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-? M -f J 


Is our registered and common- 
law trade mark and cannot 
be rightfully applied except 
to goods of our manufacture. 
When a dealer tries to sell 
you, under the Kodak name, 
a camera or films or other 
goods not of our manufacture, 
you can be sure that he has 
an inferior article that he is 
trying to market on the Kodak 
reputation, and he also makes 
himself liable to suit by us 
for damages and injunction. 

If it isn t an Eastman, it isn t 
a Kodak 

fi\ ;-> Q 


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.. . 


AKE it simpler. 

From the very inception the Kodak 
Idea has been- -make photography so 
simple that anybody can take good 

Simpler cameras, simpler processes 

have followed each other with almost startling 
rapidity. But the Kodak Company has not been 
satisfied with merely making mechanical and chemical 
improvements; it has assumed the responsibility of 
educating people in picture taking. The very first 
Kodak, way back in 1888, was accompanied by a so- 
called "manual" that did more than merely explain 
the operation of the mechanical features of the 
camera. It showed how the pictures should In- taken, 
how (and how not) to photograph a tall building, how 
to photograph a small child- -told about the length of 
exposures in different kinds of light, both in-doors 
and out. It was really a primary hand-book of 

I ; roiii that day on, every piece of Kodak apparatus. 
every amau-ur product of the Company has been 

accompanied by the most concise instructions, instruc 
tion- that were also constructive because they not only 
told the brginiKT what to do but ; //] //, was /o d<> //. 
\ ven in the Kodak advertising mailer as much space 



is given up to telling people how to make pictures as 
in telling them why they should buy Kodak goods. 
Booklets in large editions, giving instructions in 
practically every phase of amateur photography have 
been and still are distributed without charge. Photog 
raphy has not merely been made simpler, it has been 
explained to all who are interested. 


Kodakery" A Monthly Help 

And now comes a new help to the beginner- 
Kodakery," a little magazine that will tell the ama 
teur how to get better pictures. It s beautifully 
illustrated. Written and edited by those who know 
photography inside and out and who also know the 
places where the amateur has trouble, it will be a joy 
and a help to every enthusiast, will add for thousands 
to the Witchery of Kodakery. 

Every purchaser, after May 1st, 1914, of a Kodak 
or Brownie camera will be entitled to "Kodakery for 
one year without charge he mav have it continued 

J CJ m/ 

by subscribing at 50 cents per year if he so desires. 
In the back of each Kodak and Brownie manual, 
which we are now printing, is a "subscription blank" 
which, upon being properly filled out and mailed to- 

Kodakery," Toronto, Out. --will entitle the purchaser 
of such camera to one year s free subscription to 

Kodakery." At the time this plan goes into opera 
tion there may still be some such manuals without 
a subscription blank, but in such case a blank may be 
obtained from the dealer of whom the camera was 
purchased. Every purchaser of a Kodak or Brownie 
Camera is entitled to one copy of the manual or 
instruction book and to one year s subscription to 

The editors of Kodakerv aim first of all to 
make the little book a real help. At the same time it 
will be interesting and its delightful illustrations will 
show the beginner new possibilities in amateur pho 
tography. This little magazine is but a part of the 
Kodak Service. To sell a camera and then turn the 
customer adrift has never been a part of the- Kodak 
plan. Along with our improvements in apparatus and 
materials, we have always endeavored also to improve 
the Kodak Service. "Kodakery" will, we believe, 
prove the means of keeping us more closely than ever 
in touch with our customers. In many ways it will be 
directly helpful- -and it will always suggest the 
propriety of the customer s going to his Kodak dealer 
or to us, if there are little difficulties (there are no 
big ones, now) to be overcome. 

It is to be a real help--a part of the Kodak Idea 
-one more aid to the beginner in the making of 
good pictures. 


Toronto, Canada. 



Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter 

This shutter is automatic and as its leaves are mounted on 
ball bearings it operates with remarkable smoothness and precision. 

The leaves open and close in the form of 
a star, admitting a much larger amount 
of light in the same space of time than the 
ordinary type of shutter. All but the No. 
work with bulb or finger release and have 
variable indicated speeds of ^, -g\f and 
-^ second as well as bulb and time 

They are also fitted with indicator for registering each 
exposure as made and iris diaphragm. 

Supplied with Kodak Junior No. 1A, and Folding Pocket 
Kodaks, Nos. 1A, R. R. Type; 3, 3A and 4. The No. is sup 
plied with the Vest Pocket Kodak and Vest Pocket Kodak Special, 
and is similar to the above excepting that it works with finger 
release only, has variable speeds of -^r an d A second, and is 
regularly equipped with the Kodak Autotime Scale. The No. 
is also supplied with the Kodak Junior No. 1, but in this instance 
is not fitted with autotime scale. 

Pocket Automatic Shutter 

This shutter has star shaped opening 
and is automatic in action. It works with 
finger release for bulb, time and instan 
taneous exposures and is perfectly reliable 
in every respect. Fitted with iris dia 
phragm stops and regularly supplied with 
Nos. 1 and 1A Folding Pocket Kodaks, 
and Nos. 2 and 2A Folding Pocket 




Brownie Ball Bearing Shutter 

The ball bearing type of shutter has heen found SO accurate 
and reliable that we have designed a -hutter on the ball bearing 
principle for the 3 and 3A Folding Brownie 

This shutter is well made in every 
respect, it works with bulb and tube or 
finger release, and is fitted with the Kodak 
Autotime Scale a great help for amateur 
photographers, especially beginners. 

The Brownie Ball Bearing shutter works 
not only for time and bulb exposures, but 
has variable indicated speeds of ^g, ^ and l ( t - second. It is 
fitted with iris diaphragm and supplied with the Nos. 3 and 3 A 
Folding Brownie cameras. 

For a more complete description of the Kodak Autotime 
Scale supplied with this shutter, see page 8. 

Compound Shutter 

The Compound shutter is an automatic and setting shutter 
combined. Automatically, either time or bulb exposures mav be 
made, while it may be set for speeds of from 1 to y^, T ^ and 
yiu second, according to size of shutter. The shutter lea 
are formed of segments opening in star shape, giving even 
illumination over the entire plate the instant the exposure is 
started, and an iris diaphragm is supplied for -topping ,l,, u -n. 

Case i> made of aluminum, and 
accurate adjustments can be made with 
the >hutter in any position. 

Ke^ularly supplied on the Nos, 1A. 
.v\ Special and .S /.r-77mv Kodaks and 
as a -pecial equipment with the Nos, 4 
and 4A Folding Kodaks. 


Kodak Automatic Shutter and 
Kodak Autotime Scale 

The Kodak Automatic shutter is carefully adjusted for time, 
bulb and instantaneous exposures. It is also graduated for frac 
tional parts of a second, and is unusu 
ally accurate. 

This shutter is fitted with the Kodak 

.^| gjjjS^iS kJT Autotime scale and is supplied as a 
^^" K^M^ special equipment on the Nos. 1A, R. 

R. Type ; 3, 3A and 4 Folding Pocket 

The Scale greatly reduces the lia 
bility of error in exposure, as it auto 
matically indicates the proper time and 
stop opening for subjects under any 
condition of outdoor photography. It is exceedingly simple to 
use. The speed indicator is merely set at the point on the scale 
indicating the kind of light prevailing and the diaphragm indi 
cator at the point indicating the character of the subject. 

These scales are also supplied at a nominal charge for the 
following shutters when fitted with double lenses only, and can be 
readily attached by any amateur. Always order by Style letter. 

Style A. For use with Kodak Ball Bearing shutter, 2^ x 4% and 3% x.4%. 

Style AA. For Kodak Ball Bearing shutter, 3 x 5^4, 3*4 x S l / 2 and 4x5. 

Style B. For use with F. P. K. Automatic, 2^x4)4 and 3^x4^4, No. 1 S. V. 
(Blair or Premo) Automatic, or No. 1 B. & L. S. V. Automatic shutters. 

Style BB. For use with F. P. K. Automatic, 3)4 x S l / 2 and 4x5, No. 2 S. V. 
(Blair or Premo) Automatic, or No. 2 B. & L,. S. V. Automatic shutters. 

Style C. For use with Kodak Automatic shutter, 3J4 x 4%. 

Style CC. For use with Kodak Automatic shutter, 3>4 x 5 l / 2 and 4 x5. 

Style D. For B. & L. Automatic and Century Automatic shutters, 3^4 x 4^4. 

Style DD. For use with B. & L. Automatic and Century Automatic shut 
ters, 3 J4 x S l / 2 and 4x5. 

Style DDD. For use with B. & L. Auto 
matic shutter, 4^4 x 6 l />. 

Style I. For use with Kodak Ball Bearing 
shutter, 2 l / 4 x 3*4- 

Price, any of above styles, $1.00. 

Style H. For use with No. 0, 3^ x 4^ 
Compound shutter. 

Style HH. For use with No. }, $ 1 / * 5 l /2 
and 4x5 Compound shutter. 

Style HHH. For use with No. 2, 4 l / 4 x fr/ 2 
and 5x7 Compound shutter. 

Price for any style Compound shutter, $1.50. 

Kodak Lenses 

The regular R. R. and meniscus lenses used on Kodak and Brownie 
Cameras have always been the best lenses of their respective types 
that could be secured. These lenses are perfectly adapted to every 
day amateur photography, producing pictures under normal light 
conditions that leave nothing to be desired by the average amateur. 

For those, however, who wish even greater efficiency and capa 
bilities, we supply the anastigmat lens equipments. 

The superiority of the anastigmat lens, without attempting to go 
into the technicalities of the subject, consists of- -Per feet definition 
over the whole negative, absolute flatness of field, and higher speed. 

In R. R. lenses the tendency to lack of definition toward the 

edges, which always occurs in an uncorrected lens, is so slight as to 

be unnoticeable except to the most expert eye. In a true anastigmat, 
it is entirely eliminated. 

The speed of a lens is determined by the relative size of the dia 
phragm opening. An R. R. lens cannot be used at an opening greater 
than y& its focal length, commonly designated as /.8. Rut an anastig- 
fll mat lens can be so corrected as to permit the use of larger diaphragm 
openings and still produce sharp, clear negatives. This larger open 
ing admits more light within a given time than that of the R. R. lens, 
hence the anastigmat is much faster. Thus the Zeiss or Cooke 
Kodak Anastigmat lens, working at an aperture of /.(>.3 admits 60 
per cent, more light in a given time than does the I\. l\. 

This speed advantage enables the user to make short exposur 
on dull days or under poor light conditions, where hopelessly under- 
timed negatives would result with an R. R. lens. And under proper 
conditions, exposures up to TTSV second with a Compound shutter and 
iffW with a focal plane shutter, can be made with the anastigmat. 

In the last few years there has been a steadily increasing interest 
in and demand for anastigmat lens equipments among amateur pho 
I lgrapliers. and we responded to this demand, first bv furnishing 
the Special Kodaks fitted with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens, f.6.3 
a lens fully corrected and offering the advantage of high speed. 

These have been followed by the \/.r- / /i;vr Kodak These 
differ from the- Specials in that they are simply our regular Kodak- 
models, \\ithout the spivial covering and finish of pecials," and 
titled with anastigmat lenses specially designed by Taylor. Taylor \ 
I lobs. .11. for Kodak use and called the Cooke Kodak 
This lens works at f.6.3 and is fnl 1 ;. corrected in every particular. 




Vest Pocket Kodak 

The extraordinary popularity of the Vest Pocket Kodak is due 
not alone to its compactness it is so flat and smooth and small 
that it will readily slip into a vest pocket but also to the excellent 
quality of its pictures, whether printed by contact or enlarged. 

In fact, this little camera in itself is so very desirable and of 
such general utility, that we furnish it with several different equip 
ments to meet any demand. 

For average photography, the camera fitted with Kodak Ball 
Bearing shutter and tested meniscus achromatic lens is amply effi 
cient, for it will make excellent pictures under ordinary conditions. 
For those who want the microscopic definition of the anastig 
mat, we offer the Vest Pocket Kodak, this year, fitted with the 
new Kodak Anastigmat lens. This lens works at /. 8, it is fully 
corrected, and made of the first quality of Jena glass. This makes 
a most desirable outfit at a surprisingly low price for an anastigmat 

Then for those who want not only the absolute sharpness and 
flatness of field, but the maximum of speed as well, we offer the 
camera fitted with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens, /. 6.9. 

The appearance of the Vest Pocket Kodak is so suggestive 
of quality, that it makes an ideal camera for gift purposes on 

holidays, birthdays, at graduation time, 
and such occasions. For these purposes 
we have devised the Kodak Gift Case 
shown in the illustration. The Vest Pocket 
Kodak in this case is fitted with Kodak 
Anastigmat lens, /. 8. The carrying case 
is of imported satin finish leather, in a 
shade of soft brown that is in perfect 
harmony with the deep blue of the hand 
some silk-lined container. The whole outfit 
possesses a quality and richness that will 
appeal to the most fastidious. 

The Vest Pocket Kodak with any 
equipment is always ready for action. It is 
only necessary to pull out the front to its 
full extent, and the camera is in focus for 
objects at any distance. The shutter is 
automatic, and a convenient reversible 
finder, for composing the view in either 
horizontal or vertical position, is provided. 


Vest Pocket Kodak 

Another feature is the extreme simplicity in loading nothing 
trappy or fussy about it. Indeed, the operation of the camera i.- 
simple in every detail, nothing in the way of simplicity or efficiency 
having been sacrificed in order to reduce the size. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, U<^ x 2]/ 2 inches. Capacity. S ex 
posures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 1 x 2-V x -M 4 inclu- 
Weight, 9 ounces. Lens, regular, meniscus achromatic, o inch 
focus. Special, Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat /. 6.9, or Kodak Ana-ti-, 
mat /.8. Shutter, Kodak Hall Bearing No. 0. Brilliant reversible 
finder. All metal body, black enamel finish and black leather 

The Trice 
Vest Pocket K<><lak, meniscus achromatic lens and Kodak Hall 

Bearing shutter . -7(1(1 

Vest Porki-t Kodak with Kodak Anastigmat lens /. 8 and Kodak 

Ball Hearing shutter ..... I.v5<> 

Kodak (lift Case, includes Vest Pocket Kodak with Kodak Ana- 
ti^iiiat h-ns /. X. imported satin finish leather case a:id silk lin 

tainer . . . . . . . . . 16.50 

\ Si ! ckel Kodak. .V/vfh//, Xri->- Kodak ana-ti-inat K-ns. and Kodak 

I .all Bearing -huttn- j_>.5o 

^ lase f ir ket K -dak 

(rain Lratlu-r C for Vest Pocket Kodak Special . l.-n 
Inilhirtrd Satin l ; ini>h I.ratlu-r Cas< 

I land Uai: for Vest I ockrt l\i-dak 25 

alf-kin. L.n.u ^\r;\\>~ \ 75 

\. C. I ; ihn Cartridgi posur \ J < N . 1J7 

Kodak Portrait \ttarhnu-nt . . 50 

No. 1 Kodak Junior 

So complete and varied has the Kodak line become, so 
altogether simple is the operation of each camera, that each 
year it looks well nigh impossible to strengthen the line or broaden 

the selection for the amateur. 

However, the Kodak policy of never let 
ting well enough alone has developed two 
most attractive new models this year, which 
round off the whole line, being built upon the 
idea of providing genuine daylight-all-the-way 
Kodaks, with all the Kodak convenience and 
dependability, for those who wish to take up 
photography at the minimum of expense. 

The first of these models, the No. 1 Kodak Junior, makes 
2 l /4 x 3)4 pictures and loads with the Kodak Film cartridge of 
six exposures (No. 120). And for loading and unloading, the 
back of the camera is constructed upon a new principle which 
makes it unusually easy to remove. 

A striking feature of this camera is its extreme thinness and 
all-around compactness. It will readily slip into the pocket, 
and yet it is fully equipped for efficient work in all branches of 
general amateur photography. It is fitted with the No. Ball 
Bearing shutter, speed ^ of a second, with cable release, as 
described on page 6, and offers the choice of rapid rectilinear or 
meniscus achromatic lens. All lenses fitted to this camera must 
stand the usual rigid Kodak tests. 

The No. 1 Kodak Junior is provided with automatic focusing 
lock, collapsible reversible finder, two tripod sockets- in fact, 
the practical, convenient working equipment which one expects 
in a true Kodak. 

The camera is well made in every respect, it is covered with 
a good quality of grain leather, and the metal parts are finished 
in nickel and black enamel. 

The low price means no stinting in either material or work 
manship. It is only possible through the perfection of our 
scientific factory organization and the large quantities which our 
large distribution enables us to make at one time. 


No. 1 
Kodak Junior 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 2j4 x 3*4 inches. Capacity, 6 ex 
posures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 1 iV, x 3j>{$ x (>-^s inches. 
Weight, 23 ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic, 4)4 -inch focus. 
Also supplied with rapid rectilinear lens if desired. Shutter, Kodak 
Ball Bearing Xo. 0, with cable release. (See page 6.) Brilliant, 
reversible, collapsible finder. The film cartridge for this camera 
is the same as the one used for No. 2 Brownie and not for No. 1 
Folding Pocket Kodak. 

The Price 

\<>. 1 Kodak Junior, with meniscus achromatic lens and Kodak 

hall r.rurin.u shutter . . . $7 

I >in... with R. R. lens ... 

I Hack Solr I, rather * with strap ... 1.50 

Kodak \ut.. tinu- Scale <St\lr I. for USC with tin- camera when titud 

with R. R. \c\\> only ) . l HI 

X. ( . l ; ilni CarlridL 1 KpOSUreS (No. l- O) ... ... _ 

Kodak 1 r.rtrait . \tiarlimrnt 50 



No. 1A Kodak Junior 

In this new model is offered the advantages of low cost, with 
Kodak efficiency, which we have seen in the No. 1 Kodak Junior, 
in a camera made upon the same principle for 2 l / 2 x 4 T 4 pictures. 

This is one of the most popular amateur 
sizes, the proportion being unusually pleasing 
for landscapes, street scenes, and the like, in 
the horizontal position, and admirably adapted 
for portraiture when used vertically. 

With its strikingly thin, compact form, its 
reliable equipment and its low cost, the No. 
1A Kodak Junior is sure to please anyone 
who prefers pictures of this size. 

This model will accommodate the regular twelve exposure 
Kodak N. C. Film cartridges, and thus offers the daylight-all- 
the-way feature of all Kodaks. 

The shutter is the Kodak Ball Bearing with cable release, 
which works not only for bulb and time exposures, but has variable 
indicated speeds of Y V -V and T ^o second. The leaves, opening 
in the shape of a star, admit the greatest possible amount of light, 
for a between-the-lens shutter, at each exposure. 

The camera is furnished with either meniscus achromatic or 
rapid rectilinear lens. In both cases the lens is carefully tested 
and must conform to the high Kodak standard before it is allowed 
to go on the camera. 

Simplicity marks this camera in every respect. It is made 
with the new style back unusually easy to remove for loading 
and unloading. It has an automatic focusing lock, which permits 
the camera to be brought to focus quickly for objects at any dis 
tance. The finder is of the new collapsible type ; it is reversible, 
and two tripod sockets are furnished, so that the camera may be 
easily used in either the vertical or horizontal position. 

So compact that it will readily slip into the pocket, this 
camera offers that high standard of efficiency which is inseparable 
from the Kodak idea. The back and bed are made of aluminum, 
the covering is genuine leather, and metal parts are finished in 
nickel and black enamel. 


B053_ r irT 

"^ 14 


Xo. 1A 
Kodak funior 


In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 2 l / 2 x 4*4 inches. Capacity, \1 
exposures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 1^ x 3^4 x 8 iiicli^. 
Weight, 28 ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic, 5-inch focus. 
Also supplied with R. R. lens if desired. Shutter, Kodak Ball 
I .earing with cable release. (See page 6.) Brilliant, rever>ihk-, 
collapsible finder. 

The Price 

X". l.\ K. dak Junior, with meniscus achromatic lens ami Kodak 

Ball P. -ariiiK shutter 

Ditto, with R. K. U-ns 

I .lack Soli- I.i-athrr with strap ........ 

K -dak Autotinu- Scale (St\K- A, for use with camera wlu-n lilted 
with doiihK- K-n> i.nlv ) 

. l- ilm c anritl.ur. 1J exposures (No. 
Hit 1 icposurea 

l\"dak l ..rtrait Attai lmu-iit 







Nos. 1 and 1A Folding 
Pocket Kodaks 

These little Kodaks are designed for those who wish compact 
folding cameras which can be easily carried in the pocket and 
which will make pictures without the necessity of focusing or 
estimating distances. 

Upon opening the camera the front springs automatically 
into position, ready at once for making pictures of objects at any 
distance. A reversible finder makes composition easy, and slight 
pressure of the shutter lever makes the exposure. 

When closed the bed folds over front and bellows, concealing 
all adjustments, and the camera can then be very conveniently 
carried in any coat pocket. The camera is made of aluminum, 
with best seal grain leather covering and has nickel fittings. They 
differ only in the size of the pictures they make. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, No. 1, 2 l /4 x 3^4 inches; No. 1A, 
2 l / 2 x 4*4 inches. Capacity, each 12 exposures without reloading. 
Size of Kodak, No. 1, \y% x 3^ x 6^4 inches; No. 1A, 1^ x 3% 
x 7^4 inches. Weight, No. 1, 16 ounces; No. 1A, 22 ounces. 
Lens, meniscus achromatic, No. 1, 4-inch focus; No. 1A, 5-inch 
focus. Shutter, Pocket Automatic. (See page 6.) Brilliant 
reversible finder. 

The Price 
Folding Pocket Kodak, with meniscus achromatic lens, No - l ^- IA 

Pocket Automatic shutter ......... $10.00 

Black Sole Leather Case, with shoulder strap .... 1.50 

N. C. Film Cartridge, 12 exposures (No. 105 for No. 1, No. 

116 for No. 1A) ............ 

Ditto, 6 exposures ............. 

Kodak Portrait Attachment 






No. 1A Folding Pocket 
Kodak R. R. Type 

This is a camera of greater capabilities and wider scope than 
those previously described the first of that series of double lens 
Kodaks which have played such a prominent part in the develop 
ment and popularization of amateur photography. 

These cameras are fitted with the best R. R. lenses to be had, 
each one carefully tested to the highest standard and fitted only if 
it conforms to that standard. The shutter is of the Kodak Ball 
Bearing type. 

The camera as a whole makes a compact, inexpensive outfit, 
considering its capabilities, and one which, though suitable for the 
most serious work, will slip readily into the pocket, and is so 
simple that it may be effectively handled by the beginner. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 2 l /2 x 4J4 inches. Capacity, 12 
exposures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 8x2x3^ inches. 
Weight, 26 ounces. Lens, double combination, rapid rectilinear. 
speed, /. 8, focal length, 5 inches. Shutter, Kodak Ball Bearing. 
(See page 6.) Automatic focusing lock. Two tripod socket^. 
llrillianl ivvrr-ible finder. 

The Price 

No. l.\ I-M .K.. K.k. TVIK-. K.R. k-iis, Kodak Hall Hearing shutter . S15.W 

Diltn. with Kodak Automatir shutu-r 20.00 

I .lack S"lr Lr. ithcr t arryiim Case, with strap 1.50 

K-dak AutOtimc Sv.-iK- (Style A) 1.00 

N. C. Film Cartridge, 12 exposures, 2| \V116) 50 

I )iit", <i exposures .25 

Kodak I .irtrait Attachment .50 

: : 



Nos. 3 and 4 Folding Pocket Kodaks 

These cameras are made for two standard amateur size 
pictures and are similar in every essential respect excepting in 
the matter of size. The No. 3 makes 3 4 x 4}/ 4 pictures a 
favorite with many, and especially suitable for lantern slide 

making, as the slide can be printed by direct 
contact. The No. 4 makes 4x5 pictures and 
is preferred by many on account of the com 
paratively large size which it is possible to get 
of the objects in the composition. 

Both cameras offer the usual Kodak sim 
plicity, and the exceptional lens and shutter 
equipment which assures the user the maxi 
mum of efficiency in all work where an anastigmat equipment is 
not necessary. The illustration on the opposite pa^e shows the 
No. 3. 

The shutter is the Kodak Ball Bearing, in which is mounted 
an R. R. lens which must stand the most rigid test before it is 
passed by our inspectors. This lens works at /. 8, and as the leaves 
of the Kodak Ball Bearing shutter open in the shape of a star, 
the greatest possible amount of light is admitted at this opening 
-a fact which makes the instruments especially valuable for 
snap-shot work. 

The cameras are equipped with rising and sliding front a 
great convenience in architectural and many forms of landscape 
photography, and an automatic focusing lock is provided so that 
either can quickly be brought to focus at any- distance. 

While these models, of course, are designed for the use of our 
roll films, either can be loaded with plates at any time by the 
addition of a simple plate adapter or combination back (supplied 
extra). This is interchangeable with the regular back, is provided 
with ground glass for focusing and takes double plate holders. 
(See similar back illustrated on page 20.) 

Both cameras are handsomely finished throughout. Back and 
bed are of aluminum, metal parts are highly nickeled, and 
covering is of fine quality grain leather. 


Nos. 3 and 4 Folding 
Pocket Kodaks 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, No. 3, 3 4 * 4 4 inches; No. 4, 
4x5 inches. Capacity, 12 exposures without reloading. Si/A- of 
Kodak, No. 3, 1# x 4 l / 2 x 7 l /> inches; No. 4, 2y 4 x 5- 4 x 9 
inches. Weight, No. 3, 23 ounces; No. 4, 2 pounds 11 OUIKV- 
Lens, double combination, rapid rectilinear, speed, /. 8, focal 
length. No. 3, 5 inches; No. 4, 6Y 4 inches. Shutter. Kodak Hall 
Bearing. (See page 6.) Rising and sliding front. Two tripod 
-ckets. Brilliant reversible finder with lum.l. Automatic focus- 

The Price 

F. P. Kodak., R. R. lens and Kodak Ball Bearing shutter . 
Ditto, with Kudak Automatic shutter . . . . ... . 

Dittn. with riunpi.niKl shutter, hij^lu-st speed 2 5 second 

and / l,ik \nasti-niat lens, /. 6.3 .... 

K .flak Autntinir Scale (Style A for N<>. .?. Style AA for 

No. 4) . , .......... . 

I .lack S.iU- I.catlu-r Case, with 
Combination I ark. with .nt-mm 

l)..ul)l.- Gl I latr Holders . 

\. C. I ; ihn Cartridge. 12 exposures (No. US f..r No. 

123 for X<-. 4 i 

hit: Kposures .... 

Ditti-. "double-two" cartridge, -I exposures 

K..dak I .irtrait Attachnu-nt 

NO. :-, 



1 oo 




No. i 








No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak 

The best thought of our manufacturing organization has been 
put into presenting in this model a moderate priced camera for 
general amateur photography that is the embodiment of skill 

and painstaking care. 

It has in fact come to be recognized as the 
standard in hand cameras, and every suitable 
improvement made, or new idea evolved in 
the years in which it has been on the market, 
has been incorporated in its construction. 

The 3A Folding Pocket Kodak was the 
first camera made for 3^4 x 5^2 pictures a 
size which has become the most popular of all amateur sizes. Its 
proportions are just right for post cards, it is unusually effective 
for landscapes and street scenes when used horizontally; while 
vertically, it is ideal for portraiture, whether full length or head 
and shoulders, when the camera is fitted with Kodak Portrait 

The camera is fitted with tested R. R. lens, the Kodak Ball 
Bearing shutter, and rising and sliding front. And it is so simple 
that a beginner can make good pictures with it from the start. 

Like the No. 3, 
this model will accom 
modate plates as welj 
as films by the simple 
addition of a combina 
tion back, which is in 
terchangeable with the 
regular back. This may 
be secured from any 
dealer, it is fitted with 
ground glass and takes 
double plate holders. 

This camera is covered with best quality of fine grain leather, 
and has nickeled fittings. 

Showing Combination Back with 
Focusing Screen 





No. 3A Folding 
Pocket Kodak 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 3)4 x $ l /2 inches. Capacity, 10 
exposures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 9 l /2 x 4 34 x 2 inches. 
Weight. 41 ounces. Lens, double combination, rapid rectilinear, 
speed, /. 8, focal length, 6-^j inches. Shutter, Kodak Rail Rearing. 
(See page 6.) Two tripod sockets. Brilliant reversible finder 
with hood. Automatic focusing lock. 

The Price 

No, -v\ I T. K<lak, R. R. lens, Kodak Ball Bearing shutter 

|)itt", with Kod;ik Automatic shutter 

r,l.-u-k S"l- I.catlirr Case, with strap 

!ak Antotin; le (Style AA) 

Cf inliinatit ii I ark . 

I >,,ni.K- Glass I latc I [olders, ; i . . . . 

l-ilm Cartridge, K) exposui No. 1JJ) 

Diti \|).>sui 

I )ittf. "( twn" rartri<lv;r, 4 

K"lak Portrait Attai htiu-nt 










,. : 


No. 4 A Folding Kodak 

For very large size pictures, we offer the No. 4A Folding 
Kodak a camera which combines all the simple and con 
venient Kodak features in a very light and compact camera, 
considering the size of the pictures it makes. It is fully 

equipped for out-of-the-ordinary work, as 
well as for snap-shot and general amateur 

One of its special features is its adapt 
ability to home portraiture. Fitted with the 
Kodak Portrait Attachment, it will make bust 
portraits up to the full size of the film, as it 
may be operated as close as 3 l / 2 feet to the 
subject. A plate adapter (extra) with focusing screen, inter 
changeable with the regular back, will permit the use of dry 
plates if desired. 

The shutter supplied with this model is a double valve auto 
matic, which works not only for time and bulb exposures, but is 
also graduated in fractional parts of a second from Tt b to 1. 
The lens is a Rapid Rectilinear of the same high quality as those 
supplied with the preceding Kodaks. 

The camera is equipped with rising and sliding front, rack 
and pinion for easy focusing, two tripod sockets and a very 
positive automatic standard clamp. The regular finder is a 
brilliant reversible, but when desired, a direct view finder can 
be furnished for specially quick snap-shot work with the camera 
held on a level with the eyes. 

Constructed with the same care and attention to detail as 
the preceding model, the No. 4A is just as simple to operate, and 
is finished in the same style, with seal grain covering and nickeled 



No. 4A 

Folding Kodak 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 4 4 x 6 l / 2 inches. Capacity, 6 
exposures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 11x6^x25^ incli 
\\Yight, 4 pounds 4 ounces. Lens, double combination, rapid r 
tilinear, speed, /. 8, focal length, 8}4 inches. Shutter, B. & 1.. 
Automatic. Rising and sliding front. Rack and pinion for focus 
ing. Two tripod sockets. Brilliant reversible finder with hood. 

The Price 

No. 4\ ! . Kodak, R. R. lens, B. & L. Automatic shutter .. 
Ditto, with Zi-is^ Kodak anastigmat lens, /. 6.3 
Ditto, with Compound Shutter, highest speed T $ ff second 
Kodak Autotime Scalr for regular equipment (Style DDD) . 

Ditto, for Compound Shutter (Style HHH) 

I .lark I.railu-r Case, with strap 

Cilas- I latr AdaptiT, with ground glass 
I)..nhl,- GlaSS Plate llnldrrs. rarh . j . 

X. C. I ihn Cartridge, > exposures, 4 : \ o 1 , < \.,. 126) 

Ditto, "donhii- two" cartridge, -4 exposures ... . 

Dirm Yirw l- indi-r . . 
Kodak Portrait Attachnu-nt . 







Panoram Kodaks 

The Panoram Kodak does a special kind of work - - a very 
desirable kind of work which cannot be done with a camera of 
any other type. 

As its name implies, it is constructed so as to take pano 
ramic pictures of outdoor groups, landscapes, mountain views, 
and the like. 

For instance, in making a picture of an outdoor group of 
twelve or fifteen people, with an ordinary camera, they would 
have to be arranged in two or three rows to get good sized images, 
but with a Panoram they can be arranged in a semi-circle, at a 
given distance from the camera, and all appear in the picture in 
one row and of the proper relative size. Again, in making a 
landscape, the sweep of the Panoram lens will take in the com 
plete view, while the scope of the ordinary camera could only 
permit a portion of it to be taken at one exposure. 

In addition to its use for making horizontal pictures, the 
camera may be as easily used in the vertical position, and 
decidedly unique pictures of high waterfalls, mountain peaks and 
such subjects can be secured. 

The lens is mounted on a pivot and when the exposure is to 
be made, by pressing a lever the lens automatically swings on 
this pivot from one side of the camera to the other, embracing an 
angle of over 100 degrees. At the same time, the shutter operates 
automatically with great precision, insuring even illumination 
throughout the exposure. 

There is no complication whatever in operation, the whole 
process is automatic ; it s just as easy to make pictures with the 
Panoram as with any other Kodak. 

Those who already have other Kodaks or contemplate pur 
chasing such, will find this a valuable addition to their photo 
graphic equipment for the making of out-of-the-ordinary pictures. 

Panoram Kodaks use the regular daylight loading N. C. 
Kodak film, they are carefully made, have genuine leather cover 
ings and nickeled fittings. 

The No. 1 has a scope of 112 degrees, while the No. 4 em 
braces an angle of 142 degrees. Panoram Kodaks cannot be 
used successfully indoors. 


Panoram Kodaks 

No. i Panoram Kodak 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 2 l /+ x 7 inches. Capacity, 6 expos 
ures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 3^ x 4?/6 x 7^ inclu-. 
\Yeight, 24 ounces. Lens, specially selected as to quality and focal 
length. Shutter, Panoram. Two tripod sockets. Brilliant finder 
with hood. Uses No. 1 F. P. Kodak cartridges. 

The Price 

No. 1 Panoram Kodak $10.00 

I .Iack Sole Leather Carrying Case, with shoulder strap . . . . | 2.50 

X. C. Film Cartridge, 6 exposures, 2% x 7 (No. 105) . . .411 

Ditto, 3 exposures .... 20 

No. 4 Panoram Kodak 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 3 l / 2 x 12 inches. Capacity. 4 ex 
posures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 4 ; : \ ; \l() s incli 
\\ right. J pounds 14 ounces. Lens, specially selected as to quality 
and focal length. Shutter, Panoram. T\vo tripod >ockvt-. 
liaut finder with hood. Uses No. 4 I .. K. cartn .lges. 

Tlu- I ricr 

X". 4 raiiorain Kodak ) QQ 

lilack Sole I.ratlu-r Carryin.u * with sh.ul<KT strap "300 

C. l-ilni Cartridge, 4 exposur \ u < No. lo.ri 
Ditto. 1 i-\p. .Mitvs 



Nos. 1A and 3 Special Kodaks 

The Special Kodaks are made upon the idea of providing 
the very best possible in hand cameras. A fine anastigmat lens, 
made expressly for hand camera work, a high speed, accurate 
shutter, a complete operating equipment, and the best materials 

procurable, richly finished- -these, moulded 
together by the most expert camera workmen 
in the world, leave nothing to be desired by 
the user, whether he be beginner or expert. 

Aside from the requirements of the focal 
plane specialist, there is no condition under 
which amateur pictures can be made, in 
which these cameras will not produce the 
best possible results. 

The Nos. 1A and 3 Specials are alike in every respect ex 
cepting in size the No. 1A making 2% x 4 l / 4 pictures and the 
No. 3 the larger 3*4 x 4% size. 

Each is fitted with the Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens work 
ing at a maximum opening of /. 6.3, and with the Compound 
shutter attaining a speed of ^- second. The fast lenses give 
the Specials a great advantage over the ordinary camera in dull 
lights, and in combination with the Compound shutter, make 
them second only to cameras having focal plane shutters for 
photographing rapidly moving objects. 

They have rising and sliding fronts, reversible finders, rack 
and pinion for focusing, spirit levels, in fact every useful con 
venience that can be put into a hand camera. The No. 3 size 
will take plates by addition of a combination back (supplied 

Made as the last word in photographic perfection, these 
cameras are beautifully finished. Covered with genuine Persian 
Morocco, with rich black leather bellows and nickeled fittings, 
they bear the impress of the quality that is in them. 



Nos. 1A and 3 
Special Kodaks 

No. 1A No. 3 

In Detail 

Size of Kodak, No. 1A, 2x3^x8 inches; No. 3, 
inches. Weight, No. 1A, 30 ounces; No. 3, 32 ouno Lens, 
/ciss Kodak anastigmat, speed, /. 6.3, focal length, No. 1A, 5 
inches ; No. 3, 5 inches. Shutter, Compound. (See page 7.) Two 
tripod sockets. Brilliant reversible finder, with hood. Spirit level. 
Rack and pinion for focusing. 

The Price 

Special Kodak, Zeiss Kodak anastigmat lens, /. 6.3, and 

Compound Shutter . 

Ditto, with Cooke Series Ilia, /. 6.5 lens 

Ditto, with I . & L. 7ei>s Tessar Series lib lens, /. 6.3 . . 
Kodak Ant time Scale (Style H) 

ain Leather. Velvet Lined Case, with strap . 

mhination I lack 

Douhle Glass IMate Holder^, each . . .... 

X. C. l ; ilm Cartridge, 1- exposures (No. \\<> for No. 1A, 

No. lix for No. 3) 

I )itto, (> exposures 

Ditto, "dmihle two" eartrid^e. 4 exposures 

K"dak Portrait Attachment 

$4o.OO $48.00 
56.50 58.50 

5-. .50 









No. 3A Special Kodak 

To combine in one instrument every feature that could add 
to practical efficiency and yet retain the pocket Kodak conveni 
ence and simplicity was the work that we set for ourselves in 
designing the 3A Special Kodak. In no respect did we fall 

short of that work. In this camera no essen 
tial to good picture making is omitted, yet it 
has no unnecessary "contraptions" to annoy 
and befog the beginner. It is recognized as 
the highest type of hand camera for the 

. v* amateur skilled or unskilled. 

^gJHSS^ ^- 

The 3A Special Kodak is equipped with 

the Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens, /. 6.3, 
the anastigmat made especially for hand camera work and 
combining speed, depth and definition in an unusual degree. 
The shutter is the Compound, operated by either cable or 
finger release and having a maximum speed of ^thj- second. 

With this equipment it is possible to get well-timed pictures, 
under light conditions that would be fatal to good results with 
the ordinary camera and in bright light to make successful 
exposures as short as -^-y- second. 

The 3A Special has a most complete equipment in keeping 
with the high grade of work for which it is designed. It has 
both rising and sliding front, reversible finder, rack and pinion for 
focusing, spirit level, double focusing scale one for films and the 
other for plates. 

The camera body is made of aluminum, producing a very light, 
yet strong and durable, instrument. The finish and appointments 
are of the richest. The covering is genuine Persian Morocco, the 
bellows is of black selected leather, and these in connection with 
the highly nickeled fittings and dull black enameled shutter add 
that look of quality that is in harmony with its genuine efficiency 
and worth. 




No. 3 A Special 


In Detail 

Size of Kodak, 9 l / 2 x 4^4 x 2 inches. Weight, 42 ounces. 
Lens, Zeiss Kodak anastigmat, speed, /. 6.3, focal length, 6^ 
inches. Shutter, Compound, with cable release. (See page 7.) 
Two tripod sockets. Brilliant reversible finder, with hood. Spirit 
level. Rack and pinion for focusing. 

The Price 

No. -v\ Special Kodak, Zeiss Kodak anastigmat lens, /. 6.3 and 

Compound shutter .* . $60.00 

Ditto, with Cooke Series Ilia /. 6.5 lens 66.5 i 

Ditt... with H. & L. Zeiss Tessar Series lib lens, /. 6.3 . 71.00 

Kodak Autotime Scale (Style HH) t 

(rain I, rather, \Ylvrt I.iiu-d Ca^c, with strap ; : i 

Coinhinatii ii \\-.\ck ., 4.00 

Double Glass Plate Holders, each 1 <><> 

X. C. I- ihu Cartrid-c , 10 exposures ( No, l- - i . . . 

1 >itt<>, rxpi ^u: .40 

Ditto, "double-two" cartridge, 4 exposures 

lak Portrait Attachment .50 



Six-Three Kodaks 

From the time that the Kodak catalogue appeared last year, 
containing the first announcement of the Sir-Three Kodaks, it was 
evident that these cameras were to score a great success. The 
demand for them grew, as it were, over night, and has steadily 
kept up ever since. 

This is a natural enough condition, when it is considered that 
Sir-Three Kodaks provide those who want the anastigmat ad 
vantages of definition, flatness of field, and speed, at the minimum 
of expense, with suitably equipped and fully reliable cameras. 

To produce such cameras we have taken the regular Folding 
Pocket Kodak models and replaced the R. R. lens and Ball Bearing 
shutter equipments with the Compound shutter with cable release 
and the Cooke Kodak anastigmat lens. This lens is an anastigmat 
of first quality, fully corrected and working at a maximum speed 

of /. 6.3. 

For other details on any Sir-Three Kodak, merely refer to 
the detailed specifications of the corresponding regular model. 

The Price 
Six-Three Kodak No. 1A, 2 l / 2 x 4%, Cooke Kodak anastigmat lens, 

/. 6.3, and Compound shutter, highest speed ?fo second . . . $37.00 
Six-Three Kodak No. 3, 3 l / 4 * 4J4, Cooke Kodak anastigmat lens, 

/. 6.3, and Compound shutter, highest speed ^ second . . . 39.00 
Six-Three Kodak No. 3A, 3^ x 5$4, Cooke Kodak anastigmat lens, 

/.6.3, and Compound shutter, highest speed ^ second . . . 48.00 
Kodak Autotime Scale (Style H for Nos. 1A and 3, Style HH for 

No. 3A) 

For prices on carrying cases, films, etc., see price list of corresponding 

regular models. 



No. 1 Brownie 

This, the first of the Brownies, is really responsible for the 
entire line of these popular cameras. Originally produced as a 
camera particularly for the children, the No. 1 Brownie made such 
good pictures in their hands as to excite the interest of grown-up 
people, and the success obtained by its use created a demand for 
similar inexpensive cameras for pictures of larger size. The No. 1 
Brownie is exceedingly simple to operate and each camera has to 
undergo the regular Kodak inspection, before being sent out. 

The scope of view is ordinarily located by V-shaped lines at 
the top, but if preferred the Brownie finder (detachable) illus 
trated below, can be fitted at an extra charge of 25 cent-. 

Has automatic shutter for time or snap-shot exposures, and 
will make good portraits when fitted with Kodak Portrait Attach 

In Detail 

For square pictures, 2)4 x 2*4 inches. Capacity, 6 exposures 
without reloading. Size of camera, 4^ x 2 l /% x 3 inches. Weight, 
8 ounces. Lens, meniscus, 3^4 -inch focus. Shutter, Eastman 
Rotary, with one stop. 

The Price 

No. 1 I rmvnie Camera, meniscus lens, East 
man Rotary shutter $1.00 

Xi. 1 I .mwiiie Carrying Case, holds camera 

and tinder 50 

N. C. Kilm Cartridge, (> exposures, 2 ] ; \ _ 

Wo. 117) 15 

\vnie Kinder, detachable J5 

X<>. 1 Brownie Developing and I rintin.L, Out 

tit, including paper for 24 prints ... 90 
Kodak Portrait Attachment .50 


LI t 


Nos. 2 and 2 A Brownies 

Simple, sturdy, reliable, these inexpensive little cameras have 
stood the test of years, and will be found in the hands of many 
thousands of people all over the world, who are making perfectly 
satisfactory pictures with them. They are especial favorites with 
the children on account of their great simplicity, but they are 
withal so practical that they have been readily taken up by grown 
up people who wish to make pictures in the easiest possible man 
ner and at the minimum of expense. 

Each has two finders, automatic shutter, carefully tested lens, 
and imitation leather covering. They differ from each other only 
in the size of the pictures they make and in their lenses. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, No. 2, 2^4 x 3^4 inches ; No. 2A, 
2^ x 4J4 inches. Capacity, No. 2, 6 exposures without reloading; 
No. 2A, 12 exposures without reloading. Size of camera, No. 2, 
$5/s x 4 x 3^ inches; No. 2A, 3& x 5y s x 6 l /s inches. Weight, 
No. 2, 13 ounces; No. 2A, 21 ounces. Lens, No. 2, meniscus; No. 
2A, meniscus achromatic. Shutter, Eastman Rotary, with three 
stops. Two finders. 

The Price No .2 No.2A 

No 2 Brownie Camera, meniscus lens, Eastman Rotary 

shutter $2.00 

No. 2A Brownie Camera, meniscus achromatic lens, East 
man Rotary shutter $3.00 

Brownie Carrying Case, with shoulder strap 75 

N. C. Film Cartridge, 12 exposures (No. 116) . . . . .50 

N. C. Film Cartridge, 6 exposures, (No. 120 for No. 2, No. 

116 for No. 2A) 20 .25 

Kodak Portrait Attachment 50 .50 

ABC Developing and Printing Outfit (see page 46) . . 1.50 1.50 

E30G3 r 


No. 3 Brownie 

For those who want larger pictures, the No. 3 Brownie offers 
the same simplicity, the same reliability and the same propor 
tionately low cost, in a camera for 3*4 x 4*4 pictures, as do the 
>nialler Brownies. 

This camera is capable of producing excellent pictures in the 
hands of the young or the old, and its negatives are of such quality 
as to yield very good enlargements by use of the inexpensive 
Brownie Enlarging Camera. In fact, this is a feature of all 

By the addition of a Kodak Portrait Attachment this instru- 
ment can be used with excellent success in home portraiture. 

The No. 3 Brownie is well made in every respect. It has 
durable imitation leather covering, metal parts are nickeled and 
it offers the daylight-all-the-way feature of the Kodaks. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 3*4 * 4}4 inches. Capacity, 
exposures without realoading. Size of camera, 6^ x 4% x 5 
inclu \\Vight, 24 ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic. 5-inch 
focus. Shutter. Ka-tman Rotary, with three stops. Two tri] 
iketS, Two finder-. 

The Price 

\ o. 3 Brownie Camera, meniscus achromatic lens, Ka-tman Rotary 
shutter ..... 

No.3"Brownie Carrying Case, with shoulder Mrai . 

\. C. l- ilm Cartridge, 1J exposw - 4 ; ; ( No, 124) . 

Dit* xposures ........ 

Ditto, "ilntihh- two" cartri<lge, 4 exposures . 

K.i.lak 1 ortrait Attaclinu-nt ............. 


No. 2 Folding Pocket Brownie 

The folding Brownies are made upon the same idea of sim 
plicity and low cost as the box forms. They are so closely related 
to the Kodaks offering, as they do, the daylight-all-the-way 
feature and made in the Kodak factories, by Kodak workmen 
that they well deserve the name "little cousins of the Kodaks/ 

The No. 2 is a very dainty little camera which will slip readily 
into an ordinary pocket, and make excellent pictures the all-by- 
daylight-way. It is fitted with our Pocket Automatic shutter 
working for time, bulb and snap-shot exposures, in which is 
mounted an excellent meniscus lens. Fitted with Kodak Portrait 
Attachment, this becomes a good camera for home portraiture, 
and the negatives which it makes will yield excellent 5x7 enlarge 
ments by use of the Brownie Enlarging Camera. 

The camera is carefully finished throughout, it has imitation 
leather covering and nickeled fittings. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 2 l /\ x 3^4 inches. Capacity, 6 
exposures without reloading. Size of camera, 6% x 3^ x 2 l / 
inches. Weight, 16 ounces. Lens, meniscus, 4*/2-inch focus. 
Shutter, Pocket Automatic. (See page 6.) Two tripod sockets. 
Automatic focusing lock. Reversible finder. 

The Price 

No. 2 Folding Pocket Brownie, meniscus lens, Pocket Automatic 

shutter $5.00 

No. 2 Folding Pocket Brownie Carrying Case .... . .75 

N. C. Film Cartridge, 6 exposures, 2^ x 3% (No. lk.0) 20 

Kodak Portrait Attachment .50 



No. 2 A Folding Pocket Brownie 


The pleasing proportions of the pictures taken by this little 
Brownie, combined with its simple operation and reliability, have 
made it one of the most popular cameras of the whole Brownie line. 

For effective landscape composition and full and three-quart er 
length portraits, the shape of its pictures is ideal. And when fitted 
with Kodak Portrait Attachment, it may be operated close up to 
the subject for bust portraits. 

Identical in construction and general design with the Xn. 2, 
this model can as easily be carried in the pocket, works for time, 
bulb and instantaneous exposures, and is well finished throughout. 
Attractively covered with best imitation leather, and metal parts 
are highly nickeled. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 2 l / 2 x 4*4 inches. Capacity, 1- 
exposures without reloading. Size of camera, S*/ 2 x 2 x o 
inelu Weight. 2.S ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic. 5-inch 
focus. Shutter, Pocket Automatic. Two tripod sockets. Auto 
mat ic focusing lock. Reversible finder. 

The IVi 


. 2.\ Folding I i.rkrt Bn \vnii . nu-ni-ru> nchnmiatic K-ns. 

.\nt"ni;itic shutter . 

\o. 2A Folding rrkrt I .n i\vnir C ;irr\iim < 

X. C. l- ilin C arlrid.m . 1J i-xp. ^ures, 2 1 /. . inclu-> (No. 11") 

1 )itto, (i exposures 

Kodak 1 i.rtrait Altaclinu-nt 



No. 3 Folding Brownie 

Always an efficient camera, the capabilities of the No. 3 
Folding Brownie have been still further increased by the addition 
of the Brownie Ball Bearing shutter. This shutter, made upon 
the same principle as the Kodak Ball Bearing, with its star-shaped 
opening and smooth, accurate action, makes the camera especially 
effective for snap-shot work. 

No. 3 Folding Brownies are well made, dependable cameras 
in every respect, they have the simplicity and daylight-all-the-way 
feature of their big cousins, the Kodaks, and offer the choice of 
either double or single lens equipment. Illustration shows camera 
with single lens. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 3j4 x ^ 1 A inches. Capacity, 12 
exposures without reloading. Size of camera, 8^ x 4^ x 2^ 
inches. Weight, 25 ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic, 5-inch 
focus. Shutter, Brownie Ball Bearing. (See page 7.) Automatic 
focusing lock. Two tripod sockets. Reversible finder. 

The Price 

No. 3 Folding Brownie Camera, meniscus achromatic lens, Brownie 

Ball Bearing shutter ............. $ 9.00 

Ditto, with R. R. lens and Brownie Ball Bearing shutter .... 11.00 

No. 3 Folding Brownie Carrying Case .......... 1.00 

N. C. Film Cartridge, 12 exposures, 3^4 x 4^ (No. 124) . 70 

Ditto, 6 exposures ................ 

Ditto, "double-two" cartridge, 4 exposures ........ 

Kodak Portrait Attachment ............. 



No. 3 A Folding Brownie 

Like the No. 3, the efficiency of this model has been greatly 
augmented by addition of the Brownie Ball Bearing shutter. 

It offers the choice of either single or double lens, and work 
ing with the usual Brownie simplicity, it makes a highly effective 
camera, for the popular 3)4 x 5 l /2 pictures, at low co-t. 

This camera will produce extremely good results in general 
amateur photography, under ordinarily favorable conditions, and 
when fitted with Kodak Portrait Attachment, becomes a mi-i 
dependable outfit for home portraiture. It is covered with durable 
imitation leather, has nickeled fittings and a neat, attractive 
appearance. Illustration shows camera with double len-. 

In Detail 

For rectangular pictures, 3j4 * $ l /2 inches. Capacity, 10 
exposures without reloading. Size of camera, 2y& x 4jv6 x ()7 s 
inches Weight, 34 ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic, (> j-inch 
us. Shutter, Brownie Ball Bearing. (See page 7.) Auto 
matic focusing lock. Two tripod sockets. Reversible tinder. 

The Price 

X<>. .v\ Folding I mwnir Camera, meniscus achromatic Kn-, 15r. >wnie 

I .all I .rariiiK shutu-r $1 

Ditt". with 1\. l\. K lis and I mwiiii- I all lU-arin^ shutter .... IJ.nii 

\t>. ,v\ l- oldini;- Urnwiiii- C arrxin- C l- H) 

N. C. Film Cartridge, in exposures < No. 1JJ) 

I )itt--, ( exposui 

hitt", " tw<>" rartrid^i-. 4 exposures . 

K..lak I ortrait . \ttachinrnt 



Brownie Enlarging Camera 

The average amateur usually thinks of enlarging as an intricate, 
expensive process, requiring considerable skill and experience. 

But such is not the fact. Even a youngster 
can make first-rate enlargements with a 
Brownie Enlarging Camera. It s just as 
easy as printing on Velox paper. In fact 
the two processes are very much the same, 
excepting that in printing, the negative and 
paper are in close contact, while in enlarg 
ing, the paper is at some distance from the 
negative, with a lens in between. 

As shown in the illustration, the Brownie 
Enlarging Camera is simplicity itself. It s 
just a light-tight cone with an attachment at 
the small end to hold the negative, and 
another at the large end for the paper. Pro 
vision is made inside for holding the lens. 
To make an enlargement, one merely 
places the negative and paper in place, holds the negative end up to 
the light for a specified time and then develops the paper as usual. 
One of these inexpensive outfits will enable you to make en 
largements at any time from your favorite negatives. 

The cameras are collapsible, so that they fold flat and may be 
conveniently carried in a suit case. 

The Price 
No. 2 Brownie Enlarging Camera, for 5. x 7 enlargements from 

2*4 x 3 1 4 negatives $2.00 

No. 3. Ditto, for 6 l / 2 x 8H enlargements from 3*4 x 4^4 negatives 3.00 
No. 4. Ditto, for 8 x 10 enlargements from 4x5 negatives (will 

also take 3^4 x 5 ] /> negatives) 4.00 

V. P. Kodak Enlarging Camera 

This is made upon exactly the same principle as the Brownie 
Enlarging Camera, excepting that being small in itself, it is not 
made collapsible. 

It offers the simplest means for making 3*4 x 5>^ enlarge 
ments from \y% x 2 l /2 negatives. 

The Price 
Vest Pocket Kodak Enlarging Camera $1.75 


Brownie Enlarging Camera Illuminator 

In enlarging with the Brownie or Vest Pocket Kodak Enlarg 
ing Camera, the exposure may be made by daylight, but to 
accommodate those who wish to do their enlarging at night or 
who prefer to use artificial light at all times we have devised the 
Brownie Enlarging Camera Illuminator, which assures the user 
a uniformly strong, even light, day or night. It is simply con 
structed, and moderate in price. 

The illuminator is collapsible, but when set up, has the form 
of a half-round, light-proof box with socket through which is 
inserted an electric light bulb. 

The inner walls of this box are white and act as a rellector 
when the light is turned on. At the end is a ground glass, which 
diffuses the light, so that by placing negative end of the enlarging 
camera in contact with this glass and turning on the electricity. 
an excellent steady printing light is obtained. 

The glass is provided with a hinged protector of ruby cloth. 
which may be closed as soon as the exposure is completed, and the 
illuminator then becomes a perfect lamp for the developing and 
subsequent operations with the enlargement. Complete instructions 
for use are included with each outfit, and anyone who has electric 
light in the hou-e will find it invaluable for enlarging purpose-. 

I .n>\vnir 

(. anuTa I llnniinalr, 


The Kodiopticon 

The Kodiopticon opens a new use a new pleasure in his 
negatives, for the amateur photographer. For it enables anyone 
who has electricity in his house, to show sharp, well-illuminated 
lantern slide projections without difficulty and at small expense. 

The Kodiopticon is substantially made, and operated with an 
ordinary Mazda electric lamp, at a distance of 10 feet from the 
sheet, will project images of about 36 inches. A larger image may 
be secured by setting the Kodiopticon a greater distance away, but 
the greater the distance the less the illumination. Can also be fur 
nished with an electric arc lamp, when it can be used at 12 feet, with 
the maximum illumination, projecting an image of about 42 inches. 

The Kodiopticon has a water jacket for protection of the slides 
from heat, and the price includes a strong wooden case, which, by 
reversing the top, serves as a permanent stand for the outfit. 

The Price . 

Kodiopticon, complete with Mazda Lamp $25.00 

Ditto with Hand-feed Arc Lamp and 4 ampere Rheostat, acommo- 

" dating 110 volts 40.00 

Ditto, accommodating 220 volts 42.00 

100 Watt Mazda (Tungsten) Lamp, Concentrated Filament . . . 3.50 

Eastman Portable Background Carrier 3.00 

Eastman Portable Background, plain, 4x5 feet . . ... . . 1.50 

Lantern Slide Plates, 3*4 x 4, per dozen 45 

Lantern Slide Cover Glass, per dozen 20 

Lantern Slide Binders, per package 50 strips 10 

Velox Lantern Slide Films, 2^4 x 3^4, per dozen 30 

Velox Lantern Slide Frames, per dozen .25 

Velox Lantern Slide Mats, 2% x 3i 5 e, per 2 dozen 05 

Nepera Solution, for developing Velox L. S. Films, 4-ounce bottle . .20 
Lantern Slide Film Varnish, 4-ounce bottle .25 




Velox Transparent Water Color Stamps 

An interesting and highly enjoyable diversion for the amateur 
photographer is the coloring of prints. And those who use the 
Kodiopticon will find that many slides are greatly improved by the 
addition of color. While actual color photography is by no means 
practical for general amateur use, anyone can make beautifully 
colored prints by the use of Velox Transparent Water Col< >r Stamp-. 

No special artistic skill, no knowledge of painting whatever is 
necessary. Just a brush or two and the book of stamps, which in 
cludes simple directions for coloring both prints and lantern slides. 

Kach book includes twelve sheets of colors and each sheet is 
divided by perforations into twenty-two stamps. To use any color 
merely tear off a stamp, place in a small saucer or palette supplied 
with the outfit, and cover with about a tea-poonful of water. 

The Yclox Transparent Water Color Stamp Outfit offer- the 
greatest convenience in coloring prints, as it includes the book of 
-tamp-, three bru>hes and a white enameled mixing palette, put 
up iu a neat cardboard case. 

lox Transparrnt YYaU-r Color Stamp-, romplrtr bookK-t. 1J coli > _ 5 

Srparatr Color Leaves, two shifts 05 

Sri of .> Sp<-.-ial Brushes, pn- set . . .50 

Mixinir I alntr ... ... _ 5 

Vi-l>\ Transparrnt \Vatrr C l lor Staiuj) Outfit, including hook, tin 

brushrs and palrttr . . 75 



Kodak Film Tank 

Development, that former bugbear of the amateur photog 
rapher and especially of the beginner, is made a simple proposition 
by the Kodak Film Tank fully as simple as any part of the 
photographic process. 

The Kodak Film Tank automatically develops every roll of 
film put into it, just as well as that roll of film could be developed 
by the most experienced photographer. If directions are followed, 
if the chemicals are mixed and the temperature regulated accord 
ing to instructions, a boy or girl can get just as good results from 
the Kodak Film Tank as an expert by any method. 

In other words, every roll of film put into the film tank, where 
the simple directions are implicitly followed, will come out 
developed as well, or better, than that roll of film could be devel 
oped in the dark room by the most experienced photographer. 
And it is very simple, it eliminates the dark room entirely, 
developing the film in broad daylight, and is so compact as to 
be easily carried and used anywhere. 

The Kodak Film Tank consists of a winding box, a light- 
proof apron, and a heavily nickeled brass solution cup with cover. 
In the Brownie Film Tank, however, no cover is necessary as 
the film roll itself is turned. All articles can be.packed in the box, 
making the entire outfit self-contained. 

The film to be developed is placed upon a reel in the winding 
box, the cover is placed on the box and the film is wound around 



an axis in combination with the apron, in such fashion that, when 
completely wound, the apron protect- the film effectually from 
light, and may he removed from the winding box safely at any 
time. It is then lowered into the cup of developer, the cover 
attached and the film left to develop for twenty minutes. After 
development the film is removed for fixing. 

Every step is performed in daylight and the exact time nee 
sary for development, in combination with the chemical formula, 
has been scientifically worked out, so that all differences of 
exposure within reasonable bounds are taken care of. K-pccial 
attention i> called to the new 2^-inch size, for the development 
of 1A or 2A films. 

Those who wish to develop more than one roll at a time can 
do so without purchasing extra tanks complete, by securing 
duplicating outfits as listed below. 

The Price 

lirownie Kodak Film Tank, for use with No. 1, No. 2 and No. 2 

Folding Pocket Brownie Cartridges, complete ...... $2.50 

\"<-st Pocket Kodak Film Tank, for Vest Pocket Cartridges, compl. 2.50 

2^/2-inch Kodak Film Tank, for use with all Kodak or Brownie cart 

ridges having a film width of 2 l / 2 inches or less, complete . . 3.50 
3^2-inch Kodak Film Tank, for use with all Kodak and Bmwnie 

cartrid.uc-s having a film width of 3 } /2 inches or less, complete . 5.00 
5-inch Kodak Film Tank, for use with all Kodak and Brownie cart 

ridges having a film width of 5 inches or less, complete . 
7-inch Kodak Film Tank, for use with No. 5 Cartridge Kodak or 

shorter film cartridges, complete .......... 7.50 

Duplicating Outfit, consisting of one solution cup, one transferring 

reel. and one apron, for Brownie Kodak Film Tank .... 1 _ 5 
Ditto, for Vest Pocket Film Tank . . . 1 _>5 

Ditto, for 2K -inch Kodak Film Tank . 17- 

Ditto, for 354-inch Kodak Film Tank . . . . 2.50 

Ditto, for 5 inch Kodak Film Tank ; . 3.00 

Ditto, for 7 inch Kodak Film Tank ...*.... , . 
Kodak Tank Developer Powders for Brownir Kodak Film Tank, per 

package. a do/rii ............ .15 

Ditto, for V< 51 IWkr-t Tank ...... ........ 15 

Ditto, for _ )! . inch tank, pi-r package. : ] do/i-n ....... 

Ditto, for 3 _. inch tank, prr package. .. do/rii ....... J(l 

Ditto, for 5 inch tank, prr pad. n . ...... 

Ditto, for 7-inch tank, per package, <! vn ......... _ 5 

Kodak Acid Fixing 1 owdi-r, prr : ; pound package ..... 10 

Ditto, prr .. pound package ............. 15 

1 itto, per 1 pound pack t{j ....... 


No. 2 Brownie Developing Box 

Offering the same assurance of perfectly developed film as 
the Kodak Film Tank, the Brownie Developing Box is a modified 
form of the same, so simple to use that any boy or girl can readily 
understand and operate it. 

It consists of a metal box with cover, just long enough to 
accommodate a roll of No. 1 or No. 2 Brownie Film in one loop. 

To develop, the roll of film is inserted in the spool carrier, 
and by means of a cord and winding shaft the film is unrolled 
and carried around a roller bearing, thus exposing the film to 
the action of the developer. 

Before unrolling the film the developer is poured in the box 
and the cover put in place ; all these operations being performed 
in daylight. The film is then unrolled by turning the crank, when 
the box is rocked on its standard for six minutes. The developer 
is then poured off and box filled with water to wash out developer, 
after which film is removed and fixed in daylight. 

This is an excellent means, for those who have No. 1 or No. 2 
Brownie Cameras, of developing their films without the need of 
skill or experience. 

The Price 

No. 2 Brownie Developing Box .... 
Brownie Developing Box Powders, per package of 6 . 
Kodak Acid Fixing Powders, J / 2 -pound package . . . 
Ditto, *4-P unc l package 




Eastman Plate Tank 

What the film tank has done for films, 
the plate tank does for plat. The idea 
of the two tanks is based upon the same 
time and temperature system of develop 
ment, with, of course, such differences in 
actual construction of the tanks as are 
required by the physical differences be 
tween films and plate-. And as plates 
must be unloaded in a dark room, the 
plate tank cannot offer the advantage of 
daylight quite all the way, but it takes only 
a few moments in the dark room to load 
this tank, after which it may be brought 
out into any light for development. 
The device consists of a metal solution cup with cover, a cage 

for holding 12 or less plates, and a loading fixture for loading the 

plates in the cage. 

The exposed plates are loaded into the cage and placed in the 
tank, which has been filled with developer, in the dark room and 
the tank cover fastened in place. On the front of the tank is a dial 
tor roistering time. Development is allowed to continue for 
fifteen minutes, the tank being reversed several times. After 
development the developer is washed out of the plates, and the 
fixing bath poured into the tank, after which the plates are ready 
tor washing in the usual manner. 

The Price 

Eastman Plate Tank, for 4 x 5, 3^ x 5^, and smaller plates, include- 

-"Intion enp, plate cage, loading fixture and adjustable kit . 
1 >ittr.. 5 \ 7. witbitut kit ............. 

Adjust;,], I,- Kit, i ,, r 4 x 5 or 3J4 x 5 l /2 tank, to take smaller plates 
parate Kit-, f,,r 5x7 tank, to take 3J4 x 5 . . 4 c 6j a or 4 ; . 
plates, each ........ ...... 

Metal Insert. f..r 5x7 tank, to take 4x5 plate- ....... 

-tman I Mat i- Tank l>eveli>per Pn\vder>. fr 4x5 tank, per pack 


Ditto, for 5 x 7 tank, per package, dozen 

K"d;ik \cid l ; i\in- Powder, per 1 jn.unil package 
l>itt. ]< pound package ...... 







Developing and Printing Outfits 



The Eastman 3A Outfit contains every requisite for finishing 
twenty-four 3j4 x 5^2 or smaller pictures, and by combining a 
variety of different articles and making up the outfits in large 
quantities, we furnish them at a much lower price than if the 
articles were purchased separately. 

One Kodak Candle Lamp $0.25 

One Printing Frame .25 

One Glass for Frame .05 

One 4-ounce Graduate 10 

One Stirring Rod .05 

Four Developing Trays 40 

Five tubes Eastman Special Developer .25 

One-half pound Kodak Acid Fixing Powder 15 

One Package Potassium Bromide .05 

Two dozen 3^4 x $ l / 2 Velox Paper 30 

Three Eastman Metol Quinol Powders, for developing Velox . . .15 
Instruction Book .10 


Eastman 3 A Outfit, complete, neatly packed, $1.50. 

EASTMAN ABC OUTFIT, similar to above but providing for 
4 x 5 or smaller pictures 

BROWNIE Developing and Printing Outfit, complete, for develop 
ing and printing 24 pictures 2^4 x 2^4. Price, complete . 

Note These outfits cannot be shipped by mail. 



The Kodak Box Xo. 2 

The Kodak Box No. 2 contains everything for picture making 
by the daylight method. Xo dark room is necessary, and even the 
beginner can get good results by following the simple, explicit 
directions contained in the instruction book. This outfit is simple 
enough for boys and girls, while at the same time it will make 
pictures which will please the grown-up people. 

The Price 

One Xo. 2 Brownie Camera, 2 l /i x 3 

One Xo. 2 Brownie Developing Box 

One K..11 No. 2 Brownie Film, 2^ x 

Two I .n.wnu- Drvdoping Box Powders 

IK- V* p..und package Kodak Acid Fixing Powder 

)IK- 4 ounce r.raduatr 

< >nr Stirrin.Li l\d . 

One No. 1 I5r. \\nic J rintitig 1 Vame . 

One Package ( 1 dozen i 2} ; \- 3J4 Brownie Velox 

I wo I .astman Mi-t.-l (Juinol I )i-vrlnprr I .iwdrr- 

Three 1 apn- Developing Trays 

One Do/en 2 3] t Mounts . . . 

One Dozen 2] , jc3) : Kodak Dry Mounting T. 

< )iu- Instruction I ,..,!< 

I rii-.-. n.inph tc, nrally packed, 










Kodak Portrait Attachment 

There is no greater pleasure in 
photography than Home Portraiture, 
and this little attachment, fitted to a 
Kodak or Brownie Camera, will enable 
one to work up close to the subject 
and thereby secure bust portraits of 
excellent quality limited in size, with the 
focusing Kodaks, only by the dimensions 
of the film. The attachments are simply extra lenses, which slip 
on in front of the 
regular lens, and they 
in no way affect the 
operation of the in 
strument, excepting to 
make the lens cut 
sharp at short dis 

These attach 
ments are not only 
serviceable for por 
traiture but also for 
photographing any 
small object, such as 
flowers, fruits, still 
life composition, at 
close range. Please 
order by number, or 
if required for older 
models or cameras 
with special equip 
ments specify shut 
ter and size of 

Made with Kodak and Kodak Portrait Attachment 

The Price- Kodak Portrait Attachment. 

No. 1. For No. 2 Brownie. No. 2 and No. 2 A F. P. Brownie, Vest Pocket 

and No. 1 and No. 1A F. P. K. $0.50 

No. 2. For No. L A Brownie .50 

No. 3. For No. 1A Kodak Junior, both single and double lens; No. 1A 

F. P. K., R. R. Type: No. 3 F. P. K., No. : , Folding Brownie ... .50 

No. 4. For No. 2 and No. 3 Bull s-Eye, No. 3 Brownie 

No. 5. For Nos. 3A, 4 and 4A Folding Kodaks and No. . !A Folding Brownie .50 

No. 6. For No. 3 Special and Six-Three and 1A Special and Six-Three Kodaks 

No. 7. For No. 3A Special and Six-Three Kodaks 50 

No. 8. For No. 1 Kodak Junior, both single and double lens, and V 

Pocket Kodak Special .50 

No. 9. For No. 3 F. P. K. with Kodak Automatic shutter 

No. 10. For No. 1 Brownie .50 

Kodak Color Screens 

These screens are of great value in outdoor photography, and 
for all subjects embracing colors which act weakly on the sensitive 
film, as they hold back the strong blue and violet rays, affording 
the weaker colors time to record. The Kodak Color Screens are 
mounted in the same manner as the Kodak Portrait Attachment. 

The Price 

No. 1. For Ve1 Pocket, Nos. 1 and 1A Folding Pocket Kodaks, Nos. 2 and 

L \ Folding Pocket Brownies . . $U..". > 

No. 1 . F"i- No. L A Brownie .50 

No. 3. For No. 1A Kodak Junior, both single and double lens; Nos. 2 and 3 
Folding Pocket Kodaks; No. 1A F. P. Kodak, R. R. Type; and No. 3 

Folding Brownie . . .75 

No. 4. For No*. 2 and 3 Bull s-Eye and No. 3 Brownie ..... .75 

No. ,. For Noi. :: \. 4 and 4A Kodaks, No. 3A Folding Brownie . . 1.00 

No. ;. For Nos. 1A Special and Six-Three Kodaks and 3 Special and 5i.r 

Three Kodaks . .7.". 

No. 7. For No. ;>,\ Special and Six-Three Kodaks ... . . l.mi 

No. S. For No. 1 Kodak Junior, both single and double lens and Vei 

Pocket Kodak Special . . 

No. 9. For No. 3 F. P. K. with Kodak Automatic shutter . . . . .50 

Kodak Wide Angle Lenses * . 

These leiiM-N have a speed of /. 16 and are interchangeable 
with the lenses furnished with the Nos. 3A and 4 Folding Pocket 
Kodaks, and the \<>. 4.\ Folding Kodak. With each one we furnish 
a leather case and a graduated focusing scale for the camera bed. 

In nrdering a Kodak wide angle len-. give size I No, >"l~ Kodak 
and be MIIV to ^urify the >huttcr that the len> i- to be used with. 

Tile Price- 
Kodak Wide Anirlc Lens, equivalent focus, 4 V4 in< ; 
adapted to :; \ 1\ oda k. ) 

Kodak Wide Anjlc Lens, equivalent focllS, 5% inches 

llO adapted to -1 A Kodai 




Kodak Tripods 

Metal Tripods 

These tripods have the qualities that make for service as 
well as good appearance. 

Light and very compact, they are yet rigid when extended 
because of their special construction. The principle is that of a 
telescope, each section sliding into the one above it, till the whole 
length is reduced to a single section and the sections are securely 
fastened to one another. 

Nos. 380, 390, 400 and 410 fold up flat, the first three being 
supplied in neat cases. Nos. 400 and 410 have the additional 
advantage of being fitted with a patent top, which provides a 
broad firm table for supporting the camera, but folds to the side 
when tripod is not in use. Upper or outer sections are all black 
enameled, lower section brass. 

Xo. 320. 5 sections, length closed W/ 2 inches . $3.00 

Xo. 330. 7 sections, length closed 11% inches 3.75 

4 sections, length closed 15^ inches 2.50 

7 sections, length closed 11% inches 6.25 




Xo. 340. 

Xo. 380. 

Xo. 390. 7 sections, length closed \\ l / 2 inches 

Xo. 400. 7 sections, length closed 12 inches 

Xo. 410. 4 sections, length closed 16 inches 

Adjustable Heads (extra) fitted with ball and socket joint, 
suitable for any of above Tripods. 

Xo. 300 $1.00 No. 305 $1.50 No. 310 $1.75 

The Eastman 

Three sections. Xo. 1, maple, for cameras up to 6 l / 2 x 8 l / 2 . 

Price, $2.25. 


3 m 

Kodak Tripods 

The BullVEye 

Two sections. Aluminum revolving head. Made of maple, 
with brass fittings. For 4x5 cameras, or smaller. Length, ex 
tended, 42 l / 2 inches; folded 24 inclu-. The only two-section 
tripod that will go in a suitcase. 

Price, $1.50. 

The Standard 

The feature of this tripod is the automatic locking of tin- 
sections when they are extended. Light, compact and rigid. Fixed, 
non-detachable head. Length, folded, 21 inches; extended, 53 j 
inches. Weight, 18 ounces. Cherry finish, brass trimmings. 

Price, $1.75. 

The Flexo 

Two sections. Fixed, non-detachable head. Only clear. 
straight-grained wood is used in its construction. 

Price, $1.00. 

Folding Pocket Kodak Tripod 
Adapter No. i. 

A simple and effective device for holding 
either the Xo. 1 or X<. l.\ Folding IVck-t 
Kodak on a tripod in either hori/ontal r ver 
tical position. Kodak may he reversed without 
removing from the adapter. 
p, l . K. Trip...! Adapter No. 1 


Velox Paper 

Velox is the very best paper for amateur use for it is simple 
to use, thoroughly dependable and is made in a variety of grades 
and surfaces to fit all sorts of amateur negatives. 

It prints in any light, requires no dark room and permits 
the amateur to utilize his evening hours in print making. Its 
simplicity of manipulation and extreme gradation make it suitable 
for photographic work of every kind. 

Velox is divided broadly into two kinds of paper called 
Regular" and "Special" (hard and soft) each division containing 
a variety of surfaces. Regular" papers develop quickly and are 
best suited for negatives lacking contrast. "Special" papers 
develop slowly, and give soft effects from hard negatives. Use 
"Special" Velox for negatives producing good results on "Printing 
Out" paper (such as Solio), and "Regular" only with very flat 
negatives (negatives lacking contrast). 

Velox surfaces: In the "Regular" class are carbon (matte 
surface), Glossy, Glossy double weight, Velvet, and Velvet double 
weight. "Regular Velvet Velox is semi-gloss and gives prints 
of exceptional beauty. This paper will give satisfactory results 
from very flat negatives. 

In the "Special" class, the surfaces are Carbon (matte sur 
face), Portrait (smooth matte), Portrait double weight, Rough, 
Glossy, Glossy double weight, Velvet, and Velvet double weight. 

"Special" Velvet Velox has a greater range than any of the 
other "Special" papers. 

Royal Velox is coated on a soft, mellow-tinted stock, which 
when re-developed affords all the soft delicacy of a rare old 
etching. It is made in two grades, "Regular" and "Special" and 
one surface, just rough enough to produce the desired effect. 





Velox Paper 

The Price 


Single Weight 




x 6 (Stereo) 

x - 


< x I J 











1 10 

1 10 





>1 (Ml 

Double \\Yi.nht 





_ Ml 


I 50 

x 5^, furnished in Regular Velvet 
Special Portrait, Regular Glossy! 

Yrlox Post-cards, Velvet, 

Special Glossy and Regular Royal and Special Royal . 
I ttt.), n.nihle Post-cards, 3^ x 11 inches ....... 

Hi ->\VIIH- Post-cards, 1% x4^. Regular and Special Velvet 





1 INI 


1 IN) 
1 III 

1 IK) 


;{ i:. 

1 in 







. r,:, 



J.I Nt 
4. (HI 


< .lossy only f For use in Self-transposing Stereo Printing Frame. 

Brownie Velox (one grade only) 

- : x 2 l /4, per package 2 dozen sheets $0.15 

2 l /4 x 3%, per package 1 dozen sheets .10 

Velox Sundries 

X. A. (Non-abrasion) Velox Liquid Developer, 4-ounce bottle 

(makes 20 ounces for Special, 12 ounces for Regular) . . . $0 J5 

Ditto, 16-ouncc bottle . . . . . . 

XYprrn Solution, per 4-ounce bottle ..... jo 

Ditto, JUT 16-ounce bottle j 50 

NYprra t ap>u!i-x i f,,r converting Nepera solution to a film or plan- 

(U-vrloi)rr ). pi-r jiai kage 1 dozen 15 

Velox Re-developer for Sepia Tones, per 4-ounce bottle . . .50 

Ditto, 1 ounces t -ut l u-irnt for 150 4x5 prints) 

Velox l\r developer I ulir-. per package 12 tulu-s . 

Velox Liquid Hardener, per 4-ounce bottle ... 15 

Din unce ! nlr 

Kodak X. A. M. o. Developer, PIT package .> tul.r. . 

kodak Arid l- ixiii.n l ..\vK-r for fixing Velox prints, prr IIOUIK! . . ._ 5 

I >itto. pound ] ; 

Ditto, ! ; pound ], , 

Kodak Velvet Green 

Effects heretofore to be had only by the laborious carbon 
process can now be secured by any amateur photographer with 
this new paper. 

For landscapes, for marines, and in fact, for the majority of 
outdoor amateur negatives, the rich green of prints on Kodak 
Velvet Green produces most beautiful harmonious effects, with 
an indescribable "atmosphere" of nature itself. 

And to use this paper the amateur has to learn no new pro 
cesses nor possess extraordinary skill. Anyone who can print 
on Velox paper can print just as successfully on Kodak Velvet 
Green, as the two processes after exposure are identical, and the 
developing solution is only slightly changed. 

The surface a smooth semi-matte brings out detail fully, 
and the paper is supplied in both single and double weights. 

Kodak Velvet Green Post-cards are very appropriate for use 
at vacation time. 

Prices same as for Velox. (See page 53.) 

Angelo Platinum Paper 

Angelo Platinum Paper is exceedingly simple to handle and 
yields prints that are marvelous in gradation and delicacy. Made 
in Sepia only. 

Angelo Sepia, unlike most Sepia Platinum Papers, develops 
in a cold solution. 

Size Price per Doz 

x 3^ ..... . . . . $0.25 

x 4 l / 4 25 

4x5 .40 

Size Price per Doz. 

x Sy 2 $0.40 

x 6 l / 2 55 

5x7 .65 


Angelo Sepia Solution (2-ounce 

Angelo Sepia Salts (2-ounce 

bottle) $0.30 package) $0.10 

Aristo Gold Post Cards 

Rich sepia and purple tones. Print, wash and fix. 
Aristo Gold Post-cards, per dozen $0.30 



Solio Paper 

A rapid, glossy printing-out paper. 





4 x5 

.1 i x6 (Stereo) 

Per Package _ !><>/ 

. . . . $0.20 




. . . . .20 



Si/< Per Package 2 D<./. 

(Xo. 1 Pan.. ram Kodak). $025 

P< : I> 

x6^ ........ $025 

5 x7 ......... 30 

V/ 2 x 12 (Xo. 4 Panoram Kodak) .35 
Post-cards ........ 15 

I )<>uble Solio Post-cards ... .30 

.25 Brownie Post-cards, 2^4 x 4^4 


Solio Combined Toning and Fixing Solution, per 8 -mince bottle, 50 
cents. Ditto, 4-ounce bottle, 30 cents; post-paid, 50 cents. Solio Toiling 
and Fixing Powders, per box of 5 tubes, 25 cents. 

Eastman s k Ferro-Prussiate Postal s 

A "Blue Print" that retains delicacy and detail. 
I ost-cards (in sealed tubes) 

i i)../. 
. $ 0.15 

Eastman s Permanent Bromide Papers 

For enlargements. Grades: Velvet, Royal, Standard, Platino, 
Enameled and Matte-enamel. 

Size Per. 



Per Doz. 


l < ! I>. 

5 x 7 



8 x 10 



\ 17 in 

5 x 8 



10 x 12 l.LM > 1C, 

.\ jo 



11 x 14 1 60 18 

X L. _ 

Other sixes in proportion 

i V 

How to Make Good Pictures. 

Every side of Amateur Photography is treated in this little 
hook. 1 he I AMIS, the Camera, Composition, Exposure, Developing 
and Printing arc- all handled in a most helpful and simple maim. 
Hash Light and Nigh Speed work are de>crihed in detail. The 
text i- made plainer hy numerous illn>trati >n-> and even a child 
ran understand rlearlv what i- meant. f>r technical terms are 
avoided or made pert ectly plain. 

The Price 

"How to Make (HUM) PiiMu;vs," paper cover $ O.J5 

l)itt<>, library edition, rloth bound . 1.00 


The Kodak Album 

Made on a new principle, which does away with mounting 
prints by paste or otherwise. They are merely slipped into pocket 
strips at top and bottom, and will not come out unless removed by 
hand. Handsome grain leather cover and black leaves with linen 

A, 2*4x354, 25 leaves, 3 on . $2.75 

B, 2^x4^4, 25 leaves, 3 on . 3.00 

C, 3 T /4x 4^4, 25 leaves, 3 on . 3.00 

D, 3^4 x 5^/2, 25 leaves, 3 on . 3.25 

E, 3]4 x 5^,50 leaves, 3 on . $4.25 

F, 4 x5, 25 leaves, 2 on . 3.00 

G, 4^4 x 6^2, 25 leaves, 2 on . 3.25 
H, 5 x 7, 25 leaves, 2 on . 3.50 

The Interchange Album 

An unusually long-lived album on the loose leaf principle. 
Has special embossed leather cover with grain leather corners and 
back. Furnished with 50 linen finish leaves black only. 

Pkg. 12 ex. le v s 

A, 5 x 8 . . $3.00 $0.15 

B, 7x11 . . 3.50 .20 

Pkg. 12 ex. le v s 

C, 10x12 . . $5.00 $0.30 

D, 11x14 6.00 .40 

The Agrippa Album 

A new, unusually flexible loose leaf album with beautiful 
grain leather covering and 50 linen finish black leaves. 

Pkg. 12 ex. le v s i Pkg. 12 ex. le v s 

A, 5 x 8 . . $1.60 $0.15 

B, 7x11 , i 1.90 .20 

C, 10x12 . . $3.50 $0.30 

D, 9x14 . . 3.75 .40 

The Arena Album 

Flexible, finest quality black grain leather cover. 

J, 50 Black leaves, or S, 50 Sepia leaves, 5 l / 2 x 7 $1.25 

K, 50 Black leaves, or T, 50 Sepia leaves, 7 x 10 1.90 

L, 50 Black leaves, or U, 50 Sepia leaves, 10 x 7 1.90 

M, 50 Black leaves, or W, 50 Sepia leaves, 11 x 14 3.75 

The Tiber Album 

A very flexible loose leaf album with imitation leather cover 
ing and 50 black leaves. 

Pkg. 12 ex. le v s i Pkg. i2ex. le v s 

A, 5x 8 . . $0.80 $0.15 C, 10x12 . . $1.90 $0.30 

B, 7x11 . . 1.15 .20 D, 9x14 . . 2.20 .40 

The Forum Album 
Flexible, black imitation leather embossed cover. 

A, 25 Black leaves, or X, 25 Sepia leaves, 5 l / 2 x 7 . . . . . $0.45 

B, 25 Black leaves, or O, 25 Sepia leaves, 7 x 10 . . . . . .60 

C, 25 Black leaves, or P, 25 Sepia leaves, 10 x 7 ..... .60 

D, 25 Black leaves, or R, 25 Sepia leaves, 11 x 14 1.60 

E, 50 Black leaves, 5^x7 60 

F, 50 Black leaves, 7 x 10 95 

G, 50 Black leaves, 10 x 7 95 

H, 50 Black leaves, 11 x 14 1.90 



Artist s Album 

Loose leaf system, silk lacing. 

X<>. 1, Rlack leaves: X<>. 2, White leaves; X<>. 3, Sepia leaves, 5 l / 2 x.7 . $0.25 

Kxtra leaves, package <>f 5 09 

Xo. 4, Black leaves; X<>. 5. White leaves; No. 6, Sepia leave-. 7 x 10 . J5 
Extra leaves, package of 5 ... .12 

Snap-shot Album 

Substantial card covering, soft black leaves. 
No. 19 20 pages, 5^ x7 . $0.12 Xo. 18 20 pages, 7x10 . $0.15 


Souvenir Post-card Album 

Flexible, black leather embossed cloth cover. 

X, 25 Black leaves, 10 x 7, for 100 cards 

X, R, 25 Black leaves, 11 x 14, for 200 cards 

,. ^ f Flexible, Black grain leather cover ) 

\25 leaves, 11 x 14, for 200 cards / 


A new medium for mounting prints on the "slip in" principle, 
giving the effect of a rich brown wood frame. 





For Print 


No, 1 
No. 1A 
No. 3 
No. 3A 
No. 4 

4 x5 

1 Cast man Film Negative Albums 

l- i-r 100 iu uati\ <-,, 2 l / 2 x 

4 1 ; . or smaller . . $ .75 
For 100 nrgati\ x 

i, or smaller . . 7, ; 
E ? Of 100 nr-atn CS, S 

4J ; , or 4x5 . . . l.oii 

l ; <>r 100 negatives, 3^4 x 

. or smaller . . 1.00 

For 100 nei;ativr>, 5 \ 7, 

Miialli r 1.50 



C ^^ "rd 




Kodak Mounts 


Carbon Black, and Scotch Grey, felt surface, bevelled edges, no embossed design 

For Prints Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

2j| x 3}| 

2y 2 x 4K 

QI/ x 4I/ 

o /ci " ~ /-4- 

3 % X O 72 

4 x5 
5 x 5 
5 x6 

5^ x iy 2 



4 x5 

2 ? X? i 
5 4 x7 2 
3K x 12 

5% x 63/^ 
4 x8% 

7 4 x 9 2 
53/6 x 1334 




Jet Black, Ash Grey and White 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

2j| x 4X 

4 x5 
4^ x 6 
5 x 5 
5 x 6 



4 4 x 5 2 
5 x7 

53/ 8 X 6|/8 

7 4 x 9 




A Slip-in Mount, no paste needed. Grey and Brown Oval and Square 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

For Prints 

Size Outside 


Per doz. 

ly, x 4K 

4 x5 
4J/8 x 5% 
5 x5 



4 4 x5 2 

5 x6 
5 x7 




Slip-in Style, Solid Back, Grey and Buff, Square only 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

4 x5 
5 x6 



o /^. x 0^/2 
4 x5 

5% x6% 




Jet Black, White and Artists Brown, wide border, bevelled edges 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

For Prints 

vSize Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

O \/ __ O T / 

O /2 " " / 2 

4y 2 x 5% 

5% X 63/ 8 



4 4 J5 2 

5 4 x 7 2 





In duplex form, for Oval or Square Prints, Brown and Grey. 

For Prints 

vSize Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

For Prints 

Size Outside 

Per 50 

Per doz. 

O /A. X ^ /J^ 

4 x5 

5 x6 


1 .25 



4 4 x5 2 





W^\ ESOG? 21 


Stereo Mounts 

Si/c of mount, 3 _. x 7: color, KiiRlish Grey; per 100, $0.65; per 50 . $0.35 

Kodak Dry Mounting Tissue 

Mounts prints even on thin mounts without curl. The sim 
plest method of mounting, no apparatus being required just fix 
the tissue on print, lay on mount and press with a warm flat iron. : 
no sticky fingers, no muss of any kind. 

The Price 

Si/.e, 3% x 3 l / 2 , 3 dozen . . $0.10 Size, 4 x 5, J dozen . . $0.10 

Size, 3 1 A x 4J4, 3 dozen . . .10 Size, 4 l / 4 x 6 l / 2 , 11 dozen . . 

Si/.e, V/ 4 x S l /2, 2 dozen . . .10 Size, 5 x 7, 1 dozen . . 

Glass Dry Plates 
Seed and Royal Special Extra Rapid. 

Size Perdox. Size IVrcl../. 

x 3*/ 2 ...... $0.35 4x5 $0.65 

45 414 x 6^ .90 

65 1.10 

Koval Lantern Slide Plates, _ 

x 314 35 Cover Glass, 3% x 6 1 A 

Ditto, 354x4 ! ! . ! ! -45 Ditto, 3^4 x 4 . . .20 

Lantern Slide Binders, per package, 50 strips . . $0.10 

Printing Frames 

Ka^tman 3^x3^2, opens two-thirds . $0.25 

Kastman 3^x4^4, opens two-thirds 

KaMman 3J4 x 5}4, for films, opens two-thirds 

1 )itto. for plates 

Kastinan 4 \ 5, opens two-thirds 

Ka-tman 5x7, opens two-thirds 

KaMinan 3 j \ 12, for No. 4 Panoram Kodak, opens in three sections 

Kastman 2 : \ 7. f<>r Xo. 1 Panoram Kodak, opens in two sections . 

I .n.wiiii- I rinlin.u l ; rame, No. 1, for 2J4 x 2^4 1 K-vrlnpinii paper . -nly 
I .rownie I mitiny l ; rame, No. 2, for 2J4 x 3J4 paper only .15 

Developing Trays 

"Bull s Eye" Comp sition, 4 x ( -SD.15 

"Bull s Eye" Composition, 5x7 

"Bull s Eye" Composition, 3 x s , 

"Bull s Eye" Composition, 4 x 14 

Maple Leaf Knanieled, 4x5 

Maple Leal" Knaillrled. 4x6 

Maple 1. af I .nanieled, 5x7 - ; -^ 

Flash-Light Material 

The simplest and safest method of 
making flash-light pictures is by means 
of the Eastman Flash Sheets and Kodak 
Flash Sheet Holder. The sheets burn 
slowly, giving a broad, soft light, and not 
so startling the subject as to give a staring 
effect to the eyes. 

The holder is a genuine innovation. 
A saw tooth holds the sheet in proper 
position and it is lighted from the back 
through an aperture provided in the centre 
for the purpose. In this manner the holder 
is always between the operator and the flash 
sheet, and it may be held in the hand or 
supported on a tripod, a socket being 
provided for the latter purpose. 

No. 1 Flash Sheets, per package of l / 2 dozen sheets, 3x4. 

No. 2 Flash Sheets, per package of l / 2 dozen sheets, 4x5. . . . 

No. 3 Flash Sheets, per package of y 2 dozen sheets, 5x7. . . . 

Kodak Flash Sheet Holder . . . . . 1-00 

Kodak Magnesium Ribbon Holder 

This extremely handy little apparatus provides a most conven 
ient method of burning magnesium ribbon for photographic pur 
poses. It comprises at once a compact magazine for storing the 

ribbon, a convenient holder for 
burning it, and a ready means 
of measuring definite lengths. 
For printing on Velox and 
other gas light papers, lantern 
slides, etc., the ribbon is 
pushed forward by a move 
ment of the thumb upon the 
edge of the revolving disc until 
the desired length of ribbon 
projects from holder. 

Kodak Magnesium Ribbon Holder $0.20 

Alcohol Lamp for use with above 25 

Flashlight Material cannot be. sent by mail 



Kodak Trimming Boards 

Made of hard wood. 
with natural finish, have 
fine quality steel blades 
and are fitted with rule. 

\o. 1, capacity, 5x5 

inches . . . $0.40 

Xo. 2, capacity, 7x7 

inches .... .60 
Transparent Trimming 

Gauge (extra) . .20 

Kodak Candle Lamp 

This clever little lamp is collapsible and can be 
packed into very small space when not in use. It is 
made of special tested ruby fabric, bound in metal 
frames and gives a strong, safe light for the dark room. 

Kodak Candle Lamp ...... . . $0.25 

Extra Candles for same, per dozen ... .30 

Kodak Dark Room Lamp 

The Kodak Dark Room Lamp is oil burning and 
is fitted with both orange and ruby glass. It has an 
unusually broad wick regulated from the outside 
and gives a soft, steady light for the dark room. 
No. 2 Kodak Dark Room Lamp . . . $1.00 

Velox Lantern Slide Film 

For use with the Kodiopticon or any other lantern slide pro 
jector that has a water cell cooling device. With these films you 
can make lantern slides by contact as easily as you can make \ el< >\ 
prints, the exposure, development and printing being the same. I ; <>r 
making slides by projection they are as convenient as any plate. 

After the ^lide is made, it is masked with Yel<>x Lantern 
Slide Mats and mounted in the Velox Lantern Slide Frame which 
ha- -tandard opening, and eliminates the binding of the ol- 

Tlh are a1nlutely unbreakable. 


Velox Lantern Slide Films, 2# >c 3$4, per dozen ...... $0..>u 

Velox Lantern Slide Frames, per dozen ......... 

Velox Lantern Slide Mat-. _ per J dozen . , .05 

Xepera Solution. f..r developing Velox Lantern Slide Filing 4 ounce 

bottle ................... - <_> 

Lantern Slide Film YarnMi, 4 ounee battle ......... J5 



Tested Chemicals 

Certainty in making negatives and prints de 
pends as much on the quality of your chemicals 
as on any other one thing. All Kodak chemicals 
are tested both photographically and for purity 
before the C. K. C. tested seal is allowed to go 
upon them. That seal is your protection. 

Kodak Chemical Outfit . . . . " $0.30 

Eastman Special Developer Powders, per dozen .50 

Ditto, per y 2 dozen .25 

Eastman Special Developer Powders, per pkg. 5, in sealed glass tubes .25 

Eastman Hydrochinon Developer Powders, per dozen .50 

Ditto, per y 2 dozen .25 

Eastman s Pyro Developer Powders, per dozen .50 

Ditto, per y 2 dozen .25 

Ditto, per package 5 powders, in sealed glass tubes .25 

Elon, per 1-ounce .50 

Roylon, per 1-ounce bottle .50 

Hydrochinon, per 1-ounce bottle .15 

Eastman s Permanent Crystal Pyro, per 1-ounce bottle .... .25 

Velox Re-Developer Tubes, package of 12 tubes 60 

Hypo Sulphite of Soda, granular, per pound .08 

Alum, powdered, per pound .10 

Kodak Acid Fixing Powder, per pound package .25 

Ditto, per ^-pound package .15 

Ditto, per ^4-pound package .10 

Eastman Intensifier, glass tube, per tube 15 

Eastman Reducer, per box of 5 tubes .25 

Potassium Bromide, per ounce .12 

Kodak Tested Carbonate of Soda (desiccated), per 1-pound bottle . .20 

Kodak Tested Sulphite of Soda (desiccated), per 1-pound bottle . .30 

For Velox preparations see page 53. For Solio preparations, see page 55. 

For Tank Developer Chemicals, see page 43. 

Kodak Sundries 

Eastman Photo Paste, 3-ounce 

tube $0.15 

Ditto, 5-ounce tube 25 

Eastman Thermometer . -. .50 
Thermometer Stirring Rod . .60 
Hard Rubber Stirring Rod . .20 
Eastman Film Clips, 3^-inch, 

per pair (nickeled) . . .30 

Ditto, 5-inch 35 

Kodak Film Clips, 5-inch 

(wood), per pair ... .15 
Focusing Cloth, per yard . . .50 
Moulded Graduate, 4-ounce . .10 
Ditto, 8-ounce 15 

Ditto, 16-ounce $0.20 

Ferrotype Plate, 10 x 14, light .20 
Ditto, 10 x 14, heavy ... .25 
Ditto, 18 x 24, heavy ... .75 
Kodak Print Roller, 2 x 6-inch 
rubber roller, nickeled 

frame 50 

Flexo Print Roller, 4-inch 
rubber roller, black enam 
eled frame ... . .15 
Eastman s Special Squeegee, 

6-inch 30 

Ditto, 8-inch 35 





r "^"^ 
Developing and Printing on Yelox Paper 


I>eveloping-and Printing 
Per Roll 


Per Roll 

Printing only 
Each Exposure 


I nmounted 


I mnounti-J 

1)4 x 2 12 ex. only 




i $U. i.~i , 

1# x 2^ 12 ex. 
1) x 2j^ 8 ex. 






1$ x 2)4 6 ex. 




2)4 x 2)4 6 ex. only 





. i >5 , 

2X x 3X 12 ex. 






- M 4 x 3# 6 ex. 




2)4 x 4>( 12 ex. 






3)4 x 3)4 12 ex. 
3 4 x 4 4 12 ex. 







3 4 x 4X 6 ex. 




3 ^ x 5> 10 ex. 






3 4 x 5)4 6 ex. 






4 x f> 12 ex. 
4 x ."> 6 ex. 
I 4 x 6)4 6 ex. only 








~> x 7 G ex. only 




.1-J ; 


- 4x7 6 ex. only 






x 12 4 ex. only 
I nmounted prints are 


furnished u 

1.28 .7:. 



nless otherwise specified in order. 

Dniildr Weight" prints will 1><- 

billed at mounted r;r 

No orders executed for 

less than 


Prints iiiniintcd with "Kodak Dry 

Mounting Tissue," no 



K;K-h Perdoz. 


4J4 x 6 l /j, on card . . $0.35 $3.00 
6) ;i card . . .50 5 
N R 1". "n card . . . .75 
Lantern Slide*. . . . .50 5.00 

10 x 
11 x 
14 x 


1_>. .MI card .... $1.00 
14, on card .... 1.J5 
17. .MI card .... 1.5 
9 iii proportion. 


from l : v \ _ nc-.iti\ rs, each, untnoiinU-d .SO. 15; 
in. Minted 

i \l i-;i rli;ir_ - fur Si-piii T 
\Vlii-ri tin- kind (if )).-ip.-i i- 

^iiKill I Mra cli;i 

lint Spri ili.-d. Wf 11--. 

our own judgment. 






Specimen Prints 

A specimen photograph made with any Kodak (not larger 
than 4x5) will be sent to any address in Canada upon receipt 
of four cents in stamps ; No. 4A Folding Kodak, eight cents ; No. 4 
Panoram Kodak, twenty cents. 


Travelers can always obtain fresh supplies of films at any of the 
following addresses : 


Kodak, Limited, Kingsway, W.C. 

60 Cheapside, E.G.; 115 Oxford Street, W.; 171-173 Regent Street, W.; 

40 Strand, W.C.; 59 Brompton Road, S.W.; 1 and 2 Gracechurch Street, E.G. 

LIVERPOOL Kodak, Limited, 96 Bold Street 

BIRMINGHAM .... . . .... .... .... Kodak, Limited, 45 Corporation Street 

NEWCASTLE Kodak, Limited, 34 Grainger Street 

GLASGOW .... .... ... .... .... Kodak, Limited, 72-74 Buchanan Street 

DUBLIN Kodak, Limited, 89 Grafton Street 

PARIS Kodak Socitt< Anonyme Francaise, Avenue de 1 Opera 5 ; Place Venddme 4 

Boulevard des Italiens 9 

LYONS . . Kodak Soci^te" Anonyme Francaise, Rue de la Republic 26 

LAUSANNE Kodak Socie te Anonyme, Avenue du Tribunal Federa 1 13 

NICE .... .... .... Kodak Socie"t6 Anonyme Frangaise, Avenue del a Gare 34 

MADRID ... .. Kodak Sociedad Anonima ; Puerta del Sol 4 

BERLIN Kodak Gesellschaft, m. b. H., Leipzigerstrasse 115-116; Unter den Linden 26 

Tauentzienstrasse 14 

Kodak, Limited, Rue de 1 Ecuyer 36 

.... .... .... .... .... Kodak Aktieselskab, Ostergade 1 

Kodak Gesellschaft, m. b. H. 1 Karntnerstrasse 16 

Kodak, Limited, Bolschaia Konnuschenaia 19 




















Kodak, Limited, Petrovka 15-16 
Kodak Societa Anonima; Corso Vittorio Emanule 34 

Kodak Societa Anonima; Corso Umberto 1, 399 

Kodak Societa Anonima, Via Roma 288 

.... Kodak Societa Anonima; Piazza S. Marco 52 

Kodak Tarsasag K. f. 4 Vaci-utca 9 

Kodak (Egypt) Societe Anonyme, Rue Cherif Pacha 30 

Kodak (Egypt) S. A. Opera Square 

Kodak (South Africa), Limited, 92-96 St. George s Street 

Kodak (Australasia), Limited, 284 Collins Street 

.... Kodak (Australasia) 

.... Kodak (Australasia) 

Kodak (Australasia) 

Limited, 379 George Street 
Limited, 78 Queen Street 
Limited, 97 Rundle Street 

Kodak (Australasia), Limited, 9 Mercer Street 
Kodak, Limited, Cook s Building, Hornby Road 


The prices in this catalogue are strictly net, except to regular 
dealers who carry our goods in stock. For the convenience of 
our customers we recommend that they make their purchases 
from a dealer in photographic goods, as by so doing they can 
save both time and transportation charges. 







Niagara Falls, Ont.