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Full text of "Kith and kin [electronic resource] : containing genealogical data of the following families : Dixon, Andrus, Battin, Beal, Bosworth, Chapin, Converse, Copeland, Cummins, Esterly, Hanna, Hardenberg, Holloway, James, Kendall, Mast, Nichols, Shed, Stewart, Walker, Wallbridge, and other collateral lines"

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Genealogical Data of the 

Following Families 






















And Other Collateral Lines 

Copyright, August, 1922 



1200 Arapahoe Street 
Los Angeles, California 

Edition 500 

Press of 

White and Tyler 

1,0-. Angeles, California 

Copyright 1922 



Makes no pretentions to being a literary gem. It is simply a 
collection of Genealogical data, collected and arranged by one 
who wishes to leave to posterity a few facts that those who may 
come after will see these "foot prints on the sand" and take heart 
in their efforts to ascertain something about those from whom 
they are descended. 

Acknowledgement is here made to the following publications: 

Converse Genealogy, by Charles Allen Converse. 

Converse Family History, by John J. Putnam. 

CuMMiNGS Genealogy, by Albert Oren Cummings. 

Cummings Memorial, by George Mooar. 

Daniel Shed, by Frank E. Shedd. 

Henry Wallbridge and Descendants, by William G. 

The Border or Rider Clans, by B. Homer Dixon. 

Personal thanks are here extended to Gilbert Cope, the late 
Kersey Hanna, Mesdames, E. P. C. Browne, E. B. Nichols, E. W. 
Copeland, the Misses A. Bruce Walker, Agnes Thomas, Florence 
Bosworth, Arminta Esterly, and a few others who have contribut- 
ed details. 

The omissions will be accounted for by failure to receive 
the desired information. 

Any errors that the reader may note should be ascribed to 

Any who desire to make corrections or additions may com- 
municate with 



THE origin of a surname is not always easily found. In very 
many cases the spelling has been twisted and distorted, 
caused by the persons writing or inscribing them and by the 
provincial or dialectic pronounciation, which accounts for many of 
the variations. 

When surnames were brought into common use everyone 
could not read or write, and persons pronouncing their names 
could not write or read them even after they were written. 
Therefore, a person writing his name, or inscribing it, was not 
bound by any fixed rule of spelling proper names. This condition 
unfortunately prevails today. Is it any wonder, then, that an 
author of a genealogy finds thirty-two ways of spelling the name 
Dixox, and that many of these methods of spelling are in use 
even now. One author, B. Homer Dixox, in his book, "The 
Border and Riding Clans and a Short History of the Clan Dixon," 
published in Albany, New York, in 1888, gives the following, 
"In a Charter from King Robert Bruce about A. D. 1306 to 
Thomas Dickson it occurs as Filius Ricardi (son of Richard) 
and the Charter is endorsed Carta Thomas fil Dick." We also 
quote from the same author as follows: "Nesbit in his Heraldry 
(Edinburgh, 1722) says 'The Dicksons are descended from one 
Richard Keith, said to be a son of the family of Keith's Earls 
Marshalls of Scotland,' and in proof thereof carry the chief of 
Keith Marischal. This Richard was commonly called Dick and 
the 'son' was styled after him. The affix of son in the Lowlands 
answering to the prefix Mac in the Highlands." 

We cannot refrain from noting that, as a result of some pro- 
vincial or dialectic peculiarty, the name of the author of this work, 
as well as the author from whom we have made quotations, differ 
in their spelling from the original Dickson and use the phonetic 


First Generation 

I. 1. WILLIAM DIXON (Dixsox), son of Henry and 
Rose Dixox, was b. circa 1662, in Ireland; d. in 1708, in New 
Castle County, Delaware; m., circa 1690, in Delaware, Ann 
Gregg, b. in County Armagh, Ireland, dau. of William Gregg. 
In Albert Cook Myers' "Immigration of Irish Quakers into 
Pennsylvania" it is shown that William Dixox and Isabel Rea, 
both of the Parish of Sego, County Armagh, Ireland, were married 

5 <^ ;1 ^ i 3 

4 Dixon and /iUie'd Pamilies 

at the house of Roger Webb, Parish of Sego, 5 Mo. 4, 1683. 
Among those who signed the marriage certificate were Henry 
Dixon, Rose Dixon, Thomas Harlan and Isabel Logan. This 
wife probably d. before 1688, when he came to America with his 
sisters Rose and Dinah. 

Issue of William DIXON and Ann GREGG 

*2. i. Henry Dixon, b. at Newcastle County, Delaware, 
of whom later. 

3. ii. William Dixox, d. 3rd December, 1760, age 65 

yrs., 5 mos. ; m., 5th February, 1718, Hannah 
HoLLiNGSWORTH, b. 17th January, 1697, and 
had seven children. 

4. iii. Dinah Dixon, m., 3rd April, 1721, William 


5. iv. John Dixon, m., 29th August, 1724, Center Mt., 

Pennsylvania, Sarah Hollingsworth, b. 7th 
August, 1706. 

6. V. Thomas Dixon, d. previous to 1741; m., 25th 

August, 1727, New Garden, Chester County, 
Pennsylvania, Hannah Hadley. 

7. vi. George Dixon, b. 16th November, 1706; d. 14th 

February, 1761 ; m., 29th October, 1725; Center, 
Pennsvlvania, Ann Chandler, b. 1st February, 

8. vii. Ann Dixon, m., 1730, Chester County, Pennsyl- 

vania, Robert Cane. 

Second Generation 

II. 2. HENRY DIXON (William) was b. circa 1695, 
in New Castle County, Delaware; m., 4th April, 1715, at Newark 
Mt., Delaware, Ruth Jones, d. before 1758. He d. before 1742. 

Issue of Henry DIXON and Ruth JONES 

9. i. Ruth Dixon, m., 27th March. 1741, Hockessin 

Mt., Delaware, James Phillips. 
*10. ii. John Dixon, b. 16th November, 1717, New Castle 
County, Delaware, of whom later. 

11. iii. Joseph Dixon, b. 2nd October, 1719; m., 25th Sep- 

tember, 1742, New Garden Mt., Pennsylvania, 
Mary Pusey; removed to North Carolina in 

12. iv. Henry Dixon, Jr., d. 1796, Chester County, Penn- 

sylvania; m., 1748, Mary Prew. 

13. V. Samuel Dixon, d. circa 1804, Fayette County, 

Pennsylvania; m. Mary Dixon, a first cousin. 

14. vi. Mary DixoN, b. Mill Creek, Delaware; m., 17th 

August, 1750, Hockessin Mt., Delaware, Her- 
man Gregg. 

15. vii. Martha DixoN, m., 17th January, 1753, Hockessin 

Mt., Delaware, William Tate. 

Dixon and Allied Families 5 

16. viif. Solomon Dixon, m., 30th November, 1758; New 

Garden Mt., Pennsylvania, Sarah Pryor. 

Third Generation 

III. 10. JOHN DIXON (Henry-William) was b. 
16th November, 1717, in New Castle County, Delaware; d. in 
1767, in Chester County, Pennsylvania; m., 26th May, 1742, in 
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Rebecca Cox, who d. 1787-8, in 
Fayette County, Pennsylvania. 

Issue of John DIXON and Rebecca COX 

17. i. Hannah DixoN, b. 4th December, 1742, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; d. 1760, in Chester 
County, unm. 

18. ii. Catherine Dixon, b. 15th August, 1744, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; d. 1768, Chester County, 

19. iii. Henry Dixon, b. 28th May, 1746, Chester County, 

Pennsylvania; m., 9th May, 1771, Chester 
County, Elizabeth Hadley; removed, circa 1782, 
to Redstone, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. 

20. iv. Ruth Dixon, b. 2nd November, 1748, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; d. 1766, Chester County, 
*21. v. Joshua Dixon, b. 9th August, 1750, Chester 
County, Pennsylvania, of whom later. 

22. vi. Rebecca Dixon, b. 8th December, 1752, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; m., 21st November, 1771, 
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Samuel Jackson. 

23. vii. Mary Dixon, b. 5th October, 1754, Chester Coun- 

ty, Pennsylvania; d. 1763, Chester County. 

24. viii. John Dixon, Jr., b. 19th June, 1756, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania, m., 26th April, 1780, 
Hockessin Mt., Delaware, Mary Nichols. 

25. ix. Elizabeth Dixon, b. 30th March, 1758, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; d. 1767, Chester County. 

26. X. Samuel Dixon, b. 22nd August, 1760, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; d. 1762, Chester County. 

27. xi. Martha Dixon, b. 20th August, 1763, Chester 

County, Pennsylvania; d. 1767, Chester County. 

Fourtli Generation 

IV. 21. JOSHUA DIXON, (John-Henry-WiUiam) was 
b. 9th August, 1750, in Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. in 
1831, in Columbiana County, Ohio; m., firstly, 23rd December, 
1773, at Wilmington, Delaware, Phoebe Heald; m., secondly, 
19th February, 1783, at Center Mt., Pennsylvania, Dinah Battin, 
who was b. 28th February, 1760, in Delaware, and who d. 3rd 
February, 1833, at New Lisbon, Ohio. 

6 Dixon and Allied Families 

Issue of Joshua DIXON and Phoebe HEALD 

28. i. Emanuel DixON. 

29. ii. Hannah Dixon, m., 26th September, 1792, Wash- 

ington County, Penns\dvania, Joseph Penock. 

Issue of Joshua DIXON and Dinah BATTIN 

*30. iii. John Dixon, b. 28th December, 1783, of whom 

31. iv. Rachael Dixon, b. 19th July, 1785; d. 28th Feb- 

ruary, 1851 ; m., 15th December, 1803, Benjamin 
Hanna. (See Hanna Genealogy later.) 

32. V. Elizabeth Dixon, b. 22nd November, 1788; m. 

Isaac TowNSEND. 
*ZZ. vi. Rebecca Dixon, b. 22nd December, 1790, of whom 

*34. vii. Joshua Dixon, Jr., b. 7th December, 1792, of 

whom later. 

35. viii. Nathan Dixon, b. 25th August, 1794; m. Lutietia 


36. ix. Thomas Dixon, b. 3rd October, 1797; m. Becky 


37. X. Dinah Dixon, b. 27th August, 1799; m. Mc- 


38. xi. Lydia Dixon, b. 24th October, 1801 ; m. Joseph 


39. xii. Levie Dixon, b. 25th August, 1803; d. 24th Aug- 

ust, 1804. 

Whereas, John Dixson, son of Joshua Dixson, and Dinah, 
his wife, of Columbiana County, and State of Ohio. And Hannah 
Beal. Daughter of Joseph Beal and Hannah, his wife, of the 
same place. Having declared their intentions of taking each other 
in marriage before several monthly meetings of the People called 
Quakers in the County aforesaid, the proceedings of the said John 
Dixson and Hannah Beal, after due enquiry and deliberate con- 
sideration were allowed of the said Meetings, they appearing clear 
of all others and having consent of parents and parties concerned. 

Now these are to certify whom this may concern that for the 
accomplishing their said marriage this Eighteenth day of the 
twelfth month in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight 
Hundred and Six, they the said John Dixson and Hannah Beal 
appeared in a public assembly of the aforesaid people and others 
in their Meeting house, at Alidleton, in the County aforesaid, and 
he, the said John Dixson, taking the said Hannah Beal by the 
hand, did openly and solemnly declare, as follows: viz: That he 
took her, the said Hannah Beal to be his wife, promising with 
Divine assistance, to be unto her a true and loving husband until 
death should separate them, and the said Hannah Beal did then 
and there in the said Assembly declare as follows: viz. That she 
took him, the said John Dixson to be her husband, promising with 
Divine assistance to be unto him a true and loving wife until 
death should separate them, or each of them words to the same 

Dixon and Allied Families 

effect. And the said John DixsoN and Hannah Bi'AL (She ac- 
cording to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her hus- 
band). As a full confirmation thereof and in testimony thereto 
did then and there to these presents set their hands. 

John Dixson. 

Hannah Dixson. 

We who were present among others at the above Marriage 
have also subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto the day and 
year aforesaid. 

Sarah James 
Rachel Fisher 
Wm. Heald 
Rebecca Heald 
Rebekah Oliphent 
Elizabeth Oliphent 
Nathan Heald 
Wm. Harrison 
Anne Harrison 
Rebecah Dixson 
Elizabeth Dixson 
Rachel Beal 
Mary Ferrall 
Mary Dixson 
Israel Cope 
William Ferrall 
John Heald 
John James 
James Heald 
Ruth Paxson 
Mary Heald 
Sarah Walker 
Amy John 
Rachel Walker 
Rachel Fisher 
Latham Harrison 

Joseph Armstrong 
Elizabeth Ferrall 
Nathan Hawley 
Joshua Dixson, Jr. 
Nathan Dixson 
Simon Dixson 
Mary Hatcher 
Rachel Heald 
Mary Wilson 
Ruth Cowgill 
Sarah Paxson 
Hannah Allmon 
Jesse Cope 
Ebenezer Allmon 
Thomas Allmon 
Joseph Heald 
Mary Billard 
Thomas Russel 
Thomas Botts 
Elizabeth Heald 
Thomas Dixson 
Martha McClum 
Caleb Hawley 
Hannah Hawley 
David Hawley 
Henry Dixson 

Elizabeth Dixson 
Isaac James 
John Cope 
Caleb Cope 
Phoebe Armstrong 
David Wiley 
Rachel Haine 
Phoebe Armstrong 
Thomas Hanna 
Nathan McClum 
Ann Antrum 
Sarah Mercer 
Joseph Beal 
Hannah Beal 
Dinah Dixson 
Amos Hanvey 
Elizabeth Harvey 
Benjamin Hanna 
Sarah Beal 
Rachel Hanna 
Elizabeth Dixson 
Elizabeth Cope 
Enos Woods 

Fifth Generation 

V. 30. JOHN DIXON, (Joshua- John-Henry-William) 
was b. 28th December, 1783, in Fayette Countv, Pennsylvania; 
d. 1839, at Columbiana, Ohio; m., 18th December! 1806, 
at Columbiana, Ohio, Hannah Beal, who was b. in Pennsylvania; 
d. 6th December 1832, at Columbiana; dau. of Joseph and Han- 
nah (Russell) Beal. 

Issue of John DIXON and Hannah BEAL 

*40. i. Lydia Ann Dixon, b. 14th November, 1807, of 
whom later. 
41. ii. Lucena Dixon, b. October, 1809; d. March, 1811. 
*42. iii. Newton Dixon, b. 1812, of whom later. 
*43. iv. Lot Dixon, b. 11th February, 1814, of whom later. 

8 Dixon and Allied Families 

44. V. Eliza Dixon, b. 25th May, 1816, (twin) ; d. 26th 

May, 1879; m. Lott Homks. 

45. vi. Emanuel Dixon, b. 25th May, 1816, (twin) ; d. 

11th August, 1824. 
*46. vii. Rebecca Dixon, b. 8th June, 1818, of whom later. 

47. viii. Samuel Dixon, b. 30th October, 1820; d. 1st Aug- 

ust, 1824. 

48. ix. John Dixon, Jr., b. 29th May, 1823; d. 4th Aug- 

ust, 1824. 
*49. X. Rachael Dixon, b. 12th August, 1825, Columbiana 
County, Ohio, of whom later. 

V. 33. REBECCA DIXON, (Joshua-John-Henry-Wil- 
liam) was b. 22nd December, 1790, in Fayette County, Pennsyl- 
vania; d. 21st May, 1873; m., 6th March, 1814, Columbiana 
County, Ohio, George Copeland, who was b. 22nd December, 
1790; d. 11th April, 1885. 

Issue of Rebecca DIXON and George COPELAND 

*50. i. Joshua Copeland, b. 27th December, 1817, of 
whom later. 
51. ii. John Copeland, b. 6th July, 1820; d. 19th Aug- 
ust, 1863. 

*52. iii. Joseph Copeland, b. 27th May, 1823 ; d. 2nd May, 
1867, of whom later. 

53. iv. Jonathan Copeland, b, 28th May, 1828; d. 5th 

July, 1863. 

V. 34. JOSHUA DIXON, Jr., (Joshua- John-Henry- 
William) was b. 7th December, 1792, Fayette County, Pennsyl- 
vania; m., in Columbiana County, Ohio, Mary (?) Johnson, 
and had 


54. i. Mary DixON. 

Sixth Generation 

VI. 40. LYDIA ANN DIXON, (John-Joshua-John- 
Henry- William) was b. 14th November, 1807, in Columbiana 
County, Ohio; d. 3rd May, 1843; m., 18th May, 1830, John 


Issue of Lydia Ann DIXON and John HOLLOWAY 

*55. i. Leonard D. Hollow ay, b. 31st January, 1831, 

of whom later. 
*56. ii. Ephriam S. Hollo way, of whom later. 
*57. iii. Lucena Holloway, of whom later. 
*58. iv. Ehza Ann Holloway, b. 24th May, 1837, of 

whom later. 
*59. V. John Dixon Holloway, of whom later. 
*60. vi. Lydia Ann Holloway, b. 31st March, 1843, of 

whom later. 

Dixon and Allied Families 9 

VI. 42. NEWTON DIXON, (John-Joshua-John-Hen- 
ry-William) was b, in 1812, and d. in 1856; m. Eliza Ann Scott, 
and had 


61. i. Hannah Dixon, b. 9th May, 1839. 
*62. ii. Joshua Dixon, b. 26th October, 1841, of whom 

*63. iii. Laura Dixon, b. 6th May, 1844, of whom later. 

VI. 43. LOT DIXON, (John-Joshua-John-Henry-Wil- 
liam) was b. 11th February, 1814, at Columbiana, Ohio; d. 14th 
August, 1853, at Bucyrus, Ohio; m., 24th October, 1845, at 
Parkman, Ohio, Charlotte Converse Cumins, who was b. 30th 
December, 1822, at Royalton, Vermont; d. 23rd March, 1900, 
at Los Angeles, California, dau. of Joseph Cumins, of Royalton, 
Vermont, and Hannah Converse. 

Issue of Lot DIXON and Charlotte Converse CUMINS 

*64. i. Willis Milnor Dixon, b. 5th September, 1846, of 
whom later. 

65. Ii. J. Theron Dixon, b. 25th September, 1848, New 

Lisbon, Ohio; d. 23rd October, 1853, Bucvrus, 

VI. 46. REBECCA DIXON, (John-Joshua- John-Henry- 
William) was b. 8th June, 1818, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 
12th June, 1884, at Cleveland, Ohio; m., 24th December, 1846, 
George W. Hapgood, who was b. 24th November, 1825; d. 
18th August 1868, at Warren, Ohio. 

Issue of Rebecca DIXON and George W. HAPGOOD 

66. i. Ohvia Hapgood, b. 12th October, 1847, Warren, 

*67. ii. Fannie Hapgood, b. 26th April, 1850, Warren, 
Ohio; d. 4th September, 1907, of whom later. 

68. iii. William Hapgood, b. 14th June, 1852, Warren, 

Ohio; d. 9th March, 1900 ;'m. Stella Bailey. 

69. iv. Mary Hapgood, b. 27th June, 1860, Warren, 

Ohio; d. 18th December, 1874, Warren, Ohio. 

VI. 49. RACHAEL DIXON, (John- Joshua-John-Hen- 
ry-William) was b. 12th August, 1825, Columbiana County, 
Ohio; d. 30th January, 1904, Marshall County, Iowa; m., 11th 
March, 1851, in Columbiana, Ohio, Fred Baum, who was b. 
14th May, 1827, Columbiana, Ohio; d. 24th July, 1880, Mar- 
shalltown, Iowa, son of Christian and Barbara (Dininger) 

Issue of Rachael DIXON and Fred BAUM 

*70. i. Theron S. Baum, b. 23rd October, 1853, Lima, 
Ohio, of whom later. 

10 Dixon and Allied Families 

71. ii. John Dixon Baum, b. 19th September, 1855, Mar- 

ietta, Iowa, d. 5th October, 1855, Marietta, 

72. iii. Ella Baum, b. 21st December, 1857, Marietta, 

Iowa; m., 25th October, 1899, Marshalltown, 
Iowa, Warren Nichols. 

73. iv. Frank M. Baum, b. 15th August, 1862; d. 6th 

February, 1919; m., 23rd October, 1909, Port- 
land, Oregon, Jessie Blackmore. 

VI. 50. JOSHUA COPELAND, (Rebecca DixoN- 
Joshua-John-Henrv-William) was b. 27th December, 1817; d. 
12th March, 1900; m., firstly, 19th September, 1847, Lydia F. 
Walters, who was b. 6th April, 1829; d. 19th August, 1851; 
m., secondly, 1st T'inuarv, 1866, Nancy Ann Hopkins, who was 
b. 29th July, 1838. 

Issue of Joshua COPELAND and Lydia F. WALTERS 

74. i. Rebecca Elizabeth Copeland, b. 25th January, 

1849; d. 7th August, 1849. 

75. ii. Thomas Corwin Copeland, b. 26th July, 1850; 

d. 11th August, 1851. 

Issue of 
Joshua COPELAND and Nancy Ann HOPKINS 

*76. iii. Laura May Copeland, b. 16th February, 1867, 

of whom later. 
*77. iv. Lincoln Grant Copeland, b. 22nd August, 1869, 

of whom later. 
78. V. George Robert Copeland, b. 15th April, 1871; d. 

15th September, 1872. 
*79. vi. Mary Alma Copeland, b. 26th July, 1873, of 

whom later. 

VI. 52. JOSEPH COPELAND, (Rebecca Dixon- 
Joshua- John-Henry- William) was b. 27th May, 1823; d. 2nd 
May, 1867; m., 14th April, 1851, Barbara Arner, who was b. 
1st February, 1830; d. 23rd November, 1907. 

Issue of Joseph COPELAND and Barbara ARNER 

*80. i. Mary Ahce Copeland, b. 2nd July, 1852, of whom 

*81. ii. Willis Melanthorn Copeland, b. 16th October, 

1853, of whom later. 

82. iii. Marices R. Copeland, b. 23rd May, 1855; d. 3rd 

November, 1857. 

83. iv. John Brown Copeland, b. 6th July, 1859; d. 31st 

December, 1909. 

84. V. Josephine M. Copeland, b. 18th July, 1862; m., 

6th June, 1906, Lewis Contell. 

Dixon and Allied Families 11 

85. vi. Rebecca Copeland, b. 5th July, 1866; d. 12th 

February, 1868. 

Seventh Generation 

DixON-John- Joshua- John-Henrv-William) was b. 31st January, 
1831, Columbiana. Ohio; d. 8th August, 1859; m., 19th October, 
1854, Elizabeth Ann DeHoff, who was b. 1st December, 1832; 
d. 13th June, 1905. 

Issue of 
Leonard D. HOLLOWAY and Elizabeth Ann DeHOFF 

86. i. Harvey Holloway, b. 14th July, 1857; d. 31st 

May, 1874. 
*87. ii. Mary Isabell Holloway, b. 28th September, 1855; 

m., 25th April, 1882, Walter H. Holdeman, 

of whom later. 
*88. iii. Theodore Walter Holloway, b. 12th October, 

1859; m., 27th June, 1888, Olive Kidder, of 

whom later. 
*89. iv. Jennetta Holloway, b. 3rd March, 1863; m., 5th 

May, 1887, Jake N. Yoder, of whom later. 

90. v. William Holloway, b. 9th October, 1866; m., 

22nd May, 1894, Mrs. Anna Hisey Tritt. 

Dixox- John-Joshua- John-Henry-William) d. 15th September, 
1895; m. Margaret Wexdall. He was First Lieutenant, 41st 
Ohio Infantry, 29th October, 1861 ; Captain, 31st October, 1862; 
Major, 6th December, 1864; Lieutenant-Colonel, 28th March, 
1865; Colonel, 31st May, 1865; Brev. Brigadier-General, Vol- 
unteers, 13th March, 1865, for gallant and meretorious service 
during the war; honorably mustered out 27th November, 1865, 
(Historical Register and Directory of the United States Army, 
Vol. 1, p. 538, published 1903). 

Issue of 
Ephriam S. HOLLOWAY and Margaret WENDALL 

91. i. John Holloway, b. in Columbiana, Ohio; m. 

Christenna Campbell. 

92. ii. Orlando Holloway, b. in Columbiana, Ohio ; d. 

in 1900; m. Louisa Stuckimax. 

93. iii. Carrie Holloway, b. in Columbiana, Ohio; m. 

Mathew Nolan. 

94. iv. Owen Holloway, b. in Columbiana, Ohio ; m. 

Mattie FuxcK, and had Allen and Roy Hollo- 

VII. 57. ' LUCENA HOLLOWAY, (Lydia Ann Dixox- 
John-Joshua-John-Henry-William) m. Henry Weaver, and had 

12 Dixon and Allied Families 


95. i. Park Weaver. 

96. ii. John Weaver. 

Dixox- John-Joshua- John-Henry-William) was b. 24th May, 
1837; d. 1st December, 1893; m. Jonathan Esterly, and had 


97. i. Arminta Esterly, b. 23rd December, 1865. 

98. ii. Ola Esterly, b. 4th March, 1867; d. 19th Jan- 

uary, 1905; m. September, 1900, Edward Alex- 
ander, and had Edward Alexander, Jr., b. 
29th April, 1902. 

*99. iii. William L. Esterly, b. 8th March, 1870, of 
whom later. 

100. iv. Arthur Esterly, b. 1876; d. 1876. 
*101. V. May Esterly, b. 24th August, 1881 ; m., August, 
1903, Stanley Douglas, of whom later. 

DixoN-John-Joshua-John-Henry- William) m. Julia Phillips, 
and had 


102. i. Belle Holloway, m. Rev. Allen Wilson; reside 

Valdosta, Georgia ; have dau. Mary Wilson. 

DixoN-John- Joshua-John-Henry- William) was b. 31st March, 
1843, Columbiana, Ohio; m., firstly, 26th December, 1867, 
Frank M. Thomas, who was b. 31st October, 1842; d. 6th 
March, 1873; son of James B. and Irena Thomas. She m., 
secondly, 31st March, 1881, Dr. Watson Roberts, son of Thomas 
and Priscilla Livesey Watson Roberts, who was b. 2nd April, 
1837, at Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; d. 22nd Jan- 
uary, 1917, at Portland, Oregon. They were m. in Marshall- 
town, Iowa. 

Issue of 

Lydia Ann HOLLOWAY and Frank M. THOMAS 

103. i. Agnes Thomas, b. 23rd October, 1868, Marshall- 

town, Iowa. 

104. ii. Freddie James Thomas, b. 15th March, 1871, 

Marshalltown, Iowa; d. 4th May, 1876, Mar- 
shalltown, Iowa. 

Issue of 
Lydia Ann HOLLOWAY and Dr. Watson ROBERTS 

*105. iii. J. Roy Roberts, b. 5th February, 1882, Steamboat 
Rock, Iowa; m., 25th October, 1911, Cedar 
Falls, Iowa, Ida Ruth Fuller, of whom later. 

Dixon and Allied Families 13 

106. iv. Ella Priscilla Roberts, b. 25th March, 1884, Mar- 
shalltown, Iowa. 

VII. 62. JOSHUA DIXON, (Newton-John- Joshua- 
John-Henry-William) was b. 26th October, 1841 ; m., firstly, 
1868, Loretta Phelps, who d. 8th April, 1874; m., secondly, 
28th March, 1876, in Marshall Co., Iowa, Emma Glass, who 
d. in March, 1922. 

Issue of Joshua DIXON and Loretta PHELPS 

*107. i. Newton E. Dlxon, b. 6th December, 1869; of 

whom later. 
*108. ii. Phoebe Alice Dlxon, b. 14th April, 1872, of whom 


109. iii. Lot E. Dlxon, b. 17th March, 1873; d. 16th April, 


110. iv. Arthur Dlxon, b. 6th April, 1874; d. 8th Aoril, 


Issue of Joshua DIXON and Emma GLASS 

111. V. Inez May Dixon, b. 24th Januar}, 1877; d. 1920. 

VII. 63. LAURA DIXON, (Newton- John- Joshua- John- 
Henry- Wilham) was b. 6th May, 1844; d. 15th July, 1889; m., 
29th October, 1868, Warren Nichols, who was b. 29th August, 
1840, son of Stacy Nichols. 

Issue of Laura DIXON and Warren NICHOLS 

112. i. Paul Nichols, b. 15th November, 1869; m. May 

Roberts, and had Lowell Dewey Nichols, b. 
8th July, 1889. 

113. ii. Nettie Nichols, b. 12th December, 1871; d. 15th 

October, 1873. 

114. iii. Mary Nichols, b. 12th Mav, 1873; d. 15th Aug- 

ust, 1874. 

115. iv. Fred Nichols, b. 14th October, 1875; m., 14th 

October, 1902, Minnie Pyle, and had Warren 
Lewis Nichols, b. 19th February, 1909, Myrth 
Irene Nichols, b. 1918, and Winifred Margaret 
Nichols, b. June, 1920. 

116. V. Stacy Nichols, b. 22nd May, 1877, Mahlon, 

Michigan; m., (1) Elsie Anson; m., (2) 2nd 
February, 1910, Detta Sinclair, and had Stacy 
Nichols, Jr., and Rov Nichols. 

117. vi. Jessie Nichols, b. lOt'h IVIav, 1879; d. April, 


118. vii. John Nichols, b. 2nd November, 1880; d. 5th 

April, 1902. 

119. viii. Charles Nichols, b. 5th November, 1884; d. 15th 

March, 1909. 

120. ix. Emma Nichols, b. 14th July, 1889; m. Iver 

Veren, and had child, d. young. 

14 Dixon and Allied Families 

\\\. 64. WILLIS MILNOR DIXON, (Lot-John- 
Josluia-John-Henry-William) was b. 5th September, 1846, at 
New Lisbon. Ohio; m., 23rd December, 1877, at Los Angeles, 
California, Regina Mast, who was b. 19th April, 1851, at East 
Liverpool, Ohio; d. 7th July, 1911, at Los Angeles, California; 
dau. of Lieut. John Mast, who was b. in Wiirtemberg, Germany, 
and who m., in Pennsylvania, Regina Koenig (King). 

He engaged in administrative work for some of the early 
railroads ; also in merchandising, commission business, and build- 
ing of homes ; has held highest offices in many Masonic bodies ; 
was elected January, 1919, as seventh president of the Society, 
Sons of the Revolution, California; has held various other offices 
in this Society since his admission to membership, in 1909; is still 
active in its aliFairs and is at present Genealogist. (Libertv Bell, 
April, 1921.) 

Issue of Willis Milnor DIXON and Regina MAST 

*121. i. Lucile Mast Dixon, b. 9th March, 1880, at 
Forest, Hardin County, Ohio, of whom later. 

VII. 67. FANNIE HAPGOOD, (Rebecca Dixon- John- 
Joshua-John-Henry-William) was b. 26th April, 1850, Warren, 
Ohio; d. 4th September, 1907, Cleveland. Ohio; m., 14th May, 
1874. George Schriver, who was b. 4th October, 1847. 

Issue of Fannie HAPGOOD and George SCHRIVER 

122. i. Florence May Schriver, b. 18th May, 1875. 

123. ii. George Hapgood Schriver, b. 15th September, 


124. iii. Mabel Frances Schriver, b. 26th August, 1880; 

m., 12th January, 1910, Raymond L. Sawyer. 

125. iv. Albert Arnold Schriver, b. 13th November, 1883. 

VII. 70. THERON S. BAUM, (Rachael DixoN-John- 
Joshua-John-Henry-William) was b. 23rd October, 1853, at 
Lima, Ohio; d. 19th May, 1920, Marshall County, Iowa; m., 
9th January, 1884, in Marshall County, Iowa, Mary Harding, 
who was b. 12th October, 1853, at New Castle, Pennsylvania; 
d. 12th April, 1916, in Marshall County, Iowa. 

Issue of Theron S. BAUM and Mary HARDING 

126. i. Fred E. Baum, b. 10th January, 1885; m. Mrs. 

Ella Peters, wid. with three children ; had Wil- 
fred Theron who d. young. 

VII. 76. LAURA MAY COPELAND, (Joshua Cope- 
LAND-Rebecca DixON-Joshua- John-Henry- William) was b. 16th 
February, 1867; m., firstly, 12th June, 1895, Chauncey R. Rey- 
nolds, who was b. 10th September, 1865; d. 30th June, 1896; 
m., secondly, 24th March, 1908, Charles H. Drybread, who was 
b. 18th March, 1865. 



Dixon and Allied Families 15 

CoPELAND-Rebecca DixoN-Joshua-John-Henry-William) was b. 
22nd August, 1869; m., 22nd November, 1904, Harriet Ardell 
Kempler, who was b. 16th February, 1878. 

Issue of Lincoln Grant COPELAND 
and Harriet Ardell KEMPLER 

127. i. Robert Joshua Copeland, b. 26th March, 1910. 

128. ii. Anna Jane Copeland, b. 13th January, 1912. 

VII. 79. MARY ALMA COPELAND, (Joshua Cope- 
LAND-Rebecca DixoN-Joshua-John-Henry-William) was b. 26th 
July, 1873; m., 26th August, 1894, William Drake, who was b. 
5th September, 1870. 

VII. 80. MARY ALICE COPELAND, (Joseph Cope- 
LAND-Rebecca DixoN-Joshua-John-Henry- William) was b. 2nd 
July, 1852; m., 6th July, 1868, Robert White, who was b. 3rd 
August, 1844. 

Issue of Mary Alice COPELAND and Robert WHITE 

Georgia Ann White, d. 1918; m., 18th April, 
1900, J. McA. Johnston, and had dau. 

Willis Copeland White, m. Gertrude Bross, and 
had two children. 

Robert A. White, m. Martha Hester. 

Walter A. White. 

Clifford White, m. Mabel Boone. 

Dale B. White, d. 1899. 

(Joseph CoPELAND-Rebecca DixoN-Joshua-John-Henry- William) 
was b. 16th October, 1853; m., 23rd October, 1890, Mary Louise 
TuRNOCK, who was b. 6th September, 1869. 

Issue of Willis Melanthorn COPELAND 
and Mary Louise TURNOCK 

135. i. Eloise M. Copeland, b. 20th February, 1895. 

136. ii. George M. Copeland, b. 18th July, 1899. 

137. iii. Vernon W. Copeland, b. 13th September, 1901. 

Eighth Generation 

VIII. 99. WILLIAM L. ESTERLY, (Eliza Ann Hol- 
lo WAY- Lydia Ann DixoN-John-Joshua- John-Henry- William) 
was b. 8th March, 1870; m., 1914, Grace Samuels. ' 

Issue of William L. ESTERLY and Grace SAMUELS 

138. i. Wilham L. Esterly, Jr., b. 15th July, 1915. 

139. ii. Joseph Johnson Esterly, b. 13th August, 1919. 

VIII. 101. MAY ESTERLY, (Ehza Ann Hollo- 
WAY-Lydia Ann DixoN-John- Joshua-John-Henry- William) was 
b. 24th August, 1881, at Columbiana, Ohio; m., August, 1903, 
Stanley Douglas, who w^as b. 24th April, 1881. 

VIII. 107. NEWTON E. DIXON, (Joshua-Newton- 













16 Dixon and AU'ied Families 

John-Joshua-John-Henry-William) was b. 6th December, 1869; 
m. Lola, surname unknown. 


140. i. Ernest Dewey Dixon, b. 21st July, 1898. 

141. ii. Eveline Phoebe Dixon, b. 26th January, 1900. 

142. iii. Mary Emma Dixon, b. 25th February, 1907. 

143. iv. Charles Joshua Dixon, b. 10th November, 1903. 

144. V. Homer Albert Dixon, b. 21st September, 1909. 

VIII. 108. PHOEBE ALICE DIXON, (Joshua-New- 
ton-John-Joshua-John-Henry-William) was b. 14th April, 1872; 
m. J. B. Haviland, and had 


145. i. Lucile Haviland, b. 1894. 

VIII. 121. LUCILE MAST DIXON, (Willis Mil- 
nor- Lot- John- Joshua-John-Henry- William) was b. 9th March, 
1880, at Forest, Hardin County, Ohio; m., 14th October, 1909, 
at Los Angeles, California, Ralph William Stewart, who was 
b. 24th March, 1878; son of John and Gertrude (Hardenburg) 

Issue of 
Lucile Mast DIXON and Ralph William STEWART 

146. i. Dixon Stewart, b. 10th November, 1910. 

147. ii. Ralph Wilham Stewart, Jr., b. 20th March, 1912. 

148. iii. John Keith Stewart, b. 1st November, 1914. 

D.-Lvdia Ann DixoN-John-Ioshua-Iohn-Henry- William) was b. 
28th September, 1855; m., 25th ApVil, 1882, Walter H. Holde- 
MAN, who was b. 18th August, 1847. 

Issue of Mary Isabel HOLLOWAY 
and Walter H. HOLDEMAN 

*149. i. Hazel Ehzabeth Holdeman, b. 8th January, 1888, 

of whom later. 
*150. ii. Lloyd Holloway Holdeman, b. 14th June, 1891, 

of whom later. 

(Leonard D.-Lydia Ann DixON-Iohn-Joshua-John-Henrv- Wil- 
liam) was b. 12th October, 1859;' m., 27th June, 1888,' Olive 
Kidder, and had 


151. iii. Leo. Edward Holloway, b. 12th July, 1890; m., 
October, 1917, Carrie Frances Smith. 

D.-Lydia Ann DixoN-John- Joshua- John-Henry-William) was b. 

Dixon and Allied Families 17 

3rd March, 1863; m.. 5th ^Vlav, 1887, Jacob Nold Yoder, who 
was b. 30th April, 1858. 

Issue of 
Jennetta HOLLOW AY and Jacob Nold YODER 

*152. i. Ray Leonard Yoder, b. 26th November, 1888, of 
whom later. 

153. ii. Arthur Noble Yoder, b. 7th December, 1889. 
VIII. 105. J. ROY ROBERTS, (Lydia Ann Hollo- 

WAY-Lydia Ann DixoN-John-Joshua- John-Henry- William) was 
b. 5th February, 1882, Steamboat Rock, Iowa; m., 25th October, 
1911, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Ida Ruth Fuller, who was b. 2nd 
August, 1881, at Lansing, Michigan. 

Issue of J. Roy ROBERTS and Ida Ruth FULLER 

154. i. Maurice Fuller Roberts, b. 8th August, 1912, 

Redmond, Oregon. 

155. ii. Ruth Roberts, b. 18th October, 1913, Redmond, 


Ninth Generation 

(Mary Isabel Hollow AY-Leonard D. -Lydia Ann DixoN-John- 
Joshua-John-Henrv-WiUiam) was b. 8th June, 1888; m., 26th 
October, 1911, Harvey A. Keller. She d. 26th October, 1915. 

Issue of Hazel Elizabeth HOLDEMAN 
and Harvey A. KELLER 

156. i. William Frederick Keller, b. 20th July, 1913. 

157. ii. George Richard Keller, b. 18th November, 1914. 

(Mary Isabel HoLLOWAY-Leonard D.-Lydia Ann Dixon- John- 
Joshua- John-Henry- William) was b. 14th June, 1891 ; m., 7th 
February, 1914, Vivian Louise Cottingham, who was b. 26th 
April, 1890. 

Issue of Lloyd Holloway HOLDEMAN 
and Vivian Louise COTTINGHAM 

158. i. John William Holdeman, b. 20th August, 1915. 

159. ii. Mary Isabel Holdeman, b. 25th November, 1919. 
IX. 152. RAY LEONARD YODER, (Jennetta Hol- 

LOWAY-Leonard D.-Lydia Ann DixON-John- Joshua-John-Henry- 
William) was b. 26th November, 1888; m., 15th August, 1915, 
Helen Cooper. 

Issue of Ray Leonard YODER and Helen COOPER 

160. i. Helen Jeanette Yoder, b. 5th June, 1916. 

Dixon and Allied Families 


I. 1. WILLIAM LARGE, was in Hingham, Massachu- 
setts, in 1635; removed with his wife to Cape Cod; thence to 
Long Island, and from there to New Jersey, where it is supposed 
that he died. His son 

II. 2. JOSEPH LARGE, b. Hingham, Massachusetts; 
removed to Pennsylvania; m., 1673, in Amesbury, Massachusetts, 
Elizabeth, surname unknown. Had 


*3. i. Joseph Large, Jr., b. 3rd September, 1673, Ames- 
bury, Massachusetts, of whom later. 
Four other sons b. before 1685, in Amesbury, Mas- 

8. vi. Samuel Large, b. 3rd August, 1686, Amesbury, 

HI. 3. JOSEPH LARGE, Jr., (Joseph- William) was 
b. in Amesbury, Massachusetts, 3rd September, 1673 ; d. Bucks 
County, Pennsylvania, in 1746; m. Debora, surname unknown. 

Issue of Joseph LARGE, Jr., and Debora 

9. i. Joseph Large, III. m. 

10. ii. Ebenezer Large, b. March, 1684, Amesbury, Mas- 

sachusetts; d. 18th November, 1760. 

11. iii. Ruth Large, m. Brown. 

*12. iv. Hannah Large, m. Robert Russell, of whom 
IV. 12. HANNAH LARGE, (Joseph-Joseph-Wilham) 
m. Robert Russell, who d. before May, 1773. 

Issue of Hannah LARGE and Robert RUSSELL 

13. i. Hannah Russell, m., 12th May, 1773, Joseph 
Beal. See Beal Line. 


I. 1. WILLIAM BEAL, d. 1714-15, in Bucks County, 
Pennsylvania; m. Elizabeth, surname unknown, and had 


*2. i. Alexander Beal, of whom later. 

3. ii. John Beal, m. Martha. 

4. iii. Ann Beal. 

5. iv. Elizabeth Beal. 

6. V. Rebecca Beal. 

7. vi. Maria Beal. 

Dixon and Allied Families 19 

Second Generation 

11. 2. ALEXANDER BEAL, (William) m. firstly, 
Sarah Bowman; m., secondly, 5th January, 1722-3, Sarah Town, 
b. 22nd November, 1693-4. 

Issue of Alexander BEAL and Sarah BOWMAN 

*8. i. William Beal, b. Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. 
27th October, 1751, of whom later. 

TJiird Generation 

IIL 8. WILLIAM BEAL, (Alexander-William) was b. 
in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. 27th October, 1751, in Bucks 
County; m., in Plumbstead, Pennsylvania, 2nd October, 1742, 
Grace Gill, who was b. 7th July, 1720; d. 1794, in Bucks 

Issue of William BEAL and Grace GILL 

9. i. Sarah Beal, b. 14th August, 1743, Buckingham, 
Bucks Countv. 

10. ii. Thomas Beal, b. 17th Julv, 1745, (twin). 

11. iii. Grace Beal, b. 17th July, 1745, (twin). 

*12. iv. Joseph Beal, b. 14th October, 1747; m. Hannah 
Russell, of whom later. 

13. V. Ehzabeth Beal, b. 23rd March, 1750; d. 11th 

November, 1751. 

14. vi. WiUiam Beal, b. 12th August, 1752. 

Fourth Generation 

IV. 12. JOSEPH BEAL. (William-Alexander- William) 
was b. 14th October, 1747, Buckingham, Pennsvlvania ; d. 16th 
August, 1809-10, Columbiana, Ohio; m.. 12th AJay, 1773, Buck- 
ingham. Hannah Russell, who was b. 1750, Buckingham; d. 6th 
December, 1832, Columbiana, Ohio. 

Issue of Joseph BEAL and Hannah RUSSELL 

15. i. Thomas Beal, b. 14th March, 1774. 

*16. ii. Sarah Beal, b. 28th October, 1776; m. John Arm- 
strong, of whom later. 

*17. iii. Martha Beal, b. 10th October, 1778; m. Nathan 
McClum, of whom later. 
18. iv. Hannah Beal, b. 1st xMay 1783; d. 6th December, 
1832, Columbiana, Ohio; m., 18th December, 
1806, Columbiana, John Dixon. See Dixon 

*19. V. Rachel Beal, m. David Hawley, of whom later. 

20 Dixon and Allied Families 

Fifth Generation 

V. 16. SARAH BEAL, (Joseph-William-Alexander- 
William) b. 28th October, 1776; m. John Armstrong, and had 


*20. i. Phoebe Armstrong, m. Asa Garwood, of whom 

21. ii. Hannah Armstrong, m. Oscar Elliott. 

22. iii. Elizabeth Armstrong. 

23. iv. Rachel Armstrong. 

24. V. John C. Armstrong, m. Elizabeth Speaker. 

V. 17. MARTHA BEAL, (Joseph-William-Alexander- 
William) was b. 10th October, 1778; m. Nathan McClum, and 


25. i. Joseph McClum. 

26. ii. Rachel McClum. 

27. iii. Sarah McClum. 

V. 19. RACHEL BEAL, (Joseph-William-Alexander- 
William) m. David Hawley, and had 


28. i. Amanda Hawley. 

29. ii. EHzabeth Hawley, m. Eli Cadwalader. 

Sixth Generation 

VI. 20. PHOEBE ARMSTRONG, (Sarah Beal- Jo- 
seph-William-Alexander- William) m. Asa Garwood, and had 


Eli Garwood, m. Miss Harpster. 
Tryphenia Garwood, m. Noah Strickler. 
Addeson Garwood. 
Joseph Garwood. 

Zack. Garwood, m. Rebecca Mercer. 
Cyrus Garwood, m. Miss Middleton. 
Cynthia Garwood, m. Richard Whinney. 
37. viii. J. Newton Garwood, m. Lizzie Lafevers. 














Dixon and Allied Families 21 


I. 1. THOMAS GILL, d. 1775; m., 1719, Alice Com- 
LEY, and had 


2. i. Grace Gill, b. 7th July, 1720; m. William Beal. 

See Beal Line. 

3. ii. Agnes Gill, b. 30th May, 1722. 

4. iii. Mary Gill, b. 2nd November, 1724; m. William 


5. iv. Hannah Gill, b. 6th October, 1732; m. Thomas 

Pennington, Jr. 

6. V. Uree Gill, b. 27th November, 1735-6; m. John 

Brodfield, Jr. 

THOMAS GILL'S will proved 12th December, 1775, 
mentions the following grandchildren: "Sarah, Thomas, Joseph 
and William, children of my daughter Grace Beal, widdow. 
Isaac, Thomas, Merba and Gill, children of daughter Mary 
Pennington, deceased. Isaac Pennington, son of daughter 
Hannah, deceased". 


I. 1. THOMAS GOODWIN, b. in Cardinganshire, 
Wales; d. in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1733; m., in 
Wales, Elizabeth, whose surname is unknown. She d. in October, 
1739, ae. 87 yrs. 

Issue of Thomas GOODWIN and Elizabeth 

2. i. John Goodwin, d. 1763, Wales. 

3. ii. Elizabeth Goodwin, m., 1711, Peter Thomas, Jr., 

of Williamstown. 

4. iii. Mary Goodwin, m,, 1712, Thomas James. See 

James Line. She d. 1775. 

5. iv. Sarah Goodwin, m., 1714 John Worrall. 

6. V. Thomas Goodwin, b. 1694; m., 1729, 12th Sep- 

tember, Ann Jones. Settled Goshen township. 


I. 1. JAMES JAMES, d. 28th August, 1708; m., 17th 
September, 1692, Jane Edwards, and had 

22 Dixon and Allied Families 



3. i 

4. ii 

Thomas James, of whom later. 

George James, m., 1698, Ann Woodworth. 

David James. 

5. iv. Sarah James. 

Second Generation 

II. 2. THOMAS JAMES, (James) was b. in 1694; d. 
30th April, 1752; m. 21st August, 1712, Mary Goodwin. She 
d. in 1775. 

Issue of Thomas JAMES and Mary GOODWIN 

6. i. John James, b. 16th Jul}^ 1713; m., 11th October, 

1735, Ann Baker. 

7. ii. Thomas James, Jr., b. 14th December, 1716; m., 

12th August, 1737, Elizabeth Baker. 

8. iii. Joseph James, b. 9th September, 1717. 

9. iv. Benjamin James, b. 11th October, 1720. 

10. V. Isaac James, b. 19th May, 1725. 

11. vi. Elizabeth James, b. 13th September, 1727; d. June, 

1802; m., 4th March, 1747, Richard Battin. 
See Battin Line. 


I. 1. JOHN BATTIN, b. in Berkshire, England; d. in 
Chester County, Pennsylvania; m., in England, Elizabeth, sur- 
name unknown, wid. of Jeffrey Martin. She d. after 1747. 

Issue of John BATTIN and Elizabeth 

*2. i. Richard Battin, b. 26th January, 1721, Chester 
County, Pennsylvania, of whom later. 
Henry Battin. 
Thomas Battin. 
Simon Battin. 
Elinor Battin. 

Second Generation " 

II. 2. RICHARD BATTIN, (John) was b. 26th Jan- 
uary, 1721, in Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. April, 1777; m., 
4th March, 1747, Elizabeth James, who was b. 13th September, 
1727; d. in June, 1802; dau. of Thomas and Mary (Goodwin) 










Dixon and Allied Families 


Issue of Richard BATTIN and Elizabeth JAMES 


Mary Battin, b. 15th September, 1748. 
Sarah Battin, b. 21st December, 1749. 
Rachael Battix, b. 27th May, 1750; m. David 

10. iv. Richard Battin, Jr., b. 23rd February, 1752; m. 

Catharine Galbreth. 

11. V. Lydia Battin, b. 6th March, 1754; m. John 


12. vi. Elizabeth Battin, b. 28th March, 1756; m. Robert 


13. vii. Hannah Battin, b. 4th February, 1758; m. Caleb 


14. viii. Dinah Battin, b. 28th February, 1760; m., 3rd 

February, 1783, Joshua DixoN. See DixoN 

15. ix. Samuel Battin, b. 25th November, 1761; m., (2) 

Sarah Ridge. 

16. X. Priscilla Battin, b. 23rd November, 1763; m. 

William McCov. 

17. xi. Abigail Battin, b. 24th February, 1766. 

18. xii. Thomas Battin, b. 6th March, 1768. 

19. xiii. John Battin, b. 15th June, 1769 ;.m. Anne Raley. 

20. xiv. William Battin, b. 13th March, 1772. 


I. 1. JOHN MAST, (Lieut.) was b. 17th June, 1804, 
in Hochdorf, Wiirttemburg, Germany; d. 26th June, 1889, in 
East Liverpool, Ohio; m., 26th March, 1835, in Pittsburg, Penn- 
sylvania, Regina (Koenig) King, who was b. 18th December, 
1806, in Maheinger, Wiirttemburg, Germany; d. 1899, in East 
Liverpool, Ohio. 

Issue of John MAST and Regina KING 

2. i. Anna Maria Mast, b. 23 December, 1835; d. 1st 
February, 1837. 
ii. Anna Catharine Mast, b. 19th March, 1839, of 

whom later, 
iii. Caroline Mast, b. 9th September, 1841, of whom 

iv. John Mast, Jr., b. 2nd April, 1843, of whom later. 
V. George Frederick Mast, b. 24th September, 1844; 
d. 4th December, 186 . 
7. vi. Christian Frederick Mast, b. 31st March, 1846; 
d. 4th December, 1847. 
*8. vii. Frederick Michael Mast, b. 21st June. 1848, of 
whom later. 
9. viii. Regina Mast, b. 19th April, 1851, East Liverpool, 
Ohio; d. 7th July, 1911, Los Angeles, Califor- 
nia; m., 23rd December, 1877, Los Angeles, 
Willis Milnor Dixon. See Dlxon Line. 




24 Dixon and Allied Families 

Second Generation 

11. 3. ANNA CATHARINE MAST, (John) was b. 
19th March, 1839; m. Rev. loseph C. Ogle, who was b. 21st 
Julv, 1830; d. 7th July, 1891.' They were married 25th October, 

Issue of 
Anna Catharine MAST and Rev. Joseph C. OGLE 

10. i. John Benjamin Ogle, b. 25th October, 1860; m., 

July, 1882, Mary Eggabond, and had John 
Paul Ogle, b. September, 1884. 
*11. ii. George Alden Ogle, b. 6th July, 1863, of whom 

12. iii. Charles Stanton Ogle, b. 5th June, 1865; m. 

Paula Green. 

13. iv. Carrie B. Ogle, b. 18th March, 1867; m., 26th 

October, 1893, W. McIlroy. 

14. V. Howard E. Ogle, b. 24th July, 1870; d. July, 


11. 4. CAROLINE MAST, (John) was b. 9th Septem- 
ber, 1841 ; m. Thomas Blackmore, who was b. 25th October, 

Issue of Caroline MAST and Thomas BLACKMORE 

15. i. Thomas Dawson Blackmore, b. 26th December, 

1863; m., 1886, Florence Barker, b. 23rd Octo- 
ber, 1863, and had 

Issue (4th Generation) 
i. Carl Pierpont Blackmore, b. 23rd De- 
cember, 1886, East Liverpool, Ohio; m. 
Margaret Cardell, and had Caroline June 
Blackmore, b. 9th December, 1920. 
ii. Edward Blackmore, b. 6th February, 
1892; d. 31st October, 1896. 

II. 5. JOHN MAST, (John) was b. 2nd April, 1843; 
m. Elizabeth Cartright, and had 


16. i. Rebecca Mast, m. Laughlin. 

b. 21st June, 1848, East Liverpool, Ohio; d. 10th March, 1911, 
Hopkinsville, Kentucky; m., 19th December, 1872, at Bowling 
Green, Kentucky, Lucy A. Smith, who was b. 9th September, 
1850, at Russellville, Kentucky; d. 2nd February, 1912, at Bowl- 
ing Green, Kentucky. She was a dau. of George Washington 
Smith, who was b. at Russellville, Kentucky; d. Russellville, and 
who m. Sarah Elizabeth Lawson, b. Bowling Green ; d. Russell- 
ville, Kentucky. 

Dixon and Allied Families 25 

Issue of Frederick Michael Mast and Lucy A. SMITH 

17. i. George Smith Mast, b. 9th October, 1874, Bowl- 

ing Green, Kentucky; d. 31st October, 1908, 
Hopkinsville, Kentucic)' ; m., 19th October, 1904, 
Conneaut, Ohio, Anna Cray, b. 1882, Erie, 
Pennsylvania. Had Louisa Marrette Mast, b. 
26th June, 1906, Conneaut, Ohio. 

18. ii. Lucile Mast, b. 1st June, 1877, Russellville, Ken- 

tucky; m., 12th April, 1919, New York Citv, 
William H. Sloane, b. 10th May, 1876, Hart- 
ford, Connecticut. 

19. iii. Louise Mast, (twin) b. 1st June, 1877, Russell- 

ville, Kentucky; d. 19th December, 1920, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania. 

20. iv. Granville Whitmore Mast, b. 28th October, 1891, 

Danville, Kentucky; m., 20th June, 1918, Hou- 
ston, Texas, Mattie Lee Talley, b. Conroe, 
Texas. Had Granville W. Mast, Jr., b. 6th 
December, 1920, Houston, Texas. 

Third Generation 

III. 11. GEORGE ALDEN OGLE, (Anna Catharine 
Mast- John) was b. 6th July 1863; m., September, 1881, Jennie 
Braddock, and had 


21. i. George B. Ogle, b. 24th September, 1'865./ 6^ ^ 

Humphrey Ogle, owned Ogle castle at time of the Con- 
quest by William of Normandy, being conformed in his title by 
William following the conquest. 

The name Ogle seems to warrant its Saxon origin and the 
family affords a rare instance of the descendants of a Saxon noble- 
man retaining influence and power under the Norman dynasty. 
(The Ogle Family of England, page 13.) 


I. JAN VON HARDENBERGH, b. 1644. His son 

Jacpie ScHEPMOES. Their son 

RuDSEN. Their son 

IV. ABRAHAM HARDENBERGH, b. circa 7th Jan- 
uary, 1711; m. Martvje Roosa, b. 26th February, 1721. Their 

V. JOHN A. HARDENBERGH, b. 10th April, 1743; 
m. Rachel Du Bois. Their son 

VI. ABRAHAM J. HARDENBERGH, b. 1777; d. 6th 
September, 1846; m. Margaret Du Bois, b. 1st November, 1779; 
d. 11th August, 1848. Their son 

26 Dixon and Allied Families 

VII. DAVID HARDENBERGH, b. 3rd January, 1809; 
d. 13th January, 1893; m. Maria Brinkerhoff, b. 25th March, 
1817; d. 13th January, 1892. Had 


i. Henrv B. Hardenbergh, b. 19th January, 1842; d. 

28th July, 1861. 
ii. Marv Gertrude Hardenbergh, b. 26th August, 1844; 

d. '23rd March, 1846. 
iii. Maria Gertrude Hardenbergh, b. 7th May, 1846, of 

whom later, 
iv. Charles D. Hardenbergh, b. 8th August, 1848. 
V. Sarah Jane Hardenbergh, h. 4th February, 1851 ; m., 

29th October, 1874, George F. Seger. 
vi. Isabella D. Hardenbergh, b. 19th October, 1853; d. 

21st July, 1908; m., 8th June, 1880, Frank A. 

vii. David Hardenbergh, b. 23rd August, 1856. 
viii. Rose Hellen Hardenbergh, b. 22nd June, 1859. 
ix. Henrietta C. Hardenbergh, b. 23rd May, 1862. 

May, 1846; d. 4th February, 1917; m., 31st January, 1877, 
John Stewart, b. 19th October, 1844; d. 13th April. 1882. 
Their son 

1878; m., 14th October, 1909, Lucile Mast Dixon. See Dixon 


* * * 

and Maria (Brinkerhoff) Hardenbergh, b. 4th February, 
1851 ; m., 29th October, 1874, George F. Seger, b. 15th March, 
1846. Had 


i. Mary Isabell Seger, b. 4th September, 1875. 
ii. Georgia Hope Seger, b. 19th April, 1877; m., 10th 

September, 1909, Harrison Fisher. 
iii. Sarah Hellen Seger, b. 13th January, 1879; m., 24th 

October, 1903, Alexander Strachn. 
iv. Josephine Maria Seger, b. 17th May, 1883. 
V. Gertrude H. Seger, b. 15th June, 1886. 
vi. Dorothy Seger, b. 7th July, 1891. 

and Maria (Brinkerhoff) Hardenbergh, b. 19th October, 
1853; d. 21st July, 1908; m., 8th Tune, 1880, Frank A. Miller, 
b. 30th June, 1858. Their dau. 

IX. ALLACE H. MILLER, b. 19th April, 1882; m., 
13th September, 1909, Dewitt Vermelg Hutchings. 

Dixon and Allied Families 27 


In the absence of authentic history bearing on the origin of 
names we are dependent upon tradition, hence we find in the 
genealogy of the Cummings family, going back to Isaac Cummins, 
the original emigrant to the Colonies, the author tells us that 
tradition assigns his origin to the Red Cummins Clan of Scotland, 
which flourished from 1080 to 1330, a period of 250 years, when 
it declined. We will not go into the history of this Clan as we 
deem it unnecessary in the absence of any positive proof that Isaac 
Cummins descended from them, and in fact, we are dependent 
entirely upon tradition as to whence Isaac Cummins came, but 
the strongest evidence, traditional though it be, would indicate 
that he came from Ireland, and we believe he went to Ireland 
from Scotland. 

A Decomyngs came with William the Conqueror in the 
eleventh century and it is supposed that he came from the town 
of DeComyng in France, near the Belgian border. To him is 
assigned the origin of the family in England and Scotland. 

An emminent Italian genealogist has found the name of 
Commines as far back as the fourth century, in Lombardy, North- 
ern Italy. This family undoubtedly went to Southern France 
and eventually settled the town of DeComyng, near the Belgian 
border in Northern France. Thus we would account for the name 
and for the origin of the family in England, Scotland and Ireland. 
The most distinguished of the French name was one Philip 
DeComyng who was the historian, born in 1445, and attained 
great emminence. 

Unquestionably all of the name of Cummins or Cummings, 
DeComyng, or otherwise, are identical in their origin and we be- 
lieve originated in Lombardy. There are fifteen ways of spelling 
the name, the variations caused, we believe, by geographical and 
dialectic changes. 


First Generation 

I. 1. ISAAC CUMMINGS, the emigrant ancestor, sup- 
posed of Scotch ancestry, is first mentioned in Essex County rec- 
ords by he Town Clerk of Watertown, where he received a grant 
of land in 1636; in July, 1638, he received another grant of land 
and in 1639 he owned a house and lot in the village of Ipswich. 
His wife's name is unknown. 


^2. i. John Cummings, b. 1630, of whom later. 
3. ii. Isaac Cummings, b. 1633. 

28 Dixon and Allied Families 

4. iii. Elizabeth Cummings, m., 2nd April, 1661, John 


5. iv. Ann Cummings, d. 29th June, 1689; m., 8th Octo- 

ber, 1669, John Pease, Jr. 

Second Generation 

II. 2. JOHN CUMMINGS, (Isaac) of Boxford, Mas- 
sachusetts; b. in 1630; d. 1st December, 1700; m. Sarah How- 
LETT, who d. 7th December, 1700; dau. of Ensign Thomas and 
Alice (French) Howlett. 

Issue of John CUMMINGS and Sarah HOWLETT 

*6. i. John Cummings, b. 1657, of whom later. 

7. ii. Thomas Cummings, b. 6th October, 1658, Box- 

ford, Massachusetts; d. 23rd October, 1722; m., 
19th December, 1688, Priscilla Warner. 

8. iii. Nathaniel Cummings, b. 10th September, 1659; 

m., 14th April, 1697, Abigail Parkhurst. 

9. iv. Sarah Cummings, b. 27th January, 1661 ; m., 28th 

December, 1682, Lieutenant Samuel French, b. 

10. V. Abraham Cummings, d. circa 1706-1707; m., 28th 

February, 1687, Sarah Wright. 

11. vi. Isaac Cummings, killed by Indians, 2nd Novem- 

ber, 1688. 

12. vii. Ebenezer Cummings, killed by Indians, 2nd No- 

vember, 1688. 

13. viii. William Cummings, (twin), b. 1671; d. 3rd 

March, 1672. 

14. ix. Eleazer Cummings (twin), b. 1671. 

15. X. Benjamin Cummings, b. 1673. 

16. xi. Samuel Cummings, b. 1677. 

Third Generaiton 

III. 6. JOHN CUMMINGS, (John-Isaac) of Chelms- 
ford, Massachusetts; was b. in Boxford, Massachusetts, in 1657; 
m., 13th September, 1680, Elizabeth Kingsley, who was b. 22nd 
November, 1657; d. 3rd July, 1706; dau. of Samuel and Hannah 
(Brockett) Kingsley. 

Issue of John CUMMINGS and EHzabeth KINGSLEY 

17. i. John Cummings, b. 7th July, 1682. 

*18. ii. Samuel Cummings, b. 6th October, 1684, of whom 

19. iii. Elizabeth Cummings, b. 5th January, 1687; m., 

10th November, 1687, Joseph French. 

20. iv. Hannah Cummings, b. 20th May, 1690. 

21. V. Ebenezer Cummings, b. 17th September, 1695, 

Woburn, Massachusetts; d. 5th September, 1724. 

Dixon and Allied Families 29 

22. vi. Ann Cum.mixgs, b. 14th September, 1698. 

23. vii. Lvdia Cummixgs, b. 24th March, 1701; d. April, 


24. viii. William Cummixgs, b. 24th April, 1702. 

Fourth Generation . 

IV. 18. SAMUEL CUMMIXGS, (John-John-Isaac) 
of Groton, Massachusetts, was b. 6th October, 1684, in Chelms- 
ford, Massachusetts; d. 1718; m., 14th January, 1708, Elizabeth 
Shedd, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Shedd, of Billerica and 

Issue of Samuel CUMMIXGS and Elizabeth SHEDD 

25. i. Samuel Cummixgs, b. 6th March, 1709. 

26. ii. Jerahameal Cummixgs, b. 10th October, 1711. 

27. iii. James Cummixgs, b. 14th July, 1713. 

*28. iv. Leonard Cummixgs, b. 1714, of whom later. 

Fiftli Generation 

V. 28. LEONARD CUMMIXGS, (Samuel-John-John- 
Isaac) of Londonderry, New Hampshire, was b. 1714, in Dun- 
stable (?), Massachusetts; d. 1758; m., circa 1738, Jane, surname 

Issue of Leonarci CUMMIXGS and Jane 

29. i. Mary Cummixgs, b. 3rd September, 1739; m., 

1760, Eleazer Farewell. 

30. ii. Leonard Cummixgs. b. 10th May, 1742; d. young. 

31. iii. Bettv Cummixgs, b. 6th October, 1744; d. 4th 

October, 1837; m., 19th October. 1762, Joel 

32. iv. James Cummixgs, b. 4th April, 1747; d. 3'oung. 
*33. V. Jerahameal Cummix-^gs, b. 20th September, 1750, 

of whom later. 

34. vi. Rachel Cummixgs, b. 1st January, 1752; d. 28th 

February, 1838; m., January, 1771, Eleazer 

35. vii. Silas Cummixgs, b. 6th February, 1754; m., circa 

1775, Hannah Kexdall. 

Sixth Generation 

Samuel-John- John-Isaac) of Amherst, New Hampshire, and 
Windsor, Vermont; b. 20th September, 1750, in Londonderry 
(?), New Hampshire; d. Windsor, Vermont. He was First 
Lieutenant, in 1781, of a company of Vermont Militia under 
Capt. Samuel Stow Savage, 3rd Regiment, Col. Ebenezer Hood, 

30 Dixon and Allied Families 

(see "Vermont Records", pp. 351 and 359) ; m., 13th May, 1771, 
Deborah Kendall, who was b. 13th May, 1751, dau. of John and 
Hannah (Whittemore) Kendall. 

Issue of 
Jerahameal CUMMINGS and Deborah KENDALL 

36. i. Deborah Cummings, b. 28th March, 1772, in Am- 

herst, New Hampshire. 

37. ii. Leonard Cummings, b. 4th June,, 1773, Amherst, 

New Hampshire; d. 25th January, 1854; m., 
circa 1794, Lydia Spencer. 

38. iii. Jane Cummings, b. 28th February, 1777. 

39. iv. Jerahameal Cummings, b. 24th January, 1779; 

m. Susan White. 
*40. V. Joseph Cummings, b. 15th January, 1781, of whom 

41. vi. John Cummings, b. 20th October, 1782. 

42. vii. Asa Cummings, b. 9th August, 1784. 

43. viii. Bera Cummings, b. 9th April, 1786. 

44. ix. Hannah Cummings, b. 15th November, 1787; m., 

14th May, 1807, Joel Hinckley. 

45. X. Polly Cummings, b. 17th August, 1789. 

46. xi. Fanny Cummings. 

Seventh Generation 

VH. 40. JOSEPH CUMINS, (Jerahameal-Leonard- 
Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 15th January, 1781, at Wind- 
sor, Vermont; d. 18th October, 1851, at Grandetour, Illinois; 
m., 2nd October, 1808, at Randolph. Vermont, Hannah Con- 
verse, who was b. 8th April, 1785, at Randolph; d. 21st August, 
1856, at Grandetour, Illinois; dau. of Colonel Israel Converse 
and Hannah Walbridge. See Converse Line. 

Issue of Joseph CUMINS and Hannah CONVERSE 

*47. i. Solon Cumins, b. 3rd December, 1810, Royalton, 
Vermont, of whom later. 

*48. ii. Laura Cumins, b. 4th April, 1813, Randolph, Ver- 
mont, of whom later. 
49. iii. Edwin CuMiNS, b. 28th August, 1815, Randolph, 
Vermont; d. Elgin, Illinois. 

*50. iv. Marion O. Cumins, b. 8th September, 1818, of 
whom later. 

*51. V. Lucinda Cumins, b. 14th July, 1820, of whom 

*52. vi. Charlotte C. Cumins, b. 30th December, 1822, 
Royalton, Vermont, of whom later. 

*53. vii. Theron Allen Cumins, b. 12th July, 1825, Tun- 
bridge, Vermont, of whom later. 

Dixon and Allied Families 31 

Eighth Generation 

VIII. 47. SOLON CUMINS, (Joseph-Jerahameal- 
Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 3rd December, 1810, at 
Royalton, Vermont; d. in 1873, at Chicago, Illinois; m., firstly, 
3rd October, 1833, at Bethel, Vermont, Harriet Marsh, who 
was b. 12th November, 1813, at Bethel, Vermont; d. 29th 
March, 1858, at Grandetour, Illinois; dau. of Peleg S. and Mary 
(Mills) Marsh. He m., secondly, 8th October, 1859, Martha 
Moore, who was b. 15th September, 1825; d. in 1887, at Chi- 
cago, Illinois; dau. of Hugh and Eliza Moore. 

Issue of Solon CUMINS and Harriet MARSH 

54. i. Jennie E. Cumins, b. 3rd May. 1834; d. 1919, 

Peoria, Illinois; m., 24th December, 1862, 

Grandetour, Illinois, George W. Sampson, d. 
1st December, 1920. 

55. ii. Mary M. Cumins, b. 23rd September, 1837, 

Grandetour, Illinois; d. 15th December, 1857, 

56. iii. Salmon C. Cumins, b. 30th May, 1840, Grande- 

tour, Illinois; d. 1889, Chicago, Illinois. 

57. iv. Ella M. Cumins, b. 22nd September, 1846, 

Grandetour, Illinois; d. 26th June, 1850, 

Issue of Solon CUMINS and Martha MOORE 

58. V. Hugh Cumins, b. 14th August, 1864, Chicago, 
Illinois; d. 1884, Chicago. 

VIII. 210. LAURA CUMINS, (Joseph-Jerahameal- 
Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 4th April, 1813, at 
Randolph, Vermont; d. in Dixon, Illinois, March, 1899; m., 17th 
January, 1833, at Randolph, Vermont, Horace Hall Paine, who 
was b. 14th June, 1810, at Randolph, Vermont; d. 26th Feb- 
ruary, 1864, at Grandetour, Illinois; son of Samuel Paine, Jr., 
and Pamela (Chase) Paine. 

Issue of Laura CUMINS and Horace Hall PAINE 

*59. i. Ellen F. Paine, b. 22nd October, 1833, South 

Randolph, Vermont; of whom later, 
*60. ii. Laura Pamelia Paine, b. 30th September, 1835, 

Bethel, Vermont, of whom later. 
*61. iii. Gratia Ann Paine, b. 30th June, 1838, Bethel, 

Vermont, of whom later. 
62. iv. Alice C. Paine, b. 21st March, 1849, Grandetour, 

Illinois; d. 20th November, 1849, Grandetour. 

VIII. 50. MARION O. CUMINS, (Joseph-Jerahameal- 
Leonard-Samuel-John- John-Isaac) was b. 8th September, 1818, 
in Vermont; d. 1889, at Wausau, Wisconsin; m., 11th Febru- 
ary, 1847, at Parkman, Ohio, Marvin Chapin, who was b. in 

32 Dixon and Allied Families 

New York; d. in Chicago, Illinois; son of Lorin and Sally 
(Brace) Chapin. 

Issue of Marlon O. CUMINS and Marvin CHAPIN 

63. i. Ella Persis Chapin, b. 13th February, 1848, 

Parkman, Ohio; m. in Michigan, Edward 

*64. ii. Frank W. Chapin, b. 3rd March, 1854, Erie, 

Pennsylvania, of whom later. 
*65. iii. Robert L. Chapin, b. 30th August, 1856, Erie, 

Pennsylvania, of whom later. 

VIII. 51. LUCINDA CUMINS, ( Joseph- Jerahameal- 
Leonard-Samuel-John- John-Isaac) was b. 14th July, 1820; d. 
1875, in Dixon, Illinois; m., 28th April, 1842, Cornelius Wilbur, 
and had 


66. i. Dallas Wilbur, b. 9th July, 1844, New York; 

m. Josephine . 

67. ii. Delos' Wilbur, b. 9th July, 1844, New York; d. 

30th March, 1874; m., 1st April, 1871, Hellen 

VIII. 52. CHARLOTTE C. CUMINS, (Joseph-Jera- 
hameal-Leonard-Samuel-John- John-Isaac) was b. 30th December, 
1822, at Royalton, Vermont; d. 23rd March, 1900, at Los An- 
geles, California; m., 24th October, 1845, at Parkman, Ohio, 
Lot Dixon, son of John and Hannah (Beal) Dixon. See Dixon 

Issue of Charlotte Converse CUMINS and Lot DIXON 

68. i. Willis Milnor Dixon, b. 5th September, 1846, 

New Lisbon, Ohio; Ig., 1922, Los Angeles, Cal- 
ifornia; m., 23rd December, 1877, Los Angeles, 
Regina Mast. 

69. ii. J. Theron Dixon, b. 25th September, 1848, New 

Lisbon, Ohio; d. 23rd October, 1853, Bucyrus, 

hameal-Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 12th July, 1825, 
at Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont; d., 2nd August, 1898, 
at Dixon, Illinois; m., 24th May, 1854, at Grandetour, Illinois, 
Josephine Harris, dau. of Stephen M. and Arcatia (Marshall) 

Issue of Theron Allen CUMINS and Josephine HARRIS 

70. i. Theron Lawrence Cumins, b. 11th May, 1855, 

Grandetour, Illinois; d. 1868 (?), Dixon, 

Dixon and ^d I lied Families 33 

71. ii. Laura Arcadia Cumins, b. 27th June, 1859, 

Grandetour, Illinois; m., Dixon, Illinois, Malan 


72. iii. Harris Convers Cumins, b. 23rd June, 1861, 

Grandetour, Illinois; d. 16th October, 1861, 

73. iv. Josephine Harris Cumins, b. 17th December, 1862, 

Grandetour, Illinois; d. Dixon, Illinois. 

74. V. Nina Estelle Cumins, b. 9th July' 1865, Grande- 

tour, Illinois; d. 1898; m. Major Wilcoxen. 

?\ inth Generation 

IX. 59. ELLEN F. PAINE, (Laura CuMiNS-Joseph- 
Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel- John-John-Isaac) was b. 22nd Octo- 
ber, 1833, at South Randolph, Vermont; d. 22nd January, 1919, 
at Dixon, Illinois; m.. firstly, 27th December, 1855, at Grande- 
tour, Illinois, Amos Bosworth, who was b. 12th April, 1831, at 
Royalton, Vermont; d. 23rd April, 1862, at Dixon, Illinois; son of 
Amos and Susan (Wheelock) Bosworth. She m., secondly, 
3rd July, 1873, at Grandetour. James Rogers, who was b. 3rd 
April, 1819; d. 3rd June, 1882, at Grandetour. He was b. in 
Dorsetshire, England, and was a son of William Rogers and 
Rachel Rogers. 

Issue of Ellen F. PAIXE and Amos BOSWORTH 

75. i. Florence P. Bosworth. b. 4th April. 1857, Grand- 

etour, Illinois. 

76. ii. Isabel Bosworth. b. 11th IMarch, 1859, Grande- 

tour, Illinois; d. 3rd February, 1891, Colorado 
Springs, Colorado. 

77. iii. Amos Bosworth. Ill, b. 28th March, 1862, 

Grandetour, Illinois. 

Issue of Ellen F. PAIXE and James ROGERS 

78. iv. Laura E. Rogers, b. 11th October, 1874, Grande- 

tour, Illinois. 

79. V. Gratia A. Rogers, b. 1st August. 1876. Grande- 

tour. Illinois. 

IX. 60. LAURA PAMELIA PAINE. (Laura Cumins- 
Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 30th 
September. 1835. at Bethel. Vermont; d. 14th October. 1907. at 
Boston. Massachusetts; m.. 27th December, 1855. at Grandetour. 
Illinois, William Cone Andrus. who was b. 22nd March. 1834, 
at Malone, New York; d. 24th January, 1887, at Chicago, 

Issue of 
Laura Pamelia PAIXE and William Cone AXDRUS 

*80. i. Nellie S. Andrus. b. 26th November, 1857, Coun- 

34 Dixon and Allied Families 

cil Bluffs, Iowa, of whom later. 

81. ii. William Horace Andrus, m. Ann Hutchinson, 

and had Natalie Andrus, who m., 1914-15, R. 

N. Custer. 

IX. 61. GRATIA ANN PAINE, (Laura Cumins-Jo- 
seph-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 30th 
June, 1838, at Bethel, Vermont; m., 5th October, 1863, at Lin- 
coln, Massachusetts, James Abbott Walker, who was b. 19th 
August, 1829, at Wakefield, New Hampshire; d. 3rd September, 
1895, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin; son of Milton C. and Eliza 
(Richards) Walker. 

Issue of 
Gratia Ann PAINE and James Abbott WALKER 

82. i. Laura Eliza Walker, b. 2nd October, 1864, Con- 

cord, Massachusetts. 

83. ii. Winifred Walker, b. 28th December, 1866, Lin- 

coln, Massachusetts; d. 25th September, 1867, 

*84. iii. Gratia Bell Walker, b. 20th July, 1868, Lincoln, 

Massachusetts, of whom later. 
*85. iv. Horace Milton Walker, b. 10th January, 1871, 

Lincoln, Massachusetts, of whom later. 
*86. V. James Marvin Church Walker, b. 2nd May, 

1872, Lincoln, Massachusetts, of whom later. 

87. vi. Annie Bruce Walker, b. 5th December, 1869, 

Lincoln, Massachusetts. 

IX. 64. FRANK W. CHAPIN, (Marion O. Cumins- 
Jospeh-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel- John-John-Isaac) was b. 3rd 
March, 1854, at Erie, Pennsylvania; m., 25th April, 1889, at 
Leesburg, Virginia, Roberta Mott, who was b. 6th March, 1854, 
at Leesburg, Virginia; dau. of Armistead Randolph and Virginia 
(Bentley) Mott. 

Issue of Frank W. CHAPIN and Roberta MOTT 

88. i. Marion Osgood Chapin, b. 2nd January, 1891, 

New York City; m., 18th November, 1916, 
New York City, Richard Pegram Myers. 
*89. ii. Eleanor Randolph Chapin, b. 5th August, 1892, 
New York City, of whom later. 

IX. 65. ROBERT L. CHAPIN, (Marion O. Cumins- 
Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 30th 
August, 1856, at Erie, Pennsylvania; m., 3rd May, 1878, at 
Chicago, Illinois, Isabella Mason, who was b. 17th April, 1858, 
at New York City. 

Issue of Robert L. CHAPIN and Isabella MASON 

90. i. Marion Gertrude Chapin, b. 8th December, 1879, 
Chicago, Illinois. 

Dixon and Allied Families 35 

91.' ii. Ethel Mason Chapin, b. 7th May, 1883. Chicago, 
Illinois; d. 23rd January, 1889, Kansas City, 

92. iii. Isabella Persis Chapix, b. 10th February, 1885, 

Chicago, Illinois. 

93. iv. Henry Marvin Chapin, b. 5th May, 1891, Chi- 

cago, Illinois. 

Tenth Generation 

X. 80. NELLIE SUSAN ANDRUS, (Laura Pamelia 
Paine - Laura CuMiNS-Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel-John- 
John-Isaac) was b. 26th November, 1857, at Council BlufFs, 
Iowa; d. 16th March, 1907, at Boston, Massachusetts; m., 10th 
February, 1881, Henry Warren Hart, who was b. 30th Decem- 
ber, 1851, at Boston; son of Henry and Sarah (Warren) Hart. 

Issue of 
Nellie Susan ANDRUS and Henry Warren HART 

94. i. Henry Warren Hart, Jr., b. 7th October, 1881, 

Boston, Massachusetts. 
*95. ii. Helen Andrus Hart, b. 18th August, 1884, of 
whom later. 

X. 84. GRATIA BELL WALKER, (Gratia Ann 
Paine - Laura CuMixs-Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel-John- 
John-Isaac) was b. 20th Julv, 1868, at Lincoln, Massachusetts; 
m., 8th July, 1897, Joseph F.' Decker, who was b. 8th July, 1870, 
at Fountain City, Wisconsin. 

Issue of Gratia Bell WALKER and Joseph F. DECKER 

*96. i. Margaret Ann Decker, b. 12th June, 1898, Mil- 
waukee, Wisconsin, of whom later. 

97. ii. H. Bruce Decker, b. 23rd February, 1900, Mil- 

waukee, Wisconsin. 

98. iii. Joseph Walker Decker, b. 15th July, 1903, Rock 

Island, Illinois; d. 5th August, 1905, Fountain 
City, Wisconsin. 

99. iv. Laura Mary Decker, b. 18th February, 1907, 

Fountain City, Wisconsin; d. 21st February, 
1907, Fountain City. 
100. V. Bertha Vera Decker, b. 6th November, 1909, Los 
Angeles, California. 

Paine - Laura CuMiNS-Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard-Samuel-John- 
John-Isaac) was b. 10th January, 1871. at Lincoln, Massachu- 
setts; m., 7th June, 1894, at Detroit, Minnesota, Grace Maria 
Fowler, dau. of John and Pamela Fowler. 

36 Dixon and Allied Families 

Issue of 
Horace Milton WALKER and Grace Maria FOWLER 

*i01. i. Mae A. Walker, b. 17th March, 1895, Detroit, 
Minnesota, of whom later. 

102. ii. James Abbott Walker, b. 9th August, 1898, Chi- 

cago, Illinois. 

103. iii. Frances Ellen Walker, b. 6th February, 1902, St. 

Helena, California. 

104. iv. Elizabeth Louise Walker, b. 4th November, 1911, 

San Francisco, California. 

105. V. Gratia Paine Walker, b. 20th June, 1913, San 

Francisco, California. 


(Gratia Ann PAINE-Laura CuMiNS-Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard- 
Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 2nd May, 1872, at Lincoln, 
Massachusetts; m., 25th July, 1901, at Berkeley, California, 
Bertha Adaline Cubbler, who was b. 12th August, 1881, at Phil- 
adelphia, Pennsylvania; dau. of Martin and Mary Ann (Logue) 

Issue of James Marvin Church WALKER 
and Bertha Adaline CUBBLER 

106. i. Theron Horace Walker, b. 18th December, 1903, 

St. Helena, California. 

107. ii. Bertram Church Walker, b. 10th June, 1905, 

Vallejo, California. 

108. iii. Laura Winifred Walker, b. 13th June, 1906, 

Vallejo, California. 

109. iv. Florence Paine Walker, b. 3rd November, 1908, 

Oakland, California. 

110. V. Jasmire Klytner Walker, b. 14th February, 1913, 

Oakland, California. 

W. CHAPIN-Marion O. CuMiNS-Joseph-Jerahameal-Leonard- 
Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 5th August, 1892, in New York 
City; m., 7th March, 1918, at Wilton, Connecticut, Wayne 
Marshall, who was b. in Montclair, New Jersey; son of Henry 
and Marie (Heyburne) Marshall. 

Issue of 
Eleanor Randolph CHAPIN and Wayne MARSHALL 

111. i. Roberta Marshall, b. 25th December, 1918. 

112. ii. Cynthia Marshall, b. 5th February, 1920; d. 

same date. 

Eleventh Generation 

XI. 95. HELEN ANDRUS HART, (Nellie Susan 
ANDRUS-Laura Pamelia PAiNE-Laura CuMiNS-Joseph-Jeraham- 

Dixon and Allied Families 37 

eal-Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 18th August, 1884, 
at Boston, Massachusetts; m., 8th September, 1908, Harry Guy 
Lees, who was b. 1st June, 1878, in Birmingham, England; d. 
6th July, 1911, in Lynn, Massachusetts. 

Issue of Helen Andrus HART and Harry Guy LEES 

113. i. Warren Guy Lees, b. 4th August, 1909, College 

Point, New York; d. 6th March, 1910, Lynn, 

114. ii. Harry Guy Lees, Jr., b. 7th October, 1910, Lynn, 


WALKER-Gratia Ann PAiNE-Laura Cumins- Joseph-Jerahameal- 
Leonard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 12th June, 1898, in 
Wilwaukee, Wisconsin; m., 28th November, 1917, Harry Nathan 
DuRAN, who was b. 8th September, 1886, at Sacramento, Califor- 
nia; son of Jerome Duran and (Revera) Duran. 

Issue of 
Margaret Ann DECKER and Harry Nathan DURAN 

115. i. Margaret Jeanne Duran, b. 8th April, 1919, San 

Diego, California. 

XL 101. MAE A. WALKER, (Horace Milton WALK- 
ER-Gratia Ann PAINE-Laura CuMlNS-Joseph-Jerahameal-Leon- 
ard-Samuel-John-John-Isaac) was b. 17th March, 1895, at De- 
troit, Minnesota; m., 15th April, 1917, Joseph Alden Harville, 
son of Benjamin Franklin and Annie Jane (Russ) Harville. 

Issue of 
Mae A. WALKER and Joseph Alden HARVILLE 

116. i. John Patrick Harville, b. 13th January, 1918, 

Eureka, California. 

117. ii. Joseph Alden Harville, Jr., b. 20th April, 1920, 

Eureka, California. 


I. 1. DANIEL SHEDD, b. in England, 1620-25; d. in 
Billerica, Massachusetts; m., firstly, Mary (Gurney?), who was 
b. in 1628; d. 1659; m., secondly, in 1659, Elizabeth, whose sur- 
name is unknown, who d. 17th January, 1699, in Billerica. He 
d. 27th July, 1708, in Billerica. 

Issue of Daniel SHEDD and Mary (GURNEY) 

2. i. Mary Shedd, b. 1st October, 1647; m. John Rog- 
ers. She d. Billerica, Massachusetts. 

38 Dixon and Allied Families 

3. ii. Daniel Shedd, b. 30th August, 1649; d. 24th 

December, 1690; m. Ruth Moore. 

4. ifi. Hannah Shedd, b. 7th September, 1651 ; m. 

Thomas Rogers. She d. 19th December, 1672. 

5. iv. John Shedd, b. 1st April, 1654; m. Sarah Cham- 


6. V. Elizabeth Shedd, b. 17th June, 1656; m. Samuel 


7. vi. Zechariah Shedd, b. 6th October, 1657. 

8. vii. Sarah Shedd, b. 30th October, 1658; d. 27th Feb- 

ruary, 1720; m. John Dutton. 

Issue of Daniel SHEDD and Elizabeth 

*9. viii. Samuel Shedd, b. 13th August, 1660; d. 1723, 
of whom later. 

10. ix. Susan Shedd, b. 28th December, 1662, of whom 

nothing further is known. 

11. X. Eunice Shedd, b. 19th March, 1664-5; m., as 

second wife, John Livinston. 

Second Generation 

11. 9. SAMUEL SHEDD, (Daniel) was b. 13th August, 
1660, in Billerica, Massachusetts; d. in 1723; m., 1688, in Chelms- 
ford, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Bowers, who was b. in 1672, in 
Chelmsford; dau. of Jerathmeal (Capt.) Bowers, b. 2nd May, 
1630, Cambridge; d. 2nd April, 1724, Chelmsford; m. Elizabeth, 
b. circa 1646; d. 4th March, 1721, Chelmsford. 

Issue of Samuel SHEDD and Elizabeth BOWERS 

12. i. Elizabeth Shedd, b. 1688, m., (1) 14th January, 

1708, Samuel Cummings. See Cummings 
(Cumins) Line. She m., secondly, Robert Rob- 
bins, 1720-21. 


Regarding the origin of this family the author would call 
the attention of the reader to the following Table of Pedigree, 
compiled by William G. Hill, of Maiden, Massachusetts, editor 
of a distinct line of Converse Genealogy, whose caution and thor- 
oughness as an investigator give great weight to his conclusions, 
and is published in "Family History in the Line of Joseph Con- 
verse of Bedford, Massachusetts, 1739-1828" — by J. J. Putnam, 

1. Roger de Coigneries, Coigneries, France, and Durham, 
England, b. circa 1010, in the Isle of France, now in- 
cluded in the City limits of Paris. He came to Eng- 
land with William of Normandy at the time of the 
Norman Conquest. 

Dixon and Allied Families 


II. Roger de Coigneries, Durham, England. 
III. Roger de Coniers, Durham and Sockburn, England. 
IV. Galfrid Conyers, Sockburn, England. 

V. John Conyers, Sockburn, England. 
VI. Sir Humphrey Conyers, Sockburn, England. 
VII. Sir John Conyers, Sockburn, England. 
VIII. Roger Conyers, Sockburn, England. 

IX. Sir John Conyers, Sockburn, England; d. 1395. 

X. Robert Conyers, Sockburn, England, b. 1371; d. 1433, 
XI. John Conyers, Hornby, England. 
XII. Sir Christopher Conyers, Hornby England. 

XIII. Sir John Conyers, Hornby, England. 

XIV. Sir John Conyers, Hornby, England ; K. G. ; Alice 

XV. Reginald Conyers, Wakerly, England, d. 1514; m. Ann 

XVI. Richard Conyers, Wakerly, England ; m. Mary Blunt. 

XVII. Christopher Conyers, Wakerly, England, bapt. 1552; m. 

Mary Halford, and had 


Edward Conyers, b. 1590, of whom below. 

Mary Conyers, b. 1590. 

John Conyers, b. 1593. 
iv. Moses Conyers, b. 1594. 
V. Lucy Conyers, b. 1595. 
vi. Joshua Conyers, b. 1596. 
vii. Samuel Conyers, b. 1597. 
viii. Noel Conyers, b. 1599. 

XVIII. EDWARD CONYERS (Convers) the immigrant 
ancestor, b. 1590, in Wakerly, England. He m., 
firstly, Jane Clark, who d. previous to 1617. Shortly 
after he came to America he changed the spelling of 
his name by changing the 'y' to 'v', making it Convers, 
instead of Conyers, and the American branch has 
since adopted and followed that spelling. 

40 Dixon and Allied Families 


Erected in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1640. 

EDWARD CONVERS, the eldest child of Christopher 
and Mary (Halford) Convers, was b. in Wakerly, Northamp- 
tonshire, England, January 30th, 1590. In the spring of 1630, 
with his second wife, Sarah, and three children, he sailed for New 
England with the Company of Governor John Winthrop, and 
in July the party landed at Charlestown. In 1631 he was admit- 
ted a Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and he served 
as a Selectman from 1635 to 1640. In consideration of forty 
pounds per year rental, he received a Legislative Grant, in 1631, 
of a franchise for a ferry from Charlestown to Boston, on the 
site of the present Charles River Bridge. The enterprise was 
under his control for several years when he surrendered his rights 
for the benefit of Harvard College, owing to the friendly rela- 
tions existing between himself and Rev. John Harvard. 

His name heads the list of Seven Commissioners appointed 
to settle he town of Woburn, a suburb of Charlestown, previously 
known as Charlestown Village. An act of incorporation was 
granted in 1642, which was perhaps the briefest on record: 
"Charlestown Village is called Woburn", and his name appears 
fourth on the list of the first thirteen inhabitants. He was for 
nineteen successive years on the Board of Selectmen, after the 
organization, in 1644, of the municipality. The Church was or- 
ganized circa 1641 and Edward Convers was chosen one of the 
first Deacons, serving as such until his death. In 1660 he was 
Deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts. 

In January, 1640 (O. S.), he completed the erection of his 
home, at a cost of $650.00, a reproduction of which is shown on 
the opposite page. It was the first residence constructed in Wo- 
burn, and its location was on Main Street. Its dimensions were 
thirty by thirty-five feet, conforming to the style of architecture of 
the time, presenting two stories in front and one in the rear, with 
nineteen windows and forty feet of glass. Here he lived the 
remainder of his life, dying on 10th August, 1663. 

Equally historic with this house was the "Convers Mill", on 
the opposite side of the street, which was occupied by the descen- 
dants of Edward for several generations. 


First Generation 

I. 1. Deacon EDWARD CONVERSE (Conyers), son 
of Christopher and Mary (Halford) Conyers, was b. 30th 
January, 1590, at Wakerly, County of Northampton, England; 
d. 10th August, 1663, at Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 1617, in 
England, Sarah, whose surname is unknown, but who d. 14th 
January, 1662, in Woburn, Massachusetts. 




^ o 

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Dixon and Allied Families 41 

Issue of Edward CONVERSE and Sarah 

Josiah Converse, b. 1617, England, of whom later. 

Lieut. James Converse, b. 1620, England, of 
whom later. 

Mary Converse, b. 1622, England, of whom later. 

Samuel Converse, b. 12th March, 1637, Charles- 
town, Massachusetts, of whom later. 

Second Generation 

II. 2. Deacon JOSIAH CONVERSE, (Edward) was b. 
in 1617, in England; d. 3rd February, 1689-90, in Woburn, Mas- 
sachusetts; m., 26th March, 1651, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 
Esther Champney, dau. of Richard Champney, and had 


*6. i. Capt. Josiah Converse, b. 15th March, 1660, Wo- 
burn, Massachusetts, of whom later. 

II. 3. Lieut. JAMES CONVERSE, (Edward) was b. 
1620, in England; d. 10th May, 1715, at Woburn, Massachu- 
setts; m., 24th October, 1643, at Charlestown, Massachusetts, 
Ann Long, who d. 10th August, 1691, at Woburn, dau. of Robert 
and Elizabeth Long. 

Issue of James CONVERSE and Ann LONG 

All b. Woburn, Massachusetts. 

7. i. Anna (Hannah) Converse, b. 15th July, 1644; 

d. 20th January, 1645, Woburn, Massachusetts. 
*8. ii. Major James Converse, b. 16th November, 1645, 

of whom later. 
9. iii. Deborah Converse, b. 25th July, 1647; m., 1st 

July, 1663, Woburn, Massachusetts, John 


10. iv. Sarah Converse, b. 21st April, 1649; d. 20th 

February, 1692, Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 
29th June, 1680, Woburn, Moses Pingry. 

11. v, Rebecca Converse, b. 15th May, 1651; m. Wo- 

burn, Massachusetts, Enoch Moore. 

12. vi. Lydia Converse, b. 8th March, 1653, Woburn, 

Massachusetts; d. 20th May, 1665, Woburn. 
*13. vii. Edward Converse, b. 27th February, 1654-5, of 
whom later. 

14. viii. Mary Converse, b. 29th December, 1656; d. 1690, 

Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 31st March, 1675, 
Woburn, Nathaniel Davis. 

15. ix. Abigail Converse, b. 13th October, 1658; d. 1690, 

Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 1676, Woburn, 
John Kettell. 

42 Dixon and Allied Families 

16. X. Ruth Converse, b. 12th February, 1660-1 ; m., 

25th December, 1658, Woburn, Massachusetts, 
Philerr.on Dean. 

II. 4. MARY CONVERSE, (Edward) was b. in 1622, 
in England; d. in Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 19th December, 
1643, at Woburn, Massachusetts, firstly, Simon Thompson, who 
d. in 1658. She m., secondly, John Sheldon. 

Issue of Mary CONVERSE and Simon THOMPSON 
All b. in Woburn, Massachusetts. 

17. i. John Thompson, b. 4th April ,1645; d. 12th April, 


18. ii. Sarah Thompson, b. 20th February, 1646-7, 


19. iii. James Thompson, b. 20th March, 1649. 

20. iv. Mary Thompson, b. 25th January, 1651; d. 2nd 

February, 1661-2. 

21. V. Ann Thompson, b. 30th July, 1655. 

22. vi. Rebecca Thompson, b. May, 1658. 

II. 5. SAMUEL CONVERSE, (Edward) was b. 12th 
March, 1637, in Charleston, Massachusetts; d. 20th February, 
1669; m., 8th June, 1660, at ^Voburn, Massachusetts, Judith 
Carter, d. 1676, and had 


^23. i. Samuel Converse, Jr., b. 4th April, 1662, of 
whom later. 

Third Generation 

III. 6. Capt. JOSIAH CONVERSE, (Josiah-Edward) 
was b. 15th March, 1660, in Woburn, Massachusetts; d. 15th 
July, 1717, at Woburn; m., 8th October, 1685. at Woburn, Ruth 
Marshall, who d. 16th March, 1737, at Watertown, Massa- 

Issue of Josiah CONVERSE and Ruth MARSHALL 

All b. in Woburn, Massachusetts 

24. i. Ruth Converse, b. 28th Mav, 1686; d. 16th 

March, 1758; m., 7th December, 1704, William 

25. ii. Esther Converse, b. 3rd October, 1688; d. 7th 

November, 1703. 

26. iii. Josiah Converse, Jr., b. 8th February, 1691 ; d. 

30th December, 1693, Woburn, Massachusetts. 

27. iv. Timothy Converse, b. 6th July, 1693; d. Septem- 

ber, 1693; Woburn, Massachusetts. 

28. V. Rebecca Converse, b. 2nd November, 1694; m. 

Samuel Pierce. 

Dixon and Allied Families 43 

29. vi. Josiah Convi-rse, b. 14th April, 1697; d. 30th 

April, 1697, Woburn, Massachusetts. 

30. vii. Keziah Converse, b. 27th March, 1699; m. Henry 


31. viii. Mary Converse, b. 12th January, 1702; m. John 

FowLE, Jr. 

32. ix. Josiah Converse, b. 25th April, 1704; d. 1774, 

Watertown, Massachusetts. 

III. 8. Major JAMES CONVERSE, (James-Edward) 
was b. 16th November, 1645; d. 8th July, 1706, at Woburn, 
Massachusetts; m., 1st January, 1688-9, at Woburn, Hannah 
Carter, who was b. 19th January, 1650; d. 10th August, 1691, 
at Woburn, Masaschusetts ; dau. of John and Elizabeth (Ken- 
dall) Carter. 

Issue of James CONWERSE and Hannah CARTER 

All b. Woburn, Massachusetts. 

33. i. James Converse, b. 5th September, 1670; d. 1706. 
*34. ii. John Converse, b. 22nd August, 1673, of whom 

35. iii. Elizabeth Converse, b. 23rd April, 1675; d. 27th 
July, 1694, Woburn, Massachusetts. 
*36. iv. Capt. Robert Converse, b. 29th December, 1677, 
of whom later. 

37. V. Hannah Converse, b. 12th June, 1680; d. 7th 

September, 1748, Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 
9th November, 1696, Woburn, Jacob Richard- 

38. vi. Josiah Converse, b. 24th May, 1683; d. 18th 

October, 1683, Woburn, Massachusetts. 
*39. vii. Capt. Josiah Converse, b. 12th September, 1684, 
of whom later. 

40. viii. Patience Converse, b. 6th November, 1686; d. 

23rd July, 1707, Woburn, Massachusetts. 

41. ix. Ebenezer Converse, b. 16th December, 1688; d. 

9th November, 1693. 

III. 13. EDWARD CONVERSE, (James-Edward) 
was b. 27th February, 1655, at Woburn, Massachusetts; d. 26th 
(or 28th) July, 1692; m., 5th November, 1684, at Lexington, 
Massachusetts, Sarah Stone, who d. 22nd November, 1709; dau. 
of Samuel Stone. 

Issue of Edward CONVERSE and Sarah STONE 

42. i. Samuel Converse, b. 9th October, 1685. 

43. ii. Anna Converse, b. 3rd October, 1687; m., at 

Reading, Massachusetts, John Merry, Jr. 

44. iii. Sarah Converse, b. 14th September, 1689; d. 10th 

November (or December), 1713. 

45. iv. Edward Converse, b. 26th October, 1691 ; d. 28th 

October, 1691. 

44 Dixon and Allied Families 

III. 23. SAAIUELCONVERSE, Jr., (Samuel-Edward) 
was h. 4th April, 1662, at Woburn, Massachusetts; d. at Thomp- 
son Parish, Killingly, Connecticut, 1733; m. Dorcas, whose sur- 
name is unknown. Founder of town of Thompson, Connecticut. 

Issue of Samuel CONVERSE, Jr., and Dorcas 

*46. i. Samuel Converse, Jr., b. Woburn, Massachusetts, 
26th May, 1694, of whom later. 

47. ii. Ensign Edward Converse, b. 25th September, 

1696, Woburn, Massachusetts; d. 9th July, 1784; 
removed to Thompson, Connecticut; Ensign of 
Company there; m. Elizabeth Cooper. 

48. iii. Thomas Converse, b. 28th October, 1699, Wo- 

burn, Massachusetts; d. circa 1760, Thompson, 
Connecticut ; m., (1) Martha Clough ; m., (2) 
Abigail Fay. Had nine children. 

49. iv. Dorcas Converse, b. 1st February, 1702-03, Wo- 

burn, Massachusetts ; m. Daniel Whitmore. . . 

50. v. Pain Converse, b. 25th November, 1706, Wo- 

burn, Massachusetts; d. 10th September, 1781; 
removed to Thompson, Connecticut. 

51. vi. Josiah Converse, bapt. 20th November, 1714, 

Killingly, Connecticut; m. Mary Sabin. 

Fourth Generation 

IV. 34. JOHN CONVERSE, (James- James-Ed ward) 
was b. 22nd August, 1673, at Woburn, Massachusetts; d. 6th 
January, 1707-8; m., 22nd May, 1699, Abigail Sawyer, dau. of 
Joshua and Sarah (Wright) Sawyer, and had 

52. i. James Converse, b. 26th February, 1700; d. 1752 

(or 1753). 

53. ii. John Converse, Jr., b. 3rd February, 1702; m., 

(1) 1725, Abigail Baldwin; m., (2) 1751, 
Mary Damon. 

54. iii. Josiah Converse, b. 3rd June, 1704. 

55. iv. Abigail Converse, b. 1705; m., 4th February, 

1727, Nathan Blodgett. 

56. v. Patience Converse, b. 1st May, 1707. 

57. vi. Josiah Converse; m., (1) Hannah, surname un- 

known, in 1728; m., (2) Eleanor Richardson, 
in 1732. 

IV. 36. Capt. ROBERT CONVERSE, (James-James- 
Edward) was b. 29th December, 1677, at Woburn, Massachu- 
setts; d. 20th July, 1736, at Woburn; m., 19th December, 1698, 
Mary Sawyer, who d. in 1766; dau. of Joshua and Sarah 
(Wright) Sawyer. 

Issue of Robert CONVERSE and Mary SAWYER 

58. i. Elizabeth Converse, b. 4th December, 1699; d. 

27th January, 1755. 

Dixon and Allied Families 45 

59. ii. Mary Converse, b. 17th February, 1702; m., 27th 

December, 1722, Daniel Reed. 

60. iii. Esther Converse, b. 1st October, 1704; d. 30th 

March, 1737; m., 18th July, 1732, Isaac Snow. 

61. iv. Hannah Converse, b. 10th May, 1706. 

62. v. Ebenezer Converse, b. 1st November, 1708; d. 

6th September, 1765. 

63. vi. James Converse, b. 24th December, 1710; d. 6th 

June, 1737. 

64. vii. Sarah Converse, b. 29th April, 1713. 

65. viii. Anna Converse, b. 23rd July, 1715. 

66. ix. Benjamin Converse, b. 22nd September, 1718; d. 

19th August, 1729. 

67. X. Keziah Converse, b. 2nd August, 1721; m., 26th 

February, 1740, Jonathan Reed. 

68. xi. Susanna Converse, b. 18th June, 1724; d. 20th 

October, 1771; m., 26th March, 1746, Caleb 


69. xii. Benjamin Converse, b. 22nd May, 1727. 

IV. 39. Capt. JOSIAH CONVERSE, (James-James- 
Edward) was b. 12th September, 1684, at Woburn, Massachu- 
setts; d. in 1771; m., 30th December, 1706, Hannah Sawyer, 
who was b. 25th November, 1689; d. 18th June, 1747; dau. of 
Joshua and Sarah (Wright) Sawyer. 

Issue of Josiah CONVERSE and Hannah SAWYER 

70. i. Hannah Converse, b. 25th October, 1707, in 

Massachusetts ; m. Ebenezer Thompson. 
*71. ii. Lieut. Josiah Converse, b. 21st March, 1710, 
Woburn, Massachusetts, of whom later. 

72. iii. Patience Converse, b. 21st July, 1712, Massachu- 


73. iv. Ruth Converse, b. 28th July, 1714, Massachusetts. 

74. V. Dorothy Converse, b. 20th January, 1716-17, 

Massachusetts; d. 22nd April, 1736, Massachu- 

75. vi. Jessie Converse, b. 18th February, 1719-20, Mas- 


76. vii. Jude Converse, b. 14th March, 1722-3, Massachu- 

*77. viii. Col. James Converse, b. 2nd September, 1725, 
Massachusetts, of whom later. 
78. ix. Sarah Converse, b. 5th November, 1729, Massa- 

IV. 46. SAMUEL CONVERSE, Jr., (Samuel-Samuel- 
Edward) was b. 26th May, 1694, at Woburn, Massachusetts; m., 
11th December, 1716, at Newton, Massachusetts, Hannah Bart- 
LETT, who was b. in Newton, Massachusetts, and d. 2nd Novem- 
ber, 1728. 

46 Dixon and Allied Families 

Issue of 
Samuel CONVERSE, Jr., and Hannah BARTLETT 

79. i. Ruth Converse, b. 28th May, 1718. 

80. ii. Amwell Converse, b. 20th June, 1722; m., June, 

1743, Josiah Davis. 

81. iii. Hannah Converse, b. 12th April, 1724. 

82. iv. Dorcas Converse, b. 12th April, 1724; d. 21st 

November, 1734. 

Fifth Generation 

V. 71. Lieut. JOSIAH CONVERSE, (Josiah-James- 
James-Edward) was b. 21st March, 1710, at Woburn, Massa- 
chusetts; d. 11th September, 1775, at Stafford, Connecticut; m., 
27th December, 1732, at Woburn, Eleanor Richardson, who 
was b. in 1714, at Woburn; d. 6th August, 1785, at Stafford, 
Connecticut. She was a dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail (Reed) 

Issue of 

83. i. Mary Converse, b. 12th July, 1733; m. Major 

John Phelps. 
*84. ii. Eleanor Converse, b. 21st March, 1735, of whom 

*85. iii. Capt. Josiah Converse, b. 4th June, 1737, of whom 


86. iv. Joshua Converse, b. 21st May, 1739; d. unm. 

87. v. Dorothy Converse, b. 11th June, 1741; m., (1) 

Dr. Staunton; m., (2) 1806, in March, James 

*88. vi. Col. Israel Converse, b. 7th August, 1743, of 

whom later. 
*89. vii. Jesse Converse, b. 1st September, 1745; d. 8th 

July, 1805; of whom later. 
*90. viii. Nathaniel Converse, b. 1st May, 1748, of whom 

*91. ix. Jude Converse, b. 11th July, 1750, of whom 


92. X. Joseph Converse (triplet) b. 22nd April, 1752; 

d. June, 1752. 

93. xi. Hannah Converse (triplet) b. 22nd April, 1752; 

d. 1771. 

94. xii. Benjamin Converse (triplet) b. 22nd April, 1752; 

d. 1756. 
*95. xiii. Joseph Converse, b. 28th December, 1754; of 
whom later. 

V. 77. Col. JAMES CONVERSE, (Josiah- James- James- 
Edward) was b. 2nd September, 1725, at Woburn, Massachu- 
setts; d. 16th July, 1811, at Brookfield, Massachusetts; m. Doro- 
thy, surname unknown. He was Colonel of the Fourth Worcester 







Dixon and Allied Families 47 

County Regiment, Brig. Gen. Jonathan Warner's Brigade, com- 
missioned 10th April, 1776. Also, Colonel of the Seventh Regi- 
nient, Brig. Gen. Warner's Brigade; resigned 22nd September, 
1778. Also, Colonel of the Fourth Worcester County Regiment, 
5th July, 1779, (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revo- 
lutionary War, pages 912, and 913). 

Issue of James CONVERSE and Dorothy 

(All b. Brookf^eld, Mass.) 

96. i. James Converse, b. 30th April, 1749. 

97. ii. Dorothy Converse, b. 20th December, 1751; m., 

November, 1770, Brookfield, John Cutler. 

98. iii. Ephraim' Converse, b. 17th June, 1754; d. 20th 

December, 1756, Brookfield, Massachusetts. 

Patience Converse, b. December, 1759. 

Jemima Converse, b. 24th February, 1762. 

Sarah Converse, b. 6th January, 1764; m., Octo- 
ber, 1789, Brookfield, Massachusetts, Thomas 

102. vii. Josiah Converse, b. 7th October, 1765; m., 4th 

June, 1793, Matilda Ayers, at Brookfield, Mas- 

103. viii. Deborah Converse, b. 30th April, 1768; m., 8th 

April, 1790, Brookfield, Alassachusetts, Chenney 

104. ix. Samuel Converse, b. 5th October, 1770; m., 29th 

May, 1794, Rebecca Kittredge. 

105. X. Lucy Converse, b. 5th July, 1772; m., 24th Feb- 

ruary, 1799, Isaac Hunter. 

Sixth Generation 

VI. 84. ELEANOR CONVERSE, (Josiah-Josiah-James- 
James-Edward) was b. 21st March, 1735, at Woburn, Massachu- 
setts; d. 3rd September, 1796, at Floyd, New York; m. Lieut. 
Col. Stephen Moulton, who was b. 30th March, 1735, at Brim- 
field, Massachusetts; d. in March, 1818, at Floyd, New York. 

Issue of Eleanor CONVERSE and Stephen MOULTON 

*106. i. Salmon Moulton, b. 6th September, 1758, of 
whom later. 
VI. 85. Capt. JOSIAH CONVERSE, ( Josiah- Josiah- 
James-James-Edward) was b. 4th June, 1737, at Stafford, Con- 
necticut; d. 25th October, 1814, at Stafford; m. Elizabeth Lewis, 
and had 


107. i. Dr. Josiah Converse, b. 1776, Stafford, Connect- 

icut; d. 1839; m. Martha Hyde Alden. 

108. ii. Elizabeth Converse, m. Julius Palmer Shaw. 

109. iii. Sarah Converse, m. William Knight. 

48 Dixon and Allied Families 

110. iv. Joshua Converse, b. 1760-62, Stafford, Connect- 

icut; d. 1810 (?), Hancock, Vermont; m. Mary 

111. V. Samuel Converse. 

112. vi. Nathaniel Converse, d. in childhood. 

113. vii. Benjamin Converse, d. in childhood. 

114. viii. Polly Converse, m. John Shaw. 

115. ix. Lucinda Converse, m. Capt. Robinson. 

116. X. Hannah Converse, m. John Young. 

117. xi. Eleanor Converse, unm. 

VI. 88. Col. ISRAEL CONVERSE, (Josiah-Josiah- 
James- James-Edward) was b. 7th August, 1743; d. 28th March, 
1806, at Randolph, Vermont; m., firstly, 1765, Sarah Lewis; m., 
secondly, 1771, at Stafford, Connecticut, Hannah Walbridge, 
who was b. 11th October, 1752, at Stafford, Connecticut; d. 17th 
October, 1830, at Parkman, Ohio; dau. of Maj. Amos and Mar- 
garet Walbridge. 

Issue of Israel CONVERSE and Sarah LEWIS 

*118. i. Shubael Converse, b. 30th April, 1766, of whom 

*119. ii. Frederick Converse, b. 22nd July, 1768, of whom 


Issue of 

120. iii. Israel Converse, b. 24th May, 1772; d. 23rd 

January, 1773. 
*121. iv. Israel Converse, Jr., b. 14th November, 1773, of 

whom later. 
*122. v. Dr. James Converse, b. 5th November, 1775, of 

whom later. 
*123. vi. Porter Converse, b. 28th February, 1778, of 

whom later. 
124. vii. Sarah Lewis Converse, b. 28th March, 1780; d. 

31st May, 1858; unm. 
*125. viii. Celia Converse, b. 18th February, 1783, of whom 

*126. ix. Hannah Converse, b. 8th April, 1785, of whom 


127. X. Eleanor Converse, b. 4th April, 1787; d. 27th 

October, 1855; m., (1) William Copp ; m., (2) 
Robert Scott. 

128. xi. Daniel Gilbert Converse, b. 26th March, 1790; 

d. 5th September, 1858; m., (1) 1st April, 1813, 

Polly Morgan; m., (2) wife's name unknown. 
*129. xii. John Phelps Converse, (Judge) b. 27th January, 

1792, of whom later. 
*130. xiii. Orinda Converse, b. 25th January, 1794, of whom 

131. xiv. Josiah Converse, b. 7th November, 1797; d. 14th 

January, 1817. 


Dixon and Allied Families 49 

VI. 89. JESSE CONVERSE, (Josiah - Josiah - James- 
James-Edward ) was b. 1st September, 1745, at Stafford, Connect- 
icut; d. 8th July, 1805, at Stafford; m. Mary Moulton, who d. 
8th October, 1810, at Stafford; dau. of Samuel and Mary 
(HiNEs) Moulton. 

Issue of Jesse CONVERSE and Mary MOULTON 

All b. Stafford, Connecticut. 

132. i. Sarah Converse, b. 7th January, 1768. 

133. ii. Eli Converse, b. 28th September, 1770; d. 5th 

November, 1853; m. Eunice Hyde. 

134. iii. Mary (or Polly) Converse, b. 26th March, 1773; 

d. in Vermont; m. Col. Joseph Pride. 

135. iv. Hannah Converse, b. 30th July, 1775; d. Ran- 

dolph, Vermont ; m. Moses Pearson. 

136. V. Pamela Converse, b. 28th February, 1777, Staf- 

ford; d. 2nd February, 1846, Bethel, Vermont; 
m. Bethel, Vermont, Ephriam Morris. 

137. vi. Amanda Converse, b. 28th August, 1778; d. 31st 

July, 1780, Stafford, Connecticut. 

138. vii. Amanda Converse, b. 26th August, 1780; d. 

Freedom, New York ; m. Reuben Brown. 

139. viii. Esther Converse, b. 1st April, 1782; d. Hamburg, 

New York; m. Calvin Pierce. 

VI. 90. NATHANIEL CONVERSE, ( Josiah- Josiah- 
James-James-Edward) was b. 5th May, 1748, at Stafford, Con- 
necticut; d. 18th October, 1810, at Troy, New York; m., 27th 
May, 1772, Abigail Lawrence, who was b. 17th January, 1754; 
d. in 1834. 

Issue of 
Nathaniel CONVERSE and Abigail LAWRENCE 

140. i. Susan Converse, b. Stafford, Connecticut; m., (1) 

Powers; m., (2) Farwell. 

141. ii. Clarissa Converse, b. Stafford, Connecticut; m. 

Troy, New York, Salisbury. 

142. iii. Eleanor Converse, b. Stafford, Connecticut; m. 

Troy, New York, Adams. 

143. iv. John Converse, b. 7th August, 1774, Brimfield, 

Massachusetts; d. 10th December, 1831 ; m., (1) 
3rd September, 1796, Norwich, Connecticut, 
Ehzabeth Backus; m., (2) 31st May, 1818, 
Hartford, Connecticut, Eliza Griswold ; m., (3) 
14th July, 1823, Waterford, New York, Caro- 
line C. Davis. 

144. v. Josiah Converse, d. 1869, Troy, New York. 

145. vi. Elam Converse, b. 1790, Tewksbury, Massachu- 

setts; d. 1870, Troy New York; m., 1818 Susan- 
na Salisbury. 

50 Dixon and Allied Families 

146. vii. James A. Converse, d. in Brookfield, Vermont. 

147. viii. Nathaniel Converse, lost at sea. 

148. ix. Abigail Converse, (twin) d. Brookfield, Vermont. 

149. X. Betsey Converse, (twin) d. Brookfield, Vermont. 

VI. 91. JUDE CONVERSE, (Josiah - Josiah - James- 
James-Edward) was b. 11th June, 1750, at Stafford, Connecticut; 
d. 23rd October, 1816, East Randolph, Vermont; m., 1772, Staf- 
ford, Connecticut, Abigail Alden, who was b. in October, 1750, 
at Stafford; d. in ^lay. 1814, at East Randolph, Vermont. She 
was fifth in descent from John Alden and Priscilla Mullens. 
Jude was a soldier in the Revolution from 1775 to 1778. 

Issue of Jude CONVERSE and Abigail ALDEN 

150. i. Silence Converse, b. 18th March, 1773, Stafford, 

Connecticut; d. April, 1773. 

151. ii. Dorothy Converse, b. 20th August, 1774, Stafford, 


152. iii. Howard Converse, b. 23rd August, 1776, Staf- 

ford, Connecticut. 

153. iv. Seth Converse, b. 28th September, 1778, Stafford, 


154. v. Jude Converse, Jr., b. 15th August, 1780, East 

Randolph, Vermont. 

155. vi. Abigail Converse, b. 12th October, 1782, East 

Randolph, Vermont; d. 6th October, 1839; m., 
Randolph, Vermont, Mansfield. 

156. vii. Daniel Converse, b. 15th September, 1784, East 

Randolph, Vermont ; removed to Athens County, 

157. viii. Hannah Converse, b. 21st August, 1786, East 

Randolph, Vermont; m., Randolph, Vermont, 
Samuel Blodgett. 

VI. 95. JOSEPH CONVERSE, (Josiah- Josiah- James- 
James-Edward) was b. 28th December, 1754, at Stafford, Con- 
necticut; d. 10th December, 1826, Randolph, Vermont; m., 27th 
February, 1777, at Stafford, Connecticut, Mary Johnson, who 
was b. 9th February, 1759, at Stafford; d. in May, 1842, at Ran- 
dolph; dau. of Deacon Seth and Mary (Edson) Johnson. 

Issue of Joseph CONVERSE and Mary JOHNSON 

158. i. Dorothy Converse, b. 29th January, 1778, Staf- 

ford, Connecticut; d. 1859, Stafford; m., 1796, 
Stafford, Aholiab Johnson. 

159. ii. Hannah Converse, b. 19th September, 1779, Staf- 

ford, Connecticut; d. 2nd June, 1875, ]\Ionson, 
Massachusetts; m., 18th January, 1807, Nathan 

160. iii. Lydia Converse, b. 12th December, 1781 ; d. 1857, 

Randolph, Vermont. 

Dixon and Allied Families 51 

161. iv. Julia Converse, b. 1st February, 1784; d. 20th 

December, 1856, Chardon, Ohio; m., (1) 1808, 
James Tarbox. 

162. V. Warren Converse, b. 19th June, 1786; d. 3rd 

January, 1866; m. Sophia Kellogg. 

163. vi. Marv Converse, b. 9th July, 1788; d. 17th June, 

1870, Chardon, Ohio; m., 20th April, 1815, Ran- 
dolph, Vermont, Joseph W. French. 

164. vii. Seth Converse, b. 21st July, 1790; d. 4th April, 


165. viii. Susan Converse, b. 1792, Randolph, Vermont; d. 

1852, Randolph; m., Randolph, Josiah H. 

*166. ix. Alfred Converse, b. 4th April, 1795, of whom 

*167. X. Hon. Julius Converse, b. 27th December, 1798, 
Stafford, Connecticut, of whom later. 
168. xi. Eleanor Converse, b. 6th June, 1800, Cleveland, 
Ohio; d. 12th August, 1883, Cleveland; m., 2nd 
January, 1823, Sylvester N. Hoyt. 

*169. xii. Jude Converse, b. 21st July, 1805, Randolph, Ver- 
mont; m. Mrs. Sidney M. Denton, of whom 

Seventh Generation 

VII. 106. SALMON MOULTON, (Eleanor Con- 
verse- Josiah-Josiah-James-James-Edward) was b. 6th September, 
1758, at Stafford, Connecticut; d. 22nd July, 1852, at Floyd, 
New York; m., 15th February, 1780, at Stafford, Susana John- 
son, who was b. in 1760, at Stafford; d. 26th December, 1831, 
at Floyd, New York; dau. of Seth and Mary (Edson) Johnson. 

Issue of Salmon MOULTON and Susana JOHNSON 

170. i. Susana J. Moulton, b. 21st June, 1804, Stafford, 

Connecticut; d. 10th March, 1874, Turin, New 
York; m., 2nd March, 1826, Floyd, New York, 
Ozias Wilcox, b. 19th March, 1796; d. 11th 
March, 1876, Turin; (Ezra-Josiah-Samuel-Is- 
rael-John-John) son of Ezra and Phoebe (Wood- 
ruff) Wilcox. 

VII. 118. SHUBAEL CONVERSE, (Israel - Josiah- 
Josiah-James- James-Edward) was b. 30th April, 1776; d. 23rd 
March, 1823, Randolph, Vermont; m., 15th September. 1796, at 
Randolph, Vermont, Phoebe Smith, who was b. 20th February, 
1775; d. 19th October, 1835, at Randolph. 

Issue of Shubael CONVERSE and Phoebe SMITH 

171. i. Lucinda Converse, b. 29th July, 1797, Randolph, 

Vermont; d. 21st June, 1807. 

52 Dixon and Allied Families 

172. ii. Charlotte Converse, b. 28th December, 1799; d. 

13th May, 1860; m., November, 1828, Benja- 
min BUGBEE. 

173. iii. Harriett Converse, b. 17th November, 1801; m., 

21st February, 1822, Jason Steele. 

174. iv. Sophia Converse, b. 8th August, 1803; d. March, 

1854; m. James Clark. 

175. v. Dr. Shubael Converse, b. 7th September, 1805; d. 

6th August, 1867; m., 29th June, 1841, Ehza- 
beth Morrill. 

VII. 119. FREDERICK CONVERSE, (Israel-Josiah- 
Josiah-James-James-Edward) was b. 22nd July, 1768, at Stafford, 
Connecticut; d. 4th July, 1828, at Randolph, Vermont; m., 1st 
March, 1792, Philana Robinson, who was b. 7th July, 1770, at 
Lebanon, New Hampshire; d. 26th December, 1856, at Stafford, 

Issue of 
Frederick CONVERSE and Philana ROBINSON 

176. i. Sarah Converse, b. 8th February, 1793, Ran- 

dolph, Vermont; d. 6th May, 1820, Randolph. 

177. ii. Philana Converse, b. 20th February, 1794, Ran- 

dolph, Vermont; d. 7th December, 1869, East 
Randolph, Wisconsin; m., 11th September, 1823, 
Eben Hyde. 

178. iii. Dr. Frederick Lewis Converse, b. 1st December, 

1795, Randolph, Vermont; d. 15th December, 
1841, Canada. 

179. iv. John Converse, b. 9th November, 1797, Ran- 

dolph, Vermont; m., 10th June, 1822, Azubah 

180. v. James Converse, b. 13th November, 1799, Ran- 

dolph, Vermont; d. 21st September, 1826. 
181 vi. Henry Converse, b. 28th December, 1803; m., (1) 
30th December, 1828, Charlotte Blodgett; m., 
(2) 3rd April, 1843, Lucy Burnham. 

182. vii. Paschal Converse, b. 17th January, 1811 ; m., 30th 

March, 1840, Anna Sophia Grow. He b. Ran- 
dolph, Vermont. 

VII. 121. ISRAEL CONVERSE, Jr., ( Israel- Josiah- 
Josiah-James-James-Edward) was b. 14th November, 1773; d. 
26th November, 1827; m., 16th March, 1799, Anna Smith, and 


183. i. Adaline Converse, b. 10th January, 1800; d. 27th 

April, 1875; m. Erastus Friesell. 

184. ii. Mary Ann Converse, b. 30th April, 1803; d. 

1887; m. Kimball Parish. 

Dixon and Allied Families 53 

185. iii. Israel S. Converse, b. 30th April, 1805; d. 4th 

January, 1881; m., (1) Mary Huntley; m., 
(2) Rosena Huntley; m., (3) Elizabeth 
Huntley; m., (4) Martha Barstow. 

186. iv. Hannah Converse, b. 10th March, 1807; d. 1883; 

m., 2nd Alarch, 1884, Oliver Egerton. 

187. V. Oliver A. Converse, b. 29th March, 1810; d. 


188. vi. William Frederick Converse, b. 10th June, 1812; 

d. 6th August, 1884; m., 2nd March, 1846, 
Margaret Jane Schneider. 

189. vii. James A. Converse, b. 30th July, 1814; d. 26th 

April, 1881. 

190. viii. Roval Converse, b. 24th December, 1818; d. 

August, 1819. 

VII. 122. Dr. JAMES CONVERSE, ( Israel-Josiah- 
Josiah-James-James-Edward) was b. 5th November, 1775; d. 1st 
September, 1828; m., 23rd December, 1802, Lucinda Smith, and 


191. i. Lucinda Maria Converse, d. 13th December, 

1887; m. Rev. John Peters; m., (2) Dr. E. L. 

192. ii. James W. Converse, d. 8th September, 1892; m., 

1st January, 1828, Emiley Egelston. 

193. iii. Deacon Elias S. Converse, b. 30th September, 

1808; d. 1868; m., (1) Eunice Ladd; m., (2) 
Mary Ann Blair; m., (3) Treyphena Blair. 

194. iv. Horatio N. Converse, d. 1892; m., 14th August, 

1883, Mary Ann Foster; m., (1) 4th August, 
1860 Hannah Post. 

195. V. George Converse, b. 1817; d. 20th August, 1838. 

VII. 123. PORTER CONVERSE, (Israel- Josiah-Josiah- 
James-James-Edward) was b. 28th February, 1778, at Stafford, 
Connecticut; d. 17th August, 1870, at Unionville, Ohio; m., 1810, 
Rhoda Howard, who was b. 30th November, 1785, at Wood- 
stock, Conecticut; d. 23rd November, 1873, at Cleveland, Ohio. 

Issue of Porter CONVERSE and Rhoda HOWARD 

196. i. Caroline Converse, b. 28th January, 1811, Ran- 

dolph, Vermont; d. January, 1867; m., 5th July, 
1832, Columbiana County, Ohio, Jacob Har- 

197. ii. Cornelia Converse, b. 7th January, 1812, Ran- 

dolph, Vermont; d. 1st May, 1857; m., 1838, 
Rev. Alan ton Saunders. 

198. iii. Samantha Maria Converse, b. 3rd April, 1813, 

Randolph, Vermont; d. 16th April, 1897; m., 
1835, Dr. Leonard Hanna. See Hanna Line. 

199. iv. Lysander P. Converse, b. 23rd February, 1816, 

Randolph, Vermont; d. 16th June, 1901; m., 

54 Dixon and Allied Families 

23rd November, 1842, Sally Toppan. 

200. V. Helen Converse, b. 16th December, 1827, Park- 

man, Ohio ; d. 19 ? . 

VII. 125. CELIA CONVERSE, (Israel-Josiah-Josiah- 
James-James-Edward) was b. 18th February, 1783, at Stafford, 
Connecticut; d. 2nd August, 1840, in Chatauqua County, New 
York; m., 24th March, 1807, at Randolph, Vermont, Jeremiah 

Issue of Celia CONVERSE and Jeremiah YORK 

201. i. Israel Converse York, b. 15th March, 1807, 

Rochester, Vermont; m., (1) Elizabeth Niles; 
m., (2) Martha Elser. 

202. ii. Ellen York. 

203. iii. Lavina Foote York, b. 4th September, 1813; d. R. 

St. Catherines, Canada; m. Philip Brown. 

204. iv. Hannah Walbridge York, b. 11th June, 1816; m., 

12th October, 1845, at Prairie City, Illinois, 
Orin Mariner. 

205. V. Joseph York, b. 14th January, 1818, Henrietta, 

New York; m., (1) at Randolph, New York, 
Juliet Holbrook; m., (2) Alvira Bushnell 

206. vi. Jeremiah F. York, b. 12th May, 1822; m., 15th 

November, 1851, Mary A. Weaver; Id. Cam- 
bridge, Illinois. 

207. vii. George W. York, b. 17th June, 1823; d. 30th 

October, 1863; m., March, 1861, Mary Howe. 

208. viii. Fannie A. York, d. ae. 14. 

VII. 126. HANNAH CONVERSE, (Israel-Josiah-Jo- 
sias-James-James-Edward) was b. 8th April, 1785, at Randolph, 
Vermont; d. 31st August, 1856, at Grandetour, Illinois; m., 2nd 
October, 1808, at Randolph, Vermont, Joseph Cumins, who was 
b. 15th January, 1781, at Windsor, Vermont; d. 18th October, 
1851, at Grandetour, Illinois; son of Jerahameal and Deborah 
(Kendall) Cumins. See Cumins Line. 

Issue of Hannah CONVERSE and Joseph CUMINS 

209. i. Solon Cumins, b. 3rd December, 1810, Royalton, 

Vermont; d. 1873, Chicago, Illinois; m., (1) 
Harriet Marsh, d. 29th March, 1858; m., (2) 
Martha Moore. 

210. ii. Laura Cumins, b. 4th April, 1813, Randolph, Ver- 

mont; d. March, 1899, Dixon, Illinois; m. Hor- 
ace Hall Paine. 

211. iii. Edwin Cumins, b. 28th August, 1815, Randolph, 

Vermont; d. Elgin, Illinois. 

212. iv. Marion O. Cumins, b.,8th September, 1818; d. 

1889, Wausau, Wisconsin; m. Marvin Chapin. 

213. V. Lucinda Cumins, b. 14th July, 1820; d. 1875. 

Dixon, Illinois; m. Cornelius Wilbur. 

Dixon and Allied Families 55 

214. vi. Charlotte C. Cumins, b. 30th December, 1822, 

Royalton, Vermont; d. 23rd March, 1900, Los 
Angeles, California; m. Lot Dixon. See Dixon 

215. vii. Theron Allen Cumins, b. 12th July, 1825. Tun- 

bridge, Vermont; d. 2nd August, 1898, Dixon, 
Illinois; m. Josephine Harris. 

rael-Josiah-Josiah-James-James-Edward) was b. 27th January, 
1792, at Randolph, Vermont; d. 20th February, 1865, at Park- 
man, Ohio; m., firstly, Betsey Collins; m., secondly, Hannah 


216. i. Betsey Collins Converse, m. Dr. Darius Lyman. 

217. ii. Hannah Amelia Converse, unm. 

218. iii. Harriett M. Converse, m. William M. Tilden. 

VII. 130. ORINDA CONVERSE, (Israel- Josiah-Josiah- 
James- James-Edward) was b. 25th January, 1794; m., 15th Jan- 
uary, 1823, Dr. Chauncey Beadle, who d. 24th March, 1863, at 
St. Catherine, Canada. 

Issue of 
Orinda CONVERSE and Dr. Chauncey BEADLE 

219. i. Delos White Beadle, b. 17th October, 1823; m., 

7th October, 1852; Harriet Converse Steele. 

220. ii. Orinda Marie Beadle, b. 9th December, 1824; d. 

10th February, 1826. 

221. iii. Eleanor Orinda Beadle, b. 19th January, 1828; 

m., 5th August, 1851, Joshua Cooke. 

222. iv. Hannah Maria Beadle, b. 15th May, 1834; d. 3rd 

November, 1837. 

VII. 166. ALFRED CONVERSE, ( Joseph- Josiah-Jo- 
siah-James-James-Edward) was b. 4th April, 1795, at Stafford, 
Connecticut; d. 20th October, 1855, at Moretown, Vermont; m.. 
May, 1830, Finelia Perrin, who was b. 1st April, 1801, at Royal- 
ton, Vermont; d. 8th July, 1864, at Moretown, Vermont. She 
was dau. of Greenfield and Sarah (Ashcroft) Perrin. 

Issue of Alfred CONVERSE and Finelia PERRIN 

223. i. Joseph Greenfield Converse, b. 15th February, 

1831, Moretown, Vermont; m., (1) Randolph, 
Vermont, 31st December, 1857, Mary E. 
Hatch; m., (2) Mary J. Cobb. 

VII. 167. Gov. JULES CONVERSE, ( Joseph- Josiah- 
Josiah-James-James-Edward) was b. 27th December, 1798, at 
Stafford, Connecticut; d. 16th August, 1885, at Bixville Notch, 
New Hampshire; m., firstly, 25th October, 1825, Melissa Arnold, 
dau, of Joseph and Elvira (Lyman) Arnold; m., secondly, 12th 
May, 1873, at Stratford, New Hampshire, Jane Elvira Martin, 


Dixon and Allied Families 

who was b. 24th March, 1842, at Stratford, New Hampshire. 
Jules Converse was governor of Vermont from 1872-1873. 

Issue of Jules CONVERSE and Jane Elvira MARTIN 

224. i. Luna Belle Converse, b. 13th June, 1874, Frank- 

lin, New Hampshire. 

VII. 169. JUDE CONVERSE, ( Joseph- Josiah- Josiah- 
James- James-Ed ward ) was b. 21st July, 1805, at Randolph, Ver- 
mont; m. Airs. Sidney M. Denton, and had 


225. i. Julius O. Converse, b. 1st May, 1844; m., Decem- 

ber, 1862, Julia P. Wright. 

226. ii. Mary Ellen Converse, b. 13th November, 1847; 

d. 15th June, 1850. 


First Generation 

I. 1. HENRY WALLBRIDGE, b. in Dorchester, Eng- 
land; m., 25th December, 1688, in Preston, Connecticut, Anna 
Amos, and had. 




Wilham Wallbridge, b. 20th March, 1690; m. 

Abigail Lawrence. 
Amos Wallbridge, b. 9th April, 1693, Preston, 

Connecticut, of whom later. 
Henry Wallbridge, Jr., b. 26th May, 1694; m. 

Mary Jewett. 

5. iv. Thomas Wallbridge, b. 20th May, 1696; m. 

Mary Knight. 

6. v. Anna Wallbridge, b. 24th March, 1702; m. 

Elisha MuNSELL. 

7. vi. Ebenezer Wallbridge, b. 15th May, 1705; m., 

(1) Mary Durkee; m., (2) EHzabeth Hyde 


8. vii. Margaret Wallbridge, b. 11th September, 1711; 

m. Eleazer Hammond. 

Second Generation 

II. 3. AMOS WALLBRIDGE, (Henry) was b. 9th 
April, 1693, in Preston, Connecticut; d. 27th February, 1788, at 
Stafford, Connecticut; m., 1719, Theodia Porter, who was b. 
15th August, 1699, in Hadley, Massachusetts; d. 16th December, 
1760, at Stafford, Connecticut. 

Dixon and Allied Families 57 

Issue of Amos WALLBRIDGE and Theodia PORTER 

9. i. Deborah Wallbridge, b. 6th August, 1722. 
10. ii. Theodia Wallbridge, b. 15th March, 1725; d. 
in infancy. 
*11. iii. Amos Wallbridge, Jr., b. 15th December, 1724, 

of whom later. 
12. iv. William Wallbridge, b. 12th December, 1730; m., 
(1) Esther Shaw; m., (2) Rebecca Moulton. 

13. V. Theodia Wallbridge, b. 8th August, 1733; m. 

James Blodgett. 

14. vi. Henry Wallbridge, b. 27th September, 1735; d. 

12th December, 1738. 

15. vii. Henry Wallbridge, b. 10th November, 1738; m. 

Martha Read. 

16. viii. Abigail Wallbridge, b. 17th October, 1741 ; m., 

(1) John Victory; m., (2) Ezra Cleveland. 

Third Generation 

III. 11. AMOS WALLBRIDGE, Jr., (Amos-Henry) 
was b. 15th December, 1724, in Norwich, Connecticut; d. 24th 
October, 1793, at Stafford, Connecticut; m., circa 1750, Mar- 
garet, whose surname is unknown, who was b. 1727; d. 13th 
August, 1794, at Stafford, Connecticut. He entered the service 
in the Revolutionary War as Captain ; was promoted to Major 
of the 2nd Regiment Connecticut Continental Line, in 1777, and 
served until the close of the War. His three sons-in-law and his 
son, Porter, were in the service with him. 

Issue of Amos WALLBRIDGE, Jr., and Margaret 

17. i. Charity Wallbridge, b. 1st April, 1751; m. 6th 

February, 1777, Caleb Blodgett. 

18. ii. Hannah Wallbridge, b. 11th October, 1752; d. 

17th October, 1830, Parkman, Ohio; m., 1771, 
Stafford, Connecticut, Col. Israel Converse. 
See Converse Line. 

19. iii. Elizabeth Wallbridge, b. 16th February, 1755; 

m., 23rd March, 1774, Corp. Joshua Warner. 

20. iv. Porter Wallbridge, b. 10th December, 1760; m. 

Miriam McClure. 

21. v. Theodia Wallbridge, b. 22nd June, 1768. 

22. vi. William Wallbridge, b. 19th February, 1771; d. 

4th February, 1773. 


First Generation 

I. 1. ROBERT HANNA was b. 2nd March, 1753, in 
Monohon County, Ireland; d. 17th July, 1837, in Columbiana 

58 Dixon and Allied Families 

County, Ohio; m., 31st Januar3^ 1776, in Virginia, Catherine 
Jones, who was b. 27th August, 1754; d. 28th September, 1835. 
Robert Hanna came to America in 1765, settling in southern 
part of Virginia. Soon after both of his parents died and he was 
adopted by a Quaker family and embraced that faith. In 1801 he 
removed to Columbiana County, Ohio, where he settled. 

Issue of Robert HANNA and Catherine JONES 

2. i. Thomas Hanna, b. 2nd May, 1777; d. 17th Sep- 
tember, 1828; m. a Miss Fisher. 
*3. ii. Benjamin Hanna, b. 14th June, 1779, of whom 

4. iii. Esther Hanna, b. 6th August, 1781; d. 30th 

November, 1791. 

5. iv. David Hanna, b. 9th Januarv, 1784; d. 24th 

October, 1791. 

6. v. Ann Hanna, b. 30th July, 1787; d. 3rd February, 

1867; m. Benjamin Hambelston. 

7. vi. Robert Hanna, Jr., b. 28th June, 1789. 

8. vii. Esther Hanna, b. 10th April, 1792; d. 6th Decem- 

ber, 1849; m. Charles Hole. 

9. viii. Catherine Hanna, b. 25th November, 1794; d. 

3rd May, 1881; m. John Hole. 
10. ix. Joshua Hanna, b. 16th February, 1802; d. 11th 
September, 1804, Columbiana County, Ohio. 

Second Generation 

II. 3. BENJAMIN HANNA, (Robert) was b. 14th 
June, 1779; d. 28th February, 1851, in Columbiana County, 
Ohio; m., 15th December, 1803, Columbiana County, Ohio, Ra- 
chael Dixon, who was b. 19th July, 1785; d. 16th July, 1853; 
dau. of Joshua and Dinah (Battin) Dixon. See Dixon 

Issue of Benjamin HANNA and Rachael DIXON 

*11. ■ i. Josiah Hanna, b. 8th November, 1804, of whom 

*12. ii. Leonard Hanna, b. 4th March, 1806, of whom 

*13. iii. Levi Hanna, b. 7th February, 1808, of whom 

*14. iv. Zelmeda Hanna, b. 23rd February, 1810, of whom 

*15. V. Robert Hanna, b. 15th August, 1812, of whom 

*16. vi. Tryphenia Hanna, b. 12th June, 1814, of whom 

17. vii. Tryphosia Hanna, b. 12th June, 1814; d. 17th 

January, 1815. 

Dixon and Allied Families 59 

*18. viii. Rebecca Hanna, b. 31st September, 1816, of whom 

*19. ix. Thomas B. Hanna, b. 22nd May, 1818, of whom 

20. X. Anna Haxxa, b. 3rd March, 1821; d. 26th Jan- 
uary, 1846; m., 27th March, 1845, Hiram 

*21. xi. Benjamin J. Hanna, b. 14th March, 1823, of 

whom later. 
*22. xii. Kersey Hanna, b. 6th October, 1824, of whom 

23. xiii. Elizabeth Hanna, b. 12th June, 1827; d. 28th 

January, 1833. 

Third Generation 

HI. 11. JOSIAH hanna, (Benjamin-Robert) w^as b. 
8th November, 1804; d. 18th December, 1875; m., 3rd February, 
1830, Susan McFarland Lathrop, who was b. 24th June, 1803; 
d. 7th July, 1881. 

Issue of 
Joslah HANNA and Susan McFarland LATHROP 

*24. i. Jason R. Hanna, b. 6th April, 1831, of whom 

25. ii. George Hanna, b. 18th February, 1833; d. 28th 

July, 1833. 

26. iii. James L. Hanna, b. 11th June, 1839; d. 14th 

April, 1847. 

27. iv. Alice Hanna, b. 15th July, 1842; d. 9th April, 


HI. 12. LEONARD HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) was 
b. 4th March, 1806; d. 15th December, 1862; m., 10th Septem- 
ber, 1835, Samantha Converse, who w^as b. 3rd April, 1813, at 
Randolph Vermont; d. 16th April, 1897; dau. of Porter and 
Rhoda (Howard) Converse. See Converse Lineage. 

Issue of Leonard HANNA and Samantha CONVERSE 

28. i. Gertrude Hanna, b. 17th July, 1836; m., 7th 

August, 1862, Henry Hubbell. 
*29. ii. Marcus A. Hanna, b. 24th September, 1837, of 

whom later. 
*30. iii. Howard iMellviUe Hanna, b. 23rd January, 1840, 

of whom later. 
*31. iv. Salome Hanna, b. 17th May, 1844, of whom 

32. V. Seville Hanna, b. 30th March, 1846; m., 15th 

September, 1887, James Pickands. 
""ZZ. vi. Leonard Hanna, Jr., b. 30th November, 1850, of 

whom later. 















60 Dixon and Allied Families 

34. vii. Lillian Hanna, b. 3rd December, 1852; m., 15th 

February, 1898, Samuel P. Baldwin. 

III. 13. LEVI HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) was b. 7th 
February, 1808; d. 5th May, 1898; m., 21st March, 1833, Nancy 
Watson, who was b. 11th July, 1808; d. 1st April, 1879. 

Issue of Levi HANNA and Nancy WATSON 

35. i. Amanda Hanna, b. 13th April, 1839; d. 2nd No- 

vember, 1887. 
*36. ii. George Hanna, b. 25th January, 1843, of whom 

Charles Hanna, b. 27th November, 1844, of whom 

Frank Hanna, b. 15th January, 1850; of whom 

Child, d. in childhood. 
Child, d. in childhood. 
Child, d. in childhood. 
Child, d. in childhood. 
Child, d. in childhood. 

III. 14. ZELMEDA HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) was 
b. 23rd February, 1810; d. 4th December, 1854; m., 28th Febru- 
ary, 1828, Charles Hostetter, who was b. 29th April, 1802; d. 
26th August, 1872. 

Issue of Zelmeda HANNA and Charles HOSTETTER 

44. i. Leonard Hanna Hostetter, b. 26th March, 1829; 

d. 30th March, 1832. 

45. ii. Charles Franklin Hostetter, b. 10th August, 

1830; d. 15th June, 1833. 

46. iii. Franklin Hanna Hostetter, b. 27th March, 1833; 

d. 14th November, 1836. 

47. iv. Albert Kersey Hostetter, b. 15th October, 1835; 

m., 7th March, 1871, Mary E. Shumway. 
*48. V. Susan Amanda Hostetter, b. 31st March, 1839, of 

whom later. 
49. vi. Harriet ^ladora Hostetter, b. 12th June, 1841 ; 

d. 15th February, 1860. 
*50. vii. Benjamin Franklin Hostetter, b. 12th June, 1843, 

of whom later. 

51. viii. Olivia Ann Hostetter, b. 28th November, 1845; 

d. 13th June, 1910. 

52. ix. Ahce Mary Hostetter, b. 2nd March, 1848. 

53. X. Rachael Emma Hostetter, b. 31st December, 

1850; d. 21st March, 1912. 

III. 15. ROBERT HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) was b. 
15th August, 1812; d. 27th July, 1882; m., 16th March. 1837, 
Harriet Brooks, who was b. 8th March, 1815; d. 3rd April, 

Dixon and Allied Families 61 

Issue of Robert HANNA and Harriet BROOKS 

*54. i. Ariel Twing Hanna, b. 27th January, 1840, of 

whom later. 
*55. ii. Cassius B. Hanna, b. 10th April, 1845, of whom 


56. iii. Louis Keys Hanna, b. 17th June, 1848; d. 14th 

November, 1849. 

HI. 16. TRYPHENIA HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 12th June, 1814; d. 28th December, 1893; m., 4th Sep- 
tember, 1833, Samuel Nichols, who was b. 21st January, 1807; 
d. 23rd May, 1873. 

Issue of Tryphenia HANNA and Samuel NICHOLS 

57. i. Samantha Nichols, b. 8th February, 1835; d. 25th 

March, 1836. 
*58. ii. Benjamin F. Nichols, b. 23rd September, 1836, of 

whom later. 
*59. iii. WilHam J. Nichols, b. 30th October, 1838, of 

whom later. 
*60. iv. James H. Nichols, b. 27th March, 1847, of whom 

*61. V. Spencer J. Nichols, b. 15th January, 1850, of 

whom later. 
*62. vi. Rachael Alice Nichols, b. 8th December, 1856, of 

whom later. 

IIL 18. REBECCA HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) was 
b. 20th September, 1816; d. 15th October, 1847; m., 31st May, 
1837, Jesse Holmes, who was b. 2nd August, 1813. 

Issue of Rebecca HANNA and Jesse HOLMES 

*63. i. Elizabeth H. Holmes, b. 11th August, 1838, of 

whom later. 
64. ii. Orlando William Holmes, b. 15th June, 1840; d. 

21st July, 1842. 
*65. iii. Kersey O. Holmes, b. 21st August, 1842, of whom 


III. 19. THOMAS B. HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 22nd May, 1818; d. 9th November, 1885; m., 2nd March, 
1843, Sophia Tabor, who was b. 24th May, 1822; d. 20th 
October, 1895. 

Issue of Thomas B. HANNA and Sophia TABOR 

66. i. Lavinia Foster Hanna, b. 11th December, 1843; 

d. 21st May, 1875. 
*67. ii. Lauretta L. Hanna, b. 8th February, 1848, of 

whom later. 
68. iii. Harry Oscar Hanna, b. 16th April, 1854; d. 5th 

May, 1856. 

62 Dixon and Allied Families 

69. iv. William Thompson Hanna, b. 1st July, 1856; d. 

29th December, 1857. 

70. vi. May Harriett Hanna, b. 22nd June, 1862; m. A. 

D. Hanson. 

HI. 21. BENJAMIN J. HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 14th March, 1823; d. 3rd April, 1881; m., 26th March, 
1845, Catherine McCooK, who was b. 24th November, 1823; d. 
9th March, 1904. 

Issue of Benjamin J. HANNA and Catherine McCOOK 

71. i. Mary F. Hanna, b. 16th January, 1846; m. 

Samuel Folsom. 

72. ii. Louis G. Hanna, b. 16th February, 1850. 

73. iii. Catherine T. Hanna, b. 9th July, 1856; d. 16th 

February, 1861. 

74. iv. Gertrude H. Hanna, b. 26th May, 1863. 

III. 22. KERSEY HANNA, (Benjamin-Robert) was b. 
6th October, 1824; d. 5th September, 1907; m., 15th March, 
1849, Mary McCook, who was b. 7th January, 1826; d. 7th 
February, 1891. 

Issue of Kersey HANNA and Mary McCOOK 

75. i. Flora A. Hanna, b. 23rd March, 1850. 

76. ii. Alice Hanna, b. 9th May, 1853; d. 4th Septem- 

ber, 1874. 
*77. iii. James B. Hanna, b. 26th August, 1854, of whom 

*78. iv. Edwin Hanna, b. 18th November, 1857, of whom 


79. V. Mary L. Hanna, b. 12th June, 1860. 

80. vi. Margaret Hanna, b. 21st May, 1865. 

Foiirtli Generation 

IV. 24. JASON R. HANNA, (Josiah-Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 6th April, 1831; d. 6th September, 1868; m., 15th June, 
1857, Maggie Lewis. He was commissioned and mustered into 
service for three years as Captain Company "C" of the 63rd Regi- 
ment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st August, 1861 ; resigned 15th 
June, 1862. Commissioned and assigned Lieutenant Colonel of 
the 6th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia, 15th September, 1862; 
discharged and mustered out of service 28th September, 1862. 

Issue of Jason R. HANNA and Maggie LEW^IS 

81. i. Robert Clarence Hanna, b. 18th May, 1859; m., 
7th September, 1905, Frances A. Coburn. 
*82. ii. Louis Benjamin Hanna, b. 9th August, 1861, of 
whom later. 


Dixon and Allied Families 63 

83. iii. Mary Emma Hanna. b. 21st April, 1863; d. 5th 

September, 1873. 

84. iv. Jeanne McFarland Hanna, b. 19th February, 

1867; m. Henry P. Waterman. 

IV. 29. MARCUS ALONZO HANNA, (Leonard-Ben- 
jamin-Robert) was b. 24th September, 1837, in New Lisbon, (now 
Lisbon) Columbiana County. Ohio; d. 15th January, 1904, at 
Washnigton, D. C, buried Cleveland, Ohio ; m. 27th September, 
1864, Augusta Rhodes. He was a Senator from Ohio, removed 
with his parents to Cleveland in 1852; attended the common 
schools of that city and Western Reserve College, Hudson, Ohio ; 
engaged in the wholesale grocery business and later in the iron and 
coal business ; was identified with the lake-carrying trade ; director 
of the Union Pacific Railway in 1885, by appointment of Presi- 
dent Cleveland ; delegate to the Republican National Conventions 
in 1884, 1888, and 1896; chairman of the Republican National 
Committee in 1896; appointed and subsequently elected as a Re- 
publican to the United States Senate to fill vacancy caused by the 
resignation of John Sherman; re-elected in January, 1898, and 
also for the succeeding full term, and served from March 5th, 
1898, until his death in Washington, D. C, 15th January, 1904. 
(Biographical Congressional Directory 1884 to 1911, (1913) 
page 701.) 

Issue of 
Marcus Alonzo HANNA and Augusta RHODES 

85. i. Daniel Rhodes Hanna, b. 27th December, 1866; 

m., (4) 2nd November, 1916, Mrs. Molly Cov- 
ington Warden. 

86. ii. ALabel Augusta Hanna, b. 13th January, 1871; 

m. H. C. Parson. 

87. iii. Ruth Hanna, m. Medill McCoRxSock. 

Benjamin-Robert) was b. 23rd January, 1840; m., 28th Decem- 
ber, 1863, Catherine Smith, and had 


88. i. Helen Hanna, .b 29th Julv, 1864; d. 31st Julv, 


89. ii. Bessie Hanna, b. 15th September, 1865; d. same 

Mary Gertrude Hanna, b. 7th December, 1866. 
Kate Benedict Hanna, b. 26th December, 1871. 
Howard Melville Hanna, Jr., b. 14th December, 
93. vi. Leonard Hanna, d. 9th July, 1881. 

IV. 31. SALOME HANNA, (Leonard-Benjamin-Rob- 
ert) was b. 17th May, 1844, and was m., 10th September, 1868, 
to George W. Chapin, and had 







64 Dixon and Allied Families 


94. i. Hcnrv Hubbel Chapin, b. 5th December, 1869; 

d. 12th July, 1881. 

95. ii. Charles Merrill Chapin, b. 19th April, 1871. 

IV. 33. LEONARD HANNA, Jr., (Leonard-Benjamin- 
Robert) was b. 30th November, 1850; m., 17th May, 1876, Fan- 
nie MuNN, and had 


96. i. Jean Claire Hanna. 

97. ii. Fannie W. Hanna. 

98. iii. Leonard Hanna, IIL 

IV. 36. GEORGE HANNA, (Levi-Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 25th January, 1843; d. 21st March, 1895; m. Clara Von 
GoHREN, and had 


99. i. Robert Ernest Hanna, b. 5th November, 1874. 

100. ii. Clarence Louis Hanna, b. 25th June, 1876; d. 

6th October, 1876. 

IV. 37. CHARLES HANNA, (Levi-Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 27th November, 1844; m. Catherine Marshall, and had 


101. i. Robert Stone Hanna, b. 28th April, 1878. 

102. ii. Cornelia M. Hanna, b. 4th July, 1885. 

IV. 38. FRANK HANNA, (Levi-Benjamin-Robert) was 
b. 15th January, 1850; m., 31st July, 1878, Mary Lownsbury, 
and had 


103. i. Laurin Hanna, b. 4th August, 1879. 

HANNA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 31st March, 1839; d. 29th 
July, 1876; m., 13th July, 1859, WilHam E. Morse, and had 


104. i. William Leonard Morse, b. 27th April, 1860. 

105. ii. George Eaton Morse, b. 14th January, 1863. 

106. iii. Edward Orvill Morse, b. 15th August, 1865. 


(Zelmeda HANNA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 12th June, 1843; d. 
4-th June, 1910; m., 27th October, 1870, Josephine E. Wright, 
and had 


107. i. Carrie V. Hostetter, b. 18th November 1861; d. 

18th October, 1862. 

Dixon and Allied Families 65 

108. iii. Anna L. Hostetter, b. 18th February, 1863. 

109. iii. Henry H. Hostetter, b. 11th April, 1868. 

110. iv. Mary A. Hostetter, b. 15th August, 1869. 

111. V. Lucy Hostetter, b. 9th August, 1877. 

112. vi. Samuel Hostetter, b. 15th March, 1881. 

IV. 54. ARIEL TWING HANNA, (Robert-Benjamin- 
Robert) was b. 27th January, 1840; d. 16th November, 1875; m., 
17th October, 1866, William Whitaker, and had 


113. i. Hattie De L. Whitaker, b. 8th March, 1868. 

114. ii. Susa Harbough Whitaker, b. 12th July, 1870; d. 

6th October, 1877. 

115. iii. Mary Elizabeth Whitaker, b. 14th January, 1872. 

116. iv. Robert H. Whitaker, b. 17th September, 1873. 

117. V. Child. 

IV. 55. CASSIUS B. HANNA, (Robert-Benjamin-Rob- 
ert) was b. 10th April, 1845; m., 8th December, 1868, Hattie L. 
Thompson, and had 


118. i. Arie Hanna, b. 30th December, 1870. 

119. ii. Edith Hanna. 

phenia HANNA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 23rd September, 1836; 
m., 31st December, 1860, Lauretta J. Hessin. and had 


120. i. Emelie Lavinia Nichols, b. 6th October, 1883. 

121. ii. Kittie A. Nichols, b. 27th July, 1885. 

HANNA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 30th October, 1838; m., 22nd 
November, 1864, Elizabeth M. Potts, and had 


122. i. Ariel Maria Nichols, b. 11th October, 1865. 

123. ii. Edgar H. Nichols, b. 15th May, 1867. 

124. iii. Samuel Arthur Nichols, b. 22nd J'lnuary, 1871. 

125. iv. Katherine T. Nichols, b. 29th February, 1872; 

d. 18th March, 1905. 

126. v. Alice Lavinia Nichols, b. 9th January, 1874. 

127. vi. William Earnest Nichols, b. 17th March, 1887. 

IV. 60. JAMES H. NICHOLS, (Tryphenia HANNA- 
Benjamin-Robert) was b. 27th March, 1847; m., 12th October, 
1871, Althea Brayton, and had 

66 Dixon and Allied Families 


128. i. Bessie Lorena Nichols, b. 3rd ^larch, 1873. 

129. ii. Edith Mildred Nichols, b. 29th January, 1876. 

130. iii. Flora Nichols. 

HANNA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 15th January, 1850; m., 1st 
October, 1879, Mattie E. Joxes, and had 


131. i. Charles Elmer Nichols, b. 27th August, 1871 ; d. 

30th May, 1889. 

132. ii. Alice ^Viable Nichols, b. 11th September, 1873; d. 

29th October, 1879. 

133. iii. Carrie Adelia Nichols, b. 3rd July, 1875. 

134. iv. Angie Mary Nichols, b. 29th May, 1881. 

HANNA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 6th December, 1856; m., 28th 
February, 1877, John H. AIills, and had 


135. i. Carrie Trevphoenia Mills, b. 18th Julv, 1878. 

136. ii. Ruth C. Mills, b. 10th April, 1885. 

NA-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 11th August, 1838; m., 5th Septem- 
ber, 1861, Daria Townsend, and had 


Mary Anna Townsend, b. 15th July, 1863. 
Kersey Holmes Townsend, b. 12th Alay, 1866. 
Carrie Coah Townsend, b. 26th September, 1869. 
Roy Holmes Townsend, b. 14th November, 1870. 

IV. 65. KERSEY O. HOLMES, (Rebecca HANNA- 
Benjamin-Robert) was b. 21st August, 1842; m., 19th Novem- 
ber, 1867, Etta Raymond, and had 









141. i. Ernest R. Holmes, b. 17th August, 1868. 

142. ii. Loring Jay Holmes, b. 24th August, 1870. 

IV. 67. LAURETTA L. HANNA, Thomas B.-Benja- 
min-Robert) was b. 8th February, 1848; m., 25th August, 1869, 
Albert L. Adams, and had 


143. i. Louis Henrv Adams, b. 21st Julv, 1870; d. 27th 
December, 1883. 

Dixon and Allied Families 


IV. 77. JAMES B. HANNA, (Kersey-Benjamin-Rob- 
ert) was b. 26th August, 1854; m., 26th February, 1896, Har- 
riett L. Biggs, and had 


144. i. Harriet Eliza Hanna, b. 20th February, 1900. 

145. ii. Helen Mary Hanna, b. 10th August, 1901. 

146. iii. Marion Antonett Hanna, b. 16th January, 1903. 

IV. 78. EDWIN HANNA, (Kersey-Benjamin-Robert) 
was b. 18th November, 1857; m., 20th March, 1890, Mary 
Emelie Slater, and had 



Edwin Dryon Hanna, b. 8th November, 1893. 
Constance McC. Hanna, b. 8th December, 1896. 
James Slater Hanna, b. 5th February, 1900. 

Fifth Generation 

siah-Benjamin-Robert) was b. 9th August, 1861, at New Bright- 
on, Pennsylvania; m., in November, 1884, Charlotte L. Thatch- 
er, of North Adams, Massachusetts. Removed to North Dakota, 
in 1881 ; president First National Bank, of Page, North Dakota. 
Member North Dakota House of Representatives, 1895-7; Sen- 
ate, 1897-1901; 1905-9; member 61st and 62nd Congresses 
(1909-13), North Dakota, at large; governor for terms 1913-15, 
1915-17. Chairman North Dakota Republican State Central 
Committee, 1902-8. Residence address, Fargo, North Dakota. 
(V^ho's Who in America.) 


Dixon and Allied Families 


Ann 4 

Ann (Chandler) 4 

Arthur 13 



Albert L 66 

Eleanor (Converse) 49 

Lauretta L. (Hanna) 66 

Louis Henrv 66 


Abigail 50 

John 50 

Ma rtha Hyde 47 


Edward 12 

Ola (Esterly) 12 


Ebenezer 7 

Hannah 7 

Thomas 7 

Anna 56 


Ann (Hutchinson) 34 

Laura Pamelia (Paine) 33 

Natalie 34 

Nellie Susan 33-35 

William Cone 33 

William Horace 34 


Elsie 13 


Ann 7 


Elizabeth 20 

Elizabeth (Speaker) 20 

Hannah 20 

John 19-20 

John C 20 

Joseph 7 

Phoebe 7-20 

Sarah (Beal) 19-20 

Rachel 20 

Barbara 10 


Elvira (Lyman) 55 

Joseph 55 

Melissa 55 


Sarah 55 

Alvira Bushnell 54 


Matilda 47 

Sarah (Converse) 47 

Thomas 47 


B. Homer 2-3 

Becky (Lumber) 6 



Elizabeth 49 

Stella 9 


Ann 22 

Elizabeth 22 


Abigail 44 

Lillian (Hanna) 60 

Samuel P 60 


Florence 24 


Martha 53 


Hannah 45 


Abigail 23 

Anne (Raley) 23 

Catharine (Galbreth) 23 

Dinah 5-23-58 

Elinor 22 

Elizabeth 23 

Elizabeth (James) 22 

Elizabeth (Martin) Mrs 22 

Hannah 23 

Henry 22 

John 22-23 

Lydia 23 

Mary 23 

Priscilla 23 

Rachael 23 

Richard 22-23 

Samuel 23 

Sarah 23 

Sarah (Ridge) 23 

Simon 22 

Thomas 22-23 

William 23 


Barbara (Dininger) 9 

Christian 9 

Ella 10 

Ella (Peters) Mrs 14 

Frank M 10 

Fred 9 

Fred E 14 

Jessie (Blackmore) 10 

John Dixon 10 

Mary (Harding) 14 

Rachael (Dixon) 9 

Theron S 9-14 

Wilfred Theron 14 


Chauncev. Dr 55 

Delos White 55 

Eleanor Orinda 55 

Hannah Maria 55 

Harriet Converse (Steele) .... 55 

Orinda (Converse) 55 

Orinda Maria 55 


Alexander 18-19 

Ann 18 

Elizabeth 18-19 

Grace 19 

Grace (Gill) 19-21 

Hannah 6-7-19-32 

Dixon and Allied Families 


Hannah (Russell) 7-18-19 

John 18 

Joseph 6-7-18-19-21 

Maria 18 

Martha 19-20 

Rachel 7-19-20 

Rebecca 18 

Sarah 7-19-20-21 

Sarah (Bowman) 19 

Sarah (Town) 19 

Thomas 19 

William 18-19-21 


Virginia 34 


Harriett L 67 


Mary 7 


Carl Pierpont 24 

Caroline June 24 

Caroline (Mast) 24 

Edward 24 

Florence (Barker) 24 

Jessie 10 

Margaret (Cardell) 24 

Thomas 24 

Thomas Dawson 24 


Mary Ann 53 

Treyphena 53 


Abigail (Converse) 44 

Caleb 57 

Charity (Wallbridge) 57 

Charlotte 52 

Hannah (Converse) 50 

James 57 

Nathan 44 

Samuel 50 

Theodia (Wallbridge) 57 


Mary 39 


Mabel 15 


Amos 33 

Ellen F. (Paine) 33 

Florence P 2-33 

Isabel 33 

Susan (Wheelock) 33 

Thomas 7 


Elizabeth 38 

Jerathmeal, Capt 38 


Sarah 19 


Sally 32 

Jennie 25 


Althea 65 


Maria 26 


Hannah 28 


John, Jr 21 

Uree (Gill) 21 


Harriet 60 


Gertrude 15 


Amanda (Converse) 49 

Lavinia Foote (York) 54 

Philip 54 

Reuben 49 

Ruth (Large) 18 


Edward 32 

Ella Persis (Chapin) 2-32 


Benjamin 52 

Charlotte (Converse) 52 

Lucy 52 


Catherine 5 

Charles Joshua 16 

Charlotte Converse (Cumins) . . . 



Eli 20 

Elizabeth (Hawley) 20 


Christenna 11 


Ann (Dixon) 4 

Robert 4 


Margaret 24 


Elizabeth (Kendall) 43 

Hannah 43 

John 43 

Judith 42 

Elizabeth 24 


Sarah 38 


Esther 41 

Richard 41 

Ann 4 


Charles Merrill 64 

Eleanor Randolph 34-36 

Ella Persis 32 

Ethel Mason 35 

Frank W 32-34 

George W 63 

Henry Hubbel 64 

Henry Marvin 35 

Isabella (Mason) 34 

Isabella Persis 35 

Lorin 32 

Marion O. (Cumins) 31-54 

Marion Osgood 34 


Dixon and Allied Families 

Marion Cieitrude 34 

Marvin 31-54 

Robert L 32-34 

Roberta (Mott) 34 

Sally (Brace) 32 

Salome (Hanna) 63 


Pamela 31 


James 52 

Jane 39 

Sophia (Converse) 52 


Anna (Hanna) 59 

Hiram 59 


Elizabeth (Battin) 23 

Robert 23 


Abigail (Wallbridge) 57 

Ezra 57 


Martha 44 


Marv J 55 


Frances A 62 


Betsey 55 


Alice 21 


Josephine M. (Copeland) . . . . 10 

Lewis 10 


Abigail 41-44-50 

Abigail (Alden) 50 

Abigail (Baldwin) 44 

Abigail (Fay) 44 

Abigail (Lawrence) 49 

Abigail (Sawyer) 44 

Adaline 52 

Alfred 51-55 

Alice (Nevill) 39 

Amanda 49 

Amwell 46 

Ann (Long) 41 

Ann (Norwich) 39 

Anna 43-45 

Anna (or Hannah) 41 

Anna Sophia (Grow) 52 

Anna (Smith) 52 

Azubah (Pinney) 52 

Benjamin 45-46-48 

Betsey 50 

Betsey Collins 55 

Betsey (Collins) 55 

Caroline 53 

Caroline C. (Davis) 49 

Celia 48-54 

Charles Allen 2 

Charlotte 52 

Charlotte (Blodgett) 52 

Christopher 39-40 

Christopher, Sir 39 

Cornelia 53 

Clarissa .. .49 

Daniel 50 

Daniel Gilbert 48 

Deborah 41-47 

Dorcas 44-46 

Dorothy 45-46-47-50 

Ebenezer 43-45 

Edward 39-40-41-43-44 

Elam 49 

Eleanor 46-47-48-49-51 

Eleanor (Richardson) . .44-46-47 

Eli 49 

Elias S., Deacon 53 

Eliza (Griswold) 49 

Elizabeth 43-44-47 

Elizabeth (Backus) 49 

Elizabeth (Cooper) 44 

Elizabeth (Huntley) 53 

Elizabeth (Lewis) 47 

Elizabeth (Morrill) 52 

Emiley (Egelston) 53 

Ephraim 47 

Esther 42-45-49 

Esther (Champney) 41 

Eunice ( Hyde ) 49 

Eunice (Ladd) 53 

Finelia (Perrin) 55 

Frederick 48-52 

Frederick Lewis 52 

Galfrid 39 

Gecrge 53 

Hannah 9-30-43-44-45-46-48-49-50 

Hannah Amelia 55 

Hannah (Bartlett) 45 

Hannah (Carter) 43 

Hannah (Parkman) 55 

Hannah (Post) 53 

Hannah (Sawyer) 45 

Hannah (Wallbridge) . .30-48-57 

Harriett 52 

Harriett M 55 

Helen 54 

Henry 52 

Horatio N 53 

Howard 50 

Humphrey, Sir 39 

Israel 48-52 

Israel, Col 30-46-48-57 

Israel S 53 

James 43-44-45-47-48-52-53 

James A 50-53 

J ames, Lieut 41 

James, Col 45-46 

James, Major 41-43 

James W 53 

Jane (Clark) 39 

Jane Elvira (Martin) 55 

Jemima 47 

Jesse 46-49 

Jessie 45 

John 39-43-44-49-52 

John, Sir 39 

John Phelps 48-55 

Joseph 38-46-50 

Joseph Greenfield 55 

Josiah 41-42-43-44-47-48-49 

Josiah, Lieut 45-46 

Dixon and Allied Families 


Josiah, Capt.. . .41-42 43-45-46-47 

Joshua 39-46-48 

Jude 45-46-50-51-56 

Judith (Carter) 42 

Julia 51 

Julia P. (Wright) 56 

Julius (Jules), Hon 51-55-56 

Julius 56 

Keziah 43-45 

Lucinda 48-51 

Lucinda Maria 53 

Lucinda (Smith) 53 

Lucy 39-47 

Lucy (Burnham) 52 

Luna Belle 56 

Lydia 41-50 

Lysander P 53 

Margaret Jane (Schneider) .. 53 

Martha Hyde (Alden) 47 

Martha (Barstow) 53 

Martha (Clough) 44 

Mary ...39-41-42-43-45-46-49-51 

Mary Ann 52 

Mary Ann (Blair) 53 

Mary Ann (Foster) 53 

Mary (Blunt) 39 

Mary J. (Cobb) 55 

Mary Ellen 56 

Mary (Damon) 44 

Mary (Halford) 39-40 

Mary (Huntley) 53 

Mary E. (Hatch) 55 

Mary (Johnson) 50 

Mary (Moulton) 49 

Mary (Sabin) 44 

Mary (Sawyer) 44 

Mary (Trask) 48 

Matilda (Ayers) 47 

Melissa (Arnold) 55 

Moses 39 

Nathaniel 46-48-49-50 

Noel 39 

Oliver A 53 

Orinda 48-55 

Pain 44 

Pamela 49 

Paschal 52 

Patience 43-44-45-47 

Philana 52 

Philana (Robinson) 52 

Phoebe (Smith) 51 

Polly 48-49 

Polly (Morgan) 48 

Porter 48-53-59 

Rebecca 41-42 

Rebecca (Kittridge) 47 

Reginald 39 

Rhoda (Howard) 53-59 

Richard 39 

Robert 39 

Robert, Capt 43-44 

Roger 39 

Roger de (Coigneries) ... .38-39 

Rosena (Huntley) 53 

Roval 53 

Ruth 42-45-46 

Ruth (Marshall) 42 

Sally (Toppan) 54 

Samantha Maria 53-59 

Samuel . .39-41-42-43-44-45-47-48 

Sarah 40-41-43-45-47-49-52 

Sarah (Lewis) 48 

Sarah Lewis 48 

Sarah (Stone) 43 

Seth 50-51 

Shubael 48-51-52 

Sidney M. (Denton), Mrs. 51-56 

Silence 50 

Sophia 52 

Sophia (Kellogg) 51 

Susan 49-51 

Susanna 45 

Susanna (Salisbury) 49 

Thomas 44 

Timothy 42 

Treyphena (Blair) 53 

Warren 51 

William Frederick 53 


Eleanor Orinda (Beadle) .... 55 
Joshua 55 


Elizabeth 44 

Helen 17 


Caleb 7 

Elizabeth 7 

Gilbert 2 

Jesse 7 

John 7 

Israel 7 


Anna Jane 15 

Barbara (Arner) 10 

Eloise M 15 

E. W 2 

George 8 

George M 15 

George Robert 10 

Harriet Ardell (Kempler) . . . 15 

John 8 

John Brown 10 

Jonathan 8 

Josephine M 10 

Joseph 8-10 

Joshua 8-10 

Laura May 10-14 

Lincoln Grant 10-14 

Lydia F. (Walters) 10 

Marices R 10 

Marv Alma 10-15 

Mary Alice 10-15 

Mary Louise (Turnock) 15 

Nancy Ann (Hopkins) 10 

Rebecca H 

Rebecca (Dixon) 8 

Rebecca Elizabeth 10 

Robert Joshua 15 

Thomas Corwin 10 

Willis Melanthorn 10-15 

Vernon W 15 


Eleanor (Converse) 48 

William 48 


Dixon and Allied Families 


Vivian Louise 17 


Ruth 7 

Rebecca 5 


Anna 25 


Bertha Adaline 36 

Martin 36 

Mary Ann (Logue) 36 


Abigail (Parkhurst) 28 

Abraham 28 

Albert Oren 2 

Ann 28-29 

Asa 30 

Benjamin 28 

Bera 30 

Betty 29 

Charlotte Converse. .. 9-30-32-55 

Deborah 30 

Deborah (Kendall) 30-54 

Ebenezer 28 

Edwin 30-54 

Eleazer 28 

Elizabeth 28 

Elizabeth (Kingsley) 28 

Elizabeth (Snedd) 29-38 

Ella M 31 

Fanny 30 

Hannah 28-30 

Hannah (Converse) 9-30-54 

Hannah (Kendall) 29 

Harriet (Marsh) 31-54 

Harris Convers 33 

Hugh 31 

Isaac 27-28 

James 29 

Jane 29-30 

Jennie E 31 

Jerahameal 29-30-54 

John 27-28-30 

Joseph 9-30-54 

Josephine Harris 33-55 

Josephine (Harris) 32 

Laura 30-31-54 

Laura Arcadia 33 

Leonard 29-30 

Lucinda 30-32-54 

Lydia 29 

Lydia (Spencer) 30 

Marion 30-31-54 

Martha (Moore) 31-54 

Mary 29 

Mary M 31 

Nathaniel ...28 

Nina Estelle 33 

Philip 27 

Polly 30 

Priscilla (Warner) 28 

Rachel 29 

Salmon C 31 

Samuel 28-29-38 

Sarah 28 

Sarah (Howlett) 28 

Sarah (Wright) 28 

Silas 29 

Solon 30-31-54 

Susan (White) 30 

Theron Allen 30-32-55 

Theron Lawrence 32 

Thomas 28 

William 28-29 


Natalie (Andrus) 34 

R. N 34 


Dorothy (Converse) 47 

John 47 



Dinah 4-6-7 

Dinah (Battin) 5-23-58 

Mary 44 


Amwell (Converse) 46 

Caroline C 49 

Josiah 46 

Mary (Converse) 41 

Nathaniel 41 


Philemon 42 

Ruth (Converse) 42 


Bertha Vera 35 

Gratia Bell (Walker) 34-35 

H. Bruce 3 5 

Joseph F 35 

Joseph Walker 35 

Laura Mary 35 

Margaret Ann 35-37 


Mrs. Sidney M 51-56 


Barbara 9 


May (Esterlv) 12-15 

Stanley 12-15 


Mary Alma (Copeland) 15 

William 15 


Chas. H 14 

Laura May (Copeland) 14 


Margaret 25 

Rachel 25 

Mary 56 


Harry Nathan 37 

Jerome 37 

Margaret Ann (Decker) 37 

Margaret Jeanne 37 

(Revera) 37 


John 38 

Sarah (Shedd) 38 

Dixon and Allied Families 



Eliza 8 

Elizabeth 5-6-7 

Elizabeth (Hadley) 5 

Eliza Ann (Scott) 9 

Emanuel 6-8 

Emma (Glass) 13 

Ernest Dewey 16 

Eveline Phoebe 16 


Mary 50-51 


Jane 21 


Emilev 53 


Hannah (Converse) 53 

Oliver 53 


Mary 24 


Hannah (Armstrong) 20 

Oscar 20 


Martha 54 


Arminta 2-12 

Arthur 12 

Eliza Ann (Holloway) 12 

Grace (Samuels) 15 

Jonathan 12 

Joseph Johnson 15 

May 12-15 

Ola 12 

William L 12-15 



Eleazer 29 

Mary (Cummings) 29 


Elizabeth (Shedd) 38 

Samuel 38 


Susan (Converse) 49 


Abigail 44 


Elizabeth 7 

Mary 7 

William 7 


Georgia Hope (Seger) 26 

Harrison 26 

Rachel 7 


Mary F. (Hanna) 62 

Samuel 62 


Mary Ann 53 


John, Jr 43 

Marv (Converse) . . .43 


Grace Maria 35 

John 35 

Pamela 35 


Adaline (Converse) 52 

Erastus 52 


Alice 28 

Elizabeth (Cummings) 28 

Joseph 28 

Joseph W 51 

Mary (Converse) 51 

Samuel, Lieut 28 

Sarah (Cummings) 28 


Ida Ruth 12-17 


Mattie 11 


George 4 



Catharine 23 


Addeson 20 

Asa 20 

Cynthia 20 

Cvrus 20 

Eli 20 

(Harpster), Miss 20 

J. Newton 20 

Joseph 20 

Lizzie (Lafevers) 20 

(Middleton) Miss 20 

Phoebe (Armstrong) 20 

Rebecca (Mercer) 20 

Trvphenia 20 

Zack 20 


Agnes 21 

Alice (Comely) 21 

Grace 19-21 

Hannah 21 

Mary 21 

Thomas 21 

Uree 21 


Emma 13 


Ann (Jones) 21 

Elizabeth 21 

John 21 

Mary 21-22 

Sarah 21 

Thomas 21 


David 23 

Rachel (Battin) 23 


Josiah H 51 

Paula 24 

Susan (Converse) 51 


Ann 3 

Herman 4 

Mary (Dixon) 4 

William 3 


Dixon and Allied Families 


Eliza 49 


Anna Sophia 52 


Mary 37 


Hannah 5-6-9 

Hannah (Beal) 6-7-19-32 

Hannah (Hadley) 4 

Hannah (HoIIingsworth) 4 

Henry 3-4-5-7 

Homer, Albert 16 



Elizabeth 5 

Hannah 4 

Rachel 7 


Marv 39-40 


Ann ( Hanna) 58 

Benjamin 58 


Eleazer 56 

Margaret (Wallbridge) 56 


Alice 59-62 

Amanda 60 

Ann 58 

Anna 59 

Arie 65 

Ariel Twing 61-65 

Augusta (Rhodes) 63 

Benjamin 6-7-58 

Benjamin J 59-62 

Bessie 63 

Cassius B 61-65 

Catherine 58 

Catherine (Jones) 58 

Catherine (Marshall) 64 

Catherine (McCook) 62 

Catherine (Smith) 63 

Catherine T 62 

Clara (Von Gohren) 64 

Clarence Louis 64 

Charles 60-64 

Charlotte L. (Thatcher) 67 

Constance McC 67 

Cornelia M 64 

Daniel Rhodes 63 

David 58 

Edith 65 

Edwin 62-67 

Edwin Dryon 67 

Elizabeth 59 

Esther 58 

Fannie (Munn) 64 

Fannie W 64 

(Fisher), Miss 58 

Flora A 62 

Frances A. (Coburn) 62 

Frank 60-64 

George 59-60-64 

Gertrude 59 

Gertrude H 62 

Harriet L. (Biggs) 67 

Harriet (Brooks) 60 

Harriet Eliza 67 

Harry Oscar 61 

Hattie L. (Thompson) 65 

Helen 63 

Helen Mary 67 

Howard Mellville 59-63 

James B 62-67 

James L 59 

James Slater 67 

Jason R 59-62 

Jean Claire 64 

Jeanne McFarland 63 

Joshua 58 

Josiah 58-59 

Kate Benedict 63 

Kersey 2-59-62 

Lauretta L 61-66 

Laurin 64 

Lavinia Foster 61 

Leonard 53-58-59-63-64 

Levi 58-60 

Lillian 60 

Louis Keys 61 

Louis Benjamin 62-67 

Louis G 62 

Mabel Augusta 63 

Maggie (Lewis) 62 

Marcus A 59-63 

Margaret 62 

Marion Antonett 67 

Mary Emelie (Slater) 67 

Mary Emma 63 

Mary F 62 

Mary Gertrude 63 

Mary L 62 

Mary (Lownsbury) 64 

Mary (McCook) 62 

May Harriett 62 

Molly, Mrs., Covington 

(Warden) 63 

Nancy (Watson) 60 

Rachel 7 

Rachael (Dixon) 6-58 

Rebecca 59-61 

Robert 57-58-60 

Robert Clarence 62 

Robert Ernest 64 

Robert Stone 64 

Ruth 63 

Salome 59-63 

Samantha Maria (Con- 
verse) 53-59 

Seville 59 

Sophia (Tabor) 61 

Susan McFarland (Lathrop).59 

Thomas 7-58 

Thomas B 59-61 

Tryphenia 58-61 

Tryphosia 58 

William Thompson 62 

Zelmeda 58-60 

A. D 62 

Dixon and Allied Families 


May Harriett (Hanna) 62 

Amos 7 


Fannie 9-14 

George W 9 

Olivia 9 

Mary 9 

Rebecca (Dixon) 9 

Stella (Bailey) 9 

William 9 


Caroline (Converse) 53 

Jacob 53 


Abraham 25 

Abraham J 25 

Catharine (Rudsen) 25 

Charles D 26 

David 26 

Garrit Janse 25 

Gertrude 16 

Henrietta C 26 

Henry B 26 

Isabella D 26 

Jan 25 

Johannes 25 

John A 25 

Jacpie (Schepmoes) 25 

Margaret (Du Bois) 25 

Maria (Brinkerhoflf ) 26 

Maria Gertrude 26 

Mary Gertrude 26 

Martyje (Roosa) 25 

Rachel (Du Bois) 25 

Rose Hellen 26 

Sarah Jane 26 


Mary 14 


Thomas 4 



Arcatia (Marshall ) 32 

Josephine 32-55 

Stephen M 32 


Anne 7 

Latham 7 

William 7 


Helen Andrus 35-36 

Henry 3 5 

Henry Warren 35 

Nellie Susan (Andrus) 35 

Sarah (Warren) 35 

Rev. John 40 

Elizabeth 7 


Annie Jane (Russ) 37 

Benjamin Franklin 37 

John Patrick 37 

Joseph Alden 37 

Mae A. (Walker) 37 


Mary E , 55 


Mary 7 


J. B 16 

Lucile 16 

Phoebe Alice (Dixon) 16 


Amanda 20 

Caleb 7-23 

David 7-19-20 

Elizabeth 20 

Hannah 7 

Hannah (Battin) 23 

Nathan 7 

Rachel (Beal) 19-20 


Elizabeth 7 

James 7 

John 7 

Joseph 7 

Mary 7 

Nathan 7 

Phoebe 5 

Rachel 7 

Rebecca 7 

William 7 

Lauretta J 65 


Martha 15 


Marie 36 


Dinah (Dixon) 4 

William 4 


William G 38 


Hannah (Cummings) 30 

Joel 30 


Marv 49 


Juliet 54 


Hazel 10 

Hazel Elizabeth 16-17 

John William '7 

Lloyd 10 

Lloyd Holloway 16-17 

Mary Isabel 17 

Mary Isabel (Holloway) .. 11-16 
Vivian Louise (Cctting':a!T ) . 17 
Walter H H-16 


Catherine (Hanna) 58 

Charles 58 

Esther (Hanna) 58 

John 58 


Hannah 4 

Sarah 4 


Anna, Hisey (Tritt),Mrs 11 

Allen 11 


Dixon and Allied Families 

Belle 12 

Carrie 11 

Carrie Frances (Smith) 16 

Christenna (Campbell) 11 

Eliza Ann 8-12 

Elizabeth Ann (DeHoff) 11 

Ephraim S 8-11 

Harvey 11 

Jennetta 11-16 

John 8-11 

John Dixon 8-12 

Julia (Phillips) 12 

Leo Edward 16 

Leonard D 8-11 

Louisa (Stuckman) 11 

Lucena 8-11 

Lydia Ann 8-12 

Lydia Ann (Dixon) 8 

Margaret (Wendall) 11 

Mary Isabel 11-16 

Mattie ( Funck ) 11 

Olive (Kidder) 11-16 

Owen 11 

Orlando 11 

Roy 11 

Theodore Walter 11-16 

William 11 


Elizabeth H 61-66 

Ernest R 66 

Etta (Raymond ) 66 

Jesse 61 

Kersey O 61-66 

Loring J 66 

Orlando William 61 

Rebecca (Hanna) 61 


Eliza (Dixon) 8 

Lott 8 


Col. Ebenezer 29 


Nancy Ann 10 


Albert Kersey 60 

Alice Mary 60 

Anna L 65 

Benjamin Franklin 60-64 

Carrie V 64 

Charles 60 

Charles Franklin 60 

Franklin Hanna 60 

Harriet Madora 60 

Henry H 65 

Josephine E. (Wright) 64 

Leonard Hanna 60 

Lucy 65 

Mary A 65 

Mary E. (Shumway) 60 

Olivia Ann 60 

Rachael Emma 60 

Samuel 65 

Susan Amanda 60-64 

Zelmeda (Hanna) 60 

Rhoda 53-59 


Marv 54 


Alice (French) 28 

Sarah 28 

Thomas, Ensign 28 


Eleanor (Converse) 51 

Sylvester N 51 


Gertrude (Hanna) 59 

Henry 59 


Isaac .■ 47 

Lucv (Converse) 47 


Elizabeth 53 

Mary 53 

Rosena 53 


Allace H. (Miller) 26 

Dewitt Vermelg 26 


Laura Arcadia (Cumins) 33 

Malan 33 


Ann 34 


Eben 52 

Elizabeth 56 

Eunice 49 

Philana (Converse) 52 


Inez May 13 

Isabel (REA) 3 

J. Theron 9-32 

John 4-5-6-7-8-19-32 

Joseph 4 

Joshua 5-6-7-8-9-13-23-58 



Rebecca (Dixon) 5 

Samuel 5 


Ann (Baker) 22 

Ann (Wood worth) 22 

Benjamin 22 

David 22 

Elizabeth 22 

Elizabeth (Baker) 22 

George 22 

Isaac 7-22 

James 21 

Jane (Edwards) 21 

John 7-22 

Joseph 22 

Mary (Goodwin) 22 

Sarah 7-22 

Thomas 22 


Elizabeth (Cummings) 28 

John 28 

Mary 56 


Amy 7 

Dixon and Allied Families 



Aholiab 50 

Dorothy (Converse) 50 

Mary 8-50 

Mary (Edson) 50-51 

Seth, Deacon 50-51 

Susana 51 


Georgia Ann (White) 15 

J. McA 15 


Ann 21 

Catherine 58 

Mattie E 66 

Ruth 4 



Richard 3 


George Richard 17 

Harvey A 17 

Hazel Elizabeth (Holdeman) . 17 
William Frederick 17 


Sophia 51 


Harriet Ardell 15 


Deborah 30-54 

Hannah 29 

Hannah (Whittemore) 30 

Elizabeth 43 

John 30-43 


Abigail (Converse) 41 

John 41 


Olive 11-16 


Elizabeth 28 

Hannah (Brockett) 28 

Sannuel 28 


Rebecca 47 


Mary 56 

Sarah (Converse) 47 

William 47 


Regina 14-23 


Laura 9-13 

Levie 6 

Lola 16 

Loretta (Phelps) 13 

Lot 7-9-32-55 

Lot E 13 

Lucile Mast 14-16-26 

Lucena 7 

Lutietia (Pettet) 6 

Lydia 6 

Lydia Ann 7-8 


Eunice 53 


Lizzie 20 


Debora 18 

Ebenezer 18 

Elizabeth 18 

Hannah 18 

Joseph 18 

Ruth 18 

Samuel 18 

William 18 


Susan McFarland 59 


Abigail 49-56 


Sarah Elizabeth 24 


Rebecca (Mast) 24 


Harry Guy 37 

Helen Andrus (Hart) 36 

Warren Guy 37 


Elizabeth 47 

Maggie 62 

Sarah 48 


Eunice (Shedd) 38 

John 38 


Isabel 4 


Mary Ann 36 


Ann 41 

Elizabeth 41 

Robert 41 


Mary 64 


Becky 6 


Betsey Collins (Converse) ... .55 

Darius, Dr 55 

Elvira 55 


Martha 4-5 

Mary 4-5-7-8 

Mary Emma 16 

Mary (?) (Johnson) 8 

Mary (Nichols) 5 

Mary (Prew) 4 

Mary (Pusey) 4 



John 23 

Lydia (Battin) 23 


Abigail (Converse) 50 


Hannah Wallbridge (York).. 54 
Orin 54 


Harriet 31-54 

Mary (Mills) 31 


Dixon and Allied Families 

Peleo; S 31 


Arcatia 32 

Catherine 64 

Cynthia 36 

Eleanor Randolph (Chapin)..36 

Henry 36 

Marie (Heyburne) 36 

Roberta 36 

Ruth 42 

Wayne 36 


Elizabeth 22 

jane Elvira 55 

Jeffrey 22 


Isabella 34 


Anna Catharine 23-24 

Anna (Cray) 25 

Anna Maria 23 

Caroline 23-24 

Christian Frederick 23 

Elizabeth (Cartright) 24 

Frederick Michael 23-24 

George Frederick 23 

George Smith 25 

Granville Whitmore 25 

John, Lieut 14-23 

John, Jr 23-24 

Louisa Marrette 25 

Louise 25-30 

Lucile 25 

Lucy A. (Smith) 24 

Mattie Lee (Talley) 25 

Rebecca 24 

Regina 14-23-32 

Regiria (Koenig) 14-23 


Joseph 20 

Martha 7 

Martha (Beal) 19-20 

Nathan 7-19-20 

Rachel 20 

Sarah 20 


Dinah ( Dixon) 6 


Miriam 57 


Catherine 62 

Mary 62 


Priscilla (Battin) 23 

William 23 


Medill 63 

Ruth (Hanna) 63 


Carrie B. (Ogle) 24 

W 24 


Rebecca 20 

Sarah 7 


Anna (Converse) 43 

John, Jr 43 



Carrie Treyphoenia 66 

John H 66 

Rachael Alice (Nichols) 66 

Ruth C 66 

Mary 31 


Allace H 26 

Frank A 26 

Isabella D. (Hardenbergh) . . .26 


E. L., Dr 53 

Lucinda Maria (Converse) ... 53 


George 2 


Eliza 31 

Enoch 41 

Hu-^h 31 

Martha 31-54 

Rebecca (Converse) 41 

Ruth 38 


Polly 48 


Elizabeth 52 


Ephraim 49 

Pamela (Converse) 49 


Edward Orvill 64 

George Eaton 64 

Susan Amanda (Hostetter) . . .64 

William E 64 

William Leonard 64 


Armistead Randolph 34 

Roberta . . 34 

Virp-inia (Bentley) 34 


Eleanor (Converse) 47 

Mary 49 

Mary (Hines) 49 

Rebecca 57 

Samuel 49 

Stephen, Col 47 

Salmon 47-51 

Susana (Johnson) 51 

Susana J 51 


Priscilla 50 


Fannie 64 


Anna ( Wallbridge) 56 

Elisha 56 


Marion Osgood (Chapin) . . . . 34 

Richard Pegram 34 

Albert Cook. . 3 


Nathan 6-7 

Newton 7-9 

Newton E 13-15 

Dixon and Allied Families 



Alice 39 


Alice Lavinia 65 

Alice Mabel 66 

Althea (Brayton) 65 

Angle Mary 66 

Ariel Maria 65 

Benjamin F 61-65 

Bessie Lorena 66 

Carrie Adelia 66 

Charles 13 

Charles Elmer 66 

Detta (Sinclair) 13 

E. B 2 

Edgar H 65 

Edith Mildred 66 

Elizabeth M. (Potts) 65 

Ella (Baum) 10 

Elsie (Anson) 13 

Emelie Lavinia 65 

Emma 13 

Flora 66 

Fred 13 

James H 61-65 

Jessie 13 

John 13 

Katharine T. . . . 65 

Kittie A 65 

Laura (Dixon) 13 

Lauretta J. (Hessin) 65 

Lowell Dewey 13 

Mary 5-13 

Mattie E. (Jones) 66 

May (Roberts) 13 

Minnie (Pyle) 13 

Myrth Irene 13 

Nettie 13 

Paul 13 

Rachael Alice 61-66 

Roy 13 

Samantha 61 

Samuel 61 

Samuel Arthur 65 

Spencer Jones 61-66 

Stacy 13 

Tryphenia (Hanna) 61 

Warren 10-13 

Warren Lewis 13 

William Earnest 65 

William Jason 61-65 

Winifred Margaret 13 


Elizabeth 54 


Carrie (Holloway) 11 

Mathew 11 


Ann 39 


Anna Catharine (Mast) 24 

Carrie B 24 

Charles Stanton 24 

George Alden 24-25 

George B 25 

Howard E 24 

Humphrey 25 

Jennie (Braddock) 25 

John Benjamin 24 

John Paul 24 

Joseph C, Rev 24 

Mary (Eggabond) 24 

Paula (Green) 24 


Elizabeth 7 

Rebekah 7 


Phoebe Alice 13-16 

Phoebe (Heald) 5 



Alice C 31 

Ellen F 31-33 

Gratia Ann 31-34 

Horace Hall 31-54 

Laura (Cumins) 31-54 

Laura Pamelia 31-33 

Pamela (Chase) 31 

Samuel, Jr 31 


Kimball 52 

Marv Ann (Converse) 52 


Abigail 28 

Betty (Cummings) . . .- 29 

Joel' 29 


Hannah 55 


H. C 63 

Mabel Augusta (Hanna) 63 


Ruth 7 

Sarah 7 


Hannah (Converse) 49 

Moses 49 


Ann (Cummings) 28 

John, Jr 28 


Gill 21 

Hannah (Gill) 21 

Isaac 21 

Mary (Gill) 21 

Merba 21 

Thomas 21 

William 21 


Hannah (Dixon) 6 

Joseph 6 


Finelia 55 

Greenfield 55 

Sarah (Ashcroft) 55 


Ella, Mrs 14 

John, Rev 53 

Lucinda Maria (Converse) ... 53 


Lutietia 6 


Dixon and Allied Families 


John, Major 46 

Loretta 13 

Mary (Converse) 46 


James 4 

Ruth (Dixon) 4 

Julia 12 


James 59 

Seville (Hanna) 59 


Calvin 49 

Deborah (Converse) 41 

Esther (Converse) 49 

John 41 

Rebecca (Converse) 42 

Samuel 42 


Moses 41 

Sarah (Converse) 41 


Azubah 52 


Hellen 32 


Theodia 56 


Hannah 53 


Elizabeth M 65 


Susan (Converse) 49 


Mary 4 


Sarah 5 


Mary 4 


Joseph, Col 49 

Mary (or Polly) (Converse) .49 

Minnie 13 


John J 2-38 


Rachael 6-8-9-58 

Rebecca 5-6-7-8-9 

Rebecca ( Cox) 5 

Regina (Mast) 14-23-32 

Rose 3-4 

Ruth 4-5 

Ruth (Jones) 4 



Anne . . 23 


Etta 66 


Isabel 3 


Martha 57 


Abigail 46 

Daniel 45 

Eleazer 29 

Jonathan 45 

Keziah (Converse) 45 

Mary (Converse) 45 

Rachel (Cummings) 29 



Chauncey E 14 

Laura May (Copeland) 14 

RHODES, Augusta 63 


Chenney 47 

Deborah (Converse) 47 


Eliza 34 


Abigail (Reed) 46 

Eleanor 44-46 

Hannah (Converse) 43 

Jacob 43 

Nathaniel 46 


Sarah 23 


Elizabeth (Shedd) 38 

Robert 38 


Capt 48 

Lucinda (Converse) 48 

Philana 52 


Ella Priscilla 13 

Ida Ruth (Fuller) 12-17 

J. Roy 12-17 

Lydia Ann (Holloway) 12 

Maurice Fuller 17 

May 13 

Priscilla Livesey (Watson) ... 12 

Ruth 17 

Thomas 12 

Watson, Dr 12 


Hannah (Converse) 50 

Nathan 50 


Ellen F. (Paine) 33 

Gratia A 33 

Hannah (Shedd) 38 

James 33 

John 37 

Laura E 33 

Mary (Shedd) 37 

Rachel 33 

Thomas 38 

William 33 


Martyje 25 


Catharine 25 


Annie Jane 37 


Hannah 7-18-19 

Hannah (Large) 18 

Robert 18 

Thomas 7 

Dixon and Allied Families 



Samuel 4-5-8 

Sarah (Hollingsworth) 4 

Sarah (Pryor) 5 

Simon 7 

Solomon 5 



Marv 44 


Clarissa (Converse) 49 

Susanna 49 


George VV 31 

Jennie E. (Cumins) 31 


Grace 15 


Capt. Samuel Stow 29 


Cornelia (Converse) 53 

Alanton, Rev 53 


Abigail 44 

Hannah 45 

Joshua 44-45 

Mary 44 

Sarah (Wright) 44-45 


Jacpie 25 


Margaret Jane 53 


Albert Arnold 14 

Fannie ( Hapgood ) 14 

Florence May 14 

George 14 

George Hapgood 14 

Mabel Frances 14 


Eleanor (Converse) 48 

Eliza Ann 9 

Robert 48 


Dorothy 26 

George F 26 

Georgia Hope 26 

Gertrude H 26 

Josephine Maria 26 

Mary Isabell 26 

Sarah Hellen 26 

Sarah Jane (Hardenhergh) . . .26 


Elizabeth (Converse) 47 

Esther 57 

John 48 

Julius Palmer 47 

Pollv (Converse) 48 


Daniel 37-38 

Elizabeth 29-37-38 

Elizabeth (Bowers) 38 

Eunice 38 

Frank E 2 

Hannah 38 

John 38 

Mary 37 

Mary (Gurney?) 37 

Ruth (Moore)' 38 

Samuel 29-38 

Sarah 38 

Sarah (Chamberlain) 38 

Susan 38 

Zechariah 38 


John 42 

Marv (Converse) 42 


John 63 


Marv E 60 


Caleb 45 

Susanna (Converse) 45 


Detta 13 


Mary Emelie 67 


Lucile (Mast) 25 

William H 25 


Anna 52 

Carrie Frances 16 

Catherine 63 

George Washington 24 

Lucinda 53 

Lucy A 24 

Phoebe 51 

Sarah Elizabeth (Lawson) . . .24 


Esther (Converse) 45 

Isaac 45 


Elizabeth 20 


Lvdia 30 


Henry 43 

Keziah (Converse) 43 


Dorothv (Converse) 46 

Dr. ..' 46 


Dorothy (Converse) 46 

Harriett Converse 55 

Harriett (Converse) 52 

James 46 

Jason 52 


Dixon 16 

John 16-26 

John Keith 16 

Joseph 6 

Lucile Mast (Dixon) 16-26 

Lydia (Dixon) 6 

Maria Gertrude 

(Hardenbergh) 16-26 

Ralph William 16-26 


Samuel 43 

Sarah 43 

Alexander 26 


Dixon and Allied Families 

Sarah Hellen (Seger) 26 


Noah 20 

Trvphenia (Garwood) 20 


Louisa 11 


Ruth (Converse) 42 

William 42 

Thomas 3-4-6-7 



Sophia 61 


Mattie Lee 25 


James 51 

Julia (Converse) 51 


Martha (Dixon) 4 

William 4 


Charlotte L 67 


Agnes 2-12 

Elizabeth (Goodwin) 21 

Frank M 12 

Freddie James 12 

Irena 12 

James B 12 

Lydia Ann (HoUoway) 12 

Peter, Jr 21 


Ann 42 

Ebenezer 45 

Hannah (Converse) 45 

Hattie L 65 

James 42 

John 42 

Mary (Converse) 42 

Rebecca 42 

Sarah 42 

Simon 42 

Mary 42 


Harriett M. (Converse) 55 

William M 55 


Sally 54 


Sarah 19 


Carrie Coah 66 

Daria 66 

Elizabeth (Dixon) 6 

Elizabeth H. (Holmes) 66 

Isaac 6 

Kersey Holmes 66 

Mary Anna 66 

Roy Holmes 66 


Mary 48 


Mrs. Anna Hisey 11 


Mary Louise 15 



Emma (Nichols) 13 

Iver 13 


Abigail (Wallbridge) 57 

John 57 


Clara 64 


William 3-4 

Willis Milnor 9-14-23-32 



Annie Bruce 2-34 

Bertha Adaline (Cubbler) . . . . 36 

Bertram Church 36 

Eliza (Richards) 34 

Elizabeth Louise 36 

Florence Paine 36 

Frances Ellen 36 

Grace Maria (Fowler) 35 

Gratia Ann (Paine) 34 

Gratia Bell 34-35 

Gratia Paine 36 

Horace Milton 34-35 

James Abbott 34-36 

James Marvin Church 34-36 

Jasmire Klytner 36 

Laura Eliza 34 

Laura Winifred 36 

Mae A 36-37 

Milton C 34 

Rachel 7 

Sarah 7 

Theron Horace 36 

Winifred 34 


Abigail 57 

Abigail (Lawrence) 56 

Amos 56-57 

Amos, Major 48 

Anna 56 

Anna (Amos) 56 

Charity 57 

Deborah 57 

Ebenezer 56 

Elizabeth 57 

Elizabeth Hyde ( Wicklow) . . 56 

Esther (Shaw) 57 

Hannah .. 30-48-57 

Henrv 56-57 

Margaret 48-56-57 

Martha (Read) 57 

Mary (Durkee) 56 

Mary (Jewett) 56 

Mary (Knight) 56 

Miriam (McClure) 57 

Porter 57 

Rebecca ( Moulton ) 57 

Theodia 57 

Theodia (Porter) 56 

Thomas 56 

Dixon and Allied Families 


William 56-57 

William G 2 


Lydia F 10 


Mrs. Molly Covington 63 


Elizabeth (Wallbridge) 57 

Jonathan, Gen 47 

Joshua, Capt 57 

Priscilla 28 


Sarah 35 


Henry P 63 

Jeanne McFarland (Hanna)..63 

Nancy 60 

Priscilla Livesey 12 


Henry 11 

John 12 

Lucena (Holloway) 11 

Mary A 54 

Park 12 


Roger 4 


Margaret 11 


Susan 33 


Cynthia (Garwood) 20 

Richard 20 


Ariel Twing (Hanna) 65 

Hattie DeL 65 

Mary Elizabeth 65 

Robert H 65 

Susa Harbough 65 

William 65 


Clifford 15 

Dale B 15 

Georgia Ann 15 

Gertrude (Bross) 15 

Mabel (Boone) 15 

Martha (Hester) 15 

Mary Alice (Copeland) 15 

Robert 15 

Robert A 15 

Susan 30 

Walter A 15 

Willis Copeland 15 


Hannah 30 


Daniel 44 

Dorcas (Converse) 44 


Elizabeth (Hyde) 56 


Cornelius 32-54 

Dallas 32 

Delos 32 

Hellen (Plato) 32 

Josephine 32 

Lucinda (Cumins) 32-54 


Ezra 51 

Israel 51 

John 51 

Josiah 51 

Ozias 51 

Phoebe (Woodruff) 51 

Samuel 51 

Susana J. (Moulton) 51 


Major 33 

Nina Estelle (Cumins) 33 


David 7 


Allen, Rev 12 

Belle (Holloway) 11 

Mary 7-12 


Enos 7 


Ann 22 


Phoebe 51 


John 21 

Sarah (Goodwin) 21 


Josephine E 64 

Julia P 56 

Sarah 28-44-45 



Arthur Noble. 17 

Helen (Cooper) 17 

Helen Jeanette 17 

Jake Nold 11-17 

Jennetta (Holloway) 11-16 

Ray Leonard 17 


Alvira Bushnell 

(Attenburgh) 54 

Celia (Converse) 54 

Elizabeth (Niles) 54 

Ellen 54 

Fannie A 54 

George W 54 

Hannah Wallbridge 54 

Israel Converse 54 

Jeremiah 54 

Jeremiah F 54 

Joseph 54 

Juliet (Holbrook) 54 

Lavinia Foote 54 

Martha (Elser) 54 

Mary (Howe) 54 

Mary A. (Weaver) 54 


Hannah (Converse) 48 

John -^8