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Full text of "The Kirbys of New England : a history of the descendants of John Kirby of Middletown, Conn. and of Joseph Kirby of Hartford, Conn., and of Richard Kirby of Sandwich, Mass. together with genealogies of the Burgis, White and Maclaren families, and the ancestry of John Drake, of Windsor, Conn."

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A History of the Descend- 
ants of JOHN KIRBV of 
MidciIetown,Connr4and of 
JOSEPH KIRBY of Hartford 
Conn ^?i^ and of RICHAR.D 
KIRBY of SandwicK,Mass. ■ 

Together with Genealo^es" 
of the BURCIS, WHITE and 
MACLAREN families .^and 
the Ancestry of JOH N WAKE 
of Windsor, Conrv.. (^^£y 

Melatiah Everett Dwight 

NEW YORK gr The Trow 




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This Volume is Affectionately Dedicated to 
my Wife, who exemplifes the Character 
and Virtues of the Kirbys of New England 



Introduction, i 

History of the Descendants of John Kirby, of Middle- 
town, Ct., 7 

Some Account of the Descendants of Joseph Kirby, of 

Hartford, Ct., i66 

Some Account of the Descendants of Richard Kirby, of 

Sandwich, Mass., 229 

Collateral Genealogies of Connected Families, . . . 337-3S9 

Descendants of Thomas Burgis, of Guilford, Ct, ... 339 

Descendants of William White, of Dartmouth, Mass., for 

the First Few Generations, 347 

Descendants of Finlay MacLaren, of Onondaga, N. Y., . 368 

The English and Norman Ancestry of John Drake, of 

Windsor, Ct 379 

Index to Lineages and Brief Notices of Connected 

Families, 39^ 

Index to all Those of the Name of Kirby 39^ 

Index to Those of all Other Names, 4°? 


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x^^L .... ...... ,.•.,) .o.:bai // 

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The Kirby Coat of Arms, Frontispiece 


Homestead Farm of John Kirby, of Middletown, Ct., . 14 

Portrait of the Hon. Phineas Miller Augur, of Middle- 
field, Ct., 54 

Portrait of John H. Parks, of Boston, Mass., .... 73 

Portrait of Timothy Kirby, of Cincinnati, O., .... 114 

Portrait of the Rev. William Kirby, of Illinois, .... 143 

Portrait of Judge Edward P. Kirby, of Jacksonville, 111. 148 

Miniature Portrait of Judge Ephraim Kirby, of Litch- 
field, Ct., 172 

Portrait of General E. Kirby Smith, 182 

Portrait of George F. Kirby, of Marshalltown, la., . . 236 

Portrait of Luthan Kirby, of Dartmouth, Mass., . . . 292 

Portrait of William A. Kirby, of New Bedford, Mass., . 295 

Portrait of General William Maurice Kirby, of Auburn, 

N. y., 321 

^^ . . -3 ,h;.^A 

''^ ; ij:. ;:r \w 


In 1818 Elisha Kirby of Middletown, Ct., Captain Ralph Smith 
of Iladdam, Ct., and others, compiled a genealogical table of the 
first five generations of the descendants of John Kirby of !Middle- 
town. The manuscript copy belonging to Elisha Kirby fell into 
the hands of his grandson, Samuel H. Kirby of New Haven, Ct., 
who published the same in 1890 under the title of '' Kirby Family " 
— a pamphlet folio of twelve pages. " The Kirbys of New Eng- 
land " was begun with the purpose merely of correcting some 
errors in the " Kirby Family " and of bringing it down to date, 
but it has grown to its present moderate proportions through 
information kindly furnished by many who have become interested 
in the progress of the work. Of these, special thanks are due to 
Frank F. Starr of iSIiddletown, Mrs. Charles A. Dudley of Guil- 
ford, David B. Kirby of New York City, and William A. Kirby 
of New Bedford, To the latter is almost wholly due the account 
of the descendants of Richard Kirby of Sandwich. It was at first 
the intention to record and publish only the descendants of John 
Kirby of Middletown, and this branch of the New England Kirbys 
is more completely carried out than the other branches. But suffi- 
cient information having been obtained with regard to the de- 
scendants of Joseph Kirby of Hartford and of Richard Kirby of 
Sandwich to warrant its publication, this has been done, although 
the account of these branches is confessedly incomplete, and calls 
for further labor on the part of any who m.ay be interested in 
finishing what has only been begun. The publication of these 
imperfect accounts of the other branches of the New England 
Kirbys has appeared the more desirable since finding there is good 
reason for the belief that the Litchfield Kirbys are nearly related 
to those of Middletown, and some reason for the conjecture that 
the descendants of Richard Kirby of Sandwich are also related 
to the Middletown Kirbvs. 




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!. ooy -, •.--., - .-Mi-.,: _K.:!'- ^^C^ ;-:.b ■ '■Jm )' : -.-ii.-^qqt ?rn'i ''V'- .-1 
;ch.r- ;hF-r v-- ' ■ '■■■A Mrn'-jli -'' :■ ' 1-::-! tv\] lo} i).,..^<i)5 
T ;- ••■■.: ' -. ■ .. ■;::'; ay.y.,i :jy\ ■. ' -.., .:;:■:-; ''M^iK lo :>ry[i oi 


That John Kirby of Middletown was tlie brother of Joseph 
Kirby of Hartford, the ancestor of the Litchfield Kirbys, is ren- 
dered highly probable by the discovery that the only surviving 
son of the former was known as Joseph Kirby, Junior. (See 
Joseph, son of John of ]Middletown.) Besides this indication, 
there are others which are significant. For, as John of Middletown 
named his son Joseph, Jr., so Joseph of Hartford named his only 
known son John; both also came from Warwickshire, England, 
and both were at Hartford near the time of its first settlement. 
Nor should the tradition preserved in both famiHes, that the 
founders of the jMiddletown and Litchfield Kirbys w^ere brothers, 
be left altogether out of account. There is also some reason for 
the belief that John Kirby of JMiddletown was the brother of 
Richard Kirby of Sandwich. The former came to New England 
in the Hopewell, Captain Babb, ^Master, which sailed from Lon- 
don, England, for New England, Sept. ii, 1635. His name is 
found registered among those of the other passengers as " Jo. 
Kerbie aged 12 years," and is the only Kirby named. It is rea- 
sonable to presume that he came in the care of some fellow- 
passenger or passengers. Among these, and heading the list, is 
" Husb. Wm. Wood aged 27 years." Then follow the names of 
" Elisabeth Wood, 24 years, Jo. Wood, 26 years, Robert Cham- 
bers, 13 years, Tho. Jno'son, 25 years. Marc Hubbard, 24 years " 
and " Jo. Kerbie, 12 years " — the seventh in the list of fifty-four 
passengers. Suspicion points toward William W^ood and his wife 
Elizabeth as the persons in whose care was John Kirby. Who, 
then, was this \\'illiam Wood? Lewis says that " he settled in 
Lynn as early as 1629 and resided there according to his own 
account about four years. During this time he wrote an inter- 
esting book entitled ' New England Prospects.' He sailed Aug. 
15, 1633, for London, where in the following year he published 
his book. In 1635 ^^ published a map of New England. He 
returned to Lynn the same year, embarking in the Hopewell 
Sept. II, 1635. In 1637 ^"16 went with fifty companions and com- 
menced a settle:nent at Sandwich, ]Mass." (" History of Lynn, 
Mass.," Lewis and Newhall, page 113.) Since Richard Kirby 
was at first a resident of Lynn and afterward accompanied Will- 
iam Wood to Sandwich, we may suspect that John Kirby, aged 


)ri -n- r.-. 


l-\]/' ',-, ,:;'■ 

vino cir: 

b-K-r': \r 

,\!\ r. i ■^: . r ■ 

: .:y'i'.Vf.-Ay- 

■.■'. .j'if! (;. 

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, ■:Ov-, • -h' 

■hi'A L:-rbi 

7 zs nn/.l 

.>food c'rr? 
::J.di .II .: . : 


twelve, the passenger of the Hopewell, was in the care of William 
Wood, to be conveyed to his brother Richard. Unhappily, an- 
tiquarians are not agreed concerning William Wood, the author. 
Dr. Deane, who edited the republication of " New England 
Prospects," dissents from the statements of Lewis. Shattuck 
claims him for Concord, -^lass., and Savage, although convinced 
that the author was really William Wood of Lynn and Sandwich, 
will venture no opinion with regard to the passenger of the Hope- 
well, but says that if he be William Wood, the author, " which I 
neither affirm or deny," then he could not be the William Wood 
of Concord, as claimed by Shattuck. 

Another circumstance suggesting relationship between John 
and Richard Kirby is the fact that the former was at Plymouth, 
Mass., in 1643, being then enrolled there as " able to bear arms." 
At this time he was about twenty-one years of age, and supposing 
that he had accompanied Richard Kirby to Sandwich in 1637 as 
a member of the latter's family, he might naturally be found in 
1643 ^t Plymouth, the principal town of the Old Colony. Since 
family names are sometimes family guides, it may be added that 
both Richard of Sandwich and John of IMiddletown had daugh- 
ters named Sarah, and that their youngest daughters were named 
Abigail. Again, Richard had only two sons, one of whom was 
named after himself and the other received the Puritan name of 
Recompense, but Richard, Jr., named his eldest son John, per- 
haps after John of Middletown, whom, if indeed his uncle, he 
must have remembered, since Richard, Jr., was born before his 
father's removal to Sandwich. It is easy to give the reins to the 
imagination where one wishes to believe; and we should like to 
believe that John Kirby, the passenger of the Hopewell, " aged 
12 years," was brought by William Wood to his brother Richard 
Kirby of Lynn, where he became a member of Richard's family; 
that he removed with the same to Sandwich, where he resided 
until about 1643, when he removed to Plymouth, and shortly 
afterward sought his brother Joseph and the fertile lands of the 
Connecticut Valley at Hartford, Ct. 

The name of Kirby is probably one of Danish origin. It 
was originally written Kirkby, from Kirke, meaning church, and 
hye, dwelling. The earliest use of the word is found in the name 

UVJl' <. 

i^ .iuoin... . 

/ vti-::- ;?:'-/ 

.•■ I-' 

j*' -isii j: j:^ 


?:it :-'-^ -.■j'v' '. -; 

■J ■ '•:!i;:;.;'!i':o:s i>cri ^n j-:;:' 

' - ^-^li-f Milt :.^. i-jdfa-jfn & 

•^rr;i... ^ in^j >;;'■ •■; ;.'Ouiv!'-a :!;i iidl 

?ii7/ : ;■ riv; h:. -ir, .;> ^ r/.vl {liio bfiii b7nbi>j .m?;^^ .iicg?.:'A 
-131] ,:■!■_:• -[,...? >-^'! ;.. -:j: b<>rrt£r ^.tJ .'■■;;. i' ' ■ :' : 

ii.i;':" .iiov/sqv: I. 'in: :o .- ■ i .vo -i.-T :;::3- 1 

■ 'v- ■"■'■"■ '■-■ Ir '.['-, ,y\ '. i~^'\: \,i-n K 'jrriEii^r mI -^Tm;.?/ ii:r/.i 30 vchi.^'J 
'■■■-'■ ■! ..".■■■■■.■ ,M ■ " , ' ■;';-'r! t.i1 -^niiii jrl: .:!'r. l'::::ixi^'> :)■:'. :£;•;: 
•;:nor{.:i ; i.: .''(.;;/<'•■• ■' >^ : ;>'>vorfT^T fn- ::--.,^7- .-'iV jnodr !ijr^ 
■-ill ^z- c!^;,c' v'lJ-!^^ 3r.' • "^ i'::j'-|_ ijfijoT.i ,:•(:; ':i,i;i.-i '.M-./n-ilw, 


of one of the shires of Deira, a part of ancient Northumbria. A 
very early use of the word is found in the names of several towns 
in the north of England, viz., Kirkby Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale, 
Kirkby Stephen, etc. Although originally written Kirkby, the 
name has long been pronounced as if written Kirby, hence the 
latter spelling has almost altogether superseded the former. The 
earUest appearance of the name as designating a particular family 
is found in the title given to the barons of Kirkby Kendal in 
Westmoreland. The first Baron Kirkby was Ivo Taillebois. who 
came with the Conqueror. He died without male issue, and the 
barony passed to his brother Gerard's family. In 1272 John 
Kirkby was made Keeper of the Great Seal, and soon afterward 
Bishop of Ely. In 1322 another John Kirkby (also written 
Kirby) was created Bishop of Carlisle. In the fifteenth and six- 
teenth centuries there were several families of Kirkbys and Kirbys 
living in various parts of England, as is shown by the Visitations 
of Essex, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, etc., which have recently 
been published by the Harleian Society from the original manu- 
scripts kept in the British Museum. The Kirby names usually 
found in these Visitations are Richard, Roger, William, and John 
— all Norman names. These are the names usually met v/ith 
among the early Kirbys of New England, and this circumstance 
suggests the idea that the New England Kirbys were of Norman 
origin. Som.e effort has been made to trace their ancestry in 
England. Joseph Kirby came from Warwickshire, and John 
Kirby in 1654 sold an estate in Rowington, Wanvickshire, to 
Richard Lord, from which it is presumed that he also came from 
the same county. Letters were addressed to the incumbent of 
the parish of Rowington, but unfortunately the parish registers 
were begun as late as 1638, so nothing could be ascertained from 
them. The baptism of Michael Kirby, son of Humphrey, Sept. 
22, 1622, found in one of the recovered sheets of the lost register 
of St. Mary's Church in Warwick, shows, however, that there 
were Kirbys living in the vicinity in the early part of the seven- 
.teenth century. That John Kirby came from Rowington, War- 
wickshire, is further shown by the follov.'ing document: 

Forasmuch as Joseph Kirbj' of Middletown in the Colony of Connecti- 
cut, Turner, hath bound himself, his heirs, administrators to me the sub- 

^rti >:r':.f 

'i :::■ 'it 

^!vn.) ..1.1) i ,u!,-y.'/cf! ,?/. :;i 
•if"// ,f(':.'r.;:r^r.'.^o:'"! frrr- 

■T9;'->J. . 



^51 1 


■ t 

- -'t rti TJf 






schber in the penal sum of one thousand Pounds current money of New 
Enkland, the condition of which is that the said Joseph Kirby shall execute 
D'leds or any other lawful conveyance to the satisfaction of me the aforesaid 
subscriber for one-half of whatsoever shall be received by Thomas Ban- 
niJter, attorney to Joseph Kirby aforesaid, in the County of Warwick in 
the Realm of England. I, the subscriber, for myself and heirs do promise 
an d oblige myself to furnish and supply, ^^ my own proper cost and charges, 
al ; such sum or sums of money that may be expended from time to time 
b>- the aforesaid attorney of Joseph Kirby aforesaid in prosecuting his suit 
for any lands or any other estate whatsoever in the County aforesaid in the 
Kjingdom aforesaid. And I do by these presents forever acquit the said 
Joseph Kirby of any debt that may arise by virtue of the power aforesaid. 
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of 
November in seventh of her [Majesty and Domini 1708. 

Thomas Bannister. • 

"" Edmund Oakes. 

J Aaron Stuckey. 

) Thomas Bannister, Jun. 

; Boston, Nov. 5th, 1708. 

Received of Mr. Joseph Kirby of Middletown in Connecticut a power 

ol attorney or promotion to act for him in England with several papers 

relating to the same. ^, ^ 

Thomas Bannister 

Thomas Bannister, Jun. 


To get whatever evidence you can that your father came from Rowington 
in Warwickshire. Also what you can that your grandmother's name was 
]\[argaret White. Also what your cousin Buck remembers of the people of 

This document was in the possession of Captain Seth Kirby 
of Chadton, X. Y., who spoke of its never being heard from. 
The death of Thomas Bannister the following year, 1709, was 
probably the reason why nothing further was known concerning 
this matter. This paper shows that John Kirby, in all probability, 
came from Rowington in Wanvickshire, England, and that his 
children believed a considerable estate in Warwickshire right- 
fijilly belonged to his heirs. Rowington is situated about five 
n^iiles from the town and castle of Warwick. It is possible that 
the ancestors of the New England Kirbys descended from Sir 
jlohn Kirkby, whose daughter Matilda married William Beau- 
cjhamp, the first Earl of Warwick of that family. (See " Visita- 



.IJJDOb zuU i 

■ vn,/ ..--or. . .ijq 


tion of Yorkshire," page 245.) There is a sug-g:estion of good 
family descent in the provision made by John Kirby of Midd/.e- 
town in his will, that two portions of his estate should " not be 
sold out of the blood," but should " pertain to some of my children 
or children's children to the end of the world." This singular 
provision, especially its peculiar wording, is not easily intelligible 
without the presupposition that the testator was conscious of de- 
scent from a family of English gentry, and so was both proud of 
his " blood " and familiar with the entail of landed estate. ; 

The Kirbys of New England form a small family group. For 
both John of jMiddletown and Joseph of Hartford had but one 
grandson, and Richard of Sandwich had only two grandsons 
(whose descendants have been fairly traced) to perpetuate the 
name of Kirby. Their forefathers settled in places remote from 
centres of influence. Nevertheless, they have made their influ- 
ence felt, especially in their country's warfares. About one-half 
of the descendants of John Kirby of JMiddletown, and the same 
proportion of the known descendants of Joseph Kirby of Hart- 
ford, able to bear arms, were Revolutionary soldiers. The 
descendants of Richard Kirby of Sandwich were mostly Quakers. 
Nevertheless, four of his descendants, out of the limited number 
able to take up arms, served as soldiers during the Revolution. 
In the war of 1812, and in the Civil War, a large proportion of 
the Kirbys of New England descent were engaged, and served 
with some distinction. Nor have they been without influence 
in time of peace. One of the very first in New England to espouse 
the cause of the Quakers was Richard Kirby of Sandwich, and 
the first organized eftbrt in behalf of temperance was made by 
Ephraim Kirby of Litchfield, Ct. 

Independence, fortitude, hatred of false conventionalities, rec- 
titude, and sternness of moral purpose have hitherto been the 
characteristics of the New England Kirbys. May their posterity 
continue to exhibit the same traits of character and add to the 
virtues of their ancestors. 

?:;! *. 






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i ."?■ 

ns q 

U .'J 




Among the passengers of the Hopewell, Thomas Babb, Master, 
regjistered on Sept. ii, 1635, ^s about to sail from the port of 
Lojndon, England, for New England, was " Jo. Kerbie, aged 12 
ye^rs." On the list of the inhabitants of Plymouth, 2vlass., be- 
tw(ben sixteen and sixty years of age, who were enrolled Aug., 
1643, as able to bear arms, is the name of '' John Kerby." The 
Hjartford records contain the following entry: " Eli[sabeth] 
K(^crbe, daughter of John Keerbe, was [born] the eaighten of 
September one thousand six hundred forty and six." There is 
sufticient proof that the Hartford record refers to the birth of 
the second daughter of John Kirby, who subsequently removed 
to Middletown; and in the absence of any knowledge that there 
was another person bearing the same name then living in New 
England, it is confidently presumed that all the above-men- 
tioned records refer to one and the same person, who was after- 
ward known as John Kirby of Middletown. 

1. John Kirby of Middletown, Ct., came from Warwickshire, 
England. For there is a deed of property by him to Richard 
Lord of Hartford, Ct., made Sept. 3, 1654, and recorded in ]\Ianu- 
script Copy of First Book Colonial Records of Connecticut, 
pp. 272, 273, said property consisting of a house and land, and 
situated within the bounds of the township of Rowington in 
Warwickshire, England, which indicates that he was a native of 
that county. He came to New England, as has been presumed, 
during the autumn of 1635 in the ship Hopewell, Captain Babb, 
Master, being then only twelve years of age. In Aug., 1643, ^^^ 
was living at Plymouth, Mass., and before April, 1645, ^e had 
become a resident of Hartford, Ct. For at this date it is re- 


a I 

," --• ■[ -; ■ 

■ 1 ,: 

i.::.:,,u . ,i:-.;i.iv;a 


i -'Ht 'iO 

1, 1 1 

, o-UnO '\<,bv 

..>'•/'. - ■■„.- ..., .. ... .■ 

■r-,Vr ; ;, ; 

•^ ij 

■n.; i\y:ix'i?. n-'-^y: 

''r:'i ":'/d-;-3'A nil ..' ' 

.,- , 


- ■- .::-o -;:!; ;;!!.■ 



■ ■i'liurA) ,;-y.\ .. .-/I 

^' .••^.:i '.y;,- '■,,,. 

■;!.^ Uk:.:- 

,'r ofTo ^9drrr•!^.•(-:)■^'! 

ic; riniu ::■'.': o. r; /'\ 

'\ . 

...\l ^;., 

'i >0--') ^n-^i-oVsi 

!•• ■ 

'■: .■ ..; 

, ,_ .'I. 

.._ n.'l'.. ' ' . 


•.vr -.,it 

s :-:• 

- 'jrj^ i 

'.) :■..; 

-di; sr'l ■.■ 

ij I.' 


■:;--!;:-! • 

V 'Kfe 

■jd< yr?;-:,.:' 


K-!:;') ....._-:- -:v 

-n:.;;i-vA ■,.:■; -;,i !;- 

::- '> L 


i5iq v.; :_.■ ! 


.- Jj ^>i^-,'^.{R 

^•^^^^i>ii <&•(! -:'"... ,^';:'^^ 



. ". C. i 1 
1 ..H 

n'' il.:-A'>- ■■■>.■ ;V mC'-A --i, 

£-^n;-'. , i'lXi 




lO'l .j"::- .blOJJT;;! ! 


corded that " John Kirby and Seth Grant contracted to herd t'iie 
Hartford cattle for a stated price payable at their houses in coirn, 
peas, etc. on their demand." In 1647 he appears to be living in 
Wethersfield, Ct., for the town records state that in this year he 
recorded " ear marks " for his cattle. The Wethersfield recor ds 
state that his daughter Hannah was born in Wethersfield March 
2, 1649, so that he was certainly by that time an inhabitant of 
that place. Having joined " The Company for settling the plant- 
ing grounds at Mattabesett," he became a resident of Middle- 
town, Ct., some time between Dec, 1651, and Jan. 16, 1654, 
and remained there until his death. His lands in ]\Iiddleto\vn, 
which were recorded to him in the Town Book, Jan. 10, 1655, 
were located on the " North Side " of the rivulet, or " North 
Society," now the town of Cromwell, Ct. His homestead farm' 
was situated in the extreme western part of the present town of 
Cromwell, in the bend of the river Mattabesett (Little River) 
where it turns and runs southeast. The bridge over the river, 
just above the bend, is still called the Kirby bridge. Below the 
bridge is a small but picturesque and wooded island. The house, 
whose foundations are still to be seen, stood on higher ground, 
sloping gradually to the river. Here John Kirby lived, accumu- 
lated a good estate, and reared a numerous family. He was made 
a freeman by the General Court of Connecticut at a session held 
in May, 1658. He died April, 1677, leaving a will made on April 
6th and an estate valued at £551, the inventory of which was 
dated on the 27th of the same month. 


I, John Kirby of Middletown in the County of Hartford, in His Majesty's 
Colony of Connecticott in N. England, being weak in body and not knowing 
how soon it may please God to leave me to my dust, but yet through mercy 
of perfect understanding and memory do therefore make this my last will and 

In the first place I do will my soul unto the hands of Jesus Christ my 
Lord and God, and will my body to be decently buried and for the outward 
estate which God hath given me, I do dispose thereof in manner following. 

First of all to the intent that my loving wife may not be destitute of a 
comfortable subsistence while she shall live, I do give and bequeath unto her 
the possession and use of all my estate, whether houseing or lands, or other 
estate, as exists in my possession during her natural life; excepting only 







fS >: 

0-, -.T 



no iv 


.1 1 

3 n; i 

i: - rn 

,'"' ' 

:.K'> ! 

25'/; r-ifjv/ lo 'noi r\3-t cu •ji< 

■ J A j: -.3.1: 

ra [fi .•/ o'^ 1 o: 


what shall afterwards be particularly mentioned. I do also give her liberty 
i( 5he see herself necessitated so to do to sell any such part of my estate as 
aforesaid for her necessary living. 

Item: I do give and bequeath to my son Joseph and to my daughter 
Mary each of them a portion double to the portion of any of the rest of my 
children: and to the rest of my children (all of which are daughters) I do 
pive each of them a portion equal to one another. I will also that ui case 
Joseph shall marry before his mothers decease that then he shall have the 
use of that house and lot which Jno. should have had if he had lived, and in 
case (and as long as) his mother can spare it together with whatever else his 
mother can and shall see cause to accommodate him withal yet not exceeding 
his said portion. 

Item: My will is that my lands (excepting what my wite may be neces- 
sitated and see cause to sell as is above said) as well as my other estate shall 
be divided among all my children according to the proportion aforesaid, and 
ina<;much as some of my children are deceased and have left children behind 
thc:n, my will is that the portion of these my children which are already de- 
ceased, or which shall decease and leave children surviving before this dis- 
tribution of my estate be fully made; and which cannot be made while my 
wife shall live; I say the portion of any of my children so deceased, or de- 
ceasing, shall fall to the children of the deceased or to such of those children 
as shall be living when this distribution shall be made. Also, forasmuch as 
some of my children have received something in part of their portion al- 
ready, I will that what they have received be accounted as part of their por- 
tion and said portion which I now give to them, and that the rest which 
have yet received nothing have a portion equal to them, both as to what 
they have already received and are yet to receive, that is Joseph equal to 
Mary and the rest one to another equal as is aforesaid. 

Item: As for that parcel of my land which lyes near to Daniel Harris his 
farme on the West of Connecticut River and contains about three hundred 
acres, and another parcel of my land containing near or about two hundred 
acres and lying at or about Pipe-stem swamp on the West also of Connecti- 
cut River my will is that to whichsoever of my children or children's children 
these parcels of land or any part thereof shall fall, they shall not at any time 
be sold out of the blood, but in case any of my children or their children see 
cause to sell any part thereof it shall be only given one to another of them, 
that so these two parcels of land may pertain to some of my children or 
children's children to the end of the world. 

Item: As for my said portion in such lands as are not yet but may be 
hereafter divided, I do bequeath the same to the use and disposal of my wife 
as aforesaid during her life in case they be divided while she lives, and 
whether they be or no my will is they be distributed among my children as 
my other lands are. 

Lastly: My will is that notwithstanding any apprisall of my estate that 
may according to useful custom be made at the taking of the inventory yet 
that a distribution thereof among my children may be made according to 
justice and equity, (I say my will is that) when the full and final distribution 
shall be made then all my estate so distributed whether formerly received 

■/) if;:Ji<^ fiq^iOl. rl 

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h^ ■,•.,.! 

I 'J no navf 

i'a:i <;••:; t.f Oy 

3<1 •■<■ 

ru -:.' i-::. :^(!t 


Cc'i/. ,.:• IS,-; n( 
- . :. '. -MV It, i, ,, 



or then to be received by my children or children's children shall be given 
again at the then just value thereof. 

Finally: I do make the worthy Capt. Jno. Allyn of Hartford (craving 
pardon for rny boldness in requesting him to undertake the trouble) and 
Deacon Allyn of Middletown and my son in law Emanuel Bucke of Wethers- 
field, the executors of this my last will and testament and for confirmation 
hereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal this Sixth of Aprile in the year 
of our Lord one thousand six hundred and seventy seven. 

JOHN KIRBY. (seal) 
Signed and sealed in presence 
John Niatt. 
Elizabeth Niatt. ; 


Joseph Kirby aged about one and twenty years. 

Mary Kirby wife to Emanuel Buke aged about two and thirty years. 

Elizabeth Kirby now deceased about her twenty-third year of her life. 

Hannah Kirby wife to Thomas Andrews about twenty-seven years of age. 

Ester Kirby wife to Benajah Stone about twenty-five years of age. 

Sarah Kirby wife to Samuel Hubbard about twenty-three years of age. 

Bethiah Kirby about sixteen years of age. 

Susannah Kirby about thirteen years of age. 

Abigayle Kirby about eleven years of age. 

£ s. d. 

The house, the bam and foure acres of land 70 — — o 

The new house with foure acres of land 45 — — o 

Medow at Nongony, 4 acres J/2 3° — — o 

Upland at pistol point, 2 acres third 2 — — o 

Medow in the longmedow, two acres and one third 20 — — o 

West medow, 4 acres and 20 rods 12 — — 

Medow at the farther ( ), 4 acres 8 — c — 

To one acre and halfTe of Dead Swamp — 9 — o 

To three acres and halfee of wet Swamp o — 9 — o 

To halfe an acre of Ded Swamp i — o — o 

To 8 acres of Round medo 12 — — o 

To 4 acres and two fields of upland 2—10 — o 

To 14 acres and one rood of upland 24 — — o 

To 13 acres of medo at the farther end of Nongony 26 — o — o 

To ID acres of upland 5 — — o 

To 26 acres of upland near pistol point 20 — — 

To 193 acres upland at pipe stone swamp 50 — — o 

To 274 acres of upland south from the towne 30 — o — o 

To 8 acres of upland by the round medo 8 — o — o 

To 31 acres of upland on East side of the Great River 15 — c — 


iii;rv) y:}>i::' v. 

.-^tbi .i]>i'iA -iO :rM HT^t eurr -'I^.j-M a::L-:AiID 

.95 i:- '0 Jl^r^ 

.b .2 ^ 

— -O — 0" 

. ■ . -hiT:;; \o ?9Tjk '^lyj 

o —r> - • }. 

h''.R\ !fj ■• -i-. 1.; .. 

-~o -ot 

...^^ '^■^■' 

— - -1- 

Liiiii s^i;,.. :. 

c — C' — :- 


.:;; inc. bnc 53t>^'. o .v; ^ 

u ■— --:ii ... 


c --o — « 

, 3i;:'.£. ! .1 

— v) ..-.<. . . 

.q:n£v::i bt^.G 

D —0 — C . . . . 


n)(iir.v,.2 :vv.- !.,' - 

1.) — 1-> — T 

' ' I 

..... .■;.;. ; . . .•?::•> 

— — £, J 

>: ~oi — t: 

!....J = af{q.. ; ■ 

—0 — v*. ...!:irr:<: 

O — — d2 

'■i'-::?:!(:-Vl_to 1j!!3 i?/*j^..: 

— n — ? . . 

;• — o — ot 

■■■•■-- '^,:> 

,^, - <j . — .'}:> 

^j . -:> —:■,■_ 

c - '> ■ %' 

. . ■■•..'.CT .1 

-••-■• i 

•..'> n~>Uj -yr.t io -U:^ T^?/ 

ri.'l ."■!-. ISC 

^ T^?/l no ■•n:::!-:5L 


£ s. d. 
To two acres and halfe of upland joining to the house lot given 

to David Sage ^"~ "^ ° 

To 8 acres of wood land S_o_o 

To 4 acres of wood land 4—0—0 

To 3 acres of wood land 3— o 

One pair of Oxen 9- c^- 

three Cows 9 ° 

two three year olds 5 'o 

one five year old, two yearlings 4— o 

op.c bull and a little calf 4—0—0 

c:-.c- horse 

2 — 10 — 

Five hoss 3-0-0 

OM iron c^io- 

One plow &( ) and pin ^~~ J~ ° 

One collar and traces & short chain CH-16— 

An old saddle, pillion & bridle i— a— o 

To 440 acres of upland on the east side the great river 30— o— o 

To three acres and a halfe of upland 3 — 10 

Gouds in the low room in a loom with small strings about them. 4—10— 

One featherbed with bed furniture for it 5— o — o 

One small bed with bed furniture for it 3— — 

In yarne, woolen, linnen 10 o 

A spinning wheel for woole & two for linnen and a quilling 

wheel 0—14— 

In the dwelling roome two tables and a skillet 2 — — o 

And another table, brass, pewter, one platter & small stuflfe 0—13— o 

tin wear 0—2—0 

Earthen weare — 5— 6 

three jugs o— 2—10 

one great pot and skillet, a frying pan 2 — o — o 

one slice, tongs, tramel, spit o — 12 O 

Wood bowls. Dishes and trenshers o — 5 — 

In the celler, churn, cheesmolds and a bottel o — 6 — 6 

foure barrels of cider 3 — — ° 

Tobacco 12 lb 0—6—0 

Bet le & porke I— 10— O 

Creame pots and a jarr — 6 — o 

Whall-bone and tallow — 5— o 

empty tub and tubs — 18 — o 

in bed chamber above the cellar two paire of cords and a ( ). — 5 — o 

Three pounds of feathers o — 6 — o 

an old half bushel, two payls o— 2— o 

one Cubberd, a little table and chares o — 13 — o 

one lamp, two sikls, two siths — 13 — o 

t^o ( ), two ( ) 0—6—0 

one ax, one how, one beetle, two wedges o — 10 — o 

t\^o guns, two swords 3— — 


-t- • ■ 

O — o — |i 

rs -<? — £ 

) A >•■ 

O O i 


— — -JJ. 

■-- ■■'-■ 


.iT;>f;; !!>■ '.!'.. 

. .. . ■ - I 


- -i > - f 

. . ^\ ..,-■ „.,,., . \ ; 

O --•.: - .M 


^/lijjii.'ij r, hiin nonmi lol ©v,'j :i a;, ■ ,. 

•i .55.1 .V s'2'n-'' ';^ ^■■ 


r-,- ; 7 

■- - - — £ 

,. ,-• .f . i - , 

C ~7.i-~0 

. . .^'^■(jn :;.; i - , .1_>;v/:, .J ,S.ii^ 

; • -./•. 

'■» - L --0 

„: . 

— 3 — r> 


CI — . - o 

J .,-. — ^ 

ciF.q ^r^'-O' i' '-'i 

;.' ■ /M;, 10'i i:.'r.-4 J"o 

-d — r- ;v3J.:,vi K hn;j ii 

!-, .,.,1 _-.i . , . , , . . . ,T 

(I — o>--; .. ;rf 

^-'^--'■' ■■■ t •-^- "'"' 

0-^-0 , , ., :.., ,.,■.;?.■ // 

O -1 -<3 

hiib, ;>Jiio'^ i(j 'fiicq owJ Tf:I::.o 

; I cwJ .( ) 


i s. d. 
upon the chamber, corne, wheat two bushels one half, r>' fi^'e 

bushels, Indian two bushels, barly four & one halfe i— 10-^- o 

Ditto five bushels of Indian corn 0—12— 6 

mault and meal ° "^ ° 

One pipe 0—4—0 

One bed with furniture 3 o 

bed, bedited i— c— 

a small chest with linen in it 10— o— o 

one great chest and two boxes o — 16 — o 

wearing clothes 3 o o 

Nine bibles 3—0—0 

seines and baskets ^ o 

meal tubs and ropes 9 9— o 

Six hives of bees 3 o 

foure old bags 4 o 

corne in the ground 6 — — o 

Half a canon o— lo- o 

^551— 5—10 
By us Nathaniel Bacon. 
William Cheny. 

This was a good estate for those days. John Dwight of Ded- 
ham left, in 1661, an estate inventoried at £506, yet he was esteemed 
the wealthiest man in Dedham, save the Minister. It was even 
a large estate for Middletown, if the " Hubbard Genealogy " be 
correct when it states (page 275) that Thomas W'etmore, Sr., who 
died in 1681, was " the richest man in town." Nevertheless, his 
estate was valued at only £468 2s. 3d. 

The above inventory enables us to form some idea concerning 
John Kirby's house, as well as of his mode of living and his do- 
mestic arrangements. It is evident that the house was a one- 
story dwelling containing three rooms, viz., the " dwelling room," 
which also seems to have served for the kitchen, a small bed- 
chamber above the cellar, and a lean-to or " low room " ; and 
that the " chamber," or garret, was not divided into apartments. 
From such ancient houses as have survived even to the begin- 
ning of the present century, it is easy to form a still closer idea of 
the house and its internal appearance. It faced the south, as all 
the early dwellings did, and the chimney, which projected out- 
side of the frame, was on the west side. By so building, two 
objects were secured which our forefathers deemed essential — 
the rays of the sun at noon, or dinner-time, shone parallel with 
the side of the building, and the living-room was on the sunny 


-h M \ 

i- — o 

- -o • — 7 

o — o — ;: 

o — — o 

o —<? — Q . 

_0 — £ 

— |. --0 

o — — d 

01- -c — iic- 

<,' . c J^K^^^^?:^.''l! ' r' ' ; ,:;lj jnobivo st jI ■:;io:".- ..i;'!mB oij?!"*m 
^ :;■:;"•;; icqi; O-iti i..;^wjij ; - i; -iv;; ^rvsritT; -;■ -i-^LK-iO 

7/: /:■!; .'.'fjCi '^-- Y' 

f ,i 


or warm side of the house. It was, as we have said, of one story, 
and the chamber, or garret, projected on the east side over the 
lower portion. Its exact size cannot be determined, but it was 
probably i8 x 24, which, together with the lean-to on the north 
side, perhaps 8 feet wide, would make the entire dimensions of 
tlie ground-plan 26 x 24 feet. It v/as built, not of logs, as it is 
often erroneously supposed the houses of the first settlers were 
built, but of hand-sawed or hewn planks an inch and a quarter 
in thickness, and the frame was constructed of heavy timber. 
The seams in the boarding were filled with clay, and the Hoor 
was fastened to sleepers laid on the ground even with the lower 
edge of the sills. The thatched roof (^or perhaps the curb-roof 
of shingles), windows with small diamond-shaped glass set in 
lead, and a clete door, with a wooden latch and string, complete 
the external picture of the dwelling. 

Entering at the southeast corner, one was obliged to step over 
the sill, the entry-tloor being a foot lower than the threshold. In 
the entry was a ladder, or rude stair, leading to the chamber or 
garret. The great room, or dwelling-room, to the left, occupied 
the whole of the west end of the house proper, and was about 
18 X 16 feet in dimensions. The chimney projected into the room, 
v.-ith no finishing boards around it. The fireplace was seven or 
eight feet wide and four feet deep, with an oven at the south end, 
and the mantel was five and one-half feet high. The hearth was 
laid with flat stones taken from the fields. The heavy sills pro- 
jected into the room and formed low seats on three sides. The 
small glass v/indows were without curtains. The furniture con- 
sisted of a few rush-bottomed chairs, two tables, together with 
a "small table," and the kitchen utensils: the great pot, skillet, 
spit, and frying-pan. On one side of the room were two large 
trencher shelves on which was displayed the pewter of the family, 
and which provided room for other things, such as the " nine 
Bibles," which make an interesting item in the inventory, for the 
paternal as well as the religious feelings of John Kirby are re- 
vealed in this his endeavor to provide a Bible for each member of 
his numerous family. The " bed-chamber above the cellar," so 
spoken of because the floor was elevated a foot or more to give 
grreater depth at this point to the cellar beneath it, occupied the 
northeast comer of the house. One had to mount by steps on 
the east side of the dwelling-room in order to enter it. It was 
so low in the walls that a tall person could not stand upright in 
it, and the bed must have occupied most of the space. At the 


b;.;. J: 



time of the inventory, iiowever, it seems to have been used merely 
as a store-room, for the bed is absent. It contained, amon- other 
thins^s, the movable cupboard or buffet and the arms or the 
family' two guns and swords— only two gims now, for the eldest 
son, John, only a few months before had been killed by the Indians. 
The " low room," or lean-to, on tiie north side probably ran the 
whole lenc^th of that side of the house, and at the eastern end 
was the pantrv, with its trap-door leading to the cellar. It was 
used evidentlv at the time of the inventory as a bedroom, as well 
as a convenient place in spring-time for spinning. It contained 
a bed, a trundle-bed, and three spinning-wheels, one for "woolen " 
and two for " linen," for there were several daughters. In the 
cellar were four barrels of cider, still left from the winter store, 
and twelve pounds of tobacco. There was a pipe, too, upstairs, 
all of which clearly evinces that John Kirby, although lie had 
nine Bibles, had also some human infirmities. In " the chamber," 
or garret, there was a bed, with its " furniture," i.e., everything 
that belonged to the bed, including curtains and valances. The 
linen chest also, with its goodly store, seems to have been kept 
there, and upon the iloor was spread the seed-corn— wheat, rye, 
barley, and maize— for the future planting. Some of the corn, 
however, had already, April 27th. been put into the ground. 

We have endeavored to describe the house and home of John 
Kirby, the settler, as it appears from the terms of the inventory 
taken at the time of his decease. If, in addition, we pic cure to 
ourselves the house as standing on rising ground, overlooking 
the clear and willow-fringec' :Mattabesett, not more than twenty 
rods away, and which, turning here in its southern course and 
flowing eastward, sparkles beside, as well as before, the door of 
the dwelling, while beyond the river there rises the noble outline 
of Mount Lamentation and of many another distant elevation, 
we shall be able to form some conception of the homestead of 
the forefather of the Middletown Kirbys and of the beauty of its 

Concerning the wife of John Kirby nothing is positively known 
A- except that her name was Elizabeth; that she married (2) Abra- 
ham Randall of Windsor, Ct.; outlived her second husband, and 
died after 1697. It is believed, however, that her name was Eliza- 
beth Hinds; that she was the niece of Sarah (Hinds) Cheplin, 
wife of Clement Cheplin of Bury St. Edmunds, Co. Suftolk, 
England, and afterward of Wethersfield, Ct. ; that she was born 





bill \:.yj'i>.li:y -r ; 
>qti>f r^j>;! j/i:f' ':.' 

,nioj '■-.1' jo tiif;^'■: 


.-,- ,..-o -,'f , ;r- ;. ■, ,S...-: : ■- ■' ,-.,v--, u,,: 

t--> -lOi': ■■'■ .Vy •->J Ail .i..,. ,._ ,^ , •.':u.,-.. .,.;■ ,;•: 

?r!.;?yo ■ii,-on ■^rlt f^'r'-, -vjojii •:^^.;h siij [;.;:,,_.: 'ji'^lv, .•-- 

J .i': 


;c \ r,::'. ;.{;- • ..: , ; V ,f;*vn?"!-2i' •>■// ];j b-5!;v/ :i'.;.-. bne .;>n£bnH 



r ' _'■ ■ • ' : 


'r, '^ , . 





- . ;j 

. ^1 

















' < 










-Vi 1 


/ '-: 4' 






in Bury St. Edmunds, and accompanied, or followed, her aunt to 
Welhcrsfield, Ct., and was married to John Kirby before 1645. 
Tiie reasons for such belief are based mainly upon the following 
letter, found in Hartford in the manuscript copy of the first book 
of the Colonial Records of Connecticut, page 273 (original book, 
page 285) : 

Cozin Kirby. My love remembered to yon both. I have sent your 
Wife a small token with a Letter to you by \Vm. Goodrich. Your Wife's 
Father is yett alive and in good Health. I doe forgive you all that you 
owcth nic and pray God that it may doe you good. I Desire you may grow 
in Grace and so wishing you much good from God I remain your Loving 
Kinsman Sarah Cheplin. 

Bur>', 2 January 1661. 

Superscribed to my Cozin John Kirby late of Wethersfield. 

The terms of John Kirby's will show that his wife Elizabeth 
must have been a woman whose husband could safely trust in 
her, for he left her the possession and use of all his estate dur- 
ing her life. And that she was worthy of such confidence is 
evident from her relinquishment of the estate so bequeathed to 
her, " that she might not be destitute of a comfonable subsist- 
ence," to her children after her second marriage. She married 
a second time, Oct. 2-], 1681, Abraham Randall of Windsor, Ct, 
the son of Philip Randall of Dorchester and Windsor. Mr. Ran- 
dall died Oct. 2, 1690, in Windsor and she returned to Middle- 
town. In April, 1697, she had become a resident of Wethersfield, 
and probably died there. 

The children of John and Elizabeth Kirby were: 

2. i. Mary Kirby, b. 1644, probably in Hartford, Ct.; m. 

Emanuel Buck. 

3. ii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Sept. 8, 1646, in Hartford, Ct.; m. 

David Sage. 

4. ill. Hannah Kirby, b. March 2, 1649, in Wethersfield, Ct.; 

m. Thomas Andrews. 
iv. John Kirby, b. Dec. 18, 1 651, in Wethersfield, Ct.; killed 

by Indians, 1676, on the road between Wethersfield 

and Middletown. 
V. Eunice Kirby, b. Dec. 18, 1 651, in Wethersfield, Ct., twin 

with John; d. 1677; not m. 


^ VJ 3 T K 

, , . . ■■ V , , . 1 , ■ 

Ji-iOdr,' ,j[ ■■■:■ • 'i ■ ': :/^'!'.c Hi// <i'v<i;r'-{ iui-./^ io iiiTTJ: •v.i .' 
■•:■ Pu-ij' y;-:^;..- ;.■',_ [..r '.;;;: ^jioif'v ..;..■.-■ .; --^..-i r>vr.M ;^t^r 

:■ ;-.'if;:.;-.-,:r ^•^; G- -■' ^ :■ ■■ *0 1:4''i:!:k:("i:';!'l,-" vj.I iUoii s-.;r.-> 

.;! ;.J^ 


^1 nriol .''i 


5. vi. Esther Kirby, b. 1652, in Middletown, Ct.; m. Benajah 


6. vii. Sarah Kirby, b. Jan. 16, 1654, in Middlctown, Ct.; m. 

Samuel Hubbard. 

7. viii. Joseph Kirby, b. July 17, 1656, in Middletown, Ct. ; m. 

Sarah Markham. 

8. ix. Bethiah Kirby, b. Feb. 14, 1658, in Middletown, Ct. ; m. 

John Andrews. 

9. X. Susanna Kirby, b. Alay 3, 1664, in Middletown, Ct.; m. 

Abraham Cruttenden. 
10. xi. Abigail Kirby, b. March 6, 1666, in Middletown, Ct.; m. 
David Robinson. 

2. Mary- Kirby (John^), born 1644, probably in Hartford, Ct. 
When less than fourteen years of age she married, April 17, 1658, 
as his second wife, Emanuel Buck of Wethersfield, Ct. On page 
3, Vol. n., of the Land Records of Wethersfield, Ct., it is recorded 
that " Emanuel Buck and Mary his wife married 17th of Aprell 
1658." In John Kirby's will, dated April 6, 1677, the husband 
of Mary Kirby is called " my son-in-law Emanuel Bucke of 
Wethersfield." But later he seems to have changed his name, 
and was known as Enoch Buck. In !vIiddletow^n Land Records, 
Vol. III., page 325, is a division of land, dated Nov. 16, 1716, be- 
tween Benjamin Churchill and wife Sarah, John Fowler and wife 
Hannah, Caleb Dudley and wife Elizabeth, Samuel Arnold and 
wife Abigail, and Thomas Buck, which states that they are the 
children of Enoch and Mary Buck of Wethersfield, and grand- 
children of John Kirby, deceased, of Middletov.-n. It is therefore 
certain that " Emanuel " and " Enoch " Buck of Wethersfield are 
one and the same person; and that he married Mary, daughter of 
John Kirby of Middletown. He was probably born in 1623, since 
he testified in court, 1684, that he was then aged sixty-one years. 
He was a freeman, also constable. 1669. He died between Nov., 
1715, and Nov. 6, 1716. Mary Kirby Buck is supposed to have 
died Jan. 17, 171 2, in Wethersfield, Ct. Emanuel Buck's first 

wife was Sarah , by whom he had three children: (i) 

Ezekiel, b. Jan. 15, 1650; d. March 5, 1713; m., March 18, 1676. 
Rachel, dau. of John and Mary Andrews of Farm.ington, Ct. ; 
(2) John, b. Nov., 1652; (3) Jonathan, b. April 8, 1655. 
Children of Emanuel Buck and Mary Kirby: 
i. Mary Buck, b. Jan. i, 1659. 

ii. David Buck, b. April 3, 1667; d. Sept. 20, 1728 (or 1738), 

rn ;.0 ,n7/f.l.-?i:.b;i/r ni .^.foj 
-in ;.i'J ,. 

ix .01 

-Ij n,'^ 


■ . •. riB .loV,^ 

l'jni\::in3 " xndi 

;;.- nl •\85i)i 

•:■;-•'[ ^nr.U lo 


/\.rii niBJiss 




aj'^^^ of Wethersfield; in., June 14, 1690, Elizabeth Hub!)ar<l. 

^ b. Jan. 3, 1669; d. March 29, 1735, dau. of Daniel Hub- 

bard of Guilford, Ct. (bapt. May 26, 1644; d. 1720, j-ou 
of George Hubbard and Anna Bishop of Guilford/ct.), 
and Elizabeth Jordan, m. Nov. 17, 1664, dau. of James 
Jordan of Dedham, Mass. Children: 
I I. Elizabeth Buck, b. Feb. 16, 1691. 

»: 2, Ann Buck, b. April 25, 1693. 

I 3. Daniel Buck, b. Sept. 13, 1695. 

I 4. David Buck, b. March 13, 1698. 

I 5- Mary Buck, b. Sept. 9, 1700. 

i 6. Josiah Buck, b. Jan. 16, 1703; m., :May 28, 1731. 

I Ann Deming-, dau. of Charles Demi'ng of Bc.?- 

l ton, and had son DanieP, b. June 13, 1744. who 

I ni. Sarah, dau. of Hon. Gurdon and Rebecca 

I (Winthrop) Saltonstall of New London, Ct.. and 

^ had Ann, Gurdon, Daniel, Charles, Winthrop, 

; Ann, and Dudley. 

7. Joseph Buck, b. April 5, 1705; d. 1712. 

8. John Buck, b. July 18, I707rd. 1726. 

9. Eunice Buck, b. Dec. 19, 1709. ...^ ' 
10. Mabel Buck, b. June 5, 1712, ^-/ ■ • 

ill. Sarah Buck, b. April i, 1669; m. (as 2d wife) Lieutenant 
Iow3-a^a.Yu Benjamin Churchill of Wethersfield, Ct, son of Jesia? . 
I Churchill. 

iv. Hannah Buck, b. April 12, 1671 ; m. John Fowler of Weth- 
ersfield, Ct. 
V. Elizabeth Buck, b. June 4, 1676; d. April 14, 1738: m., 
June 23, 1700, Caleb Dudley of Guilford, Ct., b. 1673; 
d. March 20, 1730, son of Joseph Dudley of Guilford (b. 
April 24, 1643; d- June 3, 1712, son of William Dudley 
of Guilford, d. March 16, 1684, and Jane Lutman, d. 
May I, 1674, who were m. Aug. 4, 1636, at Ocklcy, 
England) and Ann Robinson, b. 1652, dau. of Thomas 
and Mary Robinson of Guilford, Ct., whom he m. Oct. 
6, 1670. Caleb Dudley was a prosperous farmer and 
left a large estate, valued at £2,018. Children: 

1. Thomas Dudley, b. April 23, 1701 ; d. May 22, 1790; 

m., June 11, 1733, Abigail Seward of Durham, Ct. 

2. Caleb Dudley, b. Nov. 20, 1702; d. Oct. 10, 1703; 

m., May 31, 1739, Hannah Stone, dau. of Na- 
thaniel Stone, b. Oct. 7, 1678, son of Nathaniel 


.i .A')'.-: r^]nR(l ,r 

.■{oi'Ajnti; ,^vi-:>i(ij .IjineCj ,aoiy!;_,' ,.■. ■-, ;,;:,i 

.<Xr' 'i A-r,^ ^ri;^]/1 .0 

,::< :;.'-: .■i.:M .g: 

.b .n;;rr:;;fj ••■(•< T .^^ f^.7;:;/; [> 

,: y 5 

'i J .):^u!t:u:.( ;o b;. ' ..f;1 


Stone of Guilford, Ct. (son of John), and Mary 
Bartlett, dau. of George and ]\lary (Cruttenden) 
Bartlett of Guilford, Ct. 

3. Ruth Dudley, b. Dec. 28, 1704; m., :March 9, 1732, 

Samuel Evarts of Guilford, Ct. 

4. Daniel Dudley, b. April 3. 1707; m., Jan. 20, 1732, 

Joanna Rose of Branford, Ct. He removed to 
Bethlehem, Ct. 

5. Josiah Dudley, b. Aug-. 30, 1709; d. Oct. 20, 1755; 

m., 1738, Silence Dowd. 

6. Samuel Dudley, b. Dec. 4. 1711; d. Nov. 10, 1789; 

m.. May 3, 1738, Jane Talman, dau. of Dr. Eben- 
ezer Talman, b. Sept. i, 1692, son of Dr. Peter 
Talman of Guilford, Ct. 

7. Noah Dudley, b. Aug. 15, 1716; m., May 28, 1752, 

Submit Talman, dau. of Dr. Ebenezer Talman. 
He removed to Roxbury, Ct. 

8. Dea. David Dudley, b. Nov. 27, 17 18; d. Feb. 17, 

1807; m., Feb. 17, 1742, Mary Talman, dau. of 
Dr. Ebenezer Talman. Their fifth child, Anna, 
b. April 13, 1752; m., Nov. 2^, 1768, Timothy 
Field, son of David Field and Abigail Tyler, 
whose sixth child was the Rev. David Dudley 
Field, b. May 20, 1781, father of Chief Justice 
David Dudley Field and the late Cyrus W. Field 
of New York City. 

vi. Thomas Buck, b. June 10, 1678. 

vii. Abigail Buck, b. Aug. i, 1682; m. Samuel Arnold of East 
Haddam, Ct., b. 1668; d. May 20, 1739, son of Joseph 
Arnold of Haddam. Children: 

1. Samuel Arnold, bapt. Oct. 8, 1704. 

2. Joseph Arnold, bapt. Oct. 6, 1706. 

3. Sarah Arnold, bapt. July 18, 1708. 

4. Mary Arnold, bapt. Dec. 17, 1710. 

5. Mary Arnold, bapt. Dec. 13, 1713- 

6. Enoch Arnold, bapt. Sept. 9, 1716. 

7. Josiah Arnold, bapt. July 20, 1718. 

8. John Arnold, bapt. July 2, 1721. 

9. Jonathan Arnold, bapt. April 12, 1724. 
10. Abigail Arnold, bapt. Feb. 20, 1726. 

3. Elizabeth^ Kirby (John^), born Sept. 8, 1646, in Hartford, 

?IV .OS. a-jO .'o ;(:>OvI ■->[ .-3 

vjI^H .i\.i lo iot ,£.(;-ai 

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oK\] .-:\. .OI 

; h'-^i ? \\P. fnod .'■'•-'ion vdiiii Mj^dfisilH .8 


Ct. ; married, Feb., 1664, David Sage of Middletown, the ancestor 
of the Sage family of New England. He was bom in 1639, ^^^ 
came with his mother, a widow, to Middletown about 1652. Eliza- 
beth Kirby Sage, "deceased about the 23rd year of her life,"_ 
leaving three children. David Sage married (2) Mary Wilcox,;' 
supposed daughter of John Wilcox, by whom he had five chil- 
dren. He died in Middletown " Upper Houses," March 31, 1703, 
aged sixty-four years, leaving a large estate, valued at £759 2s. 75. 
Mary Wilcox Sage died Dec. 7, 171 1. 

Children of David Sage and Elizabeth Kirby: -^ 
i. David Sage, b. Feb. i, 1665; m. and had one dau., Mary, 
b. 1694, who m. Thomas Stedman of \\'^ierslield, Ct. 

ii. Elizabeth Sage, b. June i, 1666; m. Bull. 

11. iii. John Sage, b. March 6, 1668; m. Hannah Starr. 

Children by second wife: /^/'J- '/?. •■''^-•~*^. 

iv. Mary Sage, b. Nov. 15, 1672; d/May 8, 1727; m., Nov. 
7, 1694, Dea. Samuel Johnsoh""of Guilford, Ct., b. 
■ June 5, 1670; d. 1727, son of Dea. William Johnson 
of Guilford, Ct. They had eleven children. Their sec- 
ond son, Samuel, b. Oct. 14, 1696; d. Jan. 6, 1772, was 
the distinguished scholar and first president of Kings 
(now Columbia) College, New York City. 

V. Jonathan Sage, b. 1674; d. 1712; m. Hannah Bodwell. 
Children: (i) Lydia, b. 1706; (2) Rachel, b. 1708; (3) 
Anna, b. 1709; (4) Jonathan, b. 1711; m. Hannah Gib- 
son, dau. of Dea. Samuel Gibson of Middletown, Ct. 

vi. Timothy Sage, b. Aug. 14, 1678; m. ]Margaret Holibert, 
b. Feb., 1685, dau. of John Holibert of Middletown, Ct. 
Children: (i) Samuel, b. 1709; (2) Mercy, b. 1712; (3) 
Timothy, b. 1714; m. Mary Warner; (4) Mary, b. 1716; 
(5) David, b. 1718; m. Sarah Stocking; (6) Solomon, b. 
1720; m., April 25, 1745, Hannah' Kirby, dau. of John^ 
Kirby and Hannah Stowe. 
vii. Nathaniel Sage, b. 1680; d. without issue. 
viii. Mercy Sage, b. 1680, twin with preceding. • 

11. John^ Sage (Elizabeth Kirby^, John^), born March 6, 
1668, in Middletown " Upper Houses; " married, Jan. 10, 1693, 
Hannah Starr, born March 24, 1674, daughter of Comfort Starr 
of Middletown, Ct., and Rachel_JHarrJs. He was a farmer, and 
lived in the North Society, Upper Middletown, now the town of 


H H 


.1.} .hb: •• ,/, _.:- ,,...c-^: .V. 

>« .I'l . I 


.v-r.; ':v:,/ -v.:^ p-o!t-x.:i :-.;.;.:w,f;_>j v^on), 

-•jiO nr>nr,r.U .it: iKi;: (;'' .,-.'- 1 .J :Ji;niA *' 

d>\i .u /rDi/; (jJ -Torr .^ .' ■ • ■-< ,YriiOfrtrT 

" ,/ior:]^>!or: 'o; , ,. ":;!:, >:. :8rr. .J ,brvsO (2) 

.T^:'-'': ^•.■';-? t;j.;v. .•<,■.■■ r^-i^T .d .y^^:' '■' 


Cromwell, Ct. He accumulated a very large estate and raised a 
numerous family. He died Jarf. 22, 1751, in Middletown, Ct. 
Hannah Starr Sage died Sept. 28, 1753. Children: 

i. Hannah Sage, b. Dec. 21, 1694; m. (i), 17 14, Samuel Wil- 
cox, b. 1685; d. 1727; (2) Malachi Lewis, 
ii. John Sage, b. April 28, 1696; m. Mary Hall, 
iii. Elizabeth Sage, b. April 9, 1699; d. young. 
iv. Mary Sage, b. April 9, 1699, twin with preceding; m., May 
28, 1724, Charles Bulkeley of Wethersfield, Ct., b. 
March 25,' 1703, son of Edward Bulkeley and Dorothy 
Prescott. Children: 

1. John Bulkeley, b. 1723; m., July 15, 1750, Honor 


2. Giles Bulkeley. 

3. Benjamin Bulkeley, b. 1725; m. (i), Nov. 9, 1757, 

Susanna Kirby, b. Feb. 8, 1734, dau. of John 
Kirby and Hannah Stowe; (2) Elizabeth 
Brownell of Little Compton, R. L 

4. Charles Bulkeley, b. ; m. ^^lary Griswold. 

5. Edward Bulkeley, b. ; m. (i) Rachel Pomeroy; 

(2) Prudence Wells. 

6. Prescott Bulkeley, b. 1744. 

7. Mary Bulkeley, b. ; m. David Webb. 

8. Catherine Bulkeley, b. ; m. Cadwell. 

9. Sarah Bulkeley, b, ; m. Cephas Smith, Aug, 5, 


10. Olive Bulkeley, b. ; m. James Deming. 

V. Elizabeth Sage, b. March 9, 1701; m. Hurlbut. 

vi. Ann Sage, b. 1702. 

vii. David Sage, b. April i, 1703; m. Bathsheba Judd. 
viii. Benjamin Sage, b. April i, 1703, twin with preceding; m. 
Mary Allen, 
ix. Jemima Sage, b, Feb, 16, 1704. 
X. Nathaniel Sage, b, April 6, 1707; m. Rebecca Hart. 
xi. Ebenezer Sage, b. April 6, 1709; ni. Hannah Coleman. 
xii. Comfort Sage, b. March 31, 171 1; d. April 26, 1731, 
xiii. Prudence Sage, b, June 9, 1713. 
xiv. Thankful Sage, b. Feb. 9, 1717; m., Dec. 5, 1734, Benjamin 

Butler of Middletown, Ct, 
XV. Gideon Sage, b. July 9, 1718; m., Oct. 10, 1738, Bath- 
sheba White, b, April 5, 1721, dau, of Hugh White of 
Middletown, Ct., and Mary Stone of Guilford, Ct. 

r-r !;'('.) 

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,Kc\^ .P .vo/... JJf ,r.: ; 

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' •'.' i;..'-* ,:,.''\l J ihqA ,■'! ,3";:. ;. u\ii\r,[:i,-''i 

•..-? .: .,■:-. ,0 U'KjA ^ . ... : _. 

,r -■■■a; ,.:n l"]-! .0 .d-:r-_ .0 . .': -'. \':.- ■ :tii" .vh 
■ ^-■' '^ , *■■ ■'■•^;: .0 7iU( .d :■.,■:'":. ':30bi0 .VX 





•1. Hannah^ Kirby Qo^^ri^)' ^^'^^ ^larch 2, 1649, in Wethers- 
hcKi, Ct.; married, before 1673, Thomas Andrews of Middletown, 
Ct., probably son of William Andrews, " the schoolmaster," of 
Hartford, Ct., by Abigail, his second wife. Thomas Andrews 
died before March 3, 1690, and she married (2) Alexander Rollo 
of 1-Iaddam, Ct. There is an ante-nuptial agreem.ent, dated Nov. 
3, 1693. which reads: " F"or as much as there is intended matri- 
mony betwixt Alexander Rollo of Haddam and Hannah Andrews 
late wife of Thomas Andrews of Middletown," etc. The date of 
the marriage is not recorded, but it was before Dec. 3, 1693. 
Alexander Rollo died July 22, 1709, in Haddam, Ct., and she 
Tiiarriod (3), before Jan., 1716, William Stone of Guilford, Ct. 
She died Oct., 1717. 

The Andrews ^Memorial erroneously states that the widow 
of Thomas Andrews of IMiddletown, in the inventory of his estate 
taken and returned to the Probate Court at Hartford, March 3, 
1690-1691, is nam.ed Abigail, and that the children of the deceased 
were Mary, Thomas, John, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, and 
Sarah. This is incorrect. The name of the widow is not stated, 
either in the inventory presented or in the administration granted. 
The names of the children in the inventory are " Thomas, John, 
Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Abigail Andrews." On Dec. 
6, 1693, the children of Thomas Andrews requested distribution 
of his estate. Thirds were ordered to the widow, but her name 
is not mentioned. She was married and had removed. That the 
name of the wife of Thomas Andrews of Middletown, Ct., was 
Hannah Kirby, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kirby of Middle- 
town is conclusively shown; first, by the ante-nuptial agreement 
between *' Alexander Rollo of Haddam and Hannah Andrews, 
late wife of Thomas Andrews of Middletown," and dated Nov. 
30, 1693; secondly, by the Inventory of John Kirby 's estate, dated 
April 2j, 1677, which m.entions " Hannah Kirby, wife of Thomas 
.Anrlrcws " ; thirdly, by tlie "\Iiddletov.-n Land Records, Vol. H., 
page 91 : " April 6, 1688, I Elisabeth Randolph, wife to Abraham 
Randall of Winzor do give unto my dafter Hannah Andros of 
Middletown," etc. " I do give my consent to the above written, 
as witness my hand. Joseph Kirby." (From the latter record 
it lias been supposed that the family name of Elizabeth, wife of 
John Kirby of ^Middletown, may have been Randolph; but it is 
probable that " Randolph " is a clerical error, and should have 
been "■ Randall." John Kirby died in 1677, and his v.-idow mar- 
ried (2), Oct. 27, 1 68 1, Abraham Randall of Windsor.) 

;ri:5ilj/i' .(^ 

...3;. J :i J\>jl-:'. ■:■'. 

:'i'T .vis'/: 


ifiol ..-fifTi'-'rlT 

'' '.-'^ 

•^.!" Ji;i!T .bo7om:>' ' . li ' t^; b:-)'-~r..:- ■-.■ ■ -.'r^ i -ri 

in - ■-.---; i ■! ,n -^-li^- -b •:■■ j';.rr^:' ^ .: v^ ^ 

c' ■.''-• n /■ finr;::: • ;)CTf. rDfa.ica V;. ^.^li'..;! - l^ :....-:: 1 A " i:^.-' -' 
.■'■'-''. b-^-'.-i i.rir: ',•:'/■■,'•.;.,;:/ " . ,'■ ;'>•-/. cii!;:/i'T k) -A' • ■■ ■' 

il.A^, -:: -.;^ [ TT^,! -•..-^■, = !-;'■■ ■>:;, y.! ,vf^-ir•1 ' '■,■■■-'■'/. 
> J -O'b; A "ii:.ijii. • . ■•'■'iVu':' ^in oJrt;? ^vr':; rA 70xnr7/ 


Children of Thomas Andrews and Hannah Kirby: 
i. Thomas Andrews. 

ii. John Andrews, b. 1673; d. Aug-. 6, 1736, aged sixty-three 

iii. Samuel Andrews, b. ; d. Dec. 14, 1758, in East Had- 

dam, Ct.; m., Nov. 18, 1708, Elinor Lee. The Andrews 
Memorial says that '* Samuel Andrews is supposed to 
be the son of Thomas of Middletown." And since 
also the widow of Thomas Andrews of Middletown mar- 
ried, in 1693, Alexander Rollo of Haddam, and removed 
thither, probably taking with her the children who were 
not of age, it seems reasonable to assume that the Samuel 
Andrews of Haddam, and afterward of East Haddam, 
who m. Elinor Lee, was the son of Thomas Andrews of 
Middletown and Hannah Kirby. Children: 

1. Samuel, b. Sept. 28, 1709. 

2. Mary, b. Dec. 2, 1710. 

3. Richard, b. Jan. 17, 1712. ■"'''. 

4. Elinor, b. March 12, 1713. 

5. Hannah, b. July 18, 1714. 

6. Sarah, b. Feb. 13, 1716. 

7. Elizabeth, b. April 15, 1717. . ' . 

8. Ezra, b. Oct. 24, 1718. 

9. Thomas, b. March 3, 1720. 

10. Nehemiah, b. March 8, 1722. 

11. Abigail, b. Aug. 5, 1723. 

12. Mehitable, b. May 11, 1724. 

13. Susanna, b. Oct. 11, 1726. 

. ;• 14. Zephaniah, b. May 9, 1728. 

; ', 15. Ebenezer, b. May 3, 1732. 

; 16. Rachel, b. Aug-. 13, 1742, > ' 

iv. Hannah Andrews. " 

V. Elizabeth Andrews. 
' vi. Sarah Andrews. 

vii. Abigail Andrews, b. ; probably m., June 30, 1706, 

Joel Parmelee of Guilford, Ct., b. 1679, son of John 
Parmelee, Jr. He removed to Durham, Ct., about 1699, 
■.:iv:i and died there July, 1748. " Family Histories and 
3,'<!. : Pedigrees," by E. E. Salisbury, says that the wife of 
n.-»' , Joel Parmelee was " Abigail Andrews, b. 1667, probably 
;-(..;, ;: dau. of Nathan Andrews of New Haven." (" Family 
':y -• of Parmelee," p. 225.) But this is incredible. Abigail, 

'it o^,L; 


an i'. •■o,;-?IbbiM 

^ d 

^--li .£i 


'i\ Mf 

.ii^ ,.;:n.,NI: IJS'-I 


daughter of Nathan, was born March 20, 1667, and so, if 
the wife of Joel Parmelee, must have been married to him 
when thirty-nine years of age, and yet have borne to 
him ten children, the last when she was fifty-seven years 
old! His wife was probably the youngest daughter of 
Thomas Andrews and Hannah Kirby. _ For a third 
Abigail Andrews cannot be found, and it is known that 
the widow of Thomas Andrews m. (2) Alexander Rollo 
in 1693. and removed immediately to Haddam, which 
is the adjoining town to Durham, Ct. Children: 

1. Mary Parmelee, b. Nov. 11, 1707; m. Samuel Peck. 

2. John Parm.elee, b. Sept. 22, 1709; m. Sarah 


3. Hezekiah Parmelee, b. Jan. 20, 171 1; m. (i) Me- 

hitable Hall, (2) ^lary Smith. 

4. Toel Parmelee. b. March 8, 1713; m. Rhoda Camp. 

5. Abigail Parmelee, b. July 12, 171 5. 

6. Hannah Parmelee, b. Aug. 27, 1717; m. Camp. 

7. Sarah Parmelee, b. Aug. 28, 1719; m. Ashbel Hall. 

8. Jerusha Parmelee, b. April 10, 1721; m. John 

Camp, Jr. 

9. Aaron Parmelee, bapt. Oct. 25, 1723; d. in infancy. 
10. Phineas Parmelee, bapt. Sept. 20, 1724; d. m 


5. Esther^ Kirby (John^), born 1652, in Middletown, Ct. She 
married, about 1673, Benajah Stone of Guilford, Ct., born 1647, 
son of William and Hannah Stone. Benajah Stone died Nov., 
1714. in Guilford, Ct., aged sixty-eight years. The date of her 
death is unknown. 

[William Stone, b. 160S, in Hereford, England; d. 1683; son 
of the Rev. Samuel Stone of Hereford on the Wye. sailed with 
wife Hannah from England May 20, 1639, in the Rev. Henry 
Whitfield's first Guilford company; was one of the signers of the 
Covenant, June i, 16^9. He m. (2), in 1657, Mary, widow of 
Richard Hughes of Guilford, Ct. Children: i. William, b. 
1642; d. Sept. 28, 1730; m., Feb. 20, 1674, Hannah Wolfe. 2. 
Hannah, b. 1644; m., 1664, John Norton, b. in England; d. March 
5. 1704, son of Thomas of Guilford. 3. Benajah, who m. Esther 
Kirby. 4. Sarah, who d. 1675.] 




-Ar, (. 










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Hi .1. :i 

'■-' ''- . ': ,">-■'-: A :.. : 

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.yji.^ jr,?:f' ,f»-i-^'.:. 

■:' : A--:J\ 


■ -i^^ .^iii. -.;:■'; 



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f '>n!j; J 



The children of Benajah Stone and Esther Kirby were: 
i. Benajah Stone, b. in Guih'ord, Ct. ; m., Aug. 15, 1702, Han- 
nali De Wolfe. lie died July 3, 1738. Children: 

1. Patience Stone, b. Xov. 12, 1703; d. Nov. 6, 17'' 

m., Nov. 14, 1726, Joseph Chittenden of Guiiforu, 
Ct., who d. April 7, 1794, son of Joseph Chittenden 
(b. Nov. 26, 1672, son of John and Hannah 
(Fletcher) Chittenden) and ]Mary Kimberly. 

2. Abraham Stone, b. Feb. 24, 1706; d. June 21, 17S7; 

m. Martha Hubbard, b. 1710, dau. of Daniel Hub- 
bard of Haddam, Ct, and Susanna Bailey. The 
Hubbard Genealogy-, p. 284, by printer's error, has 
Stowe for Stone. 

3. Benajah Stone, b. Sept. 25, 1708; removed to Wood- 

bury, Ct. 

4. Elisha Stone, b. Oct. 14, 1709; removed to Wood- 

bury, Ct. 

5. Hester Stone, b. 171 1; m. Isaac Hill, son of Isaac 

Hill and Ann Parmelee, both of Guilford, Ct. 
ii. Hester Stone, b. Nov. 13, 1676; d. :May 25, 171 i;m. Bezaleel 

Bristow, b. 168 1 ; d. April 26, 1764, son of Daniel, 
iii. Mary Stone, b. Oct. 9, 168 1 ; not m. 
iv. Abraham Stone, b. ; d. Jan. 27, 1703. 

6. Sarah^ Kirby (John^), born Jan. 16, 1654, in Middletown, 
Ct; married, Aug-. 9, 1673, Sariuel Hubbard of Middletown, Ct., 
bom May, 1648, in Hartford, Ct., son of George Hubbard of Mid- 
dletown, Ct., born 1601, died 1685, and Elizabeth Watts, daughter 
of Richard and Elizabeth Watts of Hartford, Ct. Samuel Hub- 
bard was brought up and educated by his uncle. Captain Thomas 
Watts of Hartford, Ct., v/ho was childless. Captain Watts died 
in 1683, leaving a large estate. His house lot in Hartford and 
considerable real and personal property were left to Samuel Flub- 
bard, who, after the death of his uncle, removed to Hartford, 
where he died Nov. 4, 1732. The date of the death of Sarah 
Kirby Hubbard is unknown. Children: 
i. Sarah Hubbard, b. April 7, 1674. 
ii. Esther Hubbard, b. Dec. 4, 1675. 

iii. Samuel Hubbard, b. Tvlarch 27, 1678; m. Martha Peck. 

iv. Thomas Hubbard, b. Feb. 8, 1679. 
12. v. George Hubbard, b. Dec. 29, 1680; m. Mercy Seymour. 

.A >: 

.<J .VHid 

.!Ui.\ .it ; 

,r^' jn r:cT rr-t,-.'f /■*,-! 

,^M■.f <rfRTP;^ '^ 

••T i^fljii;].' 

> .Y .81 


vi. Elizabeth Hubbard, b. Sept. 7, 1683. ~> ' . ' :■ 

vii. Watts Hubbard, b. March i, 16S6; d. June 10, 17 10. 
13. viii. Mary Hubbard, b. Feb., 16S9; m. Dr. Isaac Lee. ,^ 

ix. John Hubbard, b. Aug., 1691; d. in Bloomfield, Ct., 
Feb. 14, 1775; m., Oct., 1717, Agties (Spencer) 
Humphries, b. 1688, dau. of Samuel Spencer. 

X. Sarah Hubbard, b. Nov. 10, 1696; m., Oct. 2, 1728, 
John Gumey. 

12. George^ Hubbard (Sarah Kirby^, John^) of Berlin, Ct., 
Ixirn Dec. 29, 1680, in Zsliddletown, Ct.; died Sept. 19, 1751, in 
Berlin, Ct.; married :Mercy Seymour, b. Jan. 14, 16S3; died Feb. 
8, 1 73 1, daughter of Captain Richard Seymour of Farmington, 

Ct. He married (2) Eunice , born 1714; died Dec, 1752. 

i. Richard Hubbard, b. Sept. 5, 1713; d. May 3. 1795; m. (i), 
Jan. 2, 1736, Elizabeth Lee, b. 1716; d. April 2y, i/47'> 
m. (2) Sarah Beckley. 
ii. Mercy Hubbard, b. June 25, 1715. 
iii. George Hubbard, b. July 12, 1717; d. in Farmington (now 

Berlin, Ct.) Xov. 26, 1775; m. Lydia . 

iv. Gideon Hubbard, b. July 12, 1717, twin with preceding; 

d. July 28, 1717. 
V. Thankful Hubbard, b. July 23, 1719; d. Sept. 2, 1766; m., 
March 2, 1737, Joseph Smith, Jr., of Kensington, Ct., 
b. July 13, 1710; d. Maich 25, 1792, in New Britain, Ct. 

1. Elnathan Smith, b. Nov. 27,, 1738; d. March 6, 1826, 

in New Britain, Ct.; m., July 9, 1767, his cousin 
Chloe Lee, b. Jan. 15, 1746, only dau. of Col. 
Isaac Lee of Kensington. Their second son. Col. 
Joseph Lee Smith, b. May 28, 1779, m. Frances 
Kirby, dau. of Judge Ephraim Kirby of Litchfteld, 
Ct., and was the father of Gen. E. Kirby Smith of 
the Confederate Army. (See " Descendants of 
Joseph Kirby.") 

2. Gideon Smith, b. Dec. i, 1740. 

3. Joseph Smith, b. Oct. 11, 1744. 

4. Thankful Smith, b. Nov. 17, 1746. 

5. Gurdon Smith, b. Aug. 12, 1749. 

6. Abigail Smith, b. April 15, 1752. 


V a M I ::f H h ^^ • ^ «-> 

rs nr tjc A /-T T- 

c-^Ti ,o" J-:;;, .1; 

:y ';i 

>mb v.';! /.tog ,-• ^ru' 

7 ■-:r,"r iiOf;>;: 

.'.» iddri 

_^ ;. :::-: (:^' .rrf 

/,.^- .;^^ .Ijitij/! ,1' ;or;, ' ,?;t ".'",•' . 

iv.rr-' ,r. .;-, .p?- v; 

;! '{ 


1 :[ ■:':.'' '.'O lOihm !J»ih ;;V'. bfit; ,^) 


7. Rhoda Smith, b. Sept. 15. 1753. 

8. Dolly Smith, b. 1762. 

13. Mary' Hubbard (Sarah Kirby^, John^), born Feb., 16S9; 
married, Dec. 8, 1713, Dr. Isaac Lee, a physician of Kensin^on, 
born Sept. 5, 1691; died Aug. 6, 1780, son of Stephen Lee of 
Farmington and Elizabeth Royce. 

[Stephen Lee of Farmington, Ct., b. April 2, 1667, was the son 
of John Lee of Farmington, and ;Mary Hart, dau. of Dea, 
Stephen Hart of Farmington. He m., Oct. 9, 1690, Elizabeth 
Royce, dau. of Isaac Royce of New London and Wallingford. and 
Elizabeth Lothrop (m. Dec. 15, 1669), dau. of Samuel Lothrop 
(son of Rev. John Lothrop of Barnstable, ]Mass.) and Elizabeth 
Scudder, sister of John Scudder of Barnstable.] 

Children of Dr. Isaac Lee and 3>Iary Hubbard: 
i. Isaac Lee, b. Jan. 7, 1717 (or June 17, 1716); d. Dec. 13, 
1802; m., July 10, 1740, in Kensington, Ct., Tabitha Nor- 
ton, b. Dec. 20, 1718; d. Nov. 2, 1770; dau. of Lieut. 
Isaac Norton (b. 1678; d. Jan. 10, 1763, aged eighty-four 
years) and Elizabeth Galpin of Stratford (m. May 6, 1707). 
Col. Isaac Lee was a member of the Connecticut Colonial 
Assembly, 1761-75. In 1775 he was appointed Colonel 
of the Sixth Regiment Colonial Militia of Connecticut. 
He also represented the town of Kensington in the Con- 
necticut State Assembly from 1776 to 1791, except in 
1777 and 1782. Children: 

1. Theodore Lee, b. ^lay 21, 1741; d. March 5, 1742. 

2. Theodore Lee, b. Sept. 26, 1743; m. Olive Boardman. 

3. Chloc Lee, b. Jan. 15, 1746; m., July 9, 1767, her 

cousin Elnathan Smith of Kensington and New 

4. Isaac Lee, b. Jan. 11, 1749; d. }vlarch 16. 1749. 

5. Isaac Lee, b. March 29, 1752; m., May 12, iJ/T,, 

Abigail Goodrich. 

6. Ashbel Lee, b. Feb. 22, 1759; d., 1776, while in the 

Army of the Revolution. He married Sarah Hun. 
ii. Mary Lee. 
iii, Stephen Lee, b. March 16. 1723; d. Sept. 14, 1783; m., Feb. 

6, 1746, Katharine Furbs. 
iv. Jerusha Lee, b. 1726; m., Nov. 9, 1749, Elisha Burnham. 
V. Thankful Lee. 


^k*T (rtn.- ■. ri-rVff; 

tto;' ^rfi P.&-N .vc>c>r .n: InnA 

o: .•[ ff ..Di ; 10-31 

■ • ■• ■ ■ ■ ' k\ yi:>hcjil'r .1 

-^h ni ^Ilfi/; .O';^! ,.b ;Pc^i .S:s .dsT ,d .o.^ 1 ioon-A, .d 
.r:;.;ii d ;;!;,': b:M"nfirn -jH .nO'Jfflovsvi -3fiJ 1j nnA 

•jjj \nfiM .1*1 

dt>'y ,.ri; :'^<^\f .l: .jo:' ; o-jiJ ^:'j:i.p32 .iii 

.rrtumtr'I i.ii .'''-i it\i ,'^> .vo/; ,.rn .;crs;";i .(I .; .vi 

.0: . y 


7. Joseph Kirby. See page 33. 

8. Bethiah^ Kirby (John^), born Feb. 14, 1658, in Middletown, 
Ct.; married, before Oct. 25, 1680, John Andrews of Fairfield, 
Ct., baptized Sept. ij, 1646, at Hartford, Ct., son of Francis 
Andrews of Hartford and Fairfield, Ct., died 1663, and Anne 
Smith, daughter of Giles Smith of Hartford, New London, and 
Fairfield, who died 1669. The History of Fairfield, Ct., says that 
John Andrews, born Sept. ly, 1646, son of Frances, married 
Sarah, daughter of Simon Couch, and had John, born Oct. 24, 
1679; Sarah, born Jan. 12, 1681; died 1683; and four other chil- 
dren. This is erroneous. He married Bethiah Kirby, as the 
"Land Records of Aliddletown " fully show (see Vol. L, p. 26; 
Vol. H., p. 66, and Vol. IV., p. 26), and had only two children. 
It was a grandson of John and Bethiah (Kirby) Andrews who 
married Sarah Couch and had several children. John Andrews 
died in 1683. Bethiah, his wife, is believed to have outlived her 
husband. She probably died before Nov. 21, 1700. 

Children of John Andrews and Bethiah Kirby: 
i. John Andrews, b. in Fairfield, Ct., now Greens Farms, Oct. 
24, 1679; d. Nov. 4, 1728; m. (Abigail?) Couch, and had: 

1. John Andrews, b. Aug., 1707; m., Oct. 28, 1730, Sarah 

Couch, dau. of Simon Couch. Their eldest child, 
Sarah, b. Aug., 1731, m. Lieut. Nathan Godfrey of 
Greens Farms, Ct., and was the great grandmother 
of Mrs. E. H. Schenck, the historian of Fairfield, Ct. 

2. Abigail Andrews, b. June 17, 1709. 

3. Eleanor Andrews, b. Oct. 9, 171 1. 

4. Daniel Andrews, b. Feb. 20, 1714; d. 1728. 

5. Abraham Andrews, b. July 21, 17 17. 

6. Eben Andrews, b. May 12, 1720. 

ii. Sarah Andrews, b. Jan. 12, 1681; m., before Nov. 21, 1700, 
Richard Osborne of East Chester, N. Y., b. 1676, only son 
of David, and grandson of Richard Osborn of Hingham, 
Mass., and Fairfield, Ct. They had eight children. Sarah 
(Andrews) Osborne died in Ridgefield, Ct., soon after the 
birth of her youngest child, Daniel, who was born Oct. 29, 
1719. Her gravestone is the oldest now standing in the 
ancient cemetery. Richard C)sborne removed to Ridge- 
field, Ct., about 1713, and died there in 1779, aged 103 
years! v . 


;:.-. ; i^fii. ii:):; -mr/ 

.'■■■ ' ' -.f; ,n:aj'.1' ■': i /;/. ., .... . .. 

-liv.f -. ;-.; V ,;^^ .•:'/> .= .,:: :;^'' A err-^ .1 

• ' - liti^ r . . ... .UliL ,f!:rTOr> 

,: ,: ..' ■;■:.■.) ■; ,"■,'■■:;.•■-;/■. ;o=!i;:>i3[ v 

.^'-^;l i.- :, ! ^ . ,^ ' '• 4 , • , oiImA loinECI .^ 

.-ri"! ,;< v:;.!i .•. -:: ■> .'m-A fiTj;fisidA .,' 

,n<i\r I': vi-^'' iv-tcb;]! ,£! .-.'/;_ "i .u 

noc: -;: . :,-A': . ,' .Y .Vl ,73i^9rr) t--':.ji ;o ■ 

.r- .*:''' ■ •'.") : .. . iv' .- '-■.'■■ ' ' ■ ' ■ 

- 1 r 


9. Susanna^ Kirby (John^), born May 3, 1664, in Middletown, 
Ct.; married, May 6, 16S6, Abraham Cruttenden of Guilford, Ct., 
born March 6, 1662, the eldest son of Abraham Cruttenden, Jr., 
and Susanna Greg-son. She died Oct., 1729, in Guilford, Ct. 

[Abraham Cruttenden, Jr., of Guilford, Ct., b. in England; d. 
Sept. 25, 1694, was the son of Abraham Cruttenden, by wife ^^lary, 
a member of the Rev. Henry Whitfield's Company, and one of the 
original settlers of Guilford, Ct., who died Jan., 1683. He married, 

^lay 13, 1661, Susanna Gregson, b. ; d. Sept. 8, 1712, dau. of 

Thomas Gregson of New Haven, who came with Gov. Eaton 
and the Rev. John Davenport, and was one of the most important 
men of the New Haven Colony, being its first Treasurer, and first 
Commissioner for the Union with the other New England Col- 
onies, and also a magistrate. (Thomas Gregson sailed in Jan., 
1646, for London in a ship of eighty tons burden, together with 
George Lamberton, the wife of Deputy Governor Goodyear, and 
" divers other Godly persons," of whom nothing was ever heard, 
the little vessel having no doubt, foundered. His widow, Jane, 
survived him fifty-six years, dying June 4, 1702.) Children: 
Abraham, Sarah, Thomas, John, Joseph, b. April 9, 1674; m. 
jNIercy Hoyt, dau. of Jonathan.] 

Children of Abraham Cruttenden and Susanna Kirby: 
i. Abraham Cruttenden, b. April i (or 8), 1688; m. Sarah 
^- Lutlief of Durham, Ct. Children: 

1. Abraham Cruttenden, b. Aug". 3, 1714; m., Jan. 28, 

1741, Sarah . He lived in Farmington, Ct. 

2. Sarah Cruttenden, b. May 10, 1715; d. young. 

3. Sarah Cruttenden, b. Sept. 12, 1718; m. Abner 


4. Susanna Cruttenden, b. Sept. 5, 1720. 

5. Mary Cruttenden, b. Sept. 27, 1722, 

6. Esther Cruttenden, b. about 1724. 

. . 7. Anna Cruttenden, b. Dec. 25, 1726. 

8. Nathaniel Cruttenden, b. April 5, 1730; d. young. 

9. Nathaniel Cruttenden, b. July 21, 1731. 
10. Samuel Cruttenden, b. Sept. 9, 1734. 

ii. Mary Cruttenden, b. Dec. 15, 1690; m.. May 16, 1716, 
Thomas Gould, b. 1689, son of Benjamin Gould of Guil- 
ford, Ct, and Elizabeth Robinson, dau. of Thomas and 
T^Iary Robinson of Guilford. Thomas Gould died June 
17, 1746, in Guilford, Ct. Mary, his widow, died there 
May 9, 1776. Children: 

;0 .r'f.l.) 

risisS .at ;B8di .{<i ■.•-') l iiiq/'.. .d ,;.;._.•_ ilrr' ,: 

.--;• -;:-:<'^. r : -' .,."[1-- i 

•ii;:: lo 1..!:! J)' .^ ■••^- -^'At .•! >,:■■■"> :.-:.-. ir 
:k;:;"| b-ii> bi.;jo; * . . ■: i i .*! 


1. Marj- Gould, 

2. Anna Gould, b. June 2, 1718. 

3. Rachel Gould, b. Sept. 18, 1720. 

4. Huldah Gould, b. Nov. 29, 1724. 

5. Amy Gould, b. Sept. 3, 1728. • 

6. Eunice Gould, b. April 18, 1731. 

7. Elizabeth Gould, b. Oct. 12, 1733. 

iii. Thomas Cruttenden, b. ; perhaps twin with Marv. 

iv. John Cruttenden, b. Dec. 15, 1693; d. Dec. 9, 1760; he 

lived in Durham, Ct. 
V. Dr. Daniel Cruttenden, b. May 27, 1696; d. 1751 ; m. Patience 

, b. 1688. He resided in Durham, Ct. Children: 

1. Hopestill Cruttenden, b. ; m. Marv Bacon. 

2. Ichabod Cruttenden, b. April 11, 1721; m. Sarah 


3. Rhoda Cruttenden, b. April 30, 1724; m. Jonathan 

Allen, Jr. 

4. Chloe Cruttenden, b. Aug. 18, 1728; m. Samuel 

Starr, Jr. 

5. Ebenezer Cruttenden. 

6. John Cruttenden. 

7. Daniel Cruttenden. 

8. Daniel Cruttenden. 

vi. Hannah Cruttenden, b. May 10, 1701; d. Xov. 30, 1789; 
m., July 24, 1718, Ebenezer Parmelee of Guilford, Ct., 
b. Nov. 28, 1690; d. Sept. 27, 1777; son of Isaac (son of 
Jonathan, Jr.) Parmiclee and Elizabeth Hilliard. Chil- 

1. Ebenezer Parmelee, b. Feb. 2;^, 1719; d. young. 

2. Anna Parmelee, b. March 27, 1720; m. Jonathan 


3. Samuel Parmelee, b. April 2, 1723; d. April 4, 1723. 

4. Samuel Parmelee, b. 1724. 

5. Reuben Parmelee, b. Jan. i, 1726. 

6. Ruth Parmelee, b. ^^larch 30, 1727. 

7. Phineas Parmelee, b. Sept. 28, 1733. 

8. Ebenezer Parmelee, b. July 11, 1738; m. Rebecca 


9. Nathaniel Parmelee, b. Dec. 15, 1741. 

vii. Ebenezer Cruttenden, b. Sept. i, 1705; d. March 8, 1778, 
in Guilford, Ct.; m., March 10, 1741, Abigail Benton, b. 
Dec. 29, 1702; d. April 29, 1785, dau. of Ebenezer and 

a 5i 

.bijx :^ ^^^c 

■o; .-I .:r.{\ 

:•); ,t 

it".' .t.^i^:h; 

_^.^h-:-.rT ;,:;,. .^ .f_ 



Abigail (Graves) Benton of Guilford, Ct. They had one 


I. Abigail Cruttenden, b. May 14, 1742; d. Jan. 12, 
1819; ni. Abraham Stone, b. Jan. 15. 1735, son of 
Abraham and Martha (Hubbard) Stone, who was 
grandson of Benajah Stone and Esther Kirby. 

10. Abigail- Kirby (John^), born ^^.larch 6, 1666, in ^Middle- 
town, Ct. ; married, about 1689, David Robinson of Guilford, Ct., 
born 1660, son of Thomas and Mary Robinson. [Thomas Rob- 
inson was of Hartford, Ct., 1640, and Guilford, 1664. He died 
in Guilford 1689; his wife died 1683.] Abigail Kirby Robinson 
died 1694, and he married (2) ]Mary (Atwater) Stow, born March 
31, 1662, widow of Ichabod Stow and daughter of David Atwater 
of New Haven. He was one of the Proprietors and Patentees of 
Durham, Ct., where he died Jan. i, 1748, aged eighty-seven years. 
The children of David Robinson and Abigail Kirby were: 

14. i. Abigail Robinson, b. April 3, 1690; m. Joseph Coe. 
ii. Ann Robinson, b. June 3, 1692. 

15. iii. David Robinson, b. 1694; m. Rebecca Miller, 

14. AbigaiP Robinson (Abigail Kirby-, John^), born April 3, 

1690, in Guilford, Ct. ; married Captain Joseph Coe of Durham, 

Ct., b. Feb. 3, 1686, in Stratford, Ct., son of Captain John Coe 

and Mary Hawley. Captain Joseph Coe settled in Durham, Ct. 

He was deputy to the General Court of Connecticut, 1728; was 

commissioned Captain, 1729, and died July 15, 1754, in Durham, 

Ct. Abigail, his widow, died July, 1775, aged eighty-five years. 


i. Joseph Coe, b. Sept. 5, 1713, in Durham, Ct. ; d. June 10, 

1784; m. (1), Dec. 23, 1736, Hannah Parmelee, who, with 

her oidy child Phineas, died in 1737. He m. (2), in 1739, 

Abigail Curtis. Children by his second wife: 

1. James Coe, b. Nov. 19, 1740; m. Rachel Benton. 

2. Hannah Coe, b. May 9, 1743; m. Isaac Miller. 

3. Abigail Coe, b. Jan. 9, 1745; d. young. 

• ' 4. Anna Coe, b. Jan., 1747; m. Rev. Stephen Parsons, 

5, Rev. Curtis Coe, b. July 21, 1750; m. Anna 


6, Joseph Coe, b. May 31, 1753; m. Elizabeth Corn well. 

7, Ebenezer Coe, b. July 19, 1755; m. Cleopatra 



\/l r.-j-j. 

I ....^ 1 'i„.t 

•J (;,.,.: 4/. ^ ,-. 




^ ? 

rii!// .oil.-.' ?-:;l:.-',L'i iL 

.J CI .; 1; , m: ;i^S\l 
■ I'l bir:v» -('no Tarf 

1 •- ;l:t| .d 



8. Joel Coe, b. :May 17, 1758; m. (i) Huldah Horton; 

(2) Hepzibah Swift. 

9. Abigail Coe, b. May 7, 1761; m. Chandler Otis. 
10. Elisha Coe, b. Dec. 16, 1763; m. Elizabeth Miller. 

ii. Capt. David Coe, b. 17 17 in Durham, Ct. ; m. Hannah Can^p, 
dau. of Nathan and Rhoda Camp. [Nathan Camp was 
the son of Samuel Camp of Milford, Ct., and Bertha Pet- 
tit, and grandson of Edward and Mary Camp of New 
Haven, Ct.] Capt. David Coe died Jan. 14, 1807. 
Children ■ 

1. Nathan Coe, b. May 19^ 1742. 

2. Jesse Coe, b. Nov. 14, 1743; m. Abigail Miller. 

3. Mary Coe, b. Oct. 7, 1745; m. Daniel Hudson. 

4. David Coe, b. July 21, 1747; m. Jerusha ]\Iiller. 

5. Ezra Coe, b. jNIarch 4, 1750. 

6. Hannah Coe, b. Dec. 21, 1751. 

7. Adah Coe, b. July, 1753; m. David Brainerd ]\Iiller. 

8. Seth Coe, b. Feb. 20, 1756; m. Mary 2^Iiller. 

9. Eli Coe, b. April 11, 1758; m. Rachel [Miller. 

10. Ruth Coe, b. Oct. 4, 1760; m. Joshua Stow. 

11. Grace Coe, b. Oct. 5, 1763; m. Luke Camp. 
iii. Abigail Coe. 

iv. Abel Coe. ' , 

V. Josiah Coe. .j ^ ; . 

[Coe Lineage: 

L Robert Coe, born 1596 in Co. Suffolk, England, came 
to New England in 1634 with wife Anna, born 1591, and three 
sons. He was at Watertown, jSIass., 1634, and Wethersfield, 
Ct., 1636. He purchased of the Indians, Oct. 30, 1640, the present 
town of Stamford, Ct., where, in 1643, he was a judge. In 1664, 
together with the Rev. Robert Denton and others, he made the 
first English settlement on Long Island at Hempstead, and was 
magistrate during his residence there. He was one of the first 
settlers of Newtown, L. I., 1652, and of Jamaica, L. I., 1656, 
where he was a magistrate and was prominent in public affairs 
until 1672. The date of his death is unknown. Children: John, 
b. 1626; Robert, b. 1627; Benjamin, b. 1629. 

II. Robert Coe, born, 1627, in England, accompanied his 
father to Watertown, Wethersfield, and Stamford; removed to 
Stratford, Ct., and died there in 1659. His wife's name was 
Hannah. Children: Hannah, b. 165 1; m. John Ailing, Jr., of 


'( .:.■•■ <u I i,ih 

O > 5.' 







.20''-' ' 

jrr. ;,-','. 

^iil .-3] 

.f'..' t;! ■;(• 

■i hr 

1 -'iJJIr ■-;.. 

- ..I .. - ,iiWO?V-. V - : ■ •!.)?3a 

; ■ .-: . ■ -;b 1>(IS ,.)-,' ,:. , - :.JC: 


New Haven, Ct.; Susanna, b. 1653; Sarah, b. 1656; John, b. !vlay 
10, 1658. 

III, Captain John Coe, born IMay 10, 165S; married, Dec. 25, 
1682, Mary Hawley, b. July 16, 1662, youngest daughter of Cap- 
tain Joseph Hawley of Stratford, Ct., and Catherine Birdseye. 
He was commissioned Captain 1709; was deputy to General Court 
of Connecticut from Stratford, 1701-15. He died April 19, 1741. 

IV. Captain Joseph Coe, born Feb. 2, 1686. second son of the 
preceding; m. Abigail Robinson, daughter of David Robinson 
and Abigail Kirby. Among the descendants of Captain Joseph 
and Abigail (Robinson) Coe is ^Ir. Levi E. Coe of Meriden. Ct., 
the founder of the Free Library of ]\Iiddlefield, Ct., to whom we 
are indebted for the foregoing account of the descendants of Abi- 
gail Kirby.] 

15. David^ Robinson (Abigail Kirby-, John^), born, 1694, in 
Guilford, Ct. He removed with his father to Durham, Ct., where 
he married, Jan. 26, 1720, Rebecca Miller, bom 1699, daughter 
of Benjamin Miller and Alary Johnson. He died, Feb. 9, 17S0, 
in Durham, Ct. 

[Benjamin ]Miller, b. July 10, 1672, was the son of Thomas 
Miller of Middletown, Ct., by his second wife, Sarah, dau. of 
Samuel Nettleton of Milford, Ct. He married Alary Johnson, 
b. Feb. 14, 1674, dau. of Nathaniel Johnson and Mary Smith, 
and granddaughter of Captain Isaac Johnson of Roxbury, Mass., 
who was killed at the head o^ his company in the Narragansett 
Swamp fight, Dec. 19, 1675.] 

Children of David Robinson and Rebecca Miller: 
i. Anna Robinson, b. Dec. 5, 1720. 
ii. David Robinson, b. jMarch 4, 1722. 
iii. John Robinson, b. Alarch 25, 1723, ' 

iv. Dan Robinson, b. May 2, 1725. 
V, Rebecca Robinson, b. Dec. 5, 1726. 
vi. Timothy Robinson, b. April 29, 1728. 
vii. Phineas Robinson, b. July 24, 1729. 
viii. James Robinson, b. June 10, 173 1. 
ix. Joel Robinson, b. March 31, 1733. 
X. Mary Robinson, b. Dec. 7, 1734- 
xi. Noah Robinson, b. May 19, 1736. 
xii. Abigail Robinson, b. March 9, 1738. 
xiii. Asher Robinson, b. May 4, 1740. 

) .:::'-ri •!/ -^ 
' r-riv ,-:! ..f) 

r'.t 10 I'iiKj 

•n ..:.! 


,:■. .0>'[ 

. -t ; '. 


>x.';t .■•■^^ • -1. 

: , ,-,, ; 

■ :'^ : 

- . ; , . 

,y, . <•-:,■:■ 

.01 vir.;' ... . '..ill ;;;/ 



]r, .r. 

:: .iirn: 

', 1, '. i.- '"i. 

;f^ .J ,.;■> ,;:,- :•■ i:'-]/: 

' '..l l'- 


' ; ■ .'"rr 

{'' - 

.1" --!-! 

■:' h-'oMiiA "... '^vt.,i,,: 

V lo.r. 



: y,i>i''i 


. .TC. 

•■/• 1 

-T .•fi.b . ;-f 


V t: i'; 


:o H' 


■•;.^ -- iMJri^u. 


7. Joseph- Kirby (John^), the only surviving son of John an 1 
EHzabeth Kirby, was born July 17, 1656, in IMiddletown, Ct. I: 
is the family tradition that he was a wheelwright bv trade, and 
this may account for his frequent change of residence. He re- 
sided in iNIiddletown until after ]\Iay, 1684. The following Janu- 
ary he had become a resident of Southampton, L. I. In Town 
Records of Southampton, L. I., page 113, is an Abstract of Deed 
from " Joseph Kirby of Middletown to Maj. John Howell of 
Southampton of 350 acres of land in Middletown, Ct., bounded 
North by Sergt. John Warner, South by Samuel Huberd, West 
by Elizabeth Randal, East by undivided land, which was bought 
of Elizabeth Randal, May 13, 1685." By Nov., 16S7, he had 
returned to ?\Iiddletown. Savage says, though we know not on 
what authority, that " he went to Carolina, but at the end of some 
years came home poor and had a law suit with the other heirs 
about the estate of his father." It is certain that he v.-as a resident 
of Milford, Ct., from July, 1706, until after June, 1708, and that 
in 1706 and 1707 he had a law-suit with his brothers-in-law Alex- 
ander RoUo and David Robinson over the distribution of his 
father's estate. The records of the Court of Assistants, Book II., 
pages 72-75, state that " i\Iay i, 1707, Joseph Kirby appeared to 
prosecute his appeal." This appeal was taken by him from the 
distribution of his father's estate by the Probate Court to the 
Court of Assistants. In this suit Joseph Kirby appeared as his 
own attorney and conducted his case before the Court. His ap- 
peal was practically sustained, the original distribution made by 
the Probate Court being somewhat changed. An interesting fact 
connected with the records of this suit is that he is twice recorded 
therein as " Joseph Kirby, Junior." That he was engaged in the 
practice of the law at this time is shown both by the circumstance 
that he appeared in the suit as his own attorney and by the record 
of his adm.ission to the bar in 1709, under the law of 1708. In May, 
1708, a law was enacted by which attorneys must be formally ad- 
mitted to practice in the courts of law. The earliest admitted 
attorneys of Hartford County and of the State were Richard Ed- 
wards of Hartford and Roger Wolcott of Windsor. Captain John 
Wadsworth and Captain Thomas Wells were also admitted in 1708. 
The following year five others were admitted. Among these was 
" Joseph Kirby, Jr. of Middletown — the latter being the first one 
from his township." (" Memorial History of Hartford County, 
Ct.," Vol. I., p. 120.) In the County Court Records is the follow- 
ing: "Hartford County Court held at Hartford March i, 170S-9, 


it'.-' .'(.'ft Vi", 

.-' -,j ;'•:' -^.'.qcr. \:r!i:_ i 

- '■'' ■ '■ 


.•!; ■ '.A- 

: ^iH 

:(!• :!i .!i\\ 

> J 

^fl; JO 

,1/. Hi r^r:^ (o 

v;Ii ]i: bh'X rviX'j tJijuoO b'SuiJwiH " :^ni 


Capt. Joseph Wadsworth, Capt. Aaron Cook and Thomas Olcott 
(son of Samuel Olcott, dec'd) of Hartford, Samuel Moore of 
Windsor and Joseph Kirby of Aliddletown were admitted and 
approved by the Court to be attorneys at the bar of this court, 
and each of them respectively now took the attorney's Oath pro- 
vided by law." 

Joseph Kirby married (i), Dec. lO, i6Si, in Wethersfield, Ct., 
Sarah Markham. The name of his first wife is so given in the 
manuscript copy of the Kirby genealogy made in 1818, and pub- 
lished in 1890 under the title of " Kirby Family." In the records 
of Wethersfield, published in the N. E. Gen. Register, Vol. XVIIL, 
page 226, the name of his wife is given as " Sarah Mackoon." 
But in the original Town Records the name is plainly written 
" Markcoon," and it seems more probable that such spelling in- 
dicates the family of 2vIarkcom (as iSIarkham was then sometimes 
written), than that of ^McCoon. It is certain that there were I\Iark- 
hams living at that time in the Connecticut valley, while it is not 
known that there Vv^ere any living there by the name of McCoon. 
William iMarkham owned land in ]\Iiddletown, which he deeded 
to Robert Warner in 1664. He married (i) Priscilla Graves, 
daughter of George Graves of Hartford, by whom he had a daugh- 
ter Priscilla, and perhaps another daughter, for when he removed 
to Hadley in 1659 he left a daughter by his first wife with her 
grandparents. (See Will of Nathaniel Ward of Hadley, Mass.) 
There were Graves living in Wethersfield who were relatives of 
his first wife, and this may account for the marriage of Sarah 
Markham to Joseph Kirby taking place in Wethersfield. Daniel 
Markham (whose father, Daniel, born 1618, was cousin to Will- 
iam) was also in Middletown about this tim.e. He was a deacon 
and a man of consequence; and a grandson of Joseph and Sarah 
Kirby was named Daniel, perhaps after Deacon Daniel Markham.. 
Much effort has been expended in the endeavor to obtain sor^e 
clue to the ancestry of the first wife of Joseph Kirby, but without 
result. The date of her birth and death and the place of her burial 
are unknown; and so her parentage, and even her nam.e, be 
left in obscurity. He married (2), Oct. 17, 1704, in New Haven, 
Ct., Mary Plum, daughter of John Plum of Milford, Ct., and Eliza- 
beth Norton. The date of her death is not known, but she out- 
lived her husband. 

[John Plum of Milford, Ct., bapt. Aug. 12, 1646; d. March, 
1728, at iMilford. Ct., was the son of Robert Plum (b. 1618, son 
of John of Wethersfield and Branford), one of the original set- 


'O :Kf> Ij-'J ,;; .V'V^:t :.-:.r. ^ 

•. H 

/;;.i''i ]v-;.-.?I vx rw^? or?] ;^r';j ..jj 



tiers of Milford, Ct., who married, Jan. 9, 1642, Mary, dau. 
of Sylvester Baldwin, who died, 1638, on the voyage of the Mar- 
tin from England to Boston. He married, Nov. 24, 1668, Eliza- 
beth Norton.] 

Joseph Kirby died Dec. 2, 171 1, in Middletown, Ct., aged 
sixty-five. In his will, dated Nov. 28, 1711, he gives to "wife 
Mary my house and house lot butting upon Joseph Wliitemore 
South, highway East and highway North and undivided land 
West," besides other property; to " son John the third part of my 
undivided land this side of the River " ; also twelve acres in 
" Pipe Stem Swamp lot butting upon the river East, upon the 
same lot West, upon the highway North and upon Joseph Butler's 
land, which he bought of Samuel Hall, South " ; also three par- 
cels of land described as joining *' land which I sold to his brother 
James Brown " ; to " all my sons that are or shall be born to 
me " a double portion to the rest of the children in the remaining 
part of his estate not disposed of. His son John is made Executor. 
Witnesses: John Warner, John Ranny, David Hurlbut. 
Children by his first wife: 

16. i, Elizabeth Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1683; m. James Brown. 

17. ii. Sarah Kirby, b. Aug. 10, 1685; m. Samuel Baldwin, 
iii. Deborah Kirby, b. ]\Iarch 2y, 1688. 

18. iv. John Kirby, b. Feb. 16, 1691 ; m. Hannah Stow. 

19. V. Mary Kirby, b. June 10, 1693; m. Benoni Stebbins. 
vi. Joseph Kirby, bapt. June 9, 1695; d. young. 

20. vii. Bethiah Kirby, b. about 1698; m. Nathaniel Sanford. 

Children by his second wife: 

viii. Joseph Kirby, bapt. July, 1706; d. Dec, 1725. 

21. ix. Susanna K' ^y, bapt. Dec, 1706; d. 1733; not married. 

X. ^Margaret Kirby, b. Sept. 2, 1709; m. Capt. Nathaniel 
Wooster of Oxford, Ct., b. 1707, son of Sylvester and 
Susanna Wooster of ^lilford, Ct. 

16. Elizabeth^ Kirby (Joseph^, John^), bom Feb. 20, 1683, in 
I^Iiddletown, Ct.; married, Oct. 31, 1704, James Brown of New 
Haven, b. 1685. He was living in Middletown in 171 1, and re- 
moved about 1723 to Waterbury, Ct., where the youngest two 
children were born. He died in Waterbury, May 15, 1760, in his 
seventy-fifth year. The date of the death of Elizabeth (Kirby) 
Brown is not known. Children: 

i. Elizabeth Brown, b. Nov., 1705, in New Haven, Ct. 


.^^f> Liir,! ir 

•A'Ujob a " :''fi 

■■"ni ;,' i'^': "-••' .' f,; vo i,^ fOi'ifiJ 
^-.ji-'-^c-a ;. 'i;ci.\' •^ ;fi-?l ^.t/^O /■-■--(: ,": >i fcrn;-u^ .vj 

r?; .^.o. 

■i/: ill .{ ■: ■■ ,.-:q'/.. -i ,i; .',■ 


ii. Eunice Brown, h. Oct. i, 1707. 

iii. James Brown, b. June 5, 1709; m., Dec. 16, I744> Hannah 
Tompkins, dau. of Edward Tompkins of Woodbury and 
iv. Sarah Brown, b. Nov. 9, 171 1. 
V. Dinah Brown, b. June 14, 1714. 

vi. Joseph Brown, b. Sept. 20, 1716; m., Oct. 14, 1750, Han- 
nah Johnson, dau. of Timothy Johnson of Derby, Ct. 
vii. Elam Brown, b. July 28, 1719; m., Dec. 27, 1753, Naomi 

Frost, dau. of Samuel Frost, 
viii. Asa Brown, b. Sept. 17, 1721; d. July 14, 1733. 
ix. Daniel Brown, b, Nov. 6, 1723, in Waterbury, Ct. ; m.. 
May 20, 1750, Sarah Turrell, widow of John Turrell and 
dau. of Nathaniel ^lerrill. 
X. Rebeckah Brown, b. Sept. 13, 1726; m. J. Warner. 

17. Sarah^ Kirby (Joseph-, JohnM, born Aug. 10, 1^65; mar- 
ried, April 9, 1712, Samuel Baldwin of Milford, Ct., born Dec. 25, 
1683, son of David Baldwin, bom 1651; died Sept., 1689 (son 
of Joseph and Hannah Baldwin of iSIilford and Hadley, Mass., 
v;ho died Nov. 21, 1684, in Hadley), and }vlary Stream, born Oct. 
12, 1653; died May 28, 1712 (married Nov. ii, 1674), daughter 
of John and Martha Beard Stream of IVIilford, Ct. Some time 
after her marriage he removed with his wife and four sons to 
New Milford, Ct., where he died Dec. 18, 1740. Sarah (Kirby) 
Baldwin died Feb. 23, 1777. Both were buried at New Milford, 
Ct. The inscriptions on their tombstones in the old cemetery 
read as follows: " Here lies the body of Sergt. Samuel Baldwin. 
He died Dec. 18, 1740 in the 56th year of his age." " In memory 
of Sarah relict of Mr. Samuel Baldwin. She died Feb. 23, 1777 
in the 92nd year of her age." In the Baldvv'in Genealogy, page 
489, the wife of Samuel Baldwin of New Milford, Ct., is er- 
roneously stated to be Sarah Crosby; but her age at the time of 
death as shovv-n by the above inscription, and the will of Susanna 
Kirby, manifest that she was Sarah Kirby, daughter of Joseph 
Kirby of Middletown. Children: 

i. Samuel Baldwin, b. May 10, 1713, in Milford, Ct.; m., Oct. 
31, 1739, Grace Buck, b. Jan. 22, 1719; d. Oct. 1785, 
dau. of Enoch Buck of New Milford, Ct., and Mary Beebe. 
[Enoch Buck, b. April 5, 1683, was the son of Ezekiel 
Buck (son of Emanuel) and Rachel Andrews, bapt. April 


I X VI }'. ' ^ *^ ^ T M 

7 :.C 

:noi... ,^r.' .V- ■■■'- ^ 

.l-::\ .ff V 

f-ll ■« 

;,0 ,--L-p^jj; // ^v 

■'■ ia'.:.i ~L>, 

niiC o/rfi fii<>;.f .V'c; 

|/-,.:->l • ■ ■ --i . .'r-i^'A r......r: ^fi-,7 •;.{. r^^ilj Irl- 

^Ti .r>' 


9, 1654, dau. of John Andrews of Farmington, Cl.] 

1. Amos Baldwin, b. Aug-. 4, 1740; m. Martha Allen. 

2. Anion Baldwin, b. Aug. 5, 1741- 

3. Sarah Baldwin, b. Sept. 23, 1742. 

4. Anna Baldwin, b. Feb. 21, 1744. 

5. Nathan Baldwin, b. July 15, 1748. 

6. Eunice Baldwin, b. April 3, 1750. 

7. Zuba Baldwin, b. Dec. 26, 1753. 

8. Abigail Baldwin, b. Dec. 10, 1754. 

9. Lois Baldwin, b. Jan. 23, 1758. 
10. Chloe Baldwin, b. April 6, 1760. 

ii. Gamaliel Baldwin, b. Sept. ii, 1716, in ]Milford, Ct.; m., 
Feb. II, 1741-2, in New Milford, Ct., Rebecca Hcrrick, 
bapt. Feb. 14, 1726, adopted dau. of Benoni Stebbins of 
New Milford, Ct. In 1748 he sold his farm in New Mil- 
ford for £1,500 to Roger Sherman, afterward known as 
the Hon. Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, and removed to the north part of the pres- 
ent town of Sherman, where he died in 1766. Children : 
■ I. Samuel Baldwin, b. March 21, 1743; d. probably in 
1779; unmarried. 

2. Mary Baldwin, b. Jan. i, 1745; m., 1768, Jonathan 

Giddings of Sherman, Ct. 

3. Isaac Baldwin, bapt. May 6, 1753; m., 1782, Sarah, 

dau. of the Rev. Mark Leavenworth. He was a 
surgeon in the War of the Revolution, and after- 
ward settled in Waterbury. 

4. Rachel Baldwin, b. ; m., 1787, Rev. Medad 

Rogers of New Fairfield, Ct. 

5. Hannah Baldwin, b. ; m. Peter Waller. 

iii. Israel Baldwin, b. Oct. 31, 1718; m. Hannah Chatterton, 
iv. Sarah Baldwin, b. July 30, 1721; d. Jan. 19, 1722. 
•• V, Abiel Baldwin, b. Nov. 26, 1724; m., Dec. i, 1749, Rachel 
Buck, dau. of Enoch Buck and Mary Beebe. Children: 

1. Joel Baldwin, b. Sept. 27, 1750. 

2. Abigail Baldwin, b. Dec. 6, 1752; d. in infancy. 

18. John Kirby. See page 41. 

19. Mary^ Kirby Qoseph^, John^), born June 10, 1693; mar- 


Y r- MT .H K H 1 n6 axH 


^( ^'■!(;:\ 

.' joW.") .01 . 


ii/; .::. ■■ -u. 



ried, Dec. 19, 1717, at Milford, Ct., Benoni Stebbins, born 16S9, 
son of Benoni Stebbins of Northampton and Deerfield, Mass., 
who was killed by the French and Indians at Deerfield, ]\Iass., 
1704. After his father's death he removed to New Haven, and 
then to New Milford, Ct., where he became an influential man 
and a large landholder. He had five slave children baptized. In 
his will he gave land for the benefit of a free school in New ^^lil- 
ford village. He died in New Milford, Nov. 14, 1758, in the 
seventieth year of his age. Mar}' (Kirby) Stebbins, his widow, 
died " Feb. 17, 1771 in the 78th year of her age." They had no 
children, but adopted a son and daughter, the first being a nephew 
of Mrs. Stebbins. The adopted daughter was Rebecca Herrick, 
daughter of Thomas Herrick, an Englishman who lost his wife 
on tlie voyage to America in 1725, leaving two daughters, the 
youngest not a year old. Mr. Stebbins, hearing that the latter 
had been left at Stratford to be adopted, rode down to that place, 
distant some forty miles, and brought her to New Milford, where 
he had her baptized and adopted her. These adopted children 
were : 

i. Sanford Stebbins, b. Nov. 27, 1733, son of Nathaniel and 
Bethia (Kirby) Sanford; d. April i, 1757, "beloved of 
all men." 
ii. Rebecca Herrick Stebbins, bapt. Feb. 14, 1726, dau. of 
Thomas Herrick; m., Feb. 11, 1742, Gamaliel Baldwin, 
b. Sept. II, 17 16, son of Samuel Baldwin and Sarah 
Kirby. (See previous page.) The Giddings Genealogy 
contains a romantic account of her marriage, taken from 
the manuscript of her son-in-law Jonathan Giddings. 
According to this account she was beloved by her adopted 
brother, " who as he grew up with Rebecca became at- 
tached to her, but she loved him only as a brother and 
declined to marry him. This displeased Mr. Stebbins, 
and also the mother of the young man, and report says 
this was the cause of his not leaving her any of his prop- 
erty." Since her adopted brother was only eight years 
old at the time of her marriage, it is impossible to credit 
the first part of the above statement. If Rebecca received 
no part of her adopted father's estate, it is pleasant to 
know, from the manuscript of Jonathan Giddings, that 
she fared better at the hands of her own father. Thomas 
Herrick died about 1778, leaving a handsome property 
to be divided between her and her older sister; and she 


■Vi'. ■!!'-:.'. [-1 ). 

j> <: C'^. ■ 

1 Ji.'f '.';:;■ 

:; ■!;.■:' i;; 

: ,.iv, :,■.>:•- :^ .n -or!! 

1 .■'. ^'^.-o - i; ■;■ -Mic :;;.^;j ■-'':■: -id^ o; pdiiv,-;;;- .-,, 
■.'. .;,„, ^::-f i:.,^.! ;*,;v i^rd ,.,:i 'u :.:.a-iir 

^ V ^^ ^' . '■ ■! ,':.i: c.iil k -c;r.^j jii; t:i:.f? eni* 

i ;! /:'-A.^-i' • -■ • : J5qi.)[>t. I'j ]is\.r on 

. ^ - '■ :•;■-■! w- ■ ■,.:■ ■;';fri -^ ■ ■ .i^__ •''• .7o:;;I 
•:-■■' ■' ' ■ ■■' ■:■■:' ' '■ ■ ■- r . 'S ■!■/:'.' t byisd •?:!;; 

' . V.-'. [■':: ■'^j.: wj-v;"j^< i ^-.!.' /i'j -•! ,.,j 



afterward had a fortune left her in England, only a por- 
tion of which, however, was obtained. 

20. Bethiah^ Kirby (Joseph-, John^), born about 169S; mar- 
ried, 172 1, as second wife, Nathaniel Sanford of Woodbury, Ct., 
born Oct. 10, 1682, son of Ephraim Sanford of Milford, Ct., and 
Wary Powell. [Ephraim Sanford of ^lilford, Ct., son of Thomas 
and Sarah Sanford of Guilford, Ct., was born ]\Iay 17, 1646; died 
1692. He married, Nov. 18, 1669, Mary Powell, baptized July 
20, 1645, daughter of Thomas Powell of New Haven, Ct.] Na- 
thaniel Sanford was first at Milford, Ct. About 1722 he settled 
in Southbury, then a part of Ancient Woodbury, Ct., where he 
died " Aug. 8, 1771, aged 89 years "—the date recorded upon his 
tombstone in White Oak cemetery in Southbury, Ct. The date 
of death of his wife Bethiah (Kirby) Sanford is unknown. 

[Nathaniel Sanford's first wife was Deborah , whom he 

married in 1710. She died in 1720. It is conjectured that she was 
Deborah Kirby, sister of his second wife, and so her children 
are here given: (i) Nathaniel; (2) Ebenezer; (3) Deborah, wlio 
married, June 25, 1739, in Southbury, Ct., Ebenezer Brownson, 
and had Olive, Sarah, Rachel, and Mary; (4) Sarah, who mar- 
ried, Aug., 1739, Caleb Olds of Southbury, Ct., and had Betty, 
who married, May 13, 1760, John Stiles; Daniel, and Isaac] 
Children of Nathaniel Sanford and Bethiah Kirby: 
i. Zachariah Sanford, b. Dec. 8, 1722, in Woodbury, Ct.; m., 
about 1760, Rachel Gould. He removed to New Mil- 
ford in 1758, and became a rich and prominent citizen of 
that town. Together with his aunt, Mrs. ^Mary (Kirby) 
Stebbins, he purchased for £200 the land given _ by 
Benoni Stebbins in his will to the First Ecclesiastical 
Society. He was living in 1797. Children: 

1. Benoni Stebbins Sanford, b. March 5, 1762. 

2. Mary Sanford, b. Jan. 26, 1765. 

3. David Sanford, b. March 14, 1767. 

ii. Joseph Sanford, bapt. Oct. 29, 1726; d. March 14, 1778; 

m., Dec. 29, 1756, in Southbury, Ct., Ann Ilickok, b. 

March 22, 1732; d. Sept. 17, 1826, aged ninety-four years, 

dau. of Stephen and Bethiah Hickok. 
iii. Mary Sanford, bapt. March 9, 1729; m. Andrew Coe, Sept. 

18, 1748, in Southbury, Ct. 
iv. Hannah Sanford, b. May 5, 1731; d. Dec. 23, 1760; m., 


, ,:i :.J.-' 

C "I 

.; . --ir. .Ill, 

■.V '^M V;'^ 

.^7^ :, w: \ 


June 27, 1749, David Hurlbut of Woodbury, Ct., b. 
May 10, 1721, son of Cornelius. 
V. Stebbins Sanford, b. Nov. 27, 1733; d. April i, 1757; adopted 

by Benoni and Mary (Kirby) Stebbins. 
vi. Susie Sanford, b. Feb. 15, 1737. 
vii. Mercy Sanford, b. Aug. 3, 1738. 

21. Susanna^ Kirby (Joseph-, John^), baptized Dec, 1706; 
died, unmarried, in 1733. Her will, dated March 27, 1733, and 
probated May 7th following, is of some genealogical importance, 
and so is given entire: 

In the name of God Amen, this 27th day of March Anno Domini 1733. 

I Susannah Kirby of y« town of Milford, in ye County of New Haven 
in her Majestys Collony of Connecticut in New England being sick of 
body but of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testa- 
ment as followeth. 

First of all I desire to recommend my soul to y^ mercy of God through 
y« merritts of our Lord Jesus Christ (through whom by Grace I hope to 
find mercy) and that after my decease my body shall have a decent burryall 
and that as for my worldly estate wherewith I am blest I dispose thereof 
as followeth. 

First that all my just debts which in right or conscience I do or shall 
owe to any person or persons with funerall expenses shall be first payd by 
my Executri.x herein and hereafter named. 

Item. My will is and I do give unto my beloved friend Daniel Smith 
my Bible, my book Sweet Posie for God's Saints, my rings and an undersuit 
and scarf for mourning, all of which I give as a token of my regard to 
him. my Tankor I also give unto s^ Smith. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my sister Margaret Kirby all my 
estate which I have either in revestion or possestion and right of Claim 
from by or under my mother, and as right or claim descending from my 
grandfather Mr. John Plum late of Milford aforesd deceased both reall and 
persynall I give to my sd sister and her heirs forever. 

Item. I give unto my sister Sarah Baldwin y* wife of Samuell and unto 
Mary Stebbins y^ wife of Benoni Stebbins and unto Bethiah Sanford y^ wife 
of Nathaniel Sanford unto such of them a pair of- sheets apiece. 

Item. I give all ye residue of my estate unto all my natural brothers 
and my naturall sisters equally to be divided between them all and my will 
further is that my sister Margaret shall be and I hereby nominate ordam 
constitute and appoint my sd sister Executrix of this my last will and 
testament and I allow her a meet recompense for her trouble and in con- 
firmation hereof I hereunto set my hand and seal on ye day of ye above date. 

Susannah Kirby X (Seal) 

Susanna Kirby the testatrix signed sealed published pronounced and 

T -ivf L-i M n T 


lJi-;f. '.riUOTJ \'. 


declared all y« above written as and for her last will and testament in y« 
presence of y« subscribing witnesses on y^ day of y^ above date. 

Ephraim Burweil. 

Samll Gunn. 
" = . • = •; : Sarah Burweil. 

18. John' Kirby (Joseph-, John^), only surviving son of Jo- 
seph Kirby and Sarah ^Markham, was born Feb. i6, 1691, in Mid- 
dletown, Ct. He inherited a third part of his father's estate and 
added to the same, purchasing of his sisters their shares in the 
estate of his father and lands also which formerly belonged to his 
grandfather, John Kirby. He resided on or near his grandfatiicr's 
homestead in that part of !Middletown called until 1S51 " Upper 
Houses," and now the town of Cromwell, where he became a large 
landholder and an influential man. His name is found in the list 
of taxable persons in the Xorth Society, 171 5; and he was a mem- 
ber of the Second Church, organized Jan. 5, 171 5. From the 
tenor of his will it would appear that he was a careful and con- 
scientious man, and given to detail and accuracy in buEincss. He 
died in Middletown, Ct., April 25, 1760, aged sixty-nine. His 
will, dated April 9, 1759, is given below; but, on account of its 
great length, the careful details and repetitions are omitted: 

Last Will and Testament of John Kirby of Middletown, filed in the 
Hartford Probate Court. 

In the Name of God, Amen, I John Kirby of Middletown In the County 
of Hartford and Collony of Connecticut In New England being Sensiable 
of the Mortality of My body and uncertainty of the time of my Death, 
being Now well In health and of Sound Mind and Memory, thanks be 
Given to God therefor and being Desirous to Settle my Estate wch it hath 
pleased God to bless rne with Do make and ordain this my Last Will and 

Imps. I give and bequeath unto Hannah my Dear and Well beloved 
W'-'-? t'^e n-^e p.r ' I'rproven^erts of nno b.ilf of ^fy house and Barn where 
I now Dwell wch Half part she shall choose during her natural Li.t.-, '."d 
One third part of all other my personal Estate after my Daughter Ehza 
have reed of My personal Estate as much as One of her sisters had at their 
Marriage as by an Acct I kept with Some of them may appear. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my Eldest Son Joseph Kirby ail that 
land where he now lives including twenty Acres I have already given him 
by Deed of Gift, also ten acres of land at the East part of my about forty 
acre lot at the Mountain called Clarks Mountain, also one equal fourth 
part of a Hundred Acre Lot I bought of Mr. Danl Stocking at place cail<l 
the Ledges. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my 2d son John Kirby all that tract 


:] ;!.7,;S 


'. \o -r^ :CA ad->l jfj J": 


.■ . -'■: .^l ;■■: V „o^; . . . : . ^ 

:ft;;- :;:v:'d bn; ivig J .;r i i 

.) Ji; 'o .1 ii--L.i ■-,1 

n !---; . :<: ?:;: ^, 

•It-J U< •■ ,"!■> 

. ' ir. irr 

i':hEi J .J. .•: . ; 

.-.;woU •• 

.;. ..^ ..,, 

i.o -&:j,u-:-c- : .■. . : 

■•t;.A lr:i: 

in-. ^?i?'tj df/L Vj 

--■d Inz a. , 



of Land where he Now lives includg what I have given him by deed of 
Gift— in the whole about two hundred acres he pay'g to each of his sisters. 
my daughters, viz; Hannah Sage, Sarah the wife of Saml Savage, Mary 
Johnson widow, Bethia the wife of Danl J. Stocking, Susannah the wife 
of Benjm Buckley and Eliza Kirby twenty pounds each. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my third son Danl Kirby all the 
remaindr of my tract of land at the Mountain called Clark's Mountain, 
also one equal half part of ten acres and a half of land I purchased of "Mr. 
Joseph Wright and his wife at a place call'^ the Stony Swamp. I also give 
to my sd son Danl Kirby one fourth part of that hundred acres at the Ledges 
I bought of ]Mr. Danl Stocking deceased. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Thos. Kirby fifty acres of land 
with the appurtenances near where he lives as also nineteen acres of Land 
on the North Side of the highway near where he lives as also the fourth 
part of that lot of one hundred acres at the ledges, as also one half of sd 
ten and half acres bot of Mr. Jos. Wright at place calld Stony Swamp. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my youngest son Jonathan Kirby these 
follows ps of land, viz: twenty acres, nine acres thereof being what I bo^ 
wth my son Danl of Moses Willcox and eleven acres of sd twenty I bot 
of Jona Willcox. I also give my s^ son one fourth part of that hundred 
acres at the ledges. I also give unto my sd son my house and barn where 
I live saving to his Mother one half during her natural life with a convenient 
garden plot. I also give to him my homested and all the meadows and 
upland where I now live. In that lot that was my grandfather John Kirby 
deceased supposed to be about twenty five acres whereas my grandfather 
Kirby to whom sd twenty five acres was laid in his last will and testament 
order that land should not be alienated and disposed of to no person but 
of the name and blood of the Kirbys, My will now is that my sd son 
Jona nor his heirs shall not dispose of sd land but to the name of the Kirbys 
and especially to those of the nearest of kindred. I also give and bequeath 
to my sd son Jonathan two thirds parts of all my moveable or personal 
Estate and in case my daughter Eliza be a single woman at my death and I 
shall not have given her household goods &c equal to any one of my other 
daughters, then my will is that he make up to her so much as to make her 
equal as aforesaid before the division is made between him and his mother. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my sd daughters, viz, Hannah Sage. 
Sarah the wife of Saml Savage, Mary Johnson a widow, Bethia the wite of 
Danl Stockin, Sus^ the wife of Benj. Buckley and Eliza Kirby to each of 
them twenty pounds to be paid by my son John Kirby one half thereof in 
one year after my decease and the other half in two years. 

And my will is that all other lands if any there be belonging to me be 
equally divided to and among all my sd Sons. And this I have accords 
to my best judgment and with good advice for the peace and wellfare of 
my children disposed of my Estate to and among them for their comfort, 
and I pray the God of peace to bless them w'h a better blessK than the 
things of this world. 

And I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my son John Kirby 
sole Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby ratifying this and 


y fj ,1 \ ;.: Li {..( or 1:7 A 5> T ^ 

■ J J. j;;^ Ji. ^5T)ii li'»i!i;:u. 

^-j'.f I 

^no\ :o 

■ ^Tj^iij lien lii.O ■■:-■ ■■■' WK 'i, DO' ;rr. v.i ]i ■, :., .,t L-Uijo,;; y.,,^.^, ;,:.;,,ij 

.•;':■ c ■■■•■^i rt' iis'i Id;!;'; ;r:1 Lr.. ■.-,7;^'>b vi" 'njiii liiov -i-io 


no other to be my last will and testam*. In witness whereof I have hereunto 
set my hand and seal this 9th day of April A.D., 1759. 

John Kirby (Seal) 
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said 
John Kirby to be his Last Will and Testament in 
the presence of 

Jacob Whitmore. 

John Ellton. . . '. 

Seth Wetmore. 

John Kirby married, March 3, 1718, in Middletown, Ct., Han- 
nah Stowe, born Feb. 11, 1696, daughter of Thomas and Bctluah 
(Stocking) Stow of Middletown, Ct. Hannah (Stowe) Kirby died 
March 7, 1780, aged eighty-four years. 

[Stow Lineage: 

I. John Stow, from Co. Kent, England, came to New England. 
May, 1634, with wife Elizabeth Bigg and six children. He settled 
at Roxbury, Mass., where he was made freeman Sept. 3, 1634; 
was a member of the Artillery Company of Boston 1638, and 
representative from Roxbury 1639. He died Oct. 26, 1643, in 
Roxbury. Elizabeth, his wife, died 1638. Children: Thomas; 
Elizabeth, married Thomas Archer; John; Nathaniel; Rev. 
Samuel; and Thankful, who married John Pierrepont and was the 
grandmother of Sarah Pierrepont, wife of President Jonathan 

n. Thomas Stow, born in England; died Feb., 1684; eldest son 
of the preceding, m.arried, Dec. 4, 1639, Mary Griggs, who died 
Aug. 21, 16S0. He removed to Concord, Mass., and afterward 
to Middletown, Ct., about 1654." Children: John, b. Feb. 3, 
1641 ; m. Mary Wetmore; IMary, b. Feb. 6, 1643; Thankful; Eliza- 
beth, m., Nov. 14, 1672, Samuel Bidwell; Nathaniel; Samuel, and 

HI. Thomas Stow, born about 1653; died March 30. 1730, 
youngest son of the preceding, settled in Middletown "Liipcr 
Houses," now Cromwell, Ct.; married, Oct. 16, 1675, in Middle- 
town, Bethiah Stocking, born Oct. 10, 1658; died Nov. 6, 1732, 
daughter of Deacon Samuel Stocking of Middletown (died Dec. 
3, 1683, son of George and Anna Stocking of Hartford and Mid- 
dletown) and Bethiah Flopkins (married May 27, 1652), born 
1635. daughter of John Hopkins of Hartford, Ct. Children: 
Bethiah, b. April 6, 1678; d. young; Deacon Samuel Stow, b. Oct., 
1681; m., Feb. 8, 1705, Esther Mould, dau. of Hugh; Bethiah, b. 


Yf: ^' ! >I >? '-' '^ ' -^10 ^ '■• :rAc., 

oJiu'jT ?:! :: .-f. i I ;c 

.R' /:.-;- 

JOKiii iij' 

-ill .;,' 

. .''' "'j'i 

nof 7 ;: - ijy 

'Ui I . . u 

•1 ■ ,?-lT'-:r 


Feb. 22, 1685; Mary, b. Aug., 1688; Thomas, b. May. 7, 1691; 
m. Martha White; Hannah, b. Feb, 11, 1696; m. John Kirby; and 
Joseph, b. Aug, 3, 1703; ni. Sarah Bulkely, dan. of Edward. 

IV, Hannah Stow, born Feb. 11, 1696; died March 7, 1780; 
married, March 3, 1718, John Kirby.] 

Children of John Kirby and Hannah Stowe: 
^ 22. i. Joseph Kirby, b, Jan, i, 1719; m. Esther Wilcox. -^ 

23. ii. John Kirby, b. Sept. 26, 1720; m. Lucia Norton. 

24. iii. Hannah Kirby, b. April, 1723; m. Solomon Sage. 

25. iv. Daniel Kirby, b. Oct., 1724; m. Lucretia^ Porter. 
2G. V. Sarah Kirby, b. July 19, 1726; m. Solomon Savage. 
2?. vi, Mary Kirby, b, Dec, 1727; m. (i) Amos Johnson, (2) 

William Parmelee. 

28. vii, Thomas Kirby, b. Dec, 1729; m. Lucy Stocking. 

29. viii. Bethiah Kirby, b, Dec, 1731; m. Daniel Stocking. 

30. ix, Susanna Kirby, b, Feb. 8, 1734; m. Benjamin Bulkeley. 

31. X. Jonathan Kirby, b, 1736; m. Lucy Burgis, 

xi. Elizabeth Kirby, bapt. Sept, 24, 1738; m., Dec. 22, 1762, 
Joseph Tracy of ^Middletown, Ct., b. April 4, 1732,. 
son of Joseph Tracy of Middletown and Hannah 
White, dau. of Jacob White of Middle-town, Ct. 

1. Eleazer Tracy, bapt. Nov. 20, 1763. 

2. John Tracy, bapt. Sept. 29, 1765; d. young. 

3. John Tracy, bapt. Oct. 20, 1766. 

4. Joseph Tracy, bapt. Sept, 18, 1768, 

5. Rachel Tracy, bapt. Jan. 2y, 1771. 

6. Lucy Tracy, bapt. Feb. 7, 1773. 

22. Joseph* Kirby (John', Joseph-, John^), bom Jan. i, 1719, 

;r^,u^fr.--n. Cf., yyp.z tbe pMr-^f ='~.n of Tolir, p.nd HTm-^h C^mw^^ 
Kirby, He was a farmer and lived in that part of Miaaletown 
known as " Upper Houses," now Cromwell, and near his father, 
for a deed of a house-lot from John Kirby to his son Joseph de- 
scribes the lot as " near my own house." He was a man of prom- 
inence, as shown by positions he filled in military and ecclesiastical 
circles. In May, 1754, he was made Ensign of the Fifth Company 
of the Sixth Regiment Connecticut Militia; May, 1756, he was 
made Lieutenant of the same, and May, 1764, he was chosen 
Captain of the company. He was made Deacon of the church in 


/>^-J X l!jli'!>- 


.) .iO 

i .08 


SI •' fl<:i.j:^0'; 

.i J- ,r?;.'Oj 

riLJOr -i-i : -V 

^•^ ..: .vf-:. .3< 

-'1 =:■; . 'i '.n.: 1-5111 


the North Society Nov. 27, 1770, and continued in office until 
his death. He died Sept. 12, 1783, in Middletown, Ct. 

Captain Joseph Kirby %vas married, June 15, 1743- to i^stUer 
Wilcox, born Dec. 3, 1720, daughter of John Wilcox and Mary 
Warner, both of Middletown, Ct. She died Oct. 2, 1788. Chil- 
dren born in ^Middletown, Ct.: 

i. Joseph Kirby, b. Jan. 18, 1744; d. Jan. 20, 1744- 

32 ii. Joseph Kirby, b. May 16, 1745; m. Jones. 

iii. Hannah Kirby, b. April 5, 1747; d. March 16, 1S16. 

Not married, 
iv. Nehemiah Kirby, bapt. Noy. 6, 1748; d. Sept. 4, I750- 
V. Abncr Kirby, bapt. Nov. 12, 1749; d. Sept. 2, 1750. 
vi. Esther Kirby, b. Nov. 27, 1750; d. Feb. 6, 1787. 

33 vii. Naomi Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1752; m. Dr. Solomon Savage. 

34 viii. Ruth Kirby, b. ^larch 8, 1753; m. Elias Selden. 

35 ix. Nehemiah Kirby, b. Nov. 24, I754; m. Mary Evarts. 
3G. x. Abner Kirbv, b. Feb. 4, 1757; m- Anna Plum. 

xi. Mary Kirby, b. Aug. 2^, 1759; d. Oct. 8, 1762. 
r 37. xii. Hezekiah Kirby, b. March 23, 1761; m. Lucretia 
xiii. Elijah Kirby, b. April 7, 1764. He \vas a soldier of the 
Revolution, and died a prisoner of war, July 7, 1782, 
in New York City, aged only eighteen years. In the 
" History of Cromwell " his name is given as Abijah. 

[Wilcox Lineage: ' . r a- a 

1. John Wilcox, an original proprietor of Hartford, 1639; died 
1651. His will is dated July 24th of this year. Inventory taken 
Oct. 1st, £391 13s. His wife's name was Mary. Children: 
John; Sarah, who married John Bidwell of Hartford; Ann, b. 
about 1616; d. July 20, 1673, aged fifty-seven; m. John Hall of 
Hartford and Middletown. 

II John Wilcox, born in England; died May 24, 1676, m Mid- 
dletown, Ct.; married (i), Sept. 17, 1646, Sarah Wadsworth, 
daughter of William of Hartford, and had Sarah, born Oct. 3, 
1648, who married Long. He married (2), Jan. 18, 1650, 
Catherine Stoughton, daughter of Thomas Stoughton of W^.ndsor, 
Ct., and had John and Thomas, who died before 1676; also Mary, 
born Nov. 13, 1654; died young; Israel, bom June 19. 1656; 
Samuel, born Nov. 9, 1658; married, ^ray'9. 1683, Abigail W hit- 
more, daughter of Francis of Middletown. He married (3) Mary, 
who died "^1671, and married (4) Esther Cornwell, daughter of 


.oi8i ,di fb-,i . ' , , 

dv/: ,vi 


IcKf ,,„ ;;-iri 

■ .iir 

s >!.; r>-n> ry^ i' 



William, and had Ephraim, born July 9, 1672: married, Aug. 23, 
1698, Silence Hands; Esther, bom Dec. 9, 1673, and Mary, born 
jMarch 24, 1676. 

III. Israel Wilcox, born June 19, 1656; died Dec. 20. 1689; 
married, March 28, 1678, Sarah Savage, born July 30, 1657; died 
Feb. 8, 1724, daughter of John Savage and Elizabeth D'Aubin. 
Children: Israel, b. Jan. 16, 1680: John, b. July 5. 1682; Samuel, 
b. Sept. 26, 1685; Thomas, b. July 5, 1687, and Sarah, b. Nov. 
30, 1689. 

IV. Deacon John Wilcox, born July 5, 1682: died May 13. 1751 ; 
married, 1710, ]\Iary Warner. He lived in ]Middleto\vn " Upper 
Houses" and was deacon of the church there. Children: Jo- 
seph; Sarah; Ebenezer; Esther, b. Dec. 31, 1720; Jeremiah; 
Huldah; Moses, and Ozias. 

V. Esther Wilcox, born Dec. 31, 1720; died Oci. 2, 17SS; mar- 
ried, June 15, 1743, Joseph Kirby.] 

33. Joseph^ Kirby (Joseph\ Jchn% Jo?eph-, John^). born 
May 16, 1745, in ]Middleto\vn, Ct. He graduated from Ynle Col- 
lege 1765, and was licensed as a preacher, Oct.. 1771, by the Hart- 
ford South Association. His descendants claim that he entered 
upon the work of the ministry, and that after his death his sermons 
came into the possession of his daughter, iMrs. ^Matteson; but of 
his ordination or settlement nothing is known. He was a Revo- 
lutionary soldier and served under Captain Edward Eells of 
IMiddletown in the Third Battalion, Wadswortli's Brigade, raised 
June, 1776, and which was engaged at the battle of White Plains, 
Oct. 26, 1776. (" Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution," 
p. 402.) He was living in Middletown Dec, 1791, and perhaps 
in Oct., 1807. He removed to Dorset, Vt., and located hi? farm 
on the mountain north of the village, in what is still called " Kirby 
Hollow " and the " Giant's Arm-Chair " — a noteworthy feature in 
the much admired scenery of Dorset. He was married, Sept. 23, 
1788, in Granville, Mass., to Widow (Rebecca?) Jones of Gran- 
ville. He died at Dorset, Vt., Sept., 1823. Children: 

i. Joseph Kirby, b. ; m. Electa Matteson; d. in 

ii. James Kirby, b. ; d. Jan. 31, 1S67, in Dorset. Xot 


38. iii, Hannah Kirby, b. 1803; m. Abraham Matteson. 

39. iv. Ada Kirby, b. ; m. James Reed. '• 


I'l r ' ' 'I'^liTeri^ 

' .?. 


.-n.iol .-:-; 

:rCA ,^-il 

-'■ ,'~'' 

:n.;Y rn.-{ .- 

,., j-.":rj : 

T'S" ».i 

^-.i-J ?•.!: ■- 


-„..^ .:,i J;.v;': ■ 

,;•■; ". / j i.'. : 

io .'■■: 

• ;r:.'Ol;Ai^ . 

-li.-:: , ■■:;]. 


• '. >•);-■ -1.1 

U-'t('ii'.-- ■: 

1 •_? i . . 

...rT. !.)'!i. "''•J 


I .5!): ; .■! '.; 

''.fl'.' .■ 

"Iry-y'l ■■'■..: .■; 

!''•// -if' 

ri^fts ' 

V i'i;h . ■■■ ; 

-OjU rt 


Mr" ;-<:•■ :'-.o! ij. 

-■ ,.:'f .■ 

-i\-:';iO- -" lir ■ r (; 

u .va 


38. Hannah" Kirbv (Joseph^, Joseph^ John% Joseph^, John^), 
born 1803; married Abraham ^latteson, born iSoo, son of Jabeth 
Matteson and Lucv Grinnells of Danby, Vt. He was a blacksmith, 
and died Sept. 3/1833, aged thirty-three years. His death was 
occasioned by the kick of a horse. Hannah, his widow, died in 
Iowa, 1866, aged sixty-three years. 

[Jabeth Matteson, bom 1765, in Connecticut, v/as a blacksir.ith 
and innkeeper at Danby, Vt., where he died Oct. z^, 1825. His 
wife died in 1S15. They had eight children: Abraham; Isaac; 
Lucy; Vestea; Electa; Chloe, who married David Wheeler; Sally, 
who^ married David Wetherby; and Abigail.] 

The children of Abraham Matteson and Hannah Kirby were: 
i. Daniel :\Iatteson, b. May 11, 1S24, in Danby. Vt.; m.. May 
30, 1844, Juliet Reed, b. Feb. 15, 1827; d. in Rupert, \ t., 
Aug. 26, 1890, aged sixty-three years. Mr. Daniel Matte- 
son is now living (1897)- in Rupert, Vt. Children: 

1. Jedkins :Matteson, b. Aug. 28, 1847; m. Ophelia 

Jones. He lives in Dorset, Vt., and has one child, 
Edwin I., b. Oct. 3, 1S70. 

2. John iMatteson, b. June 26, 1849; m. Diana Potter. 

3. Ada Ivlatteson, b. , 1853; m. Robert Bromley 

of Dorset, Vt., son of Hiram and Elisabeth (Tad- 
dock) Bromley. One daughter. Bertha, b. May, 

4. Isabella Amelia Matteson, b. March 30, 1857; m. Jed- 

kins Niles. No children. 

5. Fayette Matteson, b. Sept. 16, i860; m. Rosa TitTt; 

Hves in Danby, Vt., and has two children. 

6. Helen Matteson, b. Oct., 1865; d. Jan., 1893; m. 

Joseph Wvman of Sandgate, Vt. ; one child, Ettie. 

7. Owen Matteson, b. May 13, 1868; m. Mary Tifit; 

lives in Rupert, Vt., and has one child. 

ii. Ada :Matteson, b. ; m. Lovone Wood;, son of James 

Woods. They removed to Memphis, Mich., where they 
died about 1892. They had two daughters, one of whom 
married James Corbi't and the other Chett McCabe. 
Both daughters are now living in the State of Wash- 
ington. . . 

iii. Emmerause Matteson, 

39. Ada" Kirby Qoseph', Joseph*, John^ Joseph-, John^. 

Y a 55 1 ;-i AH o^ '•' o a r h a ^ 


OI'-i-TCjJ sM .r''/ 

•■•' i , 

r' .: •■ . •■•■■ ■'■ 

_ ^- 2V/1 



J i •_.!'■ .,'• 

'•!) 'J ■ 

; 1 ! L J ■ 1 ; " ■ 7- 

. ' . ■ ■ ' 

■1-r';-'I ':^b 


born ; married James Reed in Rupert, Vt. They afterward 

removed to Bloomingdale, Essex County, X. Y. Children: 
i. Kirby Reed, 
ii. Mary Reed, 
iii. EHza Reed. 
40. iv. Isaac G. Reed, b. 1820; m. Anna S. Reed. 
V. Henry C. Reed. 

vi. Jane M. Reed, b. May 18, 1832; d. Oct. 26, 1892. 
vii. Joseph Reed, 
viii. Delia Reed. 
ix. Jackson Reed. 
X. Martin Reed. 

40. Isaac GJ Reed (Ada Kirby^ Joseph^ Joseph-*, John^ 
Joseph-, John^), born, 1820, in Wells, Vt. ; married', 1846, at Man- 
chester, Vt., Anna Sophia Reed, daughter of Ichabod Reed. She 
died at Clintonville, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1859, aged about thirty-five 
years. Mr. Isaac G. Reed is now living in Wells, Vt. Children: 

i. James Henry Ichabod Reed, b. June 10, 1843, in Au Sable, 
Clinton County, N. Y. ; m., Dec. 6, 1867, Alice Jones, b. 
April 18, 1852, dau. of William Jones and Elsie Westcott. 
Mr. Reed enlisted, 1863, in the Second N. Y. Veteran 
Cavalry, and served until the end of the Civil War. He 
was in the battles of Compte, La., Kane River Crossing, 
and Morgantic Bend, and was much engaged in " bush- 
whacking " in the Red River country. Children: 

1. Anna Sophia Reed, b. Feb. 17, 1870; m. Fayette 


2. Rosa Jane Reed, b. June, 1872; m. Alex. Sears, Jr. 

3. William Henry Reed, b. ^larch 3, 1874. 

4. Morris Jay Reed, b. March 13, 1876; d. April, 1876. 

5. Marietta May Reed, b. 1878. 

6. John Jay Reed, b. 1879. 

7. George Albert Reed, b. Julv 17, 1882; d. Sept. 18, 


8. Alice Matilda Reed, b. April 19, 1884; d. July 28, 

ii. Julia Reed, b. IMay 5, 1850, in Au Sable, Clinton County, 
N. Y.; m., Aug. 15, 1867, at Dorset, Vt., William H. Lake, 
b. Jan. 28, 1840, in Dorset, Vt., son of Rufus B. and Diana 
(Church) Lake. He is an expressman, and lives in Wells, 
Vt. Children: 



:i .ru- 

\ :r. 


.j-ir:-/ J 

:i^r .f : li^vA /J .Iv^:,,^ 

■vlA S 



1. Amy J. Lake, b. Feb. 9, 1871. 

2. Bertha E. Lake, b. Dec. 18, 1872. 

3. Charles R. Lake, b. Dec. 14, 1878. 
iii. Albert Jackson Reed. 

iv. Sylvanus Harvey Reed. 

33. Naomi^ Kirby (Joseph*, John^, Joseph-, John^), born Jan. 

24, 1752, in IMiddletovvn, Ct. ; married as second wife, Dec, 1775, 
Dr. Solomon Savage of ]Middleto\vn, b. June 22, 1740, son of 
Deacon William Savage, Jr., and Sarah Savage. Dr. Solomon 
Savage began to practise medicine in 1762, and was the first physi- 
cian who resided in "Upper Houses." He died Jan. 31, 1783, 
aged forty-two years. Naomi (Kirby) Savage married (2), Sept. 

25, 1791, Prosper Hubbard, and in 1799 ^^'^^ residing in Sheffield, 
Mass. Children: 

i. Sarah Savage. 

ii. Asa Savage, bapt. July 11, 1777. 
iii. Elijah Savage, bapt. iMay 23, 1783. 

[Savage Lineage: 

L John Savage of Middletown, freeman 1654; married, Feb. 
10, 1652, in Hartford, Ct., Elizabeth D'Aubin, by whom he had 
eleven children. He died March 6, 1685, in Middletown, Ct. 

IL Sergeant William Savage, third son of the preceding, born 
April 25, 1668; died Jan. 25, 1727, lived in Middletown " Upper 
Houses," and was one of the first two deacons appointed, Feb. 10, 
1 716, by the Second Society. He married. May 6, 1696, Christine 
Mould, daughter of Hugh ]Mould of New London, Ct. Chil- 
dren: Martha, b. 1697; William, b. Sept. 18, 1699; Christine, b. 
1702; Hannah, b. 1704; Sarah, b, Feb. 2-j, 1708, and Joseph, b. 
Sept. 21, 171 1. 

in. Deacon W^illiam Savage, eldest son of the preceding, born 
Sept. 18, 1699; died 1774; married, June 2, 1726, Sarah Savage, 
his cousin, born Sept., 1700, daughter of Captain John Savage, 
born Dec. 2, 1652 (eldest son of John Savage and Elizabeth 
D'Aubin), and Mary Ranney. Children: William, b. 1727; 
Elisha, b. 1728; Jonathan, b. 1731 ; Amos, b. 1733; Josiah, b. Oct. 
17, 1735, m. Sarah Stowe; Stephen, b. 1737; Solomon, b. Jan. 22, 
1740, and Daniel, b. 1742. 

IV. Dr. Solomon Savage, son of the preceding, born Jan. 22, 
1740; died Jan. 31, 1783; married (i), Dec. 3, 1761, Sarah Selden, 
born Aug. 30, 1743; died Sept. 12, 1774, daughter of Captain 


YS Ir^l X 14HOi^ ^ n P.T-Afi, 

A .^s 

-/:];:; J^i/! j.P 

- :■:- ,.'-^.- .'vj- 

■:' '^'-'"^^ 'r 

; c.'j .u^:-j-. 

■5 uj; 'f ,;:'- -jo;; >': i 
"■'C' ,^': , ( (.1 Ml.' J 


Thomas and Rebecca (Walkey) Selden of Haddam, Ct. " She 
was ever ready to respond to the calls of the sick and her assistance 
was often sought. It was during such ministration she contracted 
small-pox of which she died greatly lamented, Sept. 12, 1774." 
Children by his first wife: Solomon, b. 1762; Sarah, b. 1764, m. 
Simeon Ranney; ^vlarion, b. 1766; Elizabeth, b. 176S; Chloe, b. 
1770; Selden, b. 1774. Dr. Solomon Savage married (2), Dec, 
1775, Naomi Kirby.] 

34. Ruth= Kirby (Josepli*, John^ Joseph-, John^), born March 
8, 1753; married, May 23, 17S1, Captain Elias Selden of Haddam 
Neck, Ct., born Aug. 22, 1758, son of Captain Thomas Selden 
(Thomas, Joseph, Thomas) of Haddam Xeck, Ct., and Rebecca 
Walkey. Elias Selden was Captain of }vlilitia. Justice of the peace, 
and represented Haddam in the Legislature several terms. He 
died July, 181 7, the result of an accident. Ruth (Kirby) Selden 
died Jan. 3, 1S39, in her eighty-sixth year, " Five years before 
her marriage, in 1776, she and her sister took raw cotton, carded 
and spun it, and wove by hand a very soft piece of cloth for a 
bed-spread. This was taken several miles from her house and 
hand-stamped in color, from a beautiful design, for herself and 
sister. This was supposed to have been done by the grand-father 
of the Rev. Leonard Bacon, who did such work. This bed-spread 
was on exhibition in Hartford, Sept. 1875." (H. M. Selden.) 
Children : 

i. Lucy Selden, b. April 26, 1782; d. Aug. 3, 1802; m., June 
29, 1801, Gideon Arnold, bapt. May 7, 1769, son of Jabez 
and Martha (Freeman) Arnold. She died in childbirth, 
her child dying with her. He married (2), April 19, 1804, 
Lucy Hurd, bapt. ]vlarch 30, 1777, dau. of Joseph and 
Mary (Bowers) Hurd of Haddam Neck. 
ii. Simeon Selden, b. Feb. 24, 17S4; d. Aug. 24. 1829; m. 
Olive Smith Webster, b. June 20, 1796, dau. of John and 
Eunice (Deming) Webster of Newington, Ct. He died 
of cancer, Aug. 24, 1829. She removed to Berlin with 
her two sons. Lord and Simeon, Jr., and died there Dec. 
25, 1868, having outlived her children. She bequeathed 
$16,000 to the support of Beckley school district in Berlin. 
iii, Elijah Selden, b, Dec. 24, 1785; d. June 12, 1822; not 

iv. Joseph Selden, b. Jan. 19, 1788; d. Jan. 26, 1868; m., March 
25, 181 1, in East Hampton, Ct., Clarissa Strong, b. Oct. 


Y li '■ i I .'A M ^^ O ' "i ^ P ^■' '^'^ 

.Iff! i.r. , . 

. ■)ri; .' -I --;.-■ . :-:'f~ *; i;.... ■• ■:'■ 

r: -■ivrvr^y; 



.i.-j. n'.-ni 


21, 1791; d. Nov. II, 1867, dau, of David and Hannah 
(Ackley) Strong of Marlboro. They had eleven children. 

V. Leonard Selden, b. June 10, 1790; d. Nov. 20, 1852; m. (i) 
Ruth Gibbs Grifhth, b. 1792; d. Oct., 1819, aged twenty- 
six, dau. of Ozias Gibbs and Ann (Chapman) Griffith of 
East Hampton. They had one child, Nelson, who lived 
only a few days. He married (2), June 20, 1821, Florilla 
Chapman, b. March 17, 1794; d. Feb. 2, 1S61, dau. of 
Reuben R. and Mary (Doane) Chapman of Haddam 
Neck. By his second wife he had a son: 

I. H. M. Selden, b. ; m., Sept. 19, 1869, Sarah 

(Camp) Stone, b. July i, 1828; d. March 12, 1895, 
widow of George W. Stone and dau. of Sheldon 
Camp and Fanny Patterson of New Berlin, Ct. 
He has been postmaster of Haddam Neck for 
more than thirty years. 
vi, Elias Selden, b. Nov. 4, 1791; d. Aug. 9, 1864; m., :March 

22, 1813, Clarissa Sears, b. March 23, 1797, dau. of 
Stephen and Phoebe (Knowles) Sears. Fie lived at Rock 
Landing. They had five children. 

vii. Ruth Selden, b. May 20, 1794; d. Oct. 23, 1825; m., Oct. 
12, 1814, Dea. Anson Strong, b. Oct. 25, 1789; d. Sept. 
5, 1873, son of David and Hannah (Ackley) Strong of 
Marlboro, Ct. They had five children. He married (2) 
Clarissa Hurd, b. April 24, 1790, dau. of Capt. Jacob 
and Abigail (Carey) Hurd of Haddam Neck, and had 
two children. He married (3) Eliza Barber, and (4) 
Caroline M. (Hurd) Brainerd, dau. of Capt. Jacob 

Hurd, and widow of Brainerd, by whom he had no 


viii. Esther Selden, b. May 20, 1794, twin with preceding; d. 
July 9, 1870; m., Nov. 4, 1819, Col. Theodore Higgins 
Arnold, b. July 24, 1798; d. Sept. 24, 1852, son of Free- 
man and Sarah (Higgins) Arnold of Haddam Ncck, Ct. 

35. Nehemiah^ Kirby (Josephs JohnS Joseph^, John^), born 
Nov. 24, 1754, in Middletown, Ct.; married, Jan. 25, 1787, Mary 
Evarts, b. March 5, 1755, dau. of Aaron Evarts of Guilford, Ct., 
and Sarah Rossiter, dau. of Nathaniel Rossiter and Anna Stone. 
Nehemiah Kirby inherited the homestead of his father, Captain 
Joseph, and resided on the same until his death. He was a cabinet- 
maker as well as a farmer. A chair made by him is now in the 


Y -.: ■:■- ' ^=■ 

. 1 

r / 

:> I , 

' i'i r'r 

rt / 

JIT bfU 


possession of his great-gjanddaughter, Mrs. Charles A. Dudley 
of Guilford, Ct., from whom has been obtained most of the infor- 
mation concerning his descendants and the Evarcs family. He 
died in jSIiddletown, Ct., Nov. 23, 1795. His widow married 
(2), Jan. 22, 1799, her cousin Daniel Evarts of Guilford, Ct., born 
March 12, 1740; died Jan. 29, 1816, son of Samuel Evarts by his 
second wife. Rachel Parmelee. Mary Evarts died Sept. 8, 1825, 
having survived both husbands. 

Children of Nehemiah Kirby and Mary Evarts: 

41. 1, Mary Kirby, b. Dec. 26, 1787; m. Justus Sage. 

42. ii. Esther Kirby, b. June 24, 1790; m. Phineas Augur. 

iii. Nehemiah Kirby, b. Nov, 23, 1795; probably died young. 

[Evarts Lineage: 

I. John Evarts of Concord, IMass., 1638; removed to Guilford, 
Ct., about 1650, where he was admitted planter Sept. 4, 1651. He 

married (i) ; married (2), May 22, 1663, Elizabeth, widow 

of John Parmelee, Sr. He died May 9, 1669, in Guilford, Ct. 

Children by his first w^ife: (i) James, b. ; m. Lydia Goodrich, 

dau. of Richard; (2) Daniel, b. ; m. Rebecca Dowd; (3) John, 

b. P'eb. 29, 1640; (4) Judah, b. Oct. 2-/, 1642; m. Mary Hayden, 
dau. of William of Killingworth, Ct, 

n. Daniel Evarts of Guilford, Ct., born in England; died Dec. 
5, 1692; m., May 22, 1663, Rebecca, daughter of Henry and Eliza- 
beth Dowd of Guilford, Ct. She died Oct. 10, 1703. Children: 

(i) Hannah, b. ; m., 16S6, Thomas Stephens of KillingAvorth, 

Ct.; (2) Daniel, b. Jan. 24, 1667; m. ^Mary West; (3) John, b. Sept. 
20, 1669; (4) Sergt. James, b. Feb. 18, 1672; m. Anna Bow; (5) 
Sarah, b. J^Iay 15, 1675; (6) Samuel, b. Dec. 14, 1681. 

in. Daniel Evarts of Guilford, Ct., born Jan. 24, 1667; died 
Aug. 9, 175 1 ; married, Oct. i, 1700, Mary, daughter of Christopher 
\\'est. Children: 

1. Daniel, b. Sept. 12, 1701. 

2. Samuel, b. Nov. 10, 1702; d, Nov. 15, 1788; m. (i), 

March 9, 1732, Ruth Dudley, b. Dec. 28, 1704; d. April 
13, 1736, only dau. of Caleb Dudley of Guilford, Ct., 
and Elizabeth Buck, dau, of Emanuel Buck and Mary 
Kirby; m. (2), June 27, 1739, Rachel Parmelee, b. 
Nov. 18, 1707; d. Nov. 9, 1793, dau. of Isaac Parmelee 
of Guilford, CL Children by first wife: 

(i) Ruth, b. Feb. 22, 1733; m. Josiah Bishop. 

(2) Samuel, b. April 9, 1734; m. Leah Bishop. 


hi^iiiaO r: 

»r:v>;i-i r^;^ 

•1 r.r!-,r 

7.' I'M, -.;:n. 

- \ ' ) ly-' r-i fi 

.i-i"// !0 .• 



hiarU ,S 


-1 .;.'! , ^CH^' 

I .3 

i..I.. f^II 

1 M 


.■;■ .-■ ! ;'-:'t ; 


,1 I .( 

dor .»-- .(jf,! 


,,! (\*>Th;i;r ' 


(3) Elizabeth, b. March 5, 1736; d. Aug. 15, 181 7; 

not married. 
By second wife: 

(4) Daniel, b. March 12, 1740; d. Jan. 29, 1816; 

m. (i) Anna Hill; m. (2), Jan. 27, 1799, Mary 
Evarts, dan. of Aaron; no children. 

(5) Rachel, b. Dec. 12, 1742; d. Dec. 31, 1813; m. 

Eliphalet Hall. 

3. Benjamin, b. June 14, 1704; d. young. 

4. Hannah, b. July 28, 1706. 

5. Rebecca, b. July 18, 1708. 

6. Miriam, b. Sept. 10, 171 1; d. Oct. 25, 1712. 

7. Moses, b. Sept. 10, 171 1, twin with preceding; d. Jan. 7, 

1805; removed to Paris, N. Y. 

8. Aaron, b. Jan. 20, 1718; m. (i) Sarah Rossiter; m. (2) 

Joanna Farnum; m. (3) Sarah Stocking. 

9. Timothy, b. Aug. 28, 1719; d. Nov. 25, iSoo; m., Jan. 

I, 1756, Ann Dudley. 
IV. Aaron Evarts of Guilford, Ct., born Jan. 20, 1718; died 
April 24, 1804; married (i), Sept. 5, 1744, Sarah Rossiter, born 
June I, 1720; died April 4, 1760, daughter of Nathaniel Rossiter 
(born Nov. 10, 1689, son of Hon. Josiah Rossiter of Guilford, Ct., 
and Sarah Sherman, only daughter of Samuel Sherman of Strat- 
ford, Ct., and Sarah T^Iitchell) and Anna Stone; married (2), Nov. 
II, 1760, Joanna Farnum, who died Aug. 2, 1764; married (3), 
Oct. 15, 1765, Sarah Stocking, who died Dec. 5, 1801. Chil- 
dren by first wife: 

1. Benjamin, b. April 26, 1745; d. Dec. 17, 1819; m., Oct. 

23, 1762, Ruth Dudley, b. April 13, 1739. dau. of 
Thomas Dudley and Abigail Seward, and grand- 
daughter of Caleb Dudley and Elizabeth Buck. 

2. David, b. Jan. 23, 1748; removed to Richmond, Mass.; 

not married. 

3. Sarah, b. Feb. 2, 1751 ; m. Isaac Evarts. 

4. Mary, b. March 5, 1755; d. Sept. 8, 1S25; m. (i) Nehe- 

miah Kirby; m. (2) Daniel Evarts. 

5. Aaron, b. May 24, 1758; d. Oct. 27, 1776, while in the 

Revolutionary Army.] 

41. Mary« Kirby (Nehemiah', Joseph*, John*, Joseph', John*), 
bom Dec. 26, 1787, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married 
Justus Sage, born 1782, eldest son of Captain Epaphras Sage of 


Yaj^i:^ unci no p -^ ' k 3 n ^ ... 

\r .'^■..'.i 


t ,.....: i;",\ {^ 

;r-- F:,;: .-C .:r.o 

Sr .;;'y .Ld- ■ n\o.'. .>■;/.':! ?-i.fai.i 


Middlctown, Ct., and Elizabeth Ranney. Mary (Kirby) Sage died 
March 20, 1816. 

[Epaphras Sage, bapt. Oct. 16, 1757, was the son of Timothy 
Sage, Jr. (born 1714, son of Timothy Sage and Margaret Holibert), 
and Mary Warner. He was a Revokitionary soldier. (" History 
of Cromwell, Ct.," by Rev. Isl. S. Dudley, p. 13.) After the war 
he was Ensign, Lieutenant, and Captain of militia. He died Mav 
28, 1834.] 

Children of Justus Sage and Mary Kirby: 
i. Elizabeth Sage, b. Jan. 26, 1810. 
ii. Timothy Sage, b. Oct. 16, 181 1 ; d. about 1886 in Waterbury, 

Ct. ; not married. 
iii. Mary Ann Sage, b. April 7, 1813. 

iv. Justus Kirby Sage, b. Oct. 26, 1814; d. June 2, 18S6; m.. 
May 12, 1837, Elizabeth Jane Pratt, b. April 8, 1818, in 
Westbrook, Ct., dau. of Jonathan Pratt of Westbrook, 
Ct. Children : 

1. Mary Kirby Sage, b. May 12, 1838. 

2. Ann Elizabeth Sage, b. Jan. 22, 1842; m., July 17, 

1866, George Watson Burr of Cromwell, Ct., b. 
April 12, 1816; d. Jan. 12, 1894, son of George 
Burr and Esther Lyman of Haddam, Ct. Chil- 
dren: (i) Ann May Burr, b. April 15, 1871; m., 
April 25, 1894, Waters B. Day of Newark, N. J.; 
(2) George Brainerd Burr, b. Aug, 7, 1876. 

3. Edward J. Sage, b. Jan. 31, 1856. 

V. Nehemiah Sage, b. March 20, 1816. He died in Kansas, 
leaving one daughter. 

42. Esther^ Kirby (Nehemiah', Joseph*, John^ Joseph^, John^), 
born June 24, 1790, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married 
(i), Oct. 29, 1821, Phineas Augur of ]Middlefield, Ct., son of Dea. 
Prosper Augur and Thankful Miller. Mr. Phineas Augur 
died Nov. 18, 1825, and she married (2), Dec. 2, 1834, Samuel 
Burgis of Guilford, Ct., born Jan. 17, 1774; died April 18, 1S04, 
son of Thomas and Olive (Dudley) Burgis of Guilford, Ct. She 
died April 16, 1872, leaving one child by her first husband: 

43. i. Phineas Miller Augur, b. Feb. 8, 1826; m. Lucy Eliza 

43. Phineas Miller^ Augur (Esther Kirby*, Nehemiah', Jo- 
seph*, John^ Joseph-, John^) of Middlefield, Ct., born Feb. 8, 1826, 


vA , 

. T -.^ >.^.,(.r.. 

!-t3J£V/ .11 oc:^:f 

ill i-ij'-il ,H h.^;j\ 

:xi ,si .nj3( mod , .1 7; ,.>:MhiiO to -.'i'j.njtl 

:vM]hijU') jvHO L.'y ci 

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:^iv;^oi ,-Br ^L,, -nA :>v;fi 

;t :-J-'^0' ,o .<-,:> 

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t .JF^ iD'^'iA ".jiiii/ :::..^i;!i:'f X^ 

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>^, if^^ 


iP- 0^ . ^^^-z.^ 



N: ^".- 


in that part of ^liddletown now :Middlefield, Ct. His father died 
three months prior to his birth. Before the end of his ninth year 
his mother married Captain Samuel Burgis of Guilford, Ct., and 
he removed with her to that place. He received a good common- 
school education, supplemented by an academic course, and after- 
ward taught in Durham Academy, Wells Grammar School _^at 
Hartford, and elsewhere. In 1846 he removed to ^Ilddlel^eld, Ct., 
and settled upon the homestead of his father, and devoted himself 
to farming and surveying. He made a survey and map of :Middle- 
field, with the necessary post routes, which was used successfully 
at Washington in securing the establishment of a post-office at 
I^Iiddlefield. Later, when it was set oft as a town, in 1866, he was 
chosen assessor. He was a selectman, justice of the peace, and 
for more than thirty years deacon of the Congregational Church. 
In 1S69 he was sent as representative to the General Assembly. 
He was the county member of the State Board of Agriculture for 
three years, from 1867 to 1869, and held the office of Pomologist 
from 1872 until his death. In 1876 he was delegated by the State 
Boaid of A^^nruirure to make a collection of Connecticut products 
10." the Centennsal Exhibiiion a'. Philadelphia. This exhibit from 
Connccric-J.t was regi^rdcd as ?rnong the very best in its excellence, 
extent, ai.^ v.-: i-"tv."r;eing especially reniarkable for the great num- 
ber of' fruits of Connec^-ut origin. He was also a Hfe member 
of the Massachusetts Horticuiiural Sc :ietv, and Vice-President 
for Connecticut of the American PomologiCdl ^nd Florticulturai 
Societies. He was also a frequent contributor to the leacUng .-^-;' - 
cultural publications. " This long period of service was marked 
by a faithfulness and persistence that rested upon a feeling of love 
and duty. Duty with him was a controlling principle of action. 
He loved pomology, not only for its own sake in its material re- 
lations to our health and happiness, but he saw there, in the beauty, 
in the healthfulness, of its products the loving kindness of our 
Heavenly Father. . He saw in this pursuit a great safeguard 
against temptation, as offering pure happiness as far as earthly 
conditions would allow." (T. S. Gold, Secretary Connecticut 
Board of Agriculture.) 

Mr. Augur took an active part in all matters of public interest 
or improvement, and endeavored to promote sentiment on the 
right side of public issues. He was a strong anti-slavery man, 
and at several different times sheltered and aided fugitive slaves 
in their escape for freedom. He always abstained from the use 
of intoxicants, and was a staunch advocate of temperance reform. 



, - :V,iI;^ 

■ ■„■■ f I- 

. ■■■.^:-.; ':o^Of!'. 

■:jy^ -; 

■:■':>; ;:,-;:- uQW iv.-} 

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,->^ :^:,.v or, f>o>i£ nl 

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■•;r!ijo-j ■>;;■ t:. v .>H 

;.;.( .;;.,;, r-i, ...,.> 

•:;:: .... .,- .-7 '■ ^ ' •" ' -...;,.■, ^-:;.■ ;.' v,H.-:c-i;^. or!j lo 

.;3o(":;£ Vi oi^;,';)?! :.,! ■jr:h;;j't;ro:) :; . -.v :;^:' ;i-..iV ,;■■;: , /jtv; irr,' 
-i»-! '^h?^:!!' .. ;■ ii! j:'' ■ ,: ' ' ■: 'in'' ■"". • ' ■' ■'•! 

'-.-i ';i .ti[R-;j:; aids nt .'.■ -^ :>\ -.'i>iy^^'i v;, ;•>■■<; ^H 
,f?n:ii V !''-'/^'s-i^fi'^ :.':■•}< j; ^t.''f( ':>H .-m: .-i ■<£ i:i;Mn 



He left the Republican party in 1884, and thereafter g-ave his in- 
fluence and his vote to the Prohibition party. In 18S6 he was 
the candidate of that party for Lieutenant-Governor, and in 1890 
for Governor of his State. He died very suddenly of heart disease 
July 14, 1891, aged sixty-five years. His manners were courteous, 
cordial, and unassuming; his hospitality free-hearted, and his 
nature sympathetic. He v/as especially fond of little children, whom 
he always noticed wherever he met them. He was a faithful friend 
and a wise counsellor; one always knew where to find him, and 
he uttered no uncertain sound in questions of a social and moral 

Phineas M. Augur married, I^Iay 7, 1846, Lucy Eliza Parmelee, 
born July 15, 1825, daughter of Jonathan Parmelee and Alaria 
Dudley, both of Guilford, Ct. She died of cancer Jan. 4, 1895, 
aged sixty-nine years. Her daughter writes: " I never saw such 
an example of patience in suffering, of unquestioning faith in 
God and acquiescence in His will, as she manifested throughout 
her sickness. Her loving spirit and holy influence will linger long 
in the homes of her children." 

[Augur Lineage: 

L Robert Augur, son of John and Ann Augur of London, 
England. He came from England to New Haven, where he mar- 
ried, Nov. 20, 1673, Mary Gilbert, born June 11, 1651, daughter 
of Matthew Gilbert, Deputy Governor of New Haven Colony. 

IL John Augur, born Nov. 16, 1686; married, July i, 1710, 
Elizabeth Bradley, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Bradley of 
East Haven, Ct. 

III. Isaac Augur, born about 1718; died July 29, 1S08; married. 
Oct. 5, 1748, Eunice Tyler, born Oct. 6, 1729, daughter of Abra- 
ham Tyler and Eunice Arnold of Haddam, Ct. 

IV. Dea. Prosper x\ugur, born Jan. 18, 1756; died Dec. 16, 
1836; married, May 30, 1781, Thankful Miller, born Oct. 16, 1755, 
daughter of Dea. Giles Miller of Middlefield, and Elizabeth Par- 
sons of Durham, Ct. 

V. Phineas Augur, born Aug. 11, 1788; died Nov. 18, 1825; 
married, Oct. 29, 182 1, Esther Kirby, daughter of Nehemiah 
Kirby of Middletown, Ct. 

VI. Phineas Miller Augur, born Feb. 8, 1826; died July 14, 
1891; married, May 7, 1846, Lucy Eliza Parmelee, born July 15, 
1825, daughter of Jonathan Parmelee of Guilford, Ct., son of 


' r >"< J~r . •« f r * 

':ii-i:>. ; J, r: 


^.-'IJU'. !..) l;. .1). 

r \r]v} hi): 

i V ■,:;;. T ^ I 1 1 


Jonathan Parmelee and Elizabeth Hart, and grandson of Willian; 
Parmelee and Mary Kirby. See Parmelee Lineage.] 

Children of Phineas M. Augur and Lucy E. Parmelee: 
i. Edwin Prosper Augur, b. Jan. 31, 1847; m., May 20, 1S69, 
Susan Buell Case. He is the City Surveyor of Midd'e- 
town, Ct. No children. 
ii. Lucy Elizabeth Augur, b. May 26, 1849; "i-» April 10, 1S72. 
Charles Abraham Dudley of Guilford, Ct., b. Aug. 14, 
1849, son of George Dudley and Lucy Evarts [George 
Dudley, b. Nov. 30, 1807; d. Dec. 8, 1869, son of Dca. 
Abraham Dudley, m., ISIay 3, 1832, Lucy Evarts, b. May 
31, 1809; d. Jan. 6, 1888, dau. of Nathaniel Evarts, b. 
1769; d. Nov. 3, 1854 (Samuel, Samuel, Judah, John), 
and Julia Parmelee, b. Feb. 18, 1778; d. Sept. 10, 1840. 
dau. of John Parmelee]. Children born in Guilford, Ct. : 
I. George Edwin Dudley, b. July 12, 1873; accidentally 
drowned June 23, 1888. 
• 2. Alice Lucy Dudley, b. June 27, 1875. 

3. Charles Parmelee Dudley, b. May 19, 1877; drowned, 

together with his brother, June 2t„ 1888. 

4. Susan Marilla Dudley, b. Dec. 11, 1S78. 

5. Arthur Augur Dudley, b. Nov. 4, 1881. 

6. Ruth Christine Dudley, b. Oct. 9, 1891. 

iii. Mary Eliza Augur, b. April 27, 1S52; m., Oct. 13, 1874, 
Horace Francis Dudley of Guilford, Ct., b. March 9, 1846, 
son of Horace and H. Amanda Dudley. Children born 
in Guilford, Ct. : 

1. Jennie Louise Dudley, b. Feb. 24, 1876; d. April 22, 


2. Gertrude Amanda Dudlev, b. Dec. 18, 1879; d. April 

22, 1885. 

3. Horace ClifTord Dudley, b. Dec. 13, 1881. 

4. Edmund Francis Dudley, b. April 14, 1885. 

5. Raymond Augur Dudley, b. Feb. 18, 1890. 

6. Paul Whittier Dudley, b. Sept. 28, 1892. 

iv. Alfred Henry Augur of Middlefield, Ct., b. Feb. 5, 1855; 
m., May 20, 1880, Anna Elizabeth Camp, b. Oct. 18, 1855, 
dau. of Charles E. Camp and Elizabeth Hart of Durham, 
Ct. Children born in Middlef^eld, Ct.: 
I. Nellie Hart Augur, b. March 20, 1881. 


n T '■'.: 


■f'i-.-.A YTf;J/l l\v 


M , r 

It r I 

■ V Ll 

.-'•:.■ i 

r' i 

J d 

r, *,5- 

r V7 T 

"' . ' < . 'J K> ,,lm 

- f r ) ' ' 


2. Frank Camp Augur, b. Oct. 21, 1884; d. Sept. 22, 


3. Ernest Alfred Augur, b. Aug. 23, 18SS. 

4. Rose Louise Augur, b. Xov. 6, 1891. 

V. Charles Parmelee Augur of Middlefield, Ct., b. Feb. 17, 1857; 
m., Nov. iS, 1880, Ida Eulalie Bradley, b. ^Marcli 29, 1857, 
dau. of John Edward Bradley and Harriet Wilcox of 
Westfield Society, ISIiddletown. Children born in 

Middlefield, Ct.:' 

1. Amy Harriet Augur, b. Oct. 26, 1882. 

2. Edward Wilcox Augur, b. Aug. 21, 18S4. 

3. Henry Bradley Augur, b. Nov. 9, 1S86. 

4. Eugene Augur, b. Sept. 30, 1889; d. Oct. 7, 1889. 

3G. Abner^ Kirby (Joseph*, John^, Joseph-, John^), born Feb. 
21, 1757, in I\Iiddletown "Upper Houses;" married, Nov. 29, 
1789, Anna Plum, born Dec. 5, 1769, daughter of Abraham Plum 
of Middletown, Ct. In March, 1793, he became a resident of New 
Haven, Ct., where he died Oct. 31, 1804. The Plum Genealogy 
states that his widow, Anna, married (2) William Waller of New 
Haven and died Feb. 24, 1852, aged eighty-two years and two 

[Abraham Plum removed to Canaan, Ct., where he died Sept. 
8, 1810. He married, Nov. 16, 1756, in Middletown, Ct., Anna 
White, b. June 25, 1735; d. Feb. 24, 1814, dau. of Ebenezer White 
of Middletown, Ct., and Ann Fiollister, dau. of Joseph and }vlary 
Hollister of Glastonbury, Ct. Ebenezer White, b. ]^Iay 22, 1707, 
in Middletown, was the youngest son of Joseph White of Middle- 
town, Ct., b. Feb. 20, 1677; d. Feb. 28, 1725, and Mary Mould, 
dau. of Hugh ^Mould of New London, Ct. Joseph White was the 
N' youngest son of Captain Nathaniel and Elizabeth White of Mid- 
dletown, and grandson of Elder John White of Hartford, Ct.] 
The children of Abner Kirby and Anna Plum were: 
i. Anna Kirby, bapt. Jan. 2^^, I79i- 

ii, !Merritt Kirby, bapt. March 2^, 1792; d. Sept. 30, 1792. 
iii. Selah Kirby, bapt. May 11, 1794; was a surgeon of the 
U. S. Army, and died Oct. 7, 1819, at Fort Bowyers, 
iv. Harriet Kirby, bapt. May 17, 1795; d. March 4. 1844; 
not married. 
44. v. Emily Kirby, bapt. Nov. 19, 1803; rn. Francis L. Hawks. 


J .V 

.tori ,.! 

fi/ 1." 


■ .r? .7oK Ac:- 


44, Emily ^ Kirby (Abner'^, Joseph*, John^, Joseph^, John^), 
baptized Nov. 19, 1803, in New Haven, Ct., was married, Nov. 
26, 1823, at New Haven, Ct., by the Rev. Dr. Harry Croswell, to 
Francis Lister Hawks. After four years of married hfe at the 
South, she died, in New Haven, Ct., July 12, 1827, aged twenty- 
three years. Francis L. Hawks, born June 10, 179S, in Newbern, 
N. C, was the second son of Francis Hawks and JuHa Stephens, 
daughter of Richard Stephens of Ireland. His grandfather, John 
Hawks, came to North Carolina with Governor Tryon; they were 
warm personal friends in the old country, and they determined 
to share their fortunes in the new. He was educated as a lawyer, 
and it was while studying law at Litchfield, Ct., that he met his 
first wife, Emily Kirby, then visiting a friend at that place. In 
1821, and before his first marriage, he was a member from New- 
bern of the North Carolina Assembly, where he attracted atten- 
tion by his matchless eloquence. " Perhaps no orator ever pos- 
sessed so wonderful a voice. It was pure, flexible, and perfect 
in tone, from the highest to the lowest possible human note. 
With his magical voice and action there was, too, a noble com- 
plement in the vivid thought of the speaker. He did not linger 
long enough at the bar to win its highest honors; but in holy 
orders, which he was shortly to assume, he became national in his 
fame." (" History of North Carolina," by John \V. Moore, \'ol. 
L, p. 487.) His heart was not really in the legal profession, and 
his young wife's declining health may have been the determining 
cause of his change of vocation. He resolved to become a candi- 
date for orders in the Episcopal Church, and studied theology 
with Rev. William Mercer Greene, afterward Bishop Greene, tie 
was ordered Deacon some time in 1827 by Bishop Ravenscroft, 
and afterward Priest by the same. 

During his wife's last illness at New Haven he had become 
acquainted with her minister, the Rev. Harry Croswell, and the 
latter now urged him to become his associate. He accepted this 
invitation, and on April 25, 1829, he became assistant Rector of 
Trinity Church, New Haven, Ct. This position he resigned, not 
long after, to become Professor of Theology in Washington Col- 
lege (now Trinity College, Hartford). From this position he was 
soon called to become Rector of St. James' Church in Philadelphia, 
and the following year was called to New York City. He was 
Rector of the Church of St. Stephen, and then of St. Thomas, in 
New York City, from 1831 until 1843; o^ Christ Church, New 
Orleans, La., 1844-49; of Calvary Church, New York City, 1849- 


r|' y *'.v '!4 T» /"> t -tS .'-» O '^i- -v.* A 

1 .'''.fn ■.."'i-'fir ro'lj; 

.h:-wi, o,^ !-, 

.t;; . ■ ..8t i;. -n: 

I .:i .'. Ijr^'^vj ill 


.n ' .■"•..T-' - 

: /\ ■;>> r :ji^ . .-■I'.jh'r. .::l 
': /.) -n'^nirC .'/on") a^;:3l 

:-^:o-;r .yiiD v'-ioT wjVI 


62, and of Christ Church, Baltimore, 1862-65. In 1865 he re- 
turned to New York City, where he died Sept. 27, 1866. Dr. 
Hawks was thrice nominated, or elected, Bishop. At the General 
Convention of 1835 the House of Bishops nominated him Mis- 
sionary Bishop of Louisiana and of the Territory of Arkansas 
and Florida. The nomination was concurred in by the House of 
Deputies, but Dr. Kav/ks declined the nomination. He was 
elected Bishop of Mississippi by the committee of that diocese, 
but in the General Convention of 1844 opposition was made; the 
opposition was withdrawn, but Dr. Hawks declined to be a candi- 
date. In 1852 he was elected Bishop of Rhode Island, but de- 
clined the position. His second wife was Mrs. Olivia (Trowbridge) 
Hunt of Danbury, Ct., by whom he had six children. 

Children of Francis L. Hawks and Emily Kirby: 
45. i. Julia Ann Hav.-ks, b. Oct. 16, 1825; m. Eaton P. Govan. 

ii. William Walter Hawks, b. 1S27; d., 1859, in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

45. Julia Ann^ Hawks (Em.ily Kirby*', Abner^, Joseph*, John', 
Joseph-, John^), born Oct. 16, 1825, in Hillsboro, X. C; married, 
March 4, 1845, Eaton Pugh Govan, son of Andrew Robison Govan 
and Mary Pugh Jones. He died on his plantation near Alarianna, 
Ark., Feb. 14, 1881. Julia Hawks Govan died April 15, 1872, in 
Helena, Ark. Her sister-in-law. Miss Bettie J. Govan of Colum.- 
bus. Miss., from whom the following lineage has been obtained, 
speaks of her as " much beloved and one of the loveliest and most 
beautiful of her sex." 

[Govan Lineage: 

I. Andrew Govan, the ancestor of the Govan family in America, 
was bom in Scotland, on the Clyde. Together with his brother 
John he emigrated early in the eighteenth century to South Caro- 
lina and settled near Charleston, where he became possessed of a 
large landed estate. His brother John died in 1768, unmarried. 
Andrew Govan died in 1771. He married Rachel Rowe, by whom 
he had one son. 

II. Daniel Govan, who died in early manhood at his home near 
Columbia, S. C, married Louisa Robison, and left an only son. 

III. Andrew Robison Govan, born Jan. 13, 1794, in Orange- 
burg District, near Columbia, S. C. He was a Member of Con- 
gress from South Carolina, 1825-27. Pie removed about 1832 
to Marshall County, Miss., and died June 27, 1841, upon his 


\: i '>i M H O I HO ST K^ A 


.1 ■. i ?,! - • , !■ 
t.'oc.'^ .on. v.. 

r?'-::^ •fiG f>&4i :-■ 

.. _,-..- ^" .■■,./! T-J 


plantation in that county. He was married, March lo, 1S25, to 
Mary Pugii Jones, born Jan. 8, 1S02, in Xewbern, X. C; died 
July 12, 1S8S, in MacComb City, Miss. She was the only child 
of George :Morgan Jones of Snow Hill, :Md., and Sally 'Eaton 
Davies of Xorth Carolina (born April 27, 17S3; died Fob. 19, 1802), 
and was adopted by her great-uncle Eaton Pugh of Xortb.anipton 
County, X. C, son of the Rev. John Pugh and Xannie Eaton, and 
inherited his large landed estate. 

IV. Eaton Pugh Govan, son of the preceding, married, March 
4, 1845, Julia Ann Hawks.] 

Children of Eaton P. Govan and Julia Ann Hav.ks: 
i. Francis Hawks Govan, b. Jan, 7, 1846, in Marshall County, 
Miss.; m., June 28, 1875, ^^ Marianna. Ark., Mildred 
Hewitt Ford, dau. of Charles Flemming Ford and Ikitie 
Hewitt. He is now Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lee 
County, Ark., and resides at Marianna, Ark. Children : 

1. Bettie Hewitt Govan, b. X'ov. 15, 1876. 

2. Laura Pugh Govan, b. Oct. 5, 1878. 

3. Francis Hawks Govan, b. Sept. 17, 18S0. 

4. Eaton Pugh Govan, b. Nov. 24, 18S2. 

5. Charles Ford Govan, b. Aug. 5, 1892. • 

ii. Mary Pugh Govan, b. Oct., 1847, in Marshall County, 
Miss.; m., in 1865, at Holly Springs, Miss., P. E. Chew. 
They now reside in Gibsland, La. Children: 

1. Julia Hawks Chew, b. June 24, 1866; m., Dec. 7, 

1886, M. K. Upshaw of Helena, Ark. Chil- 

dren: (i) Xelia, b. Oct. 20, 1887; (2) Mary, b. 
May 9, 1889; (3) Annie, b. May 19, 1891. 

2. Edward Govan Chew, b. Sept. 8, 1867. 

3. Frisley Freeland Chew, b. Oct. 9, 1S69; d. July 31, 


4. Ralph Chew, b. Sept. 27, 1872. 

5. William Roberts Chew, b. Xov., 1873; d. July, 1878. 

6. Francis Hawks Chew, b. May 9, 1875. 

7. Carrie Elizabeth Chew, b. May 8, 1877. 

8. Mary Pugh Chew, b, Oct. 26, 1879. 

9. Eva P.ogert Chew, b. Oct. i, 18S8. 

iii. Andrew Robison Govan, b. March 20, 1849, in ^L-irshall 
County, Miss.; m., 1870, at Helena. Ark., Mattie Lam- 
bert, b., 1853, in Henderson, Ky., dau. of Robert Lam- 

[.>/i//ftI]. f;.:/-, rMii\ .^^.8; 

3 J J, )'.. ;,. •!>:■',■■ J'. 

^^J .£.. ...i.-.. 

,.. ■ ■ .. " oiMoa .1 
"i ,nr;vr:) rkr/l v-r;>M J: ,v;gT>. {\) 

;i ,0T 

,;'_'■• ,0:; d:n.:!.'. ' :.; . .".! n. 


7..1 ,l?Oi7 

>i J-, 


bert of Helena, Ark., and Mary Moore. He is a farmer, 
and lives in Helena, Ark. Children: 

1. Mary Moore Govan, b. Nov. 19, 1S71 ; m., June 15. 

1892, Elmer West. They have one child, Hattie 
Whayne West. 

2. Julia Hawks Govan, b. Sept. 14, 1S77. 

3. Lamson ]\Ioore Govan, b. Jan. 17, 1882; d. May 10, 


4. Robert Lambert Govan, b. July 28, 1884; d. Nov. 

9, 1884. 

5. Maggie Govan, b. Sept. 13, 1886; d. June 6, 1SS7. 

6. Maggie Tappan Govan, b. Oct. 11, 1890. 

iv. Eaton Pugh" Govan, b. April 19, 185 1, in Holly Springs, 
Miss.; m., Oct. 28, 1880, Florence Gist, b. March 15, 
1861, dau. of Thomas Gist of Union, S. C, and Mary 
Bogan. He is a travelling salesman, and lives at ^Mem- 
phis, Tenn. Children: 

1. Joseph F. Govan, b. Jan. 12, 18S2, in Helena, Ark. 

2. Ida Quarles Govan, b. Oct. i, 1883, in Marianna, 


3. Eaton Pugh Govan, b. June 20, 1887, in Helena, 


4. Mabel Hawks Govan, b. Aug. i, 1888, in Helena, 


V. William Lister Govan, b. Oct. 30, 1854; d. April 6, 1872. 

vi. Emily Kirby Govan, b. Feb. 10, i860, in Holly Springs, 
Miss.; m., May 28, 1879, at Marianna, Ark., T. C. Mer- 
win, b. Dec. 25, 1845, in Louisville, Ky. They live in 
Forest City, Ark. Children: 

1. Mary Merwin, b. July 16, 1881, in Marianna, Ark. 

2. Eaton Govan Merwin, b. July 12, 1883; d. May 

9, 1885. 

3. William Lister Merwin, b. June 11, 1886, in Little 

Rock, Ark. 

4. Georgia Merwin, b. April 12, 1894. in Marianna, Ark. 
vii. Laura Maria Govan, b. April, 1862; d. Aug. 25, 1871. 

37. Hezekiah'^ Kirby (Joseph*, John^ Joseph% John^), born 
March 23, 1761, in Middletown " Upper Houses; " married, May 
2, 1790, Lucretia Stocking, baptized Feb. 17, 1769, daughter of 
Zebulon Stocking of Middletown, Ct., and Martha Edwards. She 


HI' <- 

:U f!! .T^i^r .ou . ;ul ! r *./ ' ' , 

'1 T ;, i;- 

•:; ci y!;jI ,0 ' . 


II.K'Sj ,'?-I fn* < t' r 1 I .^ < Jc' |k 

M f Ti -.A .ih 

I'-M/i. ^rff.:>It'!;DH .Vi 


died in Middletown, Ct., April 23, 1796. Hezekiah Kirby died 
Dec. 3, i8^y, in Sheffield, Mass. 

[Zebulon Stocking, bapt. April 4, 1742; d. April 15, 1783, was 
the son of Elisha Stocking (b. March 25, 1714, son of Daniel 
Stocking- and Jane ^Mould) by his second wife, :Margery Wilcox, 
dau. of Francis, whom he married Feb. 15, 1740, and so was half- 
brother to Lucy Stocking, who married Thomas Kirby. He 
married, April 9 (or 16), 1765, Martha Edwards, b. 1744, dau. of 
David Edwards and Mary Butler, dau. of Joseph Buder of Middle- 
town, Ct.] 

Children of Hezekiah Kirby and Lucretia Stocking: 

46. i. George Kirby, b. Feb. 24, 1791; m. Fanny Potter. 

47. ii. Hiram Kirby, b. July 8, 1793; m. Betsy Bedartha. 

48. iii. Lucretia Kirby, b. Aug. 12, 1795; m. James Parks. 

46. George® Kirby (Hezekiah^ Joseph*, John^ Joseph^ 
John^), born Feb. 24, 1791, in Middletowai " Upper Houses." 
He resided first in Great Barrington, Mass., where his first child 
was bom. In 1814 he removed to Nichols, Tioga County, N. Y., 
then a new settlement. He was a shoemaker and tanner, and 
labored industriously in his calling until a few years before his 
death. In his latter years he was very deaf, not having heard it 
thunder for many years. He married, in 18 12, Frances Potter, 
born April 16, 1795, daughter of Job Potter of Alford, },Iass., and 
Mary Bradley. 

The following account of his singular marriage with Miss Pot- 
ter has been furnished by ]Mrs. Jennie H. Ryan of Denver, Col., 
a granddaughter of George Kirby's only sister, Lucretia. " Dur- 
ing a terrible New England snowstorm two or three coaches met 
at a farmhouse in the Berkshire Hills and were forced to stay 
until the storm abated. While the hospitable host and hostess 
did their utmost to entertain the elder guests, the younger ones 
were beguiled by the host's troop of rosy-cheeked daughters to 
play games and have a merry time generally. When all the games 
had been played, someone proposed a mock marriage. After a 
little discussion, they agreed to draw lots to see who should be 
the participants. The lots fell to George Kirby and Fanny Potter, 
both of whom had entered into the spirit of the evening with a 
keen zest; and they, notwithstanding they had never met before 
that night, announced themselves as ready and only waiting for 
a clergyman. One and another offered their services, but no one 
was able to remember the ceremony. Finally a ' seedy individual ' 


Y a 'A 

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^^,•- .J*^s 

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v' ■, :i 

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■■■ ,;;.;;; 

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'■>bo(:r' ..ri>7:.rr 

,1 r^:; b^i. 

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:^:^;- vinn -'■;/■ :■ ^ . ■ : .> ■'■.;-lii-9rn-bhr-v;-?-^ 

■ ; ' ,-■ A .-.A'. ,.; ." ■' 

1../ ^^L 

• ■-;;;; :wv. 

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o? •--..:• 

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:il •/:! ;v- 


">. '■f 

.- - . - -; J, ^^, 


. :'■; 

. ,••.>•;: (..;tG .jfi-'x i<ori>;{ 


was procured from some place, who knew the ceremony only too 
well, and they were soon pronounced man and wife amid the 
shouts and laughter of their gay companions. As soon as the 
storm broke the travellers proceeded on their way. But the sur- 
prise and indignation of all parties can better be imagined than 
described on receiving notice that the marriage was legal and 
binding. The 'seedy individual' was a magistrate! George 
Kirby, who was engaged to marry a very dear friend of his only 
sister, found himself in a very awkward position, and Miss Potter 
equally so. Consultation after consultation v;as held. Mr. Potter 
used all his influence to have the marriage set aside but to no 
avail. Divorces were not granted without a cause in those days, 
and the grim New England laws knew no such word as ' fun.' 
So they wisely made the best of a bad matter, and were man and 
wife in earnest as they had been in fun." George Kirby died Jan. 
I, 1864, in Nichols, N. Y. Frances, his widow, died there April 
5, 1872. 

[Job Potter, b. Dec. i, 1751; d. Oct. 4, 1827, in Alford, Mass. 
He removed from Hampden County, Mass., to Great Barrington 
in 1792. The Potter Genealogy' says that he was the son of John 
Potter, b. 1706; d. Tvlarch 10, 1784 (Joseph, William), and Esther 
Lines, b. 1709; d. 1773, dau. of Joseph Lines of New Haven, Ct., 
who were married in 1731.] 

Children of George Kirby and Fanny Potter: 

i. Mary Bradley Kirby, b. Aug. 14, 18 13, in Great Bar- 
rington, jNIass.; m. George Wilson, a merchant of 
Great Barrington. She died Aug., 1848, and Mr. 
Wilson Feb., 185 1. They had four children, who 
died without issue. 

49. ii. Job Potter Kirby, b. Dec. 3, 1815; m. Jemima Cool- 

iii. Carohne M. Kirby, b. Aug. 16, 1818, in Nichols, N. Y.; 
m., Aug. 18, 1847, Mark Drake of Nichols, N. Y. 
He died Oct. 10, 1858; Caroline, his widow, died 
July 14, 18S0, in Jermyn, Pa. They had one child: 
I. Mary Kirby Drake, b. Sept. 3, 1848; m., July 8, 
1873, Hiram Neal of Jermyn, Pa. Chil- 
dren: (i) Harry, b. April 12, 1874; (2) Frank, 
b. Nov. 30, 1878. 
iv. Esther P. Kirby, b. Oct. 27, 1821; d. in infancy. 

50, V. Selim Kirby, b. Jan. 16, 1824; m. Harriet L. Cady. 
vi. George Kirby, b. ; d. in infancy. 


it«r rj ¥ * /-v 

■-'\'''f •? 

.■rlj^a linn .{i.:,-\''.\''''J: ■ .-- .i-)^:'-' .'-, ■,r-:y:: ,! /-■■7.5o^-' 

^.' '.•; ' :•; ■-.:;■ ■~r,i'. :.ti>w :;•:■<••■ 

:!■' i.-n;. ,8:8r , ■:;wi'. ;.-■:•!;• i).ici .wo'^v-^^Z'l lK:?-tO 

.fi 'juf.d 

^^ , ■-■'..■ . ^- fc-.n ;;-!->.': ,\i..\ --. .-^ua ..a: 


vii. Frances Kirby, b. June i, 1827; m., June 9, 185 1, Na- 
thaniel Clapp Harris, b. March 15, 1820, in Athens, 
Pa., son of Alpheus Harris and Betsy Clapp. Frances 
Kirby Harris died Feb. 10, 1861, and Mr. Harris 
married (2) Sarah Kirby, the sister of his first wife. 
Nathaniel C. Harris is now residing in Athens, Pa. 
He is a banker, and the President of the First National 
Bank of that city. 

[Alpheus Flarris, b. July 17, 1765, in Goshen, N. Y. ; 
d. April 2, 1850, in Athens, Pa., was the son of Jona- 
than* Harris (Jonathan^, James-, James^ of Boston, 
Mass.), b. June, 1739, in Colchester (Salem parish), 

Ct., and Lodemia Tozier (b. ; d. Sept. 16, 1831 ; 

m. to Jonathan Harris, April 13, 1761). Jonathan 
Harris removed to Goshen, N. Y., thence to New- 
burgh, N. Y., and finally, in 1789, to Athens, Pa., 
where he died, Aug. 14, 1820, possessed of a large es- 
tate. Alpheus Harris m., 1813, Betsy Clapp, b. Nov. 
2, 1786, in Dutchess County, N. Y.; d. Nov. 2, 1823.] 

1. Lizzie Harris, b. June 3, 1852; d. June, 1859. 

2. Francis Kirby Harris, b. Feb. 17, 1857; m., Oct., 

1892, Sarah Heller Wilson, dau. of William 
Wilson and Angeline Hale. Children: (i) 
Frances Kirby Harris, b. June, 1894; (2) 
Thomas Wilson, b, Aug. 2, 1895; (3) Ellen 
Wilson, b. July 15, 1898. 

3. Katharine Harris, b. April 15, i860. 

51. viii. Henry Kirby, b. Jan. 3, 1830; m. Phoebe D. Merchant. 
ix. Sarah Kirby, b. April 7, 1832; m., Nov. 3, 1863, Na- 
thaniel Clapp Harris of Athens, Pa. They have one 

I. Louise S. Harris, b. July 29, 1866; m., Jan. 25, 
1889, John W. Miner of Jackson, Mich. 

X. Hiram Kirby, b. ; d, in infancy. 

xi. Myra P. Kirby, b. Nov. 30, 1836; d. March 25, 1872; 

not married. 
xii. Lucretia Kirby, b. July 3, 1839; m., Oct. 26, 1875, W'ar- 
ren A. Smith. He is a farmer, and lives in Nichols. 
N, Y., on the old homestead of George Kirby and in 
the house built by the latter in 1827. Children: 
I. Myra Ella Smith, b, Feb. 20, 1877. 


T „r,,T 

.] '-Ai^iM 

^.■'\ ,^ V. = / I 


: .at 

. - - ff 


: -;i -1!; -J 


■Hi i-'. M 

'• .t .•--?: .? ^J't'T -^f 

.8v>8i .-t /I; 

rr.r" - •:-::*t-; :'X .r 

,- :, ■/■;-;: z'l .^:i->rlJA v.: ^.:-mM 'j::kD I^'nsrit 

:i. ■::;'■ . -IT ■ly-'P^, -'-^ •}'•'] ..i .;!7n^V' < \ ilno.l .1 

•p.-tfelfii ni .;> ; d ,(<-!-=;>!' rr.iniH 

''■':, ,: ■;;•;■ , .A n")* 


2. Jessie Smith, b. June 13, 1879; d. July 21, 1S79. 

3. Sarah Harris Smith, b. Jan. 20, 1884. 

49. Job Potter'^ Kirby (George'^, Hczekiah^, Josepli*, John'', 
Joseph', John^), bom Dec. 3, 181 5, in Nichols, N. Y., removed 
to Towanda, Pa., in 1839, and to Alameda, Cal., 1885. He is a 
capitalist, and now resides at Alameda. Cal. He was married four 
times: married (i), Feb. 21, 1842, Jemima Coolbaugh, who died 
July 14, 1850; married (2), May 12, 1852, Mary Ann Strickland, 
daughter of Stephen Strickland, Sr., of Wysox, Pa., who died 
June 21, 1861; married (3), Dec. 11, 1862, Mrs. Mary (Spicer) 
Gulp, who died Oct. 12, 1883; married (4), May 13, 1S88, Martha 
Elsbree. Ghildren: 

i. Frances Kirby, b. Oct. 11, 1842, at Towanda, Pa.; m., 
June 7, 1864, Edwin Alexander Spaulding, b. Jan. 20, 
1840, at Athens, Pa., eldest son of Alexander Hanson 
Spaulding and Glara Gornshier of Athens, Pa. ^Ir. 
Edwin A. Spaulding was a bank cashier. He died Oct. 
14, 1885. Ghildren: 

1. Robert Hanson Spaulding, b. Oct. 5, 1865; m. 

Jessie Larroway. 

2. Edwin Alexander Spaulding, b. Feb. 21, 1873, at 

Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

3. Mary Spaulding, b. June 15, 1877, at Wilkesbarre, 

ii. George Kirby, b. Jan. 17, 1844, in Towanda, Pa.; m., Oct., 
1877, Mrs. L. M. Moody. He lives at Scranton, Pa. 
One child: 

I. Dale Kirby. 
iii. Anna Rosaltha Kirby, b. Dec. 6, 1845, in Towanda, Pa.; 
m., Aug. 20, 1866, at Tipton, la., Gharles Hammond, 
b. April 29, 1839, at Guilford, Me., son of Willard and 
Susan Hammond of Tipton, la. Mr. Hammond is a 
... real estate broker, and lives at Lincoln, Neb. Ghil- 

dren, all born in Tipton, la.: 

1. Kirby Hammond, b. Jan. 14, 1869; m., Feb. 18, 

1887, in Marysville, Kan., Alice K. Mason. He 
died Feb. 2, 1889, at Lawrence, Neb., leaving 
one child: (i) Helen Kirby Hammond, b. Jan. 
15. 1889. 

2. Willard Hammond, b. Feb. 7, 1871. 

3. Maud Hammond, b. March 19, 1873. 


Y a ii i yi H T! o ' '^ '^ '^ "^ '^ * - ' 


h/i'-, ■ ir^ . ; : .ih". .£.1 ,i\<yo 

•.blhh sinO 
, :■•: .\:'!A 

,J T a! ,S:: • . ]' ■■...;-:;:T ,t 


4. Charles Potter Hammond, b. July 30, 1875. 

5. Clara Hammond, b. Aug. 2^, 1878. 

6. Anna Hammond, b. Aug-. 22, 1881. 

iv. Clarence Theodore Kirby, b. May 30, 1848, in Towanda, 
Pa.; m., Oct. 11, 187 1, Hester Rogers, dau. of L. C. 
Rogers of Frankfort, N. Y. He is a druggist, and lives 
in Towanda, Pa. Children : 

1. Edna Louisa Kirby, b. May 27, 1876. 

2. Mary Frances Kirby, b. May 13, 1879. 

V. Emily Fclton Kirby, b. May 27, 1850, in Towanda, Pa.; 
m., Nov. 17, 1875, Frank W. Read of Towanda, Pa., b. 
June 4, 1848, in Auburn, Me., son of R. F. and Rebecca 
C. Read. He is a merchant, and now resides in Alameda, 
Cal. Children: 

1. Rachel Kirby Read, b. Dec. 26, 1877. 

2. Frances Read, b. May 30, 1890. 

vi. Maud Mary Kirby, b. June 28, 1853, in Towanda, Pa.; m., 
Aug. 27, 1876, Enoch S. Davies. Children: 

1. Stephen Enoch Davies, b. Sept. 20, 1877. 

2. Sarah Isabella Davies. 

3. Mary Emily Davies. 

vii. Stephen S. Kirby, b. Jan. 14, 1858. 

viii. Helen Kirby, b. June 14, 1861, in Towanda, Pa.; m., Dec. 
II, 1878, John E. Ward. They now reside in Armour- 
dale, Kan. Children: 

1. J. P. Kirby Ward, b. Sept., 1879. 

2. John Edward Ward, b. Aug., 1882. 
ix. Martha lone Kirby, b. April 2, 1889. 

50. Selim^ Kirby (George^ Hezekiah', Joseph*, John', Jo- 
seph^, John^) of Waverly, N. Y.; born Jan. 16, 1824, in Nichols, 
N. Y.; married, Dec. 19, 1852, Harriet L. Cady, born April i, 
1825, daughter of Eleazer Cady and Mary Marsh. He was a 
banker at Waverly, N. Y. He died Aug. 3, 1887, in Nichols, N. Y. 
Harriet L. Kirby died March 10, 1897. Children: 

i. Mary Frances Kirby, b. Sept. 18, 1853, in Nichols, N. Y.; 
m., Aug, 20, 1879, W. C. McLean, son of Ebenezer Mc- 
Lean. He is a banker, and lives at Menomonee, Wis. 

1. Marguerite L. McLean, b. Aug. 24, 1881, 

2. Selim Kirby McLean, b. July 26, 1884; d. Sept. 26, 



7 3 

■h-i;/. ■'] :;i 

) Vi 

in , .n\ .J.; r. 


..' ,-ir'!i!=" ''^ ^.-^ fT.-i' ^'. ;<■•:' A '' r .'J V,' .;">"^! .oil -^f^A .rr; 

.•■-:i li. .y-rA ,«j ,nB-^J.-)'.' .1 f.MT:>;"r;n'!4. .1: 
■. .^;-r, .1; :'': \-. vlu^ .d jii.->.J-.'' ' ■• -!>! /nif.^ - 


3. Jessie K. McLean, b. Aug. 29, 1894. 

ii. Margaret Kirby, b. April 20, 1855; d. IVIarch 13. i860. 

iii. Allen Barstow Kirby, b. April 10, 1857, at Nichols, N. Y.; 
m., April 7, 1881, Margaret A. Ciapp, b. Nov. 27, i860, 
dau. of Henry Clay Clapp of Waveriy, N. Y., and Mary 
E. Cornelison. He is a merchant, and agent of D., L. & 
W. R. R. at Nichols, N. Y. They have one son: 
I. Harry Clay Kirby, b. Nov. 25, 1882. 

iv. William Dvvight Kirby, b. March 24, 1859, in Nichols, N. Y.; 
m., June 3, 1890, Eunice Dunham, dau. of Charles Dun- 
ham of Nichols, N. Y., and Lizzie Johnston. He is a 
bookkeeper, and lives in Nichols, N. Y. Children: 

1. Barbara Kirby, b. April 30, 1891. 

2. Charles Selim Kirby, b. June 14, 1895. 

V. Nathaniel Harris Kirby, b. April 3, 1861 ; m., June 19, 1895, 
Rebecca B. Johnson, dau. of Charles R. Johnson and 
Ellen Shepard. He graduated from the Medical School 
of the New York University in 1884, and is now practising 
his profession in Peabody, Alass. 

51. Henry^ Kirby (George", Hezekiah', Joseph*, John', Jo- 
seph^, John^/, born Jan. 3, 1830, in Nichols, N. Y. He was by oc- 
cupation a farmer, and resided in Nichols, N. Y., until 1868, when 
he removed to Athens, Pa., where he died May 14, 1882. He 
married (i), March i, 1854, Phoebe D. :Merchant, born 1834, 
daughter of Sylvanus Merchant and Maria Spaulding of Newark 
Valley, Tioga County, N. Y. She died Nov. 21, 187 1, aged thirty- 
seven years. He married (2), Dec. 3, 1874, Mrs. Elizabeth (Mer- 
chant) Smith, a sister of his first wife. 
Children by his first wife: 
i. Jessie Kirby, b. July 30, 1856, in Nichols, N. Y.; m., Sept. 
29, 1880, at Athens, Pa., Rev. Howard Cornell, b. Sept. 
10, 1840, sen of Merret L Cornell and Mercie W. How- 
ard of New York. He was graduated from Union College 
1865, and from Union Theological Seminary 1868; was 
ordained March 17, 1874. He is now settled as pastor of 
the Presbyterian Church in Seneca Falls, N. Y. No 
ii. Henry Irwin Kirby, b. Jan. 14, 1859; d. July 29, 1859. 
iii. Frances Harris Kirby, b. March 14, 1865. in Nichols, N. Y.; 
' m., Feb. 20, 1883, in Waveriy, N. Y., Frank Gillett Mc- 
Mahon, b. Aug. 27, 1S62, in Hornbrook, Pa., only child 

y H >i I >^ 

.. ^ ;... v.- ,.:; '/ , ■.. . . ■>^l , 'K 

--:: '■■(' :-■:.-.. -,1 : ■ [ _: .,:.-',': <■/■ ^-j; :v .}, .r.r.[ - ■;,:,^ /^o-::.; /■:'.; .- 
]:.,•.'/ ,-:^' ': ^, • ■ ■ V y. •-;_':;vi/l n: hj' r •; .• 7 vi c;' i; ii.:.iJi.." 'j v 

^-f-l ti^jef ■ 'ij^itiDT-j 'A .M v.;?'J!ri .i.?.''' . !:.■■-■ •'.■1 ,U) !.'->^ 

^ '■:-•;'-■; ]::■ yi.-'l '.ju<.]^^- zr -y. i.FWi h'SA[jv.y -j}-:;<-^-' ''o -5':'^!;!.I) 

:.-,>■•' .'V, . - ,. "■'._. ■.. ;. y. y ':;y^. .or •.'i;;;_ -o .-y-'y. okc^X .: 

c-Aio.j aor.ri it::.-'! l>2J;;i)i>:V!g ?,;:■,.■ ■>■. . .:'.c>Y v/^'-l ?c dtr 
.^vv :py-::i ^■:t--7>,'v-': !^oi-ioIr.?)riT fiO'r''J (rfo-il bns .i^TV'^f 

/! .Y yl yMf^'l :: ■ ..-^ ar nor,:'"? ':■■■■>:■' OiDi'-t odJ 

■■:!iY ' :■:'; •' Y .•"' :\) ,'■;'.'; '^' Y'- '' ' .'""■- '"'>"'•• ..I'll 


of John Porter ISIc^^Iahon and Ellen Gillett. He is an 
inspector of construction of iron and steel, and is at pres- 
ent manager of a civil engineering company in Cleveland, 
O., where he now resides. They had one child: 

I. Pauline McMahon, b. :May 23, 18S5; d- July 5, 1885. 
iv. George Guy Kirby, b. Dec. 27, 1866; is a chemist at Pitts- 
burg, Pa,; not married. 

47. Hiram^ Kirby (Hezekiah^ Joseph^ John^ Joseph^ John^), 
born July 8, 1793, in Middletown " Upper Houses." He was a 
farmer, and lived in Sheffield, Mass., where he died, by accidental 
poisoning, July 4, 1866. He married, Dec. 3, 1819, Betsy Bedartha, 
daughter of ]\Iajor Luther Bedartha and Terzy Kent. She died 
Aug. 2, 1880. Children: 

i. Alonzo Kirby, b. July 3, 1820, in Sheffield, Mass.; d. in 

Oregon, Aug. 6, 1863; not married. 
ii. Lucretia Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1822, in Sheffield, :Mass.; m., 
Feb. 12, 1862, Joseph Canfield of Sheffield, Mass. Chil- 

1, Josephine Canfield, b. Feb., 1865. 

2. Charles Canfield. b. July, 1867. 

iii. Mary Jane Kirby, b. July 20, 1826, in Sheffield, ]Mass.; m., 
Oct. 17, 1842, Harvey Holmes of Great Barrington, Mass., 
b. Jan. 22, 1800, in Sheffield, Mass., son of Lothrop 
Holmes and Eunice Evarts. Harvey Holmes died Oct. 
14, 1888, in Great Barrington, Mass. His widow is now 
residing with her daughter in Washington, D. C. Chil- 

1. Frank Harvey Holmes, b. Aug. 22, 1850, in Great 

Barrington, Mass.; m., Feb. 22, 1872, Mary S. 
Ball of Newark, N. J. ; no children. 

2. George Kirby Holmes, b. May 10, 1856, in Great 

Barrington, Mass.; m., April 27, 1898, Lilian K. 
C. Hunter of Virginia, dau. of John Chapman 
Hunter and Emma Biscoe. He is a statistician in 
the service of the U. S. Government, and is now- 
residing at Washington, D. C. 

3. Nellie L. Holmes, b. Oct. 31, 1858, in Great Bar- 

rington, Mass.; m., Oct. 12, 1887, Frederick W. 
Crocker of New York City, b. Aug. 22, 1849; d. 
1889, son of William Crocker and Naomi Quimby. 


vH ::h 


-rf ,!•.:-:;;;. :■ ..-A-nnJ .1 
,.i.'' ;.?;'k'7 ,oh'iv>dc '■■■'"!, .n ,.'r'-i'-i -^fin^ ^(7sM .iii 

,:■• 'y-il:.] y.'-ii :^^ Ihq/y ■ '■ ,:.>.;:. Tn:i::a 

.') a - 


She is now living in Washington, D. C. One 
child: (i) George Holmes Crocker, b. Feb. 14, 
iv. George H. Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1830, in Sheffield, :Mass.; m., 
May 31, 1S65, at Sheffield, :Mass., Jemima M. Bartholo- 
mew, dau, of Andrew Bartholomew and Abigail Savage. 
He is a farmer, and lives in Sheffield, ISIass. Children : 

1. John H. Kirby, b. Sept. 13, 1866, in Sheffield, Mass.; 

m., Oct. 2, 1890, at Barry, Pike County, 111., Liz- 
zie Lyons. He is now living in Barry, 111. 

2. George Kirby, b. June 16, 186S, in Sheffield, r^Iass.; 

m.. May 30, 1894, at Sheffield, Mass., Mary H. 
Cande of Sheffield. He is now living in Hart- 
ford, Ct. 

3. Frank Kirby, b. July 24, 1870, in Sheffield, Mass. 

4. Joseph Kirby, b. Nov. 8, 1872, in Sheffield, :Mass. 
V. Norman Kirby, b. Feb. 6, 1834; d. Aug. i, 1862; not married. 

vi. Helen Kirby, b. Oct. 9. 1838, in Sheffield, Mass.; m., April 
5, 1871, at Great Barrington, Mass., John C. Holmes of 
Johnstown, N. Y. She died Oct. 8, 1880, at Great Bar- 
rington, iMass., leaving one daughter: 

I. Jennie E. Holmes, b. April 8, 1872, in Johnstown, 
N. Y. 

48. Lucretia^ Kirby (Hezekiah^, Joseph*, John^ Joseph^, 
John^), born Aug. 12, 1795, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" 
married, Oct. 31, 1815, James Parks, born April 20, 1792, in Salis- 
bury, Ct., son of John Parks and Desiah Galusha of Salisbury, Ct. 
He was a hotel-keeper. Fie kept a hotel in Meadville, Pa.', and 
Detroit, ]Mich. In 1835 ^e removed to Clinton, oMich., where he 
died July 22, 1854. Lucretia, his widow, died in Clinton, Mich., 
Nov. 9, 1884, aged eighty-nine years. Her daughter, 'Mrs. Owen 
Kelley, writes concerning her parents: "Mr. James Parks was 
the poor man's friend. Besides rearing his large family, he 
adopted two children, girls, one of whom, Louisa Lincoln, mar- 
ried a wealthy farmer and resides in Clinton, Mich. He also 
supported for many years his father and mother. He was of the 
best disposition. None of his children ever saw him angry. My 
mother was a great conversationalist, and her memory w^as won- 
derful to the last." One of the grandchildren writes: " My grand- 
mother Lucretia was a remarkably bright woman and during her 
younger years, when her husband was in the hotel business, saw 


\r rt et r vi r.\ 

\r rt n r 

,^i A:v 1 .'I , J,v.t J^(l^ 


,.' .V 

;M ,^.::-'^^.i^ rr .o-Hr .Jl< 

iii.:..,v ,.!- :.^r^U 


(^ .■(■*:). » wji-tii A 

- '.t:^ .; .'.r :;,(;. Iriq^' r •■ r :t>-; j •■ \,i^ ,i->3j- 'i,'-? 

_ : ■ ' .;'.::\ . ■; U ' ' •' f il-yT I,' f -i-^-^ ^' : • ' CiOn.Vi ?:,^l\i( ,VOlf'.)vl 


a great many of the prominent people of those days. She retained 
her bright mental faculties up to a very old age, dying in her nine- 
tieth year. She was a great reader; was thoroughly posted on all 
subjects; was a very interesting and bright talker, and was loved 
by all who knew her." 

[John Parks was the son of James Parks of Salisbury, Ct., and 
Mary Barnes. He was born Jan, 27, 1769, in Salisbury, Ct., and 
died July 28, 1850, in Bridgewater, Mich. He married, March 3, 
1791, in Salisbury, Ct., Disea (or Desiah) Galusha, b. Dec. 3, 
1772 (or 1771), in Salisbury, Ct.; d. -March 10, 1855, in Wheaton, 
111., dan. of Jacob and Disea (or Desiah) Galusha, who died Sept. 
28, 1775, in her forty-third year. Jacob Galusha married (2), Feb. 
25, 1776, Abigail Porter of Norwich, Ct. Governor Jonas Galusha 
of Vermont was a son of Jacob Galusha by his second wife.] 
Children of James Parks and Lucretia Kirby: 

i. Jane Catherine Parks, b. Sept. 6, 1816, in Lyons, N. Y.; 
m., March 14, 1837, in Clinton, Ivlich., William A. 
Hawkins, b. April 7, 1812, in Medina, N. Y. After 
his marriage he removed to Milwaukee, Wis., where 
he was proprietor of the " Lake House," and also a 
member of the Legislature. In May, i860, he re- 
moved to Colorado, crossing the plains in an ox- 
wagon. He was at different times justice, sheriff, and 
judge. He died in Salida, Col., March 19, 18S8. His 
first wife died Aug. 25, 1850, in Milwaukee, Wis., 
and he married (2) her sister, Desiah. Children 
of William A. Hawkins and Jane C. Parks: 

1. Adelaide Frances Flawkins, b. March 10, 1848; 

d. Aug. 22, 1850, in Milwaukee, Wis. 

2. Jennie Hawkins, b. June 23, 1850, in Milwaukee, 

Wis.; m., Feb. 4, 1879, in Cleora, Col., Alfred 
T. Ryan, b. Sept. 6. 1846, in Alexandria, Va., 
son of Thomas Ryan and }*Iargaret McFarland 
of Areola, Loudon County, Va. Mr. Ryan 
lived in Salida, Col. He was killed in a rail- 
road collision near Salida, June 6, 1887. His 
widow resides in Denver, Col. Children: 

(i) Pearl M. Ryan, b. Aug. 14, 1882; d. Sept. 
5, 1882; (2) William Franklin Ryan, b. Oct. 
10, 1883. 
ii. Desiah Parks, b. Aug. 9, 1818, in Salisbury, Ct.; m., 
Oct. 24, 1851, at Bridgewater, Mich., as his second 


\r ry « T -vr Jjt 14 r\ r IJ /^ 

-^Ja-.V •,.)•.{ 

' -lA 

U r! .<:■-.■ 

. .: :;..;;_ ■;t;ib 

:, ; ■' I..' 

.-:;.-; ^ii .U:H 

' I'^r ^.r.. 

<--;i -^•'; ^-:":i 

: i ■■■: ■_',. 

-;! -.. .is^':, J|! 

■ li- ::vj' 

;...■': ni ,?\Xl ,'-■- 

■ :-'v . a 

^. ''".o^-;: .>. 

'■ ' :- 

■■ " ■■',[ ','.' 


f ,-:•->;.;' 



.f )•;;:-.;-.-, •.• 

•i'.i-.' ; .. J ''.-r; 

':^t.^ -d ,^:... 


:!: .1. 

;;! .Or Si Jt 

.>j:'.'i_ . 

r^o^n ^r 










wife, William A. Hawkins, the husband of her de- 
ceased sister Jane. She died in Salida, Col., Aug. 
13, 1889. Children: 

1. William F, Hawkins, b. Oct. 12, 1852; d. March 

27, 1853, in Milwaukee, Wis. 

2. Passens A. Hawkins, b. Feb. 5, 1854; d. Oct. 9, 

1854, in Milwaukee, Wis. 

3. Charles A. Hawkins, b. Nov. 20, 1855, in Mil- 

waukee, Wis.; m., March 13, 1881, at Salida, 
Col., Adela i\I. Mackey, b. Sept. 14, 1S64, in 
Louisiana, Mo., dau. of Capt. Joseph and 
Williamna jMackey of Louisiana, Mo. He is 
now engaged in mining at Cripple Creek, Col. 
His wife died Feb. 9, 1886, in Salida, Col. 
Children: (i) Clarence Albert, b. June 20, 
1882; (2) Joseph Mackey, b. Sept. 21, 1883; 
d. June 5, 1884; (3) Carrie Adela, b. Nov. 22, 

4. Mattie Louise Hawkins, b. Dec. 2, 1857; d. 

Sept. 3, 1880, at Cleora, Col. 

5. James Williams Hawkins, b. Nov. 13, 1859; d. 

Sept. 20, 1878, at Ouray, Col. 

52. iii. John Cole Parks, b. Feb. 13, 182 1; m. Mary (Drew) 


53. iv. Frances E. Parks, b. Oct. 19, 1823; m. Joseph Kies. 

V. Myron Parks, b. Aug. 10, 1826; d. young. 
vi. James W. Parks, b. Nov. 26, 1827, in Erie, Pa.; m. Jane 
Lingo. He died July 14, 1877, in Jacob City, Utah. 
No children. 

vii. George A. Parks, b. Jan. 18, 1830; d. young. 

viii. Caroline Lucretia Parks, b. June 8, 1832, in Detroit, 
Mich.; m., April 9, 1861, Dr. Owen Kelley, son of 
Francis and Ann Kelley of Perth, Upper Canada. 
Dr. Kelley studied medicine in Canada, and practised 
his profession in Adelphi, la.; Denver, Col.; St. Louis, 
Mo., and Little Rock, Ark, He went to California in 
1850. While there, engaged in buying cattle, and 
displaying considerable money at a ranch, two men 
followed him and shot him through the left shoulder, 
leaving him for dead. Two years after one of the 
men was hung for murder. While on the scaffold he 
confessed to killing another man by the name of 

in'O s 

]/: .'-■- ] 


M A .. 

:.:. ■ :;■.•) ,n;o[ 


Lj';i:v.i .;.-: 


■ V • ' 

>^ "' ' , 

•(■ ■;•■■ .-^i f^u'oai;-.''! 


.^(U -■ 

7 Ij :b 

' - ;-^;''i ton :\A 


T .:i:i.:I li 

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.-::;;0Y . 

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:^((.. "t fi: 

:-• ; 1 • f{'>il..T 


'■ ;;■<; jM ■■/■: ,,il: mi KJii.:^ !•'.'■ ...:■,'■ ir-vo^i.-! 

<l^' ;-.^.iii :r;i;j'. 

i'^rt; vrf: 








I ■ 

^r ^^ 



Kelley. He died Sept. i6, 1880, in Little Rock, Ark. 
Mrs. Caroline Parks Kelley is now living at Bay 
City, Mich. Children: 

1. George Alfred Kelley, b. Aug. 29, 1865, in Adel- 

phi, la. ; was in the U. S. Navy, on the U. S. S. 
" Ranger " ; has lately been diicharged on 
account of ill-health. 

2. Joseph Kelley, b. Feb. 5, 1S67; d. Oct. 9, 1869, 

in Bay City, Mich. 

3. Eva Lucretia Kelley, b. July 11, 1869, in Oil 

Springs, Canada. 

4. Elizabeth Louisa Kelley, b. Dec. 25, 1871, in 

Bay City, Mich.; m., June 2, 1S97, Dr. M. C. 
Sheehan of Detroit, Mich. 
ix. Josephine Alida Parks, b. Dec. 25, 1834, in Detroit, 
Mich.; m., March 18, 1875, in Clinton, ]\Iich., John 
Wilson, b. Feb. i, 1829, in Stanton, Ky., son of Will- 
iam Wilson and Pauline Letcher of Lancaster, Ky. 
He is clerk of the District Court, and resides in Cafion 
City, Col. They have one child: 

I. Fred. Parks Wilson, b. July 31, 1876. 
X. Sarah Cornelia Parks, b. May 28, 1838; d. Aug. 26, 1838. 
xi. Mary Louisa Parks, b. May 28, 1838; d. Dec, 1838. 

52. John Cole^ Parks (Lucretia Kirby«, Hezekiah^ Joseph*, 
John^, Joseph^, John^), born Feb. 13, 1821, in Meadville, Pa.; mar- 
ried, June, 1848, Mrs. Mary (Drew) Green, born Sept. 15, 181 5, 
widow of Alonzo Green of Alton, 111., and daughter of Dr. Chesley 
Drew and Sarah Ayres of Newfield, Me. He followed his father's 
vocation as a hotel-keeper, and kept successively the " ]\Iassasoit 
House," Chicago, 111.; " Galena House," Galena, 111.; then, in St. 
Louis, Mo., the " Virginia Hotel," " Olive Street Hotel," and 
finally the well-known " Lindell Hotel " of that city. He died 
Oct. 10, 1875, in Plymouth, Mass. Mrs. Parks died Feb. 4, 1895, 
in Boston, Mass. Children: 

i. John H. Parks, b. July 25, 1849, in St. Louis, Mo.; m., May 
27, 1869, in Duxbury, Mass., Nancy Sprague Loring, b. 
May 2^, 1848, in Duxbury, Mass, dau. of Samuel Loring 
and Laura Ann Bartlett Loring, both of Duxbury, Mass. 
He was a manufacturer of rivets, nails, etc., and treasurer 
of the Atlas Tack Corporation of Boston; is now the 
treasurer for the combined Shovel Manufacturers. He 

Y n u r H w< M O T H O a T M 

•!•'[: A n' 

r.'- : rti .0081 . ; I r.J\ .d .v 


,?u ,->'' .d .-/.'bJi ;^>i:/^J '^-■:'r:-:l 

.•joi*!>^-i i.i .. -^i^'r 

''^' i '; /i;:. ■. :!' ,'^7':'i:A iiijoi-j,:,.!' ^'-i^'i ''•Jo') i:tio>^ ..V? 

:--.;:- ^i ■ .>' : .vr! ■:-: '-,■ .- -A fkif:'' h-?^ •.v,Tr[ 

■*;'■■.'•.■,! '..'i ;■ :-■■' .'.,.'-',■.■: >Myji,i; i. ": ■■;o''£. ''J 

I .■:^ ''.bj..:ix 3:^^i/d :iv;iO " .1.;::';;;. r iiu^.'"'/ " ; i: ...AA ,?i;;<"'J 
": r.-i....! ;-^:. "..-;. ;. ...■:_, ,.i-;£.; 1 /'iMi/i '.[ li A^><'! .-': VS.fv'l 


resides at Duxbury, ^lass., on the Loring estate belong- 
ing to his wife. The old Loring mansion, built in 1738, 
is still in an excellent state of preservation. Children: 

1. Laura Loring Parks, b. May 27, 1870, in Duxbury, 

Mass. ; m., Sept. 19, 1894, Thomas Russell of Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

2. Samuel Loring Parks, b. April 25, 1872; m., Aug. 

13, 1895, Anna Mae Ryall of Montreal, Canada. 

3. John Ward Parks, b. Dec. 3, 1879, in Plymouth, 


4. Bettina Loring Parks, b. Dec. 27, 1884, in Boston, 


ii. Charles Todd Parks, b. March 15, 1852, in St. Louis, :Mo.; 
m., Feb. 14, 1883, in New York City, Emma Lorette Sil- 
ber, b. Aug. 30, 1862, in New York City. He was a 
manufacturer and dealer in art furniture in New York 
City. Is now retired. No children. 

iii. Kate Parks, b. Aug. 25, 1855, in Galena, III. Is now resid- 
ing with her brother John H. Parks. Not married. 

[Loring Lineage: 

I. Dea. Thomas Loring of Hingham, Mass. He came from 
Axminster, Co. Devon, England, with wife Jane Newton and 
children Thomas and John; was first at Dorchester, and afterward 
at Hingham, where he was admitted freeman :\Iarch 3, 1636. tie 
had there: Isaac, b. Jan. 22, 1640, who died soon; Josiah, b. Jan. 
9, 1642; Joshua, b. 1643, ^'►■ho died soon; Benjamin, b. Nov. 17, 
1644. He was early a deacon. He removed finally to Hull, Ivlass., 
and died there April i, 1661. His wife died Aug. 25, 1672. 

II. Thomas Loring of Hull, Mass., born, in England, 1629; 
died 1679; married, Dec. 13, 1657, Hannah Jacob, baptized Feb. 
23, 1640; died Oct. 20, 1720, daughter of Nicholas Jacob of Hing- 
ham, Mass. Children: Hannah, b. Aug. 9, 1664, who married 
Rev. Jeremiah Cushing; Thomas and Deborah, twins, b. March 
15, 1668, of whom Deborah married John Cushing; David, b. 
Sept. 15, 1671; Caleb, b. June 9, 1674; Abigail, b. 1678, who died 

III. Lieutenant Thomas Loring of Duxbury, born March 15, 
1668; died Dec. 5, 1717; married, April 19, 1699, Deborah, born 
1678; died Nov. 30, 1753, daughter of Hon. John Cushing. Chil- 
dren: Thomas; Joshua, b. 1701; Nathaniel, b. Aug. 21, 1704; 
Benjamin, b. Oct. 12, 1708; Hannah, and Deborah. 



T "^ O P. T V A ( 

r(i S.!i^}^;: ;j 

iuj'j{'i'r> ::i .:jy:U 

iK-rv.;-. f^•"^!_ ■=•,:■.- ■■^/,'- ,:';■'.: i-.n!,;; .:-_ ,. • ' /•■mi; ^ir.^;/-; -, 
.■:■.•;; '. .'.■■''■. - ■•■:■■,: ■:^.-:'^. ;;;>.; .^:; ■ ■-:!! L>-r>''-.v jr;iiH-,^.aH la 
.'..^ v .r:!i;i;;w>'U ,.;' . Imh c-.'-v ::'.:'> .d ,£i.ri: V,, T ;;4-.or ,r> 





IV. Benjamin Loring, born Oct, 12, 1708; married, Feb. 8, 
1739, Anna Alden, born June 14, 1716, daughter of Colonel John 
Alden and Harriet Briggs, daughter of Captain John Briggs and 
Abigail Hallett. (Colonel John Alden was the son of Captain 
Jonathan Alden, and grandson of the Hon. John Alden and Pris- 
cilla .Mullins.) 

V. Captain Samuel Loring, born May 11, 1747; died Oct. 16, 
1816; married, Dec. 25, 1777, Prudence Chapman. 

VI. Samuel Loring, born July 17, 1798; married, Oct. 6, 1819, 
Nancy Sprague, daughter of Hon. Seth Sprag-ue. 

VII. Samuel Loring, born Oct. 6, 1820; died IMay 27, 1887; 
married Laura Ann Bartlett Loring, daughter of Samuel Loring 
and Lucy Delano, and granddaughter of William Loring and 
Alethea Alden. (William Loring was the son of Nathaniel, and 
grandson of Lieutenant Thomas Loring.) 

VIII. Nancy Sprague Loring, born May 27, 184S; married, 
May 2^, 1869, John H. Parks.] 

53. Frances Elizabeth^ Parks (Lucretia Kirby^, Hezekiah', 
Joseph*, John^, Joseph-, John\), born Oct. 19, 1S23, in ^Nleadville, 
Pa.; married, Sept. 28, 1846, in Clinton, }vlich., Joseph S. Kies, 
born July 13, 1820, in Sempronius, Cayuga County, N. Y., son of 
Alpheus Kies and Elizabeth Lazell. Joseph S. Kies came to Clin- 
ton, ]Mich., with his parents Oct. 8, 1829. They were the first to 
settle there, and were the founders of the town of Clinton, He 
was first a hardware merchant and afterward a woollen manu- 
facturer. He died June 8, 1889, in Clinton, ]Mich. Mrs. Kies 
died Dec, 1898, in Clinton, Mich. Children: 
i. James A. Kies, b. July 5, 1847; d. Sept. 3, 1863. 
ii. Mary Ida Kies, b. Jan. 10, 1849, in Clinton, IMich.; m.. May 
9, 1872, in Clinton, Mich., Dr. Samuel W. Chandler, b. 
July 18, 1847, son of Charles Chandler and Eliza Wooster 
of Clinton, Oneida County, N. Y. He is a physician, and 
lives in Saline, Mich. Mary Kies Chandler died Oct. 26, 
1880, in Saline, Mich. Children, born in Saline, Mich.; 

1. Fred Kies Chandler, b. Dec. 20, 1873. 

2. George Francis Chandler, b. Feb. 11, 1875. 

3. Abby Ida Chandler, b. April 8, 1877. 

iii. George A. Kies, b. Jan. 8, 1851, in Clinton, Mich.; m., Nov. 
16, 1875, in Clinton, Mich., Adelia B. Van de Mark, b. 
Aug. 7, 1857, in Phelps, N. Y. ; d. Dec. 20, 1895, in Clin- 
ton, Mich., dau. of Lodewick Van de Mark and Jane West- 


I >T H H O T HO 2 

.:j;'A .'■". C^'^trA ..;;.:.'.'. ,rT^^;;(i^/ ,»; O,""' /A: .-'■.>-'' .{■■sinK^^i ;.^/"j 

■^n .!"ju':"'y !i ty//c: ,?i /"i ;;ffj : !?•// Sins . 

r .. ■ ^il/ ..i..;!,' ;::.3n»!^> nf a^^!-''! ,c t.-;:: '•■i:.; ^tl .-'.'-/TTr 

):.oo/^ ,n^i^l In;, ,■>' 

'-//[ ,.rn: .>h'-< ' ;; ^v; ) ai ,lgBr ,8 .Hi.; .fi ..-'jjlji .A :;, . ^O .iii 


fall of Clinton, Mich. He is a commercial traveller, and 
lives in Clinton, Mich. No children. 
iv. Kate Kies, b. Dec. 20, 1853, in Clinton, Mich.; m., Dec. 31, 
1878, in Clinton, Mich., Charles Fred. Field of Manchester, 
Mich., b. Sept. 23, 185 1, son of John Field and Alcy Jane 
Westcott of Perrysburgh, O. He is a newspaper pub- 
lisher and County Superintendent of Schools. He resides 
in Tecumseh, Mich, Children: 

1. Joseph Willis Field, b. Jan. 31, 1880, in Manchester, 


2. Elizabeth Louisa Field, b. Aug. 28, 18S4, in Tecum- 

seh, Mich. 
V. Joseph Willis Kies, b. June 30, 1856, in Clinton, Mich.; m., 
Oct. 10, 1878, in Tecumseh, Mich., Ruby Ann Freeman, 
b. Nov. 18, 1859, in Belleville, Mich., dau. of James R. 
Freeman and Margaret Ann Hope of Belleville, Mich. 
He is a merchant, and lives in Elkhart, Ind. Children: 

1. Edna Elizabeth Kies, b. April 19, 1880, in Tecumseh, 


2. Vesta Margaret Kies, b. April 14, 1882, in Tecum- 

seh, Mich. 

3. Joseph Stocking Kies, b. Sept. 27, 1889, in Elk- 

hart, Ind. 

[Kies Lineage: 

L Joseph Kies came from Scotland about 1755, with his two 
brothers, and settled at Norwich, Ct. It is said that the original 
name was McKies. During the French and Indian War he en- 
listed and served under General Montgomery, and was at the 
siege and taking of Quebec in 1759. His two brothers also en- 
listed, and died during the war. A beautifully wrought powder- 
horn that was carried by each of the three brothers is now in the 
possession of Mr. George A. Kies of Clinton, IMich. 

XL Joseph Kies, born, 1752, in Scotland, settled, with his father, 
at Norwich, Ct. He removed first to Woodstock, Ct., and after- 
ward, in 1805, to Moravia, Cayuga County, N. Y., where he died 
Aug. 20, 1834. 

III. Alpheus Kies, born April 18, 1788, in Woodstock, Ct.; 
married, Feb. 17, 1808, in Moravia, N. Y., Elizabeth Lazell. He 
removed to Clinton, Mich., Oct. 8, 1829, and was the founder of 
that town, which he named in honor of Governor De Witt Clinton. 
He died in Clinton, Mich., Oct. 6, 1864. 


o cr r -y m tj ;^^ t 

,-(7 ^• 



; no- 

yii; .1! v:."i :: '--•■'{ '•; -' :'■ \ V • ■,/:• ^:.■^;!C■^ -■ : 

:.:J ,>!3Cjr ^./^^ .. .tv'-i .'<: liiq/ -xi'-^ :--:/I ci'i^jrir-; -"^ ^'^ 
..'..' a[\ ::-U -•: ,,,:- /:;i.:. .nrr,': /iJb^..--' >rl 


IV. Joseph S. Kies, born July 13, 1820, in Sempronius, Cayuga 
County, N. Y.; married, Sept. 28, 1846, Frances Elizabeth Parks.] 

23. John* Kirby (John', Joseph^, John'), born Sept. 26, 1720, 
in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married (i), Dec, 31, 1747, 
Lucia Norton, born March 31, 1728, who died Dec. 6, 1758, aged 
thirty. He married (2), June 28, 1761, Ruth (Cornwell) Coleman, 
born Feb. i, 1725, widow of Amos and daughter of Jacob 
Cornwell and Edith Whitmore. He was a farmer, and lived in 
that part of Middletown which is now a portion of the town of 
Berlin, Ct. Fie was one of the thirty-eight original members of 
the Second Church of Berlin, Ct. About 1786 he removed to 
Saratoga County. N. Y., and died in Ballston, March 27, 1789. 
Ruth Cornwell Kirby died Sept. 24, 1824, in her one hundredth 

[Cornwell Lineage: 

L William Cornwell of Middletown, Ct., was at Roxbury 1634, 
and at Hartford 1639; removed early to Middletown, where he was 
deputy to the General Court in 1654, 1664, and 1665. He died at 
Middletown, Ct., Feb. 21, 1678, leaving widow Mary. Flis first 
wife was Joan, and probably the mother of his eight children. 

n. Jacob Cornwell of Middletown, Ct., fourth son of William, 
born Sept., 1646; died April 18, 1708; married, Jan. 16, 1678, 
Mary White, born April 7, 1659, daughter of Captain Nathaniel 
White of Middletown (son of Elder John White of Hartford). 
They had ten children. 

HL Jacob Cornwell of Middletown, Ct., eldest surviving son 
of the preceding, born Oct. i, 1682; married, March 20. 17 10, 
Edith Whitmore, born March 3, 1692, daughter of Lieutenant 
Francis Whitmiore of Middletown, Ct., and Hannah Harris. (Lieu- 
tenant Francis Whitmore, born Oct. 12, 1650; died Sept. 9, 1700, 
was the eldest son of Francis Whitmore of Cambridge, and Isabel, 
daughter of Richard Park of Cambridge. He married, Feb. 8, 
1675, Hannah, daughter of William Harris of Middletown, Ct.) 
He perished at sea, being cast away, Oct. 20, 1736. His wife Edith, 
with her two sons, Isaac and Nathaniel, were killed by lightning 
April 13, 1739. 

IV. Ruth Cornwell, daughter of the preceding, born Feb. i, 
1725; married (i), March 2, 1749, Amos Coleman, by whom she 
had five children. Amos Coleman died Nov, 27, 1755, and her 

iU;.'?'!.':iL;ij ir.iO ;:, :. a f\',i .p.i^ 

Vdliy. L >//.!lO..- i)J 

•/•;;jJxO/' t" '■;/.■ 


'0% ■nnr/;v II i<r ;<:;Imj 


'v^':"i-TA •■i''' 

•Jiq Of" * 

::•"!( ) 


fifth child, Ruth, was born April 2d following. She married (2), 
June 28, 1761, John Kirby, Jr.] 

Children of John Kirby by his first wife: 

54. i. Lucia Kirby, b. Jan. 18, 1749; m. Theodore Beckley. 

55. ii. Seth Kirby, b. May 13, 1751; m. Olive Treat. 

iii. Huldah Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1756; m. Rowland Allen. 

iv. John Kirby, b. Nov. 19, 1758. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier, and served in Major Sheldon's Regiment of 
Light Horse, which was with Washington on his re- 
treat through New Jersey in 1776. He died June 11, 
1783; not married. 

By his second wife: 

56. V. IMary Kirby, b. ]\Iay 2, 1763; m. (i) Solomon Dunham; 

m. (2) Dr. Samuel Davis. 

54. Lucia'' Kirby (John*, John', Joseph-, John^), born Jan. 18, 
1749, in Middletown, Ct.; married Theodore Beckley of Wethers- 
field, Ct., born 1742; died Feb. 9, 1806, aged sixty-three years. 
Lucia Kirby Beckley died Feb. 22, 1780. Children: 

i. Lucy Beckley, b. Sept. 17, 1772, in Wethersfield, Ct.; m., 
Nov. 28, 1792, Jesse Flart of Berlin, Ct., b. Jan. 3, 1768, 
son of Capt. Samuel Hart of Kensington (b. Jan. 21, 
1738; d. Aug. 21, 1813, son of Lieut. Samuel Hart and 
Mary Hooker) by his first wife Rebecca, dau. of Charles 
Norton. Lucy Beckley Hart died March 30, 1814, and he 
married (2), March 14, 1822, jNIindwell Porter, dau. of 
Samuel Porter and Mindwell Griswold of Windsor, Ct., 
by whom he had two children: (i) Samuel, b. May 24, 

1823, who died young; and (2) Jane Porter, b. Dec. i, 

1824, who married, Feb. 7, 1856, William Dodd of Cin- 
cinnati, O. He was first a cabinet-maker, and afterward 
kept the " Waples Hotel " in Berlin Street. He died March 
25, 1827. Children of Jesse Hart and Lucy Beckley: 

1. Lucy Hart, b. Oct. 23, 1793; m., April 25, 1819, 

Edward Norton, 

2. George Hart, b. Aug. 15, 1795; m., March 29, 18 18, 

Caroline Beckley. 

3. Harriet Hart, b. Sept. 22, 1798; m., March 3, 1822, 

Norris Wilcox. 

4. Rebecca Hart, b. Feb. 7, 1802; d. Feb. 9, 1807. 


'yi .-;?[ iK^-. J .('^iiii;'! .-'.-io'^^ol .-r^'-'oT /P'ii.-,ij /.o'^i' "f-;?;.!.* ,-•: 
.;t: . :':. '..'-^ "l.- Jj vV/ ,•: -'--i ,r; ,;;■ ^ :-' .:'.<■:,?',.'[ ^:>i.. i .1 

,,-; ■:"'■- Mrr ,j;rv'' v; ov'-' :^-^ -j.! ■ .' ■ ■'■ :'0'-.U vis:/'" * 

.\'j ,-H. ■!:].,■ ". i-:- ■''' '':: V l.uw i ', ' . • ■ -'i iv:i;n^ci 

J _■;.;,. ^ ,■• ~'u:-n -^iM. .:; b.;K ;--:■-/ ;■-•.:•: r,:^// .v^^T 
,,;t;A V- ; ■-'.■/ ;■ ,!..r'; '/ ■"'/'"• ,'< ■'! i , ' . ■ ' "r- ii : 11 o'A/f .;.'ihil 

;/ '■;- ;-i :■■:■'.:-' UAud Hi '[.■ i ' I . ^:,:n'v / '' jiii J ■■ 

..,;>■, „.i ■■ ,.„,:.■; J rnii t;^.. :/|_ k' i;.>:i'i :r.' .tsl^i ,^i 

,yu- [ ,"L iii^A ,.;/■ v'.-,"^ ,;'t .1:0 /; ,J:':;H ■■■-.<f. i .i 

.- ;: ■ .: ...!• :.-;.'v^ ,-'- -ifp:-^ ■'■' ■-'■'•^: • ■ •■■-H -I 
V, ■ . ■•],: ■:-' ■ : y'\ .-: .-'-yi .0 „;ir;' i. :■:■ w' v^ ; 


5. Elizabeth Hart, b. Dec. 17, 1806; m., Aug. 17, 1828, 

Frederick Weston. 

6. Emma Hart, b. Sept. 12, 1809; m. Howard H. White 

of Danbury. She was educated at Troy Seminary 
under her aunt, Mrs. Emma Willard, the eminent 
educator, who was half-sister to her father, Jesse 
Hart, and afterward taught in Troy Seminary. 
ii. Seth Beckley, b. Jan. 7, 1775; d. 1802, leaving a daughter: 
I. Lucy Kirby Beckley, b. 1800; m., Oct. 16, 1822, 
Lotan Beckley of ]3erlin, Ct. 

55. Seth' Kirby (John*, John^, Joseph-, John^), born May 13, 
175 1, in Middletown " Upper Houses; " married, Feb. 17, 1779, 
Olive Treat,''' daughter of Isaac Treat of Glastonbury, Ct. In 
1785 he removed to Saratoga County, N. Y., and began the settle- 
ment of the present town of Charlton, then a dense forest. He 
was known as " Deacon Kirby," and was a man-oi influence in 
church and military affairs. Before his marriage he had enlisted 
as a Revolutionary soldier, and had seen service in New Jersey, 
where, as a member of Colonel Sheldon's Regiment of Light 
Horse, he had guarded Washington's retreat in 1776. (" Con- 
necticut Men in the War of the Revolution," by the Adjutant- 
General, p. 481.) His granddaughter (Airs. Hewitt) says that he 
was made Lieutenant in 1783. He died in Charlton, N. Y., Jan, 
2, 1825. Olive Treat Kirby died Jan. 4, 1817. 

The " Troy Daily Times " published an account of the Kirby 
Centennial, held at Charlton, Oct. i, 1885, from which the follow- 
ing interesting particulars have been taken: 

" Five hundred people gathered at the Kirby homestead, Charlton, N. Y., 
Oct. I, 1885, to celebrate the centennial anniversary of its settlement by 
Deacon Seth Kirby. Deacon Kirby came from Connecticut with his 
young wife and founded the homestead a mile north of Charlton village, 
this locality being at that time a dense forest. Like other pioneers, he 
erected a rude log cabin for a home and began the work of clearing away 

* The Treat Genealogy, p. 40, gives only one daughter of Isaac Treat 
named Olive, and states that she died young. But that Isaac Treat had a 
second daughter named Olive is evident from the fact that, April 28, 1770, 
Olive Treat signs deed of Elisha Treat, son of Isaac; and that this daughter 
married Seth Kirby is shown by a comparison of the deed of Oct. 14, 1765, 
to Lucy Treat, daughter of Isaac, with that of Seth Kirby, and Olive his 
wife, dated March 17, 1785. to Samuel Treat, son of Isaac. (Glastonbury 
Deed Book, VI., p. 217, and Book IX., p. 186.) 


V Q H T X ^ ^^ O I ^ rv 

'{ .d 

■;.; .fr;M 

■1 .;: •-■■ i'.\ i^n; k ?.-; 



-•Vm; ■:.. ( 

-:^. ;,, 


■ ,';;:-:"ii ,?o 


! .. 

: n-ji! 

■;■ .' 

^^' Mil 


the forest. His labors in this arduous task extended over 200 acres, which 
,he afterward divided between his two sons. Captain Seth Kirby and Major 
Thomas Kirby, the latter inheriting the present Kirby homestead. The 
first frame house, whicli was erected in Charlton by Deacon Kirby, is still 
standing, and is used as a barn. He also erected the mansion, which has 
been rebuilt by the present owner, Colonel F. D. Curtis, who married the 
younger of the two daughters of Major Thomas Kirby. There are some 
notable features about the place, evidences of the thrift and enterprise of 
Deacon Kirby and his sons, such as grand old trees, which tower far above 
the house; a charming elevation on which the house stands, which was 
all made for the purpose; a well-preserved fourscore orchard, still bearing 
the best fruits of olden times, drains receiving and discharging the surplus 
waters; and every foot of fence on the old farm made of stone cleared !rom 
the land. The healing comfrey and the necessary hop-vine planted by 
Aunt Jude, a slave woman on the farm, who was made free by Deacon 
Kirby, every year rem.ind the present owner of a history in New York now- 
recalled but by a few, when slavery existed. It is not necessary perhaps 
to say that the Kirby homestead is now known world-v.-ide as the home 
of an agricultural v.riter (Colonel F. D. Curtis). Mr. John F. Kirby and 
Mrs. Hewitt received the numerous guests and welcomed them to the 
home of their fathers. Rev. J. D. Fulton, of Brooklyn, N. Y., made the 
opening address. Mr. John F. Kirby spoke in a most appropriate and 
feeling manner of his ancestors and his boyhood days, and Colonel F. D. 
Curtis closed the speaking. A large number of the guests dined at the 
homestead, and in the evening the young people finished the festivities of 
the day with music and dancing." 

Children of Seth Kirby and Olive Treat: 

57. i. Betsy Kirby, b. Dec. 4, 1779; m. Peter Lockwood. 
ii. Lucy Kirby, b. Aug, ip., 17S1 ; d. July 16, 1782. 

58. iii. Rev. John Kirby, b. June 30. 1783. 

59. iv. Seth Kirby, b. March 4, 1785; m. Margaret Wendell. 

V. Lucy Kirby, b. July 11, 1787; d. Jan. 13, 1801. 

60. vi. Thomas Kirby, b. May 24, 1790; m. Amy Hewitt. 

[Treat Lineage: 

L Richard Treat of Wethersfield, Ct., born 1584; baptized Aug. 
28, 1584, in Pitminster, Co. Somerset, England, was the son of 
Robert (Richard, William, John) and Konora Treat of Pitminster. 
He married. April 2y, 161 5, in Pitminster, England, Anna Gay- 
lord, baptized May 10, 1595, daughter of Hugh Gaylord of Pit- 
minster, England. He settled early in Wethersfield, Ct., where 
he was a man of prominence in political affairs; was deputy to 
the General Court at Hartford, 1644-58; was elected magistrate 
March ir, 1658, and served in this office until 1665. (Connecticut 


:^ M H c ■ 


on:, -'c 


,r/ :!',,^...'.. 

il^- ,(f r:. 

J Ai. .■- .•■.noi 

-.3 3fc/- 


■/ ■.■<• ^ . 

.no-^i-'i a ,1 

i-. ,: :5-j 


"• '':w. ;•"■;■ 

:■■ >; ii; :i • 

-V vu^ivl .J 

. ■ '. 

oj l:i-^ , 


•,^X^;: ,0^ :.;.,-,; .'' ■ ,■•'';" ,r(' ': .V:>.>1 .i;; .oft 

\ •" ■ >■ .i^^ -j:!} o! L'" ■ > . '^ ••'■"^1 , 1 r ii-)7;;]' 


Colonial Records, Book I., p. 310.) He was also one of the cor- 
porators named in the charter of King Charles II., 1662. (Con- 
necticut Colonial Records, Book II., pp. 3-1 1.) He died in 1669 
in Wethersfield, Ct. 

II. Richard Treat of Wethersfield, Ct., eldest son of preceding", 
born 1623; baptized Jan. 9, 1622-3, in Pitminster, England. He 
married, about 1661, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Coleman of 
Wethersfield, Ct., and Hadley, Alass. He died about 1673 in 
Wethersfield, Ct. Sarah, his widow, died Aug. 23, 1734, aged 
ninety-two years. 

III. Lieutenant Thomas Treat of Glastonbury, Ct., youngest 
child of the preceding, born Dec. 12, 1668, in Wethersfield, Ct.; 
married, July 5, 1693, Dorothy Eulkeley, born about 1662, daugh- 
ter of Rev. Gershom Bulkeley of Wethersfield, Ct. (son of Rev. 
Peter of Concord, Mass.), and Sarah Chauncy, daughter of Presi- 
dent Charles Chauncy of Harvard College. He was appointed. 
May, 171 1, Lieutenant of the Train Band of Glastonbury. He 
died Jan. 17, 1713, in Glastonbury, Ct. 

IV. Isaac Treat of Glastonbury, Ct., fourth child of preceding, 
born Aug. 15, 1701, in Glastonbury, Ct.; died Aug. 29, 1763; 
married, Dec. 10, 1730, his cousin, Rebecca Bulkeley, born Feb. 
22, 1709; died Oct. 19, 1786, daughter of Captain Edward Bulkeley 
of Wethersfield and Dorothy Prescott.] 

57. Betsy^ Kirby (Seth', John*, John^ Joseph^, John^), born 
Dec. 4, 1779, in Berlin, Ct.; m.arried Peter Lockwood, born Aug. 
II, 1772, in Stamford, Ct., son of Captain Israel Lockwood of 
Stamford, Ct. (born May 21, 1741; died 1816, son of Daniel), and 
Rebecca Seely, born Feb. 9, 1739, daughter of John and Sally 
Seely. He received from his father land in Charlton, Saratoga 
County, N. Y., and removed thither. Children bom in Charl- 
ton, N. Y. (from the Lockwood Genealog}^ : 

i. Israel Lockwood, b. ; m. . 

ii. Seth Lockwood, b. ; m. . 

iii. Elihu Lockwood, b. ; not married. 

iv. Joseph Lockwood, b. ; removed to New Jersey. 

V. Harry Lockwood, b. ; married and died in California. 

vi. Thomas Lockwood, b. ; not married. 

vii. John Lockwood, b. ; m.arried and had three children. 

viii. Eliza Lockwood, b. ; m. John Holmes. 

ix. Rebecca Lockwood, b. ; m. Low^ 

X. Lucy Lockwood, b. ; m.. Saunders. 


■ iv? :,: .11: 

r!0:1 i 'n-.-^ 

■■ ''-.-id-^;"-.. /.{i ,..■' ,J;'J [;:.-p' .■i^'^'^i ,' 

:i:i>:0 ■:'■} '^ ^i: 

•,-^-- . : jj : /, cy'j 

»^!j .(•>;:;■■.;: .,<;b'i j:;ou ,vl. >'- 
- .t- ;-- -.0 :0'-v. ;--•.' :---.^-I •> 

.rn : /■; .'>■■ ■:■.-. 'I'oJ pJ-^ -: ji 

,r;;.- • .ci .!;.00//> >.\1 rlqL;r...'T .V( 

:;-■: :- ^ ,' ,b:.o..-'vJ vtis^H v 

- - d j -■ -.■ ii/ 

ra ; .d ,b/->//-H v^- ! i;-t'>7ib>l .xr 


xi. Elizabeth Lockwood, b. ; m. IMcIntyre. 

xii. Jane Lockwood, b. ; not married. 

58. John^ Kirby (Seth^ John*, John\ Joseph^ John^, born 
June 30, 17S3, in that part of Middletown which is now the town 
of BerHn, Ct. He removed with his parents in 1785 to Charlton, 
N. Y., where his early Hfe was spent on the farm of his father. 
He entered Union College in 1803, and graduated in 1807, dis- 
tinguished as a scholar and respected as a man. After leaving 
college, he taught a year in the Academy at Aurora, N. Y., and 
was afterward a tutor in Union College from 181 1 to 181 5, 
Meanwhile he had studied theology, with the intention of entering 
the ministry; and in the autumn of 181 5 he went to Newbury, 
Mass., to preach as a candidate. He was ordained, June 12, 1816, 
pastor of the church in the Third Parish of Newbur>' (now the 
Second Church of West Newbury), to succeed Dr. Leonard 
Woods, who had been called to Andover Theological Seminary. 

" Mr. Kirby was predisposed to a disease of the lungs, and his 
health demanding a change, he left Newbury on Oct. 18, 1818, 
for his father's house in New York. By the urgent advice of his 
physician, he at length decided to journey to a more Southern 
climate, and sailed from New York on Dec. i, 1818, for Charles- 
ton, S. C. The vessel was driven ashore upon Ocracoke bar, off 
the coast of North Carolina, on the night of Dec. 5, 1818. After 
the vessel was aground, the waves broke over her continually. 
In this hour of distress and danger the conduct of 'Mr. Kirby was 
perfectly calm. He employed himself in exhorting the men to 
trust in Christ, and while engaged in prayer was washed over- 
board. Mr. Kirby was rather distinguished for good sense and 
a sound judgment than for quickness of thought and brilliancy 
of imagination. As a public speaker, when he first commenced 
preaching, owing, it is supposed, to bodily debility and mental 
depression, there was a want of animation in his manner. He 
soon mended in this respect, however; and if he never became, 
strictly speaking, very eloquent, there was in his appearance such 
an evidence of sincerity, and such solemn engagedness, as recom- 
mended him to the consciences of the people, and deservedly 
ranked him among the most acceptable and interesting preachers. 
Mr. Kirby is remembered to this day with great affection and 
respect by the older people of the parish. He was never married. 
He published one sermon, preached at the Dedication of the Meet- 
ing House in the Second Parish in West Newbury, January 3, 


Y t'J yi i'A ?: ii 'J 

a 1- M A G M :? D R If 

J ,• 

, - -1 


1816." (" Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History' of Essex 
County, Mass.," by Rev. S. J. Spalding, D.D., pp. 132-34.) 

The " Columbian Centinel " of Jan. 30, 1819, contained the 
following lines: 

Tributar>- to the memory of the Rev. John Kirby, ordained June, 1816, 
preached in the Third Parish in Newbury, and was shipwrecked on Ocra- 
coke Bar, near Charleston, S. C, to w^hich place he was going for his health. 

Ah! te meae ripartem animas rapit. 
Maturior vis, quid moror altera. 
Nee corus scque nee superstes 

Kirby, 'twas thine religion's cause to plead. 
And, by thy skilful efforts, to succeed. 
In thee, as in thy jMaster, men might view 
At once the precept and the pattern too. 
Dark speculation's mysteries thou didst drop: 
Careful to know, yet conscious where to stop, 
Consistent, holy, tender, meek, sincere, 
Vice had thy mild rebuke, and grief thy tear, 
But, oh, thy useful labors now are o'er: 
That tongue that warned us once shall warn no more. 
What tears of love and reverence have been shed, 
Since the cold billows closed around thy head! 
.Go, parting spirit, mingle with the blest; 
Dear modest brother, go and be at rest; — 
If Jesus loveliness in John could see. 
Resembling him, to heaven he welcomes thee. 

59. Seth« Kirby (Seth^, John*, John^ Joseph^, John^, born 
March 4, 1785, in Berlin, Ct.; married, Dec. 17, 1807, Margaret 
Wendell, born July 3, 1786, daughter of Ahasuerus Wendell and 
Eve Peck, both of Schenectady, N. Y. He was a Captain of 
Militia, and died in Charlton, N. Y., March 6, 1871, aged eighty- 
six, Margaret Wendell Kirby died Oct. 13, 1866. Children 
bom in Charlton, N. Y.: 

i. Betsy Kirby, b. Sept. 20, 1808; d. Dec. 22, 1893; m., 
Sept. 20, 1826, in Charlton, N. Y., Jesse Thompson 
Conde, b. May 26, 1799, in Bridgewater, N. Y,, son 
of Jonathan and Sally Conde. He was a farmer in 
Wilson, Niagara County, N. Y., where he died Sept. 
16, 1864. Betsy Kirby Conde died Dec. 22, 1893, in 
Wilson, N. Y. Children: 

9fl3 i 

:<£jiin "anfv/f'j; 

in g 

■■'•! yd} xif:' ,^(rA 

; .■-:;;:■:;. riky.Hol ,^rirfo| /.,,;,/; .;-,i'M->^; vJjDi ^ihs^ .f;5 

-:•:•'• '^V; - ' "i-;j> ; ■ ''- -.> yj^A-'r-f.' ^0---:\ ,r, vlrjl^ mod Ji^bnj 

\^> \-.v.j:i ,li/^ .-'y ■■ ■ ,.':■■ . ■■' ■:!• •"'■') n: h ^"P. tv, : .ulUU 
•';/'"': ,003 1 .^; .;■•■.' ij^ih vj !.;_ ;!jb/i5','7 1sis-;^-ii;i4 .> 

: .Y M ,:K;ib-u\J vii a> 

•\, • * s 

i: f■>■^ -:! ;jT^^:i.v ..Y .VI 
;\^oi ,^:k .r'C L)3il> ^'bn'""' 


1. Charles Thompson Conde, b. March 24, 182S, in 

Charlton, N. Y.; d. Jan. 19, 1852, in Wilson, 
N. Y. 

2. John Henry Conde, b. April i, 1830, in Charlton, 

N. Y.; is married, and now resides in East 
Saginaw, Mich. 

3. Elizabeth E. Conde, b. Jan. 17, 1834, in Glenville, 

N. Y.; m. Crosby. 

4. Sarah Margaret Conde, b. Sept. 12, 1840; m. 

Crosby, and is now residing in Wilson, 

N. Y. 

5. Louisa J. Conde, b. July 14, 1843. 

6. Levantia Philena Conde, b. Xov. 20, 1846; m., 

Nov. 20, 1867, in Wilson, X. Y., Chester Nor- 
man Johnson, b. April 21, 1844, in Wilson, 
N. Y., son of Joseph F. and Catherine John- 
son. He was a farmer in Wilson, N. Y., where 
he died Nov. 16, 1877. Children born in 
Wilson, N. Y.: (i) Agnes Delia, b. Jan. 28, 
1870; (2) Ida May, b. June 19, 1874; (3) Mabel 
Elida, b. Nov. 4, 1875. 
61. ii. Henry Kirby, b. Nov. 9, 181 1; m. Carolina F. Andrews. 
iii. Eveline Kirby, b. April 18, 1816; m., June 7, 1848, Amos 
Hewitt, b. Aug. 26, 18 12; d. Nov. 24, 1887, son of 
Capt. Thomas Hewitt of Charlton, N. Y. Mrs. Eveline 
Kirby Hewitt is living in Eallston Spa, aged eighty- 
two. She has long been interested in the Kirby gene- 
alogy, and through her most of the information con- 
cerning the descendants of Dea. Seth Kirby of Charl- 
ton has been obtained. No children. 
iv. Amy Eliza Kirby, b. Feb. 9, 1819; m., Nov. 16, 1842, 
William B. Cruttenden. Children: 

1. David Henry Cruttenden, b. Oct. 13, 1843. 

2. William Cruttenden, b. Sept. 17, 1845; d. 1874. 

3. Martha Margaret Cruttenden, b. Oct. 24, 1853; 

m., Sept. 2^, 1^77, in Clarendon, Orleans 
County, N. Y., Samuel Herbert Copeland. 
Children: (i) Ralph B., b. March 25, 1879; 
(2) William H., b. Jan. 18, 1882; (3) Laura A., 
b. May 14, 1880; (4) Mildred A., b. June 21, 
1889; (5) Gertrude E., b. April 29, 1892. 
V, Margaret L Kirby, b. April 10, 1822; d. June 21, 1842. 


Y "•• 

riL'.;; . c i!j ,i^:l':^^ .i^i. Mi»\ .n ,,i ./.; .fron. 

Y M 
oil nrioi .S 

f -1 

* <^. 

/,'/ .:_' .r 

'-piiii-; ; ..1 

1-^ ,C-.'J 

'^-■' = 1 .' 

' ':0 .;:v! :; "■■ :; ■• . ■ i.!! /■'' 


61. Henry^ Kirby (Seth«, Scth\ John^ John^, Joseph^, John^), 
born Nov. 9, 181 1, in Charlton, N. Y.; died June 27, 1882; mar- 
ried, in Clarendon, Orleans County, N. Y., Caroline Fidelia 
Andrus, born Aug. 16, 1816; died April 27, 1SS3, daughter of 
William Andrus and Submit Lee. Children: 

i. John Henry Kirby, b. Oct. 7, 1840; m., Oct. 16, 1866, in 
Clarendon, N. Y., Josephine Warren. He was a soldier 
in the Civil War, and is now living in Oceana, W. Va. 

1. Margaret Amelia Kirby, b. Nov. 4, 1S67. 

2. Frederick Warren Kirby, b. Oct. 23, 1870. 

3. Charles Henry Kirby, b. Sept. 13, 1872. 

4. John Nathan Kirby, b. July 11, 1874. 

5. Mittie Kirby, b. Oct. 17, 1877. 

ii. Fidelia Caroline Kirby, b, Sept. 27, 1842; m., April 18, 1876, 
in Independence Hill, Prince William County, Va., Eli 
H. Potter, b. April 8, 1841, son of Eli Potter and Mary 
Sanford. His parents removed from Connecticut to Chili, 
Monroe County, N. Y., in 1843. They had one child, who 
died in infancy. 

60. Thomas® Kirby (Seth^, John*, Jolm^, Joseph^, John^), born 
May 24, 1790, in Charlton, N. Y.; married, Feb. 23, 1827, Amy 
Hewitt, born April 19, 1802, daughter of Captain Thomas and 
Sally Hewitt. He was a Lieutenant in the war of 1812. He in- 
herited the Kirby homestead, on which he died Jan. 2S, i865. 
Amy Hewitt Kirby died Aug. 23, 1834. Children: 

i. John Fosgate Kirby, b. Oct. 12, 1828, in Charlton, N. Y.; 

m., Oct. 19, 1856, at South Bend, Ind.. Priscilla A. Wall, 

b, Nov. 17, 1S32, dau. of John and Jane Wall of South 

Bend, Ind. He was a lawyer in South Bend. Ind. He 

died suddenly, July 15, 1898, at Eureka Springs, Ark. 

One child: 

I. Sarah Louise Kirby, b. Aug. 16, 1869; not married. 

ii. Sarah Kirby, b. Aug. 23, 1850; d. Aug. 3, 1865; not married. 

iii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Aug. 25, 1832; d. Feb. 15, 1874; m., 

Oct. 19, 1854, Col. F. b. Curtis, b. ; d. May 29, 1891. 

No children. 

56. Mary-" Kirby (John*, John', Joseph^, John^), born May 3, 
1763, in Middlctovvn, Ct.; married (i). May 4, 1786, Solomon 
Dunham of Berlin, Ct., who died Aug. 23, 1786, at Pointe-a-Pitrc, 



:58r .! 

Mil'} OJ Jf' : 

bn.; ■ r.,t ;.-;;■:'!■ -^;^^i^^^ 

J!:.',',' , '. :.ll'.'^;!-, ' ... ;■ ,L;'j:/'I i'- - .. - . ;, ,''-.:'^ .:H J::''j ..175 

-::-' :.' 

: :<- . 

.;> J .: 


>: r':;,<f 


;■;,:>-■; I 





':^-\ .^il- 




,1 ;; 1 ■ ■ 



:i i /<.]■;• 




; ',■ ; 'il 1 " 

i "I ./,;' 

,T .^^^ 

r v^' 



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■-;/l -i: 

-"->] ; 


-i r:ii;^^ '•."■[ J .io' .) 

;■■, . J. ••vr )., _ f 


in the island of Guadalonpe. She married (2), Oct. 3, 1789, Samuel 
Davis of Ballston, N, Y., born Oct. 7, 1765, in East Hampton, 
LT I., eldest son of John Davis of East Hampton, L. I., and Mary 
Conkhn. Samuel Davis was a physician. He studied medicine 
and surgery with Dr. Philip Turner of Norwich, Ct., and after- 
ward practised in Scoharie, N. Y. At the urgent request of in- 
fluential persons of Ballston, N. Y., he removed to that place, where 
he continued in the practice of his profession for nearly half a 
century. Dr. Samuel Davis died Jan. 26, 1840, in Ballston, N. Y. 
Mary Kirby Davis died in Ballston, N. Y., Oct. i, 1855, aged 
ninety-two years. 

[John Davis of East Hampton, L. I., b. March 4, 1723; d. Dec. 
15, 1798, in East Hampton, L. I., was the son of Thomas Davis 
of East Hampton, L. I., b. in England 16S6; d. in East Hamp- 
ton, L. I., Aug. 30, 1765 (son of John Davis, b. in England 1612; 
d. in East Hampton, L. I., Dec. 22, 1705), and Abigail Parsons, 
b. 1680; d. Dec, 1745 (m. Jan. 11, 1722). He married (2) Mary 
Conklin, b. Nov. 8, 1734; d. Jan. 18, 1814, dau. of Henry Conklin 
of Amagansett (East Plampton), L. I., bapt. Feb. 22, 1702, and 
Mary Jones (m. May 5, 1724). Henry Conklin was the son of 
Ananias and Hannah Conklin, and the grandson of Benjamin 
Conklin (son of Ananias, the settler) and Hannah Mulford, dau. 
of the Hon. John Mulford of East Hampton, L. I., who was a 
member of the House of Magistrates of Connecticut in 1658.] 

Children: by her first husband: 
62. i. Mary Dunham, b, Feb. 23, 1787; m. Rev. John McCrea. 

By her second husband: 
C3. ii. John Kirby Davis, b. Jan. 23, 1792; m. ^Mary Elizabeth 

64. iii. Samuel S. Davis, b. July 12, 1793; m. Mary Cuthbert 


65. iv. Abigail IMaria Davis, b. Nov. 3, 1795; rn. Rev. Thomas 

Charlton Henry. 

66. V. Henr>' Davis, b. Sept. 14, 1798; m, Abby Jane Raymond. 
vi. Melissa A. Davis, b. Nov. 17, 1804; d. June 26, 1805. 

62. Mary« Dunham (Alary Kirby^ John*, John^ Joseph^, 
John^), born Feb. 23, 1787, six months after the death of her 
father; married, March 18, 1S04, Rev. John McCrea, a minister of 


T 'jr T/T t^ o ' w r» ^ 

.1 //. 

i: S .... / ... ,.•( 

1 .-■'Ti 

■J''] ■•::.':: ..tih: 

£ £;;-.'; •. --'7, 

.*:.)jM rrck 

vJd'>;0 ■-i\'.d .rx ;;vv-. ,tr {In^ 


■■/-.if'" '. \-i .rr; ^^c", ^ .;: .•o^': .d ,ij/£a fir-/^r.'i n&'i:TA .v^ .^^ 


the Presbyterian Church, who died Sept., 1849, in Westfield, O. 

She died Aug. iS, 1829, in Dover, O. Children: 

i. Samuel W. McCrea, b. April 18, 1819; m., 1846, Frances M. 
Porter, b. Feb. 5, 1829, dau. of Arba Porter and Atlanta 
Beecher, both of Connecticut. He was a merchant for 
forty-five years in Battle Creek, Mich., where he died 
March 13, 1893. His widow Frances is now living in 
Battle Creek, IMich. Children: 

1. John W. McCrea, b. Aug. 19, 1848; m., Sept. 13, 

1893, Elais Foster. He is a florist, and lives in 
Battle Creek, Mich. No children, 

2. Ida McCrea, b. Sept. 16, 1848; not married. 

3. Harry F. jMcCrea, b. May 27, 1858; m., Sept. 21, 

1892, Florence E. Allen of Bellevue, Mich. He is 
a druggist, and lives in Denver, Col. They have a 
daughter, born June 21, 1896. 

ii. Lucy McCrea, b. ; m. Mears, and has a daughter 


63. John Kirby^ Davis -(Alary Kirby^ John*, John^ Joseph', 
John^), born Jan. 23, 1792, in Ballston, N. Y.; married, Oct. 17, 
181 5, Mary Elizabeth Deming, bom 1794, daughter of Jonathan 
Deming of Castleton, Vt. He studied at ]\Iiddleburg College, 
and entered the ministry in 1820; was settled at Castleton, Vt., 
and Warrensburg and Kingsboro, N. Y. In 1844 he removed 
to Troy, N. Y., where he labored as Chaplain of the American 
Seaman's Friend Society. He died Dec. 5, 1867, in Troy, N. Y. 
His widow, Mary, died Jan. 8, 1884, aged eighty-nine years. 

i. Helen Sophia Davis, b. Oct., 1817; d. Jan. 30, 1867. 

ii. Jane Davis, b. ; d., 1833, in Kingsboro, N. Y, 

iii. John Kirby Davis, b. May 10, 1822; m., Dec. 25, 1849, 
Mary B. \\'oodruff, dau. of Ebenezer Woodruff. Chil- 

1. Charlton Kirby Davis, b. March 10, 1851. 

2. Anna Sophia Davis, b. ; m., June 12, 1883, 

Rev. J. Lester Wells of Newark, N. J., and after- 
ward assistant pastor of the First Congregational 
Church of Jersey City, N. J. Fie died Aug. 29, 
1897, in Stillwater, N. Y. 
IV. Mary De Forest Davis. 


n 1 y. K V- \ HO a T ;■•■ A a H a :> K :^ a 

'■ . ■•>;?,-' I .-. !.\ to 



M ,v; 


V. Charlton Henry Davis, b. ; m. Frances A. Dake. He 

; lives in Gerniantown, Pa. 

vi. Abbe Maria Davis, b. April 8, 1824; d, April 23, 1843. 

vii. Sarah Elizabeth Davis. 

viii. Samuel Deming Davis, b. . He is a banker, and lives 

in New York City. 

ix. Anna IMatilda Davis, b. 1833; d. April 3, 1845. 

64. Samuel S.^ Davis (Mary Kirby^, John^ John^, Joseph-, 
John^), born July 12, 1793, in Ballston, N. Y.; married, Jan. 5, 
1825, in Augusta, Ga., Mary Cuthbert Cumming, born Dec. 20, 
1797, daughter of Thomas Cumming and Anna Clay, daughter 
of Colonel Joseph Clay, a soldier of the Revolution. He graduated 
from Middlebury College in 1812, and from Princeton Theological 
Seminary in 18 19; received the degree of D.D, from Union Col- 
lege 1845. He was a Presbyterian clergyman, and his ministry 
v/as passed in the State of Georgia. He died Jan. 3, 1877, in 
Summerville, Ga. Mary, his wife, died Nov. 2, 1876. Children: 

i. Thomas Cumming Davis, b. Sept. 18, 1826; m,, Oct. 19, 
1 86 1, Frances C. Kindzer, 

ii. Anna Maria Davis, b. ; m., Nov. 11, 1856, Alfred Cuth- 
bert, only child of Hon. Alfred Cuthbert of Georgia. 

iii. Sarah Matilda Davis, b. ; m., Feb. 14, 1861, Gen. Alfred 

Cumming of the C. S. Army. They live in Rome, Ga. 

iv. Caroline S. Davis, b. ; m., Oct. 26, 1859, Prof. Joseph 

Jones of Georgia. 

V. Julia Cuthbert Davis, b. ; m., Dec. 31, 1864, Paul H. 


65. Abigail Maria" Davis (Mary Kirby', John*, John^ Joseph^, 
Jchn^), born Nov. 3, 1795; married, Aug. 23, 1816, Rev. Thomas 
Charlton Henry, born Sept. 22, 1790, in Philadelphia, son of Alex- 
ander Henry of Philadelphia and Sarah Snowden. He graduated 
from Middlebury College in 1814, and received the degree of D.D. 
from Union College in 1824. He was pastor of the First Presby- 
terian Church of Columbus, S. C, and afterward of the Second 
Presbyterian Church of Charleston, S. C. Three years after be- 
ginning his pastorate over the latter church, the yellow fever 
swept over the city, and Dr. Flenry, refusing to leave what he 
believed lO be his post of duty, fell a victim to the plague. He 
died Oct. 24, 1827, in Charleston, S. C. Abigail, his widow, died 
Jan. 18, 1875. 


V M 5T T ^ M W O T V[ O P T M 

''•r'.-;]" /nriu[. ,*.'"'ji':.(^ ,'-(dl)/l 
(^ " :.Y .V' ,'!o7 .i'/;' 

fj;:A .c: 



'^' ni 




■: ;v[ 

r:'. I 




v~' .':■:: 



:oHr . 


■{ J- 

■8 1 

ri'' - 

•.nnA . 



;-'■• ,1' 


'/ ._ 




[Alexander Henry of Philadelphia, Pa., b., 1765, in the North 
of Ireland; d. Aug. 13, 1847, i" Philadelphia. He came to Phila- 
delphia in 17S3, where he became a conmiission merchant and 
established a large and profitable business. He was a ruling Elder 
in the Presbyterian Church and President of the Board of Educa- 
tion of that denomination, and was also the first President of the 
American Sunday-School Union. His first wife was Sarah Snow- 
den (dau. of Jedediah Snowden, and granddaughter of John Snow- 
den of Philadelphia, who died 1797), by whom he had seven 
children: (i) Lctitia, who married FitzRandolph Smith of New 
Jersey; (2) Martha, who married (i) Silas E. \Veir and (2) Rev. 
John Chambers; (3) Rev. Thomas Charlton; (4) John Snowden, 
b. Sept. 9, 1795; d. 1835; m. Elizabeth I. Bayard, dau. of Andrew 
Bayard of Philadelphia and Sarah Pettit; (5) Sarah ^Matilda, who 
married Dr. John K. Mitchell; (6) Ann; (7) Mary, who married 
S. Austin Allibone.] 

Children of Rev. T. C. Henry and Abigail M. Davis: 

i. Sarah Matilda Henry, b. Oct. 7, 1817; m. Davis. 

ii. Anna Maria Henry, b. ; d. young. 

iii. Dr. Thomas Charlton Henry, b. Sept. 26, 1S26; d. Jan., 1878. 

66. Plenry^ Davis (:Mary Kirby^ John^ John', Joseph^, John^, 
born Sept. 14, 1798, in Ballston, N. Y.; married, Dec. 17, 1828, 
Abby Jane Raymond, born Aug. 22, 1806, daughter of Elijah 
Raymond (son of Jonathan Raymond of Green Farms, Ct.) and 
Jane Bradley, both of Ballston, N. Y. He was a prominent citizen 
of Saratoga County, a successful farmer, and a man of sterling 
character and of strict integrity. He died June 19, 1888, in Ball- 
ston, N. Y. His wife, Abby, died Nov. i, 1881. Children born 
in Ballston, N. Y.: 

67. i. Samuel Kirby Davis, b. Nov. 4, 1829; m. Mary Eliza 
ii. Robert Oliphant Davis, b. April 18, 1831; m., March 
4, 1858, Mary Euphemia Walls of Charlton, N. Y., 
who died April 7, 1867, in Ballston, N. Y., leaving no 
children. He married (2), Nov. 18, 1868, Abigail 
McMullen of Easton, N. Y. Children: 

1. SamueP Davis. 

2. Louis Henry Davis. 

3. Edna Eva Davis. 

4. Robert Alexander Davis. 


'■" H' 5v ' yi M ^ o ^ ^ O ^ "^ ^^ 

i livrroH 


5. Mary Frances Davis, 
iii. Henry Edward Davis, b. Oct. 22, 1832. 
iv. Eliza Raymond Davis, b. April 17, 1834; d. June 13, 

V. Sarah Matilda Davis, b. March 4, 1836; d. April 4, 1S36. 
vi. Anna Elizabeth Davis, b. July 30, 1S38; m., May 22, 

1863, Louis Beck Smith of Albany, N. Y. ; no children. 
vii. Abby Frances Davis, b. Aug. i, 184 1. 
viii. Julia Buckingham Davis, b. March 28, 1846. 
ix. Mary Isabella Davis, b. Dec. 17, 1847. 

67. Samuel Kirby'^ Davis (Henry Davis^ iMary Kirby', John*, 
John^ Joseph-, John^), born Nov. 4, 1829; married, Oct. 13, 1859, 
in Cleveland, O., Mary Eliza Hough, born Nov. 22. 1838, in Mar- 
tinsburg, N. Y., daughter of Oliver and Eliza Hough of Martins- 
burg, N. Y. He is a mining broker, and since 1889 has been 
living in Helena, Mont. Children: 

i. Maud Mary Davis, b. Oct. 10, i860, in Cleveland, O.; m., 

Nov. 14, 1882, Thomas Childering Baker, b. in England; 

d. April, 1889, She is now living in Helena, Mont. 


1. Thomas Childering Baker, b. Oct. 26, 1887, in Ten- 


2. Viroque Baker, b. Aug., 1889, in Helena, Mont. 

ii. Harry Hough Davis, b. May, 1866, in Cleveland, O. He is 
now engaged in mining. 

iii. Percy Fuller Davis, b. Sept. 17, 1869, in Cleveland, O. Was 
killed in a mine near Helena, Dec. 19, 1894. 

iv. Carl Raymond Davis, b. Jan. 12, 1874, in Cleveland, O.; 
graduated from Colorado ^vlining School at Golden, Col., 
and is now Assistant Manager of the Boston and Mon- 
tana Mining Co. at Butte, Mont. 

V. Mabel Jane Davis, b. June 26, 1879; d. young. 

24. Hannah* Kirby (John^, Joseph-, John^), born April, 1723, 
in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, April 25, 1745, Solo- 
mon Sage, born 1720, son of Timothy Sage and Margaret Holibert. £v' 
He was appointed Deacon of the Congregational Church in '-' 
Middletown " Upper Houses " Jan. 26, 1775, snd served until 
his death, June 7, 1795. Hannah Kirby Sage died Oct. 23 (or 
28), 1806. Children: 

7 B^l^L Vl H O I 

'-•Si ,; r .:.-'J Mu-> 

'X [■.•isi;t:,c: 

r^i^d c)rt {'■-'■■•• :■ r-i^r: 


.^j-Tii.' . r\: u:ii>-2nj '^oa 

■:;,•■•.'■■• ^.!^ .Vr'oi ,^-'\ -^^;:.'' ,;' -■:; •"',1 "^nr,] 

•'■: J'nqA 'f^'i 

',p?->...|. /nr;, 

!^ }U i 




i. Samuel Sage, b. April 12, 1746; d. 1814; m., May 11, 1780, 
Elinor Edwards of Middlctown, Ct. Children: 

1. Allen Sage, bapt. Nov. 3, 17S2; d. 1854; m. 

Sarah . 

2. Elinor Sage, b. ; d. young. 

3. Hannah Sage, bapt. Jan. 3, 1790; m. Bildad B. 

ii. Rev. Seth Sage, b. Feb. 9, 1748; d. 1822; m. Phoebe Wil- 
cox. He was settled over the Presbyterian Church of 
Windsor, N. Y., and had eight children. 
iii. Chloc Sage, b. Feb. 5, 1750; not married. 

Stephen Sage, b. Sept. 14, 1752. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier, and served three years in the Continental Army, 
He removed to Sandisfield, ;Mass., and had nine children. 
V. Martha Sage, b. Jan. 7, 1754; not married. 

Capt. Simon Sage, b. June 26, 1759; ^1- 1840; m. Mary 
Holdcn. He was in the Revolutionary Army; removed 
to Salisbury, Ct. He had eleven children. 
Solomon Sage, b. Aug. 3, 1762; d. 1823 (will probated 
Sept. 15, 1823); m., June 2y, 178S, Anna WiUiams. He 
lived in Middletown, Ct. Children: 

1. Eber Sage, b. 1790; m. Acsah Ely. 

2. Roxy Sage, b. 1791; m. Timothy White, Jr. 

3. Anna Sage, b. 1792; m. Israel Russell. 

4. Ezra Sage, b. 1796; m. Bathsheba M. Wilcox. 

5. Emily Sage, b. 1798; m. Timothy Ball. 

6. Laura Sage, b. 1799; ^- Ebenezer Post. 

7. Solomon Sage, b. 1802; d. 1827; not married. 

8. Luther W. Sage, b. 1803; m. Elizabeth White. 
Hannah Sage, b. Nov. 13, 1764; d. before Dec. 22, 1789; 

m. Ozias Deming of Sandisfield, Ct., and had one child: 
Mercy Sage,.b. June 9, 1768; m. Butler. 

25. Daniel* Kirby (John', Joseph*, John^), bom Oct. 24, 1724, 
in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, Oct. 26, 1752, Lu- 
cretia Porter, born March 27, 1733, daughter of Amos Porter 
and Sibyl Ranney. He died Sept. 9, 1796, in Middletown, Ct. 
Lucretia Porter Kirby died April 29, 1767. Children: 

i. Sibyl Kirby, b. July 15, 1753; m., Dec. 9, 1780, Joseph 
Shepard of Middlctown, Ct., bapt. May 26, 1754, son of 


Y a >■} I ^- PI' H O T, "J n ::» T XA A, 

.; ■-•: ■ 

■'■■<. V'j'A M 

. .' --"• I i 

i . -''S'-'J 


J•!^' .^-K.J JV 

.£-;. ^ 



Samuel and Hannah Shepard of Middletown, Ct. Joseph 
Shepard was a Revolutionary soldier in Capt. Eells Com- 
pany, Third Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade. He re- 
moved to \\'hitesto\vn, Oneida County, N. Y., where 
he was living May 31, 1S05. Children: 

1. Richard Shepard, b. Dec. 15, 1781. 

2. Luther Shepard, b. Nov. 16, 1783. 

3. Jason Shepard, b. Sept. 9, 1789. 

4. Olive Shepard, b. Aug. 15, 1791; d. Jan. 10, 1793. 

5. Horace Shepard, b. Jan., 1793. 

Lucretia Kirby, b. Jan. 16, 1735; m., Dec. 14, 1779, John 
Mildrum of Wethersfield and }^Iiddletown, Ct. He died 
Dec. 29, 1827, aged seventy-three. Lucretia Kirby 
Mildrum died Jan. 3, 1819. Children: 

1. Luther jNlildrum, b. ; m. Sally Savage, dau. of 

Samuel Savage, b. :May 9, 1756 (son of Samuel 
Savage and ]\Iary Kirby) and Sarah Comwell. 

2. John Mildrum. 

3. Orren Mildrum, b. 1784; d. June 21, 1862. 

4. Mary Mildrum, b. Sept. 4, 1786. 

5. Henry Mildrum. 

6. Lucretia Mildrum. 

7. Lucy Mildrum. 

8. Stephen Mildrum, b. 1796; d. Jan. 25, 1850. 
Stephen Kirby, b. July 31, 1757; d. May 10, 1795; not 

Rachel Kirby, b. Sept. 17, 1759; d. Jan. 17, 1840; not 

Dotia Kirby, b. June 16, 1762; was unmarried, and in 

Guilford, Ct., Dec, 1799. She afterward married Abner 

Bacon, and they were living Jan. 27, 1801, in Paris, 

Oneida County, N. Y. 
Sarah Kirby, b. Jan. 18, 1765; m., July 2^, 1791, Abraham 

Benton, b. Feb. 28, 1767, son of Jabez Benton and Mary 

Bartholomew of Farmington, Ct. He died Feb. 6, 1807. 

Sarah Kirby Benton died Sept. 21, 1808. Children: 

1. Mary Benton, b. Dec. 19, 1791. 

2. Ira Benton, b. April 27, 1794; m- JwHa Scranton, 

dau. of Samuel Scranton and Luthina Bells. He 
died in 1826. Children: (i) Harriet Elizabeth 
Benton, b. Dec. 16, 1817; d. Aug. 6, 1828; (2) 
Julia Ann Benton, b. Sept. 23, 1819; not married. 

rti:^ V 

f ;Al 



'. cj; 

.7 -JJi 



>.;t ,^r -T,/. 

. ., ■■■■ nii .-y. -,1 
1^ -H ,?',! .r:i_).r^f-;r,;T 


1 1 h •■ I 


3. Harriet Benton, b. July 18, 1797; d. Aug., 1816; 

not married. 

4. Sally Benton, b. 1800; d. June 18, 1829; not married. 
vii. Amos Kirby, b. 1774; d. Feb. 11, 1846, aged seventy-one, 

in Berlin, Ct. ; m. (i) Sarah , who died Oct. i, iSoo, 

aged twenty-six; (2) Lois , who died Feb. 9, 1840, 

aged sixty-five. Fie lived in Berlin, Ct. In 1814 he re- 
opened the " Fuller Tavern/' of Gen. Washington fame, 
and continued for twenty years to keep this famous 
hostelry. Children: 

1. Amos Kirby, b. ; not married. 

2. Margaret Kirby, b. ; not married. 

3. John Kirby, b. ; removed to the South. 

4. Sarah (?) Kirby, b. ; m. Judd. 

viii, Daniel Kirby, b. ; m., Nov. 14, 1771, Margaret Cogs- 
well. He is mentioned in the distribution of his father's 
estate, 1796, but nothing further is known concerning 
him. He seems to have been the eldest son and by a 
former wife. 

2G. Sarah* Kirby (John^, Joseph", John^), born July 19, 1726, 
in Middletown " Upper Houses; " married, Oct. 13, 1748, Captain 
Samuel Savage of Middletown, Ct., born 1722, youngest child 
of Thomas Savage and Mary Goodwin. He died Dec. 5 (or 27), 
1779. Sarah Kirby Savage died Aug. 3, 1786. 

[Thomas Savage of Middletown, Ct., b. Aug. 21, 1684; d. Feb. 
13, 1755, was the eldest surviving son of Capt. John Savage of 
Middletown and Mary Ranney (b. Feb., 1665; d. Aug. 19, 1734, 
dau. of Thomas Ranney of Middletown and Mary Hubbard). 
He married, March 21, 171 1, Mary Goodwin, b. Dec. 8, 1685; 
d. June 9, 1758, dau. of William Goodwin of Hartford (b. 1658; 
d. 1733, son of William, and grandson of Ozias) and Elizabeth 
Siiepard, aau. ot Jolm ijhepard 01 Uamuricige, i\iass.] 
Children of Captain Samuel Savage and Sarah Kirby: 
i, Sarah Savage, b. Oct. i, 1749; d. June 27, 1787; not married. 
li. Hepzibah Savage, b. Oct. 17, 1751; m., as his first wife, 
William Hamlin of Middletown, Ct. She died before 
1781, and he married (2) Lucy Kirby, dau. of Thomas 
Kirby and Lucy Stocking, Children: 

1. Lucy Hamlin, b. Feb, 19, 1777; m. Daniel Crowell 
of Middletown, Ct, 


Y a >i I :a h k o i. -i -j a t m a a 

.w;.'-.-! .r .-rj'i ly/ib iVi,v c- :■ i i- 'i.; /:;i'^a.: ;;;. 

.Ji ■...- u I!-, i!-.;.: J 

' ''" i< 


2. Hepzibah Hamlin, b. Aug. 17, 1779'. "i. Samuel 
Candee of :^liddleto\vn, Ct. He afterward re- 
moved to Trenton, N. J. 
iii. Sibyl Savage, b. March 5, 1754; d. before Sept. 13, 1787; 

not married. 
iv. Samuel Savage, b. ^^lay 9, 1756; m., Dec. 27, 1778, Sarah 
Cornwcll (or Mary Cornwell, according to the Cromwell 
Church records), b. Feb. 7, 1759; d. 1827, dau. of Lieut. 
Nathaniel and IMary Cornwell of Middletown, Ct. 
Children : 

1. Samuel Savage, b. ; living in 1828. 

2. Catharine Savage, b. ; m. Jonathan Hall. 

3. Roswell Savage. 

4. Sally Savage, b. ■ ; m. Luther Mildrum, eldest 

son of John Mildrum of Wethersfield, Ct., and 
Lucretia Kirby, dau. of Daniel Kirby of Middle- 
town, Ct. 

5. Hepzibah Savage, b. ; m. Seth Hall. 

6. Mehitable Savage, b. ; living in 1828, and un- 


7. Rhoda Savage, b. ; living in 1828, and un- 


8. David Savage, b. ; living in 1828. 

9. Orrin Savage, b. ; living in 1828. 

10. Seth Savage, b. ; d. before April 7, 1828, leav- 
ing children by wife Phoebe: (i) Maria; (2) ]Mary 
Ann; (3) Seth. 
V. Thomas Savage, b. :May 9, 1756, twin with Samuel. 
' vi. Ozias Savage, b. Aug. i, 1758; d. Aug. 6, 1763. 

vii. Seth Savage, b. Nov. 2y, 1760; d. before Sept. 13, 1787; 

not married. 
viii. John Savage, b. Jan. 22, 1763. 
ix. Hannah Savage, b. May 4, 1765; d. Aug. 23, 1829; m., 
June 3, 1784, Capt. Richard Treat of East Hartford, Ct., 
b. 1762; d. Nov. II, 1823. They had ten children. 
X. Ozias Savage, b. 1767; living Sept. 13, 1787. 

27. Mary* Kirby (John^ Joseph^, John^), born Dec, 1727, in 
Middletown " Upper Houses; " married (i), Nov. 8, 1753, Amos 
Johnson of T^Iiddletown, Ct., born Jan. 27, 1731, son of Thomas 
Johnson (born 1689; died April 22, 1761) and Susanna White, 


y. H n 

■J: 'HiiV/Jy:;' . R j.j 

!-;.■■■'. .f 

■':;!:; . : ■• ,f 

.■;'0c: 7 '■ ::•!. 



bom Oct. i6, 1692, daughter of Ensign Daniel White (son of 
Captain Nathaniel) and Susanna IVIould. Amos Johnson was a 
soldier in the French and Indian War, and died Sept. 19, 1758, 
in camp at Lake George. She married (2), Dec. 17, 1764 (Guil- 
ford Town Records), William Parmelee of Guilford, Ct., born 
1724, son of Joseph Parmelee and Abigail Kimberly. William 
Parmelee died March 13, 1799. Mary Kirby Parmelee died Feb. 
13, 1813. 

Children by her first husband: 
i. James Johnson, b, Sept. i, 1754; living, 1789, in Wethers- 
field, Ct. 
ii. Hepzibah Johnson, b. IVIay 5, 1756. 
iii, Luther Johnson, b. ^larch 25, 1758. 

Children by her second husband: 
iv. Jonathan Parmelee, b. Oct. 4, 1765, in Guilford, Ct. ; m., 
Feb. 15, 1792, Elizabeth Hart, b. 1764, dau. of Thomas 
Hart (son of the Rev. John Hart) and Concurrence Bart- 
lett. He died Dec. 7, 1835, in Guilford, Ct. Elizabeth, 
his widow, died Dec. 20, 1846, aged eighty-two. Chil- 
dren : 

1. Jerusha Parmelee, b. Sept. 8, 1793; d. Sept. 2, 1795. 

2. Elisha Parmelee, b. i\Iay 21, 1795; d. July 21, 1821; 

m. Clarissa B. Elliott, b. Feb. 19, 1795, dau. of 
Reuben Elliott and Grace Fairchild. 

3. Sarah Parmelee, b. Feb. 28, 1797; d. Oct. 31, 1884; 

m., as third wife, April 30, 185 1, the Rev. Silas 
McKeen, D.D., of Bradford, Vt. 

4. Jonathan Parmelee, b. Sept. 3, 179S; d. June 18 (or 

20), 1880; m., Oct. 13, 1819, Maria Dudley, b. 
April 30, 1802; d. April 25, 1893, dau. of Asher 
Dudley and his cousin, Lucy Dudley. Children: 
(i) Horace Dudley, b. March 22, 1821; m., Oct. 
20, 1842, Clarissa Chapman Seward; (2) Mary 
Maria, b. May 18, 1823; d. Dec. 3, 1887; m., Sept. 
II, 1845, Alfred G. Hull; (3) Lucy Eliza, b. July 
15, 1825; d. Jan. 4, 1895; m., May 7, 1846, Phineas 
Miller Augur; (4) Sarah Marilla, b. April 2>o, 1828; 
d. Sept. 9, 1892; m., Dec. 3, 1858, as third wife, 
Josiah Pierson of Bergen, N. Y.; (5) Flenry Elisha, 
b. Jan. I, 1830; d. Sept. 7, 1896; m., May 27, 1851, 
Georgiana E. Rossiter. 


'. b ub 

riJvV/ .!i ,08 V » .::i' 

. r:'ri vd ri-->-jhi"rO 


,rL ^..:;...:::i ■,) .br-v 

I .i,-: ■••- 



5. Mary Parmelee, b. Sept. 18, 1801; d. Aug. 18, 1S82; 

m. Charles E. Fowler. 

6. Charles Parmelee, b. Oct. 11, 1804; not married. 

7. Eli Parmelee, b. June 7, 1808; d. Aug. 28, 1882; m. 

Betsy Ann Benton, b. May 8, iSoS, dau. of Dan 

Lindley Benton and Betsy Seward. 
V. Mary Parmelee, b. :March i, 1767; d. March 7, 1854: m., 
Oct. 8, 1787, Dea. Thomas Hart, b. Sept. 8, 1762; d. }.Iay 
29, 1829, son of Thomas Hart (son of Rev. John) and 
Concurrence Bartlett. Children: 

1. William Plart, b. ^lay 5, 17S8; d. Aug. 18, 1S62; 

m. (i) Lydia Griffing; m. (2) Catherine Starr. 

2. Ruth Hart, b. Jan. 14, 1790; d. April 23, 1855; m. 

George Landon. 

3. George Hart, b. Feb. 8, 1794; d. ^lay 25, 184S; m. 

Clarissa Parmelee. 

4. Polly Hart, b. Sept. 13, 1797; d. Dec. 13, 1875; m. 

Richard Fowler. 

5. Eliza Hart. b. March, 1800; d. May 5, 1841 ; m. 

Stephen Trowbridge. 
vi. Eli Parmelee, b. May 28, 1772; d. Jan. 27, 1805; not married. 

[Parmelee Lineage: ^ .,r ■, r^ >• j 

I John Parmelee, one of the first settlers of Guilford, Ct., aied 

Nov. 8, 1659; married (i) Hannah ; (2) Elizabeth Bradley 

of New Haven, Ct. Children, all by first wife: John; Hannah, 

m., Sept. 3, 165 1, John Johnson of New Haven, Ct.; Mary, b. ; 

d. March 16, 1667; m., Sept. 16, 1660, Dennis Crampton. 

n John Parmelee of Guilford, Ct., born ; died Jan. 16S8; 

married (i) Rebecca, born ; died 1651; married (2) widow 

Anna Plain; died 165S; married (3) Hannah. Children: Na- 
thaniel; John, b. Nov. 3, 1659; d. March 27, 1725; m., June 29. 
1681 Mary Mason; Joshua; Isaac, b. Nov. 21, 1665; m. Elizauetn 
Hilliard; Hannah, b. Nov. 5, 1667; m., Nov., 1688, Tappan Hill; 
Stephen, b. Dec. 6, 1669; Job, b. July 31, 1673; Caleb, b. 1675; 
Priscilla, b. 1678; Joel, b. 1679. 

HI. Isaac Parmelee, born Nov. 21, 1665; died Jan. 23, 1749; 
married Dec. 20, 1689, Elizabeth Hilliard (or Highland, daughter 
of George Highland). Children: Ebenezer, b. Nov. 28, 1690; 
d. Sept. 27, 1777; m., July 24, 1718, Hannah Cruttenden (b. May 
10, 1701, dau. of Abraham and Susanna Kirby Cruttenden); Abra- 
ham, b. May 18, 1692; d. Sept. 19, 1752; Joseph, b. Sept. 14, 1694; 


-^- i 

■>K'i. SO ,f,'JUW .!'.,•; 


d. April 14, 1750; m., Sept. 16, 1716, Abigail Kimberly; Elizabeth, 
b. Jan. 20, 1696; ni., April 8, 1718, Nathaniel Baldwin; Sarah, 
b. Aug. II, 1699; d. May 6, 1780; m., Oct. 17, 1720, jNIichael Hill; 
Isaac, b. jNIay 20, 1702; d. July 13, 1752; m., May 20, 1725, Eliza- 
beth Evarts, dau. of Sergt. James Evarts and Anna Bow; Andrew, 
b. July 20, 1704; d. Aug. 7, 1794; m. Anna Crampton; Rachel, b. 
Nov. 18, 1707; d. Nov. 9, 1793; m. Samuel Evarts; Josiah, b. Dec. 
8, 1709; d. Aug., 1739. 

IV. Joseph Parmelce, born Sept. 14, 1694; died April 14, 1750; 
married, Sept. 16, 1716, Abigail Kimberly, daughter of Nathaniel 
Kimberly (son of Nathaniel) and Hannah Downs. Children: 
Abigail, b. Jan. 31, 1719; d. Feb. 8, 1780; m. Caleb Bishop ; Joseph, 
b. April 3, 1721; d. July 3, 1804; William, b. 1724; d. March 13, 
1799; Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1728; m. Ebenezer Chittenden; 
Beulah, b. Aug. 30, 1732; d. July 27, 1820; m. Nathaniel Elliott; 
Samuel, b. July 27, 1737; d. Jan. 2, 1807. 

Y. William Parmelee, born 1724; died }^Iarch 13, 1799; married 
(i), June 6, 1749, Mary Rossiter; married (2), Dec. 17, 1764, 
widow Mary (Kirby) Johnson.] 

28. Thomas* Kirby (John^, Joseph-, Jchn^), born Dec, 1729, 
in Middletown " Upper Houses; " married, Nov. 26, 1755, Lucy 
Stocking, born June 10, 1737, daughter of Elisha Stocking by his 
first wife, Rachel Ranney, He was a farmer, and lived in that part 
of Middletown which is now the town of Cromwell, Ct. He died 
July 29, 1810. Luck Stocking Kirby died Nov. 28, 1818. Chil- 
dren : "^ 

i. Giles Kirby, b. 1756; d. Aug. 7, 1776, 

Abel Kirby, bapt. Feb. 26, 1758; d. Nov. 5, 1775. 
Lucy Kirby, b. Sept. 23, 1760; m. William Harnlin. 
Thomas Kirby, b. Feb. 7, 1762; m. (i) Rebecca Flamlin; 

(2) Jane Brower. 
George Kirby, b. May 5, 1764; d. at sea, Oct. 18, 1778. 
Zebulon Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1766; m. Louisa Gibson. 
Reuben Kirby, b. Sept. 5, 1768; m. Molly Butler. 
Samuel Kirby, b. Feb. 16, 1771; m. Abigail Sage. 
Mary Kirby, b. Jan. 10, 1773; m. Ralph Smith. 
Grace Kirby, b. Jan. 17, 1775; m., Oct. 11, 1837, as his 
third wife, Tvliles Merwin of Durham, Ct. She died 
Aug. 13, 1856; no children. Miles Merwin, b. Feb. 
2, 1772; d. July 31, 1859; m. (i), Nov. 27, 1794, 
Phoebe Camp; m. (2) Abigail Seward. 

















Y a >X I :•! Vs H o t H G 



■E^nr'- ,;v ■ r 


74. xi. Giles Kirby, b. June i6, 1777; m. Lucy Spencer. 

xii. Betsy Kirby, b. July 7, 1779; m., April 3, 1816. as his 
second wife, Elisha Treat of Middletown, Ct. He 
died Jan. 19, 1852, aged seventy-nine. She died July 
8, 1861. No children. 

[Stocking Lineage: 

L George Stocking was one of the original proprietors of Hart- 
ford, 1639; removed to Middletown, and died there, May, 1683, 
" at great age." By his wife Anna he had: Lydia, m. John Rich- 
ards of Hartford; Sarah, m. Samuel Olcott of Hartford; Hannah, 
m. Andrew Benton of Hartford; Samuel. 

H. Dea. Samuel Stocking, only son of the preceding, born in 
England; died Dec. 31, 1683, in Middletown, Ct. He was one 
of the earliest settlers of Middletown, Ct., his name appearing 
with only five others as early as 1652; was deputy to General Court, 
1658, 1659, 1665, 1669, 1674, 1677, and 16S1 (Savage, Vol. IV., 
p. 198); was also deacon, and perhaps served in King Philip's 
w^ar, for in 1677 he was made Sergeant. He married, May 2j, 
1652, Bethia Hopkins, born 1635, only daughter of John Hop- 
kins of Hartford, Ct. She married (2) James Steel of Hartford. 

1. Samuel Stocking, b. Oct. 19, 1656. 

2. Bethia Stocking, b. Oct. 10, 1658; d. Nov. 6, 1732; m., 

Oct. 16, 1675, Thomas Stow, b. ; d. March 19, 

1730. Children: Samuel, b. Oct., 1681; Bethia, b. 
Feb. 22, 1685; Mary, b. Aug., 1688; Thomas, b. May 
7, 1691; Hannah, b. Feb. 11, 1696; m. John Kirby of 
Middletown, Ct.; Joseph, b. Aug. 5, 1703. 

3. John Stocking, b. Sept. 24, 1660. 

4. Lydia Stocking, b. Jan. 20, 1662. 

5. George Stocking, b. Feb. 20, 1664; d. Feb. 17, 1714; 

m. Elizabeth . Children: Stephen, b. Aug. 

20, 1694; m., July 5, 1722, Elizabeth Hall of Port- 
land, Ct.; Elizabeth, b. :March 12, 1697; Samuel, b. 
Oct. 16, 1700; m., July 20, 1726, Abiel Boardman; 
Bethia, b. April 12, 1703; George, b. Aug. 16, 1705; 
m., March i, 1727, Mary Savage; Nathaniel, b. June 
28, 1709. 

6. Ebenezer Stocking, b. Feb. 23, 1666. 

7. Stephen Stocking, b. March 28, 1673. 

8. Daniel Stocking, b. April 14, 1677; m. Jane Mould. 


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III. Daniel Stocking of Middletown, Ct., youngest son of the 
prcccJing, born April 14, 1677; died 1733; married, Aug. 27, 1700, 

Jane Mould, born ; died April i, 1758, daughter of Hugh 

Mould of New London, Ct., born ; died 1692, and Martha 

Coit (married June 11, 1662), daughter of John and Mary Jenners 
Coit of New London, Ct. Children: 

1. Capt. Joseph Stocking of Middletown, Ct., b. Feb. 2.y, 

1703; m. (i), Dec. 20, 1726, Abigail Ranney. Chil- 
dren: Daniel, b. Jan. 18, 1728; m. Bethia Kirby, dau. 
of John Kirby of Middletown; Zebulon, who died 
young; Abigail, who married, Oct. 28, 1747, Thomas 
Goodwin. Capt. Joseph Stocking married (2) widow 
Hannah (Pitkin) Magee. 

2. Ebenezer Stocking, b. Nov. 23, 1704. 

3. John Stocking, b. July 14, 1707. 

4. Jonathan Stocking, b. Oct. i, 1709. 

5. Jane Stocking, b. Dec. 19, 171 1. 

6. Elisha Stocking, b. March 25, 1714; m. (i) Rachel Ran- 

ney, (2) Margery Wilcox, (3) Thankful Butler. 

IV. Elisha Stocking of Middletown, Ct., youngest son of the 
preceding, born I\Iarch 25, 1714; died Oct., 1775; married (i), 
Jan. 26, 1737, Rachel Ranney, who died ]\larch 16, 1739; married 
(2), Feb. 15, 1740, Margery Wilcox, daughter of Francis Wilcox, 

born ; died June 29, 1752; married (3), Feb., 1758, Thankful 

Butler. Children: 

1. Lucy Stocking, b. June 10, 1737; m. Thomas Kirby, 

son of John Kirby of Middletown, Ct. 

2. Grace Stocking, b. Feb. 28, 1739; m., 1760, Nathaniel 


3. Submit Stocking, bapt. Feb. 28, 1741. 

4. Zebulon Stocking, bapt. April 4, 1742; m., April 9, 1765, 

Martha Edwards, b. 1744, dau. of David Edwards, Jr., 
of Middletov>-n, by whom he had a daughter, Lucretia, 
who married. May 2, 1790, Hezekiah Kirby, son of 
Capt. Joseph Kirby of Middletown, Ct. 

5. Rachel Stocking, bapt. June 29, 1743. 

6. Theodosia Stocking, bapt. Feb. 23, 1745. 

7. John Stocking, bapt. May 6, 1750. 

8. Elisha Stocking, bapt. Aug. 27, 1751. 

9. William Stocking, bapt. June 26, 1757.] 

68. Lucy'' Kirby (Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, John^), born Sept. 

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y\ui 'V-'U-L ••■•' 


23, 1760, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, Oct. 18, 
1781, as his second \vite, \\'illiam Hamlin of Middletown, born 
Sept. 14, 1754, son of William Hamlin and Hannah Allen. She 
died Dec. 13, 1792, in ]Middleto\vn, Ct. Mr. Hamlin removed in 
1803 to Charlestown, N. H., where he died Dec. 29, 1831. Chil- 

i. Ashbel Hamlin, b. Jan. 8, 1782; d. 1796. 
ii. Joseph Hamlin, b. Sept. 2, 1783: m., June 3, 1809, Cath- 
erine West. 
iii. Roxanna Hamlin, b. Jan., 1758; m. Royal West. 
iv. Cornelia Hamlin, b. Feb. 10, 1786; d. July 30, 1814; m. 

James Plumb. 
V. David Hamlin, b. Dec. 3, 1788; m. Sarah D. Montague. 
vi. Betsy Hamlin, b. Oct. 10, 1790; m. Aaron Savage. 
vii. Hannah Hamlin, b. July 8, 1792; d. Feb. 25, 1873, in Albion, 
N. Y.; m. Cephas S. McConnell. 

[Hamlin Lineage: 

I. Giles Hamlin, born 1622; died Sept. i, 1689, in Middletown, 
Ct, He settled in Middletown, 1655; was a sea-captain, and an 
enterprising and successful mariner; was deputy to the General 
Court of Connecticut, 1666, and nearly every year until 1684; was 
Assistant, 1685, and held this oflEice until his death. He married, 
1655, Esther Crow^ born 1628; died Aug. 25. 1700, daughter of 
John Crov.' of Hartford and Elizabeth Goodwin, only daughter of 
Elder William Goodwin. They had seven children. 

n. William Hamlin of Middletown, Ct., third son of the pre- 
ceding, born Feb. 3, 1669; died May 22, 1733; married, ^lay 26, 
1692, Susanna Collins, born Nov. 26, 1669; died Oct. 24, 1722, 
daughter of the Rev. Nathaniel Collins of Middletown and Mary 
Whiting. They had eight children. 

HI. Nathaniel Hamlin of Middletown, Ct., fourth son of the 
preceding, born Oct. 26, 1699; died Sept. 12, 1731 (or 1733); 
married, Sept. 16, 1725, Sarah Ware. Children: William, b. 

Feb. II, 1726; Sarah, b. Sept. 28, 1728; Harris, b. April 14, 1730; 
Susannah, b. Jan. 27, 1731. 

IV. William Hamlin of Middletown, Ct., born Feb. 11, 1726; 
married, June 22, 1750, Hannah Allen. Children: Lucia, b. 

March 2, 1752; William, b. Sept. 14, 1754; m. Lucy Kirby; Lucia, 
again, b. ^Iay 15, 1756; Susanna, b. July 29, 1757; Sarah, b. Nov. 
I5» 1758; Elizabeth, b. Sept. 15, 1760; Experience, b. Nov. 10, 
1761; and Rebecca, who married Thomas Kirby. 

7 H H I >i H !i O T 7 O 

--:it/:. -n? ■.■; -■ ^ :■ :• . '/ •T^^fii;,',; 1:/, -:Ou-' !-i:;, ;:-'\?.nrn:^:i\\ 
-. '■-;::!.•■; .^■^■•, ' ;^. ':.'/. ;'•■>:• ,3^:JI cj ,oJ .-.voi J -i'rMj-::-! :Ab: 

■ . ;;. .1.) l.jib ;i>VM ,,;,. ,,,... ... ,. ^fr^oj c ■--..'. r.-.^ ,^;;kU 

:;! ,Tv v--; •• ■ : , ;'' .':.•.■-l^:[I-biL! ^. '---iii! ;ri/;i:,, r/ .VI 
/.;:■)■ : .•:■:.■.:'.' .• ■ ;'■;•?;?':'! .•.,,i .::!■ .f::r: 5>^iT!i;';» 

I ■, - '-^ c .--;■■ ■ -:::i :'■■)'' .51 .■:^rv'': f' ,r!j:>di^xi!'I '".^•,;! .'^i 
; :.■■ ■;:;i!-. '. i. b-ijiioi j;!// ,r:>:^''ij-. '-"^ .;j!: ;i.d':: 


V. William Hamlin of Middletown, Ct., and Charlestovvn, N. H., 
born Sept. 14. I7S4; died Dec. 29, 1831, in Charlestown, N. H.j 
married (i) Hepzibah Savage of Middletown, by whom he had 
two children; (2), Oct. 18, 1781, Lucy Kirby; (3) Thanktul 
Knowles of Middletown, by whom he had ten children. He re- 
moved to Charlestown. N. H., in 1803; was deacon of the Uni- 
tarian Church of that place.] 

GO. Thomas^ Kirby (ThomasS John^ Joseph^, John^), bom 
Feb. 7, 1762; married, May 19, 1784. Rebecca Hamlin, youngest 
daughter of William Hamlin of Middletown and Hannah Allen. 
She died before 1795. He removed to Dutchess County, N. Y., 
where he married, about 1795, Jane Brower. He was in Claverack, 
Columbia County, N. Y., in 1809, and died there Feb., 1821. Jane 
Brower Kirby died 1S66. 

Children by his first wife: 

75. i. Rebecca Kirby, b. Dec. 12, 1784; m. Seth Smith. 
ii. Olive Kirby, b. ; m. Whittlesey. 

iii. George Kirby, b. ; d. in the South. 

Children by his second wife: 

76. iv. Henry Kirby, b. April 2, 1798; m. Maria Becker. 

77. V. David Kirby, b. Nov., 1800; m. Eva Stupplebeen. 
vi. Thomas Kirby, b. 1802; not married. 

vii. Clarissa Kirby, b. 1804; d. in Wisconsin; not married. 

78. viii. Giles W. Kirby, b. May 30, 1807; m. (i) Julia Ann 

Becker; m. (2) Eliza Ann Link. 

79. ix. John Kirby, b. July 18, 1809; m. Elizabeth Smith. 

X. Eliza Kirby, b. 181 1; m. John Sitzer. 
SO. xi. Jacob Kirby, b. Feb. 2j, 1813; m. Xancy Swan. 

xii. Cornelius Kirby, b. ; m. Mary Eggleston of Stock- 
bridge, Mass. They had a daughter, Esther. 
xiii. Mary Kirby, b. 1818; m., 1842, Flenr}- Rockefeller of 
Germantown, Pa., son of Teel D. and Effie Rocke- 
feller. She died March 17, 1873, in Hudson, N. Y. 
No children. 

75. Rebecca" Kirby (Thomas', Thomas*, John', Joseph^, 
John^), born Dec. 12, 1784, in Middletown, Ct.; married, Nov. 25, 
1804, Seth Smith, born April 7, 1780, son of Nathaniel Smith of 
Middletown, Ct., and grandson of Joseph Smith and Elizabeth 

Y a « I r ^^ 

<-v •» -m 

J :mr lo ..v.... ... 

;.-.:.-'^ov ,n^.n::H r _.<■'. .1-. i-.:^- :-.'-t .-^ .-•:-i 

■/ ■: ,'/' : -jH .rS-^l '>-' - 

.:Al:^■:::.r^\: ... . ;;>-! ^t .V=k ,b5f. .. . ■ ■■■■ 

..;v;i^ .isz-ij ,,d'>'i CJii^ij Loii.^ hnc ,vO^'' ' : ../ .'/. rnuvo ' i;i;':nj!;».'0 

Viol bail- -r',:.. i.votU 

.ri::;f,'^ :!!;-'^ .rrr i p-i'I .'^I .D3(A. o , /r:v ^ ii0\.:.'iwl .r .ii 

.(;j>i-jiif!7/ - -- •■ m; v-hJ." -i/ilO .»i 

•v-v; !>f:-r^^-. :,iil /d ::■.■ ;':;;t-^'.) 

;:;■■.'. i:iUi\ {ij ..;i -^'j-.i .'7; vcM .ri .vr'iiv*. .'/' r::>uO .iiiv .r ■ 

.:!:,. ..;'■. ri^sdosH i Jit :'^.-'^^ ,^i /i;'!. .<"' '.^mi^-I irri;;;^ ■ : .':T 

■1^:^-:^ n'h}[ .IV. ;ii8; .d .•> U\'A ii\I;H .:■: 

.; jr^--' -:::)"r" rn rj^i^^i .'^i .- /? -•! ,v<'.-:!'A '':>k\ a/. .'.'•-■ 

.. '\ 'U/' ■ioM-j\v::,'J. . infA ..■■■■ ;— - d y..;'..'^ r'^H-^'i''' •') .iix 

./:■■ ■ ,„.] iff;'] !_;•:. .'.i ;:'::T "io fro-5 ,.>;■' ,riv.'0*t!^;.fn7'>D 


Bulkcley. He removed to Southington, Ct., where he died Dec. 
I, 1853. Rebecca Kirby Smith died April 5, 1863, in Southington, 
and was buried in Cromwell, Ct. " She had this for her motto: 
Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth, and was 
noted for her good works." Children: 

i. David H. Smith, b. July 3, 1807, in ?vIiddletown, Ct.; 
m., in Curtisville, Mass., Mary Stow, b. July ii, 1807, 
in Curtisville, Mass., dau. of Zcbulon and Hannah 
Stow. He was a carpenter, and lived in Hartford, 
Ct.; was accidentally drowned Ivlarch 10, 1854. at 
Orient, L. I. She died Aug. 15, 1882. Children: 

1. Mary Louise Smith, b. Dec. 11, 1832; d. Jan., 

1888; m. Wright. 

2. Frances Smith, b. Aug. 27, 1836; m., July 6. 

1854, David M. Benton, of Fairhaven, Ct., b. 
1829; d. Nov. 20, 1885. Children: (i) Ida, 
m. George M. Seward of Guilford, Ct.; (2) 
Mary, m. Joseph Mack of Durango, Col.; 

(3) Kittie, m. Humphrey of Worcester, 

Mass.; (4) Jessie. 

3. Jane Elizabeth Smith, b. Oct., 1842; m. William 


4. Charles Luther Sm.ith, b. March 27, 1844. 

ii. Sarah Ann Smith, b. Nov. 12, 1808; d. April 14, i860; 
m., Oct. 23, 1845, William Walter Pelton, b. March 
23, 1801; d. Dec. II, 1891. One child: 

I. Mary Ann Pelton, b. Oct. 29, 1847; m., Dec. 17, 
1876, Caleb S. Pease of Crom.well, Ct. 
Children: (i) Grace, who died young; (2) 
Emily Sage, b. April 5, 1830; d. Sept. 21, 
ill. Abigail S. Smith, b. Sept. 23, 1810; d. Jan. i, 1817. 
iv. Luther Smith, b. Sept. i, 181 2; d. July 24, 1834. 
V. Joseph Smith, b. Aug. i, 1814; d. 1882; m. (i) Sarah 
Stevens; m. (2) Ruth Stevens. Children: 

1. Abigail Smith, b. March 17, 1848; d. Sept. 22, 


2. William J. Smith, b. Aug., 1850; d. Aug. 28, 


3. Emma E. Smith, b. ; m. George Beersden. 

SI. vi. Elizabeth K. Smith, b. Aug. 10, 1816; m. Lambert R. 


o08i 4.' ■■• ■ '<x''\ :' 1 . 

... .TP-V: 

' > .\\yfnuo\j lo ''•sjj-.'I . . _ ... 

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^i* J 

lA rlctsS ji 

■> .]jO -HI 
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.fv .p. 


vii. Abigail Smith, b. Aug. 21, 1818; d. March 17, 1834, 
S2. viii. Grace Kirbv Smith, b. :March 15, 182 1 ; m. Allen Barnes. 
ix. Olive W. Smith, b. March 24, 1823; d. Oct. 7, 1879; 

m., Nov. 16, 1846, William Jones, b. ; d. 1S80. 


1. Emily H. Jones, b. Oct. 16, 1848; d. Oct. 3, 1852. 

2. Harriet R. Jones, b. May 18, 1S54; d. Sept. 9, 


3. Olive S. Jones, b. Sept. 8, 1855; d. Nov. i, 1855. 

[Smith Lineage: 

I. Samuel Smith came in the Elizabeth, 1634, from Ipswich, 
Co. Suffolk, England, with wife Elizabeth and four children; 
was first at Watertown; removed to W'ethersfield. Ct., where he 
was deputy to the General Court, 1641-53. In 1659 he removed 
to lladley, Mass., where he was in very high repute, and was rep- 
resentative often from 1661 to 1673; was also Lieutenant of 
the Militia from 1663 to 1678. (Massachusetts Records, Vol. V., 
p. 189.) He died 1680. Elizabeth, his widow, died March 16, 
1685. Children: Samuel; Elizabeth, m. Nathaniel Foote; Mary, 
m. John Graves; Philip, b. 1633; m. Rebecca Foote; Chileab, b. 
1635; m., Oct. 2, 1661, Hannah Hitchcock; John. 

II. Philip Smith of Hadley, :Mass., second son of preceding, 
bom, 1633, in England; died Jan. 10, 1685; married, 1657, Rebecca 
Foote, born 1634; died Aprir6, 1701, daughter of Nathaniel Foote 
of Wethcrsfield, Ct., and Elizabeth Deming. He was representa- 
tive for Hadley 1677, 1680-84; was Lieutenant 1678-84 (Massa- 
chusetts Records, Vol. V., p. 189), and also deacon. They had 
eight children. 

III. Rev. Joseph Smith of Middletown "Upper Houses," fifth 
son of the preceding, born 1674; died Sept. 8, 1736, aged sixty- 
two; graduated from Har\-ard College 1695; ordained. May 10, 
1709, pastor of the Church in Cohanzy, N. J., by the Presbyter>' 
of Philadelphia; was pastor of a church in Cumberland County, 
N. Y., for two years; preached a short time at Erookfield, Mass., 
and next was installed, Jan. 15, 171 5, as the first pastor of the 
new church organized in ^Middletown " Upper Houses," now 
Cromwell, Ct. He married, Sept. 15, 1698, Esther Parsons, born 
Dec. 24, 1672, youngest daughter of Joseph Parsons of Spring- 
field. She died May 30, 1760, aged eighty-seven years. Chil- 
dren: Martha, b. Sept. 17, 1699; m., Nov. 30, 1721, Richard 



'■■•'.,'■■.■ 1 .ij 

[?S: .1 .vr-X .!• ■.•■:-^h .B .3q&2 .<! 

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■- :i--^ 

■T ?i;i-!/I.'- :.-^ --bfv-- ^.r! ,[*;•>'!._■.., .■■;.:'; !.:v- oil ;.;v:r .7 
; i^'-j1ooI ^-1 ■ "., '. •■ /I .n- ,£h^ri.if:jK' i . ; .•!!^ '•.■ . r.'i iu!,|.V •■-.'^'' 

i , 'K-jiiri.J j; • ' ;.■,:!.:•!' • ' rj i.;ii,,:M ;i'"»Vj"iO n'|'-)j_ ;.t 

.0 ■• ■ '• ■■!_■.'- i.jir :ir:'-H nt-.i j*o-. -i 

J?; ' .: .yi' ,i:;i"':;vj'ob o-ii;: has ,(ptji ,0 ~/ . ;'>/ ,'-Lio"jj/I .:i3'^';;i:': 

:-^!. '-r: 'r;r - iq:>a ivy;?; : f.^d^ ;--•:; :;'■* ■ '■ 1- i?-..^: 

'^ ,;J.: .:-:■-}''::_ t^ijOi :.-7.;;oJ h '.-u-ji' ;v:. .- ;•.'.-} 

-:i!:.;j-oi'"i 31;, ■.-[ ,.[ .VI .v:t.:;[oO nl i.-.i^n:) • :. ; .(j'jXJ 

-■■!-•! .l/iv -';■'< , : ^:. -'iiLij ;■•; ;rf? ^ ''rri,».'.. . ; :i^^F.s'/[ Qv: ,oJ ..Y .VI 
■''■"> '■'■ 1'.-:::;:-: :-^-''^ ,!, -:':. .?!':/. ,?J :^./'. h-.i[.:i^iu --Cfi '.■/■■n h/f' 

■'. ./S" 

r.x)i ,^! .J^jv- 

/;.' u 


Hamlin; Joseph, b. 1704; Mary, b. 1707; m., Dec. 10, 1729, Rev. 
Samuel Tudor of East Windsor, Ct. 

IV. Joseph Smith, only son of the preceding, born 1704; died 
Jan. 17, 1769; married, Dec. 20, 1726, Elizabeth Bulkeley, born 
Jan. 4, 1705; died Oct. 20, 1761, daughter of Edward Bulkeley 
(born 1673; died Aug. -ij, 1748, son of the Rev. Gershom Bulkeley 
of Wethersfield, Ct., and Sarah Chauncey) and Dorothy Prescott, 
born May 31, 1781, daughter of Captain Jonathan Prescott of 
Concord, Mass. Children: Martha, b. April 15, 1728; James, 
b. Jan. 2, 1730; Elizabeth, b. Dec. 31, 1733; Joseph, b. ]\Iarch 16, 
1736; d. soon; John, b. jSIarch 26, 1738; Nathaniel, b. June 25, 
1740; Joseph again, and Edward.] 

81. Elizabeth Kirby^ Smith (Rebecca Kirby^ Thomas^, 
Thomas^, John^ Joseph^ John^), born Aug. 10, 1816, in Middle- 
town "Upper Houses; " married, Sept. 10, 1839, in ^.liddletown, 
Ct., Lambert Rodney Andrews, born' May 12, 1807, in South- 
ington, Ct., son of Samuel Andrews, Jr., of Southington and Betsy 
Clark. He was a farmer, and lived in Southington, where he died 
Feb, 25, 1890. Elizabeth, his wife, died Jan. 18, 1885, in South- 
ington. Children: 

i. Ellen J. Andrews, b. May 2, 1848; not married. 
ii. Martha C. Andrews, b. July 9, 1854; m., Sept. 25, 1S77, 
Frederick W. Pratt, b. April 13, 185 1, in Southington, Ct., 
son of Daniel Pratt and Nancy Devens Beardsley, b. June 
25, 1825; d. June 14, 1891, dau. of William D. Beardsley 
and Elvira Stevens. Mr. F. W. Pratt is a merchant of 
Chicago, 111. 

[William D. Beardsley, b. June 3, 1791; d. Sept. 19, 
1868, son of Daniel and Nancy Beardsley of Danbury, 
Ct.; m., Nov. 7, 18 16, Elvira Stevens, b. 1799; d. March 
25, 1854, dau. of David and Esther Stevens. David 
Stevens died at Naugatuck, Ct., in 1822; he served five 
years in the war of the Revolution — three years as a 
privateer and two years in the Continental Army.] 
Children : 

1. Howard Andrews Pratt, b. April 11, 1878; d. Sept. 

12, 1880. 

2. Lilly Neale Pratt, b. Jan. 3, 1880. 

3. Clara Louise Pratt, b. Aug. 25, 1881. 

4. Grace Elizabeth Pratt, b. Dec. 20, 1884; d. Aug. 

II, 1885. 


V r. cr T ^sJ \yf f5 o 7 u cs 

4 r.r,;r. 

■.■-■?•..;; i.ici'", . 



v^::i,.:r,^:T .a ;<>;;■; 7/ v., .r;c:. .loO; ,. I -■.;■ .; : . .:.. ,^_^ 

. . .. - ;■ - :ic\\ .1 -:!:'^ ,.i /(-■ ■ 'vi;.^. ' .'1 rn,;ji!iV;] 

' ■■ ^J J .'..-■■ •■;■; .-' ^^v/■^l:: ■ ,-* ,vo>^ ,.fr? . O 

• ,. ;■ ^ . ;.^5;> :-.(ij.-3 ;• ■ .'.'/.b .:.?H: .3-. 

.o83i .<.! 
...-l-v; ,r .nn]_ .d ,3),,!'" v.6''-l vlUJ .i 
'; ■•■ i- 1 :.i;A .d ,1ir-.': ::--<ijoJ i.jfiO .^ 


5. Frederick W. Pratt, Jr., b. Jan. 20, 1887; d. Nov. 

20. 1887. 

6. Mary Belle Pratt, b. July 15, 1890. 

[Pratt Lineage: 

I. Lieutenant William Pratt, Hartford, 1639; removed to Say- 
brook, Ct., 1665; was Lieutenant 1661, representative 1666-77; 
married Elizabeth, daughter of John Clark of Milford, Ct. 

IL Joseph Pratt of Saybrook, Ct., eldest son of preceding, born 

Aug. I, 1648; died Aug. 12, 1703; married (i) ; (2), Sept., 

1686, Sarah, daughter of Robert Chapman. 

in. Ensign William Pratt of New London, Ct., second son of 
preceding, by his first wife, born 1674; married, Oct. 8, 1700, 
Hannah Hough. 

IV. Christopher Pratt of Wallingford, Ct., son of the preceding, 
born Nov. 4, 1712; married, June 14, 1739, Sarah, daughter of 
Daniel Pratt. 

V. Stephen Pratt, son of the preceding, born June 30, 1740, 
in Saybrook, Ct.; married (i) Phoebe Atkins; (2) Hannah David- 
son; (3) Phoebe Andrews. 

VI. Dea. Eli Pratt of Southington, Ct., son of the preceding, 
born Nov. 3, 1781; died Aug. 25, 1858; married, :March 28, 1803, 
Abigail Hitchcock, born Feb. 28, 1783; died May 30, 185 1. 

VII. Daniel Pratt of Naugatuck, Ct., son of the preceding, 
bom Oct. 21, 1821; married, Oct. 6, 1846, Nancy D. Beardsley, 
bora June 25, 1825; died June 14, 1891, daughter of William D. 
Beardsley and Elvira Stevens. He was a merchant in Nauga- 
tuck, Ct.] 

82, Grace Kirby' Smith (Rebecca Kirby', Thomas', Thomas*, 
John^ Joseph% John^), born March 15, 182 1, in Middletown 
"Upper Houses;" married, Dec. 20, 1843, Allen Barnes, born 
1816, son of Selah Barnes and Mary Cowles. He died Jan. 24, 
1861, aged forty-five years. Grace Smith Barnes died Nov. 23, 
i860. Children: 

i. Charies L. Barnes, b. Oct. 18, 1844; now lives in Racine, 

ii. Laura E. Barnes, b. Nov, 28, 1846; m., Nov, 20, 1867, Rev, 
William R, Eastman, b, Oct, 19, 1835, son of Oman East- 
man and Mary Reed. He was pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church of Plantsville, Ct. He is now Inspector of 

V CI C; T "SJ T^ T-r r'i / v f-\ 5? 

o^t ,£1 -/-ia^^J /]';■■ -i .d 


:•. Oid 

;f/ :.'< JZ) :. -- • ' ; f. , . ; ,,.;.■ ' . ■, ■ ■ ■ : , aj i ,i 

,1,.. 1 ,;':• .j-:'0 ,L''-T;^^rj! .^r^'^i rn'- ■' ,-'■■'■' l-^^^i ^'^' ■"' -^^r-'"-:- J';-(| 

• ,::■.-.,. : •: ... :■-■-, -::' .-o^.,:-, . ": . ,,,:V.-^ ;;;; ..^r'iV 
rr.^' 'V. ., ■;..■. '. •:; .- ,-_ :■:•■.. :i>^-;i .^ .■■■■.■/ 

/<r- o;i:" '..,:, ■'']'/. ^ : .i.:. --1 'v i-; ;.i ^ ;mD .58 

,r ,. .,■0'' ! - l i-^.r'ti.i fl-imci -ssiiTD .i:r:.:-.' :^vj^-/r:j' bygs 

'ijj .ii 

■i'-'ff.-'i 1 

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i .r. 


lOV) -^^^i 

1^',.': -;^-/,- ol? 



...i^-. '■ 

?ll ;^i .!jI;:^. 



Public Libraries for the State of New York, and lives in 
Albany, N. Y. Children: 

1. Grace® Eastman, b. Jan. 4, 1869. 

2. Mary R. Eastman, b. May 19, 1870. 

3. Margaret Eastman, b. March i, 1874. 
iii. Laura S. Barnes, b. July 28, 1850; not married. 

iv. William Henry Barnes, b. Dec. 3, 1851; m., Dec. 25, 1873, 
Sarah H. Holcomb, b. Dec. 2j, 1852, dau. of Selim B. 
Holcomb and Sarah Soper of Windsor, Ct. He is a mer- 
chant, and lives in Plantsville, Ct. One child: 
I. Harry Allen Barnes, b. Feb. i, 1880. 

7G. Henry« Kirby (Thomas', Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, John^), 
born April 2, 1798, in Columbia County, N. Y. He learned the 
blacksmith trade, and removed first to Lyons Pond, Rensselaer 
County, N. Y., and from thence to the Valley of Nassau. He 
spent his last days on the farm of his son Giles, where he died Jan. 
28, 1892. He vvas Justice of the Peace about twenty-six years, 
and was Justice of Sessions one term. He married, in 1819, Maria 
Becker, born, 1802, in Kinderhook, N. Y., daughter of Harmon 
Becker of Columbia County, N. Y., who died in Orleans County, 
N. Y. Maria Becker Kirby died Sept., 1865. Children: 

i. Lewis Kirby, b. July 4, 1824; d. Jan. 27, 1883; m. Mary 

Sliter of East Nassau, N. Y. She married (2) Butler. 


1. Henrietta Kirby, b. Aug. 12, 1858; m., June, 1875, 

Spencer Rockefeller of Valatie, N. Y. Children: 
(i) Grace, b. July 19. 1876; (2) Lewis, b. Nov. 27, 
1878; (3) Mabel, b. May i, 1887; (4) Nina, b. June, 

2. William Kirby, b. May 25, 1862; not married. 

ii. Mahala Kirby, b. Feb. 24, 1826; d. Jan., 1894; m. Stephen 
V. R. Hoer, who died Oct. 2, 1893; no children. 

iii. Jane Kirby, b. Feb. 12, 1828; m. G. Yale Phelps, b. 1827; 
d. 1868; no surviving children. 

iv. Giles Kirby, b. May 18, 1830, in Rensselaer County; was 
reared a blacksmith, and worked in Nassau village until 
1865, when he bought a farm of about 120 acres, where 
he has since lived. He has been three times elected Super- 
visor; was Deputy Sheriff three terms, and was also at 
one time Collector. He married, March, 1857, Mercy C. 

' MuUett of Hancock County, Me. Children: 


Y a ^ziyi M H o r 

••- *■' f^ ^T Tf ^ D B H vl 

Hi r.^.'.i nr?£ .-A1C ■ \'."jfZ 

■! „-ni;^;^f' 

:ivAi .d' 

■r' rrkr. 


A .0 .v(h^ 

7 ,l;ir;;ij ' 


1. Emma Kirby, b. Feb. 13, i860. 

2. S. Henry Kirby, b. May 2, 1861. 

3. Frank Kirby, b. May 26, 1863; m., Nov., 1886, Eva 

Slater. Fie is now Postmaster of Nassau, N. Y. 
One child: (i) Clarence Kirbv, b. Dec. 8, 1889. 

4. Irving J. Kirby, b. Oct. 24, 1868; d. Feb. 14, 1885. 

5. Eleanor Kirby, b. Nov., 1872. 
V. John Kirby, b. June 6, 1834. 

77. David« Kirby (Thomas^ Thomas*, John^, Joseph^, John^). 
bom Nov., 1800; married Eva Stupplebeen, born Jan. 4, 1801, 
daughter of Michael Stupplebeen of Mellinville, Columbia County, 
N. Y., probably son of Michael Stupplebeen and Gertrude Plass 
of Germantown, Columbia County, N. Y. He was a shoemaker, 
and lived in :^.Iellinville, N. Y., where he died July 2. 1837. Eva 
Stupplebeen Kirby married (2) John Richmond of Hillsdale, Co- 
lumbia County, N. Y., a veteran of the war of 1812. She died, 
1883, in Hudson, N. Y. Children: 

83. i. Thomas M. Kirby, b. Aug. 26, 1822; m. Anna Becraft 
ii. Jane Kirby, b. ; m. Joseph Bachman of St. Louis, Mo. 

Children: Josephine, Mary, and John. 
iii. Catherine R. Kirby, b. Jan. 18, 1830, in Claverack, Co- 
lumbia County, N. Y.; m., Dec. 19, 1846, Charles G. 
■ Marenes of Valatie, N. Y., b. Dec. 6, 1821, in Stuy- 
vesant, Columbia County, N. Y., son of Charles 
Marenes and Margaret Stoliker. She died Feb. 20, 
1892, in Valatie, N. Y. Children: 

1. John Wild Marenes, b. Feb. 14, 1848; d. Sept. 

22, 1871, in Stockport, N. Y.; m., June 22, 
1870, in Greenport, N. Y., Jennie H. Wild; 
no children. 

2. Lillie E. :Marcncs, b. Feb. 7, 1853; m., Oct. iS, 

1882, John C Kittell of Valatie, N. Y.; no 

3. Albert P. I^Iarenes, b. March 14, 1870, in Stock- 

port, N. Y.; m., Sept. 12, 1894, Alice Lamb. 
They live in Montrose, N. Y. 

84. iv. George M. Kirby, b. July 16, 1832. 

V. Emma Kirby, b. ; m. Henry Hallenbeck of Hudson, 

N. Y. 

vi. Julia Kirby, b. ; d. in infancy. 


V a « I >I « H O • '^ ^ 9. '^^ 

. -\ it J. f 'J 

4 r---;: 


83. Thomas M.^ Kirby (David«, Thomas'. ThomasS John^ 
Joseph-, John^), bom Aug. 26, 1822, in Mellinville, N. Y.; mar- 
ried, Dec. 19, 1846, Anna Becraft, born Nov. 9. 1827, in Hudson, 
N. Y., daughter of Washington Becraft of Hudson, N. Y., and 
Sarah Eggleston of Shefifield, :\Iass. He was a butcher, and Hved 
in Hudson, N. Y., where he died Feb. 13, 1894. Children: 

i. Thomas M.^ Kirby, b. July 19, 1848; not married. 

ii. Anna L. Kirby, b. March 7, 1851 ; m., Oct., 1872, Alexander 

Brooksby of Hudson, N. Y. He is a nurseryman. They 

have two children, Carrie and Willie. 
iii. Libbie S. Kirby, b. Nov. 13, 1854; m., Feb. 14, 1877, Frank 

Roberts. They have one child, Arthur C. 
iv. Frank W. Kirby, b. Feb. 28, 1857. He lives in Hudson, 

N. Y.; not married. 
v. Hattie B. Kirby, b. Dec. 5, i860; not married. 

84. Georg-e M.^ Kirby (David^, Thomas', Thomas*, John-'', 
Joseph^, John^), born July 16, 1832, in Claverack, N. Y.; married 
(i), Sept. 23, 1852, Nancy Hallenbeck, born July 15, 1833, in 
Hillsdale, N. Y.; died July 2, 1S66; married (2), Nov. 3, 1867, 
Mary Esther Carle, born Sept. 11. 1846, in Mt. Rag-ia, Dutchess 
County, N. Y.; died Oct. 11, 1881; married (3), April 27, 1891, 
Elizabeth Ramsay, born Dec. 24, 1847, daughter of Alexander 
Ramsay, born Sept. 20, 1809, and Mary Robertson, born April 
24, 1828, both of Albany, N. Y. He is a butcher, and lives in 
Albany, N. Y.; was a veteran of the War of the Rebellion, enlist- 
ing, in the spring of 1863, in the Ninety-first N. Y. Volunteers, 
and was transferred to the Twelfth N. Y. Cavalry, and served 
until the close of the war. Children by his first wife: 

i. Charles E. Kirby, b. Jan. 7, 1855; d. Nov., 1887. 

ii. Mary E. Kirby, b. Nov. 23, 1856; m. (i) Edward Miller of 

Hudson, N. Y.; m. (2) James C. Hogan of New York 

•City. Children: (i) Grace, b. 1877; "(2) Jessie, b. 18S0. 

iii. Delia H. Kirby, b. Sept. 9, 1859; m. John C. McMenamy 

of Albany, N. Y. ; no children, 
iv. Kate B. Kirby, b. July 5, 1861 ; m. Andrew Schiller. They 
are now living in St. Joseph, Mo. 
Children bv his second wife: 

V. Joel B. Kirby, b. Aug. 21, 1858, in Albany, N. Y. 
vi. Alice R. Kirby, b. March 28, 1870, in Hudson, N. Y. 
vii. Augustus M. Kirby, b. Dec. 29, 187 1, in Hudson, N. Y. 
viii. Georgia Ettie Kirby, b. April 17, 1874, in Hudson, N. Y. 

Y a 9il^ -AH 1 

r.r r: t> T !yf A n 

..'.:i : ; ^J 

// >if!f;iH :■'■■ 
'■''.. Y '/t 

■■ -.)■:. 

' ,•>-;■■ :MitiH V..;M 


.U _'^ 

' .-,:L ''■■' .W ,,J'MOJ 

^; \ 

./ .-■■ 

oil!:..'..;- ■ 

; : It • ":•:'('/ 

■i:h \. 

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,r /, ^^,v ;. / .vi ,vnn<t/. 

;- :'•■ vbij; 

; V c, r! • 

•Hi '"•■' 

■ ' ■' '■■'T^ '^f!^ ni .-j-i 

_■■;. ■■■.'•'-■ 

'. .V '^' 


/T -:■':■ 

'■- ^,:Mr^(■^I;;■:j ;>k/.' hrt" 

■"':.■ --'■ 

.'f ,; 

:,:,'■; : -:'i';..! ;u;' .i-i: ,..'^' - /' .rA..;b;;i{ 

,.,1 .1 .. * 

.51 boi ,v 

-L ry;,!lA j-r 

1 ,J -: 


ix. Beulah J. Kirby, b. Sept. 29, 1877, in Stottsville, N. Y. 
X. John R. Kirby, b. Alarch 28, 18S0, in Hudson, N. Y. 

T8. Giles W.® Kirby (Thomas'^, Thomas*, Jchn^, Joseph^, 
John*), born May 30, 1807, in Catskill, N. Y.; married (i), 1S27, 
Julia Ann Becker, daughter of Harmon Becker of Dutchess 
County, N. Y. She died in 1830, leaving- a son, John Henry, v.iio 
(lied when three months old. He married (2), July 4, 1832, at 
Schodack, N. Y., Eliza Ann Link, born Dec. 9, 1812, daughter 
of John I. and Elizabeth Link of Dutchess County, N. Y. Giles 
W. Kirby is still living (1898) in East Nassau, N. Y., aged ninety- 
one years. Children: 

i. John Henry Kirby, b. March 30, 1835, in Stephentown, 
N. Y.; m.. May 31, 1856, in Lebanon, N. Y., Orelia A. 
Sheldon, b. Sept. 22, 1835, dau. of Asa and Jane Sheldon 
of Steplientown, N. Y. He served three years as a vol- 
unteer in the Union Army. Orelia Sheldon Kirby died 
March 8, 1893, in Albany, N. Y. Children: 

1. Mary Eliza Kirby, b. Feb. 22, 1858; m. R. P. Cornell. 

2. George Thomas Kirby, b. April 28, 1859, in East 

Nassau, N. Y. ; m., April 23, 187S, in Albany, 

N. Y., Lydia Goodhue, b. June 28, 1854, dau. of 

James S. Goodhue and Cornelia McGrath of 

Albany. One child: (i) Lilian Kirby, b. Aug. 2^, 

1879, in Albany, N. Y. 

ii. George Thomas Kirby, b. June 26, 1837; d. Nov. 19, 1858. 

iii. Mary Ann Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1840, in Stephentown, N. Y.; 

m., Jan. 20, 1863, in Chatham, N. Y., Gilbert Hermance, 

b. Jan. 30, 1838, in Nassau, N. Y., son of John R. and 

Elizabeth Hermance. Children, born in Nassau, N, Y. : 

1. Mary L. Hermance, b. July 14, 1866; d. Dec. 8, 186S. 

2. Elsie Alida Hermance, b. Dec. 27, 1869. 

3. Adah Mary Hermance, b. Oct. 16, 1871. 

4. Arthur Kirby Hermance, b. March 17, 1874. 

5. Carrie Eliza Hermance, b. June 17, 1876. 

6. Oscar Giles Hermance, b. March 25, 1878. 

iv. Charles Edward Kirby, b. Jan. 23, 1850, in East Nassau, 
N. Y.; m., Dec. 20, 1877, in Sand Lake, N. Y., Sarah 
Davis, b. June 13, 1858, in Berlin, N. Y., dau. of Asa 
Davis and Sarah Satterlee, He is now living in East 
Nassau, N. Y. One child: 

I. Harry S. Kirby, b. May 31, 1S86; d. April 24, 1887. 

Y a H t >! M H O T. 'I O 2 

.;ii7/ .7 in 1,1 i n^'.'/'i 

-■n'Jixni i •>7" :. ..".:' .'. .'■:■: .ts 

:'•. a:i-j~'J . / .;i ,;rj 'fioj^' n! ..■: , „^ :;.•; ..Y .;< 

v.:!!.^ ';'■-.; >--;f'.:^ F;: 

,7r ;'<;.A 

;v; rb '^.■' ' 

■/ / 

;;;?;■;-;: /. 

r "/f.r/I ij , ..I'u^T Si \T 


79. John^ Kirby (Thomas^ Thomas*, John% Joseph^, John^), 
born July i8, 1809, in Claverack, X. Y. ; married, June 24, 1833, 
Elizabeth Smith of Middletown, Ct. He died April 25, 1843, in 
Middletown, Ct., leaving one son: 

i. John Bradley Kirby, b. Dec. 27, 1834, in Middletown, Ct.; 
m., f'eb. 23, 1855, Emily Burnham Stone. He lives in 
Middletown, Ct. Children: 

1. John Adams Kirby, b. July 18, 1859. 

2. William Stone Kirby, b. March 30, 1864. 

80. Jacob® Kirby (Thomas^ Thomas*, John^ Joseph^ John^), 
born Feb. 2y, 1813, in Claverack, X. Y.; married, Nov. 23, 1837, 
in Stephentown, X. Y., Xancy Swan, bom Xov. 20, 1820, in 
Stephentown, X. Y. He died June i, 1873, in Curtisville, Mass. 
Xancy Swan Kirby died Dec. 4, 1887, in Pittsfield, Mass. Chil- 

i. Cornelius Kirby, b. April 21, 1839; d. April 21, 1839. 

ii. Stephen Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1841 ; d. Dec. 18, 1863, at White 
Oaks, Va., of typhoid fever. He was a soldier in the 
Thirty-seventh ;Ma5sachusetts Volunteers. 

iii. Cornelius Kirby. b. Jan. 7, 1843, in Stephentown, X. Y.; 
m., Sept. 18, 1865, Ellen ]NI. Calkins, b, April 19, 1847, 
dau, of Daniel and Polly Calkins, and granddaughter of 
Sebra Calkins and Caroline Barnum of Alford, Mass. 
He is the overseer of the mills at Housatonic, Mass. 

1. Hattie Kirby, b. Feb. 27, 1868; d. Sept. 5, 1868. 

2. Bertha Elbertine Kirby, b. July 7, 1874. 

iv. Clara Ann Kirby, b. Oct. 7, 1844, in Great Barrington, 
Mass.; m, (i), July 15, 1866, in Xew Lebanon, X. Y., 
Elbridge Collamore, b. May 27, 1842, in Washington, 
Me., son of Isaac and ]Mary Collamore. He died Aug. 

3. 1882. He served three years as a volunteer in the 
Tenth Massachusetts Volunteers, Company D. She mar- 
ried (2), Dec. 25, 1883, Martin L. Sears, b. Oct. 3, 1842, 
son of Luther and Chloe Sears of Xew Lenox, Mass. He 
is a farmer, and lives in X'ew Lenox, Mass. By her first 
husband she had one child: 

I. Carrie Belle Collamore, b. April 23, 1868; m., Sept. 
24, 1887, in Albany, X. Y., Fred. De Witt Sears, 
b. Dec. 29, 1865, son of Martin L. Sears of Xew 
Lenox, Mass., by his first wife, ^Slarj'. They have 

Y :^ 5T - >f M H O T ■ *;? o '•?. T l-r A ri /!" ■ 

,L/ ,r,4.>ii ,c 

i .■i: 

;.;0 .j-.<-i^f%J^M rK .^;vii 

,,'^w/ .S: 

c.i, , ■>■ ■-. 

,f:M-.' />».'rK 

'■ ■>'J"' 



■< •■ :-, ; r 1 

■'.^ •^-•f'td:. 


:- n"^3 ,.iil 


: - '•%' 


^- :i!.i ;hi7'5 


.0 . 'l;; \ry 


.'!:.' 1 ^ r: 


::: i....u.;i^'i. 


J.i'z") .1 


one child: Luther Elbridge, b. July 15, 1888, in 

New Lenox, ^Mass. 

V. Mary Jane Kirby, b. Aug. 24, 1846; m., July 10, 1864, 

George W. Hutchinson, b. Nov. 24, 1845, son of James 

and Mercy Hutchinson. He is a farmer, and lives in 

New Lenox, Mass. Children : 

1. Frederick G. Hutchinson, b. Aug. 28, 1866. 

2. Franklin D. Hutchinson, b. April 20, 1S73. 

3. Garfield H. Hutchinson, b. June 20, 1881. 
vi. Catherine Kirby, b. Aug. 24, 1849; d. Aug. 24, 1861. 

vii. Maria Kirby, b. Sept. 10, 1851, in Nassau, N. Y. ; m., Dec. 
5, 1868, Edgar Jeffers, b. July 27, 1847, son of Lewis 
and Nancy Jeffers, both of Pittsfield, Mass. He lives in 
Pittsfield,'Mass. Children: 

1. Florence B. JefTers, b. Sept. 25, 1870 ; m., Sept. 14, 

1887, James Butler, b. May, 1869, son of James 
H. and Frances Butler of Pittsfield, Mass. He is 
a dealer in lumber, and lives in Pittsfield, Mass. 
Children: (i) Ralph J., b. July 20, 18S8; (2) 
Donald W., b. May, 1894. 

2. Addie ^L JefTers, b. Jan. 10, 1874. 

3. Grace D. JefYers, b. Aug. 6, 1876; m., June 18, 

1893, in Albany, N. Y., Joseph Parker. No 

4. Harry E. JefTers, b. Feb. 25, 1881. 

viii. Elias H. Kirby, b. Dec. 29, 1853. in Sand Lake, N. Y. ; 
m., Jan. 30, 1884, in Pittsfield, Mass., Lizzie J. Newton, 
b. July 19, 1856, in Ashburnham, Jvlass. He lives in 
Pittsfield, Mass. One child: 

I. Dora May Kirby, b. Dec. 5, 1889. 
ix. Elizabeth Kirby, b. x\pril i, 1856, in Housatonic, Mass.; 
m., Aug. 31, 1876, George Edgar Cain of Curtisville, 
Mass., b. May 19, 1853, son of George W. and Sarah 
Cain of Curtisville. He is a machinist, and lives in Pitts- 
field, ]Mass. One child: 

I. Grace Lilian Cain, b. Aug. 9, 1881, in Curtisville, 
X. Frances Kirby, b. Jan. 2j, i860; m., June 23, 1887, Walter 
B. McGeoch, b. April 12, 1862, in Huntington, Mass., 
son of James and Sarah Jane McGeoch of Scotland. 
He is a telegraph operator, and is now living in Chester, 
Mass. No children. 


/y^Sl .&'-. .}^::r 

■iCo. ,, 

■r>G ,.in : .Y 
■.i7r:>S )o r; .. 

1 ,iv 

J.! iq'^r. . :^ , 

ii^' .0^ 



.r: ffr i, n --'- .0 .:.';A .d ,...r "-'^ ' .C .--^n 
cX .tl:1ig^; fir. ' , / / ,var.diA. ;. .;^.:i?[ 

11^ .;ii/ 

tW ?■■/•' :U 

' .J 

'"rue: Ini^ /'' ■.^}}^*-'D io ;-c'- ^f^^-' ./; ''■'''^'■- a- , .■;';^. i'' 

; hiir'y u'-O .^^£^^ .'.bii 


70. Zebulon^ Kirby (Thomas*, John^ Joseph^ John^ of 
Stockbridge, ^lass., was born Feb. 25, 1766, in Midclletown 
" Upper Houses." At first he followed the sea; was a captain, 
and ran a schooner in the West India trade. While in the West 
Indies he contracted the yellow fever. He recovered, but there- 
after abandoned a sea-faring life. In May, 1803, he removed 
with his family from Middletown to the Berkshire :Mountains, 
and bought a place situated about a mile and a half west of the 
village o'f Stockbridge, Mass. This place he afterward sold, and 
purchased a farm on the west margin of the mountain lake, of 
clear, deep water, one mile wide and two miles long, at the upper 
end of the Stockbridge valley, in full view of the village of 
Lenox. It was an attractive farm to live upon, and the family 
still retain it. 

He married, ]May 3, 1795, in :\Iiddletown, Ct., Louisa Gibson, 
born March 21, 1772, daughter of John Gibson of Middletown 
and Stockbridge and Joanna Crowfoot. He died Aug. 16, 1821, 
in Stockbridge, ^lass. Louisa Gibson Kirby died Aug. 24, 1853, 
aged eighty-one. Both were buried in ^Middletown, Ct. 
Children of Zebulon Kirby and Louisa Gibson : 

85. i. John Kirby, b. ^larch 24, 1796; m. Lucy Shepard. 

86. ii. Timothv Kirby, b. Nov. 16, 1797; m. Amelia Metcalf 


87. iii. Zebulon Kirby, b. Nov. 7, 1799; m. Anna M. Burg- 

iv. Louisa Kirby, b. Sept. 28, 1801 ; d. March 27, 1872 ; 
m., as second wife, Sept. 18, 1854, John Dresser. 

88. V. Martha Gibson Kirby, b. July 4. 1803 ; m- John Dresser. 

89. vi. Thomas Kirby, b. Dec. 25, 1804; m. Sarah H. Tom- 


90. vii. George Kirby, b. June 7, 1806; m. Clarissa L. Tracy, 
viii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Oct. 26, 1808; d. Aug. 31, 1829; 

not married. 

[Gibson Lineage: 

I. Roger Jephson, or Gipson, was brought up by Mr. Richard 
Lord of Saybrook, Ct. He married, after :March, 1669, T^Irs. 
Martha Morris, widow of John Morris of Hartford. He removed 
to Middletown, Ct., where he died 1680. His widow, Martha, 
married Dea. Thomas Allyn of Middletown. Children : Samuel, 
Jonathan, Martha, and Roger. 

II. Dea. Samuel Gipson of Middletown, Ct., born Nov. 23, 

Y ri >i i}i H Ti o I 

—■• — „ ,.».,.^... ._ ,. .. 

f ■ ■ ' 

i-n:ir,{ ,^;'q....J , 

y ''J f 


:• '.O 

• ■■yi~bu/. r: ,-\- 


, ^ 


; .;f,': :: ■ >.j,- 

- ;/- 

-■< .' i 


i '"-■"''■ 

-. -: :'->-r '. >y. s i:,iR ■■■;. 

...j i: 

■•| ;_..M ^:-'', 

■' "ii. 


:) ,. 

I •■'.''.! ,1 


■i\f. ."f: 

.h-ir ri 


.;>. t!/ 

Al-i'i'fi ' ' . . '''-I'^ .■ b;i:n'. :- .£vvl 


1677; died March 18, 1748, " aged seventy-six " ; married, Nov. 4, 
1703, Hannah Whitmore, born Nov. 23, 1677; died May 29, 1729, 
daughter of Lieutenant Francis Whitmore of ^liddletown and 
Hannah Harris, daughter of WilHam Harris of ^liddlctown. 
(Francis Whitmore, born Aug. 25, 1650; died Sept. 9, 1700, 
the son of Francis Whitmore of Cambridge, Mass., born about 
1625; died Oct. 12, 16S5, who married Isabel, daughter of Richard 
Park of Cambridge, I\Iass.) Children: Samuel, b. Sept. 22, 

1704; d, 1 7 19; Jonathan, d. young; John, b. Nov. i, 1708; Martha; 
Hannah, b. Feb. 9, 1714; m, Jonathan Sage; Jonathan, b. Nov. 
14, 1716; m., June 2},, 1743, ^Nlary Goodrich. 

HI. John Gipson of Middletown, born Nov. i, 1708; died 1778; 
married, Dec. 27, 1733, Mercy Sage, born 17 12; died 1762, daugh- 
ter of Timothy Sage and Margaret Holibert. Children: John, 
b. Aug. 12, 1734; Martha, b. Sept. 28, 1736; Samuel, b. April 16, 
1739; Roger, b. Jan. 18, 1740; Timothy, b. July 10, 1743; m. 
Hannah Sage; Joseph, b. Nov. 28, 1745; Mary, b. April 4, 1748; 
Hannah, b. Nov. 8, 1750. 

IV. John Gipson (Gibson), born Aug. 12, 1734; died May 11, 
1806, in Great Barrington, Mass.; married, Jan. 17, 1764, Joanna 
Crowfoot of Springfield, Mass., b. 1735. Children: Flavia, b. 
Sept. 2, 1765; Joanna, b. April 19, 1767; John Roger, b. Oct. 16, 
1769; Louisa, b. March 21, 1772; m. Zebulon Kirby; Joseph, b. 
April 21, 1774; d. 1858; m. Clarissa Wheeler; Pamela, b. March 
4, 1776; Mercy Sage, b. Sept. 18, 1779; Martha, b. Jan. 30, 1782. 
He was a Revolutionary soldier; served four months in Colonel 
Samuel B. Webb's regiment, Ninth Connecticut Line, v/hich then 
was with the main army on the Hudson. He enlisted Aug. 18, 
1780, and was honorably discharged, Dec. 14, 1780, at the ex- 
piration of his term of service. (" Record of the Services of Con- 
necticut Men in the War of the Revolution," by the Adjutant- 
Generals of Connecticut, p. 252.)] 

85. John* Kirby (Zebulon', Thomas*, John^, Joseph^, John^), 

born March 24, 1796, in Middletown, Ct. ; married, April 18, 1827, 

in Stockbridge, Mass., Lucy Shepard, daughter of William and 

Mary Shepard. Soon after his marriage he removed to Medina, 

N. Y., where he died Dec. 7, 1877. He was a farmer, and gained 

by honesty, industry, and frugality an ample estate. Children: 

i. John Kirby, b. Oct. 29, 1829, in Medina, N. Y.; m., Jan. 2}^, 

1861, in Allegan, Mich., Eliza Fin. He enHsted, in 1862, 

as a private in the Thirteenth Regiment Michigan Volun- 


Y.H^ii;;? HI' 

n' T " ■*■ 

\ j; =:.■■'> .y- 


. / ' ;i ,-;v ■ ■- J -Oil-; 

'^f'';:^ A 

i:\-\ . ,ii; ihaA 

l.v. 'C 

J •\n-(;:/.;^v3''; 

:;v[ .VAffroiV ■ • .C.s) vc-iX 'nibl .08 
■'uw •.■C) ^n-V'-n- . ■ut,! fT.i ,0,,>vi LS d'/jsl/l .nod 


teers; was with Rosecrans at Nashville; was afterward made 
quartermaster, and served as such until the end of the war. 
He died, 1881, in Douglas, Mich. Eliza Fin Kirby died 
1883. One child: 

I. Frank Kirby, b. i860 in Allegan, Mich.; m., April 2, 
1883, Sarah M. Gill of Douglas, Mich. 
ii. George Kirby, b. Feb. 8, 1832, in 2\Iedina, N. Y.; m., Oct. 
16, i860, in Medina, N. Y., Martha C. Marston, b. July 2, 
1837, in Ridgeway, N. Y., dau. of Ephraim G. Marston 
and Nancy L. Hastings of Sutton, N. H. He died July 14, 
1891, in Medina, N. Y. Children: 

1. William H. Kirby, b. Nov. 23, i86;, in Medina, N. Y.; 

is living on the old homestead at Medina, N. Y. 
Not married. 

2. Minnie L. Kirby, b. Aug. 7, 1863, in Medina, N. Y.; 

m., Oct. I, 1884, John II. Caldwell, b. Jan. 22, 1862, 
in Shelby, N. Y., son of William Caldwell and 
Mahala Grinell. They are now residing in Medina, 
N. Y. One child: Grace L., b. Jan. 5, 1886. 

86. Timothy^ Kirby (Zebulon^ Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, 
John^ of Cincinnati, O., was born Nov. 16, 1797, in Middletown 
" Upper Houses." He removed, with his father, in 1803, to Stock- 
bridge, Mass., where he entered a woollen factory and learned the 
trade of manufacturing broadcloth, and afterward studied at 
Lenox Academy. When about seventeen years of age he re- 
moved to Ohio, going down the Allegheny and Ohio rivers on a 
raft bound for Cincinnati. He first taught school at Eaton, O., 
and then became a student in the Cincinnati College. After leav- 
ing college he entered the office of General William Lytle, then 
surveyor of the Military Land District of Ohio, and remained 
with him seven years. About 1825 ]Mr. Kirby studied law with 
Joseph S. Eurnham, and was admitted to the bar by the Supreme 
Court at the May term, 1827. His practice as a lawyer, however, 
was limited, for he soon after returned to the land business. 

In 1828 he received from the Philadelphia Board of Directors of 
the Bank of the United States the appointment of land agent at 
their Cincinnati agency, subordinate to George W. Jones, agent; 
and in 1836 he was appointed agent, and continued to act as such 
through all the changes and subsequent trusts until the business 
was closed up and the proceeds remitted. During tiiis long 
period a very large amount of land and other business was done. 


.£!.rqA,.;- ' "- 

; ,'/ ,'/ ■ , i '1 f::'::!if ', .j 

1- -,'.;•: !^ii.l/i /'• .''. :.: •"' . .'•■■.■'■' /.7^k1 c-. : .'■ ' ^.;i[:f >\ "j V:, (Ux\':f\ 

^:nj n3.i-{j:.=?i ! :?. v ',. ■ ^: >;' l^'C •■ ;■ I>»i3i!!') jfi rnor!.'^ ,^i!,\f. .or'bfid 

-5": 9d i;j;: :■" :--.■''■ :v."'/ .v;i■loh^3A XOn9v.T 

£ no 5 ;■:■/'■• .•-•i:.J '■ li. ^i :,;■.!. /\j .cudO oi h^vnrn 

!'!-:-J-:'ii ri J'.W 'A IS-' Ji!i UJ XVtj'.-^lTlf-S SS'/V iiri.; 

*n 1,: jr ••. . ; n ,ri--. ' -. ^- -^o J 

■^-^■<^^ -■-. 






In all the conveyancing ]Mr. Kirby devised simple, log-ical, and 
exact modes of describing lands, making his descriptions new 
and original and free from complication. This improvement 
saved infinite trouble and loss of time, and has had a good effect 
upon the land records of Cincinnati. His care in perfecting titles 
inspired confidence in those connected with him in business, and 
this circumstance, together with the banking business which he 
also carried on, enabled him to speedily amass a fortune. He 
died June lo, 1876, in Cincinnati, O., leaving an estate worth 
between two and three millions. 

Timothy Kirby married, Feb. 11, 1826, in Clermont. O., Amelia 
(Metcalf) Hare, born 1804, daughter of John Metcalf of Virginia, 
and widow of John Hare. She died Jan. 2, 1867. 

From Mr. Kirby's autobiography in " Cincinnati, Past and 
Present," published 1872, have been taken the following passages 
illustrative of his tastes and character: 

In a literary way I make no pretensions, although always a student, ^^y 
preferences have generally been for scientific books, and works giving facts 
and useful knowledge. I have always taken great interest in geolog}-, 
and twenty years ago I matured my theory of north and south currents 
sufficiently to prepare an article on the subject for SilHman's Journal of 
Science; but the editor rejected my article as taking untenable ground. 
All known facts, and subsequent discoveries, tend decisively in my opinion 
to confirm my views, then written out, as correct and true. Indeed nothing 
short of a system of north and south currents in the oceans, during all past 
time, could have laid down such immense depths of stratified rocks. The 
great public, however, care verv- little about matters of this sort. I found 
that out in my project of boring an A.tesian well, beginning in the Cincin- 
nati Valley and going down five hundred and fifty feet, which added to the six 
hundred feet above, to the level of the surrounding country, makes a total 
depth through the stratified rocks of the Cincinnati valley of over eleven 
hundred feet. To my appreciation I discovered things of the utmost Inter- 
est to the public, but the public did not think so, and my Artesian well has 
never fceen commended by any one of the thirty newspapers of the city, 
nor have I been thanked for making the expenditure, or requested to write 
out a detail of the strata passed through. 

My zeal has probably outrun my discretion on the subject of the manu- 
facturing interests of the country, which I have always believed Congress 
should protect by a stringent tariff, or by non-intercourse in the way of 
imports. And I have devoted a great deal of time to talking and writing on 
our side of the question, as I have always considered the free trade side as 
the side of the foreign enemy. Whether my efforts have done any good 
I am not sure, but I think they have; and. if so, I am well repaid. Helping 
to put down the false dogma that the people gain by having their work done 
in a foreign country, has been an agreeable task to me. 


V a H 1 .•: H M c I H c 

;:vv, lii/;!-:.: 

q -^n 

: .r :'v;t ;..r:i .!/« 7!-'...^:^ ■''' 


3 t o 'J 

1 n »t ' 

4 ■! 

JJ f I Mv) X. M 


My connection with the land business of Cincinnati has drawn my atten- 
tion, during a long series of years, to the street improvements of the city. 
From an early day it was the general practice to elect as Street Commis- 
sioners, men the least adapted to the office of improving streets; and the 
result was, miserable street pavements, detestable ditch gutters, and 
wretched curb-stones, so put as to topple over. From time to time as I 
could do so I made efforts to introduce better plans, verbally and by news- 
paper articles. I pressed the Philadelphia plan of sloped curb-stones and 
right angled gutters, and pavements laid tlat from curb to curb. It is most 
astonishing to me to look back at the perverse obstinancy of the Street 
Boards in resisting so simple a plan for so many years. They seemed to 
take delight in tearing up some squares I had paved on the right plan 
twenty years before, and putting in their detestable ditch gutters. But 
now the new pavements are admirable, and I give the late Boards full 
credit for the improvement. 

I am now an old man, and consider there is no egotism in writing in 

ilthough at earlier periods I was sufficiently retir- 

i. From the time I went to work in the factor>- I 

n. • -, . ; -• ■■ ^i my own earning without gift or aid from any 

.. - ' . ^ '•■ ) ■: . , Iways left me with a surplus, however small my 

V life has passed for nearly sixty years without 

gain and success. 

As to my family, I was married to Amelia Metcalf Hare, widow of John 
Hare, February ii, 1826. My wife was six years younger than I. She was 
the daughter of John Metcalf of Clermont County, Ohio. We lived happily 
together a great many years, and she was an excellent woman. We had 
eight children, of whom only four survive. My v/ife died January 2, 1867. 

Children of Timothy Kirby and Amelia Metcalf Hare, born in 
Cincinnati, O.: 

i. Louisa Kirby, b. Nov. 26, 1826; m., Aug. 16, 1847, 
Bonn Piatt, b. June 29, 1819, in Cincinnati, O., son 
of Judge Benjamin M. Piatt of Cincinnati and Eliza- 
beth Barnett. He enlisted as private at the first call 
for volunteers in April, 1861, and was elected Captain 
of the Thirteenth Ohio Volunteers. June 28, 1861, 
he was appointed Chief of Staff to Gen. Robert C. 
Schenck, in which position he sers-ed for three years, 
with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, resigning in 
June, 1864, on account of the declining health of his 
wife. He was in the first battle of Bull Run and in 
the engagement at Cross Keys. After the war he 
represented Logan County in the Ohio Legislature, 
1865; was correspondent at Washington, D. C, for 
the " Cincinnati Commercial," 1867-71, and editor of 
the " Washington Capital," 1871-90. 

7il ^'l MIM>r 4 c^T H A a M 308 i a 


Louisa Kirby Piatt died Oct, 2, 1864. " She was 
a woman of much beauty, of an ardent tempera- 
ment, of refined culture and rare literary talent." 
Col. Donn Piatt ni. (2) Ella Kirby, sister of his first 
wife. He died Nov. 12, 1891, at " Macocheek," his 
country residence, near West Liberty, O. He had 
one child by his first wife, who died in infancy. 

91. ii. Byron Kirby, b. Feb. 8, 1829; m. Bridget Clarke. 

iii. Clinton Kirby, b. March 29, 1831; m. Anna Crawford; 
no children. 

iv. Julia Kirby, b. Oct. 19, 1833; d. Jan. 31, 1836. 

V. Charles Kirby, b. Sept. 16, 1835; d. Aug". 12, 1865; not 

vi. Ella Kirby, b. March 17, 1838; m., as second wife, July 
12, 1866, Col. Donn Piatt, who died Nov. 12, 1S91. 
Since her husband's death she has published " The 
Life of Gen. George H. Thomas," written by Col. 
Piatt before his decease, and other of his literary re- 
mains. She is now living at " Macocheek," West 
Liberty, O. No children. 

vii. Fannie Kirby, b. Jan. 25, 1840; d. June 26, 1840. 

92. viii. Julia Kirby, b. May 10, 1846; m. Henry B. Banning. 

91. Byron^ Kirby (Timothy^ Zebulon^, Thomas^, John', Jo- 
seph^, John^), born Feb. 8, 1829, in Cincinnati, O. At the begin- 
ning of the Civil W'ar he enlisted as a private; v/as soon promoted 
Second Lieutenant, and served on the staff of General Rosecrans 
until severely wounded at the battle of Stone River; was com- 
missioned Lieutenant-Colonel of the Second Maryland Cavalry, 
and acted as Colonel of the regiment until the close of the war. 
He was a lawyer, and lived in Cincinnati, O., where he died of 
pneumonia, Nov. 29, 1881. At the time of his death he was a 
member of the Board of Councilmen. He married Bridget Clarke, 
by whom he had four children: 

i. Timothy Clarke Kirby, b. Aug., 1867; is an attorney-at-law 

in Cincinnati, O. 
ii. Julia Kirby, b. Aug., 1869. 
iii. Louisa Kirby, b. Oct., 1875. 
iv. Ella Kirby, b. Nov., 1881. 

92. Julia' Kirby (Timothy^, Zebulon', Thomas*, John', Jo- 
seph^, John ^), born May 10, 1846, at " Kirby Castle," Cummins- 


Y a f» I :h 'A H o I 

. . iv^l .if .It 

n-,v)-^. :; -■ 1 ■■■■I ySi/^ .!' : ^' ' ... -^ .ij.v .r»^ 


■ ! ;ja--yi'-^-;;-'i;. :iSi ?A ;t.', i ,."3^j/. .•:< r{'.^J;^i i>>tisr'; Vi-J'>.\Ti i' .j 

.'"■o"!t ,.:"-'•'";. :i ,vci".;y/ .f;?'ii( .ii 


ville, O., near Cincinnati; married, Sept. 9, 1868, in Clifton, O., 
General Henry Blackstone Banning, born Nov. 10, 1836, in Ban- 
ning's Mills, Knox County, O., son of James and Eliza Banning, 
and grandson of the Rev. Anthony Banning, who emigrated to 
Ohio from Virginia. He was graduated from Knox College, 
Ohio, and practised law in ]\lt. Vernon, O., until the commence- 
ment of the Civil War. He enlisted in the Union Army, and was 
elected Captain of Company B, Fourth Ohio \'olunteers. He 
served throughout the war, and was at different times commis- 
sioned Major of the Fifty-second Ohio Volunteers, Major of the 
Eighty-seventh Ohio Volunteers, Lieutenant-Colonel of the 125th 
Ohio Volunteers, and Colonel of the 121st Ohio Volunteers. He 
commanded the latter regiment at the battle of Chickamauga and 
throughout the Atlanta campaign. During the battle of Chicka- 
mauga, in a bayonet charge, his regiment captured the battle-fiag 
of the Twenty-second Alabama — the only colors taken by the 
Union troops on that bloody and disastrous field. He was pro- 
moted Brevet Brigadier-General, and afterward brevetted Major- 

At the close of the war he was mustered out of service to 
take his seat in the Ohio Legislature, to which he had previously 
been elected from Knox County. In 1872 he was elected to rep- 
resent the Second District of Ohio in the Forty-third Congress, 
and subsequently was re-elected to the Forty-fourth and Forty- 
fifth Congresses. In 1868 he married Miss Kirby, and removed 
his law office to Cincinnati, where he died Dec. 10, 1881, aged 
forty-five years. Children: 

i. Kirby Banning, b. Aug. 28, 1869; graduated from the Cin- 
cinnati Law School, 1893; died suddenly in Cincinnati, 
May 19, 1894. 

ii. Harry Byron Banning, b. Nov. 2, 1870. 

iii. Ella Kirby Banning, b. May 14, 1872. 

iv. Clinton Kirby Banning, b. May 17, 1880. 

87. Zebulon« Kirby (Zebulon=, Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, 
John^), born Nov. 7, 1799, in Middletown, Ct. ; married, Oct. 10, 
1849, ^t Albany, N. Y., Anna M. Burghardt, born June 2, 1821, 
daughter of John Burghardt and Jemima Willson of West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. He was a leather merchant, and lived in Detroit, 
Mich., where he died June 18, 1859. Mrs. Zebulon Kirby died 
Jan. 8, 1896, in Belvidere, III. Children: 

i. Frances Gibson Kirby, b. Aug. 21, 1850; m., Dec. 12, 1872, 

V 5T \ ^A M T-r o T '.? o 

<7 o';i! ) ,, 

:!l-'M;tr;0 -.; 

'gii .;■::■-' 

{t ,;>■:' \ 

i;v'. :">^-^?:wm 

; j/L 

A 1 '/^ 


in Detroit, Mich., John H. Humphreys, son of William 
Humphreys of London, England. She has resided at 
Clapham, London, since 1874. Mr. Humphreys died Jan. 
15, 1889. Children: 

1. W. Kirby Humphreys, b. Dec. iS, 1873, in Detroit, 


2. Harry Humphreys, b. Oct. 19, 1876, in Chelsea, 


3. Florence Humphreys, b. 1880; d. in infancy. 

4. Constance Humphreys, b. Feb. 15, 1883, in Chelsea, 


5. Ella Humphreys, b. Feb. 5, 1887, in Chelsea, 

ii. Robert Zebulon Kirby, b. Nov. 26, 1851, in Detroit, Mich.; 
m., Oct. I, 1875, Alary Cochran, dau. of the Hon. H. S. 
Cochran of Sun City, Kan. He is now hving on a fruit 
ranch in East Sound, Wash. Children : 

1. Anna Kirby, b. Oct. 4, 1876. 

2. Fannie Kirby, b. :May 3, 1878. 

3. Zebulon Kirby, b. Jan. 25, 1880. 

4. John Kirby, b. Nov. 10, 1885. 

5. George Robert Kirby, b. Jan. 28, 1887. 
-6. Howson Seton Kirby, b. Jan. 20, 1889. 

7. Richard Sidney Kirby, b. Aug., 1891. 

iii. Harry Burghardt Kirby, b. Sept. i, 1853; is living in Semi- 
chino, Wash., engaged in salmon fishing; not married. 

iv. Arabella Willson Kirby, b. April 3, 1856, in Detroit, Mich.; 
m., June 2, 1881, in Pontiac, Mich., Charles J. Fox, Jr., 
son of Charles James Fox and Ellen Byrne of Liverpool, 
England. Mr. Charles J. Fox, Jr., was born in Calcutta, 
India. His father was a relative of the great English 
statesman after whom he was named. He now resides on 
.. an orange ranch in Pomona, Cal. Children: 

1. Charles Kirby Fox, b. March 15, 1883. 

2. Lilian Fox, b. Dec. 21, 1887. 

3. William Henry Fox, b. Oct. 25, 1889. 

88. Martha Gibson^ Kirby (Zebulon^ Thomas^ John', Jo- 
seph% John^), born July 4, 1803, in Stockbridge, :Nrass.; married, 
March 18, 1827, John Dresser, born Nov. 8, 1797, son of Caleb 
Dresser (born Oct. 15, 1770; died March 11, 182 1) and Mary 
Freeman (daughter of Jared Freeman of Southbridge, ]Mass.), born 


Y S. H i X MHOr 'lO ST 

[1 vdiiM .;;/ .i 

■ : .-ii: 

.•, hv.. 

-?8^ r^, jdO -J 

:o.-:.Ju"> nrM.w 

IT-;: ■■ > ■/'>.;'il< 


July 12, 1775; died Sept. 24, 1871. Martha Gibson Dresser died 
Feb. 24, 1853; and he married (2), Sept. 18, 1854, Louisa Kirby, 
the sister of his first wife. He was a farmer, and Hved in Stock- 
bridge, Mass., where he died May 27, 1874. Children born in 

i. Mary Louisa Dresser, b. Aug. 21, 1828; m., Jan. 18, 1849, 
in Muncie, Ind., Rufus A. Willson. They are now re- 
siding in Union City, Ind, Children: 

1. George Gilbert Willson, b. April 6, 1850; d. Jan. 20, 


2. Laura Jane Willson, b. Oct. 18, 1852; d. Feb. 23, 


3. Thomas Kirby Willson, b. Dec. 12, 1854; d. Sept. 

26, 1858. 

4. Emma :Maria Willson, b. :May 22, 1858. 

5. Charles Henry Willson, b. July 15, 1863. 

6. Jennie Louise Willson, b. Feb. 9, 1866; d. June i, 

ii. Elizabeth Kirby Dresser, b. Nov. 24, 1830; m., June 17, 
1861, in Union City, Ind., Jonas Votaw. She died July 
13, 1874, in College Corners, Ind. Children: 

1. James Francis Votaw, b. June 19, 1862 ; d. same day. 

2. Clara Belle Votaw, b. June 26, 1863; m., Aug. 3, 

1889, Cecil Case, b. May 16, 1859. Children: 
(i) Edith Louise, b. May 16, 1890; (2) Aimee 
Marie, b. Oct. 5, 1895. 

3. Lillian Kirby Votaw, b. Jan. 22, 1866; m., April 9, 
. . 1887, John Bishop, b. Aug. 29, 1865. One child: 

(i) Charlotte Ethel, b. Feb. 14, 1890. 

4. Henry Jonas Votaw, b. Sept. 12, 1867; m., June 25, 

1890, Olive Morrical, b. April 26, 1869. Cliil- 
dren: (i) Jennie Marguerite, b. May 2, 1891; 
(2) Lillian Marie, b. Dec. 18, 1892; (3) Louise 
Kirby, b. April 17, 1896. 

5. Emma Louise Votaw, b. June 17, 1871; m., Nov. 

18, 1891, William A. Bockoven. Children: 
(i) Paul, b. Feb. 12, 1893; (2) William A., b. 
Nov. 24, 1894; (3) Sterling, b. Jan. 20, 1897. 
iii. Martha Jane Dresser, b. Aug. 30, 1832; d. Oct. 12, 1851, 

while at school in Connecticut. 
iv. George Erastus Dresser, b. June 7, 1834; m., March 28, 
1865, Catherine Frances Stone Howe, b. Oct. 12, 1838, 

:i -^ 

U/! ^i'^ 


in Dorchester, Mass., dau. of Enos and Ivlary Howe. He 
is now residing in Stockbridge, :Mass. One child: 
I. George Dresser, b. May 13, 1867; d. May 19, 1S67. 

V. Henry Alonzo Dresser, b. Feb. 19, 1836; d. May 4, 1871; 
not married. 

vi. Charles Augustus Dresser, b. Jan. 7, 1838; m., Feb. 11, 
1864, in Union City, Ind., Isabel M. Farley. He died 
Oct. 23, 1896, in Toledo, O. Children: 

1. Flora Belle Dresser, b. May 11, 1866, in Anderson, 


2. John Chester Dresser, b. Feb. 8, 1871, in Ander- 

son, Ind. 

3. Charlotte Elmira Dresser, b. April 30, 1883, in 

Toledo, O. 
vii. John Tyler Dresser, b. :March 5, 1841 ; m., :March 2, 1870, 
Helen C. Palmer. He died June 27, 1885, in Las Vegas, 
New IMexico. Children: 

1. James Henry Dresser, b. June 28, 1871, in Atchi- 

son, Kan.; d. Jan. 18, 1873. 

2. Aimee Arnold Dresser, b. Feb. 20, 1874, in Atchi- 

son, Kan. 
viii. James Francis Dresser, b. Jan. 15, 1843; d. June 7, 1879, 
in El Paso, Tex. 
ix. Charlotte Amelia Dresser, b. Jan. 2, 1845; not married. 

89. Thomas^ Kirby (ZebuIon^ Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, 
John*), born Dec. 25, 1804, in Stockbridge, Mass. When eighteen 
years of age he removed to Richmond, Ind., and was afterward 
at Dayton, O. In 1830 he settled at Muncietown, now Muncie, 
Ind., and entered into business there. He married, July 15, 1832, 
Sarah Hickman Tomlinson, born Feb. 8, 1814, in Guildford 
County, N. Car., daughter of Judge John Tomlinson and Dolly 
Hill Bevill of Richmond, Ind. He died Aug. 14, 1879, in Muncie, 

[Judge John Tomlinson, b. May 29, 1789; d. April 16, 1853; 
m. Dolly Hill Bevill, b. May 9, 1786; d. Sept. 18, 1873, dau. of 
Hezekiah Bevill of North Carolina, b. May ^y, 1744, and Anna 
his wife, b. April i, 1745. Judge Tomlinson removed from Guild- 
ford County, near Gainsborough, N. C, in 1828, and settled in 
Richmond, Ind. Children: Nancy A., b. Oct. 12, 1809; m. 

Taylor; Philip Hill, b. Dec. 7, 181 1 ; d. Dec. 13. 1824; Sarah 

Hickman, b. Feb. 8, 1814; m. Thomas Kirby; Gilla Scott, b. 

A >l.l >i H H O f ^ n p. T '^/< 

■-: ir ,.;!/; ..L-i^ 

T ., f-,T 

'1, .'J .; 

'. 0^--T ,Mi 

- ru.[ ^.,,:.y 


Jan. lo, 1816; d. May 10, 1845; m. Powers; Amanda Allen, 

b. Dec. II, 1817; d. Nov. 11, 1865; m. Shoemaker.] 

Children born in jMuncie, Ind.: 
93. i. Thomas Hickman Kirby, b. Oct. 8, 1834; m. Anna C. 
ii. Martha Ann Kirby, b. Nov. 20, 1836; m., April 8, 1875, 
Americus H. Hamilton of Muncie, Ind., b. Jan. 16, 
1844. One child: 

I. Frederick Kirby Hamilton, b. Jan. 11, 1S76. 
9-i. iii. John Marvin Kirby, b. Nov. 6, 1839; "i- ^^^O" F. 
iv. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Oct. 6, 1841 ; m., Nov. 8, 1866, Julius 
Andreas Heinsohn, b. June 10, 1837, in Newhaus, 
Germany. He is the proprietor of the " Kirby House," 
Muncie, Ind. Mrs. Heinsohn is now Regent of the 
Paul Revere Chapter of the D. A. R. Children: 

1. Sarah Anna Heinsohn, b. May 30, 1868, in Mun- 

cie, Ind.; m., June i, 1898, in Muncie, Ind., 
John James Hartley of Muncie, Ind. 

2. Thomas Kirby Heinsohn, b. March 17, 1871, in 

Louisville, Ky.; m., Oct. 24, 1892, in Milwau- 
kee, Wis., Mary Josephine Spanker. They are 
now living in Sylvester, Ga. One child: Rob- 
ert, b. March 6, 1894, in Muncie, Ind. 
V. Sarah Jane Kirby, b. June 24, 1S43; d. July 4, 1875. 
95. vi. George Kirby, b. Dec. 4, 1844; m. Kate M. Whipple. 

93. Thomas Hickman^ Kirby (Thomas^, Zebulon^ Thomas*, 
John^), born Oct. 8, 1834, in Muncie, Ind.; married, Dec. 2, 1869, 
Anna C. Cassady, born June 30, 1842, in Middletown, O., daugh- 
ter of William Cassady and Margaret E. Van Home, both of 
Muncie, Ind. He was a Union soldier; volunteered, April, 1861, 
for three months, and was in the battle of Rich Mountain, W. Va., 
the first engagement of the Civil War; volunteered a second time 
for three years, in Company B, Thirty-sixth Indiana Volunteers; 
was made' First Lieutenant of Company B, and served two years, 
when he resigned his commission on account of disability, and 
was honorably discharged. He is a lumber dealer, and lives in 
Muncie, Ind. Children, besides twins, who died at birth. May 

2^, 1872, are: 

i. Edith Elizabeth Kirby, b. Jan. 21, 1875, in Muncie, Ind. 

ii. Edward Cassady Kirby, b. June 4, 1881, in ^luncie, Ind. 

V rj <T T >i MM r> T Ti n ?> 

J BiiriA .1; ; ^•; 81 ,>; ..':)0 

[A aiio[ .i'J .la 


:■] ■ri.o^/:) .rf '^.r 

■I K-rl// 

.r '^ .!■ 

.d .v-r:'L 7i;:-'0j b 


9-1. John jMarvin^ Kirby (Thomas^, Zebulon^, Thomas*, 
John"), born Nov. 6, 1839, in Muncie, Ind. ; married, June 14, 
1866, IMary Frederika Putnam, born June 9, 1846, in Muncie, 
Ind., daughter of Frederick E. Putnam and Susan Judson Sayre. 
JMary Putnam Kirby died Aug. 27, 1887; and he married (2), 
March 11, 1890, Belle Jack, daughter of John and Susan J. Jack. 
He is a lumber dealer, and resides in Aluncie, Ind. Children 
by his first wife: 

i. Thomas Putnam Kirby, b. April 4, 1867; m., July 5, 1888, 
Gertrude Elizabeth Maddy, eldest dau. of William R. 
Maddy and Sarah E. Swain. Children: 

1. Mary Frederika Kirby, b. Aug. 17, 1889; d. March 

29, 1896. 

2. Edgar Marvin Kirby, b. Oct. 16, 1891. 

3. Josephine Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1897. 

ii. Adah Kirby, b. July 24, 1869; m., Sept. 15, 1891, in Mun- 
cie, Ind., Louis Over, only son of Thomas H. Over and 
Matilda Gaymen. Children: 

1, Donald Over, b. Aug. 4, 1895; d. Oct. 20, 1897. 

2. Charles Henry Over, b. April 12, 1897. 
iii. Suzette Kirby, b. May 30, 1872. 

iv, Sarah Kirby, b. Feb. 26, 1880. 

95. George^ Kirby (Thomas®, Zebulon'', Thomas*, John^, Jo- 
seph-, John^), born Dec. 6, 1844, in ]\Iuncie, Ind.; married, June 
14, 1866, Kate ]\Ioore Whipple, born March 19, 1847, daughter of 
Job Taft Whipple and ]\Iaria Willson of Union Village, N. Y. He 
was a Union soldier during the Civil War; enlisted, /\.pril 30, 1864, 
in the 134th Indiana Volunteers, and was honorably discharged, 
Sept, 2, 1864, at the expiration of his term of service. He is now 
residing in Colorado Springs, Col. Children born in ]Muncie, 

i. Willson Whipple Kirby, b. Sept. 13, 1867; m., Jan. i, 1S90, 
Carrie Louise Winton, b. May ii, 1869, dau. of Robert 
and Elmira Winton; no children. 
ii. Marion Elizabeth Kirby, b. Aug. 19, 1870; m., Oct. 11, 
1893, Robert H. Widdicombe of Washington, D. C. He 
is now Deputy County Clerk of El Paso County, Col., 
and resides in Colorado Springs, Col. Children: 

1. Robert Kirby Widdicombe, b. Aug. 20, 1S94. 

2. Susan Widdicombe, b. May 9, 1897. 
iii. Louise Kirby, b. Aug. 24, 1872. 


Y ft ?T r "i-i If H O f '^ O ^. 

.:■■ \ 1 .(.: .•; 

f^^iL^; I M. .'^f....M 



;0 jWA/iu^; ;luT JrT 

ill '^ 

nl ajv.pi 

iL>\n..; Ill 

. ■: -.'.-i -yi.iqs'.Vl,^ j;0=i;FV/ .J 
,/ 0.;; ■// j'::rjo,I oms'J 


iv. John Marvin Kirby, b. April 8, 1878. 
V. Julius Taft Kirby, b. May 10, 18S1. 

90. George® Kirbv (Zebulon^ Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, 
John^") of Detroit, Mich.; born Jan. 7, 1806, in Stockbrid-e. Mass.; 
married, Aug. 18, 1833, Clarinda Lucy Tracy, born June 15, 
181 1, at French Creek, Pa., daughter of Jedediah Tracy and 
Betsy Rovce. He was for many years a leather merchant of De- 
troit, and' in partnership with his brother, Zebulon Kirby. He 
died Aug. 3, 1890, in Detroit, Mich. Clarinda Tracy Kirby died 
July 31, 1845, in Detroit, :Mich. Children: 

i. Mary Louise Kirby, b. April 9, 1837, in Mayville, N. Y.; 
m.', Oct. 24, 1861, in Detroit, Mich., Dr. Charles Hastmgs, 
b. Sept. I, 1820, in Junius, Seneca County, N. Y., son 
of Hastings and Olive Godfroy. He was a physi- 
cian, and practised his profession in Detroit, Mich., where 
he died Uzy 23, 18S6. She is now residing in Detroit, 
Mich. Children born in Detroit: 

1. George Kirby Hastings, b. April 7, 1863; d. April 

9, 1863. 

2. Elizabeth Kirby Hastings, b. Aug. 16, 1S05; not 


3. Sarah Belle Hastings, b. Sept. 29, 1868; not married. 

4. Harriet Kirby Hastings, b. Sept. 29, 1874; d. Jan. 

16, 1875. . 

5. Julia Banning Hastings, b. Sept. 29, 1874, t^vm; d. 

April 3, 18/5. o . T. • 

ii. Elizabeth Permela Kirby, b. Nov. 23, 1841, m Detroit, 

Mich.; is unmarried, and is now residing in Detroit, Mich. 
iii. George Tracy Kirby, b. Sept. 24, 1843; d- Oct. 19, 18S9; 

not married. 
iv. Samuel Kirby, b. July 30, 1845; d. Aug. 5, 1845. 

71. Reuben'^ Kirby (Thomas*, John', Joseph^, John^), bom 
Sept. 5, 1768, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, Aug. 
2, 1792, Marv Butler, baptized Dec. i, 1781, daughter of Comfort 
Butler and S'ibyl Ranney. He was a farmer, and lived in Middle- 
town "Upper' Houses," where he died June 29, 1833. Mar}- 
Butler Kirby died May 31, 1853. Children: 

i. Maria Kirby, bapt. May 18, 1795; d. Nov. 28, 1889. in Mid- 
dletown, Ct.; not married. 
ii. Abel Kirby, bapt. June 25, 1797; died in the West Indies. 

Y a 5il .H '■: }l O I H o a T M / 


H ^r.t 


iii. Harris Kirby, bapt. June 25, 1797; died in the South. 
iv. Nicholas Kirby, bapt. Sept. 22, 1799; died in the South. 

V. Lucia Kirby, b. , 1801 ; d. June 20, 1846, in Hartford, Ct. 

vi. Thomas Kirby, b. ; died in the West Indies. 

72. SamueP Kirby (Thomas*, John^ Joseph^, John^), born 
Feb. 16, 1771, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, April 
21, 1793, Abigail Sage, born 1773, baptized April 10, I774» 
daughter of Timothy Sage and Abigail Riley. He was a farmer, 
and lived in Middletown, North Society, now the town of Crom- 
well, Ct., where he died April i, 1849. Abigail Sage Kirby died 
Feb. 6, 1856, aged eighty-two. 

[Timothy Sage, b. 1743, son of Timothy Sage, b. 1714 (Tim- 
othy, David), and 'Sl.zry Warner; m. Abigail Riley, b. April 14, 
1744, dau. of Nathaniel Riley of IMiddletown (m. Jan. 14, 1740) 
and Abigail jNIontague, b. July 11, 1716, dau. of Richard Mon- 
tague of Wethersfield, Ct, and Abigail Camp, who were married 
July 28, 171 5. Richard Montague, b. March 16, 1684, in Hadley, 
Mass., was the son of John ^^lontague (son of Richard) and Han- 
nah Smith (m. March 23, 1681), the dau. of Ensign Chileab 
Smith and the granddaughter of Lieut. Samuel Smith of Wethers- 
field, Ct., and Hadley, Mass.] 

i. Abigail Kirby, bapt. Nov. 15, 1795; d. June 22, 1865; 

not married. 
ii. Lucy Kirby, bapt. Feb. 14, 1796; d. Jan. i, 1852; m., 
April 3, 1816, Asa E. Hubbard of Middletown, Ct., 
b. April 28, 1788; d. May 9, 1849, son of Jeremiah 
Hubbard and Flora Hazleton. Children: Fred- 

erick, Jennie, William, Ralph, and Fannie. 
iii. Philip Kirby, bapt. Feb. 5, 1797; d. April 16, 1875, in 

Middletown, Ct. ; not married. 
iv. Samuel Kirby, bapt. March 30, 1800; m. Louisa Rob- 
erts. He removed to Ohio and afterward to New 
Ulm, Minn., where he died in 1845. He had two 
sons: Philip, who married Sarah Bach, and removed 
to Spokane Falls, Wash., and Samuel. 
96. V. Emma Kirby, bapt. April 11, 1802; m. Charles Cook, 
vi. Sally Sage Kirby, bapt. July 29, 1804; d. 1830; m., 
Aug. 23, 1826, Lorenzo Hart Treat of Middletown 
"Upper Houses," now Cromwell, b. Nov. i, 1802; 
d. July 13, 1857, son of Elisha Treat and Lydia Hart, 

Y a H I >I H H I ^ O ? T ;: 



>nii OT'S ...i;;^. :■ '■ 


dau. of Capt. Samuel Hart of Kensington, Ct. Lo- 
renzo H. Treat was a member of the Connecticut 
State Legislature in 1855, and was for many years 
the Town Clerk and Treasurer of Cromwell, Ct. 
They had one child: 

I. Mary L. Treat, b. Feb., 1829; d. April, 1830. 
97. vii. Charles Kirby, bapt. Oct. 28, 1806; m. Catherine C. 
viii. Mary Kirby, bapt. April 8, 1808; d. Sept. 28, 1868; m., 
as second wife, April 16, 1831, Lorenzo H. Treat. 
She was the sister of his first wife. One child: 

I. Sarah Treat, b. July 10, 1832; m. (i), June 2, 
185 1, Elizur Lord Wright, who died Aug. 3, 
1864. She married (2), 1872, Robert Mc- 
Donald. Children by her first husband: 
(i) Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1852; d. July 23, 1853; 
(2) George, b. May 3, 1853; d. Sept. 28, 
1853; (3) Samuel H., b. Sept. 12, 1854; d. 
April 28, 1863; (4) Benjamin, b. Feb. 11, 
1858; d. April 28, 1863; (5) Benjamin E., b. 
Aug. 3, 1864. 
ix. Timothy Kirby, b. 1810; d., 1873, in Pennsylvania. 
X. Frederick Kirby, bapt. Sept. 29. 1812; d. Oct. 21, 1812. 

xi. Frederick Kirby, b. 1814; m. Emily ; removed to 

Meadville, Pa., and died there Nov., 1855. 

96. Emma« Kirby (SamueP, Thomas^ John^ Joseph^, John^), 
baptized April 11, 1802; married, in 182 1, Charles Cook of Whit- 
neyville, Ct., born, 1794, in Fall River, Mass., son of John Cook. 
He died Nov., 1844, in Cromwell, Ct. Emma Kirby Cook died 
Nov. 13, 1853, in Meadville, Pa. Children: 

i. John Herbert Cook, b. Sept. 24, 1822, in Berlin, Ct.; m., 
Feb. 14, 1849, ^leribah Earle Wyatt, b. Feb. 22, 1823, 
dau. of Constant Wyatt (son of Lieut. Stuteley Wyatt) 
and Hannah Marble of Somerset, Mass. He now lives 
in New Haven, Ct. Children: 

1. Francis Herbert Cook, b. March 17, 1850; d. Aug. 

26, 1882. 

2. Sarah Emma Cook, b. Jan. 24, 1852. 

3. Frederick Kirby Cook, b. April 12, 1859; m., Dec. 

8, 1883, Kittie L Finch of Ansonia, Ct. One 
child: Florence Helen, b. April 3, 1888. 

-O.I .O .'. 


T.,.i/J, ,tJfV 


.[n^-:i '■:» 

'A, -.'.- <- 

..x^l ,V'';iv' 

-j;:o/>i ,-ni; 

■,'H .r.P 

III-,:..) .6' i . .'Mv:-)'; ; ■ \ \rO: /, v 



4. Jessie Benton Cook, b. March 24, 1861. 

5. George Wyatt Cook, b. Dec. 4, 1863; m., Nov. 6, 

1896, Margaret Cody of New Haven, Ct. 

6. Mary Alice Cook, b. Feb. i, 1S66; m., Jan. 27, 1892, 

Arthur Bronson Undenvood, b, July 17, 1867, son 

of Judson Boardman Underwood and Clara Case 

of Hartford, Ct. He is engaged in journalism, 

and resides in Bridgeport, Ct. One child: Arthur 

Judson, b. July 3, 1S94. 

ii. Charles Kirby Cook, b. Feb. 6, 1825, in Berlin, Ct. ; d. May 

24, 1867, in Meadville, Pa.; m., Feb. 12, 1852, in ]Mead- 

ville, Pa., ^Margaret Lemon, b. Jan. 21, 1830; d. Oct. 31, 

1896. Children: 

1. Emma Cook, b. ^March 27, 1853, in Meadville, Pa.; 

m., Nov, 23, 1880, John D. Hazlet of Meadville, 
Pa., b. Feb. 16, 1849. One child: Charles Cook, 
b. Oct. 15, 1886. 

2. Frederick George Cook, b. March 10, 1855, in ]Mead- 

\-ille. Pa.; m., Jan. 3, 1884, Francelia Scanlon of 
Meadville, Pa., b. March 16, 1865; d. May 15, 
1894. Children: (i) Mildred, b. Oct. 10. 

1884; (2) Frederick Arthur, b. Dec. 7, 1889; (3) 
Ethel, b. Dec. 18, 1893. 

3. IMott Kelly Cook, b. Nov. 15, 1863, in Meadville, 

Pa.; m., Oct. 26, 18SS, Gertrude Daniels of Oil 
City, Pa. 
iii. Frederick Kirby Cook, b. April 24, 1828, in Whitnej'ville, 
Ct. ; d. Jan. 28, 1882, in Meadville, Pa.; m. Lavinia Brain- 
erd Kelly of Ohio. One child: 

I. Harry Kelly Cook, b. Aug. 12, 1873, in Qeveland, 
O. He is now living in Oil City, Pa. 
iv. George M. Cook, b. April 11, 1832; d. Nov. 13, 1852, in 

Placer%-ille, Cal. 
V. Mary Borden Cook, b. Aug. 8, 1836, in Whitneyville, Ct.; 
d. Oct. 29, 1856. in ]Meadville, Pa.; m. John B. Fay of 
Meadville, Pa. ; no children. 

97. Charles^ Kirby (Samuel^ Thomas*, John', Joseph^, John^), 
baptized Oct. 28, 1806, in iMiddletown "Upper Flouses," now 
Cromwell, Ct. He was one of the most prominent citizens of this 
town; was for many years Town Clerk and Treasurer, and also 
represented Cromwell in the Legislature. In 1863 he was 


Y a H I X M H O I ^ O 2 

.0 -iC ..'■'. 

.^..q'i) .V;. .iu:. 

-1^1. jl ' til .' \':'i . 


.:.-a .d 

1 ,/■. 


^r; ; 

•• -'-' M -.■-.'.' 


.H'! . . 

I': , '■>-'■' i/1 

,:r ,-r<^> ._>^ 


• '-;•;'■.•;■):• 

I.'- . :,' ■ ,•■'■!. 

i ,ti;jr, 


[>:•/. .. 




chosen to represent the Eighteenth District in the State Senate. 
" Throughout his hfe he was an able and energetic citizen, taking 
a hvely interest in whatever tended to enhance the ^yelfare of his 
town and serving the pubUc with readiness and abiUty." Hon. 
Charies Kirbv died Dec. 27, 1868, at Yonkers, N. Y. He mar- 
ried, July 6, 1830 (or Jan. 6, 1830, according to White Genealogy), 
Catharine Chauncey White, born June 10, 1810, daughter of 
William White and Fanny Stocking, both of Middletown " Upper 
Houses." Children: 

i. Sarah Goodrich Kirby, b. Oct. 19, 1831. 
ii. Frances Elizabeth Kirby, b. Sept. 12, 1833; m., Oct. 31, 
1855, Frederick Barnard Starr, b. July 2, 1829, in IMiddle- 
town, Ct., son of Nathan Starr of Middletown and Grace 
Townsend. [Nathan Starr, b. Aug. 28, 1789; d. Oct. 16, 
1856; m., June 25, 1810, Grace, dau. of Ebenezer Town- 
send of New Haven and Thankful Sophia Barnard.] Mr. 
Frederick B. Starr died April 13, 1865, in Cromwell, Ct. 

1. Charies F. Starr, b. March 18, 1858, in Cromwell, 

Ct.; is a banker, and lives in Boston, Mass.; not 

2. Harry M. Starr, b. March 22, 1861 ; d. June 24, 1865. 
iii. Katharine White Kirby, b. Nov. 14, 1835. 

73. Mary'^ Kirby (Thomas*, John^ Joseph% John^), bom Jan. 
10, 1773; married, as third wife, Nov. 4, 1813, Captain Ralph 
Smith of Middle Haddam, Ct., born Jan. 11, 1761, son of Captain 
Enoch Smith and Ruth Goodrich (married Oct. 25, 1753), and a 
descendant of Ralph Smith of Hingham, ^lass. He was at first 
a sea-captain, and afterward a farmer in Middle Haddam, Ct., 
where he died Jan. 24, 1838. Mary Kirby Smith died Dec. 26, 


[Capt. Ralph Smith, m. (i), March 21, 1781, Hannah , b. 

1773; d. April 5, 1801, aged thirty-eight years. Children: 

Mary, b. Sept. 12, 1782; d. young; Jeremiah, b. Aug. 25, 1784; 
d. Sept. 20, 1794; Ralph, b. May 22, 1786; d. Oct. 3, 1805; Ruth, 
b. July 18, 1788; Ebenezer, b. May 17, 1791; d. Sept. 27, 1864; 
Sophia, b. April 18, 1794; Lucy, b. July 7, 1797; d. Feb. 16, 1798; 
Hannah, b. March i, 1799; d. Sept. 1799. He married (2), 1803, 
Honor Deming, b. 1767; d. March 6, 1813, aged forty-six years. 
Children: William Deming, b. May 3, 1804; Ralph, b. Aug. 10, 



■'''\ . -t- } ilV/O* 
! i- , ........ T 

-t' i . • ' 1 . 'J,- ol 


i .v.Mii.D:/; ■' 

:: LI .70 >: .d r. 

-, ,'; i. 


■• ■ -.^' '-.b -.I'iyj''^ Ydi;>I 7;i:?C ■ ,>:!^i .'y.. Jitif batij '>il ^'isxivr 

f> :',':■' :t,';" ,:- -■ "• .■: . ..:.•' .r^;;;,-i;^ ....iV"! ,os. ..:qs8' .b 

,;■;■;■••.' .^ - z; ;,'^ ;--\'; ,?,t<;i ,•■■ -'.'y-yM .0 .ro\\ A ,-3n;(:-:jU. 3<,.'no.R 
:■!, ■■:,'/-. •■■ f! :'■ *■ .+.-«! ,t v'^:*! ••• ,^r;r-U:jU rJ'^iil;"// ;iii>ibUfQ 


1806; Jeremiah Goodrich, b. Oct. 16, 1808; Enoch, b. Feb. 19, 
181 1 ; d. March 15, 1832.] 

Captain Ralph Smith and Mary Kirby had one child: 
98. i. Thomas Kirby Smith, b. i\Iarch 18, 1817; m. Mary F. 

98. Thomas Kirby® Smith (Mary Kirby', Thomas*, John^ 
Joseph-, John^), born March 18, 181 7, in Middle Haddam, Ct. 
He removed in 1835 to the State of Louisiana, and for five years 
was engaged as assistant civil engineer in making surveys for the 
first railroad in that State. In 1840 he removed to Alexandria, 
La., to take charge of a railroad belonging to his brother, Ralph 
Smith, which ran from Alexandria through the sugar district of 
Rapides County, a distance of fifteen miles. At that time he 
owned, in partnership with his brother Ralph, the steamboat 
" Rapides," which made weekly trips from New Orleans to 
Natchitoches. This boat was afterward in the possession of the 
Confederate Army. He took no active part in the Civil War. 
During the latter part of the war he was collector of " tax in 
kind " for the Southern Army. By the war he lost his slaves, 
valued at $40,000, and also much movable property, including 
100 bales of cotton, on which he afterward recovered $S,ooo. 
His residence at Alexandria, La., was also destroyed by fire when 
the town was burned by the Union Army, In 1869 he bought a 
cotton plantation on Red River, about twenty miles above Alex- 
andria, La., on which he lived, engaged in cotton planting. 

Thomas Kirby Smith was married, Oct. 5, 1852. in Alexandria, 
La., to Mary Felonise Hickman, born Jan. 7, 1834, daughter of 
William Preston Hickman (born in Rockingham, N. C, son of 
William Hickman of \"irginia and Mary Webster) and Mariana 
Baillio, both of Louisiana. She died Nov. 11, 1879. He died 
Jan. 20, 1896, at Boyce, Rapides County, La. Children: 

i. William Hickman Smith, b. Aug. 17, 1853; d. Sept. 2S, 

ii. Thomas Kirby Smith, b. Dec. 24, 1854. 

iii. Mary Kirby Smith, b. Aug. 19, 1856. 

iv. Heman Smith, b. Dec. 2, 1858; m., Feb. 24, 1892, Lula 
Ducote of Louisiana. 

V. Webster Smith, b. Jan. 17, 1861; m., March 6, 18^9. Ella 
Lacaze of Louisiana. Children: 

1. Mary Felonise Smith, b. March 17, 1892. 

2. Thomas Kirby Smith, b. Jan. 3, 1894. 


H « T >r 

•; -rir.U .'I ; ^i 

'ruiol .•^.■rrr-«r">,'.;diiH 

■niVA ^li.i'^^iiV .56 


:..,■ .:[' -,;,] K. :- -« c'.; :„ - .x,J : ::.^.;.;/.:^'A ;.: -.-r /i v^ ■■ : ^>\i 

,!?/''< ::■•■( riL' ■tO:;H'!ii>!'.T fi-^tto") 
■ ' ■/ no ..:u] ,^buT, 
■(/hi'/ ?.Emoi{l 

:: : -; : ,:\ .:• :.; i:?ih Di^^ :.rr-. •:••:-■, ' ■<"; rtJod .oiiliscl 

->:;•:/; ovOvi'^ ,.vl.n-i • .- :■ ,■-: 'r 

^ ' .t;t 

i/1 .1 

'i .!.' 


vi. Virginia Hickman Smith, b. Sept. ii, 1862. 
vii. jNIarian Baillio Smith, b. IMarch 28, 1864. 
viii. WiUiam Preston Hickman Smith, b. May 3, 1865; d. Jan. 
21, 1869. 
ix. Harriet Kirby Smith, b. Aug. 21, 1869. 
X. Henry Ranney Smith, b. Dec. 24, 1870. 
xi. Jeremiah Goodrich Smith, b. Nov. 14, 1873. 
xii. Annah Hurd Smith, b. June 4, 1875; m., Nov. 8, 1892, 
Henry Luckett Thompson of Louisiana. One child: 
I. Marian Smith Thompson, b, July 27, 1893; d. Dec. 
7, 1894. 

74. Giles^ Kirby (Thomas'*, John^, Joseph^, John^), born June 
16, 1777, in jMiddletown "Upper Houses;" married, Nov. 12, 
1801, Lucy Spencer, born March 31, 1782, daughter of Samuel 
Spencer of Aliddletown, Ct., and Martha Eells. He was a con- 
sumptive, and went to the West Indies for his health, but died 
May 16, 1807, while on the return voyage. Lucy Spencer Kirby 
" was a remarkable woman and possessed a fine and strong char- 
acter." She died July 25, 1854, in Hartford, Ct. They had one 

i. Llarriet Kirby, b. 1803; d. Nov. 12, 1871, in Hartford, Ct. ; 
not married. 

29. Bethiah* Kirby (John^ Joseph^, John^), born Dec, 173 1, 
in Middletown " L^pper Houses; " married, Sept. 21, 1757, Daniel 
Stocking of Middletown, Ct., born Jan. 18, 1728, son of Captain 
Joseph Stocking of Middletown, Ct. (born Feb. 27, 1703, son of 
Daniel Stocking and Jane Mould), and Abigail Ranney; married 
Dec. 20, 1726. Mr. Daniel Stocking was graduated at Yale 
College in 1748, and followed the occupation of teaching in Mid- 
dletown, Ct., and " was so well and widely known in his calling 
that he received the title of ' Master Stocking.' " (" History of 
Cromwell, Ct.") He died Dec. 23, 1800. Bethiah Kirby Stock- 
ing died Jan. 14, 1823, aged ninety-one. 

[Mr. Daniel Stocking married (i) Sarah Gould, dau. of the 
Rev. Hezekiah Gould of Stratford, Ct., by whom he had: (i) 
Mary Ann, bapt. March 5, 1752; m. Daniel White; (2) Joseb, 
bapt. Jan. 16, 1755; d. June 29, 1841. His first wife died Aug. 9, 
1756, and he married (2), Sept. 21, 1757, Bethiah Kirby.] 
Children of Daniel Stocking and Bethiah Kirby: 


y S H I Zi M 

.n£f .h .'ij^il 


.'[l]^>'^^ ";;'JC^ 

■110 J i: ;;;. ■-• --■■: 


,'-^;7-;-n ]■: 

.-i';:o^ci , 

: - . ,■ . ., > 

y. :i ■^■.:. a&v/ sn;>! 

. • i V :■';•■; /■;!.- ( nt •i-^^fjfl.O 

'/•-' .',: : ■■ ./ ■' ;■ -'• .".''> .r'.'' 

■^\.-'\ 'ir:.;U .:n :u. ,; ; ,;•-:/ ;.-,;;g j;;..'^ v:nM 


i. Daniel Stocking, bapt. May 6, 1759; d. Nov. 23, 1776. 
ii. Sarah Stocking, bapt. Sept. 21, 1760; m., Oct. 14, 1787, 

Nicliolas Fox. 
iii. Samuel Stocking, bapt. Jan. 6, 1762; m., Jan. 16, 1790, 

Susanna Morrison. 

99. iv. Seth Stocking, bapt. Feb. 12. 1764; m. Hannah Pratt. 
V. Abigail Stocking, bapt. Oct. 20, 1765; d. Oct. 9, 1766. 
vi. Abigail Stocking, bapt. Oct. 27, 1767; m., Sept. 16, 

17S5, Thomas Clark. 
vii. Clarissa Stocking, bapt. Nov. 12, 1769. 
viii. Huldah Stocking, bapt. April 5, 1772; m., March 29, 

1795, Siras W'illcox. 
ix. John Stocking, bapt. Oct. 30, 1774. 

99. Seth"* Stocking (Bethiah*, John^ Joseph^, John^), baptized 
Feb. 12, 1764, in ]Middleto\vn "Upper Houses;" married, be- 
fore April 3, 1791, Hannah Pratt, daughter of Jonathan Pratt 
and Mary Latham. He died Dec. 2, 1831, in Middletown, Ct. 
Hannah Pratt Stocking died Oct. i, 1817, aged fifty-one. 

i. Lucy Stocking, bapt. March 25, 1792; m., April 25, 

1812, David Smith. 
ii. Hannah Stocking, bapt. March 25, 1792; m., July 28, 

1819, Amos Tryon. 
iii. Seth Stocking, bapt. April 13, 1794. 
iv. Mary Stocking, bapt. July 3, 1796; m., Dec. 12, 1816, 

Samuel Churchill of Chatham, Ct, 
V. Daniel Stocking, bapt. June 16, 1799. 
vi. Mariah Stocking, bapt. April 5, 1801; m., April 12, 

1821, Leonard Tryon. 
vii. Joseph Stocking, bapt. Aug. 4, 1803; d. April 10, 1818. 
viii. Amos Otis Stocking, bapt. Oct. 28, 1804; d. July 8, 
ix. Julia Stocking, bapt. Oct. 19, 1806. 
X. Jonathan Pratt Stocking, bapt. June 25, 1809; d. Oct. 
II, 1817. 

100. xi. William Redfield Stocking, b. June 24, 1810; m. 

Jerusha E. Gilbert. 
xii. Carey Latham Stocking, bapt. Dec. 19, 1813. 

100. William Redfield' Stocking (Seth Stocking', Bethiah 
Kirby*, John^ Joseph", John^), born June 24, iSio, in Middle- 


.c^.-j ^dl .nr,[ ,.nr : .'-/t 

M .i.'i/ 

I'-i': T' 

J ,'•-■ 




,^r-M- ;' /vthl'--^ Ll':Hb35{ rn:^';;!;",''' jx .Oi'.C 


town "Upper Houses;" married, Dec, 1836, Jerusha Emily 
Gilbert, born Nov. 5, 1809, in Easton, Ct., daughter of Ezra Gil- 
bert and Rebecca :^linor of Colebrook, Ct. He studied at Monson 
Academy, Monson, ISIass., and was nearly fitted to enter Yale 
College when an urgent call went out from the missionary house 
in Boston for teachers for the Sandwich Islands, whereupon he 
gave up further study and offered himself to the American Board 
as a teacher for these islands. Soon after there was a call for a 
principal for the boys' seminary in Persia, and Mr. Stocking was 
chosen to fill this position. In Jan., 1837, he was set apart as a 
missionary teacher to the Nestorians, and went with his wife to 
Oroomiah, Persia. He was for a while the principal of the boys' 
seminary, but soon took charge of the village schools, and kept 
that work as long as he lived in Persia. He was also the treasurer 
of the mission for fourteen years. Having preached for some 
time in the village churches in the native language, and in an 
acceptable manner, he was ordained, April 18, 1841, in the Nes- 
torian Church of St. Mary in the city of Oroomiah, by a,n ecclesi- 
astical council consisting of the other missionaries. He seldom 
preached in the English language, saying, when asked, that he 
was ordained to preach in Syriac. He returned to Am.erica in the 
autumn of 1853, intending to return in two years, but died April 
30, 1854, in New York City, and was buried in Colebrook, Ct. 

Mrs. Jerusha Gilbert Stocking graduated from the Hartford 
Female Seminary, and taught in 2\Iiddletown " Upper Houses," 
where she met her future husband. Immediately after her mar- 
riage she went to Persia, where she remained seventeen years, 
one year of that time being spent on the outward and homeward 
journey — six months each v.-ay. She had v.-anted to become a 
missionary from her childhood, and was always very much de- 
voted to the missionary cause. She died June 28, 1892, in Ala- 
meda, Cal. Her granddaughter writes: "She lived with us the 
last seven years of her life. She was the sv/eetest, most unselfish 
woman I ever saw. Everyone who knew her loved her. She 
seemed to create a heavenly atm.osphere everyv/here she went." 
Children, born in Oroomiah, Persia: 

i. J. Emily Stocking, b. April 28, 1842; m., Dec. 8, 1S65, 
Rev. Alfred Tileston Waterman, b. Dec. 12, 1832, in 
Providence, R. I., son of Rev. Thomas Tileston of Providence, R. I., and Delia Storrs of 
Mansfield, Ct. Rev. A. T V/aterman graduated 
from Yale College 1855, and from Princeton Thc'O- 


Y a 5? i :< V, \l I -^0' 2 T M A G H 

,tin.l ;.(>•'• 

•^' .o^;^'i ,.") 

■■d rirvH' 

;1 :■ -f'OV^ >) 




logical Seminary i860; was ordained at Preston. Ct., 
Nov. 9, 1864, and preached in Westfield parish, town 
of Middletown, Ct., and in Michigan. Mrs. Emily 
Stocking Waterman studied at ]\Iount Holyoke Col- 
lege and at the Massachusetts State Normal School 
in Westfield; graduated from the latter in 1862. They 
are now living in Baldwin, Mich. Children: 

1. Charlotte Hutchins Waterman, b. Nov. 25, 


2. Jason Waterman, b. Dec. 3. 186S; m., Aug. 5, 

1897, in Paducali, Ky., Maud Evelyn Holly, 
dau. of F. H. Holly of Paducah, Ky. He is in 
the Government employ at \Vashin.gton.D. C. 

3. William Stocking Waterman, b. Oct. iS, 1S71. 

4. Fanny Fitch Waterman, b. Dec. i, 1875. 

5. Caroline Darrow \\'aterman, b. May 18, 1SS2. 

6. Storrs Seymour Waterman, b. Aug. 2, 1SS4. 

101. ii. William Redfield Stocking, b. jMarch 31, 1844; m. (i) 

Hattie E. Lyman, (2) Isabella C. .^aker. 
iii. Harriet Stoddard Stocking, b. Oct. 28, 1848, in Oroo- 
miah, Persia; studied at Westfield Normal Sclio-ol; 
m., May 16, 1872, in Colebrook, Ct., the Rev. Rod- 
ney Lewis Tabor, b. Sept. 21, 1846, in Quincy, Mass., 
son of Isaac Tabor of Topsham, \'t., and Susan Nash 
of Quincy, Mass. He graduated from Williams Col- 
lege and Union Theological Sem.inary, and was or- 
dained in 1872; preached in West Hartland. Ct., 
1872-74, and in Alameda, Cal., from 1874 until his 
death, Dec. 22, 18S5. Mrs. Harriet Stocking Tabor 
is now living in Alameda, Cal. Children: 

1. Edward Roberts Tabor, b. July 4, 1873; m., 

June 9, 1896, Lina Beck. 

2. Alice Bradley Tabor, b. Nov. 21, 1876. 

3. William Rodney Tabor, b. Jan. 7, 18S2. 

4. Hattie Stocking Tabor, b. Nov. 15, 1883. 

102. iv. Ezra Gilbert Stocking, b. Jan. 4. 185 1; m. (i) Hattie 

Grinnell; m. (2) Kate McMahon. 

101. William Redfield^ Stocking, Jr. (William R. Stocking^ 
Seth Stock^ng^ Bethia Kirby*, John^ Joseph^, John^), born 
March 31, 1844, in Oroomiah, Persia; married (i), June 20, 1871, 
Hattie E. Lyman of Southampton, Mass., who died Sept., 1872. 


y r .vr I >» VI i? o \. "^ o e T M A 


rr»!:'"j'// ^■iri 

1 nm 

'q-'- ■■•' .- 

■ -nij'x.:-.. '-^V^n 




i j:^. 

, , _.. • ", 

n ,1-1 ■> 

■ U • 



^ , T' '• ■■ 


] -^r . 



while on a missionary tour. He married (2), Oct. 28, 1873, Isa- 
bella C. Baker, daughter of Dea. Emanuel Baker and Sophia 
Parsons of Wiscasset", Me. She died Aug. 17, 1890. Rev. Will- 
iam R. Stocking, Jr., served three years as a Union soldier in 
Company G, Thirty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry; graduated 
from Williams College in 1869; was ordained June 19, i87i,.as 
a missionary to Persia, and remained in the foreign field for seven 
years; was" pastor in Williamstown, Mass., 1882-85; superin- 
tendent of the Workhouse, Blackwell's Island, N. Y., 1886-91. 
He is now living in Williamstown, i\Iass. Children: 

i. Emily Holmes Stocking, b. July 18, 1875, in Persia. 
ii. Sophia Cochran Stocking, b. July 18, 1875; twin with pre- 
iii. Ethel Stocking, b. Feb. 8, 1878, in Persia, 
iv. Annie Woodman Stocking, b. Jan. 7, 1880, in Wiscasset, 

V. William Redfield Stocking, b. May 17, 1881, at Wiscas- 
set, Me. 
vi. Emily Baker Stocking, b. Nov. 7, 1883, in Williamstown, 

vii. Charles Parsons Stocking, b. Nov. 9, 1887, on Blackwell's 
Island, N. Y. 

102. Ezra Gilbert^ Stocking (William R. Stocking^, Seth 
Stocking^ Bethiah Kirby*, John^ Joseph-, John^), born Jan. 4, 
1851, in Oroomiah, Persia; married (i), Oct. 27, 1870, Harriet 
E. Grinnell, born June 4, 1850, who died Aug. 24, 1879, in Nor- 
folk, Ct.; married (2), I^Iarch 15, 1880, Kate McMahon, born 
May 18, 1863, daughter of Thomas and Katharine McMahon of 
New Hartford, Ct. " Ezra G. Stocking died Nov. 7, 1882, in Will- 
iamstown, Mass. He was a school-teacher, and taught in Cole- 
brook, Norfolk, and Riverton, Ct. Children: 

i. Henry Stoddard Stocking, b. Oct. 10, 1872; d. Dec, 1874. 

ii. Harry Louis Stocking, b. Nov. i, 1873, in Riverton, Ct.; 

m., April 24, 1895, in Winsted, Ct., Susan J. Ford, b. 

1877 in Winsted, Ct., dau. of Sidney H. Ford and Lucy 

J. Perkins. He is now living in Winsted, Ct. One child: 

I. Bessie GrinnelP Stocking, b. Oct. 31, 1896, in Winr 

sted, Ct. 

iii. Harriet Hayward Stocking, b. June 7, 1876, in New Britain, 

iv. Edward Brown Stocking, b. July 10, 1881, in Norfolk, Ct. 


Y a - ^ 


: a 

.: ........ _.. ,,:a£;x 

■■[ v/oi; ii. :?H 
'lifiili .1 

:(fjA .V 

^j.,..-;.J TK 


/■ >,:! 

'. .V.'. 

>I vif'T .'i .vni:;- ./:;;;. 'iwoi^ii 


30. Susanna* Kirby (John% Joseph^, John^), born Feb. 8, 
1734, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, Nov. 9, 1757, 
Benjamin Bulkeley of Wetliersfield, Ct., born 1725, son of Charles 
Bulkeley and Mary Sage. She died IMay 27, 1776, and Benjamin 
Bulkeley married (2), Feb. 6, 1777, Elizabeth Brownell of Little 
Compton, R. I. Children of Susanna Kirby and Benjamin Bulke- 

i. Thomas Bulkeley. b. Oct. 2, 1758; m. Bathsheba Sage, b. 
176S, dau. of David Sage of Berlin, Ct. (b. 1732, son 
of Capt. David Sage and Bathsheba Judd), and Lois 
Harris. Children: George, Laura, Fanny, Henry, and 
Sophia. • 
ii. Lucy Bulkeley, b. Sept. 8, 1760; d. Nov. 20. 18 10; m., 
April 4, 1782, Joseph White of Whitesboro, N. Y., b. 
Jan. 16, 1761, in ^Middletown, Ct., son of Hon. Hugh 
White of Whitesboro, N. Y.. and Mary Clark of Middle- 
town, Ct., dau. of Daniel and Mary Clark. Children: 

1. Susan White, b. Feb. 6, 1783. 

2. Lucy White, b. July 22, 1784; m. (i) Orran Clark 

of Fannington; m. (2) Jesse Stanley. 

3. Huldah White, b. April 9, 1786; d. in infancy. 

4. Henry White, b. Feb. 8, 1788; m. Julia Bidwell. 

5. Abigail White, b. Aug. 26, 1789; m. Samuel Wil- 

cox of Whitesboro, N, Y. 

6. Bulkeley White, b. :March 10, 1791; d. in infancy. 

7. Bulkeley White, b. May 2, 1793; d. in infancy. 

8. JjDseph White, b. Dec. 10, 1794. 

9. Thomas Bulkeley White, b. Feb. 3, 1797. 

10. Eliza White, b. Nov. 8, 1798; m. Reuben Wilcox. 

11. Mary White, b. 1800; m. Henry Cooley. 

iii. George Bulkeley, b. Nov. 28, 1762; m. Martha Webster. 
iv. Huldah Bulkeley, b. Oct. i, 1764; m., Nov. 8, 1792, John 
Francis, Jr., of Wethersfield, Ct. Children: 

1. Caroline Francis, b. April 21, 1794. 

2. Huldah Francis, b. Jan. 16, 1796. 

3. John Francis, b. July 30, 1797. 

■ ' • 4. James Bulkeley Francis, b. June 9, 1799. 

5. William Francis, b. March 12, 1801. 

6. Stephen Francis, b. Dec. 14, 1802. 

7. Albert Francis, b. Dec. 5, 1808. 

V. James Bulkeley, b. Sept. 11, 1766; m. Caroline Hallam; 
no children. 


■ If 
•.8';i ,|:. Vnqh 

■.buj mn^'.: (ij. 

c-'r,i ..' :.-■/•_ .<\ .■■.■■■ ' '•..■."uH s 
)K>'J X Vi>i'1 .fi .''J' ■•",'7 j^hiliifJ^ ."^ 

■ i-Cri ,OT .-jjd M .5-: '".'/ rfut.vqT }\ 

n:i(- .^q:;{ ' ,'7: ,.i.i ;K'-- " 
■n')-.b'h''j I .1': 

.iy--! ,d£ . 

■/I u 
I r ■ f 


vi. Stephen Bulkeley, b. Nov. 8, 1768; m. Marg-aret M. Fan- 
ning of Charleston, S. C. He died, 1840, in Hartford, 
Ct. Children : 

1. George Bulkeley. 

2. Caroline Bulkeley, b. ; m. J. W. Stuart, 

vii. Abigail Bulkeley, b. Dec. 30, 1770; m. Jasper Lacy. 

viii. Martha Bulkeley, b. x\pril 26, 1773; m. George Webster 
of Whitesboro, N. Y. 
ix. Hannah Bulkeley, b. June 25, 1775; m, Amos Woodruff 
of Stockbridge, Mass. 

[Bulkeley Lineage: 

L Rev. Peter Bulkeley, Concord. Mass., born Jan. 31, 1583, 
son of Edward Bulkeley, D.D., of Odell, Co. Bedford, England, 
was first minister of Concord, Mass., installed April 6, 1637, and 
died in oflice March 9, 1659; married (i) Jane Allen; married (^2) 
Grace Chitwood, daughter of Sir Richard Chitwood. 

n. Rev. Gershom Bulkeley, Wethersfield, Ct., son of Rev. 
Peter Bulkeley and Grace Chitwood, born Dec. 6, 1636; died 
Dec. 2, 1713; married, Oct. 26, 1659, Sarah Chauncy, born Jan. 
13, 1631; died June 3, 1699, daughter of President Charles 
Chauncy of Harvard College. 

HL Edward Bulkeley, Wethersfield, Ct., second son of pre- 
ceding, born 1673; died Aug. 27, 1748; married Dorothy Pres- 
cott, born May 31, 1681, daughter of Captain Jonathan Prescott 
of Concord, Mass., and Elizabeth Hoar. 

IV. Charles Bulkeley, Wethersiield, Ct., son of preceding, born 
March 25, 1703; married, May 28, 1724, ^Mary Sage, bom 
April 9, 1699, daughter of John Sage of Middletown, Ct. (son 
of John Sage and Elizabeth Kirby), and Hannah Starr. See 
page 20. 

V. Benjamin Bulkeley, Wethersfield, born 1725, third son of 
preceding; married, Xov. 9, 1757, Susanna Kirby. — Bulkeley 
Genealogy, p. loi.] 

31. Jonathan* Kirby (John^ Joseph^ John^), born about 1736 
in Middletown " Upper Houses." He is mentioned in his father's 
will as " my youngest son Jonathan "; but there is no record of 
his birth, and the date of his baptism is unknown. In the 
" Record Book," begun by the Rev. Edward Eells, and which 
contains: "An account of those baptized by the Rev. Joseph 


Y •^. si\ y. ^ H n t ->5 f* ' 1 

..n: .1/ 

.7! , iv : 

iin:.or.:/ >oi':y_ ..:;x ;.;•;■; I .^"^ i!> 

:..:r ..>i: r 



•-■■-- ;:.-''l -■:>.):: 

j-.ofn J ?o 

rr:'^ 'M' 

h7 7r.;:':^.rrr>T .fK 


Smith and others which are not found upon record, as I received 
them from their parents by their famines." is found under " John 
Kirby's children " the following entry: " Jonathan Kirby, Bapt'd 
by Mr. Mix." (Mr. Mix is undoubtedly the Rev. Stephen ]\lix, 
pastor of the church at Wethersfield, Ct., 1693- 1738. Rev. 
Joseph Smith died Sept. 8, 1736, and the neighboring pastors 
officiated until the coming of his successor, the Rev. Edward 
Eells, who was ordained Sept. 6, 1738.) He inherited the Kirby 
homestead in that part of ■Sliddletown which is now the western 
part of the town of Cromwell, together with the meadows and 
upland adjoining, " in the lot that was his great-grandfather's," 
and lived there until his death. 

He w^as an ardent patriot, and saw active service as a minute- 
man during the War of the Revolution. His granddaughter, Mrs. 
Sarah J. (Stowe) Ashton, gave to the compiler the following ac- 
count of his Revolutionary services, which she received from her 
mother, Lucy Kirby Stowe: " During the Revolutionary War, 
Jonathan Kirby was one of the minute-men, and kept a horse in 
the stable, with saddle and bridle near, to be ready at once. His 
wife had his saddle bags packed, and any time she saw him coming 
quickly toward the house she brought them out and put up a lunch 
for him. He was at Guilford when the British came in there, also 
at New London when Benedict Arnold burned the town, and at 
other places which I have forgotten." 

Jonathan Kirby married, March i, 1769, Lucy Burgis, born 
Oct. 13, 1742, daughter of Thomas Burgis of Guilford, Ct., and 
Hannah Dodd. She was " a woman of personal attractions, win- 
ning manners and great energy of character," She died Feb. 
28, 1817, aged seventy-four years. He died May 5, 1782, " in 
the 46th year of his age " (gravestone). His death was caused 
by a fall from the barn scaffold, resulting in brain fever. Chil- 
dren : 

i. Lucy Kirby, b. July 20, 1770; d. Oct. 12, 1772. 
ii. Olive Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1772; d. Dec. 20, 1787, 

103. iii, Elisha Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1774; m. Betsy Spencer. 

104. iv. Lucy Kirby, b. Oct. i, 1776; m. Obed Stowe. 

103. EHsha=* Kirby (Jonathan*, John\ Joseph^, John^), born 
Oct. 13, 1774, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" married, Nov. 
2, 1800, Betsy Spencer, baptized Oct. 3, 1779, daughter of Samuel 
Spencer and Martha Eells, both of Middletown, Ct. A sister of 
Betsy Spencer, Lucy, married Giles Kirby, and another sister, 


Y 91 I li VJ Vi O 1 ^ O '? T M A 

,^r^// •. .. 

; : . <: J 

- '■ !fj;fi ■,/';\'';' ^'^//f- : ■-•■ 

•-:.:'i (■; /i r '.) .' i! , > 


Sally, married Joseph ^lorgan of West Springfield, Jvlass., the 
grandfather oi ]Mr. James J. Goodwin of New York City. The 
latter writes of Mrs. Elisha Kirby: " I recollect her as a sweet, 
even-tempered and most amiable old lady." Elisha Kirby fol- 
lowed at first the occupation of farming, living in IVIiddletown 
and Guilford, Ct. Afterward he kept the *' Washington House " 
in Middletown, Ct., which then occupied the spot where the 
" AIcDonough Hotel " now stands. In July, 1846, he had taken 
up his residence in New Haven, Ct., where he died Feb. 18, 1868, 
at the advanced age of ninety-three years. Betsy Spencer Kirby 
died, in New Haven, Dec. 20, 1859, aged eighty years. Chil- 

105. i. Caroline Kirby, b. Aug. 9, 1801 ; m. William Williams. 
ii. John Kirby, b. Oct. 5, 1S03; d. Jan. 26, 1812. 

106. iii. 'William Kirby, b. July 2, 1805; m. Hannah M. 

iv. Giles Kirby, b. Nov. 2, 1807; d. Dec, 1836; not 

V. Olive Kirby, b. Oct. 3, 1810; d. March 29, 181 1. 

107. vi. John Eurgis Kirby, b. Oct. ii, 1813; m. (i) Mary 

Ann T. Burgis; m. (2) Lucretia C. Bartlett. 

108. vii. Eliab Eurgis Kirby, b. Aug. 16, 1816; m. Caroline L. 


109. viii. Thomas Spencer Kirby, b. Dec. 23, 1819; m. Margaret 

Van Vleck. 

[Eells Lineage: 

I. John Eells came from Barnstable, England, to New England, 
and settled at Dorchester; made freeman ]^Iay 14, 1634; had son 
Samuel, born in Dorchester 1639, ^^^ soon afterward returned 
to Barnstable, England. There is a record that " Thomas Allen 
of Barnstable, Mass. in New England sells to John Eells of Dor- 
chester, N. E., July 8, 1641, a house and garden in Bowport 
Street in Barnstable, Co. Devon, Eng." 

H. Major Samuel Eells, born June 23, 1639, in Dorchester, 
Mass., was taken back to England by his father. It is said that 
w'hile in England he was a major in Cromwell's army. (See 
"Biography of Rev. Gushing Eells," p. 15.) He returned to 
New England about 1661, and settled at Milford, Ct., where he 
practised law and was prominent in public affairs; was deputy 
to General Court, 1667-68, and from 1681 until his removal to 
Hingham. During King Philip's war he was Captain of Militia, 


Y H *' ' "^^ 

J :':■',■,• r. 'f. 

-i'. iiCriU).: 

■' «c 

_,; ■ ]■-^;, 

:■.:(.''.■ ;ii '•■ 


and in 1675 commanded a garrison at Russell's Mills in Dart- 
mouth, Mass. Thomas Church, in his " History of King Philip's 
War," page 51, says: " Captain Eells of Russell garrison immor- 
talized his name by his opposition to the diabolical acts of the 
government in selling the prisoners as slaves." ■ See also Brown- 
ell's " Indian Races of America," page 242. Ivlajor Eells removed 
to Hingham, Mass., about 1689, where he was a magistrate and 
representative, 1705 and 1706. He died at Hingham, April 21, 
1709. He married (i), Aug. i, 1663, Ann Lenthal, daughter of 
the Rev. Robert Lenthal of Weymouth, Mass. She died at Mil- 
ford, Ct., in Feb., 1687; and he married (2), Aug. 22, 16S9, Sarah, 
widow of Edward North of Boston, who died in 171 1 at Scituate, 
Mass. Children : 

1. Samuel, b. June i, 1664; died soon. 

2. John, b. July 3, 1665; died young. 

3. Samuel, b. Sept, 2, 1666; m, (i) Esther Oviatt; m. (2) 

Martha (Whiting) Bryan; m. (3) Rebecca (Wilkin- 
son) Baldwin. 

4. John, b. 1668. 

5. Mary, b. Feb. 18, 1670. 

6. Robert, b. Dec. 4, 1672; died young. 

7. Robert, b. Jan. 25, 1675. 

8. Rev. Nathaniel of Scituate, Mass., b. Nov. 26, 1677; 

d. Aug. 25, 1750; m., Oct. 12, 1704, Hannah North of 
Hingham, Mass., b. ; d. May 2, 1754. Chil- 
dren: (i) Sarah, b. Aug. 5, 1705; (2) Samuel, b. 
Feb. 25, 1707; (3) John, b. Jan. 23, 1709; (4) Rev. 
Nathaniel of Stonington, b. Feb. 4, 171 1; d. 1786; 
m. Mercy Cushing, dau. of Hon. John Cushing, 
whose son. Rev. John, was settled at Glastonbury, 
Ct.; (5) Rev. Edward, b. Jan. 4, 1713; d. Oct. 12, 
1776, was settled at Middletown " Upper Houses." 
He had a son Edward, who was a Captain in the 
Revolutionary Army, and sons James, Samuel, and 
Ozias, who were clcrg\'men; (6) Hannah, b. Jan. 30, 
1715; (7) Mary, b. May 13, 1716; (8) North, b. Sept. 
28, 1718; (9) Ann, b. Oct. 16, 1721. 

9. Ann, b. ; m., 1704, Thomas Wilder. 

10. Elizabeth, b. ; m., 1710, John Stowell. 

HI. Colonel Samuel Eells of Milford, Ct., eldest surviving son 
of the preceding, born Sept. 2, 1666; died 1753 in Milford, Ct. 
(Will probated March 20, 1753.) He was prominent in civil and 

- 139 

';'• rr « T ^j T-* Tjr /~> 

.ci- .!■ 


•u;' .^^ ■■ > 



military affairs; was deputy most of the time from 1690 to 1706; 
was elected Assistant May 12, 1709, and continued to be annually 
elected until 1740 (Palfrey's " History of New England," Vol. 
IV., p. 601); was also made Judge of the Superior Court at the 
general election of May, 171 1, and held this office until 1739. 
He became successively Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Naval Of- 
ficer, and Colonel. (See " Colonial Records of Connecticut," Vol. 
VHI., p. 279.) Colonel Samuel Eells married (i) Hester Oviatt, 
born jMarch 20, 1665, daughter of Thomas Oviatt of Hartford, Ct., 
by whom he had: (i) Samuel, bapt. Nov. 6, 1698; d. Jan. 24, 1789, 

who married Deborah , and had Sarah, Deborah, Samuel, 

and Lenthall, all bapt. July 19, 1730; (2) Esther, bapt. I\Iay 14, 
1699. His wife died April 27, 1700, and he married (2) Martha 
(Whiting) Bryan, widow of Captain Samuel Bryan of Milford, 
Ct., and daughter of the Rev. John Whiting of Hartford, Ct., by 
his first wife Sibyl, daughter of Edward Collins of Cambridge, 
Mass. (See " Bryan Genealogy," p. 18, and manuscript of the 
late N. G. Pond of Milford, Ct.) She died about 1741, and he 
married (3) Rebecca (Wilkinson) Baldwin, widow of Samuel 
Baldwin of Milford, Ct. She died in 1752. Children by his 
second wife: 

1. John, bapt. April 11, 1703; m., Jan. 11, 1727, Anna 

Beard, and removed to Norwich, Ct., parish of 

2. Nathaniel, bapt. July 22, 1705; m. (i) Martha Stow; 

m. (2) Alice White. 

IV. Nathaniel Eells of Middletown, Ct., baptized July 22, 1705; 
died Sept. 9, 1776; married (i), Oct. 29, 1737, Martha Stow, who 
died 1738; married (2), Feb. 17, 1743, Alice White, born Feb. 25, 
1714; died March 5, 1792, daughter of Daniel White and Alice 

[Daniel White of Middletown, Ct., b. Dec. 8, 1683; m. Alice 
Cook, b. June 3, 1681, dau. of Thomas -Cook and Sarah Mason. 
He was the eldest son of Ensign Daniel White of Aliddletown, 
Ct. (third son of Capt. Nathaniel White of Middletown, Ct.), b. 
Feb. 23, 1662; d. Dec. 18, 1739; m. March, 1683, and Susanna 
Mould, b. April 2, 1663; d. Sept. 17, 1754, dau. of Hugh Mould 
and Martha Coit, both of New London, Ct.] 

1. Martha, b. Dec. 12, 1743; d. Feb. 19, 1821; m. Samuel 


2. Mary, b. Jan, 19, 1745; d. March, 1836; m. John Candee. 

■ 140 

V o :i I :h H ) : C> i 1. 

.?0V "....:... 
9i{t -y.: iui: 

'j:; ,'• n' 

:(i! : ^:M'n- 

■CI .f' . O 

;••} -:,; oH 

.- ;;■ - i-7^; 

:> '.. fL^e. 

.M r;.^ 


3. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 11, 1748; d. Jan., 1815; m. Hulda 


4. Daniel, b. Nov. 5, 1751; d. Aug. i, 1752. 

5. Theodosia, b. June 16, 1754; d. Dec. 17, 1850; not 


6. Daniel, b. Dec. 5, 1759; d. July 17, 1851; m., Oct. 13, 

1782, Martha Hamlin. 
V. Martha Eells, born Dec. 12, 1743; died Feb. 19, 1821; mar- 
ried, :May 23, 1771, Samuel Spencer of Middletown, Ct., born 
Oct. 20, 174^1; died Oct. 12, 18 18, son of John Spencer, born 
Oct. 10, 1696; died 1757, and Elizabeth Taylor, born 1717; died 
Jan. 31, 1807, aged eighty-nine years. They were married Nov. 
4, 1 74 1. [John Spencer was the eldest son of Sam.uel Spencer of 
Hartford, Ct. (Obadiah, Thomas), and Deborah Beckley, daugh- 
ter of John Beckley of Wethersfield, Ct.] Children : 

1. Martha, bapt. Feb. 16, 1772; m., Nov. 10, 1791, Jehicl 

William.s, Jr. 

2. Hannah, bapt. July 31, 1774; ni., Nov. 2-j, 1794, Zebulon 

Stow, Jr. 

3. Lucy, bapt. Jan. 5, 1777; d. Jan. 28, 1778. 

4. Betsy, bapt. Sept. 12, 1779; m., Nov. 2, 1800, Elisha 


5. Lucy, bapt. March 31, 1782; m., Nov. 12, 1801, Giles 


6. Mary, bapt. Sept. 19, 1784; m., July 5, 1807, Dr. Titus 


7. Sally, bapt. I^Iay 6, 1787; m., Sept. 20, 1807, Joseph 

Morgan, Jr.] 

105. Caroline® Kirby (EIisha^ Jonathan*, John^, Joseph^, 
John^), born Aug. 9, 1801, in Middletown "Upper Houses;" 
married, Oct. 14, 1824, William Williams of Middletown, Ct., 
born T"ly 4, 1797, son of John Williams (son of Jehiel Williams 
and Anna Edwards, daughter of David Edwards of Middletown 
and Mary Butler) and Jerusha Stow, daughter of Jonathan Stow 
and Abiah Sage. He died March 29, 1873. Caroline Kirby 
Williams died Oct. 31, 1838. 

[Jonathan Stow, b. June 2j, 1719; m., March 25. 1742, Abiah 
Sage, b. 1722, dau. of John Sage, b. April 28, 1696; d. 1769 (John, 
David), and Mary Hall. He was the son of Dea. Samuel Stow 
(b. Oct., 1681, son of Thomas Stow and Bethiah Stocking), who 
married, Feb. 8, 1705, Esther Mould, dau. of Hugh Mould of 


Bi Ai .-oCJ 


;d ,v-i;;. 



-z-'.M) .-rir-i ^.■IJoicl 

nv;' '.'v' 'ill : ■' io l/iiivJ 

io l/iiivJ'J i; .:;'::^^ .-f^r^'/hii bmstA. b,r;r 

V'l-'l '^raknoi) r'--; ..-■ i'-'U'AA h^\l ■■■I .:■. -■: i'.\'()r naa 

;-•'■; !r. : "i; ^i'' '»i5W :>K : ' : '■:-•- lyni: Cinve;' ; 


New London, Ct. Mr. Williams was, therefore, related to his 
wife through the Stow, Mould, and Kirby families.] 

Children of William Williams and Caroline Kirby: 

i. Martha Spencer Williams, b. May i8, 1S27; m., Sept. 
12, 1850, Isaac PI. Warner of ^liddlctown, Ct. He 
died Dec. 19, 1884. Martha Williams Warner died 
Dec. 29, 1867. Children: 

1. Mary Elizabeth Warner, b. Aug. 9, 185 1, in 

Cromwell, Ct.; m., Jan. 23, 1882, Jonathan 
Brooks of West Springfield, :Mass. Chil- 
dren: (i) Marion Alice, b. Dec. 25, 1882; 
(2) Ruth Warner, b. Dec. 25, 1887. 

2. Caroline M. Warner, b. Jan. 4, 1853; d. Jan. i, 


3. Herbert Isaac Warner, b. Sept. 20, 1861 ; d. Jan. 

4, 1868. 
ii. Henry Martyn Williams, b. Aug. 5, 1829; d. Nov. 8, 

iii. Henry M. Williams, b. Aug. 29, 1831; d. Aug. 18, 1858. 
iv. Charles Keyes Williams, b. Nov. 19, 1833; enlisted, May 
22, 1861, as private in Company A, First Connecti- 
cut Heavy Artillery, and served three years in the 
Union Army; was honorably discharged, :May 21, 
1864, at the expiration of his term of service. He is 
married, and lives in Middletown, Ct. 
V. Mary Elizabeth Williams, b. Dec. 17, 1835; d. March 
12, 1849. 
110. vi. John Keyes W^illiams, b. Sept. 18, 1837; m. Abigail 

110. John Keyes^ Williams (Caroline Kirby«, Elisha=, Jona- 
than*, John^), born Sept. 18, 1837; married, Oct. 3, 1864, Abigail 
White of Portland, Ct. He enlisted as a volunteer in Company 
B, Twenty-second Regiment Connecticut Volunteers; was pro- 
moted to First Lieutenant and afterward to Captain of Company 
H, Twenty-second Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, and was 
honorably discharged July 7, 1863; participated in the siege of 
Suftolk, Va., and in Blackberry Raid. He was City Clerk of 
Hartford, 1864-66; Captain of Battery D of the Connecticut 
National Guard, 1863-69; Adjutant of the First Regiment Con- 
necticut National Guard, 1879-84. He is now a druggist in Hart- 
ford, Ct. Children: 


:.i:i c.'i 

,:.:... v7 .'L 

n:^!! .u 

u - 

■itM .b ;?toi 

.t'lA) !! 

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1. r. :'^£Z n'^:)J-^; 

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i. Clara Louise Williams, b. Oct. 21, 1866. 
ii. Henry White Williams, b. Aug. i, 1868. 

106. William® Kirby (Elisha^, Jonathan*, John', Joseph^, 
John^), born July 2, 1805, in jNliddletown "Upper Houses;" 
entered Yale College 1823, and graduated 1827, with one of the 
highest honors of his class. In 1828 he entered upon his theo- 
logical studies in the Divinity School at Yale. The same year, 
in December, a band of theological students was formed for the 
purpose of going to Illinois to preach the Gospel and found an 
institution of learning in that State. " The individuals who first 
gave in their names were Mason Grosvenor, Thcron Baldwin, 
J. M. Sturtevant, Elisha Jenny, William Kirby, John F. Brooks 
and Asa Turner. These, with five others, formed the ' Illinois 
Association,' or Illinois Band, as it afterward came to be called. 
The Rev. J. M. Ellis was at that time trying to plant an institu- 
tion of learning in Jacksonville, 111., and correspondence with 
him led them to unite their efforts with his. The result was 
Illinois College." (" Asa Turner and His Times," p. 60.) 

Having completed his theological studies, he was ordained 
March 22, 1831, in Guilford, Ct., and immediately proceeded to 
Jacksonville, 111., where he entered temporarily upon the work of 
teaching in Illinois College. In this situation he continued two 
years, during which time his constitution experienced, from the 
constant confinement and exhausting labors of the school-room, 
and from obstinate and protracted attacks of intermittent fever, 
a shock from which it never entirely recovered. The state of his 
health, as well as his constantly cherished intention of preaching 
the Gospel, led him to seek the work of the ministry. 

In the spring of 1833 he commenced his labors as a preacher 
and pastor with a Presbyterian Church at Union Grove, Putnam 
County, 111. The elements of discord between the Old School 
and the New School parties, which at that time were rife every- 
where in the Presbyterian churches, were active in the church at 
Union Grove, and at the end of a year he sought another field 
of labor at Elackstone's Grove, Will County, 111. " Here Mr. 
Kirby and his family had an experience of the hardships of 
frontier missionary life, such as has fallen to the lot of few even 
of the pioneers in the Home ^Missionary enterprise. His people 
were a community of farmers, the most prosperous of whom 
had hardly been a year and a half upon their farms. To supply 
a family regularly with such a necessity as wheat flour was out of 


■: ". -.ill ■;::■.■. ^Trf-; 

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.•; '.; . ■ :-'n y, -,- , ••[ 

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■.>>,.;5J . ... .;r> ^' :.,!- 

.-:-'^'- :';;,- ."f ,v'.::n;0 

;(::i iisi -:r;3V £ I ,■ . r 

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,.vv...,,o i:r^'- ,./,,7L.' -^ 

'- ■-'.:J-;-ri <r •-:-/;; lo 

'..- :-::r!'V---;y/'" r;; ^ ' 

:■::' : ; vdliX 

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■.-, ; i,..-,,;v. r.,:- ,?^;-';;-- ■. ( 

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-Ksv'r .;..:■<] •;■::. -.if i,-u\ 


the question. A bushel of corn meal made a family feel rich. 
Mr. Kirby had the privilege of buying corn, at a distance of eight 
miles from his residence, for $1.50 a bushel, provided he would 
be at the trouble of shelling it for himself. In the circumstances 
it was considered a privilege to be thus supplied. He might then 
carry his corn eight miles in another direction to mill. Unable 
to get it ground on the day on which he carried it, he might re- 
turn to his home, eight miles distant, and go again a journey of 
eight miles and back for his meal, and when he reached home 
rejoice with his fam.ily in the possession of so rich a treasure. 
His nearest post office was Chicago, at a distance of twenty-eight 
miles." (From the published " Sermon Commemorative of the 
Life and Labors of the Rev. William Kirby," by J. M. Sturte- 
vant, D.D.) 

The Rev. Flavel Bascom of Illinois related to the compiler the 
following account of some of the difficulties attending the lot of 
Mrs. Kirby while a home missionary's wife at Elackstone Grove: 
" In 1834 I removed to Illinois with my young wife, and visiied 
Mr. Kirby to consult with him as to the place where I had better 
begin my missionary work. I found him living in a little cabin 
at Blackstone's Grove. We were cordially welcomed by ]\Ir. and 
Mrs. Kirby, and the latter began to prepare dinner for us. I 
remember that she made some biscuits and set them to bake in 
a Dutch oven before a rude fireplace built in the open air. The 
pigs, which were running wild, ran against the oven and scat- 
tered the half-baked biscuits over the prairie. Mrs. Kirby with 
admirable good nature rolled out another batch of biscuits, and 
late in the afternoon we sat down to an acceptable dinner." 

After enduring these hardships and labors for about a year 
and a half, Mr. Kirby, who was a trustee of Illinois College and 
deeply interested in its welfare, sought a field of labor nearer 
Jacksonville, 111., and became pastor of the church at Mendon, 
III., in May, 1836. The month previous to his settlement at 
Mendon, in company with the Rev. Asa Turner of Ouincy, 111., 
he visited the " Black Hav.k purchase," as the eastern part of the 
present State of Iowa was then called. They crossed the ^^lissis- 
sippi at Warsaw, 111., and proceeded up the river as far as Daven- 
port. " On the journey of discovery Mr. Kirby preached at 
Farmington, or Burlington, the first Congregational sermon in 
Iowa." They recrossed the Mississippi at Davenport, and pro- 
ceeded dovxu the east side of the river. In a letter the Rev. Mr. 
Turner relates their subsequent journey as follows: " I crossed 


Y a. H m M n o T. '-lo ?.ry.A( 

^Mob to rjr..:id c :^ . 

!i^u.! A 


■ rSr .r -,?,■: 


7 Mf' :.t -('-: --q f:.';: , .■ 

'7 ru.> .nnq 


the river and made my way down the East side, forded the wider 
part of Rock River, and as the water was deep got quite wet. 
The sun was just going down as I got to the South bank. There 
was a house nine miles below which I hoped to find, and with it 
supper and bed, but missed my way — took the dragoon trace, 
with the moon as my guide, keeping the right hand of this and 
struck the timber in the morning opposite the mouth of the Iowa 
River forty miles from my fording place. The log cabin we 
found in the timber was about twelve feet square. There were 
sixteen in it already, but a log cabin in those days was never full. 
The woman had three in her bed, and two in a bed supported by 
sticks driven into augur holes in the wall. She got up and took 
one child off the floor to her bed and the other to the patent bed- 
stead, to make room for brother Kirby and myself to lie on the 
floor. Brother Kirby went down on the Illinois side." (" Asa 
Turner and His Times," pp. 170, 171.) 

Mr. Kirby was a delegate to the first Anti-Slavery Convention 
held in Illinois, which assembled at Upper Alton, Oct. 26, 1837, 
only a few days before the murder of the Rev. E. P. Lovejoy, 
and took a prominent part in its proceedings. He was chairman 
of the comimittee on resolutions, and a member of the committee 
that drew up the Constitution of the State Anti-Slavery Society, 
which was formed at this convention. 

Intimately associated with Mr. Turner in the beginning of 
Congregationalism in Iowa, Mr. Kirby continued to take a lively 
interest in the new Congregational churches in that Territory. 
When, in 1840, a convention was held in Denmark, la., to or- 
ganize an " Association of Congregational Churches in and for 
the Territory of Iowa," he was one of the three ministers who 
came as delegates from Illinois to assist in the organization of 
the new Association. In 1845 he resigned his charge at Mendon, 
111., and entered upon the general agency of the American Home 
Missionary Society, at first for the whole State, and subsequently 
for the central and southern portions of Illinois. In this agency 
he spent the remainder of his life, and in the midst of its active 
and laborious duties he died. He died of pneumonia, Dec. 20, 
1 85 1, at Winchester, 111. 

Rev. William Kirby married, Nov. 28, 1832, at Jacksonville, 
111., Hannah McClure Wolcott, born June 7, 18 11. at East Wind- 
sor, Ct., daughter of Elihu Wolcott and Rachel McClure. Han- 
nah Wolcott Kirby died Aug. 31, 1858, in Jacksonville, 111. 
Children : 


Y a f! I ^ K H ^ ^ '"^ -> -r vx ^ .T v^ 




.-:«-■ : i:r.. < ' ■;, . ;■''■■' .1 

i-'j^ - 


. ■ .ri .1; 

; ::'SJ in>-- nr' 


111. i. Edward Payson Kirby, b. Oct. 28, 1833; m. Julia S. 


112. ii. William Arthur Kirby, b. Aug. 6, 1837; m. Arabella 


113. iii. Frances Caroline Kirby, b. Jan. 25, 1840; m. James 

lU. iv. Catherine Wolcott Kirby, b. July 8, 1842; m. Charles 

E. Ross. 
115. V. Helen McClure Kirby, b. Jan. 12, 1845; m- ^^- E. 

vi. Henry Burgis Kirby, b. :March 20, 1S48; d. Aug. 4, 

vii. Elizabeth Pomeroy Kirby, b. April i, 1850; graduated 

from Vassar College, 1872; teacher in Brookline, 

Mass., 1873-81; instructor in Miss Annie Brown's 

School for Girls, New York City, 1881-93; not 


[Wolcott Lineage: 

I. Henry Wolcott of Windsor, Ct, baptized Dec. 6, 1578, was 
the second son of John Wolcott of Tolland, Co. Somerset, Eng- 
land. He came with the Rev. John Warham in the Mary and 
John, 1630; was one of the founders of Windsor, Ct, and is the 
first officer named in the records of Connecticut. " April 26, 

1636, Henry Wolcott, Constable " (Connecticut Colonial Records, 
Book I., p. i). He was a member of the first General Assembly, 

1637, and in 1643 was elected to the House of Magistrates, and 
continued to be annually re-elected until his death. (" Connecticut 
Colonial Records," Book L, p. 103, etc.) He died May 30, 1655, 
in Windsor, Ct. He married, Jan. 10, 1606, Elizabeth Saunders, 
daughter of Thomas Saunders of Lyard, Saint Lawrence Co.. 
Somerset, England, who died July, 1655, aged seventy-three years. 

H. Simon Wolcott of Windsor, Ct., youngest son of the pre- 
ceding, born 1625; died Sept. 11, 1687; married (i), 1656, Joanna 
Cooke, who died the following year, April, 1657. He married 
(2), Oct. 17, 1661, Martha Pitkin, sister of the Hon. William 
Pitkin of East Hartford, and daughter of Roger Pitkin of Nor- 
wich, England. His widow married (2) Hon. Daniel Clark of 
Windsor, Ct., and died Oct. 13, 1719. 

HL Lieut. Henry Wolcott | HL Governor Roger Wol- 
of East Windsor, Ct., second cott of Windsor. Ct., youngest 
son of Simon, born ]May 20. 1 son of Simon Wolcott. born 


cr c? f ^ y^ -ix r- j cr f^, 

&ih-'.r.\ All ■.•If Hi Js .-,./. .-'. .i-^-^^l t..h' 

.'I .U .m ;cf*5i .u ...J 

' A --rn^VA 

• ii .Si 

:i'i .cit 

vi .Mi 

./ .Hi 

.^ V: 

;, /• ■ ■■;-)- > ?:<> ■■-■:' ! 

1 iliv.: :^M,•l .;:v 

J ■..-_:..''/ ni( 


:.ff='>(i; i. i' V 

-. ■; .\>0\ .'.;..:A ,-::2t ■ur!?-'^/!iol ^):-: h^u^ '-t; .-/ ,t.,TooD 
.rr)H -M 1.:, y^1^^^ t:Hv.\ ' .-...;_ ..^^oy ■: ■ .■ .:. ,{>> 

:^y.vV- ■'..■. ■:■ iO TVV.N;,,.^ ; ,, ,'..-V;,,v ,_,^,;- ,,- ,,;_,;.;- 

.notii: ^ To n-'W' 


1670; died Nov. 17, 1747; mar- 
ried (i), April I, 1696, Jane 
Allyn, who died April 11, 1702; 
married (2) Rachel Talcott, 
born April 2, 1676; died Jan. 
8, 1726, widow of Peter Bulke- 
ley, who was lost at sea about 
Nov. 22, 1 70 1. (See will of 
Rev. Gershom Bulkeley, which 
mentions " my dau-in-law Ra- 
chel Wolcott " : " Bulkeley 
Genealogy," p. 83.) She was 
jdaughter of Captain Samuel 
Talcott of Wethersfield, Ct., 
and Hannah Holyoke, daugh- 
ter of Captain Elizur Holyoke 
of Springfield, Mass., and Mary 
Pynchon, daughter of Hon. 
William Pynchon. 

IV. Captain Gideon Wolcott, 
son of Henry Wolcott, by wife 
Rachel, born 1712; died Jan. 5, 
1761; married (i) Abigail 
Mather; married (2) Naomi 
Olmstead, born March i, 1721; 
died Nov. 7, 1775, daughter of 
Dea. Joseph Olmstead of East 
Hartford, Ct. (Joseph, Nicho- 
las, James), and Hannah 
Marsh, daughter of John Marsh 
and granddaughter of John 
Marsh and Anne Webster, the 
daughter of Governor John 
Webster of Connecticut. ("John 
Marsh of Hartford and His 
Descendants," pp. 13, 20, 25.) 
He commanded one of the 
companies in the French and 
Indian War. (" Wolcott Me- 
morial," p. 131.) 

V. Samuel Wolcott of Fast 

I Jan. 28, 1679; died May 17, 

I 1767; Deputy Governor of 

I Connecticut, 1741-50, and Gov- 

, ernor, 1750-54 (Palfrey's " His- 

! tory of New England," Vol. 

j IV., p. 384); married, Dec. 3, 

j 1702, Sarah Drake, born ]May 

! 10, 16S6; died 1747, daughter 

j of Lieutenant Job Drake of 

' Windsor, Ct., and Elizabeth 

I Clark, daughter of Captain 

i Daniel Clark; granddaughter 

: of Job Drake and Mary Wol- 

; cott, daughter of Mr. Henry 

j Vv'olcott, Sr. ; great - grand- 

; daughter of John Drake of 

; Windsor, Ct. (See English 

i and Norman Ancestry of John 

i Drake of Windsor, Ct.) 
1 IV. General Erastus Wol- 

I cott of Windsor, Ct., son of 

i Governor Roger, born Sept. 21, 

I 1723; died Sept. 14, 1793; mar- 

[ ried, Feb. 10, 1746, his cousin, 

I Jerusha Wolcott, born Jan. 18, 

i 1719; died June 2, 1789, daugh- 

I ter of John Wolcott the son of 

: John Wolcott (Henry, Henry) 

i and Mary Chester, daughter of 

I Captain John Chester and 

: Sarah Welles, the daughter of 

; Governor Thos. Welles of Con- 

I necticut. He was Colonel of 

I the Nineteenth Connecticut 

' Militia, 1775-76 (" Connecticut 

, Colonial Records," Vol. XV., 
p. 2), and Brigadier-General of 

: the Connecticut Militia from 

' Dec, 1776, to Jan., 1781. (F. 

j B. Heitman's " Historical Reg- 
ister," p. 442.) 
I V. Jerusha Wolcott, daugh- 


Y IT ni:K 14 H f^; 1 HO P.T 

*H^-^^ ' ,. 

.-. n>:f. 

'. rrir,d 

o -.-■;■■.■ .. 

•y^vi ,'i 

■^ )^■A i.i:n >'y, 

■ :. .vj< 

) .10\l .:■.. 

• .■■-Vi 

VuU ':?:,-!,-• 

' ,':;>i 

;/nh .,.11 " f/< 


.;■'-; ., J ''\v'ji. 


'■irj ]^. '■[-■■ 

t ^^ ::-wy 

> ';/■// ' ' ' 


v(. ■,'■]' .■'..':;■- 

'1 ijVi: 

-:' isJ 

' ■ M< 

o ■;^?. ?;?v,.' ■■:■ : ].:■;-:;-:<■_> ■■■•:. 

Ar 1^ 


Windsor, Ct., son of Captain j ter of General Erastus Wolcott, 
Gideon by wife Naomi, born I born Nov. 29, 1755; died June 
April 4, 1751; died June 7, 7, 1813; married, Dec. 29, 1774, 
1813; married, Dec. 29, 1774, her cousin, Samuel Wolcott, 
his cousin, Jerusha Wolcott. | 

VI. Elihu Wolcott of Jacksonville, 111., son of Samuel and 
Jerusha Wolcott, born Feb. 12, 1784, in East Windsor, Ct. ; died 
Dec. 2, 185S, in Jacksonville, 111.; married (i), Nov. 27, 1S06, 
Rachel McClure, born Oct. 29, 1783; died April 2, 1822, daughter' 
of Rev. David IMcClure, D.D., of East Windsor; married (2), 
May 13, 1823, Juliana Wolcott, daughter of Erastus Wolcott, 
Jr.; married (3), Sept. 17, 1835, Sarah C. Crocker, daughter of 
Dea. John Crocker of Derry, N. H. 

VII. Hannah McClure Wolcott, second daughter of Elihu 
Wolcott and Rachel McClure, born June 7, 181 1, in East Wind- 
sor, Ct.; married, Nov. 28, 1832, Rev. William Kirby.] 

111. Edward Payson^ Kirby (William^, Elisha% Jonathan*, 
John^, Joseph-, John^), born Oct. 28, 1833, at Blackstone's Grove, 
Will County, III, in, or near, the town of Hadley, 111.; graduated 
from Illinois College, 1854; principal of the Jacksonville High 
School, 1854-62; admitted to the bar, 1862; Judge of Morgan 
County, 111., 1873-82; member of the Thirty-eighth Illinois Legis- 
lature, 1890-92, and is now practising law in Jacksonville, 111. 
He married, Oct. 28, 1862, Julia Smith Duncan, born May 28, 
1837, in Jacksonville, 111., daughter of the Hon. Joseph Duncan, 
fifth Governor of the State of Illinois (born Feb. 22, 1794. in 
Paris, Ky., son of Ivlajor Joseph Duncan and Ann McLaughlin, 
daughter of Robert McLaughlin and Masea King), and Elizabeth 
Caldwell Smith, daughter of James R. Smith of New York City 
and Hannah Caldwell, daughter of Rev. James Caldwell, the revo- 
lutionary chaplain and patriot of Elizabeth, N. J. Having no 
children, Mrs. Kirby devoted herself, so far as they came v/ithin 
her sphere, to the varied interests of her native city. Sprung from 
an ancestry distinguished for their patriotism, it was natural that 
she should also become deeply interested in the patriotic societies 
which have lately been founded to further the love of our country. 
She was a member of the Colonial Dames resident in Illinois, and 
one of the Vice-Presidents of that order; a member also of the 
United States Daughters of 1812, in which she took a special 
interest on account of the memory of her father, who participated, 
as Ensign, in the heroic defence of Fort Stephenson, 1813. She 


Y fi y. , 1^- M H O I HO a T M A CI PI B 3 c -i Ci 

50 noi; , .1^) ,-iosbiiiV/ 

J ,..■.;, \riirn 

r, -' 


^ssi^^..^ 1 '^M..J.:-. 



W-^' J 


was also an enthusiastic member of the Daughters of the Ameri- 
can Revolution, and it was through her ettorts that " The Rev. Caldwell " Chapter of this society was organized in Jack- 
sonville, 111., of which chapter, at the time of her death, she was 

Mrs. Julia Duncan Kirby died July 5, 1896, in Jacksonville, 
111., in the house in which she was born, greatly lamented by a 
wide circle of friends. With unatTected sympathy for every class 
of people, with generous words and willing hands to befriend all 
who needed help, she so identified herself with the interests, the 
institutions, the very life of the city in which she had ahvays lived, 
that her death seemed like a personal loss to the v/hole com- 
munity. This sad event called forth unusual expressions of grief, 
and messages of sympathy from, distant places, wliich liave been 
collected and published. 

Judge Edv.ard P. Kirby married (2). Oct. 20, 189S, in Jack- 
sonville, III., Lucinda Gallaher, born May 17, 1855, in Morgan 
County, 111., daughter of tlie Rev. William Green of 
Jacksonville, 11!., and Sarah Kautz. 

112. William Arthur' Kirby (Wil!iam.^ Elisha^ Jonathan*, 
John^, Joseph-, John^) of Jacksonville, 11!.; born Aug. 6, 1837, in 
Mendon, 111. Ke was a student in Illinois College, but did not 
complete his course of studies. Upon the outbreak of the Civil 
V/ar he enlisted as a private, April 16, 1S61, in Company B, Tenth 
Illinois Volunteers, and was the first one to volunteer in Morgan 
County; w^as promoted, Oct. i, 1861, to First Sergeant of Comi- 
pany G, First Missouri Cavalry; Dec. 17, 1S63, was ccmimissioned 
Second Lieutenant, Com^pany A, Sixth }^Iissouri \^olunteers, and 
Feb. 18, 1864, v/as commissioned Captain of the same Company. 
He took part in the battle of Pea Ridge, Mo., and v/as in several 
other engagements. As senior Captain, he comm.anded his regi- 
ment for six months before the mustering out, and as such led 
his regiment into the Indian Territory, in June, 1865, to partici- 
pate in th.e surrender of General E. Kirby Smith. A.t this time 
he took possession of the arsenal at Shreveport, La., v.'ith 125 
pieces of cannon and 1,000,000 rounds of ammunition. He 
honorably discharg^ed Sept. 12, 1865, having served continuously 
for a period of four years and five m.onths. After the v/ar he 
settled at South Pass, 111., and engaged for som.e time in fruit 
raising, but aftcrv.-ard returned to Jacksonville, where for several 
years he was Town Clerk. He is now living in Jacksonville, 111. 


\J :il)'rj 

:v. 'c lo t' 

'■" :. . : 


[ •'■^ 


'.'Of; J 

.^.': j''ii)r: i 

V '> ■ 


;.;r< «j.: 

r ni fir 

■•"! " 



■t ::Lr-r-n'i;rr 


•■■ 'W;-M-..J:,f-i CI 


■li -.''On e ji. ..l\'ii ; 


Captain W. A. Kirby married, Sept. lo, 1867, Arabella Clement, 
born March 23, 1842, at Port ilills, Vt., daughter of the Rev. 
Joshua Clement and Eliza Harvey. Children: 

i. Clement Rufus Kirby, b. July i, 1868, in South Pass, 111.; 

graduated from Illinois College 1892. He enlisted, April, 

1898, in the Fifth Regiment Illinois Volunteers for the 

present war with Spain, and was in Porto Rico under 

Gen. Miles. 

ii Henry Wolcott Kirby. b. Oct. 8, 1S72, in South Pass, 111. 

iii. Marian Kirby, b. Oct'. 8, 1876, in South Pass, 111. 

iv. William Joshua Kirby, b. July 27, 1883, m Jacksonville, 111. 

[Clement Lineage: _ , , . 

I. Robert Clement of Haverhill, Mass., came from England m 
1642, with wife and four children, and settled first in Salisbury, 
Mass., and afterward in Haverhill. His youngest daughter re- 
mained in Coventrv, England, until about 1652, when she came 
to Haverhill. He was the f^rst deputy for Haverhill to the Gen- 
eral Court, 1647, and was deputy every year until 1654 (" Massa- 
chusetts Records," Vol. HI., pp. 105, 122, 147, 183, 220, 259), and 
was one of the justices of Essex County. He died in Haverhill, 
Sept. 29, 1658. Eight children. 

IT. Robert Clement of Haverhill, born, about 1629, in England, 
married, Dec. 8, 1652, Elizabeth Fawn (or Fane), daughter of 
John and Elizabeth Fawn. She died March 27, 171 5. They had 
eleven children. 

III. Robert Clement of Dracut, Mass., born March 29, 1665; 
died Sept. 3, 1741, at Dracut; married, Dec. 18, 1690, at Great 
Island, Deliverance Odiorne, who died Sept. 3, 1741. 

IV. Nathaniel Clement of Dracut, born Jan. 14, 1697; died 
after 1787; married Ellen Colburn, daughter of Daniel. 

V. Nathaniel Clement of liopkinton, N. H., born 1726; mar- 
ried Mrs. Mary Hill Adams. 

VI. Benjam'in bloody Clement of Hopkinton, N. H., born 
Sept. 9, 1763; died March 17, 1842, at New London, N. H.; mar- 
ried, Sept. II, 1791, at Hopkinton, Rachel Herrick, born Feb. 10, 
1772, at Manchester, N. H. ; died at New London, N. H. He was 
a Revolutionary soldier. (See " State Papers, New Hampshire, by 
Hammond," Vol. IV., p. 430.) 

VII. Rev. Joshua Clement of Port IMills, Vt., born May 22, 
1803, at Hopkinton, N. FI.; died June 29, 1883, in Boston, Mass.; 
married Eliza Harvey, born Jan. 2, 1802, in New London, N. H., 


"» u K o T qr n 



■.^jhrii) 'jj 

]>i or: 



.'1! ,s- 

.f!I Mill. 

i;:fv^ vM 

1 rn'Mi -f'T-i .V.-R ,ir 

•/ ju'f:\' 

:,;-i. .1 


,n ■]::'. qoH ^- ?p.>.n.;j ,■ .-'^ ;:;(n-:;i:oa .1/ 



daughter of Levi Harvey and Polly Adams. She died April 4, 
1867, at Port Mills, Vt. She was a cousin of Governor Matthew 
Harvey of New Hampshire, 

MH. Arabella Clement, born March 23, 1842; married, Sept. 
ID, 1867, Captain William A. Kirby of Jacksonville, 111.] 

113. Frances Caroline" Kirby (\Villiam°, Elisha^, Jonathan*, 
John^ Joseph-, John^), born Jan. 25, 1840, in ^.lendon, 111.; mar- 
ried, Aug. I, 1861, Rev. James McLaughlin, born Oct. 25, 1829, 
near Hudson, X. Y., son of Hugh ]\IcLaughlin and Margaret 
Forhis. When thirteen years of age James ^^IcLaughlin went to 
sea as a cabin boy, and rose to be mate of a vessel. When twenty 
years of age, having formed the purpose to enter the ministry, 
he abandoned the sea and followed a friend to Carlinville, 111'., 
where he taught school while preparing himself to enter Illinois 
College. During his college course he supported himself bv em- 
ployment as clerk in the banking house of 3»Iarshall Ayres & Co. 
of Jacksonville, 111. He graduated from Illinois College in 1S57, 
and from L^nion Theological Seminary in 1861. The same year 
he was ordained, by the Presbyterian Church, a missionary to 
California. He labored at Red Bluff, Cal., 1861-68, and at Gil- 
roy, Cal., 1868-70. He died Aug. 17, 1870, in Gilroy, Cal. 
Frances Kirby McLaughlin returned in 1870 to Jacksonville, 111., 
where she now resides. 

[Hugh McLaughlin of Croaghmere and Margaret Forbis of 
Tobarkeagh, both in the parish of Ballintoy, Co. Antrim, Ire- 
land, were married in the parish church of Ballintoy in 181 1 
(marriage license dated June 27, 181 1). They came to Am.erica 
in 1816, and settled near Hudson, N. Y. He died in 1833, and 
Margaret, his widow, in 1865. They had three sons: 

1. Daniel, b. 1817; d. 1882; m., 1842, Margaret E. Lasher, 

who died 1872. Qiildren: James P., b. 1S43; 

Lizzie M., b. 1844; Walter D., b. 1847; ^I^ry F., 
b. 1849; Martha J., b. 1852; Annie, b. 1857. 

2. Walter C, b. 1823; d. 1894; married, and had five chil- 

dren, A son, E. W. McLaughlin, is now living in 
Rochester, N. Y. 

3. James, b. Oct. 25, 1829; d. Aug. 17, 1870; m. Frances 

C. Kirby.] 
Children of James McLaughlin and Frances C. Kirby: 
i. William Kirby McLaughlin, b. June 10, 1862, in Red 
BIufT, Cal.; graduated from Illinois College in 1884, 

1:1 A:: 

r->Jir.) <-: 'iJ'-ii 


:■ li ;■;:::■ ^ ,■ ;: brrs 

ii- .".yu ,'r>ri',,' 




and from the Chicago Medical College. He is a 
f physician, and is now practising his profession in 

Jacksonville, 111. He married, Jan. 3, 1891, in Dele- 
van, Wis., Kate Sturtevant, b. Jan. 8, 1866, dau. of 
Zebinah Bartlett Sturtevant and Jane Ann Storey. 
Children born in Jacksonville, 111.: 

1. Ruth Kirby .McLaughlin, b. Nov. 3, 1891. 

2. Edward Kirby ^IcLaughlin, b. July 28, 1893. 

3. Frances Jane McLaughlin, b. Dec. 23, 1S96; d. 

May 13, 1897. 
116. ii. Bessie McLaughlin, b. Jan. 13, 1S64, in Red Bluff, Cal.; 
m. Dr. Carl Ellsworth Black, 
iii. Harrv James I^IcLaughlin, b. June 15, 1865, in Red 
Bluff, Cal.; was a student in Illinois College, Jack- 
sonville, 111., 1885-87; m., May 7, 1S90, at Hastings, 
Neb., Caroline Eliza Brown, b. July 13, 1867, in Mor- 
gan County, 111., dau. of Robert Brown and Anna 
Barrows of Hastings, Neb. (Robert Brown was the 
son of Bedford Brown of ^lorgan County, 111, and 
Caroline Springer, sister of Reuben Springer of Cin- 
cinnati, O.) Harry J. McLaughlin is now living in 
Doniphan, Neb. Children: 

1. Robert Brown McLaughlin, b. March 23, 1893, 

in Hastings, Neb. 

2. Rollin Kirby IMcLaughlin, b. Dec. 22, 1895, in 

Doniphan, Neb. 

3. Gertrude IMcLaughlin, b. Jan. 26, 1898, in 

Doniphan, Neb. 
iv. Frank Wolcott McLaughlin, b. Jan. 17, 1867, in Red 
Bluff; Cal. ; m., April 30, 1892, at Bladen, Neb., Bessie 
Wright, b. Sept. 16, 1869, dau. of Thomas and Pa- 
tience Wright. She died March 12, 1893, leaving 
one child: 

I. Harry Wright McLaughlin, b. Feb. 25, 1893. 
V. Helen Margaret McLaughlin, b. Oct. 21, 1869, in Gil- 
roy, Cal; d. March i, 1872, in Jacksonville, 111. 

116. Bessie^ T^IcLaughlin (Frances Kirby^ William®, Elisha^ 
Jonathan*, John', Joseph^ John'), born Jan. 13, 1864, in Red 
Bluff, Cal.; married, June 8, 1889, in Jacksonville, III. Dr. Carl 
Ellsv/orth Black, born July 4, 1862, in Winchester, III, son of 
Dr. Green V. Black and Jennie Cohcnour. Dr. Carl E. Black 


.b ;dQ?^i J/. .:^; i 

3: .V, : M Mi 
.H )■>.:■ -^i 

;7 5 

;7-:;iM-3 .c 


,j ,f/j'.", ^'i 

,n-^ .71 

, .'-;J n..'!. 



ill - ^ ■■:■■-■ ,;. ■ f"'i:i_ .''-i .: .-.- ; 


iv. .;...>f. 

t .• "f 

^ ■-};':) 

.-a ..!:! •• 

i':;v;;. ,;^; 

^:"> IK 

'i ..''"! 'f 


is a graduate of Illinois College and of the Chicago IMedical Col- 
lege, and completed his medical studies at Vienna, Austria. He 
is a member of the Mississippi Valley Medical Association and of 
the American Medical Association; and is now practising his 
profession in Jacksonville, 111. Children born in Jacksonville: 
i. Kirby Vaughn Black, b. June 3, 1890. 
ii. CarlEllsworth Black, b. May 8, 1893. 
iii. Helen Margaret Black, b. Dec. 18, 1894. 
iv. Dorothy Lav.rence Black, b. Aug. 25, 1896. 

[Black Lineage: 

I. Captain William Black of Rockingham County, N. C. He 
was a Captain of Militia in the days immediately preceding the 
War of the Revolution, and was one of the first officers v.'ho 
refused to take the oath of allegiance to the British crown. The 
family name of his wife was Beard. 

IL Thomas Gillespie Black, born Jan., 1772, in Rockingham 
County, N. C. ; died Nov. 1823, in Milledgeville, Ga.; married 
Mary Callahan, born March 4, 1774; died March 20, 1853, in 
Scott County, 111. 

III. William Black, born 1796, in Milledgeville, Ga.; died Feb. 
24, 1885, in \'irginia. 111.; married Mary S. Vaughn, born Nov. i, 
1S03, near Paris, Tenn.; died Jan. 29, 1881, in Cass County, 111.; 
daughter of Dixon and Susanna Vaughn. 

IV. Dr. Green Vardamon Black, M.D., LL.D., bom Aug. 3, 
1836, in Scott County, 111.; married Jane Likely Coughennov.-er, 
born March 31, 1836, in Griggsville, 111.; died Aug. 26, 1863, in 
Cass County, 111.; daughter of Henry Coughennower and Agnes 
Likely. Dr. Green V. Black is widely known as an authority on 
dental surgery. He is the author of four works on dentistry; has 
been president of the American Dental Association, and is now 
Dean of the dental department of the Northwestern University. 
Chicago, 111. This university, in 1898, conferred upon him the 
degree of LL.D. (Henry Coughennower, b. Dec. 24, 1805, in 
Lancaster, Pa.; d. Aug. 20, 1859, in Clayton, 111.; was the son of 
John Coughennower, b. Aug. 25, 1784, in Lancaster, Pa.; d. Jan. 
14, 1869, in Brown County, 111., and Dorothy Lawrence, b. 1784, in 
Lancaster, Pa.; d. 1859, in Pike County, 111. Agnes Likely, b. Aug. 
30, 1806, in Huntington County, Pa.; d. Feb. 26, 1889, in Clayton, 
111., was the daughter of William Likely, who came from Ireland, 
aged 17, and died April 8, 1854, in Huntington County, Pa., and 
Agnes Taylor, b. , in Orbisonia, Pa.; d. July 6, 1845, ^^ 


V ci H I :H mho I ^C '3TMA 

i:--; t 

;;?":! I .11: 




Huntington County, Pa. She was a direct lineal descendant of the 
Rev. Rowland Taylor of Hadleigh, who was burned at the stake 
during the reign of Queen Mary, and was of the same family of 
Taylors as that of Gen. Zachary Taylor.) 

V. Dr. Carl Ellsworth Black, ^l.D., born July 4, 1862, in Win- 
chester, 111.; married, June 8, 1889, Bessie McLaughlin.] 

114. Catherine Wolcott" Kirby (^Vi]liam^ Elisha^ Jonathan*, 
John^ Joseph-, John^), born July 8, 1842, in Mendon, 111.; mar- 
ried, Sept. 9, 1862, in Jacksonville, 111., Charles E. Ross, son of 
William G. Ross and Minerva Dunlap, daughter of James Dunlap 
and Emily Robinson. He was engaged in the insurance business 
at Jacksonville, III, and St. Louis, Mo.; is now living at Hood 
River, Ore. Catherine Kirby Ross died March 30, 1880, in Jack- 
sonville, 111. Children: 

i. Helen Ross, b. Sept. 11, 1863, in Jacksonville, 111.; m., Jan. 
5, 1889, in Pasadena, Cal, Arthur Jordan, b. Aug. 12, 
1863, in Fairfield, la., son of William Jordan and Maria 
Webster. He died April, 1890, in Pasadena, Cal. Plelen 
Ross Jordan is now living in Jacksonville, 111. One 

I. Edith Jordan, b. Nov. 7, 1890, in Pasadena, Cal. 

ii. Edward Kirby Ross, b. Jan. 23, 1865, in Jacksonville, 111.; 
m., Feb. 27, 1898, in Pendleton, Ore., Mabel Cora Dough- 
erty, b. Dec. 26, 1876, in Cloverdale, Cal., dau. of Joseph 
L. and Efhe J. Dougherty. He is now residing in Wallula, 

iii. Carlton Perry Ross, b. Nov. 10, 1868, in Jacksonville, 111.; 
m. Rosa Jennette Thompson, dau. of William Thompson 
and Isabel Cantrell. He is now living on a ranch at 
Hood River, Ore. Children: 

1. Clifford Coleman Ross, b. Oct. 29, 1891. 

2. Grey Kirby Ross, b. Sept. 30, 1893. 

iv. Edith Wolcott Ross, b. July 14, 1872, in Jacksonville, 111. 
After her mother's death she resided with her uncle. Judge 
Edward P. Kirby, of Jacksonville, 111. She was married 
Nov. 24, 1898, in Jacksonville, 111., to William Tulloch 
Wilson, a lawyer, of the same city. He was born Nov. 
29, 1876, in Jacksonville, 111., son of Hugh Wilson and 
Isabella Smith. 

115. Helen McClure^ Kirby (William^, Elisha^ Jonathan*, 
John^, Joseph-, John^), born Jan. 12, 1845, in Mendon, III; was 


y a 51 1 >i H H o I '-1 

- turn . i:' ,?K)i:;';i!/!, ;u 

':•:?> rt.-.,;-i 7 

all-/,. ..:3J ,:-,■ , ■„-. .-i .o83i .^ 

:!'.'V i... n->i „.v- h'. ^ : ■ i <■[ .^dSi 

',^!::'''l ban 

: ■■ luu. J 

If ,0r. .i.p-.! .:.: : .;.„■: v.-^ ,^; 


musical instructor in the Illinois Institution for the Blind 1862-65; 
student of music at the Conservatory of Music, Leipsic, Germany, 
1867-69; married, June 23, 1870, at Jacksonville, 111., Rev. Mela- 
tiah Everett Dwight, b. Oct. 15, 1841, son of John Dwight of 
New York City and Nancy S. Everett, daughter of Captain 'Slet- 
calf Everett of Foxboro, Mass.; graduated from College of the 
City of New York, i860; from Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 
1864, and from Andover Theological Seminary, 1866; ordained 
Feb. 25, 1869, at Onarga, 111.; pastor of the Congregational 
Church of Onarga, 111., 1869-79, and of the Congregational Church 
of Fairfield, la., 1879-88. Since 1889 they have been living in 
Plainfield, N. J. Children: 

i. Ellsworth Everett Dwight, b. March 20, 1871, in Onarga, 
III; graduated from Princeton University 1893; is now in 
business in New York City; not married. 
ii. Richard Everett Dwight, b. June 21, 1875, in Onarga, 111.; 
graduated from Princeton University 1897. He enlisted, 
June 26, 1898, in Light Artillery, Battery " A," Pennsyl- 
vania Volunteers, and was honorably discharged Nov. 
19, 1898, when the Battery was mustered out; was in 
Porto Rico with Gen. Miles. 
iii. William Kirby Dwight, b. Aug. 8, 1879, in Onarga, 111. 
iv. Katharine Wolcott Dwight, b. Aug. 13, 1 881, in Fairfield, la. 
V. Marion Edith Dwight, b. Feb. 2y, 1886, in Fairfield, la. 

[Dwight Lineage: 

L John Dwight of Dedham, Mass., born in England; died Jan. 
24, 1660; married Hannah , born ; died Sept. 5, 1656. 

II. Captain Timothy Dwight of Dedham, Mass., born 1629, in 
England; died Jan. 31, 1718; married, Jan. 9, 1665, Anna Flint, 
born Sept. 11, 1643; died Jan. 29, 1686, daughter of Rev. Henry 
Flint of Braintree, Mass., and Margery Hoar. 

III. Nathaniel Dwight of Northampton, Mass., born Nov. 20, 
1666; died Nov. 7, 171 1; married, Dec. 9, 1693, Mehitable Par- 
tridge, born Aug. 26, 1675; died Oct. 19, 1756, daughter of 
Colonel Samuel Partridge of Hatfield, Mass. 

IV. Captain Nathaniel Dwight of Belchertown, Mass., born 
June 20, 1712; died March 30, 1784; married, Jan. 2, 1735, Han- 
nah Lyman, born July 14, 1709; died Dec. 25, 1792, daughter 
of Lieutenant Benjamin Lyman of Northampton, Mass. 

V. Captain Justus Dwight of Belchertown, Mass., born Jan. 13, 
1739; died July 2y, 1824; married, Jan. 19, 1763, Sarah Lamb, 



rnor, ,,^v^GM,nii; 

:■: ':■ ' ■ . 

1^' s^ioiii^;.;.} 

i -■■/ 

■i^)v:l !,!f,it:^i/f 


■ i ';■ ■ 

; .' i 


•iiiL.d iioiT^l/i 


..,.. .-. • T .. r.. 



iin; i 'W'ij 

■■:■•'■ ; -I . :>■■ 


^rv ,\ .\o^'l l-lo ;f^' 

'ib ; u!" ■ ,'■»■•? •>?t«!T 

■ ' ,1- ' ,. i_ m: 



born 1736; died Feb. 25, 1832, daughter of Daniel Lamb 01 
Springtield, Mass. 

VI. Dr, Elihu Dwight of South Hadley, Mass., born Oct. 22, 
1763; died June i, 1854; married, Oct. 7, iSoi, Lydia White, 
born Jan. 31, 1777; died Aug. 5, 1S46, daughter of Captain Will- 
iam White of Springfield, ]Mass. (born ; killed Oct. 13, 1781, 

at the Siege of Yorktovvn; was commissioned Captain of the Sev- 
enth ^Massachusetts Infantry, July i, 1779. See " Historical Regis- 
ter of Officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Rev- 
olution," by F. B. Heitman, page 432), and Lydia Bartlett, who 
were married Aug. 25, 1774. Lydia Bartiett, born Nov. 16, 1746; 
died Aug. 8, 1800, was the daughter of Samuel Bartlett of Spring- 
field, Mass. (Ephraim, Benjamin, John), and Lydia Lombard, 
daughter of Ebenezer Lombard of Springfield and Rachel Loomis 
(married April 17, 171 7), daughter of Joseph Loomis of Windsor, 
Ct., and Lydia Drake (married April 10, 16S1), who was the 
daughter of John Drake, Jr., and granddaughter of John Drake of 
Windsor, Ct. (See " English and Norman Ancestry of John 

VIL John Dwight of Nev>' York City, born Aug. i, 1819; 
married (i), Jan. 13, 1841, Xancy Shaw Everett, born June 17, 
1817; died Nov. 2, 1892, daughter of Captain ]\Ietcalf Everett 
of Foxboro, Mass., and Fanny Shepard; married (2), March 14, 
1894, Mrs. Clara (Leigh) Freeborn, daughter of Dr. Edwin Leigh 
of St. Louis, Mo., and Susan Scollay, the daughter of Grover 
Scollay of Boston, Mass.] 

107. John Burgis* Kirby (Elisha', Jonathan*, John^ Joseph^, 
John^), born Oct. 11, 1813; married, Feb. 10, 1841, Mary Ann 
Thomas Burgis, born Jan. 11, 1817, daughter of Thomas Burgis 
of Guilford and Sarah Deshon of New London, Ct. Mrs. Sarah 
Burgis Kirby died Sept. ii, 1848, in New Haven, Ct. He married 
(2), Feb. 26, 1851, Lucretia Coan Bartlett, born 1824, in Guilford, 
Ct, daughter of John Bartlett, born 1785, in Richmond, Mass., 
and Qarissa Coan, born Feb. 7, 1803, in Guilford, Ct. (married 
Aug. 10, 1823). He was a jeweller and silversmith in New Haven. 
In 1876 his establishment entered by burglars, who succeeded 
in carrying away diamonds and jev/elry amounting to about $60,- 
000, which were never recovered. He died Feb. 13, i85o, in New- 
Haven, Ct. Children: 

by his first v/ife: 
117. i. Thomas Burgis Kirby, b. Feb. 28, 1842; m. Ivlary 




•ill..: .>.rHi 


'- .^Kr{>r'- , ■ oh:! - 

. f I 

f .'1/. fi; .i' •:. !^nov/:i>; i> 2.rv, ?; I .,>;u'-^! ,0; 

■n-i-Mli .: Ail 


118. ii. Samuel Hubbard Kirby, b. Sept. 21, 1843; m. Susan 

A. Armstrong. 

iii. John Walter Kirby, b. Nov. 11, 1845; d. Dec. 2$. 1874. 
He served during the Civil War in the First Con- 
necticut Cavalry. 

iv. Sarah Deshon Kirby, b. June 2, 1S47, in New Haven, 
Ct. ; m., Sept. 16, 186S, Isaac Sammis Jennings, b. 
Sept. 6, 1843, son of Joseph Hiram Jennings (son 
of Isaac Jennings and Elizabeth Sammis, and grand- 
son of Jacob Jennings of Norwalk and Grace Parker) 
and Elizabeth Ann Barry, dau. of Samuel Shinn Barry 

and McGovan. He is in business in New York 

City, and resides in South Norwalk, Ct. Children: 

1. IMary Kirby Jennings, b. March i, 1871. 

2. Walter Barry Jennings, b. Feb. 28, 1873. 

3. Burgis Deshon Jennings, b. June 3, 18S6. 

by his second wife: 
V. Elizabeth Clarissa Kirby, b. March 12, 1856, in New 
Haven, Ct. ; m., Oct. 18, 1877, in New Haven, Ct., 
Frank Allyn Robinson. Children: 

1. Allyn Kirby Robinson, b. April 30, 1879; d. 

May 22, 1879. 

2. Louise Robinson, b. Aug. 11, 1880. 

3. Helen Robinson, b. Feb. 28, 1882. 

119. vi. William Bartlett Kirby, b. April 17, 1858; m. Sallv L. 

vii. Emma Henrietta Kirby, b. May i, 1862, in New Haven, 
Ct.; m., Jan. 11, 1887, Elijah Bill Lewis of Norwich, 
Ct. Children: 

1. Margaret Hazard Lewis, b. Nov. 2, 1888. 

2. John Kirby Lewis, b. Jan. 15, 1893. 

117. Thomas Burgis^ Kirby (John B.^, Elisha', Jonathan*, 
John', Joseph", John^), born Feb. 28, 1842, in New Haven. Ct.; 
graduated from Yale College 1862. He enlisted, Sept. 8, 1862, in 
the Tw^entieth Connecticut Volunteers; April, 1863, was detailed 
Acting Adjutant of the First Division Twelfth Army Corps; May, 
1863, Assistant Adjutant-General of Artillery Brigade, First Divi- 
sion, and was made Adjutant-General of the same division in Dec, 
1863; April 7, 1864, was commissioned Captain in the Forty- 
fourth United States Colored Regiment, and Major of the same 


■/ a H I X ■ M HOI H O 3 

L^i ,rr .v,..X 

J^:"?!'! d;:-I V.i :/;■/; ('. 


li. /f:.T hni 

w.i.r--i :-i:U 

bin:^nr :■; 

o? /:a.Io] 

'!r,Y r. 


Aug. 5, 1864. The regiment surrendered to General Hood Oct. 
13, 1864. He was in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettys- 
burg. After the war he engaged in editorial work. He was editor 
of the Chattanooga Union until 1869, when he founded the 
" Chattanooga Times," which he continued to edit and publish 
until Nov. 1875, when he removed to Washington, D. C, to be- 
come the private secretary of Postmaster-General Key. He was 
afterward on the staff of the " Washington Post." He is now 
living in New York City. 

^lajor Thomas B. Kirby married, Jan. 16, 1896, in New York 
City, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Frazier) AUinder, born ]\Iarch i, 1S43, 
at Canal Dover, O., widow of \Mlliam I. Allinder, and daughter of 
Thomas Jefferson Frazier and j\Iary Lenhart. No children. 

118. Samuel Hubbard^ Kirby (John B.^ Elisha', Jonathan^ 
John^, Joseph-, John^), born Sept. 21, 1843, i" New Haven, Ct.; 
married, Aug. 28, 1867, Susan Adolphine Armstrong, daughter 
of Captain Sereno Dwight x-\rmstrong and Selina Clark, daughter 
of Dr. Jerry Clark of West Haven, Ct., and Betsy York. (Captain 
Armstrong was at first a sea-captain and afterward a member of 
the firm of L. W. Armstrong & Co., West India shippers.) Dur- 
ing the Civil War he enlisted as a soldier, but, being under age, 
was released at his father's request, who had already given two 
sons to his country, and he has ever since taken an active interest 
in military affairs. Fie is now an officer of the Governor's Foot 
Guards of New Haven, Ct. He was associated with his father in 
business, and on the death of the latter continued the business 
under his own name. In 1890 he published the " Kirby Family," 
a folio pamphlet of twelve pages. Children, born in New 
Haven, Ct.: 

i. Harriet Ruth Kirby, b. Jan. 25, 1870; m., May 21, 1890, 
Joseph Livingston Jennings of South Xorwalk, Ct., b. 
Dec. I, 1863, in Yonkers, N. Y., son of Samuel Barry 
Jennings of New Haven, Ct., and ^.latilda Lcv/is Stone 
of Montreal, Can. One child: 

I. Ruth Jennings, b. March 31, 1891. 
ii, John Burgis Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1872; m., May 24, 189S, 

Harriet Irene Brown, 
iii. Ralph Jay Kirby, b. Dec. ii, 1874; m. Lena Hills, 
iv. Samuel Armstrong Kirby, b. Dec. i, 1878. 
V. Selina Marie Russell Kirby, b. Feb. 7, 1882. 
vi. Susan Edvvina Kirby, b. May 13, 1885. 

n;/:.;i.;r>) .;' 

■-■v.i-.. I'.^i "Hw ■'!''' ^ri -ii 

;.r:> ,a-w;:H 

,!i4l/ brr --) 

.^()8. ,1-1 vkU .:./ ;^v; 

7., I iry/. o g'^nirnr^ll, 
::;0 ,Isyi.'i!oM io 

,-* .v,..>'I d -/'.fit./! ?.'r^w'<A .ii^oJ .'■''■ 

-Si- .II .•■-.■_. /{ ,7<.hiy; ■ -r 

"; ri vci/ ,ri 


119. William Eartlett' Kirby (John B.^ Elisha^ Jonathan*, 
John^ Joseph% John^), born April 17, 1858. in New Haven. Ct.; 
married, Dec. 13, 1883, in Jacksonville, 111., Sallie Louthan Wood, 
born March 2^, i860, in AUon, 111., daughter of the Rev. Xorman 
Wilson Wood, D.D., and Emily Dunlap. He is a lawyer, and now 
lives in Lincoln, Neb. He is connected with the law department 
of the Burlins:ton and Missouri Railroad. One child: 

i. Charles Edmond Kirby, b. May 11, 1886; d. July 31, 1S87. 

108. Eliab Burgis^ Kirby (Elisha^ Jonathan\ John^ Joseph^, 
John^), born Aug. 16, 1816, in Middletown, Ct.; married Sept. 
I, 1858, Caroline Lydia Xoyes, born May 4, 1828; daughter of 
Daniel R. Xoyes of Lyme, Ct., and Phcebe Griffin Lord. He was 
one of the early pioneers in Illinois, settling first in Scott County, 
at Winchester,' where he became the leading merchant and prin- 
cipal promoter of that place. From Winchester he removed to 
St. Louis, Mo., and was one of the partners of Collins, Kellogg 
& Kirby, wholesale dry goods merchants. After the dissolution 
of the firm during the Civil War, he engaged in the pork-packing 
and conmiission business. He was a well-known member of the 
Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis, and one of the founders of 
the Merchants' Exchange Mutual Benefit Association. He was 
a member of the Second Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, and 
was active in its work during its early history. He died Dec. 27, 
1896, in St. Louis, Mo., in his eighty-first year, from an abscess 
in the ear, aggravated by exposure while on a hunting expedition. 

The following resolutions of respect were adopted by the Board 
of Directors of the Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis in memory 
of Mr. E. B. Kirby: 

" Language cannot do justice to the memory of E. B. Kirby, the 
granjd old man who represented a class of men fast becoming ex- 
tinct. Brave, self-reliant, temperate in all his habits, well edu- 
cated, a close thinker; a .persistent, aggressive man in the per- 
formance of all the duties of life; the courage of a lion when 
opposed; warm-hearted and generous to a fault; thoroughly 
honest in all his dealings; a steadfast Christian; patriotic almost 
to a craze; an honest politician; a pure-minded man; a good 
husband, father, and citizen; a progressive and energetic mer- 
chant; a loyal member of the Exchange — he was an honor to his 
race, and his death leaves a void hard to replace, and all who 
knew him mourn. 

"Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with his bereaved wife 




Or ■-". T 

7/ -a: .b-t-.J :;;^;^-; 

07 ir) . V ; 

./. -IOC .I'rjrlo! 


'■t j-.V; : . '.JO/:--.;:! h 
■>.'i ■] i:^ M/ii:,>, ,:i..v 

'1 :d. i]'. n 


t)i'5 L::aj< 


~jn:f.>- i:\. 

', .[riji;.;;rj'.> v:q. 


and sons. We direct a copy of this report, signed by the President 
and Secretary of the Merchants' Exchange, to be sent to the be- 
reaved family. 

" E. H. Barnes, ^ 

" C. E. Freeborn, > Committee." 

" Michael McEnnis, ) 

Children of Eliab B. Kirby and Caroline L. Noyes: 
i. Edmund Burgis Kirby, b. July 3, 1859, in St. Louis, Mo.; 
graduated from Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., 
in 1884. He is a mining engineer; was Professor of 
Mines and ^Metallurgy in the State School of jMines at 
Golden, Col., 1894-96; is now consulting mining engi- 
neer and metallurgist, and resides in Denver, Col. 
ii. Julian Noyes Kirby, b. Nov. 16, 1861, in St. Louis, Mo.; 
is now in business at St. Paul, Minn. 

iii, Daniel Noyes Kirby, b. Aug. 22, 1864; graduated from 
Washington University, St. Louis, ^lo., in 1886, and from 
the law school of the same university in 1888. Pie is now 
an attorney at law in St. Louis, Mo. 

iv. Charles Noyes Kirby, b. Dec. 19, 1867; d. April 3, 1869. 

V. Robert Spencer Kirby, b. Oct. 27, 1870; d. Oct. 9, 1875. 

vi. Winchester Scott Kirby, b. Feb. i, 1876; d. March 23, 1885. 

[Noyes Lineage: 

L Rev. James Noyes of Newbury, Mass., was born 1608, in 
Choulderton, Co. Wilts, England. He was the son of the 
Rev. William Noyes of Choulderton and Ann Parker, sister of 
Robert Parker, a learned Puritan of Putney, Co. Wilts, who 
was driven to Holland for his puritanism. He was educated at 
Brasenose, Oxford. He married, in 1634, Sarah Brov.-n, eldest 
daughter of Mr. Joseph Brown of Southampton, England, and 
in I^Iarch of that same year -embarked for New England with his 
cousin, the Rev. Thomas Parker, in the " ]Mary and John " of 
London. He preached a short time at Medford, and was invited 
to the church of Watertown, but settled, in 1635, over the church 
at Newbury as colleague with his cousin, where he died Oct, 22, 

n. Rev. James Noyes of Stonington, second son of the pre- 
ceding, born March 11, 1640; graduate of Harvard College. 1659; 
pastor at Stonington, 1664; married, at Stonington, Sept. 1 1, 1674, 
Dorothy Stanton, born 1652; died Jan. 19, 1743; daughter of 


\ - 

iO 1 

■■'.•.n: ."i ,:Jri .<'-■' ^ :, . ■_ ,1? u: .k^O'ivc ■■/■-.I "'^i 

< ■ i ; 0«1 ■'■ 

,i nu^o .- ■ 

■■ ^r^yM 


- : - r > ■ ' ( ■ -C '■ ; 



:>ril' 'io 

f ; " ■'. ■:■■ I '. J 

C.C.' -H 


M ,r.iW-'n .0' 

' ,rri 

■>^^ ^;;rt.O 

lo V. V' 

■- ..-■■J ■■:'] 

y (/\ ! f 

':0^"''ii>'' ■■ 

■' i J ]" ^■b o'/ 

;:,, / ./j:^ 

0(' .'' ,.' 

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i^l rnrvj'A 


Thomas Stanton of Hartford and Stonington and Ann Lord, 
daughter of Thomas Lord of Hartford. 

III. Captain Tliomas Xoyes of Westerly, R. L, born Aug. 14, 
1679; died 1755; married Elizabeth Sanford, daughter of Gover- 
nor Peleg Sanford of Rhode Island (Governor, 1680-82) and Mary 
Brenton, daughter of Governor William Brenton of Rhode Island. 

IV. Colonel Joseph Xoyes of Westerly, R. I., born Oct. 19, 
1727; d. :March 13, 1802; m.arried Barbara Wells, born 1736; 
died Sept. 7, 1814. 

V. Colonel Thomas Xoyes of Westerly, R. I., born October 3, 
1753; died Sept. 19, 1819; married Lydia Rogers, born May 19, 
1760; died Xov. 25, 1798. 

VI. Daniel Rogers Xoyes of Lyme, Ct., born Aug. 22, 1793; 
died Xov. 10, 1877; married Phoebe Griftin Lord, born Feb. -20, 
1797; died Oct. 12, 1S75, daughter of Joseph Lord and Phoebe 
Grififi'n, sister of the Rev. Dr. Edward D. Griffin, President of 
William College.] 

109. Thomas Spencer^ Kirby (Elisha^ Jonathan^ John^ Jo- 
seph-, John^), bom Dec. 23, 1819; married, May 14, 185 1, in Xew 
York City, Margaret Ann Van Vleck, born Aug. 15, 182 1, daugh- 
ter of Isaac I. and Sarah Van Vleck of Xew York City. He was 
at first a merchant and afterward United States Revenue Assessor 
in New York City, where he died Aug. 15, 1877. Margaret Van 
Vleck Kirby died Jan. 8, 1894, in Xew York City. Children: 
i. James Van Vleck Kirby, b. June 12, 1852, in Xew York City; 
m., April 18, 1877, Emma Frances Hannon. In 1885 
he engaged in the hotel business, and at the time of his 
death was the proprietor of the " Beach View Hotel," in 
East Moriches, L. I. He died suddenly July 9, 1897, at 
East ^loriches, L. I. He was thrown from his carriage, 
and lived but a few minutes. Xo children. 
ii. Spencer Kirby, b. Aug. 14, 1858; not married. 

104. Lucy' Kirby (Jonathan*, John^ Joseph-, John^), born 
Oct. I, 1776, in Middletown " Upper Houses," Ct.; married, Sept. 
12, 1803, Obed Stowe, born March 29, 1767, son of Elihu Stowe 
and Jemima Paine. Fle was a farmer and lived in Middletown, 
Ct, he died Sept. 5, 1839. Lucy Kirby Stowe died April 
10, 1853, aged 76 years. Children: 

120. i. Anna Stowe, b. April 22, 1805; m. Curtiss Bacon. 

121. ii. Olive Stowe, b. Xov. 25, 180S; m. Noah Merwin. 


Y a H ! >i VI H O I ^{ O 

,ltoJ :;!iA bnA 

''■ .,i 


■ .ii 

[ !•.....:,.' .VI ^ 

-1 li; 

•/•I blTS 

';^ :'• I /O 

•i or I .1 .nO 

:^ :^7fi:;) It .iv 


122. iii. Mary Burgis Stowe, b. June 5, 1812; m. Samuel North. 

123. iv. Sarah Jannet Stowe, b. Sept. 11, 18 19; m. Peter H. 

V. J^Iartha Stowe, b. Jan. 26, 1824; not married. 

[Stowe (Stow) Lineag-e: 

I. John Stow of Roxbury, Mass., died Oct. 26, 1643. Eliza- 
beth Bigg, his wife, died in 1638. See " Stow Lineage," page 43. 

II. Thomas Stow of Middletown, Ct., eldest .son of preceding, 

born ; died Feb., 16S4; married, Dec. 4, 1739, Mary Griggs, 

born ; died Aug. 21, 1680. 

III. John Stow of Middletown, Ct., eldest son of the preceding, 
born Feb. 3, 1641; died Oct. 18, 16S8; married Nov. 13, 1668, 
Mary Wetmore, born 1649, daughter of Thomas Wetmore of 
Middletown and Sarah Hall, daughter of John Hall of Hartford. 

IV. Nathaniel Stow of INIiddletown, fourth son of the preceding, 
born Feb. 22, 1676; married, Feb. 11, 1703, Sarah Summer, born 
Dec. 29, 1685, daughter of William and Hannah Sumner of Mid- 
dletown, Ct. 

V. Eliakim Stow of Middletown (now Middlefield, Ct.), born 
March 2, 1708; married, Dec. 13, 1732, Lydia Miller. 

VI. Elihu Stow of Middletown (now Middlefield, Ct.), born 
May 27, 1736; married, March 11, 1760, Jemima Paine of South- 
old, L. I. 

VII. Obed Stowe of Middletown (now Middlefield, Ct.), born 
March 29, 1767; married (i), July 5, 1792, Anna Miller. They 
had one son, Obed, born April 19, 1801. Married (2), Sept. 12, 
1803, Lucy Kirby.] 

120. Anna® Stowe (Lucy Kirby', Jonathan*, John^, Joseph^, 
John*), born April 22, 1805, in Middlefield, Ct. ; married, Nov. 9, 
1828, Curtiss Bacon, son of Captain John Bacon and Amy Coe. 
She died Sept. 9, 1863, and her husband July 2, 1884, in Middle- 
town, Ct. Children : 

i. Caroline Morgan Bacon, b. June 14, 1832; not married. 
ii. Arthur William Bacon, b. Sept. 10, 1836, in Middletov/n, 
Ct.; m., Nov. 15, 1871, Henrietta Belden Parker, only 
daughter of Frederick Parker and Emmeline Flowland of 
Barnstable, Mass. Children: 

1. Anna Plowland Bacon, b. Aug. 11, 1872; d. Aug. 

17, 1873. 

2. Emma Rowland Bacon, b. Sept. 28, 1874. 


■■'■■ .C '- .■ ■ . 
i.'3;i:Gfn ion j^E- 

''i:bh ,..■ =11 

..;. . ^ , /_ :.•".> P- ''^''i- :• -- mod 

.o8r';. : ^ — -- r, ;i>cJ 

^'■C-'': . \ . ,',. >^ :. ■r:'i.':rrr ;rv-'v'i .-s; J..'/ :'■;■:;) ;I;.i^t . 

Jo r. -■■■'■ :'.',' .J.; ■ '■■: ■■■:::4 ,::r7.:i- 

.;., :.- -tno II ■, : .'-.M-^ [':!.: 

,';:nu. '::::•! "; "■■'t ;r; ■ . , _ . - ■, ^ "^ • ; ;-;(i: ... 

rao-^ ', :l:::/ u,.':. nr. !;.-' .:';"VT , n .^j^^^ ^; . . ..; "■ ; ■::.., 'J ^'"i mod 

■•■ .■■^ -;,-:J ,---- ^1 ^V: :.::-■■ : :-■-■-: ,r n": ,.-M 

- r';- •?-,>;, J ^ ';■ .;.:■■..:' rl, ;■,'•. '':;..:: ;f' • '; t ,v;v: v-;iv^ 

/ . i ,d!o 
;■•-/; .';■.- :v./^'.' : •:•.! ■;■■ ; ' ^7/Oj'i!h'-.' M ro OWOJc bo<)0 .'*>"/ ■ 
7;v;'"r .'J' : •. _ ■ '/. ':.(.;• .- fh>\ ,( ]. ; ..;■.!■; •w.rrj :vOt^ ,Q^ :f%£(' 
,-.; .Uyi ,■£') :.-. :•;;;]/ .1..,'6: :[^l Ir-i: . iiT, "! /■; ,[i..;' ,,tOi OHO b«- 

:irj:bl.irQ ."""^ .av/oi 

.:•: .-- ■...; /jLi r^fi' .:|il ^nt;\ .vj .^o:.^^^ ntv^i.'.Lu v:\':lo-in''} A 


3. Curtiss Stowe Bacon, b. July 2, 1877. 

4. Bertlia Parker Bacon, b. Nov. 24, 1878. 

5. Francis Bacon, b. Feb. 17, 1S85; d. July 10, 1S86. 

121. Olive® Stowe (Lucy Kirby^ Jonathan*, John', Joseph-, 
John^), born Nov. 25, 1808, in ]\Iiddlefield, Ct. ; married, Nov. 24, 
1837, Noah Merwin of Durham, Ct., born June 29, 1807, son of 
Miles Merwin and Phoebe Camp. He died ]\Iay 21, 1849. Olive 
Stowe Merwin died j\Iay 12, 1884. Children: 

i. Lucy Stowe ^lerwin, b. Nov. 4, 1839; d. Aug. 30, 1840. 
ii. Lucy Stowe Merwin, b. June 30, 1841; not married. 
iii. Edward Payson Merwin, b. March 23, 18-14, in Durham, Ct. ; 
ni., June 10. 1884, ^^.lartha Lewis Ilulme, dau. of John 
Hulme and Elizabeth King. He is now living in Boston, 
Mass. One child: 

I. Jennie Menvin, b. July 26, 1885; d. Aug. 9, 1S85. 
iv. Charles Baldwin Merwin, b. Aug. 3, 1847; "^v Aug. 3, 1871, 
Ella J. Crowell, dau. of Seth Crowell and Jane Harris. 
She died Jan. 2, 1892. He is a manufacturing stationer 
in New York City. No children. 

122. Mary Burgis® Stowe (Lucy Kirby^, Jonathan*, John^ Jo- 
seph^ John^), born June 5, 1812, in Middlefield, Ct. ; married, 
Nov. 28, 1838, Samuel North of Berlin, Ct., son of Reuben North 
and Lynda Wilcox. Samuel North died April 30, 1878. Mary 
Stowe North died Dec. 24, 1895. Children: 

i. George Stowe North, b. April 15, 1842, in Berlin, Ct. He 
enlisted, April 2.y, 1861, in a company organized at Wes- 
leyan University, ISIiddletown, Ct., and which afterward 
became an artillery company, of which he was Corporal; 
was in the battles of Yorktown, Flanover Court House, 
and Chickahominy River, and was honorably discharged 
at the expiration of his three years' service. He is a 
photographer in South Norwalk, Ct. Not married. 
ii. Charles Reuben North, b. Dec. 9, 1844, in Berlin, Ct. ; m., 
June 22, 1870, in Middle Haddam, Ct., Mary Metcalf, b. 
Nov. 19, 1843, dau. of William and Nancy Metcalf. lie 
is now living in Chicago, 111. Children: 

1. Eva Metcalf North, b. Aug. 2, 1871. 

2. Mary Etta North, b. July 15, 1874; d. Oct. 16, 1875. 

3. Lizzie Eunice North, b. June 20, 1878; d. Aug. 

23, 1878. 


a ii 1 M M MOT q O 

lor-.i .*:a{cl rncfi'-ii-l ,^vd\]'A. ,..;.J) :r;/0;a *aviiO .tSJ 

.: i. ... -al7]| 


>T / 

n'l .- -Hi p ,v>'>il 



iii. Frederick Elliott North, b. Feb. 27, 1847; ""^m ^ov. 26, 
1868, in Burlington, Vt., Lucetta E. Bolton, b. June 29, 
1847. He is now living in Orizaba, Mexico. No children. 

[North Lineage: 

I. John 'North of Farmington, Ct., born 161 5; died 1692; came, 
1635, in the " Susan and Ellen," to Boston; removed to Farming- 
ton, where he died early in 1692. He married Hannah Bird, prob- 
ably daughter of Thomas Bird of Hartford. They had nine chil- 

H. Thomas North of Farmington, fourth son of John and Han- 
nah North, born 1649; *^^^d 1712; married Hannah Newell, bap- 
tized April II, 1658; died Nov. 4, 1757, in her looth year. Slie 
w-as the daughter of Thomas Newell of Farmington and Rebecca 
Olmstead, niece of James Olmstead of Hartford. He was a soldier 
in King Philip's war. They had ten children. 

HI. Thomas North of Farmington, b. 1673; died 1725; 
married, Dec. i, 1698, Martha Royce, born June i, 1679, daughter 
of Isaac Royce, of Wallingford, Ct., and Elizabeth Lothrop, and 
had eight children. 

IV. Isaac North of Farmington, born 1703; died Dec. 20, 
1783; married Mary Woodford, born }>Iarch 2, 1709; died 1798, 
and had eight children. He was the first enrolled member and the 
first deacon of the Berlin Congregational Church, organized 1775. 
His wife Mary was the daughter of Joseph Woodford of Farming- 
ton (born 1676; died Feb. 7, 1760, only son of Joseph Woodford 
and Rebecca Newell, born 1643, eldest daughter of Thomas Nev/- 
ell of Farmington and Rebecca Olmstead) and Lydia Smith, 
daughter of Joseph and Lydia Smith of Farmington, Ct. 

V. Jedediah North of Berlin, Ct, born Jan. 16, 1734; died Dec. 
16, 1816; married, Jan. 2y, lys?' Sarah Wilcox, born Dec. 31, 
1739; died Oct. 5, 1775, daughter of Daniel Wilcox and Sarah 
White. (Daniel Wilcox, born 1715; died 1789; married, 1738, 
Sarah White, born 1716; died 1807. He was the son of Samuel 
Wilcox and Hannah Sage, born Dec. 21, 1694, daughter of John 
Sage, and grandaughter of David Sage and Elizabeth Kirby, 
daughter of John of Middletown.) Nine children. 

VI. Colonel Simeon North of Berlin, Ct., born July 13, 1765; 
died Aug. 25, 1852; married (i), 1786, Lucy Savage, born May 
19, 1766, daughter of Jonathan Savage of Middletown and Eliza- 
beth Ranney. She died Feb. 24, 181 1, and he married (2) Lydia 
Huntington, daughter of Rev. Enoch Huntington of Middletown, 


M>iI>I MHOT. ^0 P.TViA 

:>gfioa;.I rfrioVl/ 

I. L 

!_>.:■/ . = i'^/. 

f,-?:; :ir^ 


. iciiH i. 

; • - 

• ' •■ i-'ii'^J '> 

j:l. •• 

.-I \fiui: 

■ V. ,i':0 


v-o.:; .11 


■,; .•:;:,/ .^ .--;/ :^ 


>•, : Iff' . :;',..• !.',k:- v-: 

■ (.: ,"■ 


■•M ■^u;:^! nl 

: .:■ ■i-rii:!.-zt.-> ■'. 

1 . ; -^"y' 



i : T:- '}y:rjR ...l:'^ 

t;^' 'r.u-.. 

■■',!: ,h-r:fii-i 

-4 ,J.,-, ,, 


Ct., by whom he had one child: Lydia, b. ]\Iarch 26, 1814. who 
married R. D. M. Seward. By his first wife he had eight children, 
namely; (i) Reuben, b. Dec. 11, 17S6; d. April 14, 1852; (2) 
James, b. Sept. 16, 1788; d. Feb. 11, 1S69; (3) Alvin, b. March 2, 
1790; d. Aug-. 31, 1845; (4) Sela, b. Nov. 24, 1794; d. Aug. 13, 
1850, by a stroke of lightning; (5) Betsy, b. Oct. 5, 1796; d. 
^larch 25, 1831; (6) Lucetta, b. April 7, 1799; d. Jan. 22, 1S63; 
(7) Rev. Simeon, b. Sept. 7, 1802; d. Feb. 9, 1SS4; m., April 2, 
1835, Frances H. Hubbard; graduated from Yale College 1825; 
was professor at Hamihon College 1S29-59, and president of the 
same 1839-57; (8) Nancy, b. June 18, 1804; d. Feb. 5, 1806. 

VII. Reuben North of Berlin, Ct., born Dec. 11, 1786; died 
April 14, 1852; married (i), March 18, 1810, Lynda Wilcox, 
daughter of Josiah Wilcox and Hulda Savage. She died March 
18, 1816, and he married (2) her sister Huldah, who died Sept, 
II, 1865. Children by first wife: (i) Alfred, b. Oct. 3, 1811; d. 
Jan. 14, 1894; (2) Samuel, b. ^larch 11, 1814; d. April 30, 1878. 
Children by second wife: (3) Reuben, b. March 13, 1818; (4) Ed- 
ward, b. March 9, 1820, who is now professor in Hamilton Col- 
lege, Clinton, N. Y.; (5) Simeon, b. Feb. 10, 1822; (6) Frederick, 
b. March 14, 1824; (7) Josiah, b. Feb. 10, 1827; d. Dec. 13, 1882. 

VIII. Samuel North of Berlin, Ct., born March 11, 1814; died 
April 30, 1878; married, Nov, 28, 1838, Mary B. Stowe.] 

123, Sarah Jannet® Stowe (Lucy Kirby^, Jonathan*, John^, 
Joseph^, John^), born Sept. ii, 1819, in Middletown, Ct. ; married, 
Nov. I, 1853, Peter H. Ashton of Middletown, Ct., born Dec. 26, 
1816, in London, Eng., son of Peter Ashton and Elizabeth Bus- 
tow, daughter of the Rev. William Bustow and Mary Fritter. 
He died Nov. 20, 1888, in Middletown, Ct. Children: 

i. Frank Bustow Ashton, b. March 7, 1858, in Middletown, Ct.; 
m.. May 24, 1880, Martha A. Pease. One child: 
I. Sarah Steuben Ashton, b. Oct. 24, 1888. 

ii, Martha Stowe Ashton, b, March 22, i860; not married. 



' .;-:rJ :o:^ti ,0/ 'nqA 

I'-/ :' : ■".;.J:!';ji-rr.'.i , vvoj 

J ..^•: y.;M ,..m 
■ ; : 'i.:iii> .1 

\-i'i .i-i:: fh)iij!/ .li .'u>i.I ■•' ^jv/O''-. i;^;)/.].'! 


1. Joseph^ Kirby of Hartford, Ct. All that is positively known 
concerning him is derived from the gravestone erected to the mem- 
ory of his great-grandson, Abraham Kirby of Middlebury, Ct. 
(See page 169.) From the inscription upon this gravestone we 
learn that he came from Warwickshire, England, to Xew England, 
early in the seventeenth century, and was at Hartford, Ct., about 
the time of its first settlement. His name, however, does not 
appear upon the records of Hartford, Ct., and it is probable that 
he soon removed elsewhere. 

According to the tradition preserved by his descendants, a 
brother emigrated with him to New England. They fled from 
persecution, and their estates in England were forfeited. Tradi- 
tion usually has little genealogical value, but in this instance it 
seems confirmed by the discovery that Joseph, the son of John 
Kirby of Middletown, was known as Joseph Kirby, Jr. (See 
Joseph, son of John Kirby of Middletown.) Since no other 
Joseph Kirby can be found among the Kirbys in America prior 
to the birth of Joseph Kirby, Jr., of Middletown, Ct, it is rea- 
sonably presumed that the latter was named Joseph, and called 
"Junior," after Joseph Kirby of Hartford. Moreover, John 
Kirby of Middletown also came from Warwickshire in England, 
and was likewise at Hartford, Ct, near the time of its settlement. 
It is therefore reasonable to conclude that they were brothers. 
The name of only one child of Joseph Kirby of Hartford, Ct., 
has been preserved: 
2. i. John Kirby. 

2. John' Kirby (Joseph^). Nothing is positively known of him, 
except that he was the son of Joseph of Hartford and the father 
of Roger Kirby of Woodbury, Ct. According to the Sage gcneal- 



'1 ;,: , ;. 't: 

i:.;ir :i,-;;^, k 

-Un V; 


./ .1 




■■/ .'J, 

.'■ ■ i : 





' ■ ,' ' 


-: f 




: ].:■ 

/■ !:: 


^Mf ^ 




/ -A 

-i i 

:^ vl 


• !'■' ' 

-i: !>• 

;• iji 



ogy (pages ii and 71), tliere is a Hartford record which is as 
follows: "April, 1653, born Mary daughter of John Kirby and 
EHzabeth Randell." Since John Kirby of Middletown, and pre- 
viously of Hartford, had a daughter Mary born about 1644, and 
since his widow, Elizabeth, married Abraham Randall oi Windsor, 
Ct., it has hitherto been supposed that the above record was a late 
and blundering addition. But if this record be accurate, then the 
Mary born April, 1653, must be regarded as the daughter (and 
probably the eldest child, as the form of the entry indicates) of 
John Kirby, the son of Joseph of Hartford, by wife Elizabeth 
Randell. The " W'ethersfield Town Records " state that Samuel 
Dcming married, March 29, 1694, Sarah, daughter of John Kirby. 
" The Genealog}' of the Treat Family," page 32, states that she 
was the daughter of John Kirby of ]\liddletown, Ct., and " Kirby 
Family," 1890, states that she niarried Samuel Deming after the 
death of her first husband, Samuel Hubbard; but both are in error, 
Samuel Hubbard died in 1732, aged 84 years. Sarah Kirby, wife 
of Samuel Deming, may be regarded, therefore, as the daughter 
of John Kirby, the son of Joseph of Hartford. Children: 

i. Sarah Kirby, b. ; m., Ivlarch 29, 1694, Samuel Dem- 
ing of Wcthersfield, Ct., b. 1646, son of John Deming of 
Wethersfield, Ct., and Flonour Treat, dau. of Richard 
Treat of Wethersfield. Children: 

1. John Deming, b. Dec. 27, 1694; perhaps m. Eliza- 

beth Parker. 

2. David Deming, b. Dec. 29, 1696; d. Feb. 17, 1771; 

m., Jan. 20, 1725, Martha Russell, b. ; d. 

Sept. I, 1763, dau. of Sergt. John Russell. 
Children: (i) Alartha, b. April 15, 1726; (2) :Me- 
hitable, b. May 7, 1727; (3) David, b. Aug. 12, 
1729; (4) Mary, b. IMarch 8, 1732; (5) Abigail, 
b. April 27, 1733; d. in infancy; (6) Elizabeth 
Abigail, b. April 5. 1734; (7) Solomon, b. Dec. i, 
^73^ > (8) Elizabeth, b. March 8, 1739; (9) John, 
b. March 14, 1745; (10) Simeon, b. March 5, 

3. Samuel Deming, b. June. 12, 1699; m., June 16, 

1726, Catherine Treat, b. Aug. 26, 1706, only 
child of Richard Treat of Wethersfield and Cath- 
erine Bulkeley, dau. of the Rev. Gershom Bulke- 
ley. Children: (i) Treat, b. Sept. 28, 1727; 
(2) Sarah, b. March 10, 1730; (3) Katharine, b. 

•.i^Haoi, HO aTvlAV 

■fi.: nji:b .'ji..^ /:>>. 

•'•!"■ '■ 

ii-; :..:-n ■jr^r; 


::n .■.';.,,!■. 

:\''' :'-"'^-: 

:;a : .;• 

.! ^;-:ix.n;^(i 



i -. i I ' j ' ■ 

7'^'f' Ci J; .■•" 

!■' ^CV/ 

i/: ■;«.■•! 



.; aI . .M:.^- ('.1 


June i8, 1733; (4) Samuel, b. Dec. 10, 1735; 

(5) Rebecca, b. Oct. 11, 1738; d. July 6, 175S; 

(6) Isabel, b. Aug. 24, 1743; (7) Deliverance, b. 
Dec. 3, 1746; (8) Richard, b. April ii, 1750. 

4. Honour Deniing, b. Dec. 16, 1701. 

5. William Doming-, b. ^lay 10, 1705; m., Jan. 22, 

1730, Prudence Churchill, dau. of Josiah Church- 
ill of Wethcrsfield, Ct. 
3. ii. Roger Kirby, b. 1698; m. ^Martha . 

3. Roger^ Kirby (John", Joseph of Woodbury, Ct., born 
1698. In 1730 he was living in Judea Society, then a part of 
Woodbury, Ct., and now the town of Washington, Ct. His farm 
was situated about a hundred rods distant from the church on 
Washington green, and is known to this day as the " Kirby farm." 
The cellar where the house of Roger Kirby stood still exists, and 
it was in this house that his grandson, the Hon. Ephraim Kirby, 
was born. In 1763 he deeded his property in Woodbury to his 
two sons, Abraham and Joseph, and seems to have resided there- 
after at Litchfield, Ct. He died June 12, 1793, aged 95 years, at 
Milton, Ct, while on a visit to that place, and was buried in the 
Milton cemetery. His wife's name was Martha, but of her parents 
nothing is known. By her he had four children, born in Wood- 
.bur>', Ct.: 

Abraham Kirby, b. July 14, 1730; m. Eunice Starkweather. 

Joseph Kirby, b. July 7, 1732; m. Rachel Hand. 

Abia Kirby, b. July 7, 1732, twin with Joseph. 

James Kirby, b. Sept. 17, 1740, of whom nothing further 
is known; he may have died before 1763, when his 
father deeded his property in Woodbury to his sons 
Abraham and Joseph. 

4. Abraham* Kirby (Roger^, John-, Joseph^), born July 14, 
1730, in Woodbury, Ct. He was a farmer and lived in Judea 
Society, Ancient Woodbury, Ct., until 1763, and afterward re- 
moved to Litchfield, Ct. In February, 1786, he removed again, 
and settled at Middlebury, Vt., where his son John had located the 
previous year. In the spring of the following year he brought 
apple-trees in a boat from Pittsford, and planted the second orchard 
in town. While bringing the trees down the Otter River, he ran 
into the rapids and was in imminent danger of drowning, but 
while going under a bridge, he caught hold of a timber and held 







r 1.-, n ,r{.-,^r.r^j 

■.vs. a^.^ruU. 

t^!^!'■ ■■•■c; i}£:i ';-! ..' i vd SiUKiii 

1/' ';;K.!h\CX 

' ; ■■-'■", . .' .V'-f-ii/! ;/i(ns] ,,vi 

:{ O. vv',b 

^iq I>nr. / •'-;•;'. : nr:^-] ;^:'.v\ ri ni ?v -^J 

r''' .;.:'-i:nV' 



on until rescued. June, 1792, he was joined by his son Joseph 
and family, who Hved with him in the house he had erected. He 
was niade a deacon of the Congregational Church, and the " His- 
tory of iMiddlebury, Vt.," speaks of him as being one of the most 
respectable citizens of that town. He died April 3, 1796, in IMid- 
dlebury, and was buried in the old cemetery north of the village. 
A marble tombstone about four feet high and two feet wide, round 
at the top, was erected to his memory soon after his death. It 
bears the following inscription: 

Abraham, son of Roger Kirby, died April y, ijq6 aged dj years. 

His Grandfather Joseph Kirby came from Warunck in 

England and settled in Connecticut at the first 

settlement of the City of Hartford in the 

sixteenth century. From him descended 

John Kirby, Grandfather, and 

Roger Kirby, the Father, who 

died in Conn, in ijpj 

aged pj years. 

Abraham Kirby married. May 31, 1756, in Woodbury, Ct., 
Eunice Starkweather, born Sept. 19, 1735, daughter of John Stark- 
weather and Mary Herrick, both of Stonington, Ct. 

Children of Abraham Kirby and Eunice Starkweather: 

6. i. Ephraim Kirby, b. Feb. 23, 1757; m. Ruth Marvin. 

ii. James Kirby, b. July 15, 1758; was a physician, and 
removed to North Carolina. He died at Fairfax, Va.; 
married, and had James, Robert, and Betsy. 

iii. Martha Kirby, b. Feb. 10, 1760; d. March 25. 1760. 

iv. Martha Kirby, b. Dec. 30, 1760; m. Elijah Phelps of 
Lanesboro, Mass. Children: Julia, Caroline, Er- 
mina, and Theodatus, who lived in Middlebury, Vt. 

7. V. John Starkweather Kirby, b. Sept. 20, 1762; m. Azubia 


vi. Abraham Kirby, b. April 3, 1764. He was a physician 
and settled in Elizabeth City, N. C. He died July 30, 
1799, in Hampton, Va.; m. Margaret . Chil- 
dren: James, Sally, Betsy, and Lucinda. 

vii. Eunice Kirby, b. March 20, 1766; m. Hial Hale, and 
removed to the State of New York. They had two 
sons, Ephraim and ]Milton, and two daughters. 

;;,> i;oo?: •.' i, tiv)o': 

■•:. ir,'^ .'-ni 'Jill :tii 

\:-\-''-\ SMi'V •i;•A^•l '('iiVA ■ ». ■ '''.^ ^vA;l\\:..x.^.^> /.\^ 

: i5;;>, :■• ui hi^vi. od.'; ,;•■,;■./ ■-: rf] bn.i ,:-;f;' ^ir 

■ ,?'•"! .'VS up': .:! ,■{'"■■;' ^I --^ '■.■:■■■■ h^:r\ 'M\':\ .v 

^tnt^ !>i:n Uii. 


8. viii. Joseph Kirby, b. April 28, 1768; m. Esther Leonard. 

9. ix. Mary Kirby, b. Aug. i, 1771; m. Samuel Severance. 

X. Sabra Kirby, b. Feb. 27, 1773; m. Daniel Garlick of 
Lanesboro, Mass. They removed to Ohio. Chil- 
dren: Theodatus, Adolphus, Richard, Daniel, and 

10. xi. Anna Kirby, b. July 21, 1775; m. David Barnum. 

11. xii. Sally Kirby, b. Nov. 30, 1779; m. (i) David Yale; (2) 

Isaac Landen. 

[Starkweather Lineage: 

L Robert Starkweather of Roxbury, Mass., was a native of 
Wales. He was at Boston in 1640, and afterward lived in Rox- 
bury. In 1654 he sold his estate in Roxbury and removed to 
Ipswich, Mass., where he died in 1674. He married Jennet Rob- 
erts, daughter of John Roberts of Roxbury, by whom he had: 
Elizabeth, b. 1643; Lydia, b. June 23, 1644; John, b. 1646; 
Deborah, b. Aug. 27, 1648. 

II. John Starkweather, only son of Robert, born 1646, in Rox- 
bury, Mass. He removed with his father to Ipswich, where he 
was pound-keeper in 1688, and his successor was appointed in 
1693. He removed to Preston, Ct., before Aug., 1694, and there 
soon became prominent; was selectman in 1698, and for the next 
three years; was also deputy to the General Court of Connecticut 
in 1702. He died Aug. 21, 1703, in Preston, Ct., and in September 
of the same year the administration of his estate was granted to 
his widow Ann and his son Robert. It is recorded at this time 
that he left seven children: "Thomas aged 26, Timothy, John, 
Robert, Richard, Mary, and Lydia aged 12." Children: 
Thomas, b. about 1677; Timothy; John, b. Sept. 16, 1680; Robert, 
b. Nov. 12, 1684, d. 1706; Richard, b. Dec. 26, 1686, m., March 

12. 1721, Mary Plumer; Mary, b. 1689; Lydia, b. 1691. 

III. John Starkweather, third son of the preceding, born Sept. 
16, 1680, in Ipswich, !\Iass. He removed to Preston, Ct., where 
he married, Dec. 28, 1708, Mary Herrick, b. 1691, daughter of 
Ephraim and Judith Herrick of Preston, Ct. He removed again, 
before 1720, to Stonington, Ct., and died in 1750 at Roxbury, 
Mass. While passing through Roxbury on his way to Boston 
on horseback with a drove of cattle, his horse stumbled and threw 
him to the ground, causing injuries which resulted in his death in 
a few minutes. His widow Mary was living in 1769. The " Con- 
necticut Courant," under the date of Nov. 27, 1769, states that 



\ r/ .ui 
-I K/ .It 

in fiviu\.\ •:. {■■..V . .■: 
. t h'>-. .r.T :•.-. •_: 

. .J .illk^i -. 

.nt /; 

r( :,-,, 

OO^i .b.::V: 

..Nfv:: •■„a ,:.i- •..-■■•-■(: O'^i )o ;■ ■,: ' ■ :.-,:;>.. -,....■; nji^-T ill 

,viij<i:'.'-; :■ -i f;; ■-:■■!.> '.i,,. ..;'^ ^."i -i?;;;:)^ .ii:l ■ >i /;■.■•• .vohcf 
<■'■' ■:; i, - •>;■■•;;■■' ■•• -■iL'jr, ,■•:;:■,':■ i. :;. ■;, ■!-':•/ h^i'.. { i^'ji 


she was then in her 79th year, and that she had been " the mother 
of thirteen children; grandmother of eighty-seven; great-grand- 
mother of seventy-six, and great-great-grandmother of one child 
of the fourth generation — in all, one hundred and seventy-seven. 
There are now living of the above number one hundred and fifty- 
two." Eleven of these grandchildren, bearing the family name, 
were Revolutionary soldiers, and five of them died in the service. 

(Ephraim Herrick, baptized April 15, 1688, in Beverly, Mass., 
was the son of Ephraim Herrick, Sr., of Beverly, and Mary Cross 
of Ipswich, who were married July 3, 1661. Ephraim Herrick, 
Sr., b. Feb. 11, 1638; d. Sept. 12, 1693, was the son of Henry 
Herrick and Edith, dau. of Hugh Laskin, all of Salem, Mass. 
According to the Herrick genealogy, Henry was the son of Sir 
William Herrick, ambassador of Queen Elizabeth to Turkey, and 
a member of Parliament during her reign.) 

Children of John and Mary Starkweather: 

1. Mary, b. March 25, 1710, in Preston, Ct.; m., Nov. 30, 

1726, Jeremiah Kinney, of Preston, Ct. 

2. Lydia, b. Jan. 29, 1712, in Preston, Ct. 

3. Anna, b. Aug. 21, 1715, in Preston, Ct.; m., , Benjamin. 

4. John, baptized Feb. 23, 1718; d. soon. 

5. Samuel, b. March 2t„ 1720, in Stonington, Ct.; m., July 29, 

1747, Sarah Purple of East Haddam, Ct. He removed, 
when about sixty years old, to New Ashford, Mass., 
where he was elected to the Legislature, and died in Jan., 
1787, at Boston, during the session of that body. They 
had ten children. Two of their sons, John and Ephraim, 
were in the Revolutionary army. Their fourth son, Will- 
iam, b. Nov. 25, 1754, settled in Williamstown, Mass., 
and was a member of Congress. 

6. John, b. June 11, 1722, in Stonington, Ct.; d. Dec. 19, 1760; 

m., (i) March 27, 1746, Jerusha Smith, by whom he had 
a daughter Hannah; m., (2) Dec. 12, 1753, Elizabeth 
Belcher of Preston, Ct., by whom he had three sons and 
one daughter. Plis three sons. Belcher, Woodbury, and 
Amos were in the Revolutionary army, and Woodbury 
died in the service. 

7. Joel, b. June 20, 1724, in Stonington, Ct.; m., Aug. 9, I750» 

Jane Trumble, of Preston, Ct. They had five children. 
A son Charles was at the battle of Saratoga, 1777. 

8. Elizabeth, b. May 23, 1726, in Stonington, Ct.; m. 



: 1 :h h ^t 

I ' l-Ji oil) .•■1 U }'. 

'loi b,.,: -h;; ::l-( 

.0: "CI 


i :;'-) 


9. Robert, b. Aug. 26, 1728, in Stonington, Ct.; d. March 
15, 1819, in Chesterfield, ]Mass.; m. Sarah EverHth 
of Ipswich, Mass. They had thirteen cliildren. Four 
of their sons. James, Joseph, Simeon, and John, died 
while in the Revolutionary Army. Their third son, 
Ezra, b. Dec. 15, 1754; d. July 21, 1834, was a sur- 
geon in the Revolutionary Army. After the war he 
settled in Worthington, I\lass., where he became emi- 
nent as a physician, and was widely known as a public 
man. He was a member of the State Senate thirteen 
times; was also a member of the Governor's Council, 
and a member of the Constitutional Convention of 

10. Woodbury, b. ]March 2y, 1731, in Stonington, Ct. ; not 


11. Ephraim, b. Sept. i, 1733, in Stonington, Ct. ; married, 

and settled in Pawtucket, then in Massachusetts. He 
graduated from Yale College in 1753, and studied 
law, but gave up the profession and entered into 
business and became wealthy; was a member of the 
Constitutional Convention of 1779, and was in the 
State Senate 1780-83. His grandson, Samuel, was a 
lawyer, and settled in Cleveland, O., and was for 
several years Mayor of that city. 

12. Eunice, b. Sept. 19, 1735, in Stonington, Ct. ; m., May 

31, 1756, Abraham Kirby. 

13. A child, b. ; d. in infancy.] 

6. Ephraim^ Kirby (Abraham*, Roger', John^, Joseph^), born 
Feb. 23, 1757, in Judea Society, Ancient Woodbur>', Ct. About 
1763 he removed with his father to Litchfield, Ct., where, at the 
age of eighteen, he joined the volunteers who organized after the 
battle of Lexington, and arrived at Boston in time to take part 
in the battle of Bunker Hill. In Dec, 1776, he enlisted again in 
the Revolutionary army, and served as a cavalry soldier for about 
two years. The published " Records of Connecticut Men in the 
War of the Revolution," page 273, contain the following state- 
ment of his personal appearance at this period: " Ephraim Kirby, 
private, enlisted Dec. 24, 1776, of Litchfield, farmer. Stature 5 
ft. 6, complexion dark, eyes dark, hair brown. Discharged Aug. 
7, 1778." During this enlistment he was with Washington's Army 
in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and took part in the battles of 


•1 T 


■ ! . ■ 


0. 1 • :■ .^r.:f,u 

•1:'! '.'*/. .UJ 








Brandywine, Germantown, and I^Ionmouth, and received thirteen 
wounds. He was on the staff of General (Lord) SterUng at the 
battle of Germantown, and there received seven sabre cuts on 
the head from a British soldier, and was left on the field for dead. 
These honorable scars he carried with him through life. It is 
said that he lost a portion of his brain by one of these sabre cuts, 
and for some time also lost his mind. Instantaneously his con- 
sciousness and mind returned, when he exclaimed: "Where is 
Eagle?" — the name of the horse he was riding when he was cut 
down. He subsequently served as Lieutenant in a Rhode Island 
company, and remained in the field until independence was 
achieved. After the conclusion of the Revolutionary War he was 
for seme time a student at Yale College, but did not graduate. 
In 1787 he received the degree of A.M. from that institution. He 
studied law in the ofhce of Judge Reynold ^.larvin, a patriotic 
citizen of Litchfield, who had been King's Attorney, but had 
resigned this office on the outbreak of the Revolutionary struggle, 
and married his only daughter. While in the practice of law in 
Litchfield, Ct., in 1789, he published " Reports of the Decisions 
of the Superior Court and Court of Errors of the State of ' 
Connecticut, Litchfield, 1789." This was a novel undertaking, 
being the first volume of reports ever published in this country. 
It was executed v.ith faithfulness, judgment, and ability, and is 
still regarded as authority in all our courts. The same year, 17S9, 
he wrote the pledge and organized the first society for the pro- 
motion of temperance ever formed in America. This pledge bears 
the name of many who were prominent in the State. 

In 1 791 Ephraim Kirby was for the first tim.e elected to repre- 
sent the town of Litchfield in the State Legislature, a post of 
honor and responsibility to which he was re-elected at thirteen 
semi-annual elections. "As a legislator he was always distin- 
guished for the dignity of his deportment, for his comprehensive 
and enlightened views, for the liberality of his sentiments, and for 
his ability and decision." During this time he was prominent 
in business and military affairs. In 1795 he was one of the seven 
directors of the company formed by Oliver Phelps of Windsor, 
Ct., and others to purchase the remaining lands belonging to the 
State of Connecticut in Ohio, known as the " Western Reserve." 
He was also Colonel of the Seventeenth Regiment Connecticut 
Militia, and was commonly known as " Colonel " Kirby. 

On the election of Jefferson as President in 1801 he was ap- 
pointed Supervisor of the National Revenues for the State of 

■ ^ >f H 4 H r? O T "^ O ?, T 

. ' ^•;^l'■. 


■■.: b'A 


Connecticut. About this period he was for several years the Re- 
publican candidate for Governor of Connecticut, but failed of 
election, the I'ederal party being too strong for the followers of 
Jefferson. He was interested also in the Cincinnati Society, of 
which he was an original member (Rhode Island), and was promi- 
nent in Masonic circles. His library and sword are now held by 
the Masonic Lodge of Litchfield, of which he was a member. 
President JefYerson had contemplated offering him the office of 
Postmaster General, but finally called Gideon Granger of Con- 
necticut to that office. In 1803 he received from President Jeffer- 
son the appointment as Commissioner for Settlement of Law 
Claims in the territory east of Pearl River (^Mississippi). In 1804 
he was appointed by Jefferson L'nited States Judge of the Supreme 
Court for the territory of Orleans (Louisiana). Having accepted 
the latter position, he set out for New Orleans, but was not des- 
tined to reach that place. Having proceeded as far as Fort Stod- 
dard in the Mississippi territory, he was taken sick, and died 
there Oct. 20, 1804, at the early age of forty-seven, and when a 
wide career of public usefulness seemed opening to him. His 
remains were interred with the honors of war and other demonstra- 
tions of respect. 

" Colonel Kirby was a man of the highest moral as well as 
physical courage, devoted in his feelings and aspirations, warm 
and generous in his attachments, and of indomitable energy. He 
was withal gentle and winning in his manners, kindly in his dis- 
position, and naturally of an ardent and cheerful temperament, 
although the last few years of his life were saddened by heavy 
pecuniary misfortunes. He had acquired a handsome property 
by his profession, but in an evil hour he employed an agent to 
purchase for him a large tract of new land in Virginia. This agent 
betrayed his trust, and by his dishonesty involved his employer in 
almost hopeless insolvency. To be harassed by obligations which 
he could not meet was, to an honorable man like Colonel Kirby, 
a source of the keenest solicitude. He enjoyed the friendship of 
many of the sages of the Revolution, the correspondence with 
whom would form interesting material for the history of his time; 
but, unfortunately, almost all was lost at sea, between New York 
and St. Augustine, some twenty-five years ago. A few letters to 
and from Prest. Jefferson only have been preserved." (" Litch- 
field Biographies," pp. 103-110.) 

Ephraim Kirby m.arried, March 17, 1784, in Litchfield, Ct., 
Ruth Marvin, born Dec. 20, 1763, in Litchfield, Ct., only daughter 


\- d 

-P;:-. ";rf nt ..:'--■ -^ ,-^::ci-::: . / l : . "' 

.C'.'>. 'G i2i 

y:J. 'yy ■■ ■• 

'■"■':;ij -iJVi:!!! .'ij: 

1.0' i-;c;! 

''■y>uA y ,r,d^J .c:. oXi :. 


of Judge Reynold Marvin of Litchfield and Ruth Welch, daugh- 
ter of Paul Welch of New Milford, Ct. Ruth Marvin Kirby died 
Oct. 17, 1817, in Litchfield, Ct. Children: ^,_^^ 

12. i. Frances Kirby, b. April 6, 1785; m. Js^m^ Lee Smith. 
ii. Harriet Kirby, b. March 20, 1788; d. Aug. 25, 1789. 

13. iii. Reynold :vlarvin Kirby, b. March 10, 1790; m. (i) Har- 

riet W. Larned, (2) Mary Barclay. 

14. iv. Edmund Kirby, b. April 8, 1794; m. Eliza Brown. 
V. Ephraim Kirby, b. Jan. 26, 1796. 

15. vi. Harriet Kirby, b. May 23, 1798; m. Francis S. Belton. 

16. vii. Helen Kirby, b. Nov. 18, 1800; m. Benjamin A. Putnam. 

17. viii. Catherine Kirby, b. Oct. 11, 1802; m. Joseph P. Russell. 

[Marvin Lineage: 

L Reynold Ivlarvin was an original settler of Hartford, 1639; 
removed to Farmington, and afterward to Saybrook, where he 
was made freeman in 1658. He died in 1662 (will dated Ivlay 
13, 1662, inventory Oct. 28, 1662), leaving a good estate to chil- 
dren, Reynold and Mary. 

H. Lieutenant Reynold Marvin of Lyme, Ct, born about 1634; 
freeman 1658; was deacon, also Delegate to General Court in 
1670, 1672, 1673, 1674, and 1676. He died in 1676. He mar- 
ried (i) Mary ; (2) Sarah Clark, daughter of George Clark 

of Milford, Ct. Children by his second wife: (i) John, b. 1665; 
m., May 7, 1691, Sarah Graham, dau. of Henry of Hartford; (2) 
Reynold, b. 1669; (3) Samuel, b. 1671 ; m. Susanna Graham, 
dau. of Henry of Hartford; (4) Mary, m. Richard Ely; (5) Sarah, 
m. James Beckwith. 

HL Captain Reynold Marvin of Lyme, Ct., born 1669; died 
Oct. 18, 1737, aged sixty-eight; married (i) Phoebe Lee, born 
April 14, 1677, daughter of Ensign Thomas Lee and Mary De 
Wolf, both of Lyme, Ct. She died Oct., 1707, and he married 
(2), in 1708, Martha Waterman. He was Captain of Militia, 
deacon, and deputy, representing Lyme in the General Court of 
Connecticut from 1701 to 1728. Children by his first wife: 
(i) Phoebe, b. Dec. 3, 1696; m. (i) Daniel De Wolf and (2) Na- 
thaniel Kirtland; (2) Reynold, b. Jan., 1702; (3) Lydia, b. Jan. 
12, 1704; (4) Esther, b. April 3, 1707. 

IV. Dea. Reynold Marvin of Lyme, Ct., born Jan., 1702; mar- 
ried (i), Dec. 23, 1725, his cousin, widow Sarah (Marvin) Lay, 
widow of John Lay and daughter of John Marvin and Sarah 
Graham; married (2), July 7, 1746, widow Mary (Niles) Kellogg 


o ii'v ,n 


(•■? .,VU-' •'. ,> i 

.-in:/, ! !■;. c-. 

'1 1-; •?.( r> '■: 

;ci ."-,.; rr-;: 

f^rb:'-: .i- , -7-<^.. ,. . ;b-:oj;.;;:i 1.; v : - '' ^^ -'.b 

■ . ?f,i;/ ..'0 f<A*, nr !;.iM7 .; ::'nij;, '•>■> : ; i, ,.;-:.;';:''' ';;n; .r^iV-.-vD 

:i .■'■>■ -^S ■ '■ -'■.'•"5 „ ;!rU^ .fi ,^'-'i' .n' .v' r;; , ;,;= ..inui bivJSIJJ 
^'J-^^l ,>:..' ;::-..! . ;") .orviw i t.- , -. r. i ' [. = .:;,;/ ■>yl ..5:)CI .'■• .' 

V'.:;;.-.' .o|:.i;j / ^r.ii[ ,^y b-.u 


of Colchester, Ct. Children by his first wife: (i) Reynold, b. 
Oct. 23, 1726; (2) Phoebe, m, Joseph Gillett; (^3) Dan, m. Mehit- 
able Selden; (4) Lydia, m. J. Gates. 

V. Reynold Alarvin of Litchfield, Ct., born Oct. 23, 1726; died 
July 30, 1802; married, Feb. 23, 1763, Ruth Welch, born Dec. 
20, 1739, in New iMilford, Ct., daughter of Paul Welch of New 

Milford and Bronson of Waterbury, Ct. (Paul Welch was 

the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Welch of ^.lilford, Ct., and 
grandson of Thomas Welch of Milford, Ct., and Hannah Buck- 
ingham, daughter of Thomas of Milford, Ct.) 

VI. Ruth Alarvin, born Dec. 20, 1763; died Oct. 17, 1S17; 
married Ephraim Kirby.] 

12. Frances*^ fvirby (Ephraim^, Abraham*, Roger^, John-, 
Joseph^), born April 6, 1785, in Litchfield, Ct. ; married, Aug. 25, 
1806, Joseph Lee Smith, born >,Iay 28, 1779, son of Elnathan 
Smith and Chloe Lee, both of New Britain, Ct. He graduated 
from Yale College 1796, studied law at Judge Reeve's Law School 
in Litchfield, Ct., and afterward practised law in his native State 
until the commencement of the war of 18 12, when he was com- 
missioned Major of the Twenty-fifth U. S. Infantry. For dis- 
tinguished bravery at Forty Mile Creek he was promoted to be 
Lieutenant-Colonel, with the brevet of Colonel, June 6, 1813. 
On the reorganization of the army in 1816 he was commissioned 
Lieutenant-Colonel, and was promoted to Colonel, Third In- 
fantry, Feb. 10, 1818. In 1821 he resigned his commission, and 
in 1823 he was appointed by President Monroe U. S. Judge of 
the Superior Court for Florida. From 1838 to 1842 he was dele- 
gate to Congress from the Territory of Florida. He died May 
24, 1846, and was buried in Litchfield, Ct. Frances Kirby Smith 
died Aug. 3, 1875, i" Litchfield, Ct., aged ninety years. 

Colonel Joseph Lee Smith was a man of imposing appearance, 
attractive features, and pleasant manners. He stood six feet two 
inches in height, and was noted for his activity and great phys- 
ical strength. His only superior in strength in the army was 
General McNeil of Boston, who was seven feet high. His com- 
plexion was fair, his features regular; he had large hazel eyes 
and curling chestnut hair. The " Hartford Times," in an article 
published at the time of his death, said of him: "Col. Joseph 
Lee Smith was a man of the highest order of intellect, of most 
extensive information, of superior judgment, of great personal 
bravery. Although of an ardent temperament, he was kind- 


WA -.x::tBl.i 

2Kf:iri.ri' i.j fir;-' -lij 

^ r:n ■■( .irn; f- 

I ,»,™ .:>^, 

\0;.yi "P-i-ii;;;! 

:.:f C^i^r^^-'I 

•)U.i :;^ 

U l:',;i'.:^'M.,l 

:,y.7 )tij. f;l 



d r-;'h 

:r -, va-^ ■:'-(.•. • ). 

-bj!>;-: ; 


spirited and generous to a fault. A I\Iajor in the Army of the 
United States in 1812, in the absence of his Colonel, he com- 
manded his regiment, the Twenty-third, in the invasion of Canada 
in 1813. On the evening of the battle in which Generals Winder 
and Chandler were taken prisoners, he was ordered to encamp 
his regiment in the rear of the army in a deep ravine between 
the hills near Forty ^SUle Creek. Considering the position bad, 
he insisted upon a change, and, having received permission to do 
so, moved his regiment late at night to the top of the hill near 
the creek. This judicious movement saved his regiment, for he 
had scarcely reached his new position when he was assailed by a 
superior force of British and Indians. He, with his raw troops 
—this being their first battle— held his position against repeated 
attacks of the enemy, and by a rapid and successful charge at 
daylight, seconded by the Fifth Regiment, drove back the enemy 
and saved the army. For this action Major Smith was promoted 
Lieutenant-Colonel and brevetted Colonel. Throughout the rest 
of the campaign, and to the dose of the war, he was regarded 
as one of the best and most efficient officers in the army. In 
1819 he was induced to resign his commission, and was ap- 
pointed by President ^Monroe United States Judge of the Su- 
perior Court of Florida. So accurate was his judgment and so 
thorough his knowledge of law that in over one thousand cases 
decided by him prior to 1836 not a single decision had to be 
reversed." Children: 

18. i. Ephraim Kirby Smith, b. June 17, 1807; m. Mary Isaacs 


19. ii. Frances Marvin Smith, b. Oct. 12, 1809; m. Lucien 

Bonaparte Webster. 
iii. Josephine Lee Smith, b. 1818, in Detroit, Mich.; d. Nov., 
1835, in Brownville, N. Y. 

20. iv. Edmund Kirby Smith, b. May 16, 1824; m. Cassie Selden. 

[Smith Lineage: 

I. William Smith of Farmington, Ct., brother of Christopher 
and Joseph of Hartford, Ct.. of Simon of Haddam, Ct., and of 
Mary, who married William Partridge of Hartford, Ct. He mar- 
ried, Aug. 16, 1644, Elizabeth Stanley, and died in 1670 at Farm- 
ington, Ct. She died in 1678. They had nine children. 

II. Joseph Smith of Farmington, Ct., third son of the preced-, 
ing, born Aug. 25, 165,5, i" Middletown, Ct., married (i) Lydia 
'-; (2) Joanna Looniis. They had thirteen children. 


T'iciOl -^o axH/^ 

in:;:, • u;-;: 

I J .= .•;] 

,1 51. '..r)l(:\ •!■■)/ 

:;:::.:'"^..,>.': ;i 



III. Joseph Smith of Farmington. Ct., eldest son of the pre- 
ceding, born Aug. lo, 16S2; married, Jan. 19, 1707, Mary Royce. 
They had five children. 

IV. Joseph Smith of Kensington, eldest son of the preceding, 
born July 13, 1710; married, March 2, 1737, Thankful Hubbard, 
born July 23, 1719; died May 21, 1764, youngest daughter of 
George Hubbard and Mercy Seymour, and granddaughter of 
Samuel Hubbard and Sarah Kirby, daughter of John Kirby of 
Middletown, Ct. She died May 21, 1764, and he married (2), 
Sept., 1766, widow Esther Deming. He was a man of wealth, 
and prominent in public affairs; kept a tavern, and was generally 
known as " Landlord Smith." He died March 25, 1792, in Xew 
Britain, Ct. By his first wife he had eight children. (See "' De- 
scendants of John Kirby," p. 25.) 

y. Elnathan Smith of Kensington, afterward Xew Britain, Ct., 
eldest son of the preceding, born Nov. 23, 1738; died March 6, 
1826. He was in the French and Indian War, and acted as com- 
missary in the War of the Revolution; was a man of wealth and 
commanding physique. He married, July 9, 1767, Chloe, born 
Jan. 15, 1746, only daughter of Colonel Isaac Lee of Kensington. 
They had nine children. 

(Colonel Isaac Lee, born Jan. 7, 1717; died Dec. 13, 1802; 
married, July 10, 1740, Tabitha Norton, born Dec. 20, 1718, 
daughter of Lieutenant Isaac Norton of Kensington. He was 
the son of Dr. Isaac Lee, a physician of Kensington, and Mary 
Hubbard, born Feb., 1689, daughter of Samuel Hubbard and 
Sarah Kirby, daughter of John Kirby of Middletown, Ct. Colonel 
isaac Lee was a member of the Colonial Assembly from 1761 to 
1775; in 1775 he was appointed Colonel of the Sixth Regiment 
of the Colonial Militia of Connecticut. He represented the town 
of Kensington in the Connecticut State Assembly from 1776 to 
1791, except in 1777 and 1782.) 

VI. Colonel Joseph Lee Smith, second son of the preceding, 
bom May 28, 1779; died May 24, 1846; married, Aug. 25, 1806, 
Frances Kirby.] 

18. Ephraim Kirby^ Smith (Frances Kirby^, Ephraim'^, Abra- 
ham*, Roger^, John-, Joseph^), -born June 17, 1807, in Litchfield, 
Ct. ; graduated from West Point in 1826; was Captain Fifth Regi- 
ment U. S. Infantry during the Mexican War, and died Sept. il, 
1847, near the City of Mexico, from wounds received at the battle 
of Molino Del Rey. He fell at the head of his command in a 

■A I.: 

■J -. 

,:.<;A ::^ 

' '-';;^ -'r.n;R-tT^ ;i;i:,-- -v-iii:- ^^ii:-;;{r >t .8r 

■;// .w: .:-':yU orb vr!:!:h x'^;: ' ■ - ■^-■- 
i-. ?r.intcfi nvy:) .I'-j; :■.:■' I/. ]n ■■ 


charge which changed the tide of battle to victory, and as he 
mounted the enemy's works. He was present in the battles of 
Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Vera Cruz, Cherubusco, and 
Molino del Rey. Captain E. Kirby Smith married, Sept. 30, 
1835, at Syracuse, N. Y., Mary Isaacs Jerome, born Sept. 30, 
1814, it! Cayuga County, N. Y., daughter of Isaac Jerome and 
Clarinda Patchin. His widow married (2), Sept. 7, 1870, General 
Amos Beebe Eaton, Conmiissary General U. S. Army. She 
died Nov. 4, 1896, in Lancaster, Pa. Children: 
21. i. Joseph Lee Kirby Smith, b. July 25, 1S36; not married. 
ii. Emma Jerome Smith, b, March 17, 1840, at Fort \\"in- 
nebago, Wis.; m., Dec. 24, 1862, in New York City, 
William Blackwood, M.D., b. Dec. 25. 1827, in Balti- 
more, Md., son of Joseph Blackwood of New Jersey 
and Mary Ogle of Delaware. They are now living in 
Lancaster, Pa. Children: 

1. Katharine Kirby Blackwood, b. Oct. 17, 1S63, 

in Germantown, Pa. 

2. Norman Jerome Blackwood, b. Jan. 3, 1866, in 

Germantown, Pa.; m., Nov. 9, 1892, Rebecca 
Wilkinson, b. Dec. 25, 1867, in Syracuse, 
N. Y., dau. of J. Forman Wilkinson and 
Louisa B. Raynor. He graduated from Jeffer- 
son Medical College in 1888. and is now Passed 
Assistant Surgeon in the U. S. Xavy. He was 
■ • with Commodore Dewey before the great 

naval battle at Manila, May i, 1898. No 

3. Janet Lord Blackwood, b. June 7, 1875, in Lan- 

caster, Pa. 
iii. George Geddes Smith, b. Jan. 11, 1843, ^^ Dearborn 
Arsenal, Mich. He went to sea when thirteen years 
old, and made many long voyages. He was in India 
when he heard of the Civil War and his brother's 
death. , He immediately sailed for home, and ofiered 
his services to the Government, and received from 
Secretary Welles (an old schoolmate of his father's at 
Litchfield, Ct.) a commission as Ensign in the L^. S. 
Navy. After the close of the war he obtained a citi- 
zen's appointment as Second Lieutenant Twenty-third 
U. S. Infantry. He died Feb. 17, 1875, at Fort D. A. 
Russell, Wyo. Not married. 


■■1 ;;;'..(! A J 

:i:^i)0 J if.-,... Z . A: 



i li' .-^i ,^ 

>:>l::nw ,!';; ,:i^;]C'0 -idi loUa'd '{biP.;, ii:;;;:T; . '" ..^j;;:?:.' 


[Jerome Lineage: 

I. Timothy Jerome, born, 1698, in the Isle of Wight, England. 
He was of a family of Huguenots who fled from persecution in 
France and took refuge in the Isle of Wight. He came to America 
before 171 /, and settled in Wallingford, Ct., where he died in 
1750. His wife's name was Abigail. 

II. Samuel Jerome, eldest son, born, 1728, in Vv'allingford, Ct.; 
died, 1796, in Pompey, N. Y.; married Lucy Foster, born 1732. 
He removed, between 1765 and 1770, to Stockbridge, Mass., and 
afterward to Pompey, Onondaga County, N. Y., where he died 
in 1796. 

HI. Timothy Jerome, seventh son; married Mary Isaacs, 
daughter of Ralph Isaacs, and died in Pompey, N. Y. 

IV. Isaac Jerome, born Jan. 21, 1793, in Stockbridge, Mass.; 
died April 18, 1829, in Onondaga County, N. Y.; married, in 
1813, Clarinda Patchin, born Feb. 7, 1794, in Milton, Saratoga 
County, N. Y., daughter of Squire and Dorcas Patchin of Litch- 
field, Ct. She died Jan. 14, 1876, in Syracuse, N. Y.] 

21. Joseph Lee Kirby^ Smith (E. K. Smith', Frances Kirby', 
Ephraim^ Abraham*, Roger^, John", Joseph^), born July 25, 
1836, in Syracuse, N. Y. He graduated from West Point in 1857, 
with distinguished honors, and was assigned as brevet Second 
Lieutenant in the Corps of Topographical Engineers. He was 
retained awhile at the Military Academy as an instructor, and 
then served under Major J. H. Simpson in the survey of Utah, 
and subsequently under Captain George G. Meade (afterward 
General Meade) in the survey of Lake Superior. In June, 1861. 
he joined the staff of General N. P. Banks, and remained with 
the latter until he received a commission of Lieutenant-Colonel 
in the Fourth New Jersey Volunteers. Soon after he was ap- 
pointed Colonel of the Forty-third Ohio Volunteers, with the 
brevet of Brigadier-General, which position he retained until his 
death. He was with General Pope at the taking of Island No. 
10, and with General Rosecrans at Corinth, he then acting as 
Brigadier-General. Fle died Oct. 12, 1862, in Corinth, Miss., 
in consequence of wounds received in the battle fought on October 
4th, while bravely leading his men forward to protect a Federal 
battery against one of the most desperate charges made by the 
Confederates that day. 

General Kirby Smith's death called forth unusual expressions 
of grief and praise from his military associates. PYom a paper 


5i I :H !■! *^ n cJ O r 


•( -It. ; ;^;>:>:i: 




(published), entitled " Our Kirby Smith," by General John W. 
P'uller, a fellow officer, and read before the Ohio Commandery 
of the Loyal Legion in 1887, we take the following tributes to his 
memory. General D. S. Stanley, in his official report of the battle 
of Corinth, touch ingly refers to the death of General Kirby Smith 
as follows: " 1 have not words to describe the qualities of this 
model soldier, or to express the loss we have sustained in his death. 
The best testimony I can give to his memory is the spectacle I 
witnessed myself, in the very moment of battle, of stern, brave 
men weeping like children as the word passed, ' Kirby Smith is 
killed!'" General A. S. Williams speaks of him thus: "He 
was my beau-ideal of a young man. There a daily beauty in 
his life that won the hearts of all who knew him. . . . He 
was so capable, so brave, so self-reliant, without vanity; so pa- 
tient and so persevering in the line of duty, that I looked con- 
fidently for splendid services and rapid and well-earned advance- 
ment." And General Fuller himself says: " He was a born 
soldier, and gave promise of a brilliant career. He was more 
than a soldier — he was a Christian. He never made a parade of 
his religious ideas. No man ever saw in him the least particle 
of cant. Yet in and through the soldier there shone forth in the 
life of our Kirby Smith the evidence of that life which is eternal." 

19. Frances Marvin^ Smith (Frances Kirby°, Ephraim', Abra- 
ham*, Roger^ John^ Joseph^), born Oct. 12, 1809, in Litchfield, 
Ct.; died Dec. 10, 1881, in New York City; married, Dec. 21, 
1837, Colonel Lucien Bonaparte Webster, born March 17, 1801, 
in Hartland, Vt. Colonel Webster graduated from West Point 
1823, and rose to be Major of the Fourth Regiment, U. S. Army, 
with brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel. He died Nov. 3, 1S53, at 
Brov/nsville, Tex. Children: 

i. Josephine Clara Webster, b. Oct. i, 1839, at Houlton, Me. 
ii. Catherine Sophia Webster, b. Nov. 17, 1841, at Fort Hunt, 
Me.; d. May 9, 1843. 

iii. Lucien Santa Rosa Webster, b. March 17, , at Fort 

Pickens, Fla.; d. Aug, 8, 1847, at Newport, Ky. 
iv. Frances Isabel Webster, b. Feb. 14, 1847, at Fort Hunt, 
Me.; m., Nov, 20, 1872, in New York City, James Martin 
Danner of York, Pa., b. Feb. 4, 1847, in York, Pa., son 
of William Danner and Tvlaria Schall. Children born 
in York, Pa.: 

I. Pamela Everett Danner, b. Sept. i, 1S73. 

•J ti 'i •('':?/ ' f 7 /% 

n.'. c ..Jl.! 


■) .sr'yi 



i ,',;."• ■ r. ■•;'/'i .-..■ ■ ,' '■ 7 ;' ^ '.vr'nKV';. 

•-}. Ali 


2. William Martin Banner, b. Sept. 6, 1875. 

3. Lucien Webster Banner, b. Sept. 6, 1875; twin. 

4. Edmund Kirby Banner, b. Nov. 22, 1876. 

5. James Baniel Banner, b. Bee. 8, 1877. 

6. Frances Marvin Banner, b. April 12, 18S0. 

7. Norman Blackwood Banner, b. June 6, 1884. 

8. Josephine Webster Banner, b, June 21, 1887. 

V. Edmund Kirby Webster, b. June 29, 1852; m., Nov. 11, 
1885, Letta C. Bavidson, dau. of Gen. J. W. Bavidson, 
U. S. A. He graduated from West Point in 1874, and. 
was commissioned Captain Second Regiment, U. S. In- 
fantry, July, 1893. One child: 

I. Frances i\Iarvin Webster, b. Nov. 5, 1889. 

20. Edmund Kirby'^ Smith (Frances Kirby*', Ephraim^ Abra- 
ham*, Roger^ John^ Joseph^), born ]\Iay 16, 1824, in St. Augus- 
tine, Fla. ; graduated from West Point Military Academy June, 
1845, and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Fifth U. S. 
Infantry. Buring the Mexican war he was with the army of 
General Scott in the memorable campaign of 1847, ^vhich re- 
sulted in the capture of the City of Mexico. For gallantry at 
Cerro Gordo he was brevetted First Lieutenant, and for bravery 
at Contreras, Captain. After the close of the war he served for 
three years as Professor of Mathematics in the U. S. ^Military 
Academy at West Point. In 1854-55 he was engaged in the 
Mexican boundary survey, and afterward as Captain of the Second 
U. S. Cavalry served against the Indians on the frontier. He 
was severely wounded June 13, 1859, in an engagement with the 
Comanches near old Fort Atchison, Texas. For these services 
against the Indians he received the thanks of the Texas Legis- 

On the secession of Florida from the Union he resigned his 
commission in the U. S. Army, and was appointed Lieutenant- 
Colonel in a Company of Cavalry of the Confederate Army. 
During the Civil War he rose to become a full General of the 
C. S. A., and obtained distinction as a successful leader. At the 
battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861, he was severely wounded in 
the beginning of the engagement. In 1862 he was placed in com- 
mand of the Bepartment of East Tennessee, Kentucky, North 
Georgia, and Western North Carolina. He led the advance of 
General Braxton Bragg's army in the Kentucky campaign, and 
defeated the National forces under General Nelson at Richmond, 


'■1 P.IZ- H '^ a a o t HO a T M / 

{/.■. - '--! 

■i ;H',i;irj; 


J '.■; '. k 

m -vi u i n.n-iiuugi. B ||ipi l wmt- ^;r '^'i J gi [^ ' PW!M i Jl| l J|(ffjlSi,^^Vi' '1 ^^ 


:«• ->/ "^<^ 


R^ »gJMMW 




Ky., Aug-. 30, 1862. In Feb., 1863, he was assigned to the com- 
mand of the Trans-Mississippi Department, and was ordered to 
organize a government for this region, which inchided Texas, 
Louisiana, Arkansas, and the Indian Territory. He made his 
conmiunication with Richmond by running the blockade at Gal- 
veston, Tex., and Wilmington, N. C. He sent large quantities 
of cotton to Confederate agents abroad, and introduced ma- 
chinery from Europe, with which he established factories and 
furnaces, opened mines, made powder and castings, and rendered 
the district self-supporting until the war closed, at which time 
his forces were the last to surrender. In 1864 he successfully 
opposed and defeated General Banks in his Red River campaign. 

After the war General Kirby devoted himself to teaching in 
several of the leading schools of the South. He was successively 
President of the Western Military Academy of Kentucky, Chan- 
cellor of the University of Nashville, Tenn., and Professor of 
Mathematics in the University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. He 
died March 28, 1893, at Sewanee, Tenn., in the seventieth year 
of his age. 

The following memoranda of General E. Kirby Smith's mili- 
tary career is taken from his own notes: 

" Gen. E. Kirby Smith, grad. from West Point, June, 1845, ^"^ 
was attached to his brother's company, 5th U. S. Infantry, as 
Brevet 2nd Lieut. Promoted 2nd Lieut, 7th U. S. Infantry, Aug. 
22,, 1846. Brevet ist Lieut. Apr. 18, 1847, for ' Gallantry at bat- 
tle of Cerro Gordo, Mexico.' Brevet Capt. Aug. 20, 1847, fo^ 
' Gallantry at battle of Contreras, Mexico.' Assistant Prof, of 
Mathematics, Military Academy, 1849-53. First Lieut. 7th In- 
fantry, Mch. 9, 185 1. Capt. 2nd Cavalry, May 3, 1855. On 
Mexican Boundary Commission 1854-5. Resigned his commis- 
sion of Major of Cavalry, Apr. 6, 1861, on the secession of Florida 
his native state. Lt. Col. of Cavalry, C. S. Army April 20, 1861. 
Brig. Gen. C. S. A. June 17, i86i, and Chief of Staff, Army of the 
Potomac. Maj. Gen. C. S. A., Oct. 11, 1861, commanding Elzy's 
and Forney's Brigades at Battle of Manassas. As Maj. Gen. 
commanding Reserve Division, Army Potomac, Elzy, Taylor and 
Trimble's Brigades. Lieut. Gen. Oct. 9, 1862, commanding Dept. 
of E. Tenn., Ky., N. Ga. and W^ N. Car.; Stevenson, McComb 
and Heth's Divisions Infy. ; Forrest, Morgan, Scott and Ashby's 
Brigades of Cavalry. General C. S. A. Feb. 19, 1864, command- 
ing ' Trans-Mississippi Department,' including ' The District 
of Louisiana,' Taylor's Corps of Walker's and Polignac's Di- 


: 1 >! ' -yi 

H;-:. . 

on. ■ , -:o:^ ■/■■•.;f;'-'v 

: '^rJ- '!.(.' Ji 

i]A -iS:^:!-:!- 

J:i_ .A .:-; ) .i\^j :■■ t.' 

' :r-\]<r,j ■', . 

f; r \i-;;i?:'.5n;oJ io 


visions of Infantry, and Green's Brigade of Cavalr\': 'The Dis- 
trict of Texas,' jNIagruder's Corps of Forney's, McCullogh's and 
Wharton's Divisions; ' The District of Arkansas,' Price's Corps 
of Price's and Churchill's Divisions of Infantry, and Pagan, Shelby 
and Marmaduke's Brigades of Cavalry; 'The District of Indian 
Territory,' Moxey's Division, Gano's and Standwaty's Brigades. 
*' Was present at the battles of Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, 
Monterey, \'era Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Cherubusco, Contreras and 
Molino del Rey, Mexico; in several engagements with the Co- 
manche and Kioway Indians on Texas Frontier; severely wounded 
in battle with Comanches near Fort Atkinson, June 13, 1859. 
Severely wounded at battle of Manassas. In the Kentucky cam- 
paign, 1862, commanded column of Stevenson's, Cleburne's, Heth's 
and Marshall's Divisions of Infantry; Morgan's and Scott's Cav- 
alry' — near 30,000 men. Commanded at battle of Richmond, Ky., 
routing the enemy Aug. 30, 1862. Commanded and directed the 
movements opposing Banks's campaign on Red River Louisiana, 
in the battles of Pleasant Hill, Mansfield and Jenkins Ferry. Re- 
ceived the thanks of the Congress of Confederate States, Feb. 
17, 1863. Received by Joint Resolution, Legislature State of 
Texas, ' thanks for victories gained in Louisiana and Arkansas,' 
May 24, 1864. Received thanks of Legislature of Texas in 1S61 
for services against Indians on Texas Frontier. President of 
Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company 1 866-68; president 
Western Military Academy 1868-70; Chancellor University of 
Nashville 1870-75; professor of Mathematics in University of the 
South 1875." 

General E. Kirby Smith was married, Sept. 24, 1861, in Lynch- 
burg, Va., to Cassie Selden, born Sept. 26, 1837, in Lynchburg, 
Va., daughter of Samuel ^Marshall Selden (born 181 5) and Caro- 
line Hare, both of Lynchburg, Va. His widow is living (1897) 
in Sewanee, Tenn. Children: 

i. Caroline Selden Kirby-Smith,* b. Oct. 5, 1862, in Lynch- 
burg, Va. 
ii. Frances Kirby-Smith, b. July 9, 1864, in Hempstead, Tex. 
iii. Edmund Kirby-Smith, b, Aug. 28, 1866, in Louisville, 
Ky.; m., March 10, 1894, Virginia Tellez of Jaltipan, 
Mexico. He is now living in Jaltipan, Mexico. 
iv. Lydia Kirby-Smith, b. April 4, 1868, in Louisville, Ky. 

*TTie children of General E. Kirby Smith have added "Kirby" to 
their name, and will be known henceforth as " Kirby-Smith." 


>i i y. y: ^i h 3 o i. 'i o a T •'' 

,,.:./. ■ '-r, ::'jr. 

d t>iij 

, ';. ■•■' .v.y7:.:.^r-;' ;,'■ 



u:]£ bu& 

'. 1 ■ ■. ' • •■':..■: ,.i. 


.[Till: . ..V ::=■•;;. 

■-' M 

•;'v-. :i ^it'k.'s:^ .1 

''1 -• \' 

'.'-u'/I hnufnlvT i 


! ..ii 


V. Rowena Selden Kirby-Smith, b. Oct. 2, 1870, in New 
Castle, Ky.; m., May 22, 1889, Randolph Buck of Vicks- 
burg-, Miss. Children: 

1. Juliana Buck, b. Jan., 1891. 

2. Rowena Buck, b. March, 1893. 

vi. Elizabeth Chaplin Kirby-Smith, b. Jan. 2, 1872, in Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

vii. Reynold Marvin Kirby-Smith, b. June 14, 1874, in Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 
viii. William Selden Kirby-Smith, b. Feb. 27, 1876, in Sewanee, 

ix. Josephine Kirb-y-Smith, b. Oct. ii, 1878, in Sewanee, Tenn. 

X. Joseph Lee Kirby-Smith, b. April 16, 1882, in Sewanee, 

xi. Ephraim Kirby-Smith, b. Aug. 30, 1884, in Sewanee, Tenn. 

13. Reynold Marvin* Kirby (Ephraim^ Abraham*, Roger^ 
John-, Joseph'), born March 10, 1790, in Litchfield, Ct. In 1809 
he began the practice of law in Litchfield, but abandoned the 
same on the outbreak of the war of 1812 with Great Britain, and 
accepted a commission as Lieutenant in the Massachusetts 
Militia. He was commissioned, July 9, 1813, Third Lieutenant 
in the Third Regiment U. S. Artillery, and, Oct. i, 1813, Second 
Lieutenant in the same Regiment. He joined the United States 
forces in Canada in time to participate in the battle fought near 
Cornwall on Nov. 11, 1813. He was in the battles of Chippewa 
and Lundy's Lane; was also at the siege of Fort Erie in 1814, 
where as aid to General Ripley he received him in his arms when 
he fell wounded, and was twice brevetted for gallant conduct dur- 
ing the siege. After the war he was retained as Second Lieu- 
tenant in the Corps of Artillery. April 29, 1816, he was appointed 
Assistant Adjutant-General, with brevet rank of Major, and was 
first assigned to duty on the staff of General Brown at Sackett's 
Harbor, N. Y., and thence was transferred to the staff of General 
Ripley, and afterward to the staff of General ]\Iacomb at Detroit, 
Mich. The office of Assistant Adjutant-General having been 
abolished at the reduction of the army in 1821, he was assigned 
to the First Artillery as a First Lieutenant; Aug. 5, 1824, he was 
commissioned Captain of the same Regiment, and Sept. 17, 1824, 
was promoted to Brevet Major for " ten years' faithful service." 
In 1832 he was with General Scott in Charleston, S. C, in de- 


: >;i>{ H^iJ so^ 

1 \h'-\;r 

-,; -;rp;,.- -. -. 

■ •-, 


■ ■ -f. Wh' 

T • 



.. ;»•;:: .-J 1,=..;.;, ... ... > 

:>'i; ij/ij> ,.Y ./ ,;!od r;!f 

U,- ;-:.j ri:iv -:v..- a.: srv;. nl 


fence of the Government during the nulhfication excitement, and 
from 1836 until May, 1838, he w as actively engaged in the Florida 
war with the Seminole Indians, during which he contracted a 
disease that shortened his life. The hardships which both himself 
and his command endured in the Seminole war may be inferred 
from the following extract from the unpublished diary of Major 
Kirby kept by him during the winter of 1837-38: 

" March 23, 1838. — Slept on board the steamer. Marched early. 
Our route for three miles lay across the Pine Barrens. We then 
emerged upon the border of the Everglades, which commences 
with mud and soon changes to water and grass. We floundered 
through this for one mile and a half and struck the trail of the 
Indians. The water and mud was belly-deep to the horses. The 
region before us, as far as the eye could reach, was an expanse 
of grass and water, interspersed with clumps of small trees re- 
sembling islands. The skirt on the mainland was a most dismal 
and dense Cyprus swamp, the trees covered with waving moss. 
In half an hour twenty boats came up. One company of horse 
dismounted, and one remained in charge of those left. The men 
were divided among the boats, putting their muskets and car- 
tridge boxes in them, and marching each side and dragging the 
boats. We followed the trail for seven hours, the men never less 
than two feet deep in mud and water, often to the middle, and 
sometimes taken in to the shoulders; yet they went on with spirit 
and without complaint. At five o'clock we approached a large 
island covered with pines, and discovered smoke. We were now 
sure of our prey, and increased our exertions. Our approach 
was concealed by the high grass which rose above our heads. We 
closed upon the island at the north end. At the same time Cap- 
tain Powell moved on to the attack on the west side of the island, 
thus bringing the enemy between us. My march was through 
high saw-grass and deep mud. I was once or tv;ice down in the 
mud, and pulled out by two strong men whom I kept with me. 

" When we got into the open ground, I endeavored to extend so 
far as to turn the enemy's right, and then directed the whole for- 
ward with the bayonet. I never saw a finer or steadier move- 
ment on parade at eighty yards, and expected a sheet of fire from 
the bushes in front. At this moment a cannon from the boats 
opened, and the whole island resounded with the war-whoop, 
and rifles on Powell's side. This inspired our men with fresh 
vigor, and we dashed into the cover where we supposed the 
Indians were in line; but, on seeing our force and the move of 


V U V' I >f HH3- -* '^^^ 



Miii' t:,^ ,; .,; : ■: ;■■■■■ -mi' , • . yr, ir.t 

s--:j -51 !'■■ :■ J 3;rii ^;i ;;i;v/ r' 


approach, they fled up the island, passing my left before we could 
fire. In five minutes we were in possession of their position. We 
met in the camp Powell's command, which had landed on the 
opposite side. Darkness had come on, and after our great fatigue 
it was impossible to pursue. The next morning I marched with 
the main body in pursuit upon the enemy's trail. At nine o'clock 
1 received orders to retrograde. The men were too much broken 
to hazard more, and our provisions would be out in twenty-four 
hours. We took a nearer and more direct route, and arrived on 
the main at 4 p.m. The boats were dragged three miles through 
the same mud as before they entered the river, from whence it 
w-as six miles to the camp, which we made at nine o'clock. Thus 
was accomplished one of the most desperate expeditions attempted 
during the war. It was a forlorn hope, for had we not defeated 
the Indians not a man could have escaped to tell the tale." 

From May to Aug., 1838, Major Kirby was engaged in the re- 
moval of the Cherokee Indians beyond the r^Iississippi. After this 
sen'ice he was transferred with his command to the northeastern 
frontier, where he was intrusted with important and delicate duties 
relating to the " Maine boundary line " dispute with Great Britain, 
and for the manner in which he discharged this duty was com- 
plimented by General Scott in general orders. He Vv^as trans- 
ferred to the command of Fort Sullivan, near Eastport, Me., 
where, on Oct. 7, 1842, he died of pleurisy, the result of his ser- 
vice in the Florida war. 

Major Reynold Marvin Kirby married (i), at Detroit, Mich., 
Harriet Wadsworth Larned, born Sept. 13, 1796, in Pittsheld, 
Mass.; died June 3, 1830, at Fortress Monroe, V'a. Of the five 
children by this union four died in infancy. Their son, George 
Edmund, attained manhood, but died without issue April 3, 1862, 
in New York City. He married (2), Dec. 22, 1831, in Richmond, 
Va., Mary Barclay, born March 21, 181 1, in Richmond, \'a., 
daughter of David Barclay of Richmond and Ann HoofT Gretter 
of Alexandria, Va. She died July 16, 1891, at Richmond, Ya. 
Children by his second wife: 

' i. David Barclay Kirby, b. Oct. 31, 1832, at Fortress Mon- 

roe, Va.; d. Oct. 5, 1834, at Beaufort, N. C. 
ii. David Barclay Kirby, b. Sept. 11, 1834. in Beaufort, 
N. C. ; m., April 7, 1874, in Brooklyn, X. Y., Emily 
Rees, b. May 29, 1835, in New York City. He is a 
lawyer in New York City, and is a member of the 
Cincinnati Society. No children. 

-J fl 

. .; .' •:: -.n: l>. 

>\ 1 

■: ■■ 'A'Mji ;!>%' .■.,■; 

-y-.i .< ■ L. 

: '. .» .7 


iii. Reynold Marvin Kirby, b. Oct 5, 1836, in St. Augustine, 
Fla. He was a member of the Second Company, 
Richmond Howitzers, C. S. A., and participated in 
the battle of Big Bethel, Va., June 10, 1861. He died 
July 27, 1861, in Richmond, Va., from disease con- 
tracted in the service. 

iv. Edmund Kirby, b. Sept. 13, 1839, at Hancock Barrack, 
Houlton, jNIe. He was appointed a cadet of the Vir- 
ginia Military Institute in 1857, and graduated in 
1861. While a cadet his corps was ordered to Har- 
per's Ferry, where he witnessed the execution of John 
Brown. After his graduation he enlisted in Lindsay 
Walker's Howitzer Battery, and served as sergeant 
during the seven days' fight. In 1863, upon the ap- 
plication of Col. John B. Palmer, commanding the 
F'ifty-eighth N. C. Infantry, he was transferred from 
Walker's battery and appointed Adjutant of the Fifty- 
eighth Regiment, and on the resignation of the Lieut.- 
Col. was appointed to the vacancy. He was killed 
Sept. 20, 1863, at the battle of Chickamauga, while 
leading his regiment against the strong position of 
Gen. Granger. He fell, pierced by five balls, while 
the words, " Drive them, boys," were on his lips. 

V. Margaret Barclay Kirby, b. Sept. 13, 1839, twin, at Han- 
cock Barrack, Houlton, Me. 
22. vi. Joseph Lee Smith Kirby, b. Nov. 2, 1841 ; m. Sarah 
Cornelia Wayt Gibbs. 

[Barclay Lineage: 

I. David Barclay of Mathers, Scotland. He was the repre- 
sentative of an old Scoto-Norman family that traced itself, through 
fifteen intervening generations, to Theobald de Berkeley, w-ho 
acquired a settlement in Scotland about the middle of the twelfth 
century. From him was descended Sir Robert Barclay, Knight, 
of Pierston, Baronet of Nova Scotia, and also Barclay de Tolley, 
the distinguished Russian general who was opposed to Napoleon 
during the campaigns of 1812 and 1813. 

II. David Barclay of Kincardineshire, son, born about 1610; 
died Oct. 12, 1686, at Ury, Kincardineshire; married, Jan. 26, 
1648, Catherine, daughter of Sir Robert Gordon, premier baronet 
of Nova Scotia and the historian of the house of Sutherland. His 


TV M Q -;qf p r> 1 ^ O 

:p ■ :■, r ^IJ ri ;J.; 

'1:;.'! hn/jff!' 



i)i^r! -; .. 

:■ -^-a ' 


father became so impoverished by his own extravag-ances that he 
v/as compelled to sell the estates that had been in the family for 
upward of five hundred years. Upon these reverses, David, his 
son, entered the army of Gustavus Adolphus, and soon rose to the 
rank of Major. On the outbreak of the civil war in his native 
land he returned home, and was Colonel of a regiment of horse 
in the Scotch army. He was engaged in several responsible 
stations in civil life, and was twice a member of Parliament. 

(Sir Robert Gordon, the founder of the family of Gordon- 
stoun in Morayshire, was the fourth son of Alexander Gordon, 
Earl of Sutherland. He was descended from the first Earl of 
Huntly, as follows: 

i. Alexander de Seton, Lord of Gordon, was created first 
Earl of Huntly in 1449. His son: 

ii. George Gordon, second Earl of Huntly, b, ; d. 

1502 (?); m., Oct. 10, 1457, Annabclla, youngest 
daughter of I., King of Scotland, by Queen 
Joan, dau. of John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset. 
Their second son: 
iii. Adam Gordon, Lord of Aboyne, m. Elizabeth, Countess 
of Sutherland, sister of the ninth Earl, and he assumed 
the title of Earl of Sutherland through the right of liis 
wife. Their son: 
iv. Alexander Gordon, master of Sutherland, m. Jane 
Stewart, dau, of the second Earl of Atholl. Their son: 
V. John Gordon, b. 1526 (?); d. 1567, became, on the death 
of his grandfather, the tenth, or, as some reckon, the 
eleventh Earl of Sutherland. He married (2d wife) 
Helen Stewart, dau. of John, third Earl of Lennox. 
Their second son: 
vi. Alexander Gordon, eleventh, or twelfth. Earl of Suther- 
land, b. 1552; d. 1594; m., Dec. 13, 1573, Jane Gor- 
don, who had married previously James, Earl of Both- 
well, but had been divorced by him in order to marry 
Mary, Queen of Scots. She was his third cousin, 
being the daughter of George Gordon, fourth Earl of 
Huntly, who was the son of John and the grandson 
of Alexander, third Earl of Huntly, who was the son 
of George Gordon, the second Earl of Huntly. Their 
fourth son: 
vii. Sir Robert Gordon, b. May 14, 1580, at Dunrobin Cas- 
tle, Sutherlandshire; d. 1656; m., Feb, 16. 1613, at 

.'jr . .;; ■.:\ ■ r. 


u-i-_.' : j-i; io .*:;iD ,n> 

♦,--.1 -,'{- 

n^:.0 iiib!" 

.til !'.» 

n r. 

' .'iU'r-,-^ ...' ,i!Jrij^ . ..:,t,.. :o,j ■- / ,f;, - -. j/^.. 
:;.'; i ■ ■ -f;'; .-^ ■; :t _.;.. >.:.'! i .;'i ."-■i;/ .nob 

•■.,!i .:• , ,-, '-:- •.!7:,.rt 

V... ; ■ U 

■- ■ ^ r'noot 


London, Louisa (or Lucie) Gordon, only child and 
heiress of John Gordon, D.D. See " Peerage of Scot- 
land," by Sir Robert Douglas, Vol. IL, pp. 578-79) 
in. Governor Robert Barclay, son of David Barclay of Kin- 
cardineshire by Catherine, daughter of Sir Robert Gordon, born 
Dec. 23, 1648, at Gordonstoun, Morayshire; died Oct. 3, 1690, 
at Ury near Aberdeen in Kincardineshire; married, Feb., 1670, 
Christian, daughter of Gilbert and Margaret MoUison. He was 
educated at the Scotch college in Paris, of which his uncle was 
rector. In 1667 he embraced the principles of the Society of 
Friends, and became one of its ablest expounders. He published 
several treatises in defence of its doctrines. His most important 
work, " An Apology for the True Christian Divinity," published 
in Latin in 1676, and translated into English in 1678, is remark- 
able as the standard exposition of the principles of his sect, and 
it is still the most important manifesto of the Friends. He was 
imprisoned in 1676, but was released in April of the following 
year, and joined William Penn and George Fox in a visit to Ger- 
many. In 1682 a body of twelve Quakers, under the auspices 
of his friend Penn, acquired the proprietorship of East Jersey in 
North America, and the following year the Duke of York gave a 
patent of the province to the proprietors, w^ho had added to the 
body twelve associates, including Barclay. In July, 1683, he 
was appointed by the proprietors Governor of East New Jersey, 
with the right to appoint a deputy. (" History of New Jersey," 
by Samuel Smith, p. 167.) He was unwilling to leave his native 
land, and only availed himself of the power with which he was 
invested of sending a deputy. His brothers John and David 
afterward went to settle there, but David died on the passage. 
Governor Barclay left three sons and four daughters, all of whom 
were living fifty' years after his death. His wife died Dec. 14, 
1722, in her seventy-sixth year. 

IV. David Barclay of London, son, is said to have been born 
in 1674, and to have died in 1763, when nearly ninety years old. 
He was a merchant of London, England, and was prominent as 
a mercer in Cheapside, where he amassed considerable wealth. ^ It 
is said that he entertained three kings of England in succession, 
viz., George I., George II., and George HI. 

V. David Barclay of Ayrshire, son, born 1725; died Dec. 15, 
1803; married Mary Knox, a descendant of John Knox, the Scotch 
reformer. She died Sept. 3, 1804. He acquired considerable 
property from his father, and lived the quiet life of a landholder 


:C\C I 

•nq . \ .as -fv 

Hi /-■: : 
t. ■-)■' ■■'■ ■■ 



' ' .-' :-:,i 


•. •' ,;,ho.v 

> ■ n 

■ MJ''.^! fM 

■ ••;:■' ;£r-'. ••' 

:i! -fl V u'- 

.:jT-.|fftr j?!. Trv onf 

11:^; er -ti 

• ..: ' .OvO: rtr ! 

> T ^:; ^MTJ: 

1 ;.';u[:i7/ b-ni-.i 

I,,., .,.-. 

. ■yn: h ;;.^o- •- 

_•. i: •.■!i Ju 

'-•.f^^-in u,!: 

^ '■•. ■' ! T-r'' 

, ^ :;;^:.n?;;»,; ^yl. 

--•1 .;-:, • 

;■- "'■::. \.v . ■'•■; :^)j.-. 

. ;i;f; .-.•'. 'A' 

• -''q/:-; -■■ J/^r 

'-i- r1:i-^/ 

. , . ■ . ; ^'''■ll --l I . 

-■.i-Hlt. •:d 

\>n- ,l.:is: 

..'''■.-•.• jiJ: T.!'-:';'!- '■>.>5=f-rrr'^ ;>^' /'-^^ri'-y ,\)M^(]!, ;.v"Kf;| Tv^gm s 

.-^' •'• 



upon his estate near Stewarton in Ayrshire, where he died Dec. 
15, 1S03. 

VI. David Barclay of Richmond, Va., son, born iSIay 11, 1782, 
near Stewarton, Scotland; died Nov. 16. 1858, in Richmond, \'a.; 
married, June 30, 1810, Ann Hoof Gretter, born Sept. 28, 1790, 
at Alexandria, Va.; died Aug. 23, 1845, in Richmond, Va., daugh- 
ter of John and 2*klargaret (Goulding) Gretter of Alexandria, Va. 
At an early age, seized with the spirit of adventure, he ran away 
from home and enlisted in the British army. After serving for 
several years in India, Africa, and the West Indies, he was hon- 
orably discharged, in 1806, in the island of Jamaica, from whence 
he came to the United States and settled in Richmond. He was 
one of the first merchants of that city to engage in the manu- 
facture of tobacco, in which business he amassed a large fortune 
that was subsequently lost by imprudent endorsements for others. 
He was the owner of a large number of slaves, and in politics was 
a Whig. Children born in Richmond : 

1. Mary, b. March 21, 181 1; m., Dec. 22, 1831, Major 

Reynold Marvin Kirby. 

2. David, b. Nov. 27, 1812; d. June 2, 1848; not married. 

3. Margaret Goulding, b. Dec. 9, 1814; m., Aug. 28, 1845, 

Robert McClellan of New York City. 

4. Jane Knox, b. Jan. 14, 1817; m., Nov. 24, 1842, George 

R. Peake of Virginia. 

5. Ann, b. June 24, 1818; d. Aug. 25, 1819. 

6. Alexander, b. April 27, 1820; d. Aug. 25, 1821. 

7. Helen Kirby, b. Dec. 18, 1832; m., Nov. 4, 1851, Dr. 

John B. W^althall of Richmond, Va.] 

22. Joseph Lee Smith^ Kirby (Reynold Marvin^, Ephraim', 
Abraham*, Roger^, John^ Joseph^), born Nov. 2, 1841, at Fort 
Sullivan, Eastport, Me. During the Civil War he was at first 
aide to General E. Kirby Smith, and subsequently Captain of 
Engineers, C. S. Army. After the war he practised law, and was 
appointed by the Virginia Legislature Judge for Nelson County, 
Va. On leaving the bench he removed to Staunton, Va., where 
he is now practising his profession. Judge Joseph L. S. Kirby 
married, June 27, 1872, at Lynchburg, Va., Sarah Cornelia Wayt 
Gibbs, bom Oct. 2, 1840, in Waynesboro, Augusta County, 
Va., daughter of William Wayt Gibbs and Mary Jane Lobban. 

i, Mary Barclay Kirby, b, July 21, 1873, in Lovingston, Va. 

7 a H I >{ H H ^r ;r n T 

,^'<i'{i ,ii ■,■-!/•. :r.o(i ,nu 

70f;!V, ,3('.M 

.16. H /.'T^tM .i 

,>u^-^- .-. ^ cn( 

>f.lM ^i( 7.v/-^ 

I J hovorvr-'i 


ii. Cornelia Marvine Kirby, b. }klay 13, 1875, in Lovingston, 

Va.; d. June 14. 1S75. 
iii. Reynold Marvin Kirby, b. May 27, 1876, in Lovingston, Va. 
iv. Edmund Kirby, b. May 6, 1878, in Lovingston, Va. 
V. William Wayt Kirby, b. Jan. 28, 1881, in Lovingston, Va. 
vi. Joseph Lee Smith Kirby, b. Oct. 30, 1883, in Loving- 
ston, Va. 
vii. Massie Kirby, b. May 28, 18S6, in Lovingston, Va. 

[Gibbs Lineage: 

L Captain Zachariah Gibbs, born, 1759, in Madison County, 
Va. His father came to Mrginia from England, and settled in 
Madison County. All the family papers of Captain Zachariah 
Gibbs, as well as the larger part of the Court records, v/ere lost 
or destroyed during the Civil War, so that the date of his father's 
settlement in ]\Iadison County, and even his name, cannot be 
ascertained. Captain Zachariah Gibbs was an officer in the " •. v 
of the Revolution, and served with General Washingtoi* .: al- 
most all his campaigns. He married, Oct. 29, 17S9, Lucy v. ..k:, 
and died Dec. 9, 1830, in ^Madison County, Va. 

n. William Clark Gibbs, son of the preceding, born ; 

died Dec. 19, 1845, i" Madison, Va. ; m.arried, Dec. 3, 181 5, ]\Iary 
Ann Wayt, born Nov. 11, 1795, in Greene County, Va. ; died 
Feb. 21, 1817. 

HL William Wayt Gibbs, only son of the preceding, born Jan. 
6, 1817, in Madison, Va. ; died May 8, 1S63, in Lynchburg, Va. ; 
married, Dec. 13, 1837, in Xelson, Va., Mary Jane Lobban, born 
Jan. 2, 1819, in Nelson, Va. ; died Feb. 27, 1875, in Lynchburg, 
Va., daughter of William Lobban and widow Mary (Massie) 
Weir. (William Lobban, born Jan. 3, 1768, in Nelson County, 
Va. ; died Sept, 3, 1840, in Nelson County, Va., was the son of 
Thomas Lobban, born in Scotland, who came to America when 
young and settled in Nelson County, Va., where he lived and 
died. Thomas Lobban was a soldier in the war of the Revolu- 
tion. William Lobban married, Nov. 26, 1795, widow ^lary 
(Massie) Weir, born Aug. 3, 1770; died March 17, 1838.) 

IV. Sarah Cornelia Wayt Gibbs, born Oct. 2, 1840, in Waynes- 
boro, Aug-usta County, Va. ; married, June 2y, 1872, Joseph Lee 
Smith Kirby.] 

14. Edmund^ Kirby (Ephraim'', Abraham*, Roger^, John^, 

i:/ 1 A'r^^ ban /'f^,':'. 

; . li.M" J HI <-:; li .r> V 
ij ^r. ■..'■/A' ■>.£, ,?x'd)rd 

.•Ji-:i;, o .-ioCI b-)ib bur, 

'■'?:• '■•1 )"!'•'■■.: .'V:. ,'/ -:.'■- 

;>> iv-' :•.; •_ .,.•:•'/ ,Vj;i,wJ nDt!S>'- 

,(■■ -/I'^-ti 

i i'^U.k^:' r , .,■ -.rri,i...I /ii^.ftO IT -? 

-•'b xr;^: .', ."oiiA (r!...,d .//.'^ foin 

iriinbH \ 


Joseph^), born April 8, 1794, in Litchfield, Ct. He entered the 
U. S. Army, July 6, 1S12, with an Ensign's commission in the 
Fourth Infantry, and served throughout the war with England. 
In 1819 he was aide to General Jacob Brown, and in ]May, 1824, 
was commissioned Captain in the U. S. Army. During the 
Mexican war he v/as on the staff of General Zachary Taylor, and 
was present at the battle of ^Monterey. He was on the staff of 
General W'infield Scott during its march to the City of Mexico. 
For gallantry at the battle of Cherubusco he was brevetted Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel, and for gallantry at Molino del Rey was brevetted 
Colonel. He was married, Feb. 14, 1825, at Washington, D. C, 
in the presence of General Lafayette and President John Ouincy 
Adams, to Eliza Brown, daughter of General Jacob Brown, U. S. 
Army, and Pamela Williams of Brownville, N. Y. Colonel Ed- 
mund Kirby died Aug. 20, 1849, ^^ Avon Springs, N. Y. Eliza 
Brown Kirby died Jan. 12, 1864, at West Farms, N. Y. Chil- 
dren born in Brownville, N. Y. : 

23. i. Jacob Brown Kirby, b. April 17, 1827; m. Jane Trimble. 
ii. Frances Marvin Kirby, b. April 21, 1829; m., Oct. 12. 

1852, in Brownville, N. Y., John Boynton Palmer 
of Detroit, Mich., b. Oct. 13, 1826, in Pittsburgh, 
N. Y., son of John Palmer and Charlotte Taillee ; d. 
Dec. 10, 1893, at Winter Park, Fla. Colonel Palmer 
was President of the Columbia, Charlotte and Au- 
gusta R. R., and First Vice-President of the Atlantic 
Coast Line, Mrs. Frances Kirby Palmer is now re- 
siding in New Yoik City. One child: 

I. Edmund K. Palmer, b. Nov. 18, 1853, in De- 
troit, INIich. 
iii. Pamela Williams Kirby, b. Jan. 9, 1831; d. Jan. 2^, 
1878, at Hot Springs, Ark,; m., April 25, 1S54, at 
Brownville, N. Y., William Elias Everett, b. April 
17, 1826, in Watertown, N. Y.; d. Sept. 19, 1881, at 
Saratoga, N. Y., son of Elias and Emma Everett. 
He was commissioned Chief Engineer, U. S. Navy, 
and distinguished himself at the laying of the first 
Atlantic telegraph cable, 1857-58. For important 
service thus rendered he received the freedom of 
New York City. 

24. iv, Eliza Brown Kirby, b. July 9, 1833; m. Rev. Henry F. 

v. Josephine Smith Kirby, b. Feb. 23, 1836; not married. 


/ a 5? I >! H <i ^ a o \ 



•"' ■ i'.^"' r .' ■;;• r "^y -v;; ■■;! .Midi:,:; .'';■: :,-i3: ^.ijirfjHA 


25. vi. Mary Kirby, b, April 15, 1838; m. Dr. John Contee 
vii. Edmund Kirby, b. March 10, 1841 ; graduated from 
West Point 1S61, and was assigned to Ricketts' Bat- 
tery, U. S. Army. After the capture of Captain 
Ricketts at Bull Run he took command of the bat- 
tery; was in the battle of Balls Bluff, the battles of 
the Peninsular Campaign, and that of Chancellors- 
ville. " In all these battles he displayed a coolness, 
skill, and courage remarkable for one so young. At 
Chancellorsville he received a wound which caused 
his death, May 28, 1863. As a tribute to his gallantry 
he was commissioned, on his deathbed, a Brigadier- 
General of Volunteers." (Applcton's " Cyclopaedia of 
American Biography," Vol. III., p. 553.) 
viii. Katharine S. Kirby, b. Nov. 20, 1842; m., July 18, 1871, 
at Rye, N. Y., J. Mandeville Halsted; no children. 

2G. ix. Reynold Marvin Kirby, b. April 6, 1844; m. (i) Vir- 
ginia Rowland, (2) Jane S. MacLaren. 

[Brown Lineage: 

I. George Brown, the first of the family to come to America. 
He settled, in 1678, on the banks of the Delaware, at a place now 
called Falls Township, Pa. Fie had eleven children — the young- 
est, Samuel. 

XL Samuel Brown, bom 1650, youngest child of George Brown. 
(He was the grandfather (or, more probably, the great grand- 
father) of Samuel, born 1750. 

HI. . l^X^^k 

IV. Samuel Brown, born 1750; married Abi (Abia) Wrigh^t. 
They had nine children — among them Jacob, and Mary, who 
married, March 13, 1799, Robert Nev/lin. 

V. General Jacob Brown, son of Samuel and Abia Brown, 
born May 9, 1775, in Bucks County, Pa.; died Feb. 24, 1828, 
in Washington, D. C. ; married, Dec. 26, 1802, at Utica, N. Y., 
Pamela .Williams, born Dec. 13, 1785, daughter of Judah and 
Mary Williams. General Brown was appointed Brigadier-General 
N. Y. Volunteers, Jan. 12, 1813; commissioned Brigadier-General 
U. S. Army, July 19, 1813; Major-General U. S. Army. Jan. 24, 
1814; and General-in-Chief U. S. Army, June i, 1821, which rank 
he held until his death.] 


YS^TI^s H^ 


■ : .'.' 'J .7, ' ■ :/..'. i-. ,'■ ■ ■' .f;^: 

•. ,■ : ; ;;: -i ..)-:-■' ^: • ':-.( pi' 7-,| //:- \ .7 7J 

'W .,■ :-(..^\ : ; ' /' ■: ■"73 |i7';;-oa:)7 ir:'-. :: '^5 


[Williams Lineage: 

I, Charles Williams, born about 1652, probably in Wales. He 
died April 12, 1746, in Colechester, Ct. His wife, Elizabeth, died 
Sept. 13, 1725, in Colchester, Ct. 

n. Nathan Williams, son of the preceding, born about 1700 
in Colchester, Ct.; died Aug. 16, 1773, in his seventy-fourth year; 
married, Sept. 16, 1725, at Colchester, Ct., Elizabeth Lewis, born 
Jan. 24, 1705, in Falmouth, Mass.; was living Sept., 1783, in 
Williamstown, Mass. She v^^as the sister of Rev. Judah Davis 
of Colchester, Ct., and the daughter of Benjamin Lewis, who 
married, Sept. 8, 1702, Elizabeth Crow of Yarmouth. (Benjamin 
Lewis, born about 1670, was the son of Thomas Lewis (born 
1623, son of George Lewis and Sarah Jenkins of Barnstable, 
Mass.) and Man,- Davis (married June 15, 1653), daughter of 
Dolar Davis of Barnstable and iNIargery Willard, sister of ^Lijor 
Simon Willard and daughter of Richard Willard of Horsemonden, 
Co. Kent, England.) 

HL Judah Williams, son of Nathan and Elizabeth Williams, 
born Dec. 14, 1741, in Colchester, Ct., removed to Williamstown, 
Mass., where he built a large brick house, which is still standing 
and in good repair; removed to Troy, N. Y., about 17S8, and 
died iNIarch, 1807, in Utica, N. Y. He married Mary Skinner, 
born Jan. 31, 1743; died 1791 at Troy, N. Y., daughter of the Rev. 
Thomas Skinner of Colchester, Ct., and Mary Newhall. (Rev. 
Thomas Skinner, born April 6, 1712; died Oct. 10, 1762, in Col- 
chester, Ct., was the son of Nathaniel Skinner, born April 5, 1672 
(son of John, and grandson of John Skinner of Hartford, Ct., and 
Mary Loomis, the daughter of iMr. Joseph Loomis of Windsor, 
Ct.), and Mary Gillett, who were married June 13, 1706, at Col- 
chester, Ct. He married (i), July 9, 1740, Mary Newhall of 
Maiden, Mass., who died Nov. 29, 1745.) 

IV. Pamela Williams, sixth child of the preceding, born Dec. 
13, 1785, in Williamstown, Mass.; died April 14, 1S78, at Rye, 
N. Y. ; married, Dec. 26, 1802, at Utica, N. Y., Jacob Brown, 
afterward General Brown, U. S. Army.] 

23. Jacob Brown^ Kirby (Edmund^, Ephraim'^, Abraham*, 
Roger^, John^ Joseph^), born April 17, 1827, in Brownville, N. Y.; 
married, Oct. 13, 1853, in New York City, Jane Trimble, born 
Oct. 4, 1827, daughter of George Thomas Trimble and Cornelia 
Merritt, both of New York City. He died March 9, i860, in 


Y a Mi >? n-fUaOT HO ..iVtACIH 

/ ra v.'..i". ,'ot<! , 


i>/i.-- LUMf,; 

■i( ■-•■•: T. ;. ) 



Brownville, N. Y. Jane Trimble Kirby died June 24, 1884, in 
New York City, Children: 

i. Cornelia Trimble Kirby, b. Sept. 6, 1854, in New York City, 
ii. Jane Kirby, b. Oct. 3, 1857, in Brownville, N. Y.; d. Jan, 17, 
1897, in New York City; m., June 7, 1881, in New York 
City, William Edward Wyatt of New York City. Chil- 
dren bom in New York City: 

1, Christopher Billopp Wyatt, b. March 19, 1882. 

2, Cornelia Wyatt, b. Feb, 15, 1885, 

3, Merritt Trimble Wyatt, b. Nov. 9, 1887. 

2-1, Eliza Brown^ Kirby (Edmund^ Ephraim', Abraham*, 
Roger^, John-, Joseph^), born July 9, 1833, in Brownville, N. Y. ; 
married, Oct. 8, 1855, the Rev. Henry F, Darby, born Aug. 21, 
1829, in North Adams, Mass., son of Loring Darby and Abigail 
Remington of Chester, Mass. Rev. Henry F. Darby was or- 
dained Priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church, in 1863, at 
Rochester, N, Y., and was rector of the church of Whitesboro, 
N. Y. He died July 17, 1897, at Fishkill, N. Y. Eliza Kirby 
Darby died July 6, 1858, in Brownville, N. Y, Children: 
i. Virginia Eliza Darby, b. Aug. 24, 1856. After the death 
of her mother she lived with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and 
Mrs, William E. Everett, at Rye, N, Y., and was adopted 
by them and took the name of Everett. She married, 
Jan. 6, 1880, at Rye, N. Y., William Edward Ver Planck. 
b, April 8, 1856, in Fishkill, N. Y., son of William Samuel 
Ver Planck and Anna Biddle Newlin, dau. of Robert 
Newlin and Mary Brown, sister of General Jacob Brown, 
U. S, Army, William E, Ver Planck is a lawyer practis- 
ing in New York City, and resides at Mount Gulian, 
Fishkill, N, Y. Children: 

1. V/illiam Everett Ver Planck, b. Oct. 16, 1880, in 

Rye, N. Y. 

2. Virginia Darbv Ver Planck, b. June 11, 1883, in 

Rye, N. Y. ' 

3. Edward Fenno Ver Planck, b. Dec. 6, 1886, in Fish- 

kill, N. Y,; d. Aug. 13, 1887. 

4. Edward Ver Planck, b, Nov. 5, 1890, in New York 

ii, Edmund Kirby Darby, b. June 13, 1858, in Brownville, 
N, Y.; d. Aug. 22, '1858. 

.('! ri: 

:/• .^M:;.^.k' 

■...'. lii'V. i ri;?':- -;.'•' i 
? ;m., ii.oii) yd 

.■.V nit'- [i'!---:;V: 
^/;r;nA .ci .'J 

j! (i .vl:;r;f-i-I iv^ 


25. Mary" Kirby (Edmund^ Epliraim^ Abraham*, Roger^, 
John-, Joseph\). born April 15, 1838: married, Oct. 8, 1857, in 
Brownville, X. Y., John Contee Fairfax, bom Sept. 13, 1830, at 
\'auckise, Fairfax County, \*a., son of Albert Fairfax and Caro- 
line Eliza Snowden, daughter of Richard Snowden of Oakland, 
Prince George County. ^Id. He graduated from Princeton Col- 
lege, and received the degree of 2\I.D. from the University of 
Pennsylvania ; is now living in Northampton, 2^Id. Dr. John C. 
Fairfax is the eleventh Lord Fairfax, Baron of Cameron, Scotch 
Peerage. Children : 

i. Caroline Snowden Fairfax, b. Aug. 20, .1858, in Washing- 
ton. D. C. 
ii. Josephine Fairfax, b. Aug. 20, 1865. in Prince George 
County, Md. ; m., March i, 1892, at Washington, D. C., 
Tunstall Smith, b. March 14, 1855, in Norfolk, Va., son 
of James Marsden Smith and Anne Walke Williamson. 
He is a merchant of Baltimore, Isld. Children : 

1. Josephine Tunstall Smith, b. May 29, 1894, in Bal- 

timore, IVId. 

2. Louise Tunstall Smith, b. July 29, 1S95, in Rux- 

ton. Md. 
ill. Albert Fairfax, b. June 23, 1870, in Prince George County, 
• iv. Marv Cecelia Fairfax, b. Dec. 26, 1871, in Northampton, 

Md.; d. . 

V. Charles Edmund Fairfax, b. April 29, 1876, in Northamp- 
ton, :Md. 
vi. Frances Marvin Fairfax, b. Aug. 29, 1878, in Northamp- 
ton, Md. 

[Fairfax Lineage : 

L Sir Thomas Fairfax of Denton, born 1560 ; died May 2, 1640, 
at Bilbrough ; was the grandson of Sir William I-'airfax by Isabel, 
daughter of Thomas Thwaytes of Denton in Yorkshire. He was 
created by King Charles I., ]May 4, 1627, Baron Fairfax of Cam- 
eron in the peerage of Scotland. He married, in 1582, Ellen, 
daughter of Robert Aske of Aughton, Yorkshire. 

n. Henry Fairfax, fourth son of Sir Thomas, born Jan. 14, 
1588 ; died April 6, 1665 ; married Mar)', daughter of Sir Henry 
Cholmley of Whitby. 

HL Henry Fairfax, born Dec. 20, 1631, at Ashton ; died in 
April, 1688, second son of the preceding, succeeded, in Nov., 



.'•V."'! .f.i 

.,2f./v .d ./«hii:-' 

"M,. ,.k'V ^^i'r,: '•- '•. .V . ■ '■.' ..,,1 '1:>'n-. 

[in-i 'vt'j ■:>rlj ill Ann; 

1 .: 

.■> ■:'■■■,..'■'*•//' aor.f^'; '-;. • 

' '''/a;^ .'■■i'-j<)i .IhcJ' 


167 1, as fourth Baron Fairfax, his cousin Thomas (son of Fer- 
nando, second Baron Fairfax), who was the third Baron Fairfax 
and the great commander-in-chief of the ParHamentary forces 
in the struggle with King Charles I. He married Frances, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Barwick of Toulston. 

IV. Henry Fairfax, born April 20, 1659, at Bolton Percy ; died 
1708, second son of the preceding, and brother of Thomas, the 
fifth Baron Fairfax ; married Anne, daughter of Richard Harrison. 

V. William Fairfax, baptized Oct. 30, 1691, at Xewton Kyme ; 
died Sept. 3, 1757. He administered the \'irginia estates of his 
cousin Thomas, sixth Baron Fairfax. He married (i), in 1717, 
Sarah, daughter of }vIajor Thomas Walker of Nassau ; (2) Deb- 
orah Clark, daughter of Francis Clark of Salem, Mass. His 
daughter, Anne Fairfax, married Lawrence Washington, elder 
brother of George Washington. 

VI. Brian Fairfax, bom 1737; died Aug., 1802, in Mont Eagle, 
Va., son of the preceding. On the death, July 15, 1793, of Robert, 
seventh Baron Fairfax, and brother of Thomas, the sixth Baron 
Fairfax, the Scottish peerage descended to him as eighth Baron 
Fairfax, and his claim was recognized by the House of Lords, 
May 6, 1800. (See " Peerage of Scotland," by Sir R. Douglas, 
Vol. I., p. 565.) He was an Episcopal clergyman and the life- 
long friend of Washington. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Colonel Wilson Miles Cary of Celys. 

VII. Thomas Fairfax, ninth Baron Fairfax, son of the pre- 
ceding, born 1762; died April 21, 1846, in Vaucluse, Fairfax 
County, Va. ; married (i) Mary Aylett, (2) his cousin, Louisa, 
daughter of W'arner Washington. He had no children by these 
marriages, and married (3) his cousin, Margaret, daughter of 
William Herbert by Sarah Carlyle, the daughter of Sarah Fairfax. 

VIII. Albert Fairfax, son of the preceding, born April 15, 
1802 ; died May 9, 1835, before his father, Thomas ; married Caro- 
line Eliza, born 1807, daughter of Richard Snowden of Oakland, 
Md. (son of Thomas Snowden and Anne Ridgeley), and Louisa, 
daughter of Charles Alexander Warfield. They had two chil- 
dren : Charles Snowden and John Contee. 

IX. John Contee Fairfax, AI.D., second son of the preceding, 
born Sept. 13, 1830; who, after the death of his brother Charles, 
April 4, 1869, succeeded as the eleventh representative of the 
title. See " Complete Peerage," by G. E. C, Vol. III., p. 307.] 

26. Reynold Marvin^ Kirby (Edmund*, Ephraim', Abraham*, 

H ^ H fi o ! ^ o ^r Vi i 


be.-;.. :v 

■ ■.•.-"> t f!(. 

■y:;j ,r;,' 

:v.i!7 1. 


H iinri'- 

; -^rr:-; /< 


.-.'fi ).. 

•::•>,?:' - 

,-T-;i i. 

i ,i ■ ■ ■-. 

-L>:>G 1' 

: 1 ■ '.■ \.;.', 


iL-i ■.;!!. y ,■ 

-"'.iH ri: -I-' :.;' 

; • ■ :-i:li .17 
I ;5...:'^ y.IJ , .■::!, ■^•i■ 


.c7 ,V"nrO,> 

. ''-' .n nA^r,-i' '^■i.^c':--]y >■■ -.,::,.;,•;,-' -<■:;;: ■'-',,{ ^^.^r ' -.:■■■ 


^^Z^^^oh^Z]^^^')> born April 6. 1S44, i" Brownville X. Y. ; 
Sa?ried I). Oct. 7, 1869, ^-irginia Rowland of Chelten Hdls near 
Philadelphia, Pa. She died Dec. 12. 1869, at Albion, V ^ ., leav 
fng no'^^Unden. He married (2), Jan. 9, i873, Jane Stevenson 
SfcLaren of Geneva, X. Y., born March 28 1843, m Caledoma, 
N Y, daughter of Donald Campbell ^lacLaren (born Oct. o, 
1794, n Xetv York City, son of Finlay MacLaren and Margaret 
Campbell) and Jane Stevenson, born June 1 1 1803 - Can^^d^^ ; 
N Y daughter of Williams Stevenson and Jane MacXeil of Cam 
bridge. X. Y. She died April 28, 1886, at Potsdam, X. \ . ^See 
Descendants of Finlay MacLaren.) . , ^ . . t -^ 

Rev Reynold ^I. Kirby is a clergyman ot the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church. He graduated from Hobart College. Geneva 
NY, in 1865, and from General Theological Seminary Xew 
York City, 1869 ; was ordained Deacon, May 23, 1869, by Lishop 
Coxe at St. John's Church, Mt. Morns, X Y. ; ordamed Priest, 
Aug. 21, 1870, by Bishop Coxe, at Christ Church AUxon, X. \ . , 
.Jrecior of Christ Church, Albion, N Y 1869-71 I assistant 
minister at St. Mark's Cathedral, Salt Lake City ^'f^f^'fj' 
since Feb., 1882, he has been rector of Trinity Church. Pot.dam. 
N Y He was elected Bishop of Utah in 1886. but declined. 
He received the degree of D.D., in 1890, from Hobart College. 
Children by his second wife : ^ , t , r-v 

i. Edmund Kirbv, b. June 6, 1874, in Salt Lake City 
ii. Minnie Everett Kirby, b. Jan. 13, 1876, in Salt Lake City. 
iii. Donald MacLaren Kirby, b. Jan. 2, 1878, in Salt Lake City 
iv. Virginia Rowland Kirby, b. June 21, 1880. in Salt Lake 

15 Harriet* Kirbv (Ephraim^ Abraham^ Roger', John^ Jo- 
seph^), born Mav 23:1798, in Litchfield, Ct. ; married. June 18, 
1818 in Detroit.'Mich., Francis Smith Belton, born Aug. 7, I79 . 
in Baltimore, Md. He graduated from St. Francis X.v,er Col- 
lege, Baltimore, Md. ; served in the War of 1812, in the Black 
Hawk and Florida wars, and the war with Mexico. When the 
City of ^vlexico was occupied by the United States troops he was 
appointed by General Scott Lieutenant-Governor of that city 
He rose to the rank of Colonel in the U. S. Army. Colonel 
Francis S. Belton died Sept. 10, 1861, in Brooklyn, X. Y. Har- 
riet Kirby Belton died Alay 17, 1873, in Brooklyn, X. Y. Ihey 

had one son: -r^ , -r jj 

27. i. Winfield Scott Belton, b. Feb. 7, 1820; m. Rebecca lodd. 


i:h h 

.■n\J /, 

■?'nA r?ri 

; ! • ' .: 

.,^-- - .:i -ill. ill,: .:; 

-'^:' ^z: .■■:•■, i;.v!.;;.r,!l '•?;-: .>.i-- .H !^"'': .:ric "■Ira r;! 

■■ ', ■■■/'' :.■ .1/. ('\-ii\fi :.:,:', :-.:'} b.'- ,1' ;i ■■ ^.^'i^■ '^ brrsi >}7;r]{ 

Uk^oIo' .} .■■■■ ■■ ' ,■■:'. :: ' r'! i^r;'!"^ '■ i-' ■■'n-i ^r'^ .-.i ---e"! 'i-^ 


]l./j ^ '■-■..■': ^h;':^' /.' 


27. Winfield Scott' Belton, who, in 1861, took the name of 
Francis Smith Belton (Harriet Kirby^ Ephraim^ Abraham*, 
Roger^ John-, Joseph^), born Feb. 7, 1820, in Philadelphia, Pa.; 
married, April 29, 1847, in Philadelphia. Rebecca Todd, born 
Nov. II, 1824, in Philadelphia. He entered the service of the 
Confederate States at Charleston, S. C, as a private in an artillery 
company and participated as such in the bombardment of Fort 
Sumter.' He was subsequently made Lieutenant-Colonel and 
Assistant Adjutant-General upon the staff of General E. Kirby 
Smith, and served with him in \'irginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, 
and the Trans-Mississippi States until the termination of the Civil 
War. Colonel Belton died Nov. 30, 1889, in New York City. 
Rebecca Todd Belton died Sept. 22, 1892, in Toronto, Canada. 
Children : 

i. Francis de Sales Belton, b. March 18, 1848, in Philadelphia; 

m., Oct., 1870, Augusta O'Connor. 
ii. Anna Teresa Todd Belton, b. July 7, 1850, in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; m., Aug. 17, 1870, John C. Roberts of New York 
City, b. Oct. 30, 1845, in Glasgow, Scotland. Children: 

1. Joshua Roberts, b. Feb. 19, 1871 ; died in infancy. 

2. Andrew Campbell Roberts, b. Aug. 12, 1872. 

iii. Harriet Kirby Belton, b. April 18, 1852, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
m. Adolph'Zimmerman, who died 1882. Children : 

1. Dolly Madison Zimmerman. 

2. Rebecca Todd Zimmerman. 

iv. Rebecca Mav Agnes Belton, b. Oct. 14, 1854, in Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
V. Samuel Ignatius Belton. b. Aug. 24, 1856, in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; m. (i) Mary Gilbert, by whom he had one child : 
I. Marie Gilbert Belton, b. May 24, 1877, in New York 
City ; d. Jan. 22, 1882. 
vi. S^t-^b .M:c; ?-tlLc;!. b. aov. 16, ic-^S. iu iirooKlvn, N. 1 . 

16. Helen'' Kirby (Ephraim^ Abraham*, Roger', John% Jo- 
seph^), born 1800 in Litchfield, Ct. ; married, at Charleston. S. C, 
Judge Benjamin Alexander Putnam, born 1803. He was a 
graduate of ILirvard College and a Judge of District Court of 
Florida ; " was honored and esteemed for the integrity of his char- 
acter, the purity of his life, and the vigor of his intellect." Judge 
Putnam died Jan. 25, 1869, in Palatka, Fla. Helen Kirby Put- 
nam died Oct. 17, 1877, in Palatka, Fla. They had one child : 

■J .tii// 



•/-■■jT i-'irin.'-. .; 


1 /i;\c.'r>icr: 

1< . ■■■■^Ir^: '■ '::! 


::-:.;.'< ,:; :.''., .^. ,,,,1 


28. i. Kate Putnam, b. Jan. i, 1831; m. (i) Dr. John C. Cal- 
houn, (2) William Loundes Calhoun. 

28. Kate^ Putnam (Helen Kirby^ Ephraim', Abraham*, 
Roger^, John^ Joseph^), born Jan. i, 183 1, in St. Augustine, Fla. ; 
died May 4, 1866, in Palatka, Fla.; married (i) Dr. John Caldwell 
Calhoun, (2) William Loundes Calhoun. Both of her husbands 
were sons of Vice-President John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. 
Children by her first marriage: 

i. John Caldwell Calhoun, b. • , at Fort Mills, S. C. ; d. 

Dec. 9, 18S9, at Savannah, Ga. He was twice married, 
but left no issue, 
ii. Benjamin Alexander Putnam Calhoun, b. , at St. Au- 
gustine, Fla.; m., Jan. 24, 1878, at Palatka, Fla., Julia C. 
Peterman. Children born in Palatka, Fla.: 

1. Edward Noble Calhoun, b. Sept. 5, 1878; 

2. Benjamin Putnam Calhoun, b. July 5, 1881. 

3. William Loundes Calhoun, b. July 13, 1884. 

4. Patrick Calhoun, b. Jan. 13, 1S87. 

5. Julian Caldwell Calhoun, b. ]March 3, 1889. 

iii. William Loundes Calhoun, b. Nov., 1857; d. March 26, 
1884, near Crescent City, Fla. 

17. Catherine® Kirby (Ephraim', Abraham*, Roger', John-, 
Joseph^), born Oct. 11, 1802, in Litchfield, Ct.; married, Oct. 23, 
1838, Dr. Joseph Pynchon Russell, Surgeon U. S. Army, born 
Aug. 18, 1790, in Bennington, Vt. ; died Sept. 19, 1849, on Gov- 
ernor's Island, New York Harbor. Catherine Kirby Russell died 
Jan. 6, 1882, in Palatka, Fla. Children: 

i. Joseph Pynchon Russell, b. July 21, 1839, on Governor's 

Island; d. Nov. 29, 1841, at Governor's Island. 
ii. Edmund Kirby Russell, b. Dec. 5, 1840, on Governor's 
Island; m., in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 16, 1872, Ellctl 
Price Eaken. He was a cadet at West Point at the time of 
the commencement of the Civil War. Resigning from 
the Military Academy, he volunteered in the LTnion Army, 
and June 24, 1861, received a commission as Second Lieu- 
tenant in the Sixty-seventh Regiment N. Y. Volunteers. 
He served throughout the war attached to the staff of 
Major-General Sedgwick and afterward to that of Major- 
General Wright. He was commissioned, June 24, 1865, 
Major of the Sixty-fifth Regiment N. Y. Volunteers. 

7 n 'A I I'l K ^ H a o • 

;jl:..y '^'-inO-i niJii 

iPc '> tu :'r:",.!L::.: . _) jiiImJ 

Li,.. it:v/! 


■;: y ■'::■ '^ T '; '^ . :,,. /j^ .1 31;- 
:■:'■■ '. • ' •■■■"■ A--:yJ\ vt;. '^'VC .■ 


After the war, on the reorg-anization of the Army of the 
United States, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant 
in the First U. S. Artillery. He now holds the rank of 
Captain in the same Regiment, with brevet of Major, 

hi. Josephine Martha Pynchon Russell, b. Oct. 5, 1842, on 
Governor's Island, N. Y.; d. Aug. 29, 1892, in Newark, 

iv. Frances Horton Russell, b. Oct. 15, 1843, on Governor's 
Island, N. Y.; m., June 17, 1868, in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
James Burt of Palatka, Fla., b. Sept. 28, 1825, in Rutland, 
Vt. Children bom in Palatka, Fla. : 

1. Ruth Ann Burt, b. April 2, 1869. 

2. Henry Hapgood Burt, b. Jan. 3, 1871. 

3. Katharine Kirby Burt, b. April 17, 1872. 

4. James Leonard Burt, b. July 13, 1873. 

5. Helen ¥. Burt, b. Dec. 11, 1874. 

6. Reynold Marvin Burt, b. Jan. 6, 1876. 

7. Charles Burt, b. April 19, 1877. 

8. Edmund Russell Burt, b. July 12, 1878. 

9. Mary Burt, b. Aug. i, 1880; d. Nov. 3, 1880. 
10. George Burt, b. Sept. 18, 1883. 

V. Katharine Mar\an Russell, b. May 12, 1846, on Governor's 
Island, N. Y.; m., Dec. 5, 1867, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Will- 
iam J. Roome Hegeman, b. May 12, 1847, in Three Rivers, 
Mich., son of Benjamin Arrowsmith Hegeman and Jane 
Roome. Children: 

1. William Joseph Russell Hegeman, b. Aug. 31, 1868, 

in Brooklyn, N. Y.; m., June 22, 1892, in New- 
ark, N. J., Grace Bowman Parker. Children: 
(i) Madora Parker, b. April 15, 1893; (2) Helen 
Roome, b. Feb. 2, 1898. 

2. Alice r.Taf , Matilda Hegeman, b. Aug. 21, 1870; 
.- • d. July 28. -^7^- 

3. Edniuna Le chevalier Hegeman, b. Aug. 6, 1872, 

in Dover, N. J. 

4. Benjamin Arrowsmith Hegeman, b. Nov. 19, 1874; 

d. Sept. 7, 1875. 

5. John Wesley Hegeman, b. Aug. 23, 1877, in New- 

ark, N. J. 

7. John Starkv/eather' Kirby (Abraham*, Roger^, John*, Jo- 
seph^), born Sept. 20, 1762; married Azubia Severance, daughter 

.r:8i .J 

) 1 .'.. 

.-,-/[ S-^^d■j .^ 

::A l.iinr-\/A .3 

1 .j:^^i V7.:^': .J 

! .■ 

■ i .Y .;: bafikj 


■■^'m:.} .?::r.o:iI 


.'h .' 

.■-■.:^ ■o^Mu'/' .1 

■■■'■ .<: 

V. :/-•■■, ^ i ^'^f 

■:-.: ,1 

f , •: -^j-,.-. 

•-::;••..• U) 


..:: ,,:.:-.x>>i 

/ , ■A.'- o:;HA .- 

I ..■-;■' ' ■■ .■:■;_.?■• 

: ^i^s .Of vr-'j ,- -'c^'-gsH i:miv-.-::\ -i'ij\ nirrTBJrrali ..|v 

,g_v8/ /-^ .7!] -Z Aj 




of Samuel Severance and Azubia Smith, He died in 1848 at 

Middlebury, Vt. Children: 

29. i. James Kirby, b. July 19, 1797; m. Susan P. Barnaby. 
ii. Anna Kirby, b. July 30, 1800; d. Feb. 13, 1878, in ]^.Iar- 
low, N. H,; m., Jan. i, 1832, Alexander Kenyon of 
Ripton, Vt., b. April 6, 1808, at Cornish, X. H.; d. 
May 15, 1879, at Marlow, X. H. Children: 

1. Sophronia A. Kenyon, b. IMay ii, 1834; m., Dec. 

2S, 1858, Benjamin E. Spencer. 

2. David Y. Kenyon, b. Sept. 21, 1835; m., Sept. 

14, 1855, Emma Kimball; lives in Keene, 
N. H. Children: (i) Frank E., (2) Edith 
A., (3) Alfred L., (4) Flora J., (5) David A., 
(6) Hattie A., m. Thompson. 

3. Edwin A. Kenyon, b. March 24, 1837; ^^- (i)' 

Dec. 28, 1858, Jennette Cooper. She died 
Aug., 1876, and he married (2), Oct., 1877, 
Frances Riley. He now resides in Enfield, 
N. H. Children by his first marriage: (i) 

Alice, (2) Florence. 

iii. Nelson Kirby, b. . He removed to Munroe, Mich., 

and had there three children: (i) George, (2) Martha, 
(3) I^Iary. 
30. iv. John Clark Kirby, b. June 21, 1807 ; m. Eunice Severance. 

V. Adams Kirby, b. . He graduated from Middlebur>' 

College, and removed to Louisiana. He had three or 
four children. 

29. James« Kirby Qohn S.=, Abraham*, Roger', John-, Jo- 
seph^), born July 19, 1797, in Middlebury, Vt.; married, Aug. 
17, 1819, Susan P. Barnaby, born Sept. 30, 1802, daughter of 
Joseph Barnaby and Rebecca Xye. He was a farmer, and died 
Jan. 17, 1838, in Ripton, Vt. Susan Barnaby Kirby died Feb. 21, 
1863, in Middlebury, Vt. Children: 

i. A son, born and died June 11, 1820. 
31. ii. Harriet E. Kirby, b. Feb. i, 1822; m. Charles W. Linslcy. 
iii. John S. Kirby, b. Jan. 10, 1824; d. Dec. I, 1893; m. (i) 

Sarah Buttolph, (2) Esther McFadden; no children. 
iv. Oliver S. Kirby, b. May 19, 1826; d. June 21, 1826. 
V. Mary L. Kirby, b. Dec. 17, 1827; m., Jan. i, 1852, W. L. 


or fy y "t tr 

•;h ,pi vtl' 

,'u('i V 

.■[■ji\''i .-.o-inf],-; '^t b-3-7<:, *-■■'-' ^lit ,■ ■ 

:-;;.s:. t ';:U/ 

Tj v:?-'b b:.r{ ^^Ji ^f.. 

-;- A 

,:-'.. .ds' ' S-^rlt vc'iivi •;:;:in;i2cl r.r.?.'.:'^'. J / . ':"^'q' ''' '■ .■■■ ■.'•i :{i .asT 

-^. -- -.-.,1 L-- ' ; ^-■d !•- A • 

; .i; 1^ 



vi. :Martha A. Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1832, at Ripton, Vt.; d. 
June 2-j, 1852. 

31. Harriet E." Kirby (James^ John S.^ Abraliam*, Roger^ 
John% Joseph^), born Feb. i, 1822, in ^liddlebury, Vt.; married, 
Sept. 24, 1840, in :Middlebury, Charles W. Linsley of Middle- 
bury, Vt. Harriet Kirby Linsley died June 15, 1863, in Ripton, 
Vt.,'and he married (2), Nov. 8, 1863, Lydia R. (Boynton) Kirby, 
widow of Theodatus Phelps Kirby, by whom he had: (i) Waller 
J., b. Sept. 23, 1S64; (2) Bertha 'M., b. June 22, 1873. He died 
at Alstead, N. H., Oct. 24, 1895. Children by his first wife: 
i. Rollin Orlando Linsley, b. May 31, 1842, in Ripton, Vt. 
He enlisted in Company A, Sixth Regiment \'ermont 
Volunteers, Sept., 1S61; took part in engagements at 
Lees Mills, Peninsular Campaign, and was at the battle 
of Malvern Hill; discharged for disability, Aug., 1862; 
re-enlisted in Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, for lOO days, 
in 1864. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1869, 
and afterward studied law. He practised his profession 
in Topsham, Me., and Davenport, la., and died Nov., 
1879, in Orleans, iSIass. Pie was married, Aug. 4, 1870, 
to Susan W. Snow, dau. of Calvin Snow of Orleans, 
Mass. She died June, 1896. One child: 
I. Mar>' M. Linsley, b. Oct. 28, 1879. 
ii. Sheldon D. Linsley, b. Jan. 4, 1845; d. in infancy. 
iii. Ransome Henry Linsley, b. Feb. 6, 1846, in Ripton, Vt. 
He enlisted in Company A, Sixth Regiment Vermont 
Volunteers, Feb. 6, 1864; was wounded in the battle of 
the Wilderness and in the siege of Petersburg; discharged, 
June 10, 1865, at the termination of the war. Pie mar- 
• ried, March 20, 1866, Emma Amelia Billings, b. Sept. 4, 
1845, dau. of Parsons Billings and Fanny C. Ripley, both 
of Ripton, Vt. He now resides in Manchester, Vt. 

1. Roy C. Linsley, b. Nov. 26, 1872, in Ripton, Vt. 

2. Faith B. Linsley, b. Jan. 18, 1887, in Manchester, Vt. 
iv. Charles Lewis Linsley, b. April 2, 1851; graduated from 

Middlebury College, 1876, and studied law w^ith Judge 
Stoddard in Brattleboro, Vt. He now resides in Alstead, 
N. H. He married, Feb. 18, 1880, Lucy A. Green, dau. 
of John V. Green of Alstead, N. H.; no children. 
V. James Alexander Linsley, b. June 20, 1853, in Ripton, Vt. ; 

"51 ,-S ^R'.il 



.■'..) ir 





;.:3 : 


' , ■. ' 

T J '■ 


.- f 

'"I •; 

^.: -«j 

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■■ ;i:'-^ J ViJ^ 

>; In 

ii- J-'.!fi=> :-:jL 

i; V:}hi'-.'b\ ■>!< 


■^b'^r/.d' /-. iOiuii,] .V 


m., Sept. 20, 1876, Mary :Mitche]l, clau. of Sylvester A. 
Mitchell of Alstead, N. H. He resides at Alstead, N. H.; 
no children. 

30. John Clark« Kirby (John S.', Abraham*, Roger', John% 
Joseph^), born June 21, 1807, in Middlebury, Vt. ; married, Jan. 
I, 1827, his cousin, Eunice Severance, born Dec. ii, 1804, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Severance of Middlebury, Vt., and iNIary Kirby. 
daughter of Abraham Kirby and Eunice Starkweather. He re- 
moved to Ripton, Vt., where he was deacon of the Congrega- 
tional Church nearly forty years, and where he died Feb. 27, 
1896. Eunice Severance died Nov. 24, 1894, in Ripton, \'t. 
Children bom in Middlebury, Vt. : 

32. i. Ednumd S. Kirby, b. Feb. 27, 1828; m. Sophia Foster. 
ii. Azubia Kirby, b. July 25, 1829; m., :March 25, 1862, 
James Remworthy. They have a son. Nelson, who 
is living in Bread Loaf, Vt. 
iii. James P. Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1831; m., Oct. 20, 1854, 
Betsy M. Cummings. He is living in Middlebury, 
Vt. They have a son: 

I. Ivan Kirby, b. ; m., 1896, ^lary Hale; lives 

in Middlebury, Vt. 
iv. Theodatus Phelps Kirby, b. Oct. 29, 1832; d. Aug. 16. 
1863; m., May 15, 1861, Lydia R. Boynton; no 
V. Samuel S. Kirby, b. April 5, 1834; d. Dec. 16, 1862; 
m., Dec. 12, 1854, Mary Jane English, b. Oct. 20, 
1834, dau. of Samuel English and Harriet Taylor of 
• Reading, Vt.; one child: 

I, Evenette Kirby, b. Oct. 22, 1855, in Ripton, 

Vt.; m., Aug. 26, 1873, Andrew Arnold 

Hulett of Benson, Vt., b. April 6, 1852, son 

of Harvey Hulett and Prudence Ann Pratt. 

Children: Ada, Estelle, Anna, Jane, Harvey, 

Arnold, Bernice, and Aviary. 

vi. Nelson Kirby, b. Dec. 5, 1835; m., Dec, 1875, Sarah 

E. Straight, b. July 14, 1851, dau. of Stephen 

Straight and Betsy Landers of Shoreham, Vt. He 

is a farmer, and lives in Rochester, Vt. Children: 

1. John C. Kirby, b. Nov. 26, 1876. 

2. Nathan R. Kirby, b. Aug. 2, 1878. 

3. Minnie M. Kirby, b. June 15, 1880. 


Y cr iqr ? V '^.' -^ ''-i P .^■^ * •? /^ -' 1' 


: hn/, 

--■■•■ v ■ 

: .:;^; .LZ .n.-'i ■■ 


. ■■•■I! ■; ■',i-i::'- ■ -.i-Mj.:,:; ^ 


4. George H. Kirby, b. March 16, 1SS2. 

5. Nellie A. Kirby,' b. .May 8, 1883. 

vii. Mary Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1838; d. Nov. 6, 1877; m., Dec. 
3, 1857, W. G. Fair. 
33. viii. Henry A. Kirby, b. June i, 1840; m. Helen E. Downer. 
ix. Adelia Kirby, b. May 8, 1842; d. March 8, 1879; m., 

Jan. 30, 1864, Josiah S. Chandler. 
X. George Kirbv, b. June 17, 1844; d. Jan. 20, 1850. 
xi. Clark H. Kirby, b. Feb. 28, 1854. 

32. Edmund S.^ Kirby (John C.^ John S.=, Abraham*, Roger^, 
Tohn^, Joseph^) of Ripton, \^t., born Feb, 27, 1828, in Middle- 
bury, Vt. ; died Sept. 2y, 1891, in Ripton, Vt.; married, March 14, 
1852, in Ripton, Vt., Sophia Foster, born Nov. 18, 1828, in Plain- 
field, Vt., daughter of William Foster of Ripton, Vt. He is a 
farmer, and is living in Ripton, \'t. Children: 

i. William C. Kirby, b. Sept. 5, 1855; m., Sept. 5, 1882, 
Lorinda Varney, b. Nov. 10, 1864, in Fairfax, Vt., dau, 
of Jed and Sarah Jane \'arney of Ripton, Vt. He is a 
farmer, and lives in Bread Loaf, Vt. Children: 

1. Edith Lorinda Kirby, b. Jan. 10, 18S5. 

2. Louisa Kirby, b. Sept. 8, 1888. 

3. Charles Henry Kirby, b. Oct. 4, 1890. 

4. Ralph Eugene Kirby, b. ]May 17, 1895. 

ii. Eunice Dimon Kirby, b. Aug. 29, 1857; d. Nov. 17, 1863. 
iii. Samuel Phelps Kirby, b. !May i, 1868; d. Nov. 15, 1869. 
iv. Jennie Sophia Kirby, b. Oct. 6, 1872; m., Aug. 27, 1891, 
Nathan S. Boynton of Ripton, Vt. Children: 

1. Adeline Alary Boynton, b. Nov. 9, 1892. 

2. Carrie Kirby Boynton, b. March 19, 1897. 

33. Henr>^ A.^ Kirby (John C.^ John S.■^ Abraham*. Roger^ 
John^, Joseph^) of Ripton, Vt., bom June i, 1840, in Middlebury, 
Vt.; married, Jan. 28, 1866, Helen E. Downer, born Sept. 6, 1843, 
in Ripton, Vt., daughter of Harry Downer, born Jan. i. i8or, 
in Williston, Vt., and Sarah Rogers Ripley, born Alarch 29, 1820, 
in Middlebury, Vt. Helen Downer Kirby died Jan. 17, 1897, in 
Ripton, Vt. ' Children: 

i. Olive May Kirby, b. Dec. 19, 1866. 
ii. Minnie Belle Kirby, b. April 6, 1870. 
iii. Clayton Smith Kirby, b. May 29, 1872. 

.O^^I .or. At£.{ 



/; i ■ i-'. ^'' ' .(•■ _ -lis; '.:': irc> h--)\^ io 

".o-Hr',.^: .vo"-: .fv ; 8d?'r,I ^pAf i v.f.;>I ^.ibrl'l burr6>: '.Vj 




j);n.;i.. ,c .no,!. 

- .I- -.-i-bA .1 

,y:.8l /"^ .*•;"'-: mod ,': 0>>oi ,8^ i-.f.:_ n^'tu-itr ; jV 

■K /dnv5 

j\\ J 7 


iv. Le Roy Rockwell Kirby, b. July 12, 1874; m., June 24, 
1896, Sadie Fislier, and is now living in Worcester, Mass. 

V. Warren Kent Kirby, b. Jan. 25, 1877. 

vi. Whitney Darling Kirby, b. June 19, 1880. 
vii. Mary Belle Kirby, b. Aug. 13, 1882. 
viii. Varsil Hubbard Kirby, b. Nov. 8, 18S5. 

8. Joseph^ Kirby (Abraham*, Roger^, John-, Joseph^), born 
April 28, 1768, in Litchfield, Ct.; removed to Middlebury, Vt., 
in Jan., 1792, and died there July 27, 1831. He married, Nov. 
25, 1790, at Lanesboro, jNIass., Esther Leonard, bom March 8, 
1770, in New Lebanon, N. Y. She died Nov. 28, 1847, in ]Mid- 
dlebur}', \'t. Children, all except the first born in Middle- 
bury, Vt. : 

i. Lorinda Kirby, b. Dec. i, 1791, in Litchfield, Ct. ; d. 
Aug. 18, 1818, in Oxford, O. ; not married. 
34. ii. Lucinda Kirby, b. April 14, 1794; m. Dr. Pearl Crafts. 
iii. Abraham Kirby, b. Dec. 22, 1796; d. April 27, 1863, 
in Grass Lake, Mich.; m. Lucy Crafts, b. !May 21, 
1799; d. Feb. 20, 1893. He removed in 1835 to Jack- 
son County, Mich. Children: 

1. Lucinda Kirby, b. Dec. 22, 1827; d. March 15, 


2. Joseph Kirby, b. Nov. 18, 1830; d. ]March 5, 


3. Lucy S. Kirby, b. June 10, 1835 ; died in infancy. 

4. Thomas 'M. Kirby, b. July 18, 1839; ^- ^'<^v. 

7, 1840. 
iv. Esther Kirby, b. Aug. 12, 1799; d. June 4, 1847; not 

V. Milo Kirby, b. April 12, 1802; d. Nov. 2y, 182 1. 
vi. Ephraim Kirby, b. April 17, 1805; d. March 14, 1879, 
in Middlebury, Vt. He Vv-as a deacon of the Congre- 
gational Church of ]Middlebury, Vt., and lived on 
■ the homestead of his grandfather, Abraham Kirby. 
He married, Sept. 8, 1858, Belinda Brownell, b. Sept., 
1817, dau. of Ira and Betsy Brov/nell of Middlebury, 
Vt. She is now living in Muscatine, la., aged eighty- 
one years. It was through her knov.dedge and in- 
terest that much of the information concerning the 
■ • descendants of Abraham Kirby has been obtained. 

No children. 


7 a K i :t ^? 


V/. .d 

V. ■;; :'T I, ;,:--;. ,-.! .-r^;:/ 


vii. Martha Kirby, b. March 29, 180S; d. Jan. 27, 1858; 

not married, 
viii. EHza Kirby, b. May 2"], 181 1; d. June 10, 1833; not 

ix. CaroHne Kirby, b. May 30, 181 5; d. Dec. 14, 1848; 

not married. 

34. Lucinda® Kirby (Joseph^, Abraham*, Roger^, John^, Jo- 
seph^), bom April 14, 1794, in Middlebury, Vt. ; married, about 
1819, Dr. Pearl Crafts. She died March 10, 1826, and her hus- 
band married (2) Sarah Goodrich, by whom he had five children. 
Dr. Pearl Crafts removed, about 183 1, to Boone County, 111. He 
died Dec. 22, 1857, in Grass Lake, Mich. Children of Lucinda 
Kirby and Pearl Crafts : 

i. Samuel I. Crafts, b. July 11, 1S20; removed to California, 

and married there. 
ii. Lucy Caroline Crafts, b. Oct. 29, 1822; d. 1841. 
iii. Milo Kirby Crafts, b. Sept. 10, 1824; d. Aug. 2, 1885, in 
Grass Lake, Mich.; m., March 24, 1853, ]Mary E. Up- 
dyke, b. Jan. 4, 1835, in Tompkins County, N. Y., dau. 
of Ralph Updyke and IMary A. Pickell. He was a prom- 
inent citizen of Grass Lake, Mich., a director of th'=' 
Farmers' Bank, and an officer of the Congregational 
Church of that place. Children: 

1. William K. Crafts, b. Sept. 5, 1859; "!•> Oct. 14, 

1880, Flora \l. Dwellie of Grass Lake, Mich. He 
is a farmer and sheep breeder, and now lives in 
Marine City, Mich. Children: (i) George 

Pearl, b. Sept. 4, 1882; (2) Alice Marguerite, 'b. 
Jan. 3, 1893. 

2. Arthur Pearl Crafts, b. Nov. 4, 1865 ; graduated 

from the Brooklyn Medical College in 1890, and 
is now practising his profession in Kansas Citv, 
Mo. Dr. Arthur P. Crafts married, Oct. 9, 1894, 
Julia A. Smith of Bellevue, O. ; no children. 

9. Mary' Kirby (AbrahamS Roger^, John^, Joseph^), bom 
Aug. I, 1771, in Litchfield, Ct.; married, Jan., 1791, in Middle- 
bury, Vt., Samuel Severance, born Feb. 2, 1765, in Northfield, 
Mass., son of Ebenezer Severance a-nd Azubah Smith. He was 
a, and lived in Middlebury, Vt., where he died Feb. 11, 


T ^ W^ -1 


,■{ -. 

. .■;- lOif ':. !> *(' .".hit v; IP -■•'' . 

:-H .!!f ,vtffr--/7 :;.-i.'OcL -• 

''-r.-'A fried ,''fi.7'>s 
. . .■..._..;: .: :-t J Ate-.']' .':<-i 

■-iK J v:^(r.i .(• 

■-^;v::i ';.i:!^ 

y.^ ;,l 

^r')0\'/< 1 J. 


1851, aged eighty-six. Mary Kirby Severance died Jan. 26, 1861, 
in Middlebury, Vt. Children born in Middlebury, Vt. : 

35. i. Ebenezer Severance, b. Nov. 3, 1791; m. Corcinna 

ii. Eusebia Severance, b. April 24, 1793; d. Sept. 16, 1794. 
iii. Martha Severance, b. March 9, 1795; d. April 11, 1889; 

not married, 
iv. Hannah Severance, b. Aug. 4, 1797; d. April 13, 1822; 

m. Leonard Dakin; no children. 

36. V. Eusebia Severance, b. Jan. 19, 1799; m. (i) Pomeroy 

Alford, (2) John Rockwell. 
vi. Oliver Severance, b. April 27, 1802; d. I\Iay 10, 1826. 
vii. Eunice Severance, b. Dec. 11, 1804; d. Nov. 24, 1894; 
m. John Clark Kirby. See previous page. 
viii. Azubah Severance, b. Feb. 8, 1807; d. 1888. She mar- 
ried, but had no children. 

37. ix. Samuel Smith Severance, b. May 23, 1809; m. Maria 

L. Munger. 
X. Anna Barnum Severance, b. July 29, 181 1; d. Aug. 23, 
1891 ; not married. 

38. xi. Darius Severance, b. Feb. 5, 1814; m. Emeline E. 

Rockwell. V 

[Severance Lineage: 

L John Severance came in the Elizabeth, 1634; was one of the 
original proprietors of Salisbury, Mass., where he was made free- 
man May 17, 1637; married (i) Ursula, daughter of Richard and 
Ursula Kimball of Watertown, who died June 17, 1658; married 
(2) Susanna, daughter of Henry Ambrose of Charlestown. He 
died April 9, 1682, in Salisbury, Mass. By his first wife he had 
three sons, who survived him: John, Joseph, and Benjamin. 

H. John Severance of Deerfield, Mass., eldest surviving son 
of the preceding, bom Nov. 24, 1647; died April, 1709. By wife 
Mary he had six children. 

HL Ebenezer Severance of Northfield, Mass., eldest son of 
the preceding, born Sept. 19, 1673; killed by the Indians, Oct. 
II, 1723. By his wife Mary, who died June 20, 1760, he had: 

IV. Ebenezer Severance of Northfield, Mass., youngest son, 
born July 24, 1709; died March 24, 1791. He was for many 
years a soldier in the frontier service. By his wife Hannah, who 
died Dec. 16, 1780, aged about eighty, he had: 

V. Ebenezer Severance of Middlebury, Vt., eldest son, bom 


;2:J3i .f.i Inq A .b ; 

O ::>;;/' •'! •' T 1 ,ni ;0"'\. 

U .yi 

■2 .-d .:j. 

.il:j7/:bc' ■^' 

■•;■■■■ I'bsm ^s^•'■ • '' '' .//.. •.:;!.: lo ^I'^i-ifqoiq l^i;!>itO 

':\\'-. :''"^ x--yT\ ,;n(^A t)3ib \y^^i .L- .voV' mod .^niLv-) t-;.,; -^M \ry 
;•-. r; p -jaobls ,.2-ir/' ' ';. ..■>ni;T»'."5?. -jexsn^J-T .ill 


Sept. 13, 1731 ; married, Feb. 28, 1764, Azubah Smith, daughter 
of Samuel Smith and Sarah Morton. Samuel Smith wsls the son 
of Preserved Smith of Hadley, Mass. (son of Samuel and grand- 
son of Rev. Henry Smith of Wethersfield, Ct.), and Mar>- Smith 
(married Dec. 15, 1697), daughter of Chileab and granddaughter 
of Lieutenant Samuel Smith of Wethersfield and Hadley.] 

35. Ebenezer® Severance (Mary Kirby^, Abraham*, Roger^, 
John^, Joseph^), born Xov. 3, 1791, in Middlebury, Vt. ; married, 
Jan. 29, 1817, Corcinna Jones, bom Jan, 29. 1793, in Hubbard- 
ton, Vt., daughter of Asahel Jones and Catherine Leonard of 
Massachusetts. He was a farmer in jNIiddlebury, Vt., where he 
died Feb. 17, 1880. Corcinna Jones Severance died Jan. 29. 1889, 
on her ninety-sixth birthday, and was buried in Middlebury, Vt. 
Children born in Aliddlebury, Vt.: 

i. ;Mary Catherine Severance, b. Aug. 11, 1821; m., July 
26, 1848, Rev. Warren W. Winchester, b. in Madrid, 
N. Y., son of Henry Winchester of Malone. X. Y., 
and Isabella O. Foote of Middlebury, \'t. He 
graduated from Middlebury College, 1849, ^"^ from 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1852; was ordained 
and installed over the Congregational Church of 
Clinton, Mass., in 1854; was pastor of the Congre- 
gational Church of Clinton, Mass., 1854-62. and of 
Bridport, Vt., 1865-80. During the Civil War he 
was Hospital Chaplain at Washington, D. C, and 
elsewhere. He died at Williamstown, Mass., Aug. 
3, 1889. They had twelve children. Their only sur- 
viving child is: 

I. Rev. Benjamin Severance Winchester, b. Feb. 
26, 1868, in Bridport, \'t.; graduated from 
Williams College, 1889; Professor of Chem- 
istry and Natural Science in Whitman Col- 
lege, Washington, 1889-92; graduated from 
Chicago Theological Seminary, 1895: studied 
abroad at the University of Halle, Germany, 
1895-97. He married, Aug. 31, 1897, Rose 
A. Gunn of Seattle, Wash. 
ii. Edmund Kirby Severance, b. April 28, 1823; m., Dec. 

14, 1869, Mary A. Landon. 
iii. Leonard Severance, b. Jan. 25, 1825; d. March 17, 1826. 
39. iv. Oliver Severance, b. Feb. 14, 1827; m. Delia Cady. 


J j ,o'-''"- ■ ' ■ ■■■ ' ■ ■'■■ 

(..;;■/ K 

b .^- .,: .'I ,.7. v.: 


i.l-C ,■;..:, j:^ V. rb. . ^'';.K>ii;:;-^ 

fPO'i ::'';S>. ,::.;:, ^,^ , <--' , ^■••-■••' :"5 

.>?:' . .U:.Hl'il,,ii t>!jL 

,JVT ;f 

r.y .ci-'i 

•; .o< 


40. V. Asahel Jones Severance, b. Dec. i, 1828; m. Martha 

W. Cady. 

41. vi. Milton Leonard Severance, b. Oct. 14, 1830; m, Emily 

A. Spencer, 
vii. Frances Ann Severance, b. April 19, 1832; d. Aug. 12, 

viii. Emma Adelia Severance, b. April 19, 1834; m., Aug. 
16, 1859, Rev. S. Leroy Blake, b. Dec. 5, 1834, in 
Cornwall, Vt., son of Myron M. Blake and Lucy 
Stone. Emily Severance Blake died Aug. 31, 1864. 
Her only child died at birth and was buried with her. 
43. ix. Martha Agnes Severance, b. May 29, 1837; m. Colonel 
Lyman E. Knapp. 

39. Oliver^ Severance (Ebenezer Severance^, Mary Kirby', 
Abraham*, Roger^, John^, Joseph^) of Middlebun-', Vt, born 
Feb. 14, 1827, in Middlebury, Vt.; married, March 18, 1849, Delia 
Cady, born April 16, 1832, in Middlebury, Vt., daughter of Clark 
C. Cady and Naomi Mills, both of ]\Iiddlebury, Vt. Delia Cady 
Severance died Sept. 30, 1893, in IMiddlebury, Vt. Children 
born in Middlebury, Vt. : 

i. Julia Adelaide Severance, b. July 10, 1850; d. Dec. 11, i860. 
ii. Junius Eugene Severance, b. Sept. 7, 1851; m., Nov. 18, 

1873, Dora Biggert; no children. 
iii. Charles Carlton Severance, b. Sept. 17, 1853; m. (i), July 
4, 1879, Ida L. Lattimer, who died March 23, 1S90; 
m. (2), Ivlarch 26, 1894, Lena K. Wooster. One child: 
I. Guy Severance, b. May 17, 1880. 
iv. Florence Lillian Severance, b. Jan. 30, 18^6; m., Jan. 5, 
i88r, Dr. C. B. Warner of Port Henry, N. Y. Chil- 

1. Richard Warner, b. Oct. 17, 1881. 

2. Ruth Warner, b. Sept. 3, 1884. 

3. Rollin Warner, b. Nov. 19, 1886. 

V. William Frank Severance, b. April 15, i860; d. June 2, 

vi. Frederick Wilmot Severance, b. Feb. 2, 1862; d. June 17, 

vii. Frank Oliver Severance, b. Aug. 28, 1864; m., June 28, 
1887, Carrie L. Tyrel; one child: 

I. Tyrel Frank Severance, b. Aug. 18, 1891. 
viii. Daisv Ethel Severance, b. Nov. 12, 1873; d. Feb. 11, 1896. 

« y /-T < T T « r T y rf • T '^ ^ 1 


,i/i :-; .tl^ 

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^i-i:.- :n!'.! .'i-'A. . // .>i jii'^J Ji-^-:^ ^Jv; ';-;■!,,],/■ -,. sa 
■ ■■■">i .\.t vJ.I'C '.' ,::•■■■ r-vsr Y^:" : 

~i^'■'' , f ./■ .V-;;:'}" '7 v I (O t i. ..:;■.■•- .:-A .J ,,-C{ j8^J 

: r^ir 

.\l sat/! .'■• :r_.;V'-'- f:: y^-^'^ .([ .v ..n\-:':>^ , ; i.^nrji//' . -m-jo-i'I .r" 

;r: ": ^;.-r-,''! 

.d .t»):., -»'-■= !'--ir-T ,-;.'(! .;;: 


40. Asahel Jones" Severance (Ebenezer Severance^, Mary 
KirbyS Abraham*, Roger^, John-, Joseph^) of Denver, Col., was 
born Dec. i, 1828, in Middlebury, V't. When twenty-one years 
of age he removed to Oneida, N. Y., where, after serving a short 
apprenticesliip in the carpenters' and joiners' trade, he engaged 
in the manufacture of building and finishing material. In 1851 
he returned to iMiddlebury, Vt., and, in company with his brothers, 
entered into the building and lumber business in that city. About 
1861 he turned his attention also to the marble business, and 
opened the North Middlebury Marble Quarrj-. He built a large 
mill for sawing marble, and for several years employed a hundred 
men in supplying marble for buildings, monuments, etc. His 
last and largest contract was for the marble, cut and ready to put 
up, for the U. S. Post-office and the Court House at Portland, 
Me. The contract required two years for its completion. The 
fluted columns for these buildings were twenty-seven feet long, 
each of one piece, weighed twenty tons before dressing, and 
$10,000 was paid for carving the capitals. At the same time 
he carried on a large lumber business at Mount Holly, Vt. His 
health becoming impaired by close attention to these large enter- 
prises, he visited California in 1868, and finally removed to that 
State in 1870. Upon his return to California he took with him. 
eleven car-loads of fine merino sheep in one train, the first, and 
perhaps the only, through-train of sheep ever shipped to that 
State. While in California he gave much time to the raising, 
breeding, and importing from Vermont of Spanish merino sheep, 
which greatly improved both the quantity and quality of wool 
raised in the State. During his stay of nine years in California 
he crossed the continent ten times and once by the Isthmus. 

While engaged in the quarry business Mr. Asahel J. Severance 
invented and patented the " diamond drill," now everywhere used 
in boring wells and in mining — an invention which gives him 
honorable rank among the foremost inventors of the age. When 
in California he introduced the " diamond drill " into the famous 
Comstock mines, and had the satisfaction of knowing that his 
invention unlocked the largest deposit of the precious metal ever 
found on this continent. In thirty-two months these mines pro- 
duced and paid out $72,000,000 to the stockholders. He also, 
while in that State, became largely interested in hydraulic mining, 
and built one ditch for conveying water which cost him some 
$115,000. In 1879, when the State of California passed a law 
which prevented the miners from emptying their debris into the 

:yn>j::'.:i: y. 

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v.:^ -^ ~:sU:ii!lo-j bov-h 

i.'^;^ .-i;:;!,-.;'': 

ih ■;;(,•'•;■•; 2 

■•:■ .-j-'':-''^ 'jno !o /!:>£■■» 

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-•;- ■ ii -:5-u.: 

^S'^,^ . . ^■- .■;. •;■ . 

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r:. .''^ 1 : .■■ V , 

(O: ^-r; .;r'i>'i V" ' 

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iHii ononn i;:; • ;•• ^ ;."::'j::..; l .;;. ?i..)ji.:f vni 

:-"^ *r,-r ■ ::%■■.,. r,:T :■ ; :'>jj>i«:iJj.; ->ii.i iji^ri l)nx, .iDoini :;-li>oJ<ifno3 
1;; c.?-:in :.: J .-.;:, ro.-i) '-;-■'-■, i- •!( rd ;:- •'ii-r. ^.pi. ,10 bnro] 

T;C^ ;n,\ri I-:'.. .■■ •••,:':;// !;,nr-;'jvn'j . v;, . iljjijj j.;-j J'''''^ f"'« 


rivers, and which entailed great loss to all those engaged in hy- 
draulic mining, Mr, Severance removed from that State, and has 
since been engaged in mining enterprises in Colorado, with his 
residence in Denver. He is also President of the Damascus Steel 
Company, which manufactures a steel of his own invention, and 
which many believe to be equal to the old Damascus steel of the 
Middle Ages. 

Asahel Jones Severance married, April 6, 1850, in Oneida, 
N. Y., Martha W. Cady, born Jan., 1832, in Middlebury, Vt., 
daughter of Clark C. Cady and Naomi !^lills, both of Middlebury, 
Vt.; no children. 

41. iMilton Leonard' Severance (Ebenezer Severance^, Mary 
Kirby^ Abraham-*, Roger^, John-, Joseph^), born Oct. 14, 1830, 
in Middlebury, Vt. ; married, Aug. 16, 1859, Emily Augusta Spen- 
cer, bom March 24, 1838, in Salisbury, \'t., daughter of Nathaniel 
Spencer and Esther Brown of Orwell, Vt. Rev. jNIilton L. Sever- 
ance graduated from Middlebury College in 1859, and from An- 
dover Theological Seminary in 1863. He was pastor of the Con- 
gregational Church in Boscawen, N. H., 1863-69, and in Orwell, 
Vt., 1869-81 ; was financial agent of ^Middlebury College for two 
years; and principal of Burr and Burton Seminary, Manchester, 
Vt., 1882-88. In 1888 he was called to the pastorate of the First 
Congregational Church of Bennington, \'t., where he still re- 
mains in office. During the war he was one of the pastors en- 
gaged in the Christian Com.mission Service. Emily (Spencer) 
Severance graduated from Mt. Holyoke College in 1858. 

[Nathaniel Spencer of Salisbury, Vt., born July 31, 1792; died 
Jan. 22, 1879, was the son of Jabez Spencer of Salisbury, Vt., 
and Joanna Ives (married June 28, 1786). Jabez Spencer, born 
March 18, 1764 (Nathaniel*, NathanieP, NathanieF, JaredS of 
Haddam, Ct.), married, July i, 1830, Esther Brown, born Sept. 
23, 1801, daughter of Luther Brown of Onvell, Vt., and (mar- 
ried Jan. 3, 1787) Hannah Miner of Voluntown, Ct., born Sept. 
22, 1767; died June 26, 1850. Luther Brown, born July 2^, 1764. 
in Canterbury, Ct. ; died Jan. 29, 1837, was the son of John Brown 
of Canterbury, Ct., born May 5, 1727; died March 8, 18 10, and 
Lucy Underwood (married ]\Iarch 13, 1750); son of Deliverance 
Brown of Canterbury, Ct., born Dec. 4, 1689, and Abigail Waldo 
(married Oct. 28, 1717), daughter of John Waldo of Chelmsford 
and Rebecca Adams; son of Eleazer Brown of Chelmsford, Mass., 
born 1649, and Dinah Spaulding (married Feb. 9, 1674); son of 


Y ^^ /I IH H s: 3 a O I 

%:? r\ :> T lA A n 

<-.,.]. •.-..:; ;r,;.., ,.-,. i (v;? 
3 h^.> eii..Ln7f;.^ :-r, sil' 

■ ■'■■ J s ii';-; 

fto-'i-r > ii 

.)•'> ^>:[o^jf. 

^ ■ L Ik- : :■' :u,_ -.'! -'^ v::r;J 


Thomas Brown of Concord, Mass.; son of Christopher Browne 
of Bury St. Edmunds, Co. Suffolk, England.] 

Children of Milton L. Severance and Emily A. Spencer: 
i. Rev. Claude Milton Severance, b. Nov. 3, 1861, in Salis- 
bury, Vt.; graduated from Middlebury College, 1SS3; 
teacher at Burr and Burton Seminary, 1SS3-85; studied 
in Germanv, 18S5-S6; teacher in Oahu College, Hono- 
lulu, H. I.,'i8S6-S7; Yale Divinity School, 1887-90; mis- 
sionary- of the American Board in Japan, 1890-95. He 
is now living in Cleveland, O., engaged in mission work. 
He married, July 12, 1892, Almona Gill of Ohio, then a 
missionary in Japan; no children. 
ii. Wilbert Nathaniel Severance, b. Aug. 18. 1S63, in Salis- 
bury, Vt.; graduated from Middlebury College, 1885; not 
iii. Carlton Spencer Severance, b. Aug. 15, 1867, in Boscawen, 
N. H.; graduated from ]\Iiddlebury College, 1889; not 
iv. Maude Emily Severance, b. Nov. 28, 1870; graduated from 
Wellesley College, 1893; preceptress at Groton, Mass., 
1893-96; is now teaching in Elmira, N. Y. 
V. Herbert Allen Severance, b. Dec. 2, 1873; graduated from 
Williston Academy, 1892, and Poljlechnic, Boston, 1S93. 

42. Martha Agnes^ Severance (Ebenezer Severance®, Mary 
Kirby', Abraham*, Roger^, John-, Joseph^), born May 29, 1837; 
married, Jan. 23, 1865, in Washington, D. C, Colonel Lyman 
Enos Knapp, born Nov. 5, 1837, in Somerset, \'t., son of Hiram 
Knapp of Dover, Vt., and Elvira Stearns of Marlboro, Vt. He 
enlisted, Aug. 20, 1862, in the Sixteenth Regiment Vermont Vol- 
unteers, and was Captain of Company I of the same regiment; 
afterward Captain Company F, Seventeenth Vermont Volunteers; 
was promoted Major and afterward Colonel of the Seventeenth 
Regiment, and commanded the regiment in two battles. Colonel 
Knapp was appointed Governor of Alaska in 1S89 by President 
Harrison, and held this office four years. He is a lawyer, and is 
now practising his profession at Seattle. Wash. Children: 
i. George E. Knapp, b. Dec. 21, 1867, in Middlebury, Vt. 
ii. Frances A. Knapp. 

iii. Edwin L. Knapp. 

iv. Mary A. Knapp. 


y a ^ 1 y[ w a TT o r» T qr o 

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.;,:::^-... :;:,.,;; -K' !C I 'niil- .-Uh"' ■■• u. --"j .rv; bn£ .^-^'^jtnfj 

;- ^ru .vw-'ji' .^ ,.■ , '! :_■..--■•/ 'o\ .■:.:ri.-. ri,-0 bi^d b-:K r,ozlnr,H 
.;;^;: :' v- ..'■i.v.V.-' ,':''*i:'>^' 7G 'i;;)^ - !■ ■;<; ,;:iri ^r:i.-.' ' , ':"rq V'0(; 

.■:.■■ ,7-1'. .•.: ■ ■-. rr -O:; ,\: -risvj ..^ ,■:,.:->■ .Zf j--i.:::.v / ; 


36, Eusebia° Severance (Mary Kirby^ Abraham*, Rogers 
John-, Joseph^), born Jan. 19, 1799, in Middlebury, Vt; died 
July 4, 1889; married (i) Pomeroy Alford, married (2) John 
Rockwell. By her second husband she had one child: 

i. Mary Lucinda Rockwell, b. March 15, 1839; m. William 
Guinn Rea of Rockford, 111. Children, born in Rock- 
ford, 111.: 

1. Allan Richings Rea, b. i\Iay 15, 1S56; m. Lucy G. 

Helm. They have one son: (i) Lucien Allen. 

2. Fanny Tracy Rea, b. April 6, 1858. 

3. Grace Rockwell Rea, b. Dec. 5, i860; m. Clarence 

Albert Rowell; no children. 

4. Caroline Hungerford Rea, b. April 6, 1S64; m. John 

W. Plenderson. One child: (i) Catherine Mar- 
; garet. /• ; / ^\-_.\_/_ ,\-^y - >_^./.^ /'- • ' " / ■ -.-rf. 

5. Helen Montford Rea, b. Aug. 19, 1868; m. Sherman 

F. Kimball of Chicago, 111. They have three chil- 
dren: (i) Virginia Talcott, (2) Mildred Louise, 
(3) Charles Rea. 

37. Samuel Smith^ Severance (Mar>' Kirby^, Abraham*. 
Roger^, John-, Joseph^), born May 23, 1809, in Middlebury, Vt. : 
married, Nov. 9, 1833, Maria L. Munger, born }vlay 24, 181 1, 
daughter of Samuel iMunger (born July 16, 1772, in Norfolk, Ct.) 
and Lydia Pier, born July 13, 1773, in Great Barrington, Mass. 
He died Jan. 21, 1887, in Middlebury, Vt. Maria Munger Sever- 
ance died May 2, 1880, in Middlebury, Vt. Children born in 
Middlebury, Vt.: 

i. A child, b. ; d. in infancy. 

ii. Philo S. Severance, b. Feb. 28, 1840; d. March 4, 1897; 
m., Feb. 21, 1867, Helen E. Atwood, b. Nov. 22, 1845, 
dau. of George Atwood and Sarah Watkins of ^Slonkton, 
Vt. Mrs. Helen Atwood Severance is now living in Mid- 
dlebury, Vt. Children: 

1. Emma A. Severance, b. Sept. 12, 1871. 

2. Ernest M. Severance, b. Jan. 9, 1880. 

iii. Martin E. Severance, b. Aug. 4, 1843; m., Nov. 26, 1874, 
Mattie Van Slyke, b. Dec. 24, 1849, dau. of N. H. and 
Polly Van Slyke of Minnesota. He removed to North 
Dakota in 1880. He is a surveyor and farmer, and now 
lives in Lisbon, N. D. Children : 

I. Florence M. Severance, b. Sept. 27, 1875. 

V ft 5T 7 >| H 


•■•.:'■: -.'■ );\i;-J (i) AAui.. 

ill ;('^-:b 

:;>• /^kW: 

■^ brjir-lS .Vo 

.-1 J ,;4.<i-:;^ 

.V7 ,:<.i;.f'.../:4;.' 

;i .£. ••/kI.' b-ib 9')n& 
.,iV ..,,. .J^i^iM 


! ; 

V,:: „;;■, . i .:-' .rt,- ,i,- J nj -; 

- .(1 ,'3. :• ■,-i')V .^. '/: '10fj')7ol"l .1 


2. Edwin S. Severance, b. April i6, 1879. 

3. Le Roy Severance, b. Feb. 21, 1S82. 

iv. Jane Maria Severance, b. Sept. 15, 1856; d. Uarch iS, 1S77. 

38. Darius« Severance (Mary Kirby^ Abraham*, Rog:er^ 
John^, Joseph^, born Feb. 5, 1814. in ^liddlebury, Vt.; married, 
March 11, 1839, EmeUne E. Rockwell, bom Aug. 21, 1S19, 
daughter of John ^I. Rockwell and Lucinda Lewis of Eton. X. Y. 
He is a farmer of Middlebury, Vt., and is still living (1897). The 
compiler of the Kirby Genealogy has been greatly assisted 
by him in gathering m.aterial concerning the descendants of 
Abraham Kirby of Middlebury, Vt., and wishes here to acknowl- 
edge his obligation. Children: 

Y Edward^C. Severance, b. April 5, 1840; m. Ellen A. Rerkins 

of Middlebury, Vt. They are now living in Middlebury. 

No children. 
ii. Edith Severance, b. April 16, 1850; m. Dr. John Avery of 

Salisbury, Vt., who died Dec. 23, 1893, in Walliugford, 

Vt. She is now living in Middlebury, Vt. Children: 

1. Lucia Avery, b. Dec. 2, 1875. 

2. Rena Avery, b. iNIarch 6, 1879. 

3. Maude Avery, b. Nov. 28, 1887. 

4. John Avery, b. April 4, 1890. 

10. Anna' Kirby (Abraham*, Roger^ John=, Joseph^), born 
July 21, 1775, in Litchfield, Ct.; died Nov. 14, 1866, at Baltimore, 
Md.; marrie^d, May 7, 1795, David Barnum, born Aug., 1770, 
in Litchfield, Ct.; died May 10, 1844, in Baltimore, Md. David 
Barnum, widely known as the original proprietor of the hotel 
in Baltimore which bore his name, early emigrated from his native 
State and settled in Northern Pennsylvania. From thence he 
removed to Philadelphia, where he became the proprietor of the 
" Shakespeare Hotel." He subsequently removed to New York 
City, where he remained for awhile, and then went to Boston to 
take charge of the " Exchange Coffee House," which he con- 
ducted with success until the burning of that edifice in 18 18, by 
which he lost all. He then went to Baltimore, and soon estab- 
lished himself in public confidence as the proprietor of the " Indian 
Oueen Hotel," which he continued to conduct until 1826. when 
he built " Barnum's City Hotel," v/ith which his name and fame 
have been from that time blended. He died within the walls of 



r «^' 

]o -nrfh f>i'.j!_ .•■"'' .r!T :o?/^r /?; IhqA •:' , ■;t)'5 .ii 

:n--;/ J /; ,,■:,^.; 7.-'. _^ -(^ .17 

,7 A'' rV: :-:V, ...i .■ ' .•-■• ^..:--M .T 


o] .-vi^ 

.-r.A vuA .n 

-,•-- V; 

-■ r,, r., 


nciL:,! " yrl; j . : ... ■■-;.; .., .■a, '■''■'j 

JO --.'if tf'W (.i,.' ■■ C^' '■ ">H .Ij>\ iUUs L>:U 

•AT !!,; K 


the hotel which bore his name, May lo, 1844, aged seventy-three 
years. The " Baltimore Sun," in the notice of his death, pays 
the following tribute to his memory: "The career of Mr. Bar- 
num has been one of active enterprise in the capacity which has 
extended his name and reputation to all parts of the United States. 
The ability with which he has fulfilled his duty as the host of 
innumerable guests will find ample testimony from the multitude 
to which it may be referred; while the urbanity of his manners, 
the courteous dignity of his intercourse, and the unblemished 
probity of his character combined to elicit the sincere regret of 
his friends." 

The same newspaper, in an article upon the death of Mrs. Ann 
Kirby Barnum, says: "She was a younger sister of Colonel 
Ephraim Kirby, who was conspicuous in New England during 
the struggle for American Independence. In early life she mar- 
ried the late David Barnum, well and favorably known as the 
original proprietor of the hotel which has since borne his name. 
Settling here, this estimable lady witnessed the progress of our 
city from what would be regarded as an inconsiderable town to 
a great commercial metropolis, and in all that pertained to the 
advancement of Baltimore she ever took an ardent interest. Dur- 
ing the many years since the death of the elder Mr. Barnum, his 
widow has always m.ade the hotel her home, and perhaps it may 
not be too much to say that in time past no lady was more ex- 
tensively known or more universally respected in different parts 
of the country than v/as Mrs. Barnum. Of a lively and social 
disposition, with a heart given to kindness, and with a most re- 
markable memory, that remained almost unimpaired nearly to 
the hour of her death, Mrs. Banium made and retained the ac- 
quaintance of many distinguished persons. Only a week or two 
since, when George Peabody, Esq., visited Baltimore, Mrs. Bar- 
num heard of his arrival, and, although she knew herself to be 
on her deathbed, insisted on an interview with the philanthropic 
gentleman — one of her old familiar friends. Mr. Peabody took 
the earliest moment to pay his respects, and for an hour sat by 
her bedside, and together they talked of the scenes of the past. 
Their parting is said to have been of a very affecting nature. Thus 
has passed from earth one of those interesting links that bind us 
to the last century, and her honored grave will be bedewed with 
the tears of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren." 
Children of David Barnum and Anna Kirby: 

i. David Strong Barnum, b. ; no children. 


YB5llJi HHKBOl HO 'e 

iy^'i-^-:r^ .' ''■" 'i:: :,nc -V:, r;- • • ' ^ini ^./i '• >;i* 

;^;,'-:.:. '*.;,.,:;:■.: ,. :• ^ • . ^::. ^O, .':^.- 0^7/ .vJ"":! n.i.;-v.in3 

^:' :- V;;...-. :>i /icic-tov.. .- !" ^.^[ M/GU ^jh^.i :■ . ! ? Uvh 

.•'■17,': -'jI C^f;";'".'!; "•■.":-e ^.ii < '' . /' l^'JO^ _• ^ lO :0 'v; V ■V-i 1>-''-'''. ■■• 

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.o ./ ,..:i7/ it 

':■■- , ^ : ■•■: >'■ ■, .-:: ■_.;'■ : : ' :jj:.-j;-.--,. ..-;.■; .ibK;)!) ■^;u-- ' -r./iT:!' . ': 

■• ' ■;,.; . ■,•, -1' : .i;> ,^!;. '•.{^-'•' ?/!? ■■^-'' ■ .-■ 'H'^c'orn 

..••:■■, •n--:: V;:'.. ■ " .J"'-' •' '''"'■ r^''-""' ^*"- '.^'J '^^ bi^::? -.: ':; 

:':'. :. ,-.■;_ .;•/;;.■•:•.'■ r -a.-.i' \.!.-' ',•';;,,■, M.'rrj^ 3-.. ,-■.■:.■ . 

(■'■'•■■ ■_ •:; , ,ci .. ;i;.;-:-;c ;if(OiJc:: biv!:;/'.i 


ii. Eliza Barnum, b. April 23, 179S; m. George Stannard 
of Brooklyn, N. Y., who died some years ago, aged 
seventy-one, at Tarrytown, N. Y., where he had a 
country-seat. Mrs. Eliza B. Stannard is still living 
(May, 1898) in Brooklyn, N. Y., and is in excellent 
health. On the occasion of her reaching her hun- 
dredth birthday she received the visits and congratula- 
tions of her friends at her home in Brooklyn. Her 
room was filled with flowers, among them 100 car- 
nation pinks from Chicago, 111. She had seven chil- 
dren, all of whom are dead except her daughter, 

I. Caroline Stannard, b. ; m., in 1855, Fred- 
erick William Tilton of New Orleans, La., 
who died in 1890. No children. 

iii. Major Ephraim Kirby Barnum, b. 1801; d. Dec. 26, 
1847, in his forty-seventh year. He was commis- 
sioned Second Lieutenant, Fifth Infantr>% U. S. Army, 
June II, 181 7; Lieutenant of the same, Dec. 31, 1820; 
Captain Second Infantry, U. S. Army, Dec. 28, 1832; 
Major Third Infantry, U. S. Army, Feb. 16, 1847. 
No children. 
43. iv. Frances Barnum, b. ; m. Andrew McLaughlin. 

V. Richard Barnum, b. ; m., and had one son. 

vi. Augustus Barnum, b. ; m., and had a son David. 

43. Frances" Barnum (Anna KirbyS Abraham*, Roger', 

John^, Joseph^, bom ; died Dec. 14, 1849; married, Jan. 

16, 1820, in Baltimore, Md., Andrew McLaughlin, born Jan. 25, 
1802; died Jan. 29, 1863, in Baltimore, Md. He was associated 
with his wife's cousin, Zenas Barnum, in the management of 
" Barnum's Hotel," and, upon the withdrawal of the latter, in 
1855, became the sole proprietor, and so remained until his death. 
Children : 

i. Dr. David Barnum McLaughlin, b. Feb. 3, 1821; d. July 
8, 1875; m., Oct. 5, 1841, Maria Durocker. He had 
three daughters, one of whom is now the ^Mother Su- 
perior at the House of the Good Shepherd, Washing- 
ton, D. C; another is a Sister at the Visitation Con- 
vent, Baltimore, Md., and the youngest daughter, 
Nellie, is now living in Washington, D. C. 

V H 5? I M II q '1 POT HO ?. 

;n;,;n--'5r n 

[-.-i ,.Y 

■11, [. r;,''.'V jKd ^;:-^ ./ii ,. .. ^:--'- ^>iarc .;.:>;!vi,: 


.!oi:! 0-U !a r:-'.:?v :..;i ,j..;.-^.;„ '■ri.-'"':'-^ f-viA' ^id fijiv/- 
■,. ]' ■ ;4y.'fi'iht:j;' .':■:; - :'^r, ,u.!r ' ,1 • ■_ ' i. c'ni'Jiiri;!:! '■ 

'^'AjC-^-ijO ?./ -ij !<''. I'l^T ,r ■:■('; ;n ;- '''U .3 

^ ■•:;; . r- '• - !:T'..''v/ - -■ :•;;-!■•■ juj;^].) v/uJ! 

■.!:■■■:"'■ ;,-:-.-->^.' '^ri- '^ ■ .: tiii 'r fi>(T5q 

^ .••;■ .;;! ., :■■■ ■•: ;:.:..-,-. ; . /-^ .:T .r^J 

.; r :■"■';.: V'- ■-':-■ , i''^ .vi'.' ■■'■;i7!ii^l J>:3V 


ii. Augustus McLaughlin, b. Jan, i8, 1823; d. March i, 

1884; m., Dec, 28, 1848, Henrietta Colder; no children, 

iii. John Kirby ^McLaughlin, b. June 17, 1825; d. Jan, 9, 

iv. Anna Barnuni McLaughlin, b. May 7, 1828; d. Aug. 23, 
1872; m., March 9, 1848, her cousin, Zenas Barnum, 
b. Dec. 9, 1810, near Wilkesbarre, Pa.; d. April 5, 
1865, in Baltimore, Md. He was a civil engineer be- 
fore becoming proprietor of " Bamum's Hotel," in 
the management of which he acquired a large prop- 
erty. Later he became President of the Baltimore 
Central R. R. He was largely interested in the de- 
velopment of the Magnetic Telegraph, and was the 
first President of the American Telegraph Company. 
He was also President of the ]Magnctic Telegraph 
Company at the time of his death. She married (2) 
Dr. D. C. Gordon, by whom she had no children. 
She had five children by her first husband, all of whom 
are now dead except : 

I, Rev. Frances Barnum, b. . He is a Jesuit 

Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, and is 
now a missionar}- to Alaska. 

44. V. William Barnum McLaughlin, b. Dec. 18, 1831; m. 

Harriet C, Linn. 

45. vi. Ephraim Kirby McLaughlin, b. Oct. 30, 1835; m. (i) 

Mary Hyland, (2) Maria L. Raybold, (3) Frances 
A. K. Smith. 

44. William Barnum^ McLaughlin (Frances Barnum^, Anna 
Kirby^ Abraham^ Roger^, John", Joseph^), born Dec. 18, 1831, 
in Baltimore, Md. ; died May 23, 1894, in Williamstown, ]\Iass. ; 
married, Dec. 20, 1853, Harriet C. Linn, daughter of William D. 
B. Linn and Malinda Decker. They lived in Lanesboro, Mass., 
and had four children: 

i. Frank Kirby McLaughlin, b. April 30, 1856; m., Nov. 8, 
1881, L. G. Buddington, b. Oct. 18, 1857, dau. of Walter 
J. Buddington and Amanda S. Grant. He is now (1887) 
the proprietor of the " St. James Hotel," Utica, N. Y. 

1. Andrew W. McLaughlin, b. Oct. 30, 1882. 

2. Harry B. McLaughlin, b. June 18, 18S6. 

3. Margaret G. McLaughlin, b. April 8, 1891. 


\/ -.:; i-j t •',• t.r <3 'y ;-■ /*> • ►? A 

-3b -m!! .:- ■.: 
-^.n >•■,.; 

• in- 

'!TrM 1~. ,onK[/i 

l,'!£,Tfi0^1 .IV .< 

■L'TiV;:^ ./i .i\ 

: ,1.: -^ .n-jiJ .'V: :..;hi ; ^ •- ,o.: .v-M /.v:;:. 
:-"; ':■'. :^0 .^t .rr.'^ij'-!-hrr?T .6 .J .i88l 


ii. Frances Ann McLaughlin, b. Oct. 12, 1858; m., 1881, 
Leonard B. Gaylor. They are now Hving in Erie, Pa. 

iii. WilHam Dexter McLaughHn, b. Oct. 21, i860. He is now 
Hving in Johet, III; not married. 

iv. Susan De Gory ]\lcLaughhn, b. April 3, 1868; m., Oct. 12, 
1887, in Lanesboro, ]Mass., Harry H. Shermans, b. Nov. 
15, 1866, in Lanesboro, !\Iass., son of Ezra H. and Mar- 
tha B. Shermans. They are now living in Rochester, 
N. Y. Children: 

1. Martha Shermans, b. Oct. 20, 1889, in Lanesboro, 


2. W. Linn Shermans, b. Sept. 9, 1893, in Portchester, 

N. Y. 

45. Ephraim Kirby^ McLaughlin (Frances Barnum^ Anna 
KirbyS Abraham^ Roger^ John-, Joseph^), born Oct. 30, 1835, 
in Baltimore, Md. ; died Dec. 18, 1887, in Pittsfield, Mass.; mar- 
ried (i) Mary Hyland of Baltimore, Md., who died before 1863; 
married (2), Nov. 27, 1863, Maria Louisa Raybold of Boston, 
born May 3, 1842, in Redford, N. Y., daughter of James Raybold 
and Elizabeth Collins, who died Nov. 11, 1870, in Berkshire, 
Mass.; married (3), Nov. 26, 1874, in Lenox, Mass., Frances 
Ann Kemble Smith, born April 8, 1850, in Lenox, Mass. He 
had one child by his second, and three children by his third 

i, Annie Bamum McLaughlin, b. Oct. 20, 1864; m., July 14, 
1891, in Pittsfield, Mass., Edwin Luce Humphrey, Jr., 
of Pittsfield, Mass., b. Dec. 30, 1862, in Pittsfield, Mass., 
son of Edwin Luce Humphrey and Asenath Smith Noble. 
One child: 

I. Helen Barnum Humphrey, b. ^March 15, 1894, in 
Pittsfield, Mass. 
ii. Elizabeth McLaughlin, b. Sept. 9, 1875, in Pittsfield, Mass. 
iii. Augustus Tilley McLaughlin, b. May 18, 1878, in Pitts- 
field, Mass. 
iv. Edmund Kirby McLaughlin, b. Jan. 16, 1881, in Pittsfield, 

11. Sally' Kirby (Abraham*, Roger', John^', Joseph^), born 
Nov. 30, 1779, in Litchfield, Vt. ; married, Nov. 11, 1801, David 
Yale, born Oct. i, 1775, in New Lebanon, N. Y., son of Nathaniel 
Yale and Mrs, Esther (Franklin) Leonard. David Yale died Jan. 

YHSli>l li'UaOl '^O r: 

v;:r ;^i i)ra 

/ Ji 

,^! ?oO ,;n ,80; 

r." ;■,,.. -f ;.-,v>T 1 

ii. .^' i/!i^' !«■. v.<^:'. ..-y-iu: 

v:-'>!.'>.\:>oj\ n 

'^oa 'yxt i^-i. 



. ' i''ij ■.; ■£;■ ; :; 
ii ;•■. v; I^ rrw.!-! 

\ ".iA 


;5"^- r' ;'j ,?^ t .0 

^f-.j :,;.■: mit'i^^y.-. •: .u 


1 i ^ ruin; oiiiY 


2^, 1826, in Middlebury, Vt., and she married (2), Dec. 29. 1842, 
Isaac Landen of Cornwall, Vt., where he died June 8, 1850. She 
died July 12, 186S, in Middlebury, Vt. 

Children of Sally Kirby and David Yale: 
i. Harvey Yale, b. Aug. 19, 1802, in Bristol, Vt. ; d. June 10, 
1893, in Middlebury, Vt.; m., Dec, 21, 1826, Pamelia 
Barnaby. Children: 

1. Harriet Yale, b. Jan. 30, 1828; m., June 29, 1852, 

her cousin, Lafayette Yale, b. Aug. 28, 1824. son 
of Nathaniel Yale, the brother of David. They 
are now living in Clinton, la. ; no children. 

2. Emeline Yale, b. March 21, 1831; d. May 25, 1S62, 

in Middlebury, \'t. 

3. Sarah Ellen Yale, b. Oct. 15, 1840; m., Jan. 19, 

i860, Henry Nichols. They nov/ Hve in Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

4. Julia Elizabeth Yale, b. ^March 20, 1842; m., Sept. 

23, 1867, Bertrand Bessac. They are now living 
in San Diego, Cal. 
ii. Abraham Kirby Yale, b. July 30, 1804; d. Nov. 17, 1804. 
iii. Ira Yale, b. April 29, 1807, in Middleburv% Vt. ; d. April 
10, 1864; m. (i), Sept. 13, 1837, Rachel M. Case, who 
died Dec. 7, 1845, aged thirty-nine years; m. (2), Oct. 18, 
1846, Lydia Sawyer. Children: 

1. Angeline Yale, b. Aug. 29, 1839; m. Horace Young. 

They now live in Petersburgh, Mich. 

2. David Yale, b. Apiil i, 1842; m. Emma More. He is 

a physician, and is now living in Deerfield, Mass. 

3. Henry Yale, b. Feb. 9, 1844; d. May 8, 1847, in 

Middlebury, Vt. 

4. Emma Yale, b. Dec. 17, 1849; m., June 26, 1869, 

Norman Maxham. 

5. Henrietta Yale, b. Oct. 7, 1854; m. Clafiin. 

iv. Mynderse Yale, b. ^lay 5, 1809, in Middlebury, Vt. ; d. Dec. 

26, 1892, in Benson, Vt.; m., Nov. 2, 1846, Laura Grifftn. 
She is now living in Middlebury, Vt. Children: 

1. Charles Elmer Yale, b. March 18, 1849; ^- Sept. 2, 

1859, in Middlebury, Vt. 

2. William Mynderse Yale, b. Aug. 12, 1853; m. Julia 

Brown. They are now living in Salisbury, Vt. 

3. Harriet Maria Yale, b. Jan, 18, 1857; m., Feb. 16, 

1877, Ira E. Bourne, b. Nov. 7, 1852, third son 

e5^i>? H^-iie-' "r^ ^Tl 

■ 1.1,;'/ L^j 


IT Mvi.a v 

" ■'(' 

,1 V ; .• ..y^oi'y: 

•-n;v/ .:: 


of Orson and Susan Bourne of Hampton, N. Y. 
They live in Fair Haven, Vt. Children: (i) 
Elmer, b. Dec. 4, 1877; (2) Henry M., b. June 28, 
18S2; (3) Ir^'ing S., b. June 21, 1888. 
4. Sarah Almira Yale, b. Sept. 15, 1858; m. Amos 
Chandler. They live in Hortonville, Vt. 
V. Harriet Yale, b. March 27, 1812, in Middlebury, Vt.; d. 
April 13, 1872, in Weybridge, Vt. ; m., March i, 1843, 
Edwin Lawrence of Weybridge, Vt. One child: 

I. George Edwin Lawrence, b. June 10, 1844, in Wey- 
bridge, Vt.; m., Oct. 17, 1876, at Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., Katharine C. Phalen, b. Jan. 25, 1850, in 
Perry, N. Y., dau. of William Phalen and Emily 
Balch; is a lawyer, and lives in Rutland, Vt. 
Children: (i) Robert Ashton, b. Oct. 15. 1878; 
(2) Edwin Winship, b. March 27, 1881; (3) Kath- 
arine Emma, b. Oct. 18, 18S3. 
vi. Hannah S. Yale, b. P^eb. 28, 1821, in Middlebury, Vt.; m., 
Oct. 31, 1861, Zuar Barrows of Middlebury, Vt., son of 
Luther Barrows. Zuar Barrows died Aug. 28, 1874, in 
Middlebury, Vt., aged nearly seventy years. She is now 
living in Bristol, Vt.; no children. 

5. Joseph* Kirby (Roger', John^, Joseph^), born July 7, 1732, 
in Woodbury, Ct.; married, March 24, 1757, in Woodbury (now 
Bethlehem), Ct., Rachel Hand (see Cothren's " History of Wood- 
bury," p. 546), daughter of Stephen Hand (son of Stephen) and 
Rachel Walston. Joseph Kirby died before July i, 1766, when 
administration on his estate was granted to his widow Rachel. 
She married (2), April 9, 1767, Joseph Guthrie of Kent, Ct., son 
of John Guthrie. By her second husband she had: Stephen, born 
Jan. 10, 1768; Elias, born July 19, 1769; Joseph, born Feb. 19, 
1773. She died before June 19, 1781, when Joseph Goodrich of 
Washington, Ct., was appointed administrator of the estate of 
Joseph Kirby, in place of his " wife Rachel w^ho is now dead," 
and money was taken from the said estate for the support of 
Sarah Kirby and Susy (Seula) Kirby, both children and minors 
of Joseph Kirby. 

Children of Joseph and Rachel Kirby: 
i. Rachel Kirby, b. March 4, 1759. 
46. ii. Reuben Kirby, b. Nov. 16, 1760; m. (i) Anna Guthrie, 
(2) Naomi Patterson. 

■■■/ov/ r; ... 

f ■; ■ ' ■ , - ( ' 


■A-n K 

iU< / 

''i *;•' , 

(. fv) 


:V/i I 

■;!'■■; L3;o &nri .r:\;5 


iii. Seula Kirby, b. July i8, 1762. 
iv. Sarah Kirby, b. Feb. 18, 1765. 

46. Reuben^ Kirby (Joseph*, Roger^, John", Joseph^) of Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., born Nov. 16, 1760, in Woodbury, Litchfield 
County, Ct. ; married (i), Oct. 30, 1782, Anna Guthrie, born Oct. 
12, 1761, daughter of William Guthrie, Sr., of Litchfield County, 
Ct. In 1786 Reuben Kirby removed, together with his father- 
in-law, William Guthrie, to Chenango County, N. Y., and settled 
upon a tract of land situated about three miles above the present 
town of Afton which they had purchased from Air. Robert Harper 
of Harpersville, Delaware County, N. Y. Here they built cabins, 
and returned the following autumn to Connecticut for their fam- 
ilies, which they brought back with them the next spring. Their 
title to these lands proving defective, in consequence of the re- 
pudiation of Harper's claims by the Government on account of 
being based upon a purchase made with the Indians, they aban- 
doned their first settlement. Reuben Kirby removed to the east 
side of the Susquehanna River, and purchased a piece of ground 
about two miles below the present town of Bainbridge. His first 
wife died Sept. 14, 1793. The following year he returned to 
Connecticut and married (2), Jan. 2.2, 1794, Naomi Patterson, 
born Aug. 3, 1770, of Washington, Ct. He returned in a sleigh 
drawn by oxen, and crossed the Hudson on the ice at Catskill. 
He died Oct. 15, 1827, in Bainbridge, N. Y. Naomi Patterson 
Kirby died Sept., 1864, aged ninety-four years. 

Reuben Kirby was a Revolutionary soldier. At one time he 
was stationed on, or near, Staten Island. His grandson, William 
D. Kirby of Bainbridge, N. Y., writes: " I have heard my father 
relate an anecdote his father Reuben told him of what happened 
when they were on the island [Staten Island]. When they re- 
ceived the news of General Burgoyne's surrender they were so 
elated that they failed to obey orders, but shouted, danced, fired 
the cannon, snatched each other's hats and rammed them down 
the cannons for wads, and had a general jubilee." Children: 
i. Laura Kirby, b. Oct. 6, 1783; m. Miles Hinman of Up- 
per Lisle, N. Y. 
ii. Lois Kirby, b. March 13, 1788; m. Robert Foster of 
Otego, N. Y. They afterward removed to the Wy- 
oming Valley, near Wilkesbarre. No children. 
iii. Sally Kirby, b. May 8, 1791 ; d. 1885; m. Sylvester Smith 
of Masonville, N. Y., b. Nov., 1789; d. Oct., 1855, 

Y n H I >i H ^* H a o T 

'Oil ,--l .00'. .vl .{011^ nsXL':\ ,VJ 

i,,.) / . 

"■o ,.rl 

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r:i ,1 ^j'-J: fiiod 

.'Si \ If. iji'iji' ;■>■■", ;_iii!7.'' „ . ■ . '' . ■_ :.-,■'■ I -'J 


son of Darius Smith of South Hadley, Mass., and 
Lydia White. He afterward settled in Painted Post, 
N. Y., where he became Judge. No children. 

47. iv. Reuben Kirby, b. April 26, 1795; m. (i) Patience Cor- 

bin, (2) Louisa (Dewey) Kneeland. 
V. Joseph Kirby, b. Feb. 21, 1798; d. Sept. 12, 1875; m. 
Sally Corbin, dau. of Samuel Corbin; no children. 

48. vi. Philo Kirby, b. June 15, 1801 ; m. Susan Guthrie. 

49. vii. Pliny Kirby, b. Nov. 4, 1805; m. Clarissa Bennett. 

47. Reuben'* Kirby (Reuben^ Joseph*. Roger^, John^, Jo- 
seph^), born April 26, 1795, in Bainbridge, N. Y.; married (i), 
Feb. 15, 1820, Patience E. Corbin, bora 1800, daughter of Syl- 
vester Corbin of Bainbridge, N. Y. She died Dec. 27, 1834, and 
he married (2) Mrs. Louisa (Dewey) Kneeland, widow of Levi 
Kneeland and daughter of Colonel William Dewey of East Sid- 
ney, Delaware County, N. Y. Reuben Kirby died Nov. 16, 1887, 
aged ninety-two, in Bainbridge, N. Y. Children by his first 
wife : 

i. Theodora M. Kirby, b. Dec. 16, 1820; d. 1843; m., April, 
1843, Leonard Halsey, M.D., of Unadilla, Otsego 
County, N. Y. 
ii. Cordelia Kirby, b. Jan. 6, 1823; d. Aug. 15, 1889; m., 
Aug. 24, 1848, Archibald McKennon of Masonville, 
Delaware County, N. Y., b. April 22, 181 5, son of 
John McKennon and Flory Campbell of the Island 
of Mull, Co. of Argyle, Scotland. He died June 25, 
1869, at Hart, Oceana County, Mich. Children: 

1. John McKennon, b. 1849; d. in infancy. 

2. Archie Reuben McKennon, b. April 24, 1851, 

in Masonville, N. Y. ; m., Jan. 27, 1886, Jessie 
McQuarrie, b. Oct. 6, i860, dau. of Donald 
McQuarrie and Margaret Thorburn of Cale- 
donia, Ontario, Canada. He is now living in 
Shelby, Mich. No children. 

3. Frank H. McKennon, b. Sept. 28, 1854, 

4. John Kirby McKennon, b. April 26, i860. He 

is a physician, unmarried, and lives in Chi- 
cago, 111. 
50. iii. William Dewey Kirby, b. Aug. 5, 1839; "^- Hattie J. 


Y a 51 1 7t 

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50. William Dewey^ Kirby (Reuben^, Reuben', Joseph*, 
Roger', John^ Joseph^), born Aug. 5, 1839, in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; 
married, Feb. i, 1870, Hattie J. Cudworth, born July 12, 1842, 
daughter of John Cudworth of Fayetteville, Vt. [John Cudworth, 
born 1807, son of Daniel Cudworth and Abigail Joslin, was a 
descendant of Captain James Cudworth, born 1670, the grandson 
of General James Cudworth of Scituate, Mass. He married, in 
1835, Amy Spaulding of Putney, Vt.] He is a farmer, and lives 
in Bainbridge, N. Y. Children: 

i. Ralph W. Kirby, b. May 12, 1871 ; m., Sept. i, 1897, Susan 
Lucinda Sage, only dau. of Jay and Lucinda T. Sage of 
New Berlin, N. Y. Since 1893 he has been cashier of the 
First National Bank of Bainbridge, N. Y. 
ii. John R. Kirby, b. Dec. 11, 1872; was manager of " Che- 
tauque Hotel," De Funiak Springs, Fla. ; is now living 
in Bainbridge, N. Y. 
iii. Eudora C. Kirby, b. Oct. 2, 1874. 
iv. Clarence H. Kirby, b. Aug. 30, 1876. 

48. Philo« Kirby (Reuben', Joseph*, Roger^ John^, Joseph^) 
of Bainbridge, N. Y., born June 15, 1801, in Bainbridge, N. Y.; 
married, Nov. 17, 1824, Susan Guthrie, bom Jan. 25, 1805, daugh- 
ter of William Guthrie, Jr., of Bainbridge, N. Y., and Sarah Whit- 
ney. He settled first on the homestead farm of his father, but 
afterward removed to the Guthrie homestead at Afton, N. Y., 
where he died May 9, 1885. Susan Guthrie Kirby died Nov. 15, 

[William Guthrie, Jr., born Dec. 4, 1767; died March 14, 181 3, 
in Afton, N. Y., w^as the son of William and Sarah (Whitney) 
Guthrie of Afton, N, Y. William Guthrie, Sr., is supposed to be 
the William born Dec, 1730, in Stratford, Ct., son of John Guthrie 
and Abigail Coe (born Nov. 11, 1702, daughter of Capt. John Coe 
and Mary Hawley, daughter of Capt. Joseph Hawley, all of Strat- 
ford, Ct.). William Guthrie, Sr., removed from Litchfield County, 
Ct, to Chenango County, N. Y., about 1786, and settled at Afton, 
where he died in 1805. His widow, Sarah, died March 19, 1813. 
Sarah Whitney Guthrie, born March 8, 1775; died Dec. 17, 1857, 
was the daughter of Joshua' Whitney of Binghamton, N. Y., 
bom May 27, 1748 (Thomas*, William', Joshua-, John^), and 
Hannah Green, born Sept. 14, 1748; died Aug. 17, 1793 J 
Children of Philo and Susan Kirby: 
i. Anna L. Kirby, b. Feb. 8, 1826; not married. 

.:■: 7 .-,f ,v.i-!;/I 5T nrio[ .li 

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f,h'' b'=-f'' 

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. t ■ v^ r 

. .:>3G ;■;■■:■-' ."T 


51. ii. Charles Patterson Kirby, b. Nov. i6, 1830; m. :Margaret 

M. Craig. 

52. iii. George Frederick Kirby, b. May 22, 1836; m. Jennie 

• iv. Henry Hobart Kirby, b. Nov. 21, 1844; d. Oct. 10, 1865. 

51. Charles Patterson^ Kirby (Philo«, Reuben^ Joseph*, 
Roger^ John-, Joseph^) of Bainbridge, N. Y.; born Nov. 16. 
1830, in Afton, N. Y.; married, May 9, 1854, Margaret Morgiana 
Craig, born 183 1, daughter of Daniel Craig (born 1803; died 
1840) and Olive Wood, born 1807; died 1897, both of Bainbridge, 
N. Y. He is a farmer, and resides on the homestead farm of 500 
acres that belonged to his grandfather. Children: 

i. Mary Ella Kirby, b. March 6, 1855; not married. . 
ii. Charles Craig Kirby, b. Sept. 15, 1857; m., Dec. 19, 1882, 
Henrietta King, b. 1862, dau. of Isaac Smith and Melissa 
Groat. They have one child: 

I. Olive Jennie Kirby, b. May 6, 1890. 
iii. Edward Guthrie Kirby, b. !\Iarch 23, 1867; m., Aug. 25, 
1890, Effie Cable, b. 1869, dau. of Theodore Cable and 
Mary Landers. Children: 

1. Arthur Theodore Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1892. 

2. Margaret Craig Kirby, b. May 20, 1895. 

3. Henry Landers Kirby, b. March 30, 1898. 

52. George Frederick^ Kirby (Philo*, Reuben', Joseph*, 
Roger', John-, Joseph^), born May 22, 1836. in Bainbridge, X. Y. 
He graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, 
N. Y., as a civil engineer in the class of 1857. From that time 
until 1861 he was in the employ of the Mobile, and Ohio R. R., 
engaged in construction work, with head-quarters at Corinth, 
Miss. In the autumn of 1861 he removed to lov.-a, where he had 
charge of building what is now called the Chicago and North- 
western R. R. across the State of Iowa. He also had charge of 
the shops at Clinton, la., and built the bridge over the Mississippi 
at that place. After the completion of the railroad, he was for 
some vears engineer and superintendent of the Iowa Division of 
the road. Subsequently he located at Marshalltown, la., and en- 
gaged in banking and in developing the extensive quarries of the 
Le Grand Quarry Company of Marshall County, la. He is now 
living in Marshalltown, la.; is President of the Fidelity Savings 
Bank, also President of the Le Grand Quarry Company. 



iir-'.'. ■; .III 

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w r»' tvn.-^j -.- , .mi>^];tjm i j B H i|i|| ii; n ^.-bi,| i "w^^w-i— a7i kj i MWi i ii i .| ^ m ii||ii . M J Htf ^ l 




Mr. George F. Kirby married, June 3, 1868, Jennie Reed, born 
Aug. II, 1845, daughter of Christopher Reed and Mary Jane 
Ward. No children. 

[Christopher Reed, born March 8, 1793; died ^Islv 2, 1864, in 
Ames, Montgomery County, N. Y. ; married, Aug. 19, 1844, Mary 
Jane Ward. He was the son of Colonel Enoch Reed of Lyme, 
Ct., flnd Phorbe Peck. Colonel Enoch Reed was a Revolutionary 
soldier; was Second Lieutenant in Colonel Samuel Parsons' regi- 
ment, the Tenth Continental, from Jan. i until Dec. 31, 1776; 
commissioned Captain-Lieutenant, Jan. i, 1777, in the First Regi- 
ment Connecticut Line; promoted to be Captain of the same, June 
20, 1779, and served continually as Captain of the First and 
Fourth Connecticut Line until the end of the war, retiring with 
the army, June, 1783. See " Record of the Serv^ices of Connecti- 
cut Men in the War of the Revolution," pp. 99, 146, 338, 359; 
also " Flistorical Register of Officers of the Continental Army," 
p. 342, by F. B. Heitman.] 

49. Pliny® Kirby (Reuben^, Joseph*, Roger^, John-, Joseph^), 
born 1805, i" Bainbridge, N. Y. ; married Clarissa Bennett, daugh- 
ter of Phineas and Sophia Bennett of Bennettsville, Chenango 
County, N. Y. He died Jan. i, 1878, in Bainbridge, N. Y. cfa- 
rissa Bennett Kirby died Dec, 1884. Children: 

i. William R. Kirby, b. Dec. 19, 1832, in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; 
m. Alletta Saxe, b. Oct. 14, 1834, dau. of John P. 
Saxe of Catskill, N. Y. No children. 
ii. Milton B. Kirby, b. ; graduated from Union Col- 
lege in 1861; enlisted in the L^nion Army, and was 
killed, Nov. 14, 1862, in the battle of Fredericksbursr, 
iii. Harrison P. Kirby, b. March 31, 1836, in Bainbridge, 
N. Y. ; m. . He is a farmer in Norway, Her- 
kimer County, N. Y. Children: 

1. Kenneth Kirby, b. Nov. 12, 1887. 

2. Pliny Kirby, b. Jan., 1890. 

3. Ruth Kirby. 

53. iv. Josephine Kirby, b. April 25, 1841; m. Weston Evans. 

53. Josephine^ Kirby (Pliny*, Reuben', Joseph*, Roger'. 
John-, Joseph^), born April 25, 1841, in Bainbridge, N. Y.; mar- 
ried G. Weston Evans, born June 28, 1S32, in Bainbridge, N. Y., 
son of Ansel Evans and Gratia Redfield, both of Bainbridge, 


nf ,4-. 

.* ."'••■■'!! 

.-rft 5n? 

" O-if. 

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j;. Mi:: I F.<?.h 


■i'.p^of .vi .^^ 

^I fcil:"!;.' 


N. Y. He was a farmer in Bainbridge, N. Y., until 1878, when he 
went to the Indian Resen'ation in Oregon under Government 
employ. In iSSi he removed with his family to Parkersburg, 
\V. Va., and since that time he has been engaged in teaching. 
He removed in 1891 to Vancouver, Wash., and was principal of 
the High School of that city. Children born in Bainbrids:e, 
N. Y.: 

i. Katharine Evans, b. Nov. 12, 1864; m., June 21, 1SS7, 
Richard Batten of Courtland, Va., b. April 6, 1852, 
in Isle of Wight County, Va., son of Clements Batten 
and Elizabeth Callcote, sister of Col. Callcote, C. S. A., 
who was killed at Gettysburg. One child: 

I. Richard McAllister Batten, b. Dec. 19, 1895, in 
Courtland, Va. 
64. ii. Clarissa Evans, b. Aug. 20, 1866; m. Rev. Arthur Clif- 
ford Kimber. 
iii. Milton Evans, b. Aug. 17, 1868; not married. 
iv. Gratia Evans, b. July 29, 1874. 

64. Clarissa^ Evans Qosephine Kirby^, Pliny^, Reuben', Jo- 
seph*), born Aug. 20, 1866, in Bainbridge, N. Y.; married, June 
12, 1894, Rev. Arthur Clifford Kimber, born Nov. 5, 1844, in 
New Hamburg, N. Y., son of Arthur C. Kimber and Elizabeth 
Card. He was graduated from St. Stephen's College, 1866; tutor 
St. Stephen's College, 1866-68; acting Professor of Mathematics, 
1869; graduated from the General Theological Seminary, New 
York City, 1871. He was ordained Deacon in the Protestant 
Episcopal Church, July 2, 1871, and ordained Priest by Bishop 
H. Potter, May 26, 1872. He received the degree of S.f.D. from 
St. Stephen's College, 1886. Since 1872 he has been the Vicar 
of St. Augustine's Chapel, Trinity Parish, New York City. 

[Arthur C. Kimber, born May 10, 181 1, in Buthrop, Eastleach 
Martine, England; died April 22, 1881, in Newtown, N. Y., was 
the son of John Kimber and Mary Pegler, both of Buthrop, Eng- 
land. His wife, Elizabeth, was bom April 10, 1817, in Bruton, 
England, daughter of Clark Card and Mary Biss, both of Bru- 
ton, England, and of Newtown, N. Y.] 
Children : 

i. John Evans Kimber, b. March 14, 1895, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ii. Arthur Cliflford Kimber, b. March 29, 1896, in Bay\-ille, 
N. Y. 

iii. George Card Kimber, b. July 4, 1898, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


/ .'/ 

T ■^ju::irlis'A 

■'■''' f 

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ir:-:::n J^.v :«'v- , •; j . 

;/OJll; ! ,.;!i 

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■A .^^^ V-, 

.7' A 



Richard Kirby of Sandwich, Mass., first appears upon the 
records of New England in 1636 as an inhabitant of Lynn, Mass. 
In 1637, together with William Wood and others of Lynn, he 
removed to Cape Cod, and began the settlement of the town of 
Sandwich. He is mentioned as a neighbor by Thomas Hampton 
of Sandwich in his will, dated March, 1638, and the same year 
he, with others, was fined for having swine unringed. He shared 
in the division of new lands in 1641. His name appears in the 
list made in Aug., 1643, of the sixty-eight inhabitants of Sand- 
wich who were able to bear arms. He was one of the eleven male 
members whose names are found on the first recorded list of 
members of the Puritan Church of Sandw^ich. In 1651 he was 
presented, with others, for non-attendance on public worship. 
There v/as trouble at this time in the church between the Rev. 
Mr. Leveridge and his people, and Richard Kirby may have sim- 
ply stood aloof from the contestants. In the autumn of 1656, 
Nicholas Upsiall, a puritan of Boston who had been exiled for 
protesting against the imprisonment of Mary Fisher, the first 
" Quaker " to appear in Boston, found a temporary refuge in 
Sandwich. The Plymouth records of this date contain a com- 
plaint that, " Nicholas Upsiall, Richard Kirby and the wife of 
John Newland, and others, did frequently meet together at the 
house of William Allen in Sandwich on the Lord's day and other 
times. They used to invey against ministers and magistrates to 
dishonor God and contempt of government." (Plymouth Court 
Orders, HI., p. 105.) So far as we know, the names contained 
in the above record are those of the first persons in this country 
to embrace the principles of the Friends. Yet it is not certain 
that Richard Kirby ever became a member of the Society of 
Friends. The Sandwich church was " the most bigoted and in- 
tolerant in the Colony," and he may have associated with the 


. •• : j;;-; ^; i ;I .f) /•, i:ni;-i 


:;. "" -.(Ui;,/'i '; 


; in ?b-;.v 

r'- .'.,■. 'A • 


■ ' h : . ■ 

I'll.". : ■ 'c- 


fir m J.,;.s\,^ • 

■'• ;■: oi b^u 


: :-:-'vr;' 1 ■::, 

:•; ::-■ i. i'l^i^ • 


;'.*;i jv/r- - .' 

■ '! ■'..•.' J . ' i 

1 .>:-'J:^0 

.-1 •-;: i:- ••-.■., 

. ' ;,-. b;.i-^-^ :;' 

;;;> Cflj f:i 

, . .(i-n'-o -K-J ->' 

'•:■■• Iff!. > <';j 

; :.-":i";:-'- 

■; ■■ • V'l'i .'^ ; ■- '. 

'■ ^: ■:; :,a ,_■;:■. 

;!■ 'o''' --M : 




" Quakers " out of sympathy for the cause of religious liberty. 
It is known that in 1684 he took the " oath of fidelity," and neither 
his name nor that of his sou Richard appears as a member in the 
church records of the Friends. Between 165S and 1660 the Sand- 
wich Quakers suffered in fines to the amount of ±679, and of this 
amount Richard Kirby and his son paid £57 12s. Some time after 
1660 he removed to Dartmouth, }^lass. In November, 1670. he 
purchased from Sarah Warren one-half of Thomas ^Molton's 
share of land in Dartmouth. ('" Oiiginal Proprietors of Dart- 
mouth," Vol. I., p. 13.) In 1683 he purchased of Zechariah Jen- 
kins land in Dartmouth, on the east side of Cocksett River, at a 
place called Xasquamskiesett. The only records concerning him 
in the town records relate to his taking the freeman's oatii, or 
'* oath of fidelity.'' In the Dartmouth Town Records for 1684 it 
is recorded that " Richard Kirby, Senior," and fourteen others, 
who are also named, " took oath of fidelity." In May, 16S6, it is 
also recorded that forty-five names were reported to the town 
meeting as having taken the oath of fidelity, and among these 
names is that of " Richard Kirby, Senior." 

The name of his wife is unknov.-n. Her first name was probably 
Jane. There is a Sandwich record that Jane Kirby had twin chil- 
dren. Increase and Abigail, born February, 1650, who died soon 
after, and that the mother was buried, together with her son 
Richard, March 2^, 1650. The mention of " her son Richard," 
however, throws some doubt upon the matter, and suggests the 
suspicion that she may have been the wife of Richard Kirbv, Jr. 
Nevertheless, the circumstance of having two living children of 
the same name is not unprecedented, and a daughter of Richard 
Kirby, Sr., was named Jane. Since this daughter was married 
in Sept., 165 1, it is probable that her mother was married before 
1635, perhaps in Lynn, Mass., but more probably in England. 

Richard Kirby, Sr., died in Dartmouth, Mass., after May, 1686, 
and before July 21, 1688, as the following agreement shows; 

To all people to whom these presents shall come, greeting:— Whereas 
Richard Kerby, formerly of Dartm.outh in the County of Bristol! in the 
Colony of New Plymouth in New England, sometime more than nineteen 
years since died intestate and left some personal estate undisposed of, he 
having before his death given and disposed of his lands unto his two sons, 
viz; to his son Richard Kerby, now of Dartmouth aforesaid, one quarter 
of a share of lands throughout the said town of Dartmouth, both divided 
and undivided, and one other quarter of a share unto his other son Recom- 
pence Kerby, then of Dartmouth aforesaid, and which was enjoyed and 


""J , . f -,,. 

; rTliJ'Dli:.. 3,1? ,; 

Ml ,-?. 'v-v::r ,i^ "ijij^ 5':oh)d bet 

■V, , ;■.;, ;i«t« ni.. 


possessed by his slid sons sometime before and at the time of his death 
of the said Ricliard Kerby their deceased father. Now know ye therefore 
that we, Richard Kerby the son of said deceased, and Sarah Allen and 
Ruhamath Smith both of Dartmouth, widows, and both daughters of said 
deceased, together with the said Recompence Kerby our brother then ot 
said Dartmouth, and Jane Lounders our sister then of Sandwich in the 
County of Barnstable now deceased, did all mutually agree unto and di- 
vided the personal estate of our said deceased father after his death to and 
amongst ourselves, agreeing and concluding that the said Richard Kerby 
and Recompence our two brothers aforesaid should have and enjoy the 
lands aforesaid to them their heirs and assignes forever, which said agree- 
ment and settlement of the said estate of our said deceased father, we the 
said Richard Kerby the son, and Sarah Allen and Ruhamath Smith the 
daughters now surviving of the said Richard Kerby, do hereby ratify and 
confirm for us and every of us by tliese presents and for our heirs and 
executors and administrators and every of them forever. 

In testimony whereof we the said Richard Kerby the son, and Sarah 
Allen and Ruhamath Smith the daughters, of said deceased, hereunto set 
our hands and seals this twenty one day of July in the sixth year of His 
Maj. Reign, Anno Domini 1707. 
In presence of 

Henery Rowland. Richard Kerbey. 

Samuel !Marehu. Sarah Allen. 

The children of Richard Kirby, Sr., according to the above 
agreement, were: 

i. Jane Kirby, b. ; d. before July 21, 1707; m., July 2, 

165 1, Thomas Lounders of Sandwich, Mass. They 
probably had a daughter Tabitha, who married Reu- 
ben Wait. 

2. ii. Sarah Kirby, b. 1638; d. after July 21, 1707; m. Matthew 


3. iii. Ruhamah Kirby, b. ; d. after July 21, 1707; m. John 


4. iv. Richard Kirby, b. ; d. 1720; m. (i) Patience GifTord; 

ra. (2) Widow Abigail Rowland. 

5. V. Recompence Kirby, b. ; d. 1720; m, Rebecca A-bt-t-v-v. 

2. Sarah^ Kirby (Richard^), born 1638 (" One Hundred and 
Sixty Allied Families"); died after July 21, 1707, the date of 
the agreement between the children of Richard Kirby; married, 
June 5, 1657 (Leonard manuscript*), in Sandwich, Mass., ^Lit- 

*The Hon. Elisha Leonard of New Bedford died about 1894 and left 
a manuscript volume of about 800 pages containing genealogical records 
of all he could obtain from the town records of Dartmouth and Westport, 


f>i aHAH->r« ^c^ exvi. 

-; h 


i nT 

'i- --^u/i *ij.;.iii 


thew Allen, born about 1629; died 1695, son of George Allen of 

Children (" One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," by 
John Osborne Austin): 

i. Dorothy ATIen, b. April 8, 1659; m. John Colvin of Dart- 
mouth, Mass. She died after Jan., 1700, and he married 
(2), May 30, 1726, Mary Kent. Children: 

1. Anna Colvin, b. March 26, 1679. 

2. John Colvin, b. April 19, 1681; m. (i) Lydia ; 

m. (2), Nov. 21, 1734, Mar>-, widow of Charles 
Dyer of Providence; m. (3) Margaret Lapham. 
. 3. Stephen Colvin, b. Sept. 24, 1683. 

4. Abigail Colvin, b. July 28, 1686. 

5. Samuel Colvin, b. Dec. 10, 1688. 

6. Amy Colvin, b. Oct. 31, 1690; m. Peter Roberts. 

7. Deborah Colvin, b. May 28, 1693. 

8. James Colvin, b. Nov. 24, 1695. 

9. Josiah Colvin, b. Jan. 6, 1700. 

ii. Miriam Allen, b. June, 1661; d. April, 1732; m., before 
Feb., 1688, James Easton, b. Feb. 23, 1662; d. March 2^, 
1697, son of Gov. John Easton of Rhode Island and 
Mehitable Gaunt. (Gov. John Easton, b. 1624; d. Feb. 
2, 1705, was the second son of Gov. Nicholas Easton of 
Rhode Island; bapt. Feb. 24, 1597, at Woolborough, 
Co. Devon, England. See "Western Antiquary" for 
Oct., 1886.) Children: Stephen, Nicholas, Mary, Mehit- 
able, Sarah, Peter, Alice, and Ruth. 

Hi. Deborah Allen, b. May i, 1663. 

iv. Samuel Allen, b. Feb., 1666; d. March 31, 1699; not married. 
V. Mary Allen, b. Nov., 1668. 

vi. Hassadyah Allen, b. April 2, 1671 ; d. June 10, 1677. 

vii. Matthew Allen, b. June 10, 1677; m.. May 2, 1700 (Vital 
Stat, of R. I.), Phoebe , b. Sept. 13, 1677. Chil- 

dren (Leonard) : 

1. Rosa Allen, b. Sept. 24, 1701. 

2. Caleb Allen, b. Feb. 27, 1703. 

3. Ruhamah^ Kirby (Richard^), born ; died after July 21, 

1707; married, as second wife, Lieutenant John Smith of Dart- 

and from the monthly meeting records of the Friends. This manuscript 
was offered to the City of New Bedford for $3,500, and is now kept in the 
New Bedford City Library. 



:-i A^ 

^ '•\ t r- 


A •\- • 

■. ■ /^ a >' 

,. -V 

'<' i! 

" ; :"' 

-.0; nyo 


.in [o''v> 

f 'A t':-,,: 

.,o;t , 

■ '.I'C' 

..'■■.: . .,.. 

.' .'Xi 



■:■■ r,a\ 

^ s- 


mouth, Mass., born 1618; died Jan. 15, 1692. He was at Plymouth 
as early as 1629, for there is a Plymouth court order, dated Jan. 
2, 1633-34, relieving him from his bond to Edward Doty at the 
expiration of five years of apprenticeship, which indicates that he 
was bound to Edward Doty when ten or eleven years of age. 
Nothing, however, has been learned of his parentage. He was 
known at Plymouth as John Smith, Jr., and as " the boattes- 
man." In May, 1653, he accompanied Captain Thomas Willett 
in an expedition against the " Dutch at Monhatoes " in a barque 
of which George Watson was the master. He was admitted free- 
man June 5, 1 65 1, and he took the oath of fidelity May 4, 1657. 
The same year, June 3, he is recorded as " Deputy that served at 
this Court." In 1658 he was fined for absenting himself from 
public worship, and in 1660 was twice fined for " permitting 
Quaker meetings at his house." He removed about 1665 to Dart- 
mouth, Mass. In the deed of land at Dartmouth which he re- 
ceived from Edward Doty, dated Oct. 16, 1665, he is said to be 
" now residing in the town of Dartmouth." He was, in ifj2, 
one of the three surveyors of highways in that town, and the same 
year was appointed by the Plymouth Court to investigate and 
settle a dilterence between John Cook and the town of Dartmouth. 
He was appointed, March 4, 1673-74, " to be the Lieftenant of the 
Military company of Dartmouth, and Jacob Mitchell to be ensign 
bearer of the said company." (See Court Orders, Vol. V., p. 96; 
also Old Colony Printed Records, Vol. V., p. 138. These were 
the first military officers that were appointed by the Plymouth 
Court for the town of Dartmouth. A lieutenant was at that time 
the highest military officer in the town.) In 1677, together with 
John Cook and John Russell, he was appointed by the Plymouth 
Court to distribute the £22 fund donated by " divers Christians in 
Ireland for the relief of such as are impoverished, distressed and 
in necessitie by the late Indian war," and the following year the 
same court authorized him, naming him as " Lieftenant John 
Smith," together with John Russell and John Cook, "in. his 
Majestie's name to call the town together to make such rates as 
are requisite." He is one of those mentioned in the town records, 
Dec. 10, 1684, as having taken the oath of fidelity. He died in 
Dartmouth, Jan. 15, 1692, in the seventy-fourth year of his age. 
Lieutenant John Smith married, first, Jan. 4, 1648-49, Deborah 
Howland, daughter of Arthur Howland, by whom he had five 
children, viz., Hassadyah, John, Josiah, Eleazer, and Hezekiah. 
His wife Deborah died after Oct. 16, 1665. 


■■•>:• ..■<] I t' 

t !»>',; ■■: ~^Cin "'.' 


'l:\ .< DlTI;:: 


<i •■ [ 

M'^;riK.r;:;i, -i-t-^/ ).;J, ,-:-:-'■"- -^v.Vi:.:: v-<?S<h 
. ...i:'3;I A . 'mj ■:;,.. sC ](■ n-'.;) :-': r.,! h;»cO 

..■ ;i' I'.i. .-,:■: v^; ■' ._"'•;■•.•:..,;;;.; • r?iri'^t)' 

r^f.^^5^ninT^,;: ,...:■'- r: ; ivjjtjr ^..-v; :i..i.c 



0' ■■^ 


Children of Lieutenant Jolin Smith and Ruhamah Kirby: 

i. DeHverance Smith, b. ; d. 'Jime-' 30, 1729; m. Mary 

. He was one of the selectmen of Dartmouth in 

1708, and was imprisoned in that year for refusing to 
collect the tax for the maintenance of a " hireling min- 
ister." His widow, Mary, died Aug. 19, 1776 (?). Their 
children were: . j-.r,^ . { '^^ 

1. John Smith, b. May 11, 1693. V'"'^ 

2. Deborah Smith, b. May 13, 1695; m. (2), July- 20, 

1716, Eliezer Slocum of Dartmouth, b. Jan. 20, 
1693-4, son of Eliezer Slocum, They had a son, 
Humphrey, b. Feb. 18, 1730, whose daughter, 
Anna (or Amy), married George Kirby. Sec 
subsequent page. 

3. Ann Smith, b. Oct. 16, 1696; m., April 30, Beriah 


4. Alice Smith, b. Aug. 29, 1698; d. Oct. 22, 17S3. 

* 5. Peleg Smith, b. ]March 2y, 1700; m. Mary How- 

land, dau. of Nathaniel Howland of Dartmouth. 

6. George Smith, b. June 27, 1701; m., Jan. 31, 1726, 

Elizabeth Allen. 

7. Hope Smith, b. Nov. 23, 1703; m., Dec, 20, 1729, 

Thom^as Briggs. 

8. Humphrey Smith, b. Feb. 13, 1705; d. Nov. 4, 1777; 

m., April I, 1 73 1, Mary Willcox, dau. of Jere- 
miah Willcox and Mary Mallett. They had a 
son, Henry, b. July 22, 1738; d. Dec. 9, iSoi, 
who married. May 4, 1763. Cynthia Wood, and 
was the great-grandfather (Collins®, Tucker'^) of 
H. H. H. Crapo Smith of Detroit, Mich., b. Jan, 
9, 1828, from whom has been received this ac- 
count of the descendants of Ruhamah Kirby. 

9. Mary Smith, b. Nov. 14, 1706-7; m., Feb. i, 1732, 

John Goddard. 
10. Abigail Smith, b, Feb, 10, 1709; m, Thomas Briggs. 

ii. Gershom Smith, b. ; d. April 3, 1718; m., June 6, 1695, 

Rebecca Ripley, dau. of Abraham Ripley, the son of 
William Ripley of Hingham, Mass. 

iii, Judah Smith, b. ; d. Oct. 9, 1733; m. Mary . His 

name appears among those who subscribed. Nov. 6, 169S, 
toward the building of a Friends' meeting-house in Dart- 
mouth, Mass, Their children were: 


•"Uf ri cr A IT '% T a cf A :J> '*" ■'^f ,f,. 

;.\^ .S'i -/1:;( 

-^•-^^ ■"•^ .r. 


'VI - 


1. Content Smith, b. March 23, 1697. 

2. Susanna Smith, b. Dec. 28, 1699; perhaps married 

Stephen Colvin, son of John Colvin. 

3. Richard Smith, b. March 7, 1702; m., Dec. 24, 1731, 

Dorothy, dau. of Stokes Potter. 

4. WilHam Smith, b. Aug. 10, 1705; d. Aug. 16, 1719. 

5. Meribah Smith, b. July 5, 1706. 

6. Michael Smith, b. Dec. 26, 1708-9. 

iv. Eliashib Smith, b. ; m., June 24, 1704, Dinah Allen, 

dau. of Francis Allen (son of George) and Mary Barlow. 
Their children were: 

1. Francis Smith, b. Oct. 13, 1706. 

2. John Smith, b. June 29, 1708. 

3. Rachel Smith, b. Jan. 2, 1712; m., March 14, 1740, 

George Allen, son of William Allen. 

4. Joseph Smith, b. Jan. 17, 1714; d. Jan. 9, 17S5. 
V. Hannah Smith. 

vi. Sarah Smith. 
vii. Deborah Smith. 

viii. Mehitable Smith, b. ; m., July 17, 16 — (record oblit- 
erated), John Russell of Dartmouth, son of John and 
Dorothy Russell. His will, dated March 20, 1695-96, 
and probated April 16, 1696, mentions " my son John, 
my brother Jonathan's son Jonathan, and my brother 
Joseph's son John." Mehitable, his widow, married (2), 
March 14, 1705, Burrell. One child by her first 

I. John Russell, b. June 16, 1686; m., May 21, 1726, 
Joanna Tucker, dau. of Abraham Tucker. 
Children: (i) John, b. March 10, 1728; (2) Job, 
b. July 14, 1731; (3) Hannah, b. June 12, 1732; 
(4) Mehitable, b. Jan. 13, 1735; (5) Jacob, b. 
April 2, 1737. 

4. Richard^ Kirby (Richard^), born probably before 1638, 
since he should have been of age in 1658, when he refused to take 
the oath of fidelity. The same year he was fined twenty shillings 
for refusing to assist marshal Barlow in the execution of the duties 
of his office. In 1660 he was fined five pounds for repetition of 
this ofTence. His name is found among the twenty-four inhab- 
itants of Sandwich, who, in Oct., 1660, were each fined ten shillings 
for attending Quaker meetings. Together with his father he suf- 


■;:^\f .Q: 

4f'/-L ■.■-■i\r^-iyJ 
7/ ^fl'i .;:; •^ viijjio'J. 

A^-' L- :■ ■•■■ 

1.; aj:i..i'i 

n a \h<iA 


fered the distraint of fifteen cows to satisfy fines imposed amount- 
ing to i57 I2S. " He was evidently of the sterner stuff of re- 
formers, ahead of the time in which he lived, and acted fully up 
to that line, regardless of personal consequences." (G. A. Hinck- 
ley of Barnstable, Mass.) 

Richard Kirhy, Jr., was married, Oct. 9, 1665, to Patience, 
daughter of William GifTord of Sandwich, Mass. He afterward 
removed to Dartmouth, Mass. His wife Patience died some time 
after May 20, 1674, and he married (2), Dec. 2, 1678, Abigail, 
widow of Zoeth Howland, son of Henry Howland of Duxbur>% 
who had been killed by the Indians at Pocasset, March 26, 1676, 
leaving nine children. There is no record of any child by this 
second marriage; yet, inasmuch as he mentions in his will "my 
granddaughter Remember Potter," it may be that he had one 
child, a daughter, by his second wife, who married a Potter. His 
will is dated Jan. 30, 1707-8, and was probated April 4, 1720. It 
is assumed, therefore, that he died in 1720. Since his wife Abigail 
is not mentioned in his will, it is probable that she died before 1708. 

Will of Richard Kirby, Jun. of Dartmouth, Mass. — 

To all people to whom these presents shall come, I Richard Kirbey of 
Dartmouth aforesaid in the County of Bristol, in the Province of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay in New England, do hereby manifest and declare that I being 
sound in my understanding, I have considered the infirmities of my body 
and knowing it is appointed for all men once to dye, do make this my last 
will and testament for the dispossing of my worldly estate, hereby revoking 
and declaring null and void all and every other will or wills, testament or 
testaments by me made whether in word or writing and this is to be taken 
for my last will. 

Imprs. I Vi-ill that after my decease, my daughter Temperance Kirbey 
shall have all my lands, both meadows and uplands, my whole right of 
lands which I bought of John Wiborn to be and remain unto her my said 
daughter Temperance Kirbey her heirs and assigns forever. And allso a 
bed and beding and then a full quarter part of all my personal estate or 
moveables, allso ten pounds of money to be payd by my son Robert Kirbey 
and is due to my heirs and survivors by a bond which the said Robert 
Kirbey has given me and will be of force after my decease. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son John Kirbey and my daughter 
" " Meshior wife of John Meishor and daughter Sarah Merihew 

wife of Samuel Merihew all the rest of my personal estate or moveables 
that is not before disposed of to be equally divided amongst them three. 
Allso five pounds a piece in money to be payd by my son Robert Kirbey 
five years after my decease, that is to say, the money and the moveables 
or personal estate to be " " at my decease, and the money is due 

to my survivors as I shall order or appoint from my said son Robert Kirbey 
as is mentioned in the aforesaid bond. 


rjr^>th,\ c f . t)^^ ,[,:h ic.\' .. 

i • L . . 

<:« ' 


I .-r-. 


..2 lo 


*>. ' ( 


<.->• bi . "( - if n. !3)noii.'?r- m -j; 


Item, I give to my grand-daugnter Remember Potter fifty shillings in 
money to be payd five years after my decease by my aforesaid son Robert 
Kirbey and is part of the money expressed in the bond aforesaid. 

Item, I give and bequeath to all the rest of my grand-children that are 
living at my decease, five shillings a piece to be payd allso five years after 
my decease by my said son Robert Kirbey of the money mentioned in the 
sd bond. And all the rest and residue of the money contained in said 
bond, be it more or less, I give and bequeath unto my said son Robert 
Kirbey whom I make my whole and sole executor of this my last will and 

In Witness whereof I, the sd. Richard Kirbey have hereunto sett my 
hand and seal the thirtyeth day of January 1707-8. 

Richard Kirbey X Seal 
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the 
aforesd. Richard Kirbey, in presence of us, 
George Cadman. 
Peleg Tripp. 
William White. 

The children of Richard Kirby and Patience Gifford were : 
i. Sarah Kirby, b. May i, 1667 (" One Hundred and Sixty 
Allied F'amilies ") ; m. Samuel Merihew of Dartmouth, 
son of Jonathan Merihew. He was constable of Dart- 
•^ mouth in 1719. His will, dated Sept. 29, 1733, makes 
no mention of wife or children. He names his father 
Jonathan " Merithew," his sister Mary Merithew, his 
sister Grace Burlingham, " my sisters Desire, Susanna 
and Dinah," his brother Roger Merithew, and his 
brother Jeremiah Merithew. He gives to his father all 
his real and personal property. It may therefore be 
assumed that his wife w^as dead and that he had no 
ii. Experience Kirby, b. May 5, 1670 (" One Hundred and 
Sixty Allied Families"); m., March 5, 1692, John 
Mosher of Dartmouth, b, 1668, son of Hugh Mosher 
and Rebecca Harndel.' She died March 5, 1745 (" Gif- 
ford Genealogy"), and her husband Aug. i, 1737 (or 
1739). Children: 

1. Robert Mosher, b. Oct. 12, 1693; m., 1743, Sarah 

Lawton, dau. of George and Mary Lawton. 
Children: (i) John, b. 1744; (2) Experience; 
(3) Susanna; (4) Amos; (5) George, b. 1753. 

2. Hannah Mosher, b. Nov. 9, 1696; d. soon. 


-* '■ji^H:"'f' 


.^:i •?..'.;. J v: '..!,/■ 

^i :v';^i':or 

')!■ '! vii: irJ": ^:'^ br-f;n 

•■■'..7 :n:.,,;// 

r>4'.n -'>M. 

iiCI !':ts 

:''v:'.'j. ji 

:..I -.- 

.u .:..kU' 


3. .'a'ieiiO? ' [osher, b. March 30, 1698. 

4. Ai.!.'.- . 'iosher, b. Sept. 21, 1699. 

5. John . osher, b. 2^Iarch 12, 1703; m. Hannah '-. 

6. Hannah Mosher, b. March 13, 171 2. 

7. Sarah Moslier, b. ; m., Aug. 22, 1731, Ben- 

jamin Davol, son of Joseph Davol. 
iii. Temperance Kirby, b. May 5, 1670, twin ("' One Hundred 
and Sixty Allied Families "); m., as second \vite, March 
22, 1721, George Pierce of Little Compton, R. I., b. 
July 10, 1662; d. Aug. 30, 1752, son of Richard Pierce 
of Portsmouth, R. I. His first v/ife was Alice Hart. 
Temperance Kirby Pierce died Feb. 5, 1761. (Leon- 
ard.) Xo children. 

6. iv. John Kirby, b. March 2, 1672 ('" One Hundred and Sixty 

A.llied Families "); m. Rebecca Mosher. 

7. V. Robert Kirby, b. May 10, 1674; m. Rebecca Potter. 

6. John^ Kirby (Richard-, Richard^) of Dartmouth, ?vlas5., 
born March 2, 1672, probably in Dartmouth, Mass. He married 
Rebecca Mosher, born 1668, daughter of Hugh Mosher and Re- 
becca Harndel. The Dartmouth Town Records of this period are 
lost, but the proprietary records contain the following confirma- 
tion of his marriage: " May 28, 1713; — Hugh Mosher of Dart- 
mouth for love and good will for my daughter Rebecca wife of 
John Kirby of Dartmouth, and for other good cause, have sold to 
my dau, Rebecca and her husband John Kirby all of my 40 acres 
of land on East side of Coakseti River and joining land of my 
dau. Hannah Cornell, it being a part of the 800 acres to a share 
conveyed by the purchase of Dartmouth." He lived in that. part 
of the town of Dartmouth known as Ponagansett, for the pro- 
prietary records state that, ''July 7, 171 1, was laid out John 
Kirby's homestead 167 acres on West side of Paschamansett 
River in Ponaganset village." Here probably he erected and 
operated a saw-mill, for the proprietary records also state that, 
"July 13, 1715, land was set ofif to John Kirby for a saw-mill." 
Pie was constable for Dartmouth in 1707 and 1708. He died 
about 1730. His daughter Elizabeth deeded land to her brother 
Richard Kirby, and in the deed, dated July 15, 1731, describes 
herself as " daughter of John Kirby now deceased." His will, 
dated July 2, 1724, and approved , mentions his wife Re- 
becca, his daughter Sarah Winslow% and each of his other nine 
children by name. The date of his wife's death is unknown. 


■'-■''"'iin^T Ail 


'MJOT i^v 

vM>T ^.rfcT .9 

vnrni-.' : >:.-'>'30 

:,--. .. r :::i;i 




.ri7;t>n;-in;; '■- ' ■ ! ^ f";'*. 



Children of John Kirby and Rebecca Mosher (Dartmouth 
Town Records): 

8. i. Richard Kirby, b. Dec. 27, 1695; m. Mary Merihew. 
ii. John Kirby, b. Feb. 3, 1697; m., Nov. 24, 1733, Mary 

Kenny. His marriage record speaks of him as " of 
Rochester," and nothing further is known concerning 

9. iii. James Kirby, b. Nov. 29, 1699; m. Ann Earl. 

iv. Sarah Kirby, b. Dec. 2, 1701; m., Nov. 25, 1722, Jona- 
than Winslow of Freetown, Mass., son of Job Wins- 
low, (See " Winslow ^Memorial.") 

V. Rebecca Kirby, b. Nov. 28, 1703; m., Oct. 5, 1727, Noah 

vi. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Dec. 21, 1705. Probably not mar- 
vii. Mary Kirby, b. Dec. 16, 1707; m., March 16, 1731, 
Joseph Caswell of Newport, R. I. 
• viii. Thomas Kirby, b. March 8, 1710; m., 1737 (published 
Sept. 24, 1737), Mary Merihew. His name appears 
on the Dartmouth tax list for 1775, and nothing 
more is known concerning him. 

ix. Abigail Kirby, b. Nov. 27, 171 1; m., Sept. 17, 1733, 
William Rider of Rhode Island. 

10. X. William Kirby, b. Dec. 15, 1711; m. Hannah Reed. 

(The date of his birth or that of his sister Abigail 
• must be v/rong. Both dates, however, are so entered 
in the Dartmouth Tov/n Records.) 

8. Richard* Kirby (John^ Richard% Richard^) of Dartmouth, 
Mass., born Dec. 27, 1x95; m.arried, May 19, 1733, Mary Meri- 
hew. The town records of Dartmouth mention Richard Kirby 
as juryman in 1729, 1731, and 1742; also as surveyor of highways 
for Ponaganset village in 1753 and 1754. It is presumed that he 
lived in Ponaganset village. The inventory of his estate v.-as taken 
May 2, 1756, and he probably died the same year. He left two 
children, perhaps others: 

i. Mary Kirby, b. ; was living in 1770; unmarried. 

ii. Richard Kirby, b. ; m., Dec. 15, 1757, Rebecca Winslow 

of Freetown, Mass. He was a man of influence in town 
affairs. He was one of those appointed, Sept., 1774, to 
attend a county congress in Taunton; was also selectman 
in 1779 and 1780, and in the latter year was moderator 

-If,'.-; !0'; 7k!.':doTl .£0';! ,I!i .D3CI ■' ' '"'i ,!7iv-;j^:^fi".i .-jy 

. r 

';ij(!:y;>I /l>'\ ■ 

■;_ ; 

.'•' ^ 




■ ;:^ .:■-. 

. "■ 1 

:-'»; ,. 


'. -■; ■•;r,-;:j-? •; 




< - 

-^T f.-' 

^J. ; 

■■■: .?- 

:.:?T ■■: 

1 Jo 



of the town meeting; yet nothing further has been learned 
concerning him and his descendants, except that he 
probably had a son Richard, who appears with him as 
witness to the will of Ichabod Kirby, dated March 29, 
1788, and signs himself " Richard Kirby, Jun." 

9. James* Kirby Qohn^ Richard^ Richard^) of Dartmouth, 
Mass., bom Nov. 29, 1699; married, Feb. 11, 1725, Ann Earl, 
daughter of Joseph Earl of Dartmouth (son of Ralph Earl) and 
Elizabeth Slocum, daughter of Giles Slocum. Children born 
in Dartmouth: 

i. Joseph Kirby, b. Jan. 8, 1726 (Dartmouth Town Records); 

m., Aug. 17, 1746, at Portsmouth, R. I., Mar>' Crocker. 
ii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. March 2, 1728 (Dartmouth Town 

Records); m., Aug. 21, 1746, at Portsmouth, R. I., Josiah 

Lawton, son of Thomas Lawton. 
iii. John Kirby, b. ; m., July 28, 1758, at Portsmouth, 

R. I., Ruth Perry, dau. of Edward Perry. They had two 

children born in Middletown, R. I.: 

1. John Kirby, b. June 22, 1759. 

2. Ruth Kirby, b. July 18, 1760. She may have been 

the Ruth Kirby who married, June 23, 1774, John 
Badcock, Jr. 

10. William* Kirby Qohn^ RichardS Richard^) of Dartmouth, 
Mass., bom Dec. 15, 171 1; married, Feb. 3, 1737, Hannah Reed. 
Children born in Dartmouth (Dartmouth Town Records, and 
Leonard) : 

i. Robert Kirby, b. Dec. 30, 1737- 
iL Zilpah Kirby, b. June 3, 1739; m., Oct. 14, 1765, Jonathan 

Rider of Dartmouth. (Dartmouth records.) 
iii. Rebecca Kirby, b. Feb. 16, 1742; m., Aug. 20, 1761, Anthony 

Shaw of Newport, R. I. (Dartmouth records.) 
iv. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Aug. 5, 1744; m., 1764 (published Nov. 

18, 1764), Isaiah Peckham, Jr. (Dartmouth records; but 

Leonard gives the name as Josiah.) 
V. William Kirby, b. Dec. 26, 1745; m., March 21, 1769, Alice 

Butts. They had two children, and perhaps others: 

1. Robert Kirby, b. March 10, 1770. 

2. William Kirby, b. ; m., 1799, Lois Straton. 

And probably, 

vi. Hannah Kirby, b. ; m., March 24, 1768, Zebulon Tall- 


r- ...<^.^r 4-... 

■1: ->',.v'i 

■,a' »> n-;-: ,ni 

.iJ-:.l J v; 


-1 -A. 

.'1' ..--/'j-' : >/.(; -' -;'Vr..t-Tbvl !ii <no-v f;oil Hn'.) 
.i'^ ,v.d-r ,:-. ;. ■■: ..rrrt-l-;^ .•.:v ^ ' .,: --^ '^ 07/;iItfW .v 

;i. .1 ,.;f: ;,,-••■ .(' '^tl^^ . rw-.:!! .iv 


man. (In the Dartmouth record she is called " Hannah 
Kirby, Jr.") 

[The following persons, whose names are found in the Dart- 
mouth Town Records, are believed to be the descendants of John 
Kirby and Rebecca Mosher: 

1. Amos Kirby, whose name is found upon the Dartmouth tax 
list for 1775. 

2. Benjamin Kirby, m., Jan. 8, 1767, Eunice Peckham. (Dart- 
mouth record. His name also appears upon the Dartmouth tax 
list for 1764.) 

3. James Kirby " of Dartmouth," m., April i, 1774, Zilphia (or 
Svlvia) Raymond of Rochester. (Dartmouth record.) 

'4. James Kirby, m., Feb. 28, 1780, Catherine Slocum of Tiver- 
ton, R. I. (Dartmouth record.) 

5. James Kirby " of Portsmouth, R. L," m. Lydia Petty, July 
19, 1798. (Dartmouth record.) He may have been son of James 
and Catherine (Slocum) Kirby. 

6. Mary (or Marcy) Kirby, m. John Howland, son of John, 
June 6, 1782. (Dartmouth record.) 

7. Nancy Kirby, " dau. of Silvin," b. Sept. 5, 1763; m., May 19, 
1782, Benjamin Allen, son of Ralph Allen. (Dartmouth record.) 

8. Thomas Kirby of Portsmouth, R. I., m., Aug. 2, 1766, Char- 
ity Perkins. (Dartmouth record.) He may have been son of 
Thomas and Mary (Merihew) Kirby.] 

7. Robert^ Kirby (Richard^, Richard^) of Dartmouth, T^Iass., 
born May 10, 1674; married Rebecca Potter, daughter of Na- 
thaniel Potter (born 1637; died Oct. 20, 1704, son of Nathaniel 
Potter of Portsmouth, R. I.). Little is known concernmg hnn. 
He was a member of the Society of Friends, and lived in that part 
of Dartmouth which afterward became the town of Westport, and 
near the Coaxit, or Noquechuck, River. The Proprietary Records 
of Dartmouth (Vol. I., p. 92) state that, in 1712, 212 acres of land 
were laid out for Robert Kirby's homestead on east side of Coaxit 
River. _This land was next to that owned by George Cadman. 
'He died in 1657. Rebecca, his widow, died in 1773, and her will 
was approved Dec. 21st of that year. Robert Kirby's will, dated 
March 26, 1755, was allowed March 10, 1757- I" his will he 
makes his wife Rebecca his executrix, and orders his sons Ichabod 
Kirby and Recompence Kirby to assist their mother in her office. 
He divides the homestead between his sons Silas Kirby and Robert 
Kirby. He mentions his daughter Barshcba Kirby; also "my 


>• ri ci A " ;• -t T pr rr A jr. y H A^ 

.Til, ,VU'iiiJ^ 

Vr.'.A '); 

.7 ■,'a-,;>i 

•"' "0' j"i' 

:>.■■•;. .f 


:,i ;tra: 

'i ^(:. 


:1; '- 

/^; Jill.. "J 

-X : K,;^ Kid v;:^.v 


grandsons Weston Kirby and Justus Kirby, sons to my son Na- 
thaniel Kirby deceased " ; also his five grandchildren, " the chil- 
dren of my dau. Patience Lawton deceased, namely, Rebecca 
Milk, Mary Duval, Peace Howland, Lidda Lawton, and George 
Lawton." Witnesses: Peter Allen, Nathaniel Howland, Restcome 

Children of Robert and Rebecca Kirby, according to his will, 
arranged in the order of their several marriages: 

i. Patience Kirby, b. ■ ; d. before March 26, 1755; m., 

1722 (1722, lomo., I3da., Friends records), John Law- 
ton of Portsmouth, R. L, son of George Lawton. 
Children, according to Robert Kirby's will: 

1. Rebecca Lawton, b. ; m. Milk. 

2. Mary Lawton, b. ; m. Duval. 

3. Peace Lawton, b. ; m. Howland. 

4. Lidda Lawton. 

5. George Lawton. 

11. ii. Nathaniel Kirby, b. ; m., March 25, 1731, Abigail 


Ichabod Kirby, b. ; m., March i, 1733, Rachel Allen. 

Recompence Kirby, b. ; m., Dec. 16, 1736, Rebecca 


Silas Kirby, b. ; m., Feb. 8, 1742, Elizabeth Russell. 

Robert Kirby, b. ; m., Dec. 13, 1744, Abigail Allen. 

vii. Barsheba Kirby, b. ; not married. 

11. Nathaniel* Kirby (Robert', Richard-, Richard^) of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., born ; married, March 25, 1731, Abigail Rus- 
sell, born June 25, 1712, daughter of James and Rebecca (Hov/- 
land) Russell of Dartmouth. He was a member of the Society 
of Friends. He probably died early in the year 1748. In his will, 
dated Nov. 5, 1747, and approved Aug. 21, 1748, he speaks of 
himself as " being very sick and weak in body " ; mentions his 
wife Abigail, his " two sons," Weston Kirby and Justus Kirby, 
between whom he divides the homestead farm, and " mv three 
daughters," Rebecca Kirby, Lydda Kirby, and Mary Kirby. Wit- 
nesses: Benjamin Tripp, Nathaniel Tripp, Restcome Sanford. 

The Dartmouth Town Records state that Nathaniel Kirby and 
Abigail Russell were published, 2mo, 22, 1730, and were married 
2mo. 22, 1 73 1, but the records of the Friends' monthly meetings in 
Dartmouth contain the original marriage certificate. This states 
that they were married " the twenty-fifth day of the first month 











iii;.;-j.'\ „if,';i ,,:-:^ ;o-b.;A 

cf'. -: 

/ . i,-:Pii^.^ 

^h: lU.v. 

'•'■"' ■^i',\ ' < 

.. ...'-iii: 

islno" fii-i 


^:: :»:^v/ v- 

. . !;5,iJ 


called March in the year according to English account one thou- 
sand seven hundred and thirty-one." 

As a matter of interest to the descendants of Nathaniel and 
Abigail Kirby, as well as on account of the signatures attached 
to it, this certificate is here given entire: 

Whereas Nathaniel Kirby son of Robert Kirby of Dartmouth in the 
County of Bristol in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Eng- 
land, and Abigail Russell the daughter of James Russell of the town and 
County aforesaid, having declared their intentions of taking each other 
in marriage, before several public meetings of the People called Quakers 
in Dartmouth according to the good order used among them, whose 
proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof with regard 
unto the Righteous law of God and example of his people Recorded in 
the Scriptures of Truth, in that case was allowed by said Meetings, they 
appearing clear of all others and having consent of Parents and others 
concerned. Now these are to Certify all whom it may concern that for 
the full accomplishing of the said intentions this twenty-fifth day of the 
first month called March in the year according to English account one 
thousand seven hundred thirty one, they the said Nathaniel Kirby and 
Abigail Russell aforesaid in a public assembly of the aforesaid people and 
othc°rs, met together for that purpose in this public meeting place at 
Dartmouth aforesaid, and in a solemn manner the said Nathaniel Kirby 
taking the said Abigail Russell by the hand did openly declare as foUow- 
eth: Friends I desire ye to be my witnesses that I take this my friend 
Abigail Russell to be my wife promising with God's assistance to be a 
loving Husband till death separate us; and then and there in that as- 
sembly the said Abigail Russell did in like manner declare as followeth: 
Friends I desire ye to be my witnesses that I take this my friend N.i- 
thaniel Kirby to be my Husband promising with God's assistance to be 
a loving wife till death separate us: and the said Nathaniel Kirby and 
Abigail Russell as a farther consideration thereof did then and there to 
these presents set their hands; and we whose names are here subscribed, 
being present among others at the solemnization of this said marriage 
and subscription in manner aforesaid, as witnesses hereunto havealso 
to the presents subscribed our names the day and year_ above written. 

Signed— Nathaniel Kirby 
Abigail Kirby 
Robert Kirby 
James Russell 
Joseph Russell 
John Howland 
Benjamin Allen 
William Russell 

Lydia Allen 
Rebecca Howland 
Reuben Allen 
Rachel Allen 
Mary Ricketson 
Elizabeth Ricketson 
Joanna Mott 
Peleg Slocum 

Timothy Richardson John Russell 
John Russell Adam Mott 

Rebecca Russell Thomas Smith 

Bathsheba Kirby Joseph Tucker 


Holder Slocum 
Samuel Hall 
Henry Hedley 
Peter Allen 
Benjamin Wing 
Daniel Russell 
Paul Russell 
Rebekah Russell 
Nicholas Lapham 
John Tucker 


:^~Aiiiit .''13-13 019/1 ei sjfiinmt-.. ziM ,Jx oJ 

■ £v, ., 

. :.j\ ^.-.^nii^ Mr. to 7^v3f> gntifi-^-'-fK 

■■. .•'/ 

.;. v:.,.;; (jSill.-l.-: .. ', .^ Z..:^-L-M)S 

.1(3, ' 

• '. :.i -roi I./; r.ol r?/'^ .^-;;-i;: ") 

[.-.'1. : 


■ (■ '• I, ' '-•' .^ . i;.'!i. M';io. ----CT 

_--,- •■ 

^.' ' . - .■■,,:i.-. :■ ■:A1 ■.:,-',. 

^ ■••j'"i ■ . r- r'l- , ... , , 

:i >•■ 


';/ ■ 

''; '': 


0^ ':^>i 




Children of Nathaniel and Abigail Kirby, born in Dartmouth 
(Dartmouth records): 

16. i. Wesson Kirby, b. Oct. 14, 1731; m. Hannah White. 

ii. Rebecca Kirby, b. June 26, 1733; m., June 19, 1763, 
Daniel Maccomber, son of Samuel Maccomber (Will- 
iam William). Children: John, Selina, Daniel, 
Samuel, who married I\Iary Fisher, and Richard. 

iii. Lydia Kirby, b. Nov. 20, 1738; m., May 15, 1758 (Vit. 
Stat. R. I.), Thomas Wood, son of Henry Wood of Lit- 
tle Compton, R. I. 

iv. Mary Kirby, b. March 15, 1743; m., April 10, 1760 (Vit. 
Stat. R. L), David Wilbor of Little Compton, R. L 

17. V. Justus Kirby, b. April 28, 1746; m. Catherine Cornell. 

[Russell Lineage: 

L Ralph Russell, who came from Pontipool, Co. Monmouth, 
England, to New England. Savage thinks that he was first at 
Taunton, engaged in the iron w^orks with James Leonard, and 
afterward was at Dartmouth. 

H. John Russell, son, of Dartmouth, Mass., bought of Captain 
Miles Standish, March 9, 1664, one share (800 acres) of Dart- 
mouth lands, and set up an iron forge at what was afterward called 
Russell's Mills. He was much employed in public affairs, and 
represented Dartmouth in the General Court at Plymouth from 
1665 to 1683, except in 1666 and 1673. In 1677 he served, to- 
gether with Lieutenant John Smith and John Cook, on the impor- 
tant committee for the distribution of the charitable contribution 
from Ireland for the relief of those impoverished by King Philip's 
war. He died at Dartmouth, Feb. 13, 1694-95. His wife, Dorothy, 
died Dec. 18, 1687. Children: 

1. Joseph Russell, b. May 6, 1650; d. Dec. 11, 1739, in 

Dartmouth, Mass.; m. Elizabeth , b. June 6, 

1657; d. Sept. 25, 1707. Children: (i) Joseph, b. 
Nov. 22, 1678; (2) John, b. Nov. 22, 1678, twin; 
(3) William, b. May 6, 1681; d. April 9, 1706; (4) 
Mary, b. July 10, 1683, m., April 3, 1700, John Lap- 
ham; (5) Joshua, b. Jan. 26, 1686, d. Dec. 23, 1693; 
(6) Rebecca, b. Jan. 3, 1688; (7) Benjamin, b. March 

17, 1691, d. Oct. 31, , " aged 83 " ; (8) Seth, b. 

April 7, 1696, d. July 23, 1728. 

2. John Russell, b. ; d. March 20, 1696; m. Mehitable 



? BT 


"' ■-' n--~,^ ;. 


■tn:>;iJ-; „• .r" :•:);.•: i 

..-■,♦.. ;•-, X- ;; 


■:i, jn:: ^;-- 'vri Jf.'''' >'.';ii-': 

... :' .;.-;i!v.. <. .,-:j:7.-.: f, 

.: ,!•'- 

.'U .'}il/- ■'■ ': 

• ;..C; ,. •• cr/? hi >:■■■-••:• fii> 

' oil >-[;:]•':; e'iS^'^./? 

-■. •• • .■-'■^:::;vno:s lost 
■ ■ ..'V -■■■<[ r>nn:.--l .no-'' 

: ]■■:■-; .0 J, Ay. ,0 . • ;^"' ' ''•■": 


Smith, dau. of Lieut, John Smith and Ruhamah 
Kirby. (See previous page.) 

3. Jonathan Russell, b. ; m. Hassadyah Smith. 

4. Dorothy Russell, b, ; d. Jan. 13, 1657, in Marshfield, 


5. Mary Russell, b. ; m. John Cornell, son of Thomas. 

III. Jonathan Russell of Dartmouth, son, bom ; married, 

Feb. 5, 1678, Hassadyah Smith, born Jan. 11, 1656, daughter of 
Lieutenant John Smith of Dartmouth, by his first wife, Deborah 
Rowland. Children: 

1. Jonathan Russell, b. Nov. 13, 1679. 

2. Deborah Russell, b. Jan. 10, 1681. 

3. Dorothy Russell, b. May 21, 1684. 

4. James Russell, b. ]May 7, 1687; m. Rebecca Rowland. 

5. William Russell, b. Oct. 28, 1691. 

IV. James Russell of Dartmouth, ;Mass., son, born May 7, 1687; 
married, 1709 (published Sept. 21, 1709), Rebecca Rowland, bom 
Aug. 25, 1685, daughter of Nathaniel Rowland of Dartmouth, 
son of Zoar Rowland. Their daughter, Abigail, born June 25, 
1712, married, March 25, 1731, Nathaniel Kirby.] 

16. Wesson^ Kirby (Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard^ Richard^) 
of Wcstport, Mass., was born in Dartmouth 1731, 10 mo. 14 da. 
(Dartmouth record. In his father's will he is called Weston, but 
in his own will he designates himself, and also signs, as " Wesson "; 
hence the latter and peculiar spelling has been retained.) Re 
was married in Dartmouth, Feb. 23, 1750, to Rannah White 
(Dartmouth record), born 1731, daughter of William White. 
Jr., of Dartmouth. Re resided in that part of Dartmouth which 
afterward became the town of Westport, and near the small fork 
of Noquechuck River, and above the bridge. Re was surveyor 
of highways in 1771, 1775, 1776, 1780, and 1781; was also select- 
man and assessor in 1779. Re died in Westport, Oct. 9, 1798, 
aged sixty-seven years. Rannah, his widow, died in 1819 at 
Westport, Mass. 

The will of Wesson Kirby is dated Jan. 2, 1798. In his will 
he mentions his wife, Hannah Kirby; his sons, Nathaniel Kirby, 
William Kirby, George Kirby, Elihu Kirby, Wesson Kirby, Ben- 
jamin Kirby, Paul Kirby, and Abraham Kirby; also "my two 
grandsons Philip Kirby and William Kirby sons to my son 
Jonathan Kirby deceased " ; also " my three daughters Sarah 



■7/0H >■ ->: 

■>....-■ ^ 

...■■■„> rV -. 


VI nr.Krrj 

;i *i 


■■- -c 


-'•I •^ 

-^.' -•,■' 


\':-,; :\iE.'ii 

>7/ .;^ 

,...T -.jH 

'*bTr-':£fI .-u.,..';:'^" ,-J7?d.jVV /h):-::;.:^ a ; vdvfX 'noz?jifI ■■! 

0.1..; ^:w™ ,-;t-7J>. 

3tJ .{■ 

, ,f-. . " I ... .^/, .. ■ 


Cornell, Hannah Lawton and Ruth Kirby." Witnesses: Natlianicl 
Potter, Jr., Benjamin Brownell, Abner Brownell. 

Children, born in Dartmouth, afterward Westport (Westport 
records) : 

18. i. Nathaniel Kirby, b. July 4, 1751; m. Sylvia Maccomber. 

19. ii. William Kirby, b. ^larch 21, 1753; m. Andry Gitlord. 
iii, Sarah Kirby, b. April 11, 1755; d. May 18, 1835; m., 

May 19, 1776 (Westport record), Christopher Cornell 
of Dartmouth, b. Feb. 2j, 1750; d. March 25, 1823, 
son of Joshua Cornell. Children: 

1. Mary Cornell, b. July 5, 1777; m, Henry Palmer; 

no children. 

2. Abigail Cornell, b. Oct. 24, 1780; d. May 27, 

1834; m., Dec. 20, 1801, James Tripp. 

3. Sophia Cornell, b. July 5, 1785; m.. May ii, 

181 1, Benjamin Wing, son of Prince Wing. 

4. Lydia Cornell, b. Aug. 13, 1791; d. March 27, 

1842; m. James Tripp. 

5. Susanna Cornell, b. Sept. 25, 1796. 

6. Lucy Cornell, b. ; m., Feb. 11, 1817, An- 

thony Davis. 
George Kirby, b. March 9, 1757; m. Amy Slocum. 
Wesson Kirby, b. April 15, 1759; m. Joanna Cram. 
Elihu Kirby, b. June 13, 1761; m. Patience Gifford. 
Benjamin Kirby, b. June 18, 1763; m. Patience Lawton. 
Jonathan Kirby, b. July 14, 1765; m. Peace Howland. 
Maiy Kirby, b. 1767; d. before Jan. 2, 1798. 
Hannah Kirby, b. July 19, 1769; m. Job Lawton. 
Ruth Kirby, b. Oct. 19, 1771; not married. 
Paul Kirby, b. Oct. 20, 1773; m. (i) Hannah Tripp; 

m. (2) Patience Tripp. 
Abraham Kirby, b. Dec. 11, 1775; m. Eunice White. 
Elizabeth Kirby, b. ; d. in infancy. 

[Cooke Lineage of Plannah White, wife of Wesson Kirby: 

L Francis Cooke, passenger of the iMayfiower, 1620, and 
seventeenth signer of the Mayflower compact, was born about 
1577 at Blyth, Co. York, England, a parish adjoining Austerfield, 
near Scrooby. He fled, with Elder Brev/ster and the " exiles from 
Scrooby," to Leyden, where he soon married his wife Hester, of 
whom nothing is known except that she was called " the Walloon." 
His son John accompanied him on the Mayflov.-er, and his wife, 






















T • ■ T. ", 


( , 1 '/(I'l A 

!'n:XA \o 

;i 10 no^. 



:yu XhU '■ ro^r ■'-' 

,.in ; ;.: 8i 

Kj;l .c 

(J .f 


-fiA .v8i ,11 


~^-\.--'i .n.-\ : :0\i ■:-> .':'[ ' ,r>''i^f f:;!!; -■■o(_ .iiiv 



n. ,;,5J U: 

:i .-'i^ 

..i'^ xy:.'n 




with the rest of the children, came on the ship Anne in 1623. He 
was one of the original purchasers of Dartmouth in 1652. He 
died April 7, 1663. His wife Esther was living at the date of the 
making of his will, Dec. 7, 1659. 

n. John Cooke, called " Elder" and sometimes " Rev. John" 
Cooke, came, with his father, Francis, in the Mayflower, 1620. 
He was a deacon of the church at Plymouth; was also deputy, 
and a man of inlluence; but, having become a defender of the 
" Quakers," he became obnoxious to the Plymouth authorities, 
and removed to Dartmouth, of which he had been an original 
purchaser. Here he was held in honor, representing the town in 
the General Court, 1673. 1674, 1675, and 1678. In 1676 he joined 
the Baptist Church at Newport, and preached at Dartmouth and 
other places. Backus, in his church history, states that " John 
Cooke was a Baptist minister in Dartmouth many years." He 
married, March 28, 1634, Sarah, daughter of Mr. Richard War- 
ren, the twelfth signer of the Mayflower compact. His will is 
dated Nov. 9, 1694, and was approved April 16, 1696. 

HI. Sarah Cooke, eldest child of Rev. John Cooke and Sarah 
Warren, born 1635; died after 17 10; married, Nov. 20, 1652, Ar- 
thur Hathaway of Marshfield and Dartmouth. (" Ancient Land- 
marks of Plymouth," W. T. Davis, pp. 69, 130.) 

IV. Hannah Hathaway, daughter of Sarah Cooke and Arthur 
Hathaway, born 1662; died 1749; married George Cadman of 

Dartmouth, bom ; died 1719, son of Hon. William Cadman 

of Portsmouth, R. I. (Austin's " Genealogical Dictionary of 
Rhode Island." p. 268.) 

V. Elizabeth Cadman, only child of Hannah Hathaway and 

George Cadman, born ; died after 1768; married William 

White of Dartmouth. (Austin's " Genealogical Dictionary of 
Rhode Island," p. 26S; also will of George Cadman, recorded at 
Taunton in Book HI., p. 500, and the will of Hannah Cadman in 
Book XL, p. 700.) The parentage of William White has not been 
established, but it is probable that he was the youngest son of 
Samuel White of Rochester, Mass. He was petit juror for Dart- 
mouth in 1 7 13, and was elected constable in 17 16. His will is 
dated Jan. 6, 1768, and was approved Oct. 3, 1780." He was living 
in 1777, the date of his son's will, and in all probability died in 

VI. William White, Jr., of Dartmouth, eldest son of Elizabeth 
Cadman and William White (see will of George Cadman; also will 
of Hannah Cadman, given under Descendants of William White 


nrlvJ v^^ •• 

it;... ^..r 


• — 


.1 .>] 

7^1 :■ 'j ^ 

.;-;. ■ 



. ;£di: .< 




... .. ^ 





(.COT 'I : i. /. yiv-Oa 


of Dartmouth), born ; died 1780; married, Oct. 2, 1729, Abi- 
gail Thurston (Vit. Stat, of R. I., Vol. IV., p. 66). In his will, 
dated Feb. 17, 1777, and approved Oct. 3, 1780 (Taunton Probate 
Records, Book XXVI., p. 282), he says: "I, William White, 
son of William White of Dartmouth " ; mentions " my son 
Jonathan," and gives to him " all that my farm which my honored 
Grand-father George Cadman gave me after the decease of my 
honored father and mother " ; mentions also " my eldest daughter 
Hannah Kirby, my second daughter Elizabeth Peckham, my 
youngest daughter Abigail White." As he makes no mention 
of his wife, it is probable that she died before his will was made. 

VII. Hannah White, eldest daughter of William White, Jr., 
according to his will, born 1731; died 1819, in Dartmouth; mar- 
ried, Feb. 23, 1750, Wesson Kirby of Dartmouth. (Dartmouth 
town record.)] 

18. Nathaniel^ Kirby (Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', Richard-, 
Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born July 4, 1751 (Westport record); 
married, Sept. 10, 1772 (Westport record), Sylvia Maccomber, 
born March 4, 1753. He was a farmer in Westport, Mass., where 
he died Oct. 9, 1818, aged sixty-seven years (gravestone). Sylvia, 
his widow, died April 10, 1848, aged ninety-five years (grave- 
stone), and was buried beside her husband in Beach Grove ceme- 
tery at Westport. At her funeral there were present, by actual 
count, one hundred and eight of ^zr 1<. ^ -.''-^ts. Children 

born in Westport (family P" : 

28. i. Mary Kirby, b. '■'■. /-. ; rr. V,V-.:ori Potter. 

ii. Pardon Kirby, t. .u,:'. i. .:\'\ : ni., Occ. .'>, 1796 (West- 
port record), ,■.:•.::» .'ot*.::- dau. ci Peleg Potter 
of Westport. 

iii. Rebecca Kirby, b. April 24, 1776; d. Nov. 11, 1865 
(gravestone) ; not married. 

29. iv. Isaiah Kirby, b. March 14, 1778; m. Hope Mosher. 

30. V. Ephraim Kirby, b. June 8, 1782; m. Hannah Mosher. 
vi. Eunice Kirby, b. June 8, 1782, twin with Ephraim; d. 

Dec. 25, 1879, aged ninety-seven years (gravestone); 
m., Aug. 2, 1810 (Leonard) John GifTord of West- 
port, son of William GifTord of Westport. 
vii. Margaret Kirby, b. June 19, 1784; d. July 3, 1814; m., 
Oct. 5, 1806 (Westport record), Philip Tripp of West- 
port, son of Edmund Tripp. Children: 

I. Rebecca Tripp, b. ; m. John A. Potter- and 


•r (! :■ A V 

,^-\.:'C). : -'n; ,l;.:r 

.■■-:■: . .^H 

r!J!; ;.; ::■(. 


.•b'TRrbsV: .-.10 :■;■.'. 

.;7'-/:: .f'^r 

iVj-v.- 'rtJ ,j 

ljO.:;muJj{ -jrio ,1; . 

.f.-n-vn :.•:.^r:(c.,--^^•.';;■5t) 



removed to the State of New York. They 

had a daughter Margaret, who married 

Hoag, and a son Charles. 

2. Sarah Tripp, b. ; m. Noah GifTord. They 

had a daughter Esther, v.-ho married Benja- 
min Davis of Coasset, and had by him the 
following children: Henry, Benjamin, Philip, 
James, and Hannah. 

3. Elizabeth Tripp, b. Nov. 21, 1813; m., Nov. 6, 

1833, John Mitchell of Middletown, R. I. 
He died Dec. 24, 1891. Children: (i) 

George A., b. Sept. 29, 1834; m., Aug. 8, 

1858, Rosetta Tripp, dau. of Warren Tripp 
of New Bedford, and had Cora, b. ^May 29, 

1859, and Herbert, who is married, and lives 
in Detroit, Mich.; (2) Richard, b. Feb. 11, 
1840; d. 1841 ; (3) Sarah E., b. April 24, 1845; 
(4) Mary G., b. Jan. 10, 1856; d. 1869. 

viii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. June 6, 1786; d. Jan. 19, 1874 
(gravestone); not married. 
31. ix. George Kirby, b. May 6, 1788; m. Patience White. 
X. Peace Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1790; d. April 6, 1806. 
xi. Fally Kirby, b. 1792; d. May i, 1825, aged thirty-two 

xii. Nathaniel Kirby, b. June 14, 17945 d- Oct. 16, 1819; 
not married. 

28. Mary' Kirby (Nathaniel, Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ 
Richard^, Richard^), born Nov. 27, 1772, in Westport, Mass.; 
married, Aug. 12, 1792 (Westport record), Wesson Potter of 
Westport, born April i, 1764, son of Jonathan Potter and Rebecca 
Southworth. Wesson Potter died Oct. i, 1839, in Westport, 
Mass. Mary, his widow, died Jan. 2, 1847 (family Bible), in West- 
port. Children born in Westport: 

i. Edith Potter, b. Jan. 16, 1793; d. Sept. 28, 1869; not 
32. ii. Jonathan Potter, b. June 26, 1795; m. Cynthia Howard. 
iii. Pardon Potter, b. July 26, 1799; d. July 26, 1852; m. 
(i) Phoebe Tabor, and had one child, Mary, who mar- 
ried Ephraim Gammins; m, (2), June 27, 1841, Han- 
nah R. Swift. Children by his second marriage: 

— r^vi^}r?;i; 

;3 O I 

' ' •■: -i^?-:'/' : 
■:.r "•■ : .;,:>'•■/ 

r i 

Kti ;q<^?^' .■ 

(■'' nw' ;?';fii.'i-H ) .Moq 



1. Pardon H. Potter, b. April 15, 1843. 

2. Ella K. Potter, b. June 16, 1848; m., Oct. 27, 

1870, James S. Burbank. 
33. iv. Thomas Potter, b. July 26, 1799, twin with Pardon; m. 
(i) Abigail Taber (?); m. (2) Abby Ellis. 
V. Asa Potter, b. July 27, 1801 ; m., April 11, 1825, Adelaide 
W. Brownell. ' Children: 

I. Annetta Potter, b. April 28, 1834; m. Jotham H. 
Rowland, and removed to California, Chil- 
dren: (i) Carrie E., b. Jan. 7, 1854, in Napa 
City, CaK; m. Rev. William Seacock; (2) Hat- 
tie P., b. June 7, 1859; m., Oct. 17, 1883, 
William H. Finnell. 
vi. Sylvia Potter, b. May 28, 1803; m. Daniel Tripp of West- 
port, and had a son George. 
vii, Nancy Potter, b. July 6, 1807; d. Jan. 26, 1894; m., 
March 30, 1837, Capt. Andrew Davis of New Bed- 
ford, who died Sept. 14, 1S89, aged eighty-four years, 
son of Abner and Betsy Davis. Children: 

1. Abby A. Davis, b. Oct. 10, 1844; m., Feb. 7, 

1865, Augustus W. Tripp, son of Alden and 
Patience Tripp. 

2. Gates A. Davis, b. Oct. 29, 1847. 

viii. Hannah Potter, b. June 9, 1809; d. May 24, 1856; m., 
March 13, 1831, William Willcox, b. Sept. 16, 1808, 
in Westport, ]Mass. ; d. Sept. 21, 1868, son of Abner 
Willcox and Sarah Sherman. He was a prosperous 
lumber merchant, and afterward a shipping merchant, 
of New Bedford. He built a ship, which he called the 
" William Willcox." Children: 

1. Angenette Earl Willcox, b. July 31, 1835; m. 

(i), June 10, 1857, David K. Tripp of New 

Bedford, b. Aug. 10, 1830, son of Abner and 

Catherine Tripp. He died Dec. 5. 1876, and 

she married (2), Feb. 25, 1880, Capt. Frank 

C. Smith, b. 18 1 6, son of Mayhcw^ and Sarah 

Smith, formerly of Edgartown, and now a 

real estate broker of New Bedford, Mass. 

Children by her first husband: (i) William 

. Willcox, b. March 7, 1858; m., March 7, 

1881, Annie IMurphy; no children; (2) Kath- 

, . arine M., b. Dec. 15, 1867; not married; (3) 


:ji>:.i.i'H>/i , V 

H .-f.;.;!: 

•j^;;'// V'' li^i'l r I'^/ffi'G ,! 

f. //on ).r;,^ .rr,',^ xn-^ni 
;rrr;UfW (!) • hii^d-u. 


David K., b. June 14, 1869; m., Dec, 1896, 
Carrie E. Fish. 

2. William Frank Willcox, b. Jan. 5, 1841 ; m. 

Elizabeth Elmira Washburn, who died Jan. 
16, 1875. Children: (i) Hannah L., (2) 
William F., (3) Miner W. 

3. Annie G. Willcox, b. Dec. 17, 1845; ^■> J^"- i. 

1868, John T. Burbank of New Bedford. 
Children: (i) William C, (2) Edward. 

4. Emma Rowena Willcox, b. Dec. 17, 1848, twin; 

m. (i), Nov. 2, 1865, Capt. Albert A. Thomas 
of New Bedford; m. (2) William F. Abbott. 
She had one son by her first husband: Albert 
Ernest, b. Sept. 18, 1867. 

32. Jonathan^ Potter (Mary Kirby^ Nathaniel®, Wesson', 
Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of New Bedford, iViass., 
born June 26, 1795, in Westport, Mass.; died Nov. 17, 1842; 
married, Feb. 5, 1816, Cynthia Howard, born Aug. 25, 1795, 
daughter of Gilbert and Grace Howard. She died in 1887 at New 
Bedford. Children: 

i. Andrew H. Potter, b. Jan. 20, 1817, in Westport, Mass.; 

m. (i), Sept. 8, 1845, ^lary T. Collins, who died in 1854; 

m. (2), Dec. II, 1857, Sarah B. Denham, b. 1838, dau. 

of Tilson B. Denham of New Bedford. He is a merchant 

of New Bedford. Children born in New Bedford: 

1. James W. Potter, b. Sept. 10, 1846. 

2. Frank M. Potter, b. Sept. 30, 1848; m., June 22, 

1872, Anna Mitchell, b. 1849. 

3. Mary E. Potter, b. May 28, 1851. 

4. Harriet L. Potter, b. March 13, 1853. 

5. Hattie Potter, b. June 13, 1859; m., Oct. 11, 1882, 

Dr. John B. Swift. 

6. Grace H. Potter, b. April 5, 1861. 

7. Fanny M. Potter, b. Sept. 5, 1864. 

ii. Warren Bailey Potter, b. Nov. 4, 1821; d. Nov., 188S; m., 
April II, 1848, Sarah E. Kempton, b. 1824, dau. of Ezra 
Kempton of New Bedford. He was a wealthy merchant 
of Boston, of the firm of Weeks & Potter. One child : 
I. Flattie Perry Potter, b. March 5, 1849; d. July 26, 
iii. Cynthia A. Potter, b. Sept. 30, 1823, in New Bedford; m., 

,>iT : u : \ 

■,-T - ! i ■ ',. .' ! 

V .^ 

M\k S 

■: .-n V ... 

1 ,■■- :; '/■ 

L..:ij; ■■■! ,:'-u,iUiVo •".* ' ' ■' ;^^■' -C' .•:! -0^1:1 'o ^ 

■. • ; '""» ..!-T ;i -51 f'l on-.jf .d ,---'!o'r •>i:MtM .;i 

• ■; ■ ,; •<■■■:■<. A .\-^'- '1 ■'•■'. vricjbl .»; 

'\ U . ,: . ■ ■ ■.' ^v; ■--■^^ .:T .' -.- : ;:;' " i'rc/ 
-•.■,v.'- . ■■-'11 l.-t'^^'. :- ■ "■•:= \'-'^ n<.J-;'-'.^;:i 

.jm"^: .i; ,viy 

ro'i .A .):;!invl .fi 


Nov. 17, 1844, Joseph Rogers Reed, b. July 5, 1818, in 
Somerset, Mass., son of William Reed of Sechonk and 
Sarah Rogers of Tiverton, R. I. He was a merchant of 
New Bedford, where he died Sept. 12, 1879. Children 
born in New Bedford: 

1. Clara A. Reed, b. Sept. 28, 1845. 

2. William F. Reed, b. Oct. 14, 1848; m., Oct., 1879, 

Eleanor Masters, b. June 21, 185 1, in Syracuse, 
N. Y., dau. of Joseph E. Masters and Eliza Aikin 
1 of Hollowell, Me. He is a merchant of New 
Bedford. Children born in New Bedford: (i) 
Warren K., b. Aug. 18, 1885; (2) Joseph M., b. 
June 6, 1885; (3) Everett P., b. April 25, 18S7. 

3. Ella H. Reed, b. Dec. 13, 1850. 

4. Charles W. Reed, b. Jan. 19, 1853. He is associated 

with his brother in the firm of Taber, Reed & Co., 

New Bedford, Mass. 
iv. Harriet Newell Potter, b. Dec. 8, 1827, in New Bedford; 
m., Nov. 3, 1846, Howland Perry, b. 1818; d. 1883 in 
Boston, Mass. He was an enterprising merchant of New 
Bedford and owner of a large number of coasting vessels. 
In 1865 and 1866 he was Mayor of New Bedford. His 
widow is now residing in Boston, Mass. One child: 
I. John Frank Perry, b. July 24, 1850; m., Feb. 6, 

1884, Emma S. Dunbar, b. 1862, dau. of William 

and Harriet Dunbar. 

33. Thomas^ Potter (Mary Kirby^ Nathaniel^, Wesson', Na- 
thaniel*, Robert^, Richard-, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born 
July 26, 1799, in Westport; died Sept. 6, 1876; married Abigail 
W. Taber, born 1801, daughter of Samuel and Deborah Taber. 
She died in 1832, and he married (2), May, 1833, Abby F. Ellis, 
born 1804, daughter of Josiah and Esther Ellis. She died in 
1876. Thomas Potter was a contractor and builder of New Bed- 
ford. Children: 

i. Mary A. Potter, b. June 15, 1824; d. Aug. 26, 1825. 
ii. Samuel H. Potter, b. Feb. 3, 1826, in New Bedford; d. 
March 16, 1858; m., April 2, 1854, Lydia A. Church, b. 
1826; d. 1894, dau. of Jonathan and Meribah Church. 
Children born in New Bedford: 

1. Edward B. Potter, b. Nov. 8, 1856; d. Feb., 1889. 

2. Adella F. Potter, b. Nov. 19, 1858; not married. 



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':i ,-iy:.-^H. A iiibbA .s: 


iii. Deborah F. Potter, b. Feb. 23, 1828; m., Nov. i, 1849, 
Ira E. Pierce, son of Barkins Pierce and Lucy Good- 
enough. They are now Hving in Windom, Minn. 
Children : 

1. WilHani D. Pierce, b. Jan. 6, 1851, in New Bed- 

ford; d. Jan. 7, 1883. 

2. Charles B. Pierce, b. Sept. 14, 1852, in New Bed- 

ford; is now Hving in Windom, Minn. 

3. Abby F. Pierce, b. June 7, 1856, in New Bedford; 

d. Oct. 12, 1863. 

4. Ira E. Pierce, b. Jan. 17, 1868, in Lyndon, Vt.; is 

now living in Windom, Minn. 
iv. Susan Potter, b. May 24, 1830; m., Oct. 3, 1852, Lorenzo 
D. Davis, b. July, 1821, in Swansey, Mass., son of Na- 
thaniel and Nancy Davis. He was a merchant tailor of 
New Bedford, and died there Jan., 18S9. Children 

born in New Bedford: 

1. Abby F. Davis, b. May 24, 1853; d. Feb. 3, 1856. 

2. Lorenzo M. Davis, b. Aug. 31, 1855; m.. May 31, 

1880, Fannie Wright. 

3. Susan H. Davis, b. April 20, 1857; m., April 18, 

1883, William E. Tourtellot of New Bedford. 
Children born in New Bedford: (i) Louise, b. 
Feb. 25, 1886; (2) Percy D., b. Oct. 31, 1893. 

4. Alfred C. Davis, b. Oct. 28, 1859; d. Oct. '28, 


5. Charles F. Davis, b. Sept. 19, 1861. 

6. Nathaniel B. Davis, b. Oct. 13, 1863; d. Nov. 8, 


7. Thomas P. Davis, b. March 18, 1866; m., Jan. 21, 

1892, Emily H. Pierce. Children born in 

Providence, R. I.: (i) Albert H., b. Dec. 25, 
1892; (2) Beatrice, b. Oct. 15, 1895. 

8. Harry C. Davis, b. Nov. 15, 1869. 

V. Thomas S, Potter, b. May 31, 1834; d. July i, 1897; m., 
June I, 1869, Abby Slocum, b. 1839, dau. of Henry and 
Betsy Slocum. One child: 

I. Charles H. Potter, b. June 23, 1871, in Fall River, 
vi. Charles H. Potter, b. July 6, 1837; d. Dec. 20, 1865; m. 

Ellen M. Hathaway; no children. 
vii. Franklin T. Potter, b. June 4, 1842; not married. 

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;3i ,8s .>rC' .'i .:vi:G 'J L/iiiA .^ 

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.'tj : ^ ,i.- on 


29. Isaiah^ Kirby (Nathaniel^ Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert, 
Richard-, Richard^) of W'estport, Mass., born March 14, 1778, in 
Westport; married, July 10, 1S03 (Westport record), Hope 
Mosher, born April 15, 1786, daughter of Edmund Mosher of 
Westport. Isaiah Kirby was a farmer in Westport, ]Mass., where 
he died Nov. 12, 1839. Hope, his widow, died July 18, 1S56. 
Children born in Westport: 

34. i. Abner Kirby, b. Jan. 17, 1804; m. (i) Mary H. Man- 

chester; m. (2) Judith E. Brownell. 
ii. Peace Kirby, b. July 19, 1806; d. June 20, 1861; m., 
1827 (published Jan. 26, 1827), Samuel Macomber 
of Westport, b. Aug. 17, 1803; d. Nov, 15, i860, son 
of Samuel Macomber. Children born in Westport : 

1. Mary Macomber, b. May 20, 1827, in West- 

port, Aiass. ; m., Feb. 28, 1848, Sylvanus E. 
Studley of Dartmouth. Children: (i) 

CarolineJ.,b. July 26, 1850; d. Oct. II, 1850; 
. • . (2) William H., b. July 22, 1858; d. April 5, 


2. Ezra Macomber, b. Sept. 2, 1833, in Fairhaven, 

Mass.; d. Sept. 3, 1883, in Dartmouth, Mass.; 
m. Sylvia Sanford of Dartmouth. Chil- 

dren: (i) Carrie P., b. Aug. i, 1867; (2) 
Charles A., b. Jan. 2, 1872. 
iii. Mehitable Kirby, b. Sept. 24, 180S; d. March 29, 1876; 
m., 1835 (published May i, 1835), Nathaniel Tripp 
of Westport. Children: Josiah, Lydia, Hannah, 
and Mary, 
iv. Mary Kirby, b. Feb. 17, 1810; d. INIarch 31, 1892; m., 
March 4, 1832, Jonathan Tripp of Westport, b. Dec, 
2, 1806; d. Feb, 21, i860, son of John Tripp. They 
had one son: 

I, Leander Tripp, b. Sept., 1832; he went to Cali- 
fornia when a young man. 

35. V. Elihu Kirby, b. Feb. 24, 1814; m. (i) Emeline C. Shaw; 

m. (2) Hope J. Davis. 

36. vi. Edmund Kirby, b. Nov. 3, 181 5 ; m. Lydia GifTord. 

vii. Susan Kirby, b. July 16, 18 18; d. Nov. 29, 1882; m., 

Oct. 15, 1837, William GifTord of Westport, b. ; 

d. June 14, 1871 ; no children. 

viii. Uriah Kirby, b. March 25, 1826; m., Jan. 25, 1849, 
Aruba P. Tripp, b. May 19, 1828, dau. of Eli Tripp 


V ( , '.I A t 

^ ,r- -T- 

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V'H' . ;-- J'. T ,K ;v> 

.2rrcil .] sqori (•?,) ,rri 

-h-'i ■ ■ ' .'.■ ^'31 ,01 v!:'"\ i .7 :- /i ftC'iiS .i;\ 
^ ..; .,; -. . ' :■., 1>-jva:) fir.;:':'// .,/■ ■ ..;. .i )'':■ 


and Polly Potter, both of Westport. He is now liv- 
ing in Fall River, Alass. Children born in West- 

1. Susan W. Kirby, b. Jan. i8, 1850; d. Aug-, i, 

1889; m., Sept. 9, 1876, George D. Johnson 
of Fall River, b. April 28, 1849, son of Daniel 
D. Johnson of Weare, N. H. Children 

born in Fall River: (i) Emily K., b. June 2, 
1878; (2) Ethel W., b. April 20, 1885. 

2. Mary J. Kirby, b. July 4, 1852; m., April 4, 

1872, Orin F. Robbins of Fall River, Mass., 
b. March 20, 1S52; d. Jan. 20, 1S92, son of 
• *" George W. Robbins of Fall River. One 

child: (i) George W., b. Aug. 8, 1873; d. 
Jan. 25, 1882. 

34. Abner^ Kirby (Isaiah^ Nathaniel^ Wesson^ Nathaniel', 
Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of Adamsville, R. I., born Jan. 17. 
1804, in Westport, ^lass.; married (i), Feb. 7, 1830, Mary h' 
Manchester, who died July 20, 1839, aged twenty-eight years and 
four months (gravestone); married (2), Sept. 8, 1840, Judith E. 
Brownell, born April 4, 1818, daughter of Lemuel Brownell of 
Westport. He was a blacksmith, and lived in Adamsville, R. I. 
He died March i, 1861, and was buried at Westport, Mass. 
Children born in Adamsville, R. I.: 

I Mary Kirby, b. Sept. 19, 1830; d. at birth. 
ii. Sarah Elizabeth Kirby, b. :May 7, 1832; m., Feb. 25, 185 1, 
James Austin, b. Jan. 3, 1817, in Little Compton, R. L, 
son of Joshua Austin. Children: 

1. Emma Clifton Austin, b. }vlarch 16, 1852, in Adams- 

ville, R. L 

2. Lydia Diana Austin, b. June 29, 1853, in Adams- 

ville, R. L; m., Sept. 30, 1874, George T. Hard- 

3. Mary Elizabeth Austin, b. Nov. 8, 1854. in 

Adamsville, R. L 

4. Sarah James Austin, b. Dec. 15, 1856, in New Bed- 
. ' ford, Mass.; m., Dec. 23, 1884, Charles H. Snow. 

They are now living in Honduras, Central 

5. Carrie Pitman Austin, b. June 22, 1858, in New 

Bedford; d. June 20, 1862. 


. : -^ A ^'- ot q ^o a.TW p 

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n^::> .;= 


6. James Edward Austin, b. Feb. 21, 1S65; m., Jan. 28, 
1887, Loworth Leslie Dixon. He is a physician, 
and is now practising his profession in Honduras, 
Central America. 

ill. Mary Ophelia Kirby, b. Feb. 7, 1847; d. Aug. 14, 1882. 

iv. Ellen Augusta Kirby, b. April 27, 1849; d. Oct. 8, 1870. 

35. Elihu^ Kirby (Isaiah^ Nathaniel®, Wesson', Nathaniels 
Roberts Richards Richard^) of Fall River, Mass., born Feb. 24, 
1814, in Westport, Mass.; married (i), June, 1S36, Emeline Cel- 
bon Shaw, born Jan., 1814. She died July 20, 1841, and he mar- 
ried (2), July 28, 1843, Hope Jane Davis, born Aug. 14, 1824, 
daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Davis. He resided in North 
Dartmouth until i860, when he removed to Fall River. Near the 
close of his life he returned to North Dartmouth, and died there 
April 1 1, 1886. Hope Jane Davis died Dec. 8, 1895. Children 

by his second wife: 

i. Joseph Davis Kirby, b. March i, 1844, in North Dartmouth, 
Mass.; m., Oct. 25, 1871, Aralen Viliere Walton, b. Aug. 
17, 1851, dau. of Daniel Walton and Waitjoy Palmer. 
He was a Union soldier, and serv^ed from May 2 to Aug. 
2, 1864, in the Fifth Company Massachusetts Volunteers. 
He graduated from Brown University in 1867, and soon 
after removed to Montana, where he engaged in busi- 
ness, and settled finally at Silver Star in that Territor>'. 
He died March 17, 1887, at Helena, Mont., while serving 
as Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Montana. 
Children born in Montana: 

1. Gertrude Hope Kirby, b. May 17, 1873; m., June 

29, 1898, George B. Harbison of Twin Bridges, 

2. Lelia Emeline Kirby, b. Aug. 28, 1880, 

3. Irma Edith Kirby, b. Aug. 20, 1883. 

ii. Emeline Celbon Kirby, b. Nov. 22, 1846, in North Dart- 
mouth, Mass.; m., Sept. 17, 1873, Byron Whitcomb 
Anthony, b. April 5, 1846, son of James S. and Elizabeth 
Anthony. They now reside in Fall River, Mass. Chil- 
dren born in Fall River: 

1. James Wheeler Anthony, b. July 23, 1875. 

2. Edna Kirby Anthony, b. Aug. 18, 1877. 

3. Byron Whitcomb Anthony, b. Aug. 20, 1879. 

iii. Isaiah Franklin Kirby, b. March 21, 1848, in North Dart- 

I :?i G 'f /\ H "^ y a r-r o P -r -./^ A 

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'ii .Or^Sl ill Ir;qA 

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;el' .:!! 


mouth, r^Iass. ; m. Cora B. Stiles, b. May 8, i860, dau. of 
Edwin Stiles and Belle Lewis. They are now residing 
in Butte, Mont, One child: 

1, Kenneth Potter Kirby, b. March 23, 1S85, in Ana- 
conda, Mont. 

iv. Sarah Bennett Kirby, b. May 7, 1851; d. Nov. 2, 1854. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth Kirby, b. Aug. 23, 1855; d. April 18, 1SS6. 

vi. Charles Ellsworth Kirby, b. Aug. 3, 1862, in Fall River, 
Mass.; m., July 28, 1885, ■Mary McClure Gardner. They 
are now residing in Kentucky. No children. 

vii. Hope Jane Kirby. b. June 22, 1869, in Fall River, Mass.; 
graduated in 18S6 from the Bridgewater Normal School, 
and became a teacher. She now holds the position of 
master's assistant in Boston, Mass., and resides at Chel- 
sea, Mass. 

3G. Edmund- Kirby (Isaiah^ Nathaniel^ Wesson^ Nathaniel*, 
Robcrt^ Richard^, Richard') of Westport, Mass., born Nov. 3, 
181 5, in Westport, Mass.; married, March 18, 1838, Lydia Gifford, 
born Dec. i, 1814, daughter of William GifTord of Westport. He 
was a farmer in Westport, Mass., where he died April 3, 189S. 
Lydia GifTord Kirby died March 2, 1888 (gravestone), in West- 
port, Mass. Children bom in Westport: 

i. George W. Kirby, b. July 4, 1841 ; m., Dec. 6, 1865, Cynthia 
P. Brownell, dau. of Uriah Brownell of Westport. One 

I. Clara B. Kirby, b. March 15, 1878, in Westport, 
ii. Lydia A. Kirby, b. Dec. 6, 1844; m., Jan. 6. 1866, Orlando 
J. Tripp, son of Daniel Tripp of Westport. Children: 

1. Alberto K. Tripp, b. Oct. 9, 1866: d. June 6, 1887. 

2. Edgar C. Tripp, b. Aug. 18, 1869, in Adamsville, 

R. L; m., Nov. 18, 1S88, Ada S. Allen. 
iii. R. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Aug. 21, 1850; m., Jan. i, 1869, 
Theodore J. Tripp, son of Jotham Tripp of Westport. 

1. Harrison Ellsworth Tripp, b. May i, 1870; m., May 

26, 1891, Christie McLeod. 

2. Charles William Tripp, b. Aug. 28, 1871; m., Dec. 

26, 1892, Jennie F. Handy. 

3. Frank Marshall Tripp, b, Aug. 31, 1872; m.. May 

14, 1895, Elizabeth B. S. Hall. 

Y a ;i i >i CT ;i A H -> I Ti •? n p i- m a rn- 

afc;^ ■.--./^r /-, 

^8/ .K r-'^ 

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u-'.^ ■ 

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•> .,:i-;:T' .5: 


4. Stella Kirby Tripp, b. July 26, 1879. 

5. Helen Garfield Tripp, b. Nov. 19, 1881. 

6. Lester Everett Tripp, b. Jan. 5, 1886. 

30. Ephraim^ Kirby (Nathaniel^ Wesson', Nathaniel*, Rob- 
ert', Richard-, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born June 8, 1782; 
married, Jan. 9, 1814 (Westport records), Hannah Mosher, born 
1788, daughter of Edmund Mosher of Westport. She died Oct. 
II, 1856, aged sixty-eight years. Children: 

i. Alice Kirby, b. Aug. 24, 181 5; d. April 16, 1881; m., 1843 
(published Jan. 19, 1843), Thomas W. Davis of Westport, 
Mass., b. Feb. 13, 181 1; d. May 9, 1891 (gravestone). 
ii. Nathaniel Kirby of \\'estport, ]\Iass., b. 1817; d. April 25, 
1885, aged sixty-eight years (gravestone); m. (i) Patience 
Tripp, b. 1822; d. June 19, 1854, aged thirty-two years 
(gravestone); m. (2) Fanny W. (Snell) Tucker, b. 1823, 
w^idow of Charles F. Tucker. He had one son, Charles. 
by his first marriage. Children by his second marriage : 

1. Lorenzo T. Kirby, b. 1857; d. 1861. 

2. Albert E. Kirby, b. Jan. 13, 1859; is now living in 

Fall River; unmarried. 

3. Adelia B. Kirby, b. 1861 ; d. soon. 

4. Lorenzo F. Kirby, b. Nov., 1866; d. June 12, 1887. 

5. William W. Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1869; m. Gertrude 

iii. Tillinghast Kirby, b. 1820; d. Feb. i, 1895; m. Hannah 
Sherman, b. 1822. He was a farmer, and lived in West- 
port, Mass. Children: 

1. Nancy Kirby, b. 1845; "i-. Jan- 13, 1866, James 

Nolan. Children: John, Lottie, Ida, and George. 

2. Pardon T. Kirby, b. ; m. Clara H. Haskell. 

Children: Charles, James, Frank, Anna (or Ada). 

3. Julia E. Kirby, b. ; m., Oct. 7, 1872, Samuel H. 

Demaranville. Children: Nancy, Elizabeth, 

and Clifford. 

31. George' Kirby (Nathaniel, Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard^, Richard^ of Westport, Mass., born May 6, 1788; mar- 
ried, Feb. 9, 1817 (Westport records), Patience White, born Jan., 
1788; died April 5, 1848, daughter of Sylvanus White of West- 
port, son of George and Deborah White. (See Descendants of 


■il'.''/ •■ ?»9V/ ,'*^>inr5?!?s>l! -^hf-^i ';ni67iJq3 M 


<i:i' ;.( v/^>o 

,.■ ^_, •:■''■.) JO v/:..:i''v 
■■i,;i; '-: -''; f:r\ -(d 
:r ■, '-^ 01,- -oi .1 

.,,,,?0O:-O :-,K0:.o 

y ''::.; ho- ,,: ; , ■.:.... -i ovi',1 oar!h!uij o>:io.I 

;'\/H ,.;: f,:„.J .;.,•? : .ij ,^0:;.'] .1 ;0 •. , ' "^ .^ 

:,,■. - ,_', '. •:■ , o.ivi .-'^-acT .s^iLfiriJ :nD;o::-:.o 

.!^T->:i;ii / os;^ 

'Xo ^ - :.' [■■.rir 

;o ot£i^frv:--a :-■ 'iJ-" j'- 

0..,' Jo nO'-i ,jToq 


William White of Dartmouth.) George Kirby died Aug. 15, 

1869, aged eighty-one years. Children: 

i. Mary White Kirby, b. 1817, in Adamsville, R. I.; m., March 
24, 1839, John Lowry Anthony, b. April 20, 1816, son of 
Capt. John Anthony and Miriam Smith. Children 

born in Westport: 

1. Emily Melissa Anthony, b. Feb. 23, 1841 ; died un- 


2. George Kirby Anthony, b. Nov. 30, 1842; died un- 


3. John Homer Anthony, b. Jan. 15, 1845; ^^^^ 


4. Ella Melissa Anthony, b. May 23, 1849: not married. 

5. Sidney White Anthony, b. March 24, 185 1; m., Dec. 

22, 1875, Mary Page Little, b. June i, 1850, dau. 
of Capt. Joseph and Eliza Little of Westport, 
Mass.; no children. 

6. An infant son, b. Jan., 1854; d. Jan. 28, 1854. 

ii. Sarah Ann Kirby, b. Dec. 24, 1819; m., Sept. 29, 1842, 
Capt. Reuben Cook Hicks, b. Nov. 19, 1814; d. Jan. 21, 
1891, in New Bedford, Mass., son of Barney Hicks (b. 
Jan. 9, 1754) and Sarah Cook. Capt. Hicks was a sea- 
captain, and lived at Westport, Mass. Children: 

1. Frances White Hicks, b. Oct. 27, 1843; m. Rich- 

mond B. Church of Adamsville, R. L One child: 
Claudia H. Church. 

2. Mary Kirby Hicks, b. Aug. 8, 1845; m., 1866, Fred- 

erick S. Potter of North Dartmouth. One child: 
Louise S. Potter. 

3. Hubert Eugene Hicks, b. Feb. 29, 1852; m., Feb. 5, 

1874, Clara E. Allen. Children: (i) Bertha 

Francis, (2) Molly Tobey, (3) Sally Kirby, twin 
with Molly. 
lii. George Warren Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1823; d. Aug. 22, 1862; 
not married. 

19. William^ Kirby (Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', Richard% 
Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born March 21, 1753; married, 
May 4, 1777 (Dartmouth record), Andry Gifford of Dartmouth. 
born Aug. 8, 1758. He was a farmer, and lived in Westport, 
where he died Jan. 16, 1822 (gravestone). Andry, his widow, died 


/ \^:t> f. 

.jQt;"/ lO 

H ... - 

-£.^i r rf.:-.' ..-■■•.■:> I r 

-^'V' ■■ -I . 

,Ov .o.'l .f .-i:bfK 0,7-:;,.;.. .—;:.: .( 

>i "'i£:; ■r) .V.''..:. A ■■•o 

•,i ; 


iv.^^1 ,: . .-i::\ 

.u-n-.'7Rm ion 

^lr< .'^/io.ic.' 

7 0^ 

^ .? .-irA nicJ 

r;i I ;;!. V.I •>r :f-// 


April 23, 1838, aged seventy-nine years, eight months, and fifteen 
days (gravestone). Children bom in Westport: 

i. Perry Kirby, b. ; d. Nov. 15, 1798. 

ii. Sarah Kirby, b. ; m., Nov. 15, 1807 (Leonard), Asa 

Cornell, son of Gideon Cornell and Ruth White, dau. 
of Jonathan White. (See Descendants of William 
White of Dartmouth.) 

iii. Hannah Kirby, b. ; m. Joseph Childs. 

37. iv. Silas Kirby, b. June 23, 1788; m. Patience Sherman. 

V. Peace Kirby, b. June 13, 1791; d. Aug. 15, 1867; not 

vi. Ruth Kirby, b. Oct. 8, 1798; d. Jan. 9, 1879; not married. 

37. Silas' Kirby (William^, Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ 
Richard-, Richard^) of Westport, ]Mass., born June 23, 1788; 
married, Nov. 19, 1809, Patience Sherman, born Nov. 22, 1789, 
daughter of Preserved Sherman of Westport. He was a farmer 
in Westport, and died there April 23, 1866, aged seventy-seven 
years and 10 months (gravestone). His wife. Patience, died Feb. 
15» i853» in Westport. Children born in Westport: 

i. Perry Kirby, b. July 4, 1810; d. Aug. 21, 1893; m. (i), 
Feb. 9, 1834 (Dartmouth record), Rachel Potter, b. 
March 15, 1812, dau. of Restcome Potter and Esther 
Gififord. ■ She died Oct. 20, 1865, and he married (2) 

Caroline , who died Nov. 3, 1876, aged fifty-three 

years. Children born in Westport: 

1. Edwin P. Kirby, b. March 3, 1843; ^- April 9 


2. Andrew P. Kirby, b. Jan. 7, 1846; m., April ir, 

1870, Mary A., b. Dec. 24, 1852, 
dau. of Eli Sherman of Fair Haven. Mass. 
He lives in New Bedford, Mass. Children: 
(i) Allen P., b. Nov. 30, 1876; d. April 2, 
1878; (2) Walter S., b. Oct. 8, 1886; d. April 
14, 1890. 
ii. Nancy Sherman Kirby, b. 1813; d. May 2y, 1814, aged 
nine months (gravestone). 
38. iii. Tillinghast Kirby, b. March 22, 1816; m. Dolly Burr. 
iv. Mary Ann Kirby, b. March i, 1821; d. Oct. 2, 1835, 

38. Tillinghast^ Kirby (Silas^ William^, Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Robert^ Richard^ Richard^) of New Bedford, Mass., born March 


6f "■'i''' 


>jri-!.in-i ;i::;i 

T .i _;-.U 

/; (,. =■ ■.■. ■c-f. 

.'^ , J f . 

.J ..vJi-SSi, .'. nr,.-b'{ .1 


,i :■■ ■,■.«!,■■/ 


!!iT M 


22, iSio; married, Sept, 25, 1840 (Dartmouth record), Dorothy 
A. Burr, born 1821, daughter of Joseph Burr of New Bedford 
and Dolly Kirby, daughter of Abner Kirby (Justus^ Nathaniel* 
Robert^) of Norridgewock, JMe. He was a spar-maker, of the firm 
of Kirby & Johnson of New Bedford; has now retired, and is still 
living (189S) in New Bedford, Mass. Children: 

i. William P. Kirby, b. June 20, 1841 ; m. Ruth Ann Lawton, 
dau. of George and Ruth Lawton. He is now living in 
Jersey City, N. J. One child: 
I. George Kirby, b. about 1871. 
ii. Abner T. Kirby, b. Sept. 25. 1842; m., June 3, 1873, in 
Lowell, ;^.lass., Helen AL Lawrence, dau. of Dr. Samuel 
Lawrence of Lowell. Dr. Abner T. Kirby is a dental 
surgeon, and is practising his profession in Providence, 
R. L No children, 
iii. Edward A. Kirby, b. Jan. 4, 1845; m- Elizabeth Harriet 
Brownell, b. July 18, 1850, dau. of George H. and Nancy 
Ophelia Brownell of Westport. They are now living in 
New Bedford, Mass. Children: 

1. Alice Maude Kirby, b. June 3, 1872, in Jersey City, 

N. J. ; m. James Tripp of Westport, Mass. 

2. Charles Edward Kirby, b. Dec. 21, 1873, in Jersey 

City, N. J. 

3. Frank Bradford Kirby, b. April 15, 1879. 

20, George^ Kirby (Wesson'', Nathaniel*, Robert^, Richard^, 
Richard^) of Pawling, N, Y,, b^rn March 9, 1757, in Westport, 
Mass. He removed before 1790 to Quaker Hill, in the town of 
PawHng, Dutchess County, N, Y, where he married Anna Slocum, 
daughter of Humphrey Slocum of Pawling, N, Y, George Kirby 
died Dec. 28, 183 1, in Pawling, N. Y. His wife, Anna, died Oct., 
1828, in Pawling, N, Y, Children born in Pawling: 

i, Humphrey Kirby, b, ; d, Oct,, 1826, Not married. 

ii. William Kirby, b, ; d. Oct, 23, 1835, in Pough- 

keepsie, N. Y, ; m, Clarissa Baldwin. 

39. iii. Clark Kirby, b, Feb. 20, 1794; m. Charlotte Hungerford. 

40. iv. Uriah Kirby, b. April 4, 1797; m, Phoebe Grow. 

41. V. Gideon Kirby, b. Jan. 2y, 1799; m, Rebecca Jane Hun- 


42. vi. Hannah Kirby, b. Sept, 30, 1801; m. Jonathan Akin 


vii. Amy Kirby, b, ; d. Sept., 1866. Not married. 


^^ V^.-V-.f 

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rV'-. i.i)'..' " 




[Slocum Lineage: 

I, Anthony Slocum, who is thought to have come from Co. 
Somerset, England, was one of the first purchasers of Cohasset, 
now Taunton, Mass., in 1639; was also one of the first purchasers 
of Dartmouth, Mass. lie removed to Dartmouth with Ralph 
Russell, and settled near Russell's Mills, in the township of Dart- 
mouth. His wife is believed to have been a sister of William 
Harv^ey of Taunton, Mass., by whom he had: Giles; Edward; 
a daughter, who married John (?) Gilbert; John, b. 1642; d. 1657. 

II. Giles Slocum, eldest son of Anthony, settled early at Ports- 
mouth, R. I., where he was made freeman in 1655, and where he 
died about 1683. His will was dated March, 1682-83. His wife, 
Joan, died Aug. 31, 1679. Children: Joanna, b. Ivlay 16, 1642, 
m. Jacob IMott; John, b. May 26, 1645, m. Meribah Parker; 
Giles, b. March 25, 1647, m. Anne Lawton; Ebenezer, b. March 
25, 1650, m. Mary Thurston; Nathaniel, b. Dec. 25, 1652, m. 

Hannah ; Rev. Peleg, b. Aug. 17, 1654; d. 1733, m., 1680, 

Mary Holder, b. July 16, 1661 ; d. July 20, 1737, dau. of Christopher 
Holder; Samuel; Mary, b. July 3, 1660, m. Abraham Tucker; 
Eliezer, b. Dec. 25, 1664, m. Eliphel Fitzgerald. 

HI. Eliezer Slocum, youngest son of Giles, born Dec. 25, 1664, 
in Portsmouth, R. L; removed to Dartmouth, ^Mass., before 1684, 
where he died in 1737, leaving a large estate. He married Eliphel 

IV. Eliezer Slocum of Dartmouth, son of the preceding, born 
Jan. 20, 1693-94, in Dartmouth, Mass.; married, July 20, 17 16, 
widow Deborah (Smith) Howland, bom May 13, 1695, daughter 
of Deliverance and Mary Smith, and granddaughter of John 
Smith and Ruhamah Kirby. He died in 1739, leaving a great 

V. Humphrey Slocum of Pawling, N. Y., youngest son of 
Eliezer, born Feb. 18, 1730, in Dartmouth, Mass.; married, Dec. 
9, 1757, Amy Chase, born Dec. 6, 1734, daughter of Nathan 
CTiase and Elizabeth Shaw. He removed to Pawling, N. Y., 
where he died in 1790.] 

39. Gark^ Kirby (George*, Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard^, Richard^ of Pawling, N. Y., born Feb. 20, 1794, in 
Pawling, N. Y.; married, Feb. 16, 1834, Charlotte Hungerford, 
born Nov. 28, 181 1, daughter of Beach Hungerford and Rebecca 
Baldwin, both of New Milford, Ct. He died Aug. 21, 1881, in 

anix a. ?i AH -015! ho ervis^^' 

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T-'^' .-? : 

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/ ;■..:■;>: ;.^ odv/ 

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■:■' . ;?[ .^,^)x jr^--j>: f.>vTb 

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,.-,:• /.;: yii.r h-[b JlEol 

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.r.;o! ;jiu:/' J>0.-[ .0! 

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.■■.''" .,(.' .':>in>;f: 

....'■- :r'- 

r ..Id ./:! ,o,;,or „^<; 

,r.<--; ■' :; 

; ,T/. ■: ^ 

'■' ■ t-?A^' '.'[.>■ 

::.rj/.. ; 

^y 'f /.H ,-■ ■ i-!'.':::^H 

■t'j;x: . ^ 

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' ' ' i r : — 

Ol ,.•: -^-l' .'1.-50l'' :H ; 'hl/I 

: ;,'»' :'ii .'. 

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•'■'■/ '''/'-. 

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:.,■-, .•..."" 

;■■' ;■■■■ i'.l .ill 

; :\' ; ;-•., 

■ ■ I.'] ,'' ■ . .; ■ i . 

^ -.; - , : .-lU' : •-f;o4y!i 

1 fq';;; 

.... ■ 

: "j'il . ' ' '■' "' "•' 

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[ ^r:i-:.c] ■iiir^h'. :■■■ ^iv; 

' " f. . ,-.., 

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i.w' V •)'/ 1o rf;oi.' .fifv/biiJcl 



Pawling, N. Y. Charlotte, his widow, died Feb. i8, 1894. Chil- 
dren born in Pawling: 

i. Caroline Amy Kirby, b. ; d. Dec. 16, 1893; m., June 7, 

1859, George Miller. They had three children: George, 
Clark, and Alice. 

ii. Helen Kirby, b. ; m., June 3, 1858, William A. Taber, 

son of George P. and Helen Taber. He died Feb, 14, 
1859. His widow now resides in Burlington, N. J. No 
iii. Fanny Kirby. 

40. Uriah^ Kirby (George", Wesson', Nathaniel^ Robert^ 
Richard^, Richard^) of Pawling, N. Y., born April 4, 1797, in 
Pawling, N. Y. ; married, Nov. 2t„ 1821, Phoebe Grow, born Feb. 
10, 1805, daughter of Solomon Grow of Pawling. He died Nov. 
7, 1855, in Pawling, N. Y. Phoebe, his widow, died Oct. 14, 1865. 
Children born in Pawling: 

43. i. William Kirby, b. April 3, 1827; m. Mary A. Bassett. 
ii. George Kirby, b. Jan. 25, 1829. 

44. iii. Solomon Kirby, b. Dec. 2, 1830; m. Susan Sisson. 
iv. A daughter, b. 1832; d. soon. 

V. John Bradley Kirby, b. July 10, 1834. 
vi. Amelia A. Kirby, b. Oct. 19, 1836; d. July 11, 1866, 
in Amenia, N. Y.; m., May 15, 1863, Walter Stocking 
of Pine Plains, N. Y., and had one child, Kirby, who 
died young. 
vii. Amy Kirby, b. June 10, 1839; d. young. 

43. William^ Kirby (Uriah% George", Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Robert^ Richa^d^ Richard^, born April 3, 1827, in Pawling, 
N. Y.; married, Nov, 15, 1848, Mary A. Bassett, born Dec. 21, 
1827, in Amenia, N. Y., daughter of Joseph Bassett and Mira 
Rose, both of Amenia, N. Y, They are now living in New York 

[Joseph Bassett, born Jan, 21, 1796, was the son of Joseph 
Bassett and Mary (Steele?). His wife, born Feb. 24, 1805, was 
the daughter of Rose and Johanna Reed, and the grand- 
daughter of Captain James Reed and Johanna Castle. Captain 
James Reed was one of the earliest settlers of Amenia, N. Y.] 
Children of William Kirby and Mary Bassett: 

i. Joseph Bassett Kirby, M.D., b. Feb, 9, 1852; m., Sept. 4, 
1881, Kate Casey, who died Jan. 5, 1890. He married 


._ . ..;:-i'. :: ■ ,■ - . -1 cT i:-: -,:, .!!( 

L;:i\ , .Mu-i. ..ij:i;ir> ^ao b£i) i<f7E, , Y .'/, .■■iv ^ 

l< ,^^s2' 

'. --r i :y. b: hns - ' • ' •■ - ■ - 


(2), July, 1890, Jane Donaliuc. He is a physician, and 
is now practising his profession in New York City. 
Children by his first wife: 

1. Mary Kirby, b. June 22, 1883. 

2. Gertrude Kirby, b. Sept, 12, 1884; d. Feb. 22, 1891. 

3. Grace Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1888. 
ii. L. Belle Kirby, b. Aug. 22,, 1864. 

44. Solomon^ Kirby (Uriah^ George®, Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Robert^ Richard^, Richard^) of Sharon, Ct., born Dec. 2, 1830, 
in Pawling, N. Y.; married, Sept. 14, 1853, Susan Sisson, born 
Sept. 19, 1834, in Washington, Dutchess County, N. Y., daugh- 
ter of Job Sisson and Abigail Haight, both of Washington, N. Y. 
He removed in 1879 to Sharon, Ct., where he is now the pro- 
prietor of the " Sharon Inn." Children: 

i. Amy Kirby, b. July 9, 1855, in Pine Plains, N. Y.; m., Dec. 

28, 1880, George O. Cole of New York City; no children. 

ii. John J. Kirby, b. Nov. 14, 1862, in Millbrook, N. Y.; d. 

Sept., 1866, in Amenia, N. Y. 
iii. George S. Kirby, b. Jan. 31, 1875, in Brooklyn. 

41. Gideon^ Kirby (George^ Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard-, Richard^) of Pawling, N. Y,, born Jan. 27, 1799, in 
Pawling, N. Y. ; married, Dec. i, 1831, Rebecca Jane Hunger- 
ford, born March 25, 1802, daughter of Beach Hungerford of 
Sherman, Ct., and Rebecca Baldwin of New Milford, Ct. Gideon 
Kirby died March 21, 1852, in Pawling, N. Y. Rebecca, his 
widow, died Jan. 19, 1868, in Pawling, N. Y. 

[Rebecca Baldwin, born March 27, 1779, in New Milford, Ct., 
was the daughter of Simeon Baldwin of New Milford, Ct. (born 
Jan. 14, 1724; died June 7, 180S, son of Ebenezer Baldwin), and 
Rebecca Buck, who were married Jan. 4, 1764.] 
Children born in Pawling: 
i. George Beach Kirby, b. Dec. 15, 1835; d. May 23, 1883, in 
Burlington, N. J.; m., June i, 1859, Fanny Cornelia Havi- 
land, b. 1840 in Pawling, N. Y., dau. of W, H. Haviland- 
and Eliza Caroline Sill of Patterson, N. Y. He was Cap- 
tain of Company I, Forty-seventh Regiment N. Y. Vol- 
unteers, during the Civil W'ar. He was in several battles, 
and on one occasion led his regiment into action in the 
absence of the colonel; was wounded and taken prisoner; 
was imprisoned at Charleston and Columbia, S. C, and 

.f' ■ ( ''■■ "■-■':■!■■; ,*••■ 


aftenvard in Libby prison at Richmond, Va., from whence 
he was exchanged, and served until the expiration of the 
war. Children : 

1. Frederick G. Kirby, b. Feb. 24, i860; m., 1S93, in 

Poiighkeepsie, N. Y., Sarah Miller. He is now 
living in Srai Diego, Cal. No children. 

2. Carrie Emma Kirby, b. May 12, 1866; m., July 3, 

1890, in Germantown, Pa., Edward Janvier Doug- 
las, b, 1869 in New Castle, Del., son of Armour 
Douglas and Emma Janvier. He died Oct. 31, 
1890. No children. 
ii. Rebecca Ann Kirby, b. July i, 1838; d. April 19, 1841. 
iii. Sarah Kirby, b. June 3, 1840; m.. May 28, 1878, Robert 

Wood Wain of Burlington, N. J. No children. 
iv. John William Kirby, b. Jan. 13, 1843; d. Nov. 13, 1875. 
V. Charles Henry Kirby, b. April 22, 1845; m., July 28, 1874, 
Mary Trowbridge, dati. of N. C. Trowbridge and Phcebe 
Wilkinson. He is now residing in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
No children. 
vi. Clark Baldwin Kirby, b. Sept. 6, 1847; d. Feb. 29, 1896; 
not married. 

42. Hannah' Kirby (George^ Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard-, Richard^), born Sept. 30, 1801, in Pawling, N. Y.; 
married, in 1830, Jonathan Akin Taber, born ]\Iarch 7, 1795, 
son of William Taber (son of Thomas Taber of Dartmouth, Mass.) 
and Martha Akin, daughter of Jonathan Akin and Lilias Ferris. 
She died Dec. 25, 1832, in Pawling, N. Y. Jonathan A. Taber 
died April 18, 1868, in Pawling, N. Y. 
Children bom in Pawling: 
i. George Kirby Taber, b. Feb. 5, 1822; m., Oct. 13, 1845, 
Charlotte Field, b. Jan. 16, 1826, dau. of Comfort Field 
and Polly Crane. He lives in Pawling, N.. Y. Chil- 
dren born in Pawling: 

I. Gilbert Field Taber, b. Sept. 16, 1846; d. Aug. 5, 
1889; m.. May 13, 1868, Mary Burr Allen, dau. 
of Alexander Allen and Harriet Cowl. Chil- 

dren: (i) Harriet Allen, b. June 10, 1872; (2) 
Hannah Kirby, b. Nov. 26, 1873; (3) George 
Kirby, b. Sept. i, 1875; d. Jan. 17, 1879; (4) Lot- 
tie, b. July 26, 1880; d. March 26, 1882; (5) Mary 
Allen, b. Jan. 3, 1883. 

tp.-' -3*1 

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,-£fOc?5 /■' ^-^in. -^"'0 , •'!7i/i '^n:^nfj£U iii'? 

'^*"::r.vb .r:?,-i; 

n/ ^'^'^T ,!^i n-toA b:.:h 



2. Hannah Kirbv Taber, b. Jan. 2, 1850; d. Oct. 16, 


3. Martha Ann Taber, b. Feb. 15, 1857. 

4. AUcia Hopkins Taber, b. April 6, 1859. 

5. Charlotte Field Taber, b. July 5, 1861 ; d. Feb. 22,, 

ii. Martha Ann Taber, b. Nov. 11, 1824; d. Oct. i, 1853; m., 
Oct. 15, 1845, William H. Akin of New York City, b. 
Jan. 29, 1821, in Pawling, N. Y., son of Albro Akin and 
Jemima Thorne Jacacks. Children: 

1. Albro Akin, b. April 3, 1847; m., Jan. 25, 1876, 

Emma Read of New York City, dau. of Thomas 
B. Read and Mary Pickard. Children: (i) 

Helen, b. June 14, 1877; (2) Albert John, b. Nov. 
12, 1882. 

2. Amy Akin, b. March 28, 1850; m., Jan., 1878, Ben- 

jamin Aymar Sands of New York City. 

21. Wesson® Kirby (Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard^, 
Richard^) of Dartmouth, Ivlass., born April 15, 1759; married, 
Dec. 8, 1802 (Westport record), Joanna Craw, born June 20, 
1777, daughter of Sherman and Hannah Craw, and grand- 
daughter of Richard and Joanna Craw of Dartmouth, Mass. He 
was a farmer, and lived in that part of Dartmouth which is now 
South Dartmouth. His farm was situated where the present 
summer resort of Nonquit now stands. He died Dec. 4, 1839. 
Joanna, his widow, died June 2, 1851. 

Children born in Westport (family Bible of Wesson Kirby): 
i. Mary C. Kirby, b. April 20, 1803; m., Oct. 10, 1826, in 
Dartmouth, her cousin, Avary Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1792, 
son of Luthan Kirby of Westport. Avary Kirby died 
June 5, 185 1, in Dartmouth, Mass. She is still living 
(1898) in New Bedford, Mass. For her descendants, see 
page 294. 
ii. Amy Kirby, b. Oct. 28, 1805; m., Feb. 6, 1845, as second 

wife, Benjamin S. Anthony. 
iii. Hannah Kirby, b. March 24, 1807; d. Sept. 11, 1843; m., 
July 4, 1827, Benjamin S. Anthony of Dartmouth, b. 
Sept. 21, 1794; d. Sept. 26, 1882. Children born in 


I. Job Anthony, b. Nov. 7, 1828; m., Feb. 2, i860, 
Susan Crapo, b. April 9, 1838, dau. of Isaac and 


Di, :^^ .f;r(. 

^:"''- -^-: f'-' . Ay.yil\ '-id! A ,t 

•:'j/. .'. ,ii.iv^ jn i:.- ^..; : • 71. ,4.1 y:!':! .' ..,^b;l 

-Ml € / ...:/ vrnA .S 

;.>'■//. .'>,;ri 

.01 .'.;_ ;rjoJ ,//:f.iJ ^- ■• -'T ,';;:o-" V ■...,■■."//' <:o':U ■■'< -MX 
-h'trr^) [■ uz /,' i.;t'.- ^'V.:-<;, ;- ' < 11 -,■ , ■_!•■"; .^^^ vjif^^^ciMj ■ 

v/or: :.: •!-'■. :'f;I^'1!^■ri:Q ;r ■•...; Vrl' ..• .j/jj ;■./-;;; ,^^J/^^;;>i >: t£.'y 

,''''/\i '■ . ■;.■''.' .*■ , -'Tjy? /TC'./A ,■;:■ :■ ^ /''^■■.■lu-^J-t. 
-r:;-: :, , .: . ■;,: :...:i ,■•;-. -n;y: n -,;_^n ^,,,^1 

. '• ,,(:3:M::rri-.>,r ;:; •,;.,.. -,:.A .d /::;i'or;-' ,";^'.:j ,'. vial 



Ruth Crapo. He is a farmer in Dartmouth, 
Mass. One son: (i) Frederick S., b. Sept. 21, 
1862; d. I^Iarch 20, 1883. 
2. Cynthia Anthony, b. Oct. 16, 1836; m., Dec. 6, 
1870, her second cousin, Benjamin H. Kirby, b. 
Jan. 14, 1823, son of Jonathan Kirby. No chil- 
iv. Cynthia Kirby, b. July 24, 1810; d. Oct. 12, 1895; m. (i), 
Jan. 2, 1836, Capt. Thomas Hammond of New Bedford, 
b. Oct. 3, 1799; d. July 27, 1847. He was a successful 
captain of whaling vessels. She married (2), Nov. 7, 
1850, John M. Taber, a manufacturer of New Bedford. 
Children by her first husband: 

1. Thomas H. Hammond, b. June 30, 1840; d. April 

5, 1884. 

2. Hannah E. Hammond, b. Jan. 4, 1845; not married. 

22. Elihu« Kirby (Wesson^, Nathaniel*, Robert', Richard*, 
Richard^ of Canaan, N. Y., born June 13, 1761, in Westport, 
Mass.; married, June 15, 1786 (Dartmouth record), Patience Gif- 
ford, born Oct. 21, 1762, in Dartmouth, Mass., daughter of Will- 
iam and Patience Gifford of Dartmouth. He removed, about 
1794, to Easton, Washington County, N. Y., and in 1803 to 
Canaan, Columbia County, N. Y. Here he was engaged in farm- 
ing until his death, Oct. 28, 181 1. Patience Gifford Kirby died 
March 10, 1825. 

[William Gififord of Dartmouth, Mass., born June 29, 1722, in 
Dartmouth, was the son of Christopher Gifford, Jr., of Dartmouth 
and Mary Borden, who were married June 6, 1721. Christopher 
Gifford, Jr., born April 15, 1698, was the son of Christopher Gif- 
ford, born July 16, 1658; died March 22, 1748, and grandson of 
William Gifford of Sandwich, Mass.] 

Children of Elihu and Patience Kirby: 

45. i. John Kirby, b. Oct. 24, 1787, in Westport, Mass.; m. 

Freelove Lyon. 

46. ii. Wesson Kirby, b. Feb. 27, 1792, in Westport, Tvlass.; m. 

Betsy Wadsworth. 

47. iii. William Kirby, b. Aug. 10, 1796, in Easton, N. Y.; m. 

(i) Roxy Preston; m. (2) Jane Dickson. 

48. iv. Micajah Kirby, b. Sept. 20, 1798, in Easton, N. Y.; 

m. Lucretia Whitaker. 

u :'>a 

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.:'oK! Ji,>qjeiV 

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•>?(.!.; ,Vf;-;;V-7' 

.ni , 

.7 M ,nc,>-M ; 

' /V',1 .c! ,-^ri/^ y 

.n =>i--l 

I! V 4(^> .if ;avi 


M .ncjc^sK ,- 

■ "" , -•• 

; ;i^ 

J ■ -J 



.•' ,(Ii 

• Kfi: 

%■"' 1 

o ('• 

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,.^ : 3i! 




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/^. ... 

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,-. ./ilr;^ 














49. V. Elihu Kirby, b. May 13, 1801, in Easton, N. Y.; m. Mary 


50. vi. Patience Kirby, b. T^Iay 13, 1801, in Easton, N. Y,; twin 

with EHhu; m. John Knight. 

45. John' Kirby (Elihu«, \Vesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ Rich- 
ard^, Richard^) of New Lebanon, N. Y., bom Oct. 24, 1787, in 
Westport, Mass.; married, Dec, 24, 1809, in New Lebanon, N. Y., 
Freelove Lyon, born Feb. i, 1793, daughter of Thomas and 
Armenia Lyon of New Lebanon, N. Y. He was a famier in New 
Lebanon, Columbia County, N. Y., where he died Dec. 28, 1869. 
Freelove, his widow, died Feb. 25, 188 1, in East Chatham, N. Y. 
Children born in New Lebanon: 

i. Mary Ann Kirby, b. Dec. 23, 1810; d. Dec. 11, 181 1. 
ii. Elihu Kirby, b. Nov. 27, 18 12, in New Lebanon, N. Y. 
He was a merchant, and died March 15, 1885, in 
East Chatham, N. Y. Not married. 
iii. Thomas Kirby, b. July 23, 1815, in New Lebanon, 
N. Y. In 1836 he entered the ministry, and was a 
member of the Troy conference of the ]\L E. Church 
until his death. He died July 10, 1846, in Granville, 
Washington County, N. Y. Not married. 
iv. Mary Kirby, b. Feb. 18, 1818; d. Sept. 17, i860. Not 

V. Patience Kirby, b. April 26, 1820; m., Jan, 19, 1847, 
Lewis J. Haight, b. Jan. 29, 1818, son of Jonathan 
and Mary Haight of New Lebanon, N. Y, They 
removed in 1878 to Kalamazoo, Mich. Children: 

1. Jonathan Haight, b. Nov. 10, 1847; d. May 13, 


2. Clara C. Haight, b, ^lay 6, 1849. 

3. Sarah Haight, b, Aug. 15, 1850; m.. Sept, i, 

1875, William J. Kirby, son of William 

Kirby and Jane Dickson. See subsequent 

51. vi. William Giflford Kirby, b. Aug. 22, 1822; m. Rhoda 


52. vii. John Wesley Kirby, b. Oct. 5, 1824; m. Mary Howland. 

53. viii. Samuel Howe Kirby, b. March 28, 1827; m. Maria Coit. 

ix. George Kirby, b. May i, 1830; d. June 30, 1834, 

54. X. Adam Clark Kirby, b. Feb. 23, 1833 I m- Lucy Campbell, 

55. xi. Catherine Kirby, b. Aug. 25, 1835; m. Henry D, Jones. 


-SI n a A VJf 1 r <r "» n P 7- 1 

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•■-- ( .;:7cK irsn Lje .<.•.;.' s 

.ci:. oy 

•■■.J ;>.'i--f'^':- 


^-. ■'■'■iwi "aiioT .^^^ 

.;. '•^ io ;:C7..I Bi:T!3a:-,A 
! A III f.,-" <-;r SSdO 

l.::>r, .c ' ■■ 

in.. .;;^.:i-:'(. ' " vc 

rl':-!,;! jn \<:: ■]- ,^' .•■:jA .-rf .vJ-iiM b-io'^u.O'i .v: .16 


51. William Gifford^ Kirby (John^ Elihu«, Wesson', Na- 
thaniel*, Robert^, Richard-, Richard^) of Galesburg-, Mich., born 
Aug. 22, 1822, in New Lebanon, N. Y.; married, Sept. 15, 1S46, 
in Saratoga, N. Y., Rhoda Swetland, born Jan. 26, 1828, daughter 
of David Swetland and Pamelia Rowland, both of Clifton Park, 
Saratoga County, N. Y. He was engaged in mercantile pursuits 
at Clifton Park, N. Y., until 1858, when he removed to Charles- 
ton, Mich. He is now residing in Galesburg, Mich., engaged in 
farming. Children: 

i. Silas S. Kirby, b. Sept. 26, 1847; d. Sept. 15, 1851. 
ii. Pamelia Kirby, b. Jan. 3, 1849; d. Sept. 28, 1851. 
iii. Pamelia Kirby, b. Sept. 28, 1852, in Clifton Park, N. Y.; 
m., Dec. 18, 1872, Henry D. Upjohn, M.D., b. July 22, 
1843, son of Dr. Uriah Upjohn of Kalamazoo, Mich., and 
Maria 2^Iills. Children born in Kalamazoo: 

1. Lawrence Northcote Upjohn, b. Dec. 16, 1873. 

2. Ida Rowena Upjohn, b. Jan. 6, 1877; ^- Feb. 3, 1885. 

3. William Kirby Upjohn, b. March 4, 1878. 

4. Uriah Carlyle L-pjohn, b. Sept. 23, 1879. 

5. Hubert Standard Upjohn, b. Jan. 4, 1881. 

6. Donald Henry Upjohn, b. March 3, 1884. 

iv. William S. Kirby, b. Nov. 25, 1857, in Crescent, N. Y.; 
m., July 5, 1876, Alice Louisa Wightman, b. Feb. 2y, 
1858, dau. of Dr. George Wightman of Galesburg, Mich., 
and Mary Crandall. Children: 

1. William G. Kirby, b. June 5, 1879, in Galesburg, 


2. George Wightman Kirby, b. Jan. 10, 1881. 

3. Harold Eli^Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1883. 

4. Nina Isabelle Kirby, b. Sept. 11, 1886. 
V. Mary S. Kirby, b. Jan. 23, 1862. 

62. John Wesley^ Kirby Qohn^ Elihu«, Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of Charleston, Mich., born Oct. 5, 
1824, in New Lebanon, N. Y.; married, Jan. 28, 1852, Mary 
Rowland, born July 28, 1830, in Half Moon, N. Y., daughter of 
Knowlton Howland of Mechanicsville, Saratoga County, N. Y., 
and Susan Marshall of Schuylerville, N. Y. He resided in New 
Lebanon until 1870, when he removed to Charleston, Kalamazoo 
County, Mich., where he is now engaged in farming. He rep- 
resented his district in the State Legislature, 1888-90. Children: 
i. Arzelia Kirby, b. Jan. 22, 1855, in New Lebanon, N. Y.; 

./ ri tt » \:f t n ♦, ;_»•'> T a "2r /^ ft T 

:i'Vj .:5Mi!rrr 

■.r<8i ,rj 

.7-r^^ .h :\ 

;,.'•, J ,^>^ .; 

.: -^ ■ 

• 'V- 

■: T .^ ,.[:P , 

'c'"' • 

■ - '■. ■■'■ ' 

■ v'U'":" ', 

' .71'" 

:: /•' :,\i^"'::.' : '' 

• ';' '■' ,v!ri,'l ;• 

■, •).. ) . i .•-. 

:-;; ,-:'■. t.- 

: .-; . ; 

■ /;.;■ 

'i'l ':'!^.n£i4 ,5.i 

bi"- ./bill . 

i ;;.":■ ■: ; -' 

' 1 1 /-:■.. i. 

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.■ I 

::L'^ ..n^iA 

- '•':■>■ ; \\ ' 

' ,7X;-.^ ; 


^- 1 A 

. .;■, .cj.''^' .' 

,';;-8;. ,d.n/ 

., .;! ,:r:'r^ 


■ M .'i; 


,;. ,■ :...... ' 

. '.:-. .;-\; 

. : ■ 1 ;■ 

! ■•'.'7 s 

.^_ ■ ■'; ■'■ I 

IJ- - ■. ■!■■■-: ■--. . 

v\ .■■■\ ; ■;" ' 

:.;-I .|: 

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:r^ > y :;.■■- ::'it;: 

,if-:" !.../j r^ :'i . ..■ -H. ,-i.n. ;'\»i./j .'^irj^o/'I 

Ifi-:-' jC 


m., May 6, iSSo, S. Olin Spier of Galesburg, Mich., b. 

Nov. 25, 1845, son of Samuel Spier and Hannah Paton, 

both of Galesburg, Mich. One child: 

I. Viva F. Spier, b. May 25, 1881, in Charlotte, Mich. 
ii. Marion Freclove Kirby, b. Dec. 13, i860, in New Lebanon, 

N. Y. 
iii. Alice M. Kirby, b. April 30, 1864, in New Lebanon, N. Y.; 

m., April 30, 1890, William E. Ely, M.D., b. March 6, 

1861, son of Joseph E. Ely and Elizabeth Driffield of 

New York City. They are now living in Ocheyedan, la. 

No children. 
iv. Elbert L. Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1874, in Charleston, Mich. 

53. Samuel Howe^ Kirby (John\ Elihu^ Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Roberts Richard^, Richard^) of Cleveland, O., born March 28, 
1827, in New Lebanon, N. Y. ; married (i), July 2, 1856, Maria 
Coit, born July 27, 1830, daughter of Henry H. Coit and ^Liry 
Breed of Cleveland, O. Maria Coit Kirby died Sept. 14, 1876, 
and he married (2), March 2S, 1880, Elizabeth Coit, the sister of 
his first wife. Samuel H. Kirby was for a number of years in the 
firm of Condit & Co. of Brooklyn, N. Y. He removed in i860 
to Cleveland, O., and engaged in farming near the city. In 1864 
he returned to New York City, and engaged in the tea and cofifee 
business, at first with the firm of P. Reid & Co., and later in the 
firm of Fisher, Kirby & Brown. He returned in 1870 to Qeve- 
land, where he continued in the same business until 1876, when 
he retired permanently. He died Nov. i, 1880, in Cleveland, O., 
leaving one child by his first wife: 

i. Henry Coit Kirby, b. Sept. 21, i860, in Cleveland, O.; m., 
Oct. 12, 1886, in Cleveland, O., Eleanor Wright, b. June 
I, 1865, dau. of Edward P. Wright of Cleveland, O., and 
Mary Herdman. She died April 26, 1896. Henry C. Kirby 
is a member of the GofT, Kirby Coal Company of Cleve- 
land, O. Children born in Qeveland, O. : 

1. Edward Kirby, b. Jan. 13, 1887; d. Jan. 16, 1887. 

2. Henry Wright Kirby, b. Dec. 11, 1888. 

3. Eleanor Herdman Kirby, b. June 19, 1891. 

54. Adam Clark^ Kirby (John^, Elihu', Wesson', Nathaniel*, 

Robert', Richard^, Richard^) of New Lebanon, N. Y., born Feb. 

23, 1833; married, Jan. 26, 1859, Lucy Campbell, born July 27, 

1837, daughter of John Campbell and Epherina Herrick, both 


,o ■■■:.,]: .d ..f.l " . 
fo I. - !":;■''!' ^1' 

[■--■. ::■: ■ ;';'■•:' jrl .Y /•' .n' ■:-;-,•.. ^v •.-> .j ''; .=L';r/.j iO 'm-;i1 
•' -.:■:.> ■: -■'-' .:i L'^;:v:^i!'; '■'^^'- '■-.'■■"'-' '--: ■-■ ■■'■ •■■ ;.•:'■' ;;,j::' ari 

■-J'.:-/; ,(VM' ;i^":i e<-'":\;:- ■>■::.- V.1; ::. lv,\-';'r;oo ■'(-! ■: .;K ^ ,t Mk» 

■•^'^-' n:.-! :^-^\) O .Lr^! 

Hj jt .o^G .0 .ychlv'i j.i:,,ir.7 ^■!r'>H .s • 

U'^ .:.', .VUiJyi flKnn:/!'^^ ■iO'j::ji3 .j; 

:n..^t ,.V ..•: 

■•^-•1 \o Oh 


of New Lebanon, N. Y. He was a farmer in New Lebanon, and 
was highly respected by the community in which he Uved. He 
remained on the old homestead where he was born, and where 
he died Aug, ii, 1894. 

Children born in New Lebanon, N. Y. : 
i. Charles C. Kirby, b. Oct. 14, 1862; d. Dec. 10, 1876. 
ii. Mary Ella Kirby, b. Jan. 31, 1867; m., Oct. 9, 1889, Abra- 
ham Lincoln Sherman, b. Jan. 15, 1864, son of Benoni 
Sherman and Martha Waterbury, both of New Lebanon, 
N. Y. Dr. A. L. Sherman is a physician,' and is now 
practising his profession in New York City. One child: 
I. Alice Elena Sherman, b. June 26, 1893. 

55. Catherine^ Kirby (John^, Elihu^ Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Robe^t^ Richard-, Richard'), born Aug. 25, 1835, in New Leba- 
non, N. Y. ; married, Feb. 18, 1863, Dr. Henry D. Jones, son of 
William Jones of Granville, Mass. (born Jan. 4, 1794, son of Ben- 
jamin Jones of Tisbury, Mass.), and Lucy Belle Dresser. Dr. 
Henry D. Jones resided until 1892 in East Qiatham, N. Y., when 
he removed with his family to Duluth, Minn. Children born 

in East Qiatham: 

i. Kirby Jones, b. Feb. 25, 1871. He graduated from Cornell 
University in 1893, and is at present engaged in teaching 
in Minnesota. The compiler is indebted to him for most 
of the account of the descendants of Elihu Kirby. 
ii. Henry Elihu Jones, b. Dec. 8, 1876. He is in the Bureau 
of Steam Engineering, Navy Department, at Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

46. Wesson^ Kirby (Elihu^ Wesson^ Nathaniels Robert', 
Richard^, Richard^) of Canaan, N. Y., born Feb. 2"], 17^2, in 
Westport, Mass.; married, Dec. 14, 1814, Betsy Wadsworth. He 
lived and died in Canaan, N. Y. Children born in Canaan, N. Y.: 
i. Mariette Kirby, b. Jan. 14, 1817; m., Feb. 14, 1838, in 
Canaan, N. Y., Ebenezer Jenison, b. Feb. 28, 181 5, son of 
Maverick Jenison of Chatham Center, N. Y., and Eliza- 
beth Leonard of Binghamton, N. Y. Children bom 
in Chatham Center: 

1. Mary E. Jenison, b. Sept. 7, 1839; "^-j Sept. 20, 1857, 

Francis C. Penny. 

2. George Jenison, b. May 9, 1843. 


■:<i:ji\-;i T'-rr, ,(r!.'.>i; .;«'// 'jn yi^nh' l:.c 

.'.d :.J X:.J-i^''"» ,; 

. ' v;,0 -•'■'J ^:^'V ■/^■;'.' ^v ; ■,-■: .;,; ;•• ,;•:•.)<• 

1'. -/■ ;■/■ Q ■/-■'■:■) i .nO, J": 'Si 


)ii v::;!^ 

i-i^.o;..; ^r 

' ,"17 ":-'•■ . 


3. Caroline S. Jenison, b. July 14, 1848. 

4. A. Augusta Jenison, b. Jan. 8, 1852; m., March 19, 

1873, in Canaan, N. Y., Jones Wilcox, son of 
Sidney Wilcox and Jane Ann Jones of Chatham, 
N, Y. They are now living in Canaan, N. Y. 
One child: (i) Jay W., b. Feb. 27, 1875. 

5. John W. Jenison, b. Dec. 16, 1855. 

ii. Lucy Ann Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1818; m., Nov. 8, 1844, Will- 
iam Campbell. She died Dec. 8, 1892, in Chatham Center, 
N. Y. Children born in New Lebanon, N. Y. : 

1. Emma J. Campbell, b. Dec. 13, 1846; m., Jan. 7, 

1872, David Bigelow. She died Aug. 22, 1877, 
in West Lebanon, N. Y. No children. 

2. Anna Cornelia Campbell, b. i\Iarch 17, 1856; m., 

Dec. 22, 1880, in East Chatham, N. Y., Edward 
Moore, born in Rayville, N. Y., son of Walter 
Moore and Lovina Thomson. They are now liv- 
ing in Hillsdale, Mich. Children: (i) William 
C, b. March 17, 1882; (2) Weaker E., b. March 
17, 1882, twin; (3) John A., b. July 30, 1884. 
iii. William Perry Kirby, b. July 15, 1825; d. 1880; m., 1848, 

Sarah Sophia Campbell, b. Sept., 1827, dau. of John 

Campbell. Children: 

1. Edward Perpy- Kirby, b. Oct. 22, 1853; m., Feb. i, 

1874, Leta B. Pratt, b. Aug. 12, 1853, dau. of 
Hosea B. and Mary R. Pratt. They are now liv- 
ing in East Chatham, N. Y. They have one child: 
(i) Perry W., b. March 3, 1881. 

2. William J. Kirby, b. Nov. 25, 1858; m., Nov. 25, 

1880, Mary Elizabeth Preston, b. March 22, 
1859, dau. of Jay N. Preston of East Chatham, 
N. Y., and Martha J. Barnes of Housatonic, 
" Mass. They are now living in East Chatham, 
N. Y. One child: (i) Neliie May, b. Jan. 27, 

47. William^ Kirby (Elihu«, WessonS Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard^ Richard*) of Otsego County, N. Y., born Aug. 10, 
1796, in Easton, Washington County, N. Y.; married (i), Oct. 
29, 1816, Roxy Preston, daughter of Obadiah Preston of Chat- 
ham, N. Y. She died at Milford, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1842, aged 
forty-five. He married (2), Feb. 6, 1844, Jane Dickson of Cherry 


r/..I .il 

;>nKn : 

' .1 


'. / (li 

■- -V 

r-[--\ !•: ,'f.r.j ."T-"^ ,-T 

,r a!5H ,...1 iv^-^r ,<L'. nO ■- .-'f-;i>' ; V'-'^ -,:■'.; "' I 

i)-. .V'..--: ..•..• - : V':^ •: f-. ' ..rf? ./ .Z .(flfid 


\'alley, N. Y., who died July 26, 1854, aged forty-five; and he 
married (3), Oct. 14, 1S58, at'Flybrook, N. Y., Sibyl A. Burhans, 
born April 7, 1807, daughter of Seth Newell and widow of Aaron 
W, Burhans. William Kirby died March 13, 1872, at Cherry 
Valley, N. Y. His widow, Sibyl, died Feb. 13, 1875. 

[Jane Dickson, born April 5, 1809; died July 26, 1854, was the 
daughter of Samuel Dickson, born April i, 1765 (son of William 
Dickson, who removed from Londonderry, N. H., to Cherry 
Valley), and Eleanor Campbell, born Nov. 11, 1770, in Cherry 
Valley, daughter of Samuel Campbell, bom 1740 (son of James 
Campbell), and Jane Cannon, born Jan. i, 1743, in Co. Antrim, 

Children by his first wife: 
i. George Kirby, b. April 5, 1817, in Westford, Otsego County, 
N. Y.; m., Jan. 29, 1846, Catherine Chaffee, b. Jan. 29, 
1823, dau. of Ebenezer and Phila Chaffee of Cheshire, 
Berkshire County, Mass. They are now living in Oneonta, 
N. Y. Children: 

1. George Farnum Kirby, b. ]May 8, 1849; d. Feb. 4, 


2. Preston jM. Kirby, b. Nov. 21, 1854; d. April 17, 

1877, at Hartwick, N. Y. 

3. Cornelia Achsah Kirby, b. June i, i860; d. Aug. 

8, 1862. 
ii, Cornelia Kirby, b. Nov, 23, 1825, in Westford, N. Y.; m., 
Feb. 2, 1858, Jesse Sutliff of Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

1. Julia L. Sutliff, b. Sept. 28, 1859. 

2. William K. Sutliff, b. Nov. 5, 1861. 

iii. Caroline Kirby, b. Jan. 6, 1828, in Westford, N. Y.;.m., 
Oct. 4, 1853, Silas Alvin Ferguson of Malone, N. Y., b. 
Sept. 15, 1825, in Springfield, N. Y., son of Silas Fer- 
guson and Elizabeth Wilson, both of Springfield, N. Y. 
They are now living in Malone, N. Y. Children: 

1. Emma Cornelia Ferguson, b. Feb. 8, 1856, in Cherrv- 

Valley, N. Y.; m., March 16, 1875, Frank Arnold 
of Malone, N. Y. He died Oct. 4, 1882. Chil- 
dren born in Constable, N. Y.: (i) Caroline L., 
b. May 24, 1876; (2) Cornelia B., b. Nov. 10, 1878. 

2. William Kirby Ferguson, b. July 31, 1861, in 

Malone, N. Y.; m., June 20, 1888, in Algona, 
la., Etta L. Call of Algona, la. He is now cashier 



'f>:i b '(Sir. .d 

■■■'.' -ja.'A l.f'/^ .i, if'xfqrfiK J 
. -61 

T ...; ,v.v-- 

78^ .8u ,-.; :• -. : 


^j^;:.-_ '.-^■■i 

\ .. . . c r IT 


,i:noyj;^ fu .'<'•'.••,■ 

, •<>• 

:;!r^/ s^ 


of the First National Bank of Algona, la. One 
child: (i) Arthur C, b. July 8, 1S90. 

3. Charles Hulbert Ferg^uson, b. July 10, 1865, in 

Malone, N. Y.; m., Oct. 16, 1889, Jane J. John- 
son of Malone, N. Y., who died Feb. 12, 1893, 
leaving one child: (i) Floyd F., b. Feb. 2. 1893, 
He married (2), Jan. 17, 1894, Edna Walker of 
Malone, N. Y., by whom he has two children: 
(2) Eleanor E., b. Jan. 16, 1895; (3) Ruth A., 
b. Dec. 24, 1897. 

4. George Ferguson, b. Jan. 29, 1868, in Malone, 

N. Y.; d. March 6, 1868. 

5. John J. Ferguson, b. Nov. 8, 1869, in Malone, N. Y.; 

m., March 21, 1895, Eunice P. Ay res of Malone, 
N. Y. They are now living at the old home- 
stead in Malone, N. Y. One child: (i) Kirby 
A., b. Feb. 13, 1896. 
Children by his second wife: 
iv. William J, Kirby, b. Feb. 11, 18^5, in Milford, N. Y.; m., 
Sept. I, 1875, Sarah Haight, b. Aug. 15, 1850, dau. of 
Lewis J. Haight and Patience Kirby (dau. of John Kirby 
of New Lebanon, N. Y.). They are now living in Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. Children: 

1. Lewis Haight Kirby, b. July 30, 1876, in New 

Lebanon, N. Y. 

2. Ralph Campbell Kirby, b. Aug. 31, 1880, in Pa- 

vilion, Mich.; d. Sept. 20, 1889, in Kalamazoo, 

V. Campbell M. Kirby, b. March 20, 1848; d. July 25, 1852. 
vi. Emma Jane Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1850; d. Dec. 5, 1871. 

48. Micajah^ Kirby (Elihu^ Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard-, Richard^) of Rochester, N. Y., born Sept. 20, 1798, 
in Easton, Washington County, N. Y. ; married, Nov. 11, 1841, 
Lucretia Whittaker, who died Aug. 7, 1852. The early part of his 
life was spent in Henrietta, Monroe County, N. Y., where he was 
engaged in mercantile pursuits. The latter part of his life was 
spent in Rochester, N. Y., where he died March 28, 1882. Chil- 

i. Almira M. Kirby, b. Sept. 4, 1842, in Henrietta, N. Y.; 
m., April 15, i860, in East Brighton, Monroe County, 
N. Y., Joseph H. Richardson. Children: 


vj'rji. ,(;>: f 

rx^.8i .n. 

:r\o-:>r) .f^ 

1 ..A 
•-•; .1 .t;.> 

1 s;v.-j 

. ' f- - '■•.>■■ 

'h- ^uoa?o'/v ."!/;•. j-^i. 

-r;- :.t ■■K:^r.v..l. 

Ji.-'i ,1.: ■■'■., .'■-'■ i^.,.,r :.Y ."■! ,v^-rj':-0 n'.. ■ ■■'■•' ■ - '>- ' 


1. William K. Richardson, b. Aug. 14, 1863, in Chili, 

N. Y.; d. March 28. 1894, in Rochester, N. Y.; 
m., Nov. 18, 1885, at Harrison, O., Susan A. 
Rittenhouse. She died in 1890, and he married 
(2), Oct., 1891, at Chili, N. Y., Dorothy Cool- 
ridge. Children by his second wife: (i) Ralph 
K., b. May 3, 1893, in Rochester, N. Y.; (2) Allie 
W., b. Oct. 25, 1894. 

2. David H. Richardson, b. Nov. 2^, 1865; d. 1866. 

3. Isabella Richardson, b. April 25, 1867; d. 1867. 

4. Lucretia Richardson, b. April 25, 1867, twin; d. 

Feb. 3, 1869. 

5. Ralph M. Richardson, b. May 13, 1870. 

6. Micajah W. Richardson, b. Oct. 30, 1874. 

ii. Henrietta Kirby, b. Oct. 16, 1844, in Henrietta, N. Y.; d. 

June 9, 1846. 
iii. William Whittaker Kirby, b. Nov. 9, 1845, i" Henrietta, 
N. Y.; d. Jan. 31, 1869, in St. Augustine, Fla. 

49. Elihu^ Kirby (Elihu«, Wesson^, Nathaniels Robert', 
Richards Richard') of Henrietta, N. Y., born May 13, 1801, in 
Easton, Washington County, N. Y.; married. May 9, 1831, at 
Saratoga, N. Y., Mary V. Wheeler, born April 11, 1808, in Canaan, 
N. Y, Elihu Kirby died Feb. 24, 1866, in Henrietta, N. Y. Mar>', 
his widow, died at Henrietta, N. Y.,- June 3, 1898. Children: 

i, Josephine E. Kirby, b. March 15, 1832, in Henrietta, N. Y.; 

m., Sept. 5, 1849, William H. Halsey, b. Feb. 26, 1823. 

He died before 1S63, and she married (2), Jan. 14, 1S63, 

Judson D. Green of Kansas City, Mo., b. Aug. i, 1834. 


1. William Kirby Halsey, b. Aug. 7, 1850; d. (the date 


2. Elizabeth Mooney Halsey, b. March 27, 1853; d. 

Jan. 26, 1858. 

3. Jennie May Halsey, b. May 15, 1855; m., Jan. 12, 

1876, Cassius Green of Rush, N. Y. Children 
born in Rush, N. Y. : (i) Lizzie E., b. Jan. 19, 
1877; (2) Walter P., b. Nov. 10, 1881. 

4. Carrie Louise Halsey, b. July 26, 1856. 

5. Alice Louise Halsey,' b. Dec. 16, 1858, in Henrietta, 

N. Y.; m., Aug. 14, 1883, in Kansas City, Mo., 
Howard Malcolm Snapp. They are now living 


■:iA 'iKniH .Hi- 
,::v"A nd.lH .Y . 

^' /K ,£ ;3!ir;3ii Jr. J ■^:':> ,v/ribi7.' 

,;/'':': ,.M "L.^ ,-..\ (^ff! •.■-'--, h:,r. r/'^l ."i^^bi i..j:b t)n 

:■■::.■.•■ kO 

^» ;tY<*^ /■;•■- .ri^it!/ i^-:; ,v;;^ij[;\I pnool/. Hi^ircMil.i .:i 

'.:! ..-si^ ..Hi ii;,^;! .;;i ysl/ .d ,\~'Af.i[ /fA/i oinn5\ .f; 

.. . .(ic{ .d , -V " , , ,1 -11 :.y .;/ ,ri-, >T n: nrod 

t. ;'': .- ;;ii! /; ,y:!.iUH 5rir;-.„! 'unO .^^ 


in Joliet, 111. Children: (i) Dorrance, (2) 

Minnie, (3) Howard. 

6. J. Kirby Green, b. Nov. 25, 1867; d. March 15, 1870. 

7. Belle K. Green, b. Aug. 31, 1871. 

ii. Carrie L. Kirby, b. Dec. 21, 1834, in Henrietta, N. Y.; m., 
Nov. I, 1854, Andrew S. Wadsworth. They are now 
living- in Henrietta, N. Y. One child: 

I. Edward K. Wadsworth, b. May 2, 1857, in Henri- 
etta, N. Y. 

iii, Mary E. Kirby, b. Nov. 22, 1839, in Henrietta, N. Y.; m., 
Jan. 3, 1865, in Henrietta, N. Y,, Samuel U. Calkins, b. 
June 23, 1833, in Henrietta, N. Y., son of Hiram and 
Esther Calkins. He is a coal and produce dealer, and 
is now residing in Henrietta, N, Y. Children: 

1. Elihu Kirby Calkins, b. Feb. 18, 1866, in Henrietta, 

N. Y.; m., March 18, 1891, at Bristol, N. Y., 
Lena Briggs Hitchcock, b. Feb. 24, 1867, in 
Bristol, N. Y., dau. of Curtis and Ruth Hitch- 
cock. He is a printer and publisher, and resides 
in Batavia, N. Y. They have one child, Ruth 
Kirby, b. Sept. 3, 1895. 

2. John N. Calkins, b. Oct. 13, 1875, in Henrietta, N. Y. 

3. Bertha M. Calkins, b. July 26, 1877, in Henrietta, 

N. Y. 
iv. Elihu Wheeler Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1845; d. Jan. 8, 1852. 


50. Patience^ Kirby (Elihu^ Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ 
Richard-, Richard^, born Tvlay 13, 1801, in Easton, Washington 
County, N. Y.; married, Oct. 31, 1821, John Knight of East 
Chatham, N. Y., born Nov. 18, 1796, son of Caleb Knight of 
Chatham, N. Y., and Deborah Marshall. She died Feb. 22, 1876, 
in East Chatham, N. Y. John Knight died June 27, 1885, in 
East Chatham, N. Y. Children born in East Chatham: 

i. Adelia S. Knight, b. Aug. 8, 1822; m., Dec. 22, 1841, 

Elisha Cady, b. Jan. 8, 1819, in East Chatham, N. Y. 

She died Nov. 12, 1890, in Huron, N. Y. Children: 

1. Eben J. Cady, b. April 21, 1845, i" East Chat- 

ham, N. Y. He was a volunteer in the Union 
army, and was killed in the battle of Freder- 
icksburg, Dec. 13, 1862. 

2. George N. Cady, b. Jan. 8, 1852, in Huron, N. Y.; 

d. May 15, 1891, in Eaton Rapids, Mich.; 

'A A Cl 

, voVl 

'■. .'.J ,1'. 

q b' 


:. .'Z^^' .:-'■ 

••^/■^ ..J ,••'■ 

!■.'■■ Ai 'I- 'A 

;■:,;, ;-'?!ft.} 

';■;-.■■; on ■; ."; 

:--^ -.. _ h •■ 

i;:,iM ,-•::.-> - 

■ ;.. = yj;ri •._:■ 

7 v^ .._.-.;;; 

■ i ;n ,,:~^ . 

':i.:.n:!.-ii r? 

/: •■'; ■'i-- ■■ 

>;;;;., Iiv,/: 


'ti ,r lof 


, 7'',": 

firu' ■.! 


■i. if 


. f-: 




I .r.I '^ 


m., Feb. 24, 1876, in Huron, N. Y., Mary E. 
Gillett of Huron, N. Y., b. Sept. 25, 1854. 
Children: (i) Maud, b. Feb. 3, 1878; (2) Hat- 
tie, b. Oct. 29, 1879; (3) Bessie, b. Jan. 19, 
1883; (4) Henry, b. July 18, 1887; (5) George, 
b. Oct. 2, 1890. 
56. ii. Byron A. Knight, b. July 22, 1825; m. Susan C. Wood. 
iii. John Newton Knight, b. May 9, 1831 ; d. June 4, 1864; 
m., Jan. 12, 1853, In East Chatham, N. Y., Albertine 
Reynolds, dau. of Ira Reynolds and Eliza Barton. 
He removed to Huron, N. Y., where he enlisted, Oct., 
1861, in the Seventy-fifth N. Y. Infantry as Com- 
missary Sergeant. In 1863 he was promoted to 
Quartermaster of a regiment in the Engineer Corps. 
He took part in the Red River expedition, and died 
of fever, brought on by overwork and exhaustion, 
June 4, 1864, at Morganzia, La. No children. 

56. Byron A.^ Knight (Patience Kirby^ Ellhu«, Wesson', 
Nathaniel*, Robert', Richard-, Richard^) of East Chatham, N. Y., 
bom July 22, 1825; married, Oct. 13, 1847, Susan C. Wood, born 
Sept. II, 1826, daughter of John Wood and Caroline Austin, both 
of Chatham, N. Y. He died Dec. 19, 1878, in East Chatham, 
N. Y. Children born in East Chatham: 

i. Mary Ella Knight, b. Oct. 27, 1848; d. Feb. 12, 1867. 
ii. Frank B. Knight, b. June 7, 1850; m., April 8, 1870, Mary 
E. Crofut, dau. of Comfort B. and Mary Ford Crofut 
of Stockbridge, Mass. She died Feb. 27, 1898, in East 
Chatham, N. Y. Children born in East Qiatham: 

1. Ella Knight, b. Oct. 31, 1871. 

2. Henry R. Knight, b. March 23, 1873. 

3. F. Osman Knight, b. Jan. 21, 1875; m., Feb. 9, 

1895, Alice Bacon. 

4. Roy E. Knight, b. March 5, 1877; d. May 26, 1892. 

5. Arthur B. Knight, b. June 9, 1878. 

6. John B. Knight, b. Oct. 6, 1879. 

7. Freddie Knight, b. Aug. 28, 1880; d. March 26, 1881. 

8. May Belle Knight, b. Oct. 17, 1881. 

9. Susie Laura Knight, b. Oct. 7, 1883. 

10. Cora C. Knight, b. July 21, 1885; d. March, 1886. 

11. Floyd Knight, b. April 5, 1889. 


r-T <T A Of -X 

"».y n -D" ♦ » ^ 



'■r ji 


.■ '.k;- 


r", -^ J , 


i U\ 


"'■^r ... 

; 7vUi;;^ 


23. Benjamin^ Kirby (^Vesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard-, 
Richard^) of Dartmouth, Mass., born June i8, 1763, in West- 
port, Mass.; married, Dec. 14, 1788 (Leonard), Patience Lawton, 
born Nov. 16, 1767, daug^hter of George Lawton. He was a 
farmer, and Hved in that part of Dartmouth which is now South 
Dartmouth. His farm joined that of his brother Wesson on the 
south, and was situated where stands the present summer resort 
of Nonquit. He died Aug. 20, 1817, in Dartmouth, Mass. Pa- 
tience, his widow, died Jan. 17, 1841. Children born in Dart- 

57. i. Peace Kirby, b. Jan. 15, 1791; m. Joseph Howland. 

58. ii. George Kirby, b. May 16, 1794; m. Abby H. Smith. 

59. iii. Plannah Kirby, b. Nov. 29, 1796; m. Holder Sherman. 
iv. Jonathan Kirby, b. March 19, 1799; d. Jan. 18, 1887; 

m., Dec. 26, 182 1 (Dartmouth record), Martha How- 
land, b. June 16, 1799; d. Feb. 12, 1834, dau. of Capt. 
Warren Howland and Sarah Slocum. Children 

born in Dartmouth: 

1. Benjamin H. Kirby, b. Jan. 14, 1823; m., Dec. 

6, 1870, Cynthia Anthony, b. Oct. 16, 1836, 
dau. of Benjamin S. Anthony of Dartmouth 
and Hannah Kirby (dau. of Wesson Kirby 
and Joanna Cram). No children. 

2. Susan B. Kirby, b. Oct. 7, 1826; not married. 

3. John T. Kirby, b. Jan. 3, 1832; d. young. 

4. Martha Kirby, b. Jan. 19, 1834; d. young. 

V. Barbara Kirby, b. Jan. 29, 1802; d. July 11, 1851; m., 
Feb. 9, 1820 (Dartmouth record), Seth Anthony of 
Dartmouth, b. Dec. 14, 1796; d. Feb. 26, 1875, -on 
of Gideon and Abby Anthony. Children born in 

Dartmouth, Mass.: 

1. Alice S. Anthony, b. Nov. 29, 1828; m. Asa 

Sherman of Dartmouth. 

2. Mary Anthony, b. Sept. 16, 1830; m. (i) David 

Porter Smith; m. (2) George F. Bosworth. 

3. Phoebe Anthony, b. Sept. 16, 1832; m. William 

A. Sanderson. 

4. Gideon Anthony, b. May 30, 1835; ^n. Elizabeth 


5. Sarah Anthony, b. July 20, 1837; m. (i) A. Tal- 

man; m. (2) Elisha J. Gibbs of New Bedford, 


■■ 1 -^ ■ ' 'f TMV- i ■. 1,1 

y] ::■:.-;;.. ^ .ui 

: .; >i. ■ .J ,v^^'^!'^-^/- £' 

n j;i 

• .d ,YiN,;;i].: ' > ■■■:■ ^ 
' ;.> ,(11 ; r!ji{Ti5 i;. n./{ 


i\:) .ni : n'::iTi 


vi. Lettis Kirby, b. Jan. 30, 1805; d. June 15, 1876; not 

vii. Phoebe H. Kirby, b. Aug. 20, 1807; d. Dec. 18, 1883; 
m., 1834 (published Jan. 4, 1S34; Dartmouth record), 
Hilary Sanford of Dartmouth, b. Feb., 1806; d. Dec, 
1883, who was the son of Isaac and Phoebe Sanford, 
both of Dartmouth, Mass. Children born in 

Dartmouth : 

1. Elizabeth A. Sanford, b. April, 1835; ^- Joseph 

A. Mosher of Dartmouth. 

2. Sylvia R. Sanford, b. Oct., 1836; m. Ezra P. 


3. Charles H. Sanford, b. May, 1840; m. Mrs. 

Adee F. Bennett, 
viii. Sophia Kirby, b. Nov. 26, 1810; d. Jan. 5, 1888; m., 
Dec. 26, 1832 (published Nov. 29, 1832; Dart- 
mouth record), Capt. Joseph Ricketson of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., b. Oct. 13, 1810; d. April 26, 1877, 
son of Joseph and Judith Ricketson. Children 

bom in Dartmouth: 

1. Caroline Ricketson, b. May i, 1834; d. Sept. 18, 


2. George Washington Ricketson, b. Oct. 3, 1836; 

d. March 24, 1893. 

3. Emma Cornelia Ricketson, b. Oct. 28, 1838; 

not married. 

4. Theodore Francis Ricketson, b. Oct. 16, 1840; 

d. Dec. 24, 1874. 

5. Alexander Hamilton Ricketson, b. April 18, 

1844; d. July 5, 1845. 

6. Charles Lothrop Ricketson, b. Nov. 25, 1846; 

d. July 2, 1848. 

7. Abby Parker Ricketson, b. Dec. 29, 1849; not 


8. William Piatt Ricketson, b. March 29, 1853. 

57. Peace' Kirby (Benjamin^, Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard^ Richard^), born Jan. 15, 1791; married, as second wife, 
in 1826 (published Sept. 27, 1826; Dartmouth record), Joseph 
Howland, born April 8, 1762, son of Gideon and Sarah Howland. 
Joseph Howland was a farmer of South Dartmouth, where he 


I an 

'f-: ^:>,-.-t 


^H^^'- A 

J .d .hvy 

ij/ ,.^ ,:v<oinie^ ,ii .' •■;i,.;:> 

3: .v:-=t5 b ..;.j«i .T v:,;',( :j j'r.,^;o 

;s } ; 

"' -■<\: J'>C 

'T £ 

d ,TOsJf^:4'''v.: 


ai- :-} 

n'?.Jo>i ,'b(>i>^fi 

:'-,'.-7 >-;;--M 

r:.ij. .^-.^l 

'/;'iL'-, : ;•" ."'V 

m: r> •; - ^^^;^ 

):':iv . u;: :•.', [ 


died Sept. 12, 1839. Peace Kirby Rowland died Aug. 14, 1859. 
Children born in South Dartmouth : 

i. Sarah A. Rowland, b. July 3, 1830; m. Johann Max Bern- 
hard Eppcndorff, b. Nov. 4, 1820, in Dresden, Saxony. 
They are now residing in Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: 

1. Lina Eppendorff, b, ]\Iarch 27, i860, in Milwaukee 


2. John G. Eppendorff, b. Jan. 11, 1862, in New Bed- 

ford, Mass. 
ii. Hetty Wilbur Rowland, b. Aug. 13, 1832; m., Sept. 13, 
1854, James Clarke Rickctson, b. Feb. 26, 1830, in As- 
toria, L. I., son of Barton and Cecile C. Ricketson. He 
resided in New Bedford until 1864, when he removed to 
Milwaukee, Wis. Children; 

1. Louise Cecile Ricketson, b. May i, 1856, in New 

Bedford, ^lass.; m., Sept. 23, 1885, John G. Cole- 
man of Milwaukee, Wis. Children: (i) James 
R., b. Sept. 3, 1887; (2) William L., b. May 15, 
1889; (3) Cecile R., b. May 3, 1890; (4) Clement 
J., b. June 12, 1892; (5) Ellen B., b. Feb. 24, 1894; 
(6) Frederick G., b. April 9, 1897. 

2. James R. Ricketson, b. Dec. 31, 1857, in New Bed- 

ford, Mass.; not married. 

3. Josephine B. Ricketson, b. April 7, i860, in New 

Bedford, Mass.; d. Jan. 9, 1874. 

4. Frederick Beauvais Ricketson, b. Feb. 18, 1862, in 

New Bedford, Mass.; not married. 

5. Francis H. Ricketson, b. Sept. 13, 1864, in Detroit, 

Mich.; d. Sept. 22, 1864. 

6. Arthur B. Ricketson, b. Sept. 13, 1864, twin, in De- 

troit, Mich.; d. Oct. 10, 1864. 

7. Martha Rowland Ricketson, b. Feb. 24, 1867, in 

Detroit, Mich.; m., Nov. 12, 1889, Thomas' E. 
Camp of Milwaukee, Wis. One child: (i) Janet 
Gordon Camp, b. March 15, 1893, in Milwaukee, 

8. Sarah Eppendorff Ricketson, b. Jan. 7, 1869, in De- 

troit, Mich. ; not married. 
iii. Gideon K. Rowland, b. ; m. Olive Wordell of Dart- 
mouth, Mass. Re now lives in South Dartmouth, Mass., 
and has charge of the " Round Rill Farm," owned by 
Mrs. Hetty Green. Children: 

:h a:' 




7 xii>>' -Ji 




■ .-Ml -i J- 

->{■' .-l ■'.-' 

.: M-jU.i-:^ 

■.■;-; ..<-;. 

, . I ]-.v'-'i ,:.-i 

,:, .■ ^d"; 

.-■ . ■: ioa . .■ 

■: ;-_ ,h^Cjl 

J.,,; ];. _^.-,. \. 

. .:. .l;v: i 

:>'f .'a _ ■ -■ 

J. -■' -■! ij-',-:-) 

- . ::■>.'.' '.: ■ : 

ii.^/: v,'i:': 

:a -i. 

->;:o-vA -J 

V -vi i^'JiiM .V 

.J ill .r>08 


1. Joseph Rowland, b. March 13, 1855. 

2. Sarah May Howland, b. May 29, 1858. 

3. Gideon Albert Howland, b. July 9, 1865; d. Sept. 

4, 1873. 

4. Olive Ann Howland, b. Aug. 11, 1866; m. Dr. C. 

A. Hicks of Fall River, Mass. 

5. Edward David Howland, b. Nov. 30, 1868. 

iv. Martha A. Howland, b. ; m., Feb. 22, 1865, Isaac How- 
land of New Bedford. 

58. George^ Kirby (Benjamin^, Wesson", Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard", Richard^) of Dartmouth, Mass., born May 16, 1794; 
married, Aug. 25, 182 1 (Dartmouth record), Abby H. Smith, 
daughter of George and Mary Smith of Dartmouth, Mass. She 
died May 24, 1861. George Kirby died Aug. 30, 1882, in South 
Dartmouth, Mass. Children born in South Dartmouth: 

i. Humphrey Kirby, b. June, 1823; d. April 16, 1891; m. (i), 
July 19, 1846 (Dartmouth record), Elizabeth Howland, 
b. April 13, 1828 ; d. Nov. 29, i860, dau. of Rodolphus 
Howland of Dartmouth, Mass.; m, (2) . Children: 

1. Arthur Kirby. 

2. Mary Elizabeth Kirby. 

3. Charles Lincoln Kirby. 

4. George Arthur Kirby. 

ii. Rebecca Kirby, b. April 18, 1825; d. Feb. 22, 1895; m.. 
May 14, 1846 (Dartmouth record), Capt. Weston How- 
land of Fairhaven, Mass., b. June 18, 181 5, in New Bed- 
ford, son of Weston Howland. They had twelve children, 
six of whom died young. Their surviving children were : 

1. Rachel Howland, b. May 4, 1853. 

2. Thomas H. Howland, b. Aug. 10, 1856. 

3. Abby S. Howland, b. June 26, i86r. 

4. John S. Howland, b. Sept. 20, 1863. 
^. Rebecca S. Howland, b. Feb. 23, 1865. 

6. Alice H. Howland, b. Feb. 25, 1867. 

iii. George Kirby, b. Feb. 5, 1836; m. (i), Nov. 27, 1856, Eliza- 
beth Reynolds; m. (2), Oct. 4, 1869, Jennette I. Warner. 

1. Frank H. Kirby. 

2. Fannie S. Kirby. 

59. Hannah' Kirby (Benjamin', Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert', 


a9(hnii9i HO 3 

[:>ri ,■.. : 

J .:''^ iH ;cV;><^i ,: I .>ir'A .<:f ,l:!f':J voll .inA rjvllO .ji 

Li v.5V^ 

• !f!^f^^'/ . ,:-)fe^0W .^ 

i!J;i' ■::!*.:.' 

:, -<;..10>0 i'. •' ■"'i^UE-b 

■ '.''.i >u -ji': j|_ ,c: 

■^ : ,OT .;-;i;A .:• , 
.r>'^| OS JO:-? 

.]'■ . ; 'if;;0"i.,'-. 

.:.7' 'io n-v. 


V ;.J A i 

- ■-',-, r » 

■\ .1 

■.\r>'A /;•'-•. ,H 

..■ifsGii .ee 


Richard-, Richard^), born Nov. 29, 1796; married, Dec. 26, 1821, 
Holder Sherman of South Dartmouth, born Jan. 25, 1798, son of 
Butler Sherman and Ehzabeth Winslovv. Holder Sherman died 
Oct. 10, 1866. Hannah, his widow, died May 29, 1868. Chil- 
dren born in Dartmouth: 

i. John Butler Sherman, b. Feb. 24, 1825; m., Oct. 31, 1847, 
Caroline Haskins of Dartmouth, b, Dec. 7, 1824, dau. of 
Oark Haskins and Martha Sears, He is now living in 
New Bedford. One child: 

I. John Arthur Sherman, b. April 3, 1855; m., Oct. 10, 
1873, Lillias A. Cornell. 
ii. Charles Holder Sherman, b. Aug. 8, 1827; m. Mary A. 

Sprague of New Bedford; no children, 
iii. George Kirby Sherman, b. Aug. 27, 183 1 ; d. Nov. 29, 1859; 

m. Julia Staples of Dartmouth; no children. 
iv. Hannah Kirby Sherman, b. Jan. 19, 1834; m, Sylvanus 
Swift of Falmouth, Mass. They have two children: 
George and Abby. 

24. Jonathan^ Kirby (Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert^ RichardS 
Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born July 14, 1765; married, Jan. 
25, 1787 (Westport record). Peace Howland, born June i, 1768, 
daughter of Philip Howland of Dartmouth. He died Oct. 31, 
1798. Children bom in Westport: 

i. Hannah Kirby, b. ; m., March 9, 1809, Job Petty of 

Westport, son of Daniel Petty. 
ii. Philip Kirby, b. ; m., July 26, 18 10, Lydia Weaden of 

iii. William Kirby. • "' 

25. Hannah^ Kirby (Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert', Richard^, 
Richard^), born July 19, 1769, in Westport, Mass.; married, in 
1787 (published Oct. 26, 17S7; Westport record). Job Lawton of 
Westport, born Nov. 22, 1764, son of George and Peace Lawton. 
Job Lawton was a farmer in Westport, where he died March 5, 
1843. Hannah Kirby Lawton died April 26, 1849, They had 
two sons, and perhaps other children: 

60. i. Obadiah Lawton, b. 1789; m, Betsy White. 

61. ii. George Lawton, b. Feb. 8, 1804; m. Ruth Potter. 

60. Obadiah' Lawton (Hannah Kirby*, Wesson', Nathaniel*, 
Robe^t^ Richard^, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born 1789 in 


■! ,\&- 



; : .! ■. 

.!■:. :■ ''■:- 

I! :■•■• /;! C ^u .;,;, 



Westport; married, March lo, 1816, his second cousin, Betsy 
White, born Oct. 2, 1798, daughter of Jonathan White, Jr., and 
Mary Waite. Obadiah Lawton died Nov, 8, 1848, in Westport, 
Mass., aged fifty-nine years. Betsy, his widow, died Aug. 22, 
1876, aged seventy-eight years. • 

[Jonathan White, Jr., was the second son of Jonathan White 

of Westport, Mass. (born ; died Nov. 21, 1804), and Abigail 

White. His father, Jonathan, was the only son of William White, 
Jr., of Dartmouth, and the grandson of William White of Dart- 
mouth and Elizabeth Cadman. Jonathan White, Jr., married, 
April 8, 1798, ^lary, daughter of Stephen Waite. See Descendants 
of William White of Dartmouth.] 

Children of Obadiah Lawton and Betsy White: 
i. Abraham C. Lawton, b. April 18, 1820, in Westport, Mass.; 
m., Jan. 25, 1849, Mary Elizabeth Tripp, b. April 7, 1829, 
dau. of Eli and Polly (Potter) Tripp. He died Oct. 11, 
1852, and his widow married (2), as his second wife. 
Holder White, b. 1812, son of Holder White and Cynthia 
Milk. Children of Abraham Lawton: 

1. Mary Ann Lawton, b. Feb. 2, 1850; d. April 13, 1864. 

2. Abby Chester Lawton, b. Feb. 18, 1852; d. Dec. 24, 

1877; m. Zebidee Davis, Jan. i, 1871. Chil- 

dren: (i) Albert E., (2) Abby C. 
ii. Ruth M. Lawton, b. Dec. 22, 1822; m., April 24, 1852, 
Jeremiah Briggs, b. 1830. Children: 

1. Emma Amelia Briggs, b. ; m. Albert Potter 

of Westport, Mass. Children: (i) Ann Eliza- 

beth, (2) Charles Potter. 

2. Abraham Franklin Briggs, b. 1853; m. Abby J. 

Wardell, dau. of Joseph Wardell. Children: 

(i) Lillian, (2) Eva. 

3. Charles Edward Briggs, b. 1855. 

4. George Everett Briggs, b. 1855, twin with Charles. 
iii. Perry G. Lawton, b. June 14, 1825; m. (i) Hannah Peck- 
ham Brownell, who died in 1847; m. (2) Mary E. Wardell. 
He is president of the Strange Twist Drill Company of 
New Bedford, Mass., and resides at South Dartmouth. 
He was named Peregrine, but when he began to go to 
school he was asked his name, and said it was Perry G., 
and has gone by these initials ever since. When his 
mother was about to die she gave him a cup, which, she 
said, was a relic of Peregrine White of the Mayflower, 


^ "' a n A fi VT ^ o a t 

/ ...;-.,' ,r \, .;-,:. ■ ,_^-: ..•{ , ,..r;,' 

\'' ;:-;.:!!; .'■' ], t-,,:- r .,:■ ,U:u'Ui.r:r\_ ,:-.:'t;u ■■;V\ .CiJiiV/ 



■iv ':C:T • I'i.' 


from whom he was named, and so she wished him to have 
it. Children by his first wife: 

1. George Lawton, b. ; m. Abby Ameha Grinnell. 

Children: (i) Albert; (2) Mamie, m. Holder 

2. Nellie Lawton. 

3. Elizabeth Lawton. 

4. Mary Lawton. 

iv. Alden M. Lawton, b. 1834; m., 1856, Hannah L. Cary of 
Tiverton, R. L He is a merchant in New Bedford, Mass. 

1. Sarah F. Lawton, b. 1859; m. Sandford S. Sisson. 

2. Charles W. Lawton, b. 1861 ; m. Eleanor Ball, dau. 

of Capt. William Ball. 

3. Abram C. Lawton, b. 1864. 

V. Mary W. Lawton, b. 1835; d. Aug. 14, 1852. 
vi. John W. Lawton, b. ; d. 1849. 

61. George^ Lawton (Hannah Kirby^ Wesson", Nathaniel*, 
Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born Feb. 8, 
1804; married Ruth Potter, born April 28, 1808, daughter of 
Joshua Potter and Elizabeth Wood. He died June 14, 1893 
(gravestone). Ruth Potter Lawton died Dec. 28, 1889 (grave- 
stone). Children born in Westport: 

i. Eli P. Lawton, b. Sept. 20, 1827; d. 1890; m., 1858, Mary 
E. Davol, b. 1828. Children: 

1. Minnie Lawton, b. ; m. Algernon Brownell. 

2. Elizabeth P. Lawton, b. ; m.- Burt. 

ii. Uriah W. Lawton, b. April 27, 1831; m., 1858, Augusta 
King of Taunton, jMass. He is now living in Jackson, 
Mich. No children. 
iii. Mary E. Lawton, b. July 2, 1834; m., Dec. 25, 1851, George 
J. Allen, b. 1827. Children: 

1. Jacob Allen, b. ; d. 1895. 

2. Ella Allen, b. ; m. Nye. 

iv. Hannah A. Lawton, b. Sept. 30, 1837; m., Oct. 22, 1855, 
William J. Chadwick, b. Sept. 28, 1829; d. Nov. 15, 
1888, son of George and Mary Chadwick. Children: 

1. William Chadwick. 

2. George Chadwick. 

3. Edward Chadwick. 

V. George F. Lawton, b. Nov. 11, 1844; not married. 

» H (1 H 'S T-I n 1 51 ^^ O ri 



U ;:...- 



.0 ,fr^r' 


"' ' ■'■■ 

'■:>.■,■, .1 w :i^r 

I-, ^ - --.. 

..J ,•!,,•:/., .:;o:.s| ..' 

S'.\ , - 

. :■:;^ 'i £-'^I ,"w 

.C r,-;.-'* 

J / ...i ./- ''.^li-^-K vJ 

^/.■■' . ■• : J V)I«i': \'.' 

■-Tf r/ ■- - 

^: -::■■::..: L.^-^hH .^ 

. » , \ • / 

! ::v -K.I .^ '>:3tOf3r) .7 


vi. Ruth Ann Lawton, b. July 3, 1846; m. William P. Kirby 

of Jersey City, N. J., son of Tillinghast Kirby of New 

vii. William C. Lawton, b. March 16, 1850; m., June 29, 1871, 

Rachel Wing, 
viii. Amanda Maria Lawton, b. June 21, 1854; m., Dec. 25, 

1878, Theodore A. Tripp, b. 1850. 

26. Paul^ Kirby (Wesson', Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard^, 
Richard^) of Saratoga County, N. Y., bom Oct. 20, 1773, in West- 
port, Mass.; married (i), Nov. 10, 1796 (Westport record), Han- 
nah Tripp, daughter of Preserved Tripp. She died before 1802, 
and he married (2), Jan. 7, 1802 (Leonard), Patience Tripp, born 
1779, daughter of Lovatt and Margaret Tripp of Westport. He 
removed in 1813 to Saratoga County, N. Y., and died at Half 
Moon, Oct. 21, 1848. Patience, his widow, died Dec. 29, 1865, 
aged eighty-six years. Children: 

62. i. Mary Kirby, b. March 22, 1797; m. Lemuel White. 

ii. Perry G. Kirby, b. Oct. 14, 1802; m. Susanna Morey; 
no children. 

63. iii. Esther Kirby, b. June 13, 1805; m. Garret Burtis. 
iv. Margaret A. Kirby, b. May 4, 1809. 

V. James H. Kirby, b. May 4, 1809, twin with Margaret. 

64. vi. Pardon S. Kirby, b. March 7, 181 5; m. Maria McLees. 
vii. James P. Kirby, b. Dec. 2, 1825; m. Lydia Swartwout. 

They had five children: William, Mary, Frances, 
Margaret, and Minnie, all of whom are now (1897) 

62. Mary' Kirby (Paul«, Wesson^ Nathaniels Roberts Rich- 
ardS Richard^), born March 22, 1797 (Westport record), in West- 
port, ]\Iass.; married, Dec. 24, 181 5 (Leonard), her second cousin, 
Lemuel M. White of Collins, N. Y., born July 30, 1797, son of 
Holder White of Dartmouth, Mass. (See Descendants of William 
White of Dartmouth.) Lemuel ^L White died April 27, 1879, in 
North Collins, Erie County, N. Y. Mar>% his widow, died April 
3, 1883. Children born in North Collins: 

i. Phoebe White, b. March 30, 1817; d. Jan. 6, 1880; m. Na- 
thaniel Tucker of Brant, N. Y. They had a son, H. J. 
Tucker of BufTalo, N. Y. 

ii. Hannah White, b. ; m., Feb. 22, 1848, Rufus Stickney 

of North Collins, N. Y. They had a son, Amos. 

/T cr /- p -* 1 CI 'St n 5> /^ 

W jiv 

A .iHv 

r t;-v 10 ±> ,■? 

^I .11 

>;.it4 .' ■■ 

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r::i_ .11, 


r h;.-i ,_. 

:■;! J. 

f, .'ylCi-J- 


'/ ' - .;''i !i ■-■-■i jioo. ■•■■"//"* ytt^r /.. : ";-;.;"" ■ ■•.>d [■''•r\:'.-.y[ ^-'yT?: 
-■ •■" .'■;■ ,:, v;ii:] mod ,,Y .>: .rir'^':- 'J? k> jAiPyi .'i1 '^i^.n ,..■ 

.iw • (/ 



iii. Lydia White, b. Feb. 2, 1821; d. Jan. i, 1880; m., in 1854, 
Lewis Baldwin of Brant, N. Y.; no children. 

iv. Paul H. White, b. Oct. 24, 1822; m. (i) Rhoda Dart, who 
died July i, 1850. He married (2), Feb. 22, 1854, Xaomi 
Rogers, b. Sept. 24, 1835, in North Collins, dau. of Rich- 
ard Rogers and Lucretia Cowles, both of North Collins, 
N. Y. He is now living in North Collins, N. Y. Chil- 
dren by his second wife: 

1. Clarence Elverton White, b. Nov. 22, 1854; m., Oct. 

10, 1879, Lucy Taylor, dau. of Ford Taylor and 
Mary Avery, both of North Collins. 

2. Nellie White, b. Dec. 10, 1857; m.. Sept. 26, 1877, 

Frederick Lawton, son of Stephen Lawton and 
Delia Willett. They are now living in Sawyer 
City, McKean County, Pa. 

3. Merton Lewis White, b. Aug. 13, 1872; m., June 7, 

1893, Nera Blanche Sherman. They are now liv- 
ing in Buffalo, N. Y. 

V. Naomi W'hite, b. Oct. 24, 1822, twin with Paul. 

vi. Esther White, b. Oct., 1832; m. Groton P. Willet. 

63. Esther^ Kirby (PauP, WessonS Nathaniel*, Robert^ 
Richard-, Richard^), bom June 13, 1805, in Westport, Mass.; 
married, March 22, 1821, Garret Burtis, born July 25, 1795, in 
Ghent, Columbia County, N. Y., son of John Burtis and Sarah 
Bogardus. He was a farmer of Saratoga County, N. Y., and died 
in Malta, N. Y. They both A/ere members of the Society of 
Orthodox Friends. Children: 

i. Mary Coggshall Burtis, b. May 22, 1822, in Stillwater, 
N. Y.; d. Oct. 2, 1892, at West New Brighton, Staten 
Island, N. Y. 
ii. Sarah Ann Burtis, b. Nov. 12, 1824, in Stillwater, N. Y.; 

d. Feb. 2^, 1837, in Stillwater, N. Y. 
iii. William Henry Burtis, b. June 25, 1827, in Stillwater, 
N. Y.; d. Dec. 6, 1891, in Minneapolis, Minn.; m., Oct. 
2, 1861, Gertrude Soper. Children: 

1. Florence E. Burtis, b. Aug. 3, 1862. 

2. Ada G. Burtis, b. May 27, 1864. 

3. Ralph M. Burtis, b. Sept. 4, 1866; is married, and 

lives in Oshkosh, Wis. 

4. William H. Burtis, b. Oct. 4, 1868. 

iv. Perry Kirby Burtis, b. Dec. 7, 1829; d. Feb. 11, 1897, in 

) .2 


■'^ i 

ri'Ev.':!;:-. r . 

vr.^:. .iv^rj 

; = .: ■'. i ■;>"(■ i ■. "■:' > LiLsL' m ,''iii. :! : ': 

Y .VI ,riv^I^i 
.■'i;?2 ill .|iS8i ,i! .vo"/: .r: ,crv.i'-] ui/x d.-jisS .it 

ri ■; -'- .ifr!;! rf ^;*" Y , ^'LyfA infiiiliV/ Jii 

' Y^ '- ViY.: .<: ..•;-;.e .Y ic!,Y .s 
. r -^v:^ .r' ,.::./:; >/ d.Y,>I .£ 

)4 ,vi 


Brooklyn, N. Y.; m., Oct. 4, 1854, Phoebe W. Holmes. 
She is now living in Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: 

1. Alice M. Burtis, b. Feb, 10, 1859; is married, and 

has one son. 

2. Howard Kirby Burtis, b. Feb. 28, 1865; d. 1883 

in Colorado. 

3. Arthur Eugene Burtis, b. May 25, 1S68. 

V. John Lovatt Burtis, b. May 16, 1833; m., June 26, 1861, 
Mary F. Buffington. Children: 

1. Esther M. Burtis, b. March 29, 1862. 

2. Walter J. Burtis, b. April 3, 1865; is married, and 

lives in Fredonia, Kan. 

3. Harvey T. Burtis, b. Dec. 31, 1866; m., and has two 


4. Francis C. Burtis, b. Nov. 22, 1868; m., and has 

two children. 

5. Edwin R. Burtis, b. Aug. 8, 1870. 

vi. Esther Patience Burtis, b. Dec. 2-j, 1837, in Truxton, Cort- 
land County, N. Y.; m., June 6, 1867, in Malta, N. Y., 
Charles Theodore Pine of West New Brighton, Staten 
Island, N. Y., son of Charles M. and Elmira J. Pine of 
Hempstead, L. I. He died May 28, 1895, in West New 
Brighton. Children: 

1. Harry Burtis Pine, b. June 4, 1868; d. Dec. 19, 1868. 

2. Orville Burtis Pine, b. April 21, 1873. 

vii. Margaret A. Burtis, b. Jan. 27, 1844, in Stillwater, N. Y. 
viii. Garret Paul Burtis, b. Jaii. 17, 1846; d. June 30, 1847. 

64. Pardon S.^ Kirby (Paul«, Wesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ 
Richard^ Richard^ of Mechanicsville, N. Y., born March 7, 181 5. 
in Saratoga County, N. Y.; married Maria McLees. He is still 
living (1897) in Mechanicsville, N. Y. Children: 

i. Mary Patience Kirby, b. ; m. Charies Paine. 

ii. Elizabeth Minerva Kirby, b. ; m. J. J. Ashman of 

Mechanicsville, N. Y. They have two children: Maggie 
and William. 

iii. William Perry Kirby, b. ; not married. 

iv. Sarah Frances Kirby. 

V. Esther Elma Kirby, b. April 24, 1854, in Half Moon, N. Y.; 
m., Nov. 19, 1879, in Half Moon, N. Y., Willard Den- 
ton of Maltaville, N. Y., son of Wellington and Sarah 
M. Denton. One child: 

f^'. :> ,.'^:'^' M ■'■':^'' •- .«j}?i''^ 

H .a 

•■kl .V 

I 3 51!;^/. 

■/' ;'/ 


;0;-.6i ,;^ -.:-.:;, ■■"■ -r';!).-: ^^f ^Jir 



I. Mabel Denton, b. March 14, 1882, in Half Moon. 
N. Y. 

vi. Emma Frances Kirby, b. ; m. Slade Vandenberg of 

Lansingburg-, N. Y. They have three children: Kirby, 
Ada, and Hattie. 
vii. Hattie Gertrude Kirby, b. Dec. 26, 1861; m., March 10, 
1886, George Wiltsey, b. June 23, 1852. They are now 
living in Mechanicsville, N. Y. One child: 
I. Amy Elizabeth Wiltsey, b. Aug. 13, 1887. 

27. Abraham*' Kirby (\Vesson^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard^, 
Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born Dec. 11, 1775. in Westport; 
married, Feb. 3, 1803 (Westport record), Eunice White, daughter 
of Obed White and Sarah Peckham. Abraham Kirby was a 
farmer in Westport, Mass., where he died in 1836. He inherited 
the homestead of his father. Wesson, where he lived and died 
and was buried. The date of his wife's death is not known. 

[Obed White of Westport, Mass., bom ; died 1830; mar- 
ried, July 29, 1779, Sarah Peckham. He was the fifth son of 
George White of Dartmouth and Deborah Shaw of Little Comp- 
ton, R. I. See Descendants of William White of Dartmouth, 

Children of Abraham and Eunice Kirby born in Westport: 
i. Amy Kirby, b. Jan. 20, 1804; m., 1826 (published Dec, 
16, 1826), Joseph Tripp of Westport. 

65. ii. Abner Kirby, b. May 4, 1806; m. (i) Sarah Davis; m. 

(2) widow Hannah GifYord. 
iii. Harvey Kirby, b. 1810; d. before 1819. 
iv. Deborah Kirby, b. Dec. 24, 1812; d. May 12, 1885; m., as 

second wife, Ezra Francis. 

66. V. Stephen P. Kirby, b. April 9, 181 5; m. (i) Harriet N. 

Brownell; m. (2) Diana Macomber. 

67. vi. Harvey W. Kirby, b. Sept. 8, 1819; m. Delilah Potter. 

65. Abner'' Kirby (Abraham^, Wesson'^, Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard^, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born May 4, 1806; mar- 
ried, 1829 (published Dec. 22, 1829), Sarah Davis, born June 24, 
1809, daughter of Zebidee and Rebecca Davis, both of Westport, 
Mass. She died May 25, 1858, and he married (2) widow Hannah 
F. Gifford, who died Dec. 24, 1891. Abner Kirby was a farmer 
in Westport, where he died Nov. 16, 1895, aged eighty-nine years. 
Children born in Westport: 


H .1' 

vv :-;,.:.r ,.:ulV/ ^,i-i;:: .■b:r';.'.: 

.1 .),,,,../^ 


.■•.;// !o ro-K:b:>I 


rv ij 


i. Annie jNI. Kirby, b. June 23, 1830; d. July 28, 1830. 

ii. Charles W. Kirby, b. July 5, 1S32; d. Oct, 14, 1839. 

iii. George D. Kirby, b. June 12, 1833; m., Oct. 28, i860, 
Hannah R. Snell, b. 1838, dau. of Peleg and Rhoda 
Snell of Westport. 

iv. Mary W, Kirby, b. Aug-. 2, 1835; m. Christopher C. Briggs, 
son of Joseph Brig-gs and Judith Maconiber of West- 
port. Children born in Westport: 

1. Sarah B. Briggs, b. June 8, i860. 

2. Wilfred A. Briggs, b. April 13, 1862. 

3. Andrew M. Briggs, b. Dec. 10, 1865. 

4. Nellie P. Briggs, b. Dec. 10, 1865, twin with 


5. Carrie D. Briggs, b. !May 28, 1869. 

6. Albert B. Briggs, b. Feb. 5, 1872. 

V. Abraham Kirby, b. Nov. 12, 1836; m., 1861, Martha J. 

Humphrey; no children. 
vi. Charles W. Kirby, b. May 14, 1840; m., March 6, 1862, 

Peace B. Tucker, dau. of Benjamin Tucker and Peace 

W. Borden, both of Dartmouth. Children born in 

Dartmouth : 

1. Annie T. Kirby, b. Sept. 12, 1862. 

2. Thomas R. Kirby, b. July 22, 1864. 

3. Alice J. Kirby, b. July 19, 1866. 

4. Lena H. Kirby, b. Jan. 5, 1871; d. Oct. 5, 1876. 

5. Sarah L. Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1880. 

vii. Zebidee D. Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1841; m., 1868, Sarah A. 
Cornell, b. March 11, 1844, in Dartmouth. He is a 
farmer in Dartmouth, Mass. Children born in Dart- 

mouth : 

1. Lizzie D. Kirby, b. April 2y, 1869. 

2. Walter C. Kirby, b. Dec. 24, 1870. 

3. Lena R. Kirby, b. Jan. 28, 1877. 

4. Louise A. Kirby, b. Sept. 8, 1880. 

5. Harold C. Kirby, b. Nov. 22, 1883. 

viii. Leander Kirby, b. Nov. 20, 1842; d. Oct. 25, 1856. 
ix. Peleg Kirby, b. June 21, 1844; m. Mary M. Hart, who 
died in 1892. Children: 

I. Louis B. Kirby. 
X. Abner Bradford Kirby, b. Sept. 13, 1847; m., 1880. Mabel 
Adaline Tripp, b. May 30, 1861 ; d. Aug. 21, 1887, dau. 
of Loami G. Tripp and Louisa Sabins, both of West- 


; vr:,;^ .1: 

:»T = .: 






( ;■•: 







v.- T ,8 . |>1 A vcv.i V. ...a-oJ .^- 




port. He is a farmer in Westport, Mass. Children 

born in Dartmouth : 

1. Minnie B. Kirby, b. July 26, 1S81. 

2. Ida Frances Kirby, b. Aug. 13, 1883. 

3. Delaphean E. Kirby, b. Aug. 15, 1886. 

xi. Sarah E. Kirby, b. July 19, 1850; d. Sept. 26, 18S7; not 

xii. Georgiana Kirby, b. Oct. 18, 1851; m., Dec. 3, 1873, 
George A. Tripp, son of Alden Tripp and Patience Cory 
of Westport. He is a farmer in Westport, Mass. Chil- 
dren born in ^^'estport: 

I. Mabel Louisa Tripp, b. July 14, 1877. 

66. Stephen P.^ Kirby (Abraham^, Wesson^, Nathaniel*, 
Robert', Richard^, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born April 9, 
181 5; married (i), June 30, 1839, Harriet N. Erownell of West- 
port, born May 18, 1820. She died May 21, 1857, and he mar- 
ried (2), Jan. I, 1871, Diana Macomber, born 1842, daughter of 
Charles M. and Desire Macomber of Tiverton, R. 1. He was for 
many years a drover and large cattle merchant, buying cattle at 
Brighton and distributing them through southern Massachusetts; 
has now retired from business, and is living in Westport, Mass. 
Children born in Westport: 

i. Albert C. Kirby, b. March 17, 1841; m., Jan. 21, 1869. Cyn- 
thia White Brownell, b. Aug. 15, 1843, dau. of Holder 
Brownell and Love Baker, dau. of Ezra and Susan Baker. 
In 1879 he was elec*-ed Sheriff of Bristol County, and 
still holds this office. He was elected in 1890 and 1891 
to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and rep- 
resented the towns of Westport and Dartmouth. He is 
now in business at New Bedford. Children: 

1. Holder Crary Kirby, b. Aug. 8, 1874; is now a medi- 

cal student in the University of Pennsylvania, 
class of 1900. 

2. Wilfred Stephen Kirby, b. Feb. 3, 1883. 

ii. Wilfred Stephen Kirby, b. July 31, 1843; d. Jan. 3, 1878. 
iii. Edward B. Kirby, b. Sept. 21, 1847; d. at sea in 1862. 
iv. Frank R. Kirby, b. May 28, 1850; m., Oct. 11, 1877. Cora 
L. Eddy. He is in business in New Bedford. No children, 
V. Henry P. Kirby, b. Aug. 15, 1856; d. March i, 1862. 

67. Harvey W.' Kirby (Abraham', Wesson', Nathaniel*, 


a >r /, H ■ 

:. .10'.-' .D : 


.]:>': , '/..n 

;,.- J,,pr.->,:) 


in'j.i .;:r-N 

:'^''.]->*-^ ?'■'■ 

' . '"-. : 

■,;;■>[>! .'tj^roM 

. ^:T:y,n:. : ;i8x 

:.;/ .J-,^>! i^r-r- 

-1 [. : 

1 .::{.,:.,.::'. 

.: !,'::■■ fr: ji'"^:-n' • 

: J-M v/on ';i^ • 

;.....• ::nb:i:i"J 

a -^i-'' ^i ciM? 

T- - T ,-t 

■-T .V 


Robert', Richard-, Richard^) of Westport, Mass., born Sept. 8, 
1819; married, March 3. 1839, in Westport, DeHlah Potter, born 
March 28, 1822, daughter of Restcome Potter of Westport and 
Esther Gifford. He died Sept. 11, 1890, in Westport, Mass. 
DeHlah Potter Kirby died June 10, 1865. Children bom in 

Westport : 

i. Alniira W. Kirby, b. April 15, 1841; m., April 22, 1866, 

John A. Wing, son of Capt. Perry and Susanna Wing. 
ii. Charles E. Kirby, b. June 5, 1844; d. Dec. 2y, 1897; m., Oct. 
14, 1869, Addie A. Cornell, dau. of Godfrey Cornell and 
Theresa Rowland. He was a fanner in Westport, and 
inherited the old Wesson Kirby house and homestead, 
which, since his death, has been sold. Abraham Kirby, 
his grandfather, and Wesson Kirby, his great-grand- 
father, lie buried in the family lot upon this homestead. 
No children. 

17. Justus^ Kirby (Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard% Richard^) 
of V/estport, Mass., born April 2'^, 1746 (according to Dartmouth 
record, but April 18, 1747, by family Bible), in Dartm.outh, Mass. 
He was a farmer, and lived in that part of Dartmouth which 
afterward became the town of Westport. His farm joined that 
of his brother Wesson, and was situated near the fork of the river 
Noquechuck. Plis house v;as located a little north of the spot 
where the present Town Alms House now stands, and the old 
well is now in the road — the east or " drift road " that was opened 
to the public about fifty years ago. He married, Dec. 27, 1769 
(Dartmouth record), in Dartmouth, Catherine Cornell, born April 
14, 1751, daughter of Peleg Cornell of Dartmouth and Mary 
Russell. Justus Kirby died Jan. 5, 1831, in Westport, Mass. 
Catherine Cornell Kirby died Aug, 27, 1832. Children born 

in Westport (Westport records): 

68. i. Luthan Kirby, b. May 6, 1770; m. Hannah White. 

69. ii. Abner Kirby, b. July 10, 1771; m. (i) Thankful Soule; 

m. (2) widow Xancy (Hunt) Crosby. 

70. iii. Lydia Kirby, b. Feb. 23, 1774; m. Luthan Tripp. 

71. iv. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Oct. i, 1781; m. Robert Sherman. 

[Cornell Lineage: 

L Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth, R. L He came from Co. 
Essex, England, to Boston, Mass., with his wife, Rebecca 
(Briggs), about 1638; removed to Portsmouth, R. L, in 1640, 


a:-:;;\ u5Joh:">. 


■ '7 LA •::;;:•' 
!-w ;l) j;i 


where he had a grant of i6o acres from the town of Portsniouth, 
Feb. 4, 1646. He was for a time in New Amsterdam, where, 
July 21, 1646, he purchased a tract of land of about 700 acres, 
long known as Cornell's Neck, on the East River, adjoining the 
present boundary of New York City. He died about 1656. His 
widow, Rebecca, died Feb. 8, 1673. Children: (i) Thomas 

of P'ortsmouth, R. I., m., as second wife, Sarah Earle, and died 

1673; (2) Richard of Long- Island, m. Elizabeth , and died 

1694; (3) John of Long Island, m. Mary Russell, and died 1704; 
(4) Samuel; (5) Joshua of Dartmouth, Mass., who left no issue; 

(6) Sarah, m. Thomas Willett; (7) Rebecca, m. George W'oolsey; 
(8) Elizabeth, m. Christopher Almy; (9) INIary, m. Thomas Kent. 

II. Samuel Cornell of Dartmouth, Mass., fourth son of Thomas. 
He was one of those who took the oath of fidelity in 1684. He 
died in 171 5 at Dartmouth, Mass. Children: (i) Thomas, b. 

Sept. 22, 1685; (2) Samuel, b. Jan. 11, 1688, m. Deborah ; 

(3) Comfort, a daughter, b. Dec. 4, 1691. 

III. Thomas Cornell of Dartmouth, Mass., eldest son of Sam- 
uel, born Sept. 22, 1685; d. 1763; m., March 5, , Catherine 

Potter. Children: (i) Rebecca, b. Aug. 3, 1717; (2) Peleg, 

b. Dec. 9, 1719; (3) Susanna, b. May 13, 1722; (4) Joshua, b. June 
22, 1724; m., 1750 (i mo. 15 da., 1749-50; Friends' records, Dart- 
mouth), Susannah GifTord, and had Christopher, who married 
Sarah Kirby; also Gideon, who married Ruth White; (5) Eliza- 
beth, b. July 17, 1729. 

IV. Peleg Cornell of Dartmouth, Mass., eldest son of Thomas, 
born Dec. 9, 1719; married, 1740 (i mo. 13 da., 1739-40; Friends' 
records, Dartmouth), I^^Iary Russell, daughter of Joseph Russell 
(Joseph^ John-, Ralph^) and Mary Tucker. Children: (i) Re- 
becca, b. Jan. I, 1741; (2) Thomas, b. Oct. 18, 1742, m. Catherine 
Wilcox, and had Stephen, who married Ruth Kirby; (3) Abraham, 
b. Aug. 28, 1744; (4) Lydia, b. Nov. 6, 1746; (5) Experience, b. 
May 7, 1749; (6) Catherine, b. April 14, 1751, m. Justus Kirby; 

(7) David, b. July 19, 1753; (8) Joseph, b. Oct. 18, 1755; (9) Peleg, 
b. Dec. 12, 1757; (10) Elizabeth, b. Sept. 20, 1759; (n) John, b. 
July 7, 1763; (12) Nathaniel, b. Dec. 10, 1766; (13) Holder, b. 
Aug. 14, 1768.] 

68. Luthan^ Kirby (Justus', Nathaniel^ Robert', Richard^, 
Richard^ of Dartmouth, Mass., born May 6, 1770 (Westport 
record), in Westport; married, Sept. 22, 1791 (Westport record). 
in Westport, Hannah White, born July 20, 1766, daughter of 


il ..' 1 X' 

:i r\ p 

I •]■ VI 

: - ; . ■:■■ ..! .'i .•'; . ':..\^'{ 10 

1' 'ji'--( .■ ."'"j,).' 



•J .^r:'.: 

"j '!-'!'T^f. 

' f'. • 

;. -1 ,o'- o'"^- -^i 

'"' ,•)■ . IJ': 


>) :o!^^- .: -.-^-'^ 


''.•:-f .;..T >jijA 

d '...•' 

^ .r-.>i':;/ 



Jonathan and Abigail White of Westport. He purchased, in 1807, 
a farm on Smith's Neck road in South Dartmouth, and resided 
upon it until 185 1, when he removed to New Bedford, Mass. 
He was much respected by his fellow townsmen, and held at 
various times the offices of assessor and selectman, which he 
filled with ability. He was a man of a grim humor, and was exact 
in the discharge of the duties of his office. On one occasion, 
when returning from New Bedford, he met a man who asked for 
alms. Air. Kirby took him in, and as he drove past the poor- 
house turned him over to the keeper. The man was very indig- 
nant, but there was no help for it. Among his duties was that of 
enforcing the observance of the Sabbath. It had been the custom 
for the people to get their hay in on Sunday if the weather was 
clear. Mr. Kirby used to joke with the neighbors about this, 
and to say that if they must get their hay in on the Sabbath to 
please not let him see them do it, or he would have to take notice 
of it. He always dressed in the Quaker garb, and attended regu- 
larly the meetings of the Society of fViends. He died April ii, 
i860, in New Bedford, mourned by a wide circle of acquaintances 
and friends. Hannah White Kirby died Jan. 10, 1842, " aged 
75 yrs. 5 mo. 21 da." (gravestone). 

[Jonathan White of Westport, ]\Iass., born ; died Nov. 21, 

1804, was the only son of William White, Jr., of Dartmouth and 
Abigail Thurston. He married, 1756 (published Jan. i, 1756; 
Leonard manuscript), Abigail White. See Descendants of Will- 
iam White of Dartmouth, Mass.] 

Children born in Dartmouth (Dartmouth records): 
72. i. Avary Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1792; m. (i) Hannah How- 
land ; m. (2) ]Mary C. Kirby. 
ii. Abigail W. Kirby, b. Sept. 7, 1794; d. Sept. 27, 1874; 
m., Jan. 14, 1838, as second wife, Capt. William How- 
land of Dartmouth, b. Feb. 18, 1797; d. Feb. 28, 1873, 
son of Gilbert Howland. No children. 
iii. A child, b. Jan. 25, 1799; d. soon. 

iv. Lucretia Kirby, b. Nov. 28, 1800; d. Nov. 12, 1872; m., 

Nov. 19, 1833, Alfred Green, a prominent builder of 

New Bedford, Mass. Children born in New Bedford; 

I. Luthan J. Green, b. Nov. 27, 1836; m., Jan. 10, 

i860, Adcliza Sherman, b, 1832, dau. of Justus 

Sherman and Clarissa Gififord. Children 

born in New Bedford: (i) Alfred ]., h. July 

10, i860; m. Estelle M. Davenport; (2) Frank, 


Ya5i;'i iif:A!\:n 

1 /,<> i U i ) I 

•il i'JK ; ^1 I' > . 

T .f . I. < . 


' . t Or 

f i / J. 1j f '' /I 

1 X. - I i 


b. Jan. lo, 1869; m., April 30, 1895, Augusta 
M. Ivliller of New York City; is a physician, 
and is now living in Peekskill, N. Y. 
' 2. Hannah Green, b. May 12, 1838; not married. 
V. Hannah Kirby, b. Nov. 28, 1800, twin; d. Oct. 16, 1862. 

72. Avary" Kirby (Luthan^, Justus^ Nathaniel*, Robert^ 
Richard-, Richard^) of Dartmoutli, Mass., born Oct. 13, 1792; 
married (i), Nov. 25, 1813, iiannah Rowland, born May 3, 1792, 
daughter of John Howland of Dartmouth and Anna Howland. 
She died April 22, 1821, and he married (2), Oct. 10, 1826, at 
Dartmouth, his second cousin, Mary C. Kirby, born April 20, 
1803, daughter of Wesson Kirby, jr., and Joanna Craw. He 
went to sea when young, but aftersvard, on account of feeble 
health, gave up a seafaring life, and became a farmer in Dart- 
mouth, where for many years he was a member of the school 
committee, and held other offices of trust. He died June 5, 1851, 
in Dartmouth, IMass. ivlrs. Avary Kirby is still living (1898), 
aged ninety-five years, and is in good health and has the use of 
all her faculties. She is a worthy member of the Friends Society 
of New Bedford. 

[John Howland, born April 17, 1761; died Sept. 22, 1854, was 
the son of Benjamin Howland of Dartmouth (born April 25, 1727, 
son of Barnabas*, Benjamin'', Zoeth-, Hcnry^) and Ann Briggs, 
bom 1725. He married, Nov. 29, 1786, Anna Howland, daugh- 
ter of Abraham and Ruth Howland.] 
Children by his first wife : 
i. Mehitable Kirby, b. Oct. 12, 1814; m., Dec. 19, 1840, 
Humphrey Reed of New Bedford, b. May 14, 18 14; 
d. May 23, 1846. She died June 25, 1871, in New 
Bedford. Children born in New Bedford: 

1. Hannah Reed, b. Sept. 20, 1841; m. Cyrus Lee 

of New Bedford; no children. 

2. Louisa Reed, b. Oct. 22, 1842; d. Sept. 8, 1868. 
ii. Catherine Kirby, b. Dec. 8, 1816; m., Dec. 24. 1837, 

Moses E. Bartlett, a printer of New Bedford, b. 1816 
in New Hampshire; d. Feb. 28, 1847, aged thirty 
years. She died Aug. 6, 1842, in New Bedford. 
Children born in New Bedford: 

1. Henry Lindsley Bartlett, b. Sept. 20, 1838; d. 

Oct. 14, 1838. 

2. Maria Jackson Bartlett, b. Jan. 16, 1841; m., 


H .V 

'■:>.i!. vdi^A 

.■■./■I ):■ v: 

'-■::■' ',*'.'. -riO:; ,hn,;i -•^.' • • u;Io|j 

• ._-.•■.■■•. .N. il; ,:.; bn,. , ., . -ji 

■o-i':. -'^o -;:! v.r 'iv:;'!';lJ 
- •'■" .,.:n :vtK; .lx ,;:-0 .J .:■ : -,;•,-;. N^M .i 

\ !■-,!-,,;! . . :; .I'n .b^oil-■& 

' :v ■ '■ . :■• ri r:rj:-;i .i 

.tOjH ., -,. J ,..;•:;. \ ..>\uo. i .f 

. :<i ..t:. ■J .'i ^^1 i jnhjrfiG''* .'i 

. Ol?' .!7:v'i i- };[: lilt J 

,.;i .:u,-: ^* .i^'y.- -.1 -Toit .1 

,'- ■; •■ ll^'rT'?! »i62'.'[ok[ .sitr.M .S 

4 ^ ■• 



Sept. 22, 1863, John Newell Hibbard, b. Nov. 
19, 1833; d. Aug. 30,1878. One child: (i) 
Catherine Maria, b. Nov. 9, 1864. 
3. Julia Ann Bartlett, b. July 15, 1842; d. Sept. 17, 
iii. Sarah Kirby, b. May 17, 1819; d. Nov. 26, 1846; m. 
Humphrey Soule of New Bedford, b. Oct., 1819; d. 
Feb. 14, 1893; no children. 
iv. William H. Kirby, b. April 18, 1821; d, Oct. 28, 1821. 
By his second wife: 
73. V. William Avary Kirby, b. Julv 3, 1827; m, Eliza Ann 

73. William Avary^ Kirby (Avary^ Luthan", Justus^ Na- 
thanie]^ Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of New Bedford, Mass., 
born July 3, 1827, in Dartmouth, Mass. He is a well-known citi- 
zen of New Bedford and a director in two of the banks in that 
city, A Kirby of the Kirbys — for his mother also w^as a Kirby 
— he has long been interested in the history and genealogy of 
his branch of the Kirbys of New England, and his knowledge 
of the same, as well as of the White family and other connected 
families, is extensive. It is only justice to him to say that most 
of the matter relating to the descendants of Richard Kirby of 
Sandwich, Mass., has been obtained from him, and the compiler 
wishes here to acknowledge the obligation he is under, although 
he has already done so in the introduction to this work. 

William A. Kirby married, Dec. 17, 1848, Eliza Ann Perry, 
born July 20, 1828, daughter of Phineas Perry of Bourne, Mass., 
and Eliza Bourne, daughter of Job Bourne of Bourne, Mass. 
One child: 

i. Amy Ann Kirby, b. May 25, 1853, in New Bedford, Mass.; 
not married. 

[Perry Lineage: 

I. John Perry, brother of Edward Perry of Sandwich, Mass. 
He settled in Sandwich. 

n. Ezra Perry of Sandwich, second son of John; married, Feb. 
12, 165 1, Elizabeth Burgess, only daughter of Thomas and Dor- 
othy Burgess of Sandwich. 

HI. John Perry of Monument, now Bourne, Afass., second son 
of Ezra, born Jan. i, 1656-57; married Hannah . 


7 :j .' I y a 5f .A t i J 1 in HO ^ X" H A CI K H ., 

; - ,. :> 

(!oi .1 


IV. Dea. Elijah Perry of Bourne, Mass., second son of John; 
married Hannah Damon, born 1672, daughter of John Damon 
of Scituate and Martha Rowland, daughter of Arthur Rowland 
of Marshfield. He was a miller and farmer. His grist-mill was 
on the stream which runs near the residence of ]\Ir. Chamberlain, 
about midway between Monument Beach and the depot at Bourne, 
Mass. Children: (i) Elijah, who removed to Middleboro, 

Mass.; (2) Joshua, who married Patience ; (3) Phineas, who 

removed to Rutland, Vt.; (4) Martha, who married Dennis Rob- 
bins; (5) Caleb, who married Thankful Bliss of Barnstable; (6) 
Hannah, who married Jabez Swift of Falmouth, Mass.; (7) John, 
b. July, 1740. 

V. John Perry of Bourne, Mass., youngest son of Dea. Elijah, 
born July, 1740; died May 11, 1809; married, July 26, 1763, 
Bathsheb'a Gibbs, born Aug. 29, 1740, in Wareham, Mass. 
Children: (i) Hannah, b. May 26. 1764; m. Benjamin Bourne of 
Wareham, son of Ebenezer; (2) Sylvanus, b. April 25, 1766; (3) 
John, b. Aug. 23, 176S; m. Mary Swift of Falmouth, Mass.; (4) 
Martha, b. Feb. 24, 1771 ; m. Capt. William Bourne of Falmouth, 
Mass.; (5) Bathsheba, b. May 6, 1773; m. William Perry; (6) 
Elijah, b. June 5, 1776; m. Lydia Bourne; (7) Delie, or Deliver- 
ance, b. Nov. 10, 1778; m. John Bourne. 

VI. Sylvanus Perry of Bourne, Mass., eldest son of John, born 
April 25, 1766; died' Jan. 18, 1845; married Abigail Gibbs of 
Wareham, Mass., who died Feb. 11, 1845. He was a farmer 
and miller of Monument, now Bourne, Mass. He lived in the 
house which is now owned by Mr. Chamberlain. Children: 
(i) Phineas, b. 1792; (2) Jerusha, b. May 6, 1793; m., 1816, Par- 
don Packard; (3) Hannah, b. May 26, 1796; m. Nathan Morgan; 

(4) Reman, b. ; d. June 30, 1870; (5) Abigail T., b. 1806, 

d. 1S64, m., as second wife, Reman Hinds. 

VII. Phineas Perry of Bourne, Mass., eldest son of Sylvanus, 
born 1792; died June 3, 1839; married Eliza Bourne, bom March 
17, 1803; died Aug. 17, 1888, daughter of Job Bourne of Bourne, 
Mass. Fie was a farmer and miller of Bourne, Mass., and a sol- 
dier in the war of 1812. Children: (i) Eliza Ann, b. July 
20, 1828; m., Dec. 17, 1848, William A. Kirby of New Bedford; 
(2) Abigail, b. April 17, 1831; m. Frederick B. Sylvester, b. Oct. 
I, 1830; d. May i, 1893; (3) Cordelia F., m., Sept. 20, 1851, Still- 
man S. Ryder of Bourne, Mass. ; (4) Rebecca B., b. July 27, 1838 ; 
m., Dec. 22, 1858, John C. Sylvester.] 


i; ni. 

■ -A 

.•i-.7 ,u:.i^.^ (;) ..'id 
■ '•!''.k:ti o:{v/ ,rf!-,fH'!%n 

, :, ,c.;:-;i; ,'.'!c{ ai'-id 

;S'.; .Ti 

do-:; I ... :.^, 

i. :-r-:l 

- ;, A '.-lb :r-8i .^i 
; .>! ^,;'^;i .SK :;'-'..l ..m 


G9. Abner*^ Kirby (Justus^ Nathaniel^ Robert, Richard^ 
Richard^) of Norridgewock, Somerset County, Me.; born July 
10, 1771, in Westport, Mass. He removed to Norridgewock, 
Me., where he died July 21, 1841. He married (i), May 12, 1796, 
in Westport, Mass., Thankful Soule, daughter of Joseph Soule 
of \\''estport; married (2) widow Nancy (Hume) Crosby. Chil- 
dren by his first wife: 

i. Phoebe Kirby, b. Feb. 18, 1798; d. May 31, 1880, in 
New Bedford, Mass.; m. (i) David Kempton of New 
Bedford; m. (2) Cyrus Macomber of New Bedford. 
7-i. ii. David Kirby, b. Sept. 5, 1799; m. Ada Mitchell. 

iii. Dorothy Kirby, b. June 12, 1802; d. Sept. 5, 1889; m. 
Joseph Burr of Westport, Mass., b. Dec. 31, 1798; 
d. Aug. 13, 1875. Children: 

1. Dorothy Burr, b. 1821; m., Sept. 25, 1840, Til- 

linghast Kirby of Westport, Mass., son of 
Silas Kirby and Patience Sherman. (See 
page 260.) 

2. Joseph Burr. 

3. Nancy H. Burr, b. 1831; d. Nov. 13, 1890; not 

'i'5. iv. Justus Kirby, b. Dec, 1805; m. Mary Chapin. 

V. Catherine Kirby, b. ^March, 1808; d. Dec. 3, 1874; m., 
1828 (published Feb. 22, 1828), Abner Tripp of West- 
port, Mass., b. June 20, 1803; d. July i, 1844. Chil- 

1. David K. Tripp, b. Aug. 10, 1830; d. Dec. 5, 

1876; m., June 10, 1857, Angenette Willcox, 
dau. of William Willcox and Hannah Potter, 
and granddaughter of Wesson Potter of 
Westport and Mary Kirby, the dau. of Na- 
thaniel Kirby of Westport. (See page 250.) 

2. Hannah M. Tripp, b. 1834; d. April 14, 1877, 

aged forty-three years; m. Frank Bailey, b. 
Sept., 1822; d. Nov. 20, 1866. 
By his second wife: 
76. v'i. Abner Kirby, b. April 11, 1818; m. (i) Rebecca Chase; 
m. (2) Mary Chase; m. (3) Letitia R. Chase. 

74. David^ Kirby (Abner«, Justus', Nathaniel*, Robert', Rich- 
ard^ Richard^), born Sept. 15, 1799, in Norridgewock, Me.; died 


^; HDIA 'lO - yv'Aai'l 

a' sr; I ■:>";f,ir.lM ."^btfi 


1872; married Ada ■Mitchell, born June 12, 1799; died Feb. 2, 
1866. Children: 

i. Thankful Kirby, b, Aug. 6, 1822; m. Addison P. Ches- 
ley of Minneapolis, Minn. Children: 

1. Justus Chesley. 

2. Helen Chesley. 

3. Tena Chesley. 

4. Cass Chesley. 

5. Gilbert Chesley. 

ii. Eliza Case Kirby, b. Nov. 28, 1824, in Stark, Somerset 
County, Me.; m., in 1842, at Lincoln Center, Me., 
Philip Bradieu, who died in 1859 at Lincoln, Me. 
She died in 1889 at Lincoln, Me. Children born in 
Lincoln Center, Me.: 

1. Charles H. Bradieu, b. 1844; is living, unmar- 

ried, in Elmira, N. Y. 

2. Ada A. Bradieu, b. 1846; m. W. H. Parcher of 

Boston, Mass. 

3. Hollis K, Bradieu, b. 1849; i^ot married. 

4. Frank P. Bradieu, b. 1852; m. Emma Whittier. 

He lives in Lincoln, Me. 

5. Gilbert K. Bradieu, b. 1855; is married, and lives 

in Boston, Mass. 

6. Ella Bradieu, b. 1858; m. Isaac Webber of Bos- 

ton, Mass., nho died in 1887. She died June, 
1897, in Boston, Mass. 
77. iii. Gilbert Kirby, b. Feb. 28, 1826; m. Caroline D. Briggs. 
iv. David Kirby, b. March 24, 1829. 
V. Justus Kirby, b. Oct. 14, 1832. 
vi. Mary Kirby, b. Nov. 24, 1836; m. J. B. Foss. 

77, Gilbert^ Kirby (David^ Abner^ Justus', Nathaniel*, 
Robert^, Richard-, Richard^) of Denver, Col., born Feb. 28, 1826, 
in Stark, Me. ; married, Aug. 28, 1858, Caroline D. Briggs, born 
March 31, 1826, in Winn, Me., daughter of Samuel and Sally 
Briggs. Gilbert Kirby for many years carried on a mercantile 
business at Lincoln Center, Me., but has now retired, and is re- 
siding in Denver, Col. Children: 

i. Fenno G. Kirby, b. June 21, 1859, in ^Tattawankeag, Me.; 
m., Feb. 12, 1890, Josephine Gerl. He is now living in 
Denver, Col. 


H o. a T 

.j\ n7'."! .'■■ 'i; 

•.^i h 



I L- 

i^'- / ■'■■■ ;;. I .>, 


.10 J .-Jj. .;'!i,T 


ii. Willis B. Kirby, b. June 22, 1S62, in Lincoln, Me. 
iii. Letitia Kirby, b. July 18, 1864. 

iv. Laura Kirby, b. June 7, 1867; d. . 

V. Nellie Kirby, b. April 3, 1870; m., Aug. 8, 1893, William 

Cordingly. They are now living in Denver, Col. 
vi. Carrie Kirby, b. March 9, 1873; m., ^^larch 29, 1891, A. 

Mason Brand of Denver, Col. One child: 
I. Georgia Brand, b. June 9, 1892. 

T5. Justus' Kirby (Abner^ Justus', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard-, Richard^ of Milwaukee, Wis., born Dec. 6, 1805. in 
Somerset County, Me. He lived many years in Newport, :Me., 
from whence he removed, in 1852, to Milwaukee, Wis., where 
he died July 19, 1884. He married, :March, 1826, Mary Chapin, 
born Aug. 23. 1808, daughter of Nathan Chapin. She died June 
4, 1869, in Milwaukee, Wis. Children born in Newport, :sle.: 

i. Mary Elizabeth Kirby, b. Nov. 30, 1826; d. Dec. 31, 1891; 

not married. 
ii. HoUis Bohman Kirby, b. Feb. 22, 1830; d. Dec. 20, 1872, 
in Milwaukee, Wis.; m. (i) Charlotte Chase; m. (2) ^lar- 
garet Horton. Children: 

1. Hollis Bohman Kirby, b. ; d. Nov. 3, 1880. 

2. Florence Hope Kirby. 

3. William Horton Kirby. 

iii, Sarah Maria Kirby, b. ; d. soon. 

iv. Edward Justus Kirby, b. ; d. soon. 

V. Sarah Augusta Kirby, b. ; d. soon. 

vi. Frederick Harvey Kirby, b. ; d. soon. 

vii. Eliza Ann Kirby, b. May 7, 1844; m., Feb. 17, 1869, in 
Milwaukee, Wis., Capt. Warren Luther Shields, b. June 
8, 1833, son of Simon Shields and Sarah W^arner. He is 
a captain on the Lakes and now resides in Wauwatosa, 
Wis. Children born -in Milwaukee: 

1. Etta Jane Shields, b. Jan. 30, 1870. 

2. Ada Eliza Shields, b. Nov. 2j, 1872. 

viii. Frances Maria Kirby, b. Jan. 7, 1846; d. June 28, 1892, 
in Milwaukee, Wis.; m. Albert Foster Graham of Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Children: 

1. Edward Justus Graham, b. ; m., Sept. 18, 1895, 

Annie McCreath. 

2. Ella Louise Graham. 


A a H A 

'■■u .■■■> .jt^ /: .ill ;o-;^i .:■_ V-\-'J\ .<. 

::.:']! .r ■;- U .d .v 

f.nci.t nu&c. .: 


3. P^rances May Graham. 

4. Warren Albert Graham. 

ix. Kate Augusta Kirby, b. Aug. 11, 1849; "^v June 5, 1870, 
Frederick Crocker, b. Oct., 1844; d. Jan. 29, 1890, in 
Carthage, Mo. She died Aug. 5, 1873, leaving two 

1. Ida May Crocker, b. June 3, 1870; m., Dec. 24, 

1890, Dr. C. B. Hussey of Carthage, Mo. One 
child: (i) Frederick C., b. Sept. 10, 1893. 

2. Harry Crocker, b. Aug., 1873; d. Oct., 1873. 

76. Abner' Kirby (Abner', Justus', Nathaniel*, Robert', 
Richard^, Richard*) of Milwaukee, Wis., born April ii, 1818, in 
Norridgewock, Me. He received a meagre education in his 
native town, and learned the jewelry trade in Skowhegan and 
Bangor, Me. In 1844 he removed to Wisconsin, and erected a 
small store in ^Milwaukee. His business thrift, industry, and keen 
appreciation of the possibilities of the Territory of Wisconsin en- 
abled him to rise to prominence and affluence. He was the founder 
of the Kirby, Carpenter Company, one of the largest lumber 
manufacturing concerns in the United States. The output of this 
company in 1894 was 150,000,000 feet of lumber. He built and 
owned the " Kirby House " in ^Milwaukee, Wis., and the " Kirby 
House " in Menominee, Ivlich. He was the first person to use 
steam upon the great lakes. His vessel, " The Cream City," so 
equipped in 1862, was the marvel of the day. He was elected 
Mayor of Milwaukee in 1864, and served one term, but declined 
a renomination. At the time of the outbreak of the Civil War, 
being too old for active service, and his application as a volunteer 
having been refused, he raised and equipped at his own expense 
an entire company. He was always noted for his public spirit 
and generosity. Although a firm Democrat, none mourned the 
death of President Lincoln more than he. When Richmond sur- 
rendered — he then being Mayor of Milwaukee — he issued an 
order to his chief of police that is still remembered in the city: 
" William, the war is over. Let us have a celebration, and arrest 
every able-bodied man who is sober by night." 

Abner Kirby died Sept. 21, 1893, in ^Milwaukee, Wis. He was 
married three times. He married (i) Rebecca Chase; married 
(2) Mary Chase; married (3), Oct. 8, 1854, in Amsterdam, N. Y., 
Letitia R. Chase, born Feb. 3, 1833, who survives him. 


.:• irj H AH'jrA no ^ "■ ha 

A: .;,. ■••: ■'■.,,JV '/■-.. ' :.A:.:- ,,. . .^;.;,/ri fl.Jfl ;;:^^;7^;;I 
; ■■■;[['." .5:1 r..;;i1: 'i'' :r ; •-'o:.((i.! 'ft liiAs'AI ]<:> jliAoij 

:A ,:■ .'" ■- :•-.- i -:-:0 Ai .Aif:.A 


Children by his third wife, born in ■Milwaukee: 
i. Welcome'u. Kirby, b. July 17, 1855; m., Dec. 31, 1879, in 
Milwaukee, Wis., Mary E. Bercry, b. Jan. ii, 1856, in 
Rochester, N. Y., dau. of Edward and Jane Bercry of 
Milwaukee. He is a publisher, and resides in Milwaukee, 
Wis. Children born in Milwaukee: 

1. Welcome B. Kirby, b. May 14, 1883. 

2. Oak A. Kirby, b. Feb. 3, 1885. 

ii. Oak A. Kirby, b. Nov. 8, 1856; m., Dec. i, 1884, Edna 

Haight; no children. 
iii. Grace Azalyn Kirby, b. May 26, 1858; m. George R. 

Houghton of Milwaukee, Wis. Children: 

1. Lawrence Kempton Houghton, b. Feb. 19, 1878. 

2. Kirby Houghton, b. Aug. 11, 1879. 

3. Howard Warren Houghton, b. May 18, 1880. 

4. George Houghton, b. Aug. 21, 1882. 

iv. Susan F. Kirby, b. Aug. 18, i860; m. Hugh Leander 
Adams, who is now dead. Children: 

1. Hugh Leander Adams, b. Aug. 2, 1882. 

2. Letitia Kirby Adams, b. Sept. 22, 1884. 

3. Azalyn Bernice Adams, b. Feb. 28, . 

V. Maud A. Kirby, b. Dec. 25, 1866; m., Oct. 16, 1890, Ceilan 
Cass Hendee of Milwaukee, Wis. One child: 
I. Abner Cass Hendee, b. Oct. i, 1891. 

70. Lydia^ Kirby (Justus', Nathaniel*, Robert^ Richard^ 
Richard^), born Feb. 23, 1774, in Westport, Mass.; married, Jan. 
12, 1794 (Westport record), Luthan Tripp, born Aug. 6, 1767, 
a farmer of Westport. She died Sept. 24, 1843. Luthan Tripp 
died Feb. 10, 1850. They were buried at Westport. Children 

bom in Westport: 

i. Cynthia Tripp, b. 1800: d. April 18, 1803. 
ii. Rev. Gideon Tripp, b. Sept. 4, 1805; d. Dec. 13, 1879; m. 
(i) Phcebe Chase, b. Dec. i, 1804; d. March 28, 1S66, 

dau. of William Chase. He married (2) Gammons. 


I. Luthan D. Tripp, b. Aug. 9, 1826; d. Dec. 6, 1887; 
m. Julia Ann Sherman, b. Dec. 26, 1827. He was 
a farmer in Westport, Mass. Children born 

in Westport: (i) Charles F., b. about 1853; m. 
Harriet Macomber, dau. of Daniel Macomber; 



;Ki ,.rfi .d?8i .8 ,v.;.'l .ci ,Y'i~(,/f .A ^sO Xi 
--^-^Hr ,0- .f.i/ .c .•■■'■•i:i ■vfir.^./'-^.y.T^ .ill 

I '. A _( J .". .1: 

'V'Oli ■^070'>l« .K 

A r. :(>; 

,!■ . ;• • ••vrr ^; nr; , 

•/ ..-NfTji' 


;iij 'j: 

r:-.; ■ •-■..■^•^I n-v 

L-.A ,. 


'..;../;;:, ; ", s^;hi 

.AA ■-.■:. 


-3 ■■!.}• ??-i' ) V.< 

lulL .X 

-■' ;j;:.ooi J .jc.'^ I 

'"j ■-■o-;;fi'l ii) 

. asiUlJ..' .1 

.r.'i '• ,\^':A:i'jjiiV. 


(2) Clara B., b. 1856; d. 1864; (3) Philip S., b. 
2. Mary Jane Tripp, b. 1829. 

71. EHzabeth" Kirby (Justus^, Nathaniel*, Robert', Richard^, 

Richard^), born Oct. i, 1781, in Westport, jMass.; married, Xov. 

2, 1807 (Westport record), Robert Sherman, born 1785, son of 

Preserved Sherman. He was a farmer of Westport, where he 

died Aug. 5, 1821, aged thirty-six years (gravestone). Elizabeth 

Kirby Sherman died June 3, 1866. Children born in Westport: 

i, Justus Sherman, b. June 8, 1808; d. Feb. 15, 1891, aged 

81 yrs. 6 mo. 7 da. (gravestone); m. Clarissa GifTord, b. 

July 4, 1806; d. Aug. 2, 1885, aged 79 yrs. and 29 days 

(gravestone). He was a farmer in Westport, Mass. They 

had a daughter: 

I. Adeliza Sherman, b. 1832; m., Jan. 10, i860, her 

second cousin, Luthan J. Green of New Bedford, 

b. Nov. 2y, 1836, son of Alfred Green and Lu- 

cretia Kirby, dau. of Luthan. (See previous 


ii. Catherine Sherman, b. Jan., 1812; d. Sept. 9, 1893, aged 

81 yrs. and 8 m.o. (gravestone); m. Stephen Cornell of 

Westport, Mass., b. 1806; d. Dec. 17, 1866, aged 60 yrs. 

and 22 days (gravestone). Children bom in Westport: 

1. Mary A. Cornell, t. Oct. 25, 1837; d. Jan. 13, 1855. 

2. Robert I. Cornell. 

3. Ruth E. Cornell, b. ; m., Jan. 13, 186S, W. E. 

Bradley of New Bedford, Mass. 

4. William S. Cornell, b. 184-I; m., Jan. 2, 1871, :Mary 

Frances Larnyon, b. 1849, dau. of Thomas Lam- 
yon. He is a farmer in Westport, Mass. 
iii. James Hars^ey Sherman, b. 1816; d. Dec. 13, 1893, in New 
Bedford, Mass.; m. (i) Adaline Brownell, b. 1822; d. 
1852; m. (2) Phoebe Sherman, b. 1825. For the last 
forty years of his life he resided in New Bedford, One 

I. Charles Sherman, b. 1847; d. 1885; m. Dora Allen. 
They had a son, Gifton, v.ho is now a real estate 
broker in New Bedford, Mass. 
iv. Robert Allen Sherman, b. 1819; m., Nov. 28, 1841, Eliza 

; -J > ii i.^i> 

:bhA .1 





'- .5- 

f ..-'1 U'^: • 


!T'do/{ .vi 


Russell Himes, b. 1822. He is a builder and contractor 
of note in New Bedford, Mass. One child: 
I. Clarence R. Sherman. 

1.?. Ichabod* Kirby (Robert^ Richard', Richard^) of West- 
port, Mass., married, Feb. 21, 1732-33 (11 mo. 21 da. 1732; Dart- 
mouth monthly meeting record), Rachel Allen, bom May 2, 1782, 
daughter of Joseph Allen, Jr., of Dartmouth. He lived in that 
part of Dartmouth which afterward became the town of West- 
port, where in 1737 he was surveyor of highways, and in 1744 was 
chosen constable, but declined to serve. He died probably in 
1794. His will, dated March 29, 1788, mentions his wife Rachel, 
his son John Kirby, his son David Kirby, his daughter Ruhamer 
Wilbor, and his daughter Rachel Kirby; mentions also '"my 
three grandsons Humphrey Kirby and Robert Kirby, sons of my 
son John Kirby, and Ichabod Wilbor the son of my dau. Ruhamer 
Wilbor." He also leaves to his five granddaughters (names not 
mentioned) a small bequest apiece. Witnesses: Elijah Giftord, 
Richard Kirby, and Richard Kirby, Jr. 

What is believed to have been Ichabod Kirby 's house in West- 
port is still standing, although som.ewhat altered. "The stone 
fire-place formerly occupied the whole of the north end of the 
house. There was a door on either side near the fire-place so 
that they could take a horse and draw a log into the house and 
put one end in the fire-place, and then, when it was burned off, 
move the log in again until it was consumed." 

Children born in Westport (Dartmouth records): 

78. i. John Kirby, b. Jan, 5, 1734; m. Phoebe Wait. 

ii. Ruhamah Kirby, b. May 9, 1737; m., June 31, 1763, 
Ebenczer Wilbor of Little Compton, R. L Children: 

1. Ichabod Wilbor. 

2. Temperance Wilbor, b. ; m. George Soule. 

3. Elizabeth Wilbor, b. ; m. David Briggs. 

79. iii. David Kirby, b. Aug. 16, 1740; m. Martha Soule. 

iv. Rachel Kirby, b. April 21, 1747; not married. In her 
will, dated Oct. 5, 1812, and proved Oct. 6, 1818. she 
mentions her " cousins " : Ichabod Wilbor; Elizabeth 
Brigrgs, wife of David; Humphrey Kirby; Rebecca 
Browncll, wife of Jeremiah; Ichabod, son of her 
brother, David Kirby; and Sibyl White. 


-Ji CI 

yiffOlslj .1 

')u.wn vj-T./i 

■>! .-. K •■.»T " -.'';?// 

t-dJ ;;• b.;3 'ifi ' ^.a 

; ■■■:-. :( ^-J'lr'^ ^^'-.■\\.:,A :n 


78. John' Kirby (Ichabod*, Robert^ Richard^ Richard^) of 
Westport, Mass., born Jan. 5, 1734, in that part of Dartmouth 
which afterward became Westport; married, in 1754 (published 
Jan. II, 1754; Dartmouth record), Phcebe Wait, daughter of 
Reuben Wait. His will, made in 1809, mentions his son Hum- 
phrey Kirby; his daughter Rebecca Brownell, wife of Jeremiah; 
his grandson Silas Brownell; and his daughter-in-law Hannah 
Kirby. Children born in Westport: 

i.' Humphrey Kirby, b. ; d. 1835, without issue, and 

probably unmarried. In his will, dated Aug. 26, 1824, 
and proved May 5, 1835, he mentions his sister Rebecca 
Brownell; Phoebe Cornell, wife of Giles; Silas, Henry, 
and Elijah Brownell, sons of Perry Brownell; Elizabeth 
Russell Brownell, daughter of Perry; Humphrey Kirby 
Brownell and David Brownell, sons of David; and David 
Brownell, son of Jeremiah. 

ii. Robert Kirby, b. ; d. 1804; m., Oct. 5, 1786, Anna 

Anthony. Plis estate was administered in 1804 by his 
widow, Anna. They probably had no children. 

iii. Rebecca Kirby, b. ; m., Nov. 19, 1789, Jeremiah 

Brownell of Dartmouth, Mass. Children: 

1. David Brownell, b. ; m., and had: (i) Hum- 

phrey K., (2) David. 

2. Silas Brownell. 

3. Perry Brownell, b. ; m., and had: (i) Elizabeth 

R., (2) Silas, (3) Henry, (4) Elijah. 

79. David' Kirby (Ichabod*, Robert^ Richard=, Richard^) of- 
Westport, !\Iass., born Aug. 16, 1740; married, April 21, 1763 
(Dartmouth record), at Tiverton, R. I., Martha Soule, daughter 
of Benjamin Soule. He inherited the hom.estead farm of his 
father, and built an addition to the old house on the north side, 
against the old stone chimney. He was a Revolutionary soldier, 
and marched to Roxbury, April 21, 1775, in Captain Pope's com- 
pany, (See " History of New Bedford," by Ellis, p. 68.) In his 
will, made in 1832, he mentions his wife, Martha Soule, and his 
children, Ichabod Kirby and Sibyl White. Children born in 

Westport (Dartmouth records): 

i. Sibyl Kirby, b. Jan. 8, 1764; m., 1786 Cpublished Feb. 11, 
1786; Leonard), Humphrey White, son of Jonathan and 


V il >1 1 :ii (IP. AH Dl 91 H O 2 T H A ( 

/O:.''! Y'5"!'"'':;^^->' ' .^ 

•i:' v ';':oT.- 

fwc-;T ,0 


l^- .....I ,^;^!:^' : -: :.:^ 

'-i >'. .^i, "^ r ^... =.:. av fr: i.f:s /ufliK: 

;: 7/ .'-,ri;.;-n;; 


Abigail White of Dartmouth. (See Descendants of Will- 
iam White of Dartmouth.) One child: 
I. Elizabeth White. 
ii. Ichabod Kirby, b. Nov. 21, 1782. The Leonard manuscript 
says that he married Abigail Allen, dau. of William Allen. 

13, Recompence* Kirby (Robert^, Richard-, Richard^) of 

Dartmouth, Mass., born ; married, Dec. 16, 1736 (Leonard), 

Rebecca Cornell, born March 9, 1718, daughter of William Cor- 
nell and Mehitable Fish. He was chosen constable of Dartmouth 
in 1758, but declined to serve. In his will, dated Sept. 17, 1771, 
he mentions his wife Rebecca, his son Stephen Kirby, his daugh- 
ter Patience Wait, and his son-in-law Jeremiah Wait. Chil- 
dren born in Dartmouth: 

i. Patience Kirby, b. Oct. 4, 1731; m., Dec. 29, 1754, Jere- 
miah Wait. (The Dartmouth Town Records state 
that she was the daughter of Recompence and Re- 
becca Kirby, and that she was born in 1731. Unless 
Recompence Kirby had a former wife by name of Re- 
becca, the year 1731 must be a clerical error for 1737, 
or the last figure of the original entry has become 
partially obliterated.) 
80. ii. Stephen Kirby, b. Dec. 13, 1742; m. Sarah Lawrence, 
iii. Daniel Kirby, b. May 5, 1746; d. probably before 1771. 
iv. Rebecca Kirby, b. Oct. 4, 1751; d. probably before 1771. 

80. Stephen' Kirby (Recompence*, Robert^ Richard", Rich- 
ard^) of W'estport, Mass., born Dec. 13, 1742; married, Aug. 9, 
1781, Sarah Lawrence, daughter of Isaac Lawrence of Ports- 
mouth, R. I. He died about 1807, leaving a good estate. Chil- 
dren born in W'estport (Leonard): 

i. Ruth Kirby, b. Feb. 21, 1782; m., Feb. 8, 1801, Stephen 
Cornell of Westport, Mass., b. Feb. 5, 1774, son of Thomas 
Cornell. Children born in Westport: 

1. William Cornell, b. Aug. 13, 1801. 

2. Stephen K. Cornell, b. Feb. 9, 1808; d. Dec. 17, 

1868, aged sixty years. 

3. Catherine Cornell, b. April 21, 181 1. 

ii. Stephen Kirby, b. Aug. 28, 1788; m., May 26, 1812, Amy 

iii. Rebecca Kirby, b. April 23, 1789; m., Oct. 11, 1808, Wing 


Y a H I 

Ci >i A'ii'J] n -■ '"i E T F 

"> '.'i /•■ n .:!/ 

^( f..'^?.,:!^! ,.ii 

^^U .;/;:n 

■7 f- 



Howland of Westport, r^Iass., b. Aug. 19, 17S7; d. March 
23, 1847, in New Bedford. Children: 

1. Stephen Kirby Howland, b. ; m., and had a 

dau., who married Perry G. Potter of Westport. 

2. Alexander Kirby Rowland, b. 1822; d. Dec. 30, 

1857; m. Jerusha S. Tripp, dau. of Jotham and 
Elizabeth Tripp of Westport. Children: (i) 

Edward S., b. Sept. 30, 1850; (2) Emerson T., 
b. July II, 1852; (3) Benjamin W., b. Dec. 24, 

iv. Sarah Kirby, b. March 22, 1790; m., Dec. 13,1812, (Leon- 
ard) Jireh Brownell of Westport. 

I'i. Silas* Kirby (Robert^ Richard% Richard^ of Dartmouth, 
Mass., born ; married, Feb. 8, 1742 (Friends' monthly meet- 
ing, Dartmouth), Elizabeth Russell, daughter of Jonathan and 
Judith Russell of Dartm.outh. He inherited the southern portion 
of the homestead farm, near Noquechuck River; was constable 
in 1755, and surveyor in 1772 and 1774. In 1781 he was one of 
the town committee of Dartmouth to raise money for men called 
for by the General Court of ;Massachusetts. He died in 1785, 
for his will was dated June 27, 1785, and was probated Oct. 4th 
of the same year. In his will he mentions his wife Elizabeth, his 
son Nathaniel, his grandson Restcome, and his granddaughters, 
Barsheba Kirby and Sarah Kirby, sisters of Restcome. He 
mentions also, " My daughter-in-law Elizabeth Kirby, my son 
Barnabas' widow; my grandson Berhebas, Nathaniel's son; my 
granddaughters Barsheba Kirby and Sarah Kirby, sisters of Rest- 
come." Witnesses: Timothy Gifford, Jonathan Russell, Richard 
Kirby. Children born in Dartmouth: 

81. i. Silas Kirby (supposed son of Silas and Elizabeth Kirby), 

b, ; m. Susanna Rogers. 

82. ii. Barnabas Kirby, b. Dec. 2, 1744; m. Elizabeth Allen. 
iii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. Dec. 2, 1744, twin with Barnabas. 
iv. Judah Kirby, b. Nov. 22, 1745; m., May 2, 1792, Thomas 

Allen, b. Jan. 5, 1743, son of Prince and Deborah 
V. Deborah Kirby, b. Dec. 27, 1748; not married. 

83. vi. Nathaniel Kirby, b. March 20, 1750; m. Hannah Allen. 

81. Silas' Kirby (Silas*, Robert^ Richa^d^ Richard^) of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., supposed eldest son of Silas and Elizabeth Kirby, 


Ci >I .A H 3 ' - 


■ f.^ 

■|' n^ i-.'M 


i;/I ;i^'-. 

■iir ' ■ ' --..: 

■-' ■ ■- 

'^rn>:,i ,,,': ;o 

1 J. 

: : . ri.- ,< i 

'.^ =T^>■tOJi^:„• 

♦ - \ 


fA !!.;.-,->::! 

.•■.■^' A ij]n-r 




married, July 13, 1777 (Dartmouth record), Susanna Rogers of 
Dartmouth. No record of his birth has been found, and he is not 
mentioned in the will of Silas Kirby, Sr.; nevertheless, it is be- 
lieved that he was the eldest son of the latter, for his name and 
designation, " Silas Kirby, Jr.," indicates relationship to Silas 
Kirby, Sr. Besides, he lived in the fork of Xociuechuck River, 
where Robert Kirby held land, which he bequeathed to his chil- 
dren. There is also a place for him as the eldest child among the 
children of Robert Kirby 's son Silas, but not among the children 
of any other son of Robert Kirby; and, furthermore, an examina- 
tion of the table of the children of Silas Kirby, Sr., awakens the 
suspicion that there was a child born to him before the birth of 
the tvv-ins, Barnabas and Elizabeth. ^Moreover, if the eldest child 
of Silas Kirby, Sr., then the fact of his not being mentioned in 
his father's will is readily accounted for by the supposition that 
he had already received his portion of inheritance. 

The Dartmouth Town Records state that " Silas Kirby, Jr., 
and Susanna Rogers, both of Dartmouth, were married July 13, 
1777." The land records of Dartmouth show that he bought, 
in 1778, of Hezekiah and Margaret Davis thirty acres in the 
forks of Noquechuck River, and that in 1782 he bought twenty 
acres more in the same locality — said land being sold by " the 
Proprietors of Dartmouth to Silas Kirby, the second," and is 
described as bounded by " Allen's land north, Christopher 
Mason's land east and Kirby's own land south." In 1787 he 
sold the above land, with dwelling house and barn, to Simeon 
Chase of Dartmouth, and the same year bought land in Dart- 
mouth of Caleb and Patience Peckham. Nov. 18, 1790, he sold 
the land last mentioned to James Baker, and after this date all 
trace of him is lost. 

Silas Kirby, Jr., was a Revolutionary soldier. His name ap- 
pears on the muster-roll of Captain Kempton's company, of 
Colonel Dcnelson's regiment, under the date of Aug., 1775. He 
enlisted ]\Iay 8, 1775 ; time of service, three months. (See Massa- 
chusetts Revolutionary Rolls, Vol. XV., p. 46.) 

Children of Silas Kirby, Jr., and Susanna Rogers: 

i. Rhoda Kirby, b. Feb. ly, 1778; m., Sept. 11, 1812, Pat- 
rick Gerry of Dartmouth, Mass. Children: 

I. Mary J. Gerry, b. ; m. Capt. John Harding 

of New Bedford. They had a son, James G., 
who is now living in New Bedford. 

'-- ii'-';I /' ; // 

,;;::! : rj no w t--^ 
,:/•:... I •>;! oil I'mo!o'> 

■•r>.;'l .-uVM 

i/i .uJUf.;,:n 



2. Alice Gerry, b. ; ni. James Glidden of Provi- 

dence, R. I. 

3. Cynthia Gerry, b. ; m. Walter Briggs. 

ii. John Kirby, b. Nov. 3, 17S1; m. Cynthia Churchill. 

84. iii. Silas Kirby, b. June 9, 1784; m. Deborah Crapo. 

iv. Chloe Kirby, b. June 13, 1786; m., 1S08, Joseph Jenne. 
V. William Kirby, b. Dec. 20, 1789; m., Jan, 29, 1810, 

Louisa Stratton, dau. of Oder Stratton. 
vi. Daniel Kirby, b. April 2j, 1792. . 

vii. Charles Kirby, b. May 15, 1798. 

84. Silas^ Kirby (SiIas^ Silas*, Robert', RichardS Richard^) 
of Erie County, N. Y., born June 9, 1784, in Dartmouth, Mass.; 
married, Sept. 18, 1808 (Leonard), Deborah Crapo, born x\pril 
4, 1786, daughter of Peter Crapo of Westport. He resided in 
New Bedford, Mass., until 1828, when he removed to Erie County, 
N. Y., and settled in the township of Collins, now North Collins. 
In 1835 he moved to the village now called Shirley, where he 
died March 16, 1861. Deborah Crapo Kirby died May i, 1866. 

85. i. Susan Wardell Kirby, b. Oct. 10, 1809; m. William 

ii. Frederick J. Kirby, b. Aug. 8, 181 1; d. 1849; "i- Rhoda 

iii. Sarah Kirby, b. Oct. 3, 1813; d. 1848; m. William 


86. iv. Phoebe Ann Kirby, b. Aug. 5, 181 5; m. Frederick 


V. Silas Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1818; d. July 10, 1819. 

vi. Rowland S. Kirby, b. June 12, 1820; d. Nov. i, 1884, 
in North Collins, N. Y. ; m., Nov. 15, 1840, in Brant, 
N. Y., Amy D. Tucker, b. Jan. i, 1822, dau. of 
Abram and Anna Tucker of Brant, N, Y. Chil- 

dren born in North Collins: 

1. Deborah Ann Kirby, b. July 13, 1842; m. 

Smith Parker of Evans, N. Y. 

2. Ambrose E. Kirby, b. July 11, 1845; rn., June 

10, 1872, Maud Alice Byron. They are now 

- living in North Collins, N. Y. Children: 

(i) Maud Alice, (2) Rowland. 

ii M 

15.;*^ » ^x I yr.jy'; ,c 

(if-.^rr;-!-; VJ..,, ,; ;;-vT ,^., ,;,J <..MiP 

.""in !i.' J 

>;■.-:■;[•■! _^^ '^ 

;!'r/v ,:f^ ,,0:81 f) ;£\8i 

j,^.?T ,;: vvX .L 

;;;;f. ,"■ -■ : ,1 

C raU- . y .11 

r.i :t:.S: ,Vi ■:•••'. .') 


n '■ ; ' ■ :■ ' 


3. Abram S. Kirby, b. Au^. 12, 1848; m. Edith 

Byron. Children- (i) Frank A., (2) Mabel. 

4. Everett Kirby, b. Sept. 29, i860; m., July 4, 

1881, Eudora Wood. 
87. vii. Charles C. Kirby, b. May 29, 1823; m. Patience G. 
viii. Humphrey H. Kirby, b. Aug. 15, 1825; d. 1876; m. 
Mary Ann Sprague, sister of William Sprague. 

1, Adolphus Kirby. 

2. Adelbert Kirby. 

ix. Alonzo B. Kirby, b. Oct. 15, 1830; d. Nov., 1833. 

[Crapo Lineage: 

I. Pierre Crapo of Rochester, Mass., v.-as of French descent. 
He first appears at Plymouth as a boy with Francis Combs, with 
whom he was left by his brother, a captain of a French man-of- 
war that was wrecked somewhere on Cape Cod. He married, at 
Rochester, Mass., :May 31, 1704 (Rochester, Mass., Town Rec- 
ords, p. 50; " New England Genealogical and Historical Reg- 
ister," \'ol. IV., p. 88),^PeneIope White, born March 12, 1687, 
daughter of Samuel White of Rochester (Rochester, Mass., Town 
Records), who was the son of Resolved White, and the grandson 
of William White, the eleventh signer of the Mayflower compact, 
1620. Their children were: Francis, b. Oct. 4, 1705; Susanna, 
b. Nov. 5, 1707; Peter, b. Nov. 20, 1709; John, b. Feb. 22, 171 1; 
Mary, b. Sept. 2j, 1713; Ichabod, b. March 22, 1717-18; Heze- 
kiah, b. March 12, 1719-20; Nicholas, b. Dec. 5, 1721; Seth, b. 
May II, 1724, 

II. John Crapo of Rochester, fourth child of Peter and 
Penelope (White) Crapo, born Feb. 22, 1711 ; died after April, 
1777, the date of his will fsee Plymouth Probate Records, Vol. 
LXXVI., p. 153); married Sarah Clark (?). Children: Con- 
sider; Elnathan; Peter, b. 1744; Joshua; John, b. ; d. Dec. 

20, 1784, at Freetown, Mass. ; Aresta; Sarah, who married Caleb 
Spooner; Jane. 

III. Peter Crapo of Dartmouth, third child of John and Sarah 
Crapo, born 1744; died March 3, 1823, aged seventy-nine; m., 
1766 (published at Rochester, May 14, 1766), Sarah West, who 
died ^Iay 16, 1789, aged forty-two years. He married (2), 1789 
(published at Freetown, j\lass., Sept. 7, 1789), Content Hathaway, 


YG :';::. >i a>iAii:)iH ho arviAo 




wr5 ^ <-x' 

01, -r.l h 


who died Oct. 2"], 1826, aged sixty-eight years. By his first 
wife he had nine children, and by his second, five children: 

1. Richard Crapo, b. 1770; d. Aug. 24, 1848; m. EHzabeth 

Grossman, b. Aug., 1772; d. July 24, 1861, aged 
88 years, ii mo. and 28 days. 

2. Peter Crapo, b. ; m. Mary Spooner (second wife). 

3. Charles Crapo, b. ; m., June 26, 1802, Sarah Lucas. 

4. Jesse Crapo, b. May 22, 1781; d. Jan. 11, 183 1; m., July 

10, 1803, Phoebe Rowland of Dartmouth (see How- 
land Genealogy). Their son, Henry Howland 
Crapo, b. May 24, 1804, in Dartmouth, ]Mass., Gov- 
ernor of ]\Iichigan 1S65-6S, m., June 9, 1825, Mary 
Ann Slocum (see Slocum Genealogy, pp. 192-197), 
and had a daughter, Lucy Ann, b. Nov. 8, 1836, 
who married, Dec. 15, 1858, H. H. H. Crapo Smith 
of Detroit, Mich. 

5. Azubah Crapo, b. ; m. Job Sherman of Freetown, 


6. Deborah Crapo, b. April 4, 1786; d. May i, 1866; m., 

Sept. 18, 1808 (Leonard), Silas Kirby, Jr. 

7. Content Crapo, b. ; m., June 15, iSii, Malicha 


8. Susanna Crapo, b. ; m. Jedediah Howland. 

9. Orrie Crapo, b. ; m. Lemuel Robbins. 

10. Abial Crapo, b. ; m. Phccbe Devoll. 

11. Betsey Crapo, b. ; m. Elijah Wordell. 

12. Sarah Crapo, b, ; m. John Haskell. 

13. Reuben Crapo, b. ; m. (i) Deborah Wood; m. (2) 

Cynthia Devoll. 

14. Joseph Crapo, b. ; d. at sea; not married. 

Peter Crapo was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, as is 
shown by the following records taken from the Massachusetts 
Revolutionary rolls: 

Vol. XHL, page 81. " Muster Roll of Capt. Levi Rounse- 
ville's Minute Co. that marched from Freetown in the County of 
Bristol on the alarm of the 19th of April last. Their tim.e and 
travel of service. Roxbury camp, December A.D. 1775." Among 
the names upon this muster-roll are those of: 

Peter Crapo, private, id — i — i — . 

Consider Crapo, sergeant, £6 — 11 — 2. 



!u /i/j!T! : J.!'", ''M 

: l:-JA '-■- 

f o 

CfK- J 'iirr. 

r H,,-;-* ..^ 

sr,v.' f»Ht t- 

'• '""I' 

.:> •:-v.-)a 


Vol. II., page 20I. " Nathaniel Morton's Co. of Militia from 
Freetown to Regiment of ^^lilitia commanded by Edward Pope 
which marched on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776 agreeable to the 
order of the Hon. Council thereon." Among the names upon 
this roll are the following: 

Consider Crapo, sergeant, £2 — 9 — o. 

Joshua Crapo, Corporal, £1 — 18 — 8. 

Peter Crapo, private, £2 — 10 — 8.] 

85. Susan WordelF Kirby (Silas«, Silas^ Silas^ Robert', 
Richard^ Richard^), born Aug. 10, 1809; died Dec. 7, 1895, at 
Knoxville, 111.; married, Dec. 29, 1825, William Culver, born 
Jan. 21, 1802; died ^vlarch 5, 1881, son of Joseph Culver and 
Rebecca Root. Children: 

i. Caroline Culver, b. Oct. 21, 1826; m., June 9, 1844, Joseph 
Ross. Children: Charles, Frances, and George. 

ii. Elizabeth Culver, b. Oct. 29, 1829; m., Sept. 24, 1854, 
Charles Burton Miller. Children: Susan, Emily, 

Arthur, Maryette, and Rosaline. 

iii. Joseph Culver, b. Oct. 2t^, 1834; m. (i), Jan. 6, 1863, Re- 
becca Sherman; m. (2) Celeste . Children: Ella, 

George, William, and Maud. 

iv. Cynthia Jane Culver, b. June 24, 1838; m., Sept. 22, 1857, 
Burrel N. Chapin, b. Aug. 4, 1834, in Lewistcn, III., son 
of Moses B. Chapin (Consider^, Caleb'', Caleb*, Samuel'', 
Japhet^, SamueP), They are now residing in Knoxville, 
111. Children: 

1. Edith AdcHa Chapin, b. July 9, 1858; m., April 21, 

1881, John D. McClure. 

2. Ida Adell Chapin, b. Oct. 6, i860; d. June 12, 1863. 

3. Eva Jane Chapin, b. Aug. 18, 1862. 

4. Ora Eugene Chapin, b. May 30, 1870; m., June 28, 

1893, Camilla M. Capps. 
V. William Eugene Culver, b. Feb. 8, 1848; m., Nov. 23, 1871, 
Charlotte Hickman. 

86. Phoebe Ann" Kirby (Silas^ Silas', Silas*, Robert^ Rich- 
ard-, Richard^), born Aug. 5, 181 5, in New Bedford, !Mass. ; mar- 
ried, July 10, 1834, in Collins, N. Y., Frederick Howland, born 
Aug. 12, 1810, in Dartmouth, Mass., son of Thomas Howland 
and Anna Allen, both of Dartmouth, Mass. Frederick Howland 


>f Ci >\ i\ H 3 I H ■«? O a 



■ ._' ■,-?'8; 

,r " •'■i:U. 

■ :'JJ.O! .-■ 


-f^n' f ■•r ■., 

[■.■■ : - . 

! a . ' ' ■ i , c 

■r l,:,^'': V;<J[> 

>■<■ v:;i,:..': ,n. 

^T •■■Vf" .p 

:i..M .^.0.-' .1 I-... 

■Uvvii.nt. '■ '< iw' 

Si ,v: .]i:j'\ 


died June 15, 1S93, in Faribault, Minn. Children born in 

Collins, N. Y.: 

i. Sarah Ilowland, b. Sept. 14, 1835 ; m. Charles B. Colburn 
of Collins, N. Y., b. Feb. 17, 1818, son of Erastus and 
Sarah Colburn. Children born in Collins, N. Y. : 

1. Maryette Colburn, b. Aug. 28, 1853; m. John 

W. Cooper. 

2. Amzy B. Colburn, b. Jan. 23, 1855. 

3. Charles N. Colburn, b. May 24, 1856; m. Gladys 


4. Carrie L. Colburn, b. Jan. 29, 1869. 

5. Emma J. Colburn, b. Nov. 5, 1870. 

ii. Charles Howland, b. Jan. 31, 1837; m. Henriette 
88. iii. Emma Howland, b. June 9, 1841; m. (i) Dr. Charles M. 
Babcock; m. (2) Capt. J. F. Stilson. 

iv. George Howland, b. ^lay 15, 1849; m. Ida Sears. 

V. Anneta Howland, b. Feb. 22, 1852; m. (i) Alexander 
Mudgett; m. (2) Frank Maher. She had two children 
by her first husband: Harry and Minnie. 

vi. Alice Howland, b. March 13, 1854, in North Collins, 
N. Y.; m.. May 13, 1869, Francis Greene of Great 
Valley, N. Y., son of Diamond Greene. He is a 
farmer in Great Valley, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. 

1. Jessamine Greene, b. March 30, 1870; m., April 

26, 1892, in Chicago, 111., Andrew Quigley, 
b. Nov. 3, 18-62, son of Thomas Quigley, He 
is an accountant, and is now residing in Ham- 
mond, Ind. One child: Kenneth Lyman, b. 
June 3, 1893. 

2. Richard Sydney Greene, b. April 20, 1871. 

3. Allan Francis Greene, b. !May 30, 1872. 

4. Mary Ella Greene, b. July 26, 1876. 

5. Charles Kirby Greene, b. Sept. i, 1884. 

88. Emma^ Howland (Phoebe A. Kirby^ Silas«, Silas', Silas*, 
Robert', Richard^, Richard^), born June 9, 1841, in Collins, 
N. Y. ; married (i) Charles Merritt Babcock, M.D., born June 
3, 1834, in Otto, N. Y., son of Major George Babcock and 
Sophronia Beach. Dr. Charles M. Babcock was a graduate of 


o ^ 


,\n.:\'i ,:)f 


: n •■< .8l--^" .'"1 .t;-' -I, .J , Y '-' -. - 

■<'■ ■•■. ,("■■ 




Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. He died in Ennis, Tex. 
She married (2), Feb. 13, 1869, Captain J. F. Stilson of Galesburg, 
111., who died Dec. 30, 1888. 

[Major George Babcock of Otto, N. Y., born May 5, 1802, in 
Wallingford, Yt., was the son of Champlin and Eunice Babcock 
of WaUingford, Yt. He married, Oct. 31, 1824, in Paulet, Yt., 
Sophronia Beach, daughter of Moses Beach and Margaret 
Coolev, both of Paulet, Yt. Moses Beach died March 30, 1838, 
in Concord, Erie County, N. Y. Margaret Cooley Beach died 
in Perrysburg, N. Y., March 12, 1854, aged seventy-eight years.] 

89. i. Alice Babcock, b. Jan. 22, 1858; m. George E. McDill. 
ii. Willard Earle Stilson, b. Feb. 15, 1870, in Galesburg, 

111.; m., Oct. 29, 1S91, in Galesburg, 111., Jessie Lucas. 

They are now living in Stevens Point, Wis. 

89. Alice^ Babcock (Emma Howland\ Phoebe A. Kirby', 
Silas«, Silas^ SilasS Robert^ Richard-, Richard^, born Jan. 22, 
1858, in Faribault, Minn.; married, 1879, in Galesburg, 111., 
George E. McDill, born April 16, 1856, in Plover, Portage 
County, Wis., son of Thomas Haseltine McDill (son of Hugh 
McDill) and I^Iary Harris, daughter of Jonathan W. Harris (son 
of John, and grandson of James Harris of Elizabeth, N. J.). 
Mrs. Alice B. McDill is a graduate of Knox College, 111. (1877), 
and is prominent in club circles in Wisconsin. She is Regent of 
the Stevens Point Chapter of D. A. R.; Yice-President of the 
Wisconsin State Federation of \Yoman's Clubs, and Yice-Presi- 
dent of the Woman's Club of Stevens Point. She is also a Colonial 
Dame and a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants. 
George E. McDill was a cadet in the West Point Military Acad- 
emy, 1873-76; is now cashier and director of the Citizens' National 
Bank of Stevens Point, and senior member of the McDill Flouring 
Mills Company of McDill, Wis. He is also a member of the 
Republican State Central Committee, and of the Wisconsin State 
Board of Normal School Regents. Children: 

i. Genevieve S. McDill, b. Mav 21, 1880, in Madison, Wis. 

ii. Caryl Emma McDill. b. Nov. 8, 1883, in McDill, Wis. 

iii. Allan Conover ^IcDill, b. March 7, 1888, in McDill, Wis. 

87. Charles Crapo' Kirby (Silas«, Silas', Silas*, Robcrt^ 
Richards Richard^ of North Collins, N. Y., born May 29, 1823, 


/■'■'■') ,.;n ■ !:; 

' = 1 "on ■.!:: ^'j 


-[--[■^ /hnfil .■. .. U .:^f; 

. ' T '' o ■. I I i J . 3 : 

.■ -' ''-r-MV ' ,' 

; \ 

rt. \.- 

,e^^>' .■■■ 

Z i: . b-!-;;!; 


in Scipio, Cayuga County, N. Y.; married, April 13, 1846. Pa- 
tience G. Sisson, born Nov. 8, 1824. daughter of Joseph Sisson 
and Phoebe Tripp White, the daughter of Holder White of Dart- 
mouth, Mass. (See Descendants of William White of Dartmouth.) 
He removed to North Collins, Erie County, N. Y., where he was 
elected justice of the peace in 1849, and held this office for twenty- 
four years. He was the postmaster at Shirley, 1S67-80, and was 
often chosen supervisor of the town of North Collins. He owned 
cheese factories in North Collins, Brant, and Eden. He died 
July II, 1892, in North Collins. His widow. Patience S. Kirby, 
is still living, and resides in North Collins, N. Y. Children 

born in North Collins: 

i. Alice Rebecca Kirby, b. Oct. 23, 1851; d. Dec. 7, 1855. 
ii. Charles Wentworth Kirby, b. June 10, 1S58; m., July 4, 
1882, Estelle D. Leach, dati. of Sheribial and Clementine 
Leach of North Collins. One child: 

I. Horace Wood Kirby, b. May 17, 18S4, in North 
Collins, N. Y. 
iii. Alice Jane Kirby, b. Feb. 7, 1S61; m., Dec. 31, 1885, New- 
ton Adelbcrt Curtis, b. iMay 17, 1861, in Wales, son of 
Samuel and Lucy Curtis. They are now residing in 
North Collins, N. Y. Children born in North Collins: 

1, Myrtie Augusta Curtis, b. Aug. 6, 18S8. 

2. Bernice Hilda Curtis, b. Oct. 27, 1890. 

iv. Carrie May Kirby, b. May 9, 1869; d. July 25, 1891. 

83. Barnabas' Kirby (SilasS Robert^ Richard^, Richard^ 
of Dartmouth, Mass., born Dec. 2, 1744; married, Aug. 10, 1768, 
Elizabeth Allen, born Sept. 28, 1751, daughter of Prince and 
Deborah Allen. (Prince Allen, born Feb. 6, 1717-18; died Oct. 
9, 1778, was the son of James and Alary Allen of Dartmouth, 
Mass.) Barnabas Kirby died before June 2^, 1785, the date of 
his father's will, and Elizabeth, his widow, married (2), Feb. ii, 
1789, Joseph Rogers, son of John and Sarah Rogers of Marsh- 
field, Mass. Soon after her marriage she removed, with her 
daughter Sarah, to Pembroke, Mass. Children born in Dart- 

mouth : 

90. i. Restcome Kirby, b. March 30, 1770; m. Mary Rogers. 
ii. Barsheba Kirby, b. Aug. 21, 1772; m., March 4, 1789, 

Reuben Allen, son of Philip and Susannah Allen of 



r -/^;i;' .d .^i; v ■ ; .;'-:.t;i::;bA r?oj 
7 .r:U-'-) ;„-.■.;;;/. -rll^M .1 

.vTLr.;;;.! :.!:)i'.(.i. 

1 ■ ':';*; ' -.^ i'L-nii, ■:> .v/ohiv^ -l;;; ^i,.; :'-;5 'Ti ;:nP ,!;:'.'/ I'li; i;.: 

t ,t f..»:^-. ; 


iii. Sarah Kirby, b. 1774; m. Benjamin Estes of Hanover, 
Mass., son of Robert and Beulah Estes. 

90. Restcome^ Kirby (Barnabas^ Silas\ Robe^t^ Richard% 
RicliardO of Cayuga County, N. Y. ; born March 30, 1770, in 
Dartmouth, Mass.; married, in 1791 (published April ii, 1791, 
in Marshfield, Mass.), at Joseph Rogers's house in Marshfield, 
Mary Rogers, born Nov. 11, 1772, daughter of Joseph Rogers 
[born Feb. 25, 1742-43, son of Joseph Rogers, Jr., and Sarah 
(Wing ?)] and Mary Chapman. (Pembroke Friends records.) 
Fie removed, in 1814, from Dartmouth to Cayuga County, X. Y., 
and settled in the town of Ledgard on Lake Cayuga. His farm 
joined that of Humphrey Howland, and was situated about two 
miles from the present town of Aurora. Restcome Kirby died 
T^Iay 24, 1838. His widow, Mary Rogers Kirby, died Jan. 31, 

[Mar>' Chapman, born Jan. 2, 1743, m Hanover, Mass., was 
the daughter of John Chapman of Hanover, Mass., and Sarah 
Booth of Pembroke, Mass.; married June, 1730. John Chapman 
of Hanover, born 1707; died May 3, 181 1, aged 103 years! was 
the son of Ralph Chapman of Newport, R. L, born Jan. 7, 1670- 
80, and Deliverance Slocum, born Dec. 12, 1684; died Aug. 11, 
171 1, daughter of the Rev. Peleg Slocum and ]Mary Holder, the 
daughter of Christopher Holder and Mary Scott, the daughter 
of Richard Scott of Providence, R. L, who was descended from 
the Scotts of Scotts-Hall, Co. Kent, England, who trace their 
descent from William Baliol le Scot, grandnephew of John le 
Scot, last Earl of Chester, who lived in the time of King Ed- 
ward L] 

Children of Restcome and Mary Kirby born in Dartm.outh 
(Leonard) : 

Silas Kirby, b. July 13, 1792; m. Rhoba Soule. 

Barnabas Kirby, b. Nov. 9, 1793; m. Fanny Harrison. 

Joseph Kirby, b. March 23, 1796; m. Salome Barker. 

Isaac Kirby, b. Oct. 29, 179S; m. Eleanor Canfield. 

Elizabeth Kirby, b. March 17, 1802; d. Dec. 17, 1S23; 
m., 1822, Tillinghast White; no children. 

Stephen Kirby, b. Dec. 23, 1804; m. Susan Gaylord. 

Abraham Kirby, b. June 8, 1807; m. Lydia Gray. 

9L Silas' Kirby (Restcome^ Barnabas^ Silas*, Robert', 














lA T5. 

1 • "■ i 7r J 

// J 

» r i /^< ' 

'I, i .> ' I '^' 

' 1 J/ ^ J 



Richard^ Richard^) of Ledgard, Cayuga County, N. Y., bom 
July 13, 1792, in Dartmouth, Mass.; married, Nov. 11, 181 1, 
Rhoba Soule. Her father died while she was an infant, and her 
mother afterward married Charles Russell. Silas Kirby removed 
from Dartmouth, in 1S14, to Ledgard, N. Y., and in 1830 to 
Oswego, N. Y. He died Feb. 13, 1850, in Leslie, Mich. Rhoba 
Soule Kirby died March 22, 1854, in Lansing, Mich. Children: 
i. Mary Rogers Kirby, b. Dec. 12, 1812, in Dartmouth, 
Mass.; d. 1893 in Wisconsin; m., Jan. 15, 1834, at 

Ellisburg, N. Y., Elihu W. Starkweather, b. ; 

d. Dec. 10, 1870. Children: 

1. Mary E. Starkweather, b, Jan. 20, 1837; ^- D. 

F. Ellsworth. They are now living in For- 
man, X. D. 

2. Sarah T. Starkweather, b. July 22, 1838. 

3. William P. Starkweather, b. Feb. 6, 1840. 

4. Rhoba J. Starkweather, b. Dec. 16, 1841; m. 

George jNIanning. They are now living in 
Sheldon, N. D. 

5. Elisha S. Starkweather, b. April 16, 1843. 

6. Charles A. Starkweather, b. June 21, 1845. 

7. Ellen A. Starkweather, b. Oct. 17, 1846. 

8. Lafayette T. Starkweather, b. April 29, 1848. 

9. Arthur W^ Starkweather, b. ]\Iay 4, 1850. 

10. Hattie E. Starkweather, b. March 7, 1853. 

11. Frederick ^L Starkweather, b. April 22, 1856. 
ii. Charles Carroll Kirby, b. 18 14, in Cayuga County. 

N. Y. He left home in 1836, and never returned; 
wandered all over the world, and died in Mexico in 
1896, aged eighty-three years. Not married. 
97. iii. Austin Allen Kirby, b. Sept. 15, 1817; m. (i) Elizabeth 
A. Robinson; m. (2) Mary M. Robinson. 
iv. Frederick Kirby, b. 1819; d. 1827. 
V. Allen Mosher Kirby, b. Feb. 28, 1822; d. Sept. 12, 1896, 
in Wyandotte, Mich.; m., Nov. 22, 1846, in Oswego, 
N. Y., Hannah Scott, b. Oct. 6, 1821, in Omar, Vt.; 
d. Oct. 24, 1893, in Saginaw, I^lich. Allen M. Kirby 
was a captain on the lakes, and afterward a ship- 
builder in Saginaw, Detroit, and Wyandotte, Mich. 

I. Edward Allen Kirby, b. Aug. 26, 1847, in Os- 

Y a M I >{ 


r'i'A/X /biSfijiH 

lu'.;. : ' xi:.i-^ :/-» ,v 

0= ./ 

I ■• 


wego, N. Y.; m., Jan. 18, 1880, at Flat Rock, 
Mich., Elizabeth Biickncr, b. July 9, 1857, 
dau. of Michael Buckner and Annie Marie 
Englert. He is a civil engineer in Detroit, 
Mich. No children. 

2. Sarah Bertha Kirby, b. July 18, 1850, in Oswego, 

N. Y.; m., June 15, 1886, in Saginaw, Mich., 
Lorenzo D. Stone. No children. 

3. Austin Eugene Kirby, b. Sept. 12, 1854, in Os- 

wego, N. Y.; m., Nov. 19, 1889, in Saginaw, 
Mich., Nellie Gertrude Mason, b, Aug. i, 
1865, in Saginaw, Mich., dau. of Lucius 
Perkins and Sarah A. Mason. He is now in 
business in New York City. No children. 

4. Gilbert Llewelyn Kirby, b. Aug. 22, 1862, in 

Saginaw, Mich.; m., Oct. 24, 1889, in Rock- 
ville, Md., Josephine Holmes, b. Dec. 15, 
1861, in Cincinnati, O., dau. of William J. (?) 
and Caroline O. Holmes. He is a U. S. Naval 
Constructor, and is now stationed at Mare 
Island, Cal. No children. 
98. vi. Stephen Rogers Kirby, b. May 25, 1824; m. I^Iartha 

A. Johnson. 
vii. Sarah Gifford Kirby, b. July 27, 1828; d. March 14, 

1868; m., March 20, 185 1, at Leslie, Mich., William 

Woodhouse, b. Sept. 12, 1823, in Cooperstown, N. Y.; 

d. Oct. 20, 1878. Children: 

1. Charles L. Woodhouse, b. Dec. 21, 1851, in 

Mason, Mich.; d. Sept. 15, 1880. 

2. Frank B. Woodhouse, b. April 12, 1854, in 

Mason, Mich. 

3. Fred. B. Woodhouse, b. May 8, 1858, in 

Lansing, Mich. 

4. Minnie Woodhouse, b. Sept. i, i860; d. Nov. i, 


5. Burt Eugene Woodhouse, b. April 10, 1863, in 

Lansing, Mich. 
viii. Frederick Leroy Kirby, b. 1832; d. Dec. 2, 1866. He 
went to sea in 1844, and afterward was in the Sand- 
wich Island trade. He died in San Francisco, Cal. 
Not married. 


-•Z .s 

/' ^ 




j.^ iv 

4 'I 

T A " ' ' 

'>' h ..1 

d \h 


' y^i ^ 



all .v>Jvf ^ . 'j -■ ,t\fii .<f ,v(f;'.- '^.■;;.>J >I:in3i :■■>:''[ .iir' 
-t^fJi? y>!, ':= -fi/.' !/; - .-'T^jl'; Ln-^ 4"-'' f^- -■>" '''^ hWH 

.bohifirn ioH 


97. Austin Allen^ Kirby (Silas', Restcome^ Barnabas^ Silas*, 
Robert^ Richard-, RicharcP) of Huron, O., bom Sept. 15. 1S17, 
in Genoa, Cayuga County, N. Y.; married (i). Dec. 20, 1842. in 
Onondaga County, N. Y., Elizabeth Ann Robinson, born }viarch 
18, 1817, in Onondaga County, N. Y., daughter of Charles and 
Catherine Robinson. She died March 14, 1847. and he married 
(2), Oct. 25, 1847, ^lary M. Robinson. Captain Austin A. Kirby 
has been a shipbuilder and captain of sail and steam vessels on 
the lakes. He is now residing in Huron, O. Children: 

i. Rhoba C. Kirby, b. April 14, 1844, in Oswego, N. Y.; m. 

A. O. Smith. Xo children. 
ii. Elizabeth Ann Kirby. b. March 14, 1847, in Ingham 
County. Mich.; m. Jabez N. Riley. They have nine 
iii. Nancy J. Kirby, b. March 20, 1849, i" Ingham County,. 

Mich.; m. Jabez Wright. They have two children. 
iv. Austin A. Kirby, b. Oct. 3, 1850, in Ingham County, Mich. 

Is married, and has three children. 
V. Eliza I. Kirby, b. Feb. 25, 1852, in Milan, O.; m. A. H. 

vi. Flora N. Kirby, b. IMarch 30, 1859, in Ingham County, 
Mich.; d. 1874 in Huron, O. 

98. Stephen Rogers' Kirby (Silas^, Restcome*, Barnabas', 
Silas*, Robert^, Richard-, Richard^) of Detroit, Mich., born May 
25, 1824, in Cayuga County, N. Y. ; married, Jan. 24, 1847, in 
Dover, Cuyahoga County, O., Martha Ann Johnson, born Aug. 
5, 1823, in Brownhelm, O., daughter of Sheldon Johnson and 
Martha Mason. Captain Stephen R. Kirby at first followed the 
sea, and afterward engaged in shipbuilding. Children: 

i. Fitz Albert Kirby, b. Dec. 30, 1847, in Dover, O.; m., 
in Wyandotte, Mich., Elizabeth Eveline Robinson, b. 
May 12, 1853, in Detroit, Mich., dau. of John and 
Mary Ann Robinson. She died May 28, i3S4. at 
South Bay, Me., and he married (2), June 9, 1S86, 
Maria C. Elder of Detroit, Mich. He is a ship- 
builder, and resides in Detroit, Mich. Children: 

1. Myrtle Darling Kirby, b. July 15, 1875, in Wyan- 

dotte, Mich. 

2. Stephen Robinson Kirby, b. Oct. 6, 1876, in 

Wyandotte, Mich. 


■\ (I! ,\\ ■' i .! 

. , :. .■- J , r':iu\ '.J si'iO-'A .' 

I". -J.-.'.il^- ..! 

\0 ,-!-.•;;:■!! 

f^r .'-:,ov ,1.1 ..:..T 

V0 7;;i J-i ' ;■•,■-■ 

lA V-i\ 

;k .^o'v- .'' vi/i,; bs'^ ariS .co.' tji.^!'/! n:;. viBt/! 


3. Albert Eugene Kirby, b. Feb. 24, 1879, in Wyan- 

dotte, Mich. 

4. Lafayette O. Kirby, b. Nov. 8, iSSo, in Wyan- 

dotte, Mich. 

5. Frank Clinton Kirby, b. May 2^, 1887, in 

Cleveland, O. 
99. ii. Frank Eugene Kirby, b. July i, 1849; m. Mary F. Thorp. 
iii. Minnie Myrtle Kirby, b. Oct. i, 1854, in Cleveland, O. ; 
m., Nov. 5, 1874, in Detroit, Mich., Theodore Stuart 
Darling, b. March 10, 1846, in Asbury, X. J., son of 
Thomas Darling and Sydency Ann Hibbler. Fie is a 
banker, and resides in New York City. Children 

born in Detroit. ]Mich. : 

1. Grace Sydney Darling, b. Oct, 6, 1875. 

2. Florence Ahce Darling, b. Dec. 19, 1876. 

3. Edith Kirby Darling, b. May 18, 1879. 

4. Thomas Stephen Darling, b. Oct. 17, 1881. 

99. Frank Eugene'' Kirby (Stephen R.«, Silas^ Restcome^ 
Barnabas^ SilasS Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of Detroit, Mich., 
was born July i, 1849, i^ Cleveland, O. He is by profession a 
construction engineer and naval architect, and has become widely 
known, both at home and abroad, for his professional skill in the 
construction of vessels. To him, more than to any other, is due 
the credit for the introduction of metal ships upon the Great 
Lakes, and for placing lake shipping upon even terms with that 
of the ocean. The finest ships of the Detroit and Navigation 
Company and of the Cleveland and Buffalo line have been built 
from his designs. He has been particularly successful in the 
construction of vessels for winter service in the ice, and steamers 
after his designs have lately been introduced into Russia. Dur- 
ing the present war with Spain Mr. Kirby has added to his 
reputation by conspicuous services rendered to the Nation in ex- 
amining and reporting on the condition and value of ships oftered 
to the Government. The "Buffalo Courier" recently said: 

" Frank E. Kirby is the constructing engineer and part ov.-ner 
of the Detroit Dry Dock and Ship Building Company. He is 
as well known in all the ports along the Great Lakes and sea- 
board as he is at his own home in Detroit, where he is held in 
universal esteem. Mr. Kirby has no superior and but few equals 
in his practical and technical knowledge of ship-building in all 
its details. Of late, however, he has v.-on for himself a more than 


y a H I :>£ a -'i All )i^ H o p-' 

Jul .J „. "a^I :-jr.^2r;:f ;'n,uT .ii M 

,. .:'J :; .f.?'^; . .VjO a V:!: 


a!l/i/. .VI 

I :t; 

■ : j:.-:)in]^frO') 

ri .( L'.',. :■ 'jTiiM f: 


national reputation by conspicuous services to the Government 
in the purchase or chartering of vessels for duty in the recent 
war with Spain. After the Government had resolved upon its 
plan of action in the war, the problem of securing, by purchase 
or charter, a sufficient number of suitable steamers was felt to 
be a serious one. These vessels were urgently needed for the 
movement of troops and the forwarding of supplies. ^ The re- 
sponsibility in the selection of someone thoroughly familiar with 
the kind of craft needed, and able to secure them without loss 
of time, was great. It was in this crisis that Secretary Alger 
chose Frank E. Kirby to perform a task which to the ordinary 
mind presented insuperable difhculties. Mr. Kirby was sum- 
moned to Washington. The gravity of the situation was presented 
to him. He was urged to temporarily lose sight of his large in- 
terests in Detroit, and devote his whole time and energies to meet- 
ing the emergency of the hour. Mr. Kirby is as patriotic as they 
make them. Pic at once dropped everything else, and with char- 
acteristic energy devoted himself to the service of his country. 

" How well this Detroit citizen acquitted himself in the per- 
formance of the responsible task assigned him is a matter of his- 
tory. In an incredibly short space of time the vessels needed for 
transport duty were in the hands of the Government. Mr. Kirby's 
intimate knowledge of ocean-going vessels enabled him to lay 
his finger on the sort of craft needed for any particular kind of 
work, and his knowledge of construction enabled him to make 
a proper estimate of values, so that the Government's needs were 
promptly met without subjecting it to the prices usually exacted 
in like emergencies. Before he was placed in charge, the Gov- 
ernment had entered into, and was about to complete, negotia- 
tions for the purchase of seven British steamers. To Mr. Kirby's 
keen eye and shrewd judgment, in this one deal alone, the country 
is indebted for a saving of $445,000. This is only one of many 
instances where his skill and sagacity resulted in staving off fancy 
prices and saving large sums to the Government. One of the 
most modest and unassuming of men, ^Ir. Kirby is one of those 
who quietly conduct large and successful enterprises, and blush 
to find it fame. His name seldom finds its way into the public 
prints. But the pen of the veracious historian of the future will 
record that the splendid services of Mr. Kirby — services which 
can never be measured in money — were no small factor in de- 
termining the ultimate result of America's war with Spain." 

Frank Eugene Kirby married, Oct. 9, 1876, in Wyandotte, 

.i.nyi aHh.H'jiyi- HO r!TKAav:3Dai 

■.1,1 ^M T'.:. ■'<... {-.'J 

•or. iO -.irJi.;::; M'.ii 

^i-fj ni -^ i:. :..■;■ i 

;■!,> •.'■•n,') 

.^ .--. . 

:ii;l 1- 

d" . . ' 

■;r/o^) -("i 

id ^■^^ ' -■ 
.UiX't3 r:- '■ 

■ -., st;:'; -J-: ;i -.if?] -'i^^i bna - ^-^.p" 

,.■5 .; ?- ,--• ...■. 


f ■.^: ^. 







Mich., Mary F. Thorp, born Jan. 22, 1854, in Lockport, N. Y., 
(laughter of James N. Thorp and Frances M. Potter. They have 
one child: 

i. Russell Thorp Kirby, b. July 4, 1887, in Detroit, Mich. 

92, Barnabas' Kirby (Restcome^ Barnabas^ Silas*, Robert', 
Richard-, Richard^) of Cayuga County, X. Y., born Nov. 9, 1793, 
in Dartmouth, Mass.; married, Feb. 16, 1816, Fanny Harrison, 
born 1791. He removed with his brothers in 1814 to the vicinity 
of Lake Cayuga. He died July 17, 1833. Fanny Harrison Kirby 
died June, 1858. Children: 

100. i. William Austin Kirby, b. Sept. 17, 1817; m. Elizabeth 
C. Maurice. 
ii. James A. Kirby, b. Jan, 22, 1822; d. July, 1885. 

100. William Austin^ Kirby (Barnabas^, Restcome^ Barna- 
bas^ Silas*, Robert% Richard-, Richard^) of Auburn, N. Y., bom 
Sept. 17, 1817, in Seneca Falls, N. Y.; married Elizabeth Cornelia 
Maurice, born Tan. 26, 1822, daughter of John Maurice of Utica, 
N. Y., and Rachel Van Buskirk. He is the inventor of the well- 
known machine for cutting grain, called the " Kirby Reaper." He 
resided in BufTalo, N. Y., from 1851 until 1862, when he brought 
out his reaper; and the same year, becoming associated in busi- 
ness with D. M. Osborne of Auburn, N. Y., he removed to the 
latter city. Here a large plant was erected for the manufacture 
of these reaping machines, in which as many as two thousand 
men at one time found employment. Many thousands of these 
reapers have been manufactured and sold throughout the United 
States. After the death of D. M. Osborne, William A. Kirby 
removed to Poughkeepsie, and from thence to Staten Island, 
N. Y., where he now resides. Children: 

101. i. William Maurice Kirby, b. Dec. 2, 1842; m. Sophia 

E. Miller. 

102. ii. Edwin Kirby, b. Dec. 25, 1844; m. (i) Kittie Bowers; 

m. (2) Mary Brown. 

103. iii. Dick ^vlurray Kirby, b. Alarch 3, 1851; m. (i) Louie 

Bowers; m. (2) Carrie Dorsay. 

101. William Maurice^ Kirby fWilliam A.^ Bamabas^ Rest- 
come®, Barnabas^, Silas*, Robert^, Richard^, Richard^) of Auburn, 
N. Y., born Dec. 2, 1842. He enlisted, Jan. i, 1862, at the age 


.iK .?i-r,.f,a nx ,\^Hl ,1. xl"l 'J /('^iii^I 

cit^!-j.l -n :':i^i xj jcpd 

-l^'^n ,xU;l .b 

t:' r.i r:- 

-^i'T V r':;;:.'--:! - , ..M;;: ■. •. m ■■; / ,,,,i :;:[ ;■.;, ..Y .VI 

' ■■ •• - -- ■■/-■■■ --.■ -■ ii^i::-'.'.. ■■■y\:jfi:i:vy^rih:-^ 

'■■ ,l:-<ii''rj -.1: .~-:.r>\ .2 ,.:;a mod ,Y .Vi 


of nineteen, in the Third N. Y. Volunteer Artillery, and was ap- 
pointed Second Lieutenant of Battery' K, March lo, 1862. This 
battery was raised in Union Springs, N. Y., and the regiment in 
Cayuga County, the Nineteenth N. Y. Volunteer Infantry. His 
battery did duty at, and near, Xewbern, N. C. He was promoted 
to First Lieutenant, Battery K, July 3, 1863, and participated in 
the engagements of Wise Forks, Kingston, Whitehall, Golds- 
boro, and Newbern, in North Carolina. At the latter place, Feb. 
2, 1864, he was captured, with a command of two guns, and was 
confined in Libby prison at Richmond, Va., at Macon, Ga., at 
Charleston, S. C, and at Camp Sorgum, near Columbia, S. C. 
From the latter prison he escaped, Nov. 29, 1864, together with 
three other officers, and made his way over the mountains to 
the Federal lines at Knoxville, Tenn., arriving there Jan. 13, 1865. 
From the Auburn " Daily Advertiser," of March 27, 1886, the 
following account of Captain Kirby's escape, as given by him- 
self, is taken: 

" I made up my mind to take advantage of the first opportunity 
to get out, and arranged to run the guard, but the night was too 
light; at another time to bribe the guard, but while doing so one 
of the sentries fired on our party, and w-e all retired to the se- 
clusion of our holes in the ground. But an opportunity came 
at last. Most every morning a party was paroled to go outside 
the camp to cut wood for building huts. They would bring the 
wood down to the dead-line, and then we would take it from there 
into camp. On the morning of the 29th of Nov., 1864, Captain 
Sidney Mead of the iiith N. Y. Volunteer Infantry came to me, 
stating that Colonel Thomas H. Butler, Fifth Indiana Cavalry, 
and himself intended to try to escape, and desired that I should 
go with them. W^e then went down to the dead-line where the 
paroled party were bringing their wood, and gave the guard to 
understand that we had been paroled to go out, but the party 
then out had gone without us. About this time Lieutenant Sill 
came down with a load of wood and rebuked Mead for being 
lazy, and this carried out our plan before the guard that we be- 
longed to the paroled party out. Mead told him if he would 
bring down the parole for the guard to pass him he could yet 
do his share of work. Sill soon appeared with another load of 
wood and a paper, which he presented as the parole. The guard, 
fortunately, could not read and reckoned it was all right, and 
Mead stepped across the line and was asked to see our squad 
and have our parole sent down to the line for us. Soon Mead 


^:^\ji ti j-i A i-i :") i 51 HO ^ r ;i / 

>:;('.'?!! iK'.v 

;:.■ sri: 

-■.' t. 


-,.i;'/. .fit tnrvl 

' > r' G . ] ■ 

■;■ ■ ;' . i:.. ,_.;■! '.' i '/^ ^ 

;' ■■ /. ■'''• 1 ■' :.M'j ; .j-J 

■ ..\'-.[ -. :■ rr^idn/ . / ./:' 'U ' 

^i!; !v h. ''.•.■ ^-r;-:,-. 

'■■ ' IV, ..'•;.;..■■. ■ ' 

, ::^.. ......nk brL 

■ .;., ,■ ■ ■ ' 'i ! . '•iV/ ■ 

. ;-• __..'.;?/ iiil-u V- 

' ..ii i'.j ■■-' -/-'? >.■.,. ••- 

■ ■ :-yA ■-•M-; :,i!o-.,i-a 

, ;^; ;.:;:. . ' -^irrivi ;;>:'J -- 

: ■ j.-::li L; r.^--i5b'tt5 

v.r'i; i':d':^y-iC:dA .T' T;-' 

: ;•: .- [ rr^ :(■■-■ tV^di 

/, b'd f-'iV !'■'-; hoov; u- 1 J 

^ f / uj.cih om^--:- 

-. -, --r : •-'•.hd ns'q -•.'.:. :i.r, 

'■-: -:^j r'/i? bfTB ,yxsi 

■ ;)r .11} -l-r-q : 

- /-:..7 '^Hj o] b'v';?"^f 


appeared with a load of wood, and presented to the guard a 
piece of paper with writing on it, and the guard, as in the former 
case, reckoned it was all right. We stepped across the dead line, 
and did not look back for fear the guard might change his mind 
and order us back. About three o'clock we escaped into a swamp 
west of the camp and waited until after dark. Here we were 
joined by Lieutenant Oliphant of the Thirty-fifth N. J. Volunteer 
Infantry, who had also escaped from the guard. Our plan was to 
reach our lines at Knoxville, Tenn., by taking the roads at night, 
hiding and resting in the daytime, depending upon the negroes 
for our food. We had heard that there was a Union man, by the 
name of Jones, who lived near the line between South and North 
Carolina, who would find us a guide from there to Knoxville." 

Having now escaped from the guards at Camp Sorgum, it was 
only with the greatest difficulty that they succeeded in eluding 
bands of Confederates who, assisted by dogs, scoured the whole 
country for escaped prisoners. The sixth day of their escape they 
crossed, and then recrossed, a creek, and had hardly done so 
when a party of armed men, with eight or ten dogs, appeared 
on the other side. ]Mead, who had escaped before and had been 
recaptured by dogs, was sure they were on their trail, but they 
passed on. They were informed by the negroes that this party 
captured several officers during that day. It is probable that 
their recrossing the creek saved them from being taken. Dur- 
ing their journey they fell in with more than one party of es- 
caped officers, who, they learned from the negroes, were soon 
after recaptured. Near Merrittsville they had to cross a bridge 
that was guarded, and did so successfully, under the cover of the 
rain and darkness, by crawling across close to the railing. At 
another time, while lying secreted by a friendly negro near a 
hotel in the mountains, a party of twenty-five Confederates took 
possession of the house and remained there more than twenty- 
four hours. Thus, in great peril of recapture and with great 
hardships, Lieutenant Kirby and his fellow officers made their 
way by night, assisted by friendly negroes, who called them 
" Massa Lincoln's soldiers," through New Berry, Lawrence, 
Greenville, and Merrittsville, to the house of Mr. Jones, who 
furnished them with a guide over the Blue Ridge Mountains to 
Knoxville, which they reached Jan. 13, 1865, having been forty- 
six days on the road. After a short furlough. Lieutenant Kirby 
rejoined his battery, and was immediately promoted to Captain 
and assigned to command Battery I of his old regiment, Feb. 17, 



-\ t €t n r\ 


.•/ •j'<:,Li. 

V 1 .;.. ., -..: . . . .■;// 

'^ ::,,.^ r,:?vr ;,-.-, M,rl 
■ ■ ■'..■'. 1.- i.i-\l luo (!■■•:-::< 

::; :^;-> • -Y '■'.■ ■ i>-..-To} 

■/■ ' ^ '■■■■■ ^V'i'ii'' 
:07;j - :■ :•■ .V via. 

,:-\y.iVj a 

'■] !;■ ,; .',--:,^o-rn 

rc:o,) f; 

f(, ,.-- .no'^' '.; 

. J , . ■ ' .' i -'l ". i T ■ 


1865. This battery he mustered out of the United States ser\-ice 
at Syracuse, N. Y., July 8, 1865. 

After the war Captain Kirby entered the National Guards 
State of New York as Adjutant of the Forty-ninth Infantry, and 
w-as promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel commanding, Feb. 20, 1S80. 
This regiment was disbanded Aug. 28, 18S0. He was afterward 
elected Captain of the Second Separate Company, May 11, 188 1. 
In 1896 he was appointed by Governor Black of New York on 
the Governor's staff as Brigadier-General and General Inspector 
of Rifle Practice. During the war with Spain he was commis- 
sioned, May 17, 1898, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Third Regiment 
N. Y. Volunteer Infantry; was Provost Marshal of the Second 
Army Corps, July 4th to Sept. loth ; was mustered out of the 
U. S. service Dec. 10, 1898. 

General William M. Kirby married, June 27, 1867, at Auburn, 
N. Y., Sophia E. jMiller, daughter of Adam Miller and Asenath 
Tibbies, both of Auburn, N. Y. They have one child: 

i. Ethel Kirby, b. Sept. 4, 1882. 


102. Edwin^ Kirby (William A.^ Barnabas'', Restcome«, 
Barnabas', Silas*, Robert^ Richard", Richard^) of Fruitland, Fla., 
born Dec. 25, 1844. In the summer of 1861 he joined Company 
B, Spalding Guards, Seventy-fourth Regiment N. Y. Militia, and 
w^as appointed Second Lieutenant of Company F, i6oth N. Y. 
Volunteer Infantry, Sept. 26, 1862 — he then being only seven- 
teen years of age. This company was enlisted in Cayuga County, 
N. Y. He was in the engagement of the gunboat " Cotton " in 
Louisiana, Jan. 13 and 14, 1863. He was on the gunboat 
"Diana" March 28, 1863, and under fire for several hours, until 
seven of the fourteen officers had been killed, and the surviving 
officers and men were compelled to surrender. The officers who 
were alive were retained as prisoners for sixteen months, by orders 
o'f Jefferson Davis, at Alexandria and Shreveport, La., and Camp 
Ford, Tex. He had been promoted to First Lieutenant, March 
2(>, 1863, and to Captain, July i, 1863. After his exchange Cap- 
tain Kirby joined his regiment, which, during his imprisonment, 
had been transferred from Louisiana to Virginia, at Harper's 
Ferry. This was on Aug. 22, 1864. He was in command of 
Company A and Company F in the engagement of Opequan, 
Sept. 19, 1864, where, out of ten officers of the regiment, two 
were killed and three wounded. He was one of the wounded 
officers. The same bullet which wounded him in the leg cut also 



■\: ]<:■ Ui 

- \[ :M;:i' 

rh.Mi .?:-.!ddr[ 


■ij; . ! , Z' ; ^r^^-oM^)! to 


the haversack he carried. After his recovery he continued in 
command of his old Company F of the i6oth N. Y. Infantry, 
and participated in the great review at Washington after the 
close of the war. He remained with his company and regiment, 
guarding Federal property, until Nov. i, 1865, when the regiment 
was discharged at Savannah, Ga., and was mustered out at Elmira, 
N. Y., Nov.^ 14, 1865. 

Captain Edwin Kirby married (i), July 6, 1871, Kittie Bow- 
ers, born May 8, 1846, daughter of James Bowers and Maria 
Adams, both of Auburn, N. Y. She died June 8, 1881, and he 
married (2), Sept, 29, 1892, Mary Brown, daughter of Henry A. 
and Nancy Brown of Brooklyn, N. Y. They are now living in 
Fruitland, Fla. Children: 

i. Maurice Kirby, b. June 6, 1876; d. Sept. 28, 1889. 

ii. Kitty Kirby, b. May 30, 1881; d. July 3, 1881. 

103. Dick Murray" Kirby (William A.^ Barnabas^ Rest- 
come*, Barnabas^ Silas*, Robert^, Richard*, Richard^), born 
March 3, 1851; married (i) Louie Bowers, who died in 1882. 
He married (2) Carrie Dorsay. Children: 

i. Kate Kirby, b. 1876. 

ii. Edna Kirby, b. 1878. 

iii. Cornelia Kirby, b. 1880. ; 

iv. William McL.' Kirby, b. 1886. 

03. Joseph^ Kirby (Restcome®, Barnabas', Silas*, Robert', 
Richard^ Richard^, born March 23, 1796, in Dartmouth, ^lass. 
He removed to Cayuga County, N. Y., where he married (i), 
Jan I, 1818, Salome Barber, born 1796, who died Nov. 10, 1842; 
married (2) Sibyl Winslow. He died Nov. 28, 1872. Children: 
i. Adeline Kirby, b. Jan. 2, 1819; d. April 12, 1883. 

ii. Cordelia Kirby, b. Dec. 8, 1820; m. William Knowles. 

iii. George Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1823; d. Aug. 7, 1866, 

iv. Mary Kirby, b. Sept. 19, 1824; d. April 7, 1826. 

V. Amanda Kirby, b. June 20, 1831; d. July 17, 1878. 

94. Isaac' Kirby (Restcome", Barnabas', Silas*, Robert', 
Richard^, Richard^), born Oct. 29, 1798, in Dartmouth, Mass. 
He removed to Cayuga, N, Y., where he married, Feb. 9, 1820, 
Eleanor Canfield, born 1802, daughter of Caleb and Margaret 
Canfield of Cayuga County, N. Y. He died April 10, 1839. His 


,i^'!M'i:[ ':; <■;• > U..I ; 7il^iJ:;l -(.W blUi ,.i,t^' ,i:f,;i;.-:. 

;_ -' ! •; ,_:'. I'i'A. .-I".:.),-* 

..■"^i/'.ri /dj".-i ^jbmv^J .ill 


• -3{ .;:: ;.v,jA. .b :, ;8i ;■■ •' ■ - .'■;::'' ^ h'^'iA .' 

.>■-■.■■-■::[ -/-rili/v, .n: 0'.'\l .3 ... ■. ' /' '.^ h ' - : ,: '^ .1: 

.':.':. .^ V.u.]f-, h ; ^.5.8i ,01 ! ["^ . i . \y,'A Y'^eU .vi 


widow, Eleanor, married (2), 1841, Colonel John Bradford of 
Monroe County, Mich. She died April, 1888. Children : 

i. Cinadosia Kirby, b. Nov. 20, 1820; d. Aug. 10, 1824. 
ii. Elizabeth Kirby, b. March 17, 1825; d. March 4, 1877. 
iii. Caleb C. Kirby, b. April 17, 1827; d. Dec. 11, 1873. 
10-i. iv. Restcome R. Kirby, b. July 24, 1829. 

V. Margaret A. Kirby, b. July 11, 1833 ; m. John L. Gard- 
ner, b. July II, 1829, in Essex, N. Y., son of R. C. 
Gardner and Ann Bryant. They are now Uving in 
Jasper City, Mo. No children, 
vi. Sarah E. Kirby, b. July 12, 1837. 

104. Restcome Rogers® Kirby (Isaac^, Restcome^, Barnabas', 
Silas*, Robert^ Richard-, Richard^) of Petersburg, jSIich., was 
born July 24, 1829, in Cayuga, N. Y. He removed in 1836, with 
his parents, to Jackson County, Mich., and in 1841 to Monroe 
County in the same State. After an academic course at Aurora, 
N. Y,, he studied medicine at the University of Michigan and at 
the Buffalo Medical College, and graduated from the latter in 
1B54 with the degree of ]M.D. The same year he began to prac- 
tice medicine at Newport, Monroe County, Mich., and continued 
in the practice of his profession at this place, except during the 
Civil War, until 1874, when he removed to Petersburg, in the 
same county, where he now resides. We copy from his letter 
the following interesting account of his military services during 
the Rebellion: 

" In the spring of 1861 I received the appointment of Assistant 
Surgeon, but, preferring to go into the cavalry, was commissioned 
First Lieutenant of Company C, First Ohio Cavalry. We were 
sent to West Virginia, and took part in the battle of Green River. 
In February, 1862, the First Ohio squadron was assigned to Gen- 
eral Landor to act as his body-guard. General Landor died in 
March, 1862, and the body-guard took charge of his remains, and 
delivered them to his family. My command was then assigned to 
General James Shields as his special escort, and remained with 
him as long as he was in command. On the 23d of March, 1862, 
companies A and C, numbering one hundred and forty men, 
commanded by Captains Robinson and Kirby, made a charge on 
the enemy, capturing two hundred and sixty-four prisoners. 
Captain Robinson died a few days afterward, leaving Captain 
Kirby in full command, also as acting surgeon. On June 8, 1862, 
we engaged in the battle of Port Republic, where I was wounded 


J. 'J I 

]F,^'^ • ni{, 

1 -I* 

'/. .'/:. Ji^u-r ■-"._'! /I ,."'r ■^l .i,. 

]'M^/:. :>J ,.0-'. <-yi .yd •:::..-• .;:hl IiJa;; ,:hV/ li ,-f'J 


'V'.-.^'l ■"^•n ■"::; 'iJTKiVv .vi?!.. 

no-, .<;ii III 

v;?-^; iJiv/ =: 'i; 

7 ,i.d8: ,v 


' '•>'. 

.:,!'aa v-K'i 

hyz io^; 


::.:• :;'ijfi/{j ^ 

:i„-.y •' 

.^•io;;<' ;■■ ; : 


nj;'*r <".' ' ^ "' 

■ .- . ' 

/ ;-.• 


vefi v-''if •'• i--ri, fi >""i!;f> 


and sent to Washington in an ambulance. We were next as- 
signed to General Pope to act as his body-guard. We were en- 
gaged in the battles of Bull Run and Cedar Mountain ; was 
also in the battle of Antietam, under General McClellan, and was 
afterward sent to Washington. Being unfit for further service, 
I soon after resigned and went home. 

" Having recovered sufficiently from wounds and injuries, I 
accepted, on the ist of August, 1863, a commission as Captain 
of Company E, Eleventh Michigan Cavalry, and was sent to Lex- 
ington, Ky., to report to General Hobson; from whence we were 
sent, with fourteen hundred head of catde, to Knoxville, Tenn., 
to relieve General Burnside's army. We returned to Lexington 
April 5th, 1864, when General Burbridge requested us to pro- 
ceed to western Kentucky in search of train robbers. W^e were 
successful and returned in time to give check to John Morgan, 
then making his last raid through Kentucky. After a fight of four 
hours he was completely routed — the stand being made at Cyn- 
thiana. General Islorgan's portfolio, order-book, and saddle-bags 
fell into my hands, and are still in my possession. On the 25th of 
June, by order of Major-General McClain, I was detailed as 
provost marshal at Lexington, Ky., and acted in this capacity 
until January, 1865, when, finding myself prostrated with nervous 
fever, caused by wounds, and having contracted rheumatism from 
previous exposure, I resigned and came home, reduced from my 
former weight of 205 to 146 pounds." 

Dr. Restcome R. Kirby married, July 6, 1854, Melissa M. 
Tucker, only daughter of Dr. J. L. Tucker of Erie, Mich. Chil- 

i. Canfield T. Kirby, b. Feb. 26, 1859, in New Haven, Ind.; 
d. Aug. 12, i860. 

ii. Ella E. Kirby, b. March 29, 1862, in La Salle, Monroe 
County, Mich.; d. May 29, 1879, at Petersburg, Mich. 

95. Stephen^ Kirby (Restcome*, Barnabas', Silas*, Robert', 
Richard-, Richard^) of Cayuga County, N. Y., born Dec. 23, 
1804, in Dartmouth, Mass. Pie removed to Cayuga County, 
N. Y., where he married, Nov. 30, 1826, Susan Gaylord, born 
Sept. 19, 1807. He died Aug. 26, 1863. Susan Gaylord Kirby 
died Nov. 17, 1862. Children: 

i. Lucius G. Kirby, b. Aug. 29, 1828; d. June 14, 1850. 
ii. George W. Kirby, b. March 27, 1830; d. Feb. 8, 1844. 


;;;;ii ,■>(::: ^nrm^:.'.'/ ; 

■ " ••'■'-ri f-;-7/ ;.r^<r!t:'' 'nr-';'? ,i!'j''v/ ,^c'?f ,v;7£t:fxKi_ ?;i;rjD 

: ■■:'•::;-■■; r.^^ =:j:i ■■_ /.■';<■ -v V'i '.'0-. '- ■ , :-y/^\ 

\ ^^-r^ • -a.:-...;. ^, ; . ...^... . ^uiv ^^'-ry^q 



105. iii. David S. Kirby, b. Jan. 22, 1832; m. (i) Fanny J. 

Preston; m. (2) Louisa L. Brooks. 
iv. Anna A. Kirby, b. Nov. 11, 1833; m. Lyman Case of 

Jackson, Mich. 
V. Sarah E. Kirby, b. Nov. 25, 1835; d. July 21, 1837. 
vi. Isaac Kirby, b. May 20, 1839; m. Mary Whitney. 

They are now Hving in LesUe, Mich. 
vii. Peninah Kirby, b. Aug. 28, 1841; m. Charles Wood 

of Colfax, la. 
viii. Barnabas Kirby, b. Jan. 23, 1846; d. Jan. 6, 1848. 
ix. John Kirby, b. 'March 9, 1S48; d. Feb. 24, 1850. 

105. David S.^ Kirby (Stephen', Restcome^ Barnabas^, Silas*, 
Robert^ Richard-, Richard') of Battle Creek, Mich., born Jan. 
22, 1832, in Aurora, Cayuga County, N. Y.; married (i), Feb. 18, 
1855, Fanny J, Preston, born Aug. 30, 1835, in Clarendon, N. Y., 
daughter of Ephraim Preston and Mary Rogers. She died April 
19, 1879, in Battle Creek, }^Iich., and he married (2), July 23, 
1879, Louisa L. Brooks, born March 3, 1857, in Maple Grove, 
Barry County, Mich., daughter of Aaron Brooks and Matilda 
Abbott. David S. Kirby is a horticulturist of Battle Creek, Mich., 
where he has resided since 1879. Children born in Rivers, 

Jackson County, Mich.: 

i. Albert F. Kirby, b. Jan. i, 1856; d. April 11, 1879. 

ii. Frank A. Kirby, b. June 25, 1857. Fie is married, and lives 
in Battle Creek, Mich. 

iii. Freddie E. Kirby, b. Nov. 18, 1861 ; d. Dec. 22, 1861. 

iv. Willie P. Kirby, b. Nov. 13, 1864; d. March 18, 1879. 

V. Geneva E. Kirby, b. April 30, 1870; d. April 16, 1879. 

96. Abraham' Kirby (Restcome''', Ba^nabas^ Silas*, Robert', 
Richard", Richard^) of Rochester, Mich., born June 8, 1807, in 
Dartmouth, Mass. He removed with his father, in 1814. to 
Ca>iiga County, N. Y., where he married, in 1827, Lydia Gray, 
born 1805. He lived in Cayuga, Cayuga County, N. Y., until 
1854, when he removed to Michigan, and settled upon a farm in 
Mundy, Genesee County. He afterward went to Rochester, 
Mich., where he died Dec. 22, 1893. Lydia Gray Kirby died 
March 21, 1891, in Rochester, Mich. Children: 

i. Mary Rogers Kirby, b. June 21, 1829; d. Jan. 11, 1891; 
m., Nov, 4, 1845, Jerome Fredenburg, b. Feb. 22, 1817; 
d. Jan. II, 1887, son of James Fredenburg and Roxanna 

.H.3i a .;;< h \-y 

V. , i. .mv 

;dp3i ,/ .n 

i.>r^i .?-.. j3k1 .b .ic8i .31 

•O^'^i .oi ii".^./x 

r-j I ' ■ 

' .^.- .. -.; ; 

.y.t-:-; .^' ■ 

\: r:^i V 

'•';;;: ..f 

.,1 ■; ".' 4j;', 

f.rn;-. ','( 

/';>nr/: -,][ .,_..:-.,. 1 

^ •>-^;iv- .:i V .7) ' J 

j: ; /u'sl ...■ .1' ."c5l ,li .cf:i .b 


Hatch. He resided in Aurelius, Cayuga County, N. Y., 
until 1872, when he removed to Cayuga village, where 
he died. Children: 

1. Helen Eugenia Fredenburg, b. Nov. 5, 1846; m., 

Nov. 4, 1868, Emanuel P. Kyle; no children. 

2. Cornelia Ann Fredenburg, b. Sept. i, 1849; m., 

Nov. 22, 1871, William Mersereau, Jr., of Cayuga, 
N. Y. Children: (i) William Jay, b. Sept. 14, 
1872; (2) Frederick Kirby, b. April -22, 1875; d. 
April 21, 1898; (3) Henry Carl, b. Jan. 28, 1877; 
(4) Gail, b. Sept. 9, 1879. 

ii. Barnabas Kirby, b. 1832; d. at birth. 

iii. Thomas Restcome Kirby, b. 1834; d. at birth. 

iv. Ann Elizabeth Kirby, b. Oct. 31, 1840; d. 1882; m. Orville 
G. Cook of Rochester, Mich. 

S3. Nathaniel' Kirby (Silas*, Robert^ Richard^, Richard^ of 
Westport, Mass., born March 20, 1750; died about 1816; married, 
March 22, 1778, Hannah Allen of Dartmouth, Mass., daughter 
of Peter (son of Increase) and Mary Allen. Children bom in 


i. Ichabod Kirby, b. ; m. Abigail Allen, Aug. 16, 1804. 

(The Leonard manuscript does not mention Ichabod 
among the children of Nathaniel and Hannah Kirby, 
but the Westport Town Records state that " Ichabod 
Kirby son of Nathaniel, and Abigail Allen dau. of Will- 
iam Allen, all of Westport, were married Aug. 16, 1804.") 
ii. Barnabas Kirby, b. May 31, 1780. 

iii. Noah Kirby, b. Jan. 18, 1783; d. Feb. 3, 1877; m., March 
I, 1812, Nancy Fisher, dau. of John Fisher of West- 
port, Mass. They had a son: 

I. Barnabas Kirby, b. March 26, 1817, in Westport, 
Mass.; d. Sept. 11, 1850; m., March 3, 1843, 
Deborah D. Allen of Westport, dau. of Green 
and Phoebe (Sanford) Allen. He was captain 
of a merchant vessel, and died of cholera. They 
had a son, William P., b. Oct. 31, 1846, who is 
now living in New Bedford. 
iv. Lydia Kirby, b. March 2, 1786; m.. May 30, 1805, Isaac 

Lawrence, son of Isaac Lawrence of Westport, Mass. 
V. Roby Kirby, b. April 14, 1788. 
vi. Charlotte Kirby, b. March 2, 1790; m., May 30, 181 1, 


./fiiid ^3 

.nv/x/. ,''5'.i- 

:OOJ .u) 

,-r 7 -. 

,n8i, ,0^, ,'.'"'.'■ 



Freeman Lawrence, son of Isaac Lawrence of West- 
port, Mass. 
vii, Nicholas Underwood Kirby, b. Sept. 4, 1801 ; m., 1830 
(published April 15, 1830), Judith Brightman of West- 
port, Mass. 

15. Robert* Kirby (Robert^ Richard^ Richard^ of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., born ; married, Dec. 13, 1744, Abigail Allen, 

born Feb. 23, 1726-27, daughter of Seth and Elizabeth Allen. 
He was elected constable for Dartmouth in 1767, but was ex- 
cused from serving as such. His will, made in 1802, mentions 
the names of nine grandchildren: "John, Isaac, Freeman and 
Robert, children of my daughter Elizabeth Lawrence; Charles 
and Robert, children of my daughter Sarah Almy ; William Henry, 
Robert and John, children of my daughter Phoebe Allen." 
Children born in Dartmouth (Dartmouth records): 

i. Elizabeth Kirby, b. July 26, 1747; m., July i, 1770, Isaac 
Lawrence of Portsmouth, R. I. Children: 

1. John Lawrence. 

2. Isaac Law-rence. 

3. Freeman Lawrence. 
4- Robert Lawrence. 

ii. Abigail Kirby, b. July 26, 1747, twin with Elizabeth; not 

iii. Sarah Kirby, b. Jan. 11, 1750; m., Aug. I, 1769, John 

Almy of Dartmouth. Children: 

1. Charles Almy. 

2. Robert Almy. 

■ iv. Phoebe Kirby, b. Jan. 11, 1754; m., Jan. 10, 1776, Abraham 
Allen of Dartmouth, b. May 10, 1746, son of Philip and 
Susanna Allen. . Children: 
I. William Henry Allen. 
* 2. J^obert Allen. 

3. John Allen. 

5. Recompence^ Kirby (Richard^), bom probably in Sand- 
wich, Mass.; died 1720 in Newton, Burlington County, N. J. 
He removed, with his brother Richard, to Dartmouth, Mass. 
His name appears upon the Dartmouth Town Records as sur- 
veyor of roads, 1684; grand juryman, 1686; and selectman, 1695. 
He received one-fourth part of his father's lands in Dartmouth 



<!;.^ ;-■[->;;.] 

-H-riX;i .21 

^J&i,.-. ^ A;y;i 


^n ;nK.Jj..v"J. 

'.t.-r ,^^s. rejt 


before the lattcr's decease in i6S8. These lands he sold in 1698 
to his brother Richard and removed to Newton," Burlington 
County, N. J., where he died in 1720. His wife's name was Re- 
becca. There is a deed recorded at Taunton, given in 1708 by 
Recompence Kirby to James Tripp, which is signed by Recom- 
pence Kirby and " Rebecca A. Kirby." The letter " A." in the 
signature of his wife is not a clerical error for a cross, since a 
cross is recorded between the word " Rebecca " and the initial 
letter " A." It is conjectured, therefore, that the maiden name 
of his wife was Rebecca Allen, and, if so, then she was in all 
probability the daughter of Francis Allen (son of George) and 
I^lary Barlow. 

The will of Recompence Kirby, recorded at Trenton, N. J. 
(Book II. of Wills, p. 143), is dated July 4, 1712, and was ap- 
proved Nov. 21, 1720. In his will he gives " to my son William 
Kirby fifty acres of land adjoining to his plantation; " to " my 
son Benjamin Kirby two hundred acres of land adjoining the 
land of William Wood and Clayton;" and the remaining por- 
tion of his land, " two hundred and fifty acres with the houses, 
barns, orchards, meadows and other improvements, I give to my 
son Richard Kirby." He gives to '' my daughter Rebecca thirty 
pounds," and all of his personal estate to " Rebecca my wife." 
His son Richard Kirby is made executor. Witnesses: William 
Wills, Joseph Laycock, Joseph Reckless. 
Children, according to his will: 


William Kirby, b. — 

-. In 1737 

he ow^ned 

150 acres 

in New Hanover 






Benjamin Kirby, b. — 

— . In 1724 he owned 

290 acres 

in New Hanover 







Richard Kirby, b. — 

— ; d. 1740; 

m. Anne — 

— . 


Rebecca Kirby. 


106. Richard' Kirby (Recompence^, Richard^), born probably 
in Dartmouth, Mass., and accompanied his father to Burlington 
County, N. J. He lived in New Hanover Township, where, in 
1724, he owned 450 acres of land, and where he died in 1740. 
His wife's name was Anne. His will, recorded at Trenton (Book 
of Wills, IV., p. 269), is dated Oct. 14, 1733, and was proved 
March 5, 1740. In his will he orders his estate to be divided 
into two portions; one portion to be sold immediately after his 


> 1', ' v^l TOTT^ 

ii:.:^; ro ! 

. 1 ^'J. I: 

7' , " ' i^ 

:■■// :u Ji ;•!■. ;1.) 

''liNi Oi 

{v:>\:v'' ■ .'(• 

.-,7 ,.vl ,^i!;"// ^r 


death, and the money put out at interest for his children until 
they attain respectively the age of twenty-one; the other portion 
he gives to '* my well beloved wife Anne Kirby to be enjoyed 
by her for the space and term of twelve years next ensuing after 
my decease in consideration that on and with the profits and 
produce of the same she shall maintain all my children, viz.: Mary 
Kirby, Recompence Kirby, Richard Kirby, John Kirby, Jonathan 
Kirby, and Joseph Kirby and one which she shall be delivered 
of and it do live." He orders the land to be sold at the end of 
twelve years, and, after the payment of $200 to his wife Anne, 
the rest is to be divided among his children, and their respective 
shares put out at interest until they attain respectively the age oi 
twenty-one years. He appoints his wife Anne Kirby and his 
brother Wilfiam Kirby joint executors. Witnesses: John Stew- 
ard, Thomas Wright, David Starkey. 
Children, according to his will: 

i. Mary Kirby. 

ii. Recompence Kirby. 

iii. Richard Kirby. 

iv. John Kirby. 

V. Jonathan Kirby. 

107. vi. Joseph Kirby, b. Oct., 1731 ; m. Anne . 

vii. A child, b. after Oct. 14, 1733- 

107. Joseph* Kirby (Richard^ Recompence^, Richard^) of 
New Hanover, N. J., born Oct., 1731, in New Hanover, Bur- 
lington County, N. J. He married Anne , born 1732. 

Children : 

i. Abraham Kirby. 

108. ii. Isaac Kirby, b. Sept. 23, 1756; m. (i) Hannah , 

(2) Phoebe Haines. 

iii. Jacob Kirby, b. 'r——. He was a Revolutionary sol- 
V.' dier. See " Official Register of Soldiers of New Jer- 

sey in the Revolutionary War," p. 656. 

iv. Joseph Kirby. - 

V. Richard Kirby. 

108. Isaac* Kirby (Joseph*. Richard', Recompence', Rich- 
ard^), born Sept. 23, 1756, in New Hanover, Burlington County, 

N. J.; married (i), April 20, 1791, Hannah , who died before 

1798, and he married (2), Oct. 28, 1798, Phoebe Haines. Before 
his marriage he was a Revolutionary soldier. His name appears 


; ■■:■■• !, ri 'S- 

; A. .i]V 

;^ .,,^-.T. 

1 j<: 


.hi Ml 

'U-oV'r'-l < iLW ::r. •■'■R'i:r 'T ^:;i 


in the " Official Register of Officers and Men of New Jersey in 
the War of the Revolution," page 656, beside that of his brother 
Jacob. After the Revohition he removed to Pennsylvania and 
settled in Greene County, where he died Feb. i, 1833. Phoebe, 
his widow, died Feb. 24, 1852. By his first wife he had: 

109. i. Samuel L, Kirby, b. Sept. 16, 1794; m. Eleanor Haines. 
Children by his second wife: 

ii. .Isaac Kirby, b. about 1800. 

110. iii. Joseph Kirby, b. Feb. 2, 1802; m. Jane Murdock. 

iv. James Kirby, b. ; d. 1835; m., Feb. 2, 1830, Orpha 

.-^ Myers. Children: 

' " I. Phosbe Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 183 1. 

2. Joseph Kirby, b. May 14, 1832. 

3. Pleasant Kirby, b. June 6, 1833. 

4. John Kirby, b. June 29, 1834. 

5. James Kirby, b. Oct. i, 1835. 

v.-Rebecca Kirby, b. ; m., July 4, 1824, Loudy 

Pogue. Children: 

1. Americus Pogue, b. . He is nov/ living in 

Richmond, Ind. 

2. Columbus Pogue. 

3. United States Pogue. 

4. Andrew J. Pogue. 

5. Phcebe Pogue, b. ; m. Evans. She 

has a daughter, Margaret, now Hving in 
F'airbury, 111. C j-y-^^*— 

6. Mary Pogue. , « • ^^ , -l v » AV' ^' ^^ 

7. Margaret Pogue. '*>-'"\-*^' "^\ -"* ^ v-- '» - 
^ ^ ^ ' ^;.\ .'aA» ■--'^''^^' ' 

109. Samuel L.*' Kirby (Isaac^ Joseph*, Richard^ Recom- 
pence^ Richard^), born Sept. 16, 1794, in Greene County, Pa. : 

marri(d, ^March 23, , Eleanor Flaines, born Dec. 27, r8oo, 

daughter of George Haines and Hoffman. During Presi- 
dent Jackson's administration he kept a post-office in Greene 
County, Pa., and the post-office is called the " Kirby " post- 
office to this day. He removed to Woodford County, 111., and 
.died at Low Point, in that county, Sept. 3, 1873. ^^is widow, 
Eleanor, died Oct. 31, 1888, in Industry, Kan. Children born 
in Greene County, Pa. : 

i. Flannah Kirby, b. June 16, 1822. 

ii. Many' A. Kirby, b. Dec. 27, 1824; m. John Safiford. They 
are now living in Cazenovia, Woodford County, 111. 





:r8i .^i .fiR^ . 


>r;-;X)'-i ••i-.HJv 

ihnA .^ 

'■ ,-■' . ' -^f** hylUvi ;t; sail 

fM-; , 

^ O'lj u/:;;. ,./^*'I ,v.'')"o3 
: ,:r, '-C .:.ih ^ir,n..lH 


iii. George L. Kirby, b. Nov. 12, 1826. 

iv. Rebecca Kirby, b, Nov. 18, 1827; m. James White. They 

are now Hving in \\'ashburne, III. 
V. Andrew J. Kirby, b. Dec. 14, 1829. He is now living in 

Abilene, Kan. 
vi. John H. Kirby, b. July 11, 1831; m. Mary Dillingham of 

Lacon, 111. 
vii. Sarah J. Kirby, b. June 6, 1833; m., June ii, 1857, in Low 

Point, 111., Levi Thompson of Minonk, 111., b. Oct. 28, 

1829, in ]\Iuskegon County, O., son of James Thompson 

and Elizabeth Penn. Children: 

1. Henry P. Thompson, b. Dec. 8. 1858; m., Feb. 28, 

1883, Effie Davis. 

2. Albert J. Thompson, b. Sept, 23, 1S63; d. . 

3. Fannie A. Thompson, b. July 5, 1868; m., Feb. 24, 

1887, Welby Jury. 

4. Mettie Thompson, b. Nov. 30, 1875; ^n., Feb. 12, 

1896, Bert Ridge, 
viii. Eleanor Kirby, b. Nov. 18, 1835. 
ix. Lucinda Kirby, b. July 25, 1837; "^- Edward Watson of 

Atkinson, 111. 
X. Henry R. Kirby, b. Nov. 8, 1839. 
xi. James R. Kirby, b. Oct. 11, 1842. 
xii. Osborn W. Kirby, b. June 6, 1845. 

110. Joseph® Kirby (Isaac", Joseph*, Richard^, Recompence-, 
Richard^), born Feb. 2, 1802, in Greene County, Pa. ; married, 
Oct. 26, 1824, Jane IMurdock, born March 8, 1805, daughter of 
John Murdock of Greene County, Pa. He removed, in 1853, to 
Berwick, Warren County, 111., where he died Jan. 3, 1893. Jane 
Murdock Kirby died March 9, 1886. Children born in 
Gieene County, Pa.: 

111. _ i. Isaac B. Kirby, b. June 25, 1825 ; m. Eliza Ann Bailey. 

ii. Emily Kirby, b. Jan. 23, 1827; d. Feb. 15, 1885. 

112. iii. John M. Kirby, b. Dec. 24, 1830; m. Anna L. Osborn. 
iv. Margaret Kirby, b. Feb. 5, 1833; d. May 8, 1861. 

113. V. Josephus Kirby, b. Dec. 26, 1834; m. Fannie E. 

vi. Phoebe Kirby, b. July 22, 1836; d. May 10, 1857. 
vii. Sarah Jane Kirby, b. Sept. 11, 1839; d. Aug. 5, 1859. 
viii. Mary E. Kirby, b. Oct. 26, 1842; d. Jan. 30, 1878. 
ix. George Kirby, b. April 24, 1847; d- J^"- 5' i^^i- 

YBHty. a^/. ..a .,) 

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•Hi/j f: 


■- ;■ '■■ <;':;■>.■] -^^^^oL-i;. i.' 

. .r^i ,v '-.:] -O -M-fO i!!^ 

.. . , .r 


,,^^.'-: '■ ,: : '..'J ,, .-■ 

/o.ri J :)i. :-r • rtr 

-'■. J .1 " 


.U , ' i--- ■ ' '. .'it,\ .■ 

■■■ vdr::' ,■!; 1:1 .a 

; ♦.!i--/. . 

fH ; 

■'■Si^' p: -yjC' :\ 

'(!v>T .'A r:;-o-[ .Ht .SiL 

,M 7Er_ 

:,■;:; 'C.->';.J ' 

'iiiyl ■t--.£;g-ir;T^ ■. ; 

■-? ■:% ■ .;. ; 

-;:i k.i}rU:-:r--l v .Sit 


- ■'' ."- r'-'i ■■ 

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■ ».■' ■ ,(''■;■ I'.f / ' ■ 

/-r>T ,:': v-r;!'! m- ,; 

.^ • .■■, ' 

■■; ■' . ' I :]/'.- .u 

. ; uf>] o'ji- O/ > ; 


111. Isaac B." Kirby (Joseph^, Isaac', Joseph*, Richard^ 
Recompence*, Richard^), born June 25, 1825, in Greene County, 
Pa.; married, July 9, 1850, Eliza Ann Bailey, born Aug. 6, 1826, 
in Greene County, Pa., daughter of Joab and Jane Bailey. He 
removed to Illinois, and is now living on his farm in Roseville, 
Warren County, 111. Children: 

i. Emily Kirby, b. x\ug. 18, 185 1, in Peoria County, 111.; 

m., Feb. 25, 1869, John J. Boyd. They are now living 

in Roseville, 111. 
ii. Kinzie Kirby, b. Dec. 19, 1852, in Pecria County, 111.; 

m., July, 1878, Mary Shelden. They are now living in 

Griswold, la. 
iii. Oliver Kirby, b. Dec, 1854, in Warren County, 111.; m. 

(1), July, 1879, Emma Stevenson, who died March 28, 

1883; m. (2), in 1886, Isabel Dudgeon, who died Sept., 

1897. He is now living in Competine, la. 
iv. Ruth Ellen Kirby, b. June 14, 1856. 
V. Josephus Kirby, b. March 19, 1858; m., April, 1882, Clara 

Yoho. He is now living in Elliott, la. 
vi. Mary E. Kirby, b. Sept. 21, i860. 
vii. George B. Kirby, b. Jan. 21, 1864; m., Dec. 22, 1897, Cassa 

McCorn of Grand Island, Neb. They are now living 

in Roseville, 111. 
viii. Madison Kirby, b. Dec. 2.y, 1868; m., Dec. 4, 1896, in 

San Francisco, Cal., Rebecca Cuddy. They are now 

living in Madera, Cal. 

112. John rvl." Kirby (Joseph®, Isaac^, Joseph*, Richard^^, 
Recompence-, Richard^), born Dec. 24, 1830, in Greene County, 
Pa.; married, Jan. i, 1856, Anna L. Osborn, born Dec. 18, 1837, 
in Oneida County, N. Y., daughter of Jacob Osborn and Melinda 
Been. They now live in Fairfield, la. Children: 

i. Dr. James Arthur Kirby, b. June 20, 1857; d. Jan. 25, 1890. 
ii. Cora J. Kirby, b. Jan. 28, 1859. 
iii. Nettie Kirby, b. Dec. 17, 1862. 
iv. Byrd S. Kirby, b. April 7, 1867. 
V. Myrtie E. Kirby, b. April 3, 1870. 
vi. Eugene Kirby, b. Aug. 3, 1872. 

113. Josephus^ Kirby (Joseph®, Isaac', Joseph*, Richard', 
Recompence-, Richard^), born Dec. 26, 1834, in Greene County. 
Pa. He rcm.oved v/ith his father, in 1853, to Warren County, 




"L-j.5fij?5^ /fl.-.20l 

■f i>v-.' 1 

.! %. 



111., where he married, June 6, 1862, Fannie E. Townsend, born 
April 19, 1843, daughter of Aaron B, and Frances Townsend. 
They are now living in Benvick, Warren County, III. Children: 

i. Jennie S. Kirby, b. June 29, 1863. 

ii. Nellie A. Kirby, b. Jan. 24, 1865. 

iii. Lena F. Kirby, b. Aug. 26, 1869. 

iv. Harry T. Kirby, b. Aug. 29, 1871. 

V. Ross J. Kirby, b. Aug. 13, 1874. 


VH« '^ a 5i ah::) 1 55 no stwac 


o ("") J. \:ivi jI o a / n 3. r ^ .1 j o d 

j: { U A''i v.] ■■! r :>•] vr :••:.. :v> : ; - 


1. Thomas Burgis, the ancestor of those by the name of Bur- 
gis in New England, was born in Yorkshire, England. The 
circumstances under which he came to Guilford, Ct,, are given 
in the "History of Guilford, Ct.," by B. C. Steiner, page 135: 
" Thomas Burgis, Sr., a shoemaker and tanner, came to Guilford 
about 1707. He was a native of Yorkshire, England, and was 
pressed on board a British man-of-war, where he was detained 
several years. After some time the vessel was cruising in the 
neighborhood of New York, when Mr. Burgis escaped, with one 
or two others, and fled into the countn.-. It is said he was re- 
taken near Newtown, Ct., and received a grievous sabre-cut on 
his face, which left a scar ever after. Subsequently he escaped 
again, when in the neighborhood of Boston, and coming along 
the shore, stopped at Guilford, and married Mercy, daughter of 
Thomas Wright." His descendant, Mrs. Sarah J. Ashton of 
Middletown, Ct., gives a more detailed account of his adventures: 
" He was pressed into the English navy, and twice made his 
escape. The first time he was recaptured, and received a deep 
sabre-cut in one cheek, the scar of which he carried to his grave. 
The second time he escaped from New York and succeeded in 
making his way as far as Fairfield, Ct. Being traced to this place, 
he secreted himself in a field of corn. He heard the footsteps of 
his pursuers, but was not discovered. He first located tempo- 
rarily in Fairfield, and afterward removed to Guilford, where he 
was befriended by Mr. Thomas Wright of that place, whose 
daughter he afterward married." 

Thomas Burgis, Sr., married, Aug. 19, 1707, in Guilford, Ct., 
Mercy Wright, born 1680, daughter of Thomas Wright and 
Sarah Benton (married 1673), t>oth of Guilford, Ct. He died 
Oct. 23, 1736, and his widow, Sarah, June 29, 1747, both in 
Guilford, Ct. Children born in Guilford, Ct. : 

2. i. Thomas Burgis, b. May 29, 1709; m. Hannah Dodd. 
ii. Jesse Burgis, b. April 2}^, 1712; d. soon. 


7^ /: ;: co 


'1 10 'to-. 


ad f:i 

•■'■1 .t!._ fi 

■1-0-; -'' 

." ,.'T ' ' -^^^'-^-/..ii .' 

.':■..- :::rf iy.->V)? -i 


iii. John Burgis, b. Aug. 31, 1714; m., Jan. 14, 1742, Sarah 
Dodd, b. April 14, 1714, dau. of Samuel Dodd and 
Hannah Savage, sister of Hannah Dodd, who married 
his brother Thomas. He was deputy to the General 
Court of Connecticut at twenty-four sessions, from 
176S to 1789. (" History of Guilford, Ct.," by B. C. 
Steiner, p. 515.) " Always while in attendance thereon 
he wore very large silver knee and shoe buckles, kept 
for that season. At his death, these were given to his 
niece, Mrs. Lucy Burgis Kirby, who had them made 
'into a dozen table-spoons and as many tea-spoons." 
(Mrs. Sarah J. Ashton.) He was also deacon of the 
Congregational Church of Guilford from Nov. 2, 1775, 
until his death, March 26, 1799. Sarah Dodd Burgis 
died Jan. 18, 1787. No children. 

iv. Phillis Burgis, b. March i, 1716; d. Oct. 12, 1760; m. 
Nathaniel Johnson of Guilford, Ct., b. Oct. 4, 171 5; 
d. Jan. 18, 1746, son of Isaac Johnson and Phoebe 
Bristol. No children. 

V. Mercy Burgis, b. Sept. 26, 1719; d. Feb. 24, 1801; m., 
March 15, 1749, Abraham Chittenden of Guilford, Ct., 
b. Feb. 16, 1723; d. July 19, 1810, son of Gideon Chit- 
tenden and Abigail Bishop. They had four children. 

vi. Eliab Burgis, b. Oct. 31, 1722; d. Oct. 19, 1736. 
vii. Abigail Burgis, b. 1724; d. 1802; m., Dec. 15, 1742, Enos 
Bishop of Guilford, Ct., b. May 26, 1717; d. April, 
1802, son of John Bishop and Mary Johnson. They 
had twelve children. 

2. Thomas^ Burgis (Thomas^) of Guilford, Ct., born May 29, 
1709, in Guilford, Ct. " He was a man of admirable Christian 
character. As the infirmities of age came upon him and con- 
fined him to his home, his brethren in the church enjoyed calling 
upon him; when, after a cheerful conversation with them, he 
would repeat this passage of Scripture: 'Then they that feared 
the Lord spake often one to another, and the Lord hearkened 
and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him 
for them that feared the Lord and that thought upon his name.' " 
He married. May 18, 1737, Hannah Dodd, born July 28, 1712, 
daughter of Samuel Dodd of Guilford, Ct., and Hannah Savage 
of Middletown. He died March 28, 1796. aged eighty-six years, 
in Guilford, Ct. Hannah Dodd Burgis died July 26, 1795. 




■1- 1 

i" : ,■' ]'■ 

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-.7? H:!^ ;;x:.l !,::;; v-r. 

:jrf o: (uhl kaa 
:■/!" •.mil noqu 
;5 'fiL^.j' Mr/iTAj' 

b-vJ T 


[Docld Lineag^e: 

I. Daniel Dodd of Branford, Ct., was b. at Branford, in 1647 ; 

d. Jan., 1665, in Branford, Ct. ; m., 1646, Mary , v/ho died 

May 25, 1667. Children: Mary, who married Aaron Blatchley; 
Hannah; Daniel; Ebenezer, b. Dec. 11, 165 1; Stephen, b. Feb. 16, 
1655; Samuel, b. May 2, 1657. All the sons except Stephen re- 
moved to Newark, N. J. 

H. Stephen Dodd of Guilford, Ct., born Feb. 16, 1655; died 
Oct, 26, 1691; married, April 18, 1678, Sarah Stevens, born Jan. 
25, 1658, daughter of Thomas and i^lary Stevens of Guilford, Ct. 
They had two sons: Daniel, b, 1679, and Samuel, b. 1681. 

n'l. Samuel Dodd of Guilford, Ct., born 1681 ; died May 24. 
1757; married, Jan. 10, 1705, Hannah Savage of IMiddletown. 
Ct., born July 16, 1675, daughter of John Savage and Elisabeth 
D'Aubin of Middletown, Ct. She died :March 23, 1730. Chil- 

dren: (i) Ebenezer, b. Dec. 22, 1705; (2) Samuel, b. Feb. 28, 
1707; (3) Hannah, b. July 28, 171 2; m. Thomas Burgis; (4) Sarah, 
b. April 24, 1715; m. John Burgis.] 

Children of Thomas Burgis and Hannah Dodd: 

i. Thomas Burgis, b. Feb. 24, 1738; m. Olive Dudley. 

ii. Hannah Burgis, b. Dec. 5, 1739; d. Oct. 22, 1816; m., 
April, 1767, William Starr, b. June 9, 1740; d. Nov. 30, 
1816, son of Jehosaphat Starr and Elisabeth Ruggles. 
They had four children. 

ii. Lucy Burgis, b. Oct. 13, 1742; d. Feb. 28, 1817; m.., 
March i, 1769, Jonathan Kirby of Middletown '' Upper 
Houses," son of John Kirby and Hannah Stowe. ]\Irs. 
Harriet Whedon Noyes of New Haven, Ct., the grand- 
daughter of his brother Thomas, writes from personal 
recollection: " She was rather tall; had a bright, cheer- 
ful face and sparkling black eyes, and her presence 
generally m.ade a lasting and happy impression on me. 
I have heard much of the loveliness and energy of her 
character. She became a widow when her children 
were young and their farm in Middletown not entirely 
free from incumbrances. By her energy and careful 
management she kept up the farm., cleared it of debt, 
and brought up her children. When her son became old 
enough to make choice of his life-work, he told his 
mother that a man could not make a living en that 


aiDHan aAMCHT -"lo 2Tha 

-T-j)' ,!;: ,; ■"''•tt;! .in .;: ;»;/ ,.ij ,bv> 

.1 JjblliC-: ,i>,:;/}l 
. '1 . i. '■■■-' I v'. ' ' '_ 

; <f;--.a" 

,'::;■• f-:,.;:;' /v ,t ^ 

u;:.l MlKJ ■;.'-!; :V: .. ;- 

<\; '-O i- — ^ 

v.;n i 



farm. Her reply was: ' If a man could not, a woman 
had done it.' " 

They had four children: 

.1. Lucy Kirby, b. July 22, 1770; d. Oct. 12, 1772. 

2. Olive Kirby, b. Feb. 20, 1772; d. Dec. 20, 1787. 

3. Elisha Kirby, b. Oct. 13, 1774; d. Feb. 18, 1868; 

m. Betsy Spencer. (See Descendants of John 
Kirby of Middletown, Ct.) 

4. Lucy Kirby, b. Oct. i, 1776; d. April 10, 1853; 

m. Obed Stowe. (See Descendants of John 
Kirby of Middletown, Ct.) 
iv. Mary Burgis, b. Dec. 9, 1744; d. Aug. 7, 1801; m., April 
13, 1765, John Griswold of Guilford, Ct., b. June 17, 
1742; d. May 16, 1777, son of Thomas Griswold and 
Ann Graves. They had four children. 
V. Samuel Burgis, b. Dec. 26, 1745; d. July 20, 1747. 

3. Thomas^ Burgis (Thomas^, Thomas^) of Guilford, Ct., 
born Feb. 24, 1738, in Guilford, Ct. ; graduated from Yale Col- 
lege, 1758; studied for the ministry and was licensed to preach, 
but a severe attack of the measles, resulting in permanent weak- 
ness of the eyes, compelled him to relinquish his cherished plans. 
He became a farmer in Guilford, Ct. ; was Deacon, Town Clerk, 
and Judge of Probate — " an honorable man and counsellor." He 
died June 14, 1799, in Guilford, Ct. He married, Aug. 9, 1769. 
Olive Dudley, born June 3, 1746, daughter of Oliver Dudley and 
Elisabeth Kilburn. She died Aug. 13, 1813, in Guilford, Ct. 

4. i. Thomas Burgis, b, Oct. 6, 1770; m. Sarah Deshon. 

5. ii. Samuel Burgis, b. Jan. 17, 1774; m. Sarah Chalker, 
iii. Olive Burgis, b. Sept. 14, 1776; d. Feb. 5, 1867; m., Aug. 

13, 1800, Ozias Whedon, b. 1775 in North Branford, 
Ct. He was a merchant, and lived in Guilford, Ct., 
where he died Jan. 28, 1836. Children: 

1. Susan Whedon, b. April 28, 1802; d. Dec. 10, 

1828; not married. 

2. William Whedon, b. Nov. 2, 1803; d. July, 1848; 

not married. 

3. Jennette W^hedon, b. Oct. 21, 1807; d. May, 1873; 

not married. 

4. Burgis Whedon, b. April 16, 1810; d. Oct. 4, 

1836; not married. 


{.:'.'} ,;r.v<.f5fbi;"L' ]r- 'J'Ju'.I 
:':,■ ■■; .v.i {i:,.|A J* 'Ov^i ,.: jJJ .n ,;,{•;'/[ v:--- -f 

I. .•..■'_ ij c.ii;Kbiiyj-;::v [ •'■•■'; .v7/'/J'-: [yj .,■■.) .f;i 

:Pi ,7: 


5. Harriet Whedon, b. Oct. I, 181 3; m., Oct. 22, 
1849, Samuel Noyes. She is still living in New 
Haven, Ct. No children. 
iv. Eliab Burgis, b. March 13, 1779; d. May i, 1808; not 

V. Hannah Burgis, b. May 9, 1783; d. Aug. 30, 1856; not 

vi. Elisabeth Burgis, b. Nov. 2, 1787; d. March 29, i8.|4; 

not married. 
vii. Harriet Burgis, b. Sept. 2, 1790; d. Oct. 12, 1791. 

4. Thomas* Burgis (Thomas^ Thomas^ Thomas^) of Guil- 
ford, Ct., born Oct. 6, 1770, in Guilford, Ct.; married, Feb. 14, 
1793, Sarah Deshon of New London, Ct., born Feb. 27, 1772, 
daughter of Henry Deshon and Bathsheba Rogers, both of New 
London, Ct. He died ]May 25, 1861, aged ninety years, in Guil- 
ford, Ct. Sarah Deshon Burgis died Jan. 25, 1852. Children: 
i. Ruth Burgis, b. Nov. 27, 1794; d. Nov. 17, 1878; m., 
May 25, 1819 (family Bible, May i, 1819), Noah Fow- 
ler, b. June 8, 1795; d. June 10, 1850, son of Noah 
Fowler and Lucy Bartlett. No children. 
ii. Sarah Burgis, b. Dec. 2, 1796; d. Jan. 12, 1881; m., Oct. 
14, 1818, Samuel Hubbard, b. Oct. 19, 1795; d. 1873, 
son of William Hubbard and Mary Landon. No chil- 
iii. Harriet Burgis, b. Jan. 11, 1800; d. Dec. 23, 1877; not 

iv. George Thomas Burgis, b. Feb. 6, 1803; d. Nov. 17, 1816. 
V. Lydia Maria Burgis, b. July 3, 1807; d. June 16, 1808. 
6. vi. EHab Thomas Burgis, b. April 11, 1809; m. Ruhamath 
vii. Mary Ann Thomas Burgis, b. Jan. 11, 1817 (Feb. 11, 1817, 
old family Bible); d. Sept. 11, 1848; m., Feb. 10, 1841, 
her cousin, John Burgis Kirby of New Haven, Ct., b. 
Oct. II, 1813; d. Feb. 13, 1880, son of Elisha Kirby 
(son of Jonathan Kirby and Lucy Burgis) and Betsy 
Spencer. Children: 

1. Thomas Burgis Kirby, b. Feb. 28, 1842. 

2. Samuel Hubbard Kirby, b. Sept. 21, 1843; m. 

Susan A. Armstrong. 

3. John Walter Kirby, b. Nov. il, 1845; d. Dec. 28, 



. ' a. !'^-a drt&P. X) .biol 

iOO^U Ji 

^/ .h 

/ ,:.>_ I. iKi>; !•:>)■.', O J. 

'■'I '- ■'. -^ 'T rff;-jBc? ,ti 

;i^i\T ■'' v/i?.'i to ■(6-ii'A. if^itu'" ndo! .iii-f-ro:> T?fi 

'i.:t v> HA? ^oBrii ,?;: .(j:jl i» ;£l8i ,il .:5dO 

;■;;-:.'! ^::.;.I bn^ {unX if^'i^^i^noT \o no:-) 

' ■/■■ .■ T:, ,.':""" .-i ,Vv'r-i:"-i •■'r;ri/)-.i ^fir'^iKiT .1 


4. Sarah Deshon Kirby, b. June 2, 1847; m. Isaac S. 
Jennings. (See Descendants of John Kirby of 
Middletown, Ct.) 

[Deshon Lineage: 

I. Daniel Deshon of New London, Ct. He is supposed to have 
been the son of one of those thirty Hugiienots who emigrated 
from France with their famiUes in 16S6, the year after the revoca- 
tion of the edict of Nantes, and settled in Oxford, Mass. The 
settlement at Oxford was broken up by an invasion of the Indians, 
and the emigrants dispersed into other parts of New England. 
Rene Grignon, a man of some note among them, fixed his resi- 
dence in Norwich, Ct., and there died in 171 5. Daniel Deshon 
at that time was a youth in the family of Rene Grignon and one 
of the legatees mentioned in his will. At a later period Daniel 
Deshon settled in New London, Ct.. where he married, Oct. 4, 
1724, Ruth Christophers, daughter of Richard Christophers of 
New London, Ct., and Grace Turner, a descendant of Elder Will- 
iam Brewster of the jMayflower. They had six sons and one 

II. Henry Deshon of New London, Ct., son of Daniel Deshon 
and Ruth Christophers, born 1728 in New London, Ct.; married 
Bathsheba Rogers, born 1734, daughter of James Rogers of New 
London, Ct., and Grace Harris, daughter of Lieutenant Joseph 
Harris. He died March 20, 1818, aged ninety years. Bathsheba 
Rogers Deshon died July 23, 1803, aged sixty-nine years. 

(James Rogers of New London, Ct., was the son of John Rogers, 
Jr., and Bathsheba Smith, his cousin, daughter of Richard Smith 
and Bathsheba Rogers, daughter of Captain James Rogers of 
New London. John Rogers, Jr., bom March 20, 1764, was the 
eldest son of John Rogers (son of Captain James) and Elizabeth 
Griswold (married Sept. 17, 1670), daughter of Matthew Griswold 
of Lyme, Ct., and Ann Wolcott, daughter of Mr. Henry Wolcott 
of Windsor, Ct.) 

III. Sarah Deshon. born Feb. 27, 1772; died Jan. 25, 1852; 
married, Feb. 14, 1793, Thomas Burgis of Guilford, Ct.] 

[Brewster Lineage : 

I. William Brewster, the famous Elder of the Leyden Church 
and of the band of pilgrims who came in the Mayflower, 1620, 
born 1563 (or 1566?) in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England; died 
April 16, 1643, iri Duxbury, Mass. 


A >» r^ t r -I' rr *-v /-i f j j f* ■ 1/1 

i-i >>-■• rr-- J^' 

,bi:-: :n.l 

I 1. 

•!,r^ • '{-).■' •■ V,; 

} .i 

1' -.'/i- 

Mil) rivvir- :> 

T ■■•i'd,. ^^ 


II. Jonathan Brewster of New London, Ct., eldest son of Elder 
William Brewster, born Aug. 12, 1593. in Scrooby, England; 
died Aug. 7, 1659; married Lucretia ((3ldham?), who died March 
4, 1679. 

III. Mary Brewster, daughter of the preceding, born April 16, 
1627, in Plymouth, I\Iass.; married, Nov. 10, 1645, John Turner 
of Scituate, Mass. In his will, proved at Plymouth, 1697, he men- 
tions wife Mary ; sons Jonathan, Joseph, Ezekiel, John, Elisha. 
and Benjamin ; daughters Grace Christophers, Lydia, Mary, and 

IV. Grace Turner, daughter of the preceding, bom ; m.. 

Sept. 3. 1691, Richard Christophers of New London, Ct. (Town 
Records of New London, Ct.) Richard Christophers, born July 
13, 1662, in Devonshire, England, was the son of Christopher 
Christophers of New London, Ct., by his first wife, Mary. He 
was for twenty-two years an Assistant of the Colony, and held 
other important offices. 

V. Ruth Christophers, daughter of the preceding, born Sept. 
26, 1705; married, Oct. 4, 1724, Daniel Deshon of New London, 
Ct. (Town Records of New London, Ct.)] 

G. Eliab Thomas' Burgis (Thomas*, Thomas', Thomas-, 
Thomas^) of Bangor, Me., born April 11, 1809, in Guilford, Ct. 
He was a sea-captain, and followed the sea for many years. In 
the early days of packet-vessels he commanded the Tremont, 
which sailed between Bangor and Boston. " He was a genial 
and v.-hole-souled man and a famous story-teller." He died at 
Glenboum, near Bangor, Sept. 28, 1894. He was married to 
Ruhamath Gould of Orrington, Me., and had three children: 
i. Mary Ann Burgis, b. Nov., 1838; d. 1884; not married. 

ii. Sarah Deshon Burgis, b. ; m. Frank Wilson. Two 

iii. Noah F. Burgis, b. 1842; killed during the Civil War in 

5. Samuel* Burgis (Thomas', Thomas^, Thomas^) of Guil- 
ford, Ct., born Jan. 17, 1774, in Guilford, Ct.; married, Nov. 15, 
1797, Sarah Chalker, born Jan. 6, 1775, daughter of Dr. Isaac 
Chalker and Sarah Starr. She died May 4, 1822, and he married 
(2), Dec. 2, 1834, Esther fKirby) Au.gur, born June 24, 1790, 
widow of Phineas Augur and daughter of Nehemiah Kirby of 


•n I'.i', hi -r''v'-i''''Af> ,-T^i?-j/'t-{f-\ 


•i2;j;vh .-i^xn'-T 3:,SiuJ .VI 

)- -v'l-: has ,-Mr 


■ ' :? ■!0;;;;.':-'i n^j. ••'•.■.! • ^ ; ■, ,.,■// 

.M.-D ■ .-- • : .■--■-: u^v.} x:> 1>'.v:Aj ''•-.: .;:'•?>! 

riOu-V/ :[ifi..T -ii: ;-- - d .ah^Tnd rior.i'i^l il&iiiC- At 
li/'J I'd; ^^hb'b b 'i;t ,:^^^I .d .^r^i^'-^ -'i ffeoM .iri 

i'>-Mi-r,iC' ->'*. ;,. 

f-.'vir •.•<■-' Tint,-' 


Middletown, Ct. He died April i8, 1854. Esther Kirby Burgis 

died April 16, 1872. Children: 

7. i. John Burgis, b. Sept. 29, 1798; m. Thankful Stone. 

ii. Cornelia Burgis, b. Nov. 6, 1807; d. Nov. 28, 1834; m. 

Willard Keyes of Quincy, 111. 
iii. Mary Burgis, b. Feb. 15, 1813; d. July 24, 1836; not 

7. Colonel John= Burgis (Samuel*, Thomas^ Thomas^, 
Thomas^) of Guilford, Ct., born Sept. 29, 1798; married, Nov. 9, 
1820, Thankful Stone, born June 28, 1803; died Aug. 25, 1883, 
daughter of Solomon Stone and Thankful Bartlett. Colonel John 
Burgis was one of the pioneer seed-producers and dealers in this 
country. " Burgis's seeds " had a national reputation. He died 
Nov. 6, 1864, in Guilford, Ct. Children: 

i. Elizabeth Burgis, b. Aug. 15, 1821; d. Feb. 19, 1864; m., 
April 10, 1843, Eli Kimberly of Guilford, Ct., b. Aug. 
12, 1820; d. July 13, 1874, son of Eli Kimberly and Polly 
Fowler. They had seven children. Their daughter 
Adelaide E., b. Aug. 24, 1846; d. March 30, 1872; m., 
Feb. 2, 1869, John W. Norton of Guilford, Ct., b. Oct. 
19, 1839, and had a son, Wallace D., b. Oct. 4, 1870, 
through whom much of the matter contained in this 
sketch of the Burgis family has been obtained. 
ii. Fanny S. Burgis, b. Dec. 4, 1823; d. Aug. 15, 1882; not 

iii. Sarah A. Burgis, b. March 27, 1826; d. Sept. 7, 1867; not 

iv. Lydia A. Burgis, b. Feb. 13, 1828; d. Dec. 28, 1833. 
V. Jennette A. Burgis, b. Oct. 21, 1830; d. Aug. 20, 1832. 
vi. John Randolph Burgis, b. Feb. 4, 1833; d. Sept. 14, 1862; 

m. Emma A. Cruttenden, b. Jan. 4, 1838; no children. 
vii. William Henry Burgis, b. March 9, 1836; d. Jan. 29, 1885; 

m. Anna M. Kelsey; no children, 
viii. Mary C. Burgis, b. May 7, 1838; d. Aug. 6, 1840. 
ix. Jennette A. Burgis, b. March 24, 1841 ; d. Feb. 3, 1844. 
X. Samuel D. Burgis, b. Oct., 1843; d- Feb. 3, 1844. 
xi. Thomas C. Burgis, b. Sept. 4, 1848; m. Anna L. Judd; 
no children. He is now living in New York City, and 
is the only living descendant by the name of Burgis, 
descendant of Thomas Burgis and Mercy Wright cf 
Guilford, Ct. 


0-;8l ..V. .■ ■ ■■' '■"' -^ij^..'. :':/ .n-')^ r. 'y,' ]r:_\ .[(><.' .-^ 

tJ,*-:i S- .:;oa .b ;^::^. Tr .<:■> i ;• ^^ ;-.(;^ .A f^ihvj .vi 

u.-^^' .:i .x;.A ,'; ;^^8r .X- .do-I .'i .^u-i-,:.! r^o' ' ■ ' ;' .iV 
:)•■''';'., :j;: i-r^j^Bi .1- .r:/;! ■■ .n^tr >33'.nA .A 


/"v-^T /"'■ .^iU ■■ . '' "" ,i;iv 

,;4'V ,1;: -C'A '-^ ., I V'A, .y.i 

,.r-?'^l ,<•, .0-1 .,'.' •__' '_■..<> ■•: : .X 

•^^.i'^" ..-1 ..!",,■■ ..'. ■•r^'-M' .1. .v|j3 a ...''■::■ '.fA ,,;3 anrnoriT jx 

. ■-' ' ' •,; '' ■'^. .-/Of- -K ;A TLnJAitb OH 

'!., • ,'■■' ; .' , '■v:>v^■;b y.r/sV(. 'Ai.„.. i^n? ^^ 

■) ■. . , ..A,', n: . ^.:-:Ai c£,niOi!T A: ;:k.' .-3j,^;;i- 

.jj AnAlU;0 

'?Vi- v\ ( :. 


Arthur Hathaway of Marshfield and afterward of Dartmouth, 
Mass. (" Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth," by W. T. Davis, 
pp. 69, 130.) 

IV. Hannah Hathaway, daughter of Sarah Cooke and Arthur 
Hathaway, born 1662; died 1749; married George Cadman of 

Dartmouth, Mass., born ; died 1719, son of Hon. William 

Cadman of Portsmouth, R. I. (Austin's " Genealogical Diction- 
ary of Rhode Island," p. 268.) 

V. Elizabeth Cadman, only child of Hannah Hathaway and 

George Cadman, born ; died after 176S; m^arried William 

White of Dartmouth, !*,Iass. (Austin's " Genealogical Dictionary 
of Rhode Island," p. 269; also Will of George Cadman, recorded 
at Taunton, Book III., p. 500, and Will of Hannah Cadman, Book 
XL, p. 700.)] 

The will of Hannah Cadman, widow of George Cadman, dated 
Feb. 13, 1749, and approved ]\Iay 2, 1749, is recorded at Taunton, 
Mass., in Book XL, page 700, and is as follows: 

The last will and testament of Hannah Cadman of Dartmouth, in the 
County of Bristol, in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New Eng- 
land, widow, being weak of body but of sound disposeing mind and memorj*, 
thanks be given to God therefore, calling to mind the mortalitie of my 
body and knowing that it is appointed for all men and women once to die 
and being willing to give and dispose of this worldly estate wherewith it 
hath pleased God to bless me with in this life to and amongst my daughter 
and grand children, do demise and dispose of the same in manner and 
form following: — 

Imprimus, I will and order that all my just debts and dues be paid by 
my executor hearafter named in convenient time after my decease. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth White, wife to 
William of sd Dartmouth, all my wearing apparrel; also my silver tankard 
and my smalest siher spoon. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my grandson William White my great 
Bible my biggest silver cup and my silver spoon marked with the letters 
W. C. and fifty pounds in money or bills of credit old tenor. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my grandson George White one silver 
spoon and my gun which was his grand father Cadmans, together with 
my cubbard that stands in the chamber; I also give unto him my sd grand- 
son George White, all my farming tools as cart, yoake, chains, axes, hoes 
and other tools. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Sarah Brown, wife of 
John Brown of Tivertown, my small silver cup and one silver spoon and 
twenty pounds in money or bills of credit old tenor. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Hannah Taber, wife 
of William Tabcr of Dartmouth aforesd, twenty-five pounds in money or 


i A m. 

' ■ '■■.: inW (. k ,;•„.. ; ./ r'--:! ■}b:-:[Vi JO 
r. ■'■v.. - ,.■.:;/;:.; .0 ;:-■-:,. li Ij Ijiv/ OftT 

s..-:- r. >,,,,v yrnrjii .■■',>;:■• V ,h:uA 

./ - ■ J f-oO b:.;s?l% riJC-i 

i ■... -Jc. ■'.-> ,(t5:'. ■ ■ ■ 1 

Si.) ..-a. ( '£ 
V .',rn,'; ft-.'- 

.-. . " ! V .'... 13;;.. ■ N I' ;j':;-;'5t ^in 

;v in£ -•■■ -^' : '. -^^^! ■■:■■'-■ AhH 
i c; I.. :>;;;''>' oris -i.-lv I ,;n?;T 


■; . - '/ • -• ■> -I -• »■ . 'i ' ■. .-1 v; .,- 1 ;■{ Xi do I. 


bills of credit old tenor to be paid to her, as also the money above given 
to my grand daughter Brown by my executor hearafter named out of my 
money by me or in bond due to me. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my two great granddaughters Hannah 
Slocum and Mary Slocum, daughters to my granddaughter Elizabeth 
Slocum, deceased, thirty pounds in money or bills of credit old tenor, to 
be paid by my executor that is to say, to each of them fifteen pounds as 
they shall come to the age of cighten years, but if either of them shall die 
before they receive their portion, my will is that the next surviving sister 
shall have it. 

Item, I give and bequeath to five of my other grandchildren beside who 
are above named, viz: Roger White, Christopher White, Oliver White, 
Thomas and Su.^anna White to each of them one silver spoon to be de- 
livered to each of them by my executor hearafter named, when they sever- 
ally shall be capable to receive them, either by age or guardians. 

Item, My mind and will is that all the remainder of my estate not herein 
given away before as money by me or in bonds, houshold goods, indores 
and out dores moveables, chattels, sheep, hors kind and al other my creat- 
ures shall be equally divided (except what I shall heareafter give to grand- 
daughter Susanna White) which I equally do give to my daughter Elizabeth 
White, and my six grand children, namely, William White, Roger White, 
Christopher White, Oliver White, Abner White, Thomas White and 
Susanna White, but my will is that my grand daughter Susanna White 
shall have my best feather bed and bolster in part of her equal shear of the 
whole so give to my daughter and grand children. 

Item, I constitute and appoint my well beloved grandson William White 
to be my whole and sole executor to this my last will and testament, to be 
the same well and truly performed and I do hearby revoke and make void 
all other and former wills by me heartofore made, ratifying and confirming 
this and no other to be my last will and testament. 

In witness whereof I have hearunto set my hand and seal this thirtenth 
day of the 12 mo. called February Anno Domini 174819. 

Hannah X Cadman, Seal 

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the sd Hannah 
Cadman to be her last will and testament, in presents of us the subscribers. 

Benjamin Tripp 
Joseph Tripp 
Beriah Goddard 

Children of William White and Elizabeth Cadman, according 
to the will of Hannah Cadman: 

i. Sarah White, b. ; m., May 23, 1726, John Brown of 

Tiverton, R. I. 
2. ii. William White, b. ; d. 1780; m., Oct. 2, 1729, Abi- 
gail Thurston. 


I a { yi:ibn z'i'iaiyiA lOtu). 

V ' 

[•i:^i'. •^rii 

<a;\o:i i. .::i:y 

". o; i3f.;.> on O..K -1, 

' , •■" ^ 1 


3. iii. George White, b. ; d. 1764; m., Feb. 18, 1730, 

Deborah Shaw of Little Compton, R. L 

iv. Roger White, b, ; m., April 24, 1736, Rebecca 


4. V. Christopher White, b. ; m., March 4, 1739, Eliza- 

beth Thurston. 

vi. Elizabeth White, b. ; d. before 1749; m., April 24, 

1737, Benjamin Slocum of Newport, R. I. Had 
daughters Hannah and j\Iary, mentioned in the will 
of their great-grandmother, Hannah Cadman. 

5. vii. Abner White, b. ; m., April 14, 1746, Ruth Brownell. 

6. viii. Oliver White, b. ; m., Jan. 21, 1747, ]\Iary Harman. 

ix. Thomas White, b. ; m., 1751 (published July 8, 

1751), Elizabeth Jenne. 
X. Hannah White, b. Aug. 22, 1732; m., Dec. 2j, 1750, 
William Taber of Dartmouth, They had a daughter, 

Phoebe, who married Smith, mentioned in the 

will of her grandfather, William White. 

xi. Susanna White, b. ; unmarried in 1768. 

2. William^ White (William^) of Dartmouth, Mass., born 

in Dartmouth, Mass.; died 1780 in Dartmouth; married, 

Oct. 2, 1729 (Vital Statistics of R. I., Vol. IV., p. (>6), Abigail 

Thurston, born ; died before 1777. In his will, dated Feb. 

17, 1777, and approved Oct. 3, 1780, he declares that he is the 
" son of William White of Dartmouth," and mentions " my hon- 
ored grandfather George Cadman " ; also " my son Jonathan 
White " ; " my eldest daughter Hannah Kirby " ; " my second 
daughter Elizabeth Peckham," and " my youngest daughter 
Abigail White." See will recorded at Taunton, Book XXVL, 
page 282. Children, according to his will : 

i. Hannah White, b. 1731 (Leonard); d. 1819; m., 1750 
(published Feb. 23, 1750), Wesson Kirby of Westport 
They had fourteen children. (See Descendants of Rich- 
ard Kirby.) 
7. ii. Jonathan White, b. ; d. Nov. 21, 1804; m., 1756, Abi- 
gail White. 

iii. Elizabeth White, b. ; m., 1771 (published Sept. 26, 

1771), Stephen Peckham. 

iv. Abigail White, b. ; m., April 17, 1766, her cousin, 

William White, son of George. 


arrHw katjjiv/ ho ai 

,o;:\i .2i ..V,"' ,,rfi •. 


>1 .vi 

-^ .X£\i 

^-;iT .«<■';;: .rr 

.:;•:■>? 2 

.■•'.;•./ i:jnf!^-. 



;..'^ = '-'/ iO'» ;■'!"/ 

. ; ' ; >■ 


" '' /' --^i!,;/:! r 


n j^iiiiliiV/ 

V .i^d-m^! 

. : r ^, '';v/ 

: . .7 rrTTfi^n;^ 

■ ''' •■:.■! !'^ 'iff; [j^a "jJi- "iin^.^-' ■'/ j'' i .'/ /rc.;'!''.'^'' i^> 'u:,-^ ** 
; ;:L-, /rv- ■' rv'f ;" nRm: . f:..-^r' -.or-.;-; >.!;;;->^ n>-.-:< 


of .'.i 

// nivvj-i- 


li ,' _ 

:rA .v: 


7. Jonathan^ White (William-, William^ of Westport, Mass., 

born ; died Nov. 21, 1804, in Westport, Tvlass.; married. 

1756 (published Jan. i, 1756; Leonard), Abigail White, bora 
. ; died Aug. 6, 1806. In his will, dated March 16. 1797 (re- 
corded at Taunton, Mass., in Book XLL, p. 108), he mentions 
his wife Abigail White; sons Humphrey. Holder, and Jonathan; 
and " my three daughters, Ruth Cornell, Rhoda Cornell and Han- 
nah Kirbv." Children, according to his will: 

i. Ruth White, b. ; m., Sept. 13, 1778 (Leonard), Gideon 

Cornell, son of Joshua. 

ii. Rhoda White, b. ; m., April 27, 1781 (Leonard), 

Stephen Cornell. 

iii. Humphrey White, b. ; m., 1786 (published Feb. 11, 

1786; Leonard), Sibyl Kirby, b. Jan. 8, 1764, dau. of 
David Kirby of Westport and ^^lartha Soule. They had 
a daughter, Elizabeth, mentioned by her grandfather, 
Jonathan White, in his will: 

I. Elizabeth White, b. ; perhaps married T. J. 

iv. Hannah White, b. July 20. 1766; d. Jan. 10, 1842; m., May 
12, 1791 (Leonard), Luthan Kirby of Dartmouth, son 
of Justus Kirby and Catherine Cornell. They had five 
children. (See Descendants of Richard Kirby.) 

8. V. Holder White, b. 176S; d. Jan. 12, 1853; m. (i), Aug. 30, 

1788, Cynthia Milk; m. (2) Sarah Borden. 

9. vi. Jonathan White, Jr., b. ; m., April 8, 1798, Mary 


8. Holder* White (Jonathan^ William^, William^) of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., born 1768; died Jan. 12, 1853, aged eighty-four; 
married (i), Aug. 3, 1788 (Leonard), Cynthia Milk, born 1768, 
daughter of Lemuel and ]\Iary Milk of Westport. She died Jan. 
14, 1814, aged forty-six, and he married (2), in 1816 (published 
Oct. 12, 1816), Sarah Borden of Troy. The will of Holder White, 
made in 1852 (recorded at Taunton in Book XCIX., p. 366), 
mentions his wife Sarah and all of his children except Alden, who 
died young. Children, according to his will: 

i. Amy White, b. April 9, 1789; m., Dec. 30, 1814 (Leonard), 
Obed Hathaway of Dartmouth. Children: Jane; 

Caroline, who married, Oct. 15, 1845, Isaac H. West; 
and Daniel. 
ii. Alden White, b. Nov. i, 1794; d. Aug. 2, 1814. 


H T ? H W M A r 1 uuf -^ n 

■^ifI\V /b'.a .i 

)o (•m'-'i'i'.ij^ 'f;-xi!:iiV, 


■■■'■V - .;;; yrr'TOODK , •' ^■■- ' >i ■ 'TJ ,>,i;iruv' h^^r- 

,J'^/V/ .li 


iii. Stephen West White, b. April 25, 1795; d. 1852; m. Deb- 
orah Lawton. Children: Cynthia, Ruth, Bartlett, 
Mary S., Eunice S., Abby D., Emily A., Eliza W., Law- 
ton, and Luthan. 

iv. Lemuel M. White, b. July 30, 1799; d. April 27, 1879, in 
North Collins, N. Y. ; m., Dec. 24, 1815 (Leonard). 
Mary Kirby, dau. of Paul Kirby. (See Descendants of 
Richard Kirby.) Children: 

1. Phoebe White, b. :March 30, 1817; d. Jan. 6, 1880; 

m. Nathaniel Tucker of Brant, N. Y. They 
had a son, H. J. Tucker of Buffalo, N. Y. 

2. Hannah White, b. ; m., Feb. 22, 1S48, Rufus 

Stickney. They had a son, Amos. 

3. Lydia White, b. Feb. 2, 1821 ; d. Jan. i, 1880; m., 

1854, Lewis Baldwin; no children. 

4. PaulH. White, b. Oct. 24, 1822; m. (i) Rhoda 

Dart ; m. (2), Feb. 22, 1854, Naomi Rogers, 
b. Sept. 24, 1835. Children by his second 

wife: (1) Clarence E., (2) Nellie, (3) ;^■Ierton L. 

5. Naomi White, b. Oct. 24, 1822, twin with Paul. 

6. Esther White, b. Oct., 1832; m. Groton P. Willet. 
V. Tillinghast White, b. July 10, 1801 ; m. (i) ; m. (2) 

Sally Nutt. Children: Emerson, Irving-, Eugene, 

Angia, Emma, Hugins, Jennie. 
vi. Phoebe Tripp White, b. June 29, 1803; m., Dec. 8, 1818, 
Joseph Sisson. Children : 

1. William S. Sisson, b. Oct. 15, 182 1 ; m. Rachel L. 


2. Patience GifTord Sisson, b. Nov. 8, 1824; m., April 

13, 1846, Charles Crapo Kirby. (See Descend- 
ants of Richard Kirby.) 

3. Amy White Sisson, b. Nov. 3, 1828; m. Luther 


4. Marv Jane Sisson, b. Jan. 27, 1831 ; m. Horace 

vii. Mary Milk White, b. April 12, 1805; m. Frederick Smith. 

Children: Cynthia, m. Grady; Phoebe, m. 

Ingersoll; Abby, m. Mason; Silvia; George, and 

viii. Abigail White, b. May 9, 1807; d. Aug. 25, 1878; m., Nov. 

13, 1823, Isaac W. Brownell of Westport, b. March 19, 


vsriT .Y >■ 

.:mJ .,: .r>.;rr(/; .11 las'! .^ 
,^' ._•:/}'-' '::-ji:,- .',1'^ .- k '.•/! ,■>) ,iei , ?-r.,Ci 

.itj»'T ;!li';; nr/;: (V'^r: ,;-u .yjO ■' .i-hrlV/ ;atOfi>f -g 



d:'At\c. ■'■■■'•I-.' ■■■:■'■ i .ir. -^.P.: ,tT '\\:,/'. ,..: ...■■,:;,'/ :-!f'i-' -n^M .iiv 

cj: ih- 

I .' r 


1796; d. July 5, 1867. They removed to California. 

1. Phoebe Potter Brownell, b. Sept. 26, 1824; m., 

June 15, 1861, David Hamilton. No surviving 

2. Irving Woodbridge Brownell, b. Oct. 10, 1826; m., 

Sept. 29, 1861, Louise Rosetta Smith, b. Jan. 
9, 1841. Children: (i) Louise Emma, (2) 

Henry Leiand, (3) Roscoe Hamilton. 

3. Lysander Grary Brownell, b. May 15, 1829; d. April 

8, 1865; m., 1852, Sarah Jane Mead. No sur- 
viving children. 

4. Cynthia White Brownell, b. March 29, 1831 ;d.soon. 

5. William W. Brownell, b. Dec. i, 1833; m., Jan. 2, 

1 87 1, Harriet Valley Lowe, b. Aug. 9, 1852. 
They live in Oakland, Cal. Children: (i) Grace 
Eugene, (2) Edward Earl, (3) Lucy Abigail. 

6. Mary Sisson Brownell, b. Nov. 19, 1835; d. Sept., 


7. Edwin Forrest Brownell, b. July 7, 1838; d. April 

13, 1866. 

8. Abner Brownell, b. Feb. 6, 1841; m., Dec. 27, 1864, 

Louise Belle Gwynn. They live in Oakland, 
Cal. Children: (i) W^illiam Forrest, m. Jane 
Hayes, and has a son, Forrest Edwin; (2) Ger- 
mania Lysander, m. Ella Page; (3) Harvey 
Gwynn; (4) Browning. 

9. Hannah Eugene Brownell, b. April 2, 1843; d. July 

7, 1872. 
10. Abby Ann Brownell, b. Feb. 12, 1846; d. Apnl 10, 
ix. Deborah White, b. May 19, 1808; m., Nov. 24. 1825 
(Leonard), Joshua Potter of Dartmouth, son of Gardner 
Potter and Elizabeth Tripp, b. Nov. 11, 1803; d. June 27, 
1882. Children: 

1. Charles William Potter, b. Aug. 3, 1827; d. Jan. 9, 

1893; m. widow Elizabeth (Barker) Maxwell. 

2. Lemuel Milk Potter, b. Feb. 27, 1830; m. (i), May 

19, 1854, Elizabeth A. Davis; (2) Annie Barker. 

3. Capt. Alden Tillinghast White Potter of Dart- 

mouth, b. Dec, 1832; m. (i), June i, 1858, Abby 
H. Macomber; (2) Adelene Rodney; (3) Mary 
E. Barker. 


HTIHV/ MAIJJIW HO;jc-]i!x J oi h^iwm. 

f'J j'l 



■KJ X 


4. James Edwin Potter, b. Oct. 16, 1837; d. 1875. 

5. Holder White Potter of Dartmoutii, b. Aug. 14, 

1840; m., 1863, Sarah Codding-. 

6. Edward Edmunds Potter, b. Aug. 20, 1844; m., 

May 25, 1870, Susan Anthony, dau. of Smith 
and Mary Anthony of Union Springs, N. Y. 
He is general agent of the Williamsburg Fire 
Insurance Company, and lives in San Francisco, 
Cal. Sons: (i) Murray Anthony, b. March 
15, 1871; (2) Clarence Denver, b. Nov. 5, 1872; 
(3) Winfred White, b. Dec. 13, 1873; (4) Eliot 
Gray, b. Oct. 18, 1880. 
X. William Green White, b. Sept. 22, 1809; m. Betsy Wash- 
burn. Children: William and Emma. 
xi. David M. White, b. April 28, 181 1; m. Deborah Cornell. 

Children: Luthan and Mary H, 
xii. Holder White, b. June 20, 1812; d. Dec, 1895; m. (i), 
April 17, 1836, Amy Shepherd Brownell, b. Oct. 30, 
1814; d. Sept. 25, 1865; (2), 1872, widow Elizabeth 
(Tripp) Lawton. Children: 

1. George Milk White, b. Sept. 17, 1837; m., Oct. 6, 

1861, Louisa Smith. They have a daughter, 

2. Cynthia Milk White, b. July 16, 1840; d. Feb. 10. 

1881; m.. May 7, 1861, Giles Barker. Children: 
(i) Amy, who married F, Hadley Snell; (2) 
William, who married Mary Budlong; and two 
other children. 

3. Helen Cordelia White, b. April 4, 1843; !"•» Jan. 8, 

1873, Edwin A. Boomer. 

4. Mary Eliza White, b. April 6, 1845; not married. 

5. William James White, b. Jan. 18, 1848; d. May 

26, 1849. 

6. Abbie Adelia White, b. Feb. 13, 1853; m., Oct. 17, 

1876, David Brownell of Little Compton, R. I. 
One child: Eugene. 

xiii. George B. White, b. ; m. Rebecca Jenny. Children : 

John and Sarah. 
xiv. Capt. James W. White, b. Aug., 1820; m., Nov., 1847, 
Abby Adelia Brownell, dau. of Isaac and Abby Brownell, 
b. Aug., 1829; d. Dec. 31, 1890. 
XV. Sarah Jane White, b. June, 1822; m. Jabez Barker. 



'i .,'j ;v;?^ai ,bi 

a .d 


;.) .f:i\ir', 

;:) :.;.r<:it 

('v \ ,h .-"rAl "-'■ Vh 

a!,rr-7 ,^ .i: 

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/: io' r!i^!:i oil;,- ,rn .•■•// 
.wvrPif'f--, .-io 

■• - .•'^-■.•' .ISS'OJ ;^^i'.;r 

A ..S- .' .-'tia'.V .,i...:.\ ..-I'l/v ,.^ 



.' .i.' 


9. Jonathan* White (Jonathan', William^, William^) of West- 
port, Mass., born ; married, April 8, 1798, Mar}^ Waite, 

daughter of Stephen. Children: 

i. Betsy White, b. Oct. 2, 1798; d. Aug-. 22, 1876; m., jNIarch 
10, 1816, Obediah Lawton, son of Job Lawton and Han- 
nah Kirby, dau. of Wesson Kirby. They had six chil- 
dren. (See Descendants of Richard Kirby.) 
ji. Thursey White, b. Dec. 21, 1800; m. William Potter. 
iii. Ruth White, b. ]\Iarch 26, 1802; m. Daniel Truman. 
iv. Nancy White, b. June 24, 1803; m. (i) Warren Truman; 
(2) Elijah Smith. 

V. Aldcn White, b. Oct. 21, 1804; m. Eliza . 

vi. Rhoda White, b. Feb. 28, 1807; m. Dana Stafford. 
vii. Hannah White, b. March 28, 1808; m. Zaccheus Lester. 
viii. Christina White, b. Dec. 21, 1809; m. Cornelius Van 

ix. James Mason White, b. May 22, 18 10; m. Fanny . 

X. Mary Ann White, b. Jan. 13, 181 1; d. soon. 

xi. Emma Eliza White, b. Aug. 11, 1818; m. Hiram Tripp. 

xii. Stephen W'hite, b. Dec. 17, 1822; m. Mary , sister to 

the wife of James Mason White. 

3. George- White (\Villiam^) of Dartmouth, ^Nlass., born ; 

married, Feb. 18, 1730, Deborah Shaw of Little Compton, R. I. 
(Vital Statistics of R. I., Vol. IV., p. 66.) He died in 1764. Li 
his will, dated Dec. 28, 1762, and proved March 29, 1764 (re- 
corded at Taunton, Book XVHL, p. 318), he mentions his wife 
Deborah and the following children, except the first Sylvanus 
(see also Leonard) : 

10. i. Israel White, b. Nov. 27, 1730; m., July 2, 1754, widow 

Sibyl Hicks. 

11. ii. Peleg White, b. Sept. 14, 1732; d. 1784; m., Nov. 28, 

1754, Rachel Cornell. 

iii. Sylvanus White, b. June 26, 1734; d. young. 

iv. Ruth White, b. May 19, 1736; m., Jan. 8, 1754, Cuth- 
burt Wilcox, son of Stephen. 

V. Sarah White, b. April 25, 1740; m., after 1762, 

Cornell, and removed to the State of New York. 

vi. William White, b. Feb. 28, 1742; m., April 17, 1766 
(Leonard), his cousin. Abigail White, dau. of Will- 
iam White, Jr., of Dartmouth. In his will, made in 
. 1827 (recorded at Taunton in Book LXXL, p. roc), 


q T ? H ^ '^^ "^-f- ^ T ' 

- -^_ 

■K';:r .i. 

'!-i(i/I .iii 

:■■■ ^ ■ ' = : ■' -■' -' . - .' ' on>.-.--: .7t 

)rj I <:;;>!! ::e:-. •- ' '' ^;- -.J." -'■ ,v;:i: . ,■ .iiv 

■ ■ - {!':'. ■ .rn ;v-tK: /lC /•;];■ ,<■; ,::;;,•'•. n-yi.A/L t3.ri&I .xi 

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he mentions " my granddaughter Cynthia Wilbor," 
and " my granddaughter Hannah Anthony." He 
gives to daughter Sophia White the residue of his 
property. Children : 

1. Thurston White, b. May 27, 1767. 

2. Deborah White, b. ; m., Feb. 14, 1788 

(Leonard), Stephen Mosher of Tiverton, 
R. L, son of Obadiah, and had: (i) Cynthia, 
who married PhiUp Wilbor, son of Jonathan; 
. (2) Hannah, who married William Anthony 

of Dartmouth, 

3. Sophia White, b. 1772; d. Nov. 21, 1864, aged 

ninety-two (gravestone) ; not married. 
vii. Hannah White, b. March 28, 1744; m., Oct. 2, 1762, 

Thomas Wing, 
viii. Mary W'hite, b. June 4, 1746; m., April 3, 1765, James 
ix. Eunice White, b. Aug. 11, 1748; d. April 11, 1775. 

12. X. Sylvanus White, b. Dec. 14, 1750; m., March 30, 1773, 

Mary Gififord. 

13. xi, Obed White, b. ; m., July 29, 1779, Sarah Peckham. 

10. IsraeP White (George^, William^) of Dartmouth, Mass., 
born Nov. ^y, 1730; died 1785; married, July 2, 1754 (Vital Statis- 
tics of Rhode Island, Vol. IV.), widow Sibyl Hicks. In his will, 
dated Jan. 20, 1785, and approved June 7, 1785 (recorded at 
Taunton in Book XXVIII., p. 374), he mentions his wife Sibyl 
and "my four sons," but names only Jerathmiel. Children: 

i Theophilus White, b. April 10, 1755 ; ra., April 8, 1779, 

Mary Wilcox of Dartmouth. 
ii. Jerathmiel White, b. July 28, 1757; m., Aug. 21, 1793 
(Leonard), Alice Howland, dau. of Nicholas Howland 
and Mary Sisson. Children: 

1. Nicholas White, b. July 17, 1794; m., March 25, 

18 18, his cousin, Rhoda White, dau. of George 
White and Elizabeth Wilcox. Children: (i) 

Hannah, b. Jan. 30, 1819; (2) George Borden, b. 
Feb. 6, 1820. 

2. John White of Westport, b. May i, 1796; d. Jan. 18, 

1876; m., ATarch 11, 1832, Eliza A. Gififord of 
Westport, b. May, 1817; d. Jan. 17, 1896, aged 
seventy-five years (gravestone). Children : 



\d{} ,-;s yjs}/ 


'■ J.. 

■^. .XI IhqA ,h -8).ri n .;:^?;A. ..j 

;ri.'.l Xt 

y Jx i; 


^ii L';-!! '/<•<? ■■■■■ . 

^- : n.'yi\;>['-.iO 
.r:_ :■■■: ..", ...' ;i;rSi ,0t .iiJ^i 


(i) Andrew Jackson, b. July 6, 1841 ; (2) William 
H. Harrison, b. March, 1844; m. Sarah J. Mosher; 
(3) Frederick B., b. June, 1848; m. Harriet 
Mosher; (4) Lysander; (5) Hannah, who married 
Rev. John G. Gammons; (6) Almira, who mar- 
ried Frank R. Dana; (7) Gilpha; (8) Alice, who 
married Allen Pierce; (9) Anna, who married S. 
Gifford of Westport; (10) Phoebe, who married 
Capt Elisha Brightman. 

3. Betsy White, b. May 17, 1803. 

4, Nancy White, b. IMay 17, 1803; with Betsy. 
iii. John White, b. Oct. 12, 1759. 

iv. Cornelius White, b. Sept. 14, 1762; m., Jan. 12, 1794 (Leon- 
ard), Eliphal Almy, dau. of Richard. Children: 

1. Almy White, 

2. William White. 

3. Hope White, b. ; m., Aug. 28, 1817 (Leonard), 

Dr. James H. Handy of Westport. They had a 
son, William White, b. Feb. 20, 1819. 

11. Peleg* White (George^ William^) of Dartmouth, Mass., 
born Sept. 14, 1732; died 1784; married, Nov. 28, 1754 (Vital 
Statistics of Rhode Island, Vol. IV., p. 66), Rachel Cornell of 
Westport. In his will, dated July 24, 1784, and proved Oct. 6, 
1784, he mentions wife Rachel and the following children: 
i. Sarah White, b. Nov. 17, 1755; m. George Slocum. 
ii. Hannah White, b. Aug. i, 1757; m. (i), Oct. 23, 1777, 
David Soulei who died in 1782; (2) Jan. 30, 1783, Jona- 
than Peckham. Children: 

1. Sarah Soule, b. before 1782; m., Dec. 15, 181 1, John 

W. Howland. 

2. Peleg Peckham, b. March i, 1789. 

3. Hannah Peckham, b. April 29, 1795. 

4. Rachel Peckham, b. June 23, 1797. 

iii. Roger White, b. Oct. 10, 1760; m., Jan. 30, 1783, Lydia 
Peckham, b. Jan. 9, 1761, dau. of Stephen. Children: 

1. Sarah White, b. Sept. 28, 1783; m., Feb. 16, 1804, 

Samuel Barker, son of Stephen. 

2. Mehitable White, b. Oct. 26, 1785; m., Dec. 27, 1804, 

Jabez Howland of Dartmouth, son of Luthan. 

3. Elizabeth W^hite, b. Feb. i, 1790; m. Abraham 

Barker, son of Stephen. 


f * A T t f y \}/ 'T «"i 

■-}-i(A :;;:■' m/r 

'{ .n 

l^u'/.ir\^ -^^^ ■■•■>- ■'-'■-■■ - ■:■■" • '■■ '■■;"■' •- ••*•■'-'•' --^^ 

:. ".>-v MIC-- ■ .: .'line' ii;Vi-./ ) 


iv. George White of Dartmouth, b. Nov. 17, 1762; m., Feb. 26, 
1789 (Leonard), Elizabeth Wilcox, dau. of Abner. Chil- 

1. Rhoda White, b. ; m., March 25, 1818, Nicholas 

White, son of Jerathmiel. 

2. Peregrine G. White, b. Jan. 4, 1804; m., Dec. 5, 

1826, his cousin, Priscilla White, b. Feb. 7, 1805, 
dau. of William White and Cynthia Cornell. 
Children: (i) Cynthia, who married Capt. Benja- 
min R. Aikin of Fall River; (2) Susan, who mar- 
ried Henry Beebe of Fall River; (3) Adeline, who 
married Preserved Smith, 
V. Peleg White, of Dartmouth, b. April 16, 1770; m.. May 15, 
1791 (Leonard), Amy Peckham. They had a daughter, 
who was first wife of Stephen Rowland, 
vi. William White, Esq., of Westport, b. June 26, 1773 (Leon- 
ard); d. 1842; m., March 26, 1795 (Leonard), Cynthia 
Cornell, b. Sept. 20, 1778, dau. of Abraham Cornell and 
Priscilla Sandford. Children (Leonard): 

1. Ann White, b. Sept. 25, 1796; m., March 30, 1819, 

Leonard GifFord. 

2. Hannah White, b. May 22, 1799; d. Nov. 10, 1818, 

3. Charles White, b. March 4, 1801; d'. May 20, 1872; 

m., Aug. 16, 1826, Elizabeth S. Almy, dau. of 
Richard. Children: William, Charles, Pa- 

tience, and Caroline, who married Frederick 
Smith, son of Preserved. 

4. Lydia White, b. Feb. 22, 1803; d. June 14, 1805. 

5. Priscilla White, b. Feb. 7 (Feb. 17, Leonard), 1805; 

m., Dec. 5, 1826, her cousin. Peregrine G. W^hite, 
son of George White and Elizabeth Wilcox. See 

6. Eliza White, b. Sept. 22, 1807; m., June 22, 1826, 

Capt. John Allen. 

7. Ocia (or Osia) Ann White, b. Nov. 9, 1809 ; d. March 

31, 1843; m., 1831 (published Nov. 21, 1831), 
David M. Howland of Dartmouth, son of Daniel. 
Children: Charles W., Elizabeth A,, and Hum- 
phrey D. 

8. Abraham C. White, b. Feb. 18, 1812; m., 1833 (pub- 

lished Aug. 24, 1833), Nancy A. Gifford. They 
had a son, John F. 


H T r -T • V U/AJJIW H O 

-M.rr: o/iv ...... 



-:■ ■ ' 

" :;■ 

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. • ' , 

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■ ■ "' 1 

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<■; •-* 1 ; K 



HiSl ,OJ .YOi^ b .''5 .i '>. "•'•!' ■- .-. • ' 

-/:'■? .:: ' . j\ii^r'.i'.'' :u.,jl:lidS' '^aa^JA 

y* :f^'-" ;.-..i;Ti.'; oHw ,--'^:k^-::. ^ bur o';ri-T; 



9. Dr. George F. S. White, b. Aug. 6. 1818; d. May 5, 
1881; ni., April 24. 1845, Mary C. Gary. 

10. Amy H. White, b. June i, 1821; m., Nov., 18, 1840, 

Dr. WilUam H. A. Gray of Fall River. 

11. Peleg S. White, b. June 2, 1825. 

12. Sylvanus^ \\'hite (George-, William^ of^Westport, born 
Dec. 14, 1750; married, March 30, 1773, Mary Gitlord. Children: 

i. Gideon White, b. Feb. 12, 1774; m., Dec. 11, 1798, Abigail 
Gifford, dau. of Jonathan GifYord (son of Silas) and 
Deborah Macomber. He removed to Greenfield, Sara- 
toga County, N. Y. Children: 

1. Chloe White, b. March 28, 1805; m. Lewis Schofield 

of Greenfield, N. Y. They had a daughter, Lu- 
cinda, who married Myron Denton of Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y. . 

2. Lucretia White, b. ; d. young. 

ii. Luthan White, b. July 18, 1777. 

iii. Sarah White, b. ; m., June 8, 1809 (Leonard), in West- 
port, Mass., Joshua Cornell of Scipio, Cayuga County, 
N. Y., son of Gideon Cornell and Ruth White. 

iv. Patience White, b. Jan., 17SS: d. April 5, 1S48; m., Feb. 19, 
1817 (Feb. 9, 1817; Leonard), George Kirby of West- 
port, son of Nathaniel Kirby and Sylvia Macomber. 
(See Descendants of Richard Kirby.) 

13. Obed^ White (George=, William^) of Westport, born ; 

died 1830; married, July 29, 1779 (Leonard), Sarah Peckham. 
In his will, dated Nov. 12, 1824, and proved June i, 1830, he men- 
tions his wife Sarah; son George Kirby; daughters Eunice Kirby 
and Mary White; grandson Stephen Kirby; and granddaughter 
Lydia White. (Recorded at Taunton, Mass., Book LXVIIL, p. 
397.) Children, according to his will: 

i. Eunice White, b. ; m., Feb. 3, 1803, Abraham Kirby 

of Westport, son of Wesson Kirby. (See Descendants of 

Richard Kirby.) 

ii. Mary White, b. ; not married in 1824. 

iii. George White of Westport, b. June 20, 1792; d. April 17, 

1858; m., May 29, 1814 (Leonard), Rhoda Tripp, b. Jan. 

27, 1795; d. Nov. 16, 1869. Children: 

1. Lydia P. White, b. 1817; d. Feb. 3, 1849; m., Jan. 

14, 1832, George W. Wing. 

2. Mary White, b. ; m. Pardon Tripp of Westport. 


HTiHW MAiJjr;;' no .^"" 

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^ ■). .S.J . 

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\< :■■■:■'■ .iiO'j 

."'liT :n.-'ii 

' ' ='T 

::■ • 

-.,.-,: ■ 

r,:^---n .-, -.p' 

. (-:T£ " •■ 

//" ■ * 


'I'O' ■ 

.:-nv' ■i.voO 


;.-,^ f'! i-.~ 

r^ - 

'.:-•" - --rr : o; /> ! 

■ f ■^■-^ 

; ■ ... T 

- - .- .^:^:'/.■' '-y 'l\-'{ .■:. 
^^' '!' b-^J^■^ .-^rn jov! , .n ,:'iii"//' ■'■-t^/'/ .ii 


4. Christopher^' White (William^) of Little Compton, R. I., 

born ; married, :March 4, 1739, Elizabeth Thurston (Vit. 

Stat, of R. I., Vol. IV., p. 66), born Sept. 29, 1719, daughter of 
Edward and Sarah Thurston. Children, according to Vital 
Statistics of Rhode Island, Vol. IV., Little Compton, p. 133: 
i. Sarah White, b. Sept. 28, 1740; m., Feb. 28, 1759, Isaac 

ii. Thurston White, b. Oct. 28, 1741. 
iii. William White, b. May 26, 1742. 
iv. Mary White, b. May 26, 1742; twin with William. 
V. Noah White, b. March 26, 1745; m., March 16, 1777, 
Rhoda Shaw, dau, of Benjamin and Elizabeth Shaw. 
Children : 

1. William White, b. July 15, 1777. 

2. Elizabeth White, b. March 28, 1779. 

3. Susanna White, b. Feb. 9, 1782; m., Dec. 27, 1801, 

William Shaw of Newport, R. I. 

4. Simeon White, b. :March 16, 1785. •■■■ • • . - ■/ 
■.-:- 5. Nicholas White, b. Oct. 7, 1786. , , ■, 7.- 

6. Pardon White, b. Feb. 17, 1788. , ; r ^-,. - . 

7, Roby White, b. Jan. 21, 1795. 

vi. Peregrine White, b. Nov. 19, 1748; d. 1832 at Tiverton, 
Mass.; m., Feb. 10, 1782, Abigail (White) Soule, widow 
of Gideon Soule of Newport. Children: 

1. Peregrine White, b. ; m., Dec. 23, 1804, Pa- 

tience Tabor of Westport. 

2. Gideon S. White, b. ; m., Jan. 4, 1807, Hannah 

Gray, dau. of William. 

3. George White, b. ; m., Feb. 4, 1808, Hannah 

W^oodman, dau. of Robert Woodman of Little 
Compton, R. 1. 
vii. Susanna W^hite, b. Aug. 11, 1751. 

viii. Elizabeth White, b. Feb. 27, 1753; m., Nov. 9, 1780, George 
Brown. Children : 

1. Thurston Brown, b. Aug. 11, 1781. 

2. Pardon Brown, b, Sept. 13, 1787. 

3. George Brown, b. . 

4. Christopher Brown, b. Sept. 4, 1792; m. Deborah 


5. Humphrey Brown, b. Oct. 29, 1796. 
ix. Lucy White, b. Jan. 24, 1755. 

X. Pardon White, b. ; d. 1789. 


O'-i ,'cs .oou 

::-<A .^.^v-T ,ji .(fc'i ,.jr; ; .^Aiil^ 
— -•' ■■■'■•' -I „r 

; A / -nv/ ,< [vyySu> ■: 

-?'i ^c?;. .;:^ -;U (if ; 


xi. Thomas White, b. ; m., Oct. ii, 1789, Ruth Durfee of 

Tiverton, R. I. (See Vital Statistics of Rhode Island, 
where he is called " son of Christopher.") 

5. Abner^ White (William^), born in Dartmouth, Mass.; was 
married at Little Compton, R. I., April 14, 1746, by Richard 
Billings, Justice, to Ruth Brownell (Vit. Stat, of R. L, Vol. IV., 
p. 66), born Dec. 29, 1729, daughter of Charles Brownell of 
Little Compton, R. I., and Mary Wilbor. He removed to 
Dutchess County, N. Y,, before 1752. A deed from Timothy 
Ricketson to " Abner ^^'hite of the Great Nine Partners in Crum 
Elbow, blacksmith," is dated March 10, 1752. (Charlotte Pre- 
cinct Records, Book II., pp. 328, 329.) His v.'ill, dated June 
30, 1794, and preserved at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., mentions wife 
Ruth, sons Charles White, William White, James White, and 
Thomas White; daughters I^Iary Harris and Ruth Merritt; also 
grandsons Thomas Doty and Jeremiah Doty. 

[Charles Brownell of Little Compton, R. I., bom Dec. 23, 1694, 
was the son of Thomas Brownell, born 1650 (son of Thomas) 
and Mary Pearce, daughter of Richard Pearce of Portsmouth, 
R. I. He married, 1717, Mary Wilbor. In his wrll, dated ?vlarch 
21, 1768, he gives to his daughter Ruth White thirty silver dollars. 
This gift is remembered by his descendants in Dutchess County.] 

Children of Abner White and Ruth Brownell: 
14. i. Charles White, b. Dec. 2, 1753; m. Elizabeth Doty. 

ii. William White, b. ; m. ; had a son, William, 

who had: Isaac, Frederick, William, and Edward. 

iii. James White, b. ; removed to Canada. ■ 

iv. Thomas White, b. April 9, 1770, in Mabbettsville, 
Dutchess County, N. Y. ; d. April 15, 1859; m. Re- 
becca Vail, b. July 2, 1770; d. Oct. 8, 1839, dau. of 
Isaac Vail and Lavinia Ketcham. Children: 

1. Isaac White, b. ; m. Mary Horton. 

2. Abner White, b. ; m. Jane Merritt. 

3. Joseph White, b. ; m. Lucy McKimey. 

4. Moses White, b. . 

5. Maria White, b. Jan. 24, 1791 ; d. Sept. 13, 1889, 

aged 98 years, 7 months, and 20 days ; m., 
Nov. 5, 1809, George Cornell of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y., b. Jan. 26, 1787, in Beekman, 
N. Y. ; d. Sept. 3, 1864, son of Richardus 
Cornell and Ruth Slocum. Children : Eg- 


rtTJVC^M MAT T TfU^/ ^O 8 

;Vi ,fil!!,,!.-'Jts(.r m mcvf ('^^rr.'-.i ;'»'//") -^tir'// '^•{3«KfA. .S 


5nij{. b'jjtib j'lrv/ 


5»i;v ciio]':iJii- 

l.-B ,oiI'!V/ ?;- 

o:^fi, : t.!r-'ir>!d i.J. . 


.M;v^r ,<-o .-)/;r ... 

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<i .,= 1 

fr-T .^ fi 

^r^ , ;• ■' ;:' X -n .'.i; .. .; ' " . '/ ■>! .i^i^r^r. ■! 


bert, b. Aug-. lo, 1810; Phcebc Ann, b. Oct. 
3, 1812; Albert, b. Aug. 30, 1816; Hepzibah, 
b. Jan. 25, 1818; Thomas W., b. Jan. 8, 1820; 
Lavinia, b. March 21, 1825. (From old fam- 
ily Bible of George Cornell.) 

6. Lavinia White, b. ; m. Alfred Lyon. 

7. Ruth White, b. ; m. Isaac Dickinson Lyon. 

V. Mary White, b. ; m. Joseph Han is, and had: 

Isaac ; Joseph ; Sally, who married Marshall : 

and Ruth, who also married a Marshall, and lived 
near Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

vi. Ruth White, b. ; m, (i) Doty, and had by her 

first marriage, sons Thomas and Jeremiah, men- 
tioned in her father's will. She married (2) Ichabod 

14. Charles^ White (Abner^ William^), born Dec. 2, 1753, 
in Mabbettsville, Dutchess County, N. Y. ; died April 22, 1822; 
married, about 1776, Elizabeth Doty of Dover, born about 1758, 
supposed daughter of William Doty, whose descendants claim 
as their ancestor Edward Doty, fortieth signer of the Mayflower 
compact. Children : 

i. Phoebe White, b. Dec. 2, 1777; d. June 23, 1858; m. 

Henry Emigh. 
ii. Abner White, b. Jan. i, 1779; d. 1832; m, Eleanor 
Emigh, dau. of Nicholas Emigh and Mary Uhl of 
Union Vale, N. Y. 
15. iii. Charles White, b. April 26, 1781 ; m. Deborah Cornell. 

iv. Elizabeth White, b. ; m. Samuel J. Thorn, son of 

Joseph and Hannah Thorn. 

V. Cornelia White, b. ; m. Allen Hurd. 

vi. Henry (or Humphrey) White, b. 1787; d. 1848; m. 

Sarah Doolittle. 
vii. Oliver White, b. Oct, 20, 1789; d. Dec. 19, 1823. 
viii. Peregrine White, b. Aug. i, 1792; d. March 9, 1873, 
in Illinois ; m., Oct. 17, 1810, Sally Barlow, b. March 
17, 1794, dau. of Nathan Barlow of Amenia, N. Y., 
and Joan Swift. Children : 

1. Samuel Barlow White, b. Nov. 20, 181 1; d. 

April 3, 1896. 

2. Peregrine White, b. March 3, 1815; d. in 




'. I • C,-'' I'-,. 

/.f 9iJ 

(T) .ri- , ... . , ., .iv 

j'iT cn^€ ,'>'5iS( ;-!':.!: ^aift 

:- '8^.81 1' ;■■:■■:' / ,'.>if.:"; ■ * ;^iii:i'r:u}I T.i^ yin-iH .tv 

•r--'T .0 ;::•;:.;.'; -^ ^. )\; J .-^^-A ..' ...iilvV vnlT.^^risSl jiiv 

TV,: : .,.,.: ..: ^: .; 0^^^ ,-; .t:vO . ; , , >:iv-.i::r m 

,:i'M - -v;./v-: d ^J;,r,V v^3i-;iC-'A i'iiiiiijJo .i 

.•:/i;o:' i ■'{ 


ix. Morris White, b. May 12, 1795; d. April 25, 1826; 

m. Patience Doty, b. Sept. 30, 1799, dau. of Joseph 

Doty and Sophia Horton. 
X. Esther White, b. ; m. Robert Van Wyck ; no 


15. Charles" White (Charles^ Abner^ William^), born April 
26, 1781, in Mabbettsville, N. Y. ; died Nov. 20, 1847, in Union 
Vale, N. Y. ; married, Feb. 14, 179S, Deborah Cornell, born 
Jan. 31, 17S0, in Beekman, Dutchess County, N. Y. ; died Dec. 

15. 1848, in New York City, daughter of Richardus Cornell and 
Ruth Slocum. The will of Charles White is on file at Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

[Richardus Cornell, born April 12, 1739, in Hempstead, L. I.; 
died Sept. 14, 1807, in Beekman, N. Y., was the son of Richard 

Cornell of Dutchess County, N. Y., born ; died Sept. 14, 

1794, and Elizabeth Cornell, who were married Dec. 31, 1731. 
His wife, Ruth Slocum, was born May 27, 1744, and died Feb. 
20, 1813, in Westerlo, Albany County, N. Y.] 

Children (from the Bible of Deborah C. White) : 

i. Jacob White, b. Nov. 13, 1799; d. July 4, 1842; m., 
Jan. 26, 182 1, Permelia Carman. They had a son, 
Charles Cornell White, who left two sons, one of 
whom is A. A. White of New York City. 
ii. Ruth White, b. June 22, 1801 ; m. George Weeks. 
iii. George White, b. Dec. 13, 1802; d. soon. 

16. iv. George C. White, b. April 21, 1804; m. Anice Yeo- 

V. Betsy White, b. May 18, 1806; m. Charles Seymour. 
vi. Nancy White, b. July 29, 1808; m. George Sparks. 

They had a son, Charles. 
vii. Alfred White, b. July 3, 1810; m. Eliza Brownell. 

17. viii. Charles White, b. June 26, 1812; m. Eleanor Pilser. 

ix. Sally Maria White, b. July 2, 1814 ; m. Isaac Tripp. 
X. Deborah White, b. Aug. 3, 1816; m. Nathaniel Brown- 
ell ; no children. 
xi. Cornelia White, b. Oct. 4, 1818; m. Nathaniel Brown- 
xii. Samantha White, b. March 5, 1820; m. Charles Sparks, 
xiii. William White, b. Feb. 13, 1823 ; m. Sarah Potter. 
They had a daughter, who is now Mrs. E. C. Hand- 
ford of Closter, N. J. 



. ,.jh'j!-..'''7 fTJ ,;. .'Hi ,o'i 
: {:}'' ' ' . ., . ; ^f<. ir!^;i h) lO'r'j'ir'' ) 

'•r> -.ho ,i;fi05 v.>,'! j]-;[ ■•■■■:r^/ ,.^"( ' ^' I-vr-.„0 i::-li..-.0 
■■r-f'j >I}i.."'i' '/'j/I io -: a'V/ .A .A 2i nicHv/ 
.^:ls5'/»' -^n. '-Sr' .;rr ; ICc-i. Li. :inruT rf /<;' V'' dli'^l n .^ 

-rivroi.'l 'StuLf'}^'/! .in ; 1^181 ,r .guA .d ..••'\.'.'N rfeioc'DG .x 

.mnhiiii*; 0:1 ; 11:3 



IG. George CornelP White (Charles*, Charles^, Abner-, Will- 
iam^), born April 21, 1S04, in Mabbettsville, N. Y. ; died Aug. 
16, 1S59; married, Feb. 4, 1829, Anice Yeomans, born i\Iarch 
II, 180S, in Durham, Greene County, N. Y., daughter of William 
Yeomans and Lucinda Blackmer. She died Jan. 16, 1887, in 
Brinckerhoff, N. Y. George C. White was a farmer in Durham, 
N. Y. 

Children born in Durham, N. Y. : 
i. Permelia White, b. March 26, 1831 ; d. April 10, 1847. 
18. ii. Charles Deborah White, b. Oct. 25, 1837; m. Mary A. 
iii. William Henry White, b. Dec. 13, 1S38; d. Oct. i, 1854. 
iv. Emcline White, b. Aug. 30, 1844; d. Oct. 24, 1850. 

18. Charles Deborah" White (George C.=, Charles*, Charles^ 
Abner^, William^) of BrinckerhofT, N. Y., born Oct. 25, 1837, 
in Durham, N. Y. ; married, Feb. 22, 1859, Mary Angeline 
Havnes, born Aug. 10, 1835, in England, daughter of Aaron J. 
Havnes and Flarriet Reynolds. She died x-\ug. 13, 1897. Charles 
D. W'hite is now living in Brinckerhoff, N. Y. He was for many 
years the proprietor of the Meadowview stock farm, Brincker- 
hofT, N. Y., and was interested in the development of Holstein- 
Frisian cattle. Children : 

i. George Cornell W^hite, b. Nov. 21, 1859; m., Oct. 12, 1887, 
Meta Montfort, b. April 19, i860, in Fishkill Plains, 
N. Y., dau. of Peter V. W. Montfort and Julia A. Stock- 
holm. He is now the proprietor of the Meadowview 
stock farm, and resides in Brinckerhoff, N. Y. ; no chil- 
ii. Milo Jay White, b. Oct. 2, 1861, in Hoosick Falls, Rensse- 
laer County, N. Y. ; m., Sept. 18, 1S89, Julia A. Mont- 
fort, b. April 4, 1861, in Wappingers, Dutchess County, 
N. Y., dau. of Peter V. W. Montfort and Julia A. Stock- 
holm. He is a lawyer, and is now practising his pro- 
fession in Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Children: 

1, Milo J. White, Jr., b. Sept. i, 1890, in Wappingers, 

N. Y. 

2. Harold Montfort White, b. :March 3, 1893, in Mt. 

Vernon, N. Y. 
iii. Anice M. White, b. Jan. 28, 1866, in Wappingers, Dutchess 
County, N. Y. ; m., Oct. 24, 1889, at Fishkill, N. Y., 
Nathan T. Boyd, b. April 17, 1856, in Poughkeepsie, 


.' .01 

.Y. .•/ 

7'>'i -;- .vyr - ■ .Y 

Mr.' :rA •-: 

iV. •,;:( '■(■•; .r/; \,\.i ' f .'/.. 

■' ^ ---r'^ ,f:nM ;;-(,.. • v; 

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Y lUJ^^n .^- 


N. Y., son of John G. Boyd and Phcebe E. Trowbridge. 
He is a manufacturer of hardware and cutlery, and re- 
sides in Yonkers, N. Y. No children. 

iv. Charles H. White, b. May 25, 1868, in Wappingers, X. Y. ; 
m., Feb. 11, 1891, Annie Fowler. He is a farmer in 
Brinckerhofif, N. Y. Children: (i) Charles D., (2) 

Gilbert, (3) Edward. 

V. Albert Winfield White, b. Feb. 11, 1874; not married. 

17. Charles' White (Charles^ Cha^Ies^ Abner^, William^, 
bom in Cairo, Greene County, N. Y., June 26, 1812; died Dec. 
13, 1889, in New York City; married, May 24, 1843, in New 
York City, Eleanor Pelser, born Dec. 25, 1824, daughter of 
William Pelser (bom 1797) and Sarah Ann Stalter (born 1800) 
of New York City, Children: 

i. Frances Amelia White, b. June i, 1844; m., Jan. 26, 1865, 
William Frederick Wilson of New York City, b. May 
8, 1843, in New York City, son of John Wilson (b. March 
28, 1813, in New York City) and Sophia Hooker (b. 
Sept. 30, 1821, at Battle, England, dau. of John Hooker, 
b. May 2, 1770, and Sarah Peckham, b. 1779). Chil- 

dren : 

1. Frances Amelia Wilson, b. July 29, 1866. 

2. William Frederick Wilson, Jr., b. Jan. 31, 1870; 

d. May 9, 1876. 

3. John Wilson, b. Nov. 12, 1872; d. April 9, 1875. 

4. Georgiana W'hite Wilson, b. Aug. 16, 1878. 

5. J. Gilbert W^ilson, b. May 18, 1884. 

ii. Deborah Ann White, b. Oct. 29, 1845; d. Nov. 20, 1887; 
m., Oct. 13, 1868, Theodore Lane, b. Sept. 19, 1846, at 
Sing Sing, N. Y., son of Edward B. Lane and Sarah 
Wicks. Children : 

1. Charles White Lane, b. Oct. 31, 1869; m., Feb. 23, 

1893, Marguerite Nichols, b. Feb. 12, 1874. 
Children: (i) Charles White, b. April 3, 1894; 
(2) Eleanor White, b. Feb. 8, 1896. 

2. Eleanor Lane, b. March 23, 1873; r"-> J^"- 4* ^893, 

Mark Anderson Shaw, b. June 10, 1867, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., son of Capt. Mark Shaw and 
Sarah M. Wood, both of Brooklyn, N. Y. [Mark 
Shaw, b. Jan. 11, 1837, in Horton, Nova Scotia; 

;n^;rf Jon ; J^-T^.^i <l..l .o.rl .•:! 

',0t>:''. -i^'f; KJJii.;-;. luwn. 



.8x81 ^i .v.J/- 

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''Li,:-,:. Lv!.)i ■;>ncJ .8' hiL ■. ..'/ X 

Lrh •:/::]f1. >:--.i--ii. .'OfiO Ic :ioa ,."■' .'^ rrviHooiH 

iJo!>'-; j:;< 


m., Aug. 13, 1864, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sarah 
Margaret Wood, b. Sept. 2, 1843, in Day, Sara- 
toga County, N. Y.] 
iii. Georgiana White, b. Feb. 14, 1858; not married. 

6. Oliver* White (William^) of Dartmouth, Mass., born 
— ; married, Jan. 21, 1747. ^lary Hamian. Children: 

i. Walter White, b. ; d. 1822; m. (i) Sophia Brown; 

m. (2) Esther Saunders. 
ii. Oliver White, b. ; m. Cynthia . Children : 

1. Hannah White, b. Dec. 29, 1781. 

2. Clark White, b. April 16, 1783. 

iii. Penelope White, b. ; m., 17S4, Oliver Davis. 

iv. Godfrey White, b. Sept. 4, 1761 ; m. (i) Susanna ; m. 

(2), 1789, Jane Worden. Children: 

1. Amelia White, b. Jan. 14, 1786. 

2. Amos White, b. May 6, 1787. 

3. William White, b. May 20, 1788. 

4. Phoebe White, b. July 28, 1789. 

5. Oliver White, b. July 22, 1792. 

6. Henry White, b. Dec. 23, 1793. 

7. Jane White, b. Jan, 23, 1796. 

8. Abigail Soule White, b. Nov., 1797. 

9. Gideon Soule White, b. April 21, 1799. 

10. Susanna Green White, b. July 5, 1800. 

11. Walter Ellis White, b. Jan. 11, 1803. 

12. Sophia White, b. Oc". i, 1804. 

V. Susanna White, b. Nov. i, 1766; m., 1793, William Gar- 
diner Greene. 


mod .•-■^' ......_.^_.^r V /r.....:-j7^ ,.,.:,i7r ^".--'O .a 

:.yj.bU:''^ .• ^:.\!zr-j .m. : - .If 

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•,Ujo'i,;!iQ:-:i,A .^ 

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/. . • ,3:!: 'V iindG. 

.3fr'=i?T0 l:5ilil> 


The MacLarcns are of an ancient Highland clan. Their prin- 
cipal seat was at Balquhidder, on the banks of Loch Voil, in 
Perthshire, Scotland. 

1. Finlay MacLaren, the ancestor of the MacLarens of the 
State of New York, was baptized Feb. 12, 1762, in Balquhidder, 
Scotland. He was the son of Donald MacLaren of Balquhidder. 
His mother was one of the family of the MacKinlays of Tayness. 
He was proclaimed in order to marriage April 2, and was mar- 
ried, April 4, 1785, in Callandar, Perthshire, Scotland, to 2vlar- 
garet Campbell. He came to America about 1793, together with 
his wife and family, and resided first in New York City, but 
afterward removed to Albany, N. Y., and from thence to Onon- 
daga, N. Y. He died in 1810 from the effects of a conflict with 
a bear encountered while travelling. He lived about a year after 
the attack. Margaret Campbell !MacLaren died April 7, 1845, 
in Caledonia, N. Y., aged eighty-seven years. She was a woman 
of singular strength of character. Children : 

i. Mary MacLaren, b. Feb. 26, 1786; d. in infancy. 
ii. Margaret MacLaren, b. Sept. i, 1787; d. April 15, 1827; 
m., Jan. 20, 1810, in Onondaga, N. Y., Oliver Rip- 
ley Strong, b. Aug. 5, 1781 ; d. 1872 in Syracuse, 
• " N. Y., son of Jonathan Strong of Lebanon, Ct., and 

Amy Ripley. Children born in Onondaga, N. Y. : 

1. Finlay Strong, b. Dec. 6, 1810. 

2. Mary MacLaren Strong, b. July 13, 1813; m. 

Seth Hutchinson. 

3. Harriet Strong, b. Feb. 9, 1817; m. Benjamin 


4. Janet Strong, b. Sept. 11, 1821 ; m., Oct. 13, 

185 1, Ruel Fobes, M.D., of Syracuse, N. Y. 

5. John MacLaren Strong, b. Sept. 17, 1823; m., 
• . Aug. 25, 1852, Mary Eliza Cossett. 

6. William Ripley Strong, b. July 10, 1825; m., 

Oct. 16, 1855, Theodora Barton, b. May i, 

■ri'ru'i t!'^;;'i .rnt-, bjrsM;::!'; I .Mji^nK ;■>!■;' ms r^rci/j. J :>:;},': n:!T 

: : ■'. ,^:-.m:: .i. ■:■■ " ■>:^ : '--j -.>-;. /^n.; • : ,--, J:,.:.l/: ..;.!'"! ,f 

; '" :r'r;pici,; : .;- ,!«:. l'>n'/ ■■,:•.■"-'.; )■■.• -;..-^ "i.:' -jV//- :>.;i ,biuu.r,'^ 
.■■: (•. 1 jO P7). '.;t. '!:>':• ' };i! *■• .' -■■ '-■ M -r-^ ^:y/' ifmunn nil 

■> ■.!.■; ,.:u has ,1 i.-i".'. -" i.'".-:^- ; . • / . '\- r: i - r';':-,ioo^'? ^jr'/ 3H 
-■...' ^;; .'\a^/i:oe- ,:.::. ::'-;9^ -!:.:■:. i,/^ r: .,/>f .^ ll-iqA '.^i- 
;.:. ' ••..'-,;^." ■■' ■;:,.-;;«•■' '•■..-;;,; .: ,■.■:( . ■''{im&') '■^\^;2 

,: ■ .■ .:■■,: I.J.- -^;•:. • :" ■;-'■'■ -J :.■■.-,. j I ^ .::!oj:J'., --ij 

•".-..■•iiMj ■.•.';■•:,.■/-'■■ ;■,. ;l.:-„.j; .•■ ■: ■:/L.irr-u-ii ].> 

• ... :: . ■ .08;- -, ./r- ^: ,;, ..t^ J-:^].! n^''. ^ 

;_:; ^: ^. ■ ' ,-■ , ..-;■-■ ', . -.-. ^ jiA/i j'iii^yiidA .ii * 

,■■ ', /. '' ;■' • , b : i-r ■ . ,■: -n'^r .A, yp-^'-'-: :"' 

.vj von/i 
;i ' .^ ? , a: • -r'-^T .n r;-^ .'1 ."nr^-i-' i ->'-,.;_ *., 
.Y ,■.: .-'ORT-;^ 1- ,, '■!.)/ ■:>.J'j'-- -■"•:■: . .,:'•'! 
rt ;.,.-'• :'i ._''" ' ,!• n "■ -, . '-_' ■;:. ---Y'Y a '.-.'_ ^ 

;:;■ ■ ;:,.■ •..•.. ^'i •■":. ' •' . .?/": ' ."' ~ .V'.'- 

,,■',■ i .:v: .-:.■■■[ :. !•• 0:^:iY ,; ^cii .h\ .)j<J 


1834, dau. of Theodore D. Barton and Alma 
Taylor. Children: (i) Harriet Knower, 

b. Sept. 24, 1856; (2) Leonora Barton, b. Oct. 
6, 1S60; (3) Theodore D. Barton, b. Oct. 24, 
1862; d. Aug. 6, 1S64 ; (4) MacLaren, b. July 
14, 1867. 

iii. John MacLaren, bapt. May iS, 1789; d. in infancy. 

iv. Janet MacLaren, b. Oct. 4, 1790; d. in infancy. 

V. Christian MacLaren, b. May 6, 1792; m. James R. Law- 
rence of Syracuse, N. Y. 

2. vi. Donald Campbell 2^IacLaren, b. Oct. 3, 1794; m. Jane 

vii. Mary ]MacLaren, b. 1796; m. Edward Bronson. 

3. viii. Malcolm Neill MacLaren, b. July i, 179S; m. Susan 


4. ix. William MacLaren, b. ; m. Janet McNaughton. 

6. X. John Finlay MacLaren, b. Feb. 7, 1803; m. Mary 


2. Donald CampbelP MacLaren, D.D. (Finlay^), born Oct. 
3, 1794, in New York City; died May 7, 1882, in Geneva, N. Y. 
He was graduated from Union College in 181 3, and afterward 
studied theology with the Rev. John ^L Mason, D.D., of New 
York City. He was a minister of the Associate Reformed Pres- 
byterian Church, and was pastor successively of churches in 
Cambridge, Caledonia, and Geneva, N. Y. He was moderator of 
the General Assembly of this church at its meeting in Pittsburg, 
Pa., when, by union with the Associate Church, the United 
Presbyterian Church was formed. He married, Sept. 9, 1823, 
in Cambridge, N. Y., Jane Stevenson, born June 11, 1803, in 
Cambridge, N. Y. ; died Aug. 27, 1875, ^n Geneva, N. Y., daugh- 
ter of William Stevenson of Cambridge, N. Y. 

[William Stevenson, born Feb. 7, 1772, in Straureaur, Scot- 
land, came to America in 1795, and settled first at Arg>de, Wash- 
ington County, N. Y., and afterward removed to Cambridge, 
N. Y. He was married, Oct. 16, 1800, in Argyle, N. Y., by the 
Rev. Archibald Whyte to Mary MacNeil, born about 1775, 
daughter of John MacNeil and Jane Whorry. She died March 
28, 1815, leaving four children: Jane, William, Anna, and James. 
He married (2) widow Frances (McAllister) Wardale, daughter 
of John McAllister, Esq., of Philadelphia; and (3) widow Jane 
(Livingston) Shaw. William Stevenson died July 8, 1844, in 


")i\M ¥AiPll^ ■ HO 

,0 r^irchooifT lo .uiv> ,^iSi 

;..:i:^'^ h- pt,;n- :;•■• .:-;;-:r ■■.:,■ .-,.,7 .:■.;::,;.) ;.,■. ••Kiivd^o-r'i 
: :.;;=,'.■ .:jii:5 bnr: ,. / ./; ^\':nii'.j"J no;^ni 



:-'-.■:" .h',..: -uv 


Cambridge, N. Y. His mother, Janet Galloway, died 1834 in 

Argyle, N. Y., aged ninety-two years.] 
i. Rev. William Stevenson IvIacLaren, b. July 8, 1824, in 
Cambridge, N. Y. ; d. July 12, 1874, in Santa Bar- 
bara, Cal. ; m. (i) Elizabeth Beveridge, dau. of John 
Beveridge of Newburgh, N, Y. ; (2) Margaret Mc- 
Martin of Mumford, N. Y. Mrs. Margaret M. Mac- 
Laren is now residing in Santa Barbara, Cal. Chil- 
dren by his first wife : 

1. Isabella B. MacLaren, b. ; m. Howard. 

2. Anna Margaret MacLaren, b. ; m. 

Children by his second wife : 

3. Jane MacLaren. 

4. Elizabeth MacLaren, b. ; m. Izzard. 

ii. Margaret Campbell MacLaren, b. 1826 in Cambridge, 

N. Y.; d. 1863 in Geneva, N. Y. ; m., 1857, Rev. J. 
R. W. Sloane, D.D., then pastor of the Reformed 
Presbyterian Church of New York City, and after- 
ward Professor of Theology in the Theological 
Seminary at Allegheny, Pa. Children : 

1. Donald Sloane, b. 1858. 

2. Robert Sloane, b. i860; d. in infancy. 

6. iii. Robert Neil MacLaren, b. April 9, 1828 ; m. An-«a 


7. iv. Finlay MacLaren, b. Aug. i, 1830; m. Anna MacMai ■ 

8. v. Donald Campbell MacLaren, b. March 7, 1834; m. 

Elizabeth Stockton Green. 
vi. Mary MacLaren, b. 1836 in Caledonia, N. Y. ; m. Ed- 
ward Bronson Richardson of Geneva, N. Y. Chil- 
dren : 

1. Francis S. Richardson. 

2. Donald E. Richardson. 

3. John MacLaren Richardson. 

vii. Malcolm N. MacLaren. b. 1838 in Caledonia, N. Y. ; 
d. April 5, 1861, in St. Paul, Minn. 

viii. James Stevenson MacLaren, b. 1841 in Caledonia, 
N. Y. ; d. June 17, 1861, in Geneva, N, Y. 
ix. Jane Stevenson MacLaren, b. March 28, 1843, in Cale- 
donia, N. Y. ; d. April 28, 1886, in Potsdam, N. Y. ; 
m., Jan. 9, 1873, Rev. Reynold M. Kirby of Pots- 



-' ' " 




' ^ viu! d ... 

: yliv/ .*. ')lufD 


• bTfit^i .rrr ; -f ' « 

' ■ -Ai ..r:: ; Y .Z / - .1 

-tij / T-r./eX;;! rroi!? ,.G.(i .5n/;c'I^ .V/ .51 

. r^/:j .:i/^ '.v-:' } . d^ii-' M 

' .1 
f,' -A .//! ,2i8i. ,c» IhqA .d .crir.a^ !;[/■. lis /I liDcloH .iif 9 

-;-i ) .Y ,"1 .nV'^neO lo no^bTrti:.!/! no:.iio:U hif:.'^ 


dam, N. Y. (See Descendants of Joseph Kirby.) 
Children : 

1. Edmund Kirby, b. June 6, 1874. 

2. Minnie Everett Kirby, b. Jan. 13, 1876. 

3. Donald MacLaren Kirby, b. Jan. 2, 1878, 

4. Virginia Rowland Kirby, b. June 21, 1880. 
X. John MacLaren, b. ; d. when nine years old. 

6. General Robert NeiP MacLaren (Donald C.-, Finlay^), 
born April 9, 182S, in Caledonia, N. Y. ; died July 30, 1886, in 
St. Paul, Minn. He was educated at Union College, but left 
before graduation and went to Oregon. He subsequently re- 
moved, about 1856, to Red Wing, Minn. In 1859 and i860 he 
was a member of the Minnesota Senate. Upon the outbreak of 
the war with the Sioux Indians he assisted in raising the Sixth 
Minnesota Regiment, of which he was a Captain. He became 
Major, and served in General Henry H. Sibley's expedition 
across the northwestern plains. During the Civil War he was 
Major of the Fifth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Colonel of 
the Second Minnesota Cavalry, and was brevetted Brigadier- 
General for meritorious services. After the war he was post 
Captain at Fort Snelling, w^hen the Indian chiefs. Little Six and 
Medicine Hat, were executed. He was also U. S. Marshal for 
Minnesota, Chairman of the State Central Republican Commit- 
tee, and a recognized leader of the Republican party. 

General MacLaren married, May 10, 1857, Anna MacVean, 
born April 7, 1832, in Wheatland, Monroe County, N. Y., daugh- 
ter of Archibald MacVean and Diana Densmore. His widow 
is now living in West Superior, Wis, Children : 

i. Archibald MacLaren, M.D., b. April 16, 1858; m., Dec, 
1889, Katharine Dean of St. Paul, Minn. Children 
born in St. Paul, Minn. : 
- I. Margaret MacLaren, b. April, 1891. 
2. Katharine MacLaren, b. April, 1894. 
ii. Jean MacLaren, b. Feb. 19, 1861 ; m., Sept. 8, 1892, in St. 
Paul, Minn., George Edmund IngersoU of St. Paul, 
b. 1856 at Irvington-on-Hudson, son of D. W. IngersoU 
and Harriet Smith. One child: 

I. Jean MacLaren IngersoU, b. Aug. 9, 1896. 
iii. Robert Finlay MacLaren, b. Sept. 15, 1871. 

7. Finlay' MacLaren (Donald CampbelF, Finlay^), born 
Aug. I, 1830, in Caledonia, N. Y. ; died May 16, 1862, in Geneva, 


( :;dii>i /iq^30|, "Ic star.; 

.^-u ■ 

-OT V' ■::. . '■ " ' ' " :''~" ' ;.:>.■; ija£ HOJi' ■•>(] 

^'1"^ ■ '.■ .<>r?}\ .tMod-3 ,b9v«'>(n 

UJ > ' -,'] V •-,,' . r. ■"■ ..' 

--^r-'' ''' '' -' f:/l 

-;. ■.■ hcf, ,, :;.: -s^; ■ •-"• -U. '—-v^ ':;■!; 

;^-,j5 ,-f;.-' ..;.,: T -^:wr?^. ...p-.t ^.jt n;)dv/ . ^-.3 

-il'^iiui, ,,Y .," .buLUii-atl'/l rrr ,'^(;!^i ,^ IrqA mod 

: fir ,;-J ..:V'' -o:--ia;;-' '':•=>'', ;■■ fl-ivil v/ors Jit 

..roG .-rn ■8?<^i Or 'r:qA /f ,/! ^C .?■■ -i vJ3i;].': -u.^iiiriA .i 
.i^.-'.L'ljflO .nnilvi .Ii/e'I J2 }o fi.o'jQ -n'nuhr.'A ,0881 

: .ij!.Jl/L .hifi4 S< 111 iitCKJ 
, i (,.''■■ i J;"u{/, .'■; I 

•r:; H' .%.'-: ,■:• .irr^-^ ,.fri ; .03; ... . _ . ■• / " 'rlA n£3{_ .li 
lus'l A-i ':o !iO;;;3:;i;I f>af"ni^;i ryi'toru-' ,,.';n;i.^ Jwb'u 


N. Y. ; married, May 23, i860, in New York City, Anna Winslow 
MacMartin, born Nov. 19, 1836, in Jersey City, N. J., daughter 
of Peter MacMartin (son of ^Malcolm MacMartin and Jane Mc- 
Intyre) and Harriet Jackson Lyon, daughter of Aaron Lyon 
and Elizabeth Jackson. One child: 

i. Harriet MacLaren, b. Feb. 25, 1861, in Milwaukee. Wis.; 
ni., June 7, 18S2, in New York City, George Richards, 
b. March 2^, 1849, son of George Richards of New Lon- 
don, Ct., and Anna Woodruff. (George Richards, Sr., was 
the son of Peter Richards of New London, Ct., and Ann 
Huntington, dau. of Gen. Jedediah Huntington of New. 
London, Ct.) Children : 

1. Harriet :MacMartin Richards, b. Sept. 30, 1SS4. 

2. Marjorie Richards, b. Dec. 24, 1&85. 

3. George MacLaren Richards, b. March 7, 1SS9; d. 

Jan., 1890. 

4. Archibald MacMartin Richards, b. Dec. 16, 1892. 

5. Anna W^oodruff Richards, b. July 2, 1894. 

6. Guy Huntington Richards, b. Dec. i, 1895. 

8. Donald CampbelP MacLaren, D.D. (Donald CampbelP. 
Finlay^), born March 7, 1834, in Caledonia, N. Y. He graduated 
from Union College, 1853, and from Princeton Theological 
Seminary, 1857; was ordained July i, 1857, by the Presbytery 
of New Brunswick, and installed pastor of Tennent Presbyterian 
Church, near Freehold, N. J., ^March 10, 1863, he was com- 
missioned by President Lincoln as Chaplain U. S. Navy, and 
March 7, 1896, was placed on the retired list, having reached the 
age fixed by law. He received the degree of D.D. from Wooster 
University. He was married, July 14, 1858, in Princeton, N. J., 
to Elizabeth Stockton Green, born Jan. 14, 1838, daughter of 
Professor Jacob Green of Princeton College and Anna Eliza 
MacCulloh. (Professor Jacob Green was afterward Professor in 
the JefTerson Medical College of Philadelphia, of which he was 
also one of the founders. He was the son of Ashbel Green, D.D., 
President of Princeton College.) Children : 

i. Rev. Donald Campbell MacLaren, b. July 14, 1859, in 

Tennent, N. J. ; graduated from Princeton College, 1879, 

and from Princeton Theological Seminary, 1884 ; is not 

now preaching on account of ill-health. 
ii. Anna Green MacLaren, b. July 5, 1861, in Tennent. N. J. ; 

m., Nov. 2(i, 1888, William A. Robinson, b. Sept. 25, 


jf c? p A y ^\ a ** tr t f T/r t •» 


b ;;j88i .v; 

i bi'i; ,:•; 

a , ■. .-^, .bioiii^j 

-.•;:- :■':/' n:i07t .C.i.(i l''* ^•:'''; -OS-j ^i i . // '^' vj Ivjxi) ^^j;; 

.'_ v\ .'..,-r:)">Th'I )■',( /■.,■,:-■ f ., -..' ;^.-.' ?i{ .yJ!:'Tvvin"J 

;■• ...I.-^b ,S^/^;i .^.T .ns(_ moci ji-j'.iD i !'.;;•'••■:■• -3 ri^^tiu^KH ot 

""■|„: e:!:vA '>i!E r;,;:>!ic3 n .•■•■''":■.■■ '.: " " '" 

■^.:\' •■'■': Hoiif-A- lo ,pifiuioh£ ,;i-;:5Jr> i!VJH^A lo iV*?. O^t 25V/ 3il .f" 


1861, in Harrisburg, Pa., son of Rev. Thomas Hastings 
Robinson, D.D., and Alary Wolf Buchler; graduated 
from Princeton College, 1881 ; is now Professor of 
Greek Language and Literature in Lehigh University. 
Children born in South Bethlehem, Pa. : 

1. Elizabeth Robinson, b. Feb. 8, 1890. 

2. Thomas Hastings Robinson, b. Jan. 17, 1893. 
iii. Elizabeth Stockton IMacLaren, b. Aug. 28, 1S63, in Monti- 
cello, N. Y. ; m., Oct. 29, 1885, Edwin S. Simons, b. 
July 28, 1861, in Philadelphia, Pa. They are now re- 
siding in Orange, N. J. Children: 

1. Edwin Simons, b. Feb. 16, 1888; d. in infancy. 

2. Donald Simons, b. July 28, 1890. 

3. John Farr Simons, b. Jan. 3, 1892. 

iv. William Stevenson MacLaren, i\LD., b. Jan. i, 1866, in 
Princeton, N, J. ; graduated from Princeton College, 
1886, and from College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
New York City, 1889; assistant surgeon Bellevue Hos- 
pital, 1889-91 ; m. (i), June 16, 1892, Louisa Cobane, 
b. Jan. 31, 1865 ; d. July 13, 1896; m. (2), April 12, 1898, 
Blanche Freeman of Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. William S. 
MacLaren is now practising his profession in Litch- 
field, Ct. Children: 

1. Lydia MacLaren, b. June 2, 1894. 

2. William Stevenson IMacLaren, Jr., b. June 16, 1896. 
V, Malcolm MacLaren, b. June 21, 1869, in Annapolis, ]\Id. ; 

is an electrical engineer of the Westinghouse Electric 
Company, and at present (1898) is stationed in London, 
vi. Alice Austin MacLaren, b. March 25, 1872, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
vii. Isabella William.son MacLaren, b. Aug. 14, 1874, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

3. Malcolm NeiP MacLaren, D.D. (Finlay^), born July i, 
1798, in Albany, N. Y. ; died July 2, 1887, in Auburn, N. Y. 
He was ordained in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 
and was successively pastor of churches at Broadalbin, Hamp- 
tonsburg, and Johnstown, all in New York State ; also of the 
First Presbyterian Church of Rochester, N. Y., and of the Dutch 
Reformed Church on the Heights in Brooklyn, N. Y. His last 
pastorates were over the Dutch Reformed Church of Newburgh, 



/.:-^i ... 
c <■: V ' '. -'.no. 

:-'■ ii^yi-^rit'h jr:;;1.;;>.- ;v'-:.M .■(.,:.■' .\^o{ w^H 
. .1.1 iM'j/. ,;^ * ,nj : ^s/'^; .-; -.I.J .L^ ; [^o^i j/; .its! .J 



'■•' ,^;ft.>q■^;,■ll!.' • :-^^"' [■:_ _:':/■ .c ,rj')"i;.. I'j%''^ rn.o'sf- tif.v 

, Y .yj :: ;i 

.7 .'4 juu:]:r^ r:] -Z^i ,5. vhj]; h-H. , .Y .V .YfteJiA ni ,Sq\i 

r..,i .:Jli .';' .,' .n Y:Kr;'I ,:' ^;j;-y;j •! ■■' no jb-jL-nD r-'irrnob>I 


N. Y., and the Presbyterian Church of Caledonia, N. Y. He 
was married, July 25, 1827, in Auburn, N. Y., to Susan Patty, 
born Dec. 24, 1806, in Auburn, N. Y., daughter of John Patty 
of Auburn and Hannah White Stockton of Princeton, N. J. 
(Hannah White Stockton, born Feb. 18, 1786, was the daughter 
of Benjamin Brearley Stockton, born Aug. 14. 1754, and Sarah 
Howell Arnett, and granddaughter of Major Thomas Stockton 
of Princeton, N. J., and Sarah Brearley, daughter of John Brear- 
ley of Lawrenceville, N. J.) Mrs. Susan Patty :MacLaren is 
still living (1897) in Auburn, N. Y. Children: 

i. Hannah ^.lacLaren, b. June 7, 1828, in Broadalbin, N. Y. ; 
m. (i), Sept. 12, 1850, William H. Shepherd of Brook- 
lyn, n'. Y. ; m. (2) John B. Woltl of Washington, D. C. ; 
no children, 
ii. jMargaret Campbell MacLaren, b. April 28, 1830, in Broad- 
albin, N. Y. ; m. (i), Oct. 14, 1857, in Newburgh, N. Y.. 
John M. Eager of New York City, b. Oct. 13, 1817, in 
Newburgh, N. Y., son of Samuel Watkins Eager and 
Catherine MacAulay, both of Newburgh, N. Y. He 
died March 4, 1869, in New York City, and she 
ried (2), Feb. 10, 1875, Robert Armstrong Nelson of 
Auburn, N. Y., b. May i, 1821, in Lansingburgh, N. Y. 
Children by her first husband : 

1. Margaret MacLaren Eager, b. . 

2. Dr. John M. Eager, M.D.. b. ; m. Constance 

Coldough of New York City. He graduated 
from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
New York City, and is now in the Marine Hos- 
pital Service and stationed at Southport, N. C. 
Children: (i) John M. Eager, Jr., (2) Howard. 

3. Susan MacLaren Eager, b. April 6, 1863, in New 

York City, 
iii. Mary Elizabeth MacLaren, b. March 22, 1835, in Ham.p- 

tonsburgh, N. Y. ; d. April 5, 1842. 
iv. Malcolm MacLaren, b. Oct. 28, 1841, in Broadalbin, N. Y. ; 
m. Jean Fraser of Caledonia, N. Y. Pie resides in Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Children : 

I. Malcolm Neil MacLaren, b. Jan. 19, 1869; m., Sept. 
4, 1895, Dorothy Cumming Train. One child: 
(i) Malcolm Neil, b. Aug. 5, 1896. 


.;■;.' ' '•■' ■■■^"{' .^■'- .'3';/.-; '-t •/->: pj ' - ,, . :. :•_, 

■ .■-/(■. ■iiwjf !.> -\T-i:;MiHi:» ,v'.; 1. . : ■.; iin;^ , T ,/' ,/,..:•) j.::: ;'i 'o 

■ : :vr; '"lJ .Y .>: jnijJuA i^< ;' -m'- . : ■:.-lv'( Hr,. 

• Y .Y r-= -iln .- . ■ /-::, ,x ■^'■■^l ■•-; .-^-.; ' v:^ ■ ^:i::r -/.[i .; 

; .' :■ A_i ,i!OJ;2ni';<'j:'// lo IiJoV/ .U mivl (■; j .irt ;.'/ ./ .nvl 

.'{■)■:' A]': J O:! 

..Y :/. .';o-n.'l -)■:< -; .^^8i ;.; ■ Aj /Y' ;•' Y .v: ,nME/, 
: ; ,-18 ■ .yi .;:)0 A .v)iJ • 'v / .v^Y I- -'o- ,^Y .^^ :;•-•( 
Yji^: I'i-^f/'i ?iu-A~/' h'f{r.::-'i ''■:' re? ,7 .,1 ,r'':~ ,:^ / v^Y 
:?Y .Y .1'! ,''Y - "'' ■.'.■^' '.■ ■;;.:■■) ,Yr;Nf ' v.'; ' ' ?:tiv'.;:*i3 
-' fit ■:>:[ •■;;. ,,:...• :'':■ {' ■ ;/ ,< k'; Y , nr.l'' b^ib 

:>; ,-;;i:;V: -f;o 1'::;^' :/. :•::>;. ,c;-/,Or ■:. • i; h:-r- 
.V ,'•'' ;I;;jmti';j IT /:;,,,-..[ -Tt .'^.^-.i .\ -ilfi .c ,Y Y .•" •? ',aA 
■■>;'■(.■ -it;/; Jiih -T^':^ Y !":./;::■"•"!' 
— ■ .(j ^Tji'jti.i n^jit-v ■'.>',.• ^. ■'''" ".^rjiii^ i'li .: 

j:i-:j.; 'I'. '/■ ra : -d ,,G.!'C ,73r;f:Y .]/' jY.m -^l .•£ 

Y,r:.' •-■■'; -H 'lY :•'.',' ';'Y i' iYj'.>bY'' 

--icH anprY ^^/iJ r:' v-on -■; '<.-:■: , ■ , • '.i^^'Y ; . . '. 

':.' y. ,J-:Ovj'r"0:' 3.. .»-.•<':., Y ; -^^----^ :'.;iq 

'. ■ 'Al '■:.;,■;; .--V^Y 1^ -ri'^i, \ r : ■.:r^-l''h\J 

Vti J ylToY' 

oo'^ i :'! s:iii .i' ,;;■'■:/>. 


:.v,: ,: . '■' / ';:-•: .;.»:.^Y -!s,;:sv'-I '-:io</'..? ,> 


4. William- :MacLaren (Finlay^), born ; died April 5, 

1840, in Gait, Canada; married, March 28, 1832, Janet Mc- 
Naughton of Caledonia, N. Y., born Aug. 22, 1801 ; died Feb. 
28, 1883, at Union Centre, Kan., daughter of Duncan McNaugh- 
ton and Margery Sinclair of Amsterdam, N. Y. He was a 
farmer, and lived in Canada. Children : 

9. i. John Finlay MacLaren,b.Feb.26, 1833 ; m. Rachel Oliver, 
ii. Margery MacLaren, b. Sept. 20, 1834; d. 1840 in Gait, 

iii. Jane MacLaren, b. Nov. 14, 1836; m., Oct. 11, 1866, in 
Gait, Canada, George M. Acheson, b. Oct. 29, 1837, 
son of John and iSIary Jane Acheson of Newton-Ham- 
ilton, Co. Armagh, Ireland. He is a farmer, and is 
now living in Union Centre, Kan. Children : 

1. Jennette Isabel Acheson, b. July 16, 1867; m., 

Jan. 29, 1895, Samuel Hefner. One child: 
(i) William, b. Jan. 15, 1896. 

2. Mary Jane Acheson, b. May 13, 1870. 

3. Selma Strain Acheson, b. April 4, 1873. 

4. William Acheson, b. Aug. 31, 1875; d. July 27, 


5. George Finlay Acheson, b. May 20, 1878. 

6. Sarah Emma Acheson, b. April 3, 1881. 

iv. William D. MacLaren, b. Jan. 6, 1840; m., June 8, 1864, 
Emma J. Stout, b. Jan. 19, 1844, in Allegheny City, 
dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Stout. He removed 
to Warren, Pa., in 1803, and is now the editor and 
proprietor of the " Warren Mirror," the official news- 
paper of Warren, Pa. They had one child, who died 
soon after birth. Their adopted son is : 

I. Eugene F. MacLaren, b. Aug., 1875. He is the 
local editor of the " Warren Mirror." 

9. John Finlay' Macl^ren (William^, Finlay^), born Feb. 26, 
1833, in Gait, Canada; married, Nov. 6, 1856, in St. Catharines, 
Canada, Rachel Oliver, born May 2, 1835, in Guelph, Canada, 
daughter of James Oliver and Sarah Dyer. Since 1889 they 
have been living in Chicago, 111. Children : 

i. James MacLaren, b. Dec. 21, 1857, in Guelph, Canada. 
ii. Margaret Elizabeth MacLaren. b. April 3, 1859, in Gait, 
Canada; m., April 19, 1888, in Aurora, 111., Gustav 
Dreier of Chicago, 111. Children: 


■ e u-iqA U-d> 

w ,^ 

'\^<') I'w-:. '■.M .iiJ 


;U,;--! nr\,,{ j 


'in£rt5r,..> j 

:;!.•:-. 'O ,-:C]h\j:'' rA ,-/-lr ,i v^t'' / ' •■; /->v:!0 !^»'i:;,t.>I .rjbirn'O 
'■- - ■ . , '■• . -n-i- .^ ■'. '; >.■'"'' I ,Oi '. i I ■■•. ,.rr! : ; -^ : 


1. Hazel Marguerite Dreier, b. March 12, 1889, in 

Chicago, 111. 

2. Edna May Dreier, b. May 21, 1891, in Chicago, 111. 

3. Ethel Isabel Dreier, b. March 30, 1893, in Chi- 

cago, 111. 

4. Rachel MacLaren Dreier, b. April 13, 1896, in 

Chicago, 111. 
iii. Clarissa Bronson MacLaren, b. Aug. i, i860, in Gait, 
■ iv, William MacLaren, b. May 24, 1862, in Gait, Canada; 
d. Feb. 19, 1898, in Chicago, 111.; m., May 24, 1883, in 
Apple River, 111., Sarah Brennen of Warren, 111. She 
died June 6, 1890, in Chicago, 111. Children: 

1. Edward William MacLaren, b. Sept. 12, 1884, in 

Bay City, Mich. 

2. Frank Roy MacLaren, b. June 18, 1887, in Chi- 

cago, 111. 

3. John Arthur MacLaren, b. July 27, 1889, in Chi- 

cago, 111. 
V. Mary Lucille MacLaren, b. Dec. 8, 1864, in " The Wil- 
derness," Wayne, Wis. 
vi. Janie Irene MacLaren, b. April 8, 1867, in Warren, 111. 
vii. Finlay MacLaren, b. July 23, 1869, in Eureka, Kan. 
viii. Oliver Malcolm MacLaren, b. Sept. 10, 1872, in Union 
Centre, Kan. 
ix. Donald Campbell MacLaren, b. July 4, 1877, in War- 
ren, III. 

5. John Finlay^ MacLaren, D.D. (Finlay^), born Feb. 7, 1803, 
in Onondaga, N. Y. ; died March 14, 1883, in Princeton, N. J. 
He was a minister of the Presbyterian Church, and was pastor 
successively of churches of this order at Geneva, N. Y., 1829-45 ; 
at Hagerstown, Md., 1845-46; and at Pittsburg, Pa., 1846-51. 
He was afterward President of the Western University of Penn- 
sylvania. During the Civil War he served as Chaplain of the 
Tenth Pennsylvania Reserves. He married, Jan. 19, 183 1, at 
Geneva, N. Y., Mary Bull MacKay, born Dec. 12, 1808, in Avon, 
N. Y., daughter of Colonel Robert MacKay and Sophia Clark, 
both of Caledonia, N. Y. (Colonel Robert MacKay was in the 
war of 1812.) Mary B. MacLaren died Jan. 31, 1879, in Prince- 
ton, N. J. Children : 

i. Rev. William Edward MacLaren, S.T.D., b. Dec. 13, 


I;;!") r.] ,od8; ,t ,:sf'A .df j'-j'icJ-i: 

f ' i' , -.^ • . I 

if'// i;:rr^^ ;-i .;/*: Z .v:C .. .i-.-r.Iod'^ t;!i:;^rr.T neM .v 

.ill .n^v! 

iv:-;j', rvi .>>G' 

.:-•:,!/[ hir///' 


1831, in Geneva, N. Y. ; graduated from Washing- 
ton and Jefferson College in 185 1, and from Alle- 
gheny Theological Seminary, i860. He became a 
Presbyterian minister, and for three years was a mis- 
sionary in Bogota, South America. On his return 
to the United States he was pastor of Presbyterian 
churches in Peoria, 111., and Detroit, Mich. He 
joined the Protestant Episcopal Church on July 29, 
1872, and directly afterward accepted a call to Trin- 
ity Church, Cleveland, O. In Sept., 1875, he was 
elected Bishop of Illinois, and was consecrated, Dec. 
6, 1875, in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and 
St. Paul, Chicago, 111. He received the degree of 
S.T.D. from Racine College, 1873, and D.C.L. from 
the University of the South, 1883. He married, 
June 14, i860, in Clinton, N. Y., Mary Fake. 

1. Mary MacLaren, b. in Bogota, S. A.; d. in in- 


2. Martha MacLaren, b. May 8, 1865, in Peoria, 111. 

3. William Augustine MacLaren, b. Aug. 20, 1869, 

in Detroit, Mich. 

4. Helen MacLaren, b. Nov. 15, 1883, in Chi- 

cago, 111. 

ii, Margaret MacLaren, b. Feb. 10, 1834, in Geneva, N. Y. ; 
m., Sept. 15, 1857, in Allegheny, Pa., Dr. James 
Samuel Woods, b. Aug. 3, 183 1, in Geneva, N. Y., 
son of James Harvey Woods and Mary S. Clarke, 
both of Geneva, N. Y. He died Nov. 21, i860, and 
she married (2), Dec. 20, 1869, Rev. Archibald Alex- 
ander Hodge, D.D., LL.D., Prof, in Princeton 
Theological Seminary, b. July 18, 1823; d. Nov. 11, 
1886, in Princeton, N. J., son of Rev. Charles Hodge, 
D.D., of Princeton Theological Seminary. No 

iii. Sophia Miranda MacLaren, b. Dec. 18, 1836, in Geneva, 
N. Y.; d. Oct. I, 1856, in Allegheny, Pa. 

iv. John Finlay MacLaren, b. March 16, 1840, in Geneva, 
N. Y. ; m., Dec. 12, 1871, Fanny Marvin, b. Jan. 4, 
1849, in Cincinnati, O., dau. of Richard Marvin of 
St. Paul, Minn., and Hannah Reading. He served 
during the Civil War as private in the Tenth Penn- 



.- „Y M . ._ .._ . 

Ail .Br:oj : ni .-dJ'i ,^ (c^v: -* ,^(--r. ■ ^7/; ^-rlns'/ .'; 

-X^fA l'f/Mj.i;';-A z^;)/! ,Qd8l .Oft -DsC! ^:n'i i)'),;.:^ ;. Vii? 
,3^;iH':n ^'^I'liUiO .V^>Ij^!;-; HOg ,.|_ .'/.. J\Ol'2i.>{1V\'-l iU .0-^1 

/\ . i<::jnyi:}\iri. ni .d^^T ,3 j^iO .;.» : V vl 
J. .nt-', .r[ ni^ii:;]/- vnn?^ ,i\3r ,s:t .:-»': rn ; .Y .M 

:-!n.''' (In.^ : • .. vAvn'j ?•. lij ,'/ 


sylvania Reserves. He is now living in Duluth, 
Minn. (Richard i^Iarvin, b. in Warwickshire, Eng- 
land, was the son of Luke Marvin (Richard% Luke*, 
Ricliard^) and Mary McArthur, both of Warwick- 
shire, England. He married, April 6, 1837, in 
Leamington, Co. Warwick, England, Hannah Read- 
ing, dau. of Charles Reading and Sarah (Bromich) 
Parker, both of Warwickshire, England.) Children : 

1. Sophy iNIilford MacLaren, b. Oct. 21, 1872, in 

Duluth, Minn.; m., June 4, 1S95, Renwick 
Barwise Knox of Duluth, Minn. One child: 
Renwick MacLaren, b. Jan. 31, 1897, in Du- 
luth, Minn. 

2. Charlotte Lewis ]^.IacLaren, b. Jan. 2, 1874, in 

Duluth, Minn. 

3. Marfan Clark MacLaren, b. Nov. 29, 1875, in 

St. Paul, Minn. 

4. John Finlay MacLaren, J^., b. May 31, 1S77, 

in St. Paul, Minn. 
V. Mary Bronson MacLaren, b. Aug. i, 1844, i^ Geneva, 
N. Y. ; m., Oct. 11, 1S66, John S. Conant of Detroit, 
Mich. One child: (i) William Shubael Conant, b. 
Jan. 17, 1868. 
10. vi. Charles Milford MacLaren, b. June 6, 1849; ^^i- (1) 
Annie Valentine Nelson; (2) Alm.a La Villa Gal- 

10. Charles Milford^ MacLaren (John^ Finlay^), born June 
6, 1849, in Pittsburg, Pa.; married (i), Dec. 15, 1874, in Grand 
Rapids, Mich., Annie Valentine Nelson, born Dec, 1850, daugh- 
ter of Ezra T. Nelson and Augusta Valentine; married (2), June 
29, 1885, in Sanborn, Dakota Territory, Alma La Villa Gallinger, 
bom Jan. 19, 1863, in La Pere, ]Mich., daughter of Adam Gal- 
linger and Phoebe Hooker. Charles M. MacLaren graduated 
from the University of ^Michigan in 1871 ; is a lawyer by pro- 
fession, and is now practising in Chicago, 111. Children : 
i. Louise MacLaren, b. Oct. 9, 1875, in Grand Rapids, Mich. 
ii. Thayer MacLaren, b. I\Iay 9, 1880, in Grand Rapids. Mich. 
iii. Bliss Phoebe MacLaren, b. April 9, 1886, in Hope, Dakota 

iv. Molly MacLaren, b. Aug. 19, 1888, in St. Paul, Minn. 


M-IHA-Fl/M VAJvUH ■^^^ RTU^. 

_.::■;!. ;:ii-3 (.i-r,. ^ , : I 

.:■ "■['■U .;i -I.' > ■?. .1 

'..;.::. -..lO <\::ii''. .iUula^i: •■■: AO.ur --;/,•;■.:■( 

.■•I ;,t,< ,i-i)al 

-:.;:!■:: ,i: r'l .'>. 

-f,>«Kh .-r^f ,.;:'AT nod .r[...-'-X :ir''U,.'.: '^ "'-r •• ,..b:]/^ .^biqeii 
:. ;)A !': >■?] lq;j--i^ ,.f'"!r: .v^i:?'! i,.I ar ,id'di ,Ql .nii\ n^ud 

.'' ■ ' ■' 5b;']r,J\. ') . ■-. ' .:: ..:v?'' ." -'■■'■' ''- '■''TG..!:--/!/: "i^iijo.I .i 


AUTHORITIES.— History of Ancient 

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'■■■'■" I. ■ • 


John® Drake of Ashe, Co. Devon, born 1360; married Chris- 
tian, daughter of John Billet, heiress of Ashe and a descendant 
of Henry de Esse (Ashe). Sir Theobald Grenville, Knt., of 
Stowe, Co. Cornwall, married Margaret Courtexay. (See 
II.) William Gilbert of Compton Castle, Co. Devon, married 
Elinor, daughter of Oliver Champernoun. Sir John Prideaux, 
Knt., of Adeston, Co. Devon, married Joan, daughter of Gilbert 
of Adeston. Walter Denys of Giddecotte, Co. Devon, married 
Maude, daughter of Henry Booker of Allertrewe. Alexander 
Godolphin married Marion, daughter of John Tremron. 

John® Drake of Otterton, Co. Devon (was unlawfully dispos- 
sessed of Ashe), married Christian, daughter of John Antagc. 
Sir William Grenville of Stowe, Co. Cornwall, died about 1450; 
married (2) Philippa, daughter of William, Lord Bonville, K.G., 
who died 1460. William Gilbert of Compton, Co. Devon, mar- 
ried Isabel, daughter of Walter Gamber of Moreston. Giles 
Prideaux of Adeston, Co. Devon, ^vlember of Parliament, 1370, 


•^o v;; i ziHT 

■,Ur:frn-''j') ban 



married a daughter of Gunston. Richard Denys of Giddecotte, 
Co. Devon, married AUce, daug-hter of John Chrystenslone. 
William Godolphin married MeUor, daughter of John CowHnge 
of Trewarnon. 

John^ Drake of Otterton, Co. Devon, married a daughter of 
John Cruwys of Cruwys, Co. Devon. Sir Thomas Grenville, 
Knt., of Stowe, Co. Cornwall, High Sheriff of Cornwall, died 
1483; married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Theobald Gorges, Knt., 
of Wraxhall, Co. Dorset. Sir Otes Gilbert, Knt., of Compton, 
Co. Devon, High Sheriff of Devon, died 1494 ; married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John Hill of Shelton. Sir John Prideaux, 
Knt., of Adeston, Co. Devon, married Anna, daughter of John 
Shapton of Shapton, Co. Devon. Walter Denys of Giddecotte, 
Co. Devon, married Isott, daughter of Stephen Durnford of 
Stonehouse, Co. Devon. Elinor Godolphin, daughter of Will- 
iam, married John Rencie. 

John^ Drake of Otterton, Co. Devon, married Agnes, daughter 
of John Kelloway. Sir Thomas Grenville, Knt., of Stowe, Co. 
Cornwall, died 1514; married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Otes 
Gilbert of Compton Castle, Co. Devon. William Prideaux of 
Adeston, Co. Devon, married Alice, daughter of Stephen Giffard 
of Theoborough, Co. Devon. Thomas Denys of Holcombe mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Hatch of Wooley, Co. Devon. 
Thomas Godolphin, who took the name of his mother, Elinor 

John'* Drake of Ashe, Co. Devon (regained Ashe by a law- 
suit), married Margaret, daughter of John Cole of Rill, Co. 
Devon. Roger Grenville of Stowe, Co. Cornwall, called " The 
great Householder," High Sheriff of Cornwall, married Mar- 
garet, daughter of Richard Whitleigh of Efford, Co. Devon. 
Fulk Prideaux of Adeston and Theoborough, Co. Devon, mar- 
ried Katharine, daughter of Sir Humphrey Pointz, Knt., of 
Langley, Co. Devon. William Hatch of Aller, Co. Devon, mar- 
ried Margaret Horton. Thomas Denys of Holcombe, Co. Devon, 
married Joan, daughter of Sir Philip Loveday of Co. Suffolk. 
Sir William Godolphin, Knt., of Breage, Co. Cornwall, married 
Margaret, daughter of John Glynn of Norvall. 

John* Drake of Ashe, Co. Devon, died 1558; married Amy 
Grenville, died 1579, daughter of Roger Grenville of Stowe, Co. 
Cornwall. Humphrey Prideaux of Theoborough, Co. Devon, 
died 1550; married (2) Edith, daughter of William Hatch. Sir 
Thomas Denys, Knt., of Holcombe, Co. Devon, High Sheriff of 


\C) •;'>'ti\yiic\, r. h'^^.'i-f.pip r^< .•.•■,(1 <0 MfiH'iHO ^' 

Ti'rf"^;v:uhL ,.:>:r„':A baiTtfifn jtovsCl 

<:0 . I^n;) ff'v 

Jo -1- 



Devon ; died 1560 ; married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Ang-ell 
Downe, Knt., of London. Sir WilHam Godolphin, Knt., of 
Breage, Co. Cornwall. High Sheriff of Cornwall, married 
Blanche, daughter of John Langdon. 

Robert^ Drake of Wiscombe, Co. Devon (second son), mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey Prideaux of Theobor- 
ough, Co. Devon. Sir Robert Denys, Knt., of Holcombe, Co. 
Devon, died 1592; m.arried (2) Margaret, daughter of Sir Will- 
iam Godolphin of Breage, Co. Cornwall. 

William- Drake of Wiscombe. Co. Devon, married Philippa 
Denys, daughter of Sir Robert Denys, Knt., of Holcombe. 

John^ Drake of Windsor, Ct., youngest son of William Drake 
of Wiscombe, died Aug. 17, 1654., in Windsor, Ct. ; married 
Elizabeth Rogers. •; 


Reginald^^ de Courtenay, first Baron Courtenay, married 
Hawisse, heiress of Okehampton, Co. Devon, daughter of John 
Deincourt and Maud D'Avranches, Countess of Okehampton, 
daughter of Robert, son of William D'Avranches and Emma, 
daughter of Baldwin de Redvers. 

Robert^® de Courtenay, second Baron Courtenay of Okehamp- 
ton, died 1242 ; married Mary de Redvers. (See 111.) Hl^mph- 
REY DE BoHUX (see IV.), Earl of Hereford and Essex, married 
Matilda de Eu. ( See V. ) 

John^' de Courtenay, third Baron Courtenay of Okehampton, 
died 1273; married Isabel de Vere. (See VI.) Hugh le Des- 
pencer. Justiciar of England, died 1265, married Aliva. daughter of 
Philip Basset of Wycombe, Co. Bucks. Robert de St. John, Baron 
St. John, of Basing. Co. Southampton, married Agnes, daughter of 
William de Cantelupe of Hambleden, Co. Bucks, Seneschal to 
King Henry III., died 1251. Humphrey de Bohun, Governor of 
Winchester, died 1265, before his father; married Elea.vor de 
Br-\05e. (See VII.) 

Hugh^* de Courtenay, fourth Baron Courtenay, of Okehamp- 
ton, died 1291 ; married Eleanor, daughter of Hugh le Despencer, 
Justiciar of England. John de St. John, died 1301. Lord of Hal- 
nac, Co. Sussex, married Alice, daughter of Reginald Fitz Piers. 


M H I H O 

D^.i-i':i:n: .:\i,v::nnJ lo Jl'i 

.•od'.i»;jT ^c xiJu^:r n'-l 
'" ' • ,'j'J:no'-'ici i ill . ■ "^. 


Pi'jqi.iiM Linniur: .;}ovsC[ .<:, 

.jAru'-rAo' \ '-'0 ,/rOl .z'/irr^i 

■lA ...;^7i.: 10 Y:'':i30'^f: ■an 

,^.T:'^'•i hnr. -.'jnj!i^'r-:<._i .-{■.•''.V/f \o ,;or; ,:::■■:/:■'"' 'o f:-::'-:.ij£;-) 

-■j:^ii(['<.'0 ■>'-< v,.-;"^- j'l'.O aoix-;-] f- ; -i^.? ,vsf!UTi:;cO sb ^'tT:in/<..yi 4 

5 ''".• 'P ;.lll^-ij .'^3vo^>l ^:g "•■5;a]/I i^i«i-: 'i^i/i : i;^.s:i b-'b ,nol 

:•! . ■.i-'.,>jt.b .-.':>. ./. bj, . •.:'(!? ,vK:-rwf;t;.n)!joS .o'D , ":;;■;;'' ri; )o .t:. '■:■]_ '; •: 
-' ''■ ■•■'■;■: ^^-'^ ^'j .c 'vH io 3<iv\--ins'j sb 'Mj::(i, ,/ 

b.. 7o?»r. .rt;no^5 ^]i .,r?£;T bi^'b ,.I1I -nn^H ^gniyi, 

r-" ■' ^^ -'f-"! ■'■ '■;. '}■ ; > -■■.■:;:. t-rb ,-:on£^i3 l;:'-;v:r: , i^^i bsib .isoJ 
-■ i. " 'v..^; jo?.i ^.;^ A^] ,t>'.b/irlo( b:s\-^n:iI\oiBhiiitil 


Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, died 129S; 
married Maud, daughter of William de Fienles. 

Hugh^^ de Courtenay, Earl of Devon, died before 1341 ; mar- 
ried Agnes, daughter of John de St. John, Lord of Halnac. 
Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, died 1322; 
married. May 20, 1302, Elizabeth, widow of John, Count of 
Holland, and daughter of King Edward I. of England and Queen 
Eleanor of Castile. 

Hugh^^ de Courtenay, Earl of Devon, died 1377; married, 
Aug. 21, 1325, Margaret, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun and 
Elizabeth Plantagenet. 

Edward" Courtenay of Goderington, Co. Devon, died before 
his father; married Emcline, daughter of Sir John D'Awney of 
Shunock, Co. Cornwall. 

Sir Hugh^^ Courtenay (second son) of Haccomb. Co. Devon, 
married (third wife) Maud, daughter of Sir John Beaumont of 
Sherwell, Co. Dorset. 

Margaret® Courtenay, married Sir Theobald Grenville of 
Stowe, Co. Cornwall. (See I.) 


rey^^. Count of Brionne in Normandy. Torfulus (son of 
iv: the son of Bernard the D?ne), Lord of Pont Ademar in 
Normandy, married Wevia, the sister of Gunnor. Robert H., 
Count of Meulan, died 990. 

Gilbert--, son of Godfrey, Count of Brione, died 1039. Ranulf 
Peveril, married Maud, daughter of Ingelric. Humphrey de 
Vielles, son of Torfulus of Pont Ademar. Waleran, Count of 
Meulan, married Oda. sister of Herlwin of Conteville. 

Baldwin-^ Fitz Gilbert, Governor of Exeter in 1068, married 
Albreda, a cousin of WilHam the Conqueror. William Peveril, 
Lord of the Peak country and of Nottingham. Roger de Beau- 
mont, son of Humphrey de Vielles, Lord of Beaumont in Nor- 
mandy and Count of Meulan, died 1094; married Adeline, 
daughter of Waleran, Count of Meulan. Hugh the Great, Count 
of Vermandois, son of King Phihp L of France, crusader, died 
1 101 ; married Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois. 

Richard=^<> de Redvers, son of Baldwin Fitz Gilbert, Earl of 


H H i 

.^^'Zl t,:^:b ,r.: 

, ...■..> i b-> .:o-:i :>: '.-:L .,:i'-i--t :v 

:;v:;;Q ;>■--, ■ i;- ;::;;"'■-[ T:-> i :••■,, ■•/:;:!. ivU-'- '*'-' '-'^- "-'-"'^ ''*^^ ,i!^Ti;u.v*: i. 



/.' r-T:-'-.-.-;! ,vrft;i.i'-:oM 

:b :^i■■iu^u..^{ ::i:!^;^'tl b,;,.) ,■„.;/„ ,^-^h-£::i in -i b] 
■ -■ --vb') rf\ibb/J' ■:"'»^:r.-roA ;:.-l io •:;.;' -ri\:.i /" n02 .■i^ulrfV 

.::■>■/" (-fii:;iV^ /-^r^r^pno':^ jfi. ." .•"^ . ' ■■. • ,..>? •:: ,r.b. ; ''A 

•'r '.<■ .-. ;'■.;,■.■;■ 1.;/ l;-'0.! .••'(_;■'/ -rl: , ••ir'"iT;;;J-l ;■. f;o: .uraro 

: >:;:0 .:/■:-: ■ -^. A:r;H .,:»::L;^,o;! t. ,.■: '; ..-m.. ■^!;- /V fc r;.; l-:.:/.- 
■' . :- .. 'b <.:,.:■ y . •::;;.■ A 'i..- .1 qfKn''i ■^^ bb - ■• r..-' ■ '''f;:::,an^\^ A 


Devon, died 1137; married, April, 1086, Adeliza, daughter of 
William Peveril. Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan and 
Earl of Leicester, died 11 18; married, about 1097, Elizabeth of 

Baldwin''^ de Redvers, Earl of Devon, died 1155; married 
Lucia, daughter of Dru de Balun. Reginald de Dunstanville, 
Earl of Cornwall, married Beatrice, daughter of William Fitz 
Richard of Cornwall. Waleran de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 
born 1 104; married Agnes, daughter of Amaury IIL, Lord of 
Montfort L'Amaury in France and Count of Evreux, the son of 
Simon L of Montfort by Agnes of Evreux. 

William^* de Redvers, styled " de Vernon,'' Earl of Devon, 
died 1216; married 2^Iaud, daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 
Count of Meulan by ]vlaud, daughter of Reginald de Dunstan- 
ville, Earl of Cornwall ; granddaughter of Waleran de Beaumont, 
Count of Meulan. 

Mary^" de Redvers, married Robert" de Courtenay, second 
Baron Courtenay, of Okehampton, Co. Devon. (See II.) 



Gruffydd-^ ap Llewellyn, King of Wales, died 1063 ; married 
Ealdgyth, daughter of Aelfgar, Earl of Mercia (the son of 
Leofric, Earl of Mercia and Lady Godiva). Richard of Hugle- 
ville in Normandy, son of Guilbert of St. Hilary and Papia, 
daughter of Richard II., Duke of Xormandy, by Papia, his sec- 
ond wife. Hubert de Rye, Lord of Rye in Xormandy. 

Nest", daughter of Gruffydd, King of Wales, and Ealdgyth 
of Mercia, married Traharen, Prince of Wales (died 1080). 
Geoffrey de Neuf Marche in Normandy, married Ada, daughter 
of Richard of Hugleville. Siward the Strong, Earl of Northum- 
bria, died 1053 ; married Aelf^eda. daughter of Ealdred, Earl of 
Northumbria. Lambert of Lens, married Adelaide, whole sister 
of William the Conqueror. Ralph Lord of Warenne in Nor- 
mandy. Eudo de Rye, '* Dapifer," married Rohais, daughter of 
Richard Fitz Gilbert (son of Count Gilbert of Brionne), Lord 
of Clare, Co. Suffolk. 

Humphrey^^ de Bohun, Lord of Tatterford, Co. Norfolk. 
Bernard de Neuf Marche married Nest, the younger, daughter 


-)l H 

1 n o'o>) .- v;.ja 

.11"!^.:^ D^ib) i'=)[yj".'.' l^' ^oni/j ,iu;j,il:;ir I';:h;::t: ,ii:3:l>!v^ ]o 
):> hiiJ / .;-i!'{£jI to 7Jtfj^;jKr> .:\[-j\:.^J: [yy-n-'^ :'.\- ■ ■ -^ 
io i^J:!-,l;.;5L .;^i:-iio;'I b::;-;:irn '\T)lfqi;vT ' 'v/j^ :<!, *-.i)tjii ./LaCuT 
:^l:y<-'A .' ' ■ .: ■■ ■ '^"rT if- bTO-I ,niii{o^i ob '•vj-T(ic,j;vtr,l i 


of Nest, the daughter of GrufTydd and Ealdg^'th. Malcolm III., 
King of Scotland, died 1093 ; married, 1070, St. Margaret (died 
1093). Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland and Huntington, son 
of Siward, married Judith, daughter of Lambert of Lens. Will- 
iam de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, died 1089 ; married Gundred, 
sister of Gerbod, Count Palatine of Chester. William de Mande- 
ville. Lord of Walden, married Margaret, daughter of Eudo 
de Rye. 

Humphrey-'-' de Bohun, second Baron Bohun, of Tatterford, 
married Maud, daughter of Edward de Saresburie, Sheriff of 
Wilts. Milo Fitz Walter, Earl of Gloucester, died 1143; mar- 
ried Sibyl, daughter of Bernard de Neuf Marche and Nest the 
younger. David, King of Scotland, died 1153 ; married Matilda, 
daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland. William II., 
Earl of Surrey, died 1138: married Elizabeth of Vermandois, 
widow of Robert, Earl of Leicester. William de Say, third Baron 
de Say, married Beatrice, daughter of William de Mandeville. 

Humphrey^^ de Bohun, third Baron Bohun. Steward to King 
Henry IL, died 1 187 ; married Margaret, daughter of Milo Fitz 
Walter, Earl of Gloucester. Flenry, Prince of Scotland, Earl of 
Huntington, died 1152; married, 1139, Ada, daughter of William 
H. de Warenne, Earl of Surrey. William de Say, fourth Baron 
de Say. 

Humphrey^* de Bohun, died 1182, before his father; married 
Margaret, daughter of Henry, Prince of Scotland. Geoffrey 
Fitz Piers, Earl of Essex, died 1213; married Beatrice de Say, 
daughter of William, fourth Baron de Say. 

Henry^' de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, one of the twenty-five 
Barons of Runnymede who were made guardians of Magna 
Charta, crusader, died 1220; married Maud, daughter of Geof- 
frey Fitz Piers, Earl of Essex. 

Humphrey^^ de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, died 1273 ; 
married Matilda de Eu. (See H.) 



William" de Eu, Count of Eu in Normandy, half-brother to 
Richard H., Duke of Normandy, married Lescelina de Turque- 
ville, daughter of Turchetil (son of Torf), the ancestor of the 


ory.'j k» Tjui;^i,-iii) ,.':/'.i,;j!. ifci.'. Ju^i 

.Li-yuitj, < f nj ui 

i,U i- -'. ' • :■- ■''■ ~-/^ :^s''l :o -TirrrH 

U^ ii'-l AU.iiTAlV! iO Y-'iT'iaD/A 3HT 

.h trii'^.-: .1 hah P;--- .[hnr-r/ioA to ^/iuG ,.II bifiriv-i^i 


house of Harcourt. Thurston Coz, Lord of Hiesmes in Nor- 
mandy, son of Ansfrid the Dane. Robert le Bigod. 

Robert" de Eu, Count of Eu, married Beatrix. Robert of 
Avranches, son of Thurston Coz, Viscount D'Avranches, mar- 
ried Emma, half-sister of William the Conqueror. Roger le 
Bigod, Lord of Framlingham, Co. Suffolk, died 1107. 

William-^ de Eu, Count of Eu and Baron of Hastings, born 
1050; died 1096; married Helesen D'Avranches, daughter of 
Robert. William de Sollei, son of Stephen, Count of Blois, mar- 
ried a daughter of Gilon de Sollei. William d'Albini, Lord of 
Buckingham, Co. Norfolk, married Maud Bigod, daughter of 
Roger. Godfrey, Duke of Brabant and Count of Louvain. 
William L de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, married Gundred. 

Henry=o de Eu, Count of Eu and Baron of Hastings, crusader. 
died 1 143; married :Mary de Sollei. WilHam d'Albini, Earl of 
Arundel, married, about 1137, Adeliza of Louvain, widow of 
King Henry L of England. William H. de Warenne, Earl of 
Surrey, married Elizabeth of Vermandois. William Talvas, 
Count of Alencon and Ponthieu, married Ela, daughter of Eudo, 
Duke of Burgundy. 

John^° de Eu, Count of Eu and Baron of Hastings, married 
Alice d'Albini. William HL de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, died 
1 148; married Ela, daughter of William Talvas. 

Henry^« de Eu, Count of Eu and Baron of Hastings, died 
1 183; married Matilda, daughter of Hamelyn Plantagenet, Earl 
of Warenne, and Isabel, daughter of Willia'm HL de Warenne. 
Hugh IX. of Lusignan in France, Count de la Marche, married 
Matilda, Countess of La Marche. 

RaouP^ de Yssonden, Count of Eu, son of Hugh IX. of Lusig- 
nan, crusader, died 1219; married, 1200, Alix de Eu, Countess 
of Eu, daughter of Henry, Count of Eu. 

Matilda" de Eu, married Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Here- 
ford and Essex. (See II. and IV.) 

'"' ' .■':: ' ' " VI. ■'' 


Torfulus", Lord of Pont Ademar in Normandy, married 
Wevia, the sister of Gunnor. Herfast. the brother of Gunnor. 
Robert" of Essex, Sheriff of the East Saxons. Humphrey 


H :^ A H O Vi H ni •q o \ 

Id n 



1 .c}^: ■ : 'i 

■0' .toisCI b/ri: 

!.'':! ^" !'r; '. 

^ /;;! .s -..ioL 

:^:t!''^. ■■■; i-^ 

.. .; •' \i\'y\:'IJ ■ 

■ '' ' ' u ,".:'■ 1. 

' fnidlA";) aiifA 


-'\'.X r- . ;■;; iV :, 

-■ -",: rr\'-'.' : 

V ■■ Mjhij-f-a ::',-... If 

f, M.-;-rn '■■f'.-C. 

njn.j .--viv 


ilr:,[ to ,,■'•, 1 r-' f'H 

, ;tg:i 

H iic hrjl ,i-.>;r'. ^I :-l ■mdn^ 

(.VT tmr, .ii '.■-<^-;,/ .-/.- •?H. bns biol 

:i:iY 3^' ..i.TaAai 

'xTc.'':.:/- ::IHT 

}ii-if,'n ,/; ;i/:f!!-)i 


de Vielles, son of Torfulus. Osbern the Seneschal, son of Her- 
fast, died 1039; married a daughter of Rudolf of Ivry. Robert 
of Grantniesnil, died 1040; married Hedwissa, daughter of 
Geroy, Lord of Montreuil. 

Swegen-^ of Essex, Sheriff of Essex. Roger de Beaumont.. 
Count of Meulan, son of Humphrey de Vielles, died 1094 ; mar- 
ried Adeline, daughter of Waleran, Count of Meulan. William 
Fitz Osbern, Earl of Hereford, died 1072 ; married Adeliza, 
daughter of Roger de Toesny. Hugh de Grantmesnil, Sheriff 
of Leicestershire, died 1094; married Adeline, daughter of Ivo 
of Beaumont. 

Aubrey-° de Vere, first Baron Vere of Heddingham, Co. Essex. 
Robert of Essex, Baron of Rayleigh, Co. Essex. Robert de 
Beaumont, Count of Meulan and Earl of Leicester, died 11 18; 
married, 1097, Elizabeth of Vermandois, daughter of Plugh the 
Great, Count of Vermandois. Ralph de Guader, Earl of Nor- 
folk, crusader, died 1098; married Emma, daughter of William 
Fitz Osbern. Ivo de Grantmesnil, crusader, died iioi; mar- 
ried a daughter of Gilbert of Ghent. 

Aubrey" de Vere, second Baron Vere of Heddingham, died 
1 140; married Adeliza, daughter of Gilbert de Clare, Lord of 
Clare, Co. Suffolk, and son of Richard Fitz Gilbert; died 11 15. 
Henry de Essex, Constable of King Henry H. Robert de Beau- 
mont, Earl of Leicester, died 11 68; married Amicia, daughter of 
Ralph de Guader. Hugh de Grantmesnil. 

Aubrey" de Vere, first Earl of Oxford, died 1194; married 
(2) Lucia, daughter of Henry de Essex. Robert Fitz Richard 
married Orabilis, daughter of Ness, Lord of Leuchars. Robert 
de Beaumont, Earl of Leicester, crusader, died 1190; married 
Petronella, daughter of Hugh de Grantmesnil. 

Robert" de Vere (second son), third Earl of Oxford, one of 
the twenty-five Barons of Runnymede made Guardians of Magna 
Charta, died 1221 ; married Isabel, daughter of Walter de 
Bolebec. Saier de Ouinci, son of Robert Fitz Richard, Earl of 
Winchester, one of the twenty-five Barons of Runnymede made 
Guardians of Magna Charta, crusader, died 1219; married Mar- 
garet, daughter of Robert de Beaumont, third Earl of Leicester. 

Hugh^*' de Vere, fourth Earl of Oxford, died 1263 ; married 
Hawissa, daughter of Saier de Quinci, Earl of Winchester. 

IsabeP= de Vere, daughter of Hugh, fourth Earl of Oxford, 
married John de Courtenay. (See II.) 


io •••Jidj^j-'sh ,f 

.:■■.'' ntj'jj ) rj^'i ;"r ,>'i-j;'I ^ , ':.>- i.uh .>iloKn^'' '""" . ■ '0 
V K; J ':/ '.>' :ru:rn i^yv":) hsib ,T'0./ob T \ :; 

Lon:~;r! •u,?ii bun- ,'■•"".■' ' '"i '-ir ,■':''.'' "/" "'■.'V^'.'&tK 

l'')mr.t.i': 'C^''!;' ! .:■' , rjiM;':a u , i-jj^::.> .u.vj Jo . ..j' .nujirU >>':■■.:. ju 

lo -^no b^oixO T." i-'KH Irii'Jj iua^ \-iry-i) Tiv'f ah ^'Ji)cfo>T 

■:■'.■■ ;i^^)-Y/' I- "iJ'i^ri/tb ,bci£sr ;>i-; ni,,,. . i^t' I'Ab ,~hcn3 
h: 1-^3. :.-y. !:■':] rJll niKlo>i lo no^. .io-^O :■?: i-rB^ .;>r)doloa 

-••"1/ b'^'T-r;!'' •C'i';.i bsib .7jLi;^:r/iu f;:-!n v ' ;5:'-:.i.l.'l Ic -rrr/lni-ric) 

., -^ ri , ?.' -^-^ i-x!' ,f'ioUO jO hbH rinrjoi ,:>-:3V ob ^M^riH 

Jno'xC^ •'-> ',,.. ' L_;!;.o> .ffrirbHlo '^^-Jjjtri^b ,ot^;V r^b ^'bsfR.iI 

I i>o2 s .'avi'i.nt/c. J ob ftfio^, byhieni 



Count Godfrey-' of Brionnc. Osbern, Lord of Bolebec, mar- 
ried Avclina, the sister of Gunnor. Torfulus, Lord of Pont 
Ademar, married Wevia, the sister of Gunnor. 

Count Gilbert" of Brionne, son of Godfrey, died 1039. Walter 
de Gifi'ard, Earl of Buckingham, died 1102, son of Osbern of 
Bolebec; married Agnes, daughter of Gerard Fleitel. Hum- 
phrey de Vielles, son of Torfulus. Diarmait :\Iac 2^Iael na mBo, 
King of Ireland, died 1072; married Dearbhforghaill, died 1080, 
daughter of the son of Brian Boru, King of Ireland. 

William-^ de Braose, Lord of Braose in Normandy and of 
Brecon, Co. Sussex. Walter of Gloucester, Constable of Eng- 
land, married Emma, daughter of Dru de Baladon. Bernard 
de Neuf Marche, Lord of Brecknock, married Nest the younger. 
(See IV.) Richard Fitz Gilbert, Lord of Clare, Co. Suffolk, died 
1090, son of Count Gilbert ; married Rohais. daughter of Walter 
Giffard. Roger de Beaumont, son of Humphrey de Vielles, 
Count of Meulan, died 1094; married Adeline, daughter of 
Waleran, Count of ]\Ieulan. ]Murchad, son of Diarmait, King 
of Ireland, Prince of Leinster, died 1070. 

Philip''^ de Braose, Lord of Braose, Brecon, and Bramber, 
married a daughter of Judhael de Totness. Milo Fitz Walter, 
Earl of Hereford, and Lord High Constable of England, died 
1 143 ; married Sibyl, daughter of Bernard de Xeuf Marche. Ed- 
ward de Saresburie, Sheriff of Wilts. Gilbert de Clare, son of 
Richard Fitz Gilbert. Lord of Clare, died 11 15; married Adeliza, 
daughter of Hugh, Count of Clermont. Robert de Beaumont, 
Count of Meulan and Earl of Leicester, died 11 18; married 
Elizabeth of Vermandois. Donnchad, King of Leinster, died 
1 119. 

William^^ de Braose, Lord of Braose, Brecon, and Bramber, 
married Bertha, daughter of Milo Fitz Walter, Earl of Here- 
ford. Gilbert, Marshal to King Henry I. Walter de Saresburie, 
married Sibyl de Chaworth. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Pem- 
broke, died 1 147; married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert, Earl 
of Leicester. l3iarmait Mac ]Murchada, King of Leinster, died 




.' :i]?M lr:i:.[^\}i (,V| :;-,r^) 

.o-^or. tin!!") .■T='j«fji?J io • 
[ "io -rot 

V '■)•;?!;; :■-;(!*;■" ':■'" ; ;, ::-'■! ,fMitiil--=i-rfi8 ob {■>•!£■// 

h J Jo :gni :C .-r;jb.;.oii-.:vV i<; r'jodssiiH 

.-\ n.uK-oi, ..'...ovi'-i '^cT.,- H io h-fo : . -oiija -i' '-vnriiiiV/ 

'■<:, : ^, I I..:';.// >;5i'i o'rU. ]o ■^^■iii^i:i\l> £i\y<jU b^insm 

• ■■■ ■ . :-^ yb -(-^ifbV/ .1 vm-jH ^;-:^i v:! ii;•;>^i;I^ ,i-.^..i!;0 -bK-l 

-irj ^ to i-".'! ,o-!»;i'J ">b noiiliO .(b-tyjvi:!!' ) ob (vvij^ bonisnt 

bty::i ,!-::^j.i".: • - .'■!;;;UKb ,;i7:>d/;i:H; ' :.:>;, r::ri ;\|.M ^^^ib ,o.k'7d 


William^* de Braose, Lord of Brecon and Bramber in Co. 
Sussex, married IMaud de St. Valerie. John Marshal, Lord 
Marshal of England, died 1164; married Sibyl, daughter of Wal- 
ter de Saresburie. Richard de Clare, surnamed " Strong-bow,"' 
Earl of Pembroke, died 1176; married Eva, daughter of Diar- 
niait, King of Leinster. 

Reginald'' de Braose, Lord of Brecon and Bramber (third 
son), died 1221 ; married Grcecia Bruere. William ^Marshal, Earl 
of Pembroke, Regent of England, died 1219; married Isabel, 
daughter of Richard de Clare. 

William" de Braose, Lord of Brecon, died 1230; married Eva, 
daughter of William ^Marshal, Earl of Pembroke. 

Eleanor'^ de Braose married Humphrey de Bohun, \vho died 
1265. (See IL) 

H >? A H a H H O T ^ O V 

-i:u(.[ TO -^in'g/is'- ,6.'.!. hvi->.-rr»f(i •,d\ir {i'i)b . I 

."i>ioT?m.i''i io J = ..,... ,; .U 

!.'•-■•' <.»ff// j.'jjfl'.'H ob v-i'i.'i'iOHjH b-.«r;7Cin •^■;0;ri;i i;i. ''■-.otirM'd 



Augur, s6 
Babcock, 313 
Barclay, 188 

- Bassett, 263 
Black, 153 
Brewster, 344 

' Brown, 194, 213 
Brownell, 362 
Bulkeley, 136 
Burgis, 339 
Cadman, 348 
Chapman, 315 
Clement, 150 
Coe, 31 
Cooke, 246 
Cornell, 291, 364 
Cornwell, ^^ 
Crapo, 309 
Cruttenden, 28 
Cudworth, 225 
Davis, 86 
Deshon, 344 
Dickson, 273 
Dodd, 341 
Drake, 379 
Dwight, 155 
Eells, 138 

Evarts, 52 
Fairfax, 197 
Gibbs, 192 
Gibson, 112 
Gifford, 267 
Gordon, 189 
Govan, 60 
Guthrie, 225 
Hamlin, 100 
Harris, 65 
Henry, 89 
Herrick, 171 
Howland, 294 
Jerome, 180 
Kies, -76 
Kimber, 228 
Lee, 26, 178 
Loring, 74 
MacLaren, 368 
McLaughlin, 151 
Marvin, 175 
Matteson, 47 
Miller, 32 
Montague, 125 
North, 164 
Noyes, l6o 
Parks, 71 

Parmelee, 96 

Perry, 295 

Plum, 34, 58 

Potter, 64 

Pratt, 105 

Reed, 227 

Russell, 244 

Sage, 54, 125 

Sanford, 39 

Savage, 49, 93 

Severance, 209 

Slocum, 262 

Smith (Samuel), 103 

Smith (William). 1/7 

Spencer, 141, 213 

Starkweather, 170 

Stevenson, 369 

Stocking, dz, 98 

Stockton, 374 

Stone, 21 

Stow (Stowe), 43, 162 

Tomlinson, 121 

Treat, 80 

White, 58, 140, 347 

Wilcox, 45 

Williams, 195 

Wolcott, 146 


7. "A a K I 

ci-iT0J>:KO') 10 an 

''i:Ha azA '^::{oi-:'VA\i 

CQ^ i'^bimc*! 



'!£ ,!tT ,-1,1 >\i--<\ii , 

S.n f!Cr..!lO I 

i,/:;t .no; • ' ! 

Dj ,nf.. ..■•■; . 

I^i ,>!DiT:iH ' 

\T,x .h!ii.!-,voH 1 

8-,t ;^;- , 'J i 

5c A'.l::u\ 


s*: .irt>v;rr;cO 

.<* is-viT 
^;^.-^i.- -c ■■'■.:.V 

f ;;. .ft. =,iD;a 

eei .(iM..a 



[The year of birth, when unknown, is approximately given ; geographical names 
usually indicate residence instead of birth ; names in brackets are married names.] 

Adah (Over), 123 

Adam C, New Lebanon, N. 

Y., 270 
Adams, Louisiana, 203 
Adalbert, N. Collins, N. Y., 

Adelia (Chandler), 206 
Adeline, 325 
Adolphus, N. Collins, N. Y., 

Albert C, New Bedford, Mass., 

Albert E., Fall River, Mass., 

Albert E., Detroit, Mich., 319 
Albert P., Battle Creek, Mich., 

Allen B., Nichols, N. Y., 68 
Allen M., Wyandotte, Mich., 

Allen P., 260 
Alice (Davis), 258 
Alice J. (Curtis), 314 
Alice J., 289 
Alice M. (Ely), 270 
Alice M. (Tripp), 261 
Alice R., 108 

Almira M. (Richardson), 274 
Almira W. (Wing), 291 
Alonzo, Sheffield, Mass., 69 
Amanda, 325 
Ambrose E., N. Collins, N. Y., 

Amelia A. (Stocking), 263 



Abel, Middletown, Ct., 97 



Abel, Middletown. Ct., 124 



Abia, Woodbury, Ct., 168 . 


Abigail, 230 



Abigail (Robinson), 16, 30 



Abigail (Rider), 239 


Abigail, 330 



Abigail W. (Rowland), 293 



Abigail, 125 



Abner, New Haven, Ct, 45, 58 


Abner, Norridgewock, Me., 
291, 297 



Abner, Adamsville, R. L, 255 



Abner, Westport, Mass., 288 


Abner, Milwaukee, Wis., 297, 





Abner B., Westport, Mass., 




Abner T., Providence, R. I., 



Abraham, Litchfield, Ct, 168 



Abraham, Burlington Co., N. 


J.. 332 



Abraham, Elizabeth, N. C, 169 



Abraham, Westport, Mass., 


246, 288 



Abraham, Grass Lake, Mich., 





Abraham, Rochester, Mich., 


315, 328 



Abraham, Westport Mass., 289 



Abram S., N. Collins, N. Y., 



Ada (Reed), 46, 47 



>I ^Uj 

j'.i- -fo M^ofrr- JJA or X'laxti 

xf ^!-,?a;, -r/.-. !i;q<: hi ,m 


>0. .H 

■:'^-: *i 

'::■[:. \ 


I /f'^ ; •■■ 

■■ ;•:■; ,a ,u:-':;rJA 


3,:v ( veQ, 

- '. ,' ' / . 


:. ^ , _ -.,; : .rnrrif^dA 

v-^j; . ^ 

. il 


' ."=-,■'' ' 

■1'^ ,;\;',rv ', 'i 

^', . ; 

~z ,i--)^'^ :u 

■i ^'^ 


, .. r',:. i':..'. 

-:;^,12V// ,n-,^,';;:.;A 

c •'"'' 

.( - < ■''■• '} i" 

^. ■ ' -• '\ 


(xj<. ,0^^ 

^.-1; , ,;■ 


: .:i>;K .,- 

y^,T ^^: ,•-^,:<i.JA 


.r''.i,'^-- 1 !■■■;, ;" 




-. //, 

-■v •■■ . 

. li.';. ': ; 

■■■- -'"vo/T .rr;;!i£-!dA 


, .v/ 

i\'.\ ,;.'■■■! 

/ .r::^-t>r.W ,.V :L.i;^JA 

u' ■/; 

->0.K..... 'r. 

■••:p ;'. 


, ,.'■■■ ••- . 

fij.K ; 

I ■.r>Oi''' '/ .' 

,,../. A 



> ,df. ,(l.:ir;.').) r.l>A 




Amos, Dartmouth, Mass., 



Amos, Berlin, Ct., 93 


Amy (Tripp), 28S 

1 80s 

Amy (Anthony), 266 


Amy, 261 


Amy, 263 


Amy (Cole), 264 


Amy A., 295 


Amy E. (Cruttenden), 84 


Andrew J., Abilene, Kan., 



Andrew P., New Bedford, 

Mass., 260 


Ann E. (Cook), 329 


Anna (Barnum), 170, 216 


Anna, 58 


Anna (Kejiyon), 203 


Anna, 119 


Anna, 258 


Anna A. (Case), 328 


Anna L., 225 

185 1 

Anna L. (Brooksby), 108 


Anna R. (Hammond), 66 


Annie T., 289 


Arabella W. (Fox), 119 


Arthur, Dartmouth, Mass., 



Arthur T., Bainbridge, N. 



Arzelia (Spier), 269 


Augustus M., Hudson, N. 



Austin A., Huron, 0., 316, 



Austin A., Ingham Co., Mich., 



Austin E., New York City, 



Avary, Dartmouth, Mass., 



Azubia (Remworthy), 205 

1802 Barbara (Anthony), 278 

1891 Barbara, 68 

1744 Barnabas, Dartmouth, Mass., 

306, 314 
1780 Barnabas, Westport, Mass., 329 
1793 Barnabas, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 

315. 321 
1817 Barnabas, Westport, Mass., 329 
17— Barsheba, 242 


Barsheba (Allen), 314 


Belle, 264 


Benjamin, Burlington Co., N 

J.. 331 


Benjamin, Dartmouth, Mass. 



Benjamin, Dartmouth, Mass. 

246, 278 


Benjamin H., Dartmouth, 

Mass., 278 


Bertha E., no 


Bethiah (Andrews), 16, 27 


Bethiah (Sanford), 35, 39 


Bethiah (Stocking), 44, 130 


Betsy, 169 


Betsy, 169 


Betsy (Lockwood), 79, 81 


Betsy (Treat), 98 


Betsy (Conde), 83 


Beulah J., 109 


Byrd S., Fairfield, la., 335 


Byron, Cincinnati, O., 117 


Caleb C, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 


1848 Campbell M., 274 

1801 Caroline (Williams), 138, 141 

1815 Caroline, 208 

1828 Caroline (Ferguson), 273 

183- Caroline A. (Miller), 263 

1818 Caroline M. (Drake), 64 

1873 Carrie (Brand), 299 

1866 Carrie E. (Douglas), 265 

1834 Carrie L. (Wadsworth), 276 
1869 Carrie M., 314 

1802 Catherine (Russell), 175, 201 
1808 Catherine (Tripp), 297 

1816 Catherine (Bartlett), 294 

1835 Catherine (Jones), 271 

1830 Catherine R. (Marenes), 107 

1842 Catherine W. (Ross), 146, 154 

1798 Charles, Dartmouth, Mass., 30S 

1806 Charles, Cromwell, Ct., 127 

18 — Charles, Westport, Mass., 258 

1835 Charles, Cincinnati, O., 117 


V rr 51 1 >' H MAM H M T 

;fv j 

()dv , 





■ .ot: 

ra:) •■i.R 

J»l /<f 

'iC-C .">•■' •' ;'"'^?(' -^'* 

{.or. ,(aox«t;>>I) 
QIT . 

;..;. o" 'O; .A i:nrtA nHi 

r'5v . T 

./' • ■xo'i} .A' sli: 

; . - .'.'I .r! ):■:>;'))-,, a ,iofiii-'v -iti 
' ' ,.Y .v.. ,'r^btri.n,:i^H ,1 iij;l;;A i;j3l 

j ,.Y i''. /M.-biilT ,.3-': ':i'j8t;sL.'A :t:8i 

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! 3,£ .dr?. ,.0 oit'H , A n-t?f..'A 'jiSx 

j ,..i-^!;'. ,,■:.;: .;.i.-:i:-rl ,..A rJi?jjK Oc3i 
I ^'^ 

^■•■^. .(vil; JOv;m3X; r.ictjsA Qs8i. 
ir.V! I ..Y .'■/• ..c'3 egrrrr-'J .Jf.'U.nTca J.C^i 

(V?( I v.. .„■:■ 

*; J —8;. ' QS.r, ,?..:(■■ I' ,r.).]-.J3''' '^-^ 

'.iO 2^8i i r-. - v' 



Charles C, 

Charles C, 

Cayuga Co., N. Y., 



N. Collins. N. Y., 

183 1 

309, 313 



Charles C, 

Bainbridge, N. Y., 





Charles C, 

New Lebanon, N. 


Y., 271 



Charles E. 

Westport, Mass., 





Charles E., 

E. Nassau, N. Y., 





Charles E., 

Albany. N. Y., 108 


Charles E., 

Kentucky, 257 



Charles E 

., New Bedford, 

Mass., 261 


Charles E., 




Charles H. 

Poughkeepsie, N. 


Y., 265 



Charles H. 




Charles H 

, Bread Loaf, Vt., 


185- Charles L., Dartmouth, Mass., 

1867 Charles N., 160 
1830 Charles P., Bainbridge, N. Y., 

1895 Charles S., 68 
1840 Charles W., Dartmouth, Mass., 

1858 Charles W., N. Collins, N. Y., 

1790 Charlotte (Lawrence), 329 
1786 Chloe (Jenne), 308 
1844 Clara A. (Collamore; Sears), 

1878 Clara B., 257 
1889 Clarence. 107 
1876 Clarence H., Bainbridge, N. 

Y., 225 
1848 Clarence T., Towanda, Pa., 67 
1804 Clarissa, loi 

1794 Clark, Pawling, N. Y., 261, 262 
1847 Clark B., Pawling, N. Y., 265 
1854 Clark H., Ripton, Vt, 206 
1872 Clayton S., Ripton, Vt., 206 






Clement R., Jacksonville, III., 

Clinton, Cincinnati, O., 117 
Cora J., 335 

Cordelia (Knowles). 325 
Cordelia (McKennon), 224 
Cordelia (Sutliflf), 273 
Cornelia, 325 
Cornelia M., 192 
Cornelia T., 196 
Cornelius, loi 
Cornelius, Housatonic, Mass., 

Cynthia (Hammond; Taber), 


Dale, Towanda, Pa., 66 
Daniel, Middletown, Ct., 44, 91 
Daniel, Middletown, Ct., 93 
Daniel, Dartmouth, Mass., 305 
Daniel, Dartmouth. Mass.. 308 
Daniel N., St. Louis. Mo.. 160 
David. Westport. !Mass.. 304 
David. Norridgewock, Me.. 297 
David, Mellinville, N. Y., loi, 

David, 298 
David B., New York City, i, 

David S., Battle Creek, Mich., 

Deborah, 35 
Deborah, 306 
Deborah (Francis), 28S 
Deborah A. (Parker), 30S 
Delaphean E., 290 
Delia (McMenamy), [08 
Dick M., 321. 325 
Donald M., Potsdam, N. Y., 

Dora M., in 
Dorothy (Burr), 297 
Dotia (Bacon), 92 

1875 Edith E., 122 
18S5 Edith L., 206 


■; *VJ rj T'.-^ A rA Of p -T' 1% 

,-.. 'I i ,.Y X .SiLridnisa ..J ^^hr;;D \;23t 

,-. .- i dCi 

'^,£ '?:.■'■., :: \ Vi .nonsdjA u :-■'/. .3 evii-.d-J i<^r 

--., •^- ! . r;. ..Y 

u, 1 i H()I . "'-'' -. - ' - . ■ .J 

.(■i5c!eT ;br:orr:mrH) £ifl)i!x'J oi!=.i 

Tc,!;. ,0 />ini.a *.'.:! ! .A :,:^^,=J.i\)^j:/] ,11 >.,'v:ri:) ;5v>^i 

t di--^, 

w^ -rj ; j8s 

•,0I ! ,/.>: •-jO: :.-;,.: vi .,1 c^i-:n!n Of,8i 

,1 .x;Y' zi-T/iY >rj"^ :"'' . . .^U ^^^Sf i 35 , r -ht'!J ?^:^J% 

-.Ht I ..s-.ilv': ^riifc-rnjiiCi ,.V/ iA\?A'd OfJSi 

.. • : ■ .>c.:^-';- 3h^Gcf ,.2 D.vB<:i u>.l'l j si''-.. 

'(<f.\ ; ,.Y '/- ,a/!i!':i'; y. ,."/.'' ;:v>iTi^:0 Z(j^: 

■.V. ,',;:>n.:-!'I^ .Lviou':^^ ^:t3i , ho? .(''^^ • ' 

X- ,,.-: .f.'oCI ^■:-:.;. ' Oil 

r'-l .ii-, ,,i.«!l >.' • 'i Ir'i'l j '^C'i , 

f.o ,;..■. -1 ,., " ■■, C ~"/:i i ^*"^ T^*- ,.Y '.: :;n, '■•.•-] .:-.i;IO |:.r^;i 

-■-' ^-^ -C\-t : ■ - --^^ :..'.m:./1 . -■ 



Edgar M., 123 


Elijah, Middletown, Ct, 45 


Edmund, Litchfield, Ct., 175, 


Elisha, Middletown, Ct., 137 



Eliza (Sitzer), loi 


Edmund, Westport, Mass., 254, 


Eliza, 208 



Eliza A. (Shields), 299 


Edmund, Houlton, Me., 188 


Eliza B. (Darby), 193, 196 

1 84 1 

Edmund, Brownville, N. Y., 


Eliza C. (Bradieu), 298 



Eliza L (Pearl), 318 


Edmund, Potsdam, N. Y., 199 


Elizabeth (Sage), 15, 18 


Edmund, Staunton, Va., 192 


Elizabeth (Brown), 35 


Edmund B., Denver, Col., 160 


Elizabeth, 239 


Edmund S., Ripton, Vt., 206 


Elizabeth (Lawton), 240 


Edna, 325 


Elizabeth (Tracy), 44 


Edna L., 67 


Elizabeth (Peckham), 240 


Edward, Cleveland, O., 270 


Elizabeth, 306 


Edward A., New Bedford, 


Elizabeth (Lawrence), 330 

Mass., 261 


Elizabeth (Sherman), 291, 302 


Edward A., Detroit, Mich., 316 


Elizabeth, 249 


Edward B., Westport, Mass., 


Elizabeth (White), 315 



Elizabeth, 112 


Edward C, Muncie, Ind., 122 


Elizabeth, 326 


Edward G., Bainbridge, N. Y., 


Elizabeth (Curtis), 83 


r I84I 

Elizabeth (Heinsohn), 122 


Edward P., Jacksonville, 111., 


Elizabeth (Tripp), 257 

146, 148 


Elizabeth (Cain), in 


Edward P., E. Chatham, N. Y., 


Elizabeth A. (Riley), 318 



Elizabeth C. (Robinson), 157 


Edwin, Fruitland, Fla., 321, 


Elizabeth M. (Ashman), 287 


, I84I 

Elizabeth P., 124 


Edwin P., Westport, Mass., 


Elizabeth P., 146 



Ella (Piatt), 117 


Elbert L., Charlston, Mich., 


Ella, 117 



Ellen A., 256 


Eleanor, 334 


Emeline C. (Anthony), 256 


Eleanor, 107 


Emily (Hawks), 58, 59 


Eleanor H., 270 


Emily, 334 


Eliab B., St. Louis, Mo., 138, 


Emily (Boyd), 335 



Emily F. (Read), 67 


Elias H., Pittsfield, Mass., 11 1 


Emma (Cook), 126 


Elihu, Canaan, N. Y., 246, 267 


Emma (Hallenbeck), 107 


Elihu, Henrietta, N. Y., 268, 


Emma, 107 



Emma F. (Vandenberg), 288 


Elihu, New Lebanon, N. Y., 


Emma H. (Lewis), 157 



Emma J., 274 


Elihu, Fall River, Mass., 254, 


Ephraim, Litchfield, Ct., 169, 





'^-^''^M-A aar or > 

.grr ,.yj ,bh<Uh:i:S 

•'; ,.2££l/' .VioqlfyVJ .bi!;i(i:'!' I- ^J^.i 


■ C ') 

A ;.i.8: 

■iij ,-1 A^:^i«''*; i;::;'i-^:>.'x "^^>I j l^;; ,.Y '.it j; .:b:'o'l .fji..i._," i''T .jvB^ 

Po-:i ! oTm WJ .-S; /,;:;':! 


C E 

h-'l ■r't. 


■,bn.':;-,a ,.i) lviK,vi.-^ 

,1 v;-''''ri ■-> .'^■.'■-1;;:.!..; Oj.-i I n,r .-i-). ...ii"^ 

.ft, ,Ylif^^ ":-SJ I 0-;:: . H mci-.'^ 


.;;:--'• r/;3:; ' >v 

J hhi\i\: 


1782 Ephraim,Westport, Mass., 24S, 


1796 Ephraim, Litchfield, Ct., I75 

1805 Ephraim, Middlebury, Vt, 207 

1652 Esther (Stone), 16, 23 

1750 Esther, 45 

1790 Esther (Augur), 52, 54 

1799 Esther, 207 

18 — Esther, loi 

1805 Esther (Burtis), 286 

1854 Esther E. (Denton), 287 

1882 Ethel, 324 

1874 Eudora C, 225 

1872 Eugene, Fairfield, la., 335 

1651 Eunice, 15 

1766 Eunice (Hale), 169 

1782 Eunice (Gifford), 248 

1857 Eunice D., 206 

1816 Eveline (Hewitt), 84 

185s Evenette (Hulett), 205 

i860 Everett, N. Collins, N. Y., 309 

1670 Experience (Mosher), 237 

1792 Pally, 249 

1840 Fannie, 117 

1878 Fannie, 1 19 ' 

185- Fannie S., 281 

18 — Fanny, 263 

1859 Fenno G., Denver, Col., 293 

1842 Fidelia C. (Potter), 85 

1847 FitzAlbert, Detroit, Mich., 318 

1859 Flora N., 318 

18 — Florence H., 299 

1785 Frances (Smith), 175, 176 

1827 Frances (Harris), 65 

1842 Frances (Spaulding), 66 

i860 Frances (McGeoch), ill 

1840 Frances C. (McLaughlin), 146, 


1833 Frances E. (Starr), 128 

1850 Frances G. (Humphries), 118 

1865 Frances H. (McMahon), 68 

1829 Frances ^L (Palmer), 193 

1846 Frances M. (Graham), 299 

i860 Frank, Allegan, Mich, 114 

1863 Frank, Nassau, N. Y., 107 

18— Frank, Westport, ^vlass., 258 
1870 Frank, Sheffield, Mass., 70 
1857 Frank A., Battle Creek, Mich., 

187- Frank A., N. Collins. N. Y., 

1879 Frank B., New Bedford, Mass., 

1887 Frank C, Detroit, Mich., 319 

1849 Frank E., Detroit, Mich.. 319 
185- Frank H., Dartmouth, Mass., 


1850 Frank R., New Bedford, Mass., 

1863 Frank W., Hudson, N. Y., 108 
1814 Frederick, Meadville, Pa., 126 
1819 Frederick, 316 
i860 Frederick G., San Diego, Cal., 

1811 Frederick J., Collins, N. Y., 

1832 Frederick L., San Francisco, 

Cal., 317 
1870 Frederick W., 85 

1757 George, Pawling, N. Y., 246, 

1764 George, 97 

17 — George, loi 

1788 George, Westport, Mass., 249, 

1791 George, Nichols, N. Y., 63 
1794 George, Dartmouth, Mass., 

278, 281 

18 — George, Michigan, 203 

1806 George, Detroit, Mich., 112, 

1817 George, Oneonka, N. Y., 273 
1823 George, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 

1829 George, Pawling, N. Y., 263 
1832 George, Medina, N. Y., 114 
1836 George, Dartmouth, Mass., 281 
1844 George, Scranton, Pa., 66 
1844 George, Col. Springs, Col., 123 
1844 George, Middlebury, Vt., 206 


V '.f ^jr T -w zf »/r A Tyt cf t? -r r> 

,.a^tl■. ,:._,;..;;, u. 

1 8s 

mi ,.Y .V^ ■ -■ 

Y .H ,2ni'I.:0 ,.l ,:-v!r- 

J-c .-£ .'-i- 



— fJi 

Ci8f; /jinuC) 

■-;...'... r 

> -at 

.■•.^,orrr,a) ." 


;■■.'- ,.:.) 

,d .bl5/i.,;..:H , 

«?di .( 

H^^- .(i,r 

^,t. ,.Vi 

oc .,Y 

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0:i .5^T ,'tj. 

■> -t 

1 .ciii-'L' ,. jio;0 ci-ocSr j 

,.Y ,;' .V.-; «:ijrx.C 

.&^i - »;; i 

iO o-'^j ' 8i\ .'^- ■■:;',' . .11) .D 











George, Hartford, Ct., 70 
George, Jersey City, N. J., 261 
George A., Dartmouth, Mass., 

George B., Pawling, N. Y., 264 
George B., Roseville, III, 335 
George E., 187 
George D., Westport, Mass., 

George F., Marshalltown, la., 

George G., Pittsburg, Pa., 69 
George H., Sheffield, Mass., 70 
George H., Rochester, Vt., 206 
George L., Greene Co., Pa., 334 
George M.. Albany, N. Y., 108 
George R., 119 
George S., Sharon, Ct., 264 
George T., 109 

George T., Detroit, Mich., 124 
George T., Albany, N. Y., 109 
George W., Westport, Mass., 

George W., Westport, Mass., 

George W., Galesburg, Mich., 

Georgia E., 109 
Georgiana (Tripp), 290 
Gertrude, 264 

Gertrude H. (Harbison), 256 
Gideon, Pawling, N. Y., 261, 

Gilbert, Denver, Col., 298 
Gilbert L., Mare Island, Cal., 

Giles, 97 

Giles, Middletown, Ct, 98, 130 
Giles, 138 

Giles, Nassau, N. Y., 106 
Giles W., E. Nassau, N. Y., 
loi, 109 
1775 Grace (Merwin), 97 
1888 Grace, 264 
1858 Grace A. (Houghton), 301 








Hannah (Andrews), 15 

Hannah (Sage), 44, 9° 

Hannah, 45 

Hannah (Tallman), 240 

Hannah (Lawton), 246, 282 

Hannah (Petty), 282 

Hannah (Childs), 260 

Hannah (Sherman), 278, 281 

Hannah, 294 

Hannah (Taber), 261, 265 

Hannah (Matteson), 46, 47 

Hannah (Anthony), 266 

Hannah, 333 

Harold C, Dartmouth, Mass., 

Harold E., Galesburg, Mich., 

Harriet, 58 

Harriet (Bolton), 175, 199 
Harriet, 130 

Harriet E. (Linsley), 204 
Harriet R. (Jennings), 158 
Harris, Middletown, Ct., 125 
Harrison P., Norway, N. Y., 

Harry B., Semichino, Wash., 

Harry C, Nichols, N. Y., 68 
Harry S., no 

Harry T., Berwick, 111., 33^^ 
Hattie, no 
Hattie B., 108 
Hattie G. (Wiltsey), 288 
Harvey W., Westport, Mass., 

Helen (Putnam), I75, 200 
Helen (Taber), 263 
Helen (Holmes), 70 
Helen (Ward), 67 
Helen M. (Dwight). 146, 15