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Full text of "The King family of Southold, Suffolk County, New York, 1595-1901. Compiled from public records, family papers and the manuscript King genealogy of Mr. Rufus King of Yonkers, N. Y."

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Reprinted from the New York Genfalogical and Biografliical Record for April, 1401. 


Communicated by Mr. Rufus King of Yonkers, New York. 



In the quiet and pictur- 
esque old town of Southold, 
on the eastern end of Long 
Island, a little book has been 
drifting around from one 
resting place to another, for 
more than two hundred 
years, and is now, in an ex- 
cellent state of preservation, 
in the possession of a de- 
scendant of the family whose 
record it contains. 

The book is about seven 
inches long and three inches 
wide, bound in black leather 
and had originally two brass clasps; the handwriting is clear and 
very legible. On the first page is the inscription: "Samuel King 
Owner of this Book, 1674." 

The records following relate to the descendants of this Samuel 
King who was born in England about 1633, and died in Southold 
29 Nov., 172 1 ; he was the second son of William Kinge, born 
about 1595, who with his wife Dorothy and five children sailed 
from Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England, 20 March, 1635, and 
settled at Salem, Mass., the same year. 

Samuel King just mentioned was at Southold as early as 1650; 
the account of his posterity is given in the book in quaint and 
characteristic style and is herein repeated verbatim et literatim. 

In reading these records, it should be remembered that, 
previous to 1752, the legal year began on 25 March, which was 
called the first month, April the second month, etc., January the 
eleventh month, and February the twelfth month. Therefore, 
before 1752 an entry reading, say March 12, 1636 or 1636-7 would 
mean March 12, 1637, and so on of any date between January 1 
and March 25. 

The Record begins: 

"Samuel King his booke written in the 10 mon Ano 1674 
On the next page is a cure for the gout and then follow these 

Samuell King married about the 27*'' yeare of his age, October 
the lo'*" Ano Dom. 1660. 

My first childe William was borne ye 10"' of January 1661. 
My second childe Dorothy borne ye eleventh of July 1664. 
"My third childe Hanah borne ye 26th of January 1666." 


Records of the King Family of Sotithold, Suffolk Co., N. V. 


Handwriting of Samuel King, Sr., d. 29 Nov.. 1721. 

My fourth childe 
Mary* borne the 7^** day 
of August Ano Dom: 

" My fifth childe Sam- 
uell borne ye 23"^ of the 
first Moneth 1675 — alias 

My sixth childe John 
borne the 26^^ day of 
January 1677. 

My seventh childe 
Abigail born the ninenth 
day of December 1682. 

Samuell King his wife 
Frransesf King departed 
this life January about 
the 14 da Ano 1692 being 
the 53^'' year of hear age 
or thereabouts. 

(Here follows in very 
beautiful handwriting 
the record of the family 
of Samuel King, Jr.). 

"Samuel King, Jun. 
was married ye i*' of 
Jany ano Domini 1697 
being in the 22'"^ yeare 
of his age & the 23^'' 
yeare of his Wife Han- 

Samuell King, Jun" 
Departed this Life the 6 
day of May in the 51 
fift)'- first yeare of his 
age and yeare 1725' 

(The above entry of 
the death of Samuel 
King, Jr., is in a different 
handwriting but now 
follows the same hand- 
writing as the record of 
his marriage and con- 
tinues through the entry 
of the death of his wife 
Hannah Aug. 12, 17 12.) 

"My r'* son Samuell 
King born ye 20*'' of 

* Mary Kiiitf becanit; the wife of Joiin Gardiner, third proprietor of the Manor of Gardiner's 
Island; slie died 4 July, 1707, aged 37, and is buried in the East Hampton graveyard. She is 
erroneously described as the daughter of William King in the Gardiner Fedieree in Holgate's 

t Frances, the wife of Samuel King, was the daughter of Williani Ludlam,Sr.. and wife 
Clemencc of Southampton, L. I., and lornicrly of Matlock in Derbyshire, England. 

Records of the King Family of Southold, Suffolk Co., N. Y. J 

y^ September anno Domini 

/"^ / /Z2 (Ty" 1697 on Monday about nine 

\^^^C^/7ZlC*TL^ ^y-\ {^-za of the clock in the Mom- 

• Ql C.^ a John King the 2'"^ son 

j/l/Z . /2>^z^ T^zazzz^d bom July ye 15"' Anno 

// ^ /f Jf C\ Domini 1699 on Saturday. 

///—*• U^f '^ y iL Zebulon my Third son 

ij' * ^/ ^^^ -T - — was born ye 7"' of Septem- 

y ff^^-^ ff ber anno Domini 170- on 

I U\ >>' j . y^ Monday 

Li-zi^v ^C^^^^y^'-^ faa'^ Absolom my fourth son 

\J/ was born ye 6*'' of January 

//^ f\/ anno Domini 1703/4 on 

th^ 2?rf Saturday. 


Nathanaell, my fifth son 
was born ye 27''' of Feb- 
ruary anno Domini 1706/7 
on Fryday — 

Ephraim my sixth son 
was bom ye 14*'' of May 
anno Domini 1 709 on Satur- 

Hannah my seventh 
child was born ye 18''' of 
May anno Domini 17 12. 
Sunday about sunrise. 

My Loving- Wife Han- 
nah departed her life ye 
1 7*"^ of August anno Domini 
17 1 2 in the 39^*" year of her 

Handwriting of Samuel King. Jr., b. 23 March, 1675. ^ .< 

(Here follows in another handwriting nine entries, the first 
seven are doubtless those of the births of children named Booth 
and probably the offspring of Hannah King and Captain William 
Booth; on this point see Moore's hidexcs of the Towtt of Southold, 
under Booth.) 

"My First son Will"" was born the 25*'' of May 1689. 

2— Hannah was born February 22—1691. 

my z"^ Child Samuel was born July ye 16 1682. (.Sic. but 
doubtless intended for 1692.) 

George my 3 Child born Aprill ye 28 1696 

Mehetabell was bom October ye 8*'' 1698 

Constant Born in Janewary ye 9 day 1700. 

Mary Booth was Born Agust ye 30 day 1703. 

Martha was born in Agust ye 7*^ 1706. 

My father Samuel King departed This Life Novem^' the 29— 
1721 — In ye 89 year of his age. 

My brother Samuel King departed this life May the 14 '733 
in the 38 year of his age on Monday" 

(The handwriting now changes and we have the following 
record of the children of John King, doubtless written by him.) 


Records of the King Family of Southold, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 


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^^ 7^ 2<» 



"John King* was married 
in the 25'^'' year of his age 
June the 25 Ano. Dom. 1726. 

My furst child Marey was 
born Janiiar}^ ye 27 Ano: 
Dom: 1726: — Thursday: — 

My second child John 
Born December ye 18 1727 
on Monday 

My third Child Nath" 
Born May ye 8 173 1 on vSat- 

My loving Wife Mary 
was Born y'^ 11 of Jane wary 
year 1707. 

Our Loving Brother 
Nath" King Departed This 
Life May y'^ 12 year 1731 
In y^ 25 year of his age. 

My fourth Child Absalom 
was Born October 5"^ A D 
1733 Monday. 

My fifth child Mehitable 
was Born October 2'' Anno 
Dom: 1736. Saturday. 

My Sixth Child Abraham 
wasborn December 13*'' 1741 
Sabbath Day. 

My Seventh Child Mar- 
garet was born March 6^'^ 
A. D. 1747. Fryday — " 


Handwriting of Ensign John King, b. 15 July, 1699. 

(At this point the following entry appears.) 

" Margaret Corey (who married to Willoby Lindsf) was born 
June 22""^ 17 14 and She Died the 23 of December 1789." 

(Another change of handwriting now takes place; it is bold 
and very legible, knd probably that of John King whose family 
record it gives as follows.) 

"March ye 14 day 1754 John King and Abigail Brown were 
married— and our first Child was born January y*^ 6, 1755 And our 
second child John was born March ye 14, 1756. 

Our third child Gilbert was born July ye 16, 1758. 

Our forth child Rufus was born September ye 3'', 1760. 

• John King was married, probably, not in 1726 but in 1724, as he was about 25 years old in 
that year, having been born, as the record has already stated, 15 July, 1699. This last men- 
tioned date is in hariiioiiv with the inscription on his gravestone, which describes him as Ensign 
John King, and as having died 28 June, 17J3. '« the ■;4th year of his age. In further conhrniatiou 
the Salmon Record contains the following entry under marriages: "John King and Mary 

t VVillougby Lynde was the son of Nathaniel Lynde of Saybrook, Conn., b. 22 Nov., 1659, 
d. 5 Oct., 1729, and wife Susannah Wilioughby, b. 19 Oct., 1664. . 

The entry of Margaret Corey's marriage in the King Family Record seems to indicate that 
ahe was a near relative, perhaps a sister, of Mary Corey who married Ensitjn John King; it is 
also a suggestive fact that this John King had a great-grandson Lynde King, b. 6 July, 1792: 
his gravestone at Orient reads : "Capt. Lvndes King, died Oct. 18, i8u, aged 62 vears and 3 
months." He was the son of Nathaniel King, Jr., whose wife was Mehitable futhiU, and 
grandson of Major Nathaniel King whose wife was Experience Young. 

Records of the King Family of Southold, Suffolk Co., N. Y. g 

Our fifth Child Abigail was born September ye 5 1762. 
Our sixth child Joseph was born September ye 23, 1764. 
Our seventh Child Mehetable was Born January y* i 1767. 
John King was married the second time to Pliebe Youngs 
rch 10"' 1770 — And he Died the July 14*'' 1792." 


Signature of John King, b. i8 Dec, 1727. 

Up to this point, everything contained in the book has been 
given, but later family records follow and also several pages 
describing boundaries of lands in Southold, owned by Samuel 
King, Sr. These particulars may be made the subject matter of 
a future communication to the Record. 




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- 2i 


Reprinted from the New York Genealogical and Biogtaphical Record for April. 1902. 




Compiled by Lucy D. Akerly from the Manuscript Genealogy of 

RuFus King of Yonkers, N. Y. 

I William ' Kinge of Salem, Mass., was born in England about 
1595, and is first traced in a list of io6 passengers entitled " Bound 
for New England, Waymouth, ye 20 March, 1635."* This list in- 
cludes the following names: William Kinge, aged 40,! Dorothy 
his wife, aged 34, Mary Kinge his daughf, aged 12, Katheryn his 
daughf, aged 10, Willm Kinge his sonne, aged 8, Hanna Kinge 
his daughf, aged 6. 

There was also another son Samuel King, born about 1633, 
whose name is not included in the ship's list, doubtless on account 
of his being so young, but his King parentage is clearly set forth 
in legal papers"^ recorded at Salem relating to the distribution of 
his father's estate. 

As William King selected Weymouth for a point of departure, 
it is conjectured that he may have lived in some place in the south 
of England for which it was the most convenient port. 

In the Register of the Abbey Church of St. Mary at Sherborne, 
Dorset, are many entries of the name King, and among them the 
following: " 1616-17, Feb. 17, Williami Kinge et Dorothiae Hayne 
nupt."t This is probably the record of the marriage of William 
and Dorothy King the emigrants to America, though they do not 
appear to have lived in Sherborne as we find no further record of 
them there nor entries of the baptism of their children in the 
Church Register. 

William Kinge on reaching New England, settled at Salem, 
Mass., where he\vas made freeman 2$ March, 1636, and received 
the same year a grant of 4oacres at Jeffrey's Creek^ now Manches- 
ter, also in 163S, one of 30 acres at Royall Side^ at the head of 
Basse River, now Beverly, where the King homestead was pleas- 
antlv situated. 

The land rose with a gentle slope to the level of a broad field, 
and the road turned to the left beyond the house,|| passing over 
the bridge part way up the hill; the King acres were on both 
sides of the bridge. 

In the deposition of John Weston, Sen^, of Reading, dated 24 
Feb., 1 699-1 700, may be found some interesting facts relating to 

* The original list in the Public Record Office in London, in Vol. IX., of Colonial I apers. 
1636-8. was examined by Mr. Rufus King in 1S85, and found to agree with the copy printed lu 
J Camden Holten's Original Lists of Emigrants to the American Plantations, 1600-1700. p. 285. 

t Or possibly 30, one figure having been written over the other. 

% See Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Vol. IV., p. 264. 

^ Essex Institute Hist. Coll., \o\%.\\.,yi>.^(i.Mvl\Y..,'p.^o. ^„„ i„,< k.. 

I The old King house was taken down about sixty years ago and the site is now occupied b> 
the Asylum and School for Deaf Mutes. 

I 2 William and Dorothy King of Salem, Mass., 

the disposal of this land by the widow Dorothy King and her re- 
moval from Salem to Long Island. 

Capt. John Dodge of Beverly, aged about 63 years, testified on 
28 June, 1700, as to the King property at Royall Side, and de- 
scribed the boundaries as follows: "On the East upon the river 
called Basse River, Southerlie on ye cove that runs to a house 
formerly Batchelor's and Westerly and Northerly with the land 
of John Green, deceased." * 

William King's name appears in a list of Salem Grand Jurors 
in 1637, and also on the roll of members of the First Church of 
Salem; he took an active part in the religious controversies of the 
time and in 1637, identified himself with the Antinomians, a step 
which placed him under the ban of the Salem authorities, he was 
admonished to sever his connection with the sect, under penalty 
of being disarmed, and refusing to do so, he was directed to leave 
his gun with Lieut. Danforth. 

Mr. Kingdied about 1 650- 1, intestate; his widow Dorothy and 
son William settled the estate under the direction of the court at 
Salem, where papers on file mention the following children: 
William the eldest son, Samuel aged 18, John aged 13, Mary, wife 
of Mr. Scudder, Katheryn, wife of John Swasy, Mehitable aged 
15, and Deliverance aged 9. 

Dorothy Kinge, widow, of Salem, bought in 1652, of John 
Swazey of that place, his dwelling house and land, lying between 
the lands of Richard Hyde and Daniell Rumball on the South 
River; also a tract of land in the South Field; in 1653, she sold 
the same to Thomas Johnson, Thomas Reynolds and Thomas 
Barnes; in 1658, she is mentioned in the Salem Court Records as 
"Doritha King, widdow and Relict of William King, Sen'.," in the 
testimony of Michael Shaflin, aged about 80 years; in 1684, she 
received commonage of one acre at Southold,f where her daugh- 
ters Hannah, wife of Lieut. Richard Brown, and Deliverance, 
wife of John Tuthill were then living. 

This partial history of the King family includes only the early 
generations descended from Samuel and Frances (Ludlam) King, 
who were the progenitors of the Long Island branch. 

The Kings of Massachusetts are the posterity of a younger 
brother John King of Salem, who married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas and Elizabeth Goldthwait of that place and was the 
ancestor of many of the name who have filled positions of honor 
and trust in the community. 

Issue of William and Dorothy King: 

Mary,' b. in England about 1623-4; m. about 1642, John'-' 
Scudder, b. in England about 1619, son of Thomas' and 
Elizabeth (Lowers?) Scudder of Salem, Mass., and 
afterwards of Long Island. Issue: Samuel," John, 
Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah. J 
Katherine, b. in England about 1625-6; m. before 3.12, 
1650, John Swazey (Swasie, Sweezey), of Salem, Mass., 

• Salem Deeds, Vol. XIII., pp. 246, 298. 
t Sou t hold Town Rec, Vol. I., p. 406. 
\ Kikcr's Hist, of Newt ova n, L. I. 



■ ^i*;«' 



and Three Generations of their Long Island Descendants. 1 3 

and Southold, L. I., who d. 10 June, 1692. Issue: John,' 
Joseph, Samuel, Abigail, m. John Hallock, Mehitable, 
m. Peter Aldrich, Sarah, and Mary, all of whom are 
mentioned in their father's will * 

The late William H. Seward, Secretary of State, de- 
scends from John Swazey. 
William of Salem was b. about 1628, in England. In the 
settlement of his father's estate he received a double 
portion as eldest son and heir; he m. about 1642, Kath- 
erine, dau. of Michael Shaflin or Shefflyn of Salem. 
See Mr. Shaflin's deposition touching this marriage, in 
Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., Vol. XVI., p. 144. 

William King was grand juror in 1657; in 1659, hav- 
ing attached himself to the sect known as Quakers, he 
was sentenced by the Court to be imprisoned, fined, to 
receive 15 lashes, and to be banished from the Colony 
under penalty of death. The inventory of his estate 
amounting to ^260, ^s., was returned by his widow 
Katherine, sole executrix, and allowed in Salem Court, 
25 Nov., 1684. 

Katherine King's will made 11 Jan., 1708-9, was 
proved i Jan., 1718-19.! 
Hannah, b. in England about 1629; m. Lieut. Richard' 
Brown; he was of Southold, L. I., as early as 1658, and 
one of the largest land owners there. 

Two of the children of Lieut.' Brown, Ensign Rich- 
ard' Brown, and Abigail' Brown, m. respectively 
Dorothy,' and William' King, children of Samuel' 
King, see beyond. J yu^-^ 

2 Samuel, b. in England about 1^3-3, see beyond. 
Mehitable. bap. at Salem, 25.10, 1636. 
John of Salem, bap. there, 11.9, 1638; m. in Sept. 1660, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Goldthwait 
of Salem, and bap. 20 Nov., 1642. John King and wife 
were living 9 SepL, 17 14. The names of their children 
appear in the Goldthtvait Genealogy. 
DeUverance, bap. at Salem, 31.8, 164 1 ; d. at Southold, L. I., 
25 Jan., 1688-9, having m. there 17 Feb., 1657, John 
Tuthill, b. 16 July, 1635, d. 12 Oct., 1717- Among the 
many deeds recorded to him at Southold is one men- 
tioning a lot of commonage given him by his mother 
Dorety King.§ 

The Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler, D. D., of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., and the late President Benjamin Harrison de- 
scend from John and Deliverance (King) Tuthill. f 
2 Samuel' King (William'), of Southold, L. I., b. in England 
about 1633, d. 29 Nov., 1721, and is buried in the old grave-yard 
at Orient, where a well preserved stone marks his grave. 

* Pelletreau's Early L. I. Wills. 

t Salem Court Records. 

% Record, April and July 1900. 

§ Southold Town Records. Vol. II., p. 43- 

II Record, July and Oct.. 1898- 

J A William and Dorothy King of Salem, Mass., 

Samuel King and his brother-in-law John Swazey removed 
from Salem to Southold, where Mr. King became the owner of 
nearly one thousand acres of land; much of this he gave to his 
sons during his lifetime. 

He also inherited a fourth share of the lands of his deceased 
brother AVilliam King, J""., of Salem; this property was deeded to 
Samuel's son Capt. John King in 1710, although the estate of 
William King was not settled till 17 19.* 

The Documentary History of New York shows that in 1675, 
Samuel King was rated on ^^169, loj., and in 1683, on ^150. 

He evidently shared the extreme views of his father William 
King, as he was brought before the Court in 1663, for not paying 
his church rates, accused of not attending public worship, and 
threatened with a fine of five shillings for every future offence. f 

Samuel King m. 10 Oct., 1660, when about 27 j^ears of age, 
Frances Ludlam, erroneously called Abigail in the Pedigree of 
King, of Salem. Frances was the dau. of William and Clemence 
Ludlam of Southampton, L. I., formerly of Mattock, England, 
and d. 14 Jan., 1692, aged about 53 years.J Issue: 

3 William,' b. 10 Jan., 1661, old style, see beyond. 
Dorothy, b. 11 July, 1664; d. 22 March, 1750; She m. (i) 

8 May, 1683, Ensign Richard' Brown, son of Lieut. 
Richard' and Hannah (King) Brown, who d. 11 July, 
1701; Dorothy m. (2) 21 Aug., 1705, Samuel' Dayton, 
(Robert,' Ralph'), of East Hampton, L. L, b. 1665; 
d. 30 Jan., 1746. She had 8 children by her ist hus- 
band; her son Samuel Dayton d. 23 April, 1726, in 
his 20th year.§ 

Hannah, b. 26 Jan., 1666; d. 22 Dec, 1742; m. in 1688, 
Capt. William' Booth (Ensign John '), of Southold, who 
d. II March, 1723, in his 63d year. Lieut. Constant 
Booth their son, m. Mary," dau. of Capt. John ' King, 7 
Oct., 1725.11 

Mary, b. 7 Aug., 1669; 1691, John' Gardiner (David,' 
Lion'), third proprietor of the Manor of Gardiner's 
Island, b. 19 April, 1661; d. 25 June, 1738; he was m. 
four times. Mary King his ist wife was the mother of 
8 children; her oldest son David" Gardiner was fourth 
proprietor of the Island. Mary. d. 4 July, 1707, and is 
buried at Easthampton, where an altar tomb marks her 
last resting place. 1^ 

4 Samuel, b. 23 of ist mo., 1675, see beyond. 

5 Capt. John, b. 26 Jan., 1677, see beyond. 

Abigail, b. 19 Dec, 1682. She was probably unmarried 
in 1698, and living with her father Samuel King. 
( Census of i6g8.) 
3 William' King (Samuel,' William'), of Southold, b. 10 Jan., 

• Southold Town Rcc, II., 477, and Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., XVI., 144. 

t Souihamiton Toivn Nee, II., 31. 

I Record, April, 1901, and Ludlam Genealogy. 

8 Record, April and July, 1900. 

I Record, .^pril and Oct., iqoi. 

ii Lion Gardiner and His Descendants. 

and three Generations of their Long Island Descendants. \ c 

1 66 1, old style; d. 12 May, 1740; he m. (i) 17 Jan., 1686-7, Abigail ' 
Brown (Lieut. Richard'), who d. 27 May, 1716, in her 50th year; 
m. (2) 21 Jan., 1717, Susannah Crook, who d. 10 May, 1741, in 
her 63d year, and is buried at Orient. 

William King was Collector for Southold in 17 10, his lands are 
described in the Town Records; his will dated 29 Feb., 1740, 
proved 11 June the same year, mentions wife Susannah, two 
grandsons, and all the children below except Hannah and Bez- 

Issue of William and Abigail (Brown) King: 

6 William,* b. 14 Feb., 1687-8, see beyond. 

Hannah, b. i Jan., 1691; is mentioned in the Census of 
i6g8, but as she is not named in her father's will, made 
29 Feb., 1740, she is supposed to have died before that 

7 David, b. 22 Oct., 1693, see beyond. 

Daniel, b. 13 April, 1697. A Daniel King d. suddenly 20 
Dec, 1768. {Salmon Record.) 

Jonathan, b. 10 April, r^99, he was probably that Jonathan 
King who m. Eliza Petty in Feb., 1722, and d. 29 Aug., 
1753. Jonathan King, probably their son, m. 29 Feb., 
1752, Lydia Glover who d. in 1828, in her 95th year. 

John, b. 27 Aug., 1702; d. 17 March, 1740; he was known 
as John King, J^, and m. Ann Edwards of East Hamp- 
ton, 30 Aug., 1727. John Edwards, S^, calls her " ^ly 
daughter Anne King," in his will dated 31 Aug., 1728. 
{Neiu York Wills.) 

John King appointed by his father William King as 
one of his executors, died before him, intestate. Let- 
ters of administration on John King's estate were 
issued to his widow Ann, 11 June, 1740, the same 
day on which his father's will was proved. 

William King mentions without naming them, two 
grandsons, sons of his son John King. Could one of 

these sons have been the Daniel King who m. 

Edwards, at Easthampton, 21 March, 175 1-2? Susan, 
dau. of John King, d. 19 June, 1753. {Salmon Record.) 
Washerfather John J^, above? {East Hampton Town 
Records, and Lib. XIII., pp. 415, and 422, N. V. 

Bezaleel, b. 23 Jan., 1703-4; d. 12 Feb., 1725. 

Abner, b. 22 March, 1705-6; d. unmarried about 1780. 

Abigail, b. 6 June, 1709. She is believed to have been 
that Abigail King who received a deed of land from 
her intended husband Richard Shaw, 22 March, 174 '-2. 
{Southold Town Records.) She probably d. 10 Feb., 

1 749-* 

* Richard Shaw d. lo Oct., 1755- aged 60 or 70. His non-cupative will names his oldest son 
Richard, son Daniel, heir to his deceased mother, and daus. .Abigail and Hannah William 
King as next of kin to Richard Shaw administered his estate 10 Dec. i755- (Lib. MX., p. 261. 
N. Y. H-'iiis.) 

1 5 William and Dorothy King of Salem, Mass., 

4 Samuel' King, J^ (Samuel,' William'), of Southold, b. 23 of 
ist mo., alias March, 1675; d. 6 May, 1725; he m. i Jan., 1697, 

Hannah , in her 23d year; she d. 17 Aug. 17 12, m her 39th 

year. Her maiden name is not known and the Pedigree of King 
of Salem confuses her with a certain Hannah Havens who mar- 
ried another Samuel King, 19 Feb., 1761, {Salmon Record); this 
may have been that Samuel King mentioned in Henry H. Terry's 
note-book as having d. i March, 1803, aged 72 years and about 

2 mos. 
Samuel King, J^, was Collector for Southold in 1708; various 

deeds of land from his father may be found in the Southold Town 

Records. Issue: 

Samuel,* b. 20 Sept., 1697, d. 14 May 1733; he was prob- 
ably that Samuel King whom. 12 Sept., 1723, Elizabeth 
Osman. A dau. of the widow Elizabeth King d. 23 
Oct., 1739. Elizabeth, dau. of Mrs. Elizabeth King is 
said to have m. Benjamin,* son of Capt. John' King, 
and to have d. 23 June, 1749, aged 71 yrs. and 5 mos. 
Allowing for the difference between the old and the 
new style of reckoning, it seems probable that Eliz- 
abeth, wife of Benjamin King, was dau. of Samuel 
above. She died about 1780, aged 81 years. 

8 Ensign John, b. 15 July, 1699, see beyond. 

9 Zebulon, b. 7 Sept., 1702, see beyond. 

Absalom, b. 6 Jan., 1703-4; he was doubtless that Absalom 
King of Long Island, who m. Hannah Waterman, 11 
Aug., 1730, and d. at sea, 3 Sept., 1732. {Norwich, Conn., 
Town Rec, Vol. I., p. 134) 

Nathaniel, b. 27 Feb., 1705-6; d. 12 May, 1731. 

Ephraim, b. 11 May, 1709, was perhaps that Ephraim 
King who m. Elizabeth Vail in Feb., 1732. We have 
no authentic list of his children, but he is said to have 
been the father of Jeremiah King, who is known to 
have been the son of an Ephraim King, and who d. 28 
Sept., 1786, in his 48th year. This Jeremiah King m. 
Hannah Young, who d. 15 Oct., 1833, in her 80th year, 
(gravestone), and was the father of Rev. Ezra King, 
of Brookhaven, L. I., b. 24 July, 1784; d. at Miller's 
Place, L. I., 7 Feb., 1867. {Will at Riverhead.) 

Hannah, b. 18 May, 17 12; m. (i) (doubtless) Nathaniel 
Tuthill, drowned i March, 1732; m. (2) Jonathan Rackett 
of Rocky Point, L. I., and left issue by both husbands.* 

5 Capt. John ' King (Samuel,* William '), of Southold, b. 26 Jan., 
1677; d. 19 Jan., 1741-2, having m. 22 Aug., 1704, Katherine 
Osborn, b. 22 Aug., 1684; d. 20 July, 1752; both are buried in 
the old graveyard at Orient. 

Capt. King received from his father lands at Southold and 
Salem; his will dated 24 Feb., 1736-7, proved 17 March, 1742, 
names his wife Katherine, his daughters Mary Booth and Eliz- 

» The Census o/zfip* mentions a Zacharias King at Soutliold in connection with the house- 
hold of Samuel King. Jr., but he has not been identified. He may have belonged to the Salem 
branch ol the family as nothing more concerning him is found at Southold. 

and three Generations of their Long Island Descendants. \ *] 

abeth Hopkins, and all the sons mentioned below except Joseph 
(Lib. XIV., p. 269, N. V. Wills.) Issue: 

Mary," b. 22 July, 1705 d. 30 Aug., 1769; m. 7 Oct., 1725, 
Lieut. Constant' Booth (Capt. William,' Ensign John '), 
b. 8 Jan., 1701; d. 27 March, 1774. 8 children.* 

Joseph, b. 27 Dec, 1705-6; m. Mary* Chatfield, (Judge 
Thomas,' Capt. Thomas,' Thomas'), at East Hampton, 
29 Sept., 1731, and died there 6 Nov., 1732; his will is 
recorded in Lib. XL, p. 510, N. Y. Wills; the widow 
Mary became successively the 2"^ wife of Francis' 
Pelletreau (Elie') and the 2'' wife of Judge Hugh 
Gelston, both of Southampton; she d. i Sept., 1775. 

Henry, b. 19 Dec, 1708; was probably that Henry King 
who m. Elizabeth Beebe, 20 Nov., 1746. 

Constant, b. 19 Feb., 1712; m. 13 Feb., 1735, Phoebe* 
Horton (David,' Caleb,' Barnabas'), b. 3 June, 1715; d. 
19 May, 1789. Constant d. at his home at Black River, 
now Chester, N. J., 15 March, 1780. For his children 
see the New England Hist, and Gen. Register., Oct., 1857. 
The late William Lewis King, the Rev. Frederick La 
Rue King, both of Morristown, N. J., and the late 
George Parsons King of Boston, are descendants of 
Constant King, as set forth in the Pedigree of King, of 

Alexander, b. 18 Sept., 1713; m. 15 Dec, 1737, Sarah* 
Havens (Jonathan,' George,' William '). Joseph Havens 
deeded land at Southampton to Alexander King, 20 
May, 1769. Alexander King gave a deed to Alexander 
King, J^, 26 May, 1769. 

The will of Joseph Havens dated 20 Nov., 1771, men- 
tions his sister Sarah, and her husband Alexander King 
as then living. Mrs. Sarah King was buried in the 
New Yard at Middleton, Conn., 13 May, 1790, aged 71 
years. In a Mss. list of those who attended her funeral 
we find mentioned among the mourners Mr. King and 
Miss Abigail King, presumably the husband and 
daughter of the deceased. 

Elizabeth, b. 17 April, 1715; m. 26 Dec, 1734, Abijah* 
Hopkins, (William,' Stephen,' Giles'.) 

Prosperous, b. 14 June, 1717; he was perhaps that Prosper 
King rated at Brookhaven, L. I., in 1749 with Edward 
and John King. Prosper King enlisted 15 April, 1758, 
in the Suffolk Co. Militia.f 
10 Benjamin, b. 26 June, 1722, see beyond. 

6 William* King, J^ (William,* Samuel,' William '), of Southold, 
b. 14 Feb., 1687-8; he received 11 Nov., 17 14, deeds of land from 
his father William King, and his father-in-law Samuel Beebe. 
One of the deeds of William King, J^, to his children in 1767, 

• Record, April and Oct., 1901. 

t Brookhaven Town Rec, and Hasting's Annual Report of New York State, 1896, p. 858. 

1 8 William and Dorothy King of Salem, Mass., 

mentions his daus. Hannah Baxter and Bathshua Sheffield, and 
his son James King.* 

William King was on the list of freeholders in 1737, and d. 
23 April, 1775. Letters of Administration on his estate were 
issued to Thomas Youngs, 3 Aug., 1775. 

His wife Bathshua, or Bathsheba, Beebe, b. 16 April, 1688; d. 7 
May, 1764, aged 76 years. 

The birthdates of the children and grandchildren of William 
King are all recorded in Liber E. Mss. Southold Town Records. 
The Epitaphs of many of them are to be found in Harris's Early 
Burial Grounds of L. I. 

Issue of William and Bathsheba King: 

William,' b. 6 April, 17 10; m. Elizabeth Beebe, 26 July, 

1738; 8 children. 
Richard, b. 5 Nov., 171 1; d. 20 May, 1735. 
Hannah, b. 29 July, 1715; d. 12 March, 1811; m. Richard 
Baxter, 29 June, 1740; he d. 23 Nov., 1751; 4 children. 
James, b. 16 July, 17 18; m. Katherine Sheffield of South 

Kingston, R. L, 30 Oct., 1751; 6 children. 
Bathshua, b. 18 Dec, 1721, no further trace. 
Susannah, b. 29 May, 1723; d. i May, 1766; m. Robert 

Sheffield, 22 June, 1749; 4 children. 
Bezaleel, b. 31 March, 1727; d. 24 April, 1735. 
Paul, b. 2 May, 1731; d. 26 Nov., 1750. 
7 David' King (William,' Samuel,^ William'), of Southold, b. 22 
Oct., 1693; m. 15 Sept., 1715, Hannah Beebe, b. 4.5, 1695; d. 11 
Jan., 1728-9.1 

David King was in the Southold Militia in 17 15; he m. (2) 
10 Oct., 1731, Deborah* Glover (William,' Lieut. Samuel," Charles'), 
b. 15 March, 17 15-6. David King was drowned 26 Sept., 1749. 
Issue of David and Hannah (Beebe) King: 

David,' d. 7 Sept., 1729, in his 13th year, gravestone at 

Hannah, called the dau. of David and Hannah King, and 
granddaughter of Samuel Beebe, in the will of the 
latter, dated 1741. (Lib. XIV., p. 294, A^. Y. Wills). 
Issue of David and DelDorah (Glover) King: 

Joseph (perhaps), who d. in 1818. He is said to have m. 
Hannah, dau. of Zebulon King, and to have had a large 
family of sons and daughters. Two of these appear to 
have been Joseph King, of Lyme, Conn., and Zebulon 
King. Perhaps Sibyl King, who m. Thomas Terry in 
May, 1748, and Elizabeth King who m. Daniel Y. Brown, 
28 Aug., 1750, were also children of Joseph King, but 
no record of his family has been preserved. 
Jeremiah, b. in Sept., 1737; d. 8 Jan., 1819. He doubtless 
enlisted 15 April, 1758, under Lieut. Barnabas Tuthill 

• Southold Town Rec, Vol. II., p. 192. 

t Hannah, who m. David King, and Bathshua, who m. William King, were daus. of Samuel 
Beebe of Plum Island, N. Y., son of Samuel Beebe of New London, Conn., son of John Beebe, 
sometime of Broutrhton. Northamptonshire, Eng., whose ^'randfather, Alexander Beebe d. at 
Great AddiuKton, Northamptonshire in 1623. 

Probate Rec. Hartford, Conn., in Secretary of State's Office. 

and Three Generations of their Long Island Descendants. \ n 

in the N. Y. Militia, and served for a short time during 
the French and Indian War.* 

Jeremiah m. in 1763 Deborah, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Elizabeth (Ayres) Dominy, of East Hampton, b. 16 
May, 1744; d. 20 May, 1806. 

From Jeremiah King descends Charles Goodhue* 
King, in the line of Hon. Elisha William ' and Margaret 
(Vandervoort) King, Peter Vandervoort,' and Eliza 
Antonia (Lentilhon) King, and Percy Rivington' and 
Sarah Chandler (Goodhue) King. 

8 Ensign John* King (Samuel,' Samuel,' William'), of Southold, 
b. 15 July, 1699; d. 28 June, 1753; m. 25 June, 1724, Mary Corey,! 
b. II Jan., 1707. His wife Mary was living 2 March, 1756. 

John King's gravestone and the Southold Town Records 
describe him as Ensign; his will dated 14 June, 1753, proved 
8 Jan., 1756, disposes of lands in Southold and Brookhaven, men- 
tions his wife Mary, and all the children below except Absalom. 
(Lib. XIV., p. 378, A^. Y. Wills). Issue: 

Mary,' b. 27 Jan., 1726; d. 9 April, 1766; she m. (i) in May, 
1746, Peter Brown, M.D., b. 11 Sept., 1719; d. 4 June, 
1747; m. (2) John Wiggins, J^, 6 March, 1754, and left 
issue by both husbands. J 
John, b. 18 Dec, 1727; d. 14 July, 1792; m. (i) 13 March, 
1754, Abigail Brown, doubtless dau. of Joseph Brown; 
m. (2) 10 March, 1770, Phoebe Young, not Phoebe King, 
as stated in the Pedigree of King, of Sale?n. {Record, 
April, 1901, p. 93.) 

From this John King descend Rufus King, of 
Yonkers, N. Y., and the late Tuthill King of Chicago.§ 
Major Nathaniel, b. 8 May, 1731; d. i Oct., 1822; he doubt- 
less enlisted in Capt. Thomas Terry's Co., in Suffolk 
Co., 15 April, 1758, and saw active service during the 
French and Indian War;|| he m. 17 Dec, 1761, new 
style. Experience' Young (Gideon,' Lieut. Gideon,* 
Gideon,' Capt. Joseph"), b. 2 March, 1738, old style; d. 
5 Aug., 1809. 
Absalom, b. 5 Oct., 1733; d. 15 Oct., 1752. 
Mehitable, b. 2 Oct., 1736; living in June, 1753. 
Abraham, b. 13 Dec, 1741; d. 31 Aug., 1782; m. Mehitable 
Tuthill, 13 Oct., 1763.1 


• Record, April, 1895, p. 74. 

t Griffin's Journal savs that Ensign John King m. Mary, dau. of Joseph and Dorothy 
(Tuthill) Brown, and this statement is copied in the /'ifa'j£'r(r<? o/'AVwiT^'/-^'"''?'"- 

Griffin, however, in a letter to the late Rufus S. King, dated 30 Aug., 1858, states that Ensign 
John King m. Marv Corev 12 June. 1724- (Salmon Record, 25 June. I724>- ... 

It is barely possible that Ensign King mav have had two wives, as above, but his own tam- 
ilv record, and the Salmon Record seem to indicate that he was married but once, and that to 
Mary Corey, 25 June, 1724. (Record, April, 1901, p. 92). 

i Rev. James Selden Spencer, Rector Emeritus of Christ Church, Tarrvtow'n, N. Y.. is a 
descendant of Ensign John King, through lohn and Mary » (King) Wiggins, Jared \\ ilson and 
Margaret' (Wiggins) Spencer, and Jared Wilson' and Charlotte (Hillings) Spencer, Jr. 

Rev. Mr. Spencer has seven sons now living. 

§ N. E. Register, July, 1886. 

II A^. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll., 1 891, p. 202. 

TI Mailman's Hist, of Shelter Island, N. Y. 

20 William and Dorothy King of Salem, Mass., 

Margaret, b. 6 March, 1747; m. Calvin Moore, 27 Aug,. 

9 Zebulon" King (Samuel,' Samuel,' William'), of Southold, b. 
7 Sept., 1702; d. 6 Nov., 1776. He is said to have m. Amy Hawk, 
who d. 21 Sept., 1774. Issue: 

Asa,' b. about 1724; d. 16 Sept., 1796 or 1797. 

Hannah, b. about 1733; d. in 1833, aged 80 years. 

Amy, m. Major Barnabas Tuthill, 20 Feb., 1780. 

Lydia, m. Major Barnabas Tuthill, 8 March, 1759, and d. 

18 Sept., 1779. 
Submit, b. 14 May, 1739; d. 13 June, 1824; m. 24 Nov., 

1753) Joseph Terry; ancestors of the poet John Orville 

Patience, m. (Nathan?) Tuthill. 
Samuel, m. Elizabeth Brown, of Rocky Point.* 

10 Benjamin* King (Capt. John,' SamueP, William'), of Southold, 
b. 26 June, 1722; d. 3 Sept., 1793; is said to have m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Mrs. Elizabeth King, who d. 23 June, 1794, aged 71 years 
and 5 mos. She was probably dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Osman) King, but perhaps dau. of Jonathan and Eliza (Petty) 
King. Issue: 

Capt. Benjamin," b. 23 Sept., 1750; d. 19 April, 1780, at 
Lyme, Conn. He is said to have m. Abigail, dau. 
of Col. Thomas Terry, and to have commanded a 
Privateer during the Revolutionary War. Ancestor of 
the late Mr. Edward Conkling King, of New Berne, N. C 
Capt. Henry, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., about 1800, leaving 
a widow Mary, who d. 26 Nov., 1830, aged 74 years. 
(Will Liber B., p. 96, Suffolk Co. Wills.) 
A son of Benjamin King d. 15 Nov., 1754. {Salmon Record). 
The limit of space assigned by the Record to contributions of 
this character has now been reached, but it is hoped that enough 
has been set forth in these pages to aid readers related to the 
King family who may desire to complete their line of descent. 

The compiler, a King descendant, will be glad to communicate 
with those interested as to the history of the family in England, 
and also in reference to any unpublished early records and other 
genealogical material in private hands relating to the Long 
Island Branch. 

Attention is called to the change of address from Newburgh, 
N. Y., to 550 Park Avenue, New York City. 

* Mss. Rec. of Henry H. Terry. 







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