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Shortly after the death of my father, in 1903, 
I received a letter from W. L. Kinkead of Pater- 
son, N. J. who was seeking' information concern- 
ing his paternal ancestors. He requested me 
to give him what information I could relative to 
my immediate family. 

As I had received many such requests prior 
to this time, I conceived the idea of learning 
what I could of my ancestors and after compil- 
ing, have it printed in form of a pamphlet, so 
that when I received such queries in the future, 
I could mail a copy, to save time in searching 
notes, writing, etc., but when I began to do this 
I soon learned of the magnitude of the under- 

When I asked the older members of my 
family, I discovered that they knew little more 
than I knew. Knowing that my Great-grand- 
father had lost his life in the siege of Fort 
Meigs, in 1813, I wrote the Adjutant General 
of Ohio, for records of his service and was 
informed that Samuel Kincaid enlisted in Ross 
County, Ohio, served through the war and was 
honorably discharged, and that the records of 
the War of 1812 were very meager and indefi- 
nite. So, that there was either two Samuel 
Kincaids who enlisted from, or near the same 

T.v, >i^.;i 

place, or the records on file in Columbus, Ohio, 
are not correct. 

Captain Langham, under whom Samuel Kin- 
caid served, wrote a personal letter to Samuel 
Kincaid's wife informing her of the death of 
her husband and the date of his death was 
recorded in his family Bible, which is in a good 
state of preservation to-day. 

I also failed to get any information of value 
at the War Department at Washington, D. C. 

I found, also, that different relatives of my 
family who were scattered through-out the 
country, could not help me much. Some re- 
sponded by giving me all details, while others 
neglected to write me in detail. 

Many criticisms will no doubt be made of 
these notes, especially in regard to names, dates, 
etc., and I am frank to say that, no doubt I 
have made many errors but have done the best 
I could with what information was obtainable. 

I wish to express my gratitude for assistance 
given me by W. Scott Kincaid, of West Union, 
Ohio, Colonel Frank Hayward Kincaid, formerly 
of Davenport, Iowa, now of Des Moines, Iowa, 
W. L. Kinkead, of Paterson, X. J. and the ven- 
erable R. C. Kinkead, (now deceased), of 
Greenfield, Ohio., 

Sardinia, Ohio, Jan. 2, 1922. 



G. L. Kincaid 

The name, Kincaid, is, without doubt, from 
the old Scotch, "Kyncade, Kinkead, Kinkaid," 
or "Hyn-hyrd," or as in the Gaelic, (there being 
no "K"), *'Cean-Cead" or "Ceann-Chead", 
meaning ''head of a hundred," or literaly, "The 
head of a hundred men". 

Evidently, our paternal ancestor was the 
Chief, or "head man" of one of the "clans" of 

Our ancestors left Scotland after the trouble- 
some times of 1688 and settled in the Northern 
part of Ireland, whence several brothers of the 
name came to America about the year 1707, 
others following from time to time. 

Why the spelling of the name was changed 
from "Kincaid", no one knows, nor does it seem 
to have been adhered to until after the Revol- 
utionary War, when some branches of the 
family began using the forms of "Kinkead, 
Kincade, Kinkaid, Kinkade, etc.," but all are 
corruptions of the original "Kincaid". 

In a book entitled "The Parish of Campsie," 
by John Cameron, Kirkintilloch, Scotland, and 
published by D. McLeod, 17 Cowgate Street, 
Kirkintilloch, Scotland, 1892, on page 183 is 
the following article :- 


^^i. ■ ■.''''/f>i, l^.-i}?P..T)i ''"H' 

"We first hear of K>Ticaid in 1238, when a 
Galbraith got a charter for these lands. The 
Galbraiths parted with Kjmcade lands after 
havino: possessed them 40 years, and now we 
find next that another family thus acquired by 
charter from Maldwin, 4th. Earl of Lennox, in 
1280; and this family then took their surname 
from their property. These Kyncade lands ex- 
tended from Glazert to the Kelwin. This family 
have not made any grear n:ark in history, but 
one of them distinguished himself for gallant 
conduct against the English, and for his valiant 
services in recovering Edinburgh Castle from 
the English in the time of Edward The First, 
the then Laird of Kincaid was made Constable 
of Edinburgh Castle, and his posterity enjoyed 
that office for a considerable period. He had 
the Castle on the Kincaid shield granted as an 
honorable augmentation to hia armorial bear- 
ings. These were, Gu. a fess. erm. hetw. two 
millets in chief, or. and a castle triple towered 
in base ar. masoned sa.- Crest- A castle, as in 
the arms, and issuing therefrom a dexter arm 
embowed, grasping a sword ppr. Supporiers- 
Two Highlanders, armed v.ith cuirasses, each 
grasping a Lochaber Axe, all ppr. Motto- 
"I'll defend". This shield may be seen on the 
tombstones at Clachan church yard, and above 
the Lennox Arms Inn, Lennoxtov/n, where it 
ia quartered with the Lennox arms, which are~ 
Ar. a saltire gu. between four roses of the last, 
barbed vert. Crest.-- Two broadswords in Lai- 
tire behind an imperial crown ail ppr. Support- 


ers— Two savages, wreathed head and middle 
with oak, holding in their hands clubs. Motto— 
"I'U defend". 

In Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire there is 
mention made of an old Broad sword belong- 
ing to a branch of the family, upon which are 
the Kincaid arms as given, with these words :- 
"WTia will pursew, I will defend 
My life and honour to the end.'"'" 
When the Kincaida obtained their lands in 
1820, (e\idently an error in this date.-G.L.K.), 
they would have to get a suitable residence, and 
they seem shortly afterwards to have built, 


The original tower of Kincade has disappear- 
ed so completely that there is uncertainty about 
its site. 

The modem mansion was erected at three 
different times. The oldest portion, where the 
kitchen is, was built about 1690, the next oldest 
about 1750, and the modern large square por- 
tion, with its central staircase, its tower, and 
its four corner turrets, about 1812. The main 
idea of this new portion was taken from the 
Castle of Inveraray, which was destroyed by 
fire a few years ago." This book has many 
references to Kincaids, but these seem to be 
the most interesting. 

In January 1903, the venerable R. C. Kinkead 
of Greenfield, O. (now deceased), sent a copy 
of this extract from *'The Parish of Compsie," 
to Robert Cleves Kinkead, an attorney of 

Louisville, Ky, requesting him to obtain from f 
some person versed in the Scotch dialect, a * 
translation or explanation of the terms used | 
in the description of the Kincaid shield. This | 
gfentleman obtained from a Scotch clerg\-man ^ 
then residing- in Louisville, . the following ex- 5 
planation :- | 
"Two of the terms "Gu. and Erm." might be } 
Gaelic but they are French, as indeed are all | 
heraldic terms. | 
"Gu." - Gule - Red. t 
"A" - Azure. | 
"Fess." - a broad band across the field of a ;' 
shield or escutcheon. " f 
"Erm". - Ermine. | 
"Hetw". (Am in doubt but probably an ab- 
breviation of (A) Hewyea). | 
"Two Millets". - Two stars or two rowels of r 
a spur. I 
"Ar". - Argent, glistening or silvery. I 
"Masoned" - Articulated or jointed like J 
masonry. | 
"Sa". - Sapphire. I 
"Ppr." - Perpura - Purple." " | 
Another explanation from "Burk's General •" 
Armory" is as follows:- : 
Gules, (red) a Fesse (a belt covering middle ^ 
third of the shield) Ermine, (white fur with - 
black dots, being an unuyually honorable aug- • ^ 
mentation) between two mullets (spur rowels) 
in chief, (top third of the shield) or, (gold or j^: 
yellow) and a castle tripled towered in base 

8 i 

(lower third of shield) argent, (silver) masoned, 
(pointed up) sable, (black). 

Crest, a castle as in the arms (fourth) line 
above this) and issuing therefrom a dexter 
(right) arm embowod (curved to strike) hold- 
ing a sword proper (in natural state and color 
as heraldic signs not so designated are only 
shown in natural fur and metal). 

Supporters (only allowed to families of des- 
cent from ducal or higher rank and to the 
Lenox-Cameron line) two Highlanders armed 
with cuirasses (a steel vest or breast and should- 
er covering) each holding a Lochabar Axe (the 
peculiar short handled small bitted weapon of 
the "Men of Lochabar" which the sub-clan title 
of the defenders of the rock "Caen Caedha" 
before their defense of the rock of Stirling, 
caused the Laird of the "Caen Caedha" to be 
given his grant of 30,000 Acres on the Campsie 
Fells and which when written, then and there 
in English was changed from Gaelic "Caen 
Caedha" and the earliest Scottish records show 
it "Kincaid" and the town and North British 
post-office so read to this day as here spelled 
and is correct". 

Family tradition says that about the year 
1797 or 1798, there came from Allegheny Coun- 
ty, Penn. to Manchester, Adams County, Ohio, 
one, Samuel Kincaid, who had married Sarah 
Reed and at that time had two or three children. 

This Samuel Kincaid enlisted in the War of 
1812, under Gen. William Henry Harrison, in 

the year 1812 and was killed at the siege of 
Fort Meiffs, on May 5th. 1813. 

Family tradition further sayr, that the father 
of this Samuel Kincaid was Robert Kincaid who 
married Margaret Daug-herty in Ireland whence 
they came to America, locating at or near where 
the City of Pittsburgh, Pa. now is. 

So much for family tradition. 

That Samuel Kincaid enlisted as a soldier 
in 1812 and was killed and buried at Fort Meigs, 
is indisputable for his family Bible is still in 
existance and contains a record of the time and 
place of his death, in addition to ihe names and 
dates of birth of each of his children, but con- 
tains nothing to show that his father's name 
was Robert or that his mother's name was 
Margaret tr that there was any other children 
besides Samuel. 

On September 12th. 1684, John Kincaid, 
Presbyterian (Covenanter) Preacher, of Camp- 
sie Parish, Stirlingshire, Scotland, was, with 
25 others, tried (on account of their religious 
belief), in the market place of Edinburgh, 
Scotland, by Lord Claverhouse' emissaries, and 
after burning, three and hanging four, John 
Kincaid was, with the remainder, rivetted fast 
to a chain and exiled in a galley to Barbadoes, 
West Indies, whence, with the assistance of his 
family, he escaped and settled at Upland, Pa. 

This John Kincaid had three sons, John, 
Thomas and Samuel. One of these three broth- 
ers, (not certain which) had a son John who 
was a Captain in 7th. Company, 1st. class 


Chester County Militia, in Colonel Evan Evans' 
Battalion, and later Military storekeeper at the 
Manor Meeting House in Chester County, Pa. 
(No vital dates as to birth or death), but he 
had a son Thomas who was born at Londonderry, 
Chester County, Pa., on Dec. 13th. 1755 and 
died July 3rd. 1819 and is buried at Winchester, 
Ohio. He was a Sarg-eant in Captain William 
Henderson's Company of Daniel Morgan's Ftifle 
Regiment of Sharpshooters in the War of the 

He went, with a large Pennsylvania emigra- 
tion, to Xorthern Virginia in tiie early 1780's 
and later, with his family, to Limestone (nov; 
Maysville), Ky. in 1796 and in 1797 to the 
Block Houses at Manchester, Adams Country, 
Ohio. His wife was Mary Mackey, born at 
Londonberry, Chester County, Pa. on September 
26th. 1759 and died and buried at Winchester, 
Ohio, March 10th. 1824. 

This Thomas Kincaid had three sons, \i2: 
Thomas, Colonel John, and Samuel, who went 
with their father to the Block Houses at Man- 
chester, Ohio in 1797. 

(These last records are from W. Scott Kincaid 
of West Union, Ohio, and Colonel frank Hay- 
ward Kincaid of Davenport, Iowa, and are un- 
doubtedly correct). 

Now, was the Samuel Kincaid, last mention- 
ed, (son of Thomas Kincaid), the same Samuel 
mentioned in the beginning of these records, 
(whom family tradition says was son of Robert 
Kincaid), or did two Samuel Kincaids arrive at 


(■;■' ■■: i;:;.' 

the Block Houses at Manchester, O. at about 
the same time? 

No evidence is now obtainable to decide, 
although it is definitely known that the descend- 
ants of the Samuel Kincaid, who was killed at 
Fort Meig-s, and who afterward located in Brown 
County, Ohio, (near Sardinia), claimed very 
close relationship with the descendants of 
Thomas Kincaid in Adams County, Ohio, and 
visited each other frequently. 

The family Bible of Samuel Kincaid who 
married Sarah Reed is still in a good state of 
preservation and gives the date of his death 
and the dates of the birth of all his children. 

Beginning with Samuel Kincaid, as Number 
one (No. 1.) it will be the object of this record 
to give, (so far as can be ascertained), the date 
of birth, marriage and death, of his descend- 
ants, giving to his oldest descendant the Number 
two, (No. 2.) and the next Number three (No. 
3.) etc, 


SAMUEL KINCAID, date of birth, unknown, 
killed in the siege of Fort Meigs on May 5th. 
1813 and buried on the field of battle. Married 
Sarah Reed. Date of birth of Sarah Reed, un- 
known. Date of Marriage unknown. UsLte of 
death of Sarah Reed - Kincaid, unknown. Buried 
near Sardinia, Ohio. 

Children of Samuel Kincaid and Sarah Reed- 



(2) Ann Kincaid, born April 22nd. 1791. 
Never married. Died at Fincastle, Ohio in the 
year 1863 and buried at Sardinia, Ohio. 

(3) Mathew Kincaid, born July 16th. 1793. 
Died Jan 9th. 1871 and buried at Sardinia, Ohio. 
Married Rebekah Curtis on Sept. 19th. 1816. 
Rebekah Curtis was born Dec. 18th. 1796 and 
died Aug. 3rd. 1838 and buried near Sardinia, 
Ohio. On Sept 1st. 1840 Mathew Kincaid 
married his second wife who was Lavina G. 
Hawkins. She was born May 31st. 1806 and 
died May 3rd. 1873 and buried at Sardinia, Ohio. 

(4) Robert Kincaid, born March 3rd. 1796 
and died Feb. 3rd. 1871 and buried at Sardinia, 
Ohio. He married Mary Breckenridg-e on April 
20th. 1820. Mary Breckenridge was born Feb. 
18th. 1803 and died Aug. 31st. 1897 and buried 
at Sardinia, Ohio. 

(5) Reed Kincaid, born Feb. 16th. 1799, 
died April 13th. 1874 and buried at Sardinia, 
Ohio. He married Josephine Creed-McVey, 
(date of birth of Josephine Creed-McVey 1822, 
date of her marriage to Reed Kincaid, unknown) 
Josephine Creed McVey-Kincaid died in the year 

(6) Margaret Kincaid was born April 26th. 
1801 and died Feb. 8th. 1865. She married 
David Sayres, (dates of marriage and of birth 
and death of David Sayres unknown). 

(7) Samuel Kincaid, born Aug. 16th. 1804, 
and died in the year 1872. He married Jemima 
Colter, (date of marriage and dates of birth 
and death of Jemima Colter, unknown). Samuel 


Kincaid married for his second wife a Mrs. 
Ballard. No dates as to birth, death or marriage 
of Mrs. Ballard-Kincaid. 

(8) Peninnah Kincaid, born Dec. 24th. IsOo. 
died March 12th. 1ST9. She married Richard H. 
Masters on Aug. ISth. 1835. Richard H. Mast- 
ers was born Nov. 23rd. 1814 and died Dec. 
30th. 1891. 


(2) Ann Kincaid died without issue. 
Children of ^Mathew Kincaid, (3) and Reb- 
'ekah Curtis-Kincaid. 

(9) Mary Kincaid, born June IGth. 1817 died 
Aug. 22nd. . 1878, she married George Ewing. 
No dates as to marriage. 

(10) Samuel Kincaid, bcrn Aug. 28th. 1819. 
died Nov. 1st. 1820. 

(11) Jeptha Curtis Kincaid, born Oct. IGth. 
1821, died Aug. 18th. 1830. 

(12) Paul Reed Kincaid, born Dec. 16th. 
1823, died June 29th. 1903. He married Lo 
Ruhamah Dunn on Aug. 19th. 1847. Ld Ruha- 
mah Dunn was born Dec. 27th. 1824 and died 
Dec. 27th. 1891. 

(13) Thursa Ann Kincaid was born June 7th. 
1826. She married Turntr Wilson about the 
year 1849. Date of death unknown. 

(14) William Kincaid was born Aug. 19th. 
1829 and died Aug. 25th. 1830. 

(15) Joseph Curtis PCincaid was born Sept. 
2nd. 1831 and died June 3rd. 1914. 

He married Malinda Staggs on Nov. 16th. 


1868. Date of birth of Malinda Stagg-s unknown, 
she died Aug. 14th. 1872. 

(16) Irene Kincaid born Dec. 21st. 1833. 
Date of death unknown. 

(17) Mathew Gary Kincaid was born Oct. 
21st. 1837 and died Jan. 24th. 1906. 

His firit wife was Lida Kurtz, date of marriage 
and dates of birth and death of Lida Kurtz 

Children of Mathew Kincaid, (3) and his 
second wife Leuina G. Hawkins. 

(18) Dyer Burgess Kincaid, born July 28th. 
1841 and died. 

He married Levina Naylor on July 3rd. 1862. 
Levina Xaylor was born Nov. 5th. 1842, and 
died. — 

(19) Sarah Ellen Kincaid was born Sept. 
20th. 1842. and died March 1st. 1863. 

(20) Daniel O'Connell Kincaid was born 
Sept. 10th. 1843 and died Nov. 16th. 1904. 

He married Mary Dawson on April 24th. 1867. 

(21) Eliza Jane Kincaid was born Dec. 10th. 
1844 and died March 4th. 1845. 

(22) Robert James Kincaid was born May 
12th. 1846 and died. — 

(23) Charles Torry Kincaid was born Sept. 
6th. 1847 and died April 18th. 1915. 

He married Mahala Gopperton on Oct. 24th. 
1873. Mahala Gopperton was born. — 

(24) Archelius Lamartine Kincaid was bom 
Aug. 28th. 1849 and died April 24th. 1904. 


He married Katie Hardwick on Sept. 5th. 1874. 
Katie Hardwick was born June 15th. 1859. 

Children of Robert Kincaid (4) and Mary 

(25) Lucinda Kincaid was born Jan. 23rd. 
1821 and died. — 

She married David Beckinridge on Feb. 5th. 
1849. David Beckinridge died Feb. 15th. 1905. 

(26) Sarah Kincaid was born Nov. 19th. 
1822, and died Nov. 15th. 1846. 

(27) Mary Kincaid was born Nov. 18th. 1824 
and died July 26th. 1907. She married John 
McNeely on Aug. 12th. 1846. 

(28) Naomi Kincaid was born Oct. 4th. 1826 
and died June 11th. 1883. She married Joshua 
D. Rilea on Jan. 19th. 1847. 

(29) Roddy B. Kincaid was born Aug. 22nd. 
1828 and died Sept 30th. 1841. 

Children of Reed Kincaid, (5) and Josephine 

(30) Samuel M. Kincaid bom 1853, died 
March 3. 1905. 

(31) Robert C. Kincaid, bom 1855. 

(32) Sarah Kincaid, born July 9th. 1858, 
died Sept. 13th. 1882. 

(33) John Kincaid, born — died when about 
4 years old. 

Margaret Kincaid, (6) 
Married David Sears, 
(No Children). 


Children of Samuel Kincaid, (7) and Jemima 

(34) Jane Kincaid, married - Shigley, died 
near Hart, Mich. 

(35) Margaret Kincaid, married Peter Ballein. 
Died at Sardinia , O. 

(36) Mary Kincaid. 

«37) Catharine Kincaid, married George 

(38) James K. P. Kincaid, married — 

(8) Children of Peninnah Kincaid-Masters, 
and R. H. Masters, 

(39) Samuel C. Masters, born Aug. 8th. 1836. 

(40) Robert J. Masters, born Nov. 21st. 1838, 
died Dec. 11th. 1909. ■ 

(41) Norton R. Masters, born 1841, died May 
4th. 1845. 

(42) Ira Q. Masters, born Oct. 24th. 1843, 
died — 

(43) Albert Norris Masters, born July 18th, 
died — 


(10) Samuel Kincaid, born Aug. 28th. 1819. 
died Nov. 1st. 1820. 

(11) Jeptha Curtis Kincaid, born Oct. 16th. 
1821, died Aug. 18th. 1830. 

Children of Paul Reed Kincaid, (12) and Lo 
Ruhamah Dunn-Kincaid. 

(44). Didama I. Kincaid, born Oct. 2nd. 1848. 

(45) Thursa A. Kincaid, born Oct. 25th. 
1850. died Oct. 13th. 1916. 


(46) Geo. L. Kincaid, bom Sept. 18th. 1853. 

(47) Phoebe A. Kincaid, born Feb. 18th. 1856 
died Oct. 12rd. 1895. 

(48) Wm. I. Kincaid, born Nov. 13th. 1858. 

(49) Mathew E. Kincaid, born Nov. 22nd. 

(50) David E. Kincaid bom Nov. 22nd. 1862. 

(51) Mary Jeanette F. Kincaid, bom Aug. 
12th. 1866. 

(13) Children of Thursa Ann Kincaid- 
Wilson and Turner Wilson. 

(52) Mary Ellen Wilson, born — married, 

(53) Calvin Wilson — 

(54) Lincoln Wilson, born — died — 

(55) Annie L. Wilson, born — married H. A. 

(14) William Kincaid born Aug. 19th. 
1829, died Aug. 25th. 1830. 

(15) Children of Joseph C. Kincaid and 
Malinda Staggs-Kincaid. 

(56) Mary Kincaid, born — 

(57) George Kincaid, born — died in infancy. 
Irene Kincaid, (16) born Dec. 21st. 1833, 

died — (unmarried). 

Children of Mathew Carey Kincaid (17) and 
Lida Kurtz-Kincaid. 

(58) Elmer E. Kincaid, born — 

(59) Mary Kincaid, — died — 

Children of Mathew Gary Kincaid, (17) 
and Sarah Risley-Kincaid, (2nd.W.) 

(60) La Fayette Kincaid, born — 


(61) Marion Kincaid, bom — died — 

(62) Edna Kincaid, born — died — 

(63) Stanley Kincaid, born — 

(64) Alfred Kincaid, born — 

(65) Ralph Kincaid, born — 

Children of Dyer Burgess Kincaid, (18) and 
Columbine Xaylor-Kincaid. 

(66) Frank Kincaid, born — 

(67) Grover Kincaid, born — 

Dyer Burgess Kincaid married second wife but 
name unknown. 

Sarah Ellen Kincaid (19) died at age of 21 
years. (unmarried). 

Children of Daniel O. Kincaid (20) and 
Mary Daw^son Kincaid. 

(68) Archie Kincaid, born — 

(69) Frank Kincaid, born — 

(70) Nellie Kincaid, born — 

(71) Ada Kincaid, born — 

(72) Daniel Kincaid, born — died — 

(73) Henry Kincaid, born — 

(74) Eva Kincaid, — 

(75) Raumer Kincaid, born — 

(76) George Kincaid, born — died — 

Eliza Jane Kincaid (21) born Dec. 10th. 1844. 
died March 4th. 1845. 

Robert James Kincaid, (22) born May 12th. 
1846, died — (unmarried). 

Children of Charles T. Kincaid, (23) and 
Mahala Gopperton—Kincaid. 

(77) Claude Kincaid, bom Aprril 10th. 
1874, died Aug. 29th. 1906. 


(78) Maude V. Kincaid, born Nov. 12th. 1873. 
died April 5th. 1877. 

(79) Maggie M. Kincaid born, June 20th. 

(80) Homer P. Kincaid bom Sept. 19th. 

Children of Archelius L. Kincaid (24) and 
Katie Hardwick-Kincaid. 

(81) Charles Kincaid, born, Feb. 18th. 1825. 
died June 19th. 1906. 

(82) Hurlbut Kincaid, born July 8th. 1876. 
died Sept. 14th. 1877. 

(83) Gussie Kincaid, born Feb. 25th. 1878. 

(84) Archie Kincaid born Dec. 11th. 1880. 

(85) Nellie Kincaid, born Feb. 20th. 1883. 

(86) Lillian Kincaid, born Nov. 9th. 1885. 

(87) Moss Kincaid, born Dec. 12th. 1888. 
died Sept. 18th. 1890. 

(88) Jessie Kincaid, born July 17th. 1890. 

(89) Katie Kincaid, born March 4th. 1892. 

(90) Maguerite Kincaid, born Nov. 10th. 1894 

(91) Marie Kincaid, born June 22nd. 1897. 

(92) Bine Kincaid born April 23rd. 1902. 
Children of Lucinda Kincaid-Beckinridge. 

(25) and David Beckinridge. No record of 
any children. 

Sarah Kincaid (26) born Nov. 15th. 1846. 

Children of Mary Kincaid-McNeely (27) 
and John McNeely. 

(93) Sarah McNeely, born — died — 

(94) Robert McNeely, born — died — 


Children of Naomi Kincaid-Rilea (28) and 
Joshua D. Rilea. 

(95) Ira Rilea, born — 

(96) Kate Rilea, born — 

(97) Lincoln Rilea, born, — 

(98) Martha Rilea, born — 

(99) Nettie Rilea, born — 

Roddy B. Kincaid (29) born Aug. 22. 1828, 
died Sept. 30th. 1841. 

Children of Samuel M. Kincaid (30) and Tillie 

(100) John Kincaid, born, — 

(101) Florence Kincaid, born, — 

(102) Harry Kincaid, born. — 

(103) Bertie Kincaid, born, — 

Robert C. Kincaid (30) and — Underwood 
and — Smith. 

No Children. 
Sarah Kincaid (32) and Joseph Marconnet, 

No Children 
John Kincaid (33) died when four years 
of age. 

Jane Kincaid-Shigley (34). No record of 

Children of Margaret Kincaid- Bailein (35) 
and Peter Bailein. 

(104) John Bailein born — 

(105) Annie Bailein born — 

(106) Jennie Bailein born — - 

(107) Jessie Bailein born — 

(108) Robert Bailein, bom — 

(109) Hite Bailein, born — 


Mary Kincaid (36) married — No record 
of any children. 

Catherine Kincaid-Butts, (37) and George 
Butts several children, but no record, of 
names, dates of births or deaths. 
Children of James K. P. Kincaid (38) and 
— Chapman. 

(110) — Kincaid, born — died — 

(111) Oscar Lee Kincaid, born — 

(112) George Kincaid, born — died — 
Children of Samuel C. Masters (39) and 
Millie Masters. 

(113) Mattie Masters, born — 

Robert J. Masters (40) and Minerva 

Masters, No Children. 

Norton R. Masters (41) bom 1841, died 


Ira Q. Masters (42) and Hester Hart, 

No Children. 

Children of Albert N. Masters (43) and 

Lizzie Masters. 

(114) Walter W. Masters, born — 


Children of Didama I. Kincaid (44) and 
Aaron W. Dunn. 

(115) Henry L. Dunn born — Married Clara 

(116) Emmet L. Dunn born — Hattie — 

(117) Minnie Dunn born — Frank Kiesewetter. 

(118) Nathan Dunn born, — 

(119) Nolan E. Dunn born — died - — 


(120) Dama Dunn bom — Married J. W. 

(121) Elmer Dunn born — Married Shaw. 
Children of Thursa A. Kincaid (45) and 
Robert L. Marshall. 

(122) Lola R. Marshall, born — Married — 

(123) Olive F. Marshall born — 

Children of George L. Kincaid (46) and 
Mattie J. Cross. 

(124) Marie Lav. Kincaid. born Oct. 12th.l885. 
Married E. O. Hays. 

(125) Hoyt R. Kincaid born Dec. 20th. 1886. 
died Jan. 26th. 1890. 

(126) Paul R. Kincaid, born Jan. 29th. 1889. 

(127) Varian B. Kincaid, born Sept. 6th. 1894. 
Children of Phoebe A. Kincaid (47) and 
Robert B. Bingaman, 

(128) Queenie Bingaman, born — Married 
Wm. Srofe. 

(129) Paul L. Bingaman born — Married 
— Kuntzman. 

Children of William Kincaid (48) and 
Hannah M. Camplell. 

(130) Gladys Kincaid, born — Married J. O. 

(131) Lucille Kincaid, born — Married 
Krell L. Bennington. 

Matthew E. Kincaid (49) Married Maggie 
Hays, No Children. 

Children of David E. Kincaid (50) and 
Estella Paterson. 


(132) Jeanette Marguerite Kincaid, born — 
Mary Jeanette F. Kincaid (51) Not married. 
Children of Mary E. Wilson-Whitbeck (52) 
and — Whitbeck. 

(133) Eva Whitbeck, born — died — 

(134) Magrgie Whitbeck, born — 

(135) Richard Whitbeck, born — 

Calvin Wilson (53). Nothing known as to 
birth, marriage or death. 

Lincoln Wilson, (54) born died 

Children of Annie L. Wilson-Dyer (55) 
and Hobart A. Dyer. 

(136) Bessie Louise Dyer, born Jan. 30th. 

(137) Louella Marion Dyer, born Dec. 29th. 
1880, died Sept. 2.— 

Mary Kincaid (58) No Children. 
George Kincaid (57) No Children. 
Children of E. E. Kincaid (58) and Letitia 

(138) Joseph Kincaid born — 

(139) Frank Kincaid, born — 

(140) Bruce Kincaid, born — 

Mary Kincaid (59) died unmarried 
No records of LaFayette Kincaid, (60), 
Marion Kincaid (61) died — unmarried., 
Edna Kincaid (62) died unmarried. 

Stanley Kincaid, (63) No record. 

Alfred Kincaid (64) No record. 
Ralph Kincaid, (65) No record. 
Frank Kincaid (66) No record. 
Grover Kincaid (67) No record. 
Children of Archie Kincaid (68) No record. 


Children of Frank Kincaid (69) Has 

eleven children. No records of Names, 

dates of births, marriages or deaths. 

(70) Children of Nellie Kincaid-Holden 

and J. B. Holden. 

No records of names, dates of birth, death 

or marriage of Children. 

Ada Kincaid, (71) No records. 

Daniel Kincaid, (72) died about 1914 had 

two children, (both dead) 

Henry Kincaid, (73) married — wife dead, 

had two children. 

Eva Kincaid, (74) married Earl Davis, five 

children, four girls one boy. 

No further records. 

Kuamer Kincaid, (75) Married Fred Oard, 

three boys living and two dead. 

No further records. 

George Kincaid, (76) married, had one boy. 

No further records. 

Children of Matthew Claude Kincaid, (77) 

and Dora Brooks-Kincaid. 

(141) Harry Kincaid, born Aug. 17th. 1896. 

(142) Mary Bernice Kincaid, born July 18th. 

(143) Crystal Kincaid, born Oct. 10th. 1900. 

(144) Laura Belle Kincaid, born Nov. 29th. 

Maude V. Kincaid, (78) died when two 
years old. 

Children of Maggie M. Kincaid, (79) and 
William Jacobs. 

(145) Chas. William Jacobs, born May 26th. 


1902, died Oct. 19th. 1903. " ' 

(146) Xorman Jacobs, born — 

(147) Helen Jacobs, born — 

(148) Ralph Jacobs, born — 

Children of Homer P. Kincaid (80) and 
Elvira Kincaid. 

(149) Xoble Kincaid, born — 

Children of Charles Kincaid, (81) Rosa 

Thacker, (No children). 

Hurlbut Kincaid, (82) born July Sth. 1876 

died Sept. 14th. 1877. 

Children of Gussie Kincaid, (SJ; and 

Emma Oden. 

(150) Lucille Kincaid, born Oct. 16th. 1902. 

(151) Beatrice Kincaid, born July 8th. 1904. 

(152) Archie Kincaid, born July 25th. 1906. 

(153) Gussie Kincaid, born July Sth. 1908. 

No records of Archie Kincaid, (84), Nellie 
Kincaid, (85) Lillian Kincaid, (86), Moss 
Kincaid, (87) died Sept. ISth. 1890. No 
records of Jessie Kincaid, (88), Katie 
Kincaid, (89), Marguerite Kincaid, (90), 
Marie Kincaid, (91), Bine Kincaid, (92). 
Children of Sarah McNeely, (93), and 
Granville Pettijohn. 

(154) Wilbur Pettijohn born — 

(155) Ora Pettijohn, born — 

(156) Orpha Pettijohn, born — 

(157) Mary Pettijohn, born — died — 

(158) Minnie Pettijohn, born — died — 
Robert McNeely, (94) died before marri- 
ageable age. 

No records as to Ira Rilea, (95). 


Kate Rilea, (96), married — Howard, no 

records as to children. 

Lincoln Rilea, (97) No records. 

Martha Rilea, (98) married — Riser, No 


Nettie Rilea (99) Not married. 

John Kincaid, (100), Married — No 


Children of Harry Kincaid, (102) and Flora 


(159) Maxine Kincaid, born — 

(160) Robert Kincaid, born — 

Bertie Kincaid, (103) married — Coffin. 

No further records. 

John Ballein, (104) No records. 

Annie Ballein, (105) married — Hendrixon 

No Children. 

Jennie Ballein (106) married J. R. Srofe. 

No records of children. 

Jessie Ballein (107) Married — Rossman. 

No records of children. 

Robert Ballein, (108) Married — Purdy, 

second wife flattie Clutter. Several 

children but no records. 

Hite Ballein, (109) married Wardlow, 

no records. 

Daughter of James K. P. Kincaid, (110) 

died — unmarried. 

Oscar Lee Kincaid, (111) No records. 

George Kincaid, (112) Married — died — 

Mattie Masters, (113) married Orpha 

Clutter. No children. 


Walter "W. Masters^ (114) Not married. 
Children of Henry L. Dunn, (115) and 
Clara Souders. 


(161) Naomi Dunn, born — married August 

(162) Lavinia Dunn, born — married F. Blades. 
(163)" Marguerite Dunn, born — unmarried. 

Emmet L. Dunn, (116) married Hattie — 
No children. 

Children of Minnie Dunn, (117)and Frank 
(164) Raymond Kiesewetter, born — married 

(165) Wilbur Kiesewetter, born — unmarried. 
(166) Olive Kiesewetter, born — married — 

(167) Edna Kiesewetter, born — unmarrried. 

(168) Frank Kiesewetter, born — unmarried. 
Children of Nathan Dunn (118) and 
Bird — 

(169) Thomas W. Dunn, born — 

(170) — Dunn, born — 

Nolan, (119) died in infancy. 

Children of Dama Dunn, (120) and J. W. 


(171) Thelma Mabin, born — married — 

(172) Frank Mabin, born — 

Children of Elmer Dunn, (121) and Clara 

(173) Doris Dunn, born — 


Children of Lola Marshall (122) and — 

(174) Thursa A. Wright, born — 

Olive F. Marshall, (123) unmarried. 
Children of Marie Lav. Kincaid, (124) and 
E. O. Hays. 

(175) Martha Evelyn Hays, born Dec. 1907. 
Hoyt R. Kincaid, (125) died 1890. 

Paul R. Kincaid (126) unmarried. 
Varian Bryce Kincaid, (127) unmarried. 
Children of Queenie Bingaman, (128) and 
Wm. Srofe. 

(176) — Srofe, bom — 

(177) Jack Srofe, born — 

Children of Paul L. Bingaman, 129) and 
— Kuntzman. 

(178) — Bingaman, born — 

(179) — Bingaman, born — 

Gladys Kincaid, (130) married J. 0. 
Kilmer. No children. 

Lucille Kincaid, (131) married K. L. 
Bennington. No children. 
Jeanette Marguerite Kincaid, (132) un- 

Eva Whitbeck. (133) died unmarried. 
Maggie Whitbeck, (134) No records. 
Bessie L. Dyer, (136) married — No 

Louella M. Dyer, (137) died unmarried. 
Joseph Kincaid, (138) married — No 
Children of Frank Kincaid, (139) and — 

(180) Frank Kincaid, born — 


Bruce Kincaid, (140) married — No 


Children of Harry Kincaid, (141) and — 


(181) Joseph Kincaid, bom — 

(182) Dora Kincaid, born — 

Mary Bernice Kincaid, (142) unmarried. 

Crystal Kincaid, (143) married. Scott 

Brumley. No children. 

Laura B. Kincaid, (114) married — Alfred 

Yaple. No children. 

Charles W. Jacobs,, (145) born 1902, 

died 1903. 

Norman Jacobs, (146) unmarried. 

Helen Jacobs, (147) unmarried. 

Ralph Jacobs, (148) unmarried. 

Noble Kincaid, (149) unmarried. 

Lucille Kincaid, (150) No further records. 

Beatrice Kincaid, (151) No further records. 

Archie Kincaid, (152) No further records. 

Gussie Kincaid, (153) No further records. 

Children of Wilbur B. Pettijohn (154) 

and Iva Purdum. 

(183) Granville Pettijohn, born. — 

(184) Glenn Pettijohn, born. — 

Ora Pettijohn, (155) married, — No 

Mary Pettijohn, (156) died unmarried. 
Minnie Pettijohn, (157) died unmarried. 
Orpha Pettijohn, (158) married — 
Galbreath. No record of children. 
] Maxine Kincaid, (159) unmarried. 
Robert Kincaid, (160) unmarried. 



Children of Naomi Dunn, (161) and 
August Brockhorst. 

(185) August Brockhorst, born — 

(186) Robert Brockhorst, born — 

Children of Lavina Dunn, (162) and F. 

(187) William F. Blades, born — 
Maguerite Dunn, (163) unmarried. 
Raymond Kiesewetter, (164) No children. 
Wilbur Kiesewetter, (165) unmarried. 
Children of Olive Kiesewetter, (166) and 

(188) Arthur Dean, born. — 

(189) Virginia Dean, born — 

(190) Dean, born — 

Edna Kiesewetter, (167) unmarried. 

Frank Kiesewetter, (168) unmarried. 

Thomas W. Dunn, (169) unmarried. 

— Dunn, (170) unmarried. 

Thelma Mabin, (171) Married — No 


Doris Dunn, (173) unmarried. 

Frank Mabin, (172) unmarried. 

Thursa A. Wright, (174) unmarried. 

Martha Evelyn Hays, (175) unmarried. 

— Srofe, (176) unmarried. 
Jack Srofe, (177) unmarried. 

— Bingaman, (178) unmarried. 

— Bingaman, (179) unmarried. 
Frank Kincaid, (180) unmarried. 


Joseph Kincaid, (181) unmarried. 
Dora Kincaid, (182) unmarried. 
Granville Pettijohn, (183) unmarried. 
Glenn Pettijohn, (184) unmarried. 
August Brockhorst, (185) unmarried. 
Robert Brockhorst, (1S6) unmarried. 
William F. Blades, (187) unmarried. 
Arthur Dean, (188) unmarried. 
Virginia Dean, (189) unmarried. 
James Dean, (190) unmarried. 
Records to January 1st. 1922 as far as ob- 


Samuel Kincaid, (1). 
Nothing is known of the youth of this man. 
He married Sarah Reed while in the Western 
part of Pennsylvania. They had three children 
at the time of emigration to Adams County, 
Ohio, where they came about the year 1798. 
Four children were born after their settlement 
in Ohio. The Court Records of Adams County, 
Ohio, show that Samuel Kincaid on June 12th. 
1798 and again on Tuesday of December 1800, 
was made Court Constable to wait on the Grand 
Jury. This was the Court of General Quarter 
Sessions of the North-west Territory at Adams- 
ville, (now West Union) Adams County, Ohio 
Ohio Records of the war of 1812 are very mea- 
ger and all that is known, definitely, is that 
Samuel Kincaid enlisted as a private and was 
killed at Fort Meigs, on May 5th. 1813. 


Mathew Kincaid, (3). 

Born in Pennsylvania, July 16th. 1793. Came 
with his father to Adams County, Ohio, about 
1798. When about 16 or 17 years old, he was 
apprenticed to John Marquis, to learn the trade 
of a tanner. His father having been killed in 
May, 1813, Mathew enlisted as a Corporal, in 
Captain Robert Russel's Company of William 
Key's 2nd. Battalion, 1st. Regiment, 2nd. Bri- 
gade, 2nd. Division, Ohio Militia, War of 1S12, 
on July 28th. 1813, and was honorably dischar- 
ged on Sept. 8th. 1813. On Sept. 19th. 1816 he 
married Rebekah Curtis and with his mother and 
brothers and sisters, removed to what is now 
Brown County, and purchased a tract of land 
about half mile North of Sardina. Here he pre- 
pared a yard for tanning raw hides and for 
more than 40 years followed the occupation of 
farming and tanning. While living here he was 
elected Clerk of the Township, and also served 
as Justice of the Peace for many years. His 
wife' having died on Aug. 3rd. 183S, He married 
Lavina Hawkins on Sept. 1st. 1S40. About the 
year 1860 he sold his farm and removed to 
a farm near Ripley, O., where five of his sons 
enlisted as soldiers in the Civil War. At the 
close of the war, he sold his farm and purchased 
a farm about half mile east of Sardinia, O. to 
which he moved about the year 1866. Here 
he lived, following the occupation of farming, 
until his death on Jan. 9th. 1871. He was active 
as an agent of the so called "underground Rail- 


road. Politically he was first a Democrat, then 
Whig, then -^Abolitionist and then Republican. 
Robert Kincaid,(4). 
Born in Penn. March 3rd. 1796. Came with 
his father to Manchester, Ohio, about 1798. 
and to near Sardinia, O., with his mother, bro- 
thers and sisters about 1816. Married Mary 
Beckinridge on April 20th. 1829. Followed 
the occupation of a school teacher for many 
years, then opened a store in Sardinia, 0., which 
he conducted until his death in Feb. 1871. Relig- 
iously he was a Presbyterian of the old school 
and a strong anti-slaveryman. 

Reed Kincaid, (5). 

Born in Adams County , Ohio, Feb. 16th. 
1799. Removed with his mother and other 
members of the family to near Sardinia, O., 
where he resided for several years then sold his 
land and purchased a farm near Fincastle,' O,. 
about six miles east of Sardinia, where he fol- 
lowed the occupation of farming until his death 
on April the 13th., 1874. He married Josephine 
Creed - McVey and reared a family of three 

JSamuel Kincaid. (7). 

Born in Adams County, Ohio, Aug. 16th. 1804. 
Came with his mother and other members of the 
family, to near Sardinia. He married Jemima 
Colter and purchased a farm near Fincastle, O. 
and followed the occupation of farming and 
huckstering. A fire destroyed his home and all 


family records. After the death of his first 
wife, he married a Mrs. Ballard and later re- 
moved to Atchison, Kan. where he died in 1872. 

Paul Reed Kincaid, (12). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, Dec. 16th. 1823. Re- 
ceived a meager education in a common school. 
On Aug. 19th. 1847 he married Lo Ruhamah 
Dunn, and was engaged in farming. Also lear- 
ned the trade of plastering and afterward en- 
gaged in butchering and dealing in live stock. 
He purchased a farm near Sardinia, and in 1878 
secured a home in Sardi-nia to which he remov- 
ed and occupied until his death on June 29th. 
1903. He lived in a Township which was a 
Democratic stronghold, but, although he was an 
ardent Republican, he was elected as Assessor 
for sixteen successive years and held the office 
of Trustee for two terms. In 1874 he was elec- 
ted a Justice of the Peace and this office he held 
for over twenty-five years, and was also elec- 
ted as Land Appraiser in 1890. After locating 
in Sardinia, he devoted his time to the buying 
and shipping of live stock. He was a member 
of Sardinia Lodge No. 254 F. & A. M. and of 
Georgetown Chapter, having joined the Masonic 
Lodge before the removal of the Lodge from 
Buford, Ohio, to Sardinia. 

Joseph C. Kincaid, (15). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, on Sept. 2nd. 1831. 
Served in 7th. Kentucky Cavalry in Civil War. 
At close of War, resumed his occupation of far- 

"" 1570280 


ming and Plastering. Lived almost all his life 
near Sardinia, where he died on June 3rd. 1914. 

Mathew Gary Kincaid, (17). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, on Oct. 21st. 1837. 
His mother died before he was a year old and 
his youth was spent larg'ely at the home of his 
uncle Reed Kincaid, near Fincastle, O. ^Vhen 
grown he learned the trade of Jeweler and Sil- 
versmith. At the outbread of the Civil War, he 
enlisted at Ripley, 0. and at the close of the 
War, he spent several years in Indiana, Illinois 
and Texas. In 1879 he' returned to Sardinia, 0. 
and followed his trade of Silversmith and also 
operated a Barber shop. Later he removed tD 
Newark, Ohio, where he died on Jan. 24th. 1906. 

Dyer B. Kincaid, (18). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, July 28th. 1841. 
Farmer until beginning of the Civil War. Enlis- 
ted and served until close of War. Removed to 
Clinton, Missouri, and became connected with 
the M. K. & T. Railway Co. Removed to Parsona 
Kan. Became Car Tracer fcr the Ry. Co., with 
offices at Parsons, Kan. Died suddenly at 
Springfield, Mo. 

Daniel 0. Kincaid, (20). 

Bom near Sardinia, O., Sept. 10th. 1843. 
Reared on the farm. Enlisted as Private at out- 
break of Civil War, served four years and re- 
enlisted in 4th. Ohio Calvalry and served until 
War closed. He went to Missouri shortly after 


the close of the War, where he married Mary 
Dawson and came back to Ohio and farmed fcT 
several years, then moved to Brazil, Ind. and 
operated an engine at a coal mine. Then moved 
to Diamond, Ind. following the same occupation 
until his death on Nov. 16th. 1904. 

Robert J. Kincaid, (22). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, May 12th. 1846. 
Went with his father to Ripley, Ohio, in 1860 
and at outbreak of Civil War, enlisted and ser- 
ved until close of War. After the War his place 
of abode was divided, part of the time at Sar- 
dinia, O., and part at Brazil, Ind. When on the 
way from the West to Sardinia, he was killed by 
a Railway Train. He never married. 

Charles T. Kincaid, (23). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, Sept. 6th. 1847. 
Most of his life was spent in and near Sardinia, 
Farmed for several years, then worked as a 
watchman on the N. & W. Ry. at Hyde Park. 
Bridge Carpenter on the Railroad. Was made 
Station Agant where he died suddenly on April 
18th. 1915. 

Archelius L. Kincaid, (24). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, Aug. 28th. 1849. 
Went with his father to Ripley, Ohio, and at the 
close of the Civil War he went with his brother, 
Dyer B. Kincaid, to Clinton, Missouri, where 
he learned the trade of a blacksmith, which oc- 


cupatian he followed at that place until his 
death on April 24th. 1904. 

Samuel M. Kincaid, (30). 

Born near Fincastle, Ohio, in 1853. Lived on 
the farm where born until some time after he 
was married, then moved to Hillsboro for a short 
time and then removed to near Sheridan, Ind. 
Where he purchased a farm and lived until his 
death on March 3rd. 1905. 

Robert C. Kincaid, (31). 

Born near Fincastle, Ohio, in 1S55. Received 
a common school education and then attended 
High School at Hillsboro, O., and State Normal 
School at Carlisle, Ky. Taught school in Ken- 
tucky, 0. and Indiania and located at Sheridan. 
Indiana where he engaged in the mercantile 
business. Having been very succassful in thii 
venture he removed to Russiaville, Ind. and 
entered into the Banking buisness, serving as 
Director and for several years as President of 
the First ■ National Bank of Russiaville, Ind. 
He retired from active busine?.s about 1916. 
Present addre;^, Russiaville, Ind. 

James K. P. Kincaid, (38). 

Bom near Sardinia, Ohio, reared on a farm. 
Enlisted at begining of Civil War. At close of 
War, lived near Sardinia for several years then 
married a Miss. Chapman and located near 
Ripley, Ohio, and followed the occupation of 


stonemason, until he retired and located in 
Georgetown, Ohio, where he now resides. 

George L. Kincaid, (46). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, on Sept. 18th. 1853. 
Received common school education. Attended 
High School at Hillsboro, O., and State Xormal 
School at Carlisle, Kentucky. Taught school 
from 1875 to 1890. Entersd the mercantile bus- 
iness in Sardinia, which occupation he followed 
for fourteen years. Passed the Civil Service 
Examination and appointment Rural Mail Car- 
rier on Jan. 1st. 1907. Retired Jan. 1st. 1922. 
One of the oldest members oi Sardinia Lodge 
No. 683 I. O. 0. F. Member of Dewey Lodge No. 
712 K. of P. Member of Sardinia Lodge No. 254 
F. & A. M. Charter member of Adota Tribe No. 
19 Imp'd. O. R. M. Present address, Sardinia, 

William L Kincaid, (48). 

Born near Sardinia, Ohio, on Nov. 13th. 1858. 
Grew up on the farm. Removed with his father 
to Sardinia, O., and for many years was a dealer 
in live stock, in connection with his father. 
Abandoning this business some years since, he 
became connected with the Sanitary Grocery 
Co., in the capacity of salesman, which posi- 
tion he still holds. Present address, Sardinia, 

Mathew E. Kincaid, (49) 

Born in Sardinia, Ohio, on Nov. 22nd. 1862. 


Entered the service of the C. iS: E. R. R. Co. 
when about 17 years old. Accepted a position as 
Conductor on the D. T. & I. R. R. operating be- 
tween Dayton, O., and Ironton, O. Resigned 
and accepted a position as attendant at State 
Hospital for Insane, at Dayton, O. Resigned 
and accepted a position as City Patrolman at 
Dayton. Promoted to City Detective in which 
capacity he still serves. Present address, 2012 
S. Wayne Ave. Dayton, Ohio. Member of I. 0. 
O. F. 

David E. Kincaid, (50). 

Born in Sardinia, Ohio, on Nov. 22nd.. 1862. 
Studied telegraphy and as an operator, worked 
at many different stations between Cincinnati, 
0., and Portsmouth, O. Accepted position at 
Wellston, O., and afterward had charge of Ry. 
Station at Russell, Kentucky, on C. & O. Ry. 
Promoted to Train De^.patcher with offices in 
Cincinnati, 0. Resigned to become City Pat- 
rolman. Promoted to City Detective, which 
position he held until retired, when he accepted 
the position of House Detective at the Hotel 
Gibson, Cin. O. which position he now occupies. 
Business address. Hotel Gibson, Cin. O. 
Residence 3528 Shaw Ave. Hyde Park, Cin. O. 
Member F. &. A. M. Scottisch Rite and a Shriner, 

Elmer E. Kincaid, (58) 

Bom at Ripley, Ohio, where his youth was 
spent. Began the business of handling leaf 
tobacco. Removed to Kentucky and continued 


in the tobacco business for some years. Having 
made some successful ventures in real estate he 
disposed of his holdings and came to Cincinnati, 
O., and engaged in the Dairy business in which 
he was successful. This business he sold and 
located at Mt. Washington where he is now 
operating a transportation line to Cincinnati, 0. 
Last known address of Lafayette Kincaid, (60) 
Newark, Ohio. 

Last known address of Stanley Knicaid, (63), 
Newark, Ohio. 

Last known address of Alfred Kincaid, (64), 
Newark, Ohio. 

Last known address of Ralph Kincaid, (65), 
Newark, Ohio. 

Last known address of Frank Kincaid, (66), 
Taylorville, 111. 

Last known address of Grover Kincaid, (67), 
Riverside, Cal. 

Last known address of Archie Kincaid, (68), 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

Last known address of Frank Kincaid, (69), 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

Last known address of Henry Kincaid, (73), 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

Last known address of Homer P. Kincaid, (80), 
Sardinia, Ohio. 

Last known address of Gussie Kincaid, (83), 
Clinton, Mo. 

Last known address of Archie Kincaid, (84), 
Clinton, Mo. 


John Kincaid, (100). 

Born near Fincastle, O. Received common 
school education. Went with his father to 
Hillsboro 0., and later to near Sheridan, Ind. 
Studied telegraphy and filled various positions 
as a Railway telegrapher and at present is lo- 
cated in South Dakota. 

Harry Kincaid, (102). 

Born near Fincastle, 0. Went with his fath- 
er to Hillsboro, O., and later to Sheridan, Ind. 
Shortly after his marriage he engaged in the 
Grocery business at Sheridan, Ind. and after- 
ward went to Peoria, 111. where he reddes at 

Oscar Lee Kincaid, (111). 

Born near Ripley, O., and reared on his fath- 
ers farm. When grown up he went to Daji;on, 
Ohio, where he entered the service of the City 
as a Patrolman which position he still holds. 

Paul R. Kincaid, (126). 

Born in Sardinia Ohio, Jan. 29th. 1889. 
Graduated in Sardinia High Scool. Complet- 
ed course in Cincinnati School of Telegraphy. 
Worked at different stations on X. & W. Ry. as 
Railroad Telegrapher. Entered the U. S. Army 
in Aug. 1918. Served at Syracuse, X. Y. Fort 
Oswego, N. Y. Camp Merritt, X". J. Camp Sher- 
man, Ohio. Discharged Dec. 1918. Present 
address Sardinia, Ohio. Member Sardinia Lodge, 
No. 254 F. &. A. M. 


Varian Bryce Kincaid, (127). 

Born in Sardinia, Ohio, Sept. 6th. 1894. 
Graduated in Sardinia High School. Completed 
business course at Mueller Business College, 
Cin., 0. Employed by Bonnet & Co., Cin., 0. 
The J. A. Fay & Egan Co. Cin. O. Resigned 
and went to Clay City, Ky. with The Brodhead 
Garret Lumber Co. Resigned and worked for 
the Computing & Recording Co., Dayton, O. 
Enlisted in the Air Service at Fort Thomas, Ky. 
in Aug. 1917. Sent to Kelly Field, Texas, then 
to Garden City, Long Island, N. Y. Sailed for 
France in Dec. 1917. Arrived Liverpool, Eng. 
Dec. 24th. 1917. Thence to Southampton, Eng. 
Thence to St. Maxient, France. Thence to 
Issouden, France where he served as Sergeant 
of the 801st. Aero Squadron until the signing 
of the amistice. Transfered to the 1101st. 
Squadron and sent to Eastern part of France, 
transfered and sent to Coblentz, Germany. 

Thence back to Eastern France. Sailed for U. 
S. in April 1919. Landed at Hoboken, N. J., 
and sent to Garden City, N. Y., thence to Camp 
Sherman, Ohio, where he vras discharged in May 
1919. Shortly after his return from War he 
accepted a position in the Headquarrters Office 
of the National Military Home, at Da^-ton, Ohio, 
where he is now employed. Present address, 
National Military Home, Dayton, Ohio. Member 
Sardinia, Lodge No. 254, F. & A. M. 

Joseph Kincaid, (138). 
Grew to manhood in his father's family. 


studied Denistry, completed the course and is 
now located at EljTa, Ohio, practicing his pro- 

Frank Kincaid, (139). 

Married and now, in connection with his 
father, operating a line of transportation from 
Mt. Washington, to Cincinnati, O. 

Bruce Kinncaid, (140). 

Grew up in his father's family. Enlisted in 
World War and served until its close, when he 
married and became connected with his fathers' 
business at Mt. Washington, 0., where he now 

Harry Kincaid, (141). 

Born at Sardinia, Ohio, Aug. 17th. 1896, 
Enlisted in U. S. Army and after some months 
service, was discharged on account of physical 
disability. Employed by Southern Express Co. 
Resigned and moved to New York City, where 
he now resides. 

Noble Kincaid, (149), Present address, Sardinia 

Archie Kincaid, (152), Present address, Clinton 

Gussie Kincaid, (153), Present address, Clin- 
ton, Mo. 

Robert Kincaid, (160), Present address, Peoria 

Frank Kincaid, (180), Present address, Mt. 
Washington. 0. 

Joseph Kincaid, (181), Present address, New 
York City. 

-^ r^ O O