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Full text of "A key to the Hebrew Scriptures; being an explanation of every word in the sacred text, arranged in the order in which it occurs .."

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: D^'23n V122? ? niD vhy DN 'D in mn> ':i nw *? 'd 

Surely the Lord God will not do any thing, but certainly He hath (previously; 
revealed his secret unto (through) his servants the prophets." 




^^ X^kXAA^Xdc^A^O. 


It is a gratifying proof of increased attention to the Hebrew 
Scriptures that the first edition of my Hebrew Key, notwithstanding 
its defects, sold so readily. I have endeavoured to render this second 
edition more acceptable, by adding a copious Index of every Hebrew 
Root, with the idea it conveys appended thereto, and the page where it 
may be found in the Key. 

When the words of our gracious Lord are duly considered, " This is 
life eternal, that they may know thee, the only true God, and Jesus 
Christ whom thou hast sent," the deep importance of an intimate 
acquaintance with this sacred and wonderful language is immediately 
evident, and more especially a right apprehension of the meaning of 
those words by which Almighty God hath vouchsafed to reveal himself. 
It is therefore to be very greatly regretted, as Duncan Forbes observes, 
that a peculiar emphasis should not be observed in the plural D'nbx, used 
always in Scripture to signify God, and which word D'nb carries 
some idea in it, descriptive of some character, some relation, the 
Being described bears to man. Let those who have any doubt whether 
D'>n'?N, when meaning the true God, Jehovah, is plural or not, consult 
the following passages, where they will find it joined with adjectives, 
pronouns, and verbs plural : Gen. i. 26, iii. 22, xi. 7, xx. 13, xxxi. 53, 
XXXV. 7; Deut. iv. 7, v. 23. 26; Josh. xxiv. 19; 1 Sam. iv. 8; 
2 Sam. vii. 23 ; Ps. Iviii. 12 ; Isa. vi. 8; and Jer. x. 10, xxiii. 36. So 
Chald. xri^i Dan. iv. 5, 6. 15. See also Prov. ix. 10, xxx. 3; 



Ps. cxlix. 2 ; Eccles. v. 7, xii. 1 ; Job v. 1 ; Isa. vi. 3, liv. 5 ; Hos. xi. 12, 
xii. 1 ; Mai. i. 6 ; Dan. vii. 18. 22. 25. " Parkhurst." 

Again, the word mrr, the Septuagint translates Kvpios, and we, after 
it, Lord. Neither Jew nor Christian doubts that mn^ expresses the 
Essence that necessarily exists ; and every one knows that it does not 
mean what Kvpios properly signifies : this Greek word is a faithful and 
just translation of '3^N Lord, Master, which the superstitious Jews have 
placed in the room of Tr\7r ; and we, after them, in our translation of 
mrr and *3i, have rendered both words by the same term, Lord. 

Again, nna, translated covenant, signifies a purifier, purification, or 
purification sacrifice, and immediately refers to Christ, who is the great 
Purifier of his people. See Gen. vi. 18, xvii. 2 ; 2 Sam. xxiii. 5. 

There is no doubt that the above all-important words have been thus 
obscured through the addition of vowel-points, which to beginners are 
exceedingly perplexing, and can be of no use in resolving the ambiguity 
of words. 

These and many other important considerations clearly show the 
necessity of considering the dieposition and connexion of the words, 
without 'the intervention of points or marks, which particular persons 
may impose. 

Such are the sentiments expressed by Robertson, Parkhurst, Pro- 
fessor Wilson, Bate, Pike, Home, Romaine, Duncan Forbes, and many 
others who were profoundly versed in Biblical knowledge, and who 
esteemed the reproach of Christ as greater riches than the treasures of 
Egypt. " The Lord giveth wisdom : out of his mouth cometh know- 
ledge and understanding." " Thy word have I hid in my heart, that 
I might not sin against thee." 


It is very much to be regretted that the treasures which are contained 
in the Hebrew Scriptures are so httle appreciated. The Hebrew 
language is the most ancient, pure, and simple, and evidently the parent 
of all other languages ; it was the language of the garden of Eden, the 
immediate gift of God to Adam, and that in which Moses wrote, as 
plainly appears from the names of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, Noah, 
&c. This venerable tongue is as accurate in philosophical things * as in 
divine, every root containing an idea, which diffuses itself into its several 
branches, and the sense of a passage may always be determined by the 

Whence is it that the language of the Patriarchs is so little studied ? and 
the philosophy of the Hebrew Scriptures so much neglected ? I believe 
it to be occasioned by the erroneous affirmation, that all the letters of the 
Hebrew Alphabet are consonants, and not one of them a vowel, and 
hence the perfectly unnecessary introduction by the Punctists of fifteen 
vowel-points or arbitrary marks, f in addition to the letters of the Alphabet, 
which renders the study of this sacred language veiy difficult, and ex- 
tremely discouraging to a beginner. The modern Jews, notwithstanding 
their fondness for the points, have never suffered the manuscripts (which 
are preserved in their synagogues for religious worship) to be disfigured with 
them. Every one acquainted with the Hebrew knows that the whole 
structure of the language is independent of the points, and can be 
much more easily learned, and better understood without, than with them. 

It is a common practice with the advocates for the points to speak 
disrespectfully of the Septuagint translation ; for this simple reason, 
that it does not favoiu: their scheme of interpretation ; nevertheless, there 
is no doubt but that that translation is one of the most precious remnants 
of antiquity that God has preserved to the Church. 

Bishop Lowth, whilst admitting the pointed text to be useful as 
shewing the Jews' interpretation of the Old Testament, adds, " The 
moderns would have made a much better use of it, and a greater progress 

* A few examples of the accuracy of the Hebrew Scriptures in philosophical things 
may be seen in page xvii. 

t If any one be desirous to read Hebrew with points, let him do so ; but the writer 
of these pages assures such a person, that although he had paid considerable attention to 
the points, he did not, on any occasion, find them of advantage in the explication of a 
difficult passage. 


in the explication of the Scriptures of the Old Testament, had they 
consulted it, without absolutely submitting to its authority ; had they con- 
sidered it as an assistant, not as an infallible guide." Prel. Diss. p. 55. 

" If any should still maintain the authority of the masoretical punctua- 
tion, yet it must be allowed that no one, according to that system, hath 
been able to reduce the Hebrew Poems to any sort of harmony." 
Lowtlis Isaiah, Prel. Dis. p. 9 ; 1st Edit. 

" The masoretic punctuation is in effect an interpretation of the 
Hebrew Text made by the Jews of late ages, probably not earlier than 
the eighth century." Ibid., p. 55, 2d Edit. 

It is allowed on all hands that the points were not coeval with the 
letters, and consequently written Hebrew must have been sufficiently 
intelligible without them. 

In presenting a new Vocabulary of the Hebrew and Chaldee Scriptures, 
I have prefixed a grammar taken chiefly from Parkhurst, which I advise 
such persons as desire to become acquainted with the sacred language 
to look over carefully, by which they will find the study of it much more 
easy than they could previously have imagined. They would do well at the 
same time to read the first chapter of Genesis in the Hebrew, with the key 
and the grammatical praxis,* and after having well mastered every word iu 
the praxis, proceed with the Vocabulary, and the help of our English trans- 
lation ; and, in the language of that truly learned Lexicographer, " I 
venture to assure any person, of tolerable ability, that whilst the study 
of the Hebrew Scriptures is a study for life, an application of two 
hours a-day, will, in a short time, even without a tutor, enable him to 
read in the original with ease and delight most parts of those holy Scrip- 
tiures, all of which, St. Paul assures us, were given by inspiration of God : 
and are able to make us wise unto salvation, through faith which is in 
Christ Jesus." 

A somewhat accurate knowledge of the Hebrew language is of the 
utmost importance to the clear understanding of the New Testament, as 
well as the Old. For it is evident that the Greek language owes its 
origin to the Hebrew, and that the first writers of the New Testament, 
being J ews, expressed the truths revealed to them by the Holy Ghost, 
more or less in the terms and phrases of their own language. 

It is my earnest prayer that the God of all grace would vouchsafe to 
accompany with the teaching of the Holy Spirit, this humble endeavour 
to assist the diligent inquirer into the meaning of the sacred oracles, that 
in God's own language he may learn the truths of God. " The grass 
withereth, the flower fadeth : but the word of our God shall stand for 

* See Grammatical Praxis, page xfvut< 


This Grammar is formed upon an essentially different plan from that of the 
Greek or Latin tongues ; for their terms of grammar and method of varying 
words will not hold in Hebrew. Endeavours to make it conform to them had 
nearly lost us the knowledge of this inestimable language, and the great treasure 
of natural and divine truths in the Hebrew Scriptures, which, whilst they 
contain all the Hebrew which is preserved to us, contain also in the text a 
complete grammar. 

" Pointing," says Bate, " under the pretence of giving a sound to the 
words, and supplying the defects in grammar, hath burdened us with a 
tedious and almost insupportable multiplicity of rules, and misled us in the 
construction of most material parts of Scripture, and made the whole the 
most vague, uncertain writing in the world." 


As the Hebrew is a dead language, it is not necessary to our understanding 
it to be able to give the same sound to it which it had at first, nor indeed any 
sound at all : though one common pronunciation is exceedingly useful, and, 
in some measure necessary, between master and scholar, yet we may learn it 
without a master, or hearing it pronounced ; but as Parkhurst has a short, easy, 
and distinct method of reading it, taken chiefly from Robertson, who fixed a 
different sound to each Hebrew character, which interferes with none of the 
rules of grammar, I shall give the alphabet in one line, and the sound in another, 
from the corresponding letter or letters in use with us, and would recommend 
his general way of reading, viz., by supplying & or 6, according to the number 
of consonants in a word you would pronounce, but always pronouncing short 
or quick those you so supply, and long every vowel you find in a word, which 
will keep up the distinction without any confusion. 

N. B. Writing over the characters several times is the best way to make 
them familiar to the reader. 



are twenty-two in number. Five of them when final are differently written. 
The characters are used for numbers, as in the following table ; and the 
similar letters are set together, that the difference may be the more easily 


















No. Form. Finals. Simi- Souud. 























t ^ u,w at 
the beg. of a word. 

n h 

D th 

ee, I, 8c ij 

before a vowel. 

"f 500 c, hard 

as in come. 


O600 m 

) 700 n 



n 800 p 

y 900 V j, or as 
8 in treasure. 
q or qu 

1 . Hebrew is read from the right 
hand to the left. 

2. Of these letters, the five m, n, \ 
% , are vowels ; all the rest are con- 

3. Where there is no vowel be- 
tween two consonants, supply in read- 
ing a short e or a, as im pronounce 
d6b6r, TpD pSquSd. 

4. Always pronounce the written 
vowels long and strong, the supplied 
ones short and quick. 

5. A root or radix is a word usu- 
ally of three letters, whence others 
are formed. 

6. The eleven letters forming the 
words 3^31 nWD in'M are servile, or 
serve for the grammatical inflexions, 
particles, &c. 

7. The other eleven are radical, or 
always make part of the root. 

8. Servile letters are often radical, 
but radical ones are never servile, ta 
excepted, being used for n in one 
single instance. 

I COLON thus A, as yi ; a semicolon 
But the FULL STOP : is the only 

A FULL STOP is expressed thus : M 

thus : , as ; a comma thus, , as , 
stop used in unpointed Bibles. 


1. Nouns or names are of two kinds ; Substantive, which denote a substance 
or thing, as tTM a man ; 13 purity ; and Adjective, which denote some quality 
^f the Substantive, as 3TO good ; Vli great. 


2. Nouns in Hebrew have two genders, masculine and feminine, and two 
numbers, singular (denoting one), and plural (denoting more than one). 

3. Most feminine nouns end in r or n servile ; most others are masculine. 

4. Feminine nouns are formed by adding n, and sometimes n to the mas- 
culine, as ntQ good, Ttym fem. ; nso an Egyptian man, nnso an Egyptian 

6. The plural masculine is formed by adding n% and sometimes only D to 
the singular, as *|^n a king, plur. D'Sbo or D3^n kings. 

6. The plural feminine is formed by adding ni to the singular, as yw a 
land, mS'^M lands ; or by changing n and n into ni, as rmn a law, riTYin laws ; 
or n' into nv as nn!?Q, plur. nvi^JD ; but in feminine plurals the " is often 

7. Feminine nouns have another plural formed by changing n into Dn, as 
nom a damsel, plur. D'DDni: this plural hath often a dual signification, or 
denotes only two. 

8. Nouns feminine singular in regimine change n into n, as rmn a law, 
mrr nmn the law of Jehovah ; mOM a woman, intJM his wife. 

9. Nouns masculine plural in regimine drop their D, as d'sVd kings, 'ibo 
yiN kings of the earth ; i2>D!?n our kings. So nouns fem. plur. in DTi when in 
regimine drop their D. 


Pronouns stand instead of nouns, and are of three persons. 
The First. ^>3, *32, and >n sing. I and me. 

12M, l^n^i, and 13n: plur. we and us. 
The Second. nrn^, n, 'n, and "jn^ sing, thou and thee. 

Dn and DDnM, plur. masc. ; |nM, nariM, and pn plur. fem. ye 
and thou. 
The Third. ii^7^ he, and *n she, it. 

Drr and mon plur. (generally) masc. ; p and TfiTt plur. 
(generally) fem. they and th?;n. 

Farts of these primitive Pronouns are suffixed, i. e., postfixed to Verbs 
and nouns as follows, and are called Pronoun Suffixes. 

Of the 

First Person, From { '^ '^"^- ^ ' '' " ^"^ "^y* 
i "3N plur. 13 us and our. 

/jnH sing. -|, HD, and tern. '3 thee and thy. 
Of the Second Person, From J DDDN masc. plur. DD you and your, masc. 

[pPii* fem. plur. ]3 and 7123 you and your, fem. 


^Min and ^n sing. \ in, 13, IMD, IQ him and his, 
n, HD her. 

Of the Third Person, From j "'^^ ^"^ ^ P^"^' "^^^^- "'^^' ^' ' ^ ^'^ ^^^e^" 
and their, masc. 

Tiyn and p plur. fem. n^rr, p, D, and ] them 

and their, fem. 

These Pronouns suffixes are also often postfixed to Nouns of Number, 

as Q7VW they two or both of them, as to several particles, as ]'n, ]'i, nnn, a, 

D, &c., thus ':rM not he, ni in them, &c., &c. 

Parts of the primitive Pronouns prefixed or postfixed, form also the persons, 

and distinguish the tenses of verbs, thus^ 

'3, prefixed, forms the 1st person sing, future. 

n, 'n postfixed, the 1st pers. sing. pret. or past. 

Of the First Person, From 

Of the Second Person, From 


( 3 prefixed, forms the 1st pers. plur. future. 
\l3 pfcfixed, the 1st pers. plur. pret. 


i prefixed, forms the 2d pers. sing, future. 
* ( postfixed, the 2d pers. sing. pret. 

^>n postfixed, is sometimes used for the 

2d pers. fem. sing. pret. 
is postfixed to the 2d pers. fem. sing. 

postfixed, forms the 2d pers, fem. sing. 


Dn postfixed, forms the 2d pers. masc. 

plur. pret. 
n is prefixed to the 2d pers masc. plur. 



]nM, ]n postfixed forms the 2d pers fem. plur. 

n prefixed and n3 postfixed, form the 
2d pers. fem. plur. future. 


Of the Third Person, From 

- rr postfixed, forms the 3d pers. fem. 
\ sing. pret. 
''^ j prefixed, forms the 3d pers. masc. 
C sing., and with ^ postfixed, pi. future. 

ia, postfixed, forms the 3d pers. plur. pret. 
and with prefixed future. 
n3n, n3 postfixed, to the 3d pers. fem. plur. 


A comparison of this latter table with the ensuing example of a Regular 
Verb in Kal, will remove any little difficulty which may occur to the learner. 

The pronouns, forming the persons, &c. of verbs, are called Personal 

From the two tables above given, it appears that the former part of 
pronouns are generally prefixed, and the latter or middle parts of them 
postfixed ; thus of 3M and 'n, N is prefixed, and >3 and 'n postfixed. 

1 inserted in the second place is active, as in rwvo one anointing, in the 
third place is passive, as mvo one anointed. (Julius Bate) Gram. p. 14. 

' inserted in the second place, forms a noun from the participle active, 
and implies the effect or consequence issuing or arising from the agent, as 
m a smell : the effect or consequence arising from the nose breathing, or mi 
the Spirit, mw one making naked, or putting on a mere outside, or pre- 
tending to be naked or open : DTJ> one sensible of his being naked, deceived ; or 
falling into the stratagem on whom the deceit continues. {Bate) Gram. p. 14. 

' inserted in the third place, is when the design of the participle passive is 
effected, and answered, as in n^ttJD he who is constituted, who had the 
effect of being anointed, was in possession of what was meant by it ; so 
vrVip one calling; MTip one called; np one come upon the call, a guest, 
and so is a noun formed from the participle passive. {Bate) Gram. p. 14. 


There are three conjugations of verbs, BLal, Hiphil, and Hithpael. 

Kal denotes simply to do, as ipQ he visited ; its passive is Niphal, which 
prefixes a in the preter tense, and signifies to be done, as IpD: he was visited. 
Hiphil prefixes n in the preter, and inserts "> before the last radical, and 
signifies to cause another to do, as TpDH he caused to visit ; its passive 
Huphal generally drops the '. Hithpael is formed from Kal by prefixing nn 
in the pret., and signifies to act upon oneself, as npDnn he visited himself; 
but is often passive. 

Verbs in each conjugation have three moods, two tenses or times, one 
participle (Kal has two), two numbers, three persons, two genders, as in the 
following example of the regular verb TpD to visit, in Kal. 

Indicative Mood. 
Preter or Past Tense. 
Plnr. Sing. 

ITpD They 

Fem. |n DmpD Ye 
T3lpD We 

She n npD He visited. 3 

mpD Thou. 2 ^ Person. 

'mpD I. 



. Future Tense. 
Plar. Sing. 

Fem. n: n npD' They 
na n npcn Ye 
lpD3 We 

She n npB> He will visit. 3 "J 
Fem. ' n npDn Thou. 2 > Person. 

npDM I. 1 3 

Imperative Mood. 
Fem. n: npD Ye j Fem. * npD visit thou. 2 person. 

Infinitive Mood. 

"npD and npD to visit. 

Participle Active, or Benoni. 
Fem. ni onplD | Fem. n and n TpiD visiting. 

Participle Passive, or Paoul. 
Fem. m D'TipD I Fem. n and n TipD visited. 

Throughout all the conjugations the Personal Affixes are added, and the 
Participles declined as in Kal. 

In Niphal the 2 is prefixed only to the preter and to the participle, but r? 
to the Imperative and Infinitive. 

In Hiph., Huph., and Hithp., the formative n is always dropt after another 
servile, so throughout the future, and D is prefixed to the participles of each. 

Huph. is the same as Hiph., the formative * being dropt, as it also often is 
in Hiph. 

In the Hithp. of verbs beginning with tD or D, n is transposed, as in ">onuJrf 
for nownrr; and in those with s, n is moreover changed into TD, as plS3 for 


Indicative Mood. 






Present tense. ( Future. 

1=2 fg^ 


M i 

eo (N r-t CO (M ^ 

bo ^ 

3 ^ 

eo (M M (M F- 

s & 1 








r Op 




1 1 











' ^^ 

















1 1 







^ . 















n n 



1 & 

'"'^ sK 







1. Irregular Verbs are either defective, which sometimes drop a radical 
letter ; or reduplicate, which double one or more radicals. 

2. Defectives have either but two radicals, or or : for the first radical, or 
n for their last. 

3. Verbs of but two radicals oftentimes take 1 before the latter, as Dltt) from 
DV, and in Huph. before the former, as Dpir? from Dp. 

4. Verbs with " for the first radical, often drop it in the future, imperative, 
and infinitive of Kal, to which last they postfix n (Tipb to take, follows this 
form), and in Niph. and Hiph. they change "> into ^. 

5. Verbs with o for their first radical, drop it in the future, imperative, and 
infinitive of Kal, (to which last they postfix n), and in the preter of Niph., 
and throughout Hiph. and Huph. 

6. In Hithp. the two latter kinds of verbs are generally regular. 

7. Verbs with n for their last radical, often drop it, or change it into % and 
before a n servile into n, and generally form the infinitive by changing n 
into m. 

8. Verbs that have "> or 3 for the first radical, and n for the last, are 
doubly defective, i. e., sometimes drop both the first and the last radical. 

9. The verb ]n: to give, often drops both its 3's. 

1 0. In verbs, N is often dropt after a servile M ; and 3 and n before 3 and 
n servile. 

11. Reduplicate verbs are declined regularly. 

12. Except that those resembling V73, in some forms use i instead of the 
last letter, as 'miD for TQID, and in Hithp., and sometimes in other conjuga- 
tions, like 1 after the first radical, as in panrr from pn, and r]D"tt>^ from F|D2>. 


1. The adjective generally agrees with its substantive in gender and 
number, as 3TO tD' a good man, mbna n"i3D great strokes. 

2. A verb generally agrees with its noun in gender, number, and person, 
as rrn omrf the serpent was. 

3. 1 and, prefixed to verbs in the future, denotes succession. 

4. *) and, prefixed to verbs, often supplies the signs of the grammatical 
inflexions, as rroiai and subdue (ye) it, Gen. i. 28. 

5. Infinitive verbs have sometimes the particles 3, D, b, O prefixed. 


1 . M prefixed, forms the first person singular future of verbs, also nouns. 

2. 3 prefixed, in, for, &c. Abridged from a hollow, or n'3 within. 


3. n prefixed, sign of conjugation Hipli. or Huph. ; also emphatical, 
pathetic, or interrogative. Postfixed, denotes a noun fem. ; also third person 
fern. pret. of verbs ; likewise her, to, towards. 

4. 1 prefixed, and inserted after first radical forms participle active ; after 
second radical, participle passive. Postfixed, him, his ; third person plural 
of verbs ; also forms nouns. 

5. ' prefixed, third person masculine future sing, and plur. of verbs ; also 
forms nouns ; inserted, forms conjugation Hiph. and nouns ; postfixed* 
denotes national names ; masc. plur. in regimine ; me, mine ; also second 
person fem. fut. and imperat. of Verbs. * 

6. 3 prefixed, like as ; postfixed, thee, thine. Derived from rma restriction. 

7. b prefixed, to, for. Derived from bM, which denotes interposition. 

8. O prefixed, participle Hiph. and Huph., whence it forms nouns, 
and often denotes instrumentality ; also from ; postfixed, them, their, masc. 
An abbreviation of p, from rr2lO to distribute. 

9. 3 prefixed to pret. and participle Niph., also forms first person future 
plural of verbs, and nouns. Postfixed, them, their, fern. 

10. \D prefixed, who, which; also the particle that. An abbreviation of 
iiDN to proceed. 

11. n prefixed, second person sing, and plur. of verbs; also forms nouns. 
Postfixed, second person sing. pret. of verbs ; also used in regimine for rr , 
and forms nouns. 


1. Reject all aflixes and formative letters. If three letters remain, that is 
the root. 

2. Except that i and * inserted (unless before n), must be generally 

3. If, after rejecting the affixes and formative letters, only two letters 
remain, that is frequently the root. 

4. But if you find it not in this two-lettered form, add or : to the begin- 
ning (and to the deflexions of npb to take, b), or rr to the end. 

5. If only one letter remain, add 2 or > to the beginning, and n to the end. 
N. B. The grammarians and lexicographers always consider the third 

person masculine singular pret. in Kal, as the root in such words as occur in 
a verbal form. 

Note. The reader by the help of Taylor's or Robertson's Hebrew Con- 
cordance, or any other, would be able to find the place of the first occurrence 
of every word, which would become a reference to its situation in this Key. 

For further information, the Student will find " Parkhurst's Hebrew 
Grammar," a valuable acquisition. 



A Grammatical Praxis or Exercise on the first twelve Verses of the 
first Chapter of Genesis^ to he read in connexion with the Key. 

heavens the of substance the Aleim the created beginning the In .1 

.earth the of substance the and 

n^WMna, 3 is a particle signifying in, xii., n* a termination of nouns, therefore 
XOin is the root, tna the third person masc. sing. pret. in Kal of the verb 
tn2, and consequently the root itself, and joined with the plural noun W'nbii, 
to express the unity of Essence and operation, from the root rf?M. n a 
particle, the, or the very, from root rrriN. D^Dion, n is a particle emphatic, the, 
D' is the termination of a noun masc. plur. : Ut3 therefore remains for the root. 
n% 1 a particle, HN as before. pMH, n is emphatic, p a noun with a 
formative N, from root Y^. 

upon darkness and hollow and unformed was earth the And .2 
^ iwrn *<nii inn nn^n y-ipn 

upon motion a causing Aleim the of spirit the deep the of faces the 
te nemo D'rfjM mni mnn '^-^ 

.waters the of faces the 
: D'orr 3D 

and, nn'H third person fem. sing, preter. of the verb rrn, and agreeing with 
y-W in gender, number, and person, im a noun adjective, inn, 1 and, ini 
a noun adjective, "rem a noun, from the root yon. by a particle, from the 
root n^y. 3D a noun masc. plur. in regimine, from the root ruD. Dinn a 
noun, from the root cn. mi a noun from the root m. ncmo a particle fem* 
in Hiphil, from the root r]m, and agreeing in gender and number with nn, 
the verb substantive being omitted. D'DTT, D^D a noun masc. plur., from 
root D'. 

there then and ,light be shall There ,Aleim the said then And .8 
>m TIM TT D'n^M -IDN'1 

light was 
ION'"!, 1 and, nDW"" a verb, third person masc. sing, future in Kal, from "id. 
>rp third person masc. sing, future, from root rrn for rvrv. 11M a noun from 
the root "w. 

divided then and ,good that light the Aleim the saw then And .4 
b'\y^ m!D 'd mn ns o*rf?N ntt 

.darkness the between and ,light the between Aleim the 


NT third person masc. sing., from root hni, for nsn'. '3 a particle, from the 
root nnD. nto a noun, from the rot sto. bty third pers. masc. sing, of the 
root "jia. yi a particle from the root p. 

darkness the (to) and , Day ,light the (to) Aleim the called then And .5 

day , morning was there and evening was there and ; Night called he 
DV npa 'Tv^ y\s wi n^'"? lop 

.first the 
: mn 
hnp' third pers. masc. sing. fut. from the root ip. "n!?, ^ a particle following 
the verb iTip. DV a noun, from the root d\ ny"? a noun fern, from the root V). 
y\$ a noun masc. sing, from the root ll$, ipi a noun masc. sing, from the 
root "ip2. trm a noun masc. sing, from the root nn\ 
midst the in expanse an be shall There , Aleim the said then And .6 

to waters between division a causing be shall it and ,waters the of 

:?'pn a noun masc. from the root ypl. "^"im, a a particle, in, y\rt a noun, from 
the root in. ^niD a participle masc. sing, in Hiphil, from the root bl2. 

between divided he and expanse the Aleim the made then And .7 

^'2 ^na'1 y'p"^rr n d^h^n ?'i 

waters the between and expanse the (to) under (at) which waters the 
D-Dn yl^ rnp"? nnno nM D^nn 

.(mechanized or) so was it and ,expanse the Cto) above (at) which 
:p '>TV^ y'pn"? "? iwn 

TT third pers. masc. sing, future, for TfXOV from the root TWV. nWN the 
pronoun relative, which, from the root T07M. D a particle, at, joined with 
another particle nnn, from the root nrrj. So ^5?D compounded of D at, and 
b upon, from the root n^3^. p a particle, from p. 

, (placers) heavens .expanse the to Aleim the called then And .8 
D'Q Tp^b D'nbw M"lp'"l 

.second the day ,morning was there and evening was there and 
'.^w DV -ipa 'Tv^ a- 'n^i 

'3 an ordinal noun of number, from the root 773'. 

,one place to waters the tend shall , Aleim the said then And .9 
nM Dipn ^N D'nn ^^p^ d^h'jm noi^n 

.so was it and ,(land) dry the appear shall then and 
:p 'n>i nwrrr n>nni 


Vp'' third pers. masc. plur. fut. in Kal or Niph., from the root nip, agreeing 
with the noun masc. plur. D^O. '?M a particle, to, from the root "?. DipD 
a noun, from the root Dp. nbnn third pers. fem. sing, future in Niphal, 
from root rwi, agreeing with the fem. noun rroT, with n emphatic prefixed, 
from the root tt)a\ 
the (to) and , Earth (land) dry the (to) Aleim the called then And .10 

pM Tvovb D>rr^N N-ip'i 

saw then and ,Seas called he waters the of tending of place 
NT"! D'D' Nnp D'on mpD^i 

good that Aleim the 
: a"iTO '3 D'nbN 
mpQyi, and, b a particle, to, after the verb Nip, as in verse 5 ; mpo a noun 
of place, from mp. C*iy a noun plur. masc. from the root D\ 
of bud the earth the forth shoot shall Aleim the said then And .11 



win D^rrbw 


,kind its for 


bearing fruit of tree the 






rroy no yy 





was it and ,earth the upon 

it in 

seed its 



Tn r>n ^ 




NWin third pers. fem. sing, future in Kal, of root bwn, agreeing with the 
noun fem. \pM. 3 a noun from the root y^. ynra a participle masc. 
sing, in Hiphil, from Tn. nD a noun masc. sing, from mo. ntw? a participle 
masc. Benoni, or active, in Kal, from rw^. 13^Db, b a particle, for, 1 an affix, 
his or its (masc.) ; ]n3 a noun masc. sing, from root rT3D. "O, 3 a particle, in, 
prefixed to the Pronoun suffix ; i, him or it, masc. 13 13717 >'0N which its 
seed in it, an Hebraism, for whose seed in it. 
seeding herb of bud the earth the forth brought then And .12 

anra 3 awi yn^n j?im 

it in seed its which , fruit bearing tree the and ,kind its for seed 

13 tm nwM no rrm yyi irnb r7 

.good that Aleim the saw then and ,kind its for 
:3iTD '3 D^rr'^K ti ih^'d!? 

Sin third person fem. sing, future in Hiphil, of root >W, agreeing with the 
noun fem. yw. inrn'?, |'^'? before explained, ^n a pronoun suffix, his. 



A few Examples of the Philosophical accuracy of the Hebrew 
Text when literally translated. Extracted from Parkhurst's 

p^' poya r^y^ nn p3?an wq Josh, x. 12. 

Solar light (not the instrument of light or orb), be thou, or remain equable, 
even, level upon Gibeon ; and lunar light upon the valley of Ajalon. 
Parkhurst's Lexicon, root iTOT. 

mn is another word used for the solar orb, Judg. viii. 13; Job ix. 7. 
Parkhurst's Lexicon, p. 270. 

amnion mi is applied, v., Gen. xxviii. 11, et aliis, in a strictly philosophical 
sense, for the solar light going off, i. e., from one hemisphere to the opposite. 
Parkhursi's Lexicon, p. 59, under HI. 

M2, Gen. xix. 23 ; Is. xiii. 10. Tf^^ Eccles. i. 6, et aliis, joined with Qtt.% 
are used for the solar light coming out or spreading upon that hemisphere 
which is turning into the morning. Parkhurst's Lexicon, p. 5d, under l. 

rron is used for the solar flame, and answers to n2lb the lunar orb or disk, 
in Cant. vi. 10; Is. xxiv. 23; xxx. 26. 

A distinction between ys'UXi the instrument of light, and irQ the solar 
light, is shewn in Ps. Ixxiv. 16, 

; oi -nwo myDn nn nV? "jb fjm dv '^b 

The day (is) thine, the night also (is) thine : thou hast machinated mo 
the instrument of light, 'OW1 and the solar light (or stream of light from the 
orb). Parkhurst's Lexicon^ p. 240, under DH, ii. 

So the words translated Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades would be better un- 
derstood, if given literally, as 

J pn mm rrtyy\ ^03 X35 rror Job ix. 9. 

Which makes 3? the blighting air (Arcturus), "j'DD the cold contracting 
air (Orion), no^^l and the genial heat or warmth (Pleiades), and the thick 
clouds (chambers) of the South. 

03^ to consume, destroy. A moth. The blight, i. e., the blighting, blast- 
ing, corrosive air. ID'S? the same. Job xxxviii. ^2. Parkhurst's Lexicon, 
p. 629, under ttjy. 

bD'2 Stiffness, rigidity. b'D^ the cold, condensed, rigid, contracting air, the 
fluid of the heavens in this state. Job xxxviii. 31 ; Amos v. 8. HDD to be 
warm or hot. rTD'3 genial heat or warmth as opposed to a parching, blight- 
ing air on the one side, and to rigid contracting cold on the other. Job 
xxxviii. 31; Amos v. 8. Parkhursfs Lexicon, p. .i , under teD, and 
p. 357, noD. 


: Dirrn nii'y ^iwa ^yoo D^nxr? ii?Da Prov. viii. 28. 

When he (Jehovah) invigorated the conflicting ethers above, i. e., gave 
them their expansive and irresistible force ; when he made safe (or secure) 
the fountains of the deep. Parkhursfs Lexicon, p. 31, under yOM. 

D'prro the celestial fluid which is in a perpetual state of conflict and 
struggle. The conflicting ether, ethers, or airs. Parkhursfs Lexicon, p. 818, 
under pT^'O. 

See Ps. Ixxxix. 7, 38; Deut. xxxiii. 26; Job xxxvii. 18. 

The following texts literally rendered, would be as follows : 

: dVi Mna"< Dn "lob niasnn |' '3. Ps. Ixxiii. 4. 

There are no ma^nn knots (perplexing difficulties) to them ; their strength 
is perfect and drm.'Parkhurst's Lexicon, p. 284, under asnn. 

In the Hebrew versions generally, Dmob is written as one word ; but in 
Dr. Kennicott's Bible on ych is printed as two words, and the sense 
above agrees excellently with the context. 

: Don mM3 pN o^nn "im^o *3 nna^ Toan. ^Ps. Ixxxiv. 20. 
Look on the Purifier (nna), for the dark or obscure places of the land 
are filled with Don niN2 valuable plunder, or shewy things. 

: imb' "jQ "i"? inttjQ Dmo wip ''Mni ^t\ dvi mn: yys Ps. ex. 3. 

Thy people (shall be) willing in the day of thy power, in the glorious 
sanctuary or temple, jm'r ^ 1^ niTDlo Dmo more than (the dew from) the 
womb of the dawn (shall be) the dew of thy progeny, i. e., more abundant 
and numerous. Parkhursfs Lexicon, p. 819, under TTtt). 

: yban* rmnn toa riDa py mn^. Prov. xviii. 1. 
The recluse seeks his own desire, he laughs at any thing solid or wise. 
Parkhursfs Lexicon, p. 124, under J?^a. 

:nnN d: bV2 D ys^i p nntm. Prov. xxiii. 2. 
And put a restraint (not a knife) to thy throat, if thou be a man given 
to appetite. ParMwr^^'s Lexicon, p. 823, under I. 





Din3 Nahum. 


n^'t&W"!:! Genesis. 


P^P^n Habakkuk. 


ni^ir? Exodus. 


n'l^D^ Zephaniah. 


S^jTI Leviticus. 


^:in Haggai. 


-iniJSn Numbers. 


nnST Zechariah. 


D^'im Deuteronomy. 


^Dba Malachi. 


yW)!!^ Joshua. 


D'^'brin Psalms. 


D*'t:)Q'ltr7 Judges. 


'bwrt Proverbs. 


b1ttir Samuel. 


m^ Job. 


D^Dba Kings. 


jn^irn n^W Solomon's Song. 8 

n^ytt?"* Isaiah. 


mn Ruth. 


rr^Dn** Jeremiah. 


HD'^M Lamentations. 


bspm*' Ezekiel. 


rnUp Ecclesiastes. 


5?ti7*in Hosea. 


-inOM Esther. 


bV Joel. 


bs^3"T Daniel. 


D1r Amos. 


WnT57 Ezra. 


n''1213? Obadiah. 


n'^ana Nehemiah. 


n3V Jonah. 


D'^tt^n ''-im Chronicles. 


nD"^D Micah. 


iV^o^e. It will be perceived in this Key, that the Books of Joshua, Judges, 
and Samuel follow immediately the Book of Genesis, and precede those of 
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, that order of the Books 
being thought to oflfer greater facility in the study of those original writings. 





1 tt?MT priority, or precedence. 

TV&t'y the beginning, 
i^in the production of either 
substance or form. To create, to 
produce into being. 

HvS a denouncing of a curse, 
an oath. D'rr'?^ the Triune God 
(raasc. plural), who entered into 
covenant by oath. The Aleira. 

nnW to come. riM the very, the 
very substance. 

Dtt? to place, set, put. D^DW the 
heavens ; literally, the disposers, 

^1 to run, move swiftly, crumble. 
y"\ the earth. 

2 iT^n to subside, subsist, exist, be. 

nnn confusion. inn a waste, 

without order, unformed. 
7T3, hollow. yn2 hollow, empty. 
^11771 to impede action, "jirrr 

"nhV to ascend, mount upwards. 

b'$ upon. "jS^n above. 
n3Q to turn. 'aD the face, surface, 
n^n multitude, tumult, mnn 

a mass, body, or multitude of 

mi spirit, air, wind, m the 

action or breathing of the air in 


2 r|n"l to move tremulously, ricrrra. 
D** tumultuous motion. D'Dn the 

sea, any large collection of waters. 

3 *1ttS to branch out, into w-ords, to 

")S to flow. niM tlie light, from its 
wonderful fluidity. 

4 nSn to see, perceive, appear. 
nnD restriction, to restrain. 'D 

that, defining the fact. 
2tD good, goodly, pleasant, n^ 

bm to divide, separate, dis- 

^n to divide, separate. ^2 between. 

5 Sip to call, proclaim. 

D"* tumultuous motion. DV day. 
bb to wind, to turn, to move round 

out of a rectilineal course, HT? 

"HIV to mix, to mingle. IIS" the 

IpH to look upon, survey, "ipn 

the morning, 
in"' to unite, make one. Tn 

one, the first. 

6 ypn to stretch forth, extend. 

y'pi an expansion, the celestial 
"^n to be in the midst. *pn the 
midst, middle, or inner part. 


7 nWV to do, make, form, produce. 

~lti?M to proceed, go forward. n\UM 

who, which, whom. 
nn3 to descend, come down. 

nnno underneath, below. 

p to make ready, fit, dispose, p 
so, thus. 

8 n3lI7 to iterate, repeat, do a second 

time. 3W second. 

9 H^p to stretch, tend towards. 

hipo place of tension. 
Dp to arise, stand up. DipD the 

ti?^'^ to be dried up. Twyrt the dry 


11 S1271 to spring up, shoot forth. 

NTUT grass. 

^WV herbage, an herb. 

V^X to spread abroad, jm seed. 

7123? to fix, make firm or steady. 

yj? a tree. 
mD to bear, or produce fruit. 

no fruit. 

TiyQ to distribute, rtynb according 
to its species. 

1 2 StJ"' to come, or go forth or out. 

13 t!?b2?. >ttj'?W three, third. 

14 nS to flow. ni0 a frame of orbs, 

(c'lpable, either of forming or 
reflecting light,) or the orbs 
themselves. miNQ a frame of 
such orbs, or the orbs actually 
giving light. 

nnS to come. nn signs. 

13?'' to appoint, constitute. DnyiD 

set, regular, times, seasons. 
n32? to iterate. D'2W years. 
16 b"73 great. 
bW72 to rule. 
']'Cp small, little. 

16 I3DD to glister, glitter, shine 

dDO stars. 

17 ^n3 to give. 

19 37^1 to agitate, actuate, ""m du 


20 ^1W to produce abundantly, yiu 

the creeping thing, a reptile. 
12?D3 to breathe, respire. A crea- 
ture that lives by breathing. 

iT^n strong, vigorous. To live, 
T]V to vibrate, flutter. fj^M fowl. 

21 Tl^n to shriek, bewail. D':'3n 

whales, sea-monsters. 
WTyi move, move itself. 
^DD extremity. r]33 the wing of a 


22 "7*^3 to couch, lie down ; to bless. 
H'yi to be many or great; in- 
crease, multiply. 

Sbtt to be full, or filled. 

23 Wl^jJl to array, set in array, 'ttj^nn 


24 DnH dumb, mute, noni a beast 

or brute. 
n^TT vigorous. Tvn wild beast. 

25 DIS red, ruddy. rroiN the ground, 

vegetable mould; or DT silent, 
with prefix. m man. 

26 D7!^ to delineate. D^S image, 

external form. 

nD*T equable, even, non likeness. 

mi to descend, rule. 

yi to multiply, or increase exceed- 
ing. n^T fish. 

27 "n2T strength, vigour. The male 

ip3 to make hollow, pierce. n^3 
a female. 

28 W2D to subdue, subject. 



29 TT:ir\ or "jH to be ready, or present. 

See, lo, behold. 
b^M to eat, eat up, devour. n'?D 

30 pT' to throw out something moist. 

pT green. 

31 ISa to be strong, copious. nQ 

WW brisk, active, cheerful. 

Chapter H. ^ 

1 nbl3 totality, completion. 

M2!i to assemble in a regular 
manner. Plural, Hosts. 

2 VDXD sufficiency, satisfaction. >y'l 

*^Sb to send, serve, minister. 

ns^bo work. 
D'^W to cease, leave off. 

3 W^p to separate, set apart. 

4 17*^ to bring forth, mibin gene- 


nW to incline, ma? a shrub. 

5 niW to pour out, or forth, rrv07^ 

the ground. 
D">ID to fill up ; at the lime, i. e., 

ntilJ to spring, or shoot up. 
"HtOD to rain. 
"1^37 to serve, labour, work, dress. 

6 m*' to cast forth. 1M an exhala- 

tion, a vapour. 

H^V to ascend. 
TlpW to wet, moisten. 

7 n^'' to form. 
1Z>V dust. 

r\^> to breathe, blow. 

7 HDM to heat through, d^en the 

Dti?3 to breathe or blow, nts'o: 

8 V1^2 to plant. 

"|3 to protect, defend, p a garden. 
ITU? pleasure, delight. Eden. 
D*Tp precedency, mptt eastward. 

9 I'QTl desire earnestly, covet, lona 

nS~) to see. riNIQ the sight. 
3?T^ to know, nyn knowledge. 
3?1 to break. ^^ evil. 

1 ina to flow. VTS a river. 

UW the place. DW there, thence. 

TlD to spread, be diffused. 
3?^"n to agitate, mw four. 
ti?MT priority. \um"i head. 

11 HUD to go round, surround. 
!2nT clear, bright, nm gold. 

12 nblD pearl. bi2 to divide, and 

n"? smooth. 
n32} to build. |2M stone. 
Dnt^ a precious stone ; an onyx. 

13 W^'D Ethiopia. 

14 ^7^^ ^^'^^^ motion. 

*1tt?M to proceed. iViTN Assyria. 
mS cause rafters to meet together. 
mD Euphrates. 

15 npb to take. 
n3 to rest, settle. 
II^W to keep, preserve. 

16 ni!^ to command. 

17 niXD to die. 

18 Tin disjoin. r, alone. 
*nT2? to help, aid, assist. 

1133D as (it were) over against 
him, or before him. 



19 Sn to come or go. 

20 S!Ja to find. 

21 bD3 to fall. 

U11 overwhelmed with sleep. 

rraTTD deep sleep, trance. 
^tZ?** to sleep, be in a sound sleep. 
37 v!J to go on one side, y"?!? a rib. 
lyO to shut up. 
1W^ spread out. "i^a flesh. 

22 nt27M a woman. 

23 nST she, this, ihat. 

D37D to smite by turns. D^D now. 
13^^ strength, substance. D2?y 

TIW^ existence. w^ man. 

24 ID bV therefore. 
2T3? to leave. 

ni3H acquiescence. IM a father. 
N to support. DN a mother. 

24 pD"T adhere, cleave together. 

25 m^ to be naked, uncovered. 
WW2, in Hithp., abashed or 

ashamed of oneself. 

Chapter III. 21 


1 l27nD eye attentively, 
*>2 PjW ah ! what, (Bates.) 
3 V^2 to touch. n:D to distribute. 
i:dd of it. 
^D lest. 

5 npD open. ^T' to perceive or feel 

by the body or outward parts ; 
to know. 
nD2? to affect, answer. ^^ an eye. 

6 mW desire, covet, lust after. mn 

an object of desire. 
vDtZ? to make wise. ^22^ desire 

6 UV to collect. D3? with. Tlpb to 

take, npn covet. 

7 IDn to fasten, join together. r\rt^ 

to open, 
nbr to ascend. 7^bs a leaf. 
n^Sri the fig-tree ; its leaves and 

fruit. ]M labour. 
"nSn gird. m:n girdles. 

8 VJ^W to hear. 

HbjP lightness, b^p voice. 
Nnn hide, conceal. 
n23'^N where. 

10 N")> to fear, be afraid. 

''DaN I. 

11 lan to tell, declare. Hl!^ to 

n^n > wear or waste away. 
^Tlb^b ) not at all, not. 

12 Sin permanent existence. He, 

she, it. 

13 112V to stand. nio with, or near 


Ntt73 to* bear, lift up Elate, puff 
up, seduce. 

14 "nN curse. n"n, 

jro bow down. ]m the under part 
of the body of prostrate reptiles. 

15 D'^M to be an enemy. TT2^ enmity. 
nC? to put, or place. D'ffiX. 
^pV end, extremity. Heel. 
nCtt? to dash, crush. 

16 n!5^ labour, travail. paS5^ labour, 

toil, travail. 
Tl'l'n to protuberate, move to and 

fro. pn conception. 
nDi to build. D':n children. 
p^W run about. npTOn attendance, 
mp to hold, possess, gain. 
btt?D to rule. 1^'^ to procreate, or 

breed young, beget. 



17 i;:^ to pass in any manner. ']->"ili"'l 

because of thee . 

18 VP ^ ^^^^' rP tliorns* 

Tl to encompass, "I'm thistles. 

19 3?T move, agitate, nri sweat. 
Dn^ to insert. Dn*? food. 
ntZ? to turn, return. 

20 mn declare, discover, mn the 

)n^ to adhere. pn3 a strait coat, 

an inner garment. 
71")V uncover. "SyV skin, the naked | 


21 tmb to put on, to clothe. 
DS to support. D a mother, 
"^n strong, vigorous. To live. 

22 nhW to send, stretch forth, 
m"^ to put forth. T a hand. 
u!>V time hidden. 

24 ti?nn expel, drive out. 

pi27 to dwell, particularly in a 

niD like the Majesty. A cherub, 

3 likeness, and 21 majesty, 
tonb burnt up. tDn"? flame, ignited 

n"in waste. 2-in the sword. 
^DH to turn or change the con- 
dition. rODnnon rolling in upon 
"Tnl to go forwards. "pT way. 
IHW to keep. 

Chapter IV. "T 

1 nnn to protuberate, to be preg- 
ib*^ to bring forth. 
HDp to hold, get, obtain. 

2 ?1D"^ to add. r]Dn. 

nnW consociate. rrw brother, 
n^*! to feed. A feeder. 
"JM^, fruitful. Sheep, or flocks of 

3 n^p the end. ^po. 
M!2 to come or go. 

nn3 to lead, bring. rrrf:i:i an 

4 "ism be forward. mi3a the first- 


Isbn soft, unctuous substance, as 

fat, milk, oil. 
n^t27 to look, regard, have respect. 

5 mn to be hot, to burn, to tie 


6 Hu) wherefore. 

Jl'^Tl heat, burn. Angry. 

7 mt^'' be good, do good, hm!? weary. 

l'?n Oj that. 

S12?3 to bear, take, lift, nw exalta- 

nriD open or loose, nnc door, or 

SlSn to miss a scope or aim. 
ns'ijn sin-ofFering. 

yyi to lie down, couch as a beast. 

pItZ? run about, npwn running to 
and fro, attendance, or desire. 

8 nnW to join, connect. *nM a 

yir\ to kill in general. 
^S or n^W where. 

9 ^T^ to feel, perceive, know. 
1)2>W to keep, keep safe, preserve. 

10 71U1 equable. DT blood. 
pVI^ cry out, or aloud. 

11 ni^D to open, set free, deliver. 

12 n'D strength, vigour. 




12 373 to move, wander. y"i3 a wanderer. 
12 to move, remove. Ti: a fugitive, 

a vagabond. 

13 71337 to turn out of its proper 

situation. p depravity, iniquity. 

14 tt7-l3 to expel. 

")ilD to hide, conceal. 
lo S:.*D to And. 

yin to kill. 

Dp3 to avenge. Dp\ 
nD3 to smite. niDn. 
V2W seven, sufficiency. D'nya* 
seven times, sevenfold, 

16 ntt?** to dwell. 

17 "^DPf to initiate, train up, dedicate. 

137 to raise, lift up oneself. m> 

a city, from the stir and bustle 

within it. 
n^t!? to iterate. D3W or D*n\D two. 
ntt73 to be relaxed. Di3 women, 

from their weakne^. 

20 n!!*S to acquiesce. 3M a father. 

^nS to pitch or spread a tent. 

"jrrw a tent. 
n3p hold, contain. Hipo keep 

21 ITDn to lay hold, handle, catch. 
")13D a stringed instrument, a lute, 

harp, &c. 
13337 set or joined upon another. 
nJW an organ. 

22 l27tD V to whet, sharpen, set an edge. 

IDin silent, thought. A ma- 
chinator or mechanic. 
ti?n3 view attentively, rron: copper. 
bnn iron. 

23 ^TS to weigh, as the ear weighs 

sounds. n:TrT give ear to, 
attend to. 

I 23 3725 to wound, hurt. 

inn to conjoin, min a contu- 
sion or bruise. 

25 1137 yet, still, besides, again. 
nn3 to descend, nnn instead. 
nW to set, place, settle, rr Seth. 

26 tt73S bad. '0'i:m a man, from his 

sickly state. 

vn*^ to remain, wait. ^3VT. 

Chapter V. H 

1 HT this, this here 
"1DD to tell, count. The enumera- 

T7'^ to bring forth, mb^n genera- 

3 JT^n strong, vigorous, to live. *m 

future tense. 

C7btt7 three. 

nSD to extend, dilate. A hun- 

4 '^]IDtit7 abound, superabound. rtJOtt? 


5 37G!7n nine, 
nia to die. nn\ 

1W"^ rich, mttjy ten, including all 
the units in it. 
9 n3p to get, obtain. ]Tp. 

12 bbn to praise. biibbT\r2 praise the 

15 2727 brisk, active. Six. D'>\D sixty. 
25 nbtt7in^. nD death, and n'w 

sent. Immediately on his death 

the flood came. 

29 n3 rest, settle after motion. Noah. 

Cn3 change of mind. Comfort, 

D!?37 labour or travail. m:?"Ca. 



32 UW to place, set, put. 
CD warm or hot. 
nriD to persuade, entice. nc\ 

Chapter VI. 1 

1 bn to make a hole, begin. bbr\Tt. 
Tl'DD to be many or great. 

2 T12T1 ready, present, they. 

nn^ to look at or behold with ad- 
miration, choose. 

3 yi to direct, rule, judge. pT. 
nutt? expatiate, luxuriate, run 

wild. UWl. 

4 vD3 to fall. D^bC3 assaulters, not 


1321 strong, powerful. *na a 
mighty man. 

nbU? hide, conceal. Dbiy time- 
hidden, or concealed. 

5 V^ to break. n^T evil, mischief, 

IIJ'' to form. IS' imagination. 
^Wn to add. niirno a reckoning, 

pi evacuate, exhaust. A particle, 


6 Cn3 change of mind, or affection. 

7 nriQ to wipe, totally destroy. 
7n kindness, affection. 

9 p*Tls just, of full weight or measure. 

pns a justified person, 
on to finish or be finished. D'on. 
TT to encompass, go round, mi 

"^bn local motion. 
1 1 nriu? corrupt, spoil, mar. 
bS2 to fill. 
D^n to cast or force away. 

N. violence. 

12 1W^ to spread out or abroad. 
N. flesh. 
H'^P to make an extremity or 
end. yp end. 

14 ni or *in3 hollow, empty, nsn 

an ark. 
iDn cypress, cedar. 

H^p to hold, contain, ^p a nest, a 

"HDD to cover, overspread. ")D3 

asphaltus, or pitch. 
nil capacity. rV^O within. 
n!^n to part, divide, yino without. 

15 CM to support, sustain. moN a 

cubit, about 17 inches. 
*71M length, long, 
n^m width. 
Qp to rise, nnnip height. 

16 in!i clear, transparent. Some- 

thing to admit the light. 
7V?D totality. To finish, complete. 
TlbV to ascend. nVyabo. 
nnD to open or loose. N. a door. 
HT2 to look sideways. The side. 
nn3 to descend. D'nnn lower 


17 'm to mix, mingle, ^ina a flood, 

3712 to labour, or pant for breath. 

18 Dp to rise, arise. Dpn establish, 
in clear, cleanse, n^-n a purifier, 


19 TI strong, vigorous. 7\Tf a living 

21 rjDS to gather. 

Chapter VII. t. 

2 into pure, clean, clear. 
T^W^ existence. tt:' a being. 



1 1 Ct?in to renew, restore. N. a month. 
Vpll to separate, cleave, split. 
712V to act upon, affect, nirrn 

fountains or springs. 
711211 multitude, turbulency. Dinn 

ny^ the great deep. 
ilM lie in wait. miM fissures, 

cracks, chinks. 
nriD open, loose. innD3. 

12 Dtt?2l heavy. N. heavy rain. 

13 W^V strength, substance. 

14 "IDS move quickly. *t1D:j a bird. 
?)3D extremity. N. the wing of a 


16 lyo to shut in, close. 

1 7 Wtt?3 to bear, lift up. 

18 ^23 strong, powerful, prevail. 

19 71171 to protuberate. m a 

nSD high, elevated. A hill. 

22 Q2?2 to breathe. 

nDS to heat through. F)m nostril, 

'Dnn waste, dry. rrain dry ground. 

23 "iStt? to remain, be left. 

Chapter VIII. 71 

1 137 strength. To remember, 

make mention of. 
1122? to pass. 
"Jtt? to stop, assuage, check. 

2 13D to close, shut up. 

S v2 to separate, restrain. 

3 ^W to turn away, return. 

IDn to abate, diminish, be wanting. 

4 n3 to rest, settle. 

<J 7n make an opening. yi^T^ a hole, 

a window. 
7 ribW to send. 

7 D1^ to mix. N. a crow or raven. 
W^^ to dry up, become dry. 

8 n^** to press, squeeze. n3V a 

pigeon or dove. 
7T7ii lightness, make light, al- 

9 nD3 to curve, bend. r]D the hollow 

of the hand, or foot. 

721 to smite, strike. N. the foot. 

10 ^rr^ to wait, remain. 
^ID*^ to add, repeat. 

11 ''t bright, splendid, nn the olive- 

tree and fruit, called the splen- 
dour-tree and fruit, from pro- 
ducing oil. 

P)1t:2 tear or pluck off. 
13 ID to decline, turn aside. 

HDD to cover. nD30 a covering. 

19 riDtt? to depress, humble. nnEiCO 

a family, household. 

20 n'2f to slay. nilD an altar. 

21 m to inspire by breathing, nn 

smell, odour. 
n3 to rest or settle, nmsn nn an 
appeasing odour. 

nbp levity, lightness, ^bp ex- 
ceeding vile, curse. 

1)237 to pass. "\il!?a because, on 
account of. 

12?D to agitate, move briskiy. N- 

n::3 to smite. mDnb. 

22 1!5p to cut short, reap, "vsp harvest. 
711^ to meet, join, ip cold. 

an be hot. Dn heat. 

Vp*^ awake, recover from sleep. 

y^p spring and summer. 
P]in strip, make naked. ^^'n 

winter, i. e., autumn and winter 

the stripping season. 


22 n!ll2? to cease, leave off or rest 
from work. 

Chapter IX. 13 

2 Sn"^ to fear. N"nQ fear, 
rin be broken. N. dismay, dread. 

4 "fS indeed, only. 

5 Wll to inquire, require. 

6 '^^W to pour out, shed. 

Tlh'S to figure, delineate. N. an 

11 m!D cut off. 

12 11 to encompass, go round, mi 


13 r\Wp stiff, tough, rigid. nttJp a bow. 
n3V to affect. pS? a cloud. >::3? 

I cause to return, I affect. 

19 ^D3 to scatter, disperse, over- 


20 bn to penetrate, begin. 
3?:D3 to plant 

D~)2D a vine, vineyard. 

21 UnW to drink. 

IDtl? to satisfy thirst, drink abund- 

21 nbS to roll off, uncover. b^T? un- 

covered himself. 

22 m^ to bare, make bare. rWSf 

12D to make manifest, declare. 
r\':^n to divide or part, yim 


23 \t^W to surround on all sides. 

n'jn'O a garment, vestment. 
UDW rise up early. N. shoulder. 

24 Vp"^ to awake. 

71^^ to press, squeeze, p wine. 
27 nnS to persuade. 
1'DW to dwell. 



Chapter X. * 

1 "lb** to breed young, mbin genera- 
5 *nD to separate, part, scatter. 
''S to settle, take up one's habita- 
tion. 'M a settlement, habitation, 
not an island, 
niri to form into a mass or body. 

>M a nation, a people. 
)Wh to turn about. ]wb the tongue. 
9 mS to look sideways. t:j a 
'^bo to reign. ns'jQO a kingdom. 
15 *7"12 to precede. N. first-born. 
19 bun set up a boundary. ^ii3 a 
nDSn. 1 to go, and n3 thou, 
30 ^W^ to dwell. ntt5iQ dwelling. 

Chapter XI. * 

1 nCtt? to dash, break by impulse. 

N. the lip, speech, language. 

2 VD'Z to remove, journey. 

3?p3 to cleave. TOpa a valley, a 
break between mountains. 

3 n!S?"n to feed. A companion ttJ' 

"irrJI bM one to his neighbour, 

71'2'n come. 

jDb make white. n:nb a brick. 
?)127 to burn. 
n3!3 to build. pM stone. 
I'QJl disturb. N. slime, mortar. 

4 bl3 greatness, biyo a tower or 

turret growing wider from the 
top to the bottom. 

5 IT* to descend. 

6 "l!5Il to restrain, shut up. 



6 DT to devise, imagine, think. 

7 bn to mix, mingle, b"?! mix very 

much, confound. 
VT2iW to hear. 

8 bin to cease, leave off. 
28 D"^1t2?D the Chaldees. 

30 npV to cut. mp3^ barren. 

rib'D totality. N. a perfect one, a 
daughter-in-law. ^ 

Chapter XII. S** 

2 *^"1'D, to couch, lie down, bless. 

nam a blessing. 

3 bbp to esteem very lightly, 

"ID-| sub- 


5 WD^ to earn, acquire 

stance, wealth. | 

6 "l^V to pass, in whatever manner. 
Dp to rise, arise. DIpD a place. 
bW interposition. pb an oak. 

8 pnV to remove, withdraw. 

r\'^'2 to stretch out, tend, decline. tD"- 
nnD to be dry. The south. 

10 D3?1 to hunger. Famine. 
1'Z to sojourn. 

123 weighty, heavy. 

11 D"lp to approach, inpn. 

nS"l to see, look, nw-ra appear- 
13 1^3 to pass. -piayi on thy 

bbll to roll over and over, "fhyi 
by means of thee. 

15 bbn praise very much, extol. 

16 ^Sli fruitful, abundant. Sheep. 
"jriM strength. n3n a she ass, 

from her passive strength. 
bD3 retribution. A camel, from 
its revengeful temper. 

17 Vy^ to touch, smite. A plague. 
20 nil^ to command. 

Chapter XIII. i'' 

2 71'2p to hold, contain, mpo pos- 

session, acquisition, cattle. 

P|DD to be pale. Silver. 

3 VD^ to remove, travel, yon a 


20 to make a hole, nbnn begin- 
ning, first. 

6 Stt?D to bear, bear up, 
bD** power, ability ; able. 

7 m to strive. an contention, 
strife, mnn. 

ni?"! to feed. *3?"> a shepherd. 

8 S3 to fail. W now. 

9 inD divide, separate. 

britt7 the left-hand. The north. 

Jtt^ steady, firm. ]'Q' the right 
hand. The south. 

10 "133 a flat, roundish form, a level 

tract of country. 

npW to irrigate, wet, moisten. 

11 inn to behold with admiration, 


12 bnW to pitch a tent. 

14 ^D!J to hide, conceal. n2C2 north- 

ward. The north. 

15 ini to give. n^Dnx. 

16 "nS'5? reduce to dust. The dust. 
n3tt to number. 

"fn length, nnn breadth. 

Chapter XIV. T 
2 Dnb to insert, rran'jo war. 


3 nun join together. 
P^V deepness. A valley. 

nbn salt. 

IIT^ to rebel, revolt. 

7 TMW to pour forth. Ground. 

8 *7~117 set in order, array. 

10 nWn a well or pit (to open). 
'n?:2n to disturb. Slime, mud. 
nStt? to remain, be left, DD to flee. 

13 tib^J to escape. tQ'bBn one who 

pa; to dwell, inhabit. 
hVD. to have or take possession. 

14 p") to evacuate, draw forth. 
-|3n to initiate, ^^n instructed 

in the religion and worship of 
the true God. 
F)l-) to follow, go after. 

15 pbn to divide in an equal and 

regular manner. p^T^ a portion. 

18 Cnb to insert. Bread. 
n2* to press, -p' wine. 
]nD to minister. A priest. 
nhV to ascend. ]V^ most high. 

19 p!D to pour forth, give largely. 
"115 to bind close, ns an oppressor, 

a foe. 

20 "^tt?^ to be rich. nMJ^D a tenth, 

V3 "^n to compact. "tDiHD a thread. 
"]nE7 to twine, wind. yi-W a 

string, binding the sandal. 
"^^JD to fasten. A sandal 

Chapter XV. ItO 

1 Tl'in to fasten the eyes, mno a 
]3 to protect. pD a shield, instru- 
ment of protection. 



1 iy^ to satisfy. A reward. 

2 TinV to make bare. -12? to strip 

pW to move, run. p^D who runs 

3 W^"^ to succeed another in pos- 

session, nn-on possession, in- 

4 n!S71Q lax. 'H^Q the bowels. 

5 i:)n3 to look. toin. 

6 I^S steadiness, constancy. Con- 

fide, trust. 

Dtt?n to add, count, reckon. 
9 byS round. rf^XSf a calf. 

T^ strength. W a goat. 

bS to interpose. *?' a ram. 

in to go round or about. A turtle- 

b^!^ to take away by violence. 
jllj a young pigeon. 

10 inn to divide asunder. A divided 


1 1 !^^ to move with impetuosity. TD'J? 

a ravenous bird. 
"i:iQ to faint, lose one's activity. A 
dead carcase. 

12 W12iW to serve, minister. The 

solar light. 
mi to shut close, nrnnn a dead 
sleep or trance. 

11 :att7D to breathe, blow. 11U>1 and 

drove away with the voice, 

12 nX2"^W terror. 

13 nD37 to affect, afflict. 

14 ^"T to govern, judge. 

15 1'D.p to bury. 

Stt7 to turn, return. ni^ttJ old age. 

16 Dbtt? to repay, complete. 

17 10^37 gross, thick, dusk. 

13 to split, divide. n22n a furnace. 


17 T*"? a burning torch, a flame. 
*nW to divide. A divided part. 

Chapter XVI. tlD 

1 nSti? to depress. rrnCTD a slave, 
a handmaid, 
"l^jy to restrain, ina strong, mn: 
a mistress. 

4 mn to protuberate, be pregnant. 
DDH to cast off. DDn my wrong. 

5 npn to imprint, engrave, p^rr a 


6 mi to pass from place to place, 


7 "^Nv to send, serve, "ivfyo one 

sent, a messenger, an angel. 
n31? to aSect, humble. r a 

12 K"1D wild, unruly. 

D bn to beat, strike. Here, hither. 

Chapter XVII. T 

4 n^n multitude, pon a multitude. 

8 "in to sojourn, "un sojourning. 
THM to catch, seize, mn^ a pos- 
-^^tt? to keep. 

10 /D to cut off. blQ circumcision. 

11 7 "15? superfluous. nViy foreskin 

or prepuce. 
HDp to acquire, n^po acquisition, 
14 "IDD to estrange. A stranger. 
rnD to cut off. 
IQ to break. 
17 pn'2 to laugh. 
19 bnS surely. 

19 Sa73 to bear, lift up. i<0tt?3 a 
"T37"^ to appoint, nrio appointed 

Chapter XVIII. n" 

2 n!?D to stand. 

ntJ? to incline, bend downwards. 

4 \^rn to wash. yrn. 
IVW to incline, recline. 

5 riD to part. A piece or bit, 
*T^D to support, sustain. 

6 inD to hasten. 

nSD to measure, mete. A measure, 
riDp grind. Meal, flour; 

6 r\^D to strew on the ground. 

Fine flour. 
Wb to knead. 1^ 
^r to bake upon the coals. A cake, 

a loaf, a feast. 

7 V"1 to run. 

"Jl soft, tender. 

8 S^n to disturb, agitate, n^arr 


n^n soft, unctuous substance. 
Milk, cream. 

11 ^pT old, grown old. 

/in to cease. 
mS to go in a track. Manner, 

12 pn'2 laugh, make sport. 

13 ]DS steadiness, constancy. D3DH 

in truth. 

14 SvD extraordinary, wonderful. 

15 irrD fail, be deficient. To lie. 

16 ^pl27 to look, turn to an object. 

1 7 nVD to cover, hide, conceal, 
20 pl?T to cry aloud, 

23 W^2 being close to, come very near. 




23 nSD to scrape, sweep, destroy. 

24 N127D to bear, pardon, spare. 

25 V>*Pn to open eminently. "nbbT} 

far be it, it were profaneness. 

27 VS*^ to will, resolve (undertake 

"1D27 to reduce to powder. Dust. 
"HQ to break. 1D small dust or 

28 ICn to abate, diminish, want. 
30 mn to heat, burn, be angry. 
32 D3?3 to smite by turns. Time. 

Chapter XIX. t5> 

1 ^^W to stand erect. A gate. 

2 y7 to stay, abide, remain. 

D212? readiness, forwardness. To 

rise early. 
2inn made broad, or wide, lim 

a broad place in a city. 

3 1!sSD to press hard, urge with ve- 


nnii? to drink. T\nwo a feast or 
banquet accompanied with drink- 

n!^D to squeeze, press. A cake 
of unleavened bread. 

4 m!^ to fill. Before, yet not, on 

the point of. 
Tll^p an extremity. 
6 nvT to draw out. A door. 
1^0 to shut. 

8 b!5 to shade. 

mp to meet, join, coalesce. Roof. 

9 ti7U2 very close, 'oa. 
~)!22 to press hard. 
I'D.W to break to pieces. 

11 lyD a dazzling, confusion of sight. 
nW / to weary. 

12 )nn to contract affinity by mar- 
riage. Son-in-law. 

14 pri!^ to laugh, make sport. 

15 Tnt^ dark coloured. The dawn 

of the morning, gloom or duFk. 

16 nr^Tiri to delay, dally. 
p'^n to constringe, bind hard. 
V^n soft, tender, compassion. 
7in'2 to lead. 

17 a772 to set free, loose. 
tCJ^SD to look. 

19 p^T to adhere, cleave to. 
21 Sli73 to bear, accept. 

"^Sn to turn, overturn, subvert. 

24 IDn any resinous tree. nnEJ 


25 n^^ to spring up, produce. 
I2!^3 to stand up. TS2 a statue or 

28 1t2p to fume. TC-'p smoke. 

WD-D to subdue. ]'C1D a furnace. 

30 TllV to make bare. mS'Q a cave, 

a den. 

31 ^"DW to lie down. 

"iDn forward, go before. PtTSl 
34 tI?D to recede. ttJDN yesternight. 

Chapter XX. D ' 

1 !2!l3 dry, parched. South. 
"in to sojourn. 

3 Dbn to break. Clbn a dream. 

4 vrm to have, or take possession 

^rn a husband, married. 
n-in to kill, 

5 np3 to clear away, j'pj deanne.s, 


6 *7^n to impede, restrain. 



6 Sl^n to miss an aim. VLT^Ki from 


7 MD3 to prophesy, foretel. ''22 a 


7vD to separate between good and 
bad, intercede. 

8 ]TM to weigh. p an ear. 

13 n3?n to err, wander, go astray, 
ion succulent, abundance. Af- 
fectionate kindness, 

16 nD3 to prepare. Straightness 

nnD:") and be upright. 

17 SCT to restore to a former state. 
nS2M a maid-servant. 

Chapter XXI. S3 

1 IpD to visit. 

7 V vtt to speak articulately, talk. 
p3"^ to suck, give suck. 

8 ^J2^ retribution or return, to wean. 

10 Wl^ to expel, drive out. 

11 ^") to break, afflict. 

12 "n2?3 to agitate, move briskly. A 


13 Dn grow warm or hot. rron a 

IJ *7 ''^ to cast down, or away. 

nC? to incline, bow down, rt'^ a 
IG 1^3 before, in the presence of. 
pm remove to a distance, 
nn^ to impel. '>irmD3 about the 

range of a bow-shot, 
n^n to ooze, weep, shed tears. 
19 npD to open. 

nptI7 to cause to drink. 

22 Sn!^ to assemble. A host. 

23 npW to tell a lie, be false. 

23 p to propagate, p a son. 
"TD3 posterity, progeny. 

25 HD'^ be plain ; reprove TOin. 

vtri to take greedily or violently. 
30 ICn to sink, penetrate. 
33 l?tD2 to plant. 

bti7S an oak. 

Chapter XXII. DS 

1 rTD3 to try, attempt, prove. 

2 ^rrr^ to unite. 

TV7V to ascend, rrbrrr to cause 
to ascend, offer. Ti)v a burnt - 

3 tt^^n to bind round, gird, saddle. 
"IDPT to disturb. An ass, 

3?pn to cleave. 

5 n 27 to bow. mnn^;:. 

6 vDS to eat. nbD^Q a large knife, 

or sword. 

7 nW H lamb. 

9 '^IV to place in order. 

ipV to bind. 
10 t^nW to drain, slay. 

HDISJi the least thing. 
13 vM to interpose. V a ram. 

tnS to catch, lay hold of. 

'~\'2D to inweave, entwine. 

^1p to shoot forth, diffuse. A horn. 
16 T12V to affect, p' because. 

vn to make a hole, bin sand. 

24 t27Ilv*'Q a concubine, a kind of 

inferior wife. 

Chapter XXIII. 3D 

2 TDD to mourn. 

4 Dti?'^ to dwell, iwin a sojourner. 
"iDp to bury. A sepulchre. 



15 - 

5 712V to affect, answer. 

8 12723 to breathe. Desire. 
37^53 to meet, intercede. 

9 r\^V to make bare, m^^n a cave, 

a cavern. 

15 vptt? to weigh. A shekel, nine 
pennyweights. 2s. 4|d. 
"inD to move to and fro. A 
pedlar, a merchant. 

17 v^n to set up a boundary. A 

Chapter XXIV. 


in length. 



2 ^1'^ long, extended 

The thigh. 
5 nHS to acquiesce, be 

8 Tlp2 to be clear. 

10 ms Syria. 
"nn3 to flow together. A river, a 


1 1 DStt? to draw, as water. 
14 IVZ read myj a damsel. 

ni23 to stretch forth, let down. 

"ID to propel. A pitcher. 

ny^ plain, evident. DTOn make 

manifest, shew. 
U2W forwardness. rraaw the 


16 bn2 to separate 

riageable virgin. 

17 M^^ to sup, swallow. ':^D:n let 

me drink. 

20 r\pW to drink. VipXO a trough. 

21 nSiy to be confounded. nnD 

t2?in silent thought, attention. 
T\712 to pass on, prosper. 

22 CT3 connecting closely. A ring. 

22 nnt clear, bright. Gold. 

"ibptl^a 37pn half a sliekcl (in 

1tt!5 to couple. TD!? a bracelet. 
25 IILH to cut or shatter to pieces. 
SCD to scrape or sweep together. 
1CDQ provender. 
27 HT^ to leave, forsake. Let go. 
DM to support. nOM firmness, 

31 nDD to turn, prepare. 

32 r\r\^ to open, loose, ungird. 
41 nvM to curse, swear. n': an 

43 a7V to hide, conceal, rrobl? a 

young unmarried virgin. 
HDS to heat through. The 

nostrils, nose. 
UDW readiness, forwardness. 
53 '12'D. to deceive. Dn:a clothing, 

clothes, garments. 
T^D to excel, exceed in glory, 

HDliD precious things. 

56 nnS behind, after. To delay. 

57 bWtt? to ask. 

59 py^ to suck, give suck. nnp2!0 a 

60 Wy^ to possess. 
I M3EE? to hate, disliKe. 

nbim a mar- i 62 S^ to come or go. wilD an 
63 r\W to incline, bow. r\W deep in 

thought, meditation. 
65 ?)'^37!^ a kind of veil. 

Chapter XXV. 71D 

^n3 to give. n:nn present, 

l737''D a concubine. 




S ^pT to be old, grown old. 

HDp to purchase. 

IG "l!^n to surround. A village. 
*1tS order, regular disposition. 

TTfQ a palace or castle. 
1-51273 to lift up. N'tD: a prince. 

21 nnr to pray, entreat. Be en- 

n33 straightness, on account of. 

22 yi^n to struggle, 
li^m to inquire. 

23 ]i:jn the belly. 

tZN*? to meet together. A people. 
71V12 to be loose. ^n the bowels. 
^DM strong. 

24 niDin . coin twins. 

25 mS to be red. 'OIDIM red, ruddy. 
mS magnificent, mnn a magni- 
ficent robe. 

26 Dp37 the end, extremity. 

27 m!i to look sideways. n>2? a 


28 nnS to love. 

29 "TT to swell, boil. TW pottage, or 

P]V^ to dissolve, tired. r]*3> tired, 
spent, weary. 

30 12^ V to swallow down eagerly. 

31 "H^Ja to deliver, give up, sell. 
t!?*T57 . CWn? lentils, a kind of 

nT2 to despise, contemn, slight. 

Chapter XXVT. "l^ 

1 "TinbD besides. 

5 ll'pV because. 

6 b:27 to ask. 

7 nSn to see. mno appearance. 

8 *7nM to prolong, 
^pti? to look towards, ydnn fQi 

through a window. 
pJl'^ to laugh, make sport. 

10 nDW to lie. 

ntr guilt. 

11 17;(3 to touch. 

12 *nm? anything hairy. Barley, 

14 S3p to envy. 

15 nDn to dig. 
CriD to shut up. 
I^V dust. 

16 D!^37 strong. 

17 ^n to encamp, pitch a tent. 

20 yi to strive. 

p2i7^ to oppress. Oppression. 

21 ^]^W to hate, oppose. 

22 pnV to remove, proceed, go on. 
nm to enlarge. 

24 Tl^37;2 on account of. 

25 (11^3 to stretch out, tO'l. 
mD to cut. 

26 n^*l to feed. nS-IQ a friend. 

28 nbW an oath. 

29 nbti? to send. 

30 r\r\tD to drink. nnD a feast 

with drinking. 
34 ")1!S bitter, mn mn a bitterness of 

Chapter XXV II. TD 

1 nniD to restrain. 
3 nbD completion. D^?3 instru- 
ments, weapons, 
ntrp a bow. 

ribn to hang. ''?n a quiver, 
m^ to look sideways, hunt, mii 
game, venison. 


4 D5?10 to taste. D^nj^TOQ savoury 

9 12 to assault. n:i a kid. D'lj? >n: 

kids, goats. 

11 phn smooth. 

12 WD to feel. 

TlVn to wander. ymnQ a great 
15 "TIQ a covering of cloth. Clothes, 
or covering in general. 
"TXSn to desire earnestly, mon 

ti?^ V to put on, clothe. 
n~l37 to make bare. *^13> pi. mj? 

"IS!^ the neck. 1"I2. 
20 mp to meet, to light. 
23 "HDn to know again, discern. 

26 plI73 to kiss. Tfpxis. 

27 m breathing, m to smell, nn 


28 blD to cast forth. b!Q dew. 

29 "1^12 to prevail. Tsa Lord. 

33 Tnn to move with quickness. 
Tremble, shake. 
W1DS what ? where ? how ? 

35 nDT to cast, deceive, cheat. rraiQ 


36 b^S to set apart, reserve. 
7730 to support, uphold. 

40 pID to break off. 

41 nt^W to bear malice against, per- 

secute with rancour. 
bl2M to mourn. 

42 1371 to tell, declare. 
Dn3 to console, comfort. 

43 n~in to flee from. Flee. 

45 P'DW to forget. 
VwtJ? to deprive. 

46 niJp to cut short. 



Chapter XXVIII. HD 

3 ^IW bW God, the pourer forth (of 

bnp to gather. An assembly. 

4 1^ to sojourn. "inaD thy sojournings. 

11 ^2D to meet with, 

12 obn to break, dream. 
DbD stairs for ascending. 
n!^2 to stand. nn:?n a pillar, 

16 Vp"^ to awake. 
^W* sleep. 
"JDM surely. 

17 *nrti7 to be erect. A gate. 

18 p"^"^ to pour. 

19 nblM notwithstanding, 
m^ to vow. 

22 nWV rich. A tenth, a tithe. 

Chapter XXIX. ISD 

2 m3? a flock. 

npii? to drink, cause to drink. 

3 bbn to roll over and over. 
8 h'D^ ability, able. 

10 IL?23 to draw near. 

13 pSn to embrace. 
")QD to recount. 

15 DDn gratuitously, for nothinr. 

"1D27 a reward. Wages. 
17 "7^ tender. 
25 nttT to deceive. 
31 Dm womb. 

"IpV to restrain. Barren. 

Chapter XXX. b 

1 S3p to envy, 
rmn give. 





2 ^3 to withhold. 
6 )"T to rule, judge. 

8 briD to entwine, twist. ''?1D3 
'nn D 'n'?nD3 n^rr^ (by) the 
twistings of God, I am entwisted 
with my sister. 
/^^ to prevail. 
11 Tllli i. e. 1^ Sn a troop cometh. 

13 *1tt?N to proceed, to bless. 

14 n^iSm field-peaches, field-figs, 

or pine-apples, 
16 1DW to hire. Wages. 
20 "TST to endow. A dowry. 

b^t to dwell. 
23 ?]DS to gather, put an end to. 
2'i r|"nn to strip, nonn a reproach. 

PD"^ to add, increase. 

27 tens to eye attentively. 

28 3p3 to mark out. 
30 y-lD to break forth. 

32 Tp3 speckled. 
M^bia spotted. 
Cln tawny, brown. 
^tE?D a lamb ; as "OM. 

33 "inD time to come, to-morrow. 
!332 to steal. 1133 stolen. 

oo IC^TI a he-goat. 

^p!i ring-streaked, striped. 
36 irV* to remain, mm: remaining, 

n3Sb bp!3 rods of white poplar. 

nb fresh. 

Vlb hazel. 

Piani? chesnut. 

b!S5 to take oflfthe bark, peel. 

rjtZ7n to make bare, discover. 

I^inn a trough or ditch. 
38 riDD/ over against. 

38 ill^'^ to place or leave in a certain 

38 Dn warm, hot. 
42 P)t:5^ weak. 

'iWp to bind. Strong. 

Chapter XXXI. wb 

1 ^'D.'D weight, glory. 
7 bnn to mock. 
r| vR to change. 
D>3D mWV ten times. 
10 Tnn grisled. 
1<5 1DD a stranger. 

iti7n to add to, account. 
n^T2i to sell 

18 an3 to lead. 
71'2p to possess. 

19 ttri to cut, shear, or clip. 
CDin . See under nsn. 

23 ^*T"1 to follow after, pursue. 

25 Ilt2?3 to overtake. 

3?pn to force one thing against 
another, to pitch. 

26 ^(13 to lead away. 

nm27 to lead captive. nviia 

27 sun to hide, conceal. 

112? to regulate. W'W songs. 

28 tt?lD3 to leave, permit. 

b^D foolishly. 

29 l2?ttM yesternight. 

30 f|D2 to desire, long for. 

31 bn to take forcibly or greedily. 

32 l^n to know, know by searching, 
34 D'^D'nn Teraphim. Images with 

letter symbols, by means of which 
the Pagans expected answers 
from their false gods. 




34 ^D round. A large round pannier. 
B!?ti?D to feel over and over, grope. 

35 tl?cn to search out, set free. 

36 p^T to pursue hotly. 

37 n'D'^ to reason with, argue. 
bni an ewe. 

39 rp:^ torn. 

t^n compact (bound it up.) 

40 :iin dry. Drought, 
mp bare. Cold, frost. 

v"n3 to flee. 
1W^ to sleep. TiW my sleep. 

41 P|7n to change. 

42 inD fear. 
Up'^1 empty. 

45 m lifted up, exalted. 

46 iDpb to pick up. 

73 roundness. A heap. 
49 nD2 to overspread. 
51 nn^ to shoot, cast. 

Chapter XXXII. dh 

2 1'35 to meet with. 

5 nnW to delay. 

6 "ntZ7 oxen. 

8 W"!"* to fear, be afraid. 
n2 to afflict. 

^"211 to divide into equal parts. 

9 T^bO to remove, deliver. rnD'^D 

an escaping. 
11 ^lOp little. 

ion mercy, kindness. 

nW to support, sustain. niDM truth. 

13 bin sand 

14 )h to lodge. 

n3 to rest. Tfrnm a present. 

16 pD'^ to give suck. 

17 I^V 1137 each flock nab by itself. 

17 n')'n to breathe. A space. 

18 ti?3D to meet together. 
21 "HSS to cover, propitiate. 

S12?3 to lift up, accept. 
^'D.V to pass, larn a brook. 

25 p2S to wrestle, 
inti? darkness, dawn. 

26 2733 to touch. 
'7'T' the thigh. 
Vpn to dislocate. 

P)D to bend. The cup of the hip- 
29 1W to rule. 

31 b!^3 to deliver. 

32 mT to diffuse, to rise, as the sun. 

(The solar light) diffused its rays. 
Vb)^ to halt. 

33 13 to assault. T3 a sinew. 
ntt?3 relaxed. 

Chapter XXXIII. 3b 

4 yi to run. 
n^n to weep. 

10 n!^1 to accept, be well pleased 


1 1 "I^SJD to urge, press. 

12 2>D3 to journey, depart. 

13 pDl to drive. 

14 t^wb softly, gently. 

15 3^^"^ to leave in a certain situation, 
17 riDD a tent, a booth. 

ntO'^tt^p good money. 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

2 b>tli?3 to lift up. ^ttj: a prince. 

3 p!31 to cleave. 




3 nnW to love. 

5 HJD13 to pollute, despise. 
Win silent. 

7 !^3? to grieve, vex. 
nb23 folly. 

8 i:WTl to connect, npwr desire, 

cleave to. 

9 "inn to make affinity by marriage. 
10 "inO to trade. 

TnS to hold, possess. 

13 n^n to deceive, rrano deceit. 

14 bnr superfluous, rhrv foreskin. 

15 niS to covet, desire. 
7tt to cut, circumcise. 

19 y^n to delight. 

13D weighty, honourable. 

21 nbtt? to make whole, peaceable. 
C^T* nnm wide of hands, i. e. 

wide on all hands, or on all sides. 

22 nriN to come. 
25 IISD to be sore. 
27 "^bbn wounded. 

nt^ to spoil. 

29 b'*n substance. 

30 n'DV to trouble. 
l!?Sn to stink. 

"ICD^ ^n'D men of number, i. e. 
few in number. 

31 n3*lT a harlot. 

Chapter XXXV. nb 

2 nniD to purify. 

4 nT3 a jewel of gold. 
]TW to weigh. An ear. 
jritfS to hide. 

5 nn to affright, rmn terror. 

7 nbn to reveal. "(b32 appeared. 

8 pj'' to suckle, rtpyra a nurse. 
1 1 vHp to assemble. 

14 *^D to anoint, cover. 

*7DD to mix, pour out. Any drink 

mixed. A drink-offering, 
p!^"^ to pour forth. 

16 "1122 multiplicity, ywn n"Q3 some 

ntt7p hard, difficult. 

17 "ib^ to bring forth, m^'Q a mid- 


Chapter XXXVI. lb 

15 ^bS to be chief. Pji'jx a leader. 

Chapter XXXVII. tb 

2 m to murmur, rrm a slander, a 


3 D'^DQ nDn3 a coat of many 

M2t)l7 to hate. 
bD^ able. 

5 Obn to break, dream. D1^ a 

DbW to bind. A sheaf of corn. 

8 ibD to reign. 
hWQ to rule. 

9 "HDD to recount. 
10 "T57n to rebuke. 

S3p to envy. 

14 p^3? depth. A valley. 

15 Wpn to seek. 

18 /D3 to conspire. 

19 b2?2 master. 

20 in or lin a pit. 

b^S to consume, devour, 
23 IDU7D to strip, divest. 


25 n~lS to travel, nmx a travelling 

inSDD spices, wares, 
mi^ balsam, ns. 
TO*? dye, stuff, indigo. 

26 l?^n gain, lucre. 

27 "n::!: to sell. 

'^W'D, to remain. Flesh. 

28 "^nriD merchants. 
*7i^^ to draw up. 

29 Vnp to rend. 
31 t:nt27 to slay. 

b^li to dip. 

33 fyi'^ to tear like a wild beast. 

34 b^M to mourn. 

35 Dn3 to comfort. 

36 D")D to serve, minister. Dno a 

chamberlain, an eunuch, 

1W to regulate. A director, a 

n!2t^ to butcher, slay. Taj 

D'm"[Dn chief of the slaughtermen. 

Chapter XXXVIII. Jib 

1 nnW come, come to, come near, 

approach. nn from with, from 

nt03 stretch, stretch out or forth, 
tend, verge, decline, incline, or 
turn aside. 

1^ beyond, further, or besides, 
something else. To, unto. 

71W^ existence, subsistence, reality. 

iiniZ? corrupt, destroy. Spoil. 

2 l^ltZ? open, cry out, vociferate. A 

proper name. Opposed to 
tenacious, as rich and liberal is 
to poor and stingy. 



3 IS? raise, lift up oneself, be raised. 

A proper name. A city, from 
stir and bustle. 

4 TIT' press, squeeze, oppress, de- 


5 f]D'^ add, increase ; with infin. 

mood following with or without 
b, or with another verb connected 
with f^D'by 1. To repeat, do again. 

Tlhw quiet, easy, secure ; some- 
times false swearing. 

^fD fail in a natural sense, also to 
deceive in a moral sense. A 
proper name. A failer, deceiver. 

6 "n^i be forward, precede, come, 

go before, firstborn, a firstling. 
"n^n straight, upright. 

8 D^"' to marry, take to wife by right 

of affinity. 

9 DN support, sustain, confirm. 


nW incline, bow, bend downwards, 

stoop, be humbled. 
^D, mix, mingle. 

11 nbD totality, completion, finish- 

ing. Noun, a perfect one: 
DT'M compress, constringe, press, 
&c. n:Q^ widowed, a widow. 

12 T^ take off or away, m to shear. 
r]^}2 distribute, reckon up, &c. 

n3?on a proper name of a city. 

13 r\12r\ hide, protect. A woman's 

father-in-law, a husband's 

14 "ID decline, turn aside, turn out of 

the way, depart. 

15^ a covering of cloth or the 
like, used generally as (clothes). 
A cover or cloak of dissimula- 




14 nOD cover, overspread, veil. 

?]1?!2 idea, uncertain. A kind of veil. 
fy^V cover over, envelop. 

nriD open or loose. A door, 
at the door of (the fountains.) 

n337 act upon some person or 
thing, affect, produce effects 
upon. D'yy name of a place. 
] 5 'D,Wn add, superadd, put together, 
count, reckon, think. 

n3T encompass, encircle, enfold, 
enclose. N. unlawful embraces, 
a whore, a harlot; commit 

16 1371'' give, supply, come, pray, 

prithee, used only in imper. Tfiri. 

17 13 assault, attack, rush upon. 
T'n a tendon, a nurse. See Park- 

;mS7 mix, mingle (a pledge, se- 

18 Dnn close, close up (a seal or 

T'nC twist, wreath, entwist, entwine, 

a twisted collar or bracelet for 

the neck. 
t^^ slide or slip, msa a couch or 

rod, also a particle (below). 

19 W2h put on, clothe (a vesture, a 

garment), sometimes applied to 
Jehovah . 

20 npb take, receive, accept, almost 

in any way. 

21 12?1p separate, set apart. 

ilTT to be, exist, related to. mn 
to subside, subsist, exist, be, &c. 
With b and a noun following, it 
denotes change, condition, &c., 
as, to be, become ; with b and a 
V. infin. besides its more obvious 
construction, custom or necessity. 








T)3 spoil, plunder, strip. n2 a re- 
proach, object of reproach. 

^1W burn, burn up. Root for 
D'OTiD Seraphim. See Parkhurst. 

1^r\ know again, call to mind, 
recollect, acknowledge, own. 

CMn connected, cohere, or em- 
brace, as twins in the womb. 
^Q1n Twins. 

112^ conceive in the belly or womb. 
The belly. 
\7*^ procreate, or breed young. 
mV'Q a midwife. 

ItDp bind, bind about. 

H2W iterate, repeat, do again. ': 
double-dyed (crimson or purple), 
a crimson or purple thread. 

^W to turn. In Hiph. to cause 
to turn. T'CQ^ draw back. 

^12 break out or through. (Deriv. 

Pres. &c.) 
nnt to be diffused, spread, or 

spread itself. 

Chapter XXXIX. 


ni^tO butcher, slay. 

nb^ pass on, advance, go forwards, 

]1 direct, rule, judge. >3n a 

ruler, director. Lord. 

ri"1t2? personal attendance or mi- 
nistry, (less servile and laborious 
than what is expressed by ^ys) 
to attend upon, minister, serve. 

"TpD take notice of, care for (visit), 
&c. Appoint (as an overseer), 
charge, give in trust. 

TM (a particular) point of time. 
WO from the lime, from that 


5 /^ reciprocation, or circularity 

motion. bbn with a prefixed, 
because of, by means of one. 

6 I1T17 leave, forsake, leave off, dis- 


niWa or n?21D the least thing, 
anything at all. DIN to eva- 
porate, smoke. 

Cn ''D for, or because in truth. 
But in truth, but certainly. 

nD"^ fair, beautiful. 

HNn delineate, draw, mark out. 
Lineament, form, shape, appear- 

8 ]S^ refuse. 

9 *7^n impede action or motion, 

refrain, restrain, keep back, stop. 
jf 10 ^^M place by or near oneself, set 

I apart, near, hard by, with, by. 

11 "7^7 employ. Employment, 

business, work. 

12 li?Qn lay hold on, catch, apprehend. 

13 ni^n part, divide asunder, whether 

into equal or unequal parts. The 
outside of a thing or place, as 
contra distinct to n'2 within. 

14 pni^ laugh, sport. 

16 n3 rest or settle after motion, 
labour, or toil, to place or set. 

19 in white or pale colour. 

nCM heat through or dress 
(victuals) in an oven or on coals. 
The nose. A baker. 

20 rjS verily, surely, indeed, yea. 

lilD a kind of deep bowl, cup, or 
cistern . Round, of round iorni. 
nnon n^a a prison, q. d., a round- 

IDM confine, restrain, the pri- 
soner's dungeon-house. D^IIDN. 
?1 *TDn succulent, abundance, swel- 



ling out. Swelling, abundant 
goodness or kindness, exuberant 

1W regulate, direct, rule. Ruler, 
commander, chief. 

Chapter XL. X2 

1 Ml^n deviate from, miss (a scope 

or aim). 

TllpW to irrigate, wet, moisten. 
npM?3 a butler, a cupbearer. 

2 P)!5p foam, froth. To foam with 

anger, to be in a violent rage. 

2^nD free, set free or loose, disen- 
gage. A proper name. 

1W regulate, direct, rule. Chief. 

DID serve, minister, attend. An 
officer, less servile than 112^. 

3 IT^W keep, keep safe, preserve. 

With Q prefixed, a keeping cus- 
tody, ward. 

5 "inQ explain, expound, interpret, 

pnnD interpretation. 

6 ?]17T troubled, disordered, agitated. 

7 I?"!'' perceive by the body or out- 

ward senses, ynn wherefore, 
for what reason ? 

S?"! break, break off. Evil, wrong, 
9 P)^3 hit, strike against. 

|D:( a vine, from its limber nature. 

10 y^W wreathed, twisted, or twined 
together. A branch. The 
pliable or flexible shoot of a 
vine or fig-tree. 
mS break forth (as a tree in 
buds and gems), sprout out, ger- 
minate, bud, flourish. N. flower** 
bud, gem, or germ. 




10 n!^3 shoot, break, or burst forth 

or out. A flower-bud, or blossom. 

V^tm ripen, in Hiph. to cause to 

ripen ; in general to concoct. 
viDt27 to be wise, &c. To waste, 
&c. Deprive, &c. N. tottJN a 
cluster or bunch of grapes, i. e. 
with prefixed. 
!233? a grape. Connecting," con- 
joining, &c. 
11 tiintt? to drain. Drain grapes, 
squeeze or press out their juice 
or blocd. 

13 "n5?:i whilst yet. In yet. 

J 3 make ready, fit, adapt, dispose, 
&c. See this in Parkhurst's 
Lexicon, a post, an office, an es- 

t^Ctt? all regulation and disposal, 
including all distinction, order- 
ing, custom, right, &c. 

14 IDT 1. remember, make mention 

of; 2. the male sex, as pre- 
serving the memory. 

15 D33 steal, or be stolen. 

13 clear, Cicanse, purity. 'Til a pit, 
whence the earth is cleared out. 

16 70 raise, elevate, exalt. N. (a 

"^n of a white or pale colour. 
19 Hvin hang, hang up, suspend. 
23 nrit? to fail, relax, let go (forget), 

opposed to T^t strong, vigorous, 

and .'. to remember. 

Chapter XLI. SD 

2 mo bear or produce fruit. miD 
cows, a heifer, or bull. 
Sid production either of sub- 
Stance or form, the creation or 

accretion of substance or matter. 
Plump, grown full in flesh, well- 

2 nnW join, connect, consociate. 

Arabic signifies to bind, fasten 
by binding. in^ a species of 
plant, a flag, &c. 

3 pi beat or be beaten small, thin, 


vl^W place by or near oneself, set 
apart, near, hard by. The arm- 
4' yp'^ awake, recover from sleep. 

5 ^ID^ sleep, be in a sound sleep. 
T'itt? impel, thrust forward, pi. 

eajs of corn. 
Tl^p hold, contain, as something 
hollow doth. A stalk of corn. 

6 P]1W blast or blight. 

Ulp precedency, priority, or an- 
tiquity. The East. 
ntt!J spring, sprout, shoot up. 

7 5? v)3 swallow, swallow up. Deriv. 


8 D3?D smite, agitate by turns. 
DtDin a kind of diviners. 

Interpreters, enchanters, con- 
jurers by artificial fire. Perhaps 
compd. of iQin a pen, and Dn to 
D^n wise, skilful, prudent. See 
list of wise men in Parkhurst's 
Lexicon under this root. 

14 y^ run, move, or ride swiftly. 
vHn shave. Shave himself. 
f]7n passing, succession, after, 

and so change, removal. 
^??2tt? surround on all sides, clothe, 
involve. A garment, vestment. 

15 37^127 hear, perceive by hearing, 





18 "HMn delineate, draw or mark out. 

Lineament, form, shape, appear- 

19 pi evacuate, exhaust, draw forth. 

Vain, empty, worthless; perhaps, 
very lean. 

H2r\ ready, present, present one- 
self. These, those, &c. 

]n if, whether, as v, eav, >jv. 
21 D*1p approach, come near, close to. 
The inmost, or most intimate 
part of anything. The midst, 
inwards, entrails. 

bn make a hole or opening, 
entrance upon. n^nns at the 
beginning, or at first. 

23 D3!^ hard, dry. Occurs but once. 

24 122 stand, show oneself, above or 

before, to make manifest, declare. 
27 S^T hunger, be hungry, famine. 
Eng. rabid. 

29 V^W sufficiency, satisfaction, sa- 

turity. (Noun,) plenty. 

30 tlh'D totality, completion, finishing. 

To finish, complete, in a good or 
bad sense. (Here) consume, 
bring to nought, 

33 I'D. divide, separate, distinguish, 

discern, understand. ' 

34 7123 discernment, discretion, 
WT^n array, set in array. Five, 

take a fifth part. 

35 V^P collect, gather together. 
"1215 collect, gather together, heap 


36 "TpQ take notice of, care for, give 

in charge. pipQ a deposit. 
nnD cut off. 
38 nt this, this here; imports 
eminence, distinction, pre- 
eminence, as ouroi and hie. 

40 pW move, run, or push forwards. 
MDD set, settle. A seat, a throne, 
or raised seat, a royal seat. 
Gr. Q^ovog. Lat. solium. 

42 "ID decline, turn aside, depart, re- 

VD,]^ sink as in water. A ring. 

Enter, penetrate. 
1211 a covering of cloth or the like. 

Clothes, an outer garment, a 

cloak or robe. 

WW brisk, active, sprightly, cheer-, 
ful. Fine white linen, or cotton 

IHI wreathe, intwine, weave, in- 
terweave. A wreath, chain, or 
wreathen collar. 

IMIJ incline, bend downwards, 
turn. The neck, 

43 "7n:2W the father of blessing, nw 

and "jna. 

44 hyi smite, strike, impress. The 


45 ^DS to hide, conceal. 

VQ'^ to irradiate or enlighten, 
and m rest. mVQ n3D!2 Joseph's 
names. The names together, 
signify the treasure of glorious 
comfort or rest, a name very ap- 
posite to Joseph on this occa- 
sion. (Parkhurst's Lexicon.) 

]0 pour out, pour out gently, 
spread out. p^< diffusion. Proper 
name. Dissolution or death. 

]n3 minister in the priest's office. 
xoviu, hetKonu, haxoyof. Eng. 

^M labour of body or mind. The 
city of the sun. 
47 V^P g^'ssp, take a grasp or handful. 
A handful. 




51 TlWi loosing, laxity, relaxation. 

fTO2Q Relaxed, cause to forget, 

56 I^W separate, break, break or 

tear in pieces, to retail, to sell or 

buy by retail. N. corn. 
pTn constringe, bind hard or 

tight. With 1 following, to lay 

strong hold upon, hold fast, 


Chapter XLII. SD 

4 ]D pour, pour out by degrees, 
spread out. |D dissolution, 
death. pD mischief, 

6 1^7127 to be over or before, either 

for protection or rule. In Kal, 
to rule, have dominion, &c. N. 
ruler, governor, one who is 
made so. Der. shield, shelter. 

7 lUn to know again, recollect, &c. 

123 estrange, alienate, make 
strange, knew not again. 

TlWp stiff, tough, rigid, stubborn, 
hard. Implacable anger. 

^M labour of body or mind. ]' 
from pM. ]'NQ from whence. 
Not, without, none, nothing, 
9 hyi smite, strike, impress (a foot). 
In Kal, to investigate, search, or 
spy out, to foot round a country 
(a spy). 
11 ]D right, proper. D^SD. 

15 "jnn try, prove, examine. 

16 IDH confine, restrain, bound. 

20 ^ttS steadiness, stability, constancy, 


21 bnW desolate, waste. Alas, 

indeed, in truth, but indeed. 

21 l2li?N guilty, liable to punishment 
or penalty, or actually to undergo 

it. D^DM?M. 

1!^ bind close, enclose, ms dis- 
tress, affliction. 

]n kindness, affection. In Hith. 
to supplicate. i:Dnnm. 

23 ^?K) smoothness. y^'^O an ad- 
vocate, intercessor, mediator. 

25 pW move, run, push forward. A 

sack, or large bag. 

m^ in Chaldee, to look side- 
ways. In Arabic, to turn away. 
Victual or provision. 

26 nmti? break or separate into small 

portions, to retail. Corn, thus 

27 S5D scrape or sweep together. 

N1DDO provender for asses or 
y7 stay, abide, remain, a place to 
lodge or stay in. 

nm^ extend, distend, stretch out, 
innrra a bag or sack. 

28 *7"in move with quickness. 

Tremble, shake, quiver through 

30 HWp stiff", tough, rigid, stubborn, 

hard, roughly. 

v3"l smite, strike, investigate, 
search. D'baiD spies. 

31 n3D to surname, give a title of 

respect, or a flattering title, de- 
notes a society or class of people, 
D>25 true men. 

33 n3 rest or settle after motion. 

Cause to stay. 

34 "inD move to and fro. Traffic. 

35 *Tn^ bind up closely, 

"Ills a 




38 *^S^? remain, be left as a residue. 
A remnant, a residue. 
ID pour out gently, spread out. 

pD dissolution or death. 
7iy^ afflict, grieve. Affliction, 

Chapter XLIII. 2?3 

3 IV beyond, further, bear witness. 
l^Tf testify. 

8 ?)tD nimble, active. Young children. 

9 ^"^V mix, mingle. Pledge, surety. 
52"^ place, set, or leave in a certain 

situation or condition. 

10 Sbib except. 

nSSnD delay, dally; as we say, 

1 1 IttT to cut off. Fruits. 

n3 rest or settle. nn2D a present. 

rrn!^ to flow, as a vein or wound, 

with blood. See acct. balm 

Mecca, ns balm. 

W21 conglutinate, glue, or join 

together. Honey. 
nWD bruise, break, beat, beat down. 
r*03 spicery, such as is bruised 
in a mortar, 
tob hide, involve, inwrap, wrap up 

or over. Gum or myrrh. 
^tD^ conceive in the belly or womb. 
D'i^ca nuts, from their shape, or 
pistachio nuts. 
Iptt? wake, watch. Almond- tree* 
1 2 nUti? expatiate, luxuriate, run wild. 

An error, a mistake. 
14 mtt? pour out or forth, to shed, 

all bountiful. 
16 nDtD butcher, slay. Slay meat. 

16 ir\1^ clear, transparent. Noon, 

18 bn make a hole or opening. bVr? 
to open eminently. n'?nn be- 
ginning, vh'^b'n far be it. God 

bbn any cause, bbjnn!? find caure. 
20 >noh. 

23 l^tD hide, cover. paiDQ treasure. 
28 1p to bow, or bow down the head. 

30 IDD convolve, contract, yearned. 
Tin surround, encompass, fence 

round. An enclosed place, a 
room or chamber. 

31 ym I'^^Q wash his face. 

pOM moan or groan. Restrain 
moan in silence. 

32 b^'^ power or ability. Can or 

"D-Vn loathe, nauseate, abominate. 
mr^n an abomination. 

33 HDn wonder, astonished, amazed. 

34 Mtt?D to bear. mxtJQ messes. 
1212? satisfy, satiate. Merry. 

Chapter XLIV. IQ 

2 37S21 conicalness of form, in a po- 
pular, not a mathematical, sense. 
2?1^2 a large drinking vessel. A 
goblet, shaped like a truncated 

4 prrn remove to a distance, or far 

Dbti? make whole, entire, complete. 
Integrare, perficere. Repay. 

5 U?n3 view, eye, observe attentively. 

tun: "On^ he would surely search 
accurately for it. 

6 !ltt?3 overtake, reach, attain to. 





6 W^n free from incumbrance, con- 
finement, business, &c. 

n^S ending, search narrowly, 
search, as by stripping. 
13 V^p rend or rent. 

bX2tt? surround on all sides, to 

DD3? lift up on another; so, to 

lade or load. 

16 pIlOlJ appear righteous, excuse. 

19 1DD like as. 

20 "nn^ exceed, remain over and 

above, left. 
23 120 cover, protect, secure. 

29 ^"1 break, afflict. 7VX 

30 IWp bind, bind about or up. 

miTDp bound up. 
32 H^> afflict, grieve. ]m 

Chapter XLV. Htt 

1 pDM put a force upon, constrain, 
restrain oneself. 

3 bnn hurry, be precipitate or 

hasty. Niph. hurried, ter- 

4 IIDD deliver, or give up to another. 

To sell. 

5 i!S17 labour or travail, grieve 


6 1!^p cut short, curtail. Fruits so 

cut. T!?p harvest. 

7 UW . D127 preserve. 

11 nbiD totality, completion, finishing. 
172V stand, tarry. ^3^2 nourish, 

support with food. 
Wl lack, be in want, poor, desti- 
tute, "omn. 

17 ]^12 pierce, stab. Prick, egg on, 

goad on. 

17 *13?^ clear off, take clean away 
Ty2 a brute animal, a beast. 

19 y^S round, orbicular, roundness. 

A carriage or car. 

20 on wink or half-close the eyes. 

Be under no concern. With 
^ following on account of, upon. 


22 Ppn passing, &c. So, change, 


23 ]r)S strength. n3n a she ass. 

]T prepare, prove. pD provision, 

24 imn IWnn bs be not afraid 

to come on your journey. 
Wl motion, agitation. Tremble 
with anger or fear. 

26 nS fail, fainted. :d\ 

Chapter XLVI. 1 

1 n^St to slay in general. 

26 "yV' to be long, extended in length. 
(The thigh.) 
*T^ separate, alone, lib apart. 
llbn besides, without. 

28 m** direct, put straight, or even, 

guide, aim, &c. 

29 "nDS confine, restrain, bind. 
NT' fear, be afraid, reverence. 

34 ^^V to pass, mni^a because, in 
order that. 

Chapter XLVII. 1*3 

2 H'^p to make an end by cutting 

off, an extremity. n!?pn some, 
some part. 

n!^'' to place, set, or leave in a 
certain situation. 


6 \>TV remain, abide, stay, ^^rr per- 

severing, strength, ability. 

9 ID17D be diminished, lessened, im- 

paired, made few. 
2lti73 overtake, reach, attain to. 

13 rib faint, fail. 

1 4 tOpb pick, pick up, gather. 

15 DiT' being single and solitary- 

(Arab.) to be without, to lack, not 

to have, 
nn*' to give, supply, nsn. 
DDS fail, cease to be. 

17 bn3 to tend, conduct, take care of, 


18 in'D take off, remove, conceal, 

n*l^ to form into a mass or body, 
an animal body. 

1 9 n^W or DW"^ waste or desolate. 

21 h'D,^ set up a boundary, to bound* 


22 pn describe, mark or trace out? 

defined. Settled portion 

23 Sn behold. 

31 ^12 to slide or slip. A particle 
below. ntDD a couch, a rod. 

Chapter XLVIII. H'Q 

1 nbn to be or make faint. To be 

sick, vrona, xaft,vu 

2 711^12 a bed, a couch. 

7 nSD multiplicity,frequency, abund- 

ance. n">lD yi a little way, i. e., 
a good way, some distance. 

10 p^n fold together, embrace. 
nb3 separate, sever, divide. V7^ 

judge, form an opinion. 
16 bs:i redeem. 



17 "^^n lay hold on, hold, hold up. 

"ID decline, turn aside. 
19 ^ND refuse. 

DvS tie, bind. Dbiw but truly. 
22 DDti? readiness, forwardness, dili- 
gence. A district, a portion, as 
the shoulder part of the body. 

Chapter XLIX. IDtt 

2 V^P collect, gather together. 

3 n3 strong, vigorous, firm. Might* 
]")S for. ]in strength. 

"iry^ to exceed, excel. 

nStt? dignity. 

Mt!?D bear, take or lift up. n^<ttJ 

elevation, dignity. n'?J^ wickedly^ 


4 TnS overflow, unstable. 

ni?!^ spread, stretch out, strew. 
yi!?* a bed, a mattress. 

5 'O'dn east, pluck, or force off or 

away. Injustice, violence. 
m2 cut off. nn^n-iDD their swords. 

6 "TD to obstruct, or stop up a way 

shut up (a door). A secret or 
separate assembly. 

'n'2.1 pleased. D2:J"i their wilful- 

*np^ cut, cut off, wound. Raze or 
level the wall. 

7 "1115? to pass. Excess of anger, 

n^D let loose, open, set free, de- 

8 f\^V distil, fall down in drops, the 

D'^S be an enemy, an adversary, 
I infest, persecute. 

' d3 




9 "l!l dwell any where for a time. 113 
a whelp, a cub. 
mS pluck off or crop. rrn a lion. 
Vl^ bow, couch. 
\^!11 lie, lie down. 

WnT* milk or stroke out the beest- 
ings or first milk. N'lV a lioness. 

10 iSHtZ? extend, draw out in length. 

A Rod, a sceptre, a tribe. 
)D decline, turn aside, depart. 

ppn mark or trace out eminently 
or conspicuously. A definer, 
determiner, judge, or lawgiver. 
Ppno tribunal, staff, i. e., a staff 
or sceptre. 

n vtt? quiet, easy, secure. Shiloh, 
the giver of peace, &c. A title 
of the Messiah. 

Tlp'^ obey, readily and cheerfully 

11 ^33 hit, strike against. A vine 

from its limber nature. 

mr to make bare, empty, pour 
out. nrry flourishing shoots, as 
a tree pours out its sap in leaves, 
shoots, &c. 

pntt? yellow, yellowish, tawney. 
A kind of excellent vine. 

^nS strength. (Bate) knife, i. e. 
the branches that are pruned 
in order to bear more fruit. 

^'2'D wash, cleanse by washing. 

D3^ a grape. Connecting, con- 

mo cover, clothe, nmo a garment, 

12 nb"^b3n red, sparkling, spoken 

of eyes. 
712W iterate, repeat, do again. ]MJ 
a tooth. 

13 HDn cover, veil, f^in the sea- 

coast. A shelter. 

13 D*1!l bare, make bare or clean, as 

bone from flesh. A larger bone. 

A bony or strong (ass). 
nSli? put or set in order, dispose. 

Divisions in a stall or stable. 

(Bate) TiDTOan panniers. 
15 DV2 pleasant, sweet, agreeable. 

v2D support, bear, carry. Carry 

away a burden. 
HDD dissolution or disunion of the 

texture or consistence of any 

thing. Tribute. 

17 P|tt? cover, overwhelm. p^nj a 

species of serpent concealed in 
the sand, called by Arabs (Sip- 
phon or Supphon). 
'^W^ to bite, cut or pierce with the 

18 mp stretch, stretch out, tend. 

Expect earnestly, anxiously, 

20 )1V pleasure, delight, dainties. 

21 nbw send forth, shooting forth. 
"HDtt? seemly, goodly, elegant, 


22 nan build, pa plant. 

13?!^ step, walk, go forwards, ran 
over. Discurrerant. 

23 U^W bear malice against, hate or 

HI^Jl part, divide asunder, yn 
an arrow. D'Srr the archers. 

7m lord, master of any thing, 

24 TD solidity, compactness, strength. 

Consolidated, corroborated, 

^^S strong, stout, mighty. Tl^< 
mighty one. 
26 1'22 strong, powerful, prevail. "ITD 




27 I2ST impetuosity, hasten. A wolf; 

also to terrify. 
P\l]^ tear or pluck oflf, tear to 

pieces, to ravin, 
bbtt? loosen entirely. The spoil. 

Chapter L, 3 

2 ID3n embalm, impregnate a dead 

body with aromatics. 

3 Wbr) fulfil, spent. 

5 m^ cut up, penetrate, dig. 
9 n3n fix, settle, rona an encamp- 
10 nnH excite, move. 

*7t2W to fasten. A bramble, a thorn. 

The Name of a place, plla threshing- 
TDD moan, lament, bewail. nCDD 

a moan, wailing, lamentation. 
/2N to be desolate, to mourn. 

15 vDn to shew or bring upon, requite. 

16 7112 to command, order, ordain. 

Commission, depute, send. 

17 S3S earnest desire, more emphatic 

than w. 
20 ^Wn add, superadd, count, reckon, 

26 ^n vibrate freely. A species of 

pine-tree. Move to and fro. 

p"W an ark or chest, a coffin. 


Chapter I. M 

1 nilZ? personal attendance, mi- 
nistry, rrw^ the minister. 

3 Dp rise, arise. DipQ a station, 


4 Dl^ Euphrates. 
VI22 boundary. 

5 nS"1 give way, relax. Fail, slacken 

with regard to thee. 

6 p^n constringe, bind hard or 

tight. To become strong, op- 
posed to relax. 

y DS strong, vigorous. 

bnU inherit, divide for an inherit- 

7 /3tt? direct oneself wisely, behave 


8 ntt?D draw out, withdraw, depart. 

linD mark, engrave, draw or form. 
A representation x)f anything. 

9 1^'^V agitate, shake violently, ter- 


nn to be broken, give way, dis- 
miyed, dispirited. 

10 ItCC? an inferior magistrate, officer. 

11 n3n fix, settle, nmo encampment* 

14 l27Dn array, set in array, equipt. 

15 mt diffused. Rising (of the sun). 


Chapter II. 13 

1 l^'^n silent thought. In silence, 


rri^ the lunar light, or flux of 
light reflected" from the moon's 
orb. (Jericho.) 

2 IDn sink, penetrate, search out. 

4 ]D^ conceal. 

5 nUD shut, shut up, close, enclose. 
31273 overtake. 

6 33 expand, flat expanded roof. 


nt2?Q spread, be diffused. Spread- 
ings out (of wood), i. e., wood 
spread out. 

9 HD'^W terror. 

3^ dissolve, melt (as through fear). 

10 nDD to scrape, sweep. Rudere, 
verrere. fp hollow. f]iD the 
plants or weeds (of the sea). Red 

mn total separation. (Destroy 
] 1 nD/2 melt or dissolve. 

15 vlin bind, tie, connect. A cord, 

a rope. 

nnp meet, join. Tp rrainn by the 
flat of the wall. 

16 373D meet, meet with, light upon, 
nnn hide, hide oneself. 

18 mp stretch, stretch out. mpn 

thread, the measure. 

ton fasten together. lOin a thread. 

*>3t2? double-dyed. 

*1trp bind, bind about. (Bands, 

19 nbl draw, draw out. A door. 



Chapter III. 3 

1") vibrate freely. p"\ ark. > 

pm remove, be removed to a \ 

distance. A space. 
ntribrD blDnrS signify lately. 

Yesterday, heretofore. From 

Dn to finish, and h^xi cut off". 

C^'?^ a third time past. 
*in?3 commute, exchange one 

thing for another. To-morrow. 
W^^ succeed in possession. Dis- 

v3ltD dip, plunge. 
"73 assault. miJ banks. 
mS to look sideway. ISQ beside, 
mn waste, diminish, consume (as 
water), nain dry ground. 


Chapter IV. 1 

Tiy^ to affect. po"? because of. 

y^n loose, set loose, &c. (Draw- 
ing out, draughting.) 

Si!^ assemble together in a regular 
stated manner. War. 

pn3 draw away, withdraw. 

mi diff"used. Sun rising, the 

Chapter V. 71 

1^ bind close, enclose. Sharp 

nt gush, spring, or issue out. 
WD.1 honey. Conglutinate, glue, 

or join together. Syriac. 
Tl vigorous, strong, nvrr strong, 

vigorous, lively. 

nOQ with by pass or leap over by 
intervals. HDD passover. 




11 *in^ pass in whatever manner. 
miy produce of the land. 

nSD squeeze, press. niJJta cakes of 
unleavened bread. 

TV7p levity, lightness. To roast, 
parch, '>^bp Roasted and parched 

Q^17 denotes, substance. Self- 
same, very. 

12 n3tt distribute, p Manna. 
nn27 cease. 

13 ?) /li? draw, push out, or oflf. 
15 ^W oose, loosen, let loose. 

7S73 fasten, make fast. A shoe, a 

Chapter VI. t 

1 *n2lD shut up, enclose. 

3 f]p^ go round, surround, en- 


4 I^W seemly, goodly, elegant, &c. 

rrnziW trumpets. 
3'' bring or carry along from one 

place to another. Blast of a 

trumpet. Jubilee. 
37pn force or drive one thing 

against another. Blow with a 


5 '^W^ draw, in almost any manner, 

protract, prolong. 
5?n break, break in pieces, &c. 

I5>T shall shout. n3?Tin. 
7 ^bn loose, disengage. Draught- 
ing, free from incumbrance. 

A soldier preparing for battle. 

yibn the soldiers selected for the 

15 inW dark coloured, dusky. (The 

dawn of the morning.) 
nCti? to put or set in order. All 

regulation and disposal Custom. 

17 D*in total separation of a thing or 

person. Cut off, destroyed 
utterly, devoted. 
S!3n hide or conceal. 

18 132? trouble, disturb. 

19 1!5M lay up, store, or treasure up. 

20 137 take, as a city or town in war. 

21 r\W in Syriac, cooling. A lamb 

or kid. One of the smaller 
26 TD'' to found. 

3^'' set, settle firmly, establish. 

Chapter VII. f 

I bV?3 decline, deflect, go aside. 
3 l?;i' labour, weary. 
5 J^Tl follow, go after. 

7 vS^ to will, resolve, determine, 

^:bn^r^ ibl O that we had resolved. 

8 ''^ oh. a on or to, and * me. 
*7QrT turn or change the condition. 

11 t27n3 fail, be deficient in truth. 


12 I'QW destroy, abolish. 

13 "HD turn aside, remove. 

14 "nil strong, powerful. A man. 

Any, every man. 

19 inD take off or away. Conceal, 

21 TIM magnificent, goodly, glo- 
rious. Hence, u^^os great, rich, 
strong, rrnw a robe. 

23 p!^"' pour or spread out. 

25 D3n whelm, heap, heap together, 
^pO pelt or throw. 

Chapter VIII. H 

1 inn broken, broken in mind, dis- 




2 t!2 spoil, plunder, strip. 

mS lie in wait, ambush. 
6 pn^ draw away. 
8 W^n lay hold on, catch, apprehend. 

ni^'' burn or be burned, set on fire. 

10 IpD take notice, review, mus- 


11 nS2 increase, rise, swell. N'3 or 

"y a valley or rising ground, i. e. 
a lawn, rising from the bottom 
to the adjoining hill. 

13 Sp3? supplant, displace by stra- 

tagem, ambushment. 

14 ^"12? mix, mingle. Tfl-SS a plain, a 


15 27113 touch, meddle with, drew nigh. 
18 ID propel, shoot, dart forth. 

pT3 short spear, javelin. 

20 71^11^ n^H hither and hither. 

22 TIW leave or left behind. 

23 WDn lay hold on, catch, appre- 


24 Dn finish, consume. Don con- 

sumed utterly. 

28 bn an elevation. A ruinous heap. 

Q!2127 exceedingly desolate, non" 
a great desolation. 

29 b22 fall down, wear away. A 


31 DHD mark, engrave, write. 
^3 reach out, stretch forth. 

32 nSlZ? iterate, repeat, do again. 

n:'OQ a duplicate or copy. 

33 mt diffused, spread. mw a 

native, opposed to 12 a sojourner. 
Tll^n part, divide asunder. 
bxS cut or pluck off, separate, bn 

ViD at the termination, i. e. 

towards the forefront. 

84 Nip to meet, call, to read. 

Chapter IX. tO 

1 bSli? humble oneself. W:i)'0 a low 

plain country. 

2 V^P collect, gather together. 

HD obvert, turn towards. One 

3 UIV naked, nony wisdom, pru- 


4 "ni$' form, shape, fashion. In 

Hitlip. sometimes written n^QS, as 

Tl/'D, wear or waste away. Old. 
*7S3 ooze out, be moist. A bottle 

of skin, i. e., a goat or kid. 

D'l^pao bottles burst asunder. 

DnnSD collections of things bound 

closely together. 

5 7272 make fast. A shoe, a sandal. 
Nbl^ spot, with large spots or 

16 lp2 mark with spots. Mouldy. 
18 "|b stay, abide. Murmur. 

20 ?]^p foam, froth. Rage, wrath. 

21 Dt^n to hew, as wood. 

22 HTSn cast or throw by deceit, &c. 


Chapter X. * 

6 nD'n give way, relax, slacken, 

^rip to collect, gather together, 
9 DHHD suddenly. 

10 DJSn disturb or discomfit exceed- 


11 Tin congelation. Hail. 

12 HDT equability of sitnation. Thus 

quietness, rest, stillness. 
W12W solar light. Sun, i. e. 
solar light (standing still upon 




12 U)1 be tliou even or level, m^ 
lunar light. 

13 ^M press, urge, hasten. 

19 SDT cut off hindmost (extremity). 
DiSnn permit ye them. 

20 T)W leave, be left. 

n^SD restrain, shut up. 'y22'0 for- 

21 yin shorten, cut short, snarl. Jar 

(his tongue.) 

24 fl'^p an extremity, an end. ]'>'2p 

a captain. 
40 mW pour forth, to shed. rmtDM 

springs, streams, or rills of water. 

Chapter XI. > 

2 P|D reach out, stretch forth. (Coast) 

the height. 

6 IpV cut, cut off, wound. Hough 

11 in*' exceed, remain over and 

15 ID"^ restrain, check. 

ptn constringe, bind hard or tight^ 

23 pbn smooth, even. Divide in an 

exact manner. Regular division, 

iDpti? quiet or rest. 

Chapter XII. ^"^ 

3 ^QTl what is on the right hand. 

(The South.) 
2DD divide, dissect. A broken ridge, 
consisting of many distinct hills. 

4 MD"n restore or reduce to a former 

state. D'Bn Giants. 
9 mi5 to look sideways. TSD nar- 
row pass or defile. 

Chapter XI II. a' 

2 773 roll over and over. rvi^'^J 

borders, limits. 

3 0*^3*^0 princes, chiefs, rulers. 
6 n vD separate, sever, divide, 

9 IW^ straight, even, smooth. "fC'D 
a plain. 
14 tt?M fire. D'N fire-offerings. 

22 UDp divine presage, prognosticate. 

DDIp soothsayer. 

23 *12n surround, confine. D^iJn 

30 mn declare, discover, shew, mrr 
small towns, and towns. 

Chapter XIV. T 

2 7*13 lot, inheritance. 

4 Wiy expel, drive, thrust out. 

D^iC"i:io suburbs. 
6 miM because of, concerning, 
8 Sba to be full. Follow (entirely), 

Chapter XV. 113 

5 nSD a side, extremity, part, 
quarters. Aspect, bound. 

7 n!53 straightncss, directness, right- 

ness. With b, directly over 
against, before or forwards. 

8 P]nD bind together, bind hard. 

The shoulder, a side or border. 

9 "INH delineate, draw, mark out; 

or to be delineated. 
rnp to meet, join. A city, a 

great town. 
18 riD stir, raise, rouse up, excite. 
n3^ throw or drive downwards. 

Throw oneself off, or alight as 

from an ass. 


18 72 circularity of motion, rby a 
spring of water. 

Chapter XVI. ttD 

7 i^^Q meet, meet with, light upon, 
reach unto. 

10 HD^ disunion or dissolution of 

texture, &c. Draught or levy of 

Chapter XVII. t'' 

5 7Dn bind, tie, connect. (Portion.) 

11 ?1D stretch forth. (Extent of 


14 3?1*TZ3 wherefore, nn what, and 

yn knowledge. 

15 711V bare, make bare. '\$-> woody. 

S^IH production of substance or 

form, prepare. 
^M press upon, straighten, confine. 

16 SIJD find, suffice. 

17 riD strong, vigorous, firm. 

Chapter XVIII. rT* 

1 'l^XD dwell, inhabit, place. 

W^'D subdue, subject. 
3 nCI give way, relax. 

6 m"* direct, guide, aim, put straight 

Chapter XX. 3 

2 ^n3 give, and with b, bM, % &c., 

following, to put, place or set, 


a^p contract. N. contraction, 

retreat. TLbpn) retirement, refuge. 

2 m** thrust forth. Tl by the hand, 

or by the instrumentality. 

3 n^l manslaughter or murder. N. 


n^tZ? expatiate, luxuriate, grow 
wild. :i2^ err, transgress through 
ignorance. N. mere error, 
mistake, inadvertence. 
5 "l^D shut up, give up. 

D1t2?7li? /inQ some time before. 

7 tt?1p separate, set apart. 

Chapter XXI. 3 
A distribution of cities to the Levites. 

Chapter XXII. DD 

5 pill cleave. 

8 D3 reckon, number, count. CDD) 

such riches were usually counted 
as money, precious stones, &c. 

16 v^D decline, deflect, go aside. 

"niO rebel, revolt. 

17 "nnili to be pure, clean, clear. 
f]!D hit, strike against. A slaughter, 


18 ?)!ip to foam, froth. Wrath. 

19 J2tD pollute, defile. 

''"T3? vH without, besides, except. 

20 5?1Il expire, labour or pant for 


23 nS rest after motion. rrrr^D gift, 

oblation. A kid or other sacrifice. 
Wp'D, seek, require. 

24 2ST troubled, in commotion, agita- 

tion. rraTD Trouble, uneasiness. 




Chapter XXIII. DD 

5 ?)13 drive or hurry away. 

12 )nn contract affinity by marriage. 

13 nD expand, spread out, dilate. 

A net. 
Wp'^ lay, set, or spread as a snare 

or toil. \DplO a snare. tt3p3 the 

n^tt? decline, go or turn aside. 

TQW a whip or scourge ; also, :0!D'tt?. 
]1J pointed, sharp pointed. D':s 

D'::2 thorns, prickles. 

Chapter XXIV. ID 

1 n^** set, settle, place steadily or 

6 tt?*1D spread out, stretch out. 

Horseman, although some think, 
distinguished from DID cavalry, 
as a rider on a camel, from one 
who rides on a horse. 

nOD to scrape, to sweep. PilD D 
the weedy sea. 

bSN hide, conceal by opaque 
matter. Vdno thick darkness. 

10 n^M acquiescence, willing, submit 

11 v^n have or take possession. 


12 3?12 smite or strike with venomous 

matter. The wasp, the larger 
wasp or hornet. 

13 VT labour. 

D'HD prune, cut oflf. A vine or 

^T to be bright, splendid, m the 

riD3 plant, fix, infix. 

19 M3p enter into, corrode. n^yp 

25 pTl describe, mark or trace out. 
A definite statute, ordinance or 

27 t2?n2 fail, be deficient (in truth.) 

31 *7'nM length, long, prolonged. 

32 V^iWp truth, rectitude. A lamb or 

sheep. Also, money stamped 
with do. 


Chapter I. N 

THM catch, lay hold, seize. 

yj^p cut ofi", cut in pieces, through 

and through, 
^n^ thumb or great toe. 
7 IDpb pick, pick up, gather. 

7 nbt& send forth, pbro a table. 
(Put forth.) 

16 "l^n straight, upright. Palm-trees- 
ID go round or about, search ont, 



28 rW'Q melt or dissolve. Tribute. 
34 ^nb press, squeeze, crush. 
36 vhO cut, break. A rock from 
its cragginess. 

Chapter II. H 

2 T^'2'2 throw or drive downwards. 

3 W1^ expel, drive or thrust out. 
12 D57D angry, irritated, provoked to 


14 nOtt? rob, plunder, pillage. Di- 


15 Dn3 change of mind. 

pS3 groan, make a doleful noise. 
pni thrust, press upon, distress. 

19 nbD separate, sever, divide. 
TlWp stiffen, harden. 

20 1^^ because, from n^y. 
22 HO^ try, attempt, essay. 

Chapter III. 3 

nt2?M proceed, go forward. A grove. 
1 1 tOplZ? quiet, at rest. 

15 "lias obstruct, shut. Obstructed. 

16 l^n a measure. Some say, a cubit 

of fifteen inches. I 

"l!in gird, gird round. 
19 bOQ to hew, chip, cut with a tool. 
A graven or carved image. 
Dn hist, hush. To be silent, keep 

nip smooth. mpQ ice, and from 

its smoothness. 
rvhv upper chamber. 
22 n!^a stand, stand up. (Haft or 

22 nnb flame, burn. (Blade of a 

rjbtt? draw, push out or off. 
"Tti^lB dung, excrement. tJlD 
dung, and m^J to pour. 

23 mo order, dispose, arrange. 
Gallery, not porch. pilDD. 

v5?2 fasten, make fast. 

24 "Tin surround, encompass. (Room, 

26 ^\l2 set free or loose. Escaped. 

30 5?3D lay down, brought low. 

31 "TDb accustom, habituate. Tob'o 

"Ipll look upon, look accurately. 
A beeve. 

Chapter IV. 1 

6 *7^^ draw in almost any manner. 
9 DDS fail, cease to be, only. 'D DDM 
only that, nevertheless. 

18 ^'QW recline, lie, down. TtT^XD 

a rug, mattress. 

19 npW irrigate, wet, give drink to. 
D!2 empty, fast. NO!? thirst. (Ken- 

1M3 ooze out, be moist, tin: a 

21 irX) (Arabic) thrust, or drive in, 

fix firmly, in^ a pin or stake. 

A pointed stake. 
!2p3 make hollow, bore, pierce, &c. 

mpD (a kind of hammer.) 
tDSb involve in a covering, hide* 

tDNbi in secret, secretly. 
p*1 evacuate, exhaust, np temple 

of the head. 
D^^ drive downwards. 
WV) shut close, stop up. Over- 
whelmed with sleep. 




21 ?)V dissolve, melt, dissipate, tired, 

Chapter V. 71 

2 i7"lD free, set free, deliver. T\til 
nijno for working deliverances 
(in Israel.) 

^"73 free, liberal. Offered them- 
selves freely. 
H )Tl poise or balance a thing by the 
hand. D'^n counsellors. 

walk, eo forwards, 

ir!$ step, 


4 r)l33 distil, drop down. 

5 vTJ distil, trickle, run down. 

6 bin cease, fail. 

Dn3 path, pathway, mma. 
vp57 crooked. Very crooked. 

7 T"1Q disperse, scatter. Open 
village or town, opposed to 
fenced. used as a particle in 
7th verse. 

8 U'Win D"^nb iny (Israel) 
chose new Gods. 

ntyi a spear. 

pij^n define accurately. D'pp^n 
(lawgivers.) Delineations, ima- 

]nM strength. n:n she ass. 

in^ white, shining, bright. 

11 nSn part, divide asunder, in equal 
or unequal parts. ^217 separate 

parties of the enemy. 

12 n^tll? carry or lead captive. 

13 mtr? leave or be left behind. 
)'^I2 between. In the midst. 

14 tt?nt27 root, take root, or cause to 

take root. 
^ICD draw. 

14 lS2!i7 a rod, a longish staff, a pen 
or style resembling a small rod. 

16 nStt? put or set in order, dispose. 

D'nD'OJO sheepfolds. 
pltt? yellow, tawny. Shrill bleat- 

")"T2? separate, set apart. A flock 

of sheep, a herd of kine. 

17 H^n cover, veil. The sea-coast. 
^1D break out or through. 

canDo breaches, creeks. 

18 ^"in strip, make naked, divest. 

Stript or exposed (their persons). 

19 2?!jn break, cut off. (Breaking or 

cutting off.) 

vD raise, elevate, exalt. DnVxJOD 
from their elevations. 

21 F)12 wrap or roll together down or 

*7"11 go or come forwards. (My 
soul) hath trodden down. 

22 D7n beat, smite, strike upon. 

Knocked to pieces. n^^obrn 
im prance, spring, or bound. 

"IllN strong, stout, mighty (viz. 

26 bCD a bowl or dish. 

bXS^ toil, lal)0ur, travail. mQ7n'7 
D'oby toils of the hammer. 

pntt break, break through ; if not 
a participle, rrpn imprint, strike, 

^bn change, renewal. Pass or 
drive through, strike through. 

p*1 evacuate, exhaust, np temple 
of the head. 

27 5?"13 bow, sink down. 

IW shatter, demolish. ITO shat- 
tered to pieces, destroyed. 



28 2!!'' cry aloud, exclaim. 

DDtt? (Arabic) cool. S2 a lattice. 
WD, flag, fail. 2 flag very much, 
loiter, delay. 

29 UDH wise, skilful, prudent, 
mo? personal attendance. At- 

30 Dm embrace, surround, surround 

closely. A damsel (of damsels.) 
^D!^ to form longish lines or 

streaks. What is coloured. A 

stripe, or striped garment, and a 

Dpi variety of colour or figure. 

Brocade, embroidery, variegated 


Chapter VI. 1 

3 *nna flow or run as water. mnnsQ 

dens enlightened by a hole or 
aperture. Places of refuge. 
r\11^ look sideways. m^D a nar- 
row pass or defile. A strong 

4 bH"^ bring or carry along. bM"* 

produce of the earth. 
nnOy corrupt, mar, spoil, destroy. 

5 ''T enough, sufficiency, plenty. 
D"1M lie in wait, ambush. 

nm be exceeding great. Part, 
locust na"i. 

6 nb"T draw, draw out, Exhausted. 

7 iy\1V hV on account of, by 

reason of. 7TT. 
11 tann thrash or beat with a stick 
or staff, 
n^n wheat. (Delicate, delicious.) 

11 rD cutting, beating, pounding. A 
r\D^ take, pull, or pluck away. 


13 C?t23 loose, set loose, relax. 

Laxare, solvere, set loose, i. e., 
forsake, abandon. 

14 P]bM being chief, principal, leader. 

18 nii?D draw out or forth, withdraw. 

19 "T^l assault, attack, rush upon. n3 

a kid. 
nSM heat through or dress victuals. 

nE' an Ephah, 7h gallons. HQ'K 

where, of what aspect, 
n^p meal, flour. 
nS^^ squeeze, press. miJO cakes 

of unleavened bread, destitute of 

yon, or fermenting matter. 
pID scour, cleanse, absterge. 

"IID break or divide entirely. ITID 

a pot or kettle. 

20 fh turn aside. (This, this here.) 
']VW incline, recline. (Staff, prop.) 

22 nnS ah ! 

25 D*in break through, break in, 

break down, destroy. 
"1C7M proceed, go forwards. mffiM 
a grove. 

26 )VT^ remain, dwell, Mansion, 

28 yn^ break in pieces, break down, 

31 111 or n'^'n strive, contend. 

34 Wu? put on, clothe, invested. 

35 p3?T cry aloud, call together. 

37 H!^'' place, set, or leave in a certain 
situation or condition. 
f^ take off or away, to shear. Wool 
shorn off, a fleece. 




37 "ID!^ weak, languid. Wool, from 

its softness. Soft, tender, &c. 
mn excite, move, stir up. pj a 

b^ cast or send forth. Dew, 

moisture, vapour. 

38 IT compress, squeeze. 
bOD the bowl or dish. 

39 rTD3 try, attempt, essay, prove. 

Chapter VII. T 

"^M^ adorn, decorate, beautify. 
"Tin move with quickness, and 

tremble with fear. 
"12^ move quickly, run hastily. 

4 Pp'2 melt, refine, prove, try. 

5 ph lick or lap with the tongue. 

6 V'^'D bow, sink down. 

8 ptn constringe, bind hard, (become 
strong,) with a following, to lay 
strong hold upon, retain. 
13 nb!^ roast, toast, or bake, bbs a 
baked cake, baked under coals. 
"^Cn turn, or change the con- 
dition, overturn. Hith. turned 
upon itself, or over and over. 

1 6 ^Db to shine. A lamp, 
"^n the midst, between. 
21 nn^ descend, nnn under, instead 
of, in his own place. 
Vn break, break off, cried aloud. 
25 2pD make hollow. ap> a wine fat 
or vat. 
nWt impetuosity. A wolf. 

Chapter VIII. n 

2 bb^y ascend repeatedly. To glean, 
gleaning grapes. 

2 'n!J2 restrain, shut up. Vintage. 

3 nC") give way, relax, slacken, 

VyS vibrate. Panting from fatigue. 

5 HDD several things of a flat, 

roundish form. A plain. A 

flat round cake of bread and of 

7 Wl thrash, beat or shatter to pieces. 
fp fret, lacerate, wound, yip a 

p"Q lighten., send forth, lightening. 

]p"ia a kind of thorn with very 

sharp prickles. 
9 yn^ break to pieces, break down, 


10 P)btt7 draw, push out or off". 

11 niO-1 hang close, cling, trust, 

7*in move with quickness. 

Trembled, terrified. 
13 Din the solar orb. The solar orb 

being on high. (See riT). 
15 Fjin strip, make naked, divest. 

Reproach, disgrace. 
21 "intt? round. Round ornaments. 
24 Dti3 connecting closely with a clasp. 

An ear or nose ring. 
26 P]tD3 distil, drop down. Drops, 

D2n whelm, heap, heap together. 

p:nb< purple. 
W prefixed to ^ that was, upon. 

pyS encompass, surround. A 
chain for the neck. 

Chapter IX. ID 

2 "hVD, have or take possession of. 



4 "1312? satisfy, satiate, hire; 

tnS overflow. Dissolute. 
9 IWl fill or plump up. Fatness. 

373 move, move to and fro. 

10 n3Sn a fig-tree. See ]M. 

11 pryd sweet, agreeable to the taste. 
SD put forth, bud, shoot, &c. 

m:n fruits, increase, produce. 

12 ?]23 hit, strike against. pJ avine. 

14 ItOW a bramble or thorn. To 

fasten or drive in strongly. 
nS firm, stable, durable. The 
cedar, see Parkhurst's Lexicon ; 
not from n waste, attenuate. 

15 b?23 retribution or return. As the 

reward of his hands. 

17 "jblZ? cast, cast down or away. 

And threw his life before (him), 

i. e., hazarded or exposed it in 

21 m'D, pass from place to place. 

To flee. 
23 nW to rule. 

1312 use a cloak of treachery 

(deceive), or of dissimulation, 


25 bT3 take away by violence. 

Plunder. Also, a pigeon. 

26 "HlJn restrain, shut up, gathered. 
D*1D prune, cut off". Vine or 

29 "HDM confine, restrain, bind. 
33 t2tt?D divest, strip ofi". Rush foi:th. 

37 "11310 the navel (of the land), as 
the heads of the mountains. 

3S DS^ reject, with contempt or 
disgust. Despise, abhor. (Arab.) 
idea, to be dilated as a wound. 

45 ^n3 break in pieces, break down, 

46 n*1!J cry aloud, roar out. A 

hollow place or vault of a large 

47 V-^P collect, gather together. 

48 mnp a hatchet or axe. mp to 

meet, rroi to level. 

*^W stop, assuage, check, rovi' 
a stake. 

49 n!^'' burn, be burned. 

51 33 expand. The flat expanded 

53 nvD cleave, cut, or split. A piece 

split off, a fragment. 

!3D1 to ride. The upper millstone 
which rides upon the lower. 

54 Ipl stab, pierce. 

Chapter X. ' 

4 IV to raise, y^ a city, a young 
ass, ass colt. 

8 yVI crush, break by crushing. 

y2D break, oppress greatly. 

16 "I2p cut short, shortened. 

Chapter XI. N> 

34 P|n smite, strike, beat. A tabor, 


bn make an opening. n^HD a 
pipe, flute. 

35 3?"nD bow, sink down. Afflict. 
3?"np rend or rent. 

37 nD"n give way, relax, let go. 

vnm separate, sever. Virginity. 

39 pn describe, trace out. An ordi- 


40 n3n shriek, wail, bewail. 




Chapter XII. ^'^ 

4 y!2p collect, gather together. 
6 v!2tt7 impel, thrust forward, 
tontt? drain, slay. 

Chapter XIII. :i> 

1 "IP'S? cut, cut off. TT\p^ barren. 

4 M^ID pollute, defile. Unclean. 

5 m'' direct, put straight. Ttwo a 

1^2 separated, set apart. A Na- 
8 "iniS? expand, dilate, diffuse. Open. 

14 ]''^n the wine. "JSU Vine. 

15 "1!^^ restrain, retain, stop, detain. 
18 SbS extraordinary, wonderful. 

Shewed himself wonderful. Acted 
in an extraordinary manner. 

Chapter XIV. T 

4 HDM presence of an object. TONH 

occurrence, an occasion. 

5 "1DD cover, overspread. TD3 a 

young lion. 
niS pluck off, crop. A lion. 

:itt7 roar. 

6 n^U pass on, advance. Come 


^D12? split, cleave, rend, yet not 
so as to separate entirely. 

HD'lSD the least thing, any thing 
at all. 
8 bD3 to fall. n^Da a dead carcass. 

*T^ beyond. m3> an assembly, a 
swarm (of bees). 

8 "1!31 to drive, mim a bee, pi. 

9 mil to form into a mass or body. 

An animal body, alive or dead. 
10 ini3 view, behold, regard. A 

young man. 
12 "in to penetrate. HTrrM an enigma, 

parable. (Hence, in to propose 

a parable or enigma.) 
]1D loosen, let loose. A loose 

kind of garment. A shirt or 

15 Tin^ draw aside, entice, seduce to 

17 p2 press, press down. Distress. 
19 ^vPT loose, set loose. T(:i')n a 

loose robe or garment, or spoil 

stript from an enemy. 

Chapter XV. ttD 

1 "l^p cut short. D'Tcn TSp wheat- 

11T1 surround, encompass. 

3 71p^ clear, clear away. (Clear 

from guilt.) 

4 ^VW hollow, concave. ("jS^l^D) a fox- 
ID V a burning torch or firebrand. 
nST extremity of anything. Tail. 

5 *n^Zl clear away, consume, kindle. 
Dp rise, stand. TTOp standing corn. ' 
Wl^ heap, heap up. A heap of 


8 pW move, run, push forwards, 

yv b^ pW leg upon thigh. 

^VO split, divide, rive. (A cleft.) 

9 tt7lD3 loose, diffuse, spread abroad. 

12 r^D meet with. Rush or fall upon. 

13 rO.V twine, entwine. A rope. 




14 nnQ?D flax, linen. 

HDD melt, dissolve. Loose. 

15 miD newness, freshness, moisture. 

A fresh (jawbone). 

16 iDn disturb, trouble, put into 

disturbance or discord. I have 
put them into the utmost dis- 
order. D'mnn v'on. 
19 tJ?nD bray, pound, beat to pieces. 
The mortar-hole, not jawbone. 

Chapter XVI. TID 

2 IZnn silent thought, attention. 

3 TT move, move to and fro. mTto a 

mn to pass from place to place, 

to flee. A bar which thus passes. 
P)nD to bind together. The 

7 irV exceed, excel. A rope, string, 

or cord. 

nn? smoothness or the like. 
Fresh, opposed to tDS' dry. 
9 pHD draw away or asunder, pluck 

7nD twist, entwine. A thread. 

m action or breathing of air in 
10 7nrT mock, banter, trifle. 

12 t^n compact. A thread. 

13 ms weave. A shuttle, a loom. 

^^n denotes passing, succession 

after. Lock of hair. 
'yD'Q mix, intermix, nana the 


14 'Spn to force or drive one thing 

against another, fasten. 
16 p2 press, press down. 
^bN urge, teaze, distress. 

1 7 m** to direct. miD a razor, 
nbn shave. 
TV7tl faint or languid. 

20 ~I2?3 agitate, move briskly. 

21 "1p3 bore, dig or cut out. 

into comminute, reduce to 
powder. To grind. 

25 pnW conflict, make sport. 

pH'^ laugh, make sport or di- 
riD V to incline, turn aside, 
ptn bind, hard. Grasp. 

26 WTy^ feel, grope. 

27 yy a flat expanded roof. nD^ to 


Chapter XV IL P 

3 ^D overspread. TODD a covering. 

4 ^1!S melt, refine. A Refiner. 

5 nDI give way, relax. Teraphim. 

10 *Tn37 set in order or array, "p^ 

Dnn a suit of clothes. 

11 bW will, resolve, determine. 

Chapter XVIIL n' 

2 ^pn search minutely and exactly, 


3 D vH beat, smite, strike upon. 

Hither, here. 

6 nD3 straightness, directness, right- 

ness. Directly opposite to, over 
against, before. 

7 tOptt? quiet. 

D v3 put to shame. (See 7th verse.) 
vD'' any kind of power or ability. 
1'2V restrain, stop. 


9 nt&n denotes forbearance of action 
or speaking. D'tOTD still, in- 
active. DVn msn the day is 
ready to pitch. 

h'^V slothful, idle, loiter. 

10 Dn*' nnm broad of hands. 
^DH abate, want. 

11 "inn gird, gird round. 

22 p^l adhere, cleave. Overtook. 
25 ?|DN gather, take off, destroy. 
30 n7^ remove or be removed. 

Chapter XIX. tD'' 

1 "^l"^ as ^"1M to be long. rr3T the 

side of a country. 
3 "TJiS to couple or join together, 

be in pairs. A pair. 
7 "Hl^D press hard, urge with violence. 
TrD support, sustain. 

ti?3 vD a concubine. jVd to divide, 
and XD7Z. 
10 ti?^n bind round or about. 

7172 who, which, what not ? msrrD 
delay, dally. A traveller. 
17 mS to go in a track. 
nD*1 give way. 

21 h'D, mingle. Mingle (for the 

M5D scrape, sweep together. 
1DDQ provender. 

22 pDT knock, knock against. 

24 brim separate, sever. Tf7^T\l a 

marriageable virgin. 
27 ^D cavity, concave, hollow. A 

lintel, a threshold. 

29 b^M to eat up, devour. nb5D a 
large knife or sword. 

nriD cut in pieces. 

Chapter XX. 3 

1 bnp collect together. 

2 n3S to turn. ni:D the heads. 
i!i' set, settle, place firmly. 

4 n2i*n manslaughter or murder. 

6 DT devise, imagine, think. A 

wicked imagination or device. 

7 mn come, give. 

10 nm nnn 10,000. 

13 n3?n clear ofT. 

16 IIDN obstruct, shut. Obstructed 

in his right hand, i. e., not able 

readily to use it. 

Vbp to sling. 

NtCjn deviate from, miss a scope 
or aim. 
26 n^ empty, meagre, thin. To fast. 

31 7D to raise, elevate. m^DQ risings, 

elevations, highways. 
pn3 draw away. 

32 ^12 hit, strike against. Smite. 

33 TO break, burst, or thrust forth. 

37 tt?n hasten. 

l^C?D divest, strip oflf. Rush forth. 
"]2?tt draw, advance. 

38 13?"^ appoint. n3>lQ set time, signal. 

M127D bear. nW'CD elevations, 

40 nbD totality. b>b3 entire con- 

sumption, i. e., the smoke. 

41 bnn hasten, precipitate, affright. 

42 p'21 adhere. Hiph. join, overtake. 

43 "nnm enclose, encompass. 

45 nbr, yhV ascend repeatedly. 
Glean, come up to. 


Chapter XXI. SD 

3 "Tp'O take notice. To be wanting, 

do as missing. 
6 Dn3 change of mind. Repent or 
VTi break, cut, or cast off. 
10 Cnn total separation from a former 

state. Cut off, destroy utterly. 
16 TttU? destroy, abolish. 

17 tlivD escape, get away, 
nn^ wipe, blot out. 

19 nn circularity of motion. A r*'- 
ligious feast. 

21 bn a hole or opening. To pipe 

with pipes. 
P|tDn seize suddenly, catch. 

22 Dtt?M guilty. 

23 ^tn take away by violence. 


Chapter I. W 

6 WD angry, irritate, provoke. 
n^ bind close. Oppressor, afflicter. 
D3?"1 violent commotion or con- 
cussion. Agitated with vexation. 
9 tT move, move to and fro. rmra 
a door-post. 
10 nbs separate. \hZ) in Hithp to 

13 1ZW satisfy, satiate. Drunken. 
Let out onesflf for hire, ch. ii. 5. 
16 nW incline, bow. Be humbled. 
n'O thought. 

20 P|p3 go round, surround, encom- 

pass. N. F. mopn revolution. 

21 bttD retribution or return. To 

wean a child. 

25 lints' drain. Slay (see verse 28). 

28 ')n*'nbsli?rT I made him sup- 
p'icate vthe Lord always). 

Chapter If. 2 

1 J(7V exult, leap for joy. 

mm dilate, make broad or wide. 

3 ipnV remove, withdraw. (Per- 

verseness, distort, retort.) 

bb37 do, perform, effect, still to 
ascend. Things brought to pass, 
deeds, performance. 

)Dn direct, regulate. 

4 nn broken, give way. 
blCD stumble. 

"ITS surround, encompass. 

5 vXiN languish. bbi2H extremely 
weak, feeble. 

7 bOtl? humble oneself, be humbled. 
nStZ? to put or set in order, dispose. 

nDtt? a dunghill. 

8 nmS acquiescence. ]vaNpoor, in 

this sense, from poverty. 




8 !i*T3 free, liberal. D'an: dig- 
nities, princes, nobles. 
p!J press, press down, compress. 
The compressors of the earth. 

13 vII7l2 concoct, ripen. Dress with 

fire, roast, boil. 
3 vT curvature. A flesh-hook. 

14 13 to be round. nV3 a caldron or 

furnace, pot. 

14 "Tin separated. "Yn a kettle, 
nn Vp a caldron, kettle. 

TnD break or divide entirely. ll"iD 
a pot or kettle. 

15 nlCp fume, make to smoke. Of- 

fering by fire, whether by in- 
cense or sacrifice. 
nblJ roast. 
17 \^S3 cast off, reject, despise. 
1 9 ^VT2 decline. b'3>n a robe. 
25 D'^rT/M metaphorically, judges. 
VvD pronounce or execute judg- 
27 rn2 remove. Discover, reveal. 

29 t^m kick, spurn at, with a follow- 

]^^ remain, dwell. 
S~Q production. ni fat, plump. 

30 nbbn far be it. God forbid. 

32 1223 look, behold, regard. 

33 3"7 murmur. an causing to 

36 n3S gather, collect. (A small 
piece or coin.) 
"IDD a flat, roundish form. A 

cake of bread. 
nDD join, unite. 

Chapter III. 3 
1 ynD break out or through. A 

vision (of the glory of the Lord) 
breaking forth. 

2 7171^ restriction, constriction, &c. 

Shrink, contract. 

3 n^D extinguish, quench, put out. 
11 b!J shade. Ring, tingle. 

13 nbp lightness, "^bp exceeding vile. 

14 "IQD cover, overspread. 

17 "THD take off or away. Conceal. 

Chapter IV. 1 

2 t27tD3 loose, relax, spread. 
ID measure. A garment, 
np rend or rent. 
13 nD!$ overspread, survey, watch. 

15 pnO break, break off. The neck. 
19 nblD totality. Daughter-in-law. 

V** cry or shriek out, as a woman 
in labour. 

nXSn hide, protect, 'on a hus- 
band's father. 

VI'D bow, sink down. 

^Dn turn or change the condition. 

Chapter V. H 

2 3!^"^ set place, or leave in a certain 

4 ^riD smite, strike. |nCO threshold. 

6 bC57 elevated, raised up. cbDV 
emerods or painful swellings. 

9 '^nW to be hidden, i. e., to be in 
the secret parts. 

Chapter VL *) 

2 nop divine, presage, prognosticate. 
4 nniDV a mouse. 



6 5?nD free, set free, deliver. 


7 bn3? round. (A carriage or car.) 

IDS confine, restrain, bind. A 
chariot, &c. 

8 tyi motion. pn a small portable 


11 nni^ fetch one's breath deep. 


12 ItZ?"* straight, even. (Keep straight 

in going.) 

TIV^ low or bellow. 
18 ^DD cover. Village. 

T"1D disperse, scatter. (An open) 

Chapter VTI. t 

2 Tiy^ press, afflict. Sorrow. 

5 V-*P gather, collect. 

6 D!^ empty. Fast. 

9 nbtO a young kid. 
nbn fat. 

Chapter VIII. PT 

3 ^!^n break or cut off. Cut off 

every scrap of money he can. 
n t27"lQ spread. Horsemen or riders. 

12 VS'in silent thought. Ploughing 

or earing. 

13 np~l a composition of various 

spices. . Confectioners, 
ni^ butcher, slay. (A cook.) 

Chapter IX. ID 

v3 ]nM strength. A she ass. 
5 3MT troubled, in commotion 

7 ViM go away, go off, fail. 
^IW view, behold. mwn a 
12 HD^ high, elevated. 
15 n v2l remove, uncover, reveaJ. 
17 "H!^^ restrain, retain. 
20 IDn desire earnestly, covet. 
22 nDti?b a chamber, room, 
24 m lift up, exalt, elevate. 

pt2? move, run, push, pwa shoulder. 

Chapter X. * 

1 "^D disjoin, set loose. (A vial.) 

1^2 stand over, shew oneself. 
Commander, chief. 

2 DISS loose, relax, let go, leave. 

3 P\Vn pass, pass on. 

5 i^^D stand. A military station, a 


7Dn tie, bind, connect. A string 
of persons. 

v3D fall or flow down. A jug or 
flagon. A psaltery. A musical 
instrument resembling the above. 

?]n smite, strike. A tabret, a 

6 "^Sn turn or change the condition. 
22 Snn hide, conceal. 

\^n V press, squeeze, crush. 

Chapter XI. * 

2 1p3 bore, dig, or cut out. 

3 HDI give way, stay, forbear. 

7 T^^ join or couple togethei in 

nH^ cut in pieces. 
1 1 \^S3 dissipate, disperse, scattered. 




Chapter XII. !!'' 

o pWV oppress, press, rush upon. 
^n run. Crush. 
21 nnn confusion. Vanity. 

br*" profit. 
25 HDD sweep away. 

Chapter XIII. 3^ 

4 tt7Sn stink. 

5 li^lD spread out or abroad. Horse- 

men or cavalry. 

6 W^^ close to, press. Distress, 

nn catch, or hold as with a hook 

or clasp. (Thickets.) 
nni5 cry aloud, roar aloud. 

(Hollow places.) 

nn clear, cleanse. (A pit.) 

7 "Tin move with quickness. 


12 p^M put a force upon, constrain. 

13 vDD pervert, turn away. (Acted 

17 nnti? corrupt, spoil, mar, destroy. 

20 Wa? wet, sharpen. 

21 niiJD press hard. A file. 

W1T1 silent thought. To plough. 
A plough-share. 

27 Vp a tine or a spike of a fork, 
Three-tined instrument or fork. 

S"TT sharp, acute. (The point of 
a goad.) 

Chapter XIV. T 

1 t V turn aside, decline. This, this 

4 ^W to repeat. A tooth. (A point 

or crag of a rock.) 

5 p^ press, press down. (Lay or 

set down.) 

vD cutoff. Ijid boundary (forefront.) 

6 "niJ^S? restrain. 

15 t2l motion, commotion, agitation. 


16 nD!i overspread. (To watch.) 

yf2 dissolve, melt. 
Dvn beat, strike, or smite down. 
22 pm cleave ; with "\n pujsued 

hard after. 
24 ti?!l3 close to. (Straitened.) 
D27tD taste. 

26 nii?3 overtake, reach, attain to. 

27 /'D.t^ dip, immerse, plunge. 
HIV bare, make bare. "C" honey- 

28 P\V^ dissolve, melt. (Spent, tired.) 

29 ID 27 trouble. 

83 Tn!3 act treacherously. Clothes. 
34 ^D3 dissipate, disperse. 
36 tn spoil, plunder, strip. 

47 5?ti7"1 scales, unfairness. Overcame. 

48 now rob, spoil. 

52 pTn constringe. Strong. 

Chapter XV. 113 

3 b^n soft, tender. (Pity), com- 


bb37 ascend repeatedly. b'?"iJ^ a 
child, i. e., while growing. 

4 V12iW hearing. In Hith. cause to 

hear, summon. 
6 TltiD scrape, sweep away. 




8 K?Dn lay hold on, catch. 

9 *nD round. A pasture. A Lamb. 

16 HDI give way. (Stay.) 

19 t^V move with quickness, rush 

22 nCC'p liearken. 

23 CDp divine, presage, prognosticate. 
"125 press hard. Stubbornness. 

27 ^33 extremity. Border or skirt. 
29 niJ3 superiority. Excellency. 
33 f\OW cut or hew in pieces. 

Chapter XVL TlD 

7 10II13 look, direct the eye of the 
DStt dilated as a wound. Reject 
with contempt. 

11 n3?n disturb, affright. 
10 p3 strike or play on a musical in- 

18 D3 put forth, utter. Wisdom. 

Chapter XVII. T 

4 niT scatter, disperse. A hand 

spread out. A span. 

5 V^^ stop, keep off. A helmet, 
rrntt? strong, pn a coat of mail. 
D''t2?ptt?p metalline scales of a coat 

of mail. \Dp stiffen. 

G nn^ white, clear. Forehead. 
ID propel, shoot forth. pTD a 

short spear, javelin. 
^n!3 bind together. The shoulders. 
7 ni^n part, ^n shaft (of a spear.) 

7 13^ a weaver's beam or roller. 
mS weave. 

^TV7 burn. Blade of a sword. 

Iron head of a spear. 
]^ pointed, sharp. A large shield. 

8 in clear. Declare. 

10 r)*in strip, divest. Reproach. 

11 nn broken, give way. Dismayed. 

17 r^^p levity, parched corn. To 


18 y^n cut short, shorten. Tender 

cheese, or soft. 
20 W^:: loose. Leave. 

vn3? roud. Encampment. 
25 ti?Dn free from slavery. (Search 

as by stripping.) 
28 IT swell, p^ pride. 

30 b!^M to place by or near. ^!?><d 

34 mi murmur, grumble. The bear. 

38 V^p press down. A helmet. 

39 5103 try, attempt, essay. 

40 bpn a light rod. 

t^p V pick up. A scrip. 
46 135 faint. Carcase. 
49 TlJl)^ white or clear, n^n fore- 

mi^ sink. 

51 IV n divide, cleave. A sheath or 

Chapter XVIII. H'^ 

1 1tt?p bind, bind about. Niphil 
(bound up). 

lDtt?D divest, strip off. (Rush 
4 *TJ3 measure. Garments. 


6 bn an opening, bno piping. 

f]n to strike. A tabret. 
15 1^'^ shrink, be afraid of. 

22 lab hide, wrap up. tcbs secretly. 

23 Wl lack, be in want. Poor. 
25 IH'Q hasten. (Dowry.) 

Chapter XIX. tD> 

10 n^D open. (Withdraw.) 

11 tabtt set free or loose. Escape, 

13 nia3 stretch, nton a couch, a 
n^D multiplicity. T13 (network.) 
n>nD nS the network of goat's 
hair, before its pillows. 

19 npn V a large company. 

24 tatt?Q divest, strip off. 

Chapter XX. D 

3 !3!J5? labour, travail, grieve. 

VW^ pass, go forwards. (A step.) 

12 Ipn search minutely and exactly, 


20 "Hiaa watch, mark. mrJO a mark 

or butt, aimed or shot at with 

SO Tl^V turn out of its proper situa- 
tion, pervert. 
WD. flag, fail. (Confusion, shame.) 
33 btD'^ cast. 

38 Wn forbearance of speaking or 
ni!^ command, impulsive, pro- 
7^ pointed, penetrative. '3is. 

Chapter XXf. D 


3 nbO separate, mbo distinct, par- 

ticular, certain. 

D /-M compress. (Such an one, 

9 ynD hasten, urge. 

10 tb loose. nn'?1T (besides). 

14 nSti? iterate, do over again. So 

to change. 

37tD taste. Discretion, sense, 

7T)n to put a mark. 

bbn open eminently. Pierce or 
run through, bbn to move about 
tumultuously. To stagger in 
their houses. 

m excern, ooze with. Slaver, 

15 VyW distracted, mad. 
1Dr\ abate, want. 

Chapter XXII. DD 

4 m!^ look sideways. n^tD a nar- 

row pass, a strong hold. 

8 "ItZ^p bind, band together, conspire. 
17 V^^ meet with, fall upon. 

Chapter XXIII. ^D 

2 nn^ excite, stir up. HTOn a 

5 nnD carry away, bring, drive. 

7 *nD3 alienated, i. e., abandoned or 
given up. 

21 b^n soft, tender. Pity, 

26 TSn haste, hurry. 

niD2? encompass, surround, 
F 2 




'26 Cl?2n lay hold on, catch, apprehend. 
28 pbr\ smooth, even, equable. 

Chapter XXIV. "T3 

3 ^'V^ profit, benefit, advantage. 

The Ibex (or wild goat.) 

4 11^ make a fence. Walled folds 

or cotes. 

8 VDW split, cleave, rend, cut off 

(from their purpose). 

9 *Tp bow, bow down. 

11 on half close. Spare, pity. 
15 WVn^ a flea. 

Chapter XXV. HS 

1 Y'^P collect, gather together. 

^DD moan, lament. 
3 r\Wp stiff, rough. 

14 ID 37 move, hurry away. (Fly upon 

with insults.) 
18 Jl-SD measure, meet. 

pX2!J dry, without moisture. 

(Bunches of dried grapes.) 
bi*T dr^', dry up. (A cake, dried 

22 \^W to urine, to piss. He who 

pisseth, one pissing. 
29 1^15 bind up closely. A bundle. 
31 pD totter, stagger, stumble. 

vtt73 stumble. A stumbling-block. 
33 D37tD taste. Discretion. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

7 *7^^ compress, squeeze. Stuck. 
1 1 nriQS a pitcher or jar. 
13 DlbDH . Dp to rise, arise. 

19 no stir up, raise, or rouse up. 
Wl^ expel, drive, or thrust out. 
nSD join, unite. 

21 vDD pervert. 

ri-lC? luxuriate, wander. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

1 tt?^ renounce, give over, bid 

8 tDtt?D flay, strip off; Rush forth. 
12 ITWD stink. (Become utterly 


Chapter XXVIII. TID 

7 niS inflation, (inflater.) miM (in- 

flated woman.) 

8 WZif] free from incumbrance. Strip 

off garments. 
DDp divine, presage, prognosticate. 

9 Wp2 lay snares. 

14 .nt03? involution. 

15 tm motion, agitation. Disturbed. 

16 IV raise. One roused in enmity, 

an enemy. 

20 Dp stand up. nmp stature, height. 

21 vHi hurry, precipitate. 

23 "^"HD break out or through. Urge. 

24 pm tie up. pTVQ a stall, 
nttp meal, flour. 

HDM bake, dress. 
TT^f^ squeeze, press. (A cake, 
unleavened bread.) 

Chapter XXIX. ID3 
4 ?)!Jp foam, froth. 


N biDtt? 


4 ^tOli? oppose, be adverse. An ad- 

TT^D be pleased with. (Make 
himself acceptable.) 

Chapter XXX. 7 

2 !in3 carry away.n!!lti?carrycaptive. 
6 "11J bind close. Distress. 

bpD pelt. 
10 n:iD faint. 

12 n7D cleave, cut or split. A piece. 

13 "HXV leave, forsake. 

]6 127103 loose, spread forth. 

2inn dance round and round in 

16 P)ti?3 blow. Evening breeze, 
morning breeze, twilight. 

19 11V separate, sever, set apart. 

20 3n3 carry, drive. 

25 pn describe, trace out. Statute. 

Chapter XXXI. wb 

2 p^*T adhere, stick close. Overtake. 

niD resist, rebel. 
nT* guide, aim. miQ archer. 
4 IpT stab, pierce. b'?3) behave 

9 D.'^V labour, travail. An idol. 
10 mn form into a mass. (A body.) 
Vpn force. Fasten. 


Chapter I. M 
6 ^VW incline, recline. 

t2?~)D spread out. A rider, one 
9 ^^tt? enclose, straiten. Distress. 

10 "Hti separated, set apart. A crown, 

a sign, separation. 21 

"T371^ to step, walk, mrsft an or 
nament or chain (on the arm). 
12 IQD moan, lament. 
15 r^D meet, light upon, fall upon. |22 

^p lament, wail. pp (with in- 

nD!2S swell. Pride, glory, ma- 

HI^'D. high, elevated. 

vlO cast or send forth. Dew. 

m lifted up, exalted, elevated. 
mnnn offerings. 

v2?2l castaway, loathed. 
^D3 recede, retire, go back. 
V 3 



n bwtttc? 

23 1W2 lacerate, cut to pieces. An 


24 Tliy pass over or upon, ny or- 


Chapter II. H 

1.". "^"1^ couch, lie down. TO-Q (pool.) 
It pnti? conflict, collide. 
1 7 ^23 hit, strike against, smite. 
phn loose. Spoil, drawn off from 
an enemy. 

25 l^W bind together, collect. A 

knot of men, or a close body. 

26 n!JD superiority, being above, 

over, or beyond. With "? pre- 
fixed, onward, still, continually. 

Chapter III. 2 

1 "7nW length, long. 

7171 draw out, exhaust. 
8 n^D squeeze, press, crush. 
14 tt7~)S betroth, espouse. 
25 nriD draw aside, withdraw. 
29 bn'' remain, abide. 

nt gush, spring or issue out. An 

^~12J smite or strike with a 
venomous wound. A leprosy, 
a leper. 
pTn bind hard. Hold fast, 

"7 vD support. A staff, 
ion abate, wanting. 
31 IDn gird on. 

33 I'^p lament much. 

34 Tlhv ascend, nbiy oppression, 


34 nnn cut, cut off. 

36 IDn know again, recollect. 
39 "7~1 soft, tender, faint. 

Chapter IV. 1 

4 n33 smite, strike. Lame. 
]X2S steadiness. n:QN a nurse. 
TSn hasten. 

nOD hop, hop about. Lame. 
12 *7'Q couch, lie down. TOia a 
pool or reservoir. 

Chapter V. 71 

nni^ blindness, blind. 

7 m!J side of any thing. m:?Q 

strong-hold, narrow pass. 

8 13^ aqueduct, subterraneous pas- 


18 ti?t23 loose, diffused, spread 

abroad, relax. 
21 nT3? leave. 

n!$37 labour, travail. Idol. 

23 b^ cut off. "j-inD at extremity. 

24 SDI2 some tree or shrub. See 

Gesenius' Lexicon. 
IV)^ step, walk, go forward, mov- 
ing in a stately manner. 

yin shorten, cut short, act vigor- 

Chapter VI. 1 

3 2713 carry, bring, drive. 

5 pnjp conflict, beat, play, dance. 
C?"Tl!ll fir or cedar. 

/i33 fall down, off. A jug or 
flagon, a nabla, psaltery, a mu- 
sical instrument. 


5 ^D move, remove. V2^: sistrum of 

an oval figure. (Cornet.) 
h"^ shade. Vsb:? cymbal. 

6 n")2 excite, pa a threshing-floor. 
lD):2ti? let go, drop, slip, stumble. 

7 row quiet, easy. Negligence, 


13 WHD raise, or swell up. N^D fat- 


14 1^ round, go round. ~I3"I3 dance 

round and round, in circles. 

16 TD solidity, strength. TOO exerting 

"one's strength very much. 

17 11!^'' place (in a certain situation). 
H'^2 stretch, stretch out. 

19 "iStL"* seemly, goodly. "iD^M a 

handsome piece. 
ti7W fire. nMJ^^ earthen jar or 

20 nb^ remove, be removed. Niph. 

22 bcti? humble oneself. Humble. 

Chapter VII. T 
2 ^n*^ broken, break, nj^n' a curtain. 
8 m3 settled habitation. A sheep- 
10 I 111 moved or disturbed. 
12 ^V12i lax, loose. 'J^n the bowels. 
14 n')V turn out of its proper situa- 
tion, pervert. Perverseness. 
22 bT loose, profuse, n'j'i'i besides, 

Chapters VIII. IX. ^ H 

4 IpV cut, hewed. Render chariots 
useless by cutting the wheels. 

7 libti? over or before. Shields. 
11 W^D subdue, subject. 
16 'HDD tell, count. IDID secretary, 

18 ]nD minister. A great officer, a 


Chapter X. '' 

2 OnD comfort. 

3 "Ipn search minutely. 

"7271 turn or change the condition, 

4 nb^ shave. 

Tll^f] part, divide asunder. 
r\W to set. mn\U buttocks. 

Chapter XI. W* 

4 SDtD pollute, defile. 

15 bl2 cut. ':D bM2 ? at the termina- 
tion of the face, towards the 

24 S"T^ to fear, sometimes as HT to 
cast, shoot. D'"\TOn 1"in and 
the shooters shot. 

Chapter XII. S"* 

4 bDn soft, tender. Spare. 

mS go in a track. A traveller. 
14 \^S3 cast off, reject, despise. 
Caused to despise. 

19 tt?nb whisper. A low hissing. 

20 ^^D*^ smear over, anoint. 
31 "11273 lacerate, cut. 

nnn excite. To saw. m;c a saw. 
y"in shorten, cut short. Instru- 



n b*)at2? 

31 "1T21 divide. Axes, 

lUb white. pbD the brickkiln. 

Chapter XIII. H^ 

2 TivJl wounded, sick. 

SvD extraordinary, beyond his 

power, expectation. 
4 vl draw, draw out. bl lean, thin. 
,') Hl'^ to feed, eat, take food. Cause 

to eat food, victuals. 
G Slab move or toss up and down. 

Cakes, pancakes. 

8 p'^D, made soft by moistening. 

Paste, or dough unleavened. 

li?b to knead. 

vtt7ll to ripen, as fruit by the heat 
of the Sun. Dress or roast. 

9 mtt? personal attendance or mi- 

nistry, mirn n the preparation 
or cookery. So Vulgate, quod 
p!S^ pour, pour out. 
13 P)*in strip, make naked, divest. 
Reproach, disgrace. 

16 m'' cast forward, nnw propelling 

causes. nMH bn on account of. 

17 br3 fasten. 

18 DD diminish. Small shreds. 

Stripes of various colours. 

19 "ID break. 1D small ashes, dust. 

20 UDW place with great care. Be 

exceedingly desolate. 
29 "TID divide, separate. A mule. 

Chapter XIV. T 

6 nS3 shoot, break. Strive, contend. 

7 nilD extinguish, quench, put out. 

vTO glow, shine. A Jive coal. 
An only son. 

13 nWn add, superadd. Think. 
m3 impel, force, thrust. Banished. 

14 iy^ spread abroad, pour out. 

18 ^^^ take oS or away. Conceal, 

hide, remove. 
26 nbl to shave. 
30 n^*" to burn. 

Chapter XV. 1^ 

12 nWp bind, bind about. Con- 

14 TlJll drive, impel, push, thrust 

19 rrP^l remove. An exile. 

24 p^ press, (lay or sit down). 

28 nDHDHQ tarry, delay. 

30 n^n cover, 
^rr^ foot- worn. 

31 bDD pervert, turn. 

Chapter XVI. TtD 

1 TX3^ couple or join together. 
l2?Sn bind round orabout. Girded. 
pD^ dry, without moisture. PI. 
bunches of dried grapes. 

yp'^ awake. Summer. Summer- 

6 bpD pelt. 

10 IDM confine, restrain. 
ID turn aside. 

13 37bl^ to be or go on the side. 

14 Tr\V^ dissolve, melt. D^D'y. 

Chapter XVII. T 
12 bis cast or send forth. Dew. 


n biX2t 


13 ^nD drag, draw by force or vio- 
mp meet, coalesce. City. Wall. 

18 "ni^n surround, confine. An open 

10 ntiiti? spread abroad. 

nDI give way. mon pounded corn. 

20 73"^ power, ability. D>Dn byo 
shallow water, a little water 
which may be passed through. 

22 11V separate, set apart. 

23 p^ strangle. 

28 r)D cavity, concave, hollow. A 

bowl, a bason. 

"n!;5'* form, fashion. A potter, 

t^n compact, fasten together. 

r\t2p meal, flour. 

n7D separate, sever. biQ a bean. 
(See Gen. xxxv. 30, Esau's pot- 

W1V idea uncertain. D'13? 
lentiles, a kind of pulse, from 
which a pottage of a chocolate 
colour was made. 

29 nSlZ? clash, crush, break by im- 

pulse. Flesh of kine or beef, 
not cheese of kine, used for 
some sort of provisions, perhaps, 
potted beef. 

Chapter XVIII. PT^ 

5 tDM7 involve, hide. Secretly, 

9 '^'2W implicate, entangle. 

thick boughs. 
14 Vpn force, thrust. 


3 VW^ save. S"n deliverance, vic- 
H"!^!? labour, travail. Vex one- 
self, grieved. 

6 t^vQ free, set free, loose. 
11 ^Wn add, superadd. Count, 

23 ^t^W oppose, be adverse. 

25 DDti? upper lip, or hair growing 
DDD wash. 

27 riDD pass over by intervals. 


28 "byi smite, strike with the feet. 

With 1 following, to slander. 

33 vDv3 support, maintain. 

Chapter XX. 3 

8 Wp stiff, hard. 

niD a garment. 

'\ni2 firm, solid. D'2no the loins. 

1Vr\ divide, cut. A sheath. 
10 "^DK? pour out, shed. 
13 nun bring, carry forth. 

15 vD raise, elevate, bbo a high 
bank, a mount, 
nntt? corrupt, spoil, mar, destroy. 

Chapter XXI. 3 

5 IS!^** fixedness, steadiness. Settle. 

6 Vp'^ strain, stretch. (Hang.) 

7 b^n soft, tender. (Compassionate.) 
10 '~]r\'2 pour out, distil. 

inV expand, dilate, diffuse. Open. 
1 nn motion, commotion, agitation. 14 Tl^'D extinguish, quench. 

Disturb. 1 19 l^'D a weaver's beam, A roller. 

Chapter XIX. li' 



n biatt7 

20 "TS5 to measure in length and 
breadth, pn 1D''M a man of large 

Chapter XXII. ^D 

2 1)S^ a narrow pass, a strong hold. 

m!J to look sideways. 

3 D3 a quick, waving, or tremulous 

motion, A place to flee to. A 

5 ^DN face on all sides, surround, 
"n^tZ? separate contiguous parts, 

break. Billows, large waves. 
nVD. disturb, affright. 

8 t^yn shake. 

TUT motion, commotion, agitation. 

9 bnn to glow, shine. A live coal. 

10 vDni? thick darkness. Lowth 
Qthick vapour). Fjiy flow down, 
and Vd thick darkness. 

12 IWn collect, gather together. 

Collection, condensation, dark- 
nm^ thick, gross. A cloud. 

1 3 n33 bright, glitter, shine. Splen- 

dour shining. 

15 p1^ lightening, lighten. 

)6 pD3 draw forth. pD effusions, 

ivy restrain, repress. With a 2 

following, to rebuke. 
UWy breathe. 

19 HT project. TM violent calamity. 

IVW incline, recline. Staff, sup- 

20 ^bn loose, set loose, draw out. 
22 3^27"! equal poise of a pair of scales. 

TiS""* bi and I was not deficient 
(in righteousness.) 
23 pn describe, trace out. A statute. 

26 n2!l strong, powerful. Establish, 


27 Wp'V to pervert. Perverse. 
n^D separate, sever, distinguish. 

28 vC27 humble oneself, brought low. 

Bring low. 
31 P\1'2 melt, refine. Prove, try. 

33 in go round. Explore. 

34 mtU? make equal, plain, level. 

35 nn broken. 

36 D^V time, opportunity. n3?. 

37 IVl^ totter, stagger, slip. 

vD'Hp soles or bottoms of the feet. 
TVip to meet, and to to raise a 
39 ^riD drive, plunge in, strike 

41 PpV distil. The neck. 
nD!i cut off, destroy. 

42 HVW look, regard. 

43 tDtS mire, mud. To spot. 
p*T beat or be beaten small. 
Vpl stretch forth, extend. 

45 Wn^ fail, be deficient. (Fail 

with regard.) 

46 nbn wear, waste away. 

I^n gird. Niph. feel girds or 

Chapter XXIII. ^'D 

2 7tt cut, articulate. nVn a word. 

4 1]^12 shower down, cause to rain. 

Rain. A shower of rain. 

5 njy^ spring, sprout, produce. 

6 ID move, remove, cast away. 


7 nmi? cease, leave off. An 

iO t^tZ^D divest, strip off. 

12 b!^3 take away. Deliver. 
16 Vp'D. cleave, break forth. 

20 bS^nS a lion of God. 
y7W snow. 

21 bn take away by violence. 


Chapter XXIV. ID 


2 ntOG? decline, go or turn aside. 

10 bUD pervert, turn away. Folly. 

12 bti!)3 impose, lay on. 

22 T^12 impel, propel. A tribula, 
i. e., a kind of threshing-instru- 
ment made of wood, but furnished 
with iron teeth. See Parkhurst. 

24 nn^ barter, commute. Price. 



Chapter I. M 

5 'TT' length. Thigh-bone. 

11 HDZD melt, consume. D^DQ levies. 
bSD support, bear, carry 
pD lay up, treasure up 

store cities. 

12 y^lQ break out or forth. 
yp fret, lacerate, wound. 

13 "]~1D break, rend. Violence, 


15 ib'^ to cause to bring forth. 

rrh'"0 midwives (Hebrew). 

16 nsn to build p (the stone 

troughs, bathing troughs,) Bate. 

Chapter TI. "D, 

2 rrr^ the moon, the lunar light. 

3 S^2 sup up, swallow. Egyptian 

reed or papyrus. 

3 TT2, hollow, mn an ark. 
riDT pitch or bitumen. 
bXSn soft, tender. Pity, compas- 
13 "^3 strive, rush upon. Flee away. 
16 nb"T draw. n)2S say, talk, think. 
tDm run, run down. A gutter, 
a trough. 

23 n3N sigh, groan. 

24 pMD groan, make a doleful noise. 

Chapter III. 2 

2 nb vibrate, m"? brandishing flame. 
n3D a bush. (Bate) a palm-tree. 

5 bt!7 loose, loosen. 

6 t^D3 to look, rj'nrro. 




G 2733 close to, extort. A task- 
SS3 mar, Spoil. Grief. 

8 nt gush, spring, issue out. 

9 yVO press, crush, oppress. Op- 


20 Sbo SbCD extraordinary, won- 


22 723 take away, spoil. 

Chapter IV. T 

S 'Sl'ii smite or strike with venomous 
matter. Leprous, leprosy. 

1 ] Q vM compress. Silent, mute. 
Win silent thought or attention. 

Deaf, dumb, or silent. 
1*1^ blind. 

21 nC entice, persuade. HBD a 

persuasive fact, event, sign, 
miracle, wonder. 
26 nO*n idle, forbear, loosen. Let 
him alone. D'Dn: idle. 

Chapter V. H 

1 3n circularity of motion or form. 
Religious feast. 

7 1'^^ cut or shatter to pieces, 


t27p collect. XDtDp pick up as it 
were one by one. XDp stubble. 

8 l^n direct, regulate. Measure. 
n3 subtract, withhold. 

9 T\VW look, regard. 

10 YM press, urge, hasten. 

Chapter VI. 1 
1 t2?'n3 expel, drive or thrust out. 

9 H^p cut short. Extreme grief. 
18 V^IS? anything too forward. Pro- 
tuberant, or over hasty. An 

20 273D meet. ]nn affinity by mar- 
riage. A father-in-law. 

TT affectionate love, vm his aunt. 
pM3 sigh, complain, groan. 

Chapter VII. T 

3 71 n^ to come. A sign or token. 
9 n3n shriek, wail. A serpent. 
11 P\W^ discover, disclose, reveal. 
D'D'C30 enchanters, sorcerer. 
Dt^nn a kind of diviners. TQin 
a pen, and DD to perfect. 

13(17 burn up, set on fire. Arti- 
ficial flame, rather than enchant- 
14 ^S^ refuse. 

18 nS^ fail, faint, weary. |K'ii3 loathe. 

19 D3S pond. D3 full, copious. Pools, 
nip stretch, stretch out, tend. 

Place of water. Ditch or lakes. 

27 3?TnD!$ frogs. Sting-flies (Bate.) 

id:? brisk action of light, and t 
to feel, to fly. 

28 *13 split, ii^n a furnace or oven. 

li^W remain, be left as a residue. 
I'Dn^iUQ thy kneading or leaven- 
ing vessels. 

Chapter VIII. PI 

4 inV pray, entreat, 

5 ISD adorn, beautify. 

9 I'^n court, town, village, nnian. 




10 1^!? to collect together. 

"1X3n disturb, put in disorder. 
A homerful. A cliomer or 

11 m motion or breathing, air in 

motion, mn respiration, respite, 

12 ^D make ready, fit. DD3 some 

winged insects, gnats or mos- 

17 mi? mix. A mixture of insects 
(Parkhurst's Lexicon). Some 
sharp biting insect. Raven 
(Bates j. Bochart calls it al- 

19 mD separate, distinguish, rescue, 
redeem. A distinction. 

22 D5?n loathe, nauseate, abominate. 
bpD pelt or throw. 

24 pr\1 remove far off. 

25 hnr\ mock, banter, trifle. 

Chapter IX. ti 

3 I'D,! drive, lead. A murrain of 
cattle. Pestilence. 
'T27'> to appoint, n^io a set time. 

8 nSn cover, veil, overlay. In pi. 

D' the two hands. D'iSrr. 
nS3 breathe, blow. n^D ashes. 
WDD subdue, subject. ]ina3 a 

pit sprinkle, dispose^ 

9 pnM collide, wrestle. Small dust 

or powder. 
]nW warm, hot. A burning boil. 
mQ break forth, sprout out, 

HVD, swell, swell up or out. 

nwas^lM tumours. 

15 TnD taken oft' or away, remove. 

17 vD raise, elevate. b'jD raise up 

very high, "jbinDn raise oneself 
in insolent oppression. 

ninrn nbl truly, for this 

18 "T"l2l congelation. Hail. 

19 T^ strength, vigour, hasten, remove. 
28 fjC add, increase. ]DDn. 

30 0113 the time in which, i. e. yet 


31 nti7Q to strip. D^ncD flax, linen. 
SS swell, heave. Corn, swollen or 

dilated (in ear). New corn 
still green. 3a. 

75?^^ boiled, podded. In pod. 

32 DDD to have long hair. nnD3 zea, 

spelt, a species of corn. 

^HD pour out. 

vQN hide, conceal by interposing 
opaque matter. 

Chapter X. ' 

4 ^"HM lie in wait or ambush. A 

11 W12 expel, drive. 
19 Vpn force or drive. 

21 Wl2fee\. 

22 bCS hide. (Thick darkness.) 

24 i!^*^ place, left in a certain situation. 

26 DID part, break in pieces. (The 


Chapter XL N> 

^in cut short. Snarl or jar (the 







Chapter XII. S*^ 

71W a lamb or kid. One of the 
smaller cattle. 

2?3D subdue, subject. (A Iamb.) 
A sheep. 

DD reckon, number, count. 

HDDD number, amount, price. 

Dm embrace. Mill-stone. 

tonti? drain, drain off blood. (Kill.) 

TT move to and fro. Side door- 
posts, on which the door moves. 

V\pW look, turn towards, or front 
an object. The frontispiece or 

nb!$ roast, toast, or bake (by fire). 

n!;^^ squeeze, press. A cake, 
unleavened bread. 

-nj2 vs^y bitter. Bitter things, 
or herbs, or ingredients. 

"hWD. concoct, coquere. Dress 
with fire. (Boiled.) 

S3 fail, be deficient. (Not 
thoroughly dressed.) 

V^'D bow, sink down. The legs. 

bp!2 a light rod or twig. r^p. 

TSn haste, hurry. 

nOD pass over. Halt, stop. 

yn applied to the celebration of a 
religious feast. 

nnBl7 destroy. 

pn describe or trace out. Ordi- 
nance. A defined statute. 

rO.W cease, leave off, rest from. 

-iStt? remain. (Flesh.) Leaven. 

V^n to ferment. Fermented or 

leavened as bread. Leaven. 
"fWb to employ. n3bD employ- 
ment, work. 

19 rrnT to be diffused, niw a native, 
opposed to a sojourner. 

21 1N!5 fruitful, abundant. (Sheep.) 

22 "IDS bind together. (A bunch.) 
it gush, spring, issue, m 

V212 dip, immerse, plunge. 
^D concave, hollow. A bowl. 
34 p'^'D. made soft by moistening. 

Paste, unleavened dough. 
b!J3 take away, took from. 
*1M12? remain. Leaven. Dn^^4^^D 

kneading vessels or bags ; or 


39 !13? bake upon or under the coals. 

A cake. 
r\72nr::i delay, dally. Shilly- 

nD who, for 'Q. 

40 ntZ?"^ sit down. n'sDin a sojourner, 

a lodger, a traveller. 
44 1D\D satisfy, satiate. lOir hired 

48 b"1^ superfluous. Uncircumcised. 

Chapter XIII. n** 

2 ")T^D open. 

10 ly beyond. mriD appointed 

12 n^W emit, send forth. Issue, 


13 r|"13? distil, fall down. (Kal) to 

break the neck, or, rather, cut 

off the neck. 
TlWp constringe. nicpn obstinately 

16 ?]t2ta fix, fasten. Frontlets. nCiDTO 

scrolls of parchment. 
18 l2?Dn arrayed, marshalled by 



22 nt2?D draw out or forth, withdraw. 

Chapter XIV. T 

2 n!D3 straightness, directly opposite, 

over against. 

3 '^'22 entangled, perplexed. 

5 nnn pass from place to place, flee. 
7 WbW three. Captains, third men. 
9 W^^ overtake. 
ICnn silent, quiet. 
127^2 spread abroad. " A rider, 

brr^ wait, hope, tarry. Vn strength, 

24 "1XS27 keep, keep safe, preserve. 

m^'^< a watch, one-third of the 
night, from sun-setting to sun- 

25 n3D turn. ]m a wheel. 

nriD carry away, (to lead,) drive. 
27 Wnp to meet, myb for meeting 
(over against). 

"1273 agitate, move briskly. Tran- 
sitively (shake off). 

Chapter XV. "IID 

1 nWIl increase, rise. Exalted in 

glory, triumph. (Bate.) And 
p3 exaltation. 
TMT^ cast, throw, project. 

2 71^^ dwell, reside. Habitation. 

^m:><T and I will make him my 
home or refuge, rest. 

4 nn** throw, cast. (Direct.) 

5 ni2ir[ multitude, turbulency. nnnn 

the deep (or depths), 
nb^ shade, shadow. m'JISQ 
bottom waters. 



6 mS be or become magnificent, 

glorious, illustrious. 
\^1?") crush, break by crushing. 

7 Dnn break through, break in. 
nnn heat, burn, pin heat, wrath 

8 TZnV naked. D-i2>2 heaped up. 
bW distil, trickle. Trickling 

streams, rills. 
SDp condensed, compacted, coagu- 

9 pi evacuate, draw forth. 
Wy^ possess, repossess. 

10 f]W blow. The twilight. 

bbli overshadowed, overwhelmed. 
"1D37 comminute. msiJ^ lead. 

13 Tin^ lead, guide, conduct. 
bS^ vindicate, avenge, redeem. 
bn3 tend, lead on, or guide 


14 m motion, commotion, agitation. 

Disturb, tremble, 
bn to make an opening. Vn pain, 

tcbO roll oneself (as in dust or 

ashes). Palestina. 

15 bnn hurry, precipitate, or hasty. 

Niph. hurried, terrified. 
15?^ tremble, shake. 
y^ dissolve, melt, jq: melt away. 

16 n^^-S terror. 

17 l?t23 plant. 

24 ]b stay, abide. Kal and Hiph. 

dwell or harp upon, 
^b murmur, grumble. 

25 pHD sweet, agreeable to the taste. 
nD3 try, attempt, essay. 

26 nbnTO sickness. 





27 "Ittn straight, upright. A palm- 

Chapter XVI. tID 

3 "ID decline, turn aside. TD a pot, 

13 ribW quiet, easy, secure, lb" 

quails, from living easy among 
blfi cast or send forth. Dew. 

14 pT small, beaten small. Small. 

A passing allowance, pieces to 
be regarded. 

DQOn rabbins say, " round;" sphe- 
rical, rpn to beat, and DD a 
piece, a bit (small or fine). 
Vulgate, quasi pilo tusum, thinner 
than bran. 

IDS cover, overspread. The 

16 ^ph pick, pick up or gather. 

bri reciprocation. A human scull. 
Men reckoned by their heads. 
DDTIWD^ byb^ "IDDD according to the 
number of your persons. 

17 tD^tt diminished, lessened. Little. 

18 V\1V superabundant, superfluous. 

Hiph. have over or above. 
IDn abate, diminish. TDH fall 
20 Vh lick up, absorb, ybin a worm. 
Tltyi cast forth. A worm. To 
produce worms, i. e., crawl with 
^2p foam, froth, to be in a violent 
23 nSN dress or heat through. Bake. 
btt?n dress with fire. Roast, boil. 
31 13 assault. (Coriander, Gesenius.) 

31 nQ!J a pitcher. A pitcher cake 
made by the Arabs. 

33 ^!2 pointed, &c. ni^SS an urn or 
pot, with a wide belly and a 
straight-pointed mouth. 

Chapter XVII. r 

3 Stt!^ thirst. 

^'D make ready, established. 

13 tt?bn throw or cast down. Sub- 


14 ^rO mark, engrave, write. 

15 D3 quick, waving, or tremulous 

motion. (See verse 18.) A 
banner or ensign. 

Chapter XVIIl. n> 

8 nsb weary, tired, nnhn weari- 


9 n"Tn brighten, exhilirate, made 

joyful. rm on account of. 
11 "TT swell, be tumid, as with pride. 

18 bn3 wither, fail, fade. 

19 V^ cut or pluck off. bio on or 

towards. The forefront. 

20 int shine, be clear. (Instruct 


21 HTn fasten, settle, -^i^yvvui. Pan- 

gere, i. e., to see, fix thine eyes 
upon or provide, behold. 
37^2 break or cut off, as (pieces 
of metal). Trans, covetousness 
(every scrap of money he can). 

Chapter XIX. 10> 

4 1W^ lacerate, cut or tear in pieces. 

An Eagle. 


5 vHD gain or acquire to oneself. A 
peculium, a peculiar property or 

9 HIIV thick, gross. 
10 VD-D wash, cleanse by washing, 
wash thoroughly. ym wash 

12 ^23 set up a boundary. Bound, 

terminate. Hiph. bound, set 
bounds to. 

1 3 bpD pelt (with stones that he die). 

711'^ direct, aim. Shoot as arrows. 
Shot with an arrow. 

bn'^ length, distance. bT the 
blast of a trumpet. 

'^W}2 draw. Long, extended. 

21 Dnn break through. 

Chapter XX. D 

4 n3X3 distribute. nsiDn similitude, 

7 Tlp'2 clear, clear away. 

M1ti7 vanity. A vain thing. 

1 3 n^T manslaughter or murder. 

14 P)S3 satiate one's thirst by drinking. 

Unlawful venereal gratifications, 
i. e., to commit adultery. 

] 7 T^n desire earnestly, covet. 

1 8 273 move, remove, wander. 

25 T3 take off" or away (of stone 

chipped, hewn, polished). 
r)3 reach out, stretch forth. 

mn drain off', and waste, &c. A 

26 hV^ decline, deflect, go aside. 

n'?S', mbyo steps or stairs. 
rnV bare, make naked. Naked- 

ni^tt? 65 

Chapter XXI. 3 

2 W^n free from incumbrance, 

or from slavery. 

in kindness, affection, nsn out of 
mere kindness. 

3 P)33 hit, strike against (the body.) 

1033 i. e., with his own body that, 
&c. By himself. 

vl7I2 have or take possession or 
authority over anything, i. e., 

6 Q'^nvM applied to judges. 

^yiSJ^ pierce through, perforate. 
S'Sian with an awl. 

7 V^ displeasing. 

8 1V^ to appoint, betroth, mr be- 

trothed her. 

vI2?tt rule, have power. 

HDD deliver up, sell. 

n*inM another (wife). 

10 Tl^V to act upon. Cohabit. n22^ 
duty of marriage. 

^13 subtract, withhold, rrwjj 
her food or flesh. 

13 nl!^ look sideways (lie in wait). 

n3N cause to come, oppress, afflict. 
Occurrence or presence of an 

14 If swell, be turned, as with pride, 


18 r|n3 wrap or roll together. rn:n 
a fist. 

22 n!$3 shoot, break forth, break out 
into strife, &c. 

ID pour out. 1^DH effusion, death. 

W^V fine, mulct. 

nbD separate, bbo pronounce or 
execute judgment. D^'j'jD judges. 
G 3 


25 niD to burn. m3 burn. 

37^Q wound. 

"I^n conjoin, mnin a bruise. 
28 nH3 push, strike, or butt, or gore 

as an animal. 
30 "IDD to covet. A fine. 

Chapter XXII. ^3 

1 "inn dig, dig downwards or 

4 IV^, clear off or away, cause to be 

eaten, be feeding. TW a brute 
animal, a beast. 

5 il'2p an end. D'Sp thorns. 

W1^ heap, heap up. A heap of 

corn in stack, not in straw. 
Cp rise, arise, rrop standing corn. I 

8 VWI condemn. 

thw make whole. nnbttJ an outer 
garment, a complete covering. 

9 3K?D breathe, blow, drive away with 

the breath. 
12 Fj'nia tear. That which is torn. 

15 bn^ separate. n'?ini a mar- 
riageable virgin. 

Wa^ betroth, espouse. 
*inD hasten, endow. 
18 ^WD discover, disclose. An en- 
chantress, a sorceress. 
DID cut off, destroy. Denotes 
total separation. 
20 ynb press, squeeze, oppress. 

24- mb join, add, borrow. Cause to 

borrow, i. e., lend. 
ntt?3 loosing, laxity. A loan, a 

*712?D bite. Accumulated interest, 


25 bin bind, tie. To pledge. b:ir\ 
binn take to pledge, or in. 

27 THM curse. 

28 Sb?3 full. n^D fulness (of wine- 
press). (Bate) ripe fruits. 

Vl^l weep. Liquor. (Bate) run 

of thy press. 
Wbn to be full. Fulness. 

Chapter XXIII. 3D 

I Sitt? vain. 

DDH take away by violence. Un- 
righteous, false. 

3 tDH V to burn up. Kindle mischief. 

vb"T exhausted, bl poor. 

^Tn adorn. Respect. 
5 V^"^ ^^ down, couch as a beast. 
8 n^V to blind. 

npQ open. D^npD the seeing. 

"inC? make a present, present a 
gift. A gift, a present. 

^/D pervert, turn aside. 

10 MH to come or go. nNian produce, 
tOttl27 let it rest. Release, cast it 

I I tfiiQtZ? let go, remit, let it rest. 

tt^IfiD loose, set loose, relax. Let 

it alone. 
in^ leave. dlT what they leave. 
12 ITDD breathe, respire. Be refreshed. 
14 hyi smite, strike. (PI.) times. 
16 P)DS gather, gather in. A ga- 

21 mtt resist, stand up, rebel against. 

22 n"'S to be an enemy, persecute. 
ni^ bind close, enclose, straiten, 



23 "irO take off or away. 

24 t2?*in break through, down, destroy. 
^'D,W separate contiguous parts, 

break in pieces. 
D^'' set, settle, &c. Pillars, not 
images, lxx. translate it yjjXaj 

2-5 n vn?3 sickness. 

26 7312? to be wise. rrbD^D suffer 

abortion, miscarry. To be be- 

27 ilDS truth, stability, firmness. 

(D.) nQ' terror. 

28 3?"^!$ smite or strike. The larger 

wasp or hornet. 

29 DT^W place with great care and 

order. In Kal, to be exceedingly 

Chapter XXIV. 13 

G ]3 protect, defend, or covered. HiaN 
a vessel with an edge, a goblet. 
pIT sprinkle. 
7 np read. 

10 ^DD tell, count. A book. TDD a 

kind of precious stone. A sapphire. 
intD clean, clear. Clearness. 

1 1 v^N place by or near oneself, set 

apart. Select ones. Chief men. 

12 nriv a smooth table of wood or 


13 mtZ? personal attendance or mi- 

nistry. im^Q his servant. 

Chapter XXV. HD 

2 Din height. HDTin a present, par- 
ticularly to the priests, an offering. 

mD free, liberal. Give freely. 

nia? 67 

4 n^DH bluish purple, blue azure, 

deeper colour than tDnn. 
Dm to whelm, heap, accumulate. 

Danw purple, purple fish. 
l?7in m. a worm. '>w ^\^sb^T^ the 

turtle insect. Crimson dye, or 

WW brisk, active. White marble. 

Byssus, fine white Egyptian 

TV a goat, any goat's hair. 

5 t!l7nn azure coloured, sky blue, 

violet colour. Ermine skins. 
A badger or some other animal. 

6 DW^ sweet, agreeable. Spices, 

llOp fume, fumigate. Incense. 
DD denotes a drug. Aromatic 

spices. Perfumed. 

7 DntZ? a precious stone, an onyx. 

SvD a setting or enchasing 

precious stones. D^'jq. 
)Wn rough, rugged. Breast-plate. 

9 HDn to build. n^DSn a model, 

1 1 nS!? overspread, overlay. 

mt scatter, spread, it a rim or 
crown, only used for the ark. 

12 p!^'^ pour out. Fuse, found, cast 

as metals. 

VD strike alternately. Four 
corners answering to each other. 

V /!? to be or go on the side. 

13 1^ separate, disjoin. (PI.) staves, 


17 153 to cover. Propitiatory. 

18 nWp stiff, tough, hard. Beaten 


20 *7D cover. "j^D cover, overshadow 
completely and entirely. 



22 "727^ appoint. iyi3 meet. 

25 "I^ID shut, shut up. "i2Da a border. 

HDli spread out, extend. A 
palm's breadth, i. e., four fingers 
transversely. A hand's breadth. 

26 HMD side, extremity. Once used 

to trim, n^crr corners. 

27 UV to collect, nor"? near by, over 


1X2 capacity. D'm places. 

29 IVp deep, myp (dishes, chargers, 

nWp stiff, tough, vnwp cups, 
broad shallow vessels of beaten 

Hp^ clear, clear away, vn^ra 
the broad shallow bowls or dishes. 

31 13 split, separate, or divide. n*i:D 
a candlestick or chandelier. 
"I"!"^ length. n3T the shaft or 
main trunk. 

n3p hold, contain. n:p branches 
made hollow like a pipe. 

37^3 conicalness of form. D'^'ia 
the bowls (like almonds). 

nriDD a round or spherical knob. 
(PI.; balls. HDD to bend, in to 

33 ipW wake, watch. The aUnond- 
tree and fruit. 

38 r\ph take, receive, accept. (PI.) 

tongs. np'jD. 

nnn to keep fire alive, 'nnnn 

39 "^33 a flat roundish form. A talent 

of silver or gold, the latter 
equal to 5,075/. 15s. 7d., the 
former being 3,000 shekels, or 93f 
pounds, equal to 353Z. lis. lOd. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

1 U?*!^ to be broken. nj?n' a covering, 

"iTti? twist together. Part. Hup. 
^WD twisted. 

Zltt?n add, superadd one thing to 
another. Inlay. Embroidery, 

4 Sv V as bb to wind, turn round. 

TMibb loops round. 

H'^p to cut off. The end, the 

5 vDp receive, accept, take. Hith. 

f. pi. nb'lpD receiving, taking 

6 Dip bend, stoop. D'Dip hooks, 

taches, or clasps. 

7 ^nS pitch or spread a tent ; here 

means outer tent or covering for 
the tabernacle. 
r]1WV >nWV eleven. 
9 h^D double. 

vIM cut or pluck off*. Before, 
over against. ':d "jin bn on the 

12 mo spread or stretch out. mo 
what thus spreads beyond. 
Remnant, the superfluity. 

^1V superabundant. Exceeds. 

15 W^p coagulate, congeal (Chaldee). 

Heb. compact, fasten together. 

^"iprr the boards or planks so 

1 7 m"^ put forward, hold. mT hands 

or tenons of wood. 

'ZOtD disposed or put in order, 
correspond. (Hith. part, f.) 
answering, corresponding. 

ntOD^D beneath, underneath. 



17 Dn finish. D'Dn very perfect, 


18 223 dry, parched. South, over 


19 ^TS a ruler, a socket. 

I^"^ steady, firm. The south, asp. 

20 27 v^ to be or go on one side. A 

22 'yi'^ long, lateral, length, or side. 

V^p cut or scrape off, the ex- 
tremity or surface. The ex- 
tremity, corners. 

24 CSn connected, cohere. A part. 
DDND connected (pi). 
ntD3 stretch. 
26 mS pass from one place to 

28 I'D!! to adjust, p'nn a bar. 

31 "7*15 break, rend. The inner veil 

of the tabernacle or temple. 

32 II connect, join, link together. D>Tl 


36 Dp'n variety of figure or colour. 

Brocade, embroidery, variegated 

37 pti"^ pour out. Cast. 

Chapter XXVII. T3 

1 3?n~) agitate, actuate, yia*! square. 

2 ]"np shoot forth, diffuse, as horns 

or rays of light. A horn. 

3 "HD decline, turn aside. mTD a 

pot or pan to remove ashes or 
^1271 plump up, make plump. 
To clear from ashes. (Ashes.) 

pnt sprinkle, disperse. A sprink- 
ling vessel, a basin. 

3 TIV^ overturn, sweep away. D'J? 

shovels for turning up ashes on a 

!lvT curvature, crookedness of 
form. A flesh-hook. 

4 1!!2!D multiplicity, frequency, 

abundance. 1230 a grate, 
ntt?*) a net. 

5 2D1D the curb (Bate). A ledge 

going round the inside of the 
altar. 3 like, and 131 a car- 

nt03 stretch. 

8 22 as a participle noun. m33 


nnb smoothness. nif? boards 
(Bate). A plank of wood or 
stone. A table. 

9 ll^n surround, confine. An open 

court, or building open at the 

^Vp bending, hollow. Whence, 
xoikos hollow. Curtains hanging 
double and hollow. Curtains. 

10 pWn connect, link together. ''plDTf 
the rods which connected the 
pillars of the court of the taber- 

14 ?]n2 binding strongly together. 
The OS humeri. Shoulder. The 
side of a building resembling 
a shoulder, xxviii. 7, shoulders 
or shoulder-pieces. 

17 nt^DvQ beneath, underneath, 

from Tto: to stretch out. 
19 "rni in Arabic thrust or drive in ; 

so, to fix firmly. A pin or stake. 
20n2Tclean, pure. 

n2 pound, beat. nn2 beaten 

again, expressed or pounded for 

the light. 




21 IV^ appoint, constitute, lyi^o a 

Chapter XXVIII. n3 

2 "^SD adorn, decorate. mDn. 
*73D lieavy, weighty. TOD glory- 
See gravitation, in Parkhurst's 
Lexicon, under this root. 

3 DDn wise, skilful. 

4 ']Wn a breast-plate. 

^DM bind close to the body. A 
kind of short cloak without 
sleeves, girded over all the other 
garments. An ephod. 

b'^SJD a robe. nODSD the turban. 
6 D27n add one thing to another. 
Inlay. Embroidered, inwrought 

9 nnD open, to make an opening. 

1 1 tt?'nn silent thought or attention. 
Engraver. Cutting, graving. 
Dnn closed, stopped up ; generally, 

to seal. A seal, a signet. 
V^W fill with eyelets. Close, 
enclose, straiten. Ouches or 
sockets (of metal), eyelets. 

14 7Ii2 a border, tapering. 

1W regulate, yerxo chains or cords. 
n'D.V twine, intwine, complicate, 
and wreath. Intwined or 

wreathen (work). 

16 HIT scatter, disperse, rmahand, 

a span, as much as from the 
thumb to the little finger ex- 
bQ3 double. 

17 "HI^ order, regularity. nTO a row, 

a range. 

17 my^ red, reddish. A ruby. A 
beautiful red with mixture of 

^ti5D the topaz of the ancients ; the 
chrysolite of the moderns, of 
a pale dead green, of various 
sizes and figures. 

p'n^ to lighten, send forth light- 
ning. np"i2 a carbuncle, shining 
like a coal of fire. 

"733 an emerald, or some kind of 
precious stone. 

*1DD to tell, count. TDD a Sap- 
phire, so called, from its number 
of gold-coloured spots, of a semi- 
opaque stone, of a deep blue, 
veined with white, and spotted 
with small gold coloured spangles 
in the form of stars. 

D vH to beat, smite, strike upon ; 
Dbrc probably the diamond, from 
its extraordinary hardness ; it will 
beat to pieces any other stone, 
even iron is shattered by it. 

Dtt?^ a ligure, similar to the car- 
buncle, as fire of a sparkling 

^W to turn, ^1'<o the achates or 
agate. This stone varies its ap- 
pearance without end, named, 
therefore, from this circum- 
stance, the varier. 

D^n break oflf or away, rrabnx 
an amethyst, shining like the 
carbuncle, and so hard that it 
may be taken for a diamond by 

20 t2?''tJ7'nn. -in to go round, and 
vivid or bright in colour. 
The chrysolite of the ancients, 
x^vcrokiQos, from its fine gold 
colour, now called topaz. 




20 U71W a kind of precious stone 
(an onyx). In Arabic, nimble, 
active, strong. Called onyx, 
from ovv^, a nail or hoof, which it 
resembles in colour-, and being 
^W^ a jasper stone. Gr. Icco-'Tis a 
bright, beautiful green, some- 
times clouded with white. 

2-5 V3D bia bs on or towards the 

27 V2^ b*la at the extremity of 

his face. 

D57 collect, consociate. n'O^b near 
to, over against. 

28 D3n bind hard, close, connect. 
bnS twist, wreath. A thread, a 

nT 1. to impel. 2. remove. Oc- 
curs here, and Exodus xxxix. 21, 

31 nbs? to ascend. b^^Q a garment 

over the rest, an upper garment, 
a robe. 
bbl3 complete, make perfect, yba 
perfect, complete. 

32 S'lnn a linen coat of mail or 


33 "hW loose, loosen. ^T the loose 

flowing skirt or skirts. 

n^'l cast, throw, project, pm the 

Q5?D smite, agitate by turns, pre 

a bell. 

36 y2 break or burst forth. V'U a 

flower, not a plate. 

37 ^3^ turn or roll round. t]3SQ a 


38 Tin)^ white or clear. n:?D the 

human forehead. 

n!S"n to be pleased with, psi ac- 

39 \^it27 close, draw close or straight. 

(A coat) of inclosing, i. e., a close 
or straight coat or garment. Fill 
with eyelets or ouches. 

]nD adhere, stick closely. (A strait 
coat,) an inner garment. 

103^ bind, tie, oblige. A band, 
knot. id:in a belt, a girdle. 

Dpi variety of colour or figure, 
brocade or embroidered work. 

40 V^'y conicalness of form. niyiJO 

the caps or bonnets of Jewish 

41 i*0}2 to be full, i. e., to consecrate 

to the priest's office, by filling 
their hands with part of the 

Wdh put on, clothe. 

42 D33 gather, collect, heap together. 

Breeches, or, rather, swathes, or 
bandages of linen, or stuff) 
wrapped close round the middle 
of the body. 

"in to separate. Flax, from its 
growing on separate stalks. 

^n^ firm, solid. D*2nQ the loins. 

Chapter XXIX. t05 

2 bn make a hole or opening. A 
cake pricked with holes. 

vi mix, mingle. V?! mingled. 
pi evacuate, draw forth- p^pi a 

very thin cake, Eng. trans., a 


nbO strew, strew down. n'^D fine 
flour (strewed through a sieve). 




5 TSN bind close (to the body). 
tt?3n bind round or about. 

rr^bS the large rump or tail of 
the eastern sheep, perhaps from 
mb to join, add. 

6 1T3 separated, set apart. A crown. 
10 *^ttD support, sustain, uphold, 

lean upon, as the hands. 

12 TD'' found, lay the basis or founda- 

tion. T1D' a foundation, basis. 

13 nrV exceed, go beyond certain 

limits, be redundant. ni3n mn^ 

redundance upon the liver, viz., 

the gall bladder. 
rO'D totality, completion. n'Vi 

the kidneys. 
"llDp fume, fumigate. (Offer by 


14 W^^ spread, spread out or abroad, 

scatter, dispersed. Dung. 

16 p")T sprinkle. 

17 nn3 cut in pieces, vnn:^ into 

its pieces. 

18 n3 rest or settle after labour, nm. 

mrfi (odour of) appeasement, 
entire rest, total appeasement. 

20 "f2n to be soft, tender. The 

tender part or tip of the ear- 
^nn thumb or great toe. 

21 nT3 sprinkle, i. e., leap, to leap out. 

(Parkhurst's Lexicon.) mm. 

22 nbW curse. 

p2? move, run, or push forwards. 
Shoulder. p^XO foreleg of an 
24 ?)D reach out, stretch with the 
hand. To present or tender. 
Eng. trans., wave. riDlsn an 
offering, presenting. 

26 Tlfn fasten, settle. The breast (of 
an animal). 

m to be lifted up, exalted, nmtn 
a heave offering. 

33 1DD cover, overspread, to atone. 
Propitiatory atonement. 

40 1W^ rich or opulent. pTttjy one- 
tenth of an ephah. A measure 
of capacity. 

riD pound, beat. TVrQ oil obtained 
by expression or pounding. 

7D3 spread about, pour out. A 
libation of wine poured out. 

W^^ subdue, subject. A lamb. 

Chapter XXX. b 

3 yy to expand. The flat expanded 
roof, its top. 

mp meet, join, coalesce, yp the 
flat wall of a house. Tp the side 
of an altar. 

7 ^t^"^ good, well, right. rtQ'rr well, 
rightly, thoroughly. 

13 mri excite, move, stir up. A 

gerah, nearly eleven grains, the 

smallest weight among the 

18 ID round. .nvD a laver, a round 
vessel for washing. 

^D make ready. (A base.) A 

23 TT round. Friable and clear. Tn. 

D3p to smell strong, i^a^p cinnamon. 

24 Ip cut, divide, mp cassia. 

25 np"n make a composition of 

various spices. A composition 
of aromatics. Tipb confectioner, 




32 "l^n direct, regulate. n:3no pro 

34 F)ti53 distil, drop down. Stacte, 


vHtt? dark-coloured. Onyx. (An 
odoriferous shell.) 

HvH soft, unctuous substance. 

n!3T clear, clean, pure. 
ID separate, alone. 121 TTT^" ni 

each shall be separate, by 


35 nb^ dissolve. Salted. 

36 pntt? conflict, collide, beat, grind. 

Chapter XXXI. wb 


4 ^D divide, separate. pin 
li?*in carving, cutting, engrav- 
ing, &c. 
m27n add one thing to another. 
Contrive, devise, micno attjnb 
to do engraved work. 

Chapter XXXII. nb 

1 t27!2 flag, fail. W32 loiter, delay. 

2 pnD break off. 

T3 connecting closely with a 
clasp. A ring for ear or nose. 
4 *n!5^ form, fashion. 

linn to make into a long or round 
form. A graving tool. 

"703 spread abroad, diffuse. Me- 
talline case or covering spread 
over. n2DO molten. 
6 pn^ move backwards and forwards 
as the sides in laughter. To 
laugh, sport. 

15 ^^V pass. Side or plane. 

17 Vn break. Shout. 

18 n*)3^ shouting, crying out, singing. 

C? vH throw or cast down. rTV?rT 
20 ]niO comminute, reduce to powder, 
mT scatter. 

25 ^yiD free, set loose. Broken 
loose. Naked. Revolt (Bate). 

y^tZ? mutter, murmur. For a. 
muttering, or cause muttering. 

31 M3 to fail. M2M oh ! very emphatic. 

32 nnD wipe or blot out. 

Chapter XXXIII. :ib 

4 tllV pass over or upon, ny an 


5 5?in still, quiet. A rest, ah instant, 

6 b^^D take away. 

11 nC?X3 draw forth, withdraw. 

16 MIDN now, then. 
nbO to separate, ^z'btl:. 

19 cm embrace. Have mercy. 

22 "lp!l bore, dig, or cut out. (A 
"7127 stop, assuage. Fence, hedge 
in, spread. 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

1 bos hew, chip. 

7 n^a keep. 
np3 clear. 

13 713^ throw down. pjjn. 

15 n3t encompass. Commit whore- 



19 "llfiD open. Firstling. 
22 P]p3 or P]1p go round. HDIpn re- 

24 T^n cover, desire earnestly. 

25 ::5ntt7 drain, kill. 

29 pp shoot forth, diffuse. Emit 
rays of light. 

33 n*lD cover. mOD a covering, a 


Chapter XXXV. nb 

18 nn"^ exceed, go beyond certain 

limits. A rope, string, or cord. 

19 IIW leave or be left behind. 

(Garments) of leaving. 

21 n"T3 free, liberal, willing. 

22 nn catch or hold as with a hook 

or clasp. A hook or clasp. 
(Vulgate) bracelets. 
T!2D gather or compress into a 
round form. Some female 

ornament, probably a kind of 
girdle compressing the breasts. 

^D reach out, stretch forth, present. 
nD")3n offerings. 

24 C^lia n^lin that could bring 

an offering. 

25 n*llD spin. mtDD somewhat spun. 

31 ^'D. divide, naiin discretion, skill. 

32 ^Wn add one thing to another. 

Embroidery (inwrought work). 

34 rfn** direct, guide, teach. 

35 Dpi variety of colour or figure. 

Embroidery, brocade, variegated 

Win engraver. ^WH inlayer. 
Dp*7 embroiderer. 

Chapter XXXVI. lb 

12 V^p receive. Receiving, taking 

14 '^int2?V one. From rrcj? and nv a 

22 nbtt? disposed in order. m'jiUQ 
answering, corresponding. To 

28 3?5?p cut off the extremity or 

surface. A termination or ex- 
tremity, a boundary. 

29 DNn connected. 

ni03 stretch forth. HTOn'^Q beneath. 

33 "JSn direct, regulate. 

pWn connect. Drrpwn the rods 
which connected the pillars. 

Chapter XXXVII. tb 

3 p^** pour out, fuse, cast. 
12 *13D shut up. An inclosure, a 

nS^ spread out. A span, a 
hand's-breadth, a palm. 

nOD to curve. A spoon. 

14 U^ to join, noy union. DDI?"? 
over against, near by. 

17 rrnD break forth. Flower-bud. 

Chapter XXXVI] 


7 p'HT sprinkle. A sprinkling 
vessel, a bason, bowl. 

mn2 hollow. 

nnb boards, tables. 

nsn to see. 'N") a mirror. nx"ia 
mirrors, ns-im images (Bate) 




7 S]2^ assemble, meet together in | 

a regular, stated manner. nnsn ' 

companies. (Bate) as tlie 

women to worship at the door of 

the tabernacle. 
25 "TpQ take notice or care of. 

nipD appointments. 
29 ?)3 reach out. nci:n a consecrated 

Chapter XXXIX. 


3 yp'D, cleave, split, ypa a shekel 
broken in two, a half-shekel. 
Vp^ motion of different parts, 
different ways at the same time 

with force. Beat out (Bate). 
To extend with force. 
3 no expand. D^HD thin plates (of 
TT^p cut oflf. yap cut off or in 
15 niZlj? twine, intwine. Twisted 

chains or ropes. 
21 DDT bind hard or close, join. 
HT impel, remove. 

Chapter XL. D 

5 "^O to overspread. *]Dr) a cover- 
ing, a veil. 
15 rvrib nn'^'n') shall surely be. 


Chapter I. M 
5 I^tr^Q strip off. Hithp. to flay. 

8 TTQ fat, grease. 

9 nS to rest, m^'': nn a pleasant 

smell or odour. 

14 "in go round, in a turtle-dove. 
ny^ press, squeeze. n2V a dove. 

15 pbD wring or pinch off. 
711^12 squeeze, press. 

16 nS"1 to see. ins"\D its crop with 

its feathers. 

n!^3 shoot forth. n:J2 plumage or 
feathers of birds. 


17 3?^^ make an incision, cleave, 
break, rend. 

Chapter II. 2 

2 V^P grasp, yep a handful. 

5 n^in flat plate of metal, rono 

a flat plate of metal for baking, 
a frying or baking pan. 

6 riQ part, divide. nno part mi- 

nutely. D'nD pieces. 

7 tt?m boil or bubble. nttJlTiD a 

vessel for boiling, stewing, or a 




9 CI lifted up. (In Hiph.) take off 

or away. 
14 HM swell. yi new corn still 

Tlhp lightness. To roast, parch. 

^>^bp parched, corn parched. 
12?'n!l expel. (Corn) forced out (of 

the ear). 
bttlD full ear of corn. D-iD to 

cut off, and N^D to fill. 

Chapter III. 5 

4 7D3 stiffness, rigidity. The 
iry^ exceed. . il3r ^2^ mn^rr re- 
dundance on the liver. Gall 

9 mb to join, add, adhere, rvbn 
the fat tail of a certain species of 
sheep. The large rump or tail, 
the whole tail. 
imV fix, make firm. rw3? back- 

Chapter IV. "7 

2 H'yW expatiate, luxuriate, run 

wild. 33 ignorance, inad- 
WlSn committing the crime, 

3 D127S guilty. Trespass-offering. 
a bntD dip. 

12 "Jtl?! fat. Ashes. 

20 nbO loose, relax, remit, with b 
pardoning or forgiving. 

Chapter V. H 
2 SDlfi pollute, defile. Unclean. 

2 733 fallj 01^ flow down, or off; 
nbl3 a carcase. 

^12? to increase, or produce 
abundantly. A reptile. 

4 SIDD utter or speak rashly or 


5 HT' put forward. mm to put 

forth the voice, profess, confess. 
7 71W a lamb or kid. 
10 125127 all regulation and disposal. 

15 ^V72 decline, ^yo decline (from 

"fnV set in order. Hiph. "py es- 
timation, value. 
21 WHD fail, be deficient, to lie. 
Dr collect. m>'$ a neighbour. 

TpD take notice or care of. pipD 
a deposit committed in trust. 

pWy oppress, press, do violence, 

l^N to be lost, to perish. A thing 

vW take away by violence, plunder. 

Chapter VI. 1 

2 Ip"' to burn. mpID by on account 

of its burning. ipiD burning. 

3 Wlih put on, clothe. 

D3D gather. (PI.) swathes, 

bandages, or breeches. 

4 t2tt7D divest, strip off. 

5 HDD extinguish, quench. 

14 n'^n flat, mno a flat plate of 

^i^l bake or fry. DDmo applied 
to (Part. Huph.) what is baked. 
DTID in morsels. 

n3D turn. '3^Dn turned cakes. 


21 C7"in silent thought. Potters' 
ware, earthen. 
p"lD scour, cleanse. 
P|tDI2? immerse, wash by immersion. 

Chapter VJI. T 

12 HT, Tll^n confess. mm a 

16 !m3 free, liberal, nn: a voluntary 

18 'D.Wn add one thing to another, 

bJD pollute, defile. 

21 ypW abominate, abhor, detest. 
Abominable thing. 

30 HTn fasten, settle. To see. pn 
the breast. 

r)3 reach out, stretch forth. (Wave- 
offering), an offering thus pre- 

Chapter VIII. n 

7 IDN bound, bind close. 

J273n bind round or about. 

14 St^n miss a scope. To offer for 
a sin-offering. 

20 nriD cut in pieces. 

niD fat, grease. 
23 "73n soft, tender. -Jim the tender 
part or tip (of the ear). See 
Exodus ch. xxix. 

Chapter IX. ^ 

12 Sl^tt to find. In Hiph. offer, 
present, deliver. 

Chapter X. 


1 nnn to keep fire alive, nnrra 
in reg. nnnn. A censer. 
mt scatter. ">"( strange. 
4 C^n IT loves, the breasts. Uncle. 
6 l?"nQ free. Strip, make naked. 
Q"n3 rend. 
P]^p foam, froth. 
16 C7T1 inquire, require. 

18 nSQ to turn. HD'OD within, in- 


19 M"np meet, happen, befal. 

Chapter XI. S"^ 

To live. 

2 r\^n vigorous, strong. 

A living creature. 

3 D'^0 part, cleave, nono the hoof. 

A species of eagle called the 
ossifragia or bone-breaker. 

VOW split, cleave, rend. Divided 
into two claws without any con- 
necting membrane. 

mS excite, move, ruminate, chew 
the cud. ma n'?3?ti bringing up 
the cud. 

5 I^W cover in, hide. Eng. rabbit. 

The Daman Israel, or Israel's 
lamb (Dr. Shaw). Sometimes 
joined with the hare. 

6 n23"nM the hare. mN to crop, 

and a*3 produce of the ground. 

7 Itn encompass, surround. 'V^r^ 

a hog or boar. 

9 "T'D^D the fin of a fish (which 
consists of thorns). noD a thorn, 
and ID to break. 
nWp stiff, tough. n^DpttJp scales 
of a fish. 

10 ypW to abominate. 
H 3 



13 1tt?2 to lacerate. 1MJ3 the eagle. 
XV strength, vigour. n'3W the 
whining kite, osprey. rra its 
noise, and W impudence. 
U nl to fly. A kite. 

mW desire, lust. rr a vulture. 

15 !!2"13? mix, mingle. A crow or 


16 n3V to affect, p the ostrich, so 

called from the loud crying to 
each other. The owl (Bate). 
TnT ns the daughter of vocifera- 
tion. Sounding hollow. 

DDH cast, pluck, or force off or 

away. Dr^nn a night hawk. The 

screech-owl (Bate), 
^ntt? waste, consume away. The 

seagull, or mew-larus. The 

cuckoo (Bate). 

n!J3 shoot, break or burst forth, 
p the hawk, and the sparrow 
kind (Bate). 

17 HD^ cover, overspread. D13 the 

owl. The bittern (Bate). 

"^"^W cast down or away. The 
cataract or plungeon. 

?]tt7D to blow, r^wy the twilight- 
bird, rather, the bittern. 

18 Dt273 to breathe. noiDsn chamelion 

of the lizard kind. Cormorant. 

Sp to vomit, nwp the pelican or 

Dm embrace, enclose. The 
percnopteros or oripelargos, re- 
sembling ihe stork. The gier- 

19 ton succulent, abundant, swelling 

out. Affection. A species of 
unclean bird. m'Dn a stork, 
from its affection. A heron 

19 ?)3M to breathe with the nostrils, 
to be very angry. A heron. 
(Bate) a lapwing. 

?)DT . nCDn the upupa, hoopoe, 
or hoop, a very beautiful, but 
most filthy bird. 

J^blDV a bat. TQS^ to fly, and fp:f 

22 "ins in Kal (to move loosely), to 
leap. In Hiph. to loose, set 

Q2?bD a kind of locust (rock-bred 
locust, Bate), yfe to cut, and DJ) 

7!nn a kind of locust. D:n to 
cut, and bry the foot. The 
serpent fighter, from its enmity 
to serpents. The adderspear 

3!in veil, to hide. (A locust or 
grasshopper.) The Chagab, 
i. e., the lesser yellowish locust. 

29 "Tvn to creep. The weasel. 

"I^D^ the mouse (Arab.) -jy to 
bend, and 133> (Arab.) nimble. 

n'^'2 to swell, grow turgid. 32 
the toad. 

30 p3N moan or groan. rrpiN a kind 

of lizard or newt (Bochart). 
(Bate) ferret. 

nD strong, vigorous. A species 
of lizard. (Bate) lizard. 

StD / adhere. A species of poison- 
ous lizard, remarkable for ad- 
hering to the ground. A newt 

DDn a kind of lizard. The eft 
(Bate). Chald. to bow down. 

Dtt?3 chamelion. nDtt33a 


33 tt?"in silent thought. Earthen- 
ware. Work or ware of the 

35 ID (in Arabic) to be round. T3 
(a pitcher, Bate). A round 
vessel for washing. 
Vri3 break to pieces. 

42 )n^ bow down, pm the under 
part of the body of reptiles, 
or the belly. Creeping. 
tt7tt*1 move, crawl. 



Chapter XII. S*^ 


2 niT languish, faint 
periodical sickness. 

13 move, remove. Separation. 

7 np spring up, or gush out. IpD 
fountain of blood. 

Chapter XIII. D^ 

2 Stt?3 bear, take, lift up. nNtt5 a 

nSD join, unite. nnCD a scurf 

adhering to the skin. 
in^ to shine very much, or 

brightly, mm a kind of leprous 

spot from its shining. 
Vl'2 smite or strike with venomous 

or infectious matter. nyiS the 


5 nK7D spread, be diffused. 

6 ini3 to be pure, clean. Pro- 

nounce clean. 

10 TT^P strong, vigorous, ^no quick, 


11 "j 12?*^ to sleep, nawis inveterate. 

12 rnQ break forth, nmo an erup- 
18 inW warm, hot. A burning boil. 

20 htiW humble oneself. Low. 

21 IIU'D restriction, constriction. 

Shrunk, and mna shrunk. 

23 nn3 descend, rrnnn in its place. 
m2 burn, scorch, mn::? an in- 

24 mD burn or scorch. m3D a burn- 

ing as (of fire). 

29 ]pt grow old. The beard. 

30 UnS shine, glare, be resplendent. 

pTbeat in pieces or small. Thin. 

pn3 draw away. A scall which 
draws off the hair. (A kind of 

31 ir\W dark coloured, dusky. 
33 nb3 to shave. 

36 1p2 look upon, survey, examine, 


37 nD!5 spring or shoot up. Grow 

as hair. 

39 pHll a kind of harmless leprosy, 

a little spot. 

40 ISHQ make or wear smooth or 

shining. Made smooth. 

r\'^\) to be smooth. Bald (as the 
head.) Verse Iv. in its bare 

41 nSD the side. PI. nD the sides. 
nn3 bald before. Forehead bald. 

45 D*1D rend. 

37^5 free, strip, made naked, as of 

Dtt? the upper lip, or hair grow- 
ing there. The mustache or 



45 nior involution. With b:) to put 

a covering upon, he shall cover. 

46 11'ZL to be all alone, quite alone. 

17 1D^ soft, tender. (In Arab.) 
weak, languid. (Wool.) 

lyU a covering of cloth, or the 
like. A garment. 

ni&D as ^W^ to strip. nntt?B 
flax, linen. D^rrcQ. 

48 rW set, place. Ti^ the warp, the \ 

lengthwise threads. j 

mS? mix, mingle. 2*13? the woof 
(which shoot across the warp). 

49 p*T* to throw out somewhat liquid 

or moist. ]np'v intensely green, 
green inclining to yellow. 

51 "^MD in Arab, to grow sore, rankle, 

55 nrtD dig, dig up. nnnD a cor- 

rosion, an inward fretting, a 

innnpn inn::an in its 

bare thread, before or behind. 

56 ^-ip rend or rent. 

Chapter XIV. T 

4 TIS firm, stable. The cedar. 
37bn in Chaldee to split, to cleave. 
Pi'S'bbn scarlet or crimson colour, 
or worm-colour. Double dyed, 
of scarlet colour. 

I3T gush, spring, or issue out. 2W 
9 nSS high, elevated, elated, proud. 

^niJ eyebrows. 
10 niOy to be rich. p-C5> a tenth- 
!lb a log. The smallest measure 
of capacity, about | of a pint. 

21 nb"T draw out, exhaust, bl one 
who is poor. 

^W^ overtake, reach, attain to. 
34 tnS catch, seize. Niph. to be pos- 
sessed or seized, i. e., to possess, 
have in possession. 

36 n3G turn, turn oneself, prepare. 

mTli^pli? running cavities or 
hollows. 3>pUJ to sink, and "n to 
flow. LXX. xa/XaSaf. 

40 Y^r\ loose. Draw out or off" as 

stones from a building. 

41 y2p cut or scrape off. 

Tmp to make an extremity, scrape. 

42 niD overlay, plaster. 

44 mSl^ti inveterate. 

45 ins break to pieces, break down 
SiSn miss a scope or aim. Offer 

for a sin-oflfering. Cleanse by 

Chapter XV. *)!> 

2 DT gush, issue out. An issue. A 

flux humour in a gonorrhoea. 
A running humour ('Bate). 

*n excern, ooze with, as the flesh 
in a gonorrhoea. 

3 Dnn close, close up as with glu- 

tinous matter. Scabbed over 

11 ?]^127 cover with water, wash by 

16 DiDtt? lie, lie down, ma a lying 
down (Bate). A fall or emis- 
sion of seed (Gesenius' Lexicon). 

19 ID move, remove, mj ms purga- 


81 nT3 in Hiph. to separate others, 
33 nn languish, sick. Sickness. 

Chapter XVI. TlD 

2 ^^ID break, rend. n3"\D the inner 
123 cover. mCD propitiatory. 

4 ?13!5 turn, roll round, wrap round. 
nD:2D a turban. 

6 13? !a while yet. Remove, be 
distant, behind. For. 

8 bTWTV a scape-goat, w a goat, 
and bMi to go away. 
12 nnn to keep fire alive, nnno a 

^ro to glow, to shine, '"jm a live 
coal, traced in northern lan- 

TlZn to cover, veil. D3Dn the 
two hands joined together, full, 
and covering contents. 

21 ny time, season, opportunity. 

n or "inJ^ one who happens to 
be present, opportune, seasonable. 

22 "nn divide, cut off or in two. A 

land of cutting off. 

23 t2tt7D divest, strip off. 

27 tt?"1D spread out and abroad. Dung, 

Chapter XVII. r 

4 ni2?n add, superadd, reckon, 

"[21!? pour out, shed. (7 ver.) See 

the idolatry of the Jews here. 

(11 ver.) The blood atones for the 

13 n"T!^ look sideways. To be in 

"?P''1 81 

wait. To be hunted (Niph.) 
T!J game or venison. 

Chapter XVIII. n** 

6 mV to bare, make naked. 
15 nvD totality, completion, nta 
a perfect one, a daughter-in-law. 
17 nXit devise, imagine. A wicked 

20 DV collect, consociate. n'ay a 
332? lie down. mStt? copulation, 
sexual intercourse. 

22 D^D loathe, abominate. niJ^in 


23 mi agitate. Agitate with lust, 

have to do with, 
nbn wear, waste away. "jin 
destruction, dissolution. (Bate) 
25 Sp vomit or spue out. 

Chapter XIX. rO'> 

4 vM interposition. ?"? nought, 
nothing, nothing worth. wYia 
vain, worthless, things of nought, 
things of no value. 
HDD cover. nD3Q a covering. 

6 inD commute, barter. The 


7 bllD pollute, defile. Abominable. 
9 ~l!Sp cut short, reap. TSp harvest 

fruits so cut down. 
IDpb pick up. A gleaning. 

10 \>hv ascend repeatedly. Glean. 

11 tOID a bunch or small cluster of 
I grapes. Loose branches falling 
j off or broken off. 




11 WrTD fail, deficient in truth. 

13 pWV oppress. 

7370 work, operate. nbVQ wages. 
"IDti? satisfy. TDn? hired servant. 

14 '?bp be exceedingly vile. Curse. 
^in silent thought or attention. 


-nr blind. 

hWD stumble. ^ttJ30 stumbling- 

15 Tr7V to ascend. b^'P oppression, 

SC73 bear, lift up. Accept. 

16 ^DT trade, traffic, merchandise. 

17 n^'' be plain, manifest, evident, 

shew, i. e., reprove. 
Dp3 avenge. Dp. 

18 ^103 watch. Ti observe insidi- 

ously, watch an opportunity 

19 MvD separation. D'xbD distinct 

species of animals, seeds, &c. 
VD.'~) to agitate. Hiph. copulate. 

Tit^^tt? cloth mixed of linen and 
woollen. Materials for clothing. 
Linseywoolsey. " which, ^t33> 
to involve, and m3 to sprinkle. 

20 T\ir\ strip, make naked. nsnTO 

dishonoured, violated. 
n"TD separate. Redeem. 
"^pi look upon. In Chaldee, to 

punish. Chastisement. mpl 

inquiry, animadversion, notice 

W^n free, r^vstai freedom. 

23 v"127 superfluous, cast away its un- 

circumcision. Uncircumcision, 
i. e., its fruit. 

24 b^n move exceeding quickly. 

Irradiate briskly, shine briskly. 

Most generally, to give lustre, 
glorify, praise very much, n^'jlbn 
to the praise or glory (Bate). 
2(i Wn2 observe attentively. To 
augur, to divine futurities, which 
might be by fire or serpents. 

p^5? to be a cloudmonger, divine, 
by looking up to the clouds. 

27 ^p3 go round. Round in a cir- 

cular manner, go round, i. e., 
with a razor the sides or quarters. 

28 I21tt? scarify, cut, wound. N. 
A cutting, incision. 

linD to mark, engrave, write. 

Vp make or impress a mark. 
^p'Sp a marking or stigmatizing. 

29 rT3t encompass, commit whoredom. 

ni2t fornication, whoredom. 

31 V'T' to perceive. '>:^r a wizard, a 

divine. A cunning man. 

32 Dti7 to turn, ni'ti? hoariness, grey 


ITn adorn, honour, reverence. 

33 71T> press, oppress. 

35 1W^ straight. mwo plain, 

equity, even, smooth. 

36 ^tS to weigh. D:WQ a pair of 


Chapter XX. 3 

2 D^n whelm, heap, accumulate, 

10 ?)SD satiate one's thirst by drinking. 
In Arab, commit adultery. 

17 ion abundance. Mercy, good- 

ness, bounty. Overflowing of 
unrestrained lust. (Bate) horrible. 

18 1p to spring up or gush out. mpD 

a spring or fountain. 


20 nnV strip entirely, onny stripped 

quite bare, destitute, miserable. 

21 13 move. m3 impurity, abominable. 
23 Vp fret, vexed. Abhorred them. 
25 ypW abominate, make abominable. 
27 2M swell. m evil spirit, or spirit 

of divination. 

Chapter XXI. D 

1 12?DD breathe. Here used for dead 
body, as in chap. xxii. 4. 

3 yip approach, come near, nip 

nearly related. 

4 b3?2 to have possession. To 


bbn open eminently. /Violate. 

5 lyiW scarify, cut, wound. 

12 TTD separate. Separation. Se- 
parate oneself. Abstain (Bate), 
chap. xxii. 

17 'D^'^2 a spot, a blemish. 

IS nDD pass over, hop, lame, halt. 
Cnn total separation. Maimed. 
Hath any part deficient, any 
limb quite lost (Bate). 

yitZ? stretch out beyond the usual 
manner. Too much extended 
(Bate). Anything superfluous. 

20 112 protuberance. p3 hump- 

bbn mix very much. b'JlD 

blemish of the eye. 

"yi^ to be leprous. A scab, a 

"|tt?W a sharp biting humour. 
nob"^ a tetter. 

wnp'^i 83 

Chapter XXII. DD 

4 nt gush, issue out. An issue, a 

running humour. 
9 II^W to keep. niD'CO a charge. 

12 Dl to be lifted up. An heave- 

offering, oblation. mn"i"in of- 

13 li?n2 expel, divorce. 

14 lytD err through ignorance. 
17 ma free, liberal. 

21 SbS extraordinary. 113 perform 

a vow, or extraordinary vow. 

22 \^*in shorten, cut short. y-Mn 


bn'' bring or carry along, nbr 
tetter, or spreading corruption, 
a wen (Bate). 

nin to be leprous. Scurf, scab. 

J^b^ stick fast. neb' an obsti- 
nate eruption or scabbiness, a 

23 ^bp contract. 1n^^p contracted, 

shrunk up. 

24 "73?^ compress, squeeze, crushed. 

ryD to pound. nn3 to beat, pound 
over and over again. niro 

pn'^ draw away, pin: loose or 

25 nntt? corrupt, spoil, mar. nmcn 


27 Wbn remove or cast to a distance. 
"nubTi of time, onwards, hence- 
forward, thenceforth. 

29 HT^ to put forward, rmn open 


Chapter XXIII. 2D 

2 ly^ to appoint, constitute. Dns?10 
seasons. (Bate) feasts. Ap- 
pointment or set regular times. 

11 ^D reach out, stretch forth, present. 
A present. nD13n to be pre- 
sented. (Gesenius' Lexicon) a 
wave -offering. 
HDV to press, squeeze. In Hiph. 
(gather as corn into sheaves). 
\Oi? a sheaf (of corn). 

13 nrr^D rr^"! an appeasing odour 
ba'HD the full ear of corn. See 
Lev. ii. 14. 

16 Win to renew. A new period of 


17 nU?"' to sit down. SttJlD a seat, a 

habitation, a dwelling. 
22 ^pb pick up, glean. N. the gleaning. 

24 row to rest, cease from work. 

pniW a rest, a Sabbath. 
^1 to break. In Hiph. to break 

the order of the air. TT^rxn a 

loud sound, a clangour of 

34 "^D overspread, cover, hide as with 

a veil. m2D a booth, tabernacle. 

36 "123? restrain, retain. m!?5> a 

solemn feast-day. mi?3^ a solemn 

38 ID separate, alone. "lb alone. 

llb'O besides, without. 
40 "Tin adorn, decorate, deck, 

nSD curve, bend. nD3 a large 

bending branch, or branching 

leaves. A bough, 

"lUSn straight, upright. Palm-tree. 

40 P]^'^ shoot. A shoot, bough, 

r\Dy thick. 

)3*n37 D'^inV ^ species of willow. 
7n3 to inherit. A valley, a torrent. 

Chapter XXIV. ID 

2 mS command, "iij imperative. 
HDT to be clear, "fi clear, trans- 

HD to beat. n^n3 (as oil obtained) 
by beating or expressing. 

3 "7*^2? set in order. 

6 HDirD a row, an order. 

7 "133 to remember. n"i3W memorial. 

10 n!^3 shoot or break forth, strive, 

quarrel, (Bate) contend. 

11 Dp3 make hollow, to pierce, wound, 

blaspheme, curse. 

T? Vp to curse, bp lightness. 

ti7")D spread out. Explain, ex- 
18 nD3 to smite, joined with tDC3 
(smite) the life or mortally. 

Chapter XXV. TID 

ii "1!3T cut off, prune. 

6 nQD join, unite. ITDD corn, in a 
general sense, what grows upon, 
(Bate) or springs from thy 
harvest, (Parkhurst's Lexicon) 
or what adheres to the ground 
after reaping. 
333? connecting, conjoining. A 

"1T3 separated. TW unpruned vine 

or undressed vine. 
"123 restrain, shut up. Gather in 


as vines, ch. xxvi. 5. Ti*i the 
10 ini, "Tin freedom, liberty. 

vis** bring or carry along, by 
the blast of a trumpet, blV the 
jubilee or call of the trumpet 

14 "H^D deliver up, sell. "i3DO a 

selling, sale, or thing sold. 

15 nDD tell, count, number. A num- 

bering. "CDD a number. 

16 iin^ obvert, turn towards. >D bv 

according to. 'dV nearly the 
same as 'D^. 
Mi to come or go. rrx'^nn produce, 
revenue, increase, income. 

1 8 ntOi hang close, trust. N. trust, 
confidence, adv. confidently. 

22 )W^ sleep, be in a sound sleep. 

Part. N. I* laid up in store. 
Old store. 

23 nD'2 cut off*, nnos somewhat, 

entirely cut off" and alienated 
from the owner. nrt^Q!?^ finally, 
also V. XXX. nnns? finally (Bate). 

24 vS2l vindicate, recover, deliver. 

bMa a near kinsman whose it is to 
redeem. vdM redemption, right 
of redemption. >bJ kinsfolk. 
Bate gives ^bM in v. 25, his 

25 "J^ decay, fall to decay. Grow 


26 !lt273 overtake, reach, attain to; 

(Bate) also prosper. In Hiph. 
reach or attain to, and also (.*. 
hold on,) in ch. xxvi. 5. 

"'T enough, sufficiency, plenty. 
(Bate) and his own hand become 
able and sufficient for his re- 

S-ip"^1 85 

27 f\lV superabundant, superfluous, 

Fiiy overplus. 

28 W!JD find. Acquire. 

30 QD to finish, nn'on Hiph. be 

made perfect. 

D'^ as Un tumult. DV a day. 
Dnv days. DDV by day, in the 
day time. D' the sea, any large 
collection of waters. 

Dp rise, stand, be established. 

31 1!Jn surround, environ. Dn^jrr 

villages. (Michaelis) moveable 

34 t&*^3 expel, thrust out. "CTCO a 


35 ZDD to slip or slide. Fail. 

ptn constringe, bind hard or 
tight. Opposed to rttn relax, 
tighten, or brace thy hand upon 
him, i. e., take fast hold of him 
or support him. 

36 "7li7D bite, "po: biting usury. 

ni"1 to be great, n'lnn increase, 
or simple interest. 

41 nCtt? depress, humble, subject. 
mncWD a family. 

43 rm and TT* to descend, to sub- 
due entirely, to rule. 

^"19 break, rend. Violence, force, 

46 THM catch, seize, lay hold. 

47 *lpV cut off; lop. (Parkhurst's 

Lexicon) a branch of the stran- 
ger's family. (Bate) ancient 
family of strangers. 

49 1M2? remain. Residue, remainder. 
Near of kin to him. 




Chapter XXVI. ID 

1 D^b'^bW vain, worthless. Things 
of nought, nullities ; spoken of 

bOD hew, chip. A graven or 
carved image. 

^!J3 to stand up. m:?Q a me- 
morial, pillar, or obelisk. (Bate) 
a pillar. 

Tl^W in Chald. to view, look at 
with attention. In Arab, to be 
like, resemble. n'3\UtD imagery, 

'^b'' to walk, go. 

4 Dt2?H to lie hard upon, to be heavy. 

Arabic and II eb. to press with 
weight. (Schultens) rain. Heavy 
rain. Chald. a body, a palpable 
bn^ bring or carry, biy the pro- 
duce of the earth, implying length 
cr distance. 

5 li?T thrash, beat, ton a thrashing. 
7 IS^M to be an enemy or adversary, 

persecute, infest ; more than 3tt) 
enmity (mind), for it manifests 
external acts of enmity. 
9 n3D to turn; with bn or b to 
have respect to. 

10 }W^ ^ti713 old store. See ch. xxv. 

1 1 b3?3 cast away. Loathe or reject 

with abhorrence. Abhor (Bate). 

13 nt53 stretch. nr:D the staves or 
bars of a yoke. V. 26 the staff 
of bread. 
DDp to raise oneself. nVQOV up- 
rightness, with n uprightly. 

15 DM^ to be dilated as a wound. 
Reject as vile and worthless. 

15 "15 to break. 

16 bn!2 to hurry, affright. Terror, 

P\niD Chald. to waste, consume 

away. nDniD consumption. 

Scurvy (Bate). 
nip to kindle, burn. nmp a 

burning inflammatory fever. 
^1 murmur, groan. mniD causing 
(the D3 animal frame) to 

murmur or groan. 

1 7 P)33 hit, strike against. 

18 "no"* to restrain, check, discipline. 

"\D nearly related to. TiDD'l 
TTD^b and I will yet chastise you 

19 nsn increase, rise, swell, exalted 

in glory. Exaltation, excellency. 

21 nip to meet. *'-\p a meeting, i. e., 

in opposition, with 2 understood 
adv. np contrary to me. 
nUM acquiescence, opposed to 
]0 refusing. 

22 butt? to be wise. Waste, bereave. 
CW to place, set. In Niph. deso- 
late in mind. 

^11 go or put forwards, proceed 
or stretch out or forth. A way, 
path, or road. 
25 Dp3 avenge, N. revenge, ven- 
30 "Ttttt? destroy. 

r\T2i^ high, elevated. A high- 

Cn warm or hot. D'2Dn images 
dedicated to the sun or solar fire. 
Bate calls this sacred fires. 

1^'^ to faint. A dead, inactive 

bS reciprocation or circularity of 
motion. U^'b^bl dungy gods, idols. 




so called from the bestial and 
obscene form of them. 

31 m the action or breathing of the 

air in motion. Hiph. to snuff, 
inspire, breathe in, smell. Tin 
the scent, odour. 

32 n^W 1. to place with great care. 

2. to be exceeding desolate or 
waste. 3. to be amazed or asto- 
nished exceedingly. 

33 p"^ evacuate. In Hiph. to draw 


mn to waste, min a desolate 
place, waste (Bate). 

34 Hin pleased with, enjoy. Accept 

with complacence and patience, 
V. 41. 

36 TlbV ascend, nby a leaf. 
?]'73 drive or hurry away. 

37 Qlp rise, stand up. ntDlpn a stand- 

ing, power to stand. 

39 p!2 to be dissolved, rot, pine away. 
nCS to heat through. F|M verily, 

surely, yea, indeed. 

40 HT cast forth, min to profess, 

hvt^ decline, deflect, go aside. 
DbrDS trespass. 

41 niM to choose. IN if, either, 


mD lay down, place on the ground. 
Brought low, humbled, abased. 
43 ^1V leave, forsake. (Bate) shall 
be cleared. 

H^V to act upon some person or 
thing, denotes returning, &c. 
p* because. 

m^ to turn out of its proper situa- 
tion and course. 01:3? their 
punishment. Perversion, per- 
verseness, iniquity. 

I 44 t-3 full, copious. Moreover, also, 
I over and above. 

n^D totality, completion. To 

finish, consume, bring to nought. 

"HD to break. In Hiph. break, 

dissolve, dissipate, 

45 U^Sn priority or precedence. 

C':'CN"i ancestors. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

2 SbS in Niph. extraordinary, won- 
derful. In Kal with m: to make 
an extraordinary vow. 
^"11? set in order, set one thing 
against another. ^312? an esti- 
mation, value. 

7 TlhV to ascend. Tfb^ra upwards, 

above, forwards. 

8 ^^ decay, fall to decay, grow poor. 

riD to obvert. *D ^3^ according to 
the measure of, according to. 

10 F)7n passings succession after. 

Exchange. Change, renewal. 
^ty* change, alter, exchange. 

nTiQn an exchange. 
nUD to distribute. nODD from 

of, out of, more than ; her, 

12 ^^ divide, separate. |U between, 
when repeated, whether or not. 

15 I2?*7p separate, set apart. In 

Hiph. to sanctify oneself. D'^npD 
holy ones. ttjnpDH he that sanc- 

16 IVW stand erect or upright, msv 

pi. D'lyy? barley. 
3?"nT to spread abroad, to sow. v^^ 

seed. Vl\ the sowing (Bate). 
DS to support, sustain, confirm. 

If, since, although, in truth, 

whether, truly. 
I 2 


1 8 Vl^ subtract, withhold. 

20 "ins behind, after. N. another. 

21 D*in total separation of a thing 

or person from their form, 
state, or condition. Any thing 

separated, i. e;, devoted to 
23 DD to reckon, count. rrDDTD the 
number, the worth or value. A 
shekel, twenty gerahs. 
13Ii to be forward. T)33 a firstling. 


Chapter I. S 

2 Sti?3 bear, take, or lift up, take. 

D^XD3 princes. Very extensive 

tt7Sn priority or precedence. Wbn 
the sum or total, so called, .*. 
anciently put at the top of an 

vnbH to roll over and over again. 
The poll or head. The human 
skull ; from this word we have 

3 TpS take notice or care of. Re- 

view, muster, reckon. DnpD 

M!^!^ assemble or meet together in 
a regular stated manner. War- 
fare, war. mi:? an army. 

4 HW^ existence, subsistence} reality. 

^ a man. Each, every, any 

16 Mlp nearly, as mp to meet. 1. to 
meet. 2. to occur, happen. 


3. a partridge, 
called (men). 

4. to call. >N-9 

17 ip3 make hollow, &c., mark out. 

18 "Tv** procrcrate or breed young, to 

beget, bear. In Hithp. to reckon 
one's descent, declare one's 
genealogy or pedigree. Mb^m 
and they were reckoned by their 
pedigrees (Bate). T)Mb^n ge- 
nerations, successive produc- 
tions, &c. 

19 IpD to take notice of. To appoint 

as an overseer, charge ; and in 
Hiph. place in trust, &c. 

50 TlbD totality, 'b an utensil, in- 

strument, &c. PI. D^bD. 

mtt? personal attendance, mi- 

51 2?D3 remove from one place to 

another, to travel, journey. As a 
noun, removing, &c. 


51 HDn to fix, settle, or pitch. Most 

generally to fix one's tent or 
camp. To encamp, to pitch. 
HDno, pi. D2nt3. mano an en- 
campment or camp, or men be- 
longing to it. 

52 bn to enlighten, dazzle, glitter. 

A standard, a beacon. 

63 P|l^p foam, froth with anger, rage. 
As a noun, foaming, rage, (Bate) 

nnS to come near. nn ensigns 
or flags, differing from bn above. 

Chapter II. '2 

2 133 eminere, prae-eminere. Before. 
n:2D from before, before; gene- 
rally, distance. 

] ] ID'' to be steady, firm, as pw. p' 
the right-hand, p^n the south. 

17 m^ to put forward, hold, thrust 
forth. Proferre, protendere. T 
side, the hands are placed 
by the sides. 

15 "15^ to hide, conceal ; or pD2 the 
north, '. the north is generally 
hid from the sun. 

Chapter III. K 

3 ntt?D to smear or rub over with 
some unctuous matter. To 
anoint. In Chald. oil, occasionally. 

9 iriD to give. D'3n3 Nethenim, 
persons given to the priests and 
Levites for performing the 
servile offices of the tabernacle or 
temple. D'Sin: persons given. 

iO ]71D to minister, particularly in the 







priest's office, nsna the pri^'st- 
hood or priest's office. 

*7D overspread, cover. *TDt3 cover- 
ing, hanging. "pD the veil, v. 31. 

curve, bending, hollow, 'y'rp 

irV a stake or pin. (In Arabic) 
to thrust or drive. 

liV to exceed, go beyond certain 
limits, be redundant, nn^ a rope. 
nn^Q nearly the same, used for a 

IpD . nilpD f. in reg, oversight, 
office, superintendence, charge. 

Vnp compact, fasten together. 
^OJlp boards. 

rrm pass from one place to 
another, 'n'l: bars. 

niD separate, deliver, redeem. 
]V1D or pD price of deliverance 
or redemption, a ransom. DViQ 
redemption, mo those that are 
to be redeemed (Bate). 

^1V superabundant, superfluous. 
in Hiph. to have over and above, 
to cause or make to superabound. 

Chapter IV. 1 

3 N!al? to assemble or meet together 
in a stated manner. (Bate) go 
upoji duty, as the Levites to 
do the service of the tabernacle. 

t&nn azure or sky-blue. A cover- 
ing of ermines, not badger's 
skins, as the rabbins. 

vv!D to coniplete entirely. !?>^3 
wholly (Bate). 

7 7132 . D^]Dn the presence bread 





7 iVp to be deep, mrp a dish, 
charger, &c. 

n^D to curve, bend, fp a spoon. 
mD3. See Exodus, chap. xxv. 

T^p^ clear away. n'p30 tlie bowls. 
nti?p stiff, broad, shallow vessels 
of beaten metal, plates. 

'7D3 spread abroad, pour out or 

9 npb take. rrnp'^D tongs. 

Tinn to keep fire alive, mnnnr: 

t^1J3 to be moved, so as to be dis- 
ordered or di&jointed. tqid a 
yoke-band, a staff, a pole. 

13 )W1 to be made fat. Ashes of the 

fat, take away the ashes. 

Uyi whelm, heap, &c. paiM purple. 
See Exodus, chap. xxv. 14. 

14 37T curvature. A flesh-hook. 

K?nn 111? azure skins, i. e., of a 
sky-blue colour, or a covering 
of ermines. 

Tinn to keep fire alive, lighted, 
or in a smoke, by the constant 
access of fresh air. nnno a 

tlV^ to overturn, see Is. chap, 
xxviii. 17. cy' shovels. 

p'lt to sprinkle, pnra a bason, a 
sprinkling vessel. 

15 SIZ73 to bear. nd a burden, a 


20 177!2 pulled down, swallow up, 
devour. (Ver. 20,) may be used 
here as a twinkling, a moment. 

23 Wni?, n^b to assemble in a 
regular stated manner, to go 
upon duty. Went upon duty. 

Chapter V. H 

2 5?"^!^ see Lev. xiii. yi"i!? a leper. 

nt gush, issue, Lev. xv. A run- 
ning humour. 

t2?D3 to breathe, respire. A dead 
body, an animal which has 

6 737X5 to decline, go aside, bra'^ 

bsi2 to commit a trespass. 

DtrS guilty. And he shall restore 
his damage. 

7 Wi^l priority. (Sum total) its 

full value. 

12 ntOti? decline, go, or turn aside. 

13 ^DW lie down. mSttJ a lying 

down (Bate), a fall or emission 
of seed (Gesenius' Lexicon.) 

t^Sn lay hold on, catch. 

14 M3p to eat into, corrode, as fire, to 

burn with zeal, to burn with jea- 

1 5 n'Dp to grind. Meal, flour. 

IDT strength, vigour, &c. 1. to 
remember, make mention. 2. 
male sex. pDi a memorial. 
mSW a memorial. 

17 37p*1p the pavement or floor, mp 

to join, contiguate, and yp"i to 

18 yi^ free, set free, or loose, to dis- 

engage, strip, make naked, 
dishevel (Bate). 
1^ bitter. 

"HN to flow. "VIN to curse greatly. 
To curse, i. e., fleeting, &c. 
Dn"i0 that causeth the curse. 

20 ni^bn or Tlba besides, without, 


21 372tt? sufficiency, satisfaction, 




saturity. (See Parkhurst's Lexi- 
con on this root, 716, referring 
to Gen. xxi. 2831, proving- 
that this is not a divided root.) 
rrbW to curse. (A denouncing of 
a curse.) 

22 *|l^!!2 to conceive in the belly or 

womb. The belly. 
n^lJ to swell, grow turgid. 
'^V12 in Arab, to be lax. 'JO the 


23 1QD to tell, count. A book, roll, 

a tablet, volume (Bate). 
26 '^Dp grasp, take a grasp or 

Chapter VI. 1 

2 sbc. -na m:"? nVd* shall make 

the uncommon vow (Bate). 

"1T3 to be separated. T a Na- 
zarite. Separate oneself. 

3 ^^n to ferment. Vinegar, sour- 

nntt? personal attendance or mi- 
nistry. miCQ somewhat pre- 
pared for eating or drinking. 
rrrCQ "ja any preparation (of 

nriv smoothness. n^ smooth, 
fresh, green. 

4 y^Tl shorten, cut short. D*:!J^n 

the dregs or refuse of grapes. 
Grape-stones (Bate). 
31T to join, connect, at the husk of 
a grape or outer skin. 

5 lyn divide, cut, split. A cutting 

instrument or razor, &c. 

b"T3 any kind of greatness or aug- 
mentation. To increase, grow, 
become great. 

9 37ns to beat in pieces, ync a 
moment, a small partition of time. 
With 3 in a moment, in an 

MnS sudden, hasty. C^nc or 
^^<nD suddenly, straightway. 

12 vD3 to fall in any manner, to fail, 

be lost on reckoning, be to no 

15 vD a basket. 

pi evacuate, pp p*p^ a very thin 

19 2?1t spread abroad (seed). The 

arm of man. The shoulder or 

foreleg of a beast. 

^272 coquere, to concoct, dress 
with fire. 

25 IN to flow. To be light, to shine. 

Chapter VII. t 

1 n73 totality, completion. nib 

3 vH!S7 round. r?!>33^ a steer or heifer, 
a calf, pi. nb:s. Tfb^^t pi. n'u^ a 
carriage or car, rolled forward on 
round wheels. 

HIlI^ to swell, grow turgid. 2!? 
the covering or tilt of a car- 
riage, &c. 

9 P)nD bind together. The shoulder. 

10 S12?3 bear, take, lift, &c., raise. ttJ3 
or M'^: a prince or chief. 
*73n to initiate, handsell, dedicate. 
n3:rT dedication. 

13 1'^p to be deep, n-ysp a dish, pi. 

pHT to sprinkle, scatter, p^m a 
sprinkling vessel, a bason, a 




15 IpD to look upon, survey. A 
beeve ; and collectively, beeves. 
A herd of such, sometimes ren- 
dered oxen (Bate.) 

17 IDV to prepare, make ready. 
Dmny rams or he-goats. 
mD to bear fruit, nc a young 
bull. mD a heifer. 

72 '^nWV one, unity, i. e., the founda- 
tion, from muy to make, and ntt? a 

Chapter VIII. fl 

2 bo to cut off or pluck. Via ba at 
the termination, extremity, to- 
wards. '2D blQ ba at the termi- 
nation of the face or front, i. e., 
on or towards the forefront. 

4 TlWp to be stiff, tough, stubborn, 
hard, &c. rropo beaten work, 
stiffened work. 

n"lS to break forth, mc the 
flower-bud, gem, or germ. 

HMT to see, look at. nsia aspect, 
11 r|D to reach out, stretch forth, nciin 
A present (being the Levites.) 

16 "1122 to open. nTC what openeth. 

19 ?)!13 to hit, strike against. A 
stroke or plague. 

21 StDn to deviate from a scope or 
aim. In Kal and Hiph. to offer 
for a sin-oflfering, or to expiate 
or cleanse by ditto. 

Chapter IX. tD 

2 1^** to appoint, constitute. InNiph. 
to be convened, assembled. 






t&ID, pi. DnriD a set regular 
time, a season. 
HDD to pass or leap over by in- 
tervals, with b'$ following. The 
passover. To hop about. Hop- 
ping (halt) service (Bate). 

'Vm subtract, withhold. 
3?l^t27 to hear, understand, declare, 

]pni to elongate. Far, distant. 
"["n to go, come, or put forwards. 
A way, path, or road. 

bin not to act, not to speak, not 
to be. To cease, fail, forbear, 

I'DW dwell, remain, rest. |Dwa. 

1DD to tell, count. ISDO after the 
substance, denotes few ; before, 
denotes many. 

Chapter X. "^ 

'n^n to surround, confine, environ. 

minjrT or m:?i:?n a trumpet, from 

"isn a tube, and 1^ to compress. 
17D3 remove. yOD a moving or 

rushing along or forwards. 
37"n to break. To break the order 

of the air. nniD a loud sound, 

a shouting, alarm. 
niJ to bind close, enclose. An 

oppressor. '^'t3 distress, afflict, 

F]DS to gather in, or up, as the 

rear of an army. A part, noun, 

PlDD the rear or rear -guard. 
SDn the father-in-law of Moses, 

son of Rouel. 

^v"' to procreate young, beget, 
bear, like ysyy and gigno. 
m'?1Q nativity, kindred, offspiing. 



S3 nn to go round or about, to search 

So '^D3 dissipate, disperse. 

Chapter XI. K> 

1 ^S labour of body or mind. pM em- 

phatic. (Bate) to complain much. 
C'3jNno being exhausted or faint 
with labour or grief (Parkhurst's 
Lexicon). (Bate) being ready 
to complain. 

2 n /Q separate. Vto to make a 

separation, to intercede, mediate. 

VpW to sink, subdue. 

4 F)DM to gather in. tpWH a mul- 

titude, collected from various 
quarters. A rabble, the mixed 
multitude (Bate). 
niM to desire, lust. rriNn IINnn 
fell a lusting. 

5 "jn kindness, affection. D3n out of 

mere kindness, gratis, &c. 

^Wp like rrop to stiffen. D>u?p 

ntsn hang close. D'nniw fruits 
or plants of the pepo or melon 
kind, which cling by their 

*l2n surround, confine, environ, 
irsrr an herb, from its tubular 

vS2 to peel off the bark of a tree, 
or coats of an onion. (Bate) a 
leek, an onion. 

ntZ? to place, set, put. D"'DW some 
species of onions. 

7 pi? look, appearance. 

V"Ti to divide, separate. Tin, 
n':i3 bdellium. (Bochart) pearl. 

8 TlXlW decline, go to and fro. 
]nTD comminute, grind, 
cm embrace, enclose. A lower 
millstone, mills. 

n^T to beat or bray. nDi?3 a 

"HD to break, nns a pot or kettle. 

237 to bake upon or under the coals. 
A cake thus baked. 

Dri^ to taste, as ywofuct. 

V"T2? wet, moist, liquid. Fresh. 

12 pT^ to describe, define. "^"U the 

bosom or breast. 

^DM steadiness, stability, constancy. 
A nursing or a foster-father. 

13 ]S labour, ^m a negation, ^'wo 

from whence. 
16 ItDtC an inferior magistrate or 

officer, a ruler. 
20 S~)t nauseous, loathsome. 

DNQ to be dilated, to despise, 

23 TV^p meet, occur, happen. 

25 v^S to set apart, keep, reserve. 
(Bate) took. 
P)1D to make an end of, consume, 
to scrape away, to sweep off. 

30 P)DS gather, withdraw, congregare, 

colligere, retrahere. Recover, 
i. e., to withdraw a man from his 

3 1 T21 took off or away. 

IDK?3 loose, relax. Set loose, 
spread forth or abroad. 

nnD restriction. Tfy\ n3 here 
and there, this way and that, 
Exod. ii. 12; Num. xxiii. 15. 

CM support. rrDM pi. noM a cubit, 
j 1^ foot. A family. 




S2 n^^W spread abroad. 
3;3 *|iy pleasure, delight. p hither- 
to, yet (Bate). 1^ and p. 

34 "I2p to bury, inter. 

Chapter XII. ^"^ 

1 m*' to put forward. miM n. f. 
pi. propelling motives or causes, 
as mns and nnx, or nnN ^r on 
account of, by reason of. 
n^'WD Ethiopian or Cushite. 

3 n2V affect. 133> humble, lowly. 

4 CNHD suddenly. NDD sudden, 

8 in penetrate, sharp. HTn an 
enigma, parable which penetrates 
the mind. 

T1212 to distribute. n:inn in reg. 
n:icn a delineation, a similitude. 

ID^D to look, direct the eye of the 
body or mind, to behold, regard. 
11 "^3 have pity on mc, Exod. iv. 10; 
and alii. Attend to me. Gen. 
xliii, 20. a to, or on, and ' me, 
to me, or on me. 

^W* to will, resolve, determine, un- 
dertake. In Niph. bir^Z wilful, 
to be self-willed, obstinate, there- 
fore foolish. 

Chapter XIII. 11'' 

17 HT this, this here : (Sometimes, 
eminence, distinction, as evroi 
and hic,)hither, this way. 

19 Tl^Tl to fix, settle, to fix one's 

tent, camp, encamp. D'ono or 
m:nr3 an encampment or camp. 
*n!^2 to restrain, shut up, to fortify. 

20 riTl waste, attenuate, lean, poor. 

20 ptn constringe, brace; therefore, 
strong, strengthen, i. e., the 

23 ^3V connecting. D'i:s? grapes, (the 
first ripe) grapes. 
v!I3ti? to be wise. Waste, destroy. 
^:^\s pi. f. in reg. nVD^ a cluster 
or bunch of grapes. 
Tliyi cast, throw, '"hot the pome- 
granate, Exod. xxvi. 
^S labour of body or mind. n:f*n 
a species of tree. The tig-tree, 
i. e., the grief-tree, from the 
roughness or prickliness of the 
upper side of the leaf, i. e., a 
kind of natural sackcloth. D':n 

28 DCS to fail, cease to be as a part, 
defect, i. e., only. DCN ^D only 
that, nevertheless, only, because 
yet, because. 

30 on hist, hush; hence, to be silent, 

keep silence. In Iliph. to make 
silent, still, hush. 

31 iT to murmur, nn reg. mi a 

murmuring, an evil repcrt- 

32 "TD to measure in length and 

breadth. nilQ 'Ty: men of large 

33 vCD to fall in any manner. Aquila 

renders it by iTiTriTravTis. Sym- 
machus by Btattoi, such as fall 
upon others. The Nephelim 
D'^Cin. Violent assaulters. 
3!in a locust or grasshopper. 

Chapter XIV. T 

1 HWJ bear, take, lift up. xmi 

arose (Bate). 

2 ]v stay, abide. To dwell or harp 

upon a subject with discontent 
and murmuring, to grumble. 


2 n w to join, add. i) the cleaving 

of mind to an object, as, Would 
to God ! O that, assuredly, if ! 

3 TD spoil, plunder, prey. 

nS V weary, tired, vib and Ml^ not, 
nay, no. 
6 V^p to rend, or rent, 

8 V'Cn bend, incline. With b and 

noun, to be inclined to, to 
delight in. 

9 yil^ to rebel, revolt. 

viJ to shade, overshadow. D^ ID 
he that overshadowed them is 
departed from them. 

11 rT3N the occurrence or presence of 

an object. n:M 13? how long, till 
what time. 

12 13DW I will sraite (this people) 

\^S2 cast off, reject, despise, slight. 

12?"T^ to possess, tm: to be dis- 
possessed, come to poverty. 

18 nCS to heat through. D'D "pM 

long of nostrils, i. e ., who restrains 
his anger, slow to anger, long- 
suffering. D^D "I2?p short of 
nostrils, passionate, angry. 

19 HvD loose, relax, remit. With b 

following, pardoning or forgiving. 

21 DvS compression. D'?1b a particle 

expressing firmness or confi- 
dence. Yet, notwithstanding, 
but, truly. 

22 nD3 try, tempt, essay. 

24 Dp37 the end. ap3> because, inas- 
much as, because of, on account 
wbD to be full, to fulfil. nn bD to 
fulfil after, i. e., to follow entirely. 

28 DM support. vh DM if not, in 
swearing and speaking, affirmeth. 



I live, saith Jehovah, if it shall 
not happen, i. e., as sure as I 
live it shall happen. 

32 n3t encompass. ni2T fornication, 
acts of whoredom. 

34 M3 to fail, be deficient. Fem. reg. 
nN"i3n a failure, viz., in perform- 
ing what was promised. My 
failure, my breach of promise. 

85 1V^ to appoint. D'T^ls met by ap- 
pointment. nns?"i3 were gathered 
together by appointment. 

44 bD37 elevated, raised up, proud, 

arrogant, presumed. They as- 
cended (Bate). 
ntt?SJ draw out or forth, remove, 

45 nS to pound, beat, wear to pieces. 

Din (Hormeh) denotes utter 

Chapter XV. IID 

3 S^D extraordinary. m3 perform 
a vow, or accomplish. 
m3 free, liberal, naia free-will- 

nrr^S n*"*! an appeasing odour. 

15 ^Hp to collect. An assembly, a 


16 liD2? all regulation and disposal. 

t2Q^n custom. It hath a 


general meaning. 

19 Dl to be lifted up, or make an 

offering, rroivi lonn ye shall 
offer a heave-offering. 

TT)^ excite, move, p threshing- 

20 V^V to knead, similar to pr to 

agitate. >nnny masses of kneaded 




dough or paste, 
n^rr a cake. 

Dough (Bate). 

22 Tl^W expatiate, luxuriate, run 
wild, to wander, err, transgress 
through ignorance. 
n")2 command, order, ordain. 
m!?n pi. miJD a precept, a com- 

N /H remove or cast to a distance, 
far off. n^Vrr onwards, hence- 
forward, thenceforth ; or, of 
place, to a distance, beyond. 

25 n vD loose, relax, remit. 

30 f]11 reproach, revile, blaspheme. 

31 T3 to spoil, plunder. To spoil of 

honour, upbraid, to reproach, 
nt^ despise, contemn, slight. 
34 t2?"nQ spread out, explain, expound, 

38 V"'!^ break or burst forth as a 
flower. nS'2 a flower, i. e., a 
flower like a tassel or tuft. In 
Hiph. to irradiate, emit glory or 
P]3D extremity. A border or skirt 
of a garment. 

Chapter XVI. TtD 

1 np7 to take. (Bate) conspired 

11 13?^ to appoint. D^nyj they who 
meet by appointment. 

13 1W to regulate. "ITO regulating, 

ruling absolutely. mnu^n to 
make thyself an absolute ruler 
or director. 

14 ip3 bore, dig, or cut out. 

21 V^'l still, quiet. An instant. 
P Tl^^p foam, froth. 

HDD scrape, sweep. Rudere, ver- 

TpD take notice of, visit, review, 
oversee. mpD reg. visitation or 

SllS production either of sub- 
stance or form. The creation or 
accretion of matter. To do or 
perform somewhat wonderful, or 
create a new thing. 

Chapter XVII. T 

PpW burn, 

Vpl the motion of different parts, 
different ways at the same time. 
A plate. Extending plates of 
gold by beating. 

nD expand, spread out. Broad. 

riD!^ overspread, overlay. 

1237 restrain, retain, stop, detain. 

IDD to slide, slip. nr)0 a pole, a 

15?'' appoint. In Niph. to meet 

by appointment. 
mS break forth, bud, flourish. 

The flower-bud, blossom. 

'^W restrain, take away. 

vD!l retribution, return. Yield. 

V^^ labour or pant for breath. 
Expire, die. 


Chapter XVIII. n> 

"in2 clear, transparent. "^TO' oil. 

*^1V set in order, '^yf an esti- 
mation, an estimate price. 

*ntt?37 to be rich. "itD3>Q tithe, 


21 Py)r\ passing, succession, after; 
nJ so change, renewal, ex- 

27 M*7S3 to be full in almost any 
manner. n'?D fulness of the 
wine-press, i. e., the first running. 
I2p3 make hollow. 2p' a wine-fat I 



or vat. 
29 ^7n soft, unctuous substance. 
The richest or most nutritious 

Chapter XIX. tO> 

2 TT7V ascend, by and biy a yoke, 
nans red. 

4 n]D3 straightness. n33 directly 

opposite to, over against. 

5 Cl?nD spread out. Dung. 

9 13 move, remove. m3 'Q the 
waters of removal, i. e., waters 
of cleansing. 

1 1 n^ to die. no a dead corpse or 


12 M^n deviate from. In Hiph. to 

expiate, cleanse. 

15 nbS totality. '^D utensil, orna- 

ment, instrument, furniture, &c. 
nriD to open. mriD and nnD an 

IDl^ couple or join together, in 

pairs. Ta:? a bracelet. 
bn2 to twist, wreath. b'DD a 

wreath for the arm, a thread. 

16 bn, vbn pierce much, much 

wounded, mortally wounded 

Chapter XX. 5 

3 Hin or !2'^1 contend, strive, quarrel 


4 1V!2 to clear off, consume. "VSl 
a brute animal, a beast. 

8 1111 drive, lead, bring. Speak, 
not smite ; used once to smite, 
2 Chron. xxii. 10. 

10 711D to resist, rebel, revolt, (lxx. 

19 vD raise, elevate. nVoD a raised 
or highway. 
"1D10 to deliver to another, sell. 

A price. 
"im 1''W pn yet not a thing. 
26 tDa?D divest, strip off. 

Chapter XXI. SD 

1 in to go about. Dnn the ex- 
plorers, spies, 
nnt^ lead or carry away captive. 
'IttJ a captive. 

4 1'^p cut short, grieved. 

5 Tl'Sp cut ofF, end, curtail. Loathe 


6 FjltZ? burn. D''D"i\l? a species of 

serpents, from their vivid ,fiery 
colour, or from their bite. A 
Iirj to bite. 
8 D3 a quick or tremulous motion. 
A banner or ensign. 

1 1 71*\V to turn out of its proper situa- 

tion, to pervert. D"^ a ruin, 
heap. A proper name. 

13 mV to pass beyond, lira a ford, 

a place where a river is passable. 

14 nSD to scrape, sweep. riElD a 

violent sweeping wind or storm, 
a whirlwind. 

15 mtt? to pour out or forth, to shed. 

nN an effusion, spring, stream, 
or rill of water. Ground. 



15 1VW incline. Tn Nipb. to be in- 
clined, lean. pWQ a staff, a prop. 

17 n237 to affect. Sing alternately, 

answer in singing. 

18 nCn to dig. 

nS^ to open. A pit or well 
opened in the earth. 

ma free, liberal. Noble. 

n"l2 cut, cut up, penetrate. To 

dig for. 
ppn marit out eminently. ppni2 

a staff or sceptre. 

20 nS!l increase, rise. M'3 a valley, 
or more properly, rising ground 
or lawn, rising from the bottom 
to the adjoining hill. 

nptt7 look, turn towards. 

25 5133 to build, rrron its daughters 
or dependencies (Bate), or towns 
or villages. 

28 n'^p meet, join, m'p, Mlp, wnnp 

a city. 

29 mS desire, covet. ) oh, ah! 

, Ovai. Voe. n with *? following, 
ch, alas, woe ! 

a7B escape, flee. In Hiph. to 
carry off. :D'bD fugitives, i. e., 
a number of persons escaped. 

30 13 split, separate. T2 a lamp ac- 

tually giving light. 12 a lamp. 

35 11127 to leave or be left behind. 
inxo one thus left. 

Chapter XXII. DD 

1 D13? mix. m" a wilderness, a 
desert, uncultivated country. 

3 "13^ to shrink or draw back for 
fear be afraid of. 

3 yp fret, lacerate, wound (Park- 

hurst's Lexicon). Distressed 

4 *7nb to lick, lick up. 

5 irT3 to flow or run as water. A 

current, a stream, a flood, a 

btt to cut off. biDD on the border. 
'^QQ on my border, i. e., border- 
ing on me. 

6 vIM gross, thickened. 'biM per- 

haps, may be, as riM, Tiy, mS',n*', 
where T is immutable. 

7 DDp divine, presage, prognosticate. 

Divination, and pi. D^aDp rewards 
of divination. 
1 1 Tlllp to curse, execrate, nearly re- 
lated to np3, as rtm to mj. 

16 Vyt2 withhold, prohibit, restrain. 

21 I2?2n bind round or about, girded. 

22 "JtOli? oppose, be adverse. 

23 ^hW draw, push out or off. 

24 vlfftt? hollow, concave. b')'^'CK) a 

hollow, a narrow way. 

113 make a fence, fenced in. 

25 yrv7 press, squeeze, crush. 

27 VpD a light rod or twig, ribp 


28 73") smite, impress as the feet 

upon the ground. D'b:*! distinct 
strokes or impressions, times. 

29 nb37 to ascend. '"^^ in Hiph, 

insulted or mocked. 

30 ]!3D lay up, lay up in store. In 

promptu habere. >n23Dn pDm 
apt to do thus unto thee ; and 
Bate, wont to do so unto thee. 

32 tDT* turn aside, to be turned aside, 




37 ^^M steadiness, stability. U^'QVl 

faithfully, truly. 
*TI3D heavy, weighty. To honour, 
to regard as weighty. 

vD'' able to do a thing. Can or 

38 DSr) , D1a , n!:1D , any, 

the least thing, a small matter. 
(Q1KO for and from, D10 a blot). 
Job xxxi. 7 ; Dan. i. 4. 

Chapter XXIII. n^ 

3 nStZ? clash, crush. DtO a high, 
craggy place. 

7 vl27X3 to rule. An authoritative 
weighty speech or saying, a 
parable, a discourse. 
TlTl^ lead, or bring along, guide. 

nVt spumam agitare per os, de- 
spumare. To defy. 
9 nt2?n add, superadd, count, reckon. 

10 inN behind, after. n^Tn end, 
latter time or state. 

14 nD!J overspread, oversee, survey, 
&c. Proper name. 
!lDD divide, dissect. moD a broken 

22 P)l?' dissolve, melt. nD!>in in- 

defatigable, or overpowering 
strength. nD3?W stateliness 


DST raised up, elevated. Name 
of a horned animal. A stag 
(Bate). A wild-bull (Park- 
Iiurst's Lexicon). 

23 l&nS view attentively, look accu- 

rately. An omen or an augury. 
Witchcraft (Bate). 

24 MHv in Arab. 1 conj. to milk 

out the beestings or first milk, 
or to suckle with first milk. A 
lion (Bate), ^'iHence Bochart 
says, a lioness. 

mW pluck off or crop. n and 
nnx a lion. 
28 1172 gape, open wide. A proper 

Chapter XXIV. "TD 

3 Dnti? shut up, closed. 

4 TTin to fasten, settle. Generally, 

to see, behold, mno who hath 
seen the visions. 

HvH to remove. D':^J? m'?3 un- 
cover or open the eyes. 

6 vn3 to inherit. A valley or 


7ns to pitch a tent. d>W aloe- 
trees or lign-aloes. 

7 vT let loose, profuse from laxity, 


nbl draw out (as water), nvbl 
branches which draw up the sap, 
boughs. Roots (Bate). 

8 D^37 strength. D>Q2V and niDlUJ? 

Cn^ make bare or clean. (Shall 

pick their bones.) 
"^ntt drive, drive in deeply, cause 

to pierce deeply. And ver. 17, 


9 V^D bow, couch. 

pDD smite, strike, clap, smack. 
14 ^l?"* advise, give counsel. 
17 ^23 something glittering. 1312 a 
"^m go, come forwardii, proceed 
nip to meet, npip confound. 

J 00 



17 r\W to place. Sheth, a city of 
Moab. (Bate; apposition. 

19 "137 to raise, stir up. n^yn one that 
makes a stir from the city. 

21 Tl^p to hold, contain. |p a nest, a 

23 HTI vigorous, strong. Live. 

24 'S^ dryness, drought. D^2J or D':? 

a decked ship, ships. 

Chapter XXV. HD 

3 1D2 couple or join together, be in 


4 Vp"^ strain, stretch, distend. In 

Hiph. hang up. 
mn heat, burn. pn heat, 
wrath, pi. W. 

7 HDT in Arab, to stab. Noun, a 

spear, lance, or pike. 

8 3p3 to make hollow, mp the inner 

part or room of the tent, mp the 
belly of a woman. 
"npT stab, pierce. 

^2D hit, strike against. nD^D a 
stroke, plague. 

122? restrain, stop, may a solemn 
feast-day, ch. xxix. 30. 

13 nn2 to descend, nnn instead of, 

because of, for. 

14 nD3 smite, strike. rtJOrr that was 


17 1!i bind close, n-c? bind closely. 


18 v33 devise, contrive deceitfully. 

^^32 wiles. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

9 n!i3 shoot, break, or burst forth or 


Chapter XXVII. TD 

4 3?12l subtract, taken away. 
20 min glory, sometimes honour. 

Chapter XXVIII. HD 

7 *JD3 spread abroad, pour out. A 
libation of wine poured out. 

"I3t!7 satisfy, satiate. Strong 

Chapter XXX. b 

2 "IDN confine, restrain. To bend. 
A bond. 

5 W^n silent thought or attention. 

6 N3 fail, be deficient. i3n in 

Hithp. annul, disannul, cause to 

7 StfiD utter or speak rashly, fool- 

ishly, or unadvisedly. 

10 D7M to compress. n3QV a widow. 
m:D^ widowhood. 

Chapter XXXI. b 

2 Dp3 to avenge. 

3 ybn loose, draw out or forth. 

4 "IDD deliver from one to another. 

Offer, present. 

bn^ to remain, abide, ^n riches, 

TTm plunder entirely. 

10 1TD order, regularity. A town, a 
house DnTTD. 

14 IpD in Niph. wanting or missing. 
mpE officers. 




16 "SDtt to deliver, teach, promote 

20 T3? strength or vigour. DW goats, 

used elliptically, goats' (hair). 

21 m** to teach ; or rmn instruction, 

a law. 

22 "1D3? comminute, reduce to dust or 

powder. mD12> and mE!S lead. 

27 t2?Dn lay hold, take in war. Un- 

de/take, manage. 

28 D1 to be lifted up. In Hiph. to 

raise, levy. 
03 reckon, number, count. 030 
an assessment or tribute. 

50 13?!^ to step, walk. rny:? an 
ornament worn on the arm, a 

hyS round. "?' a ring or earring. 

T(i5l5 to gather or compress into a 
roundish form. lOID some female 
ornament, a kind of girdle, 
swathe, or zone, compressing the 

Chapter XXXII. nb 

3 "ni^l? encompass, surround. Proper 
3?3 move, remove, wander. 
14 nun Kal, to be many or great, 
increase, multiply, mnn increase, 

16 T13 make a fence. N. a fence of 

stones, a wall, walled folds or 

17 "^ bn loose, set loose, to expedite. 

Part. Paoul, ready prepared, 
ready armed, drawing out, 
draughting or selecting. 

17 ten to haste. Speedily, in haste, 

22 W'U'D subdue, subject. 

33 72!l to set up a boundary, bound, 

terminate. A boundary, limit, 

41 n'^n to make known, mn a 

proper name. Their schools of 


Chapter XXXIII. ^b 

1 2?DD travel, journey. crco 

1T1 to be of a pale or white 

colour. 1in a hole, a strait 

52 tt?"i"' to succeed another in a pos- 
session. In Hiph. to cause 

another to succeed, i. e., to drive 

out former possessors. 
nStt? to be like. n^DTOO imagery* 

sculpture. Carved images 

'dh'2 to figure, delineate. D'-ob!? 

"^D to overspread, cover. ni^DD 

tabernacles, molten or covered. 
l^tt? destroy, abolish, demolish, 


55 *7tt? to stop, to fence, hedge. C'StJ 

sharp stakes or thorns. 
]li pointed, piercing. D2'22 thorns, 
prickles, very sharp pointed. 

56 HDI equable, even, level, uniform, 

conform. To form an idea in 
the mind. Thought (Bate). 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

3 nSD a side, extremity. >n.ys reg. 

HMD, pi. riND a side, quarter. 

K 3 




8 n^n to limit, bound. Set or draw 
a limit or bound. Draw a line 
1 1 nnD wipe, brush against. 

P]nD Arab, to bind together. N. 
a side or border. 
13 vn3 to inherit. To divide or dis- 
tribute for an inlieritance. 

Chapter XXXV. 


6 ^^D 

^/ to contract. to'jpQ contrac- 
tion, retreat, refuge. 
n^^T manslaughter or murder. A 
manslayer or murderer. 

vindicate, avenge. The 
avenger of blood. 

19 2?!15 to meet, meet with. 

20 V\in thrust, push. 



20 mi$ look sideways. (A lying in 
wait, treachery.) 

22 mD break in pieces. STDl in a 
moment, an instant, suddenly. 
A moment. 

24 IV in Kal to bear witness, mr 

and IS a witness in testimony. 

25 V153 take away. In Kal and 

Hiph. to deliver. 
33 P)3n pollute, defile. 

Chapter XXXVI. Sh 

3 V"^^ subtract, withhold. 

4 73'^ bring or carry along. The 

jubilee. The blast of a trumpet. 
7 p^T adhere, cleave. 
11 IT and TIT a lover. An uncle. 


Chapter I. M 

1 in37 to mix. TMIS a desert, un- 
cultivated country. 

5 ^M** will, resolve, determine, un- 

'nS!! to open, declare. 
7 /DC27 to humble oneself. nbDtt? a 
plain, low country. 

coast, or land overhanging the 

mQ Euphrates. 

12 rni5 to weary, tire. N. weari- 

ness, fatigue. 

13 Sn"* to give, supply. Come give, 

JlDn to cover, veil. r]in the sea- ]3 divide, separate. p3 discreet. 




13 3?"!"' to perceive or feel by the 
senses. W^T experienced. 

17 "IDH to know again, call to mind, 
regard. ")T3n. 
in"^ shrink for fear, man be afraid 

21 nn to be broken, dismayed. 

22 iDn sink, penetrate, search out. 

27 ]yi mutter, murmur. 

28 n3S presence of an object. 

Whither, where. 

HD^ melt, dissolve. 

y^V agitate, Niph. terrified. 

36 nbt , nbiT , Tlbt besides, except, 

save only. 

37 bbn roll over and over. bybyi 

because of, by means of. 

43 It to swell, be tumid, proud, pre- 


44 "im to drive, onn bees. 

Chapter II. 2l 

4 IT^iW keep, preserve. In Niph. 

and Kal, observe, be cautious. 

5 m^l excite, move. In Hithp. to 

stir up oneself, i. e., to war and 

6 I^W separate, contiguous parts. 

Sell, buy. 
711'D fodere. To prepare by buy- 
ing. Prepare, make ready. Buy. 

11 Utt^n add, reckon, think. 

SST to restore. D'nDI restorers of 
the antediluvian idolatry of the 

15 DJlv to swallow up quickly. 

Soft, &c., q. 
25 Tm*1 motion, commotion. Tremble. 

30 ^DS strong or vigorous in body 
or mind. Mlb HN yi2W made his 
heart obstinate. 

34 rXQ to die. PI. D'nn men, mortals. 

TlW leave or be left behind. t-i;d 
one thus left. 

^^10 to lift up or be lifted up. 
High above reach, exalted. 

Chapter III. !l 

5 bun bind, tie, connect. Van a 
tract or portion of land. 

(1123 to be high, elevated, tall, lofty. 

71 p1 draw, draw out. bi a door, 
a gate. D>nbi. 

"nm single. niV besides. 

T*1D disperse, scatter. 'nD joined 
with 1D5 or T2> an open village or 

10 1W^ straight, even, smooth. "i^CQ 

a plain. 

11 W^V bed, couch. The furniture 

of an oriental divan. A mattress. 

17 miZ? pour forth, shed. IMJM, pi. 

miUJN an effusion, spring, stream. 

21DD divide, dissect. A broken 
ridge. A proper name. 

18 yhn loose, set loose. D'S"i'?n 

ready, prepared, armed. 

23 ]n kindness. ]3n very kind. 
Hithp. to supplicate. 

26 I^V to pass in whatever manner. 
Hiph. disregard, wroth. 

n35? to affect. poV denoting re- 
lation, because of, for the sake of. 

28 \^ttS strong, vigorous. 




Chapter IV. 1 

1 I^Dtt? regulation, D^tDCCn rules. 
6 ^i divide, separate. Reg. nra 

pT evacuate. Only, except, but, 


12 n3?2 to distribute. nilDn a simili- 

bt loose, lax. nVl, ^h^^, 'n'71T be- 
sides, except. 

13 133 stand or show oneself before or 

above others. In Hiph. Tan to 

make manifest. 
1() nntt? corrupt, spoil, mar. 

/DD a figure, image, idol. A 

female deity. Equal to mtt?M 

the blesser. 
n3^ to build. TVZin a form, 

pattern, model. 
IS ti?D") move, creep, crawl. A 

19 n"7D to impel, force, thrust. Niph. 

to be impelled, incited, moved. 
21 ?13M breathe or snuff with the 

nostrils. Very angry. 
nblS to wear, waste away. TiVs 

not, unless, besides, admits % d, 

and ly before a noun ; b before 

infin. and verb. But, except, 


25 ^tt?*^ to sleep in a sound sleep. 

Long undisturbed, part, noun, 
laid up in store, i. e., in a quiet, 
undisturbed state. 
DVO to be angry. In Hiph. to 
provoke, irritate. 

26 l^S to be lost, to perish. 

27 3(13 carry, carry away, lead, bring, 

31 Dm embrace, have pity, mercy 
upon. Merciful. 

31 TIZT) give way, relax, fail. 

34 nD3 try, attempt, essay. nco 

3(5 ID*' to check, discipline, restrain. 

Chapter V. H 


17 ^M3 in Arab, to satiate one's 1 
thirst by drinking. Unlawful 
venereal gratifications, i., e., to 
commit adultery. 

IDn desire earnestly, covet. 

Chapter VI. 1 

4 "ISIIS to ^^ strong, copious. 
Strength, might, ability. 

7 rT3t27 to iterate. ]W repeat over 

and over again. A good instance 
of the intensity of doubling the 
last radical. 

8 1ti?p bind, bind about. 

P)DtD fix, fasten. nCTDtD frontlets 
or pendants, i. e., scrolls of parch- 
ment, on which were portions of 
the law. 
11 1^ clear, cleanse, mi pits, wells 
!2!5n cut, cut out, hew, 
^D3 plant, fix, infix. 
19 P)"T3 drive or hurry away. 
22 n break, rend, afflict. Grievous- 

Chapter VII. t 

1 bti?3 to cast, drive out, remcve by 

3 inn contract affinity by marriage. 




5 DH "'D for, or, because in truth, 

yn^ break to pieces, break down, 

2!^'' (related to as:, but distinct) to 

set, settle. nnso a standing 

nW^ to proceed. DrrTttJ their 

^i:i break, cut or cast down, or oflf, 


6 h'JD gain or acquire to oneself. 

A peculium, a peculiar treasure. 

7 pWn connect, join, link together. 

12 npl? the end. Because, inasmuch 

as, before a verb. 

13 "122? to emit, send forth. Issue, 

?)bs being chief, principal, &c. 

n-ib^ pi. U'^bn ox or beeve, chief 

nnnti?!? always joined with ]S 

flocks, niry and "in a tour, compass. 
^S!^ flocks of sheep or goats. The 

young of thy flocks. 

14 npV in Arab, to cut off*. Barren, 

sterile. -|pl" a barren male. mp3> 
a barren female. 

15 niT to languish, to faint, '"no 


1 6 on spare, pity. When the eyelids 

half-close, i. e., half-closed thine 
C?p'^ to lay or set a snare. 'Cpia a 

20 3?"^^ to smite or strike. Tf^'S the 

larger wasp or hornet. 

21 V""^ agitate, shake violently, 

23 niDH multitude, tumult, turbu- 

lency. 7V2^r^y2 confusion. D?2n 
agitate very much. 
25 ^Vr\ loathe, nauseate. niS^in an 

26 D"nn total separation of a thing, 
ypW abominate, abhor, detest. 

Chapter VIII. n 

2 H^V to affect. HiJ? to humble. 
4 nbn wear, waste away. 

p^H made soft by moistening. 
Made soft or tender. 

7 n'Qn multitude, mnn pi. nonn 

a mass or body of waters, or 
multitude. Pools. 

8 P\'1'2 hit, strike against, p: a vine. 

9 PD lay up, lay in store. niDOm 

by means of a magazine or ma- 
n"in protuberate, swell. "i">n a 

high or continued mountain. 
y^n cut, cut out, hew. 
13 npn look, search, examine, ipl 

a beeve or a herd of cattle. 
15 n"1p3? the scorpion, pr to press, 
and n much. 
Sttl2 to thirst. p02J dry, thirsty 

land or ground, 
bn break, break off* or away. 
D'^isbn a hard stone, flint. D^n 
to break, and nQ to recede. 

Chapter IX. I^ 

4 V\in to thrust, push, cast out by 
force. Driven away (Bate). 




7 P)2p to foam, froth. Provoke 

(Bate). Hiph. to cause to foam 
with anger. 

8 P|DM to breathe with the nostrils. 

Be very angry. 

12 '^O to overspread, cover. TODD a 
covering. A molten image. 

14 HDI give way, relax, let alone. 

17 l2?Dn lay hold on, catch. Took 

19 iy> shrink or draw back for fear, 

be afraid of. 

20 HvD separate. bVo to judge, in- 

tercede, &c. 

21 r\D to pound, beat, wear to pieces. 

^niD comminute, reduce to powder. 

DID'' good, well. TTD'n and stQ^rr 
adv. well, rightly, thoroughly. 

pT to beat, or be beaten small. 

Chapter X. 1 

1 /DD hew, chip. 

7 m^nri a name of a place in the 
Arabian desert, found only here. 

15 pWn have a delight. To cleave 

to or be attached to any one, 

IH QD^ in Arab, single, solitary. Din' 
solitary, bereaved. Fatherless. 

21 7n to move quickly, irradiate, 
shine. n'?nn praise, glory. 

Chapter XI. 

1 HD^ to restrain. -idio restraint, 

4 nSS to overspread, overflow. 

6 n!^D to let loose, open. 

Dp rise, stand, be established, ^^p* 
that which subsisteth. Substance. 
10 p^T' throw out something liquid 
or moist. N. a green shoot or 
twig. Herbs (Bate). 
12 Wll inquire, require. Regard, 
inquire after, watch over. Care 
for (Bate). 
tt^ST priority. n*"ra from the 

14 m'' direct, put straight or even. 

mv spiring or spearing rain. 

B!?p7 to crop, gather, w^pb'0 the 

15 nWS herb, herbage. Grass (Bate). 
18 nWp bind, bind about. 

f]lDtD fix, fasten. nDt:in frontlets. 
riD^ to entice, persuade. 

30 72M place near oneself, set apart, 
keep, reserve. bSN near. 

Chapter XII. n 

2 )Vn thrive, flourish, py-i flourish- 

ing. Green (Bate). 

3 \^n3 break to pieces, destroy, 

break down. 
^*T3 break, cut or cast down, de- 

15 r722 to swell, ^n!? the gazelle or 
antelope. In our trans, roebuck. 
A deer (Bate). 

vS to interpose. b'N a horned 
animal, a stag, hart, or deer. 
23 ptn constringe. Resolve. 

Chapter XIII. :i' 
6 Uni to drive, impel. 




Ci IVH clear off, take clean away. I 

7 no ill Hiph. to siir. n^D' stir up 
mentally, incite, excite. 

"inD to hide, conceal. TDl in 

9 Dn to spare, pity. 

vDH soft, tender. Compassionate, 

10 3~in to kill 

14 br"^b!3 unprofitableness, worth- 

lessness. b2 not, and ^^'' wicked- 

15 "^pri search minutely and exactly, 

or to the bottom, to explore. 

17 V^p collect, gather together. 

nm to be dilated. Broad, wide. 
Great street or square, a broad 

18 bn elevation. A ruinous heap. 

cm embrace, enclose, surround 
closely. D'om the bowels or 
intestines. Mercies. 

Chapter XIV. T 

1 1^ assault, ma in Hith. to assault 

or to cut oneself, attack one- 1 
self, but more general, cut your- j 
selves. ! 

2 n"^p smoothness, without rough- 

ness. Baldness. 

IHID. look at or behold with ad- 
miration or approbation. To 

4 r\W a lamb or kid. One of the 
smaller cattle of whatever age. 


IJ?!2D a sheep. 

5 nan disturb, trouble. mnrP the 

butfalo. The wild goat (Bate). 

rivM to interpose. Vn a horned 
animal, a hart. 

*)pM in Arab, loathing. ipM a kind 
of wild goat. (Bate) the goat- 
deer. Wild goat. 

]117"T fill or plump up. The wild 
ox (Bate). The antelope or the 
lidmee. (See Parkhurst's Lexi- 
con on the goat-deer.) 

nWn to limit, bound. 1n a clean 
animal of the deer or goat kind. 
(See Parkhurst's Lexicon). The 
oryx (Pliny). Wild ox (Bate). 

I^t to cut off. yat the chamois- 
goat (Bochart), or rupicapra. 
Probably something of the goat 

6 DID to part, cleave. HD^D the 


VDW split, cleave, rend. nJ?D 
yoiu divideth it altogether. 

rrnS excite, ruminate, chew the 
cud, or strictly, to stir or raise 
it up from the rumen, or first 
stomach, ma the cud. For un- 
clean beasts, &c., see Lev. xi. 

7 n^niM the hare. rn to crop, 

and S'2 the produce of the ground. 

nSl to see, look. nn a hawk or 

rr^l blackness or darkness of 
colour. The black vulture. A 
gregarious bird. (See Park- 
hurst's Lexicon). 

8 723 to fall or flow down, n'ina a 

carcass, caro casa, i. e., a 
dead animal body now falling to 
decay, and loathsome. 




21 133 to estrange, alienate, make 
strange. nD: a stranger, a 

25 "1!^ bind close, enclose, bind up. 

26 ^^W satisfy, satiate. Strong 


Chapter XV. IID 

1 \^T2W to let go, remit. niDOO a 

remission, a release. 

2 7572 to have or take possession. 

txuv. A creditor. 

tt733 being close to, confining, 
pressing. Distress. 

4 n^N acquiescence. p'^N acquiesc- 
ing from poverty, poor. 

6 IOD37 turn aside, divert. In Hiph. 

to lend on pledge. A pawn, a 
pledge. In Kal to borrow. 

7 ^X2S strong, vigorous. Harden. 

Joined with ai"?, denotes vigorous 
resolution, obstinacy. 

^Dp contract, shut up, restrain. 

'8 ion to abate. Be wanting, be 
destitute. Want. 

37") break, rend, nn afflict, 

10 ^ v2 the doubling or repetition of 

the action, ba circularity, motion. 
bbyi because of, by means of one, 
i. e., by his bringing it about. 

n72? to send forth, or to send in 
any way. "p^ n^tJO employment 
of thy hand. 

1 1 7in non agere, non loqui, npn esse. 

It denotes a negation of an act 
whether begun or not; it also 
denies existence (Cocceius). 

11 T\y^ to affect; to produce suf- 
ferings. 1*3S> thy poor. > afflic- 

n^N acquiescence, opposed to ^NQ 
refusing. p needy. 

14 pyS encompass, surround, i. e., 
furnish liberally (Bate). In 
Hiph. as with gifts. 

n"l3 excite, move, stir. ya a 

ip3 make hollow, ip' a wine-fat 
or vat, distinct from n2 wine- 

17 272") pierce through, perforate, 

bore. 'S'Sya a piercing instru- 
ment, an awl, a piercer. 

18 nDtZ7 to iterate, repeat. rr:u:D 

double, second, next. 

"IDtt? satisfy, satiate. Give a satis- 
faction for services done. IDiD 
wages, satisfaction. TD. 

19 I'yS to serve, labour, work, &c. 

Serve, be obedient as a servant. 
"With 1 following, to serve oneself 
of another. 

W take off or away. 

21 JIDD laxare, to loose (Taylor). 
Laxare, to beout ofjoint(Schul- 
tens). ncD lame. nOD passover, 

1137 deprive of sight, "ny blind. 

Chapter XVI. riO 

1 ;2N to swell. r2n ttJin the monili 
of green corn. 

3 TDn haste, hurry, pen haste, 




3 "inn look at or behold with admi- I 
ration or approbation. i 

"T^nn a person chosen or elected, 
and, in consequence of such elec- 
tion, appointed to an office. An 
elect one. Therefore this verb 
transitively, and with n following 
is, to choose. 
yi^n to ferment, leaven. 
9 tt?D"in a sickle. Din to separate, 
and mun to remove, 
bn to make a hole or beginning. 
Dp to rise, arise. HDp corn which 
rises up. 
10 HD^D disunion or dissolution of the 
texture, &c. HDQ a tribute, a 
13 *7^ overspread, cover. niDD a ta- 
bernacle, a booth. 
!3pD make hollow. Ip'Q a wine-fat 
or vat. 

18 1]^W an inferior magistrate or 


19 "iDn to know again, call to mind, 

DDn wise, skilful, prudent. 
FjbD pervert, turn aside. 
21 37t:^3 plant. 

1W^ proceed, go forward. mtt3 
a grove. 

Chapter XVII. r 

3 Wl^W to serve, minister unto. The 
sun, the solar light. 

7 l^n clear off, take clean away. 

8 SbO to be extraordinary, wonder- 

ful, exceeding or beyond one's 
experience, capacity, power, or 

8 1*T to direct, rule, judge. pT 
plea, a judicial cause or conten- 

HI or !l'^*n to strive, contend, 
usually in words, but something 
more than a contest of words. 

12 ^t to swell, be tumid, pit pride, 

ID make ready, confirm, establish. 
]1!3: prepared, fixed, certain. 

Tl^W to iterate, repeat. nWQ a 
duplicate or copy of a writing. 

19 Snp nearly as mp to meet. In 
Kal to read. ^npQ a reading. 

Chapter XVIII. n** 

1 pvPI smooth, even, equable. A 

3 nnt to slay in general. 

37*^t to spread abroad. 3?'^T 
shoulder or foreleg. 

;3p3 to make hollow, form cavities. 
T}yp the paunch or maw of a 
beast. Perforare fceminse. Ma- 
ledicere. The paunch, contain- 
ing the vessels, heart, and liver. 
The breast, (see Bate), i. e., the 
seat of the will and affections, 

4 W take off or away. M and ma 

wool shorn off, a fleece. 

8 "13X3 deliver or give up to another, 
Deut. xxii. 30. To sell, td?dq 
a selling, sale, or thing sold. 

10 1DV to pass in any way. TSyo 
in Hiph. that maketh over. 

DDp to divine, presage, prognos- 
ticate. A divinei. 

f]WD to discover, to disclose, reveal. 



In Heb. applied to conjuring. 
inWDD an enchanter, a sorcerer. 

10 C7n3 to view, eye, observe atten- 

tively. To use attentive or 
subtile observation. To augur. 
M3n:D an augur. 

11 l^n to conjoin, join or lit to- 

gether. To join words together 
for incantation. nin an incan- 

3?*T'' to perceive or feel by ihe body 
or outward senses, to know 
carnally, and to know with the 
understanding. '3yT a wizard, a 
cunning man. 

12 bn reciprocation or circularity of 

motion. Any rotundity of 
motion or form, bba the doubling 
or repetition of the action. bVai 
because, i. e., by his bringing it 
about by means of one. 

IZTT* to succeed another in posses- 
sion, or to possess something in 
succession. tD^iQ 

15 MD3 to prophesy. Not only to 

foretel future events, but also to 
speak or utter something in an 
eminent and extraordinary man- 
ner; a higher meaning than 
*^e(pnTzvs, n2 a prophet. 

16 f]DS to gather, gather in, with- 

draw. Congregare, colligere, 

17 DD'^ to be good, well, right, agree- 

able. In Hiph. to do or make 
good, &c. 

19 IDm inquire or require. 

20 IT to swell, be tumid. In Hiph. 

proud, presumptuous. 

Chapter XIX. IS'' 

1 "in*^ be afraid of. 

2 C?btt7 three. To divide into three 

parts, q. d., to third. 

3 n^n manslaughter or murder. 

n:?"! a manslayer or murderer. 

4 nvD wear or waste away. *^a3 J 

without, before a noun. ^ 

37"T* to perceive. T!$~\ knowledge, 

Dtt?btt7 b^na a third time past. 
See "jon yesterday and before, for 
lately, some time before. 

5 m37 to bare, make bare. "' a 

Dt^n to hew, as wood. To carve. 

ni3 to impel, force, thrust. To 
make an impulse or stroke. 

tnn to cut off. ]n3 an axe or 
hatchet, an instrument to cut 

bt2?3 to cast or drive out. Intrans. 
fly oflf with violence. 

fi IDDtt? all regulation and disposal. 
nccn judgment, including all 
distinction, regulation, ordering, 
right, custom. 

13 on to spare, pity, or the like. Have 


"1^22 to clear ofT or away, take 
clean away. 

14 303 recede, retire, go back, jd to 

recede, go, or turn back. In 
Hiph. cause to recede, remove, 

b33 set Tip a boundary, bound, 
terminate, "jm the mark of a 
boundary, a land-mark. 

16 D^n to cast, pluck, force off or 




away. Don violent rapine, out- 
rage, violence. 

16 "ID to decline, turn aside, depart, 
mo revolt, apostasy. 

19 QT to devise. Ul2t devise or con- 
sider thoroughly, purpose stead- 

Chapter XX. D 

3 *7*^ be or become soft or tender. 
Faint. Fearful, timid (Gesenius). 

ton haste, hurry, as through fear. 
Nor be in a hurry. 

V"^3? agitate, shake violently. In 
a trans, sense, be terrified. 

5 *J2n to initiate, handsel. Begin 

to use. To enter upon (Bate). 
Dedicate it. 

6 bn to make a hole or opening, to be 

in labour. Vth to open eminently, 
pierce much, handsel (Bate). 

7 Wl^ betroth, espouse. 

8 HDtt the disunion or dissolution 

of the texture or consistence 
of any thing. Tribute (Bate). 
To melt, and noun DD a draught 
or levy of men. 

9 IpS to take notice of, examine. 
16 D1273 to breathe. HQW breath. A 

soul (Bate). 
19 "11$ bind close, enclose. Followed ' 

with "JM to besiege. 
C7t)n lay hold on, catch, take in 

nnW corrupt, spoil, destroy. 
m3 impel, force, thrust. 
tnn to cut off. ^na an instrument 

to. cut with, an axe or hatchet. 

20 "n!^ to enclose, besiege. mjJG a 
siege, blockade. 

n*T"l descend. In Kal, to subdue. 

Chapter XXI. SD 

I vH to make an opening. bbTi 

wounded very much or stabbed 
very much, 

3 ^y^ round, orbicular. r\bx^ a 

calf, fem. a young heifer. 

4 ]nM strength. ^rfW strong, forcible, 

violent (Parkhurst's Lexicon) as 
a river. ]n' bn: bn a rough 
valley (Bate). 

^D37 serve, labour, work. A 
general work. In Kal trans, 
to till or cultivate. 

P]1'^ to distil. In Kal, to break 
the neck, cut off the neck, to 

8 "1D3 cover, overspread. Be re- 
conciled (Bate). Atone, expiate. 
Atonement. Be appeased. 1033 
forgiven (Bate). 

mp approach, come near. The 
charge (Bate). 

10 n!lll27 lead or carry away captive, 
3M? ni'O carry away captive. 

II ISn to delineate. Form, shape, 

pWn in Kal, to be connected or 
attached to, in heart and affec- 
tion. With 2 prefixed, to object. 

IQS move quickly. pD!J the sharp 
point of a hard substance, re- 
sembling a nail. A nail. 

13 hl^W to surround on all sides. 




13 vV^ ( 'xeat) to have, take posses- 
sion, &c. To marry, take pos- 
session of a wife, &c. 

H ^Sn with a following, to be in- 
clined to, to delight in. 

t!?DD to breathe, respire. n^Di"? 
for her person. 

12X3 deliver or give up to another, 
to deliver up a thing for a price, 
to sell, &c. 

^'DV to press, squeeze. With 1, 
to use one's power, to oppress by 
power. See Deut. xxiv. 7, xecrci^v- 
vartvo-ai tyrannize over. Vulgate, 
opprimere per potentiam. 

15 *lDi to be forward, to precede, 
&c. To make the first-born, 
invest with the rights of primo- 
geniture. The first-born. 

17 *l2n to know again, acknowledge, 

&c. n radical, but omissive, as 
appears in Gen. xxxvii. 32, 33; 
xxxviii. 25, 26; xlii. 7, 8. 
Gesenius admits the only mean- 
ing of 13: in Arab, to be estrange. 

HD to obvert, turn towards. In 
reg. *Q an opening. D^ilU 'D the 
measure or portion of two. 

]M denotes labour of body and 
mind. It refers particularly to 

18 ID decline, turn aside. "iiiD re- 

belling, refractory. 

ID'' restrain, check, discipline. 

19 K?Qn lay hold on. 

20 v loose, lax. bb^^ profuse, pro- 

digal (Schultens). 

S2D drink hard, guzzle, swill. 
Ingurgitare. D2D a drinker or 

21 QUI whelm, heap together, accu- 
mulate. Overwhelm with stones. 

Chapter XXII. 33 

1 Tini to drive, impel, thrust down. 

Compare m3 the same, the root 
here. (Bate) going astray. 
Cbs? in Kal and Hiph. to hide, 
conceal. (Bate) withdraw thy- 

2 ?)DS gather, gather in, withdraw. 

Congregare, colligere, retrahere. 
In Kal, to gather, take in. 

3 TUM to be lost, perish. miN a 

thing lost. 

5 n3!l to be strong, powerful, to pre- 

vail. ^23 a man as distinguished 
from woman or child. 

n^D totality. >^3 an utensil, &c., 

6 riDp to hold, contain as somewhat 

hollow doth. N. ]p a hollow, re- 
ceptacle, a nest. 

n"lD to break forth as a tree or 
plant in buds, &c. mc pi. D 
the young of birds, where 
feathers, &c. 

^3 softness, smoothness. Q'S'l the 
eggs of birds, &c. 

\^m lie, lie down, couch. To sit 
as a bird. 

DS to support, sustain, &c. DN a 
mother, a dam, &c. 


8 pV to confine, straiten, contract, 

a battlement. 

M yD separation, restriction, &c. 
Separare, dirimere. D'V3 sepa- 
rate species of animals, seeds, 
materials, &c. Distinct. 




9 ti?lp separate or set apart. 
N7!Q to be full or filled in almost 
any manner. n^n fulness, crop. 
10 tt?in silent thought or attention. 

1 ] tI7!2b put on, clothe. 

T3I^!!?Ul7 cloth mixed of linen and 
woollen. Linseywoolsey. From 
V which, ^tJJ? to involve, and nw 
to sprinkle. 

'ni!21J soft, tender. Wool. 

nW^ related to "CtJD to strip, 
D\i^D flax, linen. 

12 v12 any kind of greatness or aug- 
mentation. D'^iJ cones or conical 
clusters which the Jews wore on 
four quarters of their garments. 
Twists (Bate). 

f]^'D extremity. mc:3 the border 
or skirt. 

nDD to cover. 

14 /^y to ascend repeatedly, to do, 
perform. nY"}^ actions, deeds. 

VHS to separate. U^bMni signs or 
marks of virginity, or virgin 

17 DW to place, put, (to lay upon), 

lay to. With 3 following, the 
charge of, impute to. 

18 ^"D^ restrain, chastise. 

W^V mulct, amerce, punish by fine 
or forfeiture. 

21 nJT to encompass, &c. niDib to 

commit whoredom. 

22 hyD, (o ixuv). A husband. 

25 ID. separate, lib alone. Mlb he 
alone, by himself alone. 

28 W^n lay hold on, catch, appre- 

Chapter XXIII. 33 

2 r^2 wounded or hurt. 

I TIDI to beat or bray. TOT broken. 

I yiSD wounded or hurt by bruising. 

"^-ti? to pour out. HDD a man's 

privy member, urinam et semen 


3 HIT cast away. itiD estranged. 

A bastard, a stranger. 

5 D*Tp priority, precedency, or an- 
tiquity. To anticipate, to come 
before, to meet. 
nriS expound, interpret. liriDD 
from Pethur (of Mesopotamia). 

11 H^p to meet, coalesce. mpD an 

occurrence, an event. 

12 rT3D to turn, mr moD^ at the turn 

or return of the evening, or 
rather when the place turned, 

13 m"^ to put forward, hold, or thrust 

forth. T signifies a side, border^ 
extremity, as hand sometimes 
does in English, Exod. ii. 5, &c. 
A place. 

14 irV^ Arab, to thrust or drive in ; 

so to fix firmly. nn a pin or 
stake, a pointed stake or paddle. 
A spade. 

N2^ to come or go forth, rwi? in 
reg. riNi? excrement. 

HDT to encompass. p, ?<wv, a zone, 
a girdle. n2"iT a whore, a harlot. 
"iSn to sink, penetrate, dig. 

15 rrniS? to bare, uncover. "I2l miy 

any thing unseemly or indecent. 
Any filthy thing, or some shame- 
ful thing (Bate). 

16 lyO shut, shut up. In Hiph. 

cause to be shut up, give up or 

L 3 


16 b23 take away. In Niph. intrans. 
take oneself away, escape, 

18 Wlp to separate. np a male 

prostitute. Bate calls this a 
catamite, a whore. rw\p a 
female prostitute. 

19 ]n2 to make a thing be anywhere, 

&c. ]]n a gift, reward, a present. 

in?2 to commute, exchange. Tnn 
the price or value of a thing. 

nbD to clap, close together. A dog. 

f\W^ bite, cut, or pierce with the 
teeth. In Hiph. cause to bite, 
i. e., lend upon usury. "J^Z bit- 
ing, usury. This is distinguished 
from n^ain increase, or simple 
interest. Lev. xxv. 36, 37. See 
verse 20. 

23 vin to cease, forbear, &c. 

24 m3 free, liberal, nni a free-will 

offering, also freely, readily. 
?]3 reach out, stretch forth. 

26 Dp to rise, stand. Rise, grow up 

as corn, nop grown or standing 

?]lOp crop, pluck off. 
pbD cut off entirely. n^^'jD ripe 

ears.of corn. 
ITj^in a sickle. Dnn to separate, 

and nu?Q to remove. 

Chapter XXIV. ID 

I DHD to mark, engrave, write. 
"IDD to count, number. A bill or 

PTiD to cut up or off. nnnD a 
4 WDID to pollute, defile. In Hiph. 
nQiQn he hatb caused her to be 


5 Hjp2 clear. 'p2 clear, free, 
riDtt? to move briskly and alter- 
nately; and rejoice with his 
wife, whom he hath taken. 

6 bmn to bind, tie, &c. blW take 

for a pledge. To bind or oblige 
another to oneself by a pledge. 

m embrace, enclose, cm the 
lower mill-stone. 

"PDI to ride. The upper mill- 
stone, which rides upon the 

7 ^T2V to press, squeeze into a 

narrow compass. With 2 foUov/- 
ing, to oppress, as Deut. xxl. 14. 
(See Parkhurst's Lexicon.) ( Bate) 
that he may take advantage of 
him. Lxx. tyrannizing over him. 

8 3?^3 to touch, to smite, &c. 3?a3 

a stroke, a plague. 
^"niJ smite, strike as with venom- 
ous or infectious matter. 2?1"i2 a 
person smitten with leprosy. 
rS'y^ the stroke or plague itself, 
the leprosy. 

10 n!;?3 loosing, laxity, relaxation 
(Schultens). Part with money 
or goods, i. e., to lend, and that 
simply. (See Parkhurst's Lex.) 

n^n to feed, like pasco. TOT a 
shepherd, &c. T\ and n1 a 
messmate, convicter, a com- 
panion, friend, neighbour. 

ME73 to bear, take, lift up. nxtJQ 
a debt, obligation, debitum. 

lOn^ to turn aside. "CIIJ^ and tony 
a pledge or pawn. To turn aside 
bis pledge (i. e., from him to 
thyself). To take his pledge 
14 pWV oppress, press. 


14 n^W satisfy, satiate. n^DW a hired 


15 li?D3 to breathe, respire. Soul or 

affection. Heart (Bate). 

19 n!^p cut short, reap. T:sp fruits 

so cut down. Harvest. 
n'^W to fail, relax, let go. Often 

to forget, opposed to nst. 
I'OV to press, &c. (A sheaf.) 

20 lli^n thrash or beat with a stick 

or staff. 

''T to be bright, splendid, and hence, 
?5 to be fervid, hot, &c. m pi. 
DWJ the olive-tree and fruit. 

1MD to adorn, decorate, beautify. 
"MiSi to go over, and beat the 
boughs that bore the fruit, q. d., 
to bough. rr^XQ a bough or 
branch which constitutes its or- 
nament and beauty. 
21 11^^ restrain, shut up. To house 
or gather in. 

bb3? ascend repeatedly. To glean. 

Chapter XXV. HD 

1 pl!2just. In!Jn to justify, 
acquit, pronounce just, p'^lli a 
justified person, the just. 
'^Wl opposed to p-T2 just, which 
is the equal poise of a pair of 
scales; so, V\D^ unfairness, as 
yir-i ^2W3 scales of unfairness. 
In Hiph. to pronounce unjust, 
condemn. t2J-| the unjust, the 
"jn to divide, separate, p between, 
within, (repeated) whether or. 
2 ^1 denotes enough, sufficiency, 
plenty of quantity, number, or 




degree. HD according to, after 
r]bp levity, lightness. In Niph. 

light, contemptible, vile. 
DDn shut, shut up, obstruct. Oc- 

cludere, to muzzle. 
Wl thrash, beat, or shatter to 
pieces, tjn a thrashing, tread- 
ing out the grain. 
D^"^ to marry or take to wife by 
right of affinity. MOT her hus- 
band's brother. nnor his 
brother's wife. 
nHS acquiescence, opposed to ^NO 
refusing. Cocceius says nn to 
acquiesce, is one thing; m de- 
sire, another. 
ySn to bend, incline. Be incluied, 
in a mental sense with b (Schul- 
rbn loose, loosen, draw off. 
b^D fasten, make fast. A sandal, 
p"!*^ to spit. 

n!$D shoot, break or burst forth, or 
out. Emicare, erumpere. Strive, 
p'ir\ bind hard upon. In Hiph. 

take fast hold on. 
C?2 to flag, fail. XDT to abash, 
make ashamed, '^'in the privy 
nD3 to cover, overspread. D^3 a 
purse or bag for covering or in- 
closing money. 
ribV to ascend, to go up in any 
manner. b^S fem. nbl5^ oppres- 
sion, injustice, iniquity. 
n3T the extremity or hindmost 
part of any thing, as the tail of a 
serpent. In a privative sense, to 
cut off the hindmost parts. 






18 7tt?n wear ouf, spend, weaken 
with fatigue. D'''?\rn3n part, in 
Niph. fatigued, tired. 

?)V to vibrate, flutter. See ?]y^ 
n^y lalpitating or panting from 
fatigue. Faint (Bate). 

3?2^ labour, weary, &c. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 
2 S3I^ a wicker or twig basket. 

1^2 eminere, praerainere. In 
Hiph. to make manifest, declare. 

5 niQ to die naturally or spiritually. 

cno mortals, men, pi. 'na and 

1037D diminished, lessened, made 
few. A little, a few. 

6 3?n^ of the same import as yi to 

break. In Kal, to be broken, 
n3V to affect, produce effects upon. 

7 V?237 toil, labour, travail. 

YHv press, squeeze, crush. iDSni 
our oppression. 

8 niS"! to see, look. 10 appear- 

ance, sight, perhaps. NT to be 
afraid. (Bate) terrors. 

15 ^pti? to look, turn towards. It 
sometimes implies seeing, but 
does not strictly express it, some- 
times joined with rr" he saw. 
Hiph. Imper. nDV^!^- 

^3?D remain, dwell. p5^0 a man- 
sion, a rest, a dwelling. 

18 "naW to branch out. In Hiph. to 
cause to speak or stipulate. 

19 7n move quickly, violently, or 
irregularly. In Hiph. to cause 
to shine. nbnn irradiations, 
shiniags forth, glory. 
*)SD to adorn. mxDn ornament, 
decoration, beauty. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

2 IW to shatter, demolish. To 
smear over or plaster. T lime. 

5 r|3 to reach out, stretch forth. In 

Hiph. to reach or stretch out, 

6 D /W make whole, entire, complete. 

8 "1SD to open. To engrave deeply 

in, make an inscription on stone. 
Comp. Hab. ii. 2. 
niO^ good, well. rJD^n well, rightly 

9 rOD in Hiph.^ be silent, (once) 

ffiw^a.. In Arab, to be silent. 
10 pn describe, mark or trace out. A 
definite statute, or appointment, 
an ordinance. 

13 Tv7>\) levity. '7'jp to be exceedingly 
vile ; and to curse. Tbb'\! a curse. 

16 rhXX^ despiseth. 

17 ^D recede, go, or turn back. TVO 

in Hiph. remove, withdraw. 

23 ^nn to contract affinity by mar- 
riage. F. in reg. n:nn a mother- 

26 Cp to arise. In Hiph. to confirm, 
establish, set. 

Chapter XXVIII. n3 

1 Iltt?2 to overtake^ reach, attain to. 

4 n^U? to emit, send forth. Issue, 

offspring. (Bate) increase. 




4 r|bM being chief, principal leader. 
D'D^M beeves, the chief of all clean 
cattle. Whence the Greeks 
derive "ExKpxs (Pliny, Varro.) 
Lucanian oxen. 
mnt2?3? . rroy to make, and nn 
a compass, a tour. Always 
joined with ^N2 flocks of sheep or 
goats, from their taking a round 
in feeding. The young of thy 
flock (Bate). The increase of 
thy flock (Gesenius' Lexicon). 

7 ^213 to hit, strike. 

8 DD in Arab, to smell. DD a barn, 

magazine, a storehouse. 

11 irr^ to exceed, be redundant. In 

Hiph. to abound. 

12 "1!^M to lay up store or treasure 

up. 121 a treasury, store- 
mb to join, add. In Kal, to 
borrow. In Hiph. to let another 
borrow of oneself, i. e., to lend. 
20 "IM to follow ; also, flowing, flux, or 
fleeting. .*. 1^< and IIN to curse, 
i. e., to pronounce, flux or tran- 
sitory, and "^^p to make light of. 
Hence aga a curse, and a,^xo[/.a,i 
to curse. nnn><D causing or 
bringing the curse or destruc- 
tion. m^DH cursing (Bate). 

TMin multitude, tumult, turbu- 
lency. rva\rvo disturbance, con- 

*n^2 with n following, to restrain, 
repress, &c. To rebuke by 
words, nysyo reproof, rebuke. 

nbtt? send, employ. n!?ttJn em- 

n^r. ^^3^ to ascend repeatedly, 
.. to do, perform, &c. rfyb'S'O 
deeds, performances, doings. 

21 p^*! to adhere, cleave together, 
stick close. To join, overtake, 
to stick close to. 

*)2*T drive, lead. The plague or 
pestilence, which eminently 
carries men off. 

22 ?]nti? waste, consume away. (Ver. 
22.) nDrr a species of distemper, 
a wasting. Scurvy (Bate). 
Consumption, atrophy. 

rnp to kindle, burn, nmp a 
burning inflammatory fever. 
Fevers (Bate). 

p^T the action of fire which con- 
tinually presses upon, and, as it 
were, pursues the fuel, npbl an 

mn to heat, burn, or be burned, 
nmrr an extreme burning. 

T\1'W to blast, blight. y\t>y<D a 
blast, blight. 

p*!** to throw out something moist 
or liquid. '\'\'p'\< a disease of corn 
arising from moisture or mildew 
(Bate). Applied to the human 
form, sallowness, a yellowish 
livid paleness. 

23 I2?n3 to view, eye, or observe at- 
tentively, rrCDTO copper, native 
brass. Our brass is composed 
of copper and lapis calaminaris. 

24 p^M to collide. piM small dust, 
powder. (Ver. 24.) 

25 3?T to move, agitate. VD'Sxb for an 

26 "Tin to move with quickness, 
Infin. Tirra to cause to fiee away, 
or driving away, 

27 yrW warm, hot. l^nt? an inflam- 
matory swelling, a morbid tumour 
with heat. 




27 D57 elevated, raised up. D'bDr 

haemorrhoids, emerods or piles. 

mH in Syr. to be leprous. In 
Arab, scabby. 2"3 a scab, scurf, 

D"5n a burning itch, xvnp-n. Pru- 
rigo, an itch. Also, the solar 

NDT to restore or reduce to a 
former state. In Niph. to be 
healed, cured. 

28 Vy^ to be distracted, mad. Ver. 

29, pw distraction, mad- 
ness, fury. Ver. 34, VW12 dis- 
tracted, mad. Hiph. or Huph. 
n^n to wonder, be astonished. 
pnon astonishment, amazement. 

29 W!^ to feel, xffcm to feel over and 

over again, to grope. 

vCS to hide, conceal by interpos- 
ing some opaque matter. And 
fern. n'?DW thick darkness. 

n^l? pass on, advance, go forwards, 
prosper. In Hiph. to cause to 

/-tn take away by violence, plunder, 

30 p2,W to lie carnally with (a woman)- 

vH to make a hole or opening, bbn 
to open eminently. Handsel 

31 nils butcher, slay. 

32 Tv7D totality, completion. In Kal, 

to finish, consume, bring to 
nought. Consumed, brought to 

33 37n*> to labour. 

yi to run. ym to run here and 
there, or with swiftness and vio- 

lence. Wasted (Bate). Metaph. 
to dash, break, oppress by col- 

35 ptJ? to move, run, or push forwards. 
pViO the leg of a man. D^p^n. 

37 7tt7XD to rule, have authority, 

power. bD an authoritative 
weighty speech or saying. A 
parable, a proverb of comparison. 
r\2W to iterate. ]':v to repeat 
over and over again. Tfyw a 
by- word. 

38 vDH to consume, eat up. 

39 I'D.V to serve, labour. Dress (a 


"ins to gather, collect (the grapes). 

40 *JD to overspread, cover, hide. niD 

to anoint, overspread, smear over. 

vtt?3 cast or drive. Cast its fruit. 

41 nntt? to lead away captive. *3"C 


42 7!SJ to shade. "ji^bs overshadow 

exceedingly. b:ib:S the locust. 

48 D-13; naked. 

nOn abate, diminish, want. 
T\7V ascend. W and ^"i3> a yoke. 

49 nST to fly. -)a;73 the eagle, its 

rapidity, and its full expansion 
of wings, are remarkable. 

TV strength, vigour. Fierce. 

50 Stt73 take up. C'^D lift up the 

face, i. e., to accept or regard a 
person with favour. 

52 "11^12 restrain, shut up. Fortify, 


53 p^ press, press down, compress, 

straiten. pISD straightness. 

54 ^yS delight, pleasure, joy. 323? 

luxurious, delicate ; and ver. 56, 




in Hithp. being delicate, behav- 
ing oneself delicately. 

55 ]n3 to give, nnn a gift, or nno 

part. Hiph. 
5(> HO^ to try, attempt, venture. 

32'^ Hiph. to place, set or leave in 
a certain situation or condition. 

68 "HDD to tell, count, number. Ac- 

59 wbD to be extraordinary. In 

Hiph. to make extraordinary or 
n33 to smite, strike. niDDpl^strokes 

^XSM steadiness, stability, constancy. 
m3nN: and W long continuance, 

bn to make a hole or opening. 
D'bn grievances, wounds. 

60 mi languish, faint. miD sick- 

ness, disease. 

^T' to shrink or draw back for 

fear. Followed by n or ''IS'O 

shrink from the face of or be 

afraid of. 
63 WW to be brisk, active, sprightly, 

cheerful. Rejoice. 
HDD to sweep or scrape off; this 

is the root here. In Niph. to 

be thus swept off. 
65 37!l"n to still, quiet, stop motion. 
Wn motion, commotion, agitation. 

wn trembling, fearful. 

7T7D totality. In Kal, to finish in 
a bad sense. ]vb2 a failing, a 

nST to faint, fail, pnwi faintness. 

(36 S vn nearly as nbn to hang, be in 
great suspense, i, e., in the 
utmost suspense. 


nsM occurrence or presence of an 
object. '2 a ship or fleet of 



Chapter XXIX. IDD 

7T7^ to wear, waste away. 

D ^W make whole, entire. HD^ttJ 

an outer garment, covering the 

whole body, q. d., a complete 

y^W to direct oneself wisely, to 

behave wisely, so to prosper. 
n!J3 to stand. 
HtDH to hew or carve as wood, 

carve as stone. 
2S2? to draw 
*12V to pass in whatever manner. 

Enter into, 
nbN to curse, nbn reg. rhi^ a 

curse, here and ver. 13 ; an oath 

ver. 11. 
Qlp rise, arise. In Hiph. raise up. 
^1i7 . ( Hi ) apart, alone. 
ypW abominate, abhor, detest. 

ypiO and y^pV3 an abomination, 

abominable thing. Not here, 

but often applied by Moses to 

v3 rotundity of motion or form. 

wbby and D^Wjy dungy gods, the 

name of the idols only, in the 

mouths of those who spoke of 

them as filth and dung. Idols. 
n^W depress, humble, subject. 

nnDiCD a family, a household. 
tt?*m7 to root, take root. A root. 
m2 to bear, produce. 
t^MT priority, precedence. 'iJNl 

a capital or deadly poison ; 

whether animal or vegetable, as 



17 )w7 in Arab, to reject, detest. 

n^y*? wormwood, because animals 
reject it. 

18 1W to regulate. Titt? regulating 

or ruling absolutely. mnnttJ or 
nTnt? with lb the ruling principle 
or determinations of the heart. 

liyi watered, moistened. Drun- 
kenness, soaking drunkenness, 
i. e., indulgence in idolatry and 
sin. 1 here, immutable, as in 'n^^2. 
rwo:jn nmnn mcD that plentiful 
drinking may put an end to my 
thirst (Bate), i. e., my thirst after 

19 ribO to loose, relax, remit. 

With b following, pardon or 

nCD scrape together. mCD finish, 
put an end. 

'^'DD lie down, couch. Resting 

20 773 to divide, separate. In Hiph. 

pick him out. 

21 1D3 to be strange. 'T3: the 


S^n to wear, wear away. Ulcer- 
ous. ^Nlbnn wastings, wasting or 
consuming effects. 

vH to make a hole, inflict. 

22 HDIJ to spring, sprout, or shoot 

up. Springing. 

"HDi some kind of wood, of which 
the ark was built. Fuller and 
Bochart say the cypress, and 
Onkelos the cedar, nnsj sul- I 
phur, brimstone, (q. d., bren- \ 
nestone or brinnestone, i. e., 
burning stone,) always applied 
to that which God rained on 

Sodom, &c. Meteorous, inflam- 
matory matter. 

22 P]1W to burn. rrDitt) a burning. 

^Sn turn the condition, &c. Over- 
turn, subvert. nDDrra overthrow. 

25 p7n smoroth, even, equable. To 
divide in an even manner, Kal. 
Kal, who had given them no 

27 DW to place, set, put. Kal and 
Hiph. to make waste or desolate. 
In Hithp, rooted (Bate). 

Chapter XXX. b 

1 ^W to turn from one place or 
state, to another. Hiph. to 
cause to turn, bring back. Lay 
it to thy heart (Bate). 

nm to drive, impel, push. Thrust 

3 DTlTi to embrace, to be affected. 


yD.p collect, gather together. 

4 m3 to impel, force, thrust. Verse 

1 7, drawn away, "jm: thy out- 

7 f^T^ follow, persecute. 

9 irV' to exceed, be redundant. In 
Hiph. cause to exceed, make to 

11 S /D to be extraordinary, beyond 

one's capacity. nK'?D2. 

12 npb to take. Fetch. 

13 1:237 to pass, nayo a ford, and 

beyond (Bate). "03> beyond 
over, on the other side. 


Chapter XXXI. sb 

3 "Tttli? to destroy. In Hiph. 
to destroy utterly. 

6 \^ttS to be strong, vigorous in 
body or mind. 

y^V agitate, shake violently. 

nD*1 to give way, faint. Hiph. 

8 nn to be broken. In Kal and 
Niph. daunted, dismayed, dis- 

10 tOXStt? to let go, remit. rTOD re- 


"13?'' to appoint. .. njMO appointed. 
lyra congregation. 

11 nWn to see. Niph. nwn"? to be 

seen, appear. 

12 bnp to collect, assemble, gather 

together. In Kal and Hiph. the 
14 2!i> in Kal and Hiph. to set, settle. 
In Hithp. to set or place oneself 
steadily and firmly, to standstill. 

ni!2 to command, ordain, give 
orders. Give him a charge. 

16 IDj to estrange, alienate. ")33 a 


17 TVin to heat, burn. 

1!^ bind, enclose, m^!f afflictions. 

21 "1!$"' to form, fashion. An imagi- 
nation. I 

27 nCN to heat through. >3 f| cer- i 
tainly that, or therefore, how I 
much more. 

29 OyD to be angry. In Hiph. to 
provoke, irritate. 

D^'nm 121 

Chapter XXXII. db 

1 ]TM weigh, try the weight of any 

thing. The ear from its weighty 
sounds. To ponder, weigh men- 
tally, consider with attention. 

2 f\iy distil, fall down in drops. 
np7 to take. N. taking doctrine, 


7T loose, lax. Drop down. 

1VW to stand erect or upright. 
D'-iTttJ hasty showers; hence, Eng. 

MC?"T to spring, sprout forth, ger- 
minate. Grass. 

">73? a particle used as "s?. 

nm to be or become many or 

great. n^a>i" rain, or growing 

showers (Bate). 

3 DiT' to give, supply, lan Imper. 

come, give. 

4 *1!^ to bind, enclose. "YiS a rock 

or flint. 

5 nnti? to corrupt, spoil. Corrup- 

C7p2^ to pervert, distort. Perverse. 
briD twist, wreathe. (Bate) 

crooked. ^rtnc exceedingly 

tortuous or twisting. 

6 bD5 retribution or return. 

rT3p hold, contain. In Kal, to 

possess, purchase. 
nWy like, do, or make. -jW thy 

y2. divide. In Kal and Hiph. 

distinguish, discern, understand. 

Dignoscere, dijudicare. ^T}^2M^' 

he instructed him, ver. 10. 

8 1*13 in Kal and Hiph. to divide, 
separate, dispart, scatter. 


9 7!2n bind, tie. A cord, a rope. 
A lot (Bate). 

10 r\n or nnn confusion, loose, &c. 

irrn a waste. 
7"* cry or shriek out. bb"* howling 

violently, yelling. 
^D turn, turn about. In Hiph. 

sense irr:i2D' he led him about. 
'1!J3 to keep, guard, preserve. 
71W^ existence, subsistence, reality. 

pttJ^N substance, the very ipsis- 


11 IV to raise. In Hiph. to stir up, 

?]m shake, move tremulously. 

Fluttereth, broodeth (Bate). 
bT!l to take away by violence. 

Ytn the young of pigeons, of 

12?'*>D spread, stretch out. 

mDS fem. the wing or pinion 
of a bird, used once. 

12 Tin^ to lead, lead or bring along 

(Kal and Hiph). 

13 D3 to put forth, bud, shoot, ger- 

minate. n212n increase, produce, 
pD*^ to suck. 

C?'^Dbn a hard stone. cVt to 
break off, and TTOO to recede. 
Hard rock. 

14 SDn disturb, agitate. r^HJ^rr reg. 

n butter, cream. 
ID to be round. D^a lambs or 

young sheep. Hence x^iog a 

irW prepare, make ready. D'Tinr 

he-goats or rams, 
ibn soft, unctuous. The finest 

and most nutritious part of 

wheat. The fat. 

14 nbD totality. nvb kidneys. 

I^n disturb, trouble. Inebriating. 
Ir5 I^VD. to kick up. 

nti7!D cover, be covered, enclosed. 

(Only once, viz., here.) 
W]^2 to loose, set loose, i. e., 
forsake or abandon. 

723 fall or flow down. And verse 

21, cast off, reject. Vile. 
yW^ to save. Reg. nw salvation. 

16 N3p eat into. Inflamed or pro- 

voked to jealousy, indignation 
or envy, 
mt to scatter, m strange, a 

17 HIW pour forth. onttJ pourers 

forth. Multimammise, or many- 
breasted idols. 
tt?*Tn to renew, restore. New. 

18 "13?^? to stand erecf. Hence, to 

fear, be afraid. Horrere. 

rm73 loosing, laxity. Kal, to 
forget, let go. 

19 vvH open eminently. Part. 

Hiph. ^^HD producing into being. 
yWa Kal and Hiph. to cast off, 

20 *7^'^ turn the condition. ni3Dnn 


21 v^n emit a vapour, exhale, eva- 

porate. Vanity, emptiness. 

22 nip to kindle. 
Ip'^ burn. 

23 tonb burn up, set on fire. 

24 nbzj totality. Spend. 

bSti? to ask. bl^MJ the invisible 
state of the dead. The place of 
those who are out of the way 
and to be sought for (Bate). Pit. 




24 P]127"1 glow or flash as fire. Glow- 

ing or burning heat. 
TD to consume or be consumed. 
Cnb insert, join, eaten up, wasted 

(Bate). Hence to eat, Job xx. 

23 ; Ps. cxli. 4. 
^^p cut off. Destruction. 

25 on to be hot or warm. Dan in- 

flammatory poison. 
briT to skulk through fear or 
shame. A serpent, a worm. 

7311? behave wisely. To waste, 

mn sun-ound, encompass. TinQ 

within ; perhaps, here only. 
nJ2'^H terror. Perhaps D' and on 

tumultuate, by prefixing . 

26 :2U) turn. HTttJ old age, 

nS2 trim, cut short. A side, ex- 

27 D'lW to cease. 

'bib or Wblb only, except. 

12.'^ to shrink back for fear, be 

afraid of. 
"123 to estrange, alienate, make 

strange. Pretend ignorance. 
1'2 bind close. A person who 


28 yy^ to give counsel, nsy counsel, 

advice given. 

mS to be lost, to perish. Per- 

]^I1 divide, separate, noinn under- 

30 Sb DW if not, affirmeth, ex- 

"12D to shut up. In Hiph. to give 
up or over. 

31 nbQ Hiph. to separate, bbc pro- 

nounce judgment. D'''?''bD judges. 

32 mW in Arab, to choke by exces- 

sive heat. rn^SiTD fields parched 

or burnt up with heat. 
233? a grape or gi'apes. 
Wl to lack. Mjn generally acrid 

h^W to deprive. n'?Dtt? a cluster 

or bunch of grapes. 

33 nn warm or hot. rM:in, reg. ntin 

inflammatory poison. 
Jl^n shriek, wail, pn a large 

kind of serpent. 
friD stir, disturb. ]nD a species of 

serpent. Viper (Bate). The 

no to break through with violence, 

as in Arab. "ilDN cruel. 

34 DQ3 lay up, treasure up. 

I^M lay or treasure up. mnSK 

35 m'' put forward, cast out. T 

calamity, affliction. 
t27n haste, hasten. 
*Tn3? to prepare, make ready. 

(Bate) with speed. 

36 Qn3 change of mind. In Hiph. 

repent himself. 
btS go away, fail. 
DDM to fail, cease to be. The 

Il^y to restrain. m2 authority. 
2^37 to leave, forsake. 3"I12> he 

who is let go free. 

38 IT'S? help, aid, assist 

nriD hide, conceal, mno a pro- 
tection, a hiding-place. 

39 yntt drive, plunge in, strike 

deeply, wound deeply. 
41 I^W to repeat over and over again. 
To whet, sharpen. 
pill to lighten. Glittering. 




42 *n23t!? satisfy, satiate. Hiph. make 

V1^ to free. m2?*\C apostasies, in- 
juries (Bate). Not revenging. 
Gr. not so. 

43 )yi vibrate briskly. Hiph. exult. 
")D!D cover, atone. Ransom. 

Chapter XXXIII. nb 

2 mt to be diffused or arise, as 

WOW the solar light. 
27D'' radiate, irradiate, shine forth. 

nnN to come ; here used as such, 
m appoint, set, place ; here used 

as a participle, i. e., stood. 

Hence raffiru. 

3 Dn to hide. 22n envelop, hide in 

the bosom, cherish. 
^N wrath. 
HNtt? in Kal, to be confounded, 

desolate, destroyed, confused. 

Desolate by confusion. 

4 K?"T' to succeed another in posses- 

sion. To possess something in 
succession. "umiQ plur. in reg. 
thoughts or purposes which had 
entire possession, rmmo inhe- 
ritance, heritage. (Bate) medi- 
tations of the assembly. The 
inheritance of the congregation 
of Jacob. 

5 "IB?'' to be straight, even, smooth, 

right. pTO^ Jeshurun, upright, 
or uprightness, in the abstract. 

6 riD to die. DTiD mortals, men. 

\DDQ VDD numerous. nD "IDDD 
9 nS*l see, set in open view, regard. 
10 nn'' teach, shoot. 

yvD complete entirely, b'b an 



holocaust. oXov and khiu to burn. 
A sacrifice. 

bn an opening. l'?'n his labour. 
12 TT loves. TT beloved, well- 

\^ntt destroy, cut in two. 

^n to cover, veil. Pjcn cover, 
shelter very much or entirely. 

^nS bind together. The shoulders. 

*T!lJ2 Arab, excel, exceed in glory, 
honour, or praise. i:o precious 
things, fruits, delicacies. Ex- 
cellent, valuable produce. 

^^"1 lie, lie down, couch. 

E?J2li7 the solar light, joined with 
m' the lunar light, but not with 
nn"? the lunar orb or disc. 

rn"^ the lunar light. D*m' the 
fluxes or streams of light re- 
flected from the moon's body or 

15 tt?Sn chief, principal. 

mn protuberate. Tin a high 
or continued mountain. 

Dip precedency, priority, or an- 

16 n!^"1 pleased with, accept kindly. 

pan favour, acceptance. 

17 Tin adorn, decorate. The beauty 

or grandeur. 
M"n be raised up, exalted, elevated. 

A wild bull. The name of an 

horned animal. 
n!lD push, strike, or butt with the 


19 2?2tt? flow together, be abundant. 

Inundation, abundance. 
]Dtt7 nearly as ]2d cover in, and 
]S!J hide. ':did hiding-places or 
hidden treasures. 

20 2?1T spread abroad, m^ the arm, 

strength. The shoulder. 




20 "Tp"Tp the crown of the head. 

21 nWn see, look, set in open view, 

pn describe. j7prT the ensign of 

judicial authority, a staff or 

]DD cover. Overlayed, covered, 

i. e., with gold, &c. 
ili^n limit, bound, restrain. In 

Kal and Hiph. 

22 in to sojourn. Tia the young of 

any beast. nn a young lion. 
p3t to jump or leap as a lion from 
the thicket. 

23 Ull the south. Qll to go about, 

and Din high. 

24 bnO dip, dye. 

25 b3?D to fasten, make fast. ^y20 a 

bolt or lock. 

1 25 Sin strength, speech, behaviour, 

26 JlNn increase, rise, swell, niw 

majesty, excellency. 

27 n3^ to humble. n:3>n who hath 


28 f\lV distil, drop down. 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

3 "IDD flat roundish form. A plain. 
A talent of silver, equal to 3,000 
shekels, or about 353/. lis. lOci. 
A talent of gold, equal to 
5,075^ 15*. 7d. (Bishop Cumber- 

6 ''3 valley. 

7 nb fresh, green. 


Chapter I. M 

2 )DD lay up or in store. Use, pro- 
6 S!$V to grieve, vex. 
9 -)D\ iiTfO swell up.) Fallings. 
33 TID divide. A mule. 

Chapter II. !1 

3 UW to place, manifest. 

iriD firm, solid. D>3nD the loins. 

5 mn to gird. 

8 y^T^ force, violence. ns^DU 
25 3?3Q meet with, fall upon. 
36 n3N1 n3 hither and thither 

Chapter III. H 

25 nW divide. 

26 IttD convolve, contract. Yearn, 

M 3 



W D^3b 

Chapter IV. 1 

3 "IDD to tell, number. A notary, a 
IDT remember. TDTD an historio- 

7 i!^3 stand. With bv following, a 
president, prefect, officer. 

11 ^3 reach out. dd: an extent, tract, 

Chapter V. H 

3 IDH disturb. mDn* the buffalo. 

in clear. "QTl corn-fed (Bate). 

DT313M nnni fatted in stalls 

(Bate). Fatted. Fatted fowls 

(Parkhurst's Lexicon). 
DI2M stuff, cram. D'D12M stalls, 


6 mM to pluck. m"iN stalls for 


7 mj? separate, set apart. Want. 

8 WD1 earn, acquire. Working 

23 "im drive, lead. m"in DD>WM I 
will convey them. 

^33 scatter. Discharge. 

28 Ppn passing, succession, after. 
mD'bn by turns. 

31 *lp^ precious, valuable, extraor- 

tri hew as stone ; cut, as wood ; 
mow, as grass. 

32 bos carve. 

Chapter VI. *1 

S Dbw to compress. D?i an arch 
or vault, a portico, porch. 

4 T\pW to look, turn towards. D*Dpw 

windows to look out at. *3iVn 
D'aiD D'Dp" openings for windows 
which shut. 

D12W to shut. 

5 n27!J to spread. yiS' a chamber, a 

121 to drive, lead. yiib the 

3? V^ to be or go on the side, vb'2 

folds. mb2 boards lining the 

side of the room (lxx). Rooms 


6 5M3 subtract. T)^^'^yo narrowed 

rests, rebatements. 

7 tabli? make whole, entire, finish. 

(Bate) made ready. 
n^ptt a hammer. 
9 ]CD cover, protect, line. The 

!2!l gibbosity. D'lJ a vaulted or 

arched room. 
11W to order, dispose, nmuj 

ranges or rows of pillars. 
15 Vp'^p a floor, mp to join, and 

ypn to expand. 
18 5? /p curved, hollow, carved. 

nw^pD was carved out, carvings. 
l?pD to rive, cleave. D'^pD arti- 
ficial knops in the shape of wild 

"llOD to open. D*S1? openings 

(of flowers). 

20 T|2D massive. 

21 pni swathe, gird round. nip>m 

swathes or sheets, plates. 
25 n^p the shape, cut, or bigness, 

31 n vT to draw, bi a door, r^nbl 

bn rotundity. D'^!?a folding. 


31 bS interposition. *?' lintel. 
3;b2 a fold. 

35 1W^ to be straight. Made even, 

exactly fitted. 

36 tn hew (as stones). 

nnS cut off. mm3 beams cut out. 

Chapter VII. T 

2 1^"^ wood or forest. 

3 ]5D cover, ceiled. 

4 HTn to fasten the eyes. So to see. 

TTiTTQ a window. 

5 ^ptt? to look towards any place, 


6 n37 thick. A plank. 

7 37p'^p a pavement or floor, i. e., 

an extended surface, ly yplpQ 
l^-p"^ from floor to ceiling. 
9 np*' bright, precious, extraordinary. 

mn to saw. A saw. 

nSIS spread out. mnDTOn the 
coping, roof. 

16 nriD to surround. A crown, a 

p25D steadfast, molten, straitness. 

17 "^DtZ? to entangle. Thick net 

work, nets, n:itJ chequer work. 
"1127 to regulate. "Wyo wreathen 

19 WW to be brisk. ]VW a lily. 
37 collect. n03>'7Q in a line with. 

23 H^W to dash. nE edge, brim, 


24 37 pD to rive. A wild melon or 

cucumber, a gourd. 
F)p3 go round, encompass. 
p3$* pour out, cast. 
27 p to make ready. n2l3Q a base, a 
frame, p a seat, a settle. 

s W'dhn 


28 *13D shut up. miJDD borders. 

H vtt7 correspond, answer. D^'JUJ 
legs, parallel ledges. 

29 TT^ descend, nma mDm inlaid 

work or inrun. 

30 mb to join unto. Coupled 

n32 to turn. p a wheel. p1. 
''DID axle-trees. 

32 ni^ cast forth. niT axle-trees, 

i. e., handles for wheels. 

33 ^^ gibbosity, na felloes or bend- 

ing rings of wheels. 
pWn to connect. A spoke. 
iWn collect. The nave or stock 

of a wheel. 

36 Unh smoothness. A plank or 

"ly to raise. nS-Q exertion, display; 
full display. ID'W "WQ3 according 
to the exertion of each. 

37 H^p cut equally. Form, size. 

41 bn circularity of motion, n'73 the 
top or cross ring (of a crown), 
the cross bar. 

45 T^D a pot, thorns. 

101X3 to make smooth, burnish. 

46 D37 thick, gross. niro dense, 


47 1'pn search minutely and exactly. 
50 P|D concavity. mDD bowls, basins. 

IDT cut off. nTinra snuffers. 
nS to part. mriD hinges. 

Chapter VIII. PT 

13 bnt to dwell. 

18 ybn to loose. The loins. 

25 IDS establish. 

27 ]3DS faithfully, true, indeed. 


1. KINGS. 

S D^D^D 

27 ^D ^M yea, when. How then. 

28 n vD separate. n^DD intercession, 

)n kindness, affection. n:nn sup- 

37 vDn to consume. Vcn the cater- 
rivn to be or make faint, rr'jno 
disease, evil. 

47 P3? wickedness. !22n3> we have 
done perversely. 

54 VI'D to bow, sink down, kneel. 

57 Wt^ forsake, cast off. 

Chapter IX. Ifi 

1 pWn desire. 

8 pllt? to hiss, show dislike. 
16 rihW to send. O'nbttJ a present 

.'. sent. 
26 "^^M a ship or fleet of ships. 

Chapter X. ** 

1 ^n to penetrate. HTn an enigma, 

a parable, a riddle. 
5 UpW to irrigate, wet. pTZJT) a 

12 137D to support, sustain. 13?DQ 

propt up work, stairs. 

v!ll3 to fall or flow off or away. 
A stringed musical instrument 
resembling a bag-pipe. Psal- 
15 in to go round and about. Mer- 

"inD move to and fro. Traffic. 

vD"! to trade. W^Tt traders. 

no expand, dilate. mnD a go- 

16 ]!? sharp pointed. n3S large kind 
of targets. 

l^nW to drain. (Applied to gold) 
18 TD solidity. jDin nm solid or pure 

22 D'^nnDiy ivory. 

?|p3 to go round. D>Dp apes or 
monkeys. (Bate) cimetars. 

*7n to be in the midst. D'^n pea- 
cocks. (Bate) pyropuses. 
25 ptt?3 to kiss, kindle. Armour. 

27 Dptt? the mulberry, fig, or sycamore- 


n 75 Bit? lowness. A low flat 
country, a valley. 

28 mp to stretch out. 'ipD hope. 

Linen yarn. 
"IPTD move to and fro. nnno mer- 

Chapter XI. W^ 
11 Vip to rend. 

Chapter XII. n** 

11 D}2V to load. 

12 ^*\W a whip. 
S'Hpr a scorpion. 

15 mD to go, turn round, nao brought 

18 \^DM to be strong, vigorous. Exert. 

33 Wll to set apart. 

Chapter XIII. ^l'' 

34 ins to hide, put out of sight, de- 

stroy, to remove. 


N D*'3'?D 


Chapter XIV. T 

3 1p3 to mark witli spots. Onp2 
cakes (spotted with seeds). 

p^p^ a bottle. 
9 ni2l to form into a mass. "jiJ thy 
10 r\W to set. |>n^D that sitteth or 

7IJ round, bba dung, called so from 
the faeces being round. 
15 12 to move or remove. 

Wr\2 pluck up, root up. 
28 Sn to limit. A chamber, a room. 

Chapter XV. 11^ 

13 yvD to tremble. y^DD a glory, 
some idol. An image of Priapus, 
a most filthy image. 

27 IWp to bind, conspire. 

Chapter XVII. P 

12 n27 to bake upon the coals. ai2?D a 
ID to propel. A bottle, jar, 

nnD^ a pitcher. Also a pitcher- 

Chapter XVIII. H"' 

5 "I'^t^n grass. 
21 P]3?0 top, branch, high thought. 

a"'DS?D two boughs. 
27 bn to hang, mock. 

ntt? to incline. iTttJ to meditate, 
nntt? expatiate, y^ wandering, 

28 njyi to stab. A spear, a lance. 

29 !2C7p to mind, regard. 

32 TlibV to ascend, nbrn a trench, a 

HMD seah, a dry measure a of an 

ephah, or 21 pints. 
42 "nn^ to stretch, stoop down. 

45 "np black, dark. 

46 D3tt? prepare. 

Chapter XIX. tD" 

5 Dm to bind. A juniper-bush* 

Birch-tree (Bate). 

6 nS^JT a live coal, a hearth. 

11 2l?37"1 to shake violently. An 

earthquake (Bate;. 

13 ^? wrap up privately. 

Chapter XX. D 

6 tt?Dn search out, stripped. 
373^ to restrain, withhold. 

12 pCC7 please. Be enough. 

hyW the hollow of the hand. A 
11 ~)3n to gird. 

nnQ to loose, ungird. 

14 1"T direct, rule. |no a province. 
24 nn^ to spread, A captain, a 

27 ^Wn to make bare, ons? >Dn 

Cgoat hunting-parties). 
30 Tin a chamber, an inner chamber. 

33 to vH ready in taking up. So as 

to answer well. 
35 \^n to divide, n^^'^ streets. 
37 V^^ to wound. 
40 yin diligent. To decide. 

130 I. KINGS. 

41 ID to decline. Displeased. 
4.3 J^Vt to be troubled. Wroth. 

Chapter XXI. D 

8 in a hole engraven. A noble. 

9 a!^ to fast, cut off. A fast. 
19 n2"l tokill. 

ppy to lick or lap again and again. 
23 bn to begin. A wall. 
27 t^N to incline softly. 

Chapter XXII. ^D 

3 Wr\ thoughtful, silent. 

& 0*^10 a chamberlain, an eunuch. 

11 nna to push. 

27 sbiD to restrain. 

34 l^n^ without design. 

pm to adhere. D"'pai joints of the 

38 "J"';! to bow down. DDna pool of 

f]X^W to overflow, run over. 
Washed, immersed. 

n3T to encompass. ni:i defensive 

\^m to wash. 

'^'2W to entangle, mv a stair- 
case, a lattice. 


Chapter II. HI 

1 1VD to be turbulent. mro a 

3 Wn silent. 

8 TIM to be magnificent, m^^< a 

0^21 fold, wrap up. 

10 7DtJ7 wise, deprive. In Hithp. 
rh^^ri blighted. 

20 rO"^ to pass on. Tvnb^ a pan or 

23 D7p to mock. Made themselves 

Chapter III. ^ 

4 Tp^ to mark with spots. A herds- 
man, a shepherd. 

15 p3 to strike, pjo a player on a 
musical instrument. A harp. 

25 Vbp to sling. 


n a-^Dba 


26 Vpll to divide, open, break in. 

27 ^2p wrath, indignation. 

Chapter IV. 7 

1 r\W2 to forget, to lend. The 


2 "71DW a pot of oil. 

13 "inn fear, care, great concern. 

15 pun embrace. 

24 D.riD lead, guide, drive on. 

27 r|*T3 drive or hurry away. 

28 nbtC quiet, easy. Fail. 

31 ^Wp to hearken. The gesture of 

a person attending. Regard. 
34 "in^ to stretch, stoop down. 

35 n:in nni^") , n^n nnw to and 

fro, hither and thither. 

38 n^W to order, dispose. Set on. 
1T3 to sod or boil, (tw pottage.) 

39 ")S to flow, mw herbs. 

17pD a wild melon or cucumber. 

Coloquintida or bitter gourd, 
n /D to cleave, slice, cut. 

42 vJ2"nD green corn. A fruitful 

^7p2 the husk, or rather a scrip. 

Chapter V. 71 

I Q^DD SC2?3 accepted personally. 

3 "^^nS I wish or long for. 
7 niWn a cause, occasion. 

20 '^Wn to restrain. 

23 V"1^ break forth, bring forth. 
tOin to engrave. A bag. 

24 h^V elevated, raised up. Cliff, 

Chapter VI. 1 

2 mp to meet. n~np a beam. 

4 nT3 divide, cut. 

6 !2!^p cut equally. Shaped. 
?]!J to swim, overflow. 

8 nbS separate. '2^ distinct, par- 


ObS silent. '>:d'?n not expressed. 

9 nn3 to settle, break. 

10 nnT to shine. p'm heedfyl, 


11 'IVD tossed in mind or body. 

14 ?]p3 shake off, surround. 

23 r\1D cut up. Cut up meat for a 
banquet, i. e., he made great pro- 
vision for them. 

25 D"^3'T*'^in pigeon's dung; read 
it in two words, i. e., comp. of 
nnn dung, and n3V the pigeon or 

32 yrO to press or oppress, crush. 

Chapter VII. t 

5 ^W2 to blow. The twilight. 

9 TlDn to wait, expect. 

13 nZSn muliitudo, abundance. iTOn 

15 TDn to haste, hurry. p^DTT haste. 
17 0X51 to tread down. 

Chapter VIII. n 

6 D'^'nD a chamberlain, an eunuch, a 
lord in waiting. 

12 WV^'^ pull to pieces, dash to pieces. 

15 ni^D multiplicity. "030 a cloth of 
the gauze kind. 


ir. KINGS. 

n a^isb^ 

Chapter IX. tO 

1 "72 to pour out. A horn or phial ; 

also paint. 
3 TTZn to wait, tarry. 
11 y^W distracted, mad. rJtcn dis- 
tracted, mad. 
rr^tt^a meditation, communication. 
13 m3 to bare. On the bare stairs. 

Top of the stairs (Bate). 
14f niZ^p to bind, conspire. 
17 nD2 to watch. 

37QC7 affluence, abundance. nrDtt? 
20 nriD to carry, drive. ansoPdriving, 

22 ^WD a deceiver, witch. Enchant- 


23 ni^^D deceit, guile. 

30 *7D pour out. nis paint. 
33 1^X22? let go, let drop or fall down. 
37 ]^1 pollute, defile. pi dung; 
spread abroad. 

Chapter X. "^ 

1 ^!3M steadiness. D':Db< tutors, 


2 pl273 to kindle. Armed for war, 

11 of a protuberant form, nmi 

8 ^i!J heap together. Heaps. 
22 nnnvltS a vestry or wardrobe. 
W^i7 to array, ttjub vestments. 
25 yi to run. D'!?"i soldiers. 
27 V^3 throw down. 

Wnn Chald. to burn. niNinn 
places for dung, draught-houses, 

Chapter XL S'^ 

4 *1D to be round. nD patrollers. 
HDD to tear, pull down. 

8 IIW to arrange. mmiD ranges. 
20 DptZ? quiet. 

Chapter XII. IS** 

6 "HDa to sell. An acquaintance. 
pID a breach in a wall. 

9 nriN to come, agree, consent. 

11 12'^ to form or keep. Put it up, 

12 ]Dn to direct. pDQ by weight, 


13 "113 to fence in. nma a fence of 

stone, a wall. (Bate) masons. 
:2!^n to hew. 

14 P|D concave. A bason, a bowl. 
IT^X to cut oflf. miDTO snulTers. 
*l^n surround. -is:?n a trumpet. 

Chapter XIV. T* 

9 nn to catch as with a hook, mn 

a hooked thorn. 
iO m^ excite, move, stir up. 
26 DDM fail, cease to be. Only, none. 
1^57 restrain, detain, reserved. 
I2T17 forsake, leave. 

Chapter XV. 112 

5 t2?2n to free from incumbrance, 

10 bl2p receive, accept. (With the 

16 illTl protuberate, 'mvr pregnant 



n u^dhta 


16 Vp^ cleave, rip up. 

25 m to be lifted up. p01 a turret 
or tower. A raised or lofty 

Chapter XVI. tI3 

vQ73 cast or drive out. 

17 V^P c"* ^ scrape off. The ex- 

tremity or surface. 
Vy2,1 to strew or spread. nD!n a 

18 "yD overspread, cover. JD'D a 

covert, a shelter. 

Chapter XVII. T 

4 Sbs to restrain, confine in any 

9 SSn cover, hide. Devise. 
]3 prepare. Right. 

20 TIVW to spoil. D^D spoilers. 

21 WT to drive. 

Chapter XVIII. fl^ 

17 nbV to ascend. lV?yn water- 
course, conduit. 
"J"ID to kneel down. TOM a pool 

of water, A liberal tender. 
D33 to wash. DlID a fuller. 
21 y^'^ to dash one against another, 
break to pieces. 

23 niV to mix. Pledge. 

24 nriQ to spread. A governor, a 

32 no to set, stir up. n'D\ 

Chapter XIX. ia' 

3 VS3 to cast off, reject. nSN3 con- 

6 P)"13 to blaspheme, reproach, revile. 
21 2Vb to mock. 

373 to wander, shake. 
25 nS3 shoot forth, break out. 
27 T!n angry. Rage. 

1Mt27 tranquil, quiet. pkW inde- 
pendence, to be at rest. 

29 nCD join, unite. mTDD corn ad- 

hering to the ground. 

WHD in Arab, high, tall. ttJ'no 
corn growing of itself. 

30 I2?"ltt? take root. 

32 bvD to raise or cast very high. 
nb^D a high bank or mound. 

Chapter XX. 3 

4 "^n to be in the midst, nas^n 
middle court. 

7 b^l Arab, to dry. n^n a cake or 

lump of figs. 
9 nbl? ascend. n"l^3?0 degrees or 
marks one above another. 

13 DD beat, pound, nnis aromatics, 
precious things, spicery. The 
house for pounding. 

Chapter XXI. H3 

8 *T3 move or remove. 

9 HVn wander, seduce. 

12 712 to shade. To ring, tingle. 

13 hpW weigh, nbpwo a plummet, a 


nbS to pass on. nnbsn a pan. 

14 W]^^ leave, spread about, cast off. 
DW to spoil. HDiOD a spoil. 

134 II. KINGS. 

Chapter XXII. ^3 

4 F)D concavity. The threshold. 
9 '^n^ pour out. 

13 n!^3 shoot, break forth. Kindle, 

17 HDD quench. 

Chapter XXIII. 23 

5 "IDS convolve, contract, Dno3 

certain officers in idolatrous 
worship. Jugglers. 

btD distil, flow out. rh^'0 effluxes 
or streams of light, particularly 
from the planets. The twelve 
signs of the zodiac. 

11 n^t&b a chamber, parlour, room. 

17 ''!^ dryness. IVS 
place of order, 

Zion, a mark or 
Opposed to b^ 


Chapter I. M 

2 bin to become great. To nourish. 
6 mtO moist or putrid. 
W^n bound up, 
n3lbD a lodge, 
mt to press out, to dress. 
8 nK7pD a garden of cucumbers. 
11 D*'S"nD fed beasts. 
14 mi3 wearing away. A wearing, 

1 6 n3T make clean, pure, transparent, 

17 ntt?M to proceed, righten. To 

lead, ch, iii, 
yDn sour. yiDH one oppressed. 
22 SID turn back. yv. D3D dross. 
MUD to get drunk. Wine. 

24 Dn3 change of mind, relieve. 

25 ?)n!^ refine. 

29 "ISn confound, dig. 

31 ]Dn strong. 

13?3 move briskly. TWi tow, 

\^!53 to shoot out or emit sparks, 
to sparkle. yis^3 a spark. 

Chapter II. 2 

6 B?tD3 let loose, nrroioi forsake. 

pD2? to suffice, please. 
16 TIDW be like, resemble. nV3 

18 PpH to pass away, to change. 


1& '^^V to break to pieces. 

20 mnS iDnb moles. 

21 *1pD to be pierced. mp3 a cleft. 
P\VD the top (of a rock) or the 

utmost branch. 

Chapter III. n 

2 DDp sagacious, prudent. To divine. 

3 D'^3S N1tt?3 the honourable man. 
D'^iynn DDH a cunning artificer, 
tt^nb to whisper. .'.Soft eloquence. 
Wnb pnai skilful of speech. 

5 t!l7!l3 to be close, oppress. 

Sm courageous, behave proudly. 

6 hWD strike against. nbttJ3D an 

offence, ruin. 

8 mo to provoke. 

9 *)DrT to know again, msrr the 

show or acknowledgement. 
inD cut off, hide, conceal. 
DD v^ What mean ye ? 

15 ]nt^ to grind. 

16 "lpl2? lie or deceive. m"VQ 


Chapter IV. 1 

1 rjDM gather, take away. 

2 M!3!2 to swell, 'l!? glory, beauty. 
nM;3 high, lofty, pw excellent. 
ISD appoint. Ornament, 
nm drive, purge away. 

5 n33 to shine. 
Snb a flame, 
non cover, hide. 

6 ^"in waste. Drought, dry. 
non trust in. 7rDT}r> a refuge. 

6 QIT pour forth. A tempest. 

Chapter V. H 

1 ppa in a strong light. |?aii? p 

The son of oil. 

2 pT"S7 to enclose. A strong railing, 

or fence. 
Q'^2?SI2 worthless. 
^pD gather out stones. 
p*ltt? yellow. Excellent vine. 
D^n hew, cut out. 

5 *]tt? to stop, fence. m^WQ a fence, 

thorn, hedge. 

6 nn^ uncultivated. 
^IV to dig. 

112iW observe. TOW a thorn, briar. 
rVW a thorn, from its strength and 

7 VWVW respect, delight in. 

riDtt? depress. rrDttJQ oppression. 

10 *TD^ to join. A yoke, an acre. 

11 P)tl?3 to blow. The twilight. 
p/1 pursue hotly. Hiph. to 

kindle, inflame. 

13 nrn;? open to view, dried up. 

14 1V2 open wide. 
tv27 to rejoice. 

17 n?2 marrow, fatness. D'no fat ones, 

1 8 b3V round. 

19 tt7n^ compute, reckon up. 
nti?n hasten. 

24 WWn chaff. 

HDI slack, consume. 
I2?"lli? the root. 

pID to corrupt. Stink, rotten- 
p!2W to beat small like dust. Fine 
' dust. 




25 HDD to cut down, tear. nmD3 

ri7^3 carcass. 

26 plW to hiss. 

D3 a quick, waving, tremulous 
motion. A standard, ensign. 

27 P]^^ faint. 

D!) slumber, sleep. D">3. 

ItW to gird, mw girdle. 

^1W a shoe-latchet. To traverse. 

28 )W sharp, pw to sharpen. 
"TTT to proceed. Bend. 
P]^D whirlwind. 

29 5S2? cry out, roar as a lion. 
CH!] to growl. 

30 f\1V to distil. rrD'-ira in its de- 


Chapter VI. 1 

1 hXiy to loose, b^v the skirt of a 
garment. bbttJ to draw off. 

every one had six wings. 
P\1W to burn. Wtn-as seraph?. A 
supernatural exhibition of che- 
rubic images. 

4 CttS to sustain. niDM posts or 


5 ni53T to make equable. TK)"^: re- 

duce to stillness. 

6 P]21 pave. riDiST a live coal. 

10 nrtt? look, regard. In Hiph. ytt?n 

turn away. 

11 nSt& lift up. Make desolate. 

12 pm remove far away. 

n3?3 or 3?i;i to low or bellow, 
sounded. From the sound. 

13 ;2!^3 to stand. mjJO stock, stem, 
standing, substance. 

Chapter VII. t 

3 ilby to ascend, nbyn a trench. 
7D to raise, elevate, nfen a high- 
way, causeway. 

DI^IT to wash. DlID a fuller. 

4 ^pW to be quiet. 

m*' to put forward, thrust forth. 
TIN a firebrand, or rather a small 
twig on fire. 

5 ^^p*^ awaken, cut short, vex, grieved. 

y^p to cut off (Gesenius' Lex.). 
1 1 ptt V deep. A valley. 

18 ni^T a fly. mi to flow. 

19 712 hollow, mmn '^ma the un- 

cultivated valley. 
ilp^ to clear. p>p3 a hollow, a 

V1!^3;3 a tree called thorn, full of 

thorns and prickles, 
bbn give lustre. D*"?^ comr 

mendable trees, bushes. 

20 *lVn divide, cut. "irn a razor. 
nCD to finish, consume, sweep 

25 11V separate. Dressed, digged. 
"rfSDl mattock. 

Chapter VIII. n 

6 10S7 concealment. Softly, gently, 

as !. 

7 C?lti? rejoice. 

pDN restrain . A channel p'BM. 

T5 or m2 found only in plur. 
rrni banks. 

8 P]t2tt? overflow, run over. 




10 nnn to break to pieces. 

11 riDvD from walking, i. e., not 

to walk. 
ID^ chastise, correct. 

13 "1t2?p bind, conspire. A con- 

yiV break to pieces. Be afraid. 
y>-D dread. 

14 nD expand a snare. rrD a snare, a 

trap. nnc. 

16 IV bear witness, miyn testimony. 

1!^ form, bind up, enclose. "")!?. 

1 7 HDn wait, expect. 

19 HD!? spread over. n^D!? cliirp or 
peep like a young bird, with a 
weak querulous voice. D'DSDSQrr 
tlie chirpers. 

21 nt2?p3 stiffened, hardly bestead. 
Tl^Tl bring forth. Roar or growl. 

22 ^^V to vibrate. Pjiro darkness, 

dimness. Splendour of condens- 
ation, i. e., darkness visible. 
pl$ to melt, r^p's'^ trouble. pl2? 
straitened. p!J1Q melting trouble. 

m3 impel, force, thrust. m20 an 
accumulation of darkness. 

23 ^V"* to dissolve. FjriQ faintness. 

Chapter IX, 10 

3 ib^D his burden. 

4 ^SD to line forth. A warrior. ]nd 

a greave, a soldier's shoe. pD 

WV^ shake violently. 
nbSSD fuel. 

5 ntt?"^ straight, even. mDgovern- 

5 *T3? beyond, further. Everlasting 


6 n^lD sceptre. 
lyO uphold. 

9 QpW mulberry-tree, fig-tree, or 
Vl^ to break, cast down, demolish. 

10 iSa? set on high. 
*7DDD arrange, mingle. 

1 2 nD3 to smite. ^Tf2'0'n to him who 

smiteth them. 

13 HDID curve, bend. Large reed or 

D3M. Da full, copious. ]M2yn 

16 F)3n to defile. Wicked, knavish, 

polluted profligacy. Not a hy- 

17 n^^ set on fire, kindle, burn. 
*72D to entangle. A thicket. 
7I3M mount up. Be dispersed. 

18 nn^ to pass over. rr\2S wrath, 

UnV darken. 
vX2n spare, regard. 

19 *1Tn divide, cut, chew eagerly. 

Chapter X. "^ 

I ppr] to mark or trace out emi- 
nently. To decree. 

vZSy to labour. Oppression. 

3 nStZ? lay waste. HNIUJ desolation, 

4 "HDM to bind. yr>n prisoners. 

5 037^ to abhor, have indignation 


7 nttT equal, equable. Meaneth. 

1 1 m227 to grieve, vex. Idol. 
112 3;i^2 covet, finish. 

N 3 




13 inV prepare, make ready. 
mriTny prepared things, as 
tD^W for D1U7 to rob. 

15 1WQ a saw. 
^Tnn an axe. 

F)3 lift up and down. Stretch 

16 ntl make lean, thin. Lean, thin. 

pn leanness. 

Ip*' kindle, burning. 
18 nwn IV^ C?D3n from the soul 
even to the flesh. 

DDJ3 melt away. Faint or dis- 

D3 a quick waving motion. To 
flee. DD3 a standard-bearer. 
22 1")^b3 consumption. 

yin cut short, decree, determine. 

25 irt little. -OiQ vmi a very little 

773 to mingle, rtan destruc- 

26 "113? stir up. 

1^12? a whip, scourge. 

27 b^D to carry. A burden. 

V^n bind, connect. A cord. 

29 lin tremble. 

30 bn!^ express joy or pleasure by a 

clear sound. >brr2 lift up (thy 
3tt?p hearken, attend, listen. 
SI Vy gather together (for safety). 

33 r]VD to lop off. 

V*^3^ break to pieces violently. 
To shake violently. nsTyoa 

^13 to break, cast down. 

34 ?]23 smite. 

' Chapter XI. > 

1 *1tSlTT a growing branch. (Arab, to 

37T3 the stem or stock of a tree. 
*1!^D to keep. A branch. 
mS break forth. 

2 rn the breathing of the air in 

motion. TVin acutely distin- 

3 n^^ to argue, reason, reprove. 

6 ^^3 a leopard. (Worthless.) 

7 Snia a fatling. 

8 in a hole. To be hot. 

]n5 an asp or adder. Python, a 

yV^yW to turn this way and that, 

to play. 
TIM to shine, enlighten. miND a 

den open to the light. 
3?5!J . 'Jiycs the basilisk, the rnoxt 

poisonous of all seri)ents. 
Tl^tl send or thrust forth, put in. 

11 ''S not an island or distant country, 

but rather a settlement, habita- 
tion, cn ''D countries or 
places bordering on the sea. 

12 VD3 scatter. 

15 D^ to collect. Dy strong, mighty. 
The collection, force, or impe- 
tuosity of the spirit or air in 

Chapter XII. n" 
1 Dn3 relieve the mind, comfort. 

Chapter XIII. 3' 
6 bVhowl. b'j^ 12. 
^1WJ2 IW^ as destruction from 
the Almighty. 


8 vn!2 suddenly seized with fear. 


bun bind or connect. Pangs. 

9 "ntlDS fierce, cruel. 

10 bD3 tortuous. b'D3 constellation. 

11 y^V to shake violently. (D'Snj? 

*n2 to bind close, besiege. T2 dis- 
tress, affliction. 

12 "Ip"^ precious. 

rr^SI^n the sinners thereof. 

TD fine gold. 

n^ fine gold. A golden wedge. 

13 m shake. (Denotes motion, 

lZ?i71 shake violently. 

14 nrn thrust at or drive away. mo. 

15 "IpT pierce or thrust through. 

HDD scrape, sweep, from flight or 

16 WVin dash to pieces. 
OW to spoil. ^D1a\ 
h^W ravished. n2b:wn. 

18 TlDn regard, esteem. 

Din to spare. D"inn have pity. 

20 "^W^ to sit, be inhabited. 

21 D''^!^ wild beasts of the desert, 
bn'' shall pitch the tent, for brta. 
n23?'' n'D, the daughter of vocifera- 
tion. The ostrich. 

mS or D'^nM the grievous yellings 

of wild beasts. 
Q'^'-)>3Jt27 hairy ones, demons. 
IpT leap, dance. 

22 D'^'^S wild beasts of the islands, 

nil? pleasure, 
pisn a dragon or large serpent. 


Chapter XIV 


1 nSD adhere, join to. 

3 niS^ to vex. Labour, pain. 

nasj^Q thy sorrow, 
tun shaken with a violent concus- 
sion. Mno trouble, fear. 

4 ^m (Chald. form) gold, for nm. 

nirna golden. 

6 IID depart, turn aside, mo re- 

n^'O a stroke. 

7 n2^Q to break with a noise, to 

crash, open in sound with the 
voice. Break forth (into a joyful 
mD the feller. To cut down. 
9 ND1 slack, loose. D'D"i dead, .*. 

10 bli??3 rule. Niph. to be compared, 


11 HDn multitude, n'on noise. 
nS?!^ spread, stretch out, strew. 

TlJyi and nrvlH a worm. 

12 077 n to throw down, defeat. 


16 n^W look narrowly or wistfully, 

view attentively or narrowly, to 


17 D*nn break through, destroy. 

19 )V^ pierce, stab. -a^'CD. 

DD trample under foot, tread. 

20 Mlp to call. Niph. to be renowned. 

21 nntDD slaughter. 

22 TD^ nephew. 

23 IDp to cut off. The bittern or 

MtDHl2 to sweep. ntq:dq broom, 



29 37D!5 to cast forth with violence, 
eject. A species of serpent, the 
fpW to burn. F|D13?0 r|-iw fiery 
flying serpents. 

31 3)3 melt, dissolve. J1D3. 

32 nOn to take shelter. 

Chapter XV. *11D 

1 *11W destroy. 

3 3712 to cut off. 

i V^n loose from, draw out. 
37T^ broken, afflicted, as rv 

5 IW roar, roar out. Raise. 

C T^Sn surround, environ; rather 
*i2n herb. 
tt? fail. 
8 F)p3 go round. 

Chapter XVI. TtO 

4 rna impel, force, thrust. D'm: 


DDT to tread or trample. 

D^n to finish. Consumed. 

yT2 squeeze out. yon the extor- 

DDM fail, cease to be. 

1W shatter, demolish, to waste. n 
the waster. 

6 "T2 alone. Via called a lie, one's 

own single word. 

7 117^7 S foundations. 'W'SHHb. 
tiyn bring forth, mourn. 

D3 from nDa to strike. D>nd: 

8 bbaN languish, feeble, fail. 

8 DvH strike against, broken down. 
plW yellow, tawny. T^'prvo the 

choice vines. 
W^^ let loose. 

9 nil wet, soaked, drenched, "pnx. 
IT* rejoicing. ITH. 1 

10 P)DN gather. Finished, put an ^ 
end to. 
VVl to break. A very loud noise 
or shout. 
U nyt)2 t:)37a very small. 
T'nD S*)b not many. 

Chapter XVII. r 

1 '^27^ the bowels. A heap >yo. 

2 1137 a flock. 

"ID*^ to correct, chastise, xno re- 

5 hziW thrust forward. D'"?!" ears 

of corn. 

n^Sp to be short. m:?p> the harvest- 

37"1t to stretch out the arm. (Seed.) 

6 bb37 ascend repeatedly. mbb'S 

gleaning grapes. 
?]p2 shake off*. 
7113 excite, move. Dn:">3 berries 

or fruits left at the top of the 

^37D the top branch, top of a rock. 

mo rrD2?Dl in the top fruitful 


7 n3727 look, regard. 

8 *'3Dn images. 

10 l^T cut even, prune, mm shoots. 

1 1 3tt73tt7 make to grow continually. 
DSD grief, anxiety, sorrow. 
li73S bad. iciiw incurable, woful. 
nbn to be wounded, grieved, rhm 





12 HHW to lay waste. Tumult. ptt? 

tumultuous, rushing noise. 

13 iy^ to restrain, rebuke. 

D^2 to flee far off. D2 he fled. 

14 n vH wear or waste away. 

Chapter XVIII. Jl^ 

2 *T2 an ambassador. 

nsbn hitherto. nxbm Nin p 

from their beginning hitherto. 
1p 1p meted out, i. e., line-line. 
SD!l reeds, flags. 
*7t27K5 draw, stretch out, IXDDO 

violent domineering (Parkhurst's 

IDID scour, pluck off, made bare. 
Nm or ntn to spoil. 

4 tSpti? quiet or rest. 
^112 look upon, attend. 
D3 an ensign. 

n2^ clear, fair, open to view. 
']*]'D12 a habitation. 

5 "IDIS unripe fruit, sour. 
miDTtt pruning-hooks. 
vS2!l yield, recompense. 

V7t to lavish. D'blVjn luxuriant 

tt?t23 spread abroad, leave. m"ar!03n 

tn cut down or shake off. 

6 l^'^V to attack or fly upon fiercely. 

yp*^ to awake, yp to summer. 

7 ^K? a present, a gift. 

Chapter XIX. ^> 
2 *^DDD to protect, defend re- 

peatedly. I will defend (Egyp- 
tians against Egyptians). 

3 pD make empty, npaa. 
low softly. d>:qm charmers. 

4 *12D shut up, stop. 

5 nW2 dry up, fail, perish. 

6 n3T cast off, to remove to a dis- 

tance. in'2wn. 

ni:jJ3 nS>) the brooks of defence. 
?11D1 il^p reeds and flags. 
vttp cut off, wither. 

7 n")3? to uncover. niTJ^ meadows, 


8 rfDJl gape in expectation. A 

hook or angle. 
"1DD a net. mODO nets. 

9 pltZ? yellow, tawny. nvp'W flax. 

CmCD fine-flax. 

10 HW to place, put, dispose, &c. 

rrnnttJ its purposes or founda- 

1DW to hire. A gain. 

I27DD to take breath. A living 

11 biN foolish. D'bi fools, ^bn^: 

are obstinate. (Ver. 13,) I'^i^tD 
are become foolish, rather from 

"IVD, to burn. rrx^i: beastly, 

12 D^^M where are they? 

13 t^ntZ? a tribe. 

rT3D to turn. n^D the turning 
point of any square body, the 

14 *J^^ cover, mix. 

mV turn away, D'yir perverse- 

Np vomit. Wp his v^--'* 




15 HDD to bend. A branch, poax 

a rush. 
17 sun a fearful memorial. 

Chapter XX. D 

2 ^jn'' naked. Barefoot. 

4 ^Wn make bare. DliDm made 

r\W to place. nttJ the buttocks. 
m3? to uncover, miy to the 


5 nnn broken to pieces, dismayed. 

6 tfi23 ID'^Sn to look with attention. 

DmD their expectation. 

Chapter XXI. ND 

1 mSIDS as whirlwinds. 

2 TID to be before. Tin to declare, 


TUD treacherous. 

^1W spuil, waste, "vrm spoiler. 
8 rfJ^ turned out of its proper situa- 
tion, mw distorted, writhed. 

"HI!? to enclose. Dn*2 pangs. 

bnS hurry, precipitate, nrfm 

4 ybs tremble. Terror. mste 

great fear. 
*im terrify, disordered. 
P)tZ?3 to blow. (The twilight.) 
pWn connect Desire. 

6 rT'D^n the watching or watch- 
tower. (Ver. 6,) ncsan the 
watchman. (Ver. 8,) noSQ a 

7 nr2?p n-i nip n'^tj^pm and he 

hearkened diligently, with much 

10 C?T thrash, dash out. 'DttJlO my 
^3l!l in corn of my flower. 

12 nN, nnS Chald. to come. 
TTS'D, inquire. 

13 nnN travel. 

14 NttS thirsty, dry. 

VrVn they brought, for ^^Nhrr. 

15 C71D3 let loose, drawn. 

Chapter XXII. 33 

1 NIDM now, then. 
"773 thou wholly. 

2 nSt27 tumultuous, confounded. 

niNiun a tumultuous noise. 
iT^XSin noisy, clamorous, riotous. 
vTTf wounded, slain. 

3 IDS to confine, restrain. 

4 \^M hasten, is'^n. 

5 *73D to be entangled. n^ino 

'^p'^p to cause to meet violently 
and repeatedly, to jostle or dash 
against each other, mp to meet. 
linpD ftonfused, hurly-burly. 

6 HDtl^W a quiver. intt?ntt?be set 

in array. 
8 ptZ?D armed for war, armour. To 

10 yn throw down, break down. 


11 mp to stretch out. mpo a ditch. 

12 1DD mourn, lament. 

15 ]3D use, custom. pD a treasurer. 

16 n!5n hew out. 

17 btO vtO cast out with great violence. 

"m n'?iD'7T2 i'?iQbtQQ about to cast 
thee forth with the utmost vio- 




17 tfil? cover. 

18 ?]3!^ toss to and fro, roll about. 

HDiS *JE3!?' PjliS surely roll 
thee round and round. A 
rolling round. A round ball. 
Til to encompass. 
m^Dlui chariots. 
f]1 drive. *]'nDin. 
1.9 D1T1 break through, destroy. 
21 1:53ns a girdle. 

23 rpn to drive one thing against 

another. To sound (as a 

24 S2S!^n the offspring. 
3?D!J to eject mrosn issue. 
P to protect. 

PN a cup, bason, or goblet. 
m33n the cups. 

?D3 a flagon. 

25 tl!?D to feel, remove, ttnon. 

Chapter XXIII. 33 

1 rr^IlD from the house, i. e., no 

SI^SD from entering, i. e., no en- 

2 ITID a mart, merchandize. 

''M to settle. A settlement, a ha- 
bitation bordering on the sea 

3 n>^p harvest. 

4 bin travail with child. 

7 nrb^ the exulting. 

73'^ lead, carry, bring forth. Carry 
or bring from one place to 

8 "^^37 encompass, crown. m'TDJ^tDH 

the crowning (city), or crown of 

8 1S?33 to lay down, place on the 
73?33 merchants. 

nn3 to swell. ni elation, pride, 

10 riTD a girdle, strength. 

11 T5? strength. ':WD strong-holds. 

12 pWV press upon. rrpiDJ^o op- 


13 "^2 dryness, drought. D>jj inha- 

bitants of the wilderness. 
in31 try, prove. v:'m the towers 

bD3 to fall. rfbDO a ruin, fall. 

16 p3 strike a musical instrument* 


17 ]n3 to give. rr:3n income, gifts. 

IS pnV remove. pny permanent, 

Chapter XXIV. ID 

1 ppn make entirely empty, 
pv^ make waste. 

ni37 t"'*" away, overturn. 

2 nK?3 to lend, not properly on 

\^'-)Sn-D'^ nnXD the high ones, 
i. e., the princes of the earth. 

5 ?)3n to defile. 

6 "i57Ta a713N few men. 

8 tec? active. "Ciiro hilarity, mirth. 

10 nn *inn confusion, without order. 
SID^ with a verb infin. o is 


11 n*\'2 cry aloud, shout. 

DD beat to pieces, destroyed. 

1 3 flp3 to go round, go over, 

14 vn!S to neigh, shout. 




16 ntl waste, attenuate, 'n leanness. 
^nS to lie in wait. 

18 nn^ dig up. A pit. 
ni^lW fissures, cracks, holes. 

19 ^"ID break entirely. TiD rmiDnn 

by breaking shall be broken in 

nr3?nnn nV^ utterly broken 

ntDt:j*)Dnn I^ID entirely dis- 


20 3?3 be moved to and fro. 
*n3 move, or remove quickly. 
1*lb . njibo a lodge, hovel, shed. 

23 )^h to whiten. n:^b the white of 
the moon, the white illuminated 
disk. n:nbn men the lunar disk 
shall sink, i. e., be ashamed. 
Joined with rran the solar flame. 
Cant. vi. 9 ; Is. xxiv. 23 ; xxx. 

Chapter XXV. HS 

2 T'^^IS from being a city, i. e., no 


3 ^^3? agitate. ^'"^ terrible, for- 


4 Dlt to pour forth. A storm, 
mn waste, diminish, iti violent 


5 "^^ dryness, drought. p^2 dry, 

parched ground. 

6 I^W to keep. Dnow wines kept 

on the lees. 

nn'Q wipe clean or smooth. D^riDD 
fat things. 

ppX strain off thoroughly. Well- 

7 tab to hide, mbn the covering. 

Wrap over. 

7 "TO overspread. n5Dnn the cover- 
ing, a veil. n31D2n that is spread. 

10 WM to thrash. tona to be 


1!2n cut to pieces straw, pno a 
place of shattering. 

riDT to level. n:oio thrashing- 

11 nnC? to swim, 

12 bsii? humble, bring down. 
"7'' nan thy walls. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

3 "7100 *n!^^ stayed in mind, whose 
thoughts are firm. 
D1 vl27 mbc? perfect peace. 
7 D vD make level or even. Weigh. 
10 ^n gracious. 

nDD straightness. nin33 right. 

12 nDt27 dispose, ordain. 

13 '^nblt besides thee. 

16 p^'' pour out. piu found only in 

future p"is% yet here ppS they 
poured out. 
Wrn a whisper, a secret prayer. 

17 bin bind. H'^in her throes, 

19 'H'lS to flow. 

T1 pi. miW herbs, from theii 
perishing nature. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

1 n*nD pass from place to place 

Straight, tuna nna a straighi 
bpV crooked, ^inbpy. 

2 inn pleasantness, beauty. 
nDiy to sing. 




4 il!i> set fire, kindle, burn. 
3?ty2 to pass over or through. 

7 Ml^iTl *inDn riDttSn hath he 

smitten him according to the 
stroke of those who smote him. 

8 SDSD exact measuring or measure, 
nnn remove. mrr to bring or 

carry away. 

9 "l'>3 chalk, 'a. 

yD^ scatter, break to pieces. 

10 ^VD split, divide. TTtX^D branches 


11 mn^Sa kindle or light. 

nSp cut short or oflf. m^Sp the 

12 tOSn thrash or beat out. 

y)ltD impel, thrust forward. A 

"rnW inwb one by one. 

Chapter XXVIII. HD 

1 b^D fall down, fadeth away, fading. 
Dbn beat down, knocked down. 

y 'Qlbnt i. e., dead drunk. 

2 2tOp cut off, destroying, 
nj^tt? a horrible storm. 

4 1D3 forward, precede. miDlD the 

first ripe fig. The boccore. 

5 nD^ move quickly. A bird. DTD^ 

a crown, diadem, from its radiated 
7 pD stumble, totter, stagger. 

vbS to make a separation between 
good and bad. TvYlD judicial 
distinction, judgment. 
S^p vomit. 

nS2 filthiness, excrement. 
9 vDH retribution. Wean. 





pr\V remove, yw withdraw, 
ni!^ command. IS precept. 
n>27T a little. 

^3?b mock, deride. Ridiculousness. 
yyi still, quiet. nj?aiQ rest, quiet. 
Si;2M for ^SW they were willing, 
yb deride, scoff, scorn. i:?2lbnn "JM 

be not ye scoffers. 
ntn fasten, settle, mrt a settled 

Tll^W decline. TQ'W or T2T a whip 

or scourge. 
"TDID 1D1D a sure foundation. 
tt?n hasten. ttj"'n\ 
bpty to weigh, nb^ira a plummet, 
n^?'^ overturn. 
"HSD to cover, annul. 
1?T move, agitate, nyn agitation, 

nr!J spread, stretch out. r:JQ a 

'S^W stretch out. ^"in'rnD stretch 

oneself out. 
"703 to spread abroad or over. 

TODQn the covering. 
DD!D gather. D33nn wrap oneself 

T12 . m*? marrow. 
t3~) shake with anger. 
"ID** restrain. DSnoio your bands, 

or bonds, 
ynn shorten. In Niph. decide, 

determine, or Hi^lTO cut short. 
'^1W shatter to pieces, break all 

to pieces. 

V^cm (n>3Q nw d) sibn 

doth he not scatter. ' 
TT)W make equal, plain, level. 
ill^p a kind of plant or seed, gith. 
p"lT to sprinkle. 




25 rrntZ? have power. Principal. 

^T2D to mark, appoint, po: ap- 

DD2 to have long hair. rraD3 
zea, spelt. 

27 V^n shorten. ynn thrashing- 

^2in thrash or beat. 

28 pi beat, thrash out. plV. 

''3tt?'n'^ t2?*llS continually thrash- 
ing it: an Infinitive of an un- 
usual form. 

DQn to agitate very much. 

29 ntZ?'' to be. rPttnn the thing as it is 

Chapter XXIX. tSD 

1 P|p3 tear or rend to pieces, kill, 
n^in to bring or carry forth. 

2 yn a feast. 

pXi press, oppress, distress. D'p^2?Qrr 
the distressers. Tilp'Sn I will 
cause distress. 

TT^IS n^'^Sn heaviness, mourn- 
ing, sorrow. 

3 D^i** set, settle, aso a stationary 


"^ITD Tl*'3n"1 I will camp as a 
roundish heap, i. e., will surround. 

5 y"n3? agitate. D'S'" terrible, for- 


6 U^^ concussion. Thunder. 
W^l quick or alternate motion. 


nSD scrape, sweep. nciD a sweep- 
ing wind or storm. 

"11?D turbulent. m^D a tempest. 

7 ni!^ look sideways, nmso strong- 




8 ptt? move, run. ppvs have eager 


9 HDn^ delay, shilly-shally. 
131 mutter, murmur. 

nVW to look, regard. IJMcymrrT 
look this way and that. 

HDn wonder, be astonished. 

"H!^"^ the thing formed. 

Dn shut close, rrann deep sleep. 

'75n changing the course of a 

D!$3? denotes strength. D^i'y shut 

HDD learning, literature. 

v5S hide by opaque matter. Ob- 

"inm DIN "'N^'tDnD causing a 
man to be an offender for a 

Chapter XXX. b 

6 N'^^b to milk out. The lioness. 
Ii77 to knead. !? a lion. 

n3?D swell with blowing. nyCM a 

15? raise, lift Ty (here only omr) 
young asses. 

Dn*^ v'^n their riches, substance. 
W^l conglutinate. rrcn the 

bunch (of fat and hair on a 

camel's back). 

7 ^m incite, proud. Strength, 

firm, courageous. A name of 
Egypt, i. e., proud and insolent. 
9 WHD deny, lie. 
10 Jl'in a seer, prophet. 

^nn mock, deceive. m'7nrrD de- 
1 1 2 T V turn aside. ^1^3 perverseness. 


13 HV^ swell up or out. m^ao. 

14 7Dn spare, regard. 
nn^ beat into small pieces. 
V)nH silent thought. Splinter (of 

potter's ware). tJin. 
Tinn to keep fire alive, mnn^ 
Ip^ to burn. Tip'o the hearth. 
^Wn strip, scoop up. f^^v^b. 
SI321 a pit, a ditch, a pool. 
1 7 "1173 restrain. rT\3?J rebuke. 

^in a beacon, a post, a mast. 
20 ^33 extremity. Remove to the 

22 TDM to bind, mCM vestment or 

D*lT pour forth. 

rrn languish, be faint, rm an 
unclean garment. (Female pe- 
riodical sickness). 

nrnD I'D broad pastures. 
24 nbS waste. 

v^^ , v"^b^ provender. 

yDn ferment. y'DH b'^2 a. sourish 
mixture of provender to assist 
the stomach of cattle when 
loathing food. 

n"lt scatter. miQ shovel. 

Tinn a fan for winnowing corn. 

26 yriiD drive, strike deeply. Stroke. 

27 ntrtt the burden. 

28 n!2n the part which reacheth (to 

the neck), not to the midst of 
the neck. 
P]3 reach' out, stretch forth. nB2 
stretching out. nwa D'la T^tiTib 
Ni to stretch out (the hand, 
namely, against) nations with 
a stretching out of destruction. 
ncijn stretching forth. 



28 pn a bridle. 

SO nm descend, come down, nm 
descending stroke. 

32 "121?13 a ford, a passing. 

mDI^ nt^D a decreed rod. 
See 1D\ 

33 11 a round. rrnmQ the round 

pile for fire, the pyre. 
vlttDMXS yesterday, the day im- 
mediately past. 

Chapter XXXI. Sb 

3 T\TV they together. 

4 HyH bring forth in act, sound, 

word, or thought. Growleth. 

D'^5?n Wb!3 a multitude of shep- 

N7D to fill, vhri a multitude. 

Nl3!Jv to the army assembled 

lb UN *1l!?M whose light or fire. 

5 nOD to hop about. Pass over. 

Chapter XXXII. nb 

2 M^n to hide. ano a hiding- 


3 n^tt? turn the eyes. 
ilD^^y turn away. 

4 373? to stammer. D'J^Vy. 
nnS bare, clear. 

5 b;33 exhausted of the natural 

spirits. "723 vile or worthless 

^W^ salvation. yiiD bountiful. 
nbS totality. 

6 ?)3n pollute, defile. Profligacy. 
nV^n devices. 

7 'b'^D Vb3 wasteful, 





9 ]2Sti7 to be at rest or ease. Secure, 

10 t21 motion, agitation. Disturb. 
?)DS "T^S!! gathering of the 


11 i:tt7D divest, strip ofF. 

12 ^DD moan, lament, bewail. 
0*^1127 breasts. 'TO fields. 

14 W^2 spread abroad, loose. Left, 


vD37 to presume, to be elevated, 
raised up. A tower. 

^nn try, prove. pi watch- 

S'lQ run wild. Wild ass. 

15 m3? bare, make bare. Poured 

forth. mriQ pasture. 
CnDiS from on high. 

Chapter XXXIII. nb 

I 11W shatter to pieces, demolish, 

ImD. use a cloak of dissimulation 

or treachery. 
Un to finish. *jQTin3 according to 

thy consuming or wasting. 
nv3 complete. "ynbD^ when thou 

hast made a complete end. 

4 p\^^ run, push forwards. 

vOn to consume. ^Dn consumed. 
212 (pi. D'n) locusts. 

7 DbSnS their Arals, lion-like or 
lion-hearted ones, or enlightened 
of God. 

9 b^p wither, fade. 

iy2 move briskly, shake off (their 

II tZ7n haste. "C^n chaff. 

12 I^W to cover with lime, to plaster. 
TV lime. 
nDD to cut off. (See Parkhurst's 

lp> to burn. (Ver 14,) nplD. 

15 "^^n support, uphold, hold. 
Dt^S shut, close. 

16 m!$ look sideways. rmSQ strong- 

holds, place for provisions. 

17 D'^pn-ID V"^ distant lands. 

19 piyS deepness, profundity. 

t3?^ only in Niph. Wi: wicked or 

yS/ mock, deride, sneer, jyb" 


20 IDStt? independent, at rest, ease, 

quiet. Careless, proud, arrogant. 
m3 habitation, 
rm^ spread, strew. 
13?!^'' bi not thrown down. 

21 nt^Et? decline, go aside. TD'tt> an 

''IJ dryness. A decked ship or 
vessel, which carries dry. D'!? 
wild beasts of the desert. 

22 C?l53 to leave, forsake, reject. 

23 pn the mast of a ship. D:"in their 


Chapter XXXIV. lb 

1 StS'' . rT:x!?i<!J produce thereof. 

4 pD in Niph. to be dissolved, rot. 

b^D fall or flow down, off, or 

n^i^n a fig-tree. 

5 nn wet, saturated, drenched. 

7 DMT raised up, exalted. D'Dbn 


the wild bulls, lxx. the mighty 

8 D'^DI vtt? recompenses. 

9 riDT pitch, bitumen, 
rr^ vHD streams thereof. 

10 n2D quench. 

1 1 Sp to vomit. riNp the pelican. 
IDp to hasten. iiDp hedge-hog. 
1^11^)3'' an owl. 

12 mn to be hot. Tr^^ her noble 


13 ")D decline. D'TD thorns, from their 

irregular growth. 
W12p a nettle. lDp nettles. 
n*in a hook, a thorn, a bramble. 

14 127210 to meet. 

D'^'^M habitable places. 

nVW to stand erect. Dn'y hairy 

yT) still, quit. Cause to rest. 

hh to wind, turn. TVb'b the screech- 
owl or night-monster. 

15 tCp to skip, leap. The great owl. 

iiDp (Bochart) jaculus, the darter. 

lobo set free or loose. Lay. 

rp3 cleave, hatch. 

n:n set on eggs or young ones^ 

rr^T blackness or darkness of 

colour. nVT the black vulture. 
71^3?"^ ntt?N every one with her 


16 IHy in Niph. to be separated ; so 

Snp to read. 
TpS to miss or want. 
]!J!2p gathered them. 

17 Ipn by line. 

n^vw^ 149 

Chapter XXXV. nb 

1 nbl^nn a rose. 

71*^!^ uncultivated, parched ground, 

'2? dryness. 
rrnO break forth in buds or gems. 

2 Tin adorn, decorate. Ornament, 

beauty, excellency. 

6 nbl to leap. 

7 S"ltt7 scorch, parch. ni^n the 

parched place. 
pMD!$ a dry or thirsty land. 
71V^ swell up. yiio a swelling, a 

spring, a fountain 

8 vbO raise up very high, b^^o a 

way so raised, 
bis to be thickened. b'1 grossj 

9 ^HD break out or through. V'"^ 

nvn a ravenous beast. 
10 ntZ?D to acquire, obtain. 

Chapter XXXVI. lb 

2 nb3?n!2 by a trench. 
DDD to wash. A fuller. 

6 ^!^1 run here and there. To 

break, crush, yisn broken. 
9 nnS to spread. A governor, 

10 ''l^^bn^n is it without. 
12 nn dung. 
*^^'^W urine. 
16 niD^ a blessing, a token of bless- 
ing, a gift. 
1 8 DD to try. n'D\ 
22 y^p to rend, cut out.' 

Chapter XXXVII. tb 

3 VW3 cast otr, reject. ^5^2 con 

tempt, contumely. 



6 f)*T3 blaspheme. 

25 *np spring up, gush out. 

26 rT^3. contend or strive with. >^j 

D*!?: ruinous heaps. 

27 UIW choke, suffocate. nmttJ 

withering (by heat). 

28 T!3n to be angry, uin rage. 

29 pWti? to be at ease. Insolent 


30 nCD join, unite. n^ED corn which 

adheres to the ground after 
DntZ? to spring up. D'H corn 
springing up the third year of 
its own accord. 
S3 //D to raise very high. nb^D a 

Chapter XXXVIII. Tlh 

8 n"by ascend. mbro degrees, 
marks or lines one above 

10 "Tpri deprived. 

1 1 /in not to be. Transitory world. 

12 "^"Tn my generation, (i. e., the 

people of my generation.) 
TCp hurry, hasten along, 
bbl to be exhausted, nbin pining 

""i^ "^btZ^n thou wilt make an end 

of me. 

13 TTlti? make equal, to smooth, 


14 DO brisk, active. DID a crane or 

^!iDS chirp, twitter. 
""illll? a crane, a bird of passage. 
Cbn broken. 
17 ** /'H before a noun, without; before 
a verb, not. 

18 nntZ? break, wait. 

20 pD play on an instrument. A 


21 m^ lay it for a plaster. A 


Chapter XXXIX. tob 
7 DHD serve, minister, attend. 

Chapter XL. D 

2 n!^1 pleased with. nsi3 satisfac- 

torily expiated. 

3 12137 to niix. m"i2> a wilderness, 


4 D!D"1 bind hard. D^DDI rugged 


6 ion succulent, abundance, swel- 

ling out. 
WD.*^ dry up, wither. 

7 !lt^3 to breathe, blow. 

9 1t!72 spread abroad. mittJ2D bring 

11 S7tD to spot with large spots or 

patches. T:^nbji young lambs or 

12 bl^li? hollow. Hollow of the hand. 

nit scatter, spread, m^ a span of 

the hand. 
lI?vtZ7 divide into three parts. A 

certain measure, J bath, about 

2J gallons. 

D /D to make level or even. The 
15 *)D3 variegate. "ran Arab, to 
impel, pour out. "yo a drop. 

n v"T draw out as water, '^i a 

\^r\W grind to pieces. Small dust. 


15 bt^ cast forth, bw ^13 as small 
dust (which) will be tossed about. 

19 F^'ni^ melt, refine. 
*^0D to overspread. 

rp'n stretch forth. Plateth over. 
pnn swathe, gird round, mpm 

20 pD lay up. HQinn pDO he who 

is frugal in oblation, 
npn to rot. 

22 nSn a locust, a grasshopper. 

pT beat small. A thin covering or 

very small dust. 
nn'D extend, stretch out. 

23 ']t'^ poise or balance. Councillors. 

24 ^^2 cut oflf. Stump or stock. 

25 niti? make equal. 

26 "1137 separate. Hiph. cause to be 

wanting, faileth. 

28 Ipn search minutely, explore. 

29 "|W labour of body or mind. p 

SI nnW strength. A wing or pinion. 

Chapter XLI. MD 

7 pbn smooth, even. p'^iTiri he that 
W^^ strike. '"^0 a hammer. 
Cbn beat, smite. 
D37D to strike repeatedly. An 

pm adhere, cleave, pnb of the i 

1DD rough, sharp pointed. onDDD 
9 blJW set apart. 'Vsw select ones. 
10 n37tt? look, regard. Hithp. J^nirn 
dismayed, look about as in 

n>'3fm^ 151 

TO "^J^n hold up. 

11 "ins snort. Incensed. 

12 Tl'^12i press, squeeze. 

15 y^l2 impel, drive forward. 

Y"1"in y^M^ sharp thrashing- 

y~in shorten, cut short. 
J 7 ntt73fail. 

18 r\^W to clash, crush, or break by 

impulse. D'^DtJ high, craggy 

19 Din the myrtle. A covert, 
nm to prance, spring, nmn the 

ntrS to proceed. Any thick ever- 
green. mM;n the box-tree. 

20 U^W to place. D'^H put together, 

24 nrS swell with blowing. yCKO 
than a pufF of breath. 

Chapter XLII. DD 

3 Hr\D restriction. Smoking, lan- 


4 D'^DDbTj'l and from before time. 

5 27p"l stretch forth, expand, extend. 

11 nni^n villages. 

m!^ cry aloud, shout. 

13 rn!^ cry aloud, roar out. 

14 T\Wn silent, still, 
pes to constrain, refrain. 
r|Wtt7 draw, suck, or sup in, snufF 

, up. 

I 15 D'^'^M habitable places. 

16 I1T13 a pathway, path. 
WjPV to pervert. D^-^JpTO crooked. 

17 y02 recede, retire, go back. 
22 JIDII? to rob, plunder. rfDTDQ a 

plundering, a spoil. 



22 '^^DW robbed. 

riD expand. Snared. 

in white, mn a hole through 

which light appears. 
IT he, they. 
SbD separation. D'wba D^l a house 

of confinement, a prison. 

23 "linwb in after time. 

Chapter XLIII. 51D 

14 u? to hide. B^D a hiding-place. 
Dn3n nV3MS in their pleasure- 
TT^'D. to pass. D'ma fugitives. 
17 "JVT go or burn out as fire. 
19 UW^ place set. ]it3>ttr a waste, 

22 27^"^ labour, be weary. Hiph. 

24 Tiyi wet, saturate, satiate. :rT'nn. 

27 V^D smoothness. I^S'bD thy 

typical intercessors, mediators, 
i. e., the priests. 

28 f]1^ reproach, revile. 

Chapter XLIV. Ttt 

3 bt3 trickle. D'blW trickling 

8 ^71'^n bs fear not. rrv for t. 

1 1 nnn conjoin. An associate. 

12 1^27 cut off'. TS^'O bni an iron 

cutting instrument. 
nD3 breathe. DHD live coals. 
3p3 make hollow, penetrate. mpD 

a hammer with a sharp head. 

13 "HSn delineate, mark out. 

Din . mirra a compass. Cir- 
cularity of motion. 

13 "Tltt? to leave. A pencil. 

5?!^p cut or scrape off' the surface. 
my^pO planes or hatchets. 

14 nTI attenuate, nnn a tree of 

the pine or fir kind. A 

15 pir3 kiss, clash, smack, snap. In 

Hiph. cause to snap or crackle, 
make it burn fiercely. 
12D bow or bow down to the 

10 Tib'2 roast. 

18 ntD overlay, overspread, seal up. 

21 ntt73 to forget. 

23 n!JD break forth (into singing.) 

24 \n*' by myself. 

25 I'D, separate. Dm a sort of con- 

juror, affecting solitude. 

27 v!^ to shade, nbis a spread or 
extent of waters. 

Chapter XLV. ntt 

1 n vT draw out. Leaved-gates. 

2 11 go round. DmTT roundabout, 


8 ^V1 drop down, distil. 
bT3 trickle. 

9 D1 striveth. 

13 n7^ roll away, remove. m'?^ my 


14 pT strain off'. D'p) fetters made of 

brass or copper. 

15 pW surely. 

16 "12 to bind close, to distress. 

lis bind close, distress. Dn:? 

18 inn a vain thing, a thing of no 

24 *in3 to snort. Incensed. 




Chapter XLVI. ID 

1 D'^p to bend, stoop. 
m^^V labour or travail. An idol. 

SIi73 lift up as a load, ^nwiu: beasts 

of burden. 
DT2>y to bear, lift up. moiW 

laden, loaded. 
6 /T to loose, lavish, lax. Let go 

with profusion. 
H^p to hold. The beam of the 

8 t27M fire. WUJM grieved or fired at 

oneself, be ye on fire. 

11 ^'^V any ravenous bird. 

Chapter XLVII. T! 

1 "fn tender. 

^^V delight. Delicate. 

2 ntt!^ cut off, consume as the hair. 

D!^ empty, meagre, nos a thin 
veil of gauze, 

bntr? impel. The leg. 

8 nD^"T3? given to pleasure. 

9 r|tZ7D (fiscover, reveal. Enchant- 

ment, sorceries. 

I^n join. Join words together 
for enchantments. 
1 1 71*\T} mischief. 

13 "nnn cut off or divide. 

14 bn2l glow, shine. A live coal. 

Chapter XLVIII. HD 

4 in assault. T3 a sinew. 
9 CtDn refrain, restrain. 
13 nSt^ spread out, extend. 

19 Tiyi^ lax, loose. 'mS'n particles 
of sand, gravel. 

Chapter XLIX. iDtt 

2 *7n penetrate. Sharp. 
Tin cleanse thoroughly, bright. 
JlDtrS a quiver. 
9 n2tt7 clash. D^^DtO craggy rocks 

or eminences. 
10 ^ntJ? to burn. Scorching heat. 

nP^ swell up or out. nnQ 
17 D")n break through, l^nnn de- 
struction, destroyers. 

20 127213 to come close, more than y\p. 

21 "n^b^arock. Barren. 
nmD a removing to and fro. 

23 ^DS stability. Nursing father. 

24 n')phn prey. 

26 IDOV . D>D3> wine. 

113*' to oppress. "pJiD thine op- 

Chapter L. 3 

1 nt273 to lend. >120 creditors. 

2 iy^ restrain. rrc?a reproof, re- 


3 lip dark, black. 

6 (113 to form into a mass, a body. 

tDlD to make smooth, viz., by 
plucking off the hair. 
9 Jlbn wear or waste away. 

Wy consume. A moth. 

10 (133 bright, shining. Shining, 

11 nip kindle. 

ITS surround, encompass. 

154 ISAIAH. 

11 pT strain off, fuse. nip^T flames. 

Chapter LI. N3 

1 i!2n cut out, hew. 

"Hpi bore, dig, or cut out. 
4 yyi still, quiet, rest. 

7 ^12 to reproach, revile. 

8 00 a worm. 

13 p'^l^SiPT the oppressor. pi?Q dis- 

tress, oppression. 
p!J press, straiten. 

14 n372 stretch out. The prostrate 


1 5 Vyi still, quiet, stop motion. 

17 V^P press down, nrip the lees 

of wine, dregs. 
vV^ violently agitated, trembling. 
n!JD press, squeeze. 
20 PpV cover over, swoon, faint. 
Tl^n limit, restrain, vnn a species 

of animal of the goat kind. A 

gazelle. The oryx. 
"1DD convolve. *iqDD a net or 

Tiy^ afflict, grieve. T31D them who 

afflict thee. 

Chapter LII. DD 

1 711? uncircumcised. 

2 ^373 agitate, shake. 

"ID'' restrain, check, DnoiD bands 
or bonds. 

7 niM desire, covet, nwi beautiful, 


8 "7'^D!i thy watchmen. 

9 n!$D break forth (into a joyful 


10 P)tt?n to strip, make bare. 

14 OW place. DD\tJ amazed, asto- 

nished exceedingly. 
nntl^Q marred. 

15 y^p contract, shut. 

Chapter LIII. 2.2 

2 py* suck, pzv a young twig. 

3 7Tn to cease, desert. 

I3SD mar, spoil. nil^DO grief, 

^n make a hole. Anguish. 
5 SI3*T break, break down, crush. 

7 W22 come close to, oppress, 
bm bear patiently. A female 

sheep. !?m an ewe. 

8 nnK? to bow, stoop, meditate. 

And who can (bear to) reflect on 
(the men of) his generation. 
12 HIV to bare, empty, pour forth. 
V2D meet with. y3D' intercede. 

Chapter LIV. 12 

1 bnS shout. A cheerful or loud 

3 ^1D break out or through. 
8 f]'2W little, small, or short. 

10 71W12 draw out or forth, withdraw. 

1 1 V-^"' '^^ down, cause to lie. y^nn. 
^D dissolve. * D'jdn *jici with 

black marble, thy stones. 

12 "TDID a precious stone from its 

sparkling, as pyropos. 13 to 
propel, shoot forth. 

W12W serve, minister. D'-i^ttJOtty 
windows or lights. 

rnp kindle. mpM a sparkling, 
glittering as of stones. 


14 nn broken. nnnD ruin, destruc- 


15 n~)2l excite, move, stir up. 

16 bnn bind, pledge. Take away, 


Chapter LV. 713 

2 3237 delight, pleasure. J^ynn de- 
light oneself. 

12 SnO strike or clap (the hands). 

13 y3?3 to fix. yisy: the thorn -tree. 
ID'nD the briar. TD a thorn, and 

noi to spread abroad. 
Din the myrtle-tree. 

Chapter LVI. 13 


3 D'^D serve, mmistei 

10 nn3 bark. 
Q'^TH sleeping. 
D3 to slumber. 
1 2 S3D drink hard, guzzle, swill. 

Chapter LVII. T3 

5 Cn warm or hot. nm inflaming. 

?)rD split, divide, rive. Cleft. 
9 ^W^ to be strait, go direct. n'On. 
npn to make a composition of 

various spices, perfumes. 
"H!^ to bind close. TS agent, am- 

10 127S^ renounce, give over. "!: 

desperate, hopeless. 

11 !lW1 to be troubled. 

niCn forbearance of speaking or 
action. TWTVQ silent. 
13 ^2p to collect, ys^lp thy com- 

n'^yw'* 155 

14 7D raise, elevate, exalt. 

18 33 to increase. 2i: increase, fruit. 

20 B!?'n3 drive, expel. Throweth up. 

tipll? to be quiet, at rest. 

2751 to foul or make muddy. Mire. 

I^tO to spot. n^TO clay. 

Chapter LVIII. n3 

I 7113 excite, move, pnj the throat 

or wind pipe. 

4 ni2D squeeze. 

5 D3 full, copious. p3N a bulrush. 

HDD to curve, bend. vp7 to bend 

n^!i spread, stretch out. 

6 3l!2in a knot, ynn a lump, and 

ni!? swell. 
13^ to bind. n"n3 the bunches 
or knots. 

1^X5 to slip or slide, htqid the 
cross bar or slider of a yoke. 

y21 run here and there. To 
break, crush, oppress greatly. 

7 D'HD part, break in pieces (as 


8 TIM be or grow long. n3"i pro- 

gress, prosperity. 

*70 dissolve, set loose, diffuse. 

II nn!^ white, shine. mn!jns vio- 

lent, intense heats, droughts. 

y^n loose In Hiph. make 

nn fail. 

12 "113 to make a fence, 
fence, wall. 

A hedge. 

^"10 break out or through, 




12 nn!3 wearing a track with the feet. 
n'n: a pathway. 

Chapter LIX. IDS 

3 bSH vindicate, pollute, defile. 

5 372!^ to cast, to eject. 'i'lVDS 
the basilisk, cockatrice, adder. 

yH thin skinned, and fat. D"?n 

Vpn cleave, hatch. 
t2?**nD^ a spider, "p to bend, and 

t3l3 subdue. 
7}')p to meet, mp web (spider). 
Tilt to be scattered, sprinkled. 
nrS to puE m?D a viper. 

10 "T'p a wall. 

ti?tt7D grope for, feel over and over 

D'^aDti^S desolate places. 

1 1 Tiyn bring or carry for. To coo 

or moan (as a dove). 

13 !1D3 recede, retire, go back. 

15 my separate, sever. In Niph. 

\"I2?3 so faileth. 

16 U12iW amazed or astonished ex- 

3?nD to meet, meet with. r':Dn 
one who interposes. 

17 112? to regulate. pttJ a breast- 

plate, a coat of armour. 
2?^D to stop, keep off. mD a 

1237 move, remove. 125?^ cover. 

18 mbm b3?3 according to the 

fruit of their doings. 

19 D3 a quick motion. DD3 erect a 


Chapter LX. D 

4 nilDSn 11$ hV to be nursed at 
thy side. 

6 373127 flow together, be abundant. 

ni-D'O abundance, affluence. 
1'D'^ to be forward, precede. A 
dromedary, viz., a race of camels 
peculiar for swiftness. 

7 *72Tl"lt27'^ shall minister unto 


8 P)37 to vibrate, flutter, fly. 

14 nnt27 bow, stoop, or bend very 

20 F|DM gather, withdraw. 

21 "n!$3 to keep. A plant. 

Chapter LXI. SD 

1 IT encompass. "Ym freedom, 


2 np V take, ^f^p a prison. 

3 ni237 involution. n:DrD a robe, 

upper garment. 

vS interposition, b^w a tree with 
three wide spreading branches. 

4 H'nn to waste. tniTf waste places. 
D?3t27 desolate. 

5 miD cut, cut up. 
IIDS husbandman. 

6 ID"' change, alter. In Hithp. 

change one's condition. 
10 ^37'' to cover. 

^nr\ contract affinity by marriage. 
A bridegroom. 

*nSD ^TID^ decketh himself with 
a priestly crown. 

m37 pass over or upon. Adorneth 

Chapter LXII. DD 

1 t:ipt? quiet. 

n33 bright, shine, glitter. 
1D7 to shine. Tth a burning 
torch or firebrand. 

2 !3p3 make hollow. Mark, define. 
6 nj2"T equable. DT rest. 

Chapter LXIII. :iD 

1 yiZn to ferment. yMSn sprinkled, 
"nn adorn, decorate, deck, mirr. 
n52 spread, strew, or throw 


2 "7"^*^ ^ proceed, to go or tread 

n2 cutting, beating, m a wine- 

3 "HD to break. miD a wine-press or 

n!^3 superiority. Strength, i. e., 

nT3 to leap, spurt out. n. 

7M2 vindicate. 'n'?Na my ven- 
geance, (and on all my raiment) 
my vengeance. 

6 DS trample, tread under foot. 

9 vt03 impose (as a burden), to bear 
or support. 

15 bnt dwell. '?iai a habitation. 

pDM constrain, (Hithp. restrain). 
17 ntrp stiffen, harden. 
19 vt3 trickle down. 

Chapter LXIV. ID 

1 mp to kindle. 

nOD to melt. D^DDH wastings. 

n"'27ti?" 157 

3 bt loose, nbt, ^lb^'i, ''^lb^^^ besides, 

n^n to wait, tarry. 

4 J^2p to foam, froth. Very angry. 

5 r\1V to pass over or upon. Orna- 

ments, garments of ornaments or 
showy things. 

6 3D dissolve, melt, consume. 

Chapter LXV. HD 

3 D'^SIsbn altars of brick. 

4 "iTn surround. yiTt a hog, 

~l!^3 . cms: monuments. 
pID break. A piece (as of flesh), 


v3D pollute, defile. Abominable. 
8 h'DW to deprive. b^^2'(DH a cluster 
of grapes. 

14 vb** cry out, shriek, or howl vio- 
lently or repeatedly. 

20 nbs? to ascend, b'i^f or bbis? a 

23 ^n^ to hurry, be precipitate. 
25 nbiD to spot. A young kid. 

Chapter LXVI. ID 

3 "JS labour of body or mind. ]1N 

an idol, an object of worship in 
\^pt& abominate. 

4 r\bV to ascend, '^^rn imagina- 

tions, delusions. 
nn"^ to be afraid. DmJO fears. 

8 bn to be in labour. 

9 "n^iS? restrain. 

11 n^D squeeze, press. 




11 TT move to and fro. no bustle, 


12 f]1^W to overflow. 

VWVW turn this way and that in 
play. Dandled. 

14 mS break forth, floui-ish. 

15 nOD scrape, sweep. nOD a whirl- 

1V^ restrain, rebuke, myj rebuke. 
17 *inii pure, clean. 
1333? the mouse. 

19 "I2?r5 draw. 
nt2?p a bow. 

20 n3!J to swell. Dnu covered car- 

riages, litters. 

*nD divide, separate. A mule. 
"ID round. m"i3"i3 panniers. 

23 "'ID according to the frequency. 

24 nbin a worm. 

Sm Arab, to repel 
tion, contempt. 

p"n rejec- 


Chapter I. N 

10 WrO pluck up. 

yrO break to pieces, break down, 

13 nD3 breathe, blow upon. niD: TD 

a pot blowed upon. 

17 nn broken, dismayed. 

18 1153 restrain, shut up, fortified. 

Chapter II. 3 

1 nbS completed entirely. yrhV': 
thy consummation. 

5 bsn emit a vapour. Vanity. 

6 nti? incline, bow. rmTO a pit. 
mablJ darkness. Shadow of 


W^n lay hold, handle. 
bv* to profit. 
ID'* to change, alter. 
1VW stand erect. Be afraid. 
3"in waste, desolate. 
"np spring up. -iipQ a spring or 

n!^"' burn. n2?3 burnt. 

3ti7 turn. nn\UD backsliding. 

pn3 withdraw, pluck asunder. 

"HD'^ restrain, check. mnoiD bands. 

TIJ^V stretched out. 

n3 riN thou playest the harlot. 

*1D decline, mo irregular shoots. 

"iriD to loose. Natrum or nitre. 




22 "1!2 to cleanse. Some purifying 

nriD mark with an engraving. 
cm: stamped. 

23 mD2 a dromedary, a high breed 

of Arab camel. 
'^'^W twine, wind, traverse. Cross- 

24 niD be fruitful. A young female 

or heifer dromedary. 
?]Sti? draw or sup up. Snuff up. 

]M labour of body or mind. n2n 

25 373^ withhold. 
P^rr^ worn away. 

tTM^ to despair, renounce, give 
over. W12 despair. 
32 ntI7p to bind. Attire or ribbands. 
34 inn dig downwards or through. 
36 7T loose, lax. Gad about. 

Chapter III. 2 

1 F)3n pollute, defile. 

2 bm? lie carnally with a woman. 

3 Wp^ crop or cut off. Xff\pb^ the 

harvest rain. 

4 F^bW chief leader, principal. F]ib 


5 "11D3 watch. V/atch an opportunity 

8 *TM to cast forth. n"n propelling 
causes or motives. 
?^S3 commit adultery. 
m'D cut off. nnnD a cutting off. 
13 ITS disperse, scatter. 

17 ntt? to regulate. nmiD ruling 

21 m^ distort, pervert. 

Chapter IV. *T 

3 13 to split, separate. To plough. 

T3 a ploughing. 
7 "7130 to interweave. A thicket. 
n^3 shoot forth. Tty^n shall be 
10 St^3 bear, elate, deceive. NC:. 
14 nn^ white, clear, n:? a parching 

22 biM gross, foolish, stupid. 
bSD pervert. Perverse. 

29 nD"l cast. nnjp nrni shooting 

with bows. 

n2V thick, gross. D'ns? thickets 

of woods. 
HDD to curve. D'CS caves, 


30 271p rend, divide. 

"7D dissolve, pulverise. *pD a 

mineral substance, powder of 

lead ore. 

;33'57 set or joined one upon 

another. Loves, 

bn to make a hole. b'H or rt'?"in 

anguish, as of a woman in 


31 nC'' to breathe. nC'nn she 


Chapter V. n 

1 IStSG? run to and fro. 
4 bW to will, ^a^: self-willed, ob- 

6 1133 to variegate. A large leopard, 
a panther. 

8 ^T prepare, provide. D'DTin pre- 
pared horses, ready, 

bn!^ to neigh. 





10 "lit? to regulate. "n a wall. 
rpmi\C2 on her walls. 
B?tD3 loose, relax. rrmw^'iOa bul- 
warks, bastions. 
16 nDU7 to clash. rrnD a quiver. 

22 WV^ to shake. Hithp. toss them- 

26 "ftt? to stop. "jiDD -i1r to stake as 

toils or nets, i. e., fix them with 
nntt? to corrupt, mar. nTTOD a 

27 dh'D to clap, close together. Tib'2 

a trap-cage. 

28 nWV to shine. 

S2?3 to err, wander, deceive. 

30 DU? to place, set rrott? amaze- 
ment, astonishment. 
1VW stand erect. mTTT'O horrible 

Chapter VI. > 

1 fV strength, -vigour, iwi haste ye. 
?]piZ7 to look, turn towards. P^p'W: 

turned, so to look at. 

2 niD to dwell. Dwelling at home. 

333? delight, pleasure. m3:?o 

3 Vpn to force or drive one thing 

against another. Force. To 
pitch (their tent). 

6 "7^^ po"'^ ^** 

7 "Ip spring up. Tpn cause to spring, 

cast out. 
I'D, to clear, cleanse, ma a well, a 

"^^Din be thou instructed. 

9 n!^!l restrain, gather in. nsia 
gathering grapes. 

10 nWp hearken. 

11 ID obstruct. TiD a secret as- 

16 I1TI3 a path, a pathway. 

Vyi still, quiet. Tr$yyo rest, quiet. 

20 I3"137 to mix ; therefore agreeable. 

21 ^'DW to dwell. The inhabitant. 
23 ID propel, shoot. pT3 a short 

spear or javelin. 
"1TD break with force. "it3 cruel. 
^!5 bind close, mi? distress. 

25 "l^*^ shrink for fear. m:n a shrink- 

ing for fear. 

26 Wb^ in Hithp. to roll oneself. 

27 ]n^ try, prove, pni a watch- 


28 b^n trade, traffic, o'^n a busy- 

body. Slander, tale-bearing. 

29 nnD to snort, to be heated. 

nD3 to breathe, blow. HDD a 

pn 3 draw or pluck away. 
mD3? lead. 

30 DMD reject with contempt. D03 

refuse, vile. With 2, disgusted at. 

Chapter VII. T 

11 711V to bare, uncover, myo a 
^1D break out or through. D'STD 
18 Wh knead, mwb to knead. 

pl^'D, made soft by moistening. 
p'22 dough. 

"7n3 poured out. 

28 n31^M stability, security. 

29 T3 take off, cut offi 




29 1t3 to be separated. Nazarite 
]P to lament, wail. n2''p a lament- 
ti?l3D loose, so to forsake, abandon. 

33 "Tin move with quickness. Cause 
to flee. Tino. 

Chapter VIII. PI 

2 n^W spread abroad. 
^ttT to pollute. Dung. 

5 ^'2,W to turn, or be turned back- 

ward, rtiiw. 
ni53 superiority. nnS2 beyond, 

Iliyi to cast, deceive. TK^nn deceit, 


6 yn to run. rf^l"iD a running, a 

rjIiU? immerge, overflow, (as a 
horse) bounding over (all ob- 
stacles) in battle. 

8 tD57 to move, remove, ns? a pen. 

Ta'27 a rapacious bird 

9 "IpC? deceitful. 

13 F)DS gather, take off, destroy. 

D1D'D F]D I will surely take 

them off. 
15 nVD, to terrify, nnn terror. 

17 y?:!^ to eject. n:yD!? the basilisk. 
Wrh a low hissing, a whistling. 

To whistle, in order to charm 

18 nb!2 to take one's rest, to smile. 

"0"$ ''TVybl'd (oh) thou who laughest 
or grinnest at me (for pain). 
^IT sick, faint. (And sayest) my 
heart is sick within me. 
22 Trm to flow, ns balsam, balm. 

22 "JIM length, progress, getting 

Chapter IX. I^ 

2 mW go in a track. A traveller. 

3 l-in strong, powerful, prevail. 
5 bnn mock, banter, trifle. 

TT]V distort, pervert. Iniquity, 
8 VnnW to drain, tormu wounding 

10 nn^ lament, bewail. ^(3. 
n^"' to burn. 

11 C^bnb heaps. 

15 HD^ V wormwood. 

16 ICS") for W^-) poor. Gall. 

17 ]p to lament, wail. m3D")pQ wailing 


18 J^V vibrate. "D5?D2> the eye-lids. 

22 I'DV press, squeeze. TDJ? a sheaf. 

Chapter X. "* 

3 ll^V to cut. n:?yQ an axe. 

4 172iD rough, sharp-pointed. niDDO 

3p3 make hollow, pierce. mpQ a 

pD totter, stagger, stumble. 

5 nWp stiff'ness. 
I^n palm-tree. 

li^lJ step, walk, go forwards. 
8 Tini^ to join, connect. nnl alto- 
vD3 stifihess, rigidity. Stupid. 
'HD'' check, discipline. "IDIO dis- 
cipline, restraint. 
v!2n a vapour, ban vanity, a vain 
idol, of idols, 





9 Vp^ stretch forth, extend. 
B^'^tC'nn Tarshish. 
11 nil Chald. this, that. 

w'^nbM for a>nb . 

"T of, who, because. 
M"^ttt!7 the heavens, for D'Dion. 
Sp"lS the earth, for prr. 
TSi? to do or make, 
mnn under, beneath. 

13 S1273 to raise. D\v3 vapours. 

14 irn clear off. irn3 brutish. 
n^TS^ for want of knowledge. 
*7D3 spread abroad. A molten 

image, or the metalline case 
of it. 

15 r\Vn to err. D^nyn errors. 

17 373D place on the ground, ni":^ 

merchandise, wares. 

1 8 37 7p to sling out, or cast, throw. 

19 nbn be faint, nbm afflicting. 
21 Dn'*3?"lD their flocks. 

Chapter XI. S'' 

15 CT devise, imagine, think, rvam 
devices, machinations. 

1() 371 to break, 'inn thou doest 

7lD to cut. nbiQ a talking. 

Chapter XII. D" 

3 pnS draw away, draw out. 

5 mn heat, burn. 

7 Wr\2 pluck up. 

9 3711!$ to form streaks. 

M^m^ the hyaena. 

lD"'37n variegated or streaked wild 

13 D>l*p thorns. 

'I^ni they are pained. 

Chapter XIII. y^ 

4 mS Euphrates. 

pp hollow, py^i a hole. 

14 yes dissipate, disperse, dash. 
16 P)ri3 strike against, stumble. 

P]t273 to blow. Twilight, dark. 
Tl^p stretch out. Expect ear- 

21 vDn bind, confine, n'bin pangs. 

22 btt7 loose. 'rm loose flowing 

DXSn cast, pluck off. iDnn: are 
stripped by violence. 

23 W^D an Ethiopian. 

lin to conjoin. ^'nnmin the 
black spots of the leopard, like 

"1^3 to be variegated with spots. 
The panther or larger leopard. 

26 r)tt7n strip, make bare. 

r\/p levity, lightness, yibp vile- 
ness, ignominy. 

27 bn!^ cause to shine. 'm^n!?0 


Chapter XIV. T' 

1 *1!^I2 restrain. m*T21 drought. 

2 bttS languish. b^DN feeble, fail. 
lip dark, obscure, black. 

ni!^ cry aloud, shout. nm2? a 

3 ^3 gibbosity. D*n3 aqueducts, 

arched or vaulted (made by 




S nsn cover, veil. 

4 m3 cur, cut up. Dn3 hus- 

bandmen, ploughmen, 
nn to be broken. Crack or chap 
as the ground. 

5 7M interpose, nb'a a hind or 


6 S"nD to run. D'NID wild asses. 

9 Qm3 overwhelmed, astonished. 
18 S^n wear away. 

"IPD move to and fro. Traffic. 
!9 Vj7^ cast away, loathe. 

n VH disturb, affright, nnri terror, 
21 \^S3 cast off, reject, despise. 
vHD fall or flow down, reject. 

Chapter XV. Itfi 

3 UnD to drag, to tear, lacerate. 

4 37T move, agitate, r^^^^ an agita- 


5 13 move or remove. With b fol- 

lowing, to sympathize, compas- 

7 mT scatter, disperse, winnow. 

min a shovel. 
11 rrntt? personal attendance. nilttJ 
ministry. im"itt? for ITMW thy 

17 pntZ? conflict. To make sport 

at, deride. U'p'nt} mockers. 

18 DMD to mar, spoil. Grief. 
DTD to fail. a^2N a deceiver. 

Chapter XVI. tlD 

4 Svn wear, wear away. Wasting. 
D'^'jrrn tiidq of wasting deaths. 

5 ntl to cry out for grief or joy. 

nno shouting. 

6 mi assault or attack oneself. 

7 D'lD to part, break in pieces, as 

13 vt^ to cast or send forth. 
16 yi to multiply exceedingly. wy)i 

19 D3 to flee. D12D a refuge. 

Chapter XVII. T 

1 "ID!^ move quickly. pD2? the sharp 

ll^W to keep, tquj a hard stone, 

a diamond. 
4 !D/Dtt? to let go, remit. Thou 

shalt have a remission even for 

6 mr to make bare, nyny a blasted 


8 vD*^ to bring along, biv a stream 

or current of water, a water- 

iNI to be troubled. 

ni2?D withdraw. 

9 Dp3? supplant, deceive. 

10 1pr\ search minutely. 

11 ^Tl to set on eggs or young. 

13 ID to decline, depart. n"C* they 

who depart from me. 

14 MST restore to a former state and 


16 \^N press, urge, hasten. 

17 nn to be broken, nriD a ruin, 


Chapter XVIII. n"^ 

2 "l!i> to form. ISV a potter. 

3 '^DDSn the frames. 




4 intt?37*'1 nti?'^ and be made it 

12 C^S** to despair. "ON"): despair. 

13 nnirii? horrible wickedness. 

14 "1!^ to bind close. 1")!? a rock. 

D'"?!"): D^-ip Dn^ D>D will (a man) 
leave for a rock my field ; or for 
the snow of Lebanon ? Shall 
the running waters be forsaken 
for the cold running waters? 

Wn^ pluck up. Drawn out, fail. 

15 73C? impel, *b^y03 paths. 

vD raise, elevate. V)D raised very 

16 plW yellow. npiiiD a hissing. 

21 "^213 to pour out, shed. 

m^n cause them to be poured 
out, or their blood. 

Chapter XIX. !:)" 

1 pnpn a bottle. 

2 Din a burning. niDin ms-tt? gate 

of the burnings. 

3 b!^ shade. Tingle. 

7 p2 empty, empty out. Cause to 

9 p!i to press. 

T12D straightness. 

Chapter XX. 3 

2 "^Cn turn or change the condition, 

&c. naDrran the stocks. 

3 ni^ to be afraid of. lllD a shrink- 

ing for fear. 

7 nriD draw aside. HDO seduced, 

7 pTlW to conflict. A derision. 

8 Dvp sport in contempt, deride, 


9 1'^y restrain, stop, shut up. 
v2v3 hold in, refrain. 

10 12 "T murmur, mutter, mi mur- 

V /"^ to be or go on the side. 

11 V^V terrify. 

18 n!!'' to afflict, grieve. p2' affliction, 

Chapter XXI. S3 

13 ]yi2 remain, dwell. 

Chapter XXII. 33 

3 13n 7M do not cause wailing. 
/Tn take away by violence, plunder. 

14 Vlp to rend, cut out. 

112 to measure, mio n'l a large 

nWT2 anoint, rub over, painted. 

^WW Vermillion. 

15 ninn surround or enclose one- 

17 ^1 to run. Tt^^^yo incursion, in- 
19 3nD to drag. 
nbn beyond. 
*7'^3?"1 thy pastors. 
21 Tv7W quiet, easy. m"?TD security. 

24 pn2 pluck oflf. ^2pnM after 

Chaldee form. 
28 3!^37 to afflict, grieve. Therefore, 

an idol. 

30 r\"lV make naked. -iny childless. 




Chapter XXIII. 2D 

9 Finn move tremulously. 

12 p/r\ divide into parts. mp'?pbn 


13 bon to appeal, nbcn folly. 

29 C?''t^D a hammer. dJD to strike, 
pound, &c. 
y^^ burst open, break in pieces. 

32 TfTD overflow. Dm^HE their ex- 

travagancies, debaucheries. 

33 K?t^D loose, leave. 

39 nti?3 looseness. Forget, lend. 

Chapter XXIV. "TD 

1 TT a vessel of a roundish form. 

-n, nn a basket. 
n^lD shut up. "13DO a smith. 
6 D"nn break through or down. 
9 Vi move, agitate, nynb for an 


Chapter XXV. HD 

16 I2?^:i to shake. In Hithp. to totter, 
bn to move quickly. bbTf in Hithp. 
mad, foolish rage. 

23 V^P '^"^ through and through. 
n^D '21!?p trimmed on the sides 
(of the head). 
27 Wp to vomit. V spue. 
29 Tlp'2 clear, clear away. 
SO TllTl send or thrust forth. ITTI 
loud shouting as of men treading 
34 t^bS Hithp. roll oneself. 
D3**n"l!^15n your dispersions. 
"I^IS magnificent, glorious. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

2 'S'^^ subtract, withhold. 

8 tt7Dn lay hold on, catch. 
18 "^37 a hillock, a heap. 

Chapter XXVII- TD 

2 10'^ restraint. miDID bands or 

t^D to slide or slip. mtDD the 
cross-bar or slider of a yoke. 

9 P]WD discover. D^D'OD en- 

chanters, sorcerers. 
18 V2^ meet with, entreat. 

20 nn white or pale. D^n nobles, 
from white robes. 

Chapter XXIX. tOD 

24 'ttbriDn the dreamer. 

26 V^W distracted, mad. W\OQ. 
p2!^ confining. py^Tf the dungeon. 

27 "^37!! restrain, rebuke. 

"^Qv according to the measure of, 
according to. 

Chapter XXX. b 

6 pT* cast out something moist. 
my paleness (as of mildewed 
10 l^pW quietness, quiet. 

pStt? to be at ease or in profound 
13 "nT press out, squeeze, mra^ to 

dress the wound. 
17 DWt27 spoil or plunder. A spoiler. 
"THS long. HDnx health. 




17 rn thrust out. rtuiz an outcast. 

18 vH a heap raised up. rr"?n on her 

own heap. 
23 m^in blow or conflict, stir up. 
-ni:na cutting. 

Chapter XXXI. wb 

5 l^^n they shall be common. 

12 DST faint, languish, be sorrowful. 

mNT sorrow. 

15 n3 to lament. '>m lamentation. 

18 TID to condole or bemoan. 

19 pDD smite, strike or clap. 

20 VWVW to delight. 

21 n!2'' and 223 to stand, set up. 

"1 15 sharp pointed. D'rs signs or 

Itin a palm-tree. nmnDH liigli 

22 pl^n turn aside. 

29 1D2 sour, unripe grape. 
TlUp to be blunt. 

35 ^3") still or stop. 

36 tCID withdraw, depart. 

37 "^pn search out. 

40 inD exhausted or faint. A dead 
niW a field. 

Chapter XXXII. ^^ 
2 "1103 to keep. miDan the prison. 

Chapter XXXIII. 3^ 
4 V vD cast up a road. 7i))D a 

6 inV abundance accompanied with 
sweetness, mm abundance. 

15 n^!i spring up, bud, or grow. 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

8 "Tni liberty. 

16 tt?D3 breathe, respire. \rc: desire 


Chapter XXXV. nb 

2 nDtt?V a chamber. An open 

5 3?23 conicalness. D^r23 goblets. 

Chapter XXXVI. lb 

6 D!5 empty, thin. CIS a fast, fasting. 

7 bD3 to fall. 

pn very gracious, n^nn suppli- 

v73 to roll over and over. rr'?2Q 
a roll (of a book). 

18 iT^T blackness, darkness. Vi ink. 

20 "TpS visit. In Hiph. to place in 

22 nriM to join, connect. nx a 

hearth, or a brasier, or portable 
machine to keep fuel together 
for burning. 

23 lVr\ divide, cut. A penknife. 

Chapter XXXVII. tb 

10 Ipl stab, pierce. D^plC wounded 

12 p /H to receive a portion 

16 n3n to fix, settle. nv:nn cells. 

Chapter XXXVIII. nb 

7 C^ID an Ethiopian. 

1 1 TV/'D. worn out with age and use. 

^^bl old. 
inO drag, mnno rags, 
n /X3 to dissolve. Dissolution of 

cohesion, or rottenness. (Rotten 


12 b!5S to place by oneself, nib'2^ 

the armpits. 
14 ins take off, conceal. 
19 3 ST to be troubled, vex. 

22 no in Hiph. to stir, raise, rouse 
^D of a soft body. Soft mud or 

Chapter XXXIX. tab 

10 I}!l gibbosity. d3 husbandmen 
who turn up ridges. 

18 lobtt set free or loose, deliver. 

Chapter XL. D 

1 pT strain off. U'pt or DV^M 

5 mW go in a track, rrm^ an 

allowance of victuals. 

Chapter XLI. S^ 

5 11^ assault oneself. D^TiJniO cut 

Chapter XLII. HD 
18 *jn3 to be poured out. 

n^1D'T 167 

20 Tiyn to err, wander. 

DTimn ye have used deceit. 

Chapter XLIII. ID 

9 t^b to hide, involve. TD^Q a hiding- 
place, a vault. 
"Jib to whiten. p'>n a bricked 
10 "1527 goodly, elegant. "TnDtt) a 

pavilion, a grand tent. 
12 ntD37 involution. Wrap over. 

Chapter XLIV. 1 

10 KDT broken, humbled. 
19 *>13?bn without, except. n2?!?3D 
from bl not, and ir to. 

Chapter XLVI. ID 

3 ]2 sharp-pointed. nD2 shield (a 

large one). 

4 27^3 stop, keep ofF. ym3 a helmet, 
pID to scour or furbish. 

n^*1 to stab. A spear. 
ni3"''nD brigandines, coats of 
mail, mo refractory. 
7 C7iy3 to shake. In llitlip. toss 

9 W^'D Ethiopians. 

^ID Lydians. 
12 nbp levity, yhp vileness, ig- 
ni!^ cry aloud, nms shout. 
15 P|nD swept. In Niph. nrTD3 
swept off. 
PjT!] Hiph. drive or hurry away. 
17 nSl27 lift up, make a noise, ^l^in 
tumult, a noisy pimp. 



20 \^"np move, agitate. Agitation. 

21 pm tie, bind up. pain of the 


22 Dinp a hatchet or axe. 

Chapter XLVII. YD 

3 l^yW to stamp. nn^MJ stamping. 

W^^ to shake. '0^^'0 rushing. 

nD"l to give way, relax. p"'D' 
feebleness, relaxation. 

6 IVn the sheath of a sword. A 

Chapter XLVIIL HD 

6 "12?1"137 a heath. Utterly destitute. 

9 y^ break forth, y'2 plumage, 

M!^3 to fly away. 

11 ^Dli? to keep, onotj the dregs 

or lees. 

12 nV^ to strew, throw down. D*2?s 

the strewers. 

25 "^1^ to break, cut, or cast down. 

26 pED Lxx. to smite or clap the 

28 12^37 to leave, forsake. 

30 "rn to separate, disjoin. Vin his 
limbs, strength. 

32 C?li3 to loose, set loose. n'ttrTDD 

the branches of a vine. 

33 n^ rejoicing. A pleasant noise 

in treading grapes. ITH loud 
shouting, and mrt send forth. 

40 n"T to fly. 

41 m!i to look sideways. nyrs^ 


41 t2?Dn to lay hold on. Niph. taken. 
43 nriD to dig, to cut up. (A pit.) 

Chapter XLIX. t:)J2 

3 tilDtt? to go to and fro repeatedly. 

7 nnD to spread. In Niph. to 
overshoot itself. (Taylor) be- 
come luxuriant. 

10 n^n to hide, mn: hide oneself. 

16 \^7D to tremble. insbDH thy ter- 
I^in a clifl'or covert. Cleft. 

19 3^3*^ to still, quiet. Ti^yM^ in- 

stantly, in an instant. 

20 Sib n surely. 

inO drag, draw by force. 

23 nD to dissolve, melt. :mD. 

24 tOtOT tremble exceedingly. Trem- 

32 nSD ''^^ll^p trimmed on the sides 
(of the headj. 

Chapter L. 3 

2 ^'^V labour, travail. CliJJ^ idols. 

11 nD2? to rob, plunder. ^^ plun- 


15 tTM from ti?'' substance. T^'W^ 


16 721 rotundity of motion or form. 

b^'Q a sickle. 

17 miTQ nt!i? scattered sheep. 
1TD to disperse, scatter. n^D to 

spread, be diffused. 

23 V^^ to break, cut down, off. 
ti7t^D to strike, smite. tO^'iiD the 


24 Wp"^ lay, set, or spread a snare. 




25 *12S to lay up. TSIN armoury; 

26 D3W stuflf with food. rrD3o her 

mi? to be naked. D^n*Ty (as) 

heaps, i. e., of corn, after it is 

29 It to swell, be proud. 
33 pWV to oppress. 
36 12 separate, disjoin. Dna a sort 

of conjurers. 
^N3 to be foolish, mad, distracted. 
38 CS terrible. D^Q'm terrible ones. 

*2 ID propel, shoot. ]T3 a short 

spear, javelin. 
45 DnD to drag, draw by force. 

Chapter LI. S3 

2 pD empty, ppl to make entirely 

4 1p1 to stab, pierce. D")pTO those 

that are stabbed. 

5 D7S to compress. p^ Nb is not 

8 nn^ in Arab, to flow, ns balm. 

11 "in to clear, cleanse. Clean the 

lobtt? to be over for protection. 
D^TDb shields. 

Ut to devise. iniOlO his device. 
DO"! devise thoroughly. 

13 5?!Ji to break, cut off. Covetous- 

ness, gain. 

14 pv to lick, py the chafer, the 


16 M12?3 to bear, lift up. D'w: 


17 IVD, to clear off, take clean away. 

23 brutish. 

20 ^2Q break with a noise. yora 
a maul, any instrument of 

23 no expand, extend, mno the go- 
vernors, D'32D1 and princes. 

]nD to be great. D'jjd great men, 
princes, nobles. 
27 "iDDtD Chald. a captain, com- 
mander, from DDtD to make quiet. 

"1X30 rough. noD p!?0 as the rough 

30 ntt73 to be relaxed, to fail. 

31 Y"l to run. A post, a runner. 

32 l2?Dn lay hold on, catch. Seized. 

D3 full. D>03M bulrushes, reeds, or 
collections of water. 

'7*n to go forward. TOmn cause to 
be trodden, to tread. 
34 DX2n disturb, discomfort exceed- 

2!^"^ to place or set in a certain 

Wn^ to contract. The belly. 

]1V pleasure, delight. >:iyD my 
dainties, delights. 
36 *1p to spring up. ^^pn a spring or 

38 1^ to sojourn. y\y a whelp, a cub. 

p3M moan or groan. 
58 ni3? naked. ys>Tr to be laid in 
F)3?'' dissolve. To be tired, spent. 
64 Vp^ sink, subside. . 

Chapter LII. 23 

3 IID resist, rebel. 

4 pT to beat small, pn a fort, a 

wall of circumvallation. 
16 n^ gibbosity. D>aa> husbandmen. 



18 ID to decline. T\)^D pots, kettles. 
"Ittt to cut off. niinra snuffers, 
pit to sprinkle. DpITD basons. 
?|D concave, hollow. D'CD bowls. 

19 nnn keep fire alive. ninno 

censers, the fire-pans. 
rTp3 to clear, clear away. nvp20 
broad shallow bowls or dishes. 

21 ten to fasten together. loin a 
2D to turn. Compass, 
n237 to be thick, gross. 

21 rsin: hoiiow. 

22 lil^ to enclose. nnn5 a chapiter 

or circular crown. 

^ntt? to complicate, nami) net 

23 nni"n on the void or open space, 

i. e., on the meshes of the net- 
S2!J to assemble, muster. N2:?nrr. 

34 mS to go in a track. TTmti a 
customary settled allowance, or 
meal of victuals. 


Chapter I. M 

1 HMT to see. m"iD the visions. 

4 'IVO to be turbulent, tempestuous, 
npb to take. nnp'jnD infold 


nilD to be bright. 

bDt27n mixed metal of gold and 
copper; from TO copper, and 
bbra gold (Chald). Hkixr^ot. 

5 H2V to affect. ;'2^ reflected light, 

^"D the sole. 

n23 to shoot. D'S2?3 sparkling. 
V /p to be exceeding vile, bbp to 

I'^aD "n^l? "hV upon the passage, 

i. e., the plane of its front. 


1 1 TiD divide, separate. 

13 pT2 to disperse. A flash of light- 

16 t27^tt7-)n beryl. 

18 1221 gibbous. a>i: naves or felloes 
of a wheel, rings. 

22 mpn crystal. 

Chapter II. !3 

6 ^HD to burn, scorch, 

0*^31 vD briers, thorns. 
D^'Hllp^? scorpions. 





8 n^D to open, let loose. 

10 Tiyn murmur, mutter, moaning. 

Chapter III. 21 

7 n!:)3 forehead. 

9 Itttt? to keep. yaiD adamant, 


13 pW run, move forwards. mp^MJD. 

17 ITlt to shine, enlighten, instruct 
clearly, nmmrr or warn. 

22 Vp2 to separate contiguous parts. 
7isp2 a gill, a break between 

25 n'HV to twine. D'mi cords. 

26 "^n scratch, rub, &c. Palate, roof 

of the mouth. 
ny^ to reprove. n*3iD a reprover. 

Chapter IV. 1 

1 pn describe, delineate. 

2 ID to be round. Dn3 battering- 


3 ron Arab, flat, plain, nnno a 

flat plate, not pan. 

7 P)tt?n strip, made bare. 

9 nbS separate. biD a bean. 

Q'^t2?'T2? lentiles (a kind of pulse). 

Uni to drive, impel. ]rn millet. 

CDD to have long hair. D't3D3 
zea, spelt. 

11 Itt? to regulate. rrrOQ a measure. 

12 23? to bake upon. m32) cakes. 

14 b^^ pollute, defile. 

15 ^D2 to cast forth with violence. 

'3?1C3 excrements. 

16 nSl to be troubled. Trouble. 

Chapter V. 

1 in penetrate, sharp, mn a sharp 
dr^M a barber. 

Chapter VI. 1 

3 pDN put a force upon, constrain. 

D'p"'2 torrents. 
nS!l to increase, rise. mN^a 

4 on to be hot. D^:?3n images, sun- 


5 Dtt?*^ to place, set, as C*i?. And 

in Niph. desolate. 
Dtt?N to be guilty. To be treated 
as guilty. 
9 ^p to loathe, nauseate, be dis- 
gusted at. 

10 C3n without cause, gratuitously, 

for nothing. 

11 Vp^ expansion. To stamp (with 

the foot). 

Chapter VII. T 

4 nOn to take shelter, or to give 

shelter, to hope, trust. 
7 "HQi^ to move quickly. m^D!?n it 

is pushing or hurrying along. 
niTl to send forth, in sound 

(the joyful sound). 

10 y^ break forth or blossom. 

*lt to swell, yiii pride, arrogance. 

11 D^n to cast off' or away. Violence. 
nn3 to lament, bewail. 

14 riprQ ^Vpn blow with the 

18 V^D tremble. 

19 13 to remove, mo an abomina- 




20 Dv!^ to figure, delineate. An 

22 1D!J to hide, conceal. A secret 

^"1Q break out or through. D'sno 

23 pm swathe, gird round, pim a 


25 TDp hasten, hurry along, Ttiiip 

haste, hurry, 

26 mn to be. An oppressing 


Chapter VIIT. n 

2 "nnt to shine, be clear. Brightness. 

3 n33 to build. n'22n a form, pat- 

tern, model. 
D3D and n"'D''3Q within, inner, 

bSJD a figure, image, equal to 

mWM blessed. 
M3p eat into, corrode. Provoke 

to. n2pQn nM3pn inflameth to 


7 "nn a white or pale colour, in a 


8 "nnn to dig, dig downwards. 

1 1 ItOp to fumigate, mtipn a censer. 
in^ expand, dilate. Expansion, 


12 riDtt? Arab, like, resemble. in3WD 

imagery, sculpture. 
14 t'lDn Tammuz. Dn and TO heat. 

16 D7N to compress. d'?"im an arch, 


17 rihp levity, lightness, "jpa to be 

IDT cut ofT. rmmn the branch. 


Chapter IX. 10 

2 \^D3 to dissipate. 

\^DD an instrument of breaking 

in pieces, 
nop an inkhorn. A scribe's 


3 ^nC stir, move. pDn tlie thresh- 


4 rrin to mark, in a mark. 
n3M sigh, groan. 

p3M groan. 

9 nTD3 to stretch, decline. noD 

Chapter X. " 

2 ]^ to divide, nirs the parts 

between the intervals. 

Tl^n to cover. a'3Dn the two 

5 ill^n to part, p'n outer. 

12 ^3 gibbosity. nniJ their backs. 

Chapter XL S> 

3 ID to decline. TDn a pot, a kettle. 
15 bwn vindicate, ^nb^ thy kindred. 
24 v3 rotundity of motion or form, 

nbl^n the captivity. 

Chapter XTI. D' 

3 n 73 to remove. 

nbD totality. '^S utensil, instru- 
ment, furniture. Anything pre- 
pared for the use of man. 

6 Vy^V to be gross, rm'j^ the dusk 

of the evening. 
10 Stt?D bear, take or lift up. w'lOJ 
a prince. 


13 rW"^ a net. 

m!^ look sideways. mi^O a 
narrow pass. 

14 ?]^3 hit, strike. "Q3 the bodies or 

corps of an army. 

18 nn motion. m;i trembling. 
24 pbn smooth. Flattering. 
"712?^ draw out. Protract. 

Chapter XIII. n"* 

4 7272? hollow. D^"?!? foxes. 
i*nn waste, mnn desolate places. 

5 ^^12 break through. msiD 


6 7n*^ remain, abide, expect. 
9 3nD mark, engrave, write. 

10 n57l2 err. 

71'^r\ to part, y^n a slight wall, 
the outer wall of a house. 

nti overlay, overspread, daub 

vDt5 crude. Untempered mortar. 

11 l&D^ shave off. XO^aJb^ large hail- 


18 IDn to fasten or join together. 
nD2 gibbous. mriD3 small 


bl^S to set apart. ''b"2^ the arm- 

'n^'D join, unite. mrrDDD close 

Dp to arise, rise, nmp stature, 

"n!2 hunt repeatedly, frequently, 


19 b37t2? hollow. The hollow of the 

hand, handfuls. 
!IT3 to fail; so to lie. 



20 mo to break forth. mmo 

22 rrSID bruise. Hiph, break, afflict. 

Chapter XIV. T 

9 TirV!^ draw aside, withdraw. En- 
tice to evil, or seduce. 

10 ni^? turn out of its proper situa- 
tion. p2? perverseness, iniquity, 

Chapter XV. ItD 

3 "|S V to send, serve. n^^Vn work, 


n vH to hand, suspend. 

4 Hv!^ pass on, advance. With b 

following, profitable or good for. 

5 on finish. D^an very perfect. 

8 v3?Q to decline, go aside. Tres- 

Chapter XVI. TID 

3 mD cut off. 'i-nao instruments 

of cutting. 

4 *1ti7 regulate. (The navel string.) 

\^n"1 wash, cleanse the surface. 

rii^D to stroke in wiping. 'yc'O^ 
for a wiping to me. 

^Ty'n swathe, swaddle. Swaddling 

5 v5?i2 cast away. To the loathing 

(tDD3 in thy natural filth). 

6 D2 trample upon. DDl the repe- 

tition of the action. 

7 nX32 to spring. A sprout, shoot, 





7 TIIV to pass over or upon. D'ny 

9 ^t^W cover with water, wash by 


10 Dpi variety of colour, nopl em- 

broidery, brocade. 
ti?nn azure. Badgers' skins, 

D2n to bind round or about, 

HWT2 draw out or forth, 'd silk, 

formerly rendered fine. 

11 Tm wreathe. Tm a chain. 

12 72137 round. D"'V'3y rings. 

1103? encompass, m^jy a crown 
or fillet. 

16 S7ID spot with large spots. mM^"E 


17 IMS adorn. mscn ornament, 

25 p2?D distend, open. 
27 ^m abate, diminish. 
30 bj2M languish, weak. rf?DM weak. 
u7W to be over, n^^ imperious, 
SI Dvp to sport in contempt, deride. 
]n3 to give. ]3nM a gift, reward. 

P)N3 to satiate one's thirst by drink- 
ing. To commit adultery. 

33 ^^ move, remove. rn3 the retiring 

fee. '313 prices to an adulterer 
by his mistress. 

34 *7nt2? make a present, bribe. 

"72n turn the condition. The 
contrary, inverse. 
36 I2?n3 view attentively, ywnz thy 
poisonous filth. 

39 l2ti?D divest, strip off. 

40 \)n'^ cut in pieces. 
42 ^OplJ? to be quiet. 


43 Tm motion, commotion, agitation. 
Sn behold, lo. 
47 iDp to loathe, be disgusted at. 
49 Vibw to be quiet, secure, rvrxo 

security, quietness. 
55 ]nX2"Tp7 to their former estates. 
57 ^i^W despise, insult. 

Chapter XVII. T> 

2 ^^ penetrate. HTn Tin propose 

an enigma. 

3 I^M strong. The wing or pinion 

of a bird. 
n23 shoot forth, nsis plumage. 

Dpi variety of colour. mopn 
variety of colour in an eagle's 

1D!i weak, languid. niDS the 
top or leading shoot of the cedar. 

4 py^ to suck. DTnp'3' young twigs. 
F)lDp crop, pluck off. 

^D1 to trade, traffic. 

5 nD3^ overspread, watch. nDSDS 

very circumspectly. 

6 mo spread out. 

n vT draw out. nr'^i branches. 
"T^ separate. Dm branches. 
1SS adorn. mND a bough or 

7 2137 stretch out. m^nro a bed or 

plat where vines grow. 

8 ^133? to shoot. A shoot, a bough, 

nS magnificent, glorious. rm. 

9 DDp to cut or pluck offl 

PjllS tear or pluck off". D"i:q shoots 
or twigs plucked off". 


9 W^^ dry up, wither. 
15 iDvO set free or loose. Deliver, 

21 m^ to flee, i. e., to pass from 

place to place. miD fleeing 
PjH^ hit, strike against. 'Djn the 
bodies or corps of an army. 

22 bn elevation, ^^n great elevation, 


Chapter XVI 1 1, n** 

2 "^DIS to reject. An unripe grape, 
nnp to blunt, set on edge. 

6 "TD move, remove, m: monstrous. 

7 7Dn to bind by a pledge, nban 

a pledge. 
2n to be bound, nn a debtor. 

vU take away by violence, plunder. 

T^^y violence. 
10 \^"1D break out or through. y>nD 

a robber. 
25 Ipn direct, regulate. 

Chapter XIX. !:)'> 

1 ^p lament, wail, n^p a lamenta- 


2 Si V to milk out the beestings. 

N'a^ a lioness, or first milk, 
IDD to cover. DnD3 young lions. 
"lU to sojourn, iij a whelp, in- 
ferior to 103. 
4 nntt? corrupt, mar. mTO a trap, 
a snare. 

nn catch, as with a hook. D^nn a 
clenched ring of iron. 
7 CbH to compress. n"i:Q!?N vaulted 
porticoes or palaces. 



8 ^IT to direct, rule. .iriD a province. 
12 p")D break in pieces. 

Chapter XX. 2 

6 *in go round or about. Tnn search 

26 ^n3 to give. DmsriD their gifts. 

27 ^1^ reproach, revile, defy. 

37 10'^ restrain. noiO , niDO bands. 

38 1^ clear, cleanse, purify. TTna. 
40 W~\1 inquire, require. 

43 iSp loathe, nauseate. 

Chapter XXI. S3 

2 ?)tS!3 distil, drop down, fmn drop. 
Dim the South. 

3 2n7 to flame, nan^ a flame. 

mn'jTD a raging flame. 
Sn^J to burn. 

14 If] penetrate, sharp. mmn 

l3"nD smooth. Furbish, burnish, 
rub bright. 

15 pli^ lighten, glitter, pia a glitter. 
17 "1^X2 throw or cast down. omJD. 

pDD smite, strike. 

1 9 ^DD double or repeat. 

Iin surround, mirrrr entering 
into the secret chambers. 

20 n^M . nmM noise, noisy rebuke, 

ntD57 involution, rroro wrapped 

up or covered, as a sword. 
24 Sn^ create, prepare (Cocceius). 
26 ^ly^p move very swiftly or lightly. 
31 r)D!^ turn or roll round. nD2:?a 

the turban. 



32 mV turn out of its proper situa- 
tion. Perverted. 

35 IVn divide, cut. -c?n the sheath. 

36 nD3 breathe, blow. 

Chapter XXII. DD 

4 D vp to sport in contempt, deride. 

Sport, a derision. 

5 nS2n multitude, turbulency. nDirra 

disturbance, confusion. 
7 nS'* press, squeeze, oppress. i:in. 

9 ^DT trade, traffic. ^'31 a busy- 
body, a tale-bearer, 

18 2D recede. I'D dross. aiD. 
"13 round. 113 a furnace. 

20 "7^13 to be poured out. yn2 fuse, 


21 D!t3 gather, collect, or heap to- 

24) intD pure, clean, clear. imOQ 

25 ^Dn to be strong, prt treasure. 

Chapter XXIII. 25 

3 "7^^ compress, squeeze, crush. 
TT the breasts or paps (of a 

5 Dn^ to be set or joined. To dote 


6 pD a great man. A noble. 

12 bblJ complete entirely. ^lb3D a 
long loose robe, a surtout. 

14 pn describe, npna a delineation, 

a portraiture. 

15 "HTM surround. "iTi a girdle. 

mo spread, stretch out. 'm"iD 
stretching out to a great size. 


15 v!2t2 dip, tinge, or dye with a 

certain colour. Dyed attire. 
17 2?p'' strain. (Niph. alienated) rpn. 

20 D"1t pour forth. A copious flux or 

24 )'2n a warlike chariot, probably 
armed with scythes. 331. 

32 pn!J laugh, make sport. 

vD to hold. b'Sn to hold, contain. 

33 TIT' to afflict, pa' sorrow. 

34 Dia to break. 

40 '-^'^TV bn3 beautify the eyes or 

42 btt? to loose, to be at ease, at 


43 n v!!2 waste, consume (old). 

46 ni!? or n^!J commotion, my^ 

a removal. 

47 S'ni!! to concrete, create. Clear 

away, from Til. 

Chapter XXIV. ID 

2 *7?DD support, press hard. 

3 riDC? to order, dispose. 

4 nn3 cut in pieces, slice, piece. 


5 Tn heap fuel on the fire. IIT 

to go round about, mno a round 
pile for fire. 

nm boil. 

6 nnSvn scum, diseases. 

7 nn!^ to be bare. H'n:? the top 

therefore bare. 

10 pbl pursue hotly. To kindle 

Tl\^'^ to compound spices, to season. 
nnpnn perfume. 

11 "^riD pour out, inflame, melt. 


12 mS desire, covet. D':Nn lies or 

14 37*^2 throw off, restrain. 
17 p3S to cry out in distress, to sigh, 
sob, groan. 
"ISD adorn. An ornament, tire, 

or bonnet. 
tCinn to bind. 
nt^3? cover. 
DCt& the upper lip. 
21 b^n to spare, pity. bniTO the pity. 

23 pID putrefy or corrupt, waste, pine 
away. pr32. 
HDn troubled, disquieted. 

Chapter XXV. TID 

4 mtO a row or a regular series. 

m^TQ a palace or castle. 

6 NHQ to clap the hands. 
l>pn spread out, stamp. 

12S27 despise, insult. Contempt. 

7 IQ meat, spoil. 

17 HD"^ to reason with reproof. 
mnain rebukes. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

5 ni^tt? spread abroad. rttoiDD a 

place for spreading, 
mn total separation. D^oin nets. 

9 nniD to wipe, "nn a warlike 

^Dp receive, accept. ^ip before, 

in the presence of. 
mn to waste, vmnm his axes, 

a pick- axe. 

10 j?Dti7 flow together. nrDlDQ in- 

bNpTn"^ 177 

10 ypll to cleave, split. Broken up. 

1 1 ni^*^ to set, settle. n32Q a military 


12 73^ traffic. n'?3"i merchandise. 

15 bsa to fall. -|nbDD thy fall. 

p3S to moan or groan. p2 crying 

^N to settle. (Chald. p.) D" 

a settlement, habitation, border 

(of the sea). 

16 Tnn move with quickness. mTVr 

21 HvH to wear away. mrr?a wast- 
ings, destruction. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

5 ^nn fix firmly. The mast. 

6 niOtt? to decline. 'OTOO an oar. 

D'TD'Cn rowers. 
W^p to fasten together. A board 
or plank so fastened, a bench, 

7 tZnO spread out. imDn somewhat 

expanded or stretched out. 
D3 a quick, wavering motion. A 

8 b^n to bind. D^'jin ropemen, 

sailors employed in handling 

9 p'lS a breach, a fissure, a chink. 
nbD salt. D'n"7Q sailors. Salt- 

I^IV to mix, engage with one 
another in trade. ai2^a mer- 

10 DID Persia. 

11 "TD3 contracted. onna Gam- 


12 pn goods, substance. 

nT37 to leave. 'Jiaw market-places, 




15 2n dark coloured, black. D*mn 

ebony, remarkable for its glossy 
1307 to satisfy. "li^U^ a compen- 
sative present. 

16 "7^3 emerald. 

yD. softness, smoothness. yi3 

byssus, cotton. 
DS~) to be elevated, mn^^i coral. 

ID propel, dart forth. 1313 the 
pyropus, agate. 

18 "in2 white. 

19 btM to go away, or "jii^ra Meuzal, 

going to and fro. 
*Tp to cut. mp cassia. r(2p sweet- 
scented cane. 

24 bbD complete, entirely. D''?'?3Q a 

long loose robe. 

0721 wrap together. '"C^by cloaks. 
t33 treasure up. 'w: chests. 

DID twisted closely together. D'^mil 
sumptuous vestment, rich ap- 

C7Dn to bind round. 

25 1W to regulate, 'riTTO ladies of 

trade, principal traders. 

30 J2?bD Hithp. roll oneself. 

31 mp smooth. mp the bald part 

of the head, generally nmp. 

Chapter XXVIII. HD 

3 DD3? hide, conceal. 

DHD stop up. Dino something 

7 V"^^ agitate, shake violently. 
niJn terrible. 

^Q"^ to irradiate, nys' splendour, 

12 I'D machinate. n^33n the form or 

15 Hhy to ascend. nnbl2? oppression. 
24 pbO a kind of thorn. A thorn, 

a prickle. 
1MD to rankle. TQD causing to 

grow sore or rankle. 
y^p to be pricked. A thorn. 

Chapter XXIX. 13D 

4 ntCp stiffness, tough. -|^m2:p^p the 

scales of a fish. 

5 Wt^ to forsake, cast off, leave. 

6 '^VW incline, lean. 

14 n"lD dig, cut out. cnm3D their 

18 ID^D make or wear smooth. 
21 nt2'2 spring, sprout, or shoot up. 

Chapter XXX. b 

2 nil alas ! nvb m alack-a-day ! 

4 nbnbn to be in great pain or 

16 bTin bin violent pain. 

21 bnn swathe, ^inn a swathe, a 

24 pMD to groan. 

Chapter XXXI. b 

3 P]33? to shoot. A shoot, bough, 

Win silent thought. Still. 
"ntt!^ soft, tender. niQ2 the top 

of the cedar. 

4 TlbV to ascend. n'n'?3?n her water 



5 TIQ^ID long branches shooting 

to a distance ; from ID to de- 
cline, and ?]2? move to and fro. 

6 P\VD split, divide. vnD2?D his 

8 lODV to be naked. D^omS- plane- 
trees, from the bark peeling off. 

12 pD3 bring forth, nym streams 
(of water). 

14 nnn under, minn lower parts. 

15 lip to be dark ; so to moan, 
rjb^ cover over, ncbr faint. 

Chapter XXXII. dh 

2 n^ break, burst, or thrust forth. 
n^T trouble or disturb (waters). 
W^l to foul or make muddy. 

3 C?nD spread out or abroad. 

4 27t^3 loose, let go, leave 
b^ cast forth. 

6 712!^ overspread, "[nc^ thy over- 


7 n!2!D extinguish, put out. imnsi 

when thou art extinguished. 
10 P)D37 vibrate, brandish. 'DCm 
when I brandish. 

13 rhl trouble or disturb (waters). 

14 37pti? sink, subside. TpV. 
16 nn3 lament, bewail. 

19 0^3 pleasant. 

30 "JD overspread, smear over. ''3'D3 
anointed princes. 

Chapter XXXIII. ^b 

30 inM nS 1M one with another. 
81 ISn^ to be set or joined upon 



(another) as in strict love. An 
organ. Pipes set close together. 

32 pD to play on an instrument. A 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

4 TOTl . m^rorr the diseased. 
"^"HD break. Violence, force, 


6 n!SK? expatiate, luxuriate, run 
1 1 Ip^ look upon or for, seek. 
18 37 pt2? subside, yp^n clear. 
W^l to foul, make muddy. 

20 n-Q to feed. n>-il fed, well-fed. 
nn lean. 

21 rjin thrust, push. 

29 ?]DS gather. Take off, destroy. 

Chapter XXXV. Tlh 

5 iy2 spread out or abroad, pour 

out, shed. i:in. 

13 inV expand, diffuse. 

Chapter XXXVI. lb 

3 r|Str sup in, swallow up. 

*7"*ni^M3 thy contumelies. 

^HT murmur, grumble, nit evil 

8 r|25? shoot forth branches. 

25 pit sprinkle, disperse. 

30 D3 put forth, bud. miJH increase. 

31 t^Jp to loathe. 

35 bn these. ^^ turn aside, depart. 


Chapter XXXVII. tb 

6 Dip superinduce, cover over with, 

bring over. 
9 nQ*' breathe, blow. 
1 1 nn divide, cut off, or in two. 
16 n^n conjoin. An associate, a 

Chapter XXXVIII. nb 

2 rQ to expand. 

4 bbD to complete entirely. W3D 

a long loose robe. 
6 Pp^ hit against. 'DaM the bodies 

or corps of an army. 

8 ^'D.W turn backward. Bring 


9 nN27 to be confounded. nww 


1 1 T"1D disperse. mnD open villages. 
tOptt? to be quiet, at rest. 

12 nSlD height or rising. mntD the 

20 ^IT proceed gradually, namo a 
precipice, a steep place, a lofty 

Chapter XXXIX. 


2 Kt&tt? leave a sixth part Vulgate, 

to lead. 
4 1^37 move, remove. TD'^ rapacious. 
9 pt273 to clash, kiss, cause to crackle. 

Armour, arms. 

myi to stab. A spear. 
1 1 Don shut up, obstruct. 
14 "Ipn search minutely or exactly. 


15 'I^ dryness, iv::? a heap. 
28 D3D gather, collect. 

Chapter XL. tt 

2 nyiL to build. n:iQ a frame or 

5 HDI^ spread out. A palm's breadth. 

7 nSn to limit, bound. n a 

chamber or room bounded by 
nbS interpose. 

8 b'^S a small turret. 
DbW a porch or arch. 

15 pnSTI the entrance. 

16 DIDM shut, close, stop. 

17 n3ti7b a chamber or open place. 
P|!$"1 strew or spread. rrDST a 

38 nm drive, impel. Thrust into 

43 nCtt? to put or set in order. DTiDtt) 

the two stones upon a hearth to 

support a pot. 

Chapter XLI. SX3 

5 3?b!^ a side. A side chamber. 

7 D^D to turn about. niD: cause, 

bringing about, winding about. 

8 nb'^^^S great. 

12 "in cut off. mw a separate place. 

15 p*)n^ and p'^HM a gallery, from 

pn:. nvin galleries. 

16 ?)ntt7 lean, slender. Fj^nic the 

ceiling or slender planks of 
22 yEp cut off, extremity. yspO 
corner or end. 

Chapter XLII. Stt 

12 n^'^i'n . 

Chapter XLIII. ^D 

7 13D exhausted, faint. A dead 

9 pm to be or put far off or away. 

]D to prepare. n'3Dn pattern, 

11 12'' to frame, form. miU form. 

13 Pnt a span. The half or one- 

third of a cubit. 

^21 gibbous. A back. 

14 l^y help. mi2 the settle or ira- 

benching of the altar. 

15 bS"inn the mount of God. 

^''M*nNrTD the interposing light. 
An emblematic name of the 
hearth of the altar. 

27 nsbn beyond, farther. 

n2i*n to take pleasure in. Here 

Chapter XLIV. "Ttt 

18 Vyi or TlVt commotion, rr caus- 
ing sweat. 

26 yns throw off. (Locks of hair.) 

30 my . mo'ny masses of dough. 

b^prn** 181 

Chapter XLV. HD 

1 nbQ separate, q. D^b^DHa. 

11 ^Dn adjust with accuracy. n33no 
proportion or adjustment. 

15 pWT2l move to and fro. npttJQ fat 
pastures, breeding, spreading. 
nriD , TID , WnS , sUly, simple. 

Chapter XLVI. ID 

9 n3D straight, directly over against. 
14 UDI temper or moisten. 
17 Tim freedom. 

21 37^P scrape off the extremity. 

]l!?pQ corner. 

22 *1lOp fumigate. rm!Dp joined or 

made with chimneys, "in, mc, 
TD a row. 

Chapter XLVII. tD 

2 nSD trickle or run out. 

3 DSStofail. An extremity. Ancles. 
5 nntt? to swim. 

8 bb^l to roll, n!?''?^ circuit of a 
country, border, or coast. 

10 Sn to multiply. D'aiT fishermen. 
nti^W spread abroad, ntiira a 

place for spreading. 

1 1 nn gibbous. 13 marshes. 

12 "IDH to bring forth first fruits. 
SS"! to heal, nsinn medicine. 

13 n^ put for m this. 



Chapter I. M 

2 bn to make a hole, n'jnn the 

8 bZ2!l retribution or return. Wean a 


Chapter II. U 

5 D!i^ to place or leave in a certain 

7 *1):2!^ weak, languid. Wool. 

8 "^W to stop, assuage. Fence, 

niS'^na a path, a pathway. 

1 1 b!^2 take away. Eripere, deliver. 

12 b23 fall or flow down, nbia vile- 

ness, abomination. 

1 5 CT3 connected closely with a clasp. 

A nose or ear-ring. 

nbn to be faint, 'bn an ornament 
curiously wrought. 

16 nriQ draw aside. nD' to entice, 


17 tl^V to act upon, affect. To sing. 

21 tt?'^M betroth, espouse. 

IVn succulent abundance. Swel- 
ling, abundant kindness; ex- 
uberant bounty. 

Chapter III. 2 

1 IT^^ fire. ' substance, 
earthen jars, flagons. 


1 ^33? connecting. A grape. Wine. 

2 rrn^ to dig, cut, penetrate, from 

-iDrr to know again. Buy. Owned, 

*^nb half a homer or cor. 

4 !i!$'^ to settle, place firmly. niSQ 

a standing pillar. 

5 inp to shake, fear, reverence. 

Chapter IV. 1 

3 ?]DN gather in, withdraw, take 


6 DSD reject with contempt, kdndm. 

7 "HD"^ change, exchange. 

nbp levity. bpn divination by 

13 ^^b to whiten, mib the white 


14 iDnb to fall, tumble. Supplanted, 

tripped up. 

15 Dtt7 guilty. 

16 ID decline. inD turn aside. miD 


17 323? labour, travail. An idol or 

idolatrous image. 

18 MiD drink hard. Strong drink. 

ID turn, decline. Gone off, 

nn*' to give, supply. 


18 p to protect. pQ a protector. 

19 T1!J bind up closely. 

Chapter V. H 

1 ^Wp to incline (as the ear), 

hearken, attend. 

2 p'DV deepness, profundity. Deep, 

plunged deep. 
niiti? to decline, turn aside. D'rittJ 

"^nW to drain, shed blood. 

3 irtD to take off or away. Niph. 

6 ybn to loose, disengage, with- 

8 ")!^n to surround. m!?2n a 

n3!2WD that which shall surely be. 

9 ^?2M steadiness, stability. 

10 2DD recede, retire, go back. 'yD05 
as those who remove. 

12 WV to consume, destroy. A 

Dp"l to rot. Rottenness. 

13 "1TD corrupt or rotten A wound, 
nn to repair, ma heal entirely, 

make a complete cure. 

14 bntt? dark- coloured. A black 


Chapter VI. 1 

1 Wnn to bind. 

3 Wph to crop, cut off. p^ the 
harvest rain. 
TTT^ to direct, mv the former 

DStt? readiness, forwardness. 



6 \^Dn incline to, delight in. 

8 Dp2? the end. To supplant, ^3p3^ 

deceit, supplantation. 

9 H^n to wait, tarry. 

1^ to assault, attack. Dmi3 a 
troop of robbers or soldiers. 

10 lyW. TUrySf'ii horrible wicked- 

Chapter VII. T 

1 iDtt^D to divest. Pillage. 

4 nDN to heat through, nc^n a 


tt?b to knead. pj?a I'jo having 
kneaded the dough. 

p!^S to be made soft by moisten- 
ing. (Dough.) 
\^^n leavened, i. e., fermented. 

5 "^triS to draw, stretch forth. 

y2y to scoff or mock repeatedly 
or continually. Great scorners. 

1 vnn they have made sick. 

8 v7^ mix very much, confound. 

y^ bake upon or under the coals. 
r\ys a cake. 

9 ntH? to turn. n2"0 grey hairs, 


U 71 n^ to withdraw. nniD silly. 

HD^ to press. n:v a pigeon, a 

12 ID** to restrain, discipline. 

13 T*T3 remove quickly, hasten, flee. 
HTD to fail, in a moral sense, to lie. 

14 inn to sojourn continually. 

16 D!S7T to be indignant. oriD rage, 





Chapter VIII. H 

1 "in to scratch, rub. The palate 
or roof of the mouth. 

3 nST to cast off. 

5 npD innocent. (To be clear.) ]'p2 

cleanness, innocence. 

6 ^^W turn backward. D'naw 

flames, the blast of ignited air 
returned from the fire. 

7 m^'2 to spring. The bud sprout. 
m!^p meal. 

9 S*1S to run wild. A wild ass. 
10 bn^ remain, abide, n^ faint, j 

sick, sorrowful. 
13 Sn"' to give, ^nmn my continual 

offerings. Sacrifices ofiered one 

upon another. 

Chapter IX. D 

1 73 circularity of motion. !ra ex- 
ultation, for joy. 

4 D''31S strength. 

6 P)D (the proper name) Memphis. 
WT^p agitation, wiop nettles. 

7 ^2tt? to be distracted, mad. yjo. 
DIDI!? to bear malice against. 

rratQiDD hatred. 

8 U?jT to lay, set, or spread, as a 

snare. WV a snare, a net. 
nS to expand, spread out. 

10 1T3 to separate. 

11 F)QV to fly swiftly. Hithp. fly 

away swiftly. 

13 ni2 Tyre. 
hr\W to plant. 

m3 to dwell in a settled habitation* 

14 pD15 to be dry. 

16 Wy^ to dry up. 

17 "n3 move quickly. Outcasts. 

Chapter X. '' 

1 pp'2 entirely empty, empty. 

Abounding in branches. 

2 pbn smooth, divide in an equal 

f\iy to distil. Batter down. 

4 Dbn Arab, to break in pieces. 

A furrow. 

5 ^l!!*^ shrink for fear. 

"IDD convolve, contract. DnM 
certain officers in idolatrous 

6 C73 to flag. TOWa shame. 

7 ^!2p to foam, froth. 

10 Dna"^^ furrows. 

11 tt?"r to thrash. 

Win silent attention. To plough. 
Tfti? to break to pieces the clods 
of ploughed ground. 

12 ''D v37 or ''Ob according to. 

"12 to split, separate. T2 to plough. 
N. a ploughing. 

13 TlhV . nn'Jiy oppression, iniquity, 


14 CSp Chald. for Dip to arise. 
pStt? a tumult, noisy pomp. 
WV^I to dash, be dashed. 

15 nD13 . nma utterly reduced to 


Chapter XI. N" 

3 73*1 to smite, strike. Tibain my 
footing, my going on foot. 


4 bun to bind. A cord. 
n^V to twine. A rope, 
m to be lifted, exalted. 'Qnn3 

Hiph. as those that take ofF. 
bSW , bD"* power, ability. b'31 

food, (rather) I prevailed (over 

IDS gently, or by condescension. 


6 bn** to abide. rhn\ 

ID to separate. DHl branches. 

7 Wbn to hang. D'^^l'jn hanging or 

in suspense. 
ntt? to turn, ^mwo at my turning 
from them. 

8 ptt pour forth, lavish. 

nn3 change (of mind), nin: re- 
HDD convolve, roll together. 

Chapter XII. n** 

4 ]1W strength. pM iniquity, strength, 
mii? to be strong, have power. 

5 pn to be very kind. Hithp. sup- 

nDT to remember. The male sex. 
A memorial. 

1 1 HDI equable. (To form an idea 

in the mind.) 

12 bH roundness. A roundish heap, 

a heap. 

13 mtt? pour out or forth. Ground. 



15 lltt to be very bitter. omiDD 
great bitterness. 
tt?IfiD to loose, leave. 

Chapter XIII. ri** 

1 nm to tremble. 

2 pW2 to kiss. 

]D to divide, separate, pin dis- 
cretion, skill. 

3 1"^D turbulent. Driven away. 
mW to lie in wait. ni-in a hole 

or opening. 

5 nsb Arab, thirsty. mn'?n 


6 n^n to feed. n^riQ a pasture. 

8 i:iD shut up. -1130 enclosure or 
integument (of their heart), their 
yp'D. to cleave, tear in pieces. 
10 nSD a side. 1D now, at this 

14 ntDp cut off. (Destruction.) 

15 SnS to run. 'nD> is run wild. 
TIDW to rob, plunder, pillage. 

Chapter XIV. T> 

6 WW brisk. n:1M) a lily (six 

leaves), ptuwjoy. 
9 tt?-in the fire- tree, pn to flourish 

very much. Vigorous, thriving. 




Chapter I. M 

4 DW to cut short. A caterpillar, 
pb to lick with the tongue. pV a 

bon to consume. ^""Dn the con- 

5 nStZ? to satisfy, be drunk. ni3il? 

a drunkard. 
OV to tread down. D'V'S wine. 
Snb to milk out the beestings. 

>!'? the lioness. 
3?bn to split, cleave. mrbna 


7 yiW to be wreathed. T^fO the 

pliable or flexible shoot of a vine 
or fig-tree. 
13'^nbn made white. 

8 "^bW lament. 

12 nD2 to breathe, blow. rriDn the 
citron-tree, not apple-tree. 

17 C?S17 to rot, to be dry. 

lis to separate. mriD grains of 

rjll to wrap together. "TiD-ttD clods. 

"ID^ to throw down. miJOQ re- 
positories, subterraneous maga- 

18 7M2 Who? Which? What? 

n3S oppression. In Niph. sigh, 

*7n3 to be entangled, perplexed. 

19 mS desire, covet after, "ino mw 

pleasant places or spots of the 

19 'C^TvP burn up, set on fire, rorft 

a flame of fire. 
23 3127 stretch out, desire eagerly. 

Looked up. 

Chapter II. D 

1 tyi motion, agitation. Tremble. 

2 inK? dark-coloured. Dusk of the 


3 ta vD to escape, rra^bc escape, de- 


5 ^p^ to leap, skip, bound. 

6 "nWD to adorn. -n-iD beauty, 

yDp collect, gather in, withdraw. 

7 i^'D.V to turn aside, divert. 

8 pm thrust, press upon, distress, 
bo to raise, exalt. n^Q a raised 

or highway. 
iy2 remove, be distant. Behind, 

372!^ break or cut ofi". 

9 pW move, run, push forwards. 
10 "lip dark, obscure, black. 

F)DS gather in, withdraw. 
16 HDn to cover, veil, ncrr alcove. 

20 HDD to scrape, sweep. F]D or rjlD 
an extremity, end. 
^nS corrupt, contaminate, insns 
its stench or stink. 

22 SC?1 to spring, sprout forth, ger- 


23 HT' to instruct, direct. miD in- 

structer, the spiring rain. 

24 ^p3 to make hollow. 3p a wine- 

fat or vat. 

Chapter III. 2 
3 "njDn straight, mnon columns. 

Chapter IV. 1 

3 HT' to throw, cast. 

4 bbn to roll. n'7>'?J coast, border. 
10 HDD to beat, cut. 



10 nriM to come. n a coulter. 
nttt to prune, cut even, 'irnara 

m^n to propel. A spear. 
Whn to defeat. Weak. 

11 r\WV to make. 

*)WyS form, set in array. 

13 bn rotundity, bya a sickle. 
nH cutting. A wine-press. 

14 ^"^n shorten, cut short, decide, 

16 nOn to shelter oneself, nono 

a shelter, a refuge. 
18 ?)lfi3 distil, drop down. 


Chapter I. N 

1 1p2 to mark with spots. A herds- 
man or shepherd. 

Wy^ quick or alternate motion. 
An earthquake. 

3 y^in cut short. ni2in thrashing 

6 "^ttn hold up, sustain, "pin. 

Chapter II. 3 

1 nSli? to be confounded. pN 

6 "1D3? to pass. ii:?l for the sake of. 

6 ?)S27 draw or suck in. Pant, 

8 b^n to bind. Take a pledge 

WyS mulct, fine. Punish by fine. 

9 ^DH to be strong, stout. 

13 p5? to confine, straiten, press. p'j^tD. 
I'^V to press, yav a sheaf. 

14 ^^M to be strong, invigorate. 

15 W^D to handle, lay hold upon. 

Chapter III. 2 
4 IDD to cover, tdd a young lion. 




4 ]37^ to remain, dwell. TOJJO a den. 
12 3?nD to bow, sink down. D^i''nD 
two legs. 

Chapter IV. T 

2 ]2 pointed. m:2 goads or sharp 
ID to decline, nan nn>D fishing 
6 np3 to clear away, ^vp: clean- 

9 ?)ltt7 to blast, blight. pDTOablast, 


pT^ throw out something liquid. 

ppT mildew, 

11 m* to cast forth, nix a firebrand. 

^^3 taken or snatched away. 

13 nitt? or n^tj; to be deep in 

thought, ^^r"0, ^miD, or intj his 

)nC7 to be dark coloured. The 

dawn of the morning, or the 

f]V to vibrate, ncy vibration, 


Chapter V. H 

6 n*?!^ to pass on, go forwards. 

7 11?b reject, detest. n:y'? worm- 


8 nD2D warm or hot. rrc)'3 genial 

heat or warmth. 

vDD stiffness, rigidity. ^>D3 cold. 
mXibs the shadow of death. 

9 :ibn to smile. 

11 DCi7l2 tread, trample. DttJin, only 
in this place. 

16 nrT3 lament, bewail. 

18 D'^ISn^Sn those who covet or 

22 1523 to look, regard, behold. 

Chapter VI. 1 

1 pStt? to be tranquil, secure. 
D''2:i?' at ease, security. 
I3p3 to make hollow. Mark. 

4 rr^D stretch out. 
W")V a mattress. 

5 tOID cut or break through. Sing 

or chant. 

6 nTT to cry out or shout. nnD 

crying out, shouting for joy. 
8 2Mn waste, consume, pine away. 

10 PpD to anoint. Only in this 

Drr hish, hush. 

11 DT to moisten. D>D^Dn drops, 


14 ^n7 press, oppress, squeeze, 

Chapter VII. T 

1 22 gibbosity, protuberance. 'n; 
the locust in the caterpillar 

ti?pb to crop. A crop (of grass.) 
t3 to take off or away. Mowino-. 
7 73W a plumb-line, to: to hit. 
10 1t27p to bind, conspire. 
14 D^2 to scrape, scratch. dSu 
scraping the sycamore-trees or 

DpW sycamore-trees or fruit. 
16 nC^fi spread out, extend. 

Chapter VIII. H 

1 dh'D clap, close, together. Ttbi a 
wicker basket. 
yp^ to awake, y^ summer-fruits. 

4 P|SIZ? draw, suck up or in, swallow 


5 nriD to open, bring forth. 
mV to distort, pervert. 

6 bCD to fall. Voa the refuse. 

12 t^lDtt? run hither and thither. 

13 >^bV cover over. To swoon, faint. 

Chapter IX. tD 

1 TinSD a roundish porch over a 
door, from rrDD to bend, and "\n 
to turn. 
F)D cavity, concavity. D'DD a 
3 SSn hide, conceal. 
3? pip bottom. 



3 W^n search out. 

5 VpW to sink. 

6 nbl? . m'?yn steps or stairs for 

ascending, or rather lofts (Park- 
hurst's Lexicon). 

"T:jS to bind. rn3 a knot of men, 
a troop, or rather a globe of 
9 273 to move, wander. Shake. 

"1^3 multiplicity. m2D3 in a 

n^ to bind up closely. ll-iS a 
11 D^n to break down. vnD'^n de- 
struction, his ruins. 

13 tJ?"in silent thought, 'nin plough- 
I^p to reap, l^^p a reaper. 
"JWQ to draw forth. 

nSD melt very much, dissolve. 
Hithp. run down. 



1 1^ to bind, enclose. TiJ an am 

3 IT to swell, be proud. ]m pride. 

nn circularity, '<^y^ cracks. 
6 tI7Dn search out. 

n^i to swell. To seek, ask. 
U^aa sought up. 

7 IT to compress, squeeze. ilTO a 

trap or gin. 
9 btOp to kill, slay. Slaughter. 
14 pID to break off. Parting of the 

16 y7 lick up, swallow down. 



Chapter I. S 

4 ^tD to cast or send forth. 

3lZ7n to add, made accounts. Was 
6 P|D concave, hollow. 

nSD'^Dn a vessel. 
6 bnn to bind. A rope, ^in ii 
the master of the roping. 

r\WV to shine. In Hithp. shine 
1 1 pnW to be still or calm. 

15?D to be turbulent, raging. 
1 3 "nnn to dig. Rowed hard. 
15 f]V^ to be troubled. Agitation. 

Chapter TI. 2 
1 n3tt distribute. Appoint. 

3 V^W open, cry out. 

4 v2? shade, overshadow. ilbiSD 

extent or spread of waters. 

I^W to break. oni-CD billows, 
large waves. 
G P]QH to face, (to nose) on all sides, 
HDD to scrape. PjlD the plants or 
weeds of the sea. 

7 D^p to cut equally. Cuttings. 

8 ^1^3? to obscure. Hithp. over- 


Chapter IV. "T 

6 "jVpp a gourd. 
10 Din . non to pity. 


Chapter I. S 


4 231 soft, yielding. 1211 wax. 
I!l!3 to throw or cast down. 
IT^ to descend. llID a descent, 

6 H*W to pervert. ^yV heap (of 
earth turned up.) 

*mD to spread out. In Hiph. to 
pour out. 


7 IHj . rr33n a gift, reward, 


8 "IDD to moan. nCDO a moaning. 

9 tt^DS to be bad. ttJi: incurable 

wound or disease. 
nD2 to strike. rrmDO bcr wound. 

10 Wb^ involve, roll. 

11 12ti7 seemly, goodly, elegant. 
]3S:^ fruitfulness, fertility. 

12 r\br{ to faint, importune. 

13 cm bind. 

ti?!D*1 to earn, acquire. Beasts. 

14 rhW to send. U^'T^^bv gifts or 

3TD to fail. 1W a failer, de- 
IG D3^ delicate. pi3J?n thy delicate. 

Chapter II. ^ 

2 btS take away by violence. 

3 nWl^ withdraw, remove. 

4 n^n^ >nD nnai and shall lament 

with a lamentation of lamenta- 
6 F)ID3 to drop. (Eng. trans.,) pro- 
HD to recede, go or turn back. 

8 bxsn blDnW some time ago, 

vZ2 to cut off. b^'Q a cutting off, 

boundary. ^IQD from off, from 

the extremity. 
ITS to be magnificent. A robe. 

abtt? to make whole. rrob'Q an 
outer garment. 

tOtr?Q strip off. 

9 nt273 loosing, relaxation. u^z 


HD'^a 191 

10 \^-ito3 bam brjnn it is bound 

even with a grievous bond ; (not 
destruction, as E. T.) 
\^*1^ force, violence, pno strong, 

11 mb to join, add. ii O that ! If! 

12 nm a fold. 

Chapter III. ^ 

1 71)^p to make an extremity or end. 
I'^^p a ruler, a captain. 

3 n!;^S to break with a noise, crash. 
IWtt? to remain. Flesh, 
nnbp a caldron. 

7 ntD37 involution. With b>} to 


8 D^*)M surely, notwithstanding. 

9 Dp37 to pervert. 

11 "Tntt7agift, a bribe. 

"nriD to commute. Price. Ex- 
change. To-morrow. 

Chapter IV. 1 

6 Vbl^ to be on one side. To halt 

in walking. 

7 Sbn to remove or cast to a dis- 

tance, cast off. 

8 vD^ to be elevated. An eminence, 

rising ground. 

10 TO to break or thrust forth. 

nip to meet. T('<'\p a city, a great 

11 ?12n to pollute, defile. 
13 Wl to thrash. 

pi to beat. Hiph. to beat small. 

bn to make a hole. bTi strength, 



14) 113 to gather in troops. 

n!J to bind close. m:?0 a strong- 
hold, a fortress ; or affliction. 

Chapter V. H 

4 "70 overspread, smear over. ''3'D: 

anointed princes, rulers, 
11 ^WD to discover, reveal. D"'QttJD 

Chapter VI. *) 

2 riD'' to be plain. n^3in to reprove, 

D**DnMn ye strong (foundations). 
6 Dip precedence. To come before. 

n!}2 curve, bend, inflect. 

8 V3^ to b^ modest, humble, meek. 

9 r\W^ existence. TTtDin reality. 

Wise persons. 

10 nn to waste. pn scantiness, 

D^T to be indignant. Rage, nmri 

11 37tt?"1 scales of unfairness. 

HDT to be clean. Esteem pure or 
14 nW to incline, to bring low. *]nic> 
casting down. 

14 !lD3 recede, go back. 

Chapter VII. T 

1 pntZ? to hiss, 'b ^y?^ Woe is me ! 
h^W to deprive. ^lDttJ a cluster 

or bunch of grapes. 

2 m!$ look sideways, ms' they 

catch or take. 

3 DtD"^ to be good. TTO>nb (they are 

wont) to prepare. 

mn to fall down, nin oppression. 

r037 to twine, complicate. Con- 
trive artfully. 

4 pin thorn or bramble. 
n^lDtt for nDltZ^a a thorn 

nD2 to overspread, watch. Y!m 

thy watchmen. 
"J13 to be perplexed. TO11Q per- 
6 b:23 fall down. Contemn. ^i:n 
n^n to guard. DIDH a husband's 
9 P]17T troubled, wroth. P]^ wrath. 
10 VW where. 
17 bnr to skulk. Any skulking 



Chapter I. M 

1 12D to count. The book. 

2 Dp3 to avenge. 
^tOD to watch. 

3 nSD to sweep. nsiD a storm. 
^VW to stand erect. mSXO a 

pDM to collide. Small dust. 

4 n3?!l to restrain. With a a following. 

5 nriJD melt very much. In Hithp. 


6 *7n3 to be poured out. 
^n3 broken to pieces. 

7 ^37 strength or vigour. WO a 


8 F)tDt2? to overflow. An overflow- 

ing, an inundation. 

10 I'D to decline. Dn^D thorns. 
"J2D inweave, intwine. 
S2D drink hard, guzzle. 

11 b^y^'bn unprofitable, wicked. De- 


12 n take off or away. 

13 pn:i withdraw. 

Chapter II. 3 

2 V^^ dissipate. yCQ a breaking in 


n!J to bind close. TTYiiJO the mu- 
nition or fortification. A strong- 

^DM make strong, invigorate. 

3 pp^ to make entirely empty. 


3 nntJl? to corrupt, mar, destroy. 
*1^T a branch. 

4 D*TS red. m^Q become red. 
rnbD the scythes (not torches). 
V^yn to be violently shaken, 
^bn to split. D>3>bnQ clothed in 


5 bn in Hithp. to be moved vio- 

lently. Tumultuous. 
pt^pC? to run or push forward 
violently or in great numbers. 

lOb a lamp or torch. 

6 *niW to be magnificent. nn 

illustrious ones. 
"^bn local motion, nii^bn goings, 

8 HDM a female slave. rrnrTO. 
3n2 to carry, lead. maniQ led 

away, Part. Huph. (Parkhurst's 
F]Dn Hithp. smiting repeatedly, 

9 "Tin to couch. TO-Q a pool. 

D3 a quick or tremulous motion. 
To flee. 

10 )D to make ready. naiDH prepara- 

tion, store, apparatus. 

11 pb^ ravage, lay waste. Tfp^l'O a 

riDD disunion of consistence, melt. 

pD to totter, stagger. p'D a tot- 

bn to make an opening, rimbT} 
violent pain. 




13 ''T sufficient, as na sufficient. 
pDH to strangle. p^T^l^. 
in white or pale colour, mn a hole. 

Chapter III. ^ 

1 pHQ to break. pD violence. 
ni2?D draw out or forth, remove. 

2 UlLW to decline, tnw a whip, 


tm quick or alternate motion, 

nm to pursue, nm prancing. 

Q?nD horsemen. 

Ipn to leap, bound. mpyQ bound- 

3 nnb to flame, therefore a blade 

of the sword. 
pn'D. to lighten, glitter or glisten, 
nin to form into a mass or body. 

nna an animal body, alive or 


4 ^WD to discover. D'DtJ3 sorceries, 


5 btt? to loose. ^1 the loose flowing 

^^^D thy nakedness. 

6 V"P^ * abominate. \Mp an 

abominable thing. 
b]2!3 to fall down. Esteem vile. 
nSn to see. *N13 as a mirror. 

7 ^D move, remove. 

8 ptt 3 Thebes, the ancient 

capital of Upper Egypt. 
1 t2l?lD1 to dash in pieces. 

n'^'D^IDS her honourable men. 
prn bind in chains. 
pT to melt. A chain, a fetter. 
12 "IDH to be forward. miDa the 
first ripe fig, 
2?!] to move, to be shaken. 

14 tD'^lD clay, mud, mire. 
DT2n tread. 

]Ilb to whiten, pbo the brick 

15 1^3 to be heavy. Hithp. make 

many or numerous. 

16 tOli?S to strip, spoil, pillage. 

17 "IT^ separate oneself. onwD chiefs, 

^DDl^ a prince. 
33 gibbosity. n; the locust in 

its caterpillar form. 
711p to meet. The cold, because 

air is in a gross state. 

18 D3 to slumber, sleep. 
I^W to dwell, rest, sit still. 
nii?D to spread. 

19 nnS restriction. nn3 extinguish- 

ing, healing. 
7123 to strike. n3Q stroke, plague. 
Vpn to strike, clap. 



Chapter I. M 

3 ^"^l to direct, strive, plead, pnn 


4 21D to be cold. To be relaxed. 
"iriD to surround. 

bp*!?^ perverted. 

5 n'DH wonder, be astonished. 

6 Iinn be dilated, amo a broad 


7 'S terrible, dreadful. 

StZ73 to bear, take, or lift up. DiW 
a judicial sentence, arrogance. 

8 17Z2 to be spotted. -ID3 a leopard. 
ntZ^Q to spread. 

W^^ to make greati^liaste. 

9 n!2!; to sup up. DDaa shall sup 


10 Obp to deride, scoff. 

1**1 weighers of counsel. D'2n 

pntt? to sport, laugh. pm?Q de- 

"1D!^ to heap up. 

11 r|vn to pass, so to change. 

12 Diti? to put or set with design, care, 

15 "jn the palate, nsn a hook. 

113 to gather together. Catch. 

1DD to be heated, convolve, con- 
tract. Rete, a net. imnaD his 

16 Sn!!l the production of substance 
or form. ni or n-ia plump. 
nDnn by them. 

Chapter II. 2 

2 IWn to open, make plain, engrave 


3 PTQ to puff, speak. 
nS^riD to delay, tarry. 
TTDH to wait. 

4 vD"S7 to presume, be proud. 

1S2S to believe. inoTO^l by his 

5 ni3 to dwell, rest. 

6 in to penetrate. HTH a riddle, a 


Yw to sneer, to interpret. rw^D 

10^37 property wrested. TD^oay 

guilt, criminality. 

7 Vt to move. *]>S)'lS'Tr) to put thee 

into violent motion or agitation. 
HDt^ to rob, plunder. mDM?o 
plunderings, spoils. 

8 bbtt? to spoil. 

1 1 DDD to connect. D''DD a beam or 

15 nSD to join. nCDO to put near. 
Dn hot. non a bottle. 

IG ^"13? to be superfluous. In Hithp. 
and Niph. shew his foreskin. 
"?"3?n appear uncircumcised. 

P /p^J^ great shame. 



17 nn to be broken. |n>rr dismayed, 


18 bV"" to profit. 

DbW to compress. D>0^^< silent, 
mute. (Dumb idols.) 

19 l27Dn to spread over. 

Chapter III. 1 

1 nbo to separate. n^Dn interces- 

nntt? to expatiate. maJ. 

2 Tm to be angry. 

3 nibs God. The power of life. 
mil to send, dart forth, nn 

glory, majesty. 

4 nH3 to shine. ma his shiniqg 

nnn to hide, p^in a hiding- 

5 "im a word, thing, in pestilence. 
P\W^ to glow or flash. Burning 

coals, glowing fire. 

6 'nna to loose, nn^ to move. 

6 T^!$D3 dash or break into many 

8 mn to heat. Inflamed with 


10 D1T pour forth. Inundation. 

11 b^T to dwell, rr^ni habitation. 

12 IV)^ walk on, march. 
Wl to thrash. 

13 \^nD to drive in, wound deeply. 

14 Dp3 to make hollow, pierce. 
TID to spread forth. A village. 
"127D turbulent. 

yiiV to rejoice. ns^^3> rejoicing. 

15 I'DH a heap. 

16 / /2 to sound, quaver. From the 

^p") to rot. 

17 *1TH divide, separate. 
h'D to hold. n^3Q a fold. 
rrD") to relax. D>nDT stalls. 

18 Tv3? to rejoice. 

19 P3 to play on a musical instru- 

ment, mvaa stringed instru- 


Chapter I. M 

2 F]DM to gather. Hithp. take off, 

4 "110!D to convolve, contract. DnDD 
idolatrous officers. 

6 HID to remove, turn back. 

9 nbl to leap, bound. Every one 

who leapeth. 

)nD to stir, disturb. jnDTS thres- 

10 natt? to iterate, nanjo the second. 




11 tt^riD to pray, pound. nM?3Q a 


5?3D to lay down, expose to sale. 
p:3 a merchant, a trader. 

7t^3 to impose, lay on. D'Vio: 
carriers, bearers. 

12 tt?Dn search out. 

MQp to be condensed, thickened. 

1'QW to keep. DrnDiB the dregs 
or lees. 

13 vH^ to remain, wait b'n strength 

of substance, i. e., wealth. 

HDtJ? to rob, plunder, pillage. 

14 ni'2 to cry aloud, roar out. 

1 5 p!J to press, rfp^^^12 straitness. 

rTN27 to be confounded. Con- 
fusion, desolation. HNWO con- 
fusion, desolation. 

16 nDD to turn. m3D towers at the 

angles of walled cities. 

17 Cnb to insert, join. DDHb their 

food, their carcasses. 

18 bnri to hurry. nbrrM precipitate, 


Chapteb II. n 

1 WWp pick up one by one, collect. 

In Hithp. meet, convene, gather. 

J^DD pale. f]D53 that lookest pale. 

2 ib*^ to bring forth, m!? bringing 

forth, m^. 

3 nyS to affect. 12 humble, lowly. 

m:y meekness. 

b3?Q to work, operate. 

4 "Ipl? to root up. 

5 bun to bind, ban a tract or 

portion of land. 

6 nn^ to cut oif. Cottages. Holes 
in the rocks. 
11^ to fence in. rrmJ walled 
folds or cotes. 

8 P]1^ to blaspheme. 

9 pW to move, run. ptijn running 

place or ranging place, 
bin nettles, weeds, b^^^r^. 
m3 to cut. m^Q a pit. 
11 ntn make lean. 

14 Sp to remit. T)iip pelican. 

*TDp to hasten. nDp the bittern or 

"nnSD a round knob on the golden 

candlestick ; from nCD to bend, 

and -in to turn. 
11W to sing melodiously. 

15 ly ^DDMI ^iS I, and of me 

(henceforth) a defect or failure. 
Is. xlvii. 8, 10. 

Chapter III. 2 

1 ST^ to fear, rr^mo terrify, terrible. 

bsn to vindicate. In Niph. n'jNJO 

nD*^ to press. n3V oppressing. 

3 Diri to bare, make bare. They 

left not. 

4 TnD light, unstable, 
bbn pollute. 

5 ^iy to separate. (In Niph. shall 

be hid.) 

6 m!^ to look sideways. (Niph. to 

be hunted.) 

7 ^r^ to dwell. naWD dwelling. 

bb37 to ascend repeatedly. nV"?]? 

*]n to wait, expect. 

iy Chald. prey, booty. 




10 nnV to expand, dilate, nns^ my 
praying ones. 
^1D to scatter. (To let loose, 
open, set free, deliver.) 

16 nOn give way, relax. 

17 Win silent thought or attention. 

18 rm'' to afflict, grieve. '313 my 

afflicted ones. 

SK?3 to bear. na a burden. 

19 5?b!^ a side, rwbsn nw her who 



Chapter I. M 

1 no to expand, nno governor. 

4 ]DD to cover, line. 

<> I^W to satisfy, satiate. Satisfy 
thirst, -orrcnn in Hithp. to let 
oneself out for hire. 

1"!!^ to bind closely, aipj "ITIS ^ 
for a bag with holes. 

9 n3D with Vm or ^ following, to turn 
to, look at. 

9 noa to blow, puff. 

Chapter II. 13 
6 nnW one, once, altogether. 

^Ta to sod or boil. T12 pottage. 
12 ^1D to fly away. A skirt. 
16 pWr\ to make bare, draw out. 

nS to break. miD a wine-press. 
19 m^ to excite. miJn a thrashing- 


Chapter I. M 

2 P)!Sp to foam, froth. Violent 

6 UJyt to devise thoroughly, purpose. 
8 Din the myrtle-tree. Sweetness. 

8 p"nt& yellow, tawny. 
1 1 tCptZ? to be quiet, sit still. 

^W^ to sit, sit down. 
15 ^SB? to be tranquil, pstt? security. 


Chapter II. ^ 

2 mt to scatter, disperse. 
8 T^ to turn aside. "l'?n this, this 
nD to spread forth. rvinD vil- 
10 *'')n ho ! attend. 

12 'D.'D. hollow, nnn the apple (of 
the eye). 

13 1^3 reach out, stretch forth. 

Chapter III. 2 

1 ItSlT to oppose. 

2 iy^ to restrain, with 3 following, 


m"' to put forward. Ti a fire- 
brand or small twig on fire. 

b!J3 to take away, plucked out. 

3 M^*^ to go. n2 excrement. DWS 


4 V'^n to loose. ms'?nD robes 

reaching down to the feet. 
Sacred robes. 
J "n^jn to surround. An open court. 

8 riD'' to entice, persuade, nmn 


9 nriQ to open, engrave. nriDQ 

nt&D draw out, withdraw. 

Chapter IV. 1 

2 bn reciprocation of motion. nb3 
the bowl of the candlestick. 
nb:JD a roll. 

p^'' to pour out. n^p'2^'a pipes. 
7 ntr?'> straight, even, m^ro'? to a 



7 n^ti? confounded, tumultuate. 

r\MWn tumultuous noises. 
9 ^!^n to break off; complete, finish 

10 tOl^tt? to go hither and thither, to 

and fro repeatedly. 
12 bD27 to impel, thrust forward. 
'jTiJ branches. 
rT^nna^ pipes or tubes, from ^S 
sharp-pointed, and in round. 

Chapter V. H 

3 71p'2 to clear away. Cleared 
away, utterly destroyed. 

6 nSW to bake. nD and ns^N an 
Ephah, a baking measure. 

nD3? to act upon, p reflected 
light, appearance. 

7 "HDj? to comminute or reduce to 
powder. rrsW lead. 

1DD a flat roundish form; so a 
flat roundish cake of metal, 

8 nD!2 to build. p a stone, a 

9 "TDn succulent abundance, swelling 
out. m^on a stork. 

11 p to make. nn313D her own 

Chapter VI. 1 

2 intl? dark coloured. 

3 mi congelation, hail. Grisled. 
Y'^M strong, vigorous. D'SOW 

bright bay or sorrel horses. 

Chapter VII. t 

2 nbn to make faint, as by impor- 




5 D!J to fast. 

11 TlD to decline repeatedly. DIIID 

revolting, rebelling. 

12 II^UJ to keep. TDW an adamant 

or diamond. 

Chapter VIII. PT 

5 pnW to laugh, play. 

Chapter IX. tfi 

3 "1^2 to heap together. 

5 \^in to shorten. yiin native 

gold in small pieces. 
tD^3 to look. rro2D her expec- 

6 IT^ corrupt, rotten, ^rao one 

spuriously born, i. e., a bastard. 

7 Vptt? to abominate. 

8 tt?33 being close to, press. An 


13 nS** to oppress. |V the oppressor, 

the Greek. 

15 niT Arab, to verge to a point. 

nm angles. 

16 D3 a quick or tremulous motion, 

to flee. DD2 (to wave or glisten 
with light, Hithp. ) niDDiano. 

17 223 to bud. 113 cause to germi- 

nate, increase, or grow. an:. 

Chapter X. ' 

1 C?p7 to crop off. ttJip'TO the 
harvest, or latter rain at the end 
of April. 
Tn to cut in. nn lightning of 
the zig-zag kind, as in hot 
"llDD to rain. A shower. 

2 HD") to give way. D'D"in Teraphim, 
i. e., representative images of 
the objects of worship. (Tar- 
gum) images. 

v2n to emit a vapour. In vain. 
VD2 to remove, be removed. 

4 ir\'^ to thrust in. A pin or stake. 

5 Dn to tread or trample upon. D'Dll. 

6 n^T to cast off. 

9 pm to remove. Far off. D'pmo 
distant (lands). 

Chapter XI. M^ 

2 T7M to be magnificent, inn mag- 
nificence, pompous, illustrious. 
HIV to bare. n5>* a wood, or 
rather a moist marshy piece of 
ground where trees flourish. 
"l2Jn to restrain, house. Tl?3 the 

5 Dfi?W guilty, liable to punishment 

or penalty. 

6 rO to beat, nro to beat in pieces. 

7 D373 pleasantness. 

8 irTD take off or away, remove. 

m^ the lunar light. A month. 
'n!Jp to be cut short. 

vTT^ to nauseate, retch, detest. 
10 V1^ to break, cut or cast down or 

12 Sn. nin give, hide. 

13 Ip"^ to be bright. Precious, es- 

teemed, regarded, to be prized. 
Ip' a price. 

15 bis self-willed, foolish, evil. >bMi. 

16 vD v3 to nourish, support with 





16 p*nQ break off, take away. 

17 b'^b^ an idol, a false god. 

H'n'D restriction. To shrink, con- 

Chapter XII. H"^ 

2 H^'D to sweep away, finish. 
F|D a cup, bason, 

bn to be violently agitated. (F]D 
a cup) of confusion. 

3 DD5? to load, to lift, bear. nDD3?a 

a burden. 
^1127 to scarify, cut, wound. 

4 HT^n to be astonished, pnnn as- 

tonishment, amazement. 

yW to be distracted, ]^^$w mad- 

np^ to open. 
6 mD to be round. nV5 a kind of 
furnace, stove. 

T*Qb a lamp or torch. 

r\n^ to descend, n^nnn her own 
10 ^n kindness, affection. D^2i:nn 
earnest supplications. 

"IpT to stab, pierce. 

Chapter XIII. y^ 

1 1p to spring, gush up. mpn a 
spring or fountain, 
TS to move, remove. mi an 
abomination, what ought to be 
rejected or reprobated. 

2 i!i3? labour. D^123> idols, 

4 "lis magnificent. miN a magni- 

ficent robe (hairy) "ly. 

5 HDp to hold, to possess, purchase. 

(not as E. T., taught me to keep 

7 "1")^ to raise, lift up oneself. 

UV to collect. WD3> cohering 
with me, a neighbour. 

8 nD to obvert. D':' ^D the measure 

or portion of two, 

9 ^nH to try, prove. 

20 b 2 to shade. m'?2JQ coverings, 

Chapter XIV. T 
2 ?]D127 to rob, plunder, pillage, 

b!lES7 to be violated. 

4 nti^D withdraw, depart, wo feel. 

5 D3 to flee. DnD3'^ and ye shall flee, 

6 np^ bright. T^^'\p'^ bright (light). 

MDp condensed. N. pQp1 thick- 
ness, gloominess, 
10 iD to turn, turn about. Changed, 

2*^3? to mix, mingle. ra"iy a 
waste, a desert. 

DS1 to be raised up, exalted, 

12 pD to be dissolved. Niph. waste 

away, Hithp, corrupt. 
16 ''T for "\tt?M. no from that, 
20 nib^^Xa coverings. 



Chapter I. M 

4 l^T to lack. 'Cyan to reduce to 
extreme poverty, or to desolation. 

7 bKD to vindicate, pollute, defile. 
tJ?3D close to. 

SI"* . 'NilD my reverence. 
TTill to despise, contemn, slight, 
9 nbn to be faint. To put out of 
countenance by importunity, im- 
12 D3 to put forth, bud. a>3 fruit, 
nwb to be weary. 7Tnbni::i what 

nS3 to breathe, pufF. Dnncrr 
Hithp. pufF, snuflf. 

btri to take away by violence, 

14 b23 to devise deceitfully. ^313 a 
deceiver, deceitful. 

"T13 to vow. 

nnW corrupted. nnwD a corrupt 

Chapter II. 2 

2 HM to flow. To curse, i. e., to 

pronounce fleeting or tran- 
sitory, or wish to be so. sii^D 
a curse. 

3 "12^21 to restrain, repress (from 

C7nD to spread. Excrement, dung. 

5 nn to be broken. N. nn: dis- 

mayed (in a good sense.) 

6 72ti? to humble oneself. Low, 

11 hVD, to take possession. (To 

13 '^J^il to ooze out, to weep, rryoi 

a tear. 
p3S to moan or groan. np3 a 
crying out. 

14 IV beyond. (Bear witness.) mjr 

Hiph. bear witness. 
17 r^l'' to labour, be fatigued. In 
Hitlip. to weary. 

15 nrnttt273 take ye heed. 

Chapter III. 31 

1 n3D to turn, provide, prepare. 

2 vD to hold. b'^b'D comprehend en- 

tirely, and under n73 to nourish. 
*1i to clear, cleanse. n>i3 some 
purifying or cleansing herb or 
composition (of the fuller). 

D2D to wash, cleanse by washing. 
^D13 fullers. 

3 pi to strain off. pp^ to fuse 

thoroughly, or thoroughly purify 
by fusing. 

4 'yiV to mix, to suit, be agreeable. 

5 IDli? to satisfy. TD hire. T3td 

8 37^p to press down. Defraud, 




10 ?l"ltD to tear off. Food (torn by 

human teeth). 
mS to lie in wait. DIITM fissures, 

cracks, or chinks. 
''T ^72 IV till not enough (room). 

11 "nm to restrain, rebuke. 

vDtZ? to deprive. Cast (its fruit). 

12 "n2?M to proceed. Wish success 

or prosperity. 

14 lip to be dark. n^mp grief, 


15 IT to boil. Dm the proud. 

16 ^Wn to add. Made account. 

17 briD to gain to oneself. n^;D 

special treasure. 

Chapter IV. 1 

19 l^nb burn up. 

F]33? a branch or bough. 

20 nii?Q to spread, range at large, 


pin to tie. pyyo a stall. 


Psalm I. M 

1 ^7 to mock. D'S? scorners. 

2 Tl^Tl to bring or carry forth. 

3 3bD to divide. :^D streams. 

4 P]^!^ to drive or hurry away. 

Psalm II. H 


1 Wyi to meet together, 


2 )t1 or HTT to poise. D':Tn coun- 

ID*^ to found. Take counsel. 

3 pn^ withdraw. 

lO'^ to restrain. irnD'lO bands. 

n^V to twine. IQ'mS' his cords, 
7 "IDD to tell, declare, count. 
9 37n to break. 

12 ?13M to breathe or snuff with the 

Psalm III. J 

1 ITZi'i to cut ofFsuperfluous branches. 

Sing praise. moiD a psahn. 
3 vD to raise, elevate, rto a note 

of attention. 

Psalm IV. 1 

1 n!53 to oversee. Superiority, being 

over. n2J2Db to the conqueror. 

p3 to strike or play. m::2 psalms 
or songs, stringed instruments. 

2 n vD separate, set apart. TibzD. 




5 T3"l shaken with a violent con- 

cussion, moved, disturbed. 
7 nD3 a quick, waving motion. 
Cause to wave, glitter. 

Psalm V. H 

2 ^"^12 to distinguish, consider. 

4 nD2 to spread over, watch. 

6 mn to sojourn. 

6 bbn to make to shine, to boast. 
9 r\r\2 to lead, guide. 

"11127 to view attentively. mitD my 

watchful enemies. 
liW^ straight, even, level. 

10 )D to make ready. n:iD2 prepared, 

mn to fall down, subside, settle. 

min calamity, wickedness. 
niriD "iDp an open sepulchre. 

11 nC7S guilty. Punish, destroy, 
nm cast quite out, drive away. 

13 ^!J sharp-pointed, nas a buckler. 

Psalm VI. 1 

3 bn^ troubled. 

5 ybn loosen, disengage, deliver. 

7 nDN to sigh. nmM sighing. 
r\nW to swim. 

WlV a bedstead, bed, or couch. 
JID^ to melt. 

8 WWV to consume, waste away. 
DV^ to irritate, provoke. Anger, 

\:nV to transfer. Become old. 

Psalm VII. t 

1 nnO? to expatiate, luxuriate. \VW 
a wandering song. 

3 p*1D to break in pieces. Rend 

9 DT2n to finish. Dn end, integrity. 
10 "^/Dll to perform, to fail or cease. 

14 v37S to work, contrive. 

pb"7 pressing upon. D'pW ardent 
pursuers, eager persecutors. 

15 ^iSn to bind, tie, connect. 
^12iV to toil, labour. 

18 ribV to ascend. \vbv upper, 
highest, most high. 

Psalm VIII. n 

1 n^ cutting, pounding. riTia wine 

3 Dp3 to avenge. Dp:nD self-tor- 
mentor, Satan. 

nSli? cease. Hiph. cause to cease, 
take off or away. 

6 lion to abate. Made inferior. 

8 1!^ pointed, penetrate as cold, &c. 
W2 as ^xs sheep, from their great 
sensibility of cold, i. e., pene- 
trateC by it. 

Psalm IX. TO 

6 "12713 to check, reprove, rebuke. 

7 tt7n3 to pluck up, root up. 

9 DWb to meet together. People, 
assembled multitude. 

10 DUE? to lift or be lifted up. aJica 

an elevation, a high or secure 
place, Ps. lix. 

HDI to beat, bray, Ps. x. depress, 
afflict. Contrite. 

11 Wll inquire, require, inquire 





17 T^^n to bring forth. |V3n medita- 

21 nm to be afraid, mio in fear. 

Psalm X. ^ 

2 HNH elated or lifted up. 
tt7Dn lay hold on, catch. 
"7ri deceit, fraud. 

8 S'nS to lie in wait. a*WD ambush. 

nobn greatly afflicted, faint with 

]Q!^ hide, conceal, lurk privily. 

9 ?lt^n to catch or seize upon sud- 

10 D'^WDbn afflicted, dejected. 

n!D*T to be broken, crush, crouch. 
14 3T3? to leave. 

18 ^^V to break to pieces, agitate, 

shake violently. 

Psalm XI. W*^ 

2 bos dark, darkness To hide. 

3 nW to set, place. mntD settled 

D'ln to break through, down. 

4 r)3?D37 eye-lids, from Ti3> to turn 

6 nnQ expand or spread a snare, 
no a snare. 
"1D2 cypress. nnD3 brimstone. 

nD3?bt vehement storm, from ^b^ 
to be corrupt, and Fp to vibrate. 

Psalm XII. n' 
2 *1^n finishing, fail, come to an end. 

2 DD5 to fail, or be diminished. 

5 "123 to be strong, prevail. 

6 1W to shatter, destroy. 

VW^ to save. ysD deliverance, 

7 bbl? ascend repeatedly. Yxff sl 

furnace, or rather a crucible. 

pp^i refine. 

9 vt loose, lax. rviVl vileness, worth- 
lessness, for vile persons. 

Psalm XIII. a> 
6 7D3 retribution. Recompensed. 

Psalm XIV. T 

1 v33 exhausted of natural moisture 
or spirits. A fool. 

S27n to loathe. Hithp. to act 

3 nbw filthy, putrid. 

Psalm XV. ID 

3 v2n smite, strike, slander. 

4 nti to despise. m33 is despised. 

DSQ to dilate as a wound, reject. 
D03 a refuse, vile. 

11^'^ to change, alter. 

Psalm XVI. TD 

1 Dn3 to mark, indent with an en- 
graving. onDD golden, or 
marked Cfor the real beloved one^ 

4 ^!^57 labour, travail. Labour, 




5 "I^n take fast hold of, uphold. 

8 r\"]W make level, equal ; with n33b 
to place exactly before one, or 
diametrically opposite. 

10 "TDH succulent abundance. TDFT 

abundantly kind, bountiful. 

Psalm XVII. t> 

3 DT to devise. Doi purpose stead- 

"1^3? to pass, transgress. 

4 ^^3 to break out. yno a violent 

assailer, a robber, a breaker 

5 vHr round or circular, bx^ a way 

or path. 

7 nbo separate, distinguish. 

8 )W^ blackness. ^W sight or 

pupil of the eye. 

9 J^p"* compass about, surround. 

1 1 1W^ to succeed, be prosperous. 

12 P]WD pale. Pale with longing 


14 ibn to creep on insensibly, as 

time. The world, transitory 
world, human age, &c. 

15 nStt to distribute. nsiDH a simili- 

tude, a delineation. 

Psalm XVIII. tl^ 

2 Dm embrace, love intensely. 

4 /bn to give lustre, to glorify, 

praise very much. 

5 r|3M ^0 face on all sides, surround, 

nV'2 terrify. 

8 WV^ to shake. 

Xyi to move. Motion. 
1 1 nSI to fly swiftly. 

16 pes to hold in, force. p^EX a 

nbH to roll off, uncover, discover. 
Qtt?D to breathe. rTO"02 breath. 

17 ni2?X2 to draw with a gentle hand. 
21 "lli to clear, cleanse. 112 pure. 

27 WpV to pervert. Perverse. 

bnS to twist. Hithp. make thy- 
self tortuous. 

32 D7"T to leap or skip; 

33 "1TN to gird, nw a girdle. 

34 bS interpose. V'W a horned 

animal, as a stag, hart, or deer. 
nb>w a hind or doe. 
Tinn broken to pieces. 
37 *T5?2 to walk or proceed. 

vD"1p the soles of the feet ; from 

mp to meet, and ^d to raise. 
1V12 to totter, stagger. 
39 \^n^ to drive, plunge in, or strike 

deeply, wound. 
41 P\1V to distil. The neck. 

rXOli cut off entirely, destroy. 
43 pi evacuate. Hiph. attenuate, 
make thin. pn. 

45 WTl'D to fail, be deficient in sub- 

stance. To fail in regard to 

46 ^in to shake with fear. 

Psalm XIX. la'' 

3 V2'2 to flow, pour out, utter. 

5 n vD to cut off. rfjD an articulate 

sound or word. 

6 Tl^n to cover. A kind of alcove, 

separated by an alcove. 




7 ^pD to go round, surround. HDlpn 
a revolution. 

9 IpD to take notice of. mpD ap- 

11 TD solidity, therefore pure gold, 
no to part, dispart. nD2 honey, 

virgin honey. 
nS!^ overspread. D*D1!? honey- 

12 nnt shine with reflected light. 

ip37 the end, consequence, event. 

13 Tl^W here WJio go astray through 


14 T)T to boil or swell. 

on"' single, solitary. To be with- 

Psalm XX. D 

2 :32tt? to lift up, exalt. 

4 )W^ to fill or plump up. Take 

away the parts of an oily body 

by fire. To consume it to 

6 b^T a standard, banner. Set up 

a banner. 
9 IV beyond, iny to preserve or 

continue still, i. e., in safety. 

Psalm XXI. W3 

3 C7"lM espouse, betroth, ntnn the 

13 "nn*^ to exceed. nr.'O a bow- 

Psalm XXTI. 23 

1 vS interpose. nVM interposition. 
TiiJ'ii my help. 

I inW dark coloured. Dusk, 

7 ybn to split, cleave. nrbin a 


8 "IIDD to open. To make an open- 


9 b!l to roll. Reliance, trust, 

10 rm to break, burst forth. Bring 

18 "iriD enclose, encompass, 

14 n!SD let loose, open, 

15 :i3n wax. 

16 ti?nn silent thought, attention. A 

p'D.1 to cleave, adhere. 

np'7 to take. '>mp'?0 the jaws 
which take hold on food. 

nDH? to put in order, dispose, 

17 *1S3 pierce, penetrate. 
20 W^^\ make haste. 

22 QWn or D**"! raised up, WiTi wild 

24 n:!"^ be afraid, ^^v. 

25 rTD57 affect. 1:3^ humble, lowly, 
30 ^*n!D bow, sink down. 

Psalm XXIII. iSD 

2 n*lN desire. m: pleasant, de- 
sirable places. 
S2?*T spring, sprout forth. 
7713 lead with gentleness, 

4 nn^ relieve the mind, comfort. 

5 nn to be wet. nv. full of liquor. 

Psalm XXV. HD 

I I nbO loose, remit, pardon. 




16 Trf to unite, tit only, single, 


17 pS to press, npiso distress. 
21 "IS'' to form, shape. 

Psalm XXV L ID 

2 Dw to try, flee. 

4 073? hide, conceal. D'o^3 dark 
designers, dissemblers. 

Psalm XXVII. TS 

4 "HplU to look upon, inquire. 

6 "^1 to break. TVSmn shouting 
9 C7I53 let loose, leave. 

Psalm XXVIII. rO 

1 7t2?D2 in Niph. compared. 

5 Um demolish, destroy. 

Psalm XXIX. ttD 

1 in supply what is wanting, give. 
3 D37n Hiph. to thunder. 

6 Ipl skip, leap, &c. 1171 to adorn. 

n*nrT beauty, glory. 
DMT raised up. d^q^t horned 
animals, wild bulls. 

7 !3!^n hew or cut out, divide. 
9 vin travail with child. 

^Jrn make bare, discover. 
10 /^ to mix. *r\yQ a flood, a deluge. 

Psalm XXX. b 
I "|3n initiate. rD3n dedication. 

TV71 draw out. 

TV7W to be quiet, ^b'0 quietness, 

7n to make a hole, inb^^^'o piping. 
nr\^ to open or loose. 

Psalm XXXI. sb 

WWV to consume. 

n^** to afflict, grieve. p3> affliction, 

bt^!D stumble, be feeble. 

113 commotion or agitation of 
body or mind. 

pny remove, withdraw. Perverse, 
hard things. 

DST bind hard. D3n combina- 
tions, conspiracies. 

TSn to haste, hurry. 

t"l3 to cut off. 

Psalm XXXII. db 

1 vDtt> to be wise. ^OlUtt giving 
wisdom or instruction. 

TIW^ loosing, laxity. i^3 for- 
gotten (as to his transgression). 

4 IWb spread out. Fresh moistures, 


5 711'^ to cast forth, mirr to confess. 

6 TDn succulent abundance. TOn 

bountiful, abundantly kind. 

9 TMV to pass over, or upon. 

D /!! confine, restrain. 

10 ^SD to mar, spoil. diNO sore- 
ness, grief. 


Psalm XXXIII. ab 

3 p3 strike on a stringed instrument. 
A song. 

7 D33 heap or wrap together, gather 
"73 move, remove. A heap. 
71^7^ tumultuate. moinn depths. 

10 S-l to fail. Hiph. discourage, 

cause to fail. 
14 TOtt? view attentively or accurately, 


17 VXD^ to save. rvfWD salvation, 

23 HwH wait, expect. 



Psalm XXXIV. 


1 D17tD taste, judgment, behaviour. 

2 bbn exult. 

5 nT shrink for fear, m-ian the 

object of fear. 

6 nna to flow or run. Niph. to be 


10 nOn deficient. iiDnn want. 

1 1 W^l to lack or be poor. 

22 n^ to die. nno kill completely, 
Ct7M guilty, liable to punishment. 

Psalm XXXV. nb 

3 pi evacuate, draw forth. p"in. 
Mlp to meet, nit^pb opposite, 

over against. 

4 yD turn back. 

6 pbn smooth. TX^p'^pbn great 
smoothnesses or slipperinesses. 

8 nSli? confounded, ni^i^ confusion, 

12 vDtJ? wise. blD'OJ spoiling, depriv- 

14 mp black. Mournfully. 

15 'Sn'2 go on one side. A slip- 

ping aside, halting. 
n3!3 to smite. D>32 the smiters. 

3?"1p to rend, tear a person (by 

16 P]3n pollute, defiled. 
337b to mock. 

pin grate, gnash. Dn''Sii?!3 
their destruction. 

19 ^"Hp move, wink. 

20 3?3"1 to still, be quiet. 

Psalm XXXVII. vb 

1 mn to heat. Hithp. inflamed 

with anger. 

2 1!Jn surround. TiJn grass. 
4 233? delight, pleasure. 

8 HZT) slack, loosen. 
10 1312 discern, teach. Hithp. dis- 
cern or consider diligently. 

20 13 round. Dn3 lambs or sheep. 

21 nib join, add, couple. TVf) bor- 

row. m'jQ lender. 

22 bbp be exceeding vile. Curse. 

23 "TV^ walk, march, tyso step. 

24 bli'' cast, cast down. 

31 13?D totter, stagger, slide. 
35 V"1V to agitate. y^-C? terrible, 

m37 bare, pour out. mrno dif- 
fusing himself. 

rnTM a green bay-tree, 
T 3 

210 PSALMS. 

Psalm XXXVIII. nb 

2 K)5?p to foam with anger. 

3 nn^ sink into, descend. Stick 

fast, penetrate. 

6 ptt dissolved. p03 corrupt, rot. 
b*lN self-willed, foolish. 'nVi my 


7 ni37 distort. Niph. distorted, 


8 bos tortuous. The flanks, loins. 
Hbp levity. rV7p: parching, fever- 
ish heat. 

9 :iD faint, failed. >miD2. 

Dn3 grumble, growl, nom moan- 

11 "IPID move to and fro. tmnc 


12 ^23 touch, strike. A stroke. 

13 tZ?p3 lay snares. 

mn fall down. TYin oppressive- 
19 2S1 troubled. 
21 ]'^W oppose, be adverse. 

Psalm XXXIX. tob 

2 DOn stop up. DiDTTC) a muzzle, 


3 HDT equable, man silence, still- 

I'DV disturb, trouble. Stirred up. 

4 3">2n intense meditation, earnest 


5 bin not to act. Transitory. 

Human age, age. 

6 nCI^ extend as with the hand. 

A palm, the hand's breadth. 

7 obS to figure. A mere image, a 



7 *1D!i heap up. 

11 mH stir up. mJDD strife, because 

of the blow. 

12 Wy consume. A moth. 

13 Dtt?^ to sit. 2M5in a sojourner. 

14 Sbri to smile. (Lexicons) 


Psalm XL. K) 

3 nSti? confused, liww destruction. 

r\y^ press. ]V overwhelming one. 
5 nm to magnify. D'3m proud. 

ntOtt? turn aside. 

11 inD cut off; hide, conceal. 

12 12 bind close, enclose. 

13 F)DS to encompass. 

D23? strength, might. Multiplied. 
15 nSD scrape, sweep, make an end. 
HID turn back. 

Psalm XLI. StD 

8 Wrh Hithp. whisper together. 

9 p2 press upon. 

Psalm XLIL 20 

2 3^2? stretch out, desire eagerly, 

long after. 
5 "IDt to remember. m31N me- 
JSti? pour out. HDDiO an eff'usion. 
"^D overspread, cover. A taber- 
riT* to put forward, nnn to con- 
fess, min open confession, pro- 


5 3^n dance round and round in 


6 nn27 bow, stoop, or bend very 

8 "TID!^ an aqueduct, waterspout. 

10 yriv squeeze, oppress. 

1 1 n22"1 murder, a murderous instru- 

ment, a sword. 

n<hnn 211 

10 "Ip"* bright, splendid, shining. 

h^W lie carnally with a woman. 
A wife. 

14 y^W close, enclose. m^JSTUQ 

ouches, sockets 

15 Dp"l variety of colour or figure, 
bnn separate. niVim marriage- 
able virgins. 

Psalm XLIV. Tn 

2 n3T cast off, 'remove to a distance. 
6 HM push, strike, butt with the 

10 072 shame, calumniate. Con- 

fusion arising from shame. 

11 Dtt7 spoil, plunder. 
14 D Vp deride. 

17 ^*T^ reproach, revile, blaspheme, 

QpD avenge, npano the self- tor- 
mentor, Satan. 

18 npW lie, deal falsely. 

19 2D recede, turn back. 

22 Ipn search out, explore. 
24 yp"^ awake. 

Psalm XLV. HD 

1 WW brisk, active. D'3'0' lilies. 

2 tt7rn boil or bubble up. 

3 nS^ fair. nO'D' exceedingly beau- 

ptJ** pour forth. psin infused, 

6 pll? repeat over and over again. 

D':i:ttJ sharp. 
9 bnS to pitch a tent. ni'?n aloes, 

olive-trees, lign-aloes. 

Psalm XLVI. 1 

3 la'' Hiph. to change, alter. 

4 n^n tumultuate. 
nXSn disturb. 

nW2 rise, swell. imwJ swelling 

10 Tlt^p an extremity by cutting off. 

ysp cut off or in pieces. 

11 HZn give way, forbear. 

Psalm XLVII. r 

2 VP^ drive or force one thing 
against another, drive, strike, or 
clap (the hand). 
11 vibrate freely. n:n exultation. 
4 ")21 drive*or bring. 
10 213 free, liberal. "'1^2 nobles, 
n v3? ascend. Niph. exalted. 


3 ?)3 stretch forth. Fii3 extension, 
i. e., the prospect it extends to 
the eye. 
6 H^n wonder, be astonished. 
1^'^ to assemble. 
TDH haste, hurry. 



6 bnn precipitate, put into con- 

10 nttl equable. To form an idea 
in the mind. 

14 vPI^ to remain, abide, wait. nVn 
patient expectation. 

2DQ divide, distinguish, view, con- 
sider distinctly. 

Psalm XLIX. IDD 

5 in penetrate. TiTTf my enigma, 
a parable. 

8 "IDD to cover. An expiation, a 

11 vD3 stiffness. Vd3 foolish person. 

1V^ to clear off. T3>3 a brutish 

12 mp to approach. The inmost 

part, the thought. 

13 hWT2 to rule. bQ3 compared. 

15 "HIJ bind close, enclose. I""!? 
strength, form, beauty. 

biT to dwell, bara a habitation. 

Psalm L. 3 

2 bblD complete entirely. b'jSD all 

over, clothed all over. 

3?D'' irradiate, shine forth. 

3 lyW to stand erect. Niph. rrowa 

to be tempestuous. 

9 SbD separation, restriction. 'nMtaD 

11 TT move to and fro. V\ animals. 

13 "HISM strong, mighty. D'TSN strong 

19 1X3!^ join, fasten, couple together. 


20 ?)1D drive, hurry away. 
^DT slanders. 

Psalm LI. S3 

4 DmD wash thoroughly. 

G rTDT clear, pellucid, morally or 

7 bin travail with child. bbTf tra- 

vailed of, produced by travail. 

8 y^Tl incline, desire, will, choose. 

n^ overlay. nirr!0 the inner parts 
(of the human body). 

no stop up. The hidden man, 
the hidden part of man (the 
inner man). 

9 Kt^n miss a scope. Cleanse or 

purify by a sin-offering. 

10 71D1 beat or bray. n313 contrite. 

Psalm LIL 33 

2 3M1 to be troubled. JN"n. 

4 IVn divide, cut. A sharp instru- 
ment, a razor. 

Wa7 sharpen or wet. ncribD 

7 ^-^3 break to pieces, destroy. 

nD3 extirpate, root out. 

9 H^n fall down, nin oppression, 

Psalm LIIL 33 

4 nbS filthy or putrid. 
6 "ITD scatter. 
DS^ reject with contempt, abhor. 


Psalm LIV. 12 

5 y^V agitate, shake violently, 
7 ntl'2 cut off, destroy. 

Psalm LV. 713 

3 TT' descend, brought down, de- 

nt^ or nitt? expatiate freely in 
thinking (meditating). 

4 pV confine, straiten. np3? com- 

pression, oppression. 
lOD slide or slip, 
'^mn'' thine allotment, i. e., 

thy supply. 
U^W hate or set oneself against. 

5 on tumultuate D'. nin' terrors. 

6 ^bo tremble. mste tremour, 


7 "I^IM strength, inx a wing. 

8 113 remove quickly, speedily, 


9 2?D3 remove. TOD rushing along 

or forward. 
"137D to be turbulent. "ODQ from 
the whirlwind, tempest. 
10 3?bi swallow up, destroy. 
12 TIWQ draw out, depart. 

yn to be in the midst. "|n con- 
cealed wickedness, deceit. 

14 "yiy set in order. >3^W according 

to my disposition. 
V\7i^ being chief. Guide. 

15 priD to be sweet. Hiph. to cause 

sweetness, be sweet. 
Wyi meet together, assemble in a 
tumultuous manner. "Oan a mul- 

16 mtt^rr?' let death take hold, or 

death shall, &c. 

n<hnn 213 

20 Ppn passing, succession, after. 
niD^bn courses. Successive at- 
tacks. Changes of heart, life, or 
fortune. So change, renewal. 

22 N^n q. disturb, agitate. riMDn 

butter, butter-milk. 
^1p approach ; with b9 following, 

advance against, mp an assault, 

attack, conflict. 
T^y) tender, soft. 

nn^ open, loose. DinnQ drawn 
swords, unsheathed. 

23 2n^ to give, supply. "|2n> thy 

gift, thy allotment. 

bS"" power, ability. *|V3bD' fully 
able to support and sustain thee. 

24 'n'2'n part, divide asunder, equally 

or unequally. 

Psalm LVI. 13 

1 DvS compress, bind close to- 

gether. Db a band of men, or 
of the handful. 
n3V oppression. 

2 ?)N2? absorb, swallow up. 
yn7 squeeze, oppress. 

6 I3^V labour, travail. Grieve, 

afflict. To work, form by 
labour, distort. 

7 3lpl> the end. >lps^ heels, foot- 

9 "TM3 Arab, ooze out, be moist. 
JIWI bottle (of skin). 

14 Tini drive, thrust, 'm a fall, 

Psalm LVII. T3 

5 '^rn burn up. D'ffinb persons 
set on fire, or incendiaries. 




5 "in penetrate, mn sharp. 

7 P)D3 bow or bend down very 

nW to incline. TfTVXD or nmiD a 


Psalm LVIII. 03 

2 ^^N steadiness, stability. ^:OM 

faithfully, truly. 

3 DvD make level. Weigh men- 

tally, adjust, contrive. 

5 Crr^ to be hot, conceive, non in- 

flammatory poison. 
ntST equable, moia as, likeness. 
)nD stir, move. An asp or adder. 

Diss shut, shut up. The ear or 

6 WTl^ a low hissing, whistling, or 

whistling sound. To make a 
soft whistling sound. 
I^n conjoin. onan "Qin the 
chanter of incantations. DDnD 
never so cunning. 

7 VrO break in pieces. nWD^ the 


8 DSJ2 dilated. Become vile or 

"7"n to go. Bend. Stretch forth. 
7 /D cut off entirely. 

9 nZ2 who, and ia3 as Just as, or 

when. Repeated, as, so. 
^^n local motion. 
bStt? to impel. Vi"?! a snail. 
bD3 to fall. An abortion. 

10 1^ to divide. D3'nTD feel your 
pots, i. e., men cause to feel. 

TISM to fasten, drive in strongly. 
A bramble, a thorn. 

10 HTT vigorous, strong. So to live. 

'n fresh or green, 
mn to heat, burn, pin heat, 

wrath. The dry he (God). 

Under no in Parkhurst's Lex. 
liVW to stand erect. Hurl or 

hurry away, as with a storm or 


Psalm LIX. 123 

2 S3l lift up, exalt. 
4 n^^S excite, move, stir up. (Con- 
tention, war, or strife.) 

8 HV^ boil or swell out. 

12 273 to move, remove, move to and 

fro. Hiph. "iDJ^^jn move, shake. 

13 rrbW to curse. n^n cursing. 
"1DD to tell, enumerate, write, 

narrate, recount. 

14 HvD totality. Consume, bring 

to nought. 

Psalm LX. D 

2 n!i" to burn, be burned, misna. 

3 n3T cast off. 

^3M to breathe, snuff with the 
nostrils. So to be very angry. 

4 D2B to break. Riven. 
ntOD perhaps, mo: to incline. 

5 ^3?*! violently agitated. n^'in 

agitation, confusion. 

6 D3 quick, waving, tremulous 

motion. A banner, an ensign. 
DD3 to fly off entirely. DDJnnb 
to wave or glister with light. 

V^tDp exact, precise truth or purity. 
Truth, integrity, rectitude. 


7 \^bn loose from, deliver. 

8 QDti? readiness, forwardness. A 


9 ppn delineate, mark out exactly. 

'>pj:'ny2 a definer, a lawgiver. 
10 y^"^ sound, resound with a loud 
noise, ring again. 

Psalm LXI. D 

3 f\'^V obscure, cover, overwhelm. 

ntDyi grief, affliction. 
6 C7'T^ to succeed to an heritage. 

n'Cyy an heritage. 
8 \D q. for no what. 

Psalm LXII. nO 

2 nDl equable. TV^M still, quiet, 

4 linn devise mischief, rush 

violently upon, inmnn. 
7ini drive down, thrust down. 

5 Wtt?3 to bear, lift up. 
*inSt27D from his excellency. 

10 b^n to emit a vapour. Vanity. 

A vapour, a being destitute of 
real substantial good. 

1 1 ^3 put forth, bud, increase. 

Psalm LXIII. ^D 

2 ir\W dark coloured. Seek early 

ill the morning, i. e., diligently 

and earnestly. 

n72D warm or hot as with desire. 

P\y^ dissolve, melt. F]' spent. 

4 n'Z^ to sooth. To praise, laud. 

n''7nn 215 

6 !2bn soft, unctuous parts. Mar- 


7 nVI^ spread, stretch out. '^'tS' 

my bed. 
liSti? to keep guard. m"int?l in 
night watches. 
9 p^"T adhere, cleave, follow. 
12 1^0 closed, shut up. 
11 1j^ shrink or draw back for fear. 
b'^W a fox. 

Psalm LXIV. ID 

2 tlW incline. miD or H" to be 
deep in thought, to think pro- 
foundly, meditate. 

6 pTn bind hard, encourage, confirm. 

7 ti?Dn set free, search out. -ODn 

a search. 
7V7V ascend, nbw pi. mbw op- 
pression, injustice, iniquity. 
on to finish. ' 
9 1*73 move quickly, i. e., flee or flit 

10 ^DW to be wise. Hiph. under- 


Psalm LXV. HD 

6 ni5!3 to lean against, hang close, 

cling. nrJlD confidence, trust. 

7 ")TN girded, -^n:. 

8 St21?D bear or lift up. ph?' lifting 

up, swelling. 

9 nnS to come. nn or nm a 

sign or token. 

11 Dvn (Arab.) to break in pieces. 

TVnbn a furrow, 
m assault, mna the surface of 
the ground, which is continually 
assaulted by the plough. 




11 nn3 descend into, penetrate. 

2D?D melt or dissolve very much. 

rr:3;ion make very soft. 
ni2'2 spring, bud, grow. 

V3V roundness. b0 a highway, 
a path-way, wheel-way. 

13 F)371 distil, drop. 

14 *13 round. A pasture. 
"1123? to cover. 

Wl break in pieces. Hithp. 
sound, ring again, resound with 
a very loud noise. 

Psalm LXVI. ID 

10 )n^ try, prove. 

1 1 m!i look sideways. mi:<?0 a toil, 

net, snare. 
pV confine, straiten. rrpyiD com- 
pression, oppression. 

12 nil wet. mn saturated, well 


14 n!^D let loose, open. 

15 nriD to wipe. DTTQ fat, fat ones. 


3 f\12 drive about, disperse. 

5 my to mix. nii-iri in the 

heavens or celestial fluid. 
r\^n subside, exist. TV existence. 

6 nSM acquiesce, consent to. UN 

a father of. 
^^tt remain, dwell. p3>Q a mansion, 
a dwelling. 

7 IW to unite. TH^ only, single, 


1W2 straight, direct. nniDISa in 
righteousness or with prosperity. 

7 "IDM to bind with chains or a vow. 
nniJ to shine. White or clear. 

rrnTiS a shining, parched land 
or country. 

8 l'^'^ to walk, proceed. 

DW to place. Niph. to be waste. 
]'iO*iO' a waste, desert, wilderness. 

9 ^IDD drop, distil. 

10 P)3 reach out, stretch forth, extend. 

See Parkhurst's Lexicon under 

PD to prepare, establish, conform 
entirely or completely. 

11 HTT being vigorous, n^n a force, 

a strong body of men. 

13 ni3 settle, dwell, rest. n"3 re- 

siding, abiding at home. 

14 Tl^n cover, ncn:. 

lUN strong. 'rrnSN pinions. 
pT' moist. p"ipT intensely green, 
or yellow. 

15 mtt? to pour out. ntD the Al- 

mighty, the pourer forth. 
t2?*^D to spread, scatter, disperse. 

y7W to be bright, shine. Snow. 
abttJD it snowed. 

16 ^!l gibbosity, protuberance, pro- 

minency, D'JiaJ "n a hill of 
gibbosities, a cheese-like hill. 
n:*na cheese. 

17 1!^^ leap, exalt. 

18 nm to be many, increase, &c. 

D'mi myriads or indefinitely 

numerous, 20,000. 
Tl^W iterate. ]N2' angels. 
20 DX337 lift, bear, or hold up. Bears 

our burden. 
22 ^nX2 to wound, drive, plunge in, 

24 riDD to distribute. TOD a part, 

portion, share. in:o. 


26 Db^ to hide, conceal, rrd)^ a 

PjBn smite repeatedly. niDDin 
beating on tabors or diffs. 

27 'np spring up, gush out. iipo a 

fountain, a family or stock. 

28 D131 to whelm, heap, nmn a heap 

of stones for defence, a bulwark 
(of stones). 

30 nitt? make equal, 'tt? a gift for 

benefits received. 

31 y^l to bruise. 'jn shattered 

IV^ restrain, repress. 
Tl^p to hold, possess, nop a reed, 

cane. Wild beast of the reeds, 

i. e., the Egyptians. 

DDT tread, trample, or stamp. 

Itn disperse, dissipate. 

32 ']J2iW abound. D'iQttJn abounding 

in strength, the strong, robust. 
yi run, move swiftly or hastily. 

Psalm LXIX. tDD 

3 riT' to press. ]V mud. 

bS shade. ny,2D a spread or 
extent of waters covering a 
large bottom. 

7^2? impel, thrust forward, n^l 
a current or stream of water. 

^I^W to cover with water, over- 
flow. Overwhelmed. 

4 S^ri"^ labour. Weary. 

nn3 snort, force the breath with 
violence through the nostrils, 

m3 to excite, pia the throat, 
the windpipe. 



5 riD^ cut off, destroy. 'D'Oi^n 

those who are desirous to destroy 

6 biN gross, thick stupidity. "nbMib. 
"THD cut off, hide, conceal. 

9 1T3 to be separated, alienated. 

10 S3p eat into, nwp zeal, jealousy. 

1 nSn ooze out, distil in small 
quantities, to weep. 

13 nW to incline. WV3 expatiate 
nntt? to drink, 'm drinkers. 

1'DW to satisfy. 12' drunkard, or 
strong drink. 
16 "HISS obstruct or shut. 

19 vMn vindicate, avenge. Recover 
or deliver. n^M redemption, 
right or price of redemption. 

21 tt73S infirm, ill, bad, sick with 

sorrow. ttJIJM grievous, woful. 
Violently grieved. 

13 move, remove. With b follow- 
ing, to be moved for another, 
sympathize, compassionate, con- 
dole. T)2 sympathy, 

Dn3 change of mind. D^cn: com- 

22 tt?S"n priority or precedence, i-^i 

poison, hyssop, 
m^ feed, eat, take food. m"\nn 

food, meat. 
Mtt2 thirst, yon to be fermented. 

24 1V^ totter, stagger. 

D/W to make whole. D'Oi? re- 
compenses, sacrifices, &c. 

25 11^ order, regular disposition. 

m^Q a row, a palace, a castle, a 
27 ^SD to mar, spoil. Causing grief 




or sorrow. aiN3D soreness, ex- 
ulceration of body or mind, grief. 

31 m> put forward. Hithp. minrr 

to confess. mim with open 
confession or profession. 

32 DID divide or part the hoof. 

I'^p shoot forth, diffuse, as horns 
or rays of light. 

Psalm LXX. V 

2 v23 to take away, eripere. In a 
good or bad sense, to pluck 
away, to deliver, spoil, take from. 

4 ^f)V the end, event, consequence. 
2py bv in consequence or as the 
event of. 

6 l^^D to escape, flee. Be delivered, 
bring forth. 

Psalm LXXI. ^ 

2 yW^ to save, used commonly in 
Hiph. With b following, to 
cause or work salvation or de- 
liverance for. 

4 \^X2n to ferment. Part. Benon. 

in Kal, yoin souring or fretting; 
and in Hithp. Ps. Ixxiii. 21, 
YO'HT^' (my heart) was exas- 

5 TT^p to stretch out. mpn expecta- 

tion, hope, longing. 

"n3?3 agitate, move briskly, "nj?: 

6 '^12D support, sustain. With ^y 

following, upon or by. 

t^ to take off or away. ni3 took me. 
8 ^SC to adorn, decorate. mDn 
glory, honour. 

1 1 P)Tl to follow, pursue. 

13 PjD'^ in Kal and Hiph. to add, 

increase. TiDDini with an infin. 
following or another connected 
with 1. 
ni^i> to cover. To repeat, do 

14 "HDD to tell, number. miDD the 

numberings, enumerations. 

17 H^Tl in Hiph. to be ready, present. 
n;rr or p particle, denoting 

20 ^W to turn from one place or state 
to another. Which are denoted 
by b, ba, or nnw. In Kal fol- 
lowed by another verb denotes, 
to do again. 

22 bD3 to fall or flow down, bi: a 
stringed musical instrument of 
twelve strings. The Nabla of 
the Phoenicians, 

Psalm LXXII. ^37 

1 nisbtt^b for Solomon. 

5 Q17 to collect, gather together, con- 

sociate. With Infin. against. 
As long as, or together with. 

6 ?]"^T*1t a watering by drops. A 

dripping, shaking rain. (Tar- 
gum) distilling, dropping; from 
rrn scatter, and riDS overflow. 
9 *^)^ dryness, drought. D"2? inhabit- 
ants of the wilderness. 

*7nb to lick, lick up. 
10 'S to settle, take up one's habita- 
tion. D"M habitable places ; not 
an island as E. T. 

W^Win . From in to go round, 
and WttJ to be bright in colour. 
See this word in Parkhurst's 




10 1DW to satisfy. "\DttJ a compen- 
sative present. 

12 V)W to open, cry out. Rich, 
opulent (opposed to bl poor). 

14 "7^ to be in the midst. Concealed 

wickedness, deceit. 

15 v^D to make a distinction between 

good and bad. In Hithp. to in- 
tercede, mediate. 

IV beyond, further. Time onward, 
therefore to, unto, until. 

16 DDD to fail or be diminished. riDD 

a small parcel or quantity. 
^^ to break or burst forth as a 
flower, as the light, the hair. 
Hiph. to flourish, flower. 

17 )3 to propagate, be propagated, 

spread successively. 

Psalm LXXIII. 25? 

2 ntfiD to stretch, stretch out or forth. 

bil '1T03 being or having declined 
with my feet. 

ntTN to proceed. A step, proceed- 
ing, progress. 

ID37D . With 3 prefixed, as it 
were, a little, well-nigh, almost 

"^Dtt? to pour out; shed, nacw an 
efiusion, a slipping, a sliding. 

^''MS within a little, all but. 

3 bbn in Kal and Hiph. to toss 

oneself, exult through pride. 
D^^Vin insolent, arrogant persons, 

4 ^liin knots, the complications of 

a cord or bond, i. e., perplexing 
difl&culties. See this, ]' >3 
d'?i Nnn on ^'Qb maiJ"in for there 
are no perplexing difficulties to 

them, their strength is perfect 
and firm. 

5 "bl^V to toil, ^oy afflictive labour, 

toil, weariness. 

6 p^V to encompass or surround, as 

a collar. 
nW to set, place, n'tt) array, a 

8 pX3 Niph. to be dissolved. Hipli. 

m to be lifted up. Dlio height, 


7 Tl^W to be like, resemble. n3D 

view, contemplate. Chald. look 
at with attention. '1312J imagina- 
tion, conception. nV3D 2b 
imaginations of the heart. 
10 Dvn to beat, smite, as with a 
hammer or otherwise. D^n here, 
niitt to squeeze, press. 

12 rivtt? to be quiet, secure. ^^ 

quiet, secure. 

u7V to hide, conceal. d';13? time- 
hidden, or concealed from man, 
for ever. 

"]''M a particle of desiring, asking, 
as rri. In what manner, by 
what means. rrD'' how, in what 
manner, where, &c. 

HyOy expatiate, luxuriate. 

ntt?2 Hiph. attain to, with l fol- 

1 3 HDT make clean, pure, transparent. 
ilp'i to clear away. |Vp3 clean- 
ness, freedom from guilt, in- 

14 n!D"^ to be plain, manifest. In 

Hiph. to be corrected. nnDin 
correction, chastisement. 

15 l^D, to use a cloak of dissimulation, 



220 PSALMS. 

18 pbn smooth, even, mp^rr smooth, 

slippery places. 
nWti? to be confounded. niMlttra 
confusions, therefore desolations. 

19 nSD to sweep clean away, con- 

TVTIl to wear or waste away. nirr'?n 
wastings, destruction. 

20 IV to raise. Hiph. stir up, excite, 

rouse, awake. 

21 ^XSn to ferment. Soured, fretted, 

exasperated, as from grief or 
ptt? repeat over and over again. 
Whet, sharpen. In Hithp, to 
feel acute pain. 

22 "1VD to clear off. -i3?a a brutish 

Qn2l in Ethiop. to be dumb or 
speak barbarously, rroni a beast, 
a brute, 

27 prn be, go, flee, far off. ypTn 
they who are far off from thee. 

rV^'^ cut off, destroy, consume. 

nDT to encompass. n31l a harlot, 

Psalm LXXIV. 1^ 

1 n3T to cast forth. 
^WV to smoke. 

n^T to feed. 'SHD, fem. n^S>-|Q a 

2 1V> to appoint. rn2> an assembly. 

3 D^D to smite alternately. The 

5 rnV ascend. n^^Db a going up. 

7^0 to inweave (an intertexture 
crossing and intwined). A 


5 DTnp a hatchet or axe. From 

mp to meet, and nm level. 

6 bt^D to stumble. "j'tD^ an axe, 

pick-axe, crow, an instrument of 

throwing down. 
HDD to open, i. e., to make an 

opening. mnD engravings, 

graven or carved work. 
P)7D to impel. niDys instruments 

for cutting, axes, hammers. 
D7n to beat to pieces, knock by 

beating, or beat down. 
8 n3"* to press, squeeze. 0^3 we 

will oppress, afflict them. 

1V*^ to appoint. Niph. to be con- 
vened. iSMd tabernacle or 

10 f]in to strip, make naked. Strip 

of honour, praise, &c., i. e., to 
reproach, disgrace. 

^ND cast off, reject, despise. y2>. 

11 71pr\ to imprint, pMTf the bosom. 

prr, p^u. 

13 IQ to break. n*>Q to break 

or divide entirely. yvs hast 

14 y^l run here and there, to dash, 

break by collision. 

n w to join. 1n'^^b Leviathan, from 
^'^) coupled, and p a dragon. 

15 ]nS strength, p^N strong, forcible, 

violent, as a river or torrent. 

16 W12W^ n*lS the luminary or 

orb, and the stream of light 
from it, 

19 "in to go round. "ilD and in a 


iT^n vigorous. TVVf living or 
animal appetite. 

20 1223 to look, behold, regard. 




20 '^Wn to impede action or motion. 

niN to desire, covet. mN3 de- 
sirable things (Symmachus). m2 
Don valuable plunder, not habi- 

Psalm LXXV. nV 

3 IDDtt? all regulation and disposal. 

To judge, discern, determine, 
order, regulate. 
1W*> straight. -\ttJ* right, upright. 
niO'Q rectitudes, righteousnesses. 

4 )^n to regulate by weight, measure, 

or rule. 

5 bbn to toss oneself, i. e., to boast. 

In Kal and Hiph. insolent, 
arrogant persons, boasters. 

6 pny transfer, remove. Distorted, 

perverted (neck). 

7 MS** to come or go forth, 2?10 

and rarely SD a coming, going, 

or being brought forth. NS10D 

from theEast. 
^nV to mix, mingle. n-Q. niTJ^O 

evening or western part, 
m to be lifted. Hiph. to lift up, 

elevate, nn elevation. 

8 HT refers to some present or near. 

This, this here, m m this and 
that, one and another, this and 
bSlZ? in Kal, to humble oneself. 
Hiph. to humble, bring down. 

9 IZSn to disturb. Inebriating. 

The turbidness of wine makes 

it very inebriating. 
"70^ mix, mingle. 
"133 in Kal, to spread abroad, 

diffuse, pour out. 

9 IT^W to keep, keep safe, cno^ 
the dregs. 

11 V13cutoff. 

Psalm LXXVI. 1^ 

3 )VT2 to remain. n213?D a dwelling- 

place of habitation. 

4 F]ti?n to glow or flash. ntt?p 'C^n 

the glittering or flashing arrows 
of the bow. 

5 1M to flow, mw shining, illustri- 

ous, glorious. In Kal, to light, 
to shine. 

6 bbtZ? to strip off, spoil. IjbinttJn 

to make oneself or become a 
spoil. i'?'?in in the Chaldee 
form N for n. 
D3 to slumber, doze, sleep slightly. 
They have slumbered (in their 
sleep nnw). 

^W^ to sleep, be in a sound nri? 
sleep. Also Job xiv. 12, sleep 
of death. 

7 "13?3 check, reprove. rTTS-a a 


Dl"! in Niph. only. Overwhelmed 
with sleep. Dli: in a deep or 
dead sleep, or trance. 

TSD all the time, from thence, 
from that time. 

9 tSpC? quiet or at rest. 

12 b^"^ lead, carry, bring forth as a 
present. iVlV they shall cause 
to bring. 

T1^W to make equal. ' a gift for 
benefits received. 


222 PSALMS. 


3 m"^ put forward. mT public pro- 

fessions or confessions. 'T my 

2Q to fail, cease, intermit. 3iDn. 
]W13 to refuse. 

4 ni^V to obscure, cover. Kal and 

Hithp. overwhelmed, covered, 

7 t&Dn set free, search out. Set at 

9 DDN fail, cease to be. 

nT2'y finishing, failing. Come to 

an end. 

10 y^p to contract, restrain, shut up. 

11 bn. 'm'?n my infirmity. 

17 Wl motion, commotion. Disquiet. 

18 D1T to pour, pour forth or over. 
y2n to divide into a great number 

of shares or portions. 'ssn 
arrows, but perhaps the divisions 
or separate flashes of lightning. 

19 bn v2l roll over and over. b:M the 

matter of the heavens in con- 
tinual circulation, or rather the 

20 biili? to impel. 'VltL' paths. 


2 ^!33 to gush, spring, or bubble up. 
Hithp. pour out. 

^^ to penetrate. nTn an enigma 
or parable. 
4 "rniD cut ofi", hide, conceal. 

f'iV to make exceedingly .strong. 
^^^$ great strength or power. 

7 7DD strength, support, confidence. 

7 ptZ?3 to kiss, clash formed from 

the sound. 

8 nwp ^lyn ^pW)^ dashing (and) 
shooting with the bow. 

n^n to cast, throw, project. 

15 r\^71 multitude. Dinn a confused 
multitude, atoms. A mass, body, 
or multitude of waters. mtDinn 
m" great depths. 

16 bT3 to distil, trickle, run down. 
D'bn: trickling streams, rills. 

18 HD^ to try, prove, tempt. 

19 K7Q3 to breathe, respire. trB2 de- 
sire, lust, appetite. 

20 T]\^W to cover with water, over- 

21 ptt?3 in Kal, to snap, crackle. 

22 ^QM steadiness, stability, constancy. 
In Hiph. to believe, trust, rely, 
or depend upon. 

24 31 to multiply or increase exceed- 
ingly. ]r\ corn, from its increase. 

25 mS to look sideways. htx 
victual or provision. 

26 3?DD to remove. Hiph. remove, 
cause to move. 

Dip precedency, dnp the east wind. 
3713 to carry, lead, bring. 

30 niT to scatter. To be strange, 

31 112W to abound, superabound. 
'3TD'CD those who were gorged with 
food, or had eaten most abund- 

32 S /D in Niph. to be extraordinary* 
wonderful. In Hiph. to make 
so. In Kal to make or perform 
as a vow. 

33 bnS to hurry, rrbnaa in haste. 
inW dark-coloured. The dawn, 

the gloom, or dusk of the morn- 




ing. I'o seek early in the morn- 
36 nriQ to draw aside, withdraw. To 
entice or seduce to evil. nD* to 
entice, persuade. imnD* here, 
caused him to withdraw. 

40 HD who, which, what. rra3 how often, 

41 HMTi in Kal and Hiph. to mark, 

make a mark. Hithp. "nnrr they 
challenged, accused, by causing 
the adversary to make a mark. 

46 vDH to consume, eat up. b^Dn a 

species of insect. 

47 ilin to kill, generally. 
r:i'' labour. 

DpW . D'Dp, f. niDpttJ sycamore 
or sycamine trees. 

/D3n frost, a rime, a hoar frost ; 
ff om nan to fix, and ^Q to cut off. 

48 "120 in Kal, to shut up. Hiph. 

cause to shut up, give up. 
137^ to clear off. T3>n a brute 

f]ti?1 to glow, flash as fire. CDttJl 

flashes of lightning. 

49 fMb Arab, to send. Heb. (Hithp. 

or passive) to serve, minister 
unto. D^yn D'Sx'^D evil agents or 
created intelligent creatures. 

50 !2n3. rriD and f. HTTO a path, 

pathway. (Idea) treading or 

wearing a tract with the feet, a 

way or course. 
D7D to make level, or even, or 

iT^n vigorous. TV'n reg. n^n life. 

51 ^M labour of body arid mind. p 

labour, pains, activity. Also the 
appellation of an object of worship 
in Egypt. 
55 v^n to bind, tie, connect, confine. 

A cord, (measuring) cord, ^an 
a tract or portion of land which 
had used to be measured by a 

57 nOD to recede. 

TlTyi to cast, throw, project, de- 
ceive, afflict, &c. n^D-\,naiD,noin, 
n^Oin injurious deceit, mis- 
chievous fraud. 

58 MDp eat into, corrode. Zeal, 

jealousy, indignation, envy. 

59 DSa to be dilated. To despise, 

abhor, reject with contempt or 
disgust. With a following, dis- 
gusted at. 

60 K?t23 to loose, to set loose, i. e^ 

forsake, abandon, tor:'. 
ptt? to dwell, inhabit. 

61 *1S3 to adorn, to glorify, make 

glorious. Hithp. to glorify one- 
self. mDn glory, honour. 

63 bbn in Kal and Hiph. to give 
lustre, to glorify, praise very 

65 IW^ to sleep, be in a sound sleep. 
po'3 as if asleep, seemingly in- 
Dn to be lifted up. D"i pi. D'm 
elevated, high (place). 

71 nvV to ascend (be with young), 

to nurse, suckle. mby milch- 

72 ]3 to divide, separate. n:'a and 

naian discretion, discernment, 

Psalm LXXIX. 133? 

1 n"l3? to turn out of its proper 
situation or course, to distort, 
pervert. ' pi, D"y a ruin, a 
heap of ruins. 

224 PSALMS. 

4 33? 7 to mock, deride, sneer. Scorn, 

derision, scoffing, 

5 ^3S to breathe or snuff with the 

nostrils ; so to be very angry. 

10 DpD to avenge, nop: reg. nop: 

(by) the revenge, act of reveng- 
ing, vengeance. 

11 p2N to moan or groan. rrpSN cry- 

ing out. 

IDS to confine, restrain. TDN. 

in^ to exceed, nmn cause to 

ntt to die. nmon death, putting 
to death. 

12 VDW sufficiency. Prov. vi. 31 ; 

Exod. XX. 1, 4, D'nyiTD seven- 
fold, indefinitely for manifold. 

Psalm LXXX. D 

1 a^^WW b rCilV concerning 

the lilies. 

2 rS'' in Hiph. radiate, irradiate, 

shine forth. m?'D"in. 

3 11^ to raise up, rouse, excite. 

5 ^WV to smoke, to fume. Violent 


6 3?ttl to ooze out. WDi a tear, 

collectively tears. 
WbW to third (only in Is. xl. 12). 
ttr^ a certain measure of 
capacity, perhaps part of the 

7 ^l to direct piD a strife, dispute. 

10 HDD to turn towards. "':d'? to or 
before the face. With b follow- 
ing, to advert or look, provide, 


11 ^33? to shoot. A shoot, bough, 


12 1'^p to cut short, ysp collectively 

the boughs, or branches (the 

13 Nin to pluck off or crop. 

14 UDID or ]ttD")3 to root up, 

eradicate, but perhaps to cram or 
till the belly ; from D13 the belly. 

ITH to encompass. y\n a hog or 

tT to move to and fro, Vf ^au, 

nVl to feed. pi to thrive, 
flourish. TO^T. 

16 )'D to make ready. n23 a plant, a 

scion, a set. 

17 nriD to sweep, scrape off. nmD3 

a refuse. 

Psalm LXXX I. D 

2 pi to vibrate briskly. Kal and 
Hithp. cry aloud, shout aloud. 

37*1 to break. Hiph. shout. 

6 nOtt? to dash, crush. nSW religi- 

ous confession or sentiment. 
(God is here the speaker.) I 
heard a religious confession. I 
acknowledged or approved not. 

7 '?;2D to support. bx> f. a burden. 

"n . m some vessel of a roundish 
protuberate form. A basket, a 
pot, &c. 

13 "127 to regulate. lb nmi the 
ruling principles, directions, or 
determinations of the heart. 

16 S32? to hate. 


la WnO to fail. (To fail in per- 
manency or courage.) 


2 Stt?3 bear or lift up. To lift up 

(d:d the face), l"n i. e., accept 
or regard his person. 

3 W^ to lack, be in want. X0^ poor, 


4 to vD to escape. In Kal and Hiph. 

cause to escape, i. e., deliver. 

Psalm LXXXIII. nD 

2 Win silent thought or attention. 

Hiph. to be deaf, dumb, or 

l^pW to be quiet, at quiet, or rest. 
'i U1V to be naked. Hiph. to make 

cunning or subtle. n5?D 1D'tJ> 

they have taken crafty or subtle 


y!?'> to advise. Hithp. tsr'n' take 
counsel together, consult among 
themselves. Niph. to be coun- 
selled, to consult. 

5 ins take ofif or away. Hiph. re- 
move out of sight. 

8 Wb^. nwbs the Philistines. 

1 1 T7 or "1*)T to encompass, "int 

Chald. inhabiting. IMI pa. 

^lyi to pollute, defile, pi dung. 

12 "^D to overspread, anoint. dO'D: 

anointed princes, sovereign. 
14 7!l to roll. bAy any light thing 

rolled over and over again or 

whirled by the wind, a rolling 

16 ^Tl to follow, pursue. 



16 nSD to scrape. nciD a violent 

sweeping wind or storm. 

"1VD turbulent. A turbulent wind, 
a whirlwind, a tempest. 

17 TV7p levity, lightness. \)bp yile- 

ness, ignominy, 
/rm to hurry, precipitate. Niph. 
^briT agitated. 


2 11 . TT beloved, well-beloved. 

mm* lovely. 

3 I^DD to be pale. r?DD32 is grown 


4 1Q!2 to move quickly, mcs a bird 

in general. 
11 to go round, im a species of 

niD to break forth. mD the 

young of birds. 

6 bo to raise, elevate, mboo risings, 


7 SDS the name of some tree or 

shrub, similar to nD2. 
"^1^ to couch. HDia a reservoir 
or pool where waters couch. 

nt^V involution. To overspread, 

nT^ to direct, guide, mio the 

former rain, also mv. 

11 n^D to scrape or sweep. F]D 
hollow. A threshhold. r|D"!ncn 
to be at the threshold, to be a 
door-keeper. fpD. 

Psalm LXXXV. HD 

4 J^DS to gather, withdraw, take 



5 no to break. In Hiph. break, 

dissipate, annul. 
DVD to be angry. Anger, vexa- 

6 '^WT2 to draw. Draw out. 

9 bOD stiffness. Mentally, to be 
stupid. n'?D3 stupidity, folly. 

11 tt?2D to meet. In Nipb. to meet 


12 ^pW to turn towards. In Niph. 

to be turned, so to look. 


2 "TDn succulent abundance. TDH 

abundantly kind or bountiful. 
5 n vD to loose, relax, remit. Re- 
mitting punishment. 
11 in'' to unite, make one. TTT. 

15 Dm to embrace. DinS one so 

affected, merciful, pitiful. To 
love intimately, (r9fXay^vi^afji,au, 
used in N. T. 

16 DS to support. nD truth. fnoM 

thy handmaid. 

Psalm LXXXVII. tD 

1 ID'' to found. inTiD^ his founda- 
tion, basis. 

3 "TDD to be weighty. rrn233 pi. 

m"Q33 glorious things. 

4 ID^ to remember. In Hithp. 

cause to remember, make men- 
tion of. The male sex. 

5 Nin permanent existence or sub- 


6 DTy^ to mark, engrave, i. e., to 


7 "lU? to regulate, regulate the voice 

in singing. Dn^ songs. DntD 

7 bbn to open eminently, w'im'2 

as pipers or pipes. 

n3V to act upon.|'yn a fountain or 


6 "in to divide , cut off. 

8 *7DD to support. "With b^ follow- 

ing, to lay upon. 

9 VT^ tt> perceive or feel by the 

body or outward senses, and 
with the mind. '^TD or S>TiD a 
person known, an acquaintance. 

wbD separation, restriction, re- 
strained. ^3. 

10 DWT to faint or fail. 

ni2l27 to spread abroad, stretch 

11 SSI to restore or reduce to a 

former state. D''NDn dead bodies 
reduced to their original dust. 
Remains or relics, the moulder- 
ing dead. 

16 37^!l to labour for breath, to expire. 

D'^M . rra'N terror ; here -|"D thy 

n3D to turn. To turn this way 

and that. 

17 n3?D to disturb, affright. D^mn 

things terrible or to be feared. 

riD^ cut off. nnos to cut off, 
destroy, or consume entirely. 

18 DD to turn, turn about, aside, or 

PjpD go round, surround, encom- 




Psalm LXXXIX. lOD 

7 j^nW to conflict. The celestial 

fluid, the conflicting ether, 

ethers, airs. 
*7"15? set in order, compare. 
nZST equable, even. Put on a 


8 ynV to agitate, terrify. Niph. to 

be feared, revered. 

9 "JDn to be strong. yDTf strong, 

endowed with strength. 

10 nwn to increase, swell, mw swel- 
n^tt? to soothe, assuage, calm. 

nm to incite, stir up. A name 
of Egypt. 

20 nitt? to make equal. -|W WITD I 

have equalized half, i. e., I have 

laid or given sufficient help. 

irQ to look at with admiration or 

approbation, mm a choice man. 

23 Nti73 to bear, &c. '^' deceive or 

seduce by elation, which exact. 

24 r|3D to hit, strike against, strike, 

34 "HD to break. Hiph. dissolve, 

3() 7130? to iterate, do over again ; so 

to change, alter. 

40 "nS3 to cast ofTor away. 

41 y^B to break out or through, 
nn to be broken, nnno ruin, 


42 nOtt? to rob, plunder, pillage. 

^4 ^2 bind close, enclose, ms the 
hardness or firm temper of a 

45 nn^ to be pure, clean. nmcD 
brightness, unsullied honour. 

45 "13^ to throw or cast down. 
48 l/H creep on insensibly. Tran- 
sient, transitory. 

Psalm XC. IT 

2 v7n to open eminently. Hithp. 


3 S3T break, crush. Humiliation. 

4 ban , bM2n , and bianS yes- 

terday. From on to finish, and 
jID to cut ofl', is here joined with 
DV day, but in all other passages 
with nwbv. 
"IT^iW to keep. rmt3' a watch. 

5 DIT to pour forth or over. Over- 

whelm, as a flood. 
IW^ to sleep, ns' sleep. 

P) /R passing, succession, after ; so 

to change. 
"ISn to surround. TSn a herb. 

6 'y^ to break or burst forth. Kal 

and Hiph. to flower, blossom. 
9 n3D to turn. Turn this way and 

Hyn bring or carry forth in act, 

sound, word, or thought. A 


10 "123 to be strong. mi33 strength, 


3m incite, excite. High-spirited- 

ness, pride. 
^S labour of body or mind. pN 

Wn to haste, wn in haste, speedily, 

hastily, a understood. 

1 1 S"l^ to fear, be afraid. nT fear, 


12 n3!3 to distribute. Compute, 

reckon up. 



Psalm XCI. S^T 

1 )h to stay, ]:h to lodge oneself, 

take one's abode. 

2 12?p' to lay or set a snare. "Cip' a 


3 mn to fall down, subside, mn an 

oppressing or depressing ca- 
lamity, a grievous affliction. 

4 HDS strong. "Tnt* and f. maw the 

wing or pinion of a bird. 
]!J to be pointed. n22 a large 

shield or buckler. 
"inD move to and fro, mno a 
small shield, a target, a buckler. 
6 SiDp to cut off. A cutting off, 
nt27 shatter, destroy, waste. 
10 n3M the occurrence or presence of 
an object. With a radical n, to 
occur, happen. 

13 bntZ? dark-coloured. A black 

jnD to stir, move. A species of 
serpent, an asp. 

14 pWn connected with in heart and 

2207 to lift up, exalt. 

15 V^n to loose, deliver. 

Psalm XCII. 22 

4 nWV to ^e rich. ">1W an instru- 
ment with ten strings, as also the 
nnn to roar. In Kal and Hiph. 
to murmur. ]vyr^ a musical in- 
strument, probably from its mur- 
muring sound. 
8 V^ break or burst forth as a 
flower. Flower, flourish, blossom. 


11 DW"1 to be raised up. D>-\ the 
name of a horned animal, the 
wild bull. 
72 to mix, mingle. 
IV^ thrive, flourish. (:s>-| refresh- 
ing (oil). 
13 n:itt7 luxuriate, grow, thrive. 

15 23 to put forth, bud, germinate, 
produce fruit. 

2t& to turn. Old, returning to the 

dust. rtyiD old age. 
]W1 to fill or plump up. Plump, 


16 nbS7, nbl^, nrhv oppres- 
sion, injustice, iniquity. 

Psalm XCIII. 3!2 

2 TM a point of time. 

3 n2T to beat, break. OT waves, 

so LXX. 

4 lis magnificent, glorious, pomp- 

U") to be lifted up. nyya height, 

5 mS in Kal and Hiph. to desire, 

covet, lust after. In Niph. n"i: to 
be desirable, beautiful, comely. 

Psalm XCIV. 1!^ 

1 Dp3 to avenge, nops revenge, 
V^^ in Hiph. radiate. TD'H shine 
4 3723 to gush. In Hiph. to pour 

out, utter. 
13 ^T)W in Kal and Hiph. to be 

quiet, make quiet. 




13 nnti? to corrupt, destroy. A 

trap, a snare. 

1 4 tt?^3 to loose, set loose. Forsake, 


16 C37 to collect, ny against. 

17 '^blb if not, unless, ^b if, and 'b 

defect, from rrb. 
P)37'^t!l?. Dynu} thoughts (distilling, 
as it were, from the heart) ; from 
M) which, and F)X?n to distil. 

1 9 VWVW to turn this way and that 

(in play). In a Hiph. sense, 
cause to turn in this manner. 

20 nin to fall down, subside, mn 

pi. nnn oppression, 
n^n conjoin, associate. 

21 VW^ unfairness. In Hiph. pro- 

nounce unjust, condemn. 
23 na!? cut off, destroy. 

Psalm XCV. H!^ 

4 1\^r] search minutely or to the 
bottom. '>'\p'n'0 joined with yiM 
the deep places of the earth, 
penetralia terrae. 
r)!?*^ dissolve, dissipate. TW$^n 
the high tops (of mountains) 
whose ascent wearies. 

6 r\W to incline. Hithp. prostrate 


7 n^n to feed. D'S'iO a pasture. 

8 ^1 to strive, nina and 11 a 

verbal contention, controversy, 
no 3 to try. noD trial. 
10 I^p in Kal and Niph. to loathe, 
be disgusted at. 

Psalm XCVI. 1^ 

6 "Tin glory, majesty, honour ; from 
mrr to send or thrust forth. 

6 mn to adorn, decorate. 
9 tt?lp n"nn the beauty or glory 
of holiness. 
vH'' remain, wait, expect. 

11 D^T violent commotion. Agitated. 

1 2 TvS? exult, move, or leap for joy. 

Psalm XCVI I. TIT 

1 "^M to settle. A settlement, a ha- 

3 ton / to burn up, set on fire. 

9 nbV to go up. Niph. n'b^: to be 

Psalm XCV III. HS 

4 n!^Q to break with a noise, break 

forth into a joyful noise. 
6 *1!jn surround. m^JSn a trumpet, 
from i:?n a tube, and 12? to 
*1DIZ? seemly, goodly. IClur a 
trumpet, from its goodly sound. 

8 HnD to strike or clap (the hands 

Psalm XCIX. tD^^ 

I tyi motion, commotion, agitation. 
Moved, disturbed. 
ntD3 to stretch, bow, decline, turn 
aside. :D'\:n. 

5 DOT to raise on high, exalt, or 

extol very much, 
mn a footstool or rest. 

Psalm C. p 

2 ^yi to vibrate briskly, ruai loud 
shouting, triumph, oration. 





Psalm CI. p 

3 ntOD to decline. D'tDD decliners, 

such as turn aside. 
5 ^W^ to speak against, i. e., to be- 
vD^ power or ability. To endure, 
be able to bear. 

Psalm CI I. 2p 

1 ^tD3? to obscure. In Kal and 
Hithp. to be obscured and over- 

4 Tp"* to burn, mpn a burning. 
nn3 to flow, run along. 

7 Sp to vomit. np the pelican or 

the onocrotalus. 
TIOD to cover, overspread. D^D an 
owl, therefore hiding in the day 
time and coming forth at night. 

8 IpW to wake, watch. 

9 bbn in the Hithp. mad, foolish, 

to boast, 'n ^bb^TTG those who 
are insolent, or boast themselves 
against me. Here ^bb^TrQ is used 
in the construct, instead of ab- 

10 "ID to break, nc^ the small ashes 

or dust into which fuel is broken 
by fire. 
"7DX3 to mix, intermix. 

11 ^2p to foam, froth, f^sp foaming, 

15 pn to be very kind, have a tender 

1 8 niV to make bare. 1$~\'$ entirely 

stripped or destitute. 
20 ^pW to look, turn toward an object, 

to front an object, Kal and Hiph. 
i:)n3 Kal and Hiph. to look, 

direct the eye or mind, to behold, 


21 nn^ to open or loose what was 
shut or bound, unbind, bring 
riD to die. rtmon N. fem. death, 
putting to death. 

23 y^p collect, gather together. 

26 Q3D within. CiD^ (of time) within 
time, under n^D before time. 

Psalm CIII. 2p 

2 7DH retribution, or return. vVin:. 

3 nvD loose, relax, remit, i. e., par- 

doning, forgiving. 
SvP! wear, wear away. >3i^"i'7nn 

SDI restore to a former state or 

condition, restore to health. 


4 >D''>n thy life. 

5 IV beyond, yi^ even thee or 

thy testimony. 
9 1^03 to watch. Observe insidi- 
ously, watch an opportunity 
against (relating to God). 
12 pn'^ to remove, pmo far, distant. 

Psalm CIV. ip 

2 nil37 involution. To throw or 

wrap as a garment over one. 

D7tt? to make whole. rroV an 
outer garment covering the 
whole body. 

3 mp meet, light upon. Contignate, 

i. e., frame, fit together. mpD 
the beams or boards of a (cham- 
ber or of a house). 
TibV ascend, vnvbs an upper 
chamber. God's chambers are 
the clouds. 




7 TQn to liaste, hurry. 

1 1 S~1D Hiph. run wild. U'iTB wild 

1'2W to separate contiguous parts, 
break, slack, assuage, quench. 

12 Q'*SD37 foliage, leaves, or branches 

waved to and fro by the wind. F|3?. 

13 TlpU) irrigate, wet, moisten. 7tp^J2 

15 bn^ Hiph. to cause or make to 

17 )^p build, or make a nest. 

1 8 TV^V to ascend, ^y' the ibex or rock- 

goat, from the wonderful manner 
in which they mount the hills. 

]tiW cover in, hide, similar to a 
rabbit. D'2D Israel's sheep. 

^7D to cut, break. A rock from 
its craggedness. 
20 tt?Dl to move, move itself. A 
creeping thing, crawling animal, 
a reptile. 

2i pp in Kal and Hiph. to build a 
nest, pp possession, property. 
QIT to wait with silence or quiet- 
ness (Pike). 

26 irr^lb the Leviathans. From 'lb 

coupled, and p a large serpent. 

^iTltD to conflict, contend, sport. 

27 niStt? . With ? or b prefixed to 

the object, to break out towards, 
look unto, look at. 

28 iDpb to pick, pick up. 

29 HDD to sweep clean away (con- 


!S733 to touch. Hithp. with 2, to 
reach, draw nigh. 

33 IV beyond. m?2 whilst yet, q. d., 
in yet. 

Psalm CV. Up 

12 H^VT^ to be diminished. tOS^DD as it 

were a little. 
14 n3 to rest or settle. TO' to leave, 

permit, let alone. 

18 vlIilD a chain, bond. 

rTD37 to act upon, produce suffer- 
ings, hurt. 

19 ?)nii to refine, try, prove. 

20 "HilD in Hithp. to loose, let loose, 

set free. imw. 
nr\^ to open, loose, bring, or set 
25 733 to devise deceitfully^ Hithp. 
act deceitfully. 

30 y^W produce or increase abund- 

antly. Swarmed. 

31 ]3 to make ready. D':3 some 

winged insects, gnats, or mos- 

32 Dt2?3 to be heavy, to lie heavy upon. 

N. heavy rain, 
^n V to flame. T^irtb a flame. 
39 "JD to cover, 'p'o a covering, a 
H"^ lb vH praise ye Jah. 

Psalm CVI. 1p 

2 V vD to cut off" entirely. To speak 

articulately, talk. 
6 ^\^V to turn out of its proper 
situation or course. Hiph. to 
do or act perversely, wrong, 
or wickedly. 
VtJ?1 the scales of unfairness. 
Kal and Hiph. be unjust, act 
13 JlDn to wait, tarry. Wait for with 
desire, to long for. 




14 niM to desire, covet. mNH an 
object of desire, somewhat de- 
sired or desirable, 
nn to waste, attenuate. |"in lean- 

20 n3!2 to build. n'23n a form, pat- 
tern, model. 

24 DSa to be dilated. To despise, 

abhor, opposed to "im. With n 
to nauseate, be disgusted at. 

25 pn to murmur, mutter. 

28 n^'2 to couple or join together in 


29 ^23 to hit against. TTOan a stroke 

or plague. 
^^D break out or through. 

30 1!J37 to restrain, stop. 

32 f^l^p to foam, froth. Hiph. to 

cause to foam with anger, to pro- 
voke to violent rage. 

33 m^ to resist, rebel against, dis- 

StOD utter or speak rashly, fool- 
ishly, unadvisedly. 

37 mi2? to pour out or forth. Dnw 
the pourers forth. 

42 "^nb press, squeeze, crush, op- 


43 "ID to be bitter. Hiph. to make 

bitter, occasion grief or anger. 
^D to decay, grow poor. Be 
brought low. 
46 Dm embrace, surround closely. 
D'nm mercies, bowels of mercies. 
Tl^W to lead or carry away cap- 
tive, nrrm. 
4? nni27 to soothe. In Hithp. to 
soothe or gratify oneself. 

Psalm CVII. Tp 

4 t2W^ in Niph. sense, to be waste, 

desolate, p'-^ a waste, desert, 

5 P\'^V to obscure, cover. Hithp. to 

be obscured, darkened, covered, 

6 p!^ to press, press. cnipl^J^a dis- 

9 }pp^ to desire earnestly, to have 
eager appetite, ptt? to move, run. 
10 "^DN to confine, restrain, bind. 

12 yyD to lay down, place on the 

ground, bring down. 
14 pn2 draw away, withdraw, draw 

nD'' to restrain. -OTO restraint, 

bond, band. 
17 bis gross, thickened. '?1 stupid, 


20 tabtt set free, loose. Kal, deliver, 

25 Ufyi raise or lift on high. 

26 yyD melt or dissolve very much. 

Hithp. to melt or be melted 
away, as through fear. 

27 Sn circularity of motion. To 

move or reel round like a 
drunken man. 
573 to move, (Kalintrans.) to move 
or be moved to and fro, shake, 

yh^ swallow up. Hithp. s?bnnn 
to be swallowed up, destroyed. 

29 nai equable. noOT great quiet- 

ness or stillness, or equability. 
Dp to rise, arise, stand, be estab- 

30 pDW to be still or calm. 
HD to rest or settle. 




30 Tn as Arab, to cut in, indent, "tirra 

a haven, port, or harbour for 

33 SX3!J thirst. pQ2J dry, thirsty 

land or ground. 
31- nbSD to dissolve. Tmbi2 saltness, 

i. e., barrenness. 
N!^'' to come or go forth. n:?"id a 

36 pD prepare, adapt, establish. 

nW to make waste or desolate, or 

reduce to such a state ; also to 

40 Tin or TITIH confusion, inn a 

waste, without order. 
39 ny^ aflaict, grieve, ]^y affliction, 

1132? to lift up, exalt highly. 
42 \^Dp contract, shut. 

Psalm CVIII. Tip 

2 ]D to make ready. Niph. to pre- 
pare, establish. 

7 yvTl to loose, to free from incum- 
brance. Niph. to be disencum- 

9 ppn to mark out eminently, to 
define accurately, pprra a de- 
finer, a lawgiver. 

10 3?1 to break. yy-| Hithp. to sound, 

resound, resound with a very 
loud noise. 

1 1 bl2'^ to bring or carry along from 

one place to another, i. e., length, 
14 D'D, trample upon, tread under foot. 

Psalm CIX. IDp 

4 n vD in Hithp. to separate. vhtiD 

6 ^2?") unfairness, pronounce unjust, 

10 ^3 to move, remove. Hithp. re- 

move, cause to sound. 
!2*in waste, miin desolate places. 

11 T1W2 laxity, n^i: a lender, the 

tt7p3 to lay snares, ensnare, catch 

in a snare. 
Vy^ to labour. VT labour. 

12 "^t^JD to draw (almost in any 

manner), prolonging. 
16 ?)Tn to follow, pursue. 

nSD to bruise, break. n3: to be 

nm^ or nm?3 to klll entirely or 

completely, despatch. 

18 TD to measure, "no a long robe. 

19 Tl^y to throw or wrap (as a gar- 

ment over one). 
ntD a girdle or belt. 

20 v^D work, operate. ri/yD hire, 

wages for work. 

23 nioa stretch. im'j::D as its de- 

"nya to agitate, move briskly, 

24 D!J empty, meagre. CIS a fast, 

'7'^3 to couch. 3"a my knees. 

Psalm CX. "^p 

1 Din a footstool or rest, n de- 
monstrative, and DT rest, 

3 1171 adorn, decorate, mn orna- 
Drrn embrace. The uterus, 

matrix, womb. Dim merciful. 
inW dark-coloured. nntt"D the 



dawn, more than (the dew from) 
the womb of the dawn, shall be 
the dew of thy progeny. See 
ver. 4. Difficult. 

4 "^milT hV according to the mat- 

ters (viz., they are recorded) of 

5 Vni3 drive, plunge in, strike 

deeply, wound. 

6 mH to form into a mass. n^^S an 

animal body, alive or dead bodies. 

Psalm CXI. M^^p 

3 71171 to send or dart forth. Tin 
the darting forth, therefore 

1171 to adorn. Ornamental, 
8 "7IDD support, sustain, uphold. 

10 bD2? direct oneself wisely, be wise, 
prudent. N. (directing wisdom,) 

Psalm CXI I. S"p 

3 n')71 fall down, subside, settle ; 
hence, subsisting, being, or con- 
tinuing, &c. pn means of sub- 
sistence, substance. 

5 vD to hold. baVa to hold in, regu- 
late (lxx). 

9 "HTQ to disperse. 
10 pnn to grate, grind, gnash. 

HDZS the disunion or dissolution 
of the texture or consistence of 
any thing, to melt. N. to be 
thus melted. 


Psalm CXIII. 21^ 

5 n^n to be high, elevated. Hiph. 
'n'23Dn exalt. 

7 nSli? to put or set in order. nDtt? 
a dunghill, a heap of dung. 
Dung laid up by Easterns in- 
stead of food. 

9 IpV Arab, to cut, to lop (as trees) 
(Bate). mp3> barren, sterile, 

Psalm CXIV. Tp 

1 T3?b generally translated bar- 
barous, i. e., a foreign language, 
but Bate b of, and W violence. 

4 *Tp"n leap, skip, bound. 

7 bn to be in pain or anguish (in 

Kal and Hiph). 'bin. 
nbN to curse. mVw one accursed 
or subject to a curse. i^t- 
Kdrct^aroi. (Title of Christ) 
particle. (Is. xliv. 8; Gal.iii.13). 

8 QD full, copious. D:ii4 a pond, a 

pool, abundance or conflux of 
12?^iDbn a very hard rock. From 
0*717 break off, and mro to recede. 

Psalm CXV. ^'^X) 

7 tt?tt to feel, search, examine, or 
know by feeling. 
mS excite, raise up, ruminate. 
pi3 the throat or rather wind- 
pipe, through which the breath- 
ing is continually moving. 

Psalm CXVI. TlDp 

3 ^DS to face (or q. d., to nose) on 
all sides, surround, compass. 




3 12 to bind close, isn a strait, 

blStt? the common receptacle of 
the dead ; but nap the grave. 

4 n3M occurrence or presence of an 

object. To occur, happen. 
Whither, where. 

6 NJID sudden, hasty. D'NnD the 

hasty, who offend through frail 

7 n3 to rest. '3m3Db to thy rest or 

resting-place, q. an irregular 
Chald. form. 
^Dn retribution, return, recom- 
pense. Chald. 'mbiaj his re- 

8 ^bn to loose, loosen. 

7ini to drive, push down, 'm a 
fall or stumbling. 

1 1 TDn to haste, hurry, non. 

3T3 to fail, aw what fails, there- 
fore a lie. 
14 S3 to fail. Particle now. 
16 nnD to open, loose. 

"ID^ . mnoiQ bands or bonds. 

Psalm CXVII. Tp 

1 n'^W to soothe. Soothe with praise, 

praise, laud. 

2 133 to be or make strong, estab- 

lish, confirm. 

Psalm CXVIII. H^P 

1 ion succulent abundance, swell- 
ing, abundant goodness or kind- 

5 iT^n to subside, subsist, exist, be. 
r' Jah, The Essence, He who is 

simply uv, absolutely, inde- 

5 'D.rn to be dilated. amD a broad 

or large place. 
10 v^ to cut or pluck off. Hipli. cut 
to pieces or off. 

12 1^1 to drive, lead, bring. miaT 

a bee, pi. Dnai. 
"73?"^ to go or burn out (as fire), 
not extinguished. 

yp to fret, lacerate, wound. B'^Sli? 

13 HTll to drive down. Thrust 

forth or down. 

23 S7D in Niph. to be extraordinary, 

25 N3 now. 3 earnest desire, pray 


rO'^ pass on, advance. Hiph. 
prosper, cause to prosper. 

26 *7'^3 to couch, oaiiaia we have 

blessed you. 

27 3n circularity of motion, an a 

sacrifice, therefore offered on a 
feast-day . 

Psalm CXIX. IS'^p 


1 DDn great perfection. D'on very 

4 ^pD to take notice of. mpD ap- 
pointments, charges committed 
from God to man. 

6 pn to describe, define. A defined 

statute, ordinance, or appoint- 

bnN utinam. 'bnw would God 
(i. e., I wish). 
6 l^D3 to look, behold, regard. 
Hiph. the same. 




8 "TMtt strong, copious, vehement. 

Very much, very. 


9 HDT to be clear, to cleanse. 
ITZW to keep, be cautious. 

10 H^W expatiate, luxuriate. Hiph. 
cause or suffer to err. 

16 ^W^W turn this way and that. 
In Hithp. turn oneself, look 
this way and that. 'riuyttJ my 
delights. mMO look, regard. 

18 nb3 remove, uncover, or open. bJ. 

20 0*^2 to break or wear to pieces. 
ISMn to waste, pine away. nin 

longing, pining desire. 

21 "n3?2 to restrain. 

25 ^n being vigorous, strong. 

28 ?]bl drop. Moulder, waste away, 

decay gradually. 

ny^ to afflict, grieve. TOino afflic- 
tion, grief. 

p to rise, also to stand. D^ Hiph. 
raise, stir \ip. 

29 ^n kindness, affection. 

30 ]DS steadiness. rraiQM security, 

faithfulness, fidelity, 
nitt? to make equal, plain, level. 


33 ")!iD . n:-i2?N I will keep it. 

34 )^ to divide, separate. Hiph. as 

Kal, discern, understand. 
37 "II337 to P^ss. Cause to pass away, 
turn away, remove. 

39 'ly^ to shrink or draw back for 


40 DSn to pine. Excessively desire. 

43 "^Sa take away. b:ir\. 

43 ^MD*T^ even exceedingly, to a 
very great degree. 
^n^ remain, wait, expect. 

50 Dn3 change of mind or affection. 

Reg. riDTO comfort, consolation. 

51 yb deride, scoff (Kal and Hiph.) 
53 nD3?bT here figuratively for the 

most horrid mental distress. A 
scorching, blasting wind. From 
r"?^ to be corrupt, and fp to 


57 phn to be smooth, to divide 

evenly. ITpbr^ an exact regular 
division, part, or portion. 

58 Tlhn to be or make faint, 'n'bn 

T'2D I made thy countenance 
faint, i. e., prevail over a person 
by importunate supplication, in 
opp. to pin firm. 

61 T1V spoliare, to rob (Taylor). 

62 71'2n to part, divide asunder 

equally or unequally, msn di- 
vision, midst (of the night). 

63 l^n to conjoin, join, consociate. 

66 UVI^ to taste, discern. N. dis- 

cernment, discretion, sense, 
natt? to expatiate. 23ttJ to err, 
transgress through mere mistake. 

67 bS!^ to fasten, tie, or connect to- 

70 tt?D:D being fat, gross. Stupid, 
foolish (here only). Their heart 
is become gross, insensible, as 
with fat. 
nbn soft, unctuous. The richest 

81 nbD totality. (To finish, in a 




bad sense), waste, to ho con- 
sumed, to fail. 
83 "TWD to ooze out. A bottle-skin, 

a goat's-skin. 
85 mD to cut, cut up. 

niT to incline. rm'"C3 a pit. 
92 'b'lb unless. 

95 Tl^p to stretch, lie in wait, expect 


96 nbs totality. rf?3n completeness, 

103 ybtt smoothness. Niph. to be 
soothing, agreeable, pleasant, 
"jn Arab, to scratch. The palate. 
106 Dp to rise. Hiph. raise or stir 

112 2p3? end. Even to the end. 


113 ^yO to split, divide. D^D2>D vio- 

lentpersons, tearing andrending. 

114 nnO to hide, conceal. A hiding- 


116 1'2W to break, i.e., to separate 

contiguous parts. With bN break 
out towards, look for. 13' a 
looking for, expectation. 

117 "73?D to support, sustain, uphold. 

118 nbO to strew down. Lay pros- 

Tliyi to cast, throw, to deceive, 
cheat, n^nnn injurious deceit, 
mischievous fraud. 

119 n'DW to cease. In Hiph. take 

HD to recede. TD the dross. 

120 "IttD rough, sharp-pointed, to be 

rough, &c. Shiver (as the flesh 
in terror). 

121 pWy to oppress, ^pwy^b to my 

n!3 to rest or settle. ':n'3n cause 
to rest, give rest, i. e., leave. 

122 2^37 to mix, be joined. Be 

surety, bondsman, engaged for 

127 TD solidity. Pure gold (from its 

great solidity). 

128 "IW*' to be straight, smooth, right. 

To keep straight, observe ex- 


130 nn^ to open, loose. The open- 

r\n^ to draw aside. "DC per- 
suasible, simple. 

131 "IVD gape, open wide. To open. 
F^Mti? to draw, suck or sup in, to 

draw in the breath, gasp. 
3K'' desire earnestly (only used 
here). Desired earnestly. 

133 isbtt? to be over. To rule, have 
dominion, authority. 

139 n!3^ to cut off, destroy, consume, 
deface, 'onnos the second per- 
son, used for n fem., hath cut 
me off, or consume. 

143 p!5 to press. pllJD distress. 

147 mp precedency. To be before, 
anticipate, prevent. 
P)Q?3 to blow (twilight). P]'C:a in 
the evening breeze. 
71VW look, regard, turn, have 




150 DT to devise, imagine, not a 
wicked imagination or device. 

154 bwn to vindicate, avenge. 

158 lyU to use a cloak of treachery, 
I^p to loathe. QtDp exceedingly dis- 

161 ^^D to be agitated. Pant, pal- 

pitate for joy. 

162 bvJ& to loose entirely, strip oflf. 

V)^ spoil, plunder, prey. 
165 bl2?3 to stumble. "JTCSO a stum- 
171 nV^ to swell up or out, utter. 

174 iSn to pine after, waste with 
desire of. 
IDN to be lost, perish. 

Psalm CXX. Dp 

1 rihV . m'^yon yxo a song of eleva- 

4 ]312? to repeat over and over 
again, to whet, sharpen. 
Dm the genista or Spanish 
broom, which sparkles, burns, 
and crackles vehemently. 

Psalm CXXI. Dp 

3 DD to slumber, dose slightly as 

dogs do. 
6 nD3 to smite. nsD' vh shall not 

smite thee. 

Psalm CXXII. SSp 

3 "i::in to conjoin, fit together. 
Here, inHMJ which is fitted. 

4 Dtt? to place. coiXO whither. 

6 nbtl? quiet, easy, secure. m'?W 

quietness, security. 

7 bn make a hole, b^n a hollow, 

ditch or foss, in fortification. 
(E. T.) a wall. 

Psalm CXXIII. :iDp 

2 pn very gracious. "i:3n'\D. 

4 nN!l to increase, rise, swell. 

73Mt27 security, insolent security. 

Psalm CXXIV. IDp 

3 TN a point of time, or ^li< then, at 

that time. 

5 "TT to swell. |m pride. 

Psalm CXXV. HDp 

1 t2D slide, slip. 

5 hpV to be crooked, bpbj:^ very 

crooked (ways). 

Psalm CXXV I. *lDp 

1 Obn to break off. a>Q'?n3 as 
they who dream. 

4 pD3 to bring or draw forth. p^E 

an effusion (stream of water). 

D33 to be dry, parched. The 

6 "712?^ to draw. Drawing out, i. e., 


obS to compress. A bundle or 
sheaf of corn. 




Psalm CXXVII. T3p 

1 Tptt? to wake, watch. He hath 


2 DDt2? readiness. 'laO'iCn being 

forward (to rise), and nnt<Q de- 
laying (to lie down). 
]W^ to sleep. N2TtJ here (sleep) 
(Kennicott). nruj. 

3 ^^W to satisfy. Satisfaction, 

wages, reward. 
5 HDC? to dash, crush. hd^n a 

Psalm CXXVIIt. n3p 

2 3?3"^ to labour. 'r labour. 

Psalm CXXIX. IDDp 

tJ? used continually as a particle 
for -iffifW. 
1 nSI to be great, increase, n 
much, many. 

3 Wnn silent thought. Plough, 

i. e., tearing, cutting, graving. 
23 gibbosity. The back. 

Tl^V produce effects. "jm^S^ob to 
their furrows (E. T). 

4 y^p cut through, to pieces. 

5 2DD to recede, retire, go back. 

6 Uly) precedency. Chald. lyoip 

before, q. d., at before. 

^ vtt? draw or push out, unsheath 
(as corn its ear). 

7 I'^n Arab, to defend. The bosom. 

n^r to press, squeeze, constipate 
into a narrow compass. nciyo 
to gather (as corn into sheaves). 

Psalm CXXX. bp 

4 n vD to loose, relax, remit, rm^bo 

remission, forgiveness. 

5 il^p stretch out. To expect ear- 

nestly, eagerJy. 

Psalm CXXXI. Vp 

1 S /D in Niph. to be extraordinary, 

wonderful. m^'^DS. 

2 T1^W to make equal, smooth, 

soothe, composed. 
0121 to make entirely equable, en- 
tirely composed. 

vDH retribution. A child weaned. 

Psalm CXXXII. nbp 

3 WIV the bedding, bed furniture. 

nyS Hiph. to spread. yia> a bed, 

4 D2 to slumber. nni:n slumbering, 

slumber, composure. 

5 )'DW dwell. m:DffiD sacred taber- 


11 ^tD!!3 Chald. to conceive in the 
belly. The belly. 

15 111^ Chald. look sideways, m^s 
her victual. 

Psalm CXXXIII. 3bp 

2 "1X3 to measure, na a long robe. 


Psalm CXXXV. Tlhp 

7 Sti?D to bear, d'm^^: vapours. 

240 PSALMS. 

8 n33 to smite, nsrro. 
15 S22? to labour. An idol. 

Psalm CXXXVI. ibp 

3 11 to direct, rule. ]n a ruler. 

6 yp^ stretch forth, extend, expand. 

Extend the earth upon the 

13 "nW to divide in two. onw two 

parts. Who divided the Red 

Sea into two parts. 
15 1^3 to agitate, move briskly, shake 


23 boU? humble oneself. N. humble, 

low. 12^DtD3tt?. 

24 p'nD to break off. Snatch by force, 

rescue by force. 



2 I3~IV to mix. A species of willow, 

whose leaves are green on one 
side, and white on the other, 
nbn to hang. 

3 nilW to lead captive. I3''3"\w our 

bbtt> to spoil. Here ^ybb^T^ they 
who spoiled us, see Targum ; 
but generally referred to Vr, see 
Parkhurst's Lexicon under this 

7 m3? to bare, make bare. 

8 ^1W to shatter to pieces, de- 

molish, destroy, waste. 

9 1^D3 dissipate, disperse. 

PsALM cxxxviii. nbp 

3 nm to incite, embolden, en- 

courage. Thou hast encouraged 
me (in my soul or person) with 

7 nSM to heat through. ?] heat, 

anger, wrath. 

8 1122 finish, make an end of, fail. 
nCn give way, relax, fail. r]in. 

Psalm CXXXIX. libp 

1 Ipn to search minutely or exactly, 

or to the bottom. 

2 ]I1 divide, separate, discern. >yi^ 

of my evil. Ghald. will, thought. 

3 3?m agitate, actuate. Agitation, 

business, employment^ 

mt to scatter, disperse, examine 

"|DD to lay up (as it were in a 

5 "1!^ to bind, enclose. 

6 S32? to lift up. Niph. to be ex- 

alted high above reach. 

8 pD3 ascend, go up. 

713?^ to spread, stretch out. 
10 n3 rest, settle, nn: lead, guide. 

14 MT' to fear. niNli: fearfully. 

HvD to separate. For I was fear- 
fully distinguished, i. e., formed 
into distinct lineaments, parts 
and members. 

15 inD to take off. inD3 hidden. 

Dpi variety of colour or figure. 
To be variegated, diversified, 
curiously wrought. 

16 D73 to wrap together. An em- 

bryo. The unformed mass 

wrapped up together in the 


17 n3?"l to feed. Chald. to will, de- 

sire. T3?n thy will, pleasure, 

18 y^'^ to awake, recover from sleep 

or inactivity. 

20 mtS to resist, stand up, rebel ; 

rather ^1y> for "\a. 
DT to devise. rm^ a wicked 

13? to raise oneself, t? an enemy, 

one roused up against another. 

21 I^l3p to be exceedingly disgusted. 
DDp Hithp. to raise up oneself. 

'tDDIpn persons who rise up, in- 
surgents, adversaries. 
TTPD totality, or n^tan complete- 
ness, perfection. 
23 ''D2?'nCi? ray thoughts. From 
which, and f^T\ to distil, as from 
the heart. 

Psalm CXL. Dp 

3 mil to excite, stir up. They will 

rise up. 

4 Dn to be or grow warm, nan in- 

flammatory poison. 
nit^lDV the asp, a species of ser- 
pent remarkable for bending and 
returning upon itself, also for 
rolling itself up in a spiral form. 
(See Parkhurst's Lexicon.) 

5 TlTll to drive, impel, thrust 


6 bisn to bind, tie. D'^nn snares, 

toils of death. 
733? round. bXi'Q a chariot-way, 
a highway. 

8 pt!l?3 kiss, clash. piD3 the clashing 

of arms. 

9 pDD to bring or draw forth, pro- 

duce or bring into action. pDn. 



1 1 liD to slide or slip. 

"HDn to impel, break. rrnnriD deep 
pits (E. T.), but properly 
breaches or disruptions of the 

12 m!^ to lie in wait, to watch by 

the side of one. 

P)m to urge, nerrra precipices, 
i. e., destruction. 

3 1}^W to keep, preserve, mow a 

"li^^ to keep, guard, msa a guard. 

4 7^3? to ascend repeatedly. In 

Hithp. to exalt repeatedly. 
mb^y '?'?12?nnb to exalt myself 
(in) exaltations or arrogancies, 
(i. e.,) to sin proudly or pre- 
D3?3 to be pleasant. D^DyjQ 
pleasant meats, dainties. 

5 D^n to beat, smite with the 

tongue, i. e., reprove. 
nD** to be plain, to show a fault, 

nD** to press, squeeze, afflict. 
yi to break. m3?n afflictions. 

6 tODtt? to let go, remit. Niph. dis- 


7 H/D to cleave, cut, or split. 
VpD, to cleave, split, burst. 

1TD to disperse, dissipate. Niph. 
broken, dissipated. 

8 m37 to bare, uncover, strip, make 

naked or empty. 

10 "HDD convolve, contract, noio a 
net or toil, 
irr^ wholly. 

212 PSALMS. 

Psalm CXLII. DDp 

1 ni37 to bare, empty out. rTOD a 


2 pn to be very kind. In Hithp. 

to make oneself an object of 
kindness, to become suppliant, 
to supplicate. 

3 nW to incline, n'ffi profound me- 

ditation, deep thought, care. 

4 T\\:iV to obscure, cover. Hithp. 

nTDTnnn when weak, faint, dull, 
o nDH to know again, acknowledge, 
own. "'30 

D3 a quick motion. D^ao a fleeing, 

trm to inquire, regard. 
8 n-D to shut up. nJDD prison. 

nriD to enclose, encompass, sur- 

Psalm CXLIII. ^Dp 

5 nntt? to bow very much. nm 

meditate or reflect deeply. 

6 r\V to vibrate, nc^ its (i. e., 

whose) light. 

7 btt??2 to rule. "JIDDS to be com- 

pared, likened, capable of com- 
12 nn'^ to cut ofi; destroy, consume. 

Psalm CXLIV. "T^p 

3 'D.Wn to add. Makest account. 
6 p~Q to lighten, send forth light- 
DDn disturb, discomfit exceed- 

7 n!^5 let loose, set free. 

12 bin any kind of greatness or aug- 

mentation, grown up. 

niT to verge or tend to a certain 
point (Arab.) n'^\ angles, 

niDn to hew. mnTona to carve. 

nSi to build. n':2n model, like- 
ness (of a palace). 

13 ''ITD storehouses. 

pD3 to bring forth, producing. 

^T prepare, provide, p prepara- 
tion, provision, store, p ba ]\'0. 

J^bS a chief number, a thousand, 
often used for an indefinitely 
great number. mD''?NQ bringing 
forth thousands. 

Tiyi to be great, miino bringing 
forth infinite or indefinite 
multitudes, indefinitely increas- 

14 b^D to support, bear, carry, carry 

m!S to cry aloud. Tm^H a cry, 
crying out. 

Psalm CXLV. 7112^ 

3 "Ipn to search minutely. A 

thorough searching out. 

4 n^W to soothe. To soothe with 

praises, praise. 

5 TllTl to send forth. T>n glory^ 


6 fty make exceedingly strong, "nw 

great strength or power. 

7 V^^ gush. Hiph. to pour out, 

10 "TOn succulent abundance. TDn 
abundantly kind or bountiful. 


13 Oby liide, conceal. D'nV^ ages. 

1 i '^^D with b following, to support, 
sustain, uphold. 
^["nX set upright, erect, 
P]DD bow or bend down very much. 

lo "H^tl? separate contiguous parts, to 
break out towards, look unto. 

16 n^n pleased with. p!J*i desire, 
will, pleasure. 

Psalm CXLVI. IDp 

2 IV beyond. TSl whilst yet. nyn. 

4 nWV to shine, 'nanttjy splen- 

dours, thoughts (E. T.). 

5 *l2tl? to break, a looking for, ex- 


7 iriD Hiph. loose, let loose. Tno. 

8 npD open. 

9 IV beyond. m to preserve or 

continue still, i. e., in being or 
n^V to incline downwards, to per- 
vert, make to decline or deviate. 

Psalm CXLVII. T)3p 

1 mS to desire. mN3 comely. 

2 m3 to impel, force, rmi drive, 

impel. 'rn3 expelled ones, out- 

D3D to gather, collect, or heap 

3 tmn bind round or about, bind, 

or comforteth. 

I2!$37 labour, travail. Dmasy^ 
grieved, afflicted. 

4 n3D distribute, compute, reckon 




4 *1DD to tell. IDDO a narration, re- 


5 ]2 divide, se,;arate. nai^n discre- 

tion, skill, discernment. 

6 Tl^V to affect. 1:2? humble, lowly. 

8 ]3 to make ready. pD prepareth. 

9 !I1"^V to "^ix. The crow or raven. 
10 pW to move, run. pw the leg. 

16 nr2!J wool. 

ID to break. the small ashes 

or dust from action, fire. 
^TD disperse, scatter. 

17 mp to be smooth. Ice. 

no to part, divide. nO a piece, 
mp to meet, mp cold. 

18 ntt73 to breathe, blow. 

vt3 distil, trickle, run down. 


8 llOp to fume. "WTD'p smoke, 

Psalm CXLIX. tDDp 

3 bn to make a hole, ^"ina a pipe. 

6 DDT to raise on high. rnQQin ex- 
altations, high praises. 
nD to obvert. nVD^D several or 
many edges. 

8 pT to strain off, fuse. D'pT fetters 
(cast iron) or copper. 

/32 to bind. A chain, bond. 

Psalm CL. 2p 

3 Vpn to force one thing against 

another. The blowing. 

4 HD^ distribute. d>30 the strings 

Y 2 




of a musical instrument, from 
tlieir regular disposition. 

4 miV to be set upon another. a33> 

an organ. 

5 b!^b!2 to overshadow exceedingly, 

wb^bs a kind of cymbals (yQ? 

5 yi to break. 


6 UW^ to breathe 

Hiph. to cause to 
Tfsm resounding 

now breath. 


Chapter I. N 

1 btt?l!2 to rule. A weighty saying. 
A comparison, a parable. 

3 "ID"^ restrain, discipline. IDIO re- 

straint, correction, 

4 Diy to be naked, nony wisdom, 


NriD sudden, hasty. D'nDb hasty. 

DT to devise. naiQ thought, con- 
sideration, discretion. 

5 npv to take. Persuasive speech, 


]:2 to divide. pl3 discreet (man). 

b^n to bind, tie. mbsnn well- 
connected designs, counsels 
wisely concerted. 

rT3p to hold, acquire. 

6 ^bo smoothness. ns''?D an 

elegant saying, pleasantness, 
in to penetrate. mTr an enigma, 

7 biW gross, thick, D^^W gross, 


8 tZ^Z^^ loose, forsake, abandon. 

9 nib to join, add. p n'lb a wreath 

(of grace), a diadem, an addition. 

p33? encompass. D'p:r an orna- 
ment, a chain, a collar (for the 

n*l!l to excite. "J'TTU-d'? the throat 
or neck, or more properly parts 
of the windpipe. 

12 DDH. D'D'am very perfect, 

D:rT fruitlessly, to 

17 ^n kindness. 

no purpose. 

mt to scatter, spread, 
abroad. miTO. 

18 ]D2 to hide, lie in ambush. "12D2?'. 

19 3?22 to cut off. 3>Sl y^a one who 

cuts off every scrap (of money he 

21 nan multitude. nvon multi- 
tudes, concourse. 




23 nD"* to be plain. 'nnain reproof, 

5?Il3 to gush. Niph. pour out, 

24 ^Wp the gesture of persons in at- 

tention. To hearken, attend, 

25 37^3 to free, discard, reject. 

27 nSE? to be confounded. mMW3 
confusion, desolation. 

p2 to press. npIS distress. 

31 YV^ * advise. msTTD counsels, 


32 nnO to draw aside. 'nD pi. D'DD 

and D'TID persuasible, simple. 

^W to turn. nmwo a turning 
away, backsliding. 

n^tt? to be quiet. mb security, 

vDD stiffness, rigidity. D'^DS 

33 pNC27 tranquil, secure. 

Chapter II. 13 ' 

3 DS ^!D when in truth, when indeed. 

]!i to divide. rr2 discernment, 
discretion, understanding, and 
skill. 7^:MT^ ditto. 

4 ti?Dn free from incumbrance. To 

search as by stripping or un- 

7 ]D1^ hide, conceal, i. e., layeth up 
nW^ existence. n'tOiD reality, 
truth, anything real, substantial, 
lasting. njwDnn. 

9 bll37 round. VjVO a highway, a way, 

1 2 "^Dn to turn the condition of a 
thing. mSDnn perverseness, dis- 

15 WpV crooked, perverted. 

O turn aside, depart. Dmb: per- 

16 Ir^n to be smooth, even, equable. 

To divide equally or exactly, 
np'bnn soothing or flattery. 

18 NQT restore to a former condition. 

D'DT dead bodies, the moulder- 
ing dead. 

19 21273 overtake, attain to. ^y'^\ 
22 riDD take, pull, or pluck away. 

Chapter III. ^ 

3 iWp bind, bind about. 

6 1W^ to be straight. Direct, make 


7 DDn wise, skilful, prudent. 

8 sen to restore to a former state. 

nMit^ healing medicines. 
1W to regulate. The navel. 
TlpW to irrigate. ''^p1D moisture. 

10 DD Arab, to smell. -pODN thy 

barns, magazines. 

1 1 yp to vex, fret. 

12 2SD to mar, spoil, scourge (lxx). 

13 pD3 bring or draw forth. p'D\ 

14 Sin to come or go. nriMian re- 

venue, produce, increase, in- 

15 HDD to turn. D''2D or D'y:D mag- 

nets, pearls. 

18 "fttn to lay hold, hold up. 

20 "ItH^S to proceed. nt;a happy. 
Vp'2 to separate contiguous parts, 

to burst. Broken up. 




20 f]y"l distil, drop down, let fall in 

drops. 1Dyi\ 

21 V? turn aside, depart, ^^b: per- 

ntt?** existence, substance. iTMJin 
sound wisdom. 

Dt devise, ttoto thought, discre- 

23 F)33 to hit, strike against ; so to 


24 ^IV to mix, to suit, be agreeable. 

(Sleep) sweet or agreeable, be- 
cause mixing the powers of mind 
and body. T\yys^. 

25 nNC7 to be confounded. nntt)D 

confusion, desolation. 

26 bOD stiffness, strength. The 

loins. "pD'^l for the strength of 
thy loins, Eccles. vii. 12. 

27 vVD e txuv. bVl one given or ad- 

dicted to. vbV2 persons given 

or attached to it. 
29 W^n silent thought. To contrive. 
3 1 N3p eat into, corrode. Burn with 

jealousy, envious against, envy. 
S3 nW to flow. To curse. 

34 '^ V mock, deride, scoff. 

35 Hvp levity. ]lVp ignominy. 

D"l to be lifted up. Dno height, 

Chapter IV. T 

4 *7^^ l^y 1^0^^ on, hold. 

8 7DbD exalt exceedingly. Have 

a very high esteem for. 
p'D.n fold together, embrace. 

9 pXD to pour forth with profusion, 

to lavish, give largely. 

11 HT' to direct, guide, teach. *|*n"\n 

I have taught thee. 

12 IV^ to step, walk. 11^2 walk. 

13 HQl to give way, let go, opposed 

to IJIN laying hold. 

14 y^^ to free. Keep clear (of it), 

ni2t& to decline, turn aside. 
16 )W^ to sleep, nw sleep. 
pm to remove. 
vW to take away by violence. 
1 8 IN to flow. mNI and shining. 
22 KDT to restore, &c. WD"D a heal- 

24 WpV to pervert. mttJpy perverse- 

tb to turn aside. r\))b perversion. 

25 nOD straightness. naab straight 

1W^ direct, make straight. 

26 ObO make level or even. Ponder 


Chapter V. H 

3 ilD to part, ddd virgin honey, it 

parting from the comb. 
F)t03 distil, drop down. TODtsn. 

4 '^n Arab, to scratch. HDH her 

"in to penetrate^ mn sharp. 
HD to obvert. nVD 3"in3 like a 

sword of two or several edges. 

5 "inN behind, nnnnw end, latter 


10 nS strong, vigorous. -jro thy 

strength, vigour, wealth. 

1 1 QrT3 to grumble, groan, mourn. 
"iStt? to remain. Residue, re 





15 12 to clear, cleanse. "pISD thy 
pit or well. 
1N2 to open. lt<a a pit or well 
IG \^S3 to dissipate, disperse, dis- 
nD37 to act upon. l'n3'2?Q thy 
fountain or spring. 

18 *1p spring up, gush out. yy'^'iyci 

thy spring or fountain. 

19 bW to interpose. "?' a stag. nb'M 

a hind or doe. 
ribV to ascend. bT the Ibex or 

rock-goat. nbv* the female 

^n affection. 

rm to be wet, saturate, satiate. 
712127 to expatiate, indulge thyself. 

Chapter VI. 1 

1 "Spn to force one thing against 
another, strike. 

3 nWD a side. 1D where, here^ 

DD1 tread, trample, move nimbly, 
therefore, hasten. DBinrt. 

^r\"l incite, spirit up, excite. 

4 D3 to slumber, rrmin slumber, 


6 bX3 cut or pluck off. n?a: an em- 

met or ant, from plucking off 
the bud from corn, 
bsr to be slothful. Slothful, 

7 Hl^p to make an extremity. y:ip 

a captain, from being at the end 
of the men. 

8 n;iM to gather, collect 

I'Jip to cut short, ysp harvest. 

9 DSti? to lie down, to rest. 

11 t27S"n priority. Extreme poverty, 

indigence, for riches are reckoned 
beginning with unity. 

"^Dn to abate, destitute. ITDno 
thy defect, want. 

12 727*^/2 worthless, wicked. From 

bl not, and bs'> to profit. 

13 y^p to move, wink, y^^p winking. 

vbD speak articulately, talk 
broken sounds cut off as it were, 
m'' to teach, mo. 

14 "7Dn change the condition. mDDnn 


11 to direct, rule. D3TD strife, 
dispute, contention. 

19 nS*^ to breathe or blow. Utter by 

21 12V to bind round. 

22 nni3 to lead, guide. 

yp'^ to awake, recover from sleep 
or inactivity. mS'pm. 

26 IVD. behind, after. (For he that 

goeih) after a whorish woman 
(cometh) to a piece. 

27 7inr\ (lxx. v^orutpnv) to keep fire 

alive, nnno a censer. 

23 niD to scorch, burn. To be 

32 ion abate, be wanting. 

34 vDH a soft affection of mind. To 

compassionate, pity. 

35 ir\W to make a present. A gift, 


Chapter VII. T 

4 37T' to know, yio an acquaint- 


6 bn to make a hole. \\brf a 

;33U? Arab, to cool. 3:'n my 
lattice or latticed window, per- 
haps to cool the house. 

^pB7 to look, turn towards. Niph. 
to look. 
8 pW to move, push forwards. pW 
a street. 

10 nW to set, place. TVV array, dress. 

1!JD to keep, a"? m:?3 guarded or 
reserved of heart. 

1 1 THD turn aside or away ag;iin and 

again. "niD revolting, rebelling, 

1 2 D^D to smite by turns. Q3?D now 


13 t3? strength, vigour. nwi 

strengthen, harden the face. 

16 TS'H wreathe, entwine. nnmn 

woven- work, tapestry, 
ntiin to hew, carve, marin carved 

(works of it). 
mtD to spin. pTDM somewhat spun, 

fine thread. 

17 nSD to stretch out (over). 

18 nil to be saturated, satiated. 

D 7V to move quickly to and IVo. 
Hithp. exult, move exultingly. 

20 SDD to set, settle. Settled. 

21 npb to take. TXnpb her taking, 

persuasive speech. 
Uni to drive, impel, push, or 
thrust down. 

22 SriD sudden, hasty. DnD straight- 

way, immediately. 
u)D37 to confine, fetter. Fettered. 

23 nbo to cleave, cut. 
12D the liver. 


25 nifitt? to decline, go aside. ^\i?\ 

Chapter VIII. PI 

3 nip to meet, coalesce, mp mp 
a city. 

5 NHQ sudden, hasty. D-t^nD the 

hasty, precipitate. 
Diy naked, rroiv wisdom, pru- 

6 "7!l3 to stand above. WT^z eminent, 

nnS to open. nriDO the opening. 

8 briD to twist. Twisted, tortuous, 


9 nD3 straightness, straight, direct. 

11 \^Qn to bend, incline, will, choose, 


12 DT to devise. mow thoughts, 

considerations, discretions. 

1 3 nS3 to increase. Ttm pride. ]"iN3 

elation, haughtiness. 

15 ]n poise or balance, c:!*! coun- 

ppn to mark out conspicuously, 

define or determine accurately 

or exactly. 
y^t^ to sink. Were caused to 


1 6 1W to regulate, rule. 

pnV to remove, hold on. Lasting, 
durable, prs. 
19 TS solidity. yiVlQ. ;;c^v(ros. ID fine 

23 "|D to overspread. Niph. 'nDD3 I 

have been anointed. 

Dip priority, precedency, 'mpo 
the former state. 

24 vbn to open eminently, bring 





25 yn to part, divide asunder, n\^^r^ 
outer parts, fields. 

28 ySDM strong, vigorous. When he in- 
vigorated (the conflicting ethers), 
i. e., gave them their expansive 
and irresistible force. 
TT3? strengthen exceedingly, make 

n35? to act upon. VDT^ fountains 
or springs. 

30 ]DS steadiness, stability. pQ 

a nurse-child, a darling. 

31 bi to mix. bin the mixed globe 

of earth and water, 

34 IpW to wake, watch. 

35 pDD bring or draw forth. 

Chapter IX. ID 

2 "JDIO to mix, mingle. 

3 P\y2 to hit against. 'Da the wings 

(of a building). 

6 SnO sudden, hasty. U'anD hasty. 

7 "HD"^ restrain, check, discipline. 
D*1D a spot or blemish. 

13 bOD stiffness. nib'D3 {nxDn) 
stupid, insensible, foolish. Follies, 
stupidities, insensibilities. 
nn^ to draw aside. TiD persua- 
sible, simple. 

18 Sip to meet, to call. rt^iTip her 

Chapter X. ^ 

1 ny^ to afflict, grieve, mw afflic- 

tion, grief. 

2 b^*^ to profit, benefit, advantage. 

3 P|irT to thrust, expel, cast out by 


4 tt?Mn priority. tun very poor. 
r]tyi to cast, throw. n'Ol deceit, 

^nn to cut short. D'Sinn active, 
vigorous, diligent, opposed to 
bS3> slothful, and to y hasty, 

5 mT be overwhelmed with sleep, 

be in a deep sleep. 
WD, to flag, fail. tJ^nrD cause th 

bStt? to be wise. b'DtDD behaving 


7 Dpi to rot, become putrid. 

8 t^nb to fall, tumble, lxx. wro- 

ffKiXiffQno'ircci shall be supplanted, 
tripped up. 
10 ^"Ip to wink. 

S!^37 labour, travail. m! grief. 

12 Tl^ raise up, excite. 

13 nn to be broken, nnna ruin, de- 

15 TV71 to draw out. bi poor. 
18 '21 to murmur, mutter, nm an 

evil report. 
21 nV"! to feed. 

23 pntt? to collide. pin laughter. 

24 "ID'^ be afraid of. rm^Q the object 

of fear, the cause of shrinking. 

25 P)D . 7]'S)D a whirlwind. 

28 bn'' to remain, wait. nbnin 
patient expectation, lingering 

31 23 to put forth, utter. 

Chapter XI. > 

2 373^ to be modest, humble. D'yi:!?. 

3 nX2n the integrity. 

f]7D to pervert. Perverseness. 




3 "Ttt? shatter, destroy. 

132 clothes. Dn:a deceivers. 
6 mi to fall down, mn oppression, 

8 ybn to loose, set free. 

9 ^^n to pollute, defile. A pol- 

luted v?retch, a wicked fellow. 

1 1 Din break through, destroy. 

12 Til to spoil, plunder. Spoil of 

honour, detract from, reproach. 

13 bDI to trade. "raT a busybody, 

a trader in slander, a talebearer. 

14 bisn to bind, nibann well-con- 

nected designs, counsels wisely 

15 Vl to break. riT T\ sore broken. 
37 pn to force against. D'3?pin 

strikings of hand, suretyship. 
nt2I2 hang close, ncin ,hath con- 

16 ^aniay hold, hold. 

V'^V to agitate. D'Sny formidable. 

17 "ID37 to trouble, disturb. 

ntS to break through. 'nn the 

21 np3 to clear, clear from guilt. 

22 D37tD to taste. Mental taste, dis- 

cernment, discretion. 

24 ")TD to scatter. 

25 SI'' to fear. Niph. M-V reverenced, 


26 tl'2p to curse, execrate. 

27 "inQ7 dusky, dawn. Seek early. 

28 llbv to ascend. Tf?? a leaf or 

30 npb to take, receive. Attract, 
win, or gain by speech or per- 

Chapter XII. S^ 

2 pD3 draw out. 

37E!?1 to be unjust. Hiph. to pro- 
nounce unjust, condemn. 
4 bn'' to remain, abide, b'n ability, 

7 ^^71 turn the condition. Over- 


8 T2 to spoil, plunder, m a re- 


9 ribip levity. Niph. light, com- 

paratively unimportant. 

10 n** to know, yiv to respect, re- j 
gard. I 

12 mS to look sideways. Ti!?0 a 
toil, a net, snare. T2 venison, 
]n3 give, yield, bring forth plen- 

14 bj22 retribution, bin^ retribution, 

16 D!y3 to be angry. TO^S his anger, 


17 nQ'' to breathe out, blow, utter. 

18 nion for Slill to utter or speak 

rashly. ri'iDll separating or open- 
ing wide the lips, 
ipi to stab, pierce. mnplD stabs, 

19 37!in to still, quiet. w:-im a 

moment or instant. 
21 ]S labour of body or mind. p 
grief, affliction, distress. 

n3S to occur, happen. 
24 nD"l to cast, throw, n'on deceit, 
fraud, i. e., the deceitful man. 

nOD disunion of anything. DO 
a draught or levy of men dis- 
united from the rest, a tribute. 


?5 !IMT to be troubled, nmi trouble, 
nW to incline. Hiph. make low, 

26 "irr^ to exceed, to excel. Vi' ex- 


27 T^n to enclose or catch in a net 

or toil. (The deceitful man) 
shall not catch (his prey) in the 

Chapter XIII. u'^ 

3 pW^ to open, distend. 

5 tCS3 to stink. Hiph. become 

12n to sink. Hiph. cause shame. 

6 P]^D pervert, subvert, over- 


7 "iWy to be rich. lJ?na make 

oneself rich. 
t27t2?"n extreme poverty. ttJIViD 
Hiph. make oneself poor. 
9 "^Vl to go or burn out. 

10 n!^3 to shoot, to break out into 

contention, nso strife, conten- 

y37^ to advise. D'23>i: to take 

1 1 v2in to emit a vapour, bimo got- 

ten by vanity. 

tDi^D to be diminished, lessened. 

yDp to collect, gather together. 
Lingering hope. 

12 bn^ to remain. D^mn patient 


"Jtt?D to draw out, protract, pro- 

13 bsn to bind. He who despiseth 



the word shall be bound to it, or 
be obnoxious to punishment. 
15 ins strong, yvn strong, forcible, 

17 "HS to bind close. T2? ambassador, 

agent, messenger. 

18 l^'HD to free, discard. Who re- 


19 HTf to subside, subsist, be, done. 

rrn: to become, accomplished. 
Hl'nV to mix, suit, be agreeable, to 
mix readily with. 

23 *1^ to split, separate. T3 to plough, 

(is in or by) the tillage. 
rTD3 sweep away. 
TIW^ existence, subsistence. tt)' 


24 *7^n to impede action or motion, 

refrain, restrain. 
inW to be dark. To do a thing 
betimes. Early in the morning. 
Is early (to) him (in) correc- 

Chapter XIV. T 

1 D'nn to break down, destroy. 

3 *nton Arab, to move this way and 
that. "itDn a twig or rod. Hether 
(a word used in midland parts 
of England), a longish twig. 

6 Wpn to seek. 

ilbp levity. Niph. bp2 light, easy, 
not ditficnlt. 

7 ^1^ to know, discern, perceive. 

9 D127M to be guilty. (A noun) guilt. 

10 riDtt? move briskly and alternately, 

nno joy, exultation. 
13 ny^ to afflict. n3in affliction, 




14 20 to recede, go or turn back. :iD 

16 nnV to pass, pass beyond, trans- 

18 "IDD enclose, encompass, surround. 

22 Q7~in silent thought. Contrive, de- 

vise secretly. 

23 "in^ to exceed, nmo* remainder, 


24 biM gross. nblM stupidity, folly. 
28 DDH to fail. DC extremity, 

nT*1 to waste. (Is destruction) of 
wasting, or wasting destruction 
(viz., to the king). 

30 MD"1 to restore. NDno (a heart) 

of healing. 

3 1 Vpn to strip, to reproach, disgrace. 

32 T^DH shelter oneself. To hope or 

trust in. TIDTVO a retreat, a 
34 ion succulent, abundance, boun- 

Chapter XV. 115 

1 n317 to affect. n35?D U soft) 

n!^^ toil, labour. Grievous. 

2 niD'' to be good, rrs^n maketh 

(knowledge) goodly. 
4 P)bD to pervert. Perversion. 
6 ^On to be strong, pn treasure or 
store secured. 
n'DV to trouble. m353 trouble, 
13 nWD to bruise. Broken. 
16 71)2>r\ multitude. nDino disturb- 
ance, confusion. 


17 n*lS to go in a track. nmN a 
customary meal of victuals, 
pn** to throw out something moist. | 
A herb. The most tender shoot, ' 
a green shoot or twig. 
19 '^W to stop, assuage. riD^DOD as a 
fence plTi of thorns, a hedge. 
V vD to raise or cast up very high. 

n'j'TD a high bank. 
p^n thorns. 

1W^ to be straight, even, smooth, 
22 "7D to obstruct. A secret, separate 

24 ni^D to stretch to. rvnn down, 

below, beneath. 

25 nD3 to take, pull, or pluck away, i 
27 ^n3 to give. nariD a gift. ' 
32 nb to vibrate. Heart. Under- 

Chapter XVI. TtD 

1 'yiV to set in order, 'aiyo dis- 

positions, arrangements. 

2 HDT to be clear, clean. 

pn to direct, regulate by weight. 
4 n3^ to affect. ^T^:^lob because of, 
for the sake of himself. 

10 nop to divine. DDp sagacity, 

penetration in discovering. 
hVT^ to decline, deflect, go aside. 
But HTLTf to deviate from a scope 
or aim, yins to transgress, to go 
over or beyond. 

1 1 ObO to make level. The beam of 

a balance. 
nOD to cover. D'D purse or bag 
for covering money or weights. 
15 Wph to crop or cut off. Wip'^Q 




the harvest rain, i. e., which 
plumps up. 

IS ^WD to stumble. p'?'CD a stumble, 
a fall. 

21 ^!3 to divide. Niph. ]ia3 discreet. 

24 HD!^ to overspread. F]ia a honey- 
comb, the waxen cells spread 
over with honey. 

26 HDD to curve. M to press, urge 

on. The body of the labouring 
man, laboureth for himself, 
because his mouth (the necessity 
of food) urges him. 

27 m^ to cut, dig a pit or pitfall, 

i. e., to devise secret mischief. 

^"1^ to burn, scorch, nms burn- 

28 ]3"n to mutter, pn: a mutterer, 


"?"1D to divide. P|i'? t"idq dis- 
uniteth a confidential friend. 

30 rC^y to fix. One fixing, he who 


31 DQ7 to turn. ni^tt) hoariness, 

grey hairs, canities. 

83 vlO** same as ^ID to cast, cast down. 

Chapter XVII. P 

1 no to divide. riD a partition, a 
piece, a bit. 

nnT to slay (in general). 

3 P\1f^ to melt or refine. P]1SQ a 

refiner's vessel or pot, a coppel 
or copel. 

4 VIT^ a wicked doer. 

Il2?p to hearken, attend. The 
gesture of attention. 

npW to lie. A lie. 

4 ^T to prepare, provide, po pre- 

r)*)Tl on the oppressing (tongue). 

5 P)"nn to strip. Strip of honour, 


7 n*lM to desire. Niph, to be de- 

sirable, comely. 
nSM to heat through. O f] how 
much less. 

8 inW to make a present. A gift, 

a present. 
/^W to be wise, to deprive. 
Hiph. to give understanding. 

9 n3K? to separate, repeat. 

10 '^V^ to restrain, ms-a a reproof, 

nn^ to descend, nnn penetrate, 
pierce, will penetrate, come into. 

11 niD to resist, rebel, no rebellion. 

12 27^3 to meet. 

13 nii7D to draw out, withdraw. 

14 'llDD to open, to let loose by open- 

ing. itQiD the letting loose. 

tt?l03 to loose, let go, leave off, 

yb^ to deride, j^b^nrr becomes 
contumelious, degenerates into 
derision and contumely. 

16 iriD to commute, exchange one 

thing for another. THD a price. 

17 nvn to feed (spiritually). j>i a 

messmate, a friend. 

18 Vpn to strike one thing against 

another. Striketh bands. 

19 n!J3 to shoot or burst forth. HiJn 

strife, contention, 
nn^ high, elevated. rrUD he who 

nriD to open. An engraving (at 
its opening). 




21 Tiy^ to afflict, grieve, nam afflic- 

tion, grief. 

22 7171^ to heal entirely. 

3t^^"i will make a good medicine. 
nS!3 to bruise. rT3: broken. 
D"1^ to bare. 01:1 a large bone. 

25 D37D to be angry. Anger, vexa- 

tion, provoking. 
112 to be bitter, nnn bitterness. 

26 127D3? to mulct, fine, punish by fine. 
Ip"^ to be bright. TVyp to meet, 

cold. lp cool. 
28 DtOM to shut, close, stop. 

Chapter XVIII. n" 

1 niN to desire. mn desire, lust. 

1")D to divide. Niph. TTD2 a re- 

rbi to deride, rb^n' he laughs at, 

T]W^ existence. H'^Din anything 
solid or wise. The recluse seeks 
his own desire, he laughs at any 
thing solid or wise, not as (E. T.). 

4 rn3 7n3 a gushing torrent. 

5 S12?3 to bear or lift up. 

nS27 to accept or regard with 
undue favour. 

6 Dbn to beat, smite. mo'^nD 

strokes, blows. 

8 pn to mutter, murmur, pi: a 

mutterer, a whisperer. 

Dnb to be soft. (Schultens) to 
swallow down greedily. n'Dn'?nD3 
like things eagerly swallowed. 

"nn the inner parts (of the belly). 

9 HDn to give way. Hithp. riDinn 

behaveth himself slackly. 
10 2112? to lift up. Niph. nia3 to be 
exalted, high. 

1 1 HDtt? to be like, in^ttjoa in his 
own imagination. 

13 IIW to turn. Hiph. to return an 

answer. l^'OJD answereth. 

14 bD** to be able. '?D'?3 is able to 

sustain, support. 
rrvH to be faint. n"7rm pain, 
anguish, sickness, disease. 

19 nn to be lifted up. pdN a raised 
or lofty building, a turret, tower. 

22 pD3 to bring or draw forth. 3 

never retained. 

23 pn to be very kind or affectionate. 

D'2i:nn earnest supplications, | 
entreaties. - 

24 nn to feed. D>n (a man) of 

W1 to break in pieces, ymnn^ 
ready to be ruined. 

Chapter XIX. ^> 

2 '^V to press, urge, hasten. 

3 f]V^ to be troubled, fret. 

6 TOri to be faint, importune, to 

prevail by importunity, to put 
out of countenance by one's im- 

7 ''D ^M how much more. 

711271 in Chald. to hide, protect. 
(N.) a wall for shelter. 

10 :i3r delight. 3i3yn delight. 

1 1 "^IS to be long, "jn^n deferreth. 

12 Dn3 to grumble or growl. The 


1 3 mn subside, subsist, mn an op- 

pressing calamity, a grievous 

?)bT to drop, tpi a dropping. 
1"llD in Syriac and Arab, to impel. 


propel. N. impulsive, impetu- 
ous, continual. 

17 nib to join. m'?D Hiph. to let 

another borrow of oneself, i. e., 
to lend. 

18 mp stretch out. mpn expecta- 

tion, hope, longing. 
T112n multitude, tumult. n^on 

tumultuous noise. 
S127D to bear, suffice, spare. 

19 b"i:i stony. "na high-spirited, 

great, (Schultens) ruggedness. 
W2V to mulct, punish by fine or 

20 b^p to receive, accept. 

24 ^OvlO to hide, cover up, plungeth in. 
nbS to pass on. nn'72 a pan, a 


25 dS? to be naked, to make wise. 

26 ^^tI7 to shatter to pieces, waste, 

ISn to sink. n^Bno maketh 

Chapter XX. D 

1 nUtZ? to expatiate, give loose, in- 


2 nO'^M the terror. 

"))2r to pass. -OJ^nn making 
himself a transgressor. 

3 Vb^ to deride. ^)^n' will taunt. 

4 ^in to strip. F^nrra by reason of 

the winter. 

11 bb. bbi37. vbb3?)abyhis 

deeds, by his doings. 
"1373 to agitate. A child, a youth. 
13 IW^ to be in a sound sleep, nzv 

npD to open. 



14 H^p to hold, miprr the purchaser. 
btM to go away, go off, fail. 

15 nbiD totality. '^3 utensils, dress, 

armour, &c. 

16 bun to bind. ^7^byn his pledge. 

yy$ surety. m'?ann well-con- 
nected designs. 

17 "DDV to mix, to suit, be agreeable. 

^!^n divide into many shares, 
y^n gravel. 

18 Stt7n to add. ni3nD devices, 

meditations, contrivances. 

19 bSI to trade. b^'y\ a busybody, a 

nnO to draw aside, entice. 

20 *^V1 to go or burn out. 

ntt?^ existence. ptt)' "Jn gross 
darkness (the very substance). 

21 bni to nauseate, nbnao detested, 

scandalous, i. e., gained by scan- 
dalous acts. 

25 t&p"' to lay a snare, irpin a 
3?b to lick up, absorb, swallow 

TTD to vow, promise to God. 
27 Qtt?3 to breathe, now: the soul or 

29 "HDn to conjoin, rman a con- 
tusion or bruise. 
^^Q to wound. The bruises of (a 

pID to scour, cleanse. (Will be a 
cleanser) in the wicked man. 

Chapter XXI. D 

1 ntS!3 stretch out, incline, ^m'. 

4 "13 to divide. T3 a ploughing, 
here 13. 

z 2 



5 "irV to exceed. Hiph. "imo 

\^M to press, hasten, straiten. 

6 v57D to work, contrive. The 

f\1^ drive or hurry away. 

7 1W to shatter. itD the devastation. 
n"lD to excite or stir up (conten- 

] to refuse. 

8 ^Cn turn the condition. "fD^DD 

to be irregular, unsteady, turning 
this way and that, continually 
"Itl wicked, laden with crimes. 

9 *i:2n to conjoin. 'M'n n'a a common 

house, i. e., common to several 
families, spacious, roomy. 

10 "in kindness. ]n' to meet with 

kindness, affection. 

1 1 12731? to punish by fine, mulct. 

12 ?)bD to pervert, subvert, over- 

14 nQD to curve, appease. 
16 NC") reduce to a former state. 

D'D1 the mouldering dead. 
18 "IDD to cover. A ransom. 
24 mn to protuberate. yrt" haughty, 

looking big. 
I'y^ to pass. m33> excess or 

violence (of pride). 

27 ^D ^M how much more. 

28 n23 superiority. m?3b continually, 


29 XV strength or vigour. Hiph. 

strengthens, i. e., hardens. 

Chapter XXII. nD 

4 Dp5? the end, event, or conse- 
quence. By or through. 

5 1!5 to be pointed. D^3i? thorns, 
DTIQ snares. 
"73n to initiate, instruct. 
"Q v3? according to, 
7 nib to join. K. Tvf? a borrower. 

H. mbD lender or creditor. 
10 K?")3 to expel, drive, thrust out. 

13 nn to pluck off. nw and nn 

a lion. i 

n!^"l manslaughter or murder, j 

To kill, slay. | 

14 nti? to incline. nm a pit, a hole. ] 
nVX indignant. QIS^l he who is , 


20 Wbw to rule, direct (see Park- 

hurst's Lexicon). D^'C^ttJ rules, 
directions. , 

21 tDtt?p truth, rectitude, integrity, 


22 WDT break, crush, oppress. 

23 V^p to press down, oppress, 


24 r\V"l . Hithp. 5>*^nn make thyself 

a companion, associate thyself 

25 P]bs chief. r)'?n \Q lest thou be 

taught, Niph. sense. 
29 "inD to hasten. THD expeditious, 
|tt?n impede action. D'3icn ob- 
scure, mean, ignoble persons. 

Chapter XXIII. 33 

1 "7^? to stop, check. p^D a check, 
restraint, stop. Put a restraint 
to thy throat (not a knife), 
^b to lick up, swallow down. y!> 
the throat. 




3 D3?tO to taste. vmw^OD sapid, 

savoury meats. 

4 Vy^ to labour. 

5 ?)3? to vibrate, fly away. F]i3?nn 

wilt tbou glance (thine eyes). 

6 Dnb to insert, put together. 

7 "I3?tt? to stand erect, -irnj (as) 

hair (TCDin in one's frame), body, 
or stomach. 
17 DM '^3 for, or, in truth, or cer- 

20 SliD to drink hard. A drinker, 

bt loose, lax. bbn among the 
prodigal wasters (of flesh upon 
themselves), i. e., gluttonous 
eaters, '7b^^ profuse, prodigal. 

21 Q3 to slumber. riQlJ slumbering, 

3?1p to rend. D'jnp pieces rent, 
24 v!l circularity of motion. To 

26 ^") to run. Move swiftly. 

27 "1!^ to bind close, ms narrow. 

28 ^nn take away by violence. A 

robber, a plunderer. 
1X2 to use a cloak of dissimula- 
tion. Dn deceivers. 

29 mW to desire. '"IM desire, woe, 

lust, oh. 
ni2N acquiescence. '13N alas. 
nW to incline. n'ttJ profound 

meditation, deep thought. 
mbbDn red, sparkling, fiery, 


30 *7DD to mix. "jonn old turbid 
t ~ wine, mixed. 

nSD to cover. D13 here D'3 a 

31 n^V to affect, i^r reflected light, 

colour, appearance. 

32 ttnQ to spread, diffuse, as a 

^Dl^ to eject, 'jyc:? a species of 
serpent, the basilisk or sibilus, 
the hisser. 
34 bun to bind. The roping. 

Chapter XXIV. ID 

2 b)D3? to toil. What occasions toil, 

6 vSn bind, nibann well-connected 

designs, counsels wisely con- 

7 OMT to be raised up. moNT high, 


8 DT to devise, imagine, nom de- 

vice, machination. 

10 HD'H to give. Hithp. n'Dnnn wilt 

thou give way, faint, fail, (making 
the n interrogative). 

11 bsa to take away. "jTcnn DN ^^n 

(E. T.) Will you forbear to de- 
liver ? 

15 ySI to lie down. A rest, a rest- 

19 "in to heat. -innn. 

22 T*Q Syr. to fail. Destruction, 


23 IDn to have respect to. 

24 3p3 to make hollow, to curse. 
CpT to be indignant, abhor. 

26 pti?3 to kiss. Every one shall 


27 in^? prepare, make ready. 

31 l27Dp commotion. piDDp a nettle, 
b'nn . "'bin briars, brambles. 

32 HTn to fasten, settle the eyes of 

body or mind. 


32 DD12? to lie down, to rest, to be at 

Chapter XXV. HS 

I pnV to remove. Hiph. tran- 

scribe, copy out. 
4 nm bring or carry forth or away. 

>3>D dross. 
6 mn to surround, encompass 
Set (not) out thy glory. 
Up to rise. Dlpo a standing, 
8 Cbs shyness arising from shame. 
>bDni to put to shame, make 
10 ion to swell, overflow (with anger 
and reproaches), to reproach. 
n"T to murmur, nm an evil 

II nD3 to breathe, blow, man the 

citron tree, citron fruit, not 
apple. Citrons or oranges, not 

riDC? to be like. nvDMJO curiously 
engraved work. 

T^^DM in its suitable time. 
12 nbn faint, '"jn an ornament cu- 
riously wrought with great labour. 

CDD to mark with an impression, 
stamp. Stamped gold. 

'j!5 pointed. HDS the piercing 
cold (of snow). 

-)2 to bind. T2 a messenger, 

14 Mtt?3 to bear. D'N^'W vapours 

whicli are raised from the water 
and earth. 
in3 to give, nno a gift. 

15 ID^p to make an extremity. "['Sp 

a captain, a governor. 


15 013 to bare. A bone. 

17 "Ipn withdraw. Let thy foot be 

seldom in. 

18 V^^ ' dissipate. y^DD a warlike 

instrument, a mace, a club. 
H'l^n to part. ^r^ an arrow 
(sharpened). j 

19 V"^ to break. n!>"> a broken 
(] tooth). 

"J37 to totter. m3?ia (a foot) out i 
of joint, a tottering foot. | 

20 TMV to pass upon. mrn the 
putting on of a garment in the 
day of cooling, i. e., hot summer 
weather, mp. 

nna to loose. The natrum 
or nitre of the ancients, a 
I genuine pure and native salt, 

extremely different from our 
nitre: a fixed alkali. (Vinegar 
upon) natrum (with the singing 
songs to an afflicted heart) (are 
21 lir\r\ to keep fire alive. For 
thou (art) keeping coals lighted 
on his head. 

23 bbn open eminently. Break in 

24 *lin to conjoin. Common, shared 

25 f\V'^ to dissolve. HD'^ tired, spent. 

26 tt7Dn to foul. Niph. D-|2 muddy. 
28 ^")D to break out or through. 

ni^V to restrain. li?3?iD restraint, 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

2 13 to move. To flit, fly away 


2 m to go round, -mn the dove, 

swallow, sparrow. 
4 T\^W to make equal, be on a 


6 Tl'^p to cut off. n^]}^' 

DXSn to cast off. (Drinking down) 

7 ptt? to move, pw the leg. 
nbl to draw out. V*?! weak, 

slender, wasted. The legs of the 
lame are weak, so is a proverb, 

"imS a piece of solid matter bound 
hard. A stone, a grain. pN a 
precious stone. 

8 Dun to whelm. HDano a heap of 

stones. As a grain or spark of 
a precious stone, (so) is he who 
giveth honour to a fool. 

9 mn a hooked thorn. 

10 bbn open eminently. '?'?inD pro- 
ducing into being. 
;:2~) the great (God) who. 
~lDt2? to satisfy. Give satisfac- 

13 bnti? a black lion. 

14 "n!2 to bind. n^S a hinge. 

15 nb^ to pass, nnb!? a pan, a 

nSb in Kal and Niph. to be 
weary, tired. 

16 Di?^ to taste. Mental taste, dis- 

creet. (Returning) a discreet 
or judicious answer. 

17 "ID17 to pass. niJ^nn to be exces- 

sively angry, transported with 

18 nb to faint. nbnbnoD as a raving 

madman, as he who tireth him- 
self in throwing. 



18 pT to strain off. 0^1 flames or 
ignited matter. 

20 pnW to be still or calm. 

21 nD2 to breathe. DHD live coals, 
mn . "ynT^ to kindle up con- 
tinually (as contention). 

22 Dnb to be soft. Arab, swallow 

down quickly. n^nnbnM like 
things or dainties eagerly swal- 

23 nCli to overspread. rrDSO spread 


W^n silent thought. XDTf a pot- 
sherd, splinters of potter's ware. 

pbl pressing upon, denoting the 
action of fire. Warm lips, i. e., 
lips making warm professions. 

24 "1D3 to estrange. Is a stranger. 
20 Stt?D to bear. piDQ an elevated 

cry, acclamation. 

n to break. TOI wickedness. 

28 nDI to beat. V3T a false tongue 
shall hate its own bruising, i. e., 
ill language. 

r\ni to drive, nmo ruin. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

1 intt to commute. The morrow, 

time to come. 

2 bn^ to remain, bin sand of the 

sea, which remains from its 

3 bt03 to impose (as a burden). 

Burdensome, heavy. 

4 ")TD break through with violence. 

nviWM violent impulses breaking 
through all restraints. 

P\1^W to overflow, inundate. 




(These are) the impetuosities or 
gusts of anger, and the inunda- 
tion of wrath. 

6 iny to expand, mnnw deceitful. 

Steady. So faithful (are) the 
wounds of a friend, but deceitful 
(empty as a vapour). 

7 nS to part, no: virgin honey. 
pryO sweet. 

11 P)in to strip, reproach. 

14 3tt?n to add, reckon. 

15 Vy71 to drop. A dropping. 
THtlS impulsive. Continual. 
")3D to shut up. nn:iD Dvn in a 

day of shutting up. Not in a 
very rainy day. 
nitt? to make equal. mn^3 to be 
equal or on a footing, Niph. and 

16 ]D!J to hide. n':D:J those who hid 


17 mn brighten, exhilirate. ITW 

18 ^M labour. n3n the fig-tree. 
"1D12? to keep, preserve, watch. 

21 ''bb according to. ^^TTO his 


22 Wn'D to bray, beat to pieces. 

tcroo a mortar. 
niD'^in bruised corn. 
r\hV to ascend. 'iS a pestle, 

because it ascends, &c. 

23 "112? to separate. A flock. 
nOn to be strong, pn treasure. 

24 Hta to separate. A crown, diadem. 

25 "iSn to surround. TSn a herb, 

^DS to gather in. nba to remove, 

26 W^'D to subdue. D>1D the lambs. 

27 T37 strength. D^W goats. 

27 ~)373 to move briskly. nTC?2 young 

Chapter XXVIII. HD 

3 P\nO to sweep, drive. 

4 m!l to excite, move, stir up (as 

7 bt to let go. b'i^^ profuse, pro- 

JlV^ to feed. nj?"\ companion. 
8 n^'n to become great. n3"in in" 

12 U?Qn free from incumbrance. 


13 nT^ to confess, mm he who con- 

Dnn to embrace, to love inti- 
mately, to pity. 

15 pW to move. p]}W to desire ear- 

nestly, have eager appetite. 

16 123 to stand above. T2: a prince, 

leader, commander, chief. 

pWV to oppress. Ver. 17, ptt> 
a man oppressed with the guilt 
of murder shall flee to the pit, 
let none lay hold of him. 

18 nnN one, once. nnn altogether. 

20 yN to press, hasten. 

22 hn^ Kal and Niph. to hurry, be 
hasty, "jnas. 

24 mn to conjoin. The associate, 


25 Iini to be dilated. irC2 im large 

or vast in his desires. 

27 "nW to flow, to curse. niT^o 

Chapter XXIX. tOD 

1 nD*^ to be plain, to rebuke. nUDin 
reproof, correction, chastisement. 

4 D'n to be lifted up. moiin offer- 

ings, gifts. 

5 phn to be smooth. Iliph. to 

speak smoothly, flatter. 

7 Vl'^ to perceive, know, respect, 


8 ^b to mock, ]^'!ib scorn, a scorn- 

HDD to breathe, to blow as a 
stream of fire. Hiph. to smite, 
blow up as with a fire, inflame. 

9 IflDtt? all regulation. Niph. con- 

tend in judgment, plead. 
t^n to move. Tremble (with 

n3 to rest, nni rest. 

1 1 n'D.W to soothe, calm. 

12 ^Wp attend, hearken. Act of at- 


13 ']n to be in the midst, "^an great 

or repeated frauds or deceits. 

16 Dnbo^:! on their fall. 

1 8 ntn to fasten, pm a supernatural 
vision or foresight by objects re- 
^"ID to free, break loose, start 

21 p3Q make delicate, educate de- 
licately. p3DQ (only here). 
]3 to propagate. p3Q made or 
become a son. 

24 phn smooth, divide exactly. A 

232 to steal or be stolen. A thief. 
nbS a curse. 

25 inn move quickly, to tremble. 

n"nn tremor, trembling, fear. 



27 nb^y ascend. Vi2> oppression, in- 
justice, iniquity. 

Chapter XXX. b 

1 M2?D to bear. N'ijnn the weighty, 

important discourse. 

2 IVZL to clear off*. A brutish 


4 nSn to cover, veil. V3En his 

two hands joined together. 

5 ribs to curse. mb, and Jobiii. 4. 

6 3TD to fail. 1133 to be made to 

fail, be found a liar. 

8 tt?S'n for tjn poverty. 

?)"1tO to tear off". Hiph. to give to 
eat, or to tear to pieces with 
the teeth, to eat. 

pr\ to describe (the bread) of my 
competent allowance, our suffi- 
cient bread, as Lord's Prayer. 

9 WnD to fail, belie. 
tt7Cn lay hold on, handle. 

10 "|U?b speak against, betongue. 
12 ^m v/ash, cleanse the surface. 
S'2'' to come or go forth. in20 
from its filthiness. 

14 V2tt? its teeth. 

bSM to eat. n"73o a large knife 

or sword. 
Vbn split, cleave. m^briQ the 


15 phV to adhere, ^tp^b:ib a leech, a 


16 ll^y to restrain. Restriction (of 

the womb). 

17 Tlp'^ to obey readily and cheer- 

HDl? to affect. ^'5? the eye. 
2137 to mix. The crow or raven. 




1 7 "np3 to bore, dig, cut out. nr\p\ 

20 t]S3 to satiate one's thirst by 

drinking. To commit adultery. 
ncN3D adulterous. 

2 1 St2?3 to bear. n to bear. 

23 S3C? to hate. HNlit? a woman dis- 

25 bD to cut off. D'^Q3n emmets or 


26 "JDIZ? to hide. D'2Dtt3 the saphan 

ashkoko or conies. 

27 yn to divide, ^n their prey, 

dividing into many parts. 

28 DDK? to place, dispose with great 

care. D'DQttJ the spider. 

29 13 1^*^ to be good, comely, &c. n^^ona 

to do it well. 
1372 to step, walk. 
.30 Wh to knead. "O^b a lionr 

31 nt to compress, squeeze. D^anoTm 

strait or narrow in the loins. 
WD to compress, ttrn a he-goat. 
D1p7M no rising up. 

32 b^3 to fall down. Act vilely or 


Stt?3 to bear, lift up. 

33 n!JD to squeeze, press. y'O a 

squeezing, pressing. 
2bn milk. HNDn butter. 

Chapter XXXI. wb 

1 1D^ to restrain, discipline. 

2 ID to clear. A son, a child, in- 


3 nn to be broken, mnn'? to that 

which destruyeth. 

5 ppn to define or decree, ppno a 
definer, a lawgiver, the ensign of 
judicial authority. 
8 D/S compress. Silent, mute. 
Handful, a band of men. rhab. 
fy7n passing. Fjibn m liable or 
likely to perish. 
10 vH^ to remain, ^'n ability, virtue. \ 

pm to remove far off. pmno 

from afar. 
mDD her price. 

13 na!5 soft. Wool. 
"^ntTD flax, linen. 

yon to bend, incline. By the 
bending of her hands. 

14 *inD to move to and fro. "iniD 

trader, merchant, mno mer- 
chandize, wares. 

16 DttT to devise or consider tho- 

19 1WD straight, direct, nW3 a 
spindle or turning-pin. 
"7vD to support. The distaff 
which supports the flax in spin- 

22 IID to wreathe. DnanQ woven- 
work, tapestry, carpets. 

24 "JTD to loosen. pD loose gar- 

ment, shirt, smock. 

3?3S to lay down, expose on the 
ground. *3J>23^ a merchant, a 

25 pnt27 to conflict. Dance, laugh. 
27 nO!i to overspread. STQIS she 

watcheth, surveyeth. 
"]b'' local motion. ma'j'n the 
movements, paths, goings. 
30 ^n kindness, affection. 



Chapter I. M 

1 S'*M to be an enemy or adversary 

3 I^V to serve, mi!? a number of 

5 ?]p3 to go round, surround. Going 


7 ntSC^ to decline, to go this way 

and that, to and fro. 

8 ID to decline, turn aside, depart. 

10 1VD, after, behind, without. 
"JtJ? to stop, to fence, hedge. 

yiD break forth, spread abroad, 
increase abundantly. 

11 obW to compress. oblM yet not- 

withstanding, but truly. 

15 MISK? Seba, Sabeans, used for 
the plundering Arabs generally. 
Country used for the people. 

17 tt^ST priority. D'" military 
bands or troops under three dis- 
tinct leaders. 
f^W^ to divest. To rush forth. 

20 T!l take off or away, to clip short, 

21 ^^1 to come or go forth. 'n2 

I came, (here used for 'HNS*). 

22 ben crude, indigested. nbon 


Chapter II. !2 

8 D"nn silent thought. A fragment 
of stone or rock, a potsherd. 

8 Tn3 to scrape oneself. 

10 73>p to receive, accept, take. 

1 1 "TJ?** to appoint. n2?v. 

"T3 to move. With b following, to 

12 pit to sprinkle, disperse. 

Chapter III. 3 

2 1^3 to be strong. A male child. 

4 1713 to flow, mm a stream of 

light, light. 

5 /M3 to vindicate, take vengeance 

(on it). 
ItH'D to convolve. 'Tins thick 

DVD, to disturb, affright. 

7 1*123 v3 a rock (concreted to the 

utmost degree). *n shall become 
like a rock. From by a roundish 
mass, and loy to subsist. 
]31 to vibrate briskly. n33"i a 
vibration of light. 

8 inV to prepare, nnny who are 

about to, or who shall. 

IDV to raise, rouse, excite. 

^n^'l V the Leviathan, a dragon or 
large serpent, a whale, a cro- 
codile, Is. li. 9; xxvii. 1. 

9 P|U73 the evening or morning 

breeze, also the twilight. 

il^p to stretch, expect. 



9 J^D37 to move with a swift, vibratory 
motion, imu 'D3?D2>i beams of 
light at daybreak, or the vibra- 
tory rays. 

12 Ulp precedency, anticipate, pre- 
vent. Why did the (officious) 
knees receive me. 

14 D"nn to waste, nilin dreary se- 
pulchral mansions, such as the 
pyramids of Egypt. 

16 nby ascend. D'^^r infant chil- 

dren; generally youth, as op- 
posed to p3\ 
7D3 to fall. An abortion, an 
abortive birth. 

17 W1 motion, commotion. Disturb- 

ing, shaking. 
V^'> Kal, to labour. Hiph. to 
weary, fatigue. 

18 I^W to be tranquil. ]3N to be 

tranquil, quiet, secure. 

21 TlDJl to wait, tarry. Wait with 

desire, long for. 

"nSn to sink, penetrate, "icn to 

dig deep (as for a well). 
mD to dig. 

22 bn rotundity, b'a a word of ges- 

ture, exultation, leaping for joy. 

23 "^D overspread, cover, hide. 

24 Dnb to insert, join. Food. 
3Stt? to roar. 

"jnD to be poured out, distil. 

26 rtvlZ? quiet, easy, secure. 

Ifiptt? to be quiet, at quiet or rest. 

Chapter IV. 1 

2 HDD to try, attempt, essay. nD2n j 20 
if we attempt to speak to thee. I 

nsb to be weary, i. e., unable to; 

bear it. 
bto to cut off. D>^rD or ]'''?Q words, 

yiD to bow, sink down. mi>"\2 

the bowing (knees), 
bOD stiffness. 1^05 thy strength 

nf mind, confidence. 
THD take off or away. 
DW^ to breathe. DDttJiD breath. 
TlVn to err. lyra disappoint or 

miss of their prey, 
tt?"*? the fierce lion. Not broken 

(E. T.). 
THD to divide. Hithp. sundered, 

l2Dn to steal. Niph. spoken* 

secretly or by stealth. 
\^X2t& to mutter. A muttering, 

f]VW Arab, to seize, hurry away. 

D'D2?\on ecstatic, hurrying, or 

maddening thoughts. 

8*1p to meet, befal. 

^^D to shake, agitate, pant, pal- 

"n^SD to be rough, sharp-pointed, 
stand on end, or upright. 

HDIDH an image. 

TIT^I equable. rraDT great quiet- 
ness, stillness. 

dW to place, lay upon, impute. 

Ctt^D attending to, considering. 

^DM steadiness, Hiph. to believe, 
rely. |'D\ 

n^n disturb. Clay. 

S3"T to break, crushed, humble. 

n3 to pound, beat, wear to 




12 ^D3 to remove. (Does not their 

Chapter V. H 

1 D''tt?lp translated saints, q. Qn^DH. 

2 WV^ to be angry. Anger, vexa- 


S3p to eat into. HNlp envy, in- 

nriQ to draw aside. The simple, 
in a bad sense. 
8 nnp to curse, execrate, equal to 

5 ]!5 pointed. O'aSQ bn among the 

thorns, prickles. 
J^Stt? to draw in, iup in, swallow 

DD!2^ empty, meagre. D'DS a 

starveling, a man almost starved 

with hunger and thirst. 

6 ]M labour of body and mind. pN 

grief, affliction, distress. 
hiyS to toil. Travail, weariness. 

7 J^l&"1 to glow or flash. F]W"i '21 a 

red hot coal, (as the sparks of the 
red hot coal,) a coal glowing with 

nsn to be high, lifted up. 

?]V to vibrate, to fly. 

10 n^^n to divide asunder, yin m. 

main f. an out place, a field. 

11 D"! to be lifted up. mno on 

TTp to be dark. Mourn, grieve. 
S2lt^ to lift up, exalt. 

12 ID to break. nCO dissolveth, dis- 


mV to be naked. CVS wise, 
prudent, crafty, subtle. 

12 tlW^ existence, subsistence, rroin 

anything real, substantial, or 

13 briQ to twist. "JTIDJ writhed, tor- 

tuous, crafty. 

"inXS to haste. Niph. mnOD to 
precipitate, fall headlong. 

14 D*^ tumult. DDV by day, daily. 

ti?t!l?X3 to feel over and over again, 

15 ptTl to constringe, to become 

strong. The strong, the mighty. 

16 n^y to ascend, nnbj? iniquity, 

^Dp to contract, shut, restrain. 

17 DSD reject with contempt, de- 


18 2N3 to mar, spoil. Hiph. to 

make sore. 
ti7in to bind round or about, 
bind up. 

21 Ht^W to decline. TDitt) a whip or 


M!2n to hide, conceal. 

22 IW to shatter, destroy. Tl de- 

struction, devastation. 
1DD to hunger. Hunger, famine. 

25 M!^** to come or go forth. D'i<:Jw;j? 


26 rivlD a crabbed, wrinkled coun- 

tenance, extreme old age. 

"I^p to bury, inter. The grave. 
Wl^ to heap, xo^y a heap of 

Chapter VI. 1 

2 n')r} to fall down, subside, mn' 
my affliction. 




2 Ma73 to lift up, take. 

3? 7 to lick up, absorb, swallow 

." nn to be hot. non inflammatory 

4 nV^ to disturb, nnsa terror. 

a^nwa things terrible or to be 

5 pn3 to bray. 

SiD run wild. The wild ass. 

nm to low or bellow. 

^U to mix. 'j'ba a mixture or 

mixed provender. 
G vDH crude, indigested, insipid. 
m to excern, ooze out. ina 

slaver, drivel. 
Obn to break off. ubri. moVn 

a dream. (Is there any taste or 

wisdom in the drivel of) dreams ? 
7 ]WD to refuse. 

nil to languish, faint. 'iiD. 

irV to exceed. Hiph. cause to 
exceed or abound. 

10 Qna to comfort. 

^7D Arab, to shake or strike the 
ground with exultation. 

nb^'nn niboNi and i would 

exult in agony or anguish, or in 
the expectation. 

vDn soft, tender. To compas- 
sionate, pity. 
^^^ take away, conceal. 

1 1 brr* to remain, expect. 

13 HW^ existence. muim subsist- 

ence, permanency. 

14 HDD disunion of texture or con- 

sistency. DD^ to him who 
raelteth (afflicted), pity should 
be showed from his friend. But 
Civob (Kennicott.) (Codices.) 

To him who despiseth his friend 
(it is) a reproach, and he will 
forsake the fear of God. 
14 Ton pity, a reproach. 

16 lip black, dark, obscure. 
D7r Hithp. to sport, 
rrip smooth. Ice. 

17 ^"IT to burn, scorch. What time 

they wax warm. (E. T.) ex^ 

nttS to cut off. (inDS: they 

vanish,) consume entirely. 
137^ to go out, to consume or 

fail. When they wax hot they 

fail out of their place. 

18 nSv to incline, turn aside, de- 

tin confusion. Without order, 
form, &c. j 

19 niM to go in a track. A com- ' 

pany of travellers, a caravan. 
t^n3 to look. zD>an the same. 
^vH local motion. niD'bn cara- I 
vans, companies of travellers. 
W niD^ hang close. Trust. 

21 nn to be broken, nnn a great 

ruin or destruction. 

22 UTID restriction. *3rF surely (did 

I say). 
inW to make a present. 

23 ynV to agitate. Hiph. to be ter- 

rified. D'Sny terrible, for- 

24 il^W expatiate, luxuriate, run 


25 \^"1D force or violence. Niph. 

strong, forcible. 
riD"^ to make plain, demonstrate, 
reprove. TOin argument. 

26 ^Wn to add, to reckon, think. 




Have ye devised to cavil at 
words ? 

26 t!?W to renounce. Niph. to be 

desperate concerning; and at 
the breath of the words of him 
who is desperate. 

27 nnD to cut up, dig (a pit). 

nVl to feed. y>^ a companion, 
friend, neighbour. 

28 71S to be gross. lVin be gross, 

foolish, obstinate. (E. T.) be 
SO mn to fall down, min oppres- 
sion, oppressiveness. 

Chapter VII. t 

1 S2!^ to attend on duty. A space 

of time, an appointed time. 

2 ?)Ntt7 to draw or suck in, gasp, 

pant, aspire after. 

3 rrT* the lunar light. 'HT months. 
^17^ to be measured, i. e., length- 
ened out. Then the evening is 
lengthened out or prolonged 
(Scott). (E. T., and the even- 
ing be gone.) 

TT3 to move quickly. D^TT3 mo- 
tions to and fro, tossing. 

r)lZ?3 to blow. The morning 

5 rTtt*1 to cast, throw, project. A 

worm, from its projecting. 

tt72lD being close to. '31 and ad- 
hesion (of dust). 

^31 still fixed, stiff, rigid (not 
broken, E. T.). 

DS?3 to be diluted. Crack, peel 
ffo. Despise, abhor. 

6 3"1J^ to weave. A weaver's 


11 ntt? to incline, bow, be humbled. 
nntJ deep thought, care. 

14 nn to be broken, daunted, dis- 


15 p3n to strangle. piHQ suffocation, 

W}^V strength. TTiOSyn rather 

than my bones, i. e., than life in 

such a skeleton state. 
ilT^'D how long. 

19 nVW look. With n following, to 

turn away or from. 
nST to give way, relax. 
pi to evacuate. p1> to spit, p^ 


20 5?2Q to meet. yjDO a mark, a 

thing in the way and offensive. 

21 inW dark coloured. To seek. 

Early in the morning. 

Chapter VIII. PI 

2 13D multiplicity. Ta3 a full or 

a strong (wind). 

3 nil? to incline, make it partial. 

6 IV to raise. Hiph. T3?> stir up, 

excite, awake. 

7 nniZ? expatiate, luxuriate, thrive. 

8 p3 to prepare, adapt. piD. 

11 ^!3 softness. And n^JS soft mud 

or mire. 

nW to join. in a flag or reed. 

12 DS to swell. ia2 in its state of 

swelling, greenness. 
P|!5p to crop or pluck off. 

13 ?]3n to pollute. A polluted wretch, 

a wicked fellow. 

I'i vDD stiffness, strength, confidence. 

top to loathe, nauseate, rejected 
with loathing. 




M e?''nDl? a spider. 

16 niO") to be wet, moist, full of juice, 

or sap. 
P to protect. n:3 reg. nsa a 

17 "7^0 to inweave, entwine. 

bll a heap, a roundish heap of 

18 WnD to fail. It will fail him 


Chapter IX. Ifi 

5 pnV to remove 

6 "^bo to tremble. 

7 Din the solar orb. 

nnn^ n'3D1D ir^l and behind 
or above the fluxes of the stars 
he (God) setteth a seal, 

8 niD2 high, elevated. TiDa heights. 

9 WV to consume. The blight. 

(E. T. Arcturus.) 
bOD stiffness. rD3 the cold, cold- 
ness of the air. (E. T. Orion.) 

n^D to be warm. na^D genial 
heat or warmth (and the cham- 
bers of the south, i. e., thick 
clouds.) (E. T. Pleiades.) 

1 1 F)bn pass on, proceed. 

12 ^nn take away by violence. 

13 -im to incite. High-spirited, 

fierce, proud, 
nntt? bow themselves. 

17 12?tZ7 to stand erect. mPttJ a 
rough tempest. 
P]W cover, overwhelm. 
y2^ to wound, hurt. 

19 IV* to appoint. 'JTy' 'D who will 
appoint me the time. 

20 WpV prove perverse. 
23 tDlU? the scourge. 

noa to try. riDob at the trial. 

26 tt7l03 to loose. Spread forth as 

an eagle his large wings on his 

27 2lb^ to smile, look cheerful, not 

comfort or strengthen, as Lexi- 

28 n:i* to be afraid. 

29 37I1' to labour. rr the labour. 

30 HDt to be clear, clean. Hiph. 

cleanse. 'ni3in, ") instead of 
final rr. 

31 bniD dip, immerse, plunge. 

nntt? destruction, or q. d. apit, 

from rnu to bow. 
u7W to make whole. rriQ^tr gar- 
33 PT^'' to be plain. n^SID an umpire. 
34; tSSK? to extend. A rod. 

D'^M terrible. Here ino rendered 
his fear (E. T.). 

Chapter X. ** 

1 I2p to loathe, be disgusted at. 

3 rS*' radiate, nrcin shine forth, 
cause to shine. 

8 2lS3? labour. Form by labour. 

10 '^n^ to be poured out, distil. 

MDp to be condensed. Hiph, 
coagulate, curdle. 

11 -n3;skin. 

'^'DW to fence, hedge thoroughly. 

12 IpD to visit. *]rnpD thy visitation. 
16 bW interposition, '^^n Wo ! Alas I 
16 nSn to increase. 


16 N7D Hithp. to show oneself won- 


17 Win to renew. 

18 3713 to expire. 

20 nW to set. With O following, to 
let alone. nnD\ 

22 ?)3? to vibrate. nncy light. A 
land its (i. e., whose) light (is) as 
the thick darkness, the shadow 
of death without rays, VSn and it 
shines like darkness. 
"TID to order, dispose. Dmo b 
without rays. 

Chapter XI. N"> 

3 ''"7 sufficiency, iwnm D^nn yi2 
should men be silent at thy self- 

5 Q^W to compress. dVim firmness, 

yet, notwithstanding, but, truly. 

6 nbr hide, conceal. niD'^rn the 

secrets, hidden things. 

7 bOD double. mDinb ''?dd double 

as to or in wisdom. 
HvD totality, n^tan completion, 

8 nnS high. 

12 ISn . 3112 hollow, empty, vain. 

IV . NnD T wild ass's colt. 
15 ptStt firm, steadfast. 
17 ^ vH to creep. Time, age. 

nDrn thou shalt shine forth. 
20 nD3 to breathe, blow. nDD a pufi" 
of wind. 

D13X2 flight. 

Chapter XII. H^ 
4 pniZ? to conflict, laugh at. Derided. 

nV 2fi9 

5 T^D V a burning torch, a firebrand, 

a torch of contempt. 

nWV to shine, look glossy, mnior^ 
pstD to the splendours or 
thoughts of the prosperous (is 
he who is). 

I^tt? tranquil. ptt) quiet, pros- 
"T3;a to totter. 'Tyio^ 

6 T2n motion, agitation. 'r^nD pro- 


11 vKl to cut off. ]>!?D speech. 

12 TIW^ . 'O'* very old or ancient, 

D'\U>'a very far advanced in 

15 12^37 with 1 following, to put a 

restraint upon, to restrain. 

16 T12,W . IW wanderer. mttJn error. 

17 "^b'^ to walk, go. yb^^ causeth to 

go, leadeth. D'Syv counsellors. 

vH to shine. V^n distracted, reel 

18 ID*^ to restrain. IDIQ restraint. 

1 9 ^riM strength. D^irfW strong. 
Py7D pervert, overthrow. 

20 "ID to decline. Hiph. TDO re- 

move, turn aside. 
DM3 say, assert. D':dn3 trusty, 

from ]QM. 
D37IO taste, discernment. 

21 nT?2 (nnn a girdle). 

pDS constrain. C'p'D^ strong. 

22 N]3tt7 expatiate, increase, related to 

23 Tll^W spread abroad, expand. 
HD rest or settle. 

24 nnn confusion, inn a waste. 

25 WW}2 to grope about. 
"Iptt? falsehood, lies. 

A A 3 



25 l^W to satisfy. TOW drunken 

Chapter XIII. ri** 

3 nD** to be plain. Hiph. fDin 

Infin. settle, determine. 

4 bOtD to fasten, tie, or connect to- 

bbs nothing worth. 
6 n3^ to make plain. TinDID re- 
proof, rebukes. 
9 npn search exactly, minutely. 

bnn mock, banter, trifle. 
1 2 bC!7D to rule, parabolize, compare, 

1 5 nS gibbosity. 'IJ backs, heaps. . 
btop to kill, slay, cut off by death. 
nD"* to be plain. Hiph. n*3"i make 
manifest, shew. 
Id brr* to remain, wait, expect. 

P^an pollute, defile ; not hypocrite. 

17 nVli^ to join, connect, nirw a 

word of endearment. mnM 

19 "'D if. 

373'' to labour, die. ria :S^X^ to die. 
22 nitt?. ai* to turn, as '32>tt?m 

answer me. 
25 P\l^ to drive. P]n3 nVyn a leaf 

blown about by the wind. 
yiV . V^' terrify. 

27 *lDi in stocks. 

Tlpn to draw a mark, npnnn. 

pn. V^ his bounds. 
XD^W a root. The sole (of the 


28 IIP"! to rot. npT worm-eaten, apl 

nbs worn out. 

Chapter XIV. T 

I Wl disquiet, trouble. 
3 J^S but yet. 

5 Y"in to sharpen, yinn cut short, 


6 nVXD to look, see. Look away 

from him. 
n^n to accept, discharge, satisfy. 

7 mp to stretch, mpn expectation, 

F)bn to pass. Put forth new 

p3'' to suck. np3V a sprout. 

8 37T:1 . lyw stock or stump. 

9 mD to sprout, blossom, 
n^n exhalation, scent. 

*l!^p to cut down, y^p harvest, 
10 Whn to throw down, wbn' weak, 
pass away. 

I I btN go away, disappear. 
12 ^p'' to awake. 

14 N^IJ warfare, hard service, afflic- 


15 fpD paleness. With "? thou wilt 

have compassion . To be greedy, 
or long for. 

17 "THIS to bind up. -i*ns a bundle, 

bClO to fasten or tie as with a 

18 obis but, nevertheless, and some- 

times for. 
nbzi come to nothing, consume. 

19 pnW to wear away. 

nCD to join, unite. rrn^DD that 
which adheres (to the ground), 
its produce. 

?]t;2tt7 sweep or wash away. 

20 ^Ipn prevail on, overpower. 


20 n3tt7 to iterate. Cbald. n3D to 

22 b^M to mourn. 

Chapter XV. ItS 



2 CDn the wise (man). 

3 ]3D useful, profitable. 
bs?** to profit, be useful. 

4 110 or THD to break, quash. 
:S7-|2 diminish, lessen, (Park 

hurst's Lexicon) subtract, with- 

5 U^V naked. D'QTW crafty. 

10 21ti7 to turn, aw old age, more 

than ]'p^. 
nW^ existence. XO'V decaying, 

very old or ancient. 
1^'D great. T33 many, much. 

11 DnD cbange of mind. mmnsn 

tDWb to hide, cover, secrete, 
at") to wink (with the eyes). 
14 HDT pure, clean. 

16 nbW corrupted. Niph. corrupt. 

17 mn to shew, declare. linM I 

will shew thee, 
ntn to see. 

18 IHD concealed. THD conceal. 
20 bbn violent pain or anguish. 

yiV to terrify. y'">3^ an oppressor. 
22 nO!^ to look about. IDS he ob- 
serves narrowly. 
24 p1!^ to press. r(p^^^ affliction, 
T^n^? ready, skilful. 
T\pn to overpower. 
nM^'D the tumult of war, battle. 
26 22 gibbosity. '33 bosses (E. T.). 

27 nD'^D fat, fatness. 

bD3 stiffness. Loins, inward 

28 inD take away. miTO: destroyed, 

desolate cities. 
iny prepare. 

29 nb3 to finish. D'?:n their posses- 
sion, prosperous condition. 

30 py^ to suck. inp3V his sprouts. 
rQnbiZ? a flame. 

31 S1U7 vanity. 13 by vanity. 
T]'Sn to err, wander. Niph. led 

astray, disappointed. 
niD to exchange, inmon his re- 

32 nCD to bend. inS3 his branch. 

33 DDn to cast off". 
"IDD to reject. An unripe grape. 
n!53 to sboot out. nS2 a blossom, 

a flower. 

34 "Tliab^l a rock. Barren and de- 
solate like a rock. (E. T.) 

inW to make a present, inil? 

Chapter XVI. TtO 

1 b^V to toil. ^OS> troublesome. 

3 ynD force, violence, yno' make 

thee strong, embolden. 

4 nSn to conjoin. Hiph. join or 

tack (sentences togetber), join 

^13 to move, shake. 
n^ . im in, through, with. 

6 '^WTl impede action, restrain, 


7 nsb to be weary. 

D12W made desolate, mowrr made 
desolate my company 



8 ^IDp to lay hold on (as a criminal). 
WnD to fail. 'nD he who belieth 

me. My leanness (E. T.). 

9 ClStZ? to hate. 
p'^Tl to gnash. 

Wa7 to whet, sharpen. 

10 lyQ to gape, open wide. 
Tf^ my cheeks. 

sblD to fill, glut. 

1 1 12D to shut up. Hiph. give up 

or over. 
7'^V to act unrighteously. b'13> 

unrighteous, ungodly. 
^T* to turn aside or over. 

12 "JQ'HD to break into small pieces. 

yZi2Q burst open. Shaken to 

nia3 to watch, moo a mark. 

13 nDI to be many. V2i his great 

men (E. T.), his archers, 
n vD to cleave. 
T1D very bitter, "nmo my bile or 


1 4 "^"^D to break. y-iD a breach. 

15 ncn to fasten together or join to- 

nbri to congeal, nba skin, 
bbr to ascend repeatedly. To 

put on or over. 
IG nnDnXSn exceedingly imbittered. 

19 "rntZ? to testify, witness. nniDl 

my testimony. 

20 ybJa smoothness, 'n 'JJ'bQ my 

friend mocketh me. 

^1 to drop, distil. 

Chapter XVII. T 
1 b^n to bind. Confined, straitened, 

oppressed, (E. T.) not corrupt, 

1 Tf^T to be abridged. "|3W extinct, 
"l^p to bury, n'^p sepulchral 

cells are ready. 

2 bnn to mock, wbnn mockers. 
"ID to be bitter. DmiDna on their 

bitternesses (rest on), i. e., 
their bitter, insulting gestures. 

3 U)W to place, no* put or lay 

down, or appoint. Appoint now 
my pledge or surety with thee. 
Vpn to strike. 

4 UYl to exalt. 

5 pbn smooth, pbn flattery. 

6 22'' to place, set, leave in a certain 

P]n a tabret. nDn\ 

7 HUD restriction. To shrink, con- 

DIJ** to form, ns'l my lineaments 
or limbs. 

8 DQtt? to be amazed. 

11V to raise up, rouse, excite. 

10 OblM but, nevertheless. D^N the 

DDH a wise (man). 

1 1 pD^ to draw away. Broken off. 
Cn*' to succeed another, 'ttjnio 


12 y^n ''3Da nnp -n iight is 

near from the face of darkness, 
i. e., the light ordained for me is 
the darkness of the tomb. 
13 ^D'^ to strew, spread (as a bed or 
mattress ^yiT.) 

15 IDS now, then. 
1!^W to view, regard. 

16 I'D. separate. ni bars. Scott, 

however, explains this of sepul- 
chral cells branching off. 


16 n3 rest, nm rest. 

Chapter XVIII. n"* 

1 V3p to hunt. 'Sip snares of or in 
words, i. e., ensnaring words, 
^"^^l to see, perceive, observe. 

3 naiD to become vile, or iyo!03. 

4 7337^^'^ shall on account of 


5 "^Vl to go or burn out. 

^^W to turn backward. a>lttJ a 

n23 to be bright, shine. 

7 "jIM strength, also ]. 

112 to bind up. (E. T.) straitened. 

8 nW^ a net, perhaps the Infin. ttJT. 
"^^W to complicate. TOlW meshes 

of the net. 

9 no a snare. 

att!^ (a starveling D'D2J). 

10 b^n to bind. A rope or cord set 

for a snare, ibin his snare, a 
snare for him. 
IDb to take. mi'JD a trap, a gin. 

11 n372 to disturb, affright. 

nb!l to wear or waste away. 

mrrtl wastings, destructions. 
^D3 dissipate, disperse, scatter 


12 DV'^ hungry. 

"T'^S destruction, distress, ruin. 

13 ''"T sufficiency, na on the suffici- 

ency (of his skin). The first- 
born of death shall feed on. 1131. 

14 ni^^ to hang close, -^nmo his 

confidence (pnj) shall be rooted 
T^IJ to step. '^nT3?2?n shall march 
against him (mnbl wastings or 
destruction as a king). 

nrW 273 

15 "lb ''ba^ none (of his). 
nnT to scatter. 

1D2 some kind of wood. n^1D3 brim- 
stone, sulphur. 

17 y*)Tl what is without. The street. 

18 m3 to move. Cast out. 
?)13 drive or hurry away. 
b!!2 to mix. ban the world. 

19 133 posterity, progeny. 

113 to sojourn. i")3Q a dwelling. 

20 U12W dismay. 
D"'3inS posterity. 

Dip precedency. D"'2imp ancients, 

Chapter XIX. tD*^ 

1 Tiy^ to afflict, grieve. 

3 DbD turn away one's face for 

shame, withdraw for shame. 

4 n3l27 to expatiate. '>nywo my 


6 niV to incline or be partial against 

him. mi? bend, make crooked. 
^p3 encompass. 
ni'^ look sideways. mi:?0 a net. 

7 V^^ to cry. 

10 \^n3 break to pieces, destroy. 

11 nin to burn or be kindled. Apoc. 

1 2 113 to assault, my crowd, band 

of warriors. 
bbo to raise or lift up, cast or 
throw up. 

14 Sip to approach, nip kindred. 

15 ni3 to excite, na inmate, lodger. 

niT to scatter. To be strange. 

pn kindness. I have a tender 
affection for her (on account). 



18 nb^ to ascend. "?'13? unrighteous, 

ungodly. A child. 

19 "^Dn turn about, turn. 

20 pm to cleave. 

^bl2 to escape. (Scarcely) am I 

24 mor lead. 
22n to hew out. 

25 ?]p3 surround. And hereafter my 

skin shall thoroughly surround 
or encompass this, i. e., (his 
27 ''H'^ vD my reins are consumed in 

my bosom. *pnn. 
29 nn"^ to fear, be afraid, ima. 

Dn to be warm or hot. rron heat, 

T^yS to pervert. p sin, guilt, 
suffering affliction, punishment 
for sin. 
y>1W judgment. From XO and 
|n judgment. 

Chapter XX. D 

2 ^yW seize. Thoughts, hurrying 

t2?in hasten. On account of my 
ardour within me. 

3 ^^2 . *n3'3Q my understanding. 

4 IV beyond, further. TT >3D long 


5 ]3"n to vibrate briskly. n23" ex- 


6 D1C7 or D'^tC to set or place. 
SU7a . ^ excellency, height. 

7 bb3 dung. 

8 ^^^ to depart swiftly, flit away. 

9 FjTtt? to see, look on. 

10 n^l must seek the favour. 

11 D?2? to hide, conceal. im'H? his 


12 priD sweet. 

^PTD to take off, conceal. 

13 vDn to have compassion, spare. 

14 iriD to stir. |nB an adder, asp. 


15 Sip to vomit. 

16 n5?D to swell. n3?D a viper. 

17 37D to divide. mj'jD brooks. 

19 *n"lD to exchange. imiDD com- 

pensation, restitution. 
D7V exult, rejoice. 

20 y!i") to run here and there. ysT 


22 ^^^D to smite. IpDD his sufficiency, 
lb n!^"' he shall be in straits (E. T.)- 

23 Dnb insert, eat. "lOin^l. 

24 pt2?3 to clash. ^t"Q p3Q from the 

clashing iron. 
P)bn to pass, strike through. 

25 P]hW to draw. 
mH the body. 

p"1!l to lighten, pTl a glittering 

IID very bitter, imno his gall. 

26 ^D!J to hide. vy(DSi all kinds of 

darkness is reserved for his hid 
nD3 to breathe, blow upon. 

27 nbH to reveal. 

28 bs'^ to go, flow, i^y the produce, 

133 to run down, flow away. 

Chapter XXI. S3 

2 Dn3 to comfort. DD'Dtainan your 


3 Ntt?3 to bear. 'aiN bear with me. 

4 n'^W to meditate. A speech, com- 


C) yb^ to tremble, msbo terror. 
7 pnV to remove, hold on, 

10 b^D to loathe, mto his bull pass- 

eth (the seed), and doth not 

loathe (to gender). 
a7^ to bring forth. 
"imS his cow. 

11 roy to ascend. ^n a child, 

a young one. 
TpT to leap, dance. 

12 ^y)V the shalm, bagpipe, organ. 

13 nv2 consume, spend. 

15 bV^ to profit, advantage. ^^13. 

!S?^D to meet, approach. 
17 nD3 how often. 

bnn to bind. D'ban girding 

20 I^D destruction. 13 to propel. 

21 \>'!^n divided, cut off. yn an 

arrow or pebble. 

22 2ttn to make perfect, ion D2M 

in the midst of his prosperity. 
pS vt!l7 at ease, quiet. 

23 V3'^I^37 q- his bowels or intestines 

(abound with fat). 
r\12 to be full of marrow, no 

TlpW to irrigate, moisten. 
27 DDn to cast. iDonn ye wrong- 
fully imagine. 
30 "fl2?n to impede action, kept back. 

32 W12 to heap up. t5'l3 a tomb. 
TptZ? to watch. They shall watch 

over his tomb. 

33 nil to clod, gather into concre- 

tions. aa"i the clods, lumps (of 
the valley). 

nVM 275 

34 b^tt to decline. ^3>q a sin, trans- 

Chapter XXII. 32 

1 ]^D to lay up, i. e., an interest or 
favour witii any one. 

3 \^Dn to bend, yon pleasure, de- 


4 S"!"* to fear. -jriNTQ for fear of 

nS'' to shew, reprove, rebuke. 

5 371 to break. TnyT thy wickedness, 

6 b^n bind, take a pledge. 

7 ?1''^ to be wearied. F|'y wearied. 

8 ^W2 to bear. d'3D nixd3 he who 

lifteth up the face. 

9 U)rX^ an orphan, d'nm 

11 V^W to flow together. n^iJDtt? an 

inundation or deluge. 
13 irn within. 

vD"n3^ thick darkness. 

15 pN TID men of sin, wicked 


16 iDDp to cut down. 

p!^'* to pour forth, spread forth. 

ID"* to found. 
20 D^p to stand, rise. D'p substance. 

IHD to take off. 

'in"' to exceed. Residue. 
24 ll^Il gold. And msi gold. 1^1 
store or treasure secured. 

PjV*' to dissolve. niDrm meltings. 
26 22V delight, pleasure. 

28 1^2 to decree, decide (idm a mat- 


29 nS2 to increase, ma an exalta- 


r\W to incline, tw cast down 



30 * to settle. V' ' ^^^^ habitation 
of the innocent. 

Chapter XXIII. 2D 

2 n^W deep in thought. 'ntJ my 

m^ to propel. ''T my calamity. 
nDW to sigh, groan. TiTO^ sighing. 

3 p to prepare, ^n^'2ty his seat or 

place, residence, tribunal. 

6 nn> nD mnn with great power 

will he plead. 

7 nW^ upright. 

nD^ to be plain. Niph. nD13 to 
be shown, proved by words. 

8 nip priority, onp before. 

9 *int2?37- where he worketh. 
TMH to behold, see. Tn n'ji and 

I do not see him. 
P]!^"!} to be obscured, hidden. 

10 ''Dans when he trieth me. 

11 -ItCW to proceed. Ti3 in his 

steps, progress. 

12 nC? to withdraw. IC^QM in trans. 

ppn something fixed. ^pr\^ more 
than what is appointed for me. 

13 nlW to desire, choose. 

16 "|n tender. Ipin. 

17 ntt2 to cut oflf. 

Chapter XXIV. "T3 

1 "JQ^ to hide. 

2 2tt?3 to overtake, overpass, go 

bt^l to take away by violence, 

2 rT3?'n to feed. "i^T. -nj? the flock. 

3 D''3'^I2M the needy. 

4 Snn to hide. 

6 bbn to mix very much. "iV^l 

mingled corn or dredge, mixed 
provender, barley and oats. 
tt7p7 to crop or cut off, i. c, 
gather (DID the vintage). 

7 n")p to meet, mpa in the cold. 

8 mt to pour forth. An inunda- 

tion, flood, torrent. 
!3tSl to be wet, moist. 
nOn to shelter oneself, none a 

shelter, a refuge. 
p'2n to embrace. 

10 "1J337 to press. "1^5? the sheaf. 

11 "1127 a wall. Chald. DrT>1 (be- 

tween or within) their walls. 
"ini5 to make or press out oil. 
^m to tread. 
!22 to thirst. 

12 pS3 to groan. 

'S^W to cry out. wn. 
nbQ separate. n'jDn folly. 

13 lin to rebel. 

14 ni^yi the murderer. 

15 P]t2?3 the twilight. The morning 

or evening breeze. 
nriD to conceal. "inD a covering, 
putteth a covering on his face. 

16 "^nn to dig. 

Cnn to close. To set a seal upon 

or to mark, 
in'' to unite. Mn> together, all 


17 nbn to terrify, nn"?! terror. 

1 8 bp swift. 

phn to divide equally, cnp'jn 
their portion is cursed. 




19 '^!J drought, rrs drought. 

20 priK) to be sweet. (E. T.) feed 


21 n to break, afflict. 7m afflicting 

the barren, mpy. , 

24 Q*1 to be lifted up, exalted, 

"7X3 Huph. l3Qrr to be brought to 

\^Dp to contract, shut up. Ga- 

hllW to impel. nblW an ear of 
corn ; pi. wbyCD. 

25 DTD to fail. Hiph. to cause to 

fail, convict of falsehood. 

7S V for nothing. 

Chapter XXV. HD 

2 D*n exalted. VQinoi in his high 


5 bn* bW and he (God) hath not 

fixed his tent. 

6 '^'D P|M how much less. 
nPbin a maggot, from its eating 

and dividing certain substances. 
HDI to shoot out. A worm. 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

3 HW^ existence. IT'Cin reality, 


4 DIZ7D to breathe. nnW3 breath. 
MQ"1 to restore or reduce to a 

former condition. D'NDT the 
mouldering dead, i. e., the dead, 
although reduced to their original 
dust, are in anguish or tremble. 

7 niD^'bD nothing. 

9 tnS to seize, to close. inwtu 
Tt2?~lD spread out, expand. 

10 pn to describe, mark out. A 

H/D totality. D^'jiD end, cessa- 

1 1 ^ID") to yield, tremble. 
nDDD as a booth. 

n^n to wonder, be astonished. 
1'S^ to restrain, rebuke. imJ?ao 
his reproof, rebuke. 

12 27 ^l"! to still, quiet. 

Dm to incite. High-spirited, 
fierce, proud. 

13 I^W seemly. mCttJ a serenity or 

mD ti?n3 the straight serpent, 
as a bar through rings. 

14 yt^W muttering, whispering. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

4 /*\y wicked, unrighteous. VlJ? to 

act unrighteously. 
8 vti? to loose, dissolve. 
16 "ID!^ to collect, gather together. 

20 nbD to wear out. mn?n wastings, 


21 D"Tp priority. Dnp the east (mi 

1'^W to stand erect, hurry away. 

22 n*lD to flee, rm' rmi he would 

eagerly flee. 

23 pDlJ? to clap, strike together, 
p^W to hiss, whistle. 

Chapter XXVIII. HD 

1 MIS'* to go or come forth, hw^o a, 
going out, (E. T.) a vein. 




1 pT to strain off, fuse, purify. 

2 p2^ to pour, fuse. 

3 7V7D totality, n^bsn completion, 


4 \^*1D break out or forth, or burst 

"1^ rubbish of stones. (A torrent 

breaketh forth from) the rubbish. 

rro to excite. 
ri/l to draw out. 
V*]2 to move, remove. "y2. 

7 tD**3? to become wroth. !Qy a 

ravenous bird. 
rfS a falcon, hawk, or vulture. 
P\tW to look or glance at. 

8 ynW to lift up. ^mu m the sons 

of the lofty or of elevation, i. e, 
the lion's whelps (E. T.). 
m3? to go or pass by,' 

9 ti?^Dbn a hard stone. (Ren- 

dered on the rock, E. T.) 

10 *TIS light, D'-w* rivers. 

Tl!? to bind. DTYisi among the rocks. 

11 27Dn to bind, govern. 

JlDn to weep. 320 a weeping, 

from trickling down, oozing. 
thV to hide, rra^yn what is hid 
or concealed. 
13 *X^3? set in order. 
n!D"ni7 price, worth. 

15 I^D to shut up. 

T)^D costly or fine gold. 
"IfTD to commute. ITTO the price 
or value of a thing. 

16 n vD to strew. Valued, compared 

(with the gold DM). 

17 iT'SIDT. (pi) crystal or glass. 
1V2 to exchange, rrrmon ex- 
change of it. 

tD solidity. Pure gold. 

18 CM"! to be raised up. niOn coral, 

a kind of marine production. 
W^^ to shave off. >3a a large 

pearl, crystal. 
*7t27D to hold or possess. *T\Da 


19 mi^D a topaz. 
tt?1D of Ethiopia, 

25 "bpW to weigh. ^pttJO weight. 

26 tn to cut in, notch, nn light- 

ning of the zig-zag kind, 

niblbp of thunders. 

Chapter XXIX. 103 

4 fyin to strip. Both autumn and 
winter. Here, autumn. 

6 ]^r\ local motion. O^^n my 

paths, steps. 
riDn butter, cream. 
pS"* to pour out. And the rock 

with me was poured out (into) 

streams of oil. 

7 Tllp to meet, mp a city. 

Sm to be dilated, mm a broad 

8 W^W very old. 

1 1 "73? to bear witness. '3Tn. 
14 F)3^ to turn round. h*:ij a tur- 

17 3?bn to split. nir!?nD the 


18 ''^p DV in my nest, 

19 "l^p to cut short, n*Sp the boughs 

or branches, q. d., the top. 

20 Ppm pass, Hiph. to renew. 

21 brr^ to wait. 

22 F)tD3 to distil, drop down, P|^n. 

23 1V^ to gape, open wide, to open. 

24 pnW to conflict, laugh, deride. 


24 nbo to separate, distinguish. 

25 b^S to mourn. 
Dn3 to comfort. 

Chapter XXX. h 

1 ^5?!^ smallness. ^5^2 little, young. 

2 nbD extreme old age. (In whom 

old age 12 was profligate.) 

3 *nDn to abate, non want. 
^DD to hunger. ]DD famine. 
"TlDb^l a rock, b; round, and n03> 

to subsist. 
p^V to gnaw. In want and severe 

hunger gnawing the rock of the 

^!i the desert. 7V^. 
t2?ttM time past, yesterday. 
SI 12? desolate and waste. n10 

and n^iCQ. 

4 ?)^p to crop, pluck off. 
n VD to dissolve. mbD, aX/^aj, a 

herb of a brackish or saltish 
taste. n'W 'by upon the shrub. 
Dm to bind. Dm genista or 
Spanish broom. Juniper roots 
(E. T.). 

6 \^~ir to agitate. ^r^'Sl in the ter 

rible place (of the valleys), 
"in a hole. 
P)3 a rock. 
pn3 to bray, 
bin . bnn a briar, bramble. 

7 nSD to unite, collect. 
nSD to bruise. 1W33 they were 

beaten out of the country, not 
(were viler than the earth). 
9 p3 to strike or play. nr32 a song. 

nbD a word, a speech. 
1 ^iT) to evacuate, pn spittle. 



11 in'' to exceed. Because he hath 
loosened my bowstring (and 
afflicted me). See margin. 

]D1 to bind with a rope. A 

12 nrnD to break out. Puberty* 

13 Dn3 to demolish, destroy, spoil, 
rr^n to subsist, wn my grievous, 

oppressive calamity. 

14 nWl27 to be confounded, nxi or 
ns confusion, (nnn under the) 

15 ^"T3 free, liberal. nn3 dignity, 

17 "Ipa to bore, dig. By night my 
substance is bored or corroded 
from off me. 

pIV in Arab, to gnaw. Gnawing 
pains. (E. T.) sinews. 

18 tt7Dn Hithp. to strip. With great 
force must my garment be 
stripped off. 

P)D to bend, curve. 'DD as the 

"HTS to surround, encompass. 

19 HT^ to direct, aim. ':")n he hath 
cast me (ver. 20) TOO into the 

hWT2 to rule. Hithp. I am be- 
come like. 
ICN ashes. 

21 "ItDS fierce, cruel. 
DtiJli? to oppose. 

22 33D to melt very much, dissolve, 

24 nV!3 to swell. '^1 a heap. 
ID to destroy. TD destruction, 


25 nWp to be stiff. Hard (of day). 
n33? grieved, afflicted. 

B B 2 




27 nm to boil. 

28 "Tip to be dark, mp mourning. 

29 mV^ to feed. y"i companion. 

30 TT^Jl to heat, burn. Burnt with 

heat or drought yvj. 

Chapter XXXI. b 

5 t2?in to make haste, hasten. 

7 DIS^ a spot, a blemish. 

8 t!?ntZ7 to root up, eradicate. 

9 nriD to entice. 

10 ^ntO to grind. 

11 bvQ to pronounce judgment. 

c'j'bD judges. 

17 nnD to persuade. nD my 


18 nn3 to lead, guide. n2n3. 

20 *)!ibn his loins. 

T3 or ntJl the shearing or fleece. 

on to become warm. 

21 ^103 to reach out, stretch forth. 

22 PjnS to bind together. The 

shoulder-ball. nQ3iD shoulder- 
n^p shoulder-bone. 

23 bD^ endure. b'2Mi. 

25 ^22 multiplicity. Ta3 abundance. 

26 np*^ bright, splendid. 

27 ptt?3 to kiss. 

28 Wn'D to fail, be deficient. 

29 ID to fail. TD destruction, 

33 M^n to hide, 'im in my bosom. 
34- ynV dread, terrified at. 

t1^ to despise, m the contempt 
(of families). 

35 r\^n to mark. in p behold or 

here is my gage. 

^DD to mark, write. Had written 
a book. 

36 TDV to bind. 

38 D1 . 'nm my land. 

Dbn to plough. n'O^n a furrow. 
r\D strength. 

39 RDD to breathe. TTttiTt cause to 

pant (the owners). 1CD2 animal 

40 rX)n a hook, a thorn. 

C7Mn to stink, rraj^n some stink- 
ing weed. 

Chapter XXXII. ^b 

4 n^n to wait, tarry. 

6 bnt to be afraid. 

il^n to shew, declare, mno. 
TT my opinion. 

8 ^3N surely, only. 

13 P]1^ to drive or hurry away. 
18 p^ to press, straiten. >3np'2?rT. 
nbD I am full. 

20 m to rest. mT refreshment. 

21 rT3ID to flatter, give a name which 

does not strictly belong to a man. 
D^'Oin m^M bottles of new wines. 

22 TIWV . '3wy my maker. 

Chapter XXXIII. 3b 

1 DblMI but, nevertheless. 

3 mn to cleanse. "1113 pure, clean. 

7 nD3 to curve. EDM the hand or 


9 TlZin to cover, fp secure in in- 


.0 W3 to fail, nwisn failings, failures 

in duty. 

y"^p to be agitated, formed by 

agitation, formed. 

1 ID to obstruct. ID a clog, stocks, 

an impediment. (E. T.) stocks. 

16 "ID** to instruct. onDon in their 


1 7 m!l to form into a mass or body. 

ni3 obstinacy. 

18 nbW to send. A dart or javelin, 

passing on the javelin, i. e., 
falling on the sword. 

19 2S3 to mar, spoil. ai30 sore- 

ness, exulceration, grief. 
^n"> constant, hard, strong. |n in 
the contest in his bones is 

20 nnt to loathe, abhor. inDm. 
msn desirable. 

21 HDtt? to dash, crush. 'D are 


22 na to die. cnQO"? to the de- 


23 ybo smoothness. V'''^ ^" inter- 


24 3710 to deliver. 

25 H^DI^n moist or succulent, and in 

a state of growth. From aTQI 
wet, and HffiD to spread. 

26 ^nV to pray. 

3711 to break. m>1"im shouting. 

27 "1127 to look. -Vtr, 

nW Vh he hath not balanced it 

to me. 
rWS to pervert. 
S3 rjbw to lead, teach. 

Chapter XXXIV. lb 

DTD to fail. I am made to fail, 
TDBttJO contrary to my right. 



6 1273 M to be infirm. ttJISM bad, as a 
disease, hurt, 'snmy wound. My 
wound 'Sn is incurable. 

8 nisn to conjoin. TnUTi associate, 


9 pD profitable. 

14 D1ti7 to place. Hiph. to lay up, 

i. e., in mind. 
17 ti72n to bind, govern. 

"123 multiplicity. TlD pns very 

19 37127 to open. Liberal, opulen^ 


20 nb"^b n^l^n midnight. 
tt737!l shake violently, shake, 

24 3711 to break. ^T. 

npn to search, ^pn vh without 
searching, without a formal pro- 

25 S3*T to crush. 

26 nnn because. 

27 pDD to strike, clap (as the hands), 

Clappeth hands. 
bDtr? to be wise, liipb. under- 

29 t3p27 quiet. 

30 P)3n to pollute. ?]3n wicked. 
^p> to lay a snare. 'pDD from 

the ensnarers of the people. 

31 bnn to bind. Is it to be said to 

God, I have suffered, (what) I 
was not obliged to or deserved ? 

32 Hin^ >137b:3 besides that which 

I see. 

33 Dbti7 to make whole. r!30'?ty 
he hath requited (loron that 
which is from thee), (as lao^sr? 
what came from him, 1 Kings 
XX. 33,) but thou hast despised 
his correction. 





36 !22? to turn. mn answers. 
"^nS my desire. rT3M to swell. 

Chapter XXXV. Tib 

3 b>37'* profit. b>yM. 

11 ?)bW to guide, teach. 13D'?Q for 

13E^ who teacheth us. 

14 7 ^n to open eminently. bVin 

pipes, therefore joy as well as 

15 And now because he (God) 

hath not visited his (Job's) anger, 
and hath not taken notice of 
IMD t?Dl (his) great excess, or 
hath not taken severe notice 
of (his) excess. 

16 n!^Q to loose, open. 

Chapter XXXVI. lb 

2 *irO to enclose, stay near me. 

7 37*12 to subtract, withhold. 

8 pt to pour, to fuse. D'pi manacles 

or fetters. D-pU. 
"IDS to bind. 

12 n vl27 to send forth. A javelin. 

*nD3 to be strong, behave inso- 

14 Wlp to separate. W^ip prosti- 


15 ybn to loose, deliver. 

^n V to press, yn^ oppression. 

16 no to stir. *yn'Dn urge from, 

turn away thee. 

p1!J to press. pSID straitness. 

nn^ to descend, nno what is set 
down Ton thy table). 

17 ^t^n to lay hold on* 

1 8 p2tt? to clap with the hands. A 

clapping. (Take heed) lest he 
excite thee to exploding, i. e. 
to rejection. 

19 "y^y to set in order, estimate. 

^^$"7^ will he estimate thy "jrittJ 
munificence nsn vh that thou 
shouldest not be in distress. 

20 ?)St^ to draw, pant. Do not pant 

after the night (of death). 
rv7V to ascend, go away. 
22 n3tJ? to exalt. 
24 S2lti? to expatiate, magnify, 

26 M"^2m? great, magnificent. 

^1W to sing repeatedly, have 

27 'nt^a to drop. D^D^ii drops. 
pt to pour down. 

Viy diminish, make small. 
nT^ to put forward. "IM a vapour, 

28 vlT loose, pour out. n abund- 

f]V^ to distil, let fall in drops. 

29 C?")D to spread about. ttnDO. 
Mlt^ confounded. mn noise, 


30 'HiD multiplicity. Ti30^ in abund- 

32 P]0 to curve. D^D5 the vaults of 
heaven, the vaulted skies. 

y^lD to melt. y':iDQ one whointer- 

Chapter XXXVII. ib 

1 Tin to move with quickness, 


"nn to turn about, nn'. 

2 tyi motion. Murmurs, sound. 




3 ^^32 extremity. 

4 ypV confine, straiten. 

6 DC^!! to be heavy. And make the 
rain heavy. Even makes heavy 
the showers of his strength. 

8 :2"nS to lie in wait. im STM into 

lurking places. 

9 lin to surround. A thick cloud 

(of the South). 
TIT to compress. oniD cold, grains 
or masses of air. 

10 p*ll^ to press, psim by pressure, 


11 "1-1 to clear, ni the pure bright 

nntO to weary or wear away ay the 
condensed matter. 

12 ^^O to turn about. maDra cir- 

cuits, circulations, revolutions. 

bun to bind, "in^iann his well- 
connected design. 
"^SnnD turneth over and over. 

13 t^^lW to extend. Authority. 

16 Wbti to roll oneself. 'WDTD in- 

volutions, i. e., the rollings to- 

17 W!2T1 to be warm. 

Dm the South, mma by the 

South wind. 
lOpti? to make quiet. 

18 37p") to stretch out, expand. 

\pin strong. Strongly resplendent. 
nSn to see. pSiQ '-i3 as a molten 
mirror, looking-glass. 

21 "^rQ to shine very much. THl 


22 SHT clear. Clear, bright weather. 

23 in to send or dart forth, mn 

glory, majesty. rm:i terrible. 

Chapter XXXVIII. nb 

3 "ITM to surround, gird. 

5 TT)p to stretch, ^p marking-line. 

6 V^t^ to sink, enter, penetrate. 
riT' to adjust. nn2D p the key* 

stone of an arch. 

7 y^ leap for joy. When the morn- 

ing stars, &c. 

8 rr^n to break or burst forth. 
*7D'' fenced. 

9 hnn to swathe, vibnn its swad- 

dling band. 

10 intt? to break up (for it) {'>pn his 

decreed place, i. e., the great 

11 nW to set, appoint. TVXD'' have I 

set (pride of thy wave). 

12 nntZ? dusky. The dawn. 
*7'*t3''^n since thy days hast thou. 

13 ny^ to shake. 

14 *72D to be entangled. '333 the in- 

tricate passages of the sea, i. e.^ 
by which it communicates with 
the great abyss. 
19 nr where. 

"7U?n to keep back. 

Dip assault, conflict. 

24 p/H divide in an exact manner. 
Dip priority, onp the east-wind. 

25 Hbo to divide, apportion. 

P^^W to imraerge. P]:q'0 an over- 
flowing shower or rain. 

nbv to ascend. nbVD channel, 

tn to cut in. rin lightning (to 

*)m to drive. -fllD the wilder- 




27 nWtt? waste. HMlttJO desolate 


SS"^ to come forth. SO bud of 

the tender herb. 

29 "nCD to cover. IDD the hoar frost. 

SO idh to catch hold on each other 

(as in freezing). 
31 ]137 pleasure, ninx-o delicacies. 
m^D to be warm. rf'M genial 

heat. (E. T., Pleiades.) 
bOD stififness, ^03 the cold. 
(E. T., Orion.) Or loose the 
bands (mSttno contractions). 

52 "HTD in Arab, to be corrupt or 
rotten, nnra Mazaroth, that 
poisonous corrupting wind, 
known in Arabia by Sam or 
Smum. ^n^2 in its season. 

WS to consume. v^^S the blight- 
ing air. (E, T., Arcturus.) 
Canst thou lead along or direct 
the blighting or wasting air with 
its sons, i. e., numberless insects ? 

33 II^W a side or part. ITiitt?^ its 
ministerial authority or power. 

35 DY) or Ul lifted up. D'nnn. 

y^W Chald. to flow together. 
nSDiD inundation or deluge. 

36 niO to overlay. mniDa the inner 

parts (of the human body). 

Tl'DW to be like. '1311? the imagina- 
tion or conception. 

37 b33 to fall, ''bl'i (who lays along) 

the jars of heaven, i. e., who 
disposeth the clouds, &c. 

38 p^J"^. p^J-inb "Cr np23 when the 

dust is fused or melted into a 
molten mass. 

!im to clod. D*aan clods, lumps. 

59 11:^ to hunt. 

39 HTT vigorous, dtt animal ap- 


40 tlW to incline, lie down (in their 


41 3^27 the raven. Who prepareth 

(its his food) when (his "^ib' 
young) cry unto God. 

Chapter XXXIX. t^b 

1 nbS? to ascend. '^J> wild-goats. 
"Tv"^ to breed, ni). rt:mb bring- 
ing forth. 

3 nbQ to cleave, bring forth by 

parting asunder, split off. 

4 CvH be broken away, thrive. 

5 ^W^n free. 
'X)'^y the wild ass. 
rr^^DD the bands. 

6 nbD t dissolve, rfnbxi a salt or 

parched place. 

7 nStt? to be confounded. mxTUn 

tumultuous noises. 

8 ^rV to exceed. mn the range. 

9 DS"1 to be raised. DT or on a 

wild bull. 
10 nbn a furrow. 

in^r with his rope. 

*7*Tt2? to harrow or break the clods. 

1 2 ?)DS to gather in. 

13 pi to vibrate briskly. D^3n os- 

triches, from their swift motion. 

DbV to exult, no'jy: exulting 

m'^Dn the stork. 

"inM strong. ma the wing or 
pinion. To wing, move the 

n23 to shoot out. 7X2: the hawk. 




14 ^>^ an egg. rpji'i her eggs. 
Dttnn warmeth them. 

15 TIT or "IT to press out, crush. 

W)1 to tread down, tread on, 

16 nWp Hiph. to stiffen. Is hard- 

ened towards. 

17 ni2?3 loose. TWn hath deprived 


18 WlD to raise or swell up. MnOD 

she lifteth herself. 

20 WV1 quick or alternate motion. 

I2'''2?nnrr canst thou cause him to 
leap or bound ? 
"ins to snort, iim his nostrils. 

21 ncn to dig. 
V\in to strip, defy, 

23 rrDti^W a quiver. 

n''3n armour, spear (ynb the 

]1T^3 a spear, dart. 

24 W^^ to shake violently. Prancing. 
Wn to be angry. Rage. 

SD21 to swallow. 

25 ''m the very. nD ns among the 

very trumpets. 
y^ the hawk. 

26 ]"^^ divide, '^nvya by thy wisdom. 
inN move the wing. 

^D*^ the right hand. ]^Th towards 
the south. 

28 mi!^Q a strong hold, munition, a 

fortress, also a net. 

29 "IDn to search, dig. 

30 mSS young birds. Its young. 
V^y to swallow down. 

vvn wounded, slain. 

Chapter XL. tt 

2 "ID*^ to chastise, correct. 

7 ybn the loins. 

8 "TlQ or "ID to break, make void, 


10 r\1V to pass over. Deck. 
nS3 gay, lofty, pwa loftiness. 

11 1227 to pass, put on. milJ^ rage, 


12 nDT to beat to pieces, bruise, 

crush. "TV}. 
W^n to bind up. 
P!2l0n secretly. 
15 niZSn^ the behemoth, hippo- 
potamus or sea horse. 
T^!Jn grass. 

17 ^Dn delight. He moveth at 

pleasure ^y:^ his tail. 

*T3 or *T1!1 to assemble by troops, 
assault. Ta a sinew. 

inD to tremble, testicles. 
yiW to be folded or wrapped up. 

18 pQS to hold in by force. cp^EN 

channels, compact bars. 
Din a bone, a large bone. 

7t0?3 Arab, to work, forge. "j^tQ^ja 
like bars (E. T.). 

20 b^"* to lead, &c. b^2 the produce, 

f^nW to laugh, play. 

21 D''^S!i shady trees or bushes. 
iriD to conceal. iDDa in the 

tD^'D, bogs, mire, fens, mossy 

22 "ibb!^ their shadow. 

bn3 3n37 the willows of the 




23 pWy to oppress, rush upon, drink 

TDn to haste, 
n''^ to bring forth, draw up. 

24 I}p3 to pierce or bore through. 

(n his nose) pierceth through 

26 *7K?^ to draw out. 
TlDn a hook or angle. 
VpW deep. To sink, cause to 

sink. (E. T.) and his tongue 

with a cord, which thou sinkest. 

26 Ctt? to put. D'wnn. 

^D2lN reeds, rushes. A hook bent 

like a reed. 
n')r\ a hook, a thorn. 

27 ]3n to affect very much. D*3l3nn 

"7*1 tender, ^i)^^ soft words. 
29 pnW to laugh, play. 

"1J?3 to move briskly, ynvx^i thy 
maidens or damsels. 
SO l^n to join. A companion. 

nn3 to dig up, to provide or pre- 
pare a feast. 

373D to bring down. |y33 a mer- 

81 ^jlC? to hedge up. mD barbed 

b!5b!? (fish) spears. 

Chapter XLI. ND 

1 bn^ . inbmn the hope or expecta- 

tion of him. 
DT3 to dissemble, deceive. 
^"10 or vll^ to cast down. 

2 ntDW fierce, cruel. 
113? to stir up. 

3 D*7p to go before, prevent. 

4 tt?"nn to be silent. ^DnnM "? t 

will not conceal (E. T.). 
*7*^V set in order. ^T\^$ |^n pro- 
portion or the orderly disposi- 
tion (of parts). 

5 n v!l to roll off, uncover. 

7DD double. 12DT "^DSl with his 
double bridle. 

7 HM . D':2Q ym rr^^n noble are 

the compact plates of (his) 
"12 or "112 to inclose. A narrow 
or close seal. Dmn. 

8 inW^ ins one to another. 
B73D to be close together. 

9 in^insn K?''M one to another. 

10 Vnti?*^t037 by his sneezings or 


11 ''TlTD as sparks (of fire). 
ID7I3 to escape, leap out. 

12 nSD to breathe. mD3 seething, 

"711 a kettle. 

iriD to snort, in^m his nostrils. 
]D2S a lake. A caldron (holding 


14 ::1 or nnSl sorrow. 

yi or y)l to be turned into joy. 
Y'nn exult or leap for joy. 

15 bca to fall. 'Vdo flakes or fallings. 
p!5"^ to pour out, fuse. pis> it is 

molten (upon him), it is, there- 
fore, firm, hard. 

16 nbD a piece of (millstone). 

nP,2 to descend, n^nnn lower, 
nether (millstone). 

17 nti? to set, place. inttJlD when he 

raiseth up himself. 
Tin to fear, be afraid. 


17 Mt^n to cleanse. 

18 32?3 to overtake. inriCO when he 

overtaketh him. 
Cp to rise, rise up against. 
VD2 to pull up in order to remove 

to another place, ron a dart. 

n^'nC? a habergeon or breast- 

19 pn straw. 

npT to rot, make useless, pnpn 
rotten (wood). 

21 nnin some weapon, dart, club. 
W^l to shake violently. 
pTD a spear or dart. 

22 lin to penetrate. c?nn nnn 

sharp pieces of earthenware or 

IDI to lay, spread out. 
yin sharp, ^rsn what is sharp or 


23 nnn to boii. 

T^D a pot. 

nV 287 

23 bbu to overshadow. n^lSO the 

npT compound spices, nripno a 
confectioner's vessel or pot. 

25 "ID3? dust, earth. 

26 ynW to lift up, to be lofty. 

ytro '32 sons of elation. A fierce, 
undaunted, wild creature. Pride, 
here and Job xxviii. 8. 

Chapter XLII. na 

2 1!^^ to restrain. 

3 dhy to hide, n^byo who hideth. 

6 DM^ to reject with contempt, 

1 1 T13 to shake or remove. Condole. 

IDtt^p truth. rrap a piece of 
money, stamped with a lamh, 
typical of purity. 


Chapter I. H 

6 ^Tt27 look or glance at. Shone 

IJl^ to snort. 

?.0 nn to go round. Borders (of 


10 nn put in order. Rows (of 


11 "TpD studded. Studs or spots. 

2D to go round. laDO a rouncl 
table around which we sit. 


13 h^DW deprive. "j^tJN a cluster. 

16 W1V to couch. Bed-furniture, a 

']V1 thrive, flourish. 

17 ''ID'^m rafters. 

$l"\p to meet, mip beams. 
1^ to cleanse. Some purifying 

Chapter II. . S 

1 nbl^^n rose-bud or opening rose. 

From nnn to hide, and rfrs to 
rrnti? strong, a coat of mail. 

2 WW brisk. miDW the lily, from 

its brightness or six leaves, 
nn catch as with a hook. A 
hooked thorn. 

3 nD3 breathe. mDH citron-tree and 

fruit, not apple as (E. T.). 
5 WW^ grieved, angry. A flagon. 
IDT strew. Strew round. 

8 ibl leap, bound. abiD a young 

stag or antelope. 
^Sp contract, draw up as legs, to 
skip. VCpo. 

9 ID^ to reduce to powder. 

bnD to confine. A wall, a chiosk 

or Eastern harbour. 
n^W to view attentively, pry. 

^2 break or burst forth, f SO. 
*7~in enclose or catch in a net or 
toil. Lattices. 

11 non stir, inon the boisterous 

season, November, December, 
January, February. 

12 n!$3 shoot or burst forth. D'a2J3rr 


12 2?!l!3 to reach, draw nigh. ^>yn. 

13 n2t^n a fig-tree. 

iDDn to ripen, embalm, filling up ; 

with clammy, delicious juice. 
!IQ fail, faint. '3D the first young 

*1*7?2D the bud or budding of a 
flower. Flourishing. From DD 
to place, and Tt round. 

14 nn circularity. n^m cliflTs, 

yil proceed regularly. l^'^Tsn a 

D*n37 to mix, be agreeable. 

15 hVW hollow, concave. The little 

Eastern fox. 

bun bind, tie. Seize upon. 
17 ira divide asunder. Craggy 

Chapter III. 3 

6 n*n^Tl pillars in motion like 

pDM to beat small. npa dust. 
9 p^lQN a lovely chariot or palan. 

quin. mC. 

10 IDT to spread out. WTDT the 

bottom of it. 

f\^1 to pave. 

11 miS3? a crown. 

Chapter IV. 1 

1 ilVI to feed. WJn my love. 
Tiy^ to vex. D'2V doves or pigeons. 
ly^ within. T3?20 within. 
n^S a lock of hair. 


Dn'^tt?n n^'tt? 


1 nVW hair. 

W\>^ to appear beautiful. 

2 n^p to cut to a certain measure. 

m2"i!?pn which are of an equal 
DSn bear twins. D^mi^n twins. 

3 "^itt^n iDiriD as a thread of 

121 to lead. Tnno thy speech. 
"inpl the temples or thin bone of 

the temple. 

4 nVCbn an armoury. 
''")3n builded. 

nbn to hang up. ''^hn. 
^bl2? power for defence. D*"tDbtt) 

5 nD^ reduce to powder. onUJ^ 

young harts or roes. 
713^ to swell. n^l3 a roe, a young 

6 nSD to breathe or blow. mc''. 

8 nbD finished. nbD a bride, spouse. 
I'^'D to dwell, msyno from dens. 

9 :2Sb take away the heart. 
p3V a necklace, a chain. 

11 F) 153 to drop, distil. nD2 honey. 

12 by 3 to make fast. 
b3 a heap, a spring. 

13 nbt to shoot forth, yn'w thy 

D*T"13 an orchard. 
13?3 precious fruits. 
nDD to cover. DnD3 camphire. 
n3 spikenard. 

14 DD'HD saffron. 
n3p calamus. 

16 "m? awake. 
bT3 to flow, distil. 

Chapter V. Jl 

1 mW to pluck. 

'HJ?'' a wood. Honey. 
nnti? to drink. 
n:2W to satisfy thirst. 

2 ]tt7'' to sleep. 
pDl to knock. 

3 \"2p to cut off the extremity of 

"nilSIp my locks. 
''D'^DT drops. 
F)3::j to defile. 

6 pj^n turn aside. 

7 "Tin to subdue. 'TTi a veil. 

8 37:2tt7 to swear. TmMJn I adjure 

or charge. 
nbn wounded, sick. rOITW. 

10 nn!^ to be bare, clear. 172 whitcf 

bl^l a standard-bearer. 
n^miiS among ten thousand. 

11 bbn raised up. D>bntn curled. 
13 ^ny to pant, DJI-iy a ridge or 

raised bed. 
np'l compound spices or perfume. 
1'D,V to pass. Sweet smelling 

(E. T.). 
' 14 bb3 to roll. 'b^ba circulators, 

tJ?'^ti?in the beryl, now called 

IW rWV prepared ivory. 
F)b37 cover all over. 

15 W^W to rejoice. ttJ fine Parian 


16 priD sweetness. 


Chapter VI. 1 

5 !am firm, courageous. Turn 

thine eyes towards me that they 
may comfort me. 
t27v5 appear beautiful. 

6 7m a sheep. 

9 "ni to make clear, ma choice, 

10 P]p2? to look at, forth, out. 
Dion to be hot. rron solar 


11 n^Nnuts. 

raw to acquiesce. 'SM green 

niD break forth, bud. 
n!53 or ^^3 to send forth buds or 


12 n^'ia liberal, willing. A prince. 

Chapter VII. t 

1 bbn to perforate. 
nbnD company, exultation. 
n3n to pitch a tent. D^:rran of 

two armies. 

2 pDn. y^y V'lOfT *^ joints of 

thy thigh-bones, whereby they 
can turn aside. 
D^^S vH jewels. 

3 "inW the navel. 
nnO round. 

pS a cup or bason. 

"ion want. 

3T1Q mixed liquor. 

DT!? naked. nons? a heap (of 

30 turn back. Set about 
5 'Ji^ to couch, nra & pool, a 

great blessing in hot countries. 

rnl to draw up. rti the hair. 

p3nN purple. 

1DN to bind, imprison. 

I^m a gallery, rafter. 

33V to delight, o'lnayn delights. 

Dp to rise, "^noip thy stature. 

71121 equable, nnm like. 

v1D2?M a bunch of grapes. 

]D3D branches. 

niSn the citron-tree. D^mcns. 

3132T to speak. 

pW to run to and fro. rfpwn 
desire, attendance. 

"IIDD the tender grape. 

D'^Sm the mandrakes, some 

lovely flower or fruit. 
r\n^ to open. A door. 
13D precious fruits, new and D'3\D' 

old stores. 

Chapter VIII. n 

]3n'^ **T2 oh, that thou wert ! 
npT compound spices or per- 

0*^03? fresh juice of the grape or 

pDI resting or leaning (herself). 

7Dn the girding pangs of a 

woman. To be in travail with. 

nS3p zeal or jealousy, ardent 

V\^1 burning coals. TT^'iTy, 

n'nanb'O raging flames, 
n^in a wall. 

"T'lD. m^TQ a row, a palace, or 


^9 nib a table, a board. 
10 S!JD to find. ni*21Q3. 
13 "12n to join. Dnan companions. 

13 ntt?p attend, 

14 b"^S a ram, a hart, a hind. 



Chapter I. S 

13 1'2W to break, wait. 
P"!7 to stay for. 

15 CZn"^ to perform the duty of a 

husband's brother. ^nQr thy 

16 VIlD to meet, entreat, intercede. 

Chapter II. 3 

2 17"!^ to perceive. ^TD a kinsman. 

7 ~l37 a handful, a sheaf. 

9 D1!2 to fast, abstain from meat and 

1 1 ni^n a mother-in-law. 
14 Dbn there. 

lfiD!5 reach out, hand, ""bp parched 

16 ibirn bW loose on purpose. 
nS!^ a handful of corn. 

17 iDSn beat out. 

19 HDn to know again. p^DQ who 
took notice of thee. 

Chapter III. 2 

2 rfnt to scatter, winnow. 

7 nianV a heap of corn. 
^bn secretly, softly. 

8 nsb turn about. 

15 nnSIiiTSn the veil. 

Chapter IV. T 

1 ''abD such a one. 'DQ^X such a 

3 bWri to vindicate, redeem, bii^y a 

redeemer. vhM redemption, 

4 *jnb*lT besides, except thee. 
7 nnlian exchange. 

f]hW to draw off. 
15 t27D3 !l^t2?Db a restorer of 
'^n^'^ti? thy gray hairs, 
bsb^b a nourisher. 




Chapter I. S 

1 ^^T divide. mrioa among the 
nOD to disunite. DO a drauglit 
or levy of men. 

3 nbi rolled away. Gone into cap- 

7 mn descend, rmno her being 

brought low. 
H^W to lead captive. nnaiDQ at 
her captivity. 

8 nT^J what ought to be removed. 

An abomination. 
b^T to lavish. 
"ib'^Tn despise. 

9 rr^bll^S in her skirts. 
11 nb bit vile. 

13 H^'^ to faint, languish. 

14 T^W to wrap or twist together. 

15 HvD to strew, lay prostrate. 
n^ a wine-press. 

20 IJD'HXin sore troubled, disturbed. 

Chapter II. ^ 

1 m^ to cover with a thick cloud. 

Cnn the footstool. 
3 rii to cut off. 

6 Dttn take away by violence. 
"^V^ appoint. liyQ his place of 

solemn meeting. iriD ap- 
pointed meeting. 

7 nST to cast off. 

"HMU to flow away, cast off. 

8 bn the trench. 

b vDS weak, heartless. 
11 ^l^V overwhelm, faint, or fail. 
"]DtZ7 pour out. 

14 ben crude, indigested, foolish. 

N!2?3 lift up. mtt)Q burdens. 

irn to drive. D^nnn a push that 
makes one fall, causes of banish^ 

15 pDD to smite, clap. 
p'lti? hiss or whistle. 
3?3 agitated, shake. 

bbD complete entirely. nV^a per- 

16 niJD let loose, open. 
\)'^n to gnash. 

17 DttT devised. 

3722 to covet, finish. 

18 y)Q to fail. miD cessation, inter- 

mission, rest. 

^T*V rQ the apple of thine eye. 

19 IDIZ? to keep. nilDiDM watches. 

20 bbv to do. rhb^:0 thou hast done. 

21 nniD to kill, slay. 

22 nStO a handbreadth. Spread out, 

extend, stretch. 

Chapter III. 2 
4 nbU to wear or waste away. 


5 r|p3 to surround. 
icsn gall. 

nS bn weariness. 

6 "7tt?n to impede action. D^DttJnQ 

dark places. 

8 UnW to shut out, nearly as DfiD to 

stop up. 

9 /T^T^l hewn stone. 

11 ID to decline. -niD he hath turned 

nC?D tear in pieces. 

12 S"1I)^ a mark. (Set me.) 

13 inDt2?M ''^n the arrows of his 


14 p3 to strike or play. n2'33 their 

song that was sung. 

15 ni"! to be wet. Hiph. to be 

71337 V wormwood. 

16 D13 to crush, break. 

y^n to divide into a great num- 
ber of parts. V^" gravel, grit. 
tr?CD to feed. 
IDS ashes. 

17 nW2 laxity. To forget. 

18 n!^3 to overcome. Strength, 
bn^ to hope. Tibnvi my expecta- 

20 nnW to bow down. 

DDH to finish, consume. 
22 bD to finish, fail. 

25 n*lp to stretch, ^'^^p^ to him who 

expecteth earnestly. 

26 VW*^ to save, nywn"? for the sal- 


28 D?2"r to be silent. 

btD3 to lay on. Because he (the 
Lord) layeth it upon him. 

29 "^blW peradventure, if so be. 



32 Dm to embrace. Compassion. 
36 ^^'3 to incline, be partial against. 

39 ]3S in Hithp. to complain, 


40 tt?Dn free. Search out. 
*ipn explore. 

41 n3 to refrain, rest, lead. 

42 nbo loose, pardon, forgive. 

44 nbo to separate, intercedes n'jcn 


45 nnO to sweep or scrape off. ^no 
ofFscouring, refuse. 

DSD to be dilated. DWD refuse, 
47 no to expand. nrtD a net. 

nStt? to be confounded. ntD de- 

49 "133 to run down. 

3D to faint. m3Dn cessation. 

50 P)p2? look towards. 

51 bb^^to do, affect. 

52 T2 to hunt. 

53 nin a pit or well. 
riD15 to cut off: 
m"^ to put forward, cast. 

54 nD!? to cover, overflow 

55 nvnnn lower. 

"1T3 to cut or clear off. 
56 "^nninb to my breathing. 

58 n''"1 to plead. mi thou hast 


59 n^V to incline. >nmJ> my wrong, 

63 ^W^ to sit. DniilJ their sitting 


65 p3 to protect. n3:o obstinacy. 
nbS adjure, curse, -jnbwn thy 

c c 3 



Chapter IV. T 

1 DW dim, obscured, sullied. 
S3tt? disapproved, or for Ttw 


2 S /D compare. Comparable. 

v23 a carcass containing liquor or 
anything else, an earthen pitcher. 

3 TT^D to shriek, pn the crocodile 

and whale species, sea-monsters. 

y^n loose from, draw out. 

nrDS cruel. 

D^'S!? ostriches (E. T.). 

5 )^V pleasure, cjiyob dainties. 

^!3S steadiness. D>:Dn they who 
were nursed. 

rbin scarlet. 

p2n embrace. 

ntW to put in order. mnEWN a 

6 nbn to be faint. 

7 *1T!] to separate. rPTT3. 
nS white, clear. 

Tr!l divide, cut, polish. 

)3D perhaps the loadstone. n^r^D 
something red, not pearls. 

8 ^Wn to delineate. Di^n their 

form, visage. 

*fD^ to cover, cleave. Dmy their 

WD.'^ dried up, withered. 

9 !31T to flow out, pine or waste 

*)pT to be pierced through (o for 
want). DnpiQ who are pierced 

213 to put forth. mm^nrD for want 
of the increase of the field. 

10 Dm embrace. nV2Qm pitiful, 
nnnb for meat 

14 V^2 to wander, omj? as blind 

vS2 to vindicate, defile. 
12):i> ihDV Sbn what they 

might not, they touched (with 

their garments). 

15 n23 to flee. To shoot forth, rush 

away, flee. 

16 pbn divide equally. 
SE?3 receive, regard. 

^^n very kind or affectionate to. 

17 n3m^ as for us. 

nD!J to overspread, watch. 
"l3n^DS2 in our watching. 

18 TV^ to walk on. iri2?2 our steps; 
Vp end. 

19 p7"T pursue hotly. 

20 nt27X2 to anoint. n^ttJQ anointed. 

21 nntZ? to corrupt. n''nV3 a trap, a 

rrnS? strip, make naked. 

22 ni3? to pervert, pj? punishment 

of thine iniquity. 

rn^ remove. *|m^:n!? carry thee 
into captivity. 

Chapter V. H 

2 mt to scatter, "rt a stranger. 
"HDi to alienate. A foreigner. 

3 DIT' solitary, mn' fatherless, an 


4 r\nW to drink. 

'7'm to go after. On our necks 
we are pursued, i. e., our 
enemies are close behind. 

5 n3 to rest, min entire rest. 


8 piD to break, rescue by force, 
10 1DD convolve. Scorched, shri- 
nO^ 7T a scorching, blasting wind. 
Pestilential, destructive, famine. 

11 n^V to affect, ravish. 

12 nbn to hang. 

13 pntD to grind. 

15 liT'iriD our piping. 



Chapter I. M 

1 vnp to collect, nbrrp a gatherer 

together, an assembler. 

2 in'^ to exceed. pvi> remainder, 


5 P)S!27 draw in. F]W. 

6 D1-11 the South. 

8 37^"^ to labour, weary. 
10 I^J multiplicity. "Q3 frequently, 

13 712V to affect, p^ troublesome 

15 mr to turn away. m3>Q that 

which is crooked. 

)f^n to direct, make straight. 
"^Dn to abate, want. pnon. 
n3D number, reckon, maort!?. 
1 7 bbn to be mad. Tvffyn madness. 
bDtt? to be wise. m^JD acts of 
wisdom or prudence. 

W^ or V"''' to break. mn. 
p'ST vexation. 


Chapter II. 13 

1 nD3 to try, attempt. rrDDOM I 
will prove thee. 

3 "in to go about. 

'^Wl^ to draw out. 

11713 to carry. 

HT this, this here; like ovro; and 

5 DllD an orchard, garden, in- 

closed plantation. From no to 
separate, and DT to hide. 
/DD foolish. D^b2D folly. 

6 n^:^ to spring, produce, noiv. 

8 D3D to gather together, collect, 
heap together. 

in separate. manon the pro- 

1*'L2? to sing. Dn\r) men singers. 

nn\D women singers. 
323? delight. mj:rn delights, 




8 T11W to pour out. TTW ground. 
rrniu q. cup-bearer. (E. T.) 
musical instruments of all sorts. 

10 b!^M to set apart, reserve. 
37372 restrain, withhold. 

11 "in^ to exceed, pnn* an excel- 

14 Tllp to meet, light upon, mpo 
occurrence, event. 

18 n3 rest. ">2n^:wiD because I should 

leave it. 

19 a7W to be over, to rule. 

20 t27S^ to renounce. 
DIlD went about. 

21 "n2?D straight, right. ]rW2 righte- 

25 W^^ to make haste. 
V'^^ abroad, without. 

Chapter III. ^ 

1 ))yt to appoint. An appointed 

yon bend, incline. A desire. 

2 1p37 to root out. 

3 yiti to break through or down. 

4 IDD to lament, mourn. 
Ipn to leap, dance. 

5 pm remove. 

6 mW to be lost. 

7 VIp to rend. 

"HDn to fasten, join together. 
nU?n to be silent. 
11 nbr to hide. D'jyn the world, 
HDD to sweep. 1" an extremity, 
13 in3 to give, nno the gift. 
15 ^^n to follow. Fn-i: nw that which 


is followed after, i. e., which is 
15 *1I2D a good while ago. 

18 ^121 to drive. mm a matter, 
aifair, business. 
Tin to make clear. Dni\ 

Chapter IV. 1 

1 VT^I to ooze out. rm the tears 

(of such as were oppressed). 

2 nnti? to soothe, praise. 

QDti? who long ago, or some 
time since. 

4 S3p to eat into. nwDp burning 

jealousy or indignation. 

5 pnn to fold together. 

6 n3 to rest. riTO rest, quietness, 
non to cover. D^2Dn the two 

hands (joined together). 
8 *1Dn abate, "lona cause to want, 

10 lb*^S woe. 

12 r|pn to overcome. 

iDlnn WbW1211 a cord of three 

priD to draw or pluck asunder. 

13 ]DD lay up. pDD frugal, thrifty. 

"inT to shine, nmn"? to take warn- 

ID to turn aside. n^lDH re- 
volters. But he who was born 
in his kingdom becometh poor. 

17 nrV2 rather than to offer. 

Chapter V. H 

1 bniS precipitate, hasty. 
3 113 to vow. iin. 


5 v2n to bind, take away. 
7 Tll^n to wonder, be astonished. 
9 717271 multitude, y^^n abundance. 
10 1V"ntt?3 righteousness, agreeable- 

15 W nriV bD like as, just as. 

16 nbn faint, weak, sick. 

17 nS*' fair, beautiful. 

18 D3 to reckon. d^D33 such riches 

as were usually counted. 

tobti? to be over. n^^^n hath 
given power. 

Chapter VI. 1 

6 lb yea, though. 
10 ?)pn to overpower, overcome. 
r]''pnmu who is powerful to over- 

Chapter VII. t 

3 vD3 an untimely birth. 

DyD to be angry. D2?3 anger, 

5 nn^ rest. 

6 T^D a thorn. A pot. 

7 bbn make mad. bbinp. 
]n3 to give. rontD a gift. 

10 WDH wise. HD^no skilfully. 

12 b v!S? to overshadow. ^:j a shelter, 


13 ^jpn to make straight. 

14 ^112 good, pleasant, cheerful. 
D37 collect, nni?^ over against. 

19 D*>t^''bt27 constituted rulers or 
governors. pri'j^D power, au- 

25 !2tt?n to add. "(^S^r^ a device. 



26 1DN to confine. DmD restraints, 

Chapter VIII. FT 

1 *1B?D to expound, interpret. But 

he who is strong, i. e., impudent, 
shall be hated. 

2 5?^IZ7 to be satisfied. nm\y oath. 
8 SbS separate, restrain. 

II CnnD a divine decree or declara- 
15 nilW to soothe, praise. 
17 btt? to loose, bm. 

Chapter IX* tD 

1 'H'nn to make clear, declare, ill'?. 
4 nn^ q. should be "Sin to join. 

ntDlS to trust, pnm hope* 
6 "1I2D long since. 
8 ]nb . D>3lWhite. 

11 yi to run. yiiD tiie race. 
D'^bpb to the swift. 

]'*Il divide. D':i3^ to men of un- 

l?nD an occurrence, an incident. 

12 bCD to fall, b^tnv^. 

15 ]DD to lay up. pDD frugal, 

18 ^"ip war. 2-ip '!?DQ than weapons 

of war. 

Chapter X. "^ 

1 HT to gush, mi^ a fly. 

3?!23 to bubble up. T2\ 

npn to make a composition, npy^ 



1 "Ip*^ bright, esteemed. 

4 SSnZD a healing medicine, 

r\^n vM keep not, i. e., yield, 
rr:' which will appease or atone. 

6 D'^ to be lifted up. D'OTID dig- 

8 nCn to dig. 

Vai:i a pit. 

yiQ break through. 
"7^273 to bite. i:3tti'. 

9 rD3 to remove, yon. 

!2!2^ labour, travail. Must labour 

in them. 
37 pn separate, cleave. 
7 2D to lay up. Profited. 

10 nnp blunt. 
D'^3Q edge. 
^p^p to furbish. 

bn to make a hole. C^^n power. 

"IH7D direct. mo3n TffiSr! p-n'1 and 
the excellency of directing, i. e., 
the most excellent directness (is) 

1 1 WrV7 a low hissing. Such a charm- 

ing or incantation of serpents. 
13 ronn the beginning. 
15 372^ to weary. 

17 Tin white. omn nobles, from 

white robes. 
TinW to drink. 'jTCn for drunk- 

18 b!?57 to be slothful. D^n'j^n sloth- 

*7i3 to wax poor, decay. 'p\ 
TTlp to meet. Trpi2 a building. 
7Dtt7 to humble oneself. m!?D 

remissness, hanging down. 

fy7^ to drop, wear out. 

19 Dnb Chald. an eating, a feast. 


20 y*l^ perceive. "pnm in thy 
science, thought. 

Chapter XL W^ 

6 *1li7D straight. Prosper well, pro- 
ceed rightly. 
10 nnti? dusky, mnn^ the dawn of 
human life. 

Chapter XII. :3" 

1 ^^^S'rn:! thy creators. 

3 37T move, tremble, shake. 

ni37 to incline, bow oneself, as the 
legs of old men do. 

bt^n to cease. 

I21S to lie in wait. niilM win- 
dows or holes for the eyes. 

4 pItt? the street. Those open ways 

or passages in the body of man 
through which nourishment 
]niD to grind. n:nTD digestion, 
the whole process. When the 
sound of the grinding is low, 
alluding to the noise made by 
handmills in the East. 

nC!^ to move quickly. iiD!? house- 
cock which crows before day- 
break, when the restless old man 
is ready to quit his uneasy bed. 

T^lt7n ni3i the daughters of 
song or music. When all the 
organs, which perceive and mo- 
dulate the voice, shall be brought 

5 n^iJ high, man of that which is 

nnnn exceedingly dismayed. 
'nnnn terrors. 


5 Tptt? to watch. The almond-tree, 

because it first waketh from its 
winter repose, flowers in Ja- 
nuary, and brings its fruit to 
maturity in March, in Eastern 

\^S3 to cast. Sheds its flowers. 

inn the locust or grasshopper. 
aarrrr b2T)U'^ and the grasshopper 
shall be a burden to itself. The 
shrivelled state of a very old 
man, parallel to a grasshopper ; 
whence Tithonus living to ex- 
treme old age was said to turn 
into one. 

ni2M to acquiesce. n3V3sn satis- 

"ID to break. Shall be abolished. 

12D to moan. D>TDlDn wailings, 

a7V hide, conceal. Dark, obscure. 

6 pm to remove. While the silver 

cord, i. e., (the whole nervous 
system^ is not loosed. 

bri to roll, imr^ nby the golden 
bowl, that part of the brain in 
which the nervous fluid or 
animal spirits are formed. 

yn to run. Broken. 

nbnp 299 

bnbrin the wheel. The pitcher 
be broken at the fountain, and 
the wheel be broken at the pit. 
Tiie circulation of the blood here 
alluded to, and its cessation at 
death. See Park hurst's Lexicon. 

T?!ll3 to gush, morr a fountain or 

9 ItV^ adv. exceedingly, moreover, 
further (E. T.). 

Ijy7 to teach. 

]tM to weigh, consider with at- 
tention, ponder. 
Ipn search minutely. 
]pil set in order, compose. 

10 ^'Dn to bend. Pleasing, accept- 


11 Hm to be sharp. \Tn the point 

of a gourd to stimulate men to 
their duty. 
"IDtt? to keep. mnO'OMI and like 
the fences of plantations, D^rTO3 
to guard the plants of righteous- 

^DN to gather. mDlD (the 
masters of) collections. 

1 2 "int to shine, "imn take warning, 
712il to bring forth, meditate. 



Chapter T. S 

1 lin for M^Tl India. 

2 *ml3 to open. m'3 a castle, a 

palace, fortress, citadel. The 
fortress Susa. 

3 D"ID Persia. DID Vn the power of 

CrrnS . D'omcri princes, nobles. 
From "WD glorious, and Dn per- 
fect, i. e., the most noble. 

4 np^ to be bright. lp^ splendour, 

nSD to adorn. n-WDD glory, 

5 "llJn to surround. n23 nsna in the 

court of the garden. 

6 DD"13 calico. rfjDm DDii mn 

white calico and blue. 

y^'D, fine linen, ''j'^3 rings. 

WW white marble. Parian stone, 
which is white. 

nS!2'n a pavement. 

l^nll red marble, porphyry. 

11 round. A pearl (Bochart), or 
white marble. 

nnO move to and fro. mno va- 
riegated marble. 

7 npl2? to wet. mpn caused to 

r\^W to iterate. W^W diverse, 

nTlCyn the drinking. 

8 m a law, a statute. 
P3N Chald. to press, urge. 

9 Tll&l Vashti. 

10 D^D to serve. D^Dnon the lord 

chamberlains or eunuchs. 

1 1 iriD to surround. A crown. 

17 ntH to despise. \VM contempt, j 

20 DHHQ declaration, decree. 

22 HD^IXSI na^lD bW into every 

D371 D^ bST and to every 

THtZ? to rule absolutely. 

Chapter II, 2 

1 '^W to stop, check, appease. 

"Itn to cut short, decree. 
3 V^P collect, gather. 

pll^ to scourge, cleanse. pyyoD 
abstersion, things for purifica- 
tion. pl"iD purification. 

7 ^XDM steadiness. p nursing or 
foster-father. Ver. 20, n3DN 
when she had taken care. 

nnoN in nDin n Ha- 

dassah, that is Esther. 

9 K12?3 to take, obtain. 

H^W to iterate. Chald. change. 
'310 D'ttJjrr n^i ^m to the second 
house of the women. 

18 Stt73 to lift up. nNO gifts. 

21 ^D threshold or gate. 

Chapter III. 3 

2 3?1D to bow, stoop down. 

7 ID to break. IID a lot, a small 

piece of stone broken off from a 

8 13^?"' for ^'0y* there is. 
"ItD to scatter, nwa. 
TID to divide. TiDn. 

n^ti? iterate, change. m2W dif- 

TTyW to make equal. Countervail, 

9 T2i a trunk, chest. 

10 "Tn^J to distress exceedingly. 112 

severe persecutor. 

12 a'^3D"n27nS (a Persian word) 

viceroys, lieutenants, chief-go- 

13 "hhW to strip off, spoil. Tin a 


14 pii?nD a copy, exemplar, 
jn^ to make ready, prepared. 

15 Pim to urge, hasten. D'Dim. 
"733 entangled, perplexed. 

Chapter IV. *T 

3 TIV^ to spread. Niph. strewed, 


4 /H^n in great anguish. 
7!3p to receive. 

6 Unn to dilate, aim a street. 

7 tt^HD to spread. rrttTC exposition, 


11 lOti?'^ to hold out, extend. ttTTDV. 

14 m the action of the air in motion, 
rrn respiration, respite. 

nn'D^ 301 

14 7T7^ to overshadow, nbsrr pro- 

Chapter V. H 

9 3?t to move. 
10 pDM to restrain. 
14 TTliV to fix. p wood cut down, 
a gibbet. 

Chapter VI. ^ 

1 "773 depart swiftly. 
Sip to read. 

3 "np"^ be bright. Glory and dignity. 

8 n*l3ba 27')nb royal apparel. 
nriD to surround. A crown. 

9 DniD well born, noble person. 
12 HDn to cover. >iDn. 

Chapter VII. t 

4 lbs if. From ^M to interpose, and 

" it. 
*l!Jn the enemy, adversary. 
pt3 to damage, impair. Loss. 

6 nV-l disturb, affright. 

7 n^ capacious, p'! a palace, a 

large and beautiful house (a 
Persic word). 

8 C2?33 subdue, ravish. 

10 "^"DW assuage or assuage entirely. 

Chapter VIII. H 

5 "IWD straight, right 

8 Unn to stop up, seal. 

10 12?D1 to earn. Working cattle, 
any that earn by their labour. 
D D 



10 D'^anniCnS mules. 

JDH . DOD"\n ':2 the offspring of 
mares ; occurs once. 
15 "|~)D to involve, y^n an outer 
garment, robe. 
bniJ to shout. 

Chapter IX. tD 

1 I'D.W to separate, break out upon, 
look at, or for. 
19 T"1D to disperse. D^mcn villages, 
open country. milTCn 'ITJ open 

19 b;3p undertook. 

22 D^'a^'^Sb to the poor. 

23 bbn begun. 

24 nian tumult. Don^ to destroy 

with tumult. 

26 nilM to gather, mawn an epistle, 


27 ]152T an appointed time. 

29 ^pn to overpower. rjpn, IDpn 
power, authority. 


The letters and manner of reading, are the same as in Hebrew Many 
words are formed either by adding some letter at the beginning of a word, as 
Heb. Dl blood, Chald. Dl ; or at the end, as D a mother, Ch. NOW ; or in 
the middle, as nriM thou, Chald. rrn:M ; or both in the middle or at the end, as 
T a hand, Chald. TN. 

Some Chaldee words drop a letter from the Hebrew, as Heb. Tn one, Chald. 
m. Some by transposing a letter, as Heb. p^rr a portion, as of land, Chald. 
ipn a field. Many by changing some letter, as l in Hebrew, is in Chaldee 
changed into D, as Heb. bVM iron, Chald. bno. :s into y, as Heb. fiM earth, 
Chald. jn. into D, as Heb. ID'O to keep, Chald. "IDD. 

But the most frequent changes are the following : "i is often changed into i, 
as Heb. im gold, Chald. im. J? into ), as Heb. yp summer, Chald. Ei^. 
into n, as Heb. aw to return, Chald. ain. With some other less usual changes 
of the consonants, as of 3 into 3, T into id, D into p, b into 1, &c. 

Of the vowels, m is often changed into', as Heb. ttJwn a head, Chald. irn; 
Heb. bMW the grave, Chald. ^VW ; Heb. IDMD a word, Chald. lO'D. n into M, 
as in forming nouns feminine, and the Aphel (Hiphil) and Ithpehal 
(Hithpael) conjugations of verbs, n into ' or , as Heb. na to be willing, 



Chald. 'SM and mim. i into m, as Heb. aiTD good, Chald. atQ, &c. 1 into % a* 
in the Participle Passive of verbs. 

As n prefixed to a Hebrew noun often denotes the definite article the, so 
does postfixed to a Chaldee noun, as Heb. 'jbo a king, Chald. O^Q the king. 


Of the First Person : 3M, naM I. 

wnoM, 2n3, ]3N, pn, plur. We. 
Of the Second Person : riM, DJM, nnSM sing. Thou. 

pnM, t'ln^M, masc. ; ]>nM, ]'n3M, fern. Ye. 
Of^Ae 2%iftf Person : ir\7} He. >n she. 

]13, ]13>M, ]i3rT, Dn, Din, |lDn, masc. They. 
pM, y^i^ and pn fem. They. 
The Pronoun suffixes to nouns and verbs in Chaldee are very like those in 
Hebrew, with some variations, as M3 us and our, y and '>y thee and thy, 
generally feminine. p3 you and your, masc. p you and your, fem. TV him 
and his, rr her and hers. p3 them, masc. and fem. pn their, masc. p them, fem. 
There are 269 Chaldee verses in the Old Testament, viz. : 
In Daniel, 200 verses, from chap. ii. 4 to chap. vii. inclusive. 
Ezra, 68 verses, viz., chap. iv. 724; v. 117 ; vi. 118; vii. 1226. 
Jeremiah, one verse, viz., chap. x. 11. 

See Parkhurst's Grammar," for particulars of Verbs in Chaldee. 


Chapter I. N 

2 n!?p to cat offi D'Spr^ some, a 

part, end. 

nSS to lay or treasure up. "i!Ji 
a treasury, a storehouse. 

3 DmO. D'DmDn princes, nobles. 

4 nS mighty. Ability. 

5 2nnQ a piece of meat cut offi 

8 bwa to pollute, defile. 

10 f]Vt troubled. Ill-favoured, sad. 

vv3 to roll, bu term, or con- 
tinuance, or sort. 

^in Chald. to be bound to pay- 
ment. And ye shall make (my 
head) answerable. 

12 nD3 try, prove. D3. 

Vlt scatter abroad. U^Tnn things 
sown, pulse. Dnra'iN four. 
D d2 



17 m" to put forward. mT IW ten 
times better. 
DtOin a kind of diviners. In- 
terpreters, enchanters. From 
TDirt a pen, and Dn to perfect, 
P)t27M a kind of conjuror or ma- 
gician (on account of their affla- 
tions). From r^m to breathe. 
21 tZnD to contract. ttniD Cyrus. 

Chapter II. 2 

1 D^D to smite, disturb. 

TT^n Niph. to be accomplished, 
done, made. (His sleep) there- 
fore went from him. 

P)tt7!D to discover. D^DWDD en- 
chanters, sorcerers. 

n'^aiS Syriac. 

4 *12?D to interpret. inWD the inter- 

mn to declare, and ver. 6, pnnn. 

5 b vD to speak, nn^o the word, 

the thing. 
MITS going away, gone, 
mn to cut in pieces. y^lTf a 
cutting in pieces. 

I'D.V to make, to do. 

* v13 a waste, a deserted, or unclean 

6 n)IlT33 a gift or preferment in 


K^ntt? great, much. 

]n / therefore. 

mp before, in the presence of. 

7 ni3''3n for ^w second. 

8 ;2'^!J' firm, certainty, truth. 
"T of, who, because. 
213? the time. 

8 lin^N ye. 

]2T to buy or sell. pST gain,' 

bsp before, in the presence of, 

opposite to, or to receive, 

because of. 

9 mn one. 
m law, decree. 

ST3 to dissemble, lie (for m). 

nans lie. 
nntJ? to corrupt, nn^niu corrupt 

^ttT an appointed or limited time. 

In Aph. ]'oxn to prepare, devise. 
nDQ7 to change. N:niD' be altered. 

10 Wntt^n** dry land. 

''T vI3p bD because that, accord- 
ingly, on account. 

n3TD according to this, in this 

11 np'' to be bright. TDy sl rare 


inb therefore, yet, but, unless. 

Vnb the gods. 

rr^M (as MJ)> a"<i *^'^> ^s> 3^^* 

IIT to inhabit, prmo their dwell- 

12 D3n to rage with anger. 

"TSN to destroy, main"? for to 

13 n1 decree. Mm the decree. 

p^^ to issue out, go out. npD3. 

bt^p to slay, kill. 1'^TDpno. 

nrn and M3^S to inquire, seek, 
ask. i&yd? request. 

1'D.n to join. Tr\'\2'n his com- 
panions. Tn his. 

14 piM then. pa then, l in. 




1 5 Din for atttJ. rnn caused to re- 

tarn, answered. 
^y for yy. N^y with counsel. 
^2n strong, urgent. nDSnrra. 

16 hhy . by to enter. 2 often pre- 

fixed as in yi3. 

17 btW to be gone, departed. 

18 Wn TT a secret, the secret. 
inW to be lost, pnain* destroyed. 

21 N312? to change, wwrra. 

mr to pass on, take away. 

lUn"^ to give place. 

n^ to know. yiJ. 5?13D know- 

22 "in3 a river, nth: light, splendour. 
N-It2? to dwell. 

23 nilS acquiescence. 'nmM my 

n'D.W to praise, 
m^ to give thanks. WTino (iirr 

a Jew). 

24 S3tt HDD to number, appoint, "-aa. 

25 bnn to hasten, nbmnna. 
n'DW in Aph. to find. 
IV^ now. 

26 bnD able. 

27 "Itn to divide, cut out. pM sooth- 


28 D"Q but truly, but. 

Sin permanent existence. Chald. 
to be. 

29 rm to will. Y^vsn thy thoughts. 
pbO to ascend, grow up. 

81 lbs if. l'? as "^-M see, behold, lo. 
Vt splendour, beauty, nvii. 
DMp to stand. 
Sin form, aspect, rvrw. 
brntofear, Vnn terrible. 

32 Tflin his breast. mTi. 
^mrTT his arms. 

33 piti? to move, 'mp legs, shanks. 
n^KJ to distribute, linjo part. 
P]Dnclay; also BDn. 

34 nriD to smite, abolish. 
Pn them. 

pT to beat small, npin and pnno 
ver. 40. 

35 mn3 according to this, in this 

T13? chaff. 
"HIM area or floor. 
1^'^p summer, yp. 
"IJlM a place. 
TllO a mountain. 

37 ]Dn to possess. :Dn power, 

hereditary dominion. 
^\^n to overpower. NDpn power, 

Ip^ be bright. ip'i glory, 


38 p")M1 inhabitants. 

rr^n to be vigorous, nvn beasts. 
Wnn a field, a plain. 
89 "ins after, afterwards. 
JDbtt a kingdom. 
M3?"1M weaker, lower, 
nbn (?). nwrrbn third. 
a7W have dominion. 

40 bti?n to wear away. 

Wl (for rst) to break in pieces. 

41 inD the potter. 
^bO to divide. 

D1J3 to stand, anysi the firm- 
S2'^tfi mud, mire. 

DD 3 




42 TT^p the end a part. nSD ^D. 
I^n to break (ts^). mnn. 
Sn lo, behold. 

44 vI2n corrupt, destroy, hurt. 
p2tt7 to leave, let alone, panwn. 
PjlD to sweep away, consume, put 

an end to. 

45 1W cut out. mwn. 
p^'HD faithful. 

46 r|3M the countenance, the face. 

12lD to bow to the ground, Is. xliv. 
15, 17, 19 ; xlvi. 6. To touch 
the ground with the forehead. 
Nebuchadnezzar, see chap. iii. 6. 

"703 to pour out. 

47 V^iWp "JD of a truth. 
Nia a lord. 

48 nm to increase. Made Daniel 


^na to give, pno gifts. p-im 

very great. 
PD a prince, magistrate. 

49 S^D to seek, ask. Requested. 
1'2V to do. nTl the business, 
ynn a door, a porter, a gate. 

Chapter III. 3 

1 nW (for XffO) six. ynv sixty. 
nnS to part, dilate. "TiD breadth. 

2 S'2D"ntt?nS satraps, viceroys, 

chief governors. 
nnD a governor, a ruler. Nnino. 

SntamS chiefs, prefects, se- 
*nin3 a treasurer. 
"HSm a lawyer, a judge. 
M"^nDn sherifTs, prefects, officers. 

2 MriK to come. iiTVCib to come 

3 C73D for D3D to gather together. 

4 TID to cry aloud. il-i3 a crier, 

DV to collect. N''na3? a people. 
nJSS a nation. 'Q^< nations. 

5 ^1p a horn, wnp a horn, cornet. 
Sn'^p'ntt?^ a flute, ffu^iyl. 
Dnri'^p a harp, lute, viol. 
MiDIlD , also, (3iio) sackbut, dul- 
cimer, guitar. 

^>1t03DD or inn3DD psalteries. 
n"^31DDD sympathy, musical con- 
''St (for 30) kinds, species. 
Sittt music. 

6 TlVtD an hour. wTOtt? na in the 

same hour. 
nDI to throw, be cast. Ncnn\ 
M13 the midst, n^yb. 
^inW a furnace. 
MniS fire, or 113. 
"lp> to burn. nTp\ 

7 n31 v2p vD on account of this, 

for this cause. 
M3^T an appointed or limited 

8 "1^3 strong, valiant (a man). 
vDM to proclaim against. 

^"Ip to move, wink, nod. ]irrsnp 
10 D3?tD a royal decree. Regard, 
respect, i. e., relish. 

12 nbs to worship, serve. Heb- 

n^D to meditate. 

13 T3"1 moved with anger. Anger, 


14 S1!2n is it true, rrrrrr"? for roinnh 

to bring. 




15 ^^3 now. |n if. 
^TTI^ be ready. 

nTtt? to rescue, set free. p3irw\ 

16 ntt?n to have need, or occasion 

DSnD a word. Answer. 

Ilin for yW to restore, return. 
Ver. 19, *|niinn^. 

19 sbrj to fill. >bnnn. 
D^^ form, image. 
T12W to change. '\:min. 
NTS to heat, make hot, HM^b. 

20 nS3 to bind, tie. 

21 "-fbw these. 

bsiD a cloak. pn>banD2. 

tt?lDD cap or breeches. pmtD'TQD 

head "dress, turbans. 
binD to clothe, prrnbina vests, 


22 pD3 (Aph.) to cause to ascend, 

bring up. IpDH. 

S^'^^tt? a spark or sparks. 
"'T ^D whosoever. 

23 pnnbn three. 

24 TT^n to tremble, terrified, or 

"im to drive, bring. 
2S'' firm, true. Mrs* it is true. 

25 S")C7 and TIIW to loose. yim 

vUn to bind, seize. Hurt, seizing 

of fire, 
nn form, aspect. Nil. 

26 Vin a gate or door, for "ms. 
N^bl? lofty, high. 

pD3 go forth.. piD. 

27 Dtt?3 the body, for F|a. 
"pn to burn. 

28 ym to hope, trust. 

^71'' to give, supply, deliver. 

29 nblZ? tobe quiet. Careless, error, 

quiet, secure, 
mn to cut in pieces. ]'Din a 

cutting in pieces, pieces. 
y>^^ a waste. 

30 nb!^ to prosper, and (Aph.) pro- 

mote, (Heb. to pass on.) 

31 S^l^ to expatiate, increase. 

32 STIN signs. 

tll2!r\ to wonder. >rran wonders. 
"iDiD mp 'n it was seemly 
before me. 

IDtt? fair, goodly, pleasant, agree- 

33 ^n:r) very great. 

^Ipn overpower. fZi^pn strong, 

Chapter IV. 1 

1 73?^"^ green, flourishing, 
bm to fear, affright (Aph.). 
^^*Tinin thoughts (same as 

6 t*1 a secret. 

D3S to be difficult. 

7 rV^^ri ntn I was seeing. 
)h^H a tree. 

8 TTyi to grow great. 
^pr\ valiant, hardy. 
NID^ arrive, reach. 

9 TT^DIS? its foliage, branches. 
DDN fruit. H. ai: fruit. 

pt to nourish, pio meat, food. 

Ver. 10, pn\ 
nn2 to descend. 

bblD to shadow. A shadow, for 



9 S'ln a field, a plain, (wnvn beasts 
of) the field. 
f]^V a branch or bough. 
"INl or "Tn to dwell. 

10 "1^ to raise. T^ a watcher. 

11 1^1 cut off (for m). na, ^3n. 
"nnW fell or cut down. (E. T.) 

shake off. 
mS scatter, disperse, for nn. 

12 D13 but, but yet. 

IpV to lop. "ip3^ the stump or 

bole of a tree. 
pStZ? to leave, let alone. 
now to bind. IIDM with a band, 

a chain. 
MWm the tender grass, or rwma. 
h]^ dew. bm with the dew. 
3>3!J to wet, moisten. Ithp. 

WTDS', 2 and n being transposed. 

14 TT21 to cut out. mu a decree. 
bWtt? to ask. n'?w the petition, 

*! "JD whomsoever, from which. 
Sn!J to will. 

15 bnD able. 

16 D?3in27S was astonished and 

Win n37t&3 about one hour. 
na'^'J?n bis thought. 
Wna a lord. 'Nno my lord. 
nV an adversary (for ^^s). 

19 rOn "immi thy greatness is 

X^W to have dominion, pbto 

20 bisn bind, seize, destroy. 
3?3!5 to dip or dye. 

22 TH^ to drive out, thrust out. 


22 imXa thy dwelling. 

mn a bull, ox (for ^w). 
24 "fba to deliberate. ''3'>o my 

IDlZl? pleasant, agreeable. 
pnS break off. 
JT^n vigorous. 
]nD^ by keeping in life, or being 

kind to the poor, ]'3y. 
np37 to prolong, lengthen. Ver. 

26, ND"N. 

26 ^in two. 

27 W1 (for m this). 
]Dn strength. 

28 DC or DID the mouth, 
my pass on, take away. 

30 riDD completed, fulfilled. 

*nQ^ a nail. 'miDTO his nails (like 
birds' claws). 

31 btt3 to lift up. '3>i:o my under- 


32 nbD as nothing. From vh not, 

and 3 as. 

MD!^ to will. *32JDD according to 
his will. 12S. 

WnD to strike, smite. Also pre- 
serve alive. 

33 Vt splendour, beauty. 
^IH majesty. 

nyir\ counsellor. Nnnn bar- 
risters, pleaders. 
r\yD, or S3?S inquired. 
'Ipn to establish, confirm, ropnn. 

34 ^Wp truth, truly, 
m^ pride. 

Chapter V. H 
1 Dnb a feast. 


1 vSp before, in the presence of. 

bzpb opposite. 
Ml^n . ion wine. 

2 NriN to come. Tvrfnb to be 

]MD a vessel. 
pD3 take out. Go forth. 
nb!ltD a spouse, a wife. T^nbw. 
HDn V a concubine. 

4 S37M a tree, wood. 

5 SnCi^'niSS a candlestick, a lamp. 
M*n^!l the chalk, plaster. 

briD a wall. 

6 ItDp (for np) to bind. *ilDp the 

niS'nrT the lolns. 
Siti? to loose. ^>Tnwo. 
nriDSlS his knees, from *pa. 
I27p3 strike or beat one against 


7 mp to read or call. mpn\ 
MD13-IS purple. Heb. pn. 
HD'^StSn a chain, for ornament. 

9 fi?2l27 perplexed, confounded. 
M'Tlti?^ a feast, a drinking. 

11 nna light, ^yn. 
n'DW to find, nronttjn. 

12 nin declare. n*in declaring, 

]T^nM hidden things, enigmas. 
17 VntiSp S~)tt?D explaining things 

bound, difficult, or doubtful. 
nnTS3 a gift, or preferment in 


19 ^"^^yS^ trembling. ]'yw trembled. 

20 "TIT to act proudly. 7mr)b. 
f\pn to prevail. 



21 nlEt? to make equal or level. '1W. 
Tiy a wild ass. 

22 rrni his son. 

23 W-1D the Lord. 

nttl2l?3 the spirit, soul, or breath. 
2'h SDQ the bit, particle. 

DID"! describe. D^Wl. 
25 n3Q to number, reckon up. N30. 

hpn to weigh (for bpia). 

D^ID to part, break in pieces, 
27 "HDH deficient, wanting. 'VDn. 
29 tID to proclaim. 

Chapter VI. *l 

1 vip to receive. 
*1^D about, already, past. 

I^nnrx) vniz? sixty.two. 

3 S'^D'^D exarchs, presidents, super- 

intendents. ^^^iD comptrollers. 
pT3 hurt, damage. 
Ktt37tD the account. 

4 n!J3 be over, preside. nj?2nn set 


5 n vV occasion against him. 
Tll)^ to look sideways. nSQ on 

the part. 
I'O'^nri faithful. 

TV7W quiet. ^bV3 negligence, neg- 

7 Wyi gather together, assemble. 

8 1^2?'^ to consult one another or to- 

gether, for \fS\ 
Dip to arise. D'p rropb to establish 
a statute. 

"IDS to bind. An obligation. 
^^ gibbosity. A pit or den. 




9 Ct2?n describe, sign. 

n*T37 to pass away. 13?. 
11 M13 a window. PI. p3. 

nn^ open. 

nn"^bl7 upper chamber. 

]DT an appointed time. 

SblS pray to, entreat. 
14, DVt^ taste, respect. 
15 IZ?W2 to be bad, displeased. 

rihv to ascend. '^TD the going 
in or off. 

"TltZ? to exert oneself, strive. 

17 Sn'^in continually. Heb. nnan 


18 WnpT37 a ring or signet. 

19 btN to be gone, depart. 

n^ to lodge, (p Hebrew) pass the 

n*ltO hungry, supperless. 

Uni to drive, impel, pm in- 
struments of music. 

12i to flee, retire. 

20 S'nSnDtt? day-break, early dawn. 
nUD as the morning. Nn323. 
bnS to hurry, hastily. 

21 11''!^^ sad, sorrowful. 

22 bbD speak, relate. 

23 bnn to hurt. 

HDT clean, pure. tDT purity, in- 

24 HMtD well-pleased, cheerful, glad. 
^^D2 to ascend, go up, lead out. 
I^y^n he believed. 

26 S3Q7 increase, go up. 
7TIM signs. 

27 D3?ta a royal decree. 
^'^HDH wonders. 

I Chapter VII. 

2 ins or lbs see, behold. 

^^^ to fight, break forth, irvyo. 

3 pbo ascended. 

4 J^3 a wing. 1: n pa wings of an 

iDna to pluck off. 
blD3 to lift up. 

5 "Hl^ti? a side or part. 
3?bv a rib (for y'?2). 

6 "1X23 a leopard. 

7 'anttS terrible. 

npT to be beat small. npiQ. 
DCn to trample upon, tread down. 

8 b^lt? to understand, consider. 

^ini'^n among them. 
1p3? to be cut, lop off. 

9 SD13 a throne. pDn3 thrones. 
priV permanent, lasting. p'ny 

permanent, (ancient, E. T.). 
Mp3 clean, pure. *io wool. 
2^07 to turn backward. ]'a'ltO 

streams of hot air of the fire, 
pbl burning (m: fire). 

10 "in3 to flow. A river, light. 
pQ3 to go out. 133 to issue forth. 
WT^W to minister, attend and wait 

p:n 1311 ten thousand times ten 

nn"* for nW'> to sit. 

11 bbtt to speak. N^bOD. 
"T!3M to perish. -Qin. 
Ip"^ to burn. 

St& fire. 

12 pr time. 

13 "12D like a son. 




13 nifitt to arrive, come to. 

15 mD to cut through, afflicted. 

n2"l!3 a sheath. Metaph. a body. 
12 or W13 the midst. 

16 CSp to stand. >Dp the standers 

DIJ'^ firm. 3*2> the truth. 

18 b^p to receive. 
jDn possess. 

19 n^!^ to will, be desirous, or M33. 

Ml2^b lY'lS I was desirous to know 
the truth. 
"iDia a nail (for pIDS). 

20 ]3T of that, of that kind. This. 

21 mp war. min his countenance. 
23 Wl thrash, beat to pieces. naWTin. 

25 1!S5 the side, opposite to, against. 
Wbn consume, afflict. 

nnO to think (for MVi). 
Hbo to divide, a portion, half. 

26 lUW to destroy. 

27 ninn under. 

28 niD3 to keep. 

Chapter VIII. n 

2 b^** to carry along. ^aiM river. 
''biM Ulai. 

3 n22 to push, strike. m:D. 

5 "ID!^ to move quickly. TDS a he 

7 l^nD to be exceedingly imbit- 

tered, irritated. 

8 D!^V strength. Strong. 

9 nH^ to swell. '3^n the promised 

land, i. e., the glory of all lands, 

10 n2D to distribute, p. 

11 D~> to be lifted. In Huph. D'nn 
taken away. 
T'DH continual (n^ burnt-ofFer- 

^23 to make ready. p30 prepared 
13 ^^IttbO a certain one, some one. 
From nbD to separate, and n3Q 
to distribute. 

14, wbwi D'^sbM npn nnv iv 

niSD until the two thousandth 
three hundredth evening and 

16 tb to turn aside, rtn this, this 


17 n3?n to terrify. 

21 1^ a Greek. Of Greece. 
19 Q^T indignation. 

23 on to finish. onns when are 

25 bDB? to be wise. battJ prudence, 

DD to fail. 

26 QJlD to stop, stop up. 

27 nn3 lament, bewail. 

Chapter IX. IS 

2 inn to waste. Desolation. 

7 bl?^ to decline. Declining from 
duty, trespass. 

11 "fn3 pour out. -jrin. 

1 3 nbn to be faint, supplicate, "la'bn. 

14 Iptt? to awake. Watch. 

19 "nnS to delay, defer. D^b'DQ to 
present. b'DO to present. 

21 Vy\'^ to vibrate, fly. Fp>3 Fj^O 

caused to fly swiftly. 

22 'J''!! divide, discern, understand. 



24 "jnn decided, determined. 

nn to seal (the vision and the 
prophet) twice, i. e., to confirm 
and put an end to all the pro- 
phecies concerning the Messiah, 
by their accomplishment in him- 

nt^lD to anoint. 

25 nn3331 n^Wn shall be built 


niDnbi :i'>wrh to buiid again. 

T^^3 rf'tt^D Messiah the prince, 
or the anointed ruler. 

n37)3ti? D'^3731Z? seven weeks. 

^nn to shorten, cut short, deter- 
mined. y^^^n a ruin or heap of 

p1!J. D^TOH plan in afflicting 

26 niS'nnS determined (desolations). 

27 "1)3!l to be strong, establish, con- 

P)DD extremity. 

yplt) to abominate. D'SlpttJ abomi- 

n^ltt? until a consummation, 
even that appointed, thou wilt 
pour forth upon the desolate. 

Chapter X. '^ 

1 MU^ to assemble. 

2 vHS to be desolate. Indeed, in 


7 Tnn to move with quickness, to 

M]2n to hide, conceal. 

12 r\^V to affect, afflict, m^ynn^ 


15 DvM to compress, silent. 

18 pTn be strong, courageous, pxm. 

21 QW^ mark, written. DittJin. 

Chapter XI. N" 

4 TT^^n to divide. 

ins behind, innns his descend- 

6 1W^ to be straight. DnnTD rights. 
"n^JV to restrain, retain. 

7 "l^^a to form. A branch. 
*)D3 in his offlce or place. 

8 "^02 to diffiise. Dn'3D: their princes. 
10 nn^ to stir up. 

T13? strength. Wq a strong-hold 
or fortress. 

1 2 nm to be many, mwi'^ myriads. 

14 yi^ to break forth. "snD robbers. 

15 77D to raise very high. Gr. 

xa/Atu, from xtu. ^riib^'C a mount. 
"7Dtt? to pour. 

17 ^pn power. 

18 yp'> to awake. y:ip a ruler. 

20 IZ7213 close to, squeeze, xom a tax- 


^33? to pass. TiPO one who 
causeth to pass over. 

in*' to unite. D''TnN a few. 

21 HTS to despise, nua a vile, con- 

temptible person. 

22 PjIDtt? to cover with water, over- 

whelm. An overflowing in- 
1^2 . T33 a prince. 

23 "l^n to conjoin, rrnannn league 

made with him. 

24 ll^W . 'OOWD fattest part. 


24 till to spoil, nu the spoil. 
1\^ to scatter, disperse. 

25 "T'S? to stir up, excite. 

26 22nD a piece of meat cut off. 
30 'IJ a ship. 

HMD to bruise. 

32 VWI scales of unfairness. >ttna 

they who act unjustly against. 

P|Dn to pollute, corrupt. 

33 )^D to impart understanding. 

35 ]dh to make white. 

36 y")n to cut short, determine. 

39 I'DTl acknowledge. 
D'^IIJDD fortresses, protectors. 
)nD to commute, exchange. TITO 

a price. 

40 "1372? to fear. t?ntt3n come like a 

43 7?SD to hide. ':020 treasures. 
D**!!/ the Lybians. 
D'^2?D the Ethiopians. 



45 "laiDS "bnS the curtains of his 

Chapter Xll. n"' 

2 ^W^ to sleep. '3ffi>o who sleep. 

Sm Arab, to repel. ]MfMb con- 

3 IJlt to shine. im brightness, 

transparency, as of the air or 
heavens thus illuminated. 

4 tOtDQ? to go or run to and fro re- 


7 '7!!?'' to appoint. irTO a set regular 
time, a season. 

9 DJHD to shut up. A mystery, a 

10 TiD to cleanse, purge thoroughly. 

H no to decline. Hoph. iDin re- 

12 nsn to wait, tarry. rrDnon. 


Chapter I. M 

4 Dp to arise. DIpD a place. 

mD to give freely. 71313 a vo- 
luntary gift. 

6 IHD. maiao costly or precious 

8 "11312 a treasurer. 

9 "^ /li'inS chargers, basins. 

Py7n passing. Fjbno a knife (for 
slaying victims). 

10 1DD to cover. 1103 a cup, a bowl . 

E E 




10 SDC7 . D'3tt)D of a second sort. 

Chapter II. 2 

62 tt?n"^ to compute. D^tt^rPnon 

among those who were enrolled. 
bwri to defile, reject. 

64 Wim rmW four ten thousands. 

65 T'ti? to sing. DmtCD the singers. 

69 "11103m the Persian daric, a 


n30 a nianeh, perhaps 100 

70 "l^ytt? a gate, wym porters. 

Chapter III. 2 

7 21Jn to hew. asn a stone-cutter. 
SQ?T Chald. to have power, per- 
mission. p"iin grant, permission. 
10 ilDli to build. D'3an the builders. 
nnSSn a trumpet. 
vvS- D'n'?20 a cymbal, two 
plates which were struck to- 
13 'H^riperceive, discern. Dn'30. 

Chapter IV. 1 

2 b for lb him. 

4 n v!2 to terrify. 

5 "HDD to hire, bribe (as n3tj). 

6 ]iatt? to be hostile. n:TD\D an ac- 


7 m3!3 fellow- labourers, colleagues. 
^inU^j a letter, decree. 

03*1/1 to interpret. A translation. 

8 D3?13 b^D president of the 


8 M*13M a letter, win one. N^r^i 
MD33 after this manner, of this 

10 N-I^'p'' the noble. 

nSVD as now, at such a time, and 

1 1 ptt^^D a copy, an example. 

12 pvD to ascend. 
t^2 to be bad. 
V^3Ci? to found, repair. 
M"^K?S foundations, bulwarks. 
iDl^n to sew, join together. TOW. 

13 ni3D tribute ; also mn. 
wl3 poll-tax. 

^I^n revenue. 

nOS tribute, strength, treasure. 

p?3 to hurt, damage. 

14 nbri salt. 

n'Tn37 the nakedness. 
"T'lH Wb it was not meet. 

15 S3"12T a memorial, history. 
*)*J"Tnti7M a rebellion, conspiracy. 
7113 the midst. 

17 D3nD a word, an answer. 

18 tt7*)D to be plain. -onDO plainly. 

19 ''3X3 by me a decree is made. 

20 r)pri valiant. 

21 vl33 to cease, leave off. 

22 Itlt to admonish, beware. 

n vt2? to be quiet, ^b'0 negligence, 

S3tt? to increase, grow up. 

b^n hurt, destruction. 

23 btS to go, depart, b'm. 

rmW and 2?n-T, Chald. riuhe 
arm, vi et armis. 




Chapter V. H 

1 S33 to prophesy. 

2 IVD to uphold, assist. 

3 N^T appointed or limited time. 
''tt , ^10 who 

SaniZ^N fortifications, walls. 
5 UW a name. PI. nnow. 
''UK? grey-headed, aged persons, 

DVtD account, relation, command- 

8 37 S for yr wood, timber. 

hilD a wall. '^n3a in the 

M3"1DDS immediately, straightway, 

studiously, diligently. 

9 1W to regulate. 

1 1 1DM . ma'? saying. 
N3n27N a wall. 

^S^^tt? 1'^Dtt? many years. 
P]S also. 

12 m move with anger, provoke. 
"inD destroy. 

IDH them, as Hebrew. 

13 D13 but. mn first 

14 ]SJj a vessel. 

15 ^nnN leave, deposit; here nn. 

nn: descend. 
pnS a place, mns in its place. 

16 'j^'lS then. 

17 W2 a treasure. ISIN n'W3 trea- 

sures, repositories. 
ni^n there, thither, rraw. 
n'llJ'n will, thought. 

Chapter VI. 1 
1 nn3 descend, deposit. I'nnrro. 

2 1"^2 a palace. ^ 
Nnanwn at Echbatana. 

nb3 to involve. n'jliD a volume. 
n3"n2"T a memorial. 

3 n^l to kill in sacrifice. 
W^tt^S foundations, here *n"\WM. 

7!2D to load. |>'?2')DD strongly 

laid, strong, fit to bear. 
r\n^ breadth. 

pDD to go forth. NnpC3 expense, 

7 p!ltt? to leave, 
N)D V as to what. 

8 'DD3tt of the substance, means, 

m^ a tribute. 

9 nB7n to want, to be in need of. 

n3"7 a ram. 

"IDS to say, A lamb. 

I23n grain, corn, mon 

"IDn wine. 

HDD oil. 

10 yip to approach, offer, plpno 

offer sacrifices, 
na rest, l'mn'3 of rest. 
N^!^ pray to, entreat. ]^^^d. 

1 1 nD3 to destroy, pull down. 

P\pX to uphold, support. n'pT being 
set up. 

iim^ to strike, abolish. nD de- 

1713 a gift, a present. 

12 13S3 to throw, cast down. 

14 M123 to prophesy. n133 prophe- 

ibbDH? to finish, complete. 
E E 2 




15 Kt>2''t& to finish, complete. >>w. 

16 nD3n dedication. ND33. 

rrnn joy. 

1 7 T^DS a he-goat, py n>DS. 
'^W^ nn twelve. 

^'^SDv according to the number. 

18 :ibD to divide. pnm^S their di- 


20 inX^ to cleanse, purify (Hebrew). 

ivran cleansed themselves. 

21 NJ2T0 pollute, defile. nKD^D not 


Chapter VII. T 

6 inia to haste. Trra expeditious, 
ready (Hill). 

9 10'^ foundation. The beginning. 

1 1 ]TI2?3 a letter. 

12 *na;i to perfect, finish. TOa perfect 


13 m3 to offer willingly, anano who 

offereth himself freely. 

14 ID3?^ to counsel. >n"Cir his coun- 


Dip ]^ from before. 

17 N3p or n^p to buy. 

nST to slay. n2iD the altar. 

1 8 1'D.V to keep, observe. 

19 n /D to worship, serve, minister. 

p^D service. 

u^W to complete, repay, restore. 

20 mnii?n necessary. 

21 ~)3Tn a treasurer. 
prT'DDS libations of wine. 

22 "lID round. pl3 the largest 

measure of capacity. 

23 NimW carefully, diligently. 

24 nX2T singers. 

rrSSD 'i>n::D a hundred talents. 
l?"nn a door, a porter. 

25 m3tt tribute. 

lb^ poll-tax. 

tfivtt? to rule. TD^^ttj Mb no one has 

ibH toll. 

SDT to cast, lay, impose. MO^oS 

V^n rulers. 

1''3S"7 magistrates. 

26 n3tt against him. 
]^D33 substance, means. 

Chapter VIII. H 

1 Wn*> to compute a genealogy. 

DTUirnm and their genealogy. 

20 ^p3 to mark by way of honour- 
able distinction, to name. 

22 W^^ to be ashamed. 

25 Dll to raise up, offer up. noivi 

27 *1DD to cover. TiDa a covered 


]!D"mM a dram. A golden daric 
value 25s. 

Sn!? yellow or shining. irr2?n. 

29 "^t&b or TlDWh a chamber. 

Chapter IX. ID 

2 "^riD a prince or ruler. 

3 lantt to pluck off. 


3 U12W desolate. D01WQ. 

4 Tnn to tremble. 

8 in^ a nail, a pin, 1. e., a constant 
and sure abode, 
^n to be vigorous, rrno suste- 
nance, reviving. 
1 1 m3 to put far away as evil or un- 
clean. The wages of whoredom 
considered as filthy. 

HD bN n53D from one end to 
13 ntaaarod. 

S-rV 317 

14 "iDnb 2^27371 should we again 

inn contract affinity by marriage. 

Chapter X. ^ 

2 nV'HDS U^W^ strange women. 

7 vIp "IT^S^'^I and they made pro- 

13 vUlN surely, indeed. 

14 13''*1V^ i" ^^^ cities. 


Chapter I. N 

7 bsn to be mad, foolish. 
11 ^Dn to incline, have a desire. 

Chapter II. 2 

6 biU? a wife, spouse. 

7 m:i^ a letter. 

8 D*nD a garden of trees, a park for 

13 nDQ?S dung. TTttJ the dung.gate. 
1^127 to break, consider. 

Chapter III. 3 

2 rnp to meet. To frame or lay 
beams, mp. 

2 br3 to bolt. "^IWD a bar, a bolt. 

4 pTn to bind fast, p'mn to build 

up again, i. e., to strengthen. 

5 "mN wide, broad, inw a chief, a 


8 ^"12 to melt. Fims a founder or 

workman in gold and silver, 
tlp^ to spice, season, npl an 

ntV to leave, set free. 

9 7^2 a district. 

1 1 miQ extension, length, measured 
Il^n a baking oven. 
13 niDtl? cheese of kine, cow-milk. 

15 V vtfi to cover. 

c 3 



15 rihV . "Jb^D a step, a stair. 
1 9 pU?D an armoury. 

ri!^p^ a corner. D' and ni . 

21 nbD to complete, n'bin an end, 


22 "1253 circuit, surrounding country. 
25 ]Vb3? upper, higher. 

^153 to watch, guard. m^o a 

30 nD273 a small chamber or cell in 

the temple. 

31 bDl to go about. ^3- a trader, a 


34 bbtt weak, feeble. 
n^V naked, noir a heap. 

35 bVW a fox. 

37 DV3 to be grieved. D'Mnto cause 
ill humour, vex. 

Chapter IV. T 

1 ninnb nD^-i nn\>v the 

walls were made whole or re- 
bbn to penetrate, bbn to begin. 

2 n3?n to wander about, rwin hurt, 

4 h'DD to bear. bSD a porter. 
bK?3 to stumble, totter. 

7 nn!J to be white. 'n>ns a dry 
land, a parched country. (E.T.) 
on the higher places or open 

10 1373 to shake. A child, a servant. 
^^12? a coat of mail, habergeon. 

11 D^V to load- here \rjQy. 
nbtZ? a pointed weapon, a spear. 

17 tOtrS to put off. 


Chapter V. 71 

3 tlltD a field. ^yn'W our fields. 

4 ni V to adhere, borrow. Hiph. to 


5 W^'D to subdue, subjugate. 

7 *7 v153 to reign. Niph. to consult. 
N12?D usury. 

11 nSD a hundred. riNO probably 

the rate per cent. 
13 ]!jn the bosom, the folds of the 

dress covering the bosom. 
15 ^113 to be heavy, chargeable. 

Hiph. oppressed. 

Chapter VI. T 

2 ^IV* to appoint. Niph. 13>13 to 

meet by appointment. 
HDD to cover. onDD villages. 

8 N13 to imagine, invent, devise. 

12 "IDH to know again, perceive. 
15 u7W completed, finished. 

18 )nn a son-in-law. ]nn a father- 


19 Ditfi . vmi^D his good deeds. 

Chapter VII. 1 

3 ?)>3 to shut. 

TnS to seize, close, bar. 

4 D''"?'' rom wide of hands, i. e., 


Wn"^ to compute by genealogy. 
64 vM3 to reject, exclude. 
66 MIS"! ten thousand. 

pltt^ a basin, a sprinkling vessel. 

70 H'^p Chald. to divide. nspD a j 


Chapter VIII. n 

4 vlH?3 a tower, a high scaffold, a 

stage, a pulpit. 

8 H?"nD to spread, to explain. 'tD 

10 nin to rejoice. 7r]Tn joy, glad- 


11 ntt?n to be silent. 
TlDtl to be silent. 

15 )T2W yV wild olive-tree, oleaster. 
Din myrtle. 
IJSn the palm-tree. 

Chapter IX. tD 

3 DVn n'^r^'m a fourth part of 
the day. 

5 UKD very highly exalted. DO'^no. 

10 T^T to deal proudly. 

17 nbO to forgive, nin^te ready to 

20 ]D manna. 
7D^3 to nourish. 

21 p!iS to swell. 

22 HNQ a corner, side, region. 

25 *nn a cistern. 
3!Jn to hew out. 

26 TTHD to be perverse. 

29 "T^D refractory, rebellious. 
J^riD a shoulder. 

30 "JtZ?^ to seize, draw out, prolong. 

Chapter X. * 

1 n3!3N a firm covenant. 
30 P'in to bind, pnnn to adhere 

r\^'!2n:i 319 

32 npb to take, buy. mnpa wares, 
venalia, articles for sale. 

I^W a breaking. Grain, because 

broken in the mill. 
127123 to let loose, let alone, leave. 
St2?3 to bear. NttJO collection. 

34 ^1V . nD"i3>D an arranging, a 

setting in order. 

35 bia a lot. 

38 nD**"!^ dough or pastry. 

1WS to impose tithes, to take the 
tenth part. 

Chapter XI. S** 

1 T* a hand, a part. 

16 y^^ outer, exterior. TOS'nn. 

17 bbn to begin. n'?nn the begin- 

7vD to pray, n^cn prayer, song 
of praise. 
25 nsn a village. 

Chapter XII. S^ 

8 nT . mTn the thanksgiving. 

24 nnwn nrb natZ?^ ward over^ 

against ward. 
27 "jan . n32n the dedication. 

D'^nbStt cymbals. 
31 m'' . min confession. 

nSl2?S dung, mire. 

38 vSID V for ^IDv over against. 

39 IW"^ fem. njtt)' old, in opposition 

to new and fresh. 
44 712W2 or nDWh a small chamber 
or cell in the temple. 

D33 to collect, heap up. 
n3Q . nwo a part, portion. 




Chapter XIII. ^'i 

2 mp to precede, meet. 
7 vp to curse, blaspheme. 

12 nlSN to heap, lay up. niTSlM 
stores, stores of provisions. 
Hiph. to appoint for treasurers. 
15 nn pi. nina wine-press, or rather 
the trough in which grapes were 
my . mony sheaves. 
DJ2V to load or lade. 

15 TlSfood. 

1 6 n*:^ a Tyrian. 

19 bb^ to be shaded, to be dark. 
21 njtt? to iterate, repeat. 

24 ItJn to discern. D>TDQ. 

D^l nV ]WbD^ according to 
the language of each people. 

25 IDID to pluck off the hair. 
29 nan^n the priesthood. 

bW to defile, pollute. 


Chapter II. D 

7 133? to stir up, trouble. "Oiy 

Chapter IV. 1 

14 ti?"in a mechanic. 

21 ^12 m. byssus, the finest white 

cotton of the Egyptians. 

22 pnV to remove. D'p'ny durable, 


23 l^** to frame. Dnsvn the potters. 

3?tD3 to plant. D'jyo: plants. 

^W^ to dwell. om'CiO their ha- 

38 \nS break forth. 

40 D^T' n^m wide extent. 





']'^V'!2 a dwelling, also a fountain. 

Chapter V. n 

2?')2'^ a ledge. TiS' a bed. 

Wr\^ to compute. Genealogy. 

"T'^^IS a leader, ruler, prince. 

S2^ . ni2in a gate, going forth, 
a limit. 

Dn!23?tt? who were with them. 

iny to pray, entreat. 

n3T to commit fornication. Prac- 
tised idolatry. 

Chapter VI. *J 

]nS the ark. 


s a>tt>n ^nm 


39 Tito a row. m'^D a palace or 
castle, being a regular structure. 

42 a7p contracted. Tnbpia (a city of) 
refuge so called, because the 
fleer was abridged of his liberty. 

4(5 n''!jnan out of half. 

T)12 a crowd or band of warriors, 
particularly light armed troops. 

Chapter IX. ID 

22 T12 to separate, select, choose. 

n3DS a pillar, door-post, set 
office, or trust. 
27 nnD!3 an opening. 

29 n3D to count, to appoint to an 

office. D'2QQ. 

30 nnpitt anointing. Ointment. 

rrp^ to compound spices. 

31 n'^n a pan. 

33 ntOD to open. D'-TTDD free or at 
nT* to throw, rmo an archer. 
D^vn the archers. 

Chapter X. * 

3 m'' to throw, shoot, cast. Dmon 

TWpl the shooters with the bow. 

4 *1p1 to stab or thrust through. 
"in?3 expeditious, rvyrro quickly, 


9 "^WD, to declare openly ; generally 
to publish extraordinary good 
Vpn to drive one thing against 
another, to fasten. 

12 J^^H to close. HDia a body, 

Chapter XI. S** 

16 !3!53 to stand. 1^23 military station. 

23 "n3D . D3">N "(1:q3 a weaver's beam 
or roller. 

25 VT^W to hear. nyiOWO a muster- 
ing by proclamation. 

Chapter XII. H'' 

2 pW^ to clash, as armour, to shoot. 

8 SI}!J to assemble in a regular 

stated manner. D"'K32 the ga- 
zelles or antelopes. 
15 1^ to assault, vnnj) its banks. 

17 ilTyi to cast, throw. 

18 l2?-2b to put on, clothe. The 

Spirit clothed Amasai. 

23 Y^n to loose, free from incum- 
brance. The drawing out, 
draughting, selecting. 

29 nm many or great, on^ino a 
multitude of them. 

33 Sbl nb Nbn without a heart 
and a heart, i. e., they were not 
of double heart. 

35 "712? to set in array, naiyo an 
army in battle array. 

38 11V to separate, dispose, distri- 
bute, as an army in battle array. 
40 n^p to grind. n'Op meal. 

b^l Arab, to dry. n^bYi cakes of 
dried figs. 

p12'2 to be dry. D'pQS bunches of 
dried grapes or raisins. 

Chapter XIII. :'' 

9 tottti? to let go, stumble. 



N n^Tii^n ^-Qi 

Chapter XIV. T 

1 illp to meet, join. Tp a wall 
Tp ^nm masons. 

13 tt2?D to divest, rush forth, i. e. 

stripping oneself of one's con- 

14 biD to cut off. b^^'Q at the ex- 

MD2 a large shrub which the 
Arabs call Baca. (E. T.) mul- 
berries. Lxx. pear-trees. 

Chapter XV. ^Ifl 

13 B?M"1 priority. rKn7MT3o') at from 

the first or at the first. 
15 n^3 to stretch. niTDD staves or 


18 r\2W to repeat, do a second time. 

'3jan of the second degree. 

19 b!S to shade. D'n^O cymbals. 
3?!DQ? to hear. Hiph. r'OttJn^ to 

make a loud sound. 

22 MU73 to lift up, as the voice. N0 
elevation, an elevated cry 
(Chald.), an acclamation. 

27 h^lD to clothe, invest. n^ni3 
vests, tunics. 

nbv to ascend. 'r^Ki a garment, 
a robe. 
29 lp*1 to leap. 

Chapter XVI. Tlfi 

3 "IDtt? seemly. "Sjidn a handsome 

tZ7S fire. mriDM an earthen jar or 

4 mn to brighten, min hilarity, 

27 "lin to adorn. rmn beauty, 

30 bbn to make a hole. ?in or 
j'n (E. T.) to tremble, to fear. 

IDX3 to slide or slip, move. ^a 
:D1on shall not be moved. 

32 CS?") violent commotion. Vio- 
lently agitated. 

35 niiW to soothe, mnttjn to soothe, 
gratify, or please oneself. 

39 nD3 to be high, elevated. 

nn^ to give, inn give the. 

Chapter XVII. T 

7 niS to dwell, m: a sheep-cote, a 
fold for sheep. 

9 nn3 to descend, vnnn in his 
own place. 

m to move, disturb. 

nbn to wear, waste, weary, con- 

16 Dbn IV hitherto. 

17 in to go round. -nn a turn, 

order, rank. 

25 n^^ to remove. Discover, reveal, 
rather uncovered (the ear). 

27 bW to will, resolve, determine. 
Hiphil, the same. 

Chapter XVIII. n> 

2 riD to rest. Tmii:^ a gift, oblation, 
or present to God or man. 

4 IpV Arab, to cut. To render 
useless (chariots). 

"inVI but, or but yet (Niph.) he 
left remaining. 


7 lD7ti7 to be. over. D'!D^tD shields. 
13 3!i3 to stand. ajJ3 a military 
station or garrison. 

Chapter XIX. ta"* 

4 rny to shave. 

172 to measure, no a long robe, a 

garment commensurate with the 


37tt?5 to pass. TOWDon the buttocks. 

12 pTn to constringe, brace. To be 


Chapter XX. D 

1 y)W to turn. niTOn return. 
Din to break through, destroy. 

3 nW2 to lacerate, cut, or tear. "ittJ\ 

maoa with the saw. 'jjnnm 
and with double or several saws, 
thrashing instruments, 
mil to excite. m:Q a saw. 
mnJDa several saws. 

4 SSn to reduce to a former state. 

The mouldering dead. Here, 
the giant. 
6 3722 to form longish lines. raSM 
a finger or toe. 

Chapter XXI. SD 

1 '172V to continue or be supported 
in the same condition, 
no to stir up, incite, excite. 

1 1 bSp to receive, accept, take. 

12 nCD to scrape, sweep. nDD2 cor- 

rasus, that is swept up together. 
2W2 to overtake, mcn^. 
15 nSI to give way, relax, slacken. 

s D^DN-T '-im 


2S yi72 to impel. :n"iD a thrashing- 
sledge or dray. D'n'niDn thrash- 
ing instruments (E. T.). 

27 *T3 to move, remove, nan: the 
sheath or scabbard. 

30 nVD, to disturb, affright, rwn:. 

Chapter XXII. 2D 

2 D33 to gather, collect. 

t3 to take off or away, mj stone 
that has been chipped, hewn, or 

3 1)30 to be rough. onODD nails, 
inn to conjoin, mnirra joining. 

5 iV7V to ascend. rrbSD^ height. 
13 ]ttM strong, vigorous, 
pTn brace up. 

Chapter XXIII. 33 

13 C^tt^lp I2?lp what is very holy. 

The holy things. 
29 pn to evacuate. p''p'\ a very thin 

cake, a wafer. 
ni2D to squeeze. n^O a cake of 

unleavened bread, destitute of 

yon fermenting matter. 

n^n to be flat, mno a flat plate 
of metal. D'nanD flat plates of 

Jil to bake or fry. . nDino'? what 
is baked on a pan. 

^tt to measure in length and 
breadth, mo measure, size. 

Chapter XXIV. 12 

1 pbn smoothness. To divide in an 
even manner, nip^no portions. 


5 nbW D37 nbs one sort with 

*"\p D">"inb to lift up the horn. 

Chapter XXV. HiS 

8 IT^W . mowo a charge. 
"11537 . td"?!! one taught, a dis- 
ciple, scholar. 

Chapter XXVI. 13 

10 inD'^tt?"' cause to set up. But the 
termination of a proper name is 
"irr, as "jrrDoD. 

15 I^DM to gather. D*DD gatherings 
or ingathering of fruits. 

18 ^iy to mix. yysn) the evening 
or western part of the heavens or 
^D to raise. nbOD a raised way 

or highway. 
nSHD Parhar. From "nD to divide, 
and 11 Chald. without. The 
outer part or division. A 
Chaldee word. 

27 nttnba engagement, battle, 

29 nsb to employ, nr^vha employ- 
ment, work. 
n!5n to part. n212^n outward, 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

25 "IDD to cover. TDD a village, a 
place of covering or shelter. 

27 UID to prune. DnDTDlw increase 
of the vineyards. 

28 D^ttptZ? sycamore or sycamine- 
trees and fruit. The Greek 
name "SuxafAo^os. crvxos a fig- 
tree, and fAo^as a mulberry-tree. 
It partakes of the nature of the 
fig and mulberry-trees of the 
mulberry in its leaves, of the fig 
in its fruit. 

Chapter XXVIII. HD 

1 pbn smooth. To divide in an 

even manner. npbnD a regular 
division of persons, a company. 

DID to serve. D^onon attendants 
not necessarily eunuchs. 

2 Din a footstool, rather n the, m 


11 n32. n^inn pattern. 

CS7 to compress. D^IN arch or 
vault, portico. 

1T32 a treasury (for the most 
precious things), wa to treasure 
up, and 11 pure. 

71 /V ascend. Tfis a higher room 
or apartment. 

Tin to surround, mn an en- 
closed place, a room, a chamber. 

nil capacity, nn pi. DTia a house, 
the inside of a place (or re- 

*10D to cover. mD3n the lid or 
covering of the ark, the pro- 

12 1*jn to surround. nViSTf a court. 

14 mi:}^ niinS? all manner of 


15 n"Tl3D n*Tl3tt for every candle- 



s n>72>>n >-)m 


17 r\Wp to be stiff, mirp broad, 

sTiallow vessels of beaten metal, 
libation vessels. 
"IDD . mD3 some kind of vessel 
with a cover, a covered basin. 

18 pT to strain off. pp^y:i well-fused, 


3Dn to ride. mD-ran the vehicle, 
the cherubim themselves with 
their wings spread out are here 
called the vehicle (of Jehovah). 
(For the spreading out the wings 
or with wings spread out). 

'^^O to cover. "|31D a covering, 

19 bwC? to be wise. b'3n he caused 

me to understand. 
2 1 m3 free, liberal. T12 free, spon- 
taneous, liberal. 

Chapter XXIX. lOD 

1 n3 to clear, cleanse, m'l a palace 
or sumptuous building. 

2 *7Q to dissolve. "IID ':2 stones of 
stibium or black lead. A kind 
of black marble. 
Dpi variety of colour. HQpl 
brocade, embroidery. 

W^ to be brisk, ttj^ttj 31M stones 
of white marble. Parian marble, 
which is of a bright white colour. 

4 "ID to break. TDIM Ophir (of the 
gold of), 
n^ to overlay. 

mp to meet. Tp a wall, the flat 
wall, pi. nrvp. 
7 p"nS a daric, about 255. 

n^T . 12*1 multitude, a myriad, 
ten thousand. 
14 ~)!$37 to restrain, retain, possess. 

TO strength, ability. 
16 riDn multitude. pDH abundance. 
21 tt7nD to subdue. A lamb. 

24 nnn 1> lana gave the hand 
under, i. e., swore as Abraham's 


Chapter I. M 

1 nb^? to ascend. nb^Db to a high 
or raised pitch, i. e., exceedingly. 

4 bSS to be desolate. bin but, 
indeed, yet, indeed. 

6 iy^ to appoint. Niph. to be con- 

vened. nyio a meeting, "jhn 
nriD the tabernacle of meet- 

1 CD to reckon, 

D*D33 Chald. riches. 



n c'^D'^n >im 

IJ ^212? to humble oneself. n^W a 
low, plain country. 

16 nip to stretch. mpQ (Chald. 

N"(pr)) thread, yarn spun out in 
nriD to move to and fro. A 
trader, a merchant. 

17 2D1 to ride, insidere, vehi. ni31D 

a chariot. 

Chapter II. H 

4 bDvD to hold, contain or compre- 
hend entirely. 

6 bS2"lD From mD or D"i3 to cut 

off, and w'jQ to fell. '7n2-i3 a 
purple fish, therefore, purple, 
r\r\^ to open, engrave. 'mnD en- 
gravings, graven or carved work. 

7 D'^?2l!l7S thya or thyine wood. 

From ba not, and D3 to fill, be- 
cause it imbibes not water, being 
of so close a texture. 

9 HDD to smite, strike. niDO beaten, 
thrashed (wheat). 

13 2?n to superadd, contrive, em- j 
broider, insert figures in stuff. 
mcrra embroidery. 
16 "^"'^ necessity, want, occasion. 
"^DDT . From DEH to tread, and 
-p to confine, fasten. Timbers 
fastened together, as a floor to 
tread upon, rafts. 
1D^ Joppa. 

Chapter III. 3 

3 1D^ to found. Hiph. to lay for a 
foundation. TDin laid as a 
foundation for building. 

4 TfD!^ to overspread, overlay. HDSM 

the shell or covering. 

5 tl^n to cover, overlay, veil. 

1W to regulate. ni\onw chains. 

7 flip to meet, rmp pi. r\^^p a 
beam, a rafter. 

9 IT^D to be rough. Dnoon and 
fern. m"\ODn nails, sharp-pointed 
spikes of iron. 

10 n372 to spread, stretch out. nirrQ 

D>ysy2 overlaid work. 

11 3?D3 to touch, reach unto. naQ 

13 Di capacity. TVlb in, within, in 

the midst. 

14 "yiD to break, rend. n31D the 

inner veil of the temple. 

15 "T^3? to stand. nD and 11D3> a 

pillar or column. 

16 "im to drive, "vzi the oracle or 

speaking place. 

Chapter IV. T 

2 p!J'' to pour out, found, cast as 

metals. psiD molten, a molten 

2D to turn about, go round. a^lD 
a circumference, a round. 

nip to stretch, ^p a line. 

3 ntt"T equable, mm a similitude, 

a likeness. 

P)pD to go round, surround, en- 
compass. DO^Q' 
5 nSID to spread out. A palm, i. e., 
the transverse measure of a 
man's four fingers. 

rnD to break forth. A flower- 
bud, gem, or germ. 


n n^):s"^n ^nnn 


5 WW to be brisk. n2liD a lily, 

from its six leaves, or rather 
from its vivid cheerful whiteness. 

pTn to constringe, confine, con- 
tain, p^irra confining or con- 
taining 3,000 baths; it held them, 
i. e., without suffering any to 
run over, though it usually held 
but 2,000. 

6 ^'D round. IVS and TD a round- 

shaped vessel, a laver. 

7 t22tt> all regulation and disposal, 

9 ItV to help, aid, assist. m^J? a 
settle or inbenching in the altar 
of burnt-offerings. An easement 
(Jeremy). mw called ease- 
ments from the ease they af- 
forded the priests. 

10 nbl to draw out. rhl f. pi. D'n^T 

and mn'jT a door, a leaf of a 
f\rO to bind together. A shoulder, 
a side or part resembling a 

11 ID to turn aside. TD pi. mTD 

pots, kettles. 
713?'* to sweep away. D'3?> shovels. 

12 72 rotundity, m'ja and nb:i the 

round or hemispherical tops, 
convex without, concave within. 

IDD to enclose, surround. TT^rO 
a chapiter or circular crown. 

"|32? to entangle, nsit) net or 
checker work. 
14 ^D to make ready. m23Dn the bases 
or foundations. 

16 nbt crookedness. m3'?ran the 

flesh hooks. 

17 n^V to be thick. "2^ density, 


18 Ipn to search minutely, explore. 

20 120 to shut. m^D close, massive 


21 HvD totality. m^2Q perfections (of 

gold, i. e., perfect gold). 

22 I^T to cut off. miDlon snuffers, 
nnn to keep fire alive, mnnarr 

the censers. 

Chapter V. H 

1 u7W to make whole, entire, com- 

6 ]N!? to be fruitful. Sheep or 
flocks of sheep. 

9 '7"IN length. ID^N' lengthened 
Tl^^n to part. 7r::i^n the outside 
or outer surface. 

1 2 m^ to be diffused, mto the east, 
mi^^n a trumpet. From nsn a 

tube, and 12 to compress. 
D'n2!?rra blowing with trumpets. 

Chapter VI. *) 

1 7D"15^ thick darkness. ynipos. 

From Pj-TJ? to flow down, and bta 
thick darkness. 

2 b^T to dwell. b2T a habitation, a 


4 S vD to fill, fulfil, accomplish. 

13 I'D round. -\VD a scaffold. 

17 ^XDM steadiness, stability. c:i2H 
faithfully, truly. 

19 ]"1 to vibrate freely, non a shout- 
ing, a crying out. 

22 nbw to curse. in^Nnb nbw an 
oath, to cause him to swear, or 
for his oath. 

F F 2 



n D^D-'n nm 

26 71337 to act upon some person or 

thing, affect, afflict. 

27 n^D to loose, relax, remit the 

punishment, with "j following. 

28 PpW to blast, blight. |iD-ro a 

blast, blight. 

pll^ to throw out somewhat liquid 
or moist, ppn' mildew. 

bon to consume. ^Dn the chafer. 

^33 to touch. y33 the stroke or 

29 USD to mar, to spoil. aiOO sore- 

ness, ulceration of body or mind, 

34 Tl*T to go. -pi straightway, im- 

36 n^lT to lead or carry captive. 
DrraittJ oiat? carry them captive, 
a captive multitude 

Chapter VII. T 

4 fjSI to strow or strew. nOJ?1 a 

1 3 D3n a locust, a grasshopper. 

20 Wn2 to pluck up, extirpate. 

I^W to repeat over and over again. 
rfVW a by- word. 

21 WDW to make waste. Niph. UW 

astounded, amazed. 

Chapter VIII. PT 

4 pD to lay up. ni:DDOn nr cities 
of store, store cities. 

6 \^Wn to connect, join, attached to. 
p^jn the object of attachment, 

Chapter IX. 10 

4 TlpW to irrigate. TflWQ a butler, 
a cupbearer. 

7D to raise. m'?Dn risings, as- 
cents, i. e.) stairs. 

14 in to go round, to go about in 

searching. Dnn merchantmen or 

15 tontt? to drain, toin' proved, re- 

fined ; applied to gold, to drain 
of its dross. 

18 tt?2D to subdue. \D13 a footstool. 

21 Dn dusky. D^ana elephants' 

?]p3 to go round. D^Dip apes. 

*^')n to be in the midst. D'Oin 

24 ptt73 to kiss, clash. Armour. 
26 mS to pluck off. nviM stalls for 

horses, &c. 

29 N!33 to prophesy. riNia: "? in the 

Chapter X. ** 

11 DJ2V to lift up. D'oyn lift, borne. 

31p27 the scorpion. 
15 2D to turn. rraD3 a change. 

Chapter XI. * 

12 l^y^ n^y b^m in every several 


13 D!i"> to set, place steadily and 

firmly, ^2'2'^)n placed themselves 
steadily and firmly. 

14 n3t to cast off. 

23 )t to prepare, prarr provision. 


n D"^D>n nm 


Chapter XII. n*^ 

6 r3D to lay down. 3D3 brought 

down, humbled, abased. 

7 1^3 Kal and Niph. to be poured 

out, Hiph. to fuse, melt. 'jnn. 

10 yi to run. D'2" runners. 

11 ni^n to limit, bound. ND a 

chamber or room bounded by 

Chapter XIII. a** 

3 nOS to confine. Set in array, 


11 "n!^p to fume, offering by fire, 

making a fume. 

12 VI to break. rWTin a loud sound, 

a clangour. nn to make a loud 

1 3 SHM to lie in wait. 3"iMQ an am- 


22 Wll to inquire, iirnn a written 
story or memoir. 

2S iDptZ? quiet. 

Chapter XIV. T* 

4 Dn to be warm. D':nn images 

dedicated to the sun or solar 
10 ^''n. p whether; or p in the 

1'iV to help, aid, assist. 

Chapter XV. ^ID 

3 nsb weary, vbb with not, i. e. 

5 tlJ^H multitude, rraino disturb- 

ance, confusion. DDOn vex 

6 rO to pound. nn3 to beat in 

C^n to disturb exceedingly. 

8 VP^ ^o abominate, yiptt? abomi- 

nable thing. 

D vis the porch. 
14 IDK? seemly, goodly. "^DW a 

trumpet, a goodly instrument. 
16 1^^ to be strong. m'2a a lady, 
mistress, a title of the queens of 

VbD to tremble. ns^CD an idol, 
a shaker, a trembler. An ob- 
scene priapean figure made for 
the heathen, rrwa, or Venus. 

pi to beat small. 

Chapter XVI. TtO 

9 iDlitC run about hither and thither, 

or to and fro. 
vDD to pervert. Niph. to act 
perversely or foolishly. 
10 "JDn to change the condition. 
nDDHQ a sort of stocks, by which 
the limbs were distorted by un- 
easy postures. 

y^'^ to break, oppress greatly. 

12 S7n to wear away, corroded. 
Niph. ulcerated. 
sen to restore. D'ND"> healers, 

14 ^t to prepare. D^nplD Q2^ com- 
pound, aromatic preparations. 

Tlpl to compound aromatics and 
perfumes. nnpiQ a confectioner's 
vessel or pot. 

Chapter XVII. t" 

6 n^a to be high. Lifted up (in a 

good sense), i. e., took courage. 

TI37 moreover. 

12 ^2 to clear. m'3 a palace or 

sumptuous building. nv:Tl 

palaces or castles. 

CHAPtER xviii. n^ 

2 no in Hithp. to stir up, incite, 
excite, with d following. inn'D'V 

23 HT 'N where, from whence. 

24 Tin an enclosed place, "nnn "nn 

a chamber within a chamber. 
26 \^n7 to press, oppress. 
29 tt?Dn to strip or divest oneself of 

one's clothes. 

33 ^WT2 to draw. nttJpi in or with a 

bow, the word for arrow being 

Dn to finish, innb with his full 

strength or in his simplicity. 
pliT to cleave. D'p^irr the joints 

of the armour. 
niW to be strong. yyCT] a coat ol 


Chapter XIX. tD*" 

3 b^M to be desolate. But, indeed. 

10 nnt to shine, instruct clearly. 

Chapter XX. 3 

1 1 blCn retribution, return, requite. 

21 mn to adorn. iDip ny^nb accord- 
ing to the temple service, by 
alternate or responsive singing. 

23 mn total separation. Utterly to 

cut off, 

24 HDl? to overspread. HDlsn a 

watch tower. 
*12lD to faint. A dead, inactive 

25 v!S3 to take away, strip off. 

35 VW^ the scales of unfairness, to 
be unjust, deficient in moral or 
spiritual weight, i. e., in rightr- 
ousness. Hiph. to overcome in 
war, overbalance. 

Chapter XXI. D 

3 1!ID to excel, mnao precious 

8 VW^ to pass, transgress, rebel 

11 riDT to encompass, to commit 

whoredom, p'l. 
19 NvH to wear away. D'Nbnn cor- 
roding ulcerous diseases. 

Chapter XXII. 23 

1 121 to assault, mia a party of in- 
vading soldiers. 

7 D2 to trample upon, noiin a 

treading down, a trampling under 

10 "nm to drive, smite. 

11 nnD to kill entirely, despatch. 

ni^3 to stretch. nriD pi. nVDO a 
litter, a bier. 

Chapter XXIII. 33 

8 1I2D to open, let go, dismiss. 

13 *n!27p to bind. A conspiracy, a con- 


n n^D'^n >-qt 


14 I^W as iiD to order, dispose. 
nm^ ranges or rows of pillars. 

1 7 niJS to shoot out, lay waste. insn\ 
21 laptJ? to be quiet. 

Chapter XXIV. 13 

6 Mtt?3 to bear, present. nMWQ a 

gift, a present. 
1 1 H^y to bare, empty. 
13 *^1N length. HDilM progress, 

getting ground, or advancing. 

HDN^Qb rrDIIN bym and progress, 

i. e., advancing, went on to the 


"|3n to direct. TODno measure, 

24 "13?2J smallness. n^iJn small, 


25 n^n to be sick. D^bno sick- 

nesses, infirmities. 

Chapter XXV. HD 

16 -fiana ihdh V'^''*'^^ art thou 

made of the king's counsel. 

18 nn to catch hold of. mn a 

hooked thorn, the thorn- tree or 

23 l&Cn to lay hold on, take in war. 

24 ^^V t*^ ^^"^y to ^^ surety. '33 

mi'Wn persons given in pledge, 

Chapter XXVI. ID 

9 '^^p to cut off the extremity. 
ri2JpQ the termination or end of 
a wall. 
10 iT^D to cut. Tax a husbandman, 
one who cuts the ground. 

14 5?D3 to stop. ^213 a helmet. 

mtl? to be strong. pnttJ a coat 
of mail. 

3?^p bending, ybp a bow. 

HDll to build. p a stone. 

15 3K7n to add, to contrive, minicrr 

military machines. aiJJin mnjna 
the invention of an ingenious 

M7Q to be extraordinary. Hiph. 
i^bw with b and a verb following, 

16 "HlSp to fume, fumigate. mtOpD a 


19 yil^ (Arab.) smiting down, nns 

the stroke, the plague itself, the 
nn'2 to be white. n^n the 
human forehead. 

20 vnD to hurry. Hiph. cause to 

make haste. 
?]n"T to urge. Niph. to be urged, 

21 W^n to free from incumbrance. 

nTCDrr freedom or retirement 
from business. 

Chapter XXVII. TD 

2 nnC? to corrupt. Hiph. acted 

4 Win a thick wood, a wood. 
Silent thought, attention. 

Chapter XXVIII. tlD 

10 pn to evacuate, pn only, but, yet. 

14 ybn to loose, y^br^rt the men 
draughted out, the armed men 
(E. T.). 



15 "710 to anoint (Gesenius). "JD to 
cover (Parkhurst's Lexicon). 

bn2 to conduct, carry gently. 

7ti7D to stumble, totter, ready to 

18 t2l2?D to strip, pillage, plunder. 

1 9 37'^S to frP6 3^nDn make naked. 
24 15D to shut up, close. 

Chapter XXIX. ^D 

4 nm to be dilated, aim a broad 

place or street. 

5 13 to move, m: what ought to 

be rejected, the abomination. 

6 ?)157 iSn'' they turned their own 


8 yX to move, agitate. 7r6^^ agitation, 
pitt? to be yellow. rrpitt) a 
11 nbtt7 to be quiet. Easy, careless, 

19 n3T to cast off. 

21 "IDS to move quickly. "VB^ a he- 

28 11127 to sing melodiously. ITIIDD 
a singer. 

Chapter XXX. v 

15 obD to sneak. Niph. be ashamed. 
17 tDFltt? to drain. n:Q^nw blood- 

22 'h'DW be wise. o^Vd^o to give 


m*^ to put forward, omno mak- 
ing confession. 

Chapter XXXI. b 

1 \^n3 to break in pieces, destroy. 
3 n3?3 to distribute, assign a lot. 
n:D a part, portion. 

5 ^13 to break out or forth. 

10 D1 to be lifted up. nnnn a 
heave-offering, oblation. 

nXDH multitude. ]M2n abundance. 
16 tt7n^ to reckon up according to 
families or genealogies, ttjn'nn 
the genealogy. 

Chapter XXXII. nb 

1 DS to support. rvQH establishment. 

37pS to cleave, break into. 

21 "rriD to take off or away, remove. 

25 b^S retribution. b^'oy retribu- 
tion, requital. 

28 IS to flow. ni*i grass or herbs, 
from their perishing nature. 
^\^^^vh Dm^b flocks at grass. 

30 1W^ to be straight, keep straight. 

^"ly to mix. miTD the evening 
or western part. 

31 ^bD smooth. '2'bo ambassadors 

who intercede between two 

Chapter XXXIII. ib 

6 Wn'2 to augur, to use auguries, 

to observe attentively some 
natural phenomena, as the flight 
of birds, the bowels of animals, 
?)tt73 to use pharmaceutic enchant- 


n n^^^n '>nm 


6 S?!"' to perceive. ':j?t a wizard, a 

cunning man, a pretended con- 
juror, or diviner. 

7 vDQ to hew. A graven or carved 


b^SD a figure, an idol. mWM the 

13 inV to expand. Expanding (of 

Chapter XXXIV. tb 

4 m^n to be warm. D'2nn images 
dedicated to the sun or solar fire. 
pi to beat. Hiph. beat small. 
7 nriD to beat into small pieces. 

10 pl2l a breach, p^'^lb for (on ac- 

count of, or at) the breach, and 
to repair the house. 

11 ll"lp to contignate, i. e., to frame 

or fit together the beams or 
boards of a house or gate. 

17 pn'2 to pour out. 

21 "^l^n for me. 

Chapter XXXV. nb 

5 n vD to divide. m^bD divisions. 

13 D^^l^T caldrons or pots. 

n v^ to pass on. nin"?:?! in pans, 
or stew-pans. 

yi to run, dash, break. 

22 WDH to strip. 

25 13p to lament, wail, bewail. 
Drrmrpa in their lamenta- 

Chapter XXXVI. lb 

10 ^^W to return. rtlWT) a return. 

16 !31?b to mock, deride, sneer. 

TlVn . ynSMlO behaved very 



The figures at the end of each line denote the pages in the Key. 

a to swell, heave, distend, 52, 61 

n:i to be lost, perish, 76 

niM acquiescence, 4, 6 

mM the noise, the rebuke of the 

sword, 175 
T2 to mount up, 137 
bm to be desolate, mourn, 12, 17, 26 
pM, see nn, 9 
DIN to stuff, cram, 126 
pl to collide, wrestle, 19, 117 
11 strong, 30, 212 
i:i bind together, 54 
WN , see under w, 290 
jaw, ?:, 118 

mw, d:, 60, 137 
p, ]h 67 

F]3, p|3:, 173 
ia to gather, collect, 47 
IM, see under m', 3 
21N, n, 47 
Dl red, reddish, ruddy, 2, 16, 70 
pM , see under p, 69, 158 
IIN magnificent, 16 
anw to love, 16, 20 
nnM ah ! 40 

^M to pitch a tent, 6, 10 
ni, see under 2, 52 
i"i, nr, 188 
ni to desire, covet, choose, 4, 20, 78 
^1 thickness, stupidity, 98, 159 
1 a particular point of time, 22 
n, m, NW to heat, make hot with 

fire, 188 
n^< , see under m, 62 
"n to escape, get away, 304 
bM^ to go away, go off, fail, 48 

pN to weigh, try the weight, 6, 14 
pw, see under pf, 167 
-nw to bind, 46 
^^^^ , see under irr> , I 
rm^ to join, connect, 5 
bnN ah me ! oh that ! 235 
^r^n to catch, seize, 12 
-in behind, after, 15, 19 
TQ to incline, 129 
itna to fasten, drive in strongly, 31 
DTD to shut, close, 126, 214 
"vnn to obstruct, shut, 45 
M to settle, 9, 138, 177 
l-M to be an enemy, 4 
-i\y in what manner, how so, 4 
D' terrible, 11, 169 
^D'N, see under rTO% 4 
n', n>, 304 

b3 to eat, devour, 3, 14 
^M interposition, 10, 11, 81 
rna to curse, denounce, a curse, 1, 
15, 16, 91, 214, 234. (See Park- 

i"? if, supposing, 297 

nba to grow sour and corrupted, 205 

>bN ah me ! 

-fb Chal. these, those 

'?'?, VVm nought, nothing, 4 

D' to compress, 17, 20 

p an oak 

rpii chief, principal, 20, 213 

y'? to urge, teaze, 44 

D to support, sustain, 4, 5, 7, 93 

rra a maid-servant, 14 

boK to languish, be weak, 46 

p steadiness, 11, 26, 54 



VnsN to be strong, 16 

1D to branch out, 1 

tD2^? time past, lately, 18 

TN labour of body and mind, 4, 25, 

N3, see under <2, 31. CParkhurst.) 
n:, from Heb. 2^z, fruit, 307 
rtiN presence of an object, 43 
ma oppression, 59 
1:n a plumb-line, 188 
d: to press, urge, 300 
F]; breathe, be very angry, 78 
p: to moan or groan, 78 
\r3X to be infirm, ill, bad, 6 
n2N Chaldee, thou, Dan. ii. 29, 31 
P]D to gather, withdraw, 7, 18 
ir to confine, restrain, 23, 26 
r and i^rx wood, 315 
nCN to bind close, 70 
nE to heat through, bake, 8, 8 
^lN to hide, 37 
CE to fail, cease to be, 28 
pEN to put a force upon, 27 
y>< to press, hasten, 35 
b'2H to place by itself, 17, 50 
liJN to lay up, 117 
")pi< a kind of wild goat, 107 
1 to flow, 1, 2 
n to lie in wait, 8, 34 
j"\N to weave, 44 
m to pluck off; 29, 99 
nN see, behold, lo, Dan. vii. 2 
n , a cedar, see under mi , 42 
mx to go in a track, 12, 266 
p length, long, 7, 10 
D'W, see under m, 15 
yT low, inferior, 305 
pM the earth, from p , 1 
Np^^< the earth 
cn to betroth, espouse, 54 
^'K fire, the emblem of wrath, 35, 55 
ym a sharp biting humour, 83 
b'CH an oak, 14 
DTCN to be guilty, 16, 26 
]r , see under H'"' , 206 
riiDW a conjurer, 304 
"itJ proceed, go forward, 2, 3, 18 
rrriN to come, approach, 1, 2, 20, 89 
pN strong, 10, 28 
pnn, see under pn2 , 180 
ViN a place, 315 


Or "Words of more than three letters, 

beginning with . 
Td:1, see under !Q2i , 71 

D'nm, no, 93 
mnrii^ ns^n, 61 

]-ilN the father of blessing, 25 

'b!Ci"\2N chargers, basins, 313 

-iU"n nobles, prefects, 306 

NiniN magnificently, 316 

pm a daric, a coin about 255., 316 

D':D"n'cnN viceroys, 301 

D'3"intt?n mules, 302 

U^pbi^ no rising up, also the name of a 

town in Bceotia, 262 
^:mii we, 57 

wncDN studiously, exactly, 315 
"IDN, see under rrND , 17 
p-\ purple, 309 
WIN a lion of God, 59 
nn:"\ the hare, 77 
"mnttJM, see under "iTttJ, 314 
jinriN, bon, 896 

n in, a particle from rra , hollow, xii. 
Nl to come or go, 4, 5, 66 
"\1 to open, 1 1 
tt:l to stink, 20 
11 hollow, 69, 199 
31 meat, food, 177 
n^l a covering, hypocrisy, 15, 33 
11 separate, alone, 28 
il to feign, 128 
^ll divide, separate, 1, 3, 93 
pii a breach, a fissure, 132 
ni Chaldee, scatter, disperse, 308 
ni hollow, 1, 7 

loni red marble, porphyry, 300 
nni mute, dumb, 2 
|ni the thumb or great toe, 37 
pm in Chaldee and Syriac, to shine, 79 
"ini Arabic, to shine very n)uch, 79 
n to spoil, plunder, strip, 22 
Ntl to spoil, strip, 141 
mi despise, condemn, slight, 16 
pn disperse, break to pieces, 170 
in disperse, dissipate, 216 
^ni to nauseate, retch, 200, 255 
pi to try, prove, examine, 26, IGO 
ini to look at, or behold with ad- 
miration or approbation, 7, 10 



NIDI to speak rashly, 76, 100 

n"!Dn to hang close, cling, 41, 93 

b!Q3 to cease, leave off, 298 

p2 the belly, 16, 27 

'3 attend to me, 27, 94 

p , see under p , 1 

n>3, m, 7 

3l a large shrub, 54, 225 

n3l to ooze, weep, 14 

"133 to be forward, precede, 5, 13, 88, 

b2 to mix, mingle, 7, 10 
N*?! to wear out, consume 
ybl to smile, and occurs only five 

times, 161, 268 
Tfri to wear or waste away, 4 
D^3 to confine, restrain, 208 
Dbl to scrape, scratch, 188 
vbi to swallow down, 24 
pbn to ravage, lay waste, 143 
HQl to be high, elevated, 48 
TD2 , see io under no (Parkhurst) 
p to divide, separate, 1 
Ti:i to build, 3, 4, 9, 67 
tDD3 a band, binding, 71 
D2a to rage with anger 
Dl to trample upon, 139 
nDl to reject, cast off, 141 
15?3 after, behind, 186 
m?2 to swell up or out, 142 
icyi to kick up, 47, 122 
bV2 to have or take possession, 11, 13 
-3 to clear off, 43, 66 
n^i to disturb, affright, 50, 57 
y3 softness, smoothness, 156 
:?3, under p I. 
b'Sl an onion, from its several coats or 

integuments, 93 
3^22 to break or cut off, 21, 64, 137 
P2J2 made soft by moistening, 56 
^'21 restrain, shut up, 9, 35 
p3 to empty, empty out, 141 
3?p3 to separate contiguous or ad- 
joining parts, to cleave, 8, 9, 15, 

npa to look accurately upon, search, 

examine, 1, 38 
Xppi to seek, require, endeavour to 

obtain, 20 
"O to clear, cleanse, 7, 202 
TD to cleanse, purify, or purge 

thoroughly, 153 

-a the production either of sub- 
stance or form ; the creation or 
accretion of substance or matter, 
1, 24, 47 
"02 congelation, 18 
mi to feed, eat, or take food, 55 
mi to pass from place to place, to 

flee, 12 
*p2 to couch, lie down, 2, 9, 10, 233 
12 twisting closely together, 178 
p12 to lighten, send forth lightning 

41, 70 
0112 the fir or cedar tree 
D''n"n2 trees of the cypress kind 
\U2 to flag, fail, 40, 115 
'^2 to flag very much, loiter, delay, 4 
btt;2 to concoct, coquere, 24, 56 
Dpi sweet, agreeable, 67 
D'C2 to tread, trample, 188 
i2 to spread out or abroad, 4, 7 
n2 capacity, room, place, 7, 68 
bn2 to separate, sever, 15, 44, 113 
pn2 to cut in pieces, 174 
-in2 to divide asunder 


n'?i2 pearl 

n3?b2 without, besides, except 

b3>^'72 unprofitableness 

'?n2 iron, 6 

DWl , see under m "| 

Miwi , 125 > Parkhurst 

'iWl , tJ j 

nw to increase, rise, swell, 34, 98 

205, 209 
N''3 , or 3 , a valley, or more properly 

a rising ground, 125 
*5N3 to vindicate, recover, 29, 85 
23 gibbosity, protuberance, 83, 239 
K2: a pit, ditch, or pool, 147 
n2J to be high, tall, lofty, 8 
nil bald before, forehead bald, 79 
'?2a to setup a boundary, 9, 15 
pa , see under 2a , 83 
Vl^ conicalness of form, 27, 166 
123 to be strong, to prevail, 7, 8 
023 in Arabic, to shave off, 173 
33 in Arabic, to expand, 32 
13 to assault, rush upon, 17, 64, 167 
biy any kind of greatness, 2, 9 
S?ia to break, cut, or cast down, or 

off, 46 

G G 2 



rpy to reproach, revile, blaspheme, 

defy, 133, 203 
lli to make a fence, fence in, 52 
xm: to heap, heap up, 43, 265 
m to repair, restore to its former 

state, 183 
irra to stoop, bend downwards, 129 
n^y to form into a mass, or body, 9, 29 
S"i; to labour, or pant for breath, to 

expire, 7, 226, 269 
U to take off, or away, 40 
bu to take away by violence, 14 
CW in Syriac, to cut short or off, 186 
ru to cut, cutoff, 130 
-IW to divide, cut off, 12 
m to break, burst forth, 45 
bna to glow, shine, 56 
ipy to bow down, 4 
'a and N'J, see under rwj, 125 
tyy, w:, IV. (Park- 

hurst, 318) 
bi reciprocation, or circularity of 
motion, any rotundity of motion 
or form, 64 
)hi to roll over and over, 10, 17 
vby Chaldee, from Hebrew r6a, to dis- 
cover, reveal 
ab: a barber, or shaver, 171 
iby Chaldee, to congeal, condense, 

crust over, 272 
nhy to remove or be removed, 9 
n^j to shave, 55 
uby to wrap, or roll up together, 130, 

vii to deride, scorn, taunt, 253 
"Cba to shine, glister, glisten, 290 
Da full, copious, abundant, 87, 155 
d: a pond, a pool, 60, 137 
nd: to sup up, swallow, 15, 59 
I'd! to be contracted, 177 
rraa to appear, 195 
^a retribution or return, 11 
yoa Chaldee, to dig, dig up, a pit, 298 
IQa finishing, making an end of, 204 
p to protect, defend, 3, 11 
]:a to protect entirely, or completely, 

aaa to steal or be stolen, 18 
"laa to treasure or lay up, 178 
ya , see under yia and nra 
nya to low, or bellow, as a bull or 
cow, 48 

^ya to cast away, 53, 173 

"lya to restrain, repress, 20 

t;ya to shake, 58 

r^a , see under F|a3, 65 

pa, P]aa, 23 

-Da some kind of wood, of which 
Noah's ark was built, as the 
cedar, cypress, fir, &c., 7, 13 

na to sojourn, 10, 12, 169 

ana a scab, scurvy, 83 

Tia to scrape oneself, 263 

ma to excite, move, stir up, 31, 55 

ina to cut off, 110 

na stony, "ma a lot, 254 

Dia to bare, make bare, 30 

pa , see under ma 

cna to break or wear to pieces, 236 

ma to subtract, withhold, 60 

rj-ia to wrap, or roll together, down, 
or away, 39 

nna to sojourn continually, 1 K. xvii. 20 

iria to expel, drive out, &c., 5, 6 

wa to touch, feel, see ti?aa , 267 

Dira to lie or lean hard upon, 8 

WOa to feel for over and over again,l56 

na cutting, beating, pounding, 40 


^yia boiled, i.e., podded or in pod, 61 
"laia Chaldee> a treasurer, 306 
"il'ja Chaldee, a treasurer, 313 
Tinba a rock, weight, affliction, 263 
*|12a a treasury, 323 
nana, see under ma, 244 

NT Chaldee answering to Hebrew m, 

this, 133 
li to faint or fail, 119 
axT to be troubled, in agitation, 36 
ni to fly, 78 
;ni, see p 
INI , see yi 

n to murmur, grumble, 20 
n strength, 125 
nm Chaldee, from the Hebrew n^T, 

to sacrifice, 315 
fn Chaldee, to place or lay in rows, 

bll Arabic, to dry up, wither, 52 
pn to adhere, cleave, 4, 13, 53 
"lai (Cocceius) to drive, lead, bring, 

agere, ducere, 43, 49, 61, 97, 




^\D2l to conglutinate, honey, 32 
yi to multiply, or increase exceed- 
ingly, 2 
byi to enlighten, dazzle, glister, a 

moveable beacon, 89 
1JT to sit on eggs, or young ones, 149 
11 some vessel of a roundish form, 

60, 224 
nn that which is of a round pro- 
tuberant form, 165 
am Chaldee, as 2m gold 
Dm Arabic, overwhelmed, stupified, 

"xm to prance, spring, or bound, 39, 194 
rm to languish, be faint, 79 
TXm to drive, thrust forth or down, 56, 

^m Chaldee, as ^m , to fear 
]m , see nm 

^m to urge, impel, hasten, 241 
pm to thrust, press upon, distress, 38 
n enough, sufficiency, plenty, 40 
nn blackness, or darkness of colour, 

107, 166 
"IT Ciialdee, this, that 
NDl to break, break down, crush, 167 
mi to beat, bray, or break, 93 
F]31, nc'DIi the upupa or hoop, 78 
13T Chaldee, from 121 to remember 
y'Tl to leap, bound, 149 
rtbi to draw, draw out, 13 
n"?! to trouble or disturb, 179 
F]"?! to drop, distil, 254 
pbi to press upon, 19 
rbi , see under 'nbl 
riQi equable, even, level, uniform, 2, 

5, 34, 185 
pi to pollute, defile, 132 
roi to ooze out, 66 
p to direct, rule, judge, 7, 11 
3:i soft, yielding, melting, 190 
nn Chaldee, this, a pronoun 
pi to go, or burn out, as fire, 152 
^1, see r]i3 

pDi to knock, knock against, strike, 19 
yi to leap, spring, bound, exult, 286 
pi to beat or be beaten, small, 24, 64 
ipi to stab, to pierce, 42 
n or 111 to encompass, go round, 5, 

7, 9, 143 
n , in Arabic, to repel, 158 
ail to be sharp, acute, 49 

ail in Syriac, to proceed gradually, 180 
"jll to go, come, or put forwards, to 
proceed or stretch out or forth, 5, 
39, 92 
Dll, Dill, the south, 125 
Vll Chaldee, from yn , the arm, 305 
\tni to inquire or require, 9, 16, 106 
ttJl to thrash, beat, or shatter to 

pieces, 41 
ttJl to spring, sprout forth, germi- 
nate, 2 
]Xi:i to fill or plump up, 42 
m to appoint, set, place, 124 
ni Chaldee, from tdi , grass, 308 


pil, see ail, a sickle 
pDll a drakmon or daric, 314 
lam Chaldee, from m , a statute, and 
la , to declare, make plain, 306 

n a particle, prefixed to a noun is 
emphatical, the, or, this, pre- 
fixed to a participle, who, which, 
postfixed to words of time, or 
place, to, towards 

n behold, lo, see, hah ! 29 

TfiiTi aha. Job xxxix. 25, Ezek. xxv. 3 

an dusky, dark-coloured, black, 45 

b2Ti to emit a vapour, exhale, evapo- 
rate, 158 

]an, see an, ebony, 178 

lan to cut, cut ofl; 153 

mn to bring, carry forth or away, 57, 

i;n, see la:, 4 

pn directly, straightforward, elegant, 

7MT( to send, thrust, or dart forth, 138, 

Din a footstool, or rest for the feet,292 

Din the myrtle- tree, 151 

P]in to thrust, push, 102 

lin to adorn, decorate, deck, 66 

nn ah, 178 

in oh, fl, heu 

"in permanent existence or sub- 
sistence, 4 

nn, see nin, the darting forth of 
light, 196 

mn to fall, subsist, settle (Schultens), 
172, 265 

'in ah! ho! huil 199 
G G 3 



mn sleepy, drowsy, 155 

'rr bey ! ho ! hei ! 

K>n as Nin to subsist, be. She, it 

rrrr to be, exist, subsist, 1, 22 

yr\ how? 

^n Chaldee, as "jbrt, to go, come 

bDH large, roomy, spacious, 1 K. vi. 5 

"i3n to know again, recollect, 17, 54 

bn to move quickly, exult, shine, 106, 165 

bbn to move violently, or tumultu- 

ously, 6, 10, 204 
hr\ to remove or cast to a distance, 83 
nbn , see bn 

-pn local motion, 3, 7, 266 
Dbn to beat, smite, strike upon, 12, 70 
ncrr multitude, tumult, turbulency, 1, 

8, 12 
can to put into a great tumult, dis- 
turb, or discomfort exceedingly, 34 
borr, see "jn 
pn, see non 

non a breach or disruption, 241 
nn to be ready, or present, 3, 7 
cn to be silent, hist I hush ! 38 
TEn to turn or change the condition, 

form, state, situation, or course 

of a thing, 5, 13 
->2n, see -D 

]jjn a warlike chariot, 176 
a^n to kill, 5, 6 
mr to protuberate, swell, be tumid, 

elevated, to rise in height, 4, 5, 

8, 105 
D"in to cut into little pieces 
tra to break through, break in, 40 
nnn to hasten, bring with haste, 142 
Vnn to mock, banter, trifle, 18 


nnn Chaldee, from TH, glory, and 
"cn , to speak or lead, 308 

'n'rr, see nnx, he caused to come 

N137n according to Dr. Kenuicott, 
Josh. X. 24, iD'^rm they went 

w^irsn, see -}:d 

biVin the mountain or mount of God, 
from m and bi* , 181 

^ a connective particle, and, also, 

with, or, but, &c. &c. 
?T to connect, join, or link together, 69 
'\y) to be laden, carry a burden, 

wicked (Schultens), 256 

'\b^ , as i"?' , a child 

3l impetuosity, to move forward with 
quickness, 31 

S-NT Chaldee, see ^^, 309 

nt, see m, 4 

m to gush, spring or issue out, 32 

nat to endow, 18 

mi to slay, 8, 28 

by) to dwell, 18 

pi Chaldee, to buy, redeem, 304 

ai to join, connect, 91 

11 to swell, be tumid, 16 

m this, this here, eminence, dis- 
tinction, like ouros and hie. 

am clear, bright, resplendent, 3, 15 

Dm Chaldee, to pollute, defile, 281 

nm to shine, be clear, 64 

mi to incline towards a certain point, 
152, 242 

11 to move, move to and fro, 44 

m to impel, remove from its place, 71 

bm to skulk, hide oneself through fear 
or shame, 123 

n to be bright, splendid, 8 

TO! to be clear, clean, pellucid, 69, 84 

IDl strength, vigour, &c., as -|31 p a 
stout, masculine son, Jcr. xx. 15, 

^1 loose, lax, profuse from laxity, 55 

bbll profuse, prodigal, 141 

ybt curvature, crookedness of form, 47 

nVt , see bl , 55 

Dl to devise, imagine, think, 10 

Di to devise or consider thoroughly, 

pi to appoint, constitute, 302 

noi to cut off, to prune, to sing har- 
moniously, 27, 203 

]1 to prepare, provide, 28 

a:i the extremity or hindmost part of 
a thing, 35 

mi to encompass, enclose, 20, 22, 73 

nai to cast off, remove to a distance, 

p31 to spring or leap forth, 125 

yi to move, agitate, 5, 181 

nyi to be abridged, cut short, 272 

D^l to froth or foam at the mouth, 99 

riyi to be troubled, agitated (Schultens), 

pri to cry out, cry aloud, 12 , 



*iri to be small, little, 138 

riDT to overlay, pitch, 59 

pi to strain off, 152 

\p^ to be old, grown old, 12 

F]pT to set upright, erect, 243 

TJ to compress, squeeze, 41, 165 

N"\T nauseous, loathsome, 93 

m to burn, scorch, 266 

rm to scatter, disperse, 266 

mi to be diffused, 19, 22 

D"n to pour forth or over, 135, 176 

V^^^ to spread abroad, 2 

pit to sprinkle, 61 

m"J, see mi, 150 


ncy"?! , from ^bf , to be corrupt, as a 
wound, and tv$ to vibrate, 205 

^I'PI, from rm, to scatter, and nci 
to overflow, 218 

an to be bound, obliged to payment, 

or punishment, 124, 175 
Nin to hide, conceal, 4, 18 
n^rr to hide, hide oneself, 32 
tDin to thrash or beat, 31 
bin to bind, tie, connect, 32 
^2r\ to fold together, 17 
nan to conjoin, join, or fit together, 

6, 11, 162 
^'an to bind round, or about, 14 
nan flat, plain or flatted, 75, 171 
jn circularity of motion or form, 46 
J2n to dance round and round in 

circles, 53 
3n to turn round this way and that 

for terror, 142 
ajn the cucullated species of locust, 

78, 151 
"?an to go round in a circle, 24 
*i;n to gird, gird round, 4, 38 
in to penetrate, be sharp, 43 
mn to brighten, exhilarate, 64, 260 
bin "a negation of an act whether 
begun or not; it also denies ex- 
istence : not to act, not to speak, 
not to be " (Cocceius), 10, 12, 108 
pm sharp, acute, 192 
yrn to surround, encompass, fence 

round, 27, 38 
Wi to renew, restore, 8, 97 
mn to declare, discover, show, 5, 35, 

in to cut in, indent, 200 

mn to fasten, settle, 1 1 

pin to bind hard or tight, 13 

nin Chaldee, to encompass, surround, 

nn to catch or hold with a hook, 49, 

ton to compact, fasten together, 11 
Wion to deviate from, or miss a scope 

or aim, 5, 14, 76, 212 
atan to hew, carve, 34 
men delicate, delicious, 40 
DTQn to refrain, restrain, 153 
tmn to seize suddenly, catch, 46, 205 
-iTOn to move this way and that, 138, 

mn to be strong, vigorous, 2, 5, 6, 

7, 220 
jn to scratch, rub, scrape, 195, 197 
nan to wait, tarry, 131 
bb^n red, sparkling, cheerful, 30 
an wise, skilful, prudent, 24, 40 
jn to make a hole, or opening, 7, 18, 

13, 182 
b'jn to open eminently, to pierce much, 

'7n to wear, wear away, 120 
a'^'n soft, unctuous, 5, 12 
ibn to creep insensibly, or by degrees, 

nbn to be or made faint, or languid, 

29, 182, 236 
Tabn to catch at or up, 129 
C7n to break, break off' or away, 13, 

nbn passing, so change, renewal, 18, 

19, 28, 268 
'^bn to loose, set loose, 32 
p'^n smooth, even, equable, 11, 17, 54 
TUbn to throw, or cast down, 64 
cn to be or grow warm or hot, 7, 8, 14 
ran to disturb, agitate, 12 
ion to desire earnestly, 3, 17, 266 
non a wall, 21, 47 
TDon a kind of lizard, 78 
bon soft, tender, 13 
Dran to cast or pluck off', 7, 12 
*^*)an to ferment, 62 
pran to withdraw, retire, 165 
"iran to disturb, trouble, 9, II, 241 
on to array, set in array, 2, 25 
p kindness, affection, 7, 16, 26 



pn to be very kind, 166 

nzrf to fix, settle, 31 

!Q2n to embalm, 31 

"J3n to initiate, 6, 11 

f]:n to pollute, defile, 102, 267 

p:n to strangle, suffocate, 57, 267 

on to spare, pity, 28 

non succulent abundance, swelling 

out, and readily overflowing 

(Schultens), 14, 150 
TOn to shelter oneself, take shelter, 

ten to consume, eat up, 118, 128 
Don to shut, shut up, 115, 210 
"pn to be strong, stout, firm, 134 
norr to abate, diminish, be wanting, 8 
En to cover, conceal, 133 
nsn to cover, veil, overlay, 30, 39, 

102, 206 
?Dn to haste, hurry, 51 
yon to bend, incline to, 95 
ion to sink, penetrate, 14, 16, 134 
TCDTT to free from encumbrance, 19, 28 
2!?n to cut out, hew, 104 
nsn to part, divide asunder, 7, 23 
pn Arabic, to defend, cherish, 176 
F]!?n Chaldee, strong, urgent 
ySTf to divide into a great number of 

shares or portions, 20, 262 
nsn to surround, confine, 16, 35 
pn to describe, trace out, 29 
rrpn to imprint, engrave, 12 
ypn to search minutely and exactly, 

to explore, 44, 55-, 211 
"in to be of a white or pale colour, 

23, 101 
nn Chaldee, to burn, be hot, 132 
2"in to waste, diminish, destroy, con- 
sume, 5, 8, 264 
jnn to shake, shudder, or quake with 

fear, 206 
Tin to move with quickness, 17, 26 
Tvm to heat, burn, or be burned, 5 
nn Syriac, to put in order, dispose 

regularly, 287 
nin Arabic, slenderness of shape, 131 
*]"in to enclose or catch in a net or 

toil, 251 
b-m a briar, bramble, 197 
C-\n a total separation of a thing or 

person, from their former state or 

condition, 32 

Din the solar orb, 41, 118, 164, 268 
^"tn to strip, make naked, 8, 18 
pn to shorten, cut short, 35, 61 
pin to grate, grind, gnash, 209 
in silent thought, or attention, 6, 

15, 48 
nin to engrave, as tDin, Exod. xxxii. 

n to hasten, make haste, 45 
IMjn to add, superadd, 7, 11 
nt?n forbearance of speaking or 

action, 55, 155 
nttjn Chaldee, to have need, or occa- 
sion for, 307 
[Wn to impede action, or motion, to 

restrain, stop, 1, 18 
^c;n to wear out, spend, 116 
^n Arabic, rough, rugged, 67 
F]\Dn to strip, make bare, 18 
p\Dn to connect, join, 20 
"wn to collect, gather together, 58 
nn to be broken, 9, 46 
nnn to keep fire alive, 68, 266 
"jnn to be decided, determined, 312 
bnn to swathe, swaddle, 173 
Dnn to cloise, close up, 22 
pn to contract affinity by marriage, 13 
Finn to take away by violence, 257, 

nnn to dig, dig downwards, 66, 190 


nbssn a rose-bud, 288 

3'7n afflicted, dejected. n'?n faint, 

and nN2 to beat down, 205 
n3'?n greatly afflicted, nbn faint, and 

nDn to smite, 205 
HD'obn a hard stone or rock. D'jn to 

break, and TWO to recede, 105 
^n:n a kind of freezing, n^n to fix, 

and vapour, a rime. ^D to cut 

off; 223 
DCDn as if pounded by a pestle, ppn 

to beat, and DD a piece, 64 
by\n a kind of locust, from :in to 

shake, and br\ the foot, 78 
DTQin a kind of diviners, from r:"in a 

pen, and Dn to perfect, 24 
ttJDin a sickle, from Din to separate, 

and nu:a remove, 109 
niJin a knot, from pn a lump, and 

nau to swell, 219 
Va^rn a mixed metal of gold and 



copper, from "an: , copper, and 
bbi2 gold, 170 

WtSSID to sweep repeatedly, 189 

3NID Chaldee, for mT2 well pleased, 

cheerful, glad, 310 
2TQ good, goodly, pleasant, 1 
rT20 to butcher, slay, 21 
bl!3 to dip, immerge, plunge, 21 
nn to sink, 25 
12TD height or rising, 42 
na'yD. na:? to swell 

irro to be pure, clean, clear, 7, 20, 36 
nv^ to spin, 74 
rra to overlay, 80, 212 
nrrD to impel, drive forward, 14 
|rra to reduce to powder, 44 
irra Arabic, to fetch one's breath deep, 

48, 59 
TDTD Chaldee, to spot, 58 
fpin to fix, fasten, 62 
bTi to cast or send forth, 17 
bblD Chaldee, for Hebrew b"?!? to cover, 

to shelter, 317 
nVd to spot with large spots, 18, 34 
n^LS , as ^!0 , to spot, 48 
Mnn to pollute, defile, 20 
notD to be vile or contemptible, 273 
p!2 to hide, cover up, 20 
N2TD a wicker or twig basket, 116 
F]2:q to defile, 289 

ny:D to err, deviate from a way, 173 
DJ?T2 to taste, distinguish, 17, 51 
IVm to pierce, stab, 28 
tp Arabic, nimble, active, 27 
nCTQ to spread out, extend, 68, 188 
bcri to fasten, 173 
"ID'J , from Hebrew "iD!? a nail, 308 
KSf^TD to be gross, insensible, 236 
^n order, regularity, 16 
m^ to weary, tire, wear away, 102 
m:D Arabic, to fill, fill up, 3 
F]in to tear, or pluck off, 8, 174 
TVLi to impel, thrust forward, 254 
m:D newness, freshness, 44 


nCDTD Chaldee, a captain, commander, 
from DDtQ make quiet, and ID 
a ruler, 169 

2' to desire earnestly, 237 

Vn' to will, resolve, determine, 13 

> to renounce, give over, 52, 267 
n' to consent, agree, see nriN, to 

come together 
31' to cry out aloud, 40 
iy to bring or carry along, 33 
or to marry, or take to wife by right 

of affinity, 21 
!' to dry, dry up, 2, 8 
nr to afflict, grieve, 26 
yr to labour 
i:i> to shrink, 51 
HT to put forward, hold, or thrust 

forth, 3, 5, 56, 68, 77 
yT to perceive, or feel by the body, 

or outward senses, 3, 4, 5, 23, 82 
in' to give, supply, also TtlTt, 9, 17, 22 
in* to unite, make one, 1, 14 
bn'> to remain, wait, expect, 6, 8, 19, 20 
DH' to conceive, 18 
f]n' footworn, 56 
cn* to reckon up, number according 

to families, 320 
ITQ"- to be good, well, agreeable, 5 
bTO' to cast, cast down, 51 
y , see rT2' , to press, squeeze 
W to be plain, manifest, evident, 14, 

15, 266 
by power or ability, 10, 17 
b"* to cry, or shriek out, 47, 122 
lb' to procreate or breed young, 3, 4, 

5, 6, 59 
"j^' , as *|brT , to walk, go 
D' , as DH , tumultuous motion, 1 
p>'to be steady, firm, 10 
ID' to change, alter, 158 
Q' to feel, grope, 44 
n:' to press, squeeze, oppress, 8, 9 
pT to suck, 14, 15, 174 
nO' to found, lay the foundation, 33 
"[D' to smear over, anoint, 55 
F]D' to add, increase, 5, 8 
ID' to restrain, check, 35 
IT to appoint, constitute, 2, 12, 65 
TO' to overturn, 145 
W to strengthen, 148 
TQ^' to cover, Chaldee, to counsel, 

156, 309 
?' to profit, 51 
F]2>' to dissolve, melt, 16, 39 
V^' to advise, give counsel, 99 
ns' to be fair, beautiful, 23 
HD' to breathe or blow, 3 



3?D' to radiate, irradiate, 25, 268 ' 

HD* , as nnD , to persuade, 9 ' 

S' to come, or go forth, or out, 2 
M' fixedness, steadiness, 33 
JS' to place in a certain situation, or 

condition, 18 
p2" to pour, pour out, 17 
i:?' to form, fashion, shape, 3, 7, 34 
n:?' to burn or be burned, 34 
lp> to burn, as fire, 122 
np' to obey readily and cheerfully, 30 
yp' to strain, stretch, distend, 176 
yp to awake, 8, 9 
np> bright, splendid, shining, 280 
ip^ to lay, set, or spread, 37 
JO' to fear, be afraid, 4, 9 
Ti' to descend, 9, 15 
m^ to direct, guide, aim, 19, 36, 101 
nT the lunar light, or flux of light, 

reflected from the moon's body or 

orb, 32, 59 
TtT to turn aside or over, 272 
p>, as -fw, long 
yv , as n , to break, 55 
py to throw out somewhat liquid or 

moist, 3 
XCrv to succeed another in a possession, 

11, 15 
2ttr to sit, sit down, 6, 9 
TW existence, subsistence, reality, 4, 

7, 192, 206, 245, 254 
:ciD' to extend, stretch out, 301 
pC to be in a sound sleep, 4, 17, 19 
ytD' to save, deliver, 57 
rit?' a jasper-stone, 71 
"ITC' straight, even, right, 35 
2ns Chaldee, as ItDS to sit to dwell, 

ID' , or im , to thrust in, fix firmly, 

38, 69 
Dn' Arabic, single, solitary, 29 
nn' to exceed, abound, 18, 28 


>"nrp , see rrr , see Gen. xxix. 35 
mm , see mn , see Isaiah xlii. 8 ; 
Hosea xii. 4, 5 

D , from riD , a particle, like, as, &c. 

2D to mar, spoil, 20 

n3 to bruise, break, &c., 27, 173 

13 to pierce, penetrate, 207 

na3 to be heavy, weighty, 10, 18 

n23 to extinguish, put out, 47 

jiD Chaldee, to bind, enchain, 231, 

033 to wash, cleanse thoroughly, 57 
^33 to stop, keep off", 50 
n33 multiplicity, frequency, abundance, 

\r>33 to subdue, subject, 2, 13 
n3 to propel, dart forth, 15 
313 Chaldee, failing, deceitful, 304 
m3 Arabic, turbid, agitated, 271 
nn3 restriction, constriction, 1, 16, 

^ns Chaldee, as b^, to be able, 305 
]n3 to minister, intercede, 11, 25 
m3 to burn, scorch, 66 
3"t3 to fail, in a natural sense, 21 
in to break with force, 123 
n3 strong, vigorous, firm, 5 
in3 to take off; or away, 29, 33, 47 
bn3 to colour, paint, tinge, 176 
n3 to fail, be deficient in substance, 12 
'3 that, because, but, &c., from nn3, 

to restrain 
333 to glisten, shine, 2 
"133 a flat roundish form, 10, 41, 68 
^3 to hold, contain, Isaiah xl. 12 
b3 separation, restraint, 8 
lb2 to clap close together, 114 
n'?3 totality, completion, finishing, 

3, 7, 10, 16, 21 
nb3 Arab., to be of a crabbed, wrinkled 

countenance, 265 
bdb'2 to hold or contain entirely, 164 
bb'2 to complete entirely, 71 
^3'?3 to nourish, support with food, 57 
d'?3 shyness arising from shame, 44 
fp^ Arabic, to impel, urge, force, 220 
1D3 as or like the very, or actually, 

repeated, as. So Jud. viii. 18, 28 
"5D3 to gather, or compress into a 

roundish form, 74 
p3 to hide, lay up, hoard, 313 
DD3 to lay up, treasure up, 123 
"ID3 to convolve, contract, 27, 134 
003 Arabic, swift, active. See Jer. 

xlviii. 7 
p to make ready, to fit, adapt, pre- 
pare, machinate, 2, 24, 26 
n:3 to surname, or to call a person by 

a name which does not strictly 

belong to him, 26 



D23 to gather, or heap together, 71 

r:3 to lay down, place on the ground, 

r|33 extremity, outermost, 2, 8 

"123 a musical instrument of the 
stringed kind, 6 

D3 to reckon, number, count, 62 

D3 to set, settle, 25 

nD3 to cover, overspread, 8, 12 

nD3 Chaldee, to prune, cut off, 136 

jDD stiffness, rigidity, 76, 264, 268 

DD3 to have long hair, 61 

F]D3 to be pale, wan, 10, 18 

nD3 Syriac, gibbous, protuberant, 173 

]3^3 now, now then, 307 

DS?3 to be angry, so \ijyD , 38, 204 

rrD3 to curve, bend, 8, 19 

bDD to double, 68 

|D3 Chaldee, to hunger, 265 

DD3 Syriac, to connect, fasten toge- 
ther, 195 

r]D3 to bend down very much, 214 

ID3 to cover, overspread, 7, 64 

ttJC3 to feed, see Lxx., 293 
nSD to bind, 307 

n3 Arabic, to be round, 19, 158 
113 Tni2 , a cherub, compounded of 
3 like, and 3T1 the majesty. (See 
Parkhurst's Lexicon.) 
m3 to cut, cut up, penetrate, 16, 139 
n3 Chaldee, to cry aloud, 309 
-p3 Chaldee, to wrap up, 302 
D13 Syriac, to prune, cut off, 9 
3n3 to bow, sink down, 30 
M513 to contract, gather together, 169 
m3 to cut off, 9, 25 
3^:3 a sheep, a lamb, 18 
bXD'2 to Stumble, 46 
F]iri3 Arabic, to discover, reveal, 60 
1^3 straight, direct, right, 216 
n3 to pound, beat, wear to pieces, 69 
3ri3 to mark, engrave, 31 
^n3 Arabic, to confine, restrain, 288 
Dn3 to mark with an engraving, im- 
pression, stamp, &c., 139 
]n3 to adliere, stick closely, 5 
P]n3 Arabic, to bind together, 35, 69 
-in3 to enclose, encompass, 127, 170 
nn3 the repetition of the above action, 

ttjn3 to bray, pound, 44 


MQ33 after this manner, of this kind, 
from p thus, and nn what, 314 

-inD3 a round or spherical knob, from 
nD3, and ^n, 68 

33n3 a kerb or ledge, from 3 like, 
and 33n a carriage, 69 

'>3"i3 Chaldee, to clothe, invest, 322 

D3"i3 the crocus or saffron, one of the 
greatest cordials in nature, from 
m3 to cut, and HM hot, 289 

'?m3 fruitfulness, from m3 to cut off, 
and ^bn to fill, 76 

Dn3 a throne, from Heb. ND3, 810 

b a particle, from ^m, to, into, towards, 

for, according to, of, concerning, 

at, about, &c. 
3b Arabic, to be thirsty, 185 
nab to be weary, 13 
TDN^ to hide, 19 
*T"7 to send, serve, minister unto, 3, 

12, 223 
Dn"? Arabic, to meet together, agree, 16 
3"? to vibrate, move to and fro. (See 

Gen. xlv. 26, and Parkhurst.) 
33b to move, or toss up and down, 56 
3b to milk, to suckle, 30, 175 
rilb to fall, tumble, 249 
pb to whiten, make white, 9 
^L'lb to put on, clothe, 5 
2b a log, the smallest measure of 

capacity, 80 
r^b to faint, fail, 29, 259 
in"? to flame, burn, kindle, 38 
jnb meditation, study, see mn , 299 
tcnb to burn up, set on fire, 5 
onb to be soft, mild, gentle, 103 
|nb, as the Hebrew pb therefore, 

besides, but, 304 
TTib to join, add, associate, 66 
mb Clialdee, a particle, with n^b p 

from lb , or i^b to turn aside, 

depart, 18, 40 
rrnb smoothness, or the like, 18, 44, 67 
jnb to lick, lick up, 98 
nnb food, victual, 5, 10 
rcnb Chaldee, a concubine, 309 
\^nb to press, squeeze, crush, 38 
Cjnb a lo\r I'issing or whispering sound, 




"E^ to hide, wrap up or over, 21 
N^)"? to adhere, or stick close, 78 
tJtcb to whet, sharpen, or set an edge, 6 
T^b to take, 33 
V) to wind, turn, or move round, or 

out of a rectilinear course, 1 
vhb to wind, or turn round, 68 
ID^ to accustom or habituate, learn 
rrab wherefore, 5 
]*? to stay, abide, remain, 13 
Vb to lick up, absorb, swallow down, 64 
Vb to reject, detest, 120 
nrb to deride, sneer, 333 
Wb to mock, deride, sneer, scorn, 133 
tvb barbarous, 234 
rsr? to swallow down, 16 
iDb to shine, 12 
riDb to incline, turn aside, decline, 44, 

rfb to deride, scoff, scorn, 145, 19 3 
pb to lick or lap with the tongue, 41, 

npb to take, receive, accept. This 

root often drops its initial b, 3, 

22, 68, 207 
rspb to pick, pick up, or gather, 19 
Wpb to crop or cut off, so to gather, 

t?b to knead, as dough, 12, 146 
ItJb to be wet, moist, liquid, 208 
ydb a chamber, room, 166 
Db a kind of precious stone, 70 
]? to speak against, 9, 230 
nnb a measure of capacity, 182 
ynb to break in pieces, 214 


'^n^^b the leviathan, from 1^b coupled, 
and ^n a large serpent, 220 

iib^b if not, unless, except, from lb if, 
and ab not, 27 

blb if not, unless, from ^b if, and ''b 
defect, failing, as s"?!"? 

O an abbreviation of p, from n2n to 
distribute, from, without, of, 
rather than, more than, because 
of, according to, &c. 
Chaldee, from Hebrew MD what 
lD to be strong, copious, vehement, 3 
nr) Arabic, to extend, dilate, 6 
DXD the least thing, 14 

|NQ to refuse, 23 

DMQ Arabic, to be dilated, reject with 

contempt or disgust, 42 
1ND Arabic, to grow sore again, 

rankle, 80, 178 
an to dissolve, melt, 32 
i:q Arabic, to excel, 15 
pQ to pour, pour forth with profusion, 

n:D to throw, or cast down, 175, 190 

ID to measure, 47 

HD who, which, what 

^rra to mix, mingle. Isaiah i. 22 

ina to haste, hasten, 12, 51 

ma a spot, a blemish, 83 

JD to consume or be consumed, 123 

-ilD corrupt, rotten, 183 

nn to strike or clap the hands, 155 

nrTQ to wipe, wipe clean, 7, 102, 135 

yno to drive, plunge in, 58 

prra to break, break through, 39 

"ino to exchange or barter one thing 
for another, 18 

TQD to slide or slip, 22, 29 

Kion and rrtQD, Chaldee, to reach unto, 

IIQQ to shower down, cause to rain, 3 

"JD to decay, fall to decay, 85 

"iDD to deliver or give up, 16 

bi2 to cut or pluck off; 12, 49 

Nbo to be full, or filled, 2, 7, 67, 71 

n'ja to fill, or be filled, 206 

n'jn to dissolve, be dissolved, 11 

TDbn to set free or loose, 13 

'T'?a to reign, 9 

b^n to cut oflf entirely, 14 

ybn smoothness, 26 

pbo to wring or pinch off; 75 

HDD to distribute by number, order, or 
the like, 2, 4 

5?3Q to withhold, prohibit, restrain, 18 

"I3D a weaver's beam or roller, 50 

nOD the disunion or dissolution of the 
texture or consistence of any- 
thing, 30, 36, 266 

"JDO to mix, intermix, 44 

IDD to deliver from one to another, 100 

im to totter, stagger, slip, 58 

n^D to be lax, loose, 11, 16 

cm to be diminished, lessened, 29, 



^0 to compress, squeeze, crush, 52 

fl?0 to decline, deflect, go aside, 33, 225 

pD to remain, dwell, 47 

SD to find, 4, 6 

Tmn to squeeze, press, 13, 52 

po to be dissolved, 87 

bpQ a light rod or twig, 50 

^Q to be bitter, 16 

mo to be very bitter, 62, 95 

H'XO to raise or swell up, 55 

3"iD to impel, drive forward, 59 

mo to rebel, revolt, 11 

mo to resist, rebel against, 53 

mo to overspread or smear over, 150 

TO"\D to make or wear smooth, 79, 127 

yra force or violence, 125 

p^O to scour, cleanse, 40 

ttJO to feel, 13 

rrttjo to draw out, or forth, 31 

n-co to smear or rub over with some 
unctuous matter, 89 

JWD to draw, 21 

bttJQ to rule, to have dominion, 2, 4 

ytJO Arabic, to wipe with a gentle 
hand, 173 

p3D to comb, tear, lacerate, 181 

VWa to feel over and over again, 19, 

DQ, or niQ to die, naturally or spi- 
ritually, 3, 6, 97 

JHQ the bit, or iron part of a bridle 

nnn to extend, stretch out, 26 

^na firm, solid, stable, 57 

pHD to be sweet, agreeable to the taste, 

3 to fail, be deficient, 10 

nw a bottle of skin, 34 

bM to be foolish, mad, distracted, 169 

N3 to say, assert, affirm or pronounce 

nN3 to satiate one's thirst by drinking, 

65, 159, 174 
ym to cast off, reject, despise, 47, 55 
pN3 to groan, make a doleful noise, 38 
T3 to cast off or away, 227 
33 to put forth, bud, produce fruit, 42 
Na3 to prophesy, 14 
nn3 to prophesy, as 33 
n33 to bark, 155 

tjl3 to look, behold, regard, 11, 13, 94 
"T33 to be entangled, perplexed, 63 

bi: to fall or flow down, 20, 48, 54 
33 to gush, spring, or bubble up, 254 
333 to be dry, parched, 10, 13 
133 to stand before or above others, 3, 

4, 9 
na3 to be bright, glitter, shine, 58, 66 
m3 to push, strike, or butt, 66 
p3 to strike or play on a musical in- 
strument, 50 
r33 to touch, meddle with, 4, 10, 18 
^^33 to hit, strike against, 23, 65 
133 to spread out or abroad, 164 
^33 being close to, confining, pressing, 

12, 13 
13 to move or remove, 6 
313 free, liberal, 39 
113 to move or remove quickly, 19 
ni3 to impel, force, thrust, 56 
F113 to drive or hurry away, 37 
113 to vow, promise to God, consecrate 
to God by a solemn dedication, 17 
3713 to carry, carry away, 18, 51 
rTn3 to lament, bewail, 161 
^rt3 to tend, lead on or guide gently, 

and with care, 29 
Dn3 to grumble or growl, 136 
pn3 to bray, 266 

in3 to flow or run, as water, 3, 15 
m3 to dwell, reside, be settled in a 

habitation, 55 
jlS to give, present, 315 
m3 to leap, leap out, 72 
^"53 to distil, trickle or run down, 39 
73 connecting closely with a clasp, 15 
pt3 to damage, impair, 301 
113 to be separated, set apart, 42, 157 
713 to rest or settle, 3, 6, 8 
71773 to lead, or bring along, 5, 13, 63 
bn3 to inherit, to take, receive or 

possess by inheritance, 31 
0113 denotes change of mind, or affec- 
tion, 6, 7 
yn3 to hasten, urge, 51 
1113 to snort, to force the breath with 
violence through the nostrils, 151 
tDrT3 to view, eye, observe attentively, 
to use attentive or subtle obser- 
vation, 4, 6 
n7i3 to descend, come down, 2, 6, 7 
7TO3 to stretch, stretch out or forth, 
to tend, verge, decline, incline, 
10, 15 



^c: to impose or lay on, as a burden 

or yoke, 59 
rca to plant, fix, infix, 3, 9 
?]02 to distil, drop down, 39 
103 to watch, mark, observe, 51 
tcr!: to loose, loosen, set loose, 18, 

165, 268 
"7j: posterity, progeny, remote off- 
spring, 14 
rT33 to smite, strike, 6, 8, 14 
rG3 straightness, directness, rightness, 

b2: to devise, contrive deceitfully, 20 
"\3: to estrange, alienate, make strange, 

12, 18 
r63 to complete, consummate, 148 
103 Arabic, to variegate, spot with 

various colours, 138, 150 
12 to propagate, spread successively, 

14, 219 
C: a quick, waving, or tremulous 

motion, 11, 97 
3D3 to recede, retire, go back, 53 
rrt32 to try, attempt, prove, 14, 26 
nD3 to take, pull, or pluck away, 212 
jd: to spread abroad, diffuse, 20 
rc: to remove from place to place, 9, 

10, 88 
pD3 to ascend, go up, 240 
y: to move, ren\ove, wander, 6, 42 
bs-S to fasten, make fast, 1 1 
DJ>3 to be pleasant, sweet, agreeable, 30 
yy3 Chaldee, to fix, infix, 155 
y^z to agitate, move briskly, 8, 14 
F]3 to reach out, stretch forth, 34 
rTQ3 to breathe, blow with a blast of 

air, nearly related to HE', 158, 

JC3 an emerald, 70, 178 
bD3 to fall, in almost any manner, 4, 

7, 94 
y-33 to dissipate, disperse, 9 
^33 to bring or draw forth, 58 
^.^3 to breathe, respire, 2, 15, 83, 166 
i<23 to shoot, rush, or flee away, 168 
inz to stand, stand up, 12, 13 
n23 to shoot, break, or burst forth, 24, 

78, 59 
n!J3 superiority, being above, over, or 

beyond, 50, 203 
i'iZ to take away, 19 
-IS3 to keep, guard, preserve, reserve, 73 

lp3 to make hollow, bore, pierce, 2, IS 
np3 to mark with spots, to spot, 18 
Dp3 to avenge, 6, 211 
np3 to go round, surround, encompass, 

33, 146 
-Ip3 to bore, dig, or cut out, 48, 73, 158 
\Dp3 to lay snares, catch in a snare, 52 
13 to split, separate, or divide, 11, 60, 

"n3 spikenard, or nard 
3 to bear, take or lift up, 4, 5, 8, 16, 

3ttJ3 to breathe, blow, 11 
3^3 to overtake, reach, attain to, 18, 

rTO3 loosing, laxity, relaxation, 6, 19 
j3 to bite, 30, 66 
^3 to cast, or drive out, 104 
D3 to breathe, breathe out, 3, 8, 78 
F]tt}3 to blow, 53, 267 
p'3 to kiss, clash, smack, &c., 17 
1103 to lacerate, cut or tear in pieces, 

54, 64 
2*13 wearing with the feet, 39, 151 
nn3 to cut in pieces, 45 
in3 to be poured out, to distil, 57 
]n3 to give, i.e., to make a thing be 

any where, or with any one, or 

belong to any one (Cocceius), 2, 

10, 36 
Dn3 to demolish, destroy, spoil, 279 
yTi3 to break to pieces, destroy, 40 
pn3 to draw away, withdraw, 32, 164 
in3 to loose, let loose, set free, 78, 243, 

tt?n3 to pluck up, extirpate, 129 


nnn3 Chaldee, a gift or reward. 7m3 
the idol of the Avites, from n23 
to bark, and mrt to see. 2 Kings 
xvii. 31, 304 

ttrQ3 Syriac, to be inflamed, set on fire, 

riND to measure, mete, 538 

"laD Syriac, to shoe, i.e., cover the 

feet, 137 
3D to turn, turn about, aside, or round 
xao to drink hard, guzzle, swill, 112 
31D to turn, turn about, encompass 

entirely or repeatedly, 3 
JSD to inweave, interweave, 14 



"jno to support, bear, carry away, 30 
^D to recede, go or turn back, 116, 

134, 196 
n;D to bow, bow down to the ground, 

73D Chaldee, to gain or acquire to 

oneself, 64 
pD a prince or noble, 169 
"13D to shut, shut up, close, 4, 8 
ID to obstruct or stop up, 29, 160 
pD to loose, let loose, 43 
"no Chaldee, to order, dispose of, 38, 

"irro round, of a round form, 23 
ino to drag, draw by force, 57 
rmo to sweep or scrape off, 224 
fpD to sweep, drive, 167 
"ino to move to and fro, 15, 26 
no to spring, spring up, 133 
niED to decline, go out of the way, as 

"ID to overspread, cover, hide, 20, 101, 

^DD to pervert, turn away, 18 
pD to lay up, lay in store, store or 

treasure up, 59 
"(DD to close, shut, shut up, 8, 215 
n3D Arabic, to be silent, 116 
^D to raise, elevate, exalt, 24 
xbo , as nbo to strew, compare, 294 
i)d to shake or strike the ground 

with exultation, 266 
ri^io to strew, strew down, compared, 12 
n'?D to loose, relax, remit, 76 
DbD a ladder, 17 
]'7D a thorn 

y'?D Arabic, to cut, break, &c., 38 
rj'jD to pervert, subvert, 66 
pbo Chaldee, to ascend, go up 
DD a drug, spice, 67 
"JOD to support, sustain, uphold, 17 
^OD a figure, image, idol, 104, 172 
pD to mark, appoint, 145 
-)QD to be rough, sharp pointed, 151, 

p to pmir out, 25 
7r3D a bush, 59, 177 
-\3D dazzling from excessive light, 13 
DD brisk, active, sprightly, 150, 154 
12?D to support, sustain, uphold, 12 
r\VD to split, divide, rive, 43 
-tfD turbulent, tumultuous, 130, 146 

rp cavity, concave, hollow, 57, 170 

DD to scrape or sweep together, 15, 26 

IDD to moan, lament, 14 

rTDD to scrape, sweep, 13 

nCD to join, unite, 47 

bCD a bowl or dish, 39 

pD to cover, protect, secure, 28, 126 

pCD to smite, strike, clap, &c., 99 

-iDD to tell, count, number, 6, 17, 70 

bpD to pelt, i.e., either to throw, or 

strike with something thrown, 33 
^D to decline, turn aside, 8, 64 
l^D to scorch or parch, 170 
mo to spread, or stretch out, beyond, 

or abroad, 68, 168 
ID to serve, minister, attend, 21 
F|-iD to anoint, 188 
nD to stir, raise, or rouse up, 35 
DnD to stop, stop up, 16, 212 
"inD to hide, conceal, 6 


ITDD a bunch of vine-buds, from CD 

to place, and M round 
TQ2D the fia of a fish, from n:D a 

thorn, and ID to break 
bmo to cover, clothe 
rp^D a long branch, from "iD to decline, 

and F]y to move to and fro 

123> to serve, labour, work, 3, 98 
my to be thick, gross, 58, 65, 127 
:q13> to turn aside, divert, 108, 186 
-inj^ to pass, 5, 8, 187 
^y to rot, become rotten or mouldv, 

n23> to twine, complicate, 43 
ys to bake upon, or under the coals, 

2y$ to be set, or joined upon, 6, 179 
uy$ to be grieved, afilicted 
^y^ a crane, a bird of passage, 150 
ly beyond, further, or besides, 6, 21, 

27, 43 
rn2? to pass over or upon, 54 
p^ pleasure, delight, 3 
F]13> superabundant, excess, 64. 
iiy to separate, sever, set apart, 17 

MJTT a kind of pulse, 16 
my to turn out of its proper situation 

or course, to distort, pervert, 51, 

97, 165 

H H 2 



Iiy blind, destitute, 60 

my to incline, 295 

^V strength', vigour, 11, 12, 78 

SW to leave, forsake, let go, 4, 15 

jW round, orbicular, 11, 28 

pW to surround with a fence, 135 

n^y to help, aid, assist, 3 

'jjy to move, remove, hurry away, 11, 

143, 153 
rray involution, 52 
Fj^y to obscure, cover, hide, 18 
iToy to encompass, surround, 51 
CTDr to sneeze, 286 
IDS? to trouble, disturb, 20 
j'jy to stammer, or stutter, 147 
n^ to ascend, mount upwards, to go 

or come up, 1, 3, 7, 11, 54, 87 
bbs to ascend repeatedly, 41, 46 
fjy to exult, leap for joy, 135 
n"jy gross, cross, thick, 11 
D"jy to hide, conceal, 5, 7, 266 
Dbr to move quickly to and fro, 248 
y^y to swallow, swallow down, 285 
rpS to cover over, 154 
yby to exult, leap for joy, 46 
pbs to adhere, stick close to, 261 
cy to collect, gather together, 4, 68 
Dny Chaldee, to hide, conceal, 178 
nor to continue, subsist, be sustained, 

or supported, 4, 28 
boy to toil, labour, travail, 39 
VOV to lift, bear, or hold up, 28 
poy deepness, profundity, 11 
"loy to press, squeeze into a narrow 

compass, 84 
Ijy connecting, conjoining, 23 
j;y delight, pleasure, joy, 118 
n:y to bind, bind round, 247 
7133? to act upon, to affect, produce 

eifects upon, to act or speak, to 

return, give, or send back, 4, 6, 

8, 9, 65, 78 
wy to shoot, send forth shoots, 84, 

p2y to encompass, surround, 41 
iD2y to mulct, fine, 65 
noy Chaldee, time, opportunity, 314 
DOy wine, the juice pressed from the 

grape by treading, 153 
nyy to roar, roar out, 140 
P]y to vibrate, to flutter, 2, 41 
jDy to be elevated, raised up, 47 

-icy to reduce to dust or powder, 3, 10 
i:?y labour or travail, 4, 6, 53 
n:jy to cut, cut off, 161 
nijy to fix, make firm or steady, 2 
jijy to be slothful, idle, to loiter, 44 
D^y strength, substance, solidity, firm- 
ness, 4, 8, 16 
isy to restrain, retain, stop, detain, 

py to confine, straiten, compress, 112 
apy the end, extremity, consequence, 

4, 16 
ipy to bind, bind about, 14 
jpy crooked, perverted, 39 
-ipy to cut, cut off, lop, 10, 17 
^py to pervert, distort, make crooked, 

"ly to raise, lift up oneself, 6, 52 
a">y to mix, mingle, 1, 4, 8, 61 
r\S to stretch, stretch out, desire 

eagerly, 174 
Tiy the wild ass, from his harsh dis- 
agreeable braying, 284 
my to bare, make bare, uncover, strip, 
make naked, or empty, 5, 9, 11, 
13, 17 
jTy to set in order, or array, to order, 

dispose, 11 
V\$ to be superfluous, 12 
ly to be naked, 4, 34, 265 
Diy to knead, 95 

F]ny to distil, fall down in drops, 29 
yny to agitate, shake violently, 31 
piy Chaldee, to flee, Arabic, to gnaw, 

tt5iy bed-furniture, 103 
ttjy to consume, destroy, 153, 268 
XDXDV to be consumed, or wasted, 204 
l^y herbage, 2 

nw to make, form, do, act, 2 
]t5y to smoke 

picy to oppress, press, rush upon, 16 
Ty to be or become rich, 6, 11, 17 
n\Dy to shine, look glossy, 160, 243 
ny time, season, opportunity, 81" 
iny to prepare, make ready, 92 
Dny to be burnt up, 137 
pny to remove, be removed, 10, 16 
nny to expand, dilate, diffuse, 16 


inay a mouse, 47 
tra^y a spider, 156 



^"U> thick darkness, 08 

nsD aside, part, quarter, bound, 17, 35 

>ND to adorn, decorate, beautify, 41 

2D to fail, faint, 28, 195 

^30 to pollute, defile, 77 

WQ to meet, lijjht upon, 15, 267 

t:3D to meet, 19 

no Syriac, to fail, 279 

mo to separate, deliver, 61 

"no Arabic, to fail or faint through 

langour, 75 
HD to obvert, or turn towards, 34 
ID solidity, compactness, strength, 30 
llD to disperse, scatter, 159 
HD to expand, spread out, 37 
inc to shake, 19 
WD to overflow, 29, 42 
nnD to dig, dig up, 80, 168 
TED a precious stone, 70 
-i!QD to open, 51, 62, 74 
"O'HD to strike, smite, pound, 151 
"fD to dissolve, disjoin, pulverize, 48, 

n'?D to be extraordinary, wonderful, 

12, 269 
rs'^D to divide, dissever, 203 
nbo to separate, divide, distinguish, 29 
nbo to cleave, cut or split, 42 
TD^D to escape, flee, be delivered, 11 
-]bD to support, sustain, 54 
Jsbu to make level, or even, 144 
pD to tremble, 129 
'SSbQ to roll oneself, 63 
DD a mouth, aperture, 308 
n^D to turn, turn oneself, 1, 4, 15, 

63, 197 
pOD to make delicate, 261 
DD to diminish, or be diminished, 56, 

3DD to divide, dissect, 35 
noD to pass or leap over, by intervals, 

32, 83 
boD to hew, chip, cut with a tool, 38, 73 
b3?D to work, prepare, contrive, 82 
crD to smite, agitate by turns, strike 

or smite alternately, 4, 24 
"13?D to gape open wide, 99 
nSD to let loose, open, deliver, 5 
n:?D to break with a noise, 139 
b'2^ to take off* the bark, 1 8 
d:?D to break or burst open, 214 

rSD to wound, hurt, 6, 66 

"i:?D to press hard, 13 

pD to totter, stagger, stumble, 52 

npD to take notice or care of, 14, 22, 75 

npD to open, 4, 14 

ypD Chaldee, to rive, cleave, break, 

126, 127 
ID to break, rive, shatter, 12, 56 
HID to run wild, 12, 163 
mo to divide, separate, 3, 9, 56 
mD to bear or produce fruit, 2, 3 
no to disperse, scatter, 39 
niD to break forth, bud, flourish 
!D-\D to cut or break off; 31, 8], 188 
"JID to break, rend, 59 
0-iD to rend, 77 

DID to part, break in pieces, 61 
y-iD to free, set free or loose, 18, 23 
y-iD to break out or through. Is. v. 5 
piD to break, break off, 17 
"no to break or divide entirely, 40 
ttJlD to spread, stretch out, 37 
n^CD to spread, be diffused, 32 
tCTTiD to divest, strip off", 20 
y^iD to pass, go forwards, 145 
pttJD to distend, open, 174 
no to part, dispart, divide, 12 
nD sudden, hasty, 91 
nriD to draw aside, withdraw, entice, 

persuade, 7 
rrriD to open, or loose, 5, 8, 15, 70, 97 
briD to twist, wreathe, intwine,- 18 
pD to stir, move, disturb, 47, 172 
yriD to break in pieces, 91 
TTID to expound, explain, interpret, 23 


^a^D a concubine, from 3^D,and iri::, 14 
DT^D an orchard, garden, enclosed 

plantation, 317 
TJTiD evacuated, 38 

]N!J to be fruitful, abundant, 5, 10 
!!? to incline, bend downwards, 17,25 
!!? to assemble, or meet together in a 

regular stated manner, 3, 14, 75. 

ni!? to swell, grow turgid, 53 ^ 158, 210 
y22 to form longish lines, or streaks, 

40, 162 
ins to collect, gather together, 25, 132 
ms Chaldee, to look sideways, 7, 9, 

16, 51 

H H 3 


pTS the equal poise of a balance, 7, 

im? to shine, glare, 816 
^n:? to cause or make to shine, 138 
"in!? to be clear, transparent, 7, 27 
m!? to command, give orders, 3, 10 
ms to cry aloud, shout, 143 
TTTfS to be white or clear, 50, 176 
ps to corrupt, contaminate, 186 
pns to laugh, to sport, 12, 16 
"in:? white, shining, 39 
^2 dryness, drought, 100, 134 
jS to shade, shadow, shelter, 13, 55 
bba to be overshadowed, 63 
Nbi? Chaldee, to pray, supplicate, 315 
n^S to roast, toast, or bake, 41, 63 
n'?2 to pass on, advance, go forwards, 

d'?^ to figure, delineate, 2, 9 
y!'!? to be, or go on the side, 4, 19 
!f empty, meagre, thin, 38 
NOS to thirst, 64 

no:? to couple or join together, 15 
nos to spring, sprout, or shoot up, 

3, 13 
po:i to be dry, without moisture, 52 
ins soft, tender, 41, 174 
no2 to cut off, destroy, 58, 206 
^2 pointed, sharp pointed, 37, 38 
n:s to throw or drive downwards, 35 
D3:? hard, dry, 25 
yjS modest, humble, 192 
riiS to turn, or roll round and round, 

p2 confining, shutting up, 165 
i::? a subterraneous passage for water, 

ni?S to step, walk, go forwards, 30, 

m5?2 to spread, stretch out, 126 
r)!?S a kind of vail, 15, 21 
pi?:? to cry out, or aloud, 5 
"1^2 smallness, littleness, meanness 
HDS to overspread, 19, 131 
rrD2 a pitcher, 64 
p:? to hide, conceal, 10, 25 
Vd:s to cast, or dart forth with force, 

138, 143 
nc:? to move quickly, 8, 171 
ys to break or burst forth as a flower, 

p2 to press, press down, straiten, 43 

i:? to bind close, 11, 26, 141 

"ns to bind up very closely, 26, 52 

m:? to burn, scorch, 79, 253 

m2 to flow, 21 

m:? to cry aloud, 42 

rns to smite or strike, 37, 67 

?|"a to melt or refine, 41 


n"ra'?S shadow of death, from "?:? and 

:6ns:^ a frog, from "ad:? and ri' 

Np to vomit, 78 

mp to curse, execrate, 98 

bap to receive, accept, take, 68 

yap to press down, oppress, 50 

ynp to collect, gather together, 29 

nip to bury, inter, 14 

ip to cut, divide, 27, 178 

nip to kindle, 86, 157 

Dip precedency, antiquity, 3 

"Mp dark, obscure, black, 129 

XD-\p to separate, set apart, 2, 22, 87 

nnp to be blunt, 166 

bnp to collect, assemble, 17, 95 

mp to stretch, stretch out, 2, 4 

"Op to loathe, nauseate, 171 

yVip to cut, cut off, ] 23 

jTDp to cut off; kill, slay, 189 

pp to be small, little, 2, 19 

r]TDp to crop, or pluck off, 114, 267 
j ntop to fume, fumigate, 13 
: "nbp levity, lightness, &c., 4, 8, 33 
! bbp to be exceedingly vile, 10 
! tobp to contract, 33 

Dbp to sport in contempt, to deride, 
i 130 

ybp curve, bending, hollow, 45 

vbp attenuated, wasted, 49 

Dp to rise, stand up, be established, 
2, 7, 10, 12, 52, 66 

Ti'Op meal, flour, &c., 57 

jop to wither, fade, 141 

ynp to grasp, 25 

XD-Qp agitation, 149 

p to lament, wail, 53 

2p to eat into, corrode, as fire, 16 

n:p to hold, contain, 5, 6, 7, 10, 68 

D:p smell strong, 72 

DDp to divine, prognosticate, 35 

DDp to cut or pluck off", 174 

nop an inkhorn, 172 



p to make a mark, to stigmatize, 82 

irp to be deep, 68 

NEp to be condensed, 63, 268 

lp to hasten or hurry along, 139 

tup Arabic, to leap, 149 

yep to contract, shut up, skip, 108, 

yp to fret, lacerate, wound, 5 
ysp to cut equally, exactly, 126 
rrsp to make an extremity, or end, 5, 7 
ysp to cut or scrape off the extremity, 

or surface, 69 
r]!?p to foam, froth, 23 
iSp to cut short, shorten, 8 
pp hollow, 162 

">p to spring up or gush out, 79 
Nnp to meet, occur, call, 1, 34, 264 
T\p to approach, 10, 25 
mp to meet, join, coalesce, 8, 13, 38 
mp to be smooth, 19, 266 
Dip to superinduce, bring over, 180 
pp to shoot forth, diffuse, 14 
Dip to bend, stoop, 68 
yip to rend or rent, 21 
*flp to move, agitate, 209 
Trip to compact, fasten together, 68, 

XDp to collect one by one, 60, 197 
aiDp to hearken, attend, listen, 129 
T\irp to be stiff, tough, 9, 20, 77 
t:^L'p truth, rectitude, integrity, 37, 

IMjp to bind, bind about, 18, 28 
rwp a bow to shoot with, 16 


Dllp a hatchet or axe, 42 

jDip the sole of the foot, from mp 

and bo 
ypip a pavement or floor, from mp 

and ypi 

n.yi to see, look, look at, 1, 3, 10, 74 

Df<l to be raised up, exalted, 99, 201 

MJN1 priority-'or precedence, 1 , 3,88 

ni to strive, contend, 10, 16 

111 to wreatlj, entwine, 25 

mi to be or become many or great, 

to increase, multiply, magnify, 

2, 7 
*y2l to bake or fry, 76 
yni to agitate, actuate, 2, 3 
yai to lie, lie down, crouch, 5, 30 

pm to tie, bind, tie up, 52, 168 
Wi motion, commotion, agitation, 28 
bx^ to smite, strike, impress, 8, 25, 66 
D31 to whelm, heap together, over- 
whelm, 33, 67 
pi to mutter, murmur, 39 
W1 to still, quiet, stop motion, 73, 

^21 to meet together, assemble in a 

tumultuous manner, 203 
mi to descend, 2 
D11 to shut close, stop up, 4, 11 
F]H to follow, go after, 11, 18 
nni to incite, excite, 135, 210 
nm to be weak, faint, 205 
tDm tremulous motion, 18 
mi wet, soaked, drenched, 140 
nn to waste, attenuate, 94 
m"} to cry out, or shout, 163 
pi to weigh, balance, examine care- 
fully, 39 
m the action or breathing of the air 

in motion, 1, 8, 17, 61 
nni to be dilated, made broad or wide, 

7, 13 
bni to bear patiently, 19 
Dm to embrace, enclose, 17, 78 
nm to shake, move tremulously, 1, 

ym to wash, or cleanse the surface 

with water, 12, 261 
pm to remove to a distance, 14, 27 
m to boil or bubble, cast or throw 

up, 75 
TQI31 to tremble exceedingly, 168 
ITDI to be wet, moist, 268 
^J'lCI to dash, or be dashed, 131 
"|1 to be soft, or tender, 12, 17 
131 to ride, 42 
bli to trade, traffic, 76 
D11 to bind hard or close, 71 
ttJli to earn, acquire by labour, 10 
Di to be lifted up, exalted 
noi to cast, throw, project, 17, 64 
noi to stab, 39 
Dtli to tread, trample, 131 
MJQI to move, move along, 2 
p to vibrate freely, move to and fro 

with quickness and freedom, 31 
DD1 to moisten, 181 
pi to bind with a rope, 147 
yi to break, rend, destroy, 3, 7 



arn to hunger, be hungry, 10 

iy\ to tremljle, shake, 63 

rrjn to feed, 5, 9 

bT\ to be violently agitated, 154, 193 

DT\ violent commotion or concussion, 

]Sf^ to thrive, flourish, 106 
r]3?-\ to distil, drop, 152 
y3?T to crush, break by crushing, 42 
X2T\ quick or alternate motion, 129 
NET to restore, or reduce to a former 

state or condition, 14, 103 
IDT to strew, spread, 272 
riDT to give way, relax, slacken, abate, 

assuage, 31, 42 
DOT to tread, trample, tramp 
t?D"\ to foul or make muddy, 155 
p to run, move or ride swiftly, 1, 12 
i2" to leap, exult, 216 
rf:?T to be pleased with, 19 
n2"> manslaughter or murder, 45 
ysT to pierce through, 65 
f^^2^ to strew or spread, 133, 136 
1t\ to evacuate, exhaust, 7, 11, 267 
apT to rot, become putrid, 151 
ipT to leap, skip, bound, 139 
Tr{n to make a composition of various 

spices, 48 
DpT variety of colour or figure 
ypT motion of different parts of the 

same thing at the same time, one 

part the one way, and the other 

the other way, with force, 1 
"n to excern, ooze with, 51, 266 
ttJi to lack, be in want, be poor, 28 
3?un the scales of unfairness, 49, 66, 

Film to glow or flash, 123, 265 
nm to tremble, shake, 185 
nm to boil, 176 

m to bind, tie, fasten, 129, 238 
pm to swathe, gird round, 126 

C an abbreviation of n^CM or ttj> , who, 

which, that, for, because, when 
2H-0 to draw, as water, 15 
:n^ to roar, 43 

n^ to be confounded, 15, 124, 137 
"CNU5 to despise, insult, 174 
"rWTD to ask, 15, 122 
]MJ to be tranquil, quiet, 133 
DS1C to spoil, plunder, 165 

p|X7 to draw, suck, or sup in, 151, 267 
"IK to remain, be left, 8, 11, 27 
ittJ to turn, 5, 8, 11, 70 
nSM) to lead or carry away captive, 39 
naw to soothe, calm, praise, 215 
oa^J to extend, draw out in length, 30 
~\2V to implicate, entangle, 57, 127 
b2)0 to impel, thrust forward, 24 
yaiu sufficiency, satisfaction, saturity, 

3, 6, 70 
yai to close, enclose, straiten, 53 
pa to leave, let alone, 315 
-la to separate, 26, 58 
na to cease, leave off; 3, 9, 204 
N3 to expatiate, luxuriate, 307 
a3\D to lift, or be lifted up above reach, 

103, 204 
m to expatiate, luxuriate, run wild, 

7, 27, 76 
"S^W to view attentively, 139, 209 
ba to lie carnally with a woman, 118 
r: to be distracted, mad, 51, 165, 201 
-D to emit, send forth, 62, 116 
IV to shatter, demolish, waste, 39, 

140, 148 
m to pour out or forth, to shed, 3, 11 
Di Arabic, to choke, suffocate, 123 
fpv to blast or blight, 24 
niMJ to order, dispose, arrange, 126 
n a Iamb or kid, 14, 33, 141 
in to witness, bear witness, 272 
DH an onyx, 3, 67, 71 
Ni vanity, falsehood, 65 
m to make equal, plain, level, 58 
VW to open, cry out, vociferate, 21, 

TittJ to view, behold, regard, 19, 48, 

2W Chaldee, to rescue, set free, 307 
n^W to look or glance at, 287 
"IT to twist together, to twine, 68 
n to incline, bow, bend downwards, 

3, 14, 188, 213 
in to make a present, to present a 

bribe, 66y 266 
Tmv to swim, 144, 204 
Tcn to drain, 14, 24 
jn dark coloured, black, 73 
]n warm, hot, 61 
on to spring up, 150 
tpV to waste, consume away, 78 
yn to lift u]), be lofty, 278 



pmu to conflict, grind, wear to pieces, 

44, 150 
Tfxo to be dark coloured, dusky, 13, 41 
nnMJ to corrupt, spoil, destroy, 7, 40 
n^TD to decline, go, or turn aside, 37, 

nTDMJ to spread abroad, 57, 161 
DTQ^ to bear malice against, 17, 30 
\Qt3 to oppose, be an adversary to, 16 
f]'tO'ttJ to cover with water, 77 
ntOttJ an inferior officer, 31, 93 
]'>X0 to urine, 52 
"|ttJ to stop, assuage, check, 8 
331U to lie, lie down, 13, 16 
nxo to be like, resemble, 86, 254 
TO to fail, relax, let go, 17, 24 
jD" to direct oneself wisely, 4, 17, 67, 

DD\i: readiness, forwardness, diligence, 

9, 13 
piD to dwell, inhabit, 5, 9, 11 
n3 to satisfy, satiate, 17, 27 
hv to loose, loosen, let loose, 33 
I'jTT to be disposed or put in order, to 

correspond, answer, 68 
y^\D to be bright, shine, 59 
r^bw to be quiet, easy, secure, 21 
nViD to send, send forth, out, or away, 

5, 8, 14 
13^ to be over, or before, 26, 55 
nb to cast, cast down or away, 42 
d"? to make whole, entire, complete, 

20, 27 
nbttJ to draw, or push out or off, 33 
obiD three, to divide into three parts, 

2, 6, 63 
ov to place, set, put, 1, 3, 7, 93 
DDU: to place, or dispose with great 

care, to be exceedingly desolate, 

29, 56 
lO^y to destroy, abolish, 46 
nauj to move briskly and alternately, 

vibrate with a quick motion, 114 
TDQ to let go, remit, 55, 108 
JDTO to recline, 38 
bntu to surround on all sides, clothe, 

9, 24 
puj to abound, superabound, 6 
3^ to hear, perceive by hearing, 4, 

yn' to mutter, murmur, whisper, 73 
Tan? to keep, preserve, 3, 5, 9 

ttJDiO to serve, minister unto, 11, 34 
m:mj to hate, dislike, be averse from, 15 
n2\tJ Arabic, to be cool, 40, 248 
Ttw to iterate, repeat, do again, 2, 6, 

32, 49, 51 
D^XO to gird up. 129 
riD'O to rob, plunder, pillage, 38 
WO to split, cleave, rend, 52, 75, 77 
F]D\D to cut or hew in pieces, 50 
nj? to look, regard, have respect, 5, 

TDS?" to stamp, to rush forward, 168 
^y\D hollow, concave, 43, 173 
p to incline, recline, 12, 53 
r]rttj to seize, hurry away, madden, 264 
nj? to stand erect or upright, 13, 16, 

145, 149, 212 
fjUJ to cover, overwhelm, 30, 63 
no to dash, crush, or break by im- 
pulse, 4, 9, 57, 99, 160, 239 
nC' to depress, humble, subject, 8, 12 
Dt7 regulation, disposal, 24 
]Q to pour out, shed, 9, 113 
^D to humble oneself, be humbled, 

34, 79 
DD the upper lip, 57, 177 
p to cover in, to hide, 77 
rc to flow together, 124 
pD to clap, strike, or smite together, 

nD seemly, goodly, elegant, 30 
no to put or set in order, dispose, 30 
rjS little, small or short, 154 
p to move, run, or push forwards, 4, 

5, 11 
np to wake, watch, 27, 68 
np to irrigate, moisten with water 

or other liquor, 3, 10 
tDp to be quiet, 35 
^p to weigh, 15 
Dp the sycamore-tree, 128 
3>p to sink, subside, 93, 179 
r|p to look, turn towards, 12 
y-p to abominate, abhor, detest, 77 
lp to lie, speak, act, or deal falsely, 

-I to regulate, direct, rule, 18, 171 
m to scorch, parch, 34 
yw to be wreathed, twisted, or twined 

together, 23 
n to leave, or be left behind, 39 
m to be strong, 50 

S58 IN 

niTD to scarify, cut, or wound, 82 

"p\3 to twine, wind, or bend about, 11 

DIW to cut, cleave, 166 

yi to stretch out, 83 

rpxD to burn, burn up, 9, 96, 97 

*pTD to produce or increase abund- 
antly, 2 

^MD to be yellow, tawney, 30 

tnxD to root, take root, 39 

mw personal attendance, or ministry, 
22, 56 

tro to be brisk, active, sprightly, 
cheerful, 3, 6, 25, 67 

nttJH? Vermillion, 164' 

n\D to set, place, settle, dispose, con- 
stitute, appoint, 4, 6, 129 

nn\D to drink, 9, 13 

'nvj to plant, 181- 

Dn\D to shut, shut up or out, as ODD 

pniJJ to be still or calm, 190 

'^nxa to be hidden, 47 

biKsXS the left hand, 10 

nwn to waste, consume away, 188 

rrNn to limit, bound, 102 

DNn to be connected, 22 

>f<n to delineate, 23 

\in to cut or shatter to pieces, 15 

nnn confusion, 1, 49 

mn to mark, make a mark, 51 

^n to cut, or shake off, 141 

xynn azure, sky blue, 67, 174 

rn to be in the midst, 1, 213 

b2n blue, 67 

pn to direct, regulate, 46 

7n elevation, 34, 166 

rtbn to hang, suspend, 16 

Vibn Arabic, to break to pieces, 184 

3?^n to split, cleave, 80 

Dn to finish, 7, 69 

Ton continuance 

rron to wonder, be astonished, 27 

-pn to lay hold on, 29 

"mn straight, upright, 21 

nan to shriek, wail, 2, 42 

i:n to fail, 42 

nyn to loathe, nauseate, 27, 81 

nrn to err, wander, go astray, 14, 17 

lyn to divide, cut, cleave, 50, 166 

rp to smite, strike, beat, 42 

jDn crude, indigested, 266 

iDn to fasten or join together, 4, 173 

^UDn to lay hold on, 6, 23, 34 

rpn to force or drive one thing into or 

against another, 18, 19 
F]pn to overpower, overcome, 18 
in to go round or about, 11 
pn to fix firmly, settle, 147 
\Dn Arabic, to compress, 18, 262 
ynjn nine, 6 


jan , bion , and ^inn yesterday, from 

on to finish, and btD to cut ofi" 
2n a sea dragon, a crocodile, from 

p a dragon, and w the sea 
ttTunn a precious stone, the name of a 

place, from in to go round, and 

W bright in colour 

A full account of each Root may be seen in " Parkhurst's Lexicon." 

Mftciotosb, PriQter, 20, Gieal New Slret, London. 

March, 1841. 

New Publications and Standard Works in Theology 
and Miscellaneous Literature, 




TINENT. By George Waddington, D.D., Dean of Durham ; Au- 
thor of '' A History of the Church from the Earliest Ages to the Reforma- 
tion," &c. &c. In Three Vols. 8vo, price 1/. lis. Qd. cloth. 

Rev. John Jebb, A.M., Prebendary of Limerick, and Curate of East 
Farleigh, Kent. In 12mo, price Gs. cloth. 

" It is a thoughtful, perspicuous, and beautiful comment on the Articles of 'the Holy 
Catholic Church,' and the Communion of Samts." British Critic. 

" It is not our provmce to decide on the correctness of his explanations, but we are bound 
to bestow our meed of praise on the clearness and simplicity of the style, and on the tone of 
affectionate earnestness with which the danger of neglecting the investigation of divine truth 
is impressed on the reader." Athenaeum. 


ill 1811, now first published : Memoir on the Ruins, with Engravings from 
the Original Sketches by the Author ; Remarks on the Topography of Ancient 
Babylon. By Major Renneli,, in reference to the Memoir. Second 
Memoir on the Ruins, in reference to Major Rennell's Remarks, with 
Narrative of a Journey to Persepolis ; now first printed, with hitherto 
nnpublislied Cuneiform Inscriptions copied at Persepolis. By the late 
Claudius James Rich, Esq., formerly the Resident of the Honourable 
East India Company at Bagdad. Edited by his Widow. In One handsome 
Vol. 8vo, with numerous Embellishments, price 21s. cloth. 
By the same Author, 

SITE of ANCIENT NINEVEH, with Journal of a Voyage down 
the Tigris to Bagdad, and an Account of a Visit to Sheraz and Persepolis, 
witli Maps and a Plan of Nineveh from original Observations, and numerous 
Illustrations. In Two Vols. 8vo, 30s. cloth. 


the HEBREWS ; an Inquiry, in which the received title of the Greek 
Epistle is vindicated against the cavils of objectors, ancient and modern, 
from Origen to Sir J. D. Michaelis, chiefly upon grounds of internal 
evidence hitherto unnoticed ; comprising a comparative analysis of the style 
and structure of this Epistle, and of the indisputed Epistles of St. Paul ; 
tending to throw liglit upon their interpretation. By the Rev. Charles 
FoKSTER, B.D. Rector of Stisted, E&sex, and one of the Six Preachers in 
the Cathedral of Christ, Canterbury. In One thick Vol. 8vo, 21a\ cloth. 

2 Valuable Works 


M.R.I. A., containing Essays, chiefly explanatory of Christian Doctrine, 
and Confidential Letters, with Private Papers, illustrative of the Writer's 
Character, Sentiments, and Life. Four Vols. 8vo, 48s. bds. 

*^* Vols. III. and IV. to complete the First Edition of Vols. I. and II., 
price 2 As. bds. 

May be had separately, 

THE DOCTRINE of the SACRAMENTS, as exhibited in several 
Treatises. First published in " The Remains of Alexander Knox, Esq." 
Price 5s. boards. 

COMPANION for a SICK BED; consisting of Selections 
from Scripture and from the Book of Common Prayer; with apjn'opriate 
Hymns, adapted to the uses of a Sick Chamber. 4*. in cloth. 


GOD, from the Facts and Laws of the Physical Universe, being the Fonnda- 
tion of Natural and Revealed Relifjion. By John Macculi.och, M.D., , 
F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., &c. &c. Three Vols. 8vo, price 36*. boards. j 

" We cannot refrain, while we are at all on the subject of natural relision, from recom- ; 
mending the latf Dr. MaccuUoch's three volumes, entitled ' Proofs and Illustrations of the ' 
Attributes of God ;' they are the ripe fruits of long and earnest study, replete with interest- 
ing research and multifarious information," Bn7tsA Critic. 

" The talented writer of this inimitable work is no more; but stupendous is the monument 
which his genius has erected, ."^uch an exuberance of ability flows through every part of these 
elaborate volumes, that it is difficult to make a selection for the purposes of a review ; for the 
great extent to which these researches have been carried compels us to be restricted in our 
remarks, and unwillingly to pass by much which would gratify the general reader." Church 
vf England (^arterly Review, 

THE LIFE of JOHN JEBB, D.D., F.R.S., late Bishop 

of Limerick. With a Selection from his Letters. By the Rev. Charles 
FoRSTER, B.D., Rector of Stisted, Essex, and one of the Six Preachers 
in the Cathedral of Christ, Canterbnry, formerly Domestic Chaplain to 
the Bishop. 

Second Edition, in One Vol. 8vo, (the two vols, compressed), illustrated 
with Portrait, &c., price 16s. cloth. 

As a relative and a friend. Bishop Jebb here shines as brightly as he does as a scholar ; 
and what is yet more valuable, they who had not the privilege of seeing Bishop Jebb after his 
illness will learn from Mr. Forster an accurate and most interesting account how a Christian 
could suffer, and turn his suffering into a blessing to himself and others. The whole of the 
biography is written in a spirit of good feeling and good taste, which do the highest honour 
to Mr. Forster." British Magazine. 

" The Life of this exemplary Prelate, this amiable, accomplished, and pious man, not I 
only teems with the most weighty lessons, of a practical kind, for the imitation of every 
Churchman in England, and still more especially in Ireland at thepresenttime, but it exhibits 
one of the most engaging and soundly constituted characters that have ever been delineated 
for the lasting benefit of mankind." Monthly Review. 

JEBB. D.D.. F.R.S., Bishop of Limerick. Ardfert, and Aghadoe, and 
ALEXANDER KNOX, Esq. M.R.I. A. Edited by the Rev. 
Forster. B.D , Rertor of Stisted, Essex, and one of the Six Preachers 
in the Cathedral of Christ, Canterbury, formerly Domestic Chaplain to 
Bishop Jebb. Two Vols. 8vo. Second Edition, with Translations of tlie 
Greek and Latin Passages, and an Index. 28. boards. 

Published by D vac A^ and Malcolm. 3 

PRACTICAL THEOLOGY; comprising Discourses on the 
Liturgy and Principles of the United Church of England and Ireland; 
Critical and other Tracts ; and a Speech delivered in the House of Peers in 
1824. By John Jebb, D.D., F.R.S., Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and 
Aghadoe. Two Vols. 8vo. Second Edition, 24s. boards. 

" No work which has recently fallen into our hands more amply fulfils the promise of its 
title than that now before us." Quarterly Theolog. Review. 

By the same Author, 

SERMONS on Subjects chiefly Practical ; with illustrative Notes, and 
an Appendix relating to the Character of the Church of England, as dis- 
tinguished both from other Branches of the Reformation, and from the 
modern Church of Rome. Fourth Edition, corrected. One Vol. 8vo, 
105. 6d. boards. 

Works edited by Bishop Jebb. 

an ADDRESS to POSTERITY. By Gilbert Burnet, D.D.,late 

Bishop of Sarum, with the Two Prefaces to the Dublin Editions. To which 

Anne, Countess Dowager of Rochester, upon her Son's Last Illness and 
Conversion, Edited, with an Introduction and Notes. Second Edition, in 
Foolscap 8vo, Ts. bds. 

*,^* A few copies may still be had of the first edition in 8vo, price 10s. 6d. 

a Manual of Christian Faith and Practice, selected from the Writings of 
Scougal, Charles Howe, and Cudworth ; with Corrections and occasional 
Notes. Second Edition, in foolscap 8vo, 7*' boards. 

*^* The same work in One Vol. 8vo, first Edition, price 12s. boards. 

PRACTICAL DISCOURSES: a Selection from the unpublished Manu- 
scripts of the late Venerable Thomas Townson, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Richmond ; one of the Rectors of Malpas, Cheshire ; and some time Fellow 
of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford ; with a Biographical Memoir, by 
Archdeacon Churton. Third Edition, in One Vol. 8vo, price 10s. Gd. bds. 

THE REMAINS of WILLIAM PHELAN, D.D.; with a Biographi- 
cal Memoir. Second Edition. Two Vols. 8vo, 2ls. boards. 

JESUS CHRIST ; being a Critical Revision of the English Version of the 
New Testament, with the aid of most Ancient JManuscripts, unknown to the 
age in which that version was last put forth by authority. By Granville 
Penn, Esq. In 8vo, price 10s. cloth. 

Also, by the same Author, 

ANNOTATIONS to the BOOK of the ^EW COVENANT, with 
an Expository Preface; with which is reprinted I. L. HuG, " De Anti- 
quitate Codicis Vaticani Commentaiio." In 8vo, 15*. cloth. 

COVENANT. A New Edition, Revised and Extended. In 8vo, 5s. cloth. 

Thesevolumes are full of the newest, most important, and most authentic suggestions on 
the very highest topics of Scripture. The notes are of groaf value, and touch upon nearly 
all the prominent difficulties of the text. The spirit of the performance is orthodox, reve- 
rential, and rational On the whole, Mr. Penn has conferred an inestimable service on the 
Church ; and his books ought to be in the hands of every m&r\." Literary Gazette. 

4 Valuable Works 


TURES, their Nature, Interpretation, and some of their most important 
Doctrines, preached before the University of Cambridge. To which are 
annexed Two Dissertations; the first on the Reasonableness of the 
Orthodox Views of Christianity as opposed to the RationaHsm of Germany ; 
the second on the Interpretation of Prophecy generally, with an ori- 
ginal Exposition of the Book of Revelation, shewing that the whole of 
that remarkable Prophecy has long ago been fulfilled. By the Rev. S. Lee, 
B.D., Regiu* Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge. One 
Vol. 8vo, 14*. boards. 

By the same Author, 

THE BOOK of the PATRIARCH JOB. Translated from the 
original Hebrew, as nearly as possible in the terms and style of the 
authorised English Version. To which is prefixed, an Introduction on the 
History, Times, Country, Friends, &c., of the Patriarch ; with some 
Strictures on the Views of Bishop Warburton, and of the Rationalists of 
Germany, on the same subject. And to which is appended a Commentary, 
Critical and Exegetical, containing Elucidations of many other passages of 
Holy Writ. In 8vo, I8s. cloth. 

THE WHOLE WORKS of the Most Reverend Father 
in God, ROBERT LEIGHTON, D.D., Archbishop of Glasgow. To which 
is prefixed an entire new Life of the Author, by the Rev. J. N. Pearson, 
M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the Most Noble the 
Marquess Wellesley. Four Vols. 8vo, with a Portrait, 36*. boards. 

" We have placed a new edition of Archbishop Leighton's Works at the head of this 
article; and, as Mr. Coleridge has neglected to furnish the biographical notice he had pro- 
mised, we shall endeavour to supply its place by a few particulars of his life and writings, 
principally extracted from a spirited and eloquent Memoir prefixed to the new edition, by 
the Rev, Norman Pearson. It is a reproach to the present age, that his valuable writings, 
breathing as they do the sublimest and purest spirit of piety, rich in beautiful images and 
classical learning, throughout abounding in practical reflections, and all expressed with the 
sweetest and simplest eloquence, should have been neglected among us." British Critic. 

** The above may be had, printed in a small but neat type, and com- 
pressed into Two Volumes, price 21s. boards. 
By the same Author, 
ST. PETER, and other Expository Works. To which is prefixed an 
entirely new Life of the Author, by the Rev. J. N. Pearson, M.A. Trinity 
College, Cambridge, &c. Two Volumes 8vo, with Portrait, 18s. boards. 
* Compressed into One Volume, 10s. 6d. 

The WHOLE WORKS of the Right Rev. JEREMY TAY- 
LOR, D.D., liord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore, with a Life 
of the Author, and a Critical Examination of his Writings. By the Right 
Rev. Reginald Heber, D.D., late Lord Bishop of Calcutta. In 15 
Volumes 8vo, Third collected Edition of the Entire VVorks, price 7^. 17- 6d. 

Also may be had separate, by the same Author, 

HOLY LIVING and DYING ; together with Prayers, containing the 
Whole Duty of a Christian, and the parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions^ 
and furnished for all Necessities. Small 8vo, 7- boards ; ll*. morocco. 

*^* This Edition has been carefully compared with the best octavo edi- 
tions, all otliers of the same size printed of late years being deficient in the 
Notes and the numerous Quotations of the Author. 

A COURSE of SERMONS for all the SUNDAYS of the YEAR. 
Two Vols. 8vo, price 24*. boards. 

The LIFE of the Right Rev. JEREMY TAYLOR. In One Vol. 
8vo, with a Portrait, price 10s. 6d. boards. 

Published bi/ Duncan and Malcolm. 5 

THE SHUNAMMITE: a Series of Lectures and Re- 
flections on 2 Kings iv. 11-35. By the Rev. Henry Woodward, 
A.M., formerly of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Rector of Fethard, in 
the Diocess of Cashel. In Two Vols. Either volume may be had separately 
price 6s. 

By the same Author, 

VARIOUS SUBJECTS. In 8vo, Third Edition, 12s. boards. 

SERMONS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS, with Three Lectures on the 
First Chapter of the Book of Ruth. 8vo, Second Edition, price 10s. 6d. bds. 

of Lectures on the Principal Events of Passion Week. By the Rev. Wal- 
ter Fahquhae Hook, D.D., Vicar of Leeds, Chaplain in Ordinary to 
the Queen. 

Third Edition, compressed into small 8vo, price 6s. boards. 

taining Two for each Sunday, and one for each Holyday ; abridged from 
the most eminent Divines of the Established Church, and adapted to the 
Service of the Day : intended for the Use of Families and Schools. Dedi- 
cated, by permission, to the Lord Bishop of London. By the Rev. J. R. 
Pitman, A.M., alternate Morning Preacher of Belgrave and Berkeley 
Chapels. In Two Vols. 8vo, 2l6'. boards. 

" There is no question which the clergy are more frequently asked, and to which they 
find it more difficult to give a satisfactory reply, than this What sermons would they recom- 
mend for the use of a private family ? There are so many circumstances which render the 
greater part of modern discourses totally unfit for the purposes of domestic instruction, and 
the old standards, unmodernised, are so little intelligible to common ears, that it is no easy 
matter to point out any set of discourses embracing a sufficient variety to excite attention, 
at the same time forcibly inculcating the pure doctrines and practical precepts of Christianity. 
We really think that Mr. Pitman's work bids fair to supply the deficiency which has been so 
much regretted." Quarterli/ Theolog. Review. 

*,* A Third Edition, revised throughout, of the FIRST COURSE, is 
just published, same size and price as above. 


from its Erection at Jerusalem down to the Present Time. Designed for the 
Use of Schools, Families, &c. By the Rev. John Fry, B.A., Rector of 
Desford, in Leicestershire. One Vol. 8vo, 12s. boards. 

" His matter is unquestionably selected with judgment, and luminously arranged; his 
language is clear and concise, and not deficient in elegance; and we rise from the perusal 
of his work with very favourable impressions of his character, with which otherwise we 
are unacquainted." Theological Revieiv. 

" To such readers as wish for an Ecclesiastical History, written on the model of Milner's, 
and animated by the same spirit, Mr. F.'s work wiU be highly acceptable, particularly as 
it is complete, and comprised within a single volume." Eclectic Review. 
By the same Author, 

SCRIPTURE, which are yet to have their Accomplishment before the 
coining of the Lord in Glory, or at the Establishment of his Everlasting 
Kingdom. One Vol. 8vo. IOa'. 6d. boards. 

BOOK OF JOB ; with Notes, explanatory and philological. One VoLvo, 
\2s. boards. 

LECTURES, Explanatory and Practical, on the EPISTLE of ST. PAUL 
to the ROMANS. Second Edition, One Vol. 8vo, 12*. boards. 

CANTICLES; or, SONG OF SOLOMON: a new Translation, with 
Notes, and an Attempt to interpret the Sacred Allegories contained in 
that Book ; to which is added, an Essay on the Name and Character of the 
Redeemer. One Vol. 8vo. Second Edition, 6s. boards. 

6 Valuable Works 

BIBLIA HEBRAICA, secundum ultimam editionem Jos. 
Athi^, a JoHANNE Leusdek denuo recognitam, recensita, atque ad 
Masoram, et correctiores, Bombergi, Stephani, Plantini, aliorumque edi- 
tiones, exquisite adornata, variisque notis illustrata. Ab Everardo Vav 
DER HooGHT, V.D.M. Edltio nova, recognita, et emendata. a Jubah 
d'Ali-emand. New Edition, in One Volume, on fine paper (1200 pages), 
price 21s. boards ; and on inferior paper, but very superior to any Foreign 
Edition, 155. boards. 

" The most correct Edition of the Hebrew Scriptures is the last reprint of Van der Hooght's 
Hebrew Bible, which has been revised by Professor Hurwitz." Journal of Education. 


compiled from tbe most approved Sources, Oriental and European, Jewish 
and Christian ; containing all the Words with their usual Inflexions, Idiom- 
atic Usages, &c.. as found in the Hebrew and Chaldee Texts of the Old 
Testament. And, for the convenience of the Ivearner, arranged, as far as 
practicable, in the Order of the Hebrew Alphabet ; manv hitherto obscure 
Terms, Phrases, and Passages explained ; and many Errors of former 
Grammarians and Commentators pointed out and corrected. To which are 
added. Three Appendixes. Tbe first containincf a Plan witb Two Sections, 
and a short Description of the Temple of Solomon, its Courts. Furniture. Sec. : 
the second, an Enirlish Index, alphabetically arransred, forming a reversed 
Dictionary. English, Hebrew, and Chaldee; the tbird, presenting certain 
Additions, Corrections, &c., to the Lexicon erenerallv. By Samuel Lee, 
D.D., Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge, Pre- 
bendary of Bristol, Rector of Barley, Herts, &c. In One thick Vol. 8vo, 
25*. cloth. 

By the same Author. 
A GRAMMAR of the HEBREW LANGUAGE ; comprised in a Series 
of Lectures, compiled from the best Authorities, and principally from 
Oriental Sources ; designed for the Use of Students in the Universities. 
In 8vo. Third Edition (reduced in price), 125. cloth. 

AN ANALYSIS of the TEXT of the HISTORY of 
JOSEPH, upon the Principle of Professor Lee's HEBREW GRAM- 
MAR, and adapted to the Second and Tbird Editions of it. By the Rev. 
Alfred Ollivakt. D.D. F.C.P.S., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, Vice- Principal of St. David's College, and one of the Examining 
Chaplains to the Lord Bishop of St. David's. Third Edition, in 8vo, 6s. 

ELEMENTS of HEBREW GRAMMAR (without Points). 
To which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Two IModes of Readine. with 
or without Points. By Charxes Wilson, D.D., late Professor of Church 
History in the University of St. Andrew's. Fifth Edition, in 8vo, price; 
105. 6d. boards. 

A HEBREW PRIMER ; intended as an Introduction to the 
Spelling and Reading of Hebrew with the Points, compiled for the Use 
of Children and Beginners. By the Rev. A. IVI'Caul, A.M., of Trinity 
Cdll^e, Dublin. Fifth Edition. In 8vo, \s. 6d. 

A KEY to the HEBREW SCRIPTURES; hein^ an 

Explanation of every Word in the order in which it occnrs. To which is 
prefixed a short but compendious Hebrew Grammar, without points ; with 
some Remarks on Chaldee, prefixed to the Book of Daniel. The whole 
adapted to the Use of Learners, and even of those who have not the Benefit 
of a Master. By the Rev. James Prosser. A.M.. Pfrpptnal Ctuate of 
Loudvvater, Bucks. In dvo. Second Edition, price 8s. ftd. cloth. 

Published by Duncan and Malcolm. 7 

LIBER PSALMORUM : ad Editionem Hooghtianem accu- 
ratissime adornatus. 3s. boards. 

RIAH. By the Rabbi David Kimchi. Translated from the Hebrew, 
witli Notes and Observations on the Passages relating to the Messiah. By 
the Rev. Alexander M'Caul, A.M., of Trinity College, Dublin. In 
8vo, price Is. boards. 

THE AJAX of SOPHOCLES, illustrated by English Notes. 
By the Rev. J. R. Pitman, A.M., alternate Morning Preacher of Belgrave 
and Berkeley Chapels. In 8vo, 9s. bds. 

The Editor has endeavoured to comprise in the notes the most useful remarks of all the 
commentators on this play, and has made numerous references to the works of modern 
critics, by whom the force, either of single words or of idiomatical expressions, has been 

CHRISTIAN RECORDS ; or, a Short and Plain History 
of the CHURCH of CHRIST : containing the Lives of the Apostles*; 
an Account of the Sufferings of Martyrs ; the Rise of the Reformation, 
and the present State of the Christian Church. By the Rev. Thomas 
Sims, M.A. SevtMith Edition. One Volume, 18mo, witli a beautiful 
Frontispiece, '6s. 6d. boards. 

Every Protestant child and young person should be generally acquainted with the outline 
of the history of the Church of Christ, and for this purpose we cannot recommend a better 
manual than that before us." Christian Observer. 

** This little Volume has been in part translated into the modern Greek 
and Chinese languages, by the Rev. Mr. Jowett and Dr. Milne ; and the 
Author has a Letter received from the late Right Rev. Dr. Corrie, Bishop 
of IMadras, dated Ship Exmouth, 21 June, 1835, with the following inti- 
mation : 

' J have bii me, and intend to have printed, please God I arrive at Madras, the whole of Christ- 
ian Records translated into Hindoostanee. This language is used by Mahomedans all over 
India, and understood by most Hindoos." 

DIVINE PROVIDENCE; or, the Three Cycles of Revela- 
ti<m ; shewing the perfect Parallelism, civil and religious, of the Patriarchal, 
Jewish, and Christian Eras ; the whole forming a new Evidence of the 
Divine Origin of Chr'stianity. By the Rev. George Croly, LL.D., 
Rector of St. Ste})hen's, Walbrook, Loudon. One Vol. 8vo, 15s. bds. 


Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the 
Church, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland. 
By the Rev. John H. Pindek, M.A.,late Principal ofCodrington College, 
Biubadoes. In 12mo, 5*. 6d. boards. 

By the same Author, 
THE CANDIDATE for the MINISTRY: a Course of Expository 
Lectures on tlie First Epistle of Paul the Apo.stle to Timothy. Price 6s. 6d. 

TIONS respecting that FREEDOM of WILL which is supposed to be 
Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, 
Praise and Blame. By Jonathan Edwards, A.M. With an Intro- 
ductory Essay by the Author of" Natural History of Lnthusiasni." One 
Vol. 8vo, 12i".; or in One Vol. 12mo, 8*. Qd. boards. 

8 Valuable Works Published by'Du^c a^ a^d Malcolm. 

the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. By George 
Miller, D.D., M.R.I. A., formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. 
Four Vols. 8vo, 21. 2s. boards. 

" His work possesses a unity of subject, harmony of proportion, and connexion of parts, 
that render it not merely the best modern history in our language, but the only one from 
which a student can obtam a systematic view of the progress of civilization. Another merit 
of Dr. Miller's work is, that it necessarily leads to the consideration of the important his- 
torical problem to which we have more than once referred, the operation of opinion upon 
action." Fordgn {Quarterly Review. 

MONTROSE and the COVENANTERS; their Characters 
and Conduct Illustrated, from Private Letters and other Original Documents, 
hitherto unpublished ; embracing the Times of Charles I., from the Rise of 
tlie Troubles in Scotland to the Death of Montrose. By Mark Napier, 
Esq. Advocate. Two Vols. 8vo, price 24s. boards. 

SIR THOMAS STAMFORD RAFFLES, F.R.S. &c., particularly in 
the Government of Java, 1811-181G, and of Bencoolen and its Dependencies, 
1817-1824; wiih Details of the Commerce and Resources of the Eastern 
Archipelago, and Selections from his Correspondence. With a Portrait 
and other Illustrations. By his Widow. New Edition, in Two Vols. 8vo, 
24s. boards. 

ELEMENTS of CONCHOLbOY, according to the Linnsean 
System; illustrated by Twenty-eight Plates, drawn from Nature. By the 
Rev. E. I. Burrow, A.M., &c. Third Edition, One Vol. 8vo, IGs. 
boards ; or beautifully coloured by Sowerby, 1/. lis. 6c?. boards. 

TABLES of INTEREST, at 3, 4, 4J, and 5 per Cent, 
from 1/. to 10,000/., and from 1 to 365 days, in a regular progression 
of single days; with Tables at all the above rates from 1 to 12 months, 
and from 1 to 10 years. By John Thomsok, Accountant in Edinburgh. 
One Volume, 12mo, Eleventh Edition, 8s. bound. 

A HISTORY of BRITISH ANIMALS, exhibiting the 
descriptive Characters and systematical Arrangement of the Genera and 
Species of Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Mollusca, and Radiata, of 
the United Kingdom ; including the Indigenous, Extirpated, and Extinct 
Kinds ; together with Periodical and Occasional Visitants. By John 
FLE3IING, D.D., F.R.S.E., M.W.S., &c., and Author of the " Philosophy 
of Zoology." One Vol. 8vo, 18s. boards. 

' This very important work, which has just appeared, we consider as infinitely superior to 
any Natural History of British Animals hitherto published. It will become the standard 
book on British Animals." J amieson's Journal of Science. 

liam Brockedon, Author of " Illustrations of Passes of the Alps," &c. 
One Vol. 8vo, 10s, Qd. boards. 

" Mr. Brockedon knows how to wield the pen as well as the pencil." Spectator. 





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