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CLASS OF 1889 


This book must not 
be taken from the 
Library building. 

Form No. 471 

This book has not been copyrighted. If there is 
good within, then let it be shared. 

The Compiler 

A Beparate Coat of Arms suitable for framing, is 
available from the compiler for $5>00 

c3 cd 

c « o 

a> a co 

y d 0) 

K E 


a a o 

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 



Coat of Arms: Kenan iii 

Picture of "Liberty Hall, Ancestral Home of Kenan Family, 

Kenansville, Duplin County, North Carolina v 

Part I 

Introduction xi 

Acknowledgements xiii 

The System of Numbering xv 

Genealogical Abbreviations xvi 

List of Pictures xvii 

Genealogical Chart of Compiler and Publisher xix 

Part II 

The Progeni tors 1 

Letter from Gilbert Johnstone Jr. to Susanna (Barefield) Johnstone 

giving family history 2 

Coat of Arms of Governor Gabriel Johnston, Esq. of N. C 2 

Chapter I Thomas Kenan and His Descendants 3 

Chapter II James Kenan and His Descendants 9 

Chapter III Owen Kenan and His Descendants 87 

Chapter IV Michael Johnstone Kenan and His Descendants 97 

Chapter V Arabella Kenan and Her Descendants 113 

Chapter VI Elizabeth Kenan and Her Descendants 115 

Chapter VII Penelope Kenan and Her Descendants 123 

Chapter VIII Jane Kenan and Her Descendants 153 

Part III 

Chapter IX Felix Kenan and His Descendants 159 

Chapter X William Kenan and His Descendants 175 

Part IV - Lineages 

Lineage of Annandale Johnstone family from 1214 to 1792 when 

the title became dormant I8g 

Excerpts and summary of letter from Kajor James D. Johnstone of 

Georgetown, S.C. Regarding Annandale Peerage Cases 191 

The Johnston - Kenan Family Just Prior to and after Arrival 

in America , jq2 

Descent of John Johnstone of Stapleton I95 

Lineage from Charl emagne \a-j 

Lineage from Magna Charta Sureties 198 

Americans of Hoyal Descent 159 

Pictures from Scotland 200 

Part V 

Sketches of Some Allied Families 208 

Brannen • 210 


Everett 224 

Fraser 227 

Hardy 232 

Hedleston 233 

Hinton 238 

James 240 

Kimbrough 242 

McCall 245 

Richardson 248 

Routledge 2S0 

Table of Contents (continued) 

Part VI 

Addenda [Material Received Too Late to be Included In It's 

Proper Place 253 

Abstracts of Hills of Early Ancestors 257 

Biblio^Taphy 259 

Index 264 




There is greater interest today than ever before in the history and gen- 
ealogy and traditions of our forefathers. 

This 'book began as a simple genealogical account of the immediate family 
of the Compiler and Publisher. As research progressed it became evident 
that a genealogy of the Kenan family had never been published, and that a 
great many people - descendants - were vitally interested in seeing it done 
and in helping in every way which they could toward this goal. The Compiler 
found that bit by bit this book had been extended until it eventually in- 
cluded all branches of the Kenan family which left Ireland and immigrated 
to the Cape Pear area of North Carolina in the 1730s. 

Any family history is like a coral reef; it is not compiled by any one 
person but by numerous individuals, over the generations, who have contri- 
buted information from time to time about their respecti e lines. Some 
individuals in various branches of the family, have had a great deal written 
about them, while in other instances there has been no published material. 
This book is not intended as a biography of individuals, but as a genealo- 
gical account. 

Although the Institute of Genealogical Research teaches that tales of 
"three brothers" are usually unfounded, research proved that it is a fact 
rather than family tradition, that the three Kenan brothers, Thomas, Felix, 
and William, all came to America. Accounts of the dates of arrival vary 
from 1730 to 1735 to 1738, and it is possible that this is due to the bro- 
thers not coming together, but actually arriving at three different times. 
They all settled in the northern part of Hew Hanover County, North Carolina. 
When Duplin Co. was formed 1749-50) "the land of Thomas and Felix fell into 
Duplin Co., but ,'illiam Kenan seems to have remained in Hew Hanover Co. in 
the early days. 

The Kenan men and women who came to this country in the 1730s, left 
home-ties far behind in order to make a new home for themselves and their 
children. They braved dangers, endured hardships, suffered privations; and 
they lived under the most primitive conditions. Their experiences gave 
them great firmness of character. To be a descendant of these hardy, God- 
fearing men and women is an honor, and to share in their ideals is a priv- 

SOURCES OF IliFORjVATIOU: The data, contained in this book was gathered 
by the Compiler from many sources over a period of four years. The prin- 
cipal sources of Kenan information were: State Department of Archives and 
History, Raleigh, N.C.; State Department of Archives and History, Atlanta, 
Georgia; national Archives; Library of Congress; Library, Daughters of 
American Revolution, Jashington, D.C.; Courthouses of various counties of 
Korth Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, including Duplin Co., N.C., the cen- 
ter of Kenan activity in Kenansville; Sampson Co. which was cut off from 
Duplin Co. in it's formation in 1784, taking the Kenan homestead located at 
Turkey, i..C; and Gadsden Co., Fla. to which community the great grandfa- 
ther of the compiler and publisher migrated in 1831 from Duplin Co., K.C. 
Data on allied families came chiefly from County Courthouses of Bulloch, 
Screven, Effingham, Liberty, and Chatham in Georgia. Other help came from 
old family Bible records, old newspaper files, the Georgia Genealogical 
Magazine, tombstone inscriptions, microfilm copies of Census records, 
rented thru the Southwestern Genealogy Library in El Paso, Texas; and 
others too numerous to mention. 

It was the desire of the Compiler that this book be as accurate as pos- 
sible, and m the beginning only data which could be supported with proof 
was accepted. However, many descendants wished the record of their child- 
ren and grandchildren to become a part of the book. It can only be said 
that whenever possible, documentary proof has been shown. 

The Compiler welcomes corrections and additions to wlmt is recorded 
herein. All of these will be kept and passed on to anyone reprinting; or 
extending the research contained in this volume. 

It is hoped that this work will encourage others to undertake a similar 
work. It is fun as a hobby, and leaves a written record of the rich heri- 
tage which so few of us knew about prior to the research. The next genera- 
tion and those yet unborn, deserve to know of this heritage which is theirs. 

Additional copies of this book may be ordered prepaid from the Compiler 
@ $10.00 plus 250 postage per book, and will be sent promptly as long as 
they last. Please order as followst 

Krs. Alvaretta Kenan Register 
5514 Monroe Place, Apt. 302-B 
Norfolk, Virginia - 23508 

July 11, 1967 


The entire Kenan family owes a debt of gratitude to Geveral people thru 
several generations, who stand out in their contribution toward the preser- 
vation of family history. A few of these are named for the benefit of all. 

1. Gilbert Johnstone Jr., "the letter-writer" , son Gilbert Johnstone Sr. 
and grandson of John of Stapleton. At the insistence of his daughter-in-law 
Mrs. Hugo Johnston [Susanna Barefield], he wrote a letter to Susanna dated 
March 8, 1790, giving the family history, including the marriage of Eliza- 
beth Johnstone and Thomas Kenan. This letter has been accepted as proof by 
patriotic societies. 

2. Mrs. Susanna (Barefield) Johnston, who insisted that her father-in-law 
"write it down". The letter is reproduced elsewhere in this book. 

3. Rev. Samuel Johnston, D.D. , who in the 1830s, made several trips to 
S.C., N.C., and Virginia gathering family data, the letter of 1790 to Sus- 
anna, and pistols used by Gilbert Johnstone Sr. , Gentleman, [pictures of 
pistols are elsewhere in this book]. 

4» Huger W. Johnston [pronounced as Hugh Ej, Eldest son of Huger F. John- 
ston of Idlewild, Gordon Co., Ga. , inherited the family data, and pistols 
from his uncle Rev. Samuel Johnston; and took great pride in preserving and 
sharing the information. 

5. Mrs. Kathleen Johnston Parr, daughter of Huger W. Johnston, preserved 
the 1790 letter, pistols, and other documents and heirlooms of the family. 
Her son was Professor of English at Univ. of Ala. 

6. Major James D. Johnstone, 1524 Front St., Georgetown, S.C. descendant 
of Gilbert Johnston, writer of the 1790 letter to Susanna, who has visited 
Annandale in Scotland, and done much to preserve family data. 

7. Former Governor of Ala. and U.S. Senator of Ala., Joseph Forney John- 
ston who did much research, and who wrote a genealogy of the Johnston Family, 
Annandale - America. 

8. Robert Gignilliat Kenan of Birmingham, Ala. who preserved the diary of 
his great grandfather, Michael Johnston Kenan (1807-1875), and other family 
data and has shared it. 

9. Claude Hunter Moore, local historian of Sampson Co., N.C., who pre- 
served many items which would have been forgotten; and who assisted this 
compiler by supplying data about old-timers in several chapters, particul- 
arly Chapters VI, VII, and VIII, and told of their descendants still living 
in the area. 

10. Mrs. George Worley, Clinton, N.C. formerly State Historian D.A.R. of 
N.C, and in this capacity compiled a book on the Holmes family, showing 
Johnston connections. 

11. Mrs. Julius Talmadge of Athens, Ga. , past President, N.S.D.A.R. , who 
furnished the clue which opened the door to the Claire family and other Sur- 
eties of the Magna Charta, and thus on to Charlemagne. 

12. Lynn Watkins Holmes of Carrollton, Ga. , lover of family history and 
tradition; collector of family data; shared a great deal of data and pic- 
tures with the compiler. 

13. Ralph Francis Crutcher, of Savannah, Ga. , took pictures in this book, 
while in Scotland; is a tireless investigator of family history; and is gen- 
erous in sharing data. 

14. Mrs. Catharine Jones Pierce of Charlotte, N.C, former librarian Duke 
Univ.; has spent endless hours in gatherine, verifying and compiling Kenan 
and Johnston family data, and generously shares same. 

15. Mrs. Mary Ferguson of North Augusta, S.C, has done a great deal of 
gathering of family data, and shares same. 

16. Mrs. Leon Jacobi of Grosse Point, Mich., has gathered a great deal of 
Kenan family data, and has shared same. 

17. The compiler owes a debt of gratitude to her sister, Mrs. Virginia 
Kern, who taught her how to search courthouse records, and who spent one 
entire vacation in such research in N.C, Ga. , and Fla. 

10. The compiler owes a debt of gratitude to her brother, James Shields 
Kenan II of Statesboro. Qeorfcia, who offered to publish a family genealogy 
if the compiler would do the research [it was then visioned as only the 
immediate line of the compiler and publisher]; and for his advice and gen- 
erosity in extending it far beyond the original plans for this book. 

19. Mrs. Wallace Berryman of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. who gathered data for 
Chapter IX. 

20. Mrs. James V. Marsh of Asheboro, N. C. who gathered data for Chapter 

21. Mrs. Lou Belle Williams and Mrs. Delmar Houston who gathered data 
for Chapter III. 

22. Mrs. Leonard DeLamar of Albany, Ga. , and Rev. Miles Kenan Womack II 
of St. Petersburg, Fla. , who gathered data on the descendants of the eldest 
son of Daniel Love Kenan, and who supplied pictures. 

23. Mr. Thomas Stephen Kenan III of Durham, N. C. who supplied data and 
pictures on his branch of the family. 


The progenitor of the descendants in Chapters II through VIII, is 
Thomas Kenan, and is recorded here as $1. Each of his children, with the 
exception of his son Thomas who died young, has been assigned numbers 2 
through 8 (see page 2). Each of the children of the progenitor are then 
given a separate chapter for their descendants. 

Throughout the book, all persons have a series of numbers in parenthesis 
following their name. These numbers represent the line of descent of that 
person; i.e., the last number is that of his parents; the next to last num- 
ber his grandparents, etc. Therefore each succeeding generation has an 
additional number in the series of numbers following the name. 

All descendants in Chapter II are descendants of James Kenan. The first 
two numbers after eacli of their names will be #1 for the progenitor Thomas 
Kenan, and #2 for James Kenan. All descendants in Chapter III are descen- 
dants of Owen Kenan, and the first two numbers after each of their names 
will be #1 for Thomas Kenan, the progenitor, and #3 for Owen Kenan. All 
descendants in Chapter III are descendants of Michael Johnston Kenan, and 
the first two numbers after each of their names will be #1 for Thomas Kenan 
the progenitor, and #4 for I'ichael Johnston Kenan. Each succeeding chapter 
through Chapter VIII for Jane Kenan, tiie youngest daughter of Thomas Kenan, 
the progenitor, is handled in the same manner. 

Chapter IX is devoted to Felix Kenan, brother of Thomas Kenan. His des- 
cendants show a #2 as the first number due to Felix Kenan being the progen- 
itor of that group. 

Chapter X is devoted to William Kenan, brother of Thomas and Felix Kenan. 
His descendants show a #3 as the first numer following each of their names, 
as William Kenan is the progenitor of this group. 

In several instances cousins have married. Children are carried under 
the name and number of the husband. It should be understood, however, that 
all persons of that line are descendants not only of the husband's line, 
but also of the wife's line. An illustration of this is Sarah Ann ITorment. 
She married James Holmes, a cousin, and all of her descendants are therefore 
shown in Chapter VII where James Holmes normally falls. However, since she 
is a descendant of James Kenan, these same descendants are also descendants 
of James Kenan, Chapter II. 

Children within a family are numbered with small Roman numerals. If 
there are descendants, or a fair amount of data concerning an individual, 
the next Arabic number in sequence is shown to the left of the Roman numer- 
al; otherwise, a few facts such as dates of birth, death, and to whom the 
descendant married, shows after their name in the family sketch of their 





Am. Rev. 

American Revolution 



ap p t . 







Bounty Land Warrant 






about the time of 











Crt. Min 

Court Kinutes 


Confederate States Army 




Civil War 




Daughters of American 








d. utim. 

died unmarried 


died .young 







great or grand 








great grandfather 




great grandmother 


grand parents 


Georgia State College 

for Women 




married first 


married second 




probated (will) 


Revolutionary soldier 


Revolutionary War 




Sons of the American 








World War I 
World War II 

When data is presented to the compiler with a surname spelled two dif- 
ferent ways, one is likely a typographical error, but the compiler does not 
know which one is correct. Both spellings have therefore been used as pre- 
sented. This will allow those descendants to accept the proper one. 

1. "The Genealogical Helper", published by Everton Publishers, Logan, Utah. 
Vol. 19, No. 3, September 1965, page 75. 

2. Other abbreviations frequently used by the compiler. 


i. Kenan Coat of ArmB 

2. "Liberty Hall" 1366; ancestral Kenan home, Duplin Co., N.C.. 

3. Coat of Arms, Gabriel Johnston, Governor of N. C 

4. Revolutionary War Vouchers of Elizabeth Kenan 

5. Grove Presbyterian Church, Kenansville, K. C 7 

6. Kenansville City Limits; sign 7 

7. Revolutionary War Vouchers of James Kenan 10 

8. Highway Marker F— 26, James Kenan 11 

9. James Kenan High School, Kenansville, N. C 13 

10. The Kenan Place, near Selma, Ala., home of Col. Thomas Kenan 15 

11. Colonel Thomas Kenan, 1771 - 1843 15 

12. Mrs. Mary (Rand) Kenan 15 

13. "Old Philadelphia" Presbyterian Church, Quincy, Fla 20 

14. Owen Rand Kenan, 1804-1887 22 

15. Mrs. Catharine Kenan (Holmes) Price, 1814 - 1898 25 

16. Daniel Lafayette Kenan & 1st wife, Martha Ann Gregory 28 

17. Lt. Col. Daniel Lafayette Kenan, C.S.A. 1825 - I884 29 

18. Mrs. Virginia Douglas (Nathans) Kenan, I843 - I889 29 

19. Forty-third Regiment, North Carolina, C. S. A 31 

20. James Graham Kenan, 1839 - 1912 32 

21. William Kimbro Kenan Jr. , 1858 - 1932 36 

22. Mrs. Emma L. (Knox) Kenan, i860 - 1945 36 

23. Mrs. Julia Stephens (Kenan) Gibson, 1840 - 1881 37 

24. Mrs. Elizabeth Fayette (Kenan) Wilder, 1851 - 1908 39 

25. Jesse Gregory Kenan, 1855 - 1950 40 

26. Mrs. Mary Lois (Kenan) Loving, 1866 - 1909 41 

27. Mrs. Lois (Kenan) Loving, Oliver Loving, Dupree Kenan 42 

28. Mrs. Dupree (Kenan) Ramsay, 1870 - 1952 43 

29. John Addison Nathans Kenan, 1373 - 1906 45 

30. James Shields Kenan I, I876 - I934 45 

31. Ernestine (Hedleston) Kenan, 1382 - I956 45 

32. Owen Hill Kenan, 1872 - 1963 46 

33. Mrs. Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler Bingham, 1867 - 1917 48 

34- Henry Morrison Flagler, 1830 - 1913 49 

35- Family Group Picture at Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler's Wedding 50 

36. "Whitehall", Palm Beach, Fla., Flagler Winter Residence .... 51 

37. William Rand Kenan Jr. , 1872 - 1965 53 

38. Emily (Gibson) Fleming, 1863 - 1924 57 

39. Julia (Gibson) Harville, 1875 - 1939 58 

40. Caroline Booth (Gee) Woraack, I878 - 1966 59 

41. Nil (Kenan) Gill, I887 - i960 61 

42. deVecmon Ramsay as Mitzi in "Blossomtime" 64 

43. Alvaretta (Kenan) Register 66 

44. Virginia (Kenan) Kern 66 

45- Anna (Kenan) Parrish 67 

46. Michael Douglas Parrish 67 

47 > Sharon Ann Kenan 67 

48. Gregory Richard Kenan 67 

49* James Shields Kenan II 68 

50. Elise (Richardson) Kenan 68 

51. Florence (Kenan) Kessler 69 

52. Tena Marie Kessler 69 

53. Richard Douglas Kessler 69 

54- Mr. and Mrs. Miles Kenan Womack 74 

55. Mr. and Mrs. Kenan Kern 80 

56. Capt. and Mrs. Joe C. Parrish and dau. Tristy 80 

57. Mr. and Mrs. David Parrish and dau. DeAnna 81 

58. Mr. and Mrs. James Shields Kenan III 82 

59« Mr. and Mrs. Wade Bryant and dau. Robin 82 

List of Pictures (continued) 

60. Thomas Stephen Kenan III 83 

61. Rev. Miles Kenan Womack Jr 84 

62. Michael Johnston Kenan, 1807 - 1875 108 

63. Mrs. Catherine Anna (Spalding) Kenan, 1810 - 1881 108 

64. Dr. Spalding Kenan, I836 - 1908 108 

65. Mrs. Evelyn Elizabeth (Livingston) Kenan, 1838- ... 108 

66. Colonel Owen Tom Kenan, 1853 - 1928 109 

67. Louis Livingston Kenan, and son Thomas Holmes Kenan .. 109 

68. Mrs. Louis Livingston Kenan & grdau. Helen Mary Young . 109 

69. Mrs. Elizabeth (Kenan) Manson, 1873 - 1953 109 

70. Thomas Holmes Kenan 110 

71. Robert Gignilliat Kenan 110 

72. Meta Heyward Kenan 110 

73. Mrs. Helen Spalding (Kenan) Young 110 

74. Mrs. Anna (DuBose) Kenan Ill 

75. Robert Gignilliat Kenan Jr Ill 

76. Hampton DuBose Kenan Ill 

77 • Mrs. Anne Livingston (Kenan) Donaldson Ill 

78. Home of Richard Clintan Holmes, Clinton, K. C 124 

79' Home of Dr. Allmond Hslmes, Clinton, H. C 124 

80. Home of Governor Gabriel Holmes 124 

81. "Gilmore", Home of Gabriel Holmes and wife Mary (Caison) 

Holmes 124 

82. Gabriel Holmes, 1786 - 1848 127 

83. Capt. James Hall Holmes & wife Frances Madeline (Ward) 

Holmes 151 

84. Mrs. Catharine Kenan (Holmes) Watts 151 

85. William T. Holmes, Lynn W. Holmes, & James M. Holmes .. 152 
85a Family of Mr. & Mrs. John Parker Crutcher Sr. 152 

86. Mrs. Frances C. Foster, John V. Crutcher & Mrs. 

Katherine C. Chisholm 152 

87. Revolutionary War Vouchers of Colonel William Kenan ... I85 

88. Americans of Royal Descent 199 

89. Sir James Johnstone, 1st Earl of Annandale 200 

90. Stapleton Tower, Annandale, Scotland 200 

91. Remains of Newbie Castle 201 

92. Johnstone Kirk 201 

93. Remains of Lockwood Castle 202 

94* Raehills in Annandale, Scotland 202 

95. Lochmaben Castle, Scotland, 1775 203 

96. Remains of Lochmaben Castle 203 

97. Town of Annen, Scotland 204 

98. Annandale countryside near Johnstone Kirk 204 

99. Gilbert Johnstone Jr 205 

100. Signature of Gilbert Johnstone Jr.; Coat of Arms of 

Marquis of Annandale, brother of John of Stapleton . 205 

101. Pistols used by Gilbert Johnstone 206 

102. Butt of pistols of Gilbert Johnstone 206 

103. Hall - Brannen Family Reunion, Bulloch County, Georgia. 209 

104. Mrs. Sarah Ann Smylie (Fraser) Hall Brannen 211 

105. Mrs. Alvaretta (Brannen) Hedleston 235 

106. Lynn Holmes, 1869-1956 256 

107. James Johnston "Jack" Williams Jr 256 







I i! 



-a « i 


S E 




\l 3 

o o 






• => 









-! II 




"Within the bounds of Annandale 
The gentle Johnstones ride 
They have been there a thousand years. 
And a thousand more they will abide. 

[Sir Walter Scott was a neighbor and kindsman of the 
Johnstones of Annandale and visited them often.] 

1. Prom "The Pair Maid of Perth, by Sir Walter Scott 


The Kenan family of eastern North Carolina is of Scotch descent. 
There are several accounts of tne migration of the Kenan family from Scot- 
land to Ireland, then to '.v'ilmington. North Carolina, and the accounts vary 
in the date of arri'-al in Wilmington, from 1730 to 1738. 

The International Heraldic Institute, Ltd., Washington, D. C. (now 
out of business) offered in 1951? "a-n authentic reproduction of the Coat— 
of-Arms of the family of Kenan (Kennan, Kinnan, KcKennan, Mackinnon, Mc- 
Kynnan, etc.) a family originating in Argyleshire , Scotland, its founders 
migrating to Tyrone, Ireland with the Scotch gallow-glasses of the Celtic 
Alliance, and as borne by the descendants of Thomas Kenan (circa 1700- 
1766), from Armagh, Ireland to Wilmington Horth Carolina 1730; settled in 
Duplin County; large landowner on Turkey Branch (now Kenansville) , member 
Colonial Court m. Elizabeth Johnston (17OO-89), dau. of Captain John John- 
ston, of Dundee, Scotland, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Gabriel Belchier, a 

"An Ordinary of Scottish Arms", contained in The Public Register of 
All Arms and Bearings in Scotland" by James Balfour Paul, Lyon King of 
Arms; Published by William Green and Sons, Edinburgh, 1893, shows on page 
21 - "Parted per bend sa, and az, three bars or. JAMES KENAN, Dumfries." 

The name is pronounced differently by different branches of descend- 
ants of the same ancestor. North Carolina history books refer to the same 
individual as James Kenan and James Keenan; Michael Kenan and Michael 
Kennon. This probably came about through incorrect pronunciation, then 
spelling as pronounced. Descendants today still use the pronunciation as 
above; i.e., descendants of James Kenan as though the name were spelled 
Keenan with an accent on the first two letters; and, descendants of 
Michael Johnston Kenan as though spelled Kennon, with an accent on the 
first three letters. 

"The Kenan family has been described as a race of gentlemen, highly 
esteemed, and always prominently identified with questions concerning the 
public welfare." 

The name Kenan is found in the Bible, fourth in Adam's line to Noah, 
and is in First Chronicles, 1st Chapter, 1st Verse. 

1. "Colonists of Carolina" by Blanche Humphrey Abee, page I85. 

2. "An Ordinary of Scottish Arms" by James Balfour Paul, cage 21, 


The following letter was written by Gilbert Johnstone Jr. to his dau. -in- 
law, Susanna (Barefield) Johnstone, and is dated 8th March 1790. It waB un- 
doubtedly written at the request of Susanna in order to preserve family re- 

"My grandfather, John Johnstone of Stapleton, officer in Dunraven Hegt. , 
French Service, married Elizabeth. Her father was Gabriel Belchier, French 
Protestant. [Their] children [were]: 1. John: he and only son died in 
North Brittain. 2. Gabriel, Governor of North Carolina. 3. Gilbert, my fa- 
ther. 4- Samuel, lived in Onslow [County] North Carolina. 5« Elizabeth 
married Thomas Kenan at our home Armagh. My father married Caroline. Her 
grandfather was George Johnstone, Armagh 1724. [Their] children [were]: 
Gilbert, Henry, Caroline, Gabriel, Robert, William, Isabel and John. I mar- 
ried Margaret Warburton, No. Carolina, 2nd June 1750. Children: Hugo, Gil- 
bert, Jean, Isabel. Henry died Catawba Country, son James Colonel in war. 
Caroline married William Williams, son William. John lived in Yatkin Coun- 
try, now Bertie County, No. Carolina. Gabriel married Janet MacFarland, 
son Francis killed, a Lieut. Mother and Aunt Frances died at Brompton. My 
father to Ireland after 1715. Got my lands thru George Gould. Barefield 
torries burned my house to cellar. Was at Culloden with father; he wounded, 
came to Cape Fear 1746. My father died 1775- Marion, two Horys, and Francis 
Huger met Folsome and Giles [at] my house. All chose Marion bar (?) Folsome. 
Hugo took my men with Marion 1730; all horsemen. Francis Huger and James 
often at my house. John Rutherford a Tory. 

Writ by my hand for Susanna, 8th day March 1790. 

(Signed) Gilbert Johnstone, Gentleman." 

This paper is folded and addressed on back to "Susanna Johnstone, by Stephen" 
[The compiler has copied this letter from a photostat of the original in the 
handwriting of Gilbert Johnstone, nephew of Elizabeth (Johnstone) Kenan. 



From his personal copy of A Paraphrase and Comment Upon the 
Epistles and Gospels, Appointed to be Used in the Church of England 
(London: 1726) by George Stanhope. Thii volume ii now in the 
Vorth Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina Library, 
i hapel Hill. 


Thomas Kenan was the immigrant ancestor of many who bear the name of 
Kenan today. He was born about 1700, but accounts vary as to whether he 
was born in Scotland or Ireland. "Colonists of Carolina" states: "It 
has been said that the Kenan family, though Scotch, went into Ireland as 
early as 1641 on account of religious persecutions and that many lived at 
Londonderry, Ireland, 'the home of Scotch Presbyterians', whence they came 
to America in the early part of the eighteenth century." 

Thomas Kenan married Elizabeth Johnston, daughter of Capt. John Johnstone 
of Dundee, Scotland and his wife Elizabeth (Belchier) Johnstone. They were 
married at the Johnstone home in Armagh, Ireland, whence the family had gone. 
Elizabeth Belchier was the daughter of Cabriel Belchier, a French Protestant, 
and her daughter Elizabeth Johnstone Kenan, was said to have been a 'Blood 
relative of the Duke of Argyll' and Thomas Kenan, her husband, 'was related 
to the Irish Earl Kearney', possibly brother. The Compiler has twice tried 
to verify Kenan ancestry in Ireland through professional genealogists but 
without success. 

"Though their origin is Scotch, some of the Johnstones went to County 
Antrim, Ireland." Thomas Kenan and his wife, Elizabeth, also moved to 
County Antrim, Ireland, but in 1730 sailed from Port O'Terry, Ireland to 
America, and landed at Wilmington, North Carolina." They located in the 
Grove settlement, which at that time was Hew Hanover Co., but which later 
fell into the new co. of Duplin. Thomas Kenan acquired large tracts of 
land on Turkey branch, near the present Duplin-Sampson Co. line. 

"The Kenan family has been described as a race of gentlemen, highly est- 
eemed, and always prominently identified with questions concerning the pub- 
lic welfare. Thomas Kenan was a man of considerable means and prominence 
and took an active part in public affairs. He was a member of Colonel John 
Sampson's company of militia during the Spanish Alarm, at Wilmington in 
September 1748, and served as Quartermaster in Captain Frederick Gregg's 
company of Duplin militia during the years 1745-1755- He was also a member 
of the Colonial Court in company with Dr. William Houston, Col. John Sampson, 
David Thomson, Andrew Thomson, Thomas Hicks, and other leading citizens of 
that time."" 

1. Thomas Kenan and his wife Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan had issue: 
James Kenan 
Owen Kenan 

Michael Johnston Kenan 
Arabella Kenan 
Elizabeth Kenan 
Thomas Kenan, died young 
Penelope Kenan 
8 viii Jane Kenan 

Thomas Kenan died at his home at Turkey branch in Duplin Co. His last 
will and testament was made on 6 Nov. 1765 • These very old wills are 
interesting and his is quoted here. 

"In the name of God Amen. I, Thomas Kenan of Duplin County and Province 
of North Carolina being of sound health and disposing mind and memory but 
calling to mind the uncertainty of life and ye obligation all men are under 
to leave their Temporal concerns in peace and good order behind them, Do 
make this my last will and Testament thereby revoking all former and other 














1. "Colonists of Carolina" by Blanche Humphrey Abee, pages 185-195. 

2. Record of './ills, Book A, page 253, Duplin Co., Kenansville, N. C. 

wills heretofore made by me, and - 

First, I commend my soul unto the hands of the Being of all Goodness 
from whom I received it, humbly trusting in the -hopes of blessed Immortal - 
ity through the all prevailing merits and meditations of our lord and Sav- 
ior Jesus Christ and my body to ye earth to be buried in such manner as my 
Executors shall see proper. My will and desire is that all my just debts 
be punctually paid and after payment thereof I dispose of such worldly Est- 
ate as it pleased God to bless me with in manner following: 

Imprimis: - I give, devise and bequeath unto my loving wife Elizabeth 
the plantation whereon I now live containing 338 acres together with all 
houses, outhouses and other improvements whatsoever thereon being as which 
thereon may be at ye time of my decease to hold said plantation and improve- 
ments, profits and advantages thereof to her my said wife during ye course 
of her natural life or widowhood and my will and intention is that upon her 
death or marriage which shall first happen ye said plantation and improve- 
ments shall go to my two youngest sons Thomas and Hichael to be di-. ided be- 
tween them in manner following, that is to say I give and devise ye lower 
part of ye said plantation to be divided by a branch running through the 
said land known by the name of Elenor Branch to my son Thomas to have and 
to hold to him and his heirs and assigns forever and ye upper part of my 
said plantation to be divided by the branch aforesaid. I devise and be- 
queath unto my youngest son Hichael to hold to him and his heirs and assigns 
forever but as the lower part of the said plantation on account of the lands 
thereto adjoining is better than ye upper my will is that my son Thomas upon 
his attaining his age of twenty-one years do pay unto my son Hichael forty 
pounds proclamation money to make their devise more equal. 

Item: - I gi"e, devise and bequeath unto my lo\ ing wife my two negroes 
named Tom and Anthony and also a negro wench called Flora to the use of her 
my said wife during her life or widowhood and upon her death or marriage 
which shall first happen my will and intention is that the said negroe fel- 
lows be equally di ided amongst such of them as may be living at the time 
of my decease or my wife's decease or marriage to my three daughters Ara- 
bella, Elizabeth and Penelope and such of the said Flora's children and 
future increase as shall not be particularly devised and bequeathed away 
by me now, be equally di ided among my four daughters, Arabella and Eliza- 
beth and Penelope and Jane or such of them as may be living at the time of 

Item: — I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas my negro boy called Caesar. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my son Michael my negro boy called Deny. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane my negro girl called 
Hannah . 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my dear wife Elizabeth all the rest, 
residue and remainder of my real and personal estate to her only proper use 
and benefit and to be disposed of by her as she may think proper. 

As to my two eldest sons, as I have already made provisions for them by 
giving them land in my life time, all I can leave them with justice to my 
other children is my fatherly Blessing. 

And I do hereby make constitute and appoint my wife Elizabeth and David 
Thomson Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. In Testimony whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th June 1762. Signed, sealed 
published and declared by the Testator as and for his Last Will and Testa- 
ment in the presence of us who have hereunto set our names as witness in 
the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other. 

Edward Hatchet 

Edward Cannon Thomas Kenan (Seal)" 

John Hatchett" 

"Let it be remembered this 6th November 1765, that in my former will I 
left my son Hichael a negro boy called Deny which I have since gi\en unto 
my son-in-law Richard Clinton and since given I have purchased a negro 
wench called Moll which I give to my son Hichael instead of negro boy. 


William Houston 
Isaac Houston 

Thomas Kenan" 

After the death of her husband, Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan assisted as 
a Patriot in the American Revolution. Below are reproduction's of two of 
the Pay Vouchers on file in the II. C. Department of Archives and History, 
Raleigh, H. C. 

I I - j I'' / /l \ . . ' ' * rl t f i f/7- . t f?}- 1 


\?Jr>3l- J clb-r : - 

Jo i^tJ tt-Al 

t^'&£t£rfS^J® % fc*?i 

■<-rr* Cta 


y •■ 


1 '#&*%. t/~!-v 

- ■ > 


Revolutionary Pay Vouchers of 
Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan 

1. Record of Wills, Book A, page 253, Duplin Co., Kenansville, II. C, 


Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan died in Duplin County on Nov. 15, I789. Her 
Last './ill and Testament follows: 

"In the name of God Amen. I, Elizabeth Kenan, of North Carolina and Co. 
of Duplin, being of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be God, do 
this second day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hun- 
dred and Eighty-nine, make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in 
manner following, that is to say: 

First, I give and bequeath unto my two grand daughters Susannah Love and 
Elisabeth Morrisey my Negro woman Charity to be equally divided between 
them, also all my beds and furniture, also all my wearing apparrall to be 
equally divided between them. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my son James Kenan two cows and calves 
and one stear of six years old, also one half of a still. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Morrisey all the re- 
mainder part of my stock of cattle also half a dozen of silver tea spoons. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my grand daughter Nancy Torrance one 
Negro girl named Sidy. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Torrance one small 
table and five shillings. 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Penelope Clinton five shill- 

Item: - I give and bequeath unto my son Michael Johnston Kenan one half 
of a still, also five shillings. 

Item: — I give and bequeath unto my daughter-in-law Nelle Kenan five 

And I hereby make and ordain my worthy friends Richard Clinton and Geo- 
rge Morrisey, Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. In witness 
whereof I, the said Elizabeth Kenan have to this Last '/ill and Testament 
set ray hand and seal the da3 r and year shown written. Signed, sealed, pub- 
lished and declared by said Elizabeth Kenan, the Testator, is her Last Will 
and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the time of signing 
and sealing thereof." 
Dan Hicks 

James Thomson Elizabeth Kenan (Seal)" 

Serrene Hicks 

Apparently the estate of Thomas Kenan was not disposed of until after 
the death of his widow, because there is no record of it's being probated 
in 1766. On the other hand, the Court ordered on 20 July 1790 that Kedar 
Bryan, Daniel Hicks, and James Thomson be a committee to divide the estate 
of Thomas Kenan„agreeable to the will of said deceased and make a report to 
the next court. 

The Last Mill and Testament of Elizabeth Kenan was exhibited into Court 
on 20 January 1790 and proved by oath of Daniel Hicks and ordered filed. 

George Morisey, one of the executors of the Last Will and Testament of 
Elizabeth Kenan, deceased, came before the court in the October Term of 
Court 1790 and qualified according to law. 

It is believed that both Thomas and Elizabeth Kenan are buried in the 
family burying ground at Turkey near the Duplin-Sampson Co. line. The Com- 
piler was told that there were eight to ten graves above ground in 1956 1 
and the crumbling ruins of the old "Turkey Plantation" nearby. A major 
storm has subsequently taken the crumbling ruins of the plantation. The 
ravages of time, wind, and sand have covered all but one or two graves still 

1. Record of Wills, Book A, page 259, Duplin Co., I!. C. 

2. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, 1784-1791, Part II, pg. 42, II. C. Archives. 

3. Ibid, page }6. 




2. James Kenan was the eldest son of Thomas Kenan and Elizabeth (John- 
ston) Kenan, and was horn in that part of Hew Hanover Co. which later 
became Duplin Co., 1T.C. 

James Kenan was elected Sheriff of Duplin Co. when only twenty— two years 
of age, and served 1762-6 and again in 17S5-6. He took an act) e part in 
civic and military affairs of j)uplin Co. and is genera] ly regarded as the 
county's most outstanding military leader in his day. He led a company r r 
volunteers to 'vilmington in 17''v to oppose enforcement of the Stan:.-' Act, 
even though a very outstanding citizen of Duplin Co. ("<r. 'Tilliam Houston) 
had been appointed Stamp Kaster of IT. C. He was a member of the Colonial 
Assembly in 1773 and 1774 and of the Tro- incial Congress in August 1774, 
August 177S, and ITovember 1776; Cliairman of Dunlin Safety Committee and a 
member of the Wilmington Committee, and participated aoti ely in the mili- 
tary operations during the revolution as Colonel of fluplin militia, He 
marched about three hundred men to the vicinity of Fayetteville and joined 
General I'oore in the march to Koore's Creel:, and did service on Pee Dee 
Hi 1 er in South Carolina; marched with three hundred fifty men to the aid 
of '.lilmington and was later met in battle at Rockfish bridge after his re- 
turn from Wilmington, which battle has been d-scribed by Colonel ' ; illiam 
Dickson in his historical sketch of Duplin Co. General Kenan was in various 
engagements with the Tories but through his skill they were usually dis- 
persed and their power broken.. General Kenan has been described as a brave 
and energetic military leader. Immediately after the war he was chosen 
Brigadier-General for Wilmington District and was highly honored by people 
of his county. lie was a member of ITorth Carolina State Senate 1777, 1 7 7 '^ > 
1779, 1701, 1732, 17S3, 1707, 1738,- 1790, 1791, and 1793; a member of the 
State Constitutional Contention in 178S and 1739 f and was a Councilor of 
State, and Trustee of the University of Korth Carolina. His descendants 
have been prominent and outstanding- Fi e members of the family have 
served the county as Sheriff. ..." . 

James Kenan married Kiss Sarah Love, "Sally", b. Mar. 13, 1747", dau. of 
Daniel Love and his wife Catharine (llorris) Love, and the gdau of George 
and Sarah llorris. They were m. ca 1770- Issue: 

1 i Thomas Kenan b. Feb. 26, 1771 

2 ii Catharine Kenan b. ca 1772 

3 iii Elisabeth Kenan b ca ±773 

iv Owen Kenan b ca 1775 1 dy 

4 v Susannah Kenan b ca 1775 

5 vi Daniel Love Kenan b Dec. 18, I78O 

6 'di Sarah Kenan b liar. 18, 1783 

7 viii Jane Kenan b Feb. 23, 1788 

James Kenan belonged to the Masonic fraternity, and was ','orshipful Master 
of St. John's Lodge No. 13 of Duplin Co. 

The I786 cen. of 1T.C. (State) shows James Kenan in Duplin Co. with a fam- 
ily consisting of: one white male 21—60 yrs.; two white males under 21 & 
above 60 yrs., five white females all ages; 23 slaves. 

He is listed in 1790 Cen. Duplin Co., pg. 192: 3 white males 16 & up; 
2 white males under 16; 6 white females all ages; 37 slaves. 

1. "Biographical History of North Carolina", by Samuel A. Ashe, Vol. Ill, 
pages 241-247. 

2. Duplin Times, Kenansville, H. C, Sept. 16, 1949 (anniversary issue), 
Section 5, page 1 . 

3. Bible record of Daniel Love Kenan 



Highway Marker to Grove Presbyterian Church, 
Duplin County, N. C. where earliest Kenans worshiped. 

Kenansville, the County Site of Duplin County 
llorth Carolina was named for General James Kenan 

James Kenan is listed in the 1800 cen. Duplin Co., pg. 44I: 1 white 
male 45 & u Pr 2 white females 45 & up; 1 female under 10 yrs; 1 female 
10-16 yrs.; 1 male and 1 female 16-26; and 25 slaves. 

He died in 1810, "but hie widow Sarah Kenan is listed in that Cen. of 
Duplin Co., showing herself, one male 45 * up; two females 16—26 (daun;. 
Sarah and Jane); and 41 slaves (pg. 636). 

Two of the Rev. War Vouchers on file in the N.C. Department of Archives 
and History for Colonel James Kenan are shown below. 

\ 1 $J JJufrtfinV fax ffisty/s/>iLcJ^o?fy'Jh,nfi : /crn-' 


/* ^hf/Q/^JJ^yJtn'L. 

> ■/■ 






7,r "i 

jf/ £ If J 

/t SS Si'. 

-, F?—^ 

f I C f&J ^ <°~ ^ fr ^'' %■> {/Jr&r&.dJ^ mJ / JOn art- /C-.S *- ; 




i dfoor/4^ 

■■■■ o-\ 

Revolutionary War Vouchers Payable to 
Colonel James Kenan 


Historical Marker F-26 was erected to James Kenan, and is reproduced 


Revolutionary leader, member Provincial Congresses; 
conventions, 1788, 1789; militia Grigadier General; trustee 
of University. Grave two miles north. 

[Above on N.C. Highway #24 about three miles west of 
Warsaw, Duplin County] 

Records of Court Minutes of Duplin Co. in the N. C. Archives in Raleigh, 
show time and again that James Kenan was appointed by the Court as guardian 
or admr. of an estate, for numerous people. A few illustrations: he was 
appointed gdn. of William, son of John Matchett, 20 July 1785 ; he exhibited 
an inventory of the estate of Elizabeth Torrens, his sister, on Jan. 21, 
1788 , and on the same date was made admr. in the Est. of Felix Kenan, his 
uncle ; he was appt. gdn. of the orphan chn. of James Love on 4 July 1788 
[chn. of his sister Jane (Kenan) Love] ; appt. gdn. of Catharine Kenan, dau. 
of Owen Kenan, on Oct. 1790 . There are many other illustrations in Court 
Minutes in N. C. Archives in Raleigh, H. C. 

The death of General James Kenan occurred on the 23rd of May 1810, and 
is mentioned in the "Raleigh Minerva", issue of May 31st as follows: "Died: 
On Friday last, at his seat in Duplin Co., after a long and painful indis- 
position, General James Kenan, a worthy, respectable citizen and aged pat- 
riot, who bore an honorable station and useful part in the Revolutionary 

The Last Will and Testament of James Kenan, dated June 2, 1807, was pro- 
bated July 17, 1810, and is quoted: 

"In the name of God Amen. I, James Kenan, of the County of Duplin and 
State of North Carolina, being of sound mind and knowing that it is 
appointed for man to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament 

1. "Guide to N. C. Historical Highway Markers", page 36, issued by N. C. 
Dept, of Archives and History, 1936. 

2. "Duplin Co. Court Minutes, 1784-91, Part II, pg. 16, H.C. Archives. 

3. Ibid, pg. 56 4. Ibid, pg. 7 5- Ibid, pg. 45 


and manner for form following (that is to say). 

First and principally I recommend my soul to God that gave it and my 
body to the earth to be buried in a Christian manner. At the discretion 
of my executors hereinafter named, and as to such worldly Estate aB it hath 
pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give and dispose of in the 
following manner. 

First, it is my will that all my just debts should be paid out of such 
part of my estate that my executors may think proper. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Sarah Kenan, my house 
wench Easter and all her children. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my son, Daniel Love Kenan, two yellow men 
slaves (to wit) Blick, and MoBes, to him and his heirs forever, with my 
plantation and all my lands, joining the same and also all of my other 
lands of every kind (except my executors should think proper to dispose of 
any of the lightwood land to pay my debts. In that case I leave it to 
their discretion) and all the remainder part I give to him and his heirs 

Item: I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Kenan my Negro wench Polly 
and her child Huery. Also I will and bequeath to him all and singular a 
tract or parcel of land, pattented by myself, and sold a part to Benjamin 
Johnston and James Farrior, and the balance I give to Thomas Kenan, him 
and his heirs forever. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Kenan, my Negro wench 
Th... (illegible) and all her children, to her and her heirs forever. 

Item: I will and bequeath to my daughter, Jane Kenan, my Negro wench 
Hagar and her children and also my Negro boy Isaac, to her and her heirs 

Item: I will and bequeath to my granddaughter Sarah Norment my Negro 
boy, Ireland. 

Item: It is also my will and desire that my executors dispose of and 
sell as they may think proper such part of my stock to discharge my debts 
and all the rest of my estate consisting of Negroes, cattle, hogs, sheep, 
horses, plantation, tools, kitchen furniture of every kind, and all my 
household furniture I leave to my wife Sarah during her natural life and 
at her death to be equally divided among all my children (that is to say), 
the shares drawn by Elizabeth Price my daughter and Susannah Green my dau- 
ghter, I will and bequeath to their children to be equally divided among 
them and to no others. And it is my will, if Catharine Kenan should sur- 
vive my wife she shall be maintained out of my estate. I do hereby con- 
stitute and appoint Thomas Kenan and Daniel Love Kenan executors to this 
my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me made this 
and only this, to be my last will. Given under my hand and seal this sec- 
ond day of June eighteen hundred and seven. Signed, sealed, published and 
declared in presence of D. Love, William Suton, Livi Borden. 

James Kenan [Seal]" 

The Will was proven in court by the oath of Livi Borden, one of the wit- 
nesses, and at the 6ame time Thomas Kenan and Daniel„Love Kenan, qualified 
as executors, in the Court session of July 17, 1810. The inventory of 
the estate of James Kenan was submitted to Court Jan. 23, 1811 by Daniel 
Love Kenan and ordered recorded. 

[Note: Reference above to "if Catharine Kenan should survive my wife" 
referB to Catharine (Norris) (Love) Kenan, the mother-in— law of James Kenan 
and widow of Felix Kenan, by Compiler]. 

1. Record of Wills, Book A, pages 257-9, Duplin Co., N.C. 

2. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, July 17, 1810, in N. C. Archives, Raleigh, NC 

3. Ibid, Jan. 23, 1811. 


James Kenan High School in Kenansville, II. 
was named for General James Kenan 

The Last Will and Testament of Sarah Kenan, widow of James Kenan, was 
made Kay 10, 1816 and probated April term of Court 1819. She died March 
22, 1819 in Duplin Co., 21. C. Her will is quoted below: 

"In the name of God Amen. I, Sarah Kenan, of the County of Duplin, 
State of North Carolina, being of sound and perfect memory and understand- 
ing, do hereby make this my last will and testament, viz: — 

In the first place, I give and bequeath to my son Thomas and Daniel L. 
Kenan my Negro woman Esther and her young child, Georgi , for the use and 
benefit of my daughter Elizabeth. It is my will and desire that Esther 
and her increase shall be given to any of the children of my daughter Eliz- 
abeth, she may think proper to them and their heirs forever. 

Also I give and bequeath to my son, Thomas and Daniel L. Kenan for the 
use and benefit of my daughter Susannah Green, my Negro girl Polly and at 
the death of my daughter Susannah Green, it is my will and desire that 
Polly be given to any or either of the children of my daughter that she 
may direct to them and their heirs forever. 

Also I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Kenan, my Negro boy Edmond, 
to him and his heirs forever. 

Also, I give and bequeath to my son, Daniel L. Kenan, my Negro boy 
Billy, to him and his heirs, forever. 

Also I gie and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Moris my Negro boy Moses, 
and at her death it is my will that the said Negro Moses be given to her 
son, George or to one of the heirs of her body. 

Also I will and bequeath to my daughter Jane Hall, my Negro man Baslam 
for and during her natural life, and at her death (should she have issue) 
to her child or if more than one child, to such one as she may direct pro- 
vided such child arrives to the age of twenty— one years but if my said 
daughter Jane should die leaving no child, or such child not live to the 
age of twenty-one years, then to my grandson Thomas D. Kenan, son of Thoma: 
Kenan, to him and his heirs forever. 

1. Record of Wills, Book A, pages 255-256, Duplin Co., N. C. 

2. Raleigh Register, issue of April 2, 1819, Raleigh, N. C. 


Also I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter, Catharine E. Price, our 
bed, bedstead and furniture to her and her heirs. 

It is also my will and desire that my granddaughter Sarah Holmes should 
receive out of my estate ten dollars in cash. 

All the residue of my estate I give to my six children to be divided 
equally among them and I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Thomas 
and Daniel L. Kenan executors to this my last will and testament. In 
testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of Hay in the 
year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixteen. Signed and acknowledged in 
the presence of James Lawson, Ann Stanford. 

Sarah Kenan [Seal]" 

The Will of Sarah Kenan was proved in the April 1819 Term of Court by 
ties Lawson, a witness; and 
Kenan qualified as executors. 

James Lawson, a witness; and at the same time, Thomas Kenan and Daniel L. 


1. Thomas Kenan (l-2j, b. Feb. 26, 1771, Duplin Co., N.C. ; educated 
by private tutors ; rn. Jan. 3, 1800, Duplin Co., to to Mary Rand, 
b. Jan. 17, 1731, dau. of John Rand and his wife Elizabeth (Hinton) Rand. 
Mary Rand was left a half orphan at 10 yrs. of age when her father, John 
Rand, d. 1781 in Wake Co. His widow, Elizabeth (Hinton) Rand, m 2nd, Jan. 
14, 1783, Wake Co. to Thomas James, after which Mary Rand was reared by her 
step father. After the death of Thomas James in 1799 > and the marriage of 
Thomas Kenan. to Mary Rand, Thomas Kenan became the guardian of Mary Rand's 
half sisters . The compiler did not find the date of original appointment 
as gdn. , but Court Minutes of Duplin Co. on file in N. C. Archives show the 
accounting and continuation of guardianship in Court sessions of Jan. 23, 
I8O5, Apr. 17, 1805; and then the division of the estate of Thomas James 
Oct. 17, 1808. Thomas Kenan resigned his guardianship July 18, 1809, and 
Daniel Love Kenan was appointed gdn. [he had married one of them, Mary 
James, a few months previously: compiler]. 
Issue of Thomas and Mary (Rand) Kenan: 

i Catharine Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 1800, Duplin Co.; d.,July 3, 

I89I, Selma, Ala., unm.; bur. Valley Creek Cemetery 
ii Sarah Love, "Sally", b. July 21, 1802, Duplin Co.; d. Nov. 21, 
1845 i m. Thomas Smith, he d. prior I85O. Their two chn. , 
Mary 11 and Julia 16, both b. Ala., living with maternal gm. 
I85O census. 
8 iii Owen Rand Kenan, b Mar. 4, 1804, Duplin Co. 

iv Julia Susannah, b. Feb. 25, 1806, Duplin Co.; d. May 11, 1898; 

m. James Fitchie. Ho issue 
v James, b. June 24, 1808, Duplin Co.; d. unm. 1874; bur. Valley 
Creek Cem. A planter; a man of great modesty and sterling 
integrity; a Ruling Elder, Valley Creek Presby. Church for 
more than 20 years, 
vi Thomas Daniel, b. Kay 2,,l8l2, Duplin Co.; d. unm. July 7i 1836 

bur. Valley Creek Cem. ; a farmer, miller, planter. 
vii John Rand, b. July 24, 1814, Duplin Co.; m. Mrs. Louise Kimball 
in I858; moved to Shelby Co. Ala; in iron business; elected 
to Secession Convention of i860; served terra Legislature in 
1863; moved to Selma, Ala. 1869; became 1st Pres. Selma Gas 

1. Record of Wills, Book A, pages 255-256, Duplin Co., N. C. 

2. "The Kenans of Duplin County" by A. T. Outlaw, Duplin Times, N. C. Sept. 
16, 1949i Bi-Centennial Edition, Section III, page 1. 

3. Duplin Co. Marriage Bonds, in N. C. Dept. of Archives, Raleigh, IT. C. 

4. Duplin Co. Court Minutes in 17. C. Archives, Raleigh, II. C. 

5. U. S. Census of Dallas Co. Ala., I85O, page 307-R, # 1115. 

6. Tombstones, Valley Creek Cemetery, Selma, Ala. 


The Kenan Place, near Selma, Ala. 
Purchased by Colonel Thomas Kenan 

Col. Thos. Kenan 
in 1810 

Col. Thos. Kenan, 1771-1843 

Haiy (Rand) Kenan, wife of 
Col. Thos. Kenan, I78I-I856 


Co.; a Ruling Elder, Presby. Church; wife d. July 2, ■ 
Birmingham, Ala. 
9 viii Daniel Love Kenan 

10 ix William Kimbro Kenan 

11 x I'ary Rand Kenan 

Thomas Kenan was a member of the State House of Commons in N.C. 1798-99 
representing Duplin Co., and of the State Senate in 1804. He was elected 
to the ITinth, Tenth, and Eleventh Congresses from March 4, 180J to 3, 
1811. He moved his family to Selma, Dallas Co. Ala. in 1833 and subse- 
quently served in the Ala. House of Representatives several years. 

In the diary of I'ichael Johnston Kenan (Chapter IV) he wrote: "I became 
acquainted with Colonel Thomas Kenan and his family when they passed thru 
tiilledgeville (Oa.) to his new settlement. He exhibited on all occasions 
the qualities of the well bred and well informed gentleman." 

The family of Thomas Kenan as shown above coincides with census records. 
1810 cen. Duplin Co., II. C, pg. 636, 22 slaves; 1820 cen. Duplin Co., pg. 
194) 17 slaves; 1830 cen. Duplin Co., pg. 177, 50 slaves; moved to Selma, 
Ala. 1833; I84O cen. Dallas Co. Ala., pg. 9°-R| Si slaves, 56 persons in 
agriculture. His death occurred prior to the 185O cen. but his widow is 
shown as head of the household with an overseer managing the farm. (Vol. 4, 
page 307-R). 

A house, now known as the Kenan home, is located a short distance from 
Selma, Ala., set well off the road in a grove of hardwood trees. It was 
built in 1826, at a time before the influence of southern plantation style 
of architecture. The central part of the house is two story with a one 
story wing on each of the main porticos. The wings reflect the early Amer- 
ican or Federal influence. The interior of the house, as was common in the 
early days, is not very elaborate or ornate, but reflects the ideas of com- 
fort and convenience that were foremost to the early settlers. In the yard 
are several old oak trees which shade the spacious lawns and beautiful cam- 
elias that the present owner (1964), Mrs. James Kenan has preserved well. 
To the side of the house is a large English boxwood that has been there 
certainly since the Civil War. There is a nearby tree unlike any other in 
the region and was presumably bought from an itinerant salesman in the 
early days. 

During the Civil War the house was unoccupied for a short while and 
when General Wilson's raiders marched towards Selma, they stopped at the 
old place. Finding nobody at home but some slaves, they decided to burn 
the house. In the parlow, which occupies one of the wings, they put a 
pile of broken furniture and started a blaze, then went on to Selma. One 
of the old slaves waited until they were gone and then rushed to the house 
and put out the fire. On the floor of the parlow is still a ring of black- 
ened wood in the original flooring where the fire had been put out by the 
faithful slave. The Kenan home still reflects the tranquility of a long 
gone period of our history. 

Thomas Kenan died October 22,-1843 at his plantation near Selma, Ala. 
(Dallas Co. Will Book A, pg. 232 ) ; and his wife Ilary (Rand) Kenan died 

September 21, I856 at the home in Selma (Dallas Co. Will Book B, 
They are both buried at Valley Creek Cemetery near Selma, Ala. 

PG. 145 3 ) 

1. "Official Directory of Duplin Co., II. C. 1749-1935", compiled by A. T. 
Outlaw, Register of Deeds, Kenansville, N. C, pages 4 and 8. 

2. "The Selma Times Journal, Selma, Ala., issue of Aug. 16, 1964, Pg. 28. 

3. "Index to Alabama Wills 1808-1870", compiled by Ala. D.A.R. 1955. 

4. Tombstones, Valley Creek Cemetery, Selma, Ala. 


2. Catharine Kenan (1-2), b. ca 1772, Duplm Co., IT.C.; m. Aug. 21, 
1790, Duplin Co. to Thomas llorment . Records usually show him as 

Thomas llorman. The will of Thomas Tlorment , „dated Sept. 18, 1799, was pro- 
bated in Duplin Co., in Oct. Term of Court. [Copy of .will in Appendix]. 
His will names only a wife and two daus., but there are letters on file at 
Duke Univ. Library which represents correspondence between his dau. Sally 
and her dau., referring to "Brother Tommy". On this basis the son is in- 
cluded here. Issue: 

12 i Sarah Catharine llorment, "Sally" 

13 ii Elisabeth Jane llorment, "Betsy Jane" 

14 iii Thomas llorment Jr. 

Duplin Co. Court Minutes in the IT. C. Archives in Raleigh, II. C. show the 
following, transactions. These minutes are not indexed and there could be 

A deed of gift from Curling Smith to Thomas llorment for 100 acres of 
land, was proved by the oath of Edward Blackmore, July 21, 1802 (p. 88). 

A deed from the executors of Thomas ITornent to Felix Kenan Hill for 84 
acres of land was proved by Michael Love, Oct. 20, 1802, (pg. 104) 

A committee of William Beck, Edward Pearsall, and Charles Hooks, Esquires 
were appointed to settle the estate of Thomas llorment, dec'd; Oct. 17 , 1803 
(PC 163) 

William Beck, Edward Pearsall and Charles Hooks were appointed a comm. 
to settle the accounts of Thomas llorment, dec'd. with the executors; Jan. 
10, 1304 (pg. 190) 

An additional sale of the estate of Thomas llorment, dec'd., amounting 
to 199 lbs., exhibited into Court by David Wright, one of the Executors, 
and ordered recorded; Apr. 18, 1804. (pg. not numbered) 

Edward Pearsall, Charles Hooks, and William Beck, appt. a comm. to 
settle accounts of the est. of Thomas llorment, dec'd.; Jan. 21, I8O5. 

Jan. 23, l80f., Court ordered that the executors of Thomas llorment, dec'd 
sell a further part of the perishable estate of Thomas llorment, dec'd, 
sufficient to meet the demands which to their knowledge is likely to come 
against the est. and return same to next Court. 

Pinal disposition of the estate was obviously at a later date. 

3. Elizabeth Kenan (l-2), b. ca 1773, Duplin Co., II. C; m. Feb. 28, 
1791 1 James Price, son of James and Sarah (Watts) Price 3r. James 

Price d. Apr. 4, 1847, Wilmington, II. C; .and his wife Elisabeth (Kenan) 
Price, d. June 14, 1848, Wilmington, IT.C. ' Issue: r 

i Catharine Eliza, b. ca 179°! <*. unm. 1853, Wilmington, II. C. 

ii Louisa Jane Price, b ca 1802; d. Feb. 25, 1835'; E|. Apr. 8, _ 
1829, Wilmington, IT.C. to John David Jones, Esq.'; he d J.855 5 

iii Susan Ann Price, b ca 1803; d. unm. 1855i Wilmington, IT.C.' 

iv Jr. WillianvJones Price, b ca 1804; d. June 26, 1868, Wilming- 
ton, II. C. Lt. CSA; m/l Dec. 15, 1834, Duplin Co., to 
Sarah KcGowan, who d. ITov. 8, 1836, bur. Routledge Cemetery, 
Duplin Co.; m/2 Hay 9, 1839 in Wilmington to Sally Caroline 
Geer' , who d. Feb. 6, 1844 in Wilmington; m/3 Sept. 16, I848 
in Sherburne, N.Y. to Sarah T. Foote. 

1. Duplin Co. Marriage Bonds Prior to 1868, by Cora Bass. 

2. Record of Wills, Duplin Co., II. C, Book A, pages 362-363. 

3. "The Flowers Collection of "The Elizabeth Blanks Papers, Fayetteville, 
IT. C. 1833-1888; Duke University Library. 

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5. "St. James Church Historical Records, Wilmington, IT. C. by Ida B. Kellam 
pages 57, 71, 72, 73. 


v Caroline Augusta Price, l>. ca 1808; rn. in Wilmington, l.'.C. , 
Jan. 16, I856 to General Alexander McRae as his 4th wife. 
He d. April 27 , 1868, age 72, bur. Oakdale Cern. Wilmington, 
l.'.C. She d. Dec. 1, 1875, Fayetteville, II. C. 
15 vi Richard Irtish .Jatts Price, b. May 27, 1811 

Susannah Kenan (1-2), b. ca 1776, Duplin Co., II. C; d. 1822 ; m. 
March 1799, Joseph Green; he d. 1829. They lived Duplin Co., II.C. 

Issue : 

i James Kenan, b ca 1800 ; was probably unm. physician practicing 

Wayne Co., II. C. „ 

ii Sarah A., b ca 1803, Duplin Co. J m. Oct. 31, 1820, Rev. Edmund 
Hatch Whitfield, b 1802 at Vilanow, Uayne Co., N.C., son of 
William Whitfield III and his 4th wife, Sarah Bryan Hatch. 
Issue: (l) William E. Whitfield, b ca 1822; (2) James Kenan, 
b ca 1824; (3) Lucie, b 1825; m - A - Hamilton & had two sons; 
(4) Edmund B. J., b. ca 1829; d. unm.; (5) Luther, b 1832 in 
Hiss.; d. l859i m. Kate Samuel; he published the South Stamp 
until the year of his death. The family moved 1st to Holly 
Springs, Kiss.; then Mobile, Ala.; Handsboro, Hiss.; and 
lastly Camden, Ark. where Rev, Whitfield d. Apr. 11, 1877 . 

iii John Augustus, b. Mar. 22, 1804, Duplin Co.; m. May 31, 1836, 
Diana Simms, b. Jan. 12, 1814, dau. of benjamin and Tabitha 
(Thomas) Simms of Edgecombe Co. Issue:" 1 (l) Susan Holland, 
b. Mar. 11, 1337; (2) Joseph Benjamin, b. Feb. 12, 1839; d. 
Aug. 1844; (3) James Thomas, b. Apr. 4, I84I, d. Aug. 1842; 
(4) Mary Catherine, b. Dec. 20, 1842; (5) John Augustus Jr. 
b. Dec. 15, 1844, d. in CW Dec. 30, 1864; (6) George Daniel, 
b. llov. 9, 1347; (7) William Lane, b. Aug. 12, I849, d. Jly. 
1870; (8) Infant dau. b. Aug. 2, 1851, d. Sept. I85I. 
John Augustus Green was clerk of the Wayne Co., II. C. Court 
many years; he d. Apr. 1, 1855, Wayne Co.; his widow d. Aug. 
26, 1894, Goldsboro, II.C. 

iv Thomas Kenan Green; moved to Texas 

v Catherine Eliza, b. Apr. 21, 1809; d. May 28, 1886 ; m. Rev. 
Benjamin Hatch as his 3rd wife;„moved to Walker Co. Texas 
1340 ; he d. Texas Sept. 15, 1843 . 

vi Susan E.; m. William Lane of 'Wayne Co., N. C 


Bledsoe ; they moved to Term, or Texas . 

viii Joseph VI. Green, b. ca 1814; moved to Texas. 

Holland I,, m. June 9i 1831 at 'Waynesboro, II.C. to John R. 

Bledsoe ; they moved to Term. 
Joseph VI. Green, b. ca 1814; mov 
ix Daniel K. Green; moved to Texas,, 

x Robert F. Green; moved to Texas . 

This family will not be carried further in this book as there is a great 
deal of information available in two volumes of "Whitfield, Bryan, Smith 
and Related Families" 

1. "St. James Church Historical Records, Wilmington, II. C, by Mrs. Ida B. 
Kellam, pages 57, 71, 72, 73. 

2. "Whitfield, Bryan, Smith, and Related Families", Volume 1, pages 97-98. 

3. Bible Records of Early Edgecombe Co., H.C. by Ruth Smith Williams and 
Margueritte Glenn Griffin, page 103. 


5. Daniel Love Kenan (1-2), b. Dec. 18, 1780, Duplin Co., N.C. He 
was probably educated at Grove Academy, located near the present 
town of Kenansville, as it was established in 1285 when he was five years 
of age, and his father was one of the Trustees. 

He married on March 13, 1809 in Duplin Co., to Mary James, 0. March 9i 
1788 , dau. of Thomas James and his wife Elizabeth (Hinton) (Rand) James. 
They had two children, and Mary d. Oct. 28, 1811 . He then m. her sister, 
Elizabeth James on June 17, 1812, Duplin Co.; 6he b. Feb. 14, 1796- 

Thomas James d. 1799 • Thomas Kenan, brother to Daniel Love Kenan, m. 
Mary Rand in 1800, and she was the half sister to the James children, and 
had been reared by Thomas James after her father died when she was 10 years 
of age, and her mother remarried. After the death of Thomas James, Thomas 
Kenan became the gdn. of the children of Thos. James (half sisters to his 
wife). When Daniel Love Kenan married Mary James, the gdnship waB trans- 
ferred by the Court from Thomas Kenan to Daniel Love Kenan, and on Oct. 19, 
1809 he became gdn. of Grizelle, Temperance, and Elizabeth James. It is 
this same Elizabeth whom he married in 1812. 

Court Minutes of Duplin Co. in N.C. Archives, show that in 1807 Daniel 
L. Kenan was Acting Deputy Coroner (Apr. 23, 1807); July I809 he was 
elected Sheriff; Jan. 21, 1812 and again July 17, 1815 he was sitting as 
one of the Justices. 

The, 1810 Census of Duplin Co. was taken by Dan. L. Kenan as Asst. Mar- 
shall. He was appointed Postmaster at "Duplin Old Courthouse", K.C. on 
Sept. 13, 1813 and served until May 2, 1817. He represented Duplin Co. in 
the House of Commons in 1820, and in the Senate in 1821. He was a Trustee 
of the Academy in Smithfield, Brunswick Co. which institution had trustees 
from Brunswick, Bladen, Columbus, Hew Hanover, Onslow, and Duplin Cos. He 
was one of the original trustees of Line Academy when it was established 
in I825 in Sampson Co. just across the Duplin-Sampson Co. line. He was an 
active Mason, and served as Secretary to Pine Lodge Ho. 89. 
Daniel Love Kenan had the following children: 
By his 1st wife: 

16 i Thomas James Kenan 

ii Sarah Elizabeth Kenan, b. Oct. 17, 1811, Duplin Co. She is 

said to have married twice but no record has been located by 

the compiler. 
By hiB 2nd wife: , 

iii William Owen Kenan, b. May 17, 1813, Duplin Co.; m. Oct. 12, 

1839, Quincy, Fla. to Miss Catherine Tanner, 
iv Mary James Kenan, b. June 29, l8l5i d. Sept. 14,-,l8l5. 
v Temperance Jane Kenan, "Tempy" , b. Oct. 30, 1816 ; m. Oct. 31, 

1839 , Quincy, Fla. to James L. Sweet of Cuthbert, Ga.; d. 

by July 20, I84O. , 

vi Michael Molten Kenan, b. Apr. 9, 1820; d. July 4, 1820. 
vii Susan Catharine Kenan, b. Feb. 21, 1822 j Q m. Sept. 26, 1844, 

Leon Co. Fla. to Thomas J. B. Corbett. 

17 viii Daniel Lafayette Kenan 

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Office Dept. in National Archives, Washington, D. C. 

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9. The Flowers Collection of "The Elizabeth Blanks Papers", 1833-1888, 
Fayetteville, H.C; in Duke Univ. Library 

10. Marriage Book "X", page 107, Leon Co. Fla. 


There are several deeds in Duplin Co. showing sale of property belong- 
ing to Daniel Love Kenan and his wife. 

Book 0, pg. 305 i Aug. 23 1 1811, Daniel Love Kenan and wife Hary sold 
265 acres for $397-50 to Elijah Backley of Chatham Co. Land was Mary's 
part of the plantation owned by her deo'd father Thomas James and commonly 
known as Old Holton plantation. 

Book 5, pg. 315, Feb. 25, 1813 Daniel Love Kenan and wife Elizabeth 
sold 206 acres for $103 to Jonathan Gore on Baok Branch. Lands laid off 
to said Elizabeth. 

Book 7, pg. 101, Feb. 17, 1818, Daniel Love Kenan and wife Elizabeth 
sold 1173 acres on Stewart's Creek to Peter Carlton for $2500. 

Book 7A, pg. 309, Oct. 15, 1821, Daniel Love Kenan sold 500 acres to 
John Whitfield. Land on Turkey Swamp oommonly known by name of Old Court 
House plantation. 

Book 1-5 — 10, pg. 57, April 15, 1827, Daniel Love Kenan sold 643 acres 
on both sides of Cow Branch to J. N. Nixon for $3500. 

Book 4B, pg. 107, Feb. 8, 1831, Daniel Love Kenan sold 173 acres on 
Back Branoh to George Tipler for $200. 

The family moved from Kenansville, N.C. to Quincy, Gadsden Co. Fla. 
between the time the last deed was signed in Duplin Co. Feb. 8, 1831, and 
August 1831. Daniel Love Kenan is shown as a "Visiting Brother" of the 
Washington Lodge in Quincy on Aug. 6, 1831 (Minutes of Lodge, pg. 47), Sept. 
3, 1831 (pg. 48), Oct. 1, 1831 (pg. 49)i and on Nov. 5, 1831 became a duly 
elected member (pg. 50).-, He was elected Master on Dec. 1, 1832 (pg. 67) 
and served for one year. 

The "History of Gadsden Co. Fla." by J. Bandall Stanley, pg. 39, shows 
that Daniel Love Kenan was elected to represent the dist. in 1836, '37, & 
"38. He was a Charter member and Ruling Elder of the "Old Philadelphia 
Church" (Presbyterian) in Quincy, which was organized in 1838. 

"Old Philadelphia", Presbyterian Church, Quincy, Fla. 
Daniel Love Kenan a Charter Member & Ruling Elder 1838 

1. Min. Washington Lodge, Quincy, Fla., Aug. 1831, pg. 47-50. 

2. "History of Gadsden Co. Fla." by J. Randall Stanley, pg. 39> 


Daniel Love Kenan is listed among the 30 largest planters of tobacco 
and cotton, and rated on the number qf slaves owned (30 slaves), (pg. 6l) 

A letter in the Blanks collection , dated Dec. 1, 1839 states, "I hear 
that Uncle Daniel is going to marry Mrs. Wilkinson"; and one dated July 
20, 1840 states, "I suppose you heard Uncle Daniel is married again." 
This is borne out by records of Gadsden Co. Probate Judge, Nov. 3 and Nov. 
18, I84O (Book 38, pg. 96) and Book A which shows that Ann Kenan, widow 
of Daniel Love Kenan, relinquished her right to administer the estate of 
Daniel Love Kenan to his son Thomas James Kenan. 

Daniel Love Kenan died in October I84O in Quincy, Fla. The Washington 
Lodge (Masonic) announced the funeral in the "Floridian", issue of Oct. 15, 
I84O: "Funeral of Daniel Love Kenan, Sunday at 9 o'clock. Funeral will be 
preached by Rev. Baker at the Courthouse". 

6. Sarah Kenan (1-2), b. Mar. 18, 1783 , Duplin Co., N.C.; m. Mar. 10, 
1812, Duplin Co. to William Morisey, witness Michael Love, bondsman 

James K. Hill''. She d. Apg. 8, 1821 4 . Issue: 

i George Morisey 
After her death, William Morisey m. his cousin, Ann Eliza Bunting, dau. of 
David Bunting. Children shown with their father, Chapter VII, #18 


7. Jane Kenan (1-2), b. Feb. 28, 1788, Duplin Co., N.C.; fl m. Jan. 31, 
1815, Duplin Co., to William Hall j he d. June 3, 1825 . 

The 1830 cen. Duplin Co., pg. 141, shows Jane K. Hall, without-additional 
family, and 12 slaves. In 1834 she moved to Gadsden Co., Fla. to be near 
her brother Daniel Love Kenan and his family, perhaps to help him as he 
had lost two wives and had six children, though at least one was married. 
The I84O cen., Gadsden Co., pg. 106, shows Jane Hall with one male 15- 
20 yrs. and herself. This male was Daniel Lafayette Kenan, her nephew. 
The I85O cen., Gadsden Co. shows Daniel Lafayette Kenan, then 25 yrs., 
living in the home with her. Her last will and testament, made in Quincy, 
Fla., 12 March 1858, shows that she leaves everything to her nephew, Daniel 
Lafayette Kenan, who was the sole executor. She d. April 26, I858 and is 
bur. Western Cemetery, Quincy, Fla. 

8. Owen Rand Kenan (l-2-l), b. March 4, I8O4, Duplin Co., N.C. He "be- 
gan public life as a Democrat in the State Legislature in 1834 and 

represented his district in the Confederate Congress during the War Between 
the States." He was a planter, successful in his business and prosperous. 
He m. May 12, 1826, Sarah Rebecca Graham, b. Dec. 31, 1817, dau. of Dr. 
Stephen Graham. She was a descendant of the celebrated Scotch family of 
that name, allied to the House of Montrose. 

1. "History of Gadsden Co. Fla." by J. Randall Stanley, pg. 39 

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Fayetteville, N. C; in Duke University Library 

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4. Bible Record of Daniel Love Kenan 

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11. "Biographical History of N.C", Vol. Ill, pg. 253, by Samuel A. Ashe. 


-> c 

Owen Rand Kenan 1804 - 1887 


Issue of Owen Rand Kenan and Sarah Rebecca (Graham) Kenan. 

18 i Thomas Stephens' Kenan, b. Feb. 12, 1838 

19 ii James Oraham Kenan, b. 1839 

ili Annie Dickson Kenan, b. Aug. 24, 1843; d. unm. Apr. 16, 1906 

20 iv William Rand Kenan, b. Aug. 4, 1845 

The 1830 census of Duplin Co. (pg. 141) shows Owen R. Kenan and five 
slaves. I84O cen. was taken by 0. R. Kenan as Asst. Marshall, and shows 
his family (pg. 124) composed of himself and wife, two sons under 5 yrs., 
a male 60-70 yrs. and 18 slaves. I85O cen. Duplin Co. (pg. 138), shows 
Owen R. Kenan, 44 yrs, a farmer; Sarah 32; Thomas 12; James 10; Ann 6; 
William 4; and living in the home with them were Dr. Chauncy Oraham, 30 yrs 
Mary Graham 22; Thomas K. Graham, 5 mo - Owen Kenan and Mary (Kenan) Ora- 
ham were sister and brother; and Dr. Chauncey Graham and Sarah (Graham) 
Kenan were sister and brother. The 1870 cen. (pg. 444-R; family #128) 
shows 0. R. Kenan, Sallie, and Anna, the three sons having moved away. Mrs. 
Kenan d. 1871; the 1880 cen. showing (pg. 443-R, #8) 0. R. Kenan, and dau. 
Annie D. 

The home built by Owen Rand Kenan in Kenansville was known as "Liberty 
Hall" and was the location of gala affairs. "Miss Annie" as their dau. 
became known, was mistress of the house after the death of her parents. 

"Liberty Hall" has remained in the Kenan family, being passed down from 
one generation to the next. The great grandson of Owen R. Kenan has 
recently given the home and 12 acres to the Duplin Co. Board of Education. 
It is presently being restored and will be used as a Museum. Thomas S. 
Kenan III, the great great grandson of Owen Rand Kenan is Chairman of the 
"Liberty Hall Commission" whioh is doing, the restoration. 

Sarah (Graham) Kenan d. Feb. 17, 1871 and Owen Rand Kenan, March 3, 
1887 . Both are bur. in Oraham Cemetery, a private family graveyard in 
Duplin Co., near Kenansville. 

9. Daniel Love Kenan ( 1-2-1 ), b. Aug. 25, 1816, Duplin Co., B.C.; mov* 
with his parents to Selma, Ala. ca 1833. He grad. Univ. H.C. I84O ; 

m. Jan. 22, 1867, Viotoria V. Corr, "Tollie", of King and Queen Co., Va., 
b. May 5i 1843. Issue: 

21 i Thomas Gardner Kenan , 
ii William Owen Kenan, b. Feb. 9, 1869; d. unm. Deo. 16, 1923. 

22 iii James Kenan . 

He practiced law in Selma, Dallas Co., Ala. ; was an active member of the 
Valley Creek Presbyterian Church in Selma. He was referred to as one of 
the best known citizens of Dallas Co. at the time of his death. He d. in 
Selma on May 3, 1910 , and his wife in Summerfield at the home, May 1,, 
1935 • Both are buried in Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery. 

10. William Kimbro Kenan ( 1-2-1 ), b. July 27, 1819, Duplin Co., N.C.; 
moved with his parents to Selma, Ala. ca 1833; m. May 28, 1857, 

Rebecca Mary McCehee, 18 yrs. of age, dau. of Abner and Louise (Lamar) 
McGehee of Summerfield, Ala. Abner McOehee was wealthy, and had a hand- 
some antebellum home which was passed down in the family for generations. 
Abner McGehee was the son of William Alexander and Cynthia Ann (Humphreys) 
McGehee, and the grandson of William Hill and Lucy Ann Bass (Green) McOehee 
and the great grandson of Micajah and Nancy (Scott) McGehee, lifetime resi- 
dents of Stewart Co. Ga. wnich area was cut off to form Quitman Co. They 

1. Tombstones, Graham Cemetery, Duplin Co., H.C. 

2. History of the Univ. of H.C, Vol. I, pg. 797. 

3. Record of Burials, Valley Creek Cemetery, Selma, Ala. 

4. I85O Census, Dallas Co., Ala., pg. 307-R, #1115- 


are bur. in the old family cemetery on the home place. A. part of the child- 
ren moved to Ala. and the other part to Texas. The Lamar side of the fam- 
ily is tied in closely with Lucius Lamar Knight, famous Georgia historian . 
July 25, I858 a son, Thomas Abner Kenan, was born and named for both of 
his grandfathers. His father d. in less than a week, on July 31, I858, 
and his mother decided to change his name to that of his father. 

23 i William Kimbro Kenan Jr. 

The widow m. 2nd a Mr. Reeves. She returned to Ala. to be near her only 
child, just shortly before her death. She died in her early thirties when 
her son was about 12 years of age. [Data from Rebekah Lamar Kenan]. 

11. Mary Rand Kenan (l-2-l), b. April 26, 1823 , Duplin Co., N.C.; d. 

July 15, l855i bur. Graham Cem., Duplin Co.; m. Dec. 14, I848, Dup- 
lin Co., Dr. Chauncey Williams Graham, b. Nov. 23, 1819; d. Sept. 14, 1866 
and is bur. Graham Cem., Duplin Co. 

In the I85O census of Duplin Co. (pg. 138), Dr. Chauncey W. Graham, his 
wife, and Son Thomas K., 5 mo., were living in the home with Owen Rand Kenan 
and family. Owen Rand Kenan and Mrs. Mary (Kenan) Graham were brother and 
sister; and Dr. Chauncey J. Graham, and Mrs. Sarah (Graham) Kenan were 
brother and sister. Issue: 

i Thomas Kenan, b. Nov. 9, 1849; (5 mo. I85O census Duplin Co.) 

ii Stephen, d. infant 

iii Julia Kenan Graham, b. March 12, 1854; d. Sept. 5> I856; bur. 

Graham Cem., Duplin Co. 
iv Chauncey W. Graham, b. Sept. 22, I854; d. Sept. 21, 1866; bur. 

Graham Cem., Duplin Co. 
v Mary Rand Graham, b. July 14, I856; d. June 19, 1941, Selma, 

Ala.; m. July 11, 1878, Selma, Ala. to John Caldwell Calhoun 
son of Judge James Martin Calhoun and Susan Wilkinson (Pickens) 
Calhoun. Issue: (l) Anna, b. June 8, 1879; d. 1881; (2) 
Mary Kenan, b. Feb. 8, 1882; unm. living Selma (1967). 
vi. Annie, b. Sept. 7, I858; d. Jan. 14, 1940; m. Oct. 11, 1683, 
Dr. Goldsby King, son of Edward and Anna Elizabeth Goldsby 
King. Issue: (l) Annie Goldsby King, unm; (2) Julia 
Goldsby King, unm.; (3) Goldsby King, d. infant; (4) Dulie 
Agee King, d. 1947; (5) Goldsby King, d. infant, 
vii Julia Kenan Graham, b. April i860; d. Kay 4, 1921; m. Oct. 11, 
1883 H. H. Agee, in a double wedding with sister Annie. No 
viii Chauncey Williams Graham, b. Feb. 10, 1862; d. Oct. 10, 1393 

ix James Kenan Graham, b. Nov. 4, 1864; d. 1912 unm. 
Members of the immediate family did not respond to letters of inquiry from 
the compiler. The above data was furnished by a distant relative, Mr. 
Robert G. Kenan. Note that the tombstone in Graham Cemetery shows the dea- 
th of Mary Kenan Graham as 1855 » .yet children are listed as having been 
born thru I864. Obviously, Dr. Graham married a second time if his wife 
died in I855. /&-»-<_ ry-o-t^— "^t <-L 

1. History of Stewart Co., Ga. , Vol. 1, pg. 538-9. 

2. Ibid, pg. 143-4. Kill Book A, 1837-1847, Will of Jefferson Lamar, exec- 
utors Thomas Lamar, Abner McGehee, Jan. 4, I84O; sister Louisa L. McGe- 
hee; brother Lucius M. Lamar. 

3. Brief Biography of General James Kenan and Some of His Descendants" by 
Minnie Kenan Carter (Mrs. Joel P. Carter) written for her children; 

4. Tombstones in Graham Cemetery, Duplin Co. , N. C. 


Mrs. Catharine Kenan (Holmes) Price 
1814 - 1898 


12 Sarah Catharine Norment (1-2-2), b. Dec. 12, 1791 , Duplin Co., H.C. 

After the death of her father in 1799t her maternal grandfather, 
James Kenan, Esquire, was appointed gdn. She m. Mar. 13, 1809, her cousin, 
James Holmes, son of Owen and Ann (Clinton) Holmes. All descendants of 
Sarah Catharine Norment are shown under her husband, Chapter VII. All des- 
cendants of Sarah Catharine Norment and James Holmes are not only descend- 
ants of Chapter VII, but also of James Kenan, Chapter II. 

13. Elizabeth Jane Norment, "Betsey Jane" (1-2-2), b. ca 1793, Duplin 
Co., N.C. Betsy Jane had several guardians through the years; (l) 

Samuel Dunn was appointed gdn. Jan. 20, 1802 ; Felix Kenan Hill was appt. 
gdn. April 20, 1803 ,-and continued to serve until Oct. 19, 1808 when Jas. 
Kenan was appt. gdn. He d. 1810, and apparently Felix K. Hill was again 
appt. He served as her gdn. until July 21, 1812 when Curtis Hooks was 
appt. She m. a Mr. Saunders and is found living in Van Buren, Tenn. in 
May 1834- 

14. Thomas Norment (1-2-2). Thomas Norment who died 1799 does not men- 
tion a son, but there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence, 

though not positive proof, that a son existed. In the Flowers Collection 
of "The Elizabeth Blanks Papers 1833-1888" at Duke Univ. Library, the let- 
ter of Sept. 17, 1833 from Sarah Catharine (Norment) Holmes, she mentions 
"Brother Tommy", and the letter of Dec. 1, 1839 from Catharine Kenan 
(Holmes) Price, her daughter, she refers to "Uncle Tommy". Sally says 
that he offered to move hep, but "He has such a large family, I do not 
like to accept the offer." 

The line is not carried further in this book due to lack of data and 
and proof. Some descendants believe that Thomas A. Norment who married 
Penelope Kenan Rowland, is the same, but his tombstone shows his birthdate 
as 1804. If this is correct, and since Thomas Norment Sr. died 1799 1 
these dates would be inconsistent with each other. 

15. Richard Rush Watts Price (1-2-3), b. May 27, 1811, Wilmington, N.C. 

m. Feb. 20, 1838 to his cousin, Catharine Kenan Holmes, b. Mar. 
3, 1814. near Clinton, N.C, dau. of James and Sarah Catharine (Norment) 
Holmes. She is one of the major writers of the letters contained in the 
"Flowers Collection of the Elizabeth Blanks Letters 1833-1888" at Duke 
Univ. Library. He d. July 28, 1848; and she Dec. 24, 1898 . Both are 
bur. Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, N.C. . Issue: 

i James Price, b. Jan. 12, 1839 , Wilmington, N.C; bap. May 12, 
1842; d. unm. Mar. 4, 1864 near Burgaw, N.C; bur. Wrights- 
ville Sound Chapel; body moved Jan. 13, 1877 to Oakdale Cem. 
in Wilmington . , 

ii Louisa Jones Price, b. Apr. 27, I84I , Wilmington; d. Dec. 4, 
1842 ; bur. Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington . 

1. James Holmes Bible Record 

2. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, July Term 1801, pg. 11, N. C Archives. 

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6. The Flowers Collection of "The Elizabeth Blanks Papers, Fayetteville, 
N.C 1833-1888: Duke University Library, N. C 

7. St. James Church Historical Records, Wilmington, N. C by Ida B. Kellam, 
pages 57, 71> 95? 96. Includes records of Oakdale Cemetery. 


iii Betsey Kenan Price, "Betiie", b. Sept. 25, 1843, Wilmington, 
N.C.; d. Apr. 24, 1923 i bur Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington . 

iv Sallie Norment Price, "Hormie", b. Sept. 9, 1845 , Wilmington; 
m. Nov. 23, 1864 , Wilmington, to Robert Burns McRae, son of 
General Alexander McRae and hie 4th wife, Caroline A. Price. 
He b. Dec. 15, 1832; d. Dec. 28, 1864* slightly a month after 
their marriage. His wife was referred to. as "The Virgin 
Bride". No issue. She d. Sept. 17, 1886 . 

v Riohard Rush Watts Price Jr., b. June 30, I847 , Wilmington; 
m. Apr. 12, 1882, in Stateeville, N.C to Duralde Stockton, 
b. Apr. 21, 1856j d. Feb. 10, 1907 ; bur. Oakdale Cem. He 
d. Nov. 25, 1909 ; bur. Oakdale Cem., Wilmington, N.C. 

16. Thomas James Kenan (1-2-5), *>• Jan. 29, 1810 , Duplin Co., N.C; 

m. ca 1829, possibly in Craven Co., N.C. to Louisa Stephens, b. Deo. 
21, 1816, New Bern, N.C, dau. of Marcus Cicero Stephens and Mary Ann (Ellis) 
Stephens. They are shown in 1830 census Duplin Co. (pg. I67) 1 male 20-30; 
1 female 15-20; 9 slaves. They moved to Quincy, Oadsden Co., Pla. along 
with Daniel Love Kenan and family in 1831. The Stephens family is also 
found in Gadsden Co. records, therefore both families moved there. Thos. 
J. Kenan, wife and two daughters are listed in 1840 census Oadsden Co., 
Fla. pg. 106. Issue: 

24 i Mary Lister Kenan, bap. Apr. 21, 1839 

25 ii Julia Stephens Kenan, bap. Aug. 9, 1839 

26 iii Thomas Louisa Kenan, b. Aug. 27, 1842 

Thomas J. Kenan is shown as Clerk of Gadsden Co. Court 1834. In the same 
year he became a member of the Masonic Lodge, Washington Lodge, #2 F 4 A M 
Quincy, Fla. He is shown in county records and in newspaper advertising, 
as an attorney in the firm of "Gilchrist and Kenan". In the Nov. 15, 1839 
issue of "Quincy Sentinel" he is shown as the Postmaster. He was named by 
the Court as.Administrator of the estate of his father, Daniel Love Kenan 
in Nov. 1840 . Thomas James Kenan d. Jan. 23, 1&42, Qulnoy, Fla. and his 
wife Jan. 11, 1844, Quincy. William Hill McMillan was appointed adminis- 
trator of the estate of Thomas J. Kenan Jan. 17, I844 (#1003, Wills Gads- 
den Co.). Graves have not been located by known descendants, but estate 
papers on file in the Gadsden Co. Courthouse contain a bill for a coffin 
for each of them. Caroline Booth (Gee) Womack #54 recalls that her 
mother, Thomas Louisa (Kenan) Gee, #26, always wanted to be buried in 
Quincy with her parents, Thomas James Kenan and Louisa (Stephens) Kenan 
#16. The only cemetery in use at that time was the "Old Western Cemetery", 
behind Quincy High School. If there, the graves are not marked. 

17. Daniel Lafayette Kenan (1-2-5), oalled "Lafayette"^, b. Mar. 23, 
1825, Duplin Co., N.C, accompanied his family in their move to 

Quincy, Gadsden Co. Fla. in 1831 . His father died in I840 when he was 
still a minor and court records show that William W. Croom was appointed 
his gdn. (Petition #1019, Gadsden Co., Jan. 3, 1845). The 1840 and I85O 
Cen. show him living with his aunt, Jane (Kenan) Hall, and was a carriage- 
maker. The will of Jane Hall leaves everything to him as sole executor. 
Will probated 1858, Quincy, Fla. 

1. James Holmes Bible Record. 

2. St. James Church Historical Records, Wilmington, N.C by Ida B. Kellara. 
Pg. 57, 71, 95, 96. 

3. Bible record of Daniel Love Kenan 

4. Records of Probate Court, Gadsden Co., Fla., Book 38, pg. 96. 

5. Letter written by D. Lafayette Kenan to his son, so stating. 

6. Minutes Washington Lodge No. 2 (Masonic) Quincy, Fla., Aug. 6, 1831. 

7. Gadsden Co. Fla. Census, I84O pg. 106; I85O pg. 378. 


Daniel Lafayette Kenan married in Quincy on Feb. 26, I85I to Martha Ann 
Gregory, b. July 6, 1829, Quincy, dau. of Jesse and Elizabeth (Wilder) 

Daniel Lafayette Kenan and hie first wife 
Martha Ann (Gregory) Kenan, Quincy, Fla. 
about I85I 

Issue of Daniel Lafayette and Martha Ann (Gregory) Kenan: 

Elizabeth Fayette Kenan 

Thomas James Kenan 

Jesse Gregory Kenan 

Daniel LeRoy Kenan 

Middleton Kenan, b 

Western Cemetery, Quincy, Fla 

Mat tie Jane Kenan 

Susan Julia Kenan, b. Nov 

Mary Lois Kenan 

Annie Eunice Kenan 

Jennie Dupree Kenan 

Niion Kenan, b. I87I; d. infancy. 
Martha Ann (Gregory) Kenan died June 1, 1871. Lafayette Kenan m. 2nd, Oct. 
10, 1872, Quincy, Fla. to Virginia Douglas Nathans, b. May 9) 1843, dau. 
of Major Isaac Nathans (1783-1861) and Ann (Mandell) Nathans (I8O6-I887). 
Isaac Nathans is listed as "Hotel keeper" in i860 cen. & John Nathans 
owned the Quincy Hotel . 




















Oct. 2, 1859; <i. Apr. 25, 1862; bur. 

10, 1863; d. infancy 

1. Marriage Book A, pg. 29, Gadsden Co., Fla. 

2. Ibid, pg. 334. 


Issue of Daniel Lafayette Kenan and Virginia Douglas (Nathans) Kenan: 

35 x ii John Addison Nathans Kenan 

36 ziii James Shields Kenan 

xiv Joe Kenan, t>. ca 1878, d. infancy. 

Records in the Fla. Archives show that Daniel Lafayette Kenan served 
in the House of the State Legislature in I85O, '52,- '58, '59; and in the 
Senate I865— 66. Eulogies at his death state that "He represented Gadsden 
Co. in both branches of the State Legislature at different times, with 
much benefit and usefulness to his immediate constituency as well as to 
the State at large and with much credit and honor to himself." 

Records of the Adjutant General's office of the War Dept. show that he 
enlisted March 12, 1862 as 1st Sgt. at Quincy, and was elected Major, 6th 
Regt. Fla. Vol. and commissioned Apr. 18, 1862; promoted Nov. 16, 1863 to 
Lt. Col., 6th Fla. Infantry. His name appears on a register of C.S.A. Gen- 
eral Hospital No. 11, Charlotte, N.C.: - admitted April 28, 1865, cause: - 
"Amputated right leg" (which he had lost at Battle of Bentonville, N.C.). 
He was paroled May 7i I865. [Letter June 6, 1925 from War Dept. to James 
Shields Kenan]. 

Lt. Col. Daniel Lafayette Kenan 
6th Fla. Infantry, C. S. A. 

Virginia Douglas Nathans 

2nd wife of 

Daniel Lafayette Kenan 

His obituary states that "He was generally considered as one of the 
finest officers in the Southern army, and possessed the soldierly admira- 
tion and esteem of his men to a great degree. Of all of the gallant heroes 
of the "Lost Cause none perfected a brighter name for patriotism and 
courage than he." 

His youngest son had not really known his father since he was only 


eight years of age at hie death. An older eon wrote describing him as — 
"... in physical and moral courage he had few equals; in physical strength 
he was a giant . " 

The United Confederate Veterans of Quincy, Fla. named a camp for him, 
known as the "D. L. Kenan Camp No. 140". 

His war casualties were severe. He had lost two fingers from his left 
hand at the battle of Jonesboro; his right leg at the battle of Benton- 
ville, B.C.; and was shot in the stomach. His nervous system was so 
shocked that his health began to fail and declined steadily until his 
death Feb. 1, I884. A contributing factor was undoubtedly his loss of 
personal wealth. The i860 census shows a value of his estate $28,000; the 
1870 as 88,000. His wealth had been in slaves to a large degree and they 
had been freed. 

The best clue to the character of Daniel Lafayette Kenan is found in 
"The Memorial Resolution on the Life and Character of Daniel Lafayette 
Kenan" by Washington Lodge No. 2 (Masonic) Quincy, Fla., Feb. 8, I884. It 
states that he joined the Methodist Church at an early age and died a 
faithful and devout member. He was made a Kason soon after arriving at 
the age of 21, and "ever afterwards to the date of his death remained a 
steadfast and active member". ... "He was a man of more than ordinary in- 
telligence and intellect, and by his honorable and virtuous conduct, his 
charitable and benefolent disposition and his thoughtful consideration 
and tolerance of the rights and opinions of others he became one of the 
leading and most popular citizens of Gadsden County." 

According to the Memorial tribute from the Masonic Lodge, he commenced 
life as a Wheel wright and carriage maker, at which trade he continued to 
work for a number of years, and at a high degree of proficiency in his 
chosen occupation. At the beginning of the Civil War he had amassed con- 
siderable of this world's goods and his prospects for securing an inde- 
pendency were bright and promising. But the results of the war left him, 
as it did most Southern men, impoverished and stripped of the accumula- 
tions that a life of industry and energy had secured. He did not repine 
at his losses, but his physical misfortunes and the political condition 
of the country were insurmountable barriers to his again rallying and re- 
gaining even a portion of what he had lost. 

He was described in the Tribute as a generous, benevolent, patriotic 
and public spirited man, at all times manifesting a lively interest in 
all public enterprises pertaining to the prosperity and happiness of the 
community, a-'d extending sympathy, encouragement and material aid to the 
poor and distressed as far as his power lay. 

He was buried with masonic honors, the obsequies being attended by one 
of the largest concourses of people ever gathered together; on a similar 
occasion, in Quincy. 

After his death his widow and her two children moved to Brunswick, Ga. 
to be near relatives. His eldest daughter had married and moved to Texas 
ten years earlier, and his children by his first wife, moved to Texas. 
His widow died on October 26, 1889 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, 
Brunswick, Georgia [Tombstone]. 

18. Thomas Stephen/ Kenan (1-2-1-8), b. Feb. 12, 1838, Duplin Co., N.C. 

After a preparatory course at the "Old Grove Academy" at Kenans- 
ville, and a year passed at the Central Military Institute at Selma, Ala. 
he completed the freshman course at Wake Forest College in June 1854> and 
then entered the sophomore class at the Univ. of N.C. where he grad. 1857. 
He studied law for the next two years with Judge Pearson at Richmond Hill, 
and entered the practice of law in Kenansville in i860. 

Biographical History of North Carolina, by Samuel A. Ashe, Vol. Ill, 
pages 248-252. 


43rd N. C. Regiment, Civil War 

Center: Thomas Stephen Kenan, Colonel; Top, W. Gaston 

Lev/is, Lt. Col.; left & around circle, James Graham Kenan, 

Capt. Co. A; Drury Lacy, Adjutant; R. H. Battle, 1st Lt. 

Co. I; William Rand Kenan Sr. , 2nd Lt. and Adjutant; 
Ruff in Barnes, Capt. Co. A. 

Forty-Third Regiment, North Carolina 


James Graham Kenan 1839 - 1912 


He served as Capt. of the "Duplin Rifles" upon it's formation in 1859; 
and when the company was reorganized and assigned to the Forty-third Regt. 
he became it's lieutenant colonel. He was then elected colonel of the 
38th Regt. but declined preferring to remain with the 43rd and was elected 
it's colonel on April 24, 1862. 

Col. Kenan was in the hard fighting on Seminary Ridge in connection with 
the Gettysburg campaign, and fell wounded as he led a charge in the assault 
on Culp's Hill. He was captured and confined on Johnson's Island, a pris- 
oner of war, until March 1865, when he was paroled. 

Returning home, he was elected by his county friends, to the legislatu- 
res of 1865-66 and 1866-67. In 1868 he made a gallant but unsuccessful 
campaign for Congress as a Democratic candidate. He moved to Wilson in 
I869 and was it's Mayor 1872-76, at which time he became attorney-general 
of N.C. He held this post for eight years, and also the reporter of the 
Supreme Court decisions. He was then selected by the court as clerk of 
the Supreme Court. 

For many years he was a trustee of the Univ. of II. C. and president of 
it's alumni assn. The authorities of the "University College of Medicine, 
Richmond, Virginia, upon its reorganization, adopted the policy of appoint- 
ing some of its trustees from States other than Virginia, and Thomas S. 
Kenan was one of two selected from N. C. 

He held high office in the Masonic order, and was a director of the 
orphanage established by that fraternity. He manifested laudable feeling 
in the fortunes of the old veterans, and exerted himself for their benefit^ 
both in pensions and suitable provision made for them in the Soldiers Home. 

When a vacency was created in the position of president of the State 
Bar Assn. of N.C, Col. Kenan was chosen to that post of honor. 

On 20th May 1868, Col. Kenan married Miss Sallie Dortch, dau. of Dr. 
Lewis Dortch of Edgecombe Co. Their home in Raleigh was the center of an 
eligant social circle. 

He died Dec. 21, 1911 in Raleigh, and his widow in Feb. 1916 in Duplin 
Co. They had no children. 

19. James Graham Kenan (1-2-1-8), b. Duplin Co., N.C 1839; grad. Univ. 
N.C. 1861 ; m. Annie Howard Hill, b. I852, dau. of Col. Christopher 

Owen Hill Kenan 
Emily Howard Kenan, b. ca 1872; d. unm. June 1963, Wilmington, 

N.C. and is bur. there. 
Thomas Stephens Kenan 
Graham Kenan 

Fannie Hill Kenan, b. April 1881, Duplin Co., N.C; d. Jan. 9, 
1883; bur. Graham Cemetery, Duplin Co., N.C. 
He is listed in the I87O cen. of Duplin Co. as living in Teachey's (pg. 
423-R, #103), 30 yrs. age, and in the home was a Farm Manager, a farm lab- 
orer, and a cook. 

The 1880 cen. of Duplin Co. (pg. 443 #9) shows him in Kenansville with 
wife Annie H. , son Owen H. 8 yrs.; Emily 5, and Thos S. 2 yrs. of age. 
He served as Representative in the House of Commons 1876; and Sheriff 
I885-I894. He died 1912 Duplin Co. 

20. William Rand Kenan (1-2-1-8), b. Duplin Co., N.C, Aug. 4, 1845; 
entered Univ. N.C. in i860 at age 15, and withdrew at,l8 to enlist 

as a private in the Duplin Rifles of 43rd N.C. Regt., CS.A. He rose to 











1. Biographical History of N.C by Ashe, Vol. Ill, pgs. 248-252. 

2. Will Book 6, pages I8I-I89, Duplin Co., N. C 

3. Biographical History of N.C. by Ashe, Vol. Ill, pages 253-257. 


the rank of Capt. and was with his outfit at Appomattox. 

He attended the Old Grove Academy, and while still a student in Chapel 
Hill, m. Mar. 28, l864i Mary Hargrave, b. July 3, I842, dau. of JesBe and 
Margaret Hargrave. Issue: 

40 i Mary Lily Kenan, b. June 14, 1867 

41 ii Jessie Hargrave Kenan 

42 iii William Rand Kenan Jr., b. Apr. 30, 1872 

43 iv SarahpGraham Kenan, b ca 1876 

In the 1870 cen. he gave his occupation as a Life Insurance Agent. Seek- 
ing a wider, field, he moved to Wilmington, N.C. The 1880 cen. of New 
Hanover Co. shows him as a broker. 

With the scars and experience of a veteran and the hopeful spirit of 
early manhood, he became a valued comrade in the camps of war-worn veter- 
ans and of the younger soldiers, and served for three years as commander 
of Wilmington Light Infantry. 

As a citizen he excelled in usefulness; his good judgment and unusual 
capacity.for business caused his selection to the City Board of Audit and 
Finance. He was Collector of the port of Wilmington under President Cleve- 
land's administration. He united with the church of his fathers, the 
Presbyterian Church, on April 8, 1875; was later ordained a deacon, and 
then served as treasurer of the church for 14 yrs.; ordained a ruling 
elder and was thus active seven years. Love for his fellow-man led to his 
sharing the burdens of others. 

He was appointed a trustee of the Univ. of N.C. in Feb. 1903i and d. 
Apr. 1903. He was mentioned in the 1904 report as of the President of 
Univ. as follows: "While Capt. Kenan had been a member of your board for 
only a short time, he had for many years shown himself a loyal alumnus of 
the univ. His love for his alma mater was evidenced in many ways. His 
responses to her calls for help were always most generous. The Univ. has 
lost a devoted son and the State a useful citizen." 

He d. 14 April 1903) sincerely lamented by the entire community in 
which he lived. ' - ) ' 

21. Thomas Gardner Kenan (1-2-1-9), b. Dec. 14, 1867, Dallas Co., Ala.; 
attended Univ. of Ala.; m. 1st, Nov. 25, I89O, Mary Elizabeth 

Moore, b. June 28, 1868, dau. of R. A. and Anne Moore. Issue: 

44 i Robert Love Kenan 

45 ii James Owen Kenan 

His 1st wife d. Nov. 30, 1930, Selma, Ala.; he m. 2nd Dec. 17, 1932 in 
Selma, Ala. to Mina Belle Hamilton, dau. Posey Hamilton. She grad. Ala. 
College; taught Home Economics in Dallas Co. High School. No issue. 

Thomas Gardner Kenan was a "Planter", large land owner, who lived in 
or near Selma, Ala. his entire life. He was an active member of the 
Presby. Church. He d. Nov. 30, 1939 in Dallas Co. Ala.' 

22. James Kenan (1-2-1-9), b. Jan. 10, 1875, Dallas Co. Ala.; grad. 
from Univ. Va. Medical School 1896; m. Aug. 8, 1923 in Fitzpatrick 

Ala. to Lillian Clair Tomkins. Issue: 

46 i Lillian Elizabeth Kenan 

47 ii William Owen Kenan 

1. Biographical History of N.C." by Ashe, Vol. Ill, pg. 253-257 

2. 1870 Census Duplin Co., N.C. pg. 456, family #38. 

3. 1889 Census New Hanover Co., N.C, pg. 10, family #75. 

4. Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Va., July I963 

5. "Incidents By the '.lay" by William Rand Kenan Jr., privately printed 1946 

6. Will made March 4, 1903; probated April 20, 1903, Wilmington, N. C. 

7. Data furnished by Robert G. Kenan Sr. 


Dr. James Kenan died Aug. 12, 1954 in Dallas Co. Ala. An editorial by 
the "Selma Times Journal at the time of his death states: "He lived a full 
life; he was a good man, a good citizen and a good Democrat. We think 
that is about all he would have asked as an epitaph." He was a member of 
the 1st Presbyterian Church; and an active member of the Rotary Club; a 
Silver Beaver; worked with Boy Soouts. 

23. William Kimbro Kenan Jr. (1-2-1-10), b. Dallas Co. Ala. July 25, 

I858. He was originally named Thomas Abner Kenan for both of his 
grandfathers, but his father d. July 31, 1858, only sii days after his 
birth, and his name was changed to William Kimbro Kenan Jr. for his father. 
The i860 cen. Dallas Co. Ala. (pg. 855-R) shows Rebecca M. Kenan, 23 and 
William T. A. Kenan, 1 yr., living in the home with her parents, Abner A 
Louise L. McGehee, at Wood Lawn Beat, Summer-field, Ala. The major part of 
his life was spent at the Kenan home known as "Hickory Hill" where his 
uncle Dan lived. He attended a private boyB school in Summerfield, then 
"Calloway's School for Boys" in Selma. He liked to hunt and fish and swim 
in Valley Creek near the old mill, and would often play truant and lie in 
the creek. The Kenan family wanted to send him to college, but this was 
not what he wanted, so he moved into Selma and lived with his uncle John 
Rand Kenan and his wife, and worked for the Lapsley Hardware Co. The back 
windows of the hardware store overlook the Ala. River, which when at flood 
stage would reach almost bank high under the windows. William Kimbro Kenan 
Jr. is said to often dive out of one of those windows into the river when 
it was at flood stage. 

He m. on April 25, 1882 in Selma, Ala. to Hies Emma Lindsey Knox, b. 
Mar. 29, i860, dau. of a cotton broker, Major William Sparm Knox and his 
wife Sarah (HcCord) Knox. Issue: 

i Marie Louise, b. Apr. 30, 1883; m. Dr. A. R. Chapman, Jan. 23, 
1922. She d. Sept. 10, 1955; bur. Geneva Cem., Geneva Ala. 
48 ii Minnie Knox Kenan 

iii John Rand, b. May 29, 1888, Geneva, Ala.; d. Aug. 13, I89O unm. 

bur. Geneva Cemetery, 
iv Leonora Knox, b. Sept. 2, I89I, Geneva; d. Sept. 11, 1895» 

Carlowville, Ala.; bur St. Paul's Cem., Carlowville. 
v William Knox, b. Sept. 12, 1893, Geneva; d. June 4i I896; bur. 

Geneva Cem. 
vi Rebekah Lamar, b. Jan. 29, 1896, Geneva; currently (1967) is a 
librarian at Geneva Library, and living in the old home. 

After living in Union Springs a few months, they moved to Geneva, Ala. 
on Aug. 8, 1882. Emma Knox Kenan became a librarian and a short time be- 
fore her retirement as active librarian, the building committee, without 
her knowledge, named the library the "EMMA KNOX KENAN LIBRARY", placing 
her name over the door where it still stands today. For several years the 
library went by thiB name, but she was modest and although appreciative of 
the honor, felt that the name should be the GENEVA PUBLIC LIBRARY. Her 
dau. Rebekah in due time became the librarian, and discovered that the 
name had not been changed legally, and In accordance with her mother's 
preferences changed the name to "Geneva Publio Library". The name of 
"Emma Knox Kenan Library" is still over the door and her portrait still 
hangs inside in recognition of her oontribution to the community. She 
had many other oivic activities. Mr. and Mrs. Kenan were responsible for 
the organization of the Presbyterian Churoh in Geneva and were charter mem- 
bers. William Kimbro Kenan was one of the original deaoons, later an 

1. From "Brief Biography of General James Kenan and Some of His Descendants 
by Minnie Kenan Carter (Mrs. Joel P. Carter) written for her children. 

2. Data furnished by Rebekah Lamar Kenan to compiler. 

3. 1870 Census Dallas Co. Ala., pg. 644-R. family #94. 



William Kimbro Kenan Jr. Emma L. (Knox) Kenan 

elder until his death April 21, 1932, a few days prior to their Golden 
wedding anniversary. His widow d. 13 years later and was bur. April 25, 

24. Mary Lister Kenan (1-2-5-16), bap. April 21, 1839 2 . Her father d. 
when she was three years of age, and her mother when she was four. 

The three girls were reared by three different families of relatives. 
Mary Lister was reared by the family of Joseph Austin who m. Elizabeth 
Ellis, perhaps related to Mary Ann Ellis, grandmother to Mary Lister Kenan. 
She m. John Ulmer, b. 1823 in S.C., son of Paul and Marie (Wilson) Ulm- 
er. He d. 1901, Monticello, Fla. , and she d. 1917 Montioello. Tombstones 
in City Cemetery, Monticello, Fla. show Jane Ulmer Ulmer, b. July 6, 1831 
d. July 28, 1901, wife,of Alfred Huger. They are listed in the I85O cen. 
of Jefferson Co., Fla. Issue: 

i Frederick Ulmer, d. 1895 (will in Monticello) 

ii T. Kenan Ulmer 
[Data from Miles Kenan Womack], 

25. Julia Stephens Kenan (1-2-5-16), bap. Aug. 9, I84O . Her father d. 
when she was two years of age, and her mother when she was 3i yrs. 

She was reared by^-her uncle Samuel Barron Stephens and his wife Caroline 
(Booth) Stephens. Julia Stephens Kenan m. June 15, 1859 1 Quincy, Fla. 
to Tilton Eugene Gibson, b. Dec. 1834 in Washington, D. C, son^-of Dr. 
Edward Reynolds Gibson and wife Jonnette Irons (Tilton) Gibson. Issue: 

1. "Brief Biography of General James Kenan and Some of HiB Descendants" 
by Minnie Kenan Carter (Mrs. Joel P. Carter) written for her children. 

2. Minister's Record, St. Paul's Church Records, Quincy, Fla. 

3. I85O Census Gadsden Co., Fla. 

4. Tombstones, City Cemetery, Monticello, Fla. 

5. St. Paul's Church Records, Quincy, Fla. 

6. Foreman Genealogy and Bible Records, Tallahassee, Fla. 

7. Reoord of Marriages, Book A, pg. 120, Gadsden Co., Fla. 


Hanson Gibson, b. July 20, i860, Quincy, Fla.; d. of yellow 

fever in Key West, Fla. in 1880. 
Louise Gibson 
Emily Gibson 

Tilton Eugene Gibson, b. 1865, Quincy; d. 1867, Quincy. 
Samuel B. S. Gibson, b. and d. 1867, Quincy, Fla. 
Mary Gibson 

Bessie Gibson, b 1872, Quincy; d. 1895 unm. Hawkmsville, Ga. 
viii Julia Eugene Gibson 

After the death of her husband in I876 in Quincy, Fla., Julia Stephens 
(Kenan) Gibson moved to Hawkinsville, Ga. and operated a hotel where the 
present Hotel Hawkinsville now stands. She had a stroke and d. in 1881 in 
Hawkinsville, Ga. [Data from Mrs. L. G. DeLamar]. 












Mrs. Tilton Eugene Gibson 
(Julia Stephens Kenan I84O-I88I) 

26. Thomas Louisa Kenan, ( 1-2-5-16 ) , b. Aug. 27, 1842, Quincy, Fla.; 

bap. April 14, 1844 • Her father d. a few months prior to her birth 

and her mother when she was about 17 months of age. She was reared by an 
aunt, Miss Sarah G. Stephens, dau. of Marcus Cicero Stephens and Mary, Ann 

(Ellis) Stephens. Miss Sarah Stephens m. Jan. 12, 1848, Paul Ulmer. 

1. Pla. Historical Quarterly, Vol. 34i pg. 339-365 

2. St. Paul's Church, Minister's Returns, page 21 


Thomas Louisa Kenan m. on Sept. 1359 in Quincy, Fla. to William Hiilard 
Gee, b. July 16, 1831 , son of Henry and Martha E. (Forrester) Gee . He 
was said to be one of the best surveyors Gadsden Co. ever had. Ibsub: 
i Sarah Elizabeth, b. Dec. 7, i860, Quincy; d. Mar. 14, 1944. 
ii Martha Jane, b. Mar. 13, 1862, Quincy ; m. ca 1928 to E. F. 
Jones; no issue. She d. June 3, 1938, Bushnell, Fla. 

53 iii Willie Elizabeth Gee 

iv Julia Kenan Gee, b. Oct. 26, 1865, Quincy; d. June 6, 1933. 

v. James, b. Dec. 13, 1870, Quincy; m. 1395 1 Madline Croft; no 
issue; he d. Hov. 6, 1941 1 Tampa, Fla. 

vi Richard H. Gee, b. Apr. 7, 1873, Quincy; m. 1905, Nora Hollo- 
way; no issue; he d. March 26, 1931, Quincy, Fla. 

vii Mary Walker, b. May 18, 1875, Quincy; m. June 10, 1902, J. B. 
McNeil. She d. July 12, 1907, Bushnell, Fla. 

54 viii Caroline Booth Gee 

ix David Gee, b. Nov. 14, 1880; d. July 8, 1885, Quincy, Fla. 

The i860 cen. Gadsden Co. Fla. shows William H. Gee, 30 yrs., a mer- 
chant, b.,Fla., and T. Louise, 17 yrs., b. Fla. 1870 cen lists them with 
four dau. Thomas Louisa (Kenan) Gee d. Sept. 26, 1893 , Quincy, Fla. 
Her husband had d. Oct. 6, 1837 ; both are bur. in the Gee Cemetery, four 
miles south of Quincy, Fla. 

27. Elizabeth Fayette Kenan, "Betty" (1-2-5-17), b. Dec. 30, I85I in 
Quincy, Fla. ; m. Aug. 11, 1874, her second cousin, George Wilder, 

b. Feb. 22, 1849 in New Orleans, La., son of Jesse Williams and Susan 
(Childrep) Wilder ; and grandson of Hezekiah and Annie (Williams) Wilder 
who moved from N.C. to Fla. in 1820 . After marriage, Elizabeth Fayette 
(Kenan) and George Wilder moved to Graham, Texas and later to Weatherford, 
Texas. Issue: 

55 i Henry Lawler Wilder 

56 ii Jessie Kenan Wilder 

Elizabeth (Kenan) Wilder died as a result of burns received in a fire in 
Weatherford, Texas July 25, 1908. [See picture next page] 

28. Thomas James Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. Oct. 25, 1853, Quincy, Fla.; is 
listed in i860 cen. Gadsden Co. as six yrs. of age. After the 

death of his mother in 1871 and the marriage of his elder sister in 1874 
he moved to Texas to be with or near his sister. He went into business 
in Galveston, Texas where his sister was located at that time (taken from 
a letter written by his father Jan. 31, 1876). He m. in 1889 m Whites- 
boro, Texas to Mary Elizabeth Arnett, called "Mollie", b. 1861 in Kirks- 
ville, Mo. Issue: 

i Arnetta Floy Kenan, b. 1892; d. 1893. 

57 ii Adah Lois Kenan 

Thomas James Kenan was killed by a train in Fort Worth, Texas in 1895- His 
widow d. in Shreveport, La. in 1922. 

1. "History of the Gee Family" by William J. Fletcher, Washington, D. C. 
1937, page 131. 

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3. Ibid, 1870 cen., pg. 749 #640. 

4. Tombstones, Gee Cemetery, Quincy, Fla. 

5. Gadsden Co. Fla. i860 census, pg. 517-R, #442 

6. "Wilder Families in the Southeastern United States" by William Murtha 
Wilder, Albany, Ga. 1945, pages 268-270. 


Mrs. George Wilder 
Elizabeth Fayette Kenan I85I-I908 

29. Jesse Gregory Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. Sept. 8, I855, Quincy, Pla.; was 
called "B' Jet" for "Brother Jet". He is listed in the i860 census 
of Gadsden Co., Pla. (pg. 517-R #332) as four years of age. 

Jesse G. Kenan left Quincy some time between the census of I87O and 1880 
moving to Texas where his older sister had moved. He worked as buffalo 
hunter until the herds diminished; later worked in a variety of roles in- 
cluding school teacher, county Judge, and finally as operator of a drug 
store. He spent most of his adult life in El Paso, Texas. 

He m. Mary Lillie Cummins and had two children. 

58 i Nil Kenan 

59 ii Ban Cummins Kenan 

Hie wife d. in 1910 in El Paso, Tex. His son-in-law, Eugene Walter Gill, 
husband of his dau. Nil, d. Aug. 1916 of complications following appendi- 
citis. Jesse G. Kenan then moved to Okmulgee, Okla. to live with Nil and 
help her rear her four boys. 

He was very active in community affairs in Okmulgee, especially the 1st 
Methodist Church; organized the Men's Bible Class, and was it's Pres. for 
years; very active in gardening. He was amazing for his robust health 
despite his slight frame; walked extensively, and rode a bicycle until age 
89. His picture was in Okla. newspapers at age 89, riding a captured 
Japanese officer's bicycle sent to him from Saipan by a grandson, Capt. Dan 
C. Gill, USA Medical Corps. He was a splendid example of a strong chris- 
tian character and southern gentleman. He d. Feb. 24, 1950 8>t the age of 
94. [Data from his great grandson Dr. Patrick D. Kenan]. See picture 
next page. 


Jesse Gregory Kenan 1855-1950 

30. Daniel LeRoy Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. Oct. 26, 1857, Quinoy, Fla. was 
called "Roy". The i860 census of Gadsden Co. Pla. shows him as 

two years of age. A letter written by his father Jan. 31, 1876, states 
that Daniel LeRoy was teaching school in Gadsden Co. and studying law. In 
March 1880 he signed a petition in ftuincy, Fla. to sell real estate, and 
shows as the guardian of his four younger sisters. His father d. 1884, 
and soon thereafter he and his four young sisters moved to Texas. His 
elder sister and a brother was already living in Graham, Texas. He read 
law at Seymour, Texas and became County Attorney, then practiced law the 
remainder of his life. He m. Jan. 11, I887 in Seymour, Texas to Mary 
Laura Farthing, called "Lollie", b. Jan. 22, 1866, Quitman, Tex., dau. of 
A. J. Farthing and wife Martha Ann Farthing. Issue: 

60 i Verda Kenan 

61 ii Martha Kenan 

62 iii Wilder Kenan 

Daniel LeRoy Kenan d. Hov. 25, 1920 in Alpine, Texas: and Lollie (Farth- 
ing) Kenan d. Sept. 8, 1958 in San Antonio, Texas. [Data from his dau. 
Verda (Kenan) Plants.] 

31. Mattie Jane Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. Sept. 16, 1861, Quincy, Fla.; is 
listed 1870 cen. Gadsden Co. as Mattie J., 8 yrs. She m. prior to 

i860 as the petition signed by her brothar Daniel LeRoy Kenan lists her 

as Mattie K. Rhodes in March 23, 1880, stating that she and her other three 

sisters were his wards, and he petitioned to sell real estate for them. 


She moved to Texas with her brother and sisters after the death of 
their father in I884. There she m. Judge Jack H. Glasgow. She d. at the 
birth of her first child, and the infant died soon thereafter. No issue. 

32. Mary Lois Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. March 17, 1866, Quincy, Pla.; listed 

1870 census Gadsden Co. as four yrs. age. She moved to Texas some 
time between the petition in 1880 and her marriage in 1884. 

Mrs. Oliver Loving (Mary Lois Kenan) I866—I9O9 

March 17, 1884 in Seymour, Texas, she m. Oliver Loving, b. Feb. 7, i860 
in Weatherford, Texas, son of James Carrol and Mary (Willett) Loving; and 
grandson of Oliver Loving, pioneer cattle drover who moved to Texas 1843 
from Hopkins Co., Ky. and settled in Palo Pinto Co. After her marriage, 
Mary Lois lived on the Loving ranch in Lost Valley, Jack Co. Texas where 
the town of Jermyn is now located. To this union were born four chn. 

63 i James William Loving 

64 ii Mary Ellen Loving 

65 iii Oliver Loving Jr. 

66 iv Lois Kenan Loving 

Mary Lois (Kenan) Loving d. May 8, 1909 in Graham, Texas; Oliver Loving 
d. Oct. 18, 1937 in Graham, Texas. Both are bur. in Oak Grove Cemetery, 
Graham, Texas. [See picture next page]. [Data furnished by her dau. 
Mary Ellen (Loving) Graham]. 


Lois (Kenan) Loving, Oliver Loving, Dupree Kenan 
Jacksboro, Texas before 1898 

33. Annie Eunice Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. Nov. 10, 1868, Quincy, Fla. Her 

mother d. when she was two and a half years of age; and her father 
remarried when she was less than four years, therefore she was reared for 
a while by the step-mother. She was still in the home in March 1880 . Her 
father d. when she was 16 yrs. of age, after which she moved to Seymour, 
Texas to join her older brothers and sisters. She m. Jan. 11, 1888 in Sey- 
mour, Texas to Abner Leonard Board. He was sheriff in Seymour and was 
killed in the line of duty. Issue: 

67 i Emelyn Eunice Board 

li Ashton Board, b. i897- 
iii Courtney Olive Board 

No further data. 

Emelyn Eunice (Board) Brown d. Aug. 30, 1923 leaving chn. 8 and 5 yrs. 
Annie Board went to live with the family in Truscott, Texas and help the 
father rear the chn. until he remarried in 1925« She then moved to 
Orlando, Fla. where she lived until her death Sept. 11, 1956; bur. in 
Orlando. [Data from her grandchildren]. 

34. Jennie Dupree Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. April 20, I87O, Quincy, Fla. 

Her mother d. when she was thirteen months of age; her father re- 
married when she was two and one half years of age, and she was reared by 

Petition filed in Office of County Judge, Quincy, Fla. Mar. 23, 1880 by 
D.L.Kenan Jr. to sell real estate of his wards. 


the step-mother. She most likely was named only Dupree in the beginning, 
and the Jennie added in recognition of the care which the step-mother was 
giving her. The petition filed by her brother March 23, 1880 lists her 
as Jennie D. Kenan. After the death of her father in I884 she moved to 
Seymour, Texas and joined her older brothers and sisters who had already 
moved there. She was the belle of Seymour, Texas where Bhe won a silver 
loving cup in a beauty contest at age 16. 

Mrs. George Ramsay (Dupree Kenan) 1870-1952 

She m. Oct. 3, I898 in Seymour, Texas to George deVecmon Ramsay, b. Dec. 
21, 1871 in Pella, Iowa, son of William Wesley and Hannah Elizabeth (deVec- 
mon) Ramsay. Mr. Ramsay was employed in the hardware business, and they 
lived in Shreveport, La. Issue: 

69 i deVecmon Ramsay 

70 ii George Daniel Ramsay 

The Shreveport Optimist Club named Dupree Ramsay "the most optimistic 
woman in Shreveport" for 1948, and honored her at a luncheon at which time 
she was presented a scroll and a leather handbag; and wore an orchid pre- 
sented by the club. This honor was accorded Mrs. Ramsay for being a good 
neighbor to all of Shreveport for 50 yrs., and for her ability to face 
life's vicissitudes with realistic optimism. Throughout the years she re- 
in Shreveport, she scattered sunshine to hundreds of persons in need and 
distress. She was beloved by her many friends for her sparkling wit, good 
humor, gracious personality, civic-mindedness, love of children, respect 
for the aged, and the wish to be doing things to help others be happy and 
more useful. She was an active member of Kings Highway Christian Church 
and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. George deVecmon Ramsay d. Mar. 
29, 1912; Dupree (Kenan) Ramsay d. March 1, 1952, both in Shreveport. Bur. 
Greenwood Cemetery. [Data from dau. deVecmon (Ramsay) Jacobi. 


35« John Addison Nathans Kenan (1-2-5-17) i b. Aug. 7, 1873, Quincy, Pla. 

After the death of his father on Feb. 1, 1884, his mother moved to 
Brunswick, Ga., taking her two sons, to be near relatives. His mother d. 
Oct. 26, I889, when he was 16 yrs. of age. His aunt, Miss Josephine Nathans 
reared him from then on. He was taught the printing trade by some of the 
Nathans family who were in that business in Brunswick. He published a 
newspaper (weekly) at Meldrim and Guyton, Georgia. 

He moved to Savannah, Ga., and for about three yrs. did work as Lay 
Reader in the Episcopal Church at Pineora, Pooler, Meldrim and Jessup; be- 
side reading in Savannah and Atlanta when he was for a short time with the 
Bishop. From every point came the same record of excellent work. At the 
time of his death he was a candidate for Holy Orders from St. Paul's Par- 
ish, and would have been ordained a deacon that same year. He had charge 
of the mission work at Jessup, Ga. He proved himself an earnest, active, 
soldier of Christ and an able and zealous worker in His Church. H^ 
endeared himself to all alike. He d. unm. Jan. 28, 1906; bur. Laurel Grove 
Cemetery, lot #2439, Savannah, Ga. 

On May 30, 1915 a Font waB placed in memory of and dedicated to John A. 
Kenan at the Episcopal Church in Jesup, Georgia. 

36. James Shields Kenan (1-2-5-17), b. Jan. 22, 1876, Quincy, Fla. Fol- 
lowing the death of his father when he was 8 yrs. of age, his mother 
moved to Brunswick, Ga., taking her two sons, to be near relatives. She d. 
when he was 13 yrs. and he was then reared by two maternal aunts, Miss 
Josephine Nathans and her sister, Mrs. Sarah Frances (Nathans) Smith, a 
widow. Some of the Nathans family were in the printing business in Brun- 
swick and taught him that trade. 

Shields moved to Statesboro, Ga. to accept a position in a printing „ 
firm. He m. Nov,. 5, 1905 lr > Statesboro, Miss Ernestine Sutton Hedleston, 
b. Oct. 8, 1882, Camden Co. Ga. , dau. of William Charles and Alvaretta 
Rebecca Gertrude (Brannen) Hedleston. [See HEDLESTON family sketch in 
allied families]. His talent for music was a source of pleasure to him 
and his family, and enabled him to work with small orchestras and in church 
music. He soon established his own printing business, "Kenan's Print Shop" 
which flourished and became one of the most successful of it's type in that 
area. He earned a fine reputation as a good business man who had many 
friends. He served for more than 20 years as the correspondent for the 
"Savannah Morning News", the "Macon Telegraph", and the "Atlanta Georgian", 
earning a reputation as an accurate and capable writer. He d. May 6, 1934 • 

Mrs. Kenan became widely known for her "green thumb" with flowers, and 
her generosity in sharing these with the sick and elderly. She operated 
Kenan Print Shop after her husband's death and until her son completed 
college and served during WWII. She d. Feb. 22, 1956 ; both are bur. 
East Side Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. Issue: 

Alvaretta Josephine Kenan, 

Virginia Douglas Kenan 

Anna Potter Kenan 

James Shields Kenan II 

Annie Florence Kenan 

1. St. Paul's Record", St. Paul's Church, Savannah, Ga., Vol. II, No. 5, 
Feb. 1906, pages 4-5. 

2. Marriage Record, Book 1904, page 40, Bulloch Co., Ga. 

3. Certificate of Death #5-11875, Ga. Bureau of Vital Statistics. 

4. Ibid, #15426. 

5. Bible of William Charles Hedleston and Alvaretta (Brannen) HedleBton, 
in possession of compiler. 











. Sept 

. 4 


. July 



. Apr. 



. Apr. 



. Apr. 




John Addison Nathans Kenan, 1673 - 1906 

James Shields Kenan 1876-1934 Ernestine (Hedleston) Kenan 1882-1956 


Owen Hill Kenan, 1372 - 1963 

37- Owen Hill Kenan (1-2-1-8-19), b. ca 1872 1 , Duplin Co., N.C.; grad. 

Univ. N.C.; received medical degree from Univ. Perm. ; became a 
physician. He was awarded the French Medal of Honor for bravery while 
fighting for the French before the USA got in WW I . He served abroad 
during WWI, and lived in France after the war. He maintained homes in 
Paris, France; New York City, Wilmington, B.C., and Palm Beach, Fla. 
He was on the Vestry of Bethesda By the Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach 
Fla.; was a member of the Everglades Club, Bath and Tennis Club, Gulf 
Stream Club of Palm Beach, Cape Fear Country Club, Wilmington, Metropoli- 
tan Club of New York, English Speaking Union, Society of Four Arts, Charter 
member Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, Fla. He enjoyed gather- 
ing art treasures from throughout Europe, Asia and America; became per- 
sonal physician to Henry M. Flagler . He was the last survivor of the 
Leusitania sinking; d. unm., Wilmington, N. C, July 2, 1963; bur in 
Arlington National Cemetery. 

1. 1880 Census Duplin Co., N.C., page 443, family #9. 

2. Data from Thomas S. Kenan III 

3. "Florida's Flagler" by Sidney Walter Martin, Univ. of Ga. Press, 
Athens, 1949 1 page 248. 


38. Thomas Stephens Kenan Sr. (1-2-1-8-19), b. I878 , Duplin Co., H.C. 
attended Univ. N.C. I895-96; moved to Atlanta, Ga.; m. Annice 

Hawkins, dau. of Prank Hawkins, who was a leading figure in southern bank- 
ing and business circles, and a moving spirit in that group of forward 
looking pioneers who, by their energy and forethought, laid the foundations 
during the latter part„of the 19th century, for the growth which Atlanta 
has since experienced. Frank Hawkins was Chn. of the Board of the Citizens 
and Southern National Bank; one of the founders of Atlantic Steel Co. and 
President of Olympia Investment Co. He had large holdings in the Coca Cola 

Thomas S. Kenan was long prominent in the business and social life of 
Atlanta, and was an outstanding figure in the cotton oil industry since 
establishing the Atlanta Cotton Oil Co. in 1912, of which he was president. 

76 i James Graham Kenan 

77 ii Frank Hawkins Kenan 

78 iii Anne Hall Kenan 

He d. April 9. 1962 in Atlanta, Ga. His widow lives in Atlanta (1967). 

39. Graham Kenan (1-2-1-8-19), b. Nov. 20, 1883 5 , Duplin Co., N. C; 
attended Horner Military School, and Univ. N.C; grad. law I9O5. 

He went immediately to Wilmington and into general practice of law with 
Mr. W. P. Stacy in corporation work; was attorney for a number of busi- 
ness enterprises; then 6erved as county attorney for New Hanover Co.; 
m. Dec. 18, 1913 f Sarah Graham Kenan, 1st cousin. He was a member of Cape 
Fear Country Club, Cape Pear Club; Carolina Yacht Club; member of Board 
of Trustees of Univ. N. C.J d. Feb. 5, 1920 during influenza epidemic of 
WWI, leaving a considerable sum to various members of the family, his 
pastor, his law partner, and the Univ. of N.C. No children. 

40. Mary Lily Kenan (1-2-1-8-20), b, June 14, 1867, Duplin Co., N.C. 
Her parents moved to Wilmington ' . She studied music in Peace In- 
stitute, Raleigh and became an accomplished pianist and vocalist. She is 
probably the most colorful of the entire Kenan family due to her marriage 
to Henry M. Flagler with hie millions. Henry Morrison Flagler was b. on 

a farm near Hopewell, N.Y., Jan. 2, 1830, son of Isaac Flagler and Eliza- 
beth (Caldwell). He m. three times: 1st Mary Harkness, mother of his 
chn.; suffered from a bronchial ailment which grew worse with the years & 
from which she died; 2nd, two years later he m. his first wife's practi- 
cal nurse, Ida Alice Shourds, who later had a mental breakdown, was ruled 
insane by the Supreme Court of N.T.; he div. her; and 3rd, Mary Lily 
Kenan in 1901. Flagler had met Mary Lily in I89I at a party, and had en- 
joyed her charm, grace, and lovely voice. At the time of the marriage he 
was 71 and Mary Lily 34 yrs. She mentioned that she would "like to live 
in a marble palace", and Flagler, one of the world's richest men lost no 
time in seeing that she got her marble palace. He built "Whitehall in 
Palm Beach, Fla. at a cost of $2,500,000 and furnished it at an additional 
$1,500,000. He had made hie wealth as a partner of John D. Rockefeller 
in the Standard Oil Co. 

1. 1880 Census, Duplin Co., B.C., page 443, # 9. 

2. "Atlanta and Environs: Family & Personal History" by Franklin Garrett, 
Vol. Ill, pg. 507. 

3. Data from Thomas S. Kenan III 

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5. History of N.C, Vol. VI, pg. 144, hy Special Staff of Writers. 

6. Duplin Co., N.C. -Census, 1870, pg. 456 #38. 

7. New Hanover Co., N.C, 1880 Census, pg. 10 # 75- 


Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler 
Wedding drees 1901 


1 j 

kt "* 


1 A 

W ^ 

: , 


Henry Morrison Flagler, 1830 - 1913 


Family group picture at wedding of Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler; 
Includes (left to right): Owen Hill Kenan, Sarah Graham 
Kenan, Graham Kenan, Mrs. W. R. Kenan 3r. , Jessie Kenan 
Wise, Mary Lily Kenan, Mr. Flagler, Miss Emily Kenan, 
William R. Kenan Jr., Louise Wise. 













By any measure, Henry Morrison Flagler stands out as a significant fig- 
ure in American history. He was the father of Miami. It had given very 
little promise of growth until the Standard Oil magnate touched it with 
his magic millions. For all his business insight, Henry Morrison Flagler 
owned a strong sense of human values. He had already built hospitals, 
helped finance schools, built the magnificent Memorial Church in St. Aug- 
ustine and contributed to many churches of all denominations before his 
interests focused on Miami. There he donated land and money for public 
school construction, land and money for Bapt., Episcopal, Methodist, PreB- 
byterian and Roman Catholic churches, land for public buildings and parks, 
and helped settlers establish themselves. 

He died in May 1913, leaving an estate valued at more than $100,000,000. 
The bulk of his fortune was left to his wife in a trusteeship which provi- 
ded $100,000 a year and the residence Whitehall at Palm Beach and Flagler's 
New York City realty. After the trust expired and all other bequests were 
made, she was to inherit the balance of the vast estate. Properties in- 
cluded the entire East Coast Railway system, the hotels Ponce de Leon, 
Alcazar, Cordove, Continental, Royal Palm, and other stock in the Peninsula 
and Occidental Steamship Co., Standard Oil, and other corporations, vast 
tracts of valuable Fla. lands, many snail manufacturing plants, and other 

Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler m/2, Dec. 1916, Robert Worth Bingham, Louis- 
ville, Ky. publisher, an acquaintance of long standing. She added a cod- 
icil to her will leaving $5,000,000 to him. He contributed a great deal 
of money to the Democratic campaign in 1918, and was later sent to England 
as ambassador. 

Mary Lily (Kenan) (Flagler) Bingham did not live long after Mr. Flag- 
ler's death to enjoy the vast fortune which he left her. She d. suddenly 
on July 27, 1917- 

As a part of her will, in memory of her father, William Rand Kenan, and 
her uncles James Graham Kenan and Thomas Stephens Kenan, who were grads. 
of the Univ. of N.C., she set up "The Kenan Professorship Endowment and 
Reserve Fund, which makes it possible to draw and keep on the Univ. faculty, 
men of the highest calibre, and has also served in an invaluable manner as 
an award of merit for men who have distinguished themselves as scholars 
and teachers at the Univ. The Kenan Endowment amounts to more than six 
million dollars. 

She left the bulk of her estate, worth probably $100 million, to her 
brother and two sisters. An exception was Whitehall, which she left to a 
niece Louise Clisby Wise, who later sold the mansion to a group that con- 
verted it into a resort hotel. In 1959 the mansion-hotel was purchased by 
Jean Flagler Matthews, granddaughter of Flagler, who had inherited 8,000 
shares of Standard Oil Stock, at a price believed to be close to $2,000,000. 
Mrs. Matthews set up a non-profit corporation to operate the museum. 

Today, the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Whitehall, is open to the pub- 
lic daily except Mondays. But in the early 1900s only the socially elite 
received invitations to the stately functions there. 

1. "Florida's Flagler", by Sidney Walter Martin, Univ. of Ga. Press, 
Athens, Ga. 

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Palaces: Whitehall, in Palm Beach, Fla., by James T. Maher. 

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6. "The Kenan Professorships" by A. C. Howell, Univ. of N. C. Press, 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 


William Rand Kenan Jr. , 1872 - 1965 


41. Jessie Hargrave Kenan (1-2-1-8-20), b. ca 1871 , Duplin Co., N.C.; 
m. J. Clisby Wise of Georgia; lived in Wilmington, N. C. IsBue: 

79 i Louise Clisby Wise 

Mrs. Wise has contributed over 310,000,000 to charitable organizations. 
She established the Flagler Foundation and the Jessie Kenan Wise Founda- 
tion. She was at one time one of the largest stock holders in Standard 
Oil of New Jersey, Standard Oil of California, Standard Oil of Indiana, 
Florida East Coast Railroad, and other Florida companies founded by her 
brother-in-law, Henry M. Flagler. J. Clisby Wise d. some years ago. His 
widow, Jessie (Kenan) Wise is living in Wilmington, N.C. (1967) and is ca 
95 years of age. 

42. William Rand Kenan Jr. (1-2-1-8-20), b. April 30, 1872, Wilmington, 
N.C. 5 grad. Univ. N.C. 1894, Chemical engineering. His research on 

calcium carbide, under the direction of his chemistry professor, led to 
the development of industrial uses of acetylene and the modern welding in- 

He m. Alice Mary Pomroy of Lockport, N. Y., April 9> 1904. She d. Feb. 
12, 1947. No children. 

He became acquainted with Henry M. Flagler, the industrialist, who was 
impressed with him from the outset, and invited him to help with construc- 
tion projects in his Fla. developments. In 1904 William R. Kenan Jr. be- 
came a full time officer serving directly under Flagler, who depended 
strongly on the opinion and judgment of his younger associate. William R. 
Kenan was soon made vice president and a director of all the Flagler cor- 
porations. During his business life, he was president of the following 
companies: Fla. East Coast Railroad, Fla. East Coast Car Ferry Co., Fla. 
East Coast Hotel Co., Model Land Co., Pemne Grant Land Co., Fla. Power 
Co., West Palm Beach Water Co., Miami Water & Power Co., Trustee of H. M. 
Flagler Estate. He maintained homes in Lockport, N. Y; 299 Park Ave., 
New York City; St. Augustine* Fla.; and traveled in his private 93 foot 
railroad car "The Randleigh". 

William R. Kenan Jr. wrote a number of privately published books over 
the years, entitled "Incidents by the Way". His Randleigh Farm was a major 
interest from the date of purchase in 1921. The experimental work at the 
farm has been published in several books entitled "History of Randleigh 

William R. Kenan Jr. d. July 1965 in Lockport, 11. Y. His obituary refers 
to him as "millionaire philanthropist, chemist, engineer and scientist". 
In his will he designated that education be the main recipient of his endow- 
ment and that he hoped the Univ. of N.C. would be preferred. During the 
years his gifts to the Univ. of N.C. total 87,000,000 and include Kenan 
Stadium, a concrete amphitheater; steel bleachers; guest box, new press 
and broadcast box; and field house. The greatest gift of all was $5,000,000 
through the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust of H.Y. for new Kenan Pro- 
fessorships. The Chancellor of the Univ. states that Kenan funds are being 
used "to attract and retain on the ... faculty, professors selected from 
among the outstanding scholars and teachers in their fields, and are com-r 
petitive with the most attractive professorships in the academic world." 

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2. Data from Thomas S. Kenan III 

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1949, page 230. 

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5. Ibid, Nov. 11, 1965. 

6. "The Miami Herald", Miami, Fla., April 18, 1965 

7. "The News and Observer", May IS, 1966. 


43. Sarah Graham Kenan (1-2-1-8-20), b. ca 1876, Wilmington, N. C; m. 
Dec. 18, 1912, Wilmington, to Graham Kenan, a first cousin (#39 in 

this chapter). Graham d. Feb. 5» 1920; no children. 

Mrs. Kenan, one of the wealthiest women in the country, has given large 
sums to many worth while organizations including the Episcopal Church, the 
Univ. of N.C., Wilmington College, N.C. Museum of Art, Thompson Orphanage, 
Catherine Kennedy Home, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A. 

She has been a benefactor to the people of Kenansville, N.C, where her 
Foundation gives scholarships to enable high school students to obtain a 
college education. Mrs. Kenan was the sister-in-law of Henry M. Flagler 
who founded the Standard Oil Co. with John D. Rockefeller; and her fortune 
came primarily from the Flagler Estate. 

Mrs. Kenan lives in Wilmington, N. C. (1967) 

44. Robert Love Kenan (1-2-1-9-21), b. Nov. 12, 1893, Selma, Ala.; grad. 
Univ. Ala.; served in WWI. Moved to Montgomery, Ala. 1925; ">. Jan. 

21, 1925 in Montgomery to Margaret Laurie, b. Nov. 23, 1898. Issue: 
80 i Margaret Jane Kenan 

He was an engineer and headed the firm of Robert L. Kenan & Associates, 
consulting engineers. He was a professional engineer of no mean attain- 
ments. His engineering projects included seawall and airport construction 
in the Caribbean islands. As an engineer representing a client in the con- 
struction of a project, he developed a reputation for austere integrity. 
It was said that his unsparing insistance upon fulfillment of a contract 
was not infrequently a disaster for an inept or corner-cutting contractor. 

He was a member of S.A.R., Country Club, and Chamber of Commerce. He 
was a Presbyterian, Rotarian, and a Mason; and had a life— time passion 
for hunting and fishing. He had in his possession a gold watch hand-made 
in England and originally owned by Gen. James Kenan; also a large Bible 
which had belonged to Thomas and Mary (Rand) Kenan, his great grandparents. 
He d. Dec. 7i 19^5 i n Montgomery, Ala; bur. Greenwood Cemetery there. 

45. James Owen Kenan (1-2-1-9-21), b. Oct. 6, 1904, Selma, Ala.; m. on 
Sept. 16, 1931 in Selma to.Eleanor Houston Lapsley, b. Nov. 11, 1910 

dau. of John W. Lapsley of Selma. Issue: 

i Anne Moore, b. Nov. 18, 1938, Selma; m. Charles Furey 

ii Nell Houston, b. Nov. 18, 1938, Selma; unm. 

lii Helen Elizabeth, b. May 6, 1932 
James Owen Kenan d. Aug. 6, 1957 1 Selma, Ala. Since his death his widow 
has remarried, but the name is unknown to the compiler. 

46. Lillian Elizabeth Kenan (1-2-1-9-22), b. July 28, 1924, Selma, Ala.; 
grad. Sophie Newcomb College, New Orleans, La.; m. Sept. 11, 1947i 

Wallace Allen Buchanan, grad. of Ga. Tech, and with his father, is engaged 
in the hardwood lumber business, he in Birmingham and his father in charge 
of the Selma operation. They have one child (adopted): Lillian Elizabeth 
Buchanan, b. Sept. 16, 1962. 

Lillian (Kenan) Buchanan is in possession of a minature of her great 
grandfather, Col. Thomas Kenan, painted about 1810, which was given to her 
by cousin Mary Kenan Calhoun. Also in her possession are the following: 
"Olmstead's Philosophy Text Book, Yale College; and on the fly leaf, is 

1. "The Duplin Times, Kenansville, N. C, Dec. 23, 1965. 

2. "The State", Feb. 15, 1965 (issued by N. C.) 

3. Data from Thomas S. Kenan III 

4. Data from Robert G. Kenan Sr. 


"D. L. Kenan, Selma, Ala., Chapel Hill, N. C. 1843"; John S. Dancy, Tar- 
boro, N.C., "Active bon Verbid", "Deciml Junn, Juvenalis Avli "Pessis 
Flacie"; "An Authentic Account of an Embassy from The King of Great Brit- 
ain to the Emperor of China 1799! fly leaf, William Morisey; Holy Bible 
Old and New Testament, Pub. 1847, fly leaf, Daniel L. Kenan, presented by 
his Mother, Selma, Ala., Oct. 9, 1947- Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan live in 
Birmingham, Ala. 

47. William Owen Kenan (1-2-1-9-22), b. Feb. 10, 1927 in Selma, Ala.; 
m. June 1954, Caroline Frederiska Smith of Selma, Ala. Issue: 

(l) Caroline Reese, b. May 6, 1955; (2) Julia Lillian, b. July 2, 1957; 
(3) Fredericka Elizabeth, b. Jan. 16, 1961; (4) James, b. Mar. 22, 1964. 
Dr. Owen Kenan is a physician in Selma, Ala.; a.grad. from Univ. of Ala. 
Medical School; Past Pres. Selma Rotary Club. 

48. Minnie Knox Kenan (1-2-1-10-23), b. Jan. 15, 1885, Geneva, Ala.; 
m. Dec. 9, 1908, Joel Philip Carter, b. Aug. 19, 1882, Troy, Ala., 

son of Tyre S. and Lucy (Salter) Carter. Joel grad. Auburn. Issue: 

81 i Emma Knox Carter 

82 ii Joel Philip Carter Jr. 

83 iii William Kenan Carter 

She d. July 27, 1956, Dothan, Ala.; bur. Geneva Cemetery, Geneva, Ala. 

49. Louise Gibson (1-2-5-16-25), b. ca 1861, Quincy, Fla. She, along 
with her mother, brothers and sisters, moved to Hawkinsville, Ga. 

after the death of her father in 1876. She m. 1882 in Hawkinsville to 
J. E. K. Ragin. Issue: 

i Eugene Ragin, died young 

84 ii Louise Kenan Ragin 

85 iii John Feldre Ragin 

86 iv Winnie Leonore Ragin 

v Mary Julia Ragin „ 

Louise (Gibson) Ragin d. July 7, 1930 in Atlanta, Ga. 

50. Emily Gibson (1-2-5-16-25), b. Oct. 27, 1863, Quincy, Fla.; moved 
to Hawkinsville, Ga. along with the remainder of her family after 

the death of her father in 1876} m. Feb. 28, I889, James Ferdinand Fleming 
b. June 8, I858 in Pulaski Co. Ga. , son of James 4 Elizabeth (Leonard) 
Fleming. Issue: 

i Frederick Leonard Fleming, b. Jan. 25, I89O, Hawkinsville, Ga. 
d. Jan. 21, 1967, Hawkinsville. 

87 ii Edith Josephine Fleming 

Emily (Gibson) Fleming was an outstanding Bible student; taught Sunday 
School 20 yrs.; Pres. Woman's Christian Temperance Union; U.D.C.; D.A.R. 
Emily's husband, Ferdinand Fleming was a steward in the Hawkinsville Meth- 
odist Church 35 yrs.; led singing; Sunday School director 25 yrs. He d. 
Nov. 27, 1932; she d. April 25, 1924, both in Hawkinsville. [See picture 
next page]. 

1. Data from Robert 0. Kenan Sr. 

2. Data from Mrs. Leonard G. DeLamar 


IF pi 


Emily (Gibson) Fleming, dau. of Julia (Kenan) Gibson, 1863-1924 

51. Mary Gibson ( 1-2-5-1 6-25 ) , b. Hay 12, I869, Quincy, Fla.; m. Matthew 
Singleton Means, son of Anderson and Elizabeth (Allen) Means. Issue: 
i Florence Louise Means, b. May 1902; d. Aug. 1902 
88 ii Mary Gibson Means . 

Mary (Gibson) Means d. Mar. 28, 1905, Hawkinsville, Ga. 



Julia Eugene Gibson (1-2-5-16-25), b. Sept. 18, 1875, Quincy, Fla.; 

moved to Hawkinsville, Ga. at the death of their father in 1875 i 
June 18, 1896 to Harris Erastus Harville, b. Oct. 24, 1862, Irvington, 
, son of Harris Erastus and Catherine (jessup) Harville Sr. Issue: 










April 4, 1897 

Dec. 1, 1904 

Lucia Catherine Harville, b. 

Marie Claxton Harville 

Emily Irene Harville, b. 

Bessie Louise Harville 

Alma Harville 

Thelma Harville 

LouiBe Rowe Harville, 
vm Marta Eugene Harville 
Harris Erastus Harville d. Aug. 4, 1937, Atlanta, Ga.; Julia (Gibson) 
Harville d. 1939 in Atlanta. [See picture next page]. 

1. Data from Mrs. Leonard G. DeLamar. 


Julia (Gibson) Harville, dau. of Julia (Kenan) Gibson, 1875-1939 

53. Willie Elizabeth Gee (1-2-5-16-26), b. Deo. 2, 1863 1 , Quincy, Fla.; 
,d. May 29, 1929, Quinoy, Fla.; m. W. F. Skipper of Madison, Fla. 


i Robert F. Skipper, b. Deo. 25, 1897 
95 ii Dorris Skipper, 

iii Cecil H. Skipper, b. Aug. 13, 1900; m. Apr. 18, 1931, Frances 

G. Dickinson of Reno, Uev. , dau. of Owen Chapman and Hattie 

M. (Peterson) Dickinson. 

54. Caroline Booth Gee, "Carrie" (1-2-5-16-26), b. May 24, 1878, Quincy, 

Fla.; m. Feb. 2, 1910, Miles Henry Womack, b. March 19, 1875, son 
of Henry Mitchel and Sara Emma (McLaughlin) Womack II. Issue: 

96 i Miles Kenan Womack , 

Caroline Booth (Gee) Womack died Dec. 30, 1966 in Havana, Fla. 
[See picture next page] 

1. "History of the Gee Family" by William J. Fletcher, Washington, D. C. 

2. 1870 Census, Gadsden Co., Fla., page 749, family #640 

3. Data from Miles Kenan Womack Jr. 


Caroline Booth (Gee) Womack, dau. of Thomas Louisa Kenan, I878-I966 

55. Henry Lawler Wilder, (1-2-5-17-27), b. Aug. 11, 1876, Graham, Texas; 

grad. Medical School 1899; practiced general medicine 33 yrs. and 
specialized in radiology 18 yrs.; m. 1903, Albany, Texas, Minnie Maxwell 
Crigler, b. July 13, 1882, dau. of R. H. and Carrie (Voris) Crigler. She 
d. May 24, 1944; and he m/2 Nina Boyett on Jan. 13, 1945- He moved his 
family from Central Texas to Clarendon, Texas 1916; and to Pampa, Texas 
1921 where he remained. He was an ardent civic worker, and instrumental 
in organizing the Pampa Soap Box Derby; served as Scoutmaster of a Boy 
Scout Troop; was Chn. Lions Club Troop Committee; given Scout honors of 
Silver Beaver award 1945; Order of the Arrow 1948; on Exec. Comm. of 
Adobe Halls Area Council. Instrumental in organizing a medical society in 
all surrounding counties. Elected councilor of Panhandle Dist. of the 
State Medical Assn. 1928; secretary of Top o' Texas County Medical Sooiety 
1948 and held office until his death. Became a Mason in 1904; on Board of 
Stewards of Clarendon First Methodist Church 1916-1930 when he moved to 
Pampa. Issue (all by 1st wife)s Dr. Wilder d. Jan. 28, 1950 at 73 yrs. 

i Twins d. at one day of age 

ii Carrie Elizabeth, b. Sept. 13, 1905, Qranbury, Texas; m. 
Lloyd Stalling. 

iii William Kenan Wilder, b. Oct. 16, 1909; living Akron, Ohio. 

iv Henry Lawler Wilder Jr., b. Aug. 14, 1912 

v Louis Wilder, b. Jan. 19, 1916, Port Worth, Texas 

vi Ethel Wilder, b. Oct. 30, 1920; m. Raymond Johnson 

1. Pampa newspaper article at time of his death. 

2. Data from Mrs. Leon Jacobi, and Mrs. Morgan Jones Jr. 


56. Jessie Kenan Wilder (1-2-5-17-27), b. Aug. 12, 1882, Graham, Texas; 
grad. from Sherwood School of Music, Chicago, 111. and Sherwood Sch- 
ool in Chautauqua, N.Y. She was an accomplished musician in both piano 
and voice; continued advance coaching and taught piano for many years. 

She m. Oct. 26, 1904 in Weatherford, Texas to Morgan Jones, b. June 4, 1876 
Durham Co., England, son of Thomas Charles and Jane Elizabeth (Goodwin) 
JoneB. Each first son in this Jones line has been named Morgan, and he 
was the seventh generation so named. Issue: 

97 i Morgan Jones Jr. 

98 ii Thomas Wilder Jones 

99 iii Jennie Elizabeth Jones 

100 iv Helen Jones 

v Adelaide JoneB, d. at two years of age 

101 vi John Grant Jones 

Morgan Jones was one of three brothers who was brought to America in 
1893 by his uncle, Colonel Morgan Jones. Col. Jones had a fabulous career 
in railroad construction, mining, finance, and other business endeavors. 
Young Morgan Jones was only 17 years of age when he came over. He attended 
Univ. of Va. for one year, then launched into a career of work with his 
uncle, who built one of the largest fortunes and business empires in Texas 
and the Southwest. An authorized biography of Morgan Jones Sr. recounts 
that as a lad in America, he received no favors from his wealthy uncle and 
at the bottom with railroad gandy-dancers , swinging picks and sledge ham- 
mers. His first job was in Trinidad, Colo, laying a narrow-gauge rail- 
road line in the depths of a coal mine. He subsequently held many jobs in 
his uncle's far flung enterprises, and became a valuable assistant in the 
huge financial empire which his uncle created. He d. Sept. 27, 1964. 

After marriage, the couple made their first home in Seymour, Texas; mov- 
ing on to Hamlin, Ballinger, and in 1920 back to Abilene to stay. 

Jessie Kenan (Wilder) Jones is a longtime leader in Abilene church, 
club and women's affairs, and a patron of the fine arts. She lives at 
770 Saxles Drive, which has been one of Abilene 's beauty spots for many 

57. Adah Lois Kenan (1-2-5-17-28), b. I894, Benjamin, Texas; m. 1914, 
Dallas, Texas to John Mayhem Baldwin, b. 1888, New London, Conn., 

son of John C. Baldwin. He grad. Yale Univ. Civil Engineering 1909; worked 
Texas Co., Houston; then Chief Engineer, La. Oil Refining Co., Shreveport, 
La. He d. 1944, Houston, Texas. 

Adah Lois (Kenan) Baldwin is asst. organist at her church; teaches an 
adult women's Sunday School class; active in women's work. She lives at 
732 Wendel, Houston, Texas. [Data furnished by self]. Issue: 

102 i John William Baldwin 

103 ii Lois Elizabeth Baldwin 

58. Nil Kenan (1-2-5-17-29), b. 1887, Seymour, Texas; m. ca 1910 to 
Eugene Walter Gill. Issue: 

104 i John Kenan Gill 

105 ii Eugene Walter Gill Jr. 

106 iii Dan Cummins Gill 

107 iv Roy Glasgow Gill 

1. "Abilene Reporter-News", Sept. 27, 1964. 

2. Data from Mrs. Morgan Jones Jr. and Mrs. Leon Jacobi 

3. Letters from Jesse Gregory Kenan to James Shields Kenan 

4. Data from son, Roy G. Gill; Dr. Patrick D. Kenan; and Mrs. Leon Jacobi 


Nil (Kenan) Gill, 1887-1960 

Nil (Kenan) Gill was an accomplished musician in both piano and voice; 
a professional church singer in El Paso, Texas, serving three churches at 
the same time: Jewish Temple Saturday evening, Catholic 10:00 A.M. Mass; 
and Methodist 11:00 A.M. and evening. Her singing continued after mar- 
riage and move to Okmulgee, Okla. She was a woman of exceptional beauty 
and grace. Her fascinating charm and talent enabled her to contribute 
greatly to the culture of the area. She was a valued member of the Metho- 
dist Church and volunteer quartet there. She had a reputation for her 
culinary skills. 

Eugene Walter Gill was in the oil business in Okmulgee, Okla. as a smal! 
independent producer and explorer. He d. Aug. 1916, leaving his widow to 
rear four boys, the eldest five yrs. and the youngest born six weeks after 
his father's death. Her mother had d. a few yrs. previously, and her fa- 
ther, then living in El Paso, Texas, went to live with his dau. Nil, and 
was a "father figure" to his grandsons as they grew up. She d. March 1, 
I960 in Okmulgee, Okla. ' 

59. Dan Cummins Kenan (1-2-5-17-29), b. Sept. 30, I89I, Seymour, Texas; 
grad. 1915 Wesleyan Univ., Middleton, Conn. He began law school at 
at Yale, but WWI brought about his entry into the array; was commissioned 
a field artillery officer; left array as Capt. at end of war. He returned 
to Wesleyan as head football coach, a post he held about two yrs.; then 

1. Letters from Jesse Gregory Kenan to James Shields Kenan 

2. Data from son Roy G. Gill; Dr. Patrick D. Kenan; and Mrs. Leon Jacobi 


entered business in Okmulgee, Okla. where his father and widowed sister 
were living. He m. June 12, 1923 in Okmulgee, to Maude Mitchell Harrison, 
b. Dec. 22, 1900, Nashville, Term. , dau. of CharleB Armstrong and Maude 
(Driver) Harrison. "Mitch" received her B.S. degree at Peabody College in 
1921. Issue: 

i Kitty Gene, b. Nov. 6, 1925, Okmulgee; d. Dec. 18, I925, Tulsa 

108 ii Nil Harrison Kenan 

109 iii Patrick Dan Kenan 

110 iv Thomas John Kenan 

Dan Cummins Kenan worked in oil promotions, later merchandising and 
radio station management. He served two terms as Mayor of Okmulgee, Okla. 
and one term as a Representative in the Okla. State Legislature. During 
WWII he was area director of the War Manpower Commission in Tulsa, Okla. 
After the war he resumed his business career in real estate and radio sta- 
tion management. He d. Sept. 12, 195 2 , Okmulgee. "Mitch" teaches in 
Okmulgee (I967). [Data furnished by his children]. 

60. Verda Kenan (1-2-5-17-30), b. May 5, 1888, Seymour, Texas; m. Feb. 

8, 1911 in Seymour to George Sands Plant b, b. Dec. 16, 1885, Paint 
Rock, Texas, son of Galen Sands and Prances AgneB (Cooke) Plants. Verda 
attended Mary Baldwin College, Stanton, Va. Mr. Plants has retired as 
President of Seymour Bank. Issue: [Data furnished by self] 

i Janette, b. Aug. 4, 1914? Seymour; grad. Womens Univ., Denton, 

Tex.; m. Richard Morris in Seymour, 
ii Elsa, b. Feb. 9i 1918, Seymour; grad. Texas Tech, Lubbock, Tex. 
iii Martha Frank, b. April 4i 1922, Seymour; grad. Texas Tech., 

Lubbock; m. June 21, 1944 in Corpus Christi, Tex. to Frank 
K. Mc Daniel. 

61. Martha Kenan (1-2-5-17-30), b. Nov. 5, I89O, Seymour, Texas; studied 
voice and piano in Dallas, Tex. and Chicago, 111.; then taught music 

in Midland, Seymour, and Altus, Texas and Altus, Okla. She was greatly 
appreciated for her sweet voice, and did much solo work for churches, wed- 
dings, and funerals. She m. Nov. 6, 1918 in Seymour to Lucien A. Pelly, 
b. April 1881 in Missouri. She d. June 28, 1949 1 Altus, Okla. Issue: 

111 i Mary Ella Pelley 

112 ii Betty Jean Pelley 

[Data furnished by Mrs. Verda (Kenan) Plants]. 

62. Wilder Kenan (1-2-5-17-30), b. Sept. 17, 1897 , Seymour, Texas; grad. 
Texas A & M in civil engineering. He was in Signal Corp Officers 

Training School at Yale Univ. when WWI Armistice signed. He m^ Feb. 23, 
1922 in Haskell, Texas to Stella Juanita Fox, b. May 4, 1903, dau. of 
Julius S. Fox of Greensboro, N.C. and his wife Anna Elizabeth (Griffin) Fox 
of Marietta, Ga. He practiced civil engineering work many years, building 
bridges in the USA and Canada, for which he has received much recognition. 
He was a member of the firm of Matthews & Kenan, Consulting Engineers, San 
Antonio, Texas, from which firm he has retired. He and his wife live at 
224 Sharon Drive, San Antonio, Texas. No children. [Data from self and 
sister Verda Plants]. 

63. James William Loving (1-2-5-17-32), b. May 27, 1886, Jermyn, Texas; 
grad. Texas A & M; was engaged in the cattle business during his 
lifetime. He m. Feb. 3, 1913 in Graham, Tex. to Ollie Kidwell, b. Aug. 15, 
1888, Weatherford, Texas, dau. of Lyman Booth and Cornelia Adaline Betty 
Kidwell. James William Loving d. May 25, 1933, Dallas, Tex.; bur. Oak 
Grove Cemetery, Graham, Texas. Issue: 


Issue of James William and Ollie (Kidwell) Loving: 

113 i James William Loving Jr. 

114 ii Mary Adeline Loving 

[Data furnished by his Bister, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Loving) Graham], 

64. Mary Ellen Loving (1-2-5-17-32), b. Oct. 14, 1888 in Lost Valley, 
Jack Co., Texas; grad. St. Mary's College, Dallas, Tex.; m. Sept. 

29, 1909, in Graham, Tex. to Edwin Smith Graham, b. Aug. 3, 1880, Graham, 
Texas, son of Edwin Smith Graham and his wife Agnes Mary (Kintner) Graham. 
He was a grad. of Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. and a grad. 
of Southwestern Univ. in Georgetown, Texas. He d. Jan. 10, 1958, Graham, 
Texas; bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, Graham. Issue: 

115 i Edwin Smith Graham Jr. 

116 ii Oliver Loving Graham 

Mary (Loving) Graham lives in Graham, Texas (1967) and furnished this data] 

65. Oliver Loving Jr. (1-2-5-17-32), b. Aug. 24, I898, Fort Worth, Tex. 
m. June 14, 1923 in Fredericksburg, Tex. to Erna Wahrmund, b. Aug. 

10, 1901, Fredericksburg, Tex., dau. of Max and Sophie (Weyrich) Wahrmund. 

i Peggy Lois, b. Apr. 24, 19 2 7, Graham, Texas; grad. Univ. Tex.; 

killed in auto accident; bur. Jermyn Cemetery, Jermyn, Tex. 

Was Asst. Dir. of media for McCann-Erickson, an advertising 

agency in Houston, Texas. 

117 ii Oliver Loving III 

Oliver Loving Jr. was a 3tock farmer at Gerrayn, Texas; d. Jan. 7, 1937 in 
Graham, Texas; bur. Jermyn, Texas. [Data from sister Mrs. Graham #64] 

66. Lois Kenan Loving (1-2-5-17-32), b. May 24, 1900, Lost Valley, Jack 
Co., Texas; grad St. Mary's College, Dallas, Tex.; m. July 8, 1923 

in Weatherford, Tex. to Roy Jackson Jr., b. Aug. 18, I898, Jacksboro, Tex., 
son of Roy and Hattie (Hensley) Jackson. Issue: 

118 i Lois Harriet Jackson 

119 ii Lydia Loving Jackson 

Lois (Loving) Jackson div. and lives Austin, Texas. (1967) [Data furnished 
by self and daughter Lois] 

67. Emelyn Eunice Board (1-2-5-17-33), b. Sept. 11, 1893, Seymour, Tex. 
m. 1914 in Seymour to John William Brown, b. Sept. 27, I89O in Tex., 

son of William A. and Mary (Lucky) Brown. Issue: 

120 i Elise Brown 

121 ii John Kenan Brown 

iii Ashton W. Brown, b. May 21, 1920; d. June 30, 1923, Truscott, 
Emelyn Eunice (Board) Brown d. Aug. 30, 1923 in Truscott, Texas. Her mother 
Mrs. Annie (Kenan) Board went to live with the children and their father 
until he remarried, Mrs. Mable Stewart Guthrie in 1925 • John William Brown 
d. July 16, 1959 in Paducah, Texas. [Data from her children]. 

1. Wichita Falls, Texas newspaper, issue of June 29, 1966. 


68. Courtney Olive Board (1-2-5-17-33), b. Hay 9, 1902, Seymour, Texas; 

m. June 2, 1923 in Dallas, Tex. to Leo William Falls, b. Feb. 25, 
1889, Sparta, Wis., son of William and Anna (Holmes) Falls. Issue: 

122 i Eunice Leone Falls 

123 ii Linda Olive Falls 

Leo William Fall3 was a portrait photographer living in Dallas, Texas; 
Shreveport, La., and Orlando, Fla. Courtney (Board) Falls d. Dec. 25, 
1956 and her husband March 14, 1958, both in Orlando, Fla. where they were 
living. [Data from her children]. 

69. deVecmon Ramsay (1-2-5-17-34), b. Feb. 26, 1901 , Shreveport, La.; 

attended Columbia Univ. School of Journalism, and American Institute 
of Musical Arts in N.Y. City for voice training; studied at American Acad- 
emy of Dramatic Art, and was engaged for a feature roll in the Marian 
Davies film "The Young Diama". Her lyric soprano voice brought early suc- 
cess on the professional concert and light opera stage; she sang prima- 
donna roles with Boston Light Opera Co. in productions of "Mikado" and 
"Pinafore". In 1922 she signed a contract with the Shuberts for the lead- 
ing role in "Blossomtime" and made her Broadway debut at the "Century Thea- 
tre". Following a west coast tour and long runs in San Francisco and Los 
Angeles, "Blossomtime" opened again in N.Y.C. at the Shubert and the 44th 
St. Theatres. In the meantime Shuberts had made her a star, and "Student 
Prince" was the next assignment. 

deVecmon Ramsay as Mitzi, star of "Blossomtime" 1924 

In the middle of a five year contract, deVecmon decided to marry Leon 
John Jacobi, a young grad. of the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. The 
wedding in Shreveport on Dec. 22, 1925, of a "star" and the young naval 


officer drew such a crowd from the admiring public, there was little room 
in the church for invited guests. Leon was "b. Aug. 15, 1897, Mt. Clemens, 
Mich., son of John and Rhoda (Dalby) Jacobi. Issue: 

i Leon John Jacobi Jr., b. July 29, 1926, Detroit, Mich.; grad. 
Wayne Univ. in Bus. Admr.; grad. U.S. Naval Officer Supply 
School; navy veteran of WWII (pacific duty) and Korean War 
(Med. duty on USS Tarawa aircraft carrier; active naval re- 
serve; a stock-broker with Goodbody & Co., Detroit. Is unm. 
lives in Frasier, Mich., a suburb of Detroit. 

124 ii George Kenan Jacobi 

Leon employed by Detroit Edison 1925 as Supervising Engineer, Inspections, 
Standards and Specifications, then Director of Civil Defense; retired 1962; 
active Naval Reserves; recalled to active duty and served six yrs. WWII; 
Exec. Officer & Navigator aboard USS Dubuque, training vessel; Engineer- 
ing Officer on staff of Admiral Alexander Sharp at N.O.B. Norfolk, Va. 
After the war, again became active in Reserves; has held many offices of 
trust and honor; was Brigate Commander of Naval Reserve 1946-49; member 
of Hoover Commission 1948; selected Rear Admiral US1TR 1953; on Armed For- 
ces Policy Board 1956-59; Pres. Reserve Officers Assn. '58-59; Pres. Ameri- 
can Wood Preservers Assn. 1961-62; national Vice-Pres. U.S. Naval Academy 
Alumni 1963-65. 

deVecmon Jacobi active in church, school, community work; accompanies 
husband on trips, often serving jointly with him. Radm. Jacobi was Con- 
vention Host Chn. and Mrs. Jacobi one of four Chn. for R.O.A.L. (women's) 
activities at national convention of Reserve Officers Assn. in Detroit in 
1965. The family lives 729 Fisher Rd., Grosse Point, Mich. [Data by self] 

70. George Daniel Ramsey (1-2-5-17-34), b. Aug. 1, I9O5, Shreveport, La. 
grad. Drake Univ., DesMoines, Iowa 1926; was minister Christian 

Church but gave up due to health; m. Dec. 10, 1929 in Detroit, Frances 
Emily Fowler, b. June 23, 1903, Detroit, Mich., dau. of Lawrence Joel and 
Mida V. (Leonard) Fowler. Issue: 

125 i Ora Lou Ramsey 

George Ramsay was employed by Edison in Detroit; joined General Motors, 
Chevrolet; transferred by G.M. to Calif. 1940s; now operates own firm of 

Ramsay Office Services, IO96I San Vmcenti Ave., Lynwood, Calif. [Data 
furnished by sister deVecmon Jacobi]. 

71. Aivaretta Josephine Kenan (1-2-5-17-36), "Betty"; "Al"; b. Sept. 4, 
1907, Statesboro, Ga.; grad Ga. State College for Women, Milledge- 

ville, Ga. ; MSVf, School of Social Work, Tulane Univ., New Orleans; m. Dec. 
2, 1946, Norfolk, Va., Emory Calhoun Register, b. Feb. 28, 1902, Nashville 
Ga., son of Lucius Emerson and Sophie (McMillan) Register; div. 195°. 
Employed Ga. State Welfare Dept. four yrs.; joined war effort WWII, organ- 
ized USO Travelers Aid at Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga.; National Travelers 
Aid Assn. transferred her to Norfolk to organise USO Travelers Aid for 
naval personnel and families; asked to merge USO with local Travelers Aid 
& be exec, of both; after a national survey, was asked to reorganize 
Norfolk Social Service Bureau, Dept. Public Welfare 1949; listed in First 
edition "Who's Who of American Women"; "Who's Who in South & Southwest", 
5th edition; and "Virginia Lives: Old Dominion Who's Who" 1964; was ser- 
ved as chn. of many local, state, and some national committees in social 
work field; active Women's Div., Chamber of Commerce; Past Dist. Governor 
Quota International (classified service club of women execs, as Kiwanis); 
past State President, Va. League of Local Public Welfare Executives. In 
I963 was awarded the Civitan Club's annual award for outstanding public 
service. Member D.A.R., Colonial Dames XVTI Century, Magna Charta Dames, 
and Americans of Royal Descent. [Data by self]. 


Alvaretta (Kenan) Register 

Virginia* (Kenan) Kern 

72. Virginia Douglas Kenan (1-2-5-17-36), b. July 8, 1910, Stateeboro, 
Ga. ; grad. Ga. State Coll. for Women, Milledgeville, Ga.; played 
guitar in all-girl orchestra; ra. Aug. 19, 1939 in Fredericksburg, Va. to 
John Augustus Kern Jr., b. Sept. 14, 1907 1 Salisbury, H.C., son of John 
Augustus and Julia J. (Sumners) Kern Sr. of Rowan Co. N.C.; & grandson of 
John Burgess & Sallie A. (Verble) Kern, and James Marion & Rebecca (Harp) 
Sumners; div.; Issue: 

126 i Kenan James Kern 
For the past 20 yrs. Virginia has been employed as secretary to a local 
attorney who also serves as City Attorney, and as Atty. for a large bank 
in Statesboro, Ga. She lives at 508 Park Ave., Statesboro, Ga. [Data by 
self]. [Picture next page]. 

73. Anna Potter Kenan (1-2-5-17-36), b. April 13, 1913, Statesboro, Ga. 

grad. Ga. State Coll. for Women, Milledgeville, Ga.; m. March 17, 
1935, Ridgeland, S.C. to Cleon Parrish, b. Oct. 8, 1912, Portal, Ga., son 
of Joseph and Luella (Davis) Parrish; div. Issue: 

127 i Joe Cleon Parrish 

128 ii James David Parrish 

iii Michael Douglas Parrish, b. Feb. 14, 1947, Statesboro, Ga. ; 
Anna was medical secretary many yrs. in Statesboro, Ga., decided to live 
in Fla.; now (1967) secretary to City Treasurer, Vero Beach, Fla. [Data 
by self] [Picture next page] /S«*~ f 2 ™— %*- 9-1 *\- 


Anna (Kenan) Parrish 

Michael Douglas Parrish 

Sharon Ann Kenan 

Gregory Richard Kenan 


James Shields Kenan II 

Elise (Richardson) Kenan 

74. James Shields Kenan II (1-2-5-17-36), b. April 18, 1916, Statesboro, 

Ga.; grad. Ga. Southern College; m. Oct. 12, 1939, Statesboro, Ga. 
to Elise Elizabeth Richardson, b. Oct. 30, 1916, dau. of Homer Jessie and 
Carolyn Elizabeth (Newman) Richardson, Stilson, Ga. [See RICHARDSON Fam- 
ily Sketch], 

Shields owns and operates "Kenan's Print Shop" in Statesboro, Ga., es- 
tablished by his father, but expanded by Shields to include a line of off- 
ice supplies, gifts for the office, and books chiefly for college. He was 
editor and publisher of the "Bulloch Times", weekly newspaper in Statesboro 
1954-62. Member National Guard since 1935! served five yrs. active duty 
during WWII; two yrs. as Regimental Adjutant of Infantry Regt.; Commander 
of local until recalled to active duty in Korean call-up; retired Lt. Col. 
while serving as G-3 Air, on staff of Hdqt. 48th Armored Div., Macon, Ga. 
Formerly Sunday School Supt., FirBt Meth. Church; Chn. Official Board, 
Church Lay Leader Statesboro, and Associate Lay Leader of Savannah Dist. 
Meth. Church; Lay Speaker of church; member Official Board; last lay 
speaker in old bldg. prior to razing, and first lay speaker in new sanc- 
tuary upon completion, both addresses a part of documents placed in corner- 
stone of new church ediface; recently appointed on Comm. for a 2\ million 
dollar building program for church sanctuary for First Methodist Church, 
Statesboro. Past Pres. Rotary Club, StateBboro; received Ga. Recreation 
Society's "Lay Award for Outstanding Service" in 1961; formerly director 
on Board of Governors, Ga. Press Assn.; Board of Managers, Ga. Printers 
Assn.; member National Stationary Assn.; and Am. Booksellers Assn. Issue: 

129 1 James Shields Kenan III, twin to next, b. July 25, 1942 

ii John William Kenan, stillborn twin to above; bur. Eastside Cem 

130 iii Carolyn Elise Kenan, b. March 4, 1945 

iv Sharon Ann Kenan, b. March 8, 1948, Statesboro, Ga.; currently 

attending Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga. 
v Gregory Richard Kenan, b. Dec. 31, 1952, Statesboro, Ga.; mem- 
ber "Americans of Royal Descent". 
Family lives on Brannen and Granade Sts., Statesboro, Georgia. [Data by 


75- Florence Anne Kenan (1-2-5-17-36), b. April 5, 1919, StateBboro, 

Ga. ; attended Oa. State Coll. for Women, Milledgeville; Ga. Sou. 
Coll., Statesboro; and Strayers Business Coll. Washington, D.C.; was the 
first civilian to replace an officer for overseas duty in the Air Transp- 
ort Command Hdqt.; had charge of selecting enlisted men for Officer Candi- 
date School and officers for Officer Training Schools. Charter member of 
Calmont Meth. Church, Belmont, Calif.; member Queen Esther Shrine No. 50; 
Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, m. Dec. 20, 1945 i n Alexandria, 
Va. to Winfield W. Kessler, b. May 24, 1911 i Tippacanoe City, Ohio, son of 
Lora A. and Clara (Saar) Kessler. Issue: (l) Tena Marie, b. Mar. 23, 1954 
(2) Richard Douglas, b. Nov. 12, 1956; both b. San Mateo, Calif. 

Kess waB Asst. Chief of Staff, Priorities & Traffic Div. , Air Transport 
Command in China-Burma theater WWII; retired Colonel, Air Force Reserve; 
Mgr. Maintenance, American Airlines, International Airport, San Francisco, 
Calif; has worked for AA 38 yrs. Family lives 1915 Oak Knoll Dr., Bel- 
mont, Calif. [Data by self] 

Tena Marie Kessler 

Richard Douglas Kessler 

Florence (Kenan) Kessler 

76. James Graham Kenan (1-2-1-8-19-38), b. Aug. 30, 1910, Atlanta, Oa.; 

educated at Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.; Univ. N.C.; and 
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass. During WWII he served four yrs U. S. 
Navy; commissioned an ensign in U.S. Naval ReFerve 1941, attached to convoy 
office NYC, and its corresponding office Liverpool, Eng. , and served as US 
Naval Harbor Master, Bremerhaven, Germany during establishment as port-of- 
entry for the U.S. Zone; separated from armed forces 1946 as lieut. comman- 

1. Atlanta & Environs" by Franklin Garrett, Vol. Ill, pg. 507 


Since returning to civilian activities, although a licensed attorney 
and member of Ga. Bar, has devoted his time to the management of family 
interests; is president of the Olymphia Investment Corp.; director of 
Citizens and Southern National Bank. Is director of Flagler System, Inc.; 
Fla. East Coast Car Ferry Co., West Palm Beach Vlater Co., Peninsular and 
Occidental Steamship Co., Model Land Co., Perrine Grant Land Co., Flagler 
System Charitable Trust, Sarah Graham Kenan Foundation. 

Was member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Univ. II. C; clubs include 
Rotary, Piedmont Driving, Capital City (Atlanta*), Everglades Club, Palm 
Beach, Harvard Club of NYC, Cape Fear Club of Wilmington, N.C.; Order of 
Cincinnati; attends All Saints' Episcopal Church, past vestryman. 

On Kay 24, 1941, at Runnymede Farm, Paris, Ky., he m- Miss Anne Clay, 
dau. of Brutus Junius and Agnes (McEvey) Clay. Issue: (l) Agnes Clay, 
b. Mar. 8, 1942; (2) Anne Read, b. Apr. 6, 1943; (3) James Graham Kenan 
III, b. Mar. 11, 1945; (4) Brutus Clay Kenan, b. Feb. 10, 1947; (5) Sarah 
Graham Kenan, b. Mar. 5, 1949- The family lives at 2890 Andrews Dr., K.W. 
Atlanta, Ga. ' 

77. Frank Hawkins Kenan (1-2-1-8-19-38), b. Aug. 3, 1913, Atlanta, Ga. ; 
grad. Woodberry Forest School (Senior Prefect); Univ. N.C. 1937; m. 

Harriet DuBose, b. 1920, dau. of Theodore Marion and Sarah (Hammond) DuBose. 

131 i Thomas Stephens Kenan III 

ii Owen Graham Kenan, b. Nov. 27, 1946, Charleston, S.C.; student 
at Wilmington College; Director of Sarah Graham Kenan Foun- 
dation, Westfield, Inc. 
m. 2nd. Elizabeth (Price) Gwyn; issue: Elizabeth Kenan, b. Mar. 1967- 

The spark which ignited the interest in the restoration of "Liberty Hall" 
the ancestral Kenan home in Kenansville, was when Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kenan 
of Durham donated the home, 12 acres of land, and 85)000 to the Duplin Co. 
Board of Education. 

He is Pres. of Kenan Oil Co., Inc.; Kenan Transport Co. Inc.; Tops Pet- 
roleum Corp., Durham, N.C; Pres. Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Co., 
which operates the S.S. Miami on three and four day cruises between Miami 
and Nassau; Board of Directors of Flagler System, Inc.; Model Land Co.; 
Fla. East Coast Car Ferry Co.; West Palm Beach Water Co.; Perrine Grant 
Land Co.; Fla. Publishing Co.; Sarah Graham Kenan Foundation; and Flag- 
ler System Charitable Trust. Member of Hope Valley Country Club, Country 
Club of N.C, Croisdale Country Club, Breakers Golf Club, Palm Beach. 
The family lives in Durham, N.C [Data from family] 

78. Anne Hill Kenan (1-2-1-8-19-38), b. ca 1921, Atlanta, Ga. ; m/l Mr. 
Church Barnard; m/2 Mr. William Klein; m/3 Mr. Cy Warner. 

Issue: (l) Church Barnard; (2) Frank Barnard; (3) Emily Barnard; (4) 
Sally Klein; (5) Anne Klein. The family lives in Tampa, Fla. [Data from 

79. Louise Clisby Wise (1-2-1-8-20-41), b. I898 in Wilmington, N.C; d. 
1937. m/l Lawrence Lewis; m/2 Hugh Lewis; m/3 Frederick Francis. 

Issue by 1st husband: (l) Lawrence Lewis Jr.,; m. Janet Patton, Richmond, 
Va.; (2) Mary Lily Flagler Lewis; m. James Wiley, The Plains, Va. 

Mrs. Louise (Wise) Lewis Francis lived in Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Fla. 
and Charles County, Va. She was very generous and gave liberally to schools, 
churches and hospitals. She took particular interest in homeless children. 

1. "Atlanta and Environs: Family and Personal History", by Franklin Garrett, 
pub. by Lewis Historical Pub. Co., Inc., N.Y., Vol. Ill, pg. 507. 

2. Data from Thomas Stephens Kenan III 


She gave the beautiful Sunday School Building at Flagler Memorial Church, 
St. Augustine, Fla. 

80. Margaret Jane Kenan (1-2-1-9-21-44), b. Feb. 26, 1928, Montgomery, 
Ala.; grad. St. Catherine's School, Richmond, Va. and attended Con- 
verse and Huntingdon Colleges; m/l Jan. 10, 1949i Montgomery, Ala. to 
John Blue Boswell, son of Dr. and Mrs. Frederiok Page Boswell; div.; m/2 
Hugh Stuart, Montgomery, Ala. Issue: (l) John Blue Boswell Jr., b. 
Sept. 6, 1949; (2) Robert Kenan Boswell, b. Apr. 17, 1951; (3) David 2 
Winter Stuart, b. Oct. 31, 1961. The family lives in Montgomery, Ala. 

81. Emma Knox Carter (1-2-1-10-23-48), b. Oct. 10, 1909, Carnegie, Okla. 
m. Dec. 27, 1938, Albert Murray Schwartz. Issue: 

i Philip Murray Schwartz, b. Feb. 4, 1941 1 Palos Verdes Estates, 
Calif.; m. June 13 t 1964, Palos Verdes Estates to Patricia 
Storme. Issue: Christopher Storms, b. Nov. 25, 1966, Palos 
Verdes Estates, Calif, 
ii Carol Brownlee, b. Aug. 18, 1945i Palos Verdes Estates, Calif, 
iii Margaret Kenan, b. Apr. 3, 1947 ( Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. 
Emma Knoi (Carter) Schwartz d. Mar. 7, 1962, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.; 
buried Geneva, Ala. Cem. 

82. Joel Philip Carter Jr. (1-2-1-10-23-48), b. Dec. 9, 1911, Geneva, 
Ala.; ra. June 7i 1937i Cherokee, Ala. to Margaret Williams, b. Mar. 

28, 1913, dau. of William Henry and Cora (Bristow) Williams. Issue: 
132 i Mary Bristow Carter 

ii Joel Philip Carter III, b. Jly 8, 1947, Geneva, Ala. . 
iii William Talbot Carter, b. Mar. 12, 1952, Geneva, Ala. 

83. William Kenan Carter (1-2-1-10-23-48), b. June 17, 1920, Geneva, 
Ala.; m. March 1944, Pensacola, Fla.. Elizabeth Lide, dau. of Mal- 
colm and Bessie (Walthall) Lide. ..Issue: (l) Katherine Walthall Carter, 
b. Dec. 14, 1944i Pensacola, Fla. 

84. Louise Kenan Ragin (1-2-5-16-25-49), m. Earl Edward Pennell. Issue: 
i Earl Edward Pennell, d. young. 

ii Earl Harris Pennell, b. Jly. 12, 1923; d. June 22, 1966; m. 

Nov. 20, 1954, Hildred Johnson, dau. Hilma Vallgren and Seth 
Gustafson.Johnson. Issue: Earl Harris Pennell Jr., b. May 
30, 1956. 

85 John Felder Ragin (1-2-5-16-25-49), b. Jan. 7, 1890; d. Jan. 3, 

.1967; m. Laura E B telle Broadwell, b. Nov. 9, 1889; d. May 29, I960. 

133 i John Felder Ragin Jr. 

1. Data from Thomas Stephens Kenan III 

2. Data from Robert G. Kenan Sr. 

3. Data from Rebekah Lamar Kenan 

4. Data from Mrs. Leonard G. DeLamar 


86. Winnie Lenore Ragin (1-2-5-16-25-49), b. Feb. 21, I89I; m. Ovid 
Alexander Irwin, son of William John Irwin. iBeue: 

i Ovid Alexander Irwin, b. May 26, 1920 

ii Reece Andrew Irwin, b. Feb. 16, 1922; m. Bernice Brown, b. Jan. 
24, 1925i dau. of Haskell Brown. Issue: (l) Demse Maureen, 
b. Aug. 15, 1957; (2) Laurie Ann, b. Apr. 6, 196I. 

87. Edith Josephine Fleming 1 (l-2-5-l6-25-50) , b. Feb. 18, I893, Hawkins- 
ville, 0a.; m. June 16, 1916, Hawkinsville, to John Burch DeLamar, 

b. July 23, 1892, Hawkinsville, Ga. , son of Richard Francis and Emma Swan 
(Burch) DeLamar. Issue: 

i John Fleming, b. June 16, 1917 1 Hawkinsville, Ga. ; was living 
in Atlanta, Ga. 1963. 

134 ii Leonard Gibson DeLamar 

135 iii Robert Edward DeLamar 

Edith Josephine (Fleming) DeLamar d. April 4, 1959? Hawkinsville, Ga. On 
Palm Sunday, Apr. 10, I960, a Memorial window "The Nativity Rose ./indow" 
was dedicated to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory to Josephine Flem- 
ing DeLamar in the First Methodist Church of Hawkinsville, Ga. She had 
been church organist from 1918 to 1959- This was given by her many friends 
and loved ones. She was a member of Garden Club, Music Club, and D.A.R. 

88. Mary Gibson Means (1-2-5-16-25-51), b. Mar. 4, 1904; m. June 5, 1926, 
Joseph Clayton O'Neal, b. Dec. 3, 1897. son of Pmckey & Posey (Mc- 

Michael) O'Neal. Issue: 

i Frank Means O'Neal, b. May 25, 1932; m. Dec. 23, 1951, to Martha 
Claire Whitten, dau. Ted & Laura Whitten. Issue: (l) Deborah 
Diane, b. Sept. 21, 1952; (2) Patrica Lynn, b. Feb. 18, 1954; 
(3) Frank Barry, b. Dec. 29, 1956. 

89. Marie Claxton Harville 1 (l-2-5-l6-25-52) , b. Apr. 20, 1899; m. Ernest 
Stuart Van. Huss, son of James Madison Van Huss. Issue: 

i Ann Marie Van Hubs, b. Jan. 18, 1936, Atlanta, Ga.; m. Dec. 21, 
1963, Dr. Robert Francis Marion Jr., b. Nov. 2, 1937 1 Atlanta, 
son of Robert Francis and Lula Maude (Pittman) Marion Sr. 
Issue: (l) Robert Francis, b. Nov. 2, 1964, Atlanta, Ga.; 
(2) Ann Rebecca, b. Oct. 28, 1966, Richmond, Va. 

90. Bessie Louise Harville (1-2-5-16-25-52), b. May 25, 1906; m. Oct. 
26, 1939, Elmer Charles Werner, b. Feb. 10, 1907; d. Nov. 11, I965, 

son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Werner of San Antonio, Texas. Issue: (l) Betty 
Louise, b. Nov. 9, 1940; (2) Julia Eugene, b. Nov. 17, 1943; m. July 31, 
1965, Gilmer Allen Gary, b. July 27, 1942. 

91. Alma Harville (twin) 1 (1-2-5-16-25-52), b. June 5, 1908; m/l June 5, 
1937 James Marion Smith; m/2 George Harrison Hammond on Apr. 30, 

1954. Issue: 

i Marion Christine Smith, b. Nov. 20, 1940, Atlanta, Ga.; m. 

Dec. 3, 1963, William Givens. Issue: Cynthia Jean, b. Feb. 

9, 1965. 
ii Marie Harville Smith, b. Feb. 9, 1944; m. Aug. 25, 1963, Harper 

Stephens Edwards, b. May 18, 1942, son of Harper .v'alter and 

Madilyn (Stephens) Edwards, 
iii James Marion Smith Jr., b. May 20, 1946 

1. Data from Mrs. Leonard DeLamar 


92. Thelma Harville (twin) 1 (1-2-5-16-25-52), b. June 5, 1908; m. June 
20, 1943, Thomas Hudson Clary, b. Sept. 27, 1913, son of Hudson 

Davis and Anna Lou Clary. Issue: (l) Thomas Hudson Clary Jr., b. May 9, 
1944; d. Aug. 29, 1944; (2) Harris Dave, b. Nov. 7, 1945, Atlanta; (3) 
Lucia Anna, b. Mar. 26, 1947, Atlanta, Ga. 

93. Lucile Rowe Harville (1-2-5-16-25-52), b. Mar. 20, 1911; m. Feb. 27, 
1942, Randolph Lan Crawley, b. June 14, 1903, son of Joseph H. Craw- 
ley of Monticello, Ga. Issue: (l) Lane Harville, b. Aug. 23, 1944; (2) 
Randolph Lane Crawley Jr., b. Aug. 4, 1946. 

94. Marta Eugene Harville (1-2-5-16-25-52), b. Aug. 16, 1914; m. Dec. 
25, 1938, William T. Johnson, b. May 18, 1914, son of George T. and 

Tera (Adams) Johnson. iBsue: (l) Julia, b. Mar. 24, 1941; m. Aug. 25, 
1962 Porter Pierpont Morgon, b. May 31, 1940, son of Carson Ileal and Alice 
(Pierpont) Morgan, Atlanta, Ga. Issue: Porter Pierpont Morgan Jr., b. 
Sept. 3, 1965, Atlanta; (2) Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, 1944; m. Dec. 28, 
1965, Gerald Douglas Durand, b. Feb. 28, 1942, son of William Freman and 
Mary (Jensen) Durand. 

95. Dorris Louisa Skipper 2 (1-2-5-16-26-53), b. April 28, 1899; m. 1935 
Alec Baker of Coral Gables, Fla. Issue: 

136 i Doris Baker 

96. Miles Kenan Womack 2 (1-2-5-16-26-54), b. June 13, 1911, Havana, Fla. 
m/l April 5, 1936, Mary Ida Capell, b. Apr. 9, 1916, DeFuniak Spr- 
ings, Fla., dau. of Robert Spratley and Ida (Stallworth) Capell. Issue: 

137 i Miles Kenan Womack Jr. 

m/2 Feb. 4, 1953, Baimbridge, Ga. , Ethel Calliham, b. July 22, 1910, dau. 
of Robert M. and Ellie Anna (Daviee) Callihan. Family lives in Quincy, 
Gadsden Co., Fla. [Picture next page] 

97. Morgan Jones Jr. (1-2-5-17-27-56), b. Sept. 5, 1910, Abilene, Tex.; 
grad. Rice Univ. Mechanical Engineering; Master's degree Wharton 

School of Finance, Univ. Pa., in banking and finance; m. June 3, 1937, in 
Greensboro, Ala. to Mary Elizabeth Whatley, b. Sept. 13, 1914 in Ala., dau. 
of Frederick Stickney and Mary (Hicks) Whatley. She a grad. Univ. Ala. in 
Business Admr.; charter member Junior League of Abilene; received "Thanks 
Badge", Girl Scouts highest volunteer service award. Issue: 

138 i Harriet Jane Jones 

ii Elizabeth Kenan Jones, b. Oct. 30, 1946, Abilene, Texas. 

"Kenan" attends Randolph Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, 
Va. ; was "presented" at Cotillion Club, Abilene, Dec. I965. 
Morgan Jones Jr. has, during hiB adult years, been involved with leadership 
of many civic endeavors; holds posts of Chn. of Abilene School Board, Abi- 
lene Citizens Charter Committee. He is a calm speaking, clear thinking man, 
decisive without being dogmatic, persuasive without being argumentative. He 
was an Eagle Scout as a boy; is a member of Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineer- 
ing fraternity; memb. Board and Comra. Finance of St. Paul Meth. Church; 
Pres. Abilene School Board since 1956; delegate to White House Conference 
on Education 1955; memb. and former vice-pres. Abilene Lion's Club; Trustee 
McMurry College, formerly on McMurry Advisory Board and Finance Comm.; 

1. Data from Mrs. Leonard G. DeLamar 

2. Data from Rev. Miles Kenan Womack Jr. 

3. Data from Mrs. Morgan Jones Jr. 


Dir. Abilene Chamber of Commerce, former Prea. and Vice-Prec; former Dir. 
West Texas Chamber of Commerce; Dir. United Fund, campaign chn. 1957-58; 
former chn. Abilene USO. The public schools honored him in 1956 a s the 
layman contributing the most to the schools. In 1958 he won the highest 
award which is bestowed in Abilene o- the designation by the Abilene Chamber 
of Commerce as Outstanding Citizen. In 1966 he was appointed by the Gov- 
ernor's Committee on Public Education. He is listed in Who's Who of Ameri- 
ca" 1964-65, page 2268. The family lives at 3435 S. 9th St., Abilene, Tex. 

Mr. and Mrs. Miles Kenan Womack (1936) 

98. Thomas Wilder Jones (1-2-5-17-27-56), b. Nov. 10, 1912; d. 
10, 1966, Austin, Texas; m. 1949> Amo Lee Jones. Issue: 
i Thomas Wilder Jones Jr., b. 1952; lives Lubbock, Texas. 


99. Jennie Elizabeth Jones , "Jennabeth" (1-2-5-17-27-56), b. Dec. 22, 

1914, Ballinger, Texas; m. June 15, 1949> Abilene, Texas, to 
J. Lockett Shelton, b. May 14, 1905, Abilene, Tex., son of J. Owen and 
Blanche (Lockett) Shelton. Jennabeth is a grad. Sou. Heth. Univ.; charter 
member Junior League of Abilene; active in American Red Cross Volunteer 
work; served twice as Pres. of Bankers wives Assn. of Dallas. Lockett 
Shelton is a grad. Texas A & M Coll. & Master's degree from Harvard; Vice- 
Pres. of Republic National Bank, Dallas & head of Bond Dept. Family lives 
6123 Meadow Crest, Dallas, Texas. 

1. Abilene Reporter-News, Abilene, Texas, Sept. 6, 1964, Sec. B, pg. 1 

2. Data from Mrs. Morgan Jones Jr. 


100. Helen Jones (1-2-5-17-27-56), b. Jan. 17, 1917, Ballinger, Texas; 
m. July 12, 1939, C. Everett Fulgham. She grad. Sou. Meth. Univ.; 

memb. Junior League of Texarkana and Lubbock, Texas. He attended Sou. 
Meth. Univ.; formerly Pres. Union National Bank, Little Rock, Ark.; now 
Business Mgr. for Governor Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas. Issue: 

i Carolyn Fulgham, b. Nov. 17, 1946; m. June 13, 1964, Cary Pres- 
ton Butcher Jr. of Midland, Texas, son of Cary Preston and 
Clary (Phinizy) Butcher Sr. 
ii Edward Everett Fulgham, b. Nov. 9, 1947 
Family lives 3700 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, Ark. 

101. John Grant Jones 1 (1-2-5-17-27-56), b. Nov. 11, 1922, Abilene, Texas; 
grad. Sou. Meth. Univ., Dallas; Master's degree Wharton School of 

Finance, Univ. Penn. ; m. Aug. 21, 1948, Dallas to Anne Smith, b. Feb. 28, 
1928, dau. of James Oscar and Lura May (Aldridge) Smith of Dallas, Texas. 
She attended Sou. Meth. Univ.; currently (1967) Pres. Junior League of 
Abilene. Issue: 

i Morgan Andrew Jones, b. Oct. 2, 1949i Abilene, Tex. 

ii Janet Jones, b. July 25, 1953, Abilene, Texas. 
He served in WWII as 1st Lt. and pilot, U.S. Army Air Force, Troop Carrier 
Command; is a partner in Abtex Insurance Co., Abilene; elected to 59th 
Texas State Legislature and appointed Legislative Council during the inter- 
im; elected 60th Legislature; currently serving as Vice Chn. of Insurance 
Committee, and memb. State Affairs, Banks and Banking, Privileges, Suffrage 
and Elections, and Examination of Comptroller's and Treasurer's Account 
Committees. The family lives at 1509 Woodridge, Abilene, Texas 

102. John William Baldwin, "Billy" 2 (1-2-5-17-28-57), b. 1917, Houston, 
Texas; m. 1940, Arlington, Texas, Nancy Stewart Joiner, b. 1921, 

Arlington, Texas. Issue: 

139 i John William Baldwin Jr. 

ii Molly Ann, b. 1943, Houston, Texas; m. 1964, in Houston to 
William Glenn Johnson, b. 1943, Freeport, Texas. 

140 iii Leah Elizabeth Baldwin 

John William Baldwin has been permanently assigned to the Training Div. of 
Supervisory Personnel of Esso Standard Libya Inc., Tripoli, Libya. 

103. Lois Elizabeth Baldwin 2 (1-2-5-17-28-57), b. 1921, Shreveport, La.; 
m, 1943, Houston, Texas, Orville Winn Rote Jr., b. 1922, Littleton, 

Colo., son of Orville Winn Rote Sr. Issue: 

i Judith Lynn, b. 1945i Houston; m. 1963, Houston, to Harry Glynn 
Ferguson, b. 1944, Houston; issue: Carol Joanne, b 1966 Hous- 

ii Linda Elizabeth, b. 1947, Houston, Texas 

iii Janette Kenan Rote, b. 1949 1 Houston, Texas 

iv William Winn Rote, b. 1953, Houston, Texas 

104. John Kenan Gill 3 (1-2-5-17-29-58), b. June 6, 1911, Okmulgee, Okla.; 
grad. V.M.I, engineering in class 1932; m. Dec. 27, 1941 ( Okmulgee, 

Jeanne Mary Carney, b. June 11, 1919, Kansas City, dau. of Arthur Ernest 
and Jeanne (Clark) Carney. Issue: 

1. Data from Mrs. Morgan Jones Jr. 

2. Data from Mrs. Adah Lois (Kenan) Baldwin 

3. Data from the Gill family and Dr. Patrick D. Kenan 


Issue of John Kenan and Jeanne Mary (Carney) Gill: 

i Jet Carney Gill, b. Aug. 19, 1943, Okmulgee, Okla 
ii Margaret Jeanne Gill, b. Sept. 26, 1945, Okmulgee 

John Kenan Gill is a prominent Oklahoma oil and business man in Okmulgee. 

105. Eugene Walter Gill Jr. "Gene" 1 (1-2-5-17-29-58), b. Nov. 6, 1913, 

Okmulgee, Okla; grad. Univ. Okla. School of Business; m. Aug. 29, 

1941, Okmulgee, to Elna Warner, b. Jan. 5, 1920. Issue: 

i Gale Rhea Gill, b. May 21, 1942, Okmulgee, Okla. 

ii Sharon Nil Gill, b. Sept. 18, 1946, San Antonio, Texas. 

Gene is an oil promoter in San Antonio, Texas 

106 Dan Cummins Gill 1 (1-2-5-17-29-58), b. Dec. 4, 1914, Okmulgee, Okla. 

m. Mar. 20, 1945, in Hawaiian Islands, to Rose Kathleen Fraser, 
"Kay", b. Aug. 13, 1917. Issue: 

i Dan Fraser Gill, b. Sept. 2, I946, N.Y.C. 

ii Kathleen Ann Gill, b. Feb. 25, 1948, Okmulgee, Okla 

iii Deborah Jane Gill, b. June 10, 1949, L°s Alamos, N.M. 

iv John Kenan Gill, b. Dec. 11, 1955, Dallas, Texas. 
He is a grad. of Univ. Okla. and Duke Medical School; had broad surgical 
training at Univ. Minnesota, Mayo, and N.Y. Univ. Hospital; is Chief of 
Surgery at Gaston Hospital, Dallas, Texas. 

107. Roy Glasgow Gill 1 (1-2-5-17-29-58), b. Sept. 12, 1916; grad. Yale 
Law School and Cornell Medical College, specialized in Psychiatry 

and Psychoanalysis; served as Capt. 13th F.A. Bn. WWII in Pacific; 
received Silver Star and Bronze Star and several letters of commendation 
for his action in South Pacific; m. Nov. 17, 1950? in N.Y.C. to Annette 
Florence Hersman, dau. of Harry J. and Helen (Unger) Herzman. His wife 
is also a psychoanalyst; both practice in N.Y.C; no children. [Data 
from self]. 

108. Nil Harrison Kenan (1-2-5-17-29-59), b. Feb. 22, 1927, Okmulgee, 
Okla; grad. B.A. and K.A. in Audiology from Univ. Okla.; ra. Dec. 

27, 1954, Okmulgee, Joseph Harley Hassell Jr., b. May 4, 1926, Okmulgee, 
son of Joseph and Ivy Hassell; he has BS degree Univ. Okla. Issue: 

i James Joseph Hassell, b. Feb. 8, 1957, Okmulgee, Okla. 

ii Ellen Page Hassell, b. Apr. 5, 1961, Okmulgee, Okla. 
He operates "h. hassell Auto Parts" in Okmulgee; both active community and 
church affairs. [Data from self]. 

109. Patrick Dan Kenan (1-2-5-17-29-59), b. April 19, 1930, Okmulgee, 
Okla.; grad. Okla Univ.; M.D. from Duke Univ., subsequently special- 
izing at Duke Hospital in Otalaryngology. m. Aug. 16, 1957, Abingdon, Va. 
Julia Carolyn Vann, b. May 21, 1933, Abingdon, Va. , dau. of James Claudius 
and Martha (Rhea) Vann. She grad. B.S. Mary Baldwin College. Issue: 

i Daniel James Kenan, b. June 28, 1959, Durham, N.C. 

ii Sarah Godfrey Kenan, b. Oct. 8, 1962, Durham, N.C. 

iii John Patrick Kenan, b. May 8, 1965, Durham, N.C. 
Pat is on the faculty of physicians at Duke Medical Center, Durham, N.C, 
and his wife is active in many community affairs. 

1. Data from Gill family and Dr. Patrick D. Kenan 

2. Data from Dr. Patrick D. Kenan 


110. Thomas John Kenan (1-2-5-17-29-59) b. Jan. 12, 1932, Okmulgee, Okla. ; 
grad. A.B. Univ. Okla; Chief Engineering Officer aboard a destroyer 
in USN" 1953-56, seeing service in Korean waters during Korean conflict; 
received Bachelor of Laws degree Univ. Okla. 1958, graduating Ho. 1 in his 
class; received Master of Laws degree N.Y. Univ. 1959, then 59-60 studied 
at Univ. of Paris under Fulbright Scholarship; is a candidate for a Doctor 
of Laws degree from both Univ. of Paris and E.Y.U., lacking only disserta- 
tion; elected to Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic Fraternity, and to Order of 
Coif Legal Scholastic Fraternity; was editor of Okla Law Review while in 
law school; practiced law in 1J.Y.C. 1960-62; in Jan. 1962 joined Congress- 
man Carl Albert in Washington, D.C. to serve as the legislative assistant 
to the House Majority Leader until end of I966; presently practicing law 
in Oklahoma City, Okla. in law firm of George and Kenan. In 1962 won 
Alumni Phi Beta Kappa award Univ. of Okla. He m. Aug. 29, 1953, Marilyn 
Chatman of Norman, Okla, b. Oct. 8, 1934, dau. of Joe and Fay (Naylor) 
Chatman. She grad. U. A. Univ. Okla 1956; taught remedial speech in Okla. 
City school system 1956-58, and in Uew Rochelle, N.Y. school system 58-59. 
She studied at the Alliance Francaise 1959; during the period her husband 
was employed in Washington, D.C, she worked as an executive with the Peace 
Corp in Washington. Mr. and Krs. Kenan live in Oklahoma City; no children. 

111. Mary Ella Pelly (1-2-5-17-30-61), b. Jan. 30, 1920, Altus, Okla; 

attended Okla. Univ.; m. Oct. 12, 1941, Altus, to Robert E. 
Daniel. Issue: Robert E. Daniel Jr., b. Tiov. 1947, Harlmgton, Texas. 

112. Betty Jean Pelly (1-2-5-17-30-61), b. Jan. 23, 1926, Altus, Okla.; 
attended Okla. Univ.; m. Hay 29, 1949 in Alius to Edwin G. Hays. 

Issue: (l) Kenan Hays, b. May 2, 1950j Houston, Texas; (2) Janet Hays, ? 
b. Feb. 1, 1953, Houston; (3) Lorei Hays, b. Aug. 7, 1959, Midland, Tex. 

113. James William Loving Jr. (1-2-5-17-32-63), b. Feb. 10, 1914, Jermyn, 
Texas; grad. Shreiner Institute, Kerrville, Tex.; attended Texas 

Univ.; member Kappa Sigma Frat.; m. Oct. 4i 1940 in Fort Worth, Patricia 
Stewart Rogers, b. Sept. 5? 1920, Fort Worth, dau. of Richard William and 
Carolyn (Stewart) Rogers. Issue: 

i Patricia Stewart Loving, b. March 12, 1942, Graham, Texas; m. 
July 25, 1962 in Boston, Mass., Graham Stewart Gibbard, b. 
July 4, 1942, Dallas, Tex., son of Larry and Itasca (Stewart) 
ii Mary Caroline Loving, b. July 24, 1943, Graham, Tex.; m. Dec. 
18, 1965, Austin, Tex. to Alfred Bart Howe, b. May 10, 1938, 
Ardinore , Okla., son of Charles Grover and Margaret May 
(Rutherford) Howe, 
lii Lominta Ann Loving, b. Dec. 2, 1946, Graham, Texas; m. in 
Austin, Tex. to William Robertson Jr. of Austin; issue: 
Lisa Hicole Robertson, b. Hov. 10, 1966 
iv Alice Powell Loving, »b. April 8, 1953, Austin, Tex. 
Family resides in Austin, Texas. 

114. Mary Adaline Loving (1-2-5-17-32-63), b. Nov. 12, 1917, Jermyn, Tex. 
grad. Sou. Meth. Univ., Dallas; memb. Pi Beta Phi Sorority; m. 

Aug. 21, 1943, Graham, Tex., William Taliertyre Blair, b. Jan. 18, 1912, 
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, son of Bertram and Laura Leila (McLaren) 

1. Data from Thomas John Kenan 

2. Data from Mrs. Verda (Kenan) Plants 

3. Data from Mrs. Mary Ellen (Loving) Graham 


Blair. Issue: (l) Robert William, b. Dec. 11, 1951, Dallas, Texas; (2) 
James Bertram, b. Apr. 19, 1953, Dallas; (3) Laura Loving, b. Jan. 6, 
1955, Dallas; (4) William Timothy, b. Aug. 18, 1956, Shreveport, La. The 
family lives at Richardson, Texas. 

115. Edwin Smith Graham Jr. 1 (1-2-5-17-32-64), b. Oct. 4, 1912, Graham, 
Texas; grad. Univ. Texas; was Lieut. USH in WWII; m. May 15, 1937, 

Beaumont, Texas, Mary Lula Pivoto, b. Dec. 11, 1915i Humble, Texas, dau. 
of Felix Lucas and Mary Eugenia (Robinson) Pivote. He is an independent 
oil operator in Graham, Texas. Issue: 

1 Edwin Smith Graham III, b. Nov. 19, 1939, Corpus Christi, Tex. 
grad. Univ. Tex.; Lt. USNR; memb. Delta Kappa Epsilon Frat. 
employed Pan American Pet. Co. 
ii Virginia Loving Graham, b. Sept. 18, 1941, Corpus Christi; 

grad. Tex. Tech.; memb. Kappa Alpha Theta Sor. ; m. Aug. 1, 
1964, Graham, Tex. to Capt. Marcus Antone Anderson, b. Apr. 
12, 1939, Everett, Washington, son of Chris & Amy Martha 
(Somersall) Anderson. He grad. Air Force Academy, Colo Sp- 
rings, Colo.; is Capt. US Air Force; served 1 yr. Viet Nam. 
iii Gene Graham, b. June 23, 1949> Graham, Tex.; memb. National 
Honor Society. 

116. Oliver Loving Graham (1-2-5-17-32-64), b. Aug. 31, 1914, Graham, 
Texas; grad. Univ. Texas; Lt. USN WWII in Pacific area; m. Jan. 2, 

1941, Dallas, Tex., Margaret Stinnett, "Peggy", b. Mar. 3, 1918, Fort 
Worth, Texas, dau. of Edward Martin and Margaret (Lary) Stinnett. Issue: 
141 i Susanne Graham, b. Oct. 5i 1941| Graham, Texas. 

ii Mary Margaret Graham, b. Sept. 10, 1946, Graham, Tex.; attended 
Briarcliffe Coll., Briarcliffe Manor, N.Y. ; currently attend- 
ing Texas. Univ., Austin; memb. Pi Beta Phi. Sor. 
He is an independent oil operator in Graham, Texas 

117. Oliver Loving III 1 (1-2-5-17-32-65), b. Oct. 14, 1930, Graham, Tex.; 
grad. Texas Tech.; m/l Sept. 11, 195°i Portales, New Mex., Rosemary 

Pummill, b. Dec. 31, 1933, Olney, Tex., dau. of Sam Pummill; m/2, Oct. 2, 
1965, Graham, Tex., Sandra Lee Bratcher, b. Nov. 26, 1943, Big Springs, 
Tex., dau. of Lee Green and Doris Carroll (Stewart) Bratcher. He is a 
grain and cattle dealer in Graham, Texas. Issue: (l) Robert, b. May 15, 
1951, Lubbock, Tex.; (2) Stephen, b. Dec. 11, 1953, Wichita Falls, Tex.; 
(3) Oliver Loving IV, b. Kay 31, 1955, Graham, Tex.; (4) Gregory, b. Dec. 
15 1 1956, Lubbock, Tex. 

118. Lois Harriet Jackson 1 (1-2-5-17-32-66), b. July 29, 1924, Laredo, 
Texas; grad. Univ. Texas; m. Nov. 12, 1944, Alexandria, Va., to 

Paul Daniel White Jr., b. Jan. 13, 1922, Danville, Va., son of Paul Daniel 
and Ila (Ferguson) White Sr. Issue: Paul Daniel White III, b. Jan. 20, 
1946, Laredo, Texas. The family reside in Austin, Texas. 

119. Lydia Loving Jackson 1 (1-2-5-17-32-66) b. Nov. 18, 1926, Laredo, 
Texas; grad. Univ. Texas; m. Dec. 25, 1948, Laredo, Tex. to Harry 

Elias Sames Jr., b. Aug. 30, 1926, Laredo, Tex., son of Harry Elias and 
Margaret (Sleeper) Sames. He is grad. Univ. Texas. Issue: 

1. Data from Mrs. Mary Ellen (Loving) Graham. 


(l) Mary Lois Sames, t>. Mar. 12, 1951; (2) Harry Elias Sames III, b. Nov. 
9, 1952; (3) Richard Edwin Sames, b. Oct. 9, 1954; (4) John Markam Sames 
b. June 15, 1958; all b. Laredo, Texas. The family reside in Laredo. 

120. Elise Brown (1-2-5-17-33-67) b. Hay 10, 1915, Truscott, Texas; att- 
ended Hendrick Hospital Nurses School; m. Nov. 11, 1937, Abilene, 

Texas to Gene Howard Estes, b. Oct. 31, 1914, Abilene, son of i)r. Jack Mil- 
ton and Ada (Brock) Estes. Issue: (l) Gene Kenan Estes, b. Jan. 1, 1941, 
Abilene; attended Taileton State and Texas Univ.; Lt. "C" Btry, 2 Bn. 32 
Arty. Viet Nam; (2) Nina Gay Estes, b. Jan. 14, 1944, Abilene; attended 
Hardin Simmons Univ.; (3) Lynn Estes, b. Jan. 7i 1953, Abilene. 

Gene Howard Estes is a Laboratory Technician. Family reside 2018 Palm, 
Abilene, Texas. [Data from self] 

121. John Kenan Brown (1-2-5-17-33-67) b. May 19, 1918, Truscott, Tex.; 
attended Texas Tech.; Army Air Corp 1941-46; returned to Tech received 

B.S. 1949; was Capt. (Pilot) in 55th Fighter Squadron of 20th Fighter 
Group in 8th Air Force; m. Sept. 22, 1945 1 in London, England, to 
Georgine Connell, b. April 1, 1917 in Lockport, 111., dau. of Owen and 
Katherine Louise (Kolar) Connell. Issue: (l) Katherine Mary, b. Jan. 4, 
1948, Lubbock, Texas; (2) Ann Elise, b. June 24, 1949, Waco, Tex.; (3) 
Georgine, b. July 27, 1951; (4) John William, b. Sept. 11, 1954; (5) 
Barbara, b. Dec. 12, 1955 - last three in Washington, D. C. 

John Kenan Brown is employed as Electrical Engineer by the Navy Dept., 
Ordinance Systems Command, Special Projects. The family lives at 3457 
Annandale Rd., Falls Church, Va. [Data from Mrs. John Kenan Brown] 

122. Eunice Leone Falls (1-2-5-17-33-68), b. May 9, 1926, Orlando, Fla.; 
Received Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Assembly Train- 
ing School, Richmond, Va.; m. May 25, 1954 1 Orlando, Fla. to William 
Mowery Rawson, b. Feb. 1, 1925, Birmingham, Ala., son of William Fletcher 
and Sara Ermine (Kitchens) Rawson. He grad. from Auburn Univ.; now a 
pharmist; owns and operates Cottage Hill Pharmacy, Mobile, Ala. Issue: 
(l) William Mark, b. March 11, 1957; (2) Donald Edward, b. April 10, 1959 
both in Mobile, Ala. Family lives at 3106 Ken Dale Dr., Mobile, Ala. 
[Data from Mrs. Rawson]. 

123. Linda Olive Falls (1-2-5-17-33-68), b. Nov. 11, 1931, Orlando, Fla.; 
attended Queens College, Charlotte, N.C.; Rollins College, Orlando, 

Fla.; Univ. of Fla.; m. April 24, 1953 in Orlando, to George Frazier Vail, 
b. Aug. 13, 1927 1 Birmingham, Ala., son of George Hopping and Frances 
Elaine (Kitchens) Vail. Issue: (l) Lauren Elaine, b. Oct. 27, 1956, Orlan- 
do, Fla.; (2) Mary Courtney, b. Dec. 16, 1963 t Clearwater, Fla. (adopted) 
Family lives 5325 Grandview Dr., Orlando, Fla. [Data from Mrs. Vail]. 

124. George Kenan Jacobi (1-2-5-17-34-69), b- Sept. 19, 1928, Detroit, 
Mich.; m. May 25, 1957, Detroit, to Joyce Wiek, b. July 23, 1931, 

Detroit, dau. of Harold A. and Lillian (Degan) Wiek of Grosse Point, Mich. 
Joyce grad. Albion College of Univ. Mich. Issue: (l) Carol Joy, b. Mar. 
27, 1958, Detroit; (2) John Kenan, b. May 7, I960, Detroit; (3) George 
Harold, b. Sept. 9, 1965, Detroit. 

George Kenan Jacobi, "Kenan", grad. Albion College, Albion, Mich.; and 
U.S.N Electronics School, Bainbridge, Md.; navy veteran; served on des- 
troyer USS Heerraann in China Saa during Korean War; currently an account- 
ant with Penn. Salt Chrmical Co., Wyandott, Mich. [Data from Mrs. L Jacobi] 


125. Ora Lou Ramsey (1-2-5-17-34-70) b. Oct. 16, 1937, Detroit, Mich.; 

m. Jan. 31, I960, Lynwood, Calif, to Donald Watson Calhoun, b. Mar. 
25, 1935i Akron, Ohio, son of Edward and Theodom (Abemathy) Calhoun. 
Issue: (l) Gregory Harris, b. May 13, 1962, Washington, D. C; (2) Philip 
Daniel, b. Mar. 8, I966, Guam. [Data from Mrs. Leon Jacobi]. 

126 Kenan James Kern (1-2-5-17-36-72) b. Dec. 14, 1943, Statesboro, Ga.; 

He was awarded a track scholarship at Univ. Ga. where he completed 
Jr. yr. , transferring to Ga. Sou. Coll. for senior yr in order to special- 
ize in recreation, not given by Univ. Ga. He holds state record in track 
events in 100 yard dash, 220 yd dash, 440 yd relay; was elected a "Super- 
lative" (Who's Who) Statesboro High School 1962 grad. class; listed in 
Ga. High School Assn. Catalogue 1959, I960, I96I, 1962 (Who's Who of Bports) 
and in Athletic Journal (Vol. XLI, Jan. 196l) in 15th Annual Report on High 
School Track; member of Sigma Chi Social Fraternity; m. July 1, 1966 in 
Statesboro, Ga. to Mary Beth Nessmith, b. May 26, 1944i StateBboro, dau. 
of Herman and Mary Kathleen (Gabriel) NesBmith; and granddau. of Dorsey 
and Eugenia (Smith) Nessmith; and great granddau. of Wyley and Martha 
(Walker) Nessmith; and Matthew Carter and Victoria (Brannen) Smith. Beth 
is a grad. of Ga. Sou. Coll. and teaches school; was elected a "Superla- 
tive in Statesboro High School 1962 grad. class and received an award for 
"Outstanding Leadership and Service" from Ga. Sou. Coll. I965. [Data from 

127. Joe Cleon Parrish, "Jody" (1-2-5-17-36-73) b. Dec. 13, 1936, States- 
boro, Ga.; attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, 
Ga. ; member track team; m. June 1, 1961, Statesboro, Ga. to Gay Wheeler, 
b. Jan. 18, 1943, Statesboro, dau. of Fred Odell and Irene Myrl (Gay) 
Wheeler. Issue: (l) Natalie Tristian, "Tristy", b. Nov. 30, 1963, Lawton, 
Okla.; (2) Tracy Joel, "Joel", b. March 2, 1965, Enterprise, Ala. 

Jody joined army; attended Officer Candidate School, Lawton, Okla.; and 
Helicopter Pilot School, Fort Rucker, Ala. He is now Capt.; stationed in 
Germany over a year; present stationed Homestead Air Force Base near 
Miami, Fla, [Data from self] 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenan Kern 


Capt. & Mrs. Joe C. Parrish 
and daughter Tristy 

Mr. and Mrs. David Parrish and dau. DeAnna 

128. James David Parrish (1-2-5-17-36-73) b. Hay 26, 1939, Statesboro, 
Ga. ; grad. Presby. Coll., Clinton, S.C.; was Ga. State All Star 

(football) 1957i memb. Tangerine Bowl football team, played in Orlando, 
Pla. Jan. 1, I960; memb. Pi Kappa Phi Prat.; m. Jan. 6, 1962, York, S.C. 
to Esta Leila Collins, b. Dec. 5, 1942, Mullins, S.C, dau. of Kenneth 
Hugh and Estaline (Capps) Collins. She attended Hinthrop College, S.C; 
Issue: DeAnna Lee, b. June 25, 1964, Dayton, Ohio. 

David is employed by Crawford Insurance Adjustors, serving in Dayton, 
Ohio four yrs. prior to transfer to Cocoa, Fla. 1966. 

129. James Shields Kenan III, "Jimmy" (1-2-5-17-36-74) b. July 25, 1942, 
Statesboro, Ga.; m. Aug. 17, 1963, Nahunta, Ga. to Elizabeth 

Allene Lanier, "Beth", b. Feb. 25, 1945i dau. of Hershel V. and Margaret 
(Blalock) Lanier. Jimmy has had special training at General Motors Train- 
ing Center in Atlanta, Ga.; is Service Manager of Goodyear Store, States- 
boro, Ga.; he is a Sp. 4, Ga. National Guard. Beth is secretary to Chn. 
Div. of Languages, Ga. Sou. College, Statesboro, Ga. They live Colonial 
Heights, Statesboro, Ga. [Picture next page] [Data from self] &->-*- -p— r «*" J" 

130 Carolyn Elise Kenan (1-2-5-17-36-74), b. Mar. 4! 1945. Statesboro, 

Ga.; m. 1963, Statesboro, to Wade Atwell Bryant, b. Dec. 9 t 1941, 
Augusta, Ga. , son of Hade Ellison and Mary Helen (Atwell) Bryant. Wade in 
Marine Reserve five yrs.; Sgt. E/5 when released; A.S. degree in Mechanical 
& Industrial Technology, Southern Technical Institute, Marietta, Ga. , con- 
tinuing at Ga. Tech. Issue: (l) Robin Lee, b. Apr. 28, I964, Atlanta, Ga. ; 
(2) Michael Kenan Bryant, b. June 26, 1967. [Data from self]. 


Mr. and Mrs. James Shields Kenan III 

Kr. and Mrs. Wade Bryant and dau. Robin 

131. Thomas Stephens Kenan III (1-2-1-8-19-38-77), b. April 19, 1939 in 

Durham, N.C.; grad. Woodberry Forest School, Orange, Va. ; Univ. 
N.C. 1959. He is Chn. of the Liberty Hall Commission which iB restoring 
the ancestral Kenan home in Kenansville, N. C. This project is not only 
a tribute to family pride, but also a shot in the arm to historic preser- 
vation and research in Duplin Co. He is also a Trustee of Henry Morrison 
Flagler Museum; member Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee; Board of 
Directors Flagler System, Inc. , and Sarah Graham Kenan Foundation; Trustee 
N. C. School of the Arts. He resides in Durham, N. C. 

Thomas Stephens Kenan III 

132. Mary Bristow Carter (1-2-1-10-23-48-82) b. Sept. 17, 1940, Dothan, 

Ala.; m. Dec. 31, 1962 to Lt. Richard Samuel Daum. Issue: (l) 
Richard Samuel Jr., b. July 22, 1963, Fort Rucker, Ala.; (2) William 
Christopher, b. Nov. 29, 1966, Mineral Wells, Texas. [Data from Rebekah L. 
Kenan] . 

133. John Felder Ragin (1-2-5-16-25-49-85) b. Feb. 18, 1919; m. 

1946 to Margaret Mae Box, b. May 26, 1922. Issue: 
142 i Margaret Elaine Ragin 

ii John Felder Ragin III, b. July 17, 1953 

iii Timothy Stuart Ragin, b Aug. 6, i960 
[Data from Mrs. Leonard DeLamar] 

June 6, 

134. Leonard Gibson DeLamar (1-2-5-16-25-50-87) b. Oct. 12, 1921, Hawkins- 

ville, Ga.; attended Univ. Ga.; played trumpet in high school and 
college bands; served as pilot in Army Air Corp, European Theater WWII, 
honorably discharged from active duty as 1st Lt. Dec. 1945; now holds rank 
of Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force Reserve. Owner and operator of DeLamar T. V. 
Service, Albany, Ga.; m. Oct. 12, 1946, Macon, Ga. to Marie Baker Derry, 
b. Sept. 30, 1922, Atlanta, Ga., dau. of Henry Prentiss and Minnie (Baker) 
Derry. Issue: 


i Leonard Gibson DeLamar Jr., b. Sept. 15, 1947 1 Macon, Ga. 
ii John Robert DeLamar, b. July 31, 1950| Macon, Ga. 
iii James Prentiss DeLamar, b. Sept. 16, i960, Baimbridge, Ga. 
Family lives 717 North Monroe St., Albany, Ga. [Data from Mrs. DeLamar], 



Robert Edward DeLamar (1-2-5-16-25-50-87) b. Mar. 25, 1925, Hawkins- 
ville, Ga.; m. 1948, Atlanta, Ga. to Kary McKinney; now div. 

i Danielle, b. Apr. 10, 1949? Savannah, Ga. 
ii Robert Edward DeLamar Jr., b. May 24, 1951> Savannah, 
[Data from Mrs. Leonard DeLamar] 


136. Doris Baker (1-2-5-16-26-53-95) m. 

Issue: (l) Cynthia; (2) Harry; 
[Data from Rev. Miles K. Womack Jr.] 

Harry Morgan of Swainesboro, Ga. 

137. Miles Kenan Womack Jr. (1-2-5-16-26-54-96) b. Nov. 9, 1938, Quincy, 
Fla.; grad. Southwestern Univ., Georgetown, Texas, A.B. 1963; and 
Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, Ga. , degree B.D. 
1966; employed as Associate Minister of the Seminole Methodist Church, St. 
Petersburg, Fla.; interested in genealogy and did some of the research in 
this book in Quincy, Fla., including the Masonic Lodge Minute Book. 
[Picture next page] [Data from self] 

Rev. Miles Kenan Womack Jr. 

138. Harriet Jane Jones (1-2-5-17-27-56-97) b. Aug. 6, 1940, Abilene, 
Texas; attended Randolph Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va. ; 
grad. Univ. Texas; m. Oct. 17, 1964 in Abilene, Texas to Henry Kinsolving 
Bass Jr., b. Feb. 20, 1929, Abilene, Tex., son of Henry and Shirley (Gage) 
Bass Sr. He is grad. Texas A & M; holds Master's degree from there. 
Harriet was "Presented" at Cotillion Club, Abilene, Dec. 1959- 
i Henry Morgan Bass, b. July 7, 1966, Houston, Texas 
Henry Bass Jr. is Major in U.S. Army Reserve, and is Advisory System 
Engineer for I.B.M.; Harriet was empl. 
lives 10702 Olymphia, Houston, Texas. 


as I.B.M. instructor. Family 
[Data from Mrs. Morgan Jones] 

139. John William Baldwin Jr. (1-2-5-17-28-57-102) b. 1942, Houston, 

Texas; m. I960, Houston, to Beverly Ann Feland, b. 1942, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. Issue: (l) John Javid, b. I960, Sherman, Texas; (2) 
Deborah Sue, b. 1962, Sherman, Texas. [Data from Mrs. Adah Lois (Kenan) 


140. Leah Elizabeth Baldwin (1-2-5-17-28-57-102) b. 1947, Houston, Tex.; 
m. 1963, .Houston, David Gregory Stone, b. 1946. Issue: (l) Thomas 
Ray, b. 1963, Houston; (2) Stephen Gregory, b. I965, New Orleans, La. 
[Data from Mrs. Adah Lois (Kenan) Baldwin] 

141. Susanna Graham (1-2-5-17-32-64-116) b. Oct. 5, 1941, Graham, Texas; 
m. Jan. 1962, Graham, to Madison Mauze, b. July 15, 1938, St. Jos- 
eph, Mo., son of George Watts and Mary Elsie (Brown) Mause. Issue: 
(1) Mary Margaret, b. Aug. 25, 1963; (2) Eleanor Graham, b. Hov. 4, 1965, 
both in San Antonio, Texas. [Data from Adah Lois K. Baldwin] 

142. Margaret Elaine Ragin (1-2-5-16-25-49-85-133) b. Mar. 20, 1947; 

m. May 3, 1962 to Thomas Lewis Cook, b. May 31, 1943. Issue: 
Thomas Kevin Cook, b. Hov. 6, 1963. [Data from Mrs. Leonard DeLamar]. 




3. Owen Kenan, second son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan, 

was born in Hew Hanover Co. in the area which became Duplin Co., ca 
1743. He married Nellie Eleanor Routledge, dau. of Col. Thomas Routledge 
and his wife Catherine James Pearsall, Issue :- 

1 i Susannah Kenan, b. ca 17o9 

2 ii Catharine Kenan, b. ca 1773 

3 iii Owen Kenan, b. ca 1775 

iv Wiley or William Kenan, called "Willie", b. ca 1777 

Duplin Co. Court Minutes 1793-98, pg. 64 in N. C. Archives 
shows on Jan. 22, 179^ "Owen Kenan an orphan of Owen Kenan, 
dec'd., now about 18 years of age and Willie Kenan, an or- 
phan of Owen Kenan, dec'd., now about 16 years of age, came 
before the Court and made choice of General James Kenan and 
James Pearsall jointly to be their guardian. They offer 
for their security, William Beck and John Johnston, who be- 
ing approved of and having given bond for their guardianship 
in the sum of 1,000 lbs., it is ordered that they take the 
possession of the estate or estates of Owen Kenan and Willie 
Kenan into their possession wherever it can be found in this 

The Duplin Co. Court Minutes of July 20, 1797, pg. 317 
show: "Shadrack Stallings, James Dickson, and Joseph T. 
Rhodes be a committee to settle and divide the estate of 
Wiley Kenan, dec'd. amongst the several heirs and report 
next court." There was a report Oct. 21, 1797 at which time 
he was referred to as "Willie"; report ordered filed. 

Owen Kenan served as Sheriff of Duplin Co. 1767 and I768. James and 
Edward Pearsall, sten-sons of Col. Thomas Routledge, sold land in New Han- 
over Co. to Owen Kenan on June 11, 1778. 

Apparently he moved to New Hanover Co. because he is shown as Deputy 
Sheriff 9 April 1779. 2 5 Oct. 1760 he is shown as Treasurer of New Hano- 
ver Co. 

Colonel Owen Kenan was an outstanding leader for American Independence 
and was killed in a skirmish with the Tories in Coharie swamp in Sampson 
Co. during the American Revolution.^ 

5 July 1786, Eleanor Kenan was allowed 30 lbs. for extra services of 
the late Owen Kenan, Esq., during the time he held the office of Sheriff 
of New Hanover Co. 

In the "Duplin Co. Inventories, Division of Estates, and 'Wills 1761- 
1804" in the N. C, Archives in Raleigh, is the record of the division of 
the estate of Owen Kenan, deceased, being recorded in April Term 1789.' A 
Committee of Thomas Routledge, James Kenan and Joseph Dickson were appoint- 
ed to value the Negroes and divide the estate. The widow Elenor Kenan, 
received one third of the estate, and the four children two thirds. James 
Kennier was married to daughter Susannah, one of the Legatees, Catharine, 

1. New Hanover Co., N. C, Deed Book G-, page 238 

2. New Hanover Co. Court Minutes 1771-85, Vol. 2, pg. 47, N.C. Archives 

3. Ibid, Vol. 2, page 58 

4. Ibid, Vol. 2, page 6l 

5. "Colonists of Carolina", by Abee, pages 186-192 

6. New Hanover Co. Court Minutes, Vol. 3» P a g e 8, N. C. Archives 

7. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, N. C. Archives, Part II, (1734-91), pg. 22. 


Owen and Wiley. Catharine Kenan chose General James Kenan for her guar- 
dian. This would mean that she was at least 14 years of age, and would 
place her birth approximately 1776. * 

Elenor Kenan, widow of Owen Kenan, married a second time to Ben j . 
Liddon.-^ He was Tax Collector. The Committee to divide the estate of 
Owen Kenan, dec'd., "find in the hands of Benjamin Liddon, Administrator 
in right of his wife". They lived on the N.E. River in Duplin Co. and op- 
erated a store. After her death, he m/2 her sister Mrs. Sarah Routledge 
Ivey, widow of Curtis Ivey (b. Sussex Co., Va.; d. 1792; Capt. in 3rd 
N.C. Reg., Am. Rev.). Benjamin Liddon was a soldier of Am. Rev. and re- 
ceived a land grant on the Stone's River, Rutherford Co., Term. Curtis 
Ivey and Sarah Routledge Ivey had the following chn.: 

i Thomas Routledge Ivey; m. Melinda Scott of Mecklenburg Co., 

N. C. on Aug. 14, 1812 and lived in Murfreesburg, Term. Had 
ii Ann Gilbert Ivey; m. Nathaniel Perry; lived Rutherford Co., 
Benjamin and Sarah Liddon lived in Rutherford Co. Tenn. where both are 

1. Susannah Kenan (1-3) b. ca 1769; m. Thomas James Kinnear II, prior 
to April 1789. He was b. ca 1750 in New Hanover Co.; son of Thos. 

James and Mary Kinnear. Issue: 

i Elizabeth Kinnear, m. Isaac N. Hall; settled in Ala.- 5 

4 ii Mary Kinnear 

5 iii Catherine Kinnear 

6 iv Thomas James Kinnear HI 

In Duplin Co. Court Minutes of 27 July 1770 (in N. C. Archives) "Owen 
Kenan, Duplin Co. to Susannah Kenan, Deed for consideration of love and 
affection I have unto my dau. Susannah Kenan, give one Negro girl called 
Luff". Witness Elenor Evans, Rebecca Evans." This places the birth date 
of Susannah at an earlier date than is usually reported. 

Both Susannah and her husband Thos. James Kinnear II died after 1806. 

2. Catharine Kenan (1-3), b. ca 1773 in Duplin Co.; m. James Hall.^''' 
James Hall is shown in the 1800 Census of Duplin Co. (pg. 412) as 

having one male and one female child under ten years of age, and a wife. 

3. Owen Kenan (1-3) b. ca 1775 in Duplin Co. New Hanover Co. Crt. Min. 
show an Owen Kenan serving on the Jury during 1799 and 1800° (Min. 

not examined for later date) . It is not known whether it was this Owen or 
a desc. of Wm. Kenan. 

1820 Census shows one male and one female 26-45 yrs . , 1 male under 10 , 
and 2 slaves. An Owen Kenan was found dead in the Court House in Wilming- 
ton, N. C.; funeral conducted June 10, 1829; age 52. This would place his 
birth at about 1777 which fits this Owen Kenan. 

1. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, N.C. Archives, Part II, pg. 22 (1784-91) 
April Term 1789. 

2. Ibid, 19 Oct. 1790, pg. 45; 4/20/1791, pg. 52. 

3. Ibid, 19 July 1791, pg. 5^-55. 

4. Data from Claude H. Moore, Historian, Sampson Co. N. C. 

5. "Colonists of Carolina" by Abee. 

6. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, N. C. Archives, 27 July, 1770. 

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4. Mary Kinnear (1-3-1) b. ca 1788 in Duplin Co. 1 ; m. 1808 1 in New 
Hanover Co. to John Rhodes Milleir-, b. ca 1780 in Duplin Co., son of 

John and Celia (Rhodes) Miller. Issue: 

7 i Joseph Thomas Rhodes Miller 

ii Susan Jane Miller, b. 1812-13; m. Feb. 1, 1833, William 

Humphrey, brother to 
iii Kenan Miller (possibly) . A Kenan Miller was bondsman for the 

marriage of John Burnett and Hannah Simmons 11 Sept. 1835 in 

Duplin Co. 

"Colonists of Carolina" shows that Mary (Kinnear) Miller died after 1812 
pg. 158) and her husband, John Rhodes Miller, died after 1817 (pg. 192). 

5. Catherine Kinnear (1-3-1) b. March 2, 1792, Duplin Co.; m. Feb. 10, 
1812, Nicholas Hall, b. Nov. 3, 1787, Duplin Co., son of William and 

Dorothy (Pearsall) Hall. Issue: 

8 i Margaret Ann Hall 

ii James Edward Hall, b. May 2. 1814; m. Margaret L. McCanne; d. 
Feb. 12, 1863, Duplin Co." 

iii Eliza Jane Hall, m. William Farrior 

iv Susan Kenan Hall, 3 b. Feb. 24, 1818; d. Oct. 5, 1866; m. Edward 
Armstrong, b. Feb. 10, 1810 2 , d. Oct. 27, 1885.5 No issue. 

v Thomas Pearsall Hall, b. 1820; m/l Eliza Jane McGowan^; m/2 
Mary Brown McGowan, b. ca 1829 • Issue: Joseph N., b. ca 
1849; Thomas, b. ca 1862. 1870 census gave occupation as 
retail grocer. 

vi Nelle Eleanor Hall, b. Nov. 13, 1821 5 ; d. June 6, 18765; m . 

Rev. James Menzies Sprunt, D.D., b. Jan. 14, 1818, Perthshire, 
Scotland; he came to N. C. 1839; settled Kenansville 1845; 
assumed charge Grove Academy; became pastor Grove Presby. 
Church May 3» 1851. Made Prin. Kenansville Female Seminary 
i860; served as Chaplain during Civil War. Register of Deeds 
14 yrs. d. Kenansville Dec. 6, 1884; buried at Hallsville. 6 
Issue: Catherine Sprunt, m. Walter Emerson Faison. 

vii George McMillan Hall (twin), b. May 26, 1824 5 ; d. Apr. 11, 1905, 

Duplin Co.; m/l Menzies ; m/2 Isabella Sprunt, b. Sept. 12, 

1824; d. Dec. 2, 1863; m/3 Julia Davis. 2 

viii Owen Kenan Hall (twin), b. May 26, 1824 5 

ix Catharine Priscilla Hall, b. Oct. 28, 18265; d< Aug , 8, 1904, 
Duplin Co. '5 

x Mary Catharine Hall, b. ca 1828. 

Nicholas Hall is shown in the 1850 census of Duplin Co. (pg. 41, #644) as 
63 years of age, with wife Catherine, and son George. He lived next door 
to Thomas Hall, 30 a nd wife Mary. Nicholas Hall is shown as a Justice, and 
on the Committee to organize public schools in Duplin Co. in Apr. 1841.-' 
His will was probated in Duplin Co. in 1862 and names wife Catharine, James 
E., Ellen and James M. Sprunt, Catharine P. Hall, Sarah C. Farrior, and Geo. 
M. Hall/ Catharine (Kinnear) Hall d. June 30, 1872 and is buried in the 
Hall-Sprunt-Armstrong Cemetery, at Hallsville, Duplin Co.-' 

1. "Colonists of Carolina" by Abee 

2. Colonists of Carolina, p. 192 

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6. Thomas James Kinnear III, (1-3-1) b. Aug. 15, 1800 1 ; m. Nov. 5, 
1829, Duplin Co. to Adeline Elizabeth Middleton, dau. of Capt. 

James and Mary Ann (Nixon) Middleton Sr. Issue: 1 

i Thomas Hinton Kinnear, b. Jly. 2, 1832; d. unm. Mar. 2, 1907; 

bur. Capt. James Middleton Cemetery, Duplin Co. Was in 

Cavalry service during Civil War. 
ii Mary Alice Kinnear, b. 1834 (1850 census),' d. unm. 
iii Ann E. Kinnear, b. I836 5 
iv Susan Kenan Kinnear, b. June 5» 1839; d. Nov, 6, 1852; bur. 

Capt. James Middleton Cemetery, Duplin Co.-'- 
v Temperance Kinnear, b. 1840-5; m. Joseph Washington Miller, 

brother to John Richard Miller Sr. and half bro. to Mary 

Susan Miller Thomas. ^ 
vi Jamimia Hapgood Kinnear, b. 18425; d. unm.l 
vii Cornelia Addeline Kinnear, b. 18455 
Catherine Kinnear Hall is shown in the 1870 census of Duplin Co. as 78 
years of age, and living in the home with her dau., Catharine Hall, 42 yrs. 

The 1840 cen. (pg. 125) shows Thomas James Kinnear III as "in agricul- 
ture"; 1850 cen. shows him as a farmer. 5 He d. prior to the 1870 census 
and his widow is shown as 78 yrs., living in the home with her daughter 
Catharine Hall, 42 yrs. Dr. N. E. Armstrong, 33 yrs., physician, also 
lived there; and they lived in Smith's Township, Post Office Buena Vista. 2 

7. Joseph Thomas Rhodes Miller (1-3-1-4) b. 18093, Duplin Co.; m/l 
April 1, 1830, Duplin Co. to Mary Mercer, "Polly", b. ca 1810, 

Duplin Co., dau. of John and Elizabeth (Lockhart) Mercer. 2 Issue: 

9 i Mary Susan Miller 

Polly (Mercer) Miller d. I83I, Duplin Co., and he m/2, 1831 or '32 to 
Elizabeth Smith, b. ca. 18085, dau. of George Smith^, who d. Dooly Co., 
Ga., 1835 • Issue: 

ii Elizabeth Miller, b. ca 18325 

iii John Richard Miller, b. Aug. 9, 18345»° 

iv Nancy Miller, b. ca 18375 

v George W. Miller, b. ca. 1837 5 

vi Martha E. Miller, b. ca. 184l5 

10 vii Margeannah Miller, b. ca. 18435; m. Andrew Miller" 
viii Chancey W. Miller, b. ca. 1845 (shown as Charley)^ 
ix Catherine C. Miller, b. ca 18485; m. Ivey Smith° 

11 x Sarah Edith Miller, b. 1850 5 ; m. David W. Boney 

Joseph Thomas Rhodes Miller is shown as a Committeeman in 6th Dist. to 
organize public education in Duplin Co., Apr. 1841. He is shown in the 
1850 cen. as a farmer. He d. Nov. 1858 in Duplin Co. 

8. Margaret Ann Hall (1-3-1-5), b. Dec. 11, 1812; m. Sept. 21, I833, 
Edward Armstrong, "Ned", b. Feb. 10, 1810, Duplin Co. Thos J. 

Kinnear served as bondsman.' Issue: 

1. Colonists of Carolina, by Abee, pg. 180-181 

2. 1870 Census of Duplin Co., pg. 523 #2 

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4. Family Bible Records in possession of Mrs. Lou Belle Williams, 
Beulaville, Duplin Co., N.C. 

5. 1850 Census of Duplin Co., p 2, #22; p. 27, #412 

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7. Duplin Co. Marriage Bonds by Bass, p. 2 











i Dr. Nicholas E. Armstrong, physician, b. ca 1837-, m. Alice 

Humphrey, dau. of Franklin S. and Mary Ann (Murrell) Humphrey, 
The 1850 cen. shows him living in the home of James Sprunt 
and family; 1870 (pg. 523 #2), as living in the home of Mrs. 
Nicholas Hall (Catherine Kinnear) . He was a Capt. in C.S.A. 

ii Mary Susan Armstrong, b. 1839 

iii Barbara Elizabeth Armstrong, b. June 24, 1841; d. Aug. 25, 
1909 2 

iv Thomas Isham Armstrong, b. June 23, 1843; d. Jan. 20, 1885. 2 

v Ellen Armstrong, b. 1846.3 
Edward Armstrong is shown in the i860 census as a merchant. He d. Oct. 27, 

9. Mary Susan Miller (1-3-1-4-7), born Apr. 25, I83I in Duplin Co.; m. 

Dec. 14, 1847 1 , Duplin Co., to John Ivey Thomas, 1 b. 1812, Duplin 
Co., son of Dr. Gregory and Edith (Ivey) Thomas. Issue. 

Edith Elizabeth Thomas 

Joseph Gregory Thomas, b. Sept. 1, 1850; m. Anna Miller, dau. 
of John Richard Miller 

Mary Ruffin Thomas 

Marenda Anne Thomas 

John Richard Thomas 

Rachel Thomas, b. Sept. 16, 1859 

James Beauregard Thomas, b. Aug. 16, 1861, Duplin Co.; m. Dec. 
20, 1893, Duplin Co. to Mrs. Ella (Miller) Grady, b. Sept. 
22, 1867, Duplin Co., dau of John Richard and Nancy (Wil- 
liams) Miller. She d. June 5, 1940 and he d. May 6, 1942, 
both in Duplin Co., N. C. 

16 viii I. B. Galloway Thomas 

John Ivey Thomas d. May 31, 1864 on the battlefield at Cold Harbor, Va. 
His wife, Mary Susan (Miller) Thomas d. May 20, I898 in Duplin Co. 

10. Margeana Miller (1-3-1-4-7) b. ca 1843, m. Andrew Miller, b. in 
Glasgow, Scotland^; d. Oct. 6, 18861. i ssue : 
i John Richard Miller 
ii Joseph Robert Miller, b. Mar. 2, 1881, d. Apr. 14, 1952 1 ; m. 

Jan. 3, 1906, Sarah Elizabeth Shepard 1 , b. Aug. 2, I878; d. 

Mar. 24, 1958 1 

11. Sarah Edith Miller (1-3-1-4-7), b. 1850, ra. David W. Boney. Issue: 

17 i- Annie Davis Boney, b. 1888, Duplin Co.; 
ii Ransom Boney, m. 2nd Leona Boyette 

iii Lola Boney; m. Ressie Smith 

iv Lula Boney; m. Jerry Grady 

(Data furnished by Lou Belle Williams) 

12. Edith Elizabeth Thomas (1-3-1-4-7-9) b. Nov. 17, 1848, Duplin Co.; 
m. Sept. 24, I865, Duplin Co. to John Edward Smith as his second 
wife. He b. Feb. 12, I834 in Duplin Co., son of James Linington and Mary 
(Brock) Smith. His first wife Elfanice Whaley, b. Jly 26, 1840; m. Mar. 21. 
1861; d. Nov. 30, 1862. 

1. Duplin Co. Marriage Bonds by Bass, p. 2 

2. Kellam, Duplin Co. Gravestone Records, pg. 63 

3. I860 Census of Duplin Co. , pg. 83 # 67. 

k. Colonists of Carolina, by Abee, pg. 180-181 



i John K. Smith, son of John Edward Smith and Elfanice (Whaley) 
Smith, m. Hattie Williams 

18 ii Edward Ivey Smith, 

19 iii Jonas William Smith 

John Edward Smith d. Feb. 8, I873 in Duplin Co. His widow m/2 ca 1876 
in Duplin Co., James Robert Houston, b. May 6, 1852, son of Brantley and 
Mary Ann (Kennedy) Houston. Issue: 

iv Exavery Houston, b. Jly 18, 18?8, Duplin Co.; m. Maggie Stroud 

dau. of Owen Stroud. No issue, 
v Ida Houston, b. Sept. 1, 1881, Duplin Co., m. Feb. 10, 1910. 

in Lenoir Co., to Claudius Thomas, 1st cousin. He b. Sept. 7, 
1879, Duplin Co., son of Joseph Gregory and Anna (Miller) 
Thomas. He d. Jly. 29, 1958 in Duplin Co.; She was still 
living in 1966. 

20 vi Chester Houston 

Edith Elizabeth (Thomas) Smith Houston d. May 24, 1919 in Duplin Co. 

13. Mary Ruffin Thomas (1-3-1-4-7-9); m. Richard Miller. Issue: 
i Lawton Miller m. "Tink" Miller 

ii Etta m. Winstead 

iii Emma Susan m. Albertson 

iv Morton d. unra. 
After the death of his wife, Richard Miller m/2 (name unknown to compiler). 

v Nora; m. 1st Walter Luther Miller; 2nd Isom Lanier 

vi Dora; m. Edward Rhodes 

vii Andrew; m. Susie Scott 

viii Ottis; m. Nora Mercer (sister to Dolly) 

ix Norwood; m. 1st Dolly Mercer (sister to Nora); 2nd Ruby (Smith) 

x Lela; m. George Sumner 

xi Thelma; m. Herman David Houston 

xii Avis; m. Bland Rhodes 

xiii Davis; m. Leonard Kennedy 

(Data furnished by Mrs. Delmar Houston and Mrs. Lou Belle Williams) 

14. Marenda Ann Thomas (1-3-1-4-7-9), b. Mar. 15, I856, Duplin Co.; m. 
Feb. 11, 1875 in Duplin Co. to George Franklin Humphrey, b. Dec. 12, 

I85I, son of Whitehead D. and Eliza Jane (Sylvester) Humphrey II. George 
Franklin Humphrey d. Feb. 15, 1891 and Marenda Ann (Thomas) Humphrey d. 
Apr. 11, 1934. Issue: 

21 i Walter Davis Humphrey 

ii Cyrus Thomas Humphrey, b. Oct. 1, I878, Richlands, N.C. ; m. 

Miss Fannie Belle Nutt, b. Jan. 27, 1889, dau. of John Henry 
and Fannie Marian (Capehart) Nutt. Both dec'd. 

22 iii Annie Blanche Humphrey 

23 iv Rodolph Jackson Humphrey 

1. Family Bible of John Ivey Thomas now owned by Mrs. Lou Belle Williams 
Beulaville, N. C. 

2. Family Bible owned by Delmar Houston of Beulaville, N. C. 

3. "Colonists of Carolina" by Blanche Abee, pg. 192 

4. Ibid, pg. 173, 180 


15. John Richard Thomas (1-3-1-4-7-9) b. Jan. 22, I858 in Duplin Co.; m. 
Mrs. Edith Jane (Sumner) Smith, b. Jan. 5, 1868, dau. of Andrew 

Jackson and Louisa (Turner) Sumner. Issue: 

24 i Lou Belle Thomas 
The first husband of Edith Jane Sumner was George L. Smith. John Richard 
Thomas d. Oct. 5, 1927 and Edith Jane (Sumner) (Smith) Thomas d. Jan. 8, 
1946, both in Beulaville, Duplin Co., N.C. 

16. Galloway Thomas (1-3-1-4-7-9) b. Mar. 31, 1864; m/l Ida Killer. 
Issue: (1) Clarence; (2) Bessie. He m/2 Margeanah Miller, sister 

to Ida, his 1st wife; issue: (3) Mattie; (4) Woodrow; (5) Margaret; 
(6) Thurman; (7) Doris. 

17. Annie Davis Boney (1-3-1-4-7-11) b. 1888, Duplin Co.; m. Chester 
Houston, b. Oct. 18, 1882, Duplin Co., son of James Robert and Edith 

Elizabeth (Thomas) Houston. Children are listed under name of husband #20. 
Annie Davis (Boney) Houston d. Apr. 11, 1933 an d Chester Houston in Feb. 
24, 1957, both in Duplin Co. (Data from Delmar Houston, son of Chester and 
Annie Houston) 

18. Edward Ivey Smith (1-3-1-4-7-9-12) b. Oct. 3, 1866, Duplin Co.; m. 
Hepsey Frances Smith, "Fanny", dau. of Bryant and Susan (Kornegay) 
Smith. Issue: 

25 i Eady Sue Smith 

ii Unnamed infant died at birth 

iii John Ivey Smith, b. May 11, I896, Duplin Co.; m. Jan. 14, 1920, 
Duplin Co. to Lottie W. Whitfield, b. Nov. 9, 1894, Duplin 
Co., dau. of George and Mildred (Smith) Whitfield. They were 
living in Pink Hill, RFD 2, Duplin Co. when interviewed by 
the compiler I966. He d. Jan. I967 and she was named exectrix 
of his estate. No issue, 
iv unnamed infant d. at birth 

19. Jonas William Smith (1-3-1-4-7-9-12) b. Aug. 10, I873, Duplin Co.; 

m. Nancy Smith, b. Duplin Co., N.C, dau. of Alonza and tietsy (Smith) 
Smith. Issue: 

i James Smith 

ii Rodolph Smith 

iii Ernest Smith 

iv Ashley Smith 

v John Edward Smith 

vi George Smith, m. Frances 

vii Maggie Smith, m. Leon Harrell; lives Rt 2, Saxon Rd. , Douglas, 
Ga. Has Smith Family Bible. 

viii Ruby Smith, m/l Whitfield Gradely; m. 2nd and 3rd times. 

ix Sue Smith 

x Ida Thomas Smith, b. Nov. 23, 1915, Duplin Co.; m. ca 1943 in 
Duplin Co. to Herman Miller, son of Lawton and Nancy Jane 
(Miller) Killer. Now divorced. 

xi Lucy Smith 
Jonas William Smith and his family moved to Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga. 

1. Bible record of Delmar E. Houston; Lou Belle Williams, Duplin Co. 


20. Chester Houston (1-3-1-4-7-9-12) b. Oct. 18, 1882, Duplin Co.; d. 
Feb. 24, 1957, Duplin Co.; m. a csn., Annie Davis Boney, b. 1888, 
dau. of David W. and Sarah Edith (Killer) Boney; she d. Apr. 11, 1933, 
Duplin Co. Issue: 

i Leona Elizabeth Houston, b. Aug. 4, 1908, Duplin Co., ra. 

Aug. 4, 1926, Henry M. West Sr. They have two sons, Joe 

and Henry Jr. 
ii Herman David Houston, b. Nov. 2, 1910, Duplin Co., m. Nov. 2, 

1929, Thelma Louise Miller, 
iii Edith Catherine Houston, b. Oct. 12, 1912, Duplin Co., m. 

Feb. 16, 1933 » Peyton Whaley, son of Henry James and 

Elizabeth (Sumner) Whaley. She lives in Wilmington, 

iv Aaron James Houston, b. 1915; d. June 9» 1917 
26 v Delmar Elmor Houston 

vi Annie Mae Houston, b. Aug. 8, 1920, Duplin Co., m. Nov. 11, 

1938, Wilbert L. Cavenaugh. 
vii Mazel James Houston, b. May 13» 1923. Duplin Co., m. May 

1946, Mrs. Wilma (Myers) Sisk. 
viii Chester Junior Houston, b. May 11, 1925> Duplin Co. , m. 

Oct. 18, 1954, Marie Williams, 
ix Donald McClure Houston, b. Jly 14, 1927, Duplin Co., m/l 1952, 

Dorothy Cooper; m/2 1958 Lillie Tucker. 
x Luene Davis Houston, b. Mar. 29, 1930; d. Sept. 3, 1932. 
(Data from Delmar Houston) 

21. Walter Davis Humphrey (1-3-1-4-7-9-14) b. Mar. 5, I876, Onslow 
Co., N.C. „He m. June 20, 1906, Eva Sudderth of Nowata in Indian 

Territory, Okla. Issue: 

i M. Ann Humphrey, m. Jan 1, 193&, Herman Kopp. One son, 
David Humphrey Kopp was b. June 5, 1938, Tulsa, Okla. 
ii Martha W. Humphrey 

22. Annie Blanche Humphrey (1-3-1-4-7-9-14) b. Aug. 15, 1886; m. 
Jan. 4, 1909, Frank Lee Abee, b. Aug. 5, 1882, son of William 

Bartley and Flora Isabella (Hahn) Abee of Hickory, N.C. Issue: 

i Florence Edwina Abee, b. Nov. 24, 1909, Charlotte, N.C; 
grad Fla. State College; M.A. Duke Univ. 
Mrs. Blanche Humphrey Abee wrote the book "Colonists of Carolina" so 
widely used in genealogical circles. 

23. Rodolph Jackson Humphrey (1-3-1-4-7-9-14) b. Jly 23, 1889, 
Richlands, N.C; m. Dec. 10, 1920, Marie Chase Nebel, b. Jan. 8, 

1894, dau. of Henry Albert and Mary Elizabeth (Chase) Nebel. Issue: 
1 Helen Humphrey, b. Dec. 5, 1921 
ii Kathryn Humphrey, b. June 24, 1923 

24. Lou Belle Thomas (1-3-1-4-7-9-15) b. Nov. 29, 1906, Beulaville, 
N.C; A.B. degree Atlantic Christian College; M.A. East Carolina 

College in Elementary Education; m. Dec. 27, 1927, Beulaville, to Charles 
Beasley Williams, "Charlie", b. Aug. 18, 1901, Duplin Co., son of Ashley 

1. Family Bible in possession of Delmar Elnor Houston, Beulaville, N.C. 

2. "Colonists of Carolina", by Abee, pg. 28. 


and Barbara Adeline (Gresham) Williams; he d. Sept. 5» 1931- Has taught 
primary grades Onslow Co., N.C 7 yrs., and Duplin Co. 33 yrs.; was Asst. 
Post master, part-time eight years; has operated her farm over 20 yrs. Is 
active in civic work; Past Pres. local P.T.A.; Chn. American Red Cross; 
Past Pres Delta Kappa Gamma, Honorary society for lady teachers; active 
in Beulaville Presbyterian Church and Sunday School; organizing Pres of 
John Ivey Thomas Chapter U.D.C. ; Regent, Colonel Thomas Johnston Chapter 
D.A.R. ; officer Colonial Dames XVII Century; member Magna Charta Dames, 
Colonial Order of the Crown, Plantagent Society, Americans of Royal Des- 
cent, and Knights of the Garter. Listed in "N.C. Lives"(Tar Heel Who's 
Who) 1962; and scheduled to appear in "Social Index" in publication. 

27 i Richard Frederick Williams 
(Data from self) 

25. Eady Sue Smith (1-3-1-4-7-7-18) b. Oct. 24, I893, Duplin Co., N.C. 

She m. Nov. 2, 1909 in Duplin Co., to Ralph Kenan Smith, son of 
Jones and Mattie (Kidd) Smith. Issue: 

i Woodrow W. Smith m. 1st Adelle Albertson. No further data. 

ii Prentice W. Smith, m. Lillian Smith. No further data. 
(3 chn. ; 1 Donna) 

28 iii Ralph Kenan Smith Jr. , 
iv Nannie Mae Smith, m. Gerald Albertson 
v Susie Smith. No further data. 

Ralph Kenan Smith d. Sept. 4, 1939 in Kinston, N.C. 
(Data from son #28) 

26. Delmar Elmor Houston (1-3-1-4-7-7-12-20) b. June 9, 1917, Duplin 
Co.; m. June 19, 1935, Marion, S.C. to Ida Okland Morton, b. May 19, 

1917, Duplin Co., dau. of William Isaac and Ida Murphy (Kelly) Morton and 
granddau. of William Henry Harrison Morton (1840-1904) and Nancy Mariah 
(Thomas) Morton (1829-1892) and great granddau. of Isaac B. and Susan Ann 
(Rhodes) Morton who came from Scotland. She grad. Beulaville High School. 

29 i Delmar Laren Houston. 

ii Unnamed infant, b. Mar. 16, 1943, died same day. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Houston are very active in community and church affairs. 
He is Mayor Pro Tern of Beulaville. He owns Houston Building Co.; Southern 
Bldg. Co.; is a Realeator; founder and part owner of Beulaville Garment 
Co. ; owner of Swansboro Garment Co. and Maysville Garment Co. ; owner of 
Mark's Cabinets Inc.,; all employing from 450 to 600 people. He is a 
deacon of Beulaville Presbyterian Church, and Chn. of Brd. of Trustees, 
and on building committee of church; a member of Loyal Order of Moose; 
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and eligible for all old hereditary orders. 

Okland (Morton) Houston is Vice-President of Women of Beulaville 
Presby. Church; graduate of Art Instruction Inc.; member of Colonial 
Order of the Crown, The Plantagenent Society, A Knight of the Most Noble 
Order of the Garter, the National Society of Magna Charta Dames, Colonial 
Dames XVII Century, Daughters of the American Rev., and is President of 
the local chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy; member Americans 
of Royal Descent; Past Historian Beulaville Presby. Church. 

27. Richard Frederick Williams (1-3-1-4-7-9-15-24) was b. Jan. 8, 1929 
in Beulaville, Duplin Co., N.C; m. June 8, 1951» Beulaville, to 

1. Family Bible in possession of Delmar Elnor Houston, Beulaville, N.C. 


Norma Faye Quinn, b. Oct. 15. 1932 in Duplin Co., dau. of Tharon Roscoe 
and Isla (Bell) Quinn. Issue: 

i Richard Frederick Williams Jr., b. Nov. 13, 1959, Kinston, 
N.C. hospital. 
Richard is owner and manager of the I.G.A. Grocery in Beulaville, and 
Faye teaches business education at James Kenan High School, Duplin Co. 
(Data from mother #24) 

28. Ralph Kenan Smith (1-3-1-4-7-7-18-25) was b. Oct. 31, 1921 in 
Duplin Co. He m. Apr. 1, 1953 in Miami, Fla., Nancy King, b. 

Feb. 1, 1930, Indianapolis, Ind. , dau. of William Hobart and Edith Mae 
(Baldwin) King. Issue: 

i Susan Marie Smith, b. May 29, 1954, Miami, Fla. 

ii Irene Catherine Smith, b. Apr. 8, I956, Miami, Fla. 

iii Ralph Kenan Smith III, b. May 7, 1958, Miami, Fla. 
Ralph Kenan Smith grad. A.B. degree 1950 Oniv. of N.C; Master's degree 
I965 from Western Carolina College, Cullowhee, N.C. He served in U.S. 
Marine Corp from Oct. 1, 1940 to Sept. 8, 1945. He is now a teacher in 
the Miami schools. The family lives at 2613 Nocatee Drive in Miami, 
Fla. 33733 
(Data furnished by Ralph Kenan Smith) 

29. Delmar Laren Houston (1-3-1-4-7-7-12-20-26) b. Oct. 7, 1938, Duplin 
Co.; attended Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, N.C; & East 

Carolina College, Greenville, N.C; m. Sept. 27, 1958, Sally Josephine 
Kennedy, b. May 17, 1940, dau. Gordon Bennett and Christine (Jones) 
Kennedy; grad. East Carolina College, Greenville, N.C He works with 
his father; she teaches at East Duplin High School, Beulaville, N.C; 
they are members Presbyterian Church. Issue: (1) Laren Mark, b. Apr. 
8, 1959; (2) Ross Gordon, b. Feb. 10, I962. 



4. Michael Johnston Kenan was the "third child of Thomas and Elizabeth 

(Johnston) Kenan. He was b. Aug. 26, 1746 in that area of New Han- 
over Co., N.C. which later became Duplin Co. He m. Anne Holmes ca 1772. 
She was b. 1755 » dau. of Gabriel and Mary (Caison) Holmes, and sister to 
Gov. Gabriel Holmes. Issue: 

1 i Thomas Holmes Kenan, b. Mar. 1, 1774 

ii Mary, b. Nov. 27, 1775i d « Nov. 27, 1864, bur. Sparta, Ga.; 

m/l Richard Carew; m/2 Mr. Curtis. Issue: (l) Richard 

Carew Jr. , d. unm. 
iii Gabriel Holmes, b. Feb. 12, 1777; d. unm. 

2 iv Michael Johnston Kenan , 

v Elizabeth, b. July 18, 1782; m. Abraham Boreland . Abram Bor- 
drew blank in Hancock Co. in 1805 Ga. Land Lottery (p. 33) 
as orphan of Abram Borland; in Baldwin Co. 1820 census. Mov- 
ed to Benton, Ala. 1823 where both d. Issue: Ann m. John H. 
Walker; Kenan; Lafayette m. Mr. Harris, Montgomery; Abraham 
Jr. J Eliza, 
vi Owen Holmes, b. Feb. 24, 1785;,d. 1856 Whitfield Co. Ga. ; m. 
Martha Marks, Jasper Co. Ga. ; was Judge Ocmulgee Circuit 
1825-28; Judge Cherokee Circuit 1835-38. No children, 
vii James , b. Mar. 12, 1788; d. unm. 
viii Hardy Holmes, b. Mar, 28, 1790 ; d. Dec. 4, 1822, unm., bur. 

Milledgeville, Ga. 
ix Ann Holmes, b. June 20, 1792; d unm. bur. Milledgeville. 
x Lewis Holmes, b. Nov. 27, 1794 ; d. Oct. 19, 1828 J unm. 1820 
census shows him Jefferson Co. Ga. ; bur. Milledgeville. Dr. 
in Indian War of 1813; ill health prevented practice physi- 
xi Arabella, b. June 19, 1191- Family tradition says she m. Dr. 
William McClure and moved to Arkadelphia, Ark. and had sev- 
eral chn. but only family record supports this. 
Capt. Michael Johnston Kenan was a staunch supporter of the American 
cause during the Rev. He was a capt. in Duplin militia during the war and 
in State Militia, Wilmington District after war. He was a member of the 
Continental Convention of N.C. in 1777 1 and signed Duplin County's "Oath of 
Allegiance" 1111. 

The 1790 census, Duplin Co. contains his name and the composition of 
his family up to that time, is identical with that shown above. He is not 
in the 1800 census of Duplin as he had moved prior to that time. 

He moved his family to Georgia between Oct. 1793 and Sept. 1794. He 
was an Entrytaker for Duplin Co., and the Duplin Co. Court Minutes of Apr. 
17 1 1793 show that he resigned this position, and on the same date made a 
deed of gift to his three sons Owen Holmes, James, and Hardy Holmes Kenan 
for 338 acres. . Jly 16, 1793 he made a deed of gift of a slave to his son 
Gabriel Holmes ; Oct. 24, 1793 made a deed of gift of slave to dau. Ann. 

1. "Colonists of Carolina" by Abee, pages 186— 187 

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Robert G. Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. 


1794 he had moved. (Duplin Co. Records of Deeds, Book 

Then on 27th Sept. 
L, page 322). 

Family tradition dictates that the family moved first to JaBper Co. Ga. 
"Hancock Co. Ga. Early Records" shows him as a 

then later to Hancock Co. 

Rev. soldier b. N.C.; d. Hancock Co. Ga.„l8l7. J 

Hancock Co. Ga. in earlier part of 1816. 

Ann (Holmes) Kenan d. in 

1. Thomas Holmes Kenan (1-4), h. Mar. 1, 1774, Duplin Co., 17. C; m. 

Mrs. Aurelia (Gray) Powell, dau. of Zachariah Gray of Jefferson Co. 
and Baldwin Co. Ga. He was living in Hancock Co. and was married prior to 
1805 as he had two draws (both blanks) in the I8O5 Ga. Land Lottery . He 
is shown as Major in 1815 . The 1820 census of Ga. shows him in Baldwin 
Co. He was prominent in establishing the City of Milledgeville which was 
the capital of the State of Ga. for nearly 60 yrs. He was a man of the 
highest character and during a long life held many offices of public trust 
and confidence in Baldwin^Co.; was U.S. Marshall of Dist.' 1 He d. March 17, 
1837; bur. Milledgeville. His widow d. 
dau. Mrs. James U. Home,; bur. Griffin, 

May_l8, 1867 at the home of her 
Ga. Issue: 

3 i Augustus Holmes Kenan 

4 ii Michael Johnston Kenan 
iii Uriah Threatt Kenan, b. Mar, 

Macon, Ga.j m/2 William L, 

5 iv Arabella Kenan 
v James Kenan, b. Dec. 1812; d. 
vi Ann Holmes, b. Nov. 29, 1819 J 

m/2 July 13, 1869 William G 

2, 1809; ra/l John T. Lamar of 

Nov. 27, 1815, Baldwin Co. Ga. 8 
i/l Feb. 22, I855, Samuel Beecher 
Robinson. Lived Savannah then 

2. Michael Johnston Kenan (l-4), b. Mar. 15, 1779, Duplin Co., N. C.J 
moved to Ga. with parents; m. Mrs. Eliza (Thweatt) Devereux; was 

Major U.S. Army; resigned from Army and became a planter near Selma, Ala. 
1828; memb. Ala. legislature; d. there 1837 > leaving large estate. Issue: 
(l) Michael Johnston Kenan, b. 1871; m. Ann Walker; (2) Uriah Thweatt, m. 
Belle Holcomb, Mobile; issue: Uriah Tecumseh, E. D. and Halsey, all d. y. 
(3) Anna Eliza, m. William Seawell; issue Ann Eliza Kenan Seawell. 

3. Augustus Holmes Kenan (l-4-l), b. April 21, 1805, Montpelier, Bald- 
win Co. Ga. ; educated Orange on the Hudson, N.Y. State; studied law; 

admitted to bar 1825; settled in Milledgeville, and became recognized aB the 
foremost criminal lawyer of his time. He served Baldwin Co. as its Repre- 
sentative three times, and the 21st Senatorial Dist. for one term. In 1835 
when Indian troubles thickened on the southern border, he raised a company 
of cavalry and went to Fla. to take part in the campaign. His company ser- 
ved most effectively and gallantly. At the expiration of that term of en- 
listment a majority of the men returned home. Capt. Kenan felt it his duty 
to remain at the front and was placed upon the staff of Col. Winfield Scott, 

1. "Hancock Co. Ga. Early Records", pg. 99 

2. Diary of Michael Johnston Kenan, her grandson, now in possession of Mr. 
Robert G. Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. 

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the commanding officer, where he met Capt. Joseph E. Johnston, later the 
great Confederate General. A friendship developed "between these three men 
that lasted for life. General Scott in after life admitted that it was 
through Capt. Kenan's maneuvering that he was able to get the Cherokee Ind- 
ians out of Georgia before he received orders from President Van Buren 
countermanding their removal. In token of the valuable service rendered 
the State in the Seminole War by Capt. Kenan, Governor Gilmer, upon his re- 
turn to Georgia, tendered him a public reception. ' ' 

He was an old line Whig, and was strenuous in his efforts to prevent 
secession. He was elected delegate from Baldwin Co. to what is now known 
as the Secession Convention of Jan. 1861. He opposed secession in every 
form with might and main, and voted 13 times against the ordinance. When 
defeated, and the ordinance was passed, in order that there should appear 
no division in the State, he signed it reluctantly, and then threw away the 
pen with which he signed it. 

After secession no man could have been more devoted to Georgia and the 
Southern Confederacy than he. He was one of the nine Georgia delegates 
sent to Montgomery to assist in organizing the Southern Confederacy and to 
frame a Constitution. Of the work of that convention in framing the Con- 
stitution, Alexander Stephens said it "was a monument of wisdom, forethought 
and statesmanship to those who constructed it." 

Mr. Davis' administration had no stronger friend and supporter than 
Augustus H. Kenan. A strong friendship sprang up between Mr. Davis and Mr. 
Kenan, and the President offered him a place on his staff, which Mr. Kenan 

Mr. Kenan did not believe in African slavery, but as it was an institu- 
tion recognized by his State, he yielded to the surrounding environments. 
He would not, however, invest in cotton plantations and slaves, and strict- 
ly confined his holdings of slaves to a few family servants necessary to 
perform household duties. 

Having held public position before the war and taken oath to support the 
Constitution of the United States, and afterwards aiding and abetting the 
Confederate cause, he was considered by the United States authorities as 
having committed treason, and therefore could be restored to U.S. citizen- 
ship only by a pardon. This pardon was issued to him by President Andrew 
Johnson under date of May 23, I865 ' ,4- 

He m. June 19, 1828, Hancock Co. Ga. to Henrietta Green Alston, b. ca. 
1808, dau. of Col. Robert West and Henrietta (Green) Alston. Issue: 

i Henrietta Alston Kenan (1833-1916); m. Oct. 23, 1866, Marietta 
Ga. , Capt. Thomas White, son of Dr. Benjamin Aspinwall and 
Jane Eleanor (DeClendia) White. Issue: Henrietta, Benja- 
min, Thomas, and Kenan White, 
ii Lewis Holmes Kenan, a lawyer; practiced with father in Milled- 
eville; officer in Confederate Army; conspicuous record for 
loyal service ; Capt. in 1st Ga. Regulars; ca 1870 he was 
assassinated on the street by John Strother. 
iii Ella Aurelia Kenan; m. Benjamin A. White (I83O-I854). He d. 
Athens, Ga. Issue: Lula, Henrietta A., Samuel, Benj. A., 
deLauney, Thos. Kenan, Ella Aurelia, Elizabeth, 
iv Martha Kenan, b. 1837; m. Dr. Thomas T. Hartley Hall Jr., son 
of Dr. Thos. Hartley Hall Sr.; issue: Augustus Kenan Hall, 
Caroline Kenan Hall, Martha, Carrie Alston, Kate Davidson. 

1. "Men of Mark in Georgia", Vol. Ill, pgs. 555-559 t b y William Northern 

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v Thomas Holmes Kenan, b ca 1842; m. Lucy Henrietta Kirtland. 
Issue: Lewis, b ca I87O; Laura b ca 1872; Isaac K. b ca 
I874 d 1924; Lucy King, b 1876; Henrietta Alston b ca I878. 
He was Asst. Physician, State Mental Hosp., Milledgeville, 
Ga. many yrs.; was officer Governor's Horse Guards C.S.A. 
Some time during the eighties he moved to Atlanta, Ga. where 
he died. 
Augustus Holmes Kenan and Henrietta G. Alston Kenan were div. and he 
m/2, March 2, 1864, Sarah Barnes. Issue: (l) Polly Kenan. 

He d. June 16, 1865, very much beloved and regretted. At the first 
session of the Superior Court of Baldwin Co. after hiB death, held Aug. 23, 
highly eulogistic resolutions were read and put on record by order of Hon- 
orable Philip H. Robinson, Judge presiding. He is bur. in Old Cemetery, 
Milledgeville, Ga. in an unmarked grave. 

4. Michael Johnston Kenan ( 1-4-1 ),b. Feb. 22, 1807, Baldwin Co., Ca. ; 
became a lawyer, but had to give it up due to deafness; m. Cather- 
ine Ann Spalding, b. Oct. 13, 1810, dau. of Hon. Thomas Spalding and his 
wife Sarah (Leake) Spalding of Sapelo Island, Ga. m. Mar. 25, 1832. Moved 
to Sapelo Island and became a cotton planter up to 1861; returned to Baldwin 
Co.; was Mayor of Milledgeville. He d. Oct. 21, 1875; his wife d. Aug. 21, 
1881 ; both bur. Milledgeville. Issue: 

6 i Sarah Aurelia Kenan, b. Mar. 11, 1833 

7 ii Spalding Kenan, b. Apr. 11, I836 

8 iii Catherine Clifford Kenan, b. Nov. 19, I847 

9 iv Owen Tom Kenan , b. Oct. 24, I853 

5. Arabella Kenan ( 1-4-1 ), b. Apr. 7, 1814, Milledgeville, Ga. ; d. I876; 

m. 1834, James Uriah Home, b. N.C. Feb. 12, 1812; d. Dalton, Ga. 
1899 > son of Uriah Home and his 1st wife Elizabeth (Meadows) Home. Issue: 

10 i Pearce Home, b. 1837 

11 ii Lamar (dau.), b. 1843 

12 iii Leila Home, b. I85O 

13 iv Howell Cobb Home, b. I853 

Arabella and James U. Home lived in Milledgeville; bur. Griffin, Ga. 
[Data from Mrs. James Sibley #12ii] 

6. Sarah Aurelia Kenan (1-4-1-4), b. Nov. 3, 1833; m. Dec. 9, I856 to 

Dr. Charles Henry Hall of Milledgeville, Ga. , son of Dr. Thomas Hart- 
ley and Eliza Harriet (Harris) Hall Sr. ; grandson of Dr. James and Eleanor 
(Hartley) Hall. Issue: 

i Kenan, b. Aug. 27, I858; d. ca 1906; was physician in Macon 
ii Eleanor Hartley, "Nell"; m. Jan. 20, 1881, S. R. Jacques of 
Macon, Ga. , son of James Jacques of Newark, N.J. ; lived 
Boston, Mass. Issue: (l) S.R. Jacques Jr., b. Dec. 3, 1881 
Macon, Ga. ; m. Kathleen Harper of Milledgeville; lived Macon 
(2) Aurelia; (3) Constance, b. Dec. 27, 1891: m/l Edward 
Wadley; m/2 Lewis Bader; m/3 Mary Whiting. '7* 
iii Catherine Spalding, m/l Nov. 10, 1880 Hugh Nesbit Taylor of 
Athens, Ga. , son of Robert Taylor; issue: (l) Hugh N. Jr., 
b. Mar. 31, 1882; m. Pearl Peacock; (2) Robert Taylor; (3) 
Chas. Hall Taylor, b. Nov. 9, I883. Catherine Spalding(Hall) 

1. "Georgia's Bi-Centennial Memoirs and Memories", pg. 283 

2. Data from Mr. Robert G. Kenan Sr. , Birmingham, Ala. 

3. Writer of the Diary now in possession of Robert G. Kenan Sr. 


Taylor m/2 ca 1912, Samuel Benedict of Atlanta, Ga. ; no iss. 

iv Aurelie, b. Aug. 15, 1864; m/l Feb. 26, I885, Sherbourne Chap- 
pin, son of Dr. Sherbourne Chappin of New Orleans, La.; m/2 
Ellis M. Tolbott of Richmond, Va. Three chn. d. at birth. 

v Charles H. Hall Jr., b. May 17, 1867; m. Nov. 17, I898; m. 

Emma Clisby Wise, Macon, Ga. Issue: (l) Chas. H. Hall III, 
b. Aug. 14, 1899; m. Emma Louise McClelland; (2) Thos. H. 
Hall III, b. May 13, 1901; m. Mildred Baird of Columbus, Ga. ; 
(3) Emma W. Hall, d. infancy; (4) Basil Wise Hall, m. Vir- 

vi Thomas H. Hall, b. Oct. 26, 1872; m. Apr. 26, 1905, Caroline 

English, dau. of I. B. English, Macon, Ga. ; became Eye, Ear, 
Nose & Throat specialist in Macon. Issue: (l) Thos. H. Jr. 
b. Oct. 11, 1909, Macon, Ga. ; m. July 2, 1934, Martha Both- 
well, dau. Robert L. Bothwell, Hickory, N.C.; a son Thos. 
H. Hall III, b. Nov. 3, 1936 is Secty. Ga. Tech. Alumni 
Assn. , lives Atlanta, Ga. 

vii Clifford, b. Nov. 1, 1874; d. infancy. 

7. Spalding Kenan 1 ' 2 (l-4-l-4) , b. Apr. 11, 1836 3 , Milledgeville, Ga. ; 

m. Nov. 8, i860, Evelyn Elizabeth Livingston, b. Oct. 11, 1838, 
dau. of Louis and Elizabeth Rebecca (Bass) Livingston, Columbus, Ga. ; he 
received his medical education Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 
was a physician and saw service in the Confederate Army as asst. surgeon, 
45th Ga. Regulars. After the war, he practiced medicine in Milledgeville 
and was on medical staff Ga. Mental Hospital; 1871 moved to Mcintosh Co. 
Ga. ; practiced medicine until d. Sept. 5, 1908 . Issue: 

Michael Johnston Kenan, b. Sept. 25, 1861 

Louis Livingston Kenan, b. Dec. 18, 1863 

Randolph Spalding (1865-1910); physician Savannah Ga. ; d. unm. 

Spalding Jr. (1869-1918); lived Darien, Ga. ; d. unm. 

Evelyn, "Evey"(l871-1947) 

Elizabeth (1873-1953); m. John Manson, Darien, Ga. 

Catherine Ann, "Kate" (I876-I954) 

Aurelia Hall, "Aurie" (I879-I954); m. Sidney Smith of Calif. 
Dr. Spalding Kenan served several terms as Chn. of Darien & Mcintosh Co. 
Commissioners ; exerted strong influence upon community; Vestryman and Sr. 
Warden, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Darien, Ga. ; he and wife bur. St. 
Andrews Cemetery, Darien, Ga. 

8. Catherine Clifford Kenan (1-4-1-4), b. Nov. 19, 1847, Milledgeville, 

Ga. ; m. Nov. 13, 1873, Mcintosh Co. Ga. to William W. Williamson; 
lawyer, member Ga. Legislature; moved to Macon, Ga. ; both bur. there. Issue: 
(l) Charles, d. unm.; Exec. Bibb Mfg. Co., Macon, Ga. ; (2) Emily, m. Gen. 
Walter Harris, prominent attorney; National Guard officer Macon, Ga. ; only 
child d. infancy; (3) William W. Jr., b. Oct. 5, I876; (4) Kate, b. July 
29, 1878; d. Sept. 6, 1879; bur. Old Cem. , Milledgeville; (5) Wylly, b. 
Apr. 7, 1881; d. May 20, 1881; bur. Milledgeville. 














1. Data from Robert G. Kenan Sr. , Birmingham, Ala. 

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3. "History of Baldwin Co. Ga." by Cook, pages 384-387 

4. Scrapbook of Michael Johnston Kenan; now in possession of Robert G. 
Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. ; unpublished. 


9 Owen Tom Kenan (1-4-1-4), b. Oct. 24, 1853, Mcintosh Co. Ga. ; m. 

Elizabeth White, b ca 1853 , dau. of Dr. Samuel G. White. He was 
Commandant of Cadets, Ga. Military College, and organized that dept. with 
efficiency. He moved from Milledgeville to Macon, Ga. ; was Chief of Pol- 
ice, during which time it was said that the Police Force of Macon was the 
finest military organization in the State, due chiefly to Owen Tom being 
a natural born soldier. He served Spanish-American War; WWI; active part- 
icipation in Europe, Phillipine Island, and USA . His record in both wars 
brought him honor and merited promotion and distinction; he received let- 
ters of high commendation upon retirement as Colonel. He is shown in 1880 
census of Baldwin Co. with wife Elizabeth and dau. Carrie, 2 mo. age. His 
wife d. 1904; he d. May 8, 1928 ; both bur. Milledgeville, Ga. Issue: 

i Caroline, "Carrie", b. 1880; d. 1881 
19 ii Samuel White Kenan 
Possibly others 

10. Pearce Home (1-4-1-5), b. 1837; d. 1903; m. 1862, Tallalah Johnson, 
b. 1841, dau. of Gov. Hershel Johnson of Ca. She d. 1925. They 

lived in Griffin, then Dalton, Ga. Issue: (l) Arabella, b. Griffin, Ga. ; 
m. William White Johnson; issue: Hershel Johnson; (2) Gertrude; m. Frank 
F. Baker; issue: Frank Jr.; (3) Ann Fromentine, b. Dalton, Ga. ; .(4) Caro- 
line; m. Robert Craig Berckmans; (5) Tallulah, m. H. A. Russell. 

11. Lamar Home (1-4-1-5), b. 1843, Milledgeville, Ga. ; d. Birmingham 
Ala. ; m. William Johnson of Griffin, Ga. and Birmingham, Ala. , son 

of Tom Johnson. Issue: three sons, (l) Tom; (2) William; (3) ? 

12. Leila Home (1-4-1-5), b. July 28. I85O, Milledgeville, Ga. ; d. Jly. 
10, 1936, bur. Milledgeville, Ga. ; m. 1887, Lucius James Lamar as 

his 2nd wife; he b. 1847; d. 1924; was Steward of Ga. Mental Hospital ca 
40 yrs. Issue: (l) Mark 0'Daniel Lamar, b. April 3, 1889; m/l Oct. 8, 
1913, Jessie McGarr of Albany, H.Y. ; she d. July 8, 1922; no issue. He 
m/2 Mar. 8, 1924, Leah Sessions of Worcester, Mass, b. Nov. 18, I89I; d 
Mar. 4, I960. Issue by 2nd wife: Richard Mirabeau Lamar, b. July 20, 1927. 
(2) Leila Rebecca Lamar, b. Aug. 4, 1891, Milledgeville, Ga. ; m. Aug. 3, 
1933, James Longstreet Sibley, b. Aug. 4, 1863; d. Sept. 9, 1945- No issue. 
[Data from Mrs. James L. Sibley] 

13. Howell Cobb Home (1-4-1-5), b. July 5, 1853; d. 1924; m. Emma 
Leigh Hammond, Griffin, Ga. Issue: (l) Arabella, d. unm. (2) 

James Uriah, m. ; lives Atlanta, Ga. (1967), has one son; (3) Hazel, m. 
Linton Soloman, Macon, Ga. ; issue: Linton Jr.; and Emily. Linton Jr. is 
owner of Cherokee Dairy Farm, Macon, Ga. Mrs. Hazel Soloman lives at 
Massey Apts. , College St. , Macon, Ga. 

14. Michael Johnston Kenan (1-4-1-4-7), b. Sept. 25, 1861, Summerville, 
Ala.; d. July 23, 1909, Darien, Ga. ; m. Oct. 27, 1891, Elizabeth 

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6. Data from Mrs. James L. Sibley, Milledgeville, Georgia. 


Snowden Cain, b. July 31 i 1879 i dau. of Edward G. and Emily (Ravenel) Cain; 
granddau. of Henry William and Elizabeth G. (Snowden) Ravenel); d. Sept. 
10, 1947, Charleston, S.C.; both bur. St. Andrews Cem. Darien. He en- 
gaged in Timber business in Darien, Ga. Issue: 

i Emily Ravenel, b. Aug. 14, 1892, Darien; d. Mar. 14, 1944, 
Charleston, S.C. unm. ; bur. St. Andrews Cem. Darien. 

20 ii Evelyn Elizabeth, b. Mar. 19, 1895 

15. Louis Livingston Kenan (1-4-1-4-7), b. Dec. 18, 1863; d. Dec. 31, 
1926, Tampa, Fla. ; m. June 6, 1894, Helen Mary Hart Gignilliatt, 

dau. of William Robert and Harriet Walker (Heyward) Gignilliatt, b. June 
30, I865, Aiken, S.C; d. Sept. 23, 1961, LaGrange, Ga. He was lawyer; 
admitted Bar I884, Savannah; became Asso. Judge, Ga. Court of Appeals; 
returned with family to Milledgeville 1908 to Jan. 1919; moved to Savannah; 
practiced law. Issue: 1 

21 i Thomas Holmes Kenan, b. April 18, 1895 

22 ii Robert Gignilliat Kenan, b. Nov. 18, I896 

iii Meta Heyward, b. Oct. 1, I898, Darien, Ga. ; grad. GSCW BS de- 
gree; grad. work Northwestern Univ. & Columbia Univ.; taught 
school LaGrange, Ga. , Savannah, Ga. , Birmingham, Ala.; 
widely known for storytelling TV programs and writer of 
children's plays. 

23 iv Helen Spalding, b. Sept. 20, 1900 

Livingston Kenan was elected Solicitor General and served in the new Atlan- 
tic Judicial Circuit 1889-1907, being recognized as an able lawyer and a 
fearless and successful prosecuting officer. He was Master, Masonic Lodge, 
Milledgeville; member Myrtle Lodge, Savannah, Knights of Pythias. 

16. Evelyn Kenan, "Evey" (1-4-1-4-7), b. 1871; d. Aug. 8, 1947, bur. St. 
Andrews; m/l, Jan. 10, 1906, Hendley V. Kell, prominent and success- 
ful business man, Griffin, Ga. ; m/2 July 1, 1932, Robert Harris, Nashville, 
Tenn. Issue by 1st husband: (l) Evelyn Livingston Kell, b. April 30, 19Hj 
m. June 1, 1932, Frank Longo Bramblett, Athens, Ga. Issue: Evelyn Kenan 
Bramblett, b. Sept. 7, 1939, Griffin, Ga. ; m. Dr. Gordon Neil Gerson, Miami 
Pla. Issue: David Kenan Gerson, lives in Miami, Fla. 

17. Elizabeth Kenan (1-4-1-4-7), b. Aug. 28, 1873, Mcintosh Co.; d. Jan. 
6, 1953, Griffin, Ga. ; m. Nov. 8, 1893, John Manson of Darien, Ga. , 

b. Scotland, engaged in Timber business; bur. St. Andrews Cem., Darien. 

24 i Spalding Kenan Manson, b. Jan. 8, 1895 
ii John Manson Jr. , d. young 

25 iii Jeanie Hunter Manson 

iv Evelyn Elizabeth Manson, b. July 2, 1910, Darien; m. Frances 
Marion Gaissert, b. Nov. 21, 1908; d. Sept. 3, 1959; issue: 
Frances Marion Guissert III, b. April 6, 1933; m. Oct. 31, 
1954, Mable Elizabeth Myers, b. Mar. 16, 1934 of Griffin; 
issue: Beverly Lynn, b. Oct. 4, 1955- Frances Marion IV 
b. Dec. 30, 1956, and Elizabeth Allison, b. Dec. 4, 1961. 
All live Griffin, Ga. 

Data from Robert G. Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. 


18. Catherine Ann Kenan (1-4-1-4-7), b. Nov. 23, I876, Darien, Ga. ; 

d. Feb. 19, 1954; bur. St. Andrews Cem. , Darien; m/l Oct. 5, 1898, 
Rev. J. Herbert Woodward, b. Aug. 10, 1861; d. June 4, 1828, Charleston, 
S.C.; was Episcopal Minister. She m/2 Aug. 24, 1946, Vernon J. Shearer, 
Mitchell, S.C. Issue by 1st husband: 

26 i Evelyn Kenan Woodward, b. April 7, 19°0, Darien, Ga. 

27 ii Kardis Creighton Woodward, b. July 19, 1904, Hawkinsville, Ga. 

28 iii Robert Sutherland Woodward, b. Jan. 17, 1908, Pinora, Ga. 

iv Randolph Spalding Woodward, b. Jan. 1, 1910, Baimbridge, Ga. ; 
d. unm. June 1, 1926, Jacksonville, Fla. 

29 v Spalding Kenan Woodward, b. Mar. 25, 1915, Savannah, Ga. 

19. Samuel White Kenan (1-4-1-4-9), b. Macon, Ga. ; m. Atlanta 
to Josephine Richardson, b. Richmond, Va. Issue: 

i Josephine, b. 1910, Atlanta, Ga. ; m. William L. Buck; d. 1961, 
Norfolk, Va. 

30 ii Thomas Augustine Kenan 

Samuel White Kenan m/2 Kathleen ; div. ; m/3 Marian G. ; he d. 

Feb. 1959. His widow is living (1967) 2788 Peachtree Rd. , N.E. , Atlanta, 
Ga. [Data furnished by son #30] 

20. Evelyn Elizabeth Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-14), b. Mar. 14, 1895, Darien, Ga. 

m. Jan. 30, 1918, Lovell Lott Oliveros, Savannah, b. Jan. 9, 1395; 
retired ca 1950 as Vice-Pres. & Treas. of A. F. Pringle & Sons, Charleston 
S.C; a Director of Charleston Community Chest, Past Master, Lodge #4, AFM: 
memb. S.C. Society; St. Andrews Society; Charleston Club, etc.; member 
St. Phillips Episcopal Church. Issuw: Robert Lovell Oliveros, b. Feb. 
8, 1920, Charleston, S.C; grad. Citidel, Univ. of South; attended Oxford 
Univ., England; Major WWII, won bronze medal; after war became Episcopal 
minister; Chaplain Ft. Meade, U.S. Army; Churches at Cheraw, Clemson, 
Greenville, S.C; m. Feb. 21, 1943, Rosa Burnet, Charleston, S.C; issue: 
(l) Rosa Burnet, m. Stephen C Lange, Jan. 3, 1961 at Ft. Meade; issue: 
Georgia Anna Oliveros Lange; (2) Caroline Izlar; (3) Robert Lovell 
Oliveros Jr. 

21. Thomas Holmes Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15), b. April 18, I895, Pineora, Ga. ; 
m. July 3, 1930, Mary Colyar Johnson, dau. of James Frederick and 

Mary Collier (Simpson) Johnson. In Coast Artillery and at Officers School 
when Armistice signed 1918; employed Land Dept. , Southern Natural Gas 
Corp., Birmingham, Ala. 1914-33; Land Branch, Tenn. Valley Authority 1933- 
1960, Administrative Officer upon retirement I960, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Episcopalian; family lives 1820 Crestwood Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. Issue: 

31 i Meta Johnson Kenan, b. June 11, 1933 (twin) 

32 ii Janet Simpson Kenan, b. June 11, 1933 (twin) 

22. Robert Gignilliat Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15), b. Nov. 18, I896, Pineora, 
Ga. ; m. Nov. 27, 1930, Anna Calhoun DuBose of Sanford, Fla. He 

employed Southern Natural Gas Co. 1930 to retirement 1961, as Vice Pres. , 
Industrial Relations and Insurance; currently employed (1967), Executive 
Dir. , Birmingham On-the-Job Training Program, Inc. ; active religious and 
civil affairs; was Vestryman and Sr. Warden, St. Marys-on-the-Highlands 
Episcopal Church; Board memb. Ala. Chamber Commerce; Jefferson Co. Am. 
Red Cross; Ala. Assn. Mental Health; Industrial Health Council; Personnel 

1. Data from Mr. Robert G. Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. #22. 


Officers Assn. of Ala.; Honorary member Ga. Chapt. Soc. of Cincinnati; 
member Society Colonial Wars (Ga.); SAR; St. Andrews Society of Middle 
South. Family lives 2810 Carlisle Rd. , Birmingham, Ala. Issue: 

Robert Gignilliat Kenan Jr., b. Nov. 16, 1933; grad. Vander- 
bilt; co-capt. Swimming Team, Varsity at Vanderbilt; M.A 
Bus. Admr. Harvard; employed Ford Motor Co. 

33 ii Hampden DuBose Kenan, b. May 2, 1936 

34 iii Anne Livingston Kenan, b. Aug. 13, 1937 

23. Helen Spalding Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15), b. Sept. 20, 1900, Darien, Ga. 
grad. GSCW; m. John Gwinn Young, LaGrar 
ing. She is a painter of considerable abilit 
35 i Helen Mary Young, b. Mar. 4, I928 

grad. GSCW; m. John Gwinn Young, LaGrange, Ga. , son of Judge Robert 
Young. She is a painter of considerable ability.-'- Issue: 

24. Spalding Kenan Manson ( 1-4-1-4-7-17 ) , b. Jan. 8, 1895; m A Ada Louise 

Farnsworth of New Orleans, La.; m/2 Nadyne Gibbs Steinmayer of New 
Orleans. 1 Issue - by 1st wife: 

i John Farnsworth, m. Alice Fillenl Dayries of New Orleans; 

issue: Rebecca Ann, John Farnsworth, Patricia Louise, Hugh 
Provaty, David Dayries, Thos. Spalding, Joseph Arthur. 
Issue by 2nd wife: 

ii Spalding Kenan Manson 

iii Katherine Ann Manson 

iv Claudia Gibbs Manson 

25. Jeanie Hunter Manson (1-4-1-4-7-17); m. 1919, Dr. Charles Carroll 
Fishbourne, b. June 11, 1885, Barnwell Co., S.C.; d. Feb. 3, 1944, 

Darien, Ga. ; grad. Atlanta Medical College; Capt. U.S. Medical Corp in Eng- 
land WWI. Issue: 

36 1 Charles Carroll Fishburne, b. Nov. 16, 1920 

26. Evelyn Kenan Woodward (1-4-1-4-7-18), b. Apr. 7, 1900, Darien, Ga. ; 
m. Daniel Harrison White, b. Oct. 5r 1888, Washington Co. Ohio; he 

a newspaper man; she a trained nurse. She lives' Darien, Ga. (1967). 
Issue: Daniel Harrison White Jr., b. Nov. 6, 1925> Athens, Ga. ; grad. 
Univ. Ga. ; lawyer; member Ga. House of Representatives; m. Apr. 12, 1959 
Ruby Lee Amerson, b. Aug. 21, 1937 i issue: Ruby Amerson White. 

27. Mardis Creighton Woodward (1-4-1-4-7-18), b. July 19, 1904, Hawkins- 

ville, Ga. ; m/l H. A. Sturgis of N.Y.C.; he d. ; m/2 Edward Julian 
Clark of Nashville, Teiin. Issue: 

i William Bartlett Sturgis, b. Sept. 13, 1925r N.Y.C.; m. 

Margaret Sinclair; adopted June 1, 1945 1 dau. of Mrs. Edwin 
Sinclair of Darien; he d. Dec. 6. 1956- Issue: Elizabeth 
Ann Sturgis, b. Apr. 12, 1955> Brunswick, Ga. 

ii Edward Julian Clark III, b. Aug. 4, 1929, Nashville, Tenn. ; 
m. Aug. 24, 1946, Ida Prater of Robertson Co. Tenn. Issue: 
(l) Sharon Valeria, b. July 12, 1948, Nashville; (2) Cath- 
erine Evelyn, b. July 1, 1950, Darien; (3) Julie Ann, b. 
Mar. 11, 1954, Brunswick; (4) Edward Andrew, b. Kar. 4, i960 

iii Catherine Valeria, b. Dec. 19, 1931, Nashville, Tenn. 

iv Evelyn Woodward, b. Jan. 7, 1933, Nashville, Tenn. 
Catherine and Evelyn killed in same auto accident Jan. 14, 1950- 

1. Data from Mr. Robert G. Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. #22. 


28. Robert Sutherland Woodward (1-4-1-/1-7-13), b. Jan. 17, 1908, Pine- 

ora, Ga. ; rn. Aug. ."4, 1940, Mrs. Hutli (V.'estbrook) Tipton, b. Mar. 
7, 1914, Early Co. Ga. ; Issue: (l) Ethel Randolph, b. June 10, 1944; 
(2) Sophronia Ruth, b. March 9, 1953; ( i) Robert Sutherland Jr. , b. June 
1, 1955, ^'t. Lauderdale, Pla.; (4) Spalding Kenan Woodward. 

29. Spalding Kenan Woodward (1-4-1-4-7-18), b. March 25, 1915, Savannah 
Ga. ; m. Dec. 24, 1933, Margaret Sheppard Atwood, dau. of Dr. G. E. 
Atwood of Waycross, Ga. , she b. Aug. 7, 1914, Boca Grande, Pla. Issue: 
Margaret Ann, b. Nov. 13, 1934, Waycross, Ga. ; m. July 23, 
1954, Clyde Richard Nix, b. May 7, 1936, Berrien Co. Ga. 
Issue: (1) Richard Spalding Nix, b. Sept. 26, 1955, West 
Palm Beach, Pla.; (2) Chac. Monroe Nix, b. Sept. 16, 1957, 
Glynn Co. Ga. ; (3) Clyde Louise Nix, b. Oct. 13, 1958, 
Glynn Co.; (4) Miles Allen Nix, b. July 12, I960, Glynn Co.; 
(5) Laurie Ann, b. Sept. 20, 1961, Glynn Co., Ga. 
ii Sallie Mardis Woodward, b. July 17, 1940, Waycross, Ga. 
iii Catherine Elizabeth Woodward, b. Dec. ?, 1941, Atlanta, Ca. ; 
m. Apr. 25. I960, Arthur Glenn Young, of Douglas, Ga. 
Issue: (l) Catherine Elizabeth Young, b. Dec. 28, I960, 
Savannah, Ga. ; (2) Maude Atwood. Woodward, b. Sept. 12, 
1946, Waycross, Ga. ^«a- p-~-jf- ' :i ~ C{ -\ 

2-0. Thomas Augustine Kenan ( 1-4-1-4-9-19) , b. Oct. 10, 1917, Atlanta, 

Ga. ; rn. Sept. 18, 1954 in Paris, France to Lucette M. Rollet, b. 
Nov. 16, 1920 in Paris, dau. of Andre and Georgette Henriette (Paillard) 
Rollet. Thomas A. Kenan grad. from The Citadel in 1939; was the Cadet 
Colonel during his senior year; then Commissioned 2nd Lt. in Sept, 1939- 
He is gov; Major General. Family lives 4421 Q St., N.W., Washington, D.C 
20007. Issue: Dominique (dau.), b. Sept. 7, 1957, Washington, D. C. 

31. Heta Johnson Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15-21), b. June 11, 1933 (twin); grad. 

Univ. Tenn. ; m. Feb. 4, 1956, James Forest Smith Jr., grad. Univ. 
Tenn. ; Vice-Prcs. Valley Fidelity Bank and Trust Co., Knoxville, Tenn.; 
1st Lt. U.S. Forces during Korean War, assigned to Intelligence Div. ; 
Issue: (l) Dean Madden, b. Jan. 5, 1957; (2) Thomas Kenan, b. June 13, 
1958; (3) Janet Douglass, b. June 10, 1959; (4) Mary Marguerite, b. 
July 26, 1962; all b. Knoxville, Tenn. where family lives. 

32. Janet Simpson Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15-21), b. June 11, 1933 (twin); grad. 
Univ. Tenn. ; m. Dec. 29, 1953, Edward McMurray Fisher of Athens, 

Tenn. , grad. Univ. Tenn. ; Mgr. Chattanooga Branch, Cuarantee Mortgage Co. 
of Nashville, Tenn.; 1st Lt. U.S.A.F. Navigator during war. Issue: (l) 
Edward McMurray, b. Nov. 13, 1955, Florence, Ala.; (2) Catherine Colyar, 
b. Apr. 19, 1957, Texas City, Tex.; (3) Robert Kenan, b. Dec. 30, 1959, 
Chattanooga; (4) May Heyward, b..Dec. 27, 19^3, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Family resides Chattanooga, Tenn. 

33. Hampden DuISose Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15-22), b. May 2, 1936, Birmingham, 
Ala; grad. Vanderbilt Univ.; 1st Lt. Ft. Benning 59-60 (2 yrs.); 

1st Lt. Reserve; m. Feb. 20, I960, Anne Salisbury Woodward, dau. of Chas. 
K. and Sarah (Smith) Woodward, Asheville, N.C.; grad. Univ. N.C.; member 

1. Data from Robert G. Kenan Sr. , Birmingham, Ala. # 22. 

2. Data from Mrs. Thomas A. Kenan, Washington, D. C. #30. 


Junior League. He Asst. Vice-Pres. Wachovia Bank & Trust Co. , Winston 
Salem, N.C.; Episcopalians. Issue: (l) Charles Woodward Kenan, b. 
Kay 23, 1961; (2) Hampden DuBose Kenan Jr., b. March 7, 1966. 

34. Anne Livingston Kenan (1-4-1-4-7-15-22), b. Aug. 13, 1937 i attended 

Mary Baldwin; grad. Univ. Ala. ; Pres. Delta Delta Delta Sorority; 
m. May 14 t 1966, Birmingham, Ala. to Samuel Lanier Donaldson of Atlanta, 
Ga. , son of Dee and Hazel (Hunt) Donaldson of Rome, Ga. ; grandson of Wil- 
liam Henry Donaldson of Twin City, Ga. She teaches public school in 
Atlanta, Ga. ; he is an Account Executive, Merrill Lynch Penner & Smith. 

35. Helen Mary Young (1-4-1-4-7-15-23), b. Mar. 4, 1928; m. June 25, 
1946, Cyril J. Comford of Olivia, Minn. Issue: (l) Michael John, 

b. July 25, 1947; (2) Ann Marie, b. June 26, 1949; (3) Robert, b. May 3, 
1952; (4) James Allen, b. Dec. 11, 1954; (5) Mary Helen, b. Jan. 2, 1956; 
(6) Susan Michael, b. Jan. 1, 1^60; (7) Margaret, b. Apr. 18, 196I. The 
family live in Kansas City, Mo. 

36. Charles Carroll Fishburne (1-4-1-4-7-17-25), b. Nov. 16, 1920, Sav- 
annah, Ga. ; grad. West Point 1942; 20 yrs. USAF, Squadron Commander 

in Pacific Theatre WWII; 3 yrs. Commandant's Staff West Point; 2 yrs. in 
R.A.P. England; 5 yrs. Air Staff Pentagon; 3 yrs. Prof. Air Science, 
Univ. Vermont; retired 1962 Lt. Col.; Decorated WWII, three DPC; four 
Air Medals, four battle stars. M.A. degree in Government and Politics 
Univ. Md. 1957; enrolled Fla. State Univ. for Ph.D. and teaching college 
Pla. (1967). m. Feb. 12, 1944, Dorothy Crumpler, b. Sept. 24, 1922, 
dau. of Otis Z. and Mae Crumpler. Issue: (l) Kenan Ann, b. May 6, 1951, 
Savannah, Ga. ; (2) Lucia May, b. Apr. 16, 1955, Arlington, Va. ; (3) 
Jean Elizabeth, b. July 8, 1923, Darien, Ga. ; m. Rev. Frank Doremus, Epis- 
copal Minister 1963, living Austin, Texas; four children. 

1. Data from Mr. Robert G. Kenan, Birmingham, Ala. # 22. 


#4, Kichael Johnston Kenan 
1807 - 1875 

Catherine Anne Spalding, wife of 

Michael Johnston Kenan # 4 

1810 - 1881 

# 7, 3r. Spalding Kenan 
1836 - 1908 

Evelyn Elizabeth Livingston, wife of 
Dr. Spalding Kenan # 7, B. 1838 


# 9 i Col. Owen Tom Kenan 
1853 - 1928 

# 1 5» Louis Livingston Kenan, b. 1863 
& # 21, son Thomas Holmes Kenan 

# 15, Mrs. Louis Livingston Kenan # 17, Mrs. Elisabeth (Kenan) Kanson 
& # 35, grdau. Helen Mary Young 1873 - 1953 


# 21, Thomas Holmes Kenan 

# 22, Robert Gignilliat Kenan 

# 15 iii, Keta Heyward Kenan # 23, t'"rs. Helen Spalding (Kenan) Young 



# 22, Krs. Anna (DuBose) Kenan 

# 22 i, Robert G. Kenan Jr. 


^P -5^ 



# 33, Hampton DaBose Kenan 

# 34, Mrs. Anne Livingston (Kenan) Donaldson 




5. Arabella Kenan, fourth child, eldest daughter of Thomas Kenan and 

his wife Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan, was born in Duplin Co., N. C, 
ca 1748. She m. Andrew Mclntyre 1 who was born in Ireland and came to 
America in 1750. In the old records the term "Gentleman" usually appears 
after his name which is an indication that his family ranked next to the 
nobility. 1 

The will of Andrew Mclntyre is on file in Duplin Co/, dated Sept. 22, 
1783; probated Jan. 1734. 2 He refers to his "late wife", therefore she d. 
prior to this date. He refers to his niece Arabella Clinton, who is the 
dau. of Penelope Kenan and Richard Clinton. Children named in the will 
are : 

1 i James Mclntyre 

ii Martha Mclntyre /i-*-a- p-^^ou "X^^- 

1. James Mclntyre (1-5), Public records of Duplin Co. contain several 
persons by the name of James Mclntyre and Andrew Mclntyre, and it 

is not possible to distinguish them. The 1790 census of Duplin Co. shows 
James Mclntyre with a family composed of two males 16 years and up; one 
male under 16; two females of all ages; 13 slaves. - 

Andrew Mclntyre, grandson of the original Andrew Mclntyre, was most 
likely the son of James. This Andrew Mclntyre served in the House of 
Commons, representing Duplin Co., 1806-8. 

2. Elizabeth Mclntyre, of this family, m. Jan. 10, 1332, Duplin Co. to 
Hampton Sullivan, 5 b. 1810; d. March 1, 1852; bur. Routledge Ceme- 
tery in Kenansville. He served in the House of Commons I838, 1840,,. 
representing Duplin Co. The census shows their family as follows: 

i Morgenah Sullivan, b ca 1835; ra. Apr. 12, 1854, Alex T. 

Stanford, Duplin Co. 7 ^—_ v^-v, I (^ * <\ 
ii Martha E., b ca 1837 
iii Mary A., b ca 1841 
iv Andrew .'!., b ca 1343 
v J. I., b ca 1S46 

1. "Colonists of Carolina" by Abee, page 187. 

2. Duplin Co., N. C, Will Book A, page 345. 

3. 1850 Census, Duplin Co., N. C. 

4. "Official Directory of Duplin Co., N. C. 1749-1935". 

5. "Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register, issue of Feb. 1, I832. 

6. 1850 Census Duplin Co., N. C., page 1, family ff6. 

7. Kellam, Genealogical Records, Stamp Defiance Chapter, DAR, Wilmington, 
N. C, pg. 49. 
















6. Elizabeth Kenan was the second dau. , fifth child of Thomas Kenan 
and his wife Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan. She was born in Duplin 
Co., N.C.; married in Duplin Co. to Col. Thomas Torrens of Dobbs Co., now 
Lenoir. Issue: 

Thomas Kenan Torrans 

Alexander Torrans 

Samuel Torrans 

Martha Torrans, d. unm. Nov. 1839 i Sampson Co., N.C. 

Agnes Ann Torrans 

Margaret Torrans 

Elizabeth Torrans, m. Samuel Morgan, Duplin Co. Feb. 2, 1796; 
William Wilkinson, bondsman. No further record. 

6 viii Elenor Torrans 

The will of a James Torrans was administered by Daniel Love Kenan, neph- 
ew of Elizabeth (Kenan) Torrans, in Duplin Co. ca 1805, and it is possible 
that he was a son of Col. Thomas Torrans and Elizabeth (Kenan) Torrans. 

Thomas Torrans is listed as Coroner of Dobbs Co. in Oct. 1773- He 

served in the Am. Rev., and is shown as a Lieut. A state census of N.C 

was taken in 1786, and Thomas Torrans is shown as #52 in Capt. Michael J. 
Kenan's district in Duplin Co., with family consisting of one white male 
21-60 yrs. of age (himself); five white males under 21 yrs and above 60; 
four white females of all ages; eight slaves. This would probably mean 
that he had five sons and three daughters at that time, unless some had 
already married or left home. He died that same year. "Colonists of Caro- 
lina", page 187, states that he had eleven chn. but does not offer proof, 
and the compiler has found none. 

Col. Thomas Torrans d. 1786. The N. C. Legislature passed an act Jan. 
6, 1787, appointing trustees "to act for the benefit of Elizabeth Torrans 
and her children." Her brother James Kenan was one of the Trustees. The 
family was living in Dobbs Co. at that time, but moved to Sampson. 

Duplin Co. Court Minutes in N. C. Archives, show that James Kenan, Wil- 
liam Dickson and David Smith were appt. as a cgmmittee to divide the est. 
of Thomas Torrans among the several claimants. 

Elizabeth Torrans is shown in Duplin Co. in the 1800 census (pg. 441) 
with family composed of 1 female 45 yrs. & up; 1 female 16-26; 1 female 
and 1 male 10-16; 1 female under 10 yrs. ; and eieht slaves. She d. Nov. 
15, 1826 and her will was probated in Sampson Co. 

1. Thomas Kenan Torrans (1-6); m. Elizabeth Faison, "Betsey!^, b. Jan. 
28, 1788, dau. of James and Mary (Hollingsworth) Faison. Issue: 
i Samuel, b. Mar. 28,gl807; m. Mar. 20, 1828, Sampson Co. to 
Sarah Jane Gavin. 

7 ii Thomas Kenan Torrans, b. Aug. 30, 1808 

8 iii Martha Torrans, b. Feb. 14, 1810 

9 iv Margaret Torrans, b. Oct. 7, 1819 

1. "The Kenans of Duplin Co. (N.C.)" by A. T. Outlaw. 

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6. Duplin Co. Court Minutes in N.C. Archives; Jan. 16, 1797, Pg. 269- 

7. Notes on Kenan family, compiled by Claude H. Moore, Sampson Co. 

8. Marriage & Death Notices, Raleigh Register & N.C. Gazette, Apr. 8, 1828. 


Thomas Kenan Torrans made his will Mar. 25, 1820, and it wae probated in 
Sampson Co. He d. Sept. 2, 1820. His wife is mentioned in the will. 
She d. Sept. 17, 1835- 

2. Alexander Torrans (1-6), m/l Mar. 12, 1801, Newbern, N.C. to Polly 

Nixon ; she d. Dec. 23, 1803; issue: Richard Nixon Torrans, b 
ca 1803 . He m/2 in 1804 to Helen Mcllwean ; m/3 Martha Dickson . He d. 
in Newbern, N.C. 1807. 

3. Samuel Torrans (Capt.) (1-6), m. Oct. 21, 1802 in Newbern, N.C. to 
Susannah Tinker. No further record. 

4. Agnes Ann Torrans (1-6); m. Feb. 7, 1795 » Francis Stringer Shine, 
b. Kar. 24, 1761 in New Bern, Craven Co., son of John and Sarah 

(Shelweian) Shine. Issue i 

i Thomas Torrans Shine; m. Patsey Wright on Aug. 19, 1827 

li James Kenan Shine 

iii William R. Shine, d. prior to 1831 

iv Richard Alexander Shine, "Alex r ", b. June 23, 1812; m. Mary 
Ann Maultsby 

v John Shine, b. June 2, 1804, Newbern; m. 1826 Martha Rhodes, 
b. 1807. He d. Nov. 8, 1881 

vi Ellen Jane Shine; m. a Mr. Rawls 

vii Sarah Green Shine, m. a Mr. Peacock 

viii Margaret Ann Shine, m. Judge John Killen 
Francis Stringer Shine made his will on Apr. 23, 1831, and it was probated 
May 1831. The date of death of Agnes Ann (Torrans) Shine is unknown to 
the compiler. 

This family is recorded in the book "History of the Shine Family in 
Europe and America" by John W. Shine, therefore will not be carried fur- 
ther in this book. 

5. Margaret Torrans (1-6), b. 1777 In N.C; m. May 21, £801 , Rev. 
Samuel Stanford, b. Oct. 11, 1764, Chester Co. Perm. ,,-came with 

his father to Mecklenberg Co., N.C. where they lived. Issue: 

10 i Elfenice Stanford, b. Apr. 28, 1802 
ii Samuel Stanford, b. July 12, 1803 

11 iii Alexander Torrans Stanford, b. Oct. 6, 1804 
iv Thomas Stanford b. Oct. 14, 1805 

v Elenor Elizabeth Stanford, b. Aug. 19, 1807 

vi Stanford, b. Apr. 5, 1809 

vii James K. Stanford, b. Aug. 21, 1810 

viii Jonathan D. Stanford, b. Aug. 2, 1812; d. June 10, 1334; was 

engaged to Catharine Kenan Holmes at the time of his death. 

He mentions her in his will. 
ix Margaret Catherine Stanford, b. Feb. 16, 1814 

12 x Calista Charity Stanford, b. Feb. 12, 1816 

1. Faison Family Bible owned by Bruce Torrans, Warsaw, N.C. 

2. Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and N.C. Gazette 

3. "Abstracts of Sampson Co. Wills, 1784-1895" by Cora Bass, pg. 113 

4. Will of Alex Torrans, New Bern, Craven Co., Dec. 18, 1806; codicil Dec. 
23, 1806; jury to determine handwriting of dec'd. Sept. 1807. 

5. Abstracts of Sampson Co. Wills, by Cora Bass, pg. 77 

6. Bible record of Samuel Stanford and family, filed National Archives. 

7. Flowers Collection, The Elizabeth Blanks Papers, Duke Univ. Library 


Rev. Samuel Stanford was a leading minister and educator in Duplin Co. for 
more than 30 years. When a young man, he served in the Revolutionary War 
as a Volunteer and in State Militia and was in the "battle of Eutaw Springs. 
He drew a pension for Rev. service from 4th March 1831 to 4th March, 1833 
when he died. (N.C. file #5526, recorded in Bk. D, Vol. 3, pg. 44). After 
an Act of Congress, his widow„made application on 25th Feb. 1853 for Bounty 
Land, and received 160 acres. 

6. Elenor Torrans (1-6), b. Sampson Co., B.C.; m. 1810, Sampson Co. to 
John Bryan, b. 1780, son of Kedar and Elizabeth (Smith) Bryan. They 

lived at Taylor's Bridge, Sampson Co. Issue: 

13 i Eliza Jane Bryan, b. 1812 

ii Eleanor Torrans Bryan, "Ellen", b. 1815; m. Feb. 9, 1843 in 
Sampson Co. to Robert J. M. Pearsall. 

14 iii Susan Mary Bryan, b. 1821 

iv John Alexander Bryan, b. Apr. 22, 1821, Sampson Co.; m/l June 
12, 1845, Mary Oliver; she d. Oct. 31, 1868; he m/2 1870 
Kate Oliver, daus. of John Pearsall and Nancy Oliver. All 
bur. Oliver-Bryan Cem. , Kenansville, N.C. 

15 v Thomas Kenan Bryan 

vi Kedar Bryan, b. Dec. 22, 1822; m. 1862, Ruth Nancy Spicer, 
b. I846, dau. of John Foy and Nancy A. (Saunders) Spicer. 
He d. Nov. 17, 1895, Duplin Co. 

vii John S. Bryan 

viii William Bryan 

This family is recorded in the book "Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and Related 
Families", two volumes compiled by Emma Moore Whitfield, and will not be 
carried further in this book except for those indicated above due to des- 
cendants still remaining in the area at this time. (1967) 

7. Thomas Kenan Torrans (l-6-l), b. Aug. 30, 1308 ; m. Apr. 16, 1829 
in Duplin Co. to Alitha Blanchard . Issue: 

16 i Thomas Kenan Torrans 

ii Susan E. Torrans, b ca 1835 

iii Samuel Torrans, b. ca 1836, sol. CW, killed at Apeomattox, Va. 

iv Margaret, m. David Kelly, lived near Warsaw, N.C. , 

The family lived first at "Woodlawn" (later was the home of Abner Faison) . 
Later they moved to their parents' old plantation near Turkey, N.C, and 
because of the fact that as many of their slaves were dying ofj-fever, they 
bought a 800 acre plantation near Magnolia, N.C. in Duplin Co. 

After the death of Alitha (Blanchard) Torrans, Thomas K. Torrans m/2 a 
Miss Colwell, but had no chn. by this marriage. r 

Thomas K. Torrans is still living when the 1880 census was taken ; 71 
yrs. , a farmer, living with his grandson, Thomas H. Kelly, 22 yrs. and his 
wife Mary 23 yrs., in Warsaw. He is bur. near Magnolia, N.C. 

1. N.C. Archives, Rev. Soldier file #5526, Bk. D, Vol. 8, pg. 44 

2. National Archives, Margaret Stanford's application, BLWt 27655-160-55 

3. Article "Lt. Col. Franklin J. Faison, A Confederate Hero" by Claude H 
Moore, "The Sampsonian" , March 2, 1967. 

4. Bible Record of William H. Faison Family 

5. Notes of Claude Hunter Moore, Historian, Sampson Co., N.C. 

6. 1880 Census, Duplin Co., B.C. pg. 566 #112 


Martha Ann Torrans (1-6-1 ) , b. Feb. 14, 1810 ; m. May 10, 1829 in 

Sampson Co. to Isaac V.'. Crico, b. Oct. 24, 1806, son of Alexander 
and Sarah (Williams) (Ballard) Grice. Sarah Williams m/l Peter Ballard. 

i Elizabeth Lucinda Crice, b. Aug. ,25, 1830 

ii James A. Grice, b. Nov. 17, 1831 -, • 

iii Sarah Eliza Grice, b. Oct. 1, 1833 

9. Margaret Torrans (l-6-l). b. Oct. 7, 1319 ; m. her csn. William H. 
Faison, b. Jan. 10, 1815 , son of Soloman and Asha (Chesnutt) Fai- 

son. They lived on a plantation near Turkey, U.C. 

i Samuel Faison, m. his csn. Anna Torrans and lived in Turkey 
N.C. No issue. He was bur. near Turkey and she in an old 
Torrans Cem. near Magnolia, N.C. 
ii Elizabeth Faison, "Bettie", m. James B. Pigford; lived near 
Turkey, N.C. She d. and was bur. at Confederate Ladies 
Home, Fayetteville, N.C; he bur. "Cedar Hill" in Gavin 
Cem. No chn. 
iii Lonnie Faison, m. Robert Hufham and had several chn. Family 

moved from Duplin Co. in early 1900s. 
iv Wesley Faison, killed in C.S.A. ; unm. 
v Calvin Faison, d. unm. 
After the death of Margaret (Torrans) Faison, William H. Faison m/2 Mrs. 
Sallie Jane (Thomson. Sallie Faison was called "cousin" and was an in- 
stitution.,^ the Claude H. Moore family. He has some of her personal pos- 
sessions. J 

10. Elfenice Stanford (1-6-5), b. Apr. 28, 1302; m. 1820, Joseph Moore, 
, b. Sept. 20, 1799, son of Lewis and Ann (Thomson) Moore of Sampson 

Co. Issue: 

i William J., m. Lizzie Thomson of Leon Co. Fla. , Clerk of Court, 

Tallahassee, Fla. They had one dau. 
ii Jackson, m. and lived in Galveston, Texas; was a sea Capt. and 

owned his own ship; ran blockade runner during CW. 8 chn. 
iii Ferebee Ann, m. Capt. Ernest T. Kendrick of Indian War fame 

and lived in Tampa, Fla. 3 chn. 
iv Margaret, m. Eli Hart of Tampa, Fla. 5 chn. 
v Emily, m. Charlie Russell; lived El Paso, Texas. She contracted 

and d. of yellow fever while visiting in New Orleans. 5 chn. 

17 vi Walter Raleigh Koore 

vii Marie Jane, m. Martin Post of Tampa, Fla. ; d. in Tampa 1923 

at age of 92. 4 chn. 
viii Joseph, d.y. 
ix Martha Washington, drowned at sea 1842, along with her mother, 

in Gulf of Mexico while travelling from Newport, Fla. to 

x Henrietta, d.y. 

18 xi Samuel Lewis 

He was a planter and slaveholder in Hillsboro Co. , Fla. ; founder of Masonic 
Lodge in Tampa I85O; Master of Lodge many years. An oil portrait of him 
hangs in Lodge in Tampa; went to Scotland to take the 32° Masonry; was 
Masonic lecturer for Fla. many years. 

1. Family Bible of William II. Faison Family owned by Bruce Torrans, Warsaw 

2. Article "Lt. Col. Franklin J. Faison, A Confederate Hero" by Claude H. 
Moore, "The Sampsonian", March 2, 1967 

3. Notes of Claude H. Moore, Historian, Sampson Co. 



, » J 










His first wi: 

11. Alexander Torrans Stanford (1-6-5) , b. Oct. 6, 1804 ; m. ca 1831, 
Martha Washington Dickson, b ca 1812 Cumberland Co., H. C. . 

John Dickson Stanford, b. Mar. 12, 1833 

George Washington Stanford, b ca 1843 

Leonardas Stanford, b ca I846 

Henry C. Stanford, b ca I848 

Erasmus Scott Stanford, b ca 1849 

Mattie Stanford, b ca 1855 

Mary A. Stanford, b ca I858 

Infant, b. i860 (5 mo. when i860 census taken) 
fe Martha d. between the birth of John Dickson in 1837 and ca 
1840 or '41 because there is a skip of ten yrs. m the birth of the chn. , 
and his wife in the i860 census is shown as Morgeana. %-*** \(*~\ M "b 

12. CaKsta Charity Stanford (I-6-5), b. Feb. 12, 1816; m. Wright Greg- 
ory , son of Elisha Gregory, and grandson of Lott Gregory of Duplin 

Co., N.C. Issue: 

1 Samuel Stanford Gregory, b. June I844 near Turkey, N.C.; att- 
ended Franklin Military Institute near Faison; grad. U.S.N. 
Academy, Annapolis, Md. ; served in Navy in CW; after war 
entered Maritime Service. Engaged to Miss Emily Peck of 
Wilmington, N. C. , contracted respiratory condition and d. 
Dec. 27, 1868 at 24 yrs. age; bur. near Turkey. 

ii Mary Gregory, (a half sister), m. Walter 0. Thomson; lived 

near Turkey. Issue: Annie Thomson, m. a Mr. Britt; lives 
Clinton, N.C. (1967) 

13. Eliza Jane Bryan, "Lila" (1-6-6), b. 1812; m/l Lt. Col. James Clin- 
ton Holmes, son of Richard Clinton and Isabelle (Hall) Holmes (see 

Chapter VII, #12); grandson of Owen and Ann f Clinton) Holmes (Chapter VII 
//2); great grandson of Richard and Penelope (Kenan) Clinton (Chapter VIl) 
He was killed in the CW; bur. Clinton Town Cem. , Clinton, N.C. During 
the war, Lila lived with her sister, Mrs. Franklin J. Faison near Turkey, 
K.C.; after the War she m/2 LaFayette Francks and lived in a handsome old 
home near Richlands, N.C. No children. 

14. Susan Mary Bryan ( 1-6-6), b. 1821; grad. Floral Hall School, Red 
Springs ; m/l Nov. 16, 1847, Franklin Julien Faison, b. Dec. 31, 
1823 at Mount Pleasant Plantation near Turkey, son of William and Susan 
(Moseley) Faison. He grad. Spring Vale Academy near Turkey and U.S. Mili- 
tary Academy, West Point, N.Y. They built a home and settled down on a 
plantation on Ten Mile Swamp in Turkey, Sampson Co., which plantation had 
been given him by his father along with 45 slaves. Both active in Beulah 
Bapt. Church on Ten Mile; he a deacon for several years. Issue: 

i Poydrus, spent much of younger life in Yuma, Ariz.; d. unm. 
ii Susan Eleanor, "Mattie"; m. Ransome Middleton, C.S.A. Duplin 
iii Mary Amelia; m. John W. Shaw Miller, a csn. of Duplin Co. 
iv Franklin J. Jr. ; m/l Ida Marable; m/2 Mrs. Elizabeth Withers 

Seay of Danville, Va. 13 chn. by 1st wife, 
v Eliza, m. Walter Livingston Hicks, a csn. and lived Faison. 

1. Bible Record of Samuel and Margaret Stanford 

2. 18S0 Census, Duplin Co., N.C. 

3. i860 Census, Duplin Co., N. C. 

4. Article by Claude H. Moore, "The Sampsonian" , March 2, 1967. 


In April 1861, a company of volunteers known as the Sampson Rangers 
was organized in Clinton and Franklin J. Faison was elected captain. 
During CW he was subsequently promoted to Major then Lt. Col. He was 
killed in the Battle of Cold Harbor, Va. on June 27, 1862, and is bur. 
in the Old Faison Cemetery, at Elliott, near Turkey in Sampson Co. 

Susan Mary (Bryan) Faison m/2 to Dr. J. R. Marable", a native of Va. 
Issue: Marriage in 1866. 

vi William Marable, lived at Yuma, Arizona 

vii Hunter Marable " " " 

viii Elmira Marable " " " 
Susan Marable d. in 1890, after which Dr. Marable moved to Yuma, Arizona. 

15. Thomas Kenan Bryan ( 1-6-6), m. Mrs. Susan Arabella (Faison) Shaw, 
b. Jan. 28, 1828, dau. of William and Susan (Moseley) Faison, and 

the widow of Lt. Col. Elias Faison Shaw, who was killed on Kay 31, 1865 
at the Battle of Chamberlain Run, Va. He is bur. Old Faison Cem. , Sam- 
pson Co. Issue: 

i Hattie Bryan; m. James F. Mann; lived Wilmington 
ii Arabella Bryan; m. Tolbert Stamps; lived in Texas. 
Mrs. Susan Bryan d. May 17, 1902. 

16. Thomas Kenan Torrans (1-6-1-7), b ca 1830; m/l Civil Winders. 

i Samuel Torrans; m. Josephine Shaw; moved to Ga. ; returned to 

N.C. in later years; d. N.C. No chn. 
ii John Henry Torrans;m/l Minnie Williamson. Issue: Frank, Mrs. 

Sallie Hollingsworth Myers; Mrs. Carrie Royal. He m/2 

Portia Peterson, 
iii Thomas Kenan Torrans; m. Cora West and lived in Duplin Co. 

Issue: Mrs. Ruth Powers; Mrs. Mary Marshburn; Raymond; 

Mrs. Pauline Norris; Mrs. Myra Frederick; Miss Lila 

Torrans; Ellis (dec'd); David; and Boney 
iv James Leslie Torrans, m. Julia Cook and lived near Warsaw. 

Issue: James Bruce; Mrs. Nina Spell; Mrs. Eva Lewis; 

Percy G. ; Kenneth; and Leslie. ,&n^> — ^-«^- <^<*- "&•»* *\~ 
v Anna Torrans m. her csn. Samuel Faison and lived at Turkey. 

No children, 
vi Dolliw Torrans; lived and d. unm. at Turkey, N.C. 
He m/2 Mrs. Sarah Boyette Phillips. No children. 

17. Walter Raleigh Moore (1-6-5-10), m. Elizabeth Peebles and lived at 
Wellborn, Fla. ; uas Col. of 3rd Fla. Regt, CW. Issue: 
i Florence; m. a Mr. Wadsworth 
ii Walter Raleigh Moore (1871-1916) 
iii Elizabeth Ann Moore; m. a Mr. Griffin 
iv William Moore 
v Minnie, m. a Mr. Hackney, 
vi Joseph Moore (1876-1947); m. Mary Louise Dickie. Issue: Mary 

Louise m. Brig. Gen. Kelsie Loomis Reaves; (2) Joseph, an 

attorney in Raleigh, N.C. (1967) 
vii Ruby Moore; m. a Mr. Mallory 

1. Article by Claude Hunter Moo^ce, "Lt. Col. Franklin J. Faison, A Confed- 
erate Hero", The Sampsonian, March 2, 1967. 


18. Samuel Lewis Moore (1-6-5-10), b. 1323; d. 1390; m/l Charlotte 

Naomi Wlieedon; lived Konticello, Fla. Issue: 

i Joseph, Vb. I85I 

ii William "b. 1852 

iii Douglas b. I854 

iv Hansell b. 1856 

v Andrew Jackson, b. 1859 

vi Mary b. i860 

vii Estelle b. 1362 

viii Minnie b. 1864 
Charlotte d. and he m/2 Cornelia Wind. Issue: Two chn. d. infancy. She d. 
and he m/3 Mary Harold. Issue: 

ix Blanche Winnefred, b. 1382 

19. John Dickson Stanford (1-6-5-11), b. Mar. 12, 1833, Duplin Co.; 

studied law; practiced in Kenansville; represented Duplin Co. in 
State House of Commons 1353, and from then on except a few intermissions 
was a member of either State House of Commons and became a Presby minister 
and continued in that work for the remainder of his life. He organized 
several churches in Duplin and other counties. He d. at his home in 
Kenansville, Jan. 24, 1901. 

1. Data from Claude Hunter Moore, Historian, Sampson Co. 




/. Penelope Kenan was the seventh child of Thomas and Elizabeth (John- 
ston) Kenan. She was born in Duplin Co., N.C.; married Richard Clin- 
ton in 1763 in Duplin Co. Richard Clinton is said to be the foster son and 
possibly a nephew of Col. John Sampson, and came with Sampson to Brunswick 
Town, N.C. around 1734- Col. Sampson settled in Wilmington in 1737, and it 
was here that young Clinton was reared and received his formal education. 
Col. Sampson was very prominent in colonial affairs, and was one of the 
wealthier planters and business men of Cape Fear. Sampson came into posses- 
sion of a tract of 12,500 acres of land in what is now Sampson Co., and he 
built on this a plantation and called his place "Sampson Hall". 

On Nov. 29, 1768, Gov. Tryon commissioned him one of the justices for 
Duplin Co. ; so at that early age he had attained a position of influence and 
was a man of consequences in his community ;„ and by successive appointments 
he held this position until the Revolution. 

His military career began in the civil commotions which disturbed N.C. 
prior to the Rev., he being a major in Gov. Tryon' s army, which marched ag- 
ainst the Regulars and routed them at the Battle of Alamance. 

He was Register of Deeds, Duplin Co. 1774-1783. In 1773, he served on 
a committee for the rebuilding of the Duplin Courthouse. He represented Dup- 
lin Co. in the General Assembly in 1777, 1778, 1779, 1782, and 1783. Sampson 
Co. was established in 1784, and he was elected continuously, except for one 
year, to the State Senate until his death in 1795- 

When Sampson Co. was established Col. Clinton owned the land that is now 
the site of the town of Clinton, and when it was laid off he donated five„ 
acres for a public square and Court House, and a lot for a public school. 

Richard Clinton declared himself publicly for the American cause at the 
beginning of the struggle with the mother country. In 1775 ne was a member 
of the Provincial Congress, which met in Hillsboro, N.C. Aug. 20, 1775- On 
Sept. 9, 1775, the Congress appointed James Kenan as a Colonel in the Mili- 
tia and Richard Clinton as a Lt. Col. He fought in the Battle of Elizabeth- 
town and the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge. In 1787, Richard Clinton was 
appt. Brigadier-General of the Militia by the State Legislature. 

Richard Clinton d. Jan. 23, 1795- After his death, his widow Penelope 
(Kenan) Clinton went to Robeson Co. to live with her dau. Mary Eliza Rhodes, 
where she d. Sept. 1, 1814, and was bur. at McMillan's Mill (Morisey's Mill) 
on the Lumber River, near Lumberton. Their children: 

i Owen, b. prior to 1774; was living Sampson Co. 1819 when he 

sold a plantation on Great Coharie to his bro. -in-law, Jacob 
Richard Clinton; m. Ferebee Hicks; moved to Georgia 
William Sampson Clinton 
Nancy Ann Clinton 

Mary Eliza Clinton, b. Sept. 21, 1784 
Rachel Clinton 
Arabella Clinton 
viii Clizabeth Clinton 
ix Thomas Clinton, living in Anson Co., N.C. in 1796 

1. William Sampson Clinton (1-7), m/l Sarah Sewell, dau. of Thomas Sew- 

ell, merchant in Sampson, Co. who later lived and d. in Robeson Co.; 
m/2 Patience Cook of Sampson Co. Issue: 














1. Sketch on Richard Clinton by Claude H. Moore, Historian, Sampson Co. 

2. Biographical History of N.C, by Samuel A. Ashe, Vol. V, pgs. 74-78. 

3. Colonists of Carolina, by Blanche Abee, pg. 187. 





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(D X) O 

•H ^H £1 

,£> ,C CO 

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V) -H CM 

O CD =fc 

CD +> 




i Richard Clinton, only child by 1st wife; in Orange Co. NC 1828 

ii Elizabeth Jane, m. William Whitehead; lived Orange Co., H.C. 

iii William Sampson Clinton Jr. No record of him after 1839. 

7 iv James Kenan Clinton 

2. Ann Clinton, "Nancy" (1-7), b. Sampson Co.; d. I852 Sampson Co. ; 
m. Owen Holmes (1762-1814), son of Gabriel and Mary (Caison) Holmes 

Sr. , and brother to Governor Gabriel Holmes. They lived on a plantation 
northwest of Clinton on the Dunn Road. He was a planter and for many years 
was Register of Deeds in Sampson Co. Issue: 

8 i Gabriel Holmes (1786-I837) 

9 ii James Holmes (1788-1861) 

10 iii Owen Holmes (1795-I84O) 

11 iv Penelope Clinton Holmes (1795- ) 

12 v Richard Clinton Holmes (I8O2-I884) 

vi Hardy Holmes (1804-1847); a physician; m. Julia Bray; moved to 
Monroe, Las. 

13 vii Ann Holmes (1805- ) 

viii Mary Holmes (1806- ), d. unm. 

3. Mary Eliza Clinton, "Moosely" (l-7), b. Sept. 21, I784, Sampson Co. 
N.C.; d. June 3, I858, Robeson Col, bur. Lumberton; m. May 28, 1809 

in Fayetteville, to Alfred Rowland, b. Aug. 29, 1777, son of John and Martha 
Rowland, d. March 28, 1829, Robeson Co., N.C. Issue: 
1 Alexander Rowland, b. ca 1810 

14 ii Penelope Kenan Rowland, b. Oct. 17, 1811, Robeson Co. 

15 iii John A. Rowland, b. Sept. 20, 1815 

4. Rachel Clinton (1-7), m. Jacob Rhodes, , a surveyor of Duplin Co. and 
lived on a plantation near Lumberton. In 1786 he was appt. one 

of the commissioners to lay out the town of Lumberton. Rhodes built what 
was later called McMillans Mill. They had a son, Dr. Richard Clinton 
Rhodes who lived in Saline Co., Ark. The will of Benjamin Rhodes who m. 
Rachael Thomas, dau. of William Thomas Sr. , d. and left a will in Duplin Co. 
in 1804, probated I8O5, in which he mentions a wife Rachel, and sons Jacob, 
John F. and Joseph T. Rhodes and two dau. Rachel Newkirk and Nancy Powell 
and Massey Brice and several grandchildren; son Joseph T. Rhodes and Nathan 
Waller were witnesses. 

A Jacob Rhodes, perhaps the son, is shown in the 1810 census of Robeson 
Co. (pg. 123) with family consisting of himself, 45 yrs. and up; wife 45 yrs. 
and up; one male 10-16; and 32 slaves. He is shown in the 1820 census of 
Robeson Co. with a family of seven and 38 slaves (pg. 301) 

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8. Sampson Co. Will Book 1, page 409, probated I852 

9. Georgia Genealogical Magazine, #1, page 18 
10. "The State of Robeson" by Richard C. Lawrence. 


c j. Arabella Clinton (1-7), m. Isaac Lanier on Apr. 6, 1790 in auplin Co. 

witness Thomas Hili. The will of Penelope Clinton infers that her 
dau. Arabella is deceased in 1814 and names three grandchildren as Burrill, 
Isaac, and Arabella Lanier. Some of the Lanier family moved to Georgia. . 

6. Elizabeth Clinton (1—7); m. David Bunting of Hew "Hanover Co., K.C. 
He was originally from Perm, and had settled in Sampson Co., 1J.C. 

She d. Oct. 6, 1810 , Sampson Co.; he d. May 28, 1828, Duplin Co. He 
was Master of Masonic Lodge Ho. 89. Issue: 
16 i Thomas Bunting 

ii Penelope Clinton Bunting; m. Sept. 1J, 1812, her csn. Col. Thos. 
Kenan Morisey (1793-1846) son of George and Jane (Kenan) Mor- 
isey. Chn. are shown under their father Chapter VIII #3. 
iii Ann Eliza Bunting; m. her csn. William Morisey, b. 1783, son of 
George and Jane (Kenan) Morisey, and brother to Thomas Kenan 
Morisey above. Children are shown under their father. See 
Chapter VIII #2. 
iv William Henry Bunting; d. unm. Dec. 16, 1809 . , 

v Samuel A. Bunting; m. Elizabeth Moore; lived Hardiman Co. Term. 

d. Apr. 18, 1846 5 
vi Richard Clinton Bunting; m. Flora McQueen; lived Robeson Co.; 
d. Jan. 21, I838 5 , 

vii Owen C. Bunting; d. unm. June 24, I836 
viii David D. Bunting; m. Julia Slocumb ; d. Oct. 13, 1829 

7. James Kenan Clinton ( 1-7-1 ); m. Martha Lawton and lived in Grenada, 
Miss. Issue: 

i William Sampson Clinton, d. 1887; m. Clara Micks, dau. of Dr. 

William G. Micks of Clinton, N.C., and lived in Brooklyn, N.Y. 
They had four sons. One son, Thomas Micks Clinton, b. 1873, 
has a dau. Mrs. Margaret Wilson Clinton Richardson, living in 
King of Prussia, Penn. 

8. Gabriel Holmes (1-7-2), b. Dec. 21, 1786; d. Sept. 2, 1848, Fayette- 
ville, K.C. ' J m. March 27, 1808, to Mildred Mabson, b. 1791; d. 

1835. Issue: 

i Owen Holmes, b. 1809 

ii Elizabeth, b. April 8, 1811; d. Nov. 1, 1845; m. 1837, Thomas 

Bunting. [See #16]. 
iii Mary Ann B. Holmes, b. Sept. 21, 1812; d. Jan. 11, 1837; ra. May 
9, 1830, John Hampden Hill 5 ' , b. Apr. 26, 1807; d. Feb. 19, 
Arthur Holmes, b. 1816; d. 1817 
James Holmes, b. I8I65 d. 1817 
Louisa Holmes, b. 1817 
Charlotte Holmes, b. 1819; d. 1821 
viii Owen Davis Holmes, b. 1824 
John Lyon Holmes, b. 1826 
Mildred Holmes, b. 1828; d. 1902; m. Apr. 13, I852, John Adams 

Brown, b. 1826; d. 1877- 
Gabriel Holmes, b. 1831 
William Hardy Holmes, b. 1835- 

1. Gravestone Records, Oakdale Cemetery, by Ida B. Kellam 

2. Raleigh Register, Oct. 4, I848 (Obit) 

3. Sketch on Richard Clinton by Claude Moore, Historian Sampson Co., K.C. 

4. R.R. , May 27, 1830. 5. H.C. Gravestone & Bible Records, DAR, R. Clinton 
















Gabriel Holmes I786-I848 

9. James Holmes (1-7-2), b. Nov. 22, 1788, Duplin Co.; d. Oct. 6, 1827, 

Duplin Co.; m. Mar. 13, 1809, Duplin Co. to his csn. Sarah Catharine 
Korment, b. Dec. 12, 1791, Duplin Co.; d. Oct. 9, I836, Duplin Co., dau. 
of Thomas and Catharine (Kenan) Horment. [See Chapter II, # 12. They 
lived on a plantation where Coharie Country Club near Clinton, is now lo- 

Elizabeth Johnston Holmes, b. 1810 
Thomas Norment Holmes, b. 1812 

Catharine Kenan Holmes, b. Mar. 3, 1814; d. I896; m. Feb. 20, 
1838, in Clinton, to her csn. Richard Rush Watts Price. 
Children are shown under their father, Chapter II, # 15. 
Owen Holmes, b. 1816 
Ann Clinton Holmes, b. 1818 
Sarah Love Holmes, b. 1821 
Gabriel Holmes, b. Apr. 4, 1824 

James Holmes, b. Apr. 27, 1826 ; was a Lt. in class of 1848, 
U.S. Military Academy, West Point; d. May 27, 1854 unm. at 
Fort Independence, Boston, Mass. Harbor. 
















10. Owen Holmes (1-7-2), b. 1795; 4. June 9, I84O ; m. 1830, Elizabeth 
H. Ashe, dau. of Col. Samuel Ashe; grad. Univ. N.C. 1819; studied 
lav;; represented New Hanover Co. in State Senate 1836; Major in C.S.A. 

wife d. June 15, I838. Issue: 





20, 1830 


28 i Samuel Ashe Holmes, b. Dec. 
Gabriel Holmes, b. 1832; d. 
Elizabeth Ashe Holmes, 

, b. Apr. 1835 ; d. Feb. 1836 

Owen T. , b. 1838; d. 1849 (Gravestone, Fayetteville Cen 

22. 1835 
b. June 1833 

1. Sketch on Richard Clinton by Claude H. Moore, Historian Sampson Co. 

2. James Holmes Family Bible 

3. St. James Church Historical Records, Wilmington, N.C. by Ida B. Kellam 

4. The Flowers Collection of "The Elizabeth Blanks Papers, Fayetteville, 
N.C. 1333-1888: Duke University Library, N. C. 


11. Penelope Clinton Holmes (1-7-2), b. 1797 , Sampson Co., N.C.; m. in 
Clinton, 1821 to Major Edmund B. Whitfield, as his 2nd wife; he b. 
1793 Wayne Co., son of Needham Whitfield. His 1st wife was Susan Matilda 
Croom who d. Issue: 

i Needham Hatch, b. 1322; m. I849, Ann Nicholas Hill (1829-1867); 

physician; I85O census Monroe Co., Miss. 
11 Owen Holmes, b. 1824 Wayne Co., H.C.; d. I884 Miss.; grad. Univ. 

N.C. I846; twice Chancellor Miss, 
iii Edmund Richard, b. 1827; d. 1829; bur. Sampson Co. 
iv Hardy Holmes, b. 1830; d. I838 
v James Alexander, b. 1833; d. 1835 

vi Mary Ann Holmes Whitfield, b. 1836; m. csn. William Hardy Holmes, 
son of Gabriel & Mildred (Mabson) Holmes. Children listed und- 
er their father in # 21 
In April 184O this„couple moved to Aberdeen, Monroe Co. Miss, where they 
lived until death. 

12. Richard Clinton Holmes (1-7-2), (l802,l884) 2 ; m. 1824 Isabella Hall 
in Wilmington, li.C, b. July 26, 1805 . Issue: 

i Lt. Col. James Clinton Holmes, b. 1826, Clinton; m. Clisa Jane 

Bryan "Lila", dau. of John & Elenor (Torrans) Bryan. [See Ch- 
apter VI, #13; no issue. He organized Co. A of 30 N.C. Regt. 
of C.S.A. on Sept. 27, 1861, and was commissioned Capt.; pro- 
moted to Major Sept. 2, 1862; to Lt. Col. 1864; was mortally 
wounded in one of battles of Northern Va. His will dated Apr. 
22, 1861, was probated Nov. I865. 

ii Major Thomas Hall Holmes, C.S.A. , b. Apr. 21, 1827; d. Nov. 8, 
1866; bur Clinton, H.C.;.l850 census shows "lawyer" 

29 iii Dr. Allman Holmes, b. 1831 

30 iv Capt. Owen Holmes, b. 1832 
v Mary, b. 1834 

vi Ann Clinton, m. csn. James Cochran Dobbin Jr. [See # 17i]. 
vii Caroline, m. csn Capt. Gabriel Holmes [See #20]. 

13. Ann Holmes (1-7-2), b ca 1805 (45 in I85O census); m. Archibald Smith 
Browne Sr. Issue: 

31 i Ann Jones Browne, b ca 1821 

ii Archibald Smith Browne Jr., b ca 1823; d. ca 1873- 4 chn. 

32 iii Mary Holmes Browne, b ca 1831 

iv Elizabeth Holmes, b ca 1833 (cen.); m. 1867 Prof. Elijah Frink 
Rockwell, Davidson College, N.C.; b 1809 Lebanon, Conn.; he 
d. 1888 in Statesville, N. C. 

v Owen M. (1835-1862); d. Battle Antietam, Sharpsburg, Md. 

vi John D. Browne, b. 1837 

vii James W. D. Browne, b 1839 

1. Raleigh Register, issue of Feb. 23, 1821 

2. "The Holmes Family of Sampson Co." by Claude H. Moore, The Fayetteville 
Observer, Oct. 20, 1957 

3. Gravestone, Clinton, N.C. 

4. Sampson Co. Census, I85O, p. 380 #313. N.C. 


14. Penelope Kenan Rowland (1-7-3), "b. Oct. 17, 1811, Robeson Co., B.C.; 

d. Sept. 15, 1880, Robeson Co.; ra. Apr. 28, 1829, Thomas Aaron Nor- 
ment, b. llov. 9, 1804, Robeson Co.; d. Apr. .28, 1369, Robeson Co.; bur. 
Meadow Brook Cem. , Lumberton, N.C. Issue: 

i Ann Eliza, b ca 1832 ; m. G.P. Higley, Deo. 18, I85O. Issue: 
Kiss Belle Higley 

33 ii William Stokes Norment, b. July 20, 1833 

iii Owen Clinton Norment, b 1838 (cen); m/l Amelia Herring; no iss- 
ue; m/2 Flora McDirmid; they adopted Amanda McDirmid, who m. 
W. W. Davis. 

iv James D. II, b I84O (cen) 

v Cornelia E. , b ca 1846; m. Dr. J. E. Bryan, dentist, Lumberton 

34 vi Thomas Aaron Norment II, b I848 (cen); m/l Amanda Blount; m/2 

Addie McLean; m/3 Mollie Rosier. Left issue by all 3 mar. 

35 vii Mary, m. csn. Dr. Richard N. Norment, Sept. 1, i860 

viii Virginia, m. W. './. McDirmid and had T. A. Norment McDirmid, and 

15 John A. Rowland (1-7-3) b. Sept. 20, 1815; m. Flora McKay; he was 

cler); of the Superior Court, Register of Deeds and Sheriff of Sampson 
County, K.C. Issue: [Two lists received by the compiler vary, one giving 
1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 below; the other giving 1, 3, 6, 5, 7 A 8] 

i Elisabeth; m. May 15, 1867, Christopher Von Glenn 

ii Mary K.; m. Arch KcNair 

iii Alfred; m. Susie Blount; was in Co. D. , 18th Regt. 

iv Arabella; m. Dr. John Duncan McMillen 

v Alexander Rowland 

vi Catharine 

vii Isabella 

viii Ann Elisa 

16. Thomas Bunting (1-7-6); d. 1871; m. 1837, Elisabeth Holmes, b. Apr. 

8, 1811; d. llov. 1, 1845, dau. of Gabriel & Mildred Holmes #8ii]. Iss: 
(l) Mary Louise, b. 1838; (2) Elisabeth P., b I84O; (3) Mildred Holmes, b. 
1842; (4) Thomas Owen, b. July 6, 1845; d. June 20, 1913; ra. Louise Smith. 

17. Louisa Holmes (1-7-2-8), b. 1817; d. Dec. 18, 1848; m. I838, James 
Cochran Dobbin, b. Nov. 17, 1817; d. Dec. 18, 1848; became Secretary 

of War under President Pierce's administration. Issue: 

i James Cochran Dobbin Jr., b ca 1836; m. csn. Anne Clinton Holmes 
# 12-vi. 

ii John Holmes Dobbin, b ca I84I 

iii Mary Dobbin, b ca 1843 

iv Louisa Dobbin; m. John Huske Anderson Sr., son of David and Eli- 
sabeth (Huske) Anderson, who m. Feb. 18, 1831. [Shown in 
Oates p. 819; Louisa not in I85O census; may be same as Mary]. 

18. Owen David Holmes (1-7-2-8), b. Mar. 31, 1824; d. Mar. 23, 1888; grad. 
Univ. N.C. 1845; m. Dec. 12, I848, Ann M. Hill, b. Dec. 27, 1822; d. 

Feb. 4, I89I. He became a prosperous rice planter near Wilmington. Issue: 
i Ann K. Holmes; m. Nicholas Schenick 
36 ii Gabriel, b. I85I; d. 1903 

1. I85O Census, Robeson Co., N. C, #329 

2. Notes by Claude H. Moore, Historian Sampson Co., N.C. 

3. St. James Church Records, Wilmington, N. C. by Ida B. Kellam 


iii Owen McRae, b. June 11, 1853; d. j a n. 19, 1910; m/l Minnie I.c- 
Cullen; m/2 Minnie Schenck 

iv Julia Holmes; m. Benjamin Harrison 

v Eliza Holmes; m. William Haughton 

vi Arthur Holmes; m. Lina Hall 

vii Alice Holmes; m. Littleton Mason 

viii Robert Lee Holmes; b. Jan. 17, 1866; m. Jan. 17, 1893, Margaret 
Wright Kallett, b. July 21, 1868; d. Nov. 18, 1928, dau. of 
Chas. Peter Mallett (I844-I9OO) and Martha Henrietta Aiken 
(I846-I876); he bur. Wilmington. [Beatty Genealogy, p. 82-3, 
108; St. James Parish Register, Wilmington] 

19. John Lyon Holmes (1-7-2-8), bap. Nov. 2, 1&26 ; d. 1884; grad. Univ. 
N.C. 1846; m. Feb. 14, 1849, Sallie M. London . Family lived in 

Wilmington, N.C. and Jacksonville, Fla. In 1861 he was a member of the Se- 
cession Convention and was himself an ardent defender of States rights. 
Issue: (l) Louisa Dobbin Holmes; m. Jan. 20, 1880, William Augustus Wright 
Jr., b. I846; d. 1902, son of William A. Wright Sr. and Eliza Ann Hill; bur 
Oakdale Cem. , Wilmington; (2) John London Holmes, bap. Feb. 29, 1852, Wil- 
mington; (3) William Wright Holmes; (4) Sallie Lord Holmes; (5) James 
Dobbin Holmes; (6) Robert Drane Holmes; (7) Alice Dickinson Holmes, b. Nov. 
12, 1865; d. May 31, 1885; m. Pembroke Jones Holmes, b. Jan. 16, 1&61; d. 
Jan. 31, 1888, bur. Oakdale Cem.; (8) Samuel Person Holmes; (9) Eliza 
Wright Holmes. 

20. Gabriel Holmes (1-7-2-8), b. 1831; attended Univ. N.C. 1849-51; memb. 
State Legislature; Capt. Co. 1, 17th N.C. Regt. C.S.A. ; m. csn. Caro- 
line Holmes, dau. Richard Clinton and Isabella (Hall) Holmes, #12. Issue: 
(l) Isabel, m. Doane Hicks, lived near Faison, N.C; (2) Mildred, m. Wil- 
liam L. Thorpe, lived near Rocky Mount, N.C; (3) Thomas Hal, m. Emma 
Spier, lived in Goldsboro, N.C; (4) Gabriel, m. and lived in Norfolk, Va. ; 
(5) Betsy, m. Debuniere Faison, lived near Warsaw, later in Goldsboro, N.C. 

Gabriel and Caroline Holmes lived for a time on a plantation on Town 
Creek in Brunswick Co. After the war, he lived near Clinton for a number 
of years, then moved with his family to St. Louis, Mo. [Data from Mrs. James 
L. Ferguson; and Claude H. Moore] 

21. William Hardy Holmes (1-7-2-8), b. 1835 near Clinton; attended Univ. 
N.C. 1854-55; m - I856, in Aberdeen, Miss, his 1st csn. Mary Ann Hol- 
mes Whitfield, b. 1836 Wayne Co., N.C, dau. Major Edmund B. and Penelope 
Clinton (Holmes) Whitfield #11. She had moved to Aberdeen, Miss, with her 
parents in I84O; and had received the highest honor in her senior class, 
and delivered the valedictory address. Issue: [List from Mrs. Sallie Mc- 
Laurin's records]. (l) Edmund Whitfield Holmes; (2) Thomas Bunting; (3) 
Gabriel Needham Holmes, b 1867; m. csn Sarah Houghton Whitfield; (4) Pene- 
lope Clinton Holmes, m. csn. Jesse George Whitfield, Surveyor of Demopolis, 
Ala.; (5) Elizabeth C; (6) Needham W. ; (7) William Hardy Holmes. [See Addenda] 

Pg. 253. 

22. Elizabeth Johnston Holmes (1-7-2-9), b. Mar. 18, 1810; d. Feb. 19, 
1861 ; m. Mar. 11, 1833 in Clinton, N.C. to William Blanks, b. 1804; 

d. Sept. 1, I844, son of James and Edith (Fryar) Blanks. This couple moved 
to Carroll Co. Miss, immediately after marriage, and remained in Miss, for 
many years prior to moving back to N.C. Issue: 

1. St. James Church Records, Wilmington, N. C. by Ida B. Kellam 

2. James Holmes Family Bible records 

3. Ante-bellam Mansions of Ala" by Ralph Hammond, p. 119. 


i Sarah Norment Blanks, b. Feb. 23, 1834, Carroll Co. Miss.; m/l 
Jan. 15, 1863 , Wilmington, to Rory McNair (1828-1868); he d. 
Dec. 15, 1868, Robeson Co.; she m/2 July 16, 1873, Dr. David 
KcBryde, b. Jan. 12, 1826; d. Nov. 19, 1903; she d. Jan. 22, 
1901 ; no children. 

37 i i Catharine Holmes Blanks . 

iii James Holmes Blanks, b. June 10, 1839 j Carroll Co. Miss.; d. Jan. 
26, 1863, Robeson Co., N.C.; m. Sept. 3, 1862, Carroll Co. 
Kiss, to Mary Jane Moore, b. Apr. 7, l844i Hardeman Co. Tenn. 
After his death, she m/2 Nov. 7, 1866 in Wilmington to Hugh 
Washington McLaurin, b. May 18, 1838 Wilmington; d. Dec. 17, 
1893 Wilmington; bur. Oakdale Cem. She d. Apr. 12, 1888; bur. 
Oakdale Cem. , Wilmington, N. C. 
iv William Blanks (1841-1904), d. unm. 
Correspondence between Elizabeth Johnston (Holmes) Blanks and her sister, 
Catharine Kenan (Holmes) Price, forms the "Blanks letters of the Flowers 
Collection" at the Duke Univ. Library. The letters contain many items of 
genealogical value. 

23. Thomas Norment Holmes (1-7-2-9), b. Jan. 27, 1812 near Clinton, N.C. 
d. I84O Sumter Co., Ala.; m. I834i Greene Co. Ala., Margaret Hall, 

dau. of Archibald Hall of Carteret Co., N.C. Issue: 

i Sydney Elizabeth Holmes, m. Heedham Cannady. [See Addenda]pg 253 
ii Ann Thomas Holmes, m. David S. Ward, son of Solomon & Anne (Hall) 
Ward Jr.; she d. age 20; no issue. 

38 iii James Hall Holmes, b. Jan. 15, 1838 

24. Owen Holmes (1-7-2-9), b. Mar. 20, 1816 near Clinton; d. 1859, Wil- 
mington, N.C, bur. Oakdale Cem.; m. 1839. Sarah Lovick Black (1818- 

I857), dau. of Haney & Anne (Lovick) Black; b. Newbern; d. Wilmington, bur. 
St. James Churchyard. Issue: 

39 i Anne Lovick Holmes, b. I84O 

40 ii Mildred Holmes, b. 1843 

41 iii Sarah Holmes, b. 1849 

25. Anne Clinton Holmes (1-7-2-9), b. Nov. 20, 1818 1 ; d. Aug. 14, I848 ; 
m. 1844 Sampson Co. to Duncan Blue Black, b. Sept. 23, 1810; d. Aug. 

20, 1893. Rev. Duncan Blue Black, from Lake View in Moore Co. served the 
congregation of Rockfish Presbyterian Church in Duplin Co. -from 1847 until 
his death in 1893, and was loved by everyone who knew him. Issue: 

i Henry Colton, b. July 24, 1845 Sampson Co. ; m. Feb. 6, 1868, 

Julia Hancock, 
ii James Steadman, b. Jan. 1847; m. Ada Shaw on Jan. 9. I878. 

Normie Black, dau. of Rev. James Stedman Black m. 1906, Jun- 
ius Sneed Williams (1877-1915), bur. Sardis Church Cem., 
Linden, N.C. 
Duncan Blue Black m/2 Apr. 16, I85O, Elizabeth J. Armstrong. 10 children. 

26. Sarah Love Holmes (1-7-2-9), b. Sept. 22, 1821 ^Wilmington, N.C; 
d. Oct. 25, 1862 , Wilmington; m. Oct. 22, I846 in Wilmington to 

Capt. David Williams , b. July 6, 1821, son of Henry Williams, New Hanover- 
Co., N.C; grandson of David Williams, New Hanover Co.; d. Sept. 17, 1862 
in the battle of Sharpsburg, Md. He raised Co. K, 3rd Regt. , State Troops, 

1. Bible Record of James Holmes Family Bible 

2. Wilmington Chronicle, Feb. 1, 1855 


and was one of the most valued officers of that regiment. He had the esteem 
confidence, and affection of his soldiers to a remarkable degree . Issue: 

42 1 Thomas Holmes Williams, b. Mar. 20, I846 

ii David Williams, b. June 5i 1852; moved to Ceorgia 

iii Catharine Williams, b. I854, New Hanover Co.; m. Eli Williams; 

moved to Georgia, 
iv Elizabeth Holmes Williams, "Betsy", b. 1857; d. Apr. 12, 1901; x^^ 

m. 1881 James Thomas Larkins, b. I855; d. Dec. 1, 1943 £"*-C7J 
v Harry Williams (1859-I896), bur. Oakdale Cem. , Wilmington, N.C. 

27. Gabriel Holmes (1-7-2-9), b. April 4, 1824, Clinton, N.C. 2 ; d. Oct. 
26j, 1855 ! m - I85O in New Hanover Co., to Laura J. Hand, who d. May 

24, 1853 • Issue: Ellen Holmes, b. Jan. 25, I852 ; d. Oct. I852 , Wilming- 

28. Samuel Ashe Holmes (1-7-2-10), b. Dec. 20, 1830; d. Dec. 10, 1394; m. 
Jan. 17, 1855 in Areola, Ala. to Mary W. Strudwick, dau. of Samuel 

Strudwick, formerly of Wilmington. He grad. Univ. N.C. I85I; later studied 
law; migrated to Miss, and was a Sgt. in Kiss. Cavalry, C.S.A. He and his 
wife moved to Fresno, Calif, where he became a lawyer and rancher; was a 
member of the Calif, legislature and a Judge of Superior Court. Issue: 
(l) Bettie; (2) Samuel; (3) Callie; (4) Eddie; (5) Owen; (6) Sophie; (7) 
Mary; (8) Kate; (9) William; (10) John. 

29. Dr. Allman Holmes (1-7-2-11), b. Feb. 17, 1831, Clinton, N.C; atten- 
ded the Male Academy and studied medicine at Univ. of Perm. ; m. prior 

to I85O to Frances Sellers, only sister of Col. William W. Sellers. Issue: 
(l) Annabel, b. I856; (2) John C. , b. I858; (3) Dr. Frank Holmes, b. 1870 
d. 1910; received M.D. at Univ. Md. 1895; m - Miss Sallie Lee McKinnon, dau. 
of Dr. Luther McKinnon for many years President of Davidson College. 

30. Capt. Owen Holmes (1-7-2-11), b. 1832; d. 1904; m. I857 Martha Rebecca 
Williams (1833-1917), dau. of Blany and Mary L. Williams. Issue: 

(l) James Holmes, b. I858; d. Birmingham, Ala. (2) Richard Clinton, b. 1862, 
m. 1886, Fannie Chesnutt (1863-1931), in Clinton; their son Henry Holmes 
lives Davis Island, Tampa, Fla. (3) Walter Holmes, b. 1863; m. 1887 Julia 
Jones in Coldsboro, N.C; (4) Mary Anna (I864-I909); d. Cordele, Ga. , bur. 
Clinton; (5) Owen Holmes, b. 1866; (6) William, b. 1867; 

43 vii Dobbin Holmes, b. Aug. 13, I869 

(8) Martha, b. 1871$ (9) Almand Sellers, b. 1873 [See Addenda, pg. 254] 

31. Ann Jones Browne (1-7-2-12), (1821-1915); m. I838 Archibald Aaron Ty- 
son Smith (1811-1854). He received A.B. Univ. N.C 1831$ M.A. I838. 

(l) Ann Eliza, b I84O; (2) Jane, b. 1841, d. 1843; (3) Mary Holmes, twin, 
b. 1844; (4) Archibald Browne, twin, b. 1844; (5) Caroline, b. 1847; (6) 
Catharine, "Kate B. , b. I848, d. 1930; (7) Archibald A. T. Jr. (I85I-I85I), 
Tombstone Cross Creek Cem., Fayetteville, N.C. 

1. "The Story of Georgia" by Walter G. Cooper 

2. Bible Record of James Holmes Family Bible 

3. Sampson Co. , N. C , i860 Census 


32. Mary Holmes Browne (1-7-2-12), b. 1831; m. 
to Rev. Samuel Caldwell Alexander , called 

44 i 



1857 at Davidson College, 
"Caldwell", b. 1830. Issue: 
Samuel Caldwell Alexander Jr. 
Elizabeth Alexander, "Betty" 

Robert Owen Alexander, "R.O." (1863-1926); m. 1892, Mary Herndon 
(1876-1926); they lived Charlotte, N.C. The Alexander geneal- 
ogy typescript owned by Hattie Alexander, Methodist Home, Char- 
lotte, II. C. shows that Robert and his wife Mary died the same 
day, Nov. 13, 1926, and are bur. in Charlotte. 


William Stokes Norment (1-7-3-14), b. 

July 20, 1833 , Lumberton, 

Capt . 

N.C; d. 1881, Mecklenburg Co., N.C; attended Wake Forest College and 
Univ. II. C. ; m. Dec. 14, 1864 , Mrs. Emma (Douglass) Harriss of Wilmington, 
N.C. She was b. Oct. 1, I838. Based on his will, made July 17, 1879, in 
Charlotte, N.C. [probated Jan. 5, 1882 ] he speaks of Henrietta C Beatty, 
"daughter of my late wife". Issue of W. S. Norment and Emma Norment. 
(1) Mary Jennings, b. Feb. 12, 1866; (2) George Harris, b. Apr. 8, 1867; 
(3) William Thomas, b. June 1, 1869; (4) James Douglass, b. Sept. 2, 1871; 
(5) Nellie Rowland, b. Jan. 7, 1874; (6) Emma Harriss, b. Feb. 19, I876, 
(living 1967); (7) Laura Howell, b. Jan. 22, 1878 (living 1967). 


Thomas Aaron Norment II (1-7-3-14) ,c D 

d. Jan. 29, 1904, Robeson Co., N.C 



Blount- - , b, 
N.C; c m/2 
Rozier-', b, 

45 1 

By 2nd wife: 


By 3rd wife 





31, I85O, Robeson Co. 

■n/l Dec. 28, 1870, Amanda N 

N.C.j d. Oct. 12, 1881, ^Robeson Co 


Addie T. McLean/ b. July 8, 185 

May 27, l863 5 j d. Aug. 28, 1948 
N. C. Issue: 5 By 1st wife: 

Thomas A. Norment III, b. 1873 

Mary Francis 5 , b. Dec. 28, 1873; d. Jan. 2, 1874 

d. Oct. 8, 1895''; m/3 Mollie 
all four bur. in marked graves 




May 14, 1879; d. 

Frank McLeod and had 


June 20, 1879 

Frank and Louise McLeod 

Owen Clinton Norment 

Ruth Norment, m. Cutlar Moore; had three children 

Mary Rozier Norment 


Louis Stovall ; had one dau. 


Sept. 1, i860, her csn. Richard Montgomery 

Mary Norment (1-7-3-14); 

Norment. Issue: ' 

i Dr. Thomas A. Norment, m. Miss Ranke: they had Annie; she adopted 

Lula Rowland who m. Edwin Williams . 

li Penelope Norment, m. Frank Hull of Charlotte, N. C 

1. Raleigh Register, June 3, 1857 

2. "N. C Bible Records" by Ida B. Kellam. i960 

3. "The State of Robeson" by R. C Lawrence, pages 100, 107, 228, 249 

4. "The Rowland Family Tree" by Kate Britt Biggs. 

5. "The Blount Family Tree" by Kate Britt Biggs 

6. Will of William Stokes Norment, Will Book K, pages 45I-458; made July 17, 
I879, Charlotte, N.C; probated Jan. 5, 1882; R. M. Norment, executor. 


36. Gabriel Holmes (1-7-2-8-18), b. Sept. 10, 1851; d. Aug. 31, 1903; 

bur. Oakdale Cera., Wilmington; m. Jan. 5> 1881, Susan Gibbs Mallett, b. 
Oct. 15, 1849 at Orton Plantation; d. Dec. 11, 1927, bur Oakdale Gem., Wil- 
mington. Issue: (Beatty, "A Family History", p. 84, 109) 

i Pierre Mallett Holmes; b. Apr. 11, 1883; d. unm. Dec. 12, 1957, 
bur. Oakdale Cem. , Wilmington. (Beatty, p. 109; Gravestones 
Oakdale Cem. 

46 ii Owen Davis Holmes, b. Mar. 5, 1889. 

37. Catharine Holmes Blanks (1-7-2-9-22), b. Apr. 10, I836, Carroll Co., 
Miss.; d. Dec. 6, 1902 in Wilmington, N.C.; m. Oct. 25, 1859, Wil- 
mington, N.C. to John McLaurin, b. Jan. 7, 1832, Wilmington, N.C., son of 
Neill and Jane (Murphy) McLaurin; he d. Dec. 23, 1907, Wilmington, N.C. 

47 i Betsey Holmes McLaurin, b. Feb. 24, 1862 

48 ii Mary Dickson McLaurin, b. Aug. 1, 1864 

iii Sarah McLaurin, "Sally", b. March 16, 1867, d. unm. 
March 27, 1952 in Wilmington. N.C. 

38. James Hall Holmes (1-7-2-9-23), b. Jan. 15, 1838, Gaston, Sumter Co., 

Ala.; d. Mar. 1, 1899, Sumter Co., Ala., bur. Ward, Ala.; m. Feb. 
20, 1866, Sumter Co. to Frances Kadelyn Ward, dau. of Solomon S. Ward, and dau. of Col. Enoch Ward Jr. of Carteret Co., N.C, an outstanding hero 
of the Am. Rev. Issue: [see Addenda, pg. 254] 

49 i Lyrtn Holmes 

50 , ii Frances Madeline Holmes 

iii Solomon Ward Holmes, m. a Mrs. Smith, a widow; d. 1946 in La.; 

no issue. 
iv Thomas Norment Holmes, d. in infancy 
v Susan Plamer Holmes, d. at 17 yrs. of age 

51 vi Catharine Kenan Holmes 

[Data from Lynn W. Holmes and Mrs. James Ferguson]. 

39. Ann Lovick Holmes (1-7-2-9-24) b. July 28, 184oJ Wilmington, N.C. 
April 8, I858 in Wilmington, she m. Allen Henry Cutts, b. Mar. 6, 
1823. Issue: 

John Allen Cutts, "Jack", b. Nov. 25, 1861 

Mamie Cutts, b. 1862; d. Jan. 13, I889, age 27,; bur. Oakdale 

Cem., Wilmington, N.C. 
Sally Holmes Cutts, b. April 1, 1864 
Charles Clinton Cutts, b. Jan. 5, 1867 
Ann Norment Cutts, b.1869 = 
James Price Cutts, 1872; m. l&3i to Stella Fountain; he d. 

1945. No issue. Bur. Rocky Mt. N.C. 
Margaret E v ans Cutts, b. Apr. 25, I876 
Mildred Cutts, b. 1877 
Will Cutts, d. unm. about 22 years of age, bur. Oakdale Cem., 

Wilmington, N.C. 
x Owen H. Cutts, b. Dec. 3, 1880; d. Dec. 14, 1880. 
Allen Henry Cutts d. July 16, 1895 in Wilmington, N.C. and is buried in 















1. James Holmes Bible Record 


Oakdale Cam., Wilmington, N^C.J his wife Annie Lovick (H lmes) Cutts d. Oct. 
18, 1927 and is bur. in Pine View Cam., Rocky Mt., N.C. 

40. Mildred Holmes (1-7-2-9-210 was b. 18^3 in Wilmington, N.C; m. Oct. 6, 
l8585in Wilmington to Capt. John Jacob Evans, b. Jan. 1, 1830, Cumber- 
land, Md. Issue: 

58 i Mary Rivers Evans 
ii Charles Evans 

iii Louisa Evans; m. Hugh Rose 
John Jacob Evans d. in Wilmington, N.C. and is buried in Oakdale Cam. After 
his death, his widow lived with her daughter, Mary, and the Jamas family. 
She died 1931 and is bur. in Summerton, S.C.2 

kl. Sarah Holmes "Sally" 2 (l-7 -2-9-2*0 was b.Nov.9, 18^9 in Wilmington, 

N.C. She m. Sanford B. Coulson. Data on the family comas from the 
petition ibr letters of administration of the estate of Sanford B. Coulson, 
dec'd. The petition was filed by E.E. Hudson on June 11, I896 in Yankton, 
South Dakota. If, states tht Sanford B. Coulson d. on or about the 27th 
day of May I896 in Yankton, S.D. ; that he was a resident of Yankton, S.D. ; 
that ha left an estate of bonds valued at twenty seven thousand dollars. 
The next of kin and heirs are, in addition to the widow, Sally B. Coulson, 
k7 years, are: 

i Nellie Coulson, 22 yrs. (would place her birth ca 187^) 

ii Margaret H. Coulson, 17 yrs. (b. ca 1879) 

iii Mary E. Coulson, 15 yrs. (b. ca 1881) 

U-2. Thomas Holmes Williams (1-7-2-9-26), b. Mar. 20, 1848 ? New Hanover 

Co., N.C; (area which became Pender Co. in 1875); d. July 17, 1880 
Pender Co.; bur at Pike'sCreak Presbyterian Church near Burgaw, Pender Co.; 
m. Jan. 31, 1872, Ellen Elizabeth Johnston, b. Jan. 25,1853, Castle Hayne, 
New Hanover Co., N.C. (now Pender Co.), dau. of James W. and Winifred Ann 
(Hansley) Johnston; she d. Oct. 3, 1890, Castle Hayne; bur. Harrison Creek 
Church Cem. Issue: 

59 i James Johnston Williams, "Jack", b. 1879 

^3. Dobbin Holmes (1-7-2-11-30), (1869-1943), b. Clinton, N.C. d. ThomasviSle 
Ga.; m. 1900 Anna Bell Roney (1877 - living)Ldau. of Joseph Carter 
and Mary Rebecca (Coleman) Roney. b. Americus, Ga. They had one child, 
Dorothy Holmes, b. 1904, Cordele, Ga.; m. 1929 to Edmund Archer Turner. 
No children. (Data furnished by Mrs. E.A. Turner, Box 328, Quitman, Ga.) 

44. Samuel Caldwell Alexander Jr. (1-7-2-12-32), m. 1st Henrietta Wilkins; 
2nd. Bennie Green. Children by his first marriage: 

i Virginius Alexander m. Ernestine Arrowood 
ii Joan Alexander 
iii Samuel Caldwell Alexander III 
By his 2nd marriage: 

iv Mary Alexander, unmarried 

1. Colonial Dames: Papers of Dorothy Turner 

2. Data from Mrs. Jamas Ferguson 

3. Data from Mrs. Catharine J. Pierce 

4. "Lineage of Jack (James Johnston) Williams of Waycross, Ga."by Rachaal 

Peeplas Rogers, Ross Hotel, Chattanooga, Tenn. 1957. 

5. Bible Record : James Holmes Bible 


45. Thomas A. Normant III (1-7-3-14-3^), b. 1873* Robeson Co., N.C. d 
Dec. 24, 1843, 1 Robeson Co., N.C; m. July 30, 1901, Caldwell Co. 

N.C, Sarah Jane Moore/ b. 1880 1 . Issue: , 

i Maiorie Normant; m. 1st Henry Logan; ra. 2nd, R.H. 

Ratohford . . 

11 Essie Norment; m. Rogers 

iii Richard Vaux Norment 

iv Nildred Norment, was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. G„orge T.. 

Andrews; ani they named her: Mildred Laxton Andrews? 

she is their only child. Halifax Co. N.C. 

46. Owen Davis Holmes, (1-7-2-8-36) b. Mar. 5, 1889; m. Apr. 1919, 
Beaufort, S.C Ruth Rhett of Charleston, S.C b. c t. 11, 

1890, Beaufort, S.C. Living in Wilmington, N.C. ig^. Issue: (Beatty, 
"A Family History", p. 109) 

60 i Ruth Mallett Holmes 

61 ii Gabriella Gibbs Holmes 

47. Betsey Holmes McLaurin 3 (1-7-2-9-22-37) b. Feb. 24, 1862 in 
Laurinburg, N.C; m. Sept. 23, 1885, Wilmington, N.C, Merritt 

Henry Jones, b. Aug. 14, 1845 in Chatham Co., N.C, son of Algernon Sidney 
and Elizabeth Rancher (Merritt) Jones. Issue: 

i John McLaurin Jonas, called "Laurin", b. Aug. 13, 1886 
in Raleigh, N.C; ra. 1st Mar. 3» 1913 in St. Paul 
Minn, to Violet Sophia Thiele, b. Apr. 20, 1887 in 
West Point, Neb. She d. Nov. 1, 1918; and he m. 2nd 
Oct. 25, 1919, West Point, Neb. to Mary Ann Chambers, 
b. Mar. 4, 1885, West Point, Neb. She d, Oct. 6, 1943 
in Charlotte, N.C; ha m. 3rd Fab. 17, 1946 in 
Charlotte, to Sarah Julia (Creed) McNeely, b. Fab. 
18, 189? in Dobson.N.C She was the widow of Grady 
Polk McNealy. John McLaurin Jonas d. May 4, 195^+ in 
Sarasota, Fla. and is buried in Forest lawn Cam., 
Charlotte, N.C. Sara (Creed ) Jones d. 3-19-1067 in 
Sarasota Fla;! bur. Forest Lawn Cem.2 Charlotte, N.C 

Evelyn Jones 

Catharine Holmes Jones 

Elizabeth Rancher Jones 

Merritt Henry Jonas Jr. 

Aeries J n nes 

Merritt Henrv Jones and family lived in Durham, N.C; he was a ieweler, 
and owned his own store. He d. Seot. 9, 1915 and his widow on Mar. 9, 
193^ in Durham, N.C. 

48. Mary Dickson Mdaurin 3 (1-7-2-9-22-37) b. Aug. 1, 1864, Timmons ? 
ville, S.C, d. Oct. 11, 1030, Charlotte, N.C Murdoch Parslev, 

b. Mav 21, I865, son of Oscar Grant and Amanda (Nutt) Parsley, d. ADr. 25, 
1899 in Portsmouth, Va. Both bur. Oakdale Cam. Wilmington, N.C Issue: 

67 i William Murdock Parsley Jj., 

ii Catharine Blanks Parsley, b. Feb. 7, 1893, Columbus, 
Ga.; d. June 23, 1893, Wilmington, N.C 

68 iii Amanda Nutt Parslav 
60 iv Laura Browne Parsley 











1. Blount Familv T ree by Kate Britt BigErs. 1048 

2. Charlotte N.C. Observer, issueof Mar. 21, 1067 d. 7B 

3. Data from Mrs. Catharine J. Pearce 


49. Lynn Holmes (1-7-2-9-23-38), b. Jan. 31, 1869, Gaston, Ala.; d. 
Mar. 14, 1956, Carrollton, Ga. ; m. Apr. 12, 1900 to Martha Lucy 

RcCowen, b. July 31, 1874, York, Ala.; d. Dec. 18, 1949, Carrollton, Ga. 
Issue: He was an accountant, Ala. Power Co., construction dept. 

i James KcGowen Holmes, b. Feb. 18, 1904, Cuba, Ala.; m. Kay 17, 
1940, Lucille Guin, b. Jan. 9, 1905, Newtonville, Ala. 

70 ii Frances Virginia Holmes, b. Aug. 14, I9O9, Sumter, Ala. 
iii Lynn Watkins Holmes, - [See Addenda] pg. 254] 

71 iv William Thomas Holmes 

[Data from Lynn W. Hhlmes and Mrs. James Ferguson] 

50. Frances Madeline Holmes (1-7-2-9-23-38), b. Jan. 8, 1872, Cuba 
Ala.; d. Jan. 19, 1943, New Orleans, La., bur. Cuba, Ala.; 

attended Tuscaloosa Female College in Ala.; m. June 27, 1894, John Parker 
Crutcher, b. June 1, 1871, Louisburg, Term. ; d. Nov. 11, 1947, Meridian, 
l»iiss. , bur. Cuba, Ala. Issue: 

72 i James Holmes Crutcher 

73 ii John Parker Crutcher Jr. 

iii Harold Crutcher (l- d. June 8, 1945 

74 iv Ralph Francis Crutcher 

51. Catherine Kenan Holmes (1-7-2-9-23-38); m. John Edward Watts. 

75 i Catharine Watts (adopted) 

52. John Allen Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39), b. Nov. 25, 1861, Wilmington, 
N.C. ; d. Dec. 13, 1944, Florence, S.C. to Eleanor Nell Egan. She 

d.; he m 2nd Dec. 29, I898, Littleton, N.C. to Marion Olin Heptinstall, 
b. Dec. 18, 1876 in Virginia, dau. of John Olin and Hannah (Marvan) 
Hepinstall, Jarrott Station, Va. and Littleton, N.C. Issue: by 1st wife: 
Edward Allen Cutts, "Ned" 

Nell Egan Cutts, b. Nov. 27, 1899, 
Hannah Marion Cutts, b. Dec. 27, 1901 
John Allen Cutts, b. 1904 
Charles Clinton Cutts, b. Dec. 27, 1906 
Olin Heot install Cutts, b. June 18, 1910 
William Holmes Cutts, b. Feb. 7, 1914 

53. Sally Holmes Cutts (l-7-2-<9-24_39), b. Apr. 1, 1864, Wilmingon, 
N.C; d. Aug. 4, 1938, Tarroa, Fla. ; m. Oct. 20, 1886, lilmington 

N.C. to ArtNur Kirkland, b. Jan. 14, 1864, Raleigh, N.C; d. 1928, Tampa, 
Fla., bur. Myrtle Hill Cem. Tanroa. Issue: 

i Allen Kirkland, d. infancy; bur. Cordele, Ga. 

83 ii Ernest Reid Kirkland 

84 iii Sanford Holmes Kirkland 

54. Charles Clinton Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39), b. Jan. 5, 1867, Wilmingtoi 
N.C; d. June 1, 1906; bur. Cordele, Ga.; m. 1897, Lena Colwell, 


85 i Fred Harter Cutts 

55. Ann Norment Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39), b. 1869; d. 1955; m. 
1895 to Eugene Franklin Strozier, b. 1866; d. 1954; don of John L, 

and Ssrah (Robertson) Strozier. Both Cordele, Ga. 

86 i John Allen Strozier, b. I896 

ii Eugene Franklin Strozier, b. I898; d. 1906, Cordele, Ga. 

87 iii Charles Cutts Stroziet, b. 1900 




2nd wif 














1. Data from Mrs. James Ferguson 


and Sarah (Robertson) Strozier. Both d. in Cordele, G-. Issue 

86 i John Mien Stroziet, b. 1896 

ii Eugane Franklin Strozier, b. I898; d. 1906, Cordele, Ga. 

87 iii Charles Cutts Strozier, b. 1900 

88 iv Sarah Norment Strozier, b. 1901 

89 v Mary Holmes Strozier, b. 1907 

56. Margaret Evans Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39), b. April 25, I876, 
Wilmington, N.C.; d. Aug. 1, 1939, bur. Rocky Mt. N.C.; m. 

Sent. 9, 1898, Weldon, N.C., Joseph N. Stephenson, b. Oct. 9, 1872; d. 
Jan. 11, 1944, bur. Rocky Mt. , N.C. Issue: 

i Anne Lovick Stephenson, b. Aug. 14, 1899, Weldon, N.C; 
m. 1st. George Mason; d. 1928; m. 2nd 1943 C.D. 
Benbow, Rocky Mt. 

90 ii Joseph W. Stephenson 

01 iii Sally Holmes Stephenson 

57. Mildred Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39), b. 1877; d. 1961, Danville, Va.J 
bur. Rocky Mt.; m. 1903, Arthur Cutchin Johnston; he d. 1947; 

, N.C. Issue: 

William James Johnston, b. 1905 

Arthur Cutchin Johnston Jr., b. 1907; d. 1909, Rocky Mt. 
Joseph Joseph Allen Johnston, b. 1909 
Katharine Lucille Johnston 

Mary Rivers Evans (1-7-2-9-24-40), b. Dec. 21, 1868; d. Apr. 17, 
m. 1890 in Wilmington, N.C. to Joseph Alston James, b. 
Apr. 19, 1937. Issue: 

Joseph Alston James Jr., b, Apri. 7, 1891 
Mildred James, b. Oct. 12, 1892 
John Evans James, b. May 20, 1894 
William Capers James 

Charles Holmes James, b 7 d. Apr. 19, I898 (twin) 
James McCutchan Jamas, b. Apr. 19, I898 (twin) d. 
Jan. 4, 19^3; m. Leona Colwell; lived Wilmington, 
N.C. No children. 
Hugh McCutchan James, b. Aug. 25, 1899 
Frank Victor James, b & d. July 11, 1905 
Mary Louise James, b. Jan. 17, 1907 
Thomas Cooper Jamas, b. July 7, 1911 
(Data furnished by K r s. H.C. Nuckles) 

59. James Johnston Williams "Jack" (1-7-9-26-42), b. July 26, 1879, 

Castle Hayne, Pender Co., N.C; d. Dec. 1957t Waycross, Ga.; 
bur. on Family Plot in Waycross; m. July 19, 1912, Brownsville, Haywood Co. 
Tenn. to Ethel {Catherine Woodward, b. April 19, 1886, Paris, Henry Co., 
Tenn. , dau. of E ward H. and Catherine (Allen )Woodard. Jack Williams grad. 
Caoo Fear Academy, Wilmington, N.C; Oak Ridge Institute, N.C. The early 
part of his career was spent in railroading in the Atlantic Coast Line 
Railroad at Wilmington and Waycross; and Atlanta, Birmington and Atlantic 
Railroad at Waycross and at Fitzgerald. In 1909 he went to Boston as mgr. 
of a publishing co. andremained until 1911. 














7, 1866; d. 















1. Data from Mrs. James L. Ferguson 


From 1915 until tha time of his death he was editor, owner and publisher of 
the "Waycross Daily Journal-Herald" and "Waycross Weekly Journal". During 
this period he became a distinguished figure not only in Georgia journalism 
but in the civic life of the State and served in many capacities to 
advance the cause of civic progress. He also pub. the"Blackshear Times 
1924-26; the "Hogansville News 1925-26; and the "LaGrange Reporter" 
1924-27. He was Pres. Waycross Journal-Herald Publishing Co.,pres First 
Federal Savings & Loan Assn.; dir. Merchants and Mechanics Loan & Savings 
Co., the Waycross Bldg. and Loan Assn. and the Waycross Hotel Co.; memb. 
City Board Education at Waycross; pres. Advisory Brd. Salvation A r my; 
dir. & vice pres. Waycross Railroad Y.M.C.A.; vice-present Kings Daughters 
Home for Chn. ; pres Chamber of Commerce; dir. Progressive Life Ins. Co.; 
vice-pres. Ga. Forestry Assn.; pres. Ga. Press. Assn. In 1925 was awarded 
Sutlive Trophy of the Ga. P r ess Assn. "for greatest service to community" 
of any paper in the State. In 1923 he received the Baynard Knight Cup 
awarded by the Kiwanis Club "for greatest service to community" and in 
1932 was similarly awarded the Miller Medal "for having rendered greatest 
service to his city and county during year 1932". In 1936 was elected 
State Senator 5th Dist; 1937 appt. Col. on Governor's staff. Affiliated 
with Elks, Masons, Shrine, Kiwanis Club, in "Who's Who in South & SE, 
19/4.8-49 with Elks, Masons, Shrine, Kiwanis Club. Issue: 

102 i Jack 

ii Katherine Lee, d.y. 

iii Ruth Winifred, ra. Julian Lines; lived N.T.; Two chn: 

Katharine & Julian Jr. 
iv Betty Louise, m. Charles Mayo; lives Waycross, Ga.; 

two chn; Charles Jr., and James 
v Eva, m. William Jemison of Memphis, Te'nn; issue:.; 

Lee (dau); William Jr. and Gay 

60. Ruth Mallett Holmes, (1-7-2-8-18-36-46) b. Mar. 12, 1921, Wilming- 
ton, N.C.;m. Nov. 9. 1942, Wilmington, to Thomas A. Price J r . 

Living 1949 in White Sands, New Mexico. Issue: (Beatty, "A Family History", 
P. 134) 

i Susan Mallett Price, b. Oct. 9, 1943, Wilmington, N.C. 

61. Gabrielle Gibbs Holmes, (1-7-2-8-18-36-46) b. July 22, 1924, 
Wilmington, N.C; m. Nov. 6, 1948, Wilmington, N.C. to Martin 

Stevenson Willard J., son of M.S. and Margaret (Glendy) Willard. In 1949 
they were liing in Wilmington at "Crown Point". (Beatty, "A Family History" 
p. 134 

62. Evelyn Jones (1-7-2-9-22-37-47) b. Feb. 23, 1890, Durham, N.C. 

m. June 16, 1915 in Durham to Benjamin William Hawks, b. Sept. 1, 
1887 in Warrenton, N.C, son of Benjamin Guilford and Elizabeth Hanna 
(Rose) Hawks. Issue: 

103 i Benjamin Guilford Hawks II 

Benjamin William Hawks d. May 8, 1958, iO Chattanooga, Tann. 

Evelyn (Jonas) Hawks was tha first woman graduate of Trinity College, 
now Duke Univ., to receive a Ph. D. degree, which was received from Univ. of 
Pa. Prior to retirement, she was Professor of Education at New Jersey Collage 
for women (now Douglas College). 

63. Catharine Holmes Jones (1-7-2-9-22-37-47) b.Oct. 6, 1891 in 
Durham, N.C; m. June 16, 1914 in Durham, to James Wilson Pierce, 

b. Aug. 28, 1870 in Cambridge, Mass., son of Charles Emery and Harriet Emma 
(Thurston) Pierce. Issue: 


104 i James Wilson Pierce Jr. 

105 ii Henry Jones Pierce 

Catharine Holmes (Jones) Pierce grad. with A.B. degree, Womans College, 
Univ. of N.C.; B.S. and M.S. Columbia Univ.; was Reference Librarian at 
Swarthmore College 1932-50; Reference Librarian, Duke Univ., Men's 
Campus 1950-56, after which she retired. She is now living (1967) at 
3420 Shamrock Dr., Charlotte, N.C. 28205. 

James Wilson Pierce as a grad. of M.I.T., Cambridgem Mass. and was 
an engineer. He d. Oct. 3» 1921, W e llesley, Mass. 

64. Elizabeth Rencher Jones (1-7-2-9-22-37-^7) b. Sept. 4, 1893 in 
Durham, N.C; m. June 16, 1917 in Durham, to Carlton Austin 

Andrews, b. Sept. 19, 1890 in Charlotte, N.C, son of Francis Hamwood 
and Eugenia (Stinson) Andrews. His father was founder of Andrews Music 
Store in Charlotte, N.C. Issue: 

106 i Sarah McLaurin Andrews 

107 ii Carlton Austin Andrews Jr. 

Carlton Austin Andrews owned and operated a music store in Statesville, 
N.C He d. May 13, 1953» in Richmond, Va. ; is bur. Maplewood Cem. , Dur- 
ham, N.C. 

65. Merritt Henry Jones Jr. (1-7-2-9-22-37-4?) b. Feb. 22, 1897 in 
Durham, N.C. On July 11, 1925, in Charlotte, he m. Addie 

Leonora Eulalia McNeely, called Eulalia, b. Dec. 28, 1892 in Union Co., 
N.C, dau. of William Robert and Melissa Henrietta (Belk) McNeely. Issue: 

108 i Betsy McNelly Jones 

109 ii Merritt Henry Jones III 

Merritt Henry Jones Jr. was an engineer with Jones Electric Repair Co. in 
Charlotte, N.C. He d. July 11, 1950 in St. Petersburg, Fla. 

66. Agnes Jones (1-7-2-9-22-37-47) b. July 14, I898, in Durham, 
N.C On June 28, 1924 in Durham, she m. Milton Livingston 

Hancock, b. Oct. 3, I896, near Snow Hill, Md., son of Ambrose Stewart and 
Druscilla Frances (Jones) Hancock. Agnes (Jones) Hancock was a grad. of 
Eastern Carolina Teachers College, and her husband a grad. of Johns Hopkins. 

i Frances Stewart Hancock, b. June 3t 1926, McKeesport, 

Pa.; d. June 11, 1926. 
ii Betsy McLaurin Hancock, b. Nov. 2, 1927, in Durham, 

N.C; d. Aug. 7, 1938 in Durham, N.C; bur. Maplewood 
Cem., Durham, N.C. 

110 iii Walton Milton Hancock 

Milton Livingston Hancock was an engineer and inventor, Westinghouse Air- 
brake Co. They live in East McKeesport, Pa. (1967), and has retired. 

67. William Murdoch Parsley Jr. (1-7-2-9-22-37-48) b. Jan. 29, 1891, 
in Williamston, N.C. On Nov. 20, 1920 in Rutherford Co., N.C. 

he m. Margaret Evelyn McDaniel, b. Jan. 17, I896, Boiling Springs, N.C, 
dau. of George Washington and Ellen Cordova (McDaniel) Issue: 

111 i Margaret McLaurin Parsley 

112 ii Amanda Nutt Parsley 

William Murdoch Parsley Jr. d. Feb. 27, 1963 in Charlotte, N.C; bur. 
Oakdale Cem. , Wilmington 

68. Amanda Nutt Parsley, "Mannie", (1-7-2-9-22-37-48) b. Dec. 8, 1897 
in Wilmington, N.C. On Mar. 16, 1918, in Spindale, N.C, she m. 

Robert Marshall Williams, b. Dec. 25, 1893 in Wilmington, N.C, son of 

William Arthur and Jane Iredell (Meares) Williams. Issue: 


William Arthur and Jane Iredell (Meares) Williams. Issue: 

113 i Mary Parsley Williams 

114 ii Robert Marshall Williams Jr. 

69. Laura Browne Parsley (1-7-2-9-22-37-48) b. Apr. 10, 1899 in 
Wilmington, N.C. On Oct. 24, 1923 in Wilmington, she m. Lemuel 

Lowe Doss, b. Mar. 30» I896 in Canton, G a . Issue: 

115 i Lemuel Lowe Doss Jr. , b. Oct. 8, 1926, Wilmington, 

On Sept. 1, 1953 in Hampton, Va., he m. Ethel Ann 
Speegle b. June 30, 1931 in Hampton, Va. 
ii Laurans Browne Doss, b. N v. 21, 1932, in Wilmington, 
N.C. d. Dec. 2, 1932, Wilmington, N.C. 
Laura Browne (Parsley) Doss d. Nov. 22, 1932 in Wilmington, N.C. her husband 
m. 2nd on Aug. 22, 1942 in Canton, Ga. to Mary Lee Johnston. 

70. Frances Virginia Holmes (1-7-2-9-23-38-49) 1 b. Aug. 14, 1909, 
Cuba, Ala.; m. Apr. 26, 1941, Fredrick F. Redmer, b. 1956, Car- 

rollton, Ga. , lived later Drums, Pa. Issue: [See Addenda, pg. 255] 

i Kartha Augusta Redmer, b. Nov. 13, 1944; student Univ. of Ga. 
ii Pamela Lynn Redmer, b. Apr. 16, 1947; student Ga. State College, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

71. William Thomas Holmes (1-7-2-9-23-38-49) was b. Apr. 30, 1913; 
m. 1st on July 17, 1942 to Martha Ruth Moody. Issue: 

i William Thomas Holmes Jr., b. Dec. 27, 1944, 2nd 

marriage to Frances Louis Fuller on Nov. 7, 1947. 
ii John Lynn Holmes, b. Aug. 19, 1949 
iii James Stephen Holmes, b. Aug. 15, 1952 
iv David Fredrick Holmes, b. Aug. 1957 
Family lives Fort Worth, Texas; he Steward Keth. Church; memb. Society Col- 
onial Wars, St. Andrews Soc. ; is a wholesale hardware salesman. 

72. James Holmes Crutcher (1-7-2-9-23-38-50), b. Aug. 30, I895, Sum- 
ter Co. , Cuba, Ala. ; served in WWI; served in Near East Relief 

work after War; attended American Univ. , Beyreute, Lebanon; WPA Admr. State 
of La.; m. Oct. 28, 1925, Hettie Sibley of Birmingham, Ala. Retired Gulf 
Oil distributor, lives in Martin, Tenn. & Carrollton, Ga. Issue: 

116 i James Holmes Crutcher Jr. 

73. John Parker Crutcher Jr. (1-7-2-9-23-38-50), b. Aug. 12, 1897, 
Cuba, Ala; d. Feb. 4, 1961; attended Univ. Ala., voted the 

most popular man at Univ. 2 yrs. in a row; called "Beans"; m. Kay 1, 1937, 
Lucy Tarwater of Fayette, Ala. Was a business man. Issue: [Lives Fayette] 
(l) John Vandiver, b. Nov. 1, 1938; (2) Ida Frances, b. July 9, 1955 

74. Ralph Francis Crutcher (1-7-2-9-23-38-50), b. Jan. 5, 1906, Cuba 
Ala.; grad. Univ. Ala.; m. Oct. 6, 1926, Eleanor Henderson, dau. 

of Dinkins Henderson, prominent & wealthy lumberman of southeast Ala. Issue: 

117 i Katherine Joan Crutcher r -1 

118 ii Frances Dinkins Crutcher 

Family resides Savannah, Ga. where Mr. Crutcher is a lumber exporter trading 
under name of Warsaw Lumber & Trading Co.; Deacon Bapt. Church; memb. of 
Rotary Club, Savannah Golf Club, Oglethorpe Club, Soc. Colonial Wars in Ga. j 
Soc. Cincinnati of N.C. 

75- Catherine Watts (1-7-2-9-23-38-51), m. Dalman Ward Vaughan, son of 
Ward Vaughan. He Mgr. Ala. Power Co. at Bessemer, Ala. Issue: 
i Edward Watts Vaughan 
ii Barbara Vaughan 


?6. Edward Allen Cutts, "Ned", (1-7-2-9-24-39-52) ra. Claudia Nix 
in 1915. Issue: 
i Ann Lovick Cutts 
ii Eleanor Hope Cutts; ra. Johnson 

77. Nell Egan Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39-52) , b. Nov. 27, 1899, Rooky Mt., 
N.C. ; ra. Oct. 11, 1922 to Spencer Milton Thompson, b.Aug. 30, 

1900. No Issue. 

78. Hannah Marian Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39-52) b. Aug. 9, 1901, Rocky 
Mt. N.C; m. Sept. 15, 1923 Edwin Eugene Brunson b. 10-4-1884. 


i Nancy Olin Brunson, b. 8-31-27, Florence , 3.C. 
119 ii Edwin Thompson Brunson, 

79. John Allen Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39-52) was b. July 27, 1904, 
Florence, S.C. On Dec. 5»1938 in Sumter, S.C., he m. Margaret 

Rose Smith b. 4-10-1918. Issue: 

i John Allen Cutts Il^b. 1-11-42 
ii William Bruce Cutts, 'b. 1-24-45 
iii Margaret Lovick Cutts, b. 5-29-46 
iv Nell Trippe Cutts, b. 4-24-49 

80. Charles Clinton Cutts(l-7-2-9-24-39_52) b. Dec. 27, 1906, 
Florence, S.C. He m. 10-17-1938, Frances Eugenia Buck, b. 

6-20-1912. Issue: 

i Charles Clinton Cutts Jr. b. 5-20-40 

ii Henry Buck Cutts Jr. b. 1-27-42 

iii Eugenia MoLeod Cutts, b. 1-12-46 

iv William Edward Cutts, b. 5-9-49 

81. Olin Heptinstall Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39-52) b. June 18, 1910, 
Florence S.C. m. Claude Abram Vaughan, b. 8-9-1908 Darlington, 

D.C. Issue: 

i Claude Abram Vaughan Jr. b. 7-17-37, Darlington, S.C. 
ii Eugene Allen Vaughan, b. 8-7-49, Darlington, S.C. 

82. William Holmes Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39-52), b. Feb. 7, 1914, 
Florence, S.C. m. 2-17-1950 Barbara Elwood Gresham, b. 9-3-1927. 


i Barnara Elwood, b. 11-3-1950 

ii Eleanor Bailey , b. 9-27-52 

iii Carl Allen, b. 3, 20-59 

iv Elizabeth Sellers, b. 5-14-61 

83. Ernest Reid Kirkland (1-7-2-8-24-39-53) b. Oct. 10, 1887 in 

Chapman, Ala. On June 20, 1911» in Key West, Fla. he m. Adele 
Lowe, b. May 14, 1888 in Key West. dau. of Alfred and Mary Jane (Whitehurst] 
Lowe. Issue: 

120 i Lois Kirkland 

121 ii Ernest Reid Kirkland Jr. 

Ernest Reid Kirkland Sr. d. Feb. 15, 1964 in Tampa, Fla. The family lives 
in Tampa. 


84. Sanford Holmes Kirkland (1-7-2-9-24-39-53) b. 1889 in Chapman, 

Ala. On Apr. 5» 1911 in Tampa, Fla., ha m. Hester Towne, b. 
June 29,1891 in Chicago, 111., dau of John McMitchell and Roberta (Porch) 
Towne. Issue: 

122 i Col. Sanford H lmes Kirkland Jr. 

ii Hester Kirkland, b. Sept. 1913 in Tampa; m. Sept. 
1940 in Tampa to G. Neil Raine, b. Sept. 1911, 
Magnolia, Miss, son of William L. and Docia (Magee) 
Raine. Divorced 1956; no children, 
iii Nina Kirkland, b. Mar. 31, 1916, Tampa, Fla.; killed 
in an auto accident in Arcadia, Fla. in 1940; bur. 
Myrtle Hill Cem. , Tampa, Fla. 
Sanford Holmes Kirkland d. Aug. 28, 1947 in Miami, Fla. The family lives 
in Miami. 

85. Fred Harter Cutts, (1-7-2-9-24-39-54) b. Feb. 25, I898 in 
Cordele, Ga. On Aug. 7, 1923 in Tifton, Ga., he m. Wilma Winn 

Ridgdill, b. Dec. 12, 1900 in Thomaston, Ga., dau. of John Sterling and 
Effie Florence (Winn) Ridgdill. Issue: 

123 i Wilma Ann Cutts 

124 ii FredHarter Cutts Jr. 

Fred Harter Cutts d. July 17, 1954, Atlanta, Ga. bur. in Cordele, G 3 . 
The family lives in Atlanta, Ga. 

86. John Allen Strozier (1-7-2-9-24-39-55), b. I896, Cordele, Ga.; 
m. 1929, to Frances H lmes, b. Dec. 4, 1903,dau. of Clifford 

& (Roqueman) Holmes, Culloden, G a . Lives 107 Augusta Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

i John Allen Jr., b. June 3» 1934, Miami, Fla.; m. 

Dorothy Strebe, 1962, Palm Springs, Calif. Issue: 

(1) Michael Holmes Strozier, b. Dec. 26, 1962, Salt 

Lake City, Utah; 

(2) John Allen III, b. Jan. 21, 1965, Salt Lake City 

(3) Jennifer Zedy, b. Jan. 10, 1966, Salt Lake City 
ii Frances Holmes (son), b. Jan. 1, 1936, Bronxville, N.Y. 

d. Jan. 11, 1955. bur. Akron, Ohio. 

87. Charles Cutts Strozier, (1-7-2-9-24-39-55), b. Jan. 6, 1900. 
Cordele, Gi.; m. May 29, 1939, to Mittie Louise Welsted, 

b. Aug. 8, 1917. Issue: 

i Charles Cutts Jr., b. July 10, 1940, Birmingham, .Ala. 

m. 1965 in Germany and lives in Birmingham, Ala. 
ii Eugene Franklin Strozier, b. June 4, 1913» Birmingham, 

Ala. ra. Feb. 4, 1967, LaGrange, Ga. to Florence 

Hollis Easley 
iii Janet Louise Strozier, b. Jan. 21, 195^? Birmingham, 


88. Sarah Norment Strozier, (1-7-2-9-24-39-55), b. July 24, 1901, 
Cordele, Ga.; m. in Cordele, Ga. to William Taylor Knight, b. 

Sept. 14, 1902, Quitman, Ga. Issue: 

i William Taylor Knight, b. Jan 5» 1927, Montgomery, Ala, 
unra. Lives 96 Christopher, New York, N.Y. 

ii Eugene Strozier Knight, b. March 20, 1931. Montgomery, 
Ala. m. March 23, 1951, Nashville, Tenn. to Mary 
Josephine Grisviold, "jo", b. Apr. 20, 1932. Issue: 

(1) William Norman Knight, b. July 17, 1953 

(2) Patricia Ann, b. Jan. 31. 1956 


89. Miry Holmes Strozier ( 1-7-2-9-24- 39-55 ) , b. Jan. 25, 1907, Cor- 

dele, Ga .; m. Sept. ?, 1935, Cordele, to James Lennerton 
Ferguson, b. 1902, Charleston, S.C., son of Charles B a rlfcley and Clara 
(Rughelmer) Ferguson. Issue: 

125 i Anne Norment Ferguson 

126 li James Lennerton Ferguson Jr. 

Mary Ferguson has been one of the major boosters of this book, and has 
gathered thru correspondence with various member of the family in this line, 
much of the data included in this chapter. Credit is due her. The family 
lives at 108 E. Summit Ave., North Augusta, S.C. 29841. 


Joseph W. Stephenson (1-7-2-24-39-56) was b. 1903, Rocky Mt., 

N.C.; m. 1925, Ruth Godwin, b. 1904. Issue: 

i Margaret Ann Stephenson, b. Jan. 1, 1927, Rocky Mt., 

N.C.; m. 1945 to Joe D. Moyer. Their child Lynn Moyer 

m. Bill Allen. 

91. Sally Holmes Stephenson, (1-7-2-9-24-39-56) b. Jan. 18, 1907 

in Rocky MU, N.C. Jan. 14, 1933, m. William Paul James, B. 
1906. Issue: 

127 i Katherine Elizabeth James 

92. William James Johnston, (1-7-2-9-24-39-56) b. June 25, 1905; 
m. 1st Margaret Darr of Calif.; ro. 2nd Winifred Annie Lane. 


i William James Jr. (1st m.) 

ii Barbara Anne Johnston (2nd n.) b. 9-17-1953 

93. Joseph Allen Johnston (1-7-2-9-24-39-57), b. Oct. 19, 1909; 
m. Agnes Moore, Raleigh, N.C. d. F b. 9, 1965, Miami, Fla . 


i Joseph Allen Jr., b. Nov. 22, 1936, Miami, Fla. 
ii Agnes Vick, b. Mar. 14, 1941 

94. Katherine Lucille Johnston (1-7-2-9-24-39-57), b. Deo. 24, 1911, 
Rocky Mt., N.C«; ro. June 17, 1939 in Rocky Mt. to Gerald Noell, 

son of Walter Carlton and Frances (Fitzgerald) N°ell. Issue: 

128 i Mildred Frances Noell, b. Nov. 27, 1940; 
ii William Gerald N ell, b. N v. 19, 1945 

95. Joseph Alston James Jr. (1-7-2-9-24-39-57), b. Afar. 7, 1891; 
m. Grace Attaway. Issue: 

129 i Joan Alston, b. Dec. 20, 1930 

130 li Anne Attaway, b. July 3, 1933 

130 iii Joseph Alston James III, b. Dec. 4, 1936; m. Dec. 4, 
1936, Ruth Saleta Johnston 

96. Mildred J.ames (1-7-2-9-24-40-58), b. Oct. 12, 1892; m. Harry 
Edward Davis. Issue: 
131 i "Joseph Edward Davis 


97. John Evans James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58), b. May 20, 1894; m. Myrtle 
Allen. Issue: 

i John Evans James Jr., killed Dec. 25, 1944, Normandy landing. 
ii George Coggins James; m. Rose Renfroe Frew. Issue: 
(1) John Evans; (2) Rosemary; (3) George 

98. William Capers James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58); m. Emmala Capers. Issue: 
i Emmala Capers James; m. F e b. 10, 1943, Allan Stuart Graham. 

Issue: (1) Sara Stuart; (2) Mary Capers, b. Aug. 18, 1945; 
(3) Allen Stuart, b. 1954 
ii William Capers James Jr., b. Jan. 31» 1923; m. Peggy Rule. 
Issue: (l)Rule„Capers James, b. Nov. 25, 1950; (2) 
William Capers ames II, b. Dec. 4, 1952; (3) Kristen 
Charlotte James,' b. Apri. 18, 1959 

99. Hugh McCutchen James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58). b. Aug. 25, 1899; m. Dec. 
29, 1925, Clara Pillot Tillman, b. Jan. 10, 1905. Issue: 

i Anita Paul James, b. F e b. 23, 1927; m. Aug. 8, 1953, Paul 

John Paul Cavanaugh, b. May 1926. Issue: (1) Clara James, 
b. Sept. 4, 1955 

ii Charles Alston James, b. Aug. 14, 1929; m. Oct. 26, 1957, 

Clara Elizabeth Schroder. Issue: (l) Christine Elizabeth, 
b. Dec. 1958; (2) Charles Alston, b. June, I960; (3) 
Hugh Tillman, b. Jan. 1963. 

iii Hugh McCutchen, b. May 24, 1934 

100. Mary Louise James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58), b. Jan. 17, 1907; m. Dec. 16, 
1939, Hodgdon Christian Nuckols. 

i Hodgdon Christian J*«gg^j£.jFeb. 25, 1946 (adopted) 

101 Thomas Cooper James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58), b. July 7, 1911; m. Martha 
Johns. Issue: 
i Thomas Cooper 

ii William J^hns James; m. Mary Nina Wynn, b. Dec. 11, 1939. 
Issue: (l) William Johns James Jr., b. Dec. 17, 1963. 

102. James Johnston Williams Jr., "Jack" (1-7-2-9-26-42-59) m. Margaret 
Annette Rogers of Atlanta, G a .; live 1205 Satilla Blvd., Waycross, 

Ga.; He is Managing Editor of the Waycross Journal-Herlad. Issue: 
i Margaret Annette, "Ann" 
ii James Johnston Williams III, "Jack" 
iii Roger Lee 

103. Benjamin Guilford Hawkes (the "e" added by him) (1-7-2-9-22-37-47-62) 
b. Apr. 22. 1916, Baltimore, Md.; m. 29, 1942 in New Brunswick, 

N.J. to Priscilla Sands Stevens, b. Feb. 5, 1915 in Delhi, N.Y. , dau. of 
Edwin Logan and Flora (Lockwood) Stevens. Benjamin Guilford Hawkes was an 
only child. He received B.A. degree from Ritgers, and M.S. from the Univ. 

"Lineage of Jack (James Johnston) Williams of Waycross, G.= ., by Rachael 
Peoples Rogers, Ross Hotel, Chattanooga, Tenn. 1957. 


of N.C, and is a chemist with Roux Laboratories in N.Y. They have one 
child: Evelyn Lockwood Hawkes, b. Sept. 16, 1947 in Tenafly, N.J. 

104. James Wilson Pierce Jr. (1-7-2-9-22-37-47-63), b. Nov. 9, 1916, 
Durham, N.C.; grad. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.; Sgt. 

Array in Pacific. Engineer, Western Electric, Burlington, N.C.; m/l Feb, 
13t 1939t Cheraw, S.C., Caroline Mcintosh Page; divorced, dau. If Fred 
& Christine (Mcintosh) Page. Issue (1) James Wilson Pierce III, "Mike", 
b. N v. 2, 1940 Southern Pines, N.C. Adopted ny maternal grandmother; 
name changed to James W. Page, m/2 Feb. 16, 1946, r ange, Va. Florence 
Van Ricketts, dau. of Lawrence Sanford and Mary Harper (Vass) Ricketts. 
Issue: (2) Catherine Holmes Pierce, "Cathy" b. June 27, 1949, Richmond, Va. 
(3) Randolph Thornton Pierce, "Randy", b. Aug. 8, 1952, Burlington, N.C. 
(Data furnished by mothers) 

105. Henry Jones Pierce 1-7-2-9-22-37-47-63) b. July 31, 1919 in 
Cambridge, Mass.; m. Jan. 4, 1947, in Charlotte, N.C. to Margaret 

Ivie Booth "Peggy", b. Mar. 28, 1823, in Evanston, 111., daughter of Samuel 
Williams and Fanneil (Skeen) Booth, 

Henry Jones Pierce grad. 1938 from Riverside Military A c ademy, 
Gainesville, G q .; A.B. Duke Univ.; in U.S. Army 1940-61; now retired Lt. 
Col. Is managing Director The Associated General Contractors of America, 
Inc., Carolinas Branch (North & South Carolina). Issue: 

i Henry Jones Pierce Jr., "Tucker", b. May 17, 1948, Durham, 
N.C. An identical twin d. at birth. 

ii Margaret Booth Pierce, b. Apr. 14, 1951, Charlogge, N.C. 

iii Mary Sommers Pierce, "Sommers", b. Apr. 11, 1954, Charlotte 

iv Samuel McLaurin Pierce, b. June 15, 1958, Charlotte, N.C. 
The family lives at 1726 Sterling Road, Charlotte, N.C. 

106. Sarah McLaurin Andrews (1-7-2-9-22-37-47-64); (1918- ); States- 
ville, N.C; m. 1st 1941 in Durham to Paul Shafer Siegel, b. 1918, 

div. 1947. m/2 1948 in New Brunswick, N.J. to Elmer William Volz, b. 
1915 St. Louis, Mo., son of Edward & Dora Barbara (Knittel) Volz, b. 1915 
St. Louis, Mo., son of Edward & Dora Barbara (Knittel) Volz. Sarah grad. 
A.B. from Duke degree in library science Rutgers Univ. Elmer Volz"Bill" 
(2) William Charles, b. 1950, Somerville; (3) Merritt McLaurin. b. 1953, 
Dunellen, N.J. #"">- *P—<y- "^S ^ 

107. Carlton Austin Andrews Jr. (1-7-2-9-22-37(64) b. Apr. 9, 1920, 
Statesville, N.C; m. May 17, 1947, Richmond, V,. to Sarah Hunton 

Hall, b. Apr. 15, 1923, Madison, V a ., dau of John Thomas & Anna (Thrift) 
Hall. N.C. State, in engineering. International President of Electrical 
Apparatus Service Assn. 1965-11. Owner of Jones Electric & Repair Co. , 
1. Issue: 

Elizabeth Jones Andrews, "Libbie", b. Apr. 23, 1950, 
Charlotte, N.C. 
ii Janet Hall Andrews, b. July 31, 1952, Charlotte 
iii Carlton Austin Andrews II, b. Dec. 7, 1957, Charlotte. 
Family lives at 1963 Maryland Ave., Charlotte, N.C. 

108 Betsey McNeely Jones (1-7-2-9-22-37-47-65), b. July 8, 1926, 

Charlotte, N.C; m. July 20, 1958, in Charlotte, to Bernard Pershing 
Beaty, b. Oct. 23, 1931, Charlotte, N.C. Issue: 


i Deborah Lynn Beaty, b. Dec. 14, 1959, Charlotte 
ii Nanooy Leonora Beaty, b. Dec. 25, 1961, Charlotte 
iii Barbara Jeannette Beaty, b. Dec 1, 1965, Charlotte 

109. Merritt Henry Jones HI (1-7-2-9-22-37-47-65), b. Sept. 25, 1930 in 
Charlotte, N.C.; m. Oct. 21, 1959, in Donaldson, G a . to Patricia Ann 

Cullen, b. May 28, 1959 in Derry, Pa. Issue: 

i Merritt Henry Jones IV, b. July 10, I960, Miami, FLa. 
ii Russell Albert Jones, b. Mar. 22, 1962, Miami, Fla. 

110. Walton Milton Hancock (1-7-2-9-22-37-47-66), b. Feb. 21, 1929, 
Pittsburgh, Pebb. ; m. June 9, 1951, Pitcairn, Penn. To Charlene Mae 

Steiger, b. Aug. 6, 1931-t Wilmerding, Penn. He received A.B. , M.S. and 
Ph.D degrees from Johns H pkins; is head of the Engineering School, 
Univ. of Michigan. Issue: 

i Betsy Joy Hancock, b. Feb. 23, 1955, Dayton, Ohio 

11 Amy Katherine Hancock, b. July 22, 1956, Dayton, Ohio 

iii Robert Laurence Hancock, b. Nov. 9, 1962, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

111. Margaret McLaurin Parsley "Peggy" (1-7-2-9-22-37-48-67), b. Mar. 12, 
1922, Charlotte, N.C.; m. 1st June 5, 1945, in Charlotte to Peter 

Marshall Brown Young, b. Feb. 10, 1921, Charlotte. Issue: 

i Peter Marshall Brown Young Jr., "Pemby" or "Pern", b. Mar. 

10, 1948, Charlotte, N.C. 
ii William Parsley Young, "Bill", b. Apr. 15, 1952, Charlotte. 

Her husband d. June 26, 1952 in Charlotte, and Margaret m. and on Aug. 6, 

1954 in Williamsburg, Va. to John Augustus Moore, b. Dec. 16, 1917 in 

Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Issue: 

iii John Augustus Moore III, b. Apr. 4, 1956, Durham, N.C. 

112. Amanda Nutt Parsley (1-7-2-9-22-37-48-67), b. Mar. 12, 1924, 
Charlotte, N.C; m. Dec. 3, 1948 in Charlotte to George Williams 

Worth, b. July 15, 1922 in Raleigh, N.C. Issue: 

i George Williams Wo*th Jr., b. N v. 16, 1951, Raleigh, N.C. 
ii Margaret Parsley Worth, b. Mar. 9» 1954, Raleigh, N.C. 
iii Amanda Parsley Worth, b. Dec. 10, 1956, Raleigh, N.C. 

113. Mary Parsley Williams (1-7-2-9-22-37-48-68), b. Feb. 28, 1921, 
Wilmington, N.C; ra. c t. 25, 1941, in Wilmington to James Samuel 

Lyell, b. 8-8-1917; d. 3-12-64 Charlottesville, S.C bur.Oakdale, Cem. 
Wilmington, N.C. Issue: 

i Laura Parsley Lyell, b. May 29, 1943, Wilmington, N.C; m. 
Oct. 30, I965 in Wilmington, to Lt. jg. Claude Smith 
Farmer J r . b. May 13, 1942, Portsmouth, V a ., son of Claude 
Smith Sr. (Capt. USN Retired) & wife Mary Helen (Scanlan) 
ii Mary Williams Lyell, b. Nov. 28, 1944, Wilmington, N.C 

114. Robert Marshall Williams Jr. (1-7-9-9-22-37-48-68) b. Jan. 21, 1927 

Data furnished by themselves or near relative. 


in Wilmington, N.C.; m. Nov. 25, 1959 in Wilmington to Elizabeth 
Whitehead T-ylor, b. Mar. 16, 1938 in Wilmington, dau. of Julien Knox 
and Elizabeth (Whitehead) Taylor. Issue: 

i Elizabeth Whitehead Williams, b. Sept. 28, I960, Wilmington, 

ii Robert Marshall Williams III, b. Dec. 13, 1962, Wilmington 

iii William Arthur Williams, b. June 20, 1964, Wilmington, N.C. 

115. Lemuel Lowe Doss Jr. (1-7-2-9-22-37-48-69). b. Oct. 8, 1926, Wilming- 
ton, N.C; m. April 1, 1953 in Hampton, V-,. to Ethel Ann Speegle, 

b. June 30, 1931 in Hampton, Va. Issue: 

i Laura Parsley Doss, b. June 25, 1957, Glen Ridge, N.J. 
ii Lemuel Lowe Doss HI, b. Oct. 17, Wilmington, N.C. 

116. James Holmes Crutcher Jr. (1-7-2-9-23-38-50-72), b. July 1926, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. ; m. Iris Cultra; now div. ; m/ 2 ?. Issue: 

i Victoria Ann Crutcher, b. Dec. 14, 1950 
ii John Holmes Crutcher, b. July 29, 1951 
iii James Cultra Crutcher, b. Dec. 7, 1953 
iv Thomas Stephen Crutcher, b. Sept. 4, 1955 

Family lives Laredo, Texas and I'exico. 

117. Katherine Joan Crutcher (1-7-2-9-23-38-50-74), b. Mar. 3, 1929; grad. 

Univ. Ga. ; m. Kar. 3, 1956) frank A. Chisholm of Savannah, Ga. Issue: 
(l) Prank A. Chisholm Jr., b. Dec. 24, 1956; (2) Elsie Roninson Chisholm, b. 
Oct. 3, 1953. Family lives Savannah, Ga. where he memb. firm stockbrokers, 
Varnedoe & Chisholm; Pres. State Soc. , and a national officer, Society of 

118. Frances Dinkins Crutcher (1-7-2-9-23-38-50-74), b. Nov. 3, 1932, Pen- 
sacoi.a, Fla. ; grad. Duke Univ.; m. Nov. 23, 1957, in Savannah, Ga. to 
James Cranberry Foster Jr. Issue: (l) Eleanor Dinkins Foster, b. Sept. 3, 
1958; (2) James Cranberry Foster III, b. Jan. 10, I96I. Live Orlando, Fla. 

119. Edwin Thompson Brunson (1-7-2-9-24-39-52-78), b. Oct. 28, 1935, 
Florence, S.C. ; m. Elizabeth Bonnoitt, b.Sapt. 17, 1937. Issue: 
i Edwin Eugene, b. Oct 20, i960 

ii Samuel Thompson, b. Feb. 24, I962 
iii Ernest Bonnoitt, b. Dec. 22, 1963 
iv Marian DuPre, b. Feb. 18, 1965 

120. Lois Kirkland (1-7-2-9-24-39-53-83), b. Feb. 2, 1913, Key West, Fla.; 
m. June 4, 1932 in Tampa, Fla. to James Randolph Hankinson, b. 

Sept. 24, 1906, in Augusta, Ga., son of William Parker and Elizabeth 
Randolph (Dunbar) Hankinson. Issue: 

i Martha Ann Hankinson, b. June 13, 1935; m. Mar. 10, 1956 in 
Tampa, Fla. to Chas. H. Shuranor II, b. June 25, 1934. 

ii Jane Hankinson, 

121. Ernest Reid Kirkland Jr. (1-7-2-9-24-39-53-83), b. Nov. 21, 1914, Key 
West, Fla.; m. June 6, 1942 in F3yetteville, N.C. to Margaret Al- 
berta b. June 18, 1914 in T-,mpa, Fla., dau. of Dr. A. R. and Melbe Beyer. 


i Thomas Reid Kirkland, b. Aug. 1949, Tampa, Fla. 
ii Rebecca Louise Kirkland, b. Feb. 15, 1954 

122. Col. Sanford Holmes Kirkland Jr. (1-7-2-9-24-39-53-84) b. May 2, 
1912, Tampa, Fla.; m. Feb. 17, 1941, Leesburg, Fla. to Marion 

Morgan, b. Aug. 23, 1911, Kingston, Penn. , dau. of David T. 7 Jenny (Hughes) 
Morgan. Issue: 

i Sanford Holmes III 

ii David Tovme Kirkland, killed 1965 auto accident Alaska. 
Family lives Tampa, Fla. 

123. Wilms Anne Cutts (1-7-2-9-24-39-54-85), b. Oct. 22, 1926, Bryn Mawr, 
Penn. m. Feb. 2, 1952, Atlanta, G a . to William Roy Reece Jr., b. 

Mar. 17, 1924, Rockmart, Ga., son of William Roy and Ruby (Carmichael) 
Reece. Issue: 

i William Roy Reece, b. Jan. 14, 1954, Atlanta, G a . 

ii Michael John Reece, b. Feb. 6, I956, Atlanta, Ga. 

iii Fred Colwell Reece, b. May 24, i960, Atlanta, G a . 

124. Fred Harter Cutts J r . (1-7-2-9-24-39-5^-85 )b. June 10, 1929, Bryn 
Mawr, Penn.; m.Feb. 21, 1953» Dallas, Texas to Nancy Baird, b. Mar. 

27, 1931» Dallas, Texas, dau. of Dr. Sidney S. and Annie Laurie (Henderson) 
Baird. Issue: 

i Fred Harter Cutts III, b. Nov. 28, 1953, Atlanta, Ga. 

ii Sydney Baird Cutts (dau), b. Aug. 30, 1955 

iii Charles Clinton Cutts II, b. Mar. 18, 1959, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

iv John Henderson Cutts, b. Aug. 9» I960, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

125 Anne Norment Ferguson (1-7-2-9-21-39-55-89), b. Oct. 1936, Augusta, 
Ga.; m. Oct. L96l in Augusta, to Lt. James Bankston Caughman, Jr. 

son of James Bankston and Elizabeth (Jennings) Caughman, Sr. Issue: 
i Mary Holmes Caughman b. Aug. 13, 1964 

126. James Lennerton Ferguson Jr. (1-7-2-9-24-39-55-89). b. 1938, 
Augusta, Ga.; m. Shirley Payne Browning, 1963, Augusta Ga. 

i James Lennerton Ferguson III, b. Mar. 17, 1964 

127. Katherine Elizabeth James (1-7-2-9-24-39-56-91), b. Dec. 19, 1936, in 
Rocky Mt., N.C.; m. 1956 to Jimmie David Smith, Issue: 

i Stephen David Smith, b. May 24, 1958 Rocky Mt., N.C. 

ii Elizabeth Sexton Smith, b. Jan. 14, I960, Rocky Mt., N.C. 

iii Sally Holmes Smith, b. Mar. 13, 1962, Rocky Mt. N.C. 

128. Mildred Frances Noell (1-7-2-9-24-39-57-94), b. Nov. 27, 1940; m. 
July 11, 1964, Chatham, Va. to Gilmer Clarence Owen. Issue: 

(1) Katherine Lewis, b. 1965; (2) Susan Bilmer, b. 1966 

Data furnished by themselves or near relative. 


129 Joan Alston James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58-95), b. Dec. 20, 1930; n, Sept. 
6, 1952, William Warson Chamblin. Issue: 

i Anne Attaway, b. F b. 1956 
ii William Watson, b. Marcy 1958 

130 Anne Attaway James (1-7-2-9-24-40-58-95), -b. July 3, 1933; Dl. 
July 27, 1956, Osmond Woodward Dixon Jr. Issue: 

i Katherine, b. July 1957 
ii James, b. Sept. 1959 

131 Joseph Edward Davis (1-7-2-9-24-40-58-96), m. Decl 5, 1942, to 
Elizabeth Hobbie. Issue: 

i Joseph Edward 

ii Elizabeth Hobbie 


Chapter 7, # 38, Capt. James Hall Holmes 
and wife Frances Madeline Ward 

# 38 vi or # 51 1 Catharine Kenan Holmes 
wife of John Edward Watts 


William T. Holmes (#49iv), Lynn W. Holmes (#49iii) and James M. 

Holmes (#49i) 

Front row i John Parker Crutcher Sr. (#50), Mrs. Frances (Holmes) Crutcher 
(#50), James Holmes Crutcher (#50i); 2nd row i John Parker Crutcher Jr., 
(#50ii), Ralph Francis Crutcher (#50iv), and Harold Crutcher (#50iii) 

Mrs. Frances Dinkins (Crutcher) Foster (#118), John V. 
Crutcher (#73i), and Mrs. Katherine (Crutcher) Chisholm (#117) 



8. Jane Kenan, eighth and youngest of the children of Thomas and 

Elizabeth (Johnston) Kenan, was born at the Turkey Branch Planta_ 
tion in Duplin Co. (later Sampson Co.). She married 1st, James Love, son 
of Daniel Love and his wife Catharine (Norris) Love; and grandson of George 
Norris. His sister Sarah married James Kenan, brother to Jane Kenan. 

Capt. James Love was active in the American Revolution and commanded a 
company of Duplin Co. soldiers in the Battle of Moore's Creek. One ac- 
count shows "in the (Rev.) war, brave Capt. Love and a group of patriots 
were taken by surprise and brutally murdered by the British at Alexander 
Rouse's tavern near the little bridge a few miles above Wilmington." Issue 

1 i Kenan Love 

ii Susannah Love, m. 1795, Tuton 

iii Daniel Love 
iv James Love 
v Michael Love 

In 1786 the State of N.C. took a state census, and at that time the head 
of the household was shown as Jane Love. In the household were four white 
males under 21 years of age; two white females of all ages; and 24 slaves. 

The Duplin Co. Court Minutes show that on 22nd April 1788, James Kenan, 
Thomas Hicks, and William Dickson, Esquires, were appointed as a Committee 
to divide the estate of James Love, deceased, between the several children. 
The following day they reported the division of Negroes in the estate-', and 
the next day, April 24, 1738, James Kenan, James Gillespie, and Joseph Dick- 
son were appointed guardians of the orphan children of James Love, dec'd. 
Kenan Love, being of age (14) was allowed to choose his own guardian, and 
he chose George Morrisay. George Morrisey was released from guardianship 
on 19 Oct. 1790.5 

On the 3rd Monday in Jan. 1792, the Court, upon motion of the guardian 
for the orphans of James Love, dec'd, ordered a committee to lay off one- 
third of the manor plantation to George Morrisey as dower, and the remain- 
der to be rented out for use of the orphans. 

An original paper, badly torn, is in the box files of the N.C. State 
Archives in Raleigh, and shows that in the July Term 1798, James Kenan, the 
guardian for the orphans of James Love, deceased, gave a settlement to the 
Court, each child receiving one-fifth part including the Negroes. The or- 
phans were named as shown above.' 

There was a deed from Kenan Love to Thomas Norment for 125 acres, April 
22, 1795. (Duplin Court Minutes, pg. 145) 

In Court Minutes of Jan. 19, 1795, dau. Susannah was referred to as Su- 
sannah Love, but at the settlement of the estate in Court Minutes of April 
22, 1795, she is referred to as Susannah Tuton. It is presumed that she 
married between those dates. There was a bill of sale between William 
Tuton and James Kenan in the Duplin Co. Minutes, pg. 243, of July 21, 1796. 

'1. Duplin Times, Kenansville, N.C., issue of March 3, 1935. "Our Yester- 
days" by A. T. Outlaw. 

2. Duplin Co. Court Minutes, Part II, 1784-1791, pg. 4, 22nd April 1788, 
in N.C. Archives. 

3. Ibid, pg. 5, April 23, 1788. 

4. Ibid, pg. 7, April 24, 1788. 

5. Ibid, pg. 45, 19 October 1790. 

6. Duplin Co. Court Minutes 1791-93, pg. 22, Jan. 1792. 

7. Original paper, box files, N.C. Archives, Raleigh, July 1793. 


There was a bill of sale from Daniel Love to Thomas Norment Oct. 20, 
1796 (pg. 258), and again on Oct. 20, 1797 (pg. 331). 

Thomas Norment was appointed guardian to James Love, a minor orphan, and 
ordered by the Court to take the estate of James Love, minor, on Jan. 21, 
1796 (pg. 206 Duplin Court Minutes). And, there was a bill of sale from 
James Love to Thomas Norment on April 21, 1797 (pg. 3Q3, Duplin Court Min.) 
James Love m. Jerushah Merrit Dec. 20, 1803 in Duplin Co., but it is not 
known whether it is this same James Love; bondsman was Shadrack Stallings. 

Michael Love, a minor orphan about 18 years old, came before the Court 
and chose as his guardian, Thomas Norment. (Duplin Court Minutes, pg. 291, 
April 17, 1797). 

After the death of Capt. James Love, his widow married 2nd George Morisey 
of Cork, Ireland. Issue: 

vi Elizabeth Morisey (mentioned in her grandmother's will) 

2 vii William Morisey (1783- 

3 viii Thomas Kenan Morisey (1793-1846) 

The old Morisey house where Jane (Kenan) Morisey lived is located two miles 
northeast of Turkey, N, C., and has weathered more than two centuries, and 
is now used as a barn. It was in this house that Gen. Cornwallis stayed 
overnight in 1781 enroute from Wilmington, N. C. to Yorktown, Virginia," 
The house was probably built around 1760 by Thomas Kenan and was given to 
his daughter Jane. The Turkey Branch Plantation of the Kenan family ad- 
joined the Morisey place. The Morisey house was originally located in a 
large grove of oaks and elms, and was located on the old stage road which 
ran from Campbellton on the Cape Fear to New Bern. It was located about 
one mile from the Duplin Courthouse and St. Gabriel's Anglican Chapel. The 
grove and old buildings have long ago disappeared and the house is used by 
the present owner, George Roberts, as a barn." 

Jane Kenan Morisey died on Oct. 1, 1807 and was buried along with her 
husband in the Kenan graveyard near Turkey." 

1. Kenan Love (1-8) b. ca 1774, m. Catharine Hill, dau. of John Hill 
and his wife Jane (Kenan) Hill; granddau. of Felix Kenan and his 

wife Catharine (Norris) (Love) Kenan. The 1800 census of Duplin Co., pg. 
^37 shows Kenan Love 26-45 year age bracket, wife in age bracket 16-26; a 
dau. under 10 yrs., and 19 slaves. 

Kenan Love d. April 7, 1803 in Wilmington, N. C. 

2. William Morisey (1-8), b. Mar. 18, 1783 near Turkey, N. C.5 m . 1st 
his cousin, Sarah Kenan, on March 10, 1812 in Duplin Co. 2 She was 

the dau. of General James Kenan and Sarah (Love) Kenan; witness to the m. 

1. Duplin Co. Marriage Bonds, by Bass, pg. 68. 

2. Raleigh Register, issue of Oct. 9, 1812. 

3. North Carolina Gravestone and Bible Records by Richard Clinton Chapter 
D.A.R., Clinton, N. C. Original "owner of Bible was Thomas Kenan 
Morrisey; present owner, a descendant, Miss Emma Walker Hubbard, Syca- 
more St., Clinton, N. C. 

4. Sampson Co. Wills by Bass. 

pg. 63, Will of Richard B. Morisey; d. Sept. 21, 1853; p. Nov. 1853. 
pg. 63, Will of Wm. H. Morisey; D. Jan. 25, 1879; P. Oct. 29, 1885. 
pg. 2k, Will of David Bunting; D. May 10, 1828; P. Aug. 1828. Names 
dau. Penelope Morisey; Ann Morrisey 

5. "The Sampsonian", Nov. 11, I965, pg. 8, "The Old Morisey House" by 
Claude Hunter Moore,; and other data by Claude H. Moore. 


Michael Love, bondsman James K. Hill, both csns. She d. Apr. 8, 1821 . 
Issue: (l) George . William Morisey m/2 his csn, Ann Eliza Bunting, dau. 
of David and Elizabeth (Clinton) Bunting. Issue: (l) David; (2) William 
0.; (3) Ann B.; (4) Penelope; (5) Elizabeth C; (6) Owen; (7) Richard B. 
who was Postmaster of Clinton from 1851-1853. 

3. Thomas Kenan Morisey (1-8), b. 1793; d. Apr. 21, 1846 4 ; m. Sept. 15, 
, 1812 in Sampson Co. to Penelope Clinton Bunting^ his csn., b ca 

1791 1 dau. of David and Elizabeth (Clinton) Bunting; and granddau. of Rich- 
are and Penelope (Kenan) Clinton. Thomas K. Morisey was sheriff of Sampson 
Co. for many years . The family lived in the old Morisey home . Issue: 

4 i Eliza C. Morisey , "b . July 20, 1814.. 

li Jane Kenan Morisey 4 , b. Aug. 1, 1817 ; d. Nov. 23, 1817 . 

5 iii Thomas Junius Morisey, , b. llov. 19, 1818 

iv David George Morisey , b. Oct. 10, 1820 4 ; d. unrn. June 1, 1901 4 '' 
(Sampson Co. Will Bk 5> PC- 32). He was station master for 
the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad many years . Lived Warsaw. 

6 v Ann Bunting Morisey ' b. 29 Oct. 1822 . ~ 
vi William Henry Morisey 4 '^ b. May 16, 1825 4 ; d. Aug. 15, I885 4 ' 
vii Samuel Bunting Morisey, ' b. Sept. 1, 1829 4 ; d. July 25, 1883 , 

He studied medicine and practiced in Robeson and Sampson Cos. 
He was a surgeon in the Confederate Army ; d. unm. 

7 viii James Kenan Morisey ; . b. llov. 28, 1830 . 

8 ix Mary Penelope Morisey 4 , b. July 22, 1832 4 

9 x Owen Bunting Morisey , b. 1835 ; d. June 20, 1883 

4. Eliza C. Korisey 4 (1-8-3), b. July 20, 1814 4,9 ; d.. 1895 4 ; m. Henry 
B. Beatty who d. prior to I85O ; had a son Thomas Henry Beatty 

(1838-1853). She became the 3rd wife of Dr. William G. Kicks of Norfolk, 
Va., who went to Clinton around I85O ; lived in Clinton ; no issue . 

5. Thomas Junius Morisey (1-8-3), b. Nov. 19, l8l8 4 ; d. Feb. 13, I887 4 ; 
m/l Frances Jane Covington, b. ca 1826 , "Fannie", m. March 1, 1849 

in Rockingham, Richmond Co. ; she d. in Lumberton, Dec. 15, 1852 ; he m/2 
Ann Eliza, Dockery; m/3 Mary Williams. They resided in Lumberton and Lin- 
den, N.C. Issue: (l) Alfred; (2) John, m. Eliza Faison and lived in 
Winston Salem, N.C; (3) Carrie, m. her csn. Junius Chesnutt, son of Amma 
B. and Ann Bunting (Morisey) Chesnutt; (4) Junius . Thomas Morisey is 
shown in the 1870 census of Duplin Co. living with Robert and Mary Betts. 

6. Ann Bunting Morisey (1-8-3) b. Oct. 29, 1822 4 ' ; d. Apr. 13, 1882 4 . 
m (as his 2nd wife) Amma B. Chesnutt, b. ca 1806; d. ca 1887, Samp- 
son Co., II. C. His 1st wife of Jerusha Badger. He was Sheriff of Sampson 

1. Bible record of Daniel Love Kenan family Bible 

2. Will of grandmother, Sarah Kenan, Bk. A, pg. 255-6? Duplin Co., N.C. 

3. "The Sampsonian", Nov. 11, 1965, pg. 8, "The Old Morisey House" by 
Claude Hunter Moore; and other data by Claude H. Moore. 

4. N.C. Gravestone and 3ible Records by Richard Clinton Chapter D.A.R. , 
Clinton, N.C; original owner of Bible was Thomas Kenan Morisey; present 
owner, a descendant, Miss Emma Walker Hubbard, Clinton, N. C. 

5. Raleigh Register, Oct. 9, 1812 

6. Sampson Co., N.C. Census of 1850, page 428, family # 47. 

7. Gravestone, Clinton Cemetery 

8. Sampson Co., N.C, Wills by Bass, pg. 63. 

9. Sampson Co., Census I85O, pg. 38O, // 312 


Co. for marry years, and is shown as such in the 18^0 census; i860 censU3 
shows him as a merchant. Issue: „ 

i Junius, b. Nov. 30, 1853 i m. Carrie, dau. of Thos. J. Morisey 

ii Henry B., b. Apr. 3, 13^6 ; rn/l Ella Moseley; m/2 Anna Stanford 

iii Mary, b. 1859 

iv Fannie, b after i860; m. her csn. Richard C. Holmes 

7. James Kenan Morisey (1-8-3), b ? Nov. 23, I83O ,3 j d. Mar. 17, 1382 2 ; 
m. Apr. 27, 1859 in Wilmington to Mary Emma Gibbs , dau. of Robert 
Gibbs. He was a planter and Clerk of the Court of Sampson Co. 1868-1874 • 
The family lived on a plantation "est of Clinton, on the Boykins Bridge Rd. 
y Emma Morisey d. June 24, 1908. Issue: 


10 i Robert Gibbs 


ii Eliza Jane, m. Lull P. Barbrey, he d. June 21, .1921 ; had one 

son, James Korisey Barbrey, b. Jan. 17 1 I892 , d. May 5, 19 2 9 
unm. , lived in Clinton, B.C. 

11 iii Mary Penelope Morisey 

iv Emma 'Jalker, Morisey, lived Clinton, b. Nov. ii, i860 ; d. Mar. 
15, 1936' unm. 

12 v James Kenan Morisey 

13 vi Annie Henry Morisey 

8. Mary Penelope Morisey 2 (1-8-3), b. July 22, 1832 2 ; d. 1909 2 ; m. John 
Bright Brown of "Oakland" in Bladen Co. Issue: 

14 i Mary Lou . 
The family lived in Warsaw, B.C. 

9. Owen Bunting Morisey (1-8-3), b. ca 1835 , d. June 20, 1883; was 2nd 
Lt., C.S.A.; seriously wounded in second Battle of Manassas. He m- 

and settled on part of the Morisey place near Turkey; had a dau. Penelope. 

10. Robert Gibbs Korisey (1-8-3-7), b. Aug. 7, I894 ; d. Nov. 21, 1917 2 ; 
m. Kate Patterson and had two elm.: Robert Gibbs Jr., b. Aug. 7, 

I894 and Mattie. After her death, he m/2 Mary Langdon Holliday and had 
Claude, Mrs. Dell Bethune, Fulton, and Mrs. Mary Langdon Neely. Residence: 
Clinton, N. C. 


11. Mary Penelope Morisey (1-8-3-7), m. Nov. 23, I887 , Frederick T. 
Atkins, son of John and Harriet (Moore) Atkins, and had two sons: 

(l) Frederick T. , b.pSept. 27, 1888 ; d. Nov. 191Q ; (2) James Morisey. 
She d. Jan. 12, 1870 . Residence: Clinton, N. C. 

12. James Kenan Morisey (1-8-3-7), b. June 28, 1869 2 ; d. Nov. 22, 1916 2 
m. Bettie Beaman and had five chn. : Elizabeth, James, Kenan, John C. 

"Jack", and Emma Gibbs. Residence: Clinton, N. C. 

1. "The Sampsonian", Nov. 11, 1965, pg. 8, "The Old Morisey House" by 
Claude Hunter Moore; and other data by Claude H. Moore 

2. N. C. Gravestone fr Bible Records by Richard Clinton Chapter D.A.R. 

3. Sampson Co., N.C. I85O census, pg. 428, # 47. 


13. Annie Henry Horisey 2 (1-8-3-7), b. Nov. 4, 1870 2 ; d. Dec. 27, 1936 2 ; 

m. Joseph Cheves Hubbard and lived in Clinton, B.C. They had two 
children: (l) Joseph Henry, b. Aug. 21, 1908 ; d. Sept. 27, 1926 , and 
(2) Emma Walker Hubbard, who now lives (1967) at 204 Sycamore St., Clinton, 
17. C. 

14. Mary Lou Brown (1-8-3-8), m. William Lanier Hill, son of Col. Chris- 
topher Dudley Hill and Kary (Hicks) Hill of Faison. Lived Warsaw, 

1!. C. Issue: 

i John Bright Hill, an attorney of Wilmington, K. C. 
ii Judley Hill (deceased) 

1. "The Sampsonian", Kov. 11, 1965, pg. 8, "The Old Monsey House", by 
Claude Hunter Moore; and other data by Claude H. Moore. 

2. N. C. Gravestone & Bible Records by Richard Clinton Chapter D.A.R. 





There is strong proof of the relationship of Felix Kenan in documents. 

1. The Last Will and Testament of GEORGE NORRIS, dated 13th Dec. 1766, 
states ..."I give and bequeath unto Felix Kenan, my beloved son-in-law 
..." [Deed Book I, pg. 230, Duplin Co.; found in Sampson Co. records]. 

2. Deed from Felix Kenan for 540 acres, dated 20th Jan. 1773, "... for the 
love, tenderness and affection he has to his son-in-law John Hill ..." 
[Duplin Co., Book E, pages 79-80]. 

3. After the death of Felix Kenan, his son William Kenan became heir, and 
he died without issue. Felix Kenan and Simon Davis had exchanged land, 
but failed to make a deed. A court case to straighten this out, is 
dated 5th Jan. 1789, between James Kenan, Esq. and John Hill of one 
part and Simon Davis of the other part, and states, "... the said James 
Kenan and John Hill who married two sisters of the said William Kenan 

in right of such marriages are heirs at law of the said William Kenan.." 
[James Kenan, son of Thomas Kenan, married Sarah Love, dau. of Catharine 
(Norris) by her 1st husband Daniel Love; John Hill married Catharine 
Kenan, dau. of Catharine (Norris) by her 2nd husband, Felix Kenan]. 


The Courthouse of New Hanover Co. burned in 1798 and 1819, destroying 
many valuable records. In addition, the 1810 census of New Hanover Co. is 
missing, apparently destroyed when the British burned Washington in 1814. 

No documentary proof of relationship has been found, but there is a 
great deal of circumstantial evidence. This is being offerered as exactly 
that - circumstantial only - in the hopes that someone will come forward 
with such proof. There are many descendants of William Kenan, born 1792 
in New Hanover Co., N.C., who are still living in N.C. who believe that 
they are also descendants of the original William Kenan. Should anyone 
know of this link, the compiler would like to learn of it, and will share 
it with appropriate descendants. 




II. (2) Colonel Felix Kenan was a brother to Thomas Kenan (Chapter I). 

Tradition dictates that he and his two brothers Thomas and 
William Kenan all came to New Hanover Co., N. C. in the 1730s and settled 
in the northern part of New Hanover Co., which later became Duplin Co. 
After a few years in the Grove Settlement (now Kenansville) , some of the 
family settled around Turkey, N. C, which is near the present Duplin Samp- 
son Co. line. 

Felix Kenan quickly became a man of affairs. He was a member of 
Capt. Gregg's company of militia in 1754 i a vestryman of St. Garbiel Par- 
rish and a member of the County Court. He represented Duplin Co. in the 
Colonial Assembly during the years 1762, 1764, 1766 and 1769; and served 
the county as Sheriff in 1760-61 and again from 1769 to 1776. He was a 
land agent and an attorney for Henry McCulloch who owned large tracts of 
land in that section. The "Virginia Gazette", issue of Jan. 14, 1773, 
carried an advertisement, dateline N. C, Jan. 1, 1773, from Henry McCulloch 
advising prospective buyers of his land to see Felix Kenan, Esquire of Dup- 
lin Co. 

Felix Kenan was an active Patriot in the American Revolution, as 
shown by payments made to him for supplies and other services to the N. C. 
Militia. Some of the Vouchers on file in the N. C. Archives are: No. 323, 
10th March 1782, one thousand two hundred pounds in currency allowed and 
signed by the Board of Auditors for the Wilmington District, William Dick- 
son & Thos. Routledge, Auditors. Vouchers No. 993, March 19, 1782; (Vol. 
V, pg. 5°i folio I., Report of Claims Allowed.) 

Felix Kenan was a member of "Sons of Liberty in N.C." He represented 
Duplin Co. on a committee which met July 5> 1770, and was chosen to "con- 
sult upon such means as may appear most eligible for evincing the patriot- 
ism and loyalty in the present critical situation of affairs." 

Col. Kenan's wife was Catharine, widow of Daniel Love, and a dau. of 
George and Sarah Norris of Nahunga. They were married ca 1754. Her chn. 
by Daniel Love were: (l) Capt. James Love who was a strong supporter of 
the American cause during the Rev., and commanded a company of Duplin sol- 
diers in the battle of Moore's Creek; m. Jane Kenan, niece of Felix Kenan 
(see Chapter VII ); (2) Sarah Love, who m. General James Kenan, a gallant 
American patriot, and bro. to Jane Kenan (see Chapter II). Her children 
by Colonel Felix Kenan were: 

2-1 i Capt. William Kenan, d. ca 1787 
2-2 ii Nancy Kenan; m. Harrold Blackmore 
2-3 iii Jane Kenan; m. John Hill 

iv Rose Kenan (male), "now in England for his education", 1781. 
No further record. 
Felix Kenan d. in Duplin Co. between Apr. 9th and July 18th, 1785. The 
Duplin Co. Court Minutes in N. C. Archives in Raleigh, show that on April 
9, 1785 a deed from Felix Kenan, Esq. Sheriff to Thos. Routledge fgr 200 
acres was acknowledged in open Court and ordered to be registered. Then 
on July 18, 1785, William Kenan came before the Court and prayed for Admin- 
istration on the estate of Felix Kenan, deceased, and offered for his 

1. Duplin Times, Kenansville, N. C, March 3, 1938: "Our Yesterdays; His- 
tory, Biography, Genealogy", by A. T. Outlaw. 

2. N. C. Colonial Records, Vol. 22, page 330. 

3. "Chronicles of Cape Fear River", by J. Sprunt, page 106. 

4. Sampson Co., N.C, Deed Book 1, page 230 (Will of George Norris) 
J. "The Kenans of Duplin Co." by A. T. Outlaw, Kenansville, N. C. 

6. Court Minutes, Duplin Co. Records, 1784-1791 , Pt . 1, pg. 11, HC Archives 


securities John Molton, John Hill, Thomas Hill and Charles Ward. On Oct. 
18, 1785, an inventory of the estate of Felix Kenan was exhibited in 
Court. William Kenan, son, died between 18 Jan. 1787 and 21 Jan. 1788 
and the Court granted administration of the estate of Felix Kenan, dec'd. 
to James Kenan. * 

Mrs. Catharine Kenan, widow of Col. Felix Kenan, d. Jan. 9, 1808 at the 
home of General James Kenan in Duplin Co., in the 86th year of her age. 

1. William Kenan (2) is shown on the Jury page three, Duplin Co. Court 
Minutes 20 Oct. 1784. On the same date is shown a deed to William 

Kenan from Alexander Laine for 430 acres, proved by Thomas Hill. William 
was appointed by the Court 18 July 1785 as Administrator on the estate of 
his father, Felix Kenan; and hewas reappointed gdn. to the Blackmore orphans 
(his niece and nephew) on 18 Jan. 1787. 

William Kenan died between that date and 21 Jan. 1788 when James Kenan 
was appointed administrator of the estate of Felix Kenan. On 21 Jan. 1790, 
John Hill, his brother-in-law petitioned the Court for a division of the 
lands of William Kenan, late of his county, deceased. 3 The Court ordered 
on July 21, 1791, that Thomas Routledge, Charles Ward, William Dickson, James 
Mclntire and Stephen Herring Sr. be a committee to divide the lands of William 
Kenan, deceased, which lies in the County of Duplin, between John Hill and 
Edward Blackmore, an orphan of Harrell Blackmore, deceased and make reports 
of their proceedings thereon to the next term of court. Court ordered on 
April 19, 1792, that Thomas Routledge, Charles Ward, William Dickson, James 
Mclntire and Stephen Herring, be a committee to divide the lands of William 
Kenan, dec'd., between John Hill and Edward Blackmore, the heirs of the said 
dec'd. William Kenan d. without issue as shown in Deed Book E, pp. 212-215, 
Duplin Co. 

2. Nancy Kenan (2); m. Harroll Blackmore of the Welch settlement of 
New Hanover Co., the area now Pender Co. Issue: 

i Mary Blackmore. After the death of her father, her uncle 
William Kenan was appointed her gdn. She received 20 
Negroes in the settlement of her father's estate. 
4 ii Edward Blackmore 
Harroll Blackmore d. prior to 19 Oct. 1784 when the Duplin Co. Court 
appointed a committee of Charles Ward, John Molton, and Joseph Williams to 
"settle and divide the estate of Harrold Blackmore, deceased." 

3. Jane Kenan (2), b. ca 1755, Duplin Co., N. C; m. in Duplin Co. on 

or before Jan. 23, 1773, to John Hill, b. ca 1750, Luneburg Co., Va . , 
son of William and Catherine Hill. Issue: 
Felix Kenan Hill, b ca 1774 
Catharine Hill 

Sarah Hill} m. a Mr. Brackin, probably her 2nd husband 
John Hill Jr., sold land in Duplin Co., N. C. 1819 
James Kenan Hill, b ca 1792 
William Kenan Hill, b Mar. 18, 1794 
Ann Elizabeth Hill, b Sept. 20, 1795 
Edward Blackmore Hill, b ca 1797 

1. Court Minutes, Duplin Co. Records, Part I, 1784-1791, pg. 12, 19, 

2. Ibid, pg. 2, 56 

3. Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register & N. C. Gazette 1799- 
1825, issue of April 25, 1808. 
















A deed from Felix Kenan to John Hill for 5^0 acres of land in Duplin Co., 
20th Jan. 1773i "for the love, tenderness and affection he has to his 
son-in-law John Hill" confirms the relationship and approximate date of 
marriage. (Bk E, pg. 79-80 & Bk 3 pg. 580 ). There is also a deed of John 
Hill from George Norris (grandfather of his wife), for 582 acres, 50 lbs. 
and another for 124 acres., dated Jan. 20, 1773. (Duplin Co. Deed Book 3, 
pg. 582). 

John Hill is shown in the 1800 census of Duplin Co., pg. with 1 male 

45 A up (himself); 1 female 26-45 (wife); 2 males and 1 female 10-16 yrs.; 
2 males and 1 female under 10 yrs; 23 slaves. 

John Hill was a large land owner and planter and took an active part in 
public affairs. He is sonetimes referred to as Capt. Hill. In company with 
several leading citizens of Dupl in Co. he served as one of the original 
commissioners of the town of Sarecta, Duplin's first established town. 1 

John Hill died et his home on Goshen, Duplin Co. about the year 18Q7, 
leaving a large estate. His will was probated Oct. Term Court 1807. 

Jane (Kenan) Hill moved to Franklin Co. Tenn.; owned property there was 
shown by her will made there 24th June 1819. 

4. Edward Blackmore (2-2) was a minor when his father died prior to 
19 Oct. 1784. His uncle William Kenan was appointed gdn., then 

after tb'e death of William Kenan, Thomas Normant was appt. gdn (Jan. 22, 
1789). ' Thomas Normant d. 1799, Edward Blackmore received 20 Negroes in 
the settlement of his father's estate. 

Edward Blackmore is in the 1800 census of Duplin Co. (pg. 438) was beign 
head of a household , age 26-45; with him are: 1 female 16-26; 3 males 
16-26; 1 female under 10 yrs; and 36 slaves. 

Catharine Kenan gave to Edward Blackmore on April 13, 1801, 100 lbs of 
dowerland in Sampson Co., which were Felix Kenan's lands. This could 
indicate the date of his marriage. 

Apparantly he m. Marry , early 1801, because the 1880 census shows a 

Harrold Blackmore 79 yrs of age in 1880. Edward d. ca 1801 * as the Court 
Minutes of Duplin Co. show that on July 20, 1803, Mary Blackmore, widow 
of Edward Blackmore, dec'd was appointed administrator, with John Hill Jr. 
and William Hill jointly. Charles Hooks was ordered to administer the oath 
of administratrix to Mary Blackmore out of Court. John Hatch Holl was 
appointed gin. to Herald Blackmore, minor orphan; and William Hill was appt. 
gdn. to Nancy Blackmore, minor orphan, on Oct. 16, 1804. 

There is a Harrold Blackmore, 79 years of age, in the 1880 census of Duplin 
Co. (pg. 562 living in Warsaw), living with his son Harrold E. BLackmore, 39 
years of age, a farmer. The son had a wife Mary J, 35» dau. Ella, 10, and sons 
Cortes 7, and Howard E. 1 yr. Next door lived Richard E. Blackmore, 24 yrs, 
his sisters Feddora 0. 26, Martha A. 18, and mother Mrs. Ann M. H»tcher, 65 
yrs. Two houses further lived Isaac F. Blackmore, 28 yrs., wife Mary A. 35, 
and two sons Wentworth 4, and William R. 3 yrs. 

5. Felix Kenan Hill (2-2), b. ca 1774, Duplin Co., N.C.; m. Mar. 6, 
1797, Duplin Co. to Sarah Beck, with Thos. Hill bondsman. There 

was a bill of sale from John Hill to Felix Kenan Hill on Apr. 21, 1796, for 
600 acres of land (Duplin Crt. Min, p. 226); another for two Negroes on 
April 18, 1798. 

Felix K. Hill was appointed by the Court as gdn. to Betsy Jane Norment 
after the death of her father Thomas Norment, and served in this capacity 
several years. 

1. Notes by Claude H. Moore, Historian Sampson and Duplin Counties. 

2. Duplin Co. Court Minutes in N.C. Archives, Oct. 17, 1784. 

3. Ibid, pag. 20, Jan. 22, 1789. 

4. Duplin Co. Census 1800 p. 438. 


The 1820 census of Duplin Co. (p. 198) shows him with wife, and six 
others - three females under 10 yrs of age; two males 10-16; 1 male 18-26; 
three slaves; 4 persons in agriculture. Names of his children are not known 
to the compiler. 

6. Catharine Hill (2-3); m/l Kenan Love, a cousin, son of Jane (Kenan) 
and James Love. Children shown under their father, Chapter VIII #1. 

He d. Apr. 7, 1803, Wilmington, N.C. (Will in appendix). Issue: Louisa 
Matilda Ann Love. Catharine (Hill) Love ro/2 Curtis on Oct. 21, 1807 there 
was a deed from Curtis Hooks and wife to Andrew Hurst for 2,330 acres of land. 
On July 20, 1808, a deed of gift was made from Catharine Love to Louisa 
Matilda Ann Love for five Negroes, proven by William Beck Jr. 

7. James Kenan Hill (2-3), b. ca 1792; d. 18 Aug. 1848, Duplin Co. ! 
m. 11 Feb. 1823, Duplin Co., Sarah Ann Hurst, 2 b. ca 1803, dau. of 

Andrew and Catherine (Hunter) Hurst. He offered his services to his country 
in the Camp before he had fully arrived to manhood, and continued in the 
Army during the War of 1812. On his return he engaged in business; served 
as sheriff 1826-33; made Chn. Co. Court; in H°use of Commons 1834, '34; and 
in Senate 1839, '40, '46. Issue: 

i Catherine J., b. ca 1826, Duplin Co.; d. unm. 12 Nov. 1854 3 

11 ii John William, b. ca 1829 

12 iii Sarah Oliver, b 8 July 1833 

James K. H 11 is shown in the 1830 census of Duplin Co. (pg. 141 ) as 30-40 
yrs., wife 20-30; and 1 female 5-10 (who must have subsequently died); a 
male and a female under five yrs.; 8 free persons; 13 slaves. In April 1841 
he was a Committeeman in th« 17th dist. to organize public education in 
Duplin Co. * He was referred to a Colonel Hill. 

8. William Kenan Hill (2-3), b. March 18, 1794, Duplin Co., N.C; m. 
May 11, 1818, to Rebecca K. Harris, b. Oct. 7, 1801, Union Co., 

S.C., dau. of Richard C. and Mary (Burrow) Harris The family lived in Co- 
lumbia, Tenn. where she d. Dec. 29, i960. He d. Aug. 1, 1841 in Brazoria 
Co., T«xas while on a business trip. 

There was a deed of gift of 2 slaves (from John Hill to his son William 
K. Hill on April 18, 1798) (Duplin Court Minutes, p. 364). Issue: He 
served in the War of 1812. 

13 i John Orlando Hill 

14 ii Mary Jane Hill 

iii Ann Eliza Hill, b. Apr. 23, 1824, Columbia, Term; d. Aug. 28, 
1854, Carlowville, Ala.; m. Apr. 21, 1842, Columbia, T e nn, 
Alexander Morgan. Only son William Kenan d. in infancy. 

iv William Kenan Hill Jr., b. Dec. 13, 1827, Columbia, Tenn; d. 
Sept. 1, 1829, Columbia, Tenn. 

15 v Virginia Hill 

16 vi Octavine Hill 

vii William Kenan Hill, b. Dec. 25, 1839, Columbia, Tenn.; d. July 
1890, Dvidson Co. Tenn. unm. S e rved in Confederate Army dur- 
ing Civil War. 

1. Wilmington Journal, 25 Aug. 1848 

2. Raleigh Register, 21 Feb. 1823 

3. Wilmington Journal, 6 Dec. 1854 

4. The History of Public Education in Duplin Co. by Outlaw 


Descendants are in possession of a letter written by Curtis E. Parham, from 
Velasee, Brazoria Co. Texas on July 26, 1841, signing himself as "Your 
Nephew", and addressed to General James Davis, Holly Springs, Miss., (see 
#7) showing "Dear Uncle", and informing him of the serious illness of Uncle 
Kenan (William Kenan Hill #8), and expressing the wish of Uncle Kenan that 
General Davis send to Memphis for his horse, saddle and bridle and take them 
to his house. 
(Data from Mrs. Wallace Berryman # ). 

9. Ann Elizabeth Hill (2-3), b. Sept. 20, 1795, Duplin Co. m. in Twin, 
to James Davis, b. July 17, 1790, probably in Virginia, son of 

John Davis, a minister. 

There was a deed of gift of 2 slaves from John Hill to his daughter 
Elizabeth Hill, April 18, 1798 (Duplin Court Minutes, p. 362) 

James Davis was a General in the Texas War with Mexico. He d. Feb. 10, 
1850 in Cold Springs, Texas, and his wife June 10, I869 in Texas. 

10. Edward Blackmore Hill (2-3), b. ca 1797, Duplin Co., N.C.; m. 
Nancy C. (surname unknown to compiler), b. ca 1800 in Va. (cen- 
sus); Issue: (based on I85O census of Fayette Co., Term, No. 1680, Dist. 


i William Kenan Hill, b ca 1826. A letter from him to his cou- 
sin John 0. Hill, is in possession of Mrs. Wallace Berry- 
man of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. (I967). 
ii Ann, b. ca 1828, Tenn 
iii Julute or Jubetta, b ca 1832; m. Archibald Williamson 1854 

in Fayette Co. Tenn. 
iv Susan, b. ca 1835 
v Martha D., b. ca I836 
vi Edward J., b. ca I838 
vii James, b ca 1840 
viii Lucy, b ca 1843 
ix Sarah, b ca 1847 
There were probably others. Census begins with Ann, age 22. The exist- 
ence of William Kenan Hill is known thru the letter mentioned above, but 
his birth date is not known. The 1820 census shows one son under 10 yrs. 

There was a bill of sale from John Hill to his son Edward B. Bill, 
dated April 18, 1798 (Duplin Co. Court Minutes, pg. 362; in N.C. Archives). 

11. John William Hill (2-3-7), b. ca 1829, Duplin Co.; d. 16 Nov. 1889, 
Warsaw, N.C; bur. family cem. near Warsaw; m. 23 Sept. 1858, 

Bettie Dunn Hufham, b. 27 Dec. 1837, dau. of Rev. George W. and Frances 
(Dunn) Hufham; she d. 30 Kay 1918, Warsaw, N.C; bur. Pinecrest Cem. He 
was a physician; lived Onslow Co. and Warsaw N.C. In his obit, it is stated 
"He was a physician of decided ability". * Issue: 2 

i Sallie Dunn, d. 23 July i860, Onslow Co.; age 1 yr. 5 days. 

1. The Caucasian, Clinton, N.C, 21 Nov. 1889 

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6. Data from Leslie H. Brown Jr., Wilmington, N.C. 


ii James Kenan, b. ca 1861; m. Bates of S.C., Res. 

Monck's Corner, S.C. 
lii Sallie Hufham, b. 31 Mar. 1861*; d. 10 Feb. 1939, Warsaw, 

iv Annie Hurst, b. 12 Dec. 186?; d. ? Oct. 1951; m. 1 Dec. 

1886, Warsaw, to J. Blackman Cox Jr.; Res. Warsaw, N.C. 
v Katie Lea, b. 17 Jan. 1870; d. 22 Aug. 1932; ra. Joel M. Lof- 

tin; res. Warsaw, 
vi John William, Jr., b. 14 Feb. 1875; d. 8 Sept. 1823; m. 7 

Nov. 1907, Kenansville, to Kate Strickland; res. Warsaw, 
vii Edward Jenkins, b. 20 June 1877; d. 22 Dec. 1947; m. Sallie 

Hussey; res. Warsaw, 
viii Bettie Lila, b. 1 Jan. 1881; d. 12 Aug. 1965; m. 21 April 

1905, Warsaw, Alphonse B. Baines of Nash Co., N.C. Res. 

Wilson and Warsaw. 

12. Sarah Oliver Hill (2-3-7), b. 18 July 1833; d. 28 Nov. 1899, 
Faison Twp., Duplin Co.; bur. Hurst Cem.; m. 18 Oct. 1866, Duplin 

Co., Dr. Matthew Moore, b. 19 Dec. I83I, Duplin Co., son of Daniel Cicero & 
Cassandra (Sloan) Moore; he d. 5 Oct. 1903» Faison twp., Duplin Co., bur. 
family cera. on his planatation. Dr. Moore m/l Martha Ann Middleton. Resid- 
ed east of Warsaw, N.C. Issue: 

i Lena Catherine, b. 15 July 1867; d. 27 May 1933; m. 20 

June 1900, Henry Askew Cox, Bertie Co., N.C. Has a dau. 
Mrs. Joe Beach of Raleigh, N.C. 
ii Gertrude Hill, b. 24 Feb. 1869; d. 14 Aug. 1919 unm.; a 

iii Samuel Blount, b. Ik Feb. 1871; d. 25 Sept. 1945, Golds- 
boro, N.C.; m. 15 Mar. 1905, Asheville, N.C, Daisy 
Blaneh Carper of Franklin Co., Va. 
iv Matthew Kenan, b. 2 Nov. 1874; d. 28 Aug. 1933, Goldsboro, 

N.C, m. Ruth Formyduval of Whiteville, N.C. 
v James Hill, d. infancy. 

13. John Orlando Hill (2-3-8), b. Feb. 18, 1819, Columbia, Term.; d. 
Apr. 3, 1892, Maury Co., Twin.; m. Nov. 15, i860, Lewis Co. Term. 

to Joanna Weaver, b. Jan. 16, 1843, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; dau. of Benjamin 
and Nancy (Leak) Weaver; she d. Feb. 25, 1928, Maury Co. Tenn. He was a 
lawyer and teacher. Issue; 

i John Orlando Hill Jr., b. Nov. 5, 186l, Columbia, Tenn.; d. 
Feb. 15, 1923, Maury Co. Term.; m. in Texas, Elizabeth 
Aston, who d. Farmersville, Texas. Had one dau. Hallie 
who m. Samuel Augusta Sims; d. without issue. 
Virginia Morgan Hill 
William Kenan Hill 
Benjamin Weaver Hill 
Mary Hill 

1. Duplin Co. Census; 1870; 1880 

2. Cemetery records 

3. Data from Leslie H. Brown Jr., Wilmington, N.C 










14. Mary Jane Hill, (2-3-8), b. Feb. 14, 1821, Columbia, Tenn.; d. Aug. 
13, 1833, Columbia, Term.; m. Mar. 26, 1839, Columbia, Term., Alex- 
ander Brown M.D. Issue: Dr. & Mrs. Brown bur. Columbia, Tenn. 

i Annie; m. Parks. Issue: (l) William; (2) Mamie; m. 

W.I. Brown; lived in Medford, Oregon. Had a dau. Mary, who 
was in Medford; and a son William who lived in the west; 
Annie bur. Columbia, Tenn. 

ii May, d.y.; Bur. Columbia, Tenn. 

15. Virginia Hill, (2-3-8), b. Nov. 7, 1830, Columbia, Tenn.; d. 1854, 
Columbia, Tenn.; m. in Columbia to Calvin Morgan, b. 1822; d. 189i, 

Columbia Tenn. Issue: (l) Virginia, b. 1857; d. 1923, Columbia, Tenn., m. 
Archie Franklin Brown, b. 1850; d. 1907. She lives (I967) Winter Garden. 

i Virginia; m. a Thomas (brother to husband of sister Louise. 

ii Louise Brown; m. a Thomas; lives Winter Garden, Fla. They 
have a son Smith Thomas, also lives Fla. 

iii Emma Brown Thomas; m. Cooper Meek; lives Columbia, Tenn. Issue: 

(1) Jennie Brown; married and living in the North; has two dau. 

(2) Mary Lester; m. Phil Woodruff in Columbia, Tenn.; two dau. 

(3) Lide; m. William Allison Kittrell, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. She 

is dec'd. Issue: (a) William Allison Jr.; m. Christine 
Ross, lives Mt. Pleasant; (b) Seth Brown Kittrell, lives 
Calif.; has one dau. Caroline. 

16. Octavine Hill (2-3-8), b. Aug. 27, I833, Columbia, Tenn.; d. May 
15, 1913, Columbia, Tenn; ro. Jan. 22, I852, Jacob Hyleman Allison, 

M.D., who d. 1853 in Shreveport, La. during yellow fever epidemic. 

22 i Mary, b. 1853 

17. Ann Hunt Hill (2-3-6-11); m. Black Cox. Issue: 
i Charlie Cox has one dau. 

ii Qnily Cox; m. Ralph Honeycutt; lives in Warsaw, N.C. No issue. 
iii Bettie Cox; m. James F. Avent; lives Rocky Mt., N.C.; No issue. 

18. Virginia Morgan Hill, (2-3-8-13), b. Apr. 4, I863, Columbia, Term.; 
d. Apr. 13, 1891, Sherman, Texas; m. Sept. 2, I885, in Texas, to 
William D. Brown, b. Tenn.; d. Sherman, Texas. Issue: 

i Ethel; m. ELwood S. Simmons in Tenn. Issue; (l) Brown Sim- 
mons; m. Mamie; lives Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. (2) Glen, lives 
Chicago; (3) Virginia, d. abt age 8. 

19. William Kenan Hill, "Kenan" (2-3-9-13), b. Apr. 22, 1$65, Columbia, 
Tenn.; d. Feb. 29, 1932, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; m. Jan. 2, 1895, 

Maury Co. Tenn., Inez Barnes, b. Dec. 5, 1872, Maury Co. Term., dau. of 
Almond Barnes and his 2nd wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Frances (Smith) (Williams) 
Barnes, whose 1st husband was Thomas J. Williams, parents of Webb Williams. 
William Kenan Hill and his sister Mary Hill, therefore married half-sister 
brothers; he d. Feb. 29, 1932 and his wife Sept. 6, 1945, both Mt. Pleasant, 
Tenn. Issue: 









i Ella Hill, b. Feb. 7, 1898, Mt. Pleasant; d. Mar. 10, 

1918; u>. William Thomas McClain, b. Jan. 19, 1895, son 
of Matthew and Betty (Kilpatrick) McClain. Issue: 
Evelyn McClain, b. Feb. 21, 1915, Mt. Pleasant; m. July 
16, 1937, Charles Ensley, b. Sept. 15, 1912, son of David 
Harrison and Elizabeth (Petre) Ensley. 
ii Virginia Hill, b. Jan. 25, 1900, Mt. Pleasant; m. April 20, 
1920, Clifford Thurman, son of William Norman and Polly 
Jane (Caneer) Thurman; he d. Aug. 7, 19&2 in Columbia, Tenn. 
No children. 

William Herman Hill 

Irma Hill 

John Olando Hill 

Lucile Hill, b. Apr. 26, 1909, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; m. Sept. 
1, 1932, Mt. Pleasant, George Shaw, son of William Edgar 
and Nettie (Barker) Shaw, 
vii Kenan Kittrell Hill, b. Aug. 9, 1913, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; 
m. Mar. 10, V)2h, Jessie Wilson, dau. of Frank and Ella 
(Sargent) Wilson. Issue: Patricia Ann Hill, b. May k, 
1939, Columbia, Tenn.; m. April 1, 1961, John City, N.I. 
to Barry Hale, son of Bert E. and Alice (Metcalf) Hale; 
they have one son, Wade Metcalf Hale, b. July 31» 1965 , 
Binghamton, N. Y. 
viii Hal Maury Hill, b. July 27, 1917, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; m. 

May 25, 19*40, Michigan, to Wanda Heaton, b. May 29, 1920, 
Mich. dau. of Hylon John and Mildred (Dornberg) Heaton. 
Issue: (1) Hal Maury Hill Jr., b. Jan. 27, 19^9, Mich. 
(2) Julia, b. Dec. 25, 1950, Mich. 

20. Benjamin Weaver Hill, (2-3-8-13), b. Feb. 2, 1869, Lewis Co. Tenn; 

d. Jan. 28, 1937, Giles Co., Tenn.; m. Nov. Zk, 1890, Ada C. Dugger, 
b. Sept. 15, 1875> Maury Co. Tenn., dau. of Harvey and Jane (Brown) Dugger; 
d. Jan. 24, 1938, Lincoln Co. Tenn. Issue: 

i Nettie Hill, b. Jan. 8, 189^, Giles Co., Tenn.; d. Oct. 8, 
1934 Lie Adams, b. Oct. 8, 1891, Lewisburg, Tenn., son of 
John Adams,, d. Oct. 28, 1963, Shelbyville, Tenn. Issue: 
nine living children. 

ii Joe Hill, b. July 6, I896, Giles Co., Tenn.; m. Dec. 27, 
1916, Pulaski, Tenn., Ruby Holley, b. Apri. 17, 1899, 
Pulaski, Tenn. dau. of William T.and Victoria Ann (Har- 
well) Holley. They live (I967) Giles Co. Tenn. Has a 
son in San Antonio; a son Corpus Christie, a son and two 
dau. in Houston, Texas. Names unknown to compiler. 

iii Virginia Hill, b. Nov. 19, I898, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; d. 

July 19, 1953, Lewisburg, Tenn.; m. Feb. 8, 1891, Lewis- 
burg, Tenn. to Andrew Eugene Humble, b. Sept. 12, 1891, 
Lewisburg, Tenn.; son of Bud and Dorcus (Luna) Humble; d. 
Oct. k, 1962, Lewisburg, Tenn. Issue: Three dau. all liv- 
ing (I967) Houston, Texas, names unknown to compiler. 

1. Data for all of ilk furnished by Mrs. Octa Belle (Hill) Sims, and Mrs. 
Thelma (Hill) Williams. 


26 iv Octa Belle Hill, b. Nov. 18, 1900 

v Benjamin Weaver Hill Jr., b. Sept. 4, 1902, Giles Co. Tenn; 

m. 1922, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., Mary Scott, b. 1906, Sootts 

Mill, Tenn., dau. of James S. and Ella (Chatman) Scott. 

Both living 1967, address unknown; has two sons and two 

dau.; names unknown to compiler, 
vi William Kenan Hill, b. Jan. 12, 1903, Mt. Pleasant. Tenn., 

m. 1923, Mt. Plesant, Tenn., Bertha Eddlemon, %i 1906, Mt. 

Pleasant, Tenn., dau. of D. and Lillie (Johnson) Eddlemon. 

Both living 1967; has four sons and three daughters, names 

unknown to compiler, 
vii Raymond L, Hill, b. Aprl 13, 1906, Marcella Falls, T nn.; 

m. Mar. 20, 1937, Pulaski, Tenn., to Wylodine Martin, b. 

April 26, 1912, Florence, Ala., dau. of Andrew H. and 

Pauline (Hill) Martin. Both living 1 967 ; Houston, Texas, 

has one dau., name unknown to compiler, 
viii Ada Pearl Hill, b. Jan. 14, 1908, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; m. 

1924. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., to Leon Walker, Mt. Pleasant, 

Tern, son of Walker and Cordie Walker; he d. 19*4-9, 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. She living 1967; has one son and one 
dau. names unknown to compiler. 

ix Delia Mai Hill, b. July 2, 1910, Mt. )leasant, Tenn.; m. 

1925, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. to Robert V. Morgan, b. Bigby- 

ville, Tenn., son of and (Benerman) 

Morgan. Both living 1967, address unknown; has two sons, 
names unknown to compiler. 

x Alma Frances Hill, b. July 15, 1913, Lewisburg, Tenn.; ro. 
1929, Fayetteville, T e nn. to Carl C. Duroidan, b. 1911, 
Lincoln Co. T nn., Both living 1967, address unknown to 
compiler,; one dau. name unknown to compiler. 

xi Thomas Lee Hill, b. Mar. 30, 1915. Lewisburg, T e nn.; d. May 
11, 1941 unm. 

27. xii Thelma Christens Hill, b. Dec. 20, 1916. 

21. Mary Hill (2-3-8-13), b. Sept. 13, 1872, Lewis Co. Tenn; d. Feb. 3, 

1948, Maury Co. Tenn.: tn. July 20, 1892, Maury Co. Tenn., Webb 
Williams, b. Mar. 25, 1867, Maury Co. T^n., son of Thomas J. and Elizabeth 
Frances (Smithi) Williams; d. July 10, 1952, Nashville, Tenn. He was a farmer 
and State Legislator. Issue: 

28 i Amy Anna, b. Mar. 22, 1895, Maury Co., Tenn. 

ii Allie, b. Nov. 23, 1897, Maury Co., Tenn.; m. July 22, 1924, 
Wallace Andrew Berryman, b. Louisa Co., Va . , son of William 
M. and Dora (Craddock) Berryman: ne d. Sept. 3, 1961, Mt. 
Pleasant, Tenn. He moved to Tenn. in 1920 with Virginia 
Carolina Chemical Co.p later became owner and mgr. Mt. 
Pleasant Motor Co. No issue. Mrs. Berryman teacher pub- 
lic schools Mt. Pleasant 1923-42; menb. Magna Charta Dames; 
Colonial Order of the Crown, Americans of Royal Descent 
thru Emperor Charlemagne; L^u. of Colonial Wars; Colonial 
Dames XVII Cen+rry;; U.S.D. of 1812; Huguenot Society; 
D.A.R.; Listed in "Who's Who of American Women", 4th edition, 
pg. 100. 

29 iii Webb Harris, b. May 7, 1900, Maury Co. Tenn. 

30 iv John Orlando, b. July 28, 1902 


v Virginia Frances, b. May 20, 1904, Maury Co., Tenn.; d. 
June 5, 1958, Bluefield, W. Va.; in. Charles R. Bowman. 
No issue. Frances grad. Univ. Tenn; certif. in music, 
vi William Kittress, b. Dec. 9, 1906, Maury Co., Tenn., d. 
June 8, 1958, Maury Co., Tenn.; m. Margaret Dooley. 
No issue. Will attended Univ. Tenn.; served in Navy in 
Pacific in WW II 
31 vii Forrest Kenan, b. Sept. 11, 1909, Maury Co., Tenn. 

22. Mary Alison (2-3-9-16), b. 1853; d. Apr. 19, 1913; m. Oct. 23, 
1872, William J. Webster. Issue; 

i William J. Webster Jr.; m. Mary Buckner; lives Columbia, 
Tenn. Issue: (l) William J. Webster III; m. Mildred 
Gaines; (2) Robert Webster; m. and has chn. (3) Mary 
Virginia m. & has chn.; (4) Alison Webster, "Bam"; 
m. Maxine Frazier; lives Columbia, Tenn.; have three chn. 

ii Alison Webster; m. Olivia Barrow, now dec'd; Issue: (l) 

a son Alison m. Polly Nicholson, and has a son Frank; live 
in Columbia, Tenn. (2) Marian is m. and lives in La.; has 
a dau. Alison 

iii Virginia; m. Eugene Long of Mt. Pleasant; she d. Cherry Crk. 
N.Y., leaving one dau. Octavine, who m. Donald Curtis of 
Cherry Creek, N.Y. They have four chn.: (l) Donald Jr. 
of Waynesboro, Va . , is m. and has chn.; (2) Diane, ro. 
William K. Swanson, andhas a dau. Octavine; (3) Webster 
Long Curtis d.y.; (4) Catherine. 

iv Hugh Lee Webster; m. Delia Arnold of Vicksburg, Miss; Issue: 

(1) Hugh Lee Jr.; (2) Natalie. Father and both chn. 
dec'd.; Mrs. Webster lives Columbia, Term. 

v Joe; m. Josephine Williams of Murfreesboro, Tenn. No Issue: 

23. William Herman Hill (2-3-9-13-19) b. Mar. 12, 1902; m. Nov. 22, 
1924 Myrtle Pennington, dau. of Daniel Webster and Margaret (Work- 
man) Pennington. Issue: 

i Dannye Faye Hill, b. Aug. 22, 1925, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn; m. 

Robert C. Snoeberger. Issue: (l) Sylvia, b. Apr. 24, 

1951, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; (2) Robert C. Jr., b. Oct. 

22, 1954, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
ii William Herman Hill Jr.. b. Sept. 6, 1926; m. Patricia 

(Nichols) Issue: (l) Earl Pennington, b. Oct. 22, 1948; 

(2) Sheila, b. Nov. 25, 1950; (3) William Herman III, 
b. Dec. 31, 1953; all b. Columbus, Ga. 

24. Irma Hill (2-3-9-13-19) b. Dec. 9, 1904, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; m. 
Oct. 9, 1927, Mt. Pleasant, to Joe Elmer Johnston, b. June 3, 1906, 

Mt. Pleasant, son of Thomas and Lula (Stockard) Johnston. Issue: 

i Joe Elmer Johnston Jr., b. Mar. 14, 1935, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 
m. Dec. 31, i960, Wise, Va., Eva Mae Rigsby, b. Feb. 9, 
I936, Ky., dau. of Harry and Monsie (Roe) Rigsby. Issue: 
(1) Terry Joe, b. Oot. 17, 196l, Clarksdale, Miss.; (2) 
Carissa Dawn, b. Oct. 27, 1965, Columbia, Tenn. 


25. John Olando Hill, (2-3-9-13-19) b. Jan. 29, 1907, Mt. Pleasant, 
Tenn.; m. Sept. 28, 1930, Lebanon, Tenn., Georgia Hankins, dau. 

of William Spencer and Alma (Chastain) Hankins. Issue: 

i John Olando Hill Jr., b. Jan. 7, 1932, Lebanon, Tenn.; 

tn. Aug. 1, 1950, Madison, Tenn. to Avonelle Vantrease, 
b. Dec. 16, 193^ dau. of Harold Lee and Jessie Louise 
(Dale) Vantrease. Issue: (l) Deborah Elaine, b. May 
5, 1951, Madison, Tenn.; (2) Karen Maa, b. Apr. 2, 
1955, Knoxville, Tenn. 
ii Gary Elliott Hill, b. Sept. 27, 1938, Old Hickory, Tenn.; 
ra. March 25, 1967, Titusville, Fla. to Beverly Jones, 
dau. of Lamont Seibert and Reba (Chaffin) Jones. 

26. Octa Belle Hill (2-3-9-13-20), b. Nov. 18, 1900, Mt. Pleasant, 
Tenn. m. May k, 1919. McBurg, Tenn. to Carl Cooper Sims, b. 

Aug. 13, 189^, Lewis, Co. Tenn., son of William Denley and Elizabeth 
(Grimes) Sims. Lived Houston, Texas Feb. 19*12 - Oct. 1962; upon retire- 
ment returned to Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; live 1957 Rt. 2, Box 267, Mt. 
Pleasant, Tenn. Issue: 

i Hallie A. Siintns, b. m. Major David Stroud; lives 

Houston, Texas, 
ii Donna Sims; m. a Mr. Harlow (dec'd); she lives Houston, 

Texas. Issue: Cindy, b. 1953. 
iii Carl Cooper Sims Jr., b. 1920, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; m. 
Frances Bruton of Atlanta, Ga. Issue: (l) Shannon, 
b. 1951 living: 8203 Custer Rd., Bethesda, Md. 20034. 
He served 20 yrs. army as M.P.; retired as Major. 
In charge of Security School for Deaf, Georgetown, D.C.; 
wife employed branch bank. 

iv William R. Sims; m. Emily . Issue: (l) Ken, b.? 

32 v Elizabeth 

vi Charles Eugene Sims, b. m. 

is electronics engineer, Monrovia, Calif. Issue: two 

27. Thelma Christene Hill (2-3-9-13-20), b. Dec. 20, 1916, Diana, 
Tenn. m. Sept. 13, 1936, Ala., Joe Robert Williams, b. Apr. 29, 

1917, Giles Co., Tenn., son of Walter H. and Elizabeth (Gordon) Williams; 
div. Issue: 

i Joe Robert Williams Jr., b. m. July Bullard. 

Has two sons and a dau. He is on police force Houston, 
ii David Williams, b. m. Shirley Stevens. Issue: 

two sons. He 2nd Lt., Calif., Jet pilot, 
iii Judy Williams, b. m. Edward Tusa Jr., son of 

Dr. Tusa. Issue: son and a dau. 

(Data furnished by Mrs. Octa Belle (Hill) Sims. 
(Data furnished by Mrs. Thelma (Hill) Williams. 


28. Amy Anna, (2-3-9-11-21) b. Mar. 22, 1895, Maury Co., Tonn.; m. 
Sept. 2?, 1914, Chas. A. Irwin, b. Kar. 18, 1893, Mt. Pleasant, 

Tenn. Now residents of Columbia, Tenn. Issue: 

33 i Mary Kathryn, b. Nov. 8, 1915 

34 ii Frances Williams, b. Auc. 23, 1920 

29. Webb Harris Williams (2-3-9-13-21), b. Mav 7, 1900, Maury Co. 
Tenn.; m. Sept. 11, 1931» Frances Cox. b. Nov. 6, 1910, Davidson 

Co. Tenn. He was a Government accountant, State of Tenn. 1925-50; currently 
owner manager Williams Hardware Co.; Mayor of Mt. . Pleasant 1963 to present 
(1967). Member American Legion, National Retail Hdw. Assn.; 32nd degree 
Scottish Rite Mason; Shriner; J.O.U.A.M.; Maury Co. Shrine Club; Kaury Co. 
Scottish Rite Club; Master West Nashville Lodge F. * A.M. #612 (1938); Pres. 
Maury Shrine Club (1952); member Nat'l. Retail Hdw. Political Committee; 
listed Marquis Who's Who in the South and Southwest 1965-66; Biography in 
Dictionary of International Biography, 4th edition 1967-68 (a biographical 
record of contemporary achievement). Issue: Joan Carole, b. Feb. 19, 
1937, Nashville, Tenn. Family lives 104, 2nd Avenue, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 

30. John Orlando Williams, (2-3-9-13-21) b. July 28, 1902, Maury Co. 
Tenn.; m. Mar. 20, 1926, Gladys Grissom. Orlando isa banker; 

a Mason; Rotarian. Family lives in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Issue: 

35 i John Orlando Jr. 

36 ii Harry Webb, b. Jan. 6, 1929 

iii Jane Grissom, b. June 19, 1930; ro. Apr. 29, 1950, William 
Meadow Ross, b. Mar. 11, 1926. Issue: all b. Maury 
Co. Tenn. (l) William Keador Jr., b. Nov. 10, 1953; 
(2) Patrick Dunbar, b. Oct. 18, 1954; (3) Luke 
Williams, b. Oct. 11, 1954; (4) Tracy Franks, b. 
June 1, IQ60 

iv Sara Ann, b. Aug. 20, 1932; m. Dec. 28, 1954, Arthur 
Boyd Jr. b. July 7, 1932. Family lives Germantown, 
Tenn. Issue: (l) Arthur Boyd, III, b. Dec. 10, 
1956, Frankfort, Germany; (2) Sherry Williams, b. 
July 9, 1958, Shelby Co". Tenn.; (3) Kelley Jones, 
b. July 7, I960, Shelbv Co. Tenn.; (4) Robert Christy, 
"Bob" b. Oct. 8, 1963, Shelby Co. Tenn. 
Mrs. Boyd has been named to the new edition of "Out- 
standing Young Women of America", an annual bio- 
graphical compilation sponsored by leaders of women's 
organization. The publication contains about 6,000 
names of young women between the ages of 21 and 35 • 
She is a board member of the Nineteenth Century Club; 
a past officer of the Ladies of St. Jude, a member of 
Commodore Perry Chapter of the DAR, The Suburban Gar- 
den Club, the Germantown PTA, and Alphy Omicron Pi 
Alumnae Assn. 

1. "Mt. Pleasant Reoord" , Feb. 2, I967. 


31. Forrest Kenan Williams, (2-3-9-13-21) b. Sept. 11, 1909, Maury 
Co., Tenn.; m. Feb. 22, 1939, Ann Walters, b. May 27, 1912. 

Forrest is a member of the firm, Fisher Elecrric Co., Columbia, Tenn., 
and represents the Co. as a traveling salesman. He served with the nay in 
the Pacific during WW II. Ann is librarian at Hay Long High School, Mt. 
Pleasant. The family lives in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Issue: 

i Forrest Oakley, b. Jan. 23, 1940, Maury Co. Tenn.; m. 
Aug. 24, 1963, Iva Charlene Pettv, b". Sept. 2, 1941. 
Oakley grad. Tenn. Tech; has good position with 
National Ins. Life of Nashville, Tenn. Family lives 
iJ ashville, Tenn. Issue: (l) Mary Beth, b. Feb. 27, 
ii James Hill, b. Oct. 4, 1942; employed by Fisher Electric 
Co. Lives Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 

32. Elizabeth Siroms, (2-3-9-13-20-26), b. Aug. 21, 1921, Mt. Pleasant,' 
Tenn.; m. June 18, 1947 in Yokohama, Japan to Robert McQuail, b. 

Aug. 11, 1916, Bluefield, W. Va . , son of Edward J. and Grace (McGrann) Mc- 
Quail. Issue: (1) Robert P. Jr., b. Feb. 6, 1948, Staten Island, N.Y.; 
(2) Richard M. , b. Nov. ?, 1949, Regensburg, Germany: (3) Josephine Ann, 
b. July 24, 19*57, Ft. Belwir, Va.; (4) Belle Elizabeth, b. March 4, i960, 
Berlin, Germany; (5) William H., b. Aug. 13, 196l, Ft. Leavenworth, Kans. 
Colonel KcQuail has been in Intelligence 12-13 yrs., now stationed Ft. 
McNail. The family lives at 6432 Woodville Dr., Falls Church, Va . 22044. 

3?. Mary Kathryn Irwin, (2-3-9-13-21-28), b. Nov. 8, 1915; grad. 
Jr. Coll. Ala.; ro. Aug. 17, 1939. William F. Carter. Family 
lives Bartow, Fla . (1967) Issue: (l) Marolyn, b. June 15, 1940; m. 
Sept. 2, 1Q61, Otis Donald Combee Jr. of Lakeland, Fla, Issue: Otis 
Donald Combee III, b. Nov. 1. 1962. (2) William Stephen Carter, b. Oct. 
11, 1954. 

34. Frances Williams Irwin, (2-3-9-13-21-28), b. Aug. 23, 1920, Mt. 
Pleasant, Tenn.; grad. Univ. Tenn.; M.A. Cinn.; m. Feb. 16, 1945, 

J. Ned Chatham of Columbiana, Ala. Family lives Georgetwown, Ohio. 
Issue: (l) Amy Caroline, a senior (1967) Emory and Henry College, Va . 

35. John Orlando Williams Jr. (2-3-9-13-21-30), b. Nov. 16, 1927, 
Lewis Co. Tenn.; m. June 25, 1949, Ann Kellam Nicks, b. 

Sept. 17, 19?0, Dickson, Tenn. Grad. Columbia Military Academy; B.A. 
Vanderbilt; M.D. Univ. Tenn.; decorated eight times, including Silver Cross, 
for outstanding service Marine Corp, Korea; held rank of Capt. when left 
service to resume med. education. Physician; Rotarian. Family lives Mt. 
Pleasant, Tenn. Issue: (l) John Orlando III, b. Dec. 23, 1950, Nashville, 
Tenn.; (2) Carl Nicks, b. Feb. 9, 1952, Nashville, Tenn.; (3) L ee 
Clement, b. Feb. 18, 1954, Bermuda, BWI; (4) David Walton, b. Mar. 25, 
I963, Maury Co. Tenn.; (5) Thomas Allyn, b. Sept. 8, I965, Maury Co. T. 

36. Harry Webb Williams, (2-3-9-13-21-30), b. Jan. 6, 1929, Lewis 
Co., Tenn.; m. Oct. 10, 1954, Aldene Joyce Patterson, b. Mar. 3> 


191?, Marshall Co., Term. Harry is employed personnel dept. of Stauffer 
Chem. Co., and Aldene is a teacher, family lives Ht. Pleasant Tenn. 
Webb is a Shrlner; Rotarian. Issue: AH chn. b. Maury Co. Tenn. (l) 
Joyce Patterson, b. Sept. 10, 1955; (2) Eleanor Jane, b. Aug. 1, 19 c /7; 
(3) Harry Webb Jr., b. Dec. 28, 1962. 



III. William Kenan was a "brother to Thomas Kenan (Chapter I) and Felix 

Kenan (Chapter IX). Tradition dictates that he and his two bro- 
thers all came to New Hanover Co., N.C. in the 1730s, and settled in the 
northern part of New Hanover Co. , which later became Duplin Co. After a 
few years in the Crove Settlement (now Kenansville) some of the family set- 
tled around Turkey, N.C. which is near the present Duplin-Sampson Co. line. 

William Kenan was a member of Capt. Sampson's Company of militia and 
attended the "Alarm at Wilmington" (Spanish) in Sept. 1748. 

His name appears as a witness to a will dated 1751 an( i again as a wit- 
ness to a deed dated 1756 i n Duplin. There is no further record of him in 
Duplin Co. , and it is assumed that he moved to New Hanover Co. because his 
name and names of possible descendants appear in New Hanover Co. record from 
that time on, and a William Kenan is shown in the I85O census of New Hanover 
Co. , having been born ca 1794- 

Revolutionary Pay Vouchers are on file in N.C. Archives which prove that 
Col. William Kenan served in the American Revolution prior to his death. 
No. 3639, dated 21 Sept. 1784, "As auditors for the District of Wilmington, 
this is to certify that a claim for the estate of Col. Kennon, deceased, 
was exhibited to us and was allowed seven hundred and fifty seven pounds 
seven and six pence; signed Thos. Sewell and Tho. Routledge; Lewis Holmes, 
Clerk." No. 4002, 14 June 1786, "As auditors for the district of Wilming- 
ton this certifies that Estate of Col. Kannons (Kenan) claim was exhibited 
by David Flowers allowed two hundred pound 3.6 pence; signed Tho. Sewell 
and W. Dickson; Richard Watson (or Walton), Clerk." 

The estate of Col. William Kenan, dec'd., New Hanover Co., was recorded 
on July 9, 1784. David Flowers was appointed administrator; bond for 5>000 
h given by Henry Toomer, J. A. Campbell and N. H. Chevers. 

An inventory of the estate of William (Kennon (Kenan) deceased, was pre- 
sented to the Court Oct. 8, 1777. [Obviously this date or that of 1784 is in- 
correct]. Priscilla Kennon (Kenan) was appointed administrator. 

It should be noted that Priscilla Kenan married David Flowers on July 14, 
1799 in New Hanover Co. 


No record has been found oi the wife or children of Col. William Kenan 
but there is such strong evidence that such existed in New Hanover Co. , a 
list of miscellaneous items of the KENAN name as shown in various New Han- 
over Co. records, is shown here: 

A. Jeremiah Kenan, born by 1738* is shown many times between May ,2, 1759 
and July 6, 1768 as serving on the New Hanover Co. Grand Jury . On the 
basis that he would have been 21 yrs. of age when serving, this would 
place his birth at no later than 1738. 

Hannah Kenan, widow of Jeremiah Kenan, dec'd., was appt. admr. of 
the est. Jan. 4, 1769 . She lived but a short while after that, for on 
Oct. 5 1 1769 the Court appt. James White as admr. of the est. of Jere- 
miah Kenan, dec'd, as Hannah Kenan, widow, was now dec'd. 

Jeremiah and Hannah left at least one son, a minor. James White 

1. Notes by Claude H. Moore, Historian of Sampson and Duplin Counties. 

2. New Hanover Court Minutes, by Walker, Vol. 2, pg. 88. 

3. N. C. Inventories, pg. 507 

4. New Hanover Co. Court Minutes, in N.C. Archives, May 2, 1759 (pg 32); 
July 6, 1768 (pg. 88). 

5. New Hanover Co. Court Minutes, Vol. 1 pg. 94. 6. Ibid, Vol. 1, pg. 102. 


was appointed guardian of James Kenan, an orphan of decedent (Hannah & 
Jeremiah Kenan) . James Kenan would have been less than 14 yrs. of age 
in 1769? otherwise he would have been allowed to select his own gdn. 
This would place his birth between 1755 and 1769- 

When the compiler wrote to N. C. Dept. of Archives in Raleigh, for 
copies of Revolutionary War Vouchers for Col. James Kenan, she was sent 
a group which included not only Col. Jame3 Kenan, but also just plain 
James Kenan. It is entirely possible that these latter represent Jan. 
Kenan, son of Jeremiah, and possibly a grandson of Col. William Kenan. 

Michael Kenan , born by 1754; d. 1799; and son Michael , b. by 1774. 
There was a division of the estate of David Thomson Sr. , and a report 
to the New Hanover Co. Court on Aug. 3i 1774. A steer was given to 
Michael Kenan and two bells to Michael Kenan Jr. To allow 20 yrs. for 
marriage and a son, would place his birth no later than 1754. Michael 
Johnston Kenan, son of Thomas Kenan, was born 1746 but his son Michael 
Johnston Kenan Jr. was born 1772.) five years after 1774, therefore 
they could not be the same. 

Michael Kenan is shown as serving on the Jury, proving deeds, giv- 
ing surety, etc. in New Hanover Co. Court Minutes numerous times begin- 
ning in July 1784. He proved a deed in court July 7, 1784 (Vol. 1771- 
I785, Pg. 87); a deed from Michael Kenan to Peter Harris and Sedgick 
Springs was proved by Philip Jones on Oct. 8, 1784 (ibid, p. 90)- Mich- 
ael Kenan was appt. gdn. of Mary Player, orphan. On Apr. 7, 1786 the 
court bound Thomas Thomas, about 12 or 13 yrs., to Michael Kenan to 
learn the trade of carpenter. (Vol. 3 Pg. 6). This probably shows that 
he was a carpenter. He must have been a man of some substance for he 
served as surety on bonds on several occasions during 1787 and on to 
1798 (Vol. 3, Pg. 20, 24). 

Michael Kenan is shown in the 1790 census of New Hanover Co. (pg 193) 
with six males 16 yrs. and up; four females of all ages; three slaves. 
Michael Johnston Kenan, son of Thomas, is shown in Duplin Co. , pg. 191 
during the same census period, proving that these were not the same. 
Michael Kenan occupied Pew #12, St. James Church, Wilmington, N. C. 

The Court appt. William Bunting, Michael Kenan, Isaac Bernard, Pet- 
er Harris and Sedgick Springs to divide lands between Richard Player 
and Peter Carpenter who bought Stephen Player's part, on June 1, 1793. 
(Vol. 3> 1786-93i Pg. 92). On the same date, Michael Kenan was instru- 
cted by the court to settle his acct. as gdn. of Mary Player alias Bunt- 
on. In the same court, a committee was appt. to divide the est. of 
Richard Player, dec'd. between Comfort Player alias Stephens and Mary 
Player alias Bunton. Michael Kenan died 1799 in New Hanover Co. N.C. 

Owen Kenan , born by 1769. The New Hanover Co. Court Minutes in N. C. 
Archives, show that on 3 July 1790) fir- Thomas Jones, the Sheriff "de- 
clined holding the office any longer", the Court unanimously chose as 
Sheriff, Owen Kenan, Esq." This could not have been Owen, son of Owen 
Kenan, as he would have been only 15 years of age in 1790 1 therefore 
not eligible for a position of Sheriff. If he were only 21 yrs. in 
1790, this would place his birth no later than 1769) but he most likely 
was older than 21 yrs. The New Hanover Co. Court Minutes in N. C. 
Archives show him on the Jury from time to time. He is shown in the 
1820 census of New Hanover Co. (pg. 236), with himself and wife 26-45 
yrs., and 1 male under 10 yrs.; two slaves. 

1. New Hanover Court Minutes, Vol. 1, pg. 94- 

2. New Hanover Co. Court Minutes in N. C. Archives: 23 Mar. 1799> Vol. A, 

pg. 84; 19 June 1799, Vol. 4, Pg. 85; 16 June 1800, Vol. 4, Pg. 94; 
18 Sept. 1800, Vol. 4, Pg. 97; 19 Dec 1800, Vol. 4, Pg. 99, others. 


D. Mary Kenan , born by 1772, if 16 yrs. of age at the time of her marriage 

in 1738 to Thomas Norman (Norment ?). If this is the same person, she 

d. soon thereafter because Thomas Norment married Catharine Kenan, dau. 
of General James Kenan in 1790. 

E. William Kenan , born by 1778. He proved a will in New Hanover Co. court 

on Dec. 17, 1799 1 in the estate of David or Daniel Hall, dec'd. Since 
Col. William Kenan had d. in 1784, and William Kenan, son of Felix, had 
died in 1787, this William Kenan was undoubtedly a descendant, possibly 
a grandson of Col. William Kenan. He is also a likely possibility as 
the father of William Kenan, born 1794 and shown in the I85O census of 
New Hanover Co. [See #l]. 

F. Nancy Kenan received a deed from Miles Knight, June 19,. 1797 (Vol. 4, 

pg. 51. New Hanover Co. Minutes). Nancy Kenan, dau. of Felix, married 
much earlier than this; she had two children and her husband had died 
prior to 1784. This Nancy would probably be a descendant of Col. William 

G. Sarah Kenan , received a deed from George Hooper and wife, Sept. 19, 1797 

(Vol. 4, Pg. 55 1 New Hanover Co. Court Minutes) 

H. Catharine Kenan , born by 1786 if she were only 16 years at the time of 
her marriage to John Macoll, Aug. 14, 1802; witness Thos. F. Davis. 

I. William Kenan , born 1792 [See #l] 

J. James H. Kenan , b. ca 1812. Cape Fear Recorder shows his death Nov. 3, 
1830, about 18 years of age. 

1. William Kenan, b. 1792 (I85O census). The I84O census lists him as 

Kenan; I85O Kinnion; i860 Kinion; 1870 Kenyen; he d. between 1870 
and 1880, but his son is listed in Pender Co. which was cut off from New 

New Hanover Co. as Kenan in i860. He m. Anna Jane , b. ca 1802. 

He is bur. in the Kenan Cem. , Shiloh Bapt. Church, Pender Co. A deed on 
file shows that on July 23, 1873, 242 acres were transferred from William 
Kinion and Anne Jane Kinion to Murphy Kinion. This is the Kenan home 
place in Pender Co. Issue: 

i Margaret, b. 1826, N.C.; m. Aug. 2, 1852, Bryant Gerganus, 
New Hanover Co. 

2 ■ ii Jacob W. , b. 1827, N.C. 

iii Mary, b. 1829 

3 iv Joseph, b. 1831 

4 v William, b. 1832 
vi Martha, b. 1833 

vii Owen, b. 1837. In 1360 census with parents. ~ 

viii Christiana, b. 1839; m- Dec. 24, i860, Swinson Gurganus 

5 ix Murphy, b. I84O 

x Celia, b. I84I 2 

xi Elizabeth, b. 1845; m. Jan. 24, 1867, Henry Gurganious (sic) . 

1. Census records of New Hanover Co., N. C. ; I84O; I85O; i860; 1870. 

2. N. C. Marriage Bonds, New Hanover Co., in N. C. Archives, Raleigh, N.C. 


Jacob W. Kenan (3-1), b. ca 1827, N.C.; m. Dec. I i, , Esther 
Gurganus, b. ca 1326, dau. of Swinson Gui . le: 
i Swinson Kenan, b ca 1 
ii William Kenan, b ca I85Q 
iii Jacob Kenan, b ca 1862 

3. Joseph B. Kenan ( 3-1 ) , b ca 1831, K. C ; m. Feb. II, I858, Lew Han- 
over Co., to Prusilla Carrie, b ca 1834. He is listed as a farmer 

in the census; d. between i860 and 1870 censuses. Issue: 

s; d. between 1860 and 1870 censuses. Issue: 
Marion Kenan, b ca I850, K.C. 
Mary B. , b ca i860; shown as "Martha" in 1670 census. 

4. William Kenan (3-1), b 1832; m. Oct. 3, 1885, Zillah G. Barlow* he 

shown in I87O census as "R.R. Car builder". Issue: 

i Jesse P. Kenan, b I856 

ii Sally A. Kenan, b ca I859 

iii Willie J. Kenan, b ca 1862 

iv George E. Kenan, b ca 1867 
Thomas Kenan, age 37, a "house carpenter" is shown living with this family 
in the I87O census. 

5. Murphy Kenan (3-l), b ca I84O, N.C.; m. Julia Caroline Pridgen, b 
ca I85O, dau. of Alfred and Julia Anne (Bordeaux) Pridgen. Issue: 

7 i William Alfred Kenan, b April 9, 1375 

8 ii Joseph Emerson Kenan, b. 1883 

Murphy Kenan fought in the Civil War. He had a strong conviction against 
owning slaves; bought two to free immediately and did so. He worked for 
Dr. Murphy of Burgaw after the Civil War, and until he acquired enough mon- 
ey to buy back the original Kenan farm in Pender Co. He has several bro- 
thers buried in Arlington Cem. according to family tradition. 

6. Swinson Kenan ( 3-1 ) , b. ca 1857, H.C; m. Margaret A. . Issue: 

i Susan J. Kenan, b ca 1878, K.C. 

ii Margaret Kenan, b ca 1830, Pender Co., K.C. 

7. William Alfred Kenan (3-1-5), b. April 9, 1875, Pender Co., N.C.; 

d. 1950, Guilford Co., K.C; m. 1900, Sampson Co., K.C. to Leonora 
Jane Moore, b. Sept. 22, 1876, dau. of Moses James and Martha Eliza (Newton) 
Moore. [Family states Lenora Jane Moore and Laura J. Moore who m. brothers 
are not related], Mrs. William Alfred Kenan was honored in Feb. 1967 (at 
90 years of age); was interviewed by a reporter for the Sunday edition of 
the Greensboro Daily News; was a special guest at the Sound of Music at 
the New Terrace Theatre, Greensboro; and given the "red carpet" treatment 
at a special luncheon. Issue: 

Arthur McKinley Kenan, b. Oct. 31, 1°01 

David Kenan, b. Feb. 1902, Pender Co.; d. 1902 

Alfred Benjamin, b. 1904 Pender Co.; d. Aug. 1927, Duplin Co. 

William Durwood Kenan, b 1905 

James Sprunt Kenan, b. 1907 

Wilbur Earl, b 1909; m. in Conn, to Valeria Valenski 

Ruby Kenan 

1. Census records of New Hanover Co., K.C, 1790 thru 1880 

2. Data from Mrs. Ruby (Kenan) March, #13. 





































8. Joseph Emerson Kenan (3-1-5), b. Oct. 14, 1882, Pender Co., N. C; 
d. Dec. 6, Wilmington, II. C; m/l May 22, 1904, New Hanover Co., NC 

to Laura J. Moore, a 1st csn., b. Oct. 25, 1882; m/2 Aug. 27, 1928, Annie 
B. Childers, b. Jan. 23, 1905, and is living in Wilmington, N.C at the 
present time (1967). Issue - 1 thru 5 by 1st wife; sixth by second wife. 
17 i Melba Kenan, b. 1906 

Emerson Kenan; lives Ohio (1967) 

Rufus Harlee Kenan, b. 1913 

Laura Doris Kenan, b. 1919 

William Scott Kenan 

Ann Louise Kenan, b. Sept. 28, 1929, New Hanover Co. 

9. Arthur McKinley Kenan (3-1-5-7), b. Oct. 31,1901, Pender Co., Ivan- 
hoe, N.C; m. Aug. 1, 1920, Kenansville, N.C, Ethel Ann Cottle, b. 

Duplin Co.; m/2 Ella Mae Teachey, dau. of David Tim Teachey of Island 
Creek Township, Rose Hill, N.C. Arthur Kenan was named Master Farmer in 
Duplin Co. Iesuei 

Loleta Mae, b. may 30, 1921 

Marvin McKinley Kenan 

Arthur Carroll Kenan 

Ann Carroll Kenan 

Peggy Jean Kenan 

Margaret Elizabeth Kenan, "Libby" 

James William Kenan, "Bill" 

10. Alfred Benjamin Kenan (3-I-5-7), b. Sept. 24, 1904, Pender Co., N.C; 
d. Aug. 1927, Durham, N.C; m. 1924, Duplin Co., N.C to Nettie 

Bradshaw. Issuej Lois Kenan, m. CharleB Minton; lives Wilmington, N.C. 
Their chn. r (l) Tommy; (2) Stephen; (3) ? 

11. William Durwood Kenan (3-1-5-7) , b. 1905, Pender Co., N.C; d. July 
12, 1962; bur. Pleasant Grove Bapt. Church Cem. , Guilford Co., N.C; 

m. 1932, Burgaw, to Margaret Garris, b. Dec. 16, 1908, Pender Co.; Licensed 
Practical Nurse, operating room, Burgaw Hospital. Issue: 

28 i William Durwood Kenan Jr. 

29 ii Robert Charles Kenan 

30 iii Sylva Rose Kenan 

12. James Sprunt Kenan (3-1-5-7), b. 1907, Pender Co., N.C; m. 1932 
Guilford Co., Ola Allen of Randolph Co., N.C, dau. Stanley Allen. 


i Velma Grace Kenan; m. Grover Robertson; 3 chn.; lives Tampa, Pla 
ii Doris Kenan; m. Odell Hutohine; 3 chn; lives Alamance Co., N.C. 
iii James Allen Kenan, grad. State Coll. Raleigh; m. Sue Edwards; 
family lives Kivett Drive, Greensboro, N. C 

13. Ruby KLoise Kenan (3-1-5-7), b. Feb. 4, 1911, Burgaw, Pender Co., NC; 
m. Dec. 29, 1932, Danville, Va. , James V. March, "Jack", b. May 18, 

1910, Guilford Co., son of Rufus Grier and Lillie Elvira (Osborne) Marsh. 
Ruby has certificates journalism, Northern Baptist Convention in Christian 
Journalism, and Newspaper Institute of America in Short Story; attended 
High Point College; grad. McClung's Business College, Greensboro; served 
as State Chn. Gardening for the Blind, N.C Garden Clubs when the Fragrance 

Data from Mrs. Ruby (Kenan) Marsh, #13- 








Garden was dedicated, School of the Blind, Butner, N.C. Ruby is a writer; 
has published one book, "Keepers of Memories"; has completed a second one 
due for publication in the summer of 1967, called "Lore", a book of poetry; 
and a third one on the way - "Dr. Tom, Gennie of the Crippled Children". 

Patricia Jane Marsh 

Ruby Joanne Marsh 

James Kenan Marsh, "Jack", b. Dec. 5> 1938, Greensboro, N.C; 
attended Gardner-Webb College, Boiling Springs, N.C; served 
9 yrs. Coast Guard; cruise to South America, New Zealand, 
Australia, &. Panama Canal; another cruise to Anarticia serv- 
ing in areaology; stationed (1967) Boston, toss. 

14. Judson Glenn Kenan (3-1-5-7), b. June 15, 1913, Pender Co., N. C. ; 
m. Guilford Co. to Archel Clifton, b. April 4, 1918, Greensboro, N. 

C. , dau. of James and Iris (Hair) Clifton. Issue: 

i Glenn Lee Kenan, "Lee", b. Aug. 1, 1937 1 Greensboro, K. C. ; 

grad. Univ. N.C; served USN 3 yrs., special service official 
escort Washington, D.C; m. May 5i 1967 1 Asheboro, N.C. to 
Linda Gray Dickens, b. 1944> probably Roanoke Rapids, N. C, 
dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Dickens. 

33 ii Richard Maxwell Kenan 

iii Donald Billy Kenan, "Bill", b. Sept. 4, 1941, Reidsville, N.C; 
attending Campbell College; 3 yrs. Air Force, serving in 
Egypt and South America; doing areal photography. 

15. Grace Olivia Kenan (3-1-5-7), b. March 26, 1916, Duplin Co., Rose 
Hill, N.C; m. Dec. 23, 1934, Guilford Co., Fred Gale Tippett, son 

of John Washington and Ora Caroline (Cox) Tippett. Issue: 

34 i Fred Farrell Tippett 

ii Olivia Carolyn Tippett, b. May 6, 1940; grad. Appalachian State 
Teachers Coll., BS Bus. Ed., m. Kay 18, 1963, Charlotte, N.C. 
Halter Dallas Barger; sep. from husband, makes home in Char- 
lotte, N. C 

iii James Donald Tippett, b. Sept. 13, 1941| Guilford Co.; grad. 
Campbell Coll., Bueis Creek, N.C; AB Physical Ed.; teacher 
in Special School, Winston-Salem, N.C; m. Sept. 11, 1965i 
Winston-Salem, to Barbara Newton of Elm City, N.C, a college 
grad. and teacher. 

iv Theron Michael Tippett, b. Jan. 21, 1946; attended Louisburg 
Coll.; now Armed Forces 

v Infant b. and d. March 17, 1955 

16. Fannie Eliza Kenan (3-1-5-7), b. 1919, Duplin Co., N.C; ra. Dec. 24, 
1928, Greensboro, H. C, Jesse Aldrow Blackwood, son of Luther James 

and Jesse Clara (Waynick) Blackwood of Guilford Co. She has served 3 yrs. 
as Dist. Dir. PTA of N.C. Issue: 

i David Kenan, b. May 5, 1943; m. July 20, 1963, Cordelia Almetta 
Osborne. Issue: Jeffrey Kenan Blackwood, b. Mar. 20, 1967. 

ii Joseph Daniel, b. June 12, 1947; Pvt. in U. S. Army in Germany 

iii Jeannie Lea Blackwood, b. July 23, 1951* 

Data from Mrs. R. Harlee Kenan 


17. Melba Kenan (3-1-5-8), b. May 1?, 1906; m. Herring. Issue: 

i Nell Herring; m. Smith 

ii Faye Herring: m. — - — Bell 

iii J. Frank Herring 

iv Jane Herring; m. ----- Lord 

Melba (Kenen) Herring is house mother fir a college fraternity at Wilmington 

College, 3902 Market St., Wilmington, N. C. (1967) 

18. Rufus Harlee Kenan (3-1-5-8), b. June 22, 1913, Pender Co., N. C, 
m. Virginia Mintz, b. Sept. 24, 1915, Carter Co., Ky. Issue: 

i Marilyn, b. May 24, 1945, New Hanover Co., N. C; m. John 

Burton Shelley, Jr., b. Oct. 14, 1938, Louisville, Ky. Mari- 
lyn will grad. Wm. and Mary, Williamsburg, Va. 1967; major 
sociology and anthropology 

ii Graham Harlee Kenan, b. Oct. Ik, 1942, New Hanover Co., N. C. 
m. Judi Stone, b. May 30, 1944, Cumberland Co., N. C; Gra- 
ham will grad U.N.C., Raleigh 1968; majoring Mechanical En- 
gineering. Issue: (l) Michael Harlee, b. April 23, 1964, 
New Hanover Co., N. C; (2) Steven Samuel Kenan, b. March 13, 
1965, New Hanover Co., N. C. 

19. Laura Doris Kenan, (3-1-5-8), b. Nov. 22, 1919, Pender Co., N. C; 
m. Apr. 21, 1937, Wilbur Lucain Russ of New Hanover Co., N. C, son 

of John Paul Russ (1889-1952) and his wife Annie Maybell (Woodrow) Russ 
(1890- ). Issue: 

i Rose Gail, b. Sept. 2, 1928, New Hanover Co., N. C; m. Oct. 
28, 1957, Walter McDonald Watson, Colombus Co., N. C. Issue: 
(1) Mary Ellen, b. July 29, 1958; (2) Patricia Ann, b. Oct. 
7, 1961; (3) Donna Rose, b. May 31, 1964; all b. New Hanover 
Co., N. C. 

ii Judith Maureen, b. June 29, 1940, New Hanover Co., N. C. ; m. 
June 23, 1963, Charles Leverne Whiting, son of Mrs. Lillian 
Whiting os St. Paul, Minn. Issue: (l) Wenda Teresia, b. 
Oct. 6, 1961; (2) Kim Estelle, b. July 1964; both New Han- 
over Co., N. C. 

iii Janice Kay, b. Dec 31, 1943, New Hanover Co., N. C. , m. Jerry 
0. Ludwig, of New Hanover Co., N. C, son of W. G. Ludwig. 
Issue: (1) Laura Lyne, b. Feb. 12, 1964, New Hanover Co. 

iv Shenie Louise, b. June 27, 1949, twin, New Hanover Co.; d. 
accident, Aug. 12, 1964; bur. Green Lawn Memorial Park, 
Wilmington, N. C. 

v Chenie Edith, b. June 27, 1949, twin 

20. William Scott Kenan (3-1-5-8), b. Anril 23, Pender Co., N.C.; 
attended Salmon P. Chase College 1946-49; employed Sun Oil Co. as 

accounting clerk in Cincinnati 1947; transferred to Louisville, Ky. as 
Supvr. and to Philadelphia, Pa. 1964 as Sr. Section Supvr. of the Credit Card 
Accounting Center in Wayne, Pa.; m. 1950 to Ruth Anne Meyer of Brookville, 
Ind., dau. of Henry J. and Gertrude (Hesselbrook) Meyer. She attended Ind. 
Univ.} Univ. of Cincinnati; degree in Nursing Science from Mount Sait 
Joseph on the Ohio, Cincinnati; received R. N. Good Samaratian Hosp., Cin- 
cinnati. Issue: (1) Scott David, b. June 16, 1951; is 6« 8" tall which 
leads to an application for a basketball scholarship at Duke Univ., (2) 

Data from Mrs. R. Harlee Kenan 


Jane Ann, b. Feb. 14, 1953; (3) Michail William, b. April 28, 1956; (4) 
Julia Ruth, b. Feb. 6, 1961 (Date by self thru Mrs. J. V. Marsh) 

21. Loleta Mae Kenan (3-1-5-7-9), b. May 30, 1921, Teachey, Duplin Co., 
N. C; grad. Merideth College, Raleigh; taught English 13 yrs.; 

m. in Princeton, M. C. , Samuel Elbert Powell, native of Wake Co.,; she is 
now hybridizitng Iris; has produced new varieties of Carolina Royal and Caro- 
lina Peach and Carolina Sky. Was sent by Johnston Co. Bapt. Woman's Miss- 
ionary Society, by plane to Korea, Tiawan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Hawaii in 
1966 as lay missionary; she has made 79 talks showing films and telling of 
missbn work there. Has had one of her dildren's creations accepted by 
Vogue Magazine; active in Home Demonstration work. Issue: (l) Angela Vaye, 
a sotihmore at Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, N. C; (2) Eugene Elbert; 
(3) Monica Virginia. 

22. Marvin McKinley Kenan (3-1-5-7-9), b. Oct. 18, 1923, Teachey, Duplin 
Co., N. C; m. Lorraine Reynolds; Mgr. Colonial Store, Hampton, 

Va, many years, and makes home there. Issue: (l) Susan (2) Ren 

23. Arthur Carroll Kenan (3-1-5-7-9), b. Aug. 7, 1925, Teachey, Duplin 
Co., N. C.; m. Mary Wilson, dau. of Ebon Clarence and Dainey (Ga- 
vin) Wilson of Magnolia, M. C. A. C. was paratrooper and received Purple 
Heart in WWII; now a farmer at Teachey, and asst. mail carrier; sells gov't, 
insurance; Supt. Sunday School Teachey Bapt. Church and a Deacon. She 
Pres. Homemakers Club; former Pres. Woman; s Missionary Society, now vice- 
pres.; teaches junior class in Sunday School. Issue: 

i Carolyn Ann Kenan, b. May 10, 19^8; attending Gardner-Webb 

Coll., Boiling Springs, N. C. 
ii Sandra Faye Kenan, b. Feb. 7, Duplin Co. 
iii John Kevin Kenan, b. Oct. le, 1958, Duplin Co. 

24. Ann Cottle Kenan (3-1-5-7-9), b. March 26, 193 1, Duplin Co.; m./l 
S. D. Stout, Wallace, N. C; divorced; m./2 John Primrn Thomas, b. 

Jan. 13, 1926, Sampson Co., son of Cyrus Berkeley and Hazel Geraldine(Primm) 
Thomas. Issue: Deborah Ann, d. five yrs age. 

25. Peggy Jean Kenan (3-1-5-7-9), b. Aug. 8, 1932, Duplin Co.; gradl 
Rex Hospital School of Nursing, RN degree; employed at Duplin Gen- 
eral Hospital, Kenansville, N. C; m. William Preston Teachey, b. Feb. 28, 
1933, son of Raymond James and Virginia Irene (Fussell) Teachey; he 2 yrs. 
East Carolina College, Greenville, N. C«; employed Mgr. Katz Dept. Store, 
Wallace N. C. Make their home Friendly Acres, Wallace, N. C. Issue: (1) 
Virginia Ann, b. Sept. 29, 1958; (2) William Preston, Jr., b. Dec. 10,1959; 
(3) Herman McKinley, b. June 18, 1962; (4) Raymond Lee Teachey, b. Oct. el, 
1963; all b. New Hanover Co., N. C. 

26. Margaret Elizabeth Kenan, "Libby" (3-1-5-7-9), b. Nov. 27, 1936, 
Duplin Co., Wallace, N. C; m. Charles A. Beasley, Wallace, Duplin 

Co. Libby attended Meredith College; grad. Medical College of Va. x-ray 
technician. Issue: (1) Graham Kenan Beasley; (2) Charles A., Jr. 

27. James William Kenan, "Bill", (3-1-5-7-9), b. Dec. 30, 1939, Wallace, 
Duplin Co.; attended N. C. State College, Raleigh; Asst. Mgr. of 

A. S. C. office, Kenansville, N. C. m. Geraldine Brinkley. Issue: (1) 
William Arthur; (2) Mlchiel Dean; (3) William Rand. 


28. William Durwood Kenan Jr. (3-1-5-7-11) , b. Jan. 24, 1933, Pender Co.; 
m. Rita Ball, dau. of Charles and Bessie Ball of Kent, England. He 

is Supvr. Boeing Aircraft Plant, Seattle, Washington. Issue: (l) Kevin 
Charles, b. Mar. 14, 1956; (2) Margaret Katherine, b. Aug. 1, 1957; (3) 
Theresa Ann, b. Aug. 6, 1958; all b. in Seattle, Wash. 

29. Robert Charles Kenan (3-1-5-7-11 ) , b. Deo. 29, 1935, Pender Co., N. 
C. ; grad. Burgaw High School and Killer Mott Business College; memb. 

International Accountant Society; m. April 10, i960, Anna Kaxine Harrell, 
b. Oct. 14, 1941, Sampson Co., N.C, dau. of Elbert Lee and Anna Eufola 
(Sinclair) Harrell of Sampson Co. No issue. 

30. Sylva Rose Kenan (3-1-5-7-11) , b. June 24, 1937, Pender Co., is a 
dental assistant; m. Teddy Laverne Rogers, son of Ellery Logan and 

Alice (Phoebe) Rogers. Issue: (l) Joseph Glen, b. April 1, 1967, Pender 
Co., N. C. 

31. Patricia Jane March (3-1-5-7-13), b. May 23, 1934, Greensboro, B.C.; 
m. Nov. 23, 1950, Burlington, N.C. to George Apple, b. fey 23, 1928, 

Guilford Co., son of Maurice M. and Florence (Jackson) Apple. Issue: 
i Bobby Joe, b. Sept. 22, 1953 
ii Jane Florence, b. Oct. 18, 1958 
iii George Jeffrey, b. Feb. 4, 1961 

32. Ruby Joanne Marsh (3-1-5-7-13) , b. July 24, 1937,' Greensboro, N.C; 
m. Oct. 16, 1955 in S.C. to Harvey Lee Williams, son of John W. and 

Viola (Dunn) Williams. Issue: 

i Harvey Lee Williams, Jr., b. July 24, 1956 
ii Ruby Joy Williams, b. Sept. 21, 1957 
iii David James Williams, b. Oct. 16, 1959 

iv Kenneth Michael Williams, b. Aug. I960; d. Nov. 29, I96O; bur. 
Oaklawn Cemetery, Asheboro, N. C. 

33. Richard Maxwell Kenan (3-1-5-7-14), b. Mar. 10, 1940, Greensboro, 
N.C; grad. Univ. N.C; m. Dec. 22, 1962, Newberry, S.C to Lillian 

Sinclair Kemper, b. Aug. 18, 1940, Atlanta, Ga. , dau. of Herschel Allison 
and Mary Elizabeth (Sinclair) Kemper, grad. Univ. N.C. He served U.S.N. 
1962-65i retiring rank of Lieut.; presently (1967) enrolled Univ. S.C. Law 
School. Issue: (l) Clifton MacLaine Kenan, "Laine", b. Feb. 2, 1965, 
Norfolk, Va. [Data by self]. 

34. Fred Farrell Tippett (3-1-5-7-15), b. Dec. 13, 1938, Guilford Co., 
N.C; attended Builford College; m. Ann Pickett Michael, dau. of 

William Foil and Margaret Matthews (Sears) Michael. Issue: (l) Scott Kenan 
Tippett, b. Nov. 5, 1961; (2) Penn. Michael Tippett, b. Nov. 26, 1962; (3) 
Laurie Ann Tippett, b. Nov. 2, 1964; all b. in Builford Co., N.C. 

35- Ann Louise Kenan (3-1-5-8), b. Sept. 28, 1929, New Hanover Co., N.C; 

m. Aug. 24, 1936 to Donald Ray Russ, b. May 20, 1927, Wilmington, 
N.C, son of John Allen and Elizabeth Jane (Blizzard) Russ. Issue: (l) 
Douglas Ray Russ, b. April 11, 1950, Wilmington, N.C; family lives in 
Greensboro, N.C (1967) 




Mrs. Ruby (Kenan) March, Chapter X #13, has done additional research on 
Colonel William Kenan subsequent to the completion of Chapter X. This has 
established his identity as the same person as that so often spoken of in 
Colonial records as Col. William Kennon of Rowan Co., and has proven that 
he left a widow at the time of his death in 1777- It also establishes him 
with S.C. colonial records. 

Col. William Kenan, Esq. represented Rowan Co., N.C. in the 1st Provin- 
cial Congress, held at New Bern 25 Aug. 1774 (9:1179 ). The Committee of 
Safety met at Rowan Co., July 8, 1775 ' William Kenan, esq., Chairman, and 
Adlai Osborne, Esq. Clerk. (10:83 ). He is referred to as an attorney at 
law in Salisbury, Aug. 1, 1775 (10:657 )• He was popular with the voters, 
for "A general voice for William Kenan, Esq. for Continental Congress was 
heard in Rowan Co. Aug. 14, 1775" (10:89 ). "At a general meeting of dele- 
gates of the inhabitants of this province at Hillsborough, 1 Aug. 1775? 
William Kennon (Kenan) was elected one of the delegates from Rowan Co. (10: 
167, 172 ). He was appt. on "a committee to confer with gentlemen who have 
lately come from Highland of Scotland to settle in this province, and to ex- 
plain to them the nature of our unhappy controversy with Great Britain and 
to advise them and urge them to unite with other inhabitants of America in 
defence of these rights which they desire from God and the Constitution. 
The name of a brother-in-law, Mr. Willis, is reported on this same date. 
(10:675 ). 

In 1776 he was appt. both paymaster and commisary to the Virginia and 
N.C. troops (12:769 )» He was appt. Commissary to the 1st Regt. in N.C. 
Sept. 6, 1775 (10:536 ); Oct. 19, 1775 appt. Commissary to the Battn. of 
Minute men for Dist. of Wilmington; and for Dist. of Salisbury (10:285, 286 ) 
Dec. 30, 1775i-|i>2,000 given to William Kenan, Commissary of Wilmington, for 
troops (10:351 ). 

Congress met May 14, 1776; "Resolved that the Quarter Master Gen. 
directed to furnish the troops now marching to the assistance of this pro- 
vince from Virginia with all barracks, waggons, provisions and such arti- 
cles as may be necessary for them to march from this place to Cape Fear and 
that on their arrival of the troop there. Col. William Kennon (Kenan) act . 
as Commissary to them, in case they have no commissary of their own. (10:587 ) 

Col. William Kenan, Esq. had trouble getting the State of N.C. to settle 
their accounts with him as Commissary. A resolution was submitted to Con- 
gress May 9 1 1777, that he was anxious to settle his public accounts with 
N.C. and intends coming from Charles Town (S.C.) for that purpose. The 
House resolved that the Gov. and Council be impowered. and required to set- 
tle them and make return at the next Assembly (12:105 ). He was again appt. 
Commissary of the Wilmington Dist. for. the several troops, at a meeting of 
Congress, (N.C), Sept. 6, 1777 (10:84 ). 

His death occurred between that date (Sept. 6, 1777) and Oct. 10, 1777 
when a letter was written from Yorktown, Pa. by Hon. Cornelius Harnett, ex- 
sympathy ... "Poor Col. Kennon' s family, I feel for them most sincerely ..." 

His public accounts had not been settled by the State of N.C. at the time 
of his death, and Mrs. Kenan wrote from Thos. Benbury, S.C. on Apr. 25, 1778 
suggesting that the account be settled ( 12:616 ). Further correspondence 
identifies this as the same person as Col. William Kenan, Esq. of Wilmington, 
N.C. for the Auditor General of N.C. wrote to the Gov. of N.C. (Gov. Caswell) 
Oct. 29, 1778, referring to correspondence with David Flowers regarding the 

1. "Colonial and State Records of North Carolina", by Stephen B. Weeks. 


account (l2:7o9 )• David Flowers was admr. of the est. of William Kenan. 

The death of Colonel William Kennan (Kenan) of I.'.C. was reported in the 
"S.C. and American Gen. Gazette, issue of Thurs. , Sept. 4i 1777" 

The Thomas Duncan Home in Union, S.C, is said to have been built by 
William J. Keenan in 1857 i and is located on Keenan Ave. It is hoped that 
descendants of Col. William Kenan of Wilmington, N.C. will explore the 
possibility of a connection here. 



feCLtJ*/**? /tr /A*. Qm^^L/ */sSjrr. +t~<J^ 

&-££*^<S£2 ,*^£<*o?*_ -?i^*-~riJrrcd ^ 1 /^7/y ,JjC - cj -*^' /^°*~ c ™V**«+t^, 

.c*X-oc(U. "rf 


1. "Colonial and State Records of N.C." by Weeks 

2. S.C. Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 16, page 126. 







The Johnstones are an ancient family and derive their surname from the 
original Norman French Be Saint Jeanville or Saint Johnstoune, later the 
Barony of Johnstone in Annandale, a fertile district in the southern part 
of Scotland. They began to figure in Scotland in the reign of Alexander II 
(1214) and were possessors of considerable estates, as sufficiently docu- 
mented in many counties and by charters under the Great Seal of the Public 

The Johnston (e dropped after coming to America) family of North and 
South Carolina has done considerable research in Scotland on the family, and 
has been generous in sharing their findings. This data is taken from that. 

The earliest record which seems well established is that of - 

I - Hugo de Johnstone, Laird (owner of lands) in East Lothland and Lanark- 

shire in the reign of Alexander II (1214-1275)- His son, 

II - John de Johnstone gave and devoted a portion of these lands "for the 

good of his soul" to the monastery of Soltray, approved and confirmed 
by Robert McKeith, Great Mariachal of Scotland, the Superior (1285). 
This John de Johnstone and his brothers Gilbert, Thomas, and Walter were 
forced to swear fealty to Edward I of England when he overran Scotland 
in 1296. They joined Wallace and Bruce in 1296 and thereafter were loy- 
al always to Bruce and Stuarts down to and since "Culloden", 1746. ThiB 
John de Johnstone was designated "Chevalier of Dumfries" in 1319; and at 
the same time his brother Gilbert received a charter from Robert I (Bruce) 
to lands of "redmyre" in Lanarkshire in 1309. The Bruce were Earls of 
Annandale up to the time of Robert Bruce (Robert I) who relinquished the 
title and became "Earl of Carrick". Edward Bruce (father of Robert I) 
was within the domain of "Carrick Hunting" when he was seen by Margaret, 
Countess of Carrick (whose husband had died shortly before). She had 
Bruce arrested and brought to her and they were forthwith married. This 
is the "kidnapping" mentioned by several writers. When Robert succeeded 
his father as Earl of Annandale, he also held as Earl of Carrick from 
his mother. He relinquished the titles to Annandale and waB known as 
the Earl of Carrick up to his coronation as Robert I of Scotland 1306. 
Lockmaden Castle was the residence of Bruce in Annandale. It passed to 
Johnstones Feb. 13, 1661 by Royal Charter. Charles II created XVI James 
Johnstone 1st Earl of Annandale and Hartfell, Feb. 13, 1661. The eldest 
son of I John de Johnstone was - 

III - Gilbert de Johnstone, living in 1332; died 1360. His son - 

IV - Sir John de Johnstone, was designated "Dommue de Johnstone"; was made 

Guardian of West Marshes by Robert II; defeated English Army in 1370 
and protected the Borders against the English (1371-1378). His son - 

V. Sir John de Johnstone, succeeded 1383; died 1420. His second son was 

Gilbert, who was "Master of Gretna" (or Gretna Green). His son - 

VI. Sir Adam de Johnstone who led the Johnstones at the Battle of Sark 1448 
and suppressed Douglas. He was succeeded by his eldest son - 

VII. Sir John de Johnstone "Warden of Marshes" who died 1483; succeeded by 
VTII. Sir James de Johnstone, Chief in command at Kirk Connell; drove the 

English over the border 1484; died I486; succeeded by - 

IX. Sir Adam de Johnstone, died 1508, was succeeded by his son - 

X. Sir James de Johnstone, "Dorainus et modem". His second son, James was 
made baronet by Charter Nov. 16, 1546; Queen Mary (Dowager) created him 
"Baron of Wamfrey" by Charter made under the Great Seal in 1549. He 
was succeeded by his eldest son - 

XI. Lord John de Johnstone, died 1508. 

XII. Lord James de Johnstone, died 1559 

XIII. Lord John de Johnstone, died 1586 

XIV. Lord James de Johnstone, knighted by James VI "Baron of Johnstone", 
Aug. 27, 1588, was killed by Maxwell April 6, 1608. His son, 

XV. Lord James de Johnstone, created "Lord Johnston of Lockwood" by Charles 
I, June 20, 1633, and Earl of Hartfell March 1, 1643. Afterwards for 
loyalty to king and country he suffered imprisonment. His wife was 


Margaret, dau. of William Douglas, let Earl of Queensbury. His eldest 
son - 

XVI. James Johnstone, Second Earl of Hartfell, succeeded in 16^3, after the 
restoration of his estates by Charles II and by him was created lBt Earl 
of Annandale and Hartfell, Feb. 13, 1661. He was also made Privy Coun- 
selor and created "Heredity Constable of Lockmaden CaBtle and Steward of 
Earldem and Regality, with precedence from Mar. 18, 1643. These grants 
were made Apr. 3, 1662. He married Henrietta, dau. of William, Marquis 
of Douglas by Lady Mary, his second wife, dau. of George Gordon, Marquis 
of Huntley. Their children: (l) William; (2) John "of Stapleton "; (3) 
Lady Mary m. the Earl of Crawford; (4) Lady Margaret m. Sir James Mont- 
gomery; (5) Lady Harriet m. Sir James Carmichael. He died July 7, 1672 

XVII. William Johnstone, 2nd Earl of Annandale, who was one of the Privy 

of King William III by whom he was made one of the Commissioners of the 
Treasury, and was created "Marquis of Annandale" in 1701. He was Secre- 
tary of State in the reign of Queen Anne, President of the Council, 
Knight of the Thistle and one of the Commissioners for the Treaty of 
Union. But in Parliament in 1706 he opposed the Union in several vigor- 
ous speeches. He was twice elected afterwards as one of the 16 peers 
of Scotland to sit in the Parliament of Great Britain. He was appointed 
keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland, and was Lord Lieutenant of Dum- 
fries, Peebles, and Kirkenbright . He m/l Sophia Fairholm, dau. and sole 
heiress of John Fairholm of Craigie Hall in the County of Sterling. His 
eldest son succeeded him, He died Jan. 14, 1721. 

XVIII. James Johnstone, 2nd Marquis of Annandale, was elected to the Third 
Parliament of Great Britain for the shire of Dumfries and Linlithgowmbut . 
He died without issue at Naples in 1730 and was succeeded by his half 
brother, the son of his father's second wife Charlotte Vemden Bempeden, 
dau. of John Venden Bempeden of Westminister. 

XIX. George Johnstone, third and last Marquis, born 1721, died without issue 
Apr. 29, 1792. With him this branch became extinct. 

The "heirs male" failed as all the sons of William 1st Marquis of Annan- 
dale died without issue, and the title became dormant and so remains to this 
day. In default of issue of the sons of William, 1st Marquis of Annandale, 
the present senior branch of the family now trace their descent from John 
the brother of William. (See XVI above). 


1. "Genealogy of the Johnston Family, Annandale - America" from Gov. Joseph 
Johnston, Birmingham, Ala. 

2. Legend and family history of Idlewild 

3. Records Dumfries Prymire Collect, Vol. Ill 

4. Public Records Dumfries 1309. 

5. Archives of Annandale 

6. Archives Douglas 1633; Scott I646 

7. Records of Idlewild 

8. Records of Gov. J. E. Johnston 

9. "History of the Johnstones 1191-1909" by C. L. Johnstone, pub. by W. A. 
and A. K. Johnston, Ltd., Edinburgh, [p. 337 re Thomas Kenan]. 



Major James D. Johnstone, 1524 Front St., Georgetown, S.C., a descendant of 
the Annandale Johnstones through Gilbert, son of John of Stapleton, visited 
Annandale and the area surrounding it in 1946. He has written a lengthy 
and detailed letter addressed to Mr. Ralph Crutoher of Savannah, Georgia, 
dated September 21, 1961, when Rr Crutcher planned a visit to Scotland and 
Annandale. In this letter he describes the historical background of the 
Castles in which the Johnstones lived. He has written of the "Annandale 
Peerage Claims", which is not one case but many cases, which began June 12, 
1792 following the death of the Marquis George on April 29, 1792. The trials 
of the various claims fall roughly into two periods, 1825-1344 and 1876-1881, 
but has never been concluded. Major Johnstone has a copy of the Minutes of 
Evidence of litigation during the second period. 

The claimants declared that John of Stapleton had never existed, but did 
not prove same. Later when another claimant, John Henry Goodinge Johnstone, 
Esq. proved the existence of John of Stapleton, he was referred to as "Lord 
John Johnstone". The remaining evidence was still suppressed. The original 
claimants, the Hopes, finally produced the birth record of John of Stapleton 
from the Hope Charter Chest. Due to the suppression of evidence of John of 
Stapleton, only bits and pieces of reliable evidence have appeared over the 

After the defeat of Prince Charles at Culloden, his followers were shown 
no mercy; prisoners taken in 1746 were slaughtered; officers were hanged, 
drawn, and quartered. The Gilbert Johnstones, father and son, were lucky to 
escape with their lives. They escaped to N.C. , and were considered outlaws, 
subject to the most drastic penalties for high treason, from 1746 to 1776. 
It meant that no heir of John of Stapleton could claim the Annandale lands 
and title without risking the danger of attainder and destruction of any 
rights of later members of the family. Major Johnstone's only interest has 
been "to set the record straight, legally, for the benefit of the whole fam- 
ily, and for generations to come". He is to be commended for his efforts 
toward this goal. 

Major Johnston states that the motto of the "Annandale Arms" has been 
"Keuquam non Paratus" (never unprepared) since about 1633, when John of Stap- 
leton' s grandfather was first raised to the peerage as Lord Johnstone of 
Lockwood. Before that, for time immemorial, it was "Alight Theives All". 
This one came about by reason of the Johnstone chiefs being "Wardens of the 
Marches" for generations before the union of Scotland and England. The Mar- 
ches, or borders, were always being invaded by the English, or by "moss tr- 
oopers" (now called cattle rustlers), or by feuding clans. The Warden's job 
was to keep order. The office alternated between Johnstone chiefs and Max- 
well Chiefs, because of their power on the borders, and was a major cause of 
the famous and bloody feud between these clans. 

Major Johnstone states that "if the Annandale case is ever to be proved, 
the next step is to locate the Bible of John of Stapleton and Elizabeth Bel- 
chier, and other effects of John produced by Goodinge. Among these effects 
was a letter from the Superior of Donay - there was both a Scots and an Eng- 
lish College at the Univ. of Donai, in France, in John's time, and his mar- 
riage record may be there. Rev. Kacdonald thought they might be at Vallado- 
lid R. C. College in Spain. (The Spanish King made a feeble attempt to re- 
store James II in 1718)." Major Johnstone thinks "there is an excellent 
chance that records of John's marriage and death, and the births of his child- 
ren, exist somewhere in Church records, beyond the reach of the Annandale con- 



1. Lord James de Johnstone, created "Lord Johnston of Lockwood" by Char- 
les I, June 20, 1633, and Earl of Hartfell March 1, I643. Afterwards 

for loyalty to king and country he suffered imprisonment. His wife was 
Margaret, dau. of William Douglas, 1st Earl of CJueensbury. His eldest son — 

2. James Johnstone, Second Earl of Hartfell, succeeded in 1653, after 
the restoration of his estates by Charles II, and by him was created 

1st Earl of Annandale and Hartfell, Feb. 13, 1661. He was also made Privy 
Counselor and created "Heredity Constable of Lochmaben Castle and Steward 
of Earldem and Regality, with precedence from Mar. 18, 1643. These grants 
were made Apr. 3, 1662. He married Henrietta, dau. of William, Marquis of 
Douglas by Lady Mary, his second wife, dau. of George Gordon, Marquis of 
Huntley. He died July 7, 1672. Their children werei , 

i William, Marquis of, Annandale, d. 1721 without issue. 

3 ii John "of Stapleton" 

iii Lady Mary, m. the Earl of Crawford 

iv Lady Margaret, m. Sir James Montgomery 

v Lady Harriet, m. Sir James Carmichael. 

3. John Johnstone, of Stapleton, was born 3rd Sept. I665 in Newbie, Scot- 
land; [or 1668, accounts vary]; attended school at Glasgow, Scot- 
land until he was about 12 yxs of age; then his maternal uncle, the Earl of 
Dumbarten, sent him to Haddington school, and gave him a commission in his 
own regiment as soon as he was 16 yrs. of age. The pay he received was sup- 
posed to be enough for his expenses at a college in Paris, where he went to 
complete his education, though he shows in a letter to his brother William, 
dated 1687 that it was not. Annandale had just gotten a commission in the 
Guards from King James VII, but was never backward in helping his brother 
when he could afford it. John returned as a captain to England, where he 
was received by the Royal Chaplain, his cousin, Henry Johnstone of Pomfret, 
into the Roman Church. The next year the Revolution began, and he joined 
heart and soul on the side of the King, while his brother, after some vacil- 
lation, took the oaths to William. Lord Dumbarton fled with the exiled King 
to St. Germains and Capt. Johnstone was arrested on a charge of high treason 
and committed to Newgate in I689, just after John Johnstone, the younger of 
Westerhall, who managed Annandale's estate, had acted as his cautioner for a 
loan of felOO, borrowed from his tailor in London, which was repaid. After 
six months in Newgate, Capt. Johnstone returned to Scotland, and a letter 
dated Moffat, from Westerhall to Annandale, Nov. 19, I69O, says that his 
brother is staying with the Duke of Hamilton and has been strongly advised 

to go abroad. 

John Johnstone of Stapleton married Elizabeth, dau. of Gabriel Belchier, 
a French Protestant in 1695- Issue: 

i John Johnstone, Gentleman, who succeeded him at "Stapleton". He 
and only son died in North Brittain. 

4 ii Gabriel Johnstone, Gentleman, born ca 1699 > Annandale, Scotland, 

was appointed Governor of the Province of North Carolina in 
1734; left only one child, a dau. , thus no Johnston descendants. 

5 iii Gilbert Johnstone, Gentleman, born 1700. 

6 iv Samuel Johnstone, Gentleman, lived Onslow Co., N.C. 

7 v Elizabeth Johnstone, born ca 1704 in ? Dundee, Scotland, married 

Thomas Kenan "at our home Armagh". 


4. Gabriel Johnstone, Gentleman, Colonial Governor of North Carolina, 
was born in Scotland in 1699 i died July 1752 in Edenton, N. C. 

He was educated at St. Andrews Univ. , Scotland, held the chair of Oriental 
languages for several years; went to London, became a man of letters, wrote 
political essays. In October 1734 he emigrated to North Carolina, in the 
Cape Fear region, and the following month took the oaths of office as Gov- 
ernor of the Province of N.C. He was indebted to his Johnstone relatives 
in London, and to the influence of his friend Spencer Compton, Earl of Wil- 
mington, for his appointment as Governor. He was the ablest of all the Col- 
onial Governors. Brunswick was the capital when he arrived, and it was later 
changed to Newton; Cabriel Johnston changed the name to Wilmington. The 
colony was in bad condition, and he took measures for the promotion of pub- 
lic welfare. His administration was long and prudent. He remained in office 
until his death July 17, 1752. 

Gabriel Johnston married Penelope Calland, step-dau. of the Propriety 
Governor, Charles Eden. She was one of the wealthiest women of the province 
and was mistress of Eden House, just across the Chowan River from Edenton 
where Johnston made his home for a number of years. He and Penelope had a 
daughter, Penelope who married John Dawson . After his first wife's death, 
Johnston married Prances Butler. After his death, she married John Ruther- 
ford who was the tax receiver at Wilmington, May 27, 1754 [New Hanover Mar- 
riage Bonds]. 

5. Gilbert Johnstone, b. ca 1700, Scotland, d. 1775 > Bladen Co., N. C. 
In 1715 when only 15 yrs. of age, he espoused the cause of the "Pre- 
tender" and fought at Sherif fmuir. After that defeat, for safety his family 
sent him to Ireland, where they had relatives. In 1724 he m. Caroline, the 
granddau. of George Johnstone of Lockabar and fought at Preston Pams, Fal- 
kirk, and Culloden; was severely wounded at Culloden Apr. 16, 1746 and was 
a cripple ever afterwards. He and hie family escaped from Ireland and went 
to Cape Fear, N.C. 1746 . Gilbert and his son Gilbert were outlaws and ex- 
iles and could not appear on records in any colony or possession of the Brit- 
ish Crown, although at that time his brother Gabriel was Governor of N.C. & 
helped them in escaping prosecution for treason. Gilbert subsequently lived 
at "Brompton", Bladen Co., N.C, one of„the estates of Gov. Gabriel Johnston, 
where he died 1775- His children were: 

8 i Gilbert Jr., b. 1725; writer of letter to Susanna 1790. 

9 ii Henry, b. 1727 2 
iii Caroline, m. William Williams) son William 

iv Gabriel, m. Janet Ncffaxland. Their son Francis was a Lieut.; 

killed in Am. Rev. 
v Robert Johnston was an attorney at law and civil engineer and 

settled in Craven Co., later Cumberland Co., N.C. A son 

Peter was a surveyor and settled in Virginia, 
vi William. There is no authentic knowledge of him. 
vii Isabel 
viii John, lived in Yadkin Country, later Bertie Co., N.C. in 1790; 

was in 7 N.C. Senate 1796 to his death in 1801; left a widow and 

a iiau. 
Gilbert and his family were so uncompromising in their support of the cause 
of independence that the Tories burned their family residence to the ground. 

6. Samuel Johnstone, b. 1702, emigrated to America in 1736 and settled 

in Onslow Co., N.C. where he had a large estate in time. He m. 
Helen Scrymoure in Dundee, Scotland. Issue: 

11 i Samuel, b. Dec. 15, 1733, Dundee, Scotland 

ii John, m. Hiss Williams and lived in Bertie Co., N.C. Issue: 
[Based on will made Dec. 7, 1790; probated Feb. 1791, Bertie 
(l) Samuel Williams Johnston, Plantation Sappona Town; m. 


f.isa Thompson; {'<>) John Scrymour Johnston, Plantation Creen 
Ponds; m. Miss Cotton; (3) Vlilliam Williams Johnston: (4) 
Henry Johnston; (5) Ann Scrymoure Johnston, "Anny", m. Mr. 
Hunter, died without issue; (6) Elizabeth Whitmell Johnston, 
"Betsy", m. Phil Alston; (7) Alexander Scrymouxe Johnston 

iii Penelope, m. Parson Stuart, died without issue. 

iv Jean, (or Jane), m. George Blair. Issue: (l) Helen, m. Samuel 
Tredwell; (2) William, died without issue; (3) Margaret, 
m/l Dr. Hosmer; m/2 Dr. Sawyer; (4) Samuel, died without 
issue; (5) George, m. Kiss King. 

v Annie, died unm. 

vi Isabel, engaged to Joseph Hewes; d. unm. 

vii Hannah, m. July 1773, James Iredell, b. Oct. 5i 1750, in Sussex 

England, became Governor of H.C. ; d. Oct. 20, 1799> Craven Co. 
Samuel Johnston was Surveyor-general of N.C. Will proved Jan. 1756 Onslow Co. 

7. Elizabeth Johnston, b. 1704, Dundee, Scotland; m. Thomas Kenan in 

"our home Armagh" [letter from Gilbert Johnstone Jr. to his daughter- 
in law, Susannah (Barefield) Johnston, 8th March 1790]» Thomas and Eliza- 
beth (Johnston emigrated to the Cape Fear area of North Carolina near Wil- 
mington, M.C. in the 1730s. It is entirely possible that they came as the 
result of the appointment of her brother, Gabriel Johnston, to Governor of 
N.C. 1734» Thomas Kenan became a large land owner with many acres around 
Turkey, N.C. He died I766 and she died 1789. Chapters I thru VIII contain 
their descendants. 

8. Gilbert Johnston Jr., b. 1725 in Scotland; d. 1793 in N.C; emigrated 

to N.C. in 1746 with his fathr Gilbert Johnston Sr. He m. June 2, 
1750 in N.C. to Miss Margaret Warburton. Issue: 

i Hugo, m. Miss Susanna Barefield. Their son, Huger was b. Feb. 
22, 1794 who settled at Idlewild, Gordon Co., Ga. , and lived 
until I889. Huger 1 s eldest son was William C. G. Johnston, 
whose eldest son was Hu^er W. (pronounced as Hugh G. ) Johnston 
who also lived at Idlewild. Idlewild was subsequently named 
Johnston Springs, and is now known as Curryville. 
ii Gilbert Johnston 
iii Jean Johnston 
iv Isabel Johnston 

9. Henry Johnston, b. 1727 in Scotland, emigrated with his parents, and 

settled in Catawba Valley, calling his home "Oak Grove". He m. 
Caroline Knox. Issue: 

i James, b. ca 1752; d. 1805; m. Miss Margaret Jane Ewart, dau. 
of Robert Ewart, who d. 1795- From them have descended Gen. 
R. D. Johnston, and Gov. Joseph F. Johnston of Ala. James 
inherited the family spirit and was a soldier at an early age; 
was capt. at 22 yrs. and Colonel in 1780. 
ii Mary, m. Moses Scott 

10. Samuel Johnston, b. >:-. 15, 1733, Dundee, Scotland, emigrated to 

America with his father and mother, and grew up in Onslow Co., N.C. 
He m. Frances, dau. of Dr. William Cathcart; issue: (l) Penelope, b. 1772 
John Swann; (2) Gabriel, d. unm.; (3) Fanny, d. unm. ; (4) Helen, d. 
(5) James C. Johnston, d. unm. He d. 1816 and is buried at Hayes 



near Edenton, N.C 


Samuel Johnston was a leader in the Am. Rev. , was elected Governor in 
1787, and in 1789 became the first United States Senator from N.C. 
"Samuel Johnston's public career covered a period of forty-four years and 
embraced every branch of the public service. As legislator, as delegate to 
four provincial congresses, as president of two constitutional conventions, 
as member of the Continental Congress, as judge, as governor, as U.S. Sena- 
tor, he rendered services to the State and Nation which rank him second to 
none among the statesmen of N.C." [N.C. Booklet, Vol. XI, pg. 264] 

James Johnston, son of Gov. Samuel Johnston, was the largest planter in 
the U.S. on his death in 1865. [ pg. 339]. 

1. "History of the Johnstones 1191-1909", by 0. C. Johnstone. Pub. Nov. 
1909, by H. and A. K. Johnston, Ltd., #2 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh, 

2. Letter from Gilbert Johnston Jr. to Susanna (Barefield) Johnston, dated 
8 March 1790. 

3. "The Five Royal Governors of North Carolina, 1729-1775" by Blackwell P. 
Robinson; Pub. by The Carolina Tercentenary Commission, Raleigh, N. C. 

4* "Colonists of Carolina" by Blanche Abee. 

5. "Life and Correspondence of James Iredell" by M. J. Griff, I857, N. Y. 
Appleton. Vol. 1, pages 33-40. 

6. D.A.R. Lineage Books; 17:238; 20:216; 21:76-77; 34:82-83, 85. 

7. "Genealogy of the Johnston Family by Governor Joseph F. Johnston, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. (not dated or published but a copy circulated among 
interested descendants). 



1. Martel or "Charles the Hammer", grandfather of CHARLEMAGNE, buried at 

St. Dennis. 

2. Pepin the Short and Queen Bertrada, "Bertha", parents of CHARLEKAGNE. 

He died 24 Sept. 768, buried St. Dennis; she d. July 783, bur. 
St. Dennis. 

3. CHARLEMAGNE , or Charles the Great, Holy Roman Emperor, born 747, d. 813, 

married Himiltrude, whom his father had given to him. He is buried 
in the basilica which he built at Aachen. Their son - 

4. Pepin, King of Italy, b. 776; d. 810. His son - 

5. Bernhard, King of Lorabardy, d. 8l8 

6. Pepin of Vermandois, Seigneur of St. Quentin 

7. Pepin de Senlis de Balois 

8. Lady Poppa de Valois m. Rollo the Dane, Duke of Normandy, who d. 913« 
Their son - 

9. William Longswords, Duke of Normandy, d. 943; his son 

10. Richard de Fearless, Duke of Normandy, b. 933; d. 996. His eon 

11. Godfrey, Count of Eu. His Bon - 

12. Gislebert Crispin, Count of Eu. His son - 

13. Richard Pitz Gilbert, Chief Justice of England, b. 1035; d « 1090. Son - 

14. Gilbert de Tonburge, Earl of Clare, d. 1114. His son - 

15. Richard de Clare, Earl de Hertford, d. 1136. His son - 

16. Roger de Clare, Earl of Hertford, b. 1116; d. 1173- His son - 

17. Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford, d. 1218, married Amice, dau. of 

William FitzRobert, Earl of Gloucester. Their son - 
Richard de Clare was a MAGNA CHARTA SURETY . 

18. Gilbert de Clare, b. 1180; d. 1230; was 7th Earl of Clare, Earl of 

Hertford and Gloucester; a MAGNA CHARTA SURETY ; m. 1217i Isabel, 
dau. of William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, Protector of England. 

[continue lineage on next page; 



1. Roger de Clare, Earl of Hertford m 

2. Richard de Clare, m, 

Earl of Clare & Hertford 

3. Gilbert de Clare, b 1180 j d 1230; rn 

7th Earl of Clare, Earl of 
Hertford and Gloucester. 

4. Robert de Bruce m 
5- Robert de Bruce, d. 1304 in 

6. Robert de Bruce (1274-1329) m 

"The Bruce", 

Robert I of Scotland 

7. Walter Steward, d. 1326 m 

8. Robert II (1316-1390) m 

First Stuart Monarch 

9. Robert III (134O-I406) rn 

Originally John Stewart of Kyle 
Created Earl of Athole 1367 and 
Earl of Carrick 1368 

10. James I (1394-1437 

11. James II (1431-1460) rn 

12. Janes, 1st Lord Hamilton m 

13. James Hamilton (1475-1529) m 

1st Earl of Aman 

14. Sir John Hamilton of Clydesdale 

15. James Johnstone (1539-60) m 

Youngest of that Ilk 

16. Sir John Johnstone (1567-15°7) m 

of that Ilk 

17. Sir James Johnstone, d. I656 m 

of that Ilk 

18. James Johnstone m 

1st Earl of Hartfell 

19. James Johnstone, d. 1672 m 

1st Earl of Annandale and 
2nd Earl of Hartfell 

20. John Johnstone of Stapleton m. 

b. I665, Newbie, Scotland 
Officer in Scottish Reg't., 
and in French service. 
Married while in exile. 

21. Thomas Kenan m 

b. 1700 Scotland or Ireland 

d. Nov. 7, 1765, Duplin Co. II. C. 


Amice, dau . of William FitzRobert, 
Earl of Gloucester 

1217, Isabel, dau. of William 
Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, 
Protector of England 

Isabel de Clare 

Margaret Suojure, d. 1292 

Countess of Carrick 
Isabel, dau. of Earl of Mar. 
Once called Matilda. 

Marjorie de Bruce, d. 1315 
Elizabeth de Mure, b. 1315/6 

Annabelle Drummond 

Mary, dau. of Arnold, Duke of 

Princess Mary 
Janet Beaton 

Margaret Hamilton 

Margaret, dau. of Sir William Scott 

of Bucelench 
Sarah, dau. of Lord John Herries 

Lady Margaret, dau. of William 

Douglas, 1st Earl of Quensberry 

Lady Henrietta Douglas, dau. of 
William, Marquis of Douglas 
and Lady Mary, d. 1679 • 

1695, Elizabeth Belchier, dau. of 
Gabriel Belchier, a French 

Elizabeth Johnston 

b. 1704, Dundee, Scotland 
d. Nov. 15, 1789, Duplin Co. 

Letter from Gilbert Johnstone, Gentleman, written March 8, 1790? 
certified copy of which is in N.C. Booklet, Vol. 2, addressed to 
Susanna, states that Elizabeth Johnston married Thomas Kenan at 
"our home Armagh". 

The couple migrated from Northern Ireland to the Cape Fear area, 
Wilmington, N. C. 

The above lineage has been accepted by (l) Americans of Royal Descent; and 
(2) Magna Charta Dames, for the membership of the compiler, and for Mrs. 
Lou Belle Williams of Duplin Co., N.C. 


i6or - irr* 

^he S overe 'g n Golonial S oc i e ty 

^Americans of c: Roijal ^Descent 

has this day enrolled 

^/llvaretia (Josephine ( ]\enan c R^0isier 

an active member of this Society 
and, recognizing her c Rs>yal £ineage, has 
Conferred upon her 

^jhe tf^egal decoration 

'Done at the city of Baltimore this C first day of ]\(oUem6er 

zAnno ^Domini One thousand nine hundred and sixiru-six 


Sir James Johnstone, 1st Earl of Annandale, Father of John Johnstone 
of Stapleton, and grandfather of Elizabeth Johnstone who 
married Thomas Kenan 

Stapleton Tower. Sir James Johnstone of Dunskellie, great grandfather 
of John Johnstone of Stapleton, inherited Stapleton Tower in 1596- 
William Johnstone, 1st Marquis of Annandale, granted this tower 
and Stapleton lands to his bro. John of Stapleton in 1702. 


1 mmS^hm 


Remains of Newbie Castle which overlooks the beautiful Bay of Solway Firth. 
John of Stapleton was born here. He and his brother William spent vaca- 
tions here when home from school in Glasgow. Newbie Castle burned in I685 
while William, 1st Marquis of Annandale was in residence. He then moved 
to Lockwood Castle. Newbie was still standing in 1894 although it had 
passed out of the Johnstone family. 

Johnstone Kirk, in the Parish of Johnstone in Annandale, Scoutland, 
about 14 miles north of Stapleton Castle. John of Stapleton' s 
great-grandfather, Sir James Johnstone of Dunskellie is buried 
here, as well as other ancestors of John of Stapleton. Note four 
lane express highway in background which takes traffic from Glasgow 

and London 


Remains of Lockwood Castle, built before 13th Century; was family seat of 

Annandale Johnstonee; burned by Lord Maxwell in 1585; rebuilt and burned 

again in 1710 while William, 1st Marquis of Annandale, and bro. of John of 

Stapleton, was in residence. 


Raehills, built in Annandale, Scotland in 1782 by 3rd Earl of Hopetoun who 

managed the estates of George, 3rd Marquis of Annandale. It is now the 

home of Major Percy Hope-Johns tone. 


Lochmaben Castle, Scotland, 1775 

Lochmaben Castle, built before 1166, was the Castle of Robert Bruce, 1st 
Lord of Annandale, who died here in 1295> His grandson, Robert Bruce I, 
the Liberator, was born here, and became King of Scotland in 1306. James II 
of Scotland lived here in 1449 to break the power of the Douglas clan. While 
here he made the father of John of Stapleton the 1st Earl of Annandale, and 
at the same time gave him the title Keeper of His Majesty's Castle of Loch- 
maben. This same title was handed down to William, 1st Marquis of Annan- 
dale, brother of John of Stapleton. 


Town of Annen at the mouth of the Annen River on Solway Firth, Scotland 

The beautiful Annandale countryside near Johnstone Kirk in Scotland 


Gilbert Johnstone, the letterwriter. Picture made while he was a member 
of the Scotch Archery Club in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1745. He served in 
the American Revolution with great distinction; was Lt. Col. in the 
Lighthorse Battn. under Francis Marion. 



The signature of Gilbert Johnstone Jr., below his book plate. The Coat of 
Arms is that of the Marquis of Annandale, who was the brother of John of 
Stapleton. The shield is divided, and according to a descendant, Major 
James D. Johnstone of Georgetown, S.C., the anchor has something to do with 
the Coat of Arms of Lady Henrietta Douglas, wife of the Marquis of Annandale 
who was descended from the Stuarts. 


A pair of pistols used by Gilbert Johnstone Sr. at the Battle of Culloden 
in 1745 in defense of Bonnie Prince Charles. They were used by Gilbert 
Johnstone Jr. who served under Francis Marion during the Am. Rev. 

Butt of pistols of Gilbert Johnstone Sr. and Jr. Note the inscription 
"Gilbert Johnstone, Gentleman". They are gold inlaid. The left one is 
cracked from banging a British soldier over the head during the Am. Rev. 







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"William, Hughey and John Brannen came from Ireland when boys and settled 
first in North Carolina, later coming to Screven Co., Georgia. At that 
time William married Elizabeth Gross, and about the year 1800 moved to the. 
place now (1910) owned by William P. Donaldson at Blitch, Bulloch Co., Ga.' 
He died in I84O and is bur. in Lower Lotts Creek Church Cemetery in Bulloch 
Co. His widow died later is bur. at the same place. William raised a 
large family." 

The compiler's BRA1THEN family is said to descend from Hugh or Hughey, as 
he is spoken of above, though no record has been found to substantiate this. 
Family tradition is that Thomas was a son of Hughey. Only verified data is 
given below. 


1. Thomas Brannen, b. ca 1794 in Georgia , probably Bulloch Co.; m. ca. 

1816 in Bulloch Co. Ga. to Nancy Donaldson , b. Dec. 31, 1794 1 dau. 
of Robert and Peggy (Erwin) Donaldson. Issue: 

2 i William Donaldson Brannen, b. 1822 

ii Owen, d. young , 

iii Franklin, called, "Frank", b. ca 1832 

lv John, b. ca 1834 
Nancy Donaldson Brannen d. between 1834 and 1843, and Thomas left Bulloch 
Co. Tradition says that he moved first to Brooks Co. Ga., remarried then 
moved on to Fla. He is found in the I85O census of Madison Co. Fla. with 
wife Sarah Ann and children. In I856 Taylor Co. was formed out of Madison 
Co. and he fell into that area. The i860 census of Taylor Co., Fla. shows 
the following children . 

3 v Houston English, b. l844i Fla.' (I85O census shows "Hampton") 
vi Nathan P., b. 1844) Fla., probably died young 

vii Samuel, b. I848, Fla. 

viii ITicey P-, b. 1851; m. Apr. 12, 1868, Taylor Co. to William K. 

ix Lavina Ann, b. 1852 ; m. Nov. 10, I869, Taylor Co., Andrew Sapp . 
Thomas Brannen is said to have been killed during the Civil War at Cedar 
Keys, Fla. but no record has been found of this. 

The sketch on Houston English Brannen will be given first as the majority 
of data available to the compiler is on the descendants of #2. 

3. Houston English Brannen, b. I844, Taylor Co., Fla. (then Madison Co.); 

d. 1933, Greenville, Fla. Name of wife unknown to compiler. Issue 
as given by descendants: (l) Malcom S.; (2) Henry T., had several children, 
only one known to compiler is Cecil H. Brannen, Vice Pres. fc Cashier, Bank 
of Greenville, Fla.; (3) Andrew Lloyd, b. I884 Fla.; d. 1967, Bulloch Co. 
Ga. ; two chn. , Richard E., living Statesboro, Ga., and Mrs. Emory Bargeron 
(Ruth Brannen), Louisville, Ga.; (4) Albert C.J (5) Richard H. ; (6) Lena; 
(7) Mary; (8) Ellen. Houston English Brannen fought during the Civil 'Jar. 
[Data furnished by son, Andrew L. Brannen thru grandson, Richard E. Brannen 
of Statesboro, Ga.] 


2. William Donaldson Brannen, b. July 24, 1822 , Bulloch Co., Ca.; moved 
to Fla. with his father after the death of his mother, but when grovm 

returned to Bulloch Co., Ga.; was called "Florida Bill". lie m. Aug. 22, 
l847i Bulloch Co., Ga., Mrs. Sarah Ann Smylie (Fraser) Hall, widow of Nath- 
aniel Green Hall. She was b. Nov. 28, 1819, Liberty Co., Ga., dau. of Simon 
Alexander Fraser and Sarah (KcCall) Fraser; granddau. of Simon and Sarah 
(Sullivan) Fraser of Liberty Co.; and Charles McCall and his 2nd wife, 
Hannah Everett, of Bulloch Co., Georgia. 


Mrs. Sarah Ann Smylie (Fraser) Hall Brannen 

Due to the many descendants of Sarah Fraser and her first husband, who 
are still living in Bulloch Co. , Georgia, data on the Hall family is being 

The first knowledge of him is when "Nathaniel Hall of East Florida made 
a Bill of Sale for slaves, Sept. 5? 1812 to John Course, Esq. of Augusta, 
as Trustee for Mary McLean and her children born by Andrew McLean; he is 
referred to as Capt. Nathaniel Hall. Executed at St. Mary's, Ga. [Bulloch 
Co., Book AAAA, pg. 488]. On the same page is a receipt for seven negroes 
signed Sept. 6, 1812, by Andrew Maclean and Mary Maclean, in settlement of 
all claims against him or his estate. 

The will of Nathaniel Hall was made 24 April 1814; probated 1817 Bulloch 
Co., mentions his mother but does not name her; wife Sarah Hall; daus. Mary 
Maclean, and Ann Elizabeth Hall; son Nathaniel G. Hall; Executors! John 
Crighton and William Lang, both of Camden Co., Ga. [Bulloch Co. Will Bk 1A 
& B, pages 6-7]. 

The Georgia Gazette, issue of Jan. 15, 1789, Pg. 2, col. 3, carried an 
announcement of the marriage of Mrs. McLean to John Course, but a compari- 
son of dates makes this an earlier generation. 

Andrew McLean drew two blanks in Chatham Co. in the Georgia Land Lottery 
of 1805. [G.G.M. 4:181]. 

Ann Elizabeth Hall, b. Nov. 4, 1806, Laurel Grove on St. John's River 
(Family Bible Records); m. Jan. 26, 1824 in Bulloch Co., Ga. to Robert 
Williams (Early Bulloch Co. Marriages; Annals of Ga." by Caroline Wilson). 

Sarah Hall and Robert Williams were appt. guardians of Nathaniel Hall, 
orphan of Nathaniel Hall [Bulloch Co. , Bk. AAAA, pg. 489]. 


There was a division and appraisement of Property of Nathaniel Hall on 
11 Jan. 1825, with Lot #1 going to Mrs. Sarah Hall; Lot #2 to Robert Wil- 
liams; and Lot #3 to Nathaniel Hall. [Bulloch Co., Bk 1A & B, pg. I58-9]. 
This division of property was changed Jan. 9i 1826, with "Preceding Lot #1 
going to Robert Williams, and preceding Lot #2 going to Nathaniel Hall. It 
is not known by the compiler whether the widow died in the meantime or re- 
married. [Bulloch Co. Bk. 1A &. B, pg. 176-7]. Jan. 1, 1827 Nathaniel Lang 
was appt. gdn. of Nathaniel Hall. 

Based on Family Bible records, Nathaniel Green Hall was b. Feb. 17, 1812 
Julington Creek, East Florida. He married Mar. 22, 1838, Sarah Ann Smylie 
Fraser, dau. of Simon Alexander Fraser and his wife Sarah McCall, of Lib- 
erty Co., Ca. They had three children, and he died March 30, I844. Robert 
R. Williams and Sarah Ann Hall were appt. adrar. of the estate of Nathaniel 
Hall, Sept. 16, 1844 [Bulloch Co., Bk. 2A, pg. 135]. Sarah Ann Smylie 
(Fraser) Hall m/2 Aug. 22, 1847, William Donaldson Brannen, and on Nov. 22, 
l847i he became admr. of the est. of Nathaniel G. Hall, with Edmond Brannen 
and John Brannen, securities. [Bulloch Co. Bk. 2A, pg. 186-7] and gdn. of 
the three children. 

William D. Brannen also became admr. of the estate of his wife's mother, 
now known as Mrs. Sarah Everett, widow of Hardy Everett of Screven Co. in 

isuei ' 

William Nathaniel Hall, b. June 11, 1839 

James R. Hall b. Mar. 21, I84I 

Sarah Ann Hall b. Apr. 15, I843 

Florida Viola Brannen b. July 3, 1849 

Caroline Julia Brannen b. Nov. 14, I85I 

Ariana Savannah Brannen b. Feb. 10, 1854 

Eliza Jane Brannen, b. Feb. 28, 1856 

Alvaretta Rebecca Gertrude Brannen, b. Mar. 14, I858 

Samuel Walter Brannen, b. Jan. 1, 1861; d. Apr. 4i 1879 unm. 
bur. Brannen Cemetery, Brooklet, Bulloch Co., Ga. 
12 1 Thomas Fraser Brannen b. Nov. 19, 1862 

William Donaldson Brannen served during the Civil War and his widow drew 
a pension for his services. Civil War records show that he enlisted Sept. 
23, 1863, Decatur Co., Ga. The "Roll of Prisoners of War" shows W. Brannen 
Pvt. , Co. B, 29 Reg't. , Ga. Cavalry, Prisoner of War at Point Lookout, Md. , 
having arrived at Hilton Head, Feb. 1, 1865, having been captured near Sav- 
annah on Dec. 13, 1864; released May 12, 1865, Ga. No. 85. Point Lookout, 
Md. Register No. 2, page 45- 

He died Dec. 29i 1886, Bulloch Co., Ga. ; bur. Brannen Cera., Brooklet with 
a Masonic emblem on the headstone. His obit shows that he was made a Mason 
6th April 1869; was Judge of Inferior Court; a member of Constitutional Con- 
vention of 1877, which framed the Georgia Constitution. He was for many yrs. 
Worshipful Master of the Ogechee Lodge No. 213, and represented the local 
Lodge in the Grand Lodge of Georgia. He was described as "strict but just 
in all of his judgments." 

His widow lived with her youngest son, Dr. T. F. Brannen, and died June 
23i 1906, and is buried in Eastside Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. . Her obit 
shows that she joined the Primitive Baptist church but in I89O became a 
member of the Missionary Baptist church, being one of the constituting mem- 
bers of the Corinth church. The description of her in the obit is: "A 
sweeter spirit than hers has never lived in our midst. To know her was to 
love her." 

4. William Nathaniel Hall, b. June 11, 1839; d. Mar. 1, 1905; m. Aug. 

31, 1861 to Martha Mikell/b. July 15, I84O; d. July 14, 1907, dau. 
of Mikell and Rebecca Joyce. Issue: 


































Charlie Prather Hall, b. Aug. 14, 1863; d. Mar. 25, 1865 . 
Margaret Caroline Hall, "Maggie", b. Oct. 12, 1865 (1870 census) 
Ann Elizabeth Hall, b. July 4, 1867 
Unnamed dau. , b. Oct. 14, 1869; d. Apr. 28, 1870 
Susan Emma Hall, b. Mar. 14, 1871; d. Nov. 6, 1871 
James Russell Hall, b. Oct. 9, 1872; d. Jan. 8, I894 
Mary Delila Hall, b. Oct. 16, 1874 
viii William Leon Hall, b. Sept. 20, I876 

Samuel Alexander Hall, b. Sept. 3, I878 o 

x Sarah Rebecca Hall, b. Feb. 7, 1881; m. Nov. 21, 1897 [Bk. 1892- 
1898, p. 509] Barney P. Maull. 
[1880 Census, Bulloch Co., Ca. , pg. 514-R, family #142] 

5. James Robert Hall, b. Mar. 21, I84I; m/l July 7, 1863, Sarah L. She- 

hee', b. Apr. 28, 1845; d. Apr. 24, 1875; m/2 Feb. 15, 1877, Virgin- 
ia A. Wilson, who d. Oct. 1, 1877; m/3 Apr. 30, I879, Sarah Eliza (Knight) 
Richardson, dau. of Green Knight and America (Cone) Knight, and widow of 
General Richardson^ she b. ca I856 (census), d. Jan. 31, 1894; he d. Dec. 3, 
1926, Bulloch Co., Ga. Issue by 1st wife: 
i David Hodo Hall, b. Mar. 16, 1867 
ii Vesta Brantley Hall, b. Jan. 10, 1869; d. Feb. 10, I869 in 

Corsicana Co. , Texas, 
iii Viola Willetta Hall, b. Dec. 10, 1869; SEE ADDENDA pg. 255] 
iv Nathaniel Green Hall, b. Oct. 16, I87I5 d. Oct. 3, 1873 
v Charlie N. Hall, b. ca 1874 (with family in 1880 census; not 

listed by descendants today; not in Bible record) 
vi Sallie Henrietta Hall, b. Apr. 9, 1875; d. Aug. 31, 1876 
Issue by 3rd wife: 

vii Etta Best Hall, b. May 6, 1880; m. Clark. 

viii William Walter Hall, b. Oct. 28, 1881, dec'd; m. Ethel; 2 dau. 
ix James Fraser Hall, b. Aug. 17, 1883; d. Liberty Co., Ga. 
18 x Robert Cone Hall, b. Nov. 18, 1887 
xi Leo Green Hall, b. Jan. 30, I89O 
xii America Arm Hall, "Kec", b. Apr. 6, 1892; m. Lawrence Rabey; 

issue: two sons and one dau. 
xiii Eliza Georgia Hall, b. Jan. 31, 1894; m. — ?) d. 

6. Sarah Ann Hall, "Coot", b. Apr. 15, 1843; d. 1924; m. Sept. 1, 1868 
in Bulloch Co., Ga. to William Jasper Wilson , who d. 1910. Issue: 

19 i Nathaniel Jackson Wilson, "Jack", b. Aug. 25, 1869 
ii Charlie Hall Wilson, b. Nov. 27, I87I5 d. unm. 1951 
iii Caroline Stella Wilson, b. 1874; d. unm. 1963 

iv Leona Gertrude Wilson, "Leila", b. I876; m. Christopher Colum- 
bus Bouchillon; no issue; he d. 1965 
v Effie Anna Wilson, d. unm. 1920 

20 vi Lee Fraser McCall Wilson, "Mack". 

vii William Thomas Wilson, d. at 8 yrs. of age. 

7. Florida Viola Brannen, b. July 3, 1849; m. Oct. 17, 1872, Liberty 

Co., Ga. to Ezekiel Clifton. Issue: (l) Ezekiel; (2) Roscoe; 
(3) Leo Clifton; all living in Toombs Co. Ga. in 1932 [shown in will of 
Mrs. Anna S. Potter #9] 

8. Caroline Julia Brannen, b. Nov. 14, I85I [Bible has I85I; tombstone 
I852]; d. Apr. 11, 1906 ; bur. Brannen Cemetery, Bulloch Co., Ga. ; 
m/l May 27, 1869, Bulloch Co., James Frank Lee, b. Dec. 3, 1844; d. Apr. 18, 


I878; she m/2 James William Wilson, b. Aug. 7, 1857; d. Mar. 21, 1917, bur. 
Eastside Cemetery, Statesboro, Ca. Issue « ., 
i Walter Haywood Lee, b. Aug. 7i 1870 „ 
ii Frank Bradwell Lee, b. Oct. 16, 1871 
iii Claude Lee 
iv Herbert Lee 

v Augustus Lee, "Gus" , Q 

vi Mary Lee, b. Nov. 17, 1876; d. Mar. 5, 1924 ; m/l John H. Olliff 

b. Mar. 15, I87O5 d. Nov. 8, 1907 ; she m/2 L.W. Armstrong. 

Issuez (l) John W. Olliff Jr., b. June 29, 1905; d. Jan. 14, 

1913 ; (2) Willie Lee Olliff; (3) Henrietta Armstrong; 

(4) "Nuffie". [See Addenda, page 255] 

21 vii Delia Edith Wilson, b. Dec. 27, 1890, Bulloch Co., Ga. 


9. Ariana Savannah Brannen, b. Feb. 10, 1854 ; m/l Nov. 5i 1872, Liber- 
ty Co., Ga. to Augustus William Sutton; issue: Augustus Wilson Sutton 

Jr., "Gussie", b. Dec. 7, 1874; d. Kay 10, 1876 , bur. Brannen Cem. , Brooklet 
Ga. . He d; she m/2 Dec. 29, 1886, Bulloch Co., Hon. Thomas Henry Potter, 
[Bk. 4A pg. 289 ], b. ca I853, son of Hev. Dr. Weyman H. Potter of the Meth- 
odist Conference, and his wife Sarah Julia Potter. He d. and she m/3 a Mr. 
Wilson; div. ; again took name of Potter. She d. Feb. 21, 1937t Statesboro, 
Ga. , bur. Eastside Cem. She was very active in the First Methodist Church 
of Statesboro, giving the organ still in use. 


10. Eliza Jane Brannen, "Lige", b. Feb. 28, 1856 , Bulloch Co.; d. Aug. 
g20, 1926"; m. Feb. 28, I878, BullochgCo. , to John Ivey Lane [Bk 4A 

pg. 16 ], b. July 27, 1849; d. July 10, 1922 ; he became a dentist practic- 
ing in Statesboro, Ga. ; both are bur. Brannen Cem., Brooklet. Issue: (l) 
Eliza Zulieme, d. unm. ; (2) Carabel Fraser Lane, m. a Mr. Rustin, lived in 
La. ; (3) Edward WilliaituLane, "Ed"; (4) John Walter Lane, 1888-1914 5 ; 
(5) Annie Edith, I894-I897"; (6) Benjamin Brannen Lane [Will of Mrs. Eliza 
J. Lane, made May 25, 1923, probated Sept. 6, 1926, Bulloch Co., Bk 1 p. 595] 


11. Alvaretta Rebecca Gertrude Brannen, "Allie", b. March 14, I858 , Bul- 
loch Co., Ga. ; attended Bradwell Institute, Liberty Co., Ga. The 

compiler has in her possession the Commencement Day graduating class program 
dated July 5i 1877 showing Alvaretta G. and her brother Samuel W. Brannen of 
Bulloch Co. as two of the six who graduated. She m. Nov. 7, 1878, Bulloch 
Co., Ga. [Bk. 4A pg. 29] to William Charles Hedleston, b. Apr. 7, 1856, Cam- 
den Co., Ga. , son of William Davis Hedleston and Ann Susannah (Ulmer) Hed- 
leston. See HEDLESTON family sketch for a listing of their children. 


12. Thomas Fraser Brannen, b. Nov. 19, 1862 , Bulloch Co., Ga. ; d. Nov. 

9i 1933, bur. Eastside Cem., Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Dec. 23, 1886, 
Bulloch Co. [Bk. 4A pg. 288] to Fannie Reiser Lee, b. I865. He became a 
dentist. Issue: 

22 i Maude Brannen, b. Oct. 29, 1887 

23 ii William Donaldson Brannen, "Don", b. May 22, 1889 

24 iii Edna Elizabeth Brannen, b. Sept. 14, 1893 

13. Margaret Caroline Hall, "Maggie", b. Oct. 12, 1865; d. Jan. 1, 1901; 
m. 1887, Benjamin Edward Turner, b. Aug. 22, 1848; d. Jan. 21, 1908. 


25 i Henry Grady Turner, b. Jan. 16, 1889 

26 ii Georgia Rebecca Turner, b. May 13, I89O 

iii Minnie Mae Turner, d. in infancy. 


27 iv Mattie Lura Turner, b. Nov. 3, 1894 

28 v Annie Edith Turner, b. Nov. 10, I896 

14. Ann Elizabeth Hall, b. July 4, 1867 ; d. 1943; m. William Turner 
Smith, b. 1861, d. 1918, eon of Enoch and Cynthia Ann (Williams) 
Smith. Issue: 

29 i William Sidney Smith, b. Aug. 14, 1893 

30 ii Lena Belle Smith, b. Nov. 3, 1895 

31 iii Nellie Smith b. Oct. 18, 1899 
iv Cynthia Ann Smith b. Aug. 21, 1902 

v Albert Martin Smith, b. July 12, 1909; m. May 21, 1966, 

Mildred Edythe Canon, dau. of Samuel John and Bertha (Brandon) 

15. Mary Delila Hall, b. Oct. 16, 1874; d. Sept. 26, 1955; m. June 9, 

I892, William Staphens Preetorius, b. June 13, 1865; d. Sept. 7, 
1939. Issue: 

i Charlie Hall Preetorius, b. July 19, 1893; d. Oct. 10, 1948 
ii William 3. Preetorius Jr., b. Mar. 25, 1895; d. Nov. 7, 1912 
iii Sollie Olliff Preetorius, b. Feb. 26, 1897; d. Mar. 11, 1940; 

m. Nov. 16, 1921 to Grace Lanier. Issue: (l) Grace Hilda; 

(2) Mamie Eugenia; (3) William S. Preetorius III 
iv Edward Lewis Preetorius, b. Dec. 8, 1899; m. Aug. 11, 1921 to 

Florence Cecelia James. Issue: (l) Edward Lewis Preetorius 

Jr.; (2) William James; (3) Patricia. 

v Alice Marie Preetorius, b. Mar. 24, 

vi Leon Herman Preetorius, b. Sept. 9i 1903; m. Jan. 31, 1930 to 

Marie Cecelia Mikell. Issue: (l) Leon Herman Jr.; (2) Chas. 

Thomas, m. Aug. 13, 1939 1 Laurince Dobbs, - child, Sarah Janet 

vii Annie Esther Preetorius, b. Aug. 8, 1905; m - Walter Cecil Canu- 

ette. Issue: (l) Walter Cecil Jr.; (2) Williana Gay; (3) 

Lila Ann. 
viii Lila Margaret Preetorius, b. Jan. 4, 1911; m/l July 11, 1932, 

Walter Mitchell Johnson; m/2 May 14, 1945 to John William 

Grapp. Issue: (l) Martha Gail; (2) Lila Ann 
ix Nell Preetorius, b. June 13, 1912; d. Nov. 1, 1914 
x Mamie Ruth Preetorius, b. Nov. 3, 1919; m. ca 1935 to Harry 


16. William Leon Hall, b. Sept. 20, 1876; m. Feb. 26, 1902, Mamie Moore 
of Groveland, Bryan Co., Ga. Issue: 
32 i Isabel Martha Hall, b. Nov. 20, 1902 
ii Sarah Brannen Hall, b. Nov. 8, 1906 
iii William Leon Hall Jr., b. Sept. 7, 1908 
iv Helen Hall, b. Aug. 26, 1912; m. Robert W. Coursey 

17. Samuel Alexander Hall, b. Sept. 3i I878; m. Maxie Aiken, Bulloch Co. 
Ga. Issue: 
i Mamie Fraser Hall, b. April 10, 1900; m. ca 1930 to James C. 

Porritt, Bradford, England 
ii Ella Maude Hall, b. Oct. 13, 1902; m. ca 1952 to Walter J. 

Winquist, Washington, D. C. 


18. Robert Cone Hall, b. Nov. 18, 1887; m. Kar. 4, 1915, Eeeie Mae South- 
well, b. Feb. 27, 1890 in Bryan Co., Ca. Issuei 

i Robert Clifford Hall, b. Mar. 5, 1916, Bulloch Co., Ga. ; m. 

Juanita Smith; issue: (l) Sandra Jane; (2) Robert Clifford Jr. 
ii Ralph Jackson Hall, b. Dec. 18, 1919, Bulloch Co., Ga. ; m. 

Aug. 8, 1942 in Midway, Ala. to Hazel Louise Cole; issue: 

(l) Judith Louise; (2) Jacquelyn. 
iii Georgia Henrietta Hall, b. Feb. 3, 1921; m. Harley H. Shaw; 

she d. March 21, 1966; he d. May 1966. 

19. Nathaniel Jackson Wilson, "Jack", b. Aug. 25, 1869; d. 1937; m/l 
Hattie Elmina Wynn, who d. Kar. 1910. He m/2 Annie Cornelia Deriso. 

Issue: (By 1st wife): 

i William Wynn Wilson; m. Ruth Burns; issue: Sara Ruth, William 

Jackson, "Billy", Kary Frances, and Elizabeth Ann. 
ii Theo Bernice Wilson; m. William Lee KcElveen, who d. Feb. 11, 

1965; issue: William Carroll, Wendell Jackson, Virgil Frank- 
lin, Charles Eugene, Wilson Lee; Bernice Nell, Laurie Estelle, 

Gloria Helen, 
iii Sarah Louise, "Sadie Lou", d. Oct. 27, 1965; m. Moses Judson 

McElvoen; issue: Dorothy Louise, Bobbie Lois, Nathaniel Judson, 

Laura Ann, Nina Marjorie, James Lowell, Sandra Faye, Sarah 

iv Lela Elmira Wilson, d. 1935; m. Harris Clark Joyner; issue: 

Jean Evelyn, Harris Clarke Joyner Jr. d. at 2 yrs., twin 

boys d. in infancy, 
v Lee Medley Wilson, d. in infancy 
vi Lois Mynona Wilson, "Teddy", m. William Henry Upchurch, who d 

Sept. 13, 1945; issue: Richard Walton, d. at 18 mo.; 

Betty June, William H. Upchurch Jr. 
vii David Edwin Wilson, m/l Ollie Mae Jefferson; issue: Laura 

Lurvana (adopted), Deloris Edwina, Shirley Ann. He m/2 

Dorothy ; no issue. 

By 2nd wife: 

viii Annie Jacquelyn Wilson, d. in infancy 

ix Myrtle Carolyn Wilson; m/l ; m/2 Howard Muzzy. 

20. Lee Fraser McCall Wilson, "Mack", b. June 13, 1881 ; m. Joseph Pinck- 
ney Beall, who d. 1940. Issue: 

i Helen Rowena Beall, b. Aug. 12, 1907, unm. living I967 
ii Joshua Robert Beall, b. Aug. 21, 1909; d. Feb. 28, 1963; m. 
Victoria Stone Bryan. Issue: (l) Vicki Beall, b. July 23, 
1939; m - Carey Roberts Salter; issue: Carey Roberts Salter 
Jr.; (2) Joshua Robert Beall Jr., b. Jan. 2, 1947 
iii Joseph Pinckney Beall Jr., b. Nov. 24, 1914; m. Evelyn Brewer 
Thomas. Issue: Joseph Pinckney Beall III, b. Feb. 14, 1947. 

21. Delia Edith Wilson, b. Dec. 27, I89O, Bulloch Co., Ga.; d. Feb. 5, 
1940; bur. EastBide Cem., Statesboro, Ga.; m. John Wesley Johnston 

III, b. June 10, I89O; d. Oct. 19, 1937i our. Eastside Cem., Statesboro, 
Ga. Issue: 

33 i James Wilson Johnston, b. Feb. 21, 1912, Statesboro, Ga. 

34 ii John Wesley Johnston IV, b. June 7i 1915 1 Statesboro, Ga. 
iii Julia Lee Johnston, b. Dec. 19, 1918, Statesboro, Ga. 

iv Infant son, d. 1928, bur. Eastside Cem., Statesboro, Ga. 


22. Maude Brannen, b. Oct. 29, 1887; m. John Grady Smith, b. Jan. 31. 

1887. He d. Dec. 19, 1947, bur. Eastaide Cera., Statesboro. She is 
living in Statesboro, Ga. (1967). Issue: 

i Sarah Elizabeth Smith, b. July 15, 1910; m. Arthur Oswald Had- 
den, b. Aug. 10, 1910, son of Edward Arthur and Jennie Hadden. 
Issue: (l) Grady Smith Hadden, b. Apr. 26, 1951; (2) Sarah 
Elizabeth Hadden, b. May 12, 1952. 

ii Callie Smith, b. Apr. 5i 1913; m. John Francis Thomas (div.). 
Issue: (l) Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 15, 1935> m. John Harrel 
Patterson, b. Mar. 23, 1931, son of Thomas Storer and Iva Lee 
Patterson; issue: Theresa Lynn, b. May 31, 1956; Brenda Gail, 
b. Oct. 10, 1959; and Russell Thomas, b. Jan. 5, 1963 

iii Thomas Cheatham Smith, b. Dec. 27, 1915 ! m - Betty Josey, b. 

Mar. 3, 1917, dau. of Pete and Maude (Chandler) Josey. Issue: 
(l) Judith Betty, b. Sept. 17, 1942; m. Walter H. Aldred III, 
son of Walter H. Aldred II and Vivian (Mathews) Aldred. Issue: 
Debra Josey Aldred, b. Dec. 29, 1963; and Andrew Cheatham, 
b. Dec. 24, I966; (2) Sally Smith, b. Oct. 7, 1945, ">. Lamar 
Binion Hill Jr., son of Lamar Binion and Betty Hill; (3) 
Grady Thomas Smith, b. Sept. 24, 1951 

iv John Grady Smith Jr., b. Nov. 19, 1919; m. Jane Simpson, b. 
Sept. 11, 1921, dau. of John H. and Janie Simpson. Issue: 
(l) Norma Julia, b. Jan. 3, 1945t m - James Scott Neeley; 
issue: Scott, b. (2) Sharon Ann, b. Mar. 23, 

1950; (3) Guy Gaston, b. Oct. 23, 1951. 

23. William Donaldson Brannen, "Don", b. May 22, l£ 
m. Nov. 9, 1910, Annie Tallulah Donaldson, dau. 
Sara (Zetterower) Donaldson. Issue: 

39; d. June 26, 1964; 
of John Hampton and 


William Donaldson Brannen Jr., "Bill", b. Sept. 26, 1911) m. 
Dec. 29, 1939 1 Lois Russell Robinson, dau. of Joseph Alexan- 
der and Rena Bell (Youmans) Robinson. Issue: (l) Diane Lynn, 
b. Oct. 14, 1940, m. Mar. 28, 1965 in Statesboro to Rex Miller 
Jr., son of Rex and Edna (Thompson) Miller; (2) William 
Donaldson Brannen III, b. May 10, 1946, d. May 13, 1946; (3) 
John Joseph, b. Nov. 9, 1949; (4) Sandra Helen, b. Nov. 2, 

Helen Brannen, b. June 23, 1913, Statesboro, Ga. 

John Thomas Brannen, b. Feb. 18, 1929; m. Mar. 20, 1955, Dorothy 
Jones, dau. of Otis and Kathryn Jones. Issue: (l) Jeffrey 
Donaldson Brannen, b. Nov. 13, 1957; (2) Kathryn Helen, b. 
Dec. 19, 1959 

24. Edna Elizabeth Brannen, b. Sept. 14, 1893; m. Jesse Claude Barfield, 

who d. May 1958, bur. Memorial Cemetery, Macon, Ga. Issue: (l) 
Fannie Lee Barfield, b. Dec. 15, 1911; (2) Jesse Claude Jr., b. Sept. 30, 
1919, d. July 1920. 

25. Henry Grady Turner, b. 
Hart, Bulloch Co., Ga, 
1911 ; (2) George Harold, b. 
(4) Martha Caroline, b. Oct. 
(6) Betty, b. Aug. 5, 1927; 

Jan. 16, 1889; m. Sept. 18, 1909 to Maude 

Issue: (l) Benjamin Edward, b. Feb. 29, 
Mar. 18, 1914; (3) Mitchell, d. in infancy; 
6, 1921; (5) Julia Hart, b. Apr. 29, 1924; 
(7) Billie, b. June 11, 1931. 


26. Georgia Rebecca Turner, b. May 13, I89O; m. Nov. 15, 1908 to Andrew 
Jackson Bi^-d. Issue: (l) Andrew Jackson Bird Jr., b. Aug. 31, 1909, 

d. Mar. 3, 1955i ">• Vivian Majors of Moultrie, 0a., three children. 

27. Mattie Lura Turner, b. Nov. 3, 1894; m. Apr. 20, 1913, Bulloch Co., 
Burton Eldridge Franklin of Bulloch Co. Issuer (l) Burton Eldridge 

Jr., b. Mar. 31, 1914, m. Margaret Colley of Atlanta, Ga.; three chn. 

(2) Ben Turner, b. Mar. 1, 1922; m. Gloria Burden of Stillmore, Ga. ; 3 chn. 

28. Annie Edith Turner, b. Nov. 10, 1896; m. Apr. 8, 1915, Claude Watson 
of Metter, Ga. Issue: (l) Jack Turner Watson, b. Feb. 28, 1916, m. 

Annie Will Anderson of Metter, Ga.; one child. 

29. William Sidney Smith, b. Aug. 14, 1893; d. Nov. 24, 1936; m. Dec. 
19, 1910, Fannie Mae Trice, b. Sept. 3, I89I , Barnesville, Ga., dau. 

of Robert Arthur and Nora (Fullerton) Trice of Upson Co., Ga.; she d. 
Apr. 14, 1963, Bulloch Co., Ga. Issue: 

i William Sidney Smith Jr., b. Nov. 20, 1911, Bulloch Co.; m. 

Sept. 19, 1943, Edith Gates, b. July 12, 1915, dau. of Albert 
Martin and Annette Rycroft Gates, Twiggs Co., Ga. Issue: 
(l) Frances Gates Smith, b. July 11, 1945; (2) William Sid- 
ney Smith III, b. Mar. 13, 1954. 
ii Frances Trice Smith, b. Sept. 9, 1914; d. May 28, 1917 
iii Arthur Trice Smith, b. Aug. 23, 1916; d. June 8, 1917 
iv Nora Bobb Smith, b. Aug. 13, 1918; m. Nov. 8, 1942, Albert Mar- 
tin Gates Jr., bro. to Edith GateB who m. her bro.. William 
Sidney Smith Jr. Issue: (l) Peggy Gates, b. June 10, I958 
v Ann Eliza Smith, b. Sept. 25, 1919. 

30. Lena Belle Smith, b. Nov. 3, 1895; d. Sept. 9, I96O; bur. Eastside 
Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Inman Murphy Foy, b. Dec. 22, I894, 

son of Maxie Ponita Olliff and Washington Kanasses Foy. Issue: 

i Rebecca Fay Foy, b. Aug. 16, 1917; m. Jasper Edmund Smith, b. 
July 6, 1912, son of Benjamin Edmund and Mary Elizabeth (Mal- 
lard) Smith. Issue: (l) Jasper Edmund Smith Jr., b. Sept. 
18, 1942; m. Paula Garson Banks, b. July 4, 1943, dau. of 
Hilton Lee and Pauline Clifford (Moore) Banka$ (2) Fay Foy 
Smith, b. Dec. 12, 1947; (3) Rebecca Ann Smith, b. Sept. 25, 
1952; (4) Mary Beth Smith, b. Sept. 25, 1952. 
ii Maxann'Foy, b. Jan. 10, 1922 
iii Inman Murphy Foy Jr., b. April 7, 1926; n. Anna Jacquelin 

Bowen, b. Mar. 21, 1927, dau. of George Bernard and Myrtis 
Sumner (Rushing) Bowen. Issue: (l) Inman Murphy Foy III, 
b. Nov. 2, 1951 ; (2) Gail Foy, b. Jan. 8, 1954. 

31. Nellie Smith, b. Oct. 18, 1899; m/l Oct. 11, 1922, Philip L. Suttler; 
m/2 June 28, 1952, Roy Randal. Issue: 

i Philip L. Suttler Jr., b. Aug. 12, 1923; m. Mar. 27, 1948, Sara 
Fair Aycock. Issue: (l) George L. Suttler, b. Jan. 26, 1949; 
(2) Susan Smith Suttler, b. Jan. 20, 1952. 

32. Isabel Martha Hall, b. Nov. 20, 1902; m. Oct. 23, 1924, Walter Edwin 
McDougald. Issue: 

i William Worth McDougald, b. July 26, 1925; m. Charlotte Ballen- 
ger of Summerville, Ga. Issue: (l) Susan McDougald, b. June 
5, 1952; (2) William Thomas, b. July 5, 1954; (3) Melissa, 


b. May 14, I964 
ii Donald Outland McDougald, b. Feb. 25, 1927; m. Betty Sue 

Brannen of Register, Ga. Issue: (l) Walter Edwin McDougald, 

b. Oct. 9, 1950; (2) Sally, b. June 14, 1953; (3) Margaret 

Brannen McDouglad, b. Sept. 16, 1959. 
iii Kichael Hall McDougald, b. Jan. 30, 1931; m. Ann Howard Perry 

of Columbus, Ga. Issue: (l) Gregory, b. June 6, 1962; (2) 

Ann Elizabeth, b. Dec. 19, I966. 

33. James Wilson Johnston, b. Feb. 21, 1912, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Feb. 

17, 1933, Richmond, Va. to Kary Violet Smith, b. Dec. 30, 1910, Rich- 
mond, Va. , Henrico Co., dau. of Lindsey & Elizabeth (Viers) Smith of Prit- 
chard, W. Va. Issue: 

i James Wilson Johnston Jr., b. Aug. 2, 1934> Roanoke, Va. ; m. 
July 25, 1956| Statesboro, Ga. to Sybil Jeanette Griner, b. 
Jan. 18, 1935 t dau. of Lonnie B. and Louise Griner. Issue: 
(l) Alicia Jeanette Johnston, b. June 3, 1963, Columbus, Ga. 
ii Stephen Lindsey Johnston, b. Jan. 28, 1943, Statesboro, Ga. 
iii Julia Viers Johnston, b. Sept. 22, 1946, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. 
Aug. 30, 1964i Statesboro, Ga. to Gary Lane Cowart, b. Aug. 
12, 1946, Statesboro, Ga. , son of K.C. and Myrtle Cowart. 

34. John Wesley Johnston IV, b. June 7, 1915i Statesboro, Ga. ; m. May 1, 

1942 in Roanoke, Va. to Sarah Kathleen Wyrick, dau. of Rhea and Leila 
Wyrick. Issue: 

i John Wesley Johnston V, b. Oct. 1950, Roanoke, Va. 

ii Cheryl Ann Johnston, b. Nov. 1954> Roanoke, Va. 

iii Joseph Rhea Johnston, b. Feb. 11, 1961, Roanoke, Va. 





"A Short History of Donaldson and Brannen Families", compiled for a 

Family Reunion in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., 1910, by William P. Donaldson 

a J. A. Brannen. 

i860 Census, Taylor Co., Fla. , page 844, family 134 

I85O Census, Madison Co., Fla., page 104, family 319 

Bulloch Co., Ga. Deed Book AAA, pg. 327; deed from Robert Donaldson to 

Thomas Brannen, Nov. 23, 1816 

Taylor Co., Fla., Marriage Book A-l, pg. 109 

Ibid, page 132. 

Family Bible which had belonged to Sarah Ann Smylie (Fraser) and William 

Donaldson Brannen; printed by William W. Harding, Philadelphia, 1869; 

now in possession of a granddau. Mrs. Maude (Brannen) Smith, Statesboro, 


Bulloch Co. Marriage Book 

Brannen Cemetery, Brooklet, Bulloch Co., Ga. Tombstones 

Eastside Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. Tombstones 

Will of Mrs. Anna S. Potter, made Jan. 14, 1932, Bulloch Co., Ga. 

1870 Census, Bulloch Co., Ga. 

1880 Census Bulloch Co. , Ga. 

Georgia Cemetery Records on Microfilm in State Library. 



1. John Donaldson was the first of the name of this immediate familv 

to come to America. ' He came from Ireland to North Carolina ca 
1774. He was a Scotchman who no doubt went to Ireland as an emigrant when 
England was bringing settlers to Ireland after it's conauest. He brought 
his family to Ireland after the conauest. At the time he came to America, 
Robert Donaldson, one of his sons, the grandfather of William P. Donald- 
son, one of the compilers of "A Short Historv of the Donaldson and 
Brannen Families", was a small bov and could remember crossing the Atlantic. 
He settled in North Carolina and later in Jones Co.. Georpia, and pro- 
bably died in that county. He was a Presbyterian. ' His children were: 
2 i Robert Donaldson 
ii Hughey Donaldson 
iii John Donaldson 

2. Robert Donaldson, as stated above, came to America when he was about 

five years old, ca 1774. * When grown he moved to Screven Co., 
Georgia and there married Peggy Erwin. ' They settled near Plitch, which 
is in Bulloch Co., where he served as a Primitive Baptist Minister for 60 
yrs. The 1850 census of Bulloch C. Ga . shows him living alone, 80 yrs., 
a Minister of the Gospel, b. in Ireland. 3 He d. Nov. 1, 185?, and his 
bur. in Donaldson Cemetery at Blitch, Bulloch Co. Ga . He had the follow- 
ing children: . 
i Mary, b. Feb. 23, 1791; m. Jan. 7, 1807, Oven Williams; 

no children, 
ii Susannah, b. Sept. 15, 1793» * W« Fred Williams; moved to 

Fla.; raised a large family there. 
iii Nancy, b. Dec. 31, 179^; J m. Thomas Brannen. SEE BRANNEN 
FAMILY, page 
Rebecca, b. Oct. 12, 1796 1 
John, d. in infancy 

Jane, b. Apr. 4, 1801; * m. Solomon Ralston; had three chn.; 
a dau. ro. Malcolm Lester, and had Daniel B. and Robert F. 
Elizabeth, b. Feb. 27, 1801 1 
James, b. Nov. 27, 1804 
William, h. Jan. 4, 1807; d. una. 1 
Sarah, b. Dec. 2?, 1808 i 
Martha, b. Dec. 10, 1810 1 

Robert G. Franklin Donaldson, b. Jan. 3, 181 ^; 1 ro. Dec. 14, 
1843, Susan Johnson, also of Bulloch Co. c He d. 10 davs 
later. William H. W. Lane, Susan E. M. Donaldson adminis- 
trators of estate of R. G. F. Donaldson; Robert R. Williams, 
surety; recorded Sent. 16 1844 
8 xiii Mathew, b. Aug. 27," 1815 ' 















1. "A Short History of Donaldson and Brannen Families", compiled for a Fam- 

ily Reunion in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga . , 1910, by William P. Donald- 
son and J. A. Brannen. 

2. Tombstone, Donaldson Cemetery, Blitch, Bulloch Co. Georgia 

3. 18 50 Census, Bulloch Co., Ga . , page 238, family #35. 

4. Bulloch Co. Marriage Book 1 £ 1-A, page 74. 

5. Ibid, Book 2-A, Dage 120 

6. Bulloch Co. Book ?-A , D age 134 


Rebecca Donaldson, b. Oct, 12, 1796 *; bur. Old Bethlehem Cemetery: 
m. Joseph Olliff, b. 1798 11 ; d. I865. 11 Occupation given in 1850 


census was Hatter. z Issue: (l) Kargaret, b ca 1827; (2) Franklin, b ca 
1810; (?) Owen, b ca 1832; (k) Mary Ann, b ca 1837. Joseph Olliff and 
Elizabeth Hodges were administrators of the estate of John D. Hodges, Jly 
11, 1846. 3 

4. Elizabeth Donaldson, b. Feb. 27, 180? 1; d. 185?; m. John Brannen, 
b. 1798 1 (grandfather of J. A, Brannen, one of the compilers of 

"A Short History of the Donaldson and Brannen Families" 1. She bur. Lower 
Lotts Creek Church Cemetery, Bulloch Co. Ga . He d. 1870; will made Aug. 
?lst 1870, probated Oct. ?, 1870. * Issue: (based on 1850 census and his 

i "riah M. Brannen 

ii William A. Brannen 

iii R. G. F. Brannen, b ca 18?4 

iv James Brannen, b. Oct. ?8, 1828; d. Jly 16, 1907; m. 

v Wade H. Brannen, b. ca 18?0 

vi Martha, b. ca 18??; m. Tullis 

vii Sarah Brannen; m. __^ Williams 

viii Theressa, b ca 18?5 (twin); m. Cone 

ix Amelia, b ca 18?5 (twin); m. Tootle 

x Winfilla Scott Brannen (son, minor 1870 when will made). 
John Brannen apparently married a second time after the death of his wife, 
for the will names wife *'arv. 

5. James Donaldson, b. Nov. ?7, 1804 1; m. Mar. 17, 1824, Dicy Nevils . 
He d. 1840; Dicey Donaldson and Thomas Nevills appointed administra- 
tors to the estate of James Donaldson, deceased; John Olliff, surety. Issue 
as show in guardian bonds, and 1850 census. 

i Mikell Donaldson; Dempsey Riggs appt. gdn. ' 

ii James 

iii Jacob, b ca 18?1 

iv Robert, b ca 18?? q 

v William, b. Dec. 28, 1834; d. Dec. 7, 1895; ro. Margaret 
(1841-1896); both bur. Lower Lotts Creek. 

vi Elizabeth, b ca 18?6 9 

vii Mozelle, b ca 18 38 
David Mikell was appointed guardian of the minor orphans of James Donaldson, 
dec'd with the exception of Mikell, who had Dempsey Riggs as his gdn. 

1. "A Short History of Donaldson and Brannen Families", compiled for a Fam- 

ily Reunion in Statesboro, Bulloch Co. Ga . 1910, by William P. Donald- 
son and J. A. Brannen. 

2. 1850 Census, Bulloch Co., Ga . page 2?9-R, family #58 

3. Bulloch Co. Book 4-A, page 6? 

4. Bulloch Co. Court of Ordinary, Book 1?-A, page 206 

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6. Bulloch Co. Book 2-A, page 90 

7. Bulloch Co. Book of Bonds, page 150; 

8. Ibid, page 149 

9. 1850 Census, Bulloch Co., Ga . , page 248, families #181 and 182. 

10. 1850 Census, Bulloch Co. Ga., page 250-R, family *214 

11. Family Bible of Nathaniel G. Hali & Sarah Ann Smylie (Fraser) Hall, pub. 
by Wm. H. Harding, Phila. 1869; owned by MaxAnn Foy, Statesboro, Ga . 


6. Sarah Donaldson, b. Dec. 23, 1808 1 ; m. Elisha Banks, b ca 1807. 10 
Shown in I860 census as a farmer. Issue based on census. 10 

i Martha Banks, b ca 1836 
ii Charles, b ca 1838 
iii Calvin, b ca 1841 
iv Thomas, b ca 1844 
v Elizabeth, b ca 1845 
vi Amanda , b ca 1848 
vii Ann, b ca 1849 

7. Martha Donaldson, b. Dec. 10, 1810 *; m. 1st Elzy Beasley; m. 2nd 
Barber Cone (1803-1886); he bur. Old Fellowship Bapt. Church; she d. 

in Bulloch Co. at an advanced age. * Had a large family, but compiler has 
only that shown in 1850 census, Bulloch Co., page 251. Issue: (l) Mary 
Beasley, b ca 1842. 

8. Mathew Donaldson, b. Aug. 27, 1815 1 ; d. Dec. 9, 1895 1 ! bur. 
Donaldson Cemetery, Blitch, Bulloch Co., Ga . ; m. Sept. 20, 1843 , 

to Elizabeth Hodges, b. Dec. 25, 1818, dau. of John D. Hodges; 
1894. The i860 census shows family living at Ogeechy in 
3; 1850 in Bulloch Co. 4 
William P., b. 1848 
James, b. Nov. 5» 1850 
Frank, m. Deborah Everett 

Harriett A., b. July 4, 1844 5; m , a. F. KcCroan, 5 b. 
Aug. 10, 1837; d. Nov. 15, 1906; both bur. Donaldson 
Cem., Blitch 5 
Laura, m. John Lee 1 
Margaret, m. Benjamin Lanier 1 

9. William P. Donaldson, b. Aug. 2, 1848 *: m. Dec. 21, 1871, Mary 
Lanier 1 b. Dec. 9, 1851. l Issue: °, » 

i Charles E., b ca 1873 

ii Robert H., b ca 1875 

iii Leon I., b ca 1877 

iv Bertha, b ca 1879 

v Daisy, b after 1880 

vi William Bruce 

vii Gordon 

viii Pearl 

ix Ruby 



d. June 

22, : 











1. "A Short History of Donaldson and Brannen Families", compiled for a 

Family Reunion in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga., 1910, by William 
P. Donaldson and J. A. Brannen. 

2. Bulloch Co., Ga. Marriage Book 2-A, page 117 

3. i860 Census, Screven Co., Ga . , page 816, family 269 

4. 1850 Census, Bulloch Co., Ga., page 238, family 34 

5. Tombstone, Donaldson Cemetery, Blitch, Bulloch Co., Ga. 

6. 1880 Census, Bulloch Co., Ga. page 5>, family 246 


10. James Donaldson, b. Nov. 5, 1850 1 ; d. Feb. 3, 1921 l { bur. 

Donaldson Cem. 5 m. Dec. 20, 1876, Annie Lee, b. Mar. k, 18S8; 
d. Oct. Ik, 1931. 1880 Census, Bulloch Co., page 53^, family #2^6 shows 
the following children: 

i Mary, b. Oct. 3, 1878; d. June 26, 1898; bur. Donald- 
son Cam. m. Mar. 18, 1897, Ambrose Temples 

ii Harriet, b. Sept. 1879 5 

iii Unnamed son, b. Aug. 12, 1882; d. Feb. 15, I883 5 

iv Unnamed, b. and d. Mar. 5t 1881 ' 

v Willie Lee (dau.), b. Sept. 12, 1881; d. Aug. ?0, 
1885 5 

vi Beulah B., b. Jan. 17, 1897; d. Aug. 25, 1903 5 
There were possibly other children who lived beyond infancy. 



The Everett family lived in Tyrrell Co., then Martin Co., N.C. in the 
mid-eighteenth century. 

1. William Everett Sr. left a will, dated 1776, in Martin Co., N.C. where 
the family had moved. He names a wife Saveah (Sarah?), and three chn. 

i William 

2 ii John 
iii Samuel 


2. John Everett was b. in Tyrrell Co., N.C, March 16, 1754 ; m. Sarah 
Fagan, b. 1746, N.C. Issue: 

3 i Joshua, b. 177*+; m. Jane Carter, Oct. 7, 1797 

4 ii Josiah b. 1776; m. Elenor _ 

iii Enoch, b. 1778; m. Margaret Byrd, Feb. 13, 1802, dau. of Israel 

Bird of Bryan Co. Ga. 
iv Jehu b. 1780 ; m. Mary Jones, Mar. 18, 1807, dau. of Bridger. 

5 v Hannah b. 1782; m. Charles McCall as his 2nd wife 
vi John b. 1784; m. (unknown) 

vii Aaron b. 1787; m. Mary Slater, Oct. 10, 1811 
The Everett family moved from Tyrrell Co. to Martin Co., N.C. John Everett 
was a delegate from Martin Co. to the N.C. Provincial Congress Aug. 21, 1776, 
and served as a private in the N.C. Continental Line in the Revolution. He 
was granted land in Martin Co. , and lived there until his removal to Effing- 
ham Co., Georgia about 1786 or 1787. 

He was cut out of Effingham Co. into Bulloch Co. in it's formation 1796, 
and lived there until his death in June 1828. He served as a lieutenant in 
the Bulloch Co. militia, 47th district, 1804-1808. He was cmmissioned Maj 2 
or of the Bulloch Co. militia Nov. 7, 1808, and served three or four years. 

He died testate in Bulloch Co., and his will dated July 29, 1820, was pro- 
bated July Term 1828, by Bulloch Co. Ordinary. He devised his estate to the 
children named above. The dau. Hannah was deceased in 1820 when he made his 
will, and her share was given her two children John and Sarah McCall. 

Sarah (Fagan) Everett-, is shown in the 1850 U. S. Census of Bulloch Co., 
Ga. as 104 years of age. 

The Bulloch Co. Clerk of Court's office, Record Book 5, page 257, shows 
that Sarah Everett, "for and in consideration of the natural love and affec- 
tion which I have and bear for and towards my grandchildren (great grand- 
children: editor) Sarah Ann Fraser, Caroline Fraser, Jane Fraser, Julia Hal- 
sey and Harriet Halsey, children of my grand-daughter, Sarah Stewart, widow, 
late the widow of Simon Fraser of Liberty County, deceased, .. .give. . .Neg- 
ro slaves..." Dated 6th October 18 37. 

Sarah Everett made a non-cupative will 20th May I85I, which was probated 
3lst May 1851, which was later contested in court.-' 

3. Joshua Everett, b. Sept. 27, 1774, Martin Co., N.C; moved with his 
parents to Effingham Co., Ga. and was^cut into Bulloch Co. 1796; m. 

in Bulloch Co. Oct. 7, 1897 to Jane Carter, "Jincy", b. N.C. Oct. 12, 17 80, 
probably dau. of Isaac Carter. 

1. "An abstract of North Carolina Wills" by Fred A. Olds, page 180. 

2. "Pioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia" by Folks Huxfor, Vol. 4, pg. 84-86. 

3. U. S. Census of Bulloch Co., I850, page 253. 

4. Office of Ordinary, Bulloch Co. Ga., Book 5-A, pages 251-252. 

5. Clerk of Court's office, Bulloch Co., Ga., Book FI, pages 114, 154-5, 167, 

6 Bul3och Co. Marriage Record, Book 1 & 1-A, page 7. 


Bulloch Co. deed records reveal that Mr. Everett was a large land-owner 
in his day, and owned many slaves. Deeds of gift to his wife and children 
are of record in Bulloch Co. conveying his large holdings, made mostly in 
November 18V; » not long before his death, total acreage conveyed was about 
7,000 acres of farm and timber lands, and 50-odd slaves. Issue: 

i Sarah C. b. Apr. 7, 1799; m. Michael Young, Mar. 25, 

1819; he b. 1797, son of William & Mary 
(Henderson) Young of Screven Co. Ga. 
li John Carter, b. Sept. 1, 1801, m. (unknown); d. left issue, 
iii William, b. Jan. 24, 1804, d. young, 
iv Josiah Jefferson, b. Nov. 10, 1806, m. Harriet Ann Archer 
v Aaron Barber b. June 20, 1809 m. Sarah Tillman 
vi Casandra Carter, b. Sept. 20, 1811 m. Joseph Isaiah Tillman 
vii Eliza Fagan, b. Nov. 9, 1813 ™- Benjamin Ellis, Feb. 27, 

I834. 1850 census Bulloch shows 8 chn. 
viii Ann Jane b. Jan. 10, 1817, d. young 
ix Joshua Bedford b. Aug. 1, 1818; m. Sarah Slater. Moved to 

Thomas Co. , Ga. 
x Jehu b. Dec. 10, 1822; m. Penelope Jones, Sept. 5, 

xi Pamelia b. Sept. 25, 1825; m. Hamp. Williams. 
Joshua Everett d. Feb. 14, 1846, at his home on Spring Creek in Bulloch 
(now Candler) County, and was buried in the old Everett buryiing ground on 
the home place. The widow later went to Thomas Co. and made her home with 
the son, Josiah J. Everett, and d. there Feb. 8, 1864. She was buried in 
the Everett cemetery on the old Everett home-place. Jane Everett, 70 yrs. 
living with Pammelia and Hampton Williams in Bulloch Co. in 1850 census. 

4. Josiah Everett, b. 1776; m. Elenor . Little is known of him. 

Bulloch Co. Book FI, pg. 158 in lerk of Court's office, shows that 

Jehu Everett was administrator to Josiafi Everett, Jan. 6, 1852. Book AAAA, 
pg. 415, Bulloch Co. refers to Josiah Everett, his wife Elenoij, and his 
youngest dau. Polly Ann, Apr. 7, 1820, gift of a slave from her grandfather. 

5. Hannah Everett, b. 1782 in Effingham Co., was cut into Bulloch Co. 
in it's formation 1796; m. Charles McCall Sr. as his 2nd wife ca 

1798. She d. 1805. "The Southern Patriot", Savannah, Ga. issue of July 
5, 1805 states, "In Bulloch Co. on 28th ult. , age 24 years, Mrs. Hannah 
McCall, only daughter of John Everett, Esq. of that county. Leaves an 
aged father and mother, several brothers, three helpless orphans and a num- 
ber of other relatives. There is a lengthy memorial" (Ga. Genealogical 
Magazine, Vol. 14, page 853- Issue: 

i Sarah McCall, b. 1799 or 1800, Bulloch Co.; m 1st Simon Fraser 
SEE FRASER FAMILY; 2nd Jeremiah Halsey; 3rd Alexander 
Stewart; and 4th Hardy G. Everett. She d. Bulloch Co. I858. 
She made a will April 10, I856, which was probated April 5, 
I858. She appointed her son-in-law, William D( onaldson) 
Brannen executor, 
ii John E. McCall, b. ca 1801, Bulloch Co.; m. Aug. 25, 1819 in 

Liberty Co. Ga. to Mrs. Margaret Baker, widow of/Thomas Baker 
Jr., Alexander Stewart (his step- father) surety. He died the 

1. "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia" by Folks Huxford, Vol. 4, pages 85-86. 

2. Ibid, Vol. 2, page 295 

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5. Bulloch Co. Ga. , Book 8-A, page 193-19** 

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7. Bulloch Co. Ga., Book AAAA, page 524. 


latter part of 1826, for on Jan. 1, 182? Margaret McCall was 
appt. admr. of the estate of John E. McCall; William-Goodman, 
John C. Everett, and Sam C. Slater bound for $2,000. 
iii The name of the third child is unknown to the compiler. The 
child is mentioned in the obituary of it's mother in 1805, 
but must have died by 1820 when John Everett made his will 
and devised his daughter Hannah's share to her two children 
John and Sarah McCall. 



This branch of the FRASER FAMILY has not been traced prior to 1785 with 
any certainty. There is a record of a deed conveying 150 acres in St. And- 
rews Parish, Ga. (later became Darien, Sapelo Island, Sea Islands), on Apr. 
1, 1768, which had been granted Feb. 3» 1762 to Simon Fraser, but there is 
no proof that this Simon Fraser and our ancestor are one and the same. 

1. Simon Fraser married Sarah Sullivan, dau. of Daniel Sullivan, on 

August 16, 1785 in historic old Midway Church, Liberty Co., Ga. 
The marriage was also announced in the "South Carolina Gazette and Public 
Advertiser", issue of Sept. 15, 1785 , which indicates a connection with 
S.C. Although there are Fraser families with the same given names in S.C. 
no connection has been found. On the other hand, the 1850 census of Liberty 
Co. (page 316-F, family #123) shows her born in S.C, therefore it is poss- 
ible that the Sullivan family came from S.C. 

He served during the American Revolution as shown on page 415 of the "Har- 
vey List". The "Augusta Chronicle and Gazette", published at Augusta, Ga., 
issue of Aug. 28, 1790, carries an item from LIBERTY COUNTY: "A list of 
Militia Officers with their rank, as established by order of Aug. 20, 1790 
... Korse Troop, officers commissioned July 23, 1798: Simon Fraser, Esq. 
Captain." He is shown serving on the Grand Jury in the August Term of Sup- 
erior Courts, Liberty Co. 1795. j,In 1797 he was elected Senator from Liberty 
Co. to serve in the Legislature. 

This Simon Fraser of Liberty Co. should not be confused with another of 
the same name and location who married Sarah Martin in Liberty Co. March 
24, 1821 (GGM 11:678). His tombstone shows that he was born in Inverne?=, 
Scotland in 1787; d. Jan. 6, I856; bur. Flemington Presbyterian Church Cem. 
His wife Sarah (Martin) Fraser, was b. Mar. 15, 1797, dau. of Martin Martin 
d. Nov. 27, 1885. They may have been related as there is a similarity in 
the names of their children. 

Children of our Simon Fraser and his wife (.Sarah (Sullivan) Fraser were: 

2 i John Edward Fraser, b. Nov. 1793 . Liberty Co., Ga. , 

3 ii Andrew Fairchild Fraser, b. Jan. 22, 1795, Liberty County., Ga. 

4 iii Simon Alexander Fraser, b. Feb. 7, 1798, Liberty Co., Ga. 7 
Simon Fraser died 1812 in Liberty Co. He made a will Oct. 22, 1812, and it 
was probated Dec. 16, 1812. (See copy of will in Appendix). His wife was 
named executrix, and his son John Edward Fraser, and friends Peter Winn, 
Daniel Stewart, Andrew Walthour; and nephew Donald Fraser, executors. 

An appraisement of the estate was given as $56,257.30 (Liberty Co. Admin- 
istration Record, 1800-1845). 

A lengthy inventory and appraisement of the estate of Major Simon Fraser 
dated Dec. 8, 1819, lists 128 head of slaves, 743 acres known as Woodville 
Plantation, certain lands on the Satilla River (county not known), and a 
tract of land on Mill Creek with the mill and residence; also Orchard Plan- 
tation, 158 acres, and several other tracts of land; total appraised value 
of negroes $27,025 and of lands $8,881.50. Notes and accounts listed, tot- 
al $4,111.94. Total estate $39,089.44, was taken by the appraisers, divided 
into three shares, and share #2 was drawn by John E. Fraser. The other two 

1. Georgia Genealogical Magazine, *4, pages 174-5; from "Colonial Con- 
veyances (Ga.) 1774-1775, Book 1, page 47 

2. History of Midway Congregational Church, Liberty Co. Ga., by James Stacy 

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Nov. 14, 1797; G.G.M. #5, page 245 

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7. Ibid, page 208 


shares were not drawn for at that time. On Feb. 0, I8l6 there was a divi- 
sion of the estate of SimongFraser, between Andrew Fraser and Simon Fraser, 
"the only remaining heirs". 

Mrs. Sarah (Sullivan) Fraser, widow of Major Simon Fraser, married 2nd 
on March 26, 1814 in Liberty Co. to James Smylie Jr. 

Liberty Co. Ga., Book K, page^ 159-60 contains a "Deed of Gifts", dated 
Dec. 31» 1812 from Simon A. Fraser to Sarah Fraser, the widow of Simon Fraser, 
Esq. "my dec. father", for "Natural love and affection which I have and do 
bear toward my affectionate and much respected mother, Sarah Fraser, 
the widow and relict of Simon Fraser, esq., my dec. father; consideration 
5#, for six slaves and increase; witnesses: John E. Fraser and Samuel Far- 
ville, J. P. An addition to this document, added Dec. 21, 1820, is 
interesting. "To all whom the above shal come. Know ye, that I, Simon A. 
Fraser, above, signed, sealed and delivered the above named slaves and 
their increase, to my mother, Sarah Fraser, whilst a minor, and now in 
order to secure the right title and interest and benefit of the above named 
slaves in and to James and Sarah Smylie forever, without any incumbrance, 
I have again set my hand and seal this 4th day of December 1820. Signed 
Simon A. Fraser". 

2. John Edward Fraser, b. Nov. 1793i Liberty Co., Ga. ; m. Aug. 1, 1812 

Liberty Co. to Kary Sullivan . He may have married a second time 
for his will shows the name of Margaret as his wife. The will was made on 
June 7, 1819, and probated July 20, 1819, in Liberty Co. Executors are his 
brother Simon A. Fraser, Robert W. MCIntosh, and James Smylie Jr. (his step 
father). Witnesses are: John E. McCall (his uncle), Simon A. Fraser (his 
brother), and Henry Dregors. His children are: 
i John Sullivan Fraser 
ii Sarah Elizabeth Fraser 
Mrs. Sarah Smylie, mother of John Edward Fraser, was appointed guardian of 
the children. "On Jan. 4, I83O, the Court ordered Mrs. Sarah Smylie, gdn. 
of John S. Fraser, orphan of John E. Fraser, dec'd. , dismissed on her neti- 
tion. George W. Walthour qualified as gdn, of John S. Fraser, orphan of 
. Fraser; Moses W. Way, surity." Estat 

Andrew Fairchild Fraser, b. Jan. 22, 1795i Liberty Co., Ga. ; m. on 

John E. Fraser; Moses W. Way, surity." Estate shows 59 slaves 

Andrew Fairchild Fraser, b. Jan. 22, 1795. Li 
Aug. 18, 1813, Liberty Co., to Eliza Sullivan 


4. Simon Alexander Fraser, b. Feb. 7, 1798, Liberty Co., Ga. ; tn. Jan. 

16, 1816, Bulloch Co. Ga. to Miss Sarah McCall, dau. of Charles Mc- 
Call Sr., Esq. and his 2nd wife, Hannah (Everett) McCall. They lived in 
Liberty Co. and had the following children. 

5 i James Raysor Fraser, b. Jan. 15, 1818, Riceboro, Liberty Co. 

6 ii Sarah Ann Smylie Fraser, b. Nov. 28, 1819, Riceboro, Liberty Co. 

7 iii Caroline A. Fraser, b. ca 1822; m. 1st in Bulloch Co. Jan. 1842 

to Edwin Everett; 2nd in 1854 to Archibald Stubbs. 

8. G.G.K. #22, page 1490, from Liberty Co. Deed Book G pages 327-332. 

9. G.G.M. #22, page 1492; Liberty Co. Deed Bool' G. nage 410. 

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8 iv Jane E. Fraser, b. ca 1827 (23 in 1850 census Chatham Co., pg. 

259R); D. May 6, 1847, Samuel N. Papot. 1 

9 v Julia Fraser, ob ca 1828; m. Feb. 11, 1852, Bulloch Co., to Geo. 

Simon Alexander Fraser died between the birth of his youngest child ca 1828 
and 1831, for his widow remarried Oct. 30, 1831 in Chatham Co. Ga. to Jere- 
niah Halsey. Issue from this marriage was: ^ 

i Harriet 0. Halsey, b ca 1834, Ga..! m - April 28, 1850, Chatham 
Co., Ga., to Francis K. Jones. 
Jeremiah Halse; died, and his widow married 3rd Alexander Stewart, and had 
one child by him. 

10 i Alexander W. Stewart, b ca 1839; g. May 20, 1857, Bulloch Co. 
Ga., to Mary Ann Stubbs, b I838 . 
Alexander Stewart died Dec. 1837 in Bulloch Co. J his widow was appointed 
administratrix of the estate of Alexander Stewart on Jan 1, I838 (Bulloch 
Co., Book X, Inferior Court Records). „ 

Mrs. Sarah Stewagt m. 4th on May 1, 184-2 in Screven Co. to Hardy Everett 
b. ca 1782 in N. C. She died in uulloch Co., Ga. 1858. Her will, made on 
April 10, 1856, was probated April 5. 1858. she named as her executors, 
her son-in-law, William D. Brannen and friend Hardy B. Hodges, but Mr. Hod- 
ges would not qualify. 

The grave of Simon Alexander Fraser has not been located by the compiler. 

5. James Raysor Fraser, b. Jan. 15, 1818 , Riceboro, Liberty Co., Ga.; 
m. March 10, 1839, Chatham Co., to Sireter Jane Oliver , b. Dec, 2, 
1823 in Ga., dau. of George md Sarah Ann (Edwards) Oliver; and granddau. 
of Henry and Sarah (Forsythe) Edwards. Geo. Oliver was b. in Huntford near 
Jedburgh, Scotland. Issue: 

George Oliver Fraser, b. 1850 
Leila Alvaretta Fraser, b. Feb. 12, 1852 
Simon James Fraser, b. Jan. 17, 1854 Ga. 

Henry McCall Fraser b. I856, Ga.; d. unm, 1918, Chatham, Co. 
Ga. ; bur. Laurel Grove Ceroetry, Savannah, Ga. 
v Donald John Fraser, b. Oct. 28, i860; d. Nov. 22, 1914, Chat- 
ham Co.; m. Belle Heise, b. June 22, 1870; d. Nov. 10, 1924, 
Chatham Co.; both bur. Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah. 
James Raysor Fraser served as 1st Lieut, of Brown's Light Infantry; later 
as Capt. Commissary, 47th Ga. Regt. He was a farmer near Halcyondale in 
Screven Co. Ga. , and is shown in Screven census records. According to a 
story which has come down in his family, he was apprenticed as a boy to a 
printer named Fell, who upon hearing that he sought the hand of his dau. 
abused him so much he ran away going to Charleston, S. C. Later he returned 
to Savannah. His descendants (Mrs. Driscoll) still have a beautiful silver 
cup inscribed as follows: "The Phoenix Rifleman to Mrs. Saleta Jane Fraser, 
May 1st 1852. We forget not whose fair hands made and presented our first 
banner". The compiler had the privilege of seeing this beautiful cup. 







1. Chatham Co. Marriage Book 1806-1851, page 181 

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10. Tombstone, Laurel Grove Cemetery, Lot #1621, Savannah, Ga. 

11. Chatham Co. Ga. Marriage Book 1806-1851, page 71 


At the time of his death, Feb. 27, 1877, James R. Fraser was serving as 
a Locomotive Engineer on the Central of Georgia Railway, and was killed in 
a railroad accident near Cedar Keys, Fla. His widow died Nov. 15, 1901 in 
Chatham Co. , Ga. 

6. Sarah Ann Smylie Fraser, b. Nov, 28, 1819, Liberty Co., Ga.; m. 1st 
March 22, 1838, Nathaniel Green Hall; and 2nd Aug. 22, 1847 in Bul- 
loch, Co., Ga. A full account of her two marriages and all of her children 
will be found in the record of the Brannen family. She d. June 23, 1906 
and is buried in East Side Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. 

7. Caroline A. Fraser, lj> ca 1822; m. 1st on June 30, 1842, Bulloch Co. 
Ga. to Edwin Everett ; he d. and she m. 2nd2ca 1854 to Archibald 

Stubbs. Her children according to census records were : 

i Hardy G. Everett, b. 1850, Ga. 

ii James S. Everett, b. 1853 

iii Thomas A. Stubbs, b. ca 1855 

iv Brooks Stubbs, b ca 1857 

v Grace E. Stubbs, twin, b. 1859 

vi Gabriellat Stubs, twin, b. 1859 
Possibility others; not checked beyond I860 census 

8. Jane E. Fraser ,4b ca 1827 ; m. May 6, 1847, Chatham Go., to 
Samuel N. Papot » ° ca 1824, a Ship Carpenter, b. Ga. Issue: 
i Sarah A. Papot, b. 1848 

Possibly others; not checked beyond 1850 census. 

9. Julia Fraser, b ca 1828; m. Feb. 11, 1852 Bulloch Co. Ga. to 
George W. Statesbury . The 1350 census of Screven Co. (pg 2-R) 

shows Dr. Peter Statesberry, 3° years, iving in the home with her parents; 
relationship, if any, unknown. James V.^'tatesbury of Bulloch Co. made a 
will June 5» i860; probated July 2, i860 in which he requests that his 
body be interred in the town of St. Karyi5 in Camden Co. in the Family Bury- 
ing Ground; and beaueaths to the children of his brother George W. States- 
bury, to wit: George, Ester, Harry Hall Statesbury. Executors are his bro- 
ther George W. Statesbury and friend Alexander Stewart of Scrgven Co. Wit- 
nesses: W. K. MacLean, John C. Lee, and Sarah U. M. KacLean, 


10. Alexander W. Stewagt, b. ca 18^7 ; 0. May 20, 1857, Bulloch Co^ Ga. 
to Mary Ann Stubbs , b ca I838 Ga. Issue as shown in census: 
James E. Stewart, b ca I858 

i James E. Stewart, b ca I858 

ii Sarah G. Stewart, b. I860 

iii Sydney G. Stewart, b. Apr. 18, 1864; d. December 24, 1935; m. 

Cornelia Waters, b. Feb. 6, 1877; d. December 10, 1951; both 
bur. Macedonia Bapt. Church, Bulloch Co. (Tombstones) 

iv William S. Stewart, b ca 1866 

1. Bulloch Co. Marriage Book 2-A, page 107 

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7. Screven Co., Ga., 1870 Census, page 6 #42; Bulloch Co. 1880 census, 
page 517-R #188 

8. Bulloch Co. Marriage Book 19-A, page 5. 


v Julian Francis Stewart, b ca 1869 
vi Daniel A., b ca 1875 
vii Charles A. Stewart, b ca 1878 
Possibly others; the 1880 census is the latest available to the public. 

11 George Oliver Fraser, b. 1850; g. Nov. 10, 1870, Chatham Co., Ga. to 
Julia A. Hetterick , d. ca 1881 . Julia A. Fraser was made guardian 

to Julia E. , James S. , and Georgia S. , orphans of George Fraser on Nov. 7, 
1881 • 

12 Lela Alvaretta Fraser, b. Feb. 12, 1852; d. Nov. 23, 1923, Chathaij) 
Co., Ga.; m. Feb. 10, 1870, Chatham Co. to Joseph Edward Fulton. 

Issue: (as given by daughter Mrs. S. Porter Driscoll Sr. of Savannah, Ga. 
to compiler on July 15, 1966.) (order of birth of last three not known) 
i Charles F. Fulton; m. Elizabetl Adams; both deceased 

one dau. Leila Fulton, m. William Leonard Merriman 
ii Margaret Fulton; m. Richard Webb, of England; one son, Richard 

Fulton Webb, is in construction business, Miami, Fla. 
iii Joseph Edward Fulton, Jr.; dec'd.; m. Elizabeth Vaughan; no 

iv Robert Eugene Fulton; d. unm. ; lived Portland, Oregon. 
13 v Jane Louise Fulton 

vi William Fulton, died young 
vii Edith Fulton, died young 
viii James Fulton, died young 
Josenh Edward Fulton, the son of Charles Fulton, was a Capt. in Civil War; 
was a descendant of Paul Fulton and Sarah Osgood of Liberty Co., Ga. 
Lela A. (Fraser) Fulton died Nov. 23, 1923, Chatham Co., Ga. 

13. Jane Louise Fulton, b. Sept. 16, 1895> ro> in Savannah to Sidney Porter 

Driscoll, a certified public accountant; executive of Union Bag 
Corp., vice-president of V/TOC Broadcasting Co. in Savannah, Ga. Issue: 
i Sidney Porter Driscoll Jr., b. Dec. 26, 1920; m. 1st 

Catherine Morrell; div.; m. 2nd Mrs. Emily (Powers) Coffin. 
Issue by 1st wife: (l) Susan Porter Driscoll, b. May 8, 
1955, Savannah 
ii Jeanne Fraser Driscoll, B. March 24, 1924, social worker, 
Dent, of Public Welfare, Savannah, Ga. 

1. Chatham Co. Ga. Marriage Book 1866-1873, page 77 

2. Chatham Co. Guardian Bonds, Book C, page 213 



"It is said that the name of this family, both in this country, and in 
England, is variously spelled Hardy, Hardie, Hardey, and Hardee , and it 
is affirmed that this numerous family with the different u variations of 
spelling, are descended from the Norman knight DeHardie. 

Various records show a John Hardy to be in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia 
in 1647 and 1666, and in Hew Kent Co., Va. in 1660, but there is no connec- 
tion known to the compiler. 

The John Hardy who was ancestor to the Kenans, left a will in Chowan Co. 
II. C. The will was made Jan. 19, 1719 and probated March 16, 1719- In this 
will he names his brothers William, Thomas and Jacob Hardy; his wife Rebecca 
and daughters Elizabeth and Mary. Other legatees were: Katherine Stancell, 
Richard Pickering, and John Butler. Executors were: William Hardy, Thomas 
Pollock and Robert West. Witnesses were John Holbrook, Lawrence Sarton, and 
John Luerton. 

John Hardy is shown on the 1717 Tax List of Chowan Co., K.C. - 4000 
acres and four taxable persons. 

John Hardy and his family lived on Salmon Creek Branch next to Thomas 
West. John and. Rebecca Hardy made a deed of gift ca 1717 to his brother 
William Hardy. In 1713 Able Turner gave John Hardy power of attorney to 
collect debts due his father Henry Turner with Isaac Hill as witness. A 
John Hardy was apprenticed 1695 "to William Stevens. He was executor of the 
estate of William Lowerton in Chowan Co. in 1710. 

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Rebecca Hardy, married Nathaniel Hill. 

Mary, daughter of John and Rebecca Hardy, married Col. John Hinton, Esq 
of Chowan Co. [SEE HINTON FAMILY!. 4 

After the death of Col. John Hinton in Chowan Co. 1732 [Will probated 
25 April 1732], his widow Mary (Hardy) Hinton married second, Thomas 
Holladay. His will was made August 30, 1741 and recorded in Chowan Co. 
Sept. 8, 1744. It does not mention a wife, therefore it is assumed that 
she died prior to 1741 1 and that they had no children since none are men- 
tioned in his will. 

1. Colonial Families of the Southern States, page 261 

2. Abstract of N. C. Wills, by Grimes, page 150 

3. Albemarle Papers, Vol. 2, 1715-1739, page 10. N.C. Archives (CR 2.0002) 

4. Index and Digest to Hathaway's N. C. History and Genealogical Register, 
by Ray S. Worth, pages 47, 74. 



There is strong evidence, though proof is lacking as far as the compiler 
has been able to determine, that the HEDLESTON name was originally the Salz— 
burger family of Helfenstein who came to Ebenezer in Effingham Co., Georgia 
in 1726. There is proof that this family changed their name to Helvenston. 

The earliest records found by the compiler with the name spelled Hedles- 
ton, are those in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. William Hedleston 
made his Last Will and Testament in Williamsburg Co., S.C. March 7, 1834, 
and it was probated May 12, 1834- The 1830 census of Williamsburg Co. 
shows him as 70-80 years of age, which would place his birth 175Q-60. His 
wife was still living in 1830 and her age is shown as 60-70 yrs. He owned 
nine slaves. 

The book "History of Williamsburg" by William Willis Boddie, 1923, lists 
the occupation of William Hedleston as coroner. He owned cpiite a lot of 
property in Williamsburg Co. as shown in records of deeds. These deeds 
show his wife as Isabella , and refer to him as William Hedleston, Sr. Esq. 
William Hedleston is shown in 1816 as one of the "Justices of the Quorum" 
(Court). One deed shows that he owned property in Williamsburg Co. as ear- 
ly as 1786. 

In the will of William Hedleston (copy in Appendix), his son James, who 
he states has moved to Alabama; son John; dau. Margaret Nesmith; grand- 
children Jane Hedleston (John's dau.), Sarah Hedleston; two granddau. 
by dau. Kargaret when she was married to Gibson; grandsons John and William. 
Executors: son John, and friend Thomas McConnell. 

The only clue located of where John Hedleston lived in Georgia, is in 
the "Columbia Museum" published in Savannah, Ga., issue of July 8, 1819, 
page 3 column 1, "Mr. Lesesne and family and John Hedleston ' s carriage 
overturned 8-10 miles west of Savannah". 

The composition of family and descendants is shown below. 

1. William Hedleston, b ca 1750 to 1760; m. Isabella; d. 1834 Willi- 
amsburg Co., S.C. where he had lived for many years. Issue: 

2 i. James Hedleston, b. Oct. 8, 1788, Williamsburg Co., S.C. 

3 ii John Hedleston, b. between 1790 and 1800 

iii Margaret; m. 1st Gibson; m. 2nd Samuel Nesmith. 

William Hedleston was a Justice during a period of time, and a Coroner; 
owned lots of land in 'Williamsburg Co. and some in Sumter Co. on Lynchs 

2. James Hedleston, b. Oct. 8, 1788, Williamsburg Co., S.C. (tombstone) 
d. May 29, 1842 Greene Co. Ala., bur. Concord Cemetery, near Havana, 

area became Hale Co. 1867. Married Eliza ; she still living I85O cen- 
sus of Greene Co. Ala, pg. 147- Issue: 

i Jane W., b. Nov. 17, 1815; d. Jan. 19, 1885, bur Concord, Ala. 

m. Feb. 6, 1834, Greene Co. Ala., Thos. E. Wilson, b. Sept. 

15, 1810; d. Oct. 12, l874; g bur Concord. Dau. Eliza A., b. 

1836 m. I856, D. T. Morrow. 

1. "The Salzburgers and Their Descendants" by P. A. Strobel. The Univ. of 
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ii Sarah F., b. Dec. 26, 1<|S22; d. Sept. 29, 1846 1 . 

iii Mary Louisa, b. oa 1825 i m. Jan. 24, l845> Greene Co. Ala. to 
Dr. Jas. A. Fulton, b. 1820 Tenn. ; Issue; Jas. H., b. I&48; 
Emma J., b. Jan. 3, I865; d. Jly. 29, 1866 ' j 

iv William David, b. May 9, 1828; d. Dec. 20, 1867 i m. Martha A. 
Fulton, dau. of William Fulton; granddau. of Paul Fulton; and 
gr.grdau. of Paul Fulton Sr. and Sarah Osgood of Midway Church, 
Liberty Co., Ga. Issue: (1) William Fulton Hedleston, b. 
Jan. 26, 1856; d. Sept. 27, 1857; (2) Lawrence V., b. Jan. 3, 
1857; d. Sept. 25, 1873; (4) Rev. Winn David Hedleston, b. 
Apr. 25, 1862, Green Co. Ala. (named Winn after Hev. Thos S. 
Winn of Liberty Co. Ga., their pastor), became a minister and 
served as pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Oxford, Mies.j 
said to be a gifted and promising young minister. 

v James L., b. ca 1832 

vi Emma S., b. ca 1834 

3. John Hedleston, b between 1790 and 1800 (census); m. ca 1817; d. 
between 1836 and 1844 (deeds Williamsburg Co., S.C.) Issue: 

i Jane Pressley Hedleston, b. Sept. 15, 1818; m. George C. Gotea 
son of John Cfotea; had one child d.y. (Deed Bk F, pg. 613, 
Williamsburg Co., S.C, Nov. 21, 1854, statement by Wm. D. 
Hedleston, brother). All three dec'd. by 1854.,- 

ii John James, b. July 17, 1820 ; d. Sept. 11, I85I . 

4 iii William Davis Hedleston, b. Feb. 22, 1822, Ga. 

4. William Davis Hedleston, b. Feb. 22, 1822, Ga.; d. Nov. 10, I879 in 
Camden Co. Ga. ' ; m. April 9i 1846, Chatham Co. Ga., Ann Susannah 

Ulmer, dau. of_Charles and Mary Ulmer, b. Aug. 3, 1825 i d - Jan. 11, 1880, 
Camden Co. Ga. Both are buried in Burnt Fort Cemetery, Camden Co. Ga., 
just off state highway #252, about 15 miles from Folkston, Ga. Tombstones 
show same dates as Bible record. Issue: - 

i Mary Agnes, b. July 15, 1849; d. June 11, I854, Camden Co. Ga. 

ii John Pressley, b. Aug. 10, I85I; d. June 13, 1854 . 

iii Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 6, 1853; d. April 2, 1859 '' 

5 iv William Charles, b. Apr. 7, 1856 

5. William Charles Hedleston, b. April 7, 1856 ; d. March 9, I89O, in 
Statesboro, Ga., was the first person buried, in East Side Cemetery, 

Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Nov. 7> 1878, Bulloch Co. Ga. , Alvaretta Rebecca 
Gertrude Brannen, "Allie", b. March 14, 1858 , Bulloch Co. Ga*. dau. of 
William Donaldson and Sarah Ann Smyley (Fraser) (Hall) Brannen ; d. May 
7, 1943 , bur. East Side Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. [See BRANNEN family]. 

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11. Family Bible; belonged to Sarah Ann Smyley (Fraser) (Hall) Brannen; 
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now in possession of Mrs. Grady Smith, Statesboro, Georgia. 


Issue of William Charles and Alvaretta (Brannen) Hedleston: 

1879; d. 



May 26, 188CT 

William Davis Hedleston II, b. 
bur. Camden Co., Ga. 

Ernestine Sutton Hedleston, b. Oct. 8, lSSl^, Camden Co., Ga. 
m. James Shields Kenan I [See Chapter II, # 36]. 

Samuel Barlow Hedleston, b. Aug. 24, 1883 , Camden Co., Ga. 

Jefferson Davis Hedleston, b. IIov. 18 

Annie Gertrude Hedleston, b. Jan. 12, 1888 , Camden Co., Ga. 

Elizabeth Hedleston, b. May 6, 1889 4 

Maggie Lou Hedleston, b. June 18, I89O, Statesboro, Ga.; d. 
June 28, 1890, Statesboro, Ga. 
The obituary of William Charles Hedleston states that he attended Bradwell 
Institute (Liberty Co., Ga.) and his wife attended the same institution. 
He was publisher of the Statesboro Eagle at the time of his death; was bur. 
with Masonic honors. He was secretary of the Sunday School of M. E. Church 
for some years. 





Mrs. Alvaretta (Brannen) Hedleston 

6. Samuel Barlow Hedleston, b. Aug. 24, 1883 , Camden Co., Ga.j d. July 

11, 1946 , Statesboro, Ga.; m. Jan. 24, 1904 , Bulloch Co., Ga-, 

Susie Edna Hodges, b. Feb. 5, 1877 , Bulloch Co., Ga.; d. May 29, 1943 , 

1. Family Bible; William Charles and Alvaretta Hedleston 

2. Tombstones, East Side Cemetery, Statesboro, Ga. 

3. Bulloch Co., Ga., Marriage Book 1904- , pg. 40. 

4. Family Bible; belonged to William Davis Hedleston; printed on cover, 
"W. D. HEDLESTOU I85I"; possession of William Barlow Hedleston 

5. Chatham Co., Ga.,Book 3Ys, page 447 

6. Bulloch Co., Ga., Marriage Book 1904- , pg. 79 

7. Chatham Co., Ga., Book 2 Qs, pg. 58. 


Statesboro, Ga.; both bur. East Side Cemetery, 3tatesboro, Ca. Susie was 
the dau. of Glenn and Martha Edna (Bird) Hodges. Issue: 

8 i Giendine Elizabeth Hedleston, b. Feb. 16, 1905 i Statesboro, 0a. 

9 ii William Barlow Hedleston, b. July 13, 1906 , Statesboro, Ga. 
iii Mattie Lou Hedleston, b. Dec. 17, 1908, Statesboro, Ga.; d. 

Hay 13, 1925 i unm., Statesboro, Ga. ; bur East Side Cem. 

iv Herbert Nathaniel Hedleston, b. Sept. 19, 1910| Statesboro, Ga 
d. Dec. 8, 1926, Statesboro, Ga. ; bur. East Side Cem. 

v Infant dau., b. Aug. 6, 1912; d. Aug. 8, 1912, Statesboro, Ga. 
bur. East Side Cem. 

vi Edna Mae Hedleston, b. Sept. 23, 1915 1 Statesboro, Ga.; m. 

July 4> 1936, Statesboro, Ga., Redie L. DeLoach, b. Oct. 12, 
1909, Bulloch Co., Ga., son of Jeff J. & Maggie (DeLoach) De- 
Loach. Issue: Suzette DeLoach, b. Sept. 21, 1942, Statesboro 
Ga.; m. Oct. 15, 1966, Vero Beach, Fla., John Arthur Morse. 
[Data given by Mr. & Mrs. DeLoach, who live Vero Beach, Fla. 


7. Annie Gertrude Hedleston, b.,Jan. 12, 1888 , Statesboro, Ga.; d. 

Sept. 8, 1965i Savannah, Ga. ; m. June 20, 1906, Statesboro, Ga. , 
Charles Milton Yarborough, b. Feb. 26, 1880, Liberty Co., Ga. , son of Elijah 
and Mary (Keaton) Yarborough; d. Sept. 3, 1955? Chatham Co., Ga. J Issue: 

10 i Virginia Ann Yarborough, b. Aug. 1, 1908, Savannah, Ga. 

11 ii Thomas Hedleston Yarborough, b. Apr. 23, 1910, Savannah, Ga. 

12 iii Mary Carolyn Yarborough, b. llov. 9> 1913, Savannah, Ga. 

13 iv Charles Milton Yarborough Jr., B. Sept. 29, 1924, Savannah, Ga. 
[Data furnished by Mrs. Virginia (Yarborough) Sedwick]. 


8. Giendine Elizabeth Hedleston, b. Feb. 16, I905 , Statesboro, Ga.; m 

Oct. 12, 1921, Statesboro, Ga., Mooney Alphonso Strouse, b. Oct. 28, 
1902, Bulloch Co., Ga., son of Jake S. and Annie (Deal) Strouse. Issue: 

i Sammy Alphonso Strouse, b. Dec. 1, 1937 

ii Edna Elizabeth Strouse, b. Nov. 24, 1938, Statesboro, Ga. ; d. 
Mar. 16, 1967; m. May 13, 1955, Metter, Ga., Charles Ray 
Hollingsworth, b. Kay 18, 1935 1 Bulloch Co., Ga. , son of 
Lloyd and Bessie (Deal) Hollingsworth. Issue: (l) Patricia 
Kay, b. Nov. 24, 1956; (2) Michael Ray, b. Nov. 11, i960. 
[Data furnished by Mrs. Elizabeth (Strouse) Hollingsworth]. 
Elizabeth Hollingsworth bur. Bethlehem Primitive Bapt. Church 
Cemetery, Bulloch Co., Ga. 


9. William Barlow Hedleston, b. July 13, 1907 , Statesboro, Ga.; m. 

Miami, Fla., Debbie Durrence, b. Claxton, Ga. Issue: 

14 i William Anthony Hedleston, b. Dec. 18, 1935, Claxton, Ga. 

ii Donald Herbert Hedleston, b. Sept. 18, 1937, Fort Lauderdale; 

m. Jan. 30, 1965, Elaine Stephens 
iii Mary Joan, b. Aug. 19, 1943, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
[Data furnished by William Barlow Hedleston and wife]. 

1. Tombstones, East Side Cemetery, Statesboro, Georgia 

2. Family Bible; belonged to William Davis Hedleston; printed on cover, 
"W. D. HEDLESTON I85I"; possession of William Barlow Hedleston. 

3. Chatham Co., Ga. , Book 3Ys, page 447 

4. Bulloch Co., Ga., Marriage Book 1904- , page 79. 

5. Chatham Co., Ga., Book 2 Qs, page 58. 


10. Virginia Anne Yarborough, b. Aug. 1, 1908, Savannah, Ga. ; m. Aug. 8, 
1935 » Savannah, Ga. , Harold B. Sedwick of Augusta, Ga., b. Nov. 30, 

1901, Blackshear, Ga., son of John Alexander and Martha (Johnson) Sedwick; 
he d. Oct. 8, 1952, Savannah, Ga., bur. Bonaventure Cem. Issue: (l) Elaine 
Virginia Sedwick, b. June 14, 1936, Savannah, Ga. ; d. Dec. 13, 1955, bur. 
Bonaventure Cem., Savannah; (2) Harold B. Sedwick Jr., b. July 20, 1937, 
Savannah, Ga. ; ra. July 20, 1957, Macon, Ga., to Betty Sue Adams, dau. of 
Jewel Adams. Issue: Debra Elaine, b. Aug. 25, 1958; d. Nov. 10, 1958; 
Elisa Cecil, b. Jan. 20, 1961; Dana Van, b. Hay 2, 1962. 

11. Thomas Hedleston Yarborough, b. Apr. 23, 191°, Savannah, Ga. ; m. 
Sept. 1938, Sheldon, S.C., Beatrice Priester, b. May 15, 1913, Shel- 
don, S.C., dau. of George and Mary Priester. Issue: (l) George Milton, 

b. July 22, 1946; (2) Anna Paris, b. Aug. 25, 1949- 

12. Mary Carolyn Yarborough, b. Nov. 9, 1913, Savannah, Ga. ; ra. Apr. 12, 
1931, Savannah, Ga. to John Hugh McPipkin Jr., b. July 1, 1910, Jesup 

Ga. , son of John H. and Claudia Julie McPipkin Sr. Issue: (l) Julie Anne, 
b. Dec. 11, 1934; ra. June 20, 1954, Henry Lamar, son of Earl and Agnes Mil- 
ler, Sylvania, Ga. Issue: Pamela Elaine, b. Jan. 18, 1957; Steven Lamar, 
b. Aug. 15, 1958; Carol Lynn, b. Sept. 30, 196I. (2) John Hugh McPipkin III, 
b. Dec. 6, 1938; m. Aug. 10, I960, Barbara Lee Patterson, dau. of William 
and Martha Patterson; issue, Jennifer Lee, b. July 11, 1965, (3) David 
Ronald McPipkin, b. June 12, 1940; m. Aug. 20, i960, Elizabeth Anne Saxon, 
dau. of Carlton and Dorothy Saxon. (4 & 5) Twins, Marilyn and Hyrtice Sue, 
b. Dec. 24, 1937; d. Jan. 1938. 

13. Charles Milton Yarborough Jr., b. Sept. 29, 1924, Savannah, Ga. ; 

m. June 5, 1949, Auburn, Ala., Lavinia Kelly, b. Aug. 3, 1932, dau. 
of David and Mary Kelly. Issue: (l) Charles Milton III, b. May 7, 1951, 
Houston, Texas; (2) David Kelly, b. Jan. 22, 1953, Houston, Texas; (3) 
Peggy Anne, b. Apr. 26, 1958, Savannah, Ga.; (4) Kevin Douglas, b. June 1, 
1963, Huntsville, Ala.; (5) John Thomas, b. Sept. 4, 1964, Huntsville, Ala. 

14. William Anthony Hedleston, b. Dec. 18, 1935, Claxton, Ga.; m. Dec. 
28, 1955, Pompano Beach, Pla., Charlotte Starling. Issue: (All b. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) (l) William Anthony Hedleston II, "Biff", b. June 
19, 1957; (2) David Brian, b. Aug. 6, 1958; (3) Alecia Beth, b. Feb. 10, 
1961; (4) Brett Jeffrey, b. Jan. 19, 1965. [Data furnished by William 
Barlow Hedleston and wife] 

Data for #10 thru 13 furnished by Virginia Sedwick and Carolyn McPipkin. 



There is a long history, showing succeeding generations of the Hynton 
family of England, found in "A Carolina Virginia Genealogy" compiled by 
York Lowry Wilson, 1962, pages 104-114- The extensive English background 
will not be given here, but will begin with the last few generations prior 
to their coming to America. 

Sir Thomas Hinton, b. 1574, d. 1 Feb. 1635; m. Catherine Palmer, dau. 
of John and Elizabeth (Verney) Palmer of Fairfield and granddau. of Sir 
Thomas Palmer of Parham, Sussex, England and his wife Catherine Stradling. 
Sir Thomas Hinton was a large stockholder in the London Co. for the settle- 
ment of Virginia; grad. A.B. Queen's College, son of Anthony Hinton of Earl- 
scote and Chilton Foliot. (in Burke's General Armory of Great Britain are 
described the coats-of-arms of no less than twelve families of Hinton. The 
name was sometimes written Hynton. The arms of the Hinton of "Earlscote" 
and "Chilton Foliot" correspond with those used by the Chowan N.C. branch 
of the family, the founder of which was John Hinton. They had five sons 
and two daughters, four of whom married and left issue: 

i Sir Anthony Hinton, m. Mary Gresham 

ii Sir William Hinton, m. Mary Popham 
2 iii Sir John Hinton, M.D., m. Elizabeth Dilke 

iv Mary Hinton, m. Capt. Samuels Mathews, afterwards Governor of 

2. Sir John Hinton, M.D., b. 10 July 1603; d. 10 Oct. 1682; grad. A.B. 
Queen's College 1625; field surgeon Royal Army, fleet surgeon Drake's 

flagship MAYFLOWER, physician-in-ordinary to Queen Henrietta Maria and to 
Prince of Wales; knighted by King Charles II for his services in the Great 
Plague; m. while in Holland, Elizabeth, whose surname was Baid to have 
been Dilke. He came to Virginia with his brother-in-law, Capt. Mathews in 
1622, remaining two years; his brothers Thomas and Sir William Hinton came 
to the Colony in 1634, out returned to England in 1637. In 1666 there came 
to Md. the first, fifth and sixth sons of Sir John Hinton: Thomas, Clement 
and Richard Hinton. 

3. James Hinton, a son of Sir John Hinton, a Barrister of London; grad. 
of Queen's College; married, but the name of his wife is unknown. 

He had three sons who came to America, settling in Chowan Precinct, Province 
of North Carolina. One of these sons was; 

4. Colonel John Hinton, younger son. He first appears in the American 
records when he came with his brother William, and William's wife 

Elizabeth "prior to 1710" to Chowan Precinct. Either he returned to London 
for his family or they joined him later. Since his second son, Col. John 
Hinton, was born in London, it was evidently the birthplace of his elder 
children. Another brother, James, came later to the Province. He acquired 
a large landed estate. He was given the title of Colonel, but there is no 
record of his military service. "We find in 1730, in Chowan (now Gates Co.), 
Col. John Hinton, a man of prominence, wealth and wide-spread connection 
with many of the most influential families of the Colony". 

He married Mary Hardy, the daughter of John Hardy, who was said to be a 
descendant of Sir Robert Hardy. [See HARDY Family Sketch] . 

John Hinton made his will June 21, 1730 in Albermarle Co., Chowan Pre- 
cinct, N.C, and it was probated 25 April 1732. In it he names his wife 
Mary, and their four sons and seven daughters: John , Hardy, William, Mala- 
chi, Rachel, Mary, Sarah, Nancy, Charity, Rose, and Judith. Of these eleven, 
only four, other than John, have been traced beyond youth. 

5. Colonel John Hinton, eldest son of Col. John Hinton #4, born in Lon- 
don, England, removed to what was then Johnston Co. (later Wake) 


six miles east of the present town of Raleigh, near the banks of the Neuse 
River. He took up many thousands of acres of land by grant from Earl Gran- 
ville. They followed the course of the Neuse River, beginning some distance 
above Milburnie, and extending far into Johnston Co., a distance of many mi- 
les. In some places the property ran four miles both to the east and west 
of the river. In 1768 he was the Major of Provincial troops in the county 
of Johnston. When Wake Co. was erected in 1770, he became Colonel of the 
Colonial forces in the new county. He participated in the battle of Ale- 
mance, 16 May 1771, against the Regulators, and his bravery was referred to 
by Governor Caswell in a message to the Legislature. He was a delegate from 
Wake Co. when the Provisional Congress of H. C. met at Hillsborough in Aug. 
1775- On 9 Sept. 1775 1 ne was appointed Colonel for Wake Co. by the Assembly 
and also a member of the Committee of Safety for the Hillsborough District. 
He was a member of the Provincial Congress at Halifax, N.C. in April 1776., 
He actively participated in the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, Feb. 1776. 
He died in the spring of 1784 (see copy of will in Appendix). 

He married Grizelle Kimbrough, daughter of Buckley (or Berkeley) Kim- 
brough, and granddau. of Colonist John Kimbrough I and his Becond wife, 
Margaret Berkeley or Buckley. Grizelle was b. ca 1720. Issue: 

i John Jr., a Major in the Rev. and a representative from Wake 

in the Legislature; m. Ferebee Smith, dau. of the founder of 
Smithfield, in Johnston Co. and lived at "Clay-Hill-on-the- 
Neuse." There is a picture of this lovely old home in 
"History of Wake Co. N.C." by Hope Summerall Chamberlain, 
1922, page 80. 
ii James, a Rev. officer in active service; m. Delilah Hunter, 

dau. of Col. Theophilus Hunter, of "Hunter's Lodge", Wake Co. 
iii Sarah; m. Needham Bryan Jr. of Johnston Co. 

iv Martha; m. Col. Joel Lane. After her death he m. her sister, 
v Mary; m. Col. Joel Lane of "Bloomebury" on whose old planta- 
tion stands the present city of Raleigh, 
vi Alice; m. Capt. John James; he d. 1799 New Hanover Co.; issue 
Hinton (1st grad. of Univ. of N.C.), Mary, John, Alice, Eli- 
6 vii Elizabeth; m/l John Rand; m/2 Thomas James 
viii Kimbrough 

ix David, b. 1774; d. 10 Oct. I85O, of "The Oaks", Wake Co., 
planter; m. 1791 Jane Lewis, dau. of Howell Lewis. 

6. Elizabeth Hinton, b ca,1762, Wake Co., N.C; m. Dec. 21, 1779 in 
Wake Co. to John Rand. Issue: (l) Mary Rand, b. Jan. 17, 178l, 
Wake Co.; m. Jan. 3, 1800, Thomas Kenan, son of General James Kenan. See 
Chapter II # 1-2-1. She d. Sept. 21, 1856, Selma, Ala. John Rand made 
his will in Wake Co., N.C, 23rd Aug. 1781, and it was probated Dec. Term 
of Court 1781. Elizabeth Rand, widow, was appt. gdn. of dau. Mary, June 3, 
1782, with Joel Lane and James Hinton, giving bond with her. 

Elizabeth (Hinton) Rand m/2 June 14, 1783, Wake Co. to Thomas James, 
son of Thomas and Mary James of New Hanover Co., N.C. Issue: six dau. 
[See Family Sketch on JAMES for further information on Mary Rand and on James. 

1. Colonial Records of N.C, Vol. X, pg. 166, 215, 501, 532. 

2. A Carolina Virginia Genealogy, compiled by York Wilson, pg. 104-114 

3. Wake Co. Marriage Bonds in N.C. Archives - 1778 

4. Wake Co. Wills, Book A, pg. 158 

5. Bible of Daniel Love Kenan 

6. Duplin Co. Court Minutes in N. C Archives 

7. Ibid 8. Ibid 

9. Ibid, Oct. 19, 1809 

10. Ibid, Jan. 24, 1817 

11. Duplin Co. Marriage Bonds, by Cora Bass. 



This JAMES family has not been traced by the compiler beyond Thomac James 
in New Hanover Co., N.C. It is entirely possible that the family moved from 
Virginia and belong to the group of Jameses there, but this has not been 
verified. Records of Lancaster Co., Va. show Thomas James as early as 1659. 

Thomas James is found in Hew Hanover Co., N.C. as witness on the will of 
Robert Burleigh, Wilmington, Sept. 12, 1737; probated Sept. 12, 1754. He is 
shown in a list of subscribers to a petition to the Governor for roads from 
Wilmington, New Hanover Co., Dec. 24, 1754; and a petition to the Governor 
re cattle, Feb. 19, 1757 • A list of the troopers in the Mew Hanover Co. 
Troop commanded by Capt. William MacKenzie in Nov. 1755 > contains the name 
of Thomas James. He is also shown on the Tax List of New Hanover Co. in 
1755 » and taxed for two whites and eight Negroes. He is shown serving on 
the Jury at various times in New Hanover Co. from June 1741 thru Mar. 1761. 
(Court Minutes, N.C. Archives). 

He was appointed by the Court March 6, 1761 as administrator of the est. 
of Jonathan Thomas, dec'd. Thomas James died between that date and June 3, 
1761 when his widow Kary James filed an inventory of the est. of Jonathan 
Thomas, leading one to wonder if Thomas James had married the dau. of Jona- 
than Thomas, but this has not been proven. Widow, Mary James, qualified as 
executor of Thomas James estate and filed an inventory. Alex Duncan was 
one of the executors in est. of Thos. James, but relationship, if any, has 
not been proven. 

Mary James, widow, m/2 July 29, 1762 to Or. William Forester, New Han- 
over Co. The compiler has not found a record of her death. 

1. Thomas James is found in New Hanover Co., N.C. as witness to a will 
on Sept. 12, 1737, therefore would have been at least 21 yrs. of age 

which places his birth no later than 1716. He m. Mary (possibly Thomas). 
He d. bet. Mar. 6th and June 3rd 1761, New Hanover Co. Issue: 
i David 
ii James 
2 iii Thomas 

iv Elizabeth 
v Mary 

vi John, m. Alice Hinton, dau. Col. John Hintcn; he d. 1799, l' ew 
Hanover Co., N.C. Issue: Hinton [1st grad. Univ. N.C.] 
lived 1776-1847, ni. 3 times, Sarah Moorehead, Mary Ann Watson, 
and Ann Hand; (2) Mary; (3) John, (4) Alice; (5) Elizabeth. 

2. Thomas James was a Pvt. in Capt. Thomas Armstrong's Co., 2d N.C. 
Batn. , commanded by Col. John Patten, and appears on the Am. Rev. 

Muster Roll Jan. and Feb. 1778. He m. 14 June 1783, in Wake Co., to Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Hinton) Rand, widow of John Rand; dau. of Col John Hinton and 
Grizelle (Kimbrough) Hinton; and grdau. of Col. John Hinton and Mary (Hardy) 
Hinton of Chowan Co. [See HARDY and HINTON family sketches]. By this 
marriage, he became the step-father of Mary Rand, dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth (Hinton) Rand. Issue: 

i Mary Rand, (step-dau of Thos James), b. Jan. 17, 1781, Wake Co. 
m. Jan. 3, 1800 to Thomas Kenan, son of General James Kenan. 
[See Chapter II, #l]. She d. Sept. 21, 1856, Selma, Ala. 
ii Alice James, b ca 1784 (census); m. April 19, 1808, Robert 

Middleton, son of James and Mary (Nixon) Middleton. DAR re- 
cords show that they had a son, Thomas James Middleton who 
m/2 Amanda Wiley. Their dau. May Middleton was b. Lowndes 
Co. Ala.; m. Hartley Allen Moon. [DAR #59610, Vol. 60, p. 207] 


iii Mary James, b. March 9, 1788; m. March 13, 1809, Duplin Co., 
N.C. to Daniel Love Kenan. She d. Oct. 28, 1811. [See 
Chapter II #5. 

iv Grizelle James, b ca 1789 (census); d. ca 1816, still a minor; 
gdn. Daniel Love Kenan. (Duplin Co. Court Minutes) 

v Elizabeth James, b. Feb. 14, 1796; m. June 17, 1812, Duplin 

Co. to Daniel Love Kenan, whom her sister Mary had first mar- 
ried then died. [See Chapter II #5]. A record of her death 
has not been found by the compiler and it is not known whether 
she d. before or after Daniel Love Kenan and family moved to 
Quincy, Fla. in 1831. 

vi Temperance James, b ca 1798; m. ca l8l6 or 1817 to Dr. J. N. 

Nixon. There is a deed of gift from her mother Jan. 1817 in 
Duplin Co. Court Minutes in N.C. Archives. This family also 
moved to Gadsden Co., Quincy, Fla. She d. July 22, 1835 in 
Quincy, where the "Floridian" carried a newspaper item "Died 
in Quincy, July 22, 1835 - Mrs. Temperance Nixon, wife of 
Dr. J. N. Nixon. She was a dau. of Mr. Thomas James of Dup- 
lin Co., N.C." 

Apparently one of their descendants named a child after 
Daniel Lafayette Kenan, son of Daniel Love Kenan and Eliza- 
beth (James), because there is a tombstone in the book of 
cemeteries compiled by the Mormons showing "Daniel Lafayette 
Nixon, b. Oct. 1854, died March 23, 1936. 

Just as Thomas James had been a step-father to Mary Rand; after the death 
of Thomas James in 1799, Mary Rand's husband Thomas Kenan was appt. gdn. to 
her half sisters, children of Thomas James, until Daniel Love Kenan, brother 
to Thomas James, married Mary James, after which the Court appt. him gdn. 
of "Grizzy, Betsy and Temperance James, minor orphans of Thomas James, Esq. 
deceased" (Duplin Court Minutes, July 18, I8O9, in N.C. Archives). Jan. 16, 
1810, the matter was again before the Court due to the division of real est. 
known as the Molton plantation, and it shows that Robert Middleton, entitled 
to one part, requested Lot #1. 

Elizabeth James, mother of these children, is listed in the 1800 census 
of Duplin Co., pg. 401, showing no males, six females, and six slaves. By 
Jan. 1817 all children had either married or died. 

1. Colonists of Carolina, by Abee, pages 245-246. 

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7. Ibid, June 3, 1761. 

8. Records of New Hanover Co. in N. C. Archives: Deed Book E, pg. 73. 

9. Records from National Archives. 



The name is variously spelled in records as Kimbro, Kimbrough, Kimberely 
Kimborow, Kembrelle, Kiraber and others. Those in America are thought to 
all be descendants of Colonist John Kimbrough. 

Colonist John Kimbrough is first found in the area of Port Tobacco, Md., 
a thriving and promising port of that day. He is later found in St. Maries 
(Mary's) He apparently left Port Tobacco prior to 1673 as there is found 
a land transfer of that date stating the land was formerly held by John 
Kimberely. That he was a man of substance is indicated by his suing for 
the recovery of a loan of a fair quantity of tobacco. In addition, he 
sat on juries in the presence of members of the Calvery family, the Lord 
Baltimores. Sometime in 1676 he left Maryland and his suit against Pope 
Alvey, which had been continued for the third time, was dismissed on 20 
May 1676 . 

Colonist John Kimbrough is next found in New Kent County, Virginia in 
the same year (1676) and later in I678, petitioning the House of Burgesses 
of Virginia for a pension by reason of a lameness. He is again petitioning 
for a pension in 1680 and is granted a pension of 1,000 pounds of tobacco 
and cask yearly for the remainder of his natural life. There are a number 
of records showing he collected the pension until 1714. Colonist John Kim- 
brough settled in Hew Kent Co., Va. in the area in which Colonel Nathaniel 
Bacon (of the Bacon Rebellion) caused great damage to property. In those 
days all able-bodied men were subject to call by the militia. There is no 
definite proof, but it is reasonable to assume Colonist John Kimbrough in- 
curred his lamenesSpWhile serving in the militia against the depredations 
of Nathaniel Bacon. 

Col. Nathaniel Bacon, late of England and anxious to show his mettle, 
and a force of men from the frontier appeared at Jamestown before Governor 
Berkeley and the assembled Burgesses, demanding a commission to lead a force 
against the Indians who were harassing the frontiers. The manner in which 
Col. Bacon received his commission and the vigorous manner in which he 
operated against the Indians aroused the ire of Gov. Berkeley. Bacon was 
reprimanded and he Btarted on a campaign of revenge in an area where a num- 
ber of his relatives lived, including another Col. Nathaniel Bacon. The 
frame church of the area, as well as Jamestown, is said to have been burned 
by Col. Bacon. The Colony of Virginia paid for much property damage Bacon 
inflicted and granted a number of pensions for personal body injuries suf- 
fered during the period of difficulty. On 3rd Aug. 1676 Gov. Berkeley met 
Col. Bacon with a show of force. Col. Bacon was injured and fled to the 
home of a physician where he died. He was buried secretly. 

Another church is not known to have been built In the area until after 
1700 when the brick St. Peter's Church was built. The Church of England 
was the dominant faith of this area of Va. at that time and the Vestry of 
the Church performed a number of governmental functions, such as the proces- 
sioning of the lands, orders for surveys, taxing, etc. Thus, any early land 
records of the early emigrant Kimbrough family in Virginia were destroyed. 
St. Peter's Church was gutted of its furniture and used as a stable during 
the Civil War; and the adjoining graveyard and headstones were damaged or 
destroyed. Incomplete records of the Vestry of St. Peter's have since been 
found and published. 

There is a court order of 1699 (New Kent Co., Va.) restricting the en- 
croachment of the white settlers to a distance of three miles from the vill- 
age of the Pamunkoy Indians. In this court order specific mention is made 
of 1500 acres of land held jointly in the names of John Kimbrough, William 
Winston and John Longworthy. Their title was ruled valid inasmuch as the 

1. Archives of Md., Vol. LXV, Proceedings of the Provincial Court I670/I- 
1675. Court Series (10), page 90. 

2. Kimbro— Kimbrough Quarterly, No. 1, page 3-4. 


quit rents had been paid regularly since I685. This was somewhere near the 
Pamunkey River in an area known as the Pamunkey Neck. 

In 1687 Colonist John Kimbrough was granted a patent for 475 acres for 
paying the passage of nine persons to the Colony of Virginia. Two of the 
passengers were Colonist John Kimbrough and a Mary Kimbrough. They were re- 
turning to the Colonies after a visit to the homeland and had paid the pas- 
sage of former neighbors or their children to the Colonies and thus acquired 
more land. This was more affluence than a pensioner should show, and in 
1688 it was referred and recommended to a committee of the Va. House of Bur- 
gesses that his pension be discontinued unless granted for life "for John 
Kimbrough is very well able to maintain himself". Continued payment of his 
pension was confirmed in I69O and continued to be paid until near the time 
of his death, which occurred sometime between Dec. 1715 a-nd 3 April 1716 
when reference is, made to "Widow Kimbrough" in the orders for the procession- 
ing of the lands. 

Shortly after, or while, the brick St. Peter's Church was still under 
construction, Colonist John Kimbrough was spokesman for a committee of men 
petitioning for the construction of a chapel in their area of the parish be- 
cause of their remoteness from church. After the petition was approved by 
the Vestry of St. Peter's Church, Colonist John Kimbrough made known his in- 
tention to donate two acres of land, all manners of timber and a spring to- 
ward the construction of the chapel which became known as St. Paul's Church. 
Services were held in Colonist John Kimbrough 's home while St. Paul's was 
being built. St. Paul's was destroyed by the British during the Revolu- 
tionary liar and there is nothing to indicate where the church once stood. 

Legend is persistent in several branches of the family that Colonist 
John Kimbrough arrived in the colonies, in the company of a Robert Douglas, 
with a wife Kary and children, John Jr., Marmaduke and Jane. Legend is also 
persistent that the maiden name of his wife was Mary Douglas(s). A Robert 
Douglas(s) and a James Douglas(s) are found in Md. in the area where the . 
immigrant Kimbrough family settled and lived for a period of about ten yrs. 

The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James 
City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786, records the birth of Bulkley Kimbrough, 
son of John Kembriell Sr. by Margt. on November 17, 1699 • Opinions have 
differed among descendants and genealogists, as to whether the second wife 
of John Kimbrough I was Margaret Berkeley or Margaret Buckley, and there 
are records (not proof) which support each theory. The compiler leans to- 
ward the name of Berkeley. Margaret Berkeley is said to have been related 
to Sir William Berkeley; and gave her maiden name to her son Berkeley 
(Bulkley). Mary and Susan Reed, great granddaughters of John Lewis of 
Pittsylvania, brother of Howell Lewis, married respectively Albert and 
Berkeley Kimbrough of this family, which gives further evidence that the 
name of Buckley Kimbrough was really Berkeley Kimbrough whose mother was 
Margaret Berkeley. 

Buckley Kimbrough probably married in Virginia, ca 1720-25, a Miss Eng- 
lish. His name appears in the Hanover Co. Va. recirds, pg. 21, in connec- 
tion with the settlement of the estate of John English. 

There is a deed, dated 4 Sept. 1735 > from Bulkley Kimbrow, Planter of 
St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co. Va. to William Simson, for 55° acres. 
This likely dates when he left Virginia for North Carolina. 

The first found of him in N.C. are in Edgecombe,Co. records, in the 
will of Philip Mulkey, 19 Dec. 1736, May Court 1737 , but his name is in- 
correctly printed as Backley Kimbrough. He was witness, with Isaac Win- 
ston, to the will of William Parrishe, Edgecombe Precinct, 20 Jan. 1735-6 

1. Kimbro-Kimbrough Quarterly, No. 1, pages 4-5- 

2. A Carolina Virginia Genealogy by York Wilson, pages 114-116; and Misc. 
Family Records, William Gaston Chapter DAR, Gastonia, N.C. 

3. Abstract of N. C. Wills, by Grimes, page 260 

4. A Carolina Virginia Genealogy by York Wilson, pages 114-116. 


probated August Court 1736 • 

Buckley and his wife had the following children: 

i Hathaniel, b ca 1732; d. I78I Wake Co., II. C; m. Mary Alston, 
b. June 4> 1730, dau. of Solomon Alston by his wife Ann Hin- 
ton, dau. of John Hinton of Chowan Co., N.C. Issue: sons, 
John and James; daus. Elizabeth Warren, Ann m. Richard Moore 
1773; Charity m. Lewis Moore of './ake Co., removed to Ruther- 
ford Co., Tenn. ca 1810, then to Shelby Co. Tenn. ca 1820, he 
d. 1828, she d. 1835; Penny; Polly; Sally 

ii John Kimbrough, memb. N.C. Assembly from Guilford Co. 1773; 

was Major in Am. Rev.; moved to Great Peedee, S.C.; m. Han- 
nah Kolb; he d. 1796 • Issue: Gilly [nickname for Grizelle] 
Hinton Kimbrough m. Isaiah Dubose. 

iii Frances Kimbrough m. Col. Samuel Benton of Oxford, Granville 

Co., N.C, appt. J. P. for Granville Co. by Gov. Tryon; his 
estate of 1,000 acres was called "Oxford", giving it's name 
to the town now there. 

iv Grizel Kimbrough, m. Col. John Hinton of 'lake Co., N.C, son of 
John Hinton and his wife Mary (Hardy) Hinton of Chowan Co. 
N.C. [SEE HINTON Family Sketch]. 

v Elizabeth Kimbrough, m. Col. Thomas Loyd and removed to S. C. 
before the Am. Rev. They had a dau., Mrs. Wilson who died 
without issue. 

vi Ann Kimbrough, m/l William Alston; m/2 Jeconias Yancey. 
Buckley Kimbrough died in Edgecombe Co., N.C. 1743. [Edgecombe Co. Deed 
Record 3, p. 309. 



1. John Kimbrough I, b ca 1654 England; d. 1716, New Kent Co., Va. m/2 
Margaret [surname probably Berkeley, or Buckley, or Bulkley]. 

2. Buckley Kimbrough, b. Nov. 17, 1699, New Kent Co., Va. ; d. 1743 in 
Edgecombe Co., N.C; m. probably in Virginia, a Miss English, dau. of 
John English of Hanover Co., Va. ca 1720-25. 

3. Grizelle Kimbrough, m. Col. John Hinton of Wake Co., N.C, son of Col. 
John Hinton and his wife Mary Hardy Hinton of Chowan Co., N.C. 

Note : The compiler joined "The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century" 
on the lineage of John Kimbrough I. National # 6795 • 

1. Kimbrough - Kimbro Quarterly, Vol. Ill, No. 4, pages 21-22. 



The McCall family is of Scotch ancestry. Members of the family had to 
flee from Scotland to Ireland on account of religious persecution, and 
after remaining many years in Ireland, emigrated to America.- About 1730, 
members of this branch of the McCall family came to America and settled in 
Pennsylvania. They were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, and settled in the 
Cumberland Valley, near where the town of Shippensburg, Penn. is now. About 
two and a half miles froa there was the Middle Springs Presbyterian Church 
where the McCall family worshipped. In 1864 in the War between the States 
the town of Chamber sburg, Pa. was burned and many of the McCall records 
were lost in the fire. 

1. Francis McCall, b. in Ireland of Scotch parentage ca 1710, came to 
America in 1730, and settled in Cumberland Valley, near Shippens- 
burg, Penn. His name first appears in Penn. records in 1737. He was a 
member of the Middle Spring Presby. Church where his name is found on the 
Book of Sessions of the Church in 1745. He married in Penn. (name of wife 
not known). In 1746 he migrated with his family to the New River settle- 
ment in southwest Virginia in order to obtain more and better lands for his 
growing family. But the Indian raids forced him to leave this settlement 
and move to N. C. and settled in that part of Anson Co. which is now 
Mecklenburg Co. Colonial Records of N. C. show he was active in politics, 
a member of the Colonial militia in 1764-66, and an influential man in his 
community. He obtained a Royal Grant of land on Twelve Mile Creek, Anson 
Co. in 1762, signed by Governor Arthur Dobbs of N. C. He owned much land, 
as is shown in Land Records, Raleigh, N. C. , 1762-3-5-6-7. He was a Rev. 
Soldier and a Patriot; gave material aid. and in 1777 was appointed Con- 
stable in his Dist. , and in the militia. In 1781 an act was passed grant- 
ing to the inhabitants living on the southeast side of Mecklenburg Co., N.C. 
the privilege of holding a separate election for members of the Assembly; 

an act making it lawful for the Sheriff or his deputy to hold this election 
at the home of "Francis McCall. His hone was on Twelve Mile Creek and 
Cedar Creek. 

He is listed in the 1790 census of.Mecklensburg Co. , N. C. with himself 
and three females composing the family. He made his. will Nov. 25* 1793; 
probated April 1794, with dau. Jean Porter exeeutrix. ' Issue: 1 

2 i Charles, b. 1732; m. 1st Celete Ann Williams; 2nd Hannah Everett 
ii George 
iii Francis Jr., Rev. Soldier; tax assessor, Mecklenburg Co., N.C; 

in militia 1778 
iv Thomas, b. 1740; m. a cousin, Rachel, dau. of James McCall 
v Joseph, a Rev. Soldier, Mecklensburg Co., N.C. 
vi Jean; m. Capt. Porter, Rev. Soldier, Mecklensburg Co., N.C. 
vii Elizabeth; m. Thomas Walker, Rev. Soldier, Mecklensburg Co. 
viii Mary; m. John Gibbs 
ix Iber; m. Mikel Secrest 

2. Charles McCall, b. 1732, Penn.; d. 1814, Bulloch Co., Ga.; m. 1st 
1755. S.C., Celete Ann Williams, dau. of Rev. Robert Williams, first 

pastor of Welsh Neck Bapt. Church, Society Hill, S. C. Issue: 5 

1. "McCall-Tidwell and Allied Families", pages 13-14. 

2. N.C. Colonial Records, Vol. 24, page 248 

3. 1790 Census of North Carolina, page 163 

4. Book B, page 74, Mecklenburg Co., at N. C. Archives, Raleigh, N. C. 

5. "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia", compiled and published by Folks Huxford 
Vol. 4, pages 207-8. 


Issue of Charles McCall and his first wife, Celete Ann Williams, 
i. John, b. 1756; Rev. Sol. S.C.; remained in S.C. 
li David, b. 1758, S. C. ; m. Frances Fletcher, dau. of William 

Fletcher, Rev. Sol.; she b. July 11, 1767, S. C. ; he d. 

1844, Telfair Co., Ga. where he lived, 
iii George, b. 1760, S.C; Rev. Sold. S.C; moved Ga., returned S. 

C; m. 1st Elisabeth Burnett; 2nd Elizabeth Sanders, dau. 

Nathaniel Sanders; he d. Jan. 9, 1837, Society Hill, S. C 
iv Henry, b. 1764; Rev. Sol. S.C; moved to Ga. , returned to S.C. 
v William, b. 1766, S.C; Rev. Sol. S.C; moved to Ga.; in 1820 

census Screven Co. Ga.; m. 1st 1789, Ann Fletcher, dau. of 

William Fletcher; m. 2nd 1800, Mary Pearce, b. 1767, dau 2 of 

Joshua Pearce Jr.; he d. Jan. 12, 1830, Screven Co. Ga. 
vi Elenor, b. 1768; m. 1786 Ogeechee, Ga., McKeen Green Jr. 

son of McKeen Green Sr., Rev. Soldier of Ga. ^ 

vii Nancy, b. 1772; m. Jan. 27, 1796, Bulloch Co., Stephen McCoy, 

Rev. Soldier. He d. 1814, Bulloch Co. Ga. 
viii Francis Jr., b. 1772; m. 1st Jan. 21, 1802, Bulloch Co., Sarah 

Pearce, b. 1780, Effingham Co., dau. of Joshua Pearce Jr.; 

she d. 1842, Tattnal Co.; he m. 2nd Mrs. Sarah Mattox, b. 

1782, N. C He was Sheriff, State Senator, and in War of 1812 

He d. 1851, Tattnall Co. Ga. 5 
ix Robert, b. 1773, S. C; m. Feb 25, 1801, Effingham Co. Ga., to 

Mary Lanier, "Polly", b. 1783, Sussex Co. Va., dau. of Lewis 

Lanier, Rev. Soldier. He was Sheriff of Bulloch Co.; they 

later moved to Lowndes Co., Ga. where he d. 1857; she d. 1870. 
x Charles Jr., b. J776; ra. Dec. 15, 1799, Bulloch Co., Mrs. Betsy 

(Lanier) Stith b. 1786, Sussex Co. Va., dau. of Lewis and 

Ann (Butler) Lanier, 
xi Nathaniel, b. 1780; m. Dec. 2, 1807, Bulloch Co. Ga., Mary John- 
xii Mary, b. 1783; m. William Wright. 
Charles McCall m. 2nd, Hannah Everett, b ca 1781, Bulloch Co., dau. of 
John and Sarah (Fagan) Everett, natives of N. C who had moved to Bulloch 
Co. Ga. (See EVERETT family). Hannah died 1805 . 

3 xiii Sarah, b. ca 1799, Bulloch Co., Ga. 

4 xiv John E. , b ca 1801, Bulloch Co., Ga. g 
xv (name unknown to compiler; obit of Hannah states three chn.) 

Mr. McCall was a large slave owner and planter. He was wealthy and influ- 
ential in his day, both in S. C and Ga. He was a Rev. Soldier, serving in 
S. C militia, and furnishing much in the way of supplies. He was granted 
200 acres of bounty land in Effingham Co., Ga. for his services, and moved 
there in 1785. His land was cut out of Effingham into Bulloch Co. in its 
creation, and died in Bulloch in 1814. 

He held the office of Justice of Peace in 1792-95, and again 1802-5; 
Justice of Bulloch Inferior Court; Senator from Bulloch 1799, 1801, 1802; 
Representative 1798, 1803, 1805, 1806, 1808. He was a delegate from Bul- 
loch Co. to the State Constitutional convention 1798. 

He was buried in the Everett Cemetery in Screven Co. , Georgia. 

1. "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia", Vol. 4, pages 207-8 

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8. The Southern Patriot, Savannah, Ga.; issue of July 5, 1805; GGM 14:853 


3. Sarah McCall, b ca 1799i Bulloch Co., Ga. She is listed on the mem- 
bership rolls of Nevils Creek Church, Bulloch Co. 1814. She m. 1st 

Jan. 18, 1816, Bulloch Co., Simon Alexander Praser b'. 1798, Liberty Co., 
Ga. [See FRASER,f amily] . He d. ; she m. 2nd, Oct. 30, 1831, Savannah, Ga. 
Jeremiah Halsey ; m. 3rd Alexander Stewart; he d. Bulloch Co.; she m. 4th 
May 1, I842, Screven Co., Ga., Hardy Everett 5 ; he d.; she d. March 1858, 
Bulloch Co., Ga. Issue: 

i James Raysor Fraser, b. Jan. 15, 1818, Liberty Co., Ga. [See 
FRASER family]. 

ii Sarah Ann Smylie Fraser, b. Nov. 28, 1819, Liberty Co., Ga. 
[See FRASER family], 

iii Caroline A. Fraser, b. ca 1822; [See FRASER family]. 

iv Jane E. Fraser, b ca 1827; [See FRASER family]. 

v Julia Fraser, b ca 1828; [See FRASER family]. 

vi Harriet Olmstead Halsey , b ca 1834 [See FRASER family]. 

vii Alexander W. Stewart, b ca 1837 [See FRASER family]. 

4. John E. McCall, b ca 1801, Bulloch Co.; m. Aug. 20, 1819, Liberty 
Co., Ga. , Mrs. Margaret Baker , widow of Thomas Baker Jr., and the 

dau. of William H. Cassels of Mcintosh Co., Ga.; Alexander Stewart, surety 

in marriage. 

i Thomas E. Baker. John McCall was appointed guardian of Thos. 
E. Baker , minor child of Thomas Baker; Jehu Everett and 
Aaron Everett (maternal uncles of John E. McCall) sureties. 



Hannah E 


John E. 


Sarah E. 

John McCall died the latter. part of 1826. Margaret McCall was appointed 
administrator of the estate ; William Goodman, John C. Everett, and Sam C. 
Slater, sureties. 

The widow m. 3rd James Mikell. James Mikell was appointed administra- 
tor of the estate of John E. McCall Sept. 2, 1833, with James and Seaborn 
Mikell surety ; May 4, 1835 Margaret Mikell was appointed guardian of 
the three children, with Margaret and Seaborn Mikell making bond. The 
estate of John E. McCall was divided between Sarah E., Margaret Mikell, 
John M. and Hannah E. McCall. 5 On June 27, 1836 Mrs. Margaret R. Mikell 
of Liberty Co. married Jesse Butler of Liberty Co. It is not known by 
the compiler whether this is the same Margaret Mikell or not, but there is 
a possibility, as on July 1, 1839 1 Thomas E. W. Baker was appointed guar- 
dian of Sarah E. McCall, orphan of John E. McCall, in Liberty Co. 

2. Bulloch Co. Record Book 5> P a &e 257 j Clerk of Court's office 
1. Bulloch Co. Marriage Book 2-A page 28 

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7. Family Bible which had belonged to Sarah Ann Smylie (Fraser) (Hall) 
and William Donaldson Brannen; printed by William W. Harding, Philadel- 
phia, 1869; now in possession of Mrs. Maude Smith, Statesboro, Ga. 

8. Screven Co., I85O Census, page 2-R, family #3. 

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Many of the early settlers of Effingham, Screven, and Bulloch Counties 
in Georgia, were of North Carolina stock. ThiB was the case of the Rich- 
ardson family. 

1. Benjamin Richardson, b. ca 1740; m. 1767, Sarah Mizell, dau. of 
Luke Mizell IV and his wife Sarah Smithwick, dau. of Samuel Smith- 
wick and Mary Swaine. Benjamin and wife Sarah, with Sarah's widowed mother 
Mrs. Sarah Mizell, migrated to the area that is now Bulloch County, in 1770. 
Benjamin took up land on Scull's Creek near the Ogeechee River. He was tax 
collector in the three year period before Screven Co. was, cut off into Bul- 
loch Co. Benjamin Richardson died in Bulloch Co. in 1799 • Issue: [Deed 
Book A, pg. 59]. 

i Hardy Richardson, d. 1809, Bulloch Co., Ga. while making pre- 
parations to move to the La. Territory. He m. Frances, "Fanny" 
Mizell, dau. of David Mizell; she d. La. Oct. 13, 1837 • 

ii Penelope, m. William Williams, Bulloch Co., Ga. prior to 1800; 
d. I84I, Washington Parish, La. This family settled on Bogua 
Lusa Creek in Washington Parish, La. in 1810. He was vet. 
of War of 1812, 12-13th La. Militia. 

2 iii William Richardson 

iv John Richardson m. Nancy Albritton, dau. of Richard Albritton 
Sr.; moved to Washington Parish, La., remained only short 
time. Richard Albritton was native of Pitt Co., N.C. where 
he had m/l Mary Hart, dau. of Benjamin Hart; she d. ; he m/2 
Nancy Richardson, Dec. 14, 1809; she possibly the widow of 
Amos Richardson; migrated to St. Helena Parish, La. where 
he died. 

v Frances; m. a Patterson 

vi Benjamin Richardson, b. 1776, d. l849i Jasper Co., Texas; m/l 
Nancy Hendricks in Bulloch Co., Ga. ; migrated to Washington 
Parish, La.; was Magistrate; m/2 Rebecca, thought to have 
been a dau. of William and Elizabeth Pool. 

vii Amos Richardson, b. 1798, Bulloch Co., Ga.; m. Nancy . 

2. William Richardson , m. Jane ; remained in Georgia. Moved to 

La. for a short time. Had at least three sons . 

3 i Abraham Richardson 
ii Isaac Richardson; estate administered in Bulloch Co. by bro 
iii Burrell Richardson; est. appraised 1848, Bulloch Co., Ga. 


3. Abraham Richardson, b. 1784, Ga. [pg. 240, #62 ]: m. Mar. 1, 1813, 

Rebecca Bulloch, Bulloch Co., Ga. [Bk. 1A pg 173 ]• The compiler hae 
not been able to identify the parents of Rebecca Bulloch, and would like to 
receive any information. Issue: 

i William, b ca 1814; m. Sept. 27, 1842, Bulloch Co., Elizabeth 

Wilson, b. 1807; family migrated to Fla. 
ii Mary, b ca 1815; d. unm. between i860 and 1870, Bulloch Co. 
iii George, b ca 1821; m/l Jan. 24, I842, Bulloch Co., Catharine 

Hagin, b ca 1811-15; m/2 Sophronia . 

iv Abraham Jr., b ca 1826; m. Safira, b ca 1824. 
4 v Hardy, b ca 1827 

vi Richard, b ca 1829; m. Martha ■ , b ca I84I 

vii Henry, b ca 1831; m. Feb. 24, I852, Bulloch Co., Elizabeth 

Lee, b ca 1827 
viii Stephen, b ca 1833; m. Rebecca McElveen, b ca I84O 
ix Martha, b ca 1835 

x Peter, b ca 1839; n>. Cynthia A. Richardson, b ca 1849 
xi General C, b ca 1847 i m. June 7, 1869, Bulloch Co., Sarah Eliza 


Knight, dau. of Green & America (Cone) Knight. 
Abraham Richardson made his will Feb. 13, 1859 ! probated Feb. 7, i860, Bul- 
loch Co., Ga. [Bk. 8A pg. 29l]. His widow Rebecca (Bulloch) Richardson is 
listed in the i860 census [pg. 846 #472] as 60 yrs. of age. Her son Stephen 
had become head of the house, and his sister Mary, 44 yrs., and brother Gen- 
eral, 12 yrs. were in the home. The widow is not listed in the 1870 census 
and it is assumed that she died between i860 and I87O. 

Abraham Richardson stated in the I85O census that he was born in Ga. 
It is interesting to note that several of his chn. stated in the 1880 cen- 
sus that he was born in S.C. 

4. Hardy Richardson, b ca 1827, Bulloch Co., Ga.; m. Feb. 12, I857, 
Rachel M. Proctor, [Bk. 19A.p. 2 ], dau. of John and Sarah Proctor, 

b. 1838. Hardy died 1880 or 1881 . Issue: 
i Julia R., b ca 1858 

5 ii John William, b ca I859 
iii Stephen J., b ca 1861 
iv Eli R., b ca 1863 

v Rachael V., b ca 1865 
vi Sarah K., b ca 1866 
vii Mary T., b ca 1868 
viii George B., b ca 1870 
ix Charles A., b ca 1872 
x Lalions S., b ca 1874 
xi Daniel K. , b ca 1876 
xii Henry B., b ca 1880 

5. John William Richardson, b 1859, Bulloch Col, Ga. ; m/l Aug. 19, 1885, 
Janie H. Brown [Bk. 4A pg. 227 ]; she d. and he m/2, her sister 

Maggie; she d. and he m/3 Dec. 27, 1905, Bulloch Co., Sallie Hagin [Bk. 
1904-9 p. 52 3 ]. Issue: 

i Mattie, b June 21, 1887; d. 1911 

ii Ruth, b Nov. 1889; d. 1934 

6 iii Homer Jessie, b Feb. 3, I89O 

iv Elizabeth Bessie, b Apr. 1, 1892 

v John Pierce, b June 20, I896; d. July 18, 1959- 

vi Corrine Azalia, b. Mar. 5t I898 

6. Homer Jessie Richardson, b. Feb. 3, I89O; d. May 31 t 1957, Bulloch 
Co., Ga. ; m. Carolyn Elizabeth Newman, b. July 6, 1892, dau. of 

Clem C. and Elizab2th (Bell) Newman; she d. Oct. 22, 1938. Issue: 

i John William Richardson, b Dec. 24, 1914i Bulloch Co., Ga.; 
d. June 4, 1953; m. 1937 > Charlie Sue Waters, dau. of J. 
Frarie and Sadie (Simmons) Waters. Issue: (l) Richard Murray, 
b. Apr. 22, 1938; (2) Barbara Sue, b. Nov. 20, 1939; (3) 
Homer James, b. Apr. 26, 1944; (4) Judy Marie, b. Dec. 13, 
1945; (5) Cherryl Lynn, b. Aug. 31, 1949; (6) Sarah Blanche 
b. Sept. 14, 1951. 
ii Elise Elizabeth Richardson, b. Oct. 30, 1916, Bulloch Co., Ga. 
m. Oct. 12, 1939. Bulloch Co. to James Shields Kenan II. 
[See Chapter II #74] 

1. Georgia Genealogical Magazine, No. 7, pages 397-400. 

2. Bulloch Co., Georgia I85O census, pages 240, 244-R, 245-R. 269. 

3. Bulloch Co., Ga. Marriage Book. 

4. Bulloch Co., Ga. Year's Support, Book 15A, pg. 234-5- 



Colonel Thomas Routledge, born ca 1727-28, came to Duplin Co. (then 
New Hanover Co.) during the 17^s. Two other members of the family had 
served as Clerk of the Court during the same period; William and Nickolas 
had served as Clerk of the Court in Craven County for some years. 

Their first location in Duplin Co. was on Maple, a branch of Goshen, 
and within a few years they moved to the heart of the Grove settlement, 
which isnow Kenansvllle, and immediately took an active part in public 

In early life Colonel Thomas Routledge worked as a bricklayer. When 
the Revolutionary War came along he promptly joined the American forces 
and served as a member of the Wilmington Safety Committee, first Major of 
the Duplin Minute Ben, and as Lieutenant Colonel of the County militia. 
He was often in active service and was a valuable man. During the first 
week in August 1781, his home, near what is now known as Routledge old 
cemetery was taken and used by the British as their headquarters while 
they did general destruction in the neighborhood. The Bristish soldiers 
were under the command of Major James H. Craig who in later years, became 
Governor-General of Canada. 

During and after the American Revolution, Colonel Routledge served for 
some years as Sheriff and as Chairman of the County Court. He was also one 
of the original trustees of the old Grove Academy. 

Colonel Routledge' s wife was Catherine, the widow of Edward Pearsall, of 
the Welch settlement in what is now Pender County, near Watha. Her child- 
ren by Edward Pearsall were James and Edward Pearsall, and others, and they 
are the ancestors of a large and prominent family of that name. Her child- 
ren by Colonel Routledge were Thomas Routledge II, who married Mildred Gill- 
espie, daughter of Dorcas (Mumford) and Major James Gillespie, and Sarah 
Routledge who married Benjamin Liddon. 

Thomas Routledge III, son of Thomas Routledge II, served Duplin Co. as 
Register of Deeds for a period of 21 years and was succeeded by his brother 
Nicholas Routledge, who served for a period of eight years. Another bro- 
ther, Edward Pearsall Routledge, was Clerk of the Superior Court for a short 
time during the 1850s. Other brothers and sisters of Thomas Routledge III 
were: Ezekiel Morgan, Marian, Dorothy Pearsall, and Margaret Eleanor 
Routledge. Some of the family moved to Tennessee where Colonel Routledge 
had been granted a large amount of land for military services. There is 
not one of the family name now living in Duplin Co. and the old home place 
has been in other hands for many years. 

Colonel Thomas Routledge died during the year 1801. The old cemetsry, 
bearing the family name, is perhaps the oldest cemetery in that section. 
It contains the remains of many of the early settlers who were workers for 
religious and educational development; American patriots, faithful public 
servants, soldiers of the Cross. * 

1. "History - Biography - Benealogy" by A. T. Outlaw. "Routledge". 








Pa f' e ^ 0: J f ?l (''■)- Jesse George Whitfield was the grandson of General 
Kathan Bryan Whitfield, builder of the noted home, "Oaineswood" at Demopo- 
lis, Ala. 

Pare 131 ! 

*23 1 Sydney Elizabeth Holmes, m. Needham Cannady. Issue: 

1 1 William Preston Cannady, m. Leila Halcombe of Sumter Co. Ala. 
xi Korman E. Cannady m. Mary Woodall. Issue: (l) kary; (?) 

kinrue; (3) William, "Bill", m. — ?, has a son A a dau. ; was 

a prominent automobile dealer in kerridan, kiss: d. there ca 

lii Geordio, accidentally killed by brother Kornan as a child, 
iv l.ettie Cannady, m. Dr. 'T. K. Knighton. Issue: (l) Dr. Holmes 

Knighton, D. D.S. ; teaches Medical School, Univ. Va. , Richmond, 

Va. ; (2) Edris Knighton, m. Gary. 

v Margaret Cannady, m/l Dr. 0. E. Young; m/2 Rousseau. Issue: 

(l) Earl Young; (2) '.'ard Young; (3) Sydney Young, m. a Peterson 

1 (of 23i) William Preston Cannady m. Leila Halcombe. Issue: 

i Ceorgie Cannady m. Osborne Rogers Koore. Issue: (l) Leonard 
Warner koore; (2) Virginia Moore, m. James Wilkenson; (3) 
Sydney koore, m. Hunter Hamilton. 

2 ii Helen Lucile Cannady 

iii Lora Cannady, m. Clarence C. Pritchett, now dec'd. Issue: 

(l) Elizabeth; (2) Clarence Jr.; {}) Nellie; (4) Preston; (5) 
James; (6) Lora. Family lives Thomaston, Ala. 

iv Eugenia Cannady, "Genie"; m/l Bailey; m/2 S. T. Barnes. 

Issue: (l) Flora Lee Bailey; (2) Jean Bailey; (3) J ames 

v Bessie Lee Cannady, m. J. 3. Long. Issue: (l) J. Benjamin 
Long Jr.; (2) Flora Jean Long (dec'd). 

vi Preston Cannady, m/l Kary Ellen Baldwin; m/2 Annie Ward Blanks. 
Issue by 1st wife: (l) Preston P. Cannady, Colonel in Air 
Force (1967); (2) Martha Cannady, m. Earl Pine; has two chn. : 
Earl and kartha Pine. Preston Cannady was a druggist in Jack- 
son, Ala., now dec'd. 

2 (of 23 1) Helen Lucile Cannady, b. Kov. 27, 1887; grad. Ala. College; m. 

kar. 31, 1909 to Dr. Henry karvin k'cLeod, b. Mar. 30, 1882; grad. 
Auburn t'mv. i: Atlanta Southern Dental College, D.D. S. ; a dentist in Jack- 
son, Ala.; deceased. Issue: 

i Dr. Henry Karvin kcLeod II, b. Apr. 13, 1910; grad. Univ. Ala.; 
D.D.S. Atlanta Southern Dental College; dentist Mobile, Ala. 
m. Margaret Gillmore, grad. Huntingdon Coll.; Issue: (l) H.K. 
KcLeod III, B.S. Univ. Ala.; LLB Cumberland Law School; m. to 
Barbara Ann Hill of Opelika, R.N. Univ. of Ala.; (2) Margaret 
Anne, grad. Birmingham Sou. Coll.; m. Thelton Bryant, B.S. 
Univ. of Kiss. 

ii Willie Preston KcLeod, b. Dec. 11, 1912; Univ. Ala.; Banker, 

Camp Hill, Ala.; m. Grace Chester, grad. Ala. College. Issue: 
Alice Chester, student Auburn Univ. 

iii Walter Grey KcLeod, b. Oct. 19, 1914; grad A.B. Birmingham Sou. 
Coll.; B.D. Duke Univ.; Colonel U.S. Army, Chaplain; m. to 
Anne Breckenridge, Birmingham, Ala.; Issue: (l) Barbara Anne, 
B.k. Bir. Sou. Coll.; K.K. Univ. Texas; (2) Walter G. Jr., 
student St. Joseph Coll. Mo.; (3) Ronald; (4) David kcNeil; 
(5) Betsy Louise Cannady. 


Addenda (continued) 

iv Mary Leila McLeod, b. Jan. 10, I'jl'l; grad. Bir, Sou. Coll. A.B. ; 
High School teacher; unm. 

v Helen Reinhardt KcLeod, b. Aug. ?6, 191°; AJ3 3ir. r :ou. Coll.; 

K.S. Troy Coll.; m. Urvin K. Vickers, Minister , AJJ Bir, Eou. 
Coll.; CO. Emory Univ.; Issue! (l) I. K. Jr., BA Troy Coll., 
B.D. Emory Univ., CaDt. U.S. Army, Chaplain, m. to Carolyn 
Ammons, Troy, Ala., A.B. Troy College; (2) Walter Perry, 
Troy College; (3) Claire Helen. 

vi Allan Lamar McLeod, b. Jan. 9, 1920, attended Univ. Ala., grad. 
Emory Univ. D.D.S. , is a dentist Jackson, Ala.; m. Velma 
Skipper, Jackson, Ala.; issue: (l) Allan L. Jr., student 
Univ. Ala.; (2) Janet K. , student Univ. Ala.; (3) Catherine 

vii Nell McLeod, b. 1,'ov. 24, 1921; attended Univ. Ala.; m. Pred S. 
Nichols Jr., Jackson, Ala.; Issue: (l) Diana, maiTied; (2) 
Susan, student Ur.iv. S.A. ; (3) Pred; (4) Nary Cath. 

viii Halcombe Cuice McLeod, "Hal", b. June 12, 102b; grad. Troy Coll; 
A.B. Duke Univ.; Insurance Broker, lobile, Ala.; m. Kary 
Shuler, N.C.; grad. Woman's Coll. of N.C. ; Issue: (l) i'ary 
Elizabeth; (2) Ward; (3) Wayne. 

ix Anne McLeod, b. Jan. 9, 1924; d. Jan. 11, 19?6 

x Catherine Caynor KcLeod, b. Feb. 16, 1931; grad. Ala. College, 
B.M. (music); Teacher, Elementary School, unm. 

Page 132 : 

30 (2) Richard Clinton Holmes also had a son Owen Holmes who d. early 1960s 
in Jacksonville, Pla. , and a son, thought to be named Walter, who is 
about 75 yrs. of age, and lives m Jacksonville, Fla. now (1967). 

30 Capt. Owen Holmes, b. 1632, also had a son whom we will designate as 

(lO)-Henry Chesnutt Holmes, a banker in Tampa, Pla.; has a son 
Henry Chesnutt Holmes II, who was a fighter pilot in WWII. [Data from Lynn 

Page 134 - # 38. Capt. James Hall Holmes was a Junior in Summerfield Coll. 
Dallas Co. , Ala. when the War Between the States began. The entire senior 
and junior classes of the college joined the Confederate Army en-masse. He 
was a Lieut, in Co. G, 5"th Ala. Infantry; later promoted to Capt. of that 
Co. in 2nd yr. of the War. 

Hannah, the sister of Enoch Ward Jr. , married Capt. Charles Biddle of the 
Priveteer Cornelia. They were the progenitors of the famous Biddle family 
of Philadelphia, Penn. 

Page 137 : 

49 i James KcGowen Holmes is a merchant and engineer in Carrollton, Ga. ; 

operates Holmes Supply Co. there, which deals with plumbing, heating 
supplies and contracting; a Steward in Pirst Methodist Church, Carrollton; 
memb. Kiwanis Club, Society Colonial Wars, St. Andrews Soc. ; hobby is 
flowers and plants. 

49 iii Lynn Holmes was educated in Spring Hill College, Ala.; US Navy WWII; 

has interests in banking, publishing, real estate, and mercantile 
firms in Carrollton, Ga. ; Dir. West Ga. National Bank, Carrollton, Ga. and 
Dir. Haralson Federal Savings & Loan of Bremen, Ga. ; memb. Kiwanis Club, 
Society Colonial Wars; currently (1967) Pree. of the Old Carroll Historical 
Society, and a Trustee of Oak Mountain Academy, Carrollton, Ga. ; has been 
nominated for memb. in the Somerset Society of Magna Charta Barons, and memb. 
St. Andrews Society (purpose to perpetuate traditions and memories of Scot- 


Addenda (continued) 

Page 141 : 

# 70 - This family lives in Atlanta, Ga. ; she steno. Internal Revenue Dept. ; 

memb. Methodist Church. 

Page 213 : 

5 iii Viola Willetta Hall, b. Dec. 19, 1869, Bulloch Co., Ga. ; m. Kov. 4, 
I89I to Thomas Elmore Hays, b. June 6, 1858, N.C.; Issue: 
i Mortie Pearle Hays, b. Aug. 10, 1392, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Dec. 
24, 1913, Atlanta, Ga. to Delma Stanley, b. Oct. 28, 1888; d. 
Sept. 22, 1926, Decatur, Ga. ; she m/2 Mar. 2, 1935, Decatur, 
Ga. to Robert P. Christian. Issue: (l) Willetta Pearle 
Stanley m. Riley Albert Holt in Decatur, Ga. on June 11, 1943. 
Their chn. : Diane Holt, b. Oct. 21, 1947, Atlanta, Ga. ; and 
Riley Thomas Holt, b. Aug. 17, 1950, Atlanta, Ga. Riley Al- 
bert Holt, b. June 13, 1920. 
ii James Elmore Hays, b. June 7, 1894, Statesboro, Ga. ; m/l 

Lottie Mae Dedman, who d. Feb. 22, 1926, Decatur, Ga. ; he m/2 
Parnella Coker, on June 20, 1925 in Canton, Ga. , she b. Oct. 
13, 1897. Issue: (l) James Elmore Hays Jr., b. Apr. 23, 

1923, Atlanta, Ga. ; m. June 30, 1946, Eleanor Karie Koser in 

iii Gladys Gertrude Hays, b. Oct. 4, 1896, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Aug. 
7, 19 — to Thomas Glenmore Schwalm, b. Oct. 3, 18854 issue: 

(1) Thomas Glenmore Schwalm Jr., b. Sept. 4, 1920, d. July 29, 
1945, Bethesda, Hd. j (2) Viola Anne Schwalm, b & D Kay 26, 

1924. Gladys Gertrude (Hays) Schwalm d. Apr. 18, 1940, Deca- 
tur, Ga. ; Thoe. Glenmore Schwalm, St. d. Feb. 29, 1948. 

iv Anna Ruth Hays, b. Aug. 30, I898, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. June 18, 
1918, to Chase Broadwater Read; issue: (l) Chase Broadwater 
Read Jr., b. Sept. 5, 1920, Atlanta, Ga. ; m. June 20, 1948 to 
Kathryn Rew, in Gainesville, Ga. ; she b. Oct. 23, 19 — > 
issue: James Douglas Read, b. Dec. 13, 1949. Memphis, Tenn. ; 

(2) Benjamin Hays Read, b. Oct. 19, 1929, Jacksonville, Fla. 

v Ruby Esther Hays, b. June 17, 1900, Statesboro, Ga. ; m. Oct. 27, 
1923 to Eugene Edward Alexander, b. Oct. 6, I892, d. Jan. 2, 
1949i Emory Univ. Hosp. , Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Elmore Hays d. Jan. 20, 1908, Atlanta, Ga. ; Viola Willetta (Hall) 

Hays d. Jan. 23, 1943 in Decatur, Ga. 

Page 214 : 

8 vi (2) Willie Lee Olliff, m/l Samuel Edwin Groover; he d. ; she m/2 W. E. 
Cobb Sr. ; he dec'd. Issue: 
i Samuel Edwin Jr. , unm. 

ii Mary Virginia Groover, m. Walter Pratt Hill Jr., "Tiny". Their 
children: (l) Walter Pratt Hill III; (2) Edwin Croover Hill; 
Randy Frank Hill; (4) James Lee Hill 
iii John Olliff Groover, unm. 

8 vi (3) Henrietta Armstrong, ra. Dr. C. A. McClelland. Lives Paris, 111. 

i Mary Lee McClelland, m. Feb. 1967 
ii Martha Ann McClelland 

8 vi (4) Luther W. Armstrong Jr., "Nuffie", m. Betty from Australia. 

Family lives 15230 22nd Ave., Seattle, Washington. Issue: 

i Anthony Armstrong, m. 1967 r~ _, „ -, j 1 _T 
v . . . I 2nd & 3rd name unknown! 

iv Margaret Armstrong 


Addenda (continued) 

Pages 19 and 241 ; Lynn Holmes has told the compiler reoently, that Col. Owen 
Hill Kenan of Wilmington, N.C. (dec'd), told him that both of the wives of 
Daniel Love Kenan - Mary James and Elizabeth James - are buried in the Kenar 
graveyard, Turkey, B.C. This would mean that his 2nd wife died by I83I when 
the family moved to Quincy, Fla. , and this may be one of the reasons which 
prompted his sister, Jane (Kenan) Hall to move to Quincy. [Compiler]. 

Col. Owen Hill Kenan stated during the same conversation that he recalls 
16 double graves (32) in the Kenan cemetery at Turkey when he was a boy. 
Only one tombstone is left standing today. 

Pictures received too late to include in their proper place. 

Lynn Holmes, 1869 - 1956 
[See page 137, # 49] 

Jack Williams Jr. 
[See page 145, # 102] 



Bryan, John; V. Feb. 6, 1340; P. Feb. I84O , Sampson Co., N. C; names 
wife Eleanor; sons Kedar, John A., Thomas K., daus. Eleanor, Susan, 
Mary, Eliza, Jane; Execs: David Murphy; Wit.: R. Parrish, Patrick 
Murphy, B. Stith. 

Bunting, David; M. May 10, 1828; P. Aug. 1828 , Sampson Co., l, r . C. 

named sons Richard C, Samuel, Owen, David, Thomas; daughters Penelope 
Morisey, and Ann Morisey; grandchildren David Morisey, David Bunting, 
Richard Morisey, Owen Morisey; Exec: sons David and Thomas Bunting; 
'-lit.: James Blanks, Thomas Chesnutt. 

Clinton, Penelope; M. 28 Aug. 1814; P. Nov. Term 1814 , Robeson Co. N. C. 
(Bk. 1, pg. 138); names eons Owen, Richard and William S.; daus. Eliza- 
beth Bunting (dec'd); Ann Holmes; Mary Eliza Rowland, wife of Alfred 
Rowland; grandchildren: Rachel, dau. of son Richard, Richard C. Rhodes 
Burrill, Isaac, and Arabella Lanier; Exec: Alfred Rowland, son-in-law, 
and Angus Taylor; Wit.: Richard C. Bunting, and John W. Powell. 

Everett, John; M. 29 July 1820; P. 12 July 1828 , Bulloch Co., Ga. (Bk. 1-A 
pg. 220-222); names wife Sarah; sons Joshua, Josiah, Enoch, Jehu, Aaron, 
John; grandchildren John and Sarah (children of Dau. Hannah wife of 
Charles McCall , dec'd); Exec: sons Joshua, Jehu, Aaron Everett; .Jit.: 
William Collins, Margaret McCall, Ely Kennedy. 

Everett, Sarah (widow of John); unc will M. 20 May I85I; P. July 8, 18S1 , 
contested in Court, Bulloch Co. Ga. (Book 5-A, pg. 251-2; names Ann 
Brown, dau. of John Barber (relationship not shown); Sarah Ann Brannen 
(grandchild); Exec: Thos. Waters Sr. ; Wit.: Hannah Waters, Thomas Wat- 
ers Sr. , Sarah Ann Brannen. (Contested will: Bk FI , p. 114) Oct. 23, 
I85I, Jehu Everett and Ann Brown set aside will; Bulloch Co. Bk FI, pg. 
154 1 June 4, I852, Hardy and Sarah Everett of Screven Co. appt. William 
Lee Jr. their attorney in fact for their interest in estate of John and 
Sarah Everett from Jehu Everett, administrator. 

Fraser, Simon; M. 22 Oct. 1812; P. 1812 , Liberty Co., Ga. ; names wife 
Sarah; sons John Edward Fraser (eldest) , Simon Fraser , Andrew Fraser; 
sisters Margaret, Mary Anne, Catherine, Isabel; brother, Alexander Fraser, 
now living state of Hew York, Simon Fraser, son of brother Alexander Fra- 
ser, to be brought up with son Simon Fraser; others: Mary Sullivan, 
Mary Clark (orphan girl living in my family), Mrs. Jane Martin; Exec: 
wife Sarah Fraser, son John Edward Fraser, friends Peter ..'inn, Daniel 
Stewart, Andrew Walthour, nephew Donald Fraser; Wit.: M. Murphy, William 
Fraser, Dan F. Sullivan; Codicil same date to restrain son Andrew; wit: 
M. Murphy, William F. Fraser, Don E. Fraser. 

Hedleston, William; M. 7 March 1834; P. 12 Kay 1834 . Williamsburg Co., S.C.J 
names son James, gone to Alabama, son John; dau. Margaret Kesmith, wife 
of Samuel Nesmith; grandchildren, Jane, dau. of John Hedleston, Sarah 
Hedleston, two granddau by Margaret's first husband Gibson; grandsons 
John and William Hedleston; Exec: Friend, Thomas McConnell, son John 
Hedleston; Wit.: John B. Pressley, Thomas M. Grier, Hugh Young. 

Hinton, John; M. June 21, 1730; P. Oct. Court 1732 , Chowan Precinct, N.C. 
(Wills, Vol. XIV, pg. 31, N.C. Archives); names wife Mary; sons Hardy, 
John , William, Mallacie; Exec: wife, son Hardy Hinton, bro. William Hin- 
ton; Wit.: James Hinton, Joseph Ashley, Thomas Rountree. 

Hinton, John; M. 9 Jan. 1784; P. June Court 1784 , Wake Co., H. C. (Bk. B, 
pg. 16); names wife Griseal; sons John, James, Kimbro, David; daus. 
Sarah Bryan, wife of Needham Bryan, Mary Lane, wife of Joel Lane, Alice 
James, wife of John James, and Elizabeth , wife of Thomas James ; Exec: 
sons John and James Hinton; Wit.: John Bonton, Thomas Gay, Mary Powell. 


Holmes, Ann; M. 21 June l»47i P. 5 Kay VR£2, Sampnon Co., 1 . '. (Rk. i, 
Pg. 409)! name3 son Richard C. Moines; dau. Ann Brown, terj !Iol ei , 
Penelope Whitfield; grandson, son of Hardy Holme:;; l>ec: ' 1 hai 
Holmes, 3on; Wit.: Langdon C. Kubhard, Malcolm C. Com;,;/. 

James, Thomas; M. 1 April 1761 ; Proh. Hew Hanover ?o., ; .". (Deed Ik. .•, 
Pg. 554); names wife Mary; sons David, James, John, Thoman ; dau. [• ,ary 
and Elizabeth; Exec: Samuel Swann, Esq., Alexander Duncan. If the} 
die or refuse to qualify, then James Murray, Esq., and Anthonj /ard.; 
Wit.: Helen Hurray, Haraiah Turner, James Koran; Committee appointed by 
decedant to value and set apart wife's share: John Duboic, John Burgwin. 

Love, Daniel; M. 6 Nov. 175?; P. July 1753 , Duplin Co., N.C. (Wills, Vol. 
27, P> 75i ". C. Archives); names wife Catharine; son James; dau. Sarah; 
Exec: William McKee, John Smith, wife Catharine Love; Jit.: George 
Bruce, Richard Cockburn, James Paxton. 

Norment, Thomas; M. 18 Sept. 1799; P. 1799 , Duplin Co., N. C; names wife 
Catharine; daus. Sally, and Betsy Jane; Exec: Kenan Love, James /right, 
David Wright; Wit.: K. Love, William Best. 

Horris, George; M. 13 Dec 1766; P. Duplin Co., N.C. (Deed Bk. 1, pg. 230, 
Sampson Co. records); names wife Sarah; son George l.'orris; daus. 
Sarah, wife of Abraham Molton; son— in-laws, Thomas Jernigen, and Felix 
Kenan; grandchildren Sarah Norris, dau. of Sarah Molton; Exec: wife 
Sarah; Wit.: Jesse Jernigan, John Shaf f el , Sarah Michel. 

Rand, John; M. 23 Aug. 1731; P. Dec. Term. 1781 , Wake Co., K.C. (Bk. A, pg. 
I58-I69); names wife Elizabeth; dau. Mary; mentions but does not name 
mother; brother '/alter Rand, sister Mary Pitt, child/children of James 
Forsyth (relationship not specified); Exec: brotherWalter, John James, 
William Rand; Wit.: P. Ballard, William Walton, John Adkins. 

Rowland, Mary; K. 31 Kay I858 ; Prob. Robeson Co., II. C.J names son John A. 
Rowland and wife Flora; dau. Penelope Norment; grandchildren: Martha 
Higley, chn. of John A. Rowland, Bitsy, Catharine, Alfred, Alexander, 
Isabella, Ann Eliza Rowland; Exec: Thomas J. Morisey, friend; 'Wit.: 
Giles Lutch, Samuel B. Morisey. 

Williams, David; M. 14 April 1769; P. Apr. Court 1772 , New Hanover Co., N.C. 
(Bk. C, pg. 436); names David 'Williams (eldest son), Henry Williams, 
(second son); daus. Hannah and Rebecca Williams. 

Williams, Henry Sr.; M. 2 Feb. 1809; P. Kay Court 1809 , New Hanover Co., 
N.C. (Bk. A A B, pg. 119); names sons David, Thomas, Henry, and James; 
daus. Rebecca, Rachel Sutton; niece Neemy Player (Plair). 

Williams, Henry; M. 13 Oct. 1837; P. Sept. Court I84O , New Hanover Co., N.C. 
(Bk. A & B, pg. 335); names wife Nancy; sons David, Andrew, James, Rob- 
ert, Samuel, George; dau. Phoebe Boney. 



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Bible Record: owned by Delmar Houston, Beulaville, N. C. 

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In order to prevent the index from becoming too long, the following plan 
was followed: (l) children who died in infancy are omitted; (2) children 
who are quite young at this time are usually omitted; (3) parents of the 
spouse who married into the Kenan family are usually omitted, as these can 
be located in the body of the book thru the child who married into the 
family; (4) persons incidental to the text, such as witnesses to deeds, 
etc. , unless a relative, have been omitted. 

Abee, Florence Edwina 94 

Abee , Prank Lee 94 

Abee, William Bartley 94 

Adams , Betty Sue 237 

Adams, Elizabeth 231 

Adams, Lie 168 

Aiken, Maxie 213 

Albee, Flora I. (Hahn) 94 

Albertson, Adelle 95 

" Emma Susan 92 

" Gerald 95 

Albritton, Nancy 248 

Aldred, Walter H. Ill 217 

Alexander, Elizabeth 133 

" Eugene Edward 255 

" Joan 135 

" Mary 135 

" Robert Owen 133 

" Samuel Caldwell 133,135 

" Virginius 135 

Allen, Bill 144 

" Myrtle 145 

" Ola 179 

Allison, Jacob Hyleman 167 

" Mary 167 

Alston, Ann 244 

" Henrietta Green 99 

" Mary 244 

" Phil . 194 

" Solomon 244 

" William 244 

Americans of Royal Descent ... 199 

Amerson, Ruby Lee 105 

Ammons, Carolyn 254 

Anderson, Annie Will 218 

" John Huske Sr 129 

" Marcus Antone, Capt. ...... 78 

Andrews, Carlton Austin .. 140, 146 

" Elizabeth Jones I46 

" Janet Hall I46 

" Mildred Laxton 136 

" Sarah McLaurin 140, I46 

Apple, Bobby Joe 183 

" George 183 

" Geo. Jeffrey 183 

" Jane Florence 183 

Archer, Harriet Ann 225 

Armstrong, Anthony 255 

" Barbara Elizabeth 91 

" Edward 89, 90 

" Elizabeth J 131 

" Ellen 91 

" Henrietta 255 

Armstrong, Luther W 255 

" Mary Susan 91 

" Nicholas E 91 

Arnett, Elizabeth 38 

Arnold, Delia 170 

Arrowood, Ernestine 135 

Artley, Harry 215 

Ashe, Elizabeth 127 

Aston, Elizabeth 166 

Atkins, Frederick T 156 

Atkins, James Morisey 156 

Attaway, Grace 144 

Atwood, Margaret Sheppard 106 

Austin, Joseph 36 

Avent, James F 167 

Aycock, Sara Fair 218 

Bacon, Nathaniel 242 

Bader, Lewis 100 

Bailey, Eugenia C 253 

Baines, Alphonse B 166 

Baird, Mildred 104 

" Nancy 149 

Baker, Alec. 73 

Doris 73, 84 

" Frank F 102 

" Margaret 225, 247 

" Thomas 225, 247 

Baldwin, Deborah Sue 85 

John David 85 

" John Mayhem 60 

" John William 60, 75, 85 

Leah Elizabeth 75, 85 

Baldwin, Lois Elizabeth 60, 75 

Mary Ellen 253 

" Molly Ann 75 

Ball, Rita 183 

Ballard, Peter 118 

Ballenger, Charlotte 218 

Banks, Amanda 222 

" Ann 222 

" Calvin 222 

Charles 222 

" Elisha 222 

" Elizabeth 222 

Martha 222 

" Paula Garson 218 

11 Thomas 222 

Barbrey, James Morisey 156 

Lull P 156 

Barfield, Fannie Lee 217 

" Jesse Claude 217 

Barefield, Susanna 194 


Barger, Walter Dallas 180 

Bargeron, Mrs. Emory 210 

Barlow, Zillah G 178 

Barnard , Church 70 

" Emily 70 

" Frank 70 

Barnes, Inez 167 

" Ruff in 31 

" S. T „ 253 

" Sarah 100 

Barrow, Olivia 170 

Bass, Henry Kinsolving 85 

" Henry Morgan 85 

Battle, R. H 31 

Beach, Mrs. Joe 166 

Beall, Helen Rowena 216 

" Joseph Pinckney 216 

" Joshua Robert 216 

" Vicki 216 

Beaman, Bettie I56 

Beasley, Charles A 182 

" Elzy 222 

" Mar:/ 222 

" Traham Kenan 182 

Beatty, Henrietta C 133 

" Henry B 155 

" Thos. Henry I55 

Beaty , Barbara Jeanne tte .... 147 

" Bernard Pershing I46 

" Deborah Lynn 147 

" Nancy Leonora 147 

Beck, Sarah 163 

" William 17, 87, I64 

Belchier, Elizabeth ... xix, 1, 3 

" Cabriel xix, 3 

Bell, Elizabeth 249 

Benbow, C. D I38 

Benedict. Samuel 101 

Benton, Col. Samuel 244 

Berckmans, Robert Craig 102 

Berkeley, Margaret xi, 243 

" Sir William 243 

Berryman, Wallace Andrew .... 169 

" Mrs. Wallace .... xiv, I65, 169 

Bethune, Mrs. Dell 1 56 

Biddle, Capt. Chas 254 

Bingham, Robert Worth 52 

Bird, Andrew Jackson 218 

Black, Duncan Blue 131 

" Henry Col ton 1 31 

" James Steadman 131 

" tJormie 131 

" Sarah Lovick 131 

Blackmore, Cortes 163 

" Edward 162, 163 

" Ella 163 

" Peddora 163 

" Harroll 162 

" Howard E 163 

" Isaac F 163 

" Martha A 163 

" Mary 162, 163 

Blackmore, Mary A 163 

Mary J 163 

Nancy 163 

" Richard E 163 

" Wentworth 163 

" William R. 163 

Blackwood, David Kenan 180 

" Jeannie Lea 180 

" Jesse Aldrow 180 

" Joseph Daniel 180 

Blair, George 194 

" Helen 194 

" James Bertram 78 

" Laura Loving 78 

Robert William 78 

" William Taliertyre 77 

William Timothy 78 

Blanchard, Alitha 117 

Blanks, Annie Ward 253 

" Catharine Holmes 131, 134 

" James Holmes 131 

" Sarah Norment 131 

William 130, 131 

Bledsoe, John R 18 

Blount, Amanda N 129, 133 

" Susie 129 

Board, Abner Leonard 42 

" Annie (Kenan) 42, 63 

" Ashton 42 

" Courtney Olive 42, 64 

" Emelyn Eunice 42, 63 

Boney, Annie Davis 91, 93, 94 

David W 90, 91, 94 

" Lola 91 

Lula 91 

" Ransome 91 

Bonnoith, Elizabeth 148 

Booth, Margaret Ivie I46 

Boreland, Abraham 97 

" Ann 97 

Eliza 97 

" Kenan 97 

Lafayette 97 

Boswell, John Blue 71 

" Robert Kenan 71 

Bothwell, Martha 101 

Bowen, Anna Jacquelin 218 

Bowman, Chas. R 170 

Box, Margaret Mae 83 

Boyd, Arthur Jr 172 

Kelly Jones 172 

Robert Christy 172 

" Sherry Williams 172 

Boyette, Leona 91 

Nina 59 

Brackin, Sarah Hill 162 

Bradshaw, Nettie 179 

Bramblett, Evelyn Kenan 103 

" Prank Longo 103 

Brannen, Albert C 210 

" Alvaretta R.G. xix, 212, 214, 

234, 235 


Brannen, Amelia 

" Andrew Lloyd 

" Ariana Savannah .... 210, 

" Betty Sue 

" Caroline Julia 212, 

Cecil H 

" Diane Lynn 

" Edmond 

" Edna Elizabeth 214, 

" Eliza Jane 212, 


" Florida Viola 212, 

" Frankl in 

" Helen 

" Henry T 

" Houston English 

" Hugh xix, 

" James 


" John A 

" John Thomas 

" Lavinia Ann 

" Lena 

" Mai comb S 


" M-ary 220, 

" Maude 214, 

" Kancy Donaldson 

Nathan P 

" Nicey P 


" Richard E 

" Richard H 

" Samuel 

" Samuel Halter 


" Theresa 

" Thomas xix, 

" Thomas Praser 212, 

Uriah M 

Wade H 


" William A 

" Wm. Donaldson xix, 210, 

"Fla Bill" 225, 229, 230, 

" Wm. Donaldson, "Don".. 214, 

" Winfield Scott 

Bratcher, Sandra Lee 

Bray, Julia 

Breckenridge, Anne 

Brice, Massey 

Brinkley, Geraldine 

Britt, Annie Thomson 

Broadwell, Laura Estelle .... 
Brown , Dr . Al ex 

Ann Elise 


Archie Franklin 

Ashton W 





Brown, Elise 63, 79 

Ethel 167 

" Janice H 249 

" John Adams 126 

" John Bright 156 

" John Kenan 63, 79 

" John William 63, 79 

" Kathenne Mary 79 

" Louise I67 

Maggie 249 

Mary 167 

Mary Lou I56, 157 

" Virginia 167 

William 167 

W. 1 167 

Browne, Ann Jones 123, 132 

" Archibald Smith 128 

Elizabeth Holmes 128 

Mary Holmes 128, 133 

Browning, Shirley Payne 149 

Brunson, Edwin Eugene ... 142, 148 

Edwin Thompson 142, I48 

Ernest Bonnoith I48 

Marian DuPre 148 

Kancy Olin 142 

Samuel Thompson I46 

Bruton, Frances 171 

Bryan, Arabella 120 

Eleanor Torrans 117 

Eliza Jane 117, 119, 128 

Elizabeth (Smith) 117 

Hattie 120 

J. E. Dr 129 

John 117, 257 

John Alex 117 

John S 117 

Kedar 6, 117 

Needham 239 

Susan Mary 117, 119 

Thomas Kenan 117, 120 







Bryant, Michael Kenan 

Robin Lee 61, 62 

Thelton 253 

Wade Atwell 81 , ti2 

Buchanan, Lillian Elizabeth . 55 

Wallace Allen 55 

Buck, Frances Eugenia 142 

William L 104 

Buckley, Mary 170 

Margaret 243 

Bullard, July 171 

Bulloch, Rebecca 248 

Bunting, Ann Eliza 21, 126 

" David 257 

" Elizabeth P 129 

" Mary Louise 129 

" Mildred Holmes 129 

Owen B 126 

" Penelope 155 

" Penelope Clinton 126 


Bunting, Richard Clinton .... 126 

" Samuel A 126 

" ThoraaB 126, 129 

" Thomas Owen 129 

" William 176 

" William Henry 126 

Bunton, Mary (Player) 176 

Burnet, Rosa 104 

Burnett, Elizabeth 246 

Burns, Ruth 216 

Butcher, Cary Preston Jr. ... 75 

Butler, Prances 193 

Butler, Jesse 247 

" John 232 

Byrd, Margaret 224 

Cain, Edward T 103 

" Elizabeth Snowden 102 

" Emily (Ravenel) 103 

Calhoun, Donald Watson 80 

" Gregory Harris 80 

" Mary Kenan 55 

" Philip Daniel 80 

Callihan, Ethel 73 

Campbell, J. A 175 

Cannady, Bessie Lee 253 

Eugenia 253 

Ceorgie 253 

Helen Lucile 253 

Lora 253 

Margaret 253 

Needham 253 

Nettie 253 

Norman E 253 

Preston 253 

William Preston 253 

Cannon , Edward 4 

Canon, Mildred Edythe 215 

Canuette, Walter Cecil 215 

Capell , Mary Ida 73 

Capers, Emmala 143 

Carew, Richard 97 

Carlton, Peter 19 

Carney, Jeanne Mary 75 

Carpenter, Peter 176 

Carper, Daisy Blanche 166 

Carter, Emma Knox 56, 71 

Jane 224 

Joel Philip 56, 71 

Katherine Walthall 71 

Mary Bristow 71 

William Kenan 561 71 

William Talbot 71 

Caseels, William H 247 

Cathcart, Frances 194 

Caughman, Jas. Bankston Jr. . 149 

" Mary Holmes 149 

Cavanaugh, Clara James 145 

" Paul John Paul 145 

Wilbert L 94 

Chambers, Mary Ann 136 

Chanblin, Anne Attaway. 150 

Chamblin, William Watson I50 

Chapin, Sherbourne 101 

Chapman, Dr. A. R 35 

Charlemagne, descent from .... 197 

Chatham, Amy Caroline 173 

J. Ned 173 

Chatman, Marilyn 77 

Chesnutt, Amma B 155 

Fannie 132, 156 

" Henry , 156 

" Junius 156 

Mary 156 

Chisholm, Elsie Robinson 148 

" Frank A 117 

Christian, Robert P 253 

Clark, Catherine Evelyn 105 

" Catherine Valeria 105 

" Edward Andrew 105 

" Edward Julian 105 

" Evelyn Woodward 105 

" Julie Ann 105 

" Sharon Valeria 105 

" Harris Dave 73 

" Lucia Anna 73 

Clary, Thomas Hudson 73 

Clay, Anne 70 

Clifton, Archel 180 

Ezekiel 213 

Iris Hair 180 

James 180 

Clinton, Arabella ... 113, 123, 126 

Elizabeth 123, 126 

Elizabeth Jane 125 

James Kenan 125i 126 

Mary Eliza 123, 125 

Nancy Ann 123, 125 

Owen 123 

Penelope 6 

Penelope (Kenan) .... 1.19, 257 

Clinton, Rachel 123, 125 

Richard ... 4, 5, 113, 119, 123 

Thomas 123 

Thomas Micks 126 

Wm. Sampson .... 123, 125, 126 

Cobb, W. E 255 

Coffin, Emily (Powers) 231 

Coker, Parnella 255 

Cole, Hazel Louise 216 

Colley, Margaret 218 

Collins, Esta Leila 81 

Col well, Lena 137 

" Leona 138 

Combee, Otis Donald 173 

Comford, Ann Marie 107 

Cyril J 107 

" Margaret 107 

" Michael John 107 

Robert 107 

Susan 107 

Cone, Barber 222 

" Theressa 231 


Connell, Georgine 79 

Cook, Julia 120 

Cook, Patience 123 

Cook, Thomas Kevin 85 

Cook, Thomas Lewis 85 

Cooner, Dorothy 94 

Corbett, Thomas J. B 19 

Corr, Victoria 23 

Cottle, Ethel Ann I79 

CovTson, Margaret H. 135 

Coilonn, Kary E 135 

Coulson, Killie 135 

Coulson, Sanford B 135 

Course, John 211 

Coursey, Robert W 215 

Covington, Frances Jane .... 155 

Cowart, Gary Lane 219 

Cox, Bettie I67 

Cox, Black I67 

Cox, Charlie 167 

Cox, Emily I67 

Cox, Frances 172 

Cox, Henry Askew 166 

Cox, J. Blackman 166 

Crawley, Lane Harville 73 

Crawley , Randolph Lane 73 

Crigler, i'innie Maxwell ... 59 

Croom, Susan Matilda 128 

Croom, William W 27 

Crumpler, joroth: 107 

Crumpler, Otis 'l 107 

Crutcher, Frances D. 141, 148, 152 

Crutcher, Harold 137 

Crutcher, Ida Frances 141 

Crutcher, James Holmes ., 137 ( 141 

Cru'to.her, James Holmes Jr. 141 ( 148 

Crutcher, James Cultra.,,. 148 

Crutcher, John Holmes I48 

Crutcher, John Parker Jr 137, 141 


Crutcher, John Vandiver. . 141 , 152 

Crutcher, Katherine 141, 148, 152 

Crutcher, Ralph Francis xiii, 137 

141, 152 

Crutcher, Thomas Stephen .. 148 

Crutcher, Victoria Ann .... I48 

Cullen, Patricia Ann 147 

Cultra, Iris 148 

Cummins, Mary Lillie 39 

Curtis, Catherine 170 

" Donald 170 

" Mary 97 

Cutis, Mien Henry 134 

Cutts, Ann L6vick 142 

Cutts, Ann Torment 134, 137 

Cutts, Barnara Elwood 142 

Cutts, Carl Allen 142 

Cutts, Charles Clinton .. 134, 137 

Cutis, C-iarles CLi'.vton Jr. 142 

Cutts, Charier Clinton II 149 


Edward Allen "led" 137, 142 

Eleanor Bailey 142 

Eleanor Hope 142 

Elizabeth Sellers ... 142 

Eufenia KcLeod 142 

Fred Harter.. 137, 143, I49 

Fred Harter Jr 143 

Hannah Karion ... 137, 142 

Henry Buck Jr 142 

James Price 134 

John Allen .. 134, 137, 142 

John Allen III 142 

John Henderson 149 

Mamie 134 

Margaret Evans .. 134i 138 

Margaret Lovick 142 

Mildred 134, 138 

Nell Egan 137, 142 

Hell Trippe 142 

Olin Heptinstall.. 137, 142 

Owen H 134 

Sally Holmes 134, 137 

Sydney Baird 149 

■Jill 134 

William Bruce . 142 

William Edward 142 

'•/illiam Holmes... 137, 142 

, Wilma Ann 14^. j.<+9 

Daniel, Robert E 77 

Darr, Margaret 144 

Daun, Richard Samuel 83 

" Wm. Christopher 83 

Davis, Elizabeth Hobbie 150 

" Harry Edward 144 

" James, General 165 

" Joseph Edward 144, 150 

Julia 89 

Thomas F 177 

" w. w •• 129 

Dawson, John 193 

Dayries, Alice Fillen 105 

Dedman, Lottie Mae 255 

DeLamar, Danielle 84 

" James Prentiss 84 

" John Burch 72 

" John Fleming 72 

John Robert 84 

" Leonard Gibson xiv, 72, 63, 84 

Robert Edward 72, 84 

Deriso, Annie Cornelia 216 

Derry , Marie Baker 83 

Devereux, Mrs. Eliza (Thweatt) 98 

Dickens, Linda Gray 180 

" Teddy 180 

Dickie, Mary Louise 120 

Dickinson, Frances 58 

Dickson, James 87 

Joseph 87, 153 

" Martha 116 

" Martha Washington 119 


Dickson, William ... 116, 153, 161 


Dilke, Elizabeth 238 

Dixon, James 150 

" Katherine I50 

" Osmond Woodward Jr 150 

Dobbin, James Cochran ... 128, 129 

" John Holmes 129 

" Louisa 129 

" Mary 129 

Dockery , Ann El i za 1 55 

Donaldson, Annie Tallulah .... 217 

" Bertha 222 

" Charles E 222 

" Daisy 222 

" Dee 107 

Dicey 221 

" Elizabeth 220, 221 

" Frank 222 

" Gordon 222 

" Harriet 223 

" Harriett A 222 

" Hazel (Hunt) 107 

Hughey 220 

Jacob 221 

James 220, 221, 222, 223 

" Jane 220 

John xix, 220 

" Laura 222 

" Leon 1 222 

" t.argaret 221 , 222 

" Kartha 220, 222 

Mary 220, 223 

" Kattheu 220, 222 

" Mikell 221 

" Kozelle 221 

" Nancy xix, 220 

" Pearl 222 

Rebecca 220, 221 

Robert xix, 220, 221 

" Robt. G. Franklin 220 

" Robert H 222 

" Ruby 222 

" Samuel Lanier 107 

Sarah 220, 222 

" Susannah 220 

" William 220, 221 

" Wm. Bruce 222 

Wm. Henry 107 

William P 220, 222 

Dooley, Margaret 170 

Doremus , Rev. Frank 107 

Dortch, Sallie 33 

Doss, Laura Parsley I48 

" Laurans Browne 141 

" Lemuel Lowe 141, 148 

Douglas(s), James 243 

Douglas, Jane 243 

" John Jr 243 

" Karmaduke 243 

" Kary 243 

" Robert 243 

Driscoll, Jeanne Fraser 231 

" Sidney Porter 231 

" Susan Porter 231 

DuBose, Anna Calhoun 104, 111 

" Isaiah 244 

" Harriet 70 

Dugger, Ada C 168 

Duncan, Alexander 240 

Dunn, Samuel 26 

Durand, Gerald Douglas 73 

Durden, Gloria 218 

Easley, Florence Hollis 143 

Eden, Charles, Governor 193 

Edwards, Harper Stephens ... 

Sue , 

Egan, Eleanor Nell , 

. 72 

. 179 

• 137 

Ellis, Benjamin 225 

Elizabeth 36 

" Mary Ann 36 

English, Caroline 101 

John 243 

Ensley, Charles 168 

Erwin, Peggy Donaldson .. xix, 220 

Estes, Gene Howard 79 

" Gene Kenan 79 

" Lynn 79 

" Nina Gay 79 

Evans, Charles 135 

" John 135 

" Louisa 135 

Kary Rivers 133, 138 

" Rebecca 88 

Everett, Aaron 224, 247 

" Aaron Barber 225 

" Cassandra Carter 225 

Edwin 228, 230 

" Elenor 225 

Eliza Fagan 225 

" Enoch 224 

Hannah xix, 224, 225, 228, 245 

Hardy 225, 229, 247 

Hardy G 230 

" James S 230 

Jehu 224, 225, 247 

John xix, 224, 246, 257 

John C 225, 247 

" Joshua 224 

Joshua Bedford 225 

Josiah 224 

" Josiah Jefferson 225 

Karolyn 173 

Pamelia 225 

" Polly Ann 225 

" Samuel 224 

Sarah C 225 

Sarah (Fagan) xix, 224, 246, 257 

Sarah (McCall) 225 

" William 224 

" William F 173 

William Stephen 173 


Ewart, Margaret Jane 

Pagan, Sarah 

Faison, Abner 

Asha (Chesnutt) 


Devuni ere 


Elizabeth 11 5, 

Franklin J 



Mary Amelia 

Mary Hollingsworth 




Susan El eanor 

Susan (Koseley) 119, 

Walter Emerson 

Wes 1 ey 

William 119 , 

William H 

Falls, Eunice Leone 

Leo Wil 1 iam 

Linda Olive 

Farmer, Claude Smith 

Farnsworth, Ada Louise 

Parrior, William 

Farthing, Mary Laura 

Feland, Beverly Ann 

Ferguson, Ann Uorment ... 144, 

" Carol Joanne 

" Harry Glynn 

" James Lennerton. xiii, 144, 
Pishbourne, Dr. Chas. C. 105, 
Pishburne, Jean Elizabeth ... 

" Kenan Ann 

" Lucia Kay 

Fisher, Edward KcMurray 

Fitchie, James 

Flagler, Henry Morrison 46, 47, 
50, 51, 54, 
Fleming, Edith Josephine .... 

" Frederick Leonard 

" James Ferdinand 

Fletcher, Ann 

" Prances 

Flowers , David 

Foote, Sarah T 

Forester, Dr. William 

Formyduval , Ruth 

Foster, Eleanor Dinkins 

" James Cranberry Jr 

Fountain, Stella 

Fowler, Frances Emily 

Fox, Stella Juanita 

Poy, Inman Kurphy 

" Maxann 

" Rebecca Pay 

Francis, Frederick 

Francks , Lafayette 

















































Franklin, Burton 

Fraser, Andrew Pairchild . 227, 


Caroline A 228, 230, 


Donald John 

Henry KoCall 

Jame3 Raysor ... 22b, 230, 

James S 


Jane E 230, 

John Edward 227, 

John Sullivan 

Julia 229, 230, 

Julia A 

Jul ia E 


George Oliver 229, 

Georgia S 

Leila Alvaretta 229, 


Rose Kathleen 

Saleta Jane 

Sarah Ann Smylie xix, 211, 
226, 234, 

Sarah El i zabeth 

Sarah ( Martin) 

Sarah (Sullivan) .... xix, 

Simon Alex xix, 

Simon James 
Simon, Maj. 

224, 227, 

xix, 224, 225, 

Prazier, Maxine 

Frederick, Kyra 

Frew, Rose Renfroe 

Pulgham, Carolyn 

C. Everett 

" Edward Everett 

Fuller, Frances Louis 

Fulton, Charles 

" Charles F 

" Emma J 

" Jas. A. , Dr 

" Jane Louise 

" Joseph Edward 


" Lela A. (Fraser) 

" Margaret 

" Martha A 

" Mary Louisa H 

Paul 231, 

" Robert Eugene 


Furey, Charles 

Gaines, Mildred 

Gaissert, Beverlyn Lynn 
" Elizabeth Allison .. 

" Francis Marion 

Galland, Penelope 

21 J 






Garris , Margaret 

" Prusilla 

Gary, Gilmer Allen 

Gates, Albert Martin Jr. 


Gavin, Sarah Jane 

. 179 
, 115 
Gee, Caroline Booth .... 38, 58, 59 

" David 38 

" James 38 

" Julia Kenan 38 

" Martha E. (Forrester) ... 38 

" Martha Jane 38 

" Mary Walker 38 

Richard H 38 

" Sarah Elizabeth 36 

" Thomas Louisa 27 

William Hillard 38 

" Willie Elizabeth 38, 58 

Geer, Sally Caroline 17 

Gerganus, Bryant 177 

Gerson, David Kenan 103 

" Gordon Neil, Dr 103 

Gibbard, Graham Stewart 77 

Gibbs , Mary Emma 1 56 

" John 245 

Gibson, Bessie 37 

" Edward Reynolds, Dr 36 

" Emily 37, 56, 57 

" Hanson 37 

" Jennette Irons (Tilton) . 36 

" Julia Eugene 37, 57 

" Julia S. Kenan 37, 58 

" Louise 37, 56 

" Kary 37, 57 

" Margaret 233 

" Samuel B. S, 37 

Tilton Eugene 36, 37 

Gignilliatt, Harriet H 103 

" Helen Mary Hart 103 

" Wil 1 iara Hobert 103 

Gill, Dan Cummins 60, 76 

" Dan Fraser 76 

" Deborah Jane 76 

" Eugene Walter 39, 61, 76 

" Jet Carney 76 

" John Kenan 60, 75, 76 

Gale Rhea ' 76 

" Kathleen Ann 76 

" Margaret Jeanne 76 

" Roy Glasgow 60, 76 

Sharon Nil 76 

Gillespie, Mildred 250 

Gillespie, Major James .. 153, 25O 

Gilmore, Margaret 253 

Givens, Cynthia Jean 72 

" William 72 

Glasgow, Judge Jack H 41 

Glenn, Christopher Von 129 

Godwin, Ruth 144 

Gordon, William L 98 

Gore, Jonathan 20 

Gotea, George C 234 

Gotea, Jane P. Hedleston . 

Gradey, Whitfield 

Grady, Mrs. Ella (Miller) 


Graham, Allen Stuart 

Dr. Chauncey 

Edwin Smith 


Mary Ellen Loving 
Mary Margaret 

. 145 
63, 78 

Oliver Loving 63, 78 

Sarah Rebecca 21, 23 

Stephen, Dr 21 

Susanne 78 

Thomas K 23 

Virginia Loving 78 

Grant, Oscar 136 

Grapp, John William ......... 215 

Gray , Zachariah 98 

Green, Bennie 135 

" Catherine Eliza 18 

" Daniel K 18 

" George Daniel 18 

" Holland T 18 

" James Kenan 18 

" James Thomas 18 

" John Augustus 18 

" Joseph '. 18 

" Joseph Benjamin 18 

Joseph W 18 

" McKeen 246 

" Mary Catherine 18 

Robert K 18 

" Sarah A 18 

Susan E 18 

Susan Holland 18 

" Susannah 12, 13 

" Thomas Kenan 18 

William Lane 18 

Gregory, Elisha 119 

" Elizabeth Wilder 28 

Jesse 28 

" Lott 119 

" Martha Ann 28 

" Mary 119 

" Samuel Stanford 119 

" Wright 119 

Gresham, Barbara Elwood 142 

Mary 238 

Grice, Alex r 118 

" Elizabeth Lucinda 118 

Isaac W 118 

James A 118 

" Sarah Eliza llo 

Sarah (Wms) (Ballard) ... 118 
Griffin, Elizabeth Ann M. ... 120 

Griner, Sybil Jeanette 219 

Grissom, Gladys 172 

Griswold, Mary Josephine .... 143 

Groover, Mary Virginia 255 

" Samuel Edwin 255 

Guin, Lucille 137 


Gurganus , Esther I78 

Gurganiou3, Henry 177 

Gurganus, Swinson 177, 178 

Guthrie, Mable Stewart 63 

Gwyn, Elizabeth (Price) 70 

Hackney, Minnie 120 

Hadden, Arthur Oswald 217 

Hagin, Catherine 248 

" Sallie 249 

Halcombe, Leila 253 

Hale, Barry 168 

" Wade Ketcop 168 

Hall, America Ann 213 

Ann Eliza 211 

Ann Elizabeth 213, 21 5 

Augustus Kenan 99 

Aurelia 101 

Basil Wise 101 

Caroline Kenan 99 

Catharine Priscilla 89 

Catherine Spalding 100 

Charles Henry, Dr 100 

Charlie N 255 

Charlie Prather 213 

Constance 100 

David 177 

David Hodo 213 

Dorothy (Pearsall) 89 

Eleanor Hartley 100 

Eliza Georgia 213 

Eliza Jane 89 

Ella Maude 215 

Etta Best 213 

George McMillan 89 

Georgia Henrietta 216 

Helen 215 

Isabel Martha 215, 218 

Isabella 128 

Jacquelyn 216 

James 88 

James, Dr 100 

James Edward 89 

James Fraser 213 

James R 212, 213 

James Russell 213 

Jane 13 

Jane (Kenan) 27 

Joseph N 89 

Judith Louise 216 

Kate Davidson 99 

Kenan 100 

Leo Green 213 

Lina 130, 131 

Mamie Fraser 215 

Margaret Ann 89 , 90 

Mary Catharine 89 

Margaret Caroline ... 213, 214 

Mary Delila 213, 215 

Nathaniel Green 211 

Helle Eleanor 89 

Nicholas 89 

Hall, Nicholas (C. Kinnear) .. 91 

" Owen Kenan 89 

" Ralph Jackson 216 

" Robert Clifford 216 

" Robert Cone 213, 216 

" Samuel Alexander .... 213, 215 

" Sandra Jane 216 

" Sarah 211 

" Sarah Ann 212, 213 

" Sarah Brannen 215 

" Sarah Hunton 146 

" Sarah Rebecca 213 

" Susan Kenan 89 

" Thomas 89 

Thos. Hartley, Dr. 99, 100, 101 

" Thos. Pearsall 89 

" Vesta Brantley 213 

" Viola Willetta 213, 255 

William 21, 89 

Wm. Walter 213 

Wm. Leon 213, 215 

Halsey, Harriet 247 

" Jeremiah 247 

" Julia 224 

Hamilton, A 18 

" Hunter 253 

" Nina Belle 34 

" Posey 34 

Hammond, Emma Leigh 102 

" George Harrison 72 

Hancock, Amy Katherine 147 

Betsy Joy 147 

Julia 131 

" Milton Livingston I40 

" Robert Lawrence 147 

" Walton Milton 140, 147 

Hand, Ann 240 

" Laura J 132 

Hankins, Georgia 171 

Hankinson, James Randolph .... 148 

" Jane I48 

" Martha Ann I48 

Hardy, Elizabeth 232 

" Jacob 232 

" John xix, 232, 238 

Mary xix, 232, 238 

" Rebecca 232 

" Sir Robert 238 

Thomas 232 

" William 232 

Hargrave, Jesse 34 

" Margaret 34 

" Mary 34 

Harkness , Mary 47 

Harlow, Cindy 171 

" Donna Sims 171 

Harold, Mary 121 

Harper, Kathleen 100 

Harrell , Anna Marie 183 

Hart, Maude 217 

Harrell, Elbert Lee I83 

" Leon 93 


Harris, Peter 176 

" Rebecca K 164 

" Robert 103 

" Walter, Gen 101 

Harrison, Benjamin 130 

" Maude Mitchell 62 

Harriss, Emma Douglass 133 

Hart, Eli '. 118 

Harville, Alma 57, 72 

" Bessie Louise 57, 72 

" Emily Irene 57 

" Harris Erastus 57 

" Louise Rowe 57, 73 

" Lucia Catherine 57 

" Marie Claxton 57, 72 

" Marie Eugene 57, 73 

" Thelma 57, 73 

Hassell, Ellen Page 76 

" James Joseph 76 

" Joseph Harlcy 76 

Hatcli, Benjamin, Rev 18 

" Sarah Bryan IS 

Hatcher, Mrs. Ann M 163 

Haughton, William 130 

Hawkes, Benjamin Guilford. 139, 145 

" Evelyn Loc.kwood I45 

Hawkins, Annice 47 

Hawks, Benjamin Vlilliam 139 

Hays, Anna Ruth 255 

" Edwin G 77 

" Cladys Gertrude 255 

" Janet 77 

" James Elmore 255 

" Kenan 77 

" Lorei 77 

" Mortie Pearle 255 

" Ruby Esther 255 

" Thomas Elmore 255 

Hedleston, Alecia Beth 237 

Alvaretta xix, 44, 234 

Annie Gertrude 235, 236 

" Brett Jeffrey 237 

" David Brian 237 

" Donald Herbert 236 

" Edna Mae 236 

" Eliza 233 

Elizabeth 235 

" Emma S 234 

" Ernestine Sutton., xix, 45, 235 

" Glendine 236 

" Isabella 233 

" James 233 

" James L 234 

" Jane 233 

" Jane Pressley 234 

" Jane W 234 

John 233, 234 

" John James 234 

" John Pressley 234 

" Lawrence V 234 

" Mary Agnes 234 

" Mary Joan 236 

Hedleston, Mary Louisa 233 

" Samuel Barlow 235 

" Sarah 233 

" Sarah Jane 234 

" William 233, 257 

Wm. Anthony 236, 237 

" Wm. Barlow 236 

" Wm. Charles .... xix, 234, 235 

" Wm. David 234 

" Wm. Davis xix, 234, 235 

" Wm. Pulton 234 

" Winn David 234 

Heise, Belle 229 

Helfemstein see Hedleston 

Helvenston see Hedleston 

Helveston see Hedleston 

Henderson, Eleanor 141 

Heptinstall, Marion 01 in 137 

Herndon , Mary 133 

Herring, Amelia 129 

Faye 181 

Jane lol 

J. Prank lol 

" Melba 181 

Nell 181 

" Stephen Sr 162 

Herzman, Annette Florence .... 76 

Hetterick, Julia A 231 

Hicks, Dan 6 

Ferebee 123 

Serrene 6 

Thomas 3, 153 

Walter Livingston 119 

Higley, Belle 129 

G. P 129 

Hill, Ann 165 

Ann Elizabeth 162, I65 

Ann M 129 

Ann Nicholas 128 

Annie Howard 33 

Annie Hurst 166 

Barbara Ann 253 

Benjamin Weaver 166, 168 

Bettie Lila 166 

Catharine .. 154, 162, 163, 164 

Catharine J I64 

Christopher Dudley 33 

Dannye Paye 170 

Deborah Elaine 171 

Dudley 157 

Earl Pennington 170 

Edward Blackmore .... 162, I65 

Edward J I65 

Edward Jenkins 166. 

Ella 168 

Felix Kenan 26, 162, 163 

Gary Elliott 171 

Hal Maury 168 

Irma 168, 170 

Jas. Kenan 21, 163 - 166 

Joe 168 

John 162-164 


Hill, John Bright 157 

" John Hampden 126 

" John Hatch 163 

John Orlando 171, I64-I66, 168 

" John William 164-166 

Julia 168 

" Julute I65 

Karen Mae 1/1 

" Katie Lea 166 

Kenan Kittrell 168 

" Lamar Binion Jr 217 

" Lucile 168 

Lucy I65 

Martha D 165 

Mary 166, 169 

" Mary Jane 164, 167 

" Nancy I65 

" Nathaniel 232 

Nettie 168 

" Patricia Ann 168 

" Octavine I64, 167 

" Sallie Dunn 165 

" Sallie Hufham 166 

Sarah 162, 165 

" Sarah Oliver 164, 166 

" Sheila 170 

" Susan I65 

Thomas 159, 163 

" Virginia 164, 167, 168 

" Virginia Morgan .... 166, 167 

" Walter Pratt 255 

William 163 

" William Herman 168, 170 

" William Kenan ... 162, 164-167 

" William Lanier 157 

Hinton, Alice 239, 240 

" Ann 244 

" Sir Anthony 238 

Charity 238 

" Clement 238 

" David 239 

" Elizabeth xix, 238, 240 

" Grizelle (Kimh. ) xix, 239, 244 

Hardy 238 

James 238, 239 

" Col. John ... xix, 232, 238-240 

244-, 257 

Sir. John, M.D 238 

" John 240 

Judith 238 

" Kimbrough 239 

" Kalachi 233 

" Martha 239 

Mary 238-240 

Mary (Hardy) 238, 240 

" Nancy 238 

" Rachel 238 

" Richard 238 

Rose 238 

Sarah 238, 239 

" Thomas 238 

" Sir Thomas 238 


Hinton, William 

Sir William 

Hobbie , El i zabetri 150 

Hodges, Elizabeth 221 , 222 

Hardy B 229 

" John D 221, 222 

" Susie Edna 235 

Holcomb, Belle 98 

Holladay, Thomas 232 

lolliday, Mary Langdon 156 

Hollingsworth, Chas. Ray 236 

Michael Ray 236 

Patricia Kay 236 

Holmes, Alice 130 

Alice Dickinson 130 

Allman, Dr 124, 128, 132 

Almand Sellers 132 

Ann 97 

Ann Clinton . 26, 119, 12,, 129 

Ann M 130 

Annabel 132 

Anne 125, 1?8 

Anne Lovick 131, 13 5 

Arthur 126, 130 

Betsy 130 

Bettie 132 

Callie 132 

Caroline 12'i\ 130 

Cath. Kenan 26, 116, 127, 134 
137, 151 

Charlotte 126 

Clinton Ann 127, 131 

David Fredrick 141 

Dobbin 132, 135 

Dorothy 135 

Eddie 132 

Edmund Whitfield 130 

Ellen 132 

Eliza 130 

Elizabeth 126, 129, 154 

Elizabeth Ashe 127 

Elizabeth C 130 

Elizabeth Johnston .. 127, 130 

Eliza Wright 130 

Prances 143 

Prances Madeline .... 134, 137 
Prances Virginia .... 137, 141 

Fraiik ; Dr 132 

Cabriel 97, 125-127, 124 

Gabriel, Capt 128 

Gabriel, Governor .... 97, 124 

Gabrielle Gibbs 136, 139 

Gabriel Needham 130 

Hard;/ 125 

Henry 132 

Henry Chesnutt 254 

James 125-129, 132 

James, Lt 127 

James Clinton, Lt. Col. .. 119 
128-130, 132, 134 

James Dobbin 130 

James Hall, Capt. 131, 134, 151 


Holmes, Janes MoGowen 137, 152, 254 

" James Stephen 1 29 

" James W.D. Browne 128 

Holmes, John C 1 32 

" John D. Browne 128 

" John London 130 

" John Lynn 129 

" John Lyon 126, 1 30 

" Julia 130 

" Kate 132 

" Lewis I75 

Louisa 126, 129 

" Louisa Dobbin 130 

" Lynn 134, 137, 254 

Lynn Watkins, xiii, 137,152, 254 

" Martha 132 

Mary 125, 128, 132 

" Mary Anna 132 

" Mary Ann B 126 

" Mary Caison 97 

" Mildred 126, 130-131, 135 

" Needharn V! 130 

Owen 26, 119, 125-127, 131 

132, 254 

Owen, Capt 128, 132 

" Owen David 129 

" Owen Davis 126, 134, 136 

" Owen M 128 

" Owen McRae 130 

" Ov;en T 127, 132 

" Pembroke Jones 130 

" Penelope Clinton. 125, 128, 130 

" Pierre Mallett 134 

Richard C. .. 124-125, 128, 132 
156, 254 

" Robert Drane 130 

" Robert Lee 130 

" Ruth Mallett 136, 139 

" Sallie Lord 130 

" Samuel 132 

" Samuel Person 130 

" Samuel Ashe 127, 132 

Sarah 14,131,135 

" Sarah Cath. (Horment) .... 26 

" Sarah Love 127, 131 

" Solomon Ward 134 

" Sophie 132 

" Susan Palmer 134 

Sydney Elizabeth 131, 253 

" Thomas Bunting 130 

" Thomas Hal 130 

" Thomas Hill, Major 128 

" Thomas Norment 127, 131 

" Thomas Ann 131 

" Walter 132 

" William 132 

William Hardy ... 126, 128, 130 
William Thos. ... 137, 141, 152 

William Wright 130 

Holt, Riley Albert 255 

Honeycutt, Ralph 167 

Hooks, Charles 17, 163 

Hooks, Curtis 26, I64 

Hooper, George 177 

Home, Arabella 102 

Hazel 102 

Howell Cobb 100, 102 

James Uriah 100, 102 

Lamar 100 , 102 

Leila 100, 102 

Pearce 100 , 102 

Hosmer, Margaret 194 

Houston, Aaron James 94 

Annie Kae 94 

Chester 92-94 

Chester Junior 94 

Delmar Elmor 94-95 

Delmar Elmor, Mrs .... xiv, 95 

Delmar Laren 95-96 

Donald McClure 94 

Edith Catherine 94 

Exavery 92 

Herman David 92-94 

Ida 92 

James Robert 92-93 

Laren Mark 96 

Leona Elizabeth 94 

Luene Davis 94 

Mazel James 94 

Ross Gordon 96 

William, Dr 3 

Howe, Alfred Bart 77 

Hubbard, Emma Walker 157 

" Joseph Cheves 157 

" Joseph Henry 157 

Hudson, E. E 135 

Hufhani, Bettie Dunn 165 

Robert 118 

Huger, Alfred 36 

Hull, Prank 133 

Humble, Andrew Eugene 167 

Humphrey, Alice 91 

Annie Blanche 92, 94 

Cyrus Thomas 92 

George Franklin 92 

Helen 94 

Kathryn 94 

K. Ann 94 

Martha W 94 

Rodolph Jackson 92, 94 

Walter Davis 92, 94 

William 89 

Hunter, Delilah 239 

Hurst, Andrew 164 

" Sarah Ann I64 

Hussey, Sallie 166 

Hutchins, Odell 179 

Hynton see Hinton 

Iredell, Hannah Johnston 

" James 

Irwin, Charles A 

" Frances Williams .... 
" Mary Kathryn 



Irwin, Ovid Alexander 72 

" Reeoe Andrew 72 

Ivey, Ann Gilbert 88 

" Curtis 88 

Mrs. Sarah (Routledge) 08 

" Thomas Routledge 88 

Jackson, Lois Harriet 63, 78 

" Lydia Loving 63, 78 

Roy Jr 63 

Jacobi, Carol Joy 79 

" deVecmon R xix, 64 

" George Harold 79 

" George Kenan 65, 79 

" John Kenan 79 

" Leon John, Admr 65 

Jacques, Aurelia Hall 100 

S. R 100 

James, Alice 239 

" Allen Stuart 145 

" Anita Paul I45 

" Anne Attaway 144, 150 

" Charles Alston 145 

" Charles Holmes 138 

" David 240 

" Elizabeth xix, 1Q, 239-241, 256 

" Elizabeth (Hinton) xix, 19, 239 

" Ennala Capers 145 

" Florence Cecelia 215 

" Prank Victor 138 

" George I45 

" George Coggins 145 

Grizelle 19, 24I 

" Hinton 239, 240 

" Hugh McCutchen 138, 145 

" James 240 

John 239, 240 

" John Evans 138, 145 

" James McCutchen ...... 138 

" Joan Alston 144, 150 

" Joseph Alston 13&, 149 

Katherine Elisabeth .. 144, 149 

Kaxy xix, 14, 19, 239-241, 256 

" Mary Capers 145 

" Mary Louise 138, I45 

Mildred I38, I44 

" Rosemary 145 

" Sara Stuart I45 

" Temperance 19, 241 

Thos. Esq. xix, 14, 239-241, 258 

Thos. Cooper 138, I45 

Wm. Capers 138, 145 

" Wm. Johns 145 

" Wm. Paul 144 

Jefferson, Ollie Mae 216 

Jemison, Gay 139 

" Lee 139 

" William 139 

Johns, Martha 145 

Johnson, Ann Fromentine .... 102 

" Arabella 102 

" Caroline 102 

Johnson, Gertrude i 12 

" Gov. Hershel 10? 

" Jas. Frederick 104 

Julia 73 

" Mary 246 

" Mary Collier 104 

" Mary Colyar 104 

" Mary El i zabeth 73 

" Mildred 71 

" Susan 220 

Tallulah 102 

Tom 102 

Walter Mitchell 215 

William 102 

William T 73 

" William White 102 

Johnston, Agnes Vick 144 

" Alex 1- Scrymour 194 

" Ann Scrymour 194 

" Arthur Cutchin 138 

" Barbara Anne 144 

" Carissa Dawn 170 

" Elizabeth xiii, xix, 5, 192 

194, 196, 193 

" Elizabeth Whitmell 194 

" Ellen Elizabeth 135 

" Francis 193 

" George 194 

Sir James 192, I98, 200 

" James Wilson 216, 219 

Jean 194 

" Joe Elmer 170 

John 193 

John Wesley 216, 219 

" Joseph Allen 138, I44 

" Julia Lee 216 

Julia Viers 219 

" Katherine Lucille .... 138, 144 

" Mary Lee 141 

" Penelope 194 

" R. D. , General 194 

Robert 193 

" Ruth Siileta 144 

" Stephen Lir.dsey 219 

11 Terry Joe 170 

" William C. G 194 

" William James 138, 144 

" Wm. Williams 194 

Johnstone, Caroline 193 

Gabriel 2, 192, 193 

" George 193 

" Gilbert Sr. ... xiii, 192, 193 
" Gilbert Jr. .. vii, xiii, 2, 

193, 194, 205, 206 

Henry 193, 194 

" Huger F xiii, 194 

" Huger W xiii, 194 

" Isabel 193 

" James D. , Major .. xiii, 191 

" Sir James 192, 200 

John 192 

" John Scrymour 194 


Johnstone, John of Stapleton xiii 
XXX, 2, 196, 198 

" Joseph Forney xiii, 194 

" Peter 193 

" Samuel xiii, 192-195 

" William 192, 193 

Joiner, Nancy Stewart 75 

Jones, Agnes 136, 140 

Amo Lee 74 

Betsy MoKeely 140, 146 

Beverly 171 

Catharine Holmes/xiii, 136, 139 

Dorothy 217 

Elizabeth Kenan 73 

Elizabeth Rencher ... 136, 140 

Evelyn I36, 139 

Francis K 229 

Harriet Jane 73, 85 

Helen 60, 75 

Janet 75 

Jennie Elizabeth 60, 74 

John David 17 

John Grant 60, 75 

John KcLaurin 136 

Julia 132 

Herritt Henry 136 

Merritt Henry Jr. ... 136, 140 
Herri tt Henry III ... 140, 147 

Morgan 60 , 73 

Morgan Andrew 75 

Penelope 225 

Russell Albert 147 

Thomas Charles 60 

Thomas Wilder 60, 74 

Thomas Wilder Jr. 74 

Josey, Betty 217 

Joyner, Harris Clarke 216 

Jean Evelyn 216 

Keaton , Mary 

Kell, Evelyn Livingston 

" Hendley 

Kelley, Thomas II 

Kelly, David 

" Lavinia 

" Margaret 

. 236 
. 103 
. 237 
Kemper, Lillian Sinclair .... 183 

KENAN, Adah Lois 38, 60 

" Agnes Clay 70 

" Alfred Benjamin 173, 179 

Alvaretta J. .. 44, 65, 66, 199 

Ann Carroll 179 

" Ann Holmes 97, 98 

" Ann Louise 183 

" Anna Eliza 98 

" Anna Jane 177 

" Anna Potter 44, 66, 67 

Anne Hall 47, 70 

" Anne Livingston.. 105, 107, 111 

" Anne Moore 55 

" Anne Read 70 

Annie 179 

KENAN, Annie Dickson 21 

Annie Eunice 28, 42 

Arabella 3, 4, 97, 100, 113 

Arthur Carroll 179, 132 

Arthur McKinley 173, 179 

Augustus Holmes 97, 93 

Aurelie Hall 101 

Brutus Clay 70 

Caroline 102 

Caroline Reese 56 

Carolyn Ann 182 

Carolyn Elise 68, 81 

Carrie Alston 99, 103 

Catharine ... 9, 11, 12, 87, 88 
161, 162, 177 

Catharine Ann 101, 104 

Catharine Clifford ... 100, 101 

Catharine Elizabeth 14 

Celia 177 

Charles Woodward 107 

Christiana 177 

Clifton MacLaine 183 

Dan Cummins 39, 61, 62 

Daniel LeRoy 28, 40 

Daniel Lafayette xix, 19 

27-30, 241 

Daniel Love (of Quincy, Fla) .. 

xix, 9, 12-14, 19-21, 27, 115 

241, 256 

Daniel Love (of Selma, Ala) ... 

16, 23, 56 

Daniel James 76 

David 178 

Dominique 106 

Donald Billy 180 

Doris 179 

Dupree 42, 43 

Elizabeth 3, 97, 101, 103, 109 

115, 177 

Elizabeth Fayette .. 26, 38, 39 

Elizabeth Johnston 1, 3-6, 87 

97, 113, 115, 153 

Ella Aurelia 99 

Emerson 179 

Emily Howard 33 

Emily Ravenel 103 

Emma (Knox) 35 

Evelyn Livingston 104 

Fannie Hill 33 

Felix 11, 159, 161-163 

154, 175 

Florence Ann 69 

Frank Hawkins 47 , 70 

Fredericka Elizabeth .... 56 

Gabriel Holmes 97 

George E 173 

Glenn Lee 180 

Graham 33, 47, 55 

Graham Harlee 181 

Gregory Richard 67, 63 

Hampton DuBose 104,106-107, 111 
Hannah 175, 176 


KE1JAN, Hardy Holmes 97 

Helen Elizabeth 55 

Helen Spalding. . 103, 105, HO 

Henrietta Alston 99, 100 

Isaac K 100 

Jacob 177, 178 

James, Cen. xix, 3, 6-8 ; 10-13 
15, 87-68, 115, 153, 161, 162 

James, Dr 34 

James (other) .... 14, 97, 176 

James Allen 179 

James Graham 31, 32, 33 

James H 177 

James Shields I .. xix, 44, 45 

James Shields II.. xiv, 68, 249 
James Shields III... 68, 81, 82 

James Sprunt 178, 179 

James William 179, 182 

Jane 3-4 , 6 

Jane Ann 182 

Janet Simpson 104, 106 

Jennie Dupree 28, 42 

Jeremiah 175, 176 

Jesse Gregory 28, 39-40 

Jesse P 178 

John A. Nathans ... 28, 43, 45 

John Kevin 182 

John Patrick 76 

John Hand 14, 35 

John William 68 

Joseph 177, 178 

Joseph Emerson 178, 179 

Josephine 104 

Julia Lillian 56 

Julia Ruth 182 

Jul ia Stephens 27 

Julia Susannah 14 

Kevin Charles 183 

Laura 100 

Laura Doris 179, 181 

Leonora Knox 35 

Lewis 100 

Lewis Holmes 97, 99 

Lois 179 

Loleta Kae 179, 182 

Louis Livingston 101, 103, 109 

Lucy King 100 

Lillian Elizabeth 34, 55 

Kargaret 177, 178 

Kargaret A 178 

Margaret Elizabeth .. 179, 182 

Kargaret Jane 55, 71 

Kargaret Katherine .... 183 

Karie Louise 35 

Marilyn 181 

Martha 40, 60, 99, 177 

Martha A 28 

Marvin KcKinley 179, 182 

Kary 97, 177 

Kary B 178 

Mary Lily 47-48, 50-51 

Kenan, Mary Lister 27, 36 

Kenan, Mary Lois 28, 41-42 

Kenan, Mary Rand 15-16, 24 

Kenan, Mattie Jane 28, 40-41 

Kenan, Melba 179, 181 

Kena T Meta Keyward 103, 110 

Kenan, Meta Johnson .... 104, 106 

Kenan, Michael 176 

Kenan, Michael Dean .... 182 
Kenan, Michael Harlee .. 181 
Kenan, Michael Johnston xiii, 3-4, 
6, 16, 97-98, 100-102, 108 

Kenan, Michael Molton 19 

Kenan, Michael .Villiam 182 

Kenan, Kiddleton 28 

Kenan, Minnie Knox 23, 56 

Kenan, Murphy 177, 176 

Kenan, Nancy 101, 102, 177 

Kenan, Nelle 6 

Kenan, Nell Houston 55 

Kenan, Nil 39, 60-61 

Kenan, Nil Harrison 62, 76 

Kenan, Nixon 28 

Kenan, Owen .3.. 3, 87-88, 176-177 

Kenan , Owen Graham 70 

Kenan, Owen Hill 33, 46 

Kenan, Owen Holmes 97 

Kenan, Owen Rand .... v, 14, 21-22 
Kenan, Owen Tom ... 100, 102, 109 
Kenan, Penelope .. 3-4, H3, 123 
Kenan Dr. Patrick Dan 39, 61, 76 

Kenan, Peggy Jean 179, 182 

Kenan , Polly 100 

Kenan, Priscilla 175 

Kenan, Randolph Spalding..... 101 

Kenan, Rebekah Lamar 35 

Kenan, Rebecca M 35 

Kenan, Ren 182 

Kenan, Richard Maxwell ... 180, 183 

Kenan, Ruby xiv, 178, 179 

Kenan, Rufus Harlee 179, 181 

Kenan, Robert Charles ... 179, 183 
Kenan, Robert Gignilliat xiii, 110 
103-105. Ill 

Kenan, Robert Love 34, 55 

Kenan, Rose 161 

Kenan, Sally A 178 

Kenan, Samuel White 102, 104 

Kenan, Sandra Faye 182 

Kenan, Sarah .... 9, 21, 154, 177 
Kenan, Sarah Aurelia .... 100, 101 

Kenan, Sarah Elizabeth 19 

Kenan, Sarah Godfrey 76 

Kenan, Sarah Graham 55» 70 

Kenan, Sarah (Love) 10, 12-14, 154 

Kenan, Scott Daniel 181 

Kenan, Sharon Ann 67, 68 

Kenan, Spalding 100, 108 

Kenan, Steven Samuel 181 

Kenan, Susan 182 

Kenan, Susannah .. 9, 12, 18, 87-88 
Kenan, Susan Catharine 19 







• 179, 

Kenan, Thomas (Progenitor) xix, 1-6 
87, 97, 113, 115, 123, 153 
159, 175, 192, 194, 196, 198 
Kenan, Col. Thomas .. 9, 12-16 , 55 

239- 241 

Kenan, Thos. Abner 24, 35 

" Thos. Augustine 104 , 106 

Thos. Daniel 13, 14 

" Thos. Gardner 23, 34 

" Thos. Holmes .... 97, 98, 100 
103-104, 109-110 

" Thos. James 27 

" Thos. John 62, 77 

Thos. Louisa 27, 37, 38 

Kenan, Thos. Stephen I 23, 30-31 

Kenan, Thos. Stephen II .. 33, 47 
Kenan, Thos. Stephen III.. v, xiv, 

23, 70, 83 

Kenan, Uriah Tecumseh 98 

Kenan, Uriah Threatt 98 

" Velma Grace 179 

Kenan, Verda 40, 62 

" Virginia D. xiii, 44, 66 

Kenan, Wilbur Earl 178 

Kenan, Wilder 40, 62 

Kenan, Wiley 87 

Kenan, Col. Wm. 87, 159, 163, 17s 

177, 178, 185 ' 

Kenan, Wm. Alfred I78 

Kenan, Wm. Arthur 182 

Kenan, Wm. Durwood .. I78-I79, 183 
Kenan, Wm. Kimbro .. 16, 23, 35-36 

Kenan, Wm, Knox 35 

Kenan, Wm. Owen ... 19, 23, 34, 56 
Kenan, Wm. Rand St. .. 23, 31, 33, 

52, 182 
Kenan, Wm. Rand Jr. ... 50, 53-54 

Kenan, Wm. Scott 179, 181 

Kenan, Willie 37 

Kendrick, Ernest T 118 

Kennedy, Christine Jones ... 96 
Kennedy, Gordon Bennett .... 96 
Kennedy, Sally Josephine ... 96 

Kennedy , Leonard 92 

Kennion - see Kenan 
Kenyen - see Kenan 

Kern, Kenan James 66, 80 

Kern, John Augustus Jr 66 

Kessler, Richard Douglas ... 69 

Kessler, Tena Marie 69 

Kessler, Wirtfield W 69 

Kidwell, Ollie 62 

Killer, Judge John 116 

Kimball, Mrs. Louise 14 

Kimbrough, Charity 244 

" El i zabe th 244 

" Grizelle xix, 239, £44 

" Hinton 244 

" James 244 

" John xix, 242-244 

" Margaret 243 

Mary 243 

" Nathaniel 244 

" Penny 244 

Polly 244 

Sally 244 

King, Edith Mae Baldwin 96 

King, Nancy 96 

King, Wm. Hobart 96 

Kinion - see Kenan 

Kinnear, Anne 90 

Kinnear, Catherine 88—89 

Kinnear, Cornelia 90 

Kinnear, Jamimia 90 

Kinnear, Mary 88-89 

Kinnear, Mary Alice 90 

Kinnear, Susan Kenan 90 

Kinnear, Temperance 90 

Kinnear, Thomas Hinton 90 

Kinnier, Thomas James 87-88, 90 
Kinnion - see Kenan 

Kirkland, Arthur 137 

" David Towne 149 

Ernest Reid 137, 142 

Hester 143 

Lois 142 

Nina 143 

" Rebecca Louise 149 

Sanford Holmes . 137, 143, 148 

Thos. Reid 149 

Kirtland, Lucy Henrietta .. 100 

Kittrell, Caroline 167 

" Seth Brown 167 

Wm. Allison 167 

Klein, Anne 70 

Klein, Sally 70 

Klein, William 70 

Knight, Eugene Strozier ... 143 

Miles 177 

Patricia Ann 143 

Sara Eliza 248 

William Norman 143 

V.'illiam Taylor 143 

Knighton, Edris 253 

Holmes 253 

T. K 253 

Knox, Caroline 194 

Emma Lindsey 35 

Sarah (McCcrd) 35 

Kopp, David Humphrey 94 

" Herman 94 

Kolb, Hannah 244 


Lacy , Drury 

Lamar, Carol Lynn .... 

" Henry 

" John T 

" Leila Rebecca 

" Lucius James 

Mark 0' Daniel 

" Pamela Elaine 

" Richard Mirabeau 

" Steven 

Lane, Benjamin Brannen 
" Carabel Fraser . . . . 
" Edward William .... 

" Joel 

" John Ivey 

" John Walter 


" Winifred Annie .... 

Lang, William 

Lange, Caroline Izlar . 

" Georgia Ann 

" Stephen C 

Lanier, Arabella 

" Benjamin 


" Elizabeth Allene . 

" Grace 

" Isaac 



. . 237 








.. 237 

.. 214 

.. 214 

.. 214 

.. 239 

.. 214 

.. 214 


.. 144 







.. 126 


.. 215 

.. 126 


Mary 222, 246 

Lapsley, Eleanor Houston ... 55 

Larkins, James Thomas 132 

Laurie , Margaret 55 

Lawson, James 12 

Lawton, Martha 126 

Lee, Annie 223 

" Augustus 214 

" Claude 214 

" Elizabeth 248 

" Fannie R 214 

" Frank Bradwell 214 

" Herbert 214 

" James Frank 213 

" Mary 214 

" Walter Haywood 214 

Lester, Daniel B 220 

" Malcolm 220 

" Robert F 220 

Lewis, Eva 120 

" Howell 243 

Hugh 70 

" Jane 239 

" John 243 

" Laurence 70 

" Mary Lily 70 

" W. Gaston 31 

Liddon, Benjamin 88, 250 

Lide, Elizabeth 71 

Lines, Julian 139 

" Katherine 139 

Livingston, Evelyn E. .. 101, 108 

Livingston, Louis 101 

Logan, Henry 136 

London, Sallie K 130 

Long, Eugene 170 

J. B 253 

" Octavine 170 

Longworthy, John 242 

Love, Catharine (Horris) xix, 9, 161 
" Daniel .... xix, 9. 161, 258 

James .. 9, 153, 154, 161, I64 
" Jane (Kenan) 9, I64 

Kenan 153-154 , I64 

" Louisa Matilda I64 

Michael 21, 153, 155 

Sarah xix, 9, 161 

" Susannah 6, 154 

Loving, Alice Powell 77 

" Gregory 78 

" James William .... 41, 62, 77 

" Lois Kenan 41, 63 

" Lominta Ann 77 

" Mary Adeline 63, 77 

" Mary Caroline 77 

" Mary Ellen 41, 63 

" Oliver 41-42, 63, 78 

" Patricia Stewart 77 

" Peggy Lois 63 

" Robert 78 

" Stephen 78 

Lowe, Adele 142 

Lowerton, William 232 

Loyd, Col. Thomas 244 

Ludwig, Jerry 181 

" Laura Lyne 181 

W. G 161 

Lyell, James Samuel 147 

" Laura Parsley 147 

" Kary Williams 147 

McBryde , David 131 

McCall, Ann Fletcher 246 

" Betsy (Lanier) Stith .. 246 
" Celete Ann Williams ... 245 

" Charles xix, 245-246 

" David 246 

" Eleanor 246 

Elizabeth 245 

" Elizabeth Burnett 246 

" Elizabeth Sanders 246 

" Francis xix, 245-246 

" Frances Fletcher 246 

" George 245-246 

" Hannah xix, 245-246 

" Hannah E 247 

" Hannah (Everett) xix, 224-225 

228, 245 
" Henry 246 

Iber 245 

" James 245 

" John 246-247 

John E 246-247 


McCall, Joseph 

Margaret 226 , 

Margaret Baker 

Mary 245, 

Mary Johnson 

Mary Lanier "Polly" 

Mary Pearce 





Sarah xix, 225-226, 228, 

Sarah E 



cCanne, Margaret L 

cClain, Evelyn 

William Thomas 

oClelland, C. A 



Mary Lee 

KcClure, Dr. William 

f'CCoy, Stephen 

McCroan , A. P 

KcCulloch , Henry 

I«cDaniel, Prank K 

" Margaret Evelyn 

MoDirmid, Flora 129, 

" Korment T. A 129, 

" K. W 

McDougald, Donald 

" Michael Hall 

" Walter Edwin 


McElveen, Bernice Nell 

" Bobbie Lois 

" Charles Eugene 

" Dorothy Louise 

Cloria Helen 

" James Lowell 

" Laura Ann 

" Laurie Estelle 

" Moses Judson 

" Nathaniel Judson 

" Nina karjorie 

" Rebecca 

" Sandra Faye 

" Sarah Janice 

" Virgil Franklin 

" Wendell Jackson 

" William Carroll 

" William Lee 

" Wilson Lee 

McFarland, Janet 

McCarr, Jessie 

cGehee, Abner 23, 

Cynthia Ann 

Louise (Lamar) 23, 

Lucy Ann 


245 McGehee, Rebecca Mary 23 

247 " William Alexander 23 

247 " William Hill 23 

246 McGowan, El i za Jane 89 

246 " Martha Lucy 137 

246 " Kary Brown 89 

246 " Sarah 14 

246 Mclllwean, Helen 116 

246 Kclntire, James 162 

245 Mcintosh, Robert W 228 

246 Mclntyre, Andrew 113 

?46 " Elizabeth 113 

247 " James 113 

245 " Martha 113 

246 McKay, Flora 129 

89 McKinney, Kary 84 

168 KcKinnon, Sallie Lee 132 

168 McLaurin, Betsey Holmes . 134, 136 

255 " Hugh Washington 131 

101 " John 134 

255 " Mary Dickson 134, 136 

255 " Sarah 134 

97 McLean, Addie 129, 133 

246 " Andrew 211 

222 " Kary 211 

161 KcLeod, Allan Lamar 254 

62 " Catherine Gaynor 254 

140 " Frank 133 

133 " Hal.-ombe Guice 254 

133 " Helen Reinhardt 254 

129 " Henry Marvin 253 

219 " Louise 133 

219 " Mary Leila 254 

218 " Nell 254 

218 " Walter Grey 253 

216 McMillan, William Hill 27 

216 " John Duncan, Dr 129 

216 KcNair, Arch 129 

216 " Rory 131 

216 McNeely, Addie Leonora Eulalia 140 

216 " Grady Polk 136 

216 " Sarah Julia 136 

216 KcPipkin, David Ronald 237 

216 " Jennifer Lee 237 

216 " John Hugh 237 

216 " Julie Ann 237 

248 McQuail, Belle Elizabeth ... 173 

216 " Josephine Ann 173 

216 " Richard M 173 

216 " Robert 173 

216 " William H 173 

216 McQueen, Flora 126 

216 McRae, Gen. Alexander 27 

216 " Robert Burns 27 

193 Mabson, Mildred 126 


35 Majors, Vivian 218 

23 Mallett, Margaret Wright ... 130 

35 " Susan Gibbs 134 

23 Mandell, Ann xix, 28 

23 Mann, James F 120 


Maneon, Claudia Gibbs 105 

" David IO5 

" Evelyn Elizabeth 103 

" Hugh Provaty 105 

" Jeanie Hunter 103, 105 

" John 103 

" John Farn3V/orth 10S 

" Joseph Arthur 105 

" Katherine Ann IO5 

" Patricia Louise 105 

" Rebecca Ann IO5 

" Spalding Kenan 103, 105 

" Thomas Spalding 105 

(••arable, Elmira 1?0 

" Hunter, 120 

Ida II9 

Dr. J. R 120 

" William 120 

Marion, Ann Rebecca 72 

" Dr. Robert Francis 72 

Marks , Martha 97 

Marsh , James Kenan 180 

" James V. Mrs xiv, 179 

" Lillie Elvira 179 

" Patricia Jane 180, 183 

" Ruby Joanne 180, 183 

" Rufus Crier 179 

Mar shburn , Mary 120 

Martin, Sarah 227 

Mason, George I38 

" Littleton 130 

Matchet, Edward 4 

William 11 

Mathews, Samuel 238 

Matthews, Jean Flagler 52 

Mattox , Mrs. Sarah 246 

Mauze, Eleanor Graham 85 

" Madison 85 

" Mary Margaret 85 

MLayo , Charl es 1 ^9 

" James I39 

Means, Florence Louise 57 

" Mary Gibson 57, 72 

" Matthew Singleton 57 

Meek , Cooper 1 67 

" Jennie Brown 167 

" Lide I67 

" Mary Lester I67 

Mercer, Dolly 92 

" John 90 

Mary 90 

" Mora 92 

Merriman, Wm. Leonard 231 

Merrit, Jerushah 154 

Meyer, Gertrude H 181 

Henry J 181 

" Ruth Anne 181 

Michael, Ann Pickett 183 

" William Foil 183 

Micks, Clara 126 

" Dr. William G I55 

Middleton, Adeline Elizabeth 90 

Capt. James Sr JO 

Martha Ann 1 66 

Mary Ann (Nixon) 90 

Kay 240 

Ransome 119 

Robert 240, 241 

Thos. James 240 

ikell, David 221 

James 247 

Marie Cecelia 215 

Martha 21? 

Seaborn 247 

iller, Andrew 90-92 

Avis 92 

Catherine C 90 

Celia (Rhodes) 89 

Chancey W 90 

Davis 92 

Dora 92 

Elizabeth 90 

Emma Susan 9? 

Etta 92 

George W 90 

Herman 93 

Ida 93 

John 89 

John Rhodes 69 

John Richard 90-91 

John W. Shaw 119 

Joseph Robert 91 

Joseph Thos. Rhodes .. 39-90 

Joseph Washington $0 

Kenan &9 

Lawton 92-93 

Lela 92 

Margeannah 90, 91. 93 

Martha E 90 

Mary Susan 90-91 

Morton 92 

Nancy 90 

Nancy Jane 92 

Nora 92 

Norwood 92 

Ottis 92 

Rex Jr 217 

Richard 92 

Sarah Edith 90-91 

Susan Jane 89 

Thelma 92 

Thelma Louise 94 

"Tink" 92 

Walter Luther 92 

Minton, Charles 179 

Mintz, Virginia 161 

Hizell, Frances 245 

Sarah 24o 

Molton, John 162 

Moody, Martha Ruth 141 

Moon, Hartley Allen 240 

Moore, Agnes 144 


Moore, Andrew Jackson 

Ann ( Thomas ) 

Ann (Kimbrough) .. 
Blanche Winnifred 
Claude Hunter ... 




Elizabeth Ann .... 



Ferebee Ann 


Gertrude Hill 




Jaraes Hill 

John Augustus 

... xiii 


Joseph 118, 120-121 


Laura J 

Lena Catherine . . 

Leonora Jane .... 



Margare t 

Marie Jane 

Martha Eliza K. . 

Martha Washington 


Mary Elizabeth .. 

Mary Jane 

Mary Louise 

Dr. Matthew 

Matthew Kenan . . . 


Osborne Rogers . . 




Samuel Blount . . . 

Samuel Lewis 

Sarah Jane 

Walter Raleigh 118, 

William 120, 

William J 

organ, Alexander 





Porter Pierpont 



orisey, Alfred 

Ann Bunting 



. 215 

. 178 




. 131 


. 253 




















Annie Henry 156— 157 



David George 
Elizabeth ... 

6, 153, 



Morisey, Eliza C 155 

" Eliza Jane 156 

Emma Gibbs 156 

" Emma Walker 156 

" Fulton 156 

George .. 6, 11, 21, 153, 155 

" James 156 

" James Kenan 155 1 156 

John 155 

" John C 156 

Junius 155 

" Kenan 156 

" Mary Penelope 155, 156 

Mattie 156 

" Owen Bunting 155, 156 

" Penelope 155, 156 

" Robert 156 

Robert Gibbs 156 

" Samuel Bunting 155 

Sarah 13 

" Thomas Junius 155 

Thomas Kenan ... 126, 154-155 

William 21, 3&, 126, 154-155 

William Henry I55 

Morrell, Catherine 231 

Morris, Richard 62 

Morrow, D. T 233 

Eliza A. (Wilson) 233 

Morse, John Arthur 236 

Morton, Ida Murphy 95 

Ida Okland 95 

" Isaac B 95 

Susan Ann Rhodes 95 

Um. Henry Harrison .... 95 

" Wm. Isaac 95 

Moseley, Ella 156 

Moser, Eleanor Marie 255 

Moyer, Joe D 144 

Lynn 144 

Mumford, Dorcas 250 

Muzzy , Howard 216 

Myers, Mable Elizabeth 103 

Sallie Hollingsworth .. 120 

Nathans , Andrew xix 

" Ann Mandell xix, 28 

" Kaj. Isaac xix, 28 

" Josephine 44 

Va. Dcugla3 .. xix, 28-29, 44 

Nebel, Marie Chase 94 

Keeley, James Scott 217 

" Mary Langdon I56 

Nesmith, Margaret H 233 

Mary Beth 80, 82 

" Samuel 233 

Nevils, Dicy 221 

Thomas 221 

Newkirk, Rachel 125 

Newman, Carolyn Elizabeth .. 249 

" Clem C 249 

Nichols, Fred S. Jr 254 


Nichols, Patricia 

Nicholson, Polly 

Nicks, Ann Kellam 

Nix, Claudia 

Nil, Clyde Richard 

Nixon, Daniel Lafayette 

Nixon, Dr. J. N 20, 

" Polly 

" Temperance (James) 

Noell, Cerald 

" Mildred Frances 144, 

" William Gerald 

Norment, Addie 

" Ann Eliza 

" Annie 

" Cornelia 

" Elizabeth Jane ... 17, 26, 
" Emma Harriss 


" George Harris 

" James Douglass 129, 

" Laura Howell 

" Majorie 

" Mary 129, 

" Mary Jennings 

" Mary Rozier 


" Nellie Rowland 

" Cwen Clinton 129, 

" Penelope 

" Richard Montgomery .. 129 ( 

" Ri chard Vaux 

" Ruth 

" Sarah Catharine 12, 17, ?6, 

Thomas 17,26,154, 163, 177, 

Thos. Aaron 26, 129, 133, 

" Virginia 

" Wm. Stokes 129, 

" Wm. Thos 

Morris, Catharine xix, 


9, 153, 159, 

163, 258 
" Pauline 

Nuckols, Hodgdon Christian .. 

Nutt, Fannie Belle 

Nutt, John Henry 

Oliver, George 

" John Pearsall .... 

" Kate 

" Mary 

" Sireter Jane 

Oliveros, Lovell Lott 
" Robert Lovell .... 

" Rosa Burnett 

Olliff, Franklin 


" Joseph 

" Margaret 

" Kary Ann 

" Owen 

170 Olliff, Willie Lee 214, 255 

170 O'Neal, Deborah Dian* 72 

173 " Frank Barry 72 

142 " Frank Means 72 

106 " Joseph Clayton 72 

241 " Patricia Lynn 72 

241 Osborne, Cordelia Almetta ... 180 

116 Osgood, Sarah 231, 234 

241 Owen, Gilmer Clarence 149 

144 " Katherine Lewis 149 

149 " Susan Gilmer 149 


133 Patterton, Aldene Joyce 173 

129 " Kate 156 

133 Patton, Janet 70 

129 Page, Caroline Mcintosh 146 

163 " James W 146 

133 Papot, Samuel N 229, 230 

136 " Sarah A 230 

133 Parham, Curtis E I65 

133 Parker, John 137 

133 Parks, Mamie 167 

136 " William 167 

133 Parr, Kathleen J xiii 

133 Parrish, Cleon 66 

133 " Deanna Lee 81 

136 James David 66, 81 

133 " Joe Cleon 66, 80 

133 " Kichael Douglas 66, 67 

133 " Natalie Tristran 80 

133 " Tracy Joel 80 

136 Parrishe, William 243 

133 Parsley, Amanda Nutt 136, 140, 147 

127 " Catharine Blanks 136 

25& " Laura Browne 136, 141 

136 " Margaret McLaurin 140, 147 

129 " Murdoch 136 

133 " Wm. Murdock 136, 140 

133 Patterson, Barbara Lee 237 

159 " John Harrel 217 

161 Peacock, Pearl 100 

" Sarah 116 

120 Pearce, Mary 246 

145 " Sarah 246 

92 Pearsall, Catherine .... 87, 250 

92 " Edward 17, 87, 25O 

" James 87, 250 

229 " Robert J. M 117 

117 Peck, Emily 119 

117 Peebles, Elizabeth 120 

117 Pelley, Betty Jean 62, 77 

229 " Lucien A 62 

104 " Mary Ella 62, 77 

104 Pennell , Earl Edward 71 

104 " Earl Harris 71 

221 Pennington, Myrtle 170 

221 Perry , Ann Howard 219 

221 " Nathaniel 86 

221 Peterson, Portia 120 

221 Petty, Iva Charlene 173 

221 Phillips, Sarah Bayette 120 


Pickering, Richard 232 

Pierce, Catharine Holmes 146 

" Henry Jones 140, 146 

" James Wilson 140, 146 

" Margaret Booth 146 

" Mary Sommers 146 

" Randolph Thornton 146 

" Samuel McLaurin 146 

Pigford, James B 118 

Pine, Earl 253 

Pivoto, Mary Lula 78 

Plants, Elsa 62 

" Janette 62 

" George Sands 62 

" Martha Prank 62 

Player, Mary I76 

" Richard 176 

Pomroy, Alice 54 

Pool, Rebecca 248 

Popham, Kary 238 

Porritt, James C 215 

Porter, Jean (McCall) 245 

Post, Kartin 118 

Potter, Anna S 214 

" Thos 214 

Powell, Angela Faye 182 

" Aurelia (Gray) 98 

" Eugene Elbert 182 

" Monica Virginia 182 

" Nancy 125 

" Samuel Elbert 162 

Powers , Ruth 120 

Prater, Ida 105 

Preetorius, Alice Marie 215 

Annie Esther 215 

Charlie Hall 215 

Ed. Lewis 215 

Leon Herman 215 

Lila Margaret 215 

Mamie Ruth 215 

Sollie Oil iff 215 

Wm. Stephens 215 

Price, Betsy Kenan 27 

Carol ine 27 

Caroline Augusta 16 

Catharine E 14, 17 

Cath. Kenan (Holmes) 25,127,131 

Elizabeth 12 

James 17, 26 

Louisa Jane 17 

Richard Rush Watts .. 18, 26-27 


Sallie Korment 27 

Susan Ann 17 

Susan Mallett 139 

Thomas A. Jr 139 

Dr. William Jones 17 

Prichett, Clarence C 253 

Pridgen, Alfred 178 

" Julia Ann (Bordeaux) 173 

" Julia Caroline 178 

Priester, Beatrice 237 

Proctor, John 249 

" Rachel K 249 

Punniel, Rosemary 78 

Quinn, Isla (Bell) 96 

" Norma Faye 96 

" Sharon Roscoe 96 

Rabey , Lawrence 213 

Ragin, J. E. K 56 

John Peldre 56, 71, 83 

" Louise Kenan 56, 71 

" Margaret Elaine 83, 85 

" Mary Julia 56 

" Timothy Stuart 83 

" Winnie Leonore 56, 72 

Raine, G. Neil 71 

Ralston, Solomon 220 

Ramsay, deVecmon 43, 64 

" George Daniel 43, 65 

" George deVecmon 43 

" Ora Lou 65 

Rand, Elizabeth (Hinton) 14, 240 

Rand, John .... 14, 239-240, 256 

Rand, Mary 14, 19, 239-241 

Randal , Roy 218 

Ratchford, R. H 136 

Ravenel, Henry William 103 

Rawls, Ellen Jane 116 

Rawson, Donald Edward 79 

" William Mark 79 

" William Mowery 79 

Read, Chase Broadwater 255 

Reaves, Kelsie Loomis 120 

Redmer, Fredrick F 141 

" Martha Augusta 141 

" Pamela Lynn 141 

Reece, Fred Colwell 149 

" Michael John 149 

" William Roy Jr 149 

Reed , Mary 243 

" Susan 243 

Register, Alvaretta Kenan .. 65 

" Emory Calhoun 65 

Rew, Kathryn 255 

Reynolds, Lorraine 182 

Rhett, Ruth 136 

Rhodes, Benjamin 125 

Bland 92 

" Edward 92 

Jacob 125 

John F 125 

" Joseph T 87, 125 

Martha 116 

" Kattie K 40 

" Richard Clinton 125 

Richardson, Abraham ... 248, 249 

" Amos 248 

" Barbara Sue 249 

" Benjamin 248 


Richardson, Burrell 


Cherry 1 Lynn 

Corrine Azalia 

Cynthia A 

Daniel K 

Eli R 

Elise 68, 

Elizabeth Bessie 


General (name) 248, 

George 248 , 

Hardy 247 1 

Henry 248, 

Homer Jas 

Homer Jessie 



John Pierce 

John Will iam 


Judy Marie 

Jul iaR 

Lalions S 

Margaret Wilson Clinton .. 


Mary 248, 





Rachael V 

Rebecca (Bulloch) 


Richard Murray 


Sarah Blanche 

Sarah M 

Stephen 247, 


Ricketts, Florence Van 

Ridgill, Vlilma Winn 

Riggs, Dempsey 

Rigs by , Eva Mae 

Roberts , George 

Robertson, Grover 

William Jr 

Robinson, Lois Russell 

Philip H 

Rockwell, Elijah Frink, Prof. 

Rogers , 

" Alice 

" Ellery Logan 

" Joseph Glen 

" Margaret Annette 

" Patricia Stewart 

" Teddy Laverne 

Rollet, Andre 

" Georgette Henrietta 

" Lucette M 

Roney, Anna Bell 











Hose, Hugh 135 

Ross, Christine 167 

Patrick Dunbar 172 

" William Meadow 172 

Rote, Janette Kenan 75 

Judith Lynn 75 

" Linda Elizabeth 75 

" Orville Winn 75 

Rousseau, Margaret C 253 

Routledge, Dorothy Pearsall . 250 

Edward Pearsall 250 

Ezekiel Morgan 250 

Margaret Eleanor 250 

Marian 25O 

1,'elle Eleanor 87 

Nicholas 250 

Sarah 25O 

Thomas ... 87 , 161, 175, 250 

William 250 

Rowland, Alexander 125, 129 

Alfred 125, 128 

Ann Eliza 129 

Arabella 129 

Catharine 129 

Elizabeth 129 

Isabella 129 

John A 125, 129 133 

Mary K 129, 258 

Penelope Kenan . 26, 125, 129 

Royal, Carrie 120 

Rozier, Mollie 12?, 133 

Rule, Peggy 145 

Russ , Annie Maybe 1 1 181 

Chcnie Edith 181 

" Donald Ray 1&3 

" Douglas Ray 183 

" Janice Kay 181 

" Judith Maureen lol 

" Rose Cail 181 

" Shenie Louise 181 

" Wilbur Lucain 181 

Russell, Charlie 116 

H. A 102 

Rutherford, John 193 

Salter, Carey Roberts 216 

Sames, Harry Elias 78, 79 

" John Markam 79 

" Mary Lois 79 

" Richard Edwin 79 

Sampson, Col. John 123 

Samuel, Kate 18 

Sapp , Andrew 210 

Sanders, Elizabeth 246 

Saxon, Elizabeth Anne 237 

Schenck, Minnie 130 

" Nicholas 129 

Schroder, Clar a Elizabeth .. 145 

Schwalm, Thos. Glenmore 255 

Schwartz, Albert Murray 71 


Schwartz, Carol Brownlee 71 

" Margaret Kenan 71 

" Philip Murray 71 

Scott, Melinda 88 

" Moses 194 

" Susie 92 

Scrymoure, Helen 193 

Seawell, Anna Eliza Kenan .... 98 

William 98 

Seay, Mrs. Elizabeth Withers . 119 

Secrest, Mikel 245 

Sedwick, Debra Elaine 237 

" Dana Van 237 

" Elaine Virginia 237 

" Elisa Cecil 237 

Harold B 237 

Sellers, Frances 132 

Sessions, Leah 102 

Sewell, Sarah 123 

Shaw, Ada 131 

" Elias Paison 120 

George 166 

" Barley M 216 

" Josephine 120 

" Susan Arabella (Faison) .. 120 

Shearer, Vernon J 104 

Shelley, John Burton 181 

Shelton, J. Lockett 74 

Shepard, Sarah Elizabeth 91 

Shine, Ellen Jane 116 

" Francis Stringer 116 

" James Kenan 116 

" John 116 

" John W 116 

" Margaret Ann 116 

Richard Alex r 116 

" Sarah Green 116 

" Sarah (Shelweran) 116 

" Thomas Torrans 116 

William R 116 

Shourds, Ida Alice 47 

Shuler, Mary 254 

Shuranor, Charles H. II 148 

Sibley, Hettie 141 

" Mrs. James L 100, 102 

" James Longstreet 102 

Siegel, Paul Shafer 146 

Simmons, Brown 167 

Elwood S 167 

" Glen 167 

Simms, Diana 18 

Simpson, Jane 217 

Sims, Benjamin 18 

" Carl Cooper 171 

" Charles Eugene 171 

" Donna Wl 

Elizabeth 171, 173 

" Hallie A 171 

" Samuel Augusta 166 

" Shannon 171 

" William R 171 

Sinclair, Margaret 105 

Sisk, Wilma (Myers) 94 

Skipper, Cecil H 58 

" Doris 58, 73 


















90, 93 

















Jonas William 92, 93 

" Robert F 

" Velma 

11 w F 

n . 1. *. .............. 

Slater, Sam C 226, 


Slocumb, Julia 

Smith, Albert Martin 


Ann El i za 


Archibald Aaron Tyson . 

Archibald Browne 

Ashl ey 




Caroline Fredericka ... 


Cynthia Ann 


Dean Madden 


Eady Sue 93, 

Edith Jane ( Sumner' 

Edward Ivey , 

Elizabeth , 

Elizabeth Sexton .. 

Ernest , 

Fay Foy 


George , 

Hepsey Frances . 

Ida Thomas 

Irene Catherine 



James Forest . . . 
James Linington 
James Marion . . . 
James Oscar 
Janet Douglass . 
Jasper Edmund . . 
Jimmie David ... 
John Edward . . . . 

John Grady 

John Ivey 

John K 




Judith Betty 


Lena Belle . . 




Maggie ...... 








3mith, Margaret Rose 
Marie Harvelle .. 
Marion Christine 


Mary Beth 

Mary Holmes 

Mary Marguerite . 

Mary Violet 

Matthew Carter . . 

Mattie Kidd 


Nannie Mae 





.... 218 






Nellie 215, 218 

Nora Bob 218 

Norma Julia 217 

Prentice W 95 

Ralph Kenan 95, 96 

Rebecca Ann 218 

Ressie 91 

Rodolph 93 

Ruby 93 

Sally 217 

Sally Holmes 149 

Sarah Elizabeth 217 

Sidney 101 

Stephen David 149 

Sue 93 

Susan Marie 96 

Susie 95 

Thomas 14 

Thos. Cheatham 217 

Thomas Kenan 106 

William Sidney 215, 218 

William Turner 215 

Woodrow W 95 

Smylie; James Jr 228 

Sarah 228 

Snaeberger, Robert C 170 

Sylvia 170 

Snyder, Ruby (Smith) 92 

Solomon, Emily 102 

" Linton 102 

Southwell, Essie Mae 216 

Spalding, Catherine Ann .. 100, 108 

" Thomas 100 

Speegle, Ethel Ann 141, I48 

Spell, Nina 120 

Spicer, John Pay 117 

Ruth Nancy 117 

Spier, Emma 130 

Springs, Sedgick 176 

Sprunt, Catherine 89 

Isabella 89 

" Rev. James K 89, 91 

Stalling, Lloyd 92 

Stal lings, Shadrock .... 87, 153 

Stamps, Tolbert 120 

Stancell, Katherine 232 

Stanford, Alex 1 " T 113 

Stanford, Alex 1 " Torrans 116, 119 
Stanford, Ann 14 

Stanford , Anna 1 56 

Calista Charity ... 116, 119 

Elenor Elizabeth ] 16 

Elfenice 116, 118 

Erasmus Scott 119 

George -Washington 119 

Henry C 119 

James K 116 

John Dickson 119, 121 

Jonathan D 116 

Leonardas 119 

Margaret Catherine .... 116 

Mary A 119 

Mattie 119 

Samuel 116 

Rev. Samuel 116, 117 

Thomas 116 

Stanley, Delma 255 

Stapleton, John; see Johnstone 

Statesbury, Ester 230 

George 229 , 230 

George W 230 

Harry Hall 230 

James V 230 

Dr. Peter 230 

Steiger, Charlene Mae I47 

Steinmayer, Madyne Gibbs ... 105 

Stephens, Caroline (Booth) . 36 

Comfort (Player) 176 

Elaine 236 

Louisa 27 

Marcus Cicero 27, 37 

Samuel Barron 36 

Sarah G 37 

Stephenson, Anne Lovick .... 138 

Joseph N 138 

Joseph W 138, 144 

Margaret Ann 144 

Sally Holmes 138, 144 

Stevens, Priscilla Sands ... 145 

Shirley 171 

William 232 

Stewart, Alex r 225, 229-230, 247 

Alex r W 229-230, 247 

Charles A 231 

Daniel A 231 

James E 230 

Julian Francis 231 

Sarah 224, 229 

Sarah G 230 

Sydney G 229, 230 

William S 230 

Stith, Mrs. Betsy Lanier ... 246 

Stinnett, Margaret 78 

Stockton, Duralde 27 

Stone, David Gregory 85 

" Judi 181 

" Stephen Gregory 85 

" Thomas Ray 85 

Storme, Patricia 71 

Stout, S. D 182 


Strebe, Dorothy 143 

Strickland, Kate 1 56 

Stroud, David 171 

" Maggie 92 

" Owen 9? 

Strouse, Elizabeth 236 

" Kooney, A 236 

Sammy 236 

Stovall , Louis 133 

Strozier, Charles Cutt 137-138,143 

Eugene franklin 138, 143 

" Francis Holmes . . 143 

" Janet Ionise 143 

" Jennifer Zedy 1^3 

John Allen 137, 143 

" Kary Holmes ......... 138, 144 

" Michael Holmes 143 

" Sarah Korment 13&, 143 

Strudwick, Mary W. 132 

Stuart , David Winter 71 

Hugh 71 

" Parson 194 

Stubbs, Archibald 228, 230 

Brooks 230 

Gabriella 230 

Grace E 230 

Mary Ann 229, 230 

" Thomas A 230 

Sturgis, Elizabeth Ann 105 

H. A 105 

William Bartlett 105 

Sudderth , Eva 94 

Sullivan, Andrew K 113 

" Daniel xix, 227 

Eliza 228 

Hampton 113 

" Martha E 113 

" Mary xix, 228 

Kary A 113 

Morgenah 113, 119 

Sarah xix, 227 

Sumner, Andrew Jackson 93 

" George 92 

Sumners , James Marion 66 

Suttler, Philip I, 218 

Swann, John 194 

Swanson, Octavine 170 

William K 170 

Sweet, James L 19 

Talmadge, Mrs. Julius xiii 

Tanner, Catherine 19 

Tarwater, Lucy 141 

Taylor, Charles Hall 100 

" Elizabeth Whitehead 148 

" Hugh Nesbit 100 

" Robert 100 

Teachey, David Tim 179 

Ella Mae 179 

" Herman KcKinley 182 

" Raymond Lee 182 

Teachey, Virginia Ann 182 

William Preston 182 

Temples, Ambrose 223 

Thiele, Violet Sophia 136 

Thomas, Bessie 93 

Clarence 93 

Claudius 92 

Doris 93 

Edith Elizabeth 91 

Emma Brown 167 

Evelyn Brewer 216 

Dr. Gregory 91 

James Beauregard 91 

I. 3. Galloway 91, 93 

John Frame is 217 

John Ivey 91 

John Primm 182 

John Richard 91, 93 

Jonathan 240 

Joseph Gregory 92 

Lou Belle 93-95 

Karenda Ann 91-92 

Margaret 93 

Mary Elizabeth 217 

Kary Ruff in 91-92 


Rachel 91, 














Thompson, Spencer Milton 

Thomson, Andrew 

" Annie 

David 3, 176 

Lizzie 118 

" Sallie Jane 118 

" Walter 119 

Thorpe, William 1 130 

Thurman, Clifford 168 

Tillman, Clara Pillot 145 

Tinker, Susannah 116 

Tippett, Fred Farrell .. 180, 183 

Fred Gale 180 

" James Donald 180 

" John Washington 180 

" Laurie Ann 183 

" Olivia Carolyn 180 

Perm Michael 183 

" Scott Kenan 183 

" Theron Michael 180 

Tipton, Ruth (Westbrook) .... 106 

Tolbott, Ellis M 101 

Tomkins, Lillian Clair 34 

Toomer, Henry 175 

Tootle, Amelia 221 

Torrans, Agnes Ann 115, 116 

Alexander 115, 116 

Anna 118, 120 

" Boney 120 

" David 120 


Torrans, Dollie 120 

" Elenor 115, 117 

" Elizabeth 6, 11, 115 

" Ellis 120 

" Prank 120 

" James 115 

" James Bruce 120 

" James Leslie 120 

" John Henry 120 

Kenneth 120 

" Leslie 120 

" Lila 120 

Margaret 115-118 

Martha 115, 118 

" Nancy 6 

" Percy 120 

" Raymond 120 

" Richard Nixon 116 

" Samuel 115-117, 120 

" Susan E 117 

Thomas. Col 115 

" Thomas Kenan 115-117, 120 

Towne, Hester 143 

Tredwell, Samuel 194 

Trice, Fannie Mae 218 

Tucker, Lillie 94 

Tullis, Martha 221 

Turner, Able 232 

Annie Edith 215, 218 

Ben 218 

" Benjamin Edward 214, 217 

" Edmund Archer 135 

" George Harold 217 

" Georgia Rebecca 214, 218 

Henry 232 

Henry Grady 214, 217 

Julia Hart 217 

" Martha Caroline 217 

" Mattie Lura 215, 218 

Tusa, Edward W 171 

Tuton, Susannah 153 

" William 153 

Ulmer, Ann Susannah xix, 234 

" Charles 234 

" Frederick 36 

" Jane 36 

" John 36 

" Mary xix, 234 

Paul 36-37 

" T. Kenan 36 

Upchurch, Betty June 216 

" William Henry 216 

Vail, George Frazier 79 

" Lauren Elaine 79 

" Mary Courtney 79 

Valenski, Valeria 178 

Van Huss, Ann Marie 72 

" Ernest Stuart 72 

Vann, Julia Carolyn 76 

Vantrease, Avonelle 171 

Vaughn, Barbara 141 

Vaughan, Claude Abram 142 

Vaughn, Dalman Ward IAI 

Vaughn, Edward Watts 141 

Vaughan, Elizabeth 231 

Vaughan, Eugene Allen I42 

Vickers, Marvin K 254 

Volz, Elmer William 146 

" Merritt KcLaurin 146 

" William Charles I46 

Wadley, Edward 100 

Walker, Ann 98 

John H. -. 97 

Thomas 245 

Walters, Ann 173 

Walthour, Andrew 227 

" George W 228 

Warburton, Margaret 194 

Ward, DavidS 131 

Enoch 254 

" Frances Madeline .. 134, 151 

Warner, Cy ■ 70 

Elva 76 

Warren, Elizabeth 244 

Waters, Charlie Sue 249 

" Cornelia 230 

Watson, Claude 218 

" Jack Turner 218 

" Mary Ann 240 

Walter McDonald 181 

Watts, Catharine .. 134, 137, 141 

" John Edward 134, 137 

Way , Moses W 228 

Weaver, Joanna 166 

Webb, Richard 231 

" Richard Pulton 231 

Webster, Alison 170 

Frank 170 

Hugh Lee 170 

Joe 170 

Marian 170 

Mary Virginia 170 

Natalie 170 

Robert 170 

Virginia 170 

William J 170 

Wells, Maurine 137 

Welsted, Mittie Louise 143 

erner, Betty Louise 72 

Elmer Charles 72 

Julia Eugene 72 

est, Cora 120 

Henry 94 

Joe 94 

Whaley, Edith Sumner 94 

Elfanice 91, 92 

Henry James 94 

Peyton 94 

Whatley, Frederick Stickney . 73 

" Mary Elizabeth 73 


iheedon, Charlotte Kaomi 121 

.'heeler, Fred Odell 80 

Gay 80 

hite, Benjamin 99 

Benjamin A 99 

Dr. Benj. Aspinwall 99 

Daniel Harrison 105 

DeLauncey 99 

Elizabeth 99, 102 

Ella Aurelia 99 

Henrietta 99 

Henrietta A 99 

James 175 

Kenan 99 

Lula 99 

Paul Daniel 78 

1 Ruby Amerson 105 

' Samuel 99 

' Dr. Samuel G 102 

' Thomas 99 

' Thomas Kenan 99 

Jhitehead, William 125 

(hi-tfield, Edmund B. J 18 

1 Edmund B. , Major 128 

' Rev. Edmund Hatch 18 

' Edmund Richard 128 

1 George 93 

' James Kenan 18 

' Jesse Ceorge 130, 253 

Lottie 93 

Lucy 18 

' Mary Ann Holmes 128 

' Nathan Bryan 253 

1 Needham Hatch 128 

1 Owen Holmes 128 

' Sarah Houghton 

William III 

1 William E 

•/hiting, Charles Leverne 

' Kary 

Ihitten, Martha Claire .. 
.'ilder, Carrie Elizabeth 



. 130 

. 18 

. 181 

. 100 

. 72 

• 59 
. 59 

• 38 

Henry Lawler 38, 59 

Hezekiah 38 

Jessie Kenan 38, 60 

Jesse Williams 3& 

Louis 59 

William Kenan 59 

iek, Harold A 79 

Joyce 79 

il ey , Ajnanda 240 

James 70 

Wilkins, Henrietta 135 

Wilkenson, James 253 

Wilkinson, Ann 21 

Hillard, Martin Stevenson Jr. 139 

Williams, Allie 169 

" Amy Anna 169, 172 

" Ashley 94 

Williams, Betty Louise .... 139 

Carl Kicks 173 

" Catharine 132 

" Celeste Ann 245-246 

" Charles Beasley 95 

David 131-132, 171, 258 

" David James I83 

David Walton 173 

" Edwin 133 

Eleanor Jane 173 

Eli 132 

" Elizabeth Holmes 132 

Elizabeth Whitehead ... 148 

Eva 139 

" Forrest Kenan 170, 173 

" Forrest Oakley 173 

Fred 220 

" Hampton 225 

Harry 138 

Harry Webb 172-174 

Hattie 92 

" Harvey Leo I83 

Henry 258 

" Jack - see James J. 

James Hill 173 

James Johnston 135, 138-139 
145, 256 

" Jane Grissom 172 

" Joan Carole 172 

" Joe Robert 171 

John Orlando 169-170, 172-173 

" Joseph 162 

" Josephine 170 

" Joyce Patterson 173 

Judy 171 

" Junius Sneed 131 

" Lee Clement 173 

" Lou Belle ....... xiv, 93-95 

" Margaret 71 

" Margaret Annette 145 

" Marie 94 

" Martha Rebecca 132 

Mary 155 

Mary Parsley 140, 147 

Owen 220 

" Richard Frederick .... 95-96 
" Robert Marshall ;140-1 ,147-148 

" Roger Lee 145 

" Robert 211 

Robert R 220 

Ruby Joy 183 

Ruth Winifred 139 

Sara Ann 172 

" Sarah Brannen 231 

" Thomas Allyn 173 

Thomas Holmes 132, 135 

Thomas J 167, 169 

" Virginia Frances 170 

" Webb 167, 169 

Webb Harris I69, 172 

William 193, 248 


Williams, William Arthur . 141, 148 

William Kittrell 170 

Williamson, Archibald I65 

Charles 101 

Emily 101 

" Minnie 120 

" William W 101 

Wilson, Caroline Stella 213 

" Charlie Hall 213 

" David Edwin 216 

Delia Edith 214, 216 

" Deloris Edwina 216 

" Ebon Clarence 162 

Effie Anna 213 

Eliza A 233 

" Elizabeth 248 

" Elizabeth Ann 216 

" James William 214 

Jane W. (Hedleston) 233 

" Jessie 168 

" Laura Lurvana 216 

" Lee Eraser McCall ... 213, 216 

" Lela Elmira 216 

" Leona Certrude 213 

" Lois Kynona "Teddy" 216 

Wary 182 

" Mary Frances 216 

" Myrtle Carolyn 216 

" Nathaniel Jackson ... 213, 216 

" Sarah Louise 216 

" Sara Ruth 216 

" Shirley Ann 216 

" Theo Bernice 216 

" Thomas E 233 

" William Jackson 216 

" William Jasper 213 

" William Wynn 216 

Wind, Cornelia 121 

Winders, Civil 120 

Winquist, Walter J 215 

Wise, Emma Clisby 101 

" J. Clisby 54 

" Louise Clisby 52, 54, 70 

Womack, Caroline 27 

" Miles Henry 58 

" Miles Kenan Sr. . . . 58, 73, 74 

" Miles Kenan Jr xiv, 84 

Woodall, Mary 253 

Woodard, Catherine (Allen) .. 139 

Edward H 139 

" Ethel Katherine 139 

Woodruff, Phil 167 

Woodward, Anne Salisbury .... 106 

Catherine Elizabeth 106 

" Ethel Randolph 106 

Charles K 106 

" Evelyn Kenan 104, 105 

" Rev. J. Herbert 104 

" Mardis Creighton .... 104, 105 

" Maude Atwood 106 

" Margaret Ann 106 

Woodward, Randolph Spalding .. 
" Robert Sutherland... 104 

Sallie Mardis , 

" Sophronia Buth 

" Spalding Kenan 104 

Worley, Mrs. George 

Worth, Amanda Parsley 

" Margaret Parsley 

" George Williams 

Wright, David 

" Patsy 


" William Augustus 

Wynn, Hattie Elmira 

" Mary Nina 

Wyrick, Sarah Kathleen .... 

Yarborough, Anna Paris .... 

" David Kelly 

" Chas. Milton 236, 


" George Milton 

" John Thomas 

" Kevin Douglas 

" Mary Carolyn 236, 

" Peggy Anne 

" Thomas Hedleston .. 236, 

" Virginia Anne 236, 

Yancey, Jeconias 

Young, Arthur Glenn 


Helen Mary.... 105, 107, 

" John Gwinn 

" Michael 

" Dr. 0. E 

" Peter Marshall Brown . 

" Judge Robert 

" Sydney 

" Ward 

" William 

" William Parsley 






Page No. 

24 11 Mrs. Mary Kenan Graham moved to Selraa, Ala. in 1867 as shown on 
the membership rolls of Grove Presbyterian Church, KenanBville, 
N.C. [Book 1, page 10] 

66 73-iii Michael Douglas Parrish died Sept. 19i 1967, bur, Statesboro, Ga. 

81 129 Issue: Jennifer Ann Kenan, b. Sept. 2, 1967, Augusta, Ga. to Mr. 
& Mrs. James S. Kenan III of Statesboro, Ga. 

106 29-iii-(2) Maude Atwood Woodward should be 29-iv 

113 2-i Cross reference; see pg. 119 #11, 2nd wife 

113 Martha Mclntyre is shown on the rolls of Grove Presbyterian Church 
as a sister rather than dau. of Andrew Mclntyre. 

119 11 Cross reference j see page 113 # 2-i 

120 16-iv James Leslie Torrans m. Julia Cook and lived in Warsaw. Issue: 

1. James Bruce Torrans, b. Jan. 8, 1901, Duplin Co.; m. 1925 in 
Duplin Co. to Elizabeth Vann, b. Aug. 6, 1906; live Warsaw, N.C. 
Issue: (a) Jean, b. Dec. 9> 1926, unm. , lives Rocky Mt. , N.C; 
(b) Billy James Torrans, b. July 1, 1930, Rocky Mt. ; m. July 4, 
1953, Mrs. Susan Jane (Addison) Craddock, b. Aug. 1, 1927, Nor- 
folk, Va. ; he U.S. Probation Officer; active civic affairs; 
Commanding Officer, 362nd Military Intelligence Detachment, U.S. 
Army Reserve; issue: Hazel Marie Torrans, b. Sept. 16, 1945 
[by 1st husband, but legally took step father's name], and 
William Kenan Torrans, b. Jan. 23, 1963; (c) Peggy, b. Sept. 

7, 1937, unm., lives Warsaw, N. C. 

2. Eva m. Robert Lewis, lives Warsaw, N.C; no issue. 

3. Kenneth Ray Torran^ m. Eileen , issue: Betsy; lives in 

Wilson, N. C 

4. Nina, m. Carl Spell; issue: Kenan, Everett, Nancy Jane, Elsie, 
and Susanne; family lives Turkey, N. C 

5. James Leslie Torrans Jr. [dec'd], m. Mattie Spell; issue: 
Helen, and Samuel Edward (dec'd) 

6. Percy Griggs, m. Betty Spruill, lives 12 Twin Oak Dr., Hampton, 
Va. ; issue: Linda Lou, and Joan Elizabeth Torrans 

132 26—iv Elizabeth Holmes Williams m. James Thomas Larkins; their dau Lita 
Larkins m. William Grant Whitehead; their dau. Elizabeth Holmes 
Whitehead m. Julien Knox Taylor Jr.; their dau. Elizabeth White- 
head Taylor m. Robert Marshall Williams Jr. [pg. 147 # 114], son 
of Robert Marshall Williams Sr. and his wife Amanda Nutt Parsley 
[pg. 140 # 68]. 

140 67-ii Correct spelling is Amanda 

144 95-iii Strike marriage data [shown same as birth] 

145 100-i Surname of issue is Nuckols; not James 

146 106 Line seven omitted. Should read: Elmer Volz "Bill" is an engineer. 

Issue: (1) Elizabeth Andrews Volz, b. 1948, Somerville, N.C. (2) 

146 107 Line of descent after name should read: (l-7-2-9-22-37-£J_-64) 
167 19 Born 1865; not 1965.