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Gc 976.9 K41p 1381-82 v. 3,pt J 

Kentucky State Gazetteer and 
Business Directory 

, \N 1 i~ 

•^ i"V 



/ .1. IjL J u s 

j ;...• h H 
i j | j 



i 1-82. 


VOL. HI-. 



R. L, POLK &-CO., and A. CI DAI 

•JO Larnd Street West, Detroit ?»'.:'••.■<-.. &r?d Zcurkr-Jsu.-r?! : 

Allen County Public Library 

900 Webster Street 

PO Box 2270 

ffft Wayne, IN 46801-2270 

:.£■ , UUti •:>'<* . i, -' . 


:;■ ■ ! .WO ■'■> ■ ■ ■ 

H I i , 

? 's 

V" 1 



1?. W. IiAJjXIx.2: & CO. 


■ . aro. ?4 West Green Sti ' Hie, 

■i a x i n ki 

i roius. 

I BlUS 1 ? Air t ivjiirs, Sasli YVVi^tH 

.... ,:-. 

; ' i . 


tai?ijiiis lor ( i-meteri* s, ; '• ' . • it s , .-,; . In , , - . 

itval Columns, » S I «J i § Si>i tors. 



1. jL 

...dfiUinssriS ,A-. 

' ^icki./ ^itWaAMf «*fe-v*«yp 


- PA2ATE DIN NG : >W §11 I I I I 

r0R L " D: " La \J lluii ii i V./ \J kJ i 




Ladies' Dining* Dressing- Roo . i - ttached. 


^v. Tsmple Blcck. Green and ! r i: 


■ ■ . 

'• ■ '■ * • . • - - • 

roi i of 


MRS. - •-•,:,■ 

n.VN'O. ■ A. M., Vif..-I - Secreta-t 





s ■ 


O ;'..■:. • , oi the E> i d 
Cm •'.,'!.... ! •>■.■-. ■ hMCHAHD 1 iJLUNS. Sec') 

! ' 

»'■•'' ' - •■•■■;.... 

i '■•...■• • - I ... 

■ - : ... 

I Li ■ l. !.> . I >;>•. 


; , ] ..'•■, ' . 

Rk- C j. K. TON"i:.S 

VI" V 

I . : [ 

- • :■>■-■,.,.- 


V> . F ) i ■ R .-!.■• ■ ■ . • ... 

"••::■» ■ ' - '■■.,. ; . • , 

REFERENCES li ■ - . . 

I. I ' i I>: ■;.;.■ ■ . .. , ; . 

■.,:-.- . , . i -- ti-y ;-i i 

i pern ■ • '. - i - 

PRO! •■<• U I'LES h= - ■ 


This conrs. has reference to roe . > Langnag-, !cs Theory :>.i 

Practice; V'. ice: Articulation; R -. ; Lh c Sadon Oi I 


Two terms, Junior and Senior, constif.i : the -kort, <■. cour-e in which it will be pes.- 
fur students : . i < ['h« ecu] ,< ■- ■. ■■ . nirs i • ich 

I his term is devoted •■ Drill. >t carefu ideal atten 

to con- :t and distinct - ■ . '- ■ ■ 

< n o t o n - i :-.'■. . ng ; : ' - i o n : G y m n ; . . 

Breathing exercises rht D :' '■ e, th< •• e'.opnier.t of the 

: iy, I i r • ! Pupil- uii! <.-ht to sit well. ■ and well, v all- 

well, and : 

: EN1 " ". COL7NS E 

Shakspt ire ; I rhe P ,ca>i ! dri fliea 

by which thi re I i if th< nthei t <ul C> 

['he i oi -:■■'■'- i p.-.ii f :-i : . 

: ' A a t hor f>f Fen no' s - \ ■■ f Kii sttoi - - f t - ■ - , i ; ■ •. ; : - - ' - 

i . .i- America ^chooi Rea rs etc 


i his Course has tc ! ' ■ , • 

... i ■ I it il'-ClUI , ; i) : , vc . ' j ji- :■ r 

• ' ! :.,.V; 

- ' 

; ''..-' - . CO , i ' 

lor the purpose, 
■ : Course in i weeks eaci . 

* ■ rhe full i ' n. 

•;...,• i | ' I ■ . ■ •• 

I ,-e . ■- I i ; the Course 

is receive <?t the Col 

.•..:■'...''■•■ h : . 

1 : coi ■ ■ ' : : • irt« of j: lavs. 

. . " 7 <;, ' 

■ ■■ . : and ii 


• ! . . ■ 

i. . ■• ' 'CCI 

■ rs. 

At the of the Junior, St • i ■ V ' Kntei tainment* 

.'....'.-.-.- i( i ->C5. 

' '• her entei i • . • i ! ollejje year. 

At the close of the year's < • i for a G I Medal, to L< 

awarded by a ] : i | ■ - t member of the cla s 

: by th ;in most worthy oi tl F~ir>t II 


Are conferred upon 'ted the prescribed coins entitling them to 

•he same. 

The fail term of j or ( ui>i vil in. Sep - ■■■ ['he wiute I unior Course 

;in January 7th. Comi May (2. l '••" : 

IE IX IP zs HT S IE s . 
se i l E ■ . . ■ Pa) Half Term in Advance. 

I uuior Course (Xi ieeks. 2 hours per daj . . 

C oui \ : ■ . ■ ■ ' • ■ lay) . 

1 irauuatii n i l)i| loma . . 


Junior l."'ii»rs< . . 

1 ' ■ s t S ■: : • ' r 1 

P t (Iradu ite Ci urse , 

V. Coui I rs and student • / Augus ' ache r-' 

rates : T went y-iivep : a - • I x : . r - . Sc : t > - I 


*.'•_■'. ' " ■. !-.'.•'-- 1 '' - : ■ . . Si? 

- •■-,.. ■ ■ 

N'ini iters ; - ...... 5 

U E 
! 1 ■ • .-.'--.. ...... . . 50 

■•■•'-,-■--. 1 ' 1 ■ 

per Lesso n . . . . . . . . ... 

1C .:.-'• - n useless •'.-"..; 

■ «-'•- »r 1 rig upon the < ibject. 

V •■" ^••~^ y ; r^iy?; $\r-zf, /■ 

£ » 













if) "6 





1,\ I KUiA v. iUiv 1 

DlREi : . 7 ■ : ; . : ' tiie I dy eami 

natio: ni rep ■ ■ ' ' all ■'•;■'■ ■■ • '• 

I . . ,t the • • 

. - - r-i : keli :' ■ 

y, i ...:.'. i . . -. , -. 

■■■ : | ' ' i L 

taining to t! cons mi ai - ' - f i ■ •-• 

irily i i ...■'.■ 

itinij i ■ •• .'•■' ■ the aim 

make it, in < -■■ ,* i t. litalil the; • • • 

of the public. 

The | ■.' - ■ ■ : - ' r i ■ ' 

t ; ... ' c il. ' i llat:j •. ■ ' m:: tt •: 

it. a (< • '• -" ' • • ' ' ' ' ■'' ' 

same time, sj eaks well for :.......;■ ■'.'■: . I ' - i ■ : - . i>\< .■ 

than a hundred p - - a ; ; ■ •■ ■ -- ..■■.. ■ •■'..-;■.•, 

beii - that Lh Stilt bus, tw.) \var-. m:, -.,■;'. ueeme 

thi-; fad we c 'i gra ulate citis > M utl. ■ • ::-:■• iv - :. nd 

thing indicates that thi State 1 u« before il .. mreer : >.\.u:v. --;.*• r 1 fore equaled. 
Lox tiViLLE, July, 1- w m. 

vtii w .- --- .w *' -■*-*■■ 

V-:. W.Vwi V 


r;p\ 7 FR > i i vnp\ 

I .■■■■. Advei ■.-• rs and L'atr ■ ■ , 

i i: '■ 

H ■■ " >ry . 

: .• . ■•■ ' ' ;, . . . . . 

■ . < • .. ... 


' . ! . - 

: i . .'■<-:■ _ ■ ii 

Fa c. 



; i . 

'■- ii 

ABBRL /1A FtU'b Or kAiLK 

ii . . . 

j N. ' 

5: I', G 

• ■ '- .'■- L. . -;.v::-L;;.- j 
- Jc N r 


• -•: St. 1. . 

: Le :h gi i.. 

, < '.'•'.: ii St. Louis. 

For all Places nor faun si under tlioar pragter 








r ■]'■>.•■! - .> ■ • . 

McNallv .' .... 

PP ] ^ 


Fraziec ; ; A &. C< 

■■ ■ : j > s a : 




t ' • . . 

( . 

.. . '.V i 


i : a . 

. . 


00 ;'.. 

B rictionless 3 i '■', [j. .| Hfg Co 

■ ■ .: -i "\v>. 
Bri ;gs R ' 

F !■ :.. ;.' . [ Oil 

31 UiTHV J V . . . . 

N'ew an WE 


EliU T H 

K'.AVLr>'G ' ■ 

Armitage & Herdman 

G & 13 R Nav Co among Railroads 

and page 

Porter EH ... 

il ne C r 

"Winans W B . . . 


Noe Bros 

Bartratn James 

:. . i i 

Han' ...-: J V 


(jl U Ti ■■ ' ■ ■■ Co 



CHICAGO it.!.. 

Atkinton -1 W i p I - and opp p 802 

B) tir VV E . .- &:i3 

Boelie L . top lines 

Bosiey E T 60S, 713 

Brunswick & Bnlke r 'PP 3 ■'■ ■'■ 

German N'-ewa and Book Co ... ' • 
Hahnemann Medical College . cop p 803 

Sears AT '...'.. 649 

White W B ..pp p 70S 

Leu-]. ■-.. . • o . . 

73 -,•«-: 

i: ■' o 

\ i •' 

n [> , ron Rool sj C 

(.;-:.;-' Printii * Ink C 

77 R Iv H J ..... . 

Rkhtur FT . . 
7<J Rvlins J &Sm . . . . 
7 -' So! 3 Chaa . . . 

Siebt rn &: ( 'o 

Smith T S 

Slue ■ Mf'g Co . . 

Stltt-s d G 

101 Vanden Lewi; 

S If C J 

ctisi • >' 

Davis J ..■ 

,A)I . • 



Mil - i l\ 
Wilt J- C nrad 

Sim* ns W H 





:i ! 

1 ! 


INDJ '. ) \ DY1 RTIS1 - i 


!.. «;.!:.. r o. >tiitT - 123 

: i . 125 

Fa hildOl* 120 

Honiintiraj Gin Co 125 

Indupli ial Iron W irks 127 

KCRK among R 

Martin 3 hon:a« 121 


ilagann M . . . . 

"■ i . . I v ' Soi 



Tatem Wm 



Ashbroi Bi - 

il M V 

Keller J M . . 

G E E K U P. 

Ren. LI? 

Trussell F B 


Bro ; m M D 

Colerna i iS 1 tire keld 

VYi ! ] C E 

.\ iilii J A . . . opp p 


20 S 


Da livi ' Tribune 

Stud iill John .... 

: • ■ : ■ ■ 



141 I »>U1 T:tt 

Gn . A :' 
! ; i B 
143 >[<>!{: nr\ & Hill 
!• • F 

' i . . ■ 

. . . 
- I \ 


Iv & 13 ; rr< 

u ... \v s ." 

EVAN: ', ' E, I ' D 

Armstr ms; Furniture ' . . opp p 601 

., • ! V." 13 . ... ..pp p 7 '--• 

Lib! A & T • [>p P 70-.I 

L Liber a ..■■;.• ; ■ . 

i.yj ! ;■" :; \i . . . 

■ (ii:i\ VILLK. 

: ... • in B J 


: ■ - & "■ :■ 


O'.Su! ii van John . . . 

W i Ic . C N 

Pi ■ • r '■:'.' 

Buhr Geo . . . 
brv len J B . . 

.T-k-s Bios 

I . Goo A . . 

W (■ t; H -i- rome 

: - ',. M E : 
ma .1 B & Bro . . . 

!! • . ■■ i ■ < ■ . . . 
■ & Go 

ib7 | : • i v. i' _ •- 

i \\ il i»<! i Bro ■' •: C 


173 | 

L7.-5 ! Dm lap W G 

176 ' III .boll L F 

17M \i-,- i] K -J 
1 73 >I iiler W 6 . 


P P 

.- ELI ■' • 

'.', : 


c ,-■ iRd I •' > 

Ay.-rs & O'Neil 

: t'.n & L'ipton 

■mpr> Bank 

W«- a t il 11 . . . . 


. . 181 j M; i-tin Henry 


. . 165 Bu Kiev C:a :de ... 

. . I-', !., ns ':: S A" Co 

. . 185 ;• :•-• -'.i AM 

i" ' LEBANON. 

Borrv Snra B 

187 Bryan T L . 

2 -. ■■ 






jv « T .V Br 

|)-,| an P T 

GRAND RAPIDS, Ml ! \. • • - ,1 L . 

li II i I R R asn - ■.: Railro i ;- Bub ■■ John . 



LEU (li'iY. " 

r Thos 2->l 

LI Ct> ":'■:• 

I I M ..... 

[ND ! ■ , ■'■ ... . M 

i E C & M F;i [Co . m i'i r . ' 

li II £ & Su ... 
Do! & Co , . . 

'. ■ l\ L 

'■ ; . Crnv W C 
[01 n .v I'-.-T 

■ " F . 


■ ■. 
'' •■' •'. lob ! 

L ! .•? ' ' . 

• i- : ■:. Soi - . . 

ii • - i ■ ., 

; -v k n . . 

; . - \\i" c . 

Fair! ■ & C< 

(.' • : v L : . t : • or ] 


F ! 

. ' ' ' ' ' •■■ '- ' r Jill: 


i ;.. Son 



■ " 


i. ■■ . .; ; i . . 

\\ Co . . . . 

C.-sri nil 

!,'•.■' iu'.in K ' ■ ~ '• . I > 
i;i !.:>:, Kro! ^ Co 

Bk; i"F .'...'. 

B-' kit .': & Co 

: , . p ->l , Pi ■ ■ ■ ■ 

'' r J c 

(.>:■ • •' . . Bro . 

Br; unt K J . . . . 

..: -•• ton V :•';■ '■-- -. 

■; i : 

. . 

■ ' rr v t r ' 

B !il Dr -J ' n . . 

I :, -V •- ■ 'i . . . 

Ci '.••-. .,-i A I ' Oc Co . 
C vr \\ .-!.-ri . . . . 
CauUc I C I . . . . 

C> I Cowl a d Iron Co 

- . nd : 
CimiotM Tfc • > & Co .... 

CI1 ne C C & Co 

' - ■ . 

■ '•!:': 

front. r ] ■ i ..;.-. 

. . - : • I . I ' Li 

•:'.. lie; •'. •■' i 'mi i^l 

J- :...> 

. ot ; p •'". J Fur tire Co 

opp pp "_■ - - -j- i ' ' 


■ ! 

: P ' 
j p ■ 

K ■ 5 r-tn . . . . . 

.■-; Kirk-rJ G . 

•• :<> K . t:.*in«l iS: Co 2<S7 

2 7 . K.ii • 1 1 -.": S ••) . . .1st page 3d b 

C:rm..r< • H . . . 
C-.>s^rovp II P . . . 
•' ■ G E «& E M . 
C . • (1 A . . . 
I) & Co . . 

D • " ■■-. !M 

: ' - i Kuh.i ■■ .- . ■ i ; 

....-:-■ ;.•■..'■. ,•-. c . 

p (j*)l Lio r .A 

',;*?, I.- • .- El J & i>ro 

land : f*l 

[) • im • ■ . . ■ ie front Co vr-r ! unis & l.-ici^ . . . 

I) i" R G & Co •• .7 '■ I-' ■ : i iger . 

D R . ?,77 !.«.•:':. - ' Ra 

E ; '.-i fif rn K . . . . . . orip p 77-. ' I ' '- 

Klrnd J C 

.:.;■» ! Lo :.-. die Cj!1-:-<. 

E • is E C & C o 

. 319 

2 I : -. ! ls( b ick fiy 

: ••:■. '•' ro MY' TS. < 

I ii , Gomni i iiv . " : ! 50 

. . . . J 1 

i .. •; v illtt CuliriCT ,1 :■■:.•':.:• : :■' . ' - ■..-_.■ 

•■:..;•■' Dud and third i 

I, ■.-■.'• I i ■.-.... i m •" 

^uier A. da til «S: Co ■ 

I.-.;!-- I; - op i P 53'J 

; p Co . . ] ■ . ■■ • ■■; ■ 

\ Jf N A it C K J laiir i : i ddt ....... 

i ■■ iuU .-i ii Fii ■ : Co ... 32 -5 St-li ■ 383 

i. . i : ■ ■ ■ • • 2-5 

Louis \ i i - *' riters 11 s C" ... I : \1 sir >. . - ; r-. . - - nd 

• . r\l il p " ' -k fly 

1, -• '• . ■ .' -■■ . 

i. i ■ M . . ■•■■ ■■ ■ ■ 

■ :. im.-.j. . ;. on : '•'• 

: ■ . . 7 i'.' I 

' - " r.' - C ::T] 

" ■ - - •- 347 i • 

: ■ .- ,\ Co 

'■■.• - ■ ! . ■■ I 

G JJ ■' - ; ■ ''' T 

■ I ■ ' 7 I . ' - 

i Co • 27-J nl --.'■.- '. 

:!■■;■ : An •:''.:: ■ U \ ' ■- -■..::■■: U ...•.:."' 

il •• :• ' ' • I ■' ' ' 

';■ " CIii i- ian .''>1 S" ■■■'■'■<-• Mrs Vy 

■ - 311 I SuiJi'ord H'.!L r i! • 357 

Mil- . ' .v ii ■'• ' -: . ■,'. ' <r. -lo -1 

Uh ilfz LL ■;• 1 S ;b\ '•!-■ • 

\\ i C E ■ np p *!7 ] -. ic A N 317 

.' [y G '& Co '. . ■■'! ■' .: ' r i ■':•■• ird : ■ • 

! ,r:it F o] ' G-"i Lake Toe Co . . . "27 

■i .-: Buvlv . . top lines an ! 714, 7 It: I T A : 

■\ ■ iiii'c*. . . : '-.' riio . c - ■• . 1 1 

\ r . ..,■..'. "■:>] 

Nari'.-ial Mut-i il Benoiit Ass . . ' ' ■ " ' \" , p ; ' 

":,■-. : - it! [jo •' - Hi Jan-os Co . . . . ; "7 

N..r rn Lake [.■,.■ C . '. . ua ' " v ' 

i i iv .- Mrs C J . :'"'• r . K nii / ~~- 707 

• )rt A ! »!ph ■::.' i ' tine 309 

!' -' • i, L 7'J'J I ■ i\ ■:■ ■■ of L tisville . op] 

Pavi •• Gen • "'' " - ' ' 

L-Vter v Buvzhnro 3t;5 ' Vail II F . . opp inside fn>r.t i yi-i 

Pictet Art-;.'. I lee *'■• ! u k o- . ■ " I ar.d o] p p i : '• 

oop pane 274-" V in i>< .■:• rti EI G 19 

Pohl ivl '. . ~ . 370 V, ,-,:;.! k Co 377 

: T 355 Wats n W J & Co 273 

P i P L u Co . ... inside eo i -..-•-. i .■ ■ i i Journal . 

Pri C B 375 SVhalien .1 P 29" 

!'/ ; :ZV 357 U'i [er.JB&Co -pp p 040 

Pvtoj'WT . . . third front iiv lr.?t y ,- Wi J? : ■ • ■ : - :: 

■ C ,] b.«.ok '••>vi-r A i ■. ! ' f i T ' • ' •" 

- i; \y .;-. v\ I 

!.•:.! il :: r »5 \V. i • 353 

K'-e.l J V \ Son opp p 271 \V. Le: ')• :\ i ' ' ' 

:'- \ : . 37.! VV :■ ■ 1 T" 

!-■ iVIiDS front c»i-i*r ' I'has . . " ! 

K ■ Dr . . . . cor coM3 and i p 4ft) ^ r---'B JJ ". : \ \\ 

''-'■ ■ ■■■ li [o . r '■'■ ' i Zahn S. . • • - - SI "3 

Kompen u Marret 3-iU i Zmut ■• K . ; ......... ■>'>'■! 

' , I •■ TO A DVi;i,T ' • ■ • 


Beaum >r.t !' :•' & M F . 

Briw B F 

Cropland S H .... 
Han ■ • \:,.iv . ... 
Park D G " 

.[!-.;; i Sill 'V *■ ii 

, . 

•;; . 

: . Vi i it- VVG opp p 6JH 



I Barclay & E\ m Co 50c 


Hunt Win 400 i B1 

! Bre. ht Gus 

!•'' ] .- ■ I R |{ 

. ' [-< ' ' ' ■'■ • ■ PPi- 

'*-; SI !. is lag <*c Card factor • p ] 

4-^ S : '. • . . J F •.;..•.. 

;: ' \V :- L&PIt Pw opp p :• • 


Chiles, Bean ,v, Co .... 
Havens W T 

:i . 

St L'ht-o 

Tan Antwi rn \V 

\' hitney Goo A . . . - 

. . . opp p 75] 

. . . opp 

• [ { a i 


Br : E ^eotf 511 


DePauw C lleg 2d from p 50 

Barb rJohn . . . 413 . fi , 

I n . iV -;'. ipmat 



F ■•',' :■•■ 'l '■■ . . 


'. ' 1. -iran A R ■! i 

J!" St M irv's Aca I n 

4l " Smart " Fci ml C« 

I . ■ . t E rn . , 

Ivei rnal .... 

Newp i-i Pi ntinsr &■ Newspaper Co 

Voss Frank 

W . ■ ! r '. "_- ' 

Wiedemann Geo 


Graves T> \V & Bro 457 ]■ , M . ; , r R 7 

Monarch & Co opp p B3S .i/"'!,': Ant n L 

M ndciv & Brans ford 4o 

Smith Or 45 

(iv, >;::] ON. 

■• P ' ' 

: ■ r J B . . 
Wilison Rilev 

Greene ,1 W 

. 400 

Bru< ■• .) E . 

} ■ i CCAH. Vl-'M- CC . . 

Ashbrook T J & Son 4fi 7 !; ' '-"'- rh ' mia 

Paducah Fu •■ iture Mnfg C ... 465 j 

V, , :, <,. r -.. i Co ... . . 407 

Severn'; iter & Reed 



Davie W & C ■- 
Turnev Henry 

TOI.1 do 0. 
llrsuline Conv« nt of Sa 'red Heart 

opp 1 1560 

Opp p 470 VASCEBUKG. 

St le A F ;•!■ 


D:;r! : r,- A V," 

p 571 

■ I .:. . 

Fi. Id W W 


Herndon H C. 

Cox P A& Ci 



Evan- H A 

•.; 24 to page 49 


v i Sf CUES'] BR. 

; ' tVA'' 

1 : - \V E" 

403 ' Tucker T S 

.aies Received too Late for Regular Insertion 


\Li.ANV, -" ■ ■>•■■■ ■ ' : : ' ' ' ; 

. .., .. .... (_•;;,. • . . . i , ! " I '<'iv i<;*\\ 

: ■ ' :, ' of _" I :: = vi : 17: • \ r ' ■ ■ ' 

::.>:■•.••■ '■ - ' •■■:•: 

- . ' . . > m. . <.•;:■■»- 1 : - ' ;i ; .i:i (, }>. !."'!..■: 

. Is Bur; -';:..•' - ■ •.. . 

H - • .' ' •■ ' 13 . 

•-. .: ' •••.>.;,. 1 ._•■ • .- _•' .'■• ) : , .] ] i, in . -••: . 

<■,■-.. ,vh'-at. : ■'■>'■ <\t\<-<\ i'rjiu. (•,••• \: .-.•...■.•:. 

i ,...". .' ■ i. .' . . - ' ■ - ■■ Co A. Y. i irv i 

•1 i !"-.■ i). 
T ■). Pi 

>•■ .;<... r. 

Uickesi V* • T. •& Co., ^ ! ' ' 

Gn I [', 

i \ o i i \ V r. - . 

..■■'.. . - .v-J - 

H i!.i o. ; ' ■•■ u. - •"■ "■ 

h trri,. n & (' - _'•-■ •■ - • -• 

J ■ - J \\ . C- unu ihwi. 

: 13. 1st v 

L-> ,'c Mi! • . - ' <-■! 

V [? i T !■ • 

I i) ., ■ : i'.- t. 

M.-i) & Mf V\ .. . .' : ■ - ■ I 

I ULtOl P .5, < ' . >U ' 

I .. .1 M ■ 

Dislumtn rFoiiij, ' 

!• - . .i ' 

. ; .. ii C .! r-.ker 

ttiliol I. iii ■"- . ■ '--'-' : 

Evt- .1 ,ln (., I:i ■; ■ r. 
.. " ,in C G. ] - nith. 

i. A I ■• ■ 

Henderson H. 15., : ' 

!. ;■ I I) '' [t Vaioi 

Uii l1:> I'.-n-r, ii w wi -■■'■--' il 
Ii r ,i .!. '.-oi rt ■•:■- 

: :i i vc-r. 

.... | . 

Mi ■'. I : ■ 

Viaeent A' Pitt mull. F ■"■ i U and Parr, 1 \l - 

< ,•- ,, (Jin. i'M/.-r T. .? . ' ' tioner. 

\V ::i S .1 ii. arJ .--' ne. " ... ' ' ■ : 

- > .. ,\ • , . Tinsle> James II., J 


: tii '. ... :'. : H . 

L . ■-« " 

\s ..•..: [1,1 :. .■ ■:■. 

^ ;i ,r IT.*-! :.. 

\V"v;»*; l'i. if .1 M ' ' ■'' Coun 

•iven : Coun 




BOOT] i Sii 

H n.i i.iitv. 

■i k-m ■,; t 

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Shisi.i - : ' ■ - - ; i.-n-hai 

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. - • .'■;■ . . -..-.:- i tiii SmiU; -!:n - '■ . 

< Hiio ■/..■ v. "..... 1<J .. : ■ ■; i. '.. • - ' - . ; ,J, ., jj j , , , . ■, .-.. 

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(■■:•■' ,1 I - '. >ll 

..,', , ,- w. 

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V. A -•■ 


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! i r, v ,JTiTi", Li ■ es blis 

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, L'O;-; . Fi. n uruy, a : w ,-j-li CIi irlos C, ■■' wye m<l •' • J ;;n l-' : - : - P ---' 

! C-.v ! : ntv. 

I , t*a f >aniel, li> 

['■..■ ■ .! I. F. ":h 
G-uru'if \\ lit. r ck'.iiy .".\ 
G W I'ii.c ! ■ • 

H".«lin M. d : list 

II- •:- .' ' b 

H x y i • «*•- II • • i T, ■ rks. 

[.[»■! I Z T, f'lUMV i • :' : - . . 

Heli -: • I.i-vp' ■!'-!. i- - •■ i ?ho<-s 

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H i , - ( l •' snrfiii '"■- 
Kciti r : 

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' I .. I! ! -> ' • ui ■ ■ ■ • 

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Mi !■ \Vj ■ ii. ■ ■ ■ ' ' ' •••'■••i; 

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j' ■■--■■ u \ \\ . : ' ■ - ' 
M .n:m m Mr> H H, ■ i n« ry. 
]'r, ., ! - . ■ ■_ -■ ... -tor*' 

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KTi'S'S. \n '.ant j •' ' " 

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i outitv. iFoi il ■ .p •■• :etch -■ ■ . : 

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::■■, ••■ W ■-',. inij eel 

iJordvrs (). '«'., " 

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('•:.'- .! M, r -. .■ -n 

C, ■ \\ R 

( irV.-i.^tj & Wh:n (il C < iar! j m, J R 

. • n>, 1 ■,! n ■!-.•-. 
Ci.'i ■ J \V S. l.ji • 

• - '• 
( vTI 

1 r- ' ■ i ■ ■ - ; ' '■■' 

I I ' i : I - 

• Fir-! National Rank of Sprsiur- 

,::• . , ;: r> I' ■ -s. 

i> ■ •,■-..' a.-t . f i <.*- 1 <_• . 

Putnam &H s ■ - md tal cr». Pr ■ i !•':-■ A »' NT' r !r ..,''. 

/Mi r CNF.; .- r»i ■. I ■'- ■ ■' H 

| I ic- ■•■ " ' ' 

; . :■ f <■;• Fri ! ; ' ' :•: • ; '' 

■ ... Co., Ilttrdw-irp 


j; ...;,„ r [> . : .-■ ■ ■ '■ 

[j L-.'-V J 31 .'■'■'• " "• 

[. ,. \Y II Oc -m ' ■ '••' • ■ 

Lft>vis .) W. !;iv ,.:!.:': 

I . ' 'to!. " : ' - " - ' ' : ■ : '■ ' 

\\ \ ■■■■.'■•.■ . '■■■ ■ • :■" •■" ; - 

M \ ■ !".'.'.- .! ;.::. - i ■ . ki r. \V kurio:: J L, (J oirc-nir ■ cms 

■': ■. ' . •■ ;• ■ ■.■•■ 

M :.:•!■.'. : : 

\ . ,> i , . , - . ia H NT \ V i'. ■ • in i '■'•■:.. • : 

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■ ■ <" s >''■' : 

p . . ' 

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... , --. K; ■ 

: ■;• , ■ •■ > ■; ■ ■ '.': -. ':::.. 

! I E M. v;, n ' M-rrv . . . . 

-■- ' ' ■ ■ n ' - ' • .-' '■ " ! : '■ e? : N < rv > 



. ! '» ■ 



. . . . ! I ■ . 1 

' it 









2Vo. i05 Third Street, 

:t. Market and Jefferson, LOUISVILLE, K v < " 4 ■■ 23* 

S-?ats and Presses, Wax Stamps, Can: 

Si irtc i P &.--... 

Brusi Door P ' 

Card Pi i V — tm j 

Ink, L i&n V irkers, Key Cr c*s, 

. - Fio-ui .■- 

;- . C . ;. Etc. 

Engraving and DJQ-SI?iking in ett its Various Braeseties. 

Fivsi Premiums awarded by the Kentucky Mechanics' Institute ( vr tour years 

in succession. 


This State, ranking the eighth i i wealth, population and ■ • i • in the Ui 01 

dates its first settlement bael< to aboul ITtJO, at which tin e < tori a portioi 

State of T The •■■••- ■ t Si i F 
1791, and ti .-■ . •.•ion ! • ,; June 1, 17'*: : i 

and 39 06' north, and ,■.".■.■ ■ .■■ •• i V^ :■-'■■_:■ 

21, 11 V~00 - . -■•■'■.■ id i : cal p'.'pniai 

a icr ! ... •■ ■ t - i - ■ t' 1; >, o| i.'M^.VUH. which : :■.•■■■ ' hired. 


f : win t he r 1 • 

-.-'■•'.■■ !c70) that, id " i?t, 

Kentu ■'. has increased • ■ . : ■ ■ : ; a " u ..■''•■.■■• - r cent 

■.'.■•• Sti-.t. :-:-.'. sloping f in tii Cm erlai 

tain? on i '• • t nth- ■.- • the M '-• .- dp ■ i ' ' in river? en 1 

It lies within th >. M : - : i] pi I '.isi;i. a: I v. it'iin the -.■•'■ 

'I" e a very ( ■ . m : : LOOO fe< t sibi re the sea. r i he riurn 

p el • ; ." , _;■■ . . ; • • . \virn thei n sh .>> so •••. 

amnle drainage to t lands, with few excepti us. It ha a rivtr 
81:1 miles; by the : : ■ r Big < ' dy, on the norUi-i t, 120 i ■ - : ' - 
Ohio, on the north, 643 n i '.••-. ai : .' f e M pi, on the west. < iv 

The prin", pal rivers have their s< tree in the I' m be Hand h rains, and 

to ai ; pa: t, of t i State riv. r cm imuni .« with tne I entire Missis- 

river system. >•" • Static ha? * oti navigable rh •■• • il to K«'i 

Thl- insures cheap trans] in th future for the abundant fores- - ai . 

lar r e de] its i i run ores contiguous to the streams. As a whole, 

face of Kentucky includes irsriT ar ery fertile, and a less area of barren soi! 

anv other equal ami ii a v - '*i - - .• ■ ■; in mineral wealth. The pnaii - I ■ ■ . .<•■•: - 

in, udes the wl : - f trie ci n ' be ", •' - - ■ ■ i ■ •■■•.' ti =li ar-cai ■ ; ■•:: . 
ss !k at. oat , :■•■ e. barley I "ghu are gi le area. Al: 

tl - in fr ii ■ ii p :-"■" »i i ■ ' '- C tt« i is m -■;;-:. | in 

R f ..f : . rn re-rion. T ' • ■ ■ ■ - n ■ r ■ ■ •< ivi u i ated here th.-tn in any other Sti ii 
the {'.: ion. Th • best natur _- •■ •--'■•. ds ' tl • coni m nt an found r i ; 

hoi I - . ' perhap.i ihn nio-t I'aiiioiij. of i exports. [1 • . ■ . - 

...... .. i •■ ,., '. iu part (o the ire ;ivon thereto, j nd - in the rn&i i, 

result of th>- {H-.uiiarh uvurabl ts of a [ubiruuh.n of circumstances, 

Le. i - :n . ( '.■•.•:-.■.■;■'■•: ■ ■' : ' 

h, p -, ns in all ■■ ■ ■ - .-; it is. however, mu h \< — so ; ': Kentu 1 y r ::-i" 
States farther north. T averae tempe it 'jo° Fahr. rare to 

the thermometer below zero, and ii .•••!■ remains twenty-four hour- I ■-■ « tl t p*,ini. 

XiW ri'CK'. STA'l K GAZJ s W.ER. 


The summers, nil , . ar > not o • ! . - 

inches per annum ! .■ • ' ' : • ■• er, in ■". ,. ; t. • ■. . • nth-casi to ai ml . - 

inches at the i tern extreinu; This h \ ■■ . H . I . r i . .....■:,. 

the year. 

.As regards prc-ximity i i I | . :■. i , . ;,■ : ■ ■ • ■ • , • 

,v ill s h it i= the n to i . • ■ ■ i - ... 

" <■::•,; « •. ■ i; .. -.) en ire it i.-.-u: ai •■■■■...'.' n 

; da, ."..:. I -:.'."'.• ', <t.i >f Clorado. ihi Lakes and 

the. mo i ■ ■: -is-ippi fail ' i ■ > <>'. i ■ : ' • • . The ex'-tini: raiin-ads 

:.•-■'. . . ' ■ ". . The L i.-'vi'ii'e and 

..--■.■ ■ - - extend tb; pfri ;uk! fern l networ 

. . . - ■ .... ' .:-.:■: ,..''.'--.,: -i. This road, the the tats 

[§!•,.•>% ■ ■ >] n • '. '■■ i . '■ - ' ; • ; few war* ab? I i the sn 

■ ■■■..■.■■ - '.•-.'' ' ■. ■"■■'■■. :...•: 

link with the ■ - - -- :m of ?. N"ea ' lance - 

.- .' < I ' • • 1 

: : ••; - ■!-■.'. •; . . • ■ . - /. A . ■ no c ■ • ■ notion 

.'■. h i i ' •■ " y >■ ". r l •' I his 

i wiili the (.' • ..'.■■■ ■ ■ • . v what 

nmst needs, a dii i e t< ! ■ . ■ ird. '..■■■■ r'.ar ■ ( 

I i* cann-. t b;it ' • tr;i ; i ! ...... crib and 

: ■ : : ■ r .'•■■•■■' _■ . ■ | - ■ ■ '■'■•'..•..-.. t •.[.. _ [^ 

i ' .-.•' i, iil -,vay '!■■:- e. n ie .' i ; ■• - region, the finest asrri - ■ •- 

civ»!; the State. P . d K! • ■ .1 . .. I j •■■ 1 - ' -tern I\en- 

t , ky ■:-.■;. h a ; ■. ' us t ■.''•' a>y ac -- t •< la* _• re ion of 1 ' ■ tiorj The 
(.-•■:: '\ I' 1 y tv, ■ ' ■ ■ he co'* «if Greenup and < ut, and., ij 

.■ \ :■■,'•:,• . i' : ■ . : • ■ . . in .... , . ! lin • tl - ■.. . .- :i : 

Kentucky. Th N'e > "". si I St. L.'tiis, ar. i ' "! s : oh is. Pad ueah ami Northern, iu 
t! ■ • : «■(•! . .' : . i - «t in i rmi 2 ' ir .... h lines from that seciio: t > - r Louis 

and :, ■ in -. 

I ; ■■ ■ ■ r.-ii !j roes of Ke tucky an very extensive It is the onlv State having 

.vithin •' • ■ • . . ;■ . • • ' . '....'•' < . id; Thi area of coal is over 12,700 

■■ . '<••••-. .-\ ■:.. ":.>• area of the Pennsylvania 1 [-fields, < r t 1 • : re coal area of 

G : ! •■ • 1 i. . . -■ ir.d. [n the em portion, of th« State, 'sp aliy, iron ab nds 
ar,d has as yet hardly reached a iVh ti not : ■ ■ ties of production. The greater 

part of the ore territory of the S ■ i is yet untouched by the pici if tin ei 

\ nit o0 per ••.' f the I ; i ; " : . . 1 ive ! '•<" Ling in a great 

variety of vahiab -'• ■-. ai ng which are oak, maple, ash, ye ov p plar black wal- 
' '■ hickory, lynn, beech, -tnut and red cedar ] lancialoi " if Kentucky ia 

tn«»n f-xctdlent. The .-. it is practically free from :bt, iwing ut $180,000, and 1 
"R deposit in t be bank h'i! bonds an amount noi I in ei . :. to pay oil' the 

' >ut induli: -nc ■ in xc< ssive claims, we may reasonabl) <-\; e :t fi : Kentui k y iti 
the ! •.-;.. r, ,m.' u .'..'■ ■ rowth proportionati h.'T natural ad 1 " - Another 

c<?!.fipy will, doabtless, see the Uhi > . '. ■ .; ■ ■ »f t ■■ . ir I u ! that require 

cheap power and cheap food for their making, bringing a pop llation equai to t ■■ : of the 
i ■- ureas of the great European States. 



iTT'TJC yjg. 

r r. t. 

Arti .: c : : ■ ' V difwlsst in 

i L'ii-j 


1 1 • 






: - 
■ v i: ■ . ■ ■ 

: ■ ■■ ' 

■ ■ ' 




• ; 

debt, i n t ] | i ■ : Li ' ■ ■ 

■ i I , : . 


: •;.•>.:.! ;:.t v .•..-•■■■ 

■ . iic'i>:. r ■;•... • ...■■■■. 

!' :-:■: •:. v : 

.... I in • ' 

i t- .- by 1 

• ■•-.': \ • : • . .■' '-•''. 

1. I ' ' 

■ , - . Kli'.J i.-; 

ul o! ci . ' ' ' - ' • 

.. .■ V-..-1 r: ' i r 

.•■'.- : ' . - ' ' • i . 

.--■<..-■ -v : ■ 

St: "•', -..■••• ' ' " .-••.-..■. ill 

te that ■ ■ ' ■ f!:o r 

ust J ■■• '• ■•:' ■ 

The del ••■■•- •...,., .■•.■■ ...... 

n : ... i ... to the plt'.int - : - - t . - ' ■ " .'■■••■ 

.L ' - . : ■ 

[.•..,-.'.'.'.■ • ■ ■ • • -i:r- i ^ or 

r< •:■: !•■:■■■'■.■■■- - ■•.■:■■ 

. .... . i ... . , - - . 

.-■ ...■..•- . , - ■.-.■■; 

... ... ..... 

•■ \. ■■■•■:'. • %\ i ■• -: ■ .,..':' vt ■ i.-t— 

the prtici • ' i • I. A .'.(•-. .::■•■:■ or| oration, i:? - 

An iiisoivfint iii'1-t'jr i not : |uired to « irreivler nun -r< r;1 I the > tat 
«. ■ h .f ::-..•■■■ ■ •■ ■ , l ■ inifour! 

,. , ; ; . , . .■:'.■.■'.;>■-..:■..'": 

.; ■ i ; . - • •- • 

by (ii-t-.i. Wt,i I ' ' ' ■ rri- '. ' ".• • - 

b a n . ' ■ ■« c " ■ ■ • ' "■ the fm 

of s II hi* creditors. Before ti - ' ' ' - - • f that a summons can ii 

the trust, the aes oee or trustee iau*t take an oath genre'! u] i 


t! e ..' i 

pi - • , 


KEN : UCKY : i A'i K G '.'.::" ; Kl R. 


(5. la about to i . - ' .■•;-■- 


,;..,,.,,:. 1 ( i , r 

ilarf '• l.i ■ 

■ ■ 

■ :■..:. 
; . »y , f -r >.i r h-i 

I ■- | : ' " 

- i!i . ; I ou I 

_..-■..,■„•■ ■ . : 

• ■; • ■ -• :■ ' [»: 

;.,,,■ - 

i" I ■ 

■ !■-■.■.. 

... - • : 

■ ■ 

I r t. ■ . i ■ , 

■ - 



' ' 1 ! . ■■ ■ . 

I lilil 111 I 

i'l . ■' ■ ■ 

■ • i 


in • 


'••;■■• - 

Llu>. .• i 

;. - ■ • 


:vs- (t an a ; - 

i • ,.:■,"• I im -ill 

i . -■ ■ ...-■;■-.■ 

• : ■ r }'' '• r 

t ■: tin i ' ' - 

: t ■ • ■ . i ' ....-.••.:■',■•■■.■.'■' 

;. ■, . . i . 


, - [.is : 


' Pi!- 

.. •- ■ ■ u :i I ! m ' ■ ■ ■ ' 


■. : ' 

L i ' • t) : - • I 

■ ■ 

■ ■ . 


I •..'.. - ■ 

;■■.:■■■,■ . ■ ' ■ ' • 

t if "the i ' i :un..'. in 

.ul ■ ■ ~ • 

■ . . i rial 

' i'f if; 

• .. ■ . . ; ■ - 

: • " - ,; ' I 


. u . ■.,'•.•. 
.....,, .... i .... . . i ..- ; 

: I . ! ■ 

|| ..-.,,...,, -. | 

; ] ;, r ■ li ' ■ I ■ . ■ ■ 

I*. - ■■ t • . -, ,.■■■•: r 'I t tlif 

-. • i ■. .... i m.iy = 

f r»>.*,.n ui t!i- ifi tin ■• l ■[■ : . 

..." | ■ ! ■ 

- - 

. : ,'•-.'■ ;:. 

'• \ . .. I I i i - 

ti.'.i - . I I from the tian in I • 

'■' :•..[■ , • ; ul | ■ lieu ie 

1 of I an a rit 

bundf, I '< . i,- ■ ;,< -All boi Ik, ' - r n tes 

■ • 

! I ' ■ ' . Ifi&i 1 

.-.;■.>::-..,. ! . •' . ■' n 

...... - . ft 

: | 

■..■■'.'■ . a - 



■ - 
■ r , . ■ ' - iv till! 

I ' I ' ' 

ant -: ■ ! ■ ' 




. . ■ 

.,.,.- ...... 

N'1'iilT'V fill I] 

■ - 

: , . ... 

rial ' " : ''. ' ' 

: •, . 

i ■■ i ■ .i . ■ ■ ■ 

' ■ • ■ ' 

■ . • 

•vi -.mail ii.ij •' : 

.... - ■ ■ - tin 

• . B p! OJ.'TtJ 

■ • I ; .' . I v. :■ it I I 

. biic places 

• !■•., miry of 1 ; • • • ■■■" 



'! ■ ■ '■■:-. '.::■. ;'k - ■ '• 1 1 ■ ■ i (1 ■ 

I . ■ ' - ; 

■ :, ■ ■ ii.ivsi.c-vt ] 

)!J • r. : 


f, . ■ 

: l ' [ . Is i ; 1 1 ! ■ 

I . ; ; : I ■ i. - : •■. ■ 

piircii:) '■' ' 

t •: ■ i t ' 

i ='• ■ • ■ ■■.,:■• 

■ ' ■ , " ■ 

['1,1 .in 



• i . . , ... • 





B'J ■■■-■''..■'• 

a< - ■ ■ - 

t. ' 


' 1 ' ' 

:.■■:!■■-■ ■• i '.• : . 

■ to ruiswev ti :•.'"■ 
t i 

.' ■ I ' 1 ! . 

i-- . ' . 

'.:■■- ■ . - ■ • : . \ . 

f< r .-.■:'. II ; r 

m i j * { ■ i ■ 

t,i . - : .•':•. 

does tior rvh'ase hi- cite iv^xu u., itv i 1 : 


■;■.--',;.'■-;:•: , TV .■! r? ;1 

; r ■;. -: '■ U i 1 IT . •'. ! ■ -• • ll 

su.r tlfi' ! • tin - • • 

r/aintili ' i : : Lr< 

it ft. i [iei <on, c t! ti r:_:-l :' 

i ■.-.• ■ - a -. • ■■• ■.' 

si un<J ; : 

ti ':';.'■' irs .. ' - ■ ' I 

r-jmoveii in ■ ' : "' ■■ 

! " :-''-•: . 

v.itl ■ whit it ■ ' 

Diivy he b:i :l.i ■" ' 


•\ !.:..•-!.■■■ : • ' • r r-t'- 

thr . li .' ! >:.* cliiiu li.v 
or the existim r 

: . m und'-r "r by vi 

. • ■--:•■■• 

[aw • : i ... , . ; 

: i ,.■•.,...- .■.:•-,■:■ 

ipati "• " ' he • ■■ ■ :• - " ■ -. ; ■ . . ■ - 

,--■■.: . ■ ■ - I • I . ■ . 

m 1 in c : : ■' ■• • '- An ii " i 

->r pcrpui I • '...'- -- r 

['•'. ' ii' i i or the perl irn im i.j ..,: 

! i"Ui r;iy oi 



■ . 


- : 


• ' ■ : 

■' ' ' ■ ' I. 

-.■".. -..■•■' ... 

1 ■ ■ !■ ' . ' 

■ ■ ■ 




' . 


Hill ' 

! ■ 

' . 





■ ■ 

. r ■ 


I, > 

v. T , " ■ " 

: ■ ri ■. 

■ ... •,,--,.-. 


• . 

■ • .....,,■. 

;.- n : •■ . Inr.t, 

....... he has kit 

.' . s for I 

■ - ■ nin :■ . • " 

iiiav i .■-■;■■-•■ 

f t . , •-. ■ . s iv it ho ii1 

i , . ; -, i ■ . • ■ • 

!'.■:;-' . I I'-llt 

■ - ■ ' n 

; . . ..... - 

•■ ll ;••-' ! 1 

KT <)!' t ■ - ■ ' ' 

. 'it in tl ■ • 

•.> ; iiiuv i : ■ ■ I'll .:*.'- 

':■•.■• il the cuurt 1 

t!> it it ! s-j 

- . 
'■.■■' it. . . i. .. 

1: . , • ! | ..-■.,. : ■..■:. ■ -■-.'.■ 

Civil a< t Jon*. ■'•■ '■• ■■:■.:'•'■:- ' " o t\ 

r« ; ■ • ■ • • . in i - ■ • - i - . ■. i the foK.'W- , - i ' ■ 

i ■ , i v ■ i . - i ' • ' j ■ ■ . - 

■ ■■.:' ,; t • : ( .■■■■ - .t ■ . r ' ■ ' •• .; 

any t-'tn T ntory, t tori t 

d*i? of the !a s ut u ■■ i 1 1 « . 

or written i ontrart. on • Is, 1 

- - 

... I I 
• v h ! . a !i ] ■ 


cuteO sn any >=uit for tha fori . proj j in I tuaimfccmri! I ind • ....... 

A M- Bt • I Ki:CT< >R> 


I ■ I i '■ ' - - ..,•:.... 

i ■ i _ i . ■ ...... : . ■ 

t.» rn i 10) , , 

• : I , . . ' . " i 

It i II I 

' ■■ ■ ,■ : ; •■ ' ' • : 

!■■■■. ;■■•.. ■ ; 

0-i?'t, ,,.. : t! I ' - • ;: 

; • : : 

,.......- • ' ! ! : ; ■:.,:. 

-' ■' . not C'X '■-'■■ a 

I /;■::■ 

pil I - I ' ' •;..-.. 

stuffs an.i a ' . ■ i rh 

v r ; &:»1 if t ' • .. - i • , ■ ;. -- 

,...•' .t . . . ..... 

. ■ .• T ~ " 

■in'.--' .. . ; . . . ' ' 


;..■■..•■• ...■•-•... 

1. • • '. .1 > Willie 

: . ' ■ ; 




i . I - ! I ■ ■ .i ■ ■■■ . " 

t mV'ti-iri as to : ■ 

>'.--'..-■ | ,.f tlVi \ . '. I s of 

.-:■■;•- -I ' : ! . .t I Hi 

i ■ i .■. ;..■.-•-.■, r.i- 

■-■..,. . ■ I . I .- 

Uet X .< ftvctc-.l ill v;il Nil ■ I 

'-'-.• r • : • 

. ,in .-r •! ■ .-. . ■ . ; ■ . •.'.■:' 

l i r • ", ■ : ■ 

v.", :■■-. ..■■,- . •. a fan 

' ttachment ■ :, . ■ i : '. ' 

■-.'...'. • illt! 

f • i-.Muic-rit .•■ i ■ . -■ : . for the : If 

'.■,,-. -.'■■'. 

1 l! ;. I , I • .01 • , . :■. I and ti : i 

.. ■ ■ ! ; . ■ • 1 1 : . r . ■■■>•.•: 

• . ■ I i:, . t tl ; .-.;■ ■ i i 

■ . - . i ' \ . • . : '.hi 
• i , i • 
t i -.■:*. ■ ,. i . . Hu n is air »ip I 

I '-•.-. ii ■ i. :' ■" :•■ :. . • 

; . nr ncii] ' ' ■ til • ! til : ul'.l : '. ■ 

■■!■'•:.:■ til p i - l a, Id ; < - ■ 

it ur til M "' fol :. '';-•.■■' 'I 

;,•.■•. i '■ . ■ ••' • i '••■■.: i - i 

is'.! nr r-.Ti I',-:.-- 
n imf Tin. : id - ; i. ' ' ' 

! ■ . . I l>y ! ' •..■■■• 

■ , 

1 ■ I ■ .1 ...ri r ■ ; . i I lid pi " 

ft day of J ' - . 

'■ 'i • fr •": .'■,■■ : i. ' -'ML. or 

■ . . - f to 

. ■ ■■•■.-. r ■ -, •■ , ,.' , ...... .i .. ; - 

.■ . ' : 

■■ ' ' : .- . iptilllC-lu'i - ..1 

•-.•-■ . : 


. ■- ■ i- but ■ ! 

•...,.. .. ., ,. 

••''.•.'•, • 'lit :.-.■.:• t i 

: | ' - ■ i i ■ i 

,..•_■ ... , ■ i : • . . . . 

I - . . ami must be i •■ Lui 

■ •• ■ I : he irj - i . 
i i wo Ii i • 

if no! 

otli'-i prop ' i ■■ ■ to -'•■'. ii 

i ; |.:>.l ii'-ad 

,;.'...,-,. . . property Oi 

...:-. : ■•■.... 

i-al - . i ii •'.. Htli.T iirn| II'... uoncj not to 
..,-.'- ; •■ ' ' If; i!,..., mlt \ on 

i . rln-r or i : 

- :■■ 
I fU ... ...,•■■. 

ii. ■• ■- - ' - . ts ; n ■ i Thereof i 

property or i ti not ti - ..■ ' tin 
i-'-l : ti i : . ■ .J : . I) . 
- i ; 

- i i' • i r • I « : o r . 

• ■■-■..: 

1 1 utiil | i : ■ 

'•llii.'f ii"'/ :.:,/,., 

• ; : '-] oto- tea-pot 

i ■ i r ; if 
. ■ ' ' .■. , i not to exceed 

■ - ' ■ 


I . I \ • ! 1 • f.l ." 

- ■ i . -i other 

. . . - . , . , ■ i'.c: i f no i 

' ' . ' .. 

i ■.— ] ■'■:..■■ ;...\' iijii : ; . : . 
■ no; ' . • 

. ■ : ....... .. . . : 

; • . .■ ■ : -. : . ., , ... r .j -|.,, t . 

; . ;.;•,';._■.-.._ 

: : . ■ • ■ i ■ ■ i r o v i s i o n a i u - 

... ■'...■ ■ ijii • if then 

- ■ ••■ • M ■■ ■ id for that 

i . [| i an murli of tl ■■ litii ble for 

■ ■ : . . ,i . ■ . tl 

. , ' i . - ■ ; i . ; ' ' 

[] ON 1 ■ '.■.'■.'> ' ..... 

n it [•] . t r'li ■■ n . f tu • 

. i ■ , I cli in ■ . i • i I , I ! i i ' . ■ ■ r If 

r . : ■ i ' . 1 or I i ' I ■ 

■ t I ■•■! apart I 

• . • ■ • ... il.Ji ' . afore- 

:■ ■ .. i art i a ito ; ■■ i i i 

: • ■ i ■ ■'.■..'. 

:.i:- ■ •■ -i is? must ;i . - •: apart, 

... p roper t y or 

•; .. ■', h mi .it •;...:■ - nil i .... . :' 

..... than -:."><). " Widows 

.. i ■ ■ - . . 

.■.■_.,'... i : . • • i • hi \ I , , I 

, .. , . ■ • 

l • i t | • ■ ■ ■ •,:..,.-•■ . ■ ; to r t i . . ' r I 
ini.uit I •■.-.'. ; - . ' ' .'I 

. ■ : : : 

.... , ..... ■•• • '... | 

■; ..■- I .;..;■ ' ... 

- i ...... ' 

. ' . . widow renounces 

r ■ . ; ' ...'...!■;. 

, - t -t da ' ' :',■■.., 

■IWr : ..,-..- ; . .,.i.i ,i 

|| ■ ■ , ..-.. . ■ ,,..-•.•.. 

<- ■;, -■ ,• -! *' 

..■ .'■'_■' i . ■ ■ ■ !i.>yl».' . I r . such 

-'" ' is 
;. • .i ■ 'i iter- 

■ - i -'•:.. I 

- .. ■ ■ r ■ ■• ■. ' 
tj; .••••<■ M ...-"■.■. 

Of til- i :.;!'.. '■ 

:,..■: or injury t" 


KENTUCKY •;■-'; GA7.EI . 

; ■■ i •■•- I , - 


bsuhov I rl.ko • ■ 

.::■'•■ I . 

-' '' ' '- ■ i . 

tor Eh" payment o! - . i 

f April, 1 

■ • ■ ■ ■ i ■ . 

• ; '^ • ri ■ , 

•••'■'■< ■ ' ' - :.-..: 

■ ■- It I..H h ;. : ..-,• • • |l, . 

—■,:-... . 

■ '■ ' ' I-!., f <• «f. , 

' " '■ ' ■ : ■ i ■ ' ' s I , , , 1 - . i iv ■ ! . • r. i i I" i 

title. M i 

111" .".I . ■ , v ■ ., . . . . . ;. , 

.... j ... . r 

; i ■ : ■■■'.,-. 

t - re« :. . .-■,... . , . . , . .'.... 

more tristn t! ■,.-., , j 

rem i- 

•'■'.■■•. .:,.... 

bail I, it ii!;i -•■ t ru 1 .■.•!■ •.••■. , ,. , .. .,. 

- ■-■.,,,■.., r ,; , ; j, 

•■:.■,•■ .,-•.. 

my i : ... . . .... 

- • > • ' ieJir, th 

..-..' ..... 

' ' I' 07 , ' ■ : " ■ • ' •' -. .: ■ 

;."', ' '■ " I ' -' -:-•'.'■ i i i I i n ■ - 

• !■'•'■. I ' • ,-, ■;). | : , .. ■ . : ... t >, . , -. .. 

■':. Tl : I II ■ ■ [ til -■..-■. Iinv I ; „vi . ■ - 

sponsil iliti - ru ,*!■.'•!■ I, ,i • . ii . . ... 

n ri-.4r>- »s "- ! ■ • .■.•■..... 

ar-' ..'I,-.,. - ■ ..... i 

w '•'" "•■ : ' : : ' ■■ ■ tv. i : . .',.,'■■.,,- 

'• J - : ' '■ - : - ■ ...... ( , _ , . . . 

; ....;..•.... .... ...... •..-.,■ . r .,.-.,,. ■ 

ab ' it ■ ;..-■. : . , m ,,,| , | •,-,■,.■,. , . ..... .. . , 

> ■■■ ••• ' in ' : ,. e-t.i; frcm ri ■ , ...-., : .. 

' •-:.'..- , ..-.,.-;■ ,:.... i , . ,.,.}_., 

pr : .:.. - ■ ,. .. ivUi or 

ita s parato •.-■■',.....• i |, ....... .- - _. 

A married w. ri ■ •. . ... ■ ..- 

tract but n ii ■■■.--..... • ■ . | . r , - 

t: ■■■!. in wr:tms. :il n ■ r m . ■ i - - • ":■ ->ri t in •' 

I ■ ''.■-...'■■.<- ■■-•.■ -i ., -I , .... \ .„ _.>.., , ....-;.,-. ; ■-. j . . 

CO' t: u re I . :•■.'-....... .■■. • ... i - • f the - th" husband b i I 

i- ;■-... , ..I ■• . . , - . . 

-:■■..;.. ; ...... 

tl ■!■•-■',,..';.• .:- ■ ." 

re i! e~: u • > ik I [ hv ( it i : n stead 

time of her d»' tth, or i svi u : ; ■ • 1 1 1 -.■ t i i ■ ■ . . 

HE . 2ul _A_ IR, T T nsr , 

JLiAlJLiOJ liuj uUYLb ui\iLi\ m ALiUlNLu 1 

No 139 East Ch *stn it Street, 



r 3-Sen ! for< ..: \ sne 


i: \\.\ [ TIV E AND 01 PA [1TMKXT OFF! 


.' - W. l'site. 

( . .; m •■- ii. Ha 


Sin . ton 
D I Linn liovd. 

': :: , 

Queen » ■ i P i i ill int. 

.:•■'-''-. t y« ■ • . if > . i .- a . 

; i , 
,'■.,- Secret >o the G or — 3. 


•■■ • „ : a, ■ : ; . W. II 
■■.■■■ -Mr*. Annie B. i' 
if • / , — W. S. St«>ne. i [ I . ■ ■ i i' n. 

Pai. 'Printer U ■■ - -S. I. M. M ij< r. I ^ , -' ', • -J. [). Pi 

' , . IJLII , , , N - Ts j i « i ■■: --;■ c. w« 

< >. ■ i ..' • ri — \\ in. Holt ') Pickett. 
! o" , r — Fan tt. l ! -wilt. 
4 . . \ < f _.] '■ .- -_i - i ; | - , . AWt'TAKI GKN KKAL S OFFICK. 

CI \ .- Th mas J U i ■ - D. M. M ii nrv, I I ' . ■ <• 1—3. P. X n kols. 

Edward ii. :.-:•%-. .John A. Criueiiden, ; C/< —lam i Bin kburn.Jr. 
If nry F. Dun a \V. FI. S ivhull, Jr. 
Henry B. War . ii. C. Murrav. 


Commissioner — L. C. N"< rnian. 

D tt,t Co; r„ er— Cal e-11 B. Bullock. 

' -• ■■■i-J. A. Coo .-. 


c •;, n oiss ' <ner — ( '. E. .B< s - 

G-KOI i a Sl'EV ETC. 

Director— J t hn B P l <r 


Maivh t. 1SS1. to Maroli 4, L8S"-S. 

James B. Beck D.) L. xington. Jno. S. Williams, (£>.) Mt. Sterling. 


Nt Di-tri( t — < *- -ar Turner /">'.... 

■Z\ " .;,,... V. M ! -:- n '.;.■' /> 

,1 . . W I : ' ■ 

J. l>r .< : Ki /> . 

A - ■ i- , D ■ . . 

J(.hn (1 r:,.;. 1 , /> 

J. C - ' w ■ ir • 
P. ri I'm ; - i, -Ir !/>'- 

j... -■. :>. \, ■ [R\ . . 

F. C. Pliiswi D; . . . 

• ' 


. . . Woodville 
. . . L. na: \'ie« 

. . . R :, ■• I 

. . . . L e ba n n 

... L 

... C- 

. . . . Ver>ai ■ - 

. . Harrod 

. . . Manchester 

. . . . Muv-- i le 



_• | * % \ od 

w t: 
w ! 

■" ; y- - f. Z -/. 

,• : * ■ t ?- / >' - >• 

t o 






; - 



■00 i 



:* t« t< 

zs.<-/. ~ L '/. < - -■ ~ - "■ y - : - '-' - - ~ >■ '■>''- ~i- ■'"■'- '' '" < /- -"■ " - 



— ■• •-« 

— :. r. _< - <-. 

— - j i « 



x t; - 

c- ■: -', •• t- 

•/ -/. y~ -- -' ■--•/: c } / / ; z.v / / i i 

- : - "i : 1 : : _ . • - t - _"'- - 



















r - 
































-: .- — / r. —. - 

~ /, ~? X p x 


.- r - : ih 

y -. -/. - - - r. 

: J _: ... ~ -. *~ 


.' .-, >. ;_ ; ± s. 

<-'/ i ' '■'■ - :: . : z 

r- ■- .'■ ~ ■/. 

> - z - ~ - 

■ ~ - — — 


- '- - - _ 

' "• ^ ~ — -"" — ~ 

'. ■< i "" --" ' 


— ~ ~L .- , = — 


. . = '■; ~ ; ; 

: -'- . . ZH 


5. : ' C ~ ~- ~~ 

*■ ^t- i^» — .: ' r. ~ 

- " >- 

-. - . ._■ ■„" ] 

"* ^- ~ — — • — : 

; ~ r- •"" ~ 


X — j. — "-/". 


































• '■ 









- ) 

i — i 
















































































— i 




































K! ••• ted Fii\-t M • ■ 

•iri", :>?. 
1st District— H. ■:■. V. Iv M 


. V..-ar». 


• : 


ft b 





1 I • h 


H . .1 ;:■■:•. . 

Hun R. P. Ci- -il . . 

H ' . I. V. I. •'.;.■ . . 

it . . \\ . L. ; ■ . \ 

II. ' T :\ > I 

! n ■'■ II. !. v- : - . . 

11 ■■>,". M I ' i . v 

H \\ I. ." 

II •: . ;:. I i:-. ki ,t . 

H p. r \i 

Hoi . .1 - : I! ... . . 

Flu ■■ ! ■ ■:■. : !, ;i 

i a. i-:. <• .;■■ . . 

H->n. J. F. Fi . . . 

Hun. Geo N. H 

Hi.i . S E D i! ■■■■ n . 

Hon. C. A. Ha lin . 


C. A. Th . .. . 
J . I i . < iU'n I 
.'. H. i' . 

.f. v. : 

J. M :' ' r. 

\V. II. ii-.V! --. 

.'. i Warr-.-n. 


A. G. D.--.Jai 

W*. W. C;.;irv. 

T. A. C n n 
II. (' Iv, 
S. G. Kii r. 
I. S M.,rr <. 
T. A K - m. 

Je/Terx'.n, Court of—U »n. II. J. ? it ■- 

For flu counties of V < ,■■"■ ( ■,-', '■/...•' >«, Rouroon, Sc i , IVovJfonf, and F 
-Hon. ('. S. French." 


Chancellor — Hon. I. W. F/: h .- 

r„>- CA««c< '' r-Hon. Alfred T. P ; -. 


'/-.'' - -Ji ■!.;■ - II 'il I 

F ,-i f • ( ' <un ' '"- of (' ti> ', A" '< 

W. Menzies. 


Chief .7 !*C»'«— Tli.t . -1 -enh H. '. 

.;•■•• • ' ',■-.!!"' . i ' n : ; . . 

^.{ tto>'w i Gen — P W. II 

Re-porter — .1 < >hr 

<''-;•,. Tho». C. -I HP . 

Deputy < '-• /. - E. \V. Hi: i - 

S ■ ' ■ l ■•••■•; A. U : r -■■: 

V , ■ • '—A. W i . '. mi. 

Ja n i^or — VV in . Fren c b . 

F. II:' _r-. m I VV. S. I' " 


■-. ^ 


R. L. POLK & CO. 



-vvu vi^Jbce-' 

A^ ) \ 






In the following section of the work the post-offices of Kentucky are arranged in alphabetical 

onicr, anu a description is given of each place, with an alphabetical list of 

all persons doing business therein. 

AARON'S KIX. A discontinued 
p ist-i trice in Montgomery county. 

ABBETT. -V cm mtry post-office in 
Trimble county. 8 miles east oi B u- 
ford, the eouuty-s< it, and the same dist: i >■ 
ou - of Carrollton, tl e near -i shi] pin : 
point on the Ohiu river. > ige to Carr- 11- 
ton. M. M. Dunn, postmaster asd gen- 
eral store. 

ADA. Calloway county. 3 miles fi 
Tennessee state line, and 5 miles south 
of Murray, the county-seat. Paris, Ten- 
nessee, i- the nearest bank locatii n, 
' st ;• i 'ssibl i - ; ippii ; !'- : '" '-- '■' ■ Na- 
tion 40. Tobai co f< rn i tin only expo 
Stages to Marrav and Paris dailv; faro 
*2. Mail tri-weekly. L. P. Mansfield 
■>■ >stm ister. 
i ; :nt -1 C. live st< i k. 
>lunsfioi<l L. P., (;<*n».T!il Store. 
Mi ■..:' K 1. r, ' ,.■ i: 
M ..- ballT G. toba ui ist. 
'. : ■ b!e J P, bl i I •' itl . 
Wilcox T H. justice oi pea< e. 

U> \lli\li.U:. An incorporated 
town first settled in 1820; is located in the 

extreme southern part of I. i;an county, 
3 mill • north f the : - ■ • ■-••• - ,;■ 
lini : and 13 miles - • . it-, I . 

co int " — it and n< aresl snipping 
, n tl e L. A- S T . Ii. K. R 1 

i - ..- h d power, utili d I • . 
: , ist-mill. The town popvi 

. '. •" elmrcbes, 

•i go< d p ib ie schn >i. n ij ' w.spaper, 

the Logan Sentinel, a bank, and a woolen 
mill in the vicinity. Improvements amount- 
ing to ?L'5 000 were made h • uring 1 : 
year. Shinmen ts < prim ipaily of" 

wh< at, t<>b . ; 'co, and stoi k. 1 ice of land 
adjaeont iivem .■• - fr< in •:'.. . ; ■.■•■'; r a< r». 
-- . - Russell vi - . . gtield, tri- 

ly ; and Frai /eekly ; fare 

.;• , en 'ii. Adams J • at Rus- 

. : - .; ■ no in st express point. Mail 
daily. S . i " . aster. 

Alexander Rev RCllI thi ^ : -t>. 
B; ^bv IvC% A i". . ipt -, . 
Bar! ■ & Moo -n ers. 

:: • .i .•, r "\ ■: otel and saloon. 
Bell J A, loal tol 
Boolu-r J < Ii ery. 
Brown II SV, pub* Logan Sentinel. 
Bn edlove A .1, justice of \ eaee. 
Burr A, hotel propri :tor and juati <-. 

»-;; « - a 

' | • -, 

' ■ .1 :: ' '::.;»,;.<; roilj - j | 

'■■ • kTI IN r,. 313 321 So Clinton Si. 









H • . 

, C 

■ It. \ <Q. 


Burr G S, constable. 

Butt J S, confections and grocery. 

Cragor Bros, dr> good •. 

Foster J \V, police j i Ige. 

GoochS. C. «&Co., Furniture and Un- 
dertakers Wall Paper, Pictures, Picture- 
frames, etc., etc. 

Hale X rs M C, millinery. 

•' ' " :■■■■•' 

Harpe M rs I. i . princ. primary school. 
Henderson R H. sad i 

• '■ i ph; ian, 

H ite < !e< :■ -t- T grocery. 
Hummei iS C >, r ; oral store. 
Jeter Li fi. marshal. 
Johnson »& F; '■ hardware. 
Kompf C J, shoemaker. 
Is r >ger II, 3hoemaker. 
i. . .-■■%■ C, builder. 
McClure T, drugs aj I gi -oeries. 
McCorrnac Smith bl -■ 
McG kit Miss Dora M. millinery. 
McG Idric J C, r:;> 'i r . market. 
Kalone J W, attorney. 
Mason & OrndonT. flour-mill, 6 miles w. 
Moorm in J L, dentist. 
Myers H, grocery and saloon. 
OrndorfF Aaron, flour-mill, 4 miles east. 
Orndorff Win, flour and woolen-mill, 5 

miles east. 
Perry Rev Frank (Presbyterian). 
Phipn»n A "W, saloon. 
Pollok Mrs M. mi 
Proctor W 15 & Co, saloon, 
llayburn W K, general store and c»3h bank 

of Adairville. 
Robertson V> r m T, druggist. 
Simmons Green D, physician. 
Simmons Richard M. flour-mill, 2 miles n. 
Smith A F & Son, g( neral store. 
Stooiz J II, meat market. 
Tison CS, sewing-machines. 
Townsend Robert P, physician. 
Turpian M M & Co, groi ei • 
Vineyard B W, p n . high school. 
Walton G W, blacksmith. 

ALilIANY. Clin! >o county (for de- 
scriptive sketch and business it- t >ry see 
list of towns received too late for regular 


AldB VX V Id A N D I X G . Also 

Called Whet-tone, is a village ami iandin" 
on the Cumberland river. It is in the 
eastern portion of Cumberland «o., 7 miles 

north-east of Burkes vi lie, the county -° at. 
The nearest railway aj p roach is 
but all shipments ■ an be made din i 
Cumberland river. The prod u :ts ...-■• 
* ainutlumb ■-, grain and tobacc- 
somt pr< duce i . . . -. 

Mailtri-weekly. E. L. Higginbott m, post- 

Ui^iu bottom, E. JL., Justice of the 

j '..-, i , | i ; ■ , . 
Hoi ap de & 1 1 <.;, bottom, grain. 
:; i »don A C, I lac] iinith. 
Singer Manuf g Co, walnut lurnb r 
s ■"' : C A. j-,. ii ' lr-miii, 2 miles • u 
Smith W P, con.i 

ALil-JXAXDEU station 

Crutc hfield, Fult m county |. 

i Seo 

AL,EXAXI>KXA. This inoorpor- 
ated town situated on bot :• • I ' 'v.i 
Li^k:r> -x rivers, with 500 ir I ■ -. '- the 
county-sent of Campbell, and - 1'! - 
south of Newport, its nearest rai - 
point, and 125 miles from Louisviil, 
grist and saw-mill. 5 ■ ■■ ■ 

and two private ncho ■•!- are - re. 
cider and farm produce U marketed. I . ■■ 
stage communication with Newport: •"•.■.?"« 
65c. Mail daily. Peter Kronz, postmaster. 
A a ptan rienry, hotel. 
Baker Richar 1 T, lawyer. 
Baker Wm B lawyer. 
Bell James W, justice of peace. 
Braunstein George, hoots and shoes. 
Brell John W, stove3 and tinware. 
Freeman Mrs Millie, confectionery. 
Funk Wm, tailor. 
< ; -; -. h Mrs Emily, general store. 
Hartman Wm. carpenter and undertaker. 
Hill Theodore M, lawyer. 
Hornbach Michael, druggist. 
Kemper lion ian, barber. 
Kronz Peter, t4eneral Store. 
Kuhl Gt orgi t laeksmith. 
McVean S( mhen !>. hotel. 
M - "'." Andrew, merchant tailor. 
M ister Vugu t, I -ewery. 

'.•• , blacksmith. 
I >rr Thomas S. physii ian. 
Rachford Hugh K, phj doian. 
Harden Richar 1 .1, dep. elk. county c >.. r t 
"i mas A. lawyer. 
i II Rob< : t. ■:■■., :■< -maker. 
Riley Edward, lawyer. 



- • « 

H».vf< Nl In? more U>un 1,400 
Lo*«'s, mill harf in..! but 13 ile- 
olsUdl Claiui... Ae^nts Everywhere 


5 J 

Schwalbach John, shoemaker. 

Thatcher Edgar, constable. 

Todd •& Broth< :-, g meral -tore. 

Trichlei Mathias, saloon. 

Trichler Mathias .Ir, wagon-maker. 

Yitt 1 rank S, harnes: 

Wagoner Wrn II. printer. 

W hite & Youtsey, general stor< . 

Willenbrik R< rn ! - v a I rrist-miil 

Winterhalter Mrs. Susan, hotel and tn< i( ;. 

Youtsey Jam;'- J, physician. 

ALTCETON. Is -^ station called 
North Fork, on the L.iX, R. it.. 81 miles 
south-east of J. »uis ' a id lo .:• 1 ii .. 
western part of Boyle county, 16 miles 
south-west of Danville, the county-seat. 
Adams Express and daily mail. Popula- 
tion 60. 

Baker Henry, farmer. 
Campbell T H, general store. 
Clarkson T M, fai mer. 

Collinsworth farmer. 

Rice \V M, store, express and station agent. 
Withrue J P, farmer. 

Pray J 1', hotel. 
Sidebottom P.ev L ( Baptist). 
Skaggs 11 1), notary p 

Lh Samuel, saddler and harness-maker, 
Warren S W, saloon. 
Warren W F, saw-mill. 

ALLENDALE. Ha? a probable pop- 
ulation of 75, and is a village located in the 

western part of Given county, 11 miles north- 
west of Greensburg, the coui ty-seat, and 
shipping point on L.& N. R. R. Wheat and 
tobacco are exported. Mail semi-weekly. 
VV. M. Elmore, postmaster. 
Bell John, barber. 
Bosket James, cooper. 
Brewer J W, saloon. 
Brewer S W, live stock. 
Cantreli E S, general -tore. 
Cantrell James, blacksmith. 
I)urm Robert, justice of peace. 
Elmore Wm, shoemaker. 
Elmore W. 31., Farmer and General 

Graham S, gunsmith. 
Hopson Edward, R K and express agent. 
Howell A, wool-carder. 
Howell Frank & Bro, distillers. 
H j we! I F /, distiller. 
Howell R. live *tock. 
Jones II, veterinary surgeon. 
Noe James i'>, justice of peace. 
P :l is .1 V & VS' F. general store. 
!'■-'• ii - L< uis, wagon-maker. 
Pi rkins IS K, general -tore. 
Pierce Rev T VV (Baptist). 

ALLEN SPRINGS. A. village lo- 

fated ' ; .- . ; t of . -Vile i 

1 2 mi les n - I i ii e, t ii e c-oun- 

ty-seat, and 15 miles south-* -. . I B wiir.g 

Gi ;. its n rarest shipping , ■ I . 

& N. R. R. Popnla i 'u\\ ■■ stock, 

toba ■ . •• produce are ma rk ' J , Stage 

to V 'oti ville are:! Bo ■ ! ^l: » > T \-"n dail ■_, . 

fare 75 cents. Daily mail, J. O.Perry, 


C . ■ S ; , I ■' et-maker. 

Cost y Rev J C , Meth dist). 

1] .Ha] ■ :.-■• M V \i \ Baj • 

Holland W : ■' ■ - taker. 

Johnson Jam - L. wagon and plow mnfr. 

Johnson Re\ i nomas i Baj tist). 

Meridith J K, j hysici« n. 

Pruitt Obed, *: .■-:: ill and blacksmith. 

Ransom W li. blacksmith. 

Rose J. v F M (Methodist). 

Sledge & -'!• dj e, general store. 

Smith 11 C, physician, 

Wadkins John W, general store. 

ALLENSVILLE. This incorpora- 
ted town, of 400 inhabitants, is a stati >n on 
the Memphis branch, L. & N. R. R-, in Todd 
county. 9 miles south-east of Elkton, tie 
seat of justice, and nearest bank, to which 
a daily mail stage runs, fare$l. Good power 
is afforded here by Elk Fork creek, util- 
ized by three flour-mills. A newspaper, 
the Gazette, 5 churches, a public school, and 
a good bote'., are sustained. Wheat, to- 
bacco, and live •' ck are shipped, and 
good farming land, in the vicinity, av- 
erages $40 to $75 per acre. Express 
Adams; Telegraph VV*. U. Mail daily. 
John T. Smith., postmaster. 
Adams John A Co, dry goods. 
Alii- i Frank, saloon 
Bellamy R 1). furniture. 
Boyer VV D jr & Co, dry goods. 
City Hotel, J. T Smith, Proprietor. 
Day M F. dry .;-"•» Is. 
El ' ■'■ r, ' gist. 
Garrard James D, physician. 
Grinter O M, druggist. 



Sa *J CENTRA! DEPARTMENT, • - Lcuisvllie, Ky 

Haddox & Bro s n • ;rs and farm imp. 

Kimbrough T II, physician. 

M c< ' ill U ... tii aith. 

Page 15 \V, •'.' ■..- n. 

Reese Miss Fannie F. milliner. 

Richardson It J? j i'sician, 

Small A; "Woolridge, grocers. 

Smith Fannie, milliner. 

Smith J. T., " • ■■ '■ r City Hotel. 

Thomas N, i - K R agent. 

Trabue 15 M, physi i n. 

ALONE. A recently e ^tablishcd post- 
office in Metcalfe i >unty. No village. 

ATjPHA. A post-office in Clint 
11 miles north-ea •' f Albany, the 
seat. Monticnio ' - - i • I v in loci- I 
tion. The m -t uiive nlent - p] Kg ] 
is Rowena, on the Cumber me! river, LO 
mile-; north. Prod tots are mainlv g ai i 
and produce. Stajre to Montieelio. Mail ! 
tri-weekly. F. 31. Stinson, p stmaster. 
Andrews J J. ;!<.--:... 
Berrj Rev J M Meth dist). 
Davis C E W, shoemaker. 
Davis J W, o) 
Davis W W, justice of peace. 
Kennedy Mart, 1 a< 
Lawhorn C • ■ ' ' . 
Neal Z T. ; ,. th. 
Owens B D, pnj sician. 
Shearer R< v J "CI - ian). 
Shearer J II A: Co. : : eral store. 
Stinson i'.'H.,'.' .-::■ ranci Book Agent. 
White George, m iier. 
York T, justice of peai e. 

ALPHORETTA. Only a country I 
post-office, in Fl yd .■ aty, 12 n il 
south of Prest^nburg. the county-seat. 
Mail semi-weekly. Isaac Dingus, post- 
master and tret eral store. 

AT/POX. Sometime? known as Rough 
and R>-u ly, is in Andersoi . ■■ y, \ I 

miles north ■ f Luvrr i • • ir<r, th 
co inty-si at, .■• ! i c-i ■ : - ition, an : 
9 south of Frankfurt •'„- nearest railroad 
shipping p lint on the [>., C. & L. R. R ind 
oO miles so ' ' ••• •' 1 Lo lisvi! le. rhree I 
( hur :hes, Refoi m, M ■thr-dist. r>.J f : a. ti ~t, 
ai 'i gi od pul ■ ■ • ■ • ■ 

b re. L'oj ilation ah< ■ ''-''. A srood open- j 
tag t* ra i. ur-rnill,is presented here. Grain, I 

hogs, and whisky are shipped Slag< - to 
Frankfort, Lawrence-burg, and Harr 

■ '.'■. ' es, -1 -;, an i ?2.50 re- 

specth • . phone co tmunication with 

Frankfort and Law) nceburg. Mail iai'y. 

Car! .Mrs Dotty, . - . . 

Carl & Rob , . re and undertakers. 

Carleton J W. win n-mai fir. 

Cath tt James R. I 

Crook W H, saddler. 

I ■■■■ & !•!,,!■ erm n liquors. 

Greeh & "' I r, ■ • t-mill. 

llav kins Jo ; i ! .'• h. 

R K v :•: tore. 

M :i irmi •!< W L. su • >n and a 'cer 
Marshall Uri ker. 

i! ■ tjoj T J, bla -■ 

Shiel '- \V '. A. i!ro, ■: noral store. 
Spier J M. phy.-i 
Si ration 1 1 if. pin -"inn. 
i'ouiiic Mrs S A. cigar mnfr. 
Wilau'n \V H, bla< ksn ith. 

ALUM SPRINGS. A settlement 
of 40 people ir. I5"Yii unty. 5 miles from 
Dam ill'-, the count >-• at, and U i fr m 
Louisville. Daih mail. Joseph Maxwell, 
po->1 mast -r. 

( 'arter 'I 15. ■'■■• eral store. 
McDonald Rev 15 
M D nald R II live *to< k. 
McGinnis Benjamii smith. 

Maxwell Josepl projir. Alum Springs. 

A.LZKY. Also known as Long's 
Landing, is on thi U io ri • r in the i - 
' t of Henders I 18 mil 

west uf Henderson tin count} -seat. Ship- 

■• : ■ ••, ild he i by water. 

P ition 2i. Kspress Adams. Mail 

daily. C. P Klein, j i - r. 

P.aker .lanii ■ ' ' 

(.'. ■;-' v James, gr.-i 

i ! eph. v H r p"!!. r. 

« ' ■ I A J • I ' i ve si. ock , 

■ ' • ■ . u-rnaker 

K 1* in < . i'.,' I -. : and Sa^-mill. 

i i;, justice i , 

I.- • 

"' . I ' . ■ ■ r . 

M ■•■ - V. \ . i ' fsh'ian. 
St vie • Ic'Avt ard, ei , vi ■:• ■ r. 

J R, blacksmith. 



' • .-. ■. 

kbliD All hi] AIM rAlU ";;.„,..:: :..;/ : »*■ 


ANCHORAGE. Incorporated as a AXDltEW, Small village, 7 milea 

town in 1S78. is a station on the line of , n< rth f Mt. Vernon, the county-seat of 

the L., C. & L. R. li., ii Jefferson county, Rod :astle county, and 5 ni • roni hi - 

12 miles east of Louisville, the ci u at. \ ping point — Brcadhead — on the L. & N. R. 

Improvements amounting to about $20,000 j rl. Lumber is the chief expo: t. Mail by 

have recently been made, and the town, ] special supply. A. J. Henderson, post- 

which is rapidly increasing, now has a j master, 

population of about 500; 5 churches Meth- j Hauk II blacksmith 

' ' '' Presbyterian, I Baptist, Henderson "" A. j., Fanner and Dry 

and colored Baptist and one scnool, a * m- I Goods. 

[nary for young ladies, and ft military | Todd & Henderson, saw-mill and lumber. 

academy, are here. Shipments consist of i 

grain and treos. Express Adams. Tele- ANTIOCH. Metcalfe Co. (See Knob 

graph \^ . L . B. h.. Mulford, postmuster. | Lick). 

Alexander Rev Go.-e , Methodist). 

Anchoragre Classical and Military ANTIOCH. Only a farmhouse po*t- 

InstitutC, V. M. Johnson, Principal. , ffice | ocutec i j„ Wusbine 

'/"*' '"'''• ' i miles from Sprin '■■ I i tv-seat, &nd 

BedmgerRev r. V» r, • - \y t< srian j 18 milea east of" Harr. ' the nearest 

Bellewood Seminary, Mrs. Darnel P. j shipping point, on the C. S. Kv. Pi iu.-< 

loung, Supt.. [txeadc.) I } s marketed. Mai! tri-weeklv. C. C. 

Central Kentucky Lu Iv atic Asylum. R H Trent postmaster 

Gale, sup« rinu-ndi nt. t, . . 

■u ■ ,\ t ' ■■ • Bryant A, arenera store. 

hrvm George 1. p ivsieian. ! r . - ,,, \ 

,. .-.. i : Brvan! 1. blacksmith. 

Uaur bimfoii L, nurseryman. : ,, - ,, ., ., .,, 

i- i .-> li ,- 1I - • ., , I Larev h r>. flour-mill. 

<mlu R It, sunt C K Lunatic Asylum. ! r> , r . 

i. . . ,-; ,,-■■■ • . Donovan J R physician. 

Harvey Charles \\ . physician. o 

Hausman Antony, general store. ! g e ndr f_ R £ wagon-maker. 

Hi^htower Rev J, 'n(Baptist). - Jreilt C. C, Gonera, 5 torc. 

if.i, m- \r i • ! lrent I »i, wool-carder. 

U'Mt A m M, physician. ! ' 

Johnson V. M., Principal Anchorage i 

Classical and Military Institute. j AXTTOCH 3ITIJLS. Wasfirstsct- 

MeMiehael J X. not try public. | t1 '-' 1 ln 1878 - : ^ a village '■*> R" bland pre- 

MeXally Edward', Florist and Nur- I cinct. Harrison county. 13 miles north of 

seryman. 'Seeruic.) I Cynthiana, the county-seat; its most con- 

Merntt Rev George W (Methodist). i venient shipping point is Falmouth, on 

Mulford Benjamin E., Postmaster j the K. C. R. li. Population .,0. Mail 

ami Express Ao-ent. semi-weekly. Alvin Sellars, postmaster. 

Pine Hill Academy, K H McCowan, propr. l Brannock D N, general store. 

Young- Mrs. Daniel P., Supt. Belle- | Bristow J W, teacher, 
wood Seminary. j Collier W .1. undertaker. 






House Numbers, l^:^ Labels; Carriage, Show C«se and WhoM™ r 
©eft £1 U KOCUi), t:sr«er a . r, lOti K« 




KautioLok street, Chicago, I U, 




Cravens Mrs N L, millinery. 

Harden & Bro, :arpenters. 

Kennedy Z M, blacksmith. 

Owen }". W, g ueral -tore. 

Sellars Al\ in, Flour and Saw-mill. 

Smith Miss Jennie, teacher. 

Smith T J, t( : eher. 

Truax A J, pumps. 

Truax G L [ :,.< i ran. 

Whiteker 1 N, justice of peac •. 

W( 'lej •' • puty county dork. 

Wooley .A er. 

Wooley Miss Betty, music-teacher. 

APPLE THEE. A post-office bear- 
ing this name, was recently established in 
Breathitt county. 

ARGELLITE, A village and sta- 
tion on E. K. Ei'y, located in the north- 
eastern part of Greenup county 10 n 
south of Greenup, the county-seat, a 1 
nearest bank location, and 310 miles north- 
east of Louisville. Iron ore is found in 
the vicinity, and pig-iron form? the only 
shipment. Express Adams. Mail laily. 
H. W. Heine, postmaster, farmer, and mil- 

Argellite Mills, E K Ky, proprs. 
Heine H. W., Miller and Farmer. 
Seedy Robert, K li agent. 

ARLINGTON. A village with a 
population of al >at 400; is in Baiiard 
county, 15 miles s< uth of Blandville, the 
county-seat, and 300 from Louisville. 
Two saw-mills, a grist-mill, 2 hotels, :) 
f v irehes, and a public school ire here, and 
tobacco, corn, and wheat, are shipped. 
The nearest bank is at Cairo. Ills. Land 
in the adjacent country can be purchased 
at an average price of $20 per acre. Stage 
to Maynel Land Columbus; fare 50c, and 
f 1. Express S Lithern. Telegraph VV. U. 
Mai! daily. P. ' <>. Read, postmaster. 
Arrow- Francis, undertaker. 
B< an & Hi v. ' >>.■!, J ry goods and livery. 
Bone Mr? S T, drf .-making 
( I • : I t W, groci ries. 

Cm naing: n K, aw and grist-mill. 

jDenkee A, si loon. 

Dliprce Wm. ff.. Groceries. Hard- 
ware Saddlery, Crockery, Glass arid 
Queens ware. 
Etheridge E, furniture and undertaker. 

Fairris Thomas J, groceries. 

Gardner J - | h L ', swing-machines. 

Bering Mai is L. physi n. 

Kennedy & M irris • and grist-mill. 

McCoi : ■ ■ • , ra! store. 

McKendree & Hanelme, livery. 

Magruder G Wi Co, produce and live 

O'Neall & Hobbs, general si ■ .-> 
Owen John R, physician. 
Pile & Ci mill i w tiers. 
Porter Rich trd, saw-mill. 
; !< tS ('. hotel. 

Head Pliilijj i,).. Druggist and 1' '• 

i ster. 
Roberts S., Express Agent and 1! ■■.■ 

oi! D B L 1 .: •• .! m mi es - e | 

■ -v Don, |" in sician. 

E M. b rber." 
Weber Jul - 

Wiley A F, l.-Ar. and ulo< a. 
Wiley II L & Co, produce aim live stock. 

_ ASMBYSBURG. With a popula- 
tion of about 150, is in Hopkins county, 
20 miles north-east of Madisonville, l 
counly-si at, whii h is, •.'-• . th • m a- : 
cation of tl nearer k bank. S 
ville, 9 miles west, >n <'• : St. L £ >. E. di- 
vision L. «.V N. K. R., is its near -i, r . 
approach, and most -sible shipping 

point. The power : . -, ished here by 
Green river is utilized by > flour-n ill. 
Timber, stock, and tobacco are .shipped 
Land averages $8 per acre. I. G. Gilmore, 
postmaster Mail semi-weekly. 
Gilmore B, justice of peace. 
Gilmore Isaac G., General Store. 
Gilmore W S, ;".'. sician. 
Gilmore & Hoh^ood, leaf-tobacco. 
Girod L N, jeneral store. 
Inerram Bros, blacksmiths. 

ASH CAMP. -A unall settlement in 
Pike county, sit lated on Elkhorn creek, 
24 miles - uth of Pik ton, the county-seat 
&i d -"' so ith-east of Lou f\\\e. 
Pikeviiie. Timber forms the main ship- 
ment, and • races $10 to $15 per 
acr-2 Population 30. Mail weekly. G. 
VV. Francisi o, postmaster. 
Bartley Pleasant, Sour-mill. 


Bentlev John D, general itoi 
. Bond W W, lumber. 

■ jaSnW * 8 * ?*"' ■«•*"• '.*■ :' -• ■ Fire K1 5, *f 

. ' ' Cap: , . . - 

ah ,, jiii . f ; . 





.1 > 

Cantrell Hiram, blacksmith, 
Cantrell John, bki ksmith. 
Cantrell Reuben, tl ur-mill 

• - Sfji . ' ' iress. 
Childres Wm, fjirmer. 
Farmer L, shoemaker. 
Francisco B D C, teacher. 
Francisco <i W, farmer, 
fti rr~. .1) R li iff -V < '<), general ?tore. 
Bhort HA, farim r and n erchant. 
Van Doer .John II, justice of the peace. 

ASHTi.VTs' I>. The principal towi 

the i orth-easti rn ps rt of l he stat - is 
beautifully situated on t! • •■ 1 1 if tl 

Ohio river, in the midst of an extensive 
plain, near and below the mouth uf tin I 
Sandy r v< r. [t is in B< l< unity, (3 miles 
north of Catlettsburg, the i o mty-; ■.■ <. 
283 from Louisville, and is he soi 
terminus of the Scioto Valley Railway, 
the eastern terminus of the A., C & I. R y. 
and the northern terminus of the Chattroi 
R.R. These lines. c ■■■:•■-. ig \v . give tho 
place excellent shipping facilities to all 
points. Ashland is finely laid out, with 
broad streets and avenues, and among tl e 
principal features may be mentioned three 
weekly newspapers, t) churches, and . ■ ■: 
public schools, a national hank, a ship- 
yard and dry-doc i ' nsive works of 
the Norton Iron Works, and the Ashland 
Furnace Co. The exports are varied and 
consist chiefly of coal and iron. Popula- 
tion 3,600. Land in the vicinity can be 
obtained at reasonable pric< -. an 1 ;ood in- 
d ' sements are offered to int< nding settlers. 
Express Adams. Telt-grapb Western 
Union. Mail daily. W. Larnpton, post- 

Ashland Coal & Iron K'y, John 

Mean-. Pre*; Robert Peebles, , c: -.V. & Tr. 
Ashland Independent. K B Grahn, propr. 
Ashland National E $ 

Hugh Mea i . Pr A < < an i ! I i 
' - hi i slican, - 1 M H i ', propT. 

Bagby M r I. L, groci r. 
Bagley Rensal r, trr< cer. 

' ; S ' M'iel II. junk, 
Rates JohnjN, ji I ;e of pi a< e, 1 1 rn soutr 
Bayard Ira V ■ r< •■ er. 
! ton te Furnace Co, 
Booth Wrn FT, saloon and restaurant. 
Rorni . i< . :- i ■ - ■ i ■ . 

B. yd County i. i press, D K W«:is, edit- r. 
Brodess Henry li. mayor. 
Bryson George W, !.- I 

■.-.■ tl: rge. grocer. 
Ca . ■' m, hard ivare. 
C •■■ oni las tl, sho< n . kt r. 

Carr Richard S, saloon. 
C idra> h. un i< rtaker. 

Ceals Rev C (colored -Methodist'. 
Chambers Ot : - J jt< cer. 
Chattroi Railway ' ». George T Stedm an 

and Ge ■•• _■■ > Ri t ardsi n, gen manager?. 
Clark A. J>. A. Son, (Amos B.and 

Amos Li., Jr.), \N ! oh -.>'• Gr< cers, e< r. 

Broad way and W in< h< sti r ave. 
CI irm mt Re-v LG(C itho 
Codit R< v Wm (' i Presbyterian). 
Conners .! - K ; , sal >on. 
(.'' nnor Thomas, saloon. 
Crawford Andrew J, gen store" and brick 

Deidrich Wm, wagon-maker. 
Dibble Danii I S, dentist. 
Dixon Augustin H, tjrocer. 
Doepken Rev G (German Lutheran). 
D. novan James, saloon. 



Ashland Ship-yard and Steam-wrecking Pumps. 

Are prepared to d>^ all kinds of Building an i R 'pairii « i f Si amboats and B irges. Can 

furnish the best Ship Timber at LOWER RATES iron ai ; oth^r 

parties on the Obi River. Orders solicited. 

ninmr.iT ran tin ni? WHT HTT1 --=-—■--■—'—---••--- • 

liljH ' , , , >• •'■'.■■ . ■ So \thera Dep't, 
yULLl! iilU. Utfi Ul ii| LOUISVILLE, KY. 





>p rs 
! .9«<s 

'•■Herat store 





Everman Mosci, hold. 

Fearing Louis C, saloon. 

Fiscln r Gworge & Son, carpenters. 

Fisher John G, ban -r. 

Frazier Sum. A.. & Co., P; 

Ashland Ship Yard and Dry Dock. 

Gehringer Conrad, shoemaker. 
Geigcr, Pow oil & i ' 

I ■:■<•:.•.,..;: g. 

Gosslee & Hensle nt< rs. 

Grikhn Karl I>, proprietor Ashland 

p indent. 
Griesbeck George & Son, saloon. 
Hack v, orl h Wm W, grocer. 
Hally Mr- J, grocer. 
Harris Miss N J. it<> •■- and tinware 
Haskell Mrs M A. u'eneral st .re. 
Ho^ka la\ Willis, l.«» L-er. 
Holt A: Kul ■ in ks, i ■ ■■ i iran i. 
Hot«>i Ahliue, John f 

prietor, Front Street. 
Howard Thomas, saloon. 
HuS* James M, pn p Ashlan 
Hughes Charles B, . r< eer. 
Hughes W, agent. E L &B S R R. 
Hutton James, groi i r. 
Jandes Ac Bro, bakers. 
Jeffc-r: A; Faulkner, general store. 
Keil Win, merchant tailor, 
Kelly Michael O general store. 
Kramer Leona rd, 

Lampton Andrew !■".. insurance agt. 
Lampton A & LI, ooks end drugs. 
Lauterbaeh iV Mi!! ir meat market. 
Lawson Win A, notions. 
Leehy Patrick, saloon. 
Lordier Joseph, sab ■ •n. 
Lynn John, grocer. 
MeGce Rev F P | Methodist, south). 
Means, Russell & Means, Bellefont 

nace Co. 
MeinhartW. «X Co., (Wendel Mein- 

hart and August Baurmann), Wholesale 

Drugu sts. 
Mellor Albert, confectioner. 
Merrill Win A, lawyer. 
Miller Julius C, stoves and tinware. 
Murphy Thos, gro< er. 
Mutual Benefit Asso iation of W Va. J 

31 Ferguson, president; W C Ireland, 

Nagel Peter T, stoves and tinware. 
Newman Mrs K R, jj -neral store. 
Newman Miss May, milliner. 
Newman Thos A, grocer. 


Nierrnan F & C ., ;• cat market. 

Nolte lier.i') A, i lerchant tailor. 

Norton Iron Works, John Ru*se!l, prea; 
A R Fenuacy, sec; Hug]) Means, treaa, 

Ohliuger \ < Ira v, carpenters. 

O'Keefe & Co, furniture. 

Parrill John I., Propriet r Hotel Al- 
dine, "i< it St r i t. 

Patterson W W & C », grocer* 

l*e< bh\S i •<;<><>•! , i 'j re is. Ash- 

land C< al & 1 : on Kailwa\ I i . 

Poage ). C .\. S. n, Hour-mills. 

f ! ck Isaac N. . 

1>r ''. ■■ & M rriai ty, mi at market. 

Proctor Mr II F, genera! ; ti 

? I ii I 'harles I ■, city clerk. 

Richardson it < com on. 

Robert- John E, sewi i oes. 

!•■■■' Huj .harness 

Russell Tl »s, justici ol the peace. 

[\ - H - ■ very. 

Salisbury <x M< Kin) it, sa ooi . 

Sam ageot Jacob, bai er. 

Sa rage Samuel S, Co. judge and lawyer. 

Schmidt John W, phot ra] ! er. 

Schormann Wm, boots and shoes. 

Shaw -J \\ , gei i ra i store. 

Steele Rev S E (Methodist). 

Si efanski Mrs A 5 , mi 

Thorn ps m A Ifn •• M. saloon. 

Vev.*sie& Jones, general store. 

Wade .1< bri li. pliys m. 

Watchman and Visitor, Rev J H Lennin. 

Western Union Tt '• graph Company, J H 
Ziegler, manager. 

Whitten James C, city marshal. 

Willson Mrs R C, milliner. 

Wilson Charles M, dn _ gist 

Wilson David II. 1 I ■ ian. 

Wittig John, boi t- and shoes. 

Wolfe Alberto, marble-works. 

Yarrington, .1 D. supt * j u - 1 div E L & 
11 S ft R. 

Vungkau Samuel, meat market. 

Zieglerjohn II. manager W V telegraph. 

A.TIIKXS. With a probabii popula- 
tion of -00, is a village in tlie centra! por- 

ti ■ of I'a; ett mty, 10 miles souti 

Lexington, the county-S'-at i t-, aiso, 

it- nearest bank location. '■ n d pro- 

duce are marketed. Stage communication 
with Lexington and Richmond. Mails i 
weekly. S. H. Crosthwaite, ] stmaster. 

I 111 

istin^ of Ice Tools Iturai 1 

. i ' ,.,. | Coop • riui :•• ■ - I RED. S '11 •< 

.■;. rib Fourth Street, - ST. LOUIS. MO. 

roe. itvay ana 





Adams Mrs, dress-maker. 
Allen G A, shoemaker. 
Uarbee B P, general store. 
Barkiey r-' L, constable. 
Burgiu Tacitus, farmer. 
Carter Logan, undertaker. 
Davidson Wni L, justice of pc - e 
Falkner A: Cunningham, painters. 
Gentr ,1 - •-• ' proj rietor. 

ii • 1 - •• : <••'•■ 

Harvey John P, hotel pr< prietor. 

Kibler & < : >> i I icksmiths. 
Logan John L, general store. 
Owens James, carpenter. 

Parker S L rug . -: at d physician. 

Pavne It 0. farm r iind justice. 

Prewitt Robert, farmer. 

Reid LG, distillery. 

S hu\ U r & shai ; li vers . 

Sharp M D, hotel and saloon. 

Sharp M W, harness-maker. 

Simmons N R, physician. 

Smitha H G, a; moral store. 

Spurr L P, farmer. 

Stivers •!. cooper. 

Stivers Willis, marshal. 

Taylor George B, farm t, 

White T W, wagon-maker. 

AUBURN. A \ illage and station on 
L.\v N. K. B.. in Logan • "-inty, 12 va'v- 
east of RusscllviUe, the county-seat, ai d 
181 fr- in Louisville. Black Lick creek sup- 
plier water power. The religious and 
educational wants are amplv provided for, 
by 4 churches and a good public school. 
Two steam-flour mills are also here. To- 
bacco, grain, and pork '.'.re shipped. Ex- 
press Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail 
Atkinson Robert, bla< ksmith. 

Atkinson Win, hot' 1. 

Buchanan Jackson, boot and shoemaker. 

Childers James, confectionery. 

Childers & Smith, grocers. 

Coghill A F & C< . • ' ing. 

Crewdson W F, hotel and drugs. 

Davidson <r W, banker. 

Finley A J, physij iai . 

Gaileway Ed, blacksmith. 

(» -■!■!( .v Gri tiith, Bouring-mill. 

Hill Ed, saddlery. 

Hillman Or Reilley, flour-mill. 

Huckleberry C L*stat.ion and express ag t. 

Hut< heson S L. tobacco dealer. 

Johns >n & Wilson, ■>;. •_ •-. 
M< Ceerley .1 5 <5 ( o, spoke fac 
McClarv John, p 
McCormick Re\ J L i Presbyte 
McDavitt, drutrg -•. 
Pye Thos & Co, dry goods. 
Suttieflel IE IT, t'u ner. 
Taylor R v W ' 

Williams . ph\ - : 

Wilson J : :. 

Wilson K G A- Co, tobac - 

Woodward Rev Robert ^Bapti 

rian (. 


AUGUSTA. J- >cftte.i n the south 

bank of the < >hio river, in Bra< ' 
Qh miles north of Bi u< :vili< .the eo mty- 
seat, ISO from Louisville and i_\ from 
Cincinnati, < '.. and is • ne i 

portant tovi n: on the riv. r, via 
shipments should be made. I vy. ^ ,veekly 
newspapers, 4 ehurche-, g i | 
! ;s, a hank, gri ;t, -a« ai 

mills, several who '.sale and retail mer tin- 
tile establishments, a larg< tobacco com- 
mission house and an academy, the "Au- 
gusta College," are here. The ii 
and shipment of t i acco is carried o 
larf-e extent. In addit n to wl 

ho<i-s, cattle and produce aret cported. 
ulation, 1.44:3 Express A lams, 
jraph W> 'Stern Union. Mi 

Alexander Case, postmaster. 
Allen, Harbeson & Co, ba I 
Ammer John, bouts and shoes. 
Armour & Bro, coopers 
Armstrong Thornton T, insurance 
Armstrong & McCormack, genera 
Bavless Herman (>, physician. 
Berwanger N & C« , clothing. 
Blades Benjamin P, grist-mill. 
Boatman Rev Jan..- A ; Methodist). 
Boude John H, lawyer and insurance. 
Bradford George L, livery. 
Bradford Tin m - S, physician. 
BradU-v John S vV Co, gn» eries and nardw. 
: Brockn ■ i Rud dph j iwe'.cr. 
I Bryant >>;m;;«d A. propr Taylor House. 

BrvaT & C> r ri n ». coal . 
! Ca'b'tish fohn, b ikery. 

Campbell Mrs D C, milliner. 
: Case K iward, black.-mith. 
j Ciayton, Branch C, leaf-tobacco. 
1 Cobum A Stro ib. - 1 ardu are and grocar.e*. 

Croswell John W, I lack nith. 
I Crumbaugh Mrs S D, milliner. 

; - 










Daum Eginbard Jr. Riverside Hotel. 

Dunbar James K. general store. 

Evai • Rev .1 M / Presbytia .'.. ioutl . 

Federei Chnr ■■■ S, gr< cer. 

Felix Rev .1 •■ ph S i Baptist i. 

Fleming Wm C. pn duce and co \xn ission. 

Frietionloss Fiftli-Whcci Manfg 
Co., Pet r Campbell. Fred A. N der, 
John A. Hopkim ManJ ! :u I 

patent 1 -Wheel <dv. op p.) 

Gabler Ge >rgo, ;. her. 

Gallagher N T ; i ii ! barber. 

Ginn Benjamin F. coal, 

Grossman A Harbesnn. stoves and tinware. 

Hami i< >n T > & Bro. left] :■ ' 

Honaeker Pet t J j< sveler. 

Kilpatrick Ezra tl, county attorney. 

Knoedler Louis P. drugs and b its. 

Lane R'< ' • : D cit\ mars! ... 

Lane Wilson E, cigar manlr. 

Liter H C A. Sim. livery. 

McDadeRev Alexander (col Methodist). 

McKibben Frank C. harness. 

McKibben George II, ex ag't and harness. 

McKibben James v> . nfe< tioner. 

Idalkus Job rc, boots and .-!■ • . 

Marshall Thornton F, lawyer. 

Maxon Ned S, prop'r Bracken Bulletin. Ge< rge, cl< thing. 

Miller Wm, blacksmith. 

Miner Rev ,1 ( '■'■ ti o list, south). 

Minor Juhn R, mayor. 

Mingua W •' & Co. general store. 

Moneyhan Kerans A Co, lumber. 

Oldham John W. cigar rnanfr. 

Orr John S. ] bli her Bracken Co Chron- 
icle, prop'r wharf-boat. 

Ostenburger Rev Casper (Catholic). 

Powers P B ifc Co, general sti re, 

Rankin, W ,T >S. Sons, general store. 

Reese G L & S >n, ;i .i< ksmith. 

Reese Jacob P, general store. 

Rudd Peter II, carpenter. 

Ryan Thou as D, general store. 

Smith Mo? -. I arber. 

Strehl <fc Miller, furniture manfrs. 

Stroube Nich »las J, flour-mi i. 

Valentine Rev K (Presbyterian). 

Van Dyke Thomas ws< nn-maker. 

Vicroy Frank M, wagon-maker. 

Wallace Jami a A, harness. 

Weldon Wm V lawj r. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, P J 
H< nakor, manager. 

Willis Edgar, gr. i ■ -. 

WiUon James R.furnitureand undertaking. 

AURORA. An unimportant post- 
office, in Marshall county. 

AUSTIN. On Barren creek, ii Graves 
county, seven mib of Mayficdd, the 

ml -seat, and nearest shipping p> int, on 
M., P. A N. R. R. A smith si 

here. Land '■ ■ : • ■ 

ages $10 to $20 per acre, Pro e is i 
eted. Mail in-weekly. Wm. Au Lin, ] •.- 

BACKBONE. U a small hamlet of 

10 ; h i itants, located on Li e river, 

in the eastern part ' ' ". county, lo 
miles nortl east of Martinsburg, the » m- 
ty-seat. G m. 17 m ile« T:,<-: r ,. is its 

nearest banl ; to Wi 

miles north-east on the K. K. R, I Mail 
weekiy. James Boothe, postmaster. 

Bootlie James, r 

Boothe W W, shi eroak< r. 
Jackson Elijah, c< nstable. 
Mar: hall Wm, flouring n :. ; . 
P< !-*■ r Jan es, mi reliant. 
Robinson G W, blacksmith. 
Sparks Reuben. 
Stapleton Wm. 
Withoite J W, merchant. 
Woods Wm, w,>". n-maker. 

BACKUSBUKG. fn the north- 
western part of ( ■ ou! ty, 12 miles 
north-v i -t of Murray, f :.'- county-seat 11 
eastof May field, it? nearest shipping point, 
on the M., P. & N. R. R. Weekly mail 
and stage to Kirksley and Wadesboro. 
Population CO. 
Bolin S F, miller, 
Dunbar & ile:;.i ri x, flouring-mill. 
Stolin A K. blacksmith. 
Turner S L, barber 
Williams A J, general st< re. 


(See Bonnicville. | 

Hart countv. 

BA*.iOAI>. Located in the eastern 
p>vrt ot SI ell .-, . " ty, 10 miles soutl 
of Shelbys ille, t count; ■ it, and 52 fr 

iville, is a station on the L., C. & < 
Rv. Was first settled in 1845, at 
has a population of about 300. A Christ- 
ian i hurob, and k i 'A-:--. wUb good pi 
lie school accommodations a»e here; also a 

U«.v« Sctaca mow thn,i 1,100 
I . U^«,ll,i,»l»dl«Ul3B t . 

I listed Claim*. Agents Everywhere 






gtcara carding-mill. Good houses, suitable 
for a general grain trade, are here, an : nly 
wait a good, energetii business man t I 
hold of them an 1 ma .<■ a sueces in this 
line. Considerable i ain is raised in the 
ent country, and the value of U I - 
from $75 to $85 • >ra< re. Hemp, corn, and 
wheai ai . p) d '-. ■- 4 ■lam-. Tel- 
■ ; ■ \\ estern Univm Mai daily. R. 
J . Kddins, postmasti r. 
Baskett James, general store. 
Bayne & Son, general -i' re. 
Bnhannon & £ rev, hireling-mill, 
Botts Dr W 11. dn:srgiM 
Bryant S H, gei i t< re. 
Bryant & Saerey, general store. 
E<1dins H. j", R. It. and Express Agent. 
J ■■.- r. \\ ('. ■ t m k: t. 
Kesler W L, general score. 
Marion Samuel. ; '■• " iker and justice. 
Nunh Rev J E (Baptist), ;>rin of college. 
Radford Geo li. in ranee agent. 
Webber <k Baskett, general store. 

BAILEY. A country post-office in 
llarlan countv, 12 miles east of Harlan, 

the county-seat. Mail semi-weekly. J. 

B. Kelly, postmaster. 

I i ,!. flour- mi] i. 

Kelly Wright, gen'l store and livestock. 

Wyman E," flour mil). 

BAIXBRTDOE. A settlement of 

i iles 
fr om I. iuis\ Lilts, liopl ■ 10, 
distant, is the shipping station. U n ■■■■ 
a steam-mill, a chi r h and a free -. ' ool. 
Mail semi-weekly. W. W. Pool, post- 

v J E, blacksmith. 
\:.: : <>.i~ S R B. b!a. ks ni 
I .! P cV Bros, steam-mill. 
Pool W A P. In tel . nd -:ah on. 
Pool & Stith. gen ;ral store. 
Woosiev -1 II. ph' 
Wright M R, blacksmith. 

BAIvER. A. village in Pern coun- 
ty, 8 miles v est >f Ha urd, the < unty-seat ; 
nearest railroad approach is Mt. Sterling, 
40 miles north-west. Mail trl- weekly. J. 
K. Baker, postmaster. 

Peter Campp.b: 

Fred A. Neidkx. 

A. Hop h -!h> 

The Frictionless Fifte-wheel Mamfacturihg Co., 


k> A A** **k f _ .-> .*•> <• A*, ' *** A-* ^-» A •*•» A*j .Am ** *—//*/* J^J /«V A A*. A*, An AT A% 


Campbell & Neider's Patent Fifth-wheel. 



These a-e facts, and a'l we ask Is a fair trial of their m?r ; ts, and we have no fear cf 
the result. Foi"further information, Price-list, &.C., address 

The Frictionless Fifth-wheel Manufacturing Co., 

if! Tj.Jj 

' ' ''; i 

I I R I PARTMENT. - - Louis 






Begley H II. physician. 

Campbelton James, justice of peace and 

flouring- mill. 
Dull' John C, c nstable. 

Hllff J C, SUW-mill. 

BALD ItOCK. Known as Inde- 
pendence, in the south-eastern part of 
Laurel counl y, ! ! miles soutl -west of Lon- 
don, the c 25 miit'S s ".ith of 
Somerset, its nearest Lation i C S. 
K'y, an I 1-lO^mib - south-* tst of L< tisville. 
Semi-weekly mail and stage t Son rsetand 
Livingston. Julia Ann Steel, postmaster. 
Pake: James wagon-maker. 
Goff B ■ oper. 
Hale Wesley, flouring-mill. 
Pointi r Joseph, blacksmith. 
Sears & ],':•■ k, corn-mill. 

in Oldham county, first settled u- early a- 
1S00. LaGrange, ■imiles nortl -i est. is the 
county-seat an 1 m an - T . railrc , , 
and Eminence, 9 miles east, is its bank loca- 
tion. Corn and wheat are raised, arid 
form the chief shipments. Population 
about 100. Mail by special supply. John 
Swain, postmastei . 
Barnhill James, live stock. 
■Caplinger W H, justice of the peace. 
Caplinger \V T, wagon-maker. 
Ellis Henry, live stock (4 miles out). 
Knight Gt orge, shoemaker. 
Mack Amos, cabinet-maker. 
Pre wit Coleman, phvsician. 
Ray E G, hotel. 
Raney Daniel E, constable. 
Swain .John, Physician. 
Sullivan \S m, ca: penter. 
Tyler A D, bhu k-mith. 
"Williams r'lemii •_'. fiour-mill. 
William- James W. blacksmith. 

BALL'S FORK. Now a discon- 
tinued post-office ; is located in Breathitt 
county, 2-5 miles from Jackson, the c inty- 
seatandsl ipping point, « n K. ntucky ri or. I 

BANDAXA. Recently established 
as a post-office in Ballard county. 

BANGOR. Located on Licking 
river, a w<itt-r-p< »ver stream, in M >i 
county, 20 mil' - north-west of West Liberty, 

the county-seat, and 35 miles east of Mt 
Sterling, the near st railroad approai 'i and 
shipping v- int cu tl L., ('. -k'l. Rr 
Population 5 : >. Exports consist I 
ber, coal, and some t .-■ duee. Mail tri- 
weekly. J. J. Cassit\ postmaster. 
Brown Rev \V C, .;-.! ral store. 
Childers Rev W U (M. Ej I c< pal). 

BAN K LICK . A small i illaa 
' lie L., C. A L. li'y, ic ';. . 
county . 1'/ miles st uth of Indepi 
the county-s iat, Ba ik Lick creel I 
which the place takes its nam 
power by - nill is run. Two 

I are het ■ 

Small quantities of tobacco, grain, and 
are shipped, Po] it 50. Kx- 

press A lam*. T\ ;n ph W. U. Mail 
d ai ly. 1 ■. x ' Carl y, | stma ; .' r. 
Bird Jam'.'-, tiour and saw-mill. 
Cr >ss .1 •>- blacks i i 
1 lume J .1 & ( Y> t ba :co dealers. 
M C'arty D M, ex] n -- ai d railroad agent 
McCafty I>. M. A < o., General Ston 

i ; i baeco Dealers. 
W i son Warner, justi< e of peace. 


(For descriptive sketch and business di- 
rectory, ;ee list of towns received too late 
for regular ins< rt 

BARDSTOWX. W r as settled in 
1837, and is an in< irporated town, with 
a population of 2 tt -d in the c< i \ : 

of Nflson county, of which it is thi ■ ; r 
of justice. It .- the southern terminus cf 
Bardstown branch of tl ■ L.& N. R P. 
the shipping point for a thickly-; 
neighborhood. Here are 2 
(white and colored), Baptist >' - 

- I), a (.V ■ and a Pr< sbyteriaa 

cf '.:•■/ i with { ibiii - . ol an i 2 ac i lemies, 
The Bardst ■■ n I • -til it • and St. •■ 
the buildi _• L-f which, wit 
ise are the pri ci al buildii ; 
n >te in the \ ■■• . Tin Neis >n - nty 

rd, pu! d her i- i wn a 

the best i tpers ii this portion of the State. 
A g ■■.■: b >tel, the ; jrnes li - 

-.,!.,.. lations for t tra 

ii .- pu iic. Land, nt 

can bi d at $5 to $t»0 per acre. 

Stage communication with Bloomfield and 



ti ir" •mwkbp v^ami iRweu»»d "^3 •»«i^2v»-. --^ ;Vaaw^ »>*#.»** *uaJb&<* < ****jp3«^ Twin S^ejnv^ s>**<M«Ka«N$ 

i?. A. BEIGGS, Proprietor, 

£5. "W. c:;r. SP-vat-lIc Square, . E^u^2,ZDST0^7vT2Sr, ISTy. 

An elegant Sample Room aid first-class Livery Stabie in connection. 'Bus runs res 
ularly to and from Hotel to Oenct. 

\ . WM. H. NEWMAN, 

■ ill 01 j ,uQiUibiUl UuiiuiuUlU 

The C'lctmo iiil trade ac< n;uodat< ■: 11 irs. My aim iF to yieaee. I make a epecialty of buying 
horses and muli -. (Vn>-|n)iii qih solicited. Proprietor of 'Bus line. 





It i: pul •I'.-li. ! in the heart of a rich eectii n of Kentucky : thf- largest circulation in the Fourth Con- 
ISreasin ia! dintrii t : c. ri nhites in Nelson, Bullitt. Wasiiingt u and L.-. Hue « ountien, luJ is '<n< of the re-t 
advertising mediums in the ?tate. 

Edelin & Thompson, p 


^ ,- 


Limy, Sale i Feel Stable. 

Commercial Wen accommodated at ail \\(t^.s. 

'Bus Line to and from Depot, 

■* , 
BA.RDBTOWN, K^. ~" -- •- OUiG»tt— - 

I ' * . IS IX ATX ITS I'.tlANCNES. Steol IrUors and Jl 

[yi j nil Letters and I'ifures. 1.. rsoCftE, Eusjnivor and 

11«M C Sies lilieilil I Kii M Die .Sinker, 1GG l^LNDOLl'U STUJCJ (. CiJ ItlGO, )LU 





Chaplin daily, fares $1.50 and $2, and with 
Springfield tri-weekly; fare :?2. Express 
Adams, i • i VY< =tern Union. Mail 

daily. B. Goldri k, postmaster. 

Atkinson Charles T, lawyer. 

Aud John Z, blacksmith. 

Baldwin Alvin B, general st e. 

Bardstovs iale Insti- 

tute, tl. J. Gre ■:■.>.:. Pnii :ipal. 

Bards town I .... ny, Mrs M Cos- 

by, prinoij al. 

Beam John EI, d stiller (4 miles east). 

i : i J ; ■ " • 

Beaioiss V\ rn U, saloon. 

Briggs Kobert A., Proprietor Hynes 
House [See ado.) 

Br ••,;.:-• - . '■ ' rid >ur i 11. 

Car other*, ;. Mathews lloui ■ 

Carotin i R : rs & Ci , ice-cream frt 

Carothers & Bi . gi neral store. 

Clemens l 1 1 1 i ! . ' i ." n maker. 

Connell & McAtt . 

Cotton & Beam, undertakers. 

Crawford Alexander, physician. 

Daugherty Daniel, de tt L. 

Donohoo John, plasterer. 

Edeliu & Tuoinpsoil I Robert H. Ede- 
lin, buth and John \V. Thompson), Liv- 
ery, Sale and Peed Stable. (See adv.) 

Elliott John V lawyer. 

Elliott John D & C >, real estate. 

Elli* House, Thoa 11 Ellis, proprietor. 

Figg Christopher C. : al. 

Flounlacker Benjamin, general store. 

Fulton George S, lawyer. 

Fulton John A, lawyer. 

Grav Samuel, lawyer. 

Hall Jordan P, shoemaker. 

Halstead Natbaniol W, lawyer. 

Hardin Benjamin, lawyer. 

Hart 6 & Bros, harness-makers. 

Havilaud James A. cooper. 

II?. yd <n Wra E. grocer. 

Hickman John W. physician. 

Hill J W, physician. 

Hite J C, painter 

Houtcl m ec Pulliam, grocers. 

Hynes House, Robert A. Briggs, Pro- 
prietor. | See '•' . i 

Johnson Wm, I Lwyer. 

Jones lames 1" dry g ods. 

Kelley John S I iwyer. 

Kingston '1 he op is D. - neral store. 

Lam aster Samuel P, distil . y. 

Leatherman Emory B, dentist. 

L ason John, grocer. 

ee Mrs M, hotel. 
McGill Wm F & Son hardware. 
McGinnis J in ss-mak r. 

Mclsaac Isaac H, R R agent. 
McKay Enoch E., Lawyer, 
boots, shoes, etc. 
Henry, grot c r. 
. ■■ • . >r< . ■/■■'. 
'>'■■' ' ■: ;. C% prian P, phj ician. 
M I n - y o. \li oi ••, dia illt-ry. 

I ; i •: y 6 miles s w). 

Mudd Hit' .' b! ■ ; smith.* 

51 K ; ; .'::..■ - ll i;in. 

Murray John P., proprietor Nelson 

Counts Re< ord. j '■■• 
Nazareth Literary and Benevolent Institu- 

I ':' i es north. ) 

Nelson County lieeord, John P. 

Si an ay, Pi prietor. i See adv. i 
Newman Wni. H., Liverv arid Feed 

Newman & Rapier (W. H, Newman 

and i !ha '• ti I pier), < Irocers. 
O'Bryan John r l , salo' u 
Proctor Frank K, ag't Singer ManT g Co. 
Roberts Sirs Theresa A, millinery. 
Rogers Felix D, 'urnil ir 
II :- sell Arthur i ; ' pi ti re frames. 
St. Joseph's College, Rev W P Mackin, 

pres; Rev SV P <l gnrty, vice-pres. 
Sh ider Alexander J, notions. 
Simmers J W, grocer. 
Siscc Bros, wag m-makers. 
Sisco Wm, marble-works. 
Smith Edward B, carpenter. 
Smith Prank, wagon-maker. 
Spalding W SI & Co, general store. 
Stoker Jacob, baker. 
Sutherland Henry, distillery. 
Swearinger Christopher C, meat market. 
Talbot .John, rn< hant tailor. 
Taylor W A A: Co. grocers. 
Thomas Josiah W, lawyer. 
Wal r Felix J, lumber. 
War roll Henry, shoemaker. 
Wathen John II. lawyer. 
v- n :'. -. ■• •■■■-' 
Wickiirl i i U ■ A, la wyer. 
WiddilFe John C, lawyer. 
Wilson & M .iir bai L .-r-. 
Wood David J, ilrusrgi: t. 
Wort ;am Pobert, livery. 


station on the L. & N. R. R., in Bullitt 

f S «• ■ . ' I i • • : r'r • Ki $ U 





county, 34 miles from Shepherdsville, the 
county-seat, and 23 from Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 100. Adams Express. W. U. 
telegraph. Daily mail. \V. if. Trannell, 

lilankensopp J J. general --tore. 
Bowman A, brick rnnfr. 
Bryan J I>, lawyer, 
Chap "i ■ W i ier. 

Cundifl' George W. 
Glenn S P, I physician, 

[lenders m JC,: loe i ter. 
Little John W. blacksmith. 
Tru nnell V B, meat n arket. 
Trminell W. 11., Gen'l Store and Live 

Tydings C B, physician. 

BARDWELL. Settled in 1874, is 
% village and -' •' ' n on the< ., St. L & N.O. 
%t. K., in Ballard c mnty, 7 miles ! . . • I 
Blandville, the c >unty-seat. Wheat, corn, 
hogs, and cattle are shipped. Population 
76. Southern Express and W.TJ. teles 
Daily mail. John W. Turk, postmaster. 
Adams Robert, barber. 
And rson D M, blacksmith. 
Bodkin Daniel, flour end saw-mill. 
Brown D A. wheel wri 
Canett Reul en, phys •< ian. 
Carroll W A. lawyer. 
Edwards vV A, exp and R R agent. 
Gore L I> & Son, druggists. 
Harrion John, lock o id gunsmith. 
Haw Lee, blacksmith. 
Roberts A .J F, hotel and saloon. 
U berts Jnme . propr hotel. 
Shank.Hr! il L, tish commissioner. 
1 nomas G A, physician. 
Turk John VV., 'r-neral Store. 
Turk J L, general store. 
Turk W R, L".': iral store. 
Violett A W, fur liture. 
Watson J B, butcher. 
White & Deans, mill owners. 
White «3c Dycus, saw-mill. 

more, on the Ohio river, and 350 south- 
eastof Louisville. Exports tobacco, corn, 
pork, wheat, and cattle. Weekly mail. 
C. J. B i! la ■, , pi stmaster. 

Barlow Clifton J, druggist and hotel propr. 

Bass J K. } hysician. 

Crice John V, general store. 

1 is W P, ca • penter. 

Tanner El as, blacksmith. 

B ARK C A MP M 1 L LS. A n u d - 

imp irtant and lately established post-office 
in Whitlev county. 


county, 6 miles west ot Paintsville, the 
count; --.■. r > to which pla -• ■ '.- should 
: si ■ 1 via th .vest f the Big 

river. Tri-weekly mail. Z. M. 
Can '.luli, postmaster, 
Baye: John, 
Blair J L, sh ma . - 
Candill Zephaiiiak M., Druggist. 
Ely Wm, c oj er. 
Pickle N. physician and jusiiee. 
Rule C G. black mith. 
Salyer I J, Sr, dn g< i Is. 
Stafford Jesse, dour and saw-mill. 

. rd Jesse, grain and live stock. 
Trimble W M,"agent. 
Vanhoose Rev J VV (Mi.w'y Baptist). 

BAllLOWCITV. A place of 100 
lants, in the north-eastern part of i 
' * I ■ unty, 12 miles north-west of 
Blandville, the county-seat, 6 from Fill- j 

BARTERVJX.LE. Two families 

constitute this settlement, - is located 

in Nil holas county, 6 • - rn Carlisle, 

the ounty-seat, and near t shipping sta- 
tion on the K. C. Ry, Mail by special 
supply. John A. Porter, postmaster and 
general store. 

lv nnedy J T & Bro, general store. 
Porter .John A., General Store. 

ed in the - ith ;rn part i f Pendleton coun- 
ty, is the village of Batchelor's Rest, 
taining a p i*f 100. The r 

shippii g point is Palm , 6 miles north, 
whi . i is also the s at >f the county . A 
saw and grist-mill. 2 chur ■<■ and .. 
a~o >us lir.i i. Prod . •■ is n sri ted. Semi- 

Latan .' tail • | istmaster. 
Browning E T. R R • 1 :pre 3 agt. 
Browning ;'» H, saw and flour-mills. 
Clayton Rev .1 C. 
Gallowaj Bros, :! lur-tnill. 
K i » }'. J, 1 i .. yer. 
M , y A J j stice of peace. 
Mains Jame. j . blacksmith. 

y. I .;. , I- ; >: i'H ' ' and Soutnern D 
UlJiiU UtiJi UUi Ul JbilUUluflJ] LOUISVILLE. 

ep' r. 





Main= N I) C, g< ;. i si<>rc mid eo stable. 

Main? , cooper. 

Palmi r Jame*. w itgoi -maker 
Rigg C, physician. 
Shields John W, carpenter. 
Willis I J, general s 
Wood .A A. h it -1. 
Wvatt A T. live stock. 


northern pa I of Logan county, l't ■ ■ • • 
north n( ], ■.- -.•,!', :':,•. the county-seat, its 
nearest shipping point, n the M - 
braneli of" the L. A: N. K. It., s d 120 
south-west of Louisville, S ■',-.■ I\ 
mail. Population 125. G. N. Baugh, 

BAUGHSVILLE. Laur untv. 

[See Mersh :.'- Cro-s-roads). 

BAYOC MILLS, [n ; fincston 
county, a sin . nent, 10 n ■ • north 

of Smithlaud, the co mty-seat. Thi* place 
is a landing < i: thi Ohio river, ai i goods 
can be shipped direct, tt has a Baptist 
church and a common school, also a saw- 
mill, r'opulath n 2o. Corn, ti eo, mid 
potato* - an marketed. Adams ' 
Daily mail. Win. H. B - . ; ' 1 -ter. 
Blovine, if. blacksmith. 
liose Win, I!.. Express Agt and Com- 
Rose Win. H., Merchant and Cooper. 
Swinford A, dr} goods. 
Thompson & 1 >ai iy. dour-mill. 

BEACH\ riJJ5. Has 150 inhabi- 
tants, and i • a ; ■-•- ' in 1 rthern p irt 
of Metcalfe county, 8 m es north of Edmon- 
ton, trie coii'ity-si at; : ip to Horss < ;r. •• on 
L. & N. R. it.. 20 miles •wc-t. Water-p wer 
is afforded by the Little Barren creek by 
which a ilour-mi!l is pn pelled. Bank at 
Horse Cave. Tobacco is the only shipment. 
Mail tri-weeklv. \V. W. Hamilton, post- 

Coleu in James K.justioi of peace. 
Dodi >n Re\ liaj 1 i -" 
Dowel .J S, kaf-toha co 

Everest K- \ 1 \Ietl udist I 

Hamilton \V. \V., General Store. 
II I bard J U. jii tiee ■■■; p tc -. 
Marcum d M. harness-maker 
Harcnm W A Son. tlour-mill. 

Pierce V T. ?ons1 ible. 
Sow* ; ■ Rev J 1' (Met! ■ ist) 
Yates \\ m .A live stock. 

BEAU WALLOW. 1 aablishedin 

1875, isa post-olti e and inall vi lage in Bar- 

ren county, 12 miles north ol Glasgow, the 

Biid4 r<{ of Ilnrst Cave 

1-he shipping 

ith of Li isville. A church and 

l school, and m 1 are sus- 

tain! d t>\ 112 inhabitai : . ' ■ it, and 

to iceo ■ ■■ - ipped, an i iaud com 
S25 to ?5i :■ .•;•'. M'j ;: : ri weekly. J. 
\\ . Man in, pi •' mast< r. 
A nderson T L, hotel prop'r. 
Barren \ W. • v clerk 
Ewbank W A, > icl 
( ■ i- - . r. 

M ,-■ n J. 1 . [| earpi nter. 
Martin J. W., Dr;;g and Groceries. '• 

[■ j W, wti con-nm k t. 
VY lis W ii. sho rial . 
Wilson Dr < ft ieaf-toba Jea er. 
Wilson Josiah, liquor di-aler:ii I tlour-mill. 

« 1 : he L., C & L. It'y, jo in Old 

ham county •■■ ith a pop 
LaGranu ti ■ ■ ■ - - north, 

and I, aiKviiio, th< qi a re t 1 nk location, 
18 mi •■ i-w st. A church a S ] 
Schoo ire here. Pr duets pre live slock 
and j :• iduee. A good opei •. • is here foi 
a Hour ind grist-mill. Kipress Adams. 
Mail daily. C. M. Crum, postmaster. 

Bomin . shoemaker. 

Crum <'. 33., Express and R. R. Agent. 
Crura (.) M & Br<>, ■. ral sti re. 
Fa • r" 5 J B, v tgon-ri aker. 

ter G ■ •'•-•' W uni 1 iker. 
Mahonev J C, h 
Tylor M', blacksmith. 

BKATTYVILLE. Established in 

i S5(), and • ••■••;• center of Lee 1 ount v. 
(ii wbii 1 « I it of jii-tice. is also a la 

ing on 1 : . tuekyri r, I ai j - 

rated vil 

about 40o. [ts nearest railroad approa< :; 
and bank location is at B n I I •• n 
north-west, on t!,- 1 L. & N. ii. R. Four 

hes and a p re 

I, and a grist-mi 1 . 
are hen'. Coal and lumber form the cbitl 



( ; R A X D TR t: X K T I J RO UGH I X X X 

i | v. . v f ii E 


;\ r /" 

■* •— .-■ I. t a L J A.1N L__ . • j I i 1 

| I : - . ( icinnati. Coh . " St 
Knox* ih . I ■ . . ' 

And .-. tl 

nip i pa n : - r \ 

•-"^ T T T /""^ 

> i 


A.i^;o othee :r\ 

The only line running Sc i Trains of Coaches and Slee 

NPWORi F l\SX onsVf] | r 



I RP UTPT IT SH! i VLl ' PAR ■ ' . .v 

L 1\CILtI 1 1 AT LC 

'-* P. AT3N J. M. CULP, I • b'OKIA.7 



\ ^ILRO^' 


U 1 1 N U 1 i N J N A 1 I 

"v*" x -f^ nr o Xj zej id o . 


C i n e I n n a t i a n d Chicago 

AND NOr?TH- ; 

PULLMAN ; 3 on ail Through Trains 


'■■.■• I <■ ■ ■ I . i - ■■ :. Ui-l!ii.:>n. Ihf \i)ilhrrn 

Lakrs.i ! t'aurtdsn.- : ( : ■ -• ■ f KS I - < <>u -.i .. 
sola, i Tiinrisi-i' 

it nil I (,p 


;.. V. ;l:.:a : • :<ger. I ■ I »"» Ticket Agt. 

General Office, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Loul . Cinci i &. L 


9 \ ' ! 

■ ^ ' . ; • 

! - i ■..■;■..,-. - . ■■ 

r;n in < .....■• 

. • . ■ ■ - - ' 

- i • ■ ' ' • I 

:.::■.'<■■■ • - 

Y t \1 ) T 

i\ w i\ 1 I IJQriLvJ 1 \. o i . . . JLfQ i * 

ITS PA : El ■'. IH i I 

; ■. ■ ■ 

Gives the ^r^ineer as PERFECT and ::. : - CONTROL OK THE TRAIN as 


: E Parior Cars Eetws n ■ Ginclni 

PUL! M \l PALACE Dl a ■ 

\.RE RUN Tv> AND 1 






. ■ . ■ - ■ 

. ■ , . - 

I ■:....■■ 

.,.'■■..., - , ,;,;... 

\V. S. >!<•( ilESXEY, -Jr., 

. •■ • - 


i. -•-. .: t Si v \ 

v. |» UtKEK, 


v» m . r ■ 

Vl> I ' ' - " tJ l\r> 



I 1 



-^ z, 



THE. CNLV ■ v :.~ Rl IN!NG ' .. 3 \ - SSI KGEF ! i ! 1 /VEEN 

Lo u i s v i 1 1 e & C h i ca g o . 


T ■ : ,-■■•■• - r ■ • ■ - - • . - • - - - - • • • 

llx j l! i . i\ n ;-l rA> . n do 

a i i i v ] 

■ ■ - 


!.-',■' S !,. v I.. K . »l. 


, I 
. . th 1 I It il.w. lii 

I •:..'. I. .... ••■ ■ • • . ■• 


L'rnnk K. R 

■ ■ 
■ I. - 

.!.-:! '• .--hi i - 

£» * M. SB V ' * . "* mm, AC t> v' * ■ W -. 



' ; ■ ' ■ - • - *. , s ■ 






:.... . "'.. 

/■ -r 




R;G A 


InnirnnllG ? Tnfl iHp Olmvt li 


WORT i: A ^T A M n WF^T 

n I ; 


h o h 

I ! 

i-i H () 



OMAH \. I>EX> IZli. D.VKL vs, 



, ■.. . "-. • -' 

PR! 1 ' fO ALL 

Principal Offices cor. Third and iain Streets, 

E W McSE3 ■• v 


I- . . ' ', • i ' . ■ . : - ■ t A . 



\a.:k::e] tibie- 

. . . 

Trout, Grayling and Black Bass Fisheries 


] H U rv 1 n L Ia.1i 

THE WATERS ■• the Grand Cn vers - ; i I Mi.-I ' Is • - 

unsurpassi il. if t.'qniled, iu the ahund i I I -h 

BROOK TROUT aV. a the streams, and the fa>: RAY- 

LING is • '- It tu Tl se ■ >.'• . s. 

1 H E TROUT SEASON b< tins May It, mid i rids Si premier 1st. THE GRAY- 
LING SEASON : m June 1st and end* N -.-t 

BLA< K U / • , PIKE •'•. KE IEL and MUSK ALONG] 
large ,:',"■-!: ; - i i - . t»ri rj r, ■ - . j 

sen 1 tro Ui< f ski - i • '. ft, as ire for 

at nearly . I p< infs. 

TAKE YOUR FAMILY WITH YOU. The , enery oi the N'orth ! s and 
Lakes is v-ry be.tutiful The air is pure, dry :md br;i i 

THE CLIMATE U r-t uliarlj U.-i I to I wifl HAY FEVER < I 

A.STHM A'i !'' AK1 t.i ri»»N>. 

THE HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS'! ;:.>,. he largely acreased 

iu time : : tln : • . I ■ lildii 

SOLD ATLO WKATES.acdattractiv • ■ rtsnien 

Does, Gucs ai FisMi . ' at Owner's . 

rv t" nrrp t tu ?f\ vtAVV fPflBrri/Psr r?v , i ~ tr*\/T" 1 v --:-■' - - — r 



Time Cards, Folders and i .rtiicr information, address 

s\ "l > "7" t ~ : r"T~1 

.£~2u. -i— •• ~_.-i --- .--j — . 

' ■ • . • R ■ , W ■. 

I f I Y 1 1 R Y T R PA Q Q F V C, F 'R ^ 

1 ■.■,->>■, 'v' ' «rflt*Nft*p^g 



;,.-- -x-;... - ^ r_ " '■^'^'••■•i 

S _*K 



The manao of t ided to their ec 

i of 


i^/u qi_i pijKj THROUGH FROM 

/ > I A : / > I \ 1 1 1 " I 15/ \t I 


4 . 

And for the 

inninp - 

ro ng West, are 









\ \\ ' \ ; 

V ■ - 

dH S AN j 

3T, 1; 




r ec1 :onnectioi for a pc ts in 


Kansas, tex^ 




. ... in I Li-- 

;e, ca.i un 


■ ■■ 

■ o ■"•can * ' • 

■ ■ : .1 ihi 1 .->■ K;it«s f 


. c. Ct-a-x^: 

El . .&.. 

7. 3i.::r:: 

G« r: — i . 


i i 

t W 






■« r n« -we <s r -.«. v> «r r\ ?*» *- r T-- - v ■ '■ ■ ■ 1 • -•■• "* r r jr 

-■■-,'' • ill J 

A:i. :\ -:•.• Ex 

: DKiti i •,.■■;■.,".■'■' 

•■ l ■: .'...'.' ' lU.i'T '■ " .i ; ; '. - I '" .• '! 

.■•■,..■•-- . •■ F) I ■ •■; • 

•• il dsi k Ju - - U.iKi •■ 1-liirii lii • . '-■ I- " 

■• Jui, ■-,,,- f'ity " I. '10 - *.??'• II. 23 " ■■(.•■_• " ■■■, ■ 

An ■■ h i,"i i.: ■ . I I 10 ' T t -\M Arc ClTH in.'.;>'i I ■ - 

I i • . h :t!l i ■ , M'TiiciTi.-.-it ' '■ ' ' i .•'■■-• J 

I i! . •- •, • i i. ■ i' ■-....' !: : K • •: r i'iriil - ' ts tit S 

\\ . ]■ . • ,• .' • • ■ .. Ii L. A- >.'.' K. !t ' ' ■ : - 

t:, .- line? ii .•;.■- ....*■'.■.-• i.i ! - .: ..- a -r. , 


$ % i 



AND TH ALL P./ - • I ' T H. EAST, S J T H AND 

JEROD ■ l ■ ■ ETSt ; , ' Snle it I !?/.Vi : ', ■. M ! ' 


r. PQHM VT !>'>;; A.FPI i" TO 


Go ' ■ i ■ i-n A. ■. t, 


H. M. COTTIN :. • • ' 


.■■... I I j j 

i .>..-■■■. , g *>v* 


. XT' „<' . c 3k — i — J 3 . •' _t "i . _ — J , 

l N D A I 

E ' r?ozzri, &C, 





• fir, - 

i ii«J I y U I ^y«J s i U U U w^ i U U * $ i u <%* « i Jl 

It Passes Through the Green Ilivcr Coal Fields !"<>r Fifty 

Miles, un<3 an Inexhaustible Supply of Excellent 

Grate* Furnace and Hanufjieturiny Coal. 

G^r. .^rrsl nffirP^ at Fill! ' htOWTI Kv 


!• . -• Sent, n i , 

fi Mi'.RT >N 

\' conuta/ii 


B J . Il> M 

O n'l I fc Ti v.-t. 


I! r I] Hill 


. ..-; 






>1 2 

S3 fcs" 





















■: v*-'. *- fy * t '• ' '- ~ *" '* - "' ' « 

Comnri 1 ii ■ • ■ ' . • .1... . . • . ;...... 

,....,.-. - . p. j] 

the <;. r .;•.■-.' ■ • ■ • • - rk 

•. : I ■ 


^ri.. J..J . 


Connections in Cincinnati and Louisville. 

j- 1 - , -\ j i - '■: • ' - :' • ! ■'..-;.;• i- -,-. - : r i g roi ' being i 

•■ .v • i ■ ■ .■ ' 

- • ' ,. • 

Round-Trip Tickers at Reduced Rates. Special Arrange- 
ments "" ie for Excursion Parties. 

Lou svillc, Westport, r - • ". Patriot F • 

Sun. Aui j Peters .■ • r .1 i • r - . »t:. 


• | - , t !:»■! . '■. _ 


}' ■ \.eent, I -.■;,,«;> 


Geo . s .- " i ■ 



ki qV] I 1 F r* a 

V s 

. ■ ■ ... < - I 


oo ; . ... Cost A-isrx: 



J. A. DAMRON, Captain. - - - J. F. ELLISON, Clerk. 

JOHN. WEED Capcain. - - G W. THOMAS, 



S pec i a: atl ri ve n t i *• a»- bu s • n e is ■ - ■■■< * n 

• ■ ■ - ■ ■ -. i I 

r ' i • 

•• A.-./ ali enq etters or parse ; im ■ i 

o. J. ouam:,' k ... a •. v 

W. B PI "> K I N G rON, Sec'y. 




■'"■/''■ j 

- - -^ 





Ri\ •: erery V, . di •-*--• ..'-..- - ■ t . . ' . . _, , i ■ ; i '.] [;,-.♦ u . fVt . rT 

'•'■ ■ ■ i ' i I ■ . •■■.':■■ 

■ , . 

r. ', n ; ;. i'o...ii 

Grnce of our Company, Bowling Green, FCv. 

- IV j r 

a I 

fi S I 

■ | 


WILL u: v \ «. I > \ j i ■•< , - i \ 5j i • \< l.J'TM). 

!'.■'■■■■• it (ri ■ re. :."•■." F - : ya : 3 ; River. 



RAIIfBO W— iv>- i 

t i' JM , 

if. ; > . 

... i l . . 








i M 

I *'*ZfV&' 



.) JrG . 


rprr Drri ttsj PAR 

Attached to the Tra i leav . ■ ' . makin: sure 


1 jLJL A 


amir. «.-«. ««H1I«, /> ^■a^- *x*r»*i ( ■„ «V" "-'•'' ***"*' "T""" 1 -"^a f«*« 







Passer,? ' ,', . - : 

after son trair . . t . 

For T --,-*. T ■ .. 
ca! a t t ■■ : ■ • CH - PKCENIX HOTEL ' L ■ ing 



. ■■ .., _. ... lien I Trrr _ . ' 1 ..... 




Leading Rep ibli ti Journal of the South 


w - .. _ .. 


!■ li! . • ., . i i . - : 

wlii' . • ■ ■ 

f .-■.•■■-■■ 1 1*1 



! • . -• 



The Louisville Weekly Commercial 


('outuinii ; but 1 

■ • . It |V.;: 

■ t ' . ■ • ■ : '. 

:•'-.' ' rj ill 

■ • 

.-.■■■ f 


mail a ■ ri .-;■•. pi ; . ' I i 


One year 

Bix Mo 

( \ b ree Months 

S12.00 One \ ?*r 

I fc •.;.'■■ 
• ■ •- Th.1 

&10 00 

2 75 

V. - ].':.: KL.Y ED 1 [ON 
One Year, SI. 25. Six M >nths, 75 cents Thvee Months, 60 cents. 

Snppi •••=[■■'.' and Pr ■ 

Agent -.■■■-. !.-■■■. • ...■• [ 

j : • : [,_,„ . . „. ■ 

" I '• tu-pil 

' . .17. iL Pi [PANT, 

'.','..,'' ' . 

'■ I ' I . -. IV'.,..,;. lit0 , 



i - 

<x - 


' ! 

- •• ' ■ Street, 


This Paper occupying tlio largest and most elegant Print- 
ing Mouse on t !i«- continent or i»i « he w orhl, on>» - uueijunied 
inducements to those who ui»h to give ■• wide publicity to 
tlie i r business. 

It- Io:al oireutation is all but universal, its circulation 
throughout the West and South is uncqtwlwl, ami its trene- 
ral circulation more Hidelj diffused than that <*i" any other 

r Tf f - , 

\/' jt 

a. »L JL/ jti 


\ v v - - 

: ••'■ - " , ' , ' ' '.• - 

■ mail), $i 2. co a yc ':■-■■ ■ \ ..,,,-. 

•' i • I '- ■ ■ : . a v ■■ j 

je on ail papers C ci:> jers, 25 

ts per v < ; o cents 

1 — .. 



■ > -. ... . i .... . 

. •• i_ ;. ' . •. . J i •. ; .• 

1U vv A., 


a. ^..j.a-j 

• - .. --.■-. 


s^rro c 

.; 1ST : — ■ 

m and St Louis 

Poledo a c ! 

India a ■ polis an<; K ansas ( I p 

faio and St. Louis . 
Toledo and Peoria 

' \ • . : Louis ■ 

K : isas City and Ca:^f;o shorl ■ • 

St. Louis i : . Jo 

Omaha an .1 S1 Lc is 

St. Louis a I St. I iu! 

Chicago and Br. Louis 

L.223 Miles 

53 5 
7 IS 

: 7', 

5i : 




l^a es+" T*^ -v-v- is 

-.*., »£L*V=k •^-t »n». 


FIAS 51 \li 

■ . - - -r 

J. C. (iAI I.T, C. K. LORD, H. C.TOWXSEXn, 

lieoi ra J! magi r d'<-n ! Tsok-'t Agent II 

- : ;. Ml !-. MO ST LOt • 


\ in i» 

Send for Prica List to FRED. BCHMIEDIKO, 
'** 8S5 Broadway and S30 North Fourth Street, 





»hipments. Mail daily. M. J. Hill, post- 
m aster. 

Beach & Berger, shoemakers. 
Beatly James M, lawyer. 
Beech C M, boots and shoes. 
Blount, Rev C J (Metho : it) 
Holing W R, tinner, 
Branden - i 'g Samuel P, 1 >g dealer. 
Cassidy David, carpenter. 
Cockrill Horace B, lawyer. 
Cole Robert, groceries. 
Cole Rev Robert (Christian). 
Cole W S, marshal. 
Gourluy John C, wag m-maker. 
II I II Nancy M, hotel. 
Hill R C, coal miner and general store. 
Hill YV r\ In i ry. 
Howell E 'J', justice of peace. 
Jameson Robert B, hotel and livery. 
fames n Th< mas, saloon. 
Jones S M, saloon. 
Jones S W, hotel arid shoemaker. 
King Dennis, blacksmith. 
McGuire J G, general store. 
Mahan John S, lawyer. 
Martin & Lutes, blacksmiths. 
Miller T C, carpenter. 
Pryse David, coal miner and police judg^. 
Pryse E M, coal miner and hotel. 
Pryse E M & Bro, general store. 
Pryse & Thomas, insurance. 
Re< I Willard, physician. 
Scott Daniel, steamboat captain. 
Thomas Felix, M, physician. 
Thomas Wffi, mill owner. 
Tincher Elias. jailer. 
Twyman B W, lawyer. 
Tyler C D. coal miner, an 1 general store. 
\\ heeler II L, lawyer. 
^ illiams D C, general store. 

BEAVER, Recently established as a 
poet-office, in Fioyd countv. 

BEAVER DAM, On the P. & K. R. 

R-, 4J mites from the county-seat of Ohio 
county, and JOS miles from Louisville, is 
• n 't'.-.l this village, which has 225 ; 
1 at on, 1 Baptist chur h, and 1 school. 
Daih stages to Hartford; fare 50 cents, and 
CromwHl, fare >1 Southern Express. 
Daily mail. G. W. Croper, postmaster. 
Austin A J, wood-worker. 
Austin H H, blacksmith. 
Austin W A, blacksmith. 

Barnard J P, Biipt Taylor Coal Mining 

Co, and general store. 
Doom ,1 M, express agent. 
Hines M F, saloon. 
Kahn A II, general store. 
Mitchell G F, physician. 
Mit< hell 1 ,'. physician. 
Murroll \Vn,(!i 
Paynor Jesse, hotel. 
Stevens Thomas, grocer. 

BEAVER LICK. An old settle- 
ment, datini I ack to 1 £00, is a nliage of 
some 50 uhal ... n t ern partof 

Boone county, 11 miles south of Burling- 
ton, the county-seat, and 5 miles east of 
Walton, : i p : ^ p tint, :. (\ S. Ry. 

Near* st ban ■-■ a! Coi ington, 22 
A Baptist church and comrn n school are 
hero. The produ ts are : 'i hac ■ -tuck. 
and produce. Adams Express. Mail 
daily. J. II. Sleet, postmaster. 
Bentler J L, blacksmith. 
Buffington Rev G N. 
Connor J T, general store. 
Dickinson Wm. wagon-maker. 
Griffith ,T O, justice of peace, 
Griffith A: Bros, stock. 
H< > -i m C J. hotel and saloon. 
Hugh s J C, sire stock. 
Sleet John JI., General Store. 
Underbid F M, : : i ir-mill (water). 
Whit -man Rev Heber (Methodist). 

BEDA, This post-office wasoriginally 
known as Buikhorn, and was established in 
185G, ii a small village in Ohio county, 6 
miies n<-rth of Hartford, the seat of justice 
arid hank location, and 129 from Lo lisville. 
Beaver Darn, 9 miles, south, is the near"-', 
railroad approach and shippi :, t, on the 
P. A: E. R.R. Toba< coforn 3 the * h • Export. 
Stage between Hartford and Owensboro 
passes through here tri-wee :ly ; I ire ^0 cis. 
t i the former and $1 . r > :! to the iatter place. 
Mail tri-weekly. B. M. Bennett, post- 

Barni tt & Ellis, leaf-tobacco. 
Bennett 1>. M., Blacksmith andWagon- 

iiiM 1 . it. 

Benton Joshua W, carpenter. 
Doom ('apt, express agent. 
Fo3ter John B, general store. 
Foster & Bennett, leaf-tobacco. 
Godshaw Aaron, genera! ^tor#. 

Send for E'iiima'ci. J, W. ATKIXSON, 3i3-32< Soulh Cfir-ton Street CliJCACiiU, IS.» . 





BEDFORD. The county -scat of 

Trimble, 8 miles north-west of Cam] 
burg, the shipping point, on L.,C. & L. R'y, 
and 40 miles from Louisville. \s a town 
with a population of about 300. Two 
churches and a private school are sustai ied, 
and hogs, corn, tobacco, and wheat ar - ip- 
r id. Nearest 1 - is at '■'■■'-. I I 
bail; stage to Campbeiisvilie: fare 50 ct s. 
Daily mail. Andrew J. Giddens, postmas- 
ter. ' 

Abbott V H, judge. 
Bartain J T lawyer. 
B rtle • A. W, pi y ian. 
Bartlett John. la* ; • r. 
Bartlett & l'< ik, lawyers. 
Bell .1 W. hot ! proj rietor. 
Burro *s V/ru, icl smith. 
Ellis W T. lawyer. 
Engleman Henry, blacksmith. 
Guldens A. J,, General Store. 
Hancock I C. p ;■ ian. 
Isaac Win, general store. 
Jackson Rev Andrew Baptist). 
Lan J II, Hoi r ai ! saw-mill. 
Loyd Reed, lawyer. 
McCain J W, i i\\ yer. 
Metcalf W A, physician. 
Peak W F & Bro, general store. 
Quit-en berry Rev W II (Methodist). 
Trout J A, lawyer. 

BEE LICK. Uereh acountr; post- 
office, in Lincoln county, 2'J miles south- 
east of Stanford, the county-seat. Ship to 
Crab Orchard, 10 miles north, on the L. & 
N. R. R. Produce is marketed. Mail 
semi-week'.y. W. £. Perkins, postmaster. 
Abbott Rev John | Baptist). 
Albright Mrs Martha, 
Barron Rev -i W (Christian). 
Bryant M G. physician. 
Collier W H, distiller. 
l'erkin.s W. I'., General Store. 
Reynolds R C, blacksmith. 
Reynolds Rev W S (Baptist). 
Rogers Ga ti, co> ;." r. 
Warren Wyatt, cooper 

BEE SPUING. Edmonson county, 

lately established h- h post-office. 

BEECH GROVE. V town in Mc- 
Lean county, 150 miles from Louisville, 
with a population of 150, located two miles 

north of Wrightsburg, on Green River, via 
which good hipped. Sebr 

St. L. & S. E. div. L. v\! N. R. U. 
nearest railroad point, and i conveni 
shipping station, Shipments consist • f 
bacco, wheat and i • rn. Daily mail. M. 
G. Ash? i! U'c. 

.Vshby >f. (',,,> -■.' Store, 
A.shby JH Liithh-JHT, Saw and I io 

Cacppin T NY. drugs. 
t "j rk W \ . gr< '■•/. 
Haidener W 11, general store. 
Job • W if. hot<d. 
Turbv E T, 
Tumor W T, hotel. 

BEEGHLAX1). A post-office- wltb 
this name lately establish" d in SVashii g 


BELLE VIEW. Henrycounty. (So* 
•Hill Spring). 

BELLEVIEW. Boone county. (See 

BELLEVIEW. Christian county, 

is a village of ab >ut 100 people, located • n 
Sinking Fork creek, which h re furnish - 
power. Hopkinsville, the county-seat, is 
8 miles east, to which point goods should 
shipped. A black*] i ; i i 

Shipments comprise tobacco, wheat, 
cattle and mules. Two churches and a 
union school art; sustained. Daily sta^^ 
communication with Hopkinsville, far< 
Toots.; Montgomery, 50cts.; and Cadiz, $1. 
Daily mail. J. W. McGehee, postmaster. 
Blakely E F, grocery. 
Cullum E R, physician. 
Dunning Thomas, constable. 
McGehee J. W., General Store. 

Wood Will, jUfctii P. 

BELL'S STOKE. Ohio county. 
(See Buford). 

tion o!i the L A - N. R. It ; Rullitl county, 
7 miles s nth of SI ph . i • t.i >co nty- 
seat, ard 25 i om Lou ;ville. Ship 
A union i • i i I l n d » . 

school are here, and hay, fruits and pro- 
duce are marketed. Poj iliition '/.'j. Ex- 


1*1 '"■'■ ' * ? H*ve Settled aaore than X.4«0 

1. •«»»■>, «is:J b*vt hud hut 13 Jbe- 

- . ■- ■ . ■ ...;,» .-it 

<tU Claim*. Ai'ijnt- Evervwh«r«« 




press Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail 
daily, W. 1!. Cun lift postmaster. 
Carpenter J M, ju>tiee of peace. 
Clarkson George, carpenter. 
Cundiff W. B., Exporter of Horses 

and Mule?. 
Markle H A, paint -r. 
( i l': ■ an Wn .-v rr ■- mid R R ag. tit. 
Preston W if. sen. ral store. 
Water.-; ,1 ,M . general store. 
Woods J W, general store. 


try post-o thee, in I :.-i-'. ; in county, 15 mi: - 

from Hopkins ville, the nearest railroad 

station. Tri-weekly mail. M.-F. Bame. 


Bame Joseph, general store. 

Bame A; MeGee, leaf-tobaeco. 

Jobe ,1 S, blacksmith. 

Moss 11 W, saloon. 

Whitloek .1 A, physician. 

BENSON. I- a small settlement of 
53 inhabitants in the south-western pari of 
Franklin county, 6 miles south-west of 
Frankfort, the county-seat 5G n iles east of 
Louisville, and a station or, the Lexington 
branch of the L., C. & L. R. R. Mail 
daily. R. B. Colemiin, postmaster. 
Coleman R B. general <toreand station i r 
Meredith C P, physician. 

BENT BRAXCH. A small p st- 
offi'e in Pike countv, 350 miles from 
Louisville. Weekly mail. R. P. Bevins, 

Lawson J M, dry goods. 
Pinson .1 A, gem ra 1 stor* . 
Scott J M. g. neral store. 



Kenton o<>un 


BENTON. The seat of justice for 
Marshall county. Was s< tt led in l«i2, 

an 1 i- now a town f ■" ' . tbitants 
The nearest shipping point is Calvert 
City, 10 miles north, on the P. £ E. R. R. 
Clark's river here furnishes power t-> a 
saw , u;rist and wo. 1. ! -mill, Bank at 
Padueah. Corn, wheat, tobacco and live 
Hock, are shipped. Stage to Murrav and 
Paducah daily: fare $1.25, to e"ither. 
Mail daily. John Mint or, postmaster. 

.nd groceries. 
'ocoj and Con- 

Alexander R If. blacksmith. 

Barnes i', E, gro< erics. 

Barnes, Peterson A: Co, fiour, saw. woolen, 

and planii g-mills. 
Barry & Starks, drugs. 

Chiles Jan L, county i I. i k. 

Chile ? lawv^r 

[)y. us ,) \V '., ,vy, -. 
Finle^ \ | , •; i ;,t market. 
Gilbert A Rea ! lawyers. 
H P T physi iai 

Holi u ■ & 1 .• ■ .,,,*. drugs i 
Minter .John, Jr., < 

Morgan R A , sn emal- 1 r, 
V Ison D !. lawyer. 
( ' ■ | ' i ■ lawyer 

Pa mer L P. Iaw\ er. 
Palmer T F, cir.-uit • i. rk. 
Quarks R P. lawyer. 
Smith A. phy J ian. 
Smith D G, pi ■■ sician. 
Smith F M, hot >1. 
Stephens & Son, general store. 
Stilley Mrs E. hotel. 
Straw ite fir-, drj g o< i-. 
Wils ! WJ, undertaker. 

BEREA, Is a t..wn of 000 inhabi- 
tants, first settled in 1858, on New Silver 
( re< k 15 miles soul - of Ri< h nond, the 
county-seat of Madison county, and the 
location of the n< irest bank. II irris, a 
station: on the Richmond branch, L. a N. 
R. R.. is the most convenient shipping sta- 
tion for its surplus products of lumber, 
produce a r .'i canned fruit. A saw and 
grist-mil!, 1 church, and a college, are 
here. Stage to Kingston and Richnu 
daily ; fare 40'-. and 75< . Mail daily. A. 
J. Hanson, postmaster. 
Bicknell T <r. bhv ksrnith. 
Coyle J, general store. 
Coj-le T J, justice i :' p. a< e. 
Davis .1 C, grocer. 
Fai r r i i . i ■• ter, fruit < anner*. 

ev J G (Co nal). 

Gabbar i J, j is; : <• <>f pea ••. 
Hanson A. »T., Drugs, Stationery, ao) 

I nn ranc Ag< iit. 
Fl ii son .1 . ( i. ! " ,:>!•< r \t ru. ,..':■.: turer. 
if i'.-.' r S ' i, nurser\ . 
ii. and d V, pi ysi" ian. 
I i ■ t ■ hinson Win, : I oernak< r 
J ■ nson P B. drv goods 

iiiUi ii^yykk^ ui ft ... , .-. A ^r^- .' 

; lc^i rt.'ii. utrAd i mt.N !, - - Louisville, K», 





Lector C, lumber. 

Lester, Hanson, Purl. & Co, saw-mill. 

McDowell & Witt, physicians, 

lioberson T It, dry goods. 

Ryan M V, blacksmith. 

Todd & Son, broom manufacturers. 

White VV P, boot and shoemaker. 

Witt E, general -■ • • i ; 

Woolwine G, ci nstabie. 

BERGEN. Settled in 1877; is a vil- 
lage with a population of about 200 1 ■ pie, 
near the Kentucky river, in Mercer county, 
4 miles east of Flam i- burg, the ( ■ - 

scat and bank location, It - • a -' m 
on the C. S. Ry. An ■ penit g here for a 
flour-mill. Grain, he ;i ■ and live 


si -k. are shipped, • >• m 

public schools are s istained 
A ianis. Teh graph American U 
daily. Floyd Burke, postmaster. 
Burke Floyd AL Son, Dr iggists, 
Cannon & Mitchell, druggists. 
Chambers W I), railroad and express 
Chenault & Co, general store. 
Dickerson J A, hotel and livery. 
England & Son, genera! store. 
Hugenly & Bro, distillers. 
Moore D L, cooper and distiller. 

1 e 
n. Mail 


BERLIN. Only a small Tillage and 
post-office, in Bracken county, 6 miles west 
of Brookville, the county-seal. Ship to 
Bradford, on the Ohio river, 8 miles north, 
or to Falmouth, the nearest railroad ap- 
proach, 12 miles west. Tobacco forms the 
shipment. Population 120. Stage to Brad- 
ford and Augusta tri-weekiy. irrying the 
mail; fare 40c. and 50c. A. Cookendorfer 
Barker T S, saloon. 
Blackbery J O, physician. 
Biackbery P N, physician. 
Cookendorfer A., Blacksmith and 

Dewitt J, wagon-maker. 
Houston O li, constable. 
Houston »?., General Store. 
Lend ingberg .J, blaeksm th. 
Morris F. C, Justice if the Peace. 
Willis G, general store. 

BERRY. A station on the K. C. K. 
li., and an incorporated town of 400 inhab- 
itants, located on South Licking river, in 

Harrison county, 12 miles north of Cyn- 

thiana, the co inty- ;eat und nearest bank. 

Tobacco, stock and prod ire are shipped. 

Express A. iams. Telegraph \V. U. Mail 

daily. L. [I. Kankin, postmaster. 

Batzell W J, druggist. 

Crouch J l'», gen< ral store. 

Juett .1 L, grocer. 

K ing R U , g< neral -.tore. 

M N«« A j, tobacco. 

Kankin J ]). express agent. 

llun kin li. If., Confectioner. 

Rucker J J >, general store. 

BERRY'S LTCK. Small village in 
Butler county, 12 nih-s south of Morgan- 
tow 1 0"Lwt-hou?e Sliip to Si ith 
1 ■ 11, 15 ss.ut.h ti N! 1 Mm U division 
1.. A: N. U. It. A saw so d grist-mill are 
here. Pr> >dm e. luml •. r, rind ii ■■■ stock are 
i. Mail semi-weekly. M. C. Ham- 
ilton, postmaster. 

Belcher John i'», wagon-maker. 

Caldwell S J, live stock and tobacco. 

Comer Samuel, flour-mill. 

Hamilton IM. C, General Store. 

Hamilt >n & Bust, fh ir-mill. 

Harrison L, blacksmith. 

Porter II VV, shoemaker. 

Runner I) M, barber. 

Turner G C, general More and tobacco. 

Turner A: Son, saw-mill. 

Turrier H B, ph\ sician. 

BETHANY. A small settlement and 
post-office in Owen county. 12 miles south 
of Owenton, the seat of justice. Ship to 
Corinth. 13 miles east, on the C. S Rail- 
way. Tobacco is exported. Mail tri- 
weekly. W. B Sharp, postmaster. 
Bell & Reynolds, genera! store. 
Carlton R K, physician. 
Ford Rev H (Christian ). 
Hoffman A. tobacco dry-house. 
Moreland Joel, grocer. 
Sharp \V. B., General Store. 
Tate Tin >s, - ; • uaker. 
Traylor J no W, s^enera! store. 
T"cker A T. justice. 
Warner i! F, carpe nt r. 
Whalen H, blacksmith. 

BETHEL. Oi.lj a small unimpor- 
tant post-ollice in Bath, county. 

mm MlJUolil] 

K Silt I A III EE& CASTLEMAN Lsuisville, Ky. 

■Uiltl,/ 1 U11J- Agtiittt everywhere South* 





BETHLEHEM. Lately established ! 
a^ a post-office in Henry county. 

BEVERLY. Christian county, is a ; 
small post-olnet, - mih ? south of Hopkins- 
ville, the countv-s.-at and shippin ; point on , 
the St. L. & S. E. Div. L. «fc N. E. R. Two 
churches and an academy are here, at i 
tol ace' • an ; w\ ■ ' are : i r o- 1 Mai tri- 
weekly. J. T. rumor, postmaster. 
Dulin J L, pin ^ieian. 
Kenncr A Si i>. general store. 
Major Frank, livery. 
Major T II, iiv. stock and justice. 
Turner A C, blacksmith una hotel. 
Turner J. T., Wagon-maker. 

BEWLEVVILLE. A villayc on ! 
the daily . nil . it ■•••. veen M !di . 
and Ilai ! tsburg. Distant lA miles from 
the latter place, which is the co ity-seat of 
Breckinridge county, and the s •■ ■ ! stance ! 
south-west of the fun r, its 
on the P. & K. II. E. B ink at C! t-rport. | 
Population 12-V Tobacco, wheat and live ! 
stock are shipped. Stage to Muldr&ugh '• 
and Hardinsburg daily; fare Si round i 
trip. Express Southern, Mail daily. D. j 
B. Rigsby, p istmaster. 

Bash am II K. general store. 
Bronner J E, express agt. 
Duncan C W. silversmith. 
Frank .1 H \V, physician. 
Jolly R M. [j«n«ral store. 
Keith W \V, druggist. 
Morton &: Duncan, blacksmiths. 
Paul G P. bhicksmith. 
Pennington E R, physician. 
Pennington VV H, shoemaker. 
Richardson & Bro, general store. 
Rigrsby I). B., General Store. 
Walker J M, physician. 

BIG CLIFTY. A station on the P. j 
A E. R. II., 10 miles north-west of Leitch- ; 
field, the seat of Grayson county. Popula- : 
tion 100. Exports consist of produce and , 
tobacco. Dai'v >;agi to Hardin Sp'gs; 
fare $l.o0 Expre - mthern. Mail 
daily. David Kefaurer, postmaster. 
Austin Win, produce. 
Cook B C, wagon-maker. 
Duvall II U, physician. 
Evans & Kefaurer, Dr\ Goods. 
Fullilove Rev James ( Baptisi 

('ion: .1 i\ hotel propr. 
Hackett James ii, teachi r. 
I ■ k George F. dry _■ >ods. 
I an rem e .1 M. express. 
Mehr E B, teacher. 
Murray F W, section foreman. 
P« rh ( !e irge, justio . 
Wooiridge John A, justice. 
Woolridire Robert, cot 

t-olfii e in Clair 


county. \V< ek ly mail, 

Caudil vS R & Bro, general store. 
R '"• ■< rts F, gi neral store. 

BIG HfJLL. A country post-oS e q 
Madison county. ]•', miies south of Rich- 
mond, the com - t. - ; Lo Harris -ta- 
ti. n, 10 miles distant on Ri< Limond bran« h 
L, A >'. R. P.. Mail tri-weekly. John 
Robers n. postmaster. 
< ' 1 R, hotel proprietor. 
Newlam . .- .-. hotel. 
Rol ers< n Joi n. general store. 

BIG REEDY. On creek of fame 

name, iii Edmonson county, 1"' miles noril - 

east of Brow isville, the e< ui ty- eat. The 

creek furnishes power by whicl a flour 

mill is propelled. Nearest railroad fhh | 

point h at Caneyville, on the P. & E. ' 

11 miles north. Shipments are live e1 >ck 

and lumber. Mail s^mi- weekly. J. B. 

Tomes, p istmaster. 

Anderson L A, teacher. 

Anns Thomas, blacksmith. 

B >nd J R, express agent. 

Dalton "W.on. ji ;-ti< *• of peace. 

Davis Rev A C (< -h 'istian ). 

Durbin Martin, justitv of peace. 

Jones J A. live -took. 

Miller A D N. livestock. 

Milligan G W, phvsi . . 

N .,- ■. i' W, live sto< k. 

Nash vV R, teacher. 

Tannv J A, flour-mill. 

Tilford .1 E P, physician. 

T irnes J A. :! iur-mill. 

ToiIieS J. B M LiveStoek. 

VI i ■ F, teai her. 

Willv Mflvern, general Btore. 
Woasley Cr VV. Hve stock. 

BT<; HEXOX. A country post-on ■ e 
in Cumberland countv. Burkesville, the 

' .. • ',•.--•! |>utingr*t»mps. Self-Inking Stumps. Ban : "itamm an J*- e < 





rain are 
■ time a 
. A. A. 

county-seat, miles distant, i- also the 
nearest shipping -t ,■ n a th C mil erland 
river. Glasgow, 40 mile? south west i 
the nearest railroad approach \ church 
&nd si h ol a *e ; ustained by a popu! .' ; >n ol 
about 100. it is thought that petr imi 
exjst3 in large and paying qu mtities in the 
neighborhood. Mining is carried on to 
some extent, and tobacco and 
shipped. Si to > •■• ... u r. 

we.iv • fare ; *t. Mail tri-w -:■■:. h 
Strange, fi ibtmastor. 
Aken Richard, :oo] i . 
Baker S K, flour and woolen-mill. 

Cheek , physician. 

Hagan Res '1 (Chri l : ■ nl 
Hagan W, bla< ksmith. 
Jones C S, bla< ksmith. 
Lloyd N ,J, >hing! '-manufacturer. 
Lloyd VV P. blad mith 
Morson Win, shn ma -t 
Smith K S. blacksmith. 
Strange A. A., Farmer. 
Strange C P. live itock dealer. 

I5IG SPUING. This village, of 
about 150 population, is in Breckinridge 
county, 20 mile.-, from Uardinsburg, the 
county-seat; 9 from Vine Grove, on P, & 
K. R. R., a/id 10 from Louisville. Daily 
mail. J. D. Strother, postmaster. 
Burkhart W A. blacksmith and mill owner. 
Caldwell J, barber. 
Eskridge A IJro, harness-makers. 
Grief A, jeweler, 
Howard T B, grocery and hotel. 
Meador McH, general -tore. 
Robinson T H, carpenter. 
Smith John II, druggist. 
Storn J imes ' » furnit i "e. 
Strother J. I)., Physician. 

BIJRDSVILL.E. A landing on the 
Ohio river,'- a village with a population 
of about 80, in Livingston county, H miles 
north-east of Smithland. the county-sent, 

and 300 south-west of Loui-viil.-. ' .ship 
dire. t. via the river. Thv nearest bank is 
at Paducah. (.•>■■' . *heat, t «ba .:... oats, 

and hay are shipped, A g i open in v 

her* for a fiouring-miH. Kzpress Adams. 
Mail daily. It. M. N'cUon, postmaster. 
Coffield M D, general ,t<>re. 
Crewdsan Rev J V> (Baptist*,. 
'"'-'>U'-h II P, g» :'.»rn! -tore. 

j Dun:: A Therlkell, harness-makers 

i Furnish T 0, physician. 

i Jameson J 1,, grocer. 

: Mason II. w asron-maker. 

| Miller F M. gr , 

j Nelson II. 31., General Store and Ex- 
; p re .,s A-ent. 

Nelson S 1 , constable. 

Robert - ■• T J • ' | ,, .,,.,. 

ih-3 vvoll J M jc Uro, 

lUlfK'S CITY. I- n landing on 

l '"''' '■ '•>' " m Daviess , ountv, 10 mile* 

*■'•-- ■• ' Ov,-i isb >r< t ] -seat and 

nearest railroad approach > : :]\<ur ■ is car 

be made din ct, - ' • ■' • n river T 

!a g t- " ' " • i , ation of about 200, 

and tob tnd ••• ; iskv are shipped. A 

i; -! ' ■' h ■ : : and a di-t i< t school are 

sustained. Land i valued at $15 to $:i0 per 

acre. Daily mail. L. P. Birk, postmaster. 

Ballard J M, bla. ksmith. 

Birk (' E, gen ral -tore 

Birk F E, constable. 

Birk F K A: tiro, tobacco. 

I>irk L. P., Genera! Store, Navigation 

A •.; •;', and Justice. 
Hagan 6c Bro, &ro< ery. 
Johnson J E, phy- i 
Lancaster Ci arleV hotel. 
Pate & Asher blacksmiths. 
Shetfer Thos & Co, distillers. 
Stanley N <>, saw-mill. 
Woods & Son, blacksmith. 

1JIKM INGHAM. An incorporated 
town, in Marshall county, 12 miles north- 
east of Benton, the county-seat, and i;00 
from Louisville. The nearest railroad 
station is Gilbertsvilh . 1 i m les north, on 
the P. A K. R. K. Bank at Pad i 
An excellent opportunity for u tobacco 
dealer is presented here. * Export's consisl 
of t 'bacco, corn, wheat, hogs, and cattle. 
)';.:- is a tine tobacco-raising country and 
land can be purchased at $5 to $10 per 
acre Population 250. Mail semi-weekly. 
The olde-t settler in the pla.-e, is L. S. 
Lock i r. • • stmastcr. 
Bangher J, shoemaker. 
Bai k Thon a - carpenter . 
Barnett I T, 'it'*', •! iur-mill and g-.-n stor«'. 
Bussell A T, dentist. 
P'ilii Jonathan, pi _\ sician. 
F.lli- J (' physician. 





Frisszell 1 N. chair manufacturer. 

Heath M E, hotel. 

Heath & Ellis general store. 

Lochead A C, gi neral store. 

Locker G W A; Co. general store. 

Locker «1 B, dru^s and groceries. 

Locker, Kinsoloing & Co. general store. 

Locker Laban S., Dairy. 

Lore James I rdins house. 

Miller Hev J Q [ Metl ist). 

Niell «J A N. wa-tron -maker. 

Nowlin Rev W J - Baptist). 

Tetters, D G, physician. 

Sasseen J N. carpenter. 

Warfield it. brick-mason 

White V, r H, teacher. 

Wilson J M, physician. 


in Union county. 

A small post-office 






ty. (S^t Freedom ). 

BLACKWATER, In the western 
part of Morgan County, sometimes eal ed 
M&ytown, ia a small village of 65 inhabi- 
tants, 18 miles south-east of West Liberty 
the county-seat and the same distance 

BLACK HA \V K. A station on the 

Maysville branch, K C. railroad, in N'ieh- i 
o!as county, 5 miles south of the county- 
•aat, Carlisle, which is also the nearest 
bank location. It is only a small village 
of about 30 people, and serves as a ship- 
ping point for the neighborhood, for sur- 
plus products of stock, lumber and pro- 
duce. Adams Express. Telegraph West- 
ern Union. Mail daily. W. J. Myers. 

Blake S T, general store. 
Kenney Isaac, justice. 
Meyers H B, blacksmith. 
Meyers Walter, blacksmith. 
Moore George, cooper. 
Myers W. J., General Store and R. R. 

and Express Agent. 
RobbinsJno L. nhvsician. 
Robinson Rev N G* ; Methodist). 
Bhankland W E W, blacksmith. 
W M & M Co, saw and planing-mHU. 

Barren Coun- 

south-east of C in wall, i '. ■ nearest sbi 
point on L., C. & L. R. II. Bank at Mt. 
Sicrli;;^;. Timber is ! nt in the vi- 

cinity, and with pr duee and some grain 
form the expi rts, a Methodist church and 
public school ar< sustained. Mail daily. E. 
B. May, postmaster. 
Hill J F, w agon-maker. 
Lawson David A Co, ! i ksmiths. 
May 1J F, e .■<■>■: il ■ .< re. 
31;iy & Buy, General Store. 
Powers Lewis, Cai 
Templeton J K, physi< ian. 

BLA1NT. This villacewas firstsettied 
in 1 325 and now has a t puiation of 100. 
It is on a ere< k o e which supplies 

power to v. iaw and grist-mill in Lawrem e 
co nty, 20 miles w.-st <>t L ■ , I 
ty-seat, ami SO0 • •: ' 1. uis% tile. Trr- 
shipping point is Wiilard, 15 milea north, 
on th^ E. K. Ry. Two churches and a com- 
mon school are here, ai <'. - irghum, beans, 
and produce are shipped. Bank at Grayson. 
Mail daily. A. M. Hot brook, postmaster. 
Bishop David, carpenter. 
Boggs II, carding-mill. 
Boi ier W B carp Titer. 
Bordess W 1>, engineer. 
Burton A, lawyer. 
B rt ■■. A Me, blacksmith, 
Burt..!-. I) J, mas< n 
Burton J F, physician. 
Burton & Son. flour-mill. 
Burton & Son, wagon-makers. 
Ding'j ; \V M. barber. 
Elam G M, principal High School. 
Filch F B, general store. 
Gambill Jesse, shoemaker. 
Gambill .1 J, physician. 
Gambill & Sweatnam, general store. 
Haw- A, flour and saw-mi!!. 
Harris S. flour-mill. 
Holbrook A M. :'. >ur and *aw-mill. 
Holbrook A. 31., General Store. 
Johnson T O, i-ad : er. 
b.'iii- Swan, carpenter. 
R •■ Y T. physi' ian. 
Saunders S P. < ooper. 
Swetman C L, general'store. 
Watkins Henry, physician. 
Young Alien, cooper. 

i BLAHt'S MILLS. In the north- 
| em part of Morgan county, 8 milea north 

IP- no AFP m r -~- 

ULiiil iilu. Ulf. Uj. CiU : LIU, lov] 

■ ,-p. Vep't~ 




of West Liberty, the county-seat; 35miles 
east of Mt. Sterling, its nearest .shipping 
point, or. the Mt Sterling division of the 
L., C. & L. R. K, and 37 miles south-west 
of Grayson, on the F. K. R. R, Semi- 
weekly mail, and stage to West Liberty 
and Elliott ville. Wm. L. Elam, postmaster. 
Collins Carter, justice. 

Laine Lewis prop'r Blair Mills, wagon- 
maker and b icksmith. 
McDaniel ii. bin. ksi iitl 
Parker Rev B F (Christian). 

BLAXnviI LL. The =eat of jus- 
tice for Ballard county, is an incorporated 
town; was tirst settled in 1;S44, and contains 
about 500 inhabitants. Shipments can be 
made to Bardwell, 6 miles south on the C, 
St. L. & N. o. K, R., or to Cairo vin 01 io 
river. This latter plate is the I nation of 
the nearest bank. Tobacco, corn, and 
wheat are shipped, and land can be ob- 
tained at $5 to $20 per acre. Stage com- 
munication with Padueah and Cairo. Mail 
daily. W. C. Hendricks, postmaster. 
Atherton Rev 1. Uaptist l. 
Ballard News (weekly). 
Bishop W H, lawyer." 
Bishop W S, judge. 
Bodkin A, constable. 
Boyd J W, druegist. 
Bugg Z W, lav. ver. 
Coffee J W A Co, druggists. 
Crawford J J, hotel. 
Davis John F, saloon. 
Farrow Rev J K [Christian). 
Glenn T L, Ci>unty clerk, 
Hendricks AV^ C. & Son, Grocers. 
Horr E W, town clerk. 
Jenkins F M, lawyer. 
Jenkins T LI. lawyer and county jud»e. 
Jenki;is W W. circuit clerk. 
Jewett D P, physician. 
Lane John B, justice of the peace. 
Linderman A. carpenter. 
Manke Edward, grocer. 
Marshall T C, lawyer. 
Milton U R, lawyer. 
Nicholas J M, lawyer. 
Pettit Rev T IT Baptist). 
Pinket & Cotner, blacksmiths. 
Ray I, C, justice of the peace. 
Reeves (i W, Ian yer. 
Rica John L, wagon-maker. 
Rich L K, wagon-maker. 

Robertson R F, grocer. 
Seay J S, physician. 
Shelton K M. flour-mill. 
Shelton & Miller, physicians. 
Shelton & Moore, flour-mill. 
Smith ii S, physician. 
Taylor & Horr, general store. 
Vaughan S P, undertaker. 
Warden A J, lawyer. 
Watson W S. =addler. 
W< aver L W, i arpenter. 
Wilds G B, general »tor . 
Wilds & Bro. lawyers. 

BIjOO!>. The name for a newlv ea- 
: tablished post-oiliea in Calloway county. 

BLOOMFIELD. In precinct of 
I same name, Nelson < n ■■ . i- an incorpo- 
i rated town of o()0 in i tbiu nl -, and is the 
J terminus of the Short Line Branch C. & 0. 
j ii. R„ which is now nearly completed. At 
i present, us most accessible shipping point mi!H 3 south-west, which 
is also the county-seat and 1-ank location. 
Louisville is 37 miles north-west. A 
weekly newspaper. "The Nelson Enter- 
prise," 4 flouring mills (steam), 5 churches, 
a seminary, and good public s< 
and colored), are sustained. The -' p- 
rnents consist chiefly of mules, horses, and 
live-stock, with some wool and grain. 
Good general opportunities are present ■. 
here for mechanics, or any manufacturing 
interest. Land in the neighborhood aver- 
ages $30 to $7. r . per acre. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. W. A. Terrell, postmaster. 
Bloomlield Milling Co, Hour-mills. 
Broadbent Joseph' blacksmith and hotel. 
Broderick John, shoemaker. 
Broderick & Bro, blacksmiths. ' 
Brown & Hurst, drugs. 
Caldwell Robt C, physician. 
Cave Rev W E i Presbyterian). 
Davis A J, undertaker and furniture. 
Dent ».v Pa ih ' irtal le saw-mill. 
Ellis Thomas, Proprietor Nelson En- 

t rpriso . Weekly i See adv.) 
Guthrie J. n es, flour-i lill. 
Hall RevThomas, principal of Bloom field 

HinkleA VVhitesides, livery and sale stable. 
I luston S C, hotel. 
J '.i d a M & H . m erchan Is. 
Launders Rev J M 'Presbyterian) 

I } • , i §i I t St \< and Q w?\\ '•'-'-. 

. , . ' I i 3> t ari Genera! Fhrdwarfl Specialties. Prire L'sts and Cata- 

! ,,"■'' . i . •.. . pi ;.u , PR I . ■ HMIEDING. 

.) Li. Fourth b; , ST. LOUIS, KO. 





Mcrrifield & Guthrie, grocers. 

Middleton Wm, baker. 

Miles T II, notary public. 

Miles Hayden, wagon-maker. 

Nelson Enterprise (weekly), Thomas 

Ellis. Proprietor. 
Poff John W, saddlery. 
Purdy John H. saloon 
Rober son Rev I) W ( Methodist). 
Terr-' 1 ! Mrs John - ving-ma til -- ; . 
Terrell John A, hardware. 
Thomas II C. scwinsr-machines. 
Thomas J & Co, druggists. 
Tyler Chas. flour-mill. * 
Wakefield ysi' ian. 
Wigginton J < . rlour-mill. 
Wilkinson S F, dour-mill. 
Wilson I! A , flour-mill. 
Wilson & V. K;:\ . Srv g ■« ds 
Wood A lerrell, Boots, Shoes Hats 

and Caps. 
Yager A Whiteside, grocers and ag'l irr.p'ts. 

BLOOM IN' GTON. Only a country 

post-ofliee in Magoffin county, 'J miles east 
of Salyersville, the county-seat. Mail 
weekly. John Franklin, postmaster. 

Brown S W, general store. 
Franklin John, Farmer. 
Howard R F & !I. flour and grist-mill. 


on Licking river, in precinct of same 
name, Nicholas county, is a small village 
of about 60 inhabitants. The nearest rail- 
road point is Ewinjr, 10 miles east, on the 
K. C. R. R. St tge to Carlisle, the county 
scat, tri-woekly. tare $1. Mail tri-weekly. 
W. T. Overly, p< -tmaster. 
Bow Wm, justice of peace. 

Frank Henry, blacksmith. 
Hildreth A , justi< •• of ; • ace. 
Hughes W J, «aloon. 
Larue .1 A & Bro general store. 
Larue J A. ife Bro, hotel. 
Overby W. T., General Store. 
Pavne .! H, mineral v ater. 
Raft'erty M, saloon. 
Ryan Th imas, cooper. " 
S iddl< r .; •:. cooper. 
Thompson James, physician. 
Turnev 1), hotel. 

BLUFF CITY. Alsoknown h< Heb- 
bards\ il'.e, is quite an ent ^o- : ~ ; ; g v 
t ifully it ■ n Gn en river, in He! - 

derson county, 12 miles east of Hender- 
son, the county -seat, ai '1 '2 > miles (by wa- 
ter) to Evaiisv lie oi tin < diio ri: er. 5 ; • 
ments can be m . '•' direct to Bluff City 
via Green river. Good timber in the vi- 
cinity, which, with tobacco, find corn, 
form the exports. Population 100. A 
steam saw-mill, '2 chnrcl e.s, and a free- 
school, are her.'. Mail tri-weekly. J. R. 
Routon, postmaster. 

Bewley Elmore, agt navigation company. 
Carroll S E & S< n, saw-mill. 
Cross U. saw-mill. 
Fisher Henry, cooper. 
Hanes S D. o rry proprietor. 
Hanes & Chase, coopers. 
Heart R S, tobacco. 

Lewis , physician. 

Lightfoot , physician. 

Roberson John, superintendent. 
Hon ton J. R., General More. 

liO.VZ. A small settlement in Graves 
county, and station on M., P. 0c N. R. K.. 


T. H. ELLIS, Proprietor. — )o(— J. S. WILSON, Editor. 

A. POUK-PACJK WEEKLY NKWSIMPKH of eight eolnmnn each, containing the c*wi of tb» 
4*7, local and foreign, Laving a large Circulation in Keleon and adjoining countiea. It i* a d«»irab!* 
Medium of Advertising. Term*, fel.30 p«r ye*.r. For' Advertising ratei, addrwia the 




r ibitk y . 

* » 



. ';',' *<!*"•■ r =' . KS . ..\OVi, \ it) fi.4 i SJK I'UOOl . Send for II. 
afe&bW i iustruted tatalc^uc and Price.*.. .5. M.'. 4TKi!\SU> 
iHa-.S^i Sou ill ilinioi! Street, t Hit AtiO, ILL, 





12 miles north of Mayfield, the county- 
seat. Live stock is shipped. Southern Ex- 
press. Daily mail. J . S. Pryor, postmaster. 
Gilliam A U, constable. 
Gilliam C J K grocer. 
Grant C \V justice of peace. 
Hodges G \\ . general store. 
Hughes & Hodges, ilour-mill. 
Johnson (5 \., cabinet-maker. 
McNeill J H, poop. r. 
Peoples E E, live stock. 
Pryor »1. S., Railroad and Express Agt. 

and General Store. 
Thomas J \V, physician. 
Winegar & Madden blacksmiths. 

BOHOX. An incorporated village in 
Mercer county, 6 miles from Harrodsburg, 
the county-s**at, bank location, and - lip- 
ping station, on C. S. Ry. A good open- 
ing here for a flour and grist-mill. Pop- 
ulation 12">. Wheat, corn, and produce 
are exported. Price of land in the 
vicinity is $25 to $30 per acre. Tri-weekly 
mail. H. Hicks, postmaster. 
Gebhart E il, general .-tore. 
Micks Henry, Shoemaker. 
Linney Thomas, blacksmith. 
Marshall G W, blacksmith. 
M&ssie W J, general store. 
McDaniel M M, lawyer. 
M? Daniel Dr, physician and dentist. 
Shelton A. livery. 
"WeUharn Rev Isaac (Christian). 
"Wilson D J, proprietor City Hotel. 
"Wilson, Wheeler & Marshall, wagon- 

HOLT'S FORK. Boyd county. 22 
miles s-juth of Catlettsburg, the county-seat, 
and 'j east of Coalton, the shipping point, 
on A., (.'. & I. II. R. Good power is fur- 
nished by the east fork of the Little Sandy 
river, which is utilized by a saw and grist- 
mill. The nearest bank location is Ash- 
land. Population 50. Corn, produce, and 
wheat, are shipped, and improved farm- 
land is valued at $12 to $20, unimproved at 
43 to $10 per acre. Mail semi-weekly. S. 
D. Finley, postmaster. 

Bolt Alfred, stock buyer. 

Bolt M T, county surveyor. 

Bolt W D, flour-mills. 

Bolt W G B. farmer and live stock. 

l»t*lt «S»: Finley, General Store. 

Brainard John, flour-mill. 
Ellis J K, socialist. 
Kinner H, fanner and live stock. 
Pinkerman Da, teacher. 
Pritchard J T, justice of peace. 

Priehard , physician. 

Queen, John, farmer and live-stock b^eedar. 
Stevens Noah, blacksmith. 

BOXNJ RVILEE. Or Bacon Creek, 
as the station is called, is an incorporated 
village, and station, on L. & N. R. R., of 

about 150 inhabitants, in Hart county. 8 
mile* north of Munfordville, the county- 
seat. Bacon C'-! ■ '■ furnishes g od power, 
' ' y a iiourintr-niill. Nearest bank <.\ 
Horse Cave. Tobacco, strain, live stock, 
and produce are shipped. Kxpr.>,-> 
Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail daily. 
K. Jamison, postmaster. 

BONNY. Only lately established. It 
i.s small and unimportant. Morgan county. 

BOONE. t\ho known as Chamber's 

Station, is a station on the I... C. A I. R. 
R.. and small country post-office, in Meni- 
fee county, 8 miles west of Frencbbure. 
the county-8i at, and 142 from Louisville. 
Population 25. Lxpress Adams. Mail 
daily. Elijah Chambers, postmaster. 
Barnes T K, general store. 
Harnett John, justice of peace. 
Baugh P A, blacksmith. 
Burgain John, saw-mill. 
Chambers J. J., Live Stock. 
Frazie James, R R agent. 
Mills J EI, saw-mill. ' 
Raborn G W. saw-mill. 
Shr .pshire Wm, blacksmith. 
Sterling, M, express agent. 

BOONE FURNACE. Settled in 
1803. is a farm-house post-office in Cartar 
county. 18 miles north-east of Grayson, the 
county-seat, bank location and shipping 
point (by railroad! on E. K. Ry. Popula- 
tion : i". Semi-weekly mail. C.W.Wooten, 

Cooper Eli it Son, merchants (3 miie3 0ut}. 
Cooper E F, saw-mill. 
Cooper R N, cooper (3 miles out). 
Marchant Dr N A L, drugs and medicines. 
Ratclirf J T, flour-mill (3 miles out). 
AVootea C. W., Farmer. 

f I 


A ^ p ..-■■■ ■ I H*ve Settled more iU«s 1,40* 

; s ..'>»m;s, tt-.d S«ftv«i Iiad but 13 lUr> 

Ultll 8 iwbilfiftflfl Blsted ClKtiiw. Agents Everywhere. 





nOONKVII.l.i:. I, anii .rporated 
town, with about 300 inhabitants, and i» 
the county scat of Owsley, 150 miles south- 
east of Louisviiie. The nearest shipping 
point is Livingston, 10 miles south- west, on 
the- L. & N. R. R, and the banking busi- 
ness for the place: is transacted at Rich- 
mond. The south fork of the Kentucky 
river supplies power to a flour-mill; a 
stoam-mili is also here, and a Methodist 
church and free school are sustained. In 
the vicinity, coal, iron, and lead are found 
in abundance, which, with timber and farm 
produce, comprise th • exports. Daily mail. 
Mary Ev« rsole, postmaster 
Boling R H, blacksmith. 
Botner 3''-, physician. 
Botner A: Son, dour-mill. 
Breeding John, general store and hotel. 
Combs »!c Revnolds, general store. 
Duff EC, hotel. 

Eversole tSi. Combs, General Store. 
Flannery VS in, general store, 
Franklin R P, physician. 
Green U v. is. blaeksn ith. 
Hampton Minter, general store. 
Hogg H C, general store. 
Minter C 11 A Co, general store. 
Minter & Son, flour-mill. 
Need bam II C & Co, general store. 
Reynold John, flour-mill. 
Ross L»-vi, general store. 
Sanders S O, physician. 
Sebastian J M, lawyer. 

BOON'S CAMP. A village of 150 

inhabitants, in the eastern part of Johnson 

county, four miles from Ward City, the 

nearest shipping point, on the west fork of 

Hi^ Sandy river, 10 miles east of Paints- 

viile, the county-seat, 38 south of Willard, 

the nearest railroad approach, and '250 

from Louisville. Lumber and coal are 

shipped. Mai! semi-weekly. J. R. Mollett, 


Lutton Elias, blacksmith. 

Fairchild Moses, blacksmith. 

Fields Rev Elijah (Christian). 

Meeks Rev Nathan (Baptist), 

Mollett Elias, live stock. 

Mollett James H, lawyer. 

Mollett Rev James W (Baptist). 

Mollett J. & IL, Livestock. 

Mollett .1 W, justice of peace. 

M'.usaac James, flour-mill. 

Nibert & Daniels, flour-mill. 
Standifer Z. justice of peace. 
Wetls Re\ Aaron (Methodist). 

Jh ob (t, constable. 
Weils John i', law \ er. 
Wells J Ci, mil iic-teacher. 
Wells R M, blacksmith. 
Wells Win ft. ph\ -:• i ,n. 
Wells M L K, shoemaker. * 


farm-house, post-office and station on the L, 
& S. R. R., in Hardin county, 10 miles 
north of Elir.abethtown, the uounty-seat. 
Maii daily. P. Booth, postmaster. 
Booth P, R R agent and hay dealer. 
Fowler W H, blacksmith and stock dealer. 
French Silas, distiller. 
Johnson C H, hay dealer. 
Lass well A, lumber dealer. 
Lasswell John ¥, saw-mill, 

BORIHJSY. In the southern part 
of Union county. Is a village containing 
about 150 inhabitants, 1 i miles south-east 
of MorganGeld, the county-seat and 25 
-.vest of Sebree, on the St. L. & S. B. 
branch L. & N. R. R., or Caseyville, 26 
miles west on the Ohio river, either of 
which are shipping points, {tanking i3 
transacted at Morgantield. Tobacco and 
wheat are shipped. Mail tri-weekly. Mil- 
lard P. Mart, postmaster. 
Andrews John D, wagon-maker. 
Arnold J H. justice. 
Christian J G, hotel. 
Christian & Bailey, physicians. 
Coleman C S, general store. 
Hardesty W J, harnes3-maker. 
Hickman J R, harness-maker. 
Iloleman W W, constable. 
Long Andrew, shoemaker. 
Mart J J. lawyer. 
Mart Millard 1\, Livestock. 
Mart R A & Bro, general store and leaf 

Moore R-v T D (Christian). 
Owen ■& Bunton, physicians. 
Pride J S, wagon-maker. 
Pride W F. blacksmith. 
Pride A Montgomery, und;r;*k»ra and 

Woe-ding I) B, undertaker. 
Wooding J r, justice. 

: -- i; ****^ ^ * yilffltflj CENTRAL DEPARTHE A NT^ S 1 Louisville, K,. 





BOSTON. In Nelson county, U a 
post-office and station on the line of the L. 
& N. R. R. (Knoxviile Branch 1 . 12 miles 
south-west of Bardstown, the county-seat, 
and r.r-.iT'-'' hank, and 35 south east of 
Louisville. ' Ship direct. The Li] ments 
from here comprise live stock hay, lum- 
ber and Lark. A lumber-mill. '.' : arches, 
and & public school, are sustained by a pop- 
ulation of loO. Express Adams. Mail 
daily. J. I). Perryman, postmaster. 
Arnold E II, gen .-tore, R R and expagt. 
Botto V. tinn* r. 
Ha!i L G & Son, general store. 
Perrymati .1 E*., Gem ral Store. 
Fittman J M, biai ksmith. 
Summers Frank, physician. 
Wise S II. physician, and general st >re. 

BOSTON. WhitWcountv.'. 

on K. C. R. R. The town is incorporated, 
and has a po{ illation of about 1200. Fal- 
rrv uth, the seat i justice f< -r Pend let* r ' 
county, is 8 miles south. A steam lumber- 
mill, belonging to the Boston Lumber Com- 
pany, is here, and lumber form* the chief 
shipment, although some live stock and 
grain are exported. Telegraph Western 
Union. Mail daily. C. C. flagemeyer, 

Anderson Mrs Amanda, hotel. 
Best John T. wagon-maker. 
l?ost<m Lumber Co., Saw-mill. 
Ellis Henry, surveyor. 

Hall Henry H, general store, R R and ex- 
press agent. 
Nolin James W, justice of peace. 

BOTLAXD. A village of about 125 
inhabitants, in Nelson county, 6 mile- 
south-ea'-t of Bardstown, the (•• unty-=eat. 
which is, also, the shipping point, ■ n Bar 1s- 
town division L. & N. R. R., and nearest 
bank location. Produce is raised and 
•hipped. Stage to Bardstown and Spring- 
field ; tare 60 cents and $1. Mail tri-week- 
ly. F. B. Brinoy, postmaster. 
Allen Rev C C (Christian). 
Brinoy F. 15., General Store. 
Brown R B, carpenter. 
Crnme T F, justice of peace. 
Wilson W M, carpenter. 
Wilson W D, blacksmith. 

BOWLING GREEN. Situated*, 
the confluence of Green ai d Barren riven. 
at the head of navigation, in Warr 
county, of which it is the seat. TbeGre - 
and Barren River Transportation (' . 
pany make regular daily trips b tw i i 
city and Evansville, stopping at all int r 
mediate points. This city, of 6,000 
itants, is h ■ .utifully situated, an 1 po 
ad\ int iges < uj ycd by but few other citii - 
in the State. It has a reservoir 235 !'• •: 
above the city, which renders the >;•■• < r 
fire-engines unnecessary. Its pul He park- 
are very handsome and attractive. An 
excellent telephot • syst< in connects it with 
Mining City. 00 miles distant. It has sev- 
eral manufactories, prominent among 
are two stave-mills, flotiring-mill. woolen- 
mill, two carriage factories, and a distil Wy 
Several fine church edifices and good 
lie schools are "here, and the court-;: 
which is admitted to be one of the most 
magnificent structures in the State at ■' 
cost the county $150,000. '1 lie bonded in- 
d« I ' dnes3 of 'the <. It; i 3 *130,000, ■■ 
assessed valuation of real and per 
property of $2,250,000. In addition to its 
public school system, the city has educa- 
tional advantages afforded by two exi el 
seminaries — the Ogden College and the 
Bowling Green Female College. Four 
bunks are here, and two newspapers — the 
Bowling Green Democrat and Gazette — 
both of which are well-known and properly 
appreciated as first-class journals, than 
which no better <"an be found for advertis- 
ing purposes. Gas and water-works are 
here. Besides the navigation facilities af- 
forded by the rivers, the city also has the 
advantages which its position as an import- 
ant station on the Memphis Division of tl <* 
L. & N". R. R. gives it, and over which it 
ships larjje quantities of live stork, cereal* 
and t hacco. Excellent hotel accomrm da- 
tions are provided by good hotels, the prin- 
cipal of which are the Morehead and the 
Ritter House. Both of which are first- :la-d 
in every respect. ar>- supplied with all mod- 
ern conveniences, and receive the well de- 
served patronage of the traveling pub! 
Oneof the largest vineyards in the State is 
located here, which produces some 4,000 gal- 
lons of a very superior quality of wine 
yearly. Express Adams. Telegraph West- 
tern Union. Mail daily. \V. E. Hobson. 




BTKS. S. E. ARMITAGE A MRS. C. A. HERDMAN, Proprietresses. 

RATES PER DAY, $2.00. 

Special attention given to commercial travelers. Good Sample Rooms. References : The traveling public. 





[Successor iu the Grern River PaniajrrapH.) 


Pemocratic in politic*, it represents the Agrkultura!, Mechanical and Educational interest* of th* 
tarrouuding counties, a:id givea each weetc a full resume of local an i general news. 



Comprises facilities fur executing all kinds of JOB PRINTING in tha most approved styles, aal at 
the cheapest rates 

IB. IE3I. lE'OI^^iriS^,, Editcr and Proprietor. 

E. B. 8EELEY, 8eo. & Treas. JNO. A. ROBINSON, Gen'l Sup't. 


River Navigation Company. 

_^ ' - ■■■.■■ a;i^.%. 

Leave Eowlinsc Green for Evansville and all 
|ij ...i '.. points on Green Hiver every Wednesday and Sat- 

t^, ,;,,,'• St. urdav at 9 A.M.: returning, leave Evuisviile svery 

< «" » ■'- —« "* .■ r : T i M»" .. m v m Sr*?* utm Monday and Thursday at 4 P. M. Tnrou^h ratea 

from Lionigville to ail poiais on Green Biver furniahed by the L. & N. B. R. Co., or 
at the Office of our Corapaay, 

bo^wt-iIistg- a-ZE^EEisr, icy. 

Passenger and Freight Steamers 

Steel -ramps, Burning Brands, Rubber Stamp*, 

soap Moulds and Presses. J>. BOCHE, Engrawr 

I and Die Sinker, tGG Randolph St., CHICAGO, V.U 






Adams James M. blacksmith. 

Adams Samuel T, city marshal. 

Aden John, tail, r. 

Allen Charles H, cigar manufacturer. 

Allen Charles S, hardware, iron and plows. 

Allen John R, m u »; r VV I' T< I Co. 

Almond Thomas YWp] . -.<• h< r. 

Armitage Mrs. S. E.. and Mrs. C. 
A. Herd mail. Proprietors Morehead 
House. v - - 

Bacon Mrs Lucy K. rr.iliinery. 

Bardmaker A .,.•'-'. -. me a market. 

Barr Edward T. den;:- 1 

Bates & Hint -■ . lawyers. 

Bean John C, !i v. 

Bean John C, sal. ■ •: a: d billiards. 

Bearee John \Y., Plumber, Stean 
and Gas FiUei site < '■ urt-h< ■use. 

Betuurnay & P iter, :r\ _, ods. 

Blakeley Wm H, p ivs cian. 

Borrone Raphael, i unfectionery. 

Bosley, Cartwright & (.'■ . gr< ceries. 

Bourgeois Frank, shoemak< .. 

Bowling Green Democrat, R S 
editor and proprietor. 

Bowling Green Female College, G M Edgar, 

Bowling Green Gas Co. George Lehman, 
pres., E L Mottley. sec. 

Bowling? Green Gazette, (Weekly) 
E. H. Porter, Editor & Propr. (See adv.) 

Briggs Wm, blacksmith. 

Briggs & E L vs irds, Y rticulturista (4 m w). 

Bro .■ ■• Lem iel S, grocer. 

Brunswick David, general store. 

Buck Norman X, grocer. 

Burch Wm H, gunsmith and locksmith. 

Burge James O, drr.cgist. 

Burke John hotel and saloon, 

Campbell, Thomas W, deputy collector U 

S int revenue, 2 1 di=t. 
Campbell & Seeley, saw-mill. 
Carson James O, : hysician. 
Curs'; n O C, justice of peace. 
Carson <k Sweeney, meat market. 
Cartwright & Hatcher, physicians. 
Clark George, carpenter. 
Clark & Grider, (Htnry T. Chirk, 
John li. Grider , Lawvers, Post-office 
Clark & Monahan, books, etc. 
Claypool A Bro, hardware. 
Claypool & Ragland, pork packers. 
Collett George, livery. 
Collett John H baker. 
Cook Isaac B, groceries. 

Cooke & Payne, real estate and insurance. 

Cooksey George C, count} judge. 

Corn. 11 Mr- B B, propr Mitchell House. 

Covington & Potter, lawyers. 

Cullin Benj L, sho< m 

Cnllin Joseph, shoemak< r. 

Cutl bcrtsori Janu -. dry : oo U 

Darsl Martin, photographer. 

Daughtry A R, harm ss-maker. 

Daughtry Wm (i, groceries. 

Demut & Wat kins, furniture. 

Denhardt VVm, shoemaker. 

De V; i. - Fi 'i n c, srroeerv 

Dibbh? John \Y. grocer." 

Disl rn m J dm, flour-mil] 2 miles west). 

Dixon Charles, restaurant. 

D ; Bos ,! dm K, lawy< r. 

I hi i! ■• W •.. I . circuit e< urt judgo. 

Duncan ,1 ]) & Co, grocers. 

Dunson [sham, barber. 

Durkee J W.agt Green river handle- works. 

Edley John, painter. 

Edwi 11 John, gr< c< r . 

Esper Jno 1!, wagon-maker, Potter ave. 

Evans Robert S, editor and proprietor 

Bowling Green Democrat. 
Ewing John W, saloon. 
Fleming .1 G, stove.- und tinware. 
Fortune Stephen T, agt. Adams express. 
Fowler Thomas, confectionery, etc. 
Frisz John, cigar mnfr and saloon. 
1 iseili Peter, jeweler and musical mdse. 
Galvin John, grocer. 
Gardner Ben F, e. unty clerk. 
Gerard Frank, undertaker. 
Gerard House, Thos Pet ick, propr, 
Glenn Henry E, ' : - ket agent L & N R R. 
Glenn Milburn A, sewing-machines. 
Glenn ? • iel B frei :ht agt L & N R R. 
Gorin Geo. l{. Atty-at-Law, Notary 

Public, and Examiner, Court Row, near 

Post-o fiice. 
Gorin J. W. & Geo. I J., Lawyers, 

Court Row, near Post-othce. 
Graham & Graham, general dry goods. 
Graham A Potter, real estate and ins. 
Grange Co-operative Store, general store. 
Green River Handle Works, J W Durkee, 

Green ami Barren Itiver Navign- 

tion Company, Capital, $160,(X >. 

Charles G, Smallhouse, Prest : Edward 

B. :• • ley S< o'y and Tr<-«h. [See adv.) 
Greer Bros, furniture. 
Grider Warner, lawyer. 
Guinan Patrick, saloon. 

j|«Bi?»t«f> Rlffi^ffttffH? • Controlling over tJO.OOO.OGO of Fire I*! ft (8 

«/iHilK*" a/ iiAXTTtKnflAn c^itai, and op*ratin« i« u> south. Pimmm Ms M wwi 





Ouinan Mrs P. millinery. 

Haley Richard T, notary public. 

Hallinan Nathaniel, shoemaker. 

Hallsell & Mitchell, lawyers, P O building, 

Hare, & Co, merchant tailors. 

Uart Simon, elotl ii _-. 

Hawkins Pie ee B, la a yer. 

Hay Philip, live sto> k. 

Hendrick Joseph F, dentist. 

Heminger Louis C, machinist, 

llespen Frederick, bakery. 

Iliggins Michael, wines and liquor*. 

Rill Walter B, lawyer. 

Hines Edward L. U •• j er. 

llines Henry C, city mayor. 

Hines ii C & Co, gr< ci ries and liquors. 

Hines James 1». circ lit clerk. 

Hines Robert B, livery. 

Hission A; Reilly, millinery, 

Hobson Br. s & Co. loan agents. 

Hobson Win. E., Postmaster. 

Hosan Ellen, crroeer. 

Hog'an Thomas, grocer, 

Howell John, distillery. 

Jackson Denton S, paintei and restaurant. 

Jackson Mary, groceries. 

Jackson Napoleon Jl, cJ < ntist, 

J< nkins Eiei - E. j tsti< e oi \ eaee. 

Jen kii - & Pe nit ; -., jroi 

Johnson Jesse 15., Propr. Johns >n ■ 
Exchange, Wines, Liquoi , ind Billiards 
cor. State and Frozen How. 

Johnson Thomas .!, bla< ksmiib. 

Johnson Valentine, carpenter, 

•' >hn ?on & < typool, physicians 

Jones F !>, jailor. 

Kahn I iV L. general store. 

Kentucky Masonic Mutual Life insurance 
Co , L A Gral . m, I J • -'•. : ■! D Lewis, Sec. 

Flister Mi«s Emma, millinery. 

Lesterjett Charles H, sali n 

Lewis J D, -ic Kentuckv Masonic Mu- 
tual Life I:-. . Co. 

Loving E S, blacksmith. 

G. IP. IROZLsTIEJ, ,<; gja 

PROPRIETOR j . ■ -- ; H 




•S" The best Bossies and Horsea aiil Middle Horses on hand 

A ■_■• nural Liver) tiimimss doc 


W. B. WiNAKS, Proprietor. 

PER DAY, $2.00 PER DAY. 



• -..." ii - • - ' 

Opposite L. * N. R. K. P»epot., 


**"Good Accommodations for lay-over travel. Sample Kooraa attached. ""*« 


Central and Southern Dep't, 
jOUISVIIiliE, - K 





Loving Virgil, blacksmith. 

Lucas James, Farming Machinery, 
Portable Saw-Mills, Agr'l Imps., Wag- 
ons, Carriages, Groceries, Grain, Seeds, 
and Com. and Forwarding Merchant. 
Main near Dep it and I rozen Row. 

McConnell James M, general store. 

McElroy James F, phys aan, 

McMakin Wm, sewing-machines, 

McNamara Patrick, shoemaker. 

McNeal Wm L constable. 

ilaicr Frank, jeweler. 

Mallorv <£ Willis, druggists. 

Mayhugh Perry J, gr >eer. 

Merchants Hotel, Joseph Tarpley, propr. 

Milligan & Thompson, carpenter?. 

Miner Clark A, physician. 

Miner Mr- H .V, milliner 

Mitchell T (.' <x Co. gr series and liquors. 

Moennis Fred W, watchmaker, 

Moran John .1, saloon. 

More head House Mrs. S. E. Armitage 
and Mrs. C.A. Herdi lan, props. (Seeadv) 

Morgan John B, livery. 

Morgan & Woodcock, grocers. 

Morris W B & Son, saddlers. 

Morris & Hyatt, prop'rs Queen Flour-mills. 

Munkle Charles A, shoemaker and county 

Murrell & Nelson, barbers. 

Nahm Bros dry goods. 

Nahm E & Co. clothing. 

Nahm Sam, hides, feathers and wool. 

Nateher i; Frost, stoves and tinware. 

Newton James H, saloon. 

Nichols Wm H, barber. 

Nolan Patrick, saloon. 

Ogden College, capital $120,000. James W 
Wightman.pres; Daniel W Wright, sec. 

O'Riley Daniel B & Co, blacksmiths. 

Patillo Mr^ S C, dressmaker. 

Patterson Charles G, hardware and plows. 

laylmcr Riclmrd, carpenter. 

Payne Wm H. saw ami planing-mill. 

Pay io' & Drake, lawyers. 

Perkins ,J S, ri<jar manufacturer. 

Philips A Loving, gn ceries and liquors. 

Philips Divid G, live stock. 

Pollard & Wood, hoots and shoes. 

Porphew J vt Son. croceries. 

Porter E. II., E litorand Proprietor of 
the Bowling Green Gazette, and General 
Book & Job Printer Main. ( \>< adv.) 

Porter John M. commonwealth's atty. 

Porter Robert II. shoemaker. 

Porter Woodford, grocer. 

Porter A McCormick, physicians. 

Porter *.'<: Porter, lawyers. 

Poiter P J & Co, banker* 

Potts George, lumber. 

Procter A: Galloway, lawyers. 

Pjle George W, watchmaker. 

Pyle Mrs. ,( W, miliii ery> 

Rausch< r Do nil ie, gi neral store. 

Reardon Daniel, wines and liquor*. 

Reardon Owen, cooper. 

Re^au Daniel, groceries. 

Ritter House (*2.00 per day), 
Wm. B. Winans. Proprietor. Opposite 
the Depot. : See adv. i 

Roberts M T, grocer. 

Robertson R Monroe, hardware. 

Rochester House. ($1.qG nor 
day). Wm. II. Rochester, Proprietor. 

Rochester "Wm. II., Pn prietor Roch- 
ester House, Main. 

Rode; & Sattl. . la \ 

i . ler Christian, barber. 

Rone Commodore i'-, Livery, Sale, 
Feed, and Exchange Stable, Court. 
(See adv.) 

Rose James H. U S commissioner. 

Rowe John & Bro, flour-mill, | "J miles west). 

Sabel Moses, dry goods and millinery. 

Satterfield Samuel A, tannery. 

Schuessler Phil, bakery. 

Seeley Edward li.. Secretary and 
Treasurer Green and Barren River Nav- 
igation Company. 

Settle Simon W. jeweler. 

Sheppard Thomas R, china, glass and 
queens ware. 

Simon James M, school commissioner. 

Sims J C, county attorney. 

Sloyer & McGoodwin, grocers. 

Smith Joseph J, sheriff. 

Smith T J & Co, b »>ks and pictures. 

Smith Wm W. carpenter. 

South John F it Co, meat market. 

Spalding W F& Son. general store. 

Starr John, lumber, doors, sash and blinds. 

Stout John L. proprietor Bowling Green 

Stubbins & Co, grocery. 

Sullivan T •! & Co, stave and heading fac- 
tory, am! manufacturers whisky barrels. 

Su-npter -1 B «V Co, grot ers an I mi it rnrkt. 

Tarpb-y Joseph, propr Merchants Hotel. 

Taylor Silas, brick-yard. 

Taylor & De N< al, dress-makers. 

Thomas Charles M, lawyer and judge city 
cuurt, Court Row. 

tTiinnlfniinl TlTmlnwnntfl "^ hardware Specialties, Catalogues and Price Lists fur- 
] Vl.iii I I t1 i ih! id h nihc '- 1 freo< A r rly«sondtofliED.SCHMIEDING,835 

-TJXUHUUd llU|!lUiUUillU Broadway and 830 NorthFoarth Street, ST, LOUIS, K0. 

130 W 




Thomas Peter, saddlery and harness. 

Thompson Tho? J, harness-maker. 

Townsend T J & G E, physicians. 

Turner Wm, drusrsjist. 

Tygret .John T, :■ - ssnr. 

Tyler James 31., Lawyer, Summer. 

Van Meter ii Wi st >n. blacksmiths. 

Yogel John, Jr. bi t -h< r. 

YOfjel John, Sr., Restaurant, .Saloon. 

and Whole.-ale and Retail Fish, Oysters, 

Game, and Ice, etc., Main. 
Wagner Ezekiel, srroceries and saloon. 
Warren Deposit Bai k, capita), S150,000. 

Tims B Wright, president; C G Smail- 

! '.:-•. • as bier. 
Warren iS. E una. general store. 
Webb Le e, barber. 

We-.t John T. agricultural implements. 
Western Union Telegraph Co. J K Allen, 

Weston James, blacksmith. 
Wilkin* VVm T. physician. 
Wilkins A. Simnis, lawyers. 
W ilson .!:'!i. -. barbi -. Main. 
WinailS, AVm. 15., Proprietor Bitter 

House, opposite Depot. 
Withers Garland H. livery. 
Woodward John T carriage manufacturer. 
Wright A Cooper, i hysician. 
Wright John W, groceries 
Wright ec McElroy, lawyers. 
Yost Doctor, blacksmith! 
Younglove J I & Bro, druggists. 

BOXV1XL.E. An incorporated vil- 
lage in Union county. 7 miles east of Mor- 
gantield, the county-seat. Ship by river to 
Unionville, or to Henderson, on L. & N. R. 
R., 22 miles north-east. The shipments are 
confined to tobacco, and land in the vicin- 
ity can be obtained at from $10 to $25. 
Stage to Morgan field tri-weekly. Mail 
daily. J. W. Muncaster, postmaster. 
Allen J B. physician. 
Cox M P, physician. 
Dunnagan J P, general store. 
Dunnagnn & Springer, bhu ksrniths, 
Marshall VV J 0: Co, tobacco dealers. 
Morgan J M, physi 'ian. 
>luncnster J. YV\. Grocer. 
Newman \ r B, physician. 
Sigler S E, hotel. 
Taylor J G. general -acre. 
Taylor J V, carpenter. 
Willoughby D C, cabinet-maker. 

BOYD'S STATION*, Population 

100. A village in Harrison county, and h 
.-tati, >n on the K. C. R. R., 16 miles north 
of C\ ntbiana,thecounty-seat,and 150 from 
Louisville. A flour-mfll, a church, ar .1 a 
public school are here, and tobacco is the 
chief shipment. A distillery at this 
might prove sin ce sful. J. and h( -• 
is north $25 to >■•<> per acre. Express Ad- 
ams. Telegiaph Western Union. Mail 
daily. James VV"oodbury, postmaster. 
Blair J P. flour-mill. 
Durant George B, express a<rent. 

r S .! & Son. geni store and RK agt. 
Kellar J A, general store. 
Stone L, general store. 

_ HOYDSVIIJI'. With a p. 
tion of about 50, is a small settlement in 
the extreme south-east corner of <• i 
county. 20 mile- ennth-et'.s! < r MavJii 
county-seat, which is also it- shipping 
point, and nearest bank. A erood bla< k- 
smith is needed lore. Land is worth ^8 to 
112 per acre. Cotton, tobacco, and grain 
are raised and shipped. Stage to Paris, 
Tenn. semi-weekly. Tri-we* kly mail from 
Mayfield. S. L. Nance, postmaster 
Brown B F. flour and saw-mill. 
Cardwell & Hays, saloon and grocery. 
Cook Mrs S C hotel. 
Cook W B. justice of peace. 
Cooper & Branyam, lumber rhnfrs. 
Harkev J M, cotton-gin. 
McConnell J E. 
Maxwell J W, hotel. 
Morrison F M. tobacconist. 
Nance S. I,., General Store. 
1'ovner E B, physician. 
Shelton A B, physician. 
Terrell J W, carpenter. 

BRADFORD. Ts a small village, 
located on the Ohio river, 8 .J miles north 
of Brookville, the county-seat Ship direct. 
The village was first settled in 1845, and 
now contains about 100 persons. An open- 
ing here for a blacksmith. Tohai co, ['rain, 
and produce form the shipments. Stage to 
Berlin tri-weekly; fa re. 50c. Daily mail. 
L. Bollinger, postmaster. 
Ball Ed, farmer. 
[5 Ho ger C Ij, farmer. 
Bollinger L., Farmer. 
Bollinger \V, farmer. 

CTT^ftAf*^ ^TTTfl WAT? ^Q New Illustrated Catalogue ju«t©u< Freeto/ 
iuAWi.'iW W twi *» ,■'.••: W k"» WAWiflfeW. tects and Cornice firms S= ;i t h, txorc 

J, W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 




'•■..' HE (JA/.i l'i:EI! 


T J a i- 1 ■ i . ' .' - : , • . tr 

Bra<1 .... .. i . ,-. 

Flo . ■ \\ • .. ..n. 

Howe • .'...•• s.nt. 

I ! ■■ ,1 ,1 ri • ,: :■ p. 
Lytic < 'hris. far n. r. 
Lytic i ' ran 

0'< on. i : i ■ '. . .tr:. tor. 

r r i 

Pep] ■ . ■-.'.•■■ Hue, 

Telton : it'-i ; ■ 

Telton \V 

Treganl •; •'■ >.'! ." - "■ - lion, 

Tregn 1. M r. 

Wilson \\ !l. •'. : ■ r. 

rkai>foi:i>s\ m i.r, •• 

ri.jn ci iint.y, 1U mil 

nor., the i oun: y-se it. . : 

shoukl be -ri npttl. 

population ... I Go, .■- | 

Stage to I. 

round trip. Tvi-wi .• ij n lil. i. 0. 

Lei', [•». <i ■ :. --l. 

A.U tin J :=•:.), '.» ksmitb. 
Bell Jan eneral store. 

Ruddle ton .■- J. ..■.. -'■;!• e. 
Hughs. Thonvi li . ;• 

Knott — — , . : • ! ;•..:•--,_., 

Pool II ■ ■■'■ • v. . 

Smii 1. i- . / 1 t 'i-.Uege. 

Surlx •' f) ,. : r. 

Tl.I.'J. -, , lloUP-1 iMl 

Tough t, I- • ic, toitn, 

Thomas C. hoi 

Tool, It. ■;• . ■: ii ■■ ore. 

Veach, A J. boot ntu! ■ ■ maker. 

Vea< h, E 1>, w.i -■■■ >-r. 

Veach & M . < ' i in-, I .smiths. 

ISltWI i >3 N<IS. Ad ur county, h a 

\IvLli Lit »;hii 

' • ' : D| Lion of ub< ut 

' ' -j 12 . mtle3 

■ ■ ■■ . tie to fclorse 

| <"■; • • ; I.. A .' H Mail tri-week- 

■■ • I tJ.odl-t). 

'tin dist). 

I I'.i •■■.•■ .: 

1 dist). 

• ( mi,-- b1 . i 1 j , ph\ sician. 
: i >\ 

1 ■'.■'. 

■ Man. 

■ i shoes. 
. >V, v • .-. 

■ ■■• • ' - ,, General Store. 

I or. 
■■ ; ... ' ■■ mith. 
. Soi . ■ ■ ■■. lack t) ■ ; i.ii. 
;on j <>, phy ioiitn. 
' y'an f2 '< pi ys.idan. 
' j i ') Inn J A, jits i i. e. 

I VU 13 It J KX. •':.• ■;. u stubli. -bed in 1866. 
'■■ • ' rpo rated i k ■> : :1 ^] uhlenhurg 

< ■ >ty, I 1 "ii'. ; of Greenville, the 

s it; ;■• , ' ,'. ■•■ 100 it contaii 9 a 
- booi, an I flour-mill, 
s • : ; )bac ■■>. L mil, in 

Li ia< ■ ■' ■ ■ \ . brii plO to ! '. per 

.■-■ * •• ' • ' ■•..■. ■ ; . ping 

tho 3>. & N. K. It. Mail tri- 
A. J. •'•'.•) stt, [) . it ister. 
]'<' wru-i t \.. ' ■ ':■•.■"! tStore. 
- -J '• niths. 

i ..»•'. tker. 

i I, ■■ {'■■> .1 i). u !■ 

::. : '. and live stock. 

. maker. 
Lich ■ -.-r. 

itii ■■ ..'.»". ; neral store. 

- h l'i " I \ ; : . ! I I ry. 

I >h:\\ ." .' iiiliy.i . i ■■ .i store. 
■ ' • ■ it v, :in : . - - .'oai/gli J H, I , - lb 
,..,■.' I.' (', tobacco. 

:1 ..- mi 1 !. 

BK.\"NI>K\l»l/!?<";. Mesle ■. fc (Jos.vtt. druggie. 

ty. '■ 

ri';. ci .,,.-..;.,, }: 5 ' : '; ■: I : S .5 ,S. Known a? 

for regu ur rtk-n.) . ' < ■• ■■ fie, in th I i-n p^ rt of 


office : 

Louisvi - . l/.iily niiiii. V- . H 

postnv p. 

Bn in .' L F, |>b . -;. ian. 

fiiitrioiM \V . Si., ' ver. 


import ini pD.a i ice. 

• ■" i ■■ r ^$"i* ii ASATI ^1 


^I'lU^Lls W UiPty I I., -. tiE^f *i«t«l Claims, A?ents Everywhere. 

than l.ICO 


IND U\ -Is J. 




Marshall county. .- n i 3 -.- ith of Be 
the county-seat, N 101 ii-east <>i Slav 
it- nearest shipping point »n I tie M . 
N. R. R.. and -js -ouih-ea^ of Pud 
Semi- weekly mail, J< i n M. Green, 

Bean U r >... saw and grist-mill. 
iireen «V: Son, <■ m ral Store, 
Kinney V \V, - nitnW*. 
hi;:'!' y & Ad ■ ' ' ksmiths. 
MeCrorv J rl. run, -io n. 
Priebard A- Sheffield blacksmiths. 
Ray .) < A. Son, cal it et-makers. 
Ray A; \Vint< r -aw and grist-mill. 
Rudd .1 >bn, tei 'be •. 
W rather .) L, t< u her. 

ti al 


Z. "T. 


BRlFXiTTi'ORT. A small vill ige, 
on south Benson : ek, Franklin county, 
5 miles southwest 01 Frankfort, the coun- 
ty-seat, and nearest shipping point, on L.. 
0. <y L. K. K., and to nnlen south-east ot 
Louisville. Two cburehes and a p>il>i ; . 
school are here, iml '• bao 0, corn and hay 
are shipped. Population 100 
Shelby vi lie and Frankfort dai 
$1.25 "and 50c. Mail daily, 
rent, pi stmasier. 

Buckley S M, dentist. 

Chinn (r W, phvsieian. 

Jackson ,1 W. hotel. 

Jenkins St< >h< , 1 arpenter. 

Parrent Z. Taylor, Get 

Itusst !i dames, -.1 i Her. 

Russell Wm, genernl store. 

Schotield F M. blacksmith. 

Shinn J 1), justice, and general store. 

tral Sic re. 

BRIKXSBURG. In the northern 
part of Marshal! county, 5 miles north of 

Benton, th unty--eat, and 10 smith ol 

Calvert Citv. its nearest shipping point. 

on the P. & E. K i\ Daily mail and stage 

to Benton and Paducah, fare to latter 

point To cents. Population 100. J. M. 

Moonej . postmaster. 

Chiles W T, phy.-i ian. 

Graham Samuel, physician. 

Hanelton W B. blacksmith. 

Hunter W D, general store. 

Locker J P, hotel. 

McBrida K. blacksn ith. 

Mooney J. 31., Physician. 

Smith Samuel, saddler. 

HltlKTOW STATION'. A village 
of '200 in! abitai •-. und a station on 
L. & X. R. It., it. Warren county, K>!"> 
miles from L ussvillo. Bowling Gree i, .'. 
miles west, is the county-seat, and near- 
est bank. Water-power is derived from 
Big Barren creek. A Methodist church, 
and district school are here. Land aver- 
Hgi • '-'.* I per acre, an 1 corn, wheat, and to- 
bacco e\porl ed. «' s{ '■••- Adam 
Mail daily. James A. Ro ■ r- postmaster. 
Francis Whiter, physician 
Hendrick R W &c I, le&f-tobaeco dealers. 
Hendrick S E, expr< >< and R R agent. 
Roberts K. I . & Co., ( >t :.<.f.. i Store. 
Roup T T, iluur-mili. 
Stone R 1>, general store. 
Whitlow W II. blacksmith. 

BIlOAI)HEAT>. Located on the 
Knoxville div. L. & M. R. R., in Rocfccas- 
tle county, miles ft of 'It Vernon, the 
-eat of justice, and 122 mi - . ; Bouth-east of 
Louisville. Two churches a public school, 
and 2 saw-mills are here, and the exports 
are principally lumber. Land average?, in 
price, c-l to $10 per acre. Population 1W). 
A good opening here ' >\ a four and grist- 
mill. Express \.dams. Mail daily. T. S. 
Firth, postmaster. 

Albright .1 If. R R and express agent. 

Albright J 11 .V: Co, general store. 

Albright & Martin, tobacco dealers. 

Burdet -1, pin sician. 

Butner A F, blacksmith and wagon-maker. 

Butner Mrs Lizzie, milliner. 

Carter -I (1. lawyer. 

Firth R H & J (J. saw-mill. 

Firth Thomas 8., General Store, and 

Hank & Bro, general store. 
Hiatt Champ, wagon-maker. 
Hilton J H & Co, general »tore. 
Howard H G. blacksmith and gunsmith, 
Hudwall 1 S, wagon-rnaker and carpenter. 
Melvin John, lumber dealer and saw-mill. 
Minks .1 U, ■; irpenter. 
Thorp . I W. carpenter and painter. 
Watts & [ii-ninhill. carriage materials, etc. 
Winstead David, blacksmith. 

BROADWELL. This is a country 
post-otlice in Harrison county at which mail 
is recci-.ed tri-weekly. Mary A. Lail. 

uu ^b^iAuyit u km&mkM) cmm DEPA r™ e Tl* s : LoaisvllIef K 




BROOKLYN. A settlement of 25 
people in Butler county, 100 miles from 
Louisville. Weekly mall. Wra. D Junes 

Hammil A; Willi-*, drugs and groceries. 
Phelps.) N, general store and li at' tobacco. 
Rose Mary, saw and grist-mill. 
Willis S. X., Plnsician. 

BUOOKVILLE. Is a town of 
about 4uw inhabitants, in Bracken county. 
of which it is the county-seat. Augusta, 
on the Ohio river. 9 miles north, is the 
m»s'. available shipping point, and Mays- 
vilie, 17 miles east, is the nearest railroad 
approach. Banking is transacted in Au- 
gusta. The shipments comprise tobacco, 
hogs, and v, h it, and iai d in the inn 
ate vieiuity meets with a ready sale at $25 
to 130 per acre. The town has sta^e com- 
munication with Augusta and German- 
town daily, and to Olaysville tri-weekly, 
fares $1.00. Mail daily. George S. Staton, 

Adimson George S, sheriff. 

Blackerby Wra O, lawyer. 

Bradford S W, general store. 

Brannock W'm II. physician. 

CorlisJ W R, physician ar.d tobacco dealer. 

Corlis & Bro, tobacco dealers. 

Clark & FVUs, lawyers. 

Clayton P II, dry goods. 

Coons J If. tobacco denier, 

Demoss «?c Staton, Flour-mill. 

Ellis Win T, carpenter. 

Finn Martin, hotel and livery. 

Flannery M T. saloon. 

Florer Mrs C E, milliner. 

Fox T J, drugs and saloon. 

Frank Willard B, grocer. 

Lee John A, dry goods. 

Lee & Owens, grocery. 

Linn John A, physician. 

Melloy Patrick, physician. 

Hackett Thos, hotel. 

Hamilton & 15 ro, tobacco dealers. 

Hancock & Metcalf, livery 3tabie. 

Harvey B J. saloon. 

Heffernan James, livery stable. 

Holmes A J, druggist. 

Poage George 15, count \* and circuit cle.k. 

Powell Mrs E, milliner. 

Powell Fielding, cooper. 

Powers Chris C, county judge and lawyer. 

Powers Wm H, confectioner. 

Smarr H E, confectionery. 

Smith Robert K. lawyer. 

Staton C N", tobacco dealer. 

Staton James, sr, blacksmith, 

Staton James W, ma.- ter commissioner. 

Staton A; Bro., Grocery. 

>;'! ; ! Henry, shoemaker. 

Ti;vis M i3 ton. physician. 

Thompson Andrew M. stoves and tinware. 

Wallin I',.', id J, ph\ sician. 

Weaver Henry C, lawyer. 

Willis A Son lawyers. 

Wolf Jacob, clothing store. 

Zeitz Gabriel, barber. 

BROWXSBORO. Is an incorpo- 
rated town, with a population of 300, in 
prei inct of --one name, Oldham county, 7 
mil.'S south of LaGrange, the court tj--seat, 
and 20 from Louisville. It ha* a saw and 
Hour-mill, a Chris ian church, and an acad- 
emy, ami ships whisky, ami gram, and live 
-lock. Land in the adjacent country can 
he purchased at $'20 to $80. Express 
Adams. Mail tri-weekly. L. M. LaRue, 

Basler .1 M, walnut lumber. 
Easier Theodore, shoemaker. 
Bryan S P. phvsician. 
Callendar Moses, v agon-maker and under- 
Campbell James, R R and express agent. 
C lore John L, saw-mill and lumber manfr. 
Clore Z & S«m, distillers. 
Connor A J, sewing-machine agt. 
Dorsey Henry, blacksmith. 
Estes .Fames, plasterer. 
Ferguson W P & Son, teamsters. 
Hardin W K, live stock. 
Heitzman John, wagon maker. 
Kemp RusseB, blacksmith. 
Kemp W ,1 & H P. blacksmiths. 
Pinnell L, painter. 
Prentice John, saddler. 
Ross J W, carpenter. 
Sadler Wm, mach nist. 
Sherley Robert, distiller. 
Spoer M E, justice of peace. 
Tatjer T C & Son, distillers. 
Taliferru Rev T F. | Methi .list). 
Wilhite .1 W distillery and saw-mill. 
Wilhite L P. live stock. 


•mail settlement of about 30 peopi". in 


aoat rt-ft.r«siie< t • tin (.ompaoieewe manage 
BARBEE k CASTLEM, A i rille, Ky. 

Agiu(« tvi'rj-V'hire So.JtJt. 





Clinton county, 3 miles west of Albany, 
the county-seat. Albany Landing on the 
Cumberland river is the shipping point. 
Mail tri-weekly. J. S. McFarlane, post- 
Howard G K. general store, and flour-mill 

(1 .', miles off). 
McFarlin .J. S., Blacksmith and Wag- 

BROWNSVILLE. Theseat of jus- 
tice tor Edmonson county, situated 1 iO miles 
south-west of Louisville. It is an incor- 
porated town, with a population of* 10-3. 
Rocky Hill, its nearest railroad approach, 
and the shipping point, on Memphis div. 
L. & X. R. R„ is L2 miles south. Hi gs, 
sheep, and catt e are exported, and a com- 
mon school is sustained. Green river is 
navigable at this point, and ship n.ents could 
be made direct, although the rsdlrnfld is 
preferable. Land averages $1 to $5 for un- 
improved, and $5 to $10 tor improved. 
Mail daily. G. VV. Long, postmaster. 
Dicus Wm. hotel proprietor. 
Edwards & Hazelip, lawyers. 
Hazelip L M, judge of county court. 
Hazelip P S, caipenter. 
Holmes AG, physician. 
Long' G. \V., Merchant. 
Sturgeon & Lav, lawyers. 
Walker M W, driest. 
Whitlow Rev P M \ Baptist). 
Wise J C, sheriff. 
Woosley L J, circuit dark. 
York Meredith, hotel proprietor. 
Yunks S & Bro, hotel proprietors. 

BRUCE. A small settlement and 

post-office in Barren county, 8 miles south- 
west of Glasgow, the county-seat and slop- 
ping p. lint. A church, a -aw and two grist- 
mills are here, and tobacco, lumber, and live 
stock are marketed. Stage to Glasgow and 
Scottsville daily ; fare 50 cents and Si. Mail 
tri-weekly. W. J. Crow, postmaster. 

BRUIX. A village on Little Sandy riv- 
«r, a water-power stream, in Elliott county, 
12 miles north-east of Martinsburg (Sandy 
Hook), the county-seat, and 14 miles south- 
west of Grayson, the in-' ' convenient ship- 
ping station, on the E. 'v. It. R. Wh< at, to- 
bacco, and produce are shipped. Land in 
this section of the State can be purchased at 

from $5 to $10 p> i ai-re. Two churches and 
& distrii t s< h.ooi are sustained by a popular 
tion of 250. Mail daily. W. W. Green, 

Green Wellington, Flour-mill, Black- 
smith, Farmer and Distiller. 
Horton Travis, bote!. 
Smith A, saw and grist-mill. 
Smith \\ 1.. ■■ ibui'-t-miiker. 
White R P, physician. 

BUUJIFIELD. A station on the 
Knoxville Branch of the L. & N. R. R., 

and a village in Boyle county, 1'Jl miles 
west of Danville, the seat of justice, whi< b 
is also the nearest bank location Hogq 
mules, horses and grain an shipped. Im- 
proved land can be obtained at >'J. : > to t >0 
and unimproved from c-1 to .;o per a«-re, 
Express Adams. Mail daily. 0. Brum* 
held, postmaster. 

Brumneld James, fanner and apiarist. 
Gray W H, lumber and tan-bark. 
Pipes G W, carp, nter. 
.Stewart G A, railroad and express agi-nt. 

BRUSHY, only a country post-office, 

in the county of" Taylor, 18 mib •> west of 

Campbellsville, the county-seat, which is 

also the nearest railroad point, on the L. A 

N. R. R. Mail by special supply. R. M. 

Johnson, postmaster. 

Bloyd John, 'flour-mill, 2 miles west. 

Bloyd W F, general store. 

Despain J II & Co, general store. 

Despain J P, Hour and saw-mill, 1 mile w. 

Etherton Wm F, gunsmith. 

Etherton J P. gunsmith. 

Loyall Rev J T, school teacher. 

Maxey J W, railroad and express agent. 

Morrison .! M, general store. 

Poteet & Bloyd, general .-tore. 

St ludemayer A T. mechanic. 

Warren Gabriel, general stor" and flour- 
mill, '1 miles west. 

BRUSHY BOTTOM, Lewis conn* 

tv. 'See Month of I. lurel. 

BRYAXT'S STORE, a postoffice 
known as Little Poplar Creek, in the south- 
ern part of Kno\ county, 6 miles south of 
Uarboursviile, 40 south-east oi Livin'a >ton, 
the nearest sit.iiti n on u<>-> Knoxville branch 
of the L. & N R. R . and 160 south-east 

'fsf^rO J ' (,r Church* 

S..oi«(i,.,. J.o-i« x, Mining and all for 
litis;, Pool ami I*.:>yr<?age €heel;> 

imciliu, Ec-ravj? aid DioGiike:, "-;: Eaai;iphS;., CHICAGO, III 





of Louisville. It has o churches, a com- 
mon school, semi-weekly mail, and >0 in- 
habitants. M. Bryant, \ (stmaster. 
Bryant ti M, general sture. 
Bryant Minor, General Store. 
Catching \V 11, blacksmith. 
Davis K S. flour-mill. 
Evans — , tleur-mill. 
Fuller F C, farmer. 
Gatlifl' J S. farmer. 
Hamlin.- \V , flour-mill. 
Jones J M, physician. 
Lay J do, general -ton:. 
Lewalh !) i - ■. u . •. gi • • t> ! store. 
Logan C, general store. 
Logan Minor B, blacksmith. 
McCoy S G, c 

McNeals , ilour-mill, 

McVey Mi.-.- Jennie, teacher. 
Perky Win, carpenter, 
Pcwcl W II, jus tic of peace 
Row George P, gei eral store, 
Strokes \V B, ii suranee agt. 
Wartield .1 II, teacher. 

BRYANTS VIL.L.E. A village with 
about 150 inhabitants, in the central portion 
of Garrard county, 9 miles north of Lan- 
caster, the county-seat, Danville, S.j miles 
west is thi 1 mc-t < on\ enn • t shipping point 
on C. S. liy. Hemp and \ i;eat are export- 
ed. Land of a good quality is worth from 
$20 to $50 per acre. < ';; ■ church and a tjood 
public school aiv here. Stage communi- 
cation with Lancaster and Nicholasville 
daily, fare 50c and 75c. Mail daily. Wil- 
liam D. Nash, postmaster, 
Armstrong T C, physician. 
Batson K II, general store. 
Berkele Win, distiller and justice of peace. 
Floyd Thomas, woolen-mills. 
Ford E S, general store. 
Harmon Mi-s M. teai her. 
Hazelton J S. harness-maker. 
Hills Jas H, blacksmith. 
HilLs John, cabinet-maker. 
Kii<£ Jas, wagon-maker. 
King W J, general store. 
MaySeld F M, wagon-maker. 
Poor John W, distilierv -'■'. miles oil"). 
Smith 1) F, hotel. 
Webb W C, physician, 

BUCHANAN. Or Rockville, as it 
is sometimes called, is a station on the new 

Chattroi Hail way, in Lawrence countv, 11 

miles north of Louisa, the county-seat] and 

300 east of Louisville. Big Sandy river 

furnishes power, which prop Is a flour and 

corn-mill ; 2 churches and a common school 

are here. The exports consist of grain, 

and farm produce. ' Population 250.' Mail 

daily. ,). F. I! itten, postmaster. 

Banfield 11 P. physician. 

Dent D, blacksmith. 

Hatteil -1. S\, Hotel and General Store. 

Hubbard Wesley, carpenter. 

K :i ner G, livi stock . i ' ami er. 

Ivei . r Oliv r, bl ■ ' smith. 

Siemke Re\ A 1'. ( Methodist). 

Stone Eli, wagon-maki r. 

Si ump John, con t rat tor. 

Ward La k renc . cai penti-r. 

Warren Charles. g< i eral store. 

Wellman J B, blacksmith. 

\\ right Joseph 11, Piuur-mill. 

BUCK (KEEK. Five miles from 
Booneville, the county-scat of Owsley 
county, is only a country post-office; 40 
miles north-east of Livingston, the nearest 
railroad approach on L. & N. R. K. Mail 
semi-weekly. W. B. Brandenburg, post- 

though A J, jeweler. 
Botner K & Son, flour-mill. 
B"'a man i [em > , shoemaker. 
Bnuidenburif \V. IS., General Store. 
Bromlie G !>, railroad agent. 
Class W II, physician. 
Flanery W P, justice. 
Isaacs Isaac, constable. 
Richardson W H, blacksmith. 
Ross Levi, distiller. 
Tread way W W, jr, justice. 

BUCKEYE. \ post-office in the 
northern part i4' Garrard county, i< 9 
miles north of Lancaster, the county-seat, 
and its noart -t shipping point, on the Rich- 
mond bram h of tin L. v.v. V. it. R.,and 100 
South-east of i.<"u. iville It has a Baptist 
church and a common school. Tri-weckly 
mail. John W Brown, postmaster. 
Barker Charh s, saddler. 
Blakeman Wtn C & l.«ro, aiillers. 
Brow n rlohll °^V ,, General Sure. 
Noel U A, iustii e. 
Mokes K< v K R , Baptist). 
Ra) W'm, physician. 

RH$f t¥ i r i P * k K?n'? fll ? IW Controlling over *-io,(K)0.iViO of F'ir« K' I It 

MKnhh 11 lAJvl " ' il Coital, and opvratin^ i — ith. 1/1*8 T^H ft/! A M ?*»?■* 

BUC amj isusixks* ihrkutoky. JUL " 87 

BUCKHORN. Ohio county (See ■ BUFFALO. Established in 1866, is 

Beds.). j a villain in La llu untv, G miles south- 

oast of Hodgensville, the county-seat. A 

BUCKHORN CKFKK.. Breathitt Hour-mill is. "driven by power obtained from 

county, recently established as a,, post- Nolin riv<-r. The nearest shipping p ir:l 

office. | is New Haven, 1-; miles north, on.the L. & 

: S.KR. Bank at Klizabcthtown. Whisky 

BUCKNEB'S STATION'. A si* l nd furm r ' r : "' T "' ' 

lion on the L., C. & L. Rv., and a small be purchased at SI to $20 per acre. Mail 
village in Oldham c unty," - . miles south- tn-weekly. R. D. Williams, postmaster, 
west of Lagrange, the count} •• it, and '2-' Browntieid I) T, general store, 
north of Louisville. A steam -aw-mi'!. 2 Brown field W W, distiller, 
churches, and & semi ■ ■: v •.- sustained by Browntlehl Ar Bro, flou ring-mill, 
a population of about L'o'}. Express Adams. Cheatham Wm, shoei 
Mail daily. W. A. Campbell, postmaster. Creal \V i. general store. 
Callahan Beniamin. distiller. Creal A; Sutton, grocers. 

Campbell \\\ A., (General Store and Elliott S G. blacksmith. 

Expre.^ V---i,t. .Johnson S L, lumber and wool-carder. 

Carrol Charles, Lawver. ! Lively & Ramsey, druggists. 
Cassada\ K B, phvsi< tan." Maxev S YS , express agent. 

Hitt James, I laoksmith. ! :-1 "-^ [l IJ - physi, '""• 

Johnson M F, saloon, livery, and hotel. ! Tlam,-y Rev W L (Baptist). 

Reeves J. J,., Prim ipal SeminaTy. | K "nsoy A; \\ ilson, carpenters. 

Russell John, grain and live stock. 

Shake John M wagon-maker and grape- : 

grower. BUFORD. Also called Bell's Store, 

White James W distiller I uas ' r,( - > inhabitants, in Ohio county, 9 miles 

' | north-west of Hartford, the county-seat, 

BUEXA YISTV. Russell county ' ftr >d 20 south of Owensboro, the shipping 

(See Rovalton). ' point on L. & N. R. R. and Ohio riser. 

i Tobacco is shipped. One church is here. 

T.»r»,-».'. »-. n, » - r, •,» ' and the village has stair'"- communication, 

Bl IAA \ In I A. in Brvantsville . • , , ■,., -. , ,, ... ■ 

^^ * ■••.• t *pi_i in. Mr •„ itli HiirKrinfii uni Hdrltiirji ' 

ri-weekly,-with Owensboro and Hartford; 
'are, >2.50. Tri- weekly mail. David Rog- 


precinct, Garrard count} 14 miles north 

of Lancaster, the- countv-seat an 1 bank lo- 

VT , . . • ... j nn, postmaster, 

cation. Nearest shipping point is Bergen, ' f 

0.} miles west. Population about 100. : Bell Fierce, hotel and saloon. 

Three churches and a good aeademv are ; Coleman Rev J S .Baptist.. 

here. Land will average $-'0 to *R0 per* acre, j Holbrook .1 D, j stice of peace. 

Stage communication tri-weeklv with Ber- : Hoover F M. ilour-mill. 

gen and Brvantsville: fare, 75c. and 50e. j Dudley II S, physician. 

Mail tri-weeklv. Ben H. Perkins, post- i >Ligan - 1 E. general store. 

master. ! Newton Isaac, physician. 

Brown K,V P, distillers. . Buffers & King, General Store, Hotel 

a.., , , ,, , , and Livery, 

lnstopher \\ C, grain dealer. • 

Hudson T E, live stock, 

Jackman H, physician. B1TTJLITTSY II-dLE. A small vil- 

King 1) C ct R E, flour, saw-mili, and dis- lage in Boone county with about 50 in- 

tillery. ] habitants. Burlington, the county-seat, is 

Peas Thomas, constable. 4 miles south. Ship to Constnn f, *< miles 

Perkin B, II,, Blacksmith and Wagon- j north, on the Ohio river. Woolper creek 

maker. . furnishes power here, at present not util- 

Ruble J F, blacksmith. I ized. Produce i< marketed, and land 

Scotta D T, grain and stock dealer. I brings i4<> to $rS0 per acre. Stage to Cov- 

Smith G M, blacksmith. j ington tri-weekly. Tri-weekly mail. Chas. 

Spilman C I, live itock. ! S. Baldy, postmaster. 




■ - ntval and SoutJi 

?2"fl L'ep't, 

• - - . KY. 





Clore Michael, drugs. 

Crisler R 11, physician. 

Houston S. blacksmith. 

Jackson Wm. saw and flour-mill. 

Rice W J, carpenter ana builder. 

Riley & Balcly, General Store and 

Terrell J C, physician. 

BUX1AS. A country post-office, lo- 
cated on Rough creek, a water-power 
stream, in Breckinridge county. Ship to 
Leitchfield, P. & E. R. R., 18 milts south. 
Tobai co and pr iduce are raised and mar- 
keted. Population 35. Semi-weekly mail. 
Mitchel Myer, postmaster. 

Hampton James VV, blacksmith. 
31yer Mitchel, General Store. 

BURKSVILI^E. The location of 

the seat of justice for Cumberland county ; 
is an incorporated town of 800 inhabitants. 
It is situated on the east bank of the Cum- 
berland river. 40 mil -s from Glasgow, its 
nearest railroad approach, and 120 from 
Louisville. Shipments are most conven- 
iently made direct, via water. A saw- 
mill, a flour-mill, four churches, two col- 
leges, a good hotel, and a weekly new-pa- 
per are sustained. The exports consist of 
wheat, corn, and tobacco. Banking busi- 
ness of the place is transacted at Louisville. 
Stage communication with Glasgow tri- 
weekly; fare $4. Mail daily. E. Em- 
mons, postmaster. 

Alexander Edward, blacksmith. 

Alexander R M. physician. 

Alexander W P, physician. 

Alexander it Bm, druggists. 

Baker J A. carpenter. 

Baker R T, lawyer. 

Baker & Williams, general store. 

Biggers J U, principal norma! school. 

Bion Jolly, L T S ganger and store-keeper. 

Burksville Bulletin, W. B. Games, 

Burksville Normal School, J U Biggers, 

Climes W. U., Proprietor Burksville 

Carter & Grissom, saw and dour-mill. 
Cheatham N B. county clerk. 
Cheek John, carpenter. 
Craddoek J G, lawyer. 
Davison Rev L B (Methodist). 

Dixon J A, physician. 

Eckles Mrs Sallie, boarding-house. 

Emnions Elias, Druggist. 

Eston R T, grocer. 

Ferquin J< bn, livery. 

Ferquin M, painter. 

Frank John P, general store. 

Frank Josiah P, harnes3-»maker. 

!! igg ird B R, law yer. 

Haggard C K, physician. 

Haggard 1) R, physician. 

Hickson S P, blacksmith. 

Holloway James, blacksmith. 

Hunter VV < !odfr< y, p!,} sician. 

Mann Joe, shoemaker. 

Martin E G. barber. 

Meyers James VV, jeweler. 

Mile- J, mason. 

McGee G B & Bro, general -tore. 

McMillan Rev J P (Presbyterian). 

Paul Edward. Burksville Hotel. 

Bay J A. deputy collector internal rev. 

Bav N, training and sale stable. 

Rial I B T. constable. 

Ritchie James jr, livery -table. 

Ritchie & Cheek, grocers. 

Sandige P E, physician. 

Sandige ti Allen, lawyers. 

Sinclair <i \V, ma ;on. 

Skipworth G VV, wagon-maker. 

Spencer R F. lawyer. 

Strange L, U S gauger. 

Walker Scott, lawyer. 

Williams Henry, carpenter. 

Yates J C, agent .Singer Manufactur'g Co. 

BURUNGTON. In the northern 
part of Boone county, is a town of some 
350 inhabitants, and is the seat of justice. 
Silver Lake Station. 6$ miles east, on the 
C. S. R'y, is the shipping point by rail. 
The nearest bank location is at Covington, 
16 miles north-east. Stage communica- 
tion daily with Silver Lake, tare >>0 cents. 
Mail daily. Dudley Rouse, postmaster. 
Blythe J F, hotel propr. 
Boom Co Recorder, L Riddell, editor. 
Bradford & Walton, general store. 
Calvert J VV, lawyer. 
Cowen & Westboy, butchers. 
Davis J A. general store. 
Foster H J, lawyer. 
Fowler Ed. constable. 
German ^ Kendall, justices of the peace. 
Green R C, lawyer. 

Hardware Specialties. 

tST-Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Price List 
I- RED. SCHMIEDING, 835 BroaJwaj and 830 Sorti'i 
fourth Street, .... s - LOUIS, Mu 





Hall Frank, printer. 
Hughes G G, lawyer. 
Kirkpatrick Jesse, wagon -maker. 
McKine W F, general »tore. 
Owen Samuel, -reneral store. 
Palmer J M. blacksmith. 
Riddell F. lawver. 

Riddell W Led Boone Co Recorder. 
House Dudley, Dry Goods. 
Saxton C \V, blacksmith. 
Tolin S W, lawyer. 
Waiston A G, lawver. 

BURTOXVIFJLE Lewis county. 
This viHs^e containing about 100 inhabi- 
tants, is situated about 21- mile; west of 
Vaneeburg, the county-seat. Maysville.16 
miles north-west is its most convenient ship- 
ping point, both on the Ohio River, and K. 
C. Ry. Stave- and lumber are shipped. 
Stage to Maysville three times a week, fare 
$1.25. Mail semi-weekly. W. II. Thomas, 

Bollitto J, carpenter and undertaker. 

Burris W B, hotel.. 

Cumbers James, tobacco dealer. 

Dodd S J. general store. 

Dugan Charles, barber. 

Henderson J \V, -aw- mill. 

Irvine John F, physician. 

Luman E P. wagon-maker. 

Luman II R ..v. Co, rlour and saw-mill. 

Luman Joel. Sour-mill. 

McLaney John, blacksmith and wagon- 

Parsen C E. book-agent. 
Parsen S J, lumber merchant. 
Plummer A, justice. 
Praitt John, shoemaker. 
Price J A, cooper. 
Roburn E G, justice. 
Selsor J P, lawyer. 
Sfiitz.s Andrew, carpenter. 
Thomas J F & Co, flour-mill. 
Thomas W. H., :-c>ral store. 
inga (' Svl.-or, blacksmith and wa^on- 

William- W, general store. 
Williams Rev j Methodist). 

BURNSIDE. A station on. the C. S. 
Ry., 10 miles from Somerset, the county- 
seat. This station is a distributive point 
fur the adjacent counties east. Mail daiiv. 

BUSH'S STORK. Small settlement 
in Laurel county, 9 miles -'-nth-east of 
London, the county-seat. Th< most ac- 
cessible shipping plant is Livingston, •_''> 
miles north-west. Live stock is shipped, 
and good grazing land is for sale at $"> to 
$10 per acre Mail semi-weekly. EHza- 
beth Pic-ip-', postmaster. 
Caudel Rev Harrison Baptist ). 
Chesnut Pica- L, genera! store. 
Gregory E S, general store. 
Hammock Rev Xewton (Baptist). 
Hodges Rowland. •_■>■ leral store. 
Johnson T J, general store. 
Jones Julm B, blacksmith. 
McFadden Chap, flour-mill. 
Messamore P B, constable. 
Williams David, live stock. 
Phelps Melville, distiller. 
Pbelpa W A. wagon-maker. 
Russell T J ju»tiee. 
Scales N M. physician. 
Smith Rev A R (Bapt'st). 
Weaver Joseph, flour-mill. 
Weaver & Co, fiour-mill. 
Williams David <fe Son. tobacco manuf'rs. 
Williams E E, flour-mill. 
Williams John E. justice. 

BUTLER. In the northern part of 
Pendleton county, is a station on the Hn« 
of the K. C. R. l*t., 11 miles n >rth of FV- 
mouth, the county-seat, and lil north-east 
of Louisville. A -team saw and iiouring- 
rnill, four churches and district school, are 
sustained by a population of 500. Tobacco 
isexported. Express, Adams. Mail daily. 
R. T. Watson, postmaster. 
Armstrong L II. general store. 
Barton \V L, blacksmith. 
Bascom II K, blacksmith. 
Becket S N. blacksmith. 
Bonar J C, physician. 
Bradford \V A, physician. 
Fisher G C. livery stable. 
Forward & Sine, carpenters. 
Huddleston E, blacksmith. 
Jones ,J, tinner. 
Madison J, shoemaker. 
Patton N S. flouring mill. 
Peopled Hobbs, general .-tore. 
Shaw R F. general store. 
Taylor A I>. wagon-maker. 
Twilight Star Co, general store. 
Watson K. T., Druggist. 

WMfift flWH *if*?A%tISI Wc rtosiro iH Ircli.itrcts au<l t'oraicc firats to 

n 'liniTi I / ' ! \n\ nKX communicate with si* about %iu< Ornaments. 

tiiy?iiny iJiiiy |V y&iMSl ^^-«< J. W. ATKINSON, 3S3-325 So. Clinton St., Chicago, 





BUTL.EBS\ 1 1., LIS 

of Allen county, i- a sj 
taming about 40 inhi 

I i the center 

! \ illage, • on- 

ij! mts. Tra nmell 

laming aooui -to inn luuains. in> iuiich 

creek furnishes power to a flouring ■■i^ ] 

Farm produce is marketed, hi,'! two 

churches and a school are sustained. Ship 

to Howling Green, L' 1 miles north-west, • u 

L. k N. K. R. Mai! >pmi weekly. J. II. 


Dav ds J V", gt n< r il store. 

Dixon H F, mail-carrier. 

Di. on John, justice. 

Halland J H, teacher. 

Justice .1 W . •■ >i -table. 

Lambert & Holland, wagon-makers. 

Pike Charles, miller. 

Samuels George W, tlour-mill. 

Wilson A T, carpenter. 

CABIN CREEK. Lewis county. 
The post-office for a viilage known as 
Glenville. Is a pleasantly-situated little 

village, 18 miles west of v r ai burg, the 

county-seat, ai <i is on the line of the pro- 
jected S. E R. R Ship to Maysville, either 
via Ohio river, or K. C. Ry. Produce is 
marketed. Mail tri-weekly. John W. 
Tully, postmast* r. 
Dunber J M A- -I P, blacksmiths. 
King John it. blacksmith. 
King & McNutt, flour and saw-mill. 
MeCanahan John, general store. 
McNutt John, blacksmith. 
Tully John W., General Store. 

CADIZ. This incorporated town svhs 
lir^t settled in 1815, and tvas made the seal 
of Trigg county in 1822. It is located 
about the cent-'- of the county, 20 miles 
south of Princeton, its most convenient 
shipping point "ii P. iV E. R. R.; 185 miles 
bouth-west of Louisville, and 20 from the 
Tennessee river. Five churches and :'. 
schools are sustained, by a population of 
about LUG". Iron ore is found inconsider- 
able quantities in th« vicinity, and three 
blast furnaces are legated within a radius 
of a few miles, giving employment to about 
300 men. A lanrn amount of iron and iron 
ore is shipped. The town has no bonded 
indebtedni -.-. A w< ekh newspaper, a tine 
new hotel, recently <-■■■;:•■{ at a cost of 
$15,000, and "_' flour-mills are here. Daily 
mail stage to Hopkinsville. Mail daily. 
J. J. Garton, p. stmaster. 

Armstrong James, tinner. 

.i'- '• i itt .1 Kudd, lawyer. 

I- < on Thomas L, physician, 

Barnes Lcuuiel, Proprietor Cadiz 

C( yd Thomas, sheriff. 

B irn( it ,lame. ; marshal. 

Burnett Bonert A., Lawyer and 
Master Comn issioner. 

Cadiz High School, John C Dabney, prin- 

Cadiz House Lemuel Barnes, Propri- 

Cassett .1 T, !• ntist. 

Chappell John \V, general store. 

Cod way Henry B, groceries. 

Crenshaw J \V. pit ,-sieian. 

Dabney Edwin F, law student and exam- 

Dabney & Crenshaw, (Thomas C. 
Dabney, Robert Crenshaw), Lawyers, 
and Examiners of Land Titles and Sales 
of Lan 1. 

Deweese Rev B C (Christian). 

Dyer Alfred B, count} judge. 

Gaines Bros, wini sand liquors. 

Gaines < Seorgo S, ;; r iceries. 

Garnett .James il. commonwealth's atty. 

Garnett J. B., Lawyer. 

Garton H M & Son, hardware and stoves. 

Garton John J., Dry Goods and Post- 

Gentry Jefferson, deputy sheriff. 

Gill James P, livery. 

Grace John R. circuit judge. 

Green James P, brick manufacurer. 

Greer J Thomas, assessor. 

Griffin Joseph E, photographer. 

Grinter Thomas H, broker. 

Hamilton W F. harness-maker. 

Hawkins & Dabney, furniture. 

Hewes E, livery. 

Hillman Je-se F liquors and groceries. 

Hillraan Wiley L. shoemaker. 

Hughes Alex C, tailor. 

Jefl'erson .John G, county clerk. 

Jeffers '-. Tl mi :- | isti e ■• f peace. 

Kelh y •! Ed, county attorney. 

Kcllv M D, jeweler an 1 sew machs. 

Lindsay <i Willis, grot ery 

Lii isaj Lev, pi ysieian. 

Mil 'ain ( •< orge T, groceries and hardware. 
Malono Oc S >n. wajron-mak* rs. 

Peters Rev L (', i Meth dist.) 

Pursley & Stewart, carpenters. 

Ragan Robert, barber. 


JliiillLL to uiio i 



l'«rf Settled more than 1,4:00 
Ijosses, Hii<l have h*<l uut 13 Re« 
-.isie.i tin .'ins. Ao-ents Everywhere. 



Rawlins M rs Ellen, millinery. 

Scbultz George H, shoemaker. 

Shaw John 1>, circuit clerk. 

Sim.- Fen ton. lawyer. 

Smith H W, justice of peace. 

Smoote Wm T, physician. 

Street .1 L & Sons, dry goods, etc. 

Terry Felix G, dru^s. 

Theobold John & Son, shoemakers. 

Thompson Moses S, general store. 

Tanks & Mills, wagon-makers. 

Waide James H. sr< neral -tore. 

White ■! F & Son, t >b ,cco-U-af. 

Wilfurd l\ bert& Bru, flour-mill (3 rnilese). 

Wilford K & Co, drugs and stationery. 

Wilford tV Hughes, meat market. 

Wilgus T .1. ■:•■; ir.uker. 

Wilkinson CWas. T., Publisher Trigg 

County I >t mo< rat. 
Wilkinson James H., Lawyer. 
Yviiiitiiiii Hiram T, gunsmith. 

CAIN'S STOKE. A country post- 
office in Pulaski county, with 60 inhabi- 
tants, 16 miles west of Somerset, the coun- 
ty-seat and shipping station on the C. S. 
Ity. Semi-weekly mail. C. C. Gossett, 
Cain M J, distiller, 
Compton 11 A, distiller. 
Foster E L, blacksmith. 
Gossett C. ('., General Store. 
Rainwater <l A. di.-tiller. 
Roysden Jacob, blacksmith. 

ty-seat. its nearest shipping point. r,n 
the St. L. & S. E. Bram I) :n L & N. R R. 
Its nearest station is Robard. Tri -weekly 
mail. [No report in time for pros-.] 

CAI,i:i)()VIA. Sometimes called 
Cherry Hill, is a *mal! village, in Trigg 
county. 9 miles east of I '..i: i the county- 
scat. Hopkinsville. 13 miles east, is the 
nearest shipping point, on St. L. < v : S. >'.. 

j brunch of L. \ N. K. it. Papulation 05, 
Mail tri-weekly. T. J. Hammond, post- 

! master. 

j Dillard Hen. blacksmith. 

j Hammond T. J., Genera! Store. 

i Miller .1 A. ph\ sician. 

, K - >" .1 I- . pb v sit ian. 

j Wall -J T, Errocer, 

Cain villi:. 

Cain's Store |, 

Pulaski county, i S« 

1 See 

CAIKO. A post-office in the south- 
western part of Henderson county, 11 
miles south-west of Henderson, the coun- 

OAMIOOX. Th t } county-seat of Mc- 
Lean count v, i. ; situated on Green river, 
160 miles from Louis vilia, and f;'> mile? 
from Evansviile, Ind. If is accessible by 
liver at ail seasons of the year. The near- 
est railroad station is at I. via, 7 mile-; dis- 
tant, on the Owensb >;••> div. of the L & N 
It. R. Calhoon was form rU calied Vien- 
na, the tort or .-station of that nan:'- hav- 
ing been built where the town now stands, 
in T788. The town has a population of 
1,200. A new and handsome court-ho ise 
and jail have been lately built. ]i>.r^ are 
2 fiouring-milit., 1 woolen-nail, '■) churches, 
I free school, 1 graded school, and i 
newspaper, the "McLean County }'ro- 
gress." Tobacco is stemmed at this place 
and shipped in large quantities direct to Eu- 
rope. Mail daily. The tow n is remarka- 
bly healthy, and beautifully located. J. p. 
Pruitt, ji.--tmu-t.-r. 
Aver G T. stoves and tinware. 

"W*. B. JSJ-OE. 

tDmonwrttlth A'aornay. 

1TOE &s ERO., 


c^Liioonsr, ky. 

Practice in all tha Courra oi' the Fourth Judicial District composed of tho Counties of 
MoLean, Davieai, Ohio and Hancock 

iau imyylMIyl Ui PukulSIiM, CE 


NTRAL DEPARTMENT, •• - Louisville, Ky. 





Aver , county clerk. 

Baldwin S C, dry goods. 

Cary R G, circuit clerk. 

Clark J W, tobaci • it. 

Cravens A Y. constable. 

Cunningham Jas, hotel and grocery. 

Davenport Rev W 1 \ Methodist).' 

Eger Joseph, bl icksmith. 

Erlley K M, c .oper. 

Fowlkes \V E, physician. 

Frazier Bros, tobact onists. 

Gates G W, lawyer. 

Gates L W, lawyer. 

Gates tV Goodman, editors " Progress." 

Giles .j .1. gi ocer. 

Glover U H, druggist. 

Hale C P. nursery. 

Hamilton John, barber. 

Harrison Thos, hotel. 

Hendrick J K. physician. 

Hobson W T, tobacconist. 

Howard B P, j h.vaiciati. 

Johnson A W, lawyer. 

Johnson J C, luw\ er. 

Johnson J W, county attorney. 

Jones G \V, harness-maker. 

Moore A I, architect. 

Mosely Bros, tire goods. 

Muster J EI,und :rtaker. 

Muster John, police judge. 

Moorman H P. lawyer. 

Noe *V, Lawyers. (See adv.) 

Noe Joe, Commonwealth's Attorney 4th 

Judical District. 
Pfeiffer H A. boot and shoemaker. 
Porter F E, druggist. 
Pruitt J I) & Co, blacksmiths. 
Pruitt C W »t Bro. grocers. 
Pruitt S W, wagon. maker. 
Pruitt .1 I), postmaster. 
Robertson D D, physician. 
Robertson M L T, town marshal. 
Robinson J M, physician. 
Ruby W, W, livery. 
Rudy George, county judge. 
Shutt YV H, miller." 
Swindler Rev B F | Baptist). 
Tichenor G \V. livery. 
Turner Young ec Co, dry goods. 
Wall W H. grocer. 
Wail B I, butcher. 
Walker & Gibson, hotel. 
Walt rip J P. sheriff. 
Watkins A F. physician. 
Watkins L A. lawyer. 
Weil Jacob, dry goo Is and tobacconist. 

Welch J T, distiller. 
White J W, tobacconist. 
Young Elisha. barber. 
Young Thos B, boot? and shoes. 

CALIFORNIA. Campbell county, 

located 10 miles south-east of Newport, the 

county-st at, and nearest rail I point, 

] 73 i dies from Loui . .- dir 

Ohio river. Two churches, and a school 

are sustained, and wheat and tobacco are 

exported. Population 100. Mail daily. 

W. P. Young, postmaster. 

Boats J W, general store. 

Decoursey O 31, general store. 

Demoss .i' Jolly, general store. 

Lehr F, wagon-maker. 

Sherwood George, shoemaker. 

Thomas John, physician. 

Walbern Gus, shoemaker. 

Yv'allace J T, physician. 

CALLAWAY. Was first settled in 
1812, and is a village of 25 inhabitai ts, in 
Bell county, 15 miles north of Pineville, 
the county-seat, and ','1 south-east of Liv- 
ingston, the nearest railroad shipping point, 
and '_00 from Louisville. Timber is abun- 
dant, and forms the only export. Maii 
daily. G. W. Green, postmaster. 
Callaway B, farmer. 
Callaway C J, boarding-house. 
Cox Robert, constable. 
Creech E, justice of pence. 
Creech I N, dry goods. 
Creech & VVildus, flour-mill. 
Green G. W., Teacher. 
Johnson A, dry goods. 
Johnson R W, general >tore. 
McGreen John, justice of peace. 
Skidmore & Northrup, dry goods. 
Smith & Lewis, blacksmiths. 

CALVERT CITY. According to 
the census of ls^O, this village h is 1 !'_' in- 
habitants. It is a station or. the 1". A: E. 
R. "... in Marshall county. 12 miles north 

of Benton, the county it. The nearest 

bank is at t'aducah. Two church s and a 
common school, with lodges of the M is >ns 
and Odd Fellows, are here. (> •< -i oppor- 
tunity here ft»r a Houring-mill. Ship ■ 
consist of tobacco, chiefly. Maii daily. 
T. M. Freeman, postmaster. 
Calvert P W, h >tcl. 

FflOflTNl A Tl TTTOfllllT! 11171 IHTTI without :•,,,•..,,„,,. tot,.,- <' M ,, Vli;;i ,. JWe ,. M1 

Shl'^ I h S - H fV* rMs BARBEE 4 CASTLE' v, Lou^vilie, Ky. 

bUUUJjiJ /iLUUUiLJ Xii^iJ iJUliJ Agent, mrpi Her* Soutli. 





Calvert W F, cabinet-maker. 
Calvert W F, carpenter. 
Den man II, sewing-machines, 
Finley Lewis, dentist. 
Freeman T. 31., General Store. 
Hale J 1', carpenter. 
Hoag F S, railroad agent] 
Holland A. blacksmith. 
Johnston A udrew, d< ntist. 
Jones James, fishermau. 
Landot S H. druggist. 
Maddux Ira. blacksmith. 
Martin J), bridge-carpenter. 
Null A D, carpenter. 
Null James, gardener. 
Pinner J if, physician. 
Pugh John, live stock. 
Rowland M C. wagon-maker. 
Saling & Co, farm implements. 
Scillian F M, lumber. 
Story Arnett, shoemaker. 

CAMAUGO. A village with a pop- 
ulation of 150, located in the southern part 
of Montgomery canity, 5 miles south of 
Mt. Sterling, the county-seat, shipping 
point on L., C. & L By., and nearest bank 
location. Corn, wheat, rye, wool, and pro- 
duce are shipped. Express Adams. Mail 
tri-weekly. W. F. Horton, postmaster. 

Botts George N, wagon-maker. 

Horton J. N., AL Bro., General Store. 

Meyers J H, hotel. 

Parker A L, railroad agent. 

Pendleton J & Son, wagon-makers. 

Rickets I)r John T, general store. 

Russell & Pendleton, undertakers. 

Spratt J B, physician. 

CAMDEN. A small settlement of 15 
persons, on the L., C. & L. R. R., in Old- 
ham county. Dailv mail. 


county, is an incorporated village and 
station on the L., C. & L. Ry, 12 miles 
north of Newcastle, the county-seat, and 
location of nearest bank. A tl air-mill, four 
churches, a school, and two h< tels are sus- 
tained by a pop ilation of 250. Stock, to- 
bacco, and wheat are shipped. Express 
Adams. Telegraph Western LTnion. Mail 
daily. George T. Humston, postmaster. 
Campbell J H, live stock. 
Caplinger D F, general store. 

Chilton J S, live stock. 

Darnold R, hotel. 

Gilbei t James, grocer. 

Goslin James, physician. 

Hardesty Moses, blacksmith and justice. 

Humphrey Rev C M, (Methodist). 

Huuvstou George T., General Store. 

Humston C>3oar M. pi ysician. 

Jewell N \. gi oeeries". 

Moor*-- Charles, express agent. 

O'Brien W, general store. 

Pyles W II, harne s- naker. 

Ransdell .1 C, blacksmith. 

Robinson R A. wagon-maker. 

Rogers J C, flour-mill. 

Thomas «.V Herndon, druggists 

Tinker W A, R R ag. nt. ~ 

Williams \\ J. 1, , t ... 

Yeager F I, physician. 


& 0. div., L. & N. R. K.. is a village of «6(J 
people, located in Taylor county, of which 
it is the seat of justice. Nenres't bank loca- 
tion is Lebanon, 17 miles north. A han- 
dle-factory, a saw and carding-mill, two 
churches and f \V'j schools are here, also a 
first-class hotel, "The Ewing House," 
which is well patronized, are! proper- 
ly appreciated by commercial men, 
and possesses every convenience for the 
traveling public. The exports consist of 
tobacco and grain, and tiie average pries 
for unimproved land is $5, and $20 for 
farms. Stage to Columbia daily, tart: $1.50 
Expre« Adam-. Telegraph Union. Mail 
daily. R. H. Martin, postmaster. 
Bass John "VV, lawyer. 
Bass Dr Samuel R, drugs. 
Blakey Isaac, carding-mill. 
Borders George, stage-line. 
Buchanan Dr James B. drugs. 
Calvet Winclnss, jeweler. 
Cave Bobert I>, wagon-maker. 
Chandler Joseph, grocer. 
Chandler Joseph H, lawyer and lumber 

Chandler Samuel T, physician. 
Chandler S T & Son, druggists. 
CI andler Wm A. groceries. 
Chandler Dr Woodruff T. druggist. 
Coffee Cyrus K, harness-maker. 
C 1 1 i us J seph T. lawyer. 
Crouch T A. jailer. 
Dcering Henry G, distiller. 

>(*$?' RS IJ&tyM House Numbers, Brass Labels; Carriage, Show Case and Machinery 
ji'iF'r! ^) £ | >!,' riut.-, l^iUern Letters and 1-i-uies. kg^ Metal liody Kubber Type. 
^Wyi? Sk'*il«i&a *-• L; )CUK, SBgrarsr and Eia Siaiar. 160 Kamlolph Street, Chicago, ill. 





Douglass Wood, b!a :k»mith. 

El wing House. J. U.Ewii g. Proprietor. 
Good Sample-rooms, First-class Livery 
an 1 Bar mnected. Baggage Trans- 
ferred to and from Depot freeoi cii irg< . 

Ewilig J. R., I roprh : r ring House. 
Good Sample-Rooms C nu cted. t\Uo 
First-' lass Li ■ ■ : . and Bur. 

Gowdy I) V, A ,! I', goneral - : . re 

Gowdy & M >r. eomimiss 

Green Thomas E, circuit c i 

Hackley & Lewis, harness-makers. 

Hazard J H, painter 

Hodgins George, barbt r. 

Hoskina Bryant & C ■ . general store. 

Hubbai i R< I. 't bl i smith. 

Hutcher & Davis, grocer es tnd tinware. 

Irvine Thomas, physician. 

Jeter R E, i arp. nter. 

Katz Samuel, general store. 

Let Bn = & C . stave nianufi eturers. 

Lent Isaac, hotel. 

Li ■< i v Samuei, blacKsiiiilh. 

Martin Robert II., Postmaster. 

Jiays & Burdott, Hour and saw-mill, ■; 
miles south. 

Montague Robert S, lawyer. 

Patterson Charles, lawyer. 

Prlco Norrnan !., bla< k-mith. 

Puyear Hubert E, lav yer and police judge, 

Redman G W, tannery. 

Robinson John R, law ,-er 

Robinson M 0, county judge. 

Robinson W <> core?) - and sheriff. 

Rollim Mis- .]..-■ «S EI , . dressmak: ri 

Samuels Win B, sin (.-maker. 

Sanders & Puyear undertakers. 

Shiflett Andrew J, tinner. 

Shivley A 13, physician. 

Shivley A '-i. p i saw and grist-mill. 

Smith Hamilton B, h! litb. 

Turner John A, general store, 

"Wilson Thomas T. ^ro< i ri> -. 

Wilson & Johi son. dress-makers. 

Wood James ">' iwyvr and county atty. 

Wright Charles \S . count \ eh rk and hotel, 

Young W'oi L, lawyer. 

CAMP KNOX. Sometimes called 

Haskir.svilie, is only i -■ - ' \i lage and 
post-office in Greene county 10 miles south 
oi Green sburg, the county-seat, and 15 from 
Campbollsvilie, the most accessible ship- 
ping point, and 100 from Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 75. Mail tri-weekly. T. li. Mitch- 
ell, postmaster. 

C fley i C, c< n stable. 

Coffey S. sow ing-machines. 

< Iro\ • -I i >. hi :•->■ and mule dealer. 

Grov< l; \V !. . stock. 

H ns Wm, boot and shoemaker. 

Vl :;.}•• II J \\ justice of peace. 

Mitchell T. Sv... Lumber Manufacturer. 

Miti Ivell ■:• <'.••..:■■ ■ iths. 

■ ■..•!!• ■!". (3 J' if* and pro !uc< 

"•! ■ . : . >rne ' U, pin ician. 
i .v Sa mder?, gen 1 .-tore and pro- 

W; ' ■ ' R A, physician, 
William- J W, physician. 

CAMP XKCSOX. A village in 

Jessamii i unty, and a . iding on the 
Kentucky river, 8 miies 
lasville Lin 'ounfcv ■ i rie: fc rail- 

road approach. I ion - I i] • 

ment: an bo ma-l con enienl ' made di- 
rect via tin river. Stage to Nicholasville 
and Lanca ■•.(':■■ fare 50c. Daily mail. 
Henry Kuhlm; nn. postmaster. 
Berkley John, distillery. 
Gi'.rley K J A Uo, lumber mnfrs. coopers 

and cii I il rs. 
Glass J VV, general store and hotel. 
Houston John C gen'l store and saloon. 
K n hi maim ilenrv, G< neral Store. 
Poor John W. distillery. 

CAMP SPRINGS. A post-office in 
Campbell county, •> tin es south of Tndian 

CAMPTOX. A village of 150 in- 
habitants on is rift < '■! n ; en ek. is the coun- 
ty-seat of Wolfe, and is ;»0 miles south oi 
Cornw« II its nearest si ipping point, on the 
L.. C. & L. R. K. It h.-i* a -team saw ho.! 
grist-mill, a common school, and exports 
produce. Tri-weekly mail. J.N. Vaughn, 

r. , k Rev E II i Methodist;. 
C« ibs Kev DC i Christian). 
Combs A Vaughn, General Store and 

( i _ on A, phvbi* ian. 
1 ■■ i h A If ird, grocer. 
Creech Jonathan, justice of peace. 
I h. v I M , law y< r. 
I > k • .!:, n- -, miller. 
DwX W M P, hotel. 
Elkins isa ic, general store. 

■J! 8 ^^^ $ RAWrflflMItt Controlling over $40.0(10,000 of t'ire *! I *« 

(.A M 

. ■ :' BUSiNiJ 

!Jii'! (TOJiY 



Hank O O, flour-mill and circuit rind ci un. 

ty : 

Han'K ■ (J V| jailor. 

Hurst K r, lawyer. 

Hurst Win L, la n \ er. 

McQuinn James, constable. 

Rogers K J, blacksmith. 

Rogers A. (■ p n< i r, c ,n i ■«-ti n.ers. 

Sheffield < ■■■'•'. ■, hoemaker 

Shull i ' m; ••■ nt< ' 

Shull L O. b'lacksjnith. 

Speni cr Rev J D Baptist). 

Smith VVni, nun i 

Steele VV & i o, general store. 

Tompkins iVro, lu>en ; r 

Tutt James ! Insician. 

r ! utl VV A '•! i i .,'. - : o unty court. 

"Williams < ( '. hi ■ nitli. 

CANADA. O dv ! tin try post office 
in thy northi rn phi of L'i! county, 18 
mill i'.ot .' ■ i Pikr-' ■• i -■ • ■ ■ nt\ -scat 

and si soini vn i he vv« .-t t'< : k i.; the 

Big Hind \ river. il semi-weekly. Thus. 

J. Be rin , p ~>a{ master. 
Bei in ■■ J • m ■< ( : . by ■ i - cnt. 
Bogan •! o ;eph iho^uialo-r. 
Burris Ploy '. ; : ■ ■ .!• • cnt. 
Crigger fl, b aek >m\ i. 
Franei - Elijah, !•'.•■< ' milh. 
Lowe Jame F, >n ■■■ n\ pence. 
Tinseii R«v <>_!' i i>t). 

Run yen \t ron, con - 
Smith James, iloui mi I. 
Steel F e .:- S, iivi I >« k. 
Stotridco Jcrr, [Jour-mill. 

;■■ ■■ ' , and . i > ' ■■•; i !«*. Expri -» 

| '-.dams!. Mail rlai ; <'.. I, -' postoiaster. 

. Or n ■ u w J v I r.ith. 

1 ■■; j. ■:./, l}.:\i;r<i-\ '.■■ ''iindK.R. 
I «\eent 

CANE VA« ! rv 

The v li: . '■ ; i->i 
mi' or .■..., ; (■ ■ 
shippi ng DO'n r, on 

; dr county. 

,".-'.. f i 

■ • ■ i - 1 I 

. divsion 


i'i Owen en ir.i 
the count v- .; 
O. Si. Rv, i:U 

t. lemen! c. ;' ■', families 
iil i' ■ '. . : ' Owenton, 
L'oiii't.i! ■ • ■'. i r. ; oi) on Hie ! 
•! •; ;' ii , :.', miles ea^t. ! 

Produce ii mar eU-d. 

CANT: )'.l IX>i !, irnall pnst-i.fficB 

in Bourbon (-, ". ■>.. . ij • ill s !nnn t'aris, on 
the K. < '. il. '. : .. 'i'ri ■■■..!)• mail. i>. 15, 
Branib!. • at master. 

^- ' '••• • •'. n.m-ikfir. 

Barneti ' i, miU i i ■:■. 
Uratnttti'.i ;• j ,. B., .•• ■:- mith. 

L. A N. K ;:.. ': '--. >■ - • fih-ea-t of Colum- 
bia, the p. i-< ■ '-, ■, ■ .•, county- 
* i md 100 miles outli-east of Louisville. 
VV '■ eat, hogs, ea . . I eco. ana walnut 
lumber are : h;' ••■..;',.,■- - burch and 
• hi id are : i ; ;.,':r l *. Maee f '> Columbia 
and CampbelU villi ai "■■■■ and 51.50. 
Mail daily. A. II ' id<l ;- stmaster. 
Board J J, ph \ ioian, 

,v,iier (J . nr. i •!• -mith. 
Dudgeon T »S s ms. ur and saw-mill. 
Dudgeon vv S, i ■ • ■ peace. 
Joiu-3 VV JI. < arneriier. 
Judd \ ! i CXj t» iV;i t. 
tj«iti<l Baifiks .'•' iMj5 !-<'>', Gen'l Store. 
M iller Jai n i T, hoi i i:ikt;r. 
Rico F VV, ! tel. 
Turner, Day & Co, ax handles. 

CANEY. 1 a s-Ui-ment of some 60 
p> '■}''" in Mor an c rst' : ' miles south 
of YVi.-t, Liberty, and : i from Cornwall, 
the shippin t, star,i n. <>■< ' i . ■ eriinsr divis- 
ion L.. k'j. & L. '.' ■ ... ,- marketed. 
Mail daily. VV. Lyl. '■-. >• tmaster. 
Benton Kev Win 'i iiaptist). 
K;ll'j, ire Dudley . ph\ -.• ian. 
j !. iinnster < laleb, \> ,, i"-.i:-i"-tk« ; -r. 
I ,\ kins John R, con t:i ••. 
r/\ : ins Joshua VV, ive • -k. 
"n'.i'is \»'in. »*k Co., Flour and Saw- 
Will i :. \ A. justice of peace. 
Webb VV W, juil ii ; ' ' ; ' . eai e. 
V. ieler Rev J a rm*s i Unptisl i. 
Whe :I.t .! VV, iiv k. 
Wheeler & Co, jenera! r ^r^. 

CAXi-.'VA I?J C, A Nation on P. & 
]& I ..'.'.. :ti;-[ jiji : m, ■>.-'• ■: ted town in Gray- 
son eountv. IL'.' riiih ,v -' • ' I^citi • iield.tha 
(AM: SPIir l>r.POT. Or ; county-seat, X"<rri.-:i t v-iril"laredriv- 

*■ ■■•!■■' '-,.:; ;i .■■':...■-.'. dstow n tin iiv pov/er derive froui ("aiiuv creek. A 

br?i'»v.i Ii, A; N. 1*. il.. in ' ■ • unty, 9 team Hour u ill A ;.,• \ ,|. Shipments 
T " : ; u i of Shepherd viile, the county- j consist of tobacco ogs, cattle and produce. 


ipimt lift. lU. Ur DfliiliAnll 

Central unci Southern Dep't. 






Population 250. Express Adams 

daily. J. Y. Tilford, postmaster. 

Bank'? & Daniel. g merai store. 

Bond J K. > :•.:■:' -s ■.■_-:. 

Bond A: Blain, general store and saloon. 

Bond A: Bond, dr igs. 

Brandon .J N . physician. 

Brandon K W, physician. 

Dcwies S C, hot \ and salmon. 

Edlin Joseph. R R :•_-:. 

English A:', i. ;, ;■ ! I nd saloon. 

Hayse Gilman, j -' .• • ol . eace. 

Kelh Ellis, justice of peace. 

Layioan Henry, general store. 

Neal &, Eski i :..• . _ ■ ral -tore. 

Probus Wm, flour-tnill. 

Tilford J as Y police iud<je. 

Tilford J. Y. A; Son. Blacksmiths. 

Wilson Bros L v Co. general store. 

CANXONSBUBG. According to 
tic ci nsus of ISSO, has a ;• >pulation of 90, 
is in Boyd ■ unn 7 miles west of Catletts- 
burg, the county-S'-at Nearest bank is at 
Ashland. Ship to Steward's Tunnel on 
A. C. & I. K. R. Country produce and 
grain are shipped. Land ranges from ?'JU 
to $40 per acre. Mail semi-weekly, E. T. 
Miller, postmaster. 
Baker Nicholas, hotel. 
Begley S A. blacksmith. 
Engard G W, justice. 
Galloway John, grist and corn-mill. 
Kean Rev Clifton, • Methodist South'). 
Leffingwell & Geiger, live stock. 
Miller E. Theo. & Co., General 

Patton Rev J A, ( Methodist). 
Vint Calvin, live stock. 
White Eli, constable. 

CANTON. An incorporated town in 
the western part of Trigg county, on the 
Cumberland river. 9 miles west of Cadiz 
the county-sent, and 25 south of Eddyville, 
the nearest railroad approach. Shipments 
are most conveniently made direct, via the 
river. The bankina bu.-i less is trausa* ti d 
at llopkinsville. A steam saw-miil. a 
church, and a district -•■!■■ . I are sustained 
by a population • •: S00. The shipments 
comprise corn and tobacco. Mai! daily. 
George W. Cobb, postmaster. 
Atwood T A, blacksmith. 
Baker L B, constable. 

Blake Mr., E A, hotel. 

Blake J R, saloon. 

Cheatham Philip, shoemaker. 

Cobb A G. commission merchant. 

Colih George W., General Store. 

Cobb & Boyd, dry goods. 

Cook W M, physician. 

Dulaney, B >oth & Co, saw-mill. 

Fitily L >uis. dentist. 

Fuqua N J, saloon. 

Fuqua W J, general sl< re. 

Gregston Rev C I Baptist). 

Hapman \V J, proprietor of ferry. 

Hayward W L, hotel. 

Ingram, T M, physician. 

Jefferson George H. physician. 

Lackey Miss C E. teacher. 

Liliekey James II., Physician. 

Lackey .1 i', prn sician. 

Logan' John 1 >. "tobaci o. 

Love Rev .1 W (Methodist). 

Me 1 : gin James, harness-maker. 

New E I>, cooper. 

Richardson J a mi s, brick-mason. 

Thomas Alfred, live stock. 

Tomlinson J J, hotel. 

Tyler Quint M. teacher. 

Wallis L R, local agent. 

CANTON. Kenton Co. (See Visalia.) 

CAHIjISLE. Located near the cen- 
tre of Nicholas county, of which it is the 
seat of justice, is a town of 1000 inhabitants, 
and station on the Maysvilie uiv., K C. R. 
R. It has a weekly newspaper, a bank, 
two carriage factories, a hotel and flour- 
mill, with three churches and good public 
schools. Stage to Owingsville, I'l mile3 
south-east, daily, and to Maysvilie tri-week- 
ly, fare to either $2. Express Adams. Tele- 
graph Western Union. Mail daily. Wm. 
H. Fritts, postmaster. 
Adair B F & Son, grocers. 
Adair George NY . dentist. 
Adair A: Burroughs, grocers. 
Allen Wm B, clothing. 
Allen vV Pisi er, merchant tailors. 
Archdeacon & Bro, wagon-makers. 
Atchison .1 0, proprietor St. Cloud hotel. 
Baki r Horace, sh< emaker. 
Banta Andrew J, county judge. 
Barnett J H, wagon maker and justice. 
Barnetl John W, city marshal. 
Boos Yenu.-t, notions. 

f%. I 1 ■ | % -* 5 ' '•'". 

Entchers' and Packers' Supplies and General Hardware Spe- 
cialties. i^£J, Si • ":■/■•■ ■'•*. 835 Broadway and 8303, 
a. & ■ r«tuth Street, £T. LOUIS, MO. Sand foi Catalogue. 





Brown John, barber. 

Campbell James 1!, dry goods. 

Campbell John A, county clerk. 

Campbell John W, livery. 

Campbell & Darnall, insurance. 

Carlisle Mercury, W J Kehoe, prup'r. 

Chism Isaac M, lawver. 

Clary Foster i', ticket agent K. C. E. R. 

Clay I'- v Ht'i ry Ch Utian . 

Con '■•■;■ J >hn R, . ■• er. 

Crigler Wm A. gem ral store. 

Crump Henry C, grocer. 

Dallas & Goodw in s Idles and harness. 

Deposit Bank ot'Carlis! — ■ .; ital $77,000. 
W P Ross, pros: F EC ng eton, cash. 

Dills Maicolm. physici tn. 

George Dorsey 4.V; Co., Brick Manu- 
facti - r ts an 1 Contrac tors. 

Exchange Mills, E .:••>•- cc Bostain, props. 

Frey & Harris, i ieut r irket. 

Fritts W W & Son, druirs and books. 

Glenn Thomas J. circuit clerk. 

Gore & Brother, lawyers. 

Grater Bros, grocers and bakers. 

lialladay James H, lawyer. 

Ham & Kimbrough, livery. 

Handley »5c Huff, planing-mill. 

Herrin John, sheriff. 

Higgii - Christopher G, wncron-maker. 

Howard A: Dinsmore. furniture and under- 

Kehoe Wm J, propr Carlisle Mercury. 

Kennedy Win M, general store. 

Kennedy & Kennedy, lawyers. 

Kimbrough House, Mrs M C Bell propri- 
etress, Henry C Kimbrough clerk. 

King Robert C, farm implements. 

Lee John W 15, general store. 

McCann James A. marl le. 

M< Connaughey J A. :' >ur and saw-mill 
iC> miles south-west, i 

McCracken Miss R B, milliner. 

Mc Daniel Bros, hardware. 

M< Elroy Wm P, - ■ maker. 

M : ! ntire Andy, dentist. 

McKee John, merchant tailor. 

McKee Mrs Marv. milliner. 

Mi- Mai ill Mr- Margaret, milliner. 

Me>~ew .\ II, pliysf< i m. 

Mann James clothins. 

Mann Reuben E, L r r >ct r. 

Martin Mrs. I R. grocer. 

Mather.- Charles W, j hysieian. 

Mathers Willis, livery. 

Mathers & Saunders, hardware. 

Moteh George E. jeweler. 

Munger Charles W, mayor and lawyer, 

Myers John W, blacksmith. 

Newton Rev J C C, i Methodist). 

Norvell & Tureman, lawyers. 

< >gdeii Harry, jeweler. 

Parks Ri< hard M, R R and express agt. 

Parks & Scott, meat marke . 

Peale F M & Co dry goods. 

Power G • '■ 13. ." eeriesand saloon. 

Robinson Benjamin Id la ■■ . • r, 

R )bin ?on Robert II, saloon! 

Rogers Samuel G, wb liquors and tobacco. 

Rogers & Bostain, nour-iniils. 

Rosenthal Barney, ir'merHl store. 

Uo 3 & Lytle. \a '..j-vi. 

St Cloud Hotel, J OAtchinson, proprietor. 

Shay Patrick D. general store. 

Smith Bryson M, coroner. 

T .' man & Howell, druggists. 

Vivian Rev Alexander, (Methodist). 

CARROLLTOX. Locatad on the 

south bank ot the Ohio river, at its conflu- 
ence with the Kentucky. 62 miles north- 
ea-t of Louisville This town is the 
county-seat of Carroll county, is incorpo- 
rated, and has a population of 1,000. The 
place was originally settled in 1794, wh«n 
it was known as Port William, which was 
changed, in 1837, to its present name. I r ,.- 
shipping point, by rail, is English, 5 miles 
south-east on the L., C. oc L. Ry. Car- 
rollton is an enterprising and prosperous 
city, and contains 7 church edifices, repre- 
senting the Baptist, Presbyterian. Metho- 
dist, Methodist Episcopal, Christian, and 
Catholic sects, a seminary, and Catholic 
high-school, a good weekly newspaper, a 
woolen-mill, andseveral other nulls, which 
all use steam power, and a bank. The as- 
sessed value on real and personal property 
in the city, is $500,000, ami the town has 
no bonded indebtedness. The exports of 
the place comprise hay, corn, tobacco, and 
live stock, 'i he nat ire of the land in the 
vicinity is rolling prairie and unimpn red 
timber— the latter valued at an average 
price of $25, \ bile cleared farm-; are worth 
from >!0 to £100 per aire. The city is 
lighted with gas, and altogether, pre 
an elegant appearance. Mage communi- 
cation with Northville twice a day {fare 
$lj. Express Adams. Telephone con- 
nects the cits with W. U. Telegraph com- 
pany at Northville. Mail daily. John 
T. Lewis, postmaster. 


r)r , |i|A-AL,Ei KI\DS. .1. W. VTKllVSOl?, 3itf- 321 So Clia». 
.3 nvi St., rilK-.-UiO. IM.. ; . Kcter toitaoit!,amUoi 
Slv U S ,„ i outracts console ted tlirotagfiOiti tike cotiitir*. 





Anderson George W Jr, livery. 

Anders >n George W 5r, groi s 

Argus Otto F, barl ■ 7 and news agent. 

Baker Ginn it Co, saw and planing-mill. 

Barker M I, leaf tobacco. 

BassettRev Miles (Methodist). 

Berg Churn--, jewelry. 

Bittel Philip, saloon. 

Blessing John J, meat market. 

Booker Robert IS saloon. 

Boswort'n i& Lewis, grocers and ngr i 

Butter William O, druggist. 

Carroll Seminary, l'r K N Elliott, prin. 

Carrollton Democrat, Gullion A; Valland- 

ingham, editors and publishers. 
Carrollton House, Mrs H R Wolfe, pr >pr. 
Corn \\ iliiam. Proprietor Nati 

Hotel and ' >r »eer. 
Cox Hezekiah, lawyer and real estate. 
Davlinjr An«lre\v \V, Proprietor Old 

Darling Disii lery. [See ad ».) 
Donaldson Jos* ph A. Sawyer. 
Downing James & Co, grocers. 
Eld r William, bla ksmith. 
Elliott Dr E N. pvii Carroll Semi nary. 
Fisher James C, miilii ery and notions. 
Fisher John T £ Co, druggists. 
Fisher Wm M, county judge and att'y. 
Floore Dallas A, dentist. 
Flynt Martin D, saddles and harness. 
Gardner Wm, saloon. 
Geier M A & Co, druggists. 
Glauber John, boms shoes and sew-machs. 
Goslee Levin, physician. 
Grobmeyer John H. clothing. 
Grobmeyer J E & H C, prop's U S mail 

and stage line and Fifth St livery. 
Grobmeyer & MoCrackin, groc and saloon. 
Guide Albert, dry goods and notions. 
Gullion Wyant 0, clerk of circuit coirt. 
Gullion A Vallandingham, publishers Car- 
rollton Democrat. 
Hatlortl & Son . Ebenezer Harford and 

Wm. M. Hartbrd . Saw and Planing-mill 

and Lumber Dealers. 
Halm ess Herman i'«. blacksmith and wag< n- 

Hanks vfc Co, clothing and dry goods. 
Harrison Richard F, clerk county court. 
Hart Louis A, 1 aker. 
Helm Rev Benianvn (Presbyterian). 
Houghton Mrs J M. prop Point House. 
Howe John & J B. clothing. 
Howe John & W F & Co. woolen-mills. 
Howe John & Sen-, bankers. 
Howe W F, county treas Carroll Co. 

Humphrey Henderson, grocer. 

Jonei Henry (.'. barber. 

Karins Hugh, mai ble. 

Leep A T .v Bro, grocers, 

Lewis John T, postmaster and ins agent. 

Lindsay James II, ;herift' of Carroll Co. 

Logemari & Drees, blacksmiths. 

MoCrackin Thomas, saloon. 

McElrath Thomas J, lawyer. 

Mason Daniel M. b >ots and shoes. 

Masterson ..: Gaunt, law} ers. 

Moorman Mrs Kate, saloon. 

Myers & Robinson, saloon. 

National Hotel, Wm. Corn, Prop'r, 

near Steamboat Landing. 
Point House. Mrs .1 M Houghton, prop'r, 

Tie;tr steambi at I 11 ding. 
Reeves Rev John. ,Methodist). 
St. John's Aijiilcmy and Day 

School, Condi! : i by the Sisters ot 

Notre Dame, Rev. Stephen Schmid, 

Salver-; Charles D, stoves and tinware. 
Schmitl ilev. Stephen, Rector St. 

John's Catholic Church and Principal 

Si , J ohn's Acad -, iv. 
Seppenfeld Herman, grocer and meats. 
Sheppard Wm, blacksmith. 
Siersdorfer Michael, b >ots and shoes. 
Smith Miss Lucia, millinery. 
Smith Wm L. general store. 
Stairs & Tromma, proprs Carrollton tiour- 

ing-rnills (corn and wheat 1. 
Stringfellow vX Kipping, cabinet-makers. 
Taylor Leonard W, physician. 
Taylor Leonard X, physician. 
"Webster Joshua C, grocerv and hardware. 
Wilkins David 0, blacksmith. 
Williams Robert T, rlouring-mill. 
Winslow W B, H M & J T. lawyers. 
Wolfe Mrs H R, propr Carrollton House. 

CAR IIS. On the Ohio river, is a vil- 
lage in Lewis county. 8 miles north-west of 
Vaneeburg, the county-seat. Ship direct 
by water. Two ■ liur hes and a district 
school are sustained by a population of 200. 
The shipments consist of grain, stock, tan- 
bark, and produce. Stage to Vanci 
Mail daily. R. P. Thomas, postmaster. 

Burns Walter, express agent. 
Calvin John, phy>ician. 
Car;- F M, general -tore. 
Frye George, saw-mill. 
Irwin Thomas, blacksmith. 

■ J ,.• V i ?.* \ I ! ' Losses, a u<« liav 

yiitliil«i#» yy Ufiy S L fsals sifted tiaim*. 

Ela-vf Settlcrt mori tlian 1,400 
eltad iiiit l.'i R.c~ 

Aicenti Everywhere. 





Junes Rev — (Christian). 
Kendall Rev — .; M 1 1 )i .>.Ji>t ■ . 
Parker Win, justice uf peat •. 
K; 'id Shep, railroad agent. 
Stout John, shoemaker. 
Thomas It. P., General Stove. 

CARRSVIET/H:. A village of 300 

pci pie in Li 1 ii .;- ■ '. ■ • r ;- . ' ' nil i 
Paducah, its shi] | ing point, '10 from 
Louisville. It is on the Ohio ri\ er. Adams 
Express. Daily mail. J. M. Pavy. post- 

Allard C E general store. 
Allard ec 0w • , j mi-mill. 
Boyd A S II. pb\ sician. 
Bridges J R gr r. 
Clemens .1 \ pi ;. sician. 

C ons Charles, it and shoemaker. 

Crotsen R, g< ner il store. 
Kidd J W, ph \ sician. 
Kidd «& afcC'ollum, Druggists. 
t*ary »J. M., Express Agent and Store. 
Rose'G W. grocer. 
Threlkeld I' A. general store. 
Thompson & Mason, blacksmiths. 
"Ward M P, general store. 
Woodmansee J. !>., General Store. 


Letchi r county, 15 miles 
burg, the county-aeat. 
miles north-east, is the 
point. Mail tri-weekly. 
postmaster and farmer. 

.V post-i raVe in 
north of Whites- 

Prestonburg, K) 

nearest shipping 

G. XI. Johnson, 

CARSOX. This village of 250 inhab- 
itants, is in Letcher county, 16 miles north 
of Whitesburg, the county-seat. Carr's 
Fork creek furnishes power by which a 
flour and saw-mill are propelled. Nearest 
shipping point is Prestonburg, 45 miles 
north, on the west fork of the Big >. id\ 
river. Whisky forma the < hief export. 
Semi-weekly stage carrying the mail to and 
from Prestonburg. .J. C. Adams, post- 

Adams John I?., Farmer. 
Ambenjey A A, carpenter. 


express agent. 

Co!ii ns a a. druggist. 

< 'otnbs , constable. 

Craft X R, general store. 
Franklin A- Smith, llour-mill. 
Gil -on Rev James, (Baptist). 

Granville — — . constable. 
Pigman J !> farmer. 
Pigman J C, distiller. 
Pigman Wilburn, justice. 

Pigman .justice. 

Sexton M D, physician. 
Sloan J, blacksmith. 
Smith E B, co p( r . 
Smith John B. justice. 
Thomas G P>, tea :her. 
Thomas J L, teacher. 

CARTHAGE. A small settlement 
in Campbell county. Ship to Butler, on 
the K. C. 11. R., or to New Rich ■ n i. on 
the Ohio river. Population 100. S • i- 
weekly mail. E. M. MeArthur, postmas- 

3IcArthur E. 31. f General Store. 
Tarvill .J. ('. & Son, General Store. 
White & If'irr-, black rniths. 

CARTWRIOHT. A small village 
of some 100 inhabitants, in Clinton county, 
located on the Cumberland river (which 
furnishes available power), 11 miles n rth- 
east of Rowena, the eounty-seat. Corn, 
wheat and tobacco are marketed. Mail 
daily. John W. Long, postmaster. 
Aaron Dr physician. 
Brown Edward, coal-mines. 
Brown Edward, barl er. 
Brown H, blacksmith. 
Grader E M. lumber manfr. 
Hopkins P II, lumber manfr. 
Hunt G W, pension s^ent. 
Eong .T. VV., Live Stock. 
Orton David, engineer. 
OweilS A. 15., Genera] Store. 
Owe:)-. B !>, physician. 
Owens A: Eon&, General Store. 
Wade H, justice of peace. 

CA S E V C J 1 !■: I-: K . In the northern 

part of Ailai county 35 miles from Leba- 
r: n.itsshippingstal n.a rid 85 from I 
ville, is a settlement of this name, where 
mail is received weekly. 
Napier R W. general store. 

CASEYVIEEE. A shipping point 
on the Ohio river Is also an incorpi 
town of 650 in habitat: ts. in Union county, 15 
miles south of Morganneld. the county- 
seat and nearest bank location. The place 

pais ISMfiflftfAft ? "' '■"•"" ! ■•••" 3 ^rr;Tir?,T«5 ^ -ha-vt -v 





supports a newspaper, a flouring-mill 
(steam), 3 church's, and district s< ■•■■ I, 
and exports stock, grain, coal and pro Luce 
Land in the vicinity can t>e obtained at §10 
to $30 per 'acre. Express Adams. Mail 
daily. J. M. Scantland, postmaster. 

Ack t Philip, grain dealer. 

•' irl ley D M , physi ian. 

fii nn ;tt S vV Co, d n g o i- . 

Bohanon J P, meat market. 

Brooks D A jr. express agent. 

Brooks D A jr & Co, wharf-boat. 

Buckham & Wilson, milliners. 

Caseyville Courier, D S Wilson, publisher. 

Chancellor & Sons, coopers. 

Corby IT G, saloon. 

Davis J M, phys'n : in. 

Dyer John W & live, farm implements. 

Eberly K & Co, i irdware. 

Finnie S S, blacksmith. 

Fisher & Cosby. cn»'p« > nt< , r'« 

Floton Thomas, boarding-house. 

Gigler Rev J D (Methodist). 

Gilchrist & Close, groceries and drug*. 

Graham & Funk, livery. 

Gregory John, notary public. 

Henry J T, marshal. 

Hardy ll-v J H (C hristian). 

Hartfield Benjamin J, general store. 

Harth & Nawaway, grocers. 

Jones Pryor, wagon-maker. 

Jones Robert, un iertaker. 

Kaufman John, dry g ds. 

Kerney William, general store. 

Klot/ Hiram, dry goods. 

McLeskey Rev R G (Cumberland Pros. 

Morton II X, lawyer. 

Murray John, phv: ician. 

Pearson W W, live stock. 

Rehm C & Bro, meat market. 

Rose C, lawyer. 

Rudy & Buckham. leaf-tobacco dealers. 

Rutherford Stephen, livestock. 

Scantland J. 31., Druggist, Stationer 

and >i otions. 
Simpson J, grain dealer and general store. 
Simile .1 W, distiller. 
Smith Bros, coop< rs. 
Sypes 1' & Co, bla< ksmitha. 
Tate J M, justice of peace. 
Tate J M & Son, harn ss-makers. 
Voss I' W, shoem i ki r 
Wallace Joseph W. hotel. 
Walther Henry, sewing-machines. 
W stlther M, shoemaker. 

Ward II, lawyer. 
Wathen E II, fiour-mill. 
Wells B C, saloon and ! arbor. 
Whitecotton George II. constable. 
Wilson D S, publisher Caseyville Courier. 


pi ■ 

office and -tation •:. the St L & 9 E. 
L. & N. R. R., < tia • mv Ii ha* s. 

population of about 50, and ships eatt'.e, 
grain, and tobacco. Improved land in this 
section of the county averages $40 per 
acre. Express Southern. Mail daily. C. 
T. Casky, postmaster. 

Bowles W 8, groi er. 
Casky J. & J., General Store. 
Casky W L, R It agt. 
Crawford Wm, blacksmith. 

Gri en Th >i is, ji '. : < ■. 
Gunn John A, physician. 
Lewis Jasper A, wagon-maker. 
Watson N T, constable. 
Warfield W E, justii e. 
Whitlow W A, cooper. 
Williams & Flagan wagon-makers. 
Willis Wm, shoemaker. 

CATAWBA. Located on the Li-k- 
ing river, which, furnishes power, in Pen- 
dleton county, 4 mil - T rth of Falmouth, 
the seat of justice and bank location. Ship 
direct via K. C . 11 11. Tobacco and grain 
form the exports, and the vill ige c mtains a 
Baptist church and common school. Pop- 
ulation loO. Express Adams. Mail daiiv. 
H. T. Morton, postmaster. 

Campbell J T. general store. 

Hitch .1 T M, black-;., iti). 

Morton Bros., General Store. 

Morton H. T., R. R. and Express Agt. 

Oder Ed E, physician. 

Peoples oc Hobbs. general st >re. 

Regan Rev W L Bapii i . 

Thompson Rev II 1" i Presbyterian). 

York .1 & A. saloon. 

CATL.ETTS UV R< r. A station « • 
the new Chat' tv; rutin ■ I, mcl the mm 
ssat of Boyd, is situated at the eorifi i«n • 
of the Ohio with the Big Sandy rivers, -J' 
miles distant from Louisville. Ln 16/7, 
very destructive fire ti ':• place here, 
demolished nearly the whole town. Tut; 
burnt porti >n has sim e been rebuilt, prii - 
cipally with brick, and now presentoa ." ' 

LnfiifPfl linTTTnniT 1 ^ ITTC1 llITT) Without refm>nce to the Companies we msnag« 
KSpS A , H P.! ftN PA BARBEE 4 CASTlEMANi Louisvi!l 8 , Ky. 

UiJSsfAJy JAwUU 'JU AXjAJ iiiUJ I.iltiJ Agents eveiywhtr* Sooth. 





appearance. The ghipping fa< iiities afford- 
ed by the railroad and river, make this 
town an important point in this section of 
the State. A new opera house, with g < >d 
schools and churches are here. Popuh t on 
2,000. Express Adams. Telegraph West- 
ern Union. Mail daily. Geo. F. Gallup, 

Anderson Rev P R (col Methodist), 
Andrews G W & Son, general store. 
Andrew.- N V & S, general store. 
Baldridge Thon as II, station and ex agent. 
ISartram James, Prop'r Valley House. 

i See adv. | 
Bell Miller A, carpenter. 
Berger, Charles \Y, boots and shoes. 
Berger John, boots and shoes. 
Big Sandy Wharf boat Co. T L Marrs, 

Boreing Rev A (Methodist). 
Botts Joseph, barber. 
Brown George V, circuit judge. 
Brown Thomas R. lawyer. 
Bruning Frank rl, county attorney. 
Bruns Frederick, boots and shoes. 
Bruns Win. millinery and nations. 
Burn- John M, ! iwyer. 
Burn* Rowland (_ , lawyer. 
Carnahan Lycurgus, dentist. 
Clark Wm S, grocer. 
Carpenter David II, general store. 
Clawson Albert H, jeweler. 
Cecil Colbert Sr, grocer. 
Craft & Preston, grocers. 
Crow Adam M. hotel and livery. 
Crowell Charles, saw-mill, -] miles north. 
Damnron ov Honshell, grocers; 
Dillon John VV, machinist. 
Eba Daniel W, grocer. 
Egbert George T, 17 S commissioner. 

Ewing Thomas J, insurance. 

Faulkner John, saloon. 

Ford James I', jeweler. 

h\<~'i ,v Cecil, stoves and tinware. 

Furst Abraham, shoemaker. 

Gallup George F, postmaster, and dealer in 
< igars and tob i co. 

Garrison J \V, ! otel. 
I key Charh s S, 

Haiiey Alfred C, painter. . 

Hampton Millard F, circuit clerk. 

Hotfan A. H., Druggist and Wholesale 
1 <• i er ir Li uors and Lager Beer. 

Hogan Wm, confectioner. 

Kentucky Democrat, (weekly) T D Mar- 
cum, prop. 

Kilgore James A. earpent< r. 

Kilg' re Robert II, undertaker. 

Kinm r Da-, id, blacksmith. 

Kincaid James D, physi< ian. 

Kincaid J \V, physic ian. 

Kowns John J, sheriff. 

Lane Join, barber. 

Lanham \V N & Son, four Iry. 

Lark Alexander, blacksmith. 

Lauhon Chas II. sewing-machines. 

Lewi- Rev F W i Pr< sbvterian.) 

MeCall Robert B. police judge. 

McConnell Charles L, books. 

MeDyer John & Co. 'Iry goods and cloth- 

Marcum Pembroke S, city marshal. 

Marrs Thomas L, express agent. 

Marting Henry A. general store. 

Martin D S A' Co, neat market. 

Mason John H, insurance agent. 

Meek Green V, saloon. 

Meek Jacob, -aloon. 

Meek John, hotel. 

Miles John W. marble-works. 

Miles Mr- M F A Co, milliners. 

Yalley House, 

C&tletts'fo'urg:. ZSy.. 

T-Aul^SS !3^:^ r r:F--il.:\4:, IFrcprietex. 

This Hotel is located on the bank of the B;g Sandy, commanding a fine view of the 

Rooms Neatly Furniensa,, and First-Claec. 

IN AIX ITS BBASCHES. ftteol tH"^ nn.l Fipurea. 
Stencil Letters and Figures. 1.. RO< UK, Engraver unci 
Die Sinker, loi) I!A>'1H>1-PU SlItKET, CHICAGO, 111,. 





Mims David A. harness. 

Minis Theod ire, I ardware a! d furniture. 

Mitchell Joseph \V. '• >at-builder. 

Montague John J, city attorney. 

Moore Laban T. lawyer. 

Mullan James W, county clerk. 

Patton Bros, druggists. 

Patt n J C i C .'. proprs Big Sandy flour- 

, 1. 
Paw-paw Job Printing Co, E S Ulen, 

Porter John M, St James hotel. 
Price Mrs RK hoi 
Prichard Kee! e F, lawyer. 
Rigg Robert, harness and leather. 
Sehaucr Peter P, gr -.■•: and baker. 
Shells, Barton & Bart >r . stoves and tin. 
Shoemaker Wm. gro< er. 
Simpson Alexander, srpenter. 
Smiley Martin L, physician. 
Smith, Mitchell & Co) saw-mill i'IJ miles n j. 
Stein Charles & Son, tanners and curriers. 
Valley House, James Bartram, Propr. 

.(See adv). 
Vinson, Joble & Prichard, round timber. 
Vinson & Vaughan..livery. 
"Wellman Calvin, meat market. 
Wellman John !> & N". hardware, 
"Wellman & Prichard, grocers. 
Whitley Rev J T, ( Methodist South). 
"Williamson John I. clothing. 
"Witten & Davidson, bai kers. 
Young John, furniture. 

CATUR. Perry county, a small and 
unimportant post-office. 

CAVECITV. The nearest railroad 
approach to the ceiel rated Mammoth 
Cave, to which a daily stage runs; fare $:! 
the round trip. It is a t wn of some 350 
inhabitants, situated in the northern part 
of Barren county, on the L. & N. R. R., 
IT miles north of Glasgow, the county- 
seat, 4 miles south of IE rse Cave, the near- 
est bank location, and BJ from Louisville. 
6 churches and 2 pul - Is are sus- 
tained, and grain, to! .... ai 1 stock are 
shipped; flour-mill is needed. Express 
Adams. Telegraph W. I'. Daily mail. 
Mar\ M. Vial, postmaster. 
B*s5ett & Co, general -' >re. 
Brady Jas T, station an 1 express agent. 
Cave City Hotel, Andrew McCoy, 


Crowley Daniel G, harness-manufacturer. 
Curd Beverly D, genl store and railr'd ties. 
Curd f>aniel T., General Store and 

Railroad Ties. 
Davidson W R, blacksmith. 
Downer L A. fruit-shipper. 
Ford Garland II, drugs. 
Ford John grist-mill, "> miles south. 
Frank A 1», blacksmith. 
Gardner G T, wagon-maker. 
Garnett W E, physician. 
Grimes Mrs Celia, and liquors. 
Hatcher E M, physician. 
Huggins W A, nurseryman. 
Jolly It L, town marshal. 
Klett Francis, proprietor Mammoth Cave 

Hotel, 10 miles north-west. 
Leave]] M rs B. millinery go< d ;. 
McCoj Andrew. Proprietor Cave City 

Hotel, and Cave City and Mammoth 

Cave Stage-line. (See adu.) 
McKinney Mrs J R, teacher. 
Mammoth Cave Hotel, Francis Klett, pro- 
prietor. 10 t., ; le.s north-west. 
Monroe J W, saw and fiour-mill, 4 miles 

Morris John, justice of peace. 
Myers W L, justice of peai e. 
Owen "Wm D, saw and grist-mill, 8 miles 

Poynter J H. constable. 
Smith Wm E, drugs, stationery, etc. 
Vial Louis, saloon and distiller. 
Wilson Willis L, wines and liquors. 

CAVE HIEE. A post-office in But- 
ler county. No village. 


town u f ' 150 inhabitants, in the south-west- 
ern part of Logan county, 5 miles south- 
west of Russeliville. on the Memphis 
branch of the L. & N". R. R., 148 miles 
south-west of Louisville. It has a Baptist 
church, an academy called the -'Cottage 
Home," and exports tobacco and wheat. 
Daily mail J. B. Cothrain, postmaster 
and physician. 

Atkins ('. L, Cottage Home college. 
Bailev C C & Son, grocers 
Cothrain l«ev. J. B. (Cumberland 

Presbyterian), Physician and General 

Cottage Home College, Prof C P Shulds 

and G L Atkins. 


ft B | flBl Ri £-} *S Coatrollin* over 84' .000,000 of rire Ki 3 5 J 





DeWitt Rev J F (Methodist Episcopal 

South), physician. 
Jordan J W, tobacco dealer and shoemkr. 
Russell li F, R R and express agent, 
Russell & Younge, genera! store. 
Shulds Prof C P, Cottage Hume college. 
Taylor Rev M (Baptist). 

CAVERXA. In Hart county. (See 
Horse Cave). 

CAYCE STATION. In the eastern 

part of Fulton county, l J miles cast of 
Hickman, the count v-seat, and a station 
and post-office on the M. & O. R. R. It 

La- a steam saw-mill, a. public school, and 
exports stock, corn, wheat, potatoes and 
produce. Daily mail. Population 40. S. 
E. Johnson, postmaster. 

Abretten W A, Dlacksmith. 
dinger George M. grocer and notions. 
Cunningham R C. R R agent. 
Gore W B, farmer and iustice of peace, 
Johnson M I), live stock. 
Johnson S. E., General Store, Pro- 
duce and Live St< ck. 
Johnson W O. wagon and plow-maker. 
Johnson — • — , general store. 
Luten S W. physician. 
Reeves Charles, produce. 
Reeves Eli, blacksmith and apiarist. 
Reeves Jesse, clerk. 
Scearce A H, produce and farmer. 
Stephens E W, farmer. 

CECILiIAX. At the junction of the 
P. & E. with the L. *.V N. R. R . is a village 
with a probable population of 200. in Har- 
din county, ti miles west of Eli/cabethtown, 
the county-seat, and location of the nearest 
tank. Tw > churches and the C ciiian Col- 
lege are here. Grain, stock and tob: co 
are shipped. Express Southern. Telegraph 
Western Union. Daily mail. 31. Wise, 
A:. 1 C X, phj sician. 
Cecil C .1, rjour-mill. 

Cecil H A & Bro, proprs Cecilian College. 
Gray G R, R R and express agt. 
Heller John, shoemaker. 
Murriatt .Jo!::,, blacksmith. 
M«.'i-bargfir -5 H, general -tore. 
Rodman .1 .i, physician. 
-- «ler l> .!, flour-mill. 
Wise M. I)., General Store. 

CEDAR. An unimportant post-office 

in Pike county. 

recently established as a post-office in Ed- 
monson countv. 


Pulaski county. (S eGover.) 

i CEDAR SPRINGS. Alien county. 

A small way post-i •" e, on the tri- weekly 
mail-route between Seottsviile, the county- 
seat, and Glasgow, the nearest railr >ad 
point. \Y. J. Oldfieid, postmaster and 

CENTER. AsettlementofeOpei pie 
in Metcalf countv. Shin to Horse Cave, 
16 miles distant. "Four trails per week. 

CENTER POINT, In touth-east- 
err. part of Monroe county, on Cumberland 
river, 14 miles east u Tompkinsviile, the 
county-seat, 4 1.J south-cast of Glasgow, its 
nearest shipping poir:t bv rail, on the L. & 
N. R. R., and 100 south of L01 
Richard-en's Landing is its nearest ~i'-y- 
ping point by water. Weekly mail arid 
stage to Glasgow. R. H. Richardson, post- 

Kennedy Nick, blacksmith. 
Stipp & Heathman, general store. 
Richardson R H, general store. 
Richardson S D 11. farmer. 
Spegeman Win, sho< maker. 
Vandvoors S, blacksmith. 

CEXTERTOWN, a settlement of 
40 people, in Ohio county. It is miles 
from McIIonry. it- shipping point, on P. & 
E. R. R., G miles w -t of Hertford, the 
county-seat. Mail semi-weekly. George 
R. Sanders, postmaster. 
.1 >nes L W, general 
Mort >n <x Ford. Idack-miths 
Sanders George K. Physician. 

CENTERY1EEE. This town is lo- 
cated in the we.-i rn p r t of Bourbon 
countv, 8| miles from Paris, the county- 
seat, and nearest shipping point on K. C, 
E'y. It has a population of 300, and - i- 
ports a church and school. Wheat, hemp, 
and tobacco are exported. Stage to George- 

mmT tiTfi nn f\v> mini nm ~- n. m. mc 
lh\A\ liUJ, uUt hi DilUJjiliilij Louisville, 


-a Dep'i, 
- - - 2 Y. 





town and Pari* daily; faro 50 cents. Mail 

daily. J. R. Fritts," postmaster. 

Allison J W, live stock. 

Clay F P, live st . .,. 

Clay W II, live stock. 

Fritts J. K., Physician and General 

Funk II C. justice of peace. 
I ;»!■ es W A, li ve st< >ck. 
Gane Jolin A, live stock. 
Hawkins Joseph, justice of peace. 
Hill F G, live stock. 
Hill George, live stock. 
Hoffman Bi njan in, blackmith. 
Hume D J, live stock. 
Moore R H, physician. 
Ryles James, wagon-maker. 
Sidner Jacob, live stuck. 
Turner 0, live stock. 
Turner J \V, live stock. 
Wright J W, miller. 
Zimmerman t> T, general store. 

CTRALYO. Located on G'een river, 
in Ohio county. 10 miles south of Hartford, 
the county-seat, 5 miles from Rockport, 
the nearest railroad approach, and 1 'JO from 
Louisville. Ship direct via the Green A: 
Bancn River Navigation Company. One 
church and a public school are sustained 
by 70 inhabitants, who ship tobai co, wheat. 
and produce. Mail daily. George M. 
Rowe, postmaster. 
Barnes R If, hotel proprietor. 
Bishop T R, constable. 
Everlv J M, phvsician. 
Guy Rev C A (Methodist). 
Kimbley A .T. blacl smith. 
Kimble% E V & Son, general store. 
Miiner P A. blacksmith. 
Rome »fc Bennett, general .-tore. 
Tinslev Henrv, drugs ami police judge. 
WoodT R, carpenter. 

ment of 100 people, li miies north-east of 
Cadiz, the -'::\t or j :••:- for Tri_' ; county. 
Hopkinsville, hi miles south-east, is the 
bank location, and shipping point for its 
iurplus products of tobacco, wheat, corn, 
and stock. Mail semi-weekly. G. Bing- 
ham, postmaster. 
Aldridge & Wis; ley, saw-mill. 
Atwood & Barrield, undertakers. 
Baker A P, tanner. 

Baker Frank, physician. 

Barlield Rev .1 M | Baptist), carpenter. 

Bingham G. B., Dry Goods and N otions, 

Blakely ,1 J . physician" 

Blanks John, carpenter. 

Bluie B F «.S: L. lawyers. 

Cullom A B, pi. ■ -ician 

Felix B F. physii an. 

Good win R S, law vei . 

Goodwin "W S, tobacco dealer. 

Harper .1 T. hotel. 

Lander C T, general store. 

Meacham Rev A W ( Baptist). 

Nance J G, sewing-ma :hi u agent. 

Norwood \l W, express agent. 

Parsley A J, blacksmith. 

Penn G S, constable. 

Pool .1 M. tobai co. 

Puckett J C, gro< er. 

Rogers J li. carpenter. 

Smith Rev 11 i Baptist;-. 

Smith J r . tobacco. 

Smith J W, R R agent. 

Turner Rev D R • Baptist]. 

Turner R, justice of pence. 


ifee county. (See Boone , 

CHAPEL. A settlement in Nicho- 
las county, 10 miies from Carlisle, its slop- 
ping station, and 100 from Louisville. 

CHAPEL HILL.. A country post- 
office in Allen county, 7] miles Suuth- 
west of Scottsville, the county-seat. Tram- 
mel creek furnishes power to a -lour mill; 
nearest shipping point is Bowling Green, 
25 miles north-west. Produce i- marketed. 
Mail semi-weekly. Stage to Seottsv lb 
and Franklin semi-weekly; fare 50c and $1. 
Wm. II. Walker, postmaster. 
Garrett T M, blacksmith. 
Hintou O, cotton grower. 
Martin & Dinweddies, millers. 
Martin G F, general store. 
| Tompson Adarn, finning. 


ty. I See Page\ ille . 

Barren coun- 

CHAPLIN. With a population of 
200, is located ro ar the Chaplin river, which 
furnishes power, in Nelson county, Pi n 
miles northeast of Bardstown, the coun - 

I ! Vi f I I" H /ii t^~Send fo ■ 
Uii jkUvUjJ way and 830 Norl 

HAIBWAR'E. Specialties at Lowest Prices, 
logrue to FfiED. SCHMIEBING, 835 Breed- 
th Fourth Street, - - ST. LOUIS, MO. 





peat, bank location, and shipping point, on 
L. &N. R. R., and 4:', from Louisville. 
Grain and h >gs are shipped. Two church- 
es and the Nelson Normal Si Imol are here. 
A shoemaker will find a pood opening 
bore. Stage daily to Bardstown ; fare $1. 
Mail daily. Louisa G. Combs, postmaster. 
Bknton L, distilh r 
Bodine L, distilli r. 
Cokendolpher D, flour-mill. 
Cokendolpher & Murphy, distillers. 
Connor Richard, wagon-maker. 
Fields Wm, wagon-maker. 
Hurst Gam, groci r . 
Lowber Miss Mattie, teacher. 
Morgan Newton, justice of peace. 
Mndd Tvler. blacksmith. 
Neal B t. hoi -1 pr« prietor. 
Pope «$: Marshall, } hvMeians. 
Reeves Rev John (Methodist). 
Reynold? John, blacksmith. C W & Co, general store. 
Salomon J, general store. 
Sunders Gabriel, justice. 
Stanley Osso. carpenter. 
Stanley R M. confectionery. 
Weaver W T. hotel proprietor. 

CHARLESTON. Hopkins county. 
(See Dawson \. 

is a village of 250 inhabitants, in Cart< r 
county, 250 miles from Louisville, and 7 
from Pactolus, on the E. K. R. R. Here is 
1 iron furnace. 1 church, and 1 school. 
Iron is the only export. Daily mail. S. 
S. Duzan, postmaster. 
Barracks John, blacksmith. 
Brady Albert S, general store. 
Brady T J, manager Furnace Co. 
Charlotte Furnace Co., Pig Iron 

Duzan S. S., Farmer. 
Huff Fred, wagon-maker. 
Van Dyke A C, agent Charlotte Furn Co. 
Willis Ambrose, blru ksmith. 

CHATHAM. Was established in 

1875. and is a village of some 10<> peoj !e, 
in Bracken county, 4 miles north of Brook- 
ville, the county-seat, an i 200 north-east of 
Louisville. Then >- : ivenient -hipping 
point is Augusta landing, on the Ohio 
river, 5 miles north, and Augusta is the 

: cati< ii.i of the nearest bank. Two ehurcbeg 

and a school are sustained. Tobacco, 

wheat, bogs ami cattle are shipped. Stage 

carrying daily mail to Augusta, fare L ; "> 

cents. Joseph D. Hancock, postmaster. 

Boude D P. reporter. 

Fagan C D, cooper. 

Graham «S:Ginn, live stock. 

Hani k George, barber. 

Hancock & Bro., General Store. 

Laudcrbaeb Marion, tobacco. 

Lb yd & Bradford, . 

McKibben John, plow manufacturer. 

M< K ibl en S Be i. iive stock. 

Sellers Jas L, hotel. 

Stemple C D farmer. 

Tavlor .7 B, iawver. 

Taylor 7 J, leaf-tobac. o. 

Traugot H .1 physic i en. 

CHEROKEE. In the eastern part 
of the State. It is a village located m the 
creek of same name, in Lawrence county. 
9 miles from Willard, f !i nearest shipping 
point, on E. K. R'y, an 1 20 west of Louisa, 
the county-seat. Farm produce is mar- 
keted. The E. K. R'y extension is sur- 
veyed to tlo- point, and will probably be 
completed this year. Mail daily. B. K. 
Fugitt, postmaster. 
Fitch E 15. general store. 
Fugitt B. E., Hotel and Justice of 

Fugitt Waiter W, assistant postmaster. 
Griffith H J, general store. 
Pritchard L, railroad assent. 
Wheeler Rev Jas E | Baptist). 
Young J W, justice of peace. 
Youn" J W & Son, areneral store. 

CHESTER. On the Ohio river, is a 
village with a probable population of 500. 
it is two miles east of Maysville of which 
it is, in reality, a suburb] which is the -1 ip- 
ping point and nearest bank. Flour, In n- 
ber and produce are exported. Stage to 
Cabin Cre^k, Tolesboro. and Burtonsvilte. 
Mai! daily. Lewi? N. Holiday, postmaster 
and io ay or. 

Graham Joseph P, patent medicine dealer. 
Grab im Pat rick, barber. 
Holiday Lewis N., R. R. Agent, Gen- 
eral Store an 1 Mayor. 
Holiday vt Huchins, grocers and provision 


100 CHE 


I Mil WV« SI I UUW fit^Send for Illustrated Cata 

talcgue and Pri 



Keen Monroe, grocer. 
Spharr & Cooper, brick rind lime-makers. 
"Williams L, grocer and provision store. 
Workman F M, boot and shoemaker. 

in Shelby county, 8 miles north of Sbelby- 
ville, the i ml ■*< ut. S nitbli ■ !d, 0.j i iles 
north, is the nea rest shipping p Int. Popu- 
lation 1">. Mail semi-weekly. J. W. 
Green, postmaster. 

Green JaiU< S W», General Store. 
Harden C W, phy dcian. 
Tucker J B, blacksmith. 
Vardrinau Ben, carpenter. 

lage in Jackson county, of 200 inh ibitants, 
10 miles south of Mi Fee, the i ounty-seat. 
and 160 south-east of Louisville. Its ship- 
ping point is Livingston, it miles distant 
It has 3 churches, a common and a high 
Eehool; also ha« two grist-mills run by wa- 
ter-power. Exports cattle, h >rses, mules 
and hogs. Mail daily. F. 13. Riley, post- 

Arnold Anianuel, livestock. 
Cook George W, live stock un<\ physician. 
Johnson G W, flour-mill. 

CHICAGO. Is situated 12 miles 
west ol Lebanon, the seat of Marion coun- 
ty, and is a si ition on the L. <k >< . K. R., 
with a population of 150. A Catholic 
church and parochial school, with 8 steam 
saw-mill and distillery, are here. Whisky 
forms the chief exj . rt . Express Adams. 
Mail daily. C. N. Ballard, postmaster. 
Alvey .1 A, justice of peace. 
Ballard C N, express agent. 
Blair, Osbom A Ballard, Distillers. 
Bullock Win, blacksmith. 
Cissell Mrs M E, hotel. 
Dart J W. distiller. 
.Drury Rev Edward (Catholic). 
Ferrill J C, general store. 
'Smith J A, constable. 
Smith W H, R R agent. 
Smith & Sun, distillery and saw-mill. 

CHILES-BURGH. A post-office in 
Fayette county, 10"J miles east of Louis- 
ville. Good.- should be shipped to Athens, 
on the Kentucky river. Daily mail. W. 
E. Christian, postmaster. 

Johnstone George, justice of peace. 
King John B, county : 
Peningtuii Elias, blacksmith. 
Powell Samuel, physician. 
" well Carter, general store. 
Riley F J'», general store. 
Settle 13 D. flour-mill. N 

A P ; o.'.;. er. 
Sims John, physician. 
Welch S E, genera] store. 

tion on the L., C. & L. liy, in Shelby 
county, distant 8 miles n> rth of Shelby- 
ville, the nearest bank location. A steam 
fl lur-mill, 2 churches, and a school are 
here, and a shoemaker i- needed. Corn, 
wheat, tobacco, and livi ?tock, form the 
shipments. Population 1'JQ census 1880 . 
Express Adam.-,. Stage to Shelbyville dai- 
Iv : fare $1.26. Mail daily. J. P. Wilcox- 
son, postmaster. 
Alexander S S, physician. 
Bellwood R B, harness-maker. 
Brown & Brown, live Etock. 
Demaree George "W, lawyer arid justice. 
Flood W C, flour-mill. 
Gurlitz Ilarrv, grocer and photographer. 
Hall Rev S (Methodist). 
Pillir Rev A S i Baptist). 
Ritchie S A, grocer. 
Roberts John W, saloon. 
Roberts J W, express agt. 
Rape Wm II, carpenter. 
Waters Henry, blacksmith. 
Wilcoxson A J, physician and grocer. 
Wileoxsen J. T., R. R. Agt. and Gen- 
eral Store. 

CHURCH HILL. A small post- 
office in Christian county, 8 miles from 
Hopkinsville, its shipping station. Lani«r 
Sherman, postmaster and general .-tore. 

CICERO. Woodford county, a small 
post-othce only. 

CLARK'S CREEK. This settle- 
ment of5 families is in Grant county, 80 
miles from Louisville, and "» from Elston, 
its shipping station by rail. It has 'I 
churches and I school. Weekly mail. W. 
T Gre n, postmaster. 
Crom h Jeremiah, blacksmith. 
Green W T. general store. 

PP nf^FT n ft | ft'TI f] ' |l "»v« Settled mow than 1,-JO 

fc* £ * i? * i*# eta &* ^.^ |#*i<U? fi featesiiiOill felsied Claims. Azents Everywhere, 





CLA RYV [ LLE. In Campbell coun- 
ty i- a village of 100 inhabitant?, 1 11 miles 

south of Newport, the shipping point. 

Stage to Alexandria and Newport daily; 

fare $1. Tri-weekly mail. W. T. Clary 


Arii. >1 J W W, flour and saw-mill. 

Beehtu! John, boiler-maker. 

Byrd Foster, butcher. 

Clary W. T., General Store. Photog- 
rapher and Printer. 

Fleirel F, blacksmith. 

Gosney W C, live -took. 

G >sney W G. oculist. 

Hess Peter, live stuck. 

Ilimes John, saloon. 

Kees I-aac, barber. 

Kees W B, carpenter. 

Phillips Peter, glass-blower. 

Prickett G W L, teacher. 

Prickett S \V. wagon-maker. 

Ru-h George, basket-maker. 

Smith Peter, cooper. 

Spillman James, blacksmith. 

Storm John, cooper. 

Tenner Sadie, dress-maker. 

Wetherban Adam, merchant tailor. 

Wright A A, general store. 

CLAY. A village with 350 inhabi- 
tant- (census 1880), is located in the west- 
ern part, of Webster county, 10 miles south- 
west of the county-seat. Its nearest rail- 
Toad point is Slaughterville, "24 miles east. 
Shipments should be made to Caseyvilleen 
the Ohio river, 1-6 miles west. Nearest 
bank at Dixon. It has a church and 
school, and export- tobacco and live stock. 
A flour-mill i- needed. Land ran be ob- 
tained at $10 1 1 y>0 per acre. Tri-weekly 
mail. E. N. Blackmail, postmaster. 
Bailey YY D, corista hie. 
Blackburn E N, hotel and livery. 
Bhv kwell Joel, live stock. 
Biackwell Thomas, general store. 
1> idra M, shoemak 
13 idehed S C H, cabinet-maker. 
< ■■ >k S II, justice. 
Ilolman Rev M B (Baptist). 
Jenkins J J, live stock. 
Jenkins Mrs S B, milliner. 
Me re \V J. physician. 
''•• \a& Kirk wood, blacksmiths. 
Puier B H. physician. 
Sakolks H, merchant. 

Watson B, tobacco. 
Wooten TV,', druggist. 

CLAY'S FERRY. Fayette county. 

(See Cleveland). 

CLAYPOOL. Located on Barren 

river, in t • a ern pai v of \\ arren ( ■ . •■ ■ 
-ty, VI h miles east of Bowling Green, the 
county-seat, and nearest shipping point, on 
L. \ N. R. R., 113 sniles from Louisville. 
Mail semi-weekly. Isaac T. Lee, post- 

Clavpool S W, live stock. 
Duff John, blacksmith. 
Erwin W A . t •. 
Jones <N. Renick, physicians. 
Lee .t Clavpool. leaf-toba :c >. 
Motley ,v Martin, flour-mill. 
Rector \V U, live stock. 
Tabor Emory, carpenter. 
Tabor Wm, general store. 

CLAY VILLAGE. Six miles from 
Shelbyviile, the county-seat of Shelby 
county, and 36 miles from Louisville, is 
this village of 300 people, 2 churches, and 
1 school. Daih stage to Shelbyviile; fare 
50c. Daily mail. Thos. Vannatta, post- 

Adkins J S, boot and shoemaker. 
Card well Thomas, blacksmith. 
Clark & Moon, Lumber Dealers. 
1' inn ill <t T. blacksmith. 
.Mi Connell J, wine-grower. 
Melear Peter, wagon-maker. -ton \\ R, live 3to k. 
Nash N b\ general -'■ ire, 
Slesul Seaton, Hotel. 
Smith J 11, wagon-maker, 
Smith J W, pin sician. 
Si pher Jai oh, wine-maker. 
Vannatta Thomas, General Store. 

CLAYSYILLE. A post-office on 
the main Licking river, in the north- 
eastern part of Harrison county, 12 miles 
north-east of Cynthuma, the county-spat, 
and 9 north-east «*f Poindexter, on the K. 
C. II. R. Exp. rts tobaco 
stock. Tri-weekh stage to 
Boonesville; fare to former 
latter place 75c. Daiiy mail 
Asbury E T. plasterer. 
Asbury W T, general store. 

grain, ana 
Milfofd and 

25c ; to the 

mm kmm m \ 

Im k lull t'i i -Wflj 

ft luEORItIS3 cSs B^."2T^-y 


■"■J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, K ? 

Catherwood M, carpenter. [ O'Bryan, station ajrent. 

Chandler & Son. shoemakers. ; Samuels & O'Bryatl, General St r« 

Curran "\V H. physician. i "Ward Thomas; carpenter. 

Hamilton JB.l •• : __ 

?. it ? hJ £ , I i l !!* ck , smi ^ CLEVELAND. Sometimes . 

Lin ey ST, I a< ksmith. clay's Ferrj , is a landing oh the Kei ! : 

Lmley Wm, grocer. I river, and a village of some 75 inhabita 

Montgomery J imes, tea 'her. j in Favotte countv, 15 miles from L. ■ 

Sandy C \\, fl.jur-mill. ton, the county-seat, and 9 from Ath« - 

Snodgrass A, general store, I on A., C. or I. R. R„ tin nearest raili 

| ap{ roaoh. Liunber. coal, and sand a 

CLEAK tORK. A small umm- ; dipped. Stase to Lexington and I 

portant post-office m Beil county. ' mond daily ; fare *3 u.J 75 cents. C. C. 

. Reins, postmaster. 

CLEAR SPRING. A country post- Bip , "er*t?iF'W J freight a^ent 

office, in Graves county, 9 miles of Erlkine James, blacksmith? '" 

Maybeld, the county-seat, its most convc- ■ ]•;.•,;, ;-.. \\ , v ,. L , -;..,-, --,-.,- 

nient shipping { int, on the M. f P. vV X. cVuV A. general store/ 

KR. Two ira id grist-mills are pro- j Irvine Thus, express acer^t. 

pelled by power supplied by Chirk river Re j lis C . C General Store. 

here, lobaeco an 1 . rod ice are shipped, <,., Vf ,; j ■{ \,, , o.,.,,.-.-^ ■• •■- 

Population 40. Mail semi-weekly. J. L. j Stevens & Atkerson," saw-mill. 

Allen, postmaster. | Thurman B, wharf-master. 

Allen J. E., General Store. i Thurman Jarnes, wagon-maker. 

Carter & Bristol, saw and dour-mill. j Weddle C A C, carpenter. 

Enoch W, flour-mill. 

Hicks T J, wagon-maker. CLIFFORD. A country rjost-oih\« 

Hurt & Arnett. Irugs and general store. ' in Lawrence C ountv, and a landing; on t 

Mason or Casby, flour and saw-mill. . Tug Fork of the f$ Ig Sanilv rive ^ w] 

Michael John, chair-maker. | here furnishes power at present not i • 

Rhodes James, blacksmith. lized. Ship direct. The nearest ban! 

Shelton Rev J J. . at Ashland, 40 miles north. Louisa, the 

Stiggins James. ! county-seat and nearest railroad approach 

Trautt J R, physician. , is on the chattroi R. R., 10 miles ;.. >rti . 

JVilkerson \\ \ & Co. grocers. j Timber forms the chief export. Mail daily. 

' W. II. Bartram, postmaster. 

CLEOPATRA. A small settlement _, . „ T ' T , , , u . 

and post-office, in McLean county, 7 miles j B * r *J an, » W ' H " Lumber and '' 

from Calhoun. j „.. °»' < !' . . . ,, , , , .., 
! Fitzpatnck Arthur, blacksmith. 

' Fitzpatrick Ulysses, justice of peace. 

CLERMONT. A station on the Frasher D K, justice of peace. 

Bardstown div. L. &>. R. K.. 6 milessouth- i Fresher Samuel, shoemaker. 

east of Shepherdsville, the county-seat, and K -eton K- v Colei . n i Baptist). 

40 from Louisville. \\ hiskv, hay, hoop- Mavnard "Wm, general store. 

poles, timber, and produce are shipped. RatlirT W D, flour and saw-mill. 

Population 75. Mail daily. J. M. San- , 

uels, postmaster. CLIFTON MILLS. On Lie! 

Burnett , T, carpenter. creek, a water-power stream in Bre 

Bowman T .(. physician. | ridge county, is a small settlcmont • : ] ■ 

Britt Thomas, winegrower. j people, located 7 miles north >»t' 1 1 u r- ! - 

Bryan.) D, lawyer. I b'.rir, the county-seat. Stephensport 

Chapeze A & B, disttlh r -. the Ohio river, 11 miles west, i- tin- - ■ 

Garrett Thomas, shoemaker. : ping point. Tobacco and produce 

McCleary II, h< Lei and wagon-maker. ' shipped. Mail tri-weekly. T. Atkinson, 

Murphy Barber & Co. distillers. j postmaster. 

LUoDiiu AliJUuiijjJ Mi J iJiliJ 

'.\ ith >ut r< '" T--IIP'' to I 1" ' imp mies «s a manage. 

BARBE€ & CASTLEMAN, Lou sville, Ky. 

Af,-uti everywhere South. 





Atkinson S B, general store. 

Atkinson Thomas, Tobac 

Coleman & Glasgow, flour-mill. 

Dent M 15, tobacco deal r. 

Foster P W. physic ian. 

Head Rev Wm ; Baptist). 

St Clair Kev G W | Presbyterian). 

CLIFTY. Also called Bivinsville. is 
a small village in Todd county, 14 miles 
south of Elkton, the county-seat, and 24 
from Allensville, the most convenient 
shipping point on L. & N. R. R., for its 
surplus product of bjvcco, which forms 
the only export. A saw and grist-mill, 
run by steam, is here. Mail semi-weekly. 
J A Steele, postmaster. 
Bricklev W. 0. carp " ;r and undertaker. 
<iant Rev J L. Christ an . 

Gates Daniel D, .; i I store. 

Hettslev J H general *tore. 
Steele J. A7, Saw and Flour-mill. 
Tatum Eev J S, physician. 
Whitson Rev J F ( Baptist]. 

CLINTON. An incorporated town, 
having a pop ilation, a< cording to the cen- 
sus of 1880, of 500. It is a station on the 
line of the C, St. L. & N. O. R. R., 200 
miles from Louisville, ami is the seat_ of 
justice for Hickman county. The banking 
business of the place is transacted at Cairo, 
111. Four churches— Christian, Methodist, 
Baptist, and Presbyterian— with good pub- 
lic school, are hen/". This town is also the 
location of the Clinton College, which was 
established in 1874, and has ubtaineda justly 
celebrated name as a tirst- lass educational 
institution. It ha- 177 pupils, and employs 5 
teachers. The town also supports a news- 
paper (the Clinton Democrat), a saw-mill, 
grist-mill, and stave factory, 2 good hotels— 
the Davis and Robinson Houses— and a 
public hall for entertainments, etc. Corn, 
wheat, tobacco, and produce, with some 
live stock, form tli- shipments. Wild land 
averages $S, and improved farms can be 
obtained at $00 per acre. Express South- 
ern. Telegraph West rn Union. Mail 
daily. T. W. Ashley, postmaster. 
Alden Rov, news and periodical dealer. 
Ashley Thomas W^Gent's Furnishing 
Goods, Book-seller and Stationer, and 

Ashley White & Morris, hardware. 

, Bates James P, sewing-machines, 
co Dealer. 1 Beeler George, physician. 

Binford Gideon J, county judge. 

Bishop Wm J, judge court common pleas. 

Blythe & Co, saw-mill, 2h miles south. 

Bone J Lewis, justice of peace. 

Boon Wm F, carpenter and undertaker. 

Bowers Bros, dry go -.:-. i to 

Dowers Calvin T. 1 took and produce. 

Bowers J Edward, groceries and furniture. 

Bradley A: White, lawyers. 

Brown'Henry C, county surveyor. 

Bugg George A. barber. 

Buhler St "•, hen, sh< ei laker. 

Burce John T. watch-maker. 

Ci rCer John W, grocer. 

Clinton College, Miss A. M. Hicks, 

President. (Set adv.) 
Clinton Democrat (weekly), John H 

Shields, editor and ; roprietor. 
Cook Rev W H (Christian). 

Crossland Edward, judgu circuit court. 

Davis John, Proprietor Davis House 
and Livery Stable.. (See adv.) 

Duliu Philip A, R R and express agent. 

Earle H, physician. 

Ellis John H. groceries and crockery. 

Evan- RevW W (Presbyterian). 

Franklin A: Son, live stock. 

Griffin John W. constable. 

Griffin & Gwyn, saw-mill, 3 miles west. 

Hales & Moss", general store. 

Hayes Joseph 1 », justice of peace. 

Henderson James A, physician. 

Hess Pvev A J (Baptist)." 
\ Hicks Miss A. 31., President Clinton 
College. (.See adv.) 
I! ,dges Edward C, county attorney. 
. Husbands George L. iawyer. 

Johnson W Russel. sheritf. 
1 Jord in Charles, cigars and tobacco. 
! Jordan Wm A, physician. 

Kemp John R, clerk circuit court. 
■ Eoonev A Benedict, wagon-makers. 
I McCorklo Mi-s B R, mi linery. 
! Miller & Grace, saw arid grist-mill. 

Moore James, carpenter. 
I Moore J"hn T, ^ouerul store and grain. 
j 51 •-- Nathaniel P, lawyer. 
' Murphv Wil.-on T, m< at market. 
! Nance Henrv G. lumber ranfr, 7 miles east. 
\ Neville Robert S. leaf-tobacco. 
I Pe ;rs \ al, hardware and stoves. 
! Phillips James, blacksmith. 
i Ray Francis M. lawyer. 
1 Rav Wm G, lawyer. 

f pl ? -ff! Km ' 1 ^^ Dating Stamps, Self-InkSnj* Stamps, Bank .-'_am«i: an -. , 
\y.\t •'-. : yl P \ f'roteeUiri* ; Amu rem- I'r intintf Freshes mid Type. L. B( 

B' v'->t; rfl4 J? iiitiit ; il 1-M-irti.i.r au«. i>io ftiuker, 166 Randolph St., CUICAG'J, i::. 





Robinson Uouse, Mrs. M. A. Robin- 
son, I'r ; :'.■ ' ress. 

Robinson Mrs. Martha A, Pro- 
prietress Ri :•; is< : House. 

Robinson Ri bc-rt A. druggist. 

Shields John H. propr Clinton Democrat. 

Shultz Samuel, cbair manufacturer. 

Slayden John < = . druggist 

Stewart Rev K 11 r Methodist), 

Tarb r !! \ "•,.-- — -:. 

Taylor Smith K, c iunty elk and recorder. 

Thatcher Robert P, tailor. 

Th.>mas Charles 1!. prosecuting attorney. 

Tillman -lour Ian, barber. 

Ullman Samu* '. gro« ri^s. 

V, . ker \\m T. « ... - an i crockery. 

Weil George, livery. 

West & Kemp Mioses, millinery. 

William- in J \Y _•:■ -fr. 

Wii.ter Henry H. jai!"r. 

CLIXTOXVILLE. In the southern 
part of Bour! •■ nr.ty, 9 miles south-east 
• :' Paris, its nearest snipping point on the 
K. C. R. R. Tri-wei kly mail. Population 
200. Isaac Stipp, | ostmasb r. 
Alexander Dr H W. physician. 
Boggs Rev S D i Presbyterian). 
Gilkey -J T. constable. 
Heathman WT, general store. 
Kennedy <fc Devereaux. bla< ksmiths. 
Morrow George \V, justice of peace. 
Shropshire T A, physician. 

post-office and small settlement in Jai kson 
county, 12 miles r irth-we-t of McKee 
the county-seat, am] ll" south-east of 
Louisville. Ship to Harris, the nearest 
railrr id p< int on the Ri< hm >nd liv. L. & 
N. R. R.; nearest bank it R 
P ntv ••:' coal is in the vi inity, which 
will be prorital j '■ '■-.••■!. if the proposed 
line of the Kot tucky Central It. 11. passc- 
through here, as expected. Daily mail. 
Wra. J. Hay - postmaster. 
Azbil! Rev J imes Christian ). 
Azbill W B, blacksmith. 

CETO. I" the southern part of Pulas- 
ki county, is a country post-office, 10 miles 
south-v.*est of Somerset, the county-seat. 
The shipping point i- Burnside, 4 miles 
ea=t, to which a semi-daily stage runs. 
Daily mail. \V. O. Newell, postmaster. 

Baker E J, justice of peace. 
Chick .lame.;, carpenter. 
Coj le L T. justice of peace. 
Fowler Jl H, justice of peace. 
Fowler John, s< hool commissioner. 
Gay 1} F. general store. 
Hatfield J D, blacksmith. 
Martin C S, lawyer. 
Morris J, justice. 
Purris .1 arnes, shoemaker. 
Snider John, flour-mill. 
Stanifer Rev Wm (Baptist). 

CLOVER FORK. The name of a 

small pust-office in Harlan county. 

f ,■ 

CLOVERPORT. An importar 

ling on t! ■ f >l ; R ' . er in Breckenridci" 
mnt ', 1 10 miles - >iu h- rest ot Lou 

and 85 north-east of Owe isboro, i n L. &>. 
1!.. R., the nearest railroad approach, 'i 
town i- 'u corporate^ and 'ortainsa popu'a- 
rion of 1.05*3 (census 1880). Numero 
improvements have lately been mad-"' and 
the town is in a flourishing condition. 
There wan enterprising vveekh newspa] ■ r, 
the "Breckinridge New-." a bank, 2 plow- 
factories, 2 wagon-factories, ?. riour-miii. 

spoke-facti ry. 4 tobac -factories an . 

churches of the Baptist, Presbyterian, 
Methodist and Catholic denominations, 
(white) and '■) churches for colored peoph 
(1 Baptist and _ Methodist), with g I 
public schools. All river packets stop hi re 
daily, going both north and south. T I a • 
co, live stock, produce an i grain are shipped 
to a considerable extent. Some coai Is 
mined here and large depotits are in the 
vicinity, Stage to Hardinsburg, the county- 
3eat, 11 miles east daily. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. John C. Heist, postmaster. 
Allen Rev C (Methodist). 
Archer Graham & Co, spoke-factory. 
Babb; yre CVurtnev 1' -addles and harness. 
!. ibl . 1 hn C. lawyer. 
Rabbage John !>., Publisher Breck- 
inridge -V' !".«, and Dealer in Book.-. St i- 
t m-.-ry, Cigars, i\ 1 ■ . •>. \\"ail Pap* r. 
".-. Toys, Fancy Goods, etc., ai '■ 
Agerit Adams Express Co. 
Ballman i lenry, bakery. 
Bendi r .1 hn, b irb( r. 
Buhler Barney, sho masker 
Bowmer Win II. j res Breckinridge bai k. 
Bowrner & Hambleton, general store. 

Biae«a ft PlSMQfatlllf Controlling over «4 n IFira in ? |1 

• il, an rai mtii- PlM |«fj f '■. !• ff I 

/ Louisville, -Ky, Agents everywhere. fei 


Breckinridge Bank ( Paid-up oapital, Cooper Mrs Caroline, n Winery goods. 

$45,000) YVm.-H. Bowmtr. President; i Cooper & Bell en Win. Cooper, M. J. 

Abraham B. Skillman, Cashier. Behem, Genor:»l Blacksmith.'!, and Man- 

Breckinridgre Xews < "Weekly). John j ufacturer- of tin Boss Road Wagon, 

D. Babbage, Publisher; WaliaeeGruelle, I Spring Wagons, Buggies, and Plows, 

Editor. Also, Dealers in Farm Machinery of 

Brown James E, physician. every Description. 

Chapin James, saw-mil! "> miles east). [ Cox Crawford K, pbysii ian. 

Chnpin & Co, saw-mill ''■ miles east). I Crawford Samuel C, Pr >p'r CIov< r- 

Cloverport Hotel J -'■ \ r day\ S. : port Hotel, II Post-orl 

C. Crawford, Prup'r. U _'h .St. near P. O. j Deen Marion, confectionery, etc. 

Cloverjxn't IVIarble- Works, Haynes I D'Huy Frederick watches and jewelry. 

& Payne, Prop' rs. Manufacturers "and i Dum.-an Philo V, tobacco lent). 

Dealers in Italian, A" sriean, and Scotch i Felsenthal Isaac, genera! store. 

Granite Monuments, etc. : Fisher Addison K, druggist. 

Davis Bouse, 


Good Livery in Connection with Che House. 







Clinton Coileg'e is now near the ciose of the seventh year of its existence. The 
prosperity of this Institution has increased, and its influence widened until to-day it 
ranks with the first ce^.eges in the Commonwealth. It opened in i 874, with fifteen pupils 
and has this year enroled 177- it r:as graduated twelve pupils. 


Clinton College has Primary, intermediate Preparatory, Collegiate and Musical 

Course of study, systematic and comprehensive. 
Teaching, thorouar and practical. 
Discipline, home-, ke. Location, healthful. 


M - A M HICK? / 'dent. leather of Hi?t ry. Literature il 1U.1I .-I Moral Pliil sophy, Logii 

Prof V J.MILLER, , Miss i '. \ \ i !■ BA] DRIDCE 

Classics, Higher Mathematics and Natural '• Prii 1 Pi para to Department. 

Science. '. m, vS KMMA HICKS 
MlssALlDA A. WILLI T. Vssistant in Primary Department. 

Principal Primar\ i 'i . trtmem and A--. 

Miss KA! UK !'■ '■- ' HI K 

tant in I ittegiate Dep; -:r.-., t , , / ' / /,, . , . , rtment 

For further information, address, A. M. HICKS, Clinton, Hickffian Co., Zj, 


iny*™ TiTfi fin np runt t un 
. H M HrJil Q Nil 


I I'iOUISVIL.UJB, - - - . . '« liv 




Fish or E, police judge. 

Fraize & MiRer, general stor.?. 

George Wm, brick-yard. 

Gregory *v Co., Forwarding Commis- 
sion Merchants, Coal Dealers, and Pro- 
prietors Wharf-boat. 

Gregory A; Son, carpenters. 

Hamilton Samuel T. dentist. 

Hamman Michael, furniture and Ttak'r 

Hayes Joseph -. principal hisrh seln oi. 

Hayiies & Payne (E. T.'Haynes, F. P. 
Payne), Proprietors Cloverport Marble- 
Works, Marble Dealers, etc. 

Heist Albert, stoves and tin. 

Heist John (.'., Watchmaker and Gen- 
eral Repairer, and Postmaster. 

Ilei^t Joseph M, photographer. 

Hitchcock Smith, saloon. 

Holt John R, ] hyaieian. 

Hovious Sa'muel, Sab i n. 

Kingsbury A' Bro, carpenters. 

Laufes George G, oil, S\ mile.- south. 

Lewis J T, physician. 

Lewis Vessels A Bro, tobacco. 

Lightfoot John S, live stock.- 

Lillard Silas, tobacco. 

Lishen (.'hare-, meat market. 

McDo»ald Rev J P (Presbvterian). 

McMillen J W. -hoemaker. 

Marlow John J', saloon. 

3Lay Henry J, wagon-maker. 

May Wm, saloon. 

May A Br.>, coopers. 

Mayes J K, confei tionery. 

Miller Isaac, wines ana liquors. 

3Iill<>r Jaeol) I.., Hardware, Stoves, 
and Agricultural Implements. 

Miller Peter S, live stock. 

Miller & Ho\ LOUS, • !. F. Miller. Sam') 
Hovious), Livery and Sale Stable. (See 

Morman, Skillrnan & Co, leaf-tobacco. 

Murphy Alien, Carpenter, Contractor, 
and Builder, an I Dealer in Sash, Do irs, 
Blinds, Paints, Glass, etc. 

Murray John A. lawyer. 

Murrav & Gregorv, insurance agents. 

Newson Robert L* rlrti^srist. 

Newton VI -• Eliza, miilinerv goods. 

Oi'l/e & Bro., Fi-.n r-mill. 

Owen James- T, physician. 

Pierce Robert R, ju tice of peace. 

Rafferty Bradlej T. physician. 

Raitt .1 »hn W, attorney at law. 

Ruitt < > ven, saddles and harness. 

Rice & Burner, pmprs tSinan coal mines. 

Ryan T A- Son, shoemakers. 

Seifried Frank, baker. 

Sippel A Bohler, shoei lakers. 

SkillmanA B, cashier Breckinridge bank. 

Smith F M, physician. 

Snyder Robert* Co, saw-mill, 10 m south. 

Star Flour-mills, Oelze& Bro.,pi • !,-. 

Sultz^r .) F A Bro, -- ral store. 

Suttc ii J ' i ■ t .hin >. 

Temp e Cro <\ D. propr Temple Hotel. 

Temple Hotel, Crosby D ] n pie, propr.' 

Vessels Wm VV, saloon. 

Vest & Smart, ( 5 <Vm. Vest and Win. G 

Smart) Dealers in Dn Goods, Cloth in a; 

Gro ri :s, Fr .\ isions, etc. 
Wartield Thomas N, leaf-tobacco 

and physician. 
W« ' ! - .Mrs W .), millinery go-xls. 
Wheeler Jam ■- K leaf-tobacco. 
White Wm B, druggist an 1 dentist: 
Witt & Conrad, Richard Witt and 

Samuel Conrad) manufacturers of Car- 

riages, Wagons, Plows, etc. [See adv.) 
Witt *i- Farber, tailors. 



Cumberland river, is a small village ii 
Cumberland county. 8 miles west oi Bi 
viilf, the county-seat, and 85 miles east i 
Glasgow, the nearest railroad approach 
Goods can be shipped by rail via' this la? 
ter place or to Cioyd's Lari ling direct b; 
water. A steam saw and grist-mill is :■• n 
and tobacco, wheat and produce are shi] 
ped. Population So. Daily mail. H. J 
Cloyd, postmaster. 

Cloyd U..J. A: Co., General Store. 
Cloyd T. J., Farmer. 
Cloyd W C & Bro, saw and flour-mill. 
Williams J O, blacksmith. 

COATj IIUX. A country post-offi'p 
in Fike county and a binding on the we-t 
fork of the Big Sands river, Pikevii 
the county-si it. is 8 miles south. No ban -- 
nearer than Cntlettsburg, 25 miles n '" : 
W'>od, feathers and farm pi 
shipped. Daily mail. Harvey Wtddim:- 
ton, postmaster. 

Ferguson S M, flour-mill. 
Harris t Re n U, general -tore. 
Mi adows Wm R, merchant. 
Wedding; ton Harvey, Grocery. 
Wornix Calvin, eroctrv. " 




P^^ " - 


<v^'.''*\ ^AL^T, FJ£Z£D, 



.Exchange Stable, 




We are raising a »ery superior 4ra.i1 of Sliecp, Cattle and Hogs, and offer for gale ou rea6ocat,!9 
terms. Correspondence solicited. 








0/ . '■■■■■ * 1 , 

(!) B 3 ffcS : — 

^ ^ 

[ KVg Jo b» 
o p» 

ni? » 


General Repairing of all kimls do"n« on uhott notice. Sr<Mi for pricea. 


m n*f\*\ 


S*itf \*. 


\Y*> '.U^tti * 1 I Irvliiterffe ais«! Cornier (iriuv 

>t»niiimiu< mc %»;»!» »« I'boul /(in: Oriianici:t>. 

^ AJdrijti J. \V. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chieajo, 



COALTON. In Boyd county, is a 
atation on tbe A , 1 -V C. R. R., and a vil- 
lage of about 75 in habitants, located the 
western part of the county, 10 miles from 
Catlettsburg, the county-seat. The nearest 
bank is at Ashland. The adjacent country 
is rich in coal deposits, and 18,000 tons are 
said to be shipped per month. Express 
Mams. Tolephore connection with Ash- 
land. Daily mail. I'homa.> Meredith, p >st- 
m aster. 

Paster Win, express agent. 
Logan .) M, physic ian. 
Norton & Meredith, general store and flour- 
Sersion Peter, hotel. 
Zeigler Rev J G (Methodist). 

small post-setth ment in Wayne county, 13 
miles north-west of Montieello. 

COL.!) SPRING. This village is 
incorporated, and ••• ntains about 50 inhab- 
itants, is in Campbell county, 10 miles 
south of Newport, the seat of justice, and 
nearest bank, and 2h miles south of Culver- 
son, the most conv nient shipping point on 
the K. C. Ry. Two churches and a public 
school are here. Produce is exported. 
Daily stage to Alexandria and Newport. 
Daily mail. S. 11. Stebbins, postmaster. 
Able ring George H, justice of peace. 
Baudendistal II. saloon. 
Bower V, blacksmith. 
Ecklc M, wagon-maker. 
Farenholtz Wm, saloon. 
Heinlein George, wagon-maker. 
Hildebrand M, blacksmith 
H imer M A, constable. 
Hook L. blacksmith. 

McIIatten . auctioneer. 

Sellner \', shoemakec. 
Ktebbins S. it., Grocer. 
Thornton Peter, ; hy.sician. 
Whiteman Rev B K ■ Methodist). 

COLDWATKR. In the w 
part of Callowa\ > inly. This is a small 
village of about 50 inhabitai ts, 10 mil s 
west of Murray, the countv-seat. Ship to 
Mayfield, on the M. p. £ N. R. R., where 
u, also, the nearest Lank. Peanuts, cot- 
ton and tobacco, are shipped. Mail tri- 
weekly. G. M. Holland, postmaster. 

Beech John, wagon-maker. 
Br >ach W R, leaf-tobacco dealer. 
Chum John, cooper. 
Chum M L. blacksmith. 
Clark & Rushing, distillers. 
Ezell A i,, physician. 
Hanneline Rev .1 1) (Baptist). 
L< ech .1 W, i > pri ?s agent. 

1. mg B A Q t 

Nix «& Holland, General Store. 

Prince T M, physician. 

Smith (' C. cons! 

Watters Rev J W (Methodist). 

W rather J W, gr », er. 

W rather S M, justice. 

Wrather & Slaughter, leaf-tobacco dealers. 


' fti ■<■ on Ray f! i • k, in Andi rson com • 
65 miles from Louisville. Weekly mail. 
B. P. Coidwell, postmaster, 

COLESBC11GH. A station on the 
L o. N. R. R., and a village of 150 inhab- 
itants, in the eastern part of Hardin county. 
8 mil !s ni irth oi Eli/abethtown, the coun- 
ty-seat and nearest hank location. Hogs 
cattle, lumber, tanbark, and large quanti- 
ties of hay are shipped. A Catholic chun h 
a common school, and a steam saw and 
corn-mill are here. Express Adams. 'J 
egraph Western Union. Mail daily. J. 
\V. G. Stark, postmaster. 
Abell Rev .) L (Catholic). 
Booth (i (), constable. 
Carlisle John, justice. 
Florence O, express agent. 
Green Richard, hotel. 
Mead A: Sterling, distillers. 
Pardee C A, saw and Hour-mill. 
Purcell A: Jackman, grocers. 
Sherrard A: French, blacksmiths. 
Spink C R, justice. 
Stark J. \V. <i.. General Store. 
Stewart C C, hotel. 

COLLEGE MILL. An inc. rp ra- 

• i . . . - ■ ■ 200 ii bit! tits, in M 
county, i"J miles north of Richmond I 
seat of justice, and 1 mile from the K . ■ 
tuck^ river, \ here power is tttainable, i •'• 
i- not utili '■ d. Prodw i - the < hicf siii 
n ent. Daily stage to Wa< o, ! n hu 
Richmond. Two churches and an ecu a- 
tional establishment, the "Ayres' Acade- 

« ft | Have Settled more than 1,400 
tjOSHcti, and l!Rvt Had bat 13 Ht— 

% |g nUted n»lms. A?*nts Every *'hert>. 





mj," are here. Mail daily. James II. 

Lewis, postmaster. 

Adams P F, nursery. 

Ay res J, druggist unci physician. 

Dctherage Win, blacksmith. 

Dnuthrie Aarun, farmer. 

Klkin K II, farmer. 

Grider Rev F (Methodist). 

Griffith Wm, farn er 

Gritrirs J S, farmer. 

Johnston Rev J J (Methodist). 

Lewis James H, general store. 

Miller James, blacksmith. 

Morgan W B, dentist. 

Norris Younger, general store. 

Norris W K. general store and justice. 

Owen- II S, 

Phelps Wni, trader. 

Kice James, trader. 

White George, b!a< ksmith. 

Williams J C, sho< maker. 

Wilson 1 noma-, principal Avers' Academy. 

Wilson W P, farmer. 

Wood Wm, general store. 

Woodson Lewis, farmer. 

en county, 11 miles fr m its shipping sta- 
tion, Padueah, and 236 from Louisville, is 
this country post-office, at which mail is 
received semi-weekL . Population about 75. 
George W. Curd, postmaster. 
Allen Heflen general store. 
Center F J, sc! — 1-teacher. 
Collier C, mail-carrier, 
Collier Joel A, blacksmith. 
Loftin Thomas, blacksmith. 
Rhew James, boot and shoe-maker. 


ty (See New Eagle Mills). 

Carrinder W T, jeweler. 

Columbia Spectator, Jone<? & Murrell, edv 

Connoror James, flour-mill. 

Eubank H C. general vt«>re. 

Eubank John, magistrate. 

Eubank Robert, blacksmith. 

Eubank Thomas, wagon -n •■ ; er 

Dunn 11 ('. principal High School. 

Feese Samuel, tl mi -mill. 

Griffith 1) II. police judge. 

Hill & Paul, druggist. 

Hindman a; Sampson, lawyers. 

Isenberg Bros, general store, 

Kemp G H, druggists. 

Kemp .1 T, clothing store. 

Lallee Albert, county judge. 

Lamber J W, Pre-'; Columbia Christian 

Lyons J D, hotel proprietor. 
Montgomery John B, constable. 
Murrell .1 1). carpenter. 
Phillip-, & Bro, general store. 
Rhorer Melvin, physician. 
Sti wart M. lawyer. 
Waller W H. general store. 
Wilson II W, flour-mill. 
Winfrey M F, hotel. 
Wood & Curd, physicians. 

Grant coun- 

COI/UMBIA. rhis incorp >rat< 1 
town, the seat of justice for Adair county, 
i- located on Russell creek which here fur- 
nishes power. Them -t accessible shipping 
point is CampbellsviSle, on L. -t X. R. R., 
20 miles north, to \ hioh a da y sti .-■• n i ■ 
fare $1.30. The town coi t-uns thr e mills, 
three churches, good schools, a college, a 
hank, a weekly newspaper, an 1 500 
tants. Express Adams Mail daily. James 
M. Russell, postmaster. 
Bank of Columbia, Joe Coffey, cashier. 
Butler Bros, general store. 

COL.U3IBUS. Located on the east 
bark of the Mississippi, is an important 
landing on that river. It is the southern 
terminus of the St. L., 1. M. i; S. Ry., and 
the northern terminus of the M. cV O. R. 
R. The city was first settled in 1822, was 
incorporated in 1800, and now has a popu- 
lation of 1,350. Clinton, the county-seat, 
is 12 mile-, and Louisville i.s distant 
1'1't by rail. 2 saw mills, a spoke factory, 
a planing mill, carriage and wagon facto- 
ry, :t -tone-ware manufactory, 3 hotel.-, the 
principal being th- Central, a newspaper, 
7 church edifices 1 5 white and 2 colored \, 
representing the several denominations of 
Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic 
and Episcopal, a college and a good public 

- 'a. ■.-..■■: • a'ai t ■.. aty ha- a ben led 

indebted n< ss. of ?lo :i < ; ", « ith an as ■•-- J 
valuation of $400,000. Live stock, corn, 
wheat and country produce form the shi] • 
merits. Express," St. L., I. M. & S. Ry. 
ami Southern, Telegraph W. V. Daily 
mail. Wm. R. Vance, postmaster. 
Anderson Philip, physician. 
Avey Edward W, stoves and tinware. 

Wfl iMllMiWM! IIP WW 'MIT 



? CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - • Louisville, Ky, 




Avey John B, grocer. 

Banor Brothers, saw-mill. 

Berbling & Kocker iHenrv Burb- 
ling, Win Rocker), Manfrsofand Deal- 
ers in Superior Stoneware. 

Bodkins Daniel, lumber, (6 miles north i. 

Bun.- Andrew, wines and liquors. 

Brevard Rev Alexander (col) ( Baptist, i 

Brock >.V Hi< kman saloon. 

Brown Chan-- K. -ho. -maker. 

Brummal .John M, lawyer. 

Bryant John P, citv marshal. 

Bullock vV Bullock, (Edward 1. and 
Edward T.), Lawyers and Collection 

Bush K.-v J D i Methodist). 

Butler Charles 11, barber. 

Caraway FJryant harbor. 

Carrington iiobert M., President 
Columbus Colh ge. 

Cayce J II vv Co, general store. 

Central Hotel. Win. H. Simons, Pro- 
pria tor. [See adv. ) 

Columbus College, R. M. Carrington, 

Columbus Man'fg Co. capital $7,000. Wm 
Gest. pres't; Wm Heron, sec'y. Spoke, 
bub, and lumber nuui'frs. 

Columbus Times, Lather S Taylor, editor 
and proprietor. 

Columbus Aj Tennessee River R. 
It, Thomas Sproat, President. 

Cook C D, sa\v-»iill (i miles south). 

Cook I-aac R. grocer and produce. 

Cook John B, saw-mill, and justice. 

Creighton Rev J A i Presbyterian). 

Davis J S & Co, groceries and saddlery. 

Davis William, Livery, Sab-, Ex- 
change and Feed Stable, Good liveries 
furnished on short notice. 

Decker Ferdinand, dry goods, notions, etc. 

Donaldson Henry E, restaurant. 

Duffy James 1*, merchant tailor. 

Early Orville It. physician. 

Egbert G Walker, blacksmith. 

Emerson Jam.'- \V. ag"t St. L. 1. M. & S. 
R'\ express. 

Entler Mr- Josephine A. millinery. 

Fite, DeWitl C, groeeii ■-. 

Gayle Benj. S. furniture and undertaker. 

Gc-t Wm A, groceries and provisions. 

G<»rton Amos A. C mtructor and 
Buil b-r. Pianing-Mill, and Fruit-Box 

Gayle John M, carpenter. 

Greene Wm C, meat market. 

Halliday Brothers, Otis Cook Ag't. 
Grain, Coal, and Commission and For- 
warding Merchants. 

Hinton George, restaurant. 

Holt Simon, live stock. 

Jackson John M, physician. 

Jackson Wrn, shoemaker. 

Joi es Rev. W A. (Baptist). 

Marre James, wines and liquors. 

Miller Madison M,K R agent. 

Mobile & Ohio R It, Madison M Miller agt. 

Montgomery George, barber. 

Montjoy < reorge, live sto< k. 

Moore Mrs 11 S, propr.- Veranda Hotel. 

Morton J A: Br... general store. 

Nance Alonzu X, tnngr \V U TeJ Co. 

Nasln illeChattam oga & Si Louis Railway. 

Pearson Henry, grocer. 

Pollock James P. city mayor and justice. 

Richards, n & Co, groceries. 

Roberts John D. drugs, books, etc. 

St Louis Iron Mt & Sou Ky, John M 
Walker agent. 

St L, I M c; S My Express, James W Em- 
erson, agent, 

Simons Will. II., Proprietor Centra! 
Hotel. (See adv.) 

Smith Frank, bakery and saloon. 

Smith Mrs Julia, propr Southern Hotel. 

Smith Rev T A. (Met! odist). 

Southern Express Co, Stout Lindsay,ag< ■ '<■ 

Southern Hotel, \frs Julia Smith propr. 

Spalding Luther P, constable. 

Sproat Thomas, Wholesale Ice and 
Pro luce, and Vgent Lemp's Beer. 

Stout Lindsav, agent Southern ExpressC >. 

Talbert Rey.G L, (Baptist). 

Taylor Luther S., Editor and Pub- 
lisher of the Columbus Times. 

Taylor Wm F, real estate and city collector. 

Thompson & Robinson, tailors. 

Trabucco James P. saloon. 

Usher Abraill K., Manufacturer Car- 
riages, Buggies and S| ring Wagons ' 
every description ; Blacksmithing and 
General Repairing. Prices as low as the 
Io vest, 

Vauee Win K., Postmaster. 

Vandemale Fer Li i and, groceries, ''tc. 

\ i randa Hotel, .Mr- il S Moore, propr 

Von Rueden Anton, shoemaker. 

W ker John M, air. nt St L, I M & S Ky. 

Walsh K< Re' ,i. hn F (Catholb ). 

Watson A ndre f, -l , pi \ sician. 

Welsh David, watch-repairer. 

Wilkey Henrv C, wat< h-maker. 

\ rWfVi'-fl l ?1 ITTHfTiPTI iYiXX TH HI Without reference to the Companies we roana 

: ibBB ALUublBlj AliiJ rilll ''^i^,::;.:-^ 





resort in Whitley county, 15 miles west of 
Whitley (c. h.), fiie county-seat, and 32 
miles south-east of Somerset, the nearest 
Lark location. The Cumberland river 
furnishes power hi re. Good? can be ship- 
ped direct via that str am, although the 
preferabl • shipping p< at is Fiat Rock, on 
the C. S. Rj _ • - •■■ •-■.. ;■• i 
tanbark form the shipments. Stnge corn- 
munication with S< morsel. Mail tri-week- 
ly. Wm. MoKoe. postmaster. 
Davenport J, carpenter. 
Hickman .1, wagon-maker. 
Higginbotham Wm, blacksmith. 
Mc i\e«-, (r, grain deah r. 
>IvK< e Win,, FluUT-mill and General 

>!• Kee Wm jr. saloon. 
Morton Rev J K ( Baptist i. 
Owen.- S. hotel. 
Rohi rts W R. ph; sician. 
Smith K -v S R Methodist). 
Suini er .lames, blacksmith. 
Wilder Jesse justice of peai •■. 
Worley Mrs Nancy, flour-mill. 


small settlement i> in Whitley county, 1 
mile south-west of Pine Knob. 

COMPTON". Pi"» r e miles south of 
Pikeville, in Pike county i- a new post-of- 

CONCORD. An incorporated town 
on the Ohio river, in the northern-central 
part of Lewis county, l'J miles west of 
Vanceburg, the county-~eat. I'he nearest 
railroad approach is Maysville, on K. C. 

R. Ky., although all shipments can be made 
direct by water. A saw and flouring-mill 
(steam), with two churches and public 
school are sustained. Live stock, grain, 
tobacco, and produce are exported. Popu- 
lation 200. Express Adam*. Mail daily. 
John M. Freeman, postmaster, 

K henhurs! <k Roush, fiour-mil!. 

Bur iii k W, pi ys ian. 

Carr •) K & ■'• I'., general store. 

Freeman John M., Steamboat Ag't. 

Grimes 1. A. physician. 

llisey L C, hotel. 

IiOvell G, gen* ral -tore. 

Montgomery V M, cooper. 

P. .Hook L T, lawyer. 

Purcell George L* saw-mill. 

Hai i.! W S, iiwyer. 

Sparks John, wag m-maker. 

Sparks Wm, bla< ksmith. 

COXCORDIA. Twenty miles west of 
Brandenburg, the county -so it of Meade, is 
a landing on the Ohio river, and place of 
about 120 people. Ship direct. Near. ;t 
bank at Cloverport. The exports comprise 
tobacco, live stock, and produce. Express 
Adams. Mail daily. F. E. Rowen, post- 

Abel' 1 A J. physician 

Burt-li 11, A; Soil, General Store. 

Gillespie .John, general store. 

Hamilton Tho«, shoemaker. 

Mattingly Joseph, hotel proprietor. 

Robert* John M, blacksmith. 

Staples II S, physician. 

Staples S O, physician. 

Tvler E T, carpenter. 

"Worland B T, druggist. 


■^7*. XI. SIl^O^TS, nPrccric-tcr. 

Roan Street, - - COLUMBUS, KY. 


**' Witcii constantly k*{'l for Boars at:.i Trains "htl 

g*5" S|j £% r " r < Karch**, Societies, Tf„lj;,",, MinJnjr and alt f „,_ 

XPill rfi^SSr \ p<»raiions, Me4«l»f Hotel, i'ool a..<l Baggage Check- 
yinflBa £ iifea^i'tJ!»Vl I,. Mf.HlIK, IngiaTer aad file £ini«, 1S6 fiaadolpi St. GSI3A.G5 r 





CONNERSVITvLE. Harrison county, 
r email village, ~. n iles fr m the county - 
seat — Cynthiana— -which is also the ship- 
ping station on K C R. K., and nearest 
bank location. ( < u:ttrj produce and sume 
live stock is shi} ped. Stage to Cynthiana 
and Sadieville tri-weekly; fare five cents 
per mile. Mail tri-weekly. B.M.Tucker, 

Boyd J W, genera! store. 
Carter E T. shoemaker. 
Case Henry, undertaker. 
Conner A. physician. 
Conrad Joseph, fanner. 
Con roes & Goo Inig! t, liutel. 
FeghtrnastPr E D. hotel and blacksmith. 
Hendricks John II. architect and builder. 
Levi IJ M, general -tore. 
Payer I', forme r. 
Spenneburg .Jas, blacksmith. 
Tucker 15 >I, General Store. 

CONNIFF. Only a small post-otfice 

in Greene countv. 


CONSTANCE. In the northe 
part of Boone county. Is a landing 
the Ohio river, 6 mile.- west of Covingti 
and the same distance east of Burlingt< 
the county-seat. Ship direct by rivi 
Bank at Covington. Corn, wheat, rye. a 
oats are shipped. Population (aceordi 
to census of 1880) 500. Stage to Covir 
ton tri-weekly ; fare, 25c. .Mail daily. 
B. Whitlock, postmaster. 
Andersen James S, hotel and general sto 
Brown (J W, coal doaler. 
Klasener it Son, wagon-makers. 
McNeal •) T. hotel and general store. 
Muralt Dc A A. druggist. 
Preabla F. shoemaker. 
Stoutman Fred, blacksmith. 
Wunmer Wm, wagon-maker. 
"Walpy John, wagon-maker. 
Zimmer Fred, grocer. 

CONSTANTfNE, Has 40 inhabi- 
tants, and is located in i>r tekinridge county. 

COON CREEK. (Perry county). 
This village cont lins a population of about 
100. Semi-weekly mail. 

COOPERS VI LLE. A small vil- 
lage in Wayne county, 10 miies south-east 

of Monticello the county-seat, and 170 
from Louisville. Ship to Burnside, 2-5 
miles north-east on C. S R'y. Mail Remi- 
weekly. T. A. Cooper, postmaster. 

Hairier J A, saloon. 

B&irier .1 S, mill. 

Borries .1 C, flour-mill. 

( i oper J iS: ! >, farmers. 

C< oper J & K D, [lour and saw-mill. 

Cooper J Injustice of peace. 

Cooper J a Co, general store. 

Cooper & Miller, gen< ral store. 

Crickmore R. blacksi 

Mauten James, shoemaker. 

CORAI, HIIX. A village in Bar- 
ren county, 5 mil< - north-east of Gla? ;ow 
the county-sent, bank location, and m arest 
railroad point, on L. & X. II. R. Ship to 
Cave City. 10 miles west, on same road. 
A flour and grist-mill is propelled with 
power supplied by Beaver creek; also a 
steam mill, good churches and school, a>,d 
a seminary. Tobacco forms the shipment. 
Population o<>. Mail tri-weekly. \V. S. 
Jones, po-t master, 

(.'oral Hill Seminarv. 

Chitwood C C, blacksmith. 

Clark W H. flour-mill. 

Davis W M. carpenter. 

Jones F. >J. & B r<>., General Store 

and Tor acco. 
Myers .1 M, saw ami flour-mill. 
Watkins Thos M, justice of peace. 
Wood Robert T, distillery. 

CORDOVA. Only a county 

iffi e. in Grant countv. 12 miles sou 

th of 
p to 
K v. 

1 Williamstown, the seat of justice. Sh 

Corinth, 4 miles west, on the C. 8. 
i Population 25. Mail tri-weekly. J 

Northcut, postmaster. 

Callow W M, physician. 

Edmonson \V II, constable. 

Jones R S. wagon-maker. 

Mary AY N, live stock. 

Magee li 15. physician. 
: M 'i ■_- oi II C, justii •• of peai e. 

RodgVrs David, blacksmith. 

Raveneroft Milton, wagon-maker. 

Stephens & lip'\ general store. 

CORINTH. A station en the C. S. 
R'y, ar.d village in Grant county, 1- miles 
south of Williamstown, the county-town. 

muu Ik mil 

C< !r iingover $40,000,000 of i'ire 

1 S j , ! J I . s: D ! I ; H* r a I ' r: f i t> I I th- 

em States, with chief offic* >u 
Louictille, Jty. Ageuts everywhere. 

4 il U M 

\ - - nqtw ■ 






Two churches, an academy, and a grist 

and saw-mill are* here, Population 80. 

Lumber and toba 'oo are shipp< > and land 

in the vicinity is valued at $18 to $150 

per acre. Express Adams. Mail daily. 

C. C. Hanson, postmaster. 

Allcoat & Swain, planing-mill. 

BeckWm. phy.M. ian. 

Dougherty VV H, physician. 

Foreman .1 N, justice. 

Hahn George, shoemaker. 

Hanson C. C, Genera! Store. 

Hutchinson & Bro, saw and Sour-mill. 

Jones Lewis, blat ksmith. 

Jones S P, moat market. 

Kinman Joseph, blacksmith. 

Kim an Mi< iael, meat market. 

Mann S S, hotel. 

Mevisberg D N, constable. 

Minor GOi Son, general store. 

Moore Mrs M J, milliner 

Morgan &. Merishell, hardware and under- 

Odor George, carpenter. 

Rain- R"\ F M. teacher. 

Robinson W B, physician. 

Ruddell C J, blacksmith. 

Skaggs S B, rail- ad and express agent, 
telegraph operator, and hotel propr. 

Trimnell <r \V, general -tore. 

Wertone A. <r. hotel. 

Whiten & Moore, general store. 

CORN CREEK. A hamlet of 

persons in Trimble county. 

CORNISHVirjLE. Settled in 1820, 
U a village on Chaplain creek, a water- 
power stream in Mercer county, 10 miles 
»orth-oastof Harrodsbun;, the county-seat, 
bank location, and shipping point, on C. S. 
11 y. Population loO. Mail tri-weekly. 
T. J. Debaum, postmaster. 
Debaum Turner J., General Store. 
Gabbart ec Co, lumber dealers and saw-mill. 
S :ruggs s S. physician. 
Sims «fe Hale, flour-mill. 
Swc( n y C W, furniture. 
Taylor Wm S. hotel. 
Yea-t J, live stock. 
V •■ .v Debaum, flour-mill. 
Whitinghill J C, general store. 

COUXWALL. A village in Menifee 
county, -3 miles west of Frenchburg, the 

countv-seat and nearest shipping point, 
on the I-.. C. & L. Ry. Nearest bank lo- 
cation is Mi. Sterling. A physician is in 
request hero. Coal, lumber, ties, and ton- 
bark are shipped. Population 1CU. Mall 
daily. A. Burns, postmaster. 
Bean K T .V Co, gen store and railroad ag:». 
I ■ ipbel! A- Lin Isy, -.:> neral store and eoftl. 
Chiles, Bean A- Co, lime dealers. 
Combs A ifc Co, general store. 
Cornwall Win, boarding-house. 
Gilbert R, saloon. 
Ringo A L, deputy sheriff. 
Ringo S ilomori, sheriff. 
Raborn G W, flour-mill. 
Vaughn Helton, constable. 
Wills Abraham, hotel and groceries. 

C L 

CORYDOX. This incorporated town 
is located about the center of Henderson 
county, lo miles south of Henderson, the 
county -seat, nearest bank location and most 
convenient shipping punt on both the 
Ohio river and L. & N. R. R. (5 churches, 
public schools and steam saw-mill are sus- 
tained by a population of 800. The ex- 
ports comprise tobacco, hogs, potatoes and 
some produce. Stage communication with 
Hendersonville and Morgantield daily; 
fare 50c and 7-V. Tri-weekly mail. 
King, postmaster. 
Able Peter, justice of peace. 
A ton .'I D, blacksmith. 
Binknel Robert, painter. 
Blake Reed, live stock. 
Blood worth J, confectioner. 
Buckman .1 1, live stock. 
Burnett .1 C, carpenter. 
Bush M E, hotel proprietor. 
Cannon VV T, druggist and stationer. 
Cannon W T, saddler 
Casby & Hardwiek, druggists. 
Clay Rev — | Baptist |. 
Compton George, physician. 
Crawford A .1, carpenter. 
Denny Rev Lewis | Meih Episc< 
Drake R< v .lames | Bapl :- f ). 
Elderton VVm, music teacher. 
Elmore James, plasterer. 
Green George, barber. 
Hambleton \! tggie, teacher. 
Harrington i L, lumber dealer. 
Hoggaid Mr.- A O, dress-maker. 
Hursth Fritz, meat market. 
Jones H S, physician. 


yuHhil sUd. bij, ur h! 

Central a.nd Soutnej'n Dep't, 
i LOUISVILLE, - '- Ky. 





KingC. L. S: IL A., Dry Goods and 

Boot* [ind ^hoes 
King E S <.v Co, groc r - and farm impl'ts. 
Knoll Herman, wagon-maker. 
Lilly Rev James T (Christian). 
Love J A, carpenter. 
MxClure G W, speculator. 
Mcdure li 1>, live stock. 

■ tl • -V :. . ■■ oi PC II • . 

Moj-ir.- S E, hotel proprietor. 

Moore Rev \S' Y [Methodist Episcopal) 

O'Brien M, i arpenter. 

Owen Joseph V, grocer. 

Pentecost W B. la * yer 

Folk Cli it les, ( ooper. 

Powell 15 M. live stock. 

Powell Mis* Erotna, niillineT. 

Powell K K & [Jr... tobacco dealers, 

Powell J F, bri k dealer. 

Powell J N. pin siciao. 

Powell J W, 'lawyer. 

Powell & Co, dry sroods. 

Pritchett Green \V, lawver. 

Pritchett << VV, tobacco dealer. 

Quinn Ton., carpenter. 

Rcubelt A 0, school supt. 

Smith Jessie, teacher. 

Smith S C. phv: ician. 

Stapp A Co, Hour-mil]. 

Strain E <',. teacher. 

Sutton W E & Co, saw-mills. 

Wagner Win. Mm ksmith. 

Walton E (J. constable. 

Wnt»on Tom, hlaeksmith. 

White A S, tobacco manufr. 

Williams A S, teacher. 

Williams VV A. d< ntist. 

Wilson John K, tobacco dealer. 

Wohrman Wm, shoemaker. 

COVINGTON. This city, the second 
in tin; Slat*-, i- located in Kenton county, 
on the Ohio river, at ft- confluence with the 
Licking, directly opposite Cii cinnati, with 
which it is connected by the largest single 
span wire suspension bridge in the world. 
It is also connected with N'ewporl, on the 
opposite bank ■ f the L'cking river, hv a 
wire bridge l . ■• county-scat t- Inde- 
pendence, 10 miles south, but lh« business 
is virtually carried on here, this place be- 
ing the location of the court-house an.! 
county jail. 1' i- the northern terminus 
of tha K. C. It. K., and, among other points 
of interest, contains '24 ch ireb edinees, 
*aiong which are 5 Catholic, 1 Episcopal, 

2 Presbyterian, 8 Baptist and ; 2 Christian, 
and 6 public n hool . euipl ying 63 teacher - 
and having 3, '279 scholars. I he new post- 
office is a magniiicent building, recenti\ 
erected at a cost of $250,000 in the mos: 
modern style of architecture. A glass- 
works, 5 distilleries. 4 breweries. 4 flour- 
mi .• -love '"■ ■: ' I ~y. •• ua b ihe - ' ■ 

3 tobacco factories, a nail factory, a dry 
dock, and an opera house, with a ;eati • 
ci pacity of L.000. are also here. The i ii . 
presents a most attractive appearance 
Street-cars run on all the principal str -■'- 

and avenues. )(• oorj ale limits evv.-r 

an area of 2,000 acres. It- bonded ii i< .- 
edness amounts to £1.023, 800 mail hu-'svi 
assessed valuatioi oi •• I . oOO.OOO "■ 
Holly system of water-works and a \ a. ! 
tire del artim nl :u e sustained. The n ■■ ■■ 
lation, according to the censu* o! L8*?0. ■ 
31,000. The principal artu'ies of es] r! 
are tobacco, whisl v. and s':<-. ware. Sta-j;e 
communication daily with Independ 
and Burlington, fare 50 cents an i v i >•■< 
spectively. Express Adam-. Telegraph 
Western LTnion. Mrs. S. S. Farrell, post- 

Abbot George M, ticket agent. 402 Sc >tt. 
Abeling Henry, shoemaker, 107 e 13th. 
Adams Henry, city treasurer and cooper, 

Affel Henry, musical instruments, 211 Pike, 
Agriculturist The weekly), Thomas J 

R.-y proprietor, 429 S ■" ; :. 
Aihlers Frank, grocer, 126 Bakewell. 
Albrink John & Co, grocers, Madison near 

American Wire Jsail Co, J L Stephen-, 

pres and treas; ,1 l; Meeklenborg, -•-. 

man'f'rs wire nails, cor 15th and Madi- ■ 
A. me* John L. cigars and tobac. ■ ., 1 8J e 5tl . 
A at.- Adolph, merchant • ulor 22 Pike, 
\ nthe .1. ^cph, g; ocer. »;5-l Phi adelphia 
Appe! A -Jii-u^t. udi.'ne-, "• !0 Malison. 
Argu. <r. irge A. barber, 027 Madison. 
Vrlii - ; - Henry, grocery and saloon, i r 

"■ ti and Vlain. 
Art! ur Win E, lawyer, 12 Boone Blo< '< 
Ashley Edward H. architect, 539 Madison. 
As horn Bernhai 1 ••-' >* n, To" Bakewell. 
A -Kim;, Charles, jeweler. 5GJ Madison. 
Ath -V Hon K »b(Tt A, mayor, c urt-bou.-<? 

Av( rb v Frank J, shoes! 5* o 2d. 

Averdii k J imes A, physician, 214 w 8th. 
Axer Anton, saloon, 722 Madison. 




I W, him M ui Kiiiin Stmli, COraSIi, 87. 

An Institution open Day and Night the entire year, in which there is one 
of the most thorough and practical courses of Book-keeping and Business forms, 
ever taught in the Western Country. • - 

Every opportunity is afforded, at this Institution, for one to become ade- 
quately and thoroughly qualified for the counting room and business pursuits. 

The Instructors have had a long experience as teachers and in practical 

No labor will be spared for the most rapid advancement of every student 
consistent with thoroughness. 

The time necessary to complete the full course is from four to six months, 
according to capacity. 

TERMS— Tuition payable at the time of entering. * 

Tuition lor lull course, $40 OO 

'• •• partial course, ... - 25 00 

" 4k Penmanship, full course, - . 10 00 


Covington, in its proximity to Cincinnati, gives easy access to that city 
for an hour of recreation in its beautiful parks and surroundings, and affords 
an agreeable retirement for study. 

Good board can be had with private families at from $3.50 to $5.00. 
Books and stationery, $4.00. 

Let every one desiring a practical knowledge of business enter this 

THUS. MARTIN, Proprietor. 


i 1 U d LM I £ JA7. AtMasoa, 313-321 So. Oliaton St., Ciiicasro. 


Axcr Bernhard, saloon, 10 Pike. 

Aver Erastus W, grocer, 604 .Main. 

Builer Joseph, Merchant Tailor, 420 

Baker Albert < , lawyer, cor 5th and Scott. 

Band & Pahls, distillers, 8th and Madison. 

Barron Wm, nujat market, 100'J Bank Lick. 

Barth Niehola- b >ots and shoe*. 146 Pike. 

Barton .James W, ca rpenti r, v, c>th. 

Bauerk-in August, saloon, 303 Scoitr. 

Baumann diaries, cor Burnett and Water. 

Beach G T, punt.!'. 829 Madison. 

Beach & McLaughlin, shoemakers, 412 

Bean Mrs S M, tinware, 332 Scott. 

Becker Bernard, cigars, f>36 Madison. 

Beierle Mrs Dora, c nfectii tier, 131 

Behan & McDonald, stone-yard, cor Pike 
and Craig. 

Benton & Benton, lawyers, 8 Boone Block. 

Berger August, shoes, 606 Main. 

Berger Henry, shoes, 86 w 7th. 

Berlie Rudolph, weaver, 9th and Madison. 

Berte Frank, saloon, 1240 Madison. 

Berte Mrs Mary A. saloon, 1024 Greenup. 

Bertsche Pius, grocer, cor Baker and Lewis. 

Best Nicholas, saloon, 424 Pike. 

Bethel Bros, fish, 62") Madison. 

Bethel John, i igars. U30^ Madison. 

Bielefeld J H, si nakef 1201 Bank Lick. 

Billennan llenrv, weaver, cor Craig and 
Bank Lick. 

Bird Thomas druirgist, 404 Madison. 

Bittlinger Peter, saloon, 417 River Road. 

Blakely Laurie J, lawyer, 409 Scott. 

Blase Henry F, clothing. -540 Madison. 

Blick ami lMiilii[>«. Con I Co. J- C. 
Blick, Pre-., John A. Pvohinson, Vice- 
President, Samuel T. Harrison, Secre- 
tary, Dealers in Coal and Coke, also sole 
Agents for Coalburg Semi-Cannel Coal. 
North-east cor. Eighth and Washington. 

Bobb Peter, saloon,"281 Pike. 

Bogenschutz Charles, stove-manufacturer, 
523 Madison. 

Bohmer i!e:.rv. furniture, 47 e 11th. 

B illinger John, shoemaker, 405 Scott. 

Borger Frederick, grocer, 872 Bank Lick. 

Boro Dominei k, saloon, 64 e 2d. 

Boske John, sa'oon, 69 e 1 1th. 

Bostwiek Henry, Clerk United States 
Courts, and Agent .Etna Insurance C >, 
Office V . S. Court-house and Post-oiiice 

Bculden Jesse T, dyer, 9 e 5th. 

Boullie Mr^ M J, milliner, 77 w 6th. 

Bowman & Perkins, tobacco manufacturers, 
184 Pike. 

Boyer, Sordmeyer & Co. flour-mill, corner 
Pike and Russell. 

Brad} John, grocer, 625 Main. 

Brady Miss J. ilia, milliner, 30e5th. 

Bredenberg Frederi k, shoes, 276 Pike. 

B enckman George A, druggist, cor Scott 
and Powell. 

Brennan Mrs Ann, grocer, 57 e 2d. 

Brenner & Seller, Brewers, corner 
Scott and Pike {See «</»:.) 

Brian A: Reidy, horse-sheers, 325 Scott. 

Brinker Henry, tailor, 242 Pike. 

Brinkman John G. grocer, 422 Main. 

Bri-tov, Julius L, county clerk, court-house. 

];•' ke Nieh das, saloon, cor 0th and Wash- 

Bro< ks T F O, sec Covington city water- 
wi rks and cashier Kenton tire and ma- 
rine insurance co, cor 5th and Mae!'- n, 

Brown Augustus L. hats and caps, 45 Pike. 

Brown B B, agt Adam- ex: co, 122 Scott. 

Brown C« L., General Freight Agt>nt K. 
C. R. R. C>>., cur Pike and Washington. 

Brown John M. druggist, corner 12th and 

Brown Wm F. barber, cor Main and 6th. 

Bruestle Louis, grocer, 649 Bakewell. 

Bruns Henry H, lumber. 225 Scott. 

Brvant Joseph, coffee, spice and tea, 78 and 
80 Pike. 

Buckley Patrick, stoves and tinware, 702 

Bullock W R & Co. grocers, 9 Pike. 

Banning Wm B, plumber, 38 Pike. 

Burdieck Henry, dry good-, 79 y 11th. 

Burgess Lewis L, confectioner, 13 Pike. 

Bark James E, saloon, 522 Madison. 

Burkett Adam, restaurant, K C depot. 

Burt Mrs A. hair 's<'>o<i~. 33 e 5th. 

Burton Andrew O. barber. 706 Wash'ton. 

Burt in Andrew < >. harbor, 504 Madison. 

Busse Frederick, shoemaker, 417 Scott. 

Caldwell Richard F, fruit-house, 424 Scott. 

Call Alexander, confi ■ tioner 34 e 5th. 

Camphi 11 Abraham, grocer, 3d andJohns'n. 

Campbell fl W & Co, wines and liquors, 
311 S. ott. 

Carpenter D L ^v J O, nines and liquors, 
129 Pike. 

Carr Thomas a. Co, grocprs, 601 Main. 

Carter & McDonald, painters, 15 L Market. 

Casey Lewi? K. pub daily and weekly Com- 
monwealth, ne cor 5th and Scott. 




*aa W ws-Wa to 











IB IR, IE " W~ IE IR, S 




i ^ c ' 


Nos. 6C5, 607 and 609 





ffiM KffMfAfMn'l' h% *>m IMW Wffll MORHIS d: BAYLT 
itm mMWiitW U ^iiiti^^liiU; CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, -- Louisvllte, Kj 


Cheves & Dobyns, hotel, 51S Madison. I Croningcr Lorenzo I), printer, cor 5th 

Christ Nicholas, saloon, 4 Pike. j and Madison. 

(J 1 arks on James >I, Stoves and Tin- ; Culbertson J A & Co, lumber, 16 w 8th. 

ware, Mantels mid Grates, 612 Madison. I Daily Eleazer, dyer, 13 e Pike. 

Clayton James, cigars, 826 Seott. j Daley Daniel, saloon, 1102 Greenup. 

Cleary, Hamilton i Clearv. lawyers, 315 : Davezac Alexander, wholesale liquors. 37 

Seott. Riddle. 

Clyde James M, dentist, 14 w 10th. I David Wm H, news depot 803 Madison, 

Cobb Sylvanu G, >rist, Linden Grove j Davis J hn, conf ' ;l Lower Mar, 

Cemetery. i Davison Geo li. city clerk, court-house. 

Cohen Michael, grocer, cor Bullock and 3d. J Dearing Alfred, dyer, 15 e 5th. 

Coker George, sec Kenton Ins Co, cor 3d j Degginger Augustus, dry g iods, IS Pike. 

and Madison. j Deglow, J H. tanner, 393 Pike. 

Collins & Fenley, lawyers, cor Scott and \ Deglow & Bramlago, flour-mill, 415 Pike. 

Market. j DeGruyter Henry, -a! >o: , 50rj Madison. 

Commingore, Adie & Lattin, mnfrs spokes, | Dempsey Mrs Annie, grocer, 742 Greei .»■* 

1230 Rickey. . j Denstch Mrs Christina, crockery, 71 E 11th. 

Commonwealth The (daily and weekly, | Depot 1 .John A., Lager Beer B ttler 

lemocriitie), L E Casey, pub, ne cor 5th ! ai d \\ • >ie ale Oysters, 17 and 19 Lower 

and Scott. Market. [See ad c.) 

Connor, Jayeoi; v.v Co, whiskies, 163 Pike. ' Des diler Wm, saloon, 524 Madison. 

Cook I:. .her! A, cigars, 70 Pike. j Deter man n Lambert, grocer, 1217 Lee. 

Cooper Isaac, real estate. 53 ( j Madison. j Diggins vV L& Co, stoves and tinware,817 

Cooper John K. real estate, 530 Madison. Madison. 

Coppin John K, drv goods, 538 Madison. l Disque James M druggist, corner 3d and 

Couples Joseph I ! . baker, 310 Scott. Main. 

Covington City National Bank, capital i Dittus Frederick, baker, corner Montague 

$500,000; Jonathan I» Hearne, pros: and Ludlow avenue. 

James B .lone-, cash ; 330 Scott, cor 4th. ' Doebling John F, saloon, corner Edward 

Covington City Water-works, N B Steph- \ arid Austin. 

ens, president; T E O Brooks, secretary; < Donnelly C *.v. Co, undertakers and livery, 

north-west cornerof 5th and Madison. 809 and 811 Madison. 

Covington Commercial College, i Dornbusch Adam C, barber, 835 Main. 

Thorna.- Martin. Propr'r, Cor bib and j Dorsel & Wultfauge distillers, cor 12th and 

Madison, (fremiti:) Rickey. 

Covington Floral Company, Mrs. | Drexelius H &Son. tailors, 602 Madison. 

(). P.Tairchil 1, 20 East Fifth street. j Dubeneek Joseph, justice, 8th nr Madison. 

Covington Gas-light Co. Amos Shinkle, j Dudley Maurice J., Lawyer 

pres; A H Ransom, sec; Richard Salter, I Scott, opp. < istou H< ise and Post-office. 

superintendent, 511 Madison. I Due George, barber, 247 Pike. 

Covington Stock- vard Co, John E Norris, j Due Win ~L, barber, 520 Madison. 

pres; W A Peter, sec; John B Foster, ' Dulaney John J, physician. 1001 Madison 

snpt; vards and office, cor 16th and Wash. [ Duvel Henry, shoemaker, 91 w Sixth. 

Covington Street Railway Co., T. | Dwy^r James II. gr. vr, 225 Bulla k. 

C. Bobbins, Superintendent, Madison, j Eberhardt Herman, baker, 1^0 Pike. 

between 12th and 13th. i Eehert Robert H, confectioner, 408 and 410 

Crawford J A & Sons, proprs Standard To- j Madison, 

bacco-works 417 Madison, j Eek Valentine, baker, 541 Pike. 

Crce Geo W. grocer corner Powell and j Eginton & Gray lawyers, 413 Scott. 

Greenup. ' Eiehholz Wm, baker, cor 12th and Bank 

Cree Wm W, grocer cor 5th and Madison, j Lick. 

Crigler & Crigler, (Lew. N. & Rob- ; Eilers Bernhard, saloon, 65 e 2d. 

ert L.,; Distillers and \\ bolewtie Liquor . Eisele John M jr. baker, 253 Pike. 

Dealers, 7 Pike. | Eilis Absalom, livery, cor 3d and Madiion. 

Crockett. & Hanes, saloon and r.-.-taurant j Ellis Alexander 4th and SeoU. 

629 Pike. Ellis Thos J,surveyor,cor 6th and Madisos. 








v :M:^:sr"U":F\A.CT"u:R:E3:RS 


* ,.-*-. W Say 1 K-ic «Jar W «ni«K>J»W>BK 7 


S-^I^ZPILjE ZrlOOZxd:: 

A T o. (55 Walnut Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO, 


Our Nectar Lager Beer Bottling Works 




1/ *™ I 




J ID OS 2? IF IE £5 CO., 





« /»% I I 

^E>. Steel Stamps, Burning Brands, Rubber Stai -■• 

S >ap MouWs and Presses, i- KOCUK, Engraver 

Vara i»ud Die Sinker, 100 Uaudolpb. St., CHICAGO, 111. 





Ellison J T), gen manager Kentucky Central 

R RCo.cor Pike und Washington. 
Ellman Bernhardt, shoemaker, 428 Pike. 
Engert Victor C, saloon, 55 w 6th. 
Engleking Ferd \V, photog, 505 Madison. 
Erler Theodore, saloon, 141 Pike, 
Ernst J C, gen pass agent Ky Cen R R Co, 

cor Pike and Washington. 
Esterkan p Henry, meat ma ket,cor Riddle 

and Bak( \ 
Evans Ivor J, jeweler, 418 Seott. 
Evans Iticliard, Treasurer Hemingray 

Glass Co. 
Ewan John B, justice, 423 Madison. 
Fairchild Oliver 1',, Bill-poster, 20 

East 5th. 
Fairchild Mrs. O. P., Florist, 20 East 

5th. X» atfv.) 
FamauJohi F.grocer.cor S >tt and Powell. 
Farrell Mrs. S\ Ivanus S, Postmaster. 
Faulwettcr FVd, stoves and tin. 202 Pike. 
Fedders John li. flour and feed. 420 Pike. 
Feldhaus Lambert, gr --. ! I 19 Bunk Lick. 
Felt man Henry, < igars, 28 and ^'.o Pike, 
Fenker Wm, baker, » 42 Main. 
Fenley Craig, physician, 609 Main. 
Feuss'Wm L>, baker, 501 Main. * 
Fieger Charles, vegetables, 199 Pike. 
Finke George, meats, 032 Main. 
Fin-ley Mary A, dry goods, 136 Main. 
Finncl John W, Collector Internal 

Revenue Oth District, Office U. S. Court- 
house and Post-office building. 
First National Bank, capital $500,000. A. 

Shinkle, Pres; I, D. Fry, cashier, 515 and 

517 Madison. 
Fischer & "Wichmann. coal. 781 Madison, 

Ci r Hi '.'bin.- and Greenup. 
Fisk & Brent, lawyers, 332 S ott. 
Flaute Henry C. saloon, 215 Pike, 
Fletcher Simon W, notions, 534 Madison. 
Foote Charles D, lawyer. 4 Boone Block. 
Fort Alexanders, plumber, 503 Madison. 
Fritsch Henry, druggist, 5 ' Pike. 
Fritz Felix, soda water, 173 Bachelor. 
Frixione Raphael, statuary, 80 e 2d. 
Funk Benjamin, blacksmith, 29 w 7th. 
Furber, John L. lawyer, cor 111 and Scott. 
Gantenberg Ben hard, sewing-machines, 

38 Pike. 
Garber Louis, confectioner, 1007 Bank Lick. 
Gatker Wm K, blacksmith, 570 Pike. 
Gaugge] Casper, boots and 5hoes,31G Main. 
Gausepohl Henry .1, hats and; caps, 017 

Gausepohl John, baker, 732 Craig. 

Gedge Wash L, hotel, cor Pike and Bank 

Gj'hruni J swob, Saloon and Restaurant 

and Oyster Dealer, 14 e 5th. 
Geisen Henry, meats, 71 e 11th. 
Gellenbei k George, laker, 57 e 11th, 
German Mutual Fire Insurance Co, Chas 

Mahlrnann pres, F\R Kueskamp treas, 

cor Pike an ] M, idi . ■:. 
German National Bank, capital $250,000, 

II Feltman pres, James Spilman cash, 

s w cor Pike and Madison. 
Gerwe Mrs Caroline, grocer, '.'7 e 12th. 
Gil - >n R ibert, painter, 330 Scott. 
Gi ■'■ nan- Wm, tailor, 628 Madison. 
Gilliss & Smith, drugs, 542 Madison. 
Glenn Dudley A, 1 iwyer, cor 4th and Scott. 
Glindmi ver Frank li. grocer, 188 Ridd 
G • - .) A P & Bros, tobacco. 15 w n . 
Goebel Henry 1-i. grocer, cor 5th and Main. 
Goeke Peter, .-■-■ • er, 509 Pike. 
Gourdes F — i Tick, flour an 1 feed, 235 Pika, 
Goldsmith P&Co, toys, cor 7th and Madis n 
Goodson John A. marshal, 2 court !.< i 
Gordon Joseph, saloon, cor Oth and Mai ; 
Gosekamp George, grocer, cor Edward and 

Gottschalk Frederick S. sto\ es and tinware, 

70 Pike. 
Gouvion & VonLehman, carriage manu- 

facturers, 52i Madison. 
Graham Geo $., livery, cor Greenup and 3d, 
Gravener Marine U, -_; r e< er, 10th and Scott. 
Graves Alonzo, livery, 81 Pike. 
Grawe Wm, carpenter, 497 Pike. 
Gray Richard li, lawyer, cor 4th & Scott. 
Griffith Mrs .Sarah, dress-maker, 41 e oth. 
Grober Louis H, crockery, 40 Pike. 
Grober Lord- Sr, grocer, 279 Pike. 
Groshell Chas tlour and feed, 703 Madison. 
Grothaus Harman, cooper, 714 (ire.-n. 
Grothaus Jos, flour and f« ed, 1418 Madison. 
Grothaus Wm, saloon, 712 I 
Grubi - M & ' .. ;vo -ers. 44 Pike. 
Gr ie .- J jse] h, rro< er, 1201 Lee. 
Gut'.nann Martin, shoes, 1211 Stevens. 
Hackmann Uenrv, shoemaker, cor 1 2th a?:-i 

Bunk Li. k. 
Had, rofl John R saloon, -i ;1 7 Main. 
Flagemeyer C C .• Co, i tmber. 
Hals Mrs Theresa, meats, Lewis w of Baker. 
Hall Mrs V K. .;-, cer, !*0 e 2d. 
Hall William, marble, 801 Madison. 
Hallam Henry C, circuit clerk, court-house. 
Hallam & Perkins, lawyers, corner Lower 

Market and Greenup. 






No. 15 East Seventh St., COVINGTON, KY. 

J*. TXT. !\^ M ^'Z? , z:i3Sra--lL,-2", Prop'r, 



jfc=-_i' . 


} S .A. -V7-- IMC I ILLS, 










Rat Traps, Horse Muzzles, 


Bird Cages, Sand Screens 



lJ Mir ^J/^^bJb 1S4 2>/.Ia:xi£cn Street, 

Ve,^ J ^=_ L COVINGTOM, KY. 

pEn INS. CO. tir MUM, 

j. -jr.. D.t. -'.ca'-Trjrc;, :&£sM.e.£r*z, 

Central %ad Southern Dept. 





Hamilton Isham (•. lawyer, 411 Scott. 
Hamilton Peter, sho< maker, 409 Scott. 
Hamilton Robert, u baceo, 413 Madison. 
Hamilton K iV- C >. ijroet r>. ;-)U 1 ike. 
Hamilton W C <v t o. *. >ba< :o, 18 and 20 e 

Handy Robert D, lawyer, cor5tb and Scott. 
Hanrahan Jam*'-, saloon, 632 Madison, 
llarbb k Johi P, -'■ >es. 422 Madls. n. 
Hard* becke it A: Son. clothing, 116 Pike. 
Hardin Berry S. county assessor, e't-bouse. 
Hardin & Dulaney, insurance. 7 e Pike. 
Harmon it Studer, weavers. 75 e 11th. 
Harris Jami s. saloon 127 Scott. 
Harris Mrs Lizzie, notions, cor Scott anil 

Harrison Mrs Eliza, dress-maker. 
Harrop & C< . wall-pa] er. •'• "■; Madison. 
Uartfc t % , ! is, ph, i an iag< -. 71 Pi ••. 
Hartlaub Peter, i . ks~ 50S Madison. 
Hartley Georgi R. rroeer, 631 Madison. 
Harth y Joseph, croeer. 403 Scott. 
Hartmann Joseph, furniture, 1045 Bank 

Hasemeier John, lumber, 152 Pike. 
Hanger Frank, bak< r, 709 Bakewell. 
Haynes .Mr- S F. confectioner, 71 w 12th. 
Hays II If. physician, 100-10th. 
Healy Mrs K D, :r ■ « ■■ r, 802 Greenup. 
Heermanee Mrs Mary, druggist, 101 Scott. 
H< gemann Clemens, grocer, 1125 Holman. 
Hegener Casper, shoemaker. 45 e 11th. 
Kegge& Brinker, < arr ages, 73 and 75 Pike. 
If-, lerman George, saloon, 202 Scott. 
Heile Henry, gen'l store, 575 Pike. 
Heineman Timothv. carpenter, 855 Bank 

Heinen John L, grocer, 593 Pike. 
Helm Frank P, master in chancery, court 

Hellman Nathan H. tanner, 416 and 41^ 

Helming Frank, lt/- • ■ r, 364 Pike. 
IIcililngTay Gla.vs'Co., Robert Hem- 
in gray, Pres; Ralph G. H >mingray, Viee- 

Pres, Richard Evens, Treas, cor 2d and 

Madison. | See adv. i 
Henghold John II, tail .r, 125 Pike. 
Herbert Mrs Annie, confeeii tier 70 v. 6th. 
Herbst Max, . lotl ing, 8 P 
Hermes Joseph, saloon, : l\ Scott. 
Herndon A Wilkie. live -took. Stoek-vards. 
Herold J & Bro, w. oh n n ills 256 pike. 
Herzog B II. wines and liquors, 9 Lower 

Htster James, saloon, 409 River Road. 


Hickey Edward J,shoes,606 Madison. 
Hill Geo W & Co, grocers, 27 Pike. 
Hinken George, grocer, cor Edward 


Hoffmann Peter, coal, 134Scott. 
Hoffmeier E, notions L 1 19 Madison. 
Holters Henry, grocer, 1201 Main. 
Holfcnip Anton, carpenter. 1210 Main 
H ipk ■ ■ ! v. d W me: •- t\$ Pik*. 
Horizontal Metal Hoofing Co., 

I Miii f. I tii innati, (J. 
1 ' • • l John, shoes, 162 w 7tb. 
Hortsma ". li< njamin, groi er, n> w 6l b. 
Hostetter W V & Co, i?\ 610 »S ott. 

Horeka: ip C A Co, hai le-s-mak's 85 Pik*. 
He »■ ill iV: I ':■ ndening, paints, 638 Madisi n. 
Hover Henrv (.'.photos", 615 Madison. 
Huber Le. p Id, -' , 150 Pike 

Hul erl -I hi . paii er, -if Madison. 
Hut ker J oln . groi er Pi v 11 and Stevens. 
Hudson, Homer & Son, tobacco, 525 end 

627 Madison 
Huesmann Mrs Carrie, grocer, cor 8th and 


Hulsmann Bombard, dry g Is, 139e 13th. 

Humble J, marble* 225 Scott. 
Hundorf Frank, saloon, 702 Washington. 
Hunt Lemuel ,J. physician, 911 Madison. 
Hunter & Campbell, dress-makers, corner 

12th and Scott. 
Hurdelbrink & Losekamp, chairs, 105 Ea-t 

Industrial Iron-works, J. W. Mat- 

tingly, Proprietor, Manufacturer Steam 

Engines and all kinds of Machinery, 15 

East 7th. (See adv.) 
Isphording A Englebert, leather, corner 

Scott and 5tb. 
Jackson Thomas, florist, 2 miles south. 
Jansen Gerhard, -o on, i r Pike a id Rus'I. 
Jarvis Mr- Julia, milliner, 424 Madison. 
Johnson Wm, druggist, 80e 11th. 
John ?ton Joseph, saloon, 19 e 5th. 
Kalkbrenner Pn leri k B eats. 272 Pike. 
K I _-•• Wm, shoemaker. 731 Bakewell, 
Kamphau« Bernard, sab >n, 1203 Green n p. 
Kattau Gus A, barber, 50 Pike. 
Kearns Charles, physician, 725 Madison. 
K f( : l >.".-> id, Hour- r 5th and Craig. 

Keith Chas VV, live stock, ; -'>i7 Russell. 
Kehler Frank, shoes, 64 Pike. 
Kemper Win, blacksmith 1.908 Madison. 
Kennedy MrsBA milliner. 5th and Scott 
Kennedy .1 bn li, carpenter, 712 Greenup 
Kennedy Thus H,< i >. i! engineer c >urt-bi >usi . 
Kennedy Willis, real estate, 542 Madison, 

Sand for Price List to PKF;D. SCHMIiSDIJKCi 

I m \ i Kg || S ■■■ '. for Price List to PHED. SCHMIiSDIATCi 

It.z^fA Tfjftjfj 8 : ' l ' *'"* 835 Broadway and 830 North Foiirth Street 

b«j»viw iy«i& feka is**!* ii^^s ST. Louis, - - - Missouri. 





Kenton Fire& Marine Insurance 
i '«>., (capital, $200,000). V r . Shinkle, 
Pres; George Coker, >«•: T.E.O. Brooks, 
Ca> >b ; cor 5th and Madison. 

Kenton "Win* Works, Manfrs. Wire 
Goods, OH Madison. (See adv.). 

Kentrup Henry, sboes, 98 Pike. 

Kentucky Blue Lick Water, Band, Pahls, 
and Pierce, pjr>prs.8tl and Madison. 

Kentucky Central Kailroad Co., 
offices, cor Pike and Washington. J I) 
Ellison, Gen. Mai ager; C L Brown, Gev.. 
Freight Agt; J C Ernst, Gen. Pass. Agt. 

Kercheval H mice B, grocer, II Pike. 

Kiem i raderick, grocer, 1034 Bank Lick. 

Kiminann Hannann, saloon, 1102 Bank Lk. 

Klefken Louis, grocer. 1133 Russell. 

Klein Joseph', saloon, cor Pit" and Russell. 

K! .' ' Frederick, hats and caps, 14.5 Pike. 

Klemaun Henry, cooper, cor Trevor and 

Klepper Charles F, cigars, 48 e 2d. 

Klejman John, cigars, 100 Pike. 

Klostermann .John B, grocer. 432 Main. 

Klostermann .Joseph, shoes, 20 Pike. 

Klosterman & Leicht, shoes, 605 Madison. 

Knapp Nicholas, notions, 53 e 11th. 

Knapprneier Henry, weaver. 669 Pike. 

Knoll Joseph, saloon -JOI Main. 

Knollmann Andrew, physician, 525 Pike. 

Koehbe Charles A & Co, bats and eap», 
532 Madison. 

Kohl Herman H. grocer, 3d and Russell. 

Kohrman John & Co, saloon, 311 Greenup. 

Koop Henry, grocer, cor 6th and Bakeweli. 

Koors Mrs Angeline, milliner, 76 Pike. 

Kran er Matthias cigars, 1652 Russell 

Krcidler Anton, Warble-worka and 
Stone-yard, 14 West 9th. 

Krueskamp F R & Co, liquors, la? and 139 

Kruse John G, grocer, cor Kip and Let. 

Kruselmann George, grocer, 6th and Craig. 

Kueven Louis B, furnishing goods, 604 

Kuhlind Joseph, grocer, rilO Bakewell. 

Kunt ;ler August, • i tl, 168 Pike. 

Laird Andrew J, shoe mnt'r, 11 L Market. 

Lampke George, shoemaker, 1036 Kij». 

r>m«ar Charles & Co., [Charles Lang, 
•'-, 1 Knoll), proprs Lewisburgh Brew- 
ery, Baker, bet. Lewis and Cross. 

Lauber Frederick, baker, 221 Bullock. 

Leathers John, sheriff, 2 Boone Block. 

Lehman John L confectioner, 507 Madin. 

Leonard Michael, grocer, 39 e 6th. 



No. 20 E. Fifth Street, 
covnraTON, st. 

</- -^ ^ ^ Mrs'. O. P. FAIRCHILB. 



Orders from a d st?nce promptly filled 

Ser:d for Estimates. J. W. ATlillVSON", 3io 321 South Clinton Street t Hft.'M.O. n f 





Meek Gcorgo 15. F., Cut F. 

an I Floral Designs for Wedding 
Funerals, HO Scott. 

LeVermann Theodore, Saloon and 

Restaurant, 12 K .-* • i 
I ■ is - ; I r< • • ■'.•-■'. ii i - ott. 

L«e\vislmrgll Brewery, Chas. Lang Mehlman August, barber, cor) idCi 

& Co., props, Baker. 1 I Lewis and Cross. Meibers John B.salo n, 1005 Madison 

Liebfried Jn I .'roeer, 1343 Bank Li k. Menniueer 'Wm A. iron-worker 8"5 M 

! '■ Isay N i h a- T. la ■ • .-!;!■■ ■■ Bl ;. . i- . 

'• '■ . ..■.-'•.: Mem ■ ■- M ■tin, -i. m iker, 216 Bull 

Linnemann II . _■ :•■■■ r, 1502 Greenup, j Menzer Sebastian, vva«_con-maker. 28-5 i 

! . tiln Joseph, 3 ] . lemaker, ■'■-''• S< >: tt. 
L ttell John N, turn t, 10 •" 8th. 
Loehte John H, saloon. Riddle, and Main. 
Loebker George H. =hoes, 30 Pike. 
L ui -::■<■■ t S II. gr<>. ••!-. i )ol Ma lis. ;.. 
Loveli A; 13 Bin t il n i ,229 Scott. 

Lubbe George lb shoes. 24 Pike. 
Luekt-nei >>■ i i ( . ■ y no is. 007 Madison. 
Lutkenhofl Jol n. dr\ c ..,■-., i^g pike. 
Lyle John S. W t' fwleempli Co, 57 Pike. 
M ■•' hi rn< n Edward, grocer, £1 1 On en 
McClung V\ Ji & Co, stoves and tinware, 

537 Madis. n . 
Mot ollum John J, i igars, 626 Madison. 
McCoy Bros, gmeers, cor 5th and Bakewell 

and cor Riddle and Main. 
MoCrorv PI ilip, saloon, •'>"! Bakewell. 
McDonald Arth • ■• >ks, ■ "•'"! Main. 

McGsvkan Wm E. 


McKee & Finnel! (. r-- R. McKee 
and Joseph C. «k John W. Finneil), Law- 
yers, 323 Scott. 

Merlein iS: fleeter saloon, n w cor 7th : 

M< rsnum John II. hard 1 >ire. 31 Pike 
>b rtz ' -• J ■ -ale >n, 1132 Scott. 
"'» ■■• ■ ck S T ,v C n • s, 21 e 5th. 
Metzger Mrs Fre<lrika. toys, 81 e Pith. 
-■•;■ r \ ng ist. -V on, 1^2 Pike. 
Mever - ; - I;., stoves an'i inwi re. 54-2 l'i! i 
Meyer John, hrewei <■: Pit ■. 
Middendort' Frank grocer, cor 12tb i 

M ' ion '•""-' John H, saloon, 35 e 5th. 
Midden dorf^ Lubbers, liverv and under 

tai • •, 82 Pike. 
Miller Elizabeth, grocer. 70] Bake 
Miller James W. en cer, 432 Ma 
Miller W II & C>, insurance. 413 So. tl 
Mite! i i John G. •_ a • , 1021 Gn n ip 
Mittendorf Henry H, grocer. 181 Bach. 
Mohlenkatnp Joh r, 1042 ( rreen 

Mohrwesse] Bernard, grocer, S4 v. 7th. 
''•'■ I ' ■■■■ Eliza. dr\ ■:<" ds, Oil Madison. 

McLaughlin Wrn P, ; stice of peace and \ Molony James, shoes, til 5 Madison 

real estate, corner 5 h and Scott. 
MeXaniara P & Co, f ibacco, 159 Pike. 
Mabus John, tailor, 7U4 Madison. 
Macke & Co, bottlers, cor 12th and Stevens. 
Madeira Finnell D, lawyer, 411 Scott. 
Mahlmann Charles, harness, 32 Pike. 
Mann Richard E. shoemaker, 11 lo Bank 

Mark, Frederick, locksmith, 163 e 5th. 
Martin Thomas, Prop Commercial 

College, 0th and Ma lison. 
Martin A: Francis. trr>>eers. 2"> John. 
Martindale Mrs C I>, notions. 530 Madison. 

Massmann Ge<>re< . jr , 508 Pike. 

Matolinsr, Marv E, irrooer, 730 Bakewell. 
Matt P • or, bar 2e 5th. 

Mattiiii-ly .» \V, M icbinu-t, 15 e 7th. 

I S'' e ■■ if. • 
May Theodore, f rnishint: Drood?, 41 Pike. 
Mavberrv Uro.s. .!••.- t'. and VV r m. 

K.) Wall Paper and Wind • v Shades. 523 

and 5-1 1 Madisnn. 
Maj r er Joseph, saloon, 02 Pike. 
Mayleben George, saloon, 536 Pike. 

Monkadiek Henry, grocer, 209 e 13th. 
Montgomery A & l , .al, 3d and Mai 
Moore Edward J, livery, 73 Pike. 
Moore M D, tobacco, bet 4th and 5th ■ 

Scott :n il Madison. 
Moore Wm F A. tobac o. 7 Lower Market 
Mor in Peter. salo> n, 43-3 S< ■ :t. 
Moran Wm, saloon, 514 Madison. 
Morland Samuel, liverv. 519 Madison. 
Moteh Michael C. jev "] -, 613 Ma li oi 
Moz ' ; t!" Vuiriist, ' onfei t.r. 034 Madis> i 
Mueller Andrev • i ■:■ -. ) 12 Pike. 
Myers Rob. rt \\ . harm --. 50 Pike. 
Nasemann A ;■ ■_•■■ is "-■•.!.• ; : anrl Ri 
N" !y W"i: ■■'-.!■• I S. !:• . . r Oth a: Madi*. ! 
v : ■• •• Henrv li. drt ■ '■ ods, 1!' 7 Pik ■■ 
NieWm, t» for, 7i Pik . 
NTien ever il - r : -ale , " M Pike. 
Nienaber F 'ilimind ' - •.-. W e 12th. 
N :• il r FVrd !i. j •: : r, 508 Madis<>n. 
No* :■: W S & Co, plumbers. 2'* w Gth. 
No Her Peter, druggist, 5th and Madison 
Nolan John. sh. ~. Pike 
Xoonan Frank li, physician, 717 Mad;- 

i ■ f»fa *% *% $ .-■ i K| Have Settled more than 1,400 

■ •■? I P\ § | Losses, and have had but 13 Ke~ 

r. yfllJ 11m . . . ■. v ii slsted Claim*. A^ent: Everywhere 





Nordhoff J & Bro. blacksmiths, cor Pike 
arid Kiddle. 

Northern Bank of Kentucky, capital *'>•">.- 
000. Win Ernst pre.*; Dewitt C Collins 
i ash • n ■>■-' cor Sc< tt and 3d. 

Nrnvln 1 Rei i smii . Miliar I hall, 408 Sc tt. 

O ii",. i flii.-li .. .. giv i r. 714 Mi n. 

1 1' Brien Win, i'; oi ■ ■■. loth and Greenup. 

Od.i !■"■ 11. iv s Hall A la! on, tlou J >!,-.; 

F Fisk pre*, cor 5t it and M dison. 

Odenthal John, crocker", i to. 216 Pike. 

Oil. ntiml Mn J, millim r. 216J Pike. 

<>d«mw I John, ? il.i n. : 10 Pike. 

< >lg< - Henry, shoe.-, Bank Lick. 

Olli: s John, grocer, 965 ! J ' il idelphia. 

I... -him R, --. gr i ■. ■:•. 122] Ru»i 11. 

( i Nesil vVeden, iaw; er, 9 Bo. tie Bio. k. 

O'Rourke Mrs Ellen, groc r, 138 w 3d. 

Orr .his P Jr, city audit if. court-house. 

x >tteiia * -aspei . . igars, 010 Main. 

Parker Geo, furniture, c r Scott and 7th. 

Parma Joseph !», lawyer, 413 Scott. 

Payne Win W. shoemaker, otb and Scott. 

Peck A' W'ooliscroft, commission, 23 Pike. 

Penkhnus Hi nry H, drugs. 134 Pike. 

Pennington James, n. tions, 415 S. ott. 

Percivul Jabez, iron, etc, 16 Pike. 

Perk in* George G. judge criminal court, 

Perrv Miss Lizzie, milliner, 609 Madison. 

Ph. dp- Hun T, Jeff county judge, court h. 

Pieck Ed L, druggist, cur 6th and Main. 

Pioneer Coal Co, R C M Lovell, pres, 10 
Bo,,ne Block. 

Pohlman Joseph, saloon, 37 \v 6th. 

Potter Mrs Annie, confectioner, 730 Scott. 

Puttering Bern hard, shoemaker, 718 Wash- 

Prvor & Chambers, lawyers, 14 Boone 

Purk John B, grocer, -1143 Bank Lick. 

Putht.ff Henry il J, drv goods. 180 Pike, 

Puthoft'John"F, shoemaker. 130 Pike. 

Qualbrink 1! «nry. .•:■■>>■ er. 614 Russell. 

Ramse;, Win W. tinware. 623 Main. 

Rasch Christian F. iron v. k-. 11 1 .". Madison. 

Rawe Herman, fun ; 'i re. 12 and !4 Pike. 

Rawe John, liaker, i > •'■ 6th. 

Rebstein Matthias, baskets, 143 Pike. 

R«ckmann 11. -nry. grocer, 1322 Stevens. 

!' -dmond M i. had. blacksmith. 223 Mad'sn. 

Re< d James G, propr Rt-ed House, 1514 

K«'<'<1 Tiiomas & Sons, (Thomas, 
John, and Thomas. Jr), Livery and Un- 
dertakers, IS and 20 east 6th. 

Ri< hemanen Herman, books, 160 v. 7th. 
Rehfus; Frederick, wagon-maker, "2 18 Pil • 
Rehling Mrs Kate, milliner, 22'.' Pike 
Rehm John, shoemaker, cor 15th ai d 

Buss, II. 
Reynolds O A -. v . mxch's, 512 Madison. 
H man ! . - 1 an. », ' ic. 710 '■ . ' 
Rickert Philip, grocer, 832 Greenup. 
Ricselman Henry, cigars, 237 Pike. 
Rirl'e Join M, ph\ >'v tan, 29 ■ 5th. 
RitFe .1 M. Jr, drugs, cor 5th and Scott. 
Rikroff John, tailor, J 7s v. \ , 
Rivard Alfred, meats, 676 Bank Lick. 
Roberts 6z Gausej ihl, lawyers, 1 Boone 

Rndde Georgi M saloon. 1S9 Pike. 
Roemann Henry, dr\ g ■• Is I ■ Main. 
Roetken Conrad, grocer, I 08 < rreenup. 
Roetken Mrs C, milliner, 7:-; e 13th. 
Roetken Kc-nry, wall-paper, i Riddle. 
Roji us John, cigars, 526 Mad - m. 
I; ns Rudolph, cigar: . 327 Scott. 
Rolf Frederick, grocer, 815 Rakewell. 
Homer Mrs Agnes, dry goods. 70'J Bakewell. 
Ross Robert C, grocer, 99 e 12th. 
Rothenho.'fer Ja< ob F, a loon, 31 Lower 

Roudebush Daniel W, dentist. 17 w 6th. 
Rouse Leonard X. si w. mai h's. 123 Scott. 
Rouse Thomas M, propr National Hotel, 

708 Washington. 
Rowekamp Henry H. grocer, 79 e 12th. 
Rowenkamp Joseph, grocer, 902 Bank L'k. 
Rudde Clemens, saloon, 32 Pike. 
Rudde Mrs Mary, milliner, 42 Pike. 
Ruffra Ludwig, baker, 720 Craig. 
Run Win. barber, 270 Pike. 
Russell Patrick, grocer, 433 Scott. 
Ryan Mrs A M, milliner, 656 Main. 
Sabin Wm, drv goods, cor 4th and Main. 
Raloshin Adolpthjunk, 151 Pike. 
Sander Frink 11, cigars, 148 w 7th. 
Savers Bros, sho< s, 618 Madison. 
Schaefer Anthony, upholsterer, 407 Sc< tt. 
S. haefer Peter, barber. 314 Main. 
Scl trfcr [lenry. baker, 188 Pike. 
Sche] er A igm I fumil ire. 1 70 Pike. 
Scheperd George B, restaurant, 15 Pike. 
Scherder iv Dorii g, bakers, 29 !. Market. 
Schild Frederick, jrocer, 121Q Bank Lick, 
Sehild Harmon, gr >r, Patcoi . nd('< i lei 
- liii - George tt', tin ats, 82 i 11th. 
Schlt'titkci' (ieorgre II , Whoh 

( Irocet :ii-; Com mi -i n Mer. ! ^7 Pike. 
Soliloutkor II. W. *V Son, W 

sale Grocers, 131 and 133 Pike. 

fit*. 3 iMMfllflfrll! 






Schmiedt H. grocer, Trevor and Stevens. 

Schneider Louis, saloon. Pike near Main. 

Schneiders Jno, vragon-mkr, 1101 Madison. 

Schnitker J M, wii s and liquors, 132 Pike. 

Schottler H & .Sun-, furniture, 60 Pike. 

Schuler Mrs Mary, grocer, 259 Pike. 

Schulten August, shoes, cor 7 rh and Craig. 

Schulten Oh nents saloon, 512 Pike. 

Schulten Herman iker, 514 Pike. 

Jjchultz Ilenrv F. wines and liquors, cor 
11th anJ Russell. 

Schumacher Bernard saloon, 1008 Kipp. 

Schumacher F J, grocer 1021 Greenup. 

Schwab George, barber, 353 Pi] • 

Schwartz George, meats 649 Bakowell. 

Schweinefus A, blacksmith. 1316 Madison. 

Schweinefuss Clemens, grocer, cor Edward 
and Patti >n. 

Seott J S, lawyer, 315 Scott. 

Schlhorst Theodore, saloon. 10b Pike. 

Seiler John, ice dealer, 5th and Madison. 

Sciiour *!t Noonan, Lobacco manufacturers, 
118 Greenup. 

Shafer T II .V Son, musical insts, 24 e 5th. 

Shay Mrs Delia, saloon 60 e 2d. 

Shine & B\rne, lawvers, 315 Scott. 

Shinkle Uriah, coal,*201 Scott. 

Simlick George A.ealoi n, 7'2S Washington. 

Simmons «Sc Si hmidt, lawyers, 615 Madison. 

Singer John, barber, 32: Scott. 

Slatt Joseph, i onfectioner, 193 Pike. 

Smith Henry W & Co listiliers, 13 and 15 
e 6th and 14 and 1*3 e P:k«. 

Smith Mrs Kate, confectioner, 94 Pike. 

Smith S B, druggist 313 Scott. 

Snyder Samuel, confectioner, 531 Scott. 

Sommer Bros, proprs Central Hotel, corner 
Pike and Washington. 

Sommers Honry, gr • eer, 812 Main. 

South Covington aid Cincinnati Street 
Ry Co, E F Al bott president, G M Ab- 
bott receiver, 402 S, itt. 

Spenneburg Henry, grocer. 87 e 11th. 

Spiluian .lames A Co. Jan-- and 
Richard B. Spilman , "Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocers and Commission Merchants, 
19 and 21 Pike. 

Staebler Su-an A, confectioner 304 Main. 

Stallo Francis, books. 74 v? 

Standard Tobacco Works, J A Crawford & 
Son? proprs, 417 Madison. 

Star Brewery, C. V. ndisch& Co., Pro- 
prietors, Lexington V 

Steidle Joseph, saloon, 429 Pike. 

Steinborn Charles, shoemaker, 7 e 5th. 

St«inborn Henry J, saloon, 430 Madison. 

Steinburger Andrew, barber, 519 Madis >n. 

Stephens Leonard C, hardware, 26 Pike. 

Stevenson A: O'Hara, Sawyers, Boone Block. 

Stewart Richard ("'.architectural iron w< i !■- 
813 Madison. 

Stewart. Miller & Co, 21 Lower Mark. i. 

Stiefel Henry, saloon, 2 : ;'"< P;k«. 

5t« • kle Fidel, druggist, 222 Pike. 

Stori h Cornelius, brush manf, 147 Pike. 

Strategier Henry, dry goods, 106 W 7th. 

Streibig Simon, meal. 638 Main. 

Stronfc George, notions, 563 Pike. 

Stronk Henry, grocer, 507 P:k*. 

Stuard Edi &! 1 S, (■'., dc an, 9 e Pik»\ 

Stumpel Joseph, wall"- paper, 118 Pike. 

Sullivan Oliver F, cigar manf, 52 e 2d. 

Sunder H^nry, shoemaker, corner Patton 
and Cord* lia 

Swope H> nry M. fancy g -ods, 610 Madis n. 

Swope Jacob, cigar manf, 726 Washington, 

Tallon Patrick, grocer, e 4th and Bakewci). 

Tansey Bryant, saloon, 54 e 2d. 

Tarvin Wm H, crockery, etc, 3 Pike. 

Taylor Samuel C, barber, 315 Seott. 

Taylor it Riggs, dry goods, 622 Madison, 

Tebbs Willoughby'H, justice, 10 w 6th. 

Teipel P & Son, -"hoes. 85 e 12th. 

Ten Eyck v !r-. B, grocer Jd and Madison. 

Ten Eyck, John, wh liquors, L'5 Pik*-. 

Tensing Rudolph, tailor. 616 Craig. 

Terlau 11 & Co. wat' bes, 528 Madison. 

Thomann Henry H, harness, 104 Pike. 

Thomas James T. carpenter, U v 3 Madison. 

Thomas Samuel R, flour and feed, 1430 

Thompson John, grocer, 215 Bullock. 

Thorpe Mrs H, milliner, 508 Scott. 

Thorpe Wm, grocer, 1356 Si ott. 

Thos.- Louis K. hardware, 73 e 12th. 

Throop Thomas J, lawver. 1th and Scott, 

Tieke Frederh k II, saloon, 342 Pike. 

Tighe & Herzog, coal, 10th and Greenup, 

Timerding August, saloon, 24 Riddle. 

Ti li • Torrance, l lumber, 434 Madison. 

Tisdale ,v Theissen, lawyers, 529 Madison 

Tombragel Anton, dry good, 617 Main. 

Tombragel Henry, cigar> 'i29 Main. 

T Hiiiis John G, irr 'er li e 13th. 

1 by I n .'.•-. ■■:'<. an 1 Madison 
I ir er Frank, grocer, 1210 Russell. 

TJlricfc Charles, saloon, 317 S sott. 

Ui i :> Pacific Tea Cornpan}', John Mc- 
Dowell, n ui ig< r. '.''0 Madisoa. 

United States Court-house and 
Post-office Building, south-ea.«t 
cor. Scott and 3d. 

I SS liS AIM ■.' ; ; -\"}U BARBEE 4VCASTLEMAN, Louisville, Ky. 


Vance J J A Co, job printers, 403 Scott. j Winston A Ranson, real estate, 411 Scott. 

V&nden F M & Co, wh liquors, 2-5 Pike. ! Wirth Loui«, saloon, 1115 Madison. 

V&y Leunen J W <& Bro, :i ar, grain and j Wise Frederick, lawyer, 41G He >U. 

hay, 1320 and 1322 Madison. ' [ Wise Thomas B. lawyer, 415 Scott. 

Verkamp Clemens, grocer, Kip and Bach- j Wisenall John B, carpenter, 63 e 5th. 

elor. { Witte Jehu H, stoves and tinware-, 10"»3 

Vincent Mrs Lottie, confectioner, 16 e 5th. j Madison. 

Volters Mrs Gertjnde,confe< tioi er,7"2 Pik >. ', Wolf Emanuel, meats, 54 Pike. 

Von Bokern Herm il< 01 Russell. | Wot 'do Mrs S H, mil liner, 58S Madison. 

■Vonderfehr&Wri tney, igars.olG Madison. ! Woolson James !!, pictures, 414 Scott. 

Wachs Wm & Bro, Linvv ire, 2*7 Pike. j Wordeman Joseph, grocers.. 607 Oraig. 

Walker Jas W, dry goods, 01 Madison. I Yelton Wm B, carpenter, 13 e 4th 

Wallace Chns G, lawyer, cor 4th and Scott, i Younger Joseph, saloon, 427 Madison. 

Walsh & Kellogg, distiller foot of Scott, i Younghans John J, grocer,4th and Madison. 

Walton Miss (<, confectioner, 26 e 5th. | Zeisz George J, barber, 102 Pike. 

Weaver MrsApolonia, saioon.oSu" Madison, i 

Weaver John, Deputy U S Marshal, t ffi< e, ' COW AX. A station on the K.C.R.R., 

D S court-house and p st- rl i building. ,,, Fleming count v, 9 miles west of Flem. 

Wegford Conrad, barber, I5u4 Russell. j ingsburg, the eountv-seat. and location of 

Wehenpohl Joseph, grocer, 10*6 Greenup. | nearest bank. Tobacco, wheat, rve, bogs, 

Wehmmg Clemens A, druggist, ne cor 7th j and cattle are shipped. Express* Adams. 

and Madison. ; j ori n H Cowan, postmaster. 

Wehr Victor C, barber, 103 e 12th. ., . . 

it, , 111 . i< it", Abnev , phvsician. 

Wehrman Joseph, urv gooos. 24 * like. » i ' r, -i i >. > 

-v,, -, , . ; ,,. -,. Adams David, leaf-tobacco. 

Weiland Autrust,siu>eumker,10lD Greenup. I •• , T i , ,, , 

w „. ., .,,-!>. i Alexander Theodore, R R and express agt. 

\\ el ling George, saloon, 24o Pike. i ., , -i X — ir t <■ i * 

-... ,. ,.. , S T7 • -,,- \i i- ; Alexander, Williams A: Lo, genera store. 

Wells Charles h. cigars, ->0o Maduon \ n : -' 

\.- i. ,.->«.> r, i T- , Garev & Son, general store. 

Wesemann Henrv. gnn ;r. 124-1 bank Lick, i -,-■ ; , ... .. .. 

A .- ,,r - ,=> „. „ • t ■ i . ivimberlv Re\ G C. 

Wesemann Win. -hoes, 1-314 Bank Lick. ., , ■ i \ ( - c. ■ .• 

a.. i -,7 . ■• .,.., ,>-, : McLord W fc>, lustice ot peace. 

Wessels Henry A. h iuon. 2 ■ ■ Pike. , r ,, ,, . ■' . r ' 

W T - . r r ' ' /-i t i. Maxev b r, justice oi peace, 

estem union loletjrapii Company, John i ^ r - ,, m i ,• . i ' 

o r , .- /, , ! Moore M T, leaf-tobacco. 

o Lyle, manager, oi tike. ^ ,,-,, . ' , 

tit *i t. o-n i> . t - i G Banioii A J, physician. 

Weweler llcrn-v, grocer, 8i9 Bank Lit-k. ! ^ r XT V • • 

-.i-i ., , „ . ,- , •, . ■> ■ rroctor J .N, physician. 

W hitaker &, Cambron, lawyers, 5 boune • -,.- ,,- \ - , 

D , - ! \\ caver \\ in. blacksmitn. 


Whitney John, citv assessor, court-house. 

Whittle Thomas J, ihoomaker 534 Main, | COX'S CREEK. In the northern 

Wickemever Caspar, grocer. 315 Greenup, j P* rt of Nelson county, 6 miles north, of 

Wuck Theodore, livery. 3d and Market I Bardstown, and 33 south-east of L« uisville. 

Wiedmer John, shoes, "ll w **i. J Samuels' Depot, 4 miles south-west, on the 

Wierling Mrs Ann;.-, gr icer, 156 e 13th. j Bardstown branch of the L. & N. R. R., it 

WiggerH Anton, shoes, 11 3G Greenup. I the nearest skipping point, Dailystagelo 

Wilkerson, Sleet & Co, live stock, sttKjk- J Samueli' Depot. Daily mail. Population 

yards. i '*-"• John Manning, postmaster and gen- 

Willen Bernhard, grocer. 199 Riddle. ! ^ral store. 

Willen ic Wicchman. undertakers, 4'>, 48 j 

and 50 w 6th. [ CRAB ORCHARD. A station on 

Willenbrink, Anton, jailer, court-house. j the Knoxville branch L. & N. R. R., and 

WlHett George, meats, 142 F'ike. ■ celebrated watering-place, situated at the 

Williams & Meis, dry goods, 37 Pik*. : base of the Cumberland rancn of moun- 

Williams & Co, tish,9 and 11 vr 7th. tains, 10 miles south-east of Stanford, the 

Wilton Mn Margaret, b oks, ^3] Madison, j county-seat, ami 115 miles from Lo lisTille. 

Wilson liilton C. physician 53*3 Main. ; '\ \w village now contains a population oi 

Windisch C. & Co., Conrad Win- j 700, and has 3 churches, a private school for 

discb, ), proprietors Star Brew- i young ladies, a public school, and a female 

ery, Lexington pike. j college, lit mineral springs, of which it 

%f\f\&. ft* KWiftQ House Numbers, Brass Labels : Carriaq-e. Sliow Case an J >Ia< Iiin.'rv 

1 attei-K Letters ami i :„->;,, -. - | , j j,.,.. ; , rcubJ>( .. -, . 

?©bii ?:-■'- ■■■■'■■>* L. B^C'Hi:, Sagravsr aci Cij Si£is:, J<;<. Ku.n<ioij»h street, Chicago,' mi 



K E S X U C K V & f A 'i ' !•;. G AZ ET1 1. V. R 


ha? 5, are il- chief attraction, an 1 Use chief 
commercial interest of the place : - it- man- 
ufacture of the celebrated Crab Orchard 
Salt?, of which ve.r\ large quantities are 
sold. .Messi--?. J. B, Wii ler A: Co., v I le 
sale druggists of Louisville, it re the man- 
agers of this important industrv. and bottle 
these salts for distribution to the trade 
throughout the country, and ship 
quantities to till - • ■. if the globe I 
Crab < >n hard B . ■ ■ it "in the pla e, 

and furnishes excell 'nt ae ommodations 
for the traveling public. Express A lams. 
Telegraph W. U. Mai! daily. John Ed- 
minston, postmaster. 

Adam- Garland, distillerv | 1 miles s w) 

Ballard J G, mar.- ha 1. 

Babbitt Fountain, lawj pr. 

Buchanan & New land, sreneral store. 

Bureh St< phen. p ilii e judge. 

Carpenter -I G, phvsieian. 

Carsons An hibald, ysters and fish. 

Crab Orchard Hotel, J ihn Mershon, 
Proprietor. $1.,>0 per day. The promi- 
nent hotel of the place. Good Sample 
Rooms connected. 

Crab Orchard Springs, Isaac Shelby prop. 

Davis Thomas C, -i; .emaker. 

Doores ffm M, pi: v i ian. 

Edmiiiston John, Postmaster. 

Edmiiiston & Pleasant, general store, lum- 
ber, etc. 

Egbert DcLam ey, d uggist. 

Farris Henry W . justice of peace. 

Gam t Wm M. undertaker and justice. 

Hansford Wm 0, lawyer. 

Hardin Samuel, saloon. 

Harris M J & Co, general store. 

Holdam James F & Co, saloon. 

Holman James, wagon-maker. 

Hutchings James H, flour mill and distil- 
lery 1 1 miles w). 

Marshall Mis- Mary, dress-maker. 

Merslion «.V !><• iiofde, (J. B. Mer- 
shon, G. W. De liord<»V Wagon-makers 
and Blacksmiths. Manfr*. Light arid 
Heavy Buggies. General Blucksmith- 
ing a Specialty. 

Miller Henry K. saw-mill. 

Moore O P, prineipji college at springs. 

Pari e David C. watch-maker. 

Pettis Joseph D, physician. 

Pollard & Dillion, g> neral store. 

Rigney Samuel M, harness-maker. 

Sanders S: Co, general store. 

Shelby Isaac Jr, prop'r Crab Orchard 

S pi in / • 
: ~ ' ■ & J(\ m< , gem ral store. 
St< pie : oi V. T, tai nen . 
Tate in William, Livery, Feed, and 

S : -stable. First-class Rigs b r Com- 

merci d men. j S> ■ ■ ;'■■ ■ 
Whitney Wm, Ma k.-uitb. 

CRANE'S XKST. This -etib ment 
ot 50 peopi : is in Ki s i lunty, v\ here 
ruaii is received semi-weekly. 


; on the Cumi > rl urn 1 <: . ■ •. *] b a poj illa- 
tion of 50, in r nmty, 12 n iles -. nth 

| o r Jamestown, the <-.:-,-, at. Camp- 
be '-•. ille, 31 ;.' ; . - . ort ii, U the i e in -* 
railn ad appn : altho tgii iroous can he 
ship] Id) t by v titer. I !on . \. hi at, ba- 

| con, and tubaeco form the exports. A 

j church and an academy are sustained. 
Mail tri-weehiy. W. j. Armstrong ;■ >t- 

Armstrong 1 W. J.,G< neral Store. 
I Buster J E, phy ician 

Buster L II. farmer. 
j Cam] bi 11 & Ballew, general store. 

Colii:is Al. -. bla ks nith. 
| Grider .1 M, -alnon, 
; Gri ier T C. physician. 
i Hammonds J< -enh, blacksmith. 
j Higgen bottom Wm, grange store. 
> Holt B, drug store. 
! Jackman A M, phi, sh i n. 
I Jackman II C, physician. 

CRITTENDEN'. According to the 

| census of 1880, contains 323 people, and .is 
j a town in the northern part ol Grant 
j county, 11 miles north ot' Williamstown, 
I the wunty-seat. It is a station on the line 
j of the C. S. R'y, and does a considerable 
i export business. Corn, tobacco, wheat, 

and live stock are -■ . Ship direct. 

A steam flour-mill, 5 churches, and 2 

schools are sustained. Express Adams. 

Telegraph Western Cnion. James Kan- 
ton, p. '.-"u aster. 

Brown J II , physician. 

Byers A S, trustee. 

Curtiss J A, t i-tee. 

Dravsdale .1 T. trustee. 

Dya's I'Y, lawyer. 

Dyas K, druggist. 

• ■', i ' SSlSftl lit font rolling ove r :.•, «! I M 

• " — —»«»■•■»- ........ i.y. Vgtintscvsrywtierc. *, 





f. iili'v L, justice of peace. 

| ilev John, physician, 

(iluub & Bvers, blacksmiths. 

H . -. •■! .1 J. !■ aeher. 

K : insmith K, trustee. 

I ilonnin C .V Co, general -tore. 

Lawrence H Clay, constable. 

McClure E K, leaf-tobacco. 

Mitchell J L. grocer. 

Mire)..'!', W F, marshal. 

I' m r S 1 >. pi ysi 

Uanton, James-, Real Estates 

and So ies. 
Si hneideT .John, hotel and dry goo 
Stansifer B II. general store. 
Yt'lton >! W, K 1: and express ag 

nd B( 




this p -t-*-:! ; •- whi h i- in Bren thitt coun- 
ty, was established 1' - 15 miles from 
Jackson, the county-seat, and 60 from Liv- 
ingston, the shippii t; p 1 'int Ships pro- 
duce, and has a population of 100. 

HoggS P. 

Ii l'j" A' Eversoll, general store. 
Huns Wiley, cooper. 
Johnson Robert, log men 
Kill-; James M, physician. 

CROFTON. A village in Christian 

county, and station ■■ the Si. L. & S. E. 
Li v. uf the L. & X. R. R., !■■ miles north- 
east of Hopkinsville, tin county-seat, and 
1*31 south-west of Louisville T> 1 icco and 
flour form the shipment.-. P 'pulation 300. 
Express Southern. Telegraph W. 17. 
Daily Mail. C. M. Day, postmaster. 
Albright W J, cooper. 
Bowling A G, saloon. 
Brasher & West, general -tore. 
Clark & Brown, general -tore. 
Croft A IS, tobac< o. 

Croft J E, flour-mill and general store. 

Daughertv W A, L >tei. 

Day (', M., Railroad and Express Agent 

and f'ndei taker. 
Drake J< hn R, druggist. 
Giles P, saloon. 
Hancock G i;. wagon-maker. 
Layne S R, grocer. 
Lewis .1 R, saloon. 
Lew i» & Keith, grocers. 
! ,:-: ■• C 13 ■ ■_ ' -' aker. 
Long e.. i>: i rher, drugs. 
M e( ord a: Bro. gor.< ral store. 
McParland R \>. shoemaker. 
Mel Mm-!! & Long, blacksmiths. 
Martin W H, drugs an "i gr ■■■■ ri -. 
Stevens M E, general store. 
Stevens R P, saloon. 
Wile\ D G, tobacco. 
"Wright Goo \V, gunsmith. 

'CRO^tWELiJj. A town with a pop- 
ulati n : L'00, o. Uhio county, 12 miles 
south-east >f Hartford, the county-seat. It 

is a landi g on Green river, and _: Is '-an 

be shippeddireot via Green & Barren River 
Navigation Company. Beaver Dam, 8 
miles north-west, on *P. & F R. R., is the 
nearest railro id appr >ach. T ; ■" .■• and 
lumber art shipped, and land is worth So 
to S'20 per acre. Nearest hank is at Mor- 
gantown. A steam flour-mill, a distillery, 
2 churches, and school are here. Mail 
daily. A. K. Leach, postmaster. 
Benny L, physician. 
Burden D F.'blaeksmitb. 
Colt- man J W, blacksmith. 
Gilstrap Thos, general store and tobacco. 
Haden & J< >nes, ss loon. 
Hocker W W & Co, saloon. 
Kahn A, general store. 
Lavton J J, woolen-mills. 

2*. ■** 



And Proprietor of Bus Line To and 
From the Depot. 

Kir~.t-c1.i-s Liveries at reasonable ratts to commercial men or 
uther parties in want of livery a< i urn nodati^ns, 


DM WQ Pfl nUBHnTAMTi -"•«-". "oases, m« .. 





Lieach A. K., General Store. 

Montague A P, general store. 

Newton G W. drugs. 

Paxt -n & Shull, millers. 

Pirtle T C, saloon. 

Taylor J \\', physician. 

Taylor & Co, drugs 

Tiiford & Cooper, hotel and -'."re mnnufs. 

»n the L.,X\ & L. K'y. in Sh by . ounty, 
10 miles north of Shelby ville, the seat of 
justice, and 49 miles from Louisville. The 
village has a population lot), who support 
a church and si hool Exports tobacco and 
produce. Express Adams. Mail daily. A. 
Alexander, postmaster. 

Alexander, A,, Railroad Agent. 

Doran , physician. 

Demaree, .1 T, carpenter. 

Dunnavant Dean, b< >t and shoemaker. 

Forck a Seal, blacksmiths. 

Ford G l>, blacksmith. 

Gough J W, flour-mi 1. 

Green, Robert, lawyer. 

Montfort &. Bro. general store. 

Perry J. C, Express Agent. 

Perr , M E, c >nfectionery. 

Perry A- Demaree, meat market. 

Shey John, stone-mason. 

Smith R M, live stock. 

Tuley Thomas, physician. 

Watkins Thomas, carpenter. 

Weinstoi k M. general store. 

CROSS PLAINS. Metcalfe county. 
A villa.:* of some 80 inhabitants, is located 
in the northern part of the com ty, I i miles 

north "t* Edmonton, th inty-seat, and 

100 from Louisville. Ship to Horse Cave, 
14 miles west, on th* L. & N. R. R. To- 
bacco and wheat arc exported. Tri- weekly 
mail. \Y. W. Bradley, postmaster. 

Bradley W. W„ Blacksmith. 
Myers Jam. :a, genera! store. 
l'ip«r John M. dentist. 

CROSSEAXD. A small settlement 
in Calloway county, 10 miles from Murray, 
the county-seat, and about 262 from Louis- 
ville. Paris, Tenn., is the nearest railroad 
station. It- principal shipments are to- 
bacco, cotton, and wheat. Population 
about 50. Weekly mail. C. W. Atkins, 
postmaster and general itore. 

CROSS ROADS. Breekinrid f « 

county i Sec Custer). 

CKOSS ROADS. Warren county, 

now called Claypool. 

CROWELL. A recently established 
country post-otti einC • a countv 10 

::■:'■ - :• tm Mai i ■;• ; ; ,. i ;:---, . , 

miles from Weston, the shipping poi 
the Ohio river. Mail weekly. B. H. Crew- 
ell, postmaster, 
Brantley W if. f-*ru,t.>r 
Clark ' R, physii ian. 
Crowell B. 11., Stone-mason. 
Man. W C L, live stock. 
Metealf L A. farmer. 
r ken J B. farmer. 
Thurman K S, farmer. 
Tosh Sit, farmer, 
Walker fi J. farmer and live stort- 


A! sxander Statii n, is the location of 
100 inhabitants, in Fulton 'ounty, . 
line of the C, St. L. A: N < t. It. R." 12 

east of Hickman. ?! o 

Alexander Stati u dir< • 
E. Morris, postmaster. 
Hornsby R N, It R agei 
Messamore & Benedict, 
Morriss vV E, drugs. 
Owens II, general store. 

nrit y-seat. S 
t. Mail daily- 
it and grocer 

wn a: 

m t' v c 
b ■■' o 
. W. 

CUBA. A small post-office in Graves 
county, 11 miles south of Maysville, the 
county-scat, and nearest shipping-poin . i n 
M„ P. Si N. R. 11. Population 75. Mai) 
tri-weekly. R. E. Terry, postmaster. 
C ■''•'■., (-1 F, justice of peace. 
Hall A L. physician. 
Htggins John, blacksmith. 
Perry Robert 1'.. General Store. 
Rhodes VV VV, blacksmith. 
Shelton iv Mir, general -tore. 
Voosies A C, physician. 

CUBAGE. In Be!) county, is a post- 
office on a weekly mail route, 12 miles ea«t 
of Pineville, the county-s it, and 70 from 

Livingston, the m^r^-t railroad approach. 

Andrew Wilder, postmaster. 

Jones Lewis, flour-mill. 

Miracle Peter, flour-mill. 

Wilder Andrvw. Medicine Agent. 

! * g !• nr.d General Hardware SpaoiaHies. J?i s Llstaand Oata- 

: !MI : lf*fl •' id i a -. F3ED. 8GHMIEDING, 

SKflVt M »*>**tia'* 335 Broadway aad 830 S. Fourth B», BT, LOUIS, MO, 





CUB Kl'K. A jmai! village in Hart 

coanty, 12 roil* 1 * west of Munfordville, the shipping point, on L. <k N. R. K. 

Hoop-polea, bark, and tobacca are shipped. 

Mail tri-weekly. Aaron Ream«s, posttn r. 

Corbin Rev W L (Methodist). 

Crendon It C, phvsician. 

Etberton Rev T W (Methodist). 

Flan ler3 H i', grocur. 

Flanders S II, shoemaker. 

Hobbs Rev H M ( — ). 

Jaggera Rev hi l> Baptist). 

J i Ties J W, constable. A (iron. Blacksmith and Wag- 

Sanders Rev Thomas ( ). 

Sego Rev Green B (Baptist). 

Thomas G B, 

White D L [Baptist). 


office in Clint r, c >unty, 9 mile? from Al- 
bany, the county-seat, and about 130 from 
Louisville. Population 60. Daily mail. 
Clarke J II, coal miner and general store. 
Stevenson Thomas V, general store. 

erly called Devil s Hole, is a post-office and 
a village in Whitley county, 15 miles west 
of Whitley (c. h.), the county-seat. Ship 
to Cumberland Falls station, via C. S. Ry. 
The place is used as a summer r< sort, and a 
tine hotel is located here. Express Adams. 
Telegraph Western Union. Mail daily. 
N. W. Owen?, postmaster. 

CUPIO. In the western part of Bul- 
litt county, 12 miles W63t of Shepherdsville, 
the county- -eat, '■) east of Riverview, its 
nearest shipping point, on the Ohio river, 
and 20 south of Louisville. Weekly mail. 
T. S. Rainac y, postmaster. 

CURDS VI LLE. A landing on 
Green river, and village of 375 inhabitants 
in Gr*en county, 15 miles west of Owens- 
boro, the nearest railroad approach, bank 
location and county-seat. The Green and 
Barren River Navigation Company have 
an office here, and goods can be -nipped 
direct ria this line. Three churches and 'J 
schools are here. Tobacco, corn, wheat, 
*nd live stock are shipped. A saw an4 
jfri*t-aiill, or a distillery, would prove iuc- 

| cwsful here. Mail daily. B. H. Kirwii, 
I pos', matter. 

Brandon Rev J (Methodist Episcopal). 

Carrie J A W, grain and live stock. 
j Cook Fred, shoemaker. 
I Cummings Prof James, Collegiate Institute. 
| Eirwln B. H., General Store. 

Goodrum W L. hotel proprietor. 

■ Gr 'en M iss, ladies s 

j Hannepin Stephen, livery. 
i Hearrin .i P, phj sician. 
i Kerr Hugh & Co, tol ncco. 
| McFarland B H, tobacco-dealer. 

N ft ,- rave Nathan, cooper and justice. 
j Oldham J A. livery. 
i Oldham J I), ferry-man. 
; Ransom R R, physician. 
! Reyni ids John W, druggist. 

Reynolds J T, brick-rnak r. 

Rodman Charles & James, tobacco dealers. 

Rothchild & Co, general store. 

Sands George, constable. 

Sand- J L, hotel proprietor. 

Sands Rolx rt, saloon. 

Schweihardt & Boyd, general store. 

Spey C A, tobacco. 
I Taichner Rev Louis (Baptist). 

■ Thompson R A, livery. 

Valk ttev (Catholic). 

Watkins C C. foreman tobaceo-work.s. 
Webb II, blacksmith. 

Welden Jo;>eph, saloon. 

CURRY'S RUN. Only a country 

post-office in Harrison county, 4 miles 
I from Robertson's Station, the shipping 
: point, on K. C. R. R., lG r J miles from 

Louisville, and 9 north of Cvnthiana, the 

county-seat. Mail tri-weekly. W. R. 

Epperson, postmaster. 

Blackford C, express agent. 

BranHock J R, general ?toro. 
i Kkler R v Wra (Bapt at). 
1 Grogle John, blacksmith. 
. .Johns Kev J T (Methodist). 
i Siade Samuel, general store. 

Taylor N P, saw-mill. 

VVhiteker Ben A, blacksmith. 

CUSTER. Formerly called Cross 

Roads, is a small village with a probable 

population of 70, in Breckinridge county, 

i 12 mile* south-east of Hardinoburg, w-e 

i county-seat, and 17 west of Vine Grove, 
j on the L. & N. R. R., its nearest railroad 


-■tin V ■ ' • mil t'u •' . .'..-..•.. . • I.TK1NSO" 

fc" W 313—321 < linton Strccl, I'Sllt'AtjiO, $1^1,. 





s propel d 
rreek. [\ - 
re shipped, 


shipping point. A flour-mi 11 
by p iwer derived fr< m !.' ugl 
baeco, u heat arid pn >dn ;e 
Tri v ekly mail. M. Mo i-er, 
Basl .i'.'i Jonas L, physician. 
Bruner A, saloon. 
Davis Thomas P, bla ksmilh. 
Harrington W G, j istii e >f 
Lyon Foster B. dry .- 1 >. 
Me: dors .1 ihn VV, p!n -' ian. 
Meyer 31., - ■■:. r 

Parish \V, R R and •• .; ss agent. 
Peniok Benjamin F, • «n! etioneries 
Rhodus Rev John (Methodist). 
Williams , flour-mill. 

CUT SHIX. In the north-western 
part of Leslie county, 6 miles from the 
( ' unty-«t at "0 mile • -ist of Livingstor , 
: t- ; ^are.-t diippii - i oil i < n the L. <k N. 
R. R., and ISO" mile- ;o ith-east of Louis- 
ville. Semi-weekly mail. Samuel Bagley, 

CYNTHfAXA. An important sta- 
tic n on the line of the K. C. R. R. It is 
pleasantly situated on the South Licking 
river, in the south-eastern portion of Har- 
rison county, of which it ; - the seat ot jus- 
tice, 37 miles north-eu>t of r rank fort, and 
115 from Lnuisvillfj. It was • riginally set- 
tle'! in 17'.>3, incorporated as a town in 
1802, and as a city in lSuO. Seven church- 
es, a g 1 brick court-house, g< i d public 

schools, a select scho ; , '2 flour-mills, 
distilleries, a good hotel, a bank and a 
woolen factory are here, supported by a 
population of 2.500. Express Adams. 
Telegraph Western Union. Daily Mail, 
Miss Mattie D. Todd postn aster. 
Asbury Rev J W ( '. Methodist). 
Ashbl'OOk Bros (Felix G ., and Sam- 
uel J.), Distil ers. See adc.) 
Banks Edmund R, =tovt»s and tinware. 
Beale A ndrew .! . oh • -'•• ian. 
Bowen James W. wa<r<>n-maker. 
Brewii gton Charles, Lren^ral store. 
Bridvvell House, M.V. Bridwell Prop. 

(See adv.) 
Broh Adolph. clothing. 
Brown George, sho< maker. 
Brown James A. private school. 
Burns & Robert-, grocers. 
Central Hotel, T .1 Green, prop 
Clary Bros, horse-sboers. 

Collier Ricl ard M. sheriff. 

C . ( B o. ( ■, mi ers and distillers. 

Cromwell li F, blaet =mitb 

Cynthiana Demoi rat, II insnn P Diltz. prop. 

Cynthiar.a News, A ,1 Morey, publisher. 

Delling Christian T. general .-'tore. 

Desha Lucius Jr, lawyer, 

Don.-;,;- }\v s ms, grocers. 

Et lei George, meat market. 

P\ ■ loth Pre ] -rick V, larness 

Faerber Mr; Ma . . , , 

Farmers Deposit Bank of Cvnthiana. capi- 
tal 5100.000. J W Peck" pres, L Van 
Hook. cash. 

Fennell .1 & A, general store. 

Fisher Wm, ?; loon, 

1 lade A kxander, baker. 

Forman Thomas T. lawver. 

Frishie Marry D. -tntioVi agent K C li G. 

Gai net i ! .mus A. i^roi er, 

G< irge James I), noiioi . 

Givens David A, gen store and clothing. 

Gless fii ' ; ;. . • i faloon. 

Gi id J.ishiia J, sewii :- ■-■. •] mes. 

Grater Christopher, baker and confectioner. 

Gn Frai I . physi ian. 

Cr< • Thoi is J, prop Central hotel. 

< ireint r. J< iseph, tailor. 

Grinun L, pin itograj 

Ha i •• an F VV, 1 in her 

Havilaiul Honrj H., County Judge. 

Hi iges James T, gi neral store 

Henderson Rev .1 A (Methodist South). 

Hill Patri< k M, tailor. 

Hoessii Jost, stoves and tinware. 

Hoffman Hugh T, city marshal. 

Hogg John T, agent Adams Express Co. 

Hood Thomas H, druggist. 

Howk George Jr, grocer. 

.luck^on James, shoemaker. 

Jeffers >n & Pollok, livery. 

Johnson Rev John (col Baptist). 

Johns< >n Samuel S, dentist. 

Jones Robert, general store. 

Kehoe Bros, saddles and harness. 

Keller James >I., Livery and ia!e 
Stable. (Si e ur/r ) 

La -v James \V. insurance agent. 

Lake John XV, ; iwver. 

Lai;g Pete. shoOUlfl 

F-o; grn ■■■- VV ■■ i VV i ircuit clerk. 

Luig 1 1 • lore, ;1 taker. 

Lydick S T A- Pro. livery. 
M'Kee t\t Skirvin, farm implements. 
M< N-- •- Wm T, phys'n ian. 
Madison Janus P, physi :ian. 





^".^ ■ 


5 J 


I X 71 * 

V 111 31V 


mm* i » ■ i 

■■ • tfAQEBS, 

CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - L«u:s»5ll6, Kv, 


, CYN 



Madison J R & Bro, cican and tobacco. 

Martin L M, lawyer. 

Mattoi John W, general store. 

Megibbon, Bramble . . Co, distillers. 

Megibbon Thos J, distiller. 

Mersman Rev (Catholic). 

Miller Fayette M, dentist. 

Miller John S, groc< r. 

Morgan John 1 ount) ■■■'.'.■ irney. 

Musselman W C, deputy collector int rev. 

National BanJk of Cyntbiana, 
capital $150,000. Henry K Shawhan.Pres- 
ident; J. S. Withers, Cashier. 

Norris Mrs M M. Millii er. 

Northcu''. Wm L, : y go la. 

Nourse Wm M, painter. 

O'Hearn Mrs B, saloon. 

O'Hearn Mrs Ellen, hotel and 3aloon, 

Pittt V U & Co. ca-rriage-makers. 

Peck John AS', groceries and fl< uring-mill. 

Perrin Achilles, lawyer. 

Poblraayer Mrs Kate, grocer. 

Prather Wm B, law ver. 

Ratcliffe Wm H. lawyer. 

Redmon Chas H. carpenter. 

Redmon Distillery Co, cap $15,000. Thos i 
Hiekson, pres; L Van Hook, sec and treas. j 

Redmon Hope Jr. srunsmith. 

Remington James A, gro< er. 

Renaker Bros, drugs and books. 

Richard John, meat market. 

Rieckel Charles, jeweler. 

Robinson John L, painter. 

Rons Herman, gen store, and wagon. maker. 

Shawhan Henry C. lawyer. 

Shephard Th<>c J. jeweler. 

Simon Morris, general store. 

Slade, Bents & Co, merchant tailors. 

Smiser J IT. physician. 

Smiser James \V., Furniture and Un- 
dertaker, Pictures, Picture Frames and 

Smith Wm W. hotel. . 

Spohn John, meat market. 

Stanley Rev Wm (Christian). 

Stewart Wm A. gro< er. 

Stoddard C M N. jeweler. 

Swinford & Lafferty, lawyers. 

Toadvine & Daniel srrocers. 

Triplett Rev J E (Presbyterian). 

Tudor Charles W, general store. 

\'nn Hook L, cashier Farmers Bank. 

Van Ho< k L cV Co, distillers. 

Wall Wm S, mayor. 

Watson Samuel, saloon. 

Webster Charles A, hardware. 

West Caleb W, lawyer. 

Wherritt Perry, county clerk. 

Wtcklifl'e James C, dry rood?. 

Will'ams John H, saloon. 

Williams Samuel, undertaker. 

Wills Richard H, livery. 

Withers & Throckmorton, Insur- 

surance Agents. 
Wi nai August, grocer and saloon. 
Wittman A.Ir, confectioner. 
Wohlwenter Joseph, wagon-maker. 
Woodward Thomas D, saloon. 
Woodward Wm, tailor. 
Wo >dward Wm 13. confectioner. 
Wright Mrs R, millinery. 
Wyatt & Hinkson, liquors. 

DABXEY. Known as Doolin's Cross- 
Roads ner.r the center of I'ulaski county 
8 miles north of Somerset, the county-seat, 
6 from Pulaski Station, its nearest shipping 
point, on the C. S. R'y, and 115 south-eas! 
of Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. James 
Doolin, postmaster. 

Alexander H. blacksmith. 
Alexander Rev John (Baptist). 
Do n C, 1 lacksmith. 
Doolin James, Fine Stock. 

Doolin Wm, constable. 
Hargis Andrew, shoemaker. 
Hargis Napoleon, cooper. 
M Bee James, teacher. 
May i'j A C, teacher. 
Owens Wm, justice. 
Smith Wm, cabinet-maker. 
Sowder E W, dour-mill. 
Wiser James, flour-mill. 

DALE. Known as Highlands, in the 
northern part of Campbell county, 9 miles 
from Alexandria, the county-seat, and 3i 
from Newport, the nearest shipping point, 
and 1.50 south-east of Louisville. Popula- 
tion 1,000. Exports consist of corn, pota- 
toes, and produce. Daily mail and itage 
to Newport and Alexandria. Louis Mayer, 
Barth Henry, hotel. 
Barth Wm, blacksmith. 
Clas Jacob Jr, farmer. 
Clas Jacob Sr, gardener. 
Deuchmuller M. farmer. 
Dtnckerton Willis, farmer. 
Drusdale A, farmer. 
Gibbs Wm, blacksmith. 


UUUIjU Mid U 1 LiJ Ml U ! lUJj * g< nti every » Uer* Soutfe. 






Hodgor Parry, farmer. 
Hasson Henry, farmer. 
Hutchison A, justice. 
Lincrt E vare, farmer. 
Lock David, police marshal. 
Mayer Lewis, Hotel. 
Metcalfe James, general store. 
Pierce 1), farmer. 
Ro*s Thomas, farmer. 
Talli&ferro Wm, teacher. 
Thaler John, grocery. 
Thoenz Elias, sexton. 
Waker P W, f&rmer. 
WillmerA Williamson, lumber. 

post-office in Logan covinty, 20 miles north 
of Russellville, it- shipping point, t»nd 163 
from Louisville. Weekly mail. 

DALLAS. In the "astern part of 
Puljwki county, 13 miles north-east of 
Somerset, the county-seat, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the C, S. R'y, and 1^0 
*outh-east of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. H. H. Brinkley, postmaster. 
Brady Peter, blacksmith. 

Brinkley H. JL, Flour-mill and Gen- 

eral Store. 
Whitson Isaac, blacksmith. 

DALTON. A village in Hopkins 
county, 18 miles from Madisonville, the 
county-seat, and shipping point by rail. 
Population L r >0. Tobacco is the only ex- 

Beli S H. carpenter. 

Hoffman Charl«i, blacksmith. 

Ho! Ionian W D, physician. 

Jennings G W, ir iggist. 

Rirkwood, Bell «& Co.. Tobacco. 

Leeper S W, physician. 

Sisk T If, general store. 

Sisk *V BVil, General Storeand Drugs. 

Tapp J C, wagon-maker. 

Tapp, Rea & Co, 'lour and saw-mill. 

Utiy D G, carpenter. 

DAjVYTLLE. A cii\ of some 3,500- 
inhabitants, and an important station on 
the C. 8. R'y, is situated in the county of 
Boyle, of which it is the seat of justice, 
and about 100 miles east of Louisville. It* 
fine location renders it eminently adapted 


j iun;.u ■■ ' 






M. V. BRIDWELL, Proprietor. 


(1 Baggage taken to and from Depot FREE 

*..*£!■• .*>» is.".-"' , p, 



Livery and Sale Stable, 


BL'OGIKS, HA' kS »- ->Ai • ■•• MORSES for hire at all times, on the most reasonable terms. 
0»-nsr of the imported Percheron .Stuilion "TOM GRAHAM," weight, i. 600 pounds Car tros a 
avlt in four minute-s 

rx \rx ITS BRANCHES. Steel Letters and "i I 
Stencil Letters .< ui J inures. L. BOCH.E, Fugravi r 
Die Sinker, 1GG RANDOLPH M'Kia.I, CHICAGO, Hi 





for the various i lu ational institutions for 
which it is famous. Am >ng these we may 
mention the Kentucky State Institute fur 
Deaf and Dumb, • reeted at a costof $70,- 
OOO.and which has 180 pupils; the Center 
College, for young mm, in connection 

Presbyterian -vnod <i Kenluckv, with an 
endowm - it fund of $2-10,000; the build- 
ing i ►st S70,0(X) • the 1 I r ■;. i- .-• >tai ia rd 
one, of 8,000 volumes; this college has 170 
students; andtbe DanvilleTh ti Semi- 

nary, u tier tli-j ispices of tho Pres- 

\<\ ♦.'.•r!:in ■■!!'. rji. 1 ;i :i Iditivlt to the 

above-mentioned institutions, there are 
£ eh rclio=,"3 1 ls, a ;team tlourin 5-mill, 

and 2 first- 1 las li :• :- t-in Cent ral ai 1 
Clemens House, and 2 weekly newspapers, 
one ot w hich, the Tribune is one of the 
livliest and strongest Republican newspa- 
pers in the South. It i? ■ ■• ■■ ■•*_ per 
y ar. and is the best South rn news] ip< r for 
advertisers. The Singer Manufacturing 
Company's Sewing-Machine parlor, on 
Third street, next door to post-office, is 
handsomely furni-hed, and has 20 wagons 
on the road wh.i<*h is a good indica- 
tion that they are doing a live business. 
Danville is a tine agricultural country, 
in the celebrated Bluegrass region. Its 
principal shipments are wheat, pro', ice 
and hemp. Telegraph American, Ex- 
press Adams. Mail daily. J. S. Linny, 

Adams Bros & Fox, hardware. 

Adler Isaac, harness-maker. 

Allen Rev James L (Christian). 

Anderson Alexander, lawyer and justice. 

Avers Samuel, lentist. 

Barker Abraham W, tailor. 

Batterson Geo I>. eoul and R R frght agt. 

Beat n & Lupt >n, props Clemens House. 

Bell College, t t young ladies, James L 
Allen, pi-im ; : al . Mrs Mary B Allen, 

Bibb G M, station ascent. 

Blake Win P. j, w-ier. 

Brewer Win, livery stable. 

Brown Carl M. photographer. 

Burton A lexaudor, shoemaker. 

Carrijjian Jtunos l£., Architect and 
Designer. Plans m d Corr :ci Estimates 
given on Churches, Public Buildings, 
etc. Correspond* nee Soli< ited. and 
Prompt Attention given to all Orders. 

C( nt< r Colh ■>• • f Kentucky, Orm. ■ 
Beatty, pres; Alfred B Nelson, si 
fai ultv. 

Central Hotel, John P. Thorel, p,- . ; 
Main near 3d. ( S'« e adv.) 

Central National Bank, of !>;ui- 

John W Proot >r. Cashier. Capital, ^ju.. 

000, Surplus ai J undi /id< cl pro 

720. Collections rei ittedonday of pus 

Cl eatham Eugene I'. In ery. 
Cl eek •••■'. n A. insuram e agt. 
Childs Mark, saloon. 
< hrisman J S. cir< uit i ourt clerk, 
i ' ■ Louis, clothii 
( .• Allan, meat market. 
( ' urts X -V i » & Son, harness. 
C rts Wm F, Adan s Express and gc 

ticket agent. 
Cowan George, physician. 
Cowan James, barber. 
Cowan John, lawyer. 
Currv J A & Si ns, drills. 
Danville Gas Li<rht ''••. cap $22,000. .1 ,1 

W P-oetor pres 1 Da.' iel W Jones, • 
Danville Tribune, The, Zimnn 

& Murphy, Props. 3d n;'ar Main v ■ 

adv. i 
Davis Wm C. tailor. 
Doram Gibbon J, confectioner. 
J mnlap .) ami - B. law yer. 
Dunlap & Dunlap, physicians. 
Durham -1 "Wesley, lawyer. 
Durham & Jacobs, lawyers. 
Engleman & Noland, blacksmiths. 
Evans & Turner, physh ians. • 
Fackler I ' nil I T, lavs yer. 
Farmers' National Bank, capital JIOO.O^ 1 

.las G Cecil, pres; G W Welsh, Jr, ca 
Farris Morris J. ii> - e stock. 
{■'. : U Win M, drv u'oo Is. 
First National lSankX'ap.. $1 •'■''• 

surplus ai d undivkh cl profit \ ? I " ' 

M.J. Farris. Pres.; J. A. Q lisi ' 

i 'ash. Collej rss promptl; remii I 
F ai ; Edward, jeweler. 
i • e . ; si :] i SV, _ r r •<■•. ry. 
Floyd J B A Bro, flour-niill (5 miles n e 

Foley Mrs .1 phine, milliner. 

Fi'h»s I ■ ■ I grocer. 

F ■: ■)■■ - K; i ir] Wittr. 

Fox I ! s\ aril 11, photographer. 

Fox A Fox, lawyers. 

Fr >st John M, painter. 

Fry S S, justice of peace. 




1 4:1 

^ </ f* 3H :• * 




- -,--.,. 

. • - 


fj v |j 

- - .~~ " _ , ' l 

1 \\t; 

■ ■-- 

Tw,, ■'. !'^ v -TERMSr$id.OO PER Y . 



JOHN IE 3 . THOPuPE, Pbopeietoe. 


"7° /^^s "T~ "T° "T v "f* <^^ ""T* 1 f"^\ ■"•'""■^ /^~^_ m X^T r ™f~ "T" ""' — 




A. M 13 

Commission Stables. 

nen's Roadsters Fi »t-i is Sadi 

If.i/n and Fourth Street, ^ppj^ite Clemens House. DAN /ILLE, KY. 

Gentlemen's Roidste First- , Thoroughbreds and Trotters for sale at all times. 


?._ ~ ■-> — i 

Central and SontJiern Dev't. 





Fry S S <& Co, coal and lumber. 
Gearj John A, lessee gas-works. 
Gentry & Whitley, gr icers. 
Gibbons Arthur L, pai Jter. 
Gilcher «£ Bro. (Frank ami Pot en. 
Pr"p'rs Gilehcr's Hotel", and Wholesale 
and Retail Coi ftetioners, 3d and Main. 
Gilcher's Hotel, Gilcher Bros., Prop'rs. 
IT itel entire! ■ " i iit Remodu 1; Good 
Sample-room* connect* 1 1 and Main. 
Glogower Alexander, dry goods. 
Goodloe Wro. lawyer. 
Goodloe WmO, lawyer. 
Grant Samuel P, demist. 
Green Kt-v i> M 'Presbyterian). 
Green Mioses N B & E B, notions. 
Hackney John M, stores and tinware. P F, grocer. 
Hann & Kinniard, hats caps.and furnishing. 
Hansford Monroe, grocer. 
Harding Eob«rt, lawyer and county att'y. 
Harding Samuel, lawyer 
Harlan Wm B physician. 
Harris, Durham & Dunlap, dry goods. 
Hays Rev — . I Presb\terian). 
Binman D S & Co, stoves and tinware. 
Bobbs Peter, city marshal. 
Hocker Jaroes, lunch-room. 
Holmes vS Anderson, grocs and hardware. 
Howard Clarei ee, agt Western Union tel. 
Hudson Thos J, wagon-maker. 
Kentucky Institution for the Deaf and 

Dumb, David Dudley, principal. 
Larimer Samuel, marble. 
Lawrence George, boots and shoes. 
Lee George F, county judge. 

Linney Edward B. groceries and crockery. 

Linnej Joseph S, }'<.>< r m ister. 

Lucas Charles EI, commission men I m ' 

Lyons Henry, clothing and boots and shoes. 

McElroy, Rev — - Presbyterian). 

McFerran James R lawyer. 

McGinn Rev — , (Christian). 

McGrorty Alexander S. druggist 

McGrorty Jos< \ h P, furniture. 

McKee <& Johnstone, i hvsieians. 

MeMurtry Louis S. physician. 

liannini P, eon ft ctioner 

Manwanng & Brother, carriage-makers. 

Murk- Phillip A, tailor. 

Marrs A- Thomas, props Kentucky Advo- 

Masonheimer J < ' produce. 

Meyer John M. sheriff. 

Miller J, distiller, i> miles east. 

Mills M iK, furniture. 

Mock W K. distiller. 
Monroe A L, physician. 
Moore James R, harness-maker. 
Xewlin George P, dentist. 
Newlin Mr- Hannah L, millinery. 
Nicholas Jonathan R, undertaker. 
Ni hols F. vd o, countv clerk. 
Potts & Pm. ter, fi mr-mill. 
Pri cter J W & S > r ;, in: urance. 
Quisenberry John A, insurance agent. 
Randolph Rev J C (Presbyterian). 
Richardson John N, confectioner. 
Hicketts John, groc< r 
Roberts A Gilmore, coal lumber, lime, etc. 
Robertson Alfred B, dry goods. 
Roszell S. S., Manager dinger Manu* 
faeturing Company 3d near Post-Office. 
Rowland <S Co boots and shoes. 
Russell Robert S, meat market. 
Ru? , ; M i j Sarah M milliner. 
Sallee Wm J, lumber and coal. 
Samuel & Warrer., drjggists. 
Shears Andrew J, groceries and produce. 
Shears Wm K, meat market. 
Sheehan H M, manager A U tel. 
Sherley Preston, barber. 
Shumate F M, jailer. 
Smiley & Adams, wagon-makers.- 
Smith *.V Murphy, carriage-makers. 

Stephenson R'_-v (Methodist > : ';. 

Stephenson Rev Fi T (Methodist). 
Stodgbill .lolt.ii, Livery. Sale, 


Feed Stab!?, opposite Clemens House. 

[See ixdr.) 
Taylor James, constable. 
Thorel Jollli P., Proprietor Central 

House, Main rx ar 3d. {See adv.) 
Tibbs Benjamin, barber. 
Tracy John, shoemaker. 
Tucker DeWitt C, physician. 
Van Winkle & 11 odes (John S. Van. 

Charles H. Bodes), L, wyere. 
Wakefield Mark, liverv. 
Walter N T i< holas H, c r"o< er. 
"Warren [suae S. physh ian. 
Welsh Ge< r. : - W - |r in arance agent. 
Welsh, W iseman & Co, general stort . 
Wilson J a? H. distilicT •'■ i norti -east). 

Wo. d -I W. taHor. 

W Ie».» k G B & C >, meat market. 

Woodfolk Rev — Baptist). 

Wood • S imuel, restaur mt. 

Yeiser Fre ierick, watch-maker. 

Yerki * John W. lawyer. 

Yerkes Rev Stephen Presbyterian). 

Young Thomas P, lawyt-r and police judg». 





ftjyj Hs.i Ivare S?e< i&lties, Catalogues and Price I/.sts ft»- 

1 i \ u'Bfced free. AppW or feud toTBED, BCHMIEDIN&, 335 
LUjJluiLiUlilU Broadway and 230 NorthFearth Stmt, ST. LOUI8, MO. 





Zimmerman & Murphy (John W . 
Zimmerman, David A. Murphy), editors 
and proprietors Danville Tribune, 3d, 
near Main. [See aw.) 

I ioodman A W, physician. 
Luckett Jamef, general store. 
Lvon P A, farmer and surveyor. 
Page J J, blacksmith. 
Tenick & Bailey, saw-mill. 



DAWSON. Known as Charleston, 
in the south-western part of Hopkins 
countv, 18 miles south of Madis mvil 
county-seat, 4 J north-east of Tradewater, its 
nearest shipping point, on the P. & E. R. 
K. and 169 south-west of Louisville. Mail 
special supply. Population 140. J. Bot- 
toms, postmaster. 
Blaylock David H, -farmer. 
Bottoms James, Miller, General St. r< 

and Druggist 
Chamlius J G, photographer. 
Parbv A G. phvsician. 
Earle Ben P. 
Eison IT E, farmer. 
Fox P. general store. 
Franklin B D. grocer and druggist. 
Homly W J. saloon and grocery. 
Hutier il C, lumber. 
Jackson M, miil-wright. 
Kirkwood John. 
Lynch M M. 
Lvnn I. 

Martin Rev J (Presbyterian). 
McadorsJ S, wagon-wood. 
)>\-'..-.:-r Hen I). farmer. 
Menser W W, blacksmith. 

Richardson Rev (Methodist). 

Smith \V L, R R agent. 
Trims James, general store and lumber. 
Wilson Rev — (Baptist). 
Witherspoon L, wood-worker. 

DAYSVILLE. A village in the east- 
ern part of Todd county, ih miles east of 
Elkton, the county-seat, 6 north-we^t of 
Whippoorwill, its nearest shipping point, 
on the Memphis branch of the L. & N R. 
R., and 136 south-west of Lo is\ il Pi p- 
ulation 100. Daily mail. James S. Cole, 

Bailey T 15. leaf-tobacco. 
Cole" James S, Cabinet-maker. 
Ferguson L il. R R and express agent. 
Pick* C H. blacksmith and fanner. 
Frogge S L, teacher. 
Gant Rev J W ( )• 


PAYTON". This city, according to 
CC ] . 880 ins a p ; ulation of 

3,500, is located in Campbel • unty, 1$ 
miles fom Newport, with which it is con- 
nected by street cars. It i- in fact a sub- 
urb of Cincinnati. Six churches, repre- 
g the various denominations of 
','.■ byierian, Methodist EpUcupal, Bap- 
tist, Episcopal, Lutheran, and ' 'atholic.and 
•2 schools are sustained. It consists chiefly 
of residences, no manufactures of note 
! a g car ' I r>n, with the single ex. eption 
. : -o >e and twine-making, \ hich forms 
the only shipment. Mail daily, Charles 
B. Hayward, postmaster. 
Anschutz Louis P. justice of peace. 

Banks J W, carpenter. 

Batsche Aloys, grocer-. 
Batiman John, carpenter. 

Bauman Joseph, tailor. 

Betsch Mar:;.-, dry goods and barber. 

Bode Frederick, Blacksmith and 

Bonte's John Sons, cordage mfrs. 

Brown Mrs C. confectionery. 

Brown J F, painter. 

Buntng John B, shoemaker. 

Cassander Rev Wm (rector R C Church). 

Conners Mrs Mary, grocer. 

Dameron Augustus S. physician. 

Deneson & llayward, grocers. 

Domhotf Victor, twine manufacturer. 

Drown Mrs Carrie, confectionery. 

Dunn Jesse A, dentist. 

Ehmer Joseph, saloon. 

Ervin lb ■<■ J N (Presbyterian). 

Forstner Miss Fannie B. (Mrs. 
Mar> English's Agent), Millinery and 

Gamier Louis, florist. 
| G- otz H '.rman J, druggist. 
i Gramer .1 hn, baker. 
J Gramer Michael, baker. 
I Gubser Michael, meat market. 
! Harris James M, gro :er. 
j Havwood Charles B, postmaster. 
! H bel A ugust, tailor. 
| Hermann Martin, Hardware, Stoves, 
I and Galvanized Iron-Works. 

CHI&i ■ •'• * ' ' ■" \' D^f-rS N ™ »K»rt«ted Catalbflfe jus' out. Free to Arch, 
VAAaSi ■• £•• •' A .-s ' V itaM. tecis and Cornice firms. Sent by Ex;. 

J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CH5CACO, ILL. 





Horst, Theodore, dry goods. 

Hux Miss Mary, teach- r 

Joslyn Mrs Josephine V, grocer. 

Josylin Wm, gr cer. 

Junk Josi ph. shoemaker. 

Keiber Adam, carpenter. 

Klein Peter, Blacksmith and Wagoa- 

maker. Tr omas, marshal. 
Koehler Henry, mc-ai market. 
Croi<l«or Christopher, Carpenter 

and Builder. 
Kuevan Lewi-, saloon. 
Kuhi Joseph, eigai 
Kuhlman Charley saloon. 
Kurnmeling Bernard, boots and shoes. 
Lamb John, meat market. 
Latham Edward H. druggist. 
Link Joseph, r< .p« ini'r. 
Link J A Jr X (Jo. mfrs hall ■•••-. 
MoArthiu-tV tlavlin, E. Morris Mc- 

Arthur and Harry Haviin\, Staple and 

Fancy Groceries and Produce. 
McClain Wilber C, coal dealer. 
Maginnis James, teacher, 
Marshall Miss Annie, teacher. 
Maxev George, mayor, 
Motx Charl. - J, ?ah>. n. 
Motz Wm, grocer and saloon. 
Mollyneaux Mi-- Lizzie, teacher. 
Niles James C, grocer. 
Nolte George, groce?. 
Nolle George Jr city clerk, 
Pille John F, boots and -hoe*. 
Possnett Mrs Hester, baker. 
Querimus Gmf, merchant tailur. 
Quinby Miss Lizzie, teacher. 
Iiackers Henry, Hemp Twine Mnfr. 
Rawlins Thomas, carpenter. 
Reed John, grocer. 

Rewalt Mrs Margaret, furniture dealer. 
Riebel E, tailor. 
Roskur Henry, rope- Walk. 
Romer Andrew, barber. 
Si John Huston, stationery, etc. 
Schllieter Benj., Twine and Cordage 

Manufactun r. 
Schoolfield Charles B, physician. 
Schuh Joseph, n pe manufacturer. 
Schultheis George, meat market. 
Schwab Robert, cord mnfr. 
Stencil Henrv . barl • ■-. 
Swager P'noch M, -ho< maker. 
Tiemann George VV, grocer. 
Trap John, co il dealer. 
Tressise Miss Fanny, teacher. 

Unnewehr Fred, cigars, etc. 

Venable Miss Edit h, tea her. 

Valti r Anthony, bri« k-yard. 

Wern Peter, twine rnntr. 

Won ton Mrs Elizabeth C. millinery. 

Wolff Charles, gro. er. 

Wolff Charles Jr., Baker and Confer.. 

tio:;, r. 
Worth Silvester, shoemaker. 
Wueller August, saloon. 

DEACON'S MITJLS. A post-offi<* 
in Breathitt county, with a population of&Q. 

DEATSVILL.E. A village ato 
known as Saver's Depot, in Nelson coun- 
ty, T;-j miles from Louisville. If. is on the 
Bardstown branch of the L. & N. R. R 
Adams express. Dailj mail. T.W.Sam 
uels, postmaster. 
Conn J F. physician. 
Roberts C M, blacksmith. 
Samu Is T W, distiller. 
Saniuek T. \V. A 

St >re, and Express Agents. 
Samuels W I, station agent. 
Saver* A, general store. 
Swearingen G W, distiller. 

DEKlt CREEK. A country posi- 

office in Carter county, 8 mile? from Gray- 
son, the county-seat and •■hipping point, on 
E. K. R'y. Daily mail. James L. Kitchen, 
Horton C, flour-nulls. 

Kitchen Charles, g>'n store and flour-mill. 
Kitchen James L.general store. 
Maddox C, mill-owner. 
Maddox John W, blacksmith. 
Salmons F, flour-mills. 
Wilcox D B, physician. 

Son, General 

DEKOVEJf. Ln Union county, is * 
small village, with a population of about 
100. Ship goods to Caseyville, on thoOhio 
river, 3 miles south. Morganfield, the 
coui ty-seat, is 10 miles north-east. Coal, 
wheat and corn are exported. Mail serai- 
we< kly. A. W. McMican, postmaster. 
A m< - J I>. physician. 
l; en M \. hotel and saloon. 
Brooks D A J r. express agent. 
Gi aham John, shoemaker. 
Kel.-ey P G & Co, gen st< re and saw-mill 
Long B M, physician. 

: ■ -i liav. :kh\.<\ mun ltian I,*oO 

L»!ss('«, and have ha(i but 13 lt«< 

Agents Everywhere 





McKinley B E, livery. 

MeMican A.. W., Stationer, News 

Dealer, and Confectioner. 
Mattingly J K. saloon. 
Rehni Henry, meat market. 
Spen< er 1J ( ', hotel. 

DELAWARE. En the i 

part of Daviess county, on Green r\\- r, i 1 .- 
miles west of Owcnsb ro. the county-seal 
10 east of Kobards, its nearest «tati.< 
the St. L. it S. E. branch nf L. & N. K. R., 
and 170 south-we-t of Louisville. Goods 
should be shipped to Delaware. Semi- 
weekly mail. Population 70. I. E. Car- 
ricoe, postmaster. 
Allen A M & C >. g. •■>rn 1 store. 
Allen T E, druggist. 
Allen ^ Taylor, general store. 
Cooke N B, tobacco. 
Cooke S C, genera] store and bond. 
Harrolson B F, phvsician. 
Hewitt J W & Co.'tobacco. 
Lambert J R, general store. 
Ijampkins W J, flouring-mill. 

PR MOSSVILT.i;. On the Licking 
river and K. C. R. it., in the northern part j 
of Pendleton county, 14 miles north of 
Falmouth, the county-seat, and 100 north- 
east of Louisville. Tobacco, grain, and : 
stock are exported. Adams Express, Daily ,' 
mail. Population 110. J. F. Mann, post- 

Cahill James, cooper. 
Dougherty J G, general store. 
Fromey H. 

Leslie B J, blacksmith. 
Mann »T. F., Express Atrent, Sewing- j 

machine". Attachments. Needles and OU. j 
Mullins S <r, general store. 
Oldham J W , grocer. 
Ricken II, tailor. 

Thrasher Aaron, gen store rind R R agent. 
Vanlandingham Mrs A E. hotel. 


DICKEY'S MILLS, fn the north- ! 
' rn part of F Im ns >n mty 10 mil«s * 
north of Brownsville, the county-seat, 14 ! 
south of Grayson Springs statii n, its i ear- 
«'- t shipping'point, • t . • P. & E. K. R., 
and \" J south^wr t • L u sville Li mber, | 
stoves and ho<>] ole ire ■■ tpor! d. South- 
ern Express. Weeklv mail. Population 
M>. G. \V. Nevill, postmaster. 

Dorsey P M . justice. 
Hubbard Riiev, flour- 1 
XoviU (i. \Y\, hliicksmith. 
Poy nter C C, mer hant. 
Ward R S, phi sician. 

post-office in Pe ouhu, 11 miles 

west of Falmouth, the countv-seat. and 
shj] ping point, and 150 miles from Louis- 
ville. De Mossville. ti miles distant, \s the 
shipping point. Weekly mail. J. H. Gard- 
ner, postmaster. 
Art 1 Alexander, phvsician. 
I'.':ii k S, cooper. 
Cahill John, .justice of peace. 
M llins R. constable. 
May A H, blacksmith. 
Nevil .J, general st »r 
Norton J, blacksmith. 
Sanders P, . ommission. 

Stephens R '\ T ( ,. 

Stith W T & U il. flour-mill. 

DIXIE. A small village and post- 
office in Henderson county, 15 miles souife 
of Henderson, the county-seat, and neaj- 
est shipping point, on the Ohio r:\er, and 
also on the L. & N. R. H. Tobacco, wheat, 
corn, and pork are shipped. Population 
200 Stage to Robard's station tri-wecklj, 
Mail tri-weekly. George W. Dixon, post- 

Dixon George YV., General Store. 
Durbin Dick, live stock, 
McCormick Win, wagon-maker. 
Marks Jack Jr, blacksmith. 
Roberts K H. professor of music. 
Seigler .] R, physi< ia n. 
Snider John, Jive stock. 
\V alker A C, justi< e of peace. 

DIXON. In the south-western part 
of Webster county, for which it is the *eai 
of justice, 12 mile)! west of Slaoghtervilie, 
it- nearest shipping point, on the St. L. «v 
S. E. brat i t of tl t> L. i. N. R. U . and 400 
mill's s iuth-wi -i liJ Louisville. Daily stag* 
to Sla i ;hten ille; fare vi. Population 650. 
W. J. Grace, postmaster. 
Brewer ifc Caldwell, general store. 
Brew er A: lb rrin, general store. 
i' - Stephen, dniiririst. 
Brooks '.v iley, livery stable. 
Browning James, druggist. 

i,ic!8 ssS^yt^iriis^sS W« 4 «s*j#M#iad$ »saWj CENTRA! DEPARTMEN1 - - 




Louisville, Ky. 


Bull & Pro, flouring-mill. 

Cobb S G, hotel. 

Cosby JJ C. druggist. 

Couch L, grocer. 

Dixon .1 O, general store. 

Fugat.> Mark, druggist. 

Crtwe W. J., Saddle and Harno.-s- 

Hardwick & Brooks, general store. 
Hayes L, shoemaker. 
Haynos J E, physician. 
Herrin Hiram, general .-core. 
Heuse T J, physician. 
Hiil C J, hotel and livery. 
Mangy S, stoves and tinware. 
Morehead James, physician. 
Reynol Is A S. store. 
Reynold* & Orr. /' era! store and hotel. 
Rice Marion, physician. 

DOG CREEK. I" the wo?tern part 
of Hart county, "Jo miles north-west of 
Munfordville, the county-seat, and nearest 
shipping point, on the L. 0: X. R. R. 
Adams Express. Weekly mail. Popula- 
tion 200. Wm. J. Lush, postmaster, 
Crandon R 0, phvsii ian. 
Lush Wm. J.\ Merchant. 
Lush & Bradley, treneral store. 
McGrew Robert, shoemaker. 
Miller Robert, wagon-maker. 
Money K, physician. 
Pierce Wm T. cooper. 
Thompson, Samuel, general store. 
Wood James S, flour and saw-mill. 


Pula.-ki counW i ." 


;e Dabney ). 

country post-< thee, in Hardin county, 10 
miles north of Eli :abe'thtown, th - county- 
seat. Mail by special suppl\\ George \V. 
Roney, postmaster and general store. 

DOUP'S POINT. Recently estab- 
lished as a post-orhce in Jefferson countv, 

Population To. 

DOVER. On the Ohio river, in the 
north-western part of Masan countv, 12 
mile-i north-west of Maysville, its nearest 
shipping point by rail, on the Maysville 
division of the K. C. R. R., 50 miles south- 
east of Covington, and 150 north-east of 

Louisville. It has 3 churches and 3 school!,. 

Population (census 1880) 535. Mail daily. 

W 1>. Frazoe, postmaster. 

Boyd J X, tobacco. 

Buchman Martin, shoemaker. 

Cleveland .Samuel, wagon-maker. 

Curran Thomas A. lawyer. 

I • A rthuf F, justice if peace. 

Fox Charles ,!, justice of peace. 

Erazee. W. !>., General Store. 

!-io{i' John S, undertaker. 

Hanna C W, lumber dealer. 

Hanna Edward H, carpenter. 

Hanna John R, piano-tuner. 

Hanna John \V. general store. 

Hanna O, general store. 

Kliline Lawrence, meat market. 

; . >urger Chas. hotel proprietor. 

MeM illian ..! i n J, wharf- boat. 

McMillian Wm jj, constable. 

Mam ing a- It ngo, washing-machines. 

Munzii g \\ :. . saloon and shoemaker. 

Patty John, brick and coal. 

Rasor Louis, saloon. 

Smith Fletcher, physician. 

Smith Mahlon, physician. 

Tabb Frank, tobacci . 

Tabb Lanyhorn, saloon. 

Wea 1 , •'■ Miss Jennie, milliner. 

Westfall Thomas C, leaf-tobacco. 

Wilson .lames, livery. 

DIJY FORK. In the southern part 
of Barren county, 15 miles south of Glas- 
gow, the county-seat, its nearest shipping 
point, on the L.'& X. R. H., and 120 miles 
south of Louisville. Population 200. 
Weekly mail. A. P. Childress, postmaster. 
Botts S T. physician. 
Bullock F J, physician. 
Burgess Rev O A (United Brethren). 
Childress A. P., General Store. 
Hume Li physician. 
Smith J li, tuhaci o. 
Smith J T, iive ,: k 
Wrijjht Rev U (Reformed). 
Wright .1 L. deuuty clerk. 
\ »iu s. A F, jm tice of peace. 
Young <i (.', flour-mill. 

DRVKIDOM. In the northern part 
cif Grant c< unty, half a milcfnun the U.S. 
R'y, and 4 n Tth of Williamstown, the 
eounty-seat. Daily mail. Population 100. 
.!. A. McPherson, postmaster. 


V t ;i mt ■• !• rei ■>■ to tin Companies no man**".. 

BAnt^t & CASTlEMAN, Lou svilie, fcy. 

Agt-ntae everjrWhrrt Squill, 






Collins K A, flour-mill. 

Hume W Jasper, general store. 

Hume & Kinslear, tobacco. 

Hut 'hinson J W, hotei. 

Jackson John, general store. 

MePherson John A, gen -tore and tobac< 

PKY RUN. In the northern part 
! utl bounty, is a -tation on the C. S. R' 
5 miles north oi Georgetown, the < 
geat. Goods are shij peci to Kinkaid. Da 
mail. Population 80. 13. D. Best, po 

i! iker 11. shoemaker. 
Best IJ. i>.. General Store, P*. Pv. and 

Express Agent. 
Brown Rev S W. 
Butler Rev J. 
Hambrick K M, justice of peace. 

DUBININ. I" the western part of 
Graves county, iOmdon south-west c . May- 
field, the county-seat, ti north-west i 1 Pry- 
orsburg, the nearest shipping point, on tiie 
M., P.~& N. LI. R., and 3o0 south-west of 
Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Population 
200. M. A. Payne, post-master. 
Adams G T. justice, grain and cattle deal- 
er, and saw-mill. 
Br<>wri J P, carpenter. 
Puller, J P, blacksmith. 
Gibson T II. hotel. 
Kirby M L, wagon-maker. 
KirbV T Ii. blacksmith 
McClendon D C, tobacco. 
Payne M. A. AL' Son, Dry Goods, Gro- 
ceries, Hardware, Q teensware and Pat- 
ent Me licines. 
Proctor U A. cooper. 
Rom h 15 F, horse-breeder. 
Russell Scott, shoemaker. 
Slaughter Dr S LI. general ?tore. 

DICKER'S. In the northern pari 
of Woodford countv, on the Lexingt in 
branch of the L.. C. & L. R. II., 10 miles 
north of \ ersailles, the county-seat, and 73 
north-east v>t Louisville. Daily mail Pop- 
ulation 53. Wm. Gibson, postmaster. 
K Iwards George T. justice of peace. 
Gibson Thomas L, statiun h^-ti t. 
fribsoil W. A: T. Ij., Dealers in Grain 
Poynter John 1). carpenter. 
Riggan Liev George Baptist!. 
Thompson B W, physician. 

DUIjANEY. An unimportant sta- 
tion mi the P. & E. R. R. Population 30. 
Daily mail. W. 11. .bur-, postmaster. 
Henson George W, blacksmith. 
Jones "Win. If., Express Agent and 

General Store. 
Rm ker W, general store. 

DUNCAN. An incorporated village 
in the county of Mercer, 12 miles from 
Harrodsburg, the nearest railroad station, 
and county-seat. Produce is marketed. 
Population 75. Mail semi-weekly. J. R. 
Duncan, postmaster. 
Britton W F, undertaker. 
Duncan J. ft., farmer. 
Hicks Alexander, shoemaker. 
Jo - ' n A- Voorhi i ksmiths. 

McKinney, J C, Hour-mill. 
Milh r \N 1'. physician. 
Parker K B, physician. 
Whitenack & Bro, general stors. 

DUNNYILLE. On Green river, in 
the southern part of Casey county, 11 miles 
south of Liberty, the county-seat, 27 west 
of Moreland, it- nearest shipping-point, or, 
the C. S. i'.'y. Adams Express. Tri-weekly 
mail. Population 100. Wm. G. Smith, 

Aaron G A, physician. 
Allen & Sons, live-stack. 
Austin Isaac, blacksmith. 
Bradshaw & Luttrell, blacksmiths. 
Browning H T. dentist. 
Hooker J W, railroad and express agent. 
Jones T. & Co., General Store. 
Napier P W, general store. 
Rector Mi" Lucy, teacher. 
Wihium J B, miil-wright. 
Williams A r Williams, Hour-mill. 

DTTRNEY. In the north-eastern part 
j of Lawrence county, on the B : g Sandy riv- 
er, 7 miles north of Louisa, the county-seat, 
| and 300 east of Louisville. It is a station 
| on the i. w Chattroi i'.. 11. and goods are 
e lipped t i Catalpha Station, on that road. 
; Exports produ p. Population 150. Mail 
; daily. (J. C. Leffingwell, postmaster. 
I Porrutte S, general store. 
[ Kinmer L F, meats and live-stock. 

Moore I'av ivi, justice, 
> Morrow J«hn, justice. 
, Workman A i>. physician. 

lki\ H 


I>a1 !n:.r Sti >M 
I « -. ; . V i ; 

SM*o«i »a kutfraver and Die .'-inkw, 166 Kaudolph *{., CUICAGO, 111] 

If-XnkJnir Stamps, Kanfc Stamps a»o i 

' •• ; ■ •• - ;.'i : Tj pe. J,. ?}«>< 





DYCUSBrRG. Ir, Crittenden 
county, D» miles from Marion, the eountv- 
seat, and 300 by water from Louisville, is 
located on the Cumberland river. This 
village of 400 inhabitant.* has 2 churches, 
and a graded school. Its shipping station 
ta Eddyville, 11 miles awav. on the 1'. & 
K. R. R. Corn, wh 'at i ceo, and stock 


J. U. Clifton, 

are shipped. 


Bennett T L, genei .1 store. 

Bingham Win, mill-wright. 

Boaz Albert, carpenter. 

Gassidy J C, physician. 

Cassidy S 11 J; Co, tobacco. 

Charles John, wagon-maker. 

Clifton J. If.. Drv G >ods and Hotel. 

Olift m .i !: I . t'h. 

Orumbaugh George live stock. 

Kilis VVm, live sto< k. 

Flora Joseph. gun*mith. 

Gears Thomas, cabinet-maker. 

(have- J M, physician, 

Graves W S, phv-fician and tobacco. 

Graves W S & \V T, live stock. 

Gregory E, druggist. 

Hill James, carpenter. 

Jakle Henry, steam saw-miil. 

Koon \\ H, live stock. 

Mario w 11 C, paii u*r. 

Martin Robert, Qour-mill. 

Martin Thomas J. cooper. 

Martin T T, general store ar.d hotel. 

Ramage, Samuel, tinner. 

Vosar Theodore, cooper. 

"WallacH Wm, shoemaker. 

Weber C F, flour-mill. 

Wells Jasper, chair-maker. 

Yaney Bros, grocers, 

EAGLE. HILl,. A village in Owen 
county, 16 miles from Owenton, thecountv- 
*e*.t, and 70 from L aisville. Glencue, on 
the L., C. CC L. It. It.. 3 miles distant, is 
the nearest railroad station. Population 
300. Semi-weekiy mail. Wm. A. Stewart, 

Edwards J W, justice of peace. 
Foster F, cooper. 
Oaborn I), boot and shoemaker. 
Stewart 15 A, live stock. 
Stewart ii rs K, - . 
St •f.rt J, meat marl- et. 
Stewart T, dentist. 
Stewart Wm, blacksmith. 

, C. 

. n 


Swope H, flour-mill. 
Wright G W, constable. 


& L. R. It., in the eastern part of Car 

county, 10 miles south-east of Carrol! 

the county-seat, and ■'■- north-east of L • 

ville. Adams Express. Daily mail. 1 

' ■ it . ! S5. J. W. Davis postmaster. 

Baker A M, tobacco and live stock. 

Baker Smith ife Co, flour-mills, 

Boyce E W, shoemtiker. J R. physician. 

Davis & Band, G« neral Store. 

Gardner J B, constable. 

Gullion J E, druggist. 

Jagers J, blacksmith. 

Job.: m M C, p 

Johnson & Co, gen 'ral store. 

Jo .. s T \V, blacksmith. 

Long T It. railroad »g*»i t. 

M 1 larment J, j Lstice of peace. 

Sheeto Lewis, hotel. 

EAlJIil-NGTON". An incorporated 
town of about 1.000 inhabitants, in ff >r~ 
kins county, 4 miles south of Madisonvilie, 
tbe shipping point, ft is a station on the 
St. L. & S E. division of L. & N. R. R,, 
-1:; miles south of Henderson, and 225 from 
Louisville. About 19.000 car-loads of coal 
are annually shipped from here. It con- 
tains 2 churches, a public school, and a 
school conducted by the Sisters, in connec- 
tion with the Catholic church. 2 coal mines, 
2 hotels, a saw-null, several stores, and rail- 
road shops. Express Southern. Telegraph 
Western Union. Mail daily. J. T. Mc- 
Euen, postmaster. 
Arnold Robert, city marshal. 
Atkinson John B., Sec. and Treas. St. 

Bernard Coal < 'ompany. 
Brasher Alorizn W | hi *ician. 
Cameron Wm L, tram dispatcbi r. 
Clegg -Joseph P, prop Earlington hotel. 
Coneii Rev A (Catholic:!. 
Cord r Frank, w ines and li piors. 
Crenshaw ^S: Walker, druggists. 
Da\ is & Son, physicians. 
Dick Charles, meat market. 
Farnsworth O J, police j.idge. 
Feiler !•>" i. wines and liquors. 
Fonwiok Alexamh r, wines and liquors. 
Grainger Wm i.. h >tel and ju tice. 
Hail Rob« rt M, watches, clocks, etc. 

■■ : ,'••,■ ■ 1 1 i • 

Ca p i . ' - a - 

,-!i - i[ ■. With M'-i I. Ti."-.; IS 

lo-jifTiU;, fcy. At«ut« tttryabere. 

Mil &&£« ifttiMUiili 





Harper E W, station agent. 

llfvia Coal *nd Mining Co, E P Campbell, 
ores; J F Foard, ;ec and treas, coal 
mines and general store 

Kertin John J, train dispatcher. 

M'eEuen J. T., Supt. St. Bernard Coal 
Companies. Store and Postmaster. 

McLeod Edgar, shoemaker. 

McLeod Edward, general store and livery. 

Roberts Wm, bari 

St. Bernard Coal Company, E. G. 
Sebree, Pres.; John B. Atkinson, See'y 
and Treas. Coal mines and General 

Sebree E G, pres St Bernard Coal Com- 
pany, residence Trenton. 

Solomon Louis, drugs, books, etc. 

Stoakes John, builder. 

Stromowsky J< i n, shoemaker. 

Walker Thos D. itoves and tin. 

Walton Lewis R, fertilizers. 

Walton Wm, groceries. 

EARLE'S. An unimportant post- 
ofBoe in Muhlenburg county. Weekly 
mail. Thomas C. Summers, postmaster. 
Modsker Charles, blacksmith. 
Whitaker W B, blacksmith. 

EASTEAGEE. The post-office for 
a settlement of To people, in < >wen county, 
W miles from won ton, the county-seat, 
and 14 miles west of Corinth, its shipping 
station, on the C. S. R'y. Stage to Owen- 
ton semi-weekly; fare 75c. Mail tri-week- 
ly. George Hill, postmaster. 
Clifton J K, grocer. 
Dawson Wm, physician. 
11)11 George, Dry Goods and Hotel. 
Hill Geo W, prin Richland Academy. 
Hill & Dews, blacksmiths. 

EAST POINT, Oa the 3ig Sandy 

river, in the southern part of Johnson 

countv, 6 miles south-east of Paintsville, 

the county-seat. Louisa, on the Chattroi 

R. P.. is the nearest railroad approach. 

Goods should be shipped via Big Sandy 

river to East Point. Daily Mail. Wm. 

J. Con ley, postmaster. 

Ausar W L, "•■:■• ra.1 store. 

A u •: ier li •' mber. 

Auxier John B, flour-mill. 

Auxier & Conley. soi 

Auxier & Hyder, s irgl 

Blackburn & Greer, wagon-makers. 

Conley \. . .$., Farms r. 

Davis Austin '1 . general store. 

Goble Isaac, physician. 

Greer Wm H ju tice -f peace. 

Hagar II D, shoemaker. 

Hagar Re\ J 3 (Methodist). 

Hagar J H, saw and flour-mill. 

Hagar W T. cooper. 

Kelly John S, general .-'ore. 

Richmond John, general store. 

EAST PORK. A 'hamlet in Met- 
calfe county, 30 miles from its shipping 
p":nt, Horse Cave, on the L. it N. R. R.. 
and 110 miles from Louisville. Mail 4 
times a week. B. F. Taylor, postmaster. 
Brngi? jc Co, general store 
Pendleton & Sons, saw and grist-mill. 
Taylor B F, physician. 

EAST HICKMAN. A post-office 

and village in Kaj i tte inty, ■■' mill - from 

Lexington, the countv-seat, and >hij ping 

EAST VIEW. A station on the P. 

»te E. R. R., in the south-western part of 
Hftrdin county, 14 miles south-west of Eliz- 
abethtown, the county-seat, and 54 south 
of Louisville. Live stock is raised and 
shipped inconsiderable quantities. South- 
ern Express. Daily mail. Population 50. 
R. I>. Stewart, postmast< r. 
Best S T, general ? T .<'r<- and tobacco. 
Hart Hiram, shoemaker. 
Jackson E W, gen store and express agt. 
Smallwood Henry, saw-mill. 
Stewart R. !>., General Store and R. 

R. Agent. 
Stewart & Whayne leaf-tobacco. 
Thurman James P, blacksmith. 
Wortham D F, flour-mill. 

Em>YVIEEE. The county-seat of 
Lyon county, is a station on the P. & E. 
R" R.. 191 miles from Louisville. It waa 
settled al out 1790, and has now a popula- 
te a of 600. It i- an ent< rprising town 
and promises to become an imp irtant 
point. It contains 4 churches and '2 
si h >ols. Daily mail. Mr-. M. M. 1. Baker, 
postmast' r. 

Baker >lr^ M. >t. I., P stmaster. 
Bonner J as M, pottery [-1 miles south- v est). 
Bowman & Smith, general store. 


m DHL 1 OF EILMlii 

3". ~.x. n .' . moiik* iii, i..r.&tr. ( I,- - i 

Central and Southern Dep't 





Boyd James, proprietor Laclede House 

Bras we II House ($2 per dav), N. T. 
Brasweil, Proprietor. 

Bras well Nicholas T., General Mer- 
chandise, Wagon?, Plows, Furniture, 
Coffins, Saddlery, Leather, etc., and Pro- 
prietor Brasweil House. 

Bridge waters Green, blacksmith. 

Bruns >•. Clark S, ph ■ »ic:an. 

Cash Wm, ■ ... .-. . ing-mill. 

Cassidy Daniel It., County Attorney. 

Catlett George A. Co, general store. 

Champion Alfred H, physician. 

Champion George M, express agent. 

Clark John W, circuit clerk. 

Crumbaugh A: Coon, live stock. 

Doggett Lucius C, wagon-maker. 

Daniel- & Withers, saloon. 

Duncan Euclid if, physician. 

Fuller James W. saloon. 

Holloway James N\ Irugs and groceries. 

Hunter A A- Son, general store 

Hunter Monro, bakery and confectionery. 

Husbands James G, lawyer. 

James Edward H, lawyer. 

Kendrick James W, feed-stable. 

Kerr Clark & Co, leaf-tobacco. 

Lady Robert C, groceries. 

Lefeber .lames M, physician. 

Lester J A Son, general store. 

Lyon Hyland I), general store. 

Macnem Smith M, physician. 

Marshall E J, station agent. 

Marshall Matthew C, general store. 

Molloy Mark P. county clerk. 

Oliver Joseph W, shi riff. 

Pate Rev E E Methodist South). 

Rice James B, wagon-maker. 

Rogers Thomas J. surveyor. 

Scott Stewart, shoemaker. 

Skinner Fred If., Forwarding and 
Commission Merchant, and Insurance 

Smith Benjamin F, n."e--or. 

Terrell .1 C, mw-mili. ( ; ! miles north). 

Wadlington Frank M, constable. 

Wake Russell W, lawyer. 

Watkins Thomas ■!. county judge. 

Wilson Finis A, Lawyer and Collec- 
tion Agent. 

Withers B, physician. 

EDEN. Martin county (See Inez.). 

EDEN. Known us. Williamson's Sta- 
tion, on th>: Shelby branch, L., C. & L. li. 

R., in the north-eastern part of Jefferson 
county, 14 miles we.4 of Louisville, the 
ci Linty-seat. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
Population oO. James Williamson, post- 

McFadden Win, hotel. 
Neal & Johnston, steam saw-mill. 
Simonds Wm, bla - ; --":. : : 
Williamson James, R. R. Agent, and 
General Sture. 

EDENTON. Known as Poosey, is 

in the south-western part of Madison countj 
12 miles south-west of Richmond, the coun- 
ty-seat, 12 miles north-west of Paint Lick, 
its nearest shipping point, on the L. A: N . 
R. iJ. and 114 south-east of Louisville. 
Weekly mail. Population 140. Robert 
Ragan, postmaster. 
Cotton & Henderson. L r <-neral store. 
Ferrel Wm LI, justice. 
Hill Wm 71. constable. 
Long Jacob, blacksmith. 
Long Jas M, justice. 
Long Robert, live stock. 
Masters Rev II C (Christian). 
Murphy James M, Hour-mill. 
Iiagtlh Robert, General Store. 
Reynolds VVm H. wagon-maker. 
Roberts Philip, physician. 
Spencer A: Chandler, blacksmiths. 

EDMONTON. An incorporated 
town, and the ci >unty-seat of Metcalfe coun- 
ty, is 20 miles distant from its shipping 
station, Glasgow, on the L. & N. R. R , 
and 110 miles from Louisville. Here is a 
church, a high-school, and a populatien of 
200. Daily mail. S. A. Murray, postmaster. 
Beauehamp E R, general store. 
Beauchamp N B. jeweler. 
Blaine D F, shoemaker. 
Botts John W, lawyer. 
Curk- W S, prin high school. 
Cary L A, general store. 
Compton J W, lawyer. 
Dehoney li B, hotel and lawyer. 
Eubank Geo F, lawyer. 
Eubank W E, blacksmith. 
Evana Mr-> R it genera! stor*. 
Grimstead Henry, wagon-maker. 
Martin Benjamin, constable. 
Miller & Hurt, lawyers. 
Mitchell W II, Cour and saw-mill. 

t3&~ Send for I3!u traied Catalogue and Friee Li*r 

b>Ki"I>. SCHMIEDING, 835 Br.< adwaj ami S30 North 
i Fourth Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. 





Muncey J C, lawyer. 

Murray I) P, dentist. 

Murray S. A. Sa idle and Harness Shop. 

Kai ce il A, blacksmith. 

Newman W O, distiller. 

Nunn & Whitlow, druggists. 

Pedisro W H C, general store. 

Price G R, lawyer. 

lieed J M, justice of peace. 

Rousseau J L, lawyer. 

Schlinker N T. flour-mill. 

Slemmons R W, principal of academy. 

Terry W R, justice of peace. 

EGYPT. A country post-office in the 
south-eastern part of Jackson county, llj 
r. iles south-east of McK>e, the county- 
■at, 25 east of Livingston its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the L. & N. R. R., and loO 
south-east of Louisville. Population "23. 
Semi-weekly mail. John Rader, postmas- 

McQueen B &Son, flour and saw-mill. 
Rader John, Farmer. 


EIGHT Y-EKJHT. In the eastern 
part of Barren county, 10 mile; south-east 
of Glasgow, the county-seat, it- nearest 
shipping point, on the L. & N. R. R 
Adams Express. Daily mail, and stage to 
Glasgow and Burksville; fare §4. 
Nunnaly D N, general store. 
Rowland, Morrison & Co. general store. 
Richardson , dour-mill. 


the oldest towns in Kentucky, its original 
settlement dating back to 1797. It was in- 
corporated in 181 2, and re-incorporated in 
1850. It is the county-seat of Hardin 
county, and an important station on the L. 
& N". K. R., and the easti rn terminus of 
the P. & E. R.-R., whose repair shops are 
located here, giving employment to over 
100 men. This company have made great 
improvements on their road lately, con- 
suming some 1,000,000 fcet <<( lumber, in 
bridges and trestles, and. 100,000 ties. The 
city contains a court-house, erected at a 
cost of $27,000, 2 hanks. 2 hotels, tin lead- 
ing and most popular one beinsj Hill's II »- 
tel, new distilleries, a saw-mill, a dour- 
mill, a weekly newspaper, The News, a 
public hall, with a seating capacity of &00, 

i and 8 churches, representing the various 

I sects. Its bonded debt is $50,000. and as- 
sessed valuation, $800,000. The pi ■ 

■ shipments are livestock, grain and 

I tobacco. Stage to Hodgensville daily ; fare 

I $1. Express Adams. Telegraph Western 

j Union. Daily mail. D. C. S. Wintersmitb, 

I postmaster. 

i Albert Joseph J, barber. 

I Arnold, Polk & Co, bankers. 

! Arthur Meredith, livery stable. 

i Balduft' Valentine, boot and shoemaker. 

Baldwin Harrison, dentist. 

Barr James A, d >ntist. 

Beeler Adam, meat-market. 
j Bell Wm F, lawyer. 

Bowling Rev G VV ( -ol Baptist). 

Bowling Mrs J VV, millinery and notions. 

BovdJohnA cc Bro. flour-mill (7miles s e ) 

Brown Chelf & Haycraft, (Alfred 
M Brown, VVm 1J Chelf, D Clinton 
Hay, rati |, Lawyers. 

Brown Jacob, saloon. 

Brown James, marbie-worker. 

Bryan Warren A Co, grocery, crockery etc. 

Bryant <fc Thompson, distillers. 

Bush Squire H. lawyer. 

Chenuult Kl >ert, wines and liquors. 

Chisten Wilhelm, shoemaker. 

Cofer ..v. Bush, livery. 

Cowley James, groceries. 

Cox John H, sal. ion. 

Davis Otto, stove.8 and tinware. 

Dennis Mrs D L. dress-making. 

Depp Andrew, groceries etc. 

Dickev Robert, foreman repair shops P A 
E R R. 

Duncan Thomas F. watchmaker. 

Elizabethtown News (weekly), Henry M. 
McCarty, ed and prop. 

Erwin James, con-table. 

Evens Rev E (col Methodist). 

Fleti her James W, physician. 

F raize Christopher M, clerk circuit court. 

Gaither James E., Any at Law and 
Collection Agent, south-west corner Pub- 
lic S mare. 

Gardner James W, jailer. 

Gardner Wm H, sheriff. 

Goranrlo Heinrich, boot and shoemaker. 

Handwi rker J eph, watched jewelry etc. 

Hawkins H L, grocery. 

Hawkins VVm C ,ir. groceries etc. 

Hayburn John J, groceries etc. 

H*vh <St B'uih. lawyers. 

Cf • I A i 



AH kirtii<« of interior ntt& extcrioroi • 

W. AT KiNSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., CHICAGc' 



Higgins Jo^ph, photographer. 
Hill Mrs. Rebecca !>., Proprietress 
Hill's Hotel, cor. Main and Poplar Greets, 

north of court ho • 

Hill's Hotel i$2.0O wer clay), 
Mm. Rebecca D. Hill Proprietr-vs, cor. 
Main and Poplar, north of court-ho is< . 

HoWsworth Henry K., Notary Pub- 

lit ming N ichohi: ' still »r. 

Hotopp Conrad, Boot* and'Shoes. 

Hotopp & Holtlswortli, (Conrad 
Hotopp, Henry N. lloldsworth), Bankers. 

Howard .!• hn II .i. i irnitui ■-. 

Joplin Gate? & Co. farm macti and lumber. 

Joseph Lee, general store. 

Kaufman S «& Co, dry goods and clothing. 

Keller .1 A, I r ibei manfr and grist-mill, 
(4 mil< - north, i 

KorU He'tnrich, barber. 

Lott Charles, wines and liquors. 

McCague & Collin* rbvir-mill 

McCarty Henry M, editor and proprietor 
Elizabethtown News. 

McDonald Rev Angus (Presbyterian). 

MeGinnis James W, blacksmith. 

McMurtry Rob< rt I', physician. 

Matthis George V, dn ggist. 

Matthis John W, coui •• ju lgt 

Mayer Jacob, hides and produce. 

Meek Robert, Gen. Supt. Paducah & 
Elizabethtow n R. R. 

Meglemery Alon/.o M. bakery. 

Middleton Hugh M, groceries. 

Mock James K, photographer. 

Monahan Mrs Mury J, saloon. 

Montgomery & Marriott, lawyers. 

Montgomery & Poston, lawyers. 

Morgan John, lumber manufacturer. 

Morris Alfred W, physician. 

Munsch George, tailor. 

Murphy James, boarding-house. 

Muthig Martin, tailor. . 

Neighbors Jarm ■• It, li juors and cigars. 

Orr »!t Co, drugs, books, wall-paper, etc. 

Owen Isaac, foreman car-shops P dc K U R. 

Paducah & Elizabethtown R. R., 
Henry W? Smithers President, New 
York": Robert Meek. Ge eral Superin- 
tendent; B. J. Horton, General Freight 
and Ticket Agent; »'. -Morton. Cashier. 

Park Robert M, ins agt and j ■:••.!■ o. 

Payne James M, [! di ter ai i i ■■■.;■•■ r-h linger. 

Pieroy Chas W, saddb - and harness. 

Poston James C, county att >rney. 

Pusey A; Striekler, physicians 

Quiggins Charles W. groceries. 

Quiggins John, furniture. 

Quiggins i\. Bro, und( rtakers. 

Raubold Frederick, confectionery. 

Rihn John, grocery, 

Robb Wm L>. master machinist P&ER II. 

Robertson Samuel II, general store. 

Iv use Alanson I), agt Adama and Southern 
expre - Cos". 

(' . : Carl, watt h-maker. 

Ruhr August, stoves and tinware. 

Sandidge J Matt. salo< n. 

Showers Mrs •»■ sephine, hotel. 

Sin mi ns Henry, blacksmith. 

3la k ( W t V Co, gr cers. 

Slack John W, grocery. 

Smallwood George W, groceries. 

Smith .'■ - phi -■ ( '. sal< on. 

Sta . er R & Co, ;• ueral store. 

Stan 1 .!!!.:. Miss Emiiy, millinery. 

Stewart J H & Co, harness. 

Stith .Mr- M C, boarding-house. 

Stith Richard L. iawyer. 

Stuart Mrs E, boarding-house. 

Sweets James M, blacksmith. 

Sweets Joseph W, blacksmith. 

Sweets Michael, carriage-maker. 

Tabb Samuel, pi ysician. 

Turner John, carpenter. 

Vanmetre & Stuart, lawyers. 

Wariield Elisha, physician. 

Wariield W T ic'Co, drugs, i tc. 

Warren Mrs L I, boarding-house. 

Watts Felix K, assessor. 

Webb John C, agt Singer -ewing. machine. 

Well- John H. county clerk. 

White George W, justice of peace. 

Wilkerson Logan, blacksmith. 

Williams Rev Samuel l Presbyterian). 

Wilson Henry T, lawyer. 

Wilson & Hobson, lawyers. 

Winterbower Eugene B, lawyer. 

Wintersmith Charles G, station agt L&N 
and V & E R y and mangr W 17 T Co. 

"W intersmith" D. C. Swan, Confec- 
».. t tv, Books, Stationery, Notions ani 

Wintersmith Robert LSr, lumber (?mn-w). 
Wintersmith R L & Son, grocery and hard- 

Woelpert John, meat market. 

K LIZ AB KT II V IL LE. S- >metimea 

calh 1 i (akhill, is in the *< stern part of 
Pend leton i oun ty, 5 ni es ureat of Fal- 
mouth, the county-seat, its nearest shipping 

■ f -.- •" &| (Uvf Mettled !»:■:»»- <JU«ls 1,-t-OO 

o . . -,, and i«v« K*v'J. l»ut 13 !■{«• 
iB^lg sIsiUmI Claim*. Azi.iti £*er*s,-ft*r«. 





point, on the K. C. R. K. Semi-weekly 

mail. Population 18. 8. K. Decbursy, 


Browning T, R K and express agent. 

Surgent 8, flour-mill. 

VAJZWHA.i:. A post village and 
Nation on the K C. R R., in Fleming 
county, 5 miles from t'leraingsburg, the 
county-seat. ' Here are 2 churches, 1 school 
i>nd h steam-power planing-mill. Adams 
Express. Population 200. Daily mail. J. 
T. Oas-sidy, postmaster. 
Abny L B, physician. 
Akcman John, blacksmith. 
Babbitt Mrs S A, notions. 
Babbit) & Daugherty, general store. 
CUrN^idy Julin T., Undertaker and 

General Store. 
Day Jo*.-! A, carpenter. 
Frank J S, blacksmith 
Grimes R C, general store. 
Harkens Rev M \V (Reform). 
Hurst J T & Co, undertakers. 
Joieky Jacob, shoemaker. 
Liter J D, hotel. 
Lundy 8 G. harness-maker. 
Mclntire Br.*-, general store. 
O'Bahnon A J, physician. 
Pratt James A. blacksmith. 
Proctor J N, physician. 
Scudder Rev Henry M (Presbyterian). 
Sheer A G. flour-mill. 
Slicer J W, railroad and express agent. 
Stewart "W H, dry goods. 
Thompson B F, carpenter. 
WhitM .John, wagon-maker. 

ELK CREEK, In the south-west- 
era part of Spencer county, 6 mile* north 
of Taylorsville, the county-seat. 2 from 
Normandy, its nearest station on the Shel- 
byville brunch L., C. i L. It'y. and 25 
south-east of Louisville Tri-weekly mail 
and stage to Taylorsville and Louisville. 
Fare to former, 25 cents ; to the latter, $1.25. 
Population 100. Robert J. Jewell, post- 

Collings S, apiary. 

Day J W, carpenter. 

Hincr F T. physician. 

Jewul! .1 S. express ig mt. 

•Jewell liolu'i't ,f.., General Store. 

Norman R V, railroad agent. 

Shafer K B, blacksmith. 

j Stuart H It, physician. 

Tucker U, live stock. 
' Ve< ch, J A, live ?t •• k. 
Ward "VV R, pun of academy. 

KIjK FOltlv. In the northern part 
j of Morgan county, la miles north-east of 
i West Liberty, the eounty-seat,20: mth-west 
; of Will i:.i. its nearest si h-\^^ poti <i 
| the E. K. R'y, and 25 east of Louisville. 
i Mail wi ekl'y. D.C. Hutchinson, postmaster. 
i Barker Likins, teacher. 
1 Cantrell B T, constable. 
| Day A. constable. 

j Fanning I), blacksmith and carpenter. 
j Fanning Peter, justice ot peace. 
! Ferguson H G, justice of peace. 

Fvffu J rseph. flour-mill. 
! Hodge Jame*. miner. 

Hutchinson I). C, General Store. 

Hutchinson 11 M, farmer. 

Hutchinson J Ji, boot and sh >emaker. 

Hutchinson Peter, farmer. 

Maron & Dickinson, general store. 

Rosberry Henry, farmer. 

Yt hiteor M, miller. 

ELK HORN. In Taylor cuunty. 5 
miles from Campbellsburg, the county., eat 
and shipping p tint, on the L- »-V N. R. R., 
and 85 from Louisville. This settlement 
consists of 100 people. Churches, Metho- 
dist and Baptist. School, district. Mills, 
steam saw and grist. Shipments, tobacco 
and wheat. Semi-weekly mail. S.H.May. 

Alexander Rev ~\Vru (Methodist). 
Baen Wm, teacher. 
Brooksher Rev K A Baptist). 
Burress E G, shoemaker. 
Cook W B, builder. 
Fisher Thomas I), blacksmith. 
Johnston John, constable. 
Jones As Petree, wagon-maksrs. 
Kelsey < » M physician. 
K.'l-.-v A; James. confectioners. 
May Br s. undertakers. 
May M B, justice of peace. 
Prescott Henry ( ooper. 
Sherrill, Hardin & Go, flour and saw-mill. 

ELKTOX. This incorporated t -wn 
with KOO D' ipulation, ' • I lie ounty-seat oi 
Todd county, and was settled in 1318. it 
is near the center of the count v, '•> uiiled 

HI ': ■ 

kirn tluM)imkt\it\ y* J 

■ . • •• ' . mas', 
■ ■•"■"; CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Loultvi «, Xt. 





north-west of Allensville, on the L. a N. ! 
R. R., and 160 from Louisville The town j 
has 1 hank, a weekly newspaper, 1 grist 
mill, 4 churches, a rood public s> b ••'. and 
brick court-house. Tobacco, corn, wheat, 
fruit and hogs are exported. Daily stage 
to Allensville; fare $1, Daily mail. E. 
B. Edwards, postmaster. 

Allison Robert F, saloon and grocery. 

Armstrong J Harvev, sheriff. 

Bank of Elkton, capital $23,0ba ; Haz«*l G 
Petrie, pre.-; John O Street, cash. 

Bfcone & Bell, general More. 

Bristow Frank II, attorney at law and 
propr Elkton Krister. 

Dicken Rev C W (Baptist). 

Dicksi >n Tern, barber. 

Edwards Elisha B., Dentist and Post- 

Elkton High School, A L & E M Johnson, 

Elkton Register, Frank II Bristow, editor 
and proprieti r, 

Felix M A: Co, drugs. 

Fletcher Henry, saloon. 

Garth Egbert, general store. 

Gill Rev J « Presbyterian i, 

Hancock & Grumbley, general store. 

Handen Sam, wagon-maker. 

Hardin A C, physician. 

Harrison WIS, Lawyer. 

Henning Morris F, w.Mron-maker. 

Hirschfield Adolph B, general store. 

Hooser James M, blacksmith. 

Hooser Mrs J M, milliner. 

Irvine L R, constable. 

Jefferson Walter B, physician. 

Keedy .John, shoemaker. 

Kennedy Mrs. hotel. 

Lewis C lies ley D, physician. 

Lev. is George, general -lore. 

Lewis.! W, general stow. 

Luck J F, prop Lowery House, 

Mauzy J L, hardware. 

McReynolds John (>, phynician. 

Milieu Armington II, n^rdware and furni- 

Millen Tazewell, wagon-maker. 

Miller & Terrell, general store. 

Mobley Eleazer, saw-mill, (3 miles s w). 

Mobley Rev E \V (Christian). 

Perkins Benjamin TJr, lawyer. 

Perkins Benjamin T Sr, coi nty judge. 

P«rkins S II & Co, general store. 

Petri** Hazel Ci, Lawyer. 

Petrie Kev J C ( M E South.. 

Petrie W S, physician. 

Petrie K 11, Dour-mill. 

P< rter Ephraim T, justice of pcaw. 

Prewitt Wm P, dentist. 

Reeves Willis B, lawyer. 

Reeves Wilds L, lawyer. 

Reeves A Bradshaw, ftoar-miil, (2 mil< 

Rickman J Fa Co. general store. 

Koberts William 11, drugs and fancy gi 

Roberts .1 R, drugs. 

Ru :■ 11 CI arles M, dentist. 

Russell Ephraim P. ( hj sician. 

!!:;-•■ 11 James A, < ircuit ( lerk. 

Russell Joseph C, Groceries. 

Russell M iss M, millin -r. 

Shanklir. John J, general store. 

Shelton W P. physician. ~> miles n< 

Spillm&n & Eeli, li eer\ 

Talbott Win S, saddlery. 

Terry Gobrias, lawyer. 

Thompson csamuel L, blueksmiiu. 

Thompson Thomas F, blacksmith. 

Thompson & Co, general store. 

Tobin Nicholas, Merchant Tailor 

Weatln rs E h, drugs. 

Wells Benjamin, wagon-maker. 

AV'dN s H, coiinty clerk. 

Willoughby H F, lawyer. 


ELLA. A settlement in Hickman 

county. 8 miles from Clinton, the n< ar< •* 
railroad station. Semi-weekly mail. John 
E. Ja> ksoH, postmaster. 
Bu«"j»' J»»hn, General Store. 
Lalhuui Wm., General Store. 
Moss W H. blacksmith. 
Nance Henry, saw and grist-mill. 
Strund W L, cabinet-maker. 


Bristol, in the northern part of Rowan 
county, 9 u:: 5 "- north of Morehead, the 
county-seat, and 24 miles south-west i 
Gravson, its nearest shipping point, on 
the K. K R'y, and GO n ib : s east d Louis- 
ville Seiui-w e*-k!y mail. 
Blair J P, bla« ksmith. 
Casart Charles, blacksmith. 
Click James A, wagon-maker. 
Fletcher A. dour-mill. 
Hogg Squire, justice of peace. 
Me. Braver Henrv, flour-mill. 
MoBrayer J. >L, Engineerand Claim 

LUuofiu HJjJUoliii 

Without relVrfti •« to th<- Compares b-8 manage. 

BARBIE A. CASTLEMAN, Loj sville, Ky. 

A$«'«it» evtrjwlnre South. 





Parker J T, . 

Porter C H, physician. 

Sublet G K, const ible. 

Tabor B L, teacher and live stock. 

Terrcl P, lawyer. 

Touch M F, teacher. 

Ward (J A, general store and police justice, 

Ward P. shoemaker. 

Ward W. P., L: " 

Ward & Tabor, lawyers. 

"Wilson J, physician. 

Wilson &. Ward, general .-tore. 

ELLIS BUI IG If. A recently-estab- 
lished post-office m Casey county. Popu- 
lation 50. 


ELLISTOX. On the L.. 0. & L. R. 
R., in the north-western part of Grunt 
county, 16 miles north-west of Williams- 
town, the county-seat, ana 75 miies north- 
east of Louisville. Tol acco and -rani are 
exported. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
Population 73. Arthur J. Williams, post- 

Arnold Rev J M (Baptist). 
Cam os John Sr. lawyer. 
Downs Lewis S, flour arid saw-mill. 
Ebersole & Curley, gen'l -tore and urn 


Elliston C R, physician and druggist. 
Elliston James D, justice of peace. 
Elliston W P, general store, tobacco am 

R R agent. 
Ford John, hotel, saloon and livery. 
Ford Louis, constable. 
Hendrix W F, chair factory. 
Jacobs Jo-iah. shoemaker. 
McBee J \V, blacksmith. 
Pettit Thomas, carpenter. 
Savage Rev F A : Methodist). 
T iei bald Rev Lewis \ Baptist) 

Th nnpson A M. physician. 
Webster E D, express asrent. 
Williams Arthur .J., Telegra 
atrer ami Deputy County Clerk. 

raph Man- 

ELLISV1 LLE. In Nicholas county, 

has 25 inhabitants and a weekly mail. 

ELMAVOOD. A settlement of 21 
peo{ le in Webster county, where a daily 
mail is received. A. J. Brooks, postmas- 

E>I I N ENCE. A station on the Lex- 
ington branch of the L., C. & L. R. R., is 

located in the southern part ot Henry 
county, 4 miles south of Newcastle, the 
seat of justice, 40 from Louisville, 54 frem 
Lexington, and 25 from Frankfort, and is 
in the midst of one of the rinest agricultu- 
ral regions in the State A Bi ptist semi- 
nary and ■ Eminei i ■ ■ ■•■ li cated 
here, arid 5 churches are sustained; a flour- 
mill, a bank, a weekly newspaper, a distil- 
lery, a carriage factory, a good race-track 
and fair ground, a first-class brick hotel, 
and a tfne >p. ra hail, are also here. A large 
wholesale liquor business is transacted 
here, by Messrs. Hudson & Gould. Messrs. 
Eddv & Berry are a well-known firm, who 
: mke ■ lections a specialty : and Messrs. 
Miles Bros.' hlaeksmuhing and agricultu- 
ral implement works, are aiso worthy of 
mention. A good opening is presented 
here for a tobacco factory, as Lhi - m sglibor- 
hood is -aid to raise the finest tobacco in 
the State. Daily sta- s communication with 
Newcastle; fare 50c. Population 1,500. 
Express Adam.,. Telegraph W. IT. Daily 
mail. Mrs. H. A. McRoberts, postmaster. 

Bradley Richard, tailor. 

Brewer Misses V ife R, milliners. 

Brown L 1".. dentist. 

Caseldine J W & Co, furniture. 

Caseldine & Morris, livery stable. 

Castleman C W, insurance agent. 

Clitford B F, carriages. 

Cohen Phillip M, general store. 

Courtnay P R, veterinary surgeon. 

Crabb Wm 1>. stock d< aler. 

Crutcher Rev S W (Christian). 

Deposit Bank of Eminence, cap. $86,100, 
surplus $18,700. James S Bassett, pres; 
Win B Wilson, cashier. 

Dix Dr Dand\ L, Prin. Baptist Seminary. 

Drane & < "o, flour-mill. 

Dreiss N &Son, general store. 

Duval K I), dentist. 

Eddy Mnrselus S. town marshal. 

Eddy A Berry, I M. S. Eddy, John M. 
Berry), Go ieral ' ol\e> ting Agents. Ail 
Collections placed in our hands will re- 
ceive prompt Attention. (See adv.) 

Edwards Win O, boots and shoes. 

Ervin Rev Win i Presbvteriaa). 

Fible & Crabb, distil ers. 

Pitman Christopher, carriage-trimmer. 

Fremd John, groceries. 




! hi j-s i 


; ■ ruing 



lii. Si 


i It: 

[{rand -■ *' li '■■•'• i" S[;u-.-;^, 

.-, i... i:<u IJ1 . Knicrav.r 

mtlolpli St.,C Ji 1CAOU, il.l. 



K E N T UCK Y STATE (> A 7. E' J ' T E E K 


Fremd John & Co, carriage-makers. 

Gering Max & Co, wagon-makers. 

Giitner, SV S. j' r > • Eminem o College. 

Griffin Isaac, saddl s and harness. 

Guthrie John S. lumber, shingles and coal. 

Harding John, lawyer. 

Harris James A, «:i)oon. 

Haymaker John W, general store. 

:' ! uri '•-■ :• IrY g .o*i*. 

Helm Win. S., Proprietor Helm 
Hall. (See adv.] 

Holland Wrn A. j.-rop Constitutionalist. 

Holmes & Thomi -. stoves and tinware. 

Hudson A Gould, ("Win. L. Hud* 
N. VV. Gould -j'. ■■■■ --!>r- to Fible & 
Crabb. and Williams & Hudson), whole- 
sale Liquor Dealers. Fible -.v Crabb 
Whisk v h Sri' (•■,',.: y. 

Jemison Wm A. physician. 

Jones E. J>.« - ; '-'- : - •■ ■•' the Peace. 

Jones E. I). & W. N"., Proprietors 
of Moody House. (See adv.) 

King Gideon, insurance. 

MeMann G & S. ■ irpenters. 

McBoberts Mrs Hattie, postmaster. 

McKoberts John, druggist. 

Maddoj< V. r ru K, saloon, Maddox House. 

Miles C. W. *V Uro. (Charles W.and 
John M.), Wagon-makers ami Black- 
smiths, and dealers in Vernon Chilled 
Plow?, Climax Steel Plows, Road and 
Spring Wagons, Harrows, Cultivators, 
and Farming Implements. Blacksmith- 
ing thoroughly and Cheaply dune at 
short notice. Horse-shoeing promptly 
executed and satisfaction guaranteed. 

Miller Lilburn, groceries. 

Moodv Edward R, druggist 

Moo*ly Hnnst , K. D. A W. X. Jones, 
Proprietors. {See adr.) 

Moodv tt W. confectionery and hardware. 

Morris John A., Station Agt.and Man- 
ager Western IT n ion Telegraph Co., and 
Telephone exchange. 

Morrison Mrs Ellen, confectioner. 

Ossman Louis, shoemaker. 

Porter Chilton S, druggist. 

Porter N, : '•' 

Pointer P.. % W T " • disti. 

Ransdell Wrn T, -ad lies and harness. 

Rapp Peter, I uti I ■ r . 

Rees John N groceries and hardware 

Rees - r «•• ph T, gent-r il -: »re. 

Roes Wm T. ph* -ici in. 

Rice Thomas W, polii e judge. 

Salon Rev L ii ; Baptist). 

Selby Benjamin, lawyer. 

Sigol John, bakery. 

Smith Wm. A., Jeweler and S 

smith, and dealer in Watches, (' 

and Jewelry. (See adc.) 
Spradling & Bentley, barbers. 
Sprenger George, shoemaker. 
Stark Wm ;'. builder and coal. 
V > -,, her. 

Thomson John 1>, blacksmith. 
Thorn Wm P, lawyer. 
Thornton John il, sale-stable. 
T. dd Orrin 1), physician. 

'•Irs. M J, undertaker. 
Walsh Edwin P, 
White Mr- W J, boarding-houso. 
Williams Wm T, saloon. 
"WiUon James H. insurance. 

Tiii- \ illage, in Chi i.-ti 
site of the Empire C< 


i o inty, is the 

Mining Company. It is 15 miles north 

Hopkinsville, the county-seat, and is a • 

tion on the St. L. & S. E. branch of the 

& N. R. R. Daily mail. George B. Cr 

postmaster and farmer. 

Armstrong G W, dry goods. 

(.'■ r lier A II, pi \ -ieian 

Croft Gcorjfe B., Farmer. 

Empire Coal Mining Company. 

Forbes & Thompson, saw-mill 

McCord James B, saloon. 

March R P, clerk and book-keeper. 

Mason J H, operator. 

Mason R 11, superintendent of mine. 

Walker S T. saloon. 


ENG LF.MA X'S M I LIJS. A post- 
office and -mall settlement in Lincoln coun- 
ty, 7 miles from the county-seat, Stanfl rd 
Snip tn Danville, 6 miles distant. Popu- 
lation 100. Stage to Lancaster and Dan- 
villedaily; fare $1 each way. Tri-w>. k J 
"mail. C. B. Engleman, postmaster and 

ENGLISH. This little vi llage, also 
known as Carro'.Uon station, •• in Carr< 
county, on the 1,.. C. vV L. R. R., 50 miles 
from Louisville. Populatioj 50. I '•• 7 
n\ail. Zantipi Mahony, postmaster. 

summer resort and \ -: • •: i in Lewis coun- 
ty, 14 m:lt.-.s south-west of Van eburg, lh« 


8D. JONES. vv - N. JONES. 

"^J*" ED. & W.N JONES.. Proprietors. ^^C^ 


Tlv? is the Best House on Railroad from Louisville to Lexington. 


Pikes extending to Newcastle and Sheibyvnie. 


BTery Convenience for Commercial Men, and First-class in the Eating Department. 


W. S. HELM, - - - - - Proprietor. 

EMiztsrEOsrcE, iecy. 

HHLM HALL ia a new Brick Building over three stores, in the center of the busi- 
ness portion o! the city, close to the principal Hotel and Depot. 
Bea.tis&.gr Cojaci-y, ~-^ Ev M ^ fi red. 

W -A-- SMITH, 

And dealer in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry 



3 OHN M . BER R Y . 


All collection* intrusted to ua will receive prompt attention. 


yujibil IflS. 00. lii 1 uNfiiAIID, «,ssss: ? -."r^r 


c»unty-seat, and nearest shipping point, on | Sherwood W B, Express and R R airent. 

the Ohio river. i : . >tage to Vanceburg Williams & Hawb, live stock and grain. 

daring the. summer months: fare$l. Sen - 

weekly mail. VV. F. Jones, postmaster. EW1NGFORI). In the southern 
! part of Trimble county, 3 miles south of 

ESTELLE FLATS, this country ; Bedford, the county-seat, 6 miles west of 

post-office i-> in Carter county. ; Campbellsburg, its" nearest shipping p -i:, 1 .. 

| on the I.. C. v F.. R. R, and 40 north f 

E'STO. A small ] ist-oince in Russell ! uisvillo I'opulution 15. Daily mat] 

county, 3 miles from Jamestown, the cuun- Wrn Spillman, postmaster, 

ty-seat. Daily mail. S. P. Collins, post- Burnett James, shoemaker, 

master »nd farmer. Caplinger J IV, justice. 

Este« G M, ( nst ible. 

EUBANK. A station on the C. S. i Roherson I; A steam saw-mill. 

R'y in »Pulaski county, 120 miles from Sams W (.'. justice. 

Louisville. Population 40. Adams Ex- Spillnian Win., General Store. 

pre.~s. Daily mail. \. ■.■■. - ■••.. blacksmith. 

Brown J N, saw-mil! and stall >n ai;ent. 

Russell J W, express agent. EXCHANGE. Changed to Melrose. 

EUREKA. On the Cumberland riv- EZELL.. In the western part of Mor- 

er, snd on the P. A. E. R. R., in the north- j -«" county K> miles -nuth-west (if W< st 

western part of Lyon county, 10 miles west Liberty, the county-seat. 20 south-east of 

of Eddwille, the countv-seat, and 200 ! Cornwall, its nearest shipping point, on the 

south-west of Louisville. Goods may also ; Mt. Sterling division of the L., C. & L. R. 

be shipped to Henson's Landing, on the j &-, and 155 east of Louisville. Tri-week- 

Cumberland river. Daily mail. S. Hen- '>' mail. Population 55. Eli Pieratt, 

son, postmaster. ; postmast< r. 

Adams R E. carpenter. j Arnsparger Rev J C (Christian). 

Chandler Win. justi e. ! Carr T F. fi air-mill. 

Uothron W F, gunsmith and blacksmith. : Dennis S S, constable. 

Doone A, constable. (i - »dwin S D, tea< her. 

Gaines James, wagon-maker. ; Hester Andrew, flour-mill. 

Russell Thomas O, gen store and farmer. Lockhart Floyd, physician. 

Smith Wm, teacher. i Lykins J C, carpenter. 

Stubblefield Rev . I Lykins W B, lawyer. 

Travis John, teacher. j Maxey CC. blacksmith. 
, Nickell A B, physician. 

EWING. On the Maysville branch I Pieratt A B. deputy sheriff. 

of the K. C 1'.. It, 7 miles west of Flem- ; Pieratt A T hotel, tannery and gen store. 

ingsburg, the countv-seat. Population 150. : Pieratt Joseph M, general store. 

Daily mail. Express Adams. Telegraph S Rati iff John, blacksmith. 

W. U. Robert Ewing. postmaster. ' ' ' > " n -, planing-mill. 

Bowen James, blacksmith. j Vftt " > J, ' h "' ' W,, " iakt ' r - 
Bright Faris, hotel. 

Collins & White, ireneral store. FAIR 1>EAEING. A post-office in 
Ewiug Robert, Farmer. Marshall county, 6 mil< : s from the Ten- 
Hood John phvsician. ' Desse. river and 7 miles pa*t of Benton, tb 
Kahoe Bros, saddle and harness-makers. ; county-seat. Ship to Paducab. 2S miles 
McClanihan Lewis carpenter and builder. I distant. Population '25. Mail semi-week- 
Moore L C, leaf-tobac i h'- J- AY. Holsapple, postmaster. 
Mordoff Son & Co t;enoral store. ! Bowling "\V T, physician. 
Palmer Thomas, undertaker. j Faughn Enos, iWatel -ha and flour-mill. 
Power J T, blacksmith. j Faughn J H. live stock. 
Price J N, leaf-tobacco. j Henderson J W, justice of peace. 

m&m r> 


': - hers' fcr.3 Packers' Snspliei an 3 General Hardware 8p»- 
! , FBED. ! frNG,! I ' i-y and 830 S. 

Fearth "Street, BT. LOUIS, MO. Sead f u r Catalogue. 





Nelson D L, lawyer. 
Winters C, justice of peace. 

FAI RFI EIJ *. I" the northern part 
of Nela in county, 10 miles north of Bards- 
town, the county-seat, 9 n >rth-i ast of Sam- 
uels' Depot, its nearest shipping point, on 
the Bardstown branchofthe L. & N. R. R„ 
an i 32 south-east of Louisville. Sunny 
Hill academy is I , ite L here ; 

and stage to Samuels' Depot, and tri-week- 
ly stage to Louisville. James Shanley, 
Doran Ennis, tailor. 

McKenna Henry, flour-mill and distiller. 
Monks Mr.- Sallie. hotel. 
Nelson W J, blacksmith. 
Pitt Bros, dry . "ids. 
Shanley James, Boi ts and Shoes. 
Simpson John, eai pel ter. 
Wells Harrison, physician. 
Wigginton Simpson, dry goods. 

FAIR GROUNDS. Jefferson coun- I 
ty, a suburb of Louisville, 3| miles from 
the depot on Water and Second streets, 
and one mile from the eastern limits, on j 
the L., C. & L R'y, with a population of j 
400. Has a public s< hool, and si ban Isome 
chapel, open for religious services to all 
Protestant den inat'u . Mail daily. 
Numerous trains running to the city The j 
new Crescent Hill reservoirs are in sight, j 
Brown W H, general sto^e. 
McGinnis S & E., Station Agent and j 


FAIR-VIEW. Located on the line 
between Christian and Todd counties 8 
miles west of Klkton, the county-seat, t'.J 
north-east of Pembroke, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the St. L. & S. E. branch of 
the L. & N. R. R., and 160 south-west of 
Louisville. Daily mail and stage to Pem- 
broke. Population 200. W. B. Brewer, 
A ison R F, doon. 
Armstr : • R< hert, physician. 
Ballard \V VV. gi n store and harness-maker. 
Brewer Wm. J*»., Boots, Shoes sad 

G neral Sti re. 
Brown M D, lawyer and justice. 
Downer & Bro, nurserymen. 
Dudley H W, physician. 
Gibson W A. marshal. 
Gray & Dudlej . 'druggists. 
Kenner A J, i-.l- 
Lewis Rev James A I Methodist). 
McGehee J A. blacksmith. 
Minis Jerry, IT] icksmith. 
Pye (V Terry, g' neral - : ;--. 
Q_ .,-. uberry Mr.- Lou, dress-maker. 
Shaw, Perrv iv Vaughn, tobacco. 
Shaw Rev t H (Methodist). 
Shaw. Vaughn & Perry, general store. 
Stewart L S, physician. 
Wade Nelson, furniture. 
Yancey -! W. grocer. 

FAIRMOL-NT. In the south-east- 
ern part of Jetn rson county, 14 miles 
south-east of Louisville, the county-seat, 
and nearest shipping point. Tri-weekly 
mail and stage to Louisville and Bloom- 
field; fare to Louisville' $1; to Bloom- 
field $1.50. Population 100. John A. ; 
Hays, postmaster. 
Bariay Wm, saloon. 
Burdett Wm P, saw and flour-mills. 
Format) James, wagon-maker. 
< iravea A R. phy d< ian. 
Hays John A. general .-tore. 
Hays Thomas A. physician. 
Stiner Joseph, blacksmith. 

FAIRVIEW. Fleming county. .Sec 
Oak Woods.} 



northern part of Grayson county, 13 rui'^s 
north of Leitchfield" the county-seat, 12 
north-east of Caneyville, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the P. & E. R. R. Daily 
mail, and stage to Caneyville. Population 
200. L. Green, postmaster. 
Armendt H F, carpenter. 
Davidson Samuel, live stock. 
Demster Rota rt T, physician. 
Do< kery W K. blacksmith. 
Green L, i r n t ire, savs and woolen-mill. 
Green & Brashear, tobacco. 
Green & Butt - ! , toba< - •>■ 
Low,- G K. mill-wright. 
Mea lor (t W, physician. 
>L ,ley Jami s T. physician. 
Overton Thomas, wagon-maker. 
Patten Thomas coal-miner. 
Qi temous James, physician. 
R »berts Rev T A Baptist). 
Rushing Rev J I Methodist). 
Sheaver Charles, general store. 

T, | - ' - • - •< r.r, k rs c . t. \v, * rici'vsov, r?t3 ^21 s©. rn« 

■ i > < (HMt.O. IM.. jf5#»Krrer to thonsandk b 
* la'l 'liyVl i ■ * -' Contracts compleicd throughout lite country. 





Short W G, clerk. 
Taylor Rev James i Methodist). 
Weller A D flour-milk- and hotel. 
Wilson Allen, constable. 

arid hardware. 


R, and 

FALMOUTH. The seat of justice 
for Pendleton county, pleasantly situated 
on the Linking ri ••■ '• n ! - ...-,■' of Ciu- 
i iti, . '- ; . " of Le ' . •- It is 

also an imp rtant st&i n ■ i i •■■ K. C. R. R., 
and is the rai [road . , ■ .. point f >r a 
thickly-set! : -- I district, A i i r.k, a distil- 
lery, 2 flour-mills, a woolen-mili, with five 
church < din' cos, > s lem v. and :■■ I pub- 
lic school, are sustained In a populal >n oi 
1,000. The exports eonsfst of 'live stock, 
grain and tobacco. Hood far-mine: land in 
the vit i: . :-. . •. r: ■ e parol ■ I i ■ •■ ■ 
terms. Express Adams. 1'elegraph VV. I 
Mail daily. W- E. Wilson postmaster. 

Adams Otis, saloon. 

Applegate Bros, druggist 

Baibour Jas ii. j >-. • - ian. 

Barrett Edward VV. grocer. 

Black George, L r r> cer. 

Bradford Theodore, general store. 

Broseke Charles F. grocer and ins 

Browning Elijah P, agent R C R 
Adams Express Co. 

Browning N & Co, toba co 

Campbell A & A T, general at.. re. 

Chaney & Fleaser, ■ ksmiths. 

Clark Henrv C, physician. 

Clark James T. county collector. 

Clarke Asahel K., Lawyer, and Editor 
the Pendletonia; . 

Coleman e\. Holt, distillers. 

Culbertson, Robert E. hotel and saloon. 

Culbertson Win W. groot riesand hardware. 

Dudley Robert II, gei ral store. 

Duncan & Barker, i ■>■ vers. 

EckertJohn, propr Washington House. 

Ellis Henry, ■•• mty surveyor 

Fabra Hei ry, :r . . .; si, 

Falmouth Deposit bank, capital $50,000. 
G K Rule pres, .1 F-" [Jobannan cashier. 

Falmouth Republics weekly), Falmouth 
Publishing A - ■<• is i >n p .'■ isbers. 

Falmouth W >ol ■-■■ M -, J >shua Wood- 
head, proprietor. 

Forcen Robert, barber. 

Fossett James W. meat market. 

Fryer John H, lawyer. 

Gifford James E, saloon. 

Gilham John, blacksmith. 

Glenn Harry, saloon. 

Hall Thomas (1. physician. 

Held Fred i rick G, wai dies and jewelry, 

H-! ; iy .]■ hn E, ! : « • y. 

Holt Wm C, county clerk. 

Jameson Geo W, n ayor. 

K' nnett Wm ('. general store. 

King & Hamilton, general store. 

Ko. h Christ . ■■■. ■ 

Koch John, Hotel, Saloon and Bakery. 

I. ■■" < "i arles H. lav yer 

I ibolt ! ■■•.•.-.., .-,. „ maker. 

Lifjrliltoot frt'or^e, Proprietor Light- 
foot H« - • 

I _ m & Hall, harness. 

Mi CI me James, i ndertaker. 

McGinety Wm A harness-maker. 

McNees A nor w .! , tl. ur-miil. 

'!,>•: Ch .1 j . -x- 1 •■: a) store. 

Morgan Mr- E B. dry goods. 

Mull-ins Gabriel S, sherilF. 

Mullins Matt, loaf-tobacco. 

Nauru a n & Saunders (< harles Nauman, 
Wm A Saunders), photographers. 

Newman Henry N, general store. 

Oldham Wm G, meat market. 

Oldham & Tand\, furniture and under- 

Patrons Co-operative Association, general 

Peek Jeremiah W, lawver. 

Pendleton Publishing Co., Pub- 
lishers The Pendletonian (Democratic). 

Perrin Wm J, county judge. 

Purdy, Charles A, harness. 

Rack Fred, baker. 

Rauseh Conrad, shoemaker. 

Risk & Meek, physicians. 

Ritter Christian, meat market. 

Ritter Joshua, meat market and saloon. 

R< bbins <" ; iari.-- A, hardware nnd ins agt. 

Roberts Wm B. physician. 

Sharon & Bonar, furnitureand undertaker. 

Simon Jacob T \. . yer. 

Simon Morris, general store. 

Stumpp Jul n <r stoves and tinware. 

Swope Miss Lizzie, millinery and notions. 

') , ■• n J> I • E. sjiw and planing-mill. 

Wandelohr •Varies K. circuit clerk. 

Y\ itson Janv-s M. hotel. 

Williams Jarnes H. stoves and tinware. 

Wilson Will E., !'■ tmaster, and (Cigars 
and Toba o. 

Wilson W Shelton, 8hoemak«'r. 

W • dhead Joshua, woolen-mills. 

Woodhead Walker B, dour-mill. 


■ J%TI 



H»vr Settled more t*m« l,4-0{> 
I it>«-«. «ntl liavr had V,iit l.i lie— 
xissr.l Claims. Acfnts Everywhere. 




FANCY FARM. In the west* 
j. >rt of Gra\ - i mnty, ID mil* s west 
Mayfield, the county- • it, ami near 
shipping point, on the M., 1*. & N. R. 
and 260 south-east of Louisville. Da 
mail. Population '••">. (i. R. Ryan, pi 

Harlow W'm . - maker. 
Bright V E, farm* r an I grower. 
Brij bl W J, toba . 
Hnyden G T, b!m I -■ th. 
Kite Samuel, bin k- 1 lith. 
Bobfcs M P, physician. 
Murphv Rev W A [Catholic). 
Pile C T, notions. 
Pile P> F. general store. 
Pile C: Will : t.'i -'.>re. 
R >bh son W, . arpi it* r. 
Ryan G C, general store. 
Ryan G. R.« General Store. 
Sftnter 3! V,*, physician. 
Wilcox Miss Nellie, teacher. 
WiUett A J, druggist. 
Willett S T, farmer and carpenter. 

_ FARFFIGH. A small station 
tiw: Cecilian branch L. & N. R. R., 
Hardin county, 14 miles north of El 
bethtown, the county-seat, and 33 ru 
from Louisville. Population 35. Exp 
Southern. Daily mail. G. A. Mcy 

Corby Charles, live stock. 
McGrew P R, wagon-maker. 
Meyers A, general store. 
Meyers G. A., Farming. 
Pay James, live =tock. 
Sanders J W, flour-mill. 
Settles G E, blacksmith. 



■ -:. 




stage to Frankfort. Adams 

Farmer, postmaster. 

AM«n Col R D, Supt Keutuc 

1 nstitute. 
Blnkemore J X. distillery. 
Bi&kemore Oscar, farmer. 
Brown Gen Scott, live stock. 

Farmer B. & Son, General Store. 

i' a -mer < ! M. i >at mat ket. 

1 armer .! D, wood-v orker. 

Farmer Thomas, farmer. 

Green Geo S, farmer. 

Jones C M live stock. 

K M I News, Kentuckv Military Institute. 

MeC nn J T, f: rmer.' 

Otterl ack ( W, blacksmith. 

Perkins~F D. teacher. 

Stent ,1 T, live stock. 

White Wm M, former. 

Wildberger R H, Commandant Kentucky 

Military Institute. 
Williams U V, physician. 

FARMERS. Known as Licking 
City, i ; in the south-western part of Rowan 
county, 8 miles south-west of Morehea<L 
the county-scat, 15 south-east of Hillsbo- 
rough, its nearest shipping point, aud 155 
east of Louisville. The "L. & B. S. R. B. 
is now in course of construction here. 
Population 107. Stage to Owingsville tri- 
weekly: fare 75c Tri-weekly mail. J. S. 
McMillan, postmaster. 
Alien & Calvert flour-mil). 
Brain J M, hotel. 
Biggi F M, jeweler. 
Frazi r Ge< rge, wagon-maker. 
K~.ring II H, grocery, and hotel. 
Lightfoot J J, druggist. 
McKinneran & Hardin, blacksmiths. 
McMillan & I'arker, Physicians. 
McNasby John Sr, cabinet-maker. 
Maze & Clayton, general store. 
Scott James, broom manfr. 
Stevens W S, general store. 
Warner Tabler & Co, general store. 
Wilson Jeremiah, general store. 
Wi!«on & McAnespy, shoemakers. 

FA R 31 1$ I JS V I LL E. A post-settle- 
ment in Culdwell county. Population 16. 

FARMTXGTOX. In the south- 
eastern part of Graves county, 9 miles 
south-east ot M-ay field, the county-seat, on 
the M., P. & N. R. R.; its nearest shipping 
point, and 330 south-east of Louisville. 
Farmington S tminury is located here. lb. i- 
ly mail and stage to Vlayfield and Murray. 
Fare to former point 75c; to too latter 
51.25. Population 150. J. C. Cochran, 


J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky, 





Andrews W B, wagon-maker. 

Ra-/.7.ill & Curtis, groceries, and hardware. 

Boyd W T, produce. 

Casey & Terry, flour-mill. 

Cochran J. C, Produce Broker. 

Dupont Rev F S (Baptist). 

Easley S J, blacksmith. 

Finney R I . eonstal le. 

Hendley & Rj e, . - 

Hendley James, physician. 

Hudspeth James SV, reul estate. 

Hurdley VV D, deput\ county clerk. 

Kesterson W I), hotel. 

M Clain & Chai nell, tobacco factory. 

Overby F H, justice. 

Pharis Thomas, shoemaker. 

Pullen Reeves A: < o, blacksmiths. 

Sheridan, Rev John | M.etho list . 

Simpson «& .McDonald, general store, fur. 

nitureand hai 1 ware. 
Stokes C J, physii ian. 
Thompson <■ W, justice. 
Turnbow Mrs P \V. hotel. 

FAXJISUSH. Contains a population 
of about 100, is in Pulaski county, 16 miles 
w^t of Sum* rset, the county-seat, which 
is also the nearest shipping point, on the 
C. S. R'y, for it? surplus products of corn, 
wheat ami produce. Mail semi-weekly. 
H. P. McBath, postmaster. 
Denham & Co, Sour and saw-mill. 
Gideon Edward, blacksmith. 
Gossett cV Warner, wagon-makers. 
McRatll H F., General .Store. 
Norfleet Wyatt, physician. 
Norfleet & (Jo. general store. 
Taylor & Hudson, distillers. 
Turfer T B, justice of peace 
Rainwater P M, shoemaker. 
Waddle G, constable. 

FEARIS. <>r Fearisville, as it is 
sometimes called, is a village with a proba- 
ble population of 200, located in Lewis 
county, 20 miles from Vanceburg, the 
countv-seat, and ■"> nii!e>, fmni Ms nohester 
its shipping point on the Ohio river . Pro- 
duce is marketed. Stage to Muyiville; fare 
50c round trip. Mail tri-weekly. Abram 
S. Cole, postmaster and farmer. 
Adams S B, teacher. 
Bliss S S, wagon-maker. 
Blount U T, flour-mill. 
Fearis D W, justice of peace. 

Fearis John W, general store. 

Mower P. t k -agent. 

WestT H, deputy-sheriff. 

known a? Whippoorwill, in thesouth-wi ' 
tern part of Logan county, on the Memphis 
branch of the L. & >:. Ii" ?.., 7 mil - 
of Ilussellville, the county-seat, and 150 
south-west of Louisville, Daily mail 'and 
stag* to Gordonsville. Population 50. A. 
Rist, postmaster, 

Ferguson John J, gen store and express ar:t. 
Ferguson il L, station a^ent. 
Ferguson Oc Co, blacks ti iths. 
Keller J F. general st< re and hotel. 
Rist A., Physician. 

FERN CREEK. In the southern 

part of Jefferson county, 1" miles soutl ■■■•. t 

of Louisville. T-ri-»vcckl\ mail and suige 

to Bloomfield and Louisville. Population 

300. Bryan Williams, postmaster. 

Alley P L, shoemaker. 

Brown John, blacksmith. 

Burkhart Wm, wagon-maker. 

Cartwnght George meat market. 

Cartwright N, teacher and county exam'r. 

Cooper Lindsay, physician. 

Decker Joseph, horticulturist, and pres- 
ident F&FG Association. 

Diller Wm, cigar-manufacturer. 

Fi iter It A, lawyer. 

Fryer J W, grocery. 

Fryer R K. saw and flour-mill. 

Hawos & Berry, contractors. 

Hawkins R W, lawyer. 

Bayse Wm B, carpenter. 

Johnson .) C, saw and flour-mill. 

Johnson Wm F, teacher, and treasurer 
F & F G Association. 

McCul lough James, teacher. 

McDonall II v .! B (Presbyterian). 

Morrison Wm A, teacher, and prin Belle 
Grove Seminary. 

Mullen James, hotel. 

i •- M, veterinar\ surgeon. 

Sparks R W, mi r. 

Stivers A M, coi stable. 

Williams Bryau, General Store, and 
Secy Farmer- and Fruit Growers Asso- 

FKRX LEAF. In the western par; 
of Masou count v, on the Mayaville and 


', ; • ■ renc< t > th( J " - - 1 . - § inies wo miuiage. 

BARBEF. &. CASTIEMAN, Lou sville, Ky. ~ ■ 
Agents everywhere Soutlt, 





Germantown turnpike, 9 miles west of 
Maysville, the county-seat, it- nearest ship- 
ping point, on the Ma; rviite division of 
the K. 0. K. R. Franklin Seminary i.-. "lo- 
cated here. Daily mail and stage to Mays- 
ville and Germantown. Fare to the former 
place 40 cents; to the latter '2"> cents. Pop- 
ulation 30, J. J. Thompson, postmaster. 
Burgess ,1 B, j isti< •-. 
Duncan liichard, blacksmith. 
Ma; tin <r K. ju stit e. 

Thompson & Maltby, General Store. 
Wood B W, constable. 


Pike county. 

A small post-office 

FEELDEN. A small post-office in 
Elliott county, 10 miles from Martinsburg, 
the county-seat, and th< same distance from 
Wiliard, the shipping station, un E. Iv. R. 
R. Population 20. Semi-weekly mail. 
K. C. Sparks, postmaster. 
Dickinson Mason & Co, general store. 
Hutchinson F L & Son, general store. 
Marshall Win. flour-mill. 
Pennington \V S, farmer. 
Wellman E F, general store. 

Davis J T. physician. 

Fay F A, physician. 

Ege!hof& Bnrkhardt, blacksmiths. 

Gardner B F, iawj er. 

Gardner & Beard, flour and saw-mill, 

Gunn John, carpenter. 

Gunn T M & Co, saw-mill. 

Myers J XT, harness-n aker, 

Ojfden & X«»tliert«m, General Sure. 

Robinson Jame3, justice. 

Ragland E D 0, carpenter. 

Ragland. W H, justice of peae«, 

Smith S W, constable. 

Thurman Robert, carpenter. 

Townsend L, physician. 

Towusend Win, grocer. 

FESH TKAP. A small settlement 
and post-office in Pike county, 7* miles 
from Pikeviile, the county-seat, and mo*t 
convenient shipping point. Population 
100. Stage ;>• CatleUsburg. Mail semi- 
weekly. H. R. Blackburn, postmaster, 
Campbell David, llour-mill. 
Caiman & Co, general store. 
Newbury & Co, dry goods. 
Pallev & Ford, general store 
Soward W It & M C W, flour-mill. 
Soward A Co, grocers. 

FINCHVELL.E. In the south-east- 
ern part of Shelby county, 8 miles south of 
Shelbvville, the countv— .eat, on the C. & 
O. branch L., C. & L. R. R., 5 south-east of 
Simpaonville, on the same road, and 38 
south-east of Louisville. Population 150. 
Express Adams. Telegraph Western L'nion. 
Mail daily. S. O. Mitchell, postmaster. 
Boswell G S, trader. 
Comstoek J P, blacksmith. 
D-jolan J T, teacher. 
Eddy C I!, physician. 
K .id v <.v i 'o, dr —i- -. 
Mitchell S. (>., It. R. and Express Ag't 

and General Store. 
Proctor S S, wagon-maker. 

FIS11ERYILL.E. In .Jefferson 
county, \h miles from Louisville, the coun- 
ty-seat andshipping point. Twochurches, 
a good school, ti saw-mill and a grist-mill, 
*-"•• located here. Population 7.".. Stage 
to Taylorsville and Louisville daily. Fare 
•1.50 between these two places. Mail daily. 
P. M. Ogden, postmaster. 

FESKBURG. In the southern part 
of Kenton c >unty, 'il miles south of (.'<j»- 
ington. and 9 from Independence, thecoun- 
ty-seat, i [ui-distant from Morning View, 4$ 
miles south-east, on the K. C. K. R., and 
Bracht, on the C. S. R. R., to which p«int» 
goods should be shipped, and 90 north-east 
of Louisville. Population 100. Tri-week- 
ly mail. .1. F. Ellis postmaster. 
Bagley Rev C J (Baptist). 
Elliott Wni, leaf-tobacco. 
Ellis E P. leaf-tobacco. 
F lis Join justice. 
Ellis »J. F., Physician. 
Fisk ( ' H, general store. 
Fisk D L. physician. 
Fisk H B, phvsician. 
Fisk W P. lea*f-t .bat -co. 
Lummis John, general store. 
Mullins C H, justice. 
M . ins M H, constable, 
i >!i\ er Win, ihoen aker, 
O'Neal John W, wagon-maker. 
Reed O. general store. 
Stroud George, blacksmith. 

*• gps C r 



'YiTsPf: For Chare* ties, Lort 

? >- l'- ,,lr;i '' ,! "' i - Medals; Hotel, Pool and l».ajer«»age Checic 

IUOtJli.01 i.. 

:;:».£« Checks. 
i;o< iu'., Es^rmr aad CisSisker, 155 Saciolph »\ H CE1CA33, IU. 





Stroud Robert, blacksmith. 
Stroud Robert Sr, blacksmith. 

FLAG FOltK. This is a country ; 

post-office in r rsnklin county, where there | 

LS a saw and grist-mill, and a public school. ! 

Semi- weekly mail. .). D. Deakins, post- j 


Daily A A. grocer. 

Daily C V, general store. 

B&ilv Edmund, tiour-miil. 

Deakins J T, dry - ood*. drugs, etc. 

Flood Wm, wagon-maker. 

Greenroek John, boot and shoemaker. 

Poole V M, bi i. ksmith. 

Shelton W T. physician. 

Violett J A, lawyer^ 

FLAG SPRING- A small post- 
office in Campbell county, IU miles 
Alexandria, the county-seat, and about 
150 by rjver from Louisville. Ship to 
Moscow, on tin' Ohio river. Tri-weekly 
mail. John A. Jolly, p istmaster. 

Depeoys & Jolly, General Store. 
Jennings G V\'. blacksmith. 
Jolly Rev J M | Baptist i. 
Jolly J V, justice of peace. 
Molyneaux .1 K. physician. 
Nelson .John, mill-owner. 
Nelson R«v OWi Baptist). 
Otter L B, constable. 

PLAT GAP. In the northern part 
of Johnson county. 12 mile* north of 
Paintsville, the county-seat, its nearest 
ihipping point by water. 2*3 south of Wil. 
lard, its nearest shipping point by rail, on 
the E. K. Iiv„ and :!50 miles enst'of Louis- 
ville. Population 200. Mai! daily. Alouzo 
Holbrook, postmaster. 
Bailey & Br... general -tore. 
Castle & Or--en, gcnernl store. 
Daniel.- Rev Daniel United Baptist). 
Ferguson John K, phvsioian. 
Gambell ,v Kazee, carnei ters. 
Uolbrook & Holbrook, Drug and 

<ic!!f ral Slure. 
Holbrook & Sparks, General Store. 
Jayne Daniel, miner. 
Javne Rev Wm, principal of Enterprise 

High School. 
McKen/.ie. Thomas, blacksmith. 
Sagiaves M <;. jeweler. 
Salyer B F, hotel. 

Vaughn & Webb, general store. 
Webb G W, live -took. 
Williams- N K. phyi ii ian. 
Woods .James, shoemaker. 



Barren county (See 

FLAT LICK. In Knos county, ia 
a settlement of 100 people, having "this 
name. Livingston Station, 49 miles av.„v, 
is the nearest rai road po it. Louisville is 
196 miles distant. The place is on the 
Cumberland river, and has J churches, e, 
public school and an academy. Daily 
mail. A. P. Baughman, postmaster. 
Arthur E F. general store. 
Baker Hugh, live stock. 
Baker W 11. mill-o wner. 
Baughman A F it Son. general store. 
Ba ighman John N. physician. 
Campbell C C, lawyer. 
Cain). belt Rem, general store. 
Chavers N P, carpenter. 
Dean Daniel, mill-owner. 
Fitts W, blacksmiti . 
Miller J M, blacksmith. 
Patterson Elias, general -tore. 
Slusher J C, general store. 
Tinsley January, saw-mill. 
Tinsley W L, carpenter. 
Wright Henry, boot and shoemaker. 
Wright & Miller, blacksmiths. 
Yea ger Da v id, hotel . 

FLAT ROCK. A station on the C. 
S. R'y, in the southern part of Pulaski 
county, 25 miles south of Somerset, the 
county-seat. 10 south of Point Isabel, on 
Cumberland river, it.- nearest shipping 
point by w ater, and 1 00 si >ut h-< i-t of Louis- 
ville. Coal and staves are shipped. Pop- 
ulation 35. Mail daily. J. A. Geary. 

Barren Fork Mining and Coal Company. 
Gearv John A., Stave* and Tanbark, 

• i R. Pv. A_» 
I. • rl 'ii Stave anil Mining Company. 
K .berts C R, general store. 

FLE3I I N'GSUUHG. Aecordingto 
the census of IS.^0. this incorporated cowu 
has a population of i ,000. It is situat id 
on a -pur of the Kentu k\ Centra! R'y, 
in the northern part of Fleming county, 

RIRflftrl fl rUffffifftl'Htf C'ontTOMagow $40,000,000 of Firi HI § !i 

Hhrl « AS"M iM'ASl C»plt»l, a loperiti { 1& 1 torn - PiM [ft! >', < 5 « 4 jtffcftg - 


and susixEsa ulkectokv. 



of which it is tne seat of justice, 17 miles 
south-west of Maysviila, 50 pouth-east of 
Covington, and 70 from Louisville, 
city supports churches of the Bapl 
Christian, Catholic, Episcopal, Meth- 
odist, Presbyterian und colored Meth- 
odist persuasioHs, good public schools, 3 
weukly newspapers, •'. banks, a I it i id 
grist-mill, a carriage shop, and several 
stores. A large quantity of wheat is an- 
nually forwarded from here, in addition to 
which, fibur, tobacco, live stock and ' n i er 
are shipped. Tri-weeklv stages to ifavs- 
ville, faro $1; to Ow ■ . il fare $1.7*5; 
and to Mt. Sterling, via Sharpsburg, Til- 
ton, Sherburn and Bethel, fare $2.50. Ex- 
press Adams. Telegraph Western Union, 
Mail daily. J. I. I> >rsey, posimaster. 
Allen John A, jew eler. 
Anderson James W, lawyer. 
Andrews Watson, hardware. 
Andrews & Sudduth, lawyers. 
Armstrong & Son, grocers. 
Ashton Charlton II, circuit clerk. 
Beardsley Rev D A fS mthern 
Booker Parham M, barber. 
Bowden Lawrence, grocer. 

Burns James J, prop'r Flemingsburg .Dem- 
Cassiday Gilbar A, lawyer. 
Cogan James, blacksmith. 
Cole Hon Alfred E, circuit judge. 
Cord Wm 11, Sour-mill and lawyer. 
Cord Wm H Jr. lawyer. 
Cox S W & Co, drug 
Cushman li B, leaf-tobacco. 
Davis Christopher C, lawyer. 
Dorsej' Joseph I., Express Agent and 

Drake & Co, saw-mill (5 miles east). 
Du il v John W. dentist. 
Dudley N. Steele, Ag't C. & S. E. 

R'y and Dealer in Coal, Salt and Lim». 
Dudley Peyton S, dry goods. 
Duley Hiram, Prop'r Flemingsburg 

Evans Abner H, county clerk. 
Exchange Bunk, David Wilson & Co. 

propr s. 
Falkner & Jacobs, marble-works. 
Fant Wm S, prop'r Flemingsburg Flour 

and Planing-rnills. 
Fischer John G., Watchmaker nnd 

Jeweler. a No Grocer. 


:f x, :e :m: i isr a- s b u :r a- 7 


JOHN O'SULLIVAN, Proprietor. 

TbU House i* located directly opposite the Curt House and in the central part of the business portion 
of the citv. Commercial travelers are in-vited. 

•ood Sarmclo IR,ccrc!.s. 


rill} 1 

^r A 

Gentk Horses and Good Buggies at reasonable rates. 




u&sgg2f Near Railroad Deoot, 

innCM . 



0". X^:. £.£_ 3v£©25.!Bi,X£3, l^Cecaa.stg'fcx, 

Cf-zirrni s/id icut/iera Dep't. 





Bank. Capital 
pres; John W 


S ' An- 

Fischer Victor E., Carpenter, Con 

tractor and Builder. 
Fleming Countv Fanner: 

$30,000. J H DeBell 

Heliin, cash. 
Fleming County Gazette (weekly). C D 

McCartney, propr. 
Fleming County National Bank. 

$50,00. E E IN an; ■. pres; 

drews, cash. 
Fh ruing & B tts, livery. 
Fleming & Dixon, meat market. 
Fleming & Stookwell, livery. 
Fleming-.burt: Mi is. Win S Fant, pr< pr, 
Flemingsbure IMmi . Hiram Duley, propr. 
Frank Rev Joseph C (Christian), 
(liven Thomas L. lawyer. 
Gordon Peter A, phys dan. 
Hanimer Hiram U, tinware. 
Haney >v Cash, barbers. 
Harbeson James P. lawyer. 
Harrison Wm li. carriage-maker. 
Hart Theodore, sheriff. 
Hendrick Rev James P i Presbyterian). 
Hinton Thomas J, undertaker. 
Holladay House. S <r Rogers A Co, 

June? Wm K, wagon-maker. 
Kan'- Silas \V . han • 
Kennelly John, hotel and >aloon. 
Ivenner Miss Luiie W, milliner. 
Lenaghan James, tailor. 
Lightfoot Robert A, ; hysician. 
Lyons M W & I>, i irriage-makers. 
McDonald Arthur T, general store. 
McDonald George W, hotel. 
McDowell A; MeD 'well, physicians. 
McGrath John, blacksmith. 
M oore Wrn "W, jew ele.r. 
Morris Henn 1! gro r 
O'Connor Thomas, tailor. 
O'Silllivan John, prup'r Wier Hotel. 
Palmer George L. insurance agent. 
Parker Nathan, blaeksn ith. 
.Planck James H. gr ■ eries and shoes. 
Power John S, i • j ' idge and lawyer. 
Power Joseph H, law \ • r 
Regan David shoemaker. 
Riffe W Scott, druggist. 
Roby James A, photographer. 
Rogers S G Jc Co. proprs Holladay House. 
Secrest John D, county surveyor. 
Shouee James W, lawyer. 
Sii / ton E L & .1 P, insurance. 
Singleton James W, hardware. 
Stoddard David G, shoemaker. 

Stone Bruce B, dentist. 
Stone M rr C L, milliner. 
Teagar ,Mi> hael M, lawyer. 
Thompson John, blacksmith. 
Throop PI aresT, lawyer. 
Vansant & Bro, drv goods and groceries. 
Weedon Charles X., Livery and pro- 
prietor St* • i ln< • See. adv. j 
i ■ iker and grocer. 
West Charles W, grocer. 
>Vi<>r Hdtcl, John Suliivan, Propr. 
rt ms Abraham C. coroner. 
Wilson David & Co, proprs exch bank. 

FLINGSVIIjLE. In the northern 
part of Grant county, 14 miles north of 
Wiliiamst >wn the county-seat, and ?> miles 
east of Crittenden, its nearest shipping 
point, on the C. S. R'y. Tri-weekly mail. 
Population 20. F.. G. Mann, postmaster. 
Ueard H, jusl 
Lawrence H C. constable. 
L'lly Thomas, shoemaker. 
Loomis Rev M i Baptist . 
McNny Richard, flour-mill. 
Mann Eli, physician. 
Mam. E G, teacher. 
Menafee P C, wagon-maker. 
Miletram James, cooper. 
Per< ival A, live stock. 
Finer J E, barber. 
Reed A, grocery. 
Reed J. flour-mill. 
Simmons M. general store. 
Spegel Kinsey, meal market. 
Yelton P» R and express agt. 

FlilPPEX. Sometimes called Forks 

of Indian Creek, is a post-village in Monroe 
county. It has a handle factory, a saw 

• and grist-mill, a hotel, a church, 1'2 > in- 
habitants, and the usual omplement of 
store- for a place of its size. Mui! semi- 

j weekly. W. C. Bracket, postmaster. 

; Arterburn T J, earj ?nter. 
Bales Geo & ( '•'. gel -va' 1 Tore. 

I Bracket! >V C, | hys 

I Bullock <i W, ( arj enter. 

i Collins John .v Co, blacksmiths. 

' Dotson A Frm klin, h • die mnfrs. 

j Evans, Hug! • - ... Button, general store. 

j Jordan Sol, hotel. 
MeLeod C A, i arpenter. 

I Neal &. Purcell, tobacco. 

»/*n filAoI It AKD GENERAL HABBWARE. Speci Ities at Lowest Price* 
ll K I i Mi* ^ E^~ Send for Catalogue to FKEI). SCHMIEDING, 835 Broad 
lUli IVVi-iW way and 830 North Fourtn Street. - - ST. LOUIS. MO 






Stem & Thomason, cabinet-maker. 
Young C 11 O, physician. 

FLORENCE, rn the eastern part 
of Boone county, 6 miles east of Bui 
ton, the county-seat, 1 mile southeast of 
Silver Lake, its nean st shi ■ ■ in • p >int. 
[)ail\ mail and ?t&ffc to Bui ■ ; fare 

60 rents. Express American. Telegraph 
W. U. Papulation 30f» 
Adyelott George, barber. 
Ashley H. justice. 
Boyd A. lawyer. 
Burke Frank, harness-maker. 
Culvert B F, R E and express agent. 
Carson Jasper,. harness-maker. 
Cluterbucfc J R. justi< ••. 
Carey John A, physician. 
Dulaney B A, physician. 
German & Northcutt. si very. 
Hunt Joseph, hotel. 
Grant Mrs V. hotel. 
Huston Hugh, blacksmith. 
Kroger II, shoemaker. 
Moses Felix & Co, fur dealers. 
Murray Adam, grocer. 
Murray James, undertaker. 
Myers Henry, meat, market. 
Oelsmer John, blacksmith. 
Oelsmer it Rich, blacksmiths. 
Osborne James, grocer. 
Reed John, cigar-manufacturer. 
Sayre A, physician. 
Scott S S, lawyer and physician. 
Semi-monthly" Moonlight, Florence. 
Snyder G C, grocer. 
Snyder it Swetman, general store. 
Springer H C, barber. 
Stevenson W H, dentist. 
Tanner Henry, wagon-maker. 
Tanner W. C, General Store. 

Van Bokern B, hotel. 

Wagstafi" & ( antler, < arriage builders. 

Yager S. C, School Commissioner. 


south-eastern part of MeCraeken county, 
on the M., P. & N. K R., ' mi e« south oi 
Padu.-ah, the county-seat, and 325 south- 
west of Louisville. Tobacco is exported. 
Daily mail. Population 25. J. Waller, 
Armstrong A, cooper. 
Br&nton E R, saloon and shoemaker. 
Harper B, justice of peace. 

Hausor "W H, physician. 

Hauser & Tbomps >n, cotton-gin. 

Hendly B S. physician. 

Herps II, constable. 

Hughes A, livery. 

M unser, flour-mi! I. 

Plunly James, constable. 

St< ut .1 R, cooper. 

Thompson A. blacksmith. 

Waller »T., R. B., Express Agent, and 

Gem ral Store. 
Wilkins R J, blacksmith. 

FLOYD'S FORK. OntheL.,C. & 
L. R'y, in the north- ast •-;. part of Jeffer- 
son county, 16 miles northeast of Louisville. 
the county-scat. Beckley's station is th* 
nearest shipping point. Adams Express. 
Da'.!} mail. Population ,45. J. F. Conn, 

A t h e n .i r. VV , e x p res - a gt . 
BeckieyG W, general store. 
Conn C D K, barber. 
Conn J F, Station Agent. 
Conn R PC, live stock. 
Elder T S, hotel. 

Johnson & Pearcy, saw and flour-mill. 
Miller B, blacksmith. 
Wilcox J S, distiller. 

FORD'S FERRY. The post-office 

having this ram.- is on the Ohio river, in 
Crittenden county, 32 miles from its ship- 
ping point bv rail. Princeton, on the P. A 
E. R. R. Daily mail. E. E. Jennings, 

Cofield M, store and hotel. 
Cook A. V., Physician. 
Klapp .1 M, general store. 
Moore R A. boat agt and tobacco dealer. 


em part of Ohh 

In the north-east- 
i . 20 ■ dies nor! h- 
east of Hartford, the county-seat, 15 north, 
of Rosine, its nearest station, on the P. A 
E. R. R., I s south-west of Cloverport. on 
the Ohio river, its hunk location, and To 
miles south-w< st of Louisville. T« : a 
and produce form the shipments. Popula- 
tion 200. Tri-weeklymaii. J. M.Johnson, 

Barton & Whitlar, general store and drug;. 
Briie G W, eo; stable. 
Brown T W, hla< ksmith. 
Dabney Gains A Son, coal miners. 

ialvanized iron CornicesjIiSr 




iujtcstfid Catalogue tnd Pi 


Davisson «fe Harder, fiour-rcill. 

Gross *.t Johnson, leaf- tobacco. 

Hall J E, blacksmith. 

Johnson C W, carpenter. 

Johnson J. M,, General Store and 

Johnson & Waliard, hotel. 
Lightfoot -I F, physician. 
Miles Jonathan, c 
Moorman J X, physician. 
R< berts & Cobb, hotel. 
Sanders Isaac, physician. 
Smith John T tfc Son, harnes3-mftkera. 
Smith J T, live stock. 
Smith it Johnson, leaf tobacco. 
"Wedding Dr 6 J, druggist. 
Westfield Isaac, physh ian. 
Wilson F M, carpenter. 
"Wilson Mi rris, sj< neral store. 
Withers B P, justice and constable. 


northern pari of Clinton county S miles 
north of Albany, the county-s* at, 40 south- 
east of Glasgow, its nearest shipping point, 
on the L. & N. R. R., and 120 south-east 
of Louisville. Goods should be shipped to 
Albany Landing, 5 miles distant; stage to 
Albany Landing daily, to Burksville, and 
Glasgow tri-weekly. Mail daily. C. L. 
Holsappel, postmaster. 
Dicken W M, live stock. 
Felty H F, flour-mill. 
Guthrie Rev William. 
Higginbottom W L. teacher. 
HolsappelC. L., Distillery and General 

Jackman Alexander, physician. 
Lanhorn & Dicken, distillery. 
Mackey & llarper, flour-mill. 
Musser Ii F, cooper. 
Orr Alexander, cabinet-maker. 
Sawyer- L M. blacksmith. 
Yates & Snow, grain. 
Young Joseph, blacksmith. 

FORESTYILLE. Tn Hart county, 
7 miles fron Munfi>n.lville, the shipping 
station, on the L. >v N. i'.. H., is this post- 
village of CO people. Tri-weekly mail. 
T. J. Toysdon, postmaster. 

cated ia i ranklin county, tiO n e3 from 
Louisville. Frankfort, i\ miles distant, is 

the shipping point. Daily mail. Fopuls,- 
tion 100. G. C. Hughes, postmaster. 
Campton L F & Co. flour-mill. 
Coleman J, physician ana druggist. 
Connor T T, shoemaker. 
Hughes G. ('., General Store. 
Scott Sebra, carpenter. 
Sti Iman A i in lents. 

Stedruan A. T. & Son, Woolen Mills. 
Thompson G T, physician. 


Monroe county (See Fllppen). 


o.ffice in Cart - ountv a id a station en the 
A. C. & 1. II. R., 23 miles west of Gray- 
son, the county-seat Daily mail. -Mere- 
dith Elam, postmaster. 

Deheart John, ftourand saw-mil!. 
Goodwin Samuel li, live stock. 
MoKinner Rev A M (Christian). 

Oiiill Johnson, physician. 
Tipton Rev Reuben (Baptist). 

Wells John, farmer. 

FOSTER. A settlement of 180 peo- 
ple en the Ohio river, in Bracken county, 

10 miles from Butler, the nearest station 

on the K. C. 11. R., and 182 miles from 

Louisville. Here is a M. E. church *,nd 

2 schools. Tobacco and grain are shipped. 

Daily mail. Wm. Waters, postmaster. 

Avery A, shoemaker. 

Craig T F, carpenter. 

Deitz P", blacksmith. 

Hanfler G, barber and restaurant. 

Hnnua J B, tea 'her. 

Holmes K, wharfmaster. 

Holmes G li, general st »re. 

Ihrig August, blacksmith. 

Ketchum Bros, leaf-tobacco. 

McCollum , dentist. 

31 M kth D & Son, general store. 
Marklov A J, lav ycr. 

ley Br< -. :• ■■ ral -tore. 
Mullens I ii, physician. 

Murphy Rev M D ). 

Ffau Charles boot an 1 shoemaker. 
Roberta J F, j oultry breeder. 
Shelle-i >■. h •• r, merchant tailor. 
Waters' AW, Hotel. 
Watson J F. physician. 

it*>%«> Settled more liiciu 1,4«& 
:. «." *..;>-! Uf-.v r h».d bat 13 Ue- 

■ : .; slated Claim*. Apents Evcrvwhfc'*- 




FOUNTAIN RUN. Also called 

Jimtown. This villa?* of about 200 peo- 
ple ia situated in Monr •• • lunty, 21 n ..• s 

from Glasgow, the nearest shipping station, 

and 122 miles from Louisville, j si- 
weekly mail. H. C. Franklin, postmaster. 

Boll S H. physician. 

Dak'; M, (lour, and saw-mill, 

Kverett Curtis H ble s _; nt. 

Everett Rev George 51 (Methodist). 

Faulkner James, undertaker. 

Franklin. Goad A- Co, gen store and drugs. 

Franklin, Grooms & C>>. shoes and saddlsry. 

Franklin If. C, General Store, Live- 
stock, Leaf Tobacco, and Ax-handle 

Gibhs J A. saddler. 

Goodman J T. hotel. 

Grooms E, shoemaker. 

Hallis W L, physician. 

Hudson & Dowi i .:, livestock. 

Jackson Hagan, wagon-maker. 

Jackson Isaac 11. blacksmith. 

Jackson "W E, blacksmith. 

Kerby A M, wagon-maker. 

Kerby Joseph, blacksmith. 

-Slorris E, general store. 

Neal J M, inill.-r. 

Patterson Rt-\ John (Baptist). 

Ross W L, confectioner. 

Seay John W, leaf tol 

Seav W II, physician. 

Steen Josiah, carpenter. 

Stone Dr B W. general store. 

Stone Rev F M, physician. 

Stone G P, hotel and grocery. 

Weir Allxrt S, Dentist. 


ing county, :! mile 
mel. No Village. 

A post-office in Flem- 
south-easl of Mt. Car- 

FRANKFORT. This r-ity, tl ecap- 
it m I of the State, is io< ate l on the east side 
of the Kentui ky river, in Franklin county, 
J^ miles east of Louisville Phe census of 
1880 sh .ws the popula it be ! 979. The 
rmii'. liny oi ' ■ L.. C >v L. U K p .--- 
through here, giving it excellent shipping 
and transportation facilities. Here are 2 
banks, several new spa per.*, imi ng which the 
Kentucky Yeoman dc er - special men- 
tion, a cotton-mill, a br ;.;■• works, a num- 
ber of stores and elegant private resident os, 
fine church edifices, a circulating library, 

containing 2000 volumes, good school build- 
ings, etc. Hex manufacturing industries 
an varied and extensive, end a large-trade 
i done wit! the surrounding country. Ex- 
press Adams. Telegraph W. L T . Maildaily. 
.In-. C. Hatchett, [ >stmaster. 

Alley Nelson, livery. 

Archer R N & Co, iumber, 1 mile s e). 

Averill Win H,.druggist. 

Ball ■ ,: A nnie E, gr >ceri< s. 

Banta John M, confectioneries. 

Bell J J. shoemaker. 

h \'a It ntine, Is: 1 , r. 

Blackburn James, Secretary of State. 

Blackburn Luke i'. Governor. 

Blakemore .1 N. distiller. 

lilankenship Win groceries. 

liol in ian John VY. Iaw\ >_- r . 

Bohannan Mrs Sarah .1, confectioner. 

Bowman C E, Commissioner of Agricul- 
ture. State capital. 

Boyd Linn, Dep Reg of Land Office Ky. 

Branch Bank of Kentucky. Capital $200,- 
000. Ambrose \V Dudley pres; Edwin 
L Samuel cashier. 

Brislan Jeremiah, grocery and saloon. 

Bryan Edward P, station agent. 

BuckUry Job n T., Hardware, Stoves 
and Tinware, and General House Fur- 
nishing Goods. Rooting, Guttering, etc., 
promptly attended to. St. Clair Street 

Buhr George, Propr. Buhr's Hotel, 
Main street, j See ndc. i 

Buhr's Hotel, George Buhr. Propr. 

Burkholder George, harness-maker. 

Burckhardt & Co, meat market. 

Burns Edmund, groceries. 

Burns & Eichhorn, carriage-makers. 

Catitrill James E, lieutgovernor. 

Capital Hotel. Casey & Taylor, propra. 

Carter Thomas & Co, insurance agents. 

Casey & Taylor, pn prs Capital Hotel. 

i Jasper Charles, dry goods, boots and shoes. 

Chamberlin C B, rish and game. 

Chelf W. <!.. Prop Krai kfort. Elarreds- 
; irg & i .a v renc burg stag s lin ■-. L ;;ive 
Frankfort daily 10::}0 \ vt. arrive Law- 
renceburg IsiO .* M, arrive Harrod burg 
ti p. \i. L^ave Harrodsburg daily 7 ■>.. m. 
arrive Lawreneeburg 11 a m, arrive 
Fran kfort I::10 .-. M. From Law renceburg 
to Frankfort and return $2; lawrence- 
burg to H«i rod; n n ■•: i I return $3 \lso 
ticket agent 1... C. & L. R. R. Tickets 
sold to all points at different stage offices. 

ih '. IA fAGEHS, 

I8&U MiUVtfiitii^i! U ft££i • . ■' CENTRAL DEPARTMENT - - 




Chinn Prank, lawyer. 

Chinn Wm .f , coal. 

Ghuroli Bros . livery. . . 

Church Robert » '. livery. 

Cochran John & Co, distillers. 

Collins C F. & Bro, hardware. 

Column George E, cashier L C «fc L K K 

freight depot. 
' -ompton Lewi*, i iill. 
Cook Mrs Annie B, State librarian. 
Graddoek Georg< W, lawyer. 
Crutcher Starks, i iolhier. 
D»r-i*> Rev George Christian). 
Dui. is Isadore, dry g< o i . 

Day iV Half, grc ries. 

Dejarnette A J, commonwealth's attorney. 
Deposit Bank of Frankfort. Capital $77,- 

•100: surplus $13,;' oo. Win .1 Chinn. 

pros : John Wu'-^n. cashier. 
Dolan James, barber. 
Drsne George C, lawyer. 
T>ry<ien »John B., News Depot and 

Dealer in Stationery, Cigars, Tobacco, 

Notions, Post-omce Lobby. 
Dudley .1 G & Bro, saw and planing-mill. 
Duvall Alvin, lawyer. 
Ellis Hezekiah S, *alo n arid restaurant. 
Exnm Charles F., Att >rney at Law. 

Practices in Court of Appeals, Circuit 

Courts, Franklin and adjoining Counties. 

Collections promptly made in ail parts 

of the Stale. 
Farmers' Bank of Kentucky. Capital 

$1,100,000. Thos Rodman Sr, pres; 

Grant Green, cash. 
Fawcett .1 C, Ken man P F & G R R. 
Fergu3on & Meek, machinists. 
Firestone Benjamin F. harness-maker. 
Fitz-patrick James, saloon. 
Floon .1 II, dentist. 
Flynn Wm T. cooper. 
Fo!e\ Michael J, groceries 
Foote V \V, Painter. 
Frankfort Dispatch, daily and 

weekly;, Frankfort Dispatch Company, 

props. Only daily paper published at 

Frankfort. < >ifi. e, Si, t ! 
Frankliri Walter, count v cl 
Frankfort Cotton Mill '< 

Milton McGrew pn.-s, J 
Frankfort Machine 

Brass FoiiiHi.rv, .lone 

Ma< hinists an<i M ifrs. 

Brnss Work, Broadway. 
French Sidney, lawyer and 

nir street. 
■ i k. 
cap $80,000, 

n L Wheat see. 
Works and 
s Bros.. 1'roprs. 
Machinery and 

i.SVe adv.) 

citv clerk. 

Gaines W A «£ Co, distillers. 

Gateley B. B., Mnfr. Singer Mnfg 
Co. Our ^ales last year were at the rate 
of over 1700 Bewing-maebines a day. 
Main street, 

Gayle George W, watchmaker, 

Gil lis VV H, lawyer. 

Gibbons & Sullivan, saloon 

Gobber Henry, groceries and -;-loon. 

Graham .J ]', A: S >n, furniture and under- 

Gray A: Rodman, groceries. 

Green Charles S.. Asst Auditor. 

Greenup Nelson B, saloon. 

Griffin Bros, drv goods. 

Hall Wm II, rlruj 

llaly Dennis Ii, hardware and saloon. 

Hardin P W, ally general. 

Harris Solomon, dry •' ods and clothing. 

H >rris Thomas A, asst sec of state. 

Harris Wm, barber. 

li.irri- Y,'m H, physician. 

Hatehitt James G, postmaster. 

Hawkins E O, county sheriff. 

llefl'ner .James W, sewing-machines. 

Heffner Thomas, blacksmith. 

Heller Mrs Anna C, meat market. 

Herndon Wm C, lawyer. 

Hensley Edward, insurance. 

Hernaneourt Peter, maltster. 

Herrmann Leopold, dry goods, boots and 
si s. 

Hewitt Fayette, Auditor of Public 
Accounts, State Capitol. 

Higdn* . Richard, barber. 

Hocker Jesse C, restaurant. 

Holder Thomas J, meat market. 

Hollo way L. 1>., Clerk Kentucky 

Horgan & Haiy, builders. 

Fiord. & Trabue, lawyers. 

Hubbell Daniel J. wagon-maker. 

Hukle Harry groceries. 

Hughes & ('hil- s, druggists. 

H ighes A: Dunigan, lumber mfrs. 

Hume Edgar E, phvsieian. 

Hyde II J, ?he< maker. 

.' \> oby Mrs Mary, clothing. 

Jd ■::•■- V.ndrew J, la ■■■■ . er. 

Jam* - Samuel, ph v-ieian. 

■Jill-ot) Robert 1>, drv goods and notions. 

Jones Bros. (M*. A. & H. T. A J. L 
Jones), Proprietors Frankfort Machine 
Work- and Brass Foundrv, Broadway. 

Joi!<'., Thos. C, ( ierk of the Court of 
Appeals, State Capital 



J. B. WILLIAMS & BRO., Proprietors. 


roMXl.'.'TI?ii} WITH 

if i -A_:r.:m::d j ax j :e: ./lUstd .A-XjTOICt. 

Meis^-r^s delivered Promptly »-• I I'i • tv-. Al«o Messages lelivered to Kentucky Military II: j t i- 

tots, near Farmdale. Utii e, Ar.u Street o\ ipitol H tel. 




Wholesale aud Retail Dealers in 

IF XT IR, I>T I T TJ" IR, _H] , 


Picture Frames, Mouldings, Window Shade?, Ac. Repairing 

of all kinds Promptly done. 

St. Clair Street, - ITra.n.licfbrt, IE£>-- 


J. 23. IDlEV-riDISiT. Lessee arid. Manager. 

Population of City 9,000. Seating :ap.ioity of Opera IIoi;-:e 1,000. Will show ftret-ciass combinations 
An sicelient show city for all first-clan entertainments. 

Est \bi ished is 1877. 







J-03STES BROS., - - Peopbietobs. 

Manufacturers of all kind* of New Wnrk for 




Coatra<«t f</r N«w Work in a:;y part of tbt State IFJK^A.H.T.rC.oTOiK.T 2C5T. 

nflflT* ^ \ Wfif! ' li "'-' u * NNin.bws. Hrass Labels ■ Carriage, Show Ca^e ami M.-.-.t, :, ,,.,-- 
j! I H ; : Plates,] ittom tetters ami liffurcs. ••> ■ il Body Kubber Tvi.o 

$*¥i*8t f K**i*«l L. BOCHE, Engraver wd Die Bisksr, 1GG Randolph Street, Chicago I u, 





Jones & Bowcn (Win. Jones, D. M. 
Bowen), Mfrs Hemp, Furniture, Knot*. 
and Shoes, Chairs ( opei i e, Wagons, 
Buggies, etc., State Penitentiary. 

Julian Win H. lawyer and county atty. 

Jury John, billiards. 

Kahr Adam, grocery and sail on. 

Kaltenbrun Vincent, shoemaker. 

Kalti nbrun V T i -out A, dentist. 

Kentucky Law Reporter, George 
A, Lewis, Publisher; ,] 0. «Jc Frank L. 
Wells editors. Office, Odd-Fellows' 
Temple, St. Clair. 

Kentucky Kiver Mills (Capital 
$100,000). Nathaniel J.Sawyer. Pres't; 
Russell W. M< Rery, See'y." Mfrs of 
Hemp Harvesters' Twines, Millers' 
Twiner etc.. ai t Carpet Yarns. 

Kentucky Veoman. Major, Johnston 
& Barrett, }'<■< prietors. Tri-weekly, 
weekly, and daily during sessions of 
Legislature. {See act ■. I 

Kiernan John, hardware and «aio,!n. 

Kirtley John E, city marshal. 

Kists S & Co, clothing. 

Kleber John A. confectioner. 

Labmt & Graham, distillers. 

Lawler Kobt W, jailer. 

LeCompte Joseph, druggist. 

Lewis < A., Editor and Propri- 
etor "Weekly Roundabout, and Publisher 
Kentucky Law Reporter (monthly), of- 
fice Odd-Fellows' Temple, St. Ciair St. 
(See adv.) 

Lewis Rev James M i Baptist). 

Lindsey Daniel \V., lawyer. Prac- 
tices in Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts 
Anderson, Henry, Owen, Franklin and 
Woodford Counties. Particular atten- 
tion given to collections. Cor. St. Clair 
and Main. 

Littdsey John IJ., Lawyer and In- 
surance Agent, cor. St. Clair and M&'n. 

Lhidsej Wrn, lawyer. 

Luscher Sigmund. brewery. 

Lutkemeier & Co, dr\ ^oods. 

McAulitFe James, Deputy Clerk 
Court of Ap] i 

M Clure 1: K <k Rr . b >ots, >h< as and hats. 

McDonald Mrs Eliza S. millinerv. 

Mr Donald P., Justice of the' Peace, St. 

McEwan Alexander, county coroner, 

McKee A Logan, dry goods. 

IfcMauama & Jett, lawyers. 

Macklin George B, commission merchant. 

Major, Johnston & Barrett (Sam- 
uel 1. M. Major. Jo ;ia! S. Johnston De- 
Witt C. Barrett), Pr prietors Kentucky 
Yeoman, Rook Publishers, Printers and 
Binders, St. Clair. (,S'« adv.) 

Major Opera-house, John B. Dry- 
den, L< -■•*■ and Manager, Post-office 
Lobby. ISet • ■ 

M ij • Patrick U, circuit judge. 

Major S. I. M„, Public Printer and 
Bmd< r. 

Mandeville Wm, barber 

Mandlehr W <t. grocery and lunch-rooms. 

M & Meagher, boots and shoes. 

Martin <i Bro, tl< ur-miil ;: miles oast.) 

Mattern Henry <;.. Photographer; 
rst-class Work Executed Here. Main. 

Meagher E L& Cr<., groceries and bard- 
v jre. 

Meek Benjamin F, jeweler. 

Meriwether David, Fropr Meri- 
wether Hotel, Market and Ann. 

Meriwether Hotel, David Meri- 
wether, Propr., cor. Broadway and Ann, 

Milam Benjamin C, mnfr tishing-reeh. 

Miles & S<m, flour-mill. 

Miller Frank W, groeerv. 

Miller Wm N, agent Adams exprets. 

Moore Eugene P, lawyer and justiee, 

Morris & Alstrom, merchant tailors. 

Newman Patrick, groceries and hardv.nre. 

Nickles Michael, tailor. 

Noel & Jeffers, meat market. 

Norman L C, commissioner Insurance Bu- 
reau of Kentucky. 

Nuchols Joseph P. Adjt and (juartermastur 
General of Ky . 

Paul Pros, saloon. 

Penick Rev E A .Ascension church). 

Pence Wm L, lumber mnfr. 

Pepper Robert P. propr Frankfort Trot- 
ling Park, and stock-breeder. 

Perry Wm B, dyerandsi cond-hand clotb'g. 

Phythian Wm, physician. 

Pickett Prof. Jos. Desha, Superin- 
tendent Public instruction, State Cap- 

Posey \V. Horace*, Attorney at Law 
Will practise in C urts of Franklin, An- 
derson, and adjoining counties, and ii 
Court of Appeals. Special attention 
given to ( ' ■:'. • ctions 

Power FdlllOlld, Stoves and Tinware, 
and Galvanized iron Cornice Manufac- 
turer, Ann street. 

Price Joel S, physician. 

K • »*' (*« " * R ' ~ I -if ..-. si i E f 

' i I ■, r, J .. - - • ■ s v i t ; * ^ 






Priee JS&JL, physicians 

Proctor John R, director Ky Geological 
Survey and Com Si Le Immigration. 

Pugh Kev John VV I'r ?byterian). 

Pullum John, blacksmith. 

Reading Wm T, dry g U 

Richardson N F i T. groceries. 

Rodman Hugh, lawy< r. 

Ri dman J i& -J W. law • "^ 

Rodman W m \ ysician 

Rodman & Bro, dry goods and carpets. 

Rodman & Duval, ians. 

Rodman tS Sneed. lun ber. 

Roundabout Tlif, (Weekly George 
A. Jj-ks !<, Edit •- and Pn \- r etor. i le- 
voted to Local and Society News. 
Largest Circulation in Central Ken- 
tucky. St. ( lair. | &« !J . 

Rowland David, p o Tapher. 

Ryan Mrs Mary. _ . 

St. Clair & Brady, barbers. 

Salender Andrew , grocei ies. 

Salender George, grocery. 

Samuel Henry, barber. 

Sanger? Capt Samuel. st< an. boat line. 

Santbrd Robert, county ft.-sessor. 

Sawyer A. J.. Phvsician, 

Sayres Samuel C, notary public. 
, r A usrust. builder. 

Schroff JO801>l», Proprietor Star Sa- 
loon. Choice Foreign and Domestic 
Liquors, Wines, Cigars arid Tobaccos. 
West ?ide St. Claii Street. 

Scott James A. lawyer. 

Scott John L, law ■■ ■ - 

S Iberl Philip j w ■,■ 

Shaw & L< e, ii very. 

Rli Id Ralph r< ■ ■ -'< r < ( land office. 

SI t • C Cc Bro. i igar-manufacturers. 

Si ith Rev Green Clay | Baptist). 

f : • ■ . : 1 1 . ack.-m ith. 
Peter barber. 

Smith Samuel F, physician. 

Smith Wm M. saloon. 

* A S '-■'.-<'. In ery stable. 

Sncod Russell, Editor !>.•;. utebf Daily 
an 1 We< - ■ St. ' 'lair Street. 

Sneed Wm H, lawyer an i citj judge. 

Southgate Key K L j >i i ( h irch). 

South J W & S, warehouse. 

South T J, dep't warden Siute. penitentiary. 

Sower Peter C, baker. 

Sower P C & J P, saloon. 

Stephens James if. meat market. 

tt Tiq~ tp * c^ izrr (—s rri ~np nr 


GEO. BT7HR, Proprietor. 


Good Samrile Booieb, Bar and Billiards Connected. 


TSBOI.-Z; "WEXTSIEZZJ, Fropr:et=r, 

K. n. WKlTZEIi, Hfrk. 

Thin Hot«! hag lately teen newly re-furnished »cd r»-iitttd tnrongnout. Commercial men »nd ihe »r*T 

elitig poblic *il! iiu.1 all tire comforts of ta>me 

^•rv-lc S^re&r, Cpycslt* ITerr Capitol 33\iAldi3S.,g, 

firkin- icfoirt, 


mm \ 


bll. M 

■ k HI 



C mtral and Southern Dep't, 
IjOUI3VI1,L,B, - •> . «. . . KV, 




Stewart Henry, saloon. 

Stone Wm, warden State penitentiary. 

Swigert Joseph, cit\ treasurer. 

S'^igert J & J, dry goi ds. 

Tat>- James W, State treasurer. 

Taylor Charles E, n anager W U Tele- 
graph office and telephone exchange. 

Taylor Edmund H ,)r, rnavor. 

Taylor E [] Jr A ( . : • i). rs 

Taylor J. Swijfort, Distiller. Distil- 
lery on Glenn's < -■:-.. Woodford county. 

Taylor Thompson L lentist. 

Tobin Lawrence, groi erv aid saloon. 

Todd Harry .' . .- retary Paris, George- 
town & i rankfort li R Co. 

Todd Jarnes M, groceries. 

Turner George, saddles and harness. 

Waggener .1 I. & \V II. dry goods ai i 

Wakefield & Congleton, lumber man'f'rs. 

Ward Mrs Clara K. milliner. 

Watkins II I. & '. ' , .: ti ners. 

Watson W R & Bro, wagon material. 

Weitzel Jerome, Proprietor Weitzel 
Hotel, Lewis Street, opj .>site New Cap- 
itol Buil Ling , SV< idv. i 

Weitzel II & .1. saloon. 

Weitzel Hotel, Jerome Weit:'.el, Pro- 
prietor. L< wis Street, opj site New Cap- 
itol Building. (See adv.) 

Weitzel Louis, confecth ner. 

Wliitesides A MeEwan (Ephraim 
Whitesides, Alexandi r Mi Ewan), Furni- 
ture and Undertakers. St.Ciair. (Seeadv.) 

Williams Bros. <M. H. P., W. 0., J. 
B. and 13. G. i, Agricultural Implements 
and Seeds. 

Williamson En.imett, dentist. 

Williams Henry R, groceries, hardware 
and livery. 

Williams J. 1?. & Bro., Proprietors 
Frankfort Jc Lawreneeburg Telephone 
Line, connecting with Farmdaleand Al- 
ton; also connecting with Telegraphs. 
Ann Street, opposite Capitol Hotel. 
(."w adv.) 

Withrow James M. groceries and hardware. 

Yagel George, c r r> ceries. 

Young Rev L i Catholic). 


Simpson county, is 

The county-seat of 
situated on the main 
line "of the L. & X. R. P... I ! miles from 
Louisville. Its population is 2.000. It 
contains a good court-house, 2 banks, 2 
steam Souring-mills, a woolen-mill, auw- 

| mill, a planing-mill, a brick-yard, a tan- 
I nery and a good hotel. The Patriot, whkh 
I is published here, is a Jive weekly news 
j paper. 7 churches and good public schi !i 
| are sustained. Franklin College is located 
i here, and is justly celebrated as oHe of tlifi 
j best educational ii stitutions in the Stati 
j The chief shipments from Franklin hm 
live sto :k, ti 'bacco, and pr< d h 

Telegraph, Western Union. Express, 
Adams. Stage weekly to Scottsville and 
; Adairville, fare $1.50. Daily mail. John 
j N. (.'row, postmaster. 

Adams John C, lawyer. 

Albert Joseph J, barb r. 

Atkinson Wm B. stoves and tinware. 

B ! mee Join , tob a e< o (9 miles s-w). 

Bi all Wm, notions. 

Bibb Rev T VV | Baptist]. 

Blackburn .Mr.- A E, dressmaker. 

, RobtC, harness-maker. 
Bland Ji ihn F, lawyer. 
B< 'gai I ra J, county ju Ige 
Bog an & Hammond, tobacco. 
Boisseau House, r'2.00 ner day*. 

Public Square. John Walsh, Propr. 
Bo k( r Henry J, hardware and agri imps. 
Booker <fc McClean, saddles and harness. 
Booker & Short, groceries. 
Bottomley John, saddles and harness. 
Bradley George W, saloon. 
Breeding James E, dentist. 
Briant Charles W, gunsmith. 
Briant & Bro, tobacco-leaf. 
Bryan VVm R. physician. 
Bryan & Stanford, groceries. 
Byrum James A. blacksmith. 
Caldwell & Beazeley, grist and saw-mill, 

( 7 miles east |. 
Caltharp John, tinware. 
Cardwell Dudley D. jailor. 
Crewdson Presley M, sewing machine agt 
('row John X., General Store. 
Dviiv, ood -I im< > H. furniture. 
Deni ing John It, tobaci o (9 miles s-w). 
Dicky George W. live stock. 
Dou .;' 13 J ( '. r liysician. 
Dowlinj? «SL Sympson, (Francs* 

Dowling. Win, R. Sympson). Proprie- 

tors Drake - Creek Mills. 
Dowm y James ' . hardware and groceries. 
Dulft! v Wm L, • ircuii court judge. 
Du un Geo W, physii ian. 
Edn • ds -la- P agt Adams Express Co. 
Edwards & Gardner, physicians. 

j. ■, £ i ] ! Consisting of Ice Tools, Aj [cultural Implement I itl ry, But- 

: . •!;,■" ...... M pli< - : . fc'REi i SC1£ ilSDISG, 

iiaili'rtRiW fi>;>t.'.'a*iiSi«| SJ5 Broadway and 830 North Fourth Street, - ST. LOUIS. 5IO. 


AKD business directory, 



Kpes Prof. II. H., President and 
Principal Franklin Female College. 

Eubank Ambrose B. livery. 

Eubank C T & T R. leaf-tobacco. 

Eubank & Gilbert, tiour-mill. 

Fleming Jas 11, meat market. 

Fliey Harris, clothing. 

Ford Jas W. brick-yard. 

Ford & Br. i, general -' - ■ 

Fosl< r .!" : j n II, ■. .\ i.nsi-n & 1 bin '-. 

Franklin Female College, Prof. II. 
11. Epi 3, V. i ■ .. ■■.: and Prim ipal ; Geo. 
B. Knapp See. Board Managers. 

Franklin Patriot, Mo re & Lewis, publ'rs. 

Gaither Win L, !.•• try -..-. ... 

Galloway Geo H. lawyer. 

Gillispie Mrs Sarah K, millinery. 

Gillum Rev F M Pi • ■ t -r : ..-: |. 

Go >dnigl i Isaac 11. law} er. 

Gross lsad ire, dry g 

Grubb Armst 'd 0, wagon-maker. 

Hall D D, assessor. 

Hammon Atlas P, county court clerk. 

Hampton Mrs Elizabeth, dress-maker. 

Hampton Robert 13, ta 

Haner Jas N. general store. 

Harris George C, lawyer. 

Harris Jas G, undertaker, (5 miles easth 

Harris Wm W, blacksmith. (5 miles east). 

Harwell Alfred W, general store. 

Harwell W Shelby, blacksmith. 

Hilton Wm 1. general store. 

Hit* Alfred V, station an d tel agt. 

Holman Henry W, tobacco > l J miles s-w'i. 

Horn Mrs S E, proprietress Horn House. 

Hudspeth John G, city marshal. 

Hughes James W, blacksmith. 

Jackson Wm R, wat> bes, clucks, etc. 

Johnson James M, sewing-machines. 

Johnson Samuel M, groceries and saloon. 

Jones Lafayette J, physician. 

Jones Mark, barber. 

Kohlhepp George, grocery and saloon. 

La Rue Bros, drv goods, boots and shoes. 

La Rue James ST. justice of the peace. 

Lile James H. tobacco and claim agent. 

Lovell Wm T. livery. 

McCartney James, groceries andagrl impts. 

McCianahan ife Co! -' ' a< "• 

MeElwain J M .V < , live - ■ k. 

McElvvain, >I<*uiii;ir & Co. (J. M. 
McElwain, A. F. Meguiar, J. W. Mc- 
Cianahan, O. P.Sumwers, 1. Lewis, A. J. 
Samuel), Bankers. 
McGlothlin Isaac N", wines, liquors, etc. 

McGlothlin >fc Bro, saloon. 


M Goodwin J L & Co, bankers. 

McKenzie Thomas B & Co, general store. 

Mai. in Robert, carpenter. 

Marshall, Pettit v^- Wantland, carriages. 

Martin Gibson, barber. 

Mason & buttle, blacksmiths. 

Ma} es Mrs Mana L, millinery. 

Mayes Pleasant V, groceries. 

Mil! iken George II , justice of peace. 

Milli ken Jan - li, pliy.-i< ian. 

Milliken John J, county attorney. 

M i liken A: Bush, lav, vers. 

Mitchell Hiram K. druggist. 

Montague a; McCianahan, groceries. 

M n in ( Charles B, law} er. 

Moore Randolph H, druggist. 

Moore & Lewis, publ'rs Franklin Patriot. 

Moore & Newman groceries. 

No si John T, dentist. 

Noel M rs Lucy J. dress-maker. 

Oatev Richard, shoemaker. 

Offutt & Bro, saloon. 

Patterson & Neeley, general store. 

Peden & Williams, flour-mill (6 miles s e). 

PliimtiK-r James L, sheriff, 

Porter John M, c innuon wealth's atty. 

Porter Wm E, clerk P.. isseau House. 

Potter Charles F, hardware and agricultu- 

ral implemf nt •. 
Read Mrs L, millinery. 
Redford Samuel W. tailor. 
Roark Granville W, lawyer and school 

Roi •■}' B>-r,j. constable. 
Samuel & Williams, general store. 
Smith John 11, drugs, books, etc. 
Smith & Eubank, Tobacco (10 miles east). 
Snider Wm, meat market. 
Stanford J L & Co, lumber and planing- 

Stark Geo A, tobacco (12 miles south-west). 
Starks & Ruley, tobacco (9 miles s w). 
Stringer Wm, carpenter. 
Swan Wm, druggist. 
Tannehill Preston B, physician. 
Tapscott Chas P. wanon-maker. 
Fowi fend Tighlman 0, lawyer. 
Traucchber .! M, shoemaker. 
Viney ird Eld< n S, den\ st. 
Wade Harvey D, .ire goods. 
Wade Wm G, countv clerk and live stock. 
Wade W (1 & Co. saloon. 
Walker & Walker, lawyers. 
Walsh John, Proprietor Boisseau 

House; also Franklin Woolen Mills, 

Pubiie Square. 

• ■ 


pi g 

T P F O It S A L E — A L L C O L (> I? S. 

- J.W. AtJsinscn, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago. 





Whitesides Geo W. lawyer. 
Wilkinson Francis L 1 twyer. 
Woodrow J W & Son, furniture. 
Zeutzsch ,i Carl J, shoemaker. 

F 11 A N K I, IX'S CROSS- 
ROADS. A recently established post- 
ofu?e in Hardin county. 

Fit AN K ITS 's MI LL.S. A small 
country settlement in Fleming county, ; j 
miles from its shipping' station, Poplar 
Plnins.. and about 200 from Louisville. 
Semi-we< kly mai! John S. Piummar, post- 
master and miller. 

'FRAXKLINTOX. This is a set- 
tlement of 50 people in Henry county, 1.0 I 
.mi lea from Eminence, the shipping point, J 

on the L., C. 6: L. R'y, 40 miles from j 

Louisville, and 6 miles from Newcastle, ! 

the county-seat. Tri-weekly mail. Goorge 

W. Stivers, postmaster. 

Adams David, live stock. 

Adams D C, county assessor. 

Adams Frank, teacher. 

Berry Thomas, saw-mill. 

Bootn J B, physician. 

Chibb W E, general store. 

Green Wm, farmer. 

Jones L P, genera! store. 

Neal J S, saloon. 

Oliver R T, harness-maker. 

Raiser Joseph, town marshal. 

Sewell George W, flour-mill. 

Stivers Geo. ^V., Druggist, and Wag- 
on.-. Maker. 

Sutton Thomas, phy.-ician. 

Tbompston B. physician. 

Washburn James, blacksmith. 

FRAZER. In Wayne county, is a 
new and unimportant p st-otfice. 

offi •• in SVasl inscton county, 9 miles from 
Bardstown, its shipping station. 

FREDOMA. In the western part 
of Caldwell county, 12 miles north-west of 
Princeton, the- county-sent, its nearest 
shipping p' int, on the I', & E. R. R., and 
8 north-ea.-t i f D\ rushim its nearest land- 
ing, on the Cumberland river. Daily i 
Population. i;00. J. A. Garner, p stmaster. 

Ackerman J M, tinner. 

Buckner J S. physician. 

Bucg .! S, druirgist. 

Byfd I) T, general store. 

Byrd W L, general store. 

Crider J E, hotel. 

Dixon Rev T S S, harnets. 

Dorr R T, cabinet-maker. 

Duer C L. but* I. 

Garner «.V Morgan^ Genera! Stort. 

and Di ugs. 
Glenir W C, carriage-maker. 
Glenn W C, carpenter. 
E dsell Rev J ii (Cumb Presbyterian). 
Johnson W S. physician. 
Kirkpatrick W D, physician. 
Maxwell W E, general store, 
Mott J B, physician 
Rice C, wagon and carriage-maker. 
Smith Benjamin, blacksmith. 
Spink G L, li H and ei press *r*nt. 
Theldkeld A L, blacksmith. 
Vogel G H, shot-maker and marshal. 

FREEDOM. Sometimes called Black 
Walnut, is a sniail post village in Barren 
county, 12 miles from Glasgow, the county 
seat, and shipping station by rail. Popu- 
lation 60. Stage t i Glasgow and Tomp- 
kinsvilie tri-weekly; fare $1.25 to either. 
Mail tri-weekly. II. H. Button, post- 

Atkinson D If, lawyer. 
liutton & Jones, General Store. 
Childerss Rev F C | Baptist). 
Eubank it Son, general ?tore. 
Jones W H. undertaker. 
Roe & Humphry, tlour-mill iwe3t). 

FREE UNION. This little settle- 
ment of 4" people is in Webster county, 4 
mil - from Dixon, tl e c u ty-seat, and 16 
miles from S my liter\ : ie, its -■ 
point. It iias :; churches and a pub 

mail. C, M. Spe 


icbo '1. Semi-week r 

cer, postma -cer. 

Brewer E If, wagon -maker. 

i rtis J ■■ ■ t a? d -a iv-mill. 

Henerson Joseph blacksmith. 

Jones \\ -' ington, wagon-maker. 

Spe er Charh-s, carpenter. 

Sj>en<*er ('. \V"., Carpenter and Agent 

lor .1 lines Bros. 
W iggener N !I, blacksmith. 
Yates James, saw and tl ur-mill. 


: . ,- , 



Have Settled nmrr ihtin 1,4 00 
Losses, ;»>•■' Uave iiatl but 13 Re- 
. - ' § eisted Claims, Arents Everywhere. 


FREKCHBURG. This age the 
county-suat of Menifee county, is wit bin 4 
miles, of Cornwall, a station ot the Mount 
Sterling Coal R. R., and Lot) miles from 
Louisville. Here are 2 grist mil!*., a han- 
dle factory, 2 cburchos, 1 school, and a 
population of 300 peoj ie. Mail daily. 
James Hermitage, postmaster. 
Adams Rev James (Christian). 
Armita-ge James, Assr and Lumber. 
Byrne J J, surveyor ana elk county court. 
Cape T T, lawver. 
Clark Rev F ( Methodist ). 
Day B T, druggist, grocer and lawyer. 
Fan-en W C H, furniture. 
Farrar W C, restaurant. 
Fox John, flour-mill. 
Frisby R K, lawyer. 
Oreenwade Thomas, grocery and hotel. 
Greer J F, general store. 
Hardin II V, general st >re. 
lla.king A T. circuit clerk. 
Harvv W B, flour-mill and handle factory. 
Hawkins F II, hotel. 
Oliver J M, lawyer. 
Patrick John, lawyer. 
Patrick Samuel II, lawyer. 
Per.ix W W, druggist. 
Pierce W S,- circuit court clerk. 
Powers B T, flour-mill. 
Taylor B T, lawyer. 
Van Arsdell I M, county ju Ige. 
Williams James & Co, grocers. 
Williams J W, dry goods. 

FRIENDSHIP. This small post- 
is in Caldwell county, i mile-3 from 
Si ittshurg, it- railroad shipping station. 
1' puktion 20. 

}' Hard A W, general store. 
V\ iliiams E, grocery and saloon. 

FROZEN CREEK. This small 

F ' '- th'oe is m Breath titi ai out 180 

n i - from L iis\ Hi • I 17 t'r m < ' ru- 

wall, the nearest railroad station ii- r'-. 

f ,r ': •-: i hurehts, 1 free s< tool steam-mi ! 

a:ui 50 p.;ople. Daily mail. A. T. Hurst, 


[far i's Wrn. blacksmith. 

flur shell Jefferson, blacksmith. 

Hum A. T.. Farmer. 

;: r.-l S H, distill r. 

Day Win. L r - neral :Uore. 

Van CI ave A S, flour-mill. 

FRUIT HIEE. In the northern 
part ot v : ristian county, 1 2 miles north of 
Llopkinsville, and 8 south of Crofton, its 
nearest shipping point, on the St. L. & S. 
E. branch of L. & N. R. K., and 85 miles 
south-west of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. T. J. Powers postmaster. 
i. •■■;-- G W, shoemaker. 
Niton Jaa (i, general store. 
Ward H C, eabinet-maker. 

FUETON. A village of 1.500 inhabi- 
tants, partly in Kentucky and partly in 
Tennessee, at the crossing of the M., P. A 
N. and N. O., St. L. & C. R. R's., in the 
south-east corner of Fulton county, '20 
miles from Hickman, the county-Beat, and 
276 miles from Louisville. It was settled 
in 1802, and incorporated in IS'?,. The 
village contains ? churches and good 
schools, 8 eteuin fiouring-mills, 2 steam 
saw-mills, 3 cotton-gins, a furniture factory, 
owned by Joseph Wade, who employs '2d 
men, and executes some of the best work, 
in his line, in the Stat?; a tannery. 2 hotel*, 
the leading one of wiiich is Letts' Lintel, 
which is always supplied with the best fare 
in the market. 2 weekly newspapers, and a 
public hall, and ships cotton, tobacco, 
wheat, and furniture. Western Union 
telegraph. Southern Express. Daily mail. 
Wm. F. Fagan, postmaster. 
Anderson Henry, barber. 
Apollo Conservatory, Miss Ruth Caldwell 

Watts, propriet ress. 
B< ; ■ d o>: Collins, grocers. 
Blythe John W. general store. 
Bo h iT'T K M & Co, 1 ardware. 
Boyd ic Co, pro) rietors Glob* Mills. 
Bro\v<ler Robert A. & Co., Leaf- 

tol acco, Agricultural implements, Grain. 

Se- Is, etc. 
Bui ge J' iseph I. shoi maker. 
I Van ti. co< per. 

1 ithai i Hardin F, saddles and harness. 
(,' i; ers VV -ley li. irdir tr-house. 
(' ! .., V\ ili p'mi, dry goods and clothing. 
* ins Jas A, genera! store. 
( ' ins Leroy. blacksm I : . 
( ol • ■ Je !' >r, tanners and saddlers. 

(•.■••< die Ah x !', gr r. 

Kddi .' i- :i. •;•-•■!; Lrrtiin, agricultural imp., 

ci al : also insurance a-^ent. 
la'...ui Win. l\. Postmaster. 
Fallwell Elijah E, wati h-maker. 


hub aSSi SHIlya vF I 




) CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - L u isvill 


Foster M E & Co, millinery. 

Freeman Benj lawyer. 

j reeman Jas XL, groceries, etc. 

Frey Fred W, bake y. 

Fulton Index (The), weekly. Saunders & 
Meacham, publb hers. 

Futrell, Westnudand & Co, carriage mfrs. 

Gambill Jas XI, gr n ery and saw-mill. 

Grant J H J. C ' . > • cers. 

Green Fred 11, watch-maker. 

Guthrits Geo \\ , b >ol i ai '1 stationery. 

Hall Joseph < ■. station agent. 

Hall Wm K, gr iceries 

Haynes .\ iu r ; ''. ; A, gen tral store. 

Hick-; XLi-sa [ .'■ ie milliner. 

Hughlet W \V , cotton gin (4 miles a e). 

FTunsaker Andrew It, physician. 

Hunsaker & Newt 'n, druggists. 

Jones A John, livery. 

Kimberlin & McDade, wagon-makers. 

Knight Mrs J. restaurant. 

Kornegay Kobert 1). physician. 

Leet AlVrt, h - el and express agent. 

Luten Joseph K, physician. 

McDonald W N, saloon. 

Maupin M Price, druggist. 

Meadows Wm W, cotton-gin, carding- 
mill. and general store. 

Miokle Robert A. watch and clock repairer. 

Mitchel Josiah M, photographer. 

Morris &, Taylor, meat market. 

Murphy H I) & Co, groceries and farm 

Nolen Wm P. stove* and tinware. 

Parker Thos C, druggist. 

Parker W T & Co, flour-mill. 

Paschull D Gid, harness-maker. 

Paschall Newton J, physician. 

Pascball Samuel J, dentist. 

Paschall Samuel J. saloon. 

Patterson & McDowell, general store. 

Payne Wm B, eating-house. 

Pierce Thomas, saw and grist-mill. 

Planters', A. R. Hunsaker, 

Reeds Emmett C, livery stable. 

Saunders & Moaeham, publishers of Ful- 
ton Index. 

Scofield Hubert, cotton-gin (4 miles east). 

Smoot John 2s, physician. 

Southern Express Co, Albert Lect agent. 

Starks Edward ' '. > arriage mnfr. 

Steele S A D. law yor. 

Tarry John W, physician. 

Thacker T P. sewing-macLines. 

Thacker & Moss, grocery and saloon. 

Wade Joseph, Planing-mill, Furniture 

and Coffin Factory. (See adv.) 
Walker Charles N, publisher Weekly Fui- 

Walker Prof T P, principal Walker"* 

-, hool for girls. 
Watts Miss Kuth Caldwell, P | 

A p illo Con jprvatory. 
Wi y Fuitonian. C IValker publi her. 
Wheeler N '[', saw-mill (6 miles north). 
Williams Oc 1 Idini ji eries. 
Wolf! & liuddleston. general store. 
Wyatt John A, general store. 

GAGE. A country post-office in Ho; - 
kins county, ltj miles from Madisouville, 
the- county-seat. Lt is a station on the P 
& E. R. R.. unl serves as a ship] ng 
point for the neig I ■ ■ ho< i ar >und Ex- 
press Southern. Mail daily. J. E. Cald- 
well, postmaster. 

Caldwell, J Ed, general store. 
Caldwell J A, saw and planing-tnills. 

GA1 XES V I LEE. This little village 
is in Allen county, -■• miles from B<<\\ I ng 
Green, its shipping station by rail. It I 
a chunh, school, and mill, and a pop lia- 
tion of 141. Mail semi- weekly. J. \V, 
Stark, postmaster. 

Bryant & Bro, general store. 

Caypool 11 H. blacksmith. 

Durham F, shoemaker. 

Glaze L A. physician. 

Goodnight Thomas M, tanner. 

Morebead James I, handle mnfrs. 

Rigsl v Porter, wagon mnfr. 

Stark J. W. «\r J. !>., Leaf-tobacco 

Whitne\ M, physician. 

Wolf James C, blacksmith. 


population of about 160, and is a v ; ' 
in Warren county, 12 miles from Bo« 
Green, the county-seat, and 8 miles fr ■ • 
Roekneld, the shipping point, on Men 
d'v. 1, & N. R. 11. Mail serai-weekly. 
John Uderson, p stmaster. 

Alderson John. General Store. 
Brow — .. expr -• agt 
Galloway & Bro, flour-mill. 

GAM A EI EE. A country settlemei : 
of 35 people, it; Monroe county, 9 nr.i ■■■ 
from Tompkinsvilie, the county-seat, ". " 


V; ! :• : ' i - ' ,! .•■ ai?S WO maDftgC, 

BARBEE & CA'STLEIWAN, Lou sviile, Ky. 
Aji'itit* e*erj~w«ere South* 





from Glasgow, the nearest railroad station, 
jtrnl iSOmilesfrom Louisville. Mail semi- 
weekly. U. C. Riggs. p istmaster. 
Cleveland W J. lawyer. 
Comer \V C, general st >re. 
Crabtree F S, school teacher. 
Crahtree II F, pin i 
Crawford S S. blacksmith. 

rd II H, 
Dolsou M J, boarding house. 
Harlin G W, hotel. 
Hayes & Braddorit', Sour-mills. 
Jenkins MeH. physician. 
Jones Rufus, mechanic. 
Newman & Vandiver, general store. 
Riggs C C, physician. 
Ritter Alexander, Sour-mill. 

GANGES. Grant e« unty (SeeMacon). 

6 east of Crittenden, its nearest shipping 
point, on the C. S. R'y, and 100 north- 
east of Louisville Tri-woekly mail. 
Population 20. F. lielmich, postmaster. 
Cahill John, justice of pea< e, 
Claycamp lieiirv, blacksmith, 
Gelfon — . express and railroad agt. 
H>.lmicll I-'., General Store 

liigl to-, - . i _ :i. rt ire. 

Tansen B, blacksmith. 
Lindci T F, wagon-maker. 
McNay R, =av, -null. 
Mullins Richard, constable. 
Williams A M, physii ian. 

GAP CHEEK. A post-office in 
Wavne county, l-> cniies south-west of 
Monti-cello, the county-seat. Mail daily. 
J. II. Shearer, postmaster. 
Dennis & Wright, woolen, carding, flour 

and saw-mill. 
Shearer J. II., General Store. 
Zimmerman P. saw-mill. 

post-officein Pulaski county. S. R.Owens, 
postmaster and physician. 

northern part of Pendleton county 16 
miles north of Falm mth, the county-seat, 

GARFIELD. A recently establish- 
ed post office in Breckinridge county, 7 
miles from Hardinsburg, tin co unty-seat. 
Population 15. Stage to Clovorport and 
Muldraugh, Mail daily. W. 11. Bell, 
| postmaster. 
Richardson B. F., General Store. 

i is in Meade county. - miles from its ship- 
| ping point, Muldraugh Station, on the L. 
j & N. R. R., and 28 by turn} ike from 
I Louisville. Here lire a grist-mill, 2 
I churches, a college and a public school. 
I Stages to Muldraugh. BewWvtlle arid 

Hafdinshurg. Population lis.H). Daily 

p ail. George Howard, postmaster. 
! Anderson W G & Co, flour-mill. 
j Busch \V J, justice of peace. 

Dowel John, justice of peace. 

Fausest A. cai penter. 

JOE. WADE, Proprietor. 

n/N/ a>U cam. mAo&M' adumi hi 1 

WILL. WADE, Ageuc. 

i* * 





1 •■" > J - - -i • - ' , V-'- ■? 

•r- f ' f , , .■,. J Everything in the way of 

5 ' *| Rouse Pnrnislimo Goods. 

f! Cairo an. I Paducah Bii's 

S ^j 




Household -F'TJK/isriTTJi^E 

wy«» warn ilm m^ . . . : I :' T ' ■^■■^ , 





Pitch W F, saw-mill. 
Funk John, shi emaker. 
Hutchens W A, carpenter. 
Jaggers Nel on, cai ponter. 
Lane II, blacksmith. 
Nevett & Keni e ly, general stare. 
Partlow A C, blacksmith. 
Patton Charles, general store. 
Pusey Dr Jl K, dnurgist.. 
Randall S F. em r J store. 
ShaubingLon A. general store. 
Sterrott S P. rWr-mill. 
Stier Fred, -!,..■•■ taker. 
Withers J A ik Son, dour-mill. 

Withers.! B, 3!: Iff 

Wooldridge Thomas, live stock. 

OAUKfiTT, A post-office in Meade 

county, 'J miles from Brandenb irg, the seal 
of juatici , and 8 from Muldnui -'•■. I • ■ 
shipping point, »n L. x \. K. R. p, . . .. 
tion 50. Mail d: ilv ^r ..-. • tf u ] I, ;U1 _ : ; ( 
and Bewloyville daily, fare Vo cents. * (.'. 
K. Crutch r, po ■• nast«;r. 

Cruteher C. 5\., Physician. Drut'trist 

and Dentist. 
Funk John, shoemaker. 
Hilf Wm, wagon-mak^r 
Miles G If. g. . al -tore. 
Reson & Osborne, £t neral store. 
Robinson I>r T C, druggist. 
Scott George, blacksmith. 
Wtaalen, wagon-maker. 

6ARRETTSBURO. A post-offioe 
in Christian county. 14 miles from Iiop- 
kinsville, the nearest railroad station and 
county-seat. Population 00. Mail tri- 
weekly. J. U. White, postmaster. 
Bacon H E, general store. 
1$ dsber\ .1 A. bl n ksmith. 
Discon \V B, hotel. 
King A I), justice of peace. 
Melcalf 1) J, constable. 
Metcalf .J N. pin sician. 
Reav Postin, ji -' i e of pr>aee 

Ryals Rev W II ( — ). 

Thomas J Q, p i\ -i 
Wilis B L, physician. 
Wilson h A. physician. 
Worker VV .1, physician. 

seat, and COO east of Louisville. Ashlai ! 
15 miles north, on the Ohio river, is t - 
nearest shipping point by water. Ex] 
largely of cuai. Daily mail. Population 
400. J. Barrett, postmaster. 
Artist James, saloon. 

Castuer, Barrett & Co., Genera 

Darr ell Wm, shoen iter. 
Galagher .!■ !m, hotel. 
Gebhart Fred, railroad an'ent. 

Geiger ■, gei eral store. 

Link John, blacksmith. 
Logan John M, physician. 
Ratelifl Kobert, grocery. 
Ri« e B S, physician. 
Stafredire George, wagon-maker. 
Zrigler Rev J W (M. th list). 

GEXEVA. A « of 50 inhabit- 
ants, in the south-western | art of Hei . r- 
s ici ci ''inty, 7 mi! ■- fn ■•>. the c unty- •< 'it, 
wbii ! i also the most i on ,-cni. nt shi 
point. Abbott's L: tiding, 1 mile soutl < 
the Ohio river is aist a shipping point bj 
wati r. An opening here tor a flour and 
grist-mill. Daily stage to Henderson, 
Morgan field, and Uniontown; far' "■• 
$1.50, and $2. Mail tri-weekly. W. A. 
Sisson, postmaster. 

Abbott R II, constable. 
Averitte W G, drugs and notions. 
Dixon II T, physician. 
Eakins J Wm, justice of peace. 
Parmer John, dry goods. 
Lockett F G. wagon-maker. 
Lym < ieorg jusl ice of peace. 
McBride K U, groceries and liquors. 
Randolph S W, chairman school board. 
Sandefur M ( ', physician. 
Sisson Win. A., Groceries, Notions, 
Produce, and Fur-. 


R'y, in. tl ■' astern pari >: Carter county 
11 miles north of Grayson, rue , >un 


GEOlCGE'S CHEEK. A little 
south-east ot the center ol Lawrence com ly, 
on Big Sandy river, about 300 miles fr< rn 
Louis\ ille, is a s< tth ment of 25 pi p e 
having this name. Semi-weekly mail. 
CI i les H. Bord rs, postmasti :. 
Bartlett Pi ter, bout and shoemaker, 
Boldin VVrn, carpenter. 
Borders A saw and grist-mill and tanne 
R i • - A <.V ( ' '. g me 'al st< re. 
Borders Cliaries H., llutel and Gen- 
eral Store. 

aia Sara * p i | ■ ' over?) o.o'.mofriro «i a $e 

• , : ; 


Davis W H, physician. j Bell John A., Ed and Propr. George- 
Lovins VYm, blacksmith. town Times, also Bookseller, Stationer 
Richardson G S, general .-tore and News Agt, cor. Main and Hamilton. 
Swetuian J W, physician. I Bradley & Bradley, lawyers. 
! I ryan Francis F, physician. 

GEORGETOWN. This town, ac- j £ r ^ Robert T, physician. 

■ c , ■ .-. i , IsnrcD oc Green, groceries, 

cordm? to the census of 1880 has a popu- . i 

■ .- ° .- o, v - , i . , F "ur "V James, wati h-maker. 

lation oi iJ.Ooi, and is the count v-seat of t ? m n 

. , . ., • B lrns 1 1 . painter. 

Scott, in t! east ■.■ ■ -. conn v. on ., , ., - 

., /, c ,. -., .... •.•!-,! h, ounty surveyor, 

the C b. Kv., 1J miles north ci Lexinjr- ,-. • ., , ..-, 

, -,, . ,. ,. , ., . .- ,, t-antril James b, lawyer, 

ton, 18 north-east ot irankiort, b/ south ... . ,. ,, ,, -, 

- /r j ;>,, - t •! ' ers Mrs If M, p lotrraph operator, 

of Cincinnati, and s'.l easl o! Louisville. ,. ,, ,, . ' *. 

„,, , , .. . LaauiOers Liarvev M. iish rruit, etc. 

The puice abounds in costlv private res- /M , T r . , 

. l ; i • :. Lhai ibers Jem 1>. sboemaKer, 

idences and busn ess bi >c a its educa- ,-,. * T , 

....... ,. ( ! eanev James L. hv< rv. 

tional fucinties are f>xt»msive b . I wn ,, ... • ^.- TT 

,, ,. a i •■ ■ , • • ,. j i ' - unian Am H, physician. 

Colli - . founded in ]-_\ i- . • :i f A here. ,. , ,, . , • , , 

T iV.- . \ n -• Cose Geor<re A, town marshal. 

In audi tion t > the above, there are locat- ' T , „- 

, j , ,-, . Pari-.anv W b, lawver. 

e I here, ■ '> . .- • uaie b-minarv, .-, ■-,, ■ , fin nnn 

,, . ,. .. - Deposit l,n, x : i ■•■■ iretown, cap $90,000; 

Georgetown Semii ,.-!... . ,■ ,, , ,, ,- ,f . ' 

, , , • • 1j I. ilerndo i. pre*: J l Kelly, rush. 

free school and several prn Ue ones. Lhere T .. ,, r T . 

, , ' .. >, , . „ Donnal y & Burjrin. deni «ts. 

are ^ix churches, as I 'Hows: Meth li t, 

Duel • \lr\ li M, p«:S 'o i iretown col 

and Catholic, lhere . :i J baiiKe, - v ,, 

with an ajrjrresrate capita f $450,000- t^e* NotleycN-rk circut court 

the Farmers' Bank ,i Keni „ cy is one of '"V"? SiU , Ui ;' la - v -. . , '"' v 1 ' 1 . -^^ 

, , • hd.tor and Proiirieror. 31am st. opp. 

the prominent bank^ in the btate, and is ■ ., . , , rt 

, ' , . , ,.,'.,, i I mrt-house. ibee adi\) 

Farmers' l^.uik of Kentucky 

a branch of several banks, w! ieh, in the 

atrcreerate, represent over 51.0o0.000— 

CT & ? ' a ■' -,, .. , 'ranch;. Lanital r bU.UOO; burpiu* 

i. steam nourinsr r«u U. a Mas 'inc and pub- . ..,. ,.., , • -J v> t • t-> . ' « r 

.. , ,, . => , , h ., • $2o,000. J. 1- . Robinson, Prest; >.. 

ho hali, two weekly newspapers, the ; r, ,, , ,, >r , u -u 

r~ ' „.. -, ,. - f . , Spears, Cash. Lot Mum and ri&mutnTi. 

(ieororetown Time* and hvery Saturday, , & , 

and .y h'lte s, ti*- most worthy uf note i -^ ' >->•-. tj ut t» i*t„ t „,_ 

,..,,. ,, , rr,-, rarmeri Lxcbange. Runt R \\ est, inan- 

beins' the Ueor^etow:. Hotel, the streets ■■ ^, • 

, .? . ., ■ , , atjer. Main, opp court-house, 

oi th« town are beaut lfuwv shaded ami , -r-- , , , ', ' - 

..,,,.,. , .. , i inlev Joseph, si end. 

lighted with eras, and it re eivcs an ample ,.- ., ; ' „ , 

3 , .. ,,. : t Kineli •' anifs i>. lawyer. 

supply oi water trom the famous "nie . ^ i * ir 

c, r f - ., , . . i i i «• • rorward A \\ . carnasces., which flows trom a burn iiiuft or ,, , ,,r D • • , 

,.' y~ I,- « , , r rowler \\ r. tinsmith, 

limestone rack. hzuress Adams, lele- ,. ■ r . 

, ... . ... , r ., , ., U ics John b, trr< i enes. 

graph Western Union. Mail daily. ,^ r , . , , , 

n. J „ ... - : GasnerJuhn r. hoots ana shoes, 

Juu.sKn Stitee, postmaster. ,. ,. , ., ■ ,, . . 

Georgetown Female Seminary, J Kucker, 

Adam David A. Ei & R R a^t and hatter. principal. 

Alexander" John, bui • .-. . Georgetown Hotel, Beaton & Lup- 

Askew James F, master c>mr and lawyer. ton Proprietors. Cor. Main and Cross. 

Ayres & O'Neill E. \V. Ayres, 11 (Set ado \ 

U'Neill'i, Li". -rv. Feed and Sale Stable. Georgetown Times, (Weekly). J. 

Main St. (Si'n adi\\ A. Bell, Editor and Proprietor. Estab- 

Baily James build r. ! lished January 1, 18C7. Circulates ex. 

Barkh % Augustus B, harm --s-maker. ■■ n ivi ly in Sc nd h ii gcounties. 

Barkluj l ? l > ti J i^ro i 1 ■- ,. : Getzend.-mner -Henry, marble. 

Barlow K C & Son.jewi lers. Goctz Peter, barber. 

Barlow Win H, i> ; :v-! - Grifleth VV T & Co, irrocers and saloon. 

Beaton *V" fjiipton l'. A I iton G. Hail & Jesse. dni«rgi>ts. 

F. Lupton, Propr. G-.rtr-town Hotel, • 11 & Gay U>, meat market. 

cor Main <k Crus-. '■ -• ■ : . - H nilton & L" wis, physicians. 

Blackwell W R, station l.^'" 1 t C S R R. j Herring Win B, saddler. 

m II, GO. OF IflLI 

( r'.' iJ a a t Southern Dep't 





Hickey Levy, painter. 

Hinch Leonard, restaurant. 

Hoklen Jeptha, flour-mill. 

Holtzclaw Mrs G, dre>s-maker. 

Howe Rev W J i. hristian ). 

Humphreys John R. grocer. 

Hunter Rev John G I Presbyterian). 

Johnson He iry V, county attorney. 

Kentucky Granger's Mutual 
Uem tit Society, Co-operative Life 
Insurance. \V. Z. Thomson, S-o. Mem- 
bership over2,000, and increasing. Char- 
tered 1874. Permanent Fund $25,000. 

Lair A K, Hour-mill. 

Lemon Jtt.- (.'. justice of peace. 

Lemon J F M, builder. 

Logan Mrs J A, dress-maker. 

Li i r Samuel \V, lawyer. 

McCullugh Patrick, carr iage-inaker. 

McDonald Mrs S A, pr 5 Farmers' Home. 

Marks Isaac, clothing. 

Miller John, groceries. 

Mitchell Wm, clothing. 

Moody Henry, harness-maker. 

Moore & Lemon, groceries. 

Moore «.V: Thomson, (Jas. H. Moore, 
Wm. Z. Thomson), Fire Insurance 
Agents. Represents Royal Insurance 
Company, of Liverpool, London and 
Lancashire, of Liverpool, England. 

Neal C T & Co, paints, etc. 

Nichols & Nunnelley, groceries. 

Nuckles Robert C, ins agt a'.d notary. 

Odor Ah xander, pr< pr Southern hotel. 

O'Neill & Harp, horse-shoers. 

Owens Wm C, lawyer. 

Piston George E, dry goods. 

Payne George V, judge < ounty court. 

Peak Luke, constii I le. 

Perm & Jenkins, coal, grain, and farming 
implements, etc. 

Phipps Win R. photographer. 

Prewitt George E, lawyer. 

Price E, ta-ilor. 

Pollen James jailor. 

Pullen W E & Bro, meat market. 

Randal Beni F, undertaker and coroner. 

Redd Mrs Amanda, dre- -maker. 

Rhoton Hon r S, city judge, ins agt and 

Risdale Preston T, city clerk and printer. 

Roberts R F.mlin, hardware. 

Robinson James F. pres Farmers Dank. 

Rolan John V, blacksmith. 

Rucker Prof J J, prin Georgetown Female 

Savage & Robinson, barbers. 

Sconce James F, justice of peace. 

Shepard Samuel S, jeweler. 

Sherntt Mr- J F J( millinei. 

Sherritt Wm W, hardware and builder. 

Sinclair Jolm T. insurance agent. 

Sinclair Mrs J W, dress-maker. 

v illman Rev C G (Baptist). 

- lade Louis A. tailor. 

-. ( harles 1), saloon. 
Smith N R, saloon. 
Soper oc Simmons, dry goods. 
Sowards Miss 1 , dress-maker. 
Spears Jake V, druggist 
Spears Son, Cashier Farmer's Bank 

of Kentucky, also Fire Insurance Agent, 

corner Main and Hamilton. 
Stedman, Mrs S E, mi I'm er. 
Stefl'ei Judsc '1 H, stationery. 
Stevenson John M, furniture and under. 

Stevenson Milton, lawyer. 
Stone Kinzea, groeeries. 
Stone & McConnell, groceries. 
Thomasson John C, physician. 
Thompson James II, groceries. 
Thompson & Crumbuugh, lumber. 
Warrendale Female Seminary, Miss M I' 

Hewitt, principal. 
Washer & Abrahams, general store. 
Webb & Davis, drv goods. 
WelU Rev James M Baptist). 
Wells S S. insurance agent. 
West Clark A. physici in 
West Rob't It.', Editor and Proprietor 

of Every Saturday, Main Street, opposite 

Court-house. 1 See adv.) 
White Mrs P. milliner. 
Williams George, eating-saloon. 
Wolfe .[ Henry, county clerk. 
Worstell Mrs'N T, proprietress Centra! 

Wor.-tell & Jones, groceries and liquors. 
Wright Rev J E (Methodist). 

GERMANTOWN. This village is 
located in Mason county, 12 miles fr m 
Maysv le, the county— eat, and 11 from 
Ana . ta, its nearest shipping point, on 
the Ohio river, and about 175 miles from 
Louisville, It has churches, 2 schools, 
I grist-mill and an estimated population 
of 400. Tobacco is the lending export. 
-•■.;• to Burksville and Waysville, fare r»0 
cents; and to Augusta tri-weekly. Daily 
mail. Ann M. Robey, postmaster. 



Danville, Ky. r£$Ll OIIlOlrXTl KichoUBTine.K,. 


BEATON & LUPTON, - - Proprietors, 


Sample Rooms first floor. Enquire for Livery at the office Give u* a trial and we will endeavor ta 
please you. 

K.W.AYBES. HCGHOVNEILL. f , ., - • — -,- r , ^ 

Livery, Sale and Training Stable, 5 M 



. y 
Saddle Horses, Buggies and Carriages for hire, and Driver rs-_ ^^.'-v ^."f 

f unused if - «■ ' -— jS^ 

Tl-.e patronage of Commercial Traveler* solicited. 

J. V. ROBINSON, President. NOA SPEARS, Cashier. 


Capital, $330,000. SiarplMs, $25,000. 

Personal attention given to collections and remit promptly for same on day of payment, and charges at 
lowest rate of exchange 

f ublished at Ge-Jrystown, Ky. 

every sj±. r rTjjR J jjj\rr ^oiRisnosrGK 

Devoted to the industrial interents of Scott Connty, and propogei to repre-s-ut the prin< iplea of the Demo- 
cratio Party. An excellent Advertising Medium. Hates low 

23.CjE32BS.T 23,. TTCTEST, . . . ^Altoa and rroprietci. 

I . t. ... -. ..' '..-.-j « = ■.'•...•»» • • <a fei«fe $X ife .", 

Send for Estimates. J. is'. ATKINSON, 3I3-3.M" South Clinton Street CHICAGO, ILL, 





Browning J C, druggist. 

Black 'I heudore J, ieaf-tobacco. 

Coleman Wm W, justice of peace. 

Dim melt El ih < , | y deian. 

Dora Thompson M, general store. 

Downing John, p dice judge. 

Elliott E D, grocer. 

Elliott J W, tob u 'o, 

Erion Ge >rge, carp-enter and undertaker. 

Frazee Dr Jo nil tobacco 

l?ri . • J< seph T, general store. 

( . '■ '. ,gher Charles, : - irber. 

Galligher Garrison, blacksmith. 

Galligher John, blacksmith. 

German town Co-operative Store, N C John- 

aon, manager. 
Harmon M, ; :uv and flour-mill. 
Hiles W M. Iran ess and shoes. 
Holton Hei ry E. prin of s :bool. 
Holton .John II. phy: ieian. 
Holton Wm W, general store. 
Kelly A. tailor. 
Kirk J J, w agon-maker. 
Miller T, i • per. 
Norris J), tobacco. 
Northcutt Rev H C (M Episcopal). 
Pollitt Robert H. wagon-maker. 
Pollock Isaac, physician. 
Pollock Samuel )', justice of peaea. 
Power K H, carpenter. 
Rye & Jones, carriage mnfrs. 
Savage Charles S. physician. 
Spates Rev W W (Methodist). 
Stiles A P, carpenter. 
Stiles Cornelius hotel proprietor. 
Thompson Robert, marshal. 
Thompson & Voungman, carpenters. 
Williams Elijah, tobacco. 
West Rev J i i Christian). 
Woodward Isaac M, constable. 
Woodward *S: Kirk, undertakers. 

GETHSEMAM:. In the southern 

part of Nelson county, on the Knorville 
branch of the L. & N. R. R., 14 miles 
south of Bardstown, the count}* -seat, 4S 
miles south of Louisville. Gethsernano 
College is located here. Adams Express. 
Daily mail. R. ( . Reid, postmaster. 

Gethsernane College, « 

Head F M, wh li mors. 
Head V M & Co, distillers. 
Holland T J, wirpent..T. 
McGrave Rev — M itiiolic). 
Peak James E, blacksmith. 

Pottinger T .1 & Co, distillers. 

Reid K C, grocer, ex and R R agent. 

Reid & Cissell, general store. 

GHEXT. An incorporated town f 
500 inhabitants, » rid a landing on the Ohio 
river, in Carroll county, 9 miles from ita 
shipping point. Liberty, on the L., C.& L. 
R. R., and 75 from Louisville. Here 
I eteum CI 'iir-mill, 3 churches, and L col- 
lege. Daily stage to Liberty, fare $1. 
Adams Express. Daily mail. Wm. How- 
ard, postmaster. 

Brown N C phvsician. 

Crutcher & Bryanton, carriage-makers. 

Duncan C 6, tlour-mill. 

Gains F II phvsician. 

Howard 1! C, saw-mill and undertaker. 

Howard Samu ; . pin :ician. 

Howard Will., General .Store. 

Lester & Crn'ic, t t and shoe mfrs. 

St< s enso! J H, ■_••" ei al 'tore, 
Tandy J \) &. S i - i eral store. 
Tandy J Q A: W H, general store. 
Whitehead Wm, druggist. 


On the Richmond bran h ol the L. & N. 
R. R., in the north-eastern part of Lincoln 
county, G miles east of Stanford, the 
county-seat, and 109 south-east of Louis- 
ville. Adams Express. Daily mail. Clara 
Belts, postmaster. 
Betts Gi'org-e W., Grain and Produce, 

Express and Station Agt. 
Dudder Br<>-, flour-mill. 
Taylor A T. blacksmith. 
Taylor C & Sons, di~tiilers. 

GILBERTS VIL.L.E. On the Ten- 
nessee river, and the P. Oe E. R. R., in tl e 
north-eastern part of Marshall county, VI 
'miles north-east of Benton, the county- 
seat, and 'J0-i south-west of Louisville. 
Goods maybe shipped by rail or water. 
Southern Express. Daily mail. T. B. Wal- 
ler, post tna» er. 
Paducali Lumber ('<>., Lumber and 

Shingle Mfrs and General Store. 
Waller T. 15., General Si,, re. Hotel, 

Express and Railroad Agent. 

GIEEMOUE. In the south-eastern 

part of Wolf' county, !•"> miles suul east 
of Campton, the county-seal, ISO so.uth-east 


I a i i i**' fi» I 



• i . : 

Ilavr S'.-ttlcil more tlitm 1,400 
Losses, v»itii Slave lie.d but i,i Itc- 

£ II 1 1 Si? i *i»»c<i «. taimt. A/ents Everywhere 





of Cornwall, ita nearesl shipping poii . oi 

the Ml. Sterling division «>f the L. C. & L. 

H. R., and 180 from Louisville. A iams 

Express. Dailj mail. Population To. 

James If. Vest, postmaster. 

Bean R T & Co, express agents. 

Ely Rev James (Methodist), and wagon- 

Elv llohert F, boot and shoemaker. 

Fallen C M. surveyor. 

Graham Joseph D, school-teacher. 

Graham IS B, distiller. 

Haddox A N, constable. 

Johnson -I S, school teacher. * 

Rashes Rol ert \, ! mr-mill. 

Lindon A J, justice. 

Little E B. distiller. 

Little Rev II II (Christian). 

Little Rev James M ; V thodist). 

Minton K G, ~h in a '■ r. 

Minton Rev E W , M< the list i. 

Stricklin Wm 1', coal miner. 

Vest James II., Bookseller, Farmer. 
ami Cooper. 

Wallin James H, surveyor. 

GIIVL'S MTL.I,S. On Licking river, 

in Rowan county, 9 miles from M> rehead, 
the county-seat, and 20 from its si p . . 
point, nillsV>orough, is situated this village 
of 525 inhabitants. It lias two c'nurci 1 -, ! 
school and a grist and woolen-mill. Mail 
4 times a week. Newton Johnson, post- 

Alfrey Samuel, blacksmith. 
Alfrey «!£ Thomas, <Jrist and Woolen- 
Mi' K. 
Alley James, blacksmith. 
Evans John, shoemaker. 
J ihns >n B, w a 7< n-maker. 

Johnson Newton, General Store. 

Johnson Richard, blacksmith. 

Myer Joseph, hotel. 

\\ iicoxson 1 » C, t( acher. 

Wjatt W. P., Sheriff. 

GIMLET. An unimportant post- 
office in Elliott county. 

GLASGOW. This city of .1.300 in- 
habitants is the county-seat of Barren 
county, h is the south-western terminna 
of the Glasgow branch of the L. & >>'. P.. 
R„ 10 miles fron ' n ii e, an I 10! 

from Louisvilie. Here is a carding-mill, 
4 flour-mills, a handle factory, ;i weekly 
newspaper, and a good h itel, the Murre-11 
House, a ru; nl ■ •■• of rim chun lies, and 2 
-'!;•■ rior educational in Litutions, ; :. ' I is - 
gowNoi iiool favorably-known, and 

the Liberty Female Cul ege, .vhich is I ) 
one f the mest prosperous ::i the Stat' and 
1- replete with all modem appliances for 
educational irnpn vemei t. Glasgow is in 
the very center of the best oil-producing 
portion of the State. 1 1 is a distributing 
point for a large section of country, and 
enjoys a good trade from the counties 
south. Lumber, cattle, tobacco, horses, 
mules, and bogs are shipped. Stages to 
Tompkinsvilie and Burksville; fare $3. 
Adams Express. Two daily mails. James 
C. Evans, postmaster, 

Adams James C, propr oil wells (4 miles s). 
Bacon & Mitchell, tobac 0. 
Barbee Juices T, atty at law. 
Black Joseph, blacksmith. 
Bohannon George M, Lawyer. 
Boles & Eubank, lawyers. 
Botiomley Thomas V, photographer. 


; Livery, Feed and Sale Stable 


\ \ 

■ atsisa vi"C5-c««««.Ki-«, ._ _, . . — — 

.Hints veil fed and groomed at a reasonablt price. 

Excellent s lie Horse: Pleasure Buggies, Drninmers 1 Wagons. &c, 

Special attention given to the Commercial travel. Hacks to and from all Train*. 


m mmmi UF Fall 




J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 

Botts Win K, lawyer. 

Bradford Mrs Sarah M, millinery. 

Bradford Win J, grist-mil 2J miloa n). 

Bradford & VVood. tannery. 

Breeding Frank M, bui der. 

Breeding James A, dei ' ; -;. 

Browder Rev Robert W (Methodist). 

Brvan & Che k, g< neral store. 

B .'• rd TC & O n iths. 

Bybee Philip, barber. 

Cardi Lucian W, leaf-tobacco. 

Carr Dulaney R, lawyer. 

Chirk Warder tV Co, flour-mill. 

Collins Richard P, school commissioner. 

Ceyle Maurice M, s! >vos. and tinware. 

Crenshaw Robert, blacksmith. 

Davison Benj G, grocery. 

Pel vjuix John B, :•••. elry and notions. 

Depi it Bank of Glasgow, capital $150,- 
000. Wra L Porter" pre?; Michael II. 
Di :kinson, eashiei . 

DeppTbos C, saddler. 

Dickey & Doty, lawyers. 

Dickinson Wm, lawyer. 

Dillon Wm II. shoemaker. 

Dinkelspeel & Son, groceries. 

Dud" & Alcock, lawyers. 

Ebert & Allen, lumber. 

Ellison E igene T physician. 

Evans James C, Postmaster. 

Fisbback &. Jackson, lumber (1 miles-e). 

Franklin Jerry, barber. 

Franklin Wm W. county clerk, 

Frie John M. marble. 

Ganter Edward I), jewelry. 

Ganter L V, dentist. 

Garnctt Wm M, dentist. 

Glasgow Normal School, AlonzoW Mell, 

Glasgow Weekly Times. Woods & Snoddy, 

Gorin Henry C, lawyer. 

Grady Albert A, sewing-machines. 

Gr nstpad Robert B, physician. 

Hamlet Charles A., Manufacturer of 
Eliekorv 1! II - \xo. P k Sledge, etc. 

Hamlet «& Vaufthan, (Charles A. Hun,, 
let, .i >1 n Vauirhan ■. Plai ieg-miil Lum- 
ber Manufacturers, and Sash, Doors, and 

Harlow & Well*,!- [oh miles s-e). 

Kartnet! James, shoemaker. 

Harvey & Co. general store. 

Hill Bybee A: Co. groceries, etc. 

Hill < 'harles L, may* r. 

Hodgkins Mrs P W, millinery. 

Hoggins Wm E, distiller (2 miles west). 

Jepson .la—' .!, pb \ sieian. 

Jones Samuel E, co mty judge. 

JoiK'S & Coekrill (John W. .Tone;, 

Wm M. Coekrill), Lawyer-. Collection 

and Insurance Agents. 
Jordsn Mr.- PS, millinery. 
Jordan & Anderson, merchant tailors. 
Kaufman S & Co, dry go< ds. 
Kinslow Jas, agt oil wells i 2\ miles south). 
Laswell Frank M. cooper. 
Lawless Burrell, lawyer. 
Leei h .1 ohn, shoemaker. 
Leech Joseph T. phvsician. 
Leslie Jeremiah B, lawyer. 
Lessenberry J B, hotel. 
Liberty Female College, J B Reynolds, 

pres't aid sec'y. 
Locke Wm N\ drugs, books, etc. 
Matt news Joseph W, lumber ; k l\ miles s-w). 
Mel! Alonzo W, principal Glasgow nor- 
mal sc book 
Melven Michael R, wagon and carriage 

Meyers & Son, flour-mill and lumber. 
Mitchell James, Livery, Sale, Feed 

and Exchange Stable and Live Stock 

Dealer and Breeder, and Proprietor 

Omnibus Line. 
Morris Emanuel, general store. 
Murray John A. !'. R agt and salt and coal. 
Murrell's Hotel i$2 |>erclay). Jas. 

Murrell, Proprietor. Opp Public Square. 
Nunn & Ganter, druggists. 
Pace Wm H saddler. 
PedigoJohn II, live stock. 
Pedigo J it .v Sons, wagon-makers. 
PedigoM. T. & Brother, (Madison 

T. and Santson P.). Livery, Sale, Feed 

and Exchange Stable. [See adv I 
Port.- & R tter, lawyers. 
Prest n John B. grist-mill ('4 miles n-w). 
Price .Tamos F., Livery, Sale, Feed 

and Exchange Stable. Horses and Mules 

Bought and Sold. 
Pun el) Samuel T. physician. 
Ralst c .v E11K grist-mill (7 miles s-w). 
Kauhohl Henry, Bakery, Restaurant, 

( nfeotionery, Fancy Groceries, Cigara 

ai d Tobacco, and Smokers' Articles, 

Fruits, etc. 
Read Go rge W, live stork. 
Reynolds Thomas T. lawyer. 
Riggan Wm 11. meat market. 
Ritter Mr., Mary, grist-mill (»'> miles * e). 
Rogers, Joseph I', drug* and books. 

imiK aim 



Y< ithout . ■ fori nc< i ■ the >""::n} iri-Vs we manage. 

BARBEE& CASTLEHAN, Louisville, Ky. 

Agents everywhere SontU, 




Rogers & Wood (Lewis P. Rogers 
Clarence Wood), SVh l< .• and Retail 
Hardware, Iron, an J Groceries; Pork 
Packers and Dealers in Agricultural 
Implements; Agts Oliver Chilled Plow. 

Sanders & Kinsli ., . - ceries, hardware, 
and queeosware. 

Shader A lolphus, stoves and tinware. 

Terr v Cbn •'. ■ teral store, 

Trigg AC/i ikers. 

Wilkinson Lewis, propr Wilkinson house. 

Williams Win A. pin sician. 

Williams & Grinstead, wagon-makers. 

Woods tfcSnoddy, prop's Glasgow Weekly 

C 1^ A S GO \Y ,J V S CT I OX. A 

town -if" 885 inl abitants, and tl;e junction 
of the Glasgow branch with the main I ne< i 
the L. Ox: N. U. R , located in the north-west 
corner of Barren county, 11 mi'e.i from 
Glasgow, the county-seat, and 91 from 
Louisville. It is sit this point that passen- 
gers get off who are visiting Mammoth 
Cave and Grand Avenue Cave. It has a 
good hotel at the station. Western Union 
telegraph. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
Isaac West, postmaster. 
Roles J C, grocer. 
Cox Eugene, general store. 
Dickinson James F, justice of peace. 
Duncan K Y, town marshal. 
McConnell Sc Duncan, blacksmiths. 
Matthews J W, flour-mill. 
Mentz Edward H., Prop'r Mentz 

House, Station and Express Agent. 
Mentz Rous;', Edward H. Mentz, Pro- 
Monroe John W, flour-mill \2 miles n w), 
Parrish James S, general store, physician, 

find grist-mill. 
Proctor G M, police judge. 
Pro stor Geo M. propr stone quarries. 
Proctor Larkin ,J. law;, r. 
Puckett J rimes U, leaf-tobacco. 
Renfro S M, general -tore. 
Roberts .1 .1, general itore. 
Spai k , J i . I . , rnith. 
West Isaae, Postmaster. 
West & Sun (Isaac ami James T.), 

and 7 from Warsaw, the county-seat. It 

has 1 saw. mill, 2 churches, and a private 

school. Corn, hogs, and tobacco are 

shipped. Adams express. Daily mail. 

R. K. Foster, postmaster. 

Anderson C, wagon-maker. 

Brock J D, general store. 

Calender Philip, hotel - 

Crouch H. 15., Leaf-tobacco. 

Daniel A D, general store. 

Denton J M, sjen store, ex and R R agt 

1). rman A. rniliinerv. 

Foster II. !•]., Druggist. 

Horton & Mi - ■, i lacksmitbs. 

Kemper A., Grocer and Leaf-tobacco. 

Lilly David, boots and shoes. 

Noel A D, lawyer and teacher. 

Noel H S, 1. te'l. 

Noel -.V Son _r" r :"'r;i! store. 

Norman H. W., Saw and Grist-mil!. 

Norton T 11. undertaker. 

Skirvia Mrs 3, millinery. 

Spencer Rev T A Baptist) and teacher. 

Yager B, physician. 

GLEXCOE. This is a settlement of 
250 people in Gallatin county, on the 
L., C. <& L. Ry., 68 miles from Louisville, 

GLEXDALE. On the Memphis 
division ot* the L. i. N. R. R.,in the south- 
eastern part of Hardin county, 7 miles 
south-east of Elizabethtown, and 50 south 
of Louisville. Linnland College is near 
h^re. Adams Express. Telegraph West- 
ern Union. Daily mail. E. H. Dram, 

Adams W O. ex and R R ag>mt 
Allen J M & Son, general store. 
Drain E. If., Telegraph Operator. 
Irwin W S. physician. 
Mason W B, physician. 
Neighbours W C, saloon. 
Redman C F. 

Richardson W C. general store. 
Shaw John, shoemaker. 
Skaggs W, wagon-maker. 
Woodring John W, hotel. 

GL,EX'S FORK. Known as Glen- 

ville. in the so ith-etstern part of Adair 
county, 7 miles south-east of Columbia, the 
county-seat, '- i south ot' Campbellsvi le, 
on the C. & 0. branch ot the L. oc N. I.. 
R., and 107 south-east of Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 80. Daily mail. John Oldacre, 

Burbridge R, leaf-tobacco. 
Cart wright Miss Cora, teacher. 

It»" .', K)Ki4[f^a Dating Stamps, Solf-Infcfnsr Stamps, Ban"- ^vy r- , ■ 

• itenr Prints m rrcsses ami * yp«^ «-> ' 

j£jj Jit; ' ujfrini i ami iJio Sinker, 1 Ut> itauiiolph M.*, CHICAGO, lu 





Chapman J S, lumber. 

Collins K M, bl i ksmith. 

Cook Rfv J M (A! Ej iscopal). 

Dabney Benja-min, shoemaker. 

Dudley J, !eaf-tol acco. 

Eubanke Joseph, blacksmith. 

Helm Sidney, general -tore. 

Marshall !' • tobn co. 

Miller Isaac, cabinet-maker. 

Murah T W, justic< of peace. 

Old acre John, Druggist. 

Petty iV Keltor, distillers. 

Potts Win H, shoemaker. 

Simmons James, wagon-maker. 

Strange J C A justh e and blacksmith. 

8trang« O A, distiller. 

Strange S W, ph y dcian. 

Taylor I S. barneys-maker. 

Taylor S P, lenf-tobacco. 

Taylor it Co, saw and flour-mili. 

TurnerS J, flour-mill. 

Walker C A, cabinet-maker. 

Walk up O (*, justice of peac*. 

Walkup & Br© tanners. 

Webb Howard, druggist. 

Wheat W D. dentist. 

Williams & Co, general store. 

GLENV1LLE. McLean county 
(See Long Falls Creek). 

GLENVILLE. Lewis county (See 
Cabin Creek). 

GLEN WOOD. In the northern 

part of Lawrence county, 16 miles north- 
east of Louisa, the county-seat 7 miles 
east of \\ >;:■!- 1. its n^are t shipping point 
on the E. K. P.'y, h id 225 mil< • e:ist of 
Louisville. Semi-weekU mail. Popula- 
tion 150. F. M. Castle, postmaster. 
B( Icber !- ..» , blacl i ith and live-stock 

'. : r. 

Biggs II C, ph\ sician. 

Castle V. M., Sewing Machines, etc. 

Chap ■ .1 »1 - A " stable. 

Col ." T C, liv« st. . and builder. • rt Ke\ .)• -■• , justi •■. 

Lambert J. ju-tioe of peace. 

Neal J L, li re stock. 

Quinn John VV. !'<•■< stock and real estate. 

Kice Klv:i, (h ur and saw-n . 

[li, !■ .'l & M [I. lumber ,-. I gi it-i I 

Ri a Re\ R F • M Kpiseopal 6). 

Riffe Rev Daniel I Baptist . 

Riffe Wm M, blacksmith. 

Ross G W, stock-breeder. 

Tanon J D, stock-brei der. 

Taylor Win, live stock. 

Tiller John P. live stock. 

Webb John M, flour-mill and live stock. 

Webb Wesley, justice and livestock. 

Webb Win R, live stock and real estate. 

GLORY. A post-office in Marion 
county — nothing more. 

GOLDEN POND. This settlement 
of 30 people is in Trigg county, 3 miles 

from its shipping point. Canton, on the 
Cumberland river, 12 from Cadiz, the 
county-seat, and 200 from Louisville. Tri- 
weekly mail. A. Thorn**, postmaster. 
Bogard <fc Bro, general store. 
Dix E, wagon-maker. 
Johnson J W, physician, 
Thomas A., Phyaician. 
Williams & Yarborough, hotel. 
Yarborough G P, physician. 
Yarborough <fc Gordon, leaf-tobacco. 

GOOCHLAND, In the easUm port 
of Rockcastle county, 15 miles north-east 
of Mt. Vernon, the county-seat, 12 miles" 
north-east of Livingston, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the L. A N. R. R., ami 
14-t south-east of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. Population 10. W. D. McGuire, 
postmaster, and general store. 

GOODLOE. A small post-office in 

Floyd county. 10 miles from Prestonburg, 
: county-seat. Mail semi-weekly. B. B. 
I'orter, ]•• istmaster. 

GORDONSVILLE. In the south- 
western part ot ,' , . • i unty, 9 miles west 
oi Ru-scllvil le, I ic cunty-si at, 6 north of 
Whippoorwill, ts nearest shipping point 
on the Mi | bis d . is n of the L. & N 11 
R and 15<i i • - ■ nth-west of Louisv ille. 
Mail daily and stnge 1<> Whippoorwill; 
fare 50 cents, t' f ulation 300. James H. 
Campbell, postmaster. 
Campbi 11 R A & Co, dry goods. 
Cole Henrv, bhu k -oiith. 

Cole II ■ .. si nalcer. 

C< melius Bei ai in, ju-tice of peace. 
Critt- nden D W, physician. 
Crittenden Gordon & Co, druggists. 

t I & S5 ,..- ii * : 'i : »«i;M'» Cent lolli" i • I I ' T i — K . S 

■ ■■' ' ' '■ "V 

w L _.:■,: o, n.f. ^gcutaeterj-H lere. 





D Witt Rev A C (Methodist). 

KJding II M cooper. 

Edwards J C, saloon and grocer. 

Edwards R R, town marshal, 

Gorden Penick «fc Co, 8 >ur and carding- 

Grumbly Wm, cooper. 
Gunther [lev J \\ (Presbyterian). 
Hawkins L, 
Jories L S, 
Lyne James, physician. 
MeCaller Rev Vv tn | Kp »c .pal), and drugs. 
Morehfad P L, justice of peace. 
M on head S T. physician. 
Morrow L B, dentist. 
Richard Samuel, shoemaker and barber. 
Sale W W, law_v»r. 
S&nden It W, general store. 
Smith J J, cooper. 
ftmitli J C& Bro, general store. 

GORII. I« the post-office name for 
G»resburg, which i« also known as Dan- 
ville Junction. It is located in Boyle coun- 
ty, at the junction of the C. S. Ry with 
tho Knoiville branch L. A: N. R. R., 6 
mites south of Danville, the county-seat. 
This enterprising village no^v nas a popu- 
lation of 200, and is ra ■, reasing. A 
good hotel, the Gore B •.-•.-. also church 
and school are here. A cod opening is 
presented at this place for a :! mring-mill, 
or anymanuf'aetur ngbu-mess would prove 
successful, as land is cheap and transporta- 
tion facilities are excellent. Express Ad- 
ams. Telegraph W. U. Mail daily. T. 
W. Gore, postmaster. 
Belk .1 (I. restaurant. 
Calvert James. R R and express agent. 
( up ■ ..-■■ J ti ley rupl >pe: ator. 
Gon !',)•(»-.,. Hotel 
(Joro Hoii%<>, Gore Br s., Proprs. 
K - Wm, 1 ri--r. 
I'. ! ii"' Hotel, A Tribbb'. propr. 
R .; -s \V G, .'.--" p stm . 
Snider Martin & Co, stave ! . I >ry. 
; ■ .'.. \ \.,,,. i j ro pr. 
V ; > ■- la I 15. g< -t.. ra! <ore. 
WVb-r Ho ise. John W. ber, pn pr. 
Wi -hind C, meat market. 

on the L., C. & L. Ry., and 13 north of 
J Louisville. Daily mail. Population 40. 
i M. A. Shrader, postmaster. 
; Di erson James, physician. 
j Peyton G, wagon-maker, 

K ill Rev John i Pre; b} terian). 

Shrader M. A. general store. 

Snowden -' kmuci, 9. ur-mill. 
| Taylor Walker, blacksmith. 


GOSIIEX. Known as Saltillo, in the 

I rt of I lldham - i , ty, VI rnih s 
- '•' if Lagrange, the mty-seal , 
from i\ spect, its nearest shipping point, 

GOVER. Also known as Cedar 
! (irove station, is on the C. S. R'y. in Pu- 
! laski county, 5 miles south of Somerset, the 
j county-?* at. Population 100. Mail daily. 
' W. II. Humble, postmaster. 

Bates & Miller, lumber. 

Gover John I., wae;on-maker. 

Humble W. If.-, General Store and 
Express Agent. 

Mc Daniel A. ihoemakcr. 

Parker 4 Bro, tlour-mill. 

GRADYVTL.L.E. In Adair county, 
35 miles from its shipping elation. Horse 
Cave, on the L. & N. K. R., ID miles from 
Columbia, the county-s< at, a;.d 107 from 
Louisville, Population 100. Mai! 
times a week. Lewis F. Walker, 

Grady Thomas L, hotel. 

Hamilton Henry, flour-mill. 

Nell E M. lumber and tlour-mill. 

Nell E M physician, 

N ell James Iv, physician. 

Pile C W, tanner. 

Roach Jonas, wagon-maker, 

Stapp Wm, blacksmith. 

Walker & Yates, leaf-tobacco. 

V\ more J A & Co, dry goods. 

Yates (' C, bla< ksmitb. 

GRAEFENBEUG. Also known 
as Hard svilli This I • an incorporated 
village of about • - ■ ■ popu >■ ■ n, in Shelby 
county, 12 miles :■:■ in ;;. ; shipping point, 
Shelbyville. on the L., C. & L. R. R.. 
and 42 from Louis' die, Here is a grist 

and saw-n ' H arches, and a public 

c i hooi. Stages to Frankfort, fare 50 cents. 

and Shelby nlle, fare 75 e« nts. Daily mail. 

Leonard Blythe, postmaster. 

Chi -i r i <i W, ph v ician. 

LSIytlio «X Hancock. G< neral Store. 

I ■ u t • • i ; christian), 

Gibbs ..' W, wugon-maker. 



ill. ur Li 


Central &ad .^-juihera Dcp't, 





Hall Rev S X (Methodist), 
llorine G L, physician. 
Jenkins Abel, \ ■ ksmith. 
MeCampbell J W, hotei. 
McGrath T A, hotel. 
Sampson Rev J T Baptist). 
Wiggs R M, flour and saw-mill. 

OK All VMTOX. Nf ade :ounty. 3 

m;;-'- \ est . I ip i' -,.'. its -.. pping station, 
on Cecilian branch L. >.Y N. R. 11.. and 12 
miles from Brandenburg, the county seat. 
Population 200. Mail daily. A Shwaben- 
ton, postmaster. 

Anderson \V G & Co, flour,saw and cot- 
Lusk Alfred, wagon-maker. 
Shwabe ton Ahti ny. general store. 
Snider Adam, bo;it and shoemaker. 
Spangenburg Andrew, tinner. 

G'BAXD VIEW. A post-office in 
Hardin county, 45 miles from Louisville 
and 5 from Rineyvil'.e, the nearest shipping 
point on the L. ec N. R. R. It contains a 
steam grist and saw-mill, 2 churches, and a 
public school, and has a population of oO. 
Tobacco; corn and country produce are 
shipped. Semi-weekly mail. W. II. Yates, 

Buchanan M, blacksmith. 
Caman M. constable. 
Tabor C B, justice of peace. 
Yates W. II. , General Store. 

GRANGE CITY. One half mile 
from tlie Licking river, in the southern 
partot Fleming county, 14 miles south of 
Flemingsburg, the county-seat, 4 south of 
Hillsboro, its v are*t shipping point, and 
l. r ,0 east of Louisville. Pleasant Ridge 
Seminary is located here. Daily stage to 
Maysville and Owingsville; fare 75 cents 
to ea n point. Semi-weekly mail. S. R. 
Newman, postmaster. 

Bradley W A, deputy county clerk. 
Crouch C S, sh< emak r. 
Havens A I., live stock. 
Jnhnson & Km ran3, I istillers. 
Jones James, blacksmith. 
Jones & S>>n. live stock. 
Kimb rrly W C, blacksmith. 
Markw ■■•'■! Jes«e. ^, ■ ,■••,'; store. 
Newman, Caywood & Bro., Gene- 
ral Store. 

Pearce Wm, constable. 
1'ettit A J. wagon-maker. 
Riddle G A. grweer. 
Stevens N M, lumber. 
Walter Richard, physician. 
Walton R R, tobacco. 
Williams Doil, justice. 
Williams James, shoemaker. 

GRANGE STOKE. A post-«.ffi 
having this name was recently establish." 
in Pike county. It is 15 miles from IV. 
vi le, the county gent and shipping p ■ 
J. P. Phillips, p stma r and general »ti>r< 

GRANT. Known as Belleview, on 

the < >hio river, in the eastern part of B ■■■■■ c 

county, 8 miles south-west of Burlii .- 

the county seat, 8 miles south of Au 

Ind., the nearest station on the (). & M. 

R'y., and 100 north of Louisville. Goods 

should be shipped to Belleview Land 

Daily mail. Population 100. A. Coi 


Botts 11 C & Co. leaf-tobacco. 

Corbin A & Son, gen -tore, coal and lumber. 

Deck John, basket manfacturer. 

Deck Peter, barber. 

Farmers' Co-operative Association, general 

Grant W W, blacksmith. 
Green M B. justice of the peace. 
Griffith H C & Bro. wagon-makers. 
MeMuiles G 8, painter and tobacco dealer. 
Moody W R, hotel and meats. 
Piatt L II. physician. 
Rogvrs O, constable. 
Smith John, basket manufacturer. 
Snyder I) M, justice of the peace. 
Verdinand Rev A M i Baptist). 

GRANT'S BEND. A country post- 
office in Kenton county, and a flag stati* i) 
on the K. C. R. R. Jacob Hempfling, 

GRANT'S LICK. Only a small 
post-office in Campbell county. 

GRAPEVINE. A settlement of 25 
people in Perry county. II izzard, 15 mi'.-* 
distant, is the shipping-station and c 
seat, Mail tri-we.-kly. E. Campl - 

ft M v ■ ; ' " ' • ' ' ' ' Li?t3F.Ts--I Hata- 

; '■"■■' j ! M"l . - FItED 

cial»ei^i^ faiiiiH SWsUtJI J Bifltfihafeg 835 Broadway and 830 Li. i'oarCh St, ST. LJDIS, LO. 





Campbell E C, general store. 
Campbell James, flour-mill. 
Campbell James jr, justice of peace. 
Duff J A, lawyer. 
Dull" J C, constable. 
(iamboll Joseph, justice of peace. 
Johnson T K, general store. 
Napier M S, flour-n ill. 

GIIASSLAX J), i n the southern part 
of Boyd countj . lo miles mhu b oi I atietts- 
burg, t, le cuunu -seat, ij south ul C lalton. 
it? nearest station on the A.. C. *fe 1. R. R. 
!■■ uni weekly mail. Albert 11. Stewart, 

Clear George, lumber manufacturer. 
Graham Ja'i -. •'' ir-mi 
SI ewart Alb< rt, Fai mer. 
in . blacksmith. 

GRASSY CREEK. In the west- 
ern part oi M >rgan eountv, 8 mites - h 
of West Liberty, the county-seat. 25 south 
of Corn well, im the Mt. Sieritnir- diviainii 
of the L.. C. & L. II. 11., and 200 south- 
east of Louisville. D:<i!y mail. A. H. 
Kash, postmaster. 
Casky Leamler, distiller. 
Cecil & Carter, general store. 
Gividun Win L, physician. 
Hale Rev John, (Methodist). 
Havens John L, justice of peace. 
Kash A H, general store. 
Kemplin Francis, iluur and saw-mills. 
McGlure Rev M 15 ( Baptist). 
Oldfield Jessie, constable. 
Oldfield John, justice of peace. 
Ratliff Marian, blacksmith. 
Roe ,1- Hurley, blacksmiths. 
I."- James, grain and live stock. 
Sanupers James, flour-mill. 
Stamper Rev A R (Christian). 

GRATZ. On the Kentucky river, in 
the south-western part o( Owen county, 9 
miles south-west of Owenton, the county- 
teat, 21 south-east of Sparta, its nearest 
Bbippins: point by rail, on the L., C. & L. R. 
R; and 92 north east of Louisville. Daily 
stage to Owenton and Sparta. Stage fare 
to Owenton SI; to Sparta s2. Daih mail. 
Population 1.28. W. II. Min sh, postmaster 
Carter Spencer, justi i of peace. 
Dupuv Joseph, physician. 
Giles II 1), general store. 


Giles L W, leaf-tobacco. 
Goodrich cc liambric, flour-mill. 
H< ad Rev Jacob • Baptist . 
Iiunlcy Evan, wagon-maker. 
Jones Joseph, steamboat pilot. 
Kavauaugh Rev 11 11 (Methodist). 
Leitch Antbone \V, hotel. 
Martin .1 B, tjroi er. 

Itlitiisii R. J., 1 prietor Express Line 
to Owenton. 

t W, druggist. 
A]iui<-ii W. It., Jeweler, Notions, etc. 
Ri • •;, U M 0c M A. general -tore. 
\\ ail - ott G W, blacksmith. 
WuinscoU James, mail carrier. 
Walker Louis E, carpenter. 

(i i { A V I -" 1. S W ITCH. In the ex- 

tren •■ < ■■-•■ " rt of Marion county, on 

the K n ■ •-' ; • ol the L. «sr .N. 1 : 

12 i !u east of I ... i u. tin com tv->< t. 

and SO southeast of Louisville Adams 

Express Daily mail. Population 25. J. 

A . Per ell. postmaster. 

Arntt 1? E. physician. 

Brown G A I), physician. 

Crowders Enoch, blacksmith. 

Fevrill J. A., General Store, Express 

and Rail way Agent. 
Williams II E, flour-mill. 

GRAY HAWK. A snail post- 

office in Jackson county. 

GRAYSON. The county-seat of Car- 
ter, in the eastern part of the county, on 
the Little Sandy river and the E. K. and 
E. L. & B S. B. IPs. 285 miles north-east 
of Louisville. It has 2 chur< he.-, Metho- 
dist and Presbyterian. It. also has several 
water-power saw-mills, h earding-mill aad 
grist-mill. Export staves, hoop-polea, tan- 
bark, lumber and ties. Daily mail. Pop- 
ulation 600. S. Neithercott, postmaster. 
Armstrong. G W, blacksmith. 
Botts J K. In wye:-. 
Bowling Wm, lawyer. \. 

Brad.-haw Robt R, shoemaker. 
BreediiiL' ct DeH irt, general store. 
Burebett Burril! W, slu ritf. 
Burehett John II. county attorney. 
Creighton Re\ li .J (Methodist Episcopal). 
]>.i\^ Elins P. elk circuit and county court. 
1 >avis Richard I» law yer. 
De RoSSetti J. M., Physician. 

t*s V ^.hLiU: fc'?»> ■ lust rated Catalogue and Prices. .1. IV. lTiiiVJiit* 
y_ _j^ 313-321 Soutti * Union Street, CHICAGO^ in'. M ' 





Drake Henry N, shoemaker. 

Grayson Banking Company, C. C. 

Mag&nu .V Son. Proprietors. 

Henderson A T, physician. 

Holcomb Win C, livery stable. 

Hord & Calvin, general store. 

Johnson John E, harness-maker and hotel. 

Jonos D W, grist and earding-mill. 

Jones James D law ver. 

Kennedy J J, < arpenterand wagon-maker. 

Le-glar A C, station and telegraph agent. 

Leonard Mrs H B. Cart< r ..< Eel. 

Littlejohn Geo W, agt Eastern Kentucky 
railway company . „■ n Tai store. 

Madison Rev S \ Methodist S). 

3Iagann Merritt, Lawyer. 

3Ia$rami (.'. ('. <V Son", Proprs Gray- 
son Bai king Company. 

Malone & Co, _■ neral store. 

McGill Robert, baker and grocer. 

McQuillan J. hardware. 

Mosb} Fleming, harbor. 

Neitbercott. Davis & Co, general store. 

Phillips J J. black-si lith. 

Prater Frank, justi e of peace. 

Prichard Lewis, druggist. 

Eatcliff Renjamin F, school commissioner. 

Rupp John 11. tinsmith. 

Rupp Mrs L E, millinery. 

Shepherd Thomas, confectionery. 

Shepherd John T, general store, 

Stewart <fc Clark, carpenters. 

Strother J R, police judge. 

Tadlock Rev A I) i Presbyterian). 

Tcholl T W, lawyer. 

Tyree John W, Exchange hotel. 

Ward Joseph R, lawyer. 

Warnooh W H. county judge. 

Wilhoid E B, lawyer. v 


a popular summer resort in Grayson coun- 
ty, L'.i miles from Grayson Springs station, 
and 66 from Louisville. Population dur- 
ing the winter is only about 100, but dur- 
ing warm weather there is her* 1 a Boating 
population of from 4(X) to COO. Daily 
mail. M. P. Clarkson, postmaster. 

Hayes Jefferson, carpenter. 
Meston It. E., Physician. 
Hooper W W, carpenter, 
Thomas & Wilt ■-.. blacksmiths. 
VannieterW S & Bro, ! »tel, dour, saw and 

carding-mill, store and live stock. 
Wilton William, blacksmith. 


small s -ttletnent is on the P. & E. it. \> 
in Grayson county, 4 miles from Leitcli- 
field, the county-seat, and 66 miles fro in 
Louisville. Daily stage to Gravsc 
Springs, fare 50 cents. Southern ExpVe^ 
Population 50. Daily mail. J. M. Cut* 
bage, postmaster. 
Br-.ix John, hotel. 

Chick t& Dent, stave manufacturer.--:. 
Gllbbag-c J. 31., Express and Railroad 

Cubbage J S, mason. 
Durben James, blacksmith. 
Eadelin John, carpenter. 
Hackett H C. carpenter. 
Higdon Wm, si emaker. 
Key C C, marl !e-»v or . ■ r. 
Patterson Richard, wagon-maker. 
Ray Frank, barber. 
Rosenham Wra A , hotel 
Whayne W M, photographer. 


village in Scott county, 3 miles north-west 
of Georgetown, the county-seat and ship- 
ping point. Pi pulation U5. 
Branham J W blacksmith. 
Crumbaugh James S. mill owner. 
Hall J C, blacksmith. 
Herndon H C, livestock. 
Jarnes William, blacksmith. 
Sence James F. general store. 
Snavely L M, live stock. 
Viley J M, physician. 

GREENCASTEE. This small set- 
tlement (population 50) is on Barren riv r, 
in Warren county, 15 miles from Uow 
Green, the nearest railroad station. R. ..'. 
Shelton, postmaster and general store. 

_ GREENDAEE. A post-village of 
50 persons, in Fayette county, and a sta- 
tion on the (.'. S. Railway. 

GREEN GROVE. On a fork of 
the Cumberland river, in the south-eastern 
part of Cumberland county, 10 miles east 
of Burkesville, the county-seat and near-esi 
shipping, 9 miles south of Albany, »" 
the Cun berland river, and 150 sout 
of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail, and sla :< 
to Burkesviiie. J. W. Shelley, postmaster. 


Have Srttirt' more thasi 1,-JOO 
T.(i».m;b. e?<tl have Itut 13 Kc» 
Bl»ted Oaimi. Agents Everywhere. 





Cower Eli, constable. 
(JunJi-.iT l-:i:io. li >u--mill. 
Harris Benjamin, shoemaker. 
Simpson Benjamin, constable. 
Smith John M, sto k buyer. 
Thrasher .) B. flouring-mill. 
V r incont Elijah, wagon-maker. 

Vincent Rev Jacob >. 

Vinci nt John, j ti e of the peace. 
"Wright Riley, blacksmith. 

GREEN If ALL. A small \ •■-' .-•:: 
in Jackson count}", 35 mile? from Livin 
ton, on the L. & N. K. It. Pi . slat on 1 
Semi-weekly mail. Wm. M. Minter, pc 

Bowler Andrea?, corn-mill. 
Col-.liron Cal v in, c< rn-rni 1. 
Evans Samuel 1>.. Blacksmith. 
!• lanary Jam* s. corn-mill. 
Minter Wm M , g->ner.ii store. 
Wardson John, } !i} si ian. 
Whichers Newell, wagon-maker. 




in Floyd county. 

GREEN HILL. A small number 

of stores, shops, etc., 3 churches, 1 school, 
and abuut 100 people compose this village, 
which is in Warren count}", 10 miles from 
Bowling Green, its slii] ping point, and 123 
from Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. It. 
K. Porter, postmaster. 

Bybee S J, bl&ck.-n ith. 

Claypool B F, constable. 

Fallin Rev Thomas ■ Methodist Episcopal). 

Francis W A. physician. 

Hur W V, undertaker. 

Murrey A P, physician. 

Porter <St Claypool, General Store 

and Tobacco. 
S";irs Jane, hotel. 

A sin nil post-oriicc 

GREEN MOUNT. In the northern 

part of Laurel county, 12 miles north of 
London, the county-seat, 15 east of Liv- 
ingston station, its nearest shipping point, 
on the L. <fc N. It. K., and 120 south-east of 
Louisville. Daily mail. Arneriesi Bowling, 

Bowling America, Farmer. 

Bowling Eli: ha, -t ick breedei . 
Carior I. VV. gener -' -tore. 
F\ .•)-, Smith, dry goods. 
Eversole A, general store. 
Johnson B F, justice of peace. 
Linckes Fred, gei eral dealer. 
M.c( rackon T P, flour-mill. 
McEachem Gre< n, wagon-maker. 
Monren James, blacksmith. 
Pigg Gabriel, shoemaker. 
Young 1) B, constable. 
Young Felix, blacksmith. 
Y oung . v 11, tanner. 
Young Richard, justice of peace. 
Venable James M, book agent. 

GREENSBURG. The southern 
terminus of the C. & U. branch L. & N. R. 

R., and the county-seat of Green, is a vil- 
lage of about G">*0 inhabitants. It is Co 
miles south of Louisville, and contains a 
steam saw-mill, 3 churches, and good 
school. Express Adams. Mail daily. 
J. Altman, postmaster. 
AJtman J., General Store. 
Bomar J T. silversmith. 
Calhoun A 11. harness-maker. 
Callahan C O, shoemaker. 
Cheif A N. hotel. 


Office la West Room, Leonard'^ Hotel, Main Street, GRAYSON, KY. Will practice in the Court* of 
Cartar and adjoining Counties. Special attention givi :i to I ollectiooa. and proceeds promptly remitted. 

P. 0. l8ox TO. 

Cx^^x-^rscisT - b-ajetieci^tg oo3^^-^3sr"2r, 

C. C, M\Q&f«Si & SON, 


t»'"M i a«ier»! BanUn; Bi;im*>. Collections and business solicited. Remittance! mads earn* day of p«y- 
«ent. Exchange bought and sold, good anywhere Correspondents, Fourth National bank, Cincinnati,'.). 

MM ^-""» ( V*'' ft*] RffiH IKS II ?* 


JTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, K». 





Clark T J, harness-maker. 
Ford W, teacher. 
Gumm .1 C, taih r, 
Hazel wood Daniel, blacksmith. 
Henry Jet'F, luwvcr. 
Hobson Bros, dry goods. 
Howell J L, general store. 
Hubbard \V 1 \ pin sieian. 
Hudson D M. lawyer. 

K ikendu li U-\ Bapt ist ). 

Leap J W, ex per. 
Lew A >, dnii;s ai ; dr\ goods. 
Lewis W, ;:• neral st ore. 
Perkins A J, e< unty • rk. 
Fineek B W, tir ■ . rk. 
Si ott i> B, dru^ist. 
Sidebottom & Mm. .re, saloon. 
Suj ■ I i] P, .. oon. 
Tar ar M E, lawv< r. 
Tuwles J) T, law: • 
Tresen riter J A, b tcksmith. 
Vaughn M N , "•■' •■■•• ^i'!'- 1 . 
Wall VV II, tinner. 
Webster T A. physici \n. 
Weiiuena Joseph, shoemaker. 

GREENUP. On the Ohio river and 
E. K. K'y, ■■■i the month of Little Sandy, in 
the northern part of Greenup county and 
is the c< unty se-»it, It, has a Catholic, two 
Methodist, a Methodist (col), a Presbyterian 
and a Christian church, and a bank. Tele- 
graph W. [j . Daily mail. Population 
1,000. John Mornn, postmaster. 
Parr Mi-s J, milliner. 
Pates W II, vice-president E. K. R'y, Riv- 

Beech John, barber. 
Bennett Benjamin F., Attorney at 

Law, a:.d Prop'r Bennett's Mills, and 

Greenup Lime Works. 
Bennett J B, lawyer. 
Bergmeyer Ulrioh, cigar mnfr. 
Bierlv J C, confectioner. 
Black Miss M. 

Brown Benjamin F, general store. 
Burkhart Band ilph. blacksmith. 
Callihan Hubert A, hotel. 
Corum George A, clerk Greenup circuit 

and county courts. 
Davidson Jeremiah, awyer. 
Delmrd Alf'r. J I); p! ysielan. 
Dickey & Warnock, hoots and shoes, and 

hats rui I caps 
Dulin Edward F, lawyer. 

Ellington T J, carpenter. 

Ellis Samuel, phj sieian. 

Ghent James, marble. 

Gibbs George, station and express agent. 

Grahn Karl B, insurance agent. 

Greenup Deposit Bank, W.C.I?©. 

lund. Pres ; ,i . i'. duck, < ashier. 
Hager George l \ I hn > smith. 
li- der Kdw N, furniture and undertaking 
Hodges II L, contractor and bricklayer, 
lioffman John E, m- at market. 
JaC' •!■- John, co' | i r. 
Kinsh-T < 'hristiun • r< » • rics. 
Kouns John W, sheriff. 
Koui s \V iiliatn S uru«j gist. 
M..( 'oy i (avid •!. law , ei . 
MeCov 1' A; Soi ■■ store 

Madison Rev 1. B : M E So ith). 
'•I ay '•■'• M L're- : >\ terian >. 
M VI il it .Son, hard warn, stoves and tin 
Mi ''••: S 'ii a Co, . ' era! sti re. 
Mori., n J iim-s A. butci t r. 
M \ ers Mrs 1 ndht, millinery. 
M ] ers John, coo| ••:•. 
Myers John A, grist and saw-mill. 
O' Bryan .1 E, mill iner. 
Payntnr Thomnf [I. county attorney. 
Pi r < Joseph, im r. hant tailor. 
Pinkerton Eldei J P (Christian). 
Puthtin" Henry V, druggiat. 
Hardin W •! A, lawy er. 
lb-id A J, & Si ii, general store. 
Rhi des Josiah V, pn pr Riverton house. 
Hoe & Roe, law\ • rs. 
Saniple Edward A, photographer. 
Schilling Albert, shoemaker and restaurant. 
Sehmutz John, li vt-ry and restnurunt. 
Sellards Abraham G, druggist. 
Sellards & Sellards. physicians. 
Soward James M, general store. 
Stevens iX: Pollock, hardware end tin. 
Sydenstricker Jehu, general store. 
Taylor James, billiards. 
Taylor & Van Dyke lumber. 
Trussel] Francis B, lawyer and ins agent. 
Van Bibber, C N, grocer. 
Ward & Sv eenev, I rick yard. 
VVhite Rev T B ( M E S "uth). 
White WiUon, painter. 
W inn John E, h ■ <■'■ . 
Winters James P. saddler and jailer. 
Wormx k v -, S, Erenerai -tore. 
Worthington Win J, c> unty judge, 


what its .name implies, located in Greenup 

fi - ; IIHMTRI! Mill P4TT1 

v.;: ; -i! »•• [ i • to thsCompaniea we manage. 
BA 1BEE4 CASTLEMA ■, Loi svitle, Ky. . 
A&«-iit* ei trywlicie Sou til. 





county, 10 miles from the county-scat. 
Ship goods direct, via Ohio river. Popula- 
tion 60. Mail daily. J. EL Merrill, post- 

Cartwricht C. lime manufacturer. 
Merrill J. II., General Store and Lime 

Holder J T, lime manufacturer. 
Tori" 1 W 11, lime manufacturer. 

GREENVJIJLI3. <>n the P. & E. 

H. R., 1B0 mi es south-west of Louisville, 
and the county-scut of Muhlenberg. It 
has 4 plug tobacco factories, a steam 
grist-mill, 3 churches, and good schools, 
Greenville Female College, and Green- 
ville College for Young -Men, recently re- 
organized on a basis, entirely dev< id of any 
particular denominational supervision. It 
is one of the most prosperous colleges in 
the State, recent improvements have been 
made at a greatexpense. in building, secur- 
ing an able corps of teachers, etc. Ex- 
ports tobacco, and country produce. West- 
ern Union telegraph. Southern Express. 
Daily mail. Population 1,000. Joseph E. 
Ellison, postmaster. 

Allison Finis M. lawyer. 

Allison James, lawj er. 

All - i John, lawyer. 

Arnold Samuel M. lumber (2 miles south). 

Hoard Benj, wagon-maker. 

Brizendine John II, groceries, etc. 

Brizendine John II, tanner. 

Chatham L (lurk, furniture. 

Chatham Samuel D, f rniture. 

Church Josiah W, col U S int rev, and 

Coppage & Chatham, hardware. 
Crittenden Robert M, physician, (2 m s). 
Crowse Geo 0, sheriff. 

Dearmon James M, watch-maker. 

Ead» Charles E, clothing. 

Eaves Charles, lawyer. 

K .. tt Sam, meat market. 

1 ',;. u tt Samuel, shoemaker. 

Evits Moses .1, blacksmith. 

Fiel Is Larkin, blacksmith. 

Frazier Robert C, physician. 

Gibba J C, harness maker. 

Greenville Female College, Prof. 
K. Walter Hall. A. >•'., President. 

Greenville College for Young- 
Men, Prof. E. Waller Hall, A. M., 

DFV 13. T3 

:~LTJ £3 S Jtu . 

Attorney and Counsellor at Lav/, 



gkp^e:e>ttt:p o. h:., zKEiisrTTTCi^ir. 





PER DAY. $2.00. 

Good Sample Rooms. References, the traveling public. 


........ - v X-i- -E£. ZE£-c^2Sr; 

• - - 

Steel Stamps, Boraliig Brands, Rubber Stamp* 
So:»xj HonWs and Prrsscs. I.. I'OCHJ', l>i. ..'.,' 
;»n<l Die Sinker, lf.G Randolph St., CHICAGO, 1X1, 





Grigsby & Mathis, millinery. 

Grundy Bros, li\ ery. 

Hull Proi\ E." Walter, A. M., 

President Gree villa Female College, 
and College for V >ui u r Men, 

Harbin & Mathis, blacksmiths. Joseph F, photographer. 

Hay Marcellus C,, Attorney at Law 
and > i' 

Hesse A Jer ch >, dry goods, clothing, etc. 

Hii! Ri v Charles Presbyterian). 

Howard J (.' cc Son, general store. 

Irwin Win, general store. 

James Win B, coroner. 

James Wra II, meat market. 

Jones Thomas .1, dr\ goods and groceries. 

Jones Mrs E, millinery. 

Keith Jesse, general st< re 1 12 miles south). 

Kingslev Napoleon H. drugs. books, etc. 

Koltinsky Solon on, groceries and liquors. 

Love Job n, constable. 

Love S Palace, lawyer. 

McCormiek Rev ■) T | Presbyterian"). 

McCown Win B, county attorney. 

Manr. Ree, physician. 

Mann & Rice, proprietors Greenville hotel; 

Martin David F, groceries. 

Martin D A A: W W. plug-tobacco ranfs. 

Martin 11 N A Co, tol acco mnfs. 

Martin Samuel, Omnibus and Trans- 
fer Line. 

Martin & Irwin. plug-tobacco mnfs. 

Martin & Rice, tobai i-o mnfs. 

Mathis N R, constable, 

Mendel Bros, general store. 

Miller John S, jailor. 

Mi!l> Jonathan E. flour-mill. 

Morgan Thos M, dry goods and groceries, 

Muhlenberg* Echo, Lrey Woodson 
E litor and Proprietor. 

Myers Davi i If. ir i<rgi,t. 

Pearl B E S, station and express agent. 

Pear) & Love! , gi neral store. 

Pearson, Craig & Co, general store (12 
miles south I. 

Pittman Burress E, lawyer. 

Poag John F, irr icerie- arid liquors. 

Reho L. R., Pi -p. Reno House. 

Reno & Hay Lewi: Reno, M.C. Hay), 
General brokers and Dealers in Ex- 
change. Special attention given to Col- 

Rhoa'ls Dsivid F county assessor. 

Rice Ezekiel, leaf-tobacco. 

Roark Martin J. lawyer. 

Rowe Mansdeld, general -tore. 

Slaton Thos .J, physician. 

Smith Jas H, physician (12 mile, south,. 

Stewart Green B, barber. 

Stokes L A, prop Stokes' House arid saloon. 

Thompson Juhu C, lawyer and countj 

Tin -ley Thomas J, police magistrate. 
Town- Geo W, circuit clerk and physician 
W< ir Edward R, lawyer. 
WVir Edward H., Postmaster. 
Weir Frank, saddles. 
Weir Mrs Harriet R, general store. 
Wicklifie Wm A, lawyer. 
Wing Chaa F. lawyer. 
"Woodson Urey, Prop'r Muhlenberg 

Yorits Bros drugs, jewelry, books, etc. 
Yonts Joseph I), general store. 
Yonts P, bakery. 
Y'ost & Jackson, lawyers. 

GREENAYOOP. This is a mining 

town with a probable population of 350 
(mostly miner-). It is located in Pulaski 
count) , 18 miles from Somerset, the countv- 
seat, and L 60 from Louisville, and is also 
a station on C. S. Rv. Goods can be 
shipped direct. The Cumberland Coal 
Co., who are large mine owner.- here, ship 
an average of 400 r-ar> coal per m< nth. 
Mail daily. J. F. McClure, postmaster. 
Cr »oke .J R. supt Cumberland Coal (V 
Cumberland (oil Co. (J. F. Mc- 
Clure, Pre-;.; J. R. Crooke, Sup't), Coal 
Mining and General Store. 
MeClure .1. P., Pres. Cumberland 
Coal Co., and Express and K. R. Agt. 


post-office name for Silver Lake Station, 
is a station on the C. S. R'y., in Ken.ton 
count;.", 89 miles from Louisville. A charm- 
ing place, this, for summer residences for 
Cincinnati men hunts. Stages to Florence 
and Burlington daily: fare, Florence, 26 
cents; Burlii gb n, 60 rents. Daily mail. 
B. S. Calvert, postmaster. 

Calvert U.S., Postmaster, Express, and 

R. R, Ag<-: t. 
Carpenter A \'xz. groceries and lumber. 
Conner .) L, hotel. 

Fulton J L, 

■ries and coal. 

GRIPER. On the f'umberlar.d 
river, :n the south-western part of Cumber- 

ft KI(tfS|«a|? IS gover S4C. 000,000 of Fire Kl 8 t* 

ill ; «i »« 7 H ^ rLU ' ; ° mc t ,a iitfe it:*i ittivti*'-. 

Louts*l!le, Kj. Agent* eTtrywhere. ■»■■»■ »m»»«s»,^»j *i 





land county, 13^ miles west of Burksville, Shawneetown, 111., its nearest shipping point 

the county-seat, and 35 south-east oi , by rail, on theSt. L. & S. K. branch L. & 

Glasgow, the nearest shipping point b} S. R. R. ; 8 north-east of Caseyvilie, its 

mil, ok the L. v.V N. R, It, 1 lin's Lund nearest shipping point !•■, water, on the 

ing, I}- miles distant, is the nearest ship- Ohio river. Semi-weekly" mail, and -> -. 

ping point bv water. Daily mail. Tri- j to Morganfield*. Population 'J5 J. W. 

weekly stage to Glasgow: fare J3.50. j Perkins, postmaster. 

f""- 1 - j Anderson Samuel, barber. 

; Bingham S II, justice. 

; Cullen A, justice. 

I Dyer ,1 H, live stock. 

j Gejger 1,. physician. 

I Hal'l T F, blacksmith. . 

I). B. William: 



Brown K A, physician. 

Buemit R, wagon-maker. 

Dauson Rev S i'i i Methodist), 

English C. H., Tobacco. 

McAllen . tol a. co 

Norris ■) J, wagon maker. 

Sunlev M , fisherman. 

Williams I). J>., General Store and 

Williams H !•'.. carpenter. 
William,- I'.ev W K (Presbyterian). 


Ohio river landing in Daviess county, 8 

miles from Owemboro, the county-seat, 

and 170 miles from Louisville. The 

Eagle Distillery, run by steam, is here. 

Ship direct. Population 250 Adams 

Express. Mail daily. Thomas J. Mon- 
arch, postmaster 

Allen Win. shoemaker. 

Bartlett II C vV Co. cattle "dealers. 

Brandon Rev J 11 Mi tbodist . 

Conway A G, engineer. 

Crinnian L A, physician. 

Crogan Rev D F j [ Catholic). 

Eagle Distilling Co., T. J. Monarch, 
Pre.-.. A. S. Hicks, George A. Williams. 

Miles E L general store. 

Monarch T J., Postmaster and Ex- 
press Agent. 

Kcwman N M, justice. 

Rimker T G, clerk Eagle Distilling Co. 

Scherer John, general store. 

Scherer Philip," hotel. 

GRUNDY. A small post-office and 
county store, in Pulaski county, 4 miles 
from Somerset, the nearest railroad station. 

GUOOMSTOWN. Jefferson countv 
(See Orell). 

| Johns < harles, live stock. 

McClelland & James, shingles. 
I Perkins .1 W. general store. 

GU3I SUUMiril. In the north- 
ern part of Kock<-as! ,• county, on the 
Knoxville bran.-h of t! e L. A; N. R. P.. 10 
miles north of Mt. Vernon, the county- 
seat, and 119 south-cast of Louisville, 
Daily mail. Population 65. R. H. Frith, 
Rr.»> n G S. produ' e. 
Edwards Hugh, Flour-mill. 
Frith I?. H., General Store, Postmaster 

and It. R. Agent. 
Hilton .1 M, wagon-maker. 
Lusk Alexander, lawyer. 
Lusk & Melvin. saw-mill aril blacksmiths 
Mobbly .John, blacksmith. 
Rowland J M, sa v. -mill. 
Sparks Samuel, carpenter. 

GUTHRIE. An incorpi rated village 
of 500 inhabitants, situated at the crossii g 
of the St L. A S K. and the I,iN. R R., 
12 miles from Flkton. the county peat of 
Todd county, ami 1G4 from Louisville. 
Five churches and 3 private schools are 
lure. Western Union telegraph. South- 
ern and Adams Express. Daily mail. T. 
P. Morris, postmaster. 
Arrington J I, physician. 
Bigbee Robert, livrrj and grocer. 
Bryant Bros, saw-mills (3 miles south). 
Bumgarner Henry \\. groceries. 
Burl a Silas K, six e-maker. 
Choat John, hard ware. 
Curtiss F A. ticket-agent. 
I Day W D, dry goods. 
GUM GROVE. In the southern j Duffy P O. gen store and justice of peace. 

part of Union county, 8\ miles south of | Grant & Grant, >''" pra Grant HoufO. 

Morgantield, the county-seat, VI s. e. of ; Greenpeld Cyrus, phvsician. 

^UJUaJJL? i.' -, j.,1 Ui i.JU« ULiij.iUJj LOUISVILLE, 

Soizzhe}'!2 Dep't, 





Hal! George W, b - il r. 

Harrison 1{ R, R. R * d erp. agt. 

Hut hisson J N, gen • >' .< .-,> 

I7,er James .1. gr ■ ■ :•;•--. 

Ja 'k »n An Irev B, • ,'„y marshal. 

Jt»bm -"'; Sa r ■■. •', me at ma rice! . 

Kendall Rev J G, | Baptist). 

K incaid W S, express ag t 

Lew S, grocer. 

L • e >h ;h & C >, gr. ■ i 

L i iter Charles, pin --dan. 

Linebaugb cV C i, gr> t>rie.s. 

Northington Mrs S M ,i littery. 

Nor r is & Tate, Shoe and Clothing 

Phillips .1 L, freight t:-; t 
Platowsky Simon, general store. 
Ran n el .1, phvsician. 
Ross Bros, drugs, b ok>, etc. 
Sal j Wm M, ■ : icktmith. 
Scruggs \V .1, black, 
Spaulding Wm T, general store. 
Williams Robert B. physician. 
Worley M M. carpenter. 
Worthington Mrs S M, milliner. 


R. R., in thesouthern part ofToddcot 

12 mile* south of RIkton, the c unt) 

and ifil south. eau of Louisville. A 

Express. Daily mail. Population 175 

L. Kdmbrough, postmaster. 

Alien David, livery. 

Colwell .' A. general store, 

Frazer T N\ pin =ician. 

Hammond John It. general store. 

Hollins R T. general store. 

O'Brien McD, station agent. 

Eawdle N F, physician. 

Kyan J, shoemaker. 

Snadon E R A Co, bla iksmiths. 

Si adon L & C'>, ^r icer*. 

Whiteside A P, pbysi : an and druggi 

& N. 
•- at, 




JfAlJLKV. On J:\-snerriver.intbe 
sou<:h-west< j n' part of W :-■-. ', 11 
miles west of B >v> '■ ■ ; Gre n, t - < onnt\ - 
sea! . its n ir -1 shinping ooini 1 i . > n 
the L. & \. II R, and 114 ■=■ it >f 1 ;'-- 
villf. Ro da !. S .- *s ! : - • r. :- ■ 
nest -• ■•■ shippir _• :■■ ii I ' - - ■ • Dailj 
mail. Populati* i _' ' Wm. Smith, post- 

Bu-.ii W V. pbysi' dan. 
Cossey Robert, i ai ]-• ter. 

Cohoori Robert, carpenter. 
Culbortson Wm, sa%v-logs. 
Grubb Wm il, deputy county clerk. 
I! ..'• : Tl i mas, ti uder. 
Heard James, constable 
Schral Fritz, stone quarry. 
Smith Thomas J. live stock. 
Smith Win., General Store. 
Spen - r R' ibert. i per 
Stewart .John P, huckster. 
Sweeuev If C, saw log^. 
Taylor W H. justice. 
Thompson George, cooper. 
Thompson J R, physician. 
Tbrelkild John, blacksmith. 
Tbrelkild M F, gunsmith. 

HAGER. Also known as Johnson's 
Foik, i^ a country post-office, located in 
Magoffin county. 10 miles from Salvers-, 
ville, the seat of justice. Mkil daily. 
James P. Sirner, postmaster. 
Allen Elijah; flour-mill. 
Patrick Eli, miner. 
Patrick ll'.rrv, miner. 
Pugb C W J," miller. 
Simes James P. blacksmith. 
Simes Samuel P, miner. 
Simes L P, lumber dealer. 
Stoey II A, coal sh-pper. 
Pykins Eli. grain. 
Williams Ii F, lumber. 
Willis John, miner. 


in Christian county. 

A post-office 

HALF WAY. In the north-western 
part of Allen county, 8 miles from Scotts- 
ville, the county-seat, 18 east of Bowling 
Green, its nearest shipping point, on the L. 
& N. R. R. Tri-weekly mail and stage to 
Bowling Green and Scottsville Popula- 
tion 50. Daily mail. Lei i J. Spann, post- 

Eddy J A, undertaker and justice. 
Harris Rev W L I Baptist) and carpenter. 
SI .il li ; .1 m - H, 'onstable. 
M ise 1). • n-glium. 
Pruitt Enoch, jiisti e. 
Read < i !>, h iruess-maker. 
Sarnind Ci W, phy-ioian. 
Sj>ann 1 Jt J., (x-'neral St< re. 
\\ allaec \\ . I \>u ksmith. 
Watkins J W, general store. 

Miuruii rmfilM . M 

and dealer In Hardware Specialties, Fred Sell mledinj, 
£35 Broadway, & 830 N, 4tr St., ST LOUIS, MO. 




HALiIFAX. On Buy's Fork creek, 
In Allen county. £ miles from Seottsville, 
ihe county-seat. Only a small and unim- 
portant post-office. Isaac Tabor, 

Buchanan R L, blacksmith. 
Lawrence J F, saw-mill. 
Sledg «fe Sledg, store keepers. 
Tatw>r Isaac, 1 a 


shipping point, on the L. & N, R. R., in 

the northern part of Lincoln county, 5 

miles south of Stanford, the county-seat, 

and 10S south-east • f Louisville. Adams 

Express. Daily mail. Population 50. J. 

McSmith, postmaster. 

Burton C F, carpenter. 

Hiatt 13 D, saw. and Hour-mill. 

Lynn .1 E, live stock. 

L\ nn J G, live stock, 

McSmith. J., General Store. 

Martin B P, livery. 

Murphy Wm, hoti 1. 

Pence E S & A M, live stock. 

Stephenson D P, distillery. 

Stephenson W P, blacksmith. 

"Webb P F, shoemaker. 

HAT/LAS STORE. In the western 
part of Powell county, 10 miles south-east cf 
Stanton, the county-seat, 30 south-east of 
Ilexes, its nearest shipping point, on the 
Mt: Sterling division of the L., ('. &. L R. 
R-, and 110 south-east of Louisville. 
"Weekly mail. W. J. Hanks, postma3ter. 

HAMILTON. A landing and ship- 
ping point, on the Ohio river, in the south- 
ern part of Boone county, 13 miles south of 
Burlington, the county-seat, 8 east of 
Verona, its nearest j i ipping point, bv 
rail, on the L.. C. & L. II. R., and 100 
north-east of Louisville, by water. Popu- 
lation 70. Daily mail. M. J. Johnson, 

Adttnis S. 31., Physician. 

Boke G \V, jus! ice of pi ace. 

Covrn G W, sewing mai nines. 

Fhldhouse Fritz. bla< I • ni h. 

Oarnett W W, general store and justice. 

•Toluison J. I.., General Store, Liquors, 

Lumber and Tobacco. 
Kennedy .! W, sen store and tobacco. 
Mclnttre VV W, hotel. 

Rich VV O B. - 
Saunders .1 W 
VV< od J A, ph 



flour-mill, ( 1 mile out.) 



UAMMONVITJ,^. In the north- 
ern part of Hart county, 11 miles north- 
east of Munfordsville, the county scat. 8 
miles south of Uptonville. it- nearest ship- 
ping point, on the L. & N/k. R, and Seast 
of Bacon Creek, its nearest station on the 
same line. Tri-weekly mail. Population, 
90. W C Ferguson, postmaster. 
Brown .1 A & W W, blacksmiths. 
Fergriison W, C. & <Yf.,GeneralStore. 
Hawkins Edward, constable. 
Heath W H, wagon-maki r. 
daggers Rev E L. physician. 
Lampkin W H. justice of peace. 
Lirely M H. physician. 
Lirelv R W, physician. 
Mans T M, drugs. 
England J M, painter. 
Shipp J H, general store. 
Shofner J C, shoemaker. 
Smith E S, physician. 
Smith Jerome, physician. 
Tate G W, flour-mill. 

HAMPTON. Quite a new post-office, 
in Livingston county. 

HAXLY. In the south-western part 
of Jessamine county, 3A miles south of 
Nicholasville, the county-seat, its nearest 
shipping point, on the C S. Ry. Daily 
mail and stage to Nicholasville. W J Den- 
man, postmaster. 

Alverson II B, blacksmith and wagon- 
Arnold L B, blacksmith. 
Boughn J H. carpenter. 
Crews Za< k. physician. 
Dcilllian \V. J., General Store. 
II unter Thomas, justice. 
Leavell T T, bla ksmith. 
N;c «• T. wagon-maker. 
Nlchob Henry toba Co. 
Ovcrstreet Rev T J (South M E. Church). 
Saguscr N\ pin sieian. 
Seat J I . wagon-n ■ er. 
Sewell Wm, wairon-maker. 
Thompson Rev .) C C i M E church). 
Walker Win B, tra ler and -'.upper. 
Watts Wm. flour-mill. 
Welch S 1>, physician. 


I ■ 

aii< ' nrnice fir 

_ .. — „, ..., ... „ ^ ,„ „..,-r,«, w , n:r,; ano ■ r>rn ce hrrns »• ■■• I '•■, txnrrc 

J. W. ATKIWSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

tout. hrcetoAnr. 
Sei t by Expre;.*. 





HANSON. On the L. & N T . R. II.. in 
Hopkins county, 200 miles from L ■■. u>\ ille, 
is this village of 2o0 people, 2 i hureb - 1 
school and I saw-mill. Tobacco and wheat 
are the shipments. Southern Express. 
Daily mail. W. 11. Weir, postmaster. 
Brown .1 W, justice of peace. 
Brown W. !>., Genera! Store and 

Brown W D, tobacco. 
Buekham & Gooch, blacksmiths. 
Donaldson & Howell, tobacco. 
Givens Thomas, confectionery. 
Gordon .1 H, hotel and railroad aerent. 
Haily T 11, wagon-maker. 
Haynes W A. saloon. 
Hewlett & Ilothrock, General Store 

and Druggists. 
Jones G L, saw and grist-mill. 
Jones J W, const c >le. 
Orton E W, justice of peace. 
Tidwell E, boot and shoemaker. 
Vandiver Charles, cooper. 
Waller J S. physician. 
Weir W 1!, express agent. 
Weir AV. H. & Biro., General Store 

arid Leaf-tobacco. 
Weils T H, physician. 

HARDINSBURG. This quite pros- 
perous town, the county- seat of Breckin- 
ridge county, is 1U miles from its shipping 
point. Cloverport. on the Ohio river, which 
is also its nearest lank location, and Ho by 
water and 70 by "land from Louisville. 
H^re are 1 flour-mill. 4 churches. 2 schools. 

and a population of 500. ToUv is the 

leading shipment. Stages daily to Mul- 
draugh Station ■ Ceeilian hra ioh' L. a; N 
R. R i, 3*2 miles; fare $2.50. Three times 
a week to Cioverport and Stephensburg; 
fare $1. Daily mail. John i'. Has well, 

Allen «SL Board, Lawyers. 

Babbage \ irgil G. master commissioner, 

Parne- \Vm K. county attorney. 

Barton YVm A, stoves and tinware, and 

police judge. 
Beard Clav ton, carpenter. 
Beard James P, constable 
Beard & Beeler, general store. 
Board H C, dentist. 
Board Jesse B, survevor, 
Board Miiton, countv judge. 
Cosby H D, physician. 

Embry Wm. stonemason. 

Eskridge K ti, justice of peace (2 miles 8 ). 

kkridge Roscoe, carpenter. 

Feaman John T, tailor. 

Frank B B, saloon. 

Frank Geo, general store, 

Gardner James If, general store. 

Guthrie .Join, W. confectioner. 

I ; v (.'. general ?tore 

Hamilton C, barber. 

Haswell James G, lawyer. 

Has well John P.," Saddler. 

Ha;, es J iv. physician. 

Have, 11.. v R F , m k Church South). 

Heston Siias. physician. 

Hook H C, shoemaker. 

Hook J & A 1'. flour-mill. 

Humphrey Rev .1 M (M.-ih, di&t . 

Jenkii - Father T .1 M itholic). 

Johnson John R., Grocery and Sa- 

Jplly Gideon P., County Clerk 

Kincheloe Allen M, pbysi >ian. 

!•' : :. i eloe A X, groc< r." 

Kincheloe »SL Eskridge, Lawyers. 

Lennin Mr- A J, millinery. 

Lewis J H. boot and shoemaker. 

McGary Joseph II, gro< er. 

McGar. Martin, groceries. 

McGary & Withers, general store. 

McGary & Co, leaf-tobacco. 

McG '■'. Thomas A, hotel. 

McMerser Nicholas, lawyer. 

Miller fho* M, gen ~r >re and leaf-tobacco. 

Moorman C W, sheriff. 

Pulliam Joseph R, justice of peace. 

Scott Horace, general store. 

Skillman II S, circuit clerk. 

Smith .1 C A Son, blacksmiths. 

Smith Robert A., Carriage-maker and 

Kv: ress Vgent. 
Sn itli & Beard, livery and stage. 
Stith Wm B. general store. 
Stone Jas E. lawyer, 
Taylor John M, store and tobacco. 
Witt & Pulliam, gen store and tobacco. 

watering place in the smith-western part 
■ |f Hardin c unty, 2S miles south-west of 
Elizabe.thtow! . tl e counts -seat, 8 north of 
Big Clifty, its nearest shipping point on the 
I*. & E. R. 11., an 1 To - .i th-west of Lou 
ville. Stage to Big Cliftv from July to 
October; fare $1. Tri-weekly mail. Popu- 
lation 60 J. W. Walker, postmaster. 

- - 


■$ Ui 


Have fce<»JrtI more thnn l,4rOO 
Losses, am' have Hs.d but 13 Ite^ 
slsteti Claims. Af.ents Everywhere. 



II Alt 



Adams Jeremiah C, Jusi 

Bra< i. M W, physician. 
1 tacker Adam. soap, 
ffansbrough Elijah, hotel. 
Meece J M. blacksmith-. 
Payne Coleman, wagon-maker. 
Walker J. W., Flour and Saw-mills, 

and Woi i • "ar ling. 
Warren & Vertrem, general store. 

HARD MONEY. Twelve miles 
from Paducah. the county-seat of Bracken 
and 2% from Florence, its nearest shipping 
pi»iiit,"on M., P. & N". R. R., is this settle- 
ment of 50 people. Mail semi-weekly. J. 
II. Ballance, postmaster. 
Ballance Ge 'go, pb \ sician. 
Ballance -J. 11., G< n< ral St< re. 
Ballance VV'm, livestock and grain, 
ll'A?, VV N, justice of peace. 
Buekhart A, blacksmith. 
Hanson W T. shoemaker. 
Leonard D. wagon-maker. 
Whelis J 11, physician. 

HARDYVILLE. In the eastern j 
p*rt of Hart county, 8 miles east of Mun- j 
fordville, tha county seat, 8 t-wst of Row- ! 
letts, its nearest shipping point, on the j 
Memphis branch of the L. A: N. It. R., 3 i 
north of Green river, and 75 south of I 
Louisville. Daily mail and stage to Row- i 
letts. Population 90. J. M. Luck, post- 

Bunnell George, blacksmith. 
Garnett R E, physician. 
L.tiek J. >I., General Store. 
MeCauley Win. blacksmith. 
Mudd J .!, physician. 
Newman C C, teacher. 
White oc Bro, genera', store. 

HARLAX. Also (-ailed Mt. Pleasant. 
This town has an estimated populati n of 
150, is the county-seat of Harlan <■ 
and its location is on the Cumberland 
river, 90 miles from Livinsr-toi . the near- 
est railroad station, and 140 from Loui - 
* ille. Here are 4 churches, a public, and a 
high school. Produce and live stock are 
shipped. Daily mail. John Jones, post- 

Bailey John M, lawyer. 
Bailey J K, lawyer. 

Bailey & Jones, general store. 
Ball A, justice of peace. 
Con'; A: Orr, general store. 
French S M, lawyer. 
Fee Rev Wni Baptist |. 
Harman L F, physician. 
Harris A L, dentist. 
Howard E M, grocer, 
tlowar 1 S C, c neral store. 
Jpnes John, General Store. 
King W L, barber. 
Lundy David, blacksmith. 
Moore George, wagon-maker. 
Pope Rei Solomon (Methodist). 
Rici B A. saw and tiour-mill (west). 
Selser Rev .Monroe (Methodist). 
Shackelford L D. blacksmith. 
Skidm >re Jerome, live stock. 
Skidrn <r( & 11 .'. general store. 
Smith Nober, live stock. 
Toorester Rev Enoch (Christian). 
Turner George B, justice of peace. 
Ware T S, general store. 
Wright Keiley, live stock. 

HA R3IOXY. A small country post- 

office in Owen county, 16 miles from 

Owentt ii, the county-. -at, and the same 

distance from Georgetown, the usua't 

shipping point. Population 85. Mail 

daily. G, R. Lee, postmaster. 

Barr John, General Store. 

Head & Bro. general store. 

Hicks Z, blacksmith. 

Hutcheson J D, physician. 

Johnson P, justice of peaee. 

Johnson Simpson, blacksmith. 

Lee ir. R., Physician. 

Redding W II. sewing machine agent. 

Rice A (.. live stock. 

South worth < _.'. T.. grocer and hotel. 

South worth Thos, hotel. 

Watson W J, live stock. 


Kentucky river, in the south-eastern par 
of Henry county, 16 miles south-east o f 
Newcastle, the ei mty-seat, 11 north-east 
of Pleasures ille, it nearest slapping point, 
on the Mt. Sterling division of the L., C 
& L. It. R., and 60 north-east of Louisville. 
Semi-weeklv mail. Population d0. E. G. 
Harper, postmaster. 
Flack James, blacksmith. 
Gordon R, hotel. 

.- I |! j p Mr '•:'-'■! 
« ': iijfe^^k' . • , .. . ,. Ui; CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, -- Louisville, Ky. 

' N A G EES, 


ii a r 



Hall B if. gem ral store. 
Harper JO. <;.. Hotel. 
Hughes VWbb, srr.»cer. 
McCreary James K. physician. 


southern part of Butler county, 20 miles 
south of Morgantnwn. the county-seat. 
18 north-west of Rus-iellvill . its n irest 
shipping point, on the Memphis branch 
of the L. & N. U R . and 160 south-west 
of Louisville. Weekly mail a:id stage to 
Russellville. Population 50. T. J. Beas- 
ley, postmaster. 

HARRTSBURG, In the north- 
eastern part of Owen county, o'k miles 
north of Owen ton, the county- 'eat, 9 -: mth- 
east of S; >arta. its nearest shipping point, 
on the L, C. & L. it. R., and • ~> north-east 
of Louisville. Daily stage to Owenton 
and Sparta. Daily mail. P. H. Duncan, 

Bainbridge E C, physician. 

Dickerson R A. wagon-maker. 

Dickerson R A jr. teacher. 

Duncan P II, president Owen College. 

Finnish H. druggist. 

Maddox Jacob, general store. 

Owen College, Ed Porter Thompson, prin. 

West James, blacksmith. 

Lynn Grose, in the southern part of Cal- 
loway county, 8 miles south-west of Mur- 
ray, the county-seat, and 18 south-east of 
May field, its nearest shipping point, on the 
M., P. & N. R. It. Si mi-weekly mail. J. 
W. Reasor, postmaster and general store. 

IIARR-1-SOXYILL.E. In the south- 
ern ;.--rt of Sin ii v co i ny, 13 n : es south 
of Shelbyvilhvthe eounty-seat, its :• iresl 
shipping point. Weekly mail, and ;ta<re 
to Shelbyville. Population 70. F. M. 
Hankins, postmaster. 
Bri >'.v r : S ;m re, b] '■ r ::i - :i 
B in utt <N; Eas: •} . l. '••-..! store. 
E i ■' v -J P, v, usron-maker. 
itiuikins F. M ., 1 ian. 

Stone .£ Sampson, general store. 


& N; tl. R., is i -ettiement r.if 55 people, 
in Madison county. 

HA RRODSBU RG. This town, the 
county-seat of Mercer, is the terminus of 
a branch of the (.'. S. R'y, called the 
Southwestern I'.. R., -1J miles in length. 
Here are 2 banks, 2 flour-mills, 11 
churches, a weekly newspaper, the Mer- 
cer Enterprise, a woolen-mill, and several 
hotels, among them the Commercial 
Housi the !• . ling one in the pla< e, and 
one of the finest in this section of the 
country. A S! aker settlement has been 
located within five miles of here, for Eev. 
eral years past, and is in a prosperous con- 

Harrodsburg is the site of Daughters' 
College, the most celebrated institution of 
learning in the Bluegrass district of Ken-. 
tucky, established more than a quarter of a 
century ago, f< r the bettf r and higher edu- 
cation of women. It< graduates are annu- 
ally sought after to rl; ! important position! 
in other schools of the West, so that it is, 
practically, one of the first Normal col- 
leges of the country. 

It is surrounded by beautiful and exten- 
sive grounds, and is supplied with a fine 
library, & good museum and cabinet, and 
all necessary chemical and physical ap- 
paratus. Its appointments are complete; 
four matrons and a superintendent have 
charge of the home, and eight teachers 
devote themselves to the school. Its mu- 
sical methods are norma! and conservatory. 
Its graduates are enrolled from every sec- 
tion of the Union, North, South, East and 
West. The institution is unsectarian. 
Stages to Frankfort and Mitchell-burg. 
Population 2.5(K). Adams Express. "West- 
ern Union Telegraph. Mail daily. 

Allin Benjamin C. clerk county court. 

Allin Bush W, insurance agent. 

Allin V. m B. pros 'i uting attorney. 

Al.sop Goorjjre H., Insurance, Express, 
and fiailroad Ticket Airent. Pho nix 
Fire Tns. Co.. of Hartford. Conn ; Hart- 
ford Fire Ins. Co., of Hartford, Conn.; 
Niagara Fire Ins. Co., of New York, 
and I : :i ■ ti Fir • Ins. < o., of Philadel- 
phia. Also Traveling Passenger Agent 
Ohio & Mi>si.-sippi R. II. 

Baxti r Jami - If. groi cries. 

Bell vv Wil.-on, lawyers. 

Berry M r- Emma, mi i iy. 

Board Richard, clerk cin nit court. 

Bohon George, saddles and harness. 

• ; -^T ZEE ZE T^ •• v 

- tf? if-. .5 " f- - - ->■ 

k I * ■ • 1 





\ A 

J - 




Hfn L 

- 4ytfP6 


^^ -Education" ^ \ 


Se^s^Tis ^ 1st zi Sgp 

jQTXIDQI aPia cil^. loo viUuIic 


fjofVu cluq. c Wtffiam..v, ?£t-esii>c-u t. 


■ - '• ii" -o to tho Companies ire manage. 
BARBfcE 4, CASTLEMAN, Lou sviile, Ky. 
Agents everywhere South. 





Bohon & Hansford, clothing. 

Brady Rev Father (Catholic). 

Bra 1> Horace W, sho< maker. 

Brewer Barney \'. flour-mii' (8 miles n e). 

BroiiSOli J>1. i)., Proprietor Com- 
mercial House, corner Main and Depot. 
(See adv.) 

Bryant I H & S 

Curd well !-<• 

Dealer in Book 
Cardwell Thomas 

i. taili rs. 

1>. Ti ■ i' st, 

5, - tat H en . etc. 
M, {. ■■.. • 

Curry M rs Wm T, pro 

itresa hotel. 

Chelf W. <i., Pr ■■; . ■' r Frankfort, 
Harrodsburg & Lawr eburg Slaee 
Lines. Leave Frank: rt : ily. 10:80 
a. m.: arrive Lawrem ours;, 1:80; ar- 
rive ll-irr i Isb ire. ,; P. m. Leave 
Harrodsburg daily. 7:10 a. m.; arrive 
La\s ren e.b ire, 1 1 00 \. M ; ; |V r : vii 
Frankfort, 1:30 p.m. Fr m Lawrence- 
burg to Frankfort and return $2; 
J. iwrei i e irg to H : ' .-•'■..: ; ,: d re- 
turn. j3. AlffoTicki-i Agent L., C. & L. 
R'v. Tickets Sold- to all Points, at 
Diffi rent St:.- Offices. 

Chishoim Rev J .1 (First Presbyterian). 

Clai k Will, painter. 

Clay Rev B F i ( 'hristian). 

Coleman James P. jai ■ r, 

Coleman & Threlkeld (R. E.Cole- 
man, .M. T. Threlke i . Livery and 
Sale-stables, and Pi .prietors Omnibus 
Line. (S'e ndc.) 

Commercial House. M. D. Bronson, 
Proprietor. Good Sample-rooms con- 
nected. Cor. Main and Depot. (See adv.) 

Connor Richard F, bouts and shoes. 

Craig Ransom, barber. 

Crawford Wm B, flour-mill. 

Currv Jas A & Sons, drugs and -tationerv. 

Daughters' College, Charles E. and 
John Aug. Williams Proprs. {See adv.) 

Davi< -> John B T, cooper-shop. 

Davis Crittenden, sale and training-stable. 

Davis Fisher & Co. groceries. 

Davis Marion M, watch-maker. 

Dean Joseph, meat market. 

Dedman Chas M. drue« and stationery. 

De&man Joseph O, dentist. 

Fairm&n Jas A. tailor. 

Farmers' National Bank, cap $75,000; Wm 
1! Kohin*on. pre*; J E Bohanan, cashier. 

Ferguson Edwin \ . hardware. 

1"'-: ; .V. Cohen, liverv. 

First National Bank, cap 1100.000; Abra- 
ham B Bonta, pres; Ja.-> M Curd, cashier. 


Forsyth Matthew L, physician. 

Foster James A, groceries. 

Gadycombe Josias, saloon. 

Gaither Edgar fl, lawyer. 

Gaither Nathaniel, lawyer. 

Gaither Wm N, physician. 

Gibbs Mrs E A, dress-maker. 

Gill Rev J C j Methodist). 

Hall Moses I ». gr ceri >s. 

Hanna Samuel, meat market. 

Hardin B< njamin L, lawyer. 

Hardin Charles A, eir< uit judge. 

Har [in Thus H, ! iwyt r. 

Harvev Wm P. ins i ranee agent. 

Harvey Rev W P i Baptist |~ 

H an, ey Jv: Wo< d, noti ns. 

Head Rev Edward 1! jr (Methodist), and 

[■■■- rni iter. 
Head & McFeat. wagon-i lakei 3. 
He ilerson Rev Win R (Presbyterian). 
Jones Augustus, furniture. 
Junes R W &. Soh, bi ts shoes, and dry 

Junius Honry, stoves' and tin. 
Krahati Emmett G. joweler. 
Kyle Thomas, physician. 
Linney Wm M, shoemaker. 
Litsey John & C >. druggists. 
Loi g'hlin John T & Co. blacksmiths. 
Loughlin & James, wagon-makers. 
McCarty C W & Co, general store. 
McFeat Joseph T. furniture. 
McGrath Robert P, hats and taps, justice. 
McMinimy Mrs Ellen H, millinery. 
McMinimy Wrn J, jeweler. 
Marinon J Q. carriage and han.ess-mkr. 
Marimon & Robards, groceries. 
Marimon «£ Son, flour and woolen card-mill, 
Marschall R. tailor. 
Matheny & Poteet, general store. 
Mercer Coal and Grain Co; Tomlinscn, 

Coger, Wilson & Thompson, coal and 

grain elevator. 
Mercer Enterprise, L. D. Cardwell, 

Editor and Proprietor; circulation 1 GOO, 

throughout the Blue Gra.-s Region. 
Moore Daniel L, distillery, (4 miles east). 
Morean Henry, barber. 
Norris Spenie W, confectionery, 
O'Connor Jeremiah, shoemaker. 
Parris John 1 ». mil _t W. U. Tel. Co. 
Patter. on Benj F, saloon. 
Payne Wm. gen store. 
Pearson A: Curry, groceries ari '-t hardware. 
Plummer Henry, physician. 
Polk Ephrsim J, lawyer. 

?' 'C^Of"f^ Jf ' y ' < -' ,v ''" J v ' ,,<: - Societies, r.odgc-8, Mining and al] < . 

A^fli rnr^\r.\. porations. Medulttf Hotel, pool and Baggage < 

vEwi-iS* * ItfaWu •■fabV.^I i.. iiotuE, Esgrarei aai Die Sisier, 1£5 Ssadolph St, CHICJ 





PolkfcJ K & Co, groceries. 

Pulk Thomas J, lawyer. 

Poston Orpheus S, lawyer. 

Price Ansdel D, physician. 

Redwitz Otto, groceries. 

Riesterer Herman, bi kery. 

Riker \V II & Co. dry goods. 

Rose Thomas S & Son, lumber, i'4 miles w). 

St. Jiiimvs Hotel :■:-■ pean Plan), J 
K. Polk, Manager or. Poplar and Main. 

Smith K 0, city marshal. 

Smock John C, < ounty sheriff. 

South-western Railroad, M Tabler, prest; 
Chas K Williams, jr, secy. Lessees, Jas 
A Tomlinson, Jesse K Cogar, Joseph M 
Wilson, John B Thompson. 

Spilman Rev A T (Presbyt 

Spilman Benjam i F, ph"togrupher. 

Spilman Charles II, phy -h ian. 

Spilman John P.. Attorney hi Law, 
Collection and Real Estate Agent. Col- 
lections Will Receive Prompt Attention. 

Spilman Louis C, physician. 

Stagg James II, undertaker. 

Stanberr^ Rev George St Phillip's P E). 

Stevenson Edward L, lawyer. 

Tebbets Clinton II, architect. 

Thompson & Thompson, lawyers. 

Tilford Bi njaniin, grocery, 

Tupper Rev Allen jr ( Baptist). 

Van Arsdall Jackson, distiller (9 miles n wp 

Van Arsdall W S, Bour-mill (3 miles nw). 

V»n A rsdall& Litsey, groceries and hdw. 

Van Arsdall & Vivion, clothing. 

Van Diver Cole D, Hour-mill i'IJ miles w). 

Van Diver & Yates, blacksmiths. 

Wicker-ham Isaac M, builder. 

Williams' Chill rills, Williams & 
Rothaker, Props, and Manfrs. (See adv.) 

Williams C. E. «<c J. A., (Charles E. 
and John Augustus.) Proprs. Daughters' 
College. [See adv.) 

Williams John Aug 1 ., Pres't Daugh- 
ter*' College. (See i 

Williams' rile Cure, Williams & 
Rothacker, Manfrs. (See adv.) 

Williams Wm T, flour-mill (2 miles s w). 

Wilson Robert F, barber. 

Wilson Vaiu. \ countv judge. 

Wright Mrs .1 M, millinery. 

Wright & Shelly, saloon. 

Young James, grocery. 

Young Rev J 11 (Methodist). 

north of Louisville, the county-seat, on tl >■ 
L., II. C. & W. R. R. A distillery is io -nted 
here, using steam-power. Goods sho 
shipped to Harrod's Creek Station. Daily 
mail. Population 08. Conrad Steinmeu, 

Duerson W. T., Physician. 

Holm Henry, saloon. 

!. rnon • > i ...... b! ici smith. 

Miller W II, justice of peace. 

Ruhl Rev i Presbyterian). 

Steinmetz Conrad, General Store. 
Thomas VV Li, di ti lor. 
Trigg Miss Jennie, teacher. 


northern part of Jefferson county, 8 miles 

HARTFORD. The county-seat, of 

Ohio county, i- located on Rough 
110 miles south-we t of Louisville, and 4\ 
miles from Beaver Dam. its shippii - 
on the P. ec E R. R. It has 2 daily tages 
In Bcaver-D;.m and a tri-weekly line of 
stages to Owenslvoru, the nearest shij ping 
point, on the Ohio river. It has 
munication with Beaver Dam, McIIenry, 
and Rockport by telephone, an J a uni- 
pany is being formed to put up a line to 
Owensboro. Hartford was settled in ITS';. 
the first county court was held in 1800, at 
which time it was selected as the county- 
seat. Incorporated 1808. There are Bap- 
tist, Methodist, and Cumberland Presby- 
terian church organizations, and also Bap- 
tist and Methodist colored churches. A 
very tine college building has been recently 
erected, employing 8 teachers, with 'J*J>> 
scholars, and the citizens enjoy the benefits 
of superior educational advantages — tui- 
tion in the entire collegiate course being 
free to all the citizi ns of the town. There 
is a Srst-class steam and water flour-mill. 
with tine water-p iwer. There are .'• b! ick- 
smith, plow, and wagon shops. The build- 
ing and opening of Hartford College bus 
given the town quite an impetus; th • p> p- 
ulation has increased, and quite a number 
of new buildings were erected duririi I 
year 1880, and already May, 1881 I. I il 1- 
in.: has commenced, The bonded debt 
the town is $-1,500, issued in aid of Hart- 
ford College, and is being rapidly eitin- 
guished. The assessed value of property 
is | 0,000. The court-hous< and j ill are 
now, handsome and commodious buil 
Agood hotel is also here. The export- 
tobacco, live stock, lumber, and coal, the 









""■■■' ;•'. 



Special Accommodations for Commercial Men. The only HOTEL in this place with 




Lexington Ave,, 

FIon>piaad M ulea boa.:ht 
»> " ' G I rurnouti 

I ir I ; prii r. rs ;' 

South • wi s'orn Railrc .•! 
Omnibus Lino. Competent 
?%. Drivers always in attend- 
~su ance. 

m — 

•.. Special Rates eiven +o 
Commercial Men. 


V-,*^ .^•,-jW' 

EAHEETT 6z BIRO-, lE^-olislxers. 

Democratic — Circulation 2000— Established ld76 — Size il'Js'lO — 4 pages, 8 columns to page. 

One cf the adjoining counties hits r,j paper. Ac excellent advertising medium. Terms reait>rjabl» 
As to circulatiou, influence %: I i ■ li > i'ity, dt not take the w< r.J u< th-> publishers, but r< »d the certificates 
of th ■) following liiintereated il iclais ' the t" *n am: county in whii h it it i q( iighed: 

This is to certify, that as J ' >'. ter o( Bartibrd, I have very good opportunities of ascertaining the 
circulation of the Keralri, pu iished uer->, as nearly ai! the papers issued to subscribers, ;n or uu! of the 
county, pass through this office 

My piedecfss >r, Judge • . J. I a«t :;, In March, 1879, certified tliat tire circulation of thr- Hrrnid was 
then nut l°"i tl kn IbU i I bei arae . ■•, ii kster July, IS'J. and know beyond doubt that the circulation haj 
increased since then, exactly how u i I . aid not say, but think about ".JO 

This is a large county in area and population, having considerable ruining interests, fifteen thri»ing 
little Tillages ami I towns a d sixteen post offices. 

I t»z*"\ tbe Herald a.< a good advertising Died 

luia, it having the reputation of b»in^ a reliable, pro- 
.'■ i ROWK ' ■ -t Master, Hartford, By. 

I ant we! a [;iai ted with the Editors and Publishers of the Hrrald, Hart r i, Ky., and am a regt 
l»r reader of t . I regard it i reliable, i "•-■■; P •'» ■ ' one ..,,, eDceofthe public, and 

caving a very lariru circulat ml r a iocal paper, Free from any sug-e«*Kt ion fr m tin publishers, I would 
estimate the circulation to be about »oi ic pes. HKN NfcWTON, Judge Ohio County Court. 

We concur in the iU','Eierj!i made by Judge N'-wtoo. 
C. HABDWK'K Clerk Ul ir uit rourt, J. P. SANDEytJB, Attorney for Ohio County. 

SAM K COX rierfc Ohio t.ouuty Court, SAM K HI LIj, State Senator, 

i'. Hi>CK IK. R ; ■;r:.« tative. F. P. MOKGAN, Police Judge Hartford, 

ABMISTKAD JONKS, Assessor Ohio County, 
W. U OBlIf* IN, Marshal Hartford, 

J. EDWIN ROWK, School Commissioner, 
K. L. SI LLKNGER, Jailer Ohio Couuiy. 

P : CO. Of EiiLAlD 

Central and Sou 'hern Dep't, 





county having an ,i! undance of fine tim- 
ber and coul lands, i'r , ■ ■ ■■ t am •;•.: the 
( nterprises of the ;o\vi be mentioned 

the Hartford Heruh . a weekly newspaper, 
of which Messrs. Barrett «& Bro. are pro- 
prietors. This pa] r is Democratic in 
politics, awl enjoys •■. wide circulation, and, 
as an ad ■■■• 1 1 '-'.z~j ■• I un is tirsi a*> 

'i hi ;':.'.■-.'. crai -H t I 

ble !.:-:• .- as : • irarn • agents. Mail 
daily. Express A - P puiation 1 000. 
It. P. Rowe, postma-'i r. 

Adams Fo;-t?-r, ■ ' mini . i2 .mill s s-w'l. 

A idm rt . v" ; -..i: !'. v j ods. 

Alexander l*roi. \Va viand, Presi- 
dent Uarti rd Co .-ge. 

A: !..'- !•. Sjj • V\ dry go. ds 

B'tird \ )\!\v if r [«. s a - v»-vi r. 

Barrett Bros., P p'rietors Hartford 
lleraid i .>'-•" .. ■ '- 

BarrcH '/, ■ .-. ■ ■ u ■ . •-. 2 miles .-- ■•'. ;. 

Barreti John I', • .-.-. r e< inmissioner. 

Beai l: ' G J M- . list). 

Bean G .] oc rf. n, gr - i • -. 

Berry Samuel L. pi ys an. 

Bern nan Burr P. tai r. 

Bosv, ell Tin nas B : t\ ■■ ironer. 

Briggs Mrs Martha 11, :•■ illinery. 

Carson .) F, carpenter. 

Carter J A . livery. 

Carter & Baird, - .'< on and restaurant. 

Chapeze J< <hn. }&v. ■ er. 

Cox Samuel K., C< unty Clerk. 

Cox \V iii. builder. 

Cox & Jar; i e, I uiiders. 

Duke Thomas S, harness-maker. 

Ei i- 1 in L II, groi erie? 

Etzel Aii'.'i,- 1 < . shi it urn ker. 

Field Henry, Livery, Sale, Feed and 
Exchange Stahle. Good Liveries Fur- 
nished oii Short Notice. 

Fegle Jesse K. lawyer. 

Ford James W, druggist. 

Frey Bruno, coul mil •- - miles south-west). 

Greenwood & Watts f J. "W. Green- 
wood and 11. P. Watts) General Black- 
smiths and Wag n-makera Repairing 
Done "!i Si ort N mice. 

Gregory Win 1'".. Lawyer, Real Es- 
tate and Collectii n A cent. (See adv.) 

Griffin T\ ier. physii ian, 

Griffin Wrr II, city marshal. 

Griffin A, Bro. druggists. 

Gui th< r Louis, bakery. 

Hardwick Robert C, groceries. 

Hartford College, Prof. W&yland 

Alexander, Pres. 
Hartford Herald, Barrett Bros., Pro- 

i - pt< rs. : N< e adv. i 
Hartford House ($1.50 per day), "VVn 

'!'. !' ing, I'ropi ii tor. 
Hartford A Beaver Dam Stage 
l.i?s.-\ into i i •- with all T 
•J < > im S. Van ^ht, Propri or. 
Eli il James L. wines and liquors. 
Joi «■- Armisleaci. c< untv assessor. 
King Win. T., Proprietor Hartford 
H : •■ in ! •■ ry, ..: . Feed and V.7. 
chai .- : . . ■ . iiiid dealer in Wim •. 

Liquors a i d Ci rar>. 
Kinsolving Herbert B., Attorm \ at 

Law. (.W.K/r) 
K ' ■ rge 0: Bro, '.::: Iv ure. 

Litti L • en P. ciivnit re. 

'■I . \ i\ . i ,■■■.■: ■ Imr. 
3t»' Henry A Cox ilienry P. McHenry 
S:imuel K. Co.\), Brokers and Deaf- 
••:'- in E U'haiiire 
Mellenry «!t SJiil 'Henry D.'.McIIenry, 

Samuel E. llili), Lawyers. (See adv.) 
Miller* J oseph T, ; ! ; siciau. 
Morgan Ferdinand P, law ■• er, 
Morris Mrs R J. d e^ 
Newton Benjamin, count v judge. 
Ohio County Fair Association, 

Samuel K. Cox. President. 
Pel rlleton .'oic: E, phj si ian. 
Phipps John R t V Win, flour-mill. 
Porter Wm II, county surveyor. 
Potter, Condict ^ Co, saw-mill and lumber. 
Rosenherg Zadoc A. dry goods. 
Ross Preston, meat market. 
Rowe J Edwin, lawyer. 
Howe Riehard I*., General Store and 

Sanderfur John P, county attorney. 
Schapmier Christian F, !io<it and shoemkr. 
Small Elias, general store 
Smith David L, sheriff. 
Sullenger Erasmus, jailer. 
Thomas Bros, groceries. 
Thomas James A, general .store. 
i'l ias .'•. K nbley, druggists. 
Townsend i.X: M«!-sie, lawyers. 
Tracy Han. 1\, Mnfr Carriages. Bug- 
Li - -. \\ iigi . «. Genei al Repairing and 
Blacksmithing Done on Short Notice. 

Yang-tit .lulin S,, Pr< pr Hartford ai d 

1;.'.'»v.t Dam Mage Line, Express Agent, 
and Coal Mines. 

HAR axd business director v. HAK 209 




Collection of i aims and corro»pi«ini*nce wi !,-■■.. ire- prompt attention. Will practice in tl»e Ceurts of 
l ihiii and ndj lining Count u in < nn I \ ppeals. 



itotaey puelic am ebal estate agent. 


Will pr-.ctice hi=. profession in Ohio and adjoining Counties, and ir. the Court of Appeals of Kentucky 
Special attemion given to the collection of claims. Remittances promptly made. 


Dealer in and Manufacturer of - 

■ ' 

MG&Oiii), Duggiuu uiid HUmo, p 

General Repairing in all It* Branches, V;/ ^^ j /V\S * 

BURIAL MATERIAL. ""^iii^ ■ X *''~^^-L>''_^. 


HENRY D. McHENRY. samiel e. hill- 




W?>>f * £ {. ? if 

£fHrlf^ mentation made * j *>t»i *j>e« ial il«>si K 7i 

4 11 kinds- of isii r-rior ntid ctlrriorornn. 
mental ion i:iude from xjkm iul <(rsi.'i, N 
J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., CHICAGo! 





Walker A Hubbard, lawyers. 
Wallace Clayton T, physician. 
Wedding George C lawyer. 
Wsinsheimer Heinrieh, watch-maker. 
Williams Bros, groceries. 
Williams Gross B. groceries. 
Williams Thomas, coal mine, (2 miles o-w'l. 
Woerner Louis F, shoemaker. 


in 1'ike county. 

it ry post-office 

HAS K I N SV1LLE. Greene county 
i See Camp Knox i. 

} 1 AY I LA N DSV I LL E . In t e 

north-eastern part of Harrison county, 15 
mile? north of C\ nthiana, f '.>- county -> .it. 
and 10 rnil' - south of Fain it h, its near- 
fiat shipping point, on ri »> K. C. .11. R. 
Adams Kxpn »s. Semi-weekly mail. Pop- 
ulation 50. W. D. Hickman, postmaster. 

Arnold VV. 1$., Flour and Wool-carding, 
Ash bury John, livestock. 
Browning D F & Co, saw and i 
Hickman W. D., General 

Randy G W, blacksmith. 
Slade & Hill, general store. 
Vanhook il V, physician. 


Store and 

HAWESVILLE. The seat of 
justice for Hancock county is located on 
the left bank of tho Ohio river, 120 miles 
from Louisville. Population BOO. Here 
is a furniture factory, 1 flour-mill, 1 hub 
and spoke factory, 4 church'.. 3 . 1 - 
and a weekly newspaper. A. new public 
school building has ju-.t been erected at a 
cost of $10 000 ; 4 teachers are employed. A 
new ! : --"-. i. i -s hotel is here, which cost 
$7,000 Hawesville is the center of the 
best coal-producing district of the State 
Daily mail. Mrs. Saliie A. Herzog, post- 

Allen Robert H, blacksmith. 
Arcade Hotel, August Borgschulze, prop'r. 
Arch, -r Fred L, general store. 
Ayers E K, live stock. 
Badger Wm W, county surveyor. 
Beard Wallace S, county attorney. 
Borgenroth Louis, shoemaker. 
Bl ick Garland I>. lawyer. 
B irgschulze August, prop r Arcade Hotel. 
Boyd Alexander, wines and liquors. 
Bridenbache E, coal mine. 

Brown Huston, groceriers and provisions. 

Brown Murray, county judge and lawver. 

Brown Samm 1 F, general store. 

Burgenroth & Bros, coal mines (2miles8-w). 

Carder & Bo jd, general store. 

Carlton House, Miss O Carlton & sister, 

Carlton Joseph \\ , hub and spoke mfr. 

Crammoml Wm, prop'r Hawesville & Can- 
nelton Ferry. 

Duncan Ceeilins T, school commissioner. 

Duncan Cli irles B. general store. 

Duncan Robert K. countv clerk. 

Elder E 1,. barber. 

Freeman Amos, general store. 

Fritz Michael W, groceries. 

Goering Miss Bettie, millinery. 

G ering Leonard (.'. blacksmith. 

Goering Wm, shoemaker. 

On g' tv L L, ph\ sician. 

Gregory A: Bei nett, furniture. 

Hawesville -Plain Dealer, Sterett & Riley, 

Huwley Sb phen A, hotel and grocery. 

Henning Alfred, insurance. 

Herzog 1 Frank, Farm Implements, 
Stoves and Tinw are. 

Heyman George, wagon-maker. 

Holmes L T, physician. 

.1 ■; is James \\ , asssessor. 

Kaufman Km: I, shingles. 

King lo-v 1- ather | Catholic). 

Knoll Jacob, tailor. 

Larkin Thomas P, constable. 

Lawson George W, livestock. 

McAdums E. P., circuit clerk, court- 

Mc Adams George W, tobacco. 

M fis m Mil hael A, lawj er. 

M iller Reuben A. law\ er. 

Miller Wm VV, saddler. 

Millership Mrs K, saloon. 

Moores James A, blacksmith. 

Newman lV Mc Vdams, tobacco. 

Norman Charles C. ph\ sici u 

Oliver I)r Robert B, druggist. 

Pi iol Thomas, gunsmith. 

Pow< rs Sit phen, general 'tore. 

Roi erts Wm S, law \ er. 

Shelly Z 11 ,V ( o, flour-mill and grocery. 

Slattcry Miss Gertrude, Millinery 
Goods, etc. 

Snyder David C, Forwarding, Com- 
mit and Produce Merchant, Adams 

Eipress Agent, and Prop'r Wharf-b 'at. 

Storett Green, physician (4 miles east). 

* l?«ve Settled more than 1, 
I Losse*. ami have Had but 23 

i flsiULjIaj Wc? I £ Ltl . ;,J| stated Claims. Aamts Evervwhe 






Sterett & Duncan, drugs and books. 
StorettA Riley,publishers Hawesvilk Plain- 
Stono& Bush, lawyers. 
Taber Charles T. livery and ice. 

Wm \V, general store. 
Taylor Robert \V, ph; 

■ i . - 
Thomas, Tabor & Co, tobacco. 
Tii mas Wm S, live si 
Tift Ru^cl! G, p«di 
Wh '!er Lysander N. shoemaker. 
Wilson George, treneral store. 

11 A Y X E SVILLE. On a small 
~iream, known as Pantiier creek, in Ohio 
county, 10 miles from C! >verp rt, its ship- 
pint: station, and 100 from Louisville, is 
a s 'ttlement of 100 p< ople, known by this 
name. Semi-weekly mail. 

HAWTHORN. A small and unim- 
portant post-office in Cam pi ■ I a mty. 

If A YSYITJLE. I;: the s. uthern part 
of Meade county, 8 miies south of Bran- | 
lei b ■■ g its nearest si h ping point, on ; 
the Ohio river. Tri-weekiy mail. Fopu- ; 
lation 60. W. 11 II. Singleton postmaster. I 
Poote V. physician. i 

George Wiley, carriage trimmer. 
Patridge \V W. carpenter. 
Singleton VV. II. 11., Blacksmith. 

..HAZARD. The c unity-seat of Terry. 
""' miies east of Livings! n, its m ire: t | 
d ; i kig point on the L. & N. R. 1'... and 
- ■'' - itheast of Louisville. Population 
1 >'). Daily mail. I. J. D&\ idson, postmaster- 
Baker \V. \V., General Store. 
* 'nil - J H. lawver. 
<' >mb= W W. hotel. 
1 '"rnitt K C, dour-mill. 
Davidson Ira J., Countv and Circuit 
_ C urt Clerk. 
■•" rs«.ile J Q n gen store and attorney. 

i B F. lawyer. 
'' ' v B. justice of pea e. 

& Vermillion, general store. 
Baylor v\ C, constable. 
Walker John, Flour-mill. 

HAZLE GREE.V. In the eastern 
partol Wolfe county, 10 miles north-east 
" : ' »ri;pton, the county-seat, 25 south-east 

of Cornwall, its nearestshipping point, or 
the Mt. Sterling brunch of the I..'. C. & L. 
R'y, Mid 1T.J southeast of Louisville. 
Daily mail and stage to Cornwall; fare $2. 
Population 100. H. C. Herndon, postmas- 

Rise «1 . P., Wagon-maker. 

Cox \N •. , ;a\\ hi i grist-mill, 

Day A T, hotel. 

Dav Floyd, general store. 

Day I. M, lawyer. 

Day 'J hj. lor, a moral stun.'. 

Finch J oi liua cai penter. 

Hazel Green Mill Co. < D. G. Combs 

Q. C. Daniel, and F. M. Thomas), Saw 

and Flour-mills. 
Hernrlon IC, C, Justice and Druggist. 
James l ' IS, blacksmith. 
Kash C F physician. 
t\ •. • h ■'' M. lawyer. 
M aple J W. lawyer. 
M uncie John, carpenter. 
Pieratt J ll barn 'ss-maker arid hotel. 
Pieratt J T, blacksmith. 
Rowland J L. pi: \ ■ ician. 
Swango G B, general -tore. 
Thomas F M, physician. 
"Ward James, cabinet-maker. 

HAZEL. PATCH. In the northern 
part of Laurel county, ll miles north of 
Loi di n. the county-seat, G east of Living- 
ston, its near. -st shipping point, on the 
Knoxville branch ot the L & N. R. R., 
and 145 south-cast of Louisville. Daily 
mail and stage to Livingston, L ndon and 
Rockcastle Springs. J. R. Kemper, post- 

Adams Jas M, justice of peace. 
Alexander Thos., Hotel and Grocer. 
Broughtoi) Dudley, saloon. 
Broiighton Stephen, saloon. 
Br « n li< < > 1 >. expn ss )o_ r e:.t. 
Castell Lemuel, justice of peace. 
Castell R N. constable. 
D\ er II M, ph\ sicinn. 
• ' i) ■■ l> ' id blacksmith. 
Kemper J. ll., Hotel and General 

Kemper Moses, flour-mill. 
Lenth J M, teacher. 
Miti lell N;.' ton, bla< kamith. 
Mobley R :v Richard ( Baptist). 
Owen W J & J, saloon. 
Sambrook George, saw-mill. 

-■•- mi ** h 

i k a » 


i i Li 

CF.r-il - U DtP, fiTft t.NT, ■ - Lc V 





Whitt Rev Alfred Baptist). 
YVoIum J, blai .- : . ith. 

HAZKLWOOIX A post-office, in 

the western part ol 
miles west of H tnds 
and 11 from Cai ro Ills 
Albert Maus, ; struts' 
Northington G A, sen 
.River- Thomas, ph - 

rd county, 112 

lie. ; :.•• coun ,\ ■-■ at, 

til si mi- weekly. 

--.: store. 


eastern | ! • I ■■ - 
mi i soui si Vai ir< ! I • • nty- 

seat, it- nearest shii pins point on the < >hio 
ri ver, » r ■ 1 20 w - • 

R. R. Semi-u -ekiv n ail G. W 

I.n t! , 
mt v', ". 

the E. K. 

post ii.i-h r. 

Blooiuneld, Stafford «.V Co., Flour- 
Cooper Amor, justice of peace. 
Fults James M, justice of peace. 
Large W A, li\ •■ stock. 
Mavity Rev H i Christiai . 
Mawk R H, justice of pence. 
Moore "W "W, lawyer. 
Morsk R J. justice* of p« ace. 
Orcutt Rev W M (Christian). 
Rice G, R R agent. 

Stamper George W., General Store. 
Stamper J W, wa^on-maker. 
Warde W., Express Agent. 
"Willams , physician. 

HEADQUARTERS, A small set- 
tlement in Nicholas c lunty. 6 miles south- 
west of Carlisle, the ■ >... : . t '.---'-nr , and 6 
miles north-west ol Mi lersburg, the ship- 
ping point on K. C. R. It. Population 60, 
Wh »at, live stock, and tobacco are shipped. 
Mail by special supply. W. J. Kennedy, 

Barlow S T, general store. 
Barton Joshua, distiller. 
Brayfield M B, general store. 
Feback Amos, wagon-maker. 
Fisher S R, dru -.'■ ■ . 
Hopper W I' ■ ' ith. 

Kennedy & Turley, Tobacco. 
LeBurris M D. U : in i gauger. 

Paisa! J S. U S ■ : .. ■ i- t. 

Sn ith i. (.'-■ ■- ■ I mules. 
Tebacfc -i D & J W. • iw-miil. 
1 hompson it A, lr a stock. 
Turley J T. live st k. 


south-eastern par! of II< nderson i u i 

12 n iles south-east •■•! Henderson, the ci 

fcy-seat, and nearest railroad approach, :r . 

209 south-west of Louisville. The i. ■ ■■ 

convenient snipping point is Bluff City, o 

Green Ri\ er. ! k miles distant. Coi 

fn ight, •••■ G •/.:-: •:. River S .. 

gation Co. Tri-weekl\ mail and st 

Henderson and Owensboro. Popula' 

160. J. II. Bun aster. 

Alle ;nee \ Li rhtf- • t. ■ hurn-makers. 

A ^nee A Negly, ci >al dealers. 

Boyd Rev A . 

Burns James, hotel. 

Carroll & Sons, I] ir ai d saw-mills. 

G: rrawny A ^ <■ Ru - im, confectioner* 

Hart K S & Co., gen store and tobaioe 

I! ;■ bitt Rev A. 

Hatchitt A justii e of peace. 

Hatchitt .: T. live stock. 

Hust .x "Willing!) im, druggists. 

Johnson T P. /•.-•■ ral store. 

Lewi~ J F, physician. 

LightfooJ N L, physician. 

Ne< d ham Rev George. 

Priest T W, cattle dealer. 

Robertson J, manufacturer. 

Robinson C, blacksmith. 

Sehae.ifer R M, justice. 

Shacklitt & Johnson, blacksmiths. 

Spurgeon B, constable. 

HEBRON. This is a settlement in 
Boone county, 3 miles from Delhi, Ohii 
the shipping point by rail, and 4 frott 
Anderson"s Ferry, Ohio. Goods for here 
are usually shipped by boat to Anderson • 
Ferry. Here is a strain saw and grist- 
mill, 1 church and a free school. Tri- 
weekly stage to Covington; fare $1. P< re- 
lation lnO." Mail tri-weekly. J. A. Davis, 

Bullock Joseph, tailor. 
Chase M, groceries and drugs. 
Clayton J A. t la ksmitb. 
Davis Ilro*., General Store. 
Ewestes Ci -per, wagon-maker. 
E westi - .}■ >hn, blacksmith. 
li. n lersoi .1 FI, carp >nts r. 
if> shal A: Hi ■ derson, lyrist and saw-mil - 
Staks John, shoemaker. 

HEDGES. A post-office, known • 
Soholisville, on the Mt. Sterling divisiot. 


- ■- 

1 wn n ! HI 

j iMi) 

Without reference to the Ocrapauies ws nanag*. 

BASi . e, Ky. 

Age -its ticryAvbere Soutli. 





■ the L., C. Ov L. R'y, in Lho northern 
p.'-i of Clark e unty, 8 miles north of 
■■', in hester, the <: unty-seat, and 120 
east of Louisville. Adams Express. 
Ihii y mail. Population 100. J. L. Fry, 
ji istmaster. 

Christv 1' 1-. < urn-mill. 

i el j I' physici m 

CtJiubs Gl< iisnor** Jr., Physician. 

( [i ha > v ' J- '_ ■ ■■■■ 

K ■ an? N P, pui liter. 

Fry -J. I/., Express and Railroad Agent. 

Gilb -it Rev .) .i ;; ., ■■:.-■ . 

I , r Peter, w«g' n-: im ker. 

Goo J M . I "•' an I !iv ry. 

Haggard W Z. carpenter. 

Lie Igea P B, hotel. 

.'■ »ii t; y 5cl : . gei eral store. 

Landruiii ec Warl, gt •. rai store. 

Moore F M, bla ksmith. 

Rupard Rev \\ m i Baptist). 

Sehol! ! D, hUi 'ksmith and wagon-maker. 

Siholl J B, wagon-maker. 

Waldron Henry, Product*. 

HELENA. On the Maysville branch 
of the K. C. R. P.. in the southern part 
of Mason county, 12 miles south of Mays- 
ville, the county-seat, and 150 north-east of 
Louisville. Nearest shipping point, Hel- 
ena Station, 5 of a mile distant. Daily 
mail. Population 150. John 11. Wood, 

A lorn rider Joseph, justice of peace. 
Brougb S, physician. 
Cook Charles, incut market. 
Cook Robert, blacksmith. 
Dobyns Rev T T Christian). 
1 ! ngl irty J D, ph \ -ieiun. 
< lra\ & Best, t> bacco. 
Ilarkin -. R> v M W Chri stian 1. 
Hawkins 1!. C, Railroad and Express 

Hor i Abe, justice. 
Mcllvaine J X, tlour-mili. 
Moore O S, shi tenia ;er. 
Pogue Robert E, live .-'.<>• k. 
Pogue Win T. live ■stock. 
Rawling W B. genera! sture. 
Wood II R, meat market. 
Wood John H., Gunsmith. 

county, 13 miles from the co in ty -seat, and 
143 from Louisville, is this village of 50 

people. rt is on the K. C. E. R., and has 
1 corn-mill, 1 churcl 1 school, and ~>i ips 
; >bs co and svh< it Adams Express. Daily 
mail. II. C. Hawkins, postmaster, rail- 
road and express agent. 

HELM'S MILL. With 25 inhabi- 
tants, :- a )■■ it-settlement, in Russell 
county, >■ miles from Jamestown, the 

unty-senl 1 5 miles fi n Cn 

isual shipping poi it, 1 the ( 11 n! t- 
land river. Mai! semi- weekly. W. P. 
Payne, postmaster. 

HEXDEHSOX. Situated on the 
left bank of the Ohio river, 10 miles south 
of Evansville, Ind., and midway between 
Louisville and Cairo, Ills., is th I < city, the 
seat of Henderson county. It is the 
northern terminus of the St. L. & S. 
E. div. of L. A. N. R. R„ 145 miles from 
Nashville and 171 from St. Louis, and 
is the central point ir. navigation of 
a number of river routes, am >ng them 
the Ohio, Mississippi, Wabash. Cumber- 
land and Tennessee. It is alsu a point 
of landing for regular lines of steamers, 
connecting Cincinnati and Louisville with 
Memphis and New Orleans, as w •:! as for 
smaller boats which are constantly arriving 
and departing. Corn is grown in large 
quantities around Henderson, but its prin- 
cipal article of export is tobacco. There 
are 16 large stemmeriesin operation, which 
shipped for the year 1880, 7,800 hhds. 
tobacco (over 15,000,000 pounds , the major 
part of which found a market in Europe. 
Coal is also an important article of export 
and is extensively mined. An abundance 
of hard wood timber is to b< f< und in the 
neighborhood, v dc! offers ■ ccellent in- 
ducements, in point of cheapness to manu- 
facturers who use such material. The 
city has an assessed valuation of $2, 500 r - 
000, and a bonded lebl >f iuiK),000, and is 
lighted with gas, and employs a regulai 
police force. Many of its private resi- 
dencessre costly and elegant, and it* in- 
habitants are industrious ai 1 enter] 
It has an excellent system of water-works 
erected at a cost of' $100,000. Its pu! Ii< 
school building cost $55,000, and is :oinpleto 
inallitsappi intments. Itals* ; ist'.v (excel- 
lent newspaper- tin llenders n Rep rtei*, 
weekly and tri-wei kb . ... d The Hender- 
son News ; 10 churches, 2 banks, 4 good 

Houaa Numbers, Brass LsO elij Carriage, Show Case and >fuoj 

LSOCHE, Efigraver Ud Die Sttksr, ItiG Iiax»d«li»h Street, Chicago lui 





hotels, a foundry and machine shop, 
3 distilleries, a brewery. a saw-mill, a 
planing-milh ;t public hall, an extensive 
Bpoke-ra tory.2 ii->ur-niill> 2 brio i I'ards, an 
extensive drain tile works, and several line 
business blocks. Western LTn nTele; 'fiph 
Southern Express Daily mail. Popula- 
tion 0,573. Harvey Park, postmaster. 

Adams J =<-ph Main. 

Alexand ■. .1 i dus, d- nti.-t, 2d. 

A llin Philip T, eoi t ■) \< >i ■ r. 

Alves .io»> !*>.. A- m Henderson Coal 

& Mining Co.. 2d. 
Alves Walter S. real estate. 2 1. 
Amh ' Lo lis. ronl c;i< i ry, Main. 
Appb gate Parmenas O. b'.ii hull, Main. 

Arnold Harry G, mm gr \Y U Tel Co, 3d. 
Atkins ■.'. Edward. .; . marshal. 
Atkins n .1 i in C. :\, ':■ 
Avritt < ; ■ >rge C, law yer and i ity judge. 
Bailey Win. gp 'cer, M.n 
Baker Chai i black- ii h I rreen. 
Baker Pi' f, r rin high - h ol. 
Ball Charles C, lawyer. Main. 
Barret John II & C"'>. loba. .-., Main. 
Barrett llev P. S (Ej iscop il 
Beatty Dr James, dr igs, cor Green and 3d. 
Bell George, carpenter. 
Beros* i M icl ai !. sa ■< < m, Main. 
Best George P. grocer. 
Beyer Ji soph, saloon, cor 1st and Kim. 
Blackwell P A & Co, hardware, Main. 
Blackwell 11 C o: Co, blacksmiths, Green. 
Bhida f A Bro, jr. ■ eral st re, Main. 
Blanc Phillip, jewi ler, 2d. 
B ■'.',•■• Jo-epl 11. - v . i i - agent, Main. 
Brink Win, cigar n i i r hi ■: !• aler, Main. 
Brown .John V. lawyer, Main. 
Brown M i< hael, black nith, 1-t. 
Buchholz Frank, ci i b • T oi ' r \, 2d. 
Buckner Henry, res! urant, Main. 
Bunch John A, barber, Kirn. 
Bunch John, lawv er, Main. 

Burch Alex M. - n tj -^r. 

Burk «fe Smith, -aw- - east). 

Burr. Ii. eve A: Co. toba :co, •' 1. 

Byrne •' hn M. -a": u,n, 1st. 

Byrne Pe.t>-r, :~ ry, 2d. 

Callender A i", general ston Green. 

Carroll ,Io! :,. « i o. :., 2d. 

Gate Webster, corn-mi md < arding-ma- 

ehine, corner Washii gton ai i Gre< n. 

Cheaney Thomas F, i it\ as r. 

Chestnutt Geo W, barber. Main. 
Cissel Benj P, circuit judge. 

■ man frs . 

Clay James F, lawyer. Main. 
Claymeier Henry, brick-maker. 
Clore Joseph O, "saw-mill and lumber, 

7th and Water. 
Commercial House, Geo. M. \' 

Prop i. tor. 3d. bet. Main and Elm. 
Coulter Lewis C, tost, sad lb r, 2 1. 
Cunningham Richard 11. lawyer, Main 
Dabno\ James R. law yer. 
Davb •" lb \ DO I'i 
Delker & Rio; din, earring 
1 > 'imis A lbert G, law\ er. 
1 >" man Peter A. st< v< 4:ind tin. 
1 ,: !•" ■ on Pol ert, crr< ■< i r. 
Dixon Archibal I p'bj - . ' ,n. 2d. 
Dixon Robert, Livery. Sale, Feed a i . 

Exchange Stal s, corner 1st and Elm. 

I See ude.) 
Do ard J..-ph F. tailor, 1st. 
D u -ey J..: ' L. la • yer. Main. 
Dudley A Tbeo lurej iawyer, Main. 
Duncan Jus, A, pro] r Duncan's li"t..- : , ] -■ 
Kastin K Seroggi i, surv. y.T. 
Eastin R S. county surveyor. 
Eckert Jos ph. m< it mai -.• '. 2d. 
Egard Mitched, shoemaker. Main. 
Ellis George G, groceries, Main. 
Emery Samuel, shoemaker, Main. 
English Francis M, mayor. 
Evans Thomas, grocer, >r Main and 2d. 
Farmers" Bank of Kentucky, cap $250,000, 

John E McAlister pres, Leonard li 

Lyne cashier, Main. 
Farny Paul, blacksmith, 1-t. 
Fitzwilliams .Lam. saw-miii | 8 miles south • 
Fleming James ii. marble, Main. 
Fleming J il A Son's, dour-mill, Main. 
Fo-se Mr., M, groceries, Main. 
French, Mayer & Co, spokes and handle* 
Furman Samuel M, dentist, Main. 
Furman S <S W B, physicians, Main. 
Gaines Win T, grocer, Main. 
Gilligan >.v Baker, livery, Main. 
Gilmore Allan & Co.tobacco, 1st and Water. 
Goldstein Mrs K. groceries, Green. 
Ha- k Si iphia. grocer, Main. 
Hafner Job: i^.r. ceriey, cor 7th and Gn en . 
Hamilt ;. David A: Co, tobacco, Main. 
IFaiiCf*ck Thnnius B., Deute? ' 

Watcher, Clocks, Silverware a.nd Jaw- 
el ry, Main. 
Handley John T, lawy r, Main. 
Hanna Wm M, physician. Main. 
Harper Charles fl, constable. 
Harrison (ien. f Ed. tor Hendersvr. 

News, Main. 

itf.ftSf : ' Rlj ■ ( W Controlling over $40 OCO.fKVi oi Firt S»l if gi 

inasiifi it uAtii-i .am, . ^ss^l; iiri ins. fyiana|Ers 






art David, council and city clerk. 1st. j Henderson Medical Club, W B Thurrnaii, 
atchett Ben F, saloon, 1st. pre.-; Archibald Dixon, sec. 
aumesser Albin, eonfi 'tionery. etc. E'm ' Henderson National Bank, cap $200,000. 
eMbronner Mrs J. grocery. Main. L C Dallam, pres; S K - iced cash, Main. 
,■:■! Marion .!, justice of peace, j Henderson News ( Weekly). Ben Har- 
old George W. saloon, Water. rison, K iitor and Proprietor, Main. 
I Louis F,s:ili>.Mi,(H>:ifi tc, 2d. Henderson Reporter I Semi-weeklvi, 

I I Wtn If. confection* n . Main 
li:p Aug ' UTO -'" 
'.:■■>.;, B lil liny and Lo:i i A 
W S Johnson, pi : B (, \\" 

. 2d. 

L. IV. Coleman. Proprietor; E. L. Star-; • : Wi i. A. Miller. Fori i ■ , 

2d. i p}i P. .-;-,;;,, e. 
Heti-on Chas (J, srroeer. . 

Henderson i.'o:ilanil Mining Co., Hicks Luther B, tobacco, 1st. 

Cap. $24,000. Hi < 
S. Alves. Supt., am 
Airent, 2d. 

:iper. 1 : - ; . 
: Joe B. All 

H ■ >v Win-;tc.i.l. di.-tillers. office 2d. 

HillyeT, , 11. 1 k* and music. Main 

Llin .;•■ Aaron B. shoes and hats, Main. 

3. \V. WILLIAM.-. Proprietor. 


IE-* 1 " 




Re-fitted and Re-furnished. First-claig accommodations for the traveling public. The beit of Liqnoi 
»nd Cigars at t)ie Bur. 




Dixon's Liver; :r.i 


fed -V ' 

03..= tj.r.Ci5j | 






S. OLtEKDOKFEIt, Proprietor. 

Second Street, near Main, Henderson, Kentucky. 

Good Sample Rooms, Reference*, the traveling public. 

psnro rn nPBMfii urn r -? 

ntra.2 and Soutnei-a Dep't 
ISVIIiLE, - - - ... •; ; 





Hodge Edwin & Co, tobaco, 3d. 

i' ' Ige John !!. tul acco, , or M lin and 3d. 

Hodge Joseph A, pin dcian, Main. 

Hoffman Juhn, grocer, Ciav . 

Hbfhumn Edw, gr — ry,co"r Kim and 7th. 

II' ifinann J acob A, grocer, Cenl r. 

Hollinger Daniel, dioemaker, Main. 

Hollnv.ay ..V Slav hall T S. Hollo- 

■■■■ y. W. J. M .,■.......; 

Foundry and Ma. nine-shops. Gi m ral 

Repairing of ail Kind* 1 >on 

Noti ■ c •?• Elm and Ra i 

Lockett Pascal H, county judge. 

Lyne Gi orgi , dm _<•-. Main. 

Lyne, John A, I lw ,er, Main. 

Lyne I eonard II, cashier Farmers B n . 

of Sventuel , . 
McCIain J & ( .. ,]■ fillers, « oi Main and 3 ! 
McClain Win P, counts attorm y. 
';[' ' ' ■' an At: el B> painter, Main 
' : '' C"--iii-iM' J .hi, E, Pi, ddent Fu 
i k ■■.' K nttii ky. 
.' i>h >vt | Med i :, : " ; . & Sh' by, tobai eo, Main. 
M > Lai lin Ji mes, rroceries. 

nool*sr- Michael, r 7tn and Green. MeNamara P J. coal i, Mai 

^'Pkms \\ v .v < . ! ■. g, ,!s. Main. Mahler Thoma ., ..,,• 2d 

llonl House, J. v\ . Williams, Pruprie- I Mann Bros, dn ■ j.-od . Main 

tor. Upposite Court-house. (.Seearfy.) i Marshall .1 oh n*L\Jr, tobacco,' Main 
Hudson J V\ , physician, Main. Marshall \V. .J. A- Co., (Wm. J., 

Huston Fred K.sutio ■ ■•, ■ t. Posey Marshall. Paul J, Marrs) To- 

duston kVmJV produce Front. bacco Sales Warehouse, and Co. 

tiaCKNOn Hotel. M. R. Jackson, Pro- ; sion Merchants, and Proprietors Wharf- 

pneb i. Mam. ^ ^ I boat, ■ I. 

JaekSiHl 31. IJ., Proprietor Jackson's j Marshall & Atkinson, gen insurance Main 

Hoted and Restaurant, Main, near 3d. , Martin & Co i-roeerv"->d 
Johnson C. 11. A Bro. (Campbell H Mayor's G. A. Sous! Hardware, Cut- 

and Wm. S.), Wholesale and Retail j Iery, Guns, Sportsmen's Goods and 

Books, htationery, Wall Paper, Window ■ Glass; also Agts Miami Powder C 

Curtains, Pictures, Frames, Moli 
etc. Job Printing a .Specialty, Main." 

Johnson Elliott M, jailer. 

Johnson Jus A. hai b< r, Main. 

Johnson W S ,v Bro, drugs, Main. 

Johnston, Joseph B, builder, 2d. 

Jorgcnson K'icholas, General Insur- 
ance and Real Estate Agent, and No- 
tary Public, opp Post-office. 

Juergena John, shoemaker, Kim. 

Katterjohn & Bros, dour-mill, 2d nr R. R. 

Kearney Mr- Mary, boarding, Elm. 

Kohn Nicholas, meat market, 2d. 

Kerr, Clark vV: C >. tobacco, Main. 

Kincheioe J—- B, r > ( j..-p coll int rev, 
cor Main ami 2 I. 

King Nicholas, meal market, Green. 

Klaudi r Gt-i rtre, groi cry, ll h 

Kleiderer Fred, tailor, 2d. 

Labry Wm K, livery. 1-t. 

Lambert James !.. tailor, Main. 

Lam berl Samuel H, I >h iceo. 

Lancaster Wm R, pointer, Main. 

Lauchheim Herman, groceries, 2d. 

Letcher I! .V J H. physicians. 

Levi Moses, second-hand store, 2d. 

Lewis Wm li, boots, di • •-. etc, Main. 

Lieber Mrs Hattie )',. millim-rv, 2d. 

L ' ■•! ■< tt John F, lawyer, Main." 

Lockett John W, lawyer, .Main. 

Scales, Step-Ladders, and Farm Imple- 
■" ..!.-> Main. 

Merritt Montgomery, lawyer, Main. 

Metz George .V Co, hides and pelts, 2d. 

Powell Henry J, commonwealth attorney. 

Prentice George A, lawyer. Main. 

Rankin J Ed. insurance" 2d. 

Rash Otwav W. druggist, Main. 

Redman Wm F, dentist, cor Main and 3d. 

Reichert John, cigars. Main. 

Reinhardt & Gabe, meats, Main. 

Keutlinger & Eisfelder, br« wers, cor Main 
and 8th. 

iii'.'y Louis, tobacco, 1st. 

Riley L L & Co, tobacco, 1st. 

Robberts David, tobacco, nr Cemetery. 

Rodman M i - M M, millinery, 2d. 

Rosenfii Id N, noti 

Rouse John W, real estate, Main 

Ruby John T, stoves. 

Ryan 'I honi; ~. irrocerv, 2 1. 

San lefur !!• nnett M, livery, 1-t. 

Si haeffer Will C, city traiisfer. Main. 

Metzner & Ztmbro, saddlers, 2d. 

Miller A J, -• .. . ig machim s, Main. 

Miller Rev Jeremiali German Lutheran). 
i Moore Edward R, -• wing machines, Main. 

Newman Mrs N S, dre.>s-maker, 2d. 
Nicholay Jo.seph 11. di >i maker, 2d. 
I Noakes Jonas, cooper, 2d. 

5 *S *' : $* $ 

Batohera' ,'."' ?;.•■'»-•' £;.r r a;ej and General Harttearfl So*- 
. FEED. SCEMIElirNai 835 Bye&a<vay aad 330 H. 
Fourth Street, ST. LCC;.'-, MO, Saud f„i Catalogue. 





Norris <S Co, hardware, Mail . 

Oaklan I D <till :-y . - 1 -Mi ■' 'lain A: Co, prop's. 
i ■• lort't.T Lo lis, ■.. i •■ . , Main. 

Oberdorier Simou, Pi >rietor Euro- 
i Hotel an I Lv irant, 2 1, ur Main. 
X- adv. ) 

I >: rdort'er S A: K. el > hiug, Main 

0->«»r«iuriVi' , s lairojuun ilotol 
and S£e.Ntuui';inL, S o 
l'r >p'r, 2d and Maui. ('-' ■• N i 

Pargny Harry. ;• ■ ■ 

. . . ■ & Leek i:*. Main. 

Peter -I :ic, jeweler, M :i in . 

!.' iej ■ • ii ■ :-\ . 'i ■• ■ ■ ry. ; " - ; . ■ : i Main. 

S libiuip Mar: in, _." ice ..,■•••.'••_.■.•. t Gn >;!,. 
: singer ev Giebol, ,' J ! 

■ v :•'!!;_:• r Nathan,].'} tographer, Main. 

'-'■■' f>'l Ernst, v, ■• .:■ •;■ mnr'r, Gi :n. 

Sights A lex B li <■ er>, i-:. 

-; seraore S a S In >■• v er, Main, 

S nith < ruorge VV, coi nty clerk. 

Smith R 5 a- ( >. wa^m-mak* rs.lst. 

Soaper Robert 0, grocer and salt, Main. 

Soaper Thomas, Wh it-sale and Re- 
tail Dealer in Foreign and Domestic 
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Carpets, 
Oil Cloths, Mattings, etc., Main. 

>■:•••• Richard IT. tobacco, Main and 5th. 

Southern Express Co, J H Bowies, agent, 

Southern Spoke & Handle Co, French, 
Mh} er & ( o, pn prs. 

Stephens J W, confectionery, Green. 

Stone James M, county tr> as and justice. 

Stratmaa Mrs F, saloon, Main. 

Streng Manuel J, dry goods, Main. 

Thomas George, barber, 1st. 

'1 ; >masson John < ', gn >c?ries, 2d. 

Turner H F & F L. lav vers, Main. 

Tiiriwr & Doxev Win. Turner, F. 
ij. Doxey , Uarb. • -. M i n. 

' Her M ic i c I uto •■": •- cor Elm and 9th. 

Caver/, igt & lv ' ■ • ' : i - :• series. 2d. 
■ :agl & Smith, meats 

\ :e S B & R D, lawy rs, Main. 

Vauks David Jr, circuit el rk. 

V. gel George M, h :• ! . d i onfe tioner. 

V a I John' & Co, ice, Fc, I 

W i ker A Lyne, insura i a cents, Main. 

'■', ir i Ezra, school • : ■•■:•. 

Washburn Win I!, lawyer, M . n 
• i liington Wm !». lawyer, Main. 

f' r iv«p A Ibert, toba :o. Madisom ille rd. 

VV'i "theu er C, eerier - : ; tore, M tin. 

rt'estern Union Tel Co, 11 G Arnold, m .! • 
»ger, 3d. 

Whittaker W ii. grocery. 
Williams Jinks V\., 

Lli ise. Onp. C« irt-Hous 
Wilson CI arie- W, tobacco. 2d! 
Wi l*on Miss E, mi llincry. Mam. 
Winstead Aaron S, whiskies, 2d. 
.Volt' ti< irge, bakery, cor Gn m 
V • m nan M ai ■ ilm, iwyer, Main. 
Z ■■..-. W .-'.:; , _• . '., •■■ ■• .-■ 'n-mak( 

Propr Herd 
, SV« adv.) 

and 1st. 
-, 1st. 


spar- y setil' 1 phi •■ and i mtry post- 
otliee, ii Marshall county, 10 miles south- 
east ot 1) nton, the cuiiiuy-scat. Ship to 
Faducah. either via Ohio River or 1*. a: 
E. R. K., or to Aurora, the most conveni- 
ent point on th< '!'■ nnessee river. 7 miles 
east. Mail tri-weekly. R. W. Henderson.. 

Henderson V> W, cotton gin. 
Henderson J W, dry g >ods. 
Henderson If. VV., Flour-mill. 

IIKNIiW Smali post-office in Mor- 
gan county, 6 miles from West Liberty. 

HH'KMW. On the Mississippi 
river, 40 miles below Cairo, lils., 200 above 
Memphis. Is the county-scat of Fulton, 
ana is the north-western terminus ■ I :1 • 
N. C. & St. L. R'y. Trains connect with 
steamers for Cairo, St, Louis, and points on 
the river. This town is now in a more 
prosperous condition than it ever was. A 
good opening is presented here for a bank. 
Settled in 1833, it was incorporated a-> a 
village in 1837, and as a city in W>:;. It 
has a weekly new spaper, •"> churches, a»d * 
public school. The Hickman Luml ■ i 
Manufacturing Company employ 75 men 
an 1 manu'aci ure lumln r md furniture to 
a considerable extent. The tH k wan < hi 
t ' impany have recei tlj rnp ted their 
works at a cost of tbd.UOO. Che wagon- 
works of the celebrated Hickman Wagon 
Company will, probably, turn out some 
2.000 this yea.'. Th --• last works give em- 
ployment to nearly LOO '';■':'. it also has 
a plow and wagi n facti rv, '1 11 )uririg-milis., 
3 cotton gins, and 2 _;<> >d h< ■•- •, th chic! 
of which i- the Planters' House, reo ■ : y 
reopened. Exports cotton, tobacco, grain 
an i country pr luce. ^'•" ! stern I 
Telegraph. Southern Express. Population 
1,000. Eliphal«t Case, postmaster. 

TjjM fl^fir 8 ''?. Irt-.»'I' KIVW. .8. W. ATKl\«i01V, 313-321 .V*., fj „ 
- ton St., MMC *<:<». 1L.I.. ! ItetVr to tltoutmtfU oi 

nt III* Contract* (oiiir-icicd throughout the couutry, 





Amberg's J Sons, general store. 
Anastasus K*v Path* r < 'a holic i. 
Bailey II C, com i 

Bondurant & Drew iy, eommb n and pro- 
duce Di« reliant . •■ :i ulturai impts <■' 
Bransford Rev E K (Methodist S . 
Brevard Hi. hard B. ' ar Iw ire and stoves. 
Brown A M it Co. groceries. 
Bu h n a i He: y. /en. nil -t ■«■. 

I • . I . . - : • r. 

Cam] bell J[e7.fd;inh S | : tographer. 

Case Eliphaiet, Postmaster. 

Case Kit/. K, i ooper. 

( • I-' E & Co. grocers. 

Clav W 1!. lui 1 - ; n ies 

Coi k Re\ W ii (< In istian i. 

Gorman •! VV & Co. stoves and tinware, 

C .wgitl John \V, dru^s. 

D'Fdward < harles, harbor. 

D dds J. -v in )!. farmer and live stock. 

1> i u i^ii 1 Jo.- p '. m 'at mark' t. 

.1) lights & Adams, meat market. 

Effinger George, gunsmith. 

Farris Alexander A, physician. 

Fethe Hi rmann, slua m .''• r. 

Fortune T P & Co, druggists. 

French Thomas M. clerk circuit court. 

Frenz Charles, books and stationery. 

< Has : Rudolph, < hoi i iker. 

Gra.ey .J R <V Co. lumber (4 miles s-w). 

Griffin Ji ' n G, tailor. 

Haokett Charles B, city marshal. 

Hellner Fi t / statii n agent. 

Hellner John C. manager W C Tel Co. 

Hertweek, Baltzer A Co., (Otto 

Hertweek, Charles Bali/.er, Hfi ry A. 

T\ ler), Manufaetun rs 11 ickman Wagons. 

[Set ado.) 
Hickman Courier, George Warren, editor 

and pr >prit tor. 
Hickman Lumber and Mamifac- 

tnriiiU' C'i>.. Clinton L. Handle, pres.; 

Samuel Landrum, S. ■■ and Treas Henry 

Little, Supt.; Manufacturer* Furniture 

and Lumber, i Set >; ■'•-. ■ 
Hickman Oil Co., Robt. Thompson, 

Pres.; Nashville., Tenn . Henry Sperry, 

See.: John F. Campbell, Asst. Sec. and 

Man at; i r; Mai -■>' icturers Cotton seed Oil 

and Meal. 
Holcombi Charles A, druggist. 
Johnson \3 D, liv ■ stock. 
Johnson Wm C, sheriff. 
.1 mi M v\ Addie L, millinery. 
Kir. s< r L '.: ^ itting, bakery. 
Kingman Albert D, county attorney. 

Kistner & Gardner, furniture. 
Landruin Samuel, Sec and '!',-'. 

Hick man Luni ber and Mnfg Co.; !i -,. 

(i nee A ji nt hi: ! N*i tary. 
Mcintosh Benj T, .- n feet ion ery. 
McMahan Thomas R. constable. 
MatLcm liobert M., Groci 

Provisions ami Fis i rv. and Prdpr i I 

Planters' Flo! -.. " 

M at. son Wmey. blacksmith. 
Maves James W. justice of peace. 
Millet Richard K. ity clerk. 
Montgomery, >1 Per Da v. 

J. Ii. Montg. mery. Propriet. r. 
Nashville, Chattanooga A" Sjt. 

Louis l.t'y., Fritz Hellner, Agent. 
S iclmls * :har'i - T. re>ta irant. 
( Hit ten Ja lues N, ph , - 

Overton ,1; • - A • . amission merchant. 
Parke Arthur M, d- i t|st 
Planters' House, ■.-'_' per dav, Robert 

M. Mathen v. Prop r See cdr~) 
Plant J II & Bro. g> I oral store. 
Plummer Wm B, liv ery. 
Plummer Wm T, physician. 
Powell & Bro, groceries, com'n and pro- 
duce merchants. 
Ramage Ben it' marble v, rrks. 
Handle Clinton L., Lawyer and 

Pres't Hi. kman Lumber and M'f'g Co. 
R i d Ji thn C. justice of peace. 
Reed .1 M, lumber (10 milt s west). 
Reid Richard I. express agent. 
Rogers John W, grocer. 
Saunders James 11. prin public schools. 
Scharfe Mrs Elizabeth, bakery. 
Schroeder Frederick, shoemaker. 
Shuck MarioTi, live stock. 
Shuck Wm, live stock. 
Sohrn .!..-• ph. barber. 

Sohn. Silberfeld & Craner, notion?, etc 
S mthern Express, R 1 Reid, agent. 
Stephens John I), cooper. 
Stigler Fran k. saloon. 
I ma>son R<»\ tl F, jailer. 
Thompson Frank grocer. 
Turner Walter J. prop'r Laclede House. 
Tyler Henrv A. rnay-r. 
Tyb r II A i II T, av. vers. 
Warren G< >rge. pr >p"r Hi. 'kman Courier 
W U Tel Co -1 C H« .nut. manager. 
Wl ite Samuel N. flour-mill. 
Williams Marion, restaurant. 
Wilson C Huglett, lawyer. 
Wilson John A. clerk county court. 
Witting John, grocery. 






C I. RANDLE, President. 
SAM'L LANDRUM, Treasurer. 

SAM'L I.ANDRUM, Secretary. 
HENRY LITTLE, Superintends t 






Wholesale Dealers in 


■. i*'- 

Ik. .* . ■ * . -* - 

f , 

. - : 


^-/Xj^IET, KT 





Rates Reasonable. Special Attention Given to Commercial Men. 

Table Supplied with the Best the Market Affords. 

House is pleasantly situated at the head of Main Street, convenient to boat 
landing, end overlooking the river. A share of the commercial travel is solicited. 






--t:-' -";-". 

- | 


iUteiiillil VVHtLUtt V 



HICKMAN, - KY. -^S ...— ^" 


liiifi ^i^^i^vl Hi f ill kslii^fe'i 21^5 CENTRAL D 


EPARTV.ENT, - - Lowlsville, Kj. 





HICKOItY FLAT. I- the east- 
ern part of Simps .. county, 7 miles- east 
of Franklin. T ' i- ci unty-seat. its n< •< -' 
shippii g point, on ; - j L. A; X. R. II. 
Sei weekly n . n i stac ;e .•• Fra: . i, 

New Roe and Seottsvilb ; fare 25 cents to 
Franklin and New R •, a i *>1 I - -J . tta- 
\ i ; :-- Populate n "0. J. I,. Hatfield, 
p . '. aster. 

Barbee i'Al. ir'h u -i 

Breed love I.I nry. justice. 

Gain g G W. physic n. 

Hut field .J . II., Farmer. 

Hickory flat fn tifu(<\ Dr. G. W. 

Gain?, Pre.?t., J. B. llatE 'id, Secy. 
Kelly 1J, phj s'n ian. 
VVilson Wm, justii e. 


small station on the M., P. & N. R. R., in 
Graves county. 245 mil ; m Louisville. 
Southern Express I' ; ■ -. 80. Daily 

mail. S. F. Kej . postmaster. 

Byrfls M". >I. <X Son, General Store. 

Chapman Rev C (Methodist). 

Collier Polk, marshal. 

Collier & Co, blacksmiths. 

Creason H M, physician. 

Edwards' Hotel. 

KfV S. l\ <&: Co., R. R. and Express 

A gents and 1 >n;ggists. 
Key & Byi'ds, Saw-mill. 
Thomas John, blacksmith. 

HICO. In the north-eastern part of 
Calloway county, 12 miles north of Mur- 
ray, the c iunty-seat l- : from Higland, its 
nearest shipping point, on the Tennessee 
river ami 200 >outh-we~t of Louisville 
Calvert City, on the P. & E. R. B. is the 
nearest station. Weekly mail Popula- 
tion 60. N. C. Brand <n, p istmaster." 
Bennett J P, hlaoksmith. 
Brandon >I. ('., General Store. 
Burkeen J P, tobacco. 
Smith W R, toba< < o. 
White W H, tea ! er 

HIGH GROVE. In the northern 

part of Nels m county, 13 miles east of 
Bardstown, the county -seat, on the Bards- 
town branch of the L. & N. R. R., and 
26 south-east of Louisv lie Si re to Bards- 
town and Bloomfieid. Tri-weekly mail. 
S. C. Johnson, postmaster. 

Aboil G M, livestock. 
Bridwell G W, wagon-n aker. 
Bridwell J I. blacksmith. 
Bri Iwell W T, blacksmith. 
Cassell W W, wagon-maker. 
Clark & Moore, general store. 
Deacon N W, general store. 
De icon W, fb ur-mill, 
Evans A H. 
Grant P D. saw 
Gram William H. undertaker. 
Hardy AS illiam A, wagon-maker. 
Jones J ohn, blacksmith. 
Johnston S. C, General Store. 
Maye 11 i 1, physician. 
Moor E G physician. 

HIGH KNOB. A small post-office. 
in Clay county. Weekly mail. Gerry H. 
McWhi rter, postmaster. ' 

HIGHLAND. Settled in 1830. T* 

a village c mtaining 125 people, in thfl 
center of Lincoln county, 9 miles south of 
Stanford, the county-seat, and nearest bank. 
Ship to Kind's Mountain Station, on the C. 
S. R'y. Mail tri-weekly. 11. P. Young, 

Ballard John, blacksmith. 
Barber H L, physician. 
Bastin A H, general -tore. 
Bastin M S, justice of peace. 
Bonta Rev E E (Methodist). 
Butt John, blacksmith. 
Carpenter John, saw-mill. 
Horton J K, general store. 
Owens Rev Martin ^Christian). 
Petrey Adam, justice of peace. 
Young Geo W, constable. 
Yotilli? H. I*.. General Store. 
Young Jane'-, general .-tore. 


(See Dale). 

Campbell count? 

HIKES POINT. Established in 
1879. I - u farm house post-office in Jeffer- 
son county, 7 miles from Louisville, the 
county-seat. Daily mail. H. C. G-j- !-'•■'. 
postmaster and g r icer. 
Schinde Eiios, blacksmith. 

HILL GROVE. Known as Me»i- 
ville, in the southern part of Meade countyi 
10 miles south of Brandenburg, the county- 

Li 4 ,iJ rAUJ 

WiCi otji reP ri i ce to the Cci 

iuir< wo manage. 
• Ky. " 






it, 10 west of Muldraugh, it- nearest 
■ '■ ipping point, on the !'. & K. 1.1 E. Daily 
mail and stage to )! augh, are #1.25. 
T. M. Sbuma; -. postmaster. 
Brooks D, livestock. 
I'atterson K J, t .baceo. 
Siuimate T. M., H tel. 
"'■ ,•■'•'. i store. 

'1 hornsbury J H. shoemaker. 

R. R., in 


of the Hilis boro brarn ti K. C 

' :,:;-• . ' L'Ora •■- "" rn i. ..;-' ille. 

'; : . i ■..-<- ct-nia . i niil, 3 mi b .1 
school : " !' ■, ' p n. Wheal | 
duce, and stock, are ti e shipments. Stage 
to Oftins ii •■ ■ ■' i ' i i :■• urg. Daily 
mail. J. A. ;!. Keerari: [ o.-tmaster. 

HarksdalO & Co., Dry G rods. 
Busby K K. undertaker. 
Clark John, hot< 1. 
('rain .1 W, gn eer. 
Garr C it. pin -ician. 
Goodwin Win, blacksmith. 
Hawkins .1 II, blacksmith. 
Hendrick Rev J P (Presbyterian). 
Keerans & Co., General Store. 
Kiokley C, ph\ si< ian. 
Myers John, railroad agent. 
Piles E < I >v Co, tub ..-co. 
Richards E W, physician. 
Phelps Z J, teacher. 
Shields E G, dry goods. 
Shields & Co, groceries. 
Summett George, hotel. 


uia-tion 4". s. P 

Broun P S, hlai k 
;- N I, W. 
Daviss M VV, win 

b\ire to Puducah $1 '■'. '■' ; - 

Davis Rev 

r rent alia, 
-■ tith. 
ju*i ce. 
i..'.'1-v, right. 
i Methodist). 

postn aster. 

HILL. SPRING. Known as B"lle- 

vi-w, on the Lexington branch of the L., 
C. & L. R. Ii., 5 mill s south of Newcastle, 
the county-seat, and in the southern pari, of 
Henry county. Daily tnaii. A. L. Jones, 

HINKEEVIIJLE. In the northern 
part of Ballard county, IS miles north of 
Blandville, the county-seat, and 18 - '' ; -- 
west of Puducah, its nearest shipping 
point, on the M. P. A. N.and P. A E. R. R's. 
Tri-weekly mail, and staee to Pad icah and 

Falkner J, bin ksmith. 
Falkner & Tempic, blacksmiths. 
Hinkle 0, ph\ sician 
()■ erbey .! W, wheel-wright. 
Petrie J S, phvsi. an. 
Sberrill N. drugs. 

Frencalla S. I*. & IJro., General 

HIXTOX. Vsma .n on the C. 

S. R. R., in Scott <-^\i'.i\y. 17 miles from 
Geo _-.'.• -■. n, :. ie oounty-s >at. Bo] lation. 
150. Adams Express. Daih mail. Thomas 

. | ■ ■ aster. 

A Gillai k. g' neral -tore. 
Skivin Z T, express agent and gen stores. 
\ ..: ce £ M a! lanix, tl< .u -mill - . ith |. 

HISEVIULE. In Barren county. 9 

miles from its shipping station, Horse 
Cave (Caverna), is this settlement of 150 
people. Daily mail. Wm. Hogan, post- 

Lasley John, saddler. 
Nahrn J & Bro, general store. 
Strader N J & Bro, merchants. _ 

Quesenbery 1 M, general store. 

HISEEK. A village in Owen county, 

7 miles from Owenton, the county-seat, and 

14 from Sparta, the usual shipping point. 

Population 200. E.xpr< ss Adams. Mail 

tri-weekly. W. H. Sanders, postmaster. 

Clifton Alfred, blacksmith. 

Just John, farmer. 

Kinney & Roher, saw and flour-mills. 

Laist . phj sician. 

Law . physician. 

I 'i. mion J. farmer. 

• >banion Juke, farmer. 

Rose Harrison, chair mnfr. 

Sanders W H, gen store and dry goods. 

Willhoil Alv ; n, farmer. 

Willhoil J, farmer. 

Wood C, farmer. 

JIITESVIEEE. A post-village, in 
Union county, 7 miles from Morgai 

eat of justice. Ship direct, via the 
Ohio river. P n 95. Mail tri- 

weekly. R. A. Griggs, ;>■ Hmaster. 
Bu kn an B W, coi stable. 
G ritrgs .1 D. r- •.<•■ ai -ti .re. 
GrijrgS 11. A.. Wagon-maker. 
Hite R P, live st >••:.. 





. Stencil Letters and inures. L. BO(.H£, Kngrav* 
Bti 88*M ! lit 8 J>ie Siuker, 100 KASOOil'H blKLj.X, CUXCi 

Stoel letters and Figur< 
;raver .1 1 

\XrO, LLX. 




Hite W P, justice. 

Markham M. blacksmith and justice. 

Sheffer John, shoemaker. 

HODGENVILLE. The county- 
seat of La Hue county, is an incorporated 
village, of aboul ■'■ n) abitants it is 11 
miles fron i . . !■ . towi its Lipping 
point, smd 53 miles from Louisville, It 
contains a hVuring- mill, churches, 
Christian, Presb ti r Methodist, Bap- 
tist, ami Catholic, a good hotel, several 
stores, and a scmina y. 1 he principal ex- 
ports from 1 1 •-.'_•* 1 \ i " ! - are tobacco, hogs, 
mules, sheep, flour, and wheat. Daily 
stage to Elizabethtown and New Haven; 
fare $1. Daily mail. L. L. LaKue, post- 

A she raft .7 W, harness-maker. 

Bean Misses K & C, millinery. 

Beli K H. phot igrapher. 

Booker J (i, liverv and stage line. 

Broomfield B F, s'a!< a. 

Brunner Rev 1 W (Baptist). 

Castleman S M, grist and saw-mill. 

Collins J A, pr iprietor Lynn Hotel. 

Dawson A: Bin h. liv • •■■ and tloon. 

Doran W N, stoves and tinware. 

Dougherty Klder C M Christian). 

Dunn Phillip, justice of peace. 

Dyer J L, undertaker. 

Enlows VY V, carpenter. 

Gore John W, physician. 

Hagan & Co, grocers. 

Hansbaugh M, tobacci nist. 

Ilargan 1> .1 0c S. ns, dry goods and furn. 

Hayes II A. grocer and justice. 

Haves' lb tel". .1 R Hayes, : - .prietor. 

Howard Thus P, general store. 

Herd Lon,boot and shoemaker, 

Hub! ard J* ob, live stock. 

Jeffries & li< 'I. carriage and wagon-makers. 

Johnson H ilanv S. lawver. 

Kirkpatrick B P>. live stock. 

Kirkpatrh k S ('. drinrgisl. 

Kirkpatrick & Co, grist .-md woolen-mill. 

L&rne L L, blacksmith 

La Hue L I .. i druggist. 

La Rue S .). constable. 

Losley John iv Son, 1 lacksmiths. 

Lvnn Hotel, J A Collins, proprietor. 

ii'it ( r G B, flour-mill 

Mitchell Wm. meat market. 


Nantz J R, carpenter. 

Newton J R, shoemaker. 

O'Brijn G. W., Saloon. 

( > Bryant .las, stage line. 

Ormstein S, dry goods. 

Pri i' Robert, barber. 

Robertsi n Thos A, lawyer. 

lb - ertsi n A: El .n iltoi dry 

R id man V\ m ( ', physician. 

Smith J H, lav, yer. 

Sutphin .1 L, lentist. 

Thurnian B. J., Attorney-at-law. 
Special Attention to Collections in La- 
Ri . Har lin. and Hart counties. 

Thurman George W, lawyer. 

Twyman .] W, lawyer. 

Ward Wm, harness-maker. 

Wi - m Wm, tinner. 

Young James M, physician. 

HOGAX. Logan county (See 01m- 

HOLBROOK. In the southern part 
of Grant county, 12 miles south-west of 
Williamstown, the county-seat, 8 miles 
south of Mason its nearest shipping point, 
on the C. S. R'y, and 75 north-east of 
Louisville. Mail semi-weekly. Express 
Adams. Population ICO. W". H. Roberts, 

Beverley Rev Stephen (Methodist). 
Denny T J, physician. 
Green .1 W, distillery. 
Gross J P f carpenter. 
Gross Stephen, blacksmith. 
Jewett Joseph, distillery. 
Jewett Wm. blacksmith. 
.Jump M, wajjon-maker. 
McGinty Owen, cooper. 
Roberts AV. II., Live Stock. 
Roland J ('. treneral store ;<nd hotel. 

Nail R R, carpenter. 
Nail V Y, brick-mason. 

HOLLY HILL. In the southern 
part of Whitley county, li miles south of 
Whitley, the c unt\ seat, nod 8 miles from 
Pine Knot it- nearest shipping point, on 
C. S. R'y. Mail tri-weekly. Papulation 

j 100. John L. Davis, postmaster. 

[ Ball Rev J D (Baptist). 

i Cuddell David, wagon-maker. 
Davis John, general store. 

j Davis J. L., Hotel and Farmer. 

j Gilreath B P, saw-mill. 

I Gilreath L J, blacksmith. 


J , 1 

Cot rr lliiig ov - £40.000,0 i0 of Fire Sfl! * 

and oporatini; iu 10 ; ut - t'i . 

ern .-. •>■•-, ■•'.•;!! ... : J ?! d f tig's 

Louisville, Ky. Agame everywhere. 





Gilreath Wm, constable. 
tJn en James, express agen I; 
: ■ ■ A. jusl ice •■!)-■ 
■ ". •• Rev Milton | Methodist). 
Kimball W H, R R agent. 
Jlvsn Thomas, blacksmith. 
Stephens E. & Tj., General Store and 

HOLT. Breckinridge county, a small 
i tst-ollice, lately established. 

HOME. A hamlet in Pike county, 
>»i miles from Pikevilh the nearest ship- 
j. ; ':'_: point, and 430 from L ansville. Pop- 
ulation 200. Mail semi-weekly. David 
\ unover, postmaster. 
\shon James or Son, general store. 
'■.'■■■ mgardner John, wagon-maker. 
Mulli ry Wm, live stoek. 
•• ,•• r Isftae, bj: eksmith. 
I'ice Wm, wagon-maker. 
Vanover David, General Store. 
\ anover Elijah, blacksmith. 
Whitaker Wm, distiller. 

HOMER. A new post-office in Logan 

HOOD'S liUX. In Greenup county, 

a small post-office having this name. 

HOPEWELL. In Greenup county, 

• n the E. K. It. St., 210 miles from Louis- 
ville, is this village, with its 4 churches, i 

• ■': <d and 200 Inhabitants. Kggs, char- 
coal, and ore, are shipped. Mail daily. J. 
C Irwin, Sr., postmaster. 

Curry II S, carpenter. 

Irwin Alexander, blacksmith. 

Irwin James C. Jr., Genera! Store. 
Irwin James C* Sr,, R. R. Agent 

an 1 Postmaster. 
Kiser John, constable. 
McKinster Rev J*oseph (Methodist). 
Pearce C, saw and grist-mill. 
Rife Rev J C i Baptist). 
Woniaek V*'. A., General Store and 


seat of Christian, the fourth county in • 
wealth and population in the State, waa 
loi itedantl laid off in 1700, and was origi- 
nally called Elizabethtown. It is prettily 
located on Little River, and upon the 
dividing; line between the prairie lands of 
South-( hri.-tian and Ll ■ hilly region in the 
northern part of the county. The lands 
embraced within the i rate limits are 
sufficiently rolling to i ,r rd l ,: - >d drainage, 
and the city is one of the I in the 

Mississippi Valley. The citv is situated 
on the L. & X. l\. R.. 71 miles fron Nash- 
ville, 87 from Evansville, and 17i from 
Louisville. In 1870 the place ha ! : p ipu- 
lation of about 3.000 souls, since which 
time it has nearly d'oiibh d. Nocity in the 
State lias mad' 1 more rapid progress during 
the pa.-t few years. Her :< baec* market, 
which is not yet ten years old. is the third 
in importance in the State. Her location 
makes her the natural market of the 
largest and most productive tobacco crow- 
ing region in the world. Her churches, 9 
in number, are large, weil-constructed, 
handsome buildings, and a tine new public 
school building has just been con pleted. 
The court-house, which co-t £90,000. is one 
of tbelargest in the State, and is an orna- 
ment to the c;tv. Anions; her more im- 



Spacial Attention given to Collections in the Counties of LaRje, Hardin and Hart 

: ram i HUH 



u th i u Di : ' 

22 ■; 




portant business ■ ■-' shim • :- ■;: 6 large 
tob ■■ co wareh •!-> . - exti :.- ive flour i i ! 
grist-mills. 2 pi nil _- in ill*, • ; banks, with 
ai aggregate capital of >1 00.000, "2 hotels, 
one foundry, 3 carriage fa tories, i i i of 
which is owned by Mi ssrs. MoCiimev, Bonle 

A; Co., and i- the la ri, - 
tu. ky : a pi >\v fa " n y 
handling li ,,■..- 

!n Western Ken- 
lh • tobacco re- 
' • newspapers. 
t > 'in. i is one of 
the State. The 
i Dei locrai ic in 
■ us, well-con- 
blicnn is in 
in i lies, and 

The K< ntucky Nev, } ra 
the mo*t it fluentiul in 
S nth Kontu< ki:u ; - uls' 
politics, and is a pros] 
duet<id she<'t. The R. 
politics what i- name 
although recently established, bids fair 
to become an influential public organ. 
Its educational in lit ;:• - are Bethel Fi • 
male Colleg* (J. M. Bust, A. M„ Presi- 
dent), employing 10 teachers. This col- 
lege is in a flourish h -z c< i ditioi anil is 
i I braled as ( ne of the finest ii stitutii v.- 
in the State. The South Kentucky Fe- 
male College, and the Western Kentucky 
Lunatic Asylum are located here. The 
steam flouring-mill and srrain elevator of 
Messrs. Rabbeth, Brownell & Co., and the 
planing and saw-mill, and sash, door and 
blind manufactory of Messrs. Brownell & 
Co. ar* particular institutions of this city. 
Western Union Telegraph. Southern h,\- 
press. Daily mail. Susan H. Burbridge, 

Abemathy & Co, tobacco, Nashville. 
Alexander C G. live ;-tock. 
Alexander Lawrence G, physician, Main. 
Anderson Clarence, photographer, Main. 
Anderson Robert M. grocer, C mrt. 
Anderson & Cheaney, groi er, Virginia. 
Armstrong John W, surveyor. 
Ballard Henry C, groceries, stoves, etc. 
Hank of Hopkinsville, Capital 

$250,000, John C. Latham, President; 

James A. Wallace, Cashier; cor Main 

and Russell ville. 
Banks Arthur C, barber. Bridge. 
Ba-r\ Mrs. M. dre.-?-making, 
Bell Lan-jlev. saloon. Main. 
Bcth.t Female College, J". W. Rust, 

A. M., President. S-e ndr, . 
Blythe John W, wag' n-n tiker, * lay. 
Bosti. k Joseph L, groi-> r. 
Bourne K ! ; ert K. cL ntist, o\ er Bank of 

II.. I kinsvill. . 
Boyd & Henry, lawyers, Hopper's Block. 

Bran Ion Green II. jeweler, Court. 
Brasher Joab C, county attorney, co rl 

Brasher P< ugree W. constable. 
Ureal ; i ; f t- ,] aim s, law ver, Hopper's Bi 
Breathitt John \V., County CI 

Browi Cyrus M. sheriff. 
lirowneli «.V Co, i P. <; Bro 

J 'hn <!.;-, Mil }>.->. Sash, Doors ar; 

Blin is, Mo dines, and 1) 'alers in Lu • • 

ber. Lath, and <1 in^h -, Tobacco Ho . 

beads, Railroad. 
B id ii r & \\ ■ idridge. 1 ba co, Main. 
Bui< & Bro, lawyers Main. 
Callis & Hays, \ Kdward G. ( all 

Jan es i >. Hays . R< >1 Estate, Insuram > 

i n 1 Coll. . ti<.n A cents. Main. (Set m 
Campbell & Gai titer (Edward t'. 

< Jampbell, Na Gaithor}, Attorneys-at- 

Law and Collection Agents, "tiki.- e « 

Main, .pp. Plant .•- B . .:.. 
Campbell George V, hardware, Main. 
Can pbell Ji h i P justi ••■ of peace. 
Campbi n A: Williams, dentists. 
Cansler Polk, livery, Russellville. 
Cavai ah Nicholas L. groceries. Court. 
Chatnplin George A. lawyer, Weber Qlocl 
Chastain Joseph S. oil, lamps and tailor. 
City Bank capital $60, 000; Lucien Jon". 

pres't; Geo C Long, cashier, cor Main 

and Russellville. 
Clark iv: Gaines, physh ians, Main. 
Cohn J iseph S. groceries, Main. 
Collins & Price, painters, Main. 
Cooper James O, prop'r Phcenix Hotel. 
Courtney Jonas, coroner. 
Cowan, Hugyins & Hart, trrocers, Nashv 
Crescent Flour-mills and Eleva- 
tor, Rabbeth, Brownell <& Co., Propr > 

Railroad. . See adv). 
Cr iss, Dueker& Dryer, carriages, Virginia. 
Cross Nelson, barber, Main. 
Crurnbaugb Samuel R, lawyer, Weber 15.'* 
Davis Leander B, grocer, Virginia- 
Day John C, tobacco. 
Dennis John M, phvsieian, Main. 
Diamond Coal" Mines (W. S. M*< 

Nary, Pre*- t; Th<>s. .1. Morrow, S 
. -ale und Retail G nl, Nashvilh 
Dii kens John, lawyer. Main. 
Dii l ; 'h Chai ■■- H prii . ii iic school. 
Dinkelspei! Isa ie, mil inery. .M:> m . 
i linn. • •: John, 1 lacksmithj Buss, ilvilh' 
1>... n :■ James W, lawyei VV eber Bl« • • 
Dukuid Warner, restaurant. ■* 


ill AS. M. MEACHAM. 








1 ha iHiper •- Deniui ru'ic in Politic* tn-.l d«Tut 1 to the interests of Christian and surroan ig Counties. 

It has a lar e and coiu^autlv incrt-asinc circulation iu one ><f tlw riclieu sections of the state Adverti- 
sing rates liberal All kiiiils of ,i\Hi W OKK. duin- a\ UJi* ami Despatch, at 
City Prices. 

11. V. iliCAilY. 


\V. T. BONTE. 



- ,-. 

Factory on Spring St,, near Main, 

Keep constantly on hand, or make to oider. Carriages, Roekaways, Buggies, Ac. Repairing promptly 
»mi nettly ione. 


f ■ •'■> --. • .is ^ 

Spring Street, ) Uf IP f\'T Y^VITrTK KV Wi \ 

Between Man, and Virginia, f JlUI HljlLp K AUlitt, U 1 . r 1 1 

T. L. SMITH, Proprietor. j 

Buggies, Hacks. Driving and Saddle Horses Always Ready. ■ 

Careful Drivers Furnished when Required. I 

Horses and Muies Bought and Sold. ^ 

1 shall strive to ptea«f all who may favor me with theit patronaj;.-. 





• . ■ !l So. -Clinton Stceel 


Dunbar Mr> K J, dress- maker, Nashville. 

Edmunds John T. tol ai o. 

Edmuntls N. B. *SL Co. iNi k B. Ed- 

rounds, I' Rwing Burbridge), Prop'rs 

Hopkinsville PI >w Manufactory and 

Grocer-, cor. Virginia and Court. 
Edwards Edwin, groceries, Court. 

Eger Dr , physician. Main. 

Elb Loui , rener ■ ! store, M ain 
Elliott Wm l '. fi>b and game. Court. 
Ellis FLi: Co, flour-mill, Railroad. 
Ellis James < >. city clerk, an liturand treas 
Evans John C. dr iggist, Main. 
Excelbioi Planing Slills. M C Forks propr. 
Fairleigh Robert M physician, Mai::. 
1- a r 'tillJam< s O. prim : CI : >!>iai county 

Male Inst 
Feland \- Si hn •. Iaw\ ers. 
Fenner I! nn . -1 ■■ < maker, Na-diville, 
Fergus' m \1 rs K m l:i dr - •■ n ng, Main. 
Ferguson ! ; . ■• rr\ . la w v< r, VI dn. 
Flui k Eli, ha M, cobiu-co. Na-hviile. 
Forbs MaH ;-.;H 

Frv Joseph, general store, Nasi ville. 
Fullilove Wi i !'. I iilyi 
Fuqua William >l. 

ci;tn and Surgei in. City 
Gaines Sam >I., > 

New Era, C i.rt. 
Gant •! K & yon, toba< i o. 
Gant & Davison, dry-goods, Main. 
Garnett & D»> Treville, gen store, Main. 
Garth Wm L, lawyer, Mam. 
Gi-h «fc Garner, drugs ami books, Main. 
Gish it Young, physicians, M lin, 
Glass Wm, restaurant. Main. 
Gorman Frank T, tailor, Main. 
Gray & Newton barbers, Bridge. 
Green George V, nursery. 
(•■ gory M k Bro, agr'i imps. Nashville. 
Grissam Mii-ajab W, groceries, Court. 
Guynn Robert, grocer, Main. 
J I ei 1 1 Andrew, marble, Spring. 
II. 11 Gus W, saloon. Bridge. 
Hanna Meaoham & Wist, saw-mill (12 

miles north). 
Hanna >1 iciuu-1. Foundry and Machine 

Shops, Clay. >>'■-- ■' ■-.' 
Harrison SamuH II grocer, Main. 
Hart Isa i . -.' 'neral st< re. M ain. 
! f ,t .'< kins J irret grocer. 
II iwkins A. I ' ■ - . harb-rs. 
H ■ ■" I til i i 

[lender n I r« >n W, groom 
Hickman L ! ; physician, H««p] 
till] Wm M, physician, Main. 

M. I).. Phvsi- 

Bank B o. k. ' 
r Kentucky 


Hipkins James M, livery, Bridere. 
HUgon <£ Hayden, painters. 
I ! iser & (>< Tihiner, hardware, Main. 
Hopkinsville Lund Bulletin, < 'ail - 

...: Hay*. >, Pul s. Cin ula n 3,000. (&tm/, 
Hopkinsville Plow Man'fy, N. \\, 

Edmunds »fc Co.. Prop'rs. 
Hopper& Son, drugs, books, Main. 
H on W H, pb v-i. i.-m. 
il : i .v Myers, grocers. Virginia. 
Howe James M, j< web r, Main. 
Jarrett C F & Co, tobacco, Main. 
Jesup James (i. tobacco. 
Johnson James A, harness-maker. 
J n ; > k c Russell, • neral -;• re, Main. 
Rev '1 '. Baptis; .. 

Kentucky New I>a. Circulai 

2.L'-j'). tin ti .- \\ ...I J'., .Mi, tor; S. S! 

« , inos. I' :''■]• (\>\i < . 
Knigl i Ch ii -. law v.'". 
Lacy Charles 33., Pr. p'r Phrenic -a- 

lo m Ma 
Lai do- 0. Clark, lawy- rs. Mail . 
i ul An lv w M, si 'i. Nashville. 
Lewis Charles, barber. Main. is M , ) ropr Lewis In use, Na -h\ ille 
Lieostein Max, hi ies and furs, Main. 
Lindsoy Wm J), saddh r. 
Long Americus \ , ci». judge, court-hoiiM 
Long Aquilla N, jailer. 
Long G W A: Son, • arpenters. 
Lovier Richard II, watch-maker, Main. 
Lovier Wrn S, watches, Nashville. 
Lowrv Win A, tobacco, Nashville. 
MeCamy, lion w & Co. (H. F. Mela- 

my, W. T. Bcnte, W. C. Wright), '■ »r 

riagc and Spring VVa ;on Manufacturer* 

Spring, near Main. [See ado.) 
McClanahan J W & Co, drugs and 1" • •<* 

M.eClellan .1. wagon-maker, RusfsellvilU 
McClellan John, shoemaker, Main. 
McNeal & Co, grocers, Nashville. 
McPherson John W, lawyer, Main. 
McReynolds R S & Co, ceopers and bi 

Ma -shall it' v (' lv Christian |. 
Mfl til NJ r - P I, mil in* r. Main 
>!carliam & Wil^llS (Charles N' 

Meachs n, Wm. A. Wilgus). Pul 

era an I Pi oprii-tors South Kentm 1< 

Bridgi "■ 
Means I, n ia n V A'. tuenl market, Main 
Mean- Voting J, count \ a--<-.- t 'ir. 
Merriit [>■'.• v .v [5u-h, srent«' furni?! • 

Hoods, boots andshoes, .Main. 


K G. CALLIS. JAMES D. HAYS, Attorney at L*v». 


collecting- ^.C3-E3sr r rs 7 

Main Street, next door to Planters Bank, HOFKINSVILLE, KY. 

We publish Mont'n!y, The Hopkinsville Law Register and * I mail t FREE or appl 





Crescent Mills and Elevator, 

r Flour o tul Grain. 'i 

Railroad Street. - - - HOPKINSVILLE. KY. 


• r ' Grain will be received fur storage at this Rlevatur on the follow- 

n it;g terms: 

Ri eiving and Weighing , I Cent per i'.ushel. 

Fanning tnd < leaning. 1 Cent, per Bushel. 

Weighing and discharging in Itulk I Cent per Bush ! 

Grain in Bulk : - ; Hl'eawpet Bu*h< : 

, _'. _ - For each month thereafter, it fractional p:irt . 1 lent per li*i-h--l. 

We will hav* (,r;'iw Insured at tli lowest rati 9 for (■ irties degir- 

—, ins iT - "nil will L> rwpi nsible For all loss in weights, except intto- 

- — — — - - — ■■ ' — * r.i 1 1 >ss hy shrinkage. 



* ■'■ 'Wring Shafting* Pulh >- -' im K ttii :■• lr\aa ' ' " " " 

•'■■ ■ 1- Wrought Iron i i>> ■-, i. .••■ :■ if. 

Repairing done and satisfaction guaranteed. HO PK I N SV [ LLE K Y 

ikli ii%£yvbikti\#ki i?« k: ••awiU 

: *>• &.GEH8, 

I CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Metcalfe C W & Bro. srro* < riee, Main. 
Meyer Mux. grocery. Court. 

Miiick Jno \\ . tut ■.'••, !;■ --•.■■. ille. 

Y> itcholl Jno J. bi ksmitb Clay. 
Moayon John, general store, Nashville. 
Morris .Jno 1>, master com'r i.haneery. 

Morrow Thus J, coal, Nasi 

M - •!•' I! !1, Alex !> 1 ma ;er. 

N CleOIl <k .T-.-SUP, i i oo. K.iii ■ 

Ni'V,v; id ar. physician, Court. 

Norw >od Kobert W. exp and ins agent, 

On eh Jul iu= m« ats, Nashville 

Pa\ ne & Y>ui srr.) ■-. Na-1 i ■. 

P tree ■'■ I - • ■ ' ' or! 

Phelps II Aifi .law;, . Hopper I 

Planters Bank of IJo.pkins.ville, 
capital ■ ',"' .■ ". ■■ - . . \- ,. I . 

Trie '. i . ■ •' ■ ■ . 

Pool & Ba: '■ -. - - - - ' lire. 

Postell Pel :ro - • C 

Pureell & Austii r -, ~\ irginia. 

Pye James >V C\>. cio ig, I lain. 

Pyle A&tior \V, t'urnii iiv. Jl U 

\'\ ie James F, grocer. \[n 

Itabbcth, Browncll A: Co., J. 1. 
Rabbeth. F. J. Bri.wm.-ll, John Orr) 
Prop'rs Crescent Miii.- ami Elevator, 
Railroad. i S'- • - ■ \ 

Ra^dale Wi i K I Nashville 

Randle Mrs Mattie P, manager W U Tel, 
Mi in. 

Randolph Coleman, eonf :tionerv, Nash- 

Renshaw F P & Co, groceries, Main. 

Roach & Latham, dry g ods, Main. 

Rodman Janie*, Supt Western Kentucky 
Lunatic Asylum. 

Rogers Mrs M r. u ill nor, Nashville. 

Rosenbaum Ben, uvneral si 're. Main. 

Rust J. W., A. >I., Pres. Bethel Fe- 
male College. | SV ■■ 

Savage Johnson T, bakery. Main. 

Sehmitt Martin, bakery, Ru>seilvilie. 

Schweitzer Frederick, c nfi ■ tionery, Nash- 

Shanklin, Charl - ('•. ,.-;- i ip. Main. 

Shai naban John C, -ho 'make •. 

SI asor & Flass, ■.; i I re Main. 

Smith George W, groceries. Rus*ellville. 

Smith .) W 1. ft and pass agt I. ^ >' K 
R, office,, '!••!' 

Smith Rev M ( > Cumb !'•• ■ tei • 

Smith Thomas I... Livery, Sale. Ex- 
change and t •■■■ i Stable, Spring, between 
Main and Virginia. 

South Kentucky College, R C Cave, prus- 

.South Kcutuckiau, Meacham«& SVil- 

Publishers and Proprietors, Bri I - 
(&>e adi ,) 
Streng & Frankel, general store. Main. 
Stochr Philip, boots and shoi s, Main. 
Sypcrt L. A., Lawyer. Loans ai i C 

• - . . I | r's Block. 
Tate Rev J C i Presbyterian 1 ). 
Tayl r ,V Edmun<Uon. saloon, Nashville, 
Thump on <_'!.. sr - A, hardware, Main. 
Thompson G nil ure, Main. 

■ <■■ ■ rge V. I 'b ; i i, Railroad. 
j • •■ ■' B t ' ■ ■■ n K y I. ; 

Asylum, office, Planters' Bank. 
Tr fe S E, , - PI • tens Bank of IIop- 

. ■ - ' '. n 

Tanks J .h> if. Ma. I, i iit!i. 
; an Wi i W, • -. Main. 

Undei :■. oorl Ben] T, cir uit clerk. 
T" I >:-wo >i\ & Co, ■ oi ■■■ ai l, Railroad. 
Wahl James L. f 'Watches, CI .. 

,!• weir; . etc., Main. 
Wa lace Allen, just of ;■> ace. 
Wallace James A, cashier Bank of [lop 

kinsville, Main. 
Y, are VV V\ Jv Co, ilrv ■: >ods. Main. 
Wei b Charles B, saddier, Main. 
W 11 ■' 's : h, liverv, Nashville. 
Wells Gus A, pi i ■■■'.■ iplier. Main. 
"West' luirles E. sewing-machines, Main. 
West Ge :•_:>■ L'. rm il rket, Clay. 
West .J ohii 15., A ncti n and < ' 
fion, 10 cj res = ai I L'ransfer, and Ci > 
Bill Poster. 
West cc Yancey I R A Wi st and .1 W !'&'••■ 

ce\ |, coal, Adams. 
\V. sti.-rn L'nion T« I. graph, Mrs M P R»»- 

i In, m ti •. ■ r . Main. 
Wheeler Mills & C », tobacco, Russellville 
Wiles A: Hunter, general store, Main. 
Willi's W J, meats", Main. 
Winfn •• d It A: Co, a r'l imp s, Nasi < 
Win free Wm P, i ?uranco agent, Main. 
Wii free & McCarroll, lawyers, .Main. 
Witn John H. meats, \l iskdlville. 
Wood Hunter, Proprietor Kent" 

New Era. Court. 
Wood L G & E, flour-mill, east ; - 

AV«vml ^ Woo J (Hunter and Janv • ■■ 

Lawyers, Court. 
V. „, i.l ;. ; :;i L v Buckner, druggists, Mab 
V. Ling t > e, si ■ ■ .• ■■'. 'I tin, Nash\ i 
Young John, hardware, guns, etc, Court. 



' 4 3 


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" 7 ~ * 






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= :. 1 


! ■ ' ' , ; • : 

' - r 

'' ■■ - - . ■■-■■'■:. 

' i in Preparatory • . -• ■ I 

*<-] j with ■ ■ ■ I 

- '■ " • 

Oil a . . . ... C- 0(1 

■ • • ■ ■ ■ I en .- the 

I ■ ...-.: [ in any ' :' schooif I (10 i 


• ■•, i ..•■•■ ■, 

■ ■ rate r 

tai i . . 

I l ice -•ii» 

m nic Drill 

Art— Drawing in PfDcil ititl Crayon 

Pain'ing in Oil . 




•> oc 


20 Of. 

The Louisville Volksblatt 



97 Tliircl Street, 'cc-'.-'reer. 2.v£s.rls:et a.r^cL Xefferscr: 

Ai an advertising medium we have i mbined a larger circulation and oPer greater advantages than 
»iit other (ierman papsr in t ■- ti west, whii< > ■ ,, J - .-r\-i •>.; id eubscriptiots rates are the lowest 
Tbe VoJWgblatt i« the authorized ) abli< Printer (or th< < it} of Louisville. 

f«k w»i»it$« <* ttn f»»«Ml««* j *»j H"*< ;V«*M>> *«•< 1» *»* - I -'Si's «* iff 

?:S fl ; Aft 

r fittfiYfti ! T% YY Tfl *•• TW* I 17 rv ]"i ! TTS With ''it red rer.ce to th< Oorop: riieewaima 

■ ■ ■ ; !. ■ BLE& CASTI.EMAN Li svilla, Ky 

bUUliiii) B-ilyUUiilii Hilil liiiJj Agu»hn..rj«ht«^«uUi. 





HORN'S STOKE. In th • n >rth« n 

? art of Grayson county, il miles east of 
.,. t< ; ficl 1. the count \ -s< at, G ;> »rth-i t of 
Grayson- Springs Station, it? nearest : ip- 
ping point, on the P. & E. K. Il: a: i Go 
south of Louisville. Southern Express. 
Si mi-weekly mail. P< pulation 20. H. S. 
Horn, postmaster. 
1! .rn G S, : .: i i >r. 
Horn H. S. tV Sou. T< baceo. 
Joitri 'S Rev G P (Mettii . -: . 
Watkins & Bro. general store. 

Carter I >a\ id C, livery. 

Edwards Martin V. physician. 

Fleming Robert It, stoves and tinware. 

Garvin Tho; It, physician. 

I rreen A. Ti • ' r, I iv \ ers. 

Grinstead John, blacksmith. 

Hester Robert \. proprietor Hester House, 

H ughes Black, police judge. 

Ivat -. A'' - Hhani J, gene r;i : st< ire. 

Ivi t le \ P rry , 1 i ve =u> k. 

McKa v A Haile\ . grt» cries. 

Mansiiel I -I L, five st - k. 

.Martin Samuel, P >stmatter. 

HORSE BRVXCII. Gn the P. & '' Merchants' I3:ml<injr Co.. -Capital 

n ii o ' . .., pin-; ' £ IMAM > jutn-r li. \\ aters, President: 

E. R. I... in tun 3' - -.- *••• I f Uiiiu • ,.,..,.,., ' 

couutv.15 miles south-east. 11 i I rd, ti. • „>>' ;; , ,! - ; ! '';' - in - ' 

c unty-seat, and 96 - • it -w -slot' Louisville. 
S luthern Express D y nail. Popula- 
tion 50. II. A. M l!er, p tin ■:•■". 
A ston .J T, tobacco. 
Bunch G T, K Pv agent. 
Cowan Rev James Chi i»t an . 
I» Heart Wm, sta .'es. 
Fields If C, grocer. 
Ford John A. grain md iive stock. 
For<! Joseoh. t ibaeco 
Ford N II'. general store. 
!! ■ trd A. gei eral store. 
Miller J I), justice of p i- ••. 
Miller Hi ,\wi-i A., 'farmer. 
Neaphas S. W., Grocer and Drug-. 
Tilford Jerry, d< :,t ; -:. 
Wilson Ansel, distiller. 

HOUSE CAVE. Is in Hart county. 
This station, on the L. & N. R. R., 7 miles 
from Munfordville, the county-seat, arid 
80 from Louisville, is the shipping point 
tor :i lar ; ■ $& ti< n of the surrounding 
country, both north ai <i east, it contains 
a pi pulation of -SOU, a weekly newspaper, a 
hotel, L' flour-milis, a bank, 2 chur -hes, and 
2 schools. The export.- are extensive, and 
c msist of w heat, toba ■ > and liv, st'.u.-k ; I 
some fruit, also, i- marketed. Express, I 
Adams. Mail daily. Samuel Martin, i 

i- -. .1 ,hn H, live s , 
Par .1 [enrv. blai ksi : 
•' i ler Mrs E A. millin -r>. 
lit ar<l Wm., i -■' 

Mitchell J as & Son. dour-mill. 
Murr.-ll K---. 3 I- \ Method isO. 
Musrain Th * 11 t'obac o 
Mustain T H A Co. g< ■) eral st >re 
Mu.stain Willis 31., Cashier Mer- 

chants' I'ankii / ( omj any. 
Nell Timothy . - iher. 

Owen Henry S. _ 'nera! store. 
Pag- Kv\ B I'M i pi ist I. 
Parrish A Green, drugs and books. 
Poynter A Bros, dour-mill. 
Settle Morgan, wagon-n ak< r. 
Smith Mrs < )Iivia. sonfe -tionery. 
Sommers H A, editor Hart County Dem- 
Sommers Wheeler »V Green (H. 
A. Sommers, W. il. Wheeler, G. S. 
Green). Proprietor- Hart County Demo- 
Tat. H. A. Somm r . Editor. 
Terry Rev N <i I Baptist 
Walton Rev T S - Methodist). 
Waters U tier U, leaf-toba< co. 
Wheeler Will. 1!., \_daras Express 

an I Stat ion A cr< ut. 
Wheeler <V Oieen - Wm. H. Wheeler, 

G •< ■■■'-■■• S. Green i, Insurance Agents. 
White John M, undertaker. 
White M i- Virginia C. millinery. 
White and Wii -oxsoi , g< n ral store. 
Wright Mrs M T, millinery. 


an .. _ in the i i iberland ri' ■■", in Rus- 
sell c«>u?itv, 120 mil s from I nii^ville and 
I 67 frmij L'-l aiii n, ts ■ ' railroad 

: station. Tri-wckh mail. it. 1> inb ir 

!■-■-. 11.-, A II Presb' terian - 

Bi i G o, - maker. ' postmaster. 

Hyb'-e Wm 1-1. w.iti I n ak r. Dunbar Elins, sh .emaker 

Bybee lira W E, millinery. I Dunbar H H, constable. 

1 HRH.jf'M UtttingStami , S«lf-Xnking Stamps, Ban?-: tflamiM an-' Jh<*; 
I mot-tors; Amateur rrintinsr Presses an-rlvk L, BOCii 
• '•' ,v <* r »»«!• -*-»ie Sinker, HiO lSauiloli.U St.*, "CitlCACO 





Dunbar James, raft pilot. 
Dunbar it., G< nora! Store. 
I kenb rg '. -. flour- n |] 
Jones Ji .-•-. raft pilot. 
Kean K ( <, carpenter. 
Kean James li. cooper. 
McClure B. S„ Flour-mil] 
I'm;! a imuel II. bla. ksmUh 
Ro :■;-';:. | U r. ,.. r, 
Williams i'J i ), physician. 

Williams G. W., Survey r. 

HOUSE'S STORK. :» the north- 

ore part of Cluy county. 12 miles i rlli 
->i '.''. 'hi ster, the county -scat, 20 ■■; of 
Livingston, its neare t shipping point, • :. 
the L. & X. R. R.. and 175 south-east of 
Louisville. Daily mail, and -t^o- to Man- 
chester and Livingston. 1>. B. House, 

Harris Pr >f Samuel, prin high school. 
House 1>. !>.. General Store. 
House Thomas, general t-tore. 
Lincks John & l»ro, disl'ry and flour-mill. 

county (See Laurel Creek). 

HUDSON. In the southern part of 
Breckinridge county, 15 miles south of 
Hardin. s burg, the coui ty-seat. lb north of 
\ ine Grove, its n arest shipping poinl on 
the P. & E. R. R., ami 53 south-west of 
L >ms\ Hie. Semi-wi ■ , mail. I - . pi ! it . 
tion 30. Ralph E. Cox, postmaster. 

HOWARD'S MIEE. This is a 

post-office, in Montgomery countv, :, -, 
miles from Ait. Sterling, the shipping 
point, by rail, and 132* from Louisville! 
Population 30. four mails a week. J. 
"W. Cook, postmaster. 

Cook J. W., Genera] St »re. 
Hamilton J C & G, flour-mill. 

HUEYSVILEE. In the southern 
part of ^ Floyd county, 16 miles south of 
Prest-.n] irg, the eoimty-se; t. 65 miles 
of W illard, its ; par* st nation or, the 
E. K. R'y, 16 from the mouth of ?■' 
creek, its nearest shipping point. Popul i- 
tion jo. " Weekly mail. Israel Tun r. 
Dean J, shoemaker. 
Greer J F, general store. 
Hare M, blacksmith. 
Martin Adam, general store. 
Mart;!' J: iin B, justice of peace. 
Martin Joel, lumber. 
Nell John, flour-mill and general store. 
( >sboi ne Win, live stock. 
Sal ye r R* (.ben, justice of peace. 
Turner Israel, General .Store and Live 


HOWESBURG. Is in Jefferson 

county, a small post-office only. 

HOWL'S V Al.LKY. 1 the west- 
en part if Hardin .• ,un y, 1 } miles \v< ?t 
of Kli/.abi ■ btou i . ; couil . -. it, 7 -outh- 
- I 'iiia, it» ne irest .- pim <■ poinl 

P. & C. :md !.. & N. R. R*s. P>pu- 
lal on -30. Si mi- ;e. ' ly mail. T. L. i ies 
posl mast* r. 

Cundiff Rev B A (Metho i : .!). 
Gr.iy ( ', R railroad t-jrimt. 
Henderson li A. i hi k=.m;th. 
Howard T. 15. , V 
McGill Rev C R | \r. til li»tj 
Phillips A- Stiles, (. -neral Store 

Pin".-' t vy, phys tl 

Pureell J ksmith. 

Stiles J W',1 

Walker John \V., Flour-mill. 

HUMPY. Only a small post-office 
in Pike county, lately established. 

HUXXEWEEE. A village in 
Greenup county, 15 miles from the 
county. --at, and a station on the E. K. 
R. R. Iron and coal form the export,-. 
The population number 5i>0. A machine 
■ h >\-. ;, chiin h and ■. public school are 
; ' r '• ''■" - -- A lams. ' Mail daily. J. 
■'•■ '■■ ii ■: ' postmaster. 

■ ■ ■■ ' ' \V U. R JI -,;.-'. 

Myers fj. general -tore] 
Selhird- A B. ph\ -'•< ian. 
White iL.-v T B (Methodist). 
Whittington C, general store. 

Bardstown bnu i h of the L. & N. R. R. t in 
the western part of Nelson countv, 4 miles 
north-west of Bardstown, the count v-seat, 
and 35 south-east I ! ..-■ i] , Popula- 
tion 7".. A lams Express. Daily mail. 
J. B. Hunter, postmaster. 

. , . urs a • • ' r ' •■-•'■ '" "• Vitc em 5 s 5 

- ym m NAM 

n i:.\ 


1 1 *» i-: 


J! -am John H, distiller. 

Beam John S. distiller. 

Greenweli T R, blacksmith. 

Huutei' John 5J., Store, an i R. R. Agt. 

McGee Joseph Jr, dentist. 

M, Gee J J, distiller. 

McGee Lee, distiller. 

Russell R( v S. J> 1). 

Simmon? M S, ph\ siciau. 

Stuart A, distiller. 

HUNTING CHECK. A post-office 
in Breathitt county. 

HUNTS VI 1,1,1 


Gresbam "Wm J. wagon-maker. 

Kaufman F S, saddler. 

Logan Betty, milliner. 

Logan Hugh, hotel and mill. 

Owens S, genei al store. 

Peai oek G F. druggist. 

Sproggins A. Islington, Dry Goods. 

Wright Edward, tinner. 

HUTCHISON. On the K. C. R. It., 

in the south-eastern part of Bourl i 
county, 7 n ' : -- south of Paris, the county, 
seat, and 107 east of Louisville. Adams 
Express. Daily mail. A. 11. Hutchison, 
p istmaster. 

Dart of Butler county, 12 miles s »uth-west Beatty J W, justice of peace 

*_.. . * - 1 . 1 I li .... Da.. O 1^ /l)-.. l,-.f.V«!.,r 

of Morgantnwn, the county-seat, 5i south 
if Koi hi -ter. its tie trest iai ling on Bar- 
ren river, via Green & Barren River 
Navigation Co. Weekh mail. Popula- 
tion 100. Ellen E. Cowen, postmaster, 
Abbott B J, general store. 
Brown G 1 irire, flour and saw-n ills. 
Cowen Ellen C, Oru^s and Groceries 
Hunt Alexand r, physician. 
Hunt Daniel, lumber. 
Manley > im iel blacksmith. 
Manley Richard E, blacksmith. 
Manlev Mrs, milliner. 
Read W W, leather. 
Rowland J B, carpenter. 
Vaughan H, wagon-maker. 

HURRICANE. A post-office on the 
Ohio river, in Crittenden county, 18 miles 
from Marion, the county-seat. Ship di 

i; ...-.- K,". S !> Presbyterian) . 

,; 5 & Jacoby Bros/live stock. 

Clavton & Hope, live stock. 

Harris Rev J W (Meth .dist South). 

Kenney ■' S, justice of peace. 

Myall Jonathan, shoemaker. 

Rankin W M, ex and R R agt, blacksmith, 

rei i ral store a? d constable. 
Talbott J P, physician. 
Wood B F, carpenter. 


Laurel county. 

A small post-office in 

HYATTSVIEEE. On the Rich- 

mond branch of the L. & N. R. R., in the 

southern part of Garrard county, 3 miles 
east • t Lancaster, the county-seat, and lib' 
south-east of Louisville. Adams Express. 
Daily mail. J. H. Hurt, postmaster. 

rect via Ohio river. Population 80. Mail Beazley Robert & Co, saw-mill. 

daily. 11. W. Foster, postmaster. I Bolton W E, blacksmith. 

i- " *- . nm... ij-..i.i v- i\i ripnprdl Burn»ide J <te Son, live stock. 

Foster, rhrelkeld .V Co., General j Hupt tJf> H Dry G{KjdsJ and Grocerie3 . 

HI STOWILLE. This town is in 
Li-i%oln < luntv, ■■' ''• ; '■ • '-' 

p | .. it i"U of >50. it is l! miles fi >m 
Moreland station and : : ; from Shelby City. 
Alcorn Edward, physician. 
Austin G C, blacksmith. 
Bishop Wm, flour-mill. 
Bradley Juhn, wagon-maker. 
Brown Samuel. Macks nith. 
Campbell Mrs H, millinery. 
C > : w >.\ P, e em ' '■! itore. 
Cooper George 15., Hotel. 
I ' rzat! Rose .V Co, j; tneral it >r •. 
Drye W S. druggist. 

I Kavanaugh \V L, live stock. 
Whei ler J A; Son, general store. 

HYDEX. The county-seat of Leslie 
j county, 60 miles east of Livingston, its 
nearest railroad approach. Mail daily. 
i Population GO. 

IBEX. A small settlement in Elliott 
I countv. U) miles from Sandy Hook, the 
j county-seat, and 20 from Grayson, the 
J nearest shipping point. S< mi-weekly mail. 
j M. AY. Green, p< stmaster. 
: Binion Wm flour-mill. 
, Green Stlinuel I.., Stationery. 

HM INS. Oil. llf I : I M „,S5EL£ f^r.^V 





Green Shelah G. '.it k mitb. 
Green Win 8r. flour-mill. 
Green W W, distiller. 
Harper John, li\ e stoi k. 
Hoi brook Robert-, justice of peac* 
Skaggs A, flour-mill. 
Skaggs James, flour-mill. 
Whitt J P, 'hy goods. 

Hanev W T. school teacher. 

Iron Rev Elijah ( 1. 

[son, JefTers m «v Co, general store, 
lson Isaac, blacksmith. 
Stamper W It, mail carrier. 
Whittaker Ilodi n, justi.-e of peace. 

ILLWELL. A small and unim- 
portant po^t-office in Clinton county. 

INDIAN CREEK. This country 

pc st-otli •• ; - in thi ■■•■ r!t_\ of Knox, lb 

i miles fi i Livingston, the nearest railroad 

; station, and about 300 from Louisville. It 

derives : '- name from a small stream near 

INDEPENDENCE. Two and one- | by, which furnishes power to drive 1 small 

half miles from Ban Lick its shipping ; mill. Tri-weekly mail. W. L.Campbell, 

point by rail, and L»7 from Louisville, is ' postmaster. 

this town, the county-seat of Kenton j Brown H T, grain and live stock. 
county. Here i.= a church, 1 • hool, and Brown Win, Live Si 
250 people. Daih -i;!_re to < i : . n ; Campbeil Joel. <j;rain and ii 

> cents. Daily mail. W. A. Bryson, ! Cam] 11 J u A. liv« •• ck. 


Bagby M G, _ m ral stoi . 

ISi'.VMUi «V: Sou, General Store. 

( .u lisle < > VV\ i .a ver. 

Carlisle R • ■.• N H." 

Chamber? J M. ph vs-ieian. 

Miller & Stafford, General Store. 

Rice K C, ],i,\ siciaii. 

Kv land J C. physician. 

Shaw L, lawyer. 

Stephens II f> . lawyer. 

Waldon Thomas, constable. 

TVebester T, police judge. 

; Campl ell Wm. b a<4 smith. 
! Cumpbi'll \\ . L., Farn 
j Davis ^Stephen, genera store, 
j Hilton M. E.\ Justice. 
j McYev Powei!. barb, r. 
j Rees S B. liv. stock. 
I Taylor II L. general *tore. 

Thompsi >n John, rn ill- >\\ ner. 

Thompson Parks It., Grain. 

INDIAN FIEEDS. A post-office 

j in Clarke county, 1*2 milps from Winch •- 
: ter, the count} ?«'at. and 7 from Hedges, 
the nearest shipping point. Mail semi- 
INDIAN BOTTOM. A Kentucky ! weekly. Levi Gotf. postmaster. 

river settlement of 50 • pie, in Letcher j Allen'john W, justice of peace. 

county, 12 miles irom Whitesburg, the : |; ;trr , ,.,., [> q ]j ve .*,, ■(.- 

county-seat, and 300 from Louisville. | Berrvman James, blacksmith. 

Pre*tonburg, o0 miles north, i~ the m arest 

shipping point. Hail weekly. Silas Uo«-g, 


Back John, <aw tnd flour-mills. 

Back Wm, blacksmith. 

Crase Dr Andrew, lumber. 

Candell James \\ , justi e ^-t' peace. 

Candell Samu< 1, general store. 

Candell Wrn, uenernl -torn. 

Candell Rev W, . 

Dixon Isaac*, di.-tillerv and flour-mill. 

Dixon Kev James. 1. 

Dixon J ! -.. ■_■ ■ ■ r tl -t. >re. 

Dixon Wm. s -ksmith. 

Dixon W B, 

11 •/ ; Gideon, schi ; ! i her. 

Ii >gg Jam»s, live *S .« 

Iloyg -Silas, Farmer. 

Curry C tx A R, live stock. 

Dawson A. Pigir, general .-tori'. 

Farnev A Kimball, produce. 

Garrett (r B. shoemaker. 

Gotf John il. live -•< .-k. 

(;<»!V I ,-\i. Stock- Raiser. § 

Golf P L, live stock. 

Hisle G W, live stock. 

Ilisle M i(. live -took. 

Johnson Tish:>.by, wagon-maker. 

Snowdei T J, ifve stock. 

1\KZ. Known as EuVn, in the north- 
ern '.art of Martin county, and the -eat of 
ju-ti-'.- .'■•:• miles south-east of Louisvi! 
Tin nearest railroad apprnaeh i-. Wiilard 
45 mil. - north. Semi-weekly mail. Popu- 
lation 150. J. \Y. Hopson, postmaster. 

flTTQ •ndde.I.r in Hardware Specialties, Fred Schmledicg, 
ftLlfiiU fUil ffllllllijlflU HAILS 835Bro a dw. y( &830N.4thSt. |S T.LOUIS f MO. 





. '. \.y W H, grocer. 

< ' iti'ee T J, blacksmith. 

Copley A, lawyer, 

i '• ploy, ('rum iV Co, g< neral store. 

Copley ]•', justi .-. 

Crum & Cassaway, general store. 

Dingus John, hotel. 

Henkle John, phvsieian. 

[i ips a. If C, •': 

flopson .1 . W., La wye-. 

N !\vb( rn T W, liool eoi i r i L.-~ii . ,'j fr. 

Noi ris Ii W, law} er. 

Pack Thomas, constable. 

Patt< ;i ■'■ hn S, la .vv-r. 

i e K F, grocer, 

Stepp Jam< s, county judge. 

Stepp J M. | h\ sician. 

Ward J. V .. 

Willis Thomas, harness-maker. 

Tit ON HlT,f,. [n the eastern part 
i f ( rittenden county, 10 i k-.= ii rth of 
Marion, the county- seat, 20 miles west of 
Madisonville. its nearest station on the L. 
A N. Pv. R., 10 miles from Westonburg. its 
nearest landing on the Uhio river. Mail 
daily. Ft. F. Phillips, postmaster. 

IRVINE. This incorporated town of 
250 people, - churches, 1 private school, 
and 2 steam tlour-mills, is tin c iunty-seat 
of Estill county, and is 21 miles from Rich- 
mond, its shipping p> int bv rail. Dailv 
stage to Richmond; fare" $1.50. Mail 
daily. B. F. Jacobs, postmaster. 
Benton W B, county judge. 
Bergman I). L;>T><- j r;i 1 st >re. 
Broadus B W, sheriff. 

Butterworth W L. general store and hotel. 
< lard well I N, !a ivyer. 
Conroy E. general st ire and exp agent. 
Daniel A, physician. 
I >ry (r A. phvsii ian. 
Priei ; i & Miller", dry goods. 
Jacobs I>. I'\, Carpenter. 
Ivellv A V, whiskv dealer. 
Lillsv H C. lawver. 
M .berly R E, jailer. 
M '.•..i..-!n- .1. flour-mill. 
Mo >re H trrv, live stock. 
Park John VI, mule dealer, 
''ark John Si i <>., Dry Goods. 
Kiddi'll J. M.. Lawyer. 

II D B, phys.ii ian. 
Smith C, Hotel. 

I Smith It W, lawyer. 

! Snowden A., Flour-mill. 

! T loi S L, county clerk. 

1 White .1 B, county ai tornev. 

i Williams W. T. 15.,' Clerk Circuit 


i Williams <5£ 15urt«m, Druggists. 

| Witt James M. county commissioner. 

ritYIN'S STOKE. A country post- 

\ office in Russell county. 

ISLAND CITY. An unimportant 
post-office in wsley county, 13 mill - south 
of i' ii nevilie, the com I y-si at. Mail • mi- 
weekly. Thomas Bowman, postmaster. 


Owensboro ilivision of the L, & N. R. R. 

12 soutl of i Kven boro, 10 mile : fr mi Cab 

Loot . <':•■ count --•-.,•. an ! 150 south-west 

of 1 , niisvilli Mail laily. P< pulation 

150. C. It. Williams, postmaster, 

Bennett Rev W P Baptist). 

Brown E. P., Hotel. 

Bryant It C, live stock. 

Davis It M, wagon-maker. 

Drake B .J, coi stable. 

Drake S. I*., Tobacco. 

Elh rkarnp G A. gem ra! store. 

E\ i '; N II. physician. 

Frcomau <'. AN"., Grocer and Railroad 

Gearlaeh John, stave manufacturer. 
Humphrey Rolla, justice. 
Kaines P, coal-miner. 
McCowen W A. wagon-maker. 
S» arsv S R, justi • . 
Shaoklett ii' I. blacksmith. 
Williams Dr. C. 15., Druggist. 
Wood James, con [-miner. 

(TRY. An unimportant and but re- 
cently established pi st-office in Callowaj 

JACKSON. Tli- county-sent of 

1; iathitt, io m :'■■- - nth-east of < ' -v well 

SI ' m, ts nearest si | ins; point, • n the 
I Mt. Sterling di i?i if tin L., C. .v L. It y 

and 200 s ' ■ of Louisville. Tri- 

: weekly mail. Population 7~>. W. D. 

Card well, ] ostmaster. 

Back John C. Ida ksmith. 
i Card well W. D., Coal-miner. 

jim«iM« ; .,~-r.ri ' •■i.'-.rym We desire \5i Vrrhitecfs and Cornier firms < 

communicate v, ni, v -. ;;oo;it «.i.M Cijuuncin.. 
t .. AJJren J. VV. ATKINSON, 3l3- 3:1 So. Clinton St., Chicago, I 





Casky T J, grocery and hotel. 
Clark James, hot .. 
Combs \V M, hotel. 
Hargis John S. general »ton 
Sebastian & Co, general -ture. 
Sebastian & Combs, saw, flour and carding- 

JAMBORKE, This post-office is lo- 
cated in the midst of a thickly-settled 
neighborhood in Pike county 25 miles from 
Pikeville, the county-seat. The nearest 
railroad shipping point i> L< lisa, 75 miles 
north. Mail semi-weekly. W. R. ]j itson, 
Browning Rev Joseph \) (Methodistj. 

Chillies . ■'. : -• iii. 

Dotson A nderson J , jein'i l1 itore. 

Dotson Geoj ge, blacksmith. 

Dotson Godfrey D, iren'l store -*nd justice. 

I>otson James L., Shoemaker. 

Dougherty Hiram, bla ksmith. 

Jackson Joseph J, 'arpenter. 

Estep \Vm, constable. 

Hall Rev Hiram (Baptist). 

Layne John, phvsician. 

Mounts Charles *W, constable. 

JAMESTOWX. This town, the 
county-seat of Russell county, is 4i miles 
from Greasy Creek, on the Cincinnati 
Southern railroad, and 125 miles from 
Louisville. It is on the Cumberland river, 
and bus 1 church, 1 free school, and ships 
tobacco, brandy, and live stock. Tri- 
weekly stage to Columbia. Population 
150. Tri-weekly mail. M. D. Hopper, 

< -; '•• berlain M, 1 t and shoemaker. . 

Crisp Jol '. jailer. 

Dun bar Elias, b'»ot m-l si oemakei . 

! >unb i r W 8. genei :tl -:■ >re. 

li, ; l erg . raw and grist-mill, 

Gann A: Son, general store. 
Hay~. J E, lawyer. 

Helm . saw :i r :-l grist-mill. 

Hopper 31. !>., Physician. 
Jones Allen, blacksmith. 
J rvine W, general -i r •. 
Markam L S. shuemaki r. 
Mitchell V. T sch ..>! teacher. 
Moore < ^reen physician. 
V ontgomi ry J F, lawj er. 
]N elson A. lawyer. 
Patterson J R, hotel. 

Phelps J L, lawyer. 
Simpson A P, druggist. 
St >ne \V S county judge. 
Wells A C, circuit clerk. 

JARYIS STOKE. In the north- 
ern part of Knox county, 7 miles north of 

i :■• , li': e . ; •• count; at, '■■•: south ■ 

i gston, on the Knox .-ill* brai ch of 

the L. & N. R. li.. and 177 south-east oi 
Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Samuel 
II. Jarvis, postmaster. 

Brownlec G. I>., Railroad and Ex- 
press Agent. 
Burnett E C, boot and shoemaker. 
Gilbert Wm, genera' rtore. 
Grin?) :ad Rev J V Methodist). 
.Jarvis Samuel J 5., Genera! Store. 
Jones Si domon, gt ist mill. 
i ii 5 L C A, blacksmith, 
Trosper T J, justice. 


called Newtown, a village of 300 inhabit 

ants, near the center of J. tferson county, 

10 miles from Louisville, and 5 from 

Anchorage Station, on the L., C. a L, 

R'y. Tt contains o churches, Lutheran. 

Methodist, Christian, Baptist, and Colored, 

and Jefferson Academy. Principal sh \- 

men:, fruit. Beargrass street car.- r 

from Cave Hill, Louisville, to Sniyser'i 

Station, 5 miles out, where they connect 

with an omnibus from Jeffersontown twice 

a day. Tri-weekly mail. Elijah Hart. 


Barnes »T. P.. Silversmith. 

Birdweii \V H. blacksmith. 

Brings Rev B F i Methodist). 

Bucl :i nan, VY T, plasterer. 

Kasum C! i - ice. 

Floore I>. A., Di r,tist. 

(hiiui >!., Saw and Grist-mill, 

Hart J <dni M, tinni r. 

Hoke \ .1. builder. 

Hoke Henry, hi tel. 

Hoke Rev .j T (rhristian), and hotel 

Kerrick Felix, veterinary ?ui '•■ m 

Leath* rruan .1 M. pla iterer. 

Leatherman .1 T A Bro, blacksmiths. 

Lench Ro\ J E Lutheran). 

Lutes lienrv P., General St ire. 

Marshall S. X., Eh\>i. ian. 

Muster James, builder. 

Owens 15. F., Physician. 

• ' -''■, .._■■■ - f!j>\» Settled more than 1,4 

• Losses, and have !:,..< >>.u 13 1 

IU £ K i ■ ■••• I • ■ . .- i 

si-ae»l i u>«i.i - 

atrents kvervwhere. 


AND };L r .sI.S-rs.^ D1KKCTOJKY, 



'chafer J W, justice and und« rtaker 

■kor James M, wagon-maker, 
Va . •■ ■ Dudley, 'on stable, 

.! \V, pby.sioian and drugs. 
Wells Nimrod T, marble w irks. 
Woolott ii. A., Bus Line. 


village in Montgomery runty, 7 miies 

from its shipping p i \ft, Sterling, and 

i -35 from Louisville. Tri-weekly mail. 

Jai ■ - W. Si h ill, p >stmaster. 

Chester "W F., Carding and Corn-mill. 

Cu litfJos 'p»i, b u ksi di 

Gaj lord .1 i', b!a< ksmith. 

Ludlow Win, justice. 

f^ir !■;•; berry J ii. meat n irket, 

Sa ci K G. liv ?t. ck. 

Soholl James W., G< neral Store. 

J 11, pin >i- ian. 
Storm W W, carpenter an i painter. 
Strouse C F, gi r;el al --'- ' • 
Willoughby H 15, constable. 

JERICHO. On the Lexington 

branch of the L„ C. & L, R'y, in the 

south-western part of ELmry county, 5 
miles west of Newcastle, the county-seat, 

and 32 north-east of Louisville. Daily 

mail. Population 200. J. F. Willett, 

Bernard John, Wagon-maker. 
Bers »t Rev L A (Christian). 
Blaydes G W, physician. 

Estes J L, hotel. 

Mead T G, constable. 

Romy Shelby, blacksmith. 

Sp t- Joseph, justice. 

Si rs & Mad iox, general store. 

r J i i W N", dioei taker. 

\Vili«>fci J. P., " tiir • d Agent. 

kVilietl ON', druggist. 

JI'.TT'S CREEK. A small post- 

in Brea titt county. Daily stage to 

Richmond, 65 mil*'- distant V pulati- n 30. 

8a tuel Jett, general ?toi • and postmaster. 


Fountain Run |. 

Monroe countv CSee 

JOHNSOX'S. Known as Pr .ws - 
Store, ]■: the northern purl of Chri cian 
" 'unty, 23 miles north of Hopkinsvi i , 
the county-seat, 5 south of White Plains, 

its nearest shipping point, on the St. L. & 
S. K. division of L. & X. B. II., and 151 
south-west of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail, and stage to Hopkinsville and Green- 
ville. Population 15. J. P. Prowse, post- 

Ilill 1> W. wagon-maker. 
Ppom Mi .Jehu P., General Ston 


station on the K. C. H. it. (Maysville di- 
vision), at the junction of t 1 e Covington, 
i" ■!■ tings! mrg & Pmind <''■■■]> Railroad, in 
Fl mingi mnty, 14'> miles from Louisville. 
Population 05. Daily mail. 

Ewan Rev J B (Methodist 
Graj K;s CI arh-n T . Baptist). 
Johnson James T express agent. 
Johnson James T. & Co., General 

King John, transfer agent. 
Spencer W S. leaf tobacco. 

JOILSSVfLLE. A settlement of 
100 people, in Bracken county. Mail 

JONES VILEE. A post-office and 
country store, in Owen county, 9 miles 
from Uvventon, the county-seat. Popula- 
tion 10. Mail by special supply. J. H. 
Greene postmaster and farmer. 
l!r ick R E, general store. 
Denton J M, railroad agent. 
Foster W E. physician. 
Greeil J. E., Farmer. 

JOPPY. Located in Pike county, 20 
mile- from the cot nty-seat. Mail weekly. 
! I lerson Scott, postmaster and farmer. 

-3 < ) K DAN S T A T ION. Fulton 
countv. Changed to Miles. 


post-othce, in Scott 

A new and useless 

UIl '■' 

JUOI'O. A country post-office, in 
C tmberland c tunty 13 miles from Burkes- 
ville, the seat. Ship direct, via Cumber- 
land river Mail semi-weekly. T. Me- 
Farlane, p stmastcr and farmer, 
Cloyd John, j istk-e of peace. 
Lollar lle\ D C [ Christian), fanner. 
McFarland Young, farmer. 

MHK HXX ! P hHm-AI hi 




J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - •• Louisville, Kv 

Mainus A F, wagon-i7iaker. 
Smith James, blacksmith. 
Stew art S M, constable. 

.jrxcrrox crrv. Boyio county 

(See Gore). 

Gooch J C, physician and druggist. 
Hern J. J., "Hotel and Saloon. 
Moore .! II, E'h\ sieian. 
Owen F W Jr, confectionery. 
Walker cX Barnett, General Store. 
Wool Iridge Jacob, g< neral store. 

K A \ E . 


C impbcl I ■•-■'::•• y, I 4 s mi] •- ;r 

ville. Ship to Canton. 


KANSAS. An unimportant post-of- 
fice in Graves county. 14 miles from May- 
field, tl t'ouii . - it ami 1 17 milt's from 
Louisville. P<>pulati ; < '. Semi-weekly 
mail. C. T. Parratt, postmaster. 
Boyd Rev P. VV (VreJ vteria) . 
Gi i I', •■ nst il 
Hanynes W L. t kv :n. 
Helfrey L. 11.. Fl -ur-mill. 
Hock r ■! il. j • ici . 
Murpln J'.' - i >niakpr. 
Nicholson G, black mirth. 
Niclu un — — , gei eral store. 
Palmer G, blacksmith. 
Parratt C. T., Physician.- 
Walker W L, wagon-maker. 

KEENE. A station or, the C. S. R'y. 
and a village in Je-^amiiy 1 county, 113 
mile? from Louisville, ai I 6 from S'ichol- 
asvtlle, the county-seat. Population 500. 
Daily mail. Win. M. Smither, postmaster. 
Bradley N D, shoemaker. 
Duerson J B, blacksmith. 
Holloway John W, physician. 
MeDavut Chas, gro er ai cl tailor. 
Mattingly J M, station and express agt. 
Proctor & Brook, blacksmiths. 
Smithers S E, milliner 
Wilson Geo, wagon-maker. 
Wilson T S. general store. 
Wood- W R. grocer. 

KELtiEY. A town of 150 people, in 
Christian county, 8 miles from Ho] 
ville, the county-seat, on the St. L. A; S. K 
div.of L. A: N\ R R.. and 1»>> miles from 
Louisville. Daily mail. J. F. Walker, 
postm istt-r. 

Armstnni::' J. VV., Leaf-tobacco. 

1* .■ ■ ". !:■•% J T i Itapi st 
}1..!. ; itt .1 I». !•!:.• ksmiih. 
Braseljer L. T., Lawyer. 
Duiin & BLinnett, saw and grist-mill. 

KEXTOX. Locally known as Ben- 
ton. A sett . " if 55 [ieop t, in Kent 

coimtj , 90 miles fi in L uisville. It has a 
steam saw-mill, and a free school. Two 
mails per day. G. W. McDonald, post- 

Armstrong .). 31., Leaf-tobacco and 

I on*table. 
Barney II C, saw-mill. 
I! k Jolni. general st< ire. 
Brown il \V, live st . k. 
HmiK .1 B. just i e. 

McDaimohl G. W., General Store. 
Mo /'!i <i VV, wagi n-maicer. 
M irgan .1 P., blacksmith. 
Roberts F, real estate. 
Smart .lame'., ferryman. 
Stephei - .1 !1, live stock. 

REXTOXTOWX. Tn the count; 
of Robertson, '2 $ mi • from Augusta, t! 
shipping point by rail, and 200 from I. ■- 
isvi : -', is the settlement «.»f 70 persons h i - 
ing this name. Tobacco I 11 the I a 

■lit. S mi-weekly mail. F. M. Lou- 
denback, postmaster. 
Ellis M D, carpenter. 

Lomlenbark 1\ M.'., General Store. 
Phillips S, physician. 
Robins J F. ph\ sieian. 
Taylor E M, phv? ieian. 
Woods Maek, miller. 

KEYSBUUG. A village of 1"' 
pi ople in Logan county, t> V miles fr 
Allensville, on the Memphis branch I- v 
N. R. R., and Hi from Russellville, ' 

ninty- eat. It has 1 church and a fr ' 
sehoo'. Semi-weekly mail. William ' 
Scott, postma.-ter. 
Childre-s Mrs K K, t< acher. 
Farmer Willis Sr, phy.-i isn. 
Hermion J T, phy sieian. 
i. r VV II. wag ii -ii aker. 
Ju ! . i '- (' ii. pliysi ism. 
Merritt George, te icher. 
Merritt L R, ph} •. iai 
Perry Rev Wffl (Presbyterian). 


re - .: the Companies we m&aago. 
ftN, Louisville, Ky. 
here SoutU. 





plaster Rev F C (Baptiit). 

Prince E, justice. 

Scott YVm. G., Cabinet-maker and 

Smith J \V B. carpenter. 
Smith R L, general store. 
Sugg Dolphin, blacksmith. 

KEY WEST. A small si tion oa 
the (J. S. 11. R., in Ivcnl n o mtv . Here is a 
»aw and grist-mill, 1 • ool and 75 peo- 
ple. A.i fii- Express, j > L jl y mail. Ben- 
jamin Qui ! ; • <' mo ! i ' 
Quick Benjamin, Expr • Agent. 
'■. illi it & Reed, saw and _ -ist-mill. 

Hall Philip, justice. 

Holci mb Rev David. 

I ngram Hiram, corn-mill, 

[son Gide >n, general store. 

Tra/.ier B N, constable. 

Trazier James li, walnut lumber. 

KING'S KAN DING. Meade coun- 

tv • :-. ■ I ! i liardson's Lai i 


' .: Of Id 
! l ■.:-.-: 

the county-seat, and ] m 1- uis- 

ville, an t li from U !g-< I shipping- 
.■ .li,,., ( hie Baptist church md ividd- 

: ■ Institute arc 1 . NVar.-t ba 
Mt. Sterling. Expr •ss A lams. Mail 
daily. .). M. 3V. '. j istmaster. 

Rarbee J W, blai ks a ... 
Boone C \Y. teacher. 
Chiv A A. distiller. 
Clay J \V, li.uior deal >r. 
Daniel & Sn ^ J r, liw -I ek. 
Eastin C C, 1 unb< run nd . itr-mill. 
Elliott J. ML. W., neral Store. 
Hensley .1 W, physic 
Henslvy O. wagon maker. 
Lawrence W B & Co, ! imber mnfrs, 
Peel H F, blacksmith. 
Peel .1 unes. car pen ter. 
Wall W L, general store. 
Wilkerson .1 M, gem ral store. 
Wilkerson T J, physician. 

KING'S CHEEK. A small post- 

office is. Letcher county, 1" miles from 
'-'• ; itesburg, the com ty-soat. ai d about 300 
miles from Louisa - < ntaining a saw 
arid grist-mill, a couple of - and a 

free school. Semi-weeklv mail. Popula- 
tion 100. D. D. Fi 'Ids, p"' stmaster. 
Con ette Wm, general store. 
Day H T, flour-mill. 
Kiel Is A .!, saw and grist-mills. 
Fields D. D.,G i e ral Store and Drugs. 
'. . 1 Is .) din M. lawyer. 
Fi- Ids It H, llour-m'ills. 
Fields S. W. & BrO., General Store. 
Frazier Jame3 II, coroner. 


unlet in Liru oln d unt . . ~ . miles from 
King's Mountain Station, the slapping 
p t "ii C. S. Ry. H is - steam sa >v- 
mills, a grist and cardii g-mill, and 1 
church. Tri-weekly mail. Estis Ma - i, 
p :tmn-ter. 

[' . '. ... - & Howard, gen ral store. 
Horton John, blacksmith. 

,1 ii |< i ( ,•! -, physician. 

3Inrsh Rstfs, A" -maker. 

3Iarsu & Faulkner, Saw, Grist and 
( irding-mills. 

K ING'S 31 i >UNT A IN STA- 
TION. In Lincoln countv, on the C. S. 
R. R., about 125 mi'n s fro n' I. mUville, is 
this si ttlena nt, v, it h its LOO inhubii ants, 2 
saw-mills, and a free school. Lun 
-',.-. es, and tan-bark are shipped. Adan - 
Express. Daily mail. Samuel Carey, 

Carey Samuel, Express and R. R. Agt. 
Corn Rev W T i " hristian i. 
Davis E R & C ., general store. 
Green J W. blacksmith. 
Hilton V -V S. general .-lore. 
J ngram W P, hotel. 

Jones A. S- «SL Co., Lumber and Saw- 
Lambert S, physician. 
M h re .1 F &. Bro, druggists and L r en store. 
Pi nnybacker J S. gen -t ire i nd saloon. 
Reynolds i' D W boot and shoemaker. 
Zimmerman E, lumber md saw-mills. 

KINGSTON. This is a smalltown 
in Madison ounty, 4J mil ■> from Harris, 
its shipping station, lc has 2 churches, u 
common school, 100 population, and ships 
stock and produ e. Stage to Riohmon 1 
and Borea; fare 50 cants. Daily mail. H. 
.; Ch !-. ; ■■' '•• ister. 
Bales C J, physician. 
Bales <te Garrett, druggists. 

Send for I . b to FJ D. ! " r i M . ; | 

S W 835 Br i 


O D : . 





Clark A." Witt, General Stupe. 
Early M N, shoemaki r. 
F< Hup S M & Bro., harness-makers. 
Pra i is & Sevi t, I it. e stock. 
Maupin & Bale?, live stock. 
Moody ( ' M, grocer. 
Moody W. general etore. 
Stevens R. blacksmith. 
Stivers John W rcneral store. 
Walker DC & Co, grocers. 
West J H, phj sieian. 
White John F. flour-mill. 
Willmore C S, physician. 

KEKIOEV XSYIEEE. A villag. of 

8 oui 100 inhabitants in 'J .-, Id 

miles fr >m Ell ton, the count} -■■ • 15-1 

! :'.■•'■ ril i :■-.'.■-.-.• il ' $ n - t'l : ■! 
U ;'■■--. ille, 'i- i - -tati ; . i ^un: ti- 
tles of tob i ■ - ■ '■ r;, Hitter 
iki egg u re ! . : i from here. >'• mi- 
weekly mail. 1?. H, K ' : . . , , ■■ . iter. 
Anderson K. S., Physician. 
Bartlett F V -V. -. - 
Butler & Bro. ^on'eral store. 
Co- I V !!. ■•.■■, enter. 
Elkins It. A., General St. re. 
Gates '1" J, biai ksmith. 
Griffin J J, justice of peace. 
Grissam .1 \\ . peddler. 
■Guffy Rev J \V. physician. 
Hill John 1*. carpenter. 
Hill <t Lacy, blacksmiths. 
Lewis Augustus, physician. 
McColpin W \V. general store, 
Robinson P. B., General Store, 
West F M, tobacco. 

KIRKSEY. A. settlement of 50 
people in Calloway county, 2G6 miles from 
L- uieville. Maytield, 10 miles distant, is 
the shipping station. Semi-weekly mail. 
J. R. W rather, postmaster. 
Clark T E, physician and drugs. 

Duncan . general store 

Gingles J T, phj 

.■ " W '! . sab on. 

[ nc I .T Kliul ; 

Ir1 i im J ; '-. ■ - i ith. 

McCallum ii Llum li emitl -. 

s we< r ■ ■- (ieor '• bl u -.: ,; : b. 

Wrather J."' n ml Store. 

KIRKSYIf.iI.iE. A village of al il 
100 inhabitants, in the southern part 

on tin 
R. H 


of Madison county, 10 miles from 
mnnd, the cuuntv-seat, 149 from 
villi-. Paint Lick*3J mile* distant, 
Richmond branch of the L. <•. N . 
is the usual .-hipping point. Daily 
H. T. Jones, Jr., postmaster. 

Burton George, Blacksmith. 

Denton W li. carpi nter. 

Elliott Prof "! ,, 7 in s bool teacher. 

Parris M, physician. 

Finnell J S, carpenter, 

Grady John, carpenti r. 

Jones A. harnes ;-n aker. 

Jones A. D., (Jencral Store. 

Jones if. T., Si'.. Genera! Store 

M to i! I\ phvsicia 

'■' m II \. nil!. 

Pr -. :! \\ l\ -a! -toi-f. 

?!.< '■.-.!■ - ■ ,- | , r ;. r. 

Walk, r W li. druirsi 
Wallace V- in 
Weaver W C, i bwiet 
Woodard David, 1 laoksmith. 

KXOli TICK. A:- • culled Antioth. 
A village in the nor b-w esti r i part I 
Metcalfe county, 10 miles fv^a Edmoi ti n 
the :o mt} -pi at, ! <', frv >m Horse Cave • •. 
the L. lV N. R. R., its nearest shi] | ii ■■ 
point, and 96 fr •■ Loi isville It ci i 
a steam grist-mill and a public school. 
Tobacco i- the principal product. Mai; is 
received daily. Population 100. Jona- 
than Bead, postmaster. 
Alexander C F, cooper. 
Alexander E I!, wagon-maker. 
Cumrnings W il, \va<ron-maker. 
Mitchell II A. live stock. 
Read Jonathan, General Store. 
Ri ad J P & -'■.- . gi n. ral store. 
3i - m<<ns D if, blacksmith. 
Withers & Bros., Flourand Saw-mil ^ 
Young ¥ M, blacksmith. 

KXOTTSYfEEE. A village locat- 
ed in the eait rnpartoi D&\ e-sscounty I-' 
mile from Q\v« ■ or the ■ inty-seat ar.-d 
near ■'• hippii : point, Stage to ' ••■<• er.s- 
boro dail v, fan ". Population 150. 

H. T. And, ]• • .. l<-\ 
An ! rsi»n L < '. jn-tii e. 

\ Anil ii. T.. ' ol Peace. 

Ami J. i». A Bro,, (Jent-ral Store. 
B. wldis .1 P, '.:..:■ -r. 

! B) rnes T ,J, physician. 


LAG 239 



a country 


office in Fl< . ; 


», miles sen 

ith of 


< rr ico & Trislcr carpenters, i Conant A J, flour-mill and hoi 

lilemerita A H, furniture. Crouch Andrew, groceries and saloon. 

(VmpntsCO. 1 fl and tobacco. : DoyelJ F. druggist and physician. 

... J dour-mill. Glenn r i C, gen . - ore. 

Drurv .1 G & Co. .in: ■_••.-.--■. ' Irwin & Skinner, general store. 

Ururv & Coomes, tobacco. I Kirkpatnek J D, physician. 

Gillem T D, meat market, ; Murphy B L, wagon-maker. 

Griffith S H & Bro, 1 la ■! - liths. Spink T. F., Express and R. R. Agent. 

<{ • 1 R H & Soi •' • i d .-.;..:• - - 15 *. 

\ : , ti]&{ , ra I store. Whitney C M, general store and saloon. 

Hi^dnn J, barber. I Whitting R, general store and saloon. 

Miller O T groceries. ; Williams W. H., Hotel. 

RackKevP!! Catholic). ; Y T at-s G W, wagon-maker. 

Payi e Dr T B d titist. 

- iith J ;eph. « •■: ni-nn '••■r. 

Summers \V T, d 

Trisler Ii K. live s 

W I John, sadd ry. LAFAYETTK. A town in Christian 
county, 20 i .■■•- r< i ii | . the 

KNO\V!ld>l'. '' is v lib go is cc !■;• county- ai I : • irest shippin : si itio i. 

,,. [ oi ii bur l| -■■ !. J mill. Mail "tri- weekly. Ii. C. Atkinson, post- 

i mini i '■ S ~ : '- "■ ■ '- r: ' -"'-' ' master. 

I .. . . [t is ;•: r • ' mty, 4 miles 

•v m Dry Ridge, on the C. S. R'y, and LAORANCJE, This incorporated 

145 from*Louisvilk\ W< ■ ly mail. 5. J. cilJ i s t h e county-seat of '.Mdham, in the 
Ashcraft, postmaster. • n0 rthern part of" the county, and at Ii:' 1 

AsHciraft S. J., Blacksmith. , junction of the tv. - main lines ..f the L.& 

[■ i . 11 R. L. physician. i C. R. R., 27 miles north-east of Louisville, 

RulLoclc GV'orjro, General Store. x south-east of Westport. on the Ohio 

Carr & England, tseneral store. j river, and 83 south-east of Cincinnati. It 

Carmel & Slater, grocers. ! has 2 churches, a public school, and a 

Dahlenburg Henry, boot and shoemaker. ; select school, a weekly newspaper, the 
Demoiry Frank, painter. Oldham Coi nty Era, a line brick eourt- 

KinneyC P, physician. j house, and an excellent hotel. It also has 

Mills Frank, wagon-maker. I a steam flouring-mill. Exports grain, 

Morris A «fc Sons, dour-mill, j tobacco, hogs and" sheep. Western Union 

Orr George, blacksmith. I Telegraph. Adams Express. Daily mail. 

Roacher F, grocery and hotel. I Population 516. H. S Manby, postmaster. 

Scott J. T., Physician. ^ l? , p j am0 , v., justice. 

Simpson li. C. If.. Lawyer. . |$ a i n » s Hotel. Mr-. K A. Bain, Prop. 

Stephe ss L) M, gem ral store. | Barry j an es -p. physician. 

Wolf William, blacksmith. j ^ a , v *,. Thomas, livery. 

Bo iimicke George, shoemaker. 

KUTTAWA. A village of about | Callahan John, painter. 
jOO inhabitants, on the Cum erland river, ; Cullender Kellis, blacksmith, 
in the north rn p ri f L »« ■ •unty, 3 ' Clark & B,i kner. groceries and hardware. 
mil-\s from Eddvvi le. " intv-s «t. It Clavto i J >hn W, c i "■ ; 'dge. 

UkIso a station ot the P. & E. R. R., 193 ; do re J : eph C, lawyer, 
mili from I misville. Us shii cifnts ■<'■■ (-, nj Frederick B. meat-market. 
■ bacco. <-orn and wlieat. Express South- Oilft Prank L., R. R., Express and 
err Daily mail W. II. Williams, r -r- TcU-trraph Vgcnt. 

i ,••■•..!-■.. . dry-g :ods. 

Ituoth, Unbiliey v* Co., Hub and Daubs I I ore * kconfi *t iouery. 
Spoke Factory. - DeHaven Samuel E, judge circuit court. 

^UiiULl JLi^« UUi Ua LilUililllU, LOUISVILLE, . 

ulher-n Dep't. 


DeMoss .Tames T, s-heriff. I Rohr John, blacksmith. 

Dinkelspiel Max, general store. ; Sharpe Distillery Co, distillers. 

D >wden John \V, physician. | Woodford J M, physician. 

Edersole A: Northcutt, General " 

Store LAMASCO. A post office in Lyon 

Fairfax James vv , wagon-maker. : county. 

French & Harwood, lawyers. 

Funk Seminary, James T. Mclntyre. 

ipal. * LANCASTER. The county-! a! 

Gord i: Ke\ Gilbert (Presbyterian). Garrard, on th« Richmond branch of th 

Hall James M, master bridge builder, L. L. & N. K. R. f settled in 1800, and m - 

C £ l_ j> v I porated it 1*68. It is '.: ■> n iles soutl - . 

Holmes J es.-e M, blacksmith ' '■ Richmond, 8 north of the junction ol 

i ; ] ] • j,,' un '; the K - oxv; le I rani h. and 10b a aith-i 

J .. v ; p coroner. ' "- Louisville. The surrounding coi 

J j( .{\ II H , produces good grain, h n grass and livi- 

McD .v di Wm A. i ist. -" ' ! ' ' l ' ■ ■ [ "- s - vi: ' - Pr ' 

\! i tvr,.- Ja-.T'S T. pri.i Fink Seminary. ! ! ' ian - Christian, Baptist, and Met! .-■ 

Melntvre R \ .1 J, M. tli.-dist), ' : ' uiored ; ti.-o an exc. !i< nl i • url h< us 

Manby WW,, Ge icral St re and Police 

mi bank, with a i tpital stock of ? 150. 

f lK ] ... j 0UO, a female college, a common school, , 

M iTth Ai hihald, hotel. ' v/eekly ne> ;p?.per, the Kentucky Visiter, 

Oldham Count} Era, "Wm. W. Row- and 3 hotels, the principal one being th< 

lett Edit i i Lancaster Hotel, under the competent 

' James VV, lawyer. i charge of Capt. W. S. Miller, who is a 

Rankin Wm paint r. I practical hotel-keeper fumiiiar with all ihr 

Risley Isaac C, stoves and tinware. '< wants of the traveling public, and has a 

Robhins Benjamin S. lawyer.- > knack of making hh isitors feel ] rf 

Kodman John ph dcian. < at home. Dailj mad to Xicholasville, b\ 

■ .vlett Wm W. editor Co Era. : way of Bryantsville, '22 miles distant; 

Russell Jamfs W , hotel, and jailer. I $1- Mail tri-weekly to Buekeve, 10 miles ; 

SI annon John W, audi rtaker. | fare 50 cents. Telegraph \\ est^rn 1 nion. 

Slater Wm H. school. mmUioner. Express Adams. Mad daily. Population 

Smi:kers Joseph, s.-doou and distillery. L^OO. tiali Uider n, postmaster. 

Soma C A: Son, groc rs and exp agents. \ Anderson Hall. p. >stn aster. 

Strouse Carson P. saloon. ; Anderson & Herndon (James Anderson. 

Taylor Sanford. county and circuit clerk, j Wm Uerndonj, lawyers. 

Waide Edwin F, general store. Ashley S L, . arp< titer and builder. 

Watson G. VV., Sa\s and Grist-mill. j Bailey Walter (/'.druggist. 

"Webber Frank, barber. . Baldwin Miss Annie, dress-maker. 

Wellman Wm, carpenter. \ Bogle Wm, R R station agt and tel opr. 

Bovle Richard, iustiee of peace. 

I Bovle R & Co"( Richard Bovle, Hugh M 

LAIR'S STATION. On the K. C. | Smith, Wm Ron n ,. carfiage-makers. 

R. R., in the southern part of Harrison Bradlev Wm O, lawyer, 

county, 4 miles south ot Cynthiana, the Browrii E. A: Son, (Ephriam Brown, 

county-seat, and l'_'.> miles n irth-east oi i ... [> Brown), Groceries, Coal Luni- 
LouisVille. Expr-ss Adams. Mai; daily. her. and Agricultural Implements. 

S. T. Reyi olds, postmaster. | Brown James II. lawyer. 

Bealert R& Bro, wagon-makers. ; Bruce Rev John L (Baptist). 

Brent Nathan, blacksmith. | Burdett Beniamin M, lawyer. 

Fowler Wm A, I n-se-dealer. Burdett, Woodcock & Co (Geo D Burd t 
Lair Joseph, hotel J. hn U Wi odcock, ii M Burdett), gi 

Megibben, Bramble Sc Co, distillers. . ! ceries. 

M »gtbbon T J, distiller and live stock. I Burnside Wm, druggist. 

Reynolds S T, dour-mill and general store. ! Curry Theodore, groceries. 



JLj ~A. ILnI O _A_ iE5 T "PCS IR/ -JZTD-. O T IE LTLj , 

T77\ S. IvcEH-iXjIEIR,, Jr., Proprietor. 


A first-class house, and the only Hotel in the town centrally located. Large sample rooms. Livery Stable 







Prompt attention giren to collections. Will practice in Garrard and adjoining conntiea and the Court of 




S. J. 3Sv£.A-SO:fcT, - Pr.o?r:rrrcp^ 

Special accommodations for commercial travelers, and satisfaction guaranteed. Bug- 
gage transferred free of charge. Livery accommodations furnished at the office. A liberal 
share of public patronage solicited. Rales Reasonable. 




*.\7. Atkinson, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago. 





Davis & Joseph proms Davis, Jacob Lancaster Enterprise, W. G, Dun- 
Joseph), dry goods, t Sandshoes. lap, Editor and Pronrii >r (Weekivi 

Denny George «!c Co (George Dem ... W Independent i s ,• '■• 

H Wherritn.rlourmg-mill. Lancaster Hotel, W. S. Miller Jr 

Demij A" TotnUnsou Geo. Denny , i* ■■.;■?; .. . Set no ) 

Jr.,K.H.Tomlin.s n), Attorneys al Law. ■ Landram Wm ,7. [7 S revenue collector 

Will Practice theii Profession in the Marksburg Mrs M & Sixers milliner* ' 

Courts of Garrard and Adj .inin ; ( 'oui - M .- Steph >n, . ••■ • ries. 

t; '^- Prompt attention paid to Coliec- 3Iason L\ jlfPrui tor Muson Hon-.' 

lions. ( s.. , ..... | 

Dillon Boston, jailer. i Mason Hentv, shoemaker 

Dillon & Sandifer r James Dillon, J P ! Masou House, £. J. Mason, Proprietor 

Sandifer), meat market. , [Set adv.) 

Douglas Thomas, constable and t o mar- Mays XvL. physician. 

M il r Daniel, cor* ;,,_. r . 


Duncan Wm MeKee, county : u I •.• and 

Din»li|» Georji'O W.. Att r v at Law 

and Poii :e J udge. Wili Pr cti. e in 

Garrard and Adjoining Co h r .---. and in 

Court of Appeals. Collections fill Re- 

e Pro nip! At nti m. 

Dimlap Woodford G., Editor and 
Proprietor Lan aster K ■ rise week- 
ly ), Independent. I .V • 

Faulkner John K. circuit clerk. 

3IiIl<T XV. S. Jr., Proprietor Lancas- 

;.-• " ,1 '. [See ad\ .) 

Noel Henry T. Ui v\ •:• 

ytu-\ Wm. i:., ' Deal •; in all kij - 
F ir tun-. 15 :ing Piv.i li. al Workman, 
can buy ( ' per and Sell less, for ( i 
than any ..;', r dealer in Centra] Ken- 
tucky. Ail G< ■ Is Sold Scrictlv for Casij. 

Old- ! ker \\ . uid ■rtuker. ' 

i >wsle\ \l 11, judge circuit court. 

Peacock Thomas, jew eler 

Feathers George A. boots and shoes, hats Petty Joseph M, gunsmith. 

and caps. 
Flora & Doores (A. D. Flora. James 

Doores), M irble Workers and Dealers in 

Monuments, Tombs ones, and rabiets 

Furnished at Lowest Prices. All work 

Guarantee 1. 
Franklin institute, Liliard & Bourne, 

prin; ipals. 
Gallagher Charles, merchant tailor. 
Grant J W, dentist. 
Greenleaf G ibriel, blacksmith. 
Griffin James W, A lams Express a r ent. 
Harris Elijah W, saddles and harness. 
Hwse.lden Joseph X. sa 1 lies .■: 1 . iruess. 
Haselden Roger S, hardware, stoves and 

tin-ware, confectioner\ and rest lu n c. 
Hemphill & Wal len LC He; . 1 G L 

Walden), dry goods, boots, ai.vl~.ioes. 
Herring Henry 0, physician. 
B I Wm II. insurance. 

liL :'•■ '•■ il h .. -I ihn M, d 'riff. 
H is John T. il m. 
Hill 0!n t P. ; hysi :ian. 
Hi m pi r Win D '.-I wyer. 

Randolph Rev J (' P, ■shyterian). 

Raj En ery, hot' I. 

Rickeits Rev R P .Christian). 

Rigney Jc Sweeney (W (J Rigney, W U 
Sweeney i, clot] ; ; •:. 

Robinson Wm. li. »V Bro. (Wm. R. 
Robins^ n, J- ,.b C. Robinson), Hard- 
ware, Stoves, Tinware, and Agricultural 
Implements: also, Wagons, Carriages, 
find fiuggie . 

Sage?er Charles W, prnpr Huffman H ; i. 

San I :■ Ji sep'h P, eo mty treasurer. 

Shugars Wm, plow ninfr. 
th Miss Moodv, milliner. 

Smith & Liliard (\\ 11 Smith, R W Lili- 
ard), dry _ ids. b .ots, and shoi s. 

Spratt Henry '!', liven able and saloon. 

Storme- Cornelius C. drugs and groceries. 

Sweeney J G&C W i Je^se G"Sweeney, 
' ' ■ ■ \\ Sween '' ■. di y gi ods. 

Thompson J. C Agenl . Wat 
Cloeks, Diainonils. Fine Jewelry, Fancy 
Goods, Mu.-it il I -ti unents, Spectai 
Silver-ware, etc. R-'pairing a Specially. 

; i —,..... j .,.. . ,, , ■, ,-, - ., i; f. -i. . 1 1- [ a ■ : 1 1. 

Hu)i!>1<> L. Frank, Attorney at Law Walden Re\ J. ■-■■ (.'bristiai 

and Colb'i ing Agent. {Sec ad c.) : Walden W P A; Co Win P Walden, Jess 

Huffman Wm physi ion. Wald.-n, Geo L Waiden , pianing- 

• ; »1» -I ihn, sh .emaker. ■ Walter i:- mamin F, dentist. 

Kautfman H C, county attorney. | Walton Matt, master commissioner. 

. ■■ f%f»t | .-■• || M^t Settled more than 

Losses, and Jiavc Had tout 1 
. : 'I Li 111 ststed Claim*. Agents Evervv 

lime Settled iirnrp than 1.400 
13 Re- 






Walton Samuel A, lawver. 

Walt »n & Kaufi'man Matt Walton, IT C 
Kan Fiii! ii . Iaw> ■ - 

VVIashingt m < •■• ■'. ge, b irber. 

West J. Wesley, County Clerk and 

V;i i;t i~ da- IT. ju-tive <>f v u<-<?. 

Yai tis L ■vi-. black* th. 

Young 1 Frank (>., Pbysician and Sur- 

LANK. A small pos -office in Wolfe 
cuiintv, 12 miles south of Campton. No 

LAUHEL .BLUFF. 1 the south- 
western port of Muhlenberg county, 13 
miles south of Greenviiie, the county-seat, 
it- nearest shipping j ." on tli P. & E. 
R. R., and 120 miles - ith-west of Louis- 
ville. Si mi-we< !.:;. mail. J. 11. Ann- 
strong, postmaster. 

Armstrong' .7. \\., Farmer. 

Cooksey , miller. 

Coursey J R, tubacco. 
Drake J N. druggist. 
Godby Re^ Josiah Methodist). 
Hughs Wm, constable. 
James A. T>., General Store and Phys- 
Shelton F T, blacksmith. 

Hi lien worth Talmon, fisherman. 

Horsby J L, flour-mill. 

Hubbard Cha rles S, dour-mill anil gen store. 

i, i s\ril Joseph Sr, hotel. 

lliil>i>;ml Joseph Jr., Grocer and 

Hubbard Wm. wagoner. 
Jol : - n Rev Erin -i ( Baptist). 

;• V K, gen ul -lure. 
Me\ er H W. live stock. 
M i ppin Dabner, hotel. 
Moppin Thomas, general -tore. 
Mi 'ppin Stepb -n, shoemaker. 
Morgan Fred, general store. 
Moriran Henrv. live -:■ n k. 
K ford K II, physician. 
Robinson Charley hotel. 
Runnian Jack, livestock. 

LAUUELRRIDGE. Inthesouth- 
eastern pact of Laurel county, 23 miles 
from Livingston, the nearest railroad sta- 
tion, and 17-f) miles from L >uisville, is this 
post-office of 100 inhabitants. 

LAUREL. CHEEK. Known as 
Hubbardsville, in the northern part of 
Clay county, I'j} miles north of Manches- 
ter, the county-seat, '■'■'< - nth-west of Liv- 
ingston, its nearest shippii point, on the 
L. vV X. R. It., and 174 south-east of Louis- 
ville. Semi-weekly mail. Population 50. 
J i <eph Hubbard, postmaster. 
Allen G W, livery. 
A Hen •!• fl'erson. n & •< in. 

Wn i i ddler. 
Can pbell Klis la, wagon-ma ker. 
C ildiron John ! >, general -tore. 
C, ..•>,, Wm, ci > iper. 
Ci ' ••■n Joseph, st .:-.< -mason. 
Cotton Nathan, blacksmith. 
Holland- worth Robin, meat market. 

LAWREXCEBrRG. The county- 

seat v£ Anderson • ounty, is inci ,■;■ rat !, 
and has a pi ipulatio: . acn ordii . to tin 
census of 1880 • f ab- at BOO. I- i- lo- 
cated 14 miles south of Frankfort, the 
shipping point by rail, and -i miles west of 
Tyrone on the Kentucky river. It has a 
steam ilouring-inill, 7 Lurches, 4 white 
and 3 colored, 2o distilleries, large and 
small, an SIS, 000 court-h use, a bank and 
8 hotels, the pr mil en! one being the 
Anderson House. Then area number of 
wholesale houses here, prominent among 
which is the house of It. S. Lyons & Co., 
wholesale liquor dealers, one of the most 
reliable firms in the State, as well as one 
of the n • -t prosperous. It also has an en- 
terprising, public-spirited newspaper, the 
Anderson News, which is well supported 
by the people of the county, of which it is 
tin- official organ, and i- looked upon as 
authority on all matters pertaining to the 
in terests of the county and its man ufac- 
tures, Daily stages 't • Frankf rt, 11. :•- 
rod-burg, Versailles and Lexington. 
V\ hiskv is the leadin : <■ . i ort. Dail >> mail. 
C. W. Williams, p< stmaster. 
Anderson Count v Df] - it Bank, capital 

S50.000; surplus, ?12,000. John A. 

VV r itherspoon, pres't ; James A. McBray- 

er. cashier. 
Anderson House. Mrs. Sarah W. 

Wells. Proprietress. Commercial men 

and tlit: tra\ elini; Pul lie w ii 1 find al I 

the comforts of a home at Reasonable 



*J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 


LA \V 



Anderson Xc.vs Claude Buckley, 
Prop'r. Is the > :■ \ paper in, and Of- 
ficial organ of, th ■ ( "■'-}'•! 

Bell W E, clerk ar I : iaster commi sioner. 

Betts Rev Barbee (Presbyterian). 

Bicker? Wm jail r 

Bond John W, ju-tice of p i p. 

B >nd John W ■' 7 - ■-« ). 

B n :. John. j i .■- Charles K i : . 

Ji - ■ M Johnso: . -;■■ ' ml) wholesale i 

Bond M S, distill, r i>: miles south). 

Bond A: Lillard Wm F Bond, Chris- j 
topi >r < Lillard . disti r= 2 mile ■ i is 

Bottom Mrs < 'ar din ■ S. m 
■Bourne Fran is M. propr Gait House. 

Bo n ne Wm D. livi . . 

Bi ..■'. •!■ ... Dewitt, cli~! '•• \- 6 miles north i. 

Buckley Claude, Editor and Fropr 
Anderson >< e . >, ■ I v i aper in, and 
Official Organ of, th ( inly. Li! a 
Terms to ?er». ■ 

Bryan & Witherspoon Edward Bryan, 
James F Wit! •; -; m. liv< rv. 

Caldwell B F, distill r. \ 12 miles s-w.) 

Cardwell Henry H, . ksmith. 

Carl Henry S, furnit :re. 

Chambers Lem lei \V, | ian. 

Chelf W. G., l*i nkfort, Har- 

ro Isburg and La .'•" el .:\r stage Lin -. 
Leave Frankfort daily, 10:30 a. m.; 
arrive Lawreneel urg, 1:30; arrive Har- 
rodsburtr, 6 p. m.; leave Harrodsburg 
daily. 7:00 a. m., arrive Lawrence- 
burg, 11:00; arrive Frankfort, 1:30 
p. m. From Lawrenceburg to Frank- 
fort and return, £2: Lawrenceburg to 
Harrodsburg and ret irn, S3. Also lickel 
agent of L.. <". Os: L. R'y. Th k< '■ - »ld 
to all points at diif - nt stage offices. 

Cohen George C, ;>!■-> uting attorney and 

C llins Bros (Jno and Sam , i .. at market. 

C Iter Juhn & Co J >hn C Iter. }, 

wholesale liquors. 

Cox Benjamin L, eonfeeti inery and saloon. 

Cozine John S, de| ti oi i • rev, 

Crain .I" 1 ;'. II. ins 

Crenshaw Rev T A Chri- 

Ctos eld Luke, p an. 

Cross lied I R 11. ;hei tT. 

De 11 ;«. ••!, S I-', cin tit j idge. 

Dowling ,} & E (John Dowling, Edward 
! ). ; \> ! tig i, eoopi - 

Dratfen John . , • ■ r. 

Dunegan Howard, blacksmith. 

Farston John W, flour-mill. 

Felix John '1 . lawyer. 

Fh.-ming Mrs Lucy, lunch-rooms. 

Gilbert John \\ . physi dan. 

K lekley S O. distiller [oh miles west). 

Harris Nathaniel, distiller (10 miles west . 

Hawkins Bros, ' still ■;■- 5 miles sou 

Hawkins G B, distill r f.j roil - s >utl 

d ;man & I i ■ .) <hn W an i Frank T . 

s: foi .-ne-, hardware, etc, . 
Holiman 1 ;aac, ins. ai d liquor broker. 
Hull Lsaai V, r staur'nt and confection erv, 
J. ti: - m Dii k, agent for .1 P Ripy & Co, 

who; 'sal liquors. 
J ! i ;ori J M & Co J. sse M Johnson, 

W R Boston, C A Bond), general 
Joseph 1 A; Co | Isaac Jos< ph, I Hoffi 

: • -. etc. 

Ks ■ gh Dandridrre W, druggist. 
Linds* s & Posey ( Daniel W Lin :- y 

James M P< »se^ hr •. ers. 
L\uti>i J. W. ifc < :<>. Jasper W Lv- 
cns, , Wh . sale Dealers in Ander- 

son Countv (Kentucky) Whiskies in 

Lyons If. S. & ('•>. (Robert S. Ly i 

1, Wholesale Dealers in HaHd-raade 

Sour-mash An lerson County (Ken1 . 

Whiskies. {See adv. 
McAfee Dwight A, hardware. 
McBtaver J U, distiller. 
Mi.- Bra; er W 11. distiller (2:} miles east). 
M Girmis Bros 'Frank and James;, car- 

riag -makers. 
McK'ee J 11 D & L W (Joseph H D and 

Lewis W), lawyers. 
McMullen Wm 11, grocer, boot and sb< e- 

McQuiddy Robert I, drugs and physician 
Maddux Mrs Maria H, proprietress Mad- 

dox House. 
Maddox Wm II. saloon. 
Miner Thomas R, barber. 
M ti hell G urge W, justice of peace. 
Mitchell & Arthur (George AV Mitchell, 

J imes N Arthur). salo<>n.- 
Morris J S, commonwi ill i ttorney. 
Oliver J C. I "mi ••- west)." 

Ott< ul ■ • "" En '. i' I, gi •' >ries, etc. 
Park" r Joseph J, mcy <j,< >ods. 
INirtuood A. 31., Attorney at Law 

ai I Insurai •■<■. Special A gent Con • 

mcrcial Union Assurance Co., of Lon- 

d< n. ; Set a f h\ I 
Portwood George A, confectioner and 



R. S. LYONS & CO., 


01d«Fashion8d Hand-Mads Sour-Mash 


ewrr= ra »%J"« **p** mmyaa eei-erem SKS**mm ^,«g»*!s>|j SOTfiMa s«g»» nae|!n» i«SBW»sunM <:j3&i«s*j| 

V" If ««siinB enuKkss «&**« (F*«e8KjsS<£-' mmm »'j&s« wrsteai «&ij«»»ia«j!J \^zs&mi* wit* 

Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., Ky. 


CLAUDE BUCKLEY, Editor and Publisher. 

,HAHRY BUCKLEY, Associate Editor.! 

Only Paper in Anderson County. Official Organ of Town and County. 


Collections Made Throughout the State. References Given. 

Aiso Fire IusuratjCf \_' .-it, r-pn ^r-ut;-;; tli- *>*it rorupanie* in the I'nitcJ ?r ktes and Europe. 

. WU$H 7 • tlX ITS BRANCHES. Steel Xettr-rs mid Finnic* 
IVl Pj I A (i ■ I Wit *t«-'n«-il Letter* anil Fisxin-ft. I,. BOCHE, Kn^ravei- an'.i 

ifilSdfiC BtiKliii JftilS *»ie linker, l«ti ll.V.M;i)Ll Ii STKEtT, CHICAGO, IU. 





Posej J M. county jud • 

Price John S. rm at market. 

Robert.- A- C i E-Til : -. Roberts, Henry S 

Carl i, undi t st ker.-. 
Rol Inson F M, ei 'lint i- i:ierk. 
Ripy J I' & Co. James P Ripy, ), 

wholesale liquors. 
Ripy Tl n - - 15 di tiller 4> mile? east}. 
' ■ ' I ■ ' . ■ , . 

- ires J S or C" -' i ' ■■- 5 wile; ..•■-.. . 

Shryock Le ,. tii smith. 

Shry ock \V n. shoen aker. 
Smithsoi I • .,.•.■ t>r. 

Stevens .1 W, disi t miles west 

S ween j R B, sob >ol n immissii mer. 
Tinsley Mi— Margaret, milliw rv. 
Walker M .V S.»i j M ,nroe and Wm P), 

wiloi' -,i .' ii |U( >rS. 

Wash A W. c< unty - irveyor. 

Wash James A . law j er. 

Waterfield & Fra ;ier ( and Holman 

Frazier i . dist i I :. ••- In iles east i. 
Weils Mis. Sarah W., Proprietress 

Ander.-on Mouse. 
Wells Thomas K, livery stable. 
Willis ST. listiller i 13 miles w< st . 
Witherspoon Aldrieh ('. harness-maker. 
"Williams Charles A\ '.. Postmaster. 
Witherspoon James F. insurance agent. 
Witherspoon Oren ii. physician. 

LAWi;i:\('i:VILLE. A small 
settlement in Grant county, 6 miles from 
Mason, the nearest railroad point. Popu- 
lation -JO. Weekly mail. W. T. Mozee, 

Allphin It Z, justice of peace. 
Ambler .J. II., General Store. 

< V' b Rev '1 :;■, thy Baptist). 

Green C P, blacksmith. 

Hensley Samuel, constable. 

llolbrook Ja-j er, wagon-maker. 

Kennedy P I', justice of ;■■ ao •. 

Mozee \\". T., Druggist and Physician. 

Mi zee & Kinnci n, bla ksmiths. 

Stornes I >u e\ ■ stock. 

Sweeney Richard, barber. 


Q^tern p rl : i ky 1 county, 15 miles 
slmth-east of Preston burg, the county-seat, 
60 south of Willard, ' • i tr.-si • lipping 
point by rail, on the E. K.. R'y, and 100 

south of Catlettsburg, its nearest shipp 
point by water, on the Ohio river. Daih 
mail. Population 40. . Lindsey Layne, 

Ferguson Stephen M, saw and flour-mill. 
Ilati her K F, s^ener il store. 
Eayne Efndsey 31., Timber, etc. 

Lay no M •- s8 iN ■ "■■. enei al store. 
Layne Sai mel G, carpenl •:-. 

LEATHER STOKE. In the s mth. 
western part of And rs ■;. county, 13 mil 
south-\ est of Li \ n i ceburg, t ; ." countv- 
seat, 25 south-west of Frankfort, itsi < an i 
shipping poir t, on the Lexington br 
of the 1... C. iV L. R. R.. and 58 north- 
west of Louisville. Population 40. Semi- 
weukly mail. 1). M. 1'ocum, postmaster. 

- - y Sene -a, - - taker. 
Hvatt John, Gem rai Score and Saloon. 
J. hnson J.-mic . phy i -an. 
Leathers C A. physician. 
May.- l: G, bla. 1 smith. 
Morgan W ii. g< neral .-tore. 
Perry Rev S S | Baptist). 
Sandford A J. physician. 
Vaughfc Rev W P Methodist). 
Voouin 1>. 31., General Store. 

LIJ'ANOX. An enterprising town 
of — late census report — '2,050 inhabitants. 
It is tii' 1 county-seat of Marion county, and 
i- a station on the Knoxville branch of the 
L. & N. R. Ii., 67 miles from Louisville. 
The surroundings of Lebanon are rich a :- 
ricukurai and \\< tvily-timbered lands. It 
contains s churches, ■"• colleges, steam flour- 
mill, furniture factory, "2 week ly newspapers, 
'2 banks, capital $250*000, and 3 hotels. The 
]S rri- House, opened n l*S0, is one of tin 
finest hotels in Cei tral Kentucky, and is re- 
plete with all modern improvements, and is 
ju tly pop il ir. Tii • Gu! iirie Ho .-■■ at tin 
depot, is under the - n _. >od management 
as heretofore. A very extensive colleetii n 
and law business is done here bj Sam ■■ B 
Berry, Lsq., who i- well known. The 
dental parlor- of i'. T. i '• dtnan are loi ■;»• i 
here. Mr. 1>. Iman is a graduate of the 
Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. 
i >ail\ stages to Springli Id fare 50 :< i I 
A ( ::. ns Express. Daily mail. Adolph 0. 
llilpp. p >stma*ter. 
Ab. ii Robert \V. blacksmith. 
Abel! Samuel, groceries. 









roT^TiP"*" ~r 

Three Story Brick, w itli all Mo . ■ n [i tproremeuts. Opened in 18S0. Electric B<41r, Bath Room*. El< v ;l - 
tor, Ac. Porter at all trains, u ! icgage transferred to and from depot tree ot' charge. Also M-.-t-cUisa 
1. 1' : v Sta ble in c miii cti i k • ■ Hot -1. 








The Celebrated Dexter Queen Spring a Specialty. 

Special Attention to Repairing and Repainting Old Work. All Work fully Warranted. 




P P. T. DEDMAN, D. D. S., 


thomas L. bir/it-A-Hst, 




PIkm and Estimates FurnisLied on Application. Correspondence Solicited. 

illEEI II. 00. OF ENGLAND, lolxlkl! ™v^ 





Adams E Lloyd, distillery (8 miles s). 

Adams R ik .1 (Ri< hard and James), meats. 

Baker Wm H. lawyer. 

Barbour Jan es 1'. propr Times and lawyer. 

Barr John, earpent r. 

JBelden & Chapline (John D Belden, 
Thomas L Chapiim ). gr icers. 

B< rr\ Nicholas T, 

Berry Sun! {>., n -at Law and 

Collection Agent. [See ndc.) 

Bevill John 31. tailor! 

Biekett John M: w t<jon and plow-mal ■ r. 

Boldrick & McAfee (George D Boldrick, 
Chilton F lie A !••-.•.) Iru ••- -:-. 

Bottomley Rev E W Meth. list). 

Bowman B F, e< i stable. 

Bracken Rev Thomas A (Presbyterian). 

Br tn -y .,' \\ \ . . , -j ,,-y. 

Bretne} iCo .J' hn R and Edwin B Bn t- 
ney ) hardware, t: nn< ry, leather, findings. 

Brace Thomas K _r . - 

Bryan Thomas L., Contractor and 
Builder (.see «i7c). 

Burton Robert, judge county court. 

Calvary Academy, llother Libretta (4 
miles s-w . 

Campbell House, Joseph G. Camp- 
bell, Propr. Go i Accommodations for 
the Traveling Public. Rates Reduced 
to $1.50 per day. 

Campbell Joseph, Proprietor Camp- 
bell House. Good Beds a Specialty. 
Sample Rooms C >nnected. Rates Re- 
duced to SI. -50 per day. 

Card well John 11. groceries and wholesale 

Carlisle John B. dry goods. 

Caskey Robert A. blacksmith. 

Clark Robert W, general store. 

Cleaver David dr. eity marshal. 

C;-:i > er George li, pin sician. 

Cleaver Paul C.\ ivery and sal in. 

Clelland Rev T li Presbyterian). 

Cl< ments Ed w ard i I. -■.' 

Coh l, & Fuhrmann i Joseph Cohen, Simon 
Fuhrmann • lothiiiLC- 

Connett Ann/.. 1 .'!, mnfr mattresses and 
cabinet-mak- r. 

Coi ■■■■>, W L& Bro [Wm L and Berry T) 
gn ceries. 

Courts Bruxton E, -add - n i harness. 

Decimal! i'liilip T., Dentist, Main, 
, n>p, Court- i . -e. f.N'-'i • - | 

De Fraine Rev F -C tl < ■ 

Dilah ;.'\ Mrs < uth; r ne, groceries. 

Edelen Jas H, druggist. 

Edmonds J A: D W (James and David >\ : 

general sti ire. 
Edmonds Wm F, general store. 
Edmonds & Bro ^Robert Band Albert). 

boots and shoes. 
England Alfred W, wagon-maker. 
England Tin - E, groceries. 

I • tnd & BarrOVm B England, John 

, li ■:• i . akers. 

Ei l .,' o iV. ( i I in (Wm li England, Robt 

Good in |, hardv ai > . 

England & Johnston (Robt A England, 
Wm R Johnston), groceries. 

Far iiar P Iri k, salooi and boarding. 

Finuean 31. !>., Proprietor O K Sa- 
loon. Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors, 
and Cigars. Opp. N orris House, llain. 

Fogb John 1>. lawyer. 

¥■ :■ ler Wm F. merchant tailor. 

( . . rdner Jas W, groceries. 

Gilmore Henry i>, general «tore. 

Goodin & Co. (W. T., R. L., E.G 1- 

in, and i '. J. Twomev), Dialer.- in Fine 
Wii es, 1 iquors. Cigars, and Tobacco, 
llain, opp. Court-house. 

Graves Stephen .). painter. 

Guthrie House, Kelley Sc Ballard, 
Proprietors, at Depot. 

Hardv A S jailer. 

Harrison W B & Son i Wm B and J S Har- 
rison . law} ers. 

Hays Wm T L. auctioneer. 

I!< ub*ch John, shoemaker. 

Hill Clement S. lawyer. 

Hill Edward L, livery stable. 

Hill Robert G, clerk circuit court. 

Hilpp Adolph B, p 'stmaster. 

Hilpp *.V. Bro | Robert F and J Louis), 
bakers and confectioners. 

Hite Wm If. saddles and harness. 

Hogden Robt T. physician. 

Hopper Jas W, proprietor Lebanon Stan- 
dard, and lawyer. 

Hopj er Hev Bob. rl A i Ch -istian). 

Howard Daniel H, dep coll int revenue. 

II iv. e Jas, black 
Hudson Juhn H. paint< r. 

FIuti s Henry, m rri ige-maker. 

Jarbo ■■-■<■ Whorton (Richard Jarboe, Wm 

\\ I rton '. i oal. 
Jenkins F S, W D telegraph operator. 
.!■ ihn -on Chai les A, law yer. 
.!■>'•;• ?ton 11 c. Si i i Iiarve\ and Jos* ph 

H .1 !. hardware. 

Jon - John 11. coal and w i. 

Kelley James A. insurance aj^ent. 

<a i *f - ! : Consisting of Ice Tools, Agricultural [i 

■■■ '■■■■• V«8|US|M«M c ■ , Packers' and Coopers* Su) 
. iimw W»loiWi!ii&£ll 335 Broadwa> and 830 North Fourth Stree 

Consisting of Ice Tools, Agricultural Implements. Cutlery, But- 






KellevOliver (>., li _■• Cit-s Co n-t. 
licllcy & Ballard i Oliver G. K 

tii;< !'-" L. Ballard |, l'r> >prii r . - '■ • 

House i>- per day). Good livery con- 

Oi cti d. Depot. 
Keogb Christophe r. saloon. 
Kilgore 1 lomn A. jeweler. 
K :; < \ .1 an • s, shypniaket. 
Kirk'ji i ties II, ■ olle- tor. 
Knot W S, - hooi- ommissioiicr. 
K,nott"Wn-i T. statiorpaserit. 
i\ ■ ,\ Sp; Iding Win S Knott. Samuel 

T Spaldinsj), la ■- - ers. 
Lai i :ift< r B J , asses i >r, 
Lan :aster Robl B, di.-tii half mile s). 

Lapsh y Rev J T (Presbyterian;. 
Latimer George R. dr_\ .<ro • Is. 
Lebanon Gas-iiti ; I . Flet her 

Wilson, pres; R iu Kirk, -■•• y. 
Lee Albert, sheriff. 
McBeth Joshua B. denl •: 
MeChord Rohei i C, pin si< ian. 

: Mock G< ■■ : ■ ' ; | ; ."' igraph r. 

ylue !er, Watbe: o: Robert .11 Mueller, R 

N Wall), ii, Chas Kobi rl . iistillers. 
National !W:; ; v >f Leban n, cap $100,000, 

surp 515.000, Richard M Spalding pres, 

R E K irk eashi( r. 
Newcomb Ii F, sewing-machines. 
Xorris House, John L, Norris, Propr. 

A '-:■ Firs:-i ! iss Liven Atta< hi d Main. 

I S ■ ad . 
Xoi'l'is John L , Propr. Nurris House 

and Llv -■:-. Stab e. Main. >Si •• cu/r.) 
Pa! nier Robt CJr. bounty attorney. 
i' n< i- ill v\; S :, (_jRobt and Marshall 

lv . ph\ sieians. 
Phil! ps ii I, & Co (Hugh B and James G 

Phillips . _• neral sti >re and fi ur-mill. 
I • .1 lines E. saddles and harm ss. 
U:_v- G i •' tee, gri <:< ri< •■ 

y U : .' D, di iggist. 
Rowntrve & Lisle (Ruti ford II Rown- 

;:■ e. Wm J Lisle ,. lav . r- . 

MeChord & Belden John MeChord, John Bubel -John, Mnir. Carriages, Buggies, 

D Be! ten), 1 iwy -re. 
McDonougb Patrick, merchant tailor. 
Mi Elroy Geom • S, Adams Express agt. 
Maekin <S: Hamilton .Thomas Maekin, 

Geo C Hamilton), meat market. 
Marion National Bank; capital $130,000 ; 

surplus S22.000. R II R< wntree, pres; 

X S Kay. cashier. 
Marshall A Brady, lawyer and justice. 
Mattingly Walter E, pin si ian! 
Mattingly & Lauham i Martin Mattingly, 

F II Lanhami, furniture and lumber. 
MeekS Francis, Dealer in Fine Wine-, 

Liiju .rs and Cigars. Court Square. 
Merkley Wrn E, flour-mill. 
Meux Abraham barber, Norris House. 
Miller Jusi ph. paintei . 
Miller Ji si ph li. restaurant. 

Pnaetons, and Sprint: Wagons, cor. Mam 

and Dep a. i See ao . 
R 11 tS: Son (Win E Russell, S A Bus- 

sell . lawyers. 
Sa\ ige Charles, harness-maker. 
Sehwaner Casper, shoemaker. 
Sea Joseph M. druggist. 
Severance John, county clerk. 
Shuck Finley, lawyer. 
Smith Arthur, paii ter. 
Sm th Nat. salo< m and Li\ ery. 
Smith Wrn H& Sons (Wrn II, J Ralph, 

Wrn L. and John), distiller: and saloon. 
Spalding L A and W F & Co Leonard A. 

Wm F, and Wm R Spalding i, #en si re. 
Spalding Theo B. county commissioner. 
Spalding & Rubel, insurance. 
Spencer Wm II. groceries. 

s.a.:m: 3. BjEZE^je^tst, 



Will Practice io Mariun and adjoiciug Counties and in Court of Appeals, Kentucky. Special attention 
to i lollections. 


S.>.nd for Estimates. J. W. ATK1NSOX, 3i3-32l South Clinton Street CHICAGO, Jl.l.. 





St >v Charles? S, jew eler. 

'i : ' : - John It. 

Thompson Joseph r\ lawvi r. 

Twomey A: C i i D: n'l .1 Tw miey, Robert 

Gi iodin and W T Good in 
Van.nrsdell A: Funk (J Harvc\ Vanars lell, 

.Matt B Funk), tlour-mill, (5 miles n-e). 
Wai ren Wm, merehan 

Wcbl W ?Teh, lawyer and insurance agt. 
Wil kinson James N', \s n<z< i -maker. 
Yokem Josiab i. colored i, shoemaker. 


north-western terminus ot : ■ u n >xvil!e 
bran< h of the L. A; >*. K. R., 12 miles south 
of Shepherdsvillc, the county-seat ot' Bul- 
litt com k'.'nnd south of L u - i 
Western Union 1 'iegraph. Daily mail. 
Population 123. M. J. Cockerell", post- 

Carpenter J M. justice. 
Cockerel! Matthew J., General Store. 
Cook C ■-. pin -ieian. 
Grobins A S, books and stationery. 
McNeil J D. express and R. R. agent. 
Martin & Bro, flour-mill. 
Masken Taylor, gen :ral store. 
Mount J W, druggist. 
Ri< kets J !•:. hotel. 
Smith & Strieff, general .-lore. 
Strieff S, boot and shoemaker. 

LEESBURG. In the southern part 
of Harrison county. 10 miles south of Cyn- 
thiana, the county-seat, nearest shipping 
point by rail, on the K. C. H. R., an I 100 
east of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail and 
stage to Cynthiana. Population 2o0. 
Anderson Bro-. blacksmiths. 
Barlev Joseph, phvsii 
Bark lev Miss M ('). teacher. 
Hart'Tlios. H., Druggist. 
Sanders & Wilson, gem ral -tore. 
Sliropshire J C, groceries. 
Zumwalt James S, gn i .' : - 

LEITCHFIKLD. 1 J situated be- 
tween B iiraud Rough creeks, on tlie B. & 
V 1;. R., is the comi ty-seat of Grayson, was 
settle.] in 1810. is 4 miles vvi ••■ >f' Gt ■■ • ■ 
Springs, and To south-west of Louisville. 
It has Catholi ■. Methodist. Baptist and 
( hristiaii churches, u ('..tin lie and !'■■ ; •-;- 
ant -culinary, a public school, a jail, and a 

court-house, erected at a cost ^-: $30,000, 
steam flour-mill, and a good hotel, the N - 
.-.■;• Hou-c. c msid 'fed one of the b< -t 
the road. Exports tobacco and count \ ■ 
produce. Western L T nion Telegv 
Southern Express. Daily mail. Stag to 
Bar linsburg, HO miles distant, semi-w< i kl 
Population 500. D. O'Riley, postnuisti-i 

Adams Hi ratio X. wag in-maki rand deal' :• 

in agricultural implements. 
Arnold Prof B, principal Bigh-s- '■• . 

and Grays >n Seminary. 

i & C< nklin ■ .!. ■ C Barton, James 

T Conklint. drugs, gn., erie*. I ks ' 

Bo/art!i A Stoy iJ. W. Bozarth, It. 

W. St<>\ ;. Lawyers. 
!'•■ ; ' . ' [larvey C. co nty assess ir. 
Brown Ktlwin <>., County Clerk. 
Cbastain Allen M, carpenter and builder. 
Conklin Wm L, la >■ \ er. 
Day James W, watch-maker. 
Denton Isaiah J, city marshal. 
Edelen Jann s D constable. 
Evans Staadeker & Co (Wm C Evans, 

Benard Staadeker, Geo 31 Cresap . gen- 
eral store. 
Eveleigh Wm. lumber and fiour-mill 

9 miles north j. 
Fullilove Rev Jam*? (Baptist). 
Gosnell, Bishop & Jones (.1 W Gosnell. J 

A Bishop, Wm Jones), general ston 
Gosnell Jesse T. circuit clerk. 
Gosnell John W, clothing. 
Graham John (', lawyer and police judge. 
Hackett .lames ]',, sheriff, 
[laden J W, physician. 
Haynes Wm R, commonwealth attorney. 
Eleston Robert L, physician. 
Hevback Daniel, carpenter and builder. 
Heyser F T & Bro (Foster T & Charles F). 

j •■' icers and i onfe. * ; - >ners, 
Heyser House *2 per day), Thomas 

Heyser, Brop'r, East of Public Square. 

(See a .'<•. • 
Heyser Thomas, Proprietor Heyser 

House, cast of Public Square. iS?t 
EIill, Willis .V Lewis fWm B Hill, R 

Willis, fesse V Lewis), general store. 

Holden .1: - K. barber. 

Layman Andrew J, livery and sale -table. 

Lev i- W m .!. ; : ir-mill. 

McH ith rimm '- R. circuit judge 

Mi Call A I'.nrton V\ tn P Mi Call, .John R 

Barton), harness-makers. 
MeCiure Jas M, lawyer and county judg •• 

Have S<ul.;« more than 1,108 
Losses, nml liar? t:a<l l.-uJ 13 Re- 
- is b u 4 % sistetl Claims, ►'rent; Evervwherei 






MeNioull James, station a<rent. 
M. •:.■ dy !l.-v M F (Cutholi ■ 
M- redith Eleazer, proj ': Grayson ! : lsi 
Moorman «& Co (Lemuel and -James C Moor- 
man) leaf-tobacco. 
O'Kiley Daniel, Postmaster and Ex- 

] ■'••-- Agent. 
< i'i.!lcy\v llogau, fDanii ' O'Rih v. 

■Ji'tsn D. lloa: 1 1 1*> . - <v ■ and 

Dealer in Railroad Ties and White-oak 

hia\ es. 
Pei - 1 ■ i s James, transfer n nd ( xpr =s. 
P ; .'- N George T, attor; ey at law and 

ity »h< ' ,T i'. 
R ■ ' ts Henry 11. stoves and tinware and 

I! gers E&. .i If (Evan and Joshua II . har- 

u iss-makers. 
Rogers & Bertie, live stock. 
Rogers & Thomas ;Ii C Rogers, James 

Thomas), blacksmiths. 
R -deutcher Otto, leaf-tobacco. 
Rossdeutoher it Bro (Otto & Theodore), 

St Joseph's Parochial School, Rev M F 

Melodv, pastor. 
Si*kT yt. boardinc-house. 
Stone Georjjre \V., Lawyer. 
Stone John E., Surveyor and Real 

Estate Agent. 
Stoy Henry \V., Insurance Agent. 
Striekler Clarence A. physician. 
Taylor James W, our mer. 
Thomas Edwin, lawyer. 
Wortliam James S., County Attor- 

A\ orthani Wood \ ., Drugs, Groceries, 

Books, Stationerv, Fancv Goods, etc. 

| west of Brookviiie. the county-seat, v ea t 
j of Falmouth, i'.s nearest shipping point by 
| rail, on the K. C. R. 11.. a s< uth . . Foster's 
| Landing on the Ohio river, audi--'! north- 
! easl of Louisville. Population 50. Mail 
j by sp • ial supply. S. II. Thomas, p >-t- 
j master. 

: Fr ; ; and d oemaker. 
11- sler Jacob, l<bn k=n ith. 
: IL uston S E, physician. 
j Liaiiden &, General Store. 
j Poe A W, wag m-maker. 
| Riley J S, fl< r-n 
i Thomas S. M., Manager Co-operative 

T mde A >sociat i' >n. 
I Wallace F F. und- r1 iker. 
! Wilson L C R, bl icksmith. 

LEOXAKI). A small settlement in 
Harlan county, 240 miles from Louisville, 

' and IS from Harlan, the c nnty--=eat. 

! Population 30. Semi-weekly mail. W. R. 
Bailey, postmaster. 

I Creech Isaac. Hour ond saw-mill. 

j Creech John, gener il -tor.-. 

' Creech T J. mechanic. 

* reech W H II. blacksmith. 

| Kelly Win 1', blacksmith. 

! Smith John M, general store, 

! Wvnn Elcanah, tlour and saw-mill. 

LEXOXBURG. A village in The 

northern part of Braeki n county, 14 miles 

TjESLTE. In Cumberland county, 
j 1{ miles from the Cumberland river, 40 
i from Glasgow, the shipping point by rail, 
I and 5 from Burkesville, the county-seat, is 
! this post-omee and village of 120 inhabit- 
' ants. Mail semi-weekly. S. W. Toung, 
i postmaster. 
Allen George X., Live Stock and Jus- 


THOS. HEYSER, Proprietor. 


Having thoroughly re-fitted and re-furuiibed thia h mse, we an.- now \>v ?p ired to accommodate the trm 
riu, i' public. We guarantee satisfaction. Liberal ratea. Give iw a call. References, the traveling public 

m ' ' i is * 


RAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kv. 





Allen J G, carp i tor and bee hives. 

Clare C. J., Painter and Agent. 

C< llins John, eon table. 

Ebert I) A. tlour and saw-n ill. 

Eubank Joseph, blacksmith. 

(> race John, physician. 

Ilumes Wilson, bl icksraith. 

Lacy & Hale, v,m-. ■ in-make • 

Milam Rev VYm F PrcsbvlerianV 

Rider Joseph, cooper. 

S hiedler Fn 1, smi ;ic teacher. 

Smith Win. & »>f<).. General Store. 

Stockton Martin, di filler. 

T\ illiarns Jl C, en * penter. 

LEVEE. In the southern part of 
Montgomery com ty, •"• i iles south of Mt. 
Sterling, ! ; - ne i n -l lii] poi ': r . on the 

Mt. Ster ing division ot the J . C. A L. 
R'y, and 131 south-east of Louisville. 
Tri-weekly mail. Populati n 35. Mrs. 
Annie Kerney. postmaster. 
Anderson M W, tanner. 
Boweu Win, en rpi liter. 
Burger 11 C, wagon-maker. 
Haii lin Miss Betty, millinery. 
Hainlin E C, carpenter. 
Hainlin V C. blacksmith. 
Hall E. U., Saw-mill. 
Riddle It, blacksmith. 

Rock Spring 1 Seminary, Prof. 

Owen, Prim ipal 
Todd 11 T, flour-mill. 
Warren K-.-\ F L (Baptist;. 

LEYIXGOOD. On the K. C. R. U 

4 miles sou th of Falmouth, the county. 

seat. 150 north-east of Louisvillej and in 

th< :. rtin .:. part of B i dleton c< >ui 

Daily mail. Population .JU. C. C. Cock- 

erill, p< istmaster. 

Bell Harrison, fiour-mill. 

Cockerill C. C, General Store, Es- 

p •es'S and Railroad Agent. 
Hotchkiss Miss N, V a< 
White \Y H. saloon. 

LEVEE GREEX. Is sometimes 

called Jimtown, in the south-western part 
of Rockcastle county, S miles south of Mt. 
Vernon, the eounty->eat, it- nearest ship- 
pins point, on the Knoxville branch of the 
L. "& >:. R. R., and 137 south-east of 
Louisville. Adams Express. Tri-weekly 
mail. Population 125. 11. C. Hasty, post- 

Brown J J. constable. 
Brown J. X.. Lawver. 
Brown Win 11. live -1 ■ k. 
Burnett Rev C D i Methodist). 
Catron A A H. live stock. 
Hasty II. C, General Store. 
II icks l'»-i ilev. i! iitr-niill. 
Hurst John M, h ack.-mith. 
Lawrence R K. o o! an 1 shoemaker. 
Lowden A C, l" m ral ■' >n . 
Major John S, <' air-mill. 
Owen Prof Samuel, principal Rock Spring 

Pin- C W." justice. 

LEWISBURG. A post-village, * 

200 pi ople, in Lou an county, 11 ■ i! - 

from Russellville, tn. j nearest railway si - 

tii >n and e< 'Unty — it. Mail four times 

week. B. F. Stinnett, postmaster. 

Arnold < reoi ge F, j isti 

Baugh John L, constable. 

Brown A Ctirrance, groceries. 

Buckhannon J T, boot and shoemaker. 

Burnett C C, - mool-teacher. 

Carr J C, flour-mill ('J miles north;. 

Duncan R P, justice. 

Garretson D C, live -took. 

Glenn R F, druggist. 

Harding ItevJ -. : h »l'cl Baptist'. 

Ilines A Recti r, Ir iggists. 

Hutchings J W, physician and gen. ston 

Kennerly 11 (', \ In -ician. 

McRcynolds J A, flour-mill. 

Mason 31. O., Leaf-tobacco and LA- 

Penrod A: Baugh, blacksmiths. 

Ric-hardsi >n L 0, physician. 

Richmond J R. gunsmith. 

Robertson Henrj . barl er. 

Snei I J C. la '■' yi i nd '•'■•■•■ stock. 

Stinnett I>. F. *V Son, Livery, Hot 

General ^tore and Leaf-tobacco. 
Sutton (r F, leaf-ti baceo. 
Yurbrouirh W L. "< n< ral store. 


(Si e North Fork . 

Mason - 


John, distiller. 


and ii km m tains, on the lower * k 
the Cumberland riv».-r, in Letcher c • 
14 miles from YYhitesburg, the county-=« 










5 ■ 








■ . 


. taMMcxe ■• 













Without rei 'rence to the Companies we managa. 


As'i'l* evirj"\\l:cre S,->i;tl>. 





; ,n>l fiO from Pikeville, its nearest shipping 
lint ■ m the Sandy river. Populatii >: 100. 
S mi- weekly mail. Jesse Clay, postmaster. 
(lay Jesse, Farmer. 
t aunery II, iiour-mill. 
Lewis John J, school-ti a< ber. 
L ■.. : Wilson, saw-mill. 
M ■: j j 11 d J ames, saw and d ir-mill. 

coopi r. 

Met! odisl . 

LEWISPOKT. An incorporated 
to -■. i nth a popu ation of GOO. It is lo- 
' at 'd on ti. 0!i river ii Hancock i i I - 
lii 1 1 ; ' ■_■- west of HawesvHie, lie county- 
seat; Li corn-mil s, J eh irehes, publi 
school and 3 di -tiileries are liere. \Vatei . 
• ijil and timber are in a tulance. and is 
is a c ■ >o i local ion for a anutai taring 

enterprise. Adams Express. Mail daily. 
A. C. Howe, postmaster. 
Adams Tl C, justice of peace. 
Andersoi V, wagon-ma cor. 
\i i harnp Combs & Co, distillers. 
i- kford -I T, grist-mill. 
Biincoe J B, grist-mill. 
Bill 'oe J 1), saddler. 
Biim e Pate & Hewitt, distillers 
Br:i Iford Wm.stock-d. 
Br ■•■. ' C \V, physician. 
BuHiiJEjtoii M, marshal. 
Callen ler A. blacksmith. 
Cap Georgi 
Clarkson Re 

Combs Ennis, justice of y- • e. 
Conor J X H, shoemaker. 
Dabney J M, general •<■ re. 
i' bnev & Parker, brick-maker; 
Dulin t, grocer. 
Dunn I>. undertaker. 
Dunn & M iller, millinerv. 
Ellis Rev F G i Baptist)." 
Form E !>, shoemaker. 
Gibbs M, b:i rber. 
Gregory Ed, tobacco. 
Hail D:n id, saloon. 
H ivdeii .1 B, hotel. 
H .den M D. ;. neral store. 
Haywood J. JL., 1 


Hen ierson W D. phot igrai ■ r. 
11 e? selton 1'. farm implements. 

ton E & 3on, blitcl miths. 
Hiil 4 Pierce, salo. n. 
Howe Ubert <'., Grocer. 
Jett J P M, grain-dealer, constable, and 

insurance aarent. 

and Fancv 

Johns in W C, justice of peace. 

Kavanaugh P T. justice of peace. 

h rial ■ Geo. blacksu ith. 

Knox J B, physician. 

Knox J \V. physician. 

Long J "\V. cooper. 

Mi Gill G \. express agt and gen store. 

Mad n - nith & Pattei -on, distillers. 

XI rt .n M M, live - «--k. 

M >rt hi iV Martin, dm . 

i . • .v I '■ ! ■. meat market. 

Patterson .1 \V & Co. _ ral .-tore. 

!'•• ■ rs n K ;■ ■':■ e jud -■■. 

Pattei ■ >n & Pa\ ne. mi '■■ rs 

! ■'■ ■ .! i ' e 3' in, gei ral store. 

Pell S B, con fe< ti merv. 

Pell T .1 - : n. 

'• f J f! : -ax'-t iba. :o. 

!• - i!- W T. phvsician. 

Priest H, coal. 

Smith Levi, hotel. 

Smith vS: Henderson, meat market. 

Wasrner Fred, wagon-maker. 

Wit I -on G G. coopi . . 

Young W 11, engineer. 

LEXI\GTO\. The county-seat of 
Fayette is located on the lower fork of the 
Elkhorn river. I r - general appearance is 
very attractive its streets are br >ad, paved, 
and lighted with gas, and are tl ,nke I < 
either side with hands ime, substantial 
b .-" >■-- blocks and p- ; it sidonccs. It 
is especial v <•■ I brated for its educational 
institutions, among which are the Ken- 
tucky University, the State College of 
Kentucky, Saver's Female Institute, Christ 
Church .Seminary, and Hamilton Female 
College. This last-named institution is 
the largest and best-arranged building in 
t! e St ite, for the purpose for which it was 
erected. I:, is elegantly built, and as • 
ft-ctly- ventilated as possible. J' has all the 
mod ■!':■ ; " ovements, I ng i ated 1 \ 
steam, lighted with gas, and t > i rn i-li^cl 
with excellent suites of bath-rooms. Lt ii 
favorably-lc «.t d ir the n< rtbern limits of 
the ity. a nd there' i - free ;';•• m much of 
the bu ' i Vi ild be en wintered, if 
1 cated in the busii ••-- p i-rti >n of th • city. 
The institution i- tb • property • f n joint- 
stock ceii any, and, since its pu« h ise in 
1S77 b\ thi company, has b^en piesided 
over by J. l\ P itfer.- in, « I. • ] .- been at 
the head of a female boarding-si In ol for a 
■ greater number of consecutive years than 


!ng Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps, liasik Slansps an<i < >>• , ;. 
..?<•>>; Vu Liteur Printing Prosaes an *<:>■. I.. ItOtw .' ., 
,t W* iliisjravt-i' ami Uie Sinker, ICO Randolph St., CHXCAtrO, 





any .her man in the State. Under his 
lr .gement the ■■■■ dlege has gr< « n to 1 • 
■ e largest ft 11 ale boar ting-.- a • . ; - Iven- 
The cemetery ot Lex 

feet high, and - : i uounted '•; 
statue uf the emi: at -. ■• ■ ■ ti ..: - 1 he 
city has 7 i hui :he >f the ^ arii us clei 
illations, stood pi - i - ■ ; anks. 7 

newspapers, \ iz : iscr pt 

weekly), Banner ■ h), Gazette ■,/• -k- 
].,-•, Apostolic " - (wi ekly i, Lii e 

I ck Record 1 ■'!• und ti • S n- 

o ■ Obsen - ck Joun 

h ; . r *- b.mui .. debt is 511 
and, . ding to the census of 18*0. it has 
a j...| .. .,, of 10.020. Its i ail i - d 1 tci;- 
ities ai xeellent ; three roads. % iz : the K. 
C, L., J. & L. an' 1 ' K- 

estal lished in IbTl. and c mmenee i with 
ft lar^e and mp'.cte assorl in it of al 
terial used in first-class prim ii g and pub- 
lishing houses. A- tJ i close . ' 16 SO the 
company, by vote ot -: • k-hoiders. con- 
cluded to d jcontiniK bus! ■■■ -s and 
tlif entire outfit to Dr. W. O. Sweet y, 

re.-sA lams. T. ! raph Westerr. . 
Mail U; ; : . II. K. Milward, postmas- 

Adams Express Company. J II Shorl 

cor M ain ami Broadway. 
Adams Richard AI. tailor! 43 e Main. 
A lams Wm W. sale stable, 03 e Short 
Adams W «fc Sons , Wm, Ross C and . ; 

T}, marble works, ; ;7 n Broadway. 
Agricultural and Mechanical College 
Kentucky .1 ■•■- K Patti rson 1 
■.'■■■: or \\ iison an i L : 

■ ' 
Aikin D A. distiller, nr cemetery. 
Al ■■: - J .hn B, barber, 1 > - Mill. 
Ali'ord & Smith, M C. Alford, Z. F 
; m Lawyers, N< rth L' ppt r opi 

C< urt-Housi .' 

(A S Allan, J Bryi i 
physicians. 100 c Mail 

i ; . ... ?,4.: .-. - 

Wesley, rest i ti Upper. 
Anderson & tfcCann -I K Anderson. (! I' 

M Cam , china ero< ken and glassy ai . 

:yl e Ma n. 
Applets Lancaster & Duff J "W \ 

ton, Geo '. uca.ster, J M Dutf). ■. In 

and retail dry g<> ids, 1 I and 15 e Ma n 
Armstrong Win . iiour-miil. 112 e Sh 
Arnett R >bert F. restau t, <~ - ■ 
Ashland lf.)«js<-, U. E. Boswel] a - n 

Props. Liaudlo West Short, near i' si 

office. S. • ,nh.) 
Austin Mi--, dress-maker, 13', v. Main. 
Bal r A: Reid .1 A Baker. John A K 

agricul" Liral implements, 12 Ch ;apsid . 
Builard Williamson a. Co, druses, L! i • 

Baz ihan Francis, grocer, cor Broadway 

and Ith. 
Barker A. B., Oculist and Aurist, 00 

East Main. Residence cor. 6th and Lime- 
Ban - 11 H & Co H II nd A M Ban - 

drugs, cor Main and Mill. 
Barnett Mrs. Liz • d -s-maker, 1-52 '••>' 

Bassett Watkins A: Co (Squire Bassett. T 

B Watkins. Slaughter Bassett i b< ots and 
-. 21 : Main. 
B ii ilcy Jam - M, mei t-market, 23 5 U> 

i " r -' 
■ ' v' \\r~ Anna, milliner, cor Ge 

town ai d Short. 

B> am hamp James il !a " \ or, 17 n Up! 

i ■ : M, - I. on. 2',' w Short. 

Beck A. Thornton, James B. B 
11. A. Thornton . Aiturnevs at I 
J. B. Berk. U. S. Senator, 34i East Short. 

P r . '■ ' £ ;, \t ' ■ • • 0.000 of Fire ei Sf if 

■ : • -- ■■■ ' ! i- Vim m$ MSflfifffiM 

I i... . - ■ . -rv. 5J 




r, 1] C S, nursery, w .Main, pp i ei . tery. Bruce Benj <l, pr«'»pr Kentucky Live Stock 
i; 11 C S Jr, fruits anil confectionery, 5 \v j Record, Si n L'pper. 

- in rt. Bruce W W. I <■■. \ . n Mulberry. 
!',:, David, physician, w s Broadway. : Bryant & llardesty I W J) 'Bryant. H 
|j 11 Win S. florist, 22.], e Short. ! Hardesiy), grocers', 50 and 52 e Short. 

liciH'kai't -~H.» Proprietoi Lexington Biv kingham 0. meat market, 19 s Mulberry. 

!'. tiling-works. Bottl. - Ale, Porter, La- Buekner <A 1>. physician, 30 n Mill. 

-ir Beer, Mineral Water. Ginger .-Vie, Buekner T, si ■• laker. 157 e Main. 

Sarsaparilla, etc., 2i> Xorth J R kia-r A Ail"n i: \ : kner, John K 

• N-.' ":>'r. i Alien i, law ; ers, l'J n i pper. 

." . ett David, i ysi in, Mill, nr Short. B iford 11 Marshall, lawyer, -J J e Short. 
: v J W a: C" (J W Berkley, J L ' Burke James, saloon and restaurant, cor 

Watson, 11 A Guthrie), dry _, ids, 35 e Mulberry and Water. 

Main. Bui ke John, sal Don. Mull • rry. 

!'.} Bernhard, =eeond-hand store, 7 Burl n Alexander, shoemaker, 15 e Water. 

Broadwav. Buri >n A. restaurant, - Broadwav, at CS 

Berrv & McDonald l'J II Berrv. Frank dep t. 

McDoi : • ■: in.oe Mulberry. Bu.-h t A Son i Frederick and Wm E'i, 

■' nati J i n C. -;' •■•:■. 14 <";. ip<ide, lonfrs sash, doors and blinds, cor Vine 

Bii tz Mr; G, gr >eer. cor S : it and Jeit. i. an . Lower. 

Billing-ley Geo E. lawyer, cor Alain and Butler James, grocer, Georgetown, near 

L'pper. A.-yl 

Blackburn Solomon, second-hand furni- j Butler James C, insurance. 13 n Fpper. 

Cure, 45 e Vi j Butler Robert G. photographer, 53.\ e .Main. 

Blackburn AV, grocer, cor Mulberry and '2d. Byrnes .James M, job printer, 9} tipper. 
B'.lan Owen, saloon, cor Broadway and j Calvert tlenr\ C, carpenter, 25 < Water. 

Water. Calvert Thomas, jewel* r, 23 e Main. 

Bona A, con fee ti mery and cigars, cor Alain Campbell A .1 A: Co (A .1 Campbell, J L 

and Broadway. Gilmorei, insurance, 10 Cheapside. 

Bond Jno A: Co iJno Bond, C W D II Campl ill Johi . grocer, 3d nr Railroad. 

Foushee . li pi ir brokers, lb A. I s w SI .rt. < 'am ii g K L, saloon, 7 s Broadway. 

Bonnyman George, boots and shoes, 30 n Cannon Minor W, grocer, 25 \v Sh >rt. 

Broadwav Carroll Patrick, grocer, cor Spring and 

Boswoll H. I". & Son, .H. E. & W. M isw 11. 

II. Boswelli. Proprietors Ashland House, ' Carter Wm G, pro lure, s Mulberrv. 

13 at.d 15 West Short, near Post-office. Cas-ell, Price & Co ! W If Cassell. L C 

{See arlv.) Price, A" P Gibney), dry goods, 16 and 

!' v "!i & Richardson <i AV Bosworth. 18 w Main. 

WP Richardson), • ,'.. 16 w Main. Cassell Thomas J. grocer, cor Alain and 

Bowne Henn A, gents' furnishing g. >ds, Broadway. 

59 e Main. Ca\ inau^h John. grocer, 232 s Broadwav. 

i: dley, Cassell & Randall C AV Bradley, Chevalier Frank blacksmith, w Short. 

TL Cassell, L B Rand: ! , clothing, i e (_'!.; ; -t. Church Seminary. Rev Thomas A 

Main. Tidbali, D [.), re, M- Helen L Tot- 

B udley Thomas, hardware, 55 e Alain, ten, principal, Maxwell, between Mul- 
Brainerd Barney, grocer, cor Main and ■ berry and Rose. 

Rose. ( • ' oi ■• vY. Br - '* i'G ■■•■:•■_■■' and Augus- 

IJr.> ■kinridge & Shell v , AV C P Bi K'kin- ! | n: t*. 173 e M ui . 

ridge, JoiinTShelb . yer>.15eSI rt. Clark Mrs .Mary E, milliner, 88 e Alain. 

Briei Jas P, coal u I i ■ ■ , ■ ' ition. Clarke Mrs James, grocer, cor Broadwaj 

Br kman Geo M. livery, 20 • \ ii ■. and Water. 

Bi ■, er & S :ott fC F Bro ver, J M Scott), ' Cl< m V T, gn , 239 n V.V'.< Iway. 

ets, etc., 9 w Alain. Cli - ; Mr- Maggie, grocer, Georgetown 

i rov.'n f If. livery, 108 e Main. near A-\ u 

Br ti Geo W, grocer, cor Broadway and I • hran J W A: Son .1 \V ar»d N P . in- 

Uigh. surance agents, cr Upper and Short. 

256 LEX 

Central and Southern Uept 



Coleman B L, r \ eian, 50 n Mill. 

Commercial College uf Ky University, 
"Wilbur RSi pre-; E W S tiitli, prin 

•■' I mangr ; ■■■ >r '■! i and Mill. 

Corbin J M, civil engineer ana surveyor, 
opposite cou rt-1 i se. 

Corrie W, painter. 89 n Mull '.-rry. 

Cozine B H, pub . ,r [i c Apostolic 
Time*. Market nr .- 

Crane Wm U. shoemaker, e 3d. 

Crawford Silas S. grocer, cor Mulberry 
and 3d. 

Croghan James F, grocer, 00 i. Dewees. 

Cronin Jame?, groc er. c >r J e iters m and 3d, 

< \] ; - F.'.i .. a i »-m r, Si w Main. 

Curtis Mrs E, millinery, -W e Main. 

Curtis John J, men bant tail* r, 53 e Man. 

Danahj T J, books and stationery i- \. 

Darnaby George E, livery and sale stable, 
56 e Short. 

David Jacob, grocer, i n Broadwav. 

Davidson A Will tins J H Davids m, F 
I) Williams . , I nh rs, 2 I e Sh >rt. 

Davis Frank 11, confectionery and res- 
taurant, 20 e Shi i't. 

Davis George W. s;r >cer, 213 e 3d. 

Davis & Chi tin (A M Davis, A B Chinn), 
dry goods, 33 e Main. 

Deering Bi njamii . j n p'r Bluegrass Ban- 
ner [dailvj, !.i s Upi er. 

De JL,ong& Co., 'G. A. and E. S. De 
Long), Hardware, Agricultural Imple- 
ments, Seeds, Harness, etc.. 16 and 18 
Cheapside, 21 and 19 North Mill. 

Denelle Joseph, gen 1 st re, 66 n Mulberry. 

De Roode Eugene II, jeweler, cor Main 
and Upper. 

Dillard John, physician, n Upper. 

Dineen Michael, grocer, - Broadway. 

Dineen Timothy, grocery. 237 s Broadway. 

Dinelle Sylvester, fruits and produce, cor 
Church and Mull erry. 

Dodd Charles \\ . meat market, cor Mul- 
berrv and 2d. 

Dodge A: Slade, An Dodge. J. T. 
Slatle), Insur ' Estate and Col- 

It 'tion Aleuts, 32 East Short, opp. 
Courl-hous '. 

Dougbertv M, blacksmith, Mulberry nr 

Dowd Patri k, grocer, cor Mulberry and 

D vling Bros (B and Thomas M, news 
depot, 31 w Short. 

Dover John, grocer, cor Main and Cox. 

Drake. J. F. & Co., Mas. F. and 

Drake), Real Estate, 13 North Up] 
Driggs Stoddard. d< ntist, 11 n Uppi r. 
Duck David C, i >al. 11 and 16 Broa : 
Dudley Benjamin W, physician, 100 p Mai 
Duncan 11. T, propr Lexington Press, 1: 

Duni Stephen, second-hand furnitur.- 

Market, nr Short. 
Eagle Edward E. coal and feed, 50 n M 1- 

Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum, W 

B illock, supt, cor kh and G< orgeto i 
Eastin v Hi nton i L F Eastin, A E Uen- 

■r-. 19 n Mull srry. 
Egalite George, barb r. y w Short. 
Ehrmann & Son C! :' : tian Sr, Chr 

J: . physicians n Broad way, nr S 
Eldi - M .-- V'i mi ■ i r. 40 e Short. 
Elkin Z F, gri >cei . ■ ! e Vine. 
Elliott A: Appleton. i'E G Elliott, Hi nr 

Vppletmi I, dry goods, 8 w Main. 
Ellis J a n 'S, tailor, 7 w Short. 
Emers •'. Jain ?s, w tvj; m-maker, s Mulborn . 
Emmal W P>, wholesale boots and shoes, 17 

e Main. 
Evans E F, physician, Mill, nr Short 
Faig John, harness, Short, nr Broadway. 
Failey John, gro< er, Cox, nr K II. 
Falcoi er Davi I G, lawyer, 49 e Short. 
Farley Wm, carpenter, w Short. 
Farmers Journal monthly), l!ll Cozine. 

D H Batsi n, proprs, Market, nr Shi r! 
Farnau Henry F. gn ceries, 28 w Main. 
Farrell Patrick, saloon, cor Broadway and 

Fayette National Bank, S Bassett, pr^s. It 

8 Bullock, .'ash, cap $300,000, cor Mai i 

arid Upper. 
Featherson & Bro fC T and B W), meat 

market, 18 s Upper. 
Fei ney P H. blacksmith, w Main. 
Field Jeremiah, barber, e Water. 
First National Bank, A S Winston. 

Thomas Mitchell, cash, cap $400,000, • ■" 

•■ Short. 
Floore .1 H, dentist. 104 e Main. 
Flymi Mrs Margaret, gen -tore, 33 e Vim . 
F ;<y Frank, coal and feed, 142 w > v 
F< ■'•■'• Tinn >th v, grocer, e 3d. 
Fori & Cassidy (W H Ford, W II '-' 

sidv'i, e;rain and coal, Short, nr K < ; 

R depot. 
Forman Mrs ? hair goods, cor 

berrv a id 2d. 
Fosterthomas W, physician Mill, nr S o ' 





JDui i 

Lexington Bottling Works, 


Imported Mineral "Waters— German Seltzer, Apollinaris, Huuyfcdi 
Jano8, &c. Belfast Ginger Ale, HweaparilU and Cider. 


Lexington Agent for Blue Lick Water, Kretti from the Springe t«k« a werk 


K "' J 



:■ <* *. \ 

tj S? -■ v. 

| ? j g 1 




w. H. BOSWEiuL 



L J- 
,. ■ , -' ; - H. E. BOSWELL & SON. Proprietors. 

V: ' ■' i3 & 15 W. Short St., near Post-Office, 



. j , f v'ii 

-■ . ■ - 

'.-■ ■■" 
i ,<■■ 

'. :.-..•:- .■■■^-y^ . _,* -• • ' 


i , .. -.- 

2i W. Short St., next door to Ashland House, 




»**Horse9 Boarded by the Day or Week."** aSSS* 



c E i R fiFT TUF, KKXTAW CH! i*»f:<«T— ATI* 1!*SO!Y«S »» vr 

.,..,; .-.-.,' ■ aiou'uc and ■':••-. .? . i ,.:■?«.■; \ , i , 

v' D ;ii"- ■ •' - =«'• Million '-<»•.•<■!. riH('-«;o, m.*.. 


Foushee C W & Co :(' W Foushee. T M 
Berr\ |, paints oils, etc, 23 w - ort. 

Foush«u C W Jr & Bro (0 W ai I D II i. 
whole sale liquor?, 16 and lb w Short. 

Fox Joseph A. barber, t or Mill mid <hor1 

Franklin Benjamin F, barber, 10 n Mul- 

Franklin John, grocer, - Broadway. 

Frazer Thorn a.- M. druggist, cor Main 
and Mulberry. 

Frazer W A: Co i VV Frazer and A S Win- 
ston), hemp, ii !3ro idw v, n ,p 3d. 

Fry & Mnr«h S V Fry, E F M i rsh i, • ;•- 
riages, bo w Short. 

Fuller Wm, grocer, cor Georgetown and 

Gaines Horace P. baker. 20 iv Short. 

Gardner V N, millinery, TO e Main. 

Garland Richard grocer, cor Main and 

Garner George, jewelry, 6 e Main. 

Geary John A, plumber, 16 n Mil!. 

Geers Charles, grocer, n Mulberry. 

< i ers R !'. grocer, 36 s Broad -■ iy 

George Ada n, sh u ni ;er, 12 - Up; ;r. 

Gibbons Z, lawyer. 4V e Short. 

Gibson Charles, tailor, 11 n Broad wav. 

Gilbert John H, passeng >r agent U& M R 
11 Co, cor Broadway and Vine. 

Gill Michael, it*" er, ( '<■ orgetown. nr Short. 

Gilman Charles B, saloon, eor Mill and 

Giiroy & Gornily John Gilroy, John 
Gormlv). saloon, c.'ir Mulberrv and Main. 

Giltner II. J.., Pr >pi\ South. - . 1! t I, 
U_' ai 'i »' 1 East Short, i See adv.) 

Goebel Fritz, saloon, 9 n Broadway. 

Goforth Wm, restaurant, e Vine 

Gormley Charles, carriages, cor Upper and 

Gormley Philip, grocer, cor Lower and 

Graham G EI, ;• weler, 1 w Main. 

Gratz II II, Propr Kentucky Gazette, 10 

Grave- James M.coal and produce, 50 and 
5'J Short. 

Grave- & Barnet iJ 1) Graves, Wm Bar- 
net), li vi -y, 53 >• Vine. 

Graves & McLellen, commission, cor Vine 
and Broadvt ay. 

•Gray James i', manager A U Tel Co, GTi 
e M»in. 

(iray Robert H.. Tinsmith and Dealer 
in Stoves, Tii ware, Pumps, etc., 54 East 

Grei !:•■ Richai ! ! >. pin sician, 23 n Shori 
Grehan B N, groc •>■. 171 e Main. 
Gribbcn Tho .arl >.v. 17 s Mulberrv. 
Grinst* ad A: Bradley ..I A Grinstead, '1 li, 

Bradle} i, bankers, cor Upper and Short 
Gross Simon i'. saloon and restaurant, . 

and St e Main. 
Haggard E T & Son (ETandJ R), vet snr. 

:■• ii -. >■ ■ ' ■ •' . 
llalev Miss E, grocer, Lee - Row, nr li. I; 
Hal! A; Meglone \V F Flail, S M Meglone., 

hats and caps, 57 e Main. 
Halter Jacob, shoemaker, 00 w Main. 
Ham Lewis J, blacksmith, Sycamore, bet 

Sh rt and 2 I 
Hamilton Alexander, blacksmith, e Watei 

bet Upp rand Mill. 
Hamilton Female College, J. T. 

P; uer.-on, )' ■ : i t hi) i nd 62 >"ortl 

Broadway. >•■•• mn. 
Hamilton James A, restaurant and confec- 
tioner, e Water. 
Hampt' >n v sician.w Short, nr Jefferson, 
Han i f, k Geo II, gri cer, i 7 w Short. 
Hannibal A g ■ ■ ■ r, <•■ r D wees and 3d. 
Harden Alfred, barber, 7 w Short. 
Hardesty I) I, ec Co, grocers, cor Broad- 
way and Short. 
Hardstein Abraham, fancv good9, 1") w 

Hurt. James W, livery, 44 e Short. 
Hartstein Max, pawnbroker, 17 s Upper. 
Harkins J ames, Lai lor, e Short. 
Harpham .1 C, physician, cor Mill and 

S hi ; t 
Harris Mirk, livery stable, s Mulberry. 
Harris Thomas, coal, c Main, nr Rose. 
ilarr;- it James 0, lawyer. Mill, nr Short. 
Harrison S B. grocer, coi Main and D( 
Harrison VV. U.. Dealer in Coal, and 

City Sprii Icier. Road ,\ ig ms Furnished 

for Hauling all Kind-; of Freight, ('or. 

Spring and \ ine. 
Hawkins Alien, dyer and scourer,G8 e Main. 
II iyes Mrs J;ts, grocer, cor Rose and Main. 
li i man & Co (J Q A Hayman, C II 

Wi oley . aouring-mill, Mill and Vine. 
Ilu\.^ John, grocer and coal, cor 2d and 

Lee s Row. 
Heaeox Lester, Wools, Hides, Pelts, 

Leather, etc., i2 and 44 Mulberry. 
Hen li >n Win l> sal ion, e V ' i i ; o . 
Herley Daniel, grocer, near K. C. R. R. 
H- rr L. vet surgeon i i mile south). 

ii gton Mrs Lizzie, salo n, <■- w Main, 
Hervey J T, dentist, cor Main and Mill. 


rpTTTT rp"Q A "XT C3 r"* 4 ~ f ~? T"Pn 

rhe Bepreientatire Democratic Paper of tl rasa Region. Published Daily and Weekly. A larga 

and rapidly inc i easing Circulation throughout Kentui try. 


U the largest paper, tho beat Family Scwspaper, and .1 t ] > ■■ MTertiKin;? Mediums i:i Kentucky. 


His the lari;t»st City Circulation cf any Newspaper in Lexington. 

Daily, One Year in Advance, $6,00 - - Weekly, Ore Year, in Advance, $2.00. 

Advertising rat** on application. Address, 
^Specimen Copies Free. TRANSCRIPT COMPANY. 


W. C. MeCRAY & CO. 


f M Ills, Iron, Wocft s Chain Puis, 


No. 22 Cheapsiie, LEXINGTON, KY. 


Southern Hotel,. 

COL. K. L. GSLTNER, Proprietor. 


First-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Patronn^e _ ,._.,* 

of the Public respectfully solicited. £ * y ' « ~ — — " v " - ' 



fr«cti,:e Law in Tayettfl and adjoining counties and Court of Appeals. Collection* made any-v»herfl lu Ky 

iAfcl ft i U U y * ii i a W i 1 U ItiMktikkb&iikl C c flTRAL DEPART^T,— Louisvi ■ 

Hiekey Moses D, blaekMnith, 26 e Vine. ; Kaufman, Hcrklev & Wilson (M Kauf- 
Hilton Aaron J, *aloon, 60 e Short. man, 'J' \\ Berkley. J N Wilson 

Hobbs Noah K. grocer, Vine and Upper. j ing and gems furii'g goods, 53 e Mai? 

Hodge; John Jr, prop Sunday Observer, j Kearney Patrick, blacksmith, s Mulbern 

49 e Main. I Keating James, grocer, cor Const) 
Hoffmtm Charles, meats, 12 n Broadway. and Dewees. 

Hollenkamp Joseph, confectioner, 71 e I Keininglnun Mrs S E, milliner, 44 w M«i 

Ma'"- ! Keller Henry H, baled hay and grain, 
Honak--r Da' id sh >es, 51 w Main. M di . r r K C depot. 

Hood Sidney, barn — maker. 56 •■ Short. ! Keller .1 E. freight and passenger aet (' ■> 

Hopson J 11. agent C H & D R R. S Cheap- I R R, 8 Cheapside. 

side. I Kelley Thomas J), dentist, 11 n Upper. 

Horgan Miss Mary, milliner, 20 w MuiD. j Kennedy Miss Belle, dress-maker, !■ . u 

Home A- Johnson < B Home and M John- j Main. 

son , general store, cor Main andDrake. j Kent John W, ci:;ars and tobacco. [69 i 

Hornsey Thomas A, hardware, 26 w Short, j Main. 

Hottes Charles, harness-maker, 'J n Mul- j Kentucky Stage Co, Irvine &Pigg, propr* 

berry. • -1 u Short. 

Houlilian Edward, grocer, 172 e Main. j Ketchum & Hoyt (M A Ketchum, M > 

Hughes Mrs M A, dressmaker, 250 n , Hoyt), hair and fancy goods, cor Churc!, 

Broadway. and" Upper. 

Hunt & Darnall (J I) Hunt. George W I King Gilbert H, ins agt and agt for SUr 

Darnall), lawyers. 57 e Short. \ National Lino, 6 Cheapside. 

Huston Wm B, agent Mutual Benefit As- ! King J< hn P, r er, e Main. 

sociation, 13 n Upper. : King Robert H, ins agt, 6 Cheapsidc. 

Huston & Mulligan (John B Huston, Jas ' King Whittington, iris agt and notarv pu!>- 

H Mulligan), lawyers, i'2\ e Short. j lie, 6 Cheapside. 

Hutchison & Thompson (John H Hutch- j Kinkead Shelby, coal, 44 r. Broadway. 

ison, H C Fhompson), grocers, eor .Main ; Kinkead W. iJ. & George !>.". Al- 
and Mill. torneys at Law. W. B. Kinkead Ji 

Hutcbison A: Son (Isaac and J W), gro- | Fayette County Court. Geo. B. K 

cers, 47 e Main. i kead Ju.i_;. Recorders Court. Wil 

Hutsell & Hampton fJohn Hutsell, John i Practice Law in Counties of F>< et! 

Hampton). Hour-mill, e 3d. Clark, Woodford, Je^n ine, Scott, : 

Irvine & Pig^r (T H Irvine, \V W Pigg), ; Bourbon. Particular Attention Pni.i ' 

mail contrai t> rs, 4 w Short. Collections, 55 East Short. 

Isola Joseph, confectioner, SO e Main. ' Kitchens G C, tailor, cor Mill and Main. 

Jackson John, horse-shoer, 106 e Short. i Koonz George, willow- ware, 4 n Broad p u\ 
Jaeger J P, fruits, 12 s Mill. Kreiirel «Sc Sob wedes, merchant tailors, <« • 

Jaubert Gustav, saloon, ; *- n Mill. Mam. 

Jenkins C W, grocer, •• Constitution. I Kroesing Ad'.Jf h J, j* web r, 49 e Main. 
Jennings Henry, arrocer, Pine and Spring. Kuehnc «fc Putsch Ernst Kuehne, Bei 
Jesse & Warren i WA Jesse E H Warren), Putsch), barbers, cor Main and U] 

blacksmiths and wagon makers.55eVine. j Lancaster G W & Co (G \V Lancaster. 
Jewell .1 K, cigars 30 e Main. M M -tford), sewing-machines, 68 e v 1 

Johns (' Albert, druggist. 26 n Broadway, i Lancaster J W, meat market, cor Pine an*: 
Johnson Harvey, barber, 1-5 n Mulberry. Spring. 

Johnson Jai ' •". d ■ :; ids. 23 a Main. Lancaster M i', hoots and Fdioes, r -» e Mai 
Johnson A !,mu<uM« r, C C. John- Lancaster Mrs M C. dressmaker, 1" * 

son, W. H. Lan •; r . Real Estate, I;,- Hisrh. 

surance, Collectioi Agent*, G ral Aue- Lamlontail I), I)., Dealer in Gia 

tioneers, 13 North Upper. Mill Peed, etc. Hemp Bought and - 

Johnston J Fletcher, lawyer, 54 e Short. >n C< m -■'•■'<. S< side East Wa*'-' 

Jones Woodson, saloon, 14 i. Mulberry. between Mill and Upper. 

Kastle Daniel, cigars and tobacco, 19 w j Larin Andrew, general store, 6 and - '■ 

Main. Broadwav. 







. .'" 






















DeLONG ft CO., Lexington, Ky. 

Call your attention to their stock of Farm Implements, Hardware, Harness, Landreth's 
Garden Seeds Rr.d Farm Seeds, tliirh wf ar^ determined to «e!l at price? that will justify you in 
buying from us. We direct CBp.-i;ial attention to the following iiuplenn nt^ nnJ other artic'.et 

D. M. OSBORNE & CO.'s Coml ined ."win- and Wire Self Binders, D. M. Osborne & Co. '8 
Self Rake and Dropper, Reapers and Mowers, Oliver genuine Chil'ed Plows, Champion Sulky 
Plows, John T. Walton's >i ITw h - •• l ulky Plows. Malta < I: •-■— - md Double Shove] 
Pl->-..-s. Acme. L&Dovr, Thi mas. Doable A.aad Spring Tooth Harrows, Champion Grain 
Drills, Kami an l Spring Waeoas. Cortland Gne Buggies, Vandiver and Champion Corn 
Planters, Hand and Power Feed Cutters, Big '■■ '■' ■:. Mill, SteH T< tii and R vol vine; Hay 

Rakes, Suction and Chain Pumps, Hand an i Power Corn Sh3ilers, B. F. Avery's [w -h r - 
and Garden Plows, S'i lies, Refrigerators. Blanchard Churns, Gum and Leather Belting, 
Fenciu? Wire, Gum I i <•- * n d Ammunition, Saw MillaC'i I r Mills, Hi - 'Were Corn Drills, V\ iu : Hillt, 
PoaJ Scraper*. Send 4u« -.-■<, V \rra i - and the celebrate i Nichols, Shepard & Co. i nly ' ,'inal and 
genuine Vibrator Threshers ar. i Sie*m Engines. Respectfully, DeiiONG & CO. 

, ' ■ - « S ft. A.--' *„—!.'-« ?nd Oei-.^al Hardware Specialties. Price Lists arid (V 
i«*k5iSitt KcJ?J4«*J-e^ »***«*» 335 Broadway *nd 8 I Fourth S: , ST. LOl 





Laws Dock, saloon, <• Short. 

Lay we II Andrew, wagon-maker, 43 n Mul- 

Lee George, saloon, Mill, nr Main. 

Leiter Henrv, .*;■< cer, e 4th, nr Dt ,vees. 

LellJohll Win., Proprietor Lell's Eu- 
ropcan Hotel, 69 East Main: Confee- 
tionerv, 45 East Main and 18 and 20 
Broadway: N tions, l-l ! 16 Broad- 
way; Post-office Exchange S n, 40 

West Short. 

Loirs European Hotel, John W. 
Lell. Proprietor, u9 East Main. 

Leslie M S. pi ysician. 34 n M il. 

Leslie R A E, lawver and notarv public, 
84 n Mill. 

Lewis Miss Julie, dress-maker, w Short, nr 

- Jeller • . 

Lexington Bottling: AVorks, M. 
Benckart, Pre pr etor. B< ttles A ie, :' r- 
ter, Lager B or, Mineral Water, Ginger 
Ali. Sarsaparilla. etc, 28 North Broad- 
way. [See adv. ) 

Lexington City National Bank. K B Ham- 
ilton, prest; <r Stol! Jr. cashier; J P 
Shaw, a»s't cashier. Capital $200,000. 
Cor Main and Cheapsi le. 

Lexington Gas Co, D V. rtner Johnson, 
sec'y, w Main, bet Spring and Lower. 

Lexington Orphan Asylum, Mrs Weigan, 
mngr, 3d, bet Jefferson and Broadway. 

Lexington Transcript (Daily and 
Weekly), Johnston, Polk <k Johnston, 
Proprietors, 34 East Short, i S>« adv.) 

Lilly Eben, grocer, 133 n Broadway. 

Lilly Wm A, confectionery, 1] w Short, 

Llewellyn Joseph, painter. 3d. 

Loevenhart Henry C, millinery and fancy 
goods, 45 e Main. 

Loevenhart II & L (Henry and Leei, 
clothing, 3 e Main. 

Logan Michael, grocer, cor Constitution 
and Grant. 

Logw 1 Thomas S, dry g ods,25 w Main. 

Loud D A A Bro i I> A and G W i, woolen- 
mills, cor Ayers alley and e Vine. 

Lowell Richard, training -stable, 116 e 

Lubv M hael. grocer, r_'2 e Constitution. 

Lun'din P L, architect, 163 w Main, 

Lusby John li, saloon, 26 w Main. 

Luxon T C, groci r. i ..- Gr ml hi d 3d. 

I von A Kent jeweler, cor M II and Main. 

L C .V J. Express Co W il Greenleaf, 
manager: A (i Morgan Jr. contracting 
agent, 87 e Main. 

McAllistt r Patrick, grocer, 159 e Main 
McArdlc .1 & Co J McArdle 

ta ilors, l J8 e Main. 
McCardy R J A; Co (RJMcCardyJ !" 

Smith i, dry goods, 27 w Main. 
McChesney & Martin (Wm S McChesm < 

T L Martin i, grain, cor Broadway an I 

McConathy & Cassell) Asa McConatt . 

V\ I '• * . ' i-- ell I, commission, cor Cheaps 

and Sh. rt. 
McCormick Jam< -. hides, 5<S w Main. 
MeCray W. C. & Co., (W. C. M 

iJvry, ,) Mnfrs. Pumps and Win .- 

mills, 22 Cheapsidi . [See adv.) 
McElhinny Robert, tailor, 50 e Main. 
McFadden Mary, confectionery, 9 s Mul- 

i ■ rrv. 
McGrsitb & Morgan i H P McGrath, C (.' 

Morgan) hemp, 3d bet Jefferson and 

Mi Lelien H li. prin Sayre Female Insti- 

tut ■. M ulbi rry opp 2d. 
MoMannus Patrick, grocer, cor Main and 

MeMichael R & Bro (Robert and T Hj 

dry goods, 17 w Main. 
Mi: Murtry Mr-, gn ceries, e Constitution. 
McNamara Matthew, grocer, cor Main ana 

McNamara Thomas, baker, 216 s Broadway 
Maddux Charles il, fruits. 49 w Main. 
Maguire Philip F, groceries and liquor?, 

cor Broad k\ ay and Short. 
Mannini P, tailor. 4'.< w Main. 
Marks Julius, clothing, 29 and 31 w Main. 
>T orrs John, coal, 57 e Vine. 
Marsh Miss J. milliner, 8$ w Main. 
Marshall & Getzendanner (A W Marshall 

H C Getzendanner), lawyers, 7 n Upper. 
Martin John, shoemaker, 8 w Short. 
Mathison Robert, meats, n Mulberry. 
May .1 B, sewing-ma< bine-, 72 e Main. 
May W H, grocer, cor Broadway and 

Meehan Timothy, shoemaker, 15 s Mul- 
Mehan Timothy, saloon, 13 s Mulberry. 
Melany \\ m. gn •> r, cor Deweesand 3d. 
Metcalfe Henry C, coffee spice and mus- 
tard-mill, 25 •• Vine. 
Milbourn John I), grocer, cor Main and 

.i' rson. 
Miller George J, fish oysters etc, 1' r. 

Bro id way. 
Miller John S. watch-maker, n Mulberry. 

EMSKIBSj n R5f|PR*Fl«|tl? Co troiline; over «4C.000.OO0 of Fire m % fg 

: . '. I , • . i , nil, and up. - iti s in 1 - nil- > - / .-■- t, H J) MACS 





Miller & Gotiglj (John T Miller R J j Nottnagel & Bro i L H and F A R), fiour- 

Gough), hardware 2*2 w Main. i rig-mill, <~ and b9 Walnut. 

Mills B & Son (Benjamin and Charles), I Northern Hank of Kentucky. M C John- 
gun-makers, 55 e Main. eon pres, W D Boswel) cash, cor Short 

MiiwartI If. K., Postmaster, cor. ; and Market. 

Short and Broadway. O'Brien Thus, harness-maker, 8 n Mulberry. 

Mihvard L P. sto • - an 1 tin, '■'■ 1 w Main. ! O'Connor Thos, grocer, eor Broadway and 

Mihvard & Co J U Mil ward, J P Shaw, j Maxwell. 

W R Mihvard , turn: M ti. O'Da^ Tho.«. grocer, cor 8.1 and Georget'n. 

Mitchell Adam, saloon, 70 e U ati r. \ O Neil Jas, grocer. 134 n Mulberry. 

Mitchell T 1) a Co T I) Mitchell, W A j O'Neil John, grocer, cor Mulberry and 

Cannon) di .• g Is, 29 e M dn. Winslow. 

Monroe W \V, station agent LC & L R'y, j Oots Henry F, cooper, 279 w Main. 

cor Vine and Mill. ' I Owens Peter, grocer, cor Upper and Cedar 

Montague Miss Kate, dress-maker, 55 w | Page & Miller -S J Page, A zander Mil- 

Mooney Charles I"., Palace Saloon, 

Good Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 1" 

North Mill. 
Moore B F, grocer, 150 w Mai::. 
Mo. >re T W & Bro (T \V and C W), 

crockery , cor Main an i M ill. 
Moore W R. grocer, 245 n Broadway. 
Morgan N .1, blacl smith, loo w Short. 
Morton J B & Co J B Morton, Jno M 

Greenway A R Miliigani, books station- 
ery anl drugs, 27 e Main. 
Morton & Parker, J R.Morton, 

"Watts Parker.) Lawyers, 53 East Short. 

(See adv.) 
Mullen Jan;;--, photographer, 5 w Main. 
Mullen Thomas, grocer, 124 w Main. 
Mulligan Dennis, grocer, cor Mullberry 

and Vin< 

ler . stoves and tin, 22 w Short. 

I Parker Alexander T,dry go. .:-. 21 w Main. 

' Patterson James K, president Agricultural 
and Mechanical Col ege of K< ntucky, 
i itv p irk, cor Winslow and Limestone. 

. Patterson J. T„ President Hamilton 
I-', male Col!«ge, £0 ■<'■ '■ 82 N -•; t m Broad- 
way. ( See .' /< . i 

! Pattiiison John H, florist, e 3d, bet Dewees 

| and Mulberry. 

I Payne c\: Kinnear (W Payne, Geo Kin- 
near), grocers, > or Short and Market. 

! Pearson Roberts & Co (Alex Pearson, B 
F Roberts , whol grocers, 14 w Main. 

| Pennington Ja> W. grocer, 51 e Vine. 

I Pepper J E & Co ( J E Pej per, Geo Stock- 
weather), distillers, nr cemetery. 

I Perkins Mrs Era, dress-maker. 50 n Broad- 

I way. 

Murray Bros (W K and J T), commission, | Perkins Ibzan, grocer, n Mulberry. 

36 w Main. 
Murray Patrick, saloon, 5 s Broadway. 
Myers* & Crutehtield (C J Myers.'j H 

Crutchfield , Iry goods, 13 w Mail 
Myers & Co i II A Myei 

makers, n Upper. 

Phelps John S, lawyer, 41 e Short. 

PhUMiix IlotH, C. F. Simonds, Pro- 
prietor, eor. Main and Mulberry. (See 
abinet- \ Pierce Clement, grocer, 15 Broadway, and 
cor 3d and Georgetown. 

National Exchange Bank, cap $100,000, j Pilkington A, carriages, 11 u .Mulberry. 
J B Wilgus pres, W Bright cash, 5 w j Piatt .fas Jr. clothing, 37 e Vine. 


Neal Mrs J V, dress-maker, n Mill. 

Neal Win H, grocer, n Mulberry. 

Nelson Samuel, restaurant, 20 n Mill. 

Newberry Wm II. blacksmith. 43 n Mul- 

Newton M E, grocer, Mulberry and 5th, 

Noon Thomas, shoemaker, 43 w Main. 

Norris Charles II, ice, Mill bet Short and 

Norris A; Son, (Thomas and M F), fruits, 
cor Mill ai i Short. 

Norton G W. office 9 South Upper. 

Polk AV. H , Editor Lexington Trans- 
cript Daily and Weekly i, 34 East Short. 
Prall John A. lawyer. 22 e Short. 
Prewitt, Goodwin ■£ Kstes i W. Q 

Prewitt, 1). B. G< odwin. J. I). Estes'i, 
Deal. ."- in A _ ■ dl ural Iniplei u nts 
Groceries, Fi< id Seeds, etc., South Mill 
bet. Main and Upper. 

Price Chas, produce, Church and Upper. 

Price Edward L. shoes, 21 w Ma n. 

Pruden M, marble-worker, 44 w Main. 

Purnell Wm. books and stationery, 2* •- 

: -. pn f\T\ ( '■■■ I n : 7?- f z - 
OUIlilfl lM, vtt, Uf CiluMfllJ, louSvi 

utnera D p » 
LLU, - - - . . . KY, 





Radigan Mary, gr • er, r 2d and George- 

Rarnsev 1 jf\<. i - . meat.-,, ti v, .- ; . ort. 

Rawls A U, entUt, 37A e Main. 

Reinberger Irving, igar i iir, n Mulberry. 

Reinberger J M. cigai nnfr. 11 - Upper. 

Reordan r. Sh rt and Jefferson 

Reynolds George ^V. pi ;,•.'.;■,:„.■, ai- t ] 
jeweler. 1 3 n lir ■ . i . 

W ; Ids Mr.- M J, dress-maker, 74 n M il- 

Reynold.-; S W, painter. 54 w Main. 

Richardson G <J A: Bro, candy ttmfrs -V! 
and ">5 w M dii, 

Richardson John B. Iiat .cap* and furs, 11 
e M tin. 

Richardson John W. grocer, cor L T pper 
and Wat' i - 

Richardson & Simi .'! M D R! ■hard.-.on, 
J B Sin • ■ !!), Irugs, .- M ; : : n i d Short. 

Robinson M P, phy.-i ian, 23 n Mill. 

Robinson Nei?, n, re-»t mi • • • Water. 

Roche Mrs M. -!■■ it, : .1 !'• •-. p, mid 2 i. 

Rodes Levi T. i ■ ■ . ' • I'pper. 

ttoy lt< v T. V., I i.-. In iia Pi vsician. 
office, over Post- i . 

Royalty L L. general -r ■ -r-. '. ; v. Short. 

Rule& Whitmorei W S Rub , F B Whit- 
raore). lumber, Cor Mulberry and Barr. 

Ramsey James, wagoii-maktr, e Short. 

St Catherine's F' u ■• <* A< ademv, ji* er 
Lucy, Moth* r Sup' ri.>r. 1 .7 n Mulberry. 

Salle Boone, gr. n-er - [Jroadv '.'. . 

Sanders David, g-rocer.cor High and Lower. 

Sandusky & Button, 1 B. Sandusky, 
John B. Batsoii'. Dealers in Harvesting 
Machinery, Grain Drills, Plows and 
Farm Wagons, Bi le '*--.-- Seed a Spec- 
ialty. 43 to 51 West Short. 

Savage Michael, grocer, 'or Georgetown 
and Jordan. 

Saxton Henrv A, painter, 10 e Water. 

Say re D A&Co E I » Say-re, R H Court- 
ney) bunkers, cor Mill a 1 Short. 

Sayre Female Institute H B McClellan, 
A. M., principal, r. Mul! erry, opp 2d. 

Schaeffer X Augustus, music iS e Main. 

Scholard Michael. gr ■ -. : M dberrv. 

Scott M T, pliY.-i i, - M 

Scott P.feS ' P, J ti - !' i ,hn I 1 ), 

i mp ' I. :■•■! Broa . I • lefferson. 

Scott Ueiil>eu, Li - : Feed 

Stable !:■--■ py Day or 

Week. Cor Vi I M 

•■ . !v & Yates .1 din S iliy, II VV Yates), 
grocers, 1'^ w Short. 

S< Il ;rs Jerome B, tailor, 61 e Mam. 
Shannon James, saloon, Short, nr K C 1; 

B depot. 
Shannon Miss Jennie, millinery, 13J v.- 

Shannon Michael, saloon, or Broadway 

arc! V ill--. 
Sharpe C, physician, 102 e Main. 
S! iv II inttn, hut- a .•! cap 10 e Main. 
Shedd John R, harness-maker. 71 e Main, 
m Thomas, groi er, c >r 3d and L T pp< r. 
Shel> ' ri orgi A - iap t.infr, 22 e \ inc. 
Shepherd John M, grocer, cor Short and 

i re i inretown and L0 ?: Broudw ay. 
Shiddi 11 A .!, grocer, 135 n Jefferson. 
Snivel Samuel L, insurance, 15 n Mill, 
Shropshire James H, auctioneer, 32 8 Short. 
Sit !•-•' ht Krnil, fai -y g ods, cor Short an-l 

S in >-. Samuel, engine builder, Vine, her 

Spring and Lower. 
Simoiuls C. F.* Propr. Phoenix Hotel, 

■ <<r. Main and Mulberrv. 
Simpson & Barkley S P Simpson, J L 

Barkky i, harness, _4 w Main. 
Skillman H M. physician, 38 n Mill. 
Slade Mi~.T Susie, dress-maker, e s Broad- 

Sia\ in James, grocer, Georgetown, nr 

Slavin Patrick, grocer, cor Short and 

Smith K Bf book-binder, lb' w Main. 
Smith S A &, J G, druggists, cor Main and 

Smith & Coons (Isaac Smith, J J Coons),, 

livery, cor Mulberry and Short. 
Smith 1& Ross if. Y Smith, George P Ross), 

bouts und shoes, 7 e Main. 
Smith & St,. 11 i J Sonic Smith. Charles H 

Stoll), lawyers, air Mill and Short. 
Snedaker Joseph J>. physician, 95 w Main. 
Snyder Otis W, jeweler, n Upper. 
Snyder Win R. coal and v. >od, 127 e Main. 
Southern Hotel, H. L. Giltner, Pro- 
prietor, ''>•_' nrid '-t Kast Short. (See adv.) 

Spears L W, liverv, - M ill rv. 

Sj ears U m H. barber, Ode Water. 
Su :nc< ' E R, ■ onitni*sion, 6 e Main. 
Speyer & !'■•. Julius and Joshua), hides 

and pelts, 22 a id 24 - Broadway. 
- 1 > Cassius C. coiifecti'j ier, tj2 e M ai " 
S] t.t.- i i K It ,V Son i K R and \ SI 

Spol -■ iod ! imber, ISy c Main. 
Stal I .in 1 , saloon, \'l n Broadway. 
Stahel J Henry, saloon, 12 n Mill. 

.< I m ] 1 . LTTQ wdd«d W inMrfw.f.SpKla!tto S( F rt d8d. ■ - . ■ :. 

HaC] L Fi L IF Hi ILlllll lliliLu 835 Broadway, i 830 N. 4th St., ST. LOUIS, MO. 





Stnlil Herman, grocer, cor Constitution and 
Do wees. 

Slapp Hewitt ( '. grocer, J7 v, Short. 

-•■■• Charli - II, saloon, •■ Water. 

Stockdell J fi. phvsician, 90 u Main. 

Stoll, Clay & Cm.'i R P Stoll. H C Cbn and 
J S Stoll distillery i 3 miles north i. 

Stoll Georg , US commissioner, cor Mill 
and Si 

Stoll G?orge & Son (George and C If;, in- aircnts, cor Mill and Short. 

St .: ; & Hamilton i 11 P Stoll, T S Hai il- 
ts>n), v.-h liquors, Broadway and Vine. 

Si- ne R 11. 1 ' nk r, 9 n V) . r 

Straus L & G f Louis aid Ctus), clothing, 
cor Main and Mulberry. 

Strobe! Mr.-- Eliza, dress-maker, 10.1 n Mili- 

Strobel Gottlieb, Boot and Shoe- 
maker, 12 No; :'■• Mulberry. 

Stuckenberg Wm S, 1 ts and shoes, 7 w 


St id '■ Joseph, physician, Broadway near 
8h .rt. 

Suter K & A, barbers, i or Main and Mill. 

Sutton & Son i Thomas and Frank), fur- 
niture, 61 e Main. 

Sweeney W O, physician, 60 :. Mill. 

Swift SD, station fluent K C R R Co, Depot. 

Swift S T. agon! K C U K. Po-nix Hotel. 

Swop.; A M, collector internal revenue, cor 
Main and Upper. 

Talbott A physician, 4 s n Broadway. 

Talbott A S, demist, 93 e Main. 

Talbott Wm. insurance. 55 e Short, 

Tanner & Sharp (J N Tanner, S G Sharp), 
lawyers. 42 e Short. 

Tarlton Llew P Jr. lawyer. -','2 e Short. 

TarrWm. & Co. r \Wm. Tarr, T. J. 
Megibben, Samuel Clay, Jr.. and J. M. 
Kimbrough), Distillers of Fine Bour- 
bon, Pure Ryes, and Hand-made Sour- 
mash Whiskies, Manchester, near K. 
C. R. R. 

Taylor Wm L, livery, 37 n Mulberry. 

Taylor A: Co ( A A and S B) fancy goods, 
13 and 15 s Upper. 

Teater Jus N. groceiies. 5 n Broadway. 

'' ' g:^er D niei, tailor 96 e Main. 

Telvea A S. watch-maker, 72 e Main. 

Thomas B G, liquor., l ! n Mill. 

Ch nnas John li, dioem iker, n M lib rry. 

' bon p- 'i Austin, blaoksn ith, Sycamore, 
nr 2 t. 

Tiion pson Milton G, stoves and tin 16 <j 

| Thompson \ Boyd P h Thompson, John 
Bovd, W II Th rmpson). saddles and har- 
ness, 54 e M in. 
j Thornton 11. \.. Lawyer, 34.$ e Short. 

n relkeld T i;, books, Market, nr Church. 
i Tillett Oscar F, grocer, c >r Main and Rose, 
! Tillow Mrs E, dress-maker, 12.- ,\ Main. 

i i iii s Jo eph, sewing-machi • repairer, 
! Tipton J M, coal 215 •• Main. 
I Todd Lyman B, plr, ian , 35 n ( >pper 
: Totten Mi-s Helen I., t rincipal Christ 
i Church Seminary, Maxwell. 
I Transylvania Printing Co. ' W. O. 
Sweeney, Pres.; \V. [•[. Cas.vll, Sec; 
j Wm. PlunkeU, Treas.; T. Logan !!•• uer, 

Man.), Printers, Binder*, md B 

Book Manufai ture: - 19 irid 51 East 
Main. S>£ ad \ 

I ; :acy & Wiisa i B J Treacy, G D Wil- 
son), livery, -ale, and commission-stable, 
{>■■} and 95 e Mai:.. 

Troy Jos, sewing-machines, 153 w M tin 

Troy Mrs Li/./.ie, bazaar patterns, !'•- ■* 

I. pingtonJas Tec Bro (JasTand .lob:- V -, 
carriage-manufrs. e Short, nr Mulberry. 

Van Pelt Wm, •':•■■ > r. J9 s Vine. 

V-.rty Wm A & Co | Wm A Varty, E A 
Holme-), fancy e;o ils, lw Main. 

Vaughan <r W. founder and machinist, 
cor Short and Spring. 

Yih-y. Mocker «£ Co.,i Willa Viley, J. 
M. Hooker, Jr.., Agricultural Imple- 
ments, Field Seeds, Buggies, etc. Grain, 
Wool, and Hemp Bought and Sold on 
Commission. Cor. Mill and Vine, opp. 
Louisville I)»-pot. 

S • Henry, grocer, 3d, nr Jefferson. 

Vogel Frederick, shoemaker. 110 e M-tin. 

Wailey Chas W, scales, e Water. 

"Wainscott (U;o W, livery, 46 n Broadway. 

Walby Wm, grocer, 47a Broadway. 

Wallace John B. drvcoodi, 11 e Main. 

Warner & Reed E T Warner, J II Reed), 
distillers, 50 Short. 

Wason J as S. lawyer, 41 e Short. 

Watt-rs Frank, iu\\ er, ■'■'■ j e Short. 

Weitxel Oenry, bht< ksiuith, cor Springand 

Welsh B J. grocer, cor Broadway and 2d. 

Wendover Albert C, livery, Short nr 

Werts John II, cl >thin«», 31 e Mui;,. 

West John, barber, 11 s Mill. 

West Richard T, restaurant, 24 w Short. 

C. . : • | ^Y^^'f^t^Cj New1iIus<ra{edC8t : i!cr t ue just out. Fre .) .. a 

s' ».!•.*.. v ■' >■>.■'- ' 3. ' •■ is ?i d Cc i ■ is. Sent by i > 

J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street.. CHiCACO, JLL 





White Henry A, stoves and tin, 32 n 

White Thomas W, dry g >ods, 20 w Main. 
Whitnev H C, phvsician, cor Mill and 

"Whit iev J W, physiei tn, 36 n Mill. 
Wiehl & Patterson ,.l il Wiehl. Mrs M 

L Putters >n . fu ri ii are, 5 e Mi n. 
Wieman Henry, earria -rnal m\ cor Main 

ai d Spring. 
Wilgui G !>, ;■ a.l and lime, SO n Mulberry. 
Wil'kerson J T & \V 15. livery, Mill bet 

Short and C burch. 
Williams B M. g. n'l ' re. 1 -3-i n Mulberry. 
Williams John N, ■•■ it hrnaker, 3 w Main. 
Williams N II, carpenter and builder, 17 

e Water. 
Will itn Mrs Ra< hel.gro< ;ry n Mulberry. 
Williuiiisoii A Bro. iWm.A .' 

Mnfr.-r and D< ". bum! er, Shingles, 

Sash, I) iors and 151 nds, etc i >im< nsi< >n 

Lumber of an\ size Pi unptly Sawed 

and Shipped in ear-lots from our Steam 

Saw-mill, 12ft and 12$ w. Main: extends 

from Water to Main on railroad track. 
Wilson Mrs H If, restaurant, s Mill. 
Wilson J"hn S. druggist, 20 e Short. 
Wilsoil Robert, Livery, Feed and Sale 

Stable, 21 West Short. {See a iv.) 
Wils tn Samuel P, job printing, c^r Short 

and Cheapside. 
Wilson & Bro (J T & W C), gun-smiths. 

e Short. 
Winchester Mr* Julia, dress-maker, 25i w 

Winship Oliver C, meats, 19 n Broadway. 
Wood Theodore B. druggist, 44 e Main. 
Wood ThomaSct Bro, planing-raill.w Vine. 
Woodruff Jesse, insurance, '-" ■ Short. 
Woodson W E, mangr W U Tel, Phcenix 

Woolfoik ^ Craig (Joseph H Woolfolk & 

H (r Craigb v-rai n . and commission 

merchants, 8b w Ma n. 
Woolley A K, lawyer. 42i e Short 
"Wright & Meyers ^Thomas C Wright, 

Adolph Meyers), meat market, 16 w 

Yellman John II, hemp manufacturer, ta.r 

4th and Georgtown. 
Young Edward, grocer and produce, cor 

Upper and Water. 
Young John C. brick manufacturer, \'inc, 

b. ■•• Mill an 1 Brou U iv. 

Young & Buss ■ L P Young .if. M N Bass), 

painters, cor Main and Spring. 

LIBERTY. The county-seat of 

sey county. Nearest railroad -' iti n 
Kinnev, 16 miles. To Louisville, 

miles. 1 water, and 1 steam rlour-n 
church and 1 school arc here. Shipn 
ti bacco, cattle and hogs. Stages to 
Kinney daily ; fare$l. Mail daily. 
T. it. •;. ah y. postmaster. 

Adams Silas, County Attorney. 
Bowline; Silas, wagon- maker. 
Ch< If Perry, Flour Mill. 
Christison A, jailer. 
Clark A 11, lawyer. 
( !offey lS: Pe irce, 
EdwaT Is J, blai k.- mith. 
MeBeatll John P., Druggist. 
Napier W F, general store. 
Phillip- 1), saddler. 
Royalty A. T., Tailor. 
S;ii ; tii <V M iller, druggists. 
Sioi >■ .1 R. hotel. 
Stone W. !>., General Store. 
Tabor John, blacksmith. 
"\\ hip; J \\ , general store. 
Wilkinson Wm, carpenter. 


[I •; 

i ! ' 

vl '- 

M • 


L., C. & L. IC'y, in Carroll county, 18 miles 
from Carrollton, the county-seat. Th-evil 
lage contains 200 inhabitants. Express, 
Adams. Mail daily. J. T. Rolston, post- 
master, and genera! store. 

LICKIXG. Nine miles south of 
Newport, in Campbell county; a small 
post-ohice, only. 

LILETOWN. In the south-eastern 

part of Green county, 12 miles south-east 
of Greensburg, the county-seat, and nearest 
shipping point on the L. it N. 11. R.i Greens- 
burg branch), and 85 miles south-east < t 
Louisville. Adams Express. Semi-weekh 
mail. Population 160. J. W. Neville, 

Brown & L5I«. coopers. 
i arrest & Baird, axe-handle factory. 
• r. alder M P, pb ■. f i< iai . 
Harding T *S. ii" 1 , shw and flour-mill. 
\, ,._- .., \v S. . oper. 
NVville John W., General Stor< and 

I': ilp. tt \V N. distiller. 
Pruit; B, blacksmith. 
Robertson A .1, flour-mill. 

fb (f% R ffc'T'S i'" ' " ' : . g! ? '■ .' T avt *<-tile<l more than 1,400 

..... i ■■ • ' . a . is <iij sistcd Claims. Agents Everywhere, 


Waters Rev J T (Methodist ). | LITTLE CREEK. In the county 

Whftlock. I>. 31., Justice. I of Pike. 8 miles from Pikeville, the eounty- 

seat ami shipping station, and 300 from 

* «--»-«, ^TvmiT- t i I Louisville, is tins country post-i fi ■•■. near 

LL\E CBhLK. n the northern which are Bapti>t and Methodist churches, 

pan of Pulaski county, 19 miles north-eas anf] ;( i( , bool > ht ander thi . Su .,. schoo] 

of Somerset, the county-seat, its nearest , aw w ,, ekly a mail . Wm . Damron, 

shipping point, on the ( . >. By., and 140 ; . a .*- er 

Bi.uth-east of Louisville. Semi-wtiekh P ' - » • 

mail. Population 30. Oyrenius Childers, , mm ,^ ,_ .,,_ . _ 

postmaster. LITTliE FLAT. An unimportant 

V_ " ,, , ,, ' and hiii recently-established post-office in 

Cooper James, General Store. | R t) ,.„, n < v " 

i ' ... /i \ i , • . , i uatn coun i\ . 

Isaacs \V C, blacksmith. • 

Shiplet Thomas, corn-nnll. LITTLE HICKMAN. In the 

| southern part of Jessamine county, 10 

LINE FORK. With a probable m \l ; south of Nicholasviile, the county- 

| illation of 100, is Mluated ii Letcher SPjt t. its nearest shipping point, on the C. 

i mty, 15 m — from YVhitesburg, the | s. K'v. Adams Express. Mail by special 

county-seat. Mail weekly. O. G. Holcomb, supply. Population 40. J. W. Overstreet. 

postmaster. postmaster. 

Connitt Samuel, blacksmith. | Brooks John A., Livestock. 

Hall Philip, justice of peace. j Brooks & A. lain--, distillers. 

Holcomb Uei derson. !L ur-mill (w). Dean C, 2 ' • ral store. 

Hoicomb II C, physician. . D ean VV"H, live stock. 

Holcomb O. (Jr., Farmer and Justice Evans E, physician. 

of Peace. ! Overstreet J. W., General Store and 

Holcomb Solomon, constable. Undertaker. 

Sparkon M, saw-mill (w). j Preston Benjamin, wagon-maker. 

! Rav Zachery, boot an 1 shoemaker. 

LINTON. In the southern part of , Run van K A. blacksmith. 

Trigg county, on the Cumberland river, ; "Watts John D, flour-mill. 

15 miles south of Cadiz, the c< unty-seat, | 

80 south-west of Hopkinsville, its nearest j LITTLE MOUNT. In the north- 

elnppingpointbyraH.ontheSt.L.&S.L ; ern part of Spencer countv, G miles north 

division L & N R. It., and 208 south-west , of ^ vlor , vil ( 0i the cx-untv-seat, and near- 

of Louisville Go,,ds should be shipped egt g} ; ■ htU fmd '30 south-east of 

to Linton. Population ,o. Daily mail. Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Popula- 

Sanford I. apiceland, postmaster. , tion 40 j. b. Eg^en. postmaster. 

Allen Rev RR (Baptist), j Brown E M £ v . 

S^ rr A h g«>c«r and saloon Btwn w T ^ n . maker . 

Champion J. 31., Hotel and General j K ,„,<.„ j # B., G-nera. Stwro. 

n i >rP ' » r -ii ' Eguen J L, physician. 

Gordon A J, saw-mill. K } j, n ( „. !i( . r;(i Store _ 

Hern on James wagon-maker, marshal. , H £* flirt Uev B K , Baptist). 

Herndon W b, blacksmith { McL tj n Eobert, blacksmith. 

Love Rev Josop.M Methodist). i ^ & shelburne, e< neral .tore. 

Me.Nieliols Ar.MeCrae, General Store. ,, „,,,."■ i>; ■• ,. i ; 

Niinri J.. A. A. l$ro., &aw-M.:ll. j, ; _ e; ,- L L lfcpo] -.„ 

i' "-' : i 5 "".''-,.^--'."' ! ' "' I Sloan Win., Flour-mill. 

Spu-eland EC lawyer I Streepv Roberl, blacksmith. 

Sf*eelaml L. C. A Co., Generai | Tich 4\, r P, saw-mill. 


Sjucelaiul Saw ford 1., Jvistioe and ; 


Vinson Rilev, wasron-maker. I Knox county (See Bryant's Store). 

\\ ixM\ ■ i&i CE 

' A N A.GEES, 

CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - ■ Louisville, Ky. 





LITTLE SANDY. A small post- 
office in Elliott < uuiity. 

LIVLRMORK. An incorporated 
towi. of about 500 inl abitants, in the east- 
ern portion of M< Lean county, 8 miles 
east of Calhoun, tho < iity-«° it. 1 1 is a 
station on the ' >w ■ n- >r>.. brai ch of the 
L. & N". Ii. it., and -- on ll '.: : n river, 
which furnishes excellent power here, in 
part used to propel a saw and grist-i 11. 
N( arest bank at Owensl iro, '..'- mil s i >rl .-. 
Fanning land can bo >btained at 515 per 
acre. \ church is in coi - ■ f coi 
tion, and a good ] ibiie ■< h >ol is here. 
Lumber and tobacco are shipped. Express 
Southern. Mail daily. W. E. Lashbrook, 

A rkenburg R I!. haceo. 

Bowlds Rev D S i M -tiki list i. 
Cow rell W .1. blai - i ■'>■ 
Crouch George R, em | Titer. 
Driskeil A G, cooper. 

Ethering-toii Mrs. Belle, Millinerv. 
Fields Hugh, hotel. 
Gillim C P. di isgi?i and grocer. 
Haekett R A. saddler. 
Hackett K. 11. & Co., Grist, Saw and 

Hillsmai 'A Ii. pby-i ian and druggist. 
Hoover Geo ii, hotel. 
Lashbrook & Haekett, Grocers. 
Li v,- : ,s \\ il, carpenter. 
Moseley Br"S, general store. 
Priest it Davis, saw-mill. 
Reamer W. C. ? Handle and Spoke 

Rowan S \V, rtn goods and express agent. 
Sell-oil Geo F, cooper. 
Whit taker I>. VV., LiseStock. 


descriptive 'sketch and business direci 
see Hst of tow i - received t >o late for n :- 
ul<i r in icrtion. 

Ma . 

LOCKPORT. A landing on the 
Kentucky river, and village in Flenr} 

r un-ty, 1 5 mil s east of New Cast le, ■ I - 

mil -- ii , ii arest bank loi li I 

Pieasurevilie, on the I... C. & L. Ky, is the 
nt •.?■'--!, railroad n ;•; - ■ ■ i. This won <i 
prove a desirable loi i ion l'»r a flour and 
grist-m ill. T ibai co and ;rain f >j in t h.< 
si ipmc!its, and price of land rang;* - fn 
$10 to JoO per a< re. Popu ation 225. 
tri-weekly. L. A. Owen, postmaster. 

A bra! am & Son, dn iroods. 

llsn r \V II . physician. 

Barr & Owen, l)r tggists. 

Baugh Geo, blacksmith. 

Douihit cSt Sarlls, di iggists. 

Down.S Will., Hot* ! ..' d Saloon. 

Edwards F M, blacksmith. 

Lav rence Q W, dry goods. 

Owens L D, tea* her. 

Sewell John \V, blacksmith. 

Storkin Jas P, hotel and saloon. 

Streets D R, wajron-maker. 

Vest Henry, saloon. 

V in Foriiigor A, bi ot and shoemaker. 

Winter Rev \\ li. 

LOCUST. Carroll 
west of Carrollton, the 
whence it receives mail 1 

county, 6 miles 
ounty-seat, from 
y special supply. 

LIV1A. In the northern partof Mc- 
Lean county, 12 miles north of Calhoun, 
the county-seat, and 125 south-west of 
Louisville. Riley's Station is its nearest 
shipping point. Underwood Male and Fe- 
male Seminary is located hen I >aily mail 
and stage to' ( all: un; < ire ?1. T. M. 
Smith, p< stmnster, an i general -tore. 

LIVIXGSTOX. A binding n the 
Cumbi rla nd i iver. ! f same 

name 12 miles froi ii! 1. the •■■■ ml ■ 

sc-nt. Ship goods dire t via water. Mail 
weekly. W. C. Lo wry. postmaster. 

LOCUST BRANCH. Located in 
the extreme south-western corner of 1 stil 
county, is a small settlement of some 75 
persons. 12 miles south-west of Irvine, the 
county-seat, and 150 from Louisville. Har- 
ris, a station on the Ri< hmond div. L. & N. 
R. R.. is its dapping point for its surplui 
product of hogs, and produce. Mail semi- 
weekly. Turner Richards, a, postmaster. 

Comb* W. W., Mill. 

t li ill r , Curtis, general store. 

Gentry W. iiour-rnill. 

II:. v;- G, physii ian. 

Howard John \V, lawyer and druirs^ist. 

LCi s B, gem ral -tore and distiller. 

Miller Jam , mail-* arrb r. 

r! i t'harl -s, hot 1. 

Richardson Turner, General Store. 

Ro ■ ii I>, flour-mill and general store. 


ikiiO AuJU^Ililj rail! FAiil 

Wit! at n '-runre to tlieComiJatiies we maiiRgti. 
BARBEE L CASTLEMA!* Lot svi !e, Ky. 

Afifiits e^orjivhire South. 





LOGANSPORT. It! the western 

part of Butler county, ■'. ■ n iled west of 

\;, • i--.'.i ,-, v . n, t, : county-scat, 13 south of 

Beaver Dam, its nearesl shippii g point, oil 

the P. & K. J»'. Pv., and , of a mi >: from 

Bender Landing, it- nearest shipping 

point, by water. Daily mail. W. C. Mc- 

Kinney, postmaster. 

IIow ard .1 W, [ hvsician. 

M' Kenncy W T.'druggist. 

Id iKennev tt Or".',. -. 1 aeksmiths. 

Read Rev C L (Cumberland Presbyterian). 

Read J R, tobacco. 

Read M A, to! aci o. 

Render Joshua, tobac o. 

LOG LICK. The, country post- 
office in Clark cwunty, 90 miles from Lou- 
isville. Population oO. Weekly mail. J. 
W. Elkiii postmaster. 
Bftrryman James, blacksmith. 
Dawson J W, genera! store. 
Elkin S C. physician. 
El kin J W, general store, 
Johnsco T, wagon-maker. 

LONDON. With a population of 
300, is the county-seat of Laurel county, 
167 miles south-east of I ouisville. The 
neare»l railroad and si ppiiiu; point at 
present, i- Livingston, on the Knoxville 
branch, L. & N. R. 11.. but the road is rap- 
idly being extended, and, in a few months, 
will reach this point. Banking tran>-act- 
ionsare carried on at Somersi t. A news- 
paper, a steam flour-mill, '_' steam saw- 
mills a church, a semij iry, and a good 
publi( school are sustained. M-iil daily. 
\V. C, Baker, postmaster. 

Boyd R, lawyer. 

BmJ'1 & S nitli _'• ' ■ ral store. 

Brown C. jenernl store. 

Drown j oil n T., General Store, 

Brown VV L, county judge. 

Canifax T J. county attorney. 

Coi k & Catching, lawvers. 

Craft J A lav >.--. 

!)■• •« .1 imes b ■ ksn iti . 

Dvclie A. If., Propr. Mountain Koho. 

Ew«ll R !.. lawyer. 

Fitrris C B, hi wver. 

P»rr - <! -•V. h< •■ 

Karris .V Williams, General Store. 

K r :.•: H, bla ksmith. 

Poster James 1>. physh ian and saw-mill. 

Granville Pearl, lawyer. 

Hacking E H. general store. 

Ela :kii _' Jai ob, jailer. 

Jackson W K. hotel. 

Jackson A. Ruder blacksmiths. 

Jackson & Son, Drugs and Books. 

Jones C W, county ch rk. 
I Laurel Seminary, C. G. Blakely and 

J. C. MfKi e, Principals. 
j Lovelace \V m, hotel. 
' Mahan Lee. marshal. 
I iloren "W T. lawyer. 
j Pitman it J, p! ysician. 

Pitman John, Flour-mill. 

Ramsey W R, lawyer. 
| Randall "W H, lawyer. 
| Robinson J W, photographer. 
i School Rev "VV C (Christian). 
j Smith V A' E, clerk circuit court, 
'■ Sutton H C. bla. ksmith. 
1 Williams E D, 1 arber. 
j Williams & Bryant, General Store. 
i Yadon J L, justice. 


I lage and post-office in McLean county, i) 
1 miles north of Calhoun., the county-scat, 
, and six miles west of Livia, its shipping 
'■ point on L. & N. R.R.(Owei sboro division >. 
' Tuba'"''.', hogs, and wheat are sbipp ■;. 
, Population about 100. Stage to Calhoun 
j and Livia. fare $1. Mail daily. J. S. H 

Ki;.:>', postmaster. 

Carpenter A. W., Physician. 

Collins B F, blacksmith. 
, Davis J W, dentist. 

Jackson J II, blacksmith and justice. 
| Jeffries Rev R VV (Christian). 
| Kijrel J. S. H., General Store. 
: La k : " ; 1 E A, pby sician. 
: Peak A: J ickson, mdertakei s. 
j Phillips I. i- R P. live st. ck. 
i Ticknor Rev i. C Baj tist . 
| Troutman J F, druggist. 
i Vance Peter, wagon-maker. 

LONG FORK. A Pike county 
pi *l-< ffii e. \V. H. C Johnsi n, post! -\ • 

LONG GROVE. On the P. &■ K. 

R. R., in the suuibern part of Hardin 
county, 9 miles south-west of Klizabrth- 
tci f. ■ .' .' >! c unty-si at, ar d 19 south of 
Louisville. Southern Express. Daily 
mail M. M. Kerfoot, postmaster. 

f :■ » EJ B -" " * ' ' ;<>r!Pfios, iMilges, 31 in iu«* a ml aU Cor. 

. ■ ; '. i inffaUou-!, 3?nla5s; 'ool and H:mu'iw Ch.eks. 

ULhl* * L.^^U^.yj i.. liucuii, i-^:-.:;' •-»:..:;:::;:, ::;i:._. ::,.:;;., ..t:^.;;, .:. 


Franklin & Bro. general store, j LONG VIEW. A small post-office. 
Giilihuui W II. trader. i in Christian • unity. Ship to Hopkins- 
Kerf oot 31. >!., General Store. I ville, the county-sjat, 12 miles distaiu. 
Marriott J «k Bro, millers. j Population (50. * Tri-weekly mail. W B. 
Moherly L T, blacksmith and station ag't. \ Radford, postmaster. 

j Carter A. I... Livestock. 

LONG LICK. A small settlement ! Cliappi I VV D, physician, 

in Seott county. 12 miles i rth of George- (.' irdy T F, physician, 

town thi county- -eat and si • r -'. ■' m. ' .-:■ •''.;. K « ' ; u csmith. 

C mti y | • ■ . ularketed. Mail semi- Radford M, live stock, 

weekly. D. S. Alsop postmaster. j Thomas J (.J, physi 

Also]) D. S., General Store. 

Alsop D & Bro, produce. LOOKOUT. A small post-office, in 

Brow: <> V> physician. I Pike county. 19 miles from Pikeviile, the 

Covington V J. "general store. j shipping point and county- seat. Weekly 

Griffith B T. general store, j n ' iul - J. B. Sanders, postmaster. 

Mills «X I>;iilv, Lumber Manufacturers. ' 

H ' - CLi erai store. LORETTO. A station on the L. & 
Ireland John, justi • j N. R. ]{.. in Marion .-.,unty, 1(U miles 
James S F, carpenter. : from Lebanon, the county-seat. A steam 
Jones J W, justice. j flour-mill, o chu ' - and a female semi- 
McFarland Richard, blaeksini h. i nary are su.-tuined, by n population of 1 00. 
MeFarland lo.-\ S L (C! ri tian). ! Wheat, hogs, cattle, and moles are shipped. 
Hice Win., Grist and Saw-mill. : Express Adams, Telegraph Western L'n- 
Risk R H, distiller. i ion. Mail daily. W. J. Smith, postmaster. 
Seward & Jones, lawyers. I Ballard t V Lancaster, Distillers. 
Southworth Asa grocer. Bicket Thomas, wagon-maker. 
Southworth las.'lial, boot and shoemaker. ; [} oor ]; ]> ),]■■■»-■. ith 
South worth VV B. wagon-maker. Burks vV M, flour-mill. 
Wood P, constable. j Fe ehan Rev K P (Catholic). 
I King Rev GS (Methodist). 

LONG KUX STATION. Away- I Lyon W H. general store, 

station on the L. ('. & L. R'y, in Je Her son Mud 1 J A, railroad and express agent. 

county, 18 mi es from Louisville. Hogs, Osborn T N. boot and shoemaker, 

wheat, and woo] are shipped. Mai! daily, j Rich Davis, hotel. 

J. W. Demaree, postmaster. i Rodman .) J. physician. 

Conner T J lawver. j Ruby & Fileatreau, general store. 

Demaree J. \V., Railroad Agent. ' Smith Win. J.. 0. neral Store. 

Fishback L Nl. physician. | Thompson r> F, boot and ihoemaker. 

Harbott W. \Y., Phvsician. 

Jasper U P, constable. * LOST CREEK. A post-office, in 

Justiee & Proctor, saw and corn-mill. ] Breathitt county. It is 11 miles from 

Little J. T. General Store. ! Jackson, the county- eat and 55 from .Mi. 

Miller J B, ju.-tici Sterling, the shipping point. Population 

Pemh rton W E, express agent. j •"'"• Weekly mail. F. M. Day, postmaster. 

Powers Rev W K i Baptist . j Campbeli John, coroner. 

Quessenborrv T A. blacksmith. \ Campbel Zachaviah, Dhvsieian. 

Sc Li ,1 W, blacksmith. , Da; & Sallee, general' store. 

Smith F B, : . istiee. , ] tfl John L, justice of peace. 

Watkins M iss Kate, teacher. . Fray ley John, blacksmith. 

Wiseheart Win. wagon-maker. j Laudram R S. school-teacher. 

AVolnier A. •'., General Store. ! St.-on.- E C, lawver. 

LONG'S LANDING. Henderson j LOST It UN. Locally known as Ger- 
county (See Alzey). I mantown, *a.-» first setted in 1871, is a •mall 

_ 9 



'' ■ 



J. V. REED & C 

NO. 138 MAIN ST. 



Book and Job 



6 ;• 

1 - ' 
1 :r, \> -S. 

We do all kinds oi .1 » . "• v > 1 < rind Conmierc'ihl 1 rii|tii|g in 
tlic latent ptyle. at very reasonable prices, and 

Guarantee Entire Satisfacti n 

We will allow a discount of 5 per cent, on all bills 
where this advertisement is mentioned. 

J. V. HEED & CO. 

Sei for sample cf nur cheap Scratch Blod 



Uf,« ■"■ B I ' ' ' • I 

i; over * ! 


.- .■--■■-. ... - itti , : .V '■ : :' . Si fi Hi l **F§i 

7 Louis tile, Kj Aeeutx everywhere. 4* 





llasra of 7<> inhabitants, i >n Butfalo crei k, 
.' a i ' uridge eou nty. 5 miles east ol 1 lar- 
•dnirg, the county-seat ' ip to 1 
Id, miles -] on I P.X E. )'.. II. R., 
ir Cloverporfc, fin feh< Ohio H \ er. N <aresi 
bank at Cloverport. Tobacco i.s raised, an 1 
forms the only expurt. Express Adams. 
Mail semi-weekly. G. A. Leichardt, post- 

laster and farmer. 
Cru i Ma \ blacksmith 
LLorseU Gideon, constable. 
Oicliardl <l. A.. Justin e. 
McDanie! Mathew, wagon-maker. 
!'.;.'• . James I', saw and flour-mills. 
Smith Roland, expr 'ss agent. 
Symington J. general store. 

LOT. Also called B ■ ■•. »n, in th 

ern part of Whit - . count y, within 

f th Ten nessee State iino and 

Wbitlev . the c unty-s^at. Clear! • 

Las available p< >w er here. SI 

Knot, 27 miles west, on the C. S. IV \ 

ddcrable timl er and coal i.s in the v 

Population 108. Mail tri- weekly. 

Rose, postmaster. 

Bolton, T, blacksmith. 

Farrell Daniel black- nith. 

Mays Ralph, tiour-mill. 

Hose «T. L., 7" s'-ician. 

Siler G. A. & I,. L., General 

Siler T E B, general store. 


2 miles 



i i reek 

■ r 

. e 

-. c 





LOUISA. The county -seat of Law- 
r snee county, is an incoi u >r ited town, and 
'juite an important landing on the Big 
Sandy river, and is at pr -ent the souti ern 
terrain is of the ( '1 ttr •; Railway. 4 
churches and 2 schools are sustained, by a 
population of 800. 2saw-m lls.a steam rhair- 
"iiM,an d .i m ■■ : er are also here. Nearest 
bunk is at Asblan 1, 30 miles north. Produce 
■'' all kind-, with timbi r and staves, are 
shipped. A good opening is presented 
here for any wood-working factory. L: n ! 
■'an be purchased from S2 to $30 per acre, 
Kx press Adams. Mail daily. Leo Frank, 
i" stmaster. 

Armstrong Rev (' (Methodist). 
Atkins & Co, groi ''-: : > 
Burns R T. lawyer. 
t'asfcte ii. W., Lawyer. 
1 'lay ton John L, lawyer. 
Flunk Leo., Jeweler. 
Precse «i Williams, dour-mill. 

( la hie Ben \» min . barber. 

Graham M V, ii >;■■; ami saloon. 

Hsickwovtli & Bui'iis, General Store. 

Holt, Iju.-ey & Webb, saw-mill. 

Jarrel Rev John B .i List). 

Lo •!-'"• A !exan h r. i\vv>t, 

Fjoekej Greenville, General Store. 

Mareuvn W VV, law •■> r. 

Mum ey D W, general store. ' 

Nforthup .lav II, general store. 

Office M.O., Hotel. 

Ratclifl J S. grocer. 

Ri' e Jacob, law ■. er. 

Rice J M, !g«ri • r. 

Rich Rev G W - Methodist). 

Itigrg Get*. K., Saloon and Grocer. 

Rotte W. i>., General Store. 

Snyder T. J., BugEjv Manufacturer and 

- irt Jas E, lawyer. 
Sulli\ an Norris A; Co, grocei ies. 

illivan W\ l, hart-boat. 
Sullivan «Sc Co. saloon. 
Swetm in Win. grocer. 
Vinson K. F. & 1.1 ro., Druggists. 
Vinsi in R, lawyer. 
Vinson & Atkins, Livery ami Stage 

Wallace F T D, lav rer. 
Wroten G W, physician. 
YTates S. »J ., E'ln -. ■ m. 

LOUISVILLE. The city of L »uis- 
ville is the largest and most important 
city in Kentucky, and the second, in size, 
on the < >hio river. It is eligibly situate I. 
in Jefferson county, about equi-distant 
between the eastern and western bounda- 
ries of the State. By rail, it is 110 ;:. ; 'es 
from Cincinnati. 110 from Indianapolis, 
4'j:i from Pittsburg, 7>1 from Washington, 
:;77 from Detroit," 537 from Bulialo/ 956 
from Now i'ork, 1,034 from Boston, 323 
from St. Louis, and :Jo0 from Chicago. 
T i first settlement on the present site of 
the ( ity was made as earl} as 1770, but no 
material improvements were made until 
1780, \. : i; h year, •••■>:: : ;.. chronicled the 
birth of the city. Possessed of superior 
advantages, by its admirable location, it 
was but a short time before Louisville 
became, what it now is. the metropolis of 
the south-western State.-.. Five trunk- 
lines, centering here, give it shipping 
facilities of no common order, and this, in 
connection with the river traffic, make it 

R] Pf] RL , Bt « .(£<», I> 

yUJjiu.^ Ll\\). UUi UI ljliUDiiA\JJj x,ouisvT/.,ijE, ...... 


the shipping and receiving depot for the i both firms operating an enormous 1 
surrounding States, ii - the southern and representing most of the be.M 
term in ..- >i h I . ou - tile. Ci einna - panics ii the United States arid ' i 
Lexington Railway, •-. . iv u. running oust Th. Loui ville Underwriters (Fire) 

and north, penetrate?- ore i>i lie nes) ( the S mthern Mutual (Life), are hi 
agricultural regions of the State. It is the stitutions. The former, ineorporal 
northern terminus of the Louisville & 18titi, has always maintained a high pi 

Nashville Ruilratd. which, with its : of solvency, and, although it has : 

bran-hes, traverse the large n m ber of j striven tod i '■■ ine«s, it ha? n .- 

2,460 miles. This roa.1 has lutei\ con- j earnest eriort* to do a healthy one, Bci 

solidftted with itself all the smalld lines ! in full sympathy with Southern 

thr< ugh the western ■■■. I -• mi em portion j men;-, t! •■ S .uthern Mutual has an n I- 

of Kentucky, and the north-western part | vantage over outsidi companies in con,- 
of Tr:,!.''"^- and connects Louisvill. '.- ; t;i peting for bnsiues.' in that section. 

th- wboh system of Southern railroads, It j Two entirely new branches of con 
is, also, th i southern terminus of the Louis- have latelj taken a foothold in Louisville. 

ville, "New Albany & Chicago Railroad, the j and will, without doubt, become iargt 

Jeffersonville. Madison «fe Indianapolis ami | factors in the 'ommerce of the '" Lur 
the Ohio A Mississippi Uailways. The Thi Pictet Artificial Ic< Company, of New 

form--;. & new and ■ -appointed road, , York, has lateh inaugurated a ranci 

lately completed to Chicatro. arid the two j establishment ber* for the manufacture <<t 

latt<- r tc Indian ap >Hs Red ^t [ ouis, respect- I ice, and •» n< ! ■ ■ .; ■• flourishi! - ' 
ively. All these roads, connecting with ne<s. The Southern Ihiirv Company an 

the- trunk-3in<_-> Fast and We t. ailbrd ! engaged in the >■ mparatively new indu u - 

Louisville excellent facilities ot freight i tr\ <•( manufacturing oleomargerine «i 

and pas»age, and, by virtue of the competi- ; great success. 

tion. thus formed, ensure low rates. There I One of the principal features of i ie < in 
is, also, a email local line — Louisville, Har- is ihe bridgi \ hi h ?pans the Ohio river 

rod'- Creek & Westpo t Uai road— of 11 j at this point. It is over 5.000 feet i 

miles in Iengtl — between this city and i length, and has a height of ^30 feet 
Prospect. Th< Ma : : ie interests comprise low-water mark, and \ -- ompleted inlS71 
7 regular packet- es out of Louisville. 1 - is j - lid and Mil - ni I structure, hi 
which connect with others, on n ire than a source of pride to thi citizen >. As thi* 
lg.OOOmiles f navigabh ivers These !ii - boot- p.- .--•■- ti ougli the press 
arc. Louisviih & Cincinnati V. 6. Mail- bridge, to connect trie city with Jetlerson- 
Jine to Cincinnati; Louisa lie & !I> ider- ville, is under consideration, and will | 
son Packet-line; the I i -ini t ti. Memphis ably be erected in the near future. Loui - 
& Ohii V.'- v Pa ket-!me. between Cincin- villi has '2 tine :- (Central ar.<i 

nati and Memphis; ' . ■ ■ Louisv lb PI ral ' libra ri" th. Polytechnic Sex - 
iv N'ev Orlei Pack. . between New ety. of Lou . ilie Law Librai 

i I • and Cii • inn ti, and the V ttsburg, and Louisville Library Association. Tie 

Huntington, Cincinnati A: Si, i. ui- Pack- fir-t mentioned is the principal, ai 
et-line to Pittsburg and St. i. uis: r i.'- tains 3,700 voluni - in addition to m 
Madison and \' < in tutti and Tenms- r.incs, r. .'■■ ■- eic. : is located in I 
see Rivet Packet-lines. Library Building, and is under erU 

The tobacco, iron, and whisky interests management. The banking institutioi 
of L ■ .'- ■•■'...• a • the mos( • ive. al- of Louisviib ure 20 in number 

th ■ '.; ' ..„-'.■' rnc--', h . - nl a total paid-up capital 

■ : - j , pi - it : v ngi p.> and i ir- $S.2t)'J,174. !'i additii n to tl • -■■ ' : 

and ruber, with a ho-st of smal r are o private banks. The clearing 
- ■ - irises, -.:« s.i tain>'d it: connection report ;'• <■ 1880 h >v i total of $- • 
with ti ''-- int. e-t.- of the city, 11" 1 1 <', ttnd foi the irst six 

ghoul ■• • d i ue oi the most of the prcseni \ear, *lS8,o39,512. '■ 

proinifit'nt insurunei : ■■ . ■ - \ ( i uupaii -.- ; statement, eompared with that of J ; 
v(' th> i'i'i: ■■■:, Messrs liarbee -V ( tstie- year*. =h ws h "toady ar:d encoui 

mai; and Morris & Bayh are the chief, | increase, The press is reprosented ' .• ' 

rivr.«Yirt i' r i*n,l*-w •, S3?" Send for Illustrated Catal 

aware bimum. ^ a -*°™ • 

■ . 

l til Street 

'at a 


;■■ and Price 

:". ;<- r 



V) Hl\ .' •:<•'" 



si. I .GUIS, 

'V >. 


daily, 19 weekly ami B monthly journals. 
Louisa ills is eminently a rn isieal i it\ i i 
■onf tins societies of this kind, and has 
4 first-class theatre* and entertainment 
halls, with a total -■ ating i upai it\ • if 6,o00. 
diese, with its parks, already mentioned. 
and several minor theaters and places of 
resort, make up the annu ment facilities. 
[is t'du 'aticn J and i igious iiistitu 
ire qua) to, if not stipi ri r to that i :' any 
city in the Cni m. 1 hen are ] i' 1 church 
edifices hei-e, representing 1 >ns de- 

nominational creeds, as follows: 21 Roman 
Catholic, ; ! c, I ... 17 i' pti'M ? '. , 7 
Christian (2 col. . 13 Kpis> opal 1 col. , 
7 German Evangelical, 3 Lutl eran, 'J He- 
brew, 31 Methodist Epis • pal lb' c< " d . 
1 7 Pre byterian I coioi d , and 1 Cnita- 
rian. Besides these chin - there are 10 
Catholic convents and societies, unci 2 

Christian soeietii ''Young Men's" and 

•• Women's." The public .. ioi -• stem of 
Lou -\ ' ile is good. There are 28 -■ hi •ol- 
buii lings o "< ioi '.d). 1 -i\ in g an enrol m f 
of 19,202 scholars, with a daily ave 
attendance of 12>>i. and employing 327 
teachers. There area number ol tin I : 
and . i ademical colleges I • re, a nong which 
must he mentioned the University of Lou- 
isville. Louisville K '!^ i! ; liege, Hos- 
pital College of Medicii • . Kentucky School 
of Medicine, Louisville Col lege of Phar- 
macy. Kentw ky State [nstituth n for the 
Blind, the Southern Baptist The logical 
Seminarv, the Holyoke Academy, the Lou- 
isville Female Seminary of M ss Annie 
P. No' I, the Bryant & S rntton Com- 
mercial College, and the S> otl Saxton Col- 
lege of Elocutional ! !| ito y, and 28 hos- 
pitals, asylums and charitable institutions. 
Louisville boasts s< vera) fine pui lie build- 
ings and busim -r b o> ks. j ron inent among 
which, are ch ; - C irier-J< irnal building, 
Board of Trade :■ .. g, Public Library 
building, the Court- H u.>e, and the Cus- 
tom-House, the Sehurmarin block, the Law 
Temple, and many others, The private 
reside n< es are ele-ant d < - 1 . ; . 

The hotels — an inij uriant :■■■ ture it) any 
city— are good, and present ample accom- 
modation. The finest is tbt Lou svi h 
Hotel, the Gait House also ranking as a 
first-class hou ■■ . Then •-• • i>avi the Stan- 
diford. St. < !o id. W illard, Kilter's. Fifth 
Avenue, New S uthern, Klliott, and < hers 
of various grad* -. 





To obtain any n ercantile and manufac- 
turing statistics of this city is a difficult 
utter, and we present the following 
b' ures, for which we are indebted to the 
c mrtesj if M'aj. J. M. Wright, the super- 
intendent of the Board of Trade. This in- 
stitution has only been in existence since 
1870; previous to that time no reliable sta- 
in 1 btn and we therefore 
simply give a resume of the chief Indus- 
trie.-, for the past year. By the establish- 
ment of this hoard a very decided impetus 
has been given to all classes of business in 

! i d i o, ; -\ Ule, and a marked in- 

crease can be n< ted during the compara- 
tively short time it has been in operation. 
The following figures, in relation to the 
manufacturing interests for the year last 
past, will be appr* ipriate : 

Numberofdif rent kinds of business... 159 

. . bli*! meats ... 1.191 

Capita (real iiud personal) invested .. $20,864,449 
Greatest number ol hands u o.ij» uLe 

time " 2[,Q 17 

total -■• iires paid during the year 55,765,387 

\ ilue • ! in it. ri il. including mill sup- 

pli s and fuel 22,362,704 

Value ot product 35,908.338 

In addition to the above there are 7 es- 
tablishments for the manufacture of agri- 
cultural implements, 3 lumber and saw- 
mills, 10 grist and ftouring-mills, 13 shoe 
factories, and 14 leather manufactories, and 
1 grain elevator. 

The receipts and shipments of some of 
the leading commodities, during the year 
1880, are appended; 

Received. Shipped. 

Bacon and hams, lbs ... 78,999,893 105,034,674 

Cutter, lbs 1,395,519 1,229,376 

Hoots and shoes, cases... 117, Gi 5 91,687 

Cheese, lbs 2,558.040 1,760,330 

Cotton, bales 237,918 234,371 

Fiour. bbls 124 9 ki 131,505 

Iron uianuf'd. pieces... 1,431,899 819,973 

Iron manuf 'd, bdls 180,255 117. '4. ( 

I . pip, tons ■:.'.( 42,707 

Lenthei . nud es 12,918 47.527 

I feet 1,81 1 196 637,199 

Lumber, i ■ rs 19 4. !H 

r i pieces 446,642 184 i 

Mill stufl 3,4, 3,036 ?,,- 

Ob ■ di in anne. ! h >s I" I 8f.O,894 

'1 I a< ... hhds 77.19S - 200 

XoImci c>. lbs : mo,: * l.l6l.4-.'5 

■•I i, raanufd. lbs, 2,24. r >,3<'9 7,409,235 

'•'• d, II - 2,02 ,' U 1 ■ . i it 

iky, bbls i 131,730 

1 '• il. cars 8,176 i,97o 

ft i«rs 77g 

C.ittb hi iid 15,0 16 20,i -, 

Hoks, i --el 77.' 11 30.98s 

il ■ ■- - ; ad 4 615 5,75j 

>1 lib s. i.' a.l .. ... 7,i 58 '.' :- 

st.i" {■, head 90,965 133,97a 

Pi * "T" '■ P • j -iU ki*i<K of interior uiidoYterioronin 

i' , , ; ,i- i -.f Q ni(-i)ia:;on made S;«.«<i s»»,ci»l «><-.:■>,-, 

VllSUiln^ i^SU^ IS US iiUS J. W. ATKINSON. 313-321 So. Clinton Si., CHti ,« i 





It is to be regretted that space will not 
allow a more extended re iew of the busi- 
ness and manufa. tu ing ii • ■•:■> sts ■•'. Louis- 
ville. All classes of hnsine- -- show » steady 
and healthy increase, ■ , ■ ■ luri ng tin 

past two years, and with the i - I enter- 

prise and aeth ity, which is apparent with all 
classes, the future of J. a sville, ••- a gr sal 
eomi n rci tl een er. is assur. I : - ■ ■:'- 

fiee !•••; ■.''•■: '. '■'•'.- I >. - :■' 2 c '- 

riers delivered 7,420,1 72 pieces of mail mat- 
ter, and collected 3.999,408. Tl - total num- 
ber of pieces mailed was 22.429 784 ; 17,71b 
money orders, representing $244,012.50 
were issued, and SO,'. 32. or ; 1.2' 7. • 19 52, 
were paid, and the -.■ les <>n .-tai ps amount- 
ed to $185,117.92. The report of the 
health commissioner U< minently favorable, 
and shows a much lower rate of morta . ; \ 
than that of any other city of its size in 
the Union. During the past decade the 
population of this eity has =ed al a 
rate oi 25 per cent., and, ace. rail •_: to tin 
1880 United States census, she now has 
123,045 inhabitants within the [in '- 
The city presei ts a most b< uuiful and 
attractive appearance — street car- run on 
all the principal is well lighted 
by gas. its water-works system i perfect. 
The lire and police departments are effi- 
cient in their management and appoint- 
ment, and a (.".'tier citv government could 
not be obtained. The'total b .ruled indebt- 
edness amounts to $10,220,000. the at 
interest amounting to §509. 300, and the 
valuation of taxable property to $00,209,- 
440. The American District Telegraph 
Company and Telephone Exchange, At- 
lantic & Pacific, Baltimore & ( >bjo. Ameri- 
can Union and Western I nion Telegraph 
Companies, the Adams, the American, the 
Louisville &, Nashville Railroad, Louisville, 
Cincinnati & Lexington Railway, the L., ST. 
A. A r C. and the O. A M. -\: ress companies 
all have offices here. A dai t stage runs 
to Bloorafield and Taylorsvilli : fare $1.50 
each. Mail daily. Virginia C. Thompson, 

Aaron Morris, crockery, 246 e Market. 
Abbott Wm R, lawyer, 202 « Jefferson. 

Abbott , physician, 152 w Jefferson. 

Abel Christopher, grocer, 105 e Market. 
Able, DaSzel! & Co, mantels, stoves and 

grates, 122 w Jefferson. 
Abraham George L, meats, Citizens' mkt. 

Abraham Louis C, meats. Citizens' mkt. 

Abraham Moses, millinery 400 w in 

Abrahams Benj, dentist, 297 w J efforsi i 

Abrahams .Max, dr\ goo Is 394 w Market. 

Academy of the Most Holy Rosary, '■■'.'I 

Ackerman Frank, shoemaker, 555 w Markt. 

Ackermann Joseph, meats, 304 >■ Green. 
;• Mr- M K. i otions. 91 19 h. 

Adams Express Co., ' 
ward agent. 71 w M ain. 

Adelhcrt; t V MeiiM 
Adelberg, Fred. Meinet 
Stoves- and Tinware, 17 ,.,,-t .uarKet. 

A U 'i John, c .pp ' sn '■■ 42* Shelby. 

Ahrens, Wolker & liyan 
Ahrens Jr., Wolker, .1 • ; u H\ 
I'' inbers, Steal i and I . is Fitters," lb9 
East Market. 

Ahrens A: Utt Thi • Al • ins, Henry Ott j, 
gas-titters' >uj i : • -. ' 53 w Market. 

Aikin & Prummond ( Wm Aikin, W W 
Drumnnmdi, |>roprs Louisville Axle 
Works. Main bet 12 h an i 13th. 

Ainslie A Cochran :.l \\ Ainslie, A P 
Cochran . foundry, s-e cor Main and ll'th 

Akers Charles, biick mnfr. Shelby and Ivy. 

Alberding Gustav, cigar mnfr, 4s w Mrkt. 

Albers Henry, live-stock broker, Bo 
stock yard-. 

Albert «S Johnson, (George Albert, 
W 1! .!• hnson i, Pattern and Model-mak- 
ers, .18 3d. 

Ml in Antonie, restaurant. 131 w Market. 

Aibrecht A Ruth Gustav us Albrecht, Johc 
S Ruth), hardware, 08 w Jefferson. 

Albus [gnatius, sh' emaker, 100 e Greei . 

Alexander Chas H, phvsician, 382 w Jeff'n. 

Alexan h r EI A J Hugh and J 
furnishing, 1 -t'. 1 e M arket. 

A lexander I sad< .r. . pti. ian, 3!: 

Alexander Jo J J. & M 

Alexander's Hotel, cor. 7th and Ma 

Alexander Lucien, dr ggist, 380 w J 

Alexander Thomas T. ! v. ver. 20G w Jeffs'n. 

Alexander's HotH. Jo. B. Al 

vV Co., Proprietors, Jo. B. and M. E. 
Alexan h r'), ('• r. .-'•-■■ mth and Market. 

Alford Alexander It., Attorney at 
i tw, 113 Fi! 

Alford, Newhouse & Co (Benjamin F 

Alford, Robert A Newhouseand ■ 

-i -. 25 I •■'•■ Marker. 

Alfriend Colin C. W ., Local Passen- 
ger Agent L., C. & L. R'y., south- 
corner 4th and Main. 

i . .1. ,.-..,.. -. ... :., ICiO, -■ l.v...- iU . «rf-i« wjii/iUU) if, 

■ ■ • ' . • a ' Exposition, ic/ 

.. i&ND • ■ ■ G I 3 MEDAi VWAI i ! ' 'ETITDRS ! 



Si i 

. -.»,*■' ■=..; 

I] ■ D i ■ I 

■> : :•> • 

... R .;.' J 

siMi le .. i i !i :al 



.' IE USE OF SI : • US ■ 

P!CT£T ABTfFIOi&L ICZ. CO., (Limited.) 

New Yc ' • 87 

T , - , . p ■ - s ■ ■ e C 

DEAR SIRS tecti'v w : v-, • e : !ce 1 

I . ... • ■ re r th a n n at 1 

ice. C n ac co ."'..'' i ' : - ' nd « 

I . ■ t nai e to. 

P. G. KEMP CO , - • ■■ . 'I ■ • /corl St., N. Y. 

. . 3 . . Fsii --■.'.'.'',■ 

EUGENE G. SLACKED? - •' <. Rei r t Market, N. V 

J C N : .• N ■ 

G c« . - :-j St 1 Fulton St N r 

'. • acici ea 1 

Floyd Street, be1 Cald ad Kentucky Streets. 

(SKI 1 

ihE -r i C ! L i IVu . U H i N £, b 


Ens tnd Frai Ge 5 wit land : : hand Central America 

: ; . -. . . . ■ ; - i •■■'..■.■ ' ■ sd to make 

• . - 

' - 


- .. 





I : 

1 ' 

I ! 

SldllifC ii lii 

Pound of Cca! Coi ■ ■ ' sea I , pre iuced ; f Ice. 

'• •■ •■ .'• - ma Machines " 


i»fc\c Si:'.l!»-d moH- 1i>f.Ji 1,400 

? I-ojsp«, mil have had 3>ut 13 Jle- 

. :■ . -■-' „ 

s SS tela »is<«d Claims. Agents Everywhere 


Alkhorn .lame.*, shoem'k'r, Walnut r.r 9th. Angermeh r Theodorc.upholstcrer, 104 Ith. 

Allan John, si uemaki . L5S •>■. Walnut. ' Angernieyer John C, boots and shoes, 515 

Allan Henry G. phv-dciati, O'-'o ■>. .' -: r - rs .>n. vv Market. 

! Allehin Edward C! builder, 80 9th. ' Apel Prederi k, tailor, 311 e Main. 

Allen Charles «J. F., Treas.. W. Bel- j App Joseph F, druggist, s-e cor Preston 

knap eV Co., 113 West M tin. and Chestnut. 

Allen Joseph, grocer, 70 e Main. Applegate Henry C, wall-paper, 1272 w 

Allen Me\ erell K. physi in J fc'n. W: in t. 

Allei Smith ec < DA ( irk Applegate tV Sons,i W. E. Applegate), 

A Smith, James BridgeiurJ ■ • ission, Distil i< and Wholesale Liquors, il 2d. 

262 v. Main. •Vppl.gate&Co i Wm T Applegate, John 

Allen V\ in, - . -maker, 154 "J I. Smith i, sal i n. 119 oth. 

All geier Henry, grocer. 245 Hancock. Arbeg'ust Garrett 1'., Attorney at 

i Alpiger Chris, umhrella reps r r. 233 Clay. La ■■ 178 Vv'. t, Jefferson. . 

Alsop Wm N, dei : .- . '0 ■ >• i. Ar'oegust Jno B. lawyi r, 1 7> \v .1 fferson. 

Altman Aaron, clothing, l'J w Market. Argus Printing and Publishing 

Altmatin Fr Lerick. saloon. 394 Si ry ave. : Co. Isaac Dinkel piel, Manag r and 

' Alvot .v Egelrnan i Wm A ■•; diaries Proprietor Sunday Argus, md Job 

Egelman) grocers, 545 w Market. Printers. 105 Fifth! 

Ambs Vlex, shoemaker. 247 . Market. ' Arrubrust A. bookscl)ei\ 291 e Jefferson. 

Ambs Anton, barber i ■■■ J< it'ers.m. i.rmo ir A ndruw. furniture, -70 w Market. 

A.rneling John • . rro er\ and r] mr-miils, Armstrong \)u\ id W, lawyer, 120 4ih. 

438 e Broadway. Armstrong" H. ('. »K' J. S., i\'i..;!e- 

American Baptist, In * Interest sn ( ■;■■ •<■- 287 West Main. 

of the Colored People, A. C. Caperton, Armstrong J M, clothing, 107 w Jefferson. 

Editor and Proprietor. Price $1.25. Armstrong rhomas, carpenter, 142 6th. 

505 Fourth. Armstrong Thomas B, tailor, 70 4th. 

American District Telegraph Co, J B j Arnz Herman, saloon, 510 w Main. 

Spef !. pres, Charles A Smith, sec, H >; : Arth Martin, shoemaker, 78 Mary. 

Gifford, manager. James Clark, treas. ' Asa E C & Co, printer.?, 85i 5th.' 

proprietors of telephone exchange and Aschner H Sons & Co (Henry, Samuel and 

carriage service, 57 and 59 3d. J-"" Aschner, Louis F Kaye), bluing 

American Express Co., Edwin D. j manufacturers, 361 w Market. 

GrarT, Agent, 77 5th. ; Astor House, M E i'oung, propr, 232 w 

j American 'The) Mutual Aid S iciety, Pat- , Jefferson. 

rick Joyes, pres, A L Neay, sec, L L Atchison Benjamin F, lawyer, 3 Court-pl. 

Anders ■■■.. _--n agt, 33 G irt-place. ! Atkinson Joseph W, physician, 350 w Jef- 

American White L> ad Co, T H McCoy, | ferson. 

pres, S S Carr, sec, 274 8th. j Atkinson J B, painter. 6th and Grayson. 

, Ames Samuel R wag m-m ik ;r, 65 2d. i Atkinson & Blackemore, provisions, 31 w 

Amshoff Joseph 11. gi "o er, 1*7 - Green. Main. 

Anderson Elizabeth, grocer 27 6th. Atmore, C. P., Gen. Pa-s. Agent 

Anderson, Hani ck <k Co fFred Anderson, j Louisville & Nashville R. R. Office, cor 

J H Ilancoek. ¥ P Seilerj, provisions, 2d and Main. 

14. 16, 18, w Main. ' Aubrey Thos. harness, 458 w Walnut. 

Anderson Horace L, cigars, 142 w Jefferson. Aufenkamp Benj grocer, "J e Broadway. 

Anderson N'apdeon B, physician, ri-w cor Auld David, shoemaker, 297 w Jeff rson. 

11th and Jefferson. Ausbeek G istav* rn . . r, 582 7th. 

Anderson Thomas i Co (W G Anderson, ! Ausser&hl John, grocer. 96 Breckinridge. 

II C Stucky, J L Brant), auctioneers, Averj 15. F. & Sons, ( Benj. F. Averj, 

203 w Main. Pres.; Sam'l J.. Avery. Viee-Pres.; Geo. 

Anderson Turner, physician. 344 w JeflTn. : C. Avery, Sec'y), Plow Manfrs., cor. 

Andres Wm, baker, 334 Baxter ave. Main md Fifteenth. (Set ■ ■ 

Ansbro Wm, notions, 119 Floyd. Avery James R, kid gloves, 158 1th. 

Ansert George, barber, 349 e Broadway. \ Ayres "Wm, lawyer, 8J Center. 

Anger Andrew, barber, 4ii7 e Walnut. \ Baas Mr- Amelia, saloon, 41 e Jefferson. 

mm I •,•■ fin ^}|M|rn MOSAIC &; 3ATI/r 

ftifcU . .ii Wi hmmikMmmkmn) CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, -- Louisville, Ky. 





Babb Wi ■. produce commission, 44 '2d. 
Babbitt Mary J. groa r, • "• 1 2th. 
Baber «£ Colston. George Baber, R. 

T. Colston), Lawyers, Fifth and Main. 
Bachus Lucius A, mnfrg jeweler, 109 5th. 
Bacigalupi August, fruits, 36 w Green. 
Bacon Byron lawyer, 200 w Jeff r - n. 
Bacon .! ' & S->r,s f Jeremiah. John Ba on, 

and G W C t. * ay , d ■;. g ids, v lolesale 

and retail. It! and ila rket. 

Bacon Mrs Mary, n it ions, 170 Preston. 
Badger & English i Fdw Badger, Samuel 

English^, lawyers. Law Temple. 
Baer M i . J, :■ us, etc. 40 \v Market. 
Baeuchler Chas >i- Bro Cha= B and Gottlieb 

Bi. grocers, cor 1 4th and Chestnut. 
Bahr (k-o B &Co Go B Bahr, Adai i - 

merman), hardware, 207 w Market. 
Bailey Wm, ph\ • m, 31 J 4th. . 
Bailey Wm H, Marshall Chancery Court, 

Court-ho , ■. 
Baird David A: Son David and Wm 

Baird), wh millin iry, 235 vv Main. 
Baird M G, lavs ver, 92.^ tiih. 
Baird Robert F/lawyer, 100 7th, 
Baisch George, barber, 459 w Walnut 

Bamberger Mad A C. mil'inerv, lo.",.i, 4ih. 
B misl -" Pun ell, bleae a r 208 w J< tferson 
Bank of Kentucky, Thos L Barret, pre-*; 

F An lerson, ass't cashier; 77 w Mai i. 
Bank of Louisville, capital $750,000 

Charles Tilden. pres; James A Leech 

cashier; 108 w Main. 
Bauuon Patrick, Sewer-pipe it 

i'erra-c Lta W< rks. i 18 Fifth, i See a c 
Bannon Thomas, gr. cer, 303 Rudd. 
Bannywarth Mrs, dn ss-maker, 575 w Chi -t- 

Baptist Orphans' Home, matron, Miss M 

A Hoiingsworth. 540 1st. 
Barbaroux «£ <J<>. (K. Barbaroux, J. 

Barbaroux), Mi !iiner\ I )• \ ot 33 Third. 
Barbee & Casth mam John Bai 

John B. Cast! miai i, Gen'l Ins. Ag'U 

.■ tid Mai ■._■ i - Soutl >rn Dep't ! 

Insurance Co., of Liverpool, Engh 

v . (• cor, y aii) ■• nd Si xth. 

.-. .-,■•.-' one and to] 
Bar! ero .1 iseph. confe. ci nery, 748 Port' I. 
Barbour R N, physici m. 260~2d. 
Barbour Thos c'a- John O, pickles and 

packing < 'o. 3- 

Baker ..Fames' T A. justice, 262 w Jeffers in. | Barclay If. Wheeler, General Ac 

Baker Nathan, saloon, 97 e Jefferson 
Baker Polk, Pump Manufacturer, 85 

East J( fli :• a 
Baker Wm, meats. Citizens' market. 
Baker & Kubel (Samuel H Baker, Wm F 

Rubei), carriage manfrs, .-7 e Main. 
Baker & Toney ^Aipheus Baker, Sterling 

B Tone\ ,. lawyers, ci r 5th and Court. 
Baldes Jacob, barber, 502 Preston. 
Baldwin Benjamin J, phvsician, 185 5th. 
Baldwin 1>. II. & Co. (Dwighl H. 

Baldwin. Lucien VVuison. Robert A. 

Join s i..n), Wh ilesale and lletail Pianos 

and Organs, SO Fi urth. 
Baldw n Wm, plasterer, 420 14th. 
Balmer Frank W. cigar manfr. 1 1'' w 7th. 
Baltner & Lieber i Christian Balmer, John 

P Lieber ,, saloon. 108 2 1 
Balmer's Motel. Wm Balmer, proprietor, 

193 ;,: i i i.j w Market. 
L ;.r' 1 lore A: ' ; ■ ':■• Telegraph, John G 

Webb, mni'.u^r. L< I \ M in 
Bamberger, Bloom & Co. (Nathan 

Bloom. Les i B ciil • "_;• r, B li- s, J i 

Band* -_■ r, L ■* i Bi ■ m, Lo ii ? ville; J. 

F Ba! ■. Ai .••• ■ H- Urn: !), N- . 

Y, ■', Dry Goods. 240. 242. 

244 a I 240 U • -: Main, and 51 and ■"• ■ 


L.. N.A. A: C. My. office, 144 w Main. 

Barden Edward, grocer, 188 18th. 

Bark, r John 11, confeot'r, 318 w Market. 

Barker Maxwell, lawyer, 100 5th. 

Barlow Antonv, saloon, 339 w Green. 

Barman Anton, bakery. 5<>2 19th. 

Barnes C P & Bro ' hauucey P Ban;.-. 
Judson B Barnes ), jewelers, 224 w Main. 

Bare- Dr W VV, dentist, 230 4th. 

Barnett Gide n. sal on, 535 vv Main. 

Barnett <V Noble ' Andrew Barnett, 
Lorenzo li. No' <h I, Lav vers, 90 E 

Baritum i\ !>., Jeweler and Silver- 
smith; Import, r of Diamonds and Fi e 
Watcdies, cor. Fourth ami Mai ki I 

B in u n Ji - ! '•■ P. : " -'■ 254 1th. 

Baron < onrad. harm ss-maker, 'J~ Baxter. 

Baron Francis P, stoves, 439 e Green. 

B !ir ■ John X tinware, .", Bardstow n i ! 

Bar. ■ i\ [<.■ i-b rohn B tr .n. K .berl l. 
I paper. 3 I • M rkot. 
i B.ut Ft >rsi . W . i ■' ii if- 1 'dl, ISO Full • 
, Barr Hon '.in: VV, I > listrict 

CUSt '!!! h. i -■ - 

Barrett Ii. W. A Co., Pro] i t 

|. - ■,. :. .. VV. >iU-i M : ! - ii west VI 
;;■.■■ |„hn, inwv r, 10 C< nter. 
': , -. Wi «liit-gi -. id smith, ;•'■'• ■'• 


; .--.■!■, ■ -x e T? TTfTfinYFTn $ "Vm T* I T tl Without reference to the Companies we ma 
- . ' | . • ; j/L ' t| BAR8EE 1 CASTLEMAN Lou svi , Ky 

LJUUUIjU ilL'JUUijJiJ AUlJJ JLlUlJ Agents everywhere South. 

. :". 




L R KEAN, Sec'y. 



W. H. FOSDICK.Treas. 


- ^ C ' 





■ - . ' : '- :. ■ «. 

' '■■ ' ■■';-. ! > i 

■ ..." - 

. ■ • 







Thia Hotel presents a!! the deeirable feature* of a utrtctly tjr-t-clain Houh •, offerim? Buperior a.-comnao- 
dationi to the traveling public at rate* reduced to suit the times. 

fjftAfS ' ti : tonse Numbers, Brass 1-abeK ; CaJTiase, Sliow Case and Mttelihwr* 

{ III LI U j. \ rial s, Pattern tetters aud I i^ure.*. l#- Metal Rod y Rubber Ti .■ 

e?y fcf is £ ti'x.H<4$i L. BOCHK, EngiaYe* «i Eia ELsier, ict> Randolph Street, Chicago, m. 





Barret& Brown i Wm. F. Barrel ■'■ I n 
Mason Brown i, Lawyers 10 Center. 

Barrow M K, sale ?tabfe 91 7th. 

Barrv Thomas, tailor, 102 ; ( j. 

Barteit Frederick E, sh. ' : :. iker-, 369 6th. 

Barth Albert II. grocer. 264 5th. 

Barth Mrs. Charlotte, Grocer and 
Saloon, 890 East Walnut. 

Barth Georpe F.. >' irniture Manu- 
facturer a d L', :■. „71 blast Green. 

Barthel Frederick, barb, r, 382 vv Mi cet. 

Barthel Johi . bi < ts and sh< . s, 501 7th. 

Bartholomew . Martin, barber, cor Main 
and Shelby. 

Hartley K. If.. Pr< pr. Hotel Elli, tt, 
s-w cor. J* Fefi'erson [See adv.) 

Bartley, Johnson A: Co (W T Bartley, W 
V Johnson . di- i >rs 21 e Main. 

Bartinan .Join;, D ■:. .■ i in Lumber and 
Shingles, cor. llai <-' >ck an ! Main. 

Bascom Levi B dgn-paini r, 159 vv Jeff- 

Bashaw G W & Co (G W Bashaw. C 
Middleton, \V C Kennedy. Horace 
Bashaw), pork-packers and provisions, 
19 w Main. 

Bate.-. George W, physician, 150 e Broad- 

Bates & Blatz J. hi 11 B ttes, Yah ntin • 
Blatz), paint? an 1 oiis. 61 vv Market. 

Datz Christian, Wine arid Beer Sa- 
loon and Board;; _--':: ■■ -•-. 59 w Market. 

Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, Franklin- 
street Brewery. 2-"' 1 I 25;' Franklin. 

Bauer Fran!'., blacksmith, Frankfort ave- 
nue, nr t< ill-gate. 

Bauer Frederick, stoves and tin, 428 w 

Bauer John, Stoneware. Mnfr. Fruit- 
jars, Milk-pans, and all kinds of St me- 
ware, 826 Pre-ton. i ear Hill 

Bauer J G. brewer, 251 and 2-35 Franklin. 

Bauer Louis, i istern-cleam r, 480 e Green. 

Bauer Win. grocer. 458 w Green. 

Biiuere .Mrs. MaryC, Prn ite Lying- 
in-hospital, 312 Baxter a venue. (See adv. ) 

Baum Geo, merchant tailor. 191 w Market. 

Baum Otto, dry - •■ •, v. ■ M .H r-t. 

Baurnan Henry It. « ; ." — ■ t, ;i)oi Fori i d 

Baurnan n Freder - . - mi, 168 Freston. 

Bauniaiin Fred F. _-r. <-er, 356 >■ Wall tit. 

Baurnan: Jacob, shoemaker, 178 Port- 
land avenvie. 

Baumbach George, shoemaker, 208 Re • r- 
voir a\ enu< . 

B»umberger Alex, fruit, 353 e Broadway. 

Baumberger .1 C, cigars, 210 w Jefferson, 
urn - : - r John, carpenter, 14 Linden. 
I Ihv .M;-, F]i .■, grocer, 302 Gray. 

Bax & Barrett | Doinininek Bax, and John 
J Barrett), undertakers, 301 Walnut. 

Baxter .John G., Mayor of Louisville, 
I City Hall. Room 21. 
1 Baxter & Fisher (John G. Baxter and 
\\ m. G. i ':- : r - •-; ..: •), St ve aj d 
Grni t'ou iry, 276 West Main. 
; Bayens Josi p'h, grocer. 80 Marshall. 

Bayer Charles, druggist, 696 w Mark* t. 
| Bayless Wm N. shirt mnfr ami men's fur- 
nishing gi >->ds. 72 4th. 

Baj c . ; hn W. livery, 83 e Main. 

J' < :: i I irniture, I s w Market. 

| Beach Geo \\ . s-machine agt, 258 w Jeffsn. 

B. • Charles E, phi sieian, 153 u Ch< sti it. 
1 Bear Mr.- S L (Mrs Hannah), millinery, 
298 vv Market. 

Beary John, dioemal er. 305 Preston. 

Be: tty Fdvv B, stoves and tin, 316 w Main. 

!■;• ck G rttlob. grocer, 301 p Jefferson. 
; Beck J. din M. tinsmith, 215 18th. 
• i! ■•• k J i -eph, restaurai t, 7th and Green. 

Beck Martin, meats, Citizens' market. 
| Beck Mat. 2d- hand snoods, 415 w Market. 

Beck( 1 Fr. •! H, c< [lie '. i Greet, and 13th. 

Bd .. i Fre I H. rnattn — niker. 106 7th. 

Bed r Charles G, grocer, 296 Rowan. 

\i ' • ■• < ti -is, bi >o1 and shoemaker, 7 y ' , !. 

Becker Geo, produce commission, 16 4th. 

Beclo r GeoW. com miss' n merchant, 35 4th. 

Becker H & Co (Henry Becker. J .1 Schul- 
l> :. i, innirs boots and -hues. Gth and Main. 

Becker John, saloon, 442 vv Market. 

Becker Li uis F grocer, 546 w Market. 

Beck.-;- Michael, grocer, 7th bet Shipp and 

Beekt r Polk, pump mnfr. 8-7 e Jefferson. 

Be ker Wm, bo-.ts ai d shoes. 64 e Market. 

Be ker Wm M. hats and caps, 174 w Mrkt. 

Beckham Chas N, lawyer, 4 Court place. 

Beckmann Bernard, boots and slice-. 306 
w Market. 

■' nunn Bernard, drugs, 686 e Broad'ay. 

fjtvkmuni Joseph, cutlery, 31 w Jefferson. 

B< d '.!'_:'-'- 11' ■ ry, t;r 'cor, '"i e Green. 

Bechlo Horace, Manufacturing Jew- 
eler, 140 1 urth. <<■■> ndv.) 

Bedford .f. H., Dentist, 136 West Jef- 
ersiin. (See adv.) 

Beh Mr Cathi pine, saloon, 181 e Market. 

Ivdia Ji iin, saddles and harness. 6 vv Mrkt. 

1. • Con rad, gn >cer, 4'_•'. , • (jrcen. 

Beilil Mrs H, saloon, 355 Broadway. 


&. IX -.?>■>■.«?. * Si'JftiWii'JH Controlling over $40,000,000 of Fire EM f ? I 

IM : : - Capital ., UnffinlOSuatl.- flM |M MaMMMI 

* {II " ,,B ** »*«*■ «eKyi<*«<"» Louisville, Ky. Agents everywhere. ® 

_ '__ 




i W. J. WATSON Si CO. 






I Felt, Cement # Gravel Roof, 


I 1,380,000 Spie Feet, or 32 ACRES put ou III is io 1819-80. 




Paints and Varnishes, 

Sole Manufacturers for U. S. and Canada of 


ZSTs. 33 West Main Street, 


nnsffiN w -no nflfiNPimm 

r. ~t. z z. a^osasass, i<rana^sr, 
Central sud Southern Dep't, 





Bel-Air Pi -til I cry Co, John G Roach pres, | Bernet F, watch-maker, 208 e Jefferson. 

C P Graves see, cor :>6th and Missouri I Bcruhartl Henry, baskets, 343 e Main. 

arc. o.tti eor'n an I Main. B •. Jam*'-, lawyer. 28 Court Place. 

Belknap W. IJ. A; Co., W. B. Bel- , Berry Win, physician, 112 7th 

knap. Pres.; W. H B •...-. p, Vice-Pr, s.: 
C. J. F. Allen, Tresis.; li. Justi Jr., 
Sec), Iron, Hardware, and Carriage 
Goods, 1 1 8 and 115 West Main. !,SV« 

Belknap William B., President \V. 

B. Belkn i ■ & l ,118 W< -- 3! iii 
Belknap William If.. Vi '-President 

W. 11 Belknap .V Co., 110 West Main. 
Bell Garvin, lawyer, 154 w .!• rferson. 


•r. 300 Fulton. 

Best Mrs i iaroline, dry g'ds, 015 w Market. 
Hi st Geo W, trunks, 231 w Market. 
Best Jacob, barber, 85 5th. 
Besuden Fred tobacco broker. 421 w Main 
Betl el .1 .! A: Co iJaim - -1 Bethel. .1 S 

Bethel , leaf'-t >l acco, I Oth and G rn \ soi . 
B itscbart Mrs M A. saloon, It Baxt t .. . 
'• " ' ■ ■ I "' . sh emal er. 51 1 w .Main. 
Bi i John G. shoemaki r, 143 e Jefferson. 
Beutel G Philip, phvsieian mid. druggist. 

n-e c<<r Market and Jael -on. 

Bell L FI. pr pr Central Cuholie Advo- Beyer Bernard, cigar nifr, 183 lith. 

cate, 85 Jih. Bever fienrv A. grocer, loth and Main. 

Bell R A, phy-i:b:V. 208 e Wa! at. | Beyer S.mfr wii .-ware, 76 w Market. 
}'.< 1: T S. )■; n.i y.J :-,,'.. Bevmei H. wines and liquors, !>5 w Green. 

Bell «V; Co«»J4X'shall, i Thus. Bell. .Sam- Bez Adam, Lager Beer and Ale Bot- 

ucl Coggeshail . Planij : nil!, etc., 10 to ; tier, 173,175 and 177 Ka.-t Green. See 

■•> Cbv 



Bellican Air- Sarah A, miliinery, 91 w Bibb Richard H, grocer. 01 17th 

Walnut ! Bibbs Andrew J, carp* nt.-r. 1 47 Center. 

Belmont Distillery Co. Geo II Moore pres Biekel Georjje, Groceries. Provisions 

Nathan Hot'hei u r see, office 3 w Alain, and Feed, n-e cor. VanBuren and Ohio. 

distillery cor 17th and Lexington. Bicke! Konrad, shoemaker. IU8 Baxter. 

Bender Fred, druggist, 350 e Jefferson, and , Bickel (.' C & Co (Chas C Biekel. ). 

4 ". 7 • Jefferson. cigar rnfrs, 202 and 204 v. Main. 

Bender Georgt', Barber and Dentist, ; Biedinger & Denzinger (Henry Biedinijer, 

212 Easl Jeffersi n. Michael Denziger . plumbers, steam 

Bender Konrad, stoves and tin, 248 Preston. and gas-iitti rs, 852 ■■ Main. 

Bender & Co, rnnfrs Hungarian remedies, Biehl Philip F C, druggist, 150 Broadway. 

457 e Jeffer>on. Bicrley Martin, shoemaker. 3R8 e Main. 

Bendig Aug. saloon. 10 Baxter ave. ' Bierman Lazarus clothing. 410 w Market. 

Benner Charles, gr >■ er, 857 Baxter ave. Bierod Geo. saloon, 835 Broadway. 

Bennett Ahrali; m, grocer, 842 w Jefferson. Biesenthal S R, watch-maker. 8 w Market. 

Bennett Bfos. A; Co., ( Johti Bennett. Biettner Jacob, grocer, ''.71 ISth. 

D. !'. Bennett , Manu cuirers of Parlor - Biettner Peter, blacksmith, 089 18tl 

Furniture, Mattresses and Bedding, 112 Bijjo I... T., Advertising Agent, 203 

West Main. East Market. 

Bennett C Fletcher, watch-maker, 158 4th. j Bijur «te Davie (Martin Bijur. George M 

Bennett George, plumber. 125 3d. Davie), lawyers, 2 Court-place. 

Bennett John, painter, 82 5th. ! Bilger Frank, notions, 154 .1 id -on. 

Bensing Jos, cabinet-mak r. 405 w Walnut. Bill A P, saloon, Clay ami Washington. 

Ben singer Nathan, furniture, 7 w Market. Biller Wm, grocer, 804 e Chestnut. 

Bensinger Wolf, furniture. 50 w Market. Billings Mrs Kate, grocer 001 Kentucky. 

Berde'ia Michael, grocer. 201 K.iddiue. I Bind r Conrad, gar mnfr, 104 5th. 

b rger Martin, brick mnfr, loth and Oak. ' Bindewald Andrew W, physician, 339 e 

>; Tgm m Loiii i, pi ' ; ; . • 18 v\ M kt. Market. 

Bergreen c*. i i Muiins iv rgreen, Gustavus | Bindner M, ba-ket mnfr, 224 Mar-hall. 

A Schimptt":, gn..;ors. 105 w Market. ' Birch «V Co., Proprietor; Riverside 

Berle <i boots mn si ■ , 178 e Market. Hotel, fo >t lid Avenue. 

Berne 11 A & Co • Henry A Berne, Henry ! Birchall Wm G, dry good-, 041 w Market. 

Knoefel), printers and binders, 52 w j Birdsey Nathan 1>. window -hades and 

Market. curtains, 109 4th. 

^i? % 

1 ins Km ai & k 

BatcW and Facte B . .' 5 and G il Hardware Sps- 
cialHes FRED, SCHMIEDING, 835 Broadway and 830 H, 
Fonrth'Street, ST. LOUIS, SiO. Seed i r Catalogue 

LOL 1 











v e i nil 

1 PER- 

h irt CT It I .' 

ear him testimony 

The proprietor of *« celebrated medians j« ^^^g^ 

remedies ever offered to 'be pubiu lor t.u SAI H, ^k Ain, 

MANENT cure of Ague and Fever, or UuU*£«d te%er. u.. 

standing He refers to 'he entire Southern and Western coun.n 

o the ruth of the assertion that in no case whatever w i, fail 1 cure, the d.recUon* 

are strictly followed and carried out In a ^great many cases as nj,le dose ha, been ut 

the original JOHN J. S 
label on each bottle. It n 
will he deceived. 

MITH'S TONIC SYRUPof Louisville, ky. Examine well the 
private stamp is not on each bottle, do not purchase or you 



Smith's Tonic Syrup, Bull's Sarsaparilla, 




OLD NO. 313 

ifki f%t ' "■ Irt-tlJ: Kt>DS. J. W. tTKr>M»'. 313- :??1 Sf*. Clin. 

|s\| ks ion si.. riilCACO, IJJ„ ^f>Ucfer to tltou&aml* of 

tl 4 l*%f%Jfi Bi Su < ontrartit completed throughout the country. 



Biri Mrs Rosina, saloon, 124 Baxter ave. 
Birmingham Rolling 31111 Co., 

Jas. G. Caldwell, Pres't, A. J. Moxham, 
Sup't, n-e cor. Fourth and Main. {See 
ni/'r. ) 

Birnstiel Albert, Fresco Artist, 111 
\\ est Main, bet. Third and Fourth. 

Bisehof J ,eph, gr ■, 887 w Mar! et. 

BL»choff Mrs H, dress-maker, 470 w Walnut. 

Biscboti Paul, cigar mnfr, '_'71 vv Market. 

Bischoff ■& Bro (John and Joseph), gro- 
cers, 371 6th. 

Bishop William, grocer, 5-30 7th. 

Bisinger Mr- E. gn o r, 593 Grayson. 

Bissaneyer Charles, Hats, Caps, and 
Furs, Sign of the Big Hat, 122 East 

Bi i back John \V, confectionery, 240 w 

Bitter Conrad, show-case mnfr, 99 5th. 

Bitter Conrad, toys, etc, 194 e Market. 

Bittner (rustav, Cabinet Manufact- 
urer, 18 Ka-t. 

Kentucky state gazetteer 



Bittner Hoary O., Wii 

and Cigars, 373 West M t' 

Liq: or.-. 
and Cigars, 373 West M tin, above Tenth. 
Bittner Joseph, Carpenter, Buil- 
der, and Contractor, cor. Jackson and 
Bitzer John, grocer, corl2ih and Gray so 
Black Joseph J, druggist, 552 7th 

Brack Josepl .), ir iggtst, •>.,_ , tii 

Blackburn Cary B. physician, 147 Walnut. 

Blaetler Jos A, saloon, 249 •• Jefferson 

Blake E W & E J, photographer, 691 w 

Blancagniel Wm M. druggist, 639 4th. 

Bland Jos K. physician, 201 Walnut nr 7th. 

Blanenship Miss B, di maker, 22* 4th. 

Blain Randolph LI, lawver, Ik Center. 

Blatz, Krebs & Co. "(Michael A. 
blatz, Andr >w Krel - and Wm. B >rg- 
meier). Prior-- Fall Cit\ Steam Stone 
Works. Office and Yard, Walnut bet. 
Thirteenth and Fourteenth. {Set adv.) 

H - i . :- Solum n, n >tions. 1 i f w Mar et. 

Bliss Charles, Silk Hat Manufacturer, 
9:1 Second, i Si ■ ado 

Bliss Cyrus It. noti >i - V •■ Main 

Block VI rs Kuto - , i 1 ! \ Preston. 

Blocks Brand, groceries Loth and Walnut. 

Bloom, Goldsmith. Tachau & Co (Jacob 
N Bloom, Charles Goldsmith. Lewis 
Tachau A K Bamberger!, mfrs cloth- 
ing, 2-'. v: and 2 10 w Main. 

Bloom 1 sidor, fum g< ■ .;-. 208 w M u 1« ! . 

Bloom Lch iV; Co (Lee Bloom & 1 

wholesale liquors and cicars. 62 I'd. 

] Bloom Sol, meat market, 11 o Marki t. 

j Bloomtield Geo, jewelry and furniture, 89 

e Market, 
j Bloomtield T. boots and sin es, 66 e Market. 
Blue Line. H W Barclay, agent, office 144 
w Main, 
j Blum Bro- (Joseph ind So'. om on), fancy 

i g is, 116 4th. ' 

; Blum Geo, meats, Bowles Market. 

I Blum Wm. IT., Glass Stainer, 211 West 

j Green. 

. Blum k Wm B, -tone. Ill e Main. 

J Board Thus J, furniture repairer, 636 w 

i Boardman B D, photos. 114 w Market. 
Bobzien Hug'., cigar mfr, 189 w Market. 
: Bock Henry. ; _-:o- mfr, 152 ' Jefferson. 
Bockee .1 s", leaf-toba - 394 w Main. 
Bockee & Co lacob S Bockee. David J 
Grath), loaf-tobacco, factory 271 Shelby 
Bockmann H, shoemaker, 364 e Madison. 
Bocline L>r. J. 31., Dean of the Fa - 
ulty, (Tniversity of Louisville, office 
298 First. 
Bodley Pearce, real estate, 134 w Main. 
Boecher Joint, general store, 773 w Market. 
Boegershausen Ju ins, baker, 414 "Walnut. 
B< p. er M rs Cai herine. gr 'er, 209 3d. 
Boerner John, grocer, 252 Rowan. 
Boes Frank A, com] ivs.-ed yeast, 127 2d. 
Boes John, grocer. 106 2d." 
B ■ •■- N icholas. gn cer, 354 e < <-reen. 
Boesser Joseph R, saloon, 42 Baxter. 
Boesser Simon, grocer. ~S2± w Broadway. 
Bohlsen Abel, gt-ocer, c >r 6th and Walnut. 
Bohlsen E & Sou (Eilert and William), 

carpenters. 5 Vine. 
Iv hlsi n John, gr. cer, 402 1st. 
Bohmler J hn, notions, 167 Preston. 
| Bohn A; Gans [George P B<>hn and Gei rge 
Gans . stoves and tinware. 180 w Market. 
Boh lie K. C, Cashier 3d National Bank 
and }';•'-. Falls City Lithographing, En- 
graving and Job-Pi tin ng Co. 
Boklageifc Hild Frai :- Boklage, Julius P 

Hild), soda-water. 481 3d. 
Buland Micha, !, lawver. 107 Fifth. 
Boldt A. & Co." i August Boldt Jr.; 
Henry MeKibhim, Oysters, Fish, and 
Game. 90 ind 97 Second. , See adv.) 
Bol .: Mrs Rosa, dry goods, etc, Frankfort 

a \ c n< ar Vernon. 
Bollii g R R & Co, stationers, etc., 181 4th. 

ing V. ■: il. physician, 126 3d. 
Bonhomme John, fruits an J confectionery, 
156 w Jefferson, 

E ■ 

Have Settled more t?\e;M 1,400 
I<oxKe6, and Ixavc had but 13 Ro- 

; stated Claim*, Aeents Everywhere. 


AND RUt-INE'^ Dirj-X.TOr.Y 




M »-f-fe »' ?:> : i^~-i> 5^ 

r|- ■ "•;■■'- '"'""'■ — * rc^ '■- : v 

Am • - ->■ ' / i l ' 'iA 

<< , | *•-' w v o Ly 

Vg* -. . . <v . _ r « » J[ J 

A U X 

re-modeled • | OK EUROPEAN PLAN, 



r if fi i 

And a Special Rate 

J57 tie Week or Month. 



South-west Corner Second and Jefferson Streets, 


• <■■■ ■ , mw i««i apffi i^c ^-1x2.3 ot E^i-'srz-.Tr 

kmU l^aWelijiii'sii fcii {tii&AtfiiiiefftMi; CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, -- Louisville, Ky. 





Bonkofskv Vincent, ciuars, 339 Broadwav. Boyd Thomas, jeweler, 27l Story. 

Bonnie Bros (Frank \\" and Robert I'), wh Boyd & Hubbert (Robt Boyd," James i. 

liquors, 66 2d. Hubbert), mfrs agts, iron, nails, etc, 2 

Booker James M, salt i n, 252 e Green, w Main. 

Booker & BIakemore.!ivery,123andl2e 1st. I Boyd* Patrick II saloon, 307 Portland. 

Borchers Henry, grot -r. 249 12th. J Bracias 1' & Co (Peter and Vincent 

Burden Nellis, pr *pr Knickereocker Tbea- j Bradas), candy mfrs, 77 4th. 

ter, 138 w Jetl'ers n. Bradas Thus notions, 102 7th. 

Burdenhi nder John me ts. 1st and Walnut. - Braoburn Otto N. manager Louisville 

Borgmann 11 & C Henry and Conrad) Printing Co, 87 4th. 

saloon, Liederkranz H ill". : Bradley C & Son (Clark and Thomas F), 

Boi'iitraejfer Martin, Pres't Louis- carriage-makers, 20 w Main. 

ville Anzeiger Co.. Ill West Green. Bradley Jar lumber, 10tl and Broadway. 

Boro Benj & Philip, -ah n. 1st and Green. Bradley & Gilbert (Jame* Bradley, James 

Borsehiieek Frank V. ' ■■ i, 1 1< 3d. G Gi'lh t), printers, stationers," binders 

Busier Andy, s:i , '4 e J e tier.- on. blank-books, etc, n-\v cor 3«1 and Green 
Bossier Nicholas, Prop'r Nie 1> sler 

Hotel, 1*7 West '•; ■ ', 
Boss Per !. 1 o its and ■ i -2 e Marl 

Bosse H. *V Br», H ' ry and Joseph), 

U ndi rtaki rs, 214 1- '• -t Green. 
Bossrne', er Pied, yi r, i and Jem r on. 
Botsford Jas. L. A Co. J. L & 

T. G. Botsford). \N . - ■ Butter, Pro- 
duce, Fruits and Fam-v Groceries, 117 
West Main. 

Bott Sebastian, saloon, 350 Lexington. 

Botto P .1 & Co (Peter J. Botto, !, 

trunk mfrs. 117 u Market. 

Botto Vincent, confectionery. 198 4 t ri . 

Bottomley Thus S. prop r ( »id il> : : ib •■ 
steam laund ry, 5i ' w Jetl"< rs< ;. 

Botto John P. lamUeape painter. B Courier- 
Journal Buildinir. 

Bouchard Frank .!. meats. Bowies' Mart. 

Bon lie Chas J, cott'ev-roa.-t-r. 119 w Main. 

Bouchet Michael, Very Rev Vicar- 
General, D\ - ■ i :' Louis'^ i I -. 183 Fifth. 

Bourbon House, Si iod grass A; Bourne, 
prop':-, cor John.-. .-rj ind Main. 

Bourbon Stock Yard Co (John G Barrett, 
pres; George Birch, jupti, Johnson, bet 
Market and Main. 

Bourlier & Pro (Alphonsn & Emile), 
ralvanized-iron cornices, 75.! 3d 

Brudstreet A < . the Improved Mercantile 

A ■:■ : ■/, Ham to iny. 6th nr Main. 

!] i; I : . ■ A. physician, 18^ 3d. 
Braend.d Moritz. stoves and tinware, 190 

Pi ..t"ii. 
Bra d .'■■!.,< '. furnil u n 57 e Ma 'ket. 
Bi ! din II & Co 'J din II Brand), cof- 

f md spice-mi!!-. 74 and 76 Btb. 

B aindeis A A: Son (Adolphus and Alfred), 

commission, 56 w M ain. 
Brandt is Samuel, piiysit ian, 306 3d. 
Brandenburg Mrs Marv, dressmaker. 139 

PI, yd. 
Bra mien hurg A: Co ( W P Brandenburg, H 

li M tchell . jewelers, 2 Mi sonic Temple. 
B -ai ul A drew, calm et-maker, 112 1st. 
B andl Helena, hair goods, 3 '2 w Market. 
Branh m Matthew, blacksmith, 2o0 w 

Gret n. 
Brannan Jarnes, grocer, 238 Fulton. 
Brannin Horace < '. lawyer. 143 vv Jefferson 
Brain in & Gl iver • A Brannin, John S 

Brannin, T H Glover), tobacco, 354 w 

Brannon-Justi Paper Co Herman Justi, 

jr. pre?, M J Brannon, sec, John Justi, 

tri us, tnnfrs paper, 364 w .Market. 
Brantley Rudolf, wagon-maker, cor Storey 
and Br >\\ '. sboro roa I. 

gaivanizeu-iron corniees, i-i.vou. aw aim im -. - >. = 

Bourne Shockencv & Ran ken, live stock Bra tin <S Imliof (P H. Braun, J. Im 

, l,. i. l. .r nr ... OO.i O. ....... A,-., 

commission merchants, Bourbon Stock 

Bow >er John \Y A <•• .1 W and AY H 
Bowser, J G Kid ! . a!, lit' 3d. 

Boyce Rev. Jatltcs P., Chairman 
Faculty Southern Bapti-t Theolocieal 
Sernin ir \ north -' : -' W a : - nt. between 
Sixth and So\ eni h 

Boyd Clarence, portr ui painter, 16 Courier- 
Journal building. 

.iof), \Yagon-makers, 2^2 Baxter Ave. 
Braun A; Co Marv and George), grocers, 

157 e Market. 
Brecki isnn Charles, tinsmith. 288 9th. 
P.reeii Benjamin .J. lawyer, 206 w Jeffer- 

Broit«*nl)aoJi Frank, Meat, Vega- 
tal le md Fish Market, 253 Fast Chest- 

Brekle Julia-, wall paper, 131 e Market. 

,011 AD JU : Al PAID 

Without ref ren •< to t! e Companies «"« manage. 

BARBEE St CASTLEMAN, Leu sviile, Ky. 

Ageuts everywhere South.. 






r O r I7 l 



T J I 

r "^ 


a ^ ^ 



iiillp. IQUMU UiUbilO, llUbio, iiUlDllll& if iiOUib 


Oars, Capstans and Baas, Distill Tibs. &c. 
No. 12 Eighth St., - - LOUISVILLE, KY. 

Second-Kaad ZEScistizxgr "Wheels Always en HZasxd- 


I IN .U.I, ITS BRANCHES. Steel betters and Figures 
» StenWl letters an.l 1 ien.res. L. BOCHE, Kngi-aw and 
ll } 981 $ Ui« Siuker, 100 KAKDOU'Il STKEET, LliJK LOO II 1 





BremakerOIoore Paper Com- 

1KU1J ' ' 'has. Hi miak r, 1'--.: .!. L. 
RubeJ, > r.i, i . ., it ci pi <-r V\ ashing- 
ton -i rid First. ■ .V ■ ndv. \ 
Br. riruin M i i ..,•' V. t run k mnfr. 67 4th. 
Bsvnnun M, Ui iii-u; p. I ha . City Hall. 
Brouiian & Bro iJohn and Matthew) 

bla. ksmiths. 337 7th. 
Brennnii A" i !•., T! nns Br-ni un, 
v bi ■ nun <t M i n n , Agi ieultural I mpie- 
men) -. cor G rei : ;nd ■• : . 
Brenner, Car! C. artist. 73 u Market. 
Brenniug II P, 2 i . • u ; . Citv Hall. 

Bretm-y & Wright .1 R I'.. K V B, T I! 
N rigli tvi oiJsaie sa I 11. r\ 203 w Main. 
Brewer Elijah, Cual, i 1 '-: « Jefferson. 
Brewer's Printing House, Win F Brewer, 

mating t. Si l 3th, 
Brewster < '<. 4. Owen, Attorney at 
Law. Room - Evan* Bh .-.:] cor. Fifth 
and Court Phi ■- See adv. 
Breyibgi 1 & Peare. Un, B and Rubt W 

Pearee). ;• ■•. - , ■, 213 3d. 
Briekley Win. M. II., Steam Pie 
and Cra. ker Bakery, eor Campbell and 
Britljreford & Co,, Louisville Stove 
and Grate F . n d v Jar • •- Brid ;efoi I 
Prest.; P. G. Miller, Vi, e-Prest.; A. B. 
Wallace, Sec. and Press. ', 30 Sixth. 
Bridges C A & Co i Clias ,\ Bridges, J P 
Thompson, \V C Bridges), tobacco 
warehouse, cnr ht '. ai d M ain. 
Brid well Hotel, Stephen P. Brid- 

well, Proprietor. 74 Fast Market. 
Bridwell Pressly, prop'r Queen House, cor 

Johnston and M ain. 
Bright Geo, shoemaker. 143 Floyd. 
Brile Cha«, dn .; ■ ■.-, - I 4th. 
1 ■"■" 'kmann Geo M, tinner, 176 Caldwell. { 
Brink.' & Paust (Rudolph Brinke, Geo i 
Faust), grocers. 504 Madison. 

Brinkley & Co i Miles F Brink: ■-.-. , 

whole-ale stoves, japaned and tinware, I 
71 6th. 
Brinkw nth II K. sin emaker, 2544 4th. 
Brinly, Miles & Hardy Co. T. E. '' 
C. Briiily. Pres't; A [.). M 1. Seey and , 
Treas.; Jas. E. Hardv, Sup't), "Plow 
M mufactnrers, 128 to 138 Em t Main. 
Brit'.. i) Mrs Maggie, cigars, 163 w Jeff'sn. 
Broadus Rev Jt'.hn \ (B ptist'i, 35 Grav. 
Broadway Hotel, Henry Flowers, 

Prop'r. . or. N'ini i ai d Br. id way. 
B ccar Frai k I, ; ■ int. r, 116 7th. ' 
Broo.kman Wm, grocer, 3 Jacob. 

Broderick dohn & Bi-o. (J no 

'■■ " ■ k, L. M. Broderick'., Wagon 
Manilla. Hirers. 175 and 177 East Main 
i Se.e aa - 

Bro it John, wagon-maker, 449 e Main. 

Brohm Darnian, eigar mfr. M7 w Market. 

Brohii) Francis A., Wine and Beer 

S II. 346 I.i [ < ,;. 

; ;'- mm • li. . ,,.. ■ •:-. i ; • ., un j Grayson. 

Brongt-r F A Co [Francis BrongeV, ), 

Hour and feed, 63 I 8th. 
Bron ner Isad.u-, niillinerv, 112 w Market 
Bronner I. A <■ & Co Leopold, Gustavus 
and Israel Bioiint-i .wholesale millii ■■ y 
21« w 31 tin. 
Bronnert Geo F, saloon, 135 Market. 
Br. ikes Chas, se< ond-har d gds. 117 Br. .ok. 
Bi ioks Kd A. phot --,ap ; .-. 344 « M . ■■ -. 
Brooke Mrs Mary, dry tr, ,. , :j'.i',) ,• Market. 
Brooks Mr.- Sophia, mi ilmerv. 344 e Market. 
Brose Adam, saiuoji, 20 e Main. 
Brown Mrs Bertha, dry g.x ds, 362 e Mkt. 
Brown Edward 0, plivgieian, 333 Wash- 
Brown James L, real estate, 1"/-U w Jef- 
Broun J. I>ixon&Co., [J.D. Brown, 
J. S. Hyde), Lumber, .-or Jackson and 
Brown J T S. wholsale liquors, 320 w Main. 
Brown, Johnson & Co (J G Brown, N L 
Johnson, S C Walker) corn mission mer- 
< ha its. hay and grain, 29 4th. 
Brown Lewis A, grocery, 455 Hancock. 
Brown Mrs Maria, notions, 469 Preston. 
Brown Mrs Mary, grocer, 57 e Main. 
Brown Silas A, horse-shoer and wagon- 
maker, 154 .- Main. 
Brown. Thompson & Co, wholesale whis- 
kies, 243 w Main. 

Brown & Co (James Jv Brown, ), 

produce and commission, 110 2d. 
Brown field George W., Blacksmith 
• ir: '' V\ igon-maker, north-east corner 
18th and < '] ostnut. 
Brii< h Anton, boots and shoes, 458 3d. 
Bruckert Win, tailor, 366 e Walnut. 
'' r: " 1,r - r ■' ph, pain • . 662 w Market. 
Brunn Jacob, millinery, 103 e Market. 
B run tier Conni i. grocer, 108 Preston. 
Brutscher John grocer 682 Washington, 
Bryan John E, grocer. 152 5th. 
Bryant K. ,)., Claim Agent, 343 West 

Jefferson. See ,i ■' . 
Bryant & Co (James M Bryunt, Amos G 
McCampbell), commission, 80 w Main. 

, ■ '.-:■: I ■ •■ ■ ling over ?*0,000,000 of Firo Eal 8 II 

& . •; audop rating la 10 South- P«fift ||tl B I] I Rl 

f«iy k vmlmiiM) ] *i£- lit* tm mM%i\h 











We carry the best line of Foreign and Domestic CLCTHS, CASSIMERES 
and SUITINGS to be found in the city, from which we are prepared to make to 
order in the best manner and in artistic style. We employ none but First-class 
Cutters and Workmen. Samples and Rules for Self-measurement sent on application. 


k} c "< 

IB BIS. CO. 0? E1LA1 

Central and Southern Dep't, 





Buchanan R & L (Rowan and Lytle), law- 
yers, 12 Ci liter. 

Buchanan «Sc Bro (James Bu han m, John 
W I!' chanan), real estate, 182 w Main. 

Buehter Henry, ( haii mfr, ■'. 55 e Green. 

Buckel Conrad, sal .on, 1 I 3d. 

Bucking ham Theatre, J. P. AVhal- 
len, Proprietor, 102 West Jefferson. 

Buckle Bombard, physician and druggist, 

253 e Gre< n. 
Bu< kley lln, Adelo, dress-maker. 16-8 4th. 
Buckley Reuben M. lawyer. 7 Court Place 
Buckner James F Jr. lawyer, 1"> Law 

Temple, cor 5th ; nd ' ireen. 
Buddeke John H, saloon, til 3d. 
Bueehel Valentine, sal . n 198 w Market. 
Bueren Alexander i'. • c an, ^ ; j0 Story. 

Buhl Jnhn, bai her, Y- ! A Baxter. 
Bull Dr. John, Bull'.- Sursaparilla, 

Bull's W .mi De-troyer, Smith's Tonic 

Syrup, Ounce 31U West Main. {See adv.) 
Bill! Dr. John, P oprietarv Medicine, 

319 West Main. (Set 
Bull Oliver T, hardware. 12 e Market. 
Bullitt .! F & Son [Joshua F and Joshua 

F jr), lawyers, 1 77 Gr< en. 
Bullittt R'A, ass dist uttv. 1"" w J< fferson. 
Bullitt & Harris (Thos* \V Bullitt. W O 

Harris), lawyers, cor Ce '. r and Green. 
Bullock Mr- Isabella, notions. 319e Market. 
Bullock & Anderson (Wm F Bullock and 

Wilkins G Anderson), lawyers, 178 w 

Bundschu Frank L, meat 252 e Jefferson. 
Burge Joseph, grocer. 126 Bank. 
Burghard .1 T. notions, 40 e Market. 
Bulk'; Patrii k, harness-maker, 135 5th. 
Bark.' R, harness-malo r. 253 w Jefferson. 
Burkbardt J. hn, bak r, 356 e Market. 
Burkhardt John, shi maker. 227 Shelby. 
Burks Jackson, furniture, 419 w Market. 
Burnett T L, city attorney, City Flail. 
Burnett & Burnett (Theodore L, ,1. ; i C, 

and Gilbert), lawyers, 6 Law Ten pie, 
Burnt. am A B & Col Almond 15 Burnham), 

whol stoves and tinware, 280 w M tin. 
Bun,- Ga'-rt-tt, saloon. 247 P .rt! '•■: a\ . 
Burns li !•_ '•. fi nt'*'« lio: er; 12 • Jeff rson. 
Burns John, grocer. 235 1' rtland ay. 
Burns Mrs Maria, grower, 339m Magazine. 
Burn-!; Frank B. mfrs aL't. 41 4th. 
Burrows Rev J L (Baptist , 82 Br< ad way. 
Bun!- Chas shoi maker, 425 18th. 
Burtel Cornelius, dioemaker, 423 e Main. 
Burtel Wm C, billiards and eiijars. 146 5th. 

Burton & Sibley (James P.Burton, 

Guy C. Sibley), Attorneys at Law. Ill 

Busche.meyer Henry, saloon, fS 4th. 
Buschm: n Chas H, grocer, 502 w Market. 
Buschmann F Wm, grocer, cor 10th and 

Bush Robert D, pork packer, 35 to 45 

Bussy Catherine, grocer, 212 Grayson. 
Butterweck Charles, bakery, 695 \v Market. 
Button Albert, grocer, 48 e Market. 
Buyer John, tinsmith, n s Jeff e of 1st. 
Byrne Miss Jennie, dress-maker, 392.? w 


Byrne Peter, Broom Manufacturer. "J'. 1w1 

East Market. 
I'.;. tne & Speed, John P Byrne and James 

B Sp< di, coal, 139 sv Jefferson. 
Cain Mrs F, dressmaker, 139 7th. 
Cain -John S.. Clerk of the Circuit 

Court ,.i .1 fferson County, Court House. 
Caldwell Isaac P, lawyer, 180 w Jefferson. 
Caldwell 1. «£ J., *£ Winston 

(Isaac Caldwell, Junius Caldwell. < ; '". 

A. Winston), Lawyers, 180 West Jeffer- 

Si 'II. 

Calla^han John, Distiller, 187 Weit 

Callahan Mrs Bridget, saloon, 29 7th. 
Callahan *v Son (James and Charles 

Hi. Grocers, cor. Ninth and Broadway. 

(See adv. \ 
Callaway James F, tobacco broker, cor 8th 

and Main. 
Carnentz Ernest, cigars. 295 e Main. 
Cammel Mrs Kate, dress-maker, 184 4th. 
Campbell Rev Euos (Christian), 514 w 

Campbell Joseph O & Sons (Joseph 0, 

Joseph O jr, Charles A), machinists. 

90 1st. 
Canada Mr- D, grocer, n e corner 11th and 

Br. ad w ay. 
Canada Southern Line. Chas II King, a_ r '. 

room 4, Board of Trade Building. 
CaniiH* J. F. & C. K. James F. and 

Ch i -- E. Surire >n ! '• nti.-ts, 170 Filth. 
Cannon A B i crs W 11 Byers . wholesale 

n illmery, i'-'l vv Main. 
Caperton A. C. & Co. ! A. C. Caper- 

ti i; and ), Booksellers, Station ers. 

and Publishers. G05 F itrtb. i See ■ ■■■ 
Cardoni I'hivini), Sculptor and M i- 

meiital Worker. 677 East Broadway, near 

Cave Hill. 

...■ \ 

ji. . ».-,-.«*» ** art* J 








;->. , 

t . , , j ,1 u ,• ; , t, : p ft 2 . an ■;! ' • ' ■ 

• i ■■• and tha ex! inguisnj e, • ■ - 

. . . , . ,r - ■, ,. .. ..: , : . f uihoi.-nt hos 


y— > -k *S 

W C i j 

■my— nun. «?-,«« m-«m« »""gv 4 fp» ■•pi «» ,**' w *l^ 

,JJv.JL- ~4— 




, ■ ■ ii, without re- 


: ■- : 1 ; 

J.. — -k. J.. — — £••■; '~-< 

: D1 - ■ 

v. ■ ■ . • 

■ n ■ 

■ - - 


3"V I LXi J 

of Ibis leaf. 

C ■ J 

c -e 5 w>- 1 ' e A. e ' W A. A. JU**ril sha*d ^-nttr y 

. . , ' .r. K IN 


For Gas c 



J U MJrr b. 

• ; ■ ,- -. - e s 



For Gas, Steam aid Witar, 

• --',_-. 





iR'F-rl /\Y( 

T- T" 'T T\ ■" 

h / 
\ / 


']'.-''' ■ rjiir»M< ' ' ■ " I i ift than bri bii 

They will j hea: r] ? stop up v ! ! ' ;■ ■<■'■■ ■ i ■ 

■ • - L -■■-. t shipping i it. i »i>. 



! M 



Ma l( of : 


• ■ i ' two-foot section*, aa'l from two I 

O ~LIjL JL JLyJL JLN JuLi JL. -i- w. -' J~ N~~2 - 

VI ■ .»f [-»«• j . -.■:■■■: i. ' ■ - ■■' : i.>r. Thf.i 

... ,., : ■ b* v. " . 

. . _ ,, . . ..■-.,'■ 

.... .;,■..,. ■ :....-. • . n - >•) ■!■■•' 

, . i. f i r , r i • i t • 

i winuv. •.•■.—.:! ol • frost. ALjO 

FIFTH r. f\ND WALNUT, Hotel Building.; 

t,: riE ri li ej, k v 

■ ' ' : - I I •' FOR ••. . iES.'i* See other sicl I ! ia > eJ.i 

FAT? FFAArfl AND GENERAL HASDWAl - Ities at Lowest Prices. 

. . Send ib dogu to FJ SI). SC iJLEDING, 835 Broad- 

l <JXJ A \7VJLJU way s - i 880 North Fourth Street. - - ST. LOUIS. MO. 





Carle P W, gn eer, 130 'ith. 

Carlo I 'harles, fruil etc. .' 14 e Jeftcrs m. 

CiirOll C. K., Publisher City Direc- 
tories of Louisville, Ivy., and New Al- 
bany and Jeffi r*oiiviil.< . In ... l'2-i Fourth 
A\ enue, '• ir. Jeffersi n. 

Carpenter Aimear A Co. (John E. 
Carpenter. Jas. F. Annoar, A. B. Burn- 
ham), ' l-alvanized I ron and ' 
Works, IG an 146 Ni 

Carpenter Charles F, physician, 1-7 1th. 

Carpenter James S., General Agent 
Connecticut Mut .... Lii'e [ns. Co., south- 
east cor 6th and Main. 

Ciirpi ! . i. er X -Julius, gunsi ith.l to Jae :s n. 

Carpenter & Evans Kobt J Carpenter, 
Thos K Evans i, photographers, 74 4th. 

Carr Byron O, supervising inspector of 
stet'-n-ves- ds. C'.u toi i-h> is . 

Carr II. 31., L'nii d States Claim Attor- 
ney, 250 West Jeff ■:.-.•:.. 

Carr Wiinlon A., FL ise, Sign, and 
Office Painter, Paper-hanger and Deco- 
rator; office, lot) West Jeffersoi . Ilesi- 
deuee, Shippingport, 9tj Jackson ■"■• • 

Carrington Ford S. livery, 20 w Main. 

Carrington John \V & Co (John W Car- 
rington, Chas il Conrad .' Virginia leat- 
tobaeeo commission, 362 v, Main. 

Carro ! Patrick, u.~ v r, a i R ■■■ an. 

Carson J T & Co f J T Carson. 1, Pro- 
duce-dealers. 105 w Main. 

Carter Bros. & Co. cA. and J. G. 
Carter, J.C. I! ■■:!. ■■!, W. B. Car.,. :.. 1). A. 
Forline), Wholesale Dry Goods, 279, 281 
and 283 West Main. 

Carter Frank. Assistai t Superintend- 
ent Louisville «fc Cii 'tnnati 1 ni tod -States 
Mail-line Co.; Office, Wharfhoat, foot of 

Caruth Asher G, Commonwealth's Attor- 
ney, 1 13 5th. 

Cary Arthur, Lawyer. 9 Court Place. 

Cary George li. Iru^gi t, 17G 7th. 

Cary & Conroy (Michael J Cary, Win 
Conroy}. brick-} ird, IGtii and Lexingt'n. 

Casey .Mr- Ellon, o:ro< er, -!>9 e Main. 

Cass Lewis, barber, 150 Clay. 

Cassella Alexandi r. saloon, 154 w Green. 

C i Lb man !> il. : if-tobaeco, 270 w Market. 

Cau field Columbus I., ir a Cotta 
(< tods and Piumi-1 er - >■ pplii - 53 Fifth 
Avenue i hotel build my . .S'e, ■■ 

Caummiser Thos C. broom mnfr, 22 4th. 

Cawein John, saloon, h~ 4th. 


Cawein Dr Wm & Co (Win Cawein, J 
Hi nrv Doerr), fain by medicines, 93 7th. 

Cecil John G, ph\ ~ i • i in. 310 2d. 

Central Catholic Ad\ oi ate | .v.- -klv , L li 
Bel] propr. -:> Ith. 

Central Coal and iron Company, 
B. D ip' ut, Pn -.; Thos. .!. Tapp, Vice- 
IV"-. : Ban non C. oieman, Sec, i loal- 
■-'•■ ers ai d D filers. Proorieiors of Guv- 
;• : lb.-: dor, Men er, - I i ' y, an 1 

Muhlenb*: rg M ines. 53 Tiii I. -v a< .• 

Central Hotel, Form Dolin, Pn pri ter, 
$1 per dav, 11*7 and 199 Market, Near 

Cerasola Benedict, fruits, 30 e Marki t. 

Cerusola Mrs Marv, 


Cerf Mrs Bcttie, clothing, 70 e Market. 
Chamberlain C& Co Columl • ■ nd Henry 

B. Chamberlain . bitters. 339 w Market. 
Chamberlain Edw, agt cotton-miils, 41 • d. 
Chamberiin Courtland, fish oysters and 

game, 47 w Jefferson. 
Chambers Lee, examiner and notary pub- 
lic, 11 Center. 
Chambers Samuel R. seeds 35 3d. 
Chapman Charles B, southern passenger 

agt O & M R*y Co, s-e cor 4th and Main. 
Chi ppell House, Stuard Chappell propr, 

s-e cor Jefferson and 1st. 
Chase E 11 «v Co j E II Chase, A S Jerome, 

C E Chase) whosale liquors, 3 w Main. 
Chase & Clements, -I. W. Chase, J. 

E. Clements), Commission, 97 West 

Chila Mrs Mary, cor.fectionery.86 w Water. 
Chenault Wm, lawyer. Ill 5th. 
Chenoweth Henry, physician, 259 2d. 
Cherry ?>lr> ..Mary, grocer, 258 Fulton. 
Chesapeake A. Ohio Railway, James W 

Wheeler agt. lo.j w Main. 
Ch. ss, Carley & Co J D Carley, ) 

lib. naval stores etc, 125 w Main. 
Chess Wyniond, Coopers. Office 125 

West Main, Factory cor B. and I h. 
1 ' ring Benjamin C gro ■ . •">'.' 7 7r !i. 

Clliekerilljr Alvill A., Grocer, Feel 

aiid Coal Tard, South-East Cor. Main 

and Preston. 
Ch ering Miss Inez, n itious, 599 7th. 
Cliilders & Parsons, Proprietors of 

I, mi jvii j Op :. i ire Place Manufactur- 
ing Co., 145 West Jefferson. <ee adv.) 
Chi ton, Guthrie & Co, trunks, 133 ith. 
Chilton, <i uthrie & i i | John L CI ton, 

Alexander 1 Guthrie, James G Guthrie) 

trunk nianfrs, 186 v>- Main. 


■ I r 

-• r, y 

A^ ' ~rt J. w. yLTsriirsc;?, 

'■ V 3i3-32l So. ■: I i ! n Street, CHICAGO -m 
y J 4 IllWWW&^-Sendfe ' 

♦ or Illustrated Catalogue ami W< 





Christian SS Association, c; C Ciineeditor, 

92 v? JetFerson. 
Chrestle John F, boots and shoes, 5 1th Ave. 
Christ VMchju'l, Proprietor Christ's 

Brewery, 20 to • •■• t .'■:•>. i- • r Avenue. 
Christe S F, boot.* and -hoes, 96 6th. 
Christian G< >rgc 1'. v r er, >'' >• Green. 
Chri-t ; " [Tho i»),. -,-v.-:- ['Presbyterian 

weekly ) Co • • > i pi hlishers, room 

5 Courier-Journal huildinir. 
Christman Frank, grocer, 120 w Madison. 
Christopher Caleb, carpenter, 60 Center. 
Christopher Charles L, (-.irpenler, alley 

bet Broadway and <Jr: - tnd l.-t and 2d. 
Christopher Henry, baker,] c College. 
Cimiotti Theo. Si Co.. Theodore 

Cimiotti, John Ruby), Manufacturers 

Ladies, Misses and < ildi Fine Shoes, 

South- West Corner Sixth ami Main. 

(See aih.\ 
Citizens Nati uial Bank, .1 D Barret, pres; 

11 C Rodes cash : cor Bullitt and Main. 
City Brewery, Frank Fehr, propr; 174 e 

City "Malt House, Ferdinand F. Lutz, 

Proprietor: Manufactures Barley, Rye, 

and Corn Malt; 27 to 31 Twelfth^ corner 

High. (See adv.) 
Clanev Patrick J, saloon, 336 w Main. 
Clark" A F & Co iA F Clark, M B Bnt- 

tortt i, grocer, 1 14 2d. 
Clark Daniel, saloon, 71 Lafayette. 
Clark James, leaf-tobaoeo, cor 13th and 

Chirk Jas A & Co iJas A Clark. Chas 

White), whol liquors, 2-5 3d. 
Clark J. S. & Co., Marble, 72 w Jef- 
Clark Michael E, meats, 7 4th. 
Clark cV Haeberlin, Meat Market, 7 

4th Avenue. 
Clarke Bro & Co, printers, 37 \ 3d. 
Clarke Chas J, architect, j-w cor 4th and 

Clarke Mrs Margaret, notions, 584 7th. 
Cleaver & Smith (Sam Cleaver, Abner J 

Smith,, lawyers, 186 w JetFerson. 
Cleland John, millinery, 106 w Market. 
Cleland Mrs M, mi lery, [01 4th. 
Clemens Jacob H, salo >n, 68 5th. 
Clemens J M. physician, 500 w Market. 
demerit Joseph, vyer and justice of 

peace, 2 and 3, ( ' >urt Pla •'. 
Cleimnoiis & vVillis Jui his L Ciei i 

Hon. Albert S Willis), lawyers, 6 

Court Place. 

Clerget Mrs Mary E, wines and liquors, 

438 w Main. 
Clifton Charles, insurance agent, 14C v, 

Cline Mrs A .1 & Co (Mrs A J Clin- an I 

< Jeorge Giebel i, coal dealers,300 r {_iv< n. 
Cline Charles S., Hardware, Lumber, 

Hoors. Sa»h, Blinds. :tnd General Build- 

ing Material. <•< Fast Market. 
Cline Rev. C. C. (Christian), 92 West 

Jefferson. [Se< adv.) 
Cline C. C. Editor, 92 West Jeffer»< i . 
Cline C. ('. & Co. (C. C. Cline, T. L 

Mi Iven, J. R. Marrs, Publishers, 92 and 

94 West Jefferson. [See adv.) 
Cline Miss Louisa B, dress-maker, 370 e 

Close & Wasson (Win H Close and H P 

Wasson |, dr\ goods, 170 and 172 4th. 
Clover Philip \, | rocer. 715 Portland ave. 
r, d S W, eoal-i :i ! - ; r, 113A 3d. 
Coblens Felix, physician, 24(< Jackson. 
Cochran Robert, lawyer, 11 Center. 
Cochran «X: Fulton (G. II. Cochran. 

Edward Fulton), Wholesale Liquor-. 26 

West Main. 
Cochran & Woody (Samuel Cochran. Sam- 
uel Wi dy), physicians, 472 w "Walnut. 
Coghlail William C, Architect and 

Civil-engineer, south-east cur. Third in I 

C' i en Charlotte, furniture. 63 e Market. 
Cohen Gcursje, clothing, 33 e Market. 
C< hen Lee 11. hats and caps, 151 w Market. 
Cohen Marcus, clothing, 151 A w Market. 
Cohen Max, dry goods" 170 e" Market. 
Cohen Morris, tailor. ;Mw Market. 
Cohen Morris, clothing, 3 e Market. 
Cohen Philip M, clothing, 182 w Market. 
Coker Pendleton G, whol millinery, 233 w 

Main and 392* w Market. 
Coldewey Anton F, prest Western Bank 

and Western InsuranccCo, 93 w Marke.t. 
Coldewey August, whol liquors, 67 w .Main. 
Coleman iktnmm, Secretary Central 

Coal A: Iron Co., 63 Third. 
■ leman Richard T. gents' furnishing 

goods, 137 4th. 
Coieman & Bro | Fdward R Coleman, 

Richard L Coleman), mnfrs agents, 145 

W Main. 
Col*<ail A McAlee [John Colgan, 

James A. McAfee . I)r i.;:_ r i.-ts arid • - 

ufaeturers Cobban's Tatfy-Tolu Chewing- 
Gum, cor. Tenth and Walnut and cor. 

Tenth and Broadway. 

m> w m m m&* A ^ ' - - i 8 Hav€ s« ttl * d IU,irf tu,,n s s' 500 

.,.,,. .illirllll sUted Claim.. Agents Everywhere^ 


entral Coal t Iron 



P. 0. Mercer Station. Ky. ' 
Telegraph Address. Muhlenberg, Ky. 



Strcud P. 0.. Owensboro Junction, Ky. 
Telegraph Address, Owensboro Junction. 


P. 0. McHenry, Ky. 

Telegraph Address, Hamilton Station, Ky. 

-A.c3-5.ress, £«£.A.X2>T OZPSTICE, S3 TZEXIZRJD STREET, 



ie, Ky. 





Oolhns Absalom, coal, 335 w Mark, t. I Cook Archib ild B, phvsieian, 152 w J.-fl V 

« , liu.s Mrs Com, ladies' furnishing g yds, ■ Cool; Geor-e. ohvsdcian, 807 w Market 

;;; ' J w Market , Cook il :nr\ I'. dr . .• wells 372 w Market 

Collins Hilton, mnfr single-trees, 15tb and Cook, Huffman & Co (Josh Cook Jno I! 

Dumesnil. Hoffman, Jno N Littrell), wholesale 

Collins Ink Co., Thomas H. Collins, , coal. 110 Water. 

Manager. Mrfrs. Ink, Mucilage. Blu- , Cook & SIons (James W. Cook, Levi 

: - : ' 2!}] } y ** v < : '■ r - • i ' SI- . I .. I - md Opticians, lo-i 

< o Sin ■ 1,- u :-. lawyer, Law lee p] . cor ' Foil i 

: '**< and Green. ; Cooke II Brent, lawver, 135 v, Jeffer^oi 

Collins Madame A, dress ker, 6 e Mark. | Cooked. Esteu*, Secretary and Treas- 

Collins Richard 11. S Co., Histori- 
cal Publishers, 1 1 Curier-Journnl Build- 

Collins Wm. A., Editor Louisville 
Commercial, 102 West Green. 

Columbus Celestini, sal. on, .'1 w Water. 

C. mmonweaith Disl rib ition Co, R M 
Board m m, soe'y, C urier-Journal Build- 
ing, cor 4th and Green. 

urer National Mutual Benefit Associa- 
tion, 151 West Jefferson. 

C >oley Mr. Molly, cigars, 21 e Jefferson. 

Cooling' Henry >.., Lumber Dealer 
! Walnut and Ash a Spe< ialty). 
04 Fifth. Yard, cor. Fourteenth and 
Ivi I tileky. 

Co mes M F, physician, 145 w Chestnut. 

Ci oper Michael, grocer, 201 9th. 

Commercial Express Line. Sam G Hon- j Cope John B?, Mesit~Marke't and Pro 

kins, agent, office 144 w Main 
Commercial Publishing Co., W. 

<,. Wiise.ii, Pres.: R. M. Kelly, See.; Pub- 
lisher- Daily and Weekly Commercial, 
102 West Green. (See adv.) 

Compton Wm, gr n er, 150 e Market. 

Condolph Clements, saddlery and harness 
manufacturers, 193 Story. 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insur- 
ance Co., James S Carpenter, General 
Agent, S-E corner Sixth and Main. 

Conner II J, til ner, 195 Sixth. 

Conner Andrew J, tinner, 378 12th 

19 West Ji fferson. 
Corbett Mrs Mary, boots and shoes, 83 e 

Cornwall & Pro (Wm Cornwall. AYrn 

Cornwall Jr, and Aaron W Cornwall), 

-•>.[. and candle mfrs, 145 Washington. 
Corriga l F E, physi ian, 217 Preston. 
Cosgrove llugil T., Refrigerators, cor. 

F.ourteenth and Green. (See adv.) 
Cosgrove Peter, grocer, s-w cor 11th and 

Cotton C I>. lawyer, Board Trade building. 
Co iries J, boots ami shoes, 449 w Market. 

Conner Chas. If., Manufacturer of ; Cowcii & Robinson (B. R. Cowei 

Roofing Material, South-east corner Clay '■, and J. W. Robinson), General Agents 

and Franklin. (See adv.) | North-western Mutual Life Insurance 

Coimiff Martin, Proprietor Franklin i Company of Milwaukee, for 01 i ■ and 

House, 331 Broadw iy. See adv.) Kentucky. 2 Board of 'J rade Building. 

Conn,. ley 11 y, prop'r Virginia House, 7 2d. ! Cowling R ( ». phvsieian, 50 w Chestnut. 

Connor B 15 on Co, commission, 38 4th. j Cowper J T, druggist. 749 w Chestnut. 

Conrad Charles, tailor. 133 3d. , Cox G H, physician, 329 Broadway. 

Conrad, fable & M»<mey Thorn! sConrad, | Crail S I!, clerk U S cin nit court, Cust ■in- 
August Fable, J EMooney tanners, cor : house. 
12th and Lexington. ' Craig Mr.- Ida. dress-maker, 57 2d. 

Conrad Rev Rufus (col Christian), 41 i Cral'le Isaac S, notary public, 132 5th. 

w Wain i (■••;., „ | ,] l0 lD .' , ,,':., lt . ; ,!er, 129 ! I. 

Ceirad W P & Sons | Wm P. Mordi. a L, < ranev D, irr r, .r 13th and Madison. 

George A, Thomas J G), leaf-tobacco, Crawford Kobert J, florist. 51 w Jefferson. 

178 19th. Crecel'uis J T, druggist, 030 w Market 

ConryWm, grocer, cor 18th and Magazine. Creijrhton A; Son i Geo. W. and Wil- 

Conti Frank, fruits, 2 It*, w Market. lard J. Creighton), Hardware, 142 West 

Converse & Co ( Rev K Bart let t Converse, ! Market. 

Rev Thomas E Converse), publishers Crew Francis D, cigars, etc., 184 Preston. 
The Christian Observer, office, room 5. j Crittenden Robt H, C S Marshal, Custom- 
Courier-Journal Building. house. 

\ffft , r!fi < T\ TTrnrnTTT^ I^TTI "nil"*"* Without reference to the Companies we manage, 

, i ft ftij] pA j BAR8EE & CASTLEMAN, L i .. iie, Ky. 

JOUijU timUtiLhb J-UiD liilJJ Agents everywhere South. 








■ — 7^'""" ' - r -«~- ■■-■ -^- 

.. . c* -?>X 

, 1 

c. ' 








- i 

1 ., 



riilLiUA I Ulildll! I MU iflAbitii'iJj iJilUI, 


flu,!. p T *i*t ^ 5«»« MS!i« Digiillpfifis Tawiwifis h 

tt'.e); 'viitfri feilfi BftiN il.ttiSj t.»i».tii»«i.iU O.MU.H*! ft.a 

Repairing Promptly Attended to. 
Tenth Street, bet. Main and River. LOUISVILLE. ) ) 

" ' j* f .*jv <,■-•: |>( t finsr Sfasiiix, S*>ir-InK-iii- sifimjis, Tfniik Stamps and Cheek 

Un.-itetir J'rinMnj; ■ J'resses Hiid Tvpe. L.ISOCHJR, 
liy V -..,: -. imtfta *i tugnivwr aiul J>io .Siuker. l<i»i KaurfolpU St.* CHICAGO, 1U. 





Crolly G W, n rtions, s-w cur 16th and 

Cromie Isaac, coal-dealer. SI w Market. 
Croruie 1 a -var I, 344 o Main. 

Cromie John, supt Northern Lake Lee Co, j 

162 3d a v. 
Cromio \V, wholesale paper and gun-pow- i 

der. 290 w Main. 
Crosfoj ';. 1.. *V K. M. ' o, K 

Mrs. i.. M. I 'rusl j , P< rtrait Painters, : 

14 Center, i See adv.) 
Crosier }..' «n! S. sp< v ia] cli puty surveyor, ; 

Custom-hou . 
Cross Chas C, restaurant, :' ) 14 w Jeff< rson. 
Cross Chas II, confectionery, 1 -■ 5th. 
Cross Goo, umbrella nifr, .4''' v, Jefferson. 
Cross John, i la k tnith, 70 12th. 
Crowe John E, physician, 178 5th. 
Crucible Steel Casting and Mel ! Co (M 

Lewis Clarke ;r, prest; O A Knapp, ! 

vice-prest; Julius Barbaruux, secy and j 

riRii:":' r ,, ■•'■ 8th and W iter. 
Cruil N ■•'* in, grocer, \V2 \\ ' '*tn«t. 
Crump «V Davidson i Feudal) A Crump, j 

James David-on.i. wholesale stationers, 

162 w Main, 
Crump & SissonfW H Crump, C W Sisson), I 

commission merchants, 135 w Main. 
Crush & Fleckensteii:, merchant tailors, 8 j 

w Market. 
CrutcherThos B, iron, nails, steel, etc., 309 ' 

w Main. i 

Crystal Spring Distillery Co, Stege, Kei- ; 

ling & Co, distillery 1st. and Ship av, of- } 

lice Main bet 3d and 4th. 
Culley J L, carptr and bldr, 201 w Green. ! 
Culph & Halsey (Amos Culph, W H Hal- ' 

sey), wholesale grocers, 99 v. Main. 
Culver Chai A grocer, q Jefferson. 
Culver Kichard M, grocer, 5:. 1 Shelby. 
Cummins David, physician, 80 w Chestnut. 
Cummins It. «\: Co. (R. Cummins, 

A. T. Smith, Nicholas Miller .Distillers, 

95 West Main. 
Cummins & Greathouse, 

Curd II. T.. Auditor 

lly, 11 8A w Main. 
Curran Mrs Mary. trroceries 1 I ! St I . 
< ' ■ . ! Math' 1 ■ . grocer, Floyd and Green. 
Currej Bonj B, claim agt. 13*; >• Jefferson. 
Cum y T 15 n :..r i , v\ •'• ff< ••■).. 

Currie Geo K. tertili/.«r int'r, cor Washing- 
ton and !'< icn u an. 
Curtin C. A., Archit ct, Ni rth-cast 

painters, 368 e 
L. N. A. & C. 

cor Bullitt and Main. (See ad i 

Cnsack John T, crockery and notions, 404 
and 411' w Jefferson. 

Cus iden Geo W, confectionery, 379 w. 

Dae ;■ • Jacob grocer, 1 Soutbgate, cor 15th. 

Daeuble Louis, carriage painter, 309 e 

Daeuble Louis, harness-mkr, 188 e Market. 

1' Gee, V, barber, 357 e Market. 

i. Val, grocer, cor 19th and Main. 

Da) ■ Wm, shoemaker, 189 e Green. 

Dalton Mrs Margaret, grocer, 68 e Mai'. 

Dant'orth J L& Co (J L Dan forth, "W T 
I. :wis . ins agents, n-c cor 3d and Main, 

Dr.r. . Fred, saloon, 318 e Jefferson. 

Daniel Smith, propr Ohio Falls Cooperage 
"Works, 896 Portland ave. 

Dannenbauer Frederick, meats, Citizens' 
M rki-t. 

D'Arcy Mrs C:,rr\» M. c stumer, 189 3d, 

Darjfel "William, Mattress Manu- 
facturer, '■': -7 Pre.-t< ... 

Darliiighaus II. A Co. (Henry Dar- 
Iii gbai -, Cli -. ii. Naber, John H. 
Kink bein;, Mnfrs. Ladies', Misses', and 
Children's Fine Shi >es, 73 Sixth. {See adv.) 

Darnall & "Co ;C T and S H Darnall), 
•■ hoi ■ igars and tobacco, ]$•"> 4th. 

Daumont Edmund J. watch-maker, 292 1st. 

David I-uae, grocer, 2-HJ 9th. 

David Sim* n, cro ikery, 152 e Market. 

David Simon <fc Son (Simon David. 
Myer if. iiilpp) Wholesale Dealers in 
Rags and Scrap-iron, 219, 221. and 223 
East Market. 

Davidson Adolph, shoes, 111 w Market. 

Daviess County Distilling Co, 187 w Main. 

Davis Abraham, second-hand goods, ~3 e 

Davis David, Hides, 27 and 29 East 

Davis Kli G, physician, 225 Preston. 

Davis Furniture Mnfg Co The J W, cor 
Preston and Lampton. 

Davis Hamlet W, provisions, 58 2d. 

Davis .1 T. grocer, 137 7th. 

Davis .1 Wash, furniture, 110 and 112 w 

Davis J '/., sign-painter, 1 i4 Oth. 

Davi> Ke/in C, lawyer 28 Court Place, 

Davis Trabue A- Co (Wm A Davis, Rich- 
ard Trabu - •■: T M liory |, who] 
ilt;. u is, 269 w Main. 

Davis V'iiicei t, • 1 1 ■ i ■■••_■.- 1 and prest Louis- 
ville Col) 'ge ot 1': tniiacy, 2KH 'hesnut. 

Davis Wm F, turn repai 'er, 230 e Market. 

V\ • B»Jffffl « £*'''"■ B 1 M ControiHnc over 840,000,000 of Fire K! V % l 

■ 7 j"' ..--,:..' in Hi - .•::• Djfig If* ' • v- £'*»* 

£i*«Wg£sl « &>vi.:;;.i.j»iti ' 7 r <- , ' ' " ; in liit* kiih mmm i 

7 Louiavill*. Kj Agents everywhere. 





i G. E. & E. M. CROSBY 



Oil, Pastelle, Water Colors 


We will take any ol«i family picture, such as Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Ferrotype, 
Photograph or any description of small picture, and enlarge them to any size desired, and 
paint such enlargement in any of the above styles. 


StmcLIo: USTo. 420 Centre Street. 


yUiSiili ilk wJ. Or MliMMj, L < 

Central and Southern JDep't. 





Davis Win J, svc and treas Board of Trus- 
tees of Public Schools, 5-; cor Walnut 

and Center. 
Davis & EIad< n (John T Davis, Matt J j 

Haden), distillers 9 w Main. 
Day James, sportsmen s /■''-. 68 3d. 
Day Will 11. wnfi c-ti n ■;•, 117 4lh. 
Dayspring The (illustrated uonthly), A C 1 

Caj ertoji, editor ai : . - ■ '■ -1 i h. 
Dearing ( Larles T. booksei!ei\ printer, and j 

binder, n-w cor 3 1 ai d Jefferson. 
De Brouve Samuel S, seco; d-hand store, ; 

135 e Jefferson. 
Decker J< hn, tailor, 381 e Jefferson. 
Decken Henry, grocer, s-w cor 9tu and j 

Deen John B, furniture, 300 w Market. 
Defler. Mrs Li ;zie L, coi fectionerv, 734 '• 

Portland ave. 
]>r Our:.:'. John, carpenter, :44 ; 6th. 
Dehler George, sal « n, 34 Market. 
Deity Rev 11 L ( Baptist 
DeLang Felix, watch-maker, 144 w Jeffn. 
Delus Peter, grocer, 279 e Madison. 
Demaree James A, (irand 1; p irter Grand j 

Lodge of Kentucky Knights of Honor, ! 

office, 150 w Main. 
Demaree Wrn H, painter, : J">7 Portland av. ] 
Dembitz Lewis N, lawyer G and 7 Schur- I 

mm m block. 
Dempf G A, leather and findings. 21 w Mr. 
Denhard Edward L., Mnfr. Pic- j 

ture Frames and Moldings. Chromos a i 

Specialty. 438 West Mar.-.-. 
Denhard Henry, shoemaker, 107 w Markt. ! 
Denner Julius, notions, 441 Clay. 
Dennis Temple E, tailor, "7 6th. 
Denniston ev Gillespie • Mis- K E Dennis- 
ton are! Mr.- H K Gillespie), dress-mak- 

erB, 203 3d. 
Dent & Tucker (Black Dent and T T 

Tucker), saloon, 84 
Denunzio Joseph, fruit, 100 w Jefferson. 
Deppen Charles A. marble. 527 7th. 
Deppen Henry jr. leaf-tobacco. 394 w Main. ! 
Deppen & Son (John L and. John L jr). | 

clothing, cor Market and tth. 
Depp-' Charles, tail »r, 3-jU i Chestnut. 
Dering H. It., Gen. Pa,s. Agt. J. M. 

& I. K. K., office, V, ard of Trade Build- j 

ing. Third and Main. 
DeSollar H S, Secretary Southern Business j 

College, ' w cor 4th and Gre-m. 
Detchen John H. ./r . sr. 1 J". eMarket. 
Detroit Safe i loinpany, E. A. Magin- 

ness, Agent, 17* West Main. 

Dettiinger Vincent, saloon, 721 Portland 
!.-, enue. 

Denser George D., Publisher Katho- 
!': iher Glaubtiisbote. weekly; Printer, 
1 an i Dealer in Books and Station- 

ery, 431 West Market. 

Deus r Mrs Phillipina, dry goods, 188 e 
( ri een. 

I, hatt r, 446 w Marl i t. 

Deutsche G rluegel und Bennen Zeitung, 
C C Stuecker & Co publishers, German 
M thly L'o . and Bee Culture, cor 
Gray and Shelby. 

Devcli John K. physician, 551 w Market. 

D . Louis, coal. 306 e Market. 

1 h w bi rrv John, sal >on, 90 6th. 

DeWitt Mildred J. grocer, n-w cor 2d and 

]>■ . Frank, men bant tailor, 268 w Jeffs'n. 

1 :•':• A M, toba ugi ; 208 w Main. 

Dickel George, wattd -ma ker, »3 w Market 

Dickei Henry, frroc -r 351 ■• Cm stnut. 

Diekinson Furniture Mamufae- 
t urinv Co. f John A. Dickii son, Prest., 
Lewis K. Dickinson, Sec'y, Manufac- 
tures all kinds ot Furniture, Mattresses 
and Bedding, Factory 265 to 269 Jacob. 
Office and Salesroom 78 and 80 Sixth. 
^'ee adv.) 

Di hold Alois, grocer, 137 Floyd. 

Diebokl Frank A, salrvn, 62 8th. 

Diebo ■' .1 >hn, stone, 52U Portland Ave. 

Diefenbach Frederick, grocer, cor Clay 
and "Washington. 

Diefenbach George, meats. 299 e Main. 

Diehl C Lewis, druggist, Broadway n-w 

cor 3d. 

Diehl Frederick, books. ]09 e market. 

Diehl Jacob, fruits, 365 e Market. 

Da hi Phi! p, barber, 83 17th. 

Diehl Valentine, tailor, n-e cor 18th and 

Diel Charles, grocer, 393 e Walnut. 
Dierkop Louis. groc< ry, 446 Prest in. 
Dierkson Frank, locksmith. 327 w Market. 
Dierkson Joseph, barber, 327 w Market. 
Diersen Joseph '!' brew( r. 168 *» Green. 
Diei . i) Mr- Catharine, grocer, 314 e 

Di« rson Mrs L< uisa, dress-maker, 102 Jeff- 

ers< n 
Dietrich John, meat-market, 322 Preston. 
Di , Michael, saloon, 146 e Main. 
Dietznuu n K, b iota and shoes, 182 4th. 
I ; .; r Martin, tailor. 234 e Green. 
Dillon Mrs F, dress-maker, 454 « Market. 

inDlTfT! J rn FiTTfj and dealer in Hardware Specialties, Fred Schmleding, 

atrfill 1 rUll IfcJjliUI ^ AlLO 835 Broadly, ^ 830 «. 4th St., ST. LOUIS. MO. 




pe~ m^mmmyn «y*«sr, a r**^ T ^ T"* * 

■wW Mwe« vwan m^Ktuaai m&n metes* mnm aoL? VV k^'^kiwt » 

Jefferson Street, . . . Louisville. Ply. 

J. P. WHALLEN, Sole Lessee. 

J. H WHALLEN, Business Manager. 

COL. SAVAGE, ...... Treasurer. 





The Representative Amusement Resort of the South-West. 



And Enjoy Three Hours of Laughter, 



In the BRILLIANT CAPE attached to Theatre, 





We drsire Ml Architects am! flornicc. firm* to 

:>i>- istu nit ;» t<: <•* itll :«> ilf>i>tst At lie (Iiii;iiihiiis, 
Address J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago, III. 

20 s 




Dillingham W. H. & Co. (W. U. 

Dillingham, Norma'; B. Fletcher), Mill 

and Factory Supplies, 143 West Main. 

{See ade.) 
Dillman Loronz, grocer, .91 Campbell. 
Dillon Jas T, saloon, 102 5th. 
Dillon Miss M, notioi s, 2643 v. Market. 
Dinkelspie! August, furniture, 132 Floyd. 
Dinkelspie] Isaac, inanag- Sunday Argus, 

105 5tl . 
Dinkelspie! S & Son, Lid ••<■. 100 Brook. 
Dinwiddie J M, druggist, n-w aor 21st and 

Dobbin Leonard D, druggist, etc., 169 w 

Broad way. 
Dodd W & •) L, lawyers, s-e cor Center 

and Green. 
Doell G, boots and shoos. 142 Preston. 
Doernhi • f< r (r C, saloi n. 108: 3d. 
Do< rrJ H,photogr ipher, ■• Market, nrl2tb. 
D< ettonb - k < ' broom n Fr 322 • Green. 
Doherty W B. physician, 193 w Mark./:. 
Dohertv A Yiuidagrifi I 'aniel Doherty, J 

W Vandagrifi ,whoi . . ■:•- 159 w Main. 
Dohn Andrew, grooer, 71 Linden Si uaru. 
Dohll J., Hotel, 197 and 199 w Market. 
Dolan Mr,- Rose, grocer, 2 e Green. 
Dold Albert, jewelur, 234 Preston. 
Doliinger J. «V Co., Ii iporters and 

Dealers in China, Glass, and Queens- 
ware, German, Fren '.. and English 

Fancy Goods. 98 AV. -t Market. 
Doll Frederick, Staple and Fancy 

Grocer, Feed and Liquors, 203 and 205 

Baxter Avenue. 
Doll .1, grocer and tavern, Frankfort av. 
Doll Philip, barber, 306 e Green. 
Domeek Alex, hair and jewelry, 105 4th. 
Donahue, Mrs M, dress-maker, 436 Preston. 
Donaldson Frederick, groi er, 697 <i r yson. 
Dorn C 11, hata and cap-, 100 w Market. 
Dorilin Win. C, President Pictet Ice 

(Artificial | Co, Louisville. 
Dorr Chas. blacksmith, 256 P.>rtland av. 
Dorsey .1 II, ticket agt, L C & L K R. s-w 

cor 4th and Main. 
Dory Sylvester, shoes, 108 w Market. 
Doub Mrs Catharine, •_". er. 329 Clay. 
Dougherty Mrs E. dress-maker, 114 1th. 
i ;herty F, N O tow-boat agt, 100 w 

Wat r. 
Dougherty Fred A, bookseller arid sta- 

ione-r, 1*05 5th. 
I' :'■ ■ t\ Halbert 

Ce •--.' 
Dougherty Jas, undertaker, 513 w Market 

1). stenographer, 12 

Dougherty Mrs Susan, boots and shoes, 

I 76 w Market. 

Dougal Hugh, grocer, Monroe and 11th. 
Dougla, John ,1, grocer, 864 w Market. 
Dover Frank, ., penter, 200 1-t. 
Downing Harry C, cigars and tobacco, 174 

w Jefferson. 
Downing .1, second-hand clothing, 105 3d. 
Don's Wire Works, A G Dow, Jr., 

i'l •{■ r '■' i i trer of all kinds of 

Wire Goods, 139 and 141 West Market. 
Doyle Dr B < »scar, dentist, 291 w Jefferson. 
Doyle Mil hard J, grocer, 9th and Market. 
Doyle Peter J, grocer, 226 Preston. 
Di ibnicl (,' F, watch-mkr, 374 w Market. 
Draper Dexter V, subscription books, 102 

w Market. 
Draudt Jaci b, gn i er, 178 e Madison. 
Droller Gottlieb, Locksmith and 

Bell-In nger, Repairing of all kinds. 1<~1 

Dreser & Lang, books, 116 w Market. 
Dreisbaeh Louis, grocer, Franklin and 

Dreismann Herman, tailor, 7s w Green. 
Dreseherdohn, Flour-mill, 3.3 Browns- 

boro Av< nue. 
Drescher J, wheat-buyer, 359 e Green. 
Dreschna k Joseph, shoemaker, lift 1st. 
Dresel Miss Susan, groceries, 260 Gray. 
It.' we.- Chas. grocers, 21st and Walnut. 
Drewry John, grocer, 267 16th. 
Drexler F & Co, grocers, 140 to 146 7th. 
Dreyfus S A & Co (Simon A Dreyfus, 

— — 1, wholesale liquors, Law Temple. 
Dries Henry,jr,wagon-mkr, 111 Barrettav. 
Driea Henry, sr, grocer, 10" Barrettav. 
Droppelmann H, errocer, 40 Marshall. 
Droppelmann Theodore, salo«n, n-w cor 3d 

and Market. 
Dubois George C, hats and caps, 68 4th. 
Duckwall, Troxell & Co (D Duckwall. W 

II Troxell, J S S Casler), commission 
merchants (produce), 25 1th. 

Dudley T 11 & R 1 Thomas Ii and Ransom), 

real estate agents, 77 4th. 
Duerr Alois, boot and shoemaker, 213 w 

Chestnu . 
Duerr J :odore, shoemaker, 263 e Green. 
Duff John, who! butcher, 33 4th. 
Dudley & BroiJas and Thomas), trunks, 

1 I*, w Mam. and 134 w Market! 
I iff .! unes T, coal agt. 100 Water. 
1 hi rlV John, «ih on, 204 Ji llerson. 
D .:'. vN. Kusiol 1 Michael J Duffy, Louia 

Kosiolj, plumbers, 157 w Market. 


f% ,- ■ eg s « 6i 

Ha-v t ><!<)<■ .1 mo i e < 1? an 1 , 1 • 
Losses, nut! li.i-. e bad but K< Ke- 
Li U|J UltO I lafeaiifciilis sistod Claims. Ajrents Evervwhero. 






i -1JM» *•£.*. VfJj*. W OBstA, ruu »-**»«n! 


And Contractor and 
Erector of Merchant 


f • 1 

and Grist Mills, Eleva- 


tors, Distilleries, Saw 

Mills, Cement Mills, 

Steam Engines, Water 


... -■■ 

Wheels and Machinery 

Generally, Mill Stones, 

Portable Mills, Port- 

able Bolts. 



•Bolting Cloth, Smut- 

ters a ud Separators, 

end sU kinds of Mill 

Machinery of the bast 

quality furnished At 

Manufacturer's Frieeo. 

Second-hand Engines, 

Shafting, Puliies, 
. Wheels, &c, lor srde. 

\ p.epairing and Jobbing 

\ Promptly attended to. 










■ ^ - »'« . .Wi, 

r r-^T" 

LLE, ^i T . 

I £02^^2,13 cSs ^^-"iTX.Tr 

: ; 

6 ;"- : . 

J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kv. 





Owtn r 
- Fifth, 

Dugan A Co i A 31 Dugan, Irwin Dugan), 

coal, 52 4th'. 
Duile Frank, furniture, 86 unci v ~ 1st. 
Duke Basil W, lawyer, 151 w J« IVerson. 
Dukcr <i H, dyer, 108 w Ji ; rson. 
Dumesnil & Gray (Henry A. Dumesnil 

and Weedon B Gravb real estate, 78 w 

Duni y r M"- Man _-;- t rO i w Mar! et. 
Dun l!.<J. ('(». Tv. >i Agen- 

cy, M. T R Iph. Mai ; . -east < or- 

ner Sixth ami Main. • 
Duncan John, Edito: and 

Farrn r - M ■>•■ izi ue montbh ' 

bet ft een Main and 
Duncan Thos B, wall-papc r, 132 3d. 
Dunekake A: Stegmai ''.'■■• Dunekake, 

Jno St* ;mii! ,wi ol , .v Market. 

j I . liii V" S J. grocer, '21 .-. • Sferson. 

Dunlop Robert & Co. Robert Dun- 
lop, Nelson Gray I. Tobacco, 36 Fourth 

Dunlop Thaddeus, bleacher, 165 w Jeff"n. 

Dunn C E dentist, 16 5 2d. 

Dunn Frank G, furniture repairer, 643 4th. 

Dupere John P. saloon, 148 Water. 

Dupke C II, grocer, 254 w Green. 

DnF'ont K., President Central Coal and 
Iron Company, 6 > Third aven te. 

DuPont& Co K Ifou .•::• 1 Alexis ! Du- 
Pont, F Larmuot] paper 198 w Main. 

Dupuy J R, Judge City Court, City Hall. 

DuKelle George, lawyer, 3 43 w Jefferson. 

Durrett Wm T, phvsician 43 Brook, 

DurrettA- Fisher (Reuben T Durrett, Ed- 
ward R Fisher), lawyers s-e cor Center 
and Green. 

D'Urso John, grocer. 754 Portland av. 

Dusch C AV F, flour. 455 w Main. 

Dutchen Mr-, sb. es, 651 w Market. 

Duvall Henry A pi 168 1st. 

Duvall & Co (Grafton 15 and Henry A), 
publishers New Soutliern Poultry Jour- 
nal, 75 w Walnut. 

Eagle Tobacco Works, Garr Bros., 
Proprietors, 201 Hancock. {See adv.) 

Earlev Mrs J L, noti ■■'■■^ 20th. 

Earli A Hewitt (Edwat I Earll, Charles EI. 
Hewitt i, brokers, 144 w $ 

Easti n * ' ; • ' 'y, Tbos S nks i> r ''-. sec 
andtreas; William Shank, supt, 221 Bax- 
ter av. 

Eastin G Ii. lawyer, 135 w Jeffers n. 

Eastin Thos N notary, 76 w Jefferson. 

Eberlein & K ; t..: Godfrey Eberlein and 
Dennis King), barbers. 110.} 3d. 

Ebner Bernard, tailor, 224 e Jefferson. 
Ebrenz Stephen, grocer, 195 loth. 
E ken ruth Joseph, saio< n, 145 e Jefferson. 
Eck rt nroth, Joseph, pictures, 189 Preston. 
K> k -r G J, harm ss-n aker, 393 e Main. 
Ecker Philip, stationery, 705 v.- Market. 


• r 



■ I) 

v in, prroct 

; al. 

in, _?_ e 

< r. 

• n ■ , {22 w Madison. 
Kclipsc Woolen Mills, Hen,-, W. 

Bar rot & Co., Proprietors Ml. W. Bar- 
ret, S V M ": r). Office 13 West Main. 

Ed Ih man Henrv W, hats and caps, 136 w 
w rl • 

Edd\ I. 1 . physi< ian, 12 w Ji fferson. 

Edelmuth Max, cigars and tobaeeo, 106 w 

Edinsrer Jno ft'agon-maker, 409 e Main, 

i ■ r W II & Bro W Henry and An- 
drew),! ommisMon merchants 62 w Main. 

Etilich O. A Bro. (Oswald and Gus- 
td\ . Manufacturers of Woolen Yarns 
ii ; i iannels. Sales-room 205 East 
M trki t. Fa< tory 104 Garden. 

Edmonds V L, saddles, 57 w Main. 

Edwards C G. dentist, 168 w Walnut. 

Edwards Mrs Merty, cigars, 292 w Green. 

;;.. • ihoff Bros (Henry and William), 
brick mnfrs, Preston, nr Cedar. 

3',v. •!»»<»(':', Will., Cashier Masonic Sav- 
i:i_;- Bank. 92 w Main. 

E.jrgers Char!-- & Co (Charles Eggi '• 
Catharine Eggers), merchant tailors, i~':< 
e Market. 

Eggors Martin, watch-maker, 24 e Market. 

Ehll Caspar, Mnfr. Cane and Wood- 
seat ( hairs, 333 Portland avenue. 

Ehrmann G G & Sons (George G, George 
II, Julius C, and Emil A), whol confec- 
tioners, i 43 e Market. 

Ehrmann Wm & <'• iWm Ehrmann, Otte 
VonBorries), confectioners, 100 w Main. 

Eicher Mrs Kate, saloon, 340 w Jefferson. 

!.:.!. :rt I. in .:-, tinsmith, 5 • Portland ave. 

Ei<-hert Simon, Wag m-maker, 606 vr 

Eicbhorn Krhard, Conductor Eieh- 
hi r • • •!' hi stro and ( Ireat Western 
Star Band 160 Thir 1. {See adv.) 

Eicbhorn's Orcbestra and <;rcat 
Western Star Bund, E. Eichhore, 
Conductor; Andrew Stuebling, Secre- 
tary, 1' Third. | See adv. 

Ei hfer Andrew, tailor, 1224 7th. 

Eichb r A: Rathsfeld, gents' furnishing 
goods, 24S w Jefferson, 

• irmn nummmTl »1TH DHT1 

LuodBd iuJdlMmJ afllJ rAIlJ 

Without reference to the C ti] manage, 


Agents everywhere Soiitli, 







r r^ 



s - 




Steamboat, Mill, Portable and L'pr'cl t IWiter-* of t-vi ry ■; »cripfi<>n, Lard Tanks. Salt Pans, &c. 
Repai' eJ at shoi t u nice Soi t u i hand lii il< rs f< r sale. 

REFERENCES.— Ainslie, Cochran A Co., Win. Grainger, Ferguson & Son. 

312 & 314 Eleventh St., bet. Main and Market, LOUISVILLE, 






Kentucky Planing Mill. 

':- ■ i 

1 I 

-. ■ . 

c .:■ - • ■ - B pi 

'■-*5 : - • " # ■ 




Ninth St., near Broadway, - LOUISVILLE, KY. 

Bouse Numbers, Brass Labels; Carriage, Shov ( ,-< a;id MarMnrrj 

:..,< s, Pattern I 

•i l • rs '.ill I 'ljjure 
wi Zu Diaier, 160 

J ©- Metal lioily Kubber l ■>■,..'. 
Kuiuloipli Strict, Chicago, ill. 





Kill' Jacob <i. meats, 215 * Main. 

Einsele Catherine, notions, 793 w Market. 

Eisci ; ■, ;. i, J c t v Co, tefi coffee, and spice.* 
1555 4 th. 

Eisciiismn's It. Sons iJaeobC., Louis 
F., Frank T., Albert D.), Grocers, Pro- 
duce, and Feed Dealers, s-e cor. Main 
and Campbell. 

'".'-..( - '.- r !'.' _ . saloon, s-w cor 34th 
and Market. 

Eihl'i Joseph, drv goods, 361 e Broadway. 

Eller Karl F, dentin, 47 w .5 flerson, 

Ellen Henry A, sadd e-m alter, 40e Market. 

Ellert Mrs Mary, boots and shoes, 98 e 

Elliott «& Hemmgray (Robert .1. El- 
liott, Joseph C. Hei . : ' graj i, Attorneys 
at Law, No. ' ( >urt Pi* -.-. 

Ellison Andrew, real-estate owner, 11 

Ellwanger P, nieat-stall, Bowles' Market. 

Elrod John C, Photographer. 344 
West Main; Hrai 'h Gallery, 91 We-t 
■1 nferson. | See <■••'•• I 

Eh in Frank, saloon, 104 w Water. 

Elwang Arthur J, druggist, 460 w Walnut. 

Emerv Mrs Emma, saloon, 127 Wash- 

Emhoff J, furniture, 49 and 51 e Market. 

Enrich John, blacksmith, 451 18th. 

Enders .1 & Co (Joseph hinders and Ste- 
phan Severson) carriage manufacturers. 
00 w Jefferson. 

Endrieh Adan , veg< ^bles. Sol Rudd Ave. 

Engelhard Albert, Wholesale Grocer 
and Liquor Dealer, 71 West Market. 

English Kitchen— Ovater U;iv, 
Geo. Hineslev Proprietor, 134 West 
Jefferson, Third below Fourth. 

Ennis Jupiter T, 2d-hand -tore, 14 1 * Gray. 

Enright Thoma*, saloon, 52J 0th. 

Episcopal Orphan Asylum, 2S8 5th. 

Eppele Mr* Margaret, saloon, 147 e Jef- 

Epping Herman, sodawater manufacturer, 
22 Logan. 

Erb Bernard, saloon, 543 w Market. 

Erdman Charles W real estate, 106 w 

Erie & Paeiftie Pi-patch Fast Freight, J 
S Gray agent, 80 2d. 

Ernst Henry. ^tlooii '2 Frankfort ave. 

i ,-iv.'',, Jaeoh, hardware, 204? w Market. 

Erskin* : En kii •• (< • le* R and W Dale) 
raanfrs baking powder, 332 w Market. 

Eseh J'-hn. blacksmith, 249 e Walnut. 

Eschimmn .Julius L., Pre 

Kentucky Furniture Manufacturing Co . 
Cornei i ifte.enth and Portland A i ■ 

Eschrich Win, confectionery, 85 17th. 

Escott J. V. & Sons J. V. I . 
President; H. V". Escott, Vice-Presi 
dent; W. H. Escott, Treasurer; W. M 
Escott, Secretary i" Manufacturers of 
Frai - \ klingf Sh ■•,, ( 'g es, etc.. and 
Dealers in Wall Paper, Photographers' 
and Artists' Materials. 163 Fourth A-.. 

Esselman I>ie<lricb, Wholesale and 
Retail Wine and Liquor Dealer, Si and 
83 East Jefferson bet. Brook and Floyd. 

Esterle John -I. notions, 192 Preston. 

Etheridge & S< lomon (John A Etheridge, 
James M Solomon 1 furniture, n-e cur 
10th and Market. 

Ettenson Henry, 2d-hand goods, 427 v, 

Etzei Adam, shoemaker, 112 Preston. 

Evans David C. grocer, 393 w Market 

livans E. C. & Co. i Emory C. Evan.-. 
Wm. R. Gentry). Produce Commi - >n 
Merchants, 23 West Jefferson. (See ad,-. 

Evans II H, grocer, cor 13th and Chestnut. 

Evans rsaac M, physician, . 

Evans John H, builder, -10 11th. 

Evans Walter, lawyer, 1-1 Center. 

Evans & Frit ch (Henry Evans and Bern- 
ard Fritsch), mer tailors. 204 w Market. 

Everbach Geo L, lawyer, 200 w Jefferson. 

Everhart Mrs Eliza, John W Jone*. agt, 
livery, 95 2d. 

Evers Geo, grocer and meat market, 211 
w Chestnut. 

Evers Henry, grocer, 225 and 227 3d. 

Everson, Wilson & Co (Henry Everson. 
Thomas F Wilsonj, plug-tobacco mfrs, 
440 w Green. 

Ewell R N & Co | R Norell Swell i. cigar 
n frs, 107 4th. 

Ewering Wm, baker, 349 e Jefferson. 

Ewing .1 i'i, second-lieutenant of polio*. 
City Hall. 

Ewing Mrs Susan, notions, 143 7th. 

Ewing S L, ad\ agent. 120 Green. 

Excelsior Vinegar Works, G- • 
Hyndman, Proprs., 805 and 807 easl 
Greei . | Si'i adv. ) 

Faas Louis, musical instruments, 50 «* 

Fa...;! & Sons (Frederick, Philip ami Ru- 
dolph , - .ap mfrs, 95 w Main. 

Fabry Jos, saloon, 337 < >hio and Storj ft*. 

Fackler Jno. wagon-maker, T.U4 w Main. 

RiR$%& K fciSiiSKjaum 1 ControUius over $40,000,000 of Fire Bl B It 

pi i; ■ : x ;' jf ■> ', ' ; il,- indor ' ' " - l' ; - ": \? &, '':'■' 

kau^kU Vi MWkdl ■.", . .; ' ; ln city liiii tu&tffi&vili 


1 >uiaville, Ky Agents everywhere 

W. F. HARRIS, President. 

LOU 803 

JJiO. CROMIK, Superintendent. 

o pfices : 

162 Third Street. 

01 Cherry Street, 

20 Fourth Street, 




v% n^ 







Office, 162 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. 




THCS. A. THEOBALX, Manager. 

Cor. 10th and Broadway, LOUISVILLE, KY. 

r 7 

/ FARE, $2.00 PER DAY. 


Ti 1 Hotel \* Sew throughout, ami t Ij<- m.'*t ei-cui.tly fnrn^hi'.l Hotel ir. the City It is cohnecte.l by 
St-,.-» 1 ars, with ill the I'. \.' U and Steamboat Landings, **it'' .,»: pla< es ,.| basine*.* and interest in Lout*- 
»i!!e. The t«b!t will not be surpassed b\ any Hotel ia the 1 • . • . 

Ladie« «n<l Gentletneu from the lir;e of the I, & v;. R. h., hr>\ri<.hfe Tieitin? the City to m.vke purchtoee. 
c*n lr*rr their packageg »*rnt to ttie Hotel aud thence t»kea to the f*r« fri-e of charge. 

pirnr,'; ran nn ftU DWPT HMTI "- 

Z~. ZZ. Z.Z. Z ZZ->ZZ.ZH.ZZ. , I^Za.xi.&.-'ciz, 
Central and Southern Dep't, 
uisville. - KY. 


L( >U 



Fahej Martin, n itions, 1 10 Preston. 
Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Scales. 

Hii'UC " >^ Inspirators, oti .. n-e c >r. Fifth 
hi] ! Main. B. K. Marsh, Manager. 
(.y? adv.) 

Fairleigh Tin s.B. lawyer, 115 oth. 

Falkenstein E Y. barber, ~-~ Portland 

Fallow Mrs J, dn « ■ i 4th. 

Falls City Lithographing:, En- 
graving and Job Printing' Co. 
E (' 15 ihn . Pre ■ A. F. (, : ■. m, See.; 
C. W. German, Manager, 77 Third. 
[See adv.) 

Falls-Power Milling Co (J P Gathright, 
pres; R G Gathright, treasj, flour, 10 w 

Falls Citr Strain Stone Works, 
Blatz, Krebs & ( ... Prop rs. West Wal- 
nut bet. Thirteenth and Fourteenth. 
(See adv.) 

Falls City Tannery, Conrad, Fabel ,t 
Mooney, prop'rs, l-th and Lexington. 

Falvey Michael, horse-shoer, ?7 7th. 

Fanz Wm, shoemaker, 751 w Walnut. 

Farmers' Home, G. 11. .V EI. U. 
Stockhoif, Prop'rs, 160 and 162 East 
Market, bet. Preston and Jackson. 
Rates $1. 

Farmers Home Journal (Weekly), 
I. B. Nail, Business Manager, Room 25 
Courier-Journal Building. 

Fanners' Magazine, John Duncan, 
Editor and Owner >n! ly), 79 Fifth, 

between Main and Market. 

Farmers' Supply House, li H Haskins, 
manager, 31 w Main. 

Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse Co (James 
Clark, pres't ; W ft Little, see and 
treas; James E Gorin, manager), .s-e 
cor Main and 12th. 

Farmers' and Drovers' Bank, capital, 
$309,800 E 1) Standiford. pres; R S 
Veech,viee-prest; J W Nichols, casliier, 
ll-"> W Market. 

Farmers' & Drovers' Ins Co, Boyd Win- 
chester, pres; K S Veeeh, sec; 115 w 

Faulds David P., Mnsio Publisher, 
and Dealer in Pianos an t Organs, Music 
and Musical Merchandise. 160 Fourth, 

Faul wetter Theodore, N iriet\ Store, 
Import' r and VV n >'■ -■ le Dealer in 
Drugg sts' and Stationery Sundries, No- 
tions, Toys and Fancy Goods, 154 West 

Feely Thomas, Groceries, Flour, 

Canned Fruit and Meat-market Stall 

1 to K Twelfth, between Madison and 

CIj 'stnut. 
Pehr Prank, Proprietor City Brewery, 

174 Fast Green. 
Fehr Fred. a\\o >n, 336 e Jefferson. 
Feisre Frederick, boots and shoes, 432 e 

Murk, t. 
Feldkamp ii «i Bro (Henry and Frank), lar mnfrs, 393 Shelby. 
Feldmaiiu Balthaser, Baker and 

Con feel mer, "/. ■ Fast Gi een. 
Feldmann & Vette (George Feldrnann, 

Win Vettej, grocers, cor 12th and 

Felho Iter Henry, grocer, 133 8th. 
F> Isenthal M. gen store, 335 w Walnut. 
: George, cigar-manufacturer, 303-' 

e Mark< :.. 
I'ci; man n Fred, umbrella-repairer, 17u e 

' rreen. 
Fenster Jacob, painter. 210 20th. 
Ferber John, boot and shoemaker, 482 vr 

Ferguson Bros. (Edwin H., F. W.. 

Jas. A.), Salt Fish and Dried Fruit, 13 

West Main. 
Fergruson, M'eleher &. Co. (Thomas 

Ferguson, Wm. Mclcher, Joseph Mer- 
rick, Jr.), Foundry and Machine Shop, 

431 West Main. (.SV« adu.) 
Fv.rilOW Frederick, Fresco Artist. 

Ill West Main, bet. Third and Fourth. 
Fernow & Boinstcil (Fred Fernow, Albert 

Boiusteil .. fresco artists. 
Ferrier & Burk, Proprietors of Tbe 

Louisville Bryant & Stratton Business 

College, South-west corner Third and 

Jefferson, i See adv.) 
Ferry Andrew W, blacksmith, 75 2d. 
Ferry James J, hats and caps, 6 Masonic 

Ficener John, grocer, 103 17th. 
Fichtner Herman, •_.." ■ :< r, 525 Grayson, 
f i< htner John, carpenter, 387 Preston. 
l chtner Wm, carpenter, 107 Breckinridge. 
Field KmiiK t. Luwver, 117 Fifth. 
Field Jesse M. druggist", 721 Portland Ave. 
Field Neil! B., Lawyer, 75 Fifth. 
Field T W, pi deh n, 325 Washington. 
Fi Ids George, painter, 281 Hancock. 
Fifth Avenue Hotel Co., S. M. 

S< ott, Pi e: i lent and Manager, Fifth A r- 

enue, bet. Green and Walnut. (Seeadr.) 
Fihe Jo.>eph, grocer, 230 Preston. 

?■ I B I ri Cons ting >f. ] iol " Itnra' ImpTemfuup, Cut] rv But- 

'.■''.,'•" ' mil I !IJ . i-: I ! ! .: r, 

. . r . -.-jS if ,-...■,..,. : | ■ - Ldwu . - bT. LOUIS. HO. 


Fillion Miss Susan, Dress-niak r, Dry Fleischer Mo is. genl store, 2G0 Preston. 

Go i Is, Notions, an I Milliner) , 91 West 1 i ing W J>, lawyer, s e coi Centex and 

Breckinridgi I Gre< n. 

Finmio Henry, furniture-repairer, 062 w J Flesch Stephen, horse-collar mnfr. 391 e 

Market. Green. 

Finnegan Patri k. blacksmith, 94 9th. i Fletcher Thos M, constable, 1 ! w Jefferson. 

l-'in-'t r John cv Bros (John. Frederick, Ru- Flexner Henry, saloon, 7 e Market. 

dolph. and Nicholas Finzer;, tobacco, j Flexner Jacob A, druggist, 88 5th. 

cor 24th and Mi in. Flexner John, saloon, 53 7th. 

F nk John '... l.- ■..■:•.:.'••_' .]■< ■ ib. Fli<j : - nb Lazarus, si ond-hand goods, 15 

Finl .1 C & Son (John C and WmC), e Market. 

hardware, 20 (• Market. : George, barber, 2284 Preston. 

Fink Phillip, stoves ax d tinware, 20 w Mkt, ! Flournoy Robert C, real estate, 67 1th. 

Fink Simon, grocer, 482 Shelby. i Flowers Henry, Pr pr Broad waj Ho- 

Fiiik ifc Feldha a (John M E ink, [Ienrj P> j tel, c i 9th ai d Broadway., harness-mnfrs, 125 e Market. ! Flynn Win F, shoemaker, 258 w Broadwy, 

Fin kler Peter, shoemaker, 8:-} 1st. i Foerg Benjamin, bellows mnfr, 305 e Main. 

Finn Edward, saloon. 170 w Jefferson. ' Fogarty & Neil (M J Fogarty, VV H 

Fire Association of Philadelphia, : Neil), leather, 171 w Mail 

Morris ev: Bayiy Managers, 125 Wnst Folsoui James, watch-maker. 205 12th. 

Main. | Set tup lines.) j Fonda A & S >ns, g ••■ -•>. lid 4th. 
Fir,: National bank, G A Lewis pres. A L j Fontaine Edward P., Genera! Man- 
Schmidt cashier, s-e cor 6th and Main. ger i ■ svilh Transfer Co., office, 73 4th. 
Fischer Adolph, Surgical Instru- : Fontaine M, watch-maker, 371 "Walnut, 

ments, 128 Third. (fieea-Jv \ Fontaine Win. "Winston, Principal 

Fischer Charles, bemp dusters, 871 w Mkt. j ilolyoke A< ademy, 82 Br< a inay. cor. 3d. 

Fischer Daniel, cooper, 467 e Market. j Fontana John, fruits, etc 212 e Market. 

Fischer Frederick, cooper, 83 Keller. | Foos Jacob, blacksmith, Missouri hv n 37th. 

Fischer John, painter, 444 e Walnut. ' Foos John, grocer, 16 35 h. 

Fischer John, grocer, 51 Kellar. i Forbes C C, phv.-ieian, cor 5th and Walnut. 

Fischer Joseph, barber, 791 w Market. : Forbes Frank M., Book and Job 

Fischer Nicholas, grocer, 105 Clay. j Printer; also Dealer in Fanc'j Chromo- 

Fischer Phillip, grocer, 59 Portland ave visiting Cards; 228 West Jefferson. 

Fischinger .John B.drv goods. 452 e Mrkt. | Fort ht Louis, grocer, 144 14th. 

Fisllbaek >IcShelby, Propr. Louis- Ford Marcellus, physician, 150 2d. 

ville Steam Laundry and Carpet-beating ! Ford Wm S it Co ("W S Kurd and R P 

Works; works 3d nr Ship, office 774 4th. j liar..-), tobacco-presses, cor 11th and 

Fisher James, wagon-maker, Congress bet j Main. 

12th arid 13th. | Fore... p^rasmus D, physician, 126 3d. 

Fisher John, harness-maker, 228 e Jeftersn. I F Tee S .1 & Co iS J Forte. N Furey, E 

Fitch Benjamin F I), lire extinguisher, 153 j J Foree), plug-tobacco, 206, 208, and 210 

w Market. Rowan. 

Fit* I i. & Merrill (N L Fitschen, M T j Foreman Win A, justice, 356 e Market. 

Merrill), tailors, 154 w Main. I Forrester Wm, physician, 71 Broadway. 

Fitzbutler Henry, editor Ohio Falls Ex. : Forrester Wm physician, 151 3d. 

press, 104 w Green. j Forsoht Fred, meats, 7.>S w Market. 

Fit gerald Mrs Catherine, grocer, 683 Main. ' Fm-.-t David, saloon. 72 5th. 

Fit ■ Id J ii ■.- 1", builder. Walnut bet Forst Mr? Henrietta, dvc'r, 228 kl. 

4th and 5th F rsvth C. gr..-::er, o>! We>t a? I Walnut. 

Fit gerald MrsKate milliner. 16H w Mrkt. j Fonder • ■ S", drugg t. 322 Shelby. 

' isc.ii Mrs Mitry. gr-'cr. 629 w Walnut. ! s \>", Iruggi t. 41 i\ Green. 

Fleck John, lard iil, 329 e .<"''' rson. ; Fowler Wm S, lii ry. 209 Market 

i' St [ih -., grocer, - w >■■<{• 22d and ! Fowler AL Co. •• ri Fowlei . Manu- 

Mnrk -t. ■ of all kii Is :' Urn s VV r ork I - 

F!ei - iiaker F. A Bro f Emile and Louis), l)i-tillcries 4 7 Si nth. i.SV« . ■ 

■ir : , goods, 2! 1 e Market. , Fowles J C N, barber, 73 51 . 


■ . ■ . ■ 


J.7T. Atfeinsen, 313-321 So. Cliatoa St., Chic:.go. 





Fox Daniel F, painter, 77 w Green. 

Fox Fontatne '!'. lawyer. 107 5th. 

Fox Peter A. painter 229.1 »ci 

Fox R C, undertaker, !0 i a d Chestnut. 

Fox Samuel, underfaki r. 234 J Preston. 

Fox T I), carpenter. 26-5 2d. 

Franchi Anton, confectionery, etc, 470 e 
linvi !w ay. 

Franck Pre i. meats. Bow '• - Market. 

Fraiick Henry, Wine and Beer Sa- 
loon and Boarding-house, South-west 
cor. Third said Water. 

Franck, Jacob, meat-s all, Bowles' Market. 

Fran k, .1 T, brh k-n ant'r ■■ Fi nl fortav. 

Franck Peter, meats, Bowles Market. 

Franck Valentine, meat*, Bowles' Market. 

Frank Abram. shoemaker, '1 ".' e J< : 

Fran; C. b :■ am! ■ 4 t V Preston. 

Frank ChrUthu -..."•..-■■ . 

Frank Gu*tav, notions. 310 e G: • ■: . 

Frank Henry. -al<>.. n . S-l w Water. 

Frank Henry, Imj -rt . California 
Wines, Champagnes, and Brandies, 146 
Fast Market. 

Frank Henry J, barber, 456 e Market. 

Frank Nevin, leaf-tobacco, 13th bet Green 
and Grayson. 

Frankel Abraham, leaf-tobacco, 37 3d. 

Frankel Henrietta, Clothing, etc., 
9 F.'.-t Marker.. 

Frankel Henry \V. broker, 37 3d. 

Frankel Jacob, dry goods 607 w Market. 

Frankel Joseph, ei< thing, 114 w Market. 

Frankel & Block (Nathan A Frankel and 
Nathan F Block), com merchant* and 
distillers' agents, cor 2d and Main. 

Franklin Bank of Kentucky, J I) O'Leary, 
cashier, 63 5th. 

Franklin House, Martin Conniff, Pro- 
prietor, 331 Broadway. [See ado.) 

Franklin Ins Co, James Trabue, pres ; 
John J Barret, secy, cor 4th and Main. 

Frantx. D & Sons i David. David J r, Geo 
W Frantz . tanners, cor Franklin and 

Franz John, meat market, 132 loth. 

Frazee Josi (ili S. grocer, 2-52 w Magazine. Lewi.- .1. dental supplie-, 164 w 

Franzman John Jr, toot- and shoes, 675 w 

Frederick Louis, auctioneer, 55 w Market. 

Frciu l» W. II. A .suns (Win. II., 
Wni. W . and < Hiarl - A . House. Sign, 
and Ornamental Painters, 76 West Jef- 
ferson. (See adv. \ 

Frentz Adam, watch-maker, 527 w Market 
Freuclenberj* , er Clinrlos, Wim and 

Be -r Salo. m, 120 Pre.-ton. 
Frey John, painti r, 361 v. Madison. 
Frey Oscar FT, meat-. 1&8 12th. 
Frey Valentine, painter, 259 e Madison. 
Frick John, grocer, 39!) e Jefferson. 
Frick John P, shoemaker, 361 w Jefferson. 
Fr . ; '' [> J •::.:: '< L< can. 

Erickhoeti'er Charles, tailor, 350£ e Green. 
Fries Martin, meats, 64 S Logan. 
Frischc Frederick, notary, 143.1 Preston. 
Frishe Benjamin V. physician, 274 Gray. 
Frit.- li Fred & Bro (*l r, d and H -i r] . 

■ ■ • i ■ <ers, Kentucl v, nr < 'hi \ . 
Fi it-ch Henry, nu ats, Bov les' Market. 
Fritsch John* 2d lieut police. City Hall. 
Fritjchner George f til. : ; . 1 14 vv Main. 
Frittni r Angu-t. clothin ;, 181 Pn sin i. 
Froehlo ffosei»k, Cigar Manufacturer, 

675 Shelby. 
Fi'ouipet r ' V I^':.;!^ I, black mith, Logan, nr 

Frf» l . A braham, physi. ian, 247 w Jem rsoti. 
Fruchtenicht John, .-hoes, 14-', e Green. 
Fruechtenicht H, grocer. 181 w Chestnut. 
Fryer Edward I >. real estate, 12 < enter. 
Fry!, of Frederii k, barber. 924 w Market. 
Fuhrmann JnoM P, grocer. 404 e Market. 
Fuhrmann Wm, meats, 373 Shelby. 
Fulkeison Benjamin F, carpenter, 134 1st. 
Fundstein H, shoemaker, 329 Portand ave. 
Funk Michael, meats, 14'.t »iray. 
F'urt t H, b H K- Her, 386 e Walnut. 
Fusting George H, tinner, 74 Nth. 
Gabler Wm, grocer, 280 e Walnut. 
Gadjen Henry, grocer, 294 w Green. 
Gaertner Fred, eigar rnnfr, 5 w Market. 
Gaertner Philip A, lawyer, 28 Court Place. 
Gage W. ML, Sash. Doors and Blinds. 

Bough and Dressed Lumber, 277 and 

279 Green. ( See adv. \ 
Gahlart Herman, jeweler. M07 Shelby. 

i i' i A, pin -ieian, s-w ( or 

1 Ith and Madison. 
Gale Wm 1». broom mnfr, 255 <• Market. 
Gall Josepb A, cigar mnfr, 102 e Market. 
Gait, D. J. Sprasrue, Manager. 

N'orth-east corner First and Mam. 
Gait House Exchange Saloon, George 

Schmidt, 1 u Main. 
Gait House Turkish Baths, (. H Winkler, 

' :• r. 1st and Main. 
Gall \\ in li physi. ian, 15 Madisor.. 
Gambrall Edward L, carpenter and build- 
er, 324 w Market 

.. ;,-. ^ ,* . ■ I g| Kav« Settled snore JUan 1,40 

Losses, WKH«rteJ]«d but 13 lit 
■ m slste.rt claims. Agents Everywhere. 


AXD i i'-IN'i.-y DIRECTORY. 




■ .. . 

Succtsscr to JEWELL & P. r .DDC 







<£L.f~\ "PcMTr 

INC. o.^*^ -t'OUL 

tli. -^-^reivae, 

Between Green and Jefferson, 








m f * if"-.v*a i^^v^H( 


X^*^ Hobby Horses, Chair Rockers, 

Nos. 327 and 335 East Main St., LOUISVILLE, KY. 

mfi l ........ 


-\ — — - — 

' ' i«*«W bfi i ... ■• rfiiij CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, -- Louisville, Ky. 


Ganotti Geo. IVI., General Agent O. & 
M. ll'y i. ■ .. South-east corner Fourth 
and Main. 

Gans John \V, real estate, 59 w Jefferson. 

Garbutt J, boots ami shoes, 1*26 e Market. 
Gardner .) II, con 1 t, 100 sv M irki t. 

f i:-.' 1 ier W W, lawver > '■> irt Pla : 
Gareis •!, j ■• . : i s, 271 < ■ 
Garj"iin John «*v Co. (John Gargan, 

M. d chran i, Cop] ai miths, 34 Fifth. 
Garni :r M rs I e >, r sta inn :. ! 10 3d. 
Garr Ben; A, physician, 809 w Market. 
Gsvrr Bros. ^Thomas B., James P. 

and Simeon L.,, Prop'rs Eagle Tobacco 

Works, PJ ig-tobai co Manufacturers, 204 

and 206 Hancock, (See adv.) 
Garr&ttj Mrs Mary, grocer, 31 olh. 
Garrett Ben, b 1 nsruith, 187 10th. 
Garvin Saml H, physician, 817 w JefFers'n. 
Gaspar Anton, fruits etc, 202 e Market. 
Gasper J D, hats and caps, 1G4 w Market. 
Ga*sman Mrs A, notions, £07 w Market. 
Gait Jacob, grocer, cor 15th an 1 Grayson. 
G*?t Sebasti m, cigar mfr, 196 Preston. 
Gatchel & Hyatt i\V D Gatchel, H A 

Hyatt), photographic materials, 89 w 

Gathriglit J. T. & Look John T. 

Gathtight, Samuel J. Look), Wholesale 

Saddlery and Saddlery Hardware, 264 

"West Main. 
Gatterdam Jos, meats. 125 VanBuren. 
Gault Jos, planing-mill, 658 w Main. 
Gaupins Chas, grocer, 809 w Jefferson. 
Gaustnann Fred, grocer, 155 Batik. 
Gavin Thos, saloon, '2 1 "> e Main. 
Gay John Jr, coal dealer, 118 2d. 
Gayle Miss Mary, dross-mkr. 106 w Mkt. 
G&zlay Addison M, lawyer, 4 Evans' 

Block, Court Place. 
Gazlay A Iduon M jr, lawyer, 4 Evans' 

Block, Court Place. 
Gazzello Andrew, saloon, 345 Broadway, 
Gebhard A, boots ai I shoes. 261 Logan. 
Gebhard Christian, saloon. 2 Gar len. 
Ge ;al1 John T. ; •• k t, 160 w Main. 
G rg M r- Christina, SS J rcston. 

<;< „:.: J •!',-•:.!!■". •• m :* : : < t. 
G ■• ■■ : >- ■' ' ril ■'■ .i re, 415 e M i n. 
Gehe. tfrs )'. v.V Son i Mrs Fuphrosina 

( rein r, I run k A Gei n, stoves a rid tin- 

\V I ' I ' I ' .-. • 1 . 

! rehl if, I< :• ; ' '' e. i liridini:- 5H v M 

G< ish r Godfrey, shoemaker, 72 e Main. 
1 ■■•• In b Aug (., \s ines and li juors, 224 
■-." J t-ili rson. 

; CI tries, hatter, 210 e Mark* t. 
Gelti G ■ .- . : ocer, 88 w Market. 
Gelhaaj Jacob b\ shoes, 389 w Market. 
< len ler i J-e •, pr iduce and comm'n, 102 2d, 


475 Has 

G „•■•!.. 

Geisrcr M rs Fa 
G< , :• Martin, 

is, clothing, :«>•_• -a w 
my. -j; ■• ».-er, 24 East. 
. ber, '-'. t Adams. 

il r. 

Gerding F W A Co (Frederick \V G id- 
ing), Liquors and tobacco, 124 \v Mam. 

German A. F., Secretary Falls City 
Lithi graphing, Engraving and Job 
Printing ( 'o.. 7 7 Third. 

German Dank, Pierre Yiglini, Presi- 
dent; II. C. Malbeck, Cashier; corner 
Fifth and Market. 

German Charles W., Manager Falls 
City Lithographing, Engraving and 
Job Printing Co., 77 Third. (See (v.) 

German Insurance Hank, F. Ried- 
har, i' ■ <:-> a-.-i: i ; J. J. Fisher, Secretary; 
73 West Market. 

German Insurance Co., F. Piedhar, 
President; J. J. Fischer, Secretary; 73 
West Market. 

German Louis H., Prop'r Manufactu- 
rer and Buildi r, 239 Fifth. (See adv ) 

German L W dentist, 119 w Jefferson. 

German National Bank, Adolph Rent- 
linger, prest, Henry Yissman, cash, n-e 
cor Mi rket and 1st. 

German Protestant Orphan Asylum, 780 
w Jefferson. 

German Security Bank, John H Detchen, 
prest, James Barret, cash, n-e cor Mar- 
ket and Preston. 

German & Co., (Louis II. German), 
Book and Job Printers, 77 Fifth. 

Gen ere Fre It rick, dry goods, 42 6 e Groen. 

Gernert Henr\ . . 38 I e Gi 

Gernert <& Bovo (Philip Gernert, benedict 
Boro), fish, Kentucky ave. 

Gernert & Steinaeker i Fred Ger- 
nert, Geo. >' . . .. i . Luml er, i > » ■•'-■ 
Sash, 1 Si uth-w est a rm . 

Jackson and Br. .adwav. 

Gei M "- B tr mi, gi « er, 710 1' t- 

■■ ' I cnue. 

Gerst Antb ny. dr g Is, 163 w \V 

Gersl F A e\; ('J Fr mk and 1' r 
( ■••:•-' . '.-. hi ■ • ■ lotions, 241 w M ■ i 

Gi ■ ■' Ai I. 'ii'.. dv\ : Is, 2S'.i w M i 

Gl, us .v Bro John 11 and ( - '• ■ • 

real i tate, ! w Main. 

Gibl on,; Miss Mary, notions, 342 v. M'k t. 

' . ba n 1-a i - A, u- r >cer, 719 w J 

f nri «Tin I 11 TTTHmtlTl WTf\ Til TTI Witb< ' ; '■'■'''•< '><•<■- •■ e rewanage. 
! i ■"'.'-■: PB CASTLEMAN Li >, Ky. 

iijU ilUJUOlIiJJ illliJ IniiJ " Agents «ve«ywhere SouUx. 



Green Street planing mill 

Green St.. bet. Seventh and Eighth, LOUISVILLE, KY. 











Office and Mill, South Side Walnut Street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, 


All orders for Cut Stone Work promptly ex»euted. Window SHU, Lintel*. Flagging »"<* all kinds of Sawed 
Stent ilwavs on hand at lowest market prices 

RfSSsjiSi I tUM IX AIX ITS BRAXCHKS. Stool Letters nnrl Figures 

WfRTAI, steurH Letters and >i K xires. L. 1JOCIIK, Engraver an. 

I"S& S*iS Mil KClll J B8I 9 l>ie Sinker, 100 KA.MioLl'JI STREET, CHlCAl.O, U.L 





Gibson John fi, produce, 519 w .Market. 

Gibson W W & Co ( W W Gibson, ), 

com mission, 85 4th. 

Godfrey John H, carpenter, 95 Floyd. 
Godshaw Charles, trustee jury fund. 12 
('. nter. 

Gibson a; Gibson (Charles H and , Godshaw C C, physician, 84 e Jefferson 

II D), lawyers, 117 5th 
Gibson & Hammond I . ■ i i ■ -•- i lt Gibson, 

C H Hammond), florists, 571 Grayson. 
Gideon i ouis, dry goods, 248 e Jefferson. 
Gies George, druggist, n w cor Main and 

Gieske John I>. grocer, 68 Southgate. 
Gilbert Mr- D E, • 3 5th. 

Goebel Wm F, whol notions, 188 v* Main. 
Go< iligAdolpll, Baker and Pic-i laker. 

Ni rth-'jast cor. Fifteenth and Madison, 
G ■ ker < 'lamor L, com'n merchant, " 2d 
f ■'■ tin < r, -hi • n iiker, 850 w M n ; - • I, 
Goldbach John ( . 1< uther. 78 5th. 
Goldbach Joseph. Coal and Coke, 78 

I . tl 

Gilbert, Hudson &, Co (Albert (i Gilbert. ' Golden Thomas, grocer, 505 Jackson 

Wm !! lln h ■■■•!. < '•.-..• J \\ all, (, \\ 
Harris] h af-totm c 47 an 1 40 8th. 

Gilbert K B, pin >i iai 7 ! \\ i i 

GilduT Wm, grocer, 740 Porthu d ave. 

Gikhrh si K >b rt, : ■• \ K ni ;1 '.- > :' Honor 
Mutual Aid Assooi ilion. 150 « M tin. 

Giles Jordan, hub and spot factory, 544 
K en tuc k y . 

Gillen J >h n, ^n«< . r, c< r 7;;, and < bik. 

Gillespie William gr » er, • ■" ■'■ >• Mam, 

Gill nia ni Pel ". ■ -.•'">-' 15) ladway. 

Oilmore Mite <\~ Co. I \. T. Gdmore. 
W. W. Hit..-. Samuel ' ■ .■ ucker), Ship 
Chandlers, 28 Fourth Aven . ■. 

Gimmich-Jo>eph. fui niturr, 775 \\ M i in. 

Given Adam, physician, 549 - Jefferson. 

GiveJ*S tallies <;., Lawyer. 85 Fifth. 

Gladstone Zimmerman, boots, 111 2d. 

; ■ ' '■ ' ■nits, etc, 134 •■ Mkt. 

Goldsmith Michael, Fruits and Veg- 

• ■ es, 857 East < >:• n 
' ti Hi r John, phi -•■■'.•• :-.. ks e Madison. 
V, . Patrick EL ; r .... r , ?. 2 ■■ Mark. I. 
G '«d -I In 11. : ' r 785 Portland ave. 

< rood bub L' ; is, gn i er, •'"■' Pri ston. 
Goudloc, liol>€Tts «.V Humphrey 

(John iv. Good w, .1 >hn Roberts and 
Alexander i'. Humphrey), Lav,- vers, 
151 >\ est Jeff rson. 

II •■ dman John, phy-ician, 286 3d 

Goost Harrj N, liven . 69 2d. 

< rordoi "A m. shoemakt r, 108 5th. 
Gorman & Kiely (.Patrick Gorman, John 

Kiely i, bla< ksmiths, 126 7th. 
Gottbralii Adam, saloon. 100 2d. 
Gotthrath Henrv, gr r, cor 8th and Mkt. 

G laser Mrs Julia, notions. 761 w Market. ' Guttbrath Joseph, grocer. 22 e Gieen 
Glass Joseph & Son Joseph and August Gottbrath Mrs Sophia, grocer, 374 e 3Ikt. 

A), bo:. airy, i ' I _. 
Glea-son .) dm, cigars and tobacco, 187 5th. 
OJeiiMoii tV Davidson (Joseph M. 

Gleason, A.Da\ idson), Insurance Agents, 

151 West main. 
Gleeson Mrs Mary, grocer, 66 • Main. 
Glesner «!c Ma-k^y grocers, 85' ' Broadway. 
Glock John Sr, chair faeton ■• n I York. 
Giorc X. S., Proprietor St. ( loud Hotel, 

South-east corner Second ;ind Jefferson. 

[See «</'•.) 

Gotthardt Henn . tinner, 607 181 1 
Gottschalk Joseph, druggist, cor 19th and 

Portland ave, and 419 vv Jeffersi n. 
Gould L A- Co i Henr\ and Charies Gould), 

brush mnfrs, 1 15 2d. 
Gould & Hviidimui, Proprietors \.x- 
ior Vinegar U orks, 805 and 80" East 

(ria-i'i). i Sre a<h 
G ' ding ifc Mason Manufacturing Co, K 

VV Smith, pres; Rob't Mason, sec; agri- 
ultural implements. 123 e Main. 

(iloro \V. Sci»tt, Books and Stationery, Grabfelder Abraham, meats, 358 w Mkt. 

108 Fourth Av, 
Glover *■ Jeorjje M., Fcuih.-r-.84l West 

Gloxin Krn>t. saloon, 134 w Main. 
Gnau William grocer, •■••r Adams and 

Goby Jacob, grocer cor Walnut and 12th. 
Gocke FIei"man, groi-er, 299 Br<-i ^".:- : Ige. 

Grabfelder A; Co (Samuel Grabfelder), 

whole-ale liqu< rs, 70 2d. 
('•:/. \ngust. ,;'■ >cer, t 74 w Market. 
Graf Carl, Blacksmith and Wagon- 

. • - urer, 191 Eighteenth. 
(',:.,( P. tor - ilo< •; - l- v. M«rket. 
Graf Thomas, sale ••. 925 w Mai 
1 • ' Char es K druggist, 167 Storv a-, e. 

Goddard A; Co Edward A G ddard. Jno Graham Charlfs A., < 'ffn.ial > • .:■ 
C Benedict, I>M Benedict rndse >rokers, rap lie r. )u5 Fifth, 

n-e cor 2d and Washington. i Graham Mrs Joseph, hotel. 14 4th. 

. . c Hi$@te»S8 1£l ';■>:.; . -r ;-'• i.Oi ,00 f Fire Ki * U 







■ - 4 






? ... 

'■ -if 

! ■ 

V- . . > : 


will treat the Gentlemen and Mrs. Dr. Ickes the Ladies. 

2nTc. -4C ZEZscst Jefferson Street, 



County Rights for Otnirgi i »n<] \l > .. n i for s ile t.v George W. Ickes, Agent. \< know ledgeJ superior to 
Turkish -r Etus=ia?i Baths or the Hot Springs ot Arkansas 


»r.TV.- »»Sj? 


■■■■ mxamoi, . • m c* -„1 

Makes a specialty of curing Cancers, Tumors, Wart-- and Wens without the use of knife 
and without pain, also cures Fits from whatever cause. 

gSgySend foi pamphlel ci n ainint; names of many prominent citizens of Louisville 
whom L have permanently cured. 

Corner Jackson ana Kentucky Streets. LOUISVILLE. KY. 



jiiUL I, 

. i"; 2 and 

• ra Dejft, 





Graham John oL Soil John unci S. 

P.j Sash. D >ors, Bli I--. I r, Laths, 

Shingles!, Pickets, etc., Otiie and Yard 

60 Magazine. •*>'«<■ • ■'•"• I 

Graham Mrs Margaret, grocer, 101 Floyd. 

Graham Miss Mollie, cigars, etc, 10*5 e 

Jeff • n. 
Grab a iu & Lanp'near H ' '■ 

Graham, >.. L. L: i Su • - 

to M< r -r >v Co., G'-JH'i •■ ) i gravers, 
Stencil:* and Si imp < mors. ■'■' "1 bird. 
Grainger »V Co., W. II. Grainger, and 
C. F. Graii gor ? ei i :'■■' udn. and 
M i< hino S!i >p. 1 ' h In t. Main and river. 
(See at/r. i 
Grail Henrv, baker, 268 e Je >'• rson. 
Grant W T ,'•; LV Wm T Grant leaf- 
to ia eo. : »'.''i W Main. 
Grant K A & T 1'. physicians, cor Brook 

and Broad w ti \ . 
Grant I)r physh ian. HOT v M trkel. 
Grasty Herbert !>., Attornej at 

Law. bo Fifth. I .See 
Grau Eberhard, grocer, 2*3 Portland ave. 
Grauel George, painter, 101 15th. 
Grauman Edward, shoes, 103 w Market. 
Grauman Gustav, shoes, 39 >■ Market. 
Grauman Louis, shoes, 24'J w Market. 
Graves Samuel O, lawyer, 115 5th. 
Gray Jesse S, insuran. - igent, 134 w Main. 
Great Atlantic & Pacific l'ea Co, John A 

Thuniel manager, 1*23 1th. 
Great Eastern Line, E M< C >rmick ag't. 

office 144 \v Main. 
Great Western Dispatch, M J Green ag't, 

office 154 w Main. 
Green Henry, grocer, 4S2 5th. 
Green H B, shooting-gallery, 94 w Jeffs'n. 
Green John 1-L, Vice-President Louis- 
ville Car-Wl eel C • 4'Jl Jefferson. 
Green John W. & D. S. John W. 
and David S.) Stock ind Bond Brokers, 
150 West Main. 
, Green Melom J, agent Great Western 
Dispatch, 124 w Main. 
Green Robert B, mattress manufacturer, 

201 e Market. 
Green & Green, shirt mnfrs, 139 4th. 
Greenbanm & Martine Morris S Green- 
baum Nathaniel Martinei stenographers, 
2 Court Place, 
fireenbati n It ke. cigar mnfr, 105 .J 3d. 
<;-. : ■ bauni S .'. who] 'sale I , ■ ■--. ■ '< 3d. 
( ;■ • ■ <.. ■'■ painter, 70 3d. 
Greenert Yriolph, Staph- and Fancy 
Grocer and Suh>oii, 471 Preston. 

Greenboujirh Thomas H., OcHlist 

['[■_■ -.■<••. - \\ -: Jefferson 
Greenwood '.'•> ah I >. _■ ••■ r, 585 w Jeffs'n. 
Greer Newton, gr.icer. 287 w Market. 
Greer Win. T., Distiller and Broker, 

23 Wi -t Main. 
Gregory C. K. «SL (<>., Live-stock 
iioii Mere ant-. Bourbon Stock 

Gregorj David f>.. Physician. Cures 
Cane i's. Warts and Wens; corner Jack- 
son and Kentucky, i >"■ adv. ) 

I ,.-..; y ,i "\. ph • vgr:i| I • r, 105 1th. 

Greiner John & i>ro. (John and To- 
bias). Carpenters, Builders and Con- 
tract rs, 410 Fast Green. 

Grev eling J ■• r, 1 50 Brook. 

Grew< ■- 1 w Market. 

Grewelin •: iVni - rfia • r 130 - Jeff'n. 

Grieshai ■ r Engelbert, jeweh r, 128J e Mkt. 

Grieshab ir Otto T, -'■* Story ave. 

Gries iaber Primus, meats, Citizci -' Mkt, 

Griff Mrs Gette, millim ry, 22 e Market. 

Griffin Abraham, ; . gi • !-. i s ^ w Market. 

Griffith Joseph & Sons (estate of Joseph 
Griffith. Win and Joseph Griffith), guns, 
etc, 1» n w Main. 

Griffiths David J, physician. 363 w J-tT'n. 

Griffiths George W, physic ian, 420 w Jeff'n. 

Griffiths Thomas J, physh ian, >63 w Jeff'n. 

Griffiths Wm M, asst surgeon U S Marine 
Hospital, 363 w Jefferson. 

Grimm Joseph, bakery. 303 e Main. 

Grimm Joseph, shoemaker, 302 e Gray. 

Grimm Bernard, gr r,cor loth and Bank. 

Grimme Henry, cigars. 22 w Jefferson. 

Grinstead W E & Co (Wm E Grin-tend. 
Jas V Grinstead), wh grocers, 258 and 
260 w Mien. 

Gripp E v.: Son I Erasmus and Charles Wi, 
millers. 114 e Main. 

Groman Gustaf. boots and shops, 39 w Mkt. 

Gross George S, saloon, cor 12th and Main. 

Gross Henry, saloon, ti e Jefferson. 

Gross J G, saloon, s-wcor6th and Market. 

Grossman Bernard, shoemaker, 150 Prest'n. 

Grossman Joseph, baker, i ; ;i e Market. 

Grossman Wm J, gn cer, 102 e Main. 

Grosz A Jei ; ins 1 Wm l> Grosz John 
W .!• nkins . io< ksmiths. 119 3d. 

Grote Henrv N, grucer, 0<i w Jefferson. 

Grub August, tinner. 123 Brook. 

Gruber - bast an, n cats, Ti'' Portland ave. 

< , ., - .1 .- ( '.. Samuel .! Gruman), 

clothing, e-.r Mil and Main. 

Grumme Edwin, barber, 333 Story ave. 

t « I If! * 5 Sev < d for Price List to FRED. SCHMTEDING, 

ne***,**- 'I'PiVW fiysj \m :i 835 Br and 830 North Fourth Street, 

U&yjsisJS 4y«i4 WitW »Je8S ca»*r*(i st. louis, - - - Missouri. 



ine^Beer Saloon. 


N. E. Cor. Highland Ave., and Molitor Street, 

° 0e P^^ph^^ylu^:' 11 ^ CINCINNATI., OHIO. 

Take at Fifth and Walnut Streets, either Mt. Auburn, Eden Park (via Cak Street,) 

Avondale, (Reading Road.) or Beiievue Hcuse Cars, which stop 

within three squares of tne Garden. 

TOI-IN B. NEEE, - - IPrcprietor. 

E "V 3D JEt IT 


estern wrrccer and "irade Journals 


It tor-rains xnorf valuable and lgeful information and facte of great interest to business men than ic» 
other Journal published in the South or West. 

It is iv Journal that all business m>'n require, an it will keep them fully posted on ali important quegtiong 
and transactions in trade cin ;■■-. which wili fre jii*rit:y save them many dollars during the year. 

It is th» largegt, handsom ■>■, an st popular an.i widely circulated Commercial or Tr.oie i'aper in to* 
Sooth or West, and is eadoried by t!,r most prominent businegg firms in the United States. 

Don't Delay but Subscribe at Once. 

BATES OP SUBSCRIPTION free of Postage 1 Year, $2.00; 6 Months, $1.25. 

Ad-'.ress all letterg or orders to 

Western G-rocer ari<a Trade Xo-u.rn.a.1, 


rain si Ete*j iVVW* • nk *ff*s»J --i.o ;...■: 1^3 rL ..'.-/ 1* 

\V. ATKiNSQX, 3i3-32! Soutri Clinton Street C'MIC'Ai.O, El, I 

'nil sit rfeaJ 
Send for Esii.-n?tes 






Qrunder Mrs Chris, dre3s-maker. 106 4lh. 

Grunloh Lambert, confee'y, 335 Rudd .<*ve. 

Gubser Fred, show-i ises, 102 w Market. 

Guenther Otto, sal >n, 72 < Markc : 

Guepner Charles L, salooj . 236 w Main. 

Guerieh Mrs Anna, grocer, 554 v. Walnut. 

Guctig Philip, grocer, 250 e J i tier; r . 

Guilde John, 2d lieut • . • ly Flail. 

Gutermuth Lorenz, saloon, 508 Pn -ton. 

Gunterman P, physician, 37G li-i\!erave. 

Gunther Geo F, tobacco and cotton, cor 
3d and M ain. 

Gunther S B, 1-' unit :■ li c City "• " 

Gut' i! t Jacoo, tinner, 7', 3 w Market 

Gutenkunst Jacob, tinner. 3S6 w Market. 

Gutkese & Ries, barbers •> w Jefferson. 

Haack Ferdinand, blacksmith, 246 9th. 

liaag Philip, grocer, 200 ( lay, 

Haas Leon, dry goods, 302 w Market. 

Habel Gaspar, saloon, 347 Br< id way. 

Habich Ignatz E, grocer, oor 18th and 

Habich Lud wig meats, 292 < Ore n. 

Had ett o. Smith J. »epn Haekett, T P 
Smith Jr), caskets, 1"> 3d. 

H;u kman >Iax, Propr Merchants' 
Exchange, 40 v. Main. 

Hadderman John, saloon, 856 High ave. 

Hadfield Win, cotton batting, 8-e cor loth 
and Rowan. 

Him be Jacob, shoemaker, 114 2d. 

Haeberle & Lapp, wall paper, 99 4th. 

Haess Anton, barber, 667 e Br adway, 

Hafenducrfer Bros (Frederick and Chris- 
topher), grocers, cor 18th and Broadway. 

Hagan Francis, lawyer, 75 5th. 

Hngenwald John, grocer. 58S w Chestnut. 

Hager Mr.- Henry ( Mrs. Alice linger), dry 
goods, 376 6th.* 

Hagin Mr.- M. shoes, 332 e Madison. 

Hahn Joseph, barber, 275 Logan. 

Hai^ht Kohert, Bras* Finisher and 
Electro Plater, 177 West Market. 

Hair John l\ & Co., Manufacturers 
Hand-power Elevators, etc., - J7 East 
Main. {See adi:.) 

Hair Joshua J., Manufacturer Eleva- 
tors, Pumps and Blocks, corner 8th anJ 
Water, i S*e adv. i 

Halbleib E, shoemaker, 649 w Chestnut. 

Halbleib E, sin emaker, 410 Preston. 

ITallleinan \V. X., Presidentof Louis- 
ville Couri<T-Ji rnal I lompan\ S 
••n-t cor. F< Lirt h ml C r>*en. 

Hall .1 &C B Jo-eph and Chas B Hall), 
^au'-r.iill, 4"J^ Fulton. 

Hall cV Eddy (Chapin Hall's heirs and 
Irvine H. Eddy), Manufacturers and 
Dealers in Lumber, 77 East Main. 

Hail & Hay ward (Edwin (i Hall and Hsn- 
ry Hayward l, crackers and confectioners 
mnfis, 63 and 65 w Jefferson. 

Hall, r H, meat market, 110 Baxter ave. 

Hall's Safe and Lock Co., B. Holl- 
man, Manager, Xorth-east corner Fifth 
and Main. 

Halsey Edmund T. assignee of insolvent 
estates, 206 w Jefferson. 

H-iltgf Fran! notion >0 i e ( 'hestnut. 

Hambrick John, Mi nufa< turer Twist 
I .■ v >-. 2">7 Ea>t Main, m ar llanc - k. 

Hamilton Bros & Co ! Wm B Hamilton, 
John R Hamilton;, pork-packers, cor 2d 
i I Main. 

Hamilton Joseph A. justice, 257 e Market. 

Hamilton Samuel S.„ Sheriff of Jef- 
ferson County, Offica, Court hous. . 

Ela ilton Win (i & Co i \V (i Hamilton, 
V A Bovd] merchandise brokers, ' ■■•'• 
w Main. 

Hamilton «.V: Co. i K. P. Hamilton ana 
(r. W. Hamilton:, Produce Dealers, 103 
West Main. 

Haming Benj, grocer, 467 Preston. 

Hammer Frederick, meat market, 450 

Hampton Wiilis G, saloon, 1S2 w Market. 

Hamsley John, carriage and wagon mnfr, 
- s Green, bi t 13th and 14th. 

Hancock-street Market, cor Broadway and 

Hanekamp Henry, grocer, '.'13 w Market. 

Hangan Wm, tailor, 923 6th. 

Hans Miss L H, millinery, 639 w Market. 

Hansbrough .1 <i, real estate, Law Temple, 
cor 5th and Green. 

Hanson Hulbert, shoemaker. 330 w Broad'y. 

Harbison & Gathright (Jno J Harbison, 
Jas B Gathright and Owen Gathright, 
Jr), wholesale saddlery 259 w Main. 

Harbold W L, physician, 563 w Chestnut. 

Harding Manufacturing 1 Co. (The > 
r . li. Adams, !'?■ -.; C.A.Blake, Sec. 
and Treas.; Manufacturers of Working 
Men'- Over-garments, 226 West Jeff'n, 

Hardy Milton J & Co (Milton J Hardy 
Wellington A Hardy), wholesale liquors, 
17 3d, 

Hargesbeimer Mrs L, notions, 173 7th. 

Harig, fvoop <.V Co [Frederick Ilarisr, Au- 
gust Koopand W Keisker), furniture and 
chair factory, cor 9th and Lexington. 

) RATI II IIave SettUtl inori t,Mm *'* 00 

pj I^se„a„anaveHad„«tl3IU- 

.*,■.£« V:V3 ^fftiA^g &«i«isi"S3 *»* *3! e>Uecti Claim*. Agents Evervwtora. 




LOT 315 

.J L> 8TILZ. 





■ ■ 




No. 125 to 131 Floyd Street, between Market and Jefferson, LOUISVILLE, KY. 





Plate and Sheet Iron Works of every Description. 

Have always on hand a stock of S*e, >Dd-han 1 Roller* J<>r 
Sale or Exchange, boilers repaired with special care 

Corner Main and Floyd Sts., LOUISVILLE, KY. 

ffflfl ^r r ■:-■■■■ Rfl *« 8 ? llTiTlf Wj! =-■ 


) CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 


Harlan Samuel F, pump-maker, 8! 9th. Hawkins Mrs M, dress-maker, 303 2d. 

Harlan & \N illsoii James Harlan and Hawkins It But ler, lav \ < r, 2:3 Court Plai e. 

Augustus Wil.-'-'j- • ) Lawyers, 178 West Haxthausen Joseph, wh grocer, 93 w Main. 

J, fferson, Hays Jacob, physician, 474 2d. 

Harlamm«rt Wm, brick-yard, cor 15th and Hays .1 , physii ian, 542 w Market. 

Delaware. Hays Will S., Steamboat and Steamship 

Harj er N K, lawyer, 133 6th. Pas* .. ra ! Ti< ke1 Agent, 49 4th. 

Barrel & Schmidt iGu-tav Barrel and ' Hazard Wm, bricklayer, 685 18th. 

Fred< rick Schni dt , saloon, 380 w Mkt. H« . ' ur es eonfe ionery, 4 Masonic 

Harriman -Mrs M A, dress-maker. 629 w Temple. 

Market. - Heady John 13, furnishing goods, 693 w 

Harris Abner, ?< baceo, cor 9th and Main. Market 

Harris A. ( 1 . &Co., Manufacturers of j Heardl \.dam. meats, 99 Lampton. 

Electro Medical Batteries and [nstru- Hearti ! Philip H, stoves una tinware, 

nts, 180 Third. {See ad 424 Preston. 

Harris James M, coal, • t . 462 Preston. Heath Henry, billiards, 110 \v Jefferso .. 

Harris Joshua, saloon, 163 9th. rl« iton Mrs Hello, mi lin ry, 550 w Main. 

Harris Mrs Margaret, dress-maker, 90 e llebebraud Peter, shoes, 2 w Market. 

Market. Heekhaus Mrs Margaret, grocer, 305 Gray, 

Harris Wm W, sewer-pipe, SO 3d. : Heckman Henry, shoos, 056 Kentucky. 

Harrison Phil L, notarj pub 154 w Jeffrsn. Heckman John, grocer, 140 w Market. 

Harrison iV M ■(irain .!••- tlarrUen. Jas Heeb Mrs Sophia, notions, i21 Broadway. 

McGrain ), lawyers. 8 Center. Heeb & Wolf [Stephen Heeb Frederick 
Hart Miss Amanda E, d ess-maker,227 4th. | v .Volt' blacksmiths, 23d nr Main. 
Hart K i vard, dry •.;••■ ds, 106 4th. Hefl'ernan Mi( hael, shoemaker, 188 Port- 
Hart Mrs. Kllen, Dressmaker, 33 j land ave. 

West Green. (See adc.) : Heffernan Moi timer, shoemaker, 322 Port- 
Hart Frank E. dry goods, etc, n-w cor loth land ave. 

and Walnut. I Heft Christopher, grocer, East and Green. 

Hart Jas A. general -tore. 97 w Jefferson. ! Hegan Bros (Samuel W and Edward C) 

Hart Peter, shoemaker, 4'_ ; '2 e Green. wall-paper, lit? 4th. 

Hart & Co (Lewis fnia W F Hart-, wh Hehl Jacob, saloon, '."J' 1 Preston. 

hardware, 277 w Main. j HVhl Itobert F., Baker and Confec- 

Hartiny (**•)>., Proprietor Kentucky < tinner, Wedding Cakes a Specialty, 193 

Shoe Factory, 87 Fourth. (See adv). East Broadway. 

Harthiil Bros | Alexander and Adam), vet- | Heideway John, grocer, 516 12th. 

erinary surgeons, 161 Green. Heilprin Louis & Co (Louis Heilprin Wm 

Hartman Fred, neat-, Bowles' market. Kleinberger) iudies underwear, 265 w 

Hartman Lawrence, meats, Citizens' mkt. Main. 

Hartman Otto F, druggist. 405 e Market. ; Heim Ferdinand, marble and stone-works, 

Hartman C T, cabinet-maker, 109 3d. c< r Broadway and Clay. 

Hartmetz, Charles, brewer, 180 Story ave. '■ Heim George, grocer, 608 Shelby. 

Harvey John, barber, 127 6th. Heim George F, baker, 335 e Shelby. 

Haspital Ch W, saloon. 107 e Jefferson. j Heim Joseph, boots and shoes, 353 e Green. 

Hasselwander Philip H, junk, 176 e Mrkt. j Heimerdinger August E, cutlery, 13 w 

Hassan j>Hti£ Jacob, Manufacturer j Market. 

Coopers' Tools, 86 Mechanic. 1 Heimerdinger Charles, shoemaker, .".12 

Hatzfeld Julius, saloon, 759 Portland ave. Shelby. 

Hatzmann John, grocer, 490 e Broadway. ! Heinrieh Mrs Ernestine, dry goods, 263 

Hauber Andy, willow-ware. 417 v. Market. I Jackson. 

Haury August, grocer, 47 Payne. HeinsJohn, baker, 106 e Market. 

Hause «fe Mulholland (John 11 Hause, Hugh | H -in- John, grocer, 389 e Market. 

Mulholland Jri. wh cigars nnd tobacco, i Heinz .1 >hn, grocer, 867 Preston. 

284 w Main. \ Heissrnan Minnie, clothing. 89 w Market. 

Hau-- Henrv, saloon, 388 w Market. ; Heiburn Louis S, cigars, 6()0 w Main. 

Hawcs Henry VV, U S claim agt 76 wJcffn. I Helbui n Paulding, dry goods, 400 e. Mkt. 

r nnftrri inTTTnnTPD |1*TT1 TiiTT* Without reference to the Companies we manage. 
all PA BABBEE& CASFLt" ■ ,"l ^sviile, Ky. 


liOUisville IP* I st :ra. i 13. s 1W1XX. 





Lumbers Buildinp- Material in General, 

Corner Garden and Chestnut Streets, 


All Order* will bo Promptly Attended to, Contracts far BuildiCjr Materials Solicited. Patentee for Xetx 
Sash-Fastener for Mate of Kentucky. 



Near Ninth Street, - - LOUISVILLE, KY. 

I Have recently Opened, Re-fitted and Re-furnished the House, and have the most elegant 

sleeping apartments of any hotel in the city, as my house is located on Broadway, 

the most popular street in the city. 


Transient Custom One Dollar Per Day. 

M-A-I^FXasT CCITITIPP, ZFrcprietor. 

Oatin.s "-tamps, Self-Inking Stamps, n.-m - 
i'loi >:■ ;»; Viuateur Printing Presses hiki 
Kiitimwr ;uul JJie Siukui*. l(J(i !; nululuh S 

■ .*>1VH ^— j. < 

i., CHICAGO, in. 





Held Jno, saloon, 150 Portland av. 

Helge Williitm, Furniture Manufac- 
turer and Dealer, 273 and 270 East 

llellinanti Anton, Wine and Beer 
Saloon, 200 Baxter Avenue. 

Hellmann, Franck & Co, wholesale whis- 
kies, - ; 4 3d. 

Helm Wm W, lawyer, 120 ttl . 

Helmerking H, meat mkt, : - » Storj av. 

Helmke J N, druggist, eor Frankfort and 
Vernon a vs. 

Helt Mrs (. hristina, barber, 180 Shelby. 

Heming A (.', boots and >!:■■•--. ;">4 w Mkt. 

Heming A. Randolph iJ L H i ' A 
W Kan ' Iph), civil engineers, 122 e 

Heming & Spt J Jas W Hi ming. .1 *hua 
F Speed), real estate agts. 146 vv JefFsn. 

Hernpel John, grocer, 313 e Mark c. 

Henderson E E, dress-mkr, 153 Jackson, 

Henderson I' K, physician, 2-"?0 1st. 

Hendricks Jas, grocer, 109 ■ SI .. 

Henle, Bretzf'elder & VVol Sarnl Henle, 
Lewis Bretzfelder, Leo Woll wholesale 
huts and caps, 218 \v Main. 

Henn Chas, grocer, 592 w C hestnut. 

Hennekamp M f s M, notions, 833 Clay. 

Kenning Herman, wagon mfr, loo e Green. 

Henry F., Wines and Liquors, 146 East 

Henry Gustav, baker, 93 Bank. 

Henry S. Cr. & Stone, General Auc- 
tioneers a r, d Commission Merchant*, 
181 W^st Main. 

Henyon Michael, saloon, 255 Fulton. 

Hepp Mrs M, fruits, etc, 201 e Jefferson. 

Herberich M, shoemaker, 185 Baiter av. 

Herbert Geo, bakery, 445 w Walnut. 

Herbold Fritz, bakery, 014 w Market. 

Herbold Jacob, bakery, 45 Portland av. 

Herbold Leopold, barber, 650 w Main. 

Herbold Wm. baker, 44'. w Market 

Herbst Geo A, saloon, 400 >• Main. 

Herdt Henry, meat market, 100 e Walnut. 

Herget G, stoves and tinware. ..07' e Main. 

Ilerm Uertin, Cpholsterer and Mat- 
tress Manufacturer, 241 Third. 

Herman August, t-ru-h rnfr, 417 Pre,-ton. 

Herold Christ, I ak« r, i 13 2d. 

Hero] 1 Frank, barber, 684 w Market. 

Herold Herman, hardware, 74 w Market. 

Herman Philip, grocer, 08 Garden. 

HerrmanSu in, dr\ go ■ •-. 356 .- Green. 

Herrmann Bros (Michael and F Joseph), 
wholesale liquors, 193 w Market. 

Herrmann & Exner (George Herrmann 
Adam Exnerj wholesale liquor dealers 
7! 3d. 
Hershey George, shoemaker. 1101-2th. 
Hertill Charles, gunsmith, 385 w Jefferson. 
Hertzfeld Theodore, second-hand store. 143 

II >ss A lam, saloon, 423 w Main. 
Hess Charles, r. staurant. Ill 5th. 
HessGcorge& Bro (George and Henry C) 

undertakers, 127 e Market. 
Hess Mrs Lisette, confectionery, 40 10th. 
II<'ss 3Irs. Ijouisn, Dress and Cloak 
Maker. Notions and Millinery, 254.? 
Fourth A \ enue, 
Hesse Julius, cigars, 220 w Main, 
il - ■ I A Son : [sadorand Edward H> sse) 

dry goods, 141 w Market. 
H -so <x Dreyfuss, dry go ids, 144 w M'k't. 
Hesterman Henry, baker, 279 Logan, 
Hesterman Charles, ihecmaker, 303 Mar- 
Hettermann Brothers, cigar manufacture r-. 

92 w .Market. 
Hettich Mrs G & Son, grocers, 09 Port- 
land ave. 
Heuser Jacob P, grocer, cor 18th and 

Heuser John, grocer, 300 20th. 
Heuser Peter, grocer, n-e cor Buchanan 

and Washington. 
Heusherman Edward W, grocer, s-e cor 

19 and Chestnut. 
Keverin Bros ( Edward and Charles ) bill- 
posters. 80 w Green. 
Hewett, Field & Co. ( Dexter Hewett, 
Henry P. Field), wholesale deuleri in 
Field Seeds, Agricultural Implements. 
Seward Chilled Plows and Jackson's 
Truss Kod Axle Wagons, 138 and 140 
West Main. 
Hewett K C. physician, 200 3d. 
Hewitt John G, solicitor of patents, 674 4th. 
Hiekmami Henry, Engraver and 
Ornamental Wood Carver, 309 East 
Madison, | See adv. i 
Uiero7iymus Her, nan. grocer, 714 w 

Hisru'inbotham Edward G, physician, 102 

Hiesins Robert C, dry goods, 412 Preston. 
Hiirgins R II & Co | R H Higgins) whole- 

- ; ■ liquors, 20 3d. 
Hightower John A. official stenographer, 

6 Court Place. 
Hilbert Miss Nellie, notions, 150 w M'k't. 

Ritaasa r a IftJgifKS SH9 i •" . .■.•->> of Fire «! % 11 


3jPi^^.2srK:xjTisT" ipl^n'tin-g- imxTjL. 



No. 317 East Green Street, near Clay, 



Produce Commission Merchants, 

No. 23 West Jefferson Street, 



rli jjji? liiUi uu« Ux liifUiiillliJ 

■ S rath ,-j 23 




3x. Y . 

Hild Henry, saloon. 458 e Market. 
Ilild W in, salo >i . 647 w M; • 
Hilderbrand Philip, saloon. 26 ad. 
Hilger Chai 1--. gro. or, 280 20th. 
Hilger & Kraft fWni J Hilger, Robert F 

Kraft), shoemak ts, 132 5tb. 
Hill Augustus ii barber, 478 Preston. 
Kill A. IS., Barber, 227 West Walnut 
Hill Bivs i i i F H ' and 1 

b ««>ts and shoi s, 120 4th. 
Hill, Fletcher .x Co : R K Hill. Robert 

Fletcher, U H Showers. E 11 Clark), 

wholesale notions, 253 w .Main. 
Hill George, hardware, 352 « Green. 
Hili Joseph B, sign writer, 77 4th. 
Hill Jit. C, Gold Pen Manufacturer, 

Corner Fourth and Main. 
Hillebrant ii, si oemal er, 308 5th. 
Hilien Philip, saloon, 251 e Market, 
Hiller Mrs Kate, notions, 242 Preston. 
Killer Mrs Wilhelniina, dry goods, 322 e 

Hillerich Henry, barber, 370 18th. 
Hinderlang Alex, shoein'k'r, 412 Campbell. 
Hinesley George, Proprietor English 

Kitchen— Oyster Baj .1 34 West Jefferson, 

3d door below Fourth. 
Hinkel Charles, baker. 190 e Market. 
Hinkel Win, grocer, 304 e Main. 
Hinkle Philip, city auditor, City Hall. 
Hinzcu «£ Itoseu Otto H. Hinzen, 

Ernest It >sen i, Piano Manufacturers, 

138 West Market. 
Hirsh Abram, rags ef \ 388 w Walnut. 
Hirschfeld Samuel, second-hand store, 145} 

Hirth David, grocer. 203 Portland ave. 
Hite W. \V. & Co., L. A E. Mail Co. 

( Sec adv.) 
Hoagland & Co fCassius C Hoagland, E 

Walter Short) produce and commission, 

49 w Market. 
Hobbs S J, surveyor, 1 16 w Jefferson. 
11 bl - .v Shortt t irk-.i ( Ilobbsand Wm 

C Shortt i dm -'-.,. 291 w -1 ffersmi. 
Hobbs & Co •);>-. Va .1 >r,H.-i r\ Hobbs . 

Found- rs. 1 09 Fust Main. . S't< ndi\) 
Ho dm lei Adolj I . gro< er. , or 1 1th and 

( -tnut. 
II «l«i| p Anton, salo n. 377 w Market. 
Hodapp 1. ui?, -'< ■ - utter, Broadway, nr 

II kIu) ! V: ' i ■• . - ■ ■■ r.d tn as Pleenix 

Tui ui .- < o, ' -■'.' ■•>>• 1 1th and I icxii ctoii. 
Hod ji lan 1 " in!, i'. ■■' . i.-t, 768 n Walnut. 
Hoeck August, shoemaker, 301 Clav. 

Hoefer F& Son (Frederick and Henrj , 

bnkers, 252 w Jefferson. 
Hoetllin M T, notions, 309 e Broadway. 
Uoellich Michael, saloon, 199 e Green". 
11 teger Fred, saloon, cor 10th and Main. 
Hoehle Henry vt Son (Henry Sr. Henry 

Jrj. grocers, n-e i oi Pith and Wall it. ' 
Hoehle John, cigar 69 Mary. 
Hoehh r Jo " fvenl 

1 1 ng J i le, 175 e J -:k rson. 

11 ■■<■'■- lies Frederick, florist, 870 w Market. 
Hoerman Jacob, shoemaker, 93A e Main. 
Hoey James, grocer, 128 Grayson. 
Hoffeld Ernest A. grocer, e Madison. 
Hoffman Edward' J F, physician, 285 

Hoffman E James, physician, 522 Pre I m, 
Hoffman Leonard, confectionery, 548 w 

11 tfman Simon, shoes, 104. e Market. 
Hoffmann Ferdinand, barber, s-e cor 15th 

ar.d Walnut. 
Hoffmann Frederick, grocer, 412 Shelby. 
Hoffman Henry, grocer, 108 Beard. 
Hoffmann John, grocer, 296 Baxter ave. 
Hoffmann Mr-. Pauline, dress-maker, 198 

Hoffmann Philip, saloon, 213 e Market. 
Hoffmann Samuel. shoe3, 138 e Market. 
Hofheimer & Selliger, ( Nathan Hofheimer, 

George 11 Muore, Max Selliger), distil- 
lery, 8 w Main. 
Hofmann Andrew, wagon-maker, 49 

Bardstown rd. 
Hofstatter Louis, notions, 334 Rudd ave. 
Hosjan & Co (Win J Hogan), hair goods, 

164 4th. 
Hogue Ephrairn, fish, 401 w Main. 
Hogue Wm S, lawyer, 115 5th. 
Hohmann Alexander, grocer, 44 e Market. 
Hohmann J II, b ■• ts 4<>s e Chestnut. 
Hoke W B, judge Jefferson county court, 

136 w Jefferson. 
Holbp ■ k Br.^s & Co fE H< !br. ok. Ii C 

llolbrook, M Li-wis Clark .];•>, tobacco 

n in ul •.' Lurers. 2, 4. 6. and 8, Duncan. 
i i 'i Walter, lai i r, 187 5th 

Holihan K . w ti ■ ' i-u er 360 7th. 
!i • kamp Herman, e;ro< er. 323 13th. 
i ;..■.,•■,•..■ . ; i 'ncer, 667 ISch. 
Ii .llenha h Br. • i August and PI 

■a ines and iipini -. n- v cor 1st and I ' 
Holb-nlmcli Fro<leri«'k, R - 

■ ■ • W,i<. n-niaker, 59 and 61 B 

Avenm . 
Hollenkamp Theo, grocer, 12 w College. 

n I r » i. ® ! 3 ' '■ - O G --' '• i Specialties a i-v :• i Cata- 

' L=d apnlicat I - rlidlEDDia, 

UAiti'^iH mx-emilm* WMJMiM 335 Broadway lud SdO S. Fourth St, ST. LOU] 


James Bkidgkford, Prcs't. J. Estk.n Cooke, Scc'y and Treas. 

National Mutual Benefit 

184 W. Jefferson Street, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Membership Fee. Sio oo. Annual Dues, $2 oo. Assessments $i oo to $5 00. 

Present Membership, 6, ceo. 

Losses Paid. $212,921 20. Surplus Fv.nd, $45,826 65. 


The Farmer's Magazine 

Of Live Stock, Agricultural, Horticultural and Genera! Information. 

Published at 79 Fifth Street, Louisville, Ky. 

JOHN DUNCAN, Editor and Owner. 

Makes a special I \ ■•it'.- .liseussiuii of sill topics beartufron the fine live-stork interests of Kentucky 
Hti.'l neighboring States ; 1 i's how to breed and treat sue! ntock everywhere; (■•!!.. also bow to improvi 
common .-t. ck. 

1'i FARMER'S MAGAZINE - ' pure-toned Moiithlj Journal o! forty pages— in all senses suitabli 
for circulation n the refilled homes of country gentW'iueu. A *'-r.\ valuable advertising medium for all 
who w ,mt t.> make their business kn iwii in, and secure trade from, sucb homes. 

Yearly subscription price, $1 JO In cintH of tiv< or more, jl u"i for each .van., subscription. In the 
case of large elufcs, the soni t)i • i i< t t : • cosi , : 1'. -r-, Ord«r from the amount. 

The FARMER'S MAGAZINE nan liberal clubiuus unaiiu went* with all Hie leading publications of 
the United States. Enquiries promptly answeted. Vildn-ss JURN DUNCAN, ;i above. 




i \TflRK, ••■.*,•: 5» '-V IT! K [»S£OOI\ S«'Mtl for ! !. 

Mi£fa V «... i I ' ■ ■ '- -■■■ i-tfu< ami *■>•.:.-•>.. .5. W . VI KIWJ.N, 

k/ O Kt :*.-:' M ■<■>.:•.•. ( iinion ' . reel, < JOt'AGO, ILL, 


Hollman B, n anager Hall's Safe and Lock j Hospital C 

(i of Medicine, Wm H It ■! 

Co, n-.' cor 5th 'in! Main. 

Hollman Henry, .•:•■•■■:. ■- 257 Pi toi 

Hoi] gb"r Jacob, bar kt. 4'.K> •• Jefferson. 

iloll.iwH ■•' J;ts M. i ivsieian, 2 >2 ith. 

HollUOS !> >l| I'm kers. Cakes, and 
Fne 1: jh S ■'■ ■■ ■'. < • " is N . llobi ' son, 
Manager. 59 ai L 01 West J • ' t -'.. 

HoliiK - tiVrer A- * o. ■ 

Gc - : L. P ..t. :; ■'. F : , , F a;.T> i'i 
Stoves Tin war ■ M mt :• '.iratt •. 15 . ! l- 
ers' H