- 
lieut. of Northumberland. 

Athe«aum, Reform; Fallodtn, Chat- 
hill, Xorthvmitrlnud. 
Srey, sir George Edward, ll.d., k.cb., 
B. of col. Gr^, 30 ft, ; b, 1812 ; m. dr. 
of sir Eichard 8penc«r, K.U., governor 
ofvest Auitialia: ei-capt. 83 ft,, atthe 
head of an eiploring expedition in sontli 
Austnlia 1S37-40, lieut.-%<nBciiH <A^ 


imutli AuBtralis 1840-46, ffovtmor nf 
New Zrsland 1845-64, of the Cape 
1854-61, of New Zealand 18m-a7. 

jBiiiar Vnitid Srtvitt, AlAniitum, 
flny, maj.-geD. John WiUiam : retired 

erer, ) 

/ W. J«eli»on; 2. 
Georejno, dr. of Treror Chichely Plow 
dm, Bengal civil wrrice: m.a. Oion. 
in Iho BeiiKBl civil «mce ISiB-Tli 
lieut-govemor of Ikngal 1867-71, of 
Jmniui.'H frum 1873- 
Oriental, Athetiittim. 
Oray, hoD. and rev. Fmncis Bichard, 
a. of 2 earl Grrv; b. 1813: m. lady 
Etiiabeth, dr. cf (I eiitl of CarliiU ; M.A. 
Cantab., boa. chaplain 'i Xorthumber- 
land rifle volunleen frani 1860. hon. 
rstinn of Durham from 1863,r(-e)arfraiD 
1842 of MBi-prth, KerthvwbtTland 

\. hon. GfOTge, s. of 2 earl 
Grey ; b. 1809 ; m. dr. of gm. hon. air 
J'ttlrii-k Stuart; capl, of Ihc port at 
Gibnltar 1846-66, Buperinlcndent of 
Portsmoulh doekynrd 1858-63, king of 
HmiB nf the order of the Bath, ina^ia- 


8toy, hon. Hany C»Tviiiliflh, s. of 2 

earl Grey; b. 1814; cx-capt. 62 ft., 

dep.-lieot. of NoTthumbcrlujjd, ci-iaipt. 

6 Northumberland rille rolunleen. 
OtbT. hou. and rti-. John, a. of 2 enrl 

Grey: b. 1812: m. 1. dr " ' 

Holme, New Galiowaj : 

itol ; 2. Helen, dr. of John Spalding, 

" m Gallowav : U.K. Cantab., 

□ of Durham, rector from 

1847 of EiiHghloti-U-Spri»a, Durham 



Ot«7, laily Elizabeth AoDr ; b. 1B16 ; 

tidi hon. and rev. Praniii Grev. 

" " " " , dr. of 

, lady Georgina, i 

' 2 earf 

SiHtingHin Falau, IT. 
Cray, hon. mts. Charles. Cunlini-. dr. 
of >ir Thomu Harric Farquhar 2 bart. : 
h. 1814 ; m. gen. hon. Chnrlc* Grey id.), 
private secretary \a the Queen : an 
extra woman of the hedehaniber to Ihe 
QiHTn from 1870. 

Colour Cmrl, Bl. Jawm'i Folnet, 

0"r, hon _^ 

CharleK Uca \,..., , „. 

Henri- George Grey. ecu. (rf.) 
7 iiawort Pimf, H-yfcir, iT. 

Owy, lady. Rosa Lonisa, ib-. of capt. 

Thurlov? I'larr; lo,ctr KoT,r«>d, 
Orianan, air Ale);ander Williatn, 7 bart 
(1685) b. 1820; m. rfr. of Hobert Day. 
Uanta; ex-lieul. 78 ft. 

Brul3i Hena, Jtonuti/. Hauti. 
GtUtb, James Johnston, s. of R 
Grieve, Kiehitor, Killin. Perth ; b. 1810 ; 
m. 1. dr. of A. Kiehardnon; 2. dr. of 
eol. Charlo John HiU, Halifax, Kova 
Brotin : partner in Ihc firm of Bain and 
Johntton, NenrfoundUnd and Greenock, 
provost of Greenock, M.i-. (l.) Greenock 
from 186H. 


Onffltb, li 

ScoU greya. knight of the Uedjidiiv 

col. 6hineenfrDnil872. 

ilaryoTetla, tl«.,dr«m, Dublin. 
Qriffltli, I'hilip.i'.B. ; iifcrctary of li-jni- 
■ tioii in Grcei-e 1837-.i2, at Waahingtoii 

1852-64, ehnrge d'aflhiret in Columbia 


^ Thatchtd HoHMf CM. 
OriJfltli, sir Kichard John, f.r.s.e. 

LL.D., 1 bart. (1858) b. 1784; m. dr. 

W.) of George Wnldie, Henderayde, 

Koiburch : a eii-il engineer, chairman 

of the Irish board of worba 1651.61. a 

mcmhcr of the aenate of Queen'a uni- 

vcnitv, Ireland. 
AlhtHaim,; MuHiler-Grillagh. Lmi- 

dmilirr!/ ; Ftwraig. AugUtv ■ 2 JVd- 

TnY/isM Flatt, Duhliii. 
SriiBthi, hon. mra. Emily Wingfield. 

dr. of 13 baron Saye and Sele ; b. 1828 ; 

m. 1. Thomai Guy Gi»bornF. Toiall 

Lodge. StaHbrd; 2, John Hnrword 

Grifllthi, h. 1822, B.c.L. Oion.. dep.- 

Ueut. of Hereford, capt. EerefordaMre 

militia fnira 1369. 

CoHtrrrntirt : Tti IT/ir, Hrrrford ■ 

Yorall Ladgi, Barton-on-Tretit. 
Grimlton, viae. (eld. a. of earl of Tcru- 

lam). JamefWaltorGrimitan: b.l862: 


licut. I YiIb ^arda, ex-Ucut. Hcrta 

mililia. Goriiimiiiry, 6V. -tl&«ii'i, 
4zilliiton, hou. nnd rev. Edwnnt Hnr- 

bottle, B. of 1 earl of Venilam ; b. 1812 ; 
' if John Philip Morier, 
. of Hertford: ¥.A. Oi 

im'» 1835-41, rector of 

Ualaleod, E)m:i (ooO/.), and also of 

Uemif, E«ei (H2/.). 

CarltQii; Pibmarih Reclory, Buret, 

Crlnuton, hoa. itobcrt, 9. of 1 «nrl of 

Venikm; b. 1816: h.a. Oxon. 

W MoHHt Sued, Oroiremr Suaari, 

firinMton, hoii. Robert, 9. of 2 vaxX of 

Vmikm; b. 1S60. 
firinuton, hon, Willimn, k, 

ettrl of Vemlum ; b. 1B55. 
4riin«toii, hou. mrs. Franoia. ilr. of 

John Philip Morier, counin of 5 manj, 

of Hertford; m. hon. and ruv. Francu 

Sylverter Griaiatim (rf. ), rector 0/ Wnkea- 

CohlO, ESBCX. 

Orimiton, Udy Hnrrift Ettzabrth, b. 
1845; Udy Jane, b. 1848; Iiuty Maud, 
b. 18S7, drs. of i aa\ of VeniUm. 

Orinitwd, baron ; vide KuuiskJlleu. 

Grogu, sir EJunnl, 1 bart. (1859) b. 
1802; m. dr. of sir Bereifoi-d II. Mac 
Mnhon, 1 burt. : H..t. Dublin, railed to 
the Iriah bar 1840, drp.-lieiit. of Dublin 
county, T*.v. (c.) DubUn city 1841-65. 

Carlloii; Mograrr, Weitmeath; 10 
Sarfourt Street, DitMiH. 

Oniiniie, ven, archd, Robert Hindea: 
H.A. CaaUb.. nrchd. of Suffolk from 
18G9, rector from 184o of Monk SoAam, 
Wiekham Market {GWI.). 

«nMTraor,eRrI(eld.9. ofl duke ofWeat- 
minstcr}. Yirtor Alexander Groacenor ; 
b. 1853; m. lady Sibell, dr. of 9 earl of 

Qroirenor, hon. Algernon Henry, s. of 
1 baron Ebury ; 6. 1816. " 

Saral and Militanj ; 35 Fark Street, 

fliMTMiar, hon. Norman dc I'Aiglc, 

of 1 baron Ebury; b. 184o: ex-capt. 

grenadier j^uards, M.F. (l.) Chester 

Guardj ; 35 Park Street, Grei 

Square, W. 
OrairenoT, hon. Richard Cecil, a. 

baron Ebury; b. 1W8: B.A. Oxon., 

tailed lo the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1872. 

. Eniilie, dr. of 1 baron Annaly : 

r-li«ut. 1 life guards, «.p. (l.) We«t- 
inster 1865-74. 

Brooki' ; itiiorPiirt,Sielcman»icorlt, 
'.erta ; 62 Uiutit't Bate, South Sen- 
Qrotvenor, hon. Thomas George, s. of 
1 baron Ebury ; b. 1842 : third secretary 
of legation at Berne, Vienna, and Copen- 
hajtcn 1866-69, second secretary at Peldn 
1H;1-73, at BerUn from 1873. 
QrotTsnor, hon. Victoria Charlotte, b. 
1832 ; hon. Albertinc Frances, b. 1840, 
drs. of 1 baron Ebun-. 

35 Park Slrctt, 'arotrmor Sqnare, 

OroneooT, rt. hon. lord Richard de 
Aquila. P.C., a. of 2 marq. of WestnuD- 
■t«r: b. 1837; m, Beatrix, dr. of 3 
vise, de Vesci; h.a. CanUb., ei-Ueut. 
royal navv, lieut.-col. Dorset yeomanry 
from 1870, i-ice-chatnberlain to the 
Queen's household 1872-74, m.p. (l.) 
FUntshire &x>m 1861, 

}rAile'i, Brooki' ; Stathridge, Bland- 
ford, DorKt; 76 Brook Street, Qro*- 
\-tmr Square, W. 

Oromnor, lord Robert Edward, s. of 1 
duke nf Westminster ; b. 1867. 

QroiTtnor, lady Elizabeth Harriet, b. 
1856 ; lady Beatrice Constance, b. ISfiS ; 

kdj , b. 1873, drs. of 1 dute of 


OroBTonor. lady Theodora, dr. of 2 
marq. of Westminster; b. 1840. 

OrOTB, air Thoma.q Fraser, 1 bart. 
" John Grove, of Fernc, by 


William Frai 

_. dr. of bon. Walter O'Grady, 

tt.c. ; ex-capt. 6 droKoons, dep.-lieut. of 
Wills, and high sheriff in 1863. capt. 
Wilta veomamr from 1856, U.S. (l.) 
South ^Uts 1865-74. 

Armij and Nacy, Boodle'i; Rriir, 
QroTe, sir William Robert, P.R.8., a. of 
John Grove, dep.-lieut. of Glano^ao- 

811; n 

dr. of J. 



Powles, Summit House, Middlesex • 
M.A. Oxon., called to the bar at Lineoln*s 
Inn 1835, queen's counsel 1853, chair- 
man of the British association in 1868. 
author of " The Correlation of Physical 
Forces," member of the academies of 
Borne, Turin, etc., serjeant-at-law 1871, 
ajustice in the court of conunon pleas 
(AOO/.) from 1871. 

Athfnaum ; 116 Harley Street^ 
Cavendish Square^ W. 

Chmbbe, capt. Walter James Hunt, 
K.N., C.B., nephew of mai.-gen. John 
Heneage Grubbe, Eastwell. Potteme, 
Devizes ; b. 1834 ; m. Mary Anne, dr. of 
William Codrhigton, Wroughton, Wilts : 
commanded the naval brigade in the 
Ashantec expedition 1874. 

Eastwell^ Potterm^ Devizes^ Wilts. 

Onbbini, Frederick Bebb, o.B., s. oi 
gen. Joseph Gubbins: in the Bengal 
civil service 1835-63. 

Onemfley, baron (eld. s. of earl of 

Ouemsey, dean of (Winch.); vide C. 

Chiest, sir Ivor Bertie, 2 bart. (1838) 
b. 1835 ; m. lady Cornelia, dr. of 7 duke 
of Marlborough: m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Dorset, high sheriff of Glamor- 
ganshire in 1862. 

Brooks\ St. James's; Dowiais House^ 
Merthyr Tydvil^ Olamorgan ; Canford 
Manor, Wimborne, Dorset ; 22 Ariing- 
ton Street, S. W. 

Omest, lady Cornelia Henrietta ; b. 
1847 ; vide sir Ivor Guest. 

Guiana, 1 bp. of (1842). rt. rev. 
William Piercy Austin, d.d., s. of 
William Austin, Demerara ; b. 1807 ; m. 
dr. of col. Henderson, Foswell Bank, 
Perthshire : m.a. Oxon., archd. of British 
Guiana 1836-42, bp. of Guiana ^00/.) 
from 1842. Kingstotcn House, Ueorge- 
town, Demerara. 

Guildford, 7 earl of (1762). Francis 
Dudley North ; b. 1851 ; m. dr. of sir 
George Chetwynd, 3 bart. ; 2nd tit. lord 
North : ex-lieut. royal horse guards. 

Guards* ; Waldershare Park, Dover ; 
Gl^ham Rally Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

Guildford, suffragan bp. of (1874). rt. 
rev. John S. Utterton, s. of col. Utter- 
ton, Heath Lodge, Croydon ; b. 1813 ; 
m. Eleanor Storr: vicar of Famham 
1853-74, canon of Winchester from 1860, 

archd. of Surrey from 1869, suffiragnn 
bp. of Guildford from 1874. 

Castle Sill House, Famham, Surrey ; 
The Close, Winchester. 

gOnillamore, 4 vise. (1831). Paget 
Standish O'Grady ; b. 1835. 

Cahir Guillamore, Bruff, Limerick. 

Guinness, sir Arthur, 2 bart. (1867) 
b. 1849 ; m. lady Olivia Charlotte, dr. of 
3 earl of Bantrv: m.a. Dublin, M.r. 
re.) Dublin 18^8-69, and from 1874, 
aep.-lieut. of Dublin. 

jS^atiotMl, Carlton ; St. Ann^s, CloU' 
tarf, Dublin; Ashford, Galway ; 80 
Stephen* s Green. Dublin; K^ldare^ 
street Club, Dublin ; 27 Norfolk Street^ 
Park Lane, W. 

Gninneii, lady Olivia Charlotte ; b. 
1850 •,vide%\x Arthur Guinness. 

Guise, sir William Vernon, 4 bart. 
(1783) b. 1816 ;m. dr. of rev. D. II. 
Lee- Warner, Walsingham Abbey, Nor- 
folk: ex-lieut. 76 ft., dep.-heut. of 
Gloucestershire, and high sheriff in 1872, 
lieut.-col. Gloucestershire rifle volun- 
teers from 1865. 

Athenieum ; Elmore Court, Gloucex' 
ter;\\ Clifford Street, Bond Street, 1J\ 

Gnise, col. John Christopher, v.c, 
C.B., 8. of gen. sir J. Guise, o.c.b., 3 
bart. ; b. 1826 ; m. Isabella, dr. of rev. 
Arthur and hon. Catherine Neweombc : 
served in the Crimea, and in the Indian 
mutiny, lieut.-col. h.p. 90 ft. 
St. VaUran, Gorey, Wexford. 

Gull, sir William Withey, m.d., d.c.l., 
F.R.8., 1 bart. (1872), s. of John Gull, 
ITiorpc-le-Soken, Essex; b. 1816; m. 
dr. of col. J. Dacre Lacy : FuUerian pro- 
fessor at the royal institution 1847-49, 
member of the senate of London imi- 
versity, consulting physician to Guy's 
hospital from 1871, member of the 
meoical general council, physician in 
ordinary to the prince of Wales from 
1872, physician extraordinary to the 
Queen from 1872. 74 Brook Street, W, 

Gunning, rev. sir Heniy John, 4 bart. 
(1778) b. 1797; m. dr. of W. Ralph 
Cartwright, of AjTihoe, Northants, M.i*. : 
M.A. Oxon., rector of Wigan 1833-64, 
lord of the manor of Horton. 

Union ; Horton Houses Korthamp" 

Gurdon, William Brampton, c.ii., s. of 
Brampton Gurdon, by dr. of 1 baron 
Colbome ; b. 1840 : private secretary to 


the prima minuter (W. E. GUcbtooe) 

Trtamry, DoicHina Street, S.W. ; 
38 Rill Stretl, Bcrkdty Squart. 
ftardon, hon. " ' "" " 

dr. ot 1 baron CullKimo ; 

1865, H-P. Wert Norfolk lSa7-66. 

Brooi-M'.Boodlt't; Itlton, Shiadam, 

Jfbrfoik; Oruiiditbiirgh, Woodiridgt, 

aimk; 38 mn Stnct, mrkeU'j 

Spmrt, IF. 

OvruHJ, sir Goldstrortliy, b. of John 

Oumer, Ttbvotkue 
m-dr. (rf.) oflliomm t. 

Ilea, Cmiwall : mvented the limo 

light, the maj^cBiiui light, 
light, and also improvements _ 
' eiigB«ed in arraninnE the eysleni of 
lightme and Teatilating the new hoiues 
rfpariiament 1854-64. 

'^ - ' - Wood. 

liifh, Launcttten . 
Oniiw;, rt. hen. Kus 

,, _.. _. J. Kuaaell, P.c, a. of 
o Gumer ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. of 
£Uia Batten,' one uf the mastera at 1 
row: M.A. Cantab., called to the bur at 
the Inner Temple 1828, queen's counael 
1846, dep.-lieut. of London, one of the 

mlica rebellion 1866, recorder of London 
(3000J.) from_1856, M.p. (c.) Southamp- 

n 1885. 

Oxford and Cniabri^ge ; 1 JV" 
Baling; Templt, F..C. ; 8 Kniitng- 
tan Falact Gardcia, Saytamlcr, If. 
6Bt]ul\ hon. Geolfrey Henrf, eld. a. 
of 2 boron Oranmore ; b. 1861. 

Qnthji*, hon. Kathleen Harriet, b. 
"*"!;hon. Mary Christina, b. 1883, dra. 
baron Oranmore. 
Qny, lieut.-gen. sir Philiti Melmoth 
NelBon, K.C.B., a. of Melmoth Gny, 
Kenton Hall, Devon ; b. 1801 ; m. dr. of 
adm. lir Jamca Plumridge, m.p. ; Berred 
in the lodiiLn mutiny, and eemmanded 
the 3 infantry brigade at capture of 
Lucknow, eol. on the staff of thoewtera 
dinrict 1862-&4. uotmnander of the 
fortes ia China 1864-67, lieut.-govemor 
of Jersey 1868-73, coL 65 ft. from 1874. 
Owilt. aol. John, c.b., s. of B. Gwilt, 
lekUngham; b. 1817: served in the 
Crimea and in the Indian mutiny, 
knight of the legion of honour and of 
the Medjidie, retired on full pay a> 
lieut.-col. 3* ft. 

Icilingliam, Mild/ahall, Suffolt. 
Gwydr, 4 baron (17M). Peter Robert 
Burrell ; b. 1810 ; m. 1. dr. of Frederick 
Campbell, Barbeck, Argyle; 2. dr. of 
George Peter Holford, h.p., Weston 
Birt, Gloucester: v. a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Suffolk, and high sheriff in 
18SS, secretary to the hereditary gi«at 
ehunberkin 1837-70. 

Oxford attd Cambridge ; StektFart, 
Ipncith ; T RichtamdTerrate, S.W. 
OyU, sir Robert, s. of capt, William 
Gyll, equerry to the duke of Sussex, by 
dr. of Uie hut earl of Wigton ; b. 1806 : 
m. dr. of sir John Pinhome, Bingwood 
Park, Isle of Wight : served in the IS 
hussars, and in the German legion, lieut. 
of the yeomen of the guard 1830-40. 

Walgreve Houte, Chelsea, S.W. ; 
CmnierHavld lodge, TellAam, MiiiiHt' 




Haekett, sir William, s. of Bartholo- 
mew Hackett, Cork ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of 
William Bryant, Ben^ civil service : 
M.A. Dublin, called to the Irish bar 1861, 
chief justice on the Gold coast, 1861-66, 
judge of the supreme court in Prince of 
Wades' island 1866-71, chief judge from 
1871 (1900/. Y) 
Reform; Penang, Straits Settlements, 

Haekett, lady. dr. of John Lawlor, 
Cork; m. sir William Bartholomew 
Hackett (<f.), mayor of Cork. 
Sidney Place^ Cork, 

Eadden, maj.-jzen. William Charles, 
B.B. ; b. 1812: engaged in the Ca- 
nadian rebellion, 1837-39, col. on the 
Btaff of the southern district 1867-72, 
col.-commandant of royal engineers. 

♦fHftddington, 11 earl of (1619). George 
Baillie-Hamilton-Arden ; b. 1827; m. 
dr. of sir John Warrender, 6 bart., by 
hon. Frances Arden ; 2nd tit. baron 
Binning : high sheriff of Cheshire in 
1871, lieut.-col. caat Lothian yeomanry 
from 1872, assumed in 1858 the name of 
Arden in addition to his patronMnic. 

(krlton; Eaton Mank, Cheshire; 
Tifninghame House^ Prestonkirk, Rod- 
dtngton ; Mellerstein, Roxburgh. 

Eaddo, baron (eld. s. of earl of Aber- 

Hadlleld, bp. ; vide Wellington. 

Hagan, lady. Isabella, dr. of capt. 
Henry Levitt Hall. Park Hall, Notts ; 
m. xear-adm. sir Robert Hagan, inspect- 
ing conmiander of the Irish coastguard 
(</.), 8. of John Hagan, Magherafelt, 
tiondondem', a descendant of the princely 
house of O'Neill. 
17 Pembroke Road^ Dublin. 

Hagart, lieut.-gen. Charles, C.B., s. of 
iniomas Campbell Hagart, Bantaskinc, 
Stirling ; b. 1814 : commanded 7 hussars 
in the Indian mutiny, col. 11 hussars 
1869-73, of 7 hussars from 1873. 

Travellers*, United Service ; Bantas- 
kinc House, Falkirk; 76 Jermyn Street y 

Hagart, col. James McCaul, c.b., s. of 
'niomas Campbell Hagart, Bantaskine, 
Stirling ; b. 1S16: served with 7 hussars 
in Canada, and in India, member of 
coimcil of tne island of St. Vincent. 
16 Victoria Square, PinUieo, S, JF* 

Haggenton, sir John de Marie, 9 bart. 
(1643) b. 1852. 

Euinnham Castle, Belford, Northum^ 
berland; The Latcn, Teignmouth, 

Haggenton, dow.-lady. dr. of Henry 
£iight. Terrace Lodge, Axminster, 
Devon ; m. capt. sir John Haggenton, 
8 bart. 

Haig, hon. mrs. Frances, dr. of 8 baron 
Harris; b. 1852; m. capt. Arthur Bal- 
four Haigy H.E. (s. of Robert Haig, 
Dundalk, Louth), equerry to the duke 
of Edinburgh. 

Haines, maj.-gen. sir Frederick Paul, 
K.C.B., 8. of Gregory Haines, c.b., oma- 
mis8ar}'-gcneral ; b. 1819 ; m. Charlotte 
Jane MiUcr : military secretary to the 
commander-in-chief in India in the 
Sutlej and Punjab campaigns, served 
with 21 ft. in the Crimea, kmght of the 
Medjidie. quartermaster-gen. 1870-71, 
commander-in-chief at Madras from 
1871, col. 104 ft. from 1874. 
Junior United Service, ^ 

Hainei, hon. mrs. Jane Eliza Mona, 

dr. of 1 vise. Gough ; b. 1819 ; m. col. 

Gregory Haines, Indian army, formerly 

assistant to the commissioner of Mysore. 

Foriwilliam, Lismore, 

Hale, maj.-gen. Edward Blagden, c.b., 
8. of rt. hon. Blagden Hale, Alderley. 
Gloucester, by dr. of archbishop 3 earl 
of Mayo ; b. 1813 : served in the In- 
dian mutiny, and in the Oude and 
Rohilcund campaigns, lieut.-coL h.p. 
82 ft. 

Alderley, TFotton-under-'Edge, O lots' 
cester shire. 

Hale, bp. ; vide Perth. 

Halford, sir Henry St. John, 8 bart. 
^1809^ b. 1828; m. dr. of WilHam 
John Bagshawe, The Oaks, Derbyshire : 


B.A. Oxon., dEp.-lioul. of Leitcstcrahire, 

nnd high sheriff in 1872, Utut.-'ol. 1 

Lfircstershire rifle volunleere 1862-73. 

OirUon; WUlom Hall, Market Har- 

SaUord, hoD. nirs. Genildiue Frauces, 
dr. of 14 v-lBc. UUloa; b. 1839; ni. 
Charles Augiuttu Druke Ualford, b. 
1831, leryn) in the Cnmea in the S 
dragoon guBids. 

Arms and Naty ; 50 Prince' i Qati, 
SoHth Ketuxtafon ! Wal Lodgt, Eatt 
BerghoU, Suffolk. 

Balidar. mnj.-cen. William Robert, 
bro. of.Aiexander Haliday, hiph difriH 
of Antrim in 1842 ; b. ISOB; lieut.-col. 
h.p. 36 ft., formerly inepcelor-gen. of 

2 Adany Cburt Yard, PiccedUlff, 
W.; Carumoney, Antrim. 

Halifu, I vise. (1866). CTiarleH Wood, 
O.C.B., p.c. ; b. 1800 ; m. dr. of 2 earl 
Grey: M.*. Oxon., secrelarj-lothe trea- 
tary 1832-U4, to the sdminilty 1836-39, 
chancellor of the exchequer 1846-52, 

Srendent of the board of trade 1S-^2-6d, 
rat lord of the Hdmimlty 1855-58, 
aecretai^- of sUle for India 1859-66, lord 
privy seal 1870-74. tt.x. (l.) Great 
Grinuby 1826-31, Wareham 1S3I-32, 
Halifax I832-60, Ripon 1865-66, dep.- 
lieut. of Yorkahire vest riding. 

Brookf, Re/ana ; JlickltloH Hall, 
Ihntatter ! Garrovrby, PoekliHoton. 
Yorkihirt; Vi Belgrare Square, S.IV. 

Bklken, mr Peter Artlmr, 8 bart. 
(1662) b. 1834 ; m. dr. of capt. R. 
Kinran Hill, 52 ft. : scrred in the Cri- 
men, ei-eapt. 3 light dragoooa. dep.- 
lieut. of FifeBhire, enpt. Fifealure 
mounted rifle votunteera from 1860. 

Jioiier United Service ; Pitfirran, 

Halknt, dow.'lady. Amelia, dr. of 
col. Conway; m. capt. lir John Ualkett, 
U.S., 7 bart. Pitfirran, Dniifermlint. 

Hall, Alexander W. : a tna^ntrate and 
dep.-lieut. of Oifordahire, of whieh he 
haa been high ahmff, a brewer at Ox- 
foid, H.F. (c.) Oxford eity from 1874. 

XAll, maj.-gen. Arthur: retired OD 
full pay as col. Bengal eavolry. 

Smll, air Charles, s. of John HaD, 
Mancbealer ; b. 1814 ; m. dr. of Francia { 
Uund, Exeter : colled to the bar at the ' 

Uiddlo Temple 1838, fotmerly convey. 
BDcing couneel to the court of chancery, 
a viee-chancellor (5000i.) from 1873. 
(iarriet, At/tenaHm; 8 Bayeteater 

mil, W. 
Eftll, col. George Whittle Mackenzie, 
c.ii. ; served in the Aifghanietan cam- 

taign, in the Sutlej campaign, in tho 
itdian mutiny at the capture of Delhi, 
and in the Oude and Bundelcund 
campaigns, commandant 3 Bengal ca- 
valry ftom 1859. y/Hcgong. 
Hall, gen. Henry, c.B., a. of venerable 
Fiancia Hall, ll.d., archdeacon of Kil- 
macduogh; b. 1789; m. dr. of gen. 
Pagan, adjt.-gcn. of the Bengal army : 

tn-ed at the reduc 

, of tl 

of Uundelcund 1806-7, deputy aeaiBlant 

!uarter7nasler-gen. in the Pindaree war 
817-18. Bengal iniantry. 
Kiioekbracfi Lodge, Athenry, Oal- 
tcay ; MertitU, BooterttmcH, Diibiin. 
Hall, ail- Jamea,e bart. (1887) b, 182*; 
a magistrate for Haddingtonshire, and 

Carlton; Bunalai^ Dunbar; S3 
Loicndei Square, S.W. 
Hall, maj.gcn. Kichard : formerly in 

the Madras army- 
Hall, rear-odni. Robert, c.B. : superin- 
tendent of Pembroke dockyard 1866-68, 
aide-de-eamp to the Queen 1869-73, 
controller of the narj, 1868-72, nuvol 
secretary t< "-- " ' '- "'"•'> 

I J, IDUO-li, lUl 

iralty (1700/.) ft 

. S.IT.; 28 
' Qardeni, Bayncaler, W. 

Hall, vice-adm. eir William Hutcheon, 
F.R.S., K.c.n., B. of Willuun Hall, Leith : 
b. 1800 : m. hon. Hilare, dr. of 6 viso. 
Torringt«n : commanded the " Nemeaia" 
during the Chinese war, 1840-43, com- 
mander of the Queen's yacht 1843-47, 
served in Ireland during the attempted 
rebellion of 1846, sen-ed in thu Baltic 
during the Crimean n-ar. 

Umttd Servier; 48 PhillimBre Oar- 
dem, Catnpden Hill, Ktniinglatl, W. 

Hall, rvar-adm. sir William King, 
K.c.B., a. of J. Hall, v.n,, r.n. ; b. 
1816; m.LouiBa,dr.ofSaniuelForman: 
commanded the" Growler " in the Kaffir 
war, and in the Baltic, and in China, 
capt. -superintendent Sheemesa dock- 
yard 1865-69, DcTonport dockyard 1871- 

United Sertiee. 



Hall, hon. mrs. Catherine, dr. of 2 
baron Lisle; b. 1787; m. Thomas De- 
lany Hall. 

Hall, hon. mrs. Catherine Louisa, dr. 
of 2 baron Bridport ; b. 1818 ; m. Henry 
Hall (d.), high sherifl' of Oxfordshire in 
Barton Abbey ^ Oxford. 

Hall, lady Louisa, dr. of 4 earl of Castle- 
Btuart; b. 1847; m. maj. T. Erskine 
Hall, 49 ft. (s. of James Traill Hall, and 
nephew of gen. Henry Hall, c.b.), 
officiating dep. -adj. -gen. at Bombay. 
Destty Bonibay. 

Hall, lady. Lucy, dr. of Harry Hack- 
shaw, Grloucester Place, London ; m. I. 
Duncan Forbes Sutherland, St. Vincent, 
West Indies; 2. sir John Hall, m.d., 
x.c.B. id.). 

Halliday, sir Frederick James, k.c.b., 
8. of Thomas Hallidav, Ewell; b. 1806; 
m. dr. of gen. P-aul Macgregor : entered 
the Bengal cixil serrice 1825, member 
of the supreme council in India 1853- 
64, lieut. -governor of Bengal 1854-59. 

Athefiieum, Oriental; 21 Bolton Gar- 
denSf South Kensington, S. W. 

Hallowes, vice-adm. John, s. of col. 
John Hallowes, Glapwell Hall, Derby ; 
b. 1791 ; m. dr. of col. Ramsay, Edin- 
burgh : served at the siege of Gliickstadt. 
Jstaval Club, Portsmouth; Milton 
Mouse, Portsmouth. 

Hallyborton, adm. lord John Frederick 
Ch)rdon-, o.c.h., s. of 9 marq. of Huntly ; 
b. 1799 ; m. sis. (d.) of 1 eari of Mun- 
ster, and M-idow of non. John Kennedy 
Erskine : dep.-lieut. of Forfarshire, m.p. 
Forfarshire 1841-52. 

Arthur* s, United Service; Sally- 
burton House, Cupar Angus; 24 Au 
bemarle Street, Piccadilly, JF. 

Haliey, Thomas Frederick, s. of Thomas 
Plumer Halsey, m.p. ; b. 1839 ; m. dr. 
of F. 0. Wells, Bengal civil service: 
M.A. Oxon., a magistrate for Hertford- 
shire, and for St. Alban's, maj. Hcrt- 
fordsnire yeomanry from 1872, m.p. (c). 
Hertfordshire from 1874. 

BoodU^s, Carlton ; Gaddesden Place, 
Hejnel Meinpstead, Herts. 

Halfted, vice-adm. George Anthony, s. 
of capt. George Halsted, R.N., and 
nephew of adm. sir W. Lawrence Hal- 
sted, O.C.B.; b. 1803: served on the 
Mediterranean, and as flag-lieut. to the 
commander on the West India station (his 

uncle) , employed on the coastguard 1834-> 

Haly, maj. -gen. William 0' Grady, c.b. : 
served in the Crimea, officer of the legion 
of honour, knight ot the Mediidie, com- 
mander of the forces in Canada 1873-74, 
col. 106 ft. from 1874. 

Hambrongh, hon. mrs. Caroline Mary 
Holden-, dr. of 3 vise. Hood ; b. 1840; 
m. Oscar Holden-Hambrough (s. of J. 
Hambrough, Steephill Castle, Isle of 
Wight), b. 1825, high sheriff of North- 
ants in 1856. 

11 Prince's Gate, South Kensington ; 
Pi]»e\cellHall, Kettering, Northampton^ 

Hamilton, 12 duke of (1648). Alex- 
ander Louis Stephen Douglas-Hamilton, 
B. of 1 1 duke, by princess Marie of Baden ; 
b. 1845 ; m. dr. of 7 duke of Manchester; 
sits as duke of Brandon (1711) ; 2nd tit. 
marq. of Douglas : premier peer of Scot* 
land, duke of Chatelherault in France, 
hereditary keeper of HoljTood palace, 
dep.-lieut. of I^arkshire, and oi Bute- 
shu-e, lieut. -col. Lanarkshire yeomanry 
from 1866, hon. col. Lanarkshire rifle 
volunteers from 1864. 

Turf; Hamilton Palace, Lanark' 
shire; Brodrick Castle, Isle of Arrau ; 
Boston Park, JFickam Market, Suffolk. 

Hamilton, marq. of (eld. s. of duke of 
Abercom) ; b. 1838 ; m. dr. of 1 earl 
Howe ; eld. s. baron Paisley : m.a. ; 
Oxon., knight of the Dannebrog order, 
and of St. Anne of Russia, hon. col. 
Donegal militia from 1866, lord of the 
bedchamber to the Prince of Wales from 
1866, M.p. (c.) Donegal from 1860. 

Car/ton, JFhite^s ; Baron* s Courts 
Tyrone; 38 Upper Brook Street, W. ; 
Berkhampsteaa House, Berkhampstead^ 

Hamilton, adm. Artlmr Philip, s. of 
John Hamilton, Bishopsgate, Berks ; b. 
1788; m. 1. dr. and heir of William 
Cook, Chingford, Essex ; 2. dr. of rev. 
James Scholefield, rector of Barton-on- 
the-Heath : served at the defence of 
Gaeta 1806, and on the North American 
and St. Helena stations. 

United Service ; 2 Dorset Square ^ 
MaryUbone Road, N. W. 

Hamilton, col. sir Charles John James, 
C.B., 3 bart. (1776) b. 1810; m. dr. of 
William Wynne, Dublin : ex-maj. Scots 
fusilier guards, commanded a battalion 
at the Abna. 


Portland Plan, W. 

Hamilton, gen. Charlpa, c.d. ; i*itl-i1 

in the Gwalior campai^ 1^43-44^ and 

in the Sullej rnnipUKn ut the battlo of 

Fcroneshoh. itcngnl infaDtry. 

19 Siiiwx Gardt«>, M'jde Park, W. 

Hamilton, vicc^-mlm. (^oaiatrick Baillic, 
>.of reu.arrhd.t'hai'tesliiiillieHaiiiilCoD, 
bj- dr. of 9 curl of Home; b, 1617: 
•errei] in tlic Chiuese wnr ItUl. 

22 IFilloH Cretwiil, Belarare Sgyiere, 

Hunilton, sir Edvrard AnJubald, 2 
bart. (1819), Wfonii iniisin and heir 
preeumjitiFe of ur Charles Uamiltoa, 3 
Urt. ; t>. 1842 : tn. Man-, dr. of Jnneph 
Gill, of Tren^me, Salop: cx-capt. cold- 


Ouanh'; Trehinaham Hoiitr,Bree<»i ; 
Brootlanit, Faltrileiie. 
Hamilton, lieut.-gen. sir Frfnierick 
Williain, K.C.H., a. of William Richard 
Haraillon, ambaaaador at Naples ; 


r Aiexjmder Anatni- 

•erred in the Crimea _ . „ 

giurdi, klliKlit of tlio Icffinii of honour, 
and of the lledjidie, miutnn' attavhe nt 
Berlin 1860-62. i-ice-prwiclent of the 
mnncll of mililaiy education 1862-6G, 
commander of the forccA in Srotland 
1866-71, col. 21 ft. from 1870. 
8 Oraflsu .Srrerl, limid filreel, W. ; 

Ud»fy Cattle, AhtrdttHthife^ 
Hamilton, nrcliileacon (irorgo Hans, 
>. of Henrr Hamillon, Tullyluh House, 
l)o«D. anil KcnndiHin of rt. rev. bp. 
Hamilton, of Ossorr ; b.l823; m.l.dr. 
of John Best ; 2. dr. of hon. and rev. 
Francis K. Clcmentn: m.a. Dublin. 
archdeacon of Lindisfame from 1865, 
hon. chaplain In the Bera-ick artillerj- 
voliuileers from 1860, i-icar trata 1864 

ifEglinghmn, Alimick. (TOO/.} 

I. Huinilton, h.d., prof. 
of mediciuc in Edinburgh univerBitj' ; 
b. 1T94: H.A. Cuntub-.dean of Saliabur)' 
from 18fiO, fellow of the royal astro- 
nomical and geoloeical socielies. 
The J)eit„crg. HalUbiiry. 
HamUton, col. Henry, c.ii., s. of rev. 
Sackville Hamilton, and grandson of rt. 
hon. Sackrillc Hamilton; b. 1810: m. 
cousin Isabella, dr. of J. Deanc Free- 

man, Castle Cor, Cork: served in Cey- 
lon, Scinde, and the Indian mutin]-, 
lieut.-col. h.p. 78 (I., liout.-col. com- 
manding the brigade depAt at Ouiagh 
from 1873. 
Hamilton, cot. Hcniy Meade, c.c. : 

Suartermaster-geiieral, commanded 12 
. in the New Zealand war 1863-66, 
knight of the Medjidie, lieut.-col. com- 
manding briKiide depAt at Bury St. 
Edmunds 1873-74, lieut.-col. h.p. bri- 
gade depAt. 

Hamilton, Ion Trant, s, of James Hana 
HamUton, m.f. Dublin co. 1841-63; b. 
1839: dep.-heut.ofDublin, M.A. Cantab., 
H.F. (c.) Dublin CO. from 1863. 

Carttoo ; Sackcille Street IDuUin) ; 
11 Lowndet Street, Belgrave Square, 
S. ir. ; AbhotttoKH Mdhm, OutUiioct, 
DHbtiit; HaekelitoHH,Skirrie;DHbliH. 

Hamiltoil, sir James, a. of rev. Georgu 
Hamilton, Armaeh : b. 181S: chairman 
of the Belfast harbour commisBioners 
from 1867. 

Pall Mall; I'hler Cliib, Bel/ait ; 
2 Grumliti Terrsee, Bel/ait. 

Hamilton, sir James John, c.b., 2 bart. 
(1315) b. 1802; m. dr. of gen. sir 
James Cockbum. o.c.H., 7 but.: ex- 
t(.p. (c.) Sudbury 1837-38, hi«h sheriff 
of Carmarthen in 1857, and of Tyrone 
in 1860. 

United Bervite, Carlton ; Woedhmot, 
Tyrone i Flat ilaiiitepMH, Carmar- 
t/ieii ; 6 Portman Square, W. 

Hamilton, Ker Baillie, c.b., s. of vener- 
able archdeacon C. Baillie Hamilton, 
and cousin of 7 carl of Haddington ; b. 
1S04 : m. Emma, dr. of Charles Blair : 

Kivate secretarj' to sir Lowrj Cole in 
auritius 1826, colonial (ccretarr at the 
Cape 1826-46, lieul.-goveroor of Grenada 
1846-51, governor of Barbadoea 1851-52, 
of Newfoundland 1852-56, of the Lee- 
ward islands 1855-63. 

Hamilton, maj.-gen. Richard ; b. 180!> : 
leri-ed in the Burmese war 1863, second 
in commnnd of the Silang detachment 
at the taking of Beeling, and served in 
the Indian mutiny, commanding the 
division in British Bunnah. Madnu 
staif corps. 

Hamilton, rt. hon. Robert Adam Ciiris- 
tophcr Nisbet-, f.b.b., p.c, s. of Philip 
Dundaa,Bnd nephew of 1 viae. Melville; 
b. 1804 : m. Lid}- Mar]', dr. of 7 earl of 



Elgin : called to the Scotch bar 182M5, 
chancellor of tho duchy of Lancaster in 
1862. M.p. (c.) Ipswich 1826-30, Edin- 
burgh in 1831, north Lincolnshire 1837- 
57, dep.-lieut. of Haddingtonshire, as- 
sumed the name of Nisbet- Hamilton on 
lady Marv succeeding to ttte maternal 
estates oi Belhaven and Dirleton in 
1855, and the name of Christopher in 
compliance wiUi the will of George 

. Manners, of Bloxholm. 

Carlton, Travellers^ ; Bloxholm Sail, 
Sleaford, Lincoln ; Archerfield and 
Biel House, Haddington ; 33 Chesham 
Place, Belgrave Square, S. W. 

Hamilton, major-gen. Robert Gorges, 
B.E. ; b. 1812. Ramblers. 

Hamilton, sir Robert North Collie, 
K.C.B., 6 hart. (1646) b. 1802 ; m. dr. 
([rf.) of gen. sir George Anson, o.c.B. : 
in the Bengal civil service 1819-60, 
commissioner of Agra 1837-41, agent of 
^vemor-general in central Lidia 1854- 
o9, member of the supreme council in 
India 1859-60, dep.-lieut. of Warwick- 
shire, and hi^h sheriff in 1866. 

Civil Service J Brooks* ; Avon Cliffe, 
Stratford-an-Avon, Warwickshire ; 20 
Queensberry Place, South Kensington, 

Hamilton, major sir William, 10 bart. 
(1676), B. of professor sir William Ha- 
milton, D.C.L., 9 bart. ; b. 1830 ; m. dr. 
of maior-gcn. Barr, Bengal artillery' : 
Bcn'cd in the Indian mutiny, major 
royal (Bengal) artillery. 

Hainilton, sir William ; b. 1790 : vice- 
consul at Flushing 1817-18, Ostend 
1818-20, Nieuport 1820-22, Boulogne 
1822-26, consul at Boulogne 1826-73. 

Hamilton, admiral William Alexander 
BailUe, s. of venerable Charles Baillie 
Hamilton, archdeacon of Cleveland, 
nephew of 7 earl of Haddington ; b. 
1803 ; m. lady Harriet, sis. of 1 duke of 
Hamilton : formerly second secretary 
to the admiralty, a magistrate for 
Kent, her majesty's chief steward of 
the manors of east and west Greenwich, 
and of Deptford-le-Strand, a commis- 
sioner of the royal patriotic fund. 
Macartney House, Blackheath. 

Hamilton, hon. mrs. Anne liouisa, sis. 
of 3 baron Ponsonby ; b. 1808 ; m. Wil- 
liam Tighe Hamilton (s. of Charles 
Hamilton, of Hamwood, Meath, by dr. 
of Williiun Tighe, of liosanna, m.p.), 
b. 1807. 

Hamilton, hon. Bethia, b. 1795 ; hon. 
Penelope, b. 1798, drs. of 7 baron 
Belhaven. Wishaw House, Lanark. 

Hamilton, hon. mrs. Harriet, dr. of 2 
baron Dufferin ; b. 1787 ; m. William 
Stewart Hamilton. 
Browfie*s Hall, Donegal. 
Hamilton, hon. mrs. Henrietta, sis. of 
6 baron Balfour of Burleigh ; b. 1850 ; 
m. Claud H. Hamilton. 
Preston Hall, Dalkeith. 

Hamilton, hon. mrs. Margaret Frances, 
dr. of 13 vise. Dillon; b. 1816; m. 
William John Hamilton, F.K..S. (ef.), 
M.p. Newport 1841-47. 
39 Chester Square, S. JF. 

Hamilton, hon. mrs. Sarah, dr. of 2 
baron Castlemaine ; b. 1817 ; m. major- 
gen. Christopher Hamilton, c.b. (</.). 

Hamilton, rt. hon. lord Claud, P.O., 
bro. of 1 duke of Abereom ; b. 1813 ; m. 
lady Elizabeth, dr. of 3 earl of Carj's- 
fort; M.A. Cantab., treasurer of the 
Queen's household in 1852, 1858-59, 
vice-chamberlain 1866-69, dep.-lieut. of 
Tyrone, m.p. (c.) TjTone 1835-37, 
1839-74, lieut.-col. commandant Done- 
gal militia from 1855, dep.-chairman of 
the great eastern railway from 1874. 

Travellers , Carlton; Baron* s Court, 
Tvronc ; 19 Eaton Square, S. W. ; 
Heat hjivld Park, Haivkhurst, Sussex. 

Hamilton, lord Claud John, s. of 1 
duke of Abercoru; b. 1843: ex-capt. 
g^nadicr guards, a lord of the treasury 
in 1868, lieut.-col. conmiandant Donegal 
militia from 1867, aide-de-camp to the 
viceroy of Ireland 1867-68, m.p. (c.) 

i Londonderr}' 1865-68, King's Lntui 
jfrom 1869. 

White's, Guard*'; Kildare Street 
(Dublin) ; Baron's Court, Tyrone ; 31 
Mertford Street, May/air, Jr. 

Hamilton, lord Ernest William, s. of 1 
duke of Abereom ; b. 1858. 

Hamilton, lord Fn'derick Spencer, s. of 
1 duke of Abereom ; b. 1856. 

Hamilton, lord George Francis, s. of 1 
duke of Abereom: b. 1845; m. lady 
Maud, dr. of 3 earl of Harewood : ex- 
lieut. Coldstream guards, a magistrate 
for Middlesex, mider-secretar}* of state 
for India from 1874, m.p. (cI) Middle- 
sex ^m 1868. 

Guards', Carlton, Whitens; 17 JWbw- 
tagu Street, Montagu Square. 



Hamilton, lady Elizabeth £mma ; b. 
1822 ; vid€ lord Claud Hamilton. 

Hamilton, lady Emily Eleanor, dr. of 
8 earl of Leven and Melville ; b. 1840 ; 
m. maj. John Glencaim Carter Ha- 
milton, b. 1829, ex-capt. 2 life guards, 
major Glasgow yeomanry cavalier from 
18o6, vice-Ueut.' of Lanarkshire from 
1869, M.p. (L.) Falkirk 1857-69, La- 
narkshire 1868-74. 

Arthur's^ Brooks' ; Dalzell, Mother^ 
well; 64 Eaton Flaee, 6'. W, 

Hamilton, lady Georgina Snsan, dr. of 
1 duke of Abercom ; o. 1841. 

Hamilton, lady Harriet Baillie ; b. 
1812; ride adm. William Alexander 
Baillie Hamilton. 

Hamilton, lady Maud Caroline ; b. 
1846; vide lord George Francis Ha- 

Hamilton, lady Mary ; b. 1801 ; vide 
rt. hon. Robert Adam Christopher 
Nisbct-Hamilton . 

Hamilton, dow. -duchess of. princess 
Marie Ajnelia, dr. of Charles, rei^Tiing 
grand duke of Baden, and cousm of 
Napoleon HI. ; b. 1818 ; m. 11 duke of 

Hamilton, lady. dr. of Trev. Henry 
Bayly, rector of Nenagh ; m. sir Wil- 
liam Bowan Hamilton, ll.d. {d.\ as- 
tronomer royal in Ireland and professor 
of astronomy 1827-66. 

Hamley, col. Edward Bruce, r.a., 
c.B. : served in the Crimea, knight 
of the legion of honour, ana of tiie 
Medjidie, professor of military history 
at the staff college, Sandhurst, 1868-64, 
member of the council of military edu- 
cation 1866-70, commandant of the 
staff college at Sandhurst (800/.) from 

Hamley, major-gen. Francis Gilbert : 
served with 12 ft. in the Kaflk war 
1861-63, with 60 ft. in the New 
Zealand war 1863-66, senior officer of 
the troops and governor and captain- 
general of South Australia 1868-69, re- 
tired on fiiU pay as lieu t. -col. 98 ft. 
6 Albert Villaa, Clifton. 

Hamley, Joseph Osbertus, c.B. : served 
in New South Wales 1836-46, New 
Zealand 1846-70, being present in the 
two wars 1860-61, 1863-66, assistant- 
controller at Chatham gun wharf from 

Hamley, major-gen. William George^ 
B.B. : retired on full pay as colonel. 

Hammiok, rev. sir St. Vincent Love, 
2 bart. (1834) b. 1806 ; m. dr. of Bo- 
bert Alexander, Gloucester Place : M.A. 
Oxon., vicar of Milton Abbot (630/.) 
from 1836. 
Atiltott Abbot, Tavistock, Devon. 

Hammond, 1 baron (1874). Edmund 
Hammond, p.c, s. of George Hammond^ 
under-secretary for foreign affairs, ana 
ambassador to the United States; b. 
1802 ; m. dr. of lord Robert Kerr : k.a. 
Oxon., under-secretary of state for 
foreign affairs 1864-73. 

26 Eaton Place, Belgrave Square^ 

Hammond, major-cen. Henry, r.a. : 
engaged against tne Bunnoo frontier 
tribes 1861-62, in the Indian mutiny at 
the relief of Lucknow. and commanded 
the foot artillery at tne taking of Ba- 
reilly, retired on full pay as col. royal 
Bengal artillery. 

Hamond, Charles Frederick, s. of Fre* 
derick George Hamond, Blackheath; 
b. 1840 : called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple 1866, a magistrate for Newcastle- 
upon-Tjme, a member of the Newcastle 
school board, m.p. (c.) Newcastle-upon* 
Tyne from 1874. 

Carlton; 20 Lovaine Place,Ifewea8tl0» 
on- Tyne. 

Hamond-Oraeme, sir Graham Eden 
William, 4 bart. (1783) s. of vice-adm. 
sir Andrew Snape Hamond-Graeme, 3 
bart. ; b. 1846 : ex-lieut. 16 lancers. 
Norton, Freehwater, Isle of Wight. 

Hamond-Oraeme, dow. -lady. Mary 
Ann, dr. of Edward Miller, and niece of 
gen. Miller, consul-gen. in the Pacific ; 
m. vice-adm. sir Andrew Snape Ha- 
mond-Graeme, 3 bart. 
Norton, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, 

Hampton, sir George Francis, 9 bart. 
(1642) b. 1823; m. dr. of Thomas 
Hutchings En^hmd, Snitterfield, War- 
wick : served m the Crimea, ex-capt. 2 
dragoon g\iards. 

Junior United Service; Thumham 
Court, Maidstone, Kent. 

Hampton, dow. -lady. Mai^, dr. of 
adm. William Brown; m. sir George 
Hampeon, 8 bart. 

Hampton, 1 baron (1874). John So- 
merset PakingUm, o.c.B., P.O., t. of 

liK vri'i'u tt: 

WilliiimKu-<dl.l'..wukCijiij-|Jii di.-.l 
sir H. Pakingtou, bail. ; b. 1799 ; m. 1. 
dr. of Morton Aglioubj' Slsney, Shiffiul 
Salop ; 2. dr. of rt. rev. bp. UuirBv, at 
Bocbefteri 3. di. of Thonua Cbampion 
de CrapizTiff and widow of col. H. 
Uaviea, Hmly Park, WorcCTter; «i,i, 
Oion., colonial aecielarv in 1862, firet 
loid of the admiraltv Id58-.W, 1866-67, 
war (ocretar)- 1867-68, dep.-lieut. nf 
WonaMterehirc, lieut.-fol. Worceatcr- | 
ghjn yeomaiu^- I85S-66, chairman cf | 
the worccsterahiro quarter — ■'— ■ 
1334-fii, «." '" ' i'—!'™""' ' 

Dnitieiek ; 

Hunptim, maj.-gen. ^VUliiun Philip: 
■erred agaiiiBt the inBurpmt Coles 
1836-37, in the A%haniaUn, Gwalior, 
and Punjab eanipaijrns, piwent at the 
ibning of the Kobat pan 1850, eom- 
minded 31 BciiKal native infantry' at 
Saugor during the Indian mutinj- and 
Bgamat the Saugor rebels and mutinceia 

_18S8-iS. BenRBl infantrj-. 

gn, lady Laura Elizabeth, cir. of 
;. of Snnnanby ; b. •■■■-- — 

bridge Lailgp, Cm 

high sheriff in 1846), 
Windha' " ' 
thalloH, Sh „ 

HuibttlT, hnn. anrl rev. Allen Arthur 
Bateman, a. of 1 baron Baleman ; b. 
1829; m. dr. of John Davenport, of 
Foiley: si.*. Oion., reelor of Shobdfn, 
Herefoidiliire (670/.) from 1863, pre- 
bendary of Hereford from 1866, domes- 
tic chaplain to 2 baron Bateman. 
ShuMtn Rectory, Lnminiler. 

Hanbiu7, hon. Charles Spencer ; viiU 
hon. Charlea Spencei 

Uepp, Maynctreea, thelmifoni : M.i. 
OioD., dep.^Iieut. of StMObrdihin, a 
colliery pioprietar, eapL SlaAndahirs 

QrrlloH; £i(t Cloir, ChriiUXmreh, 
Haiiti; Balthail Boat, TamcorfA. 

HanoMk, air Samuel, 8. of Samoel 
Hancock, Bread Street, London; b. 
1806: m. dr. (rf.) of Godfrey Tent- 
worth, Wooley Park, Torkihirt: for- 
merly senior exon of the yeomen of the 
g^iard. Cherrniiig Lodgt, Strnwak: 

HanoMk, rear-adni. Gein^; b. ISIO ; 
second in command of the Channel 
Kiuadron 1872-75. 

Hand, vice-adm. George Sumner, c.B. ; 
h. 1808 : commanded a b«at at the cap- 
ture of the formidable fortress of Dodoo* 
bcT, in Ava, 1825, and commanded the 
" Et^Mir" on the west cooit of Africa 
4 I. Albany, Piccadilly, W. 

HudeMk. hon. Arthur, s. of i baroa 
CaitlemBine ; b. 1864. 

Handeoek, hon. Charles, a. of 2 baron 
Cartlemaine : b. 1808 : m. dr. of Daniel 
Kellv, of Gar^^ins, Rosconunon : v.A. 
Dublin, cal]e<l to the bar in Ireland 
1828, a manstnile for Weatmeath. 

SackrilUSI'cttCI«b,DubliH; Creaph- 
diif, AlhUmc. 

HandBOOk, hon. Edward Albert, eld. s. 
of 4 baron CasIlcmaiDe ; b. 1863. 

Handeoek, hon. Kobert John, 8. of 3 
baron Castlenuiine : b. 1830; m. dr. of 
" " T, royal artillery: 


Haafatii7, hon. Edn-ard Reginald Bate- 

EaabnTf, hon. Walter Bateman, b. of 
2 baiou BaU'mnn : b. 1862. 

Hanbniy, hon. ■William Sneneer Bat*'- 
roan, eld. «. of 2 baron Bateman ; b. 

HanbnlT. hon. Maud Frances Bateman, 
b. 18S5; hon. Evelyn AugUBta Knte- 
nian. b. 1858; hon. Gertrude Emily 
itiliman, b. 1660; hon. Apics Ilorn- 
mond Bateman, b. 1866, dra. of 2 baron 

EubuT, Robert William, 8. of Robert 
Hanbiu;, Boleball Houae, Tamworth ; 

•<j; SaekvitU Street 

(.Dahlia) ; Atliloiu 
Handaoek, hon. mrs. George, dr. of 
Robert Henry French, and cousin of 1 
biunn de Frcj'ne ; m. hon. Qeorgc Haod- 
c™-k (rf,). 

' '■-■■'' ^ '"— Eaton Sqtun-r, 

3 ,S'i>H(A Eat I, 


Handaoek, hon. 
James Oordon 
French Handc 

. Robert, dr. of 

t Dublin city artilleij 

Handeoek, hon. Aznea Isabella, b. 

1861; hoD. Florence Uarnret,b. 1863; 
hon. Edith Louisa, b. 1866 : ban. Har- 
gtiet, b. 1867 ; hon. AUce, h. 1868, dn. 
of 4 boron Castlemaine. 



Hanham, sir William, 8 bart. (1667) 
b. 1798; in. dr. (</.), of G. Morgan, 
Mount Clare, Surrey : retired com- 
mander royal navy. 
DeatCt Courty Wimbome, Dorset. 

Hanham, dow.-lady. Eliza, dr. of lieut. 
William Patey, royal navy ; m., as his 
second wife, rev. sir James Hanham, 7 
bart. WimbornCy Dorset. 

'Bjuokffjy gen. Henry Aitchison, s. of 
John Peter Hankey, by sis. of rt. hon. 
lord chief baron Alexander ; b. 1803 ; 
m. 1. dr. of Abraham Bobarts, Hoe- 
hampton; 2. lady Emily Pennefather, 
widow of Richard Pennefather, Knoc- 
kcvan (s. of mr. baron Pennefather), 
and dr. of 1 earl of Glengall : col. 1 
dragoon guards from 1872. 

90 Eaton SquarCyS. W. ; Cliff Eousey 
Satidgatey Ketit ; Kftockevany Clonmel. 

Hankey, Thomson, f.h.g.s., s. of 
Thomson Hankey, Portland Place ; b. 
1805 ; m. dr. of William Alexander, and 
Imlf-aister of rt. hon. lord chief baron 
Alexander: governor of the bank of 
England 1851-53, a magistrate for Mid- 
dlesex, and for Kent, dep.-lieut. of 
London, a director of the bank of Eng- 
land and governor 1851-53, chief part- 
ner in the firm of Thomson Hankey and 
company, west India merchants, m.p. 
(l.) Peterborough 1853-68, and from 

Brooks' y Union ; 59 Portland Placey 
IF. ; Shipborne Orangey TonbridgCy 

Hankey, lady Eraily Arabel Georgina, 
dr. of 1 earl of Glengall ; b. 181 1 ; m. 
1. Richard Pennefather, Knockevan, 
Tipperary ; 2. vide gen. Henry Aitchison 

KnockcvaHy Clontnel ; Cliff HousCy 

Hanmer, 1 baron (1872). John Han- 
nier, grandson of 2 bart. ; b. 1809 ; m. 
dr. of sir George Chetwjmd, 2 bart. : 
M.p. (l.) Shrewsbury 1832-37, Hull 
1841-47, Flintshire 1847-72, dep.-lieut. 
of Flintshire. 

Travellers', Brooks'; BettisJUld Parky 
Whitchurchy Flintshire ; 59 Eaton 
Placey S. W. 

Hannen, rt. hon. sir James, F.ii.8., 
P.C., s. of James Hannen, Dulwich ; b. 
1821 ; m. dr. {d.) of Nicholas Winsland: 
educated at Heidelbere, called to the 
bar at the Middle Temple 1848, agent in 
the convention at London between Great 

Britain and the United States 1853-66, 
a justice in the queen's bench 1868-72, 
judge of the court of probate and diyorce 
(5000/.) from 1872. 

Athenaum ; 49 Lanca9t$r OalU^ 
Byd^ Parky W. 

Hannyng^n, maj.-gen. John Caulfield : 
retired on full pay as col. Bengal in- 
fantry, assistant secretary in the fi£eincial 
department of the India office. 
India Office. 

Hanson, sir Richard Davis : admitted 
an attorney 1828, associated with the 
attempt to foimd S. Aus. 1830, assistant 
commissioner of enquiry into the crown 
lands and emigration on lord Durham's 
mission to Canada 1838, went to N, 
Zealand 1846, advocate-gen. of South 
Australia 185 1-56, attorney-gen. 1866-61 , 
chief justice (1500/.) from 1861. 

AdelaidCy South Australia. 
Harberton, 6 vise. (1791). James 
Spencer Pomeroy; b. 1836; m. dr. of 
William Wallace-Legge, Malone House, 
Antrim : m.a. Cantab., a magistrate for 

University ; The Lodge, Rathangan, 
Kildare: 60 Rutland Gate, KnightM- 
bridgey S. W. 

Harberton, dow. -viscountess. Caroline, 
dr. of rev. sir John Bobinson, 1 bart. ; 
b. 1800 ; m. 5 a^sc. Harberton. 

Harbord, hon. Assheton Edward, s. of 

5 baron Suffield ; b. 1861. 
Harbord, hon. Charles, eld. s. of 6 

baron Suffield; b. 1855: lieut. Scots 

fusilier guards. 

Harbord, hon. Harbord, s. of 3 baron 
Suffield ; b. 1836 ; m. Constance, dr. of 
sir Henry Stracey^ 6 bart. : maj. Nor- 
folk artillery miUtia 1868-73, a magis- 
trate for Norfolk. 

Marlborough ; Ounton Park, Not' 

Harbord, hon. and rev. John, s. of 8 
baron Suffield; b. 1832; m. dr. of 
Anthony Hamond, Westacre, Norfolk : 
M.A. Cantab., rector of West Harling, 
Norfolk, 1860-64, chaplain from 1866 of 
Morden College y Blackheath (800/.). 

Harbord, hon. Ralph, s. of 3 baron 
Suffield ; b. 1833 ; m. dr. of Edwai^ 
W. H. Schenley, Prince's Gtate, South 
Kensington : ex-capt. 71 ft., served in 
the Crimea, ex-capt. Norfolk artillery 
militia. BoodU's, St. Jame^i ; FUxton^. 


, {lord 

Sandliiint) 1865-70, major 7 hiusan. 
Sf. Jama't, Jtrooki'. 
HarboTd, hon. Willinm, b. of 3 bttron 
SufBeld ; b. IS31 : u. dr. oT Charlca 
Denim: ei-lieut. Scoto (milier guanU, 
ei-capt. 90 ft., a queen'. 

_ . J6 ; hon. Alive Uarian, b. 1S5T : hon. 
Elizabeth, b. 1860; ban. Judith, b. 
1862; hon. Winifred, b. 1864; hon. 

, Eleanor, b. 1868 ; hon. , b. 1871, 

dn. of 5 baroD Suffidd. 

HarbOTDQgb, doH. -coonteBa of. Mary, 
dr. of Edward Dalbv Temple; m. 1. 6 
earl of Harborough (extini-t) ; 2. major 
ThoniiB W. Claggett, b. 1819, rormerlf 
in the Madras cav&li^, a ma^Btinte for 

JimioT United Serviet; Slapltfori 
Park, MellOH Moicbray, 

Eftnoort, admiral Frederick Edward i 
Temon. 1. of hon. and most rer. arch- I 
bishop Vernon, of York; b. 1790; m. I 
dr. of admiral John Delap Tollenmche, 
by dr. of 3 eurl of Aldborough : co- 
operated a-ith ™e-adni. Penrose in I 
forcing the pasasge of the Girondc IBH. 

anded t 

. Flace, Shm 


Hutoort, BIT William George Gran- 
TiUe Veraon-, a.c, e. of rer. Willi«n 
Temon Harcourt, canon of York; b. 
1827: m. dr. (rf.) of Thoma* H. Litter, 
of Armitage Park, YorkBhire, by bib. 
of 4 earl of Cbinndon, o.c.B,, K.o. ; 
B.A. Oxon., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1854, queen'a counsel 
1866, Bolicitor-Kenerol in 1873, pnifeiKir 
of international law at Cambridge uni- 
TeraitT from 1869, m.p. (i.) Oiford city 
tKxa 1868. 

Oxford and Cajnliridge;\iStTBlford 
Plan. Oxford Street, W.; 9 Kmg't 
Bexeh IFalt, Tei»ple, B.C. 

Harconrt, hon. nir^. Rncbel Mary, dr. 
of 1 baron Aberdare ; *" > 

f.archbp. Vernon, of York), b. 1834. 

Hanourt, lady Susan Harriet Tenion, 

dr. of 2 earl of Sheffield ; b. 1829 ; m. 
Edward William Vcmon Harconrt (». 
of rev. W. Veraon Harcourt, canon of 
York, and grandson of hon. and moat 
rtT. archbishop Vernon of York) , b. 1824 
col. commandant Cinque port artillery 
Totunteeta from 1862, m.a. Oion., a 
ma^trale for Berks, guBaei, and Oxon. 

6 JVibm'i Gardeiu, South Xauing. 
ion, S. W. ; Naneham Park, Oxford; 
Stanton Rareonrt, Oiford; S Sabert- 
ton Terraa, Batting,. 
Emonrt, lady Catherine Julia Veraon, 
dr. of 3 earl of Liverpool ; b. 1811 ; m. 
col. Francis Vernon Harcourt (s. of ban. 
and moat rev. archbishop Vernon, of 
York), b. 1801, dep^lieut. of Hants, 
and of the Isle of Wight, equerry to 
the late duchess of Kent, high sheriO' 
of SuBHti in 1867, u.P. lale of Wigbt 

5 Carlton Oardem, 3. IT. ; St. Clan, 
Syde; Buxted Park, Uckftld, Siuux. 
HarddMUo, Edwani, b. of Alfred Haid- 
castle,HatchBni House, SuireT, and bro- 
of Joseph Alfred HardcsBlle, k.f. ; b. 
1826 ; m. dr. of Samuel Hoare, hanker, 
Lombard Street: k.a. Canlab., a mer- 
chant at Manchester, a goTcmor of 
Oweni coUcge, m.p. (c.) Boudi-east Lan- 
cashire from 1B74. 

Oxford and Cambridge; Htadlandt, 
Freitwirh, Laneaihire. 
Hlzdcmatls, hon. mr?. Mary Scarlett, 
dr. of 1 baron Campbell: b. 1827; m. 
Joseph Alfred Hardcastle, b. 1816, 
caUed to the bar 1841, dcp.-lieut. of 
Burrcv, u.v. (l.) Colcheater 1847-52, 
Bury St. Edmunds 18d7-T4. 

Brooke, Rifonn; Setherhail, Surg 
St. Edmuiidi; 64 Qiieen'a Gait Ter- 
raee, Keniinglm Oore, S.W. 
Harding, nmjor-geu. Francis Pym, 
C.u. : serred at the defence of the resi- 
dency at Hyderabad, aide-de-camp to 
general Pennefather in the Crimea, 
oomnuindatit of Balaklava tcoTa 1856 to 
Ihe evacuation of the Crimea, knight of 
the legion of honour, and of the Metijidie, 
tieut.-col. h.p. 22 n. 
Harding, viee-adni. Francis, a. of 
WiQiam Harding, Bengal civil serTice, 
of Baraset, Stralford-on-Avor, a gentle- 
man of the privy chamber to Gewee 
ril.; b. 1799; m. dr. of sir Charks 
Dalliia, gOTcraor of St. Helena: serred 
in the Mediterranean 1813, oa Qm 


Cape statiaii 1629-3 tmi in tomnmnd 
of the "PeloniB" on tho east India 
■tstioD 1837-39. 
Hwding, lady Emily, sia. of 7 earl of 
Denbigh; 6. 1797; m. rev. Henn 
Harding (rf.), bro. of vicB-ndm. Francis 
Harding, and Intu bp. Harding of 

JilmJ,li'.f. S(r<-t/ord-«i-Aro«. 
Harding, laJv-. [sabelia, dr. of kv. 
James Wyld, Blunadon, St. ,\ndn;vi, 
Wilte; m. sir John Uoroey Harding, 
u.c, D.c.L. {d.), queen's advocate- 
gencrsl, 1852-62. 

RofkfitM, Monyaeuth ; DcepAolm, 
Clifion Park. SrMol. 
BudinKB, 2 vise. (1846). Chaiies 
Stewart Hardinge ; b. 1822 : m. dr. Id,) 
of 3 earl of Lueon: k.a. Ojton., dep.- 
litut. ofKcnt.K.p.Dott-npa trick 1851-06, 
under-aetrelar)- for »iir 1858-69, tieul.- 
coi. 2 Kent rirfe volunteers from 1860. 

Uuited Senict Carltmi SoHlhl'sik 
Fmtharit, Kent Sua t IftwtoH, 
Sfrby; 36 South Strat, GroMiaior 
iSquare, IV. 
Hardinga, sirEdmnnd Straij, 4 bart 
(1801), g. of rci air Charles Harduice, 
2 burt., bro. of field marslial I tise 
Hardinge; b. 1833 

Bom.<ifa Paii Tonim'.ie Kent, 
Setloii Ball. BarliHglou, Harham. 
Harding*, dow.-lady. Emily, dr. of 
Kenneth Callander, Cniigfortli, Stirling- 
shire; m. rev. sir Charlea Hardinge, 2 
bart., bro. of Held-marshal 1 lijc. Har- 
dinge, o.c.n. 

51 Wt'tbcane Terrace, Hydt Park, 
W. ; BomuUi Park, TarUrridge W^M,. 
Hmrdinge, m^jor-gen. hon. Artliur 
Edward, C.B., e. of 1 vise. Hardinge; 
b. 1828; m. dr. of col. hon. Augustus 
Ellis (bedchamber Homan to the prin- 
ceaa of Wales from 1866) : ei-heut.- 
col. Coldstream guards, aide-de-camp to 
his fether in tho Sutlej tampaign, Bci-ved 
in the Crim™ as denuty-quartermaster- 
gcneral, knight of tlic legion of honour, 
««si»tont-quarteTniaster-g«ncrol in Tro- 
land 1858-61, equerry to prince Albert 
1R58-61, extra equerry to the Queen 
1862-68, equeny in ordinarv from 1868 
(54)0/.), commanding at All^bad from 

Cwrrf.'; Old Hotue, Eibwortk, 

Buidinge, hott. Arthur, s. of 2 vise. 
Hardinge; b. 1869. 

H»rdiiig», hon. Charles, a. of 2 vise. 

Hardinge; b. 1858. 
Hardinge, hon. (Jeorge, e. of 2 ¥i»c. 

Hardinge; b. 1864. 
Hardinge, lion. Henry Charles, eld. a. 

of 2 vise. Hardinge ; b. 1867. 
Hardinga, hon. Kobert Nieholaa, a. of 

2 vise. Hardinge; b. 1863. 
HMdinge, hon. Emily Caroline, dr. of 

1 vise. Hardinge. 
27 Vieloria Street, Watminsler, 

Hardinga, hon. Lavinia, b. I860 ; hon. 
Emily Maud, b. 1861 ; hon. Hsry UUda, 
b. 1862. dts. of 2 vise. Hardinge. 

Hardwioka, 5 earl of (17G4). Charles 
Philip Torke, r.c. ; b. 1836 ; m. 
dr. of 1 earl Cowley; 2nd tit. vise. 
ItojBton : M.A. Cantab., serred In tho 
Cnmea, and in thv Indian mutiny, ei- 
caut. 11 hussars, h.f. (c.) Cambridge- 
ahire 1S65-73, major 2 CambridgoBluxw 
ride volunteer, comptroller of the 
household 1866-68, master of the buck- 
hounds from 1874. 

WhUe't, CBrlton; WimpoU Eatt, 
BiH/iton, Cambridgethire ; Sidiuy 
Ledge, Sovlhampton ; 38 Eerlford 
Slrnl, Magfair, W. 

Eardwiaka. dov. -countess of. Snaan, 
dr. of 1 baron Bavensworth ; h. 1810 ; 
m. admiral 4 earl of Hardwicke, K.a. 

44 Porlman Squart, W. ; Sidney 
Ledge, Seuthampton. 

Hardy, rt. hon. Gathomc, D.c.L., p.c, 
s. of John Hardy, M.t'. ; b. 1814; m. 
dr. of James Orr, Down: h.a. Oion., 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1840. dep.-lieut. of Yorkshire, a mari- 
Btrate for Kent, undcr-secretarj- for Uie 
home department 1868-59. president of 
the poor law board 1866-67, secr^tatj 
tor the home department 1867-69, 
secretary for war from 1874, M.P. (c.) 
Leominster 1856-65, Oxfbrd university 

Oxford and Camtridgr, Carlton; 
Hemited Park, Slap!eh»r,l. Kent; 17 
Qntrciior Crtietnt, Belarate Sauart, 

Hardy, John Stewart, s. of rt. hon. 
Gathome Hardy, u.p. : b. 1839 ; m. dr. 
of Joseph Ridgi-aj-^ Fairlawn, Seven- 
oaks: ci-lieut. nfle brigade, dep.- 
lieut. of Kent, capt. 43 Kent nfls 



Tolunteera from 1865, m.p. (c.) Rye 
frt>m 1868. 

Carlton ; Camdtn Honae^ Staple^ 
hurst ; 9 WeH Eaton Place, 8, W\ 

Hardy, sir Thomas Duffus, d.c.l., s. 
of major Thomas Hardy, royal artillery, 
and grandson of col. 'Carteret Hardv, 
governor of St. Lucia; b. 1804; m. 1. 
dr. of capt. Andrews, Newfoundland; 
2. dr. of Charles Macdowell : called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1829, 
deputy keeper of the public records 
(1000/.) from 1830. 

Fublie Record OMeCy Chancery Lane, 
W.C. ; 36 Nwrth Bank, Hanover Oate, 
Regenft Park, N. W, 

Hardy, col. William, c.b. : m. dr. of 
Rawdon Briggs, Riplev, Torkshire: 
served in the Crimea, imight of the 
Medjidie, lieut.-col. of 43 dep6t bat- 
talion at Chichester from 1873. 

Hardy, lady Cicely Louisa, dr. of 5 earl 
of Abergavenny ; b. 1851 ; m. capt. 
Charles Gathome Hardy, grenadier 
guards (s. of rt. hon. Gathome Hardy, 


13 Chesham Place, Belgrade Sg,, S. W, 

Hare, baron ; vide Listowel. 

Hare, Edward, c.h.i. : ex-deputy-in- 
spcctor-general of hospitals in the Bengal 

Hare,* sir Thomas, 2 bart. (1818) b. 
1807 ; m. dr. of hon. George Yaughan, 
and niece of 4 earl of Lisoume : ex- 
capt. 2 life guards, deputy-lieut. of 
Norfolk, cx-capt. 1 west Norfolk 

White's, Carlton; Stow Hall, Down- 
ham Market, Norfolk; 24 Norfolk 
Street, Park Lane, JF. 

Hare, capt. hon. Hugh Hbnry, s. of 2 
earl of Listowel ; b. 1839 ; m. dr. of 
col. Bimie Brown: ex-lieut. in the 
Bengal armv, a foreign service messen- 
ger from 18o5. 

Boodle's; 62 St, George's Square, 
Belgrave Road, S. W, 

Hare, capt. hon. Ralph, r.h.a., s. of 2 
earl of Listowel ; b. 1838. 
Junior United Service, 

Hare, col. hon. Richard, bro. of 2 earl 

of Listowel ; b. 1804 ; m. dr. of vice- 

adm. William Wyndham : ex-maj.90ft. 

St, MiehaeVs Lodge^ Stoke, jDevon- 


Stare, hon. Richard, s. of 2 carl of Lis- 
towel ; b. 1836 ; m. Caroline, dr. of capt. 

George Rideout Pinder, Madras army, 
and niece of lieut.-govcmor Trutch of 
British Columbia : commander royal 
Naval and Military. 

Hare, lady Margaret Ernestine, b. 1869 ; 
lady Beatrice Marj', b. 1870, drs. of 3 
earl of Listowel. 

Hare, lady ; m. sir John Hare (cf.), 
uncle of John Hare, mayor of Bristol 
1862, and of Sholto Hare, mayor of 
Bristol 1863. 

Harewood, 4 earl of (1812). Henry 
Thvnne Lascelles ; b. 1824 ; m. 1. dr. 
of 1 mara . of Clanricarde ; 2. dr. of John 
George omyth. Heath hall, Yorkshire ; 
2nd tit. vise. Lascelles: dep.-lieut. of 
Torkshire, lieut.-col. commandant west 
riding hussars yeomanr)' from 1850. 

Travellers*, Carlton ; Harewood 
House, Leeds; Goldsborough Hall, 
Knaresborough ; 13 Hanover SqtMre, 

Hargood, adm. William, s. of Bexga- 
min Hargood, and nephew of adm. sir 
William Haivood,o.c.B.; b.l801; m.-dr. 
of Henry Harrison, Seaford, Sussex : 
dep.-lieut. of Sussex, served in the West 
Indies, the North Sea, and the Mediter- 
ranean. Worthing, Sttssex. 

Harkneee, maj.-gen. CHiarles Thomas : 
ex-lieut.-col. Madras Staff Corps. 

Harington, sir John Edward, 10 bart. 
(1611) b. 1821 ; m. dr. of John Stud- 
holme Browrigg, if .P. : b.a. Oxon., ex- 
capt. 48 ft. and coldstream guards, ex- 
capt. Middlesex ride volunteers, dep.- 
lieut. of Middlesex. 

Oar rick, Carlton ; Ascot Lodge, Sun- 
ninghill, Berks ; 58 £aton Place, S. W. 

Harington, lady. Sarah, dr. of Robert 
Moseley Thomas ; m. sir Henry B3mg 
Harington, h.c.r.i. (</.), member of the 
council of the governor-gen. of India. 
Richmond Notice, Twicketiham. 

Harley, col. Robert William, c.m.g., 
C.B. : sened in Yucatan 18i51, com- 
manded the western division of the 
troops on the west coast of Africa 1863, 
brigadier-^en. of the force in Yucatan 
1867, admmistrator on the Gold Coast 
1872-73, ex-Ueut.-col. 2 West India 

Harman, hon. Lawrence Harman King-, 
s. of 1 vise. Lorton ; b. 1816 ; m. dr. of 
James Raymond Johnstone, of Alva : 



C18'21) b 

inn-, a 

of Longford, hiKh eherilTof Weatmeath 
in 1813. 

Xrtetaitlc, Longford. 
H»ni»ge, air Henry George, 3 bart. 

) b. !B:27 : m. dr. of rev. Richard 

Qont, Kwdncsa hall, Torli, ricar of 
-«r; ex-cnpt. wuth Ssiop yco- 
. a magiatratp for Salop, 
iicnrrfjne, IFenteti, Salop. 
■luniu, ]n)ij,.Een. sir Henry Drury, 
H.E., K.C.B., b. 1808: Krved in the 
Indian mutiny, and in the Oude and 
RohiJcund campaign^ ei-dircclor of the 
royal engineers dep*t at Chathai" ""' 
emnmandant roj-al engineera, 
fFarUag, Bnniiigtloke. 
S*rp»T, bp. ; vide Cbristchnrch. 

a Stanhope: 
uf Bobert Lucaa de Pearaall, Warlense 
Caitle^ St. GsU, Switzerland; 2nd tit 
viiK. PeterBham : dcp.-licut. of Derby 

OirlioH ; ElraataH, Dtrby ; Qatci 
mrt/l, Macclenlleld ; Slauhopt Lodgi 
Wt't OiifM ; i Ctttig't Oaarl, Charing 
HiRlngUn, bart.; vide Harington. 
Vturingtan, iloK.-coantv^ of. Eliza. 
beth, dr. of William Green, Trelawney. 
Jamaiea : to, 5 earl of Harrington, c.B. 
Harringloa Hoate, KeiiiiiigtoH Fa- 
lace GarrUnt, JF. 
Bum. 4 hnron (1815). Geoi^ Robert 
Canning llarria, a. of 3 baron Harria, 
o.Q.x.i. ; b. 18S1 ; m. dr. of 3 viae. St. 
Vincent: b.a. Oion., capt. royal eaat 
Kent yeomanry from 1873- 
Behaont, Fevtriham, Kent. 
Sanii, bon. Arthur Earnest, s. of 2 
' haron Harris : b. 1835 : m. dr. of Sichd. 
Butler Bryan, and widow of eapt. Arthur 
Chiigneau, Benown house, Westmeath : 
ei-eapt. 43 ft., served in the New Zeu- 
Irad war 1864-66. 
BaiTU, adin. bon. sir Edward Alfred 
John, K.c.B.,s.of 2earlof Malmeitbury; 
b. 1808; m. dr. of rapt. Eatuuel Cham- 
bers, roval navy : M.r, (c.) Cliristfhureh 
1844-5-i, dep.-Ueut. of Hunts, consul at 
Elsinore in 1852, coraml-gen. in Pern 
liSlSS, ChiU 1863-68. miniater to 
Snitierland 1868, envoy to Swit>:erland 

1869-67, to the Kctberlands (4000;.) 
from 1867, The Ilagoe, 

Harrit, hon. Robert ; vide Temple. 

Hartli, lady. dr. of George Sli^, 
Seaeliff, Haddineton ; m. 1. maj. air 
William Coni»-allis Harris ; 2. Archi- 
bald Vincent Smith. 

H«rri«, la<iy. dr. of Richard Thome, 
Pillon, Devon ; m. air William Snow 
Harria, (rf.) Flumouli, 

HanriMn, archdeacon Benjamin, a. of 
Benjamin Harrison, Clapham, treaaurer 
of Ouy'i hoapital; b. 1809; m.a. 
Oxon,, eanon of Canterbury (lOOO/.j, 
artbdeacon of Haidfltone From 1840, 
eelect preacher at Oi/ord 1836-36^ do- 
mestic chaplain to abp. Howley of Can- 
terbury 1838-48. 

F'-eeinefi. Cauterhurv ; 7 Bedford 
Sqaare, W.C. 

HkiriMn, Charteg, a. of Benjamin Har- 
rison. Liverpool; b. 1830; m. dr. of 
Samuel Kempson, Birmingham ; ex- 
cnpt. 1 Worcestflrahire rifle volunteeia, 
a magiatiate for Woreeatenihire, H.F. 
(L.l fewdley ftam 1874. 
Ifatioiial- Areleg ConrI, Stourport, 

Earriaon, James Fortescue. s. of Henrr 
Portesi'ue Harrison ; b. 1819 ; m. dr. of 
T, Humphries, Oxford ; educated abroad, 
-"-' - "lebarat '^- --'-■-^- ■-- 

HarriMn, Michael, a. of R. Harrison, 
Ballvnena, AntriiTi ; b, 1823 ; m. 1. dr. 
of 0. Denison ; 2. dr. of J. Stronge, 
H.D,, Dublin: called to the Iriab bur 
1S19, queen'a couuaet 1863, aolicitor- 
gcn. for Ireland 1887-68, judge of the 
court of bankruptcy (2000^) from 1668, 
3 MoHntjm/ Souare. Dubtiii. 
Harriaon. Richard Pryce, c.s.i. : in the 
Denial civil servioe 1834-67, ex-con- 
troller-j^neral of accounts in India and 
government director of the bank of 

12 P^-^ridge Ptace. WalhoHrne, W. 
Harrowby, 2 earl of (1809). Dudley 
Ryder, D.c.L,, p.c, K.Q. ; b. 1798 ; n. 
dr. ids of 1 marq. of bule; 2nd tit. 
viae. Sandon : W.A. Oion., aeeielary to 
the India board 1830-31, chancellor of 
the duchv of Lancaster in 1865, Iwd 
privy ual 1866-67, H.r. (o.) TiTerton 
181»^1, Liverpool 1831-17, dni.-Iieiit. 



of Staffordshire, and yice-lieut. from 
1861, a life governor of King's college, 

Travellers* f Carlton ; Sandon Hotue^ 
Stoney Staffordshire ; Norton, Moreton- 
ift-the-Marshy Glouces'terskire ; 39 
Grosvenor Square, W. 

Hart, maj.-gen. Edward Hume : for- 
merly in the Bombay army. 

Hart, maj.-gen. Henry George: received 
"thanks and approbatioir* for the 
promptitude with which he quelled the 
mutiny of the north Tipperar\- militia 
in 1856, lieut.-col. h.p. uep6t Battalion. 

Hartington, mai-q. of (ekl. 8. of duke 
of Devonshire). Spencer Compton Caven- 
dish, LL.D., p.c. ; b. 1833: m.a. Can- 
tab., dep.-lieut. of Derbyshire, capt. 
duke of Lancaster's yeomanry 1856-/3, 
hon. col. 5 Lancashire rifle volunteers 
ftom 1869, hon. col. Derbyshire militia 
from 1871, a lord of the admiralty in 
1863, under-secretary for war 1863-66, 
secretarv for war in 1866, postmaster- 
gen. 18&-71, chief secretary for Ireland 
1871-74, M.p. (l.) north Lancashire 
1857-68, Radnor burghs from 1869. 

Reform^ Brooks', Devonshire; ISPic- 
caditly, W.; Holker Hall, Lancashire; 
Harhclch Hally Chesterfield. 

Hartismere, baron; vide nenniker. 

Hartley, sir Charles Augustus, s. of W. 
A. Hartley, Darlington ; b. 1825 : resi- 
dent engineer at Plymouth 1860-55 for 
the late J. Locke, en^eer in chief to 
the European commission of the Danube 
from 1857, served in the Crimea as capt, 
in the Turkish contingent en^rineers, 
officer of the order of the Medjidie. 
Sulina, Mouth of th^ Danube. 

Hartopp, sir John \Villiam Cradock-, 4 
bart, (1796). b. 1829; m. dr. of Edward 
Gyles Howard, nephew of 12 duke of 
Norfolk : cx-capt. 17 lancers, served in 
the Crimea, dep.-lieut. of Warwickshire, 
lieut.-col. Warwickshire rifle volunteers 
from 1865. 

Arthur's, Army and Navy ; Four 
Oaks Hall, Sutton Coldjield ; Grimley 
Mall, Market Harborough, Leicester ; 
23 Eaton Square, S. IF. 

Hartwell, sir Brodrick, 2 bart. (1805) 
b. 1813 ; m. dr. (d.) of rev. W. Gun- 
thorpe, Antigua. 

IVierre aux Bois, Boulopne, France. 

Harty, col. Joseph Mark, k.h., bro. of 
sir Robert Way Harty, M.r., 1 bart. ; b. 
1786 : served with 33 ft. at the capture 

of the Isle of France 1810, in Holland 
1814, and in the campaign of 1815 at 
Waterloo, retired on full pay as lieut.- 
col. 33 ft. 

Harty, sir Robert, 2 bart. (1831), s. ot 
1 bart., lord mayor of Dublin ; b. 1816 ; 
m. dr. of rev. Samuel Fairclough, Ahi- 
nagh, Cork : called to the Irish hai 1839, 
B.A. Dublin. 
3 Lansdowne Crescent, Cheltenham. 

Harvey, sir Charles Harvey, 2 bart. 
(1868), b. 1849 ; m. dr. of Benjamin 
Green, Newcastle : b.a. Cantab. 

Mousehold House^ Thorpe, Norwich. 

Harvey, sir George, u.s.a., s. of George 
Harvey, Stirling; b. 1805 : m. 1. dr. of 
George Carstairs ; 2. dr. (d.) of William 
Muir, Glasgow : dep.-lieut. of Edin- 
burgh, president of the royal Scotti^ 
academy from 1864. 
21 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh. 

Harvey, sir George Frederick, k.c.s.i., 
8. of lieut.-gen. sir John Harvey, k.c.b., 
K.C.H., governor of Nova Scotia, by dr. 
of 1 vise. Lake ; b. 1809 ; m. dr. (d.) 
of H. PauHn, Crouchers, Ilford, Essex : 
in the Bengal civil service 1827-63, 
commissioner at Agra and Delhi during 
the mutinv 1857-58. 
Larkfietd, Richmond, Surrey, 

Harvey, sir Robert Bateson, 1 bart. 
(1868) b. 1824 ; m. 1. dr. of archdeacon 
Creyke ; 2. Magdalen, \*'idow of A. j;Vn- 
derson. New South Wales, and dr. of 
sir John Pringle, 5 bart. : m.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of Bucks, capt. Bucks veo« 
manr)' from 1858, m.p. (c.) Bucks 1^64- 
68, and from 1874. 

Carlton; Langley Park, Slough. 

Harvey, lady Elizabeth, dr. of 12 earl 
of Buchan ; b. 1831 ; m. Henry Lee- 
Harvey (s. of col. James Octavius Lee- 
Harvey, by dr. and heir of hon. Jolm 
Haney. Castleseraple), b. 1823, dep.- 
lieut. of Renfrewshire. 

Castlesemple, Lochwinnoch, Renfretc^ 

Haskoll, lady Anne Caroline, sis. of 12 
earl of Kellie ; b. 1823 ; m. rev. Joseph 
Haskoll (rf.), rector of cast Barkwithy 

East Ritford^ Notts. 

Hasiard, col. Fairfax Charles, U.K., 
C.B., 8. of major-gen. Hassard, r.e. ; 
served in the Crimea, knight of the 
Me<ljidie, commanding royal engi- 
neers at the CuiTagh 1869-73, at Sheer- 
ness from 1873. 



Hastings, 25 baron (1289). Bernard 
Eclward Delaval Astley ; b. 185.3. 

Melton (Jon.sfabie^ JJcreham^ Norfolk ; 
Seaton Delaval^ Newcastle, Northum- 

Hastings, lord (eld. s. of earl of Hun- 
tingdon). Francis PoAver Plantagenet 
HaatingB ; b. 1841 ; m. dr. of col. hon. 
J. C. Westenra, Shanavogue, King's 

Hastings, vice.-adm. lion. George 
Fowler, c.b., s. of 11 earl of Hunting- 
don; b. 1814; m. dr. of W. H. Hitch- 
cock, St. Oraer : served in the Crimea, 
knight of the Medjidie, capt.-superin- 
tendant at Gosport 1859-63, command- 
ing on the l*a(ific station 1866-73, at 
Bheemcss from 1873. 

Union, Unit id Service ; 39 Stanhope 
Gardens, Queen's Gate^ S. W. 

Hastings, hon. Gilbert Thcophilus 
Clifton Abney-, s. of late countess of 
Loudoun; b. 1859. 

Hastings, hon. Henry Cecil Planta- 
genet Abney-, s. of late countess of 
Loudoun ; b. 1860. 

Hastings, hon. Paulyn Francis Cuth- 
bert Abney-, r. of late countess of Lou- 
doun; b. 1856. 

Hastings, hon. Warner Francis John, 
eld. s. of lord Hastings ; b. 1868. 

Hastings, hon. mrs. Edward, dr. of 
George James Morris, h.e.i.c.s. ; m. 
hon. Edward Plantagenet Hastings (</.). 

Hastings, lady Flora Paulj-na Hetty 
Abney-, dr. of latt» countess of Loudoun ; 
b. 18o4. 

Hastings, marchioness of. Florence, 
dr. of 2 marq. of Anglesea ; b. 1842 ; m. 

1. fourth and last marq. of Hastings ; 

2. sir George Chet^v\^ld, 4 bart. 
5a Cork Street^ Hond Street^ IF. 

Hastings, dow. -baroness. Frances, dr. 
of T. Cosham, Clifton ; ra. 23 baron 
Hastings, hon. -col. Norfolk artillery 

Hatherley, 1 baron (1869). William 
^ Page Wood, f.r.s., d.c.l., ll.d., p.c, 
8. of alderman sir Matthew Wood, 1 
hart., M.P. : b. 1801 ; m. dr. of Edward 
^loor, Great Dealings, Suffolk : m.a. 
Cantab., called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1827, queen's counsel 1845, solicitor- 
general 18ol-52, a vice-chancellor 1853- 
58, a lord-justice of appeal in 1868, lord 

high chanceller 1868-72, m.p. (l.) 
Oxford city 1847-53. 

Reform'; 31 Great George Street^ 
Westminster, S. W. ; The Ked House, 

Hatchell, ladv Sarah Emily Grace, dr. 
of 3 earl of Clancarty; b. 1843; m. 
John Mehille Hatchell, ex 2 ft. 

Hatherton, 2 baron (1835). Edward 
Itichard Littleton ; b. 1815 ; m. dr. of 6 
duke of Northumberhmd : m.p. (l.) 
Walsall 1847-52, soutli Staffordshire 
1853-57, dep.-lieut. of Staffordshire, and 
vice-lieut. nom 1855, col. 2 Staffordshire 
militia from 1853. 

Brooks', Travellers* ; Teddesley 
Park, Fenkridge, Stafford. 

Hatherton, dow. -baroness. Caroline, 
dr. of Richard Hurt, Wirks worth ; m. 1. 
Edward Havies Davenport, Capesthomc, 
Cheshire ; 2. as his second wife, 1 baron 

Hathom, admiral George, s. of Geoi^ 
Hathom, Brunswick Square, London; 
b. 1803 ; m. dr. of rev. William 
M'Douall, vicar of Luton and canon of 
Peterborough (nephew of 6 earl of Dum- 
fries) : served on the south American 
station, and in the Mediterranean en 
the coast of Syria and the bombardment 
of St. Jean d'Xcre. 
Brook Bank Villas, Dwer. 

Hatton, hon. Harold Heneage Finch-, 

s. of 9 earl of Winchelsea ; b. 1856. 
Hatton, hon. Henry Stormont Finch-, 

s. of 9 earl of Winchelsea ; b. 1862. 
Hatton, hon. Murray Edward Gordon 

Finch-, s. of 9 earl of Winchelsea ; b. 

1851 : «.A. Oxon. 
Haverholme Priory, Sleaford. 
Hatton, lady Evelyn Georgina Finch-, 

dr. of 9 earl of Winchelsea ; b. 1854. 
Hatton, ladv#Hilda Jane Finch-, dr. of 

10 earl of Winchelsea ; b. 1856. 
Hatton, lady Louisa Finch-, dr. of 

countess of Mansfield; b. 1800; m. 

hon. and rev. Daniel Finch-Hatton 

St. Elmo, Torquay. 
Hanghton, major-geii. John Colpoys, 

C.8.I. ; m. Barbara, dr. of hon. ana rev. 

T. P. Bouverie : served in Beloochistan, 

and in .Vffghanistan 1838-42. Bengal 

staff corps. 
Havelock, col. sir Henry Marshman, 

v.c, CM., 2 bart. (1858) b. 1830 ; m. 

lady Alice, dr. of 2 earl of Ducie : as- 



UBtant-quartemiaster-general in the 
Persian expedition 18o7, aide-de-camp 
to his father in the Oude campaign, 
deputy-asaistant-adjutant-generar at 
Alaenhot 1861-67, assistant quarter- 
master-general in Canada 1867-69. as- 
sistant adjutant-general in Ireland 
1869-72, M.p. ^L.) Sunderland from 
1874. Army f Navy, United Service. St. 
Stephen's; 70 Chester Sqtuire, S. Tv. 
Hayeloek, dow.-lady. Hannah, dr. of 
rey. Joshua Marahman, d.d., of Seram- 

Stre, India ; m. major-gen. sir Henry 
avelock, k.c.b., 1 bart., "who distin- 
guished himself at Cawnpore and 
14 Kensington Park Gardens, W. 

Hayelook, lady Alice, b. 1848 ; vide 
col. sir Henry M. Havelock. 

Hawaii, 2 bp. of (1861). rt. rev. Alfred 
Willis, D.D., 8. of Francis Willis, m.d., 
ShiUingthorpe Hall, Lincohi ; b. 1836 : 
M.A. Oxon., curate of Strood 1859-62, 
vicar of St. Mark's, Brompton, Kent, 
1862-72, bp. of Hawaii from 1872. 
HoywUituy Sandwich Islands, 

StHawarden, 4 vise. (1791). Comwallis 
Maude; b. 1817; m. dr. {d.) of adm. 
hon. Charles Elphinstone-Fleming : ex- 
capt. 2 life guanis, lieut.-col. command- 
ant north Tipperarj' militia from 1854, 
a lord in waitmg to the Queen 1866-68, 
and from 1874. 

United Service^ Carlton ; Dundrumj 
Tipper ary ; 5 Princes Gardens^ Prince's 
GatCf South Kensington. 

Hawei , lady. dr. of sir Mark Isambard 
Brunei ; m. sir Benjamin Hawes, m.p., 
K.C.B. (rf.), imder-secretar^' of state for 
the war department 1857-62. 
Hampton Court Palace, S. W. 

Hawke, 6 baron (1776). rev. Edward 
Henry Julius Hawke ; b. 1815 ; m. dr. 
of Henry Dowker, liiysthorpe, York- 
shire: M.A. Cantab., rector of frilling- 
ham, Gainsborough. Lincolnshire, from 
1854 : Carlton ; Park House, Pontefract. 

Hawke, hon. Bladen Edward, s. of 5 
baron Hawke ; b. 1865. 

Hawke, hon. Harold Brooke, s. of 5 
baron Hawke ; b. 1867. 

Hawke, hon. Martin Bladen, eld. 8. of 
5 baron Hawke ; b. 1860. 

Hawke, hon. Stanhojxs s. of 5 baron 
Hawke ; b. 1863. 

Hawke, hon. mrs. Martin. ,dr. of Thomas 
Nisbet, Mersington ; m. hon. Murtin 
Bladen Edward Hawke (<f.). 

Hawke, hon. Mary Catherine, b. 1868 ; 
hon. Eleanor Jane, b. 1871, drs. of 6 
baron Hawke. 

Hawket, gen. Robert: served in the 
Mahratta war 1817-18. Bengal cavalr} . 

Hawkey, hon. mrs. Christabella Eo- 
setta, dr. of 2 baron Ventry ; b. 1825 ; 
m. Charles Hawkey, conmiander royul 

HawkinB, col. Alexander Csesar, R.A., 
C.B., bro. of sir John Hawkins, 3 bort. ; 
b. 1823. 

HawkinB, maj.-gen. John Sommerfield* 
R.B. ; b. 1814: Her Majesty's commis- 
sioner for marking out the land boun- 
dary in North America between Canada 
and the United States 1858-62, com- 
manding the royal engineers in DubHn 
from 1872. 

HawkinB, rev. sir John Ceesar, 4 bart. 
(1778) b. 1837; m. dr. of Thomas 
Ellamer Withington, Culcheth Hall, 
Lancashire: m.a. Oxon., incumbent of 
St. Paul's, Chatham, 1863-64, of West- 
cott, Surrev, 1865-66, rector of St. Al- 
ban^s 1866-68. ^^car, from 1874, of 
Haistead (485/.), Essex. 

Hawkflhaw, sir John, f.k.s., c.e., s. of 
Henn' Hawkshaw, Leeds; b. 1811 ; m. 
dr. or rev. James Jackson, Green Ham- 
merton, Yorkshire : formerly in charge* 
of the copper mines of Ifolivia^ con- 
structed the Lancashire and YorKshii*e, 
the Charing Cross and Cannon Street 
railway, etc.^ president of the institute 
of ci\il engmeers in 1862^ lieut.-coL 
engineer volunteers from 1865. consulting 
engineer to the government narbourn ot 
refuge at Holvhead and Aldemey. 

Belgrave Jffansions, Grosvenor Gar- 
dens, S. W. ; Hollyconibe, Liphook, 
Sussex ; 33 Great George Street, IVvHt- 
minster, S. W. 

Hawley, sir Joseph Henry, 3 bart. 
(1795) b. 1814 ; m. dr. of ^n. sir Jolin 
Crosbie, o.c.h. : formerly m the anny, 
dep.-lieut. of Kent, and nigh sheriH' in 

Turf, Reform ; Leyhourne Granqcy 
Maidstone ; 34 Eaton Place, S. IV. 

Haworth, ladv Mary Elizabeth, dr. of 
coimtess of llotheSjOy George Gwvther 
Leslie; b. 1811; m. capt. Martm E. 
Haworth, ex 60 ft., a foreign ser>ice 
messenger 1859-72. 
Balham IVood, Herts. 


Bkvtli«nie, maj.-ran. Robert John: 
•erved in Scinde 1846-46. nl» with the 
diriiiion under ^eneml Wheeler in the 
Punjab campaiEU 1848-4B. Bengal 

Hfty, Won ; vide Kinnoull. 

Hay, col. Alexaoiler SebaBtian Leith, 
C.B., a. o[ col. sic Anilrew Leith Hav, 
K.B.; b. 1818: ni. dr. ot WUliain 
Charles Hamilton, Croiglanil, VigtoD : 
•erred in the Cuniuliim rebellion, in the 
Criniea, and commanded 93 H. at the 
aaault on Sebaetopal, also at the relief 
of Lueknow. eommanded Che highland 
hrieado at Barcilly, and served in the 
(hide campaitm, e.'s-lieiit.-col. 93 ft. 
iri(A Xall, Keiimth Jfomit, Abcr- 

H»y, sir Arthur Graham. 8 bart, (1663) 
b. 1839 : m. dr. of John Brett Johnston, 
Ballvldlbeg, Down. 
Xedbarm Boiiit, Bundalk. 


Kent; goTemor of the Virgin 

1839-eO, lieiiL-govemor of St. Kitt'. 
1800^2, gon-mor of St. Helena 18£q-63. 
Travtlltn! ; South Hill, Soutliicell, 

Efty, air Hect«r Maelvan, 7 bart. (170S) 
b. 1B21 ; m. dr. of J. White, h.d., 17 
hussars, and widow of rol. W. Bird. 
ICarlitlr FInce, VirtiiriaStrett,S.W. 

H»y, rice. -adm. James Beckford Lewis, 
a. of capt. John Baker Hav, h.m.; b. 
1798: ni. dr. of rear-adm. Edward 
WalUs Hoarp, and grand-dr. of sh- Ed- 
wardHonre, 2bart.,>i.F. : served with 
the arm)- in South Beveland 1813-11, 
Bssisled at the bombardment of Algiers, 
and conducted a aucceasful eipeditioiL 
against the pirutes of Cuba. Cliflou. 

Hkj, James lie Vismea Dnimmond, C.B.. 
■. of Edward William .luriol Drummond 
Ha}-, and bro. of sir John Hay, k.c.b. ; 

H«T, viee-adm. rt. hon. «ir John 

Charles Dalr>-inple, f.u.k., d.c.L., C.B., 
T.c, 3 bart. flj98) b. 1821 ; m. hon. 
Eliza, dr. of 8 baion Napier ; aerred at 
the capture of Beyrout and ot St. Jean 
d'Acre, in Borneo 184S, commanded the 
"Hannibal" during the Urimean war, the 
"Indus" in the Weetlndiea and Korth 
America 1837-60. knittbt of the Mediidie, 
u lord of the admiralty 1B66-B8^ep.- 
lieut. of Wigtonehire, m.f. (c.) Wake- 
field 1862-65, Stamford from 1866. 

Uuilfd Srrrier, Carlton; DaHTOaU, 
WigtoH ; 108 St. Cwrje'a S^nan, BtU 
gravt Road, S. JT. 
Hay, sir John Ha; Drummonil, K^c.B., 

a. ot Edward Auriol Urummond-Hay ; 

b. 1816; m. dr. of M. Caretenten, 
Danish consul-gen. in Morocco : for- 
merly keeper of the records in the Lyon 
office, Scotland, attach* at Conitanti- 
nople 1840-45, ronsuI-Ren. m Morocco 
1846-47, chargfi d'affairea 1847-60, ni = 


eaidcnt ! 

30.?2, n 

. 1834: 

1 the li 

1860-66, consul at Para 1866- 
70, at Valparaiso (1000/.) from 1870. 

H«y, vicp-aiini. John, s. of James Hav, 
Secgieden, Perth, a dcp.-lieut. of Perth- 
shire; b. 1804: distinguislied himself 
in all the operations which led to the 
first and second capture of Canton 1841. 

H»y. vite-adui. John Baker Porter ; b. 


Ttairlln-f' ; Taagicr, MorofCQ. 
lay. sir Robert. 8 bart. (1635) ; b. 
1825: m. dr. of A. Duncan, Rhode 

C'nrllon ; KingiiiwadBici, Sayitoun, 
Pnblft; 30 Enuitmore Oardtiu, 
FriMi^i Gat, 

mond-, a. of 11 earl o 

Ekj, capt. hon. Arthur Drummond-, 
u.s..B.onO earl of Kinnoull; b. 1833; 
m. dr. of C. Uerby : a magistrate tor 

CBrlton, MaTlboTough ; Cromlix, 
Diinbla«t; I,mfrp,ffray, Critff. 

H«y. col. hon. Charles Rowley Drum- 
mond- a. of 10 earl of Kinnoull ; b. 1836 ; 
m. Arabella, dr. of col. William Meyrick 
by dr. of 1 duke of Cloveland; served 
in the Crimea, ei-capt. Scota fusilier 
guards, a magistrate for Berks. 

HartKood Lodge, Siinmng Sill, 

Eky, hon. Claude George Drummond-, 
a. of 11 earl of KumonlT; h. 1862. 



Vmj, hou. Fniiicu, a. of 17 eurl of 
EnaU : h. 1864. 

Hbt, bon. Francis Geoivv Ummniond- 
B.N.,(. orilearlofKumouU; b. IS5;i 

Bay- '>°'>- ''''^- Somnel. dr. or ricn 
Mm. hon. Duncmnbc Pleydtll Bouvme : 
b. IBll: m. han. Sumuel Hay id.), ■ 

H«5, lonl Charles KdwniU, s. of f 
Durq.ofTweeddatc: b. 1833: wrred ir 
the K^r war 1851^2, fs-capt. 2 ft. 

Bar, coL lard EdKord George, a. of i 
auaq. gfTweeddiilr; b. 1800: ci-lieut.- 
eoL I buMtra. 

Eaj, lord Frederick, s. of S inarq. of 
Twceddale; b. IB3o; is thi- Bengal 
ciyil lerviw 18S6-M, formerly ottutsnl 
canunuraoner at Uiabnllali. 

Eaj, rtar-adm. lord John, C.B., a. 
mora, of Twecddalc: b. l»2': 
manded the "WoBp" nnd the ' _._ 
bune" during the Crimeuu wsr, knight 
of the IcjEion of lionour, an J of llie 
Uedjidip, camniodcire on the Eiist 7 
Itation 1861-93, u.F. (l.) Wick 1 
69, Ripon 1866-71, a lonl of the a 
raJty in 1866, lBe8-7l. Second in . __ 
muid of the cbansel Mtudron troai 

TraerUtri', Scfana ; YiHer Boiae, 
Haddinffton ; 146 I'ieftdillit. 

H«y, rev, lord Thomaa, a. of 7 marq. of 
Tweeddale; b, ISfti; m.dr. of«ir Alcx- 
■nder Einloch, B bart. : m.a. Cuitab., 
tct'tor of ilendleiibun, Suffolk, lM;(0-73. 
BurliHgltH FiHt Arit CM; A'ticlmi, 
FolkiHgkam, L.>,nli.>hire. 

Hay, lord 'WUliunt Montasu, a, of S 
marq. of Tweeddale; b. lSi6 : in the 
Bengal rivil terrirc \U5-6% faruicrly 
deputy conuniBsioucr of Simla, u.p. It..] 
Taunlon 1805-68. 

QbttwU, Boodk'i; Yeitcr HoHf, 
SuddinfftBH; t«AlbaHg,Pktadilly, W. 

Hay, lady Cedlia Ltiln, h. 1S60 ; huly 
Flarenw Agnea, b. 18?2, dra. of 17 carl 
of Em>Q. 

Hay, lady Coustaneo Blsni'he Drum. 
mond-, b. 18A1 ; lady Murii-l lleuHeCtn 
Drunimond-, b. 1363, dra. of II enrl ul 

Hay. ladyJone, dr. or7mnrii. ofTweeii- 
dalc: li. 1797. HI Eliisltth Htrrtl, 

Bay, lady Julia, dr. of 3 niuni. of 
Twersldale', b. 1831. 

Bay, doiT.-]a<ly. Jane, dr. of Willii 

Uijughis Haniillon Hay, 6 bart. (1703). 

HayM, viw-iidm. Courtenav Oabome, 
». of rear-adm. John Havn, c.B. : b. 
1812; m. dr. of .Ulred ^ocoek, Don- 
ningbm Cottogc, Berka. 

HayM, ro7. air John Warren, 3 bart. 
0707) b. 1709; m. dr. (rf.) of Geonce 
Beauchump, Friar)-, ficrka : h.a. Oion., 
retrlor of Arboiteld, ItoadW, Bw-ks 
(380/.). fiom 1839. 

Vmcrriilv; 4 Blanafurd Bquan, 
y.W. : Arborfield, Efaitiug. 

Hay<(, rear-odm. John Mootagae, c.B., 
a. of rear-adm. Jolm Hayea, o.B. : b. 
1816 ; m. Julift. dr. of K. A. Corard : 
aerred on the South American (lation, 
in the Medit«rnineen, and in the Chi- 
nese war 1340-42 at the rapture of 
Chuaan and the bbx'knJe of Siagpit. 
Charlton Hume, Soiiliira. 

Hayai, sir Samuel Hereulea, i hart. 
(1789) b. 1840: ei-capt. 2 life guarda, 
dep.-Ucut. of Uonenl. 

CarllBB, AnhHr'n SrHmhat CettU, 
Stramrlar, Senrgat ; 9 Hnlkin Btrwtt 
IFnl, Jlrfgrafe &,>arf, S. W. 

HayM, door.. lady. Caroline, dr. of 
Ueut-pm. hon. ur Hweulm rikenham. 
o.c.H. ; b. 1818; m. air Edmond Samnel 
Hayps, K.P., 3 hart. (1789). 

Hayai, dow.-ladj. Caroline, ilr. of 
liiomaa Staughtoo ; m. I. cot. A. R. 
Uii'kaon. 40 ft. ; 2. air Thomaa Pelham 
HaveB,-2bart, (1797), 

HayM, lad^. Sophia, dr. of John Hull, 
■i.o., Leieeeler; m, at George Hnyea 
rf,), a judge in the eoun of (lueen'a 
eneh 1868-69, 
Furlirook ladge, CMham. 

Hayt«r, capt. Arthur Divett, eld. s. of 
rl. hon, air 'Wiltinm H») ter, 1 hart. T b. 
1835 ; m. dr. of Adrian John Hope, and 
niece of A. J. D. Hope, M.p, : m.a. 
Uxon,, cx-lieut. ^rnmadier guarda, u 
tnagiatiate for Sfflneraelahire and for 
Berka, u.p. (l.) Wcila 186.^-68. Bath 
from 1873 ; It.-col, London riSe brinule. 
an>aki\ GHai-if,' ; SonlhUl Pgrl; 
Bnckncil, lltrkt; Trtpma, TiHlogtf, 
Carmntt; 76 Omreuor Sqnart, W. 

Haytar, rt, hon. air WilUam Good- 
enough. Q.C., P.C., 1 hart. (18M) b. 
mi: m. dr. (rf,) of William PnWonI, 
Liniilnde. Bueka: M.A. Oxon,. raltnl tn 
tJie luir at lineohi'B Inn IKID, queen's 
TOuniwl 1830, judKC-ndvoeate-gen. 1847- 
49, Kcrelurj' to the lr(';iaur\' 1849-52, 


ISoiSS, u.r. (L.) Wells 1837-«a, dep. 
Ueut. ofBerkB. 

Jli-form,- SouthiU Park, Sraekiiell, 
lieekt; Well; Heimraet ; 19 Hade 
Park Tirraee, Ciimberiaiid Gate, IK 

HaythonM, m^.-Kcii. sir Edmund,, >. o[ John Haj-thorae, Hill 
Hou», Gloutcater; b. 1818; m. dr. of 
J. Thomu : sen-nl in China lS4t, in the 
Punjab, and Alt^baniitaii campaigns, 
aHistaat-adjutant-Ken. of the hijibland 
divisioa in the Ci'in]«n,ndjutBnt-B(~ '~ 
India 1860-63. adjutant-gcn. at 
quartere 1863-65. 

Bulshnnt, hoti. lurs. Blanche, dr. of 
IS i-isc. UeKford ; b. 1S4-} ; m. Thomiu 
Francia Hazleburet. 

MMertoH Mali, Lutterinrth, Ui 



highBheriirin 1837. 
Xniely Hall, Leintler. 
X««d, it. hon. sir Frnnuis Bond, 
K.C.K., p.c, 1 bart. (1830) ; b. 1793 ; 
m. hon. Julia, sister of 16 baron Bomer- 
lille: ... 

t . -gov. of upper Canada 

Athcn^imi ; Fark Hoate, (hvydoii. 

Head, dow..l(ulj. Anna, dr. of rev 
PhiEp Yorke (grandnon of 1 earl ot 
Hardwiclic) ; b. 1808; m. rt. hon. a: 
Edmund Head, ii.c.i,., k.cb.. 8 bar 
(extinct), governor of Canada 1854-61. 
as ihlmi Hyiiare, S. (K. 

HwMlIort, 3 mar.], of (1800). Thomas 
Taylour; b, 18'22: m. dr. (rf.) of alder- 
nmii William Thomi>»on, Jl.l'. ; eitn us 
baron Kenlia (1831) : 2nd tit, earl of 
Bectit-e; highaheriffof Heath in 1844, 
and. of Weetmoreland in 1868, slate 
rten-ard to viecroy of Ireland 1852-68, 
M.p. (c.) Westmoreland 1854-70, licut,- 
col, Caran militia 1854-74. 

»'hUci, CnrlloH,- Eeadfort HmiK, 
i'etli, Mfil/i ; The Lodae, J'iraiiiia, 
Caean; 24 OrBfioa Htreel, JV. 

HeaJUm, rt. hon. Thomas Emerson, 
O.c, P.O., ». of arehdeacon John Head- 
bun of Sichmond ; b. 1813 ; m. dr. of 
maj. Ivan Struubeni^ee, roj'at artillerj-, 
Eaitfield Houae, Torkaliire : ¥.A. Can- 
lab., caUed to the bar at the Inner 
Templo 1839, queen's counsel 1852, 
judge-advocaCc-geu. 18o9-C6, dop.-lieut. 

of Torkshire, m.f. (l.) Neweaatle-iai- 
Tj-ne 1847-74, ehaneellor of the diocesoa 
of Ripon and of Durham from 1854. 

Oiferd «Hd Ouniridge; GilmatAv 
Hnlf. Barnard Caillt, twkthire; 111 
St. George't Square, Belgrave Road, 

§+HBadI«y, 3 baron (1797). Charles 
AUanson Winn ; b. 1810 ; m, dr. of 
maj. U'lVrley : dep.-lieut. of Esaei,aiid 

Carlt»B,AthetiitHm ; Afhadoe Hoiut, 
Eillartus ; Bramkaat Higgiii, Tadcat- 
ler ; Warley Lodge, BrtHtmod.Eutx ; 
3 EuiiumBreGardtHijFriNcc'aGardeiit. 
S. ir. 

Heard, lady Charlotte Emily, dr. of 8 
earl of Winlerton; b. 1811; m. rev. 
Jamea Beckford Neville Heard, X.A. 
Oxon., domestic chaplain to 4 earl of 

Hasth, rear-adm. sir Leopold George, 
K.c.K,, e. of mr. serjeant Heath; b. 
1817; m. dr. of Arthur CuthbertMatdi, 
Eastburv, Herts: commanded the 
"Niger'' during the Crimean war, 
commanded the niast-^uanl district, 
Southampton, 1856-61, anle-de-camp to 
the Queen 1869-71. 

Uaited Seri-icc; Aiitlin Grenyt, 

Eeatll, Kobeit, s. of Robert Heath, 
Kidsgrove. Slaffordabire ; b. 1816 ; m. 
dr. of lamea Beech, runatall, GtBObrd- 
shire: a magistrate and dep.-lieut. for 
Stattbrdshire, an ironmaster at Biddnlph, 
llnvensdalc and Colebridge, Sl.r. fc.) 
Stoke-upon-Ti-ent from 1874. 

Coiuervatke; Greemcay ParkjStoke- 
upoii-TreHt ; BiddiilpA Grange, CongU- 

and took part in 1840b theraptur 
Caiflii and laour and the bombardment 
ot St. Jean d' Acre. 
Heathcoto, vice-aJm. Kilmund, cooaiu 
of rt. hon. air William Heatchcote, r.c, 
6 bart.; b. 1820; m. dr. of col. law, 
K.U., commanding the roval Newfound- 
land companies : comnuuidingatQueeni- 

Arden ; 2, dr. of Evelyn John 

Shirley, ot Lower Eatinrion, Warwielt, 
v. P. : 11.A. Oion., dep.-lieut. of Haoti, 



K.P. (c.) Hants 1826-32, north Hants 
1837-49, Oxford university 1864-68. 

Athenawnj Oxford ana Cambridge; 
Huraley Park, Jrinchetter. 

Eeatheote, hon. Charles Strathavon, s. 

of 2 baron Areland, ; b. 1870. 
Heatheote, hon. Gilbert, s. of 2 boron 

Aveland; b. 1867. 

Heathcote, hon. Elizabeth Sophia, dr- 
of 1 baron Aveland ; b. 1838. 

Heathcote, hon. Evelyn Clementina, 
b. 1864 ; hon. Margaret Mary, b. 1866 ; 

hon. K^ina, b. 1869 : hon. , b. 1874, 

drs. of 2 baron Aveland. 

Hedges, White- ; vide White-Hedces. 

Eelden, maj. William Augustus Tryden, 
c.M.o. : served on the Gambia 1846, 
with the expedition under col. Harley 
up the Gambia 1864, accompanied com- 
modore CommercU up the nver Prah on 
the Gold Coast 1873, capt. 100 ft. 

Hellmuth, bp. ; vide Huron. 

HelmBley, vise, (eld. s. of earl of Fever- 
sham^. William Reginald Duncombe ; 
b.l8o2: ex-lieut. 1 life guards, m.p. (c.) 
north Yorksliire from 1874. 

Guards* ; 22 Park Street^ Grosvenor 
Square^ JF. 

Helps, sir Arthur, d.c.l., k.c.b., s. of 
Thomas Helps, Balham ; b. 1817 ; m. 
dr. of capt. Edward Fuller: m.a. Oxon., 
private secretarv to the chancellor of the 
exchequer (lorcl Monteagle^J 1835-40, 
and to the chief secretary' ror Ireland 
(lord Morpeth), clerk to the privy 
council (1700/.) from 1859. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; Keic Great, 

Henderson, col. Edmund Yeamans 
Walcott, R.E., C.B., 8. of rear-adm. 
George Henderson : controller of convicts 
in west Australia 1850-62, 8ur\'eyor- 
gen. of prisons 1863-69, commissioner of 
metropolitan police of London (2150/.) 
from 1869. 

4 Whitehall Place, S. W. ; 4 Gledhow 
Gardens, South Kensitiffton, S. W. 

Henderson, maj. -gen. William, r.a. : 
sen'ed in New Zealand 1847, retired on 
full pay of col. 

10 Keusiuqton Gardens Terrace, 
Hyde Park, 1V. 

Heneage, lady Eleanor, dr. of 2 earl of 
Listowel ; b. 1845 ; m. Edward Heneage 
(s. of George Fieschi Heneage, m.p.), 
b. 1840, ex-lieut. 1 life guards, m.p. 
(l.) Lincoln 1865-68, dep.-lieut. of 

Lincolnshire, vice-chairman of the 
quarter sessions for Lindsev. 

Travellers*, Brooks* ; Sainton Hally. 
Lincoln ; 10 Grosvenor GardcM, Eaton 
Square, S. W. 

Henley, 8 baron (1799). Anthonys 
Henley Henley; b. 1825; m. 1. cousin, 
dr. of very rev. dean Peel of Worcester, 
and niece of the rt. hon. sir Robert Peel, 2 
bart.; 2. dr. of Joseph Jekyll: m.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of Nortnants, and high sheriff 
in 1854, M.p. (lO Northampton 1859-74. 
Brooks* ; Watford Court, Rugby, 

Henley, rt. hon. Joseph Warner, d.c.l.^ 
p.c. ; b. 1793 ; m. ox. {d.) of John and 
lady Eli7.abeth Fane : m.a. Oxon., pre- 
sident of the board of trade in 1852, 
1858-59, dep.-lieut. of Oxfordshire, and 
of Bucks, M.p. (c.) Oxfordshire from 

Carlton ; Waterperry, Whcatley, 

Henley, hon. Anthony Ernest, 8. of S 
baron Henley ; b. 18o8. 

Henley, hon. Frederic, eld. a. of ^ 
baron Henley ; b. 1849 : attache at 
Vienna 1870-73. 

Stenley, hon. and rev. Robert, a. of 2 

baron Henley ; b. 1831 ; m. dr. of 

Robert Aldridge, Horsham : m.a. Oxon., 

A-icar of Putnev, S.W. (500/.) from 1861. 

11 The Cedars, Putmy. 

Henley, hon, Gertrude Augusta, b. 
1851 ; hon. Evelvn, b. 1853 ; hon. Har- 
riet Adelaide, b. 1871; hon. , b. 1873, 

drs. of 3 baron Henley. 

Hennessey, John Poik;, c.m.o., s. of 
John Hennessey, Cork ; b. 1834 : called 
to the bar at the Inner Temple 1861, 
and officiated for some time as deputy 
recorder of Newiu-k, m.p. (c.) King's co. 
1859-65, governor of Labuan 1867-71, of 
the west African settlements 1871-73, of 
the Bahamas (2000/.) from 1873, a 
knight of Malta. 

Henniker, 5 baron (1800). John Major 
Henniker, f.s.a., b. 1842 ; m. dr. of 3 
earl of Desart ; sits as baron Hartismerc 
(1866) : m.a. Cantab., dep.-lieut. of 
Suffolk, M.p. (c.) east Suffolk 1866-70. 

Whitens, Carlton ; Thornham Ball, 
Eye, Suffolk; Worlingicorth Hall, 

Henniker, .sir Brydgcs Powell, 4 bart. 
(1813) b. 183o; m. dr. of Thonus 


nen : ei-«ipt. royal bone guaidt, dcp.- 
liaut. of Enci/ei-ifipt. veat- K«wt 

CbfUiih; XfirtaH Halt, J>Hnmoic, 

Sua ! 9 Olomt-li-r Trrriree, Glouealtr 

Oate, Srgenfi F-nt, X. If. 
Hunlkar, hon. Allwrt Edwanl John, 

eld. B. ofS bsroti llennikcr; b. 186S. 
Hnwllwr, hoii. ArtLur Hunry, a. of 4 

buDn Hmniker ; b. 185fi. 
Hanslker, )ioii. Eilwunl llinet, a. o[ 4 


1. 1848. 

Hnmikar. hun. iiir^ William, dr. of 
Edward Fanxhniii, Quomdoti Housp, 
Leicemer ; ra. hon. and rev. William 
Chafio Hcnnikfr (d.). 

Hnudkn', hon. Mbit, h, 1S33 ; hon. 
Anne Helen, b. 1841, lire, of 4 baron 

6 Oraflou SIrrrf, JSoHd Stmt, W. 

Zanniker, hon, Alice Mnrgaret, dr. ol 
5 baron Heiiniker ; b. 1870. 

1. -Tmrom-ss. Anna, dr. 
irEdwurdKerrimm, 1 burl.; b. 1813; 
. 4 baron Honniker. 
6 Grafloii Sin. I. S«ml SIrrtI, IT. 
JlilUT, dow.-ludy. hon. Elizabeth, 
dr. of S baron Henniker; m., ai his 
wrond «ife, air .Vuguatug Brjdgc* Hep- 
niker^ 3 burt. (j^iudion of 1 boion 
S Mallorl- Tnnier, TorjiMy. 
Hsnalng, lol. SbrTloi'k. c.b., a. of 
William Le™ llrniiing, Fromp; b. 
1831 ; m. Fmnt !.■«, dr. of col. Philip 
Warren Pedler : wn'ed nith 88 ft. in 
the CrimeiL. in the Indian mntinr. and 
rommanded '16 It. in the Abyannian 
camwiKii 1868. licut.-eol. 38 ». 
Fra«it, IFAi'JifM, Dorehtsltr. 
"Bmij, co). (.'harles Stuart, K.A., c. h. \ 
m. hon. Louiaa. dr. of 17 baron Somcr- 
Tille: aeo'cd in the Crimea, knight of 
the Mcdjirlie, Fiidi'-Elc-ramp to the dufce 
of CambridKe. 
HaniT. Milihfll, s. of Ali^iandi-r Hrary, 
Woodlands, Crnnipsall.Lanraahire.M.p,; 
b. 1826; m. dr. (rf.l of George Vaughan, 
QuillM HouM', Uowii ; edurated nt 
Univtrnty rolli'se, London, formerly a 
oonaultin^ HurL'POn in London, a magia- 
trate for Linln.iy and Uiddlesox, k.p. 
(l.) Galwav from 1871. 

R^FM ; KylcBiBre Caitli, Gatirag ; 

Henry, air Thomas, g. of David Henn-, 
Dublin ; b. 1807 : M.A. Dublin, called to 
the bar at the Middle Temple 1829, a 
magiitrate at I^mbeth polive eourt I840> 
46, at Bow Street 18464, ehief magia- 
trate at Bow Street (ISOOf.) from l(e4. 
Garrict, [ h.o« ; 23 Eaaertr Sguart, 

lieut.-col. h.p. Soota fuailier giiarda. 
18 Charla lit reel, Berkeley Square. W. 

Hspbnm, sir Thomas Buchan, 3 bart. 
(1815) b. 1804; m. dr. of Arehibald 
Little, Shobdcn Park, SurrTT : ealled to 
the Scotch bar 1827, derL-lieut. of Had- 
dingtonahire, h.p. (c.) Eaddingtonahire 

Carltou ; SmealoH, Frettunkirk, 

Herbert, baron (eld. a. of earl of Fern* 

Herbert, maj.-gen. Arthur Jan 

a. of JohnJon«,of Llanarth, . . _ 
8 earl of Fingall ; b. 1820: aerved in 


n Jon™, of Llanarth, by dr. of 
ingall; b. 1820: aerved ' 
, knight of the legion 
honour, and of the Medjidie, aaajatant- 
adjutant-gen. 1867-73, commuidiDg 3 
ride brigade at AldenhoC fhmi 1873. 

Herbert, mi\j.-gen. Charles, c.b., a. of 
Kichard Toimaend Herbert, Cahirnaoe, 
Keny, and bio. of rear-adm. lur Thomaa 
Herbert, K.CB. : i-ommanded tbe 7S ft> 
in the Indian mutiny before Delhi, 
lieut.-col. h.p. 54 ft. 

Herbert, Henry Arthnr, a. of rt. hon. 
Henr}' Arthm- Herbert, of Murkmea, 
H.r.; b. 1840; m. hon. Emily, dr. of 2 
baroD Keanc: ex-capt. eo!<Iatream 
guorda, m.f. (l.) Keirj-, from 1866, a. 
magistrate for Kerry. 

jBnmkt', G«ardt; Trarellert' ; Muet- 
yfitt Abbey, Sillamey, Kerry. 

Harbwrt. major-gen. rt. hon. sir Perry 
Egertan, i[.c.b., p.c., s. of i earl of 
Powis; b. 1822; m. lady Man-, dr. of 
carl of Kerry, and irrand-dr. of 3 mnrq. 
of LanadoB-ne: e^ -lieut.-col. 82 ft., 
tervedinlbe Kaffir war 1851-53. quarter- 
maater-general to the forcea in the Cri- 
men, dcputv-fiuartermaater-lrelienil at 
headquartera 1860-65. ai '' ' - 


miuitor-f^erBl at Aldonhot 1865-67, nt 
headciujiJiera 1867-70, niile-df-iainip lo 
the Queen 1860-68, nfficer of the li'ffion 
of hoDour, cummDiider of St. Uuuricc 
and St. LHiwruB, kniE^tofthe Mcdjiilie, 
treBBurer of the «uecn'« bomcbold 1867- 
68, M.p. (c.) Ludlovf 1864-60, south 
BhropBliire fiinu IB65, hon. col. Shrop- 
libirc rifle volimteen ftum 1870. 

Trttccl!cra\ OarUon ; Btychi, Market 

Hubert, col. St. John Svptimos, c.B. : 
■omctime rDmmanded the uiilitiii nnd 
voluntven in New Zealund. 

Barbert, hon. Alan Percy Molyneui, 
■.ofSmrtofCarnnrvan: b. 1836: v.A. 
Oxon., M.n. Paru. 

Athaufvm; 2 Sue Chautmu-La- 
garde, Parif. 

XnlWTt, bon. Auberou Edwnnl Moly- 
aeoi, H.C.L.. <■ of 3 carl of Carnarvou : 
b. 1838; DL lady Flurenw, dr. of 6 cart 
Cowpcr ; ex-lieut. 7 dragoons, h.a. 
Oxon., knight of the Dnnnebrog order, 
M.P. (l.) Kotdnghnin 1870-74. 

Srfonn ; MUforH, HighcUre. Neic- 
hury : 81 Quttni Gale, South Kii>ii«g- 
ton, S. W. 

Herbert, hon. anil tctv rt-v. Georgi'i s- 
of 2 earl of Po*u ; b. 1836 : m. Emmit, 
dr. of lir Tatton SvkM, i bujt. : m.a, 
Cant4ib.,nnibendarj-of Hereford 18.16-67. 
dean of Herrford (1000/.) from 1867. 
Dtaim-y, Hertford. 

Barbert, hon. S[itliat'l Henry, bro. of 
ISeulof Pumbroke; b. 1867. 

HWben, hon. Bobert Chwlea, s. of 2 
cart of PowM ; b. 1827 : m. dr. »nd heir 
ofEdwonlCtudde.Orletoa.Salap: h.a. 
Cantab.. eoUed to the bar Bt Ijncoln'e 
inn 1863, drp.-Ueut. of Salop, ex-nmjor 
2 Shrupahira rife volunteers. 

CbrftoM," Orlelw Hall, WeUingtBH. 

Xsrbtit, hoD. Sidney, bra. of 13 earl 
cf Pembroke ; b. 1863. 

Herbert, col. hon. William Henry, a. 
of 2 earl of Powi* ; b, IS31 ; m. Svbella, 
dr. of Hark William Vane JlilGimkc: 
•crvcd with 46 ft. in the Crimea, lieut.- 
col, h. p. i West India regiment, oaHBl- 
uut-i^uCant-f^enersI at llirmingliam 
1970-73, Buratant-Bdjutantund qunrtcr- 
maiter-general for the cnatem dialriit 
from 1873. 

Herbert, hon. ntra. Charlvt. bon. 

Bridget A ugUBtii, d r. of .5 i-iii-. Toninjrton ; 

b. 1779 ; m. hon. Charles Herbert (i.). 
8 Berkfity Stretl, Btrktleif Syuan, 

Harbert, hon. mm. William, hon. 

Lctitia Emily, dr. of S vw:. Allen: b. 

1788 -. m. hon. and very rev. ■William 

Herbert (i/.), dLim of Manchester. 
Herbart, hon. mm. Auguatn Charlotte, 

dr. of 1 baroD Uauover; b. 1827: m. 

John Arthur Herlwit {b. of John Jones, 

Lbmurth, by dr. of 8 earl of Fingall), 

b. 1818. dep-lieut. of Uonmouthshire, 

and bish sherifi'in 1858. 

Stafford, Bioohn' : Great .Stanhope 

Street. Mavfair, IT.; JJaiiartA ComI, 

Raglaa, Mifiaio«t/,>/>irt. 
Harbart, hon. inn'. Emily Jnlia, <lr. of 

2 boron Keane; b. 1841; vide Henrj* 

Arthur Herbert, M.P. 
Herbert, hon. mr^. AltHrtlna, Agnefi, 

dr. of 1 baron Londesborouiih : b. 185( : 

m. Ivor Herbert (n. of John Arthur 

Herbert, bv dr. of 1 baron Lbmover), 

b. la^i. 

Llanarlh Omrl. Baglaii, MuHmoHlh- 

Harbart, lady CoTntan™ OLiiij-s, sis. of 

13 enrl of Pembroke ; b. 1859. 
Harbart, Indy Floreru'e Amabel, dr. of 

6 carl Cowpcr; li. 1840; rirfe hon. Au- 

beron Herbert, 
Herbert, Indv (iW-*iidolen, dr. of 3 earl 

of Cnmari-on ; b. 1842. 
Harbart, Inily Harriet Jane, dr. of 2 earl 

ofPowia: b. IS3!. 
Harbart, lady Mar}-, dr. and heir of 

earl of Kerrj- uiid Rmnd-dr. of 3 mart). 

of Lanriowne ; b. 1836 ; ride mnjnr-^en, 

rt, hon. sir Perr;- Egerlon Herbert. 

Harbart, lady Winifreil Anne Henri- 
Gtlii: h. 1864: lailv UarpreC Leonora, 
b. 1870, drs. of 4 eiirl of Cttmarvon. 

Herbert, dow.-bxronesa. Elizabeth, dr. 
of (ten. Charles Aabo a Court, c.n., 
Amingtou Hnll, n'nrwiek, nnd niece of 1 
baron Heyte»bur\' ; h. !B18 ; m. 1 baron 
Herbert of Lea (rf.) eopretury nt war 
1859-61, father of 13 carl of Pembroke. 
38 Chnh«m Phre, Btlgrave Hquare. 
S. W. i WiltoH Hoime, fi,itiibiiry. 

Heretord, 86 bp. of (880). rt. rev. 
James Atbiv, ii.n., ». of n>v. Hen, Atlar, 
rector of Undue C.ii'(rrl"u. Rutland ; h. 
1817: m- dr. of nmjnr Willinm Hiirtin, 



Indian army: m.a. Cantab., >'icar of 
Madingley 1846-52, Queen's preacher at 
the chapel royal, Whitehall, 1866-68, 
vicar of Leeds 1860-68, canon of Ripon 
1861-68, bp. of Hereford (4200/.) from 
Athenamn; The Palace^ Hereford. 

Hereford, archdeacon of (200Z.) ; vide 
baron Saye and Sele. 

Hereford, dean of (1000/.) ; vide hon. 
George Herbert. 

Hereford; 16 vise. (1550). Robert De- 
vereux; b. 1843; m. dr. of 1 boron 
Tredegar : premier discount of Eng- 

Carlton; Nantcribba Hall. Mont- 
gomery ; Tregoyd^ Hay, Herejord. 

Hermon, Edward, s. of R. Hermon, 
b. 18 — ; m. dr. of G. Udny, member of 
the supreme council in India : a cotton 
manufactiu^r at Preston, m.p. (c.) Pres- 
ton from 1868. 

Carlton, St. Stephen's; Winkley 
Square. Preston ; 38 Grosvenor Place^ 
Hyde Park Corner, S. W. 
Heron, sir Joseph, s. of James Holt 
Heron, Manchester ; b. 1809 : admitted 
a solicitor in 1830, townclerk of Man- 
chester from 1838. 

Iteform ; Higher Broughton, Man- 
Herries, 11 baron (1491) William Con- 
stable-Maxwell ; b. 1804 ; m. Maria, dr. 
of hon. sir Edward Marmaduke Vava- 
sour, 1 bart. : dep.-lieut. of Yorkshire, 
andhighsherifl'in 1833. 

Boodle's, Stafford ; Everingham 
Park, York ; Carlaverock Castle, JDum' 

Henries, master of (eld. s. of baron 
HerriesJ. hon. Marmaduke Constable- 
Maxwell ; b. 1837 : capt. Yorkshire 
yeomanry from 1871. 

Herriee, Charles John, c.b., s. of rt. 
hon. John Herries, m.p. ; b. 1816 : m.a. 
Cantab., dep. -chairman of inland re- 
venue (1700/.). 

Atheneemn, Oxford and Cambridge ; 
St. Julian s^ Sevenoaks, 

Hertchel, Fairer : called to the bar 
1860, queen's coimsel 1872, m.p. (l.) 
Durham city from 1874. 

Herschel, sir AVilliam James, 2 bart. 
(1838) b. 1833 ; m. dr. {d.) of Alfred 
Hardca8tle,Hatcham House, Surrey, and 
sis. of Joseph Hardcastle, m.p. : entered 
the Bengal civil semce 1863, commis- 

sioner of Cooch, Behar division, from 

Collingwood, Hawkhurst, Kent. 
Hertchel, dow.-lady. Margaret, dr. of 
rev. Alexander Stewart, d.d., Strath- 
garrj', Perthshire; m. sir John Fre- 
derick Herschel, d.c.l.. k.h., 1 bart., 
master of the mint (s. of the illustrious 
astronomer sir William Herschel, f.r.s., 

Colhngwood, Hawkhurst, Kent. 

Hertford, 5 marq. of (1793). lieut.-geu. 
Francis Hugh George Sejrmour, c.b., 
p.c. ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. of 3 earl of Mans- 
field ; 2nd tit. earl of Yarmouth : for- 
merlv equerry and groom of the robes to 
the Queen, ex-dep. -ranger of Windsor 
Great Park, lord-chamberlain from 1874, 
a magistrate and dep.-lieut. of War- 

United Service, Carlton ; Hertford 
House, 13 Connaught Plaee, W. ; stag' 
ley, Bronisgrove, Wartcick, 

Hertslet, Edward, c.b., b. of E. 
Hertslet, librarian of the foreign oflScc : 
librarian and keeper of state papers in 
the foreign office from 1867, fellow of 
the Roj'al Geographical society. 
Foreign Office. 

Hervey, bp. ; vide Bath and Wells. 

Hervey, baron (eld. s. of earl Jermyn). 

Hervey, maj.-gen. Albert Henry An- 
drew : commandant 40 Madras native in- 
fantry 1872-74. 

Hervey, col. (Charles Robert West, c.b. : 
second in conunand of the Scinde irregu- 
lar horse 1840-42, aide-de-camp to sir 
James Outram in the expedition to Per- 
sia 1867, general superintendent for the 
suppression of Thuggee and Dacoits from 
1860. Bombav stcdf corps. 

Hervey, lord Alfred, s. of 1 marq. of 
Bristol; b. 1816; m. dr. of maj.-gen. 
John Chester (nephew of 1 baron Ba- 
got) : M.A. Oxon., called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1843, a lord of the 
treasury 1863-66, m.p. (c.) Brighton 
1842-67, Bury St. Edmunds 1869-66, a 
lord of the bedchamber to the Prince of 
Wales 1862-72, receiver-gen. of inland 
revenue (1000/.) from 1871. 

Carlton ; Somerset House, Strand ; 
12 Lowndes Street, Belgrave Square ^ 

Hervey, lord Arthur Charles ; vide bp. 
of Bath. 

Hervey, lord Augustus Henry Charles, 
B. of 2 marq. of Bristol ; b. 1837 ; m. 



Harianna, dr. of W. P. Hodnett, and 
widow of Aflhton Benyon: hon. m.a. 
Cantab., attach^ at St. Petereburgh 
and at Dresden 1862-64, ex-capt. Suffolk 
militia, m.p. (c.) west Suffolk fit>m 1864. 
Cariton ; IcKtcorth Park, Bury St. 
Edmunds ; 6 St. Jameifa Square, S. W. 

Hervey, rev. lord Charles Amelius, s. 
of 1 marq. of Bristol ; b. 1814 ; m. lady 
Harriet, dr. of 1 earl of Harrowby : 
M.A. Oxon., rector of Chesterford, Saf- 
fron Walden, Essex, 1839-73. 

Hervey, lord Francis, s. of 2 marq. of 
Bristol ; b. 1846 : m.a. Oxon., fellow of 
Hertford college from 1874, called to 
the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1872, m.p. (c.) 
Bur}' St. Edmunds from 1874. 

2 Cioisters, TtmpUjB.C. ; 17 Clifford 
Street, Bond Street, W. 

Hervey, lord John William Nicholas, 
s. of 2 marq. of Bristol ; b. 1841 : m.a. 
Cantab., a magistrate for Suffolk, capt. 
west Suffolk militia from 1869. 
New University. 

"Rffrtej, lady Katherine Adine Geral- 
dine, dr. of 3 marq. of Bristol ; b. 1863. 

Hervey, lady Mary Katherine, dr. of 2 
marq. of Bristol ; b. 1846. 

Heeketh, sir Thomas Henry Fermor, 6 
hart. (1761) b. 1847: a magistrate for 

RuffordHall, Onnskirk, Lancash ire ; 
Easton Xeston, Toweester. 

Hewett, sir George John Routledee, 3 
hart. (1813) bom 1818: m. 1. £r. of 
gen. von Pochhammer, Berlin ; 2. dr. of 
liobert Godwin-Austen, Shalford, Sur- 

Old Sail, Ashby-de'la'Zottche, Lei- 

Hewett, ca])t. sir William Nathan 
Wright, R.N., v.c, K.c.B. : commodore 
at the Cape from 1873. 

Hewitt, hon. Archibald Robert, s. of 4 
^-isc. lifford ; b. 1864 : lieut. royal 

Hewitt, hon. Comwallis Charles, s. of 
4 Wsc. Lifford ; b. 1847. 

Hewitt, hon. Edward, s. of 4 vise. 
Lifford ; b. 1848. 

Hewitt, hon. George Wyldbore, s. of 4 
vist . Lifford ; b. 1868. 

Hewitt, hon. James Wilfrid, old. s. of 
4 Wsc. Lifford; b. 1837; m..Anne, dr. 
of Arthur Hodgson, Queensland : ex- 
lieut. 3 fL 

Hewitt, hon. John James, s. of 3 vise. 
Lifford; b. 1819. 

Hewitt, hon. and rev. John Pratt, s. 
of 2 vise. Lifford ; b. 1796 ; m. 1. dr. of 
Alexander Hamilton; 2. dr. of rev. 
Francis Grer\'ai8 : b.a. Oxon., rector of 
Desertly, Moneymore, Berry. 

Hewitt, hon. William James, s. of 4 
vise. Lifford ; b. 1866. 

Hewitt, hon. Susan, b. 1821 ; hon. 
Anne Georgina, b. 1824, drs. of 3 vise. 
Lifford. Asheldon, Ihrquay. 

Hewitt, hon. Isabella, b. 1850 ; hon. 
Lettice Lucy, b. 1863; hon. Alice 
Anne, b. 1864 ; hon. G«orgina Rosamond, 
b. 1867 ; hon. Anne Eliza, b. 1860, drs. 
of 4 vise. Lifford. 

Hewlett, vice-adm. Richard Strode, c.B., 
s. of J. V. Hewlett, Newport, Devon, by 
dr. of R. Strode, Newnham Park; b. 
1816; m. 1. dr. of W. Braddan, Black- 
lands, Devon ; 2. Marian Edgar, Green- 
cliff, Jersey : served at the hlockade of 
Alexandria 1840, and on the north 
America and west India stations. 
Ivybridye, BevoH. 

JSLej, ven. archdn. AVMlliam : m.a. Can- 
tab., canon of York (700/.), succentor 
canonicorum of the Cathedral, archchi. 
of Cleveland from 1874, ^-icar of St. 
Helen, York (131/.) from 1864. York. 

Heygate, sir Frederick AVilliam, 2 hart. 
(1830) b. 1822 ; m. dr. of Conolly Gage, 
Ballaren^ Den*}' : m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Leicestershire, and of London- 
deny, lieut. Leicestershire yeomann- 
1860-69, M.p. (c.) Londonderry 1869-74. 
Conservative^ Carlton ; Mellarena, 
Londonderry ; BoiccUffey Loughborough, 
Leicestershire ; 42 Eaton Square, S. IF. 

Heyland, major-gen. Alfred Thomas, 
C.B., 8. of major Arthur Heyland, 40 ft. : 
served in the Crimea with ^ ft., knight 
of the Medjidie, lieut. -col. h. p. 56 ft. 

Heyteibury, 2 baron (1828). William 
Henr}' Ashe a Court Holmes ; b. 1809 ; 
m. dr. {d.) of sir Leonard Holmes, bart., 
whose name he assumed : m.a. Cantab., 
dep.-lieut. of Hants, and of Wilts, M.P. 
(CO Isle of Wight 1837-47. 

Travellers', Car I fan ; Heytesbury, 
Bath; Wcstovei; Newport, Isle of 
Wight ; 41 Eaton Place, S. W. 

Heywood, sir Thomas Pcrcival, 2 bart. 
(1838) b. 1823; m. dr. of Thomas 
He}'^ood, Hope End, Hereford ; dep.- 
lieut. of Staffordshire, high sheriff of 


Lancuhire in 1852, ei-L'apt. SlalTord- 
shire yeomanrv. 

ClarimoHl, Maiiehtitcr ; An'; Ltyt, 
A^tUouTnt. Staffardfhire. 
Biflk, John, s. of Benjamin Hick, 
Bolton, civil engineer; b. 1815; m. 1. 
dr. of William Baalmll, Fuiitgtoii, 
Lancashire ; 2. dr. of Edmund Ashworth, 
Kgerlon Hall, Lancashire ;dep.-Ueut, of 
l^caihirc, a civil engineer, director of 
the London and north we8t«m railway, 
M-P. (C.) Bolton from 1S68. 

Cartion, Comerrativi SI. Slephnt'i; 
Bill Top, Sharplf, Baltan i i St. 
Jami/tJ'laei,St.Jamci:> Street, S. IF. 
Hioki, or Francis, a. of John Hicks, 
Southwark; b. 1821; m. 1. dr. of 
William Mercer, Surbiton ; 2. dr. of 
Gwrge Faith, TuUe Hill; 3. dr. of 
Willuun Hutchinson, Borage Lodge, 
lUpon : dep,'licut. of London, treasurer 
of St. Thomaa'g hoopital, Albert Em- 
bankment, Wegtmitutcr Bridge. 
Oakjilld, Slreatham, S. W. 
Hiekt, m^jor-gen. HenrjErakine,R.A. ; 
■er\-cd in the Chinese expedition 1842, 
retired on full pay aa lieut.-coL royal 
Jladias artillery. 
Blcki, coL George, c.b. 
Biggin*, hon. mn. Augnsta, dr. of 
1 baron Chelmsford ; b. 1824 ; m. William 
Frederick Hi^gina (a. of col. sir Samuel 
(iordon Higgina, K.C.H.), railed to "— 
bar 1847, laiing master in the court oi 
bankruptcy (I,4«H.) 
3 Chefter Plaee.Chetter Sqiiare,S. W. 
Higginion, col. George Went worth 
.Cleiander, en., s. of gen. Higginnon, 
bydr.oflearlofKilmorey;h. 1826; m. 
hon. Florence, dr. of I baron Caetle- 
lotm : served in the Crimea, knight of 
the legion of honour, and of the Uedji- 
die, a magiitiate for Bucks, major gren- 
adier guards. 

The Croft, Great Marlou- ; 9 Wilton 
Creteenl, Belgrave Sgiiare, S. IF. 
Higglnnn, air James Macaulay, e.c.b,, 

a. of major James Higginaon, 10 It. ; 

b. 1806; m. 1. dr ofE. Shakspcar; 2. 
dr. of Conway Richard Uobbi, Caalle 
Dobba, Antrim: aiilc-de-camn to lord 
WiUium Bcntinck in IndU 1830-32 
swretary to lord Metcalfe in India and 
Jamaica 1836-38, and in Canada 1839-46, 
pivemor of the Lee ward Islands 1S46-49, 
«f Mauritius 1849-67. Se/orm ;. ^'ac- 
btrrn, KilcuUen, KiUart, 

Hi^ClsMU, hon. Florence Tirginia, dr. 
of I baron Caatletown ; b. 1834 ; riit 
col. Gboi^ Wentworth'AIexander Hig- 

Higgimon, lady Frances Elizaheth, dr. 

of 1 earl of Kilmorey ; b, 1 792 ; m. gen. 

George Powell Higginson (d.) col. 04 ft. 

S Wilton Creieeiit, Belgrart Square, 


Eildibih, sir Edn-ard, u.D., s. of John 
Frederick Hildilch, Hainmeromith ; b. 
1806 ; m. dr. (rf.) of T. H. TarentiM, 
Grandpont House, Oxford ; served in 
the royal nary 1826-66. inspector-gen. 
of hospitals and fleets from 1864, hon. 
phvBician to the Queen from 186S. 

Vuited Sertire ; \h Arimdil Garden*, 
Xotting Sill, jr. 

Eildjard, Thomas Blackbome Thoro- 
ton-, Flintham Hall. Notts, by niece and 
heir of sir Robert Hiidyard, bart. (ei- 
tinct) ; b. 1821 ; m. dr. of col. Rochfort, 
Clogrenane, Carlovr : m.a, Oion,, m.f. 
(c.) south Notts 1816-63, and from 
1868, high sheriff of KotU in 1862, major 
south Notts yeomanry from 1866. 

Cariloii; Flwt/iam Sail, Neieark; 
WmateadSall, Hull; 18 Jama Street, 
Buckingham Gate, S.W. 


rash'end ; li. 1792; m. John Hildjart 
recorder of Gratham and Stamford 
of Kobert Charlea Hildyard, 

M.p. for Whitehaven). 
Hawplon Court Fataee, S. IT. 

HiU, 2 vise. (1842) Rowland HiU ; b. 
IBOO ; m. dr. and heir of Joseph Glegg, 
Pcplow Hall, Salop; ei-eomet nmj 

horse guards, dep.-l' — ' -• " — -' 

col. Shropshire loilitia KHu-oAK.r. tc.i 
north Salop 1821-12, lord-lieut. of Shrop- 
shire from 1845, lieut.-ool. north Shn^ 
shire yeomanry from 1824. 

Boodie't, CarlloH ; HairkitoHt Park, 
ShreKtbury ; LoehearroK, Eon. 

Hill, Alexander Stavelcy, n.C.i.., q.O., 
B. of H. Hill, Uiuistall, Stafford; b. 
1825; m. dr. (rf.) of MUea Ponsonby, 
Hale Hall, Cumberland : m.a. Oion., 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1851, queen's counsel 1868, recoider of 
Banbury from 1866, dep. high etewud 
of Oxford univertity from 1874, m.f 
(c.) Coventry 1868-74, west StaBbrd- 
ehire frvm 1874. 

St. Sirphen'i, Carlton; 3 GarOen 
Court, TtmpU; Oxiey Manor, JFohm-' 


ianiBtm: 16 WUtoH Street, Belgrar, 
Sgnare, B. It'. 
!S11, m^oT-gen. Ciuu-lea Edward Daw- 
Bon, u.E. : retired an full pa; of licut.- 
cfll. toys] Hadrai engiufrra. 

AriiMirl Gunleiii, XBlUng Sill, 


Hill, Iieat.-mti. Edward Itawliif : nvrvpd 
in Ihe PeniDBuln 1812-14, presmiC Bt the 
pommniiilfd 63 ft. in the Crimea ISSfi- 
66, col. S ft. rrom 1S68. 

HiU, flir George, 6 bart. (1779), b. 

SI. Colombt and Brooi Sail, London- 

Hill, sir James, a. of James Haydock 
Hill, XcvboJd Fin, 1..eanunglon ; b. 
18U : m. dr. of ntcd Nii'hoU, queen's 
promrBtor-general : h.a. Oxon., iidled 
to the bar at the Inner Temple 1839, 

UPCOnd rhjiri K'-rnm niiwrinnpr for Eng- 

land and Wales 1853-72, rhief commis- 
aioner (IjWI.) from 1872. 

8 Tori Strai. SI. Jamei'i Sq»an. 

Will TDaj.-gcn. John, n.A. : retired ozi 
full pay (M col. 

Hill, Iieut.-Ren. Juhn Thomas : col. 75 
ft. frnm 1872. 
■" ■ of col. 

, s Hall, 

Salop : b. IBIT ; m. dr. of oapt. J. 8teu- 
art : comnuuided 2 battnlion of the rifle 
hrisnJe in the Crimt-a and in the Indian 
mutiny, commaQding the Lahore divi- 
sion in Bengal 1870-71, the Scinde divi- 
sion [rom 18T4. 

■Hill, sir Rowland, r. it.s., d.c.l., K.c.n., 
s. of Thomoa Wrighl Uill, Birminghun ; 
h. 1795; m. dr. of Joseph Pearson, 
Gnislcy, Wolverhampton : sccretniy to 
the colDnisatinn eommissioBeis for SouUi 
AuMrslia 1835-39, swretiuy to the iKWt- 
master-geo. 15ifl-54. to tfio post-otBee 
1854-64, i^fcired a pnTliamentmy jpwit 
of 20,00W. nn relirinir for reftrmine 
the post-oflleo by introdufing the penny 

At/mima, Rthrm ; Hmnpileml, 

s. tr. 

ma, col. sir Sti'phen John. 
K.c.u.o. : ei-capt. 3 West India 
menl.itOTenioroftheGold Court 
M. of Sierra Leone 1864-62, of AntJEua 
1803-69, of Newfoundland (2090/.) from 

dr. of EdBurd EvMis, Woreerter ; edu- 
tnfcd ut Univeraity Collese, London,, a 
magistrate of Worreslenhire and b^h 
sheriff in 1870, an aldemun for the city 
of 'Wocrester, li.r. (l.) Worcester from 

■ SI. CiUberine; Hill, Wor. 


Hill, mB|.-gen. sir Williiim, k.c.b.i., b. 

of Uaniel Hill, member of the legisla- 
tive council of .Intigna ; b. ISOo ; m. dr. 
of col. Goorge Phillpotts, B.B. : preaeDt 
at the capture of Bsd^tood, eommanded 
the Gnliar coDtiiucpnl 1853-56, the 
Nizam's rontingent during the mnttny, 
formerly in tbe Uadrus army. 

Uiiimi ; 8 KaitimjtBH Gardait Tti- 
raa, Sgde Park, W. 

Hill, hon. Geoffrey Richard Clegg, ». of 
2 vise. Hill; b. 1837; ei-capt. royal 
horse guaids. 

HiU, hon. RowUnd Clegg, eld. a. of 2 
vise. Hill : b. 1833 : dep^eut. of Salop 
and of Kosa-ihire, K-P. north Salop 
1S57-S6. cspt. north Salop ycomnnr}' 
from 1861. 

Hill, hon. miB. Charles, dr. of Charles 

Marsh Adams, The Abbey, Shreirsbury ; 

m. hon. Charlei Arthur Wpntworlh 

Hill (rf.), a. of 4 boron Berwick. 

Frogmart BoUK, Alehaia, Salop. 

Hill, hon. mre. ThooiusNoel. Harriet, 
dr. of John Humfflreys, Llwyn, Mont- 
gomery: m. lion, and rev. Thomas 
Hcnrj' Noel-Hill (rf.),rettorof Berrinj- 
ton, Salop. 

Hill, hon. Emily, dr. of 4 boron Ber- 
wick ; b. 1807. 

Cro^hhiU. Jftham, Salop. 

Hill, lord Arthur Edwin ; vidt Trevor. 

HiU. lord Artbur William, s. of 4 
marq. of Doimshire ; b. 1846 ; m. dr. of 
lieut.-col. Coolies, I'rince's Gate, Lon- 
don ; ei-lirut. 2 life guaida. 

Oil's Soiel, Jcrmtjn Strrtl, S. JT. 

Hill, lord CriH>rBr Augustus, a. of 2 
main, of Downshire ; b. 1801 : m. 1. dr. 
of liiB-ard Knight; 2. aDother dr. of 
Edward KnigM, Godmcroham Park. 
Kent: ex-maj. in the army, high sheriff 
of Donegal in 1845, H.v. Cairickfergiit 
BatlijaHt, liaiiulloti, Doiitgal. 

Hill, Imly Frani'eB Charlotte, aia. of 9 
enri of ScBrbnmiieh ; b. 1815 ; m. col. 
Chntlc* John Hill <rf.), of CotmTc, 
Notts. Colgmit Some, Nolling^am. 



Hill, hon. lady. hon. Anna Maria, dr. 
of 1 baron Teignmouth; b. 1797; m. 
col. air Thomas Noel-Hill, k.cb. (d.) 
Hampton Court Palace, 

Hill, dew. -lady. Chariotte Isabella, 
dr. of Henry D. Blyth, Hamilton Place, 
Piccadilly; m. maj. sir John Hill, 4 
bart., high sheriff of Londonderry in 

Hill, dow. -lady. Elizabeth Sophia, dr. 
of John Bea, St. Colombs, Londonderry ; 
m. sir George Hill, 3 bart. 

Hill, lady. Audrey Georgina, dr. of 
Richard Holden Webb; m. sir Hugh 
Hill (rf.), judge of the queen's bench 

Hillary, dow. -lady. Susan, dr. of John 
Christian, EwanriggHall, Cumberland ; 
m. sir Augustus William Hillary, 2 
bart. (extinct). 

87 Shane Street, S. W. ; West Dray- 
tony tfzbrxdge, Middlesex. 

Hillier, col. Geoi;ge Edward, c.b. : 
served as aide-de-camp to brigadier-gen. 
Cureton at Maharajpore 1843, and as 
aide-de-camp to the governor-gen. in 
the Sutlej campaign, dep. -inspector- 
gen, of the royal Irisn constabulary from 

Hillt, bp. ; vide Columbia. 

Hills, col. James, r.a., y.c, c.b. : 
served in the Indian mutiny at the cap- 
ture of Delhi and of Lucknow, in tne 
Rohilcund campaign at the capture of 
Bareilly, and commanded the 8-inch 
mortars in the Abyssinian campaign 

Hillsborough, earl of (eld. s. of marq. 
of Downshire). 

Hillyar, vice-adm. Charles Farrel, 
C.B., s. of rear-adm. sir James Hillyar, 
K.c.B. ; b. 1817 : commander-in-chief on 
the Pacific station 1872-73. 

Hillyar, rear-adm. Henry Shank, c.b., 
8. of rear-adm. sir James mllyar, k.c.b. ; 
b. 1818; m. dr. of G. W. Soltau, Little 
Efford, Devon : commanded the " Aga- 
memnon '* at the bombardment of Fort 
Constantine 1854. Plympton. 

HUljrar, lady. Mary, dr. of Nathaniel 
Taylor, naval storekeeper at Malta ; m. 
rear-adm. sir James Hillyar, k.c.h., 
K.c.B. rrf.) 

Tor House, Tor Point, Cornwall. 

Hinehingbrook, vise. (eld. s. of carl of 
Sandwich). Edward George Henry Mon- 
tague, b. 1839 : capt. grenadier guards, 
was employed on the mission for con- 

ferring the order of the garter on the 
king of Prussia. 

Guards' ; 33, Victoria Street, West- 
minster, S. W. 

Hinoks, sir Francis, C.B. , k.c.m.o., s. 
of rev. J. Hincks, d.d., Belfast; b. 
1807 ; m. dr. (d.) of Alexander Stewart, 
Ligoniel, Belfast: finance minister of 
upper Canada 1842-43, 1848-64. first 
minister of upper Canada 1851-54, 
governor of the Windward Islands 
1855-62, of British Guiana 1861-68, 
finance minister of the Canadian do- 
minion 1869-73. 
Ottawa, Canada, 

Hind, maj. -gen. Charles: half-pay un- 

Hinde, maj. -gen. John, c.b. : served in 
the Indism mutiny at Delhi, lieut.-col. 
1 "Warwickshire rifle volunteers from 
1871, retired on full pay as lieut.-col. 
8 ft. 

Tfie Hermitage, Powick, Worcester, 

Hinrieh, lady. Eliza, dr. of — Dent ; 
m. sir Henry Bromley Hinrieh (rf.), 
lieut. of the corps of gentlemen-at-arms 

Manor House, Hallaton, Leicester- 

Hinton, vise. (eld. s. of earl Poulett). 
William Tumour Thomas Poulett, b. 

Hinton Hottse, Hinton St, George, 

Hitchins, mai'.-gen. Henry White, 
K.E. : served with the expeditionary 
force in China, retired on mil pay as 
col. royal Madras engineers. 
United Service, 

Hoare, sir Edward, 4 bart. (1784) b. 
1801 ; m. dr. of Thomas Hersey Barritt, 
Garbrand Hall, Surrey : b.a. Dublin, a 
magistrate for Cork. 

Travellers* ; Little Hothfield, Kent ; 
AnnabeU, Cork. 

Hoare, sir Henry Ainslie, 5 bart. 
(1786) b. 1824 ; m. dr. of sir East 
George Clayton East, 1 bart.: m.a. 
Cantab^, dep.-lieut. of Somersetshire 
and of Wilts, M.p. (l.) Windsor 1855- 
56, Chelsea 1869-74. 

Travellers*, Brooks* ; Stourhead 
House, Bath, Wilts ; 5 Park Place, St. 
James* s Street, 8, W, 

Hobart, baron (eld. s. of earl of Buck- 
inghamshire). Vere Henry Hobart; b 
1818 ; m. dr. of rt. rev. "bp. Carr of 
Bombay : m.a. Oxon., private secretaiy 


to tlie colonial Hiretary (Sir George 
Ore];) 1854-55. to the home secretary i 
(Sir Oeoqce Orcj} 1855-58, governor of ' 
the Turkuh bank at ConitantiDDple 
1867-71, goTemor of Uadru <,l2,006l.) , 

6 earl of 
m. dr. of 


Eobart, hoD. Aogiuttu, 

Colquhoun Grant,' M.D. , 
n«Ty. comnumded the " Driver durmg 
the Ruuian wv, and urvcd at the 
capture of Boioanund, an admiral in 
the Turkish navy under the title of 
Hobart I'aaha IS68-74, knight of the 
McJjidie and of the Oamanli order. 
Hobftrt, hon. Charlea Edward, s. at 6 
earl of BuckinEhaniBhire ; b. 1825 ; m. 
1. dr.of A. Cooke,H.D., Jamaica; 2. dr. 
of John Wright, Lenton hall. Notla: 
1. 26 Bombay nF-"— --'—■- 


r Wat 


Hobart, haa. Frederick John, 
earl of Buckinehumahire ; b. 1821; m. 
dr. of rt. rcT. bp. Carr of Bombay : aa- 
liitont-BCcretary in the finance depart- 
ment of the India office. 
16 £cf/M(oii Square, S. W. 

Hobut, hon. Oeor^ Augustus, s. of 6 
earl of BuckinEhnmshire ; b. 1827 ; m 
dr. of sir John Wither Awdrj-, formerlj 
chief justice of Bombay; entered thi 
Bombay civil service 1H4B, first gradi 
' u judge at Khandeist 

HobhooM, sir Charles rany, 3 bart. 
(1812) nephew of I baron Brougbton 
(extj ; b. 1826 ; m. 1. dr. of nr Thomaa 
E. Tuilon, bart. ; 2. dr. of Alexander 
Saveia, Calcutta: educated at Huley- 
burv, and at Calcutta unireraity of which 
he betame a fellow, entered the Ben^ 
rii'il service 1S44, member of the legu- 
lative eouncU 0^ Bengal 1661-67, of 
the goTcmor-Kcneral's council 1867-70; 

Judge of Hie hifh court of judicature, 
lelcutla, 1867-70, a magistrate for So- 
mer»et,andforWi!u. Brooke , Athtn- 
aum I StBbrrry Park. WtlU. 
HobhooM, rt. rev. Edmund, P.D., a. 
of rt. hon. Henrr Hobhouse, HBdn>en 
house, Bomenet ; h. 1817 ; m. l. dr. of 
lieut.-f-en. hon. sir John Brodrick; 2. 
dr. of rev. C. Williams, D.D., warden of 
New College, Oiford: jla. Oion,, vicar 
of St. Peter, Oxford, 1&43-68, bp. of 
NeI«on 1858-6i, perpetual curate of E>i- 
laaton 1869-72, chancellor of IJchfield 
Cathednil,»udjutorbp. of Lichfield from 

HobhouM, hon. mra. Hester Charlotte, 
dr. nf 2 banm Graves; b. ISU; m. 
lobhouie (rf.), hro. of 

roughton (est.). 


3 Elizabeth 

Hobion, lient.-Rcii. .lolin ; served in 

the I'emian pSf 1821, sen-cd with the 

force ogoiiut Kolaporc 1826-27, with the 

i6-74. " " expedition in the vicinity of Aden 1841, 

Hobut, hon. Horace Milea, a. of 6 earl I and with the Bombay colun " -"- 

• - I'""in>.-«'><™>in7il848-49,bcii. 

of Uooltan. Bombay 

smp to the 21 
Hobart) 1872 

1. dr 
- . , engaged 

in nippreMiiig the mutiny of 62 and 6! I < 

Bengal native iikfantrj' nt Uoollan 

1858, aide-de-eamj 

Madras (lord 

103 ft. 
Hobart, hon. mta. William. 

Richard Kennet UawMm, Fricklcv Hal] . 

Torkahiie ; m. hon. and rev. W. Ho' 

bart {(/.), vicar of Wellesboiimc, War- 

wiekihire, 1870-74. 
Hobut, hon. mra. Julia, dr. of 1 biiro!i 

Kestaren; b. 1848; m. Robert Henrv 

Hobart (•. of hon. and ver)' rev. deaij 

Hobart of Wind«)r),.b. 1836. 
e CarendM Square. W. ; L/i«ffr!oj, 

BouH, SotUiamplon, Hants. 
Hobart, lady Georainu Mat^- ; b. 1823 ; 

Ltdy Uaiia Catherine, b. t83t : ladv 

Charlotte Augusta, b. 1833 ; ludv Louifi';i 

Selina, b. 1834 ; lady Eleanor J«nc9 b. 

1838, dn. of 6 earl (^ Buckingbamihin:. 

staff corps. 
' Hockin, rear-adm. Charles Luimore -. 
I b.lSlB; served on the North- American, 
I west India, and African stations. 
I Hodge, lieut.'gcn. sir Edward Cooper, 
I K.c.B,, s, of nifljor Edward Hodge, 7 

hussars, bv dr. of^ sir Edmund Bacon, 9 
I bart. : b. IBIO ; m. dr. of James Himing- 
l ton, Broomhcad Hall, Botstenlone, 
I Yorkshire : commanded the 4 di^coona 

in the Crimea, the cavalrv brigade at 

Alderdiot 1862-67, officer of the legion 
1 of honour, knight of the Ucdjidie, col. 

18 huscars 18iO-73, 4 dragoon giiaidi 

ardmi. Sou, 

26 Coriiifii, 
•iiigtoii, S. H'. 
HodgUnion, &ir George Edmund, a. of 
George Hodgkinson, Domet Squat* ; b, 
1817; m. dr. [d.) of Luke Hopkinson, 
BedJIoid Ra«, Loudon ; shcriffof Loudon 


I850-S1, n mnfri'^tmte and dep.-lieut. of 
Middleies, a M[iovL\ier. nnJ Hhip and 
insurance ageut nt 9 BiUiter Street, 

CalerAain, Surrey. 

Bodgwin, sir Robert, b. of RobiTt Hodg- 
Mn, epeuker uf Ihe liausc of nssemblv of 
Prince Edwnrd Ifilnml : b. 1798; m.'dr. 
{d.) of Capt. Kiinalil MardoncU, tovrn 
Duijor or Prince Kdwunl Island ; called 
to the bar of Nova Scotia IB19, to the 
W of Prince Edward Island ISlSJudee 
of probate for Prince Ednard Island m 
1828, attoniey-^teneral 1828-61, preai- 
dent of tbe tentative council 1840-51, 
chief justice of Prince Edward Island 
(W0/.5 tmm 1852. 

Charlotte Touii, Prince EdteeriTi 
Illand, Canada. 

HodgiOB, Kirkmati Daniel, s. of John 
Hodgson, The £lni«, Hanipelead: b. 
I8U; m. dr. Id.) of J. L. Buller, of 
Bouthgatc ; educated at the Charter- 
hooae, several times director and an ex- 
goremor of the bank of England, part- 
mr in the firm of Baring brothers, a 
maciitratc for St. Alban'B, and for Herta, 
high sheriff of Herts iu 184S, h.f. (l.) 
Mdport 1867-68, Brirtc' ' — "'■"' 

■, jr. 

BodgMU, Uent.-gcn. Studholme John, 
1. of gen. nod|;.'ion, and grandson of 
field-marshal Btudholnie Hodgson; b 
1800; m. Caroline, dr. of T. Thistle. 
thira}1e, Soulhn-ick Park, Hants, am 
widow of sir John Palmer Bruce Chi- 
cheater, 1 bart. : Berred with 46 ft. in 
the fint BumieBe war, col. 64 ft. tcraa 

IS Cheiham Strut, Bilgrarc Square, 

HodgiOD, William Nicholson, 

Carlisle 1817-62, 1867-59, 1866-68, i^iai 

Cumberland from 1B6S. 

CarUoa ; yticby Grange, Carliile. 
Hodgton, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dr. of 1 

baron Cenman; b. 1807; m. rev. Fiancif 

Hodgson, D.D. {if.), provost of Eton. 
SodMm, maj.-aen. Doveton, v.B. : 

terrei in the Gooinsoor campaign 1836. 

and in Ihe Indian mulinf, ez-lieut.- 

e infantr}'. Uadrai 

col. 31 Madras a 
staff corps. 

[odnn, sir Reorm Freilerick John, 3 
hart. (1787) h.l806; m. dr, of rev, 
Itichnrd Neville, rector of Clonpriesl : 
dep.-lieut. of Wiokloo-, and high sheriff 
in 1834,ofCavan in 1830,of Weetmeatli 
in 1846, a magistrate for Dublin co. 

Athriiamm ; Hollubraoke HolHc, 
WitkloK ; GreiH Fark, MulUnaar, 

[ok, [t. hon. sir James Weir, P.c, 
1 &xrt (1846) b. 1790; m. dr. (rf.) of 
Bamuet Swinlon, of Sulnton, Berwick- 
shire : called to Uie bar in India, regis- 
trar of the supreme court of Calcutta 
1826-33, director of the Euat India com- 


Ihe Indian council 18.T8-72, M.p, 
OFerley 1834-47, Honiton 1847-67, 
_.,. Jeut. of London, a governor of 
Wellington college. 

TrareHer>\ Carlton; 11 Groivetior 

CrcaceHt, Bilgrare Square, S. W. 

Hogg, coL sir James, k.c.b., eld. a. of 

rt. hon. sir James H<wg, bart. ; b. 1823 ; 

m.hon.Caroline, dr.oil baronPenrhyn; 

(c.) Ita'th 1866-68,' 

-'--'— lan of the met 


Carlton, Traveller,-; 26 Cmwmor 

Gardfii. Eaton Square. S. JF. 
Hogg, hon. lady. Caroline Eliiabeth, 

dr. of 1 baron Penrh}-n ; b. 1834 ; tide 

col. sir James MacnaghtenHogg,m.c.n. 
Hoghton, da, Itart. ; vidt De Hoghton. 
Holbsob, arcbd. Charles William, s. 

of rev, (Jharles Holbcch, and grandson 

of William Holbech, M.r. ; b. 1814; 

M.A. Oxon., hon. canon of Worwsler, 

archd. of Coventry from 1873, vicar, 

from 1842, of Farnborouali, Baiiburv 

Holdan, hon. mrs. Eleanor Eliza, dr. 

of I baron Annaly ; b. 1832; m. col. 
I Henr^- Holder], ex 13 dragoons (a. of 
' John (Giwnwood) Holden, HoldenHall, 

Lonoaater), b. 1824, a magiatnite for 

Lancaahire. and for Keri^, dep.-lieut. 

of Lancaahire. Army and ^atjy , 

Reedley Heuie, Burnleu; DramgHmm, 

Kenmare, Kerry. 
Eoldioh, mai.-K>^o. Edward Alan, CB. : 

served in the Sutlej campaign 1846-40, 
\ in South Africa I8W, in the KaOr war 



1850-61, in the Burmese war 1863, and 
in the Indian mutiny, dep.-adj.-gen. of 
the forces in India 18^71, oommanding 
Cork district 1871-74, Dublin district 
from 1874. 

Holdiworth, hon. mrs. Augosta Ma- 
tilda, dr. of 2 baron Boston; b. 1790; 
m. rev. William Holdsworth, d.d. (rf.). 
10 Ortne Square, Queen* tRoad, BayS' 
icater, W. 

Holford, James Price William Gwynne, 
s. of James Price Holford, high sheriff 
of Brecon in 1832; b. 1833: dep.-lieut. 
of Brecon, and high sheriff in 1867, a 
magistrate for Brecon, and for Carmar- 
then, ex-comet 16 lancers, m.p. (c.) 
Brecon from 1870. 

Carlton, Junior United Service; 31 
Groerefior Square, TV. ; CUgu:yn, Car- 
marthen ; Bnekland, BreekuocK. 

Holker, sir John, q.c, h. of Samuel 
Holker, Bur}% by dr. of J. Brocklehurst ; 
b. 1828 ; m. dr. {d.) of James W. Wil- 
son, Eccles, Manchester : called to the 
bar at Gray's Inn 1854, queen's counsel 
1868, solicitor-gen. from 1874, M.P. (c.) 
Preston from 1872. 

St. Stephen'*, Conservatire ; 6 Crwcn 
Office Rote, Temple, E.G. ; 46 Devon- 
enire Street, W. 

Holl, lieut.-gen. Charlton : served in 
the Burmese war 1826-26. Madras infan- 

39 Royal Creeecnt, Notting HUl, W. 

Holland, sir Henrv Thurstan, 2 bart. 
(1863), s. of sir fienrj- Holland, m.d., 
D.c.L., 1 hart.; b. 1825; m. 1. dr. of 
Nathaniel Hibbert, Munden House, 
Herts ; 2. Margaret, dr. of Sir Charles 
Trevelyan, k.c.b., 1 bart. : called to the 
bar at the Inner Temple 1849, m.a. 
Cantab., legal adviser at the colonial 
office 1867-70, assistant-under-sec. 1870- 
74, dep.-lieut. of Middlesex, m.p. (c.) 
Midhurst from 1874. 

66 Rutland Oate^ Knightsbridge, 
8.W.; Pine Wood, Wltley, Surrey, 

Holland, coL Henry William, c.b. : 
comminary-gen. in Bombay from 1870. 
Bombay staff corps. 

Holland, Samuel, s. of Samuel Holland, 
Liverpool ; b. 1803 ; m. dr. of J. Robins, 
Aston, Warwickshire : dep.-lieut. of 
Carnarvon, and of Merioneth, high 
aheriff of Merioneth in 1862, a slate 

quarry proprietor, m.p. (l.) Merioneth 
from 1870. 

Reform ; Llanwilliam, Tan^-Burkhy 

Holland, col. Trevanan James, c.b. : 
assist. -quartermaster-gen. in the Persian 
campaign 1866-67, with the central 
India field force under lord Strath- 
naim, and at Bombay in superintend- 
ing the embarkation of the Abyssiniaii 
expeditionar)' force, retired on full pay 
of major Bombay staff corps. 

JEast India United Service; Tre- 
mayuc. Upper Xonrood, Surrey. 

Holland, dow. -baroness. Mary Au- 
gusta, dr. of 8 earl of Coventry; b. 
1812; m. 4 baron Holland (extinct), 
minister plenipotentiar>* at the court of 

Holland House, Kensington^ W. ; St, 
Ann's Hill, Chert sey, Surrey. 

Holland, hon. mrs. Anne, dr. of 1 
baron Denman; b. 1822; m. capt. 
Frederic Holland, k.n. {d.), 

Holland, hon. mrs. Charlotte Dorothy, 
dr. of 1 baron Gifford; b. 1818; m. 
George Henry Holland (s. of Edward 
Holland, m.p.), b. 1823. 
Dumbleton Hall, Tewkesbury. 

Hollo way, gen. sir Thomas, R. M. , K. c. B. , 
s. of Benjamin Holloway, See Place, Ox- 
fordshire ; b. 1810 : commanded a bri- 
gade of the royal marines in the Crimea, 
and in China, officer of the legion of 
honour, knight of the Medjidie. 
West Lodge, Havant, Hants, 

Holmes, maj.-gen. John, c.b.: formerly 
in the Bombay infantrj'. 

Holmes, hon. mrs. Matilda Marina 
Egerton-, dr. of 9 vise. Yalentia; b. 
1817; m. John Kent Egerton-Holmee 

7 St. George's Square, Belgrave Road, 
S. W, 

Holmes, lady. Elizabeth, dr. of sir 
Henry Light, k.c.b.,* feovemor of 
British Guiana ; m. sir Wuliam Henry 
Holmes, k.c.b. (d.), adjt.-gen. of the 
militia in Demerara. 
25 Howley Place, Maida Hill, W. 

Holmesdale, vise. (eld. s.^of earl Am- 
herst) .William Archer Amherst ; b. 1836 ; 
m. lady Julia, dr. of 5 and last earl of 
Comwallis : ex -capt. coldstream guards, 
served in the Cnmea, dep.-lieut. of 


Kent, M.P. (c). n-cAt Kent 1859-68, mid 
Kent fhjni IgQH. 

Carllon, Ti-ni-dkr,- ; L.hIoh Park, 
Staplthiirat ; 1 Gnaetnar FlacfHaaaet, 
Hydt Park Corner, S. IV. 
Holmi, John. r.ii.b.R,, «. of John 
Halms, I'aiglc}', nnd bro. of col. 
WiUum EolmB, u.p. ; b. 1S30 ; m. dr. 
of EdvKrd Lyon, Kenaington : dep.- 
HeDt.of theTower Hamleti, a magiatrate 
Ibr lAnark. purtaer in tbo finn of W. 
Holnu and Brathera, spinners and niajiu- 
facturen in London and GImiidw, h.p. 
(L.j Hackney from 186B. 

Stfann ; 16 Carnuati Gardtiis, IT. ; 
63 Sroad Slrtel. £.C. 
Sola*, col. William, s. of Jolin Holms, 
Paisley, and bro. of John HdIdib, h.i: ; 
b. lS2T:ni.dr. of John Duchnnan,LL.u., 
Glasgow : educated at the universilj; of 
Gla^v, a mngistnite for Lanarkshire, 
lieut.-coi.l Lannrkshirc urtillm' rolun- 
leenfrom 1870, M.F. (l.) rnislcyfrom 
1874, a partner in the Jinn of W.'^obns 
and Brother?, mnnufatturers and epin- 
nen, Greenhead Millii, Biid^ton, and 2 
George Square. OUb([ow. 

Rr/i/rm ; A'nwrfs, Huicarrlint ; 9 Park 
Circm, GlnngOH; 
HolToyd, hon. Douglas Edward, s. of 2 
eurl of Sheffield : b. 1834 ; b.a. Qion., 
railed tothe bar 1863. 

1 Hare Court. Temple, B.C. 
Holt, Jamea Maden, a. of J. Halt, 
Stnbbylee, Manchester ; b. 1829 ; ni. dr. 
of rev. J. HawOrth, Penistone; ¥.A. 
Oxon., a mngiatrate for Lancashire, H.r. 
{C.) north-eaat Liin.ashire from 1868, 

aalioHal; Sliibbijlee, Baciip, Mail- 

■Home, 11 earl of llflOSi. CWatrick 
Alexander Hamey Home: b. 1799; m. 
dr. of 2 baron Montagu : 2nd, tiL baron 
Dungks: attache at St. Petersburg 
1822-23. pr^cia writer in the foreign 
office 1824-27, undtr-secrctar}- of state 
forfbrdgn afioirs 1 828-30, representative 
Wer (or Scothind 1842-74. d.;p.-]ieut, of 
Berwickshire, and of l.anurkshire, keeper 
of the great seal of Scotland 18o3, 

TrmvUera- ; Tht Hirul, Coldstream, 
Beraickthiri ; iHiaglii' Catlle, Lanark; 
Bothatll, HauiiltoH ; 6 GromHor Sq., 

JSoma, sir Anthony Dickson, v,c., 
K.CB. ; b. 1824 : served in the Crimea, 
in New Zealand, and in China, surgeon 
to Oie earl of Elgin and his embassy in 

ftolme, of Milne-Graden, i .__ 

rnditonofadui. sir David Milne, O.C.B.; 
1834 ; m. dr. of sir Thomas Buchan 
Mepbum. 3 bart, : h,a. Cantab., dep.- 
heut. of Benickshire, opt. royal mne 
guards blue, h.p. (c.) Berwick-on- 
Tweed fk.m 1874. 

Jaiiior CarlltHi; Xtic (Edinbiirah) ; 
Pai:l0H Haute, Bericiek^H-Taeed ; Si 
QiieeH't Gate lirraet, Seiith Kenton- 
lome. sir George, 8 hart. (1971) b. 
, dr. of Graham Spiers, sherilf 
ithian: called I- '*■- "—■-'- ' — 
.„.,, _ajor citv of I 
volunteers from 1864, 

cal department of the war o 

Home, hon. Cospatrtuk, s. of 11 oarl of 

Home ; b. 1W8 : lieiit. rifle brigade. 
6 Grotrc-or Square, W. 
Horns, hon, George Douglas, a, of 11 

earl of Homei b, 1853: comet I^nark- 

Home, lieut.-col. hon. William Sholto 
Douglas, s. of 11 earl of Home ; b. 1812 : 
capt. grenadier guards. 

Homo, lady Ehzabeth Eleanora, b. 
1844: lady Ada, b. 1846; lady Char- 
lotte Lucy, b, 1850, dre. of 11 ewl of 

Honololn, bp. ; vide Hawaii, 

Hone, archdn. Bichard Brindloy : m.A. 
0-von., hon. canon of Worcester from 
184-S, archdn, of WorceMer h-om 1849, 
rector from VS^if Heltiotcen.Birming- 

Hon;, archdn. William Edward, b.d., 
e. of rev. William Hony, by dr. of George 
Byam, App Court, iiurrey ; b, 1790: 
M.A. Oson., canon of Sahsbury (600(,) 
from 1857. archdn, of Salisbury from 
1846, rector from 1827 of Baverttodu 
SalMar'j (350/.) 


Eenyman, sir George Essex, 4 bart. I 
(ISM) b. 1819 ; m. dr. o( 0. Thirkettlc, I 
Kinfnton-an -Thames : lulled to the bar 
Bt the Middle Temple 1M9, queen's 
ixanael 1866, Judge in the common 
plena {5,0001.) fiom 1873. IFiniHam ; 
3 Faper Stiildingt. Temple, E.C. ; Park 
Collngt. Blaekheath. S.£. 

Honywood, mBJor air Courtenay, 7 
bart, (1660) h, I8.'i6; m, dr. of ■William 
PaynUr, Camborne House, Kehmond ; 
dep.-lieut. of Sent, and high sheriff in 
1860, M.A. OxDC., e^-major east Kent 
rifle Tolunteera. 

Oarricli, Commatiit ; Eringten 
Pbce, Aihford, Ktnl. 

Hood, 4 vise. (1798). Francis Whelei 
Hood; b.l838;m.dr.of ArthurWard, 
Calverley.Tunbridse Wells; ci-Iieut.- 
col. in grenadier guards, a magistiati 
■nd dep.-lieuL ofWanvickBhire. 

30. Hood ; 

Hood, hon. Alfi'ed, s, of 3 

b. 1846 : ei-entdgn 52 ft. 
Hood, hoa. Alfred NelsoD, s. of 1 tIsc. 

Itridport:b. 1858. 
Hood, col. hon,ArthurWellingt«nAlei- 

andfr Nelson, c.B.. eld. s. of 1 vise. 

Bridport;b. 1839 ; m. lady Maria, dr. of 

6 ear! of nchestcr; cinapt. 26 ft., 

lieut— col. commandant west Somerset 

j-eomanry from 1872, H.r. (c.) west 

Somerset from 1B68. 

iMiUfonj, C. 

_ . Thaiiuu, Chard ; 

Gerdeiu, Ealon Squart, 
Hood, hon. Grosvenor_Arthnr Alei- 

r, eld. B. of i \\ 

1. 1867. 

,- IFhil- 

leu Aibev, Coventry; 10 ChettetJUy 
S'ireil. ita«fair, TT. 
Hood, sir Alexander Bateman Penair. 
Fuller-Aoland-, 3 bart. (1809) b, 1819: 
m. dr. of sir Peregiine Pahuer FuUei 
Palmer Acland, bart. (eitinct) whosi- 
names he assumed ; ei-capt. roval hom- 
(Tuards blue, dep.-lieul. of Somerwt- 
shire and high snerilFin 1858,m.p. (c.) 
west SometBetahire 1859-68. 

Carllon, Cotuervative; St. Andria, 
BridgeiDaler; Wbottm Harue.OlmtBii. 
Aitry, Somertet. 
Hood, eapt. Arthur William Acland, 
B.M., C.B,, 1. of sir Aleiander Hood, <: 
bart., M.F. ; b. 1824 ; m. dr. of col. si; 
Charles Fitzror Maclean, 9 bart. : di- 
rector of naval ordnance 1869-74, an 
aide-de-eamp to the Queen from 1871, 
a knight of the Uedjidie. a magistrate 
for Somersetshire, capt.of the " Monarch'" 
from 1374. 

Amy and 

«*, Jtinuii _ . . 

tan, Olaitanbiiry . 

Hood. hon. Albert, s. of 8 vise. Hood ; 

b. 1841 : m. dr. of T. Wj-nn Hornby, 

npham, Hants: ei-lieut. rifle brieiide. 

22 Beltfuu, TFttt Bromptan. S.fF. 

Hood, hon. Alexandor Frederick, h. of 

3 vise. Hood : b. 1843 : m. dr. of Aleer- 

non Charles Heber Percy, Hodnelt Hall , 

SalOD : ei-lieut. 16 hussarf, 

. of 1 

Hood. hon. Horatio Nelson Sandys, 
s. of 1 1-isc. Bridport : b. 1843 ; m. dr. 
of major Bobert Miller Hundy, of Holly 
hank, Hants : rommander ro^ navy. 
Hood, hon. Victor Albert Nelson, s. 
-- ■ - Iwrtil ■"- 

Hood,' hon. mm. Francis. Elizabeth, dr. 
of sir Graham Eden Hamond, q.c.b., 2 
bart. ; m. cousin, col. hon. Francis 
Hood (d.), bin. of 3 vise. Hood. 

Hood. hon. Adelaide Fanny, dr. of 3 
baron Bridport : b, 1850. 

Hood, hon. lllabfl Edith, dr. of 4 viae. 
Hoodib. 1866. 

Hood, hon. Bosa Penelope, dr. of 1 
vise. Bridport; b. 1852. 

Hood, lady Maria GeoiviuB, dr. of S 
esrl of llchesler; b. 1816 ; vi<& hon . 
Arthur Wellington Hood. 

Hood, lady Msrv Penelope, dr. of 5 
marq. of Downsliire; b. 1817; m.hon. 
Alcnander Nelson Hood (rf.). 

Hood, don. -viscountess. Hut Isa- 
bella, dr. of Kiihard Tibbets, Barton- 
Segrnve: m. 1. third rise. Hood; 2. 
George Hali, Portsladc, Suiseit ; 3. capt. 
J. Borlase MaunwU. Portiladt, Siutex. 

Hook, very rev. dean Walter Farqnhar, 
D.D., ». of dean Hook of Worcester, by 
dr. of sir Walter Farquhsr. 1 bart.. and 
nephew of Theodore Hook; b. 1798; 
m. dr. (rf.) of John Johnstone, m.d., Gala 
Bank, Lanark ; M.A. Oxon., chaplain 
in ordinan- to the Qusen from 1837, 
vient of Leeds 1837-69, Ueon of Chicbe*- 
ter from 1859, select prenehcr at Onford 
University 1833-34, 18;a-59. 

Athenteiim i Drniicry, ChiehattT. 


^Mker, Joseph Dultoci, F.r-H.. m.d., 
LL.u.. CB., B. of sir W. JnckBon Hooker, 
X.a.; b. laifl; preMdu-ntof the Britiih 
•noriBtion in 1868 imd of Ihe rovBl 
loriety in 1873, uaiatimt-director of the 
rojul botnnical garden* at Kbw fconi 
18ao, director &oid ISbJ. 
Athfiiitam ; AV'c 

Hooper, Wly Alk'f Slnuii, dr. of 4 earl 
'" I. mii: m.F..Hmitlj- 

u (eld. a. 

Hope, Ali!xaiuler Jnmes BeresfonI 
Bereeford-, u.c.l., lIi.u., s. of Thomua 
Hope, Dpcpdeor, Surrey, author of 
•■ .Vnaituliu ;" b. 1B20; m. lad)- Uil- 
(Ired, dr. of '2 marq. of Saliabui^ : m.a. 
Cnntah., prexidrnt of tho inntituto of 
British sTfhitwW 1865-67, and of the 
royal architectural mmeuin, founder of 
St. .lut^uiCine'B miaaioaar)- coUoge at 
Canterbury, x.e. (c.) Maidstone 1841- 
62, 1857-fi9, Stoke 1865-68, Cambridge 

--' "j from 18B8. CarllBH, Alhc- 

■ riUv; 1 Cuiinaitff/il Fir. 

rum, fni,; 

eaUed to the Scotch bar 1829jdep.-lieut 
of Edinburgh. Ueut.-col. Kdinbureh eo 
militu fhnn 1B66. Cnrlton; Finki 

i«, Mume/iii 
_ , adm. «ir 
ndm. lirGeoree Johnstone Hope, o.c.b. 
by dr. of 3 earl of Hopptoun ; b. 1808 ; 
m. dr. (d.) of 8 hnron kinnaird: serred 
in the Baltic 18a4-6d, com.-in-eUcf in 
the eart Indjin and Chum 1850-6-2, in the 
west Indies and notth America IBei-SB 
at Fortamouth 1869-73, prini^pal naral 
aide-de-i.Tunp to the Queen ftuai 1873, 
dep.-licut. of linlithKovahire. 

Cuited Sei-oitc ; Oarridcii, LinlitA- 

Hop«, col. Williaiu, C.B., a. of sirJokt 
Hope, U bail. ; b. iSlB ; m. dr. of aii 
John Wedderbura, 2 bart. : eerved with 
71 ft. in the Crimea, in central India in 
186B under sir John Uichvl, commanded 
71 foot in the opemtions in Eufafiye 
1803 under nir N. ChamlffirhOn^lieut.- 
col. of the brigade dcpBt at Stirlitii; 
e»ni 1873. 

dr. of carl of Selkirk: culled to the 
Snitch bar 1831, m.p. LiulithgonnihirB 
1838-4.5, lieut.-govemor of the Isle of 
Man 1815-60, dep.-llDut, of Ijnlithgow- 

Sridge Oiillc, Bathgate, LinlitAfoW- 

Hope, hon. Charlea Archibald, a. of 6 
earUrUopetoun; h. 1863. 

Hope, hon. Louis, a. of i earl of Hopo- 
toun; b. 1817; m. dr. of capt. William 
John I)umnre«q, and gnind-iir. of Alex- 
ander MoOeay, C.H.S., colanial BCcretaiT 
of New South Wales ; ex-capt. cola- 
slrenni guards. 

Hope, hon. inra. (George) Anne. dr. of 
" ' iruu Napier ; b. IsSl ; m. capt. hon. 
irgc Hope, U.S. (rf.) ; a maid of ho- 
le to the Queen 1845-47, 
' Suitn Fiirl: Ftact, Cumberland 
te, W. 

Hope, hon. mrs. Caroline Georgina, dr. 
of 2 baron Uonta^ : b. loll; m. 
GcoTBe Williani Hope, m.p. {d.), s. of 
gen. hon. Ur Ale.'cander Hope. 

Hope, hon, inrs. Ocrtnide, sia. of 15 

barun Elphinatone: b, 1826; ni. Jamea 

Hope, writer to the «gnet in Edinburgh, 

and a mngistnile for Midlothian. 

42 Ckirtotli S'l'iurc, EduibHrgh. 

Hope, Udy Eatellu Mary, horn 188S: 
ladv Uorothea Lauis.a, h. 1868, dra. of S 
earl of Hooetoun. 

Hops, lady Ida Louisa, dr. of 5 earl of 

I. Charles 

, ..._.. Adrian Elias I 

(n-ho obtained a itiasolutiDn of the i 

riagB in 1873). 
Eop«, lady iBabella Helen, dr. of 5 ci 

otSelkirk; " 

Hope, lady Louisa Anne, sia. of 9 cart of 

WiDchcfiea; b. 1807; m. gen. hon. 

Charies Hope (rf.), e. or2 carl of Hope- 
Hope, lady Mary Frances, dr. of 7 earl 

o( WiMlmcath ; b. 1810 ; m. eol. hon. 

Jamea Dope-Wallace (rf.), bro. of 6 earl 

of Hopetoun. 

7 Ovinglon Gardcnr, Sromptoii, 

S.fT.; F/athertloHC Ctatk, Salt-. 

tchiittt, NirthvmbcrleHd. 

James Bereaford Hope. 

Hope, Indy. Jane.dr.of JohnMacdougall, 
ArdintnTa; m. 1. lieut.-gon. sir John 
Hope, o.c.H.,l)ro.ofrt. hon.Charles Hope, 



lord president of the court of session in 
Scotland ; 2. rev. William Knight (s. of 
£. Knight, Godmersham Park. Kent, by 
dr. of sir Brook Bridges, 1 oart.), b. 
1790, M.A. Oxon., chaplain to the earl 
of Winchelsea, rector m)m 1823 of Ste- 
venton, Overton, Hants (600/.) 

Hopetonn, 7 earl of (1730). John Adrian 

Louis Hope ; b. 1860 ; sits as baron 

Hopetoun (1809) ; 2nd tit. baron Hojoe. 

Mopetoun House^ Linlithgow ; Or- 

mistoft Hall, Haddington. 

Hopetonn, dow. -countess of. Etheldred, 
dr. of Charles Thomas Samuel Birch 
Be3mard8on, Holywell Hall, Lincoln- 
shire ; m. 6 earl of Hopetoun, lord-lieut. 
of Linlithgowshire. 

3 Ennisnwre Gardcfts, Princess Gate, 
S. W. ; Hopetoun House, Linlithgow. 

Hopkins, maj. sir John Paul, k.h., s. of 
capt. John Hopkins, royal navv ; b. 
1791 ; m. dr. (d.) of Peter Wallace, 
Jamaica : served with 43 ft. in Den- 
mark 1807, in the Peninsula 1809-13, in 
the campaign of 1815, ex-maj. 98 ft., 
governor of the militarj' kmghts of 

The Castle, Windsor. 

HopkixLt, niaj.-gen. WMlliam Friend, 
R.M., c.B. : served in the Crimea, knight 
of the legion of honour, and of the Med- 
jidie, retired on full pay as col. -com- 
mandant royal marines. 

Hopkinion, coL Henr^, c.s. i. : served 
as political officer against the hill tribes 
of the Kolvelyne 1847-48, served in the 
Punjab campaign, and in the Burmese 
war, ex -commissioner at Assam and go- 
vemor-gen.'s agent on the north-east 
frontier, commandant of the east Dooars 
of Bhootan from 1865. 

Hopper, archd. Augustus Macdonald, s. 
of Walter Charles Hopper, Walworth, 
Durham; b. 1816; m. dr. of rev. John 
Holmes, Gawdy Hall, Norfolk: m.a. 
Cantab., hon. canon of Norwich 1854- 
72, archd. of Non^-ich from 1868, rector 
of Starston, Harleston, Norfolk (663/.) 
from 1845. 

University ; Starston Rectory, Har- 
lest Of I. 

Hopwood, Charles Henry, Q.C., s. of 
John S. Hopwood, Montague Place, 
Russell Square ; b. 1829 : called to the 
bar at the Middle Temple 1853, queen's 
coimsel 1874, m.p. (l.) Stockport from 
Reform ; 3 Paper Buildings, Temple, 

E.C. ; 2 St. John's Wood Road, Hano- 
ver Gate, Regent's Park, N. W. 

Hopwood, hon. mrs. Cecilia, dr. of 5 
vise. Torrington; b. 1770; m. Robert 
Gregge Hopwood (</.), high sheriff of 
Lancashii-e in 1805. 

Hopwood Hall, Middleton, Lanca- 

Hopwood, lady Ellinor Mary, dr. of 13 
earl of Derby ; b. 1807 ; m. rev. Frank 
George Hopwood (s. of fiobert Gregge 
Hopwood, Dv dr. of 5 vise. Torringt^, 
M.A. Oxon.,non. canon of Chester from 
1866, rector of Winwick, Warrington, 
fix)m 1855. 

Horden, bp. ; vide Moosonee. 

Horn, lieut.-gen. sir Frederick, k.cb., 
s. of capt. Frederick Jacob Horn, 1 dra- 
goon guards ; b. 1806 ; m. dr. {d.) of 
Moore Wilson, East India company's 
civil service : served in the Crimea, and 
commanded the 20 ft. at Balaklava and 
Inkerman, officer of the legion of honour, 
knight of the Medjidie, col. 45 ft. ftom 
Buckby Hall, Rugby. 

Hornby, sir Edmund Grimani, s. of £. 
Hornby ; b. 1825 ; m. 1. dr. of col. Ma- 
ceronif' aide-de-camp to Murat ; 2. dr. 
{d.) of John Hudson, Hull : called to the 
bar at the Middle Temple 1848, financial 
commissioner in Turkey during the Cri- 
mean war, judge of the supreme consular 
court at Constantinople 1857-65, of the 
supreme consular court of China and 
Japan (3500/.) from 1865, knight of the 

Garrick, Atheneeum ; Shanghai, 

Hornby, vice-adm. William Windham, 
s. of rev. Geoffi^v Hornby, rector of 
Bury, Lancashire, 1)y dr. of 5 vise. Tor- 
rinjrton ; b. 1812 ; m. dr. of sir W. P. 
Call, bart. : present at the insurrection 
in Jamaica 1832, dep.-lieut. of Lanca- 
shire. 60 Cromwell Road, South Ken- 
sington, S. W. 

Hornby, rear-adm. Geoffrey Thomas 
Phipps, s. of adm. sir Phipps Hornby, 
o.c.B. : b. 1825 ; m. dr. of rev. Jolm 
Coles, Ditcham Park, Hants : com- 
mander-in-chief on the West African 
station 1865-68, commander of the fly- 
ing 8<iuadron 1869-70, senior officer of 
the cnannel squadron 1871-74, second 
naval lord of the admiralty from 1874. 
United Serriee ; 23 St. James's 


Sjaare, S.W. ; KnotciUij Collage, 

Somby, HjcM. William, n. o{ rev. 
HuKh Horaby, St. Michael' a-on-Wvre, 
Lantnghire ; b. 1810; m. 1. dr. of W. 
Croog; 2. dr. of tulm. airPhippsHomb}-, 
O.C.E. : U.K. Omn., hon. (anon uf Man- 
clunler bum 18A0, archd. of LannuU'r 
from 1870, Ticar fhim 1817 of SI. 
Mic)uul-aH- Wyre, Qantsiig, Lauca- 
whin (&W.) 

Honforo, maj.-)(en. sir Alfred Hoat- 
inga, E.C.B., a. of gen, George Horaford : 
b. 1818 : (Frred iu the Kufflr wsn l»16- 
47, 18a2<K), comnianded n bflttalion in 
Ute Ciwean wnr and in the Indiiui 
mulin}-, dpp.-odi.-gen. 1860-66. rom- 
Bunded the Kiiith-eaitem diatrkt 1S72- 
74, knigbt of the legion of hononr and 
of the Medjidie, military uoretnr; to the 
eommander-in-rhief from 1874. 

TrmtUert', United Serrirc ; 28 Cbu- 
HBHfit Square, Edgieare Koad, W- 

Kfflford, sir Kobert Msrah, C.B., a. of 
PbdI Honford. chief juaticM: of Antigun; 
b. 1798; m. dr. of John Muddisun, Al- 
Tingham, Linrotiulure ; n.A. Oxon., 
called ta the bur at the Middle Tempk 

1BZ2, ulidtor-gcn. of AntiguR 182fi-46, 
kttOTDey-Ken. 1846-47, Oaet juetii-c 

11 Detainers Terniir, Upper West- 
toarne Terniee, W, 

Bsrimftii, rt. hon. Edward, p,c., s. ul 
WilliHtn Horaman, by na. of B and t 
earls of Stair ; b. 1807 ; ni. dr. of John 
CharlH Raiaaden, h.p. : called to tbi 
Booteh bar 1832, a lord of tbc trcacurv 
1840-41, chief secretary for Ireland 
1866-57, M.P. (L.) Cockermouth 1830- 
62, Blmud 1S63-6S, Uakeanl from 1B69. 
Srmki\ Se/ortH ; 1 Sickmiiiid Ter- 
rta, Wiitehalt, S.fT. ; aimfii/iir, 
KatgHiiie, Inivriiui^hire ; Aiibij Si. 
Legtr'i, Bugig. 

HoTt, iuai.-gen. John Joaiah, C.R., eld. 
a. of air J«iah Hort, 2 bart.; b. 1824; 
served in the Crimea, knight of the 
Medjidie, liout..col. half-pay 44 ft., 
lieut.-eol. of brigade depot at Warley, 
Ewei, 1873-74. 

HoTt, sir Josiali William, 2 Inirt. 
(1767) b. 1791 ; m. dr. (J.) at or John 
Caldwell, 4 b«t. : m.a. Cantab., dep.- 
lieut. of Kildare, and high iheriff m 
1829, K.P. Kildare 1S31-S2. 

Unircriity ; SottloHd, Sileotk, Eil- 
dan; 1 MeriUiii Syuari, Dublin. 

Hartmi, sir Eobert Edward Wibnot-, 
4 bart. (1772) 1). 1808 :m. dr. of rar, 
Andrewa Kerateman, Brenchley, Kent, 
and widow of BobettAlgeo : h.a. Oxon., 
high sheriff of Derby>hu% in 1846. 

Trai'tllery ; Ontfuiim HbU, Derby; 
CbUoii Hall, Burlan-oi'-Trcnt. 

Hoikyoi, sir Hnnucrfonl, S bart. 
(1676) b. 1804 : H.A. O-ton., dep.-lieut. 
of Hereford. 
Haretceod Hmue, Sou, Mtre/ard. 

Hoit«, coL Dixon Edward, B.A., C.B., 
I. of col. air George Hoate, c.n. ; b. 
1827: ' - ' •"-•"■ 


Hoit«, air William Henry Charles, 3 
bart. (1814), b. 1860. 
Oariolduiiim, SoajfAam. 

Hoita, lady Harriet, Jr. of 3 earl of 
Orford ; b. 1792 ; m. air William Hoste, 
s.c.B., I bart. 

Snmvlon Court Palace 8.W. 

HDit«, don'.-lady. Caroliue, dr. of 
Cbarlai Prideaiu Bnme, of Prideauz 
Place, Cornwall; m. I. tdr WiUiam 
Lene George Uoate, 2 bart. ; 2. viA 
EdnaR] Greene, M.I'. 

HoUun, & barou (I7S7), John Ho- 

tluun,b.I838: ei-commandcr royal niTT. 

South DaKon Hall, Beverlev, Yarh- 

ihire; \i BruHnaick Square, Brighlan, 

Hotham, lion. Snsan Frances, aia. of i 
baR)nHatluun;b. 1843. 

Hotham, hon. lady. Jane Sarali, dr. 
of i baron Bridport: b. 1817; m. 1. 
Hugh Holbech, Famborough, Warwick- 
ahirc; 2. commodore sir Chsrlca Ho- 
tham, K.c.H. ; 3. capt. William Amiy- 
tage, royal navy (rf.J, capt. -auperin ten- 
dent of Pembroke dockyard 1871-72. 
Ktiightley, St. DaviiTi, £j:rltr. 

Hotlgh, maj.-gen. Lincoln Stephen ; 
sened agamat the Bheela near Baroda 
1839. commanded 2 Belooch battalion in 
the I'l-nian expedition 1856-67, ei-col.- 
rammaiidant 31 Bombay native inftotry. 
Bombay staff corps. 

Eonghton, 1 baron (1863). Richard 
Honekton llilnca, D.c.L., a. of Bobert 
Pemberton Milnes, H.P.; b. 1809; m. 
dr. (rf.) of 2 beron Crewe : H,A. Cnatab., 
dep.-lKut. of Yorkahirc, m.p. (l.) Pon- 
teinct 1B37-S3. 

Travelkn',BBBdle'>; Fn/itoit Bail, 
Ferrybridge, I'erlitAire. 



Honghton, mHJ.-gpn. Richmond: for' 
mcrly iu the BeDgal ttrmy. 

HonlUB, air Edward Vii^tor Lems, 
o.c.H.a., a. of John Tnmann Huultaii, 
Famlej CaaQe, Sonuraet, n>l. 1 Somer- 
Ht mifids ; b. 1823 ; m. dr. of Richnrd 
WeUreley, mid fmmd-dr. of niurq. 
Wellfili-)-: ■-*. 0:con., private accre- 

tary to lh» coloninl ' " 

■Waiinm M." 

Arthur-,; Va/el'l«,ilaUii,-3SjHHIUiA 
IVate, Maitchalcr Sgiiare. 

BoiUtOB, Indy. Anna, dr. of John 
Cruickihaak. Bath ; m. nipt, lir OeoTKe 
Houltoo, 13 n, (d.), eiudgn of the jeo- 
BWn of the Ruard, unde of air Victor 
Houltoo, O.C.M.O. 

HoMton-BonrKll, bart. ; vide Boawall. 

Sonitoa, Tice-adm. Wallace, n. of gen. 
air Rcibfrt Hounton. n.c.B. ; b. 1811 ; 
m. dr. of limit. -gen. William Monteilh, 
knight of thf linn nnd fun: eerrcdon the 
North Amerii'anunaWeMIndiaalatioa. 
42 £atoi$ fioHarc. IF. ; SmiiivharMl 
P/n™, SlapMurit, Ef,U. 

Eovftrd of Efflnghun, baron (eld. s. nl 
earl of EmnsthanO. Henry HowanI, b. 
1837; ni. dr. of monaietir A. Bnyer, 
Parii : oi-mmpt Oxfordahire ypomanrv. 
r««or« .ffoKB-, Biaitcr, Uloni hi 
Eaton riacr, S. W. 

Eowwrd of QloHop, 1 baron |]Se' 
Edward Oeorge Fitiatan Uowonl, p. 
i.ofI3dukeDfXarrolk;b. tSlS; m. 
dr. ofhon. Grorge Talbot; '2. dr. of ... 
2. M. PhillipM de Lisle, of Gracedieu 
Manor ; vice-rtumberlaiD of the boiue- 
hold 1816-^2, dep. carl nuirahal of 
England I8flt-68, m.f. (l.) Honham 
I84g-J2, ijundel 1862-66. 

Srook/, Trarrllrri' ,- aioiiop, Xaa- 
eittier; 10 RHlland Gait, Enightt- 
Hovud da Waldan, 7 baron (1597). 
Frederick Gcot^ Ellis; b. 1830; m.a. 
Cantab., attache to hi* fither'n embawy 
at BruaKli ie«l-55, major ^ huaaarB 
1867-70. JuHior VniUd SirriK ; Uta- 
yiirrf, Lciee; Shhtz. 

Sowud, air Henry Fnmcia, n , 

a. of Henry Howard, Corby Caatle, 
Cumberknd; b. ISOB; m. 1. dr. of 2 
boron Enkine ; 2, dr. of baron von der 
Bohulenberg, Priemem, Pruuia ; nttaohi 
at Berlin 1H32-45. aeerelarr of lecati 
■I Iho Hap- '"" -' ""-"- '"'" ' 

1855-69, to Hanover 15.50-66, loBaToria 
186fi-72. Tyarrl/cr»'. 

Homid, Hi:un-, en.: attache at 
Vaahin^rton 1^-59, third Kcretaiy at 
the Utague 1860-71, atUehcd to the 
joint hi^h commiuion to condder the 
vaiioiiB quG<tioaa alfeoting the rclationa 
between Great Britain and the United 
Statee iu ISTl, and appointed agent to 
the commiaaion for Briliih and Aincrioan 
clainiB under the Wnaitinjctiin tnaty 
1871, second aecretarr of legation at 
Bnenoa Ayrea 1873,at Waahington from 

Howud, lion. CecU Moh-ncnx, a. of 
17 nu-1 of Sullblk ; b. 1849. 

Hoinrd, hon. Cecil Ralph, bra. of S 
Mrlof Vicklow; b. lS-U:licut. 60tiflei. 

Howud, hon, Oinrlr.s a. of 1 earl or 
Effingham :b. 1S07. 

Howard, hon. Charles Wentwortb 
George, a. of 6 earl of Carlisle ; b. 1S14 ; 
m. dr. (rf.) of 1 baron Weoaleydalo: 

.. fr. W.) of 
,A. Cantab., di 

Ueut. ef Cumbtn-land, 
M.F. \i..j cjim tjumberland from 1840. 

TraMlIeri'.SreokK' ; yaurort A Castle, 
BrBniplBH,CHmhtTlaHd ; 1 PalaeeOneu, 
Ktiuingtoa Fttlaa, If'. 

Hawud, hon. Franria E<lward, eld. s. 

of 1 buron Howard of GloHDp ; b. lB5e. 

Howud, hon. Fredcriu Charles, s. of 3 
earl nf Efl!n~tani; b. 1840; m. UdV 
Cimatuuce, dr. of ID earl of Winehelaea : 
ci-capt. coldatrearo gunrda. 

HoTsrd, hon. Grerillc Tbeophilus, b. 
of 17 earl of Sutfolk ; b. 1830 ; m. lady 
Audrey, dr. of i mani. Townihend ; 
R.A. Oion., railed to the bar at Lin- 
coln'a-inu 1863, a commiiuoner of lunacy 

19 Whitihall Flact, S.W.,- I Briet 
Court, Temple, E.C. 

Howard, hon. Henry AlewinderGordon, 
a. of lord Hon-ard of Eflingham ; b. 1866- 

Eowud, hon. H'-nry George, C.B., s. 
of 6 earl of Carlisle ;'b. 1818 ; m. dr. (d.) 
of John Hactavish, Uonlreal : >,A> 
CanUb., attach^ at I'aria 1836-46, aecre- 
taiT of legation at the Hagnc 1846-48, 
at Lisbon 1848-51, at Vienna 1851^3. 
aecretaryoflhe embasay at Paria 1863-68, 
euToy at Tuscany 18M-61. 

UmHer-i Sotri, Gtwge Slretl, Hau- 

Boward. hon. Jamea Kenneth, s. of lil 
carl of Sulfblk; b. 1814; m, lady 
Louiao, dr. oF 3 marci. of l^nadowne: 


prfril vritfr in Che rorcifni office 1835-41, 
x.F. l(Blin»hury 1B41-5i, ei'sroum in 
waiting lo the Queen, duii.-lieut. of 
Hants, 1 rommuaioner nf wooda nnd 
foregta (1,200/.) from 1S66. 

Trarellrrt' ; 1 lehilahall Plnce, ; Hiizcthii Haaae, A'nctury, 

Sowiird, hon. Kenneth, s. of 2 earl of 
Efflngbiim : b. ia4d : u rk-rk in the 
foreijm-offii* from 1866. 
67 is/oH iVncv, Betgraet Square, 


Zeward, hon. nnd rev. William, a. of 
1 «rl of EffiofhiuD ; b. IBIS ; m. dr. of 
lieut.-gcn, C'lmlor, B.A, : m.a. Oxan., 
hon. ciuiDa of Tork, rector of Whislnn, 
BotheThnm. Yorkshire (T20'.l from 18(1, 
doincrtic chnpUin to 2 tMrl of Eiling- 
hua, proi'tor in convo. iititm for the 
ehspter of York tVoni ISfi!). 
n'iUtoii Rcftory, Rolliciham. 

Howard, hon. mra. Finncis, <Ir. of 
Charl^ Hamilton, Hsmwood, Ucath : 
m. hon. and rev. Finn™ Howanl (rf.), 
bri), of 4 earl o( Wirklnw. 

Howird, hon. mrs. Hrnrv. ilr. of Ichii- 
bod Wriehl, Mnppcrlv llnll : m. him. 
Bud Terr rev. itforj' Honiird, dean of 
Lichfifld (rf.), B. of n.rl "f Cnrluile. 

Howard, lioii. mra. Fulke GrevilUv 
Mnry, dr. aiid heit of Richard Bagot 
(bro. of 1 bsron Bngot) ; m. col. hon. 
Pulke OrevillB (Cpton) Hownrd id.), ». 
oflriK. TempletOBTi. 

Cflrtfr fii.inj, HarfM; Aikfed Pari, 
Spurn; LtmiK Hall, Hilnlfierpf, 
Wataumlmid ; Elfard, I.ichSclii. 

Howud, hon. mra. Roaalind Frances, 
dr. of 2 baron Stoiiley of Alderlcv; b. 
1S16; m. George Howard {«. of' hon. 
Caiarle* Wi-ntworth Howard, m.p.) 
I Pttlaa Cret,,, KnmnatoH Paher. W. 

Hnnrd, hou, Angela Jfary, b. 1855 ; 

Iwron Howard of Ql — ^. 
Howard, lonl Edmund Bfmani Fitz- 

alan, 8. of U dute of Norfolk ; b. 18.56: 

lieut. roj-ill SuMe.i miUlia from 1873. 
Howard, liuly Mnria, b. 1835 ; lady 

Alice, b. 1843, dr ' " --' ' ""- - 

. of 2 earl of Fffiug- 

Zowud, huly Chnrlotti-, dr. of I earl 
of Effingham; b. 1803. 

34 Loifiidci Slrefl, Si/grare Syttrc, 

Howard, lady Minna Charlotte Fiti- 
alan, b. 1843 : a Camielito nun ; lady 
Mary Adidiia Fitiahm, b. 1846 ; lady 
Elheldrcda Fitialau. b. 1849 : a nun ; 
lady Philippa FitMlan, b. 1852; lady 

.\nncFilr-'— >• ""'■ ■->■■" 


21 .Sf. Jainti'i Square, S. IT. 

Howard, kdy Julia Cathorine, k 1 806 ; 
ladv Franeea Uargnrcl, b. 1B17, lady 
of the bedchamboT la the late Duehen of 
EenI, drs. of IIS earl of Suffolk. 

Howard, lady Victoria Margaret Louisa, 
dr. of 17 eari of Suffolk ; b. 1844. 

Howard, lady Caroline Louisn, b, 
1837 ; lady Louifa France*, b. 1844 : 
Indv Aliee Uary, b. 1840, EiBtcm of 5 

Sheilmi Abbry, Arkhw. 

Howard, lady Audrey Jane Charlotte, 
dr. of 4 man;, of Townahend ; b. 1814 ; 
vide bou. Grcvillc Theophilua Howard. 

Howard, lady Conatance Eleanor, dr. 
of ID carl of Winehelsea ; b. 1847 ; tidt 
hon. Frederick Charles Howard. 

Howard, lady Fanny, aia. ol 7 duke or 
Devonshire ; b. 180H ; m. Frederic John 
Howard (a. of major hon, Frederiek 
Howard, aad nephew of 7 earl of Car- 
lisle), b.' 1SI4. a m]^istiatB and dep.- 
lieut. of Youehal,M.p.Toughai 1837-41. 
ComptOH Plan, Eattbourm, SHuex. 

Howard, lady Louisa, dr. of 3 maoi- of 
Lansdowne; b. 1813; vidt hon. Jomea 
Kenneth Howard. 

Howard do WaldSD, dow.-baroneas. 

Howard de Walden, o.c.B., ambassador 
at Brufsels, a. of I baron Senfoid. 
Siafird, Z»ir«. Smirr. 

Howe, 2 carl (1821). Oeorgc Auguatns 
Frederick Lonja Curaon Howe; b. 1821; 
m. dr. of Henry Charles Sturt, Critchill 
House, Wilto: 2nd tit. viae. Curaon: 
H.p. (c.) south Leicealenshire 1857-70, 
lieut. -col. (onunundaut LeicestcrBhira 
yeomanry finni 1860. 

Cnrllon; Gufaall, Alhcritem, L4Utt- 
terthirc ; Peim Hoiitt, Anrrtham, 
Biictt: 8 SoHtA Audlfg SIreel, Onu- 
rtiiar Siimrr, H'. 

Howick, vi*;. (eld. a. of earl Grey). 

Hovland, William Pearco, o.b. : minis- 
ter of finance in Canada 1862-63, re- 
ceiver-general 1863-61, poBtmaster-scn. 


1864-66, minirier of inland revenue 
1887-68, lieut.-gov. of Ontario 1868-73. 
Tormlo, Canada. 

Sinrlatt, ool. Arthur, c.b. : served in 
the Indian mutiny at Cavmpore and at 
Luclinoii-. commanded a field detflch- 
ment in the Gurrockpoor dialrif^ in 
1858, dep,-iisei>t.-quart«rma(ter-gen, of 
the neld at Bundeleund, asaist.-quarter- 
maater-gen. to the Saugor field diviaion 
id 1859, quartennaater-gen. at Madrai 
from 1871. 

Smrth, dow.-comiteas of. dr. of Peter 
Barfoot, Midlmetin House, Hanla, and 
Landeelown, Kildare; m. 3 earl of 
Howth, K.P., lord-heut. of Dublin. 

Sowth, 3ettrlof(1767). WmittmUlick 
Tristram St. Ia>-nince; b. 1827; 2nd 
tit. viae. St. Lawrance : i?apt. 7 dragoon 
guards 1847-50, capt. LanoasMre hiusars 
1852-65, stale steward to tie viceroy of 
Ireland 1853-58, 185»-64, m.p. (l.) Oal- 
«BT 1868-74, Ueut.-coL Dublin miUtia 

SoKtk Catllt, SuAliu : IS ForttaHd 
FUue, W. 

S»7lat, air Hi^h Williara, b. of New- 

Hsbbwd, hon. mrs. Maris Hnrgaret, 
dr. of 8 baron Knpier: b. 1817; lidt 
rt. hon. John Gelliorand Hubbard. 

HnddlutoD, John Walter, s. of Thomas 
Huddleston, B.A., b. 1817; m. lady 
Diana, dr.of 9 duko of St. Alban'a : M.A. 
Dublin, called la the bar at Gray's Inn 

... ..... 

Canterbury 11 

of the fleet 



ich from 187*, 
t and founaei 

1837, > 

of Sen 

St. John't, SewfoHitdlai . . 

Hnbbud, Egertou, s. of rt. hon. John 
GeUibrand Hubbard. Addington Manor, 
Bueke, M.r. ; b. 1842: m.a. Oion., a 
magistrate for Buckinghamehire, part- 
ner in the Arm of John Hubbard 6c Co., 
Bnnia merchanle. St. Helen's Place, 
ei-lieut, royal Bucks yeomanry-, lieut, 3 
Bucks rifle volunteera, m.p, (c.) Burk- 
ingham from 1874. AddwiftoH JIauor, 
Winilml; Bufia ; 24 Priau', Gate, 

P.B.O.B., P.c, B. of John Hubbard, 
Stiatfoni Grove, Eswx; b. 1805; m. 
hon. Maria, dr. of 8 baron Xapier : a 
merehimt in London, formerly ihairmBu 
of the public works cxthcqucr loan cnm- 
mission, director of the bonk of Eng- 

AtheiMiim ; Addiiiglan 
Wiiuleir, BmU; 24 Feiiu 
South Kentiiistoti, S.W. 

Carllon, Garrici ; 2 Paper SuiU- 
ingt, Ttmiile, E.C. ; 19 Ftitife't Th- 
race, Friiiee'i Gate, Kaighlibridgi, 

HnddlMton, ladv Diana Ue Vere, dr. of 
"duke of St. -Ubau'a ; b. I8JI ; vide i. 
V. Huddleston. 

HndMn, sir James. o.c.B., a. of Har- 
rington Hudson, Bessingb)' Hall, Brid- 
lington : b. 18!0 ; gentleman usher to 
Queen Adelaide 1831-49, private secre- 
tary to William IV. 1830-37, aeeretarj- 
of legation at Washington 183S-43, at 
the Hague 1813-45, envoy at Bnuil 
1850-51, in Italy 1851-63. 
Ai-ili«r-,, Traulirt,-. 

Hndion, hon. mrs. Julia, dr. of Sharon 

MncdanaU; b. 180-J ; m. rev. Charles 

I Waller Hudson (s. of Harrington Hud- 

I son, be dr. of 1 marq. Townshend), 

LL.B. Cantnb., rcitor of Trourel/, Xot- 

itHgkam (6001.) in-rn 185S. 

Hnc^ baroiiPBS. Indv Mary Catherine, 
I «a. of 13 carl of Tenibroke ; b. 1849 : m. 
baron von Hugcl (V of his cxcellenry 
I the late baron von Hugcl). 

HnguMn, rt. hon. Edward Hiigesson 
KnatchbuU-, F.c, H. of rt. hon. tii 
Edward Knal^hbull, 9 hart., K.P.: b. 
18-29 ; ra. dr. of rev. Marcus Southwell : 
H.A. Oxon., Uep.-lieut. of Kent, a lord 
of the treasury 1850-66, under-secretary 
for the home dL'|>iirtmcnt 1869-71, for 
the colonies 1871-74, M.P. (l..) Sand- 
wich from 1857. 

United I'liivcr-itg, Broeki' ; The 
Paddaek, Athforel. Kent; 30 Upper 
Gnuttnor Street, W. 

Hof hei, bp. ; vide St. Asaph. 

Hnghei, sir Fred<-ric,, s. of 
Koliert Hughea, Ely House, Weiford : 
b. 1814 : m. 1. dr. of W. KrautliT : 2. 
dr. of Edward Jumps, Swarland Park. 
Nortbuniberhuid : served in Persia, ancl 


in the Crimra, ei-capt. 7 Madrai 
vain', kniglit at tlic lion and aun. 

AthttutHm, Jtr/orm ; Ely Eohk, Whilift Carltoh 

SoMian, Wk/btS. Aiaph ; Gki 

BuhM, «r Frederic, 7 hart. (1773) ; b. ' Hnlw, 

1816. Aaitratia; Tie Lodgi, Eatl 

Btrgholl, Suffolk. 
Hiigh««-1«-Flm>iiiig; vide he Fleming. 
Huhai, niaj.-gen. Robert, a. of H. 

Hughes, Brj-nddu ; b. 1793 : com- 

manded b dcUchment of 1 and 2 weat 

India regiments on the wmt (Vast of 

AMca 1S43, commanded a detachment 

of 1 weat India regiment in 1850 for the I Hnltiuh, hon. 

protection of Victoria, on the Sherbro dr. of 3 vi«o. 

river, Bgninat the Idngi and chiefs of 

Tonnj, retired on full pay of Ueut.-col. 

3 veat Indi& rejriment, a ma^trate for 

Angleeey, and high aheriff in lSfi9. 
Jtrynrfrfii, Aiiglney. 
HnghM, uiaj.-cen, Kobert George, 

myicem, Diiiiigk. 
Edward, fi bart. (1739) b. 
1809 : m. dr. of very tbi. Henry Pair 

EatniltOQ, dean ofSuiabuiy:B.A,Oioii., 
dep .-lieut. of Hants, and of Wilta, high 
■heriffof Hants in 1868, lieut.-oal. wuth 
Hanta militia 1867-70. 

Alhenaiitn, Carlton; SrranuirtSauie, 
Saliiburu ; Areher Lodgt-Stn^Kamp-- 
ton; il PoTtiand Piaee, W. 

CAch; b. 1804: m. ir. of John Jordan, 
Shrewsbury : aer^'ed vith 80 ft. in Bur- 
mah 1862-^3, commanded the eipe- 
ditiod sent into the Poungdej- diatrict 
1853, retired on full pay as Eeut.-col. 
fi2 fl. Willing, Kent. 
EoBliM, Vi'illiam Bulkeler, s. of sir 
W. B. Hughes; b. 1797; m. 1. dr. of 
J. Nettlethip, Mattersey Abbev, Notts, 
and widow of Harry Wormald, Wood- 
houae, Leeds ; 2. Elizabeth, dr. 

Louisa Elizabeth, 

nore; b.l827; m. 

ilermann Hullzsch, Dresden. 

Hnmble, sir John Nugent, 2 bart. 
(1831) b. 1818; ro. dr. of George Fosbery, 
Curraghbridge, Limerick: B.A. Oiaa., 
dep. -lieut. of Watcrford, and high 
aheriifin 1847. 

Utiioti; Clontoikeren CattU, Watir- 

Hums, Allan Octavjtu, c.b., a. of Joseph 
Hume, H.F.: entered the Bengal ciril 
lervice 1849, ei-eommissioner of inland 
customs, Bengal, truatee of the Indian 
museum, Calcutta, secretary to the In- 
dian goremment in the agricoltoral de- 
partment from 1871. Calmlta. 

Hume, col. Henry, C.B. : BBrred ju 
the Crimea vith 95 ft. knight of the 
' honour, and of the Ue^idie, 

Donl^, Eothbur), Northumberland: 1 ex"-lieut.-col. gre'nadier guarfs, oLe of 
__„_. ._ .... har^l LmcohijiInn^l824. thecorpsof gentlemen-_at^atmn862_-73. 

high sheriff of Anglesey in 1861. 

Pnion, Farilaud ; I'lut CUh, Anglt- 
tiy, Bangor. 
Hn^hes, niaj.-ccn. William Templei, 
C.B.: ro. dr. (5.)ofoapt. Thomas Went- 
worth Buller, royal naf y : served in th. 
3utlejcampaigD'l845-46,in the Punjab 
campaign 18&-49, commanded I Fun- 
jab cavalry throughout the Indian mu- 
tiny and in the Bohilcund and Oudc 
campaign, a magistrate for Devon. 

T. . --(f corps. 

Miigl,, E 

m. Emil 

, b. 1818, 

Enffhei, lady Florentia Emily, dr. of 
1 eari of Kavcnsworth; b. 1828; to. 
Hugh Bobert Hughea (nrohew and heir 
of lord Dinorben), b. 1827, dep.-lieut. 
of Denb^h, and of Flint, high iherifr of 

exon of the yeomen of the guard from 

Flag Caarl, SI.Jame^iFalaee.S. W.; 
29 iVor/oM Sqtare, Syde Park, W. 

Hnnte, col. Bobert, c.b. ; m. Jane, dr. 
of S. Brown, East India Comiany's ser- 
vice, and widow of capt. B. Hairia, 
Indian anny : served in the Crimea, and 
commanded 55 It. in the Bhooton expe- 
dition 1865, knight of the legion of 
honour, and of the Medjidie, Ueut.-col. 
66 ft. 

Hnmphary, sir M'illiam John, I bert. 
(1868), ■.ofAJdenuBnHumphTey.N.P. ; 
b. 1827; m.dr.of William Cubitt,»i. p., 
lordmayorof London: ii.i.Oxon.,called 
to the W at the Inner Temple 1862, 
high aheriff of Southampton in 1878, 
U.r. (c.) Andover 1863-67, standing 
counsel to the Irish locietv from 1860, 

UmtvriUg, Carlton ; 2 Faptr Buil- 
ding; Tmpie, E.C.; Pmlm Lodgi, 


Andovtr.Hinit ; ^Hatf-XomStral, 
Piccuditlg, IF. 

Huudoii, Won ; Bide Filklaiid. 

Hnnt, rt. lion. George Ward, d.c.l., 
P.O. ; b. 1825; m. dr. of bp. Eden of 
Moray: K.A. Ojod., raUcd to the bar 
■t the Inner Temple 1851, dep.-licut. of 
IforthantB, ctuinnm of NorthjinU qunr- 
ter Ksdoiu, fimneiiJ secrelary to tht^ 
tmuuiy 1866-88, chanecllor (rfUie es- 
lord of the ddn ■ 

wnptoiulure tnm ISi'i 

St. Sleplien'i, CarltoH ; Wadtnkot 
Soutr, Omdlt, Sorlhantt ; 14 Prinre 
of Wales- 1 Tirreet, Enuingtoti Falaer, 
W.; The Admiralty, WkitihaU,S.W. 
Hvat, HeniT Arthur, cb, : a magis- 
trate for ICddlewi, fiirtevor of vorkB 
uid public buildings (750/.). 

12 ins ilehaU Flare. S. W. ; 4S Far- 
lieinenl Stnrt, S.W.; 54 Eetlaton 
Square, Fiadieo, S. W. 
Snntar, mr Claadina Stephen Paul, 2 
bart. (1812), grondjon of 1 bart., lord 
mavoT of London; b. 1B2S; ni. dr. it 
'William Dommquet: tl.A. O.tim., dep.- 
litrut. of Berfct and Mgh aheriff in 1860, 
major 1 Berkshire lifle Toluntccm 1861- 
72, ei-rapt- royal London militia. 

TrarellrrM- ; Mortimer Hill, Sead- 

Sojitn', hoii. mra. Meliora Emily Anna, 

dr. of 1 i-iac. Combennere; b. 1825; m. 

jotui Fmletick Hunter (a. of Kiehard 

Hunter, Straidamn, by dr. of John 

Waring SlaJtirell, of Finnebroguc,Do«ti, 


Straidnrrau, Laiidimderri/. 
Euitinsdo&, 12earlaf(lG29)- Fraueie 

TheoAilu* Henry Ha*ting».b. 1808 ; m. 

dr. {«■) of Richard Fower^ Chuhmore, 

lirntmard ; 2iid tit. lord Uaitingii. 
UHioii; Clatkmarc Hoiae,«Hd Oai'l- 

tier Cottage, Ifnttr/ord. 
HuDtingdoB, archdeacon of (E^lj) 

(200/.); »U( F. G. Vcity 
EontinKflald, 3 baron (1796). Ckirlpji 

Andre. ' '- ■■ "" = ■ " ■■■■■■"" 

dr. of - 

BulUSuflblk: dep-Utut. ol 

hieh sheriff in 184S. 

Turf, CarllBHj HireHingii-m HaU, 

Toiford, Suffolk; 11 Charla Street, 

Berieleji Syuare, W- 

Huntiiigfleld, dow. • baroness. Lncy 
Aunr, dr. of rir Chnrlen flloii, 6 bart. ; 
m, 2 hnron Hunlinglield. 

HantiiigtciweT, vin.-. (eld. s. of carl of 

HnntiiiBtoweT. dow.-vi.tcotmt^sa. Ka- 
therine Eliinbeth. dr. of lir Jo«ph 
Btu-ke, II bart., of Glinak : ni. viscount 
Huntingtower, dd. a, of 6 earl of Djaart. 

Eontler, lady. Caroline, dr. of nv. 
Henry Dnirj', rertor of Fingcut, BqcIu ; 
ni. air Hea^- Vere Huntley H.N. (rf.) 
lieuI.-Korcmor of the Ounbin, and of 
PriBccEdward'alaland^a. of rev. Richard 
Huntley, Boiwell Court, Glouceater- 
•hiit). IbrjHny. 

HnnUy, II inarn. of (15991. Charlea 
Gordon, b. 1M7; m. dr. of William 
Cualiffe Brooke*, Barlow HaU, Man- 
I'hnter, >.f. ; aits aa banni Meldnim 
(1815); 2nd tit. earl of Aboyne; pre- 
mier maniuii of Scotland, a lord in 
waiting to the Qncen 1870-73. lieat.- 
ml. 1 Abcrdeenahire ride volunteen 
from 18^2. 

U'hitc't; Aiotiiir Catlle, Abrrdtm- 
ihire; Oiloii .'Lofguerillr, Fcterba- 
ivsl,; 41 Upper Gronmor Street, W. 

HiuiUy, dow.-marchionen of. Marf 
Antoinetta, dr. ofrer. F. William Pegua> 
by widow of 9 earl of Lindeaey ; m. 10 
nurq. of Huntly. 

EnrdlB, miu'or-geii, Thomss, r.h., cb. : 
pre«cut at the battle of Navarino 1817, 
served in the revolutionarj' war in 
Gn>ccc 1828. and in South America, 
comraiuided the brigade of royal Durinoa 
in the Crimea, aid e-de-eiinip to the Queen 
1854-59, kniirht ot the lepon of honour, 
of the Mediidie, and of the Hedennrr of 
Greeee, retired on fiill pay m «il.-eora- 
niandont royal marinca. 

Enron, 2 bp. of <IB57). rt. Tcv. Isaac 
Hellmuth, o.u., bom in Poland ot 
Jen-iili parents : founded Huron college, 
dean nf^ Huron 1882-70. bp. of Norfolk 
1870-71, ot Huron from 18,1 (600/.). 
loiidoii, Ontario, Canada. 

Enikuion, dj)w.-lsdy. Emily, dr. of 
John Mansfield. Di|«e«n oil, Heit* ; m. 
sir John Ralph Milbanke Huakiwui, 
8 bart., Britiah minister in Bavaria, aud 
in the Netherlands. 

Hbh«7, hon. mra. Frederiea Marin, 
dr. ofSbaronBoilon; b. 1814; m. Ed- 



ward Horatio Hussey, b. 1807, m.a. 
Cantab., a magiBtratc for Meath. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; Rathketwy^ 
SlattCy Meath. 

Huitey, hon. mrs. Henrietta Sarah, dr. 
of baroness Windsor ; b. 1820 : m. 
Edward Hussey, b. 1807, dep.-lieut. 
of Sussex, and mgh sheriff in 1844. 

Traveilers* ; Scotneyeastle. Lamber- 
hurtt, Sussex; FinchcoXy Uoudhurat, 

Huteheton, vice-adm. Francis Deane ; 
b. 1800 ; served at the bombardment of 
Algiers, and employed on the coast 
gliard 1832-36. 

Hutohinson, col. George, c.s.i. ; served 
at the defence of the residency at Luck- 
now during the Indian mutiny, in- 
spector-gen. of the Punjab constaoulary 
from 1861. 

Hutohinion^ sir Edward Synge, 4 bart* 
(1782) b. 1830; ex-lieut. 6 dragoons, 
and 5 dragoon guards. 

Junior United Service^ Army and 
Navy ; Coolmoueyy Wickhtc ; Palenno, 
Bray, Dublin. 

Hutohinion, gen. William Nelson : 
col. 33 ft. from 1863. 

Hutchinson, vise. ; vide Dononghmore. 

Hutchinson, hon. Patrick Maurice Hely, 
K.N., 8. of 4 earl of Donoughmore; 
b. 1855. 

Hutchinfon, hon. Richard Hely, br. of 
3 earl of Donoughmore ; b. 1798 : dqp.- 
lieut. of Tipperarj*. 

Hutchinfon, hon. Walter Francis Hely, 
s. of 4 earl of Donoughmore ; b. 1849. 

Hutchinton, hon. William Granville 
Hely, s. of 4 earl of Donoughmore ; b. 

Hutohinion, hon. mrs. Coote Hely-. 
dr. of rev. sir Samuel SjTige-Hutchin- 
son^ 3 bart. ; m. captam hon. Coote 
Hely-Hutchinson, r.x. {d.) 
SeaJSeldf S words ^ Dublin. 

Hutohinson, lady Mary Sophia, b. 1853 ; 
lady Margaret Francis Hely, b. 1857, 
drs. of 4 earl of Donoughmore. 

Hutohinion, lady Louisa Francis Synge-, 
sis. of 3 earl of Donoughmore ; b. iSX) ; 
m. Francis S^^nge-Hutchinson («f.), 
father of sir Eaward S}'nge-Hutchin- 
son, 4 bart. 

Hutt, rt. hon. sir William, k.g.b. ; 
p.c. ; b. 1803; m. 1. dr. of W. MiUner, 
and ^^idow^ of 10 earl of Strathmore ; 
2. dr. of hon. sir Francis Stanhope, and 
widow of col. James Hughes (oro. of 
lord Dinorben) : m.a. Cantab., one of the 
commissioners engaged in founding 
South Australia, vice-president of the 
board of trade and paymaster-gen. 
1860-65, M.p. (L.) Hull 1832-41, Gates- 
head 1841-74. 

United Service. Oxford and Cam" 
bridge; Gibsid^ Mall, Gateshead, DuT' 
ham ; 2 Grosvettor Square, W. 

Hutt, major-gen. Geoi^, c.B., bro. of 
rt. hon. sir William Hutt, m.p. ; b. 
1806 ; m. dr. of gen. sir John Scott, 
K.C.B., col. 7 hussars: served in the 
Afghanistan and Scinde campaigns, in 
the Persian war 1857, commanded the 
artillery in Scinde during the mutiny, 
commissary of ordnance in Bombay 
1858-64, secretary and registrar to tlie 
commissioners of Chelsea hospital (700/.) 
from 1865. 
Jtoyal Hospital, Chelsea, S. W. 

Hutton, hon. mrs. Caroline, dr. of 2 
baron Teignmouth ; b. 1845 ; m. John 
Hutton, M.p. (c.) Northallerton 1868- 
74, a magistrate tor the north riding of 
Yorkshire. Carltofi, Junior Carlton; 
SolUrgej Northallerton. 

Hutton, lady Catherine Beaigolais, dr. 
of 3 carl of Charleville ; b. 1851 ; m. 
capt. Edmund Bacon Hutton, 1 dragoons, 
extra aide-de-camp to the viceroy of 

Huyfhe, major-gen. Alfred, R.A., s. of 
rev. J. Huyshe, Exeter, and bro. of gen. 
George Huyshe, c.B., b. 1811 ; m. dr. 
of rev. J. Hagar: served as brigade- 
major of the artillery in the Gwalior 
campaign 1843-44, commanded a troopof 
horse artillery in the Punjab campaign, 
inspector of artillery in Bengal 18 -/3. 
45 Onslow Square, 8. W. 

Huyshe, gen. George, c.B., s. of rev. J. 
Huyshe, Exeter ; d. 1804 ; m. 1. Harriet 
Lightfoot ; 2. dr. of John Savery Brock, 
Guernsey, and widow of rev. W. IL 
Barnes : formerly in the Bengal aimy. 
Sand, Sidmouth, Devon. 

Hyde, baron, eld. s. of earl of Clarendon. 

Hyde, lieut.-^n. Georee Hooton, B.A. ; 
b. 1 798 : retired on fiiu pay of Ueut.-ool. 
13 Albert Flace, Ytetoria Moad^ 
1 Kensington, W. 



Hjde, hon. mrs. Eugenia, dr. ot 9 baron 

Fairfax; b. ; m. 1. Edgar Mason ; 

2. Edward Hyde. 

Hylton, 1 baron (1866). William George 
Hylton Jolliffe. p.c. ; b. 1800; m. 1. £*. 
of hon. Berkeley Paget ; 2. widow of 
earl of Uchester: ex-capt. Bourbon 
regiment, under-aec. for tno home de- 

partment in 1852, parliamentary sec. to 
the treasury 1858-59, m.p. (c.) Peten- 
field 1830-31, 1837-66, dep.-Ueut. of 

White* 8y Carlton ; Mertiham ITout^ 
BedhUL Surrey; Meath House. Fetirt- 
fieldy Hante; Ammerdown Parhy Bath; 
16 Stratton Street, HceadiUy, W, 




Ibbetion, sir Henry John Selwin-, 7 
bart. (1748), b. 1826; m. 1. dr. of 1 
baron Lj-ndhurst; 2. dr. of George 
Thackrah, and widow of sir Charles Ib- 
betson, 5 bart. : assumed the name of 
Ibbetson on his second marriage, m.p. 
(c.) south Essex 1865-68, west Essex 
from 1868, under-sccretarj' for the 
home department from 1874. 

Traveller 8\ Carlton; Down HaJl^ 
Harlow, Eauex ; 14 James Street y 
Buekitigham Gate, S. TF, 

Xkerriii, vise. (eld. s. of earl of Carrick). 

nehMter, 5 earl of (1756). Henry Ed- 
ward Fox-Strangways, p.c. ; b. 1847 ; 
m. dr. of 1 earl of Diirtrey ; 2nd tit. baron 
Stavordale : capt. of the corps of gentle- 
men at arms in 1874, cupt. Dorsetshire 
yeomanry from 1870. 

Melbury JSouse, Sherborne, Dorset; 
Redlynchy Somerset ; 42 Belgrave 
Square, S. W. 

pnohiqnin, 14 baron (1476). Edward 
Donogh O'Brien ; b. 1839 ; m. 1. dr. of 
2 baron Heytesbury; 2. Ellen, dr. of 
2 baron An'nalv ; non. m.a. Cantab., 
dep.-lieut. of Clare, and high sheiiff in 
18o3. Carlton; St. Jameses; Drumo- 
land, Newmarket, Clare. 

Inohiqiiixi, dow. -baroness. Louisa, dr. 
of major James Finucane, Clare ; m. as 
his second vdie, 13 baron Inchiquin, 
lord-lieut. of Clare. 

47 Prince's Gardens, South Keftsing- 
ton, S. W. 

Ingall, inajor-^n. William Lennox, 
C.B. : sen-ed in the Sutlej campaign 
1845-46, and in the Crimea, knight 
of the legion of honour, and of the 
Medjidie, conmianding a brigade in Ben- 
gal from 1870. 

Ingeitre, vise. (eld. s. of earl of 
Shre wsburj) . Charles Hemy John Tal- 
bot; b. 1860. 

Ingham, lady Caroline Mani^erite, dr. 
of 7 earl of Harrington; b. 1840; m. 
James Penrose Ingham (s. of James 
Taylor Ingham, police magistrate at 
Hammersmith from 1849), b. 1838, 

B.A. Cantab., called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1866. 

46 Green Street, Grosvenor Square, 
W. ; 3 Paper BnHdings, Temple, JE.C. ; 
Siwiras Court, Hereford. 

Ingilby, sir Henry Day, 2 bart (1866), 
b. 1826 ; m. hon. Ahcia Margaret, dr. 
of 1 baron Marjoribanks: m.a. Oxon., 
dep.-lieut. of the west riding of York- 

Oxford and Cambridge, Boodle* s; 
Ripiey Castle, Ripley, Yorkshire; 
Harringtoti Hall, Spilsby, Lincolh' 

Ingilby, lieut. -cen. sir William Bates, 
R.A., K.C.B., Dro. of rev. sir Henry 
John Ingilby, 1 bart. ; b. 1791 : served 
in the Pemnsulaj and at Waterloo col.- 
commandant 5 brigade royal artillery. 

Union, Junior United Service; 9 
Molatid Gardens, South Kensington^ 


Ingilby, dow. -lady. Mary Anne, 
only dr. of John Clementson, Abingdon 
street, Westminster; m. sir William 
Amcotts Ingilby, 2 bart. (extinct). 

Broxholme, Ripley, Yorkshire ; 
Kettlethorpe Park, Lincolnshire. 

Inglefield, rear-adm. Edward Augus- 
tus, F.K.8.. C.B., 8. of rear-adm. Sa- 
muel Hood Inglefield, c.b. ; b. 1830: 
served at the capture of Sidon 
and at the bombardment of St. Jean 
d'Acre, and on the south-east coast of 
America at the battle of the Parana 
1845, naval attach^ at Washington 
from January to July 1872, supt. at 
Malta from 1872. 

Inglis, rt. hon. John (lord Glencorse), 
D.C.L., LL.D., p.c, 8. of rev. John 
Inglis, D.D., Old Greyfriars church, 
Edinburgh; b. 1810; m. dr. {d.) of 
lord WoKod, one of the senators of the 
college of justice: m.a. Oxon., called to 
the Scotch bar 1836, solicitor-general 
for Scotland in 1862, lord advocate in 
1862, and in 1858, dean of the faculty 
of advocates 1862-68, m.p. (c.) Stamford 
in 1868, lord justice clerk 1858-67, brd 
justice-general (4800/.) from 1867, lord 
rector of Aberdeen university 1867-60, 



chancellor of the Edinburgh university 
from 1869. 

Gariton, Athetutttm ; 30 Abererombt/i 
Fhc€^ Edinburgh; Glencorse Souses 
Inglis, James Gordon, m.d., c.b. : 
served with the 18 ft. in the Punjab 
campaign, with the 64 ft. in the Per- 
sian campaign 1856, and in the Indian 
mutiny at the defence of Cawnpore, ex- 
medical superintendent of the Allaha- 
bad circle, medical superintendent of 
the Meerut division from 1873. 

Inglis, John Forbes David, c.s.i. : 
entered the Bengal civil service 1841, 
member of the legislative council of the 
governor-general of India 1872-73, senior 
member of the board of revenue of the 
north-west provinces fix)m 1868. 

In^lif, m^jor-gen. William, c.b., s. of 
heut.-gen. sir William Inglis, k.c.b. ; 
b. 1823 ; m. dr. of Hector Munro, Ed- 
monsham, Dorset: served in the Cri- 
mea, knight of the legion of honour, 
and of the Medjidie, lieut.-col. 2 dep6t 
battalion at Chatham 1863-67, lieut.- 
col. h.p. depAt battalion. 

United Service^ Army and Navy; 
Bicklina Hall, Bishop* n Stortford, jBs- 
sex ; HUdersham Hall, Cambridge. 

Inglis, hon. lady. Julia Selina, dr. of 
1 baron Chelmsford ; b. 1833 ; m. major- 
gen, sir John Eardley Wilmot Inglis, 
K.C.B. (rf.). The Laurelsy Rugby, 

Inglott, Ferdinando Vincenzo, c.M.o. : 
served in the naval department at 
Malta 1843-45, assistant superintendent 
of ports 1858, controller of charitable 
institutions 1859-68, collector of cus- 
toms at Malta (500/.) from 1868. 

Ingram, William James, s. of Her- 
bert Ingram, Swineshead Abbey, m.p., 
founder of the Illustrated London 
News ; b. 1847 ; m. Mary, dr. of 
Edwar4i Stirling, Queen's Gardens, 
S.W. : B.A. Cantab., called to the bar 
at the Inner Temple 1873, a magistrate 
for Surrey^ m.p. (l.) Boston from 1874. 
New tfniversity ; Swineshead Ab- 
bey ^ Boston^ Lincolnshire; Mount Fe- 
lix, Walton on Thames; 198 Strand. 

Ingram, hon. mrs. Emily Charlotte, 
or. of 1 vise. Halifax ; o. 1844 ; m. 
Hugo Francis Meynell Ingram, m.p. 

Temple Newsam, Leeds ; Hoarcross, 
Toxallf Burton-oH'Trent, 

Innei, earl ; vide Roxburgh. 

Innes, Francis William, M.D., c.B. : 
ser>'ed as superintending surgeon to the 
force under Havelock and Outram in 
the Indian mutiny, principal medical 
officer with the Abyssinian expedi- 
tionary force 1867, surgeon-general h.p. 

Innes, sir George, bart. (1628^, b. 1834 ; 
m. 1. dr. of William Colquhoun Stir- 
ling, of Law and Edinbaniet ; 2. dr. 
of H. Watts, The Grove, Bath, and 
widow of major J. W. Hendenon, 
K.H. : ex-lieut. 22 Bombay native in- 
Elmhurst, Hyde, Isle of Wight. 

Innei, John Harrie Kerr, c.b. : 
served in the Crimea, and in the Oude 
campaign 1858-59, ex-medical superin- 
tendent of the Meerut circle, medical 
superintendent at Malta from. 1872. 

Innes, major-gen. James Charles : 
served in the Shekawattee campaign, 
and also in the Bundelcund insurrec- 
tion. Bengal in&ntry. 

Innes, sir James Milne, 11 bart. (1628), 
b. 1808; m. dr. of Alexander Thur- 
bum of Keith: formerly in the East 
India company's civil service, dep.- 
lieut. of Banfiknire. 
Edengight House, Thornton, Banff. 

Innei, lady. Mary Anne, dr. of J. 
Williamson, of Stewarton, Ayrshire ; 
m. sir David Inncs {d.). 

Inskip, rev. Robert Mills, R.N., c.b. : 
formerly chaplain and naval instructor 
in the traimng ship for naval cadets 
«* Britannia." 

InTemrie, wise. (eld. s. of earl of Kin- 
tore). Algernon Hawkins Thomond 
Keith-Falconer; b. 1852; m. dr. of 
6 duke of Manchester: b.a. Cantab., 
capt. nwal Aberdeenshire highlanders 
militia from 1873. 

Irby, hon. Cecil Saumarez, s. of 6 
baron Boston ; b. 1862. 

Irby, hon. Gilbert Neville, s. of 5 
Iwron Boston ; b. 1864. 

Irby. hon. and rev. Llewellyn Charles 
Eobert, s. of 3 baron Boston ; b. 1822 ; 
mr. dr. of Jonathan Bullock, Faulk- 
boum, Essex : m.a. Oxon., rector of 
Whiston \*-ith Denton, Northampton 
(286/.} from 1851. 

Atkenaum ; Whiston, Northamp- 
ton ; 29 Kensington Fark Gardens, 



Irby, hon. Alice Fanny, dr. of 5 baron 

Boffton; b. 1863. 
Irby, hon. Christian Elizabeth, dr. of 2 

boron Boston ; b. 1786. 
10 Onne Square^ Bayswatery W, 

Irby, hon. Frances Matilda, b. 1810 ; 
hon. Georgina Albinia, b. 1816, drs. of 
3 baron Boston. 

IroBiide, John Bax-, s. of J. Baz, 
Bombav civil aervico; b. 1827; m. 
Mary, or. of maj-gen. R. Hughes : in the 
Ben^ ciyil service 1847-74, district and 
sessions judge at Mirzapore, 1869-74. 

Oriental ; Houghton-le'Spriiigy Ditr- 

Inrine, Matthew Bell, c.m.o., c.b. : 
served in Canada 1848-52, Australia 
1852^, the Crimea 1855-56, West In- 
dies 1861-64, Aldershot 1864-67, Spain 
in 1867, London 1868-70, special ser- 
vice on the Red River expedition in 
1870, assistant controller m London 
from 1871. 

Irving, major-gen. Alexander, R.A., 
C.B., 8. of John Lrving, writer to the 
signet, Edinburgh ; b. 1813 ; m. dr. of 
Charles 'Sarle, Truro; served in the 
Crimea, and command^ the artillery of 
the left attack at the bombardment of 
Sevastopol during the last four months 
of 1854, retired on full pay of col. 

Irving, Henry Turner, c.m.o.: pri- 
vate secretary to the under-secretary of 
state for the colonies (sir F. Rogers) 
1862-66, colonial secretary of Jamaica 
1866-69, of Ceylon 1869-73, governor of 
the Leerward islands, 1873-74, of Trini- 
dad (4000/.) from 1874. 

Irwin, staff-surgeon Ahmuty, R.N., 


Irwin, lieut.-gen. William: lieut-coL 
depdt battalion at Templemore 1857-62. 

Irwin, hon. mrs. Aurelia, dr. of 9 
baron Fairfax ; m. col. James Irwin. 

Isaac, Saul, s. of Lewis Isaac, Poole» 
Dorset; b. 1823; m. dr. (d.) of Ste- 
phen Hart, Gloucester Place, Hyde Park : 
an extensive colliery proprietor, M.P* 
(c.) Nottingham from 1874. 

junior Carlton ; Soelavettoti ManoTy 

If ham, sir Charles Edmund, 10 bart 
a627) b. 1819 ; m. dr. of rt hon. sir 
John Vaughan, and dow.-baroness St. 
John : M. A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of North- 
ants, and high sheriff m 1851. 
Jjamport Mall, Northampton. 

Isle of Wight, archdeacon of (Winches- 
ter) ; vide bp. MacdougalL 

Isted, hon. mrs. Frances Elizabeth, dr. 
of 1 vise. Anson, and sis. of 1 earl o 
Lichfield ; b. 1810 ; m. 1. hon. Charles 
Jol^ Murray ; 2. Ambrose Isted (s. of 
Samuel Isted, of Ecton, by dr. of rt. 
rev. bp. Percy of Dromore)^ b. 1797, 
dep.-lieut. of Northamptonshire. 

Boodle* 8y Arthur's; Ecton, North' 

Ives, hon. mrs. Emma, dr. of vise 
Maynard (extinct); b. 1813; m. John 
Robert Ives (d.), nigh sheriff of Hants 
in 1854. 

41 Hertford Street, Mayfair, W,; 
Benlworth Hall, Alton, Hants. 

Ivei, hon. mrs. Susan Anne, dr. of 2 
baron Talbot de Malahide; b. 1844; 
m. Cecil Robert St. John Ives (a. of 
John Robert Ives, by dr. of vise. Mav- 
nard), b. 1840, capt. royal horse guaros. 
Bentworth Haul, Alton, Hants, 





JaekBon, bp. ; vide Antigua. 

Jaekion, bp. ; vide Ijondon. 

Jackson, rice-adm. George Vernon, s. 
of George Jackson, Isle of Wight, and 
bro. of rapt. Caleb Jackson, royal navj- ; 
b. 1787; in. Jane Oldham Johnson, 
Kirby, Lancashire. 

Jackson, Henry Mather, q.c, eld. s. 
of sir William Jackson, 1 bart. ; b. 
1831 ; m. dr. of Thomas B. Bkck- 
bume, Grange, Birkenhead : m.a. Oxon., 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1859, 
queen's counsel 1873, m.p. (l.) Coventry 
1867-68, and from 1874. 

Oxford and Cambridge ; 7 Oxford 
Square, Hyde Park, W. ; 2 New 
Square^ Lincoln^ s Inn, JV.C. ; Llan- 
tiiio, Abergavenny. 

Jackson, sir Keith George, 4 bart. 
(1815) b. 1842 : m.a. Cantab., ex-lieut. 
42 ft. 

Arsley, Bedfordshire. 

Jackson, col. John, c.b., s. of rev. Gil- 
bert Jackson, d.d., Donhead St. Mary, 
Wilts : served in the Affghanistan cam- 
paign 1841-42, and in the Scinde cam- 
paijm 1843-48. 

The Lodge^ JTarbfedowny Canterbury. 

Jackson, sir William, 1 bart. (1869), s. 
of Peter Jackson, surgeon, Warrington ; 
b. 1805; m. dr. of lieut. Thomas 
Hughes: formerly engaged in the 
African trade, chief partner in the 
Clay-Cross colliery, Chesterfield, dep.- 
lieut. of Cheshire,'M.p. (l.) Newcastle- 
under-L}Tie 1847-65, north Derbvshire 

Reform; Manor House, Birkenhead; 
LJantilio^ Abergavenny ; 61 Portland 
P/aee, W. 

Jackson, surgeon-major Robert Wil- 
liam, C.B. 

Jackson, lady. Catherine Charlotte, 
dr. of Thomas Elliott, Wakefield ; m. 
sir George Jackson, k.c.h. (</.), judge 
at Loanda 1845-59. 

Ifoodiafid Villas, Upper Xoncood, 

Jacksoxi, lady. Jane, dr. of Edward 
Anuitage, I^amley Lodge, Cheltenham ; 

m. sir Charles Robert Mitchell Jackson 
{d.\ puisne judge in Bengal 1855-63,. 
ana auditor of the India office 1872- 

10 Bryanston Square^ JF. 

Jacob, major-gen. sir George le Grand, 
c.B.,K.c.8.i.,s. of JohnJacoo^Gnemsey; 
b. 1805 ; m. dr. (d.) of col. Utterton, 
Heath lodge, Croyaon, and sister of bp- 
Utterton : specialpolitical commiffiioner 
in the southern Mahratta country during 
the Indian mutiny 1857-1858, ibrmerly 
in the Bombay army. 

^asi India United Service; 12 
Queensborouqh Terrace, Keneington 
Gardens, l}'^. 

Jacob, major-gen. Herbert : formerly in 
the Bombay army. 

Jacob, Yen. archdeacon Philip : m.a. 
Oxon., canon of Winchester (800/.) from 
1834, archdeacon of Winchester from 
1860, vicar from 1831 of Crawley^ Win- 
Chester (874/.). 

Jacobson, bp. ; vide Chester. 

James, sir Francis Edward, 3 bart. 
(1823), 8. of 1 bart., lord mayor of 
Dublin; b. 1816; m. Helen, dr. of John 
Full^rton: m.a. Dublin. 
Richvieic, Donnybrook, Dublin. 

James, lieut. -gen. George, r.a. : served 
in the Peninsula and Trance 1812-14, 
retired on full pay of col. 

James, lieut. -gen. Hanghton : Bombay 

James, sir Henry, Q.c, s. of Philip 
Turner James, solicitor, Hereford ; b. 
1828 : cidled to the bar at the Inner 
Temple 1852, queen's counsel 1869, 
solicitor-general 1873, attorney-general 
1873-74, M.p. (L.) Taunton from 1869. 

St. Jamex's^ Garrick ; 1 New Courts 
Temple, E.G.; 23 Wilton Place, Bel- 
grave Square, S. W. 

James, niaior-gen. sir Henry, f.k.s., 
R.E., s. of John James, Truro ; b. 1803 ; 
m. dr. of major-general Matson, royal 
engineers : director of the geologiVal 
survey in Ireland 1844-46, director of 
admindtv engineering works at Ports- 
mouth 1 §46-52, director of the ordnance 



survey of Groat Britain from 1854, 
knight commander of the order of 

Athenmtin ; 4 New Street, Spring 
GardetMy S.W.; Ordnance House, 

Jamefy coL Thomas, c.b. : served in 
the Sutlej campaign 1845-46, in the 
Punjab campaign 1848-49, and in the 
Indian mutiny, controller of military 
accounts in Bengal from 1862. Bengal 
staff corps. 

Jamei, sir Walter Charles, 2 bart. 
(1791), B. of John, James, ambassador to 
the Netherlands;" b. 1816; m. dr. of 
Cuthbert Ellison, Hepburn hall, Dur- 
ham : M.A. Oxon., dep.-lieut. of Kent, 
and high sheriff in 18oo, m.p. (c.) Hull 

Carlton, Travellers^ ; Betshau^er, 
Sandwich; Langley Hall, Yorkshire; 
6 Whitehall Gardens, S. IF. 

JamM, Walter Henry, eld. s. of sir 
Walter Charles James, 2 bart.; b. 1846; 
m. dr. of J. Ne^*ton Lane, by dr. of 2 
boron Bagot: ».a. Oxon., m.p. Tl.) 
Gat^ead from 1874. St. Janie^s ; 
lictteshanger Fork, Sandwich, Kent; 
6 Whitehall gardens, S.W. 

Jamei, rt. hon. sir William Milboume, 
r.c, 8. of Christopher James, Swansea ; 
b. 1807 ; m. dr. oi rt. rev. bp. Otter of 
Chichester, and sister of (1) baroness Bo- 
milly : educated at the Glasgow univer- 
sity, odlcd to the bar at Lmcoln's inn 
1831, queen*s counsel 1853, vice-chan- 
cellor of the county palatine of Lan- 
caster 1853-69, a vice-chancellor 1869- 
70, one of tlie lords justices of appeal 
(6000/.) from 1870. 

Bcform. Atlwnaum ; 47 Wimpole 
Street, Jr.; Hound House, Shere, 

Jamei, dow.-lady. (Charlotte Rebecca, 
dr. of alderman John Cash, mayor of 
Dublin ; m. sir John Kingston James, 1 
bart., lord mayor of Dublin 1821-22, 
and 1840-41. 
9 Cavendish Row, Dublin. 

Jameiy dow.-lady. Frances, dr. of 
T. F. Wilkinson, Cahirelly castle^ and 
grand-dr. of col. Brasier, Kivers, Lime- 
rick ; m. sir John Kingston James, 2 
bart., 8. of 1 bart., lord mayor of Dublin 
1821-22, 1840-41. 
9 Cavetulish Bow, Dublin, 

Jameson, lady, widow of lieat-gen. sir 

George Inglis Jameson, k.c.s.i. (rf.), 
auditor of accounts to the Indiaii 

Janisch, Hudson Ralph : police ma^- 
trate at St. Helena 1851-56, acting 
queen's advocate 1856-57, acting colonial 
secretar}' in 1861 and 1868, colonial 
secretary and auditor-general 1868-73, 
governor of St. Helena (900/.) from 

Jardine, dow.-lady. Hyacinth, dr. of 
rev. W. S. Sjmonds, rector of Pendock, 
Worcestershire; m. sir Wm. Jardine. 
F.R.8., LL.D., 6 bart., vice-lieut. of 
Dumfriesshire 1848-74. 

Jardine, sir Alexander, 7 bart. (1672) 
b. 1829; m. Henrietta, dr. of W. 
Younger, Craigielands, Dumfries. 
Jardine hall, Lockerbie. 

Jamao, countess de. hon. Geraldine 
Augusta, dr. of 3 baron Foley; b. 1809; 
m. cousin Philippe de Rohan, count de 
Jamac Ts. of general vise, de Chabot, 
K.C.U., oy dr. of 2 duke of Leinster), 
chief secretary to the embassy from 
France to England in 1848, ambassador 
from 1874. 

Thomastotcn Castle, Golden, 2\p- 

Jarvis, col. Samuel Peters, CM. a. : 
served in the Lidian mutiny with 82 ft., 
and was in temporary command of three 
companies durmg tne relief of Luck- 
now, lieut.-col. h. p. 82 ft., deputy-ad- 
jutant-general of the third distnct of 
Canadian militia from 1865. 

Jeani, William David, r.k., c.b.: re- 
tired pa3miaster royal navy. 

Jee, sui^on-maior Joseph, v.c, c.b. : 
served m the Persian war 1857. in the 
Indian mutiny, and in the Ronilcund 
camnaign, surgeon 1 dragoons from 1854. 
l%c Mamr House, Market Deeping^ 

Jebb, lady Amelia Rose, dr. of 2 earl 
of Chichester: b. 1806; m. major-gen. 
sir Joshua Jeob, k.c.b. (<sf.), surveyor- 
general of prisons. 

8 The Grove, Boltons, West Bromp^ 
ton, S. W. 

Jeejeebl^oy, sir Jamsetjee, c.s.i., 2 
bart. (1857), s. of 1 bart., k.c.b. ; b. 
1811 ; m. 1. dr. of Dinshaw Coovergee, 
merchant, Bombay ; 2. Ruttonbaee (3ur- 
setjee : a magistrate for the town and 
island of Bombay, a local director of 
the Great India Peninsula ndlway. 


fellow of Ihc Bomlaj uniTBrsit)-, r 
bcr of the Bombay k'gialative mun 
Mazagim Caillt, BBiabai/. 

Agnew, and »i«ler of Robert Vbiib 
A»ncw, 11.I-. : Berred with 88 ft. in the 
CtWra, and commanded the regimeut 
at Inkcnnaon, knighl of the Uedjidie, 
lieut,-(*ol. h- p- dfjpAt battalion. 

Jtmmett, ban. mrs. Laura, dr. of 1 
bomn St. LHtnonli; m. William Jem- 
nietl (b. of W. Jemmett, borrirtcr at 
law), rolled tA the bar at the Middle 
Temple liiO, FommiBBianpi of bankrupts 
Rt Manchtsler 1845-69, ttcorder of 
^D^ston-upon-Hull from 1831. 

lankuu, David James, a. of John .Iud- 
IduB, Huvtrtordweat, and unele of £d- 
wani Jenltin«, n.v. ; fa. 1824 ; m. dr. of 
rev. John Howe, Cork r educated at the 
grammar nhoo^ Teigmuouth, Upvon, 

Jankiiu, cant. JtoWrt, p..n., c.b., «. of 
itnbert Boycott Lcightan Jenkini, 
CharltoD hill, Salop ; b. 182fi. 
II ifminctll Trrraef, JSArHctiurg. 
Jenldni, lady Carolina Anne, dr. of S 
earl of Jerwt; b. 1843; m. W. E. V. 
Jenkina. Bichar^ CiutU, LnJtoiB. 
Bnkiiu, lad;. Eliza Helen, dr. of 
Hush Spoltiiwoode, fienviekaluR ; ui. 
sir Kicbard Jenkins, o.c.B. (rf.). 
Janldnwa, sir Grorgc Samue], II bnrt, 
(1661), t. of rl. rev. bp. Jmkiiuon of 
St. Daiid's ; b. 1817 : m. di. of Anthony 
Lyster, Stillorgiin park, Dublin: ci- 
eapl. 8 hus»ar», dep.-lieuleiuuil of Glou- 
iVBlerahin', and high iheriff in 18G2, 
M.I', (c.) north Wilta from 1868. 

Amy Bad Katu, Carlt^; Savkn- 
• " - omi Fork, Brrkrlty, 

imded a 

Bhipintbe Ikltii: during the Crimen- 
war, partiii^r in tho drm of memiii. Jen- 
kins and CompaDy, mcrchontB and ship- 
ownere, ii.i'. iL.>Ialmouth and PpHfjn 
bom 1874, 30 Lime Slrrel, E.G.; 
131 Highbtirn A'ew Fari, Midi/ltier. 
AnMlu, Edward, a. of rev. Johu Jen- 
kins, D.ii., minirtCT of a Presbyterian 
chuieh in tloatrcal, and nephew of 
Lftrid James Jcnkini, u.e.; b. 1837; 
m. <lr. of Willkm Johnson, Belfast; 
educated in Canada, cnlli-d to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn lB(i4, author of " Ginx's 
Baby." " Lord Bantam," etc., agent for 
the Uominion of Canada in London from 
1874, M.P. (L.l Dundee from 1874, 

Sfforni; 6 Paper BuildiHgi, Tcmpit, 
20, Seulhiicli guri/mi, CloHrntee road, 


Janldns, luajor-gen. Francis : retired 
on full pay as cS. Bengal infimtr;'. 

Janldna, capt. Griffith, o. b. : fomierly 
iu the Indian nary. 

JtnMui, James, h.n., u.d., c.d.: ex- 
rtaff surgeon of the royal marine ar- 
tillery infirmary at Portsmouth, deputy 
inspector-jfcneral of hospitals nod fle-"- 
■t Brmiuda from 1873. 

Jlnkins, major-gen. John Jumcs: for- 
merly in the Undias 


Herbert Jenner 

TiWtv hail, Cambridge, by niece or 1 
earl oV Harewood; b. 182(1; m. dr. of 
capt. W. Finlaison, royal navy. goiTnior 
of the island of Asccnuon: ll.b. Can- 
tub., curate of Chevening, and of Bras- 
tcil, Kent, 1843-66, minor canon of 
Canterbury cathednd 1862-54, bp. of 
Dunedin Kew Zealand, 1866-70, neiiT 
rrom 1870 of rrciloii-atit-Winghati; 
SsitdicUh, Krut (4oO^). 

Jenner, sir William, k.d., F.n.K., 
D.C.L., K.C.B., 1 bart.n86S) b. IHld; 
m. dr. of Stephen Adey, Gloucester 
Place, London : educated at Umvenigt 
college, London, president of the mtbo- 
loginil Bocieh' 187!!, prnfeMor of clinical 
mediciDO in Univemty eolle^, London, 
pbyaiciun in ordtnnr)' to the Queen, and 
to the prince of Wales. 
63 Jrooi- Street, IF. 

Jenningi, Hnhdeiu'ou John. b. 1798: 
M.A. Dublin, I'nnon uf Wntminstcr 
neoe/.l from 1869, n.-etor of St, Jolia 
the Kvongeliit, Wwtminster, S.W. 
(367/.) from 183^, archdeacon of Wesl> 
minster from I8G'J, domestic chaplain ta 
4 marq. of Downahipc, treasurer ro tha 
eorp<inition of the sons of the clergy 
from 1874. 

18 J3rfln'» Iflcrf, HV«'iiiJri»(*r,,- 
Ticyneisli, C/icrltrg. 

Jephaon, sir Jatiics Ruuiimivz, S Imrt. 
(1815), •. of 1 bort., judge adrocntu at 



fiiule;; 3. Jane, widow of Dr. Terston ; 
13 light dragooiu : tx-coiumuDder Toyul 

MilfoTdMSadalming : Albany Villaa, 
Wtt Cliff, BrighlOH. 
Aphaon, m^.-gen. Sttmhope Willinm, 

Kuntta campaigns, commnndt-d tho 
■tonainE putv at Che western heights 
of Ponella, rGtirpd on full pay of Uu'Ul.- 
col. 2 ft. 

Jmluoa, hon, nira. Martha, dr. ot 1 
Mnm SuDitlley ; b, — ; m. Lorenzo Hiikie 
Jephion (d.), of Wilmar, Tipperary, 

7«phMil, dow.-lady. Charlotte Heli'ti, 
dr. of mr William Baynes, 2 bait. : ra. 
■ir Bichard Mounteney Jepliaoa, 2 bart- 

Jtmjil, bp. ; Ftdi Colombo. 

Jonnyit, earl (eld. s. of inarn. of Bristol). 

Jtrnlaghna, rear-adm. Arthur Wil- 
liam, ». of Williiun Charles Jeminghiun, 
an officer in tho Austrian Bemtv, aad 
nephew of baron Stafford; b. 1807; m. 
Sophia, dr. of Richard O'Farrcll Caddcll, 
Earbenitown, Ueath, bv dr. of liac. 
Southwell: served in the Mediterranmn, 
impecting conuiuinder of the coaatguard 

Jaralngbsm, hon. Charles William 
Staffoid-,>. of 2 baron Stafford: b. IST" 
ex-maj. 6 dragoon guarda. 

Jarningluuii, hon. George r^ult'iLi 
Stafford-, C.H., B. of 2 baron StuUbrd ; 
1806: aecretatyof legationat til. Llii>: 
1833, at Turin 1336, at Ligbi.ii Ix:;, 
Madrid 1839, gecretary of Ih'' n.ihu. 
at ConMantinoplc 1849, at I'lirL^ i!*- 
minuter at Stoi-kholm 1S53, at Kiuii^ 
IBM, envoy oitraoniinari- at Stinkli!) 
1860-7:2. {rlkd Uvc. 18f4.) 

Jeminghun, hoa. mrs. William George 
Stafford-. EgUntina.dr.ofF.A.Ehnorc, 
Lima, Peru; m. hun. W. G. Staflbrd- 
JerainghBin (rf.), congul-grai-ml in 
Peru 1857-73, minister resident 
conaul-general in I'eni 1873-74. 
Lima, Peru. 

J*TMtj, 7 pari of <1667). Victor Albert 
George Child ViUicrs; b. 1846; 

of the Koologitul ■ 

for Oifordihire, partner in Child aitd 

Co., bankera. 
Junior Carlton: OtlrrUjiFark, Miit- 

dleti ; Middletaa Pari, iieetter. Ox- 

fardiAin. ' 
Jnwj, dsan of (Winch.) ; vide W. C. 

Le Breton. 
Ibim7, dow.-countesa of. Julia, dr. of 

tt. hon. sir Kobert I'cel, 2 hart ; m. 1. 

sixth earl of Jersey ; 2. Chute* Brand- 

32 IVillm Place, S. W. ; MiJdlitiM 

Ball, Leedi. 

JarnMUem, bp. of (12001.). rt rev. 
Samuel Goluit, D.n. ; b. at Cramuie, 
Berne, 1799: raiaaionary in Aby»ima, 
1825, viie-principal of Malta Prot«tan[ 
eoUegp 1840-46, lip. of Jeruaalem from 
1846 (1200O. 

Million Mentf, Jerutalmt. 

lurvi*, lieut.-gBn. Henry : serred with 
Tl ft. in the Kaffir war 1834-36, ooL M 
ft. &nm 1872. 

Jnrii, col. Hemy Jervis White-, R.A., 
s. of lir Henry llcrodyth Jerrij White- 
Jen-ia^ 2 bart. ; b. l82o ; m. dr. of John 
Chevallier Cobbold, h.f. : emplojed 
under the board of ordnance m the 
United States 1855, and aasistaiit fn the 
'at 1864-72, retired 

I fuU I 

■ (C) 

Uarwi>'h from 1859. 

Carllim, Aaval and MilUary; 94 

Furadilly, W. 
iBrrtt, air Humphrey Charlea White- 

3 bart. (1797) : b. Isil. 

Ballv ElliK, Wexford; B^eoHtp, 

Cooloci, DuiliB, 
larrii, hon. Carnegio Parker, i of 3 

vise. St, Vincent; b. 1865. 
IsTTii, hon. Cecil Leonard, s. of 3 viae. 

St. Vinceat; b. 1861. 
Jarvii, hon. Edward Swynfen Parker-, 

s. oT 2 viKs. St. Vincent; b. 1816; m. 

Mary, dt. of J. Barker: ex-capt. 3 Htaf- 

fordahure miUtia,high sheriff of Stafford- 

shire in 1857. 
Alton Hali,SidUm OntdJIM; Tart 

Mall, Chendh; 25 St. Jiana/$ ttatt, 

FaU Mall, S.W. 
J«it1i, hon. John Edward Leveson, eld. 

a. of 3 TiK. St. Vincent ; b. 1860 : li«ut. 

Jarvii, hon. Ronald Clargea, a. of S 
vise. St. Vincent; b. 1859. 



Jervis, hon. St. I-#ger, s. of 3 vise. St. 
Vincent ; b. 1863. 

Jervii, hon. William Monck, b.c.l., 
bro. of 3 vise. St. Vincent ; b. 1827 ; m. 
dr. of Robert Sacheverell Sitwcll, Mor- 
ley House, Derby : called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1853, lici^. 3 Staflbrd- 
shire militia from 1860. 

United University ; 77 Chancery 
Lane, W.C.; The Eltns, Dvffietd Road, 

Jervifl, hon. Caroline Mary Francis, 
sis. of 3 vise. St. Vincent ; b. 1824. 

Jervis, hon. Emily Violet, b. 1857, dr. 
of 3 vise. St. Vincent. 

Jerviswoode, lord. hon. Charles Baillie, 
bro. of 10 earl of Haddin^n ; b. 1804 ; 
hon. Anne, dr. of 4 baron Polwarth: 
called to the Scotch bar 1830, sheriff of 
Stirlingshire 1853, solicitor-general for 
Scotland 1858, lord advocate in 1858, 
M .p. (c.) Linlithgo^^-shire in 1859, judge 
of the court of session 1859-74, one of 
Her Majesty's printers for Scotland. 
14 Randolph CreBcttit, Edinburgh. 

JenroiB, coL sir William Francis Dnim- 
mondj R.E., C.B., k.c.m.o.. s. of general 
Jervois, col. 76 ft. ; b. 1821 : sei*ved as 
brigade-major against the Boers 1842, 
and in the Kaffir war 1846-47, deputy 
director of fortifications and worlcs 
(700/.) from 1862, sent on a sneeial mis- 
sion to Canada ia 1863, ana to India 

}Far Office, S. W. ; 30 Cormcail Gar- 
dens, Queen*8 Gate, Honth Kensinaton. 

JervoiBO, sir Jervoise Clarke Clarke-, 2 
bart. (1813) b. 1804; m. dr. (^0 of 
Nisbet Thomson, Chapel Street, Gros- 
venor Place : dep.-licut. of Hants, m.p. 
(l.) South Hants 1857-68. 

hrook$\ Boodle* 8 ; Idsicorth Park, 
Horndean, Hants. 

Jeisel, rt. hon. sir George, p.c, s. of 
Zachariah Jessel. Savile Kow, London ; 
b. 1824 ; m. dr. of Joseph Moses, Leaden- 
hall Street : educated at University col- 
lege. London, called to the bar at Lin- 
com 8 Inn 1847, queen's counsel 1853, 
•olicitor-general 1871-73, m.p. (l.) Dover 
1868-73, master of the rolls (6000/.) from 
1873, a member of the senate of London 
I^MTtlaud, Reform; 10 Hyde Park 

' GardeM, W. 

i^MSijn, vigc. (eld. s. of earl of Koden). 

YOMlyii, maj. hon. Aufi[ustus Gi^orce 
Frederick, 8« of 2 earl of Hoden ; b. 181 1 ; 

m. 1. dr. of general sir Neil DougliM, 
K.c.B. ; 2. dr. (d.) of sir John Macneill, 
of Dundalk, ll.d. : ex-maj. 95 ft, a 
magistrate for Louth. 
Army and Nacy ; Duttdalkf Louth, 

Jocelyn, col hon. John Strange, a. of 8 
earl of Rodcn ; b. 1823 ; m. hon. Sophia, 
dr. of 1 baron Broughton : ex-capt. 
Scots fusilier gxiards, sen-ed in the 
Crimea, and commanded the 2 jager 
corps of the British German Ic^on^ 
knight of the legion of honour, and ot 
the Medjidie. 
30 6Y. James's Place, Pall Mall, 8. W. 

Jocelyn, hon. Nassau William, f.r.o.8., 
8. of 3 earl of Koden ; b. 1832 : m. dr. 
of adm. hon. George Elliot : attach^ at 
Hanover 1854, at Stockholm 1858, at 
Vienna 1^59, at Berlin 1859, second 
secretar}' of legation at Turin 1863-68, 
secretary* of legation at Stockholm 1868- 
73, at Ikme 1873, at Constantinople 
from 1874. 

Jocelyn, hon. nirs. John. Mary, dr. of 
capt. William S. Hill, of Bryansford, 
Down; m. capt. hon. John Jocel>Ti (rf.). 
15 Delamere Street, Upper Jrett- 
bourne Terrace, W.; Bryansford^ 

Jocelyn, dow. -viscountess. Frances, dr. 
of 5 earl Cowper; b. 1820; m. vise. 
JoceljTi (d.), father of 4 earl of Boden : 
an extra lady of the bedchamber to the 
Queen. 8 Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. 

JodreU, rev. sir Edward Repps, 3 bart. 
(1783) b. 1825 ; m. dr. of Robert T. 
Garden, River Lvons, King's co. : b.a. 
Oxon., rector of Saxlingham 1855-62, a 
magistrate for Norfolk. 

21 Portland Place, W. ; Sail Park, 
Reepham, Xorfolk ; Nethercote Parky 
Tetsxcorth, Oxfordtthire. 

Johnson, archdeacon Edward Ralph : 
M.A. Oxon., archdeacon of Chester from 
1871, minor canon of Chester cathedral 
1861-66, rector of Northctuiefi, Man* 
Chester (542/.), from 1866. 

Johnson, maj. -gen. Edwin Beaumont, 
11.A., c.B.,s. of sir Uenrj- Johnson, 2 bart.; 
b. 1825 : served in the Sutlej campaign 
1845-46, in the Punjab campaign 1848- 
49, and as assistant-adj.-gen. of artillery- 
in the Indian mutiny, aide-de-camp and 
assistant military- secretarj- to the com- 
mander-in-chief 1865-73, quartermaster- 
gen, in Bengal 1873-74, member of the 
Indiiin council from 1874, 



Johnson, very rev. George Henry Sa- 
cheverell, b.d., f.k.s. : m.a. Oxoii., 

fublic examiner in Oxford university 
8d4-oO, Savilian professor of astronomy 
1839-40, White's pi-ofessor of monu 
philosophy 1842-4d, Whitehall preacher 
l»52-o4, vicar of Wells 1855-70, hon. 
joint curator of the archieniBcopal library 
at Lambeth, dean of Wells from 1854. 
Deaneryy Wvlls. 

Johnson, rear-adm. John Ormsby : 
served in the West Indies 1844-47. 

Johnson, sir John Henry, s. of John 
Johnson, St. Osyth's, Essex ; b. 1826 ; 
m. dr. of J. Foster, Scarborough, York- 
shire : sherifi' of London and Middlesex 
in 1874. 

St. OsyW 8 Priory. Colchester, Easex ; 
76 Portland Place, JK. 

Johnson, col. sir Henry Franks Frede- 
rick, 3 hart. (1818) b. 1819 ; m. dr. of 
sir I)avid William Barclay. 10 bart., by 
dr. of marq^. de Rune: dep.-quarter- 
master-gen. m Mauritius 1805-60, dep.- 
adj.-gen. in Jamaica 1866-69, conmiand- 
ing the forces in the Windward and Lee- 
ward islands 1869-73, lieut.-col.h. p. 5 ft. 
Army and Navy. 

Johnson, John George, s. of rev. Peter 
Johnson, prebendary of Exeter ; b. 1829 ; 
m. dr. of sir Theodore Brinclonan, 1 bart. : 
M.A. Oxon., a magistrate and dep.-lieut. 
of Devonshire, and high sherift' in 1872, 
capt. royal north Devon hussar yeo- 
manry from 1859, m.p. (c.) Exeter from 

Carlton, Arthur* 8 ; Cross, Little Tor- 
rington, Devon; Winkleigh Court, 
CredUon, Devon. 

Johnson, sir William George, 4 bart. 
(1755) ; b. 1830: ex-lieut. royal artillery. 

Johnson, sir William Gillilan, s. of 
William Johnson. Fortfield, Antrim ; b. 
1808 ; m. dr. of Tnomas Hughes, Fisher- 
wick, Antrim: m.a. Dublm, called to 
the Irish bar 1838, m.p. (c.) Belfast 
1841-42, mayor of Belfast in 1849, dep.- 
lieut. of Down, a magistrate for JDo\^ti, 
and for Antrim. 

Carlton ; Clifton Villa, Belfast. 

Johnson, vice-adm. William Waixl Per- 
ceval; b. 1790; m. Elizabeth, dr. of 
rear-adm. Thomas Harvey, c.B. : em- 
ployed at the Cape, in the Mediterranean 
where he co-operated with the patriots 
on the coast of Catalonia 1811, employed 
on the coastguard 1836-41. 

Johnson, hon. mrs. Anne, dr. of 5 baron 
Bemers; b. 1799; m. rev. John Mun- 
nings Johnson, b.a. Cantab., chaplain 
to 6 baron Bemers 1850-71, rector of 
Scoulton, Thetford,Norfolk (466/.), from 

Johnson, hon. mrs. Cecilia, dr. of 1 
baron Campbell; b. 1835; m. Henry 
Vaughan Johnson (s. of rev. J. Johnson, 
LL.D., rector of Welbome, Norfolk), 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1848. 
1 Stone Buildings, Lificoln*8 Inn, 
TF.C; 14 Curzon Street, May fair, W,; 
Holt Lodge, Norfolk. 

Johnston, major-gen. Charles Com- 
wallis, K.E. : retired on full pay as col. 
royal Madras engineers. 
74 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, W, 

Johnston, lieut.-gen. Frederick. 
10a Albany, Piecadilly, W. 

Johnston, ^neral Thomas Henry, s. of 
rt. hon. sir Alexander Johnston, by dr. 
of lord Wm. Campbell; b. 1807: served 
in the Canadian rebeUion 1837-38 with 
66 ft, and afterwards commanded the 
regiment for many years on foreign 
service, col. 66 ft. from 1870. 

Travellers', United Service ; 21 Great 
Cumberland Place, Bryanston Square. 
W.; Carnsalloeh, Dumfries; Domain 

Johnston, sir William, 9 bart. (1626) 
b. 1849 : a magistrate for Aberdeenshire. 
Hilton House, Woodside, Aberdeen^ 

Johnston, sir William, s. of Andrew 
Johnston, publisher, Edinburgh; b. 
1802 ; m. 1. dr. of James Pearson, 
Fala Mill; 2. dr. of William Ker, 
Gateshaw, Roxburghshire, and widow 
of rev. William Scoresby, d.d. : lord 
)rovost of Edinburgh 1849-51, dep.- 
ieut. of Edinburgh, a director of the 
)oard of prisons for Scotland. 

Kirkhill House, Gorebridge, Mid" 

Johnston, William, s. of J. B. John- 
ston, Ballykilbeg, Do»ti; b. 1829; m. 
1. dr. of Robert Allen ; 2. dr. of rev, 
Thomas Drew, d.d. ; 3. dr. of sir John 
Hay, 7 biut. : m.a. Dublin, m.p. (c.) 
Be^ast from 1868. 
Ballykilbeg, Belfast. 

Johnston, lady Eleanor, dr. of 3 earl of 

Wicklow: b. ; m. I. Thomas 

James Fetherstonhau^h^ of Bracklyn, 
Killucan; 2. col. William Frederick 
Johnston, ex-lieut.-coL grenadier 

dr. of 12 baron I^uth: 
oapt. John Douglas Johi 


rusrdB, vrved in the Pemiuuls, at I 

Qunlre Bra», and at Waterloo. 
23 South Stral, GroiCfHorSyitart,W. 
Muutona. sir Frciierick John William, 

8 bail. (1700) b. 1S41 : m.a. Oxon., 

lieut. Dorsetahire yoonunr}' from 18ST, 

11.P. (c.) We>Tnouth from 1874. 

T«rf, Carlton; Wtittrhatl, Lang- 
holm, Dtmfriaahire ; 9 Arlington 

Street, PiecttdiU<i. W. 
Johnitana, sirHaruoiiH, 3 bart. (179S), 

■. of 2 bart., M.F., by dr. of archbishop 

HarcoDit of Tork ; b. 1829 ; in. dr. of 

mr Charlea Hills, 1 bort.: ei-Ueut. 2 

life guards, dtp.-licut. o( Yorkshire, 

«.p. (L.) Scarborough from 1869. 

TraetlUrt- ; BackntH Bail, Sear- 
borough ; 34 Belgmve Square. 
JoluutoiM, Heiiiy Alexander Butler-, 

a. of hon. Henry Eutler-Johnstone (a. 

of 13 baron Uumboyne), by dr. of nr n.acntut.miinjiKt, 

Alexander Uunto, niece and heir of JoUifib, hon. Hedworth HyltoQ, eld. 

1, Feimanagb). b. IB38, capt. 

Jahnitoiia, hon. mra. Andrew Coch- 
rane-, only dr. and heir of baron de- 
Glugny, governor of Guadaloupe; m. 1. 
Ba^-mond Godet. of Martinique : 2. hon. 
A. J. Cochrane-Johnslone (if.), i. of S 

lohnitone, hou. uirs. Oct&Tia Hope-, 
dr. of 3 baron Macdonald; b. ISIO; m. 
William James Hope-Johoatone (rf.), 
a. of J. J. Uope-JohiKtone, of Annan- 
dale, u.r. 

22 Cadogan Flaa, Shane SIrert, 
"^ - "-.hilU.D.^/rU- 

33 ft, 

S. IF. ; 

reral Johnstone, Corchead, Dumfries : 
1837: b.jl. Oxon., n.i: (c.) Can- 
teriiDry, bom 1862. Atituaum, Car' 
ton; Aiirhrn Vaitle, Moffat, DimfrU 
thire; 8 Stamare flace, Mayfair, W 
JolmttoiM, cot. Henry Cumpbelt, c.b 
•erved in the Bundelrund campai) 
1842-43, in the Eusofstie campaign 186 
"I, and in the Ha/ara 

of 1 baron Eytton ; b. 1829 ; m. lady 
Agnea Mary, dr. of 2 earl of Strafford 
{divorced in 1872) ; ei-capt. coldatrram 
guards, waa in the light cavalry brigade 
at BaluclBva, capt. north Someraetshire 
yeomanry from lS6o, Jl.r. (c.) Wclla 

Carlton, Junior Carlton, Aring and 


61, and in the Ha/ara camoiiign 1 _ ^, _ 

deputy auperinlcndent of the revenue JoUUfe, hon. Si^ncer Hylton, 8. of 1 
survey on the nortli-weat frontier of, baron Hylton ; b. 1856: capt. 2 Surrey 
the Punjab from 1866. 1 royal militia from 1B73. 

JohlUtOII*, capt. John Jamca Hope, I 16 Slralloit Ulreel, PUtadiUs 

giandsoD of John James Hope John- I XrrtlAam Book, Siil Hill, Surrey. 
•tone, «i.r., and s. of William James , Jrtliife, ^hon. Walter HyltoD, B. of 

cuarda, i 
IS7t. a 

: by dr. of 3 bu 
842; lieut. 

Saeliilli, Annai 

AntMlw, lieut, - gen. Moota^e 

Cholmeley, s. of James Itajinond Johti- 

Itone, of Alva ; b. 1804 : m. Louisa, dr. 

of general sir Henry Somerset, and 

grand-dr. of lord Charles Somerset: 

•erved with 27 ft. in the KaAir vt,n 

1834-35, 1846-47, cot. 88 ft. from 1864. 

(if. Dee. 1874.} . - 

■» admiral air Wtiliam James '■>"••. 

JoUiffft, hon. William Sidnaj Hylton, 
t. of 1 baron Uvlton ; b. 1841: m. 
Gertrude, dr. of Itiehard Eaton, n.f., 
Stetthworth Park, Ciunbridgeehire ; cx- 
capt. Scots fusilier guards, U.V. (f.) 

Held froi 

Hope, K.C.B., 
■ir William J< 

fry Square, IF. 
mM, lip. ; vide St. 1 

of V 

Hope, a.cB., b. 
ifus; m. ar. oi sir Thomas lUrk- 
patrick, 5 bart,: eommander-in-chiel 
on the south Ameriean station 1854-57, 
and at SheemeH 1860-63, rear-adminil 
of the United Kinfnlnm ftvm 1870. 

Johm, Uent.-geii. Henry Kichmoiiil, 
C.B., s. of rev. Inigo Jones, Chobham, 
Surrey; b. ISOSi m. dr. of J. N. 
Walker, Culderstone, Lancashire : eom- 
manded the carabiiii-ers in the Crimiiio 



knight of the Medjidie, col. 14 hussars 
1869-73, col. 6 dragoon guards from 
Jonof, Humphrey Stanley, c.B. : served 
with the Osmanli cavalry in the 
(himean war, knight of the Medjidie, 
deputy commissary-general 1860-66, 
commissary-general 1865-69. 

Jonei, archdeacon John : m.a. Cantab., 
archdeacon of Liverpool from 1855, 
perpetual curate from 1850 of Christ 
Church, Water looy Liverpool (200/.). 

Jonei, John, s. of J. Jones, Blaenos ; 
b. 1813 ; m. cousin, dr. {d.) of David 
Thomas Wallfield, Radnor: called to 
the bar at the Middle Temple 1839. 
dep.-lieut. of Carmarthcnsmre, and 
high sheriff in 1854, m.p. (c.) Car- 
marthenshire from 1868. 

Carlton, Comcrvative ; Blaends, 

JOAM, miyor-geu. sir John, k.c.b., 

natural s. of St. Paul; b. 1811 ; 

m. Sarah, dr. of WiUiam Graves, m.d. : 
served in the Indian mutiny, and com- 
manded the 60 rifles at tlie siege of 
Delhi, commanded the Roorkee field 
force in 1858, inspecting Held officer of 
the Liverpool recruiting district 1861. 
United ISirvicc ; 8 Liverpool Road, 

Jones, archdeacon John Wynne, s. of 
rev. Hugh Wj-nne Jones ; b. 1804 ; m. 
dr. of William Jones: m.a. Oxon., 
archdeacon of Bangor from 1862, canon 
of Bangor (350/.) from 1863, vicar 
of Bodedem, Anglesey (320/.) from 
1868. Treiorwerth, Holyhead. 

Jonei, J. Singleton, k.h. 

Jonei, admii-al sir Lewis Tobias, o.c.B., 
8. of capt. Le^n8 Tobias Jones, 14 ft., of 
Ardnaglas, Sligo; b. 1799: 8er>-ed at 
Acre, in the Walcheren expedition, and 
at the bombardment of Algiers, capt. of 
the " Penelope " on the coast of iVfrica 
1848, and commanded a di\'ision of 
boats at the destruction of the slave 
barracoon in the Gallinas, commanded 
the forces at the capture of Ltigos 1851, 
commanded the trench and English 
squadrons at the bombardment of 
Odessa during the Crimean war, second 
in conmiand in the Chinese war 1860- 
61, commander-in-chief on the Cork 
station 1862-6^5, officer of the legion of 
honour, knight of the Medjidie. 

United Service; Down £nd, Fare- 
hatHy Hants. 

Jonei, rear-adm. Oliver, s. of nugor- 
gen. Oliver Thomas Jones, and bro. of 
Robert Oliver Jones, hign sheriff of 
Glamorganshire in 1838 ; b. 1813 : com-* 
modore at Hong Kong 1866-73. 

Jonei, lient.-gen. sir William, K.C.B., 
s. of William Jones, Glan Helen, Car- 
narvon ; b. 1808 ; m. dr. of John Tut- 
hill. Limerick: served in the Punjab 
campaign 1848-49, commanded 61 ft. at 
the battle of Goojerat, commanded a 
troop of Bengal horse artillery and the 
61 ft. to the Khyber pass, commanded 
3 infantry brigade at Delhi during the 
mutiny, received a piece of plate from 
the inhabitants of Skipton in lorkshire 
for his promptness in suppressing the 
Chartist disturbances there m 1842, col. 
32 ft. from 1871. 

United Service; KUmore House, 
Kilmallocky Limerick. 

Jonei, sir WiUoughby, 3 bart. (1831) 
s. of lieut.-gen. sir Thomas Jones, 
K.C.B., 1 bart. ; b. 1820 ; m. dr. of 
Henry Taylor Jones: m.a. Cantab., 
studied for the bar for two years till 
1845, dep.-lieut. of Norfolk, and high 
sheriff in 1851, m.p. Cheltenham 1847- 
48. Athcneenm ; Cranmer Hall, Faken- 
ham, Norfolk. 

Jonei, hon. Henrietta, dr. of 6 yisc*. 
Ranelagh ; b. 1819. 

Jonei, hon. mrs. Clementina Fleming, 
sIb. of 15 baron Elphinstone; b. 1827; 
m. col. Douglas Jones, capt. h. p. im- 

Jonei, hon. mrs. Mai^ret Nugent, dr. 
of 2 baron Talbot de Malahide; b. 
1815 ; m. Thomas Jones {d.). 
Hinton Charterhouse, Bath, 

Jonei, lady Elizabeth Mallet, dr. of 4 
earl of lisbume ; b. 1840 ; m. John Inglis 
Jones, b. 1829, m.a. Oxon., a magis- 
trate and dep.-lieut. of Cardigan, and 
high sheriff in 1851, ex-lieut. royal 
horse guards. 

Anny and Navy, Carlton, Boodle* s; 
7 Wimpole Street, IF,; DerryOnnond, 
Lampeter, Cardigan, 

Jonei, lady Millicent, dr. of 2 earl of 

Gosford; b. ; m. Henry Bence 

Jones, F.K.B., M.D. (</.), consulting sur- 
geon to St. George's ho8{)ital, and 
secretary to the royal institution. 

Jonei, lady. dr. of rev. Thomas 
Homsby, rector of Hoddesdon; m. 
general sir Harry D. Jones, R.E., d.c.l., 
o.c.B. {ft.), governor of Sandhurst col- 



lege 1856-66, bro. of major-gen. sir 
John Jones, k.c.b., 1 bait. 
Stratford-^m'Avou . 
Joyoe, hon. mrs. Ellen, dr. ot 4 baron 
Dynevor; b. 1832; m. rev. James 
Gerald Joyce, m.a. Oxon., vicar of Bur- 
ford 1850-55, rector from 1855 of 
Strathfieldaaye, TTinehJleld, Hants 


Juljan, sir Penrose Goodchild, c.b., 
K.c.K.o. : special commissioner of roads 
and bridges in Lower Canada 1839-45, 

assistant financial commissioner to the 
board of works in Ireland 1848-52, 
director of a branch of the royal mint 
in Australia 1852-54, constructed the 
*' marine steam flour mill" for the sup- 
ply of the army in the Crimea, partner 
in the firm of Julyan and &tfgent, 
crown agents for the colonies, from 

12a Spring Gardent^ S.W. ; Com^ 
wall House, 7 Brompton Crescent^ South 



; Borrii Eoutf, Cartoip ; 12 P«- 

OUawaj, Tho ' Gioie, B^khoth^ 
11.H.C.8., nM«taiil-enrgeou of Guy'e 
hoBpital : member of the royal poUege of 
euTKeooB 1S12, h.d. Aberdeen uniTenity 
1853, rector of 8t, Andrew. Moritiburgh, 
1B66~58. of Spring VnlE' 1868-73, canon 
of rietcnnanUburg 18o8-73, bp. of 
Kaffraria from 1873. 

KuiB, sir Robert, f.k.k., b. of Jolin 
Kane, nierfhant. Dublin ; b. 1810 ; ni. 
dr. of Henry Bail)-, Norbury, Berks, 
and Jiieco of^ Francie Bnily, nce-presi- 
dent of the royal society : h.a, Dublin, 
formerly profwsor of naiuml philomphy 
in the royal Dublin »ociely, preaident of , 
Queen's iMillcgF, Cork, lSoO-&4, director , 
of the inilustrial museum of Ireland, . 
one of the Miinle of the Queen's unii-er- 
sity in Ireland, d™n of the faculty of 
the rojTil college of scicnee for Ireland. I 
member of the Dublin univ. council 
from 1S71. j 

Atienaum; 51 SlepSen'i GrrenA 
Dablin ; Wickhaia, Dundrvm, Dublin. \ 

ZknUkt, ur John Burgeiu, q.d., s. of 
Henrj- Karalake, solicitor, Hegent Street, 
by dr. of Richard Preston, a.o., m.p. ; 
b. 1S21; called to tho bar at the 
Middle Temple 1846, queen's («unse] 
1861, solicitor-general 18*6-67, attomeT- 

Scneral 1867-68, and from January to 
,pril 1874 when he resigned, treasurer 
of tho Middle Temple in 1872, M.f. 
(c.) Andover 1867-68, Huntingdon 
from 1873. Cotucn-atiri, Carllim ; 2 , 
Stsex Coiirl. Templr, E.C. ; 7 Chatet 
Square, Pimlico, S. W. 
KkTsnkgh, Arthur MacMairoagh, s, 
of Thomas Karanagh, of dr. I 
of 2 earl of Clnncartv ; b, 1831; in. dr. 
of rev, Joseph Forde teathlcy, Tremon- 
fechin rectory, Louth : a magistrate for 
Carlow, Eilkennj', and Wexford, high 
aheriffof Kilkenny in 1856. and of Car.. ' 
loT in 1857, chairman of the New Ho«i> 
board of gunrdiaua, m.p. (e.) WexfonJ 
CO, 1866-68, Carlow co. from 1868. i 

Carltim; SattrUlt Slrttt ClMl>,DHb- 

toria Squa 



KftTUtftgh, hoD. mre. Mary CoiutBU- 

tia. dr. of 8 baron Clifford ; b. 182S ; m. 
1. WUliam Joseph Vavasour (a. of hon. 
sir Edward Vavasour, 1 but.) ; 2. Mau- 
rice Dennis Karanagh. ll.d., called to 
the bar at the Middle Teraple 1871. 

2 King'i bftieh Kali, Temple, B.C. ; 
Graiidale, Eccltihati. 
KftvMiKgh, lady Harriet Margaret, dr. 
of 2 earl of Clancarty ; b. 1799; m. 
Thomas Kavanagh, m.p, (d.) 

The Lodge, BaltyraggeC ; Bwrit 
Baute, CarUne. 

Brook, i bart (1SD3), b. 
a, dr. of John Percival Wilinot, 
Westbury, Sherborne: ei-capt 6 
Bombay natiTo infantry, brigade-major 
at Aden 1850-54. 
Eft7, dow.-lady. Anne, dr. of Williuu 
Howes, Winsen, Gloucestenthire: m., 
as his second wife, sir Brook Say, 3 
K»ye, lieut.-gpn. Edward, R.A., O.B., 
s. of Charles KaTc, solicitor to tha bank 
of England, and bro. of air John V. 
Save, K.c.B.i. : served in tha Affgha- 
nisfan tampaign 1839-40, in the Punjab 
campaign 1848-49, and in the Indian 
mutiny, commanded the Mooltan bri- 
j gade 1888-72, retired on full pay ax 
I major-gen. Royal Bengal artillery. 
Eftys, sir John Pcpys Lister-, 3 bart. 
I (1812), B. of Lister Lirter-Kaye, by dr. 
of 1 earl of Cottenham ; b. 1853 : ei- 
lieut. royal horse guards. 

J}eniy Orange, Wakffitld ; 8 Btav- 
I fort Gariinu, South KemingtM, S. W. 
Kftya, sir John William, F.R.H., 
E.c.n.I.,s. of Charles Kaye, solicitor to 
the bank of Englaiid ; b. 1814; m. 
Mar}', dr. of Thomas Pitekle, chainnan 
of quarter sesaions for Surrey ; formerly 
in the Bengal artillery, author of the 
"History of the War in Affirtiajiistan,' 
"History ot the Sepoy war," etc., 
etc., Becretary in tba political and 



secret department of the India council 

Oriental, Atherueum ; Cljffe JEwue, 
Langharne, Carmarthen; liy Oakfield 
Boad, Fenge, Surrey, 
Xaye, archdeacon William Frederick 
John, s. of bp. Kaye of Lincoln; b. 
1822 ; m. dr. of bp. Jackson of London : 
M.A. Oxon., archdeacon of Lincoln from 
1863, vicar of south Carlton (200/.) 
from 1847, and rector of Eiseholme, 
Lincoln (100/.) fitnn 1847. 

Xaye, lady Caroline Lister-, dr. of 1 
earl of Cottenham ; b. 1827 ; m. Lister 
lister-Kaye (^.), father of sir John 
Pepys lister-Kaye, 3 bart. 

8 Beaufort Gardens, South Keneing- 
ton, S. tr. ; Denby Orange, Wake- 

Xaje, dow.-lady Lister-. Elizabeth, 
dr. of rev. John William Bowen, 
Bramston, Yorkshire ; m. as his second 
wife, sir John. Lister Lister-Kaye, 2 

Xeane, 2 baron (1839). Edward Ar- 
thur Wellington Keane ; b. 1815 ; m. 
dr. of Samuel Yates Benyon, Denston 
Hall, N