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Full text of "The Kural of Tiruvalluvar : with the commentary of Parimelazagar and a simple and clear padavuray; to which is added an English translation of the text by J. Lazarus"

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K U R A L 









The Rev. J. LAZARUS, b.a., 

Author of a Tamil Orammar, an English Translation of the Nannul, 8fc. 



K. R. Press: 

289, Thumboo Chetty Street. 






— saoomaoooQon-.- 

^ m uS) ^ 

''Lp(f^Q<3S<3'(ip^66lujinr<suir<sm /r^ 

eu ^ C? (2? ® 

G^eiPCufT[g6trQ?6YT^si!i u^ei|€S>rra|ub 

^IfilSGeOlU GlDfTL^GuiUTUL]^ GiSFT^^ 

188 5. 


or trivial it may be, seems to escape the fertility of his pen. 
It is a sort of multum in parvo encyclopoedia of ethical 
rules and discourses, couched in the most concise, elegant 
and pregnant language. 

The Work derives its name from the Kural metre in 
which it is composed and consists of two lines, the first 
being a tetrameter and the second trimeter. This metre is 
a species of the well-known Venba — one of the two metres 
in which most of the Tamil classics are composed, the other 
being the Viruttam. Instead of making the first foot of the 
first verse rhyme with that of the second (verse), which is 
the usual rule, the poet often makes it rhyme with the last 
foot of the first verse — an improvement which adds a new 
beauty to the distich. 

In conclusion, the Publisher begs to apologise for the 
somewhat tarnished colour of the paper in about half the 
book. This is owing to the long time the Work has taken 
to get through the Press, He, however, hopes to olfer a 
far more satisfactory get-up in a second Edition of the 

W. P. 

noLxnnnnrDi 1 1 lxxjlxjlhzei: 
jrr i LI irijrj ixxjllj jlj u jim, 

^ (2^ s>j sirr 25 6u^ Tuj (6W) fT . 


TiEUVALLUVAR deservedly ranks foremost among the 
poets and moralists of India, for he has had no superior or 
equal in either character. He appears to have lived during 
the life time of Oogravazhothi Pandian at Madura in whose 
reign the last Madura College (6BS!DL-<9^<5FM<5i*D) existed. All 
accounts concur in representing him as the offspring of a 
Brahman and a Pariah brought up woman. He is said to 
have been brought up by a Vellalan at Mailapur, near 
Madras, the Vellalan' s wife having found the babe exposed 
in an Ilu]jpei grove in her neighbourhood. We are told 
that while yet a youth, he had acquired so great a reputa- 
tion for learning and sanctity that Margasagayan, a wealthy 
farmer who lived at Kaveripakam, in remuneration for ser- 
vices rendered to him, did not disdain to bestow on him the 
hand of his only daughter named Vasuki ; and besides, the 
highest personages in the place felt a pride in the enjoyment 
of his friendship. He, however, appears to have pursued a 
quiet and unobtrusive sort of life, working at the loom for 
subsistence until he was prevailed upon by his friends to take 
up the gauntlet against the professors of the Madura Col- 
lege, who had arrogantly defied all other meii of learning 
in the country and claimed all literary honors for them- 
selves. In order to humble the pride of the professors, he 
wrote an ethical poem, under the title of Kural ((^/oerr), 
and repairing to the College asked them to review it as 
judges of poetical composition. The professors at first 
scorned the idea of a strange poet offering himself as their 
competitor but afterwards when he drew them into a con- 
test and completely vanquished them, they proposed that 
should the Sankappalakai, their divine seat on the tank of 
Pottamarei (Quir^(rr^u^<si)fr)^ give a place for his Kural, they 
would gladly accept the work. This being agreed upon the 
book was placed on it. The divine seat is said to have 
contracted itself to the size of the book, and threw the pro- 
fessors into the water. Upon this they not only approved 
his work and gave him the desired seat, but also conferred 
on him several honorary titles, such as, Deivappulavar {Q^ 
uJ6ULJqe\)Qj/f) the divine poet, Mudarpavalar (Qp^pufrenedir^ 
the first of poets, Perunavalar {Qu(f^fBrr6xi6\)ir) the great 
poet, etc. Nothing further is known of Tieuvalluvak 


which can be relied upon, excepting that some time after 
his return to Mailapur, he was visited with a severe do- 
mestic calamity by the death of his wife to whom he was 
tenderly attached and it so deeply affected his mind that 
secluding himself from society, he devoted the remainder 
of his life to religious contemplation. It is said that on 
the decease of his wife, he ejaculated extempore the fol- 
lowing verse : 

^u^^pQleSijufrQ&r uudrLjemt—ujiTQefr 

iSl6sr^^iEjQ(Lp6aTQsaT^^ih QuSSi^QuuQun ^Qvurr 
5 esSjin . 

When I have lost a ivoman who excelled in the knowledge of house- 
wifery, who is beloved, ivho never transgressed my tvord, loho chafed my 
limbs and never slumbering iiniil I slept, arose before I awoke ; Alas ! Alas ! 
How can my eyes again know sleep. 

The time of his death is uncertain ; but when he died 
his body was according to his express desire exposed in 
the open air outside the town to be devoured by crows. 

It is difficult to judge from the tenor of his Kttral to 
what sect he belonged, for he has entirely avoided in the 
work every thing that savours of sectarianism in order to 
harmonize the suffrages of all the sects. 

Independent of the Kueal, we have no other composi- 
tion of TiEUVALLUVAR. The physiological work, entitled 
Gnanavettiyan ((©j/rearOeuLLz^uj/reaT), which is commonly as- 
cribed to him, appears to have been written by some per- 
son long after his time ; for the author, though he assumes 
the title of Tiruvalluvar and speaks in his character in the 
body of the work, yet betrays his disguise in one of the in- 
troductory stanzas, thus : 

SlsLoSl(LaLDU:)i^(SS>t£u QuessresisTQrjio^^Qso 
uj6u65ff^6af?6O@n"6arG)suLli^uj06yr uurr^ih 

Invoking the spotless one whom the holy Valluva has revealed in his 
incomparable Veda as clear as the light of the sun and moon, and by the 
grace of the damsel Ambigai {Parvati), who delights the heart, I shall com- 
pose the Gnana Vettiyan. 



I. ^p^^uujev. — On Virtue. 






ai—€iJGfTeiJ(Tihs^ ••• 

Praise of God 




The Excellence of Rain 



f§^^friTOu(i^es^t£) ... 

The Greatness of Ascetics 



^rossreueSl ilj^u^^&o 

The Power of Virtue 



On domestic Virtue. 



The Domestic State 



The Virtue of Wife 




Obtaining Children 



cgy scTL/ew L. em LD 




(sS(rF,!BQ^iril)ueO . . • 




^esi?UJ655SL/<Si-/!360 ■ • • 

Sweetness of Speech 











^U..SiB(LpQDL-eSilJD ... 




e^(i£,sa(tpeinL-es)LD ... 

Observance of the Proprieties 

of Life 




Against Desiring the Wife of 




Qufres)fioa^es)i—es>LD ... 





Against Envy ... 




Against Covetousness 




Against Backbiting 



Lj lu esfl SO Off /r SO SO /r en LD 

Against Profitless Conversation 




Fear of Sin 















On Ascetic Virtue. 






L/SOn-OTTLO^^^®) ... 

Abstaining from Flesh 



^gSUO) ... ... 




sh-i—rrQeuiTQ^aaih ... 

Inconsistent Conduct 




Against Fraud 



euatisesiLD ,, 





II. Quiq^lLuisv. — On Peopeety. 




Against Anger... 

.. 134 



Against Inflicting Suffering 

.. 138 



Against Destroying Life 

.. 143 






.. 148 



Renunciation ... 

.. 153 



True Knowledge 

.. 158 



The Destruction of Desire 

.. 164 




.. 170 










so ... 



Qu traps' freufr(SS>LD . . . 

Qesn-^EiQsn-ijiTssiLD . . , 

OfflJ a/ /5^ (o)<9= UJ [U n £5) LD 
S £327 (c @) '_i_ ii 

gp^(2/'i_&i) ... 
£6Tra<a(i^S5)i_a5)LD • . . 



LDmswesiiTff'QeFrre Q^irQ^aec 

On the Duties of the King. 
Kingly Excellence ... ... 175 

Learning ... ... ... 180 

The Neglect of Learning ... 185 
Hearing (Instruction) .. ... 189 

Wisdom 194 

The Correction of Faults ...198 
Procuring the Aid of Great Men 203 
Against Associating with the 

mean ... ... ... ... 208 

Acting with Forethought ... 213 
The Knowledge of Resources... 218 
The Discernment of (a suita- 

ble) Time 223 

The Choice of (a suitable) Place 228 
Reflection before Decision ... 233 
Deliberation in the Employ- 
ment (of Agents) 238 

Kindness to Relatives... ... 242 

Against Forgetfulness... ... 247 

Upright Government ... ... 251 

Unjust Government ... ... 256 

Against Acting with Cruelty... 260 
A Gracious Demeanour ... 265 

The Employment of Spies ... 270 

Energy 274 

Against Idleness ... ... 279 

Manly Effort 283 

Perseverance in spite of DiflS- 

culties 288 

On the Constituents of Royalty. 

The Minister 292 

The Power of Speech 297 

Purity of Action 302 

Firmness of Action ... ... 306 

Method of Action 311 

The Ambassador 316 

Service under the Sovereign ... 321 

Chapter. CONTENTS. 




Knowing the Sovereign's Mine 




Knowing the Court 



^6I»idi;UJ(55<?/7"65)LD ... 

Fearlessness before the Court 




The Country 



cSyiresV ^ ... 

The Fort 



Lj /r0OT G)a=uj eoa/csJffi 

The Way to Accumulate Wealtl 

I 340 



The Excellence of the Army .. 



uss)L^eFQa'((F^&(^ ... 

Excessive Valour of the Army 








Discerning Friendship 




Long standing Friendship 



^^^4. ••• 

Evil Friendship 




False Friendship 







l-\£-Oi>i'lBwtT<oSS!eS)LB ... 

The Fool's Self-Couceit 








The Greatness of Enmity 




Ascertaining the Nature of 




SL-iLuGS^a, ... 

Internal Enmity 



Quiflujnes)rruL9es>Lpujfres)LD ... 

Against Disregard for the Great 412 


QueoweuL^a^Qs^no so... 

Listening to the Wife ... 



wsmadlmLDaefiliT ... 




<s6rr^(SS3r^e!»LD ... 

Against Drunkenness ... 



@^ ... 



i. 95 








High Birth 




Honour ... 



(o)lJ0<S35LO ... ... 




<9= /r6S7(27 653rC3) LD 

Perfection of Good Qualities ... 




Proper Behaviour to all 



[sm^SioQs's^euLD ... 

Unprofitable Wealth 




True Modesty ... 



(QL^Qa^tjuecsues)^ ... 

Method of Raising One's Family 







is&i@ir(sij ... 




^^^ •'■ 





Fear of Begging 



aUJiSS)LD ... ... ... 1 



III. AJLL^^ujGv. — On Love. 



111 Union. 

Pain at the sight of beauty ... 501 
Ascertaining each other's In- 
tentions ... 506 

Rejoicing over Sexuality ... 511 

Praise of Pleasure ... ... 516 

Expression of Excessive Love ... 52 1 











a_ JJ/LJL^/5 SU6OT 


Expressing their Loss of Mo- 

Talk about Ramour 

... 530 

In Separation. 
Inability to Endure Separation 535 
Languishing in Sorrow ... 541 

The Eyes Suffering from 

Eagerness ... ... ... 546 

Suffering from Sallowness ... 550 
Excess of the Sorrow of Solitude 555 
Weeping at the thought of 

Her Husband 559 

Relating Her Dreams ... ... 564 

Weeping at the Approach of 

Night 568 

The Members Lose their Beauty 573 
Speaking to Herself ... ... 578 

Loss of Feminine Modesty ... 583 
Hankering after each other . . . 588 
Making out one another's 

Feelings 593 

Longing for Intercourse ... 598 

Being Displeased with oneself .. 603 

Feigned Dislike 607 

Dislike Caused by Trifles ... 612 
The Delights of Dislike ... 618 

c=iy p ^ ^ lIj LJ nr so. 

(£(BlJo Q.'S/£I iUjDii Q^uj^^/b(^flnJ LDfT/E^ifs (^^^Qiuesr ^Lu/riQ^frjrT 
Qesr(BssuuLLL^ QurrQ^err iBrresri^. ^qdoi SjpiSi Qurr(r^ etfiekuih eS'OL.esr 

euetDSiLirreir 3h-puuL—iTes>LDi£l guTsosetrrrp <3n.r)uu(Bisya!r qjdssr npeisr^QiQ 
lumb. ^su^£UGrr ^pLs^rrev^ ld^q^^gQuj ^^iosoflio eSSl^^asr Qs^lu 
^eiULD (2£}o\)3,Sliu6sr QiavrrL^^^LDrruD. ^o°o^T(aii Q^rT(LnssLD euLp%(^^ ^<sisr 

L^QlDoST Qp€ST£}](Si]<^SUU®ih. ^enp^lSfT ^(LpSSLDITSlJ ^/SSCtSSTfr (Lp^eQuj 

ev QF)S!!sr ^ iS rr IT ^^^lds(^ eS^.isuuLLu. iSljrLD<Fifluj (tp^eQiu fSSsosic/rled^ek 
penpiBp Qsrr^LU ^prijs&'rl&i enQ^Guir 0^fr(U>(^^<so* euLpssrro] QsfTQn 
Qurr(fr)2otT^ ^eS^^e^Qiu QuwosrQ^ssrQ^ehr /S!(W)UumTj ^^itiriricSsnDrrBS 
^LDQpem LorrjiiULL i—uQuitq^c^Qlo/d Qs^&isu^. ^^ SL—eisr QsiTL-eir 
(Lp^G^OJ u^QennLQu u^^^^rrio. ^smi—LDfreii ^^QsurrnpessQ/B/SiSl^Lh 
«aytp<5@ Qi5/Su9^L£i euL^^'jSl(^en>ir ^ibQiB/B iB^^^pQurrQr^iLQi—rruuiBm^ 
\u^p(^e5^s, Qsun^^^ik. ^eup^eir euL^sc^m ^essri^(Lp Qpe^sbQiB/B iB^a 
^^p ULU^^eufTLU ^eoso Q^n'(i£S.aLDQurreo LDSsm^uSln-a:- (^£uS uuu^^p 
^puSlso GUfrssorr^uDj ^oneu^fTLD .^s^rrQeuriueir/B tqsasr it sij iBr^Qujrr^/h 
Q^iueSlajp'SSi&iUfTegD LD/£luJuu(9^eofr^Lo ^(Sijpss^pQiun'LEls Sesm(BlsQsiu 
eiJUL-j60eS}LD^ ^(ff)eueT((SfV)<SUirfTp WpUL^<SS)L-.lU QiaurT(i^ia,QwujpQLDa!T <ot(Bs 
^sQarrerrGfTuuLLi—^. ^jjy^.Tear /E/r^Ja'cos f§ds\)3^LDSSTLU evrfhsm'fk 
Q^fT^uLD Qeu^urT(Bes)LS7)u:)Sp Q^urrssremLDiurrQaj ^puiSlajeousQaTiT 
l£I^ G^&i60iTiTS(^ QiDTT^^eQp QuQ^ihurrearesJLDtLin'Qiu Quir^eSliLKsOLJ 
upiB ^isosopfB ^peupQiDsuT ^0si;eros SSsoiufrp eh-puuL-L^^. ^jsu 
p^eiT ^s^copLDfTeu ^■J^Qjrri^s^GDS SSsodf^g: Q 3= a so ^@ imp Qw^ss esi^ear 
p^p(^^ ^SoasnurrQjj spL^cs)i—LU Lisdsrr (^Q lu rT® (^ Q<9=iuajULj'XieusfTa69eirj 

^^OcW-Qp^pSL- S^^eUfT&ST Q^fTL-lEj® <£T®^^aQa TTeSSTL- ^&)&QtJJLb 

Qu/r0Ll C?«^qGS)L_i ffli_<a/§OTiuT^eo evrrip^^^eo. ^eup^ueir (^snsvfTtp^ 

ui—SB ^h-pli^Ufresr (Bij(3smrrs. 

(uifGiD6v)iS!a(56!nT.) sreisru^', — ^SirLD/r@iu (Lp ^osoiq on l-oj gtq^^^s 
QciT^eomh- ^^Qufreo, ^^u&ev^QixJ (Lp^^iLj<s^>i—ff;^eO(^, ereirptsufT^. 
@l^ s^cDLDup/Slevfd^ <oT(B^^ssrrLL(Beu<3^LD. ^fiir^^p(^^ ^dso 
C35LD dlaiTF^^n-mm^ fBir^LDfr^^aomun-esr (sSliueourrp iSlp^^soir^iLo, ^^ 
us6up(3=,s^ sSs\)ss)LD Qs^iupssiS uqensT freurresresT/B ^lup^^s LL^sssriTeufreir 
(Lppj^ apes^sriT^Gyrr^Ei Qsfrerrs. ^SQipQ^^^aQsLuesr^ evi—QsuQ^^ 

QutJuQirmL®u uesTrui^Q^rrca^s <suL^^6k(Lpi^i^. ^(SCiQs^p ^em^uSl/r 
ssmQiO e^curp^. srTotruuL-i— eijGOsrp srr(S!!Fruui—rr^ sl-O/lI (gczfbr 
QS)iD ^jk-pQeiie!isr(B^<sSloi!r, ^^useuek (ip^pQp otstt (a/soSdrGLoeb (smen^ 
^k ■3h./BfS)iTi ,^^/SliicS)QrreniiLb s^eoQpf^ Qp^ eorr^uasy Qssreku^i SQFj^^rr 
ffiffi Qarrerrs. (^''SrrjTfB Q^pp^^'sis\'s,msr isuii^^. ^uumLu.rr'sk (Lp^p 
SL—iBJsrr ^<Fmcs)i-D <rfh-puui—i—^. 

1. As all letters have the letter A for their first, so the world has 
the eternal God for its first. 

e_. 3,pp^^ eofriu uiuQssrcsrQ-mjTso e^neofBeis 
esipiTf? Qi^fTLprr^ Qireisvsir. 

(uif-sniT.) iST-^, — OTsooO/r .^/reiia^onu^iEi appeufrs &s,s,(k(^ uj/SleL'fr 
^'uujjssr lun"^} QiDuuii^omfrsSldsw lues^i—ujsuesT^ /B<soeo ^rr&rsSofT^Q^niniT 
jffTuSleisrj er-^. 

gTsuQ<?5reBT^Lii (sS^uQuajri' Grc!!TQ6sr6W(2^iJj PFessr L^esrcnLD (^pl^^ 
fBshrp^, Qafreo Ocosotlj ^as)3=r9Sso. iSlpsSuiSle^a'-i^ LO0/E^rr<56S6Jr wpqr^ 
Qmmqr^iT, ^sld ^/SlG^pr^u uiuesr ^srewqr^cjsn ^ Q^irn^^^ iSlpeSl lu^^^ 

2. What prollt have those derived from Icarniug, who worship 
not the good feet of Him who is possessed of pure kuowledge? 

Qs^P'/bQensSj u5)^/5^a/r60^^« (^/SluQurr(B ®<str^^s^, GSss^/TfB^ Qufrqr^&r 
GTGWuQ^fTiT Quiuirup/Slu i3/f)^ ffiL-syi— Qsp^QLiir^fT) (LperriT. Qs^ir^ik- 

,-U-SSiir.) LD(oOlTL£Je^S^ - {^^SSJUir^ QrB(^3^LDIT^lu) ^fTLD 

eviJLosviflso, CT©@)o3T - Qff-mp &L-Si\en ^^ mwem^i^ - QuQ^anixi 
OufTQ^iB^uj urr^iEisSsfTj Q^'irrs^iTir - [^spii^e&i—fr^) S/b^^^guit^ 
fSe\)L£!ssi3^ - ((STsba)/r 2_sy<£ra<«(sr5<6B(^) Qijb<o\)iTQiU (Lp^^itj^^^^isv^ 

!§(BlCUlTLpSU,Tir - ^L^<sSl(S0 6\)tTUJ6V 61J fT l^jCU IT IT . 

3. They who are united to the glorious feet of Him who occupies 
swiftly the flower of the mind, shall flourish in the highest of worlds 

^. QsijemQ^soCocuesaT u.frGS)LD u9ic\)fr(oSTL^ Qa^iii^irir^ 
SliuiTGsmQi iBQinesiu u9io\). 

(uif-eoiT.) (oT-^y — epQT) Q u IT (^doir LL^LD ^enip^^ih Qsu^u^^^ld ^s\) 

exjiTSfTy er-jru. 

LSipeSl^^muisjs €TriT6ij£vrj — ^eurdswuup/B eu(rF^QjeaT<2i^LDj iSlpojuSlir 
s2srTLj up^cu(ir)SUGCT<ai^LD^ Q^iuiai.'^c!^^uup/£leij(r^Gu6sr(SijLJD eiesT QyQQjesiSuj fTeir 
cu(iT)ii^6VTuiki&&r. ^ up^Q g= IT IB ^ IT if s adjeSirem^ih ^^ircsiLLiSleiTj ^C3)a/ 
a rr TT GSST LD IT s &j(Tr^Qpeuas)a^ ^asTuihjS(erhLD g)coa//ni9OTr. 

4. To those -wlio meditate the feet of Him who is void of desii-e 
or aversion, evil shall never come. 

g!/ii ^jressr® eSSasrujih s^errevrrafr. ^sap&jesr^ QLDLumasiLDQs'ifiB^ L^sstnip 

^CI^iSU (Lppp(BjLD S-OSJL—UJ ^SOT^ffljeCT L/sCtp Q U [T (ITj&T Q J= IT L-j & Q Lp SOT U U lL 

i—^. i-jifl^eo - ioTuQurr(Lp^(^ Q,frrGO^^Si), 

(^Q^ - u - emir.) — ^empm&sT - «L.(Si/srr^, QuiriT^eaQ'f it- 
GLCiuJmsaiLD Qa^irih^, u^ip-Qir^^s^uj^ uftiE^TfrLtiinLQ-eQQFjLbiSls^ 


5. The two-fold deeds that spring from darkness shall not adhere 
to those who delight in the true praise of God. 

Q ihfBiQ(sa(vrj>!r liQls^jirij^ wfrir. 

(uif-coiT.) gt-^j-'—Qlduu eumju diem ^sr^s^ Qa^eSl Qiuost^ld Qufv^ 
a>2snioiJi-^iurrs (SyG5>L_iL/ ^fs ^sumdlSswitjih ^^^^frajT^ QLcajuurresT Qenrrna 
ssQiB/BuSleksem euQ^suir^fSevrQ/'iT iSlpuiSlek/B Quuisireo^^Lo e^qhsesr 
csJLDiLJjTiruj euiTLQGijfrrr. er-^. 

ueoeksar ^iB^fTSGOrrm ^Gu/b^etsrail. Qs^s^Qekp ^eurre^jiD ^/s^rr 

^P^mU Q<S=LUlLjL-QLQCS)LDS£B(5mr (SUIE<S^ ' ' S iSf CS^ JT ^ UITlL®" STsku^ 

Qurrso. ^cineijisrr6k(^ u/nLt—ir^LD ^icmpeiiosjn- fSSsur^^&HLh evfrLp^^^ih 
^euQ&sT/Sl Spp^i^Q.fiij^Tir (^(BQu^eijQn-m-u^ sh^puuL-i—^. 

(Qs — u - es>ir,\ — Q u fr /iS 6u fT u9 sd - ^iaQ u rr /SI ^dsir euL^di 

^(SUOTT^, QuiriU^IT - QLDlLJLOS^LDlJjrrQUj €^(L^£S.SsQfE^ - ^(l£&a, 

eiJL^u9e0j /§)d7-(7)^/r - (suiipeurrjsj) iQevrpsjir^ liQ enrripeumr - ^l^ 
e£l(S\)c^rru:>eo oirripeuirir* 

6. Those shall long prosper who abide In the faultless way of Him 
wlio has destroyed the five desires of the senses. 

LDSST^ds toll Sod imrpp svffl^. 

^ rr2s<i 3=Q g^ IT lb ^ rr rr & scoc\)^) LDew^^eisT&esur iS&n^it ^eisruihj&'Ssn 'Ftfrt?;^ 
^mri^irsir^, er-£ji. 

'^s^ppuireo ^ sisr L- rr gSI® ^ eo^^" STssTfvr^pQuiTGO pfcsst l^^tf^cold @)cjr 
esiLoQiDeo i§6srp^. ^ireaQs^jTir^rrif iSlpeSlsQes^evrruu &itld Qcu(if)Cifl ldujs 
araiadsfT ixtrrppLDiril-L-^iTcs-^LDuSlcur^iSlpfb ^<aiJ/b(yi/'<ok cu^^ih^ekuihjsitsfhca s^cldib 
^Qj Qir^u^iTiJoi. 

^,Q(^^ld) e^uiQedeoiT^ SL-eijisrrjsjj ^iren - ^i^^SsiT^ QiFWih 
flirrr<3S(^ - ^ os) i— <s£l i— w ^ Qih^^i^^n.i(^^ ^«ve\),TG\;-^sua)/rLD0jj 
LDSSTLLi 4E(a/S3^3-G)/5(^0(?6\j (o ^ iT&ir ^Q^sirp ^muiEizd^, LDirppso- 

7. Auxiety of mind cannot be remoyed, except from those -who, 
are united to the feet of Him who is incomparable. 

^' .r^P'^'^i^ uj/B^ejOTcsT Qrf> ^ Q <F IT IB ^ rr IT d <3b 6\: (so rr p 
i9p6UiriS iiiB^ eoifl^. 

(liiP - eoiT.) 6T-^, — s^pssL^coirQiu ^is^sasresr^i ^ircrrirQuj LjSossr 
esi'us^Qa^iris^irits&tsooi^ Sj^^p iSipeuirQuLisu.m&'Bsn iih^eo ^ifl^^ ct-^. 

^piD Qu!T(i^crr ^muLD STscr s^L-QesrsswessruuLLi— Qpskp^fh Sfpp 
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(SUP'S Z-izsyL—Ujeu (S3)ffieSaJr ^psuirL^LUis^essr QasT€ar(rrj rr . ^peurrL^ Qiudsr-u 

(LpetTif, ^uLjosm-6S)iu3= Qa^n'T^irfr semrrsfri^^ ^enp^iQerr ^(L£,i^,QjiT 

(Q^-U-6TO/r.) ^pio <^^ ^IB^eS^&Sr ~ ^(7BLCi6S^U.6V!TQ.tLI 

au-Giisn^^ ^(rerr - ^i^iuirQiu (^Louaseo^s^^), Q 3" i'tib ^ it ir i (s^ 

8. None can swim the sea of vice, but those who are united to the 
feet of that gracious Being who ia a sea of virtue. 

3ii. Qsi<^<so Qu!r/i5lu9p (^6smiSa''Qcv Quj6m(^cm^^fT€iT 

(irfSea eys^sariEisir^ ^Ssx). 
(uif-6!nT.) CT-^^ — SS3LDS Qepp Ljeoeks^s OsirerransuSli^oiT^ 
OuiT/SlsmQuircou uojcsru®^ jyyemi—ujewffoso, eTeisrQje7i>auuL-u. @63w/a/ 
&dsiT iucs>L-Ujrresr^ ^irSsrr €ii essr ej s it ^ ^mOsstTj ot-^. 

^lup^s iUbiSJ^rifeSswiSi^iS^. app^QpsvvrtfS'S^} ^!ue)uiT<sQi2J u ir 3= liu 3.£m_ 


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lucar eresTG^LO) S-CS^fTuufrQ^Qpsmr. <s/r^ro)^ (Sessr^xp^eSujesrCu/reo evessriEiSfr^ 

eu!T^SSn'-s IB fT ti 1, (SfhLD jtjSusuiiQp uuje^iso QsL'ssru^^s^tEjOsirerrs:. ^ansu 
QpeijT^urrL-i—fr^ih ^eudsn SSosr^^^uoi Guirip^^^f^ QsFuuiufrsL'Lpu u(Biej 

Q,3srT6rr(6r^GS)^S^6Vfr^, Qufr^Seir ~ Quit [Ss'SnQ utreo^ gtssst 
(^6s:sT;S^frsir-iorsmsiJssi.suuLLL^ (^esJST.ii^Ssfr u^smt^ujeusaT^, ^irSetr- 

UiumuQ^ e&6V6orr^e9T(o6uuj!rui. 

9, The head that worships not the feet of Him who is possessed 
of eight attributes, is as useless as a sense without the power of sensation. 

<50. L^psQu Q U (7^ lEJ -X L— <o^ IB^Guir iB/h^lT 

(uiF-cm.T.) ST-^j — ^es)pGu esn^Q'um^LD i^ds^GTiuja^ Qs^irib^n'n' 
iSpsSiurrSuj Quifiuj <5i_S:Aj i-h.i^surr j ^^osws^ Qs^fffr^rrir .'iii^LDml.u.rT 

siTirecsT srrifliu^ Q^rTL—ir3^Q<jjfnu& aes^rruSSsT^ eyQT^^eSiehT i3p<^u 
Qu(ff)iEiSL- Q&ieirQT/'ir. Qg^irih^rrQfTmu^ Qg^rreaQ&iJ'a^ih. &.eoQiuGOe!nu 
iBSsoTLUir^ ^Gtapcu sari^emiuQuj SSLsruuirrs^u i3p(£laj£)!iSS^LD) ^ta; 
eurrpesT/Sl mrr/SlSSszTuuinrs «o'b ^(jT/'csiLDiLjua ^@iu ^irsm(Bi±i ^^<^<^ 'Siu 

(^Q^-u-esar.) — ^enpeusk - ^^sueisr^ , ^(^ - ufr^irtfrSiu 
{^u^n'is6\3^es)fl^ Q^a^ifiB^suiir)^ i9p<s3u Qu(rF)iEis.L—eo-Sp6Qiu^Qiu 
OuiBiu ^L^ds\), i§rB^6uir - &u.Lju!T!r ; Q<firfr^irir - [^^dsjr.3^) 

Q 3" if !T ^ •oU IT ^ filB^rriT - ^C—d'SLOirLLL-.iriT, 

10. None can swim the great sea of births, but those who are 
united to the feet of God. 

j)/puiQurr(i^ cfiesruEj^^iJa iBt~^^p Qs^qjitQuj LDGS^L^LSlmr^ &puL^& 
eh-^^&i. ^^srr^-QpcmpesiLDiLjLD ^^^Qesr eSerrisi^^Lh. 

QTf'snTLElip^ Qu^ssr^bT^irp uirp^, 
(uiF-SinT.) loT-^, — LDcs)Lp u9s3)L_uj(27^ i^Spu 2.s05ii SSsoQup^)/ 

(BuSliTa'ScrT. .jyapeu SdsoQuji)£)j ^^uQr^^eoirev^ LSl^uiSlcmL-uj(rr^cs)LDuSlGiT eT(z§ 
{ZhfrssT^ih S-i^ihQurr® stressruuLL® is)j(ir)^iso. ^mip^ih S-6sarL-/Tif s^rreuir^ 

(G!^-u-€S),T.) — a/Tu5T - LbcpnLpiuTssr^, i?lmj^ - (itQQaj ^iki 

^<osr'Ss^LL<ss)iu ayOTD/_uj^. 

11. By the continuance of rain tlie world is preserved in existence 5 
it is therefore worthy to be called ambrosia. 

2_. ^uurrfr<sBi^^ ^uurriu ^uuit<sbw^ ^uufrrri(j^^^ 

(uif - giOiT.) GT-^) — ^sissT u IT r s (^ /F<fo60 eijem!T<a}jSc£rr u^errGufT&Q ^qj 
pcnp iLicmQi€k(yr^iT^(^^S ^rTmaQp^msurTuii iBpusi^^ LCsa^Lp, er-^. 

<9;rTfU)iLD ^(sssreurT^eiXTSij^ ^e^es^ jtt [L^s^essTuu(B^&d. SpuLjODL-iu 
djiuif ^ 80m Q LOGO Gs^Qj^^s -sf^/flesrcmLDiSleisr ^a°o/Sl&tmr£S(^Lo ^ o°oO ^ it a (s^ld. 

eu Lfi fij Q isii (fT)^^ en u-iueufTiSl 6^ ersuru^fTLD. 

(Q^-L;-63J/r) — ^uu!riT<s(m - ^^s^ueuirdi^, ^uurriu - iegJst 
ctDLniunSiUy ^uuirdSl - s_6S3TCiJ'.zBsrr s-mri—ir iQ^ ^uufTird(^- 

CUTUj£l/bu^LC)y LLOni^ — . 

12. Rain produces good food, and is itself food. 

/H-. s^ sssT 60^ ^ £U QufTajLJL9bir e^ffli§ir eSliu^eos,^ 

(Ulf-SnT.) GT-^j — LDCS^Lp QuusklQlBJ ffi/TCO^^LJ QuiijlUIT^ QufTluam^ 

LDfTiSleiTy si^&dfTjb (^lquulLl^ ^ssisTp (Sii&)6^^ ^eksoivT rQSe\}Qu/b ^■uSlir 

<SL_^ewt_^ ssfTuSeaiith Sj^^p ULue^ecSo\i Qiueisrurrfr, eSlffltSrreSluj gc/so 
&^Q^m(rijrT . s^G^BTeSeisTODLDuSlek u&uuiTehr s_iSI/ts efipa,(^LD eTeku^tTLO. 

(Q^ - L/ - 63)/r.) — eSlssm - Loe^ipujirssrjsjy iQek^ - (Quilihj 
QdJsmQik} «/rso^^6u) QuiinuiTLoeo, Qumuui9&ir - QuiTLu<i(^ 
Lciru9oirj eSliBfiir - <mi^io\)irp (^lpuulLl-, eQiu^sr ceo^^^err- 

13. If the cloud, withholding rain, deceive (our hopes) hunger 
will long distress the sea-girt spacious world. 

9^ ^ a_-iD. «?y^. cxJirssf&^pULj, 

eufTifi 6U sir rki (msisT /Si s srreo. 
(uf-s!nrr.) <sr-^, — ^l^qjit snrrr ^Q^^oso.i' Q^^djuuirir LDcmipQujeTi- 
^iLD isuQhGL'rruj ^eisTULueir (^enr/SesT^ er-jp/. 


14. If the abundance of wealth-imparting rain diminish, the labour 
of the plough must cease. 

(u(P - esiJf .) GT-^, — y^iBiSl&sriEcssr evfrt^eyrranrru Ouajiurr^/Seirjru 

iuirrr loss err rr^eSleisr QsL-t—rrira Qs^istq^n' . CT6\)&)rrQi:Deirp^ ^miDSses^ir 
(Lpuj/bS Qeu£}iufr®serrn-p Qa®^^&> ST(B^^(SC)<SBerr^mh u&isurr^&i Qfsrr-iQ, 
61/^60 Qseku^ ^eufTLUfS^iurr sir eui^^. LDGS^tpuSlesr ^rppsii <Si_/z9tLj 

(Q^-u-on/r.) — Qs,(Bilju^ld - {Quiuiuir ^ iQm^) Qa,Qu 
Qsu, 6t(Siuu^lb - erQuu^LDj ereoevrrm - (^sotq;) srco&)!rLh 

(eUSVSW^), LOGSiLp — . 

15. Rain by its absence ruins men ; and by its existence restores 
them to fortune. 

usiinup pdsCistr&ssT uiB^, 
(uif-6B)T.) CT-^, — Qlds^^p £^(c^i^l^p arrs^u ^&>&i}^', i^Lprr^fr 

eSlHrlDU - Sl(^QuUJIT. LD/D^ - sSlSstST LD fT p /Si SUT S Cm mjIB ^ ^ . ^L^fi!/ 

serr, (S^'iBsk cgyevfV/r^ - Qff'l^psir€mu^<2\)(30^^ wp^ ^mQ^- 

16. If no drop falls from the clouds, uot even the green blade of 
grass will be seen. 

CLDsisfTeisr ^^Ssn-s'^od/d^ ^^cutslL QuiLnmr^ e^KSiDaSesr, er-^. 

S-LoesiLD SpuLjiheiDisi. ^eure^LwiiL] (^sop^e^rreu^ SfTajfrnpuSlTserr 
(SlpeyrresiLDiLjih ldcsi^qp^gQuj ui—fT'snLDiLjLDrrLD. FFesnr®^ (^es^p^^Qeoesrp^ 

(Q^-u-cco/r.) — istlS'S sfreisT - Q la^s is ^ it &sr , ^t^fb^ - «S/^ 

6cjfG3DrT<5 (^SJnp^^j lESO-S tT^ irQsiSll^&ir — ^^G3^L-^^LJ QuUJiUT 

17. Even the wealth of the wide sea will be diminished, if the cloud 
that has drawn (its waters) up gives them not back again (iu rain.) 

(uif-o!J>iT,) 6T-^j — Q^cunsiLc^io ^iSLiiSijGoQeur LDascrrrrp Q-^ujluu 

U&LD eSipSljLh U^ODS^tLjLO fBL—iaUrT^ . LDOnLpGluLULU IT^ fTuSleur j GT-£)I, 

(rrjfr. S^^UJ^^p (nj'Lpsii ^rrs^ Q^ujsu^ cu^/blS^^lu LDfT^cSeir juj^Ssm Qpp 

Si^/Sli^lf. 2_LDG3)LD &pLJLjLDOT>lD, 

(Q^-U-eSifT.) eUirS^LD - LdSiDip, €i]p<i(^QLCii\3 - QuiijiuT 

^6v, QpuQuaQ - ^(f^ioQLpfrioiji—Qssrj L^<ff=3o3r-Sl^^uj^G^3'j Q^stgo 

18. If the heaven dry up, neither yearly festivals, nor daily worship 
will be offered in this world, to the Celestials. 

eutr&siLB euLptnisir Q ^ <asP, sir . 
L-PQpLD ■^en lav rr & !T y tosoLp QuuJUJfr^nuSlbir^ ST-^. 

Qlut(B'e: O 3 ^ '9 -? -5 5>; . .s^'Lcr-a'^ '-Ccs-'j:. Quit ■flsjiSQ una ;rL£:ed S^ 

<5B0 ffiL-t£). «5y.©, !i^^(T!TQu(rF)0S)l£). 

(Q^-u-enrr,) — eurresruD - inonip^ e^Lpiki.s!rQ^sSi>h ~ Quiii 
aj!rsiTu9&sTj eQiuek ^^eoiSLD - Guifliu ^-6\)<s^^6v^ ^rrefnih ^euih 

19. If rain fall not, penance and alms-deeds will not dwell within 
this spacious world.. 

«0, rBif^ck p^s3iMLurr ^^Qsesflek ujrriTUjfrir<s(^iD 

(uiP-onT.) cT-^j — ereij(siies)S QcDLDumL L^rrrrs(^ih Scmir uSlm/Sl s_6\j 
fslujeo ^esiLDLurr^iruSekj ^ihifr ^<ss^u.uj(v; 0^rrQ£>(^Lh e^Q^s&Qpth eurrdssr 

peiDLDuun' ^coQseiru^ ereaeorrjin'^ih Q^e^oju uQ^eQesTj ^^Qurreo 
Q(ciJiTQ£issQpih eurrs^esr pesiLDuurres^tD Q^&fliiJuu(BQLD6m-un-/fj Siflesr poDLO 

Qp^^rrirs^ LDcmipe^aj uSlek/iSl QiLirr(Lp<is SrrihurrQ^eur eijiwrruun-Qh 
Qpcrrn'. ^csiev Qp&sr^ un-L-i—fr^LD ^pil) QutTQf) efiekuEiserr iBL—^^p 
Qs^surr^iso sh-puuiLi—^. 

(Q^-u-emir.^ — turnr ujfrird(^ti)-eT^6ue70ds (oLaihumLQ'i^rriri 

20. If it he said that the duties of life-cannot be dischargpd by 
any person without water so without rain there cannot be the flowing 

of water. 

fE.-w- ^^ — ^ ^^(iitQuq^<5^u:>o 

Sjo'cSiren^ QPPP^ ^pi^ QpsSciJIT^ Qu(fF)6!nLD Sh.^^&i. ^6UQ.p 

(LpS pOu n (then a.'Bsa sscSlp (^efrarsurr £)j€ssnT^^&in-n ^eurr ^seQekj ^^ 
eun&sr QpuiSleiriSltir tmeiacELj ulLl-^. 

(uiP - ©DT.) er-^f — fiLDsc^ifluj QeiJir(Lpas^^ciT semQem rfleur^ 

GijGtr(n)Lb, ^pihojcrrjTu urrsumQ^iLjih, urroj.iQ^uj ^'/Sliurresiixi fSiEj(&)LDj 
^/SiuiresiLD iisis S^^ ^S^^rsjaetr^ Qinj^un-LiiBem/TeijLh ^tfi^ek ldit'Bc\hu 

@ffi arriressi Lon&Lu QiurTSQpuLsp^iL\6SsrL—(TLC>) ^oo.^sssrL—ir& QmuuiJLja!3TiT(3ij 
iSlpih^L^p)uup(ff/@iu 6T6srQ^63Tu^iLb ^suu/bfly/'&'^ uufrQevr&sru^LQ (sEKBda 

^SeOrrdsTj ^<6l;(aflirei!3l(B UponpUJLC) ^LD(LpCSipQuU S^iS1JIt4!^6S(SIs,Qs\)6WS 

^pfS^bvjr^j Qua^GSiLD - UiQioinLOGiniUj (sBq^uu^^ - QLo^vfrssr 

21. The end and aim of all treatise is to extol beyond all otlier excel- 
lence, the greatness of those who, while abiding in the rule of conduct 
yecidiar to their state, have abandoned all desire. 

^piB^fTGSifr QtUSSSTbSsfl^ Q A fT sm L— /D Jii/ , 

(uif-snT.) sisi) — ^(TT)Cues>s,u up/Slansrmh eSL-L-frjr^ Ou(iT)e!nLDCs>uj 
©jsuisuerrQevesr Qp€usr^m)p{m./SI ^^iue^/Beirj ^etrci] uL^rres^LDLUfrearj ^cyey 
eoais^u iSlpiB QpfB^fTG^fT QiU€S3i6j!^ uSl^^&BurujQ /TssT ^/£luj ^p(rrjp 

QL^€st^ ^rtiii^ Sahrp^, 

L-6d!r^, QuQl^G!DLD - LL>Q GJ^ m GS) lU ^ ^ 8sS0T <S &h. ^oS siiT (^(bT6S3T&Fifl&6!y)^ 

6T 6m6su?iiQi^iT6mi^p^-6r&itii&mi (^^^^^rviuidsQ&JTeJr^^ •^f^ 
iuu L^(^^^(rpQurr^LO, 

22. To describe the measure of the greatness of those ■who bava 

for:iakeii tJie two-f. hi desires, is like counting the dead. 

/;2. *2_ /H--LD, =Sy,©. li i ^iL n HfQ U(f^€S)Ltt , 

/5_. (3)»j5!^"t^ euana.Q^ifl'B ^smL-pin L/essTL-irir 

^UiP-6S)T.) er-^, — L9r)LJi_j ^Qi_ear^LJD ^weisri^etsr^ ^mueSichr 

QufTG)) ^(fF)<snLD QuussTu^eisr Qi^essr(SsS&sr& esSehrp^. iSl/flSdooQiusfrfrLJo 

^frir^ Qu(fF)G!DLDQaj er^6\)rru Qu(rF,(SS)LD'jSl^ lB&sQ^swuS' <3^puui—L-^. 
(Osi-u-enrr.) — ^(f^anto - ([QpuLjoffOL-ek^niii) ^ir&isn^ 

K^, (^uSpUSinU li<S(SR^p(^) FPQSST® - ^LJl9puL9^, ^pLD' 

^psup^&n^^ i^emL-mi-G'la,fre^L-6uir^, Qu(7^&nLD-Li:iQ(o<y)Lc(oiUj 

23. The greatness of those who have discovered the properties of 
botK states of being, and renounced the world, shines-forth on earth (beyond 
all others.) 

6U fQ 5ST ssr ^}j LD GSieuuus.Q'Sair eQ^^. 

(uiF-£3)T.) <ST-^^ — QsssTGDLD Q iLHoirmjj/B Q^ tTLLu^uj fTp Qu iT/SlscrT rrQiU 
lurr'Sstsr es)uj/B^BssnLjLb ^e^^in t^eosisr semQuyp Qs^ckedirLDps/Tuurresr 6T&) 
corr S^sSl^ L8s&Q^ear^ Qs^fr&XjOuuLLi— ^u-(Bi^&)^^p QamrcS^ 

©joo G^sG^<g^(Sijnn<sij£u:). Qessrcs>LD uS(5ssn^/8<^&srQiS)p^, ^isSso^ 
QpQs^eisr^ Qpdsnff^GQsm (sSI^Q^6k(yi^irj FFessrQu i^pih^pi^ euQFjLo&m 

^■soso Qssrasru^fTLD. 

63?; LP ^/zr/(<5.F^^^/rsv), e^ir ^.i^Lo - {^Qutr pt^ssnirSiu lUfrSssrserr) 

mfBGSi^iSiL^Lhij<SfTUUfT&iT - [^SST^^GiT Lj e\i >^ .S Stfl SST G LD 60 G)<^ 6VS0 fTLDISv') 

siTLJueijioisrj SiJiresr (oT&ST^ULb QDeuuL^if^ - {^Greoeorr iSeoiBj^eifl s^i LC)) 
Gld so /rear 0^637^ Q<s=,TioV&)uuQSip Gto/rtS^i^ Siso^^4o(^^ <^fr 

24. He who guides his five senses by the hook of wisdom, will be a 
seed iu the world of (heaven.) 

(uiP-stDT.) er-^j'—i-jisoesr&ci'ilp Qs^eoQczrp ^eurres^Qj.ia^S^^iLji}) ^i—S 

1^ j£^traQ uQFiOnLn. si/L. ^^ 

25. Indra, the king of the inliabitants of the spacious heaven, is 
himself a sufEcieut proof of the streugth of him who has sulxlued hia 
five senses. 

«r. Q^iu^sifliu Q&'ujeurrir Quifliuir QjSliuir 

Q 3^ lU p S, [T\ lU Q3=[U£B GOirSlTIT. 

(u[P-6»T.) GT-^j — ^^^ tSlpuiSlesTirrruj ld£BS(^l1. Qg^Lu^pQa&'t] 
LUGupcs^pg: Qg^LUijurr^ ^ifliusups^pa^ Qs^LueurriT QuifliuiT, ^suOeuerflnj 
eupeJDpa^ Qa^uj^ ^rfltuojpisop.'p Qg^ujiu LDirL-L—irsiriT Q/Sinrr. er-^, 

Q3=iup Qse^aj(3u(r(Si]sur LoeuTLCi Qeyemt^iueuirQp ^^osrsruQutrrBioVLBs 
eiTiTp L^coecrserfl^ Qg^^^^^ih Qa/o°o@^JW^ Qsur^Grr&n np^eorruSleur, 

^iflp ueo^streo Qptps&i Qp^mtnu (GrrcMQT^euLpaQp qr^u^uke, QiDesrutrm) 

(Q^-u-6jn/r.) — Ou^iuiir - (s^^^i9pui96srjrfrQiu uxssfl^ir 
^&f]Qs\)) QuiflQuJirir, Q3=ujp(^ ^iBiu - Qs^iu^p -asiflLueinQj^Ssfrj 

siBtLj<su^6iJ<%S&rj Q^^ius eofT^frir - Q^'LunjutULLL^ir^mT, 

26. The great will do those things "which is difficult to be done ; 
but the mean cannot do them. 

er. 3rG!r)eiiQiurrGft\ iliQ (rrj- e^ a^ fBrrppQiDtsir etnpis^eJsr 

(u(r - eoiT.) ioT-^j—<9raDQjiLjih epefJiL/JD sot^^ld epGDa^tuuD lErrppnp 

^ajp/SlsirSLLQu-rreir/Sliu ^LJUj^^Ejs dsai^LD, ^EUp/Bckeh-frr/QLU (C^irQeurih 

Q^iflsvrrGk SL-Qi—esr (s^u.ldQuit® uiexrir^^^i^eo Q^tfJQissrp L^Qr^L—^LOj 
^suisk Q^ifl^p s(fT)GSLurr@uj Loack ^aias/Tjr LDesr/Ej&(W?,LD, ^Qjp/Slpr^ QP^ 


&^ m^-Lb. ^^. li^s^iT irQuQ^OfyiX). 

eorreu^ Qpeouu(&)^Qdjrr€ir/Sl/b Q(V^m^uj ^ebresiLouSl/b u'ff,@(?aj lurrisu 
^iSJso^ aiO(g^uj/r65/r Q^esreijLhj ^^esr&L^ Qi—.Teir/Sluj lo/tct/ld ^^gst&l^ 

<56arfflLl QL^rresr^eu€sr eSl&srcs)L£nuiT^LD ^jT6Ssr®LJD ^sosoOesrecnsY^ g^rrihiwiu 
iSirSQsn'ssr ^soSsoQujear (SYSoSesr ^iessres)LDUJ/£lf5<sSl&!rf ^suew^isilejrr scssr 

iBfrppih^f^GSiexJium ^a^tLjii) uiBdFQpth ^'sg><?£L|Lc rBfrppQpLD^ eremp- 

27. The world is within the Icnowledge of him who knows the proper- 
ties of taste, sight, touch, hearing, and smell. 

Lns^pQiDfTL^ ssTiLm^ eQQih. 
(uf-stniT.) 6T-^, — i^esipih^ Old/tl^uSI&st iljcs)L—uj ^prss;rrir£J Qurrr, 

iQesipQuaiTL^ QiueisTu^u ^'^erftp <^^/Sl^ih Qeur^skr® s^/SI&pjih jj/woju 
{Q^-u~enir.) — SlssypQiDfTLpl - (uusar) fSoDp.i^ Q^^rreo^ 

UJ6tDt_tU, LDITfS^ir - rip 615^ en IT ^ , GuQESSilX) - LBWiST)LDS^\U^ tQ&O^i^)-' 
Li(o<S\)T.%^^6\), LDeSJpQLDfTL^ - [^SU IT irdsm-UJ ITSSJ^Q <3' n <5\)<oQ{Ll) LDt5 

28. The hidden words of the men whose words are full of effect, 
will shew their greatness to the world. 

^oTTCy fflCu3rCu3UJ.TuSJglyLb Qsil(^5tTUUL-t—P'jriTp p(Bp^&)lT)ffiJy €T~jrij, 

3^cQuJfr<Z)LDlLjLD Q U ^On LD [Lj LD Up/Sls (^S:^ fSJ sdsiT ^ (^ek^^S GJQ^euS.'^ 

GJlB Q€V(^€T^ O^TcisT/Sluj QutTQ^Q^ ^^S^I Q LD iU ILj SSS! IT £lj ^L^S(^l}) ^ffitS)® 

(Q^ - u - 6M/r.) — (^essTLD eresT^iiLD (Qskjrti - (^penj QubiLi 
lu/^eij ^6<n<fu9e[)&)ircvyiJ0> rtp^eo/resr) iBp(^6ssTikiam!rSliLi LcBoiiu9^ 
Qlci6\)^ ejj^SfSsJn-Qvir-'ST/i^liQeoTpapGtsflciiir^, Q6U(^&fl-(D<3srruLDfresr^, 

29. The anger of those who have ascended the mountain of good- 
ness, though it continue but for a moment, cannot be resisted. 

Qs^fB^tm'SSiLCi llgsstQ L—ir (ID'S evneir, 
(uiF-6tJ)iT.) er-jiJ, — 6T<JOoO/r (SijiSlrracssr Qwe^iiF) Qg^eueSlLU ^ecxcssrerfl 

(Q^ - u - cin/r.) — er<su6iiu9ir.i(^LD - (or6V6\)rr 6iju9irseifl6STQui 

^ih^imrQtr&iT^ti Qa^ ireoevuuQQeuirir, ^pQauirir - ^peup^^ 

30. The virtuous are truly called Anthanar, because in their conduct 
towards all creatures they arc clothed in kindness. 

<9^-I£). ^^ — ^p<o5TSU<oQlLl^S,^GV. 

^o%^fr<su^ ji/LD(Lpe!^sujrrr6sr s-emir^^uuiLi— ^LDQpekpm^j&r isr^vru 
Qurr(rT^(&hLD ^m u(LpLCi Qurreorr^j ^pek ^ldcs)ld ld£^cidld d^Qu-ekmi Qpek 
^^sriLjiD uiu^^edireir, ^evp/Seir eueQiqanL-^ Q^eku^ <9i^^-s&i. . ^Q 
&rTsr(Lpos>peiDLDimh ^^(ev)Q€aT6S6fTii;(^Lh. "^n3Lji_jGDu. iDrriSl^QufrQfj^ iB&ir 

UQp LDp^£J6Vl^Uu(S^/B Q ^ ITppLoQuir&i''^ , CTeisTQrj'IT iSipQhLh. 

(uif-6JnT.) €T-^, — ^@QupeiDpiL]m^Q?,LD- ^pss (Lp^eSliu Q^eoeujS 
SD^iLjii^(rr)LD^ ^o5s\)/r63r, s^iSlrfBL. sp^^mSae, ^ssld iuit^i. ct-^. 

ereoeorru Qup^ejTui^ Qpm^etDLnuSlem- cS'® &puQu€mu ulLl^^j. ^s 

^^(gff)6OT ^p^Qehr iEi&s, eij^^ uSle\)^ Qiuesru^ on.puui—L—^. 

Qio, O'fdixaJrLpsLct- (^,x-cDiT<s<s(Lp^evfrQtu) Q^evQj^eay^u^ihjff^ULD- 

31. Virtue will confer heaven and wealth ; what_ greater source 
of happiness can man possess ? 

iBeiclsO' ^s^ssT LDiusa^^nsk Lop^^eQeir QldjdljlLl- Qs(BLB&i2s\:. 6t-£ji. 

[wiud^^^^rrev) Ltipiss^ eSlQ^eG^nQLnpuLLi-., QaQ - (oSL^e^L-^ 

32. There can be no greater source of good than (the practice 
of) virtue ; there can be no greater source of evil than the forgetfalness 
of it. 

fB_. ep6\)^ui eiiQDfEiuT csrpeQ'BssT QiuireuirQ^ 

^tu^iF ppLorrsu^ ^&i6dpLD f^u rrrr^err or wp {s.spucijLO, ^pevpLo 

LDrreuem loottld exjirsi^s smu QiDesruesr. ^Gup(Oy'pQs=iuiLjLJD ^pEiserrfreusm 
(LpeDpQiu fB pQ i €S) ^ iLiLD 16 pQs^ r&)^LD 15 pQ 3^ iu ^Q L06m ^es)£u. ^■s<ss)esr 

33. As much af5 possible, in every way, iucessantlj practice virtue. 

3^-W. ^W. JVpsm 6)jd) ILl £)J cS ^sS6V , iSBCT" ■ 

^(^c\) fijT i9p. 

j^ih QtsuL—npiJo jijpQemeuru uu.n'j ^w eurrjr fSnemLDiU} 6T-J3/. 

OlditlS QimusGnrrp Qs^iLssuew uiue^ea Qeussru^s^LD QupuuiLi—^. 

(Q^-u-emfT .) — tD63r^^6B6BC3?jr - {^^uuL^ ^pi^Qff^iuuQjeir 

eii6yTCiJ6V6\)',) ^ireiiirir (^assr^&n^ iLfOHL—iuesreurrLD. 

34. Let him who does virtuous deeds be of spotless mind ; to that 
extent is virtue ; all. else is vain show. 

iB(Lpsssir (sQojsmp ^pm. 
(u(P-G!j)(i.) er-Sti, — iSip jrrrssLo Qun'(vr/cs)LDiLjLD, i^eoeisrsekrCoLDpQff'ei 

^piMfTey^) ST-£ii. ' 

Osfrerrs. ^es)£ij i^irem® umLi—rr^th ^p^^esr ^lugol^ eh-puuL-i—^. 

(^Q^-u-esiiT .) — ^(Lp'isfrj)] - (^i9p(/^iuir3'&) QutrQr^GnLDiLjUi, 
jifeufT - (^tiiLysu) ^ero;Fiq(i), Q6ii(^<o^ - (^^Gmeu &irjressTmiraLj 
i9pirQLD&}&-€ssrL-rrQp'^ Q<xrrurLpLD, ^^i^<3=Q3=!reo {^jijj^upfSl 

^•piD - ^pLDfreiJ^. 

35. That conduct is virtue which is free from these four things, 
viz., envy, desire, anger, and bitter speech. 

<Xr. ^ssTp^eurr QiDi^(^ ^p(!d^QiFiu^ wpp^ 
(uiP-eiDT.) <sr-^, — uumh @^ Qurr(Lp^^rTajLDrrs^esr ^ps^^rrm^ 

LDpQpeisru ^es)S'iB2o^. Qurremqi^^ ^SsssrQujdT(ffrr, Qa^iLi^ gji—uduiJj 
luey QpuSiQirn- Qt-iresr/SI QujSssr ilji_ldlSI^(^ Q3=pcSl6hr. ^^(§5)637 ^eusSiij&i 
i3p(n/@ltu ^psQdsm SSsvuufTSi ajfrseina !§osouSi&srQua(L^Q^ Qa^iLis, Qisuek 

(Q^-u-etnir.) — (iBfTii, ^uQurr^ ^6rrs!niiiuu(r^cu Qpsmu- 

36. Defer not virtue to another day ; receive her now ; and at the 
dying hour she will be your undying friend. 

er, ^^p^^rr S^Qsuesr (oenevsn^ir ^eQe^ns 

lurreisT ^.'simrrraS'SO QeuersTL—ir- ©sflcOTaerotuffi sfr<s^surrQi^(d Cyj^j/^jpa/zreaf? 
eni^ssfTL-^ OJerrGDSiJ ^eki^Qesr iLjessrjruuQm, <st-^. 

uiuosar ^QpisiiT(yr^iff lSI esr esr ^rr a sQ sir. erstrrQeuesr^Lb ers^g^^^rrp 

S^P SITL-& ^etTCtDOJILjUD QupqrflD. S-S!Srjruu(B QlDSWU£^ Q3=n(S0QGO3=^ 

cuT-^^Qeussr^j ^^«ld e^erresyaiiLifreo ^^cSleSlds") QsuJsmL^rr-Qsii 

37. The fruit of virtue need not be described in books ; it may be 
inferred from seeing the bearer of a palankeen and the rider therein. 

^. gi?z^/!J/rsyr uu-rr^onLo iEsbT(fff>pj£l ear" 0*0 Q^/r^ovsar 
eiifru^fBirerr en L^iU6!aL^<S(y^iEi <SBeo. 

(^Q^s u-s^rr.J — ^(T^euesT — , eff'LpfBirerr - (Q&=iLitUfrLDp) ssiSiu 

<Ffjr^Q^-sir®3h.L<^^ GuiT(LpiBij efr_^^ qjl^ - (ei/^/i)) enL^GSiiu, ^emu-s 

38. If one allows no day to pass without some good being done^ 
bis conduct will be a stone to block np the passage to other births. 

<9b. ^^p^^iriSfiT Gl](lf,6llQ^ uSi&STUUbp QpSoeOtTLO 

(u[f-6!J)T.) CT-^, — ^eooop^Q^rr® Ou(T(rF)ii^ euQf^euQ^ ^asruLDfroj 

ufTG^eur (Lp^p&i— Qg=ir&>^(av^. ^ehru^^u i^pQiDeurQeu ^esruLDrrtSlp^. 

^■psQstr(B eyfrjriT3;6STL^SQ£iLh ^so CTesrQojy euQ^su^ LfSQp(Lpas)L-^^ srear 
u^ QupxYr^LD, ^,^@63r j^^pi^Q'S'LueiirrQ/r ^LhesiLouSlesru Qpio LjSQ^iua eriu 
^eurr GTsku^ •SK.puuLLu-S'- 

(Q^-u-ssar.^ — ^p^3;iT(ok- ^&)i?dp^Q^!T(Sl QuirQ^ii^jeU(7^ 

^^Qim^Sl QufTQ^fB^fT^ GiJQ^61JSSrQ6U&)6i)rrLD (^^dtu u^ini9^u:)'j , 
LjrD^^-^emU^^Li. Qa^lTexl&srsillTLD^ (^^^(aijLD6db\)frLaeO^ LjS(L^lh- 
LJ<S6!y)LnUJLD, ^<o^ - £_ S2D L_ (/ J OTT SOJ 6V SO . 

39. That pleasure which flows from domestic virtue is pleasure ; 
all else is not pleasure, and it is without praise. 

;0. Qis^iupurreo Q^rr(m u^pQssr Qaj(T({^eup 

&(fhOLDmustsr ^ijreusrSlLD ^ew^. Q^pQpsrrrruD i^gst^iej sh-tl.L^uuLL 

40* That is vii'tue -which each ought to do, and that is vice which 
each should shun. 

^ ei) «v /n ei9 u.) (SU 

/B 6\) &0 ft p /^ (osBskfD ^OoS3I. 

(Uif-SKT.) er-^, — 1^(3060 jD^Q^fT® s^-i^ evrrfpeuirQesrsm-^ 03=fr<k>&)u 

LD ^(LaSS^^fr^Lh, (Lppp^ ^pm^QojfTS QeUfTQpSiB^^ir^LJD OTCTT ^<su/r. 

(^€Sif(Lp^6QuJGiip(v;/'ei!r ^esyL—ty^^suj-rrLDC^) &.6ssri^u^iJD LDr^ib^ih ^(aDpiLi(^ 
/•ip^sQuj a_«eiS ^ensuw QiB^&e^5sr enQ^sumsip Qa^^^^^isoirek^ /5&)oirTp 
iBeSeisrp ^&csTQujesr(yr/'iT. 

(O^-LZ-ero/r.) — ^ecsurrLpsunrdr er&irurreir - ^svsop^Q^rrQ 

41. He will be called a (true) householder, who is a firm support 
to the virtuous of the three orders in their good path. 

a_« ^p'S^frirs(^rB ^euojrr ^oiira^ iBpih^rriTi(^ 

lEeosiJirtpeiiir Qesrsarutr&sr jpidsaar. 
(uf - 6tJ>T.) (STSif — fflSsrrfi ^esreujrrreo ^pasu uiL.L-.n- it a (^ih rE&> 
ffn-n'(EsiTiTS,(^LD ^(TF^surff) iSlear/SI^ ^esTuireoeu/B ^pik^rririi^Lo ^(kieurri^ 
eurrQ&sr&jT^ Qs^freoeou u^sumssr ^Smr^ er-jy. 

£iipiB^friT&(^u uiTiaum ^L^uj s^QjiT sd3<T s ^iLi S €ur £)i Qe^Gm^sues? 
Qa^uj^e&ia^jLD^ ^djeufT^eufrii (^G^oiin-P'SeQuj Qsir^SsGorr^LDj ^P'^ 

QuJ&!r(^ir. ^oJDul/ U^jrsiaT\BulTLLu.(T^LD ^ck6sfl2s\) QllJiSOoOfr (Slj U £S IT jj- ^ Q p 

f^LJD s_ifl^^ir^eo s^pijui—i—^. 

(Q^-u-6S)rr,') — ^pi^iETird(s^ih - (^.m^^^itij ld it (cm qj irn Q <so) 
^i_LJULL(ou.iriT.Xi^LCi, _^!SiJsuir^<oiiird(^Lc> - cu^ar>LDuuLLi-.6ijir^ 

QO), ^sosu ir Lh^iTsir srshruiT'SST - ^sVGUiTLpsjfrQssr&sT^ Qs^frevsou 

42. He will be said to flourish in domestic virtue wbo aids the 
forsaken, the poor, and the dead, 

IK-. Q^sifLfSV^^irir Q^iusuLb loSlQ^ihQ^iTs,^ (7yj>Q esr qst (t^ [bi 
(uif-OTiT.) 6T-^j — iSl^jo-iT Q^aiif ^(iTjiB^esTiT Si-pp^^fifT ^irQeuTesr 

<aji-L.Fir^, S/'SyiTsQu-iB Q^ek/Slisriff: ujirfse^sur Q^mL-\ed^^iT Qire'sTQrj'n-. Q^ 

lU£uQLD6ijrU£ii 3=11^ Quu (T (Tf)CS)LD. ^(f^lbO ^&SrU^ l-j^eS)LD. <5yo°o, ^6mrL-IT(Q 

QuiLnriruju i^Qujjrrraj euiB^irirQLD&i Sehrp^. ^suit ^^(SLieDsmrr, uesw" 

L-/£l<SljGm'e!DLDiSlp (3^/61^^ GU IB ^ TT QT^LC) , ^o°o ^eireiS>LDuSlp (^/SltUIT^ euih^lTQ^ 

Oldsst. €^<ss&) - er-ppiD. ereos^ir s>/pi^'^(^^ p^rr^&Ti^ixj Sek^ Qg^iii 
luQisiiemQ^eSm- ^eisrSoor Qiuitldu^ld ^pi^uSlp^. STekp iST&sru^ eSsrrjr 
LDiruSlp^, ^iEj(Q ^esi,'^, ^isu0s>s,ul^ld ^pi^Qs^iLi^p Qi—i^se^csr ^udl-jgo 
'IT.- ^irs'^s @os>puQuiT(rf^Gir ^/5! Qs^ireuTQrjuSip^ ^suos^guldl^sos 
i^ Sn-^QsLieysTQse^iTeiir sreuru ajSis,. 

LDpQs^iU^iSX), ^2&i - {^aOioU!ripSlllT^i(Q3'^ QpULfGnL-iU^pLOTTlSi, 

43. The chief (duty of the householder) is to preserve the five-fold 
rule (of conduct) towards the manes, the Gods, his guests, his relations, 
and himself. 

(UiF-€a)T.) 6T-^j — Quir(7F)6rr Q^^uJu^iEjsrrp urreu^^p s^& fflLu^.^ 
^uQurr(fF)dsrr ^uj<50i_/(sroi_aj Qpeuir (Lp^eomiSl(^irsr^LJD Q^€cn-j60^^iriT (Lp^ 
ei)uj 15 IT GUSL' IT & (^LD ui^^^^ ^iT^esarLSs\) e^(i?^en 6SeoeuiT^&<^3,>t—^^ir 

urroj^^rresT tdui^ L9noeirQufrcrF,SsrTu ur^^^em-esSm, SjpLO Gua(i^ 
^0!>u.ujfrir Qld^ld, ufreuii ^eisrQLDe^HLDfnu i9earn)i euiBQiudiSi-LD ^seSetfr 
UL^iU(^Q QiuesTiv^iT. GuirLfieuiT&sr ^ss>u.anLO eurrufaansQiD Qco/b/DU 

Qufr(fF)Ss{r QpssrQ3'rr6\)eOLJULLL-. u^&5niifr&(G(hi^u:,^ l//e7®/_®, 

44. His descendants shall never fail who, living in the domestic 
state, fears vice (iu the acquisition of property) and shares his food 
(with others.) 

/3jr es!lGS)p ^eo^mLi^LD s6ssreu/b(SF)iJa QiB^Qs^irek (yr^arr^euL^ ^eo 
ecipim £scs>L-Qurrsfres)LDuSl6!sr ^siTi-]etni—<ss)LD uemurruSl/b^u.^/D^emL-eoLD uiu 

LDfTjr^ &n.puUI—L-^, 

^(svTiSlSswiLjLDj ^p^Uth — (t3pnr<s(^u U(3^s^iom ^}] ^e^irQiuj 
^p^s^SssriLiLDj &_Qr>L—^^fTu9&sr - q^<s>S)u.iu ^ n (^eo , -2y^ - ^'su 
eijssiL^es)ijbiuTesT^^ ( ^msBeoeu it i^ai6S)3a'S(^\ uesaTLjLJb-^essrQpih^ 

45. If the married life possess love and virtue, these will be both 
its duty and reward. 

<3^. ^p^S(Tp/3 eSeocuiTLpisniS lUfrpjiSlp L/p^^STppIp 

^^^ffly^uSlear, ^a/ejr ^^p(^u LjpLDrrQuj QiB^uSipQuiTiLu Qu^uouLuek 
^p^^rrQrreuru^ ulP^i^Qu U(^^^€isrL^g^LD ji/ebn-jesiL—CDLDiLj Qua 

^eu(T<^u9'SST^ Lfp^^ ^ppleo - (^^eu&sr ^^p(^u^ upLorrQiu 
6iJL£ii9(oeOj QuiTOJ - Qa^&ifjrji, Qujpjeu^ — Qu^wuvaesr ^ ereusar- 

46. What will he who lives virtuously in the domestic state gain 
bj going into the other, (ascetic.) state ? 

(Lp!Li6\)GiJfr(m Q en (o\) 6\> IT lb ^Ssd. 

(LJlf-OTJiT.) foT-^, — ^iSoevfTLQsesyass c^ecr^)' ^^pr^i^uj ^tueoQuir® 
<3h.Ly.eij IT Lhueu Qssrskjpj Qg^freosou u^Qjrrear L^&issrisdstJ qSl. (LpajGdcuir Qtr 
eO6V/r06Tr(sr5 iSiasusk, er-jp/. 

(Lppp^ ^ipiE^eurr gSlLi—GDldS^, (Lpuueoeuir Qrrekp^ Qfi6nr(yr/>fSdoOu9 
e^fisisTiTr^es^n' • ^mfSSeO^freir ueiieu<sis)Suu(B^e£ts«r sr&ieoir (fr)eir (e^Q ldgst odio 
(LpiueOfr^GDeu^^u utuQeoriLi^^eSeisr ^SsoQiuesrsi^iEi a>./S(^iT, 

(QpB-u-isaiir,^ — ^(SoeutTj^setTiS - ^io6iJiripic!n,sBu9Qe\)S^jpj^ 
^iueoL9^snT - (^^^p(^fiaj^ ^\ue^QuiT(Bl3h.i^^ ea it ipu eu esr eresr 
uiT&sT - eyirjpuQjQssrssr^ Q^ irevffou uQQ suit sir ^ npiueoeiiiTQKefr 
erevso/rti) - (ggoiLy 60/57 65 SsTTQ^i—) QpojpSQs^iuQJir Q!reoeon(ih<siT^LD^ 

^8so - QLDpUll.L-€U^eiJIT&Sr, 

47. Among all those who labor (for future happiness) he is great- 
est who lives well in the household state. 

QiBirpuirrB (o(^&sres)LO iLjGnL—^^. 

(uif-60)T.) CT-^y — ^sij(^ Qs^ajeuiremmL^iB ^^^ Qesr/SluSlesrsesisr ^Off 
suuemesS^ ^ir^ii ^eksurp^^p peiiqrj^ (^s^nsuir Cps>zs)S, ^^ ^ent^Qs'iii 
euirir Sds\)uSl^Lh Quiret^piLje^S)/.—^^, €T-^. 

u^ (tp^isQuj i^oDL—^^ riaseQek ^p,cSIQ:^(LpsQ Qiu€m(^n-. QiBirp 
uiT QiTemu^iTi^Quiuif.QrBiTpuiTrT SSs\}s^ ^euir ^LhcsiLDinpp Qi5truj6\)(S0^ 
^e^en IT ipiaii trir i§2s\}Qurrp tSlpGSimLjpp QiBfriLjuo Quir^^sso ^ekoDLDuSlcir 
Qfsrrpuirifl Q^eisresan tLjS!DL—^Q^bir(n^iT', 

oJL^uSev, ^(Lp<iQ - rsu.^^, ^psk - (^/rOTy/5^637) ^p^^&^&sr 
JJ^LD^ ^rLp<s^ir - ^Giiqrj'^j ^soi5virip.i(o!n3. - ^Soeun ipisa)<siu!Tesr^^ 
QiBirputriflssr - ^^^cu<^ Qs^iueurrjr^ ^2&iu9s^Lo^ Q m rr &5t en in- 

48. The householder who, not swerving from virtue, helps tho 
ascetic in his way, endures moi'e than those who endure penance. 

(iJif-GOilT.) G7" ^, — ^0iSi/Sa)(S lup^^^LD .^GOSOT !TGsr ^p Oemehr^ 
^^(BJih iSl/Di^/b uL^affLj udDeu^e^BcVLUfruSlek ^su eS6dGurrLpS(SU>sQujir 

^sn-jTua tSlffJSdsossesur evih^^. ^^i^/b iSliflasuuL-L-^ ^peup 
LCirrseQi^, ^o°oQ^ssr^(^ si-LLiBuQuiuir ^^eurQineSekp^ . iSlpecr ul^u 
uQifiGsrp^ ■ffh-L—ir QevrrQ^as^oD^, ^peupih ld£ct^(SS)^ihld Qufr/SsSstriLjih 

Qiurr® ^pQioesr Qeun-Q^iiiQsGsarem-u ufBeuQ^ekpey/r (yrz-uSlp^. g)£oa/ 

{Q^-u-miT.) — (^(f^SiJGins iLipiRiS(GrF,m^ ^posr eresruuiL 
t—^ — (^(30s&Tn<sC)\ ^ pQ esr &ST j^ &pui9^^3= ©.s^/reveouuzl. 
i_^, ^eoisufrip,s6S3sQiu — , (^LDpeaap^ ^psup(SLDrrQ6xJioir(7r/>eo) jyoo 
^ih - ^^eijLDj i9psiTUL^uu^ - i9ipm)p UL^dsuuQsuein^^ ^&) 

49. The marriage- state is truly called virtue. The other state is 
also good, if others do not reproach it. 

(^LCi6S3r^}/6\)^^^frQ65Tiuiru9,^LD), Qj/reifT n^esipii^iM - eQemr^^ieosss 

50. He who on earth has lived in the conjugal state as he should 
live, -will be placed among the gods who dwell in heaven. 

■55. L£)8s!jT^_SS.<!B LBll 6SSTLj<oS)L-lU eniT Q ^4i ,^ p QdSiTem I— fT ^ 
(u[P-65)T.) er-^j — LDcksriup^^pr^^^as (Bp(^€ssr fB/bQ<9=Luemsa:Sonr 

tEp(^em'/Ejserr/r(3iJ6(sr — ^p/ssn''TuQuessr^Lb^cSI(r^iE^tJUn'^ej^ijDy eu/Sliumr 
u:>TL^L-.(fF)(efF)GDL—es)Lj:iiLj Qp^ediTuSlscr. iBpOs^iueossstnTSuecr — eijiTi^&es>3>&(^ 
Q<su6m(BLJD Qurr(r^eiTa(snrSlih^ &cs>L-ui3uf-3i^^LDj j>/LLL^pQ(ff/'L^iso euasr' 
fSiLDu^LDj ^L/L/jidy Qs'iu^^ (ip^&JiriSlesr. (Si;0<su/ruJffl@^^i;<5 enrripsesis 

es)LDuj(^ &pw^6srQ(su6iru^ Sh-puutLi—^, 

Lj s_65)i_(Lfsrr ^S) - iBp(^6ssT iBpQ<!FUjeD^6B8sfr iqsini^ujcusn-rrQj 
^ssiQ^iricmL^irm - ^mdosr^Qa,iTGssiL-(oU<s!ST ^^ eiterrLo ^dsurerr eurr 

{^(Su<s£l6V6\)p^^,3B(^^^ ^SsssTajrreufrefT. 

51. She who has the excellence of home virtues, and can expend 
■within the means of her husband, is a help in the domestic state. 

2_. LD^ssr LD IT lL Q u9G0(oVfr6rrds 6ssf)(30ioOrru9ssT eufTLp-iesys 

(u(P-S!J)T.) 67-^, — LDdsmujp^Slp(^^^&s IB p (^eSST !B pQ a^ OJ em a S eiT 

^GoSsoQujekiv^rr, ULueisrui—frtss^LDuSlek, 
(Q^-u-<5infr .^ — LbdssTtxiff iL& - ^(S\i&)p^^d(^^^(^/B^ ihp 
(^6saTfBpQ3=ujsai<3Bm(5rrj ^evevfreiTsamr - {e^nFOJsm'^) u^SssrajfrsSi^ 
^^, ^^ ^u9u^ - ^suSso ^u9>^, eijrrLp<i(S!^<3B - ^/isu'S&eVQj trips 
e^S'imresr^y stScSTlditl-Q^^ ^u9^)Jld - (Q 3= &> SiJ ^ ^^ it sx)) (Stgusj 
eneij Gl u q^ Gin ld 6^ nj a.65)t_(/j^/ra9 eaz/U), ^'^'^ ~ ^uQuQF)&nLnss)\u 

52. If the wife be devoid of domestic excellence, whatever (other) 
greatness be possessed, the conjugal state, is uothiug. 

/H-, ^^evGvO^^ <s^ev6\)eU66sr Lairss^fTUin^ Q^ c'l: <sa Q ^'S 

(i-Jir-flWT.) €T-^, — SyrrFjidue^ia, ©eoffj/refr ©^(gesar lEpQs^tues^siucfT ^oSI 

LDfT€isQu<o!sr& (^evsT ^ ^ SOT Q u Lu IT (^GTH^'jSlecrQLD eSdsrp^, ^^sjdo/ uS)/r 
esw(B urrLLL^iTmiLD ^sdiaijrri^ac!DS<S(^ QeyehjT&anj^ '^eoeo^&r^i LOfTLL^CoUJ 
iSlpsvcdso erecru^ ifh-puuLLu-^, 

53. If his wife be eminent (in virtue) wlmt does (that man) wo ^ 
possess ? If she be devoid of it, Avhat does (he) possess ? 

^imQS)LCi\L\em i^fr-su QunSsir. 

(uif-63)T.) (ST-^j — e^QFfSuQecTUJ^LD Q u fT QT^en a (srFfdr ^coso/rerfieaT QiDua 
LJL.L_ Ou/r0OT"<scrr luinssxsuiqen-? ^euwrLorrL-^i s/bQuear^iii s&)iijerr 

£lSoOeS)LD lLj(okrL^(rSLJ Qu/SsuTj st-^. 

s/bt-ies^i—LurrerrQuiTGO ^pQ-p^eQiu Qpm-pp(^La (ST^<2J!tcu6st iSlpeS&jr 
os)LDLiSl€ur ujfr(aij6frQ<su&!r(yrf'if. @^(g)/D apLjiBSi)^^^ &puL^i ar^puut—i—^. 

SmQ^SSJLO^ 2-62537® ^S Qu ^ eST - 3_6SBri^ir u9 (7F,'i<SLjQu p (7/^60 ^ 

Quem'ssaf^ssr-LD^sTLurreifl^iJUi, Qu(rF)iB^i3a - ^^lUirexmrQuu Quirqh'Sfr 

^SSTTj lUfT - (ST&neU^ &^GIT - ^QFfiSl'skp&sr , 

54. What is more excellent than a wife, if she possess the stability 
of chastity ? 

QuiuQujioSi u Quojiu LD&nLp. 
(u(P-sj)T.) er-^'y — LSlpQ^iLKSj/B Q^iTLpir^ ^ek Q^iueuLDrrQiu Qsfr(ia 

Q^iuQj/B Q^sn'(Lp^p(^ LDssriQ^sSsv^ ^uSlQ6\)(Lpisj sfr&y^^rrseSsisr, 
Qp!TQ-pQ^(L^eij[TQctTesr(n/iT. Q ^ it Lp tr i^ etsr Qpeiru^ Q^iTQ^Q^ssr^^mib^ 
iBisarp^. Q^iuojiB^tr Ggotsu^Q^^uju^ GLD&srusiru:). ^^@/o spL-\'cS)L-Ujeu 
£f^ ^ppeo eh-puuiLt—^. 

(^Q^-u-6S)iT.^ — Q^iiisuLD — (l9/23) Q ■siucu^ssi^f G^iTiprrerr- 

65. If she, who does not worship God, bnt who rising worships her 
husband, say, "let it rain," it will rain. 

Q.^rr/b.ssfr^^cj-- Q r tj ir gQ <sx) ir m Qu&m. 
(u(P-63)T.) er-£p, — <5^L9ecf?s5rj2/LD eij(LpQjrrLD/b /DskSsnasir^^, ^sir 
Scwa Q&rrciJ:!rL-euSs!STiLjLD &.<sm-Ls^(ip^<^Lu<sij/b(ir^/b Que^, ^(rF,QjfrLDm^(B ibeir 

<SDLD LU(o!DLD/S^ H^lfi 'SfElSSfTLD^ SfT^^, QlD^Q.9= fT ■kieQllJ IBp(^<3SSr [BpOs^uij 

OD&&e^6miiEi sanL-uiSli^ iLjaDt—iurrQerr Q u ssw ^^eu fr err , <oT-£ii. 

(^Q ^-u—6S)fr ,j — ^<5STA!r^^— {•spul'ssfleh'^uj Qinpsumoed) 
^(oisrSs^s a)[rLJurrpfi9dQsfrsmQ, ^sstGi £sirmsTL-!rmQu&yS — scst 
Ss3TiQ'SiT6mL..6u25eriLjtJci {^^.6m-i^np^ison''o3r6up(7iyiso\ s-Us^iB^^i^ ^ 

eS)^3=!T'5J5Tp — {^LDLSlQ^SiJlBL-^^Ln^ mSSTS^LDlU CSyLDIB^ ^ Gl 3" !T p •% IT ^ 

^ — Lf.asssiip (iSikisirwp) ■siruuirpjS, Q a= ir ir eQ so rr eir — ((mmQa^ir 
isv<o\)uulLl^\ isp(^&ssr fBpQ3'ius!r><3s.35&9^U) {iopsQ^ ^ed<5vrr^(5ii 
QsiTj Quern - Ous!^r(es^ SUIT err, 

56. She is a wife who unweariedly guards herself, takes care of her 
husband, and preserves an unsullied fame. 

er. ^S!npsir<i(^'Ei siruQusinoir 0<3^(ijiq u^sofiiir 
rSev)p<sir'i(^iEi ■siTuQu ^dso, 

(Ulf - OTT.) <oT-^, LDS<o!9eiDIT^ ^dsOGUIT & Oi-> p lU FT p S IT S (QIBl SfTCV 

Q&isireur uiudo^.fQa=iLHL\LD'i ^snir ^ld^ I'Sesypuuirp sirs(^iEi sirsuQeo sdso 
iunuu ■sfr£u&), cr-^. 

&cmp — LD^£iiLh QjiruSl&i sireu^ii (Lp^edrruSlsvr. Ses^p — Q/B(^€ing=s sp 
L^QiB/SluSl&i iB^^^eo. sfT'Sueo ^jrcssri^^ih Sempsaireu eQeoeuiSl QluSsut^ 
&a!>p£s-g;iTeu6dfrp ulu&£&}Ss\) Qiuesrurrfr^ SciDpsfr£S(^iEi anTuQu^Sso Quuebr 
(irj>iT. crsiTFLD LSiifl/§ISs)j.is6isr euih^^, @^®/^ ppsrr^^p&pui-ji ■&h-pu 

{Q^-u-GS)ir^^ — iDseifliT - QwoS^ib'^^ Sssyp - «/rsi/is^(G3)(?6"0, 

^!T-i(^LD - (^?<SVS17/r) 6B/r,S(gL0, SB IT U U - ■95 T 6iJ SO If SST ^ , eTSl/SffT Qs^UJ 

'juLD — loTsorear LSlifQiurr3^iosr^<i;6!D^<3'Q<fiLiiULr>^ iSl&np - a>pOusiiTGmiLD 
C^si537^^iG3)s\)j sir.S(^Ui - (j^juQwommen^ ■siTa(a\Ln^ isiruQu - air 

57. Whiit avails the guard of a prison ? The chief guard of a 
■woman is her chastity. 

=^. Q^upcirj'pQujSl pQu^Giiir Quemi^iiru Qu(f^<^SpLJL-iu 

(uif-emiT.) 67-^, — Quessri^ir ^iJoetnLO Qiuiu^iuaessreudssr 6UL^u®^®i 
Qu^eujrfTiSl&sTj i_j^Q^isifln- eufTQ^Lo £_G0©sar«6S5r ^eujrfrp QuQf)^ &puL3 

lULDsetfiif udQssifljrn-p Quescruu(B6ijQrr6sru^ sh-puui—t—^. 

(Qp-u-€fs>!r.) — Qusmi^Hr - ldSsst sSl lu tr , Qupqr^'ssr - (^m 
esiLa&) Q.sfr0k-L^a,6Ssr6uSosrj QuS&n - {ypl^^eo) Qu^<oUiffru9ssT, 
Lj^Q^fsfiir - Q^QJiTf eurrirpLD - &jrrt^/BpS!i^mfrSliU, 2_6\)@-e-(a)<s^ 
^60j,Qu(m(^QpuLi - (^^eiijfreo QcFajojuLvO/i)) QuifliuSpuiSlSsm-^ 
QujiiaJir — . 

58. If women shew reverence to their husbands, they will obtain 
great excellence in the world where the gods flourish, j 

Qesr^Quirp iSQ moDL-. 

fuf-€WT,) CT-^ USSDLp (sS^LDl3iU ^sbsO/r2oIT vSsOGOP-^ TITS Sl&)dsOf 

ma. ®\S(^p p'eSiSs^iTeap Gs^rrpsrreurrQiLPu uiBrsji^ppEj Sh-puuLLi^^. 
635t£l) [Rm^fB^QuS^Ld U €S) S> (SU FT QnisisT , ^£)j(oUtr(oO - ^6mQlEl<Slh 

59. The man whose wife seeks not the praise (of chastity) cannot 
walk with lion-like stately step, before those who revile him. 

«0. LCilSJ<S60 QiOSSrU LD^STLOiriS LDpp^ 

OLDesrjj; Q6Ftr&>^eiJiT /seoeo Lj^eoeiJcs>rru Qu^^^, ct-^. 

(Q^-u-635/r.) — LndssT - m^iunm^i, lditlLS - mpx^s^iBp 

^2so, ^^ssr - ^a]/b/Slp(^j /ecu asudfr - /seveu ^uffeaanjo, (stcst 
u^ - ernoTjr}/ QdF/rsu^Qj/r/f. 

60. The excellence of a wife is the good of her husband ; and good 
■children are the jewels of that goodness. 

(oT-LD. ^1^ — l-j^<SVSU6S)[TuQu4JJ^GV. 

jTQpanpesiLD QldQ&} QupuuL-i—^, 

mssL-Cou peoev i9p 
^/£l^p(^ffliu LD^a.'SisnuQu^^eo ^eoco^ tSlpOu^sdsrr ujitldQljuQ&^oso 

SfTjremrLDfTQiU s^iflemLO amfliuLDrrQuj ^/S!^Ssi)uUajiBQ^ (sSOLDfr^sedfreisr, ^^ 
eu^(^&5r Lni&Qisnear^LDQuiJuir Quessr Qi^iB^^fSskp^ , ©jSi^/b us&> 

(SVlfuQup/Sl'SST^ &pUL^S Sh-pUUtLL—^ . 

(Q^-u-isvyfT.) — Qujpjih ^GUp^err ^ (s^nFGUsisr^ Qu^th Qu 

€!S)puQujpi's2en^ unirw - tsirto^ ^pteu^ ^suSso - id^uu^goSsm. 

61. Among all the benefits that may be acquired, we know no 
greater benefit than the acquisition of intelligent children. 

2-. ^(tgSpuLjih ^lUGSiGu ^emL-fr UL^SptBi^iru 
uemLj&nu- ld<s<xlL. QuS&sr. 

(uiP-eoiT.) er.^^—^dosrsuuu^^rrp iSlpa(^ua iSlpu QuL^<ssrsem-^ui 
e^Q^euS^^ ^ehruiEis.eiT Qa^earpeiDL-iun-) iSlp/rrrp uL^&auuL-fr-s iBp(^em/Ej 
sdsrrtLjani—UJ Lj^&)6iJ6S>n'u Qujpjisyi^uSleiir er-^. 

^euesr ^eiildssr evernnr^ f^^iu^p(g,& &[riressru^frQiu /s&)dlSswsdsiTs= 

"^0 er-ih, ^^. Lf^seo6iJ6!nrruQu^^eo, 

ucssrQusargnjiEj a rrir smr uQ u lu rr se rrf] lu a QeisrQ txisdl ajr jd^ , 

'<-u-stafr.^ — u^^i9piEi'%ir - (^iQpirfreo) UL^S'SUUL^fr^, 
LiemLj SL.6Sii_tu - F6/b(m6m [SI'S Sen- iL^smi_LU, Lni^etiQucSlesr - u^eosu 

^smi^iT - ^esii^LUireurrw. 

62. The evils of the seven births shall not touch those who obtain 
children of a good disposition, free from vice. 

/5_. ^wGlufTQ^ QeiT&sru^ih ld^^s etrevirQuiraR 

€2rrjs/ r^/Sl'^^/ffeOLh'^ srecr i^L^uQurrso, &.ff'icnLDLjQufrQhLL6S<smreufBS^. Quit 
(ir/crrQff=iij£5LX)sadsrTu Quir(fF)Q err ear V-ua^i'tl^^rrif. ^emeu uSljrsmOufTLLi—ir 


exJiTfr^ (^^/Sl iB(o^irir)i ^ su it QufTQ^ err - ^ULj^eveunr iFLCtUir^^^s 

O U fT (7^ Srr <S ^ , ^LO^LB (sBdsST lU (T ^ST - ^ISiGSiinil^^ ^ ^ ^toJirQa'UJ 


63. Men will call their sons their wealth, because it flows to them 
through the deeds which they (sons) perform on their behalf. 

^. ^^lSlp^^2j LDirpp (oSlssfK^^^LD LOSS'S err 

&^ssia> iusrrrreQuj <3^./^. 
(uif-gmT.) CT-^, — ffhc<D<suujn-(5sr sj^jfi^^^^ iSaeSesflcsyLD iLjssii-.^ 
^, ^LJoLD£5serr^ S^uas^stuiresr j^ctrmauuuL-L- Q&=ir^ij er-^. 

Q/stijijLjes)i_ujL^^6sr QldiLjui—. sSQif4:s<so." 

(Q^-u-esiir,^ — ^LDLD'SsaT - ^uj('ipssiL-iuLDi<XGrr^ , Q^qhsb- 
^/^ujssisssrrirevj ^GrrrreQiu - ^j'SsnuJUULLL-^ "^^5G ~ Qs^Tqrj&sr^^ 

64. The rice in which the little hand of their children has dabbled 
■will be far^sweeter (to the parent) than ambrosia. 

ujisj&smsarQLD eSissTpew . 

65. The touch of cliildren give pleasure to the body and the* 
hearing of their words, pleasure to the ear. 

LDLpSs\i<3'Q<3=/r/b QjierrfT ^entr, 
(QLp<si> iurrip GTekuesr ^(^Quiuir. QslLi—guit ^eu/b/Sl^ mLpSsoa^Qs^n-iso 


uefTGrrmEj (^LpisQiosfl'o!r><9^^ ^'^^ - ^^ljis^q^su^, lurrip - e^Ssiysr 

66. "The pipe is sweet, the lute is sweet," say those who have not 
heard the pi-attle of their own children. 

lurreirQsL'eku^ sqr^^^. ©^(SJ)^ piB(ss)jS S[_eir sh.puui—L-^. 
eVSD^S(^j ^p^Ui'Q3'iUi.Up^(^LO^ I5^pl ~ tB skc^LOiLI fTW^ ^ 

67. The benefit which a father should confer on his son is to give 
him precedence in the assembly of the learned. 

(uif-fimfi.) CT-^, — ^LDLDSiserr^ j)//£l<2je!r>i_as>LD QuiflxjSeo^^ Loek^^ 

FfsssTL-fBQ&JOsrp^ ^ujsourrQiu s/fSlQeurrQ sh-u^oj asosfluj/^ia/. Loesr 

u£ijsp(^i^iueufr ^ei'jrfrseSlesr. ^^<^p piian^uSi^LO ^c/DOJUj^^rrir s^suu 
uQrreku^ 3h.puui—u.^. 

C33LD - ^plsijsmi^tijjiir (iS)(^<sejD<sEuj/r6!Jr^, LDfri8io^^_^ -Quiffujibleos 

68. That their children should possess knowledge is more pleasing- 
to all men of this great earth than to themselves. 

seufr6J^ci!rsLLsessTL- Qurr^ ei]6ues)sii9^m ff^rre^i-jes^L-iu QesrssrsQs 
lLl- ©/DUL^6wc<n« Qutfl^rrseQeisr Quifl^su&c^ QtoisursijLD, Quewesdiiueo 
urr/b (27®* j)j/Biun'GS)mu9sffr G«i_L_^/^ Qiuesrei^ssi 3n.jBi^fr. ^/S!<zjcmL—iu/r 
Qrresru^ supr^i^isuuLLi—^} g^!TmQ(nj Qetsrmpp (^ffliuQjir ^eu^rfrseQear,. 
^iTUJiaijosias aerreneiJuSlesreiDLDuSleur .syo'o ^^<^p iSlifl^^d e^puuLLi—^. 

fr-ekpOun-Qp^sisT - Qupp^trec^^^iii^ OulB^ s-6u<x(c^u:) - lS<s 

69. The mother who hears her son called "a wise man" will rejoice 
more than she did at his birth. 

(uii'-gsii.) CT-^j — «ev)ia5)tL/«s>t_uj (SS)&Qaj ^/er»^«@ Losek Q.9=tjLnLjisi 

^■s.ifi^^^&i - ^lEjiatear^ Qjffr&)e\) e^apr^^eo. ^^(^p Lj^eoeveir si— ear 

er^Qir 'B&!JcSiu!r<asr^^ (.% m esr ^ sir> en oj^m G^Q£is^GSi^\i\Ln ^bwsTE- 
€T€sr ~ SToSTssr^sv^.&y)^, QfstrpQrj'&sTQAiTe^i - Qa^iu^nQi^, ersar 

70. (So to act) that it may be snid "by what great penance did 
his fother beget him," is the benefit which a son should render to hia 

usufSj^pQeuiriri Qib^ir^^mQ^rreoQeorrir BpuiSlesTjeS^mQ^^ir Qatru. 

<ss. ^_^5}stSp(^ QpssstQi—ft 6ue^L—'S(3^/5^ir ^FTirejeorr 

(uif-anT.) (oT-^y — ^csriSlpr^LD iSlpn-fSiufrLO e^emi—^^es^eu^i^is ^jt 
nperrQ^iT? ^LDLDfT eoskt^Qg'iuuJu UL-L^rrsTSJ ^m-uiBjeem®!^ ji/skujGs^u- 
ajiT/r a,6ssiQuiTL£l@6srp ujcoeSlujsesareet^Qir S-emes^eirp ^sisnSldssrQiue^s^rr 

puuL-i—^. SfnL&LUGrT emeus GsLu^rr^rru9^iX) ^^Ldrrecr ^cfresxsuiurreJsr 
(Q^-u-onrr.^ — ^ireiieoiT - ^ekt^ssiu-iufrir^, LjeosGmr liif- 

71. Is there any fastening that can shut iu love ? Tears of the 
affectioiiate "will publish the love that is within. 

2-. ^^ssTi9s\)fr QfrSoevrrfE ^LD^t^iBiu w^ussiu-iuir 
QiT&sTu npiflLUir i9pirs(^. 

ereoisdiru QurrQ^etrn-mjLh ^LDsQss_rrliuiT -^ ^ssn^es^L—UJiTrr ^eurx^Qeur ^ecr 

SQSsr L—^m^ ^SsvL^&QsfTGsr Qp^&^rruSli^ifsi^ arressrs. 

eoir^irir^ [i3pir<i(^uuajcyruL^rrG^LDLUfr(5\)^ erso&iinh - ersoecrruQuir 
(7^6rrgimirs)i!i}i, ^Ln.5S(6^ - ^icsQs, a_/f?uj/f - ^^ifJiuevirirsiJiTiT; ^eki^ 


72. Those who are destitute of love appropriate all they have to 
themselves ; but those who possess love consider even their bones to 
belong to others. 

Qs&StQuIT t^e^iUIB^ Q^STL—ITLf. 

(uir-Gnrr.) er-^, — Qu^^/bsifluj ldsss^uSIits @/_LbC?Lj/r (Bsesri^rr 

tStpuiSlasr ^Q?)es)m iSI/dw^ (SijuSlifsessTQuDSo (qippuuL-i—S'- ^swaJ/5^ 
QeuGffu ^u3^iTjr Qjugsc^, 6iJLpsr^-^(.^Quajif. a-i—Z-bGu/r L^emiuiB^&)&>^ 

^n-iSlpOpesru^m}), ^aQev, @)aQ^n-L-rT3=&<ii;QUuiJU6iir j)i6STL-j(oS)L-emLD 

(^Q^-u-mir.^ ^(f ^ii9ir<i(^ - Quju^pa-iBiu u^<sS^(iT)Ii9its(^^ 
ereirCouirQl-s^L-LDQuirQ, ^sjouj/h^ - ^emi—rrSnu^ O^irL-irLj-3'La 

73. They say that the union of soul and body in man is the fruit 
of the union of love and virtue (in a former birth). 

(uiP-63)T.) er-^, — sp0a/^a;@^ Q^fTu.n i_i'SDi_ujfTirLDrrLL(Bs' Q-fPiii^ 

^^ - ^SuisSlQiFfisJSisajiT&sr^^ iBsssri-j'Sr'ssr^LD - (^^su^}js(^ lurr 
eL/^TjLo) rsLLiBs^Qfrosr^ Qa^frevtsMuuQQp, iBirL-irs'&puLj - .jysrr 

74. Love begets desire : and that (desire) begets the immeasurable 
excellence of friendship, 

@j. ^_^&sTup ptufrm^ 6)JLp3sQ^eku emeiJius-i 

aesi^m-^ ^ekum^jSifrs^ ^^e'srQLopi ^ps>s,^^^ Q^esiQpLi^iD Quifleir 

(siJLpa(^-^(^Quiun' . @CO(S1/Tipffii5!0<5^a;e33)?65rj2/ mSswisSCcUjn-^Lb loss 
Gerr/rOLD e^saQGOrr(Biii<ffh^i^ uSiesrL^pqr^rr ^ir^^Qs^iii^ QeuerreS^Q^rrL^eOfrp 
Qp&jjTtTUJ ^GjJ3r©Lb (^6urL^£tisu!TfTs<cS\6srj ^6srLip(^ QfTUJ^i^ SpuQuear 
rn/if. seud^rrp ^6sri_ip Qpiu^ib ^pks, ^siru^^Ssw Ff<sm®LO ^ssri^p 

( i^svsiJ /Tip i<;vi'^u9 GO J ^mu^G!^^ ^^nueSl^^ei/jrirSlj enu^jLib — 
{\9imLJ isSsm^)j&)^^^pQ3^isk^y ^6Sii_{L^LCt, QpuLj' - (oufleiru 

ecp^Q^fT®) OurrohfB^iu, euipit^ ~ sviBuSlGsruuj^f 6TsiTU-<oriosr 

75. They say that the felicity which those who, after enjoying the 
pleasure (of the conjugal state) in this world, obtain in heaven is the 
result of their domestic state imbued with love. 


u ^ ^ /b& LU (tQ rr ^&3ruj/raj/r/f" loTearLjL^uQufrGii. ^cs)sii ^i^ufrLLi—rr^LO 

76. The ignorant say that love is an ally to virtue only, but it ia 
also a help to get out of vice. 

67", <5T<svii9l eo^doST Q6)Ju3eoQuir6v,s ^iriLiQui 

ujesri9 &o^dls!^ tupLn, 
(iJif-6iJ)T.) 6T-^,-^6TsunSleOiSOfr^ (S^jL-ihesyu QiSuiSl<si)Sfnijf5^Trjb QuiTeo 

QeiiuSleQesrQpesr ereari-Seoco^ ^sor&^ujeourrp Qa^eisr^ Qs^LDfr^Qurreoy 
^^^£hrGs>LD^^ir®tu ^p^^eorQpsisr ^iskSleixso^ ^skef^iueouirp Qa(B 
QiDmu^mh, ji/^Sours a, fr \ljQ LDSsr QeuuSi sopimse^eisrQLo Qeop/Sl(^iT, ^istj 
p/£lp(^LD ^eu<sS}iJU60 Lfcm<ss)LDtSlm. ^ojeufr^ "cgyeoeOOTo; Qa^aj^ircrs spisi 
<3h-pp\s?'' ersaru iSp^rf^rEi <3h./S!^iT. 

0€i]u9eoQufr<5d-Q6iJu9&) (*®^«i)) Quits^, ^&sri_j ^eo^dssr - ^ssr 

77. Virtue will burn up the soul which is without love, eveu as the 
sun burns up the creature which is without bone, i. e. worms. 

(uif-6tl)ir.) GT-^y — LDesr^^eksessT ^miSieosOfr^ ibjuSIit ^6\)&)p^Q^rr(B 
Sh-i^euirij^^eo euesr urreQssrsGasr euppsorr&iuLDiriB ^<ofiiT^^rrpQufr^Lh,(oT-£^. 

err ^^o/SlSsinsru UL-frscsisuQutnir, 

(Ql^-u-QSin-.') — ^sisTLj ^a^^ ^ff06\)/r '^.Sk - uaesr^ e\)<sk 

e\)iresr^j ojso uirp «sbw" ~ aiQ.<oSTLCi!rQ[u iBso^^ev^ aipps^miTLi^- 

78. The domestic state of that man whose mind is without love, 
i s like the fiourishing of a withered tree upon the parched desert. 

(uif. 63)11.) bi-jii,— ujrr.iGDS ujss:^e!ST.iie^ekjpi ^&>c\)p^^p (»)^lJ 

Q<LD6isr(n;iT. s-jiiui-juQufrpeQepr &.£iiuGu6sru uiLi—eur. tufr&es)auSl^ sera? 
uu/tQiu ^mtSlixe^rr^fnf&Qsesr^ &.ciDiruuiTQhQpcnfr. s^^p^}<k>&>p^Q^a 

j)j, U-jriiut_i - (^a;6u/D,i;.^«(3 ) jifini'%LarrS!iu, ^&ii i_i ^eveijn ■i(.^- 
^lD!m9^V(5va^s^'oll^ 'i(^, Ljp^^) - LDjb&T^pu L^p^^Qe\^Ssm^ ^ s-^ 
uu (sriobXiTLCi — ^ibia-wireiiesrQauGCoifrLCi^ STeusir - {^ ^ <su s^ip(^Q 3^ aj 

79. Of what avail are all the external members (of the body) to 
those who are destitute of love, the interual member. 

(uif-Ga)(r.) er~^, — ^ekL^Qp^&irra ^^eireuL^iSecrp oj^ldQu 2_u5)/f 
/Searp eiiL—LDLJiTey^' ^ei'svGsrLSleoeOfrsn' its (^crreufTesr (WL^Lhuaerr eTsinSl 
osm^ Q^mson'p Gurnf^^esreymhj s^uStirSeisTpesreiimBrrp gt-^, 

^iSdsopLD uiueurres^UjS&sT jx ekevreu it uSesr, jg)G!D(Siy i5iT6k(^uiTLLL^iT6a' ih 

^'eSTlSleO eL'L^Uu(BlEJ (S~,ppiSl Sh-pUUL-U^^, 

(Q^-u-<o!yin , ) — ^ &SJ iQ est 611 lS ^i-i ^ - ^&si urLp^soa,^ ^iS-jot 
eiiLpT^mp &_i_LhQu, s_Sirm'i'Sec-&.u9iTiSmp 6iiu-UiUfT(^iJb' ^^wo^^ 

63765)617, €T <^ Lj - €r^U:>&y)U, Q ^fT &)~(o^d>rr 6^! i^oV , QuiTIT^^-Quflir 

diSuuiJ^L^&jTeuiTUj r^u9frSlssrpsiit—LDuir<3F'iT, i 

80. That body alone which is inspired with love, contains a living 
soal : if void of it, (the body) is bone overlaid with skin. 

,S>/a°o£5Tei'^ ^qpsveiDS eSlQhfE^smemrrti^i}) L-ipiBfi(T^^&). O^eirLjsd^aniT 
(Lp^^iu ^LDL^&o^^em (LpenrSssTLU ^iremQiii SLLL^G0({5S)3,iT^nar>ir iBSs^ib^ 
Gs^ujeussr ^seoir^th, iSlsinSsaraj ^iti^®ld iSlpif&S^ eo<sisrcs)LDajnmniJ:>, 
^GSii—iBesrp eSl^isQ^ mhu(SO QpuL^anL-^^rrjj @<J06O^/5;'<5(-l@ (Lp^<s(>rr 
i^p^. Qsi](n^sfr^ ^eBTL-jOs^i^ uS(r^CijiT<5^L^ ^&j&>^ Qa^iuiuuui—n'unLDuSlehr 
^o°o^esTL-je!r>L-eir>LDuS!6i!T 'SlmemQjsauuLLL-^. 

<5B. (^.(WjiQ ^ IT LdlS u96V6UITL^611 Q^&^&OiriXl sSl (miiQ^fril'i^ 

esifTuQues!^ ^taurrs ^^usirjr(^ Q s" uu ^ pQ u it qt^iI.® , er-^. 

<oT€mQsu, QeijerTtrcs3res)LDQs=ujujrreuL^ ^<3ii(c^6kses!^(ff^^^^LD QuiTQr^etr 


&iTuuirpfil^ euaipsu^ 0Teo<so(rLD-suir(Lp(^ Q<9'LU<5S)-%QiijevG0trLD, sBq^ 

/B^ - eSl (Jh IB ^ SSr OD (T ^ (^LtilQ - 2_L/<?/f)^^, Q 6U GfTIT Sm 0y> Ld — S^U'SSfT 

jj^Gsn^, Qa^iii^So QurrQFfiL.® - (^«u0<55(^6f ) Q^fuj^^/d Quitq^lL 

81. The whole design of Jiving in the domestic state and laying up 
(property) is (to be able) to exercise the benevolence of hospitality. 

LLi^ihQ^^ ^}]Lo Qsiiessn^ibuirp pm^. 
(uf-eaiT.) ei-s^i — ^en3ie!!!!ruu(BLJD Ou/rf^srr ^lSit^Qld Qiuet^^ih 

a=rr6vrrL0(fr)iB^-3=fr(SiJir(cU>LDa(^.s sn-jressTLDnSliu LD(rF)iB^, sSop^fB^eur/BCuu 

(Q^ - u - ssiir,^ — (^^6mTemruuQiJDQuir(r}^<^^ 3"TCiiiTLD(fF)ih^ 
eresfl^LD - ^lSIit ^ldit S ^]ld^ isSlQ^ih^ - (^ear^ar Qisfr<sQsuiB^\ 

82. It is not fit that one should wish his guests to be outside (his 
house) even though ho were eating the food of immortality. 

'K-- guQ^'sSq^ib,^ esidj^^ (oLcrrLDLjeuirejsr eiirr up son ^as 

(uif-anT.) ei-^y — ^eaSosrQisrrsQ tsufB^s^(Tf)!Bss->^^Lh i^piB 
S(ih<aUT€sr^ (^<k)ei]iTLpses)S iE(30(^irGijn'i5ir ennr^'B^'S Qa(B^<sQ&:>S5\)f er-jy. 

ieitQi—T^i}> ^(iF)[EQ^iTihi^Q]rr^&<^ ji/fi^/bOuir(r^err O^rrSsoLUir^ 
QiDeisTQiop SldoiTS(^Qm6ku^mh. 

(^Q^-u-G^iT.) — 0/(75 ®®(5'E<^ - (;S<oirSsvrQisir.iQ^ sijib^sBqf's 

3i,-LJD. ^^. &9QT^ibQp.fLiueO, /Rl .35. '^^. 

83. The domestic life of the man tliat daily entertains the guests 
who come to him, shall not be laid waste by poverty. 

^^•rfiesr LDiTiij^ 0<fiuiLifr (er^empn-i (w^&STLLiTii^ 

s^e^piLiLC) - isuiTipfB^Qa>iT6sifrLp.Q^uurreTr, 

84. Lakshmi with joyous miad shall dwell in the house of that 
man who with cheerful countenance entertains the good as guests. 

(uif-6?J)nr.) CT-^, — QpskQetsr (sSiqF^iB^emesirT tBQS)3=:^^^LJ iSlear lB^ss 
^dc6T^ ^rrasT iBons^eutrsm'^ ia92orrLy<oO^^^@ (sE!^^(B^^ld QsusssriBQiDfT^ 
Qei/sssri tTj ct-^. 

^^ub^ QojsmQiBiQsTeo - GsuemQCoLarr. 

85. Is it necessary to sow the field of the man who having feasted 
his guests eats what may remain ? 

<95r. Q^eOsQ(f^fB Q^ITLlS 6V Q7)SSi(rf)lSj^ U IT IT ^^QF^UU !T 

(uif-6!nT.) <oT-^, — ^eb-ailG^eurp (sfl(rF)iS(sr>^u QwssBu i3eur Q^&xsi)^ 
tSlriLlxSii Qpeui^dj eurT€:^6gi]<srremrifi(^ fBGO(^(i^fB^aLh, ct-£u. 

^6CT LDJ);(^'j:i!£sQ<SSSniJ^LbLJUJ&!T &n-pUUl—l—^» 

86. He who, having entertained tlie guests that have come, looks 
out for otliers who may yet come, will be a welcome guest to the inhabi- 
tants of heaven. 

^dsssT ^ ^Bossr (ocuerreSlu uujsst. 

^' ^fTGsrQiSl ^fruS^/i ^isrrrr&^ssu ut—L—SsrreOy eurrewS/Sl^fru Qurnr^^ 
{Q^-u-GSiir .X — QeuerrsBuuiusk - (eSlQhiB^sariotniTiqud^ifl^^ 

^8smr - (=sy^/D(5) ^erreurriJci. 

87. The advantages of benevolence cannot be measured : the mea- 
sure (of the virtue) of the guests (entertained) is tbe only measure. 

(uirP-smiT.) loT'^j — Sds\JLumjQurT(rfjdsiT isu(rf)i^iarr^^u iSleir ^^&w 
vSlLp.i^ ^^Qurr(t£^ lumJo up£}jiiQsmj^<30 lditu^Qsstld orm^irfBjr^eurr 
^uQufTQF^err freer iaS(if)i^scras)nQtumhiSl QevcrnaSluuLuaswQtwjj^u:) Qurr/£l 

e^hsr, LjifliQ^fTLDLSlQaj6ur(^if. Qeuerr^ - ^(^Quiuif. 

QuiTQ^dsiT) ej(f^r5^d,3Bfr^^, (^lQsstlj ^^Ssbt i^ipiB^") up^ ^p 

88. Those who have taken no part in the benevolouco of liospitality 
shall (at length lament) saying, " we have laboured and laid up wealth 
and are now without support. 

L£tL-.<SmLn LDL—dJirfT^B ^ilGS3l(B. 
LDfTiLQl-UL^Sfr^rTLD, ST-£U. 

s_es>L-CS)LD - Qurr(ir)(2i¥)Gis>L—aji^m^6STGS>LC>, Qurr(ir)efrrrpQsrrm(^Lb uiu 
oj/Tffl S-us^tfl^^fTiT, (?ue!5)^c3)Louj/resr sSlr^rsQ^mhuSso uSlssL^ekj Qurr(!?j&T 

Lurr(^ih; {^^ ^fSI iQ^fr^u.^ ^srir^) ix^u-surrir assist - ^cSeBevir 

89. That stupidity which exercises no hospitality is poverty in the 
midst of wealth. It is the property of the stupid. 

<S0. QlD!TLJU<3S (^OaipiLI LJb(sS3=3=^ Qp^fE^lflfS^ 

Qi5ir65<s.s (gsjo^u-jti) <sB(miB^» 

^S^3=3=Lh - ^r^Quiufr, Q3=ULj<S^LCiia,LLs,(oisr®L^ ^sk(Lps(LpiJD, SjSl 

uprB /5 (osn es^ Lu ey L^ ^eirQs^frSo^LO) ^^up/£l e.i_esruLlz_aL/L^ iB&5T(iffpp 


(Q^-U-G^rr ,^ ^Gl^S^'SFih - ^'3^3'g=LJL£QJfr<o^^j QublTUU- 

SUIT) Qpailh ^ffl/B^ - QpaLD (oGI/J^/UlL®, Q/Bfr65S - UfnT'SS^ (^<s^\p 

u^LD - (oUirGisunr. 

90, As the A.nicham flower fades in smelling, so fades tlie guest 
when the face is turned away. 


Q<FLcsQiu{r(7F)<orr a6ssri—!rfrsiirr[U3= Q&=rr<so. 

onLDiLjanL-^^fTLu^ Q^ frekpcQekf Qg=LhQurr(ir)Q6fr6sruuLLi—^. ^<s«ia;/r^ 
Os^nsdQc^ssr ^anijjiLjih, eurrQiuesr Qaisssn—rr^ ah./Sli^iv, ^LuQg^rrpuuSlsorr 

€urru9(^dQtoirpj Q,^ihQLJir(7^fffr - ^pBi^dsar, ^smi^irir - ^rBih^ssu 
ir^i 6Ufriu3=Qg:ir6V - SiJiruj<i=Q<3=rrps<5rr/r(^m. 

91. Sweet words are those wliicli, imbned with love and free from 
deceit, flow from the mouth of the virtuous. 

^6>^lljQ3=fr&)da\)lLj (LpaSil—OJl^SU Qu/jSek, (oT-£V» 

92. Sweet speech with a cheerful countenance is better than a gift 
made with a joyous mind. 


iflUje!S)SX13h.p<o-0. 9*IKu ^^ 

QiSrraQQiU^^ih sSlce:>TQajiF,!rLJD ^dsrQ^'tTQijocsr ^'asiL^uj®^^ Scsrp 

93. Sweet speech, flowing from the heai't, (uttered) with a cheer- 
ful countenauce aud sweet look, is true virtue. 

^, ^saTLyj2/r£-/5 ^siieurrssiin S<sc<s\)rr(^il> ajtriTLDfriL® 

(U(P-65>(T.) <oT-^,—6T60C<in-lfLDfrL-(BLD ^SOTU^toW^ /j9@S)S)<S@Lb ||)fiT 

fBfr(Lp^6QLuQuir/£l^Gn- cSfcwa/ Qp^^uu i^GOesra^Ssf ^<sjTfTcs>LC) 2.<s3)l_ 
GWLDuSsor, ^(SijeuiTes>LDQjusisT(yr^n-, tu rr rr ld tr lL(B ud ^scri-j,^&. iBissrO^s^rrsoaiiTSi 

94. Sorrow-increasing poverty shall not come u]Don those who use 
towards all, pleasure-increasing sweetness of speech. 

(uiF-binfT.) si-Siy — e^QTieiJ^ssetsi^ajiTeu^ ^<sst(^p Qr/LpuuQQjfnrBssk- 
^iTi^s^&iLjCSiL-tu^uj (oTJdsOfriTiSiesur^jnh ^^fltuGg^rreuBsotLjUD e_G5)i_aj(SB)^coj 
^<c:>)QjuSljr<sssr(BLcdT/Sl QLOiu&sesSu^LD iSlpeue^iEGir ^es^iu/Tafr^ cr-^. 

LBp^^^cs)3^i§dso, Gsijp^es)LDiLjiosyi^es>LDuuiTp iSpQsussre^LDf ©jc^SLf Qumxu 

95. Humility and sweetness of speech are the ornaments of a man ; 
all others ai'e not (ornaments). 

(uif-65)ff.) GT-si) — Oun-QtfSiTfr/b iSpirsiQ /sdissiLD uius{^(if,Q3=iTjb 
&^(r LDssr^^frdsr ^rraiuiss' ^'S^tusuir^z e^Q^suek Q^^/rcbjjjjLO/ruSscr, s^su^z 

lL(B. /s&isO£S)sxj idiTi^3= Q3=rr60_^Eissfr^iEi SL^iLKmjfrs.^Q^irdoeSesT, ^/D{CT) 

^esfliu- ^(sSenin iL]m err esr en w s , Qs^ireSm — (^^(^suiScJr) Qsrnsv^ 
ei}rr^u9ssTj {^>eu^s^) ^(sv<o\}iss)6iJ - uir6U!Ei<s6rr^ Q^iu - (^onpuj^ 

96. If a man, while seeking to speak usefully, speaks also sweetly, 
bis sins will diminish and his \drtue inci*ease. 

<Sr. /5UJSJyfc3TJ3/ fBskfB UOjif^LO UUJ(5^i5k^ 

uss3ri9p p'^ui9^iuira= (ola^ireo. 
(uif-65)T.) ST-^, — s^(ir)(su^S(^ ^LD<ss)Loa(^ fS^QDujti^u:) slsot^^s® 

97. That speech which, while imparting benefits ceases not to 
please, will yield righteousness (for this world) and merit (for the next 

•sO-ti). =2y,5). ^ 'osB iu ss) sv Jn ^iTxiv. <?'© 

Qj^ireo 6p(m<3Li^£S(^ @0e3)LDuS)^Lb ^ssru^cs)^u uius(^LDy st-^. 

LD^ucsiLDuSlesruLD Quifl^rrs^eiiry (Lppgn-puut-i—^. ^u:iCS>LDiSlisiTULDrr 


98. Sweet speech, free from harm to others, will give pleasure both 
iu this world and iu the next. 

(uiF-snT.) GT-^j — L9pir ■3r%-fSlaj ^sarQ^^rT&i ^earsQekuLh uiu^^oso^ 

^s^Q^eurp^ sSlSswd'^/Slui-juQutjjrT. s(B(^Q3=frp i3piri(^LD ^6sr(^ 
^[Tf£(^sky ^^ dh-psOfrsrrQ^6sru^ <S0^^. 

(Q^ - u - (S5D/r.) — ^siiQ^iriso - (i^pQ^eDL-iu) ^GyBiuOs'/rp^ 

uir&sr - ^^nusS!^^/i9QasTpciJ6STf (^^^p&\ ey(3vQ<ifirSo-&(dl(^ 
Qc^fTps^'Sfry euLpis](^aJ^ - (^iSlpftu-^Q^^ Q 3=ir&:)^6i}^, (oreu^k 

89. Why does he use harsh words, who sees the pleasure which 
sweet speech yields ? 

ao. (3)*°^'^ s^isrreiiiTfB (sBsiri^^ ah.pis)) 

u9(ff)Se ^supes^pss sh-qr/^^ urreuih uuJSi^ih ^eun^^Qg^irpadsn G^nhsxisbr 

<ffh-pQeo6i!ru^(es)p Qs^frp'sQsrrssru^ Qup(^Lo, QurrnhSsfi' eSOs^Ln.^^ 
fBskp usabfLyserr ^siJcmLDsamr^(^Qs='dTpGsr. ^er^tu ^edflsQsrrssrp^ 
e^aTes:GiJiLjsisrL- O/S0OSw<s<5srff(?u/reo ^L£li^^rrev6sriaupes)p. ^S5r(g}^ siraus 

Osnekp^ ^BfT^QjrEJSITluQuiTGO IP(^3=fr6Ua^6lipCtS)p> &(B(^Qj'fTpQ3=lTiS0^ 
(^^^h-pC^dr (^ppiSJ <9h-pUUU.L-^t 

/^Q? &' Sir S,fB-LL. ^P. Q 3'UUIBrBi>iT(Sl'JUpSl^<S^. 

Q<3=ir<30<3C(ru:iic.v\ ^osr^^ - (^urr6UQp€mL^rr(^Lh^ s® <^Q 3= it psdstr ^ 

/xi'Su), <sfriLi-(^sSesiLca9SoeO'T^) dsmtiASsfr^ ssviTfB^^jiifpj^-^<ssr 

100. To say disagreeable things when agreeable are at baud, is 
like eating unripe fruit wbeu there is ripe. 

ji/o%3ir<3U£>J ^snr3,c<^u i5ipirQ^iu^ iseurcmLDOnuu LDpsiirras>LD. ^£^a.icm(au 
3h-/Sl ^6060puoi6ij(meiin'^fnra(^ &.iij^tSl&i (■^/bpLo Qs^iuiiceor/SI QsirpQeiuurr 

iSlbur emeu s a liulLi—^. 

emresr^rip UJTpp eoifi^. 

(LI[f-S!J)ir.) GT-^y ^6OT<5@ QpekQi^ (T^ ^ 6)9 Q 3^ CU UJ fr^(7r).S & e^(l^6V<3ir 

•Sip^i(m.3' Q3^iu^<2^^(sSs(^, U)sssr^ii&)(&)m (^siur^oO(^Ei cmaLDion't^a'S 
Qs.iT®^^frs^LO e^^^GO/fl^y ST-^U. 

eB&(m ^p^cvfru9£ur. Qg^ajuuj^rcs^LDS^ C^^ul/^oy^iaOOajecrjj/ u it l-Q Ln it ^ ^ 

LD^S^SSULDITL-l—ITeinLD lUSIT eiT (^) t-. ^ ^ 3^ Qs^lLl ^<Slj^<i£lQujicir ^<cS)rrUU[T(IF) 

(Q^-U~G!nir,) Q 3= LU lU IT LDSO - [^ioms(^Qp&ilQ<G3)(W,fleQlLjLB'\ 

Q 3= ILIUJ 11 ^QqE 35 ilB, Qs-lU^ - (^^ ([^ <Sli &>l S /D MU -^ (^ 3" ) Q 3= IL! ^ , a_^ 
<sSi3SC;^ , &n GU UJ S5(Lp LD - LDSS^ 6S^,l<oO'S^6'SJ^ tL] LD^ 6U IT S^ST 3SrLp LO - (oSl&SHT 

_^(2/ioU<s,S6a),Sii-|i£)j (/TL^ir35iQ^rrQ^^ir^LD)j ^pp&)^f)^-e^^^(so 

101. (The gift of) heaven and earth is rot an equivalent for a be- 
nefit which is conferred where none had been received . 

uj^ nju3,iTii\sif ^eirdssT QiEirssg^ &^^iTi3(rT^ii^^iTuS^LO Sf3:£sa60^a^^ 
^sair(3oQjstrs(^eu^6060^ Quir(i^Q^s^ eoirsrrQ^^u^inh, srr&)^ 


102. A favour conferred in the time of need, though it be small (in 
itself,) is (in value) much larger than tlic world. 

esreJsTG^LD si^eQ/b QuiB^. 
(uiP-ewT.) SIS', — ®a//f« Q^QiFiu^rrso ^eiresr^ uujS(&jQLC6sr£)j 

60r60rOT)LO 65/_eflOT]/LO Qulfl^fTUDj 6T-^, 

^cs>eu Qpsur£^Lh (LpGS>pQtLi 3,rrjrG5srLS^/Sl r Q^ijj^,^s_Lh 
^so gh-puuL-LS^. 

103. If we weigh the excellence of a benefit which is conferred 
without weighing the return, it is larger than the sea. 

Q<srr6rrsufr uiuekQpiB eufrir. 
(ufP-cmfr.) loT-^j — ^Loit^^ ^Sssraj6rr(sSlp(rr/'UJ e_u^n-jr^cm^ s^nnn^ieir 

en^rrs^ Qsrrerreuir - iSSssruufrir, uiuek - (^^ifQ^ovruddlm^ uiudsm-^ 

Q^lflsUfTir - ^/SIUGUIT, 

104. Though the benefit conferred be as small as a millet seed, 
those who know its advantage will consider it as large as a palmyra fruit. 

(u(f - sjxr.) ST - ^)—es)aiJDLDn'(2/'6w 2_^(a9 ■soirirem'^^rT^UD Qurr(f^ 
jFiT&iL^ OTtiaycTTQ/ Qurfl^ fTLiSlr)^ ^^(^iLjLD ^susucrTGi^ Ouifl^rrQmsir 

105. The benefit itself is not the measure of the benefit ; the worth 
of those who have received it is its measure. 

Sh. U:ip61}ib-55 LnT3=/b(irf'IT Q<SSWTC^LD ^psU/DS 

^esTu^^iL (bluufTLuirir ieiLlj. 

GDLDeSilU LDpS^frQ^lTl^S,^ (ST -^ . 

a,(3^SV^ (^ppLDppSiJF^, Q'SSSSre^lXi — S-p6UIT'Bfi<5SrS!SiLD<5SiLUj LDpOJ 

p^ - LDpsair^QF^ssisL—isii&sr. 

106. Forsake not the friendship of those who have been your staff 
in adversity. Forget not the benevolence of the blameless. 

/elLSISoSTj 6T(Tpcs>LDiiSlS3nr iLjcs) U.JJ ^LDQiDogsueiyiSuiSpuiS^LB SScuriJuif weo 

G&)mf, <oT-£iJ. 

icTQ^eiDLDQuueirp^ G^dssruuuuesrQ^iri—Qf^LCi erQ^LSlpuLSlSscr' Sj^ ©ySorr 
LUfru^tLjLLsessri—^. CTQ^tsussysuiSlpuLi QldQgo &.&5}fr^^fnb. (sS<JS)freijQ^fr 



107. (The wise) will remember throughout their seveu-fold birtha 
the love of those who have wiped away their afllictioii. 

=sy. ft^^/ol Lapuuj^ liBGSTjDssrj^ fBesrps^eo 
(urF-63)T.) er-^, — g^0(a/6i3r (LpesrQ<PLu^ ib<ostcis)Ldcoiu Lcpuu^ c^(^ 

'^jrsisr®ih ^(7r)eiJt^/bQ<^LuujuuLLL- eut^ Lopuu^io LDpsL^tr^^ih 

LOpUU^ - LDpfB^<s£l(Sl^S»j fBik^^m^ - (6^(fJ)<5U^}jd(^) .J>jP 

QeFaj^QutrapQ^f Lnpuu^-mpm^iaQQ^&i , fBsir^-^pLoirLD. 

108. It is not good to forget a benefit : it is good to forget an in- 
jury in the very moment (in which it is inflicted.) 

(uif - enfr.) ct-^, — ^LO.S(g (ipeBrO^(5 /psotcsjlo Qs^oj^iouit iSlssr 
Qa>fr6ar(Y)y'Q&)rr^^ ^scr^^eupssipg^ Q&'Lu^frjrn'uSl^LJDj ^esieivQuj&iiXmh 
^snfrQs^iu^ (D&sres)LDQiuiTesrpSswu^LD iBdso'^s ^(kiosouufTLOj sr-^, 

Qld ^supesipQiLKsOoOmsi QsQai^QLaeuru^tTLD. ^j^i^&sr id&sTpsOiso^ ^<sjst 

Qp LC>pi(3^IB^piEJ Sn-pUUL—L-^. 

(Q^ - U - QDfT,^ (^Lci(^ Qp&SfQ^QT) fB&ST&S)Ln QcFlU^eilir) 

Qs!TskT^j^<shT&sT - (^i9i^\ Q<xmosr(7}^pQuir&^LDj ^'sir (^-Q 01^,35 su 
sffrrQ<ifdj^, s^iijir j)j 15 eir ^-^tB(S sir etnuiQiu IT &ir bin piLiLo^ s-mm-iSBssr 

109. Though one inflict an injury great as murder, it will perish 
before tho thought of a single benefit (formerly) conferred. 

(^0 <$a--LD. =5yP. 'sQ6ij£l3o\)anLLi 

s Qh(cSlastsr 3^ Qe!j>^^a^LD, urTiruurrfr^ ^lj^^ld (tp^eSluj urr^aiE/adsrra^ 
Qs^iussii. ©}Si^/i> Qs^iuiB/Bear/SlQsfTpsQesT QsbitQgdld Sh-puuL-i—^ . 

(Q s-u-<oS)rr,\ — <sr fB<5VTrSl-(STis^ ^ pms^en rQuiBiueDpiBJsSsn- 

OiUSJsrpUL^'], Q<Sfr(okQr/>IT'35(^li) - Q'%Q^^auir^(^LC>, S-LLKSlj-UfTSiJ^ 

110. He who has killed every virtue may yet escape : there is no 
escape for him who has killed a benefit. 

«&--££)• ^fi — Jb(Sl(oLlj£l85V&DLD- 

Qckeunpsyfr^ e^uu iBptg,LD S2s\)(ss>ld. ^^, iBek rSSQ 3^ lu ^ it n ua fT lL® j)//5/B6ur 

ppm^y Qa^iLnBtsek/Sluj/Sl^isSlekiSlsur dseussLJUL-i—^. 

a. S(3^ Quj(osrQ<oi]fr^^ rs&srCop U(^^iutTp 

uirpuiL QL-fr(ip<xu Qu/Slsk, 
("u if -65) IT.) eT-^j—~rB(bieijS3s\)e!nLDQiu6ur^ Q3^it(S0(S^uu®ld e^irpQ-pQiD 
mek^ ucjDS QiBir^Loeo /ECsurQum^Lo u^^Q^rrjiiLD ^ek(Lpss>pas>LD(35>iu 

US' Gurr&iu ut^^ajfrQasrehrL-jL^ ^^0l/ Q^fr^uQuDsmu^esr Qurrftf)i^ 
L-n-uj iBeisTp^. Qu/SlQesreiru^ ^euQ(Siifr(ipss^ ^Q^sBLoQ^rrekp fSskp^. 
g)^(S5i5ar rB®(S^iQceoe!5)tMaj^ fflpui^a &h.puuLLi—^, 

(Q^ - u - 63)/r.) — u(^^iufr&) - (^uosi^eiiir ^lueorrir QQih^iir 

6TOTr.^tb) iSl^GlsQ^^IT^LD, UfrpUL-Q - (^63t) (^LpGJDpsSilneS^lU 

eSlL^rr^, SQQ^suQu/Slssr - fSL-d<3BuQup(7r^&), ^(^^grsar c^ssrQp- 

111. That equity which consists in acting with equal regard to 
each of (the three) divisions of men [enemies, strangers and friends] is a 
pre-eminent virtue. 

eorst^Lh (sjuatrui^iss^L-^Q^Gku^ QupQr/LD. ^^^G^/r© euq^^^c^mj ^esr 

112. The wealth of the man of rectitude will not perish, but will 
bring happiness also to his posterity. 

tw^Qp QiuirL^iiJ eQi-eo. 
(uif - emir.) er-^, — ^lassarrSl iB&srminQiu uoj/B^^friSl^LJo, [B®<b] 

i5suT<aS)LouiLj<siifrGnLDijSlesr, fssurQ/D f5^^ Q ixi'ssr (^ it . ^s^^eonr Qsm'csr 

IQ ^-u-enir .\ — ihsinQp^fi^}iiJb - (^^lEJ^stoir^J i5<^anLbQiU3ii^ 
^}jm, ^Qsxj ^'BiB^-'sQisiiiQ^emLDiSfSJ-seofr'SO, ^Lc^ - s_emi-.irQ&iTp^ 

113. Forsake in the very moment (of acquisition^ that gain which 
though it should bring advantage is without equity. 

<9". ^■i^irfr ^^!oB(o\) Qit&stu sjsujtsu 

Qira'S'^^tTp &JCSSTLJ uQld, 
(uiF-snnr.) gt-^, — ^Q'/?" /B(El<si^Sds\}C5^LDiq^mi—UJiT ^euir /b(B<sijS3socs)lo 
^soQrrssT^iJD eSQs^i—LD, ^su£-6u(iT)CS)L-.uj /sekiDS&eiT^ s^eserEs^LDiuir^uo 

^ssirn-sc^ (oTs:3=(Lpessru.rr/S^UL) ^■seSlsoirira;/^ ^sdSsoturr^&iiLD epQF,^ 

(oTeiiT^LOi (aQQ^'Si^LD^ ^euir^suiT — ^ioiJiraJ(f^ss)i^'jj) (srffs--^ 

uQih - ^/SliuuuGiLD, 

114. The woi'thy and unworthy may be known by the ex;istence or 
otherwise of good offsprings. 

(^. Q 3^(51 i£i Qu (mi a^np lS&)<oV(SV<so O fB(G^.f^^-i 

(utP - snT.) <ST-^, — ^(cSldssrijjirpQ(E(BLo ib e^^ossnu it p Q u (r^s, s Qpto 
LUfrsuiTSc<ff^LD (LpskQesr ^G^LDfE^ ©L_/5^ew ; ^eueurrnje^pu-i/Slih^)] ^0s>eu 
siriTsstsTLDirs LDesr^Qssrau- Qsfru-ireiDmQLU ^plisurrew sj'^LOiB^trif&t;^ j^jl^ 

^es>eu an-jressTLDfrss QsrrCB^eorrsiJ^ — ^(sa^eu ^uQuitq^i^ enQf^euissT 

^LD Gp(W)^'hos,sesSjbp&i. ^iSiip/Sp(^i arrirei^LD uLpeSlossrQiu Qsrr®^ 
edsijr£)j CTcsr ^GSwesyLDtLjesariTis^ iB®<SijiBpp<so s:rreOLSl2ssr ^Lp<^Q3=iu^<^(our^ 

Qu(midS(y:iu:)-(fBs\}sS!ds!:friS(^Q<oo)QuQK(-^^^LD, ^eo^eV6d-(iuirsiJ 

Q(mfrs(m - (^^/Ssuirev") iBs^pihQ^!r!T'i(^^ ^esoB-^Lpsfru,. 

115. Less and gain come not without cause : it is the ornament of 
the wise to preserve evenness of mind (under both). 

^r, Qi j^Q 611 e\) iu IT Osar&jrru ^iB^^(5sr Q<ssT(^3^ 

(uif - enT.) (ST - ^, — g?00/6OT- ff-m-QsnT^^ih iE(B(Sij'QppSso e^jSfB^ 
iB(Bl6ij(Si)<Xiaupcij>p3= QsFiuuj iSSoars^LDiruSlsor, ^rpSSs^snisv ujiTesr 0<si_<s<s/_ 

£ldswg;^^LO Q 3= oj ^Q &} IT G L^rt a (^iD IT {E<E^^, G3'uSlQssT6k(2;/'iT . 
(Q^-Ly-635/r.) ^(53rQ/5(&5<3^LC-(gP0(51/iS9T)^OTr^LDS3ra),.'5©(Siy- 

a;0V-Q«L_<5«/— Coo/eJr, (oTmu^-erekjpjessTQ^Qp/buir^LDirSf ^pSs~ 

116. Let him whose mind departing from equity eomniits sin well 
consider thus within himself," I shall perish.'' 

Qa®Qeueuru^ — npssSdoO^Q^iTLBpOuiJun . Qa^soiaiiGLDsm^ Q&nar 
(Blo Qu(ms,S(Lpisi Qsir(B^<30fr6sr eurririr (srebrusi^s^LD) Q^rr®^&) GslI 

L^n Qs^evlTLD GTbirU^Q-LDj Q&m^fT^Sll<ak ^fTLpeil Qsu.ajT^<oT€STU,^^LD, 

(Q^-u-emrr,^ — 2_ioO«t£i - S-LunihQ^friT^ fsQ^s - rbQeurra; 

est ^ , ^/rii)Si/-6u^®DfX)6?DUj, Q<sQ^a> - isu^Ga^LDiurrs^ esievitiT^- 
GineuiuiTir \iQ^iu!tQ iresrpui^.'^ 

117. The great will not regard as poverty the low estate of that 
man who dwells in the virtue of equity. 

^. ^iumQa^iii^ ^ir^fii^fki QsirevQurr cdev^LDrnQ^rr (tf uiri> 

gCT/LDj Qun-Q^crrioS)u.ujirQuj ^etnLD^^uo c^Q^urrpQ'SrrL-.rrGnLDiLjLJD s^ojetnLDS 

L—sup'^p 'SSLLprrioST ^eirerrsuir^s'ssnT^siirr&e^LD^ e^QriUir/bQsirL-rremLDtun'exi^ 
^Qj<aijefrerreurrp<^p LD^npLUfr^ ues>3i Q/Bfr^LD&i iBL-Queur^LO Qf>6sr£)i 

^P^^TirSf^UD iSpuud<5f>.£iJ^G0frS(SijLD, S-ODIT&S. ^ S\) S S CmT lEJ S CTT n iSST ^CJDLD 

^so ^(^(SulBiljld (STpuGsrQsir&TS,. 

118. To incline to neither side, but to rest impartial as the even 
fixed scale is the ornament of the wise. 

^5). Q<5F/7'/DCo<5,r^lt_ iSeoev^ O^fuu QLDrr(fE^2isoiL:iT 
(uiT - 65)T.) ST-^y — r5(Elsijf§SsOG!^)LD'jjrreu^ Qa^rrsos^lGsrsil. Q3,rr®s 

^J^ (Sis' dB/SL-O), ^,S5, ^t_6E<£(TpC20Z_S3J££i. 

^<30 /i;(B(Sijr§2s)jaDLD ^skQp&sru^ QupuUiLi—^. 

fLiT(^Laj (^^ ^ ^,u u i^oj IT 6iJ^^, ^sifT - Lc>&sr ^ ^(sS L—^Q ^ ^ QsitlL 

OJIT^B^ QurSlGST-QupQr/'(SO. 

119. Freedom from obliquity of speech is rectitude, if thei'e be 
(corresponding) freedom from bias of mind. 

i^psijfB ^LoQuirp Qg^uSlm. 
(u(P-6a)T.) loT-^y — iSlpfrQurr(rF)'BofnLjLD ^LoQurrQFjmQurreou Quei^3= 

iSpsijiB ^LoQu/rp Qs^nj^Gorrsu^ - Qsrren'tsu^ iBssiSiLjib Qstr^uu^ 
(^cs)pLULDn'.sn'LD&) (S^uuiBfTUf^s^ QcFUJ^GO. ^uu n'L^®QpesTp^i3fr ^ QpiskSsilTUJ 

^£Li<aS(rF)Slp^^n-fTSl^LD ^SUGUpLQ QeuQT^ S,S'& piB ^'ZSiLDU^sk . 

(Q^s-u-s3)/r.) — Spe^iLD-iSlprrQuiTQhdsaiLjLa^ ^LnQutreo - ^ld 

12Q. The true merchandize of merchants is to guard and do by the 
things of others as they do by their own. 

<E/^-LD. ^p — ^[-.^^(Lp&DI_QDL£i. 

(^^^GS>L-UJ(S^^G0. ^o°o<;^ <ET^'SOrriT(^ppLDQuirp pm-(^pp(Lpmi sfr^^iLo 

l5®(SijlB^CS)LD ILjCmL-ajfrpSfr^eQeisT, ^^ fB®i^f§ds\)(SDLDuSl6k lSsCT OTXSU&&U 
<S5. ^_^1^<S{E LtiLOjTrfh (GmUJ<i(^ LOL-iEJSrTGSiLD 

(u(f-6!nnr.) er-^, — ^(r^euoisw ^u-saLDirQiu^pLo iSl6CTQ^GU(rF)W'S^ 

121. Self-control will place fa man) among the Gods ; the want 
of it will drive (him) into the thickest darkness (of hell). 

Sj^ii^i—iEiQu uujekQs,!TC(reu^ si/^QeuLUTssSlissr. 

^^(sSm^GfTSEll^- ^^&sfisST(oLDpUL-l~, ^«d5LD - Q 3^ (30 Sit LL IT SST ^ j 
^(30 - ^ffoSsX), (^^fiO/TGV.) 

122. Let self-control be guarded as a treasure ; there is no greater 
Bource of good for man than that. 

QfB/oliun'Qear ^QFjSussr j>/L^EisuOu/Bshr, j^6ysiJU.>isL£> fB ioQ <o^ n ir fr ssr ^/Sliuu 
ulL® ^aL;CT2/<s@ sSl(inLJu^aD^s Q^n-Q<k(^LD, sr-^. 


QjrrexjQ^esT^^/Slih^, ^p/'S'ok-fb'SoeoeiJL^iufreVj ^L-.rB-suQuj6}ssr- 
(^e^Q^eucirJ ^L-iEJSLjQu^(oUir(^f^6dj Qf^6ij-^<sii6uu.d<sijbiJ&iT^j 
^nSlfs^ - (^s-UJiT'5(o^rrjTrr<5X)^ ^ £l iu u u l^Q , 9nc^La - Qldlduitl^ 

123. Knowing that self-control is knowledge, if a man should 
control himself, in the prescribed course, such self-control will bring him 
distinction among the wise. 

i£,?jB^\Q^ LDrressTU QuiB^j. 

^ id Lurr^L^rar^^ so - Qurr/SssfTTp L/c3\)sJraSorr ^srrrrSairGp ^i—isj(^ 

esriou&sr^, Q^ir/bpih-Si^iuirs^Qiun'ssr^^ ldBsouQ^Uld - Uidsvs-UJir.^& 
u9r3}]Lh^ LDiressTuQuifl^-LSlasuQuiB^mx). 

124. More lofty tlian a mountain will be the greatness of that man 
who without swerving from his domestic state controls himself. 

(ij[f-stnT.) GT-^j — Qu(i?)l8^ud ^shr/£l ^u.iEj(^fiiso Grsos\)/r/r<5@Lb sju 

U!B6UrQ'DQuJSJ^^LD, \S^QjG><al'(S060n-O^eiT(Gr^lii Q-9=S06L>(LpSS)L-iumTsQs QevQi^ 

QhGff'sceiJLDiT^ &puiSl&sr a.cwL.^.^', er-jj/. 

Qsk/Dl J)jQS)SUSLDLDfrQ<S^ ^L-IEjQlLKaUL^ ^eueiJ L—SS th &pi^ S ITL-L-IT ^ fTS 

QiDC^ii^'Sesmr,^. Qufr^Qeuskun'enmLjih q_i_uoulL®-3^ Qpuufr^m <Si_/!5 

t_jS m-pUUiLl—^. 

[Q;S-u-G^i .) — usssB^eo - [Q u (fff^n muurr 1^(30 (SO fT^^ ^l^iei(^ 

12.5 Humility is good in all ; but especially in the rich it is (the 
cxcelleuce of) a higher riches. 

■fffr. 6p(m<^LcnL\ sntrenubQuir 8s0fE^L-.^<s ipdirppl 
(uiT-sWT.j <sr-^^ — ^siDLoQun'm s^^ssjctt s^(iT)LSlpuiSleiTi£Ci^ mtoQurr 

126. Should one throughont a single birth, like a tortoise keep hx 
his five senses, the fruit of it will prove a safe-guard to him throughout 
the seven fold births. 

^. lUiT^'^^^ irfru9^u rsiTstris siren ^■5S<!Errp 

Qs^rrsTUUiT Q <F frecef)! (Lp-i(^u ulLQ. 
(uiP-fO)T.) er-^, — SLDLDrrp arrisLJu(9i3iJ6ur er&^ieorrsij/bes^/DiLjiJo srrss 

lurrQsiJsiru^ — ^o°o/S^&'U!''uueisrss)LDeSleu)uQutuir. ^0%^ PFessr(B er^iFtr 
€S)iD S-emririBekp^. npp^LOGDLD eSlsiTrr^^n'pQ(n^is^> Q3^!Tp(ff^ppiCi- 
Q3:rT(Soe^&!rsLLQL-rT6!!T^i5J(^ppLD. ^socOfTuu IT, Qs^mLDfTuu if j tsTmuemQuir 

<3srr6urrir ^ii9^iiii^-'^'J''S'SLamLL^rrjrrrit9^i}LD, iBiT-rEtTQGUrTsisTQnpiL\w^ 

SblTSS - <5/r<565-i<Si_QJ/f J S fT SU IT ^ £E T (SO - (^^Ss^d^ ■fEIT isiLDn L^L—fT 

jr!ru9siT^ Q3'rr'5oeS}(Lp.s;^uuLL(bl - Q3'trp(^pp;i^Q€0 ^•suuL.Q, 
Qg^T^auuT - (^itQlo\ ^&iTuuu(blsurrir, 

127. Whatever besides you leave unguarded, guard your tongue; 
otherwise errors of speech and the consequent misery will ensue. 

^. 6psnT(vrf>^ijrB ^3^Q3=rrp Quitq^lLuuj g^ssst L-rruS 

&ST &Sr QY^ 3b (T ^!tQ gSQld. 

ruif-emrr.) eT-^f-—^vuQjnQiu Q3^rTps,<o^6hTQufr(ihc(T&snrrp L^prrs 

@u tSlpcupfEjasrrrresr S-S^kri—rresr /ssctgolo ^^rrujisS(BLJD, er-^u. 

^tuQg^(T&)O0!TSiJssT — ^ ii.1 (^uiu a (j^LO QurriLi^ r^p'^,ib®(^Q3^iT&)0&>6Br 

^3'Q<F(rpu(BLQ OL/zr^oflsOT^ L/UJOTT Sprfs<^(sssrL-rTQj^iTvSl6sr sTm£)ja!}fru 
un-QT^ih 'S-srrif. 

(^Q^-u-emrr.) — ^<FQ3=!r&i-^LuQ<SFirp3i<5rr^jQurr(f^fffruiueh'- 

128. If a man's speecli be productive of a single evil, all the good, 
by him will be turned into evil. 

mireQ(^p sfLLL— euQ, 
^Liif-gtnii.) er-^f — e^Q^sijScsr e^Q^evesr ^uSl(sa)p *z_i_i_|iS33r OLOujsa/— 

^sirSluQufr^eorr&i ^uSl(ZS)jb<^LLL-^ossru L^smQessreor^uoi, ^(/r^^Qi—^ 

w.Q^&5Tusi (oUfr^iTsQesTj ^^ f^/SluurreaTeu/i^ Q6ijpj)jeinLDiusi)iiisrTjrLD. 
©lesiSijnpm^umLi—iT^LD QiDrrL^LUi—SSEjiah-puuLLt—^. 

(^uuiQ-iueos^irwSo^ fsrreQi^ev - (^ujQ3=irp'3B2erru^enL-!u) ihtreSl 

129. The wound which has been burnt in by fire may heal, but a 
wound burnt in by the tongue will never heal. 

«0. s^!Eisrr^^^ sppL-iE]35 eoirp^Qiirm Q-sFeueQ 
ujpLDUir/rs(^ mirpjSI ^netDipm^, 

(uiP-6!nir.) er-^y — LDSsrff;Qi^eB^ Q6ij(^&flQ^iresr(7r^LDp srr^^s, s,(30 
eS n-CS)L^uj(^tu ^l-iei(^^Sso oj^oeoeussr^ Qg^eueSlosiijUy ^psaL—e^m uititit 

^i_cj@_^60 — iD€snh Ljp^^u uireuir^ ^p^^earsGssrQcssr Spp&). 
Qs^&jeSl — ^6i!T(^einp.3f^£}j^pQapp ldsst Qld[tl^ Qpsiiiserr ^€!^uu(SS)iii s,rr 
eiih. ^uQuprBuJiTosrsr ^piB ^fiQesr Qs^eisrpcsii—u^Lb ereuru^n'iJD, @^(6a)6Br 


^pih - ^pisLi.6ijsmresrGueisr, ^p^(30 - {^Gudosr^Qs'q^Ui) qjl^ 
u9su, ^G!ai^fs^-Lj(^fB^^ ufrir<s(y^ih-urrjririSpurrs!sr. 

130. Virtue, seeking for an opportunity, will come into the path of 
that man who, possessed of learning and self control, guards, himself 
against anger. 

^o'o^n'SU^ ^^^LO GV(l?)€SSr^^pi^L£s fBldSOS(^LD ep^UUI—L- gj>(7^ffia^ 

<SB. 6pflM,isLD eQQpUUfB fiff60!T Q ^(l£SS, 
(lpu9lfl^i] (oLDiriiiULJ U®LD. 

(uif-emT.) ei-^, — s^anisih ereitsorrfrar^fif) QpuLSlSssr^ ^(f^^eOfreBTf 

eu^/Tuj^ e^apsekQiDeisTu^ Qu/b(V^ui. s.u9it ex&ie^iTuQufTQf^is^^f^ &pib^ 
^iTtSl^LD e^^Lp&esuDQufTvO eSq^uuie ^frirrres)LDuSl6srf &.uS!ifl^QLDiTLaLJUu(B 
Q UDSST (ir/ rr , 

131. Propriety of conduct leads to eminence, it should therefore be 
preserved more carefully than life. 

Q^rfl^}j LLoaQ^ ^8sssr. 
. (uf-anir.) sr-^, — e^Qpas^^Sssr e^eisr(ff}'^LD ^i^ei^uL^nLDpQuesS 
eiiQffi^tLjiEjSfrss; ^piEis,eau(SC)<Sijibes>pmh ^inriuih^ ^sup^crr ^qF)OS)is>s 
(mi^^BssrajfTioU^ turrQ^siir^ Loesr^ss)^ c^0<s©^ Q^rriB^rr^ih ^dsssrajiTiu 

(0^-u-6s>ir.) — O^iBii^ - (^U(S\)aijpiEJs'^iL^iJb) ^aririurs^^ 
(^sup^srr ^06»a)-5(5/5 ^dsssriurreu^ er^Qeuevrj)!^ ^ihiS- 

QiLjih, arris - iStr6uei''Q<s=uuiu<s,SL-.6Jsir. 

132. Let propriety of conduct be laboriously presei'ved and guard- 
ed ; though one know and practise and excel iu many virtues, that will 
be an eminent aid. 

lSiS/g^ iSljDuutruj eQ(blili. 
(uiP-eoiT.) 6T-^, — (oTC70iso/r/f.a@LCi ^^^LDcv(f^em-s:^jDCs/bp c^q^sblo 

i3pib^ euQFjessr^^err ^L^\ih^(Qed^^fnnTuS^LD ^(l£&&ld ^odl^lu 

^u iSlp/vsirjrruS^LD e^Q^ss^^ppenp^ ^rrygi^ eu (tf^gsn- ^ ^ jr rr <au ir 

Q^LD ^sO(Sul£Iuu(Biei(^ppld QuifiQ^ekpcu fTjrj . ULuek ^cql^uSl^sst^ 
eiuu^S<c^szTj ^wtaSeiDireijup^ ^euQen^eurrQixJ (sSlSssrsQ err uiur-^s 

133. Propriety of conduct is true greatness of birth, and im- 
propriety will sink into a mean birth. 

•P. LDpuiSl:^ QiDfT^^i QsirerrGOiri^Lo uiriruuiTtosr 
iSpuQuirQ^sa^iEj (meirpi QsQlo. 

(uiF-OBT.) GT-^f — spp Qeu^^^cGW LDp/5^rrtes)uSl^iJD ^sueuQr^GSsrm 

mpfs^euL^ ^L^(S^GO^^(^Lh ^scElssr, mpS'Sscon-saQ^eir^iij «0_^ 
^rrisisr, LDputSl^QmciriTr/ir. ^pui^ODU- eiJQr^essr ^^pi^ QiDn-L^i^oDLDLSlsir^ 

(Q^-u-Gsar.'^ — e^^^ - (•%pp) Qgu^^gs)^^ LopuiS^^Lb-LDp 

i9sk^uLo^ ep^iOsirenrsTreoiTLO], uiriruuiresr - i3l ir inxi sm esr ^ ^ i3lp 
ULj - ^-tLiiTiB^GuqE6S!ni£iiTem^^ e^(LD<k^LXi(mmp - (^ear) ^^.tjiis 
(^e3>piUj 0<5E®Lo - QaaLQuQurrih. 

134. A Brahman though he should forget the Vedas may recover it 
by reading ; but if he fail in propriety of conduct even his higli birth will 
be destroyed. 

Qujir(Lp'X,s lSgo/t&sts ^ijujireij. 

giS^-LD, -Sy,a57. gJ(it^iE<5B^6^£_e!ntO. 

iuG!ni—aj&j6Su.^Q^, ^.s<sii)(DUir&sT^-Q<3FeoeiJLBGOi>\iireiiLoQurTeVy 

135. Just as the envious tnan Will be without wealth, so will the 
man destitute of propriety of conduct be without gi'eatness. 

«5fr. 6p(W<i'S^Q 0(g)6\)<5B/r Q^irCoeuir ifi(ip<s<£^^Q 
Qesr^ia u(Buirs es^i^. 

i—aih ^pcs>p ^/Sib^y (oT-^. 

e^nn&ssQp-s^Qhis.u:) ^a^ssr\L\QS)L-UjrTiTQiD QeippuutLu.^ . Qarrsssr 
u- eSljT^LJD eSlt-ircsiLDup/Slj ^jrQeurrQir&sr^if. 

s-6ssn-.rT<s'^, ^,c6lfB^-Q^ifi/B^^ SL.irQeun'ir - Lo&irexisGlGJDLu iljgidu- 

136. Those fii-m in mind will not slacken in their observance of the 
proprieties of life, knowing, as they do, the misei-y that flows from the 
transgression from them. 

67". 6p(Lpi^^^^ QssriLi^euir GiDSsTmLD uSlr^aA^iQ 
QesJtu^eiJ QfTiu^rru uLp. 

(uif-cmtr.) <5T-^j — eTiffOeo/r^LD e^nnds^^rrQesr QiDihurrLLetnL^GlLULU 
QiULu^euir, er-jru. 

ue^SUp/S ^l—ITLJUL^ ■'!?i,jSLU£VL^ ^^dssrtLjLO ^ODS SLDUp/Sl S-COSLD 

(^.ppofiih 'Sn.puuiLi^esr. 

(0^ - u - (o3^rr.) — mrLoasm^^&sr - l^(3oeaiT(Qw\ ^3= ir !r ^^ 

137. From propriety of conduct men obtain greatness ; from im- 
propriety comes insufferable disgrace. 

^jt .fea. as^-LD. ^^. 

^ /IXl « dE (2/5 620 L_ 633 LC . 

essTLDn ^g^LD, ^(Bihemu^QFjQLDeirp^i^eo meoQeofrnrissuD ^skuib^Q?)^ 
iSliosreSdsnGij Sh.puuL-L-.^. 

cjo to 6B erf) ^ld) ^uku^esi^^^Q^Lhj ^s^q-pisLb-^iu^s'irirwtTem^, 

138. Propriety of conduct is the seed of virtue ; and impropriety 
•will ever cause sorrow. 

(Ulf-SiniT.) (oT-^j — LDpiE^IE ^luQa^ ITpS^Sn ^ ^iheUfTlU ITp 03=rr(SO£^/B 

^ajQ3^!Tps6fT(revesr — i9piTS(^^^isi(^ uuje(^LD Qumu(tp^€QLuecr<sijLh} 
GjQneam^Qpi^ S-ifltujt/eoeoeereijLDmh. ^(supp^ uecresuxiujiTeo Qa^irei^^p 

Q(rhS.s eutTUJirQ&iezr QsuGssn^rr^ <5n./Sli^iT} iB&>eo Gs^frp&err uuSleisrpQ^ 
esr0 ^itLD QeuesBTi^iu^esr Qpuuj (Lpi^^^px^. ^^^ eu u.,^ eo it fr ^np 

139. Those who study propriety of conduct will not speak evil 
even forgetfully. 

eso. Q_(oO'%^Q^rr QL-mLL^ QGHiTQ^seo u<ci^<3^p£i/[k 

^rriT usd^TS0s2stTiLiisj &p(rr/irrru9^LD,j>//Sl<sSl6\iir^iTiT, er-^. 

e^Q^Quj ^pxrr^esr g?c^@^cD- .^p^W^o Gis^rreo^iueup^m ^i.siT&>^^p(^ 
<^&)rr^m Qeuiri^ibS' QsF^'^'Soeorrfliesrevp^iJ'^ eipum Qsrressr® a/^^so/rgrr 

si/0ii) e^(insaiEisQsrr(SO<d\)iTLD e^Q^curr^fn^p Q(riffc^^^s, e^rDuuiLu.€st . 

Qurrm^fs^, e^(LpiB(SO - isi—^^ds^^ .SBGOsvfrir - ^ /S! m rr ^ rr it , ugo - 
ui3^,^&)s2iSfnnLC), ^pjpiLD - <srb(rr^iriru9^uLD, ^ j£! sSl <o\) ir ^ rr nr - ^jSl 

140. Those who know not how to act agreeably to the world, 
though they have learnt many things, are still ignorant. 

(35® -t£). cJ)/^ — l^psSsVoSlioSiLpUJlGSiLn. 

tiSlssTiSlssr es)(Sva;£BUULLL-^. 

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^pLDQuir(W)ff(r s6S!fn^friT'35 essBeo. 

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i3p(skQurr(fF)err - L9p^Qs>i—es>LD, SjpLO QunQT^Qstresrucsr ^c^Quiufr, 

emrrr&eQeisTj ^puo Qurr(rF)Crr amrL.rTifs&5<:^'SiiQ&:)6i!T(^ir ; GresrGey, ^uQu 
6Si^6S)LDiLies)t^LufriTLDrn—(B ^p(ipLiD QufTQhf^Lo ^&}SsoQujeiru^ Qupu 

(O^ - u - sjo/r.) — iQpsir - i9p^i(^^ Qu/r^srr/rsrr-a-SZDL. 

seisr, ^pih - ^p^^Ss\)iljlDj QuiTQhen - Qu!r(f]^&fr.^2oO\L\Lb^ '%sm 
L-irirsBcsifr - ^'jrmuiB^/Sl'B^isufflc^^Q^, ^'SV - ^eodso. 

141. The folly of desiring her who is the property of another will 
not be found in those who know (the attributes of) virtue and (the 
rights of) property. 

e-. ^psk^QSiL^ £lisk(7r^Q^ Q&rrsoedrrLo tBp&srsesiL^ 

(uif-6inT.) sr-^, — anTLDisi &!TirsmLDfT&u ufrsiJ^Qeirsessr iQeisrqri'QfreO 
eoiT(rF)eTr(erf,LJa iStpa^eoeofrdms s,it^<s^s^ ^weir euiTuSii&LLQs^eisT^ iB&sr 

^p^^&sf<i&uuLLi—iST>LCiuSlear, ^p(5nr3.(as)L^QajshTi7T/iT. jij p sirs cm L- Seer p 
QueBsreiJifis=Q3=d06yrr(r^iJDy 6ues)fT(^6isr LosaflQjrrrQLD ^(i^^sw LDSe^Q!ra(BiEi- 

iSlpekscs)i_ SesTQT/'rf ^.^s^^^rreo ^frisjSQ^^'jj ^€sru(Lpu:> ^Lps,@m(nrj jrrra 
ewssTj Q u i^D ^ uu frrfl&)Q so sBr(ff/ IT' STesrQsu, f^shruQpLD ^eoSooQujioaru^ Qupu 

\S\pssT^ e)j(Tu9i(s9eSL^^Q^^ iQ&srarfflesT - {^^siKsk LCi8ssriufr8s(TLi9<3= 

142. Among all those who stand on the outside of virtue, there are 
:^o greater fools than those who stand outside their neighbour's door. 

^pih QuTQFjGi'ileuruiEjaGrrrTQiu ulusst Z-uSlGlfTLu^rro^LDuSleir, (aSl<si9,i^T 
G^ert^(Si]up/£lujrra(^6sr Q^si'ilii^rrfBeoQsoek^Ej .3n-/SI:^ir. 

143. Certainly they are no better than dead men who desire evil 
towards the wife of those who undoubtingly confide in them. 

(Liir- eJOT.) ST-^j — (aT^^$zmuQuQf)CS>LD^a^i—UJjrn''jS^LD ispQ^eurrsi^ 
iLHT^rruJ (LpL^iLjua, sirLDLDUjis^^rrao ^2osnueiriBjrs^LDLSlGDLgcs)iu ^jrn-^ iSlp 

en(SO(so QiB®ih^afnu'^ (St^l^lBuQuitso ^lufr^^pSL- ueires^LD Oi^v/t^odlo 

144- However great one may be what does it avail if witbont at 
all cousideriug his guilt he goes uuto the wife of auother. 

e9@fiajir^ !§ip(^Lb u^. 

^tr^ \St psSikc^m fb^ ^puufrek, LDfriLi^cQek/Sl ieTi^(Sf)fr6br£iiLD SosofSp 

&sr^ iQSssr^^^ ^<so - (i^psir^ LDSssr6Qu9L-^(o^, ^puun-esi-Q^Fm 

£lp(^ih-iS8sci;Qpu^irQiu, ul^ - {^(^i^u) ui^GSiiu, eniij^LD-jpif&nu. 

145. He wlio thinks ligMly of going unto the wife of another ac- 
quires guilt that will abide with him imperishably and for ever. 

LEisaiireiirr iBeosQpuuisisT sem. 
(u[f-6B)T.) <5T-^j — i3pecr ^&)i3orr6rT<sism QfE/Slsu-i^ Qs^eoeurresfl!^^ 

^U U'ZSi'SlLjLJD urreuQfiLO ^■S^S^QpUO (^If-UUL^ULjlh Gim^LD ^lEfdrroSTf^ C'3''PP 

(Lpto e^Qj^srr^LD MisjSfTenrrLDj (sr-^jj, 

eresrQeij^ ^(r^<ssiL£iiL\LD'^Lp^^<so Qup(^LD. ^anGULUfr^uun-L-L-fr^Lh i3p 

ufrioir<3B6m - G)<5FS\?^(oisu/rcOTL-^^j uesi^s urreuLo ^3=3^Ui ulB<sjs!SV 
fSfTsiri^t}) - us^siLjiJb uirenapLb ^<3'3^npu:> (V)ij-uu^iL\LD (orskr^jjih 

^IB/Biriok(^ (jSF^ppiEJSi&^LDj ^SGUl-^LO - {(^([F)Q U IT ^LL^ iS lEI X fT 

146. Hatred, sin, fear, disgrace ; these four will never leave him 
who goes in to his neighbour's wife. 

er, ^p<osBiU6\)ir eSeoemTLpeun Qea&srun'shr iBpipsBiuedm^ 

QuemesiLn fBiueuir ^eum". 
(uif-65)T.) CT-^,~-'^p<es)Sliu ^iiJSdQufr®<ffh.i^ ^SoeufripQjtTQ'SureiT^u 

6^^ &r3w «@l-ii». ^'P. Sp(oS<30<aQeT>-ipajtTS!S)l£i. 

&!Tuu®eiJiTissr ^oyGsCT Q uj&sru^fTLO. 

a^/^, ^sosiiiTipeurrsbr sreirun-eir - ^iscmiripsuirQisstm^ Qs^rrevevu 
uQeurrGsr^ [9p^^'ju&i^<^ - iSlp^6S)i—iu eS}iU&)i9Qe\) (^^euMi^'ii^ 

147. He who desires not the womanhood of her who should walk 
according to the will of another will be praised as a virtuous house- 

=sy. i^psinLodoST QihirimiT^ (oujTiressrGmLD <s^rr<m(o(7rj>!r<s 
<3BpQ(S3)'oir(ornf? isiJir&srp Q6iJ!T(Ln<i(^. 

(U[P-6G)T.) (ST-^, iSpekLDSsSTLUfTSoir &.lLQ S, fT GCT StT tT ^ QuitllU ^SSW 

LjpuuansadofT j)/L^S(^Lh ^em<ss>LDiLjQS)L-Ujrrn-a:(^ih S-tLucmstLin'Sluj 
^(miiiLCifreijQ^irmQ(m^ ^isi>rpQ6Ufr(Lpi(^ - iQssipfS^QisuirQMdsnp 


148. That noble manliness which looks not at the wife of another 
is the virtue and dignity of the great. 

i3ipp(^f!iu!r Qu^n-QL-aajir ^mr. 

j)/SWLDj ^LpLDj Qufr(iT^(S<^<ani_ci^LD (Lp^i^iusupx^isk ^cmsSL—UUL^rr 

149. Is it asked, " who ai-e those who shall obtain good in this 
world surrounded by the terror-producing sea ?" Those who touch not 
the shoulder of her who belongs to nuother. 

«0. ^_^ ID ^ SI) G^rnu IT esrcoso Q3=ii9^1]ld i9psiTci]Qnmurrerr 
Qusssrs7)u:i .'BiueurrssiLD /Bsarjj/. 

UT(ayi£is23fT3= Qs^uJLLjLDrruSl^LD, ^symisr^u iSl /vQ ecr e^Sso ssssiT/Q /burr err ^ 
Qucssras>LDCS>\u (sSl(f^iJDuiTe!DijCiiLjGikrL—rrS6srj S>iS> ^^er^, ot-^/. 

{Q^-u-sjifr .^ — ^p6ST - ( 6^(m6uek) ^p/BS^^, <sii ^d tr lu rr m ~ 
Oa'uQ^DtD - Q^tu^^ir^^ii), (^«(^Lj^ i9p&srsijss^rriurr<srr - i3fD 

150. Tliough a man perform no virtuous deeds and commit 
(every) vice, it will be well if he desire rot the womanhood of her who 
is within the limit (of the house) of another. 

cSc^i^.zi). ^Q — QuiT'SSipiqssiL-eDLCi. 

(ssii—iusTfTSiso, Qis/£luSle^isiQiu Qs^'jj^ircsimmh Qufr^aaQsuem® Qineir 
pib(^} ®^ lSI /D e^ '30 eS es) ipuu IT GS>LDuSl sir lSIust esxaUssuuLLu.^. 

*. ^l'35Lp6iJfr€S)rT^ ^!TIE1(^ la 'SO l£)Q U fT ISO ^ ^IMSSiLO 

(uT-snT.) OT-^, — ^eoTussT ^sipeurroniT wLpn'Lop(7>ynsi(^Lh S6\)loQu:T 
^^lkl(^ljb - (sS'tpiTLBp^ ^UiiQioiTp^ (SliMthQuniSV - L±LD.Quirco^ ^IM 

esiLc-^iEJ'sSsfr, @j<smioUirir - rSliB^uueus^nir, Qu!T^i£^^<so-Qurr^^ 
^(fFf^^iOy ^630 - (ip^ioSTianuiiufrQLU ^pLDinh, 

151- To bear with those who revile U3 just as the earth bears up 
those who dig it, is the first of virtues. 

iBeDsQiuekp^ QijDjbQs=rr<5oeQuj ^jresnri—Sscru^LD. Qun'^a,(^Eis,rr^LD 

[Q ^ " u - Ginir) — ^puS'Sssr - {s^Q^enssrQg^uj^^ z^C!»««n(L/, 
erskj;}jLo-^eiri^Q6\>ir^^^p(^i <Sb_^aj65/rsu^^G's\)/iyfi), Quires 

Qu[T(L^Qfl\ LDp^^ev (QiJ/Sein^, ^^s^B^ild - ^uQufrjruS'DLCi 

152. Bear -with reproach eveu when you can retaliate j but to for- 
get it will be still better than that. 

/K.. ^s^ezntoiij Giflsks^LD eSlQFffhQ^irinTGO eu &fr etn ld u^ err 
d/gJremLD iDi^eufriru Quir&np. 

eSl(r^i5^6ures)fr Quup^sQ&rremsrjTr^ f§<i(^^&i)' ji/^Qufre^} euecresiLDu^etr 
<sT>ou^^ euekcsiUDUuirw^ igi//Sl(sS6k€s>LDtJurrm LBesisQs^iLi^fraomJ Qurr^^ 

c?n(_GS)LD ^arr^ eurr^QurreOj LDi—SUfTiTuQuiTGS^piLjLh QLDck<s»LD^afTQ^ 
eu&!rcs)LDUjn-QLD6Gru^ sq^^^. 

Q '3' uj ^ sii en IT ^ Quiremp - Qurrjpj^^eo. 

153. To neglect hospitality is poverty of poverty. To bear with 
the ignorant is might of might. 

3='. /^iSZO^IL|OT)t_633tD i§ IE]SITGS)LB QsUGSSTl^p Qu!r^ypil^6S)U.QniX> 

QufrpjB Qujrr(L£isu uQlb. 
aT>iu Csi/sror®4a;^uSls3rj ^eui^jb QurrGS>piLjss)i_es)LD ^esreessr j^i^iuiTLDp 
Qun-(^piLjes>L—iLJiTps<s060^ g^/rSoSlsodsoQijjesru^rruSljbji/. ^Q^eviErrm 
{Q^-u-enrr.) — iQsnps-GiOL-e^LD - (^(meum^ sQempssiGU^einLL. 

Si^^^-LD. ^pi. Qu!TG!^piXJ^S!S)L-GmLIi. <^<3fo O^ 


«LC7r - QsucssT®Sijfr(Cy)ii9'oiir, {^sui^c\)^Qurr6!nps_i^!DL—io!niD -Qurrj}/ 

154. If you desire that greatness should never leave you preserve 
iu your conduct the exercise of patience. 

^Qjocsr e^^ssn'ss>[T ^/z5?(a^cJBL_UJ/r/f (sp(rF^Qurr(if)Gn'n'S inesr ^ ^ &Q s, a etr lomr fr ^ 
S/^Sosru Qurr£)j^^rr(snrru GunrnQuap Qurr^i^ QairGtTGufr, st-^h. 

QDeiiLurrQfr6sr(v^'T. QurrSl!£^es)<sij^^60-&=n'&)L-jC!DL^ciDLDu/b^ ^<s5il—(cSIl^it^ 

eQc-^^u Qu!r(n^LD<sv ^euSssr^^ ^ismi^^^^&nfTj ^ea?"^^*- , 
( ^/SeiJ es^ I— .Qiurr IT s^QFfQufrq^errrrs^ csja/uj/r/r - ldsst^^ L-Qsirerr 
errrrir; Quir^^^fr6mtr-(^^Sssru') Qurr^^^suG^DiTj Qua&nQuiTQo- 

155. (The wise) will not at all esteem the resentful. They will 
esteem the patient just as the gold which they lay up witu care. 

QuTsisT^fS ^^SS(iT ILjLJb H'^ip. 

eprf^fB rr'SotTuSleuruLD — jij/BisrrQGrr'rrissr/SI^LD S(W,^uj^ (tpt^^Q ^Qwism ^ 

^(T^iQllSl(TF)SC^LD QuiTUJuSltSSrULD. ^^ fT JTLDrrSl lU ^S^SLD Qurf&SrpU L-j3.QpLD 


fEfr?efru9muQijb; Quir^^^rTiTi(^ - (^^^sdssru'j Quit ^^;SGi}iT3,(^^ 

0u/r<ciTruiX:^BsmiL^L0-(&.6\}SLD) ^(fi tLjUHSn GljLb, Lja>lfi-LjS^ (^^€S6T 

156. The pleasure of the resentful continues for a day. The 
praise of the patient will continue until (the final destruction of) the 

4T0 S3^-LD. .c^yP, QuiTGS)p\L\QnL_GS^ir.. 

(ST. Qpi5mso&) ^^pi9pir Qs^iuiQ^n QtBirQ/Btr/B 

^p&nisv6\) Q <3= uj iLi a <oS) ixt ism^. 
(u(f-6a)T.) <oT-^, — Qs^uuuu^^siT^ QstTu^iueuposip^ ^eksiLSlp IT 

a.LbsoLo QpuL-jUDCiDLD, ^&!ru^^p(^ Qi'srr^aofreii^ - '^a.ii)(SS)u3 — Ouj/fl 

«S?Yr, ^637" - ^657"Swf?f_^^, !9piT~LBppeiJ(r, Q 3" iii S ^)J LO-Q 3= \ij S T 

S^LCi, QiBiT - (^^sv(nj<i(^ ^ flijoS) (SO <oi}(rF)isu^iTQ oj^ ^<oku^^dsn,ss^ 
QiBiTib^ - eiiQ^fB^, ^psisT^eveo - ^pLDG0&)ir^Qifiu&)-s8s(r^ Qs^nj 

lUTGSiLCi - Q^lUlUrr^(7]^^^6\), Ib&ST^ - i^G^Qh(Sil^B(^) fE (SO eO ^ IT LCi . 

157. Though others inflict injuries on you, yet compassionating 
the evil (that will come upon them) it will be well not to do them any 
thing contrary to virtue. 

«^. l£l(^^iUn(oiiT L£lAsSSi(SiJ Q3=aj^!TeSi!T^ ^!T/B3j!B 

^(^^tUfllsifT Q(o\l&ST^ 6Ql—(S0. 
(uiP - 6!R[r.) (ST-^, — LDesrs^Qs^QTiSisrr&i ^lEjsem ^Lueup<3!^p3^ Qsflu 

^fTGtDrr^ ^fTLD ^LD(Lp(SIS)l_UJ Q U tT CID p UJ IT &ST Qsu6Ur^cS(Bs j OT-^. 

^iTQpLO ^(SuifsesBT ^'ijj<supGs>p3^ Qs^iu^ Q^rreotT^ Qurr(3S)piufr6sr 
dysu/fteor QldldulL® Q(sys^aQ6y6i!ru^iTLh. ^<sneu/Bfr&!r(^uirLLL^fr^iLD iSlprr 

(Q^-U-GSilT,) lB (;^^IU IT e^-Ld&n a^Q'if (t^iSl !m)Q€0^ lScE6B6OT6L/- 

(^imlSl-^^^) ^iu<o(n6U3>Sofr^ QdFUj^rrejDir - 05^tu^QjiS5)/r, ^(tlb- 
^rriEJ^erT, ^lo ^(9)^iu(T60 - ^LD^^QurTj)]^)U:iu9(^Q<S0j Qcu&n^ 
eSlt^eo - Qeussr^e&L-'S'St—isuif. 

158. Let a man by patience overcome those who through pride 
commit excesses. 

u9 6Sr 1^ S" Q 3" IT QiSS)pSlp U(S1]IT. 

(uif-eoifT.) 6T-^, — ^eoeuiriMSSDSSSisssr SesrQpiLjUD ^prd^irirQufr 

&>^ . SfnUGS)L£)lLjeSyL-LUmTj Qf5^(£S)iUa&l—(E^fT/flSUITljU ^SOr(S5).?(o)5^/reO^LJ 

Qurr^uusuiT, CT-jy, 

^iruj(^LD - LDGSTLDrrSssrcmLD. (SvrrQiLiesrQisucssrL^rr^ &^/Sli^if, ^luQs^frp 
ffSTT uuSlmpQ^esr^ ^itld Qisuwri^iu^ek ^l^i-J (LpiXL^^pi^. 

(Q^ - u - enir.) — ^/D/5^/r/f - (^m<sO(oUL^6^ujd^ <3BL-ih^QJir^, 
eumu - <3UiTu9^essrL—ir(mih, ^SsT^g=Q^iT(30 - Q(sii^aa,uu(b) (^ 
Qfirpadotr^ QiB(TpQpu<5u(T - Qurr^uusuir, ^pii^n iflsk - (^eu 

a(oT-LCi. ^W, ^(>. era 

eu rripi SIT) sa9 (J <xi S(f^rB^u)) ^^pii^irirQuiren, ^ujeirjLo - uiHs^-a,^ 

159. Those who bear with the uncourteous speech of the insolent 
are as pure as the ascetics. 

<5B0. Q^bmi^d;;^ Q iBirpuirir QuiBtuir iQpirQs'iTec^ 
Gs^iuu Qurr^uurrir stq^&ht^^ld Qutfliuir j ji/euir Quiflturrfreu^ ^ldsdldlj 

SoinQp QiBrrppe^sk, ^sisri^.^Qa^rr Q(KS)/bufriflr)iSlisurQ6i!r6ur(rrf'iT. ^ODeuuSlrr 

CSSrOufTLLl—fT^LD lS)^ /T lS CJn ffi S ffl .?: O J^ ff (o\) c9 iU COT Qu fT^ ^ ^&) ^h^pUUL-L-^ . 

eSliLQ^ QfBrrpurr(T-[^Sihis^Lo^s!y)[^fE^Q'EiT6Siiuu'j Qutr^uueuir^ Ou 
fliuir - (^<30eo!r^^}]LD^ QuiBLueu^ireutriri (^^<sufr (o)u^aj6iisr(iGU^j 

Qs'fTGO-Q s\j^.ksLJu®(^Q3= IT p'£^3{r^ QiBfrpuiriB^iSli>u - Qurr^jju 


160. Those who endure abstineuce from food are great, next to 
those who endure the uncourteous speech of others. 

<3B(or-/i). ^^ ^(L^is>!T(IY^'oSiLD. 

^cs^rrssiTLD. ^.^Q-^rrso LSlcsr£)j(Lp<ssn'p'SS)p^ Qs^ujLUfrsiDLDQujGaren^'ih Qurr 

r/r/aDLDQuussr iBisisTp^. ^uGun'(yr/(SinLDU^Lo QutT<oS)p&(^ LD^3^2o\)iu!ra,(oSioirj 
@l&Sosr (sSisos^sp(^ ^^ QufroDpiLjtsiDL^GOLDuSlf^LSlear cmisusauuL 

161. Let a man esteem that disposition whicli is free from envy in 
the same manner as propriety of conduct, 

Ln (LD i 3: fT p jj9 ssr&iTGSiLD QunSl&sr, 

QiM&)frssr(oujM'3e^'oifr, ^o°o^ - ^uQupr^dssr , e^uu^ - ^^^ 

162. Amongst all attainable excellencies there is none equal to 
that of being free from envy towards others. 

ffi-. ,_W/D@)<5<55LD Q 611 6m l^ IT ^ IT Q •SST o^T U fT SOT t5)/0@);Ec5tb 

Qu^m) ^(Loi^j^u ufT&sr. 

eumsw, 6r-£u. 

O^uJuSesr ^6Bra,Qa ct^lditld Greiru^mh. 

{Q ^-U-S^(T \ ^pSST - {mj)JQDLC^(^J ^ p ^6S) ^[^ID , ^a 

«LD - ('^ZiiSOTLD.SrdR.fF) Oc^SUSl/^SSJ^UJLD, Q Sll SSST L- IT ^ IT SJST <ST <oisT U IT &ST - 

LpiTLDeOj ^Q£>.i<S^LJUITSSr - Quir(m(5S)l£iLJuQ(oi}lTioM. 

163. Of him who instead of rejoicing in the wealth of others 
envies it it will be said " he neither desires virtue nor wealth." 

^lEl^ iSdsW^^e^LD^ Qs^ItSo^^^LDj Q3^lU^&i}L£>ITLO, 

6V, ^s\)6\)s«iai-^pLD^6V&)fr^(o!nGU6iBsa, Qe'iLiujfriT-Q'SFiLnumra&fr. 

164. (The wise) knowing the misery that comes from transgression 
•will not through envy commit unrighteous deeds. 

(uif - snir.) CT-^, — ^n£iSSfr^ uee^sevesyrr e^L^i^iEj Qs(B utuuu^ 
€p€CT(ms^&sr, ^ei/eiy(i(^«ffi/r^s3)L_uj/r/f<£E@u uemaeuir Qejessri—iTj Qs(tlLJUj^ 

165. To those who cherish envy tliat is enough. Though free from 
enemieti that [envy] will bring destruction. 

3k. Q,S[tQuu ^(Lpm^^Ljuiresr &^pp QpQuu^s- 
(uif-6iJ)T,) 6T-^j — 6^007657- LSlpiT<S(^s Qa, it(Bulj ^m-seiur ^(Lp-isTr, 

Ssrrtj upjBu Qu!Tqp<5s>LDQ3^UJ^&>. ^pp/sjG)s(BQLD6STQeiJ^ ^euesT Ga© Qs^rr 
eo&OfTesiLoQaj QupuuL-L-^. iStpirQu^ Qurr(^(ss>LD ^ekQupesypQuj s^evr 
iSs ^msi-pp^^m Qup/SSsaiLjLD ^LputSl.s(QQLD(5hru^rTLD. 


166. Ho who is envious at a gift (made to another) will with his 
relations utteidy perish destitute of food and raiment. 

<or . ^jGiisSl^ ^(Lpisrr ^e^ni^ujirdssr &" Q^iuaj<su 

plQ^LDserr ■sfre^'ih QuiT(nj^ ^ eisr ^eu em eus(^<s stTL^u^ i§iei(^ld, ot-^. 

^suqSI^^ - (^^ir^}jLa) Qurr(r)^aniX)LJULL(bl, ^isjesieuesiuj - i^^mj 
^Lbim)tBai(a^y striLt^ ^QQih- srrLLL^'sQsirQ^^ i§iEi(^eiJir6rr. 

167. Lakshmi envying (the prosperity) of the envious man will 
depart and introduce him to her sister. 

^ILjL^ lULU^^ (SSiQlh. 
(uiT-s5)T.) OT - ^f — ^(ipssrrQp6ir£)/ Qa^frdneduuLLu. is^uiSiso&irrs 

Q{i(B^^p .Q£Brr(BemLnu/b/Sl, ^(Lnisirp^oswu urreSlQuj&!r(^irj Qstri^ijurr 
siT^anL^€S)LDiU^ (^ppiki eh-puuu-L-^. 

(cm£}i Q3^rr6\)ioOLJULLL- ^uiSievsvir^ ufr(oQaj(r&sjeu<m^ ^(ma^Qa^p^- 

168. Envy will destroy (a man's) wealth (in this world) and drive 
him into the pit of fire (in the world to come.) 

<95>. ^_g^'sus)9iu QfB^^^^^fr (^^sQTi^ Qs'eiieSajfT&sr 
(o<5E® [QdoffrdssLJ uQih, 

ssQsQ^eir Qetai—U-Qpr^ Qs^LDesiLDu^ih es^entTs, eii(fTj^&> Sn.i—iT<s^LDuSl6i>Tf 
^^(SUGSiL-iurrned ^^/bQ&^iSurrQiu ULpaSSswiuaQ^eir^ ^u n tuuu® ^(^ck j 

QufTiB^^^^ GTscriBocmsauuLLu. enirpjSls.. 

O u IT m? an Lo ti9 'iv <oO IT ^ L0 3JiT^6(n^iLiS!DL-.UJeiJ<osr_si^ QaQii) - &ij)i&nu:t 

169. The wealth of a man of envious mind and the pnverty of the 
righteous will be pondered; 



(0^- U - o3).T.) ^Q^i^P^ ~ Quir(7t^Qy)LDLJULL(b!, ^■SB&ST 

^Ta^ii) - i§iEJ^6ST6iJ(mix>^ ^dr) - ^eMir, 

170. Never hive the envious become great : never have tliose who 
aj'e free from it been without orreatnoss. 

<5_9/-LD. ^^ — U3 Sii o o (35 /r<oJ»/J3, 


^iBi (^ppQwssrpp(^^, ^oo^ ^(ipssn'(y7/'ic!DLDuSl€urLS!sm' G^juasuui—:^^, 

rjS fSehrQufT (mm QoJooQp (^l^Quh esriS^i 
e^iih iB(B(ai]iQ2s\)aj>LD ^5cr/Sl j^enir i5ekQurrrfr,im ep^oyesr QisiJo%r^LDTu9ccrj 

^<A;GsUo°o(^^&i ^Suei!T^l^<SDUJS Qsi—.-fQ-flUS'} U&)(QpptEl&2sniL]LD J)jU 

QurT(L^Q^ 'sjsi.i^i(^s> Gis.iT®&r^LDj st-^. 

(gi^GSOJ GUCfT !r3PGiS=lUSI UCdIBsklcSiWimh Ulua(^LCi ^UJ&)l-jUp/SI. Oo'o°o 

QQscrmufriTj itehrQurrQf^err Geuoc&Gesriskqr/fr. GuirckpGsL'sku^ Qu.Toir 
^Giuscr^ ^i?iiB^i£!skp3^j Qs^ujQ^cirL'^ G'S^rnsoQeoa'S^LXi. 

emujiQsQ^^, (^pprLpiD'Ueo(^fbpiKi<35^o(rtLjihj ^fBiQs-^uQuir 

171. If a man departing from equity covet the property (of others), 
at that very time will his family be destroyed and guilt be incurred. 

Q_. LjQuujsJsr QeiiooQu ul^uu®si] Qs^ibtuirfi 
m®6Uosr6S)LD /5/r CTgy usuir. 

(uif-soiT.) <oT-si} — i3piTQun-(ir)Ssrr QeueireSli^eo ^lds(^ euQTjih uiuSsvr 
e^(fT)ih'Sl, sj^ QsijerriSij^p(Qu uL^uStehrsemQessr u®(^Qa=iueds'Se(Ta^ Q^iLi 

i9psk 2_/f)aj0i/6aT ^laJSoQcarea? ot2/ld) mQeiji6^iiued(odirGS)Lc><i(m, isirm^t 
ueuir - ^^s^Qs^triTy (^iSlprrQurrQ^^ ^usfiuu^i^Qtso^, uQ 
uiudr - (^a5«(^) ei}(i^LbUiu'Bssr^ QeuooQ - (a3(i^tht3, ut^uuQeu-- 

172. Those who blush at the want of equity will not commit dis- 
graceful acts through desire of the profit that may be gained. 

IH-. ^prSleJsruLD OguooQ ujpssreoeo Q^ff^iuiurrGir 

Lcp/SaiTULD (oeuemQ uGuHr. 
(u(f-s3)T.) iST-^, — iSl^/rurreo QeverreStu Qurr^errrrSo ^rrih gtiu^ld 

unen^^trem Qj(Tr)^(sQ6k ^uQurr(tpQ^ s^ l^ iljO ldcst u it it , Qpfiesru 
QLDsir(yf/'!T. LopesipuSl&sruQijDeku^ Lop/SekuG^LDesr Sekp^. 

{Q^-U-SmlT ,^ — LtpSSip ^6STUL£i-lBSi!i>lHeif)L^UJ GuiBsSTU^SSi^^ 

QGUeisrQueuiT,- ^^QuueuHr^ Q^ ^gstulo - (i9pifli^^(o^ ^u 

^pueB^u^<si9)flf Q &!ooQ-isSIq^ldl9j ^pek^eoeo - ^puaevevrr^ 
O^^iusuaSsYT, Qs^iuiuirfr - (^si//f?t_^(o^«) Qs^djiurrirseir. 

173. Those who desire the higher pleasures (of heaven) will not act 
unjustly through desire of the trifling joy (in this life). 

a^-!M, ^,S. (olsiio^o'^iTesyiD, er&r ^^ 

4P, (^evQicmj^ Qevooi^^ioV Q<9=Luiumr LjeviLLQeubinp 
Lf&sTenLou9(30 sitlLS tuQjir. 

(u(P-6tJ)T.) er-^j — uj/TLD eu/Buu Qm&n^ij S0^ cS>/^ ^ it ^ /bO u rr (rr)U^ 
©u SpirQuiTQhdofT <sSl(if)LhL-i^6oQ3'iuujmT, ^LhL-j&i&STAdstTtLjih QweisTp (^p 
PlB&hscxt^ srTLL&uSlSjsrtLjCJiL-UjmT, er-^. 

Q(oii<si)^^(S^-un'euQl(BpiiBi Q3=eo<so eSiL—rrcs^LD, L^eOLDOeuerirjD L-jesremLD 

uSieo &iTiLS^uueuifs(^ ev£^as)LDuSl6i!r<s!)LDuSl6ar, Qeuoo(^^&LD ^(x2e\)ujrru9pjp/ . 

L^eSTGSiLDuSliSO S (T lL&-Qu !T Qf)CIT sdoll ^ ^ ifl iSl GST /S ILj 6!!W if ^ &) . 

{Q^ - u ~ Gnir.) — Lj6\)LbQGxjeisrp - ^ihL-j&oomaSefriLjLD Qaui^pj 

LjSSTCSiLCiS(30 - (mppLDeCSOrT ^^ S IT lL Q lU 6iJ IT - ^ fS <S^ Sll IL\ Oy) U. iU SU ST , 

{^^Qir^pQuir(r^L-.(Su i9pirQuir(t^2sfr^ eQ qr^LbL^ ^ (s\) Q 3= iLi tu it Hr . 
174. The wise who have conquered their senses and are free froin 
crime, will not covet (the things of others), with the thought " we are 

©. ^jooQ lu^eirp sui^Qsuimm^Lc luirirLDmLQiD 
QeuooS) QeujStu QeFu9&sT 

(uif-6tniT.) OT-^, — ^ eisT €si^ ^ mil ereosorr^^GdaGfl^Lh O^mp ^lo 
w/Sl(Si^ ereunsauiu^^^irtJDj QurrQT^dorreSlQF/LbiSl tun-svifLDiTLKBih ^/SGevirO 
ui—rr^ Qa^iueosdsiT ^/Sei^(SS)L^iLi!rif Q^ujevjTiruSesr, (5T-£)j. 

iurriTW!TL-®LD Qev/Situ Qff^iu^isorreu^ ^ i s rr fr m mL® ld ^ a rr ^ it fr lh it lL. 
(Bud ^L^ii^eursiiLD si^cuesrisijLD (tp^eQujenr Qa^uj^&i. ^/SlcSpiQu uuj&sr 
^es)en Q^aJUJiremLDiuiTSsQem', ^/SQQje!!r(SS)QLD6W(V/'if. 

(Q,.^-u-63)/r.) — QevooQ - (Qu/r^^byr) eQ(f^thi9y lurrir mtnL 
Qld — ujireuiBi^^ ^ih^ Qsupluj - ^^QsufiQ QurrQhiB^rr^ Q<9^iugo 
ffiSsvr, Q3'u96k-(^^fiS<si^6S)L-QujrTir^ Qa^djCijrrir^Seh^ ^^oQ-^tLu 
m/r&sT^irS^ ^fsesrp - (srSoeoir ,,^eossifl^LD Q^&sr^^ eBifim^^ 
^jSeii^-jij^eutTesT^, srem^il) - (oT&n'sisTUiudsm' il\ i^ t— lu ^ ir ih . 

175. What is the advantage of extensive and accurate knowledge 
if a man through covetousness act senselessly towards all. 

^fr, ^(T^&rQeuooQ iuirp/SlevTS bsoB ehr qt^ evr QurrQ^errQauooQu 
Qurreoeorr^ (^ifii QsQld, 

(u(f-6!J)rr.) CT_^, — ^(TF)6iTrrQLU ^p^Gn^eSfTTfUDL^ ^^p(^eiJi£ltuiTQuu 
^ff060^^^63r<S6<rar iSesrpoje^^r LSlpif Quirq^^en ^siirreSl ^^ceur sumeSlsi^ih 

^pp QfE/SlsoSfT SreiSSrGSSTS Qs(BuD, eT'£U. 

'^SdeipOrBfBiuireo Sj/Sleij (tp^ir/B^t^iuGOeo^ ^psauuL-rrisniriiiSehr, 
^^Ssvr^ ^peup^^pc^ ^Qp&sT(njk, 0«®^6"i) - ^jremi_p(Lp(^ Qs^jr 
eSlip^^&i. ^ipib^s ^Ssssr lu (tQ e^ Qs(BQLD6srG6u, Q s" lu <s rr pG) s(9 ^ &> Qlg^rT&i 
eoire^LoQiu QupuuLLi^^, 

i*r &^ s^-LD, ^ijS!. eii oo % n s^ixi , 

ix:i9, ^pS&ST^em - (^jiso&\)pLDnSla.i^ ^^&iTisiii^u9Q<s\)^ S sir (rr? sk - 
^ !Bi Si <5sr su sir , QurrnEerrQeu^oS - (i^ipn^QurrqhdsfT'sQrn^UJiSl^ QufT6\) 
voiT^ - (^^si^ssrsitQh'S&.aira^iJb) (^ppsuL^sb'bstT , (^Lp - st" eaarr essr , G)« 

176. If he, who through desire of the virtue of Icindness abides in 
the domestic state, i. e. ihc path in which it may be obtained, covet (the 
property of others) and think of evil methods (to obtain it), he will perish, 

cr. Qoj'oiisTi—p-s Q&iooSiurr wiriaiLC) eSl?e(TeuS&sr 

LD IT <5Siyr L- p ■sfi^fTLC ULUsisT. 

(utP-OTi .) er-^, — LSlprQufT(rF,S3rr ^airrsElssQsrresN® ^^(65)oO/r©63T^ 

eSldsfrQujeiru^ (tpse!^ds\)^Q^rrL^pQuiJurr. ^(sm£i'QiuQ^ufTu.L-fr^Lb 
(Qfi-u-ioinrr \ — QeiiooQ- (t^pirOufTQ^Ssir) eQ(r^L£)i^iQsir 

Q<ai]6S3TL-.p3B - Q <SUSm L-.n ^ QI^<S'% ^■^L—Sl] SST ^ gSi ^'SfT 6U u9 SST - (^l9&iT) 

^^jjusQ-ssuuCblihCourrs^^ uujisk - {^^uQuQ^isa^^mJ uojsst, 

177. Desire not the gain of covetousaess. In the enjoyment of its 
fruits there is no glory. 

•=^' ,-^°0'SIT€^L[} O &- eC eiJ ^S ^ Si LU fT Q ^ Qsfl isifT Q eu oo iB IT o!n IX) 

QisusmrQil) iBpesTissiSLJ QutTQherr . 
(tJif -etnu.) (ST-^y — s^QTjEiSGO LDirSsd^^nQuj Qs=&)eii^^/b(^'3' ,ffr-(7riEi 

OufV^'Sdn ^ ffjrreur QeuessTL-n'esiLDUjmJD, ST-^, 

(Q^--u-<o!nT,) — Qg^evGU^Qpr^ - ((^Gi^pih^^QuirrE s^marxn 
en'Ufqsv}L-Ut^ Q<yQ)aj,i-^«@, ^gijoo^n &dld - (;^GS)pujiT^(rR^fip(^a 
,^rrjj6ssTLD, (li IT ^1 <oT eul ok - <5t ^GciiishT _jru (^^QF)<oiim) ^niruS&sr , 
(jii^j^i9pm-L£>ps^puLjn&sr} Q6iJ&kiQih-eSl(r^ir!LlLi:)j io^<suQu!r(/fjbiT- 
€S)^uQLJn-(mZsrr, QsiJoo^fre^LD - (^frear) QsnesaiL-iKsmLLiun ld. 

178. If it is weighed " what is the indestructibility of wealth," it 
is freedom from covetousness. 

<S). ^_^pssr/^ QsDooBiT 6U^i9eiis^L-UJfrif<^ Q<3'(ts^'^ 

(uif-6a)T.) 6T-£^, — ^o°o<^ ^noGssrearp/B/Bj^ lSI p n Q u rr (ff)SsrT ^qt^ld 
^%3n.p(Yr^Q&sr Q3='&srpes>i—u^ihj oT-^. 

SjO^L-SpSITimdn.^ SfTeOQpUD, ^I^^UO, Q£F(aU(^SllLjLJD (tp^SOfTuSiem. 

(Q^-u-ssiir.) — ^p&STjijrSliB^ - (@^) ^pQesTesrp/SiB^, 
QeU'^o^iT - (SprrQurr(/?,?'S{r) eQ(j^u)un ^ , ^^sij&DL—UJiTir - ^pleij 

erOL-lUlTS^iT^ ^QFl - ^QhLDSSeff ^ ^ p <o'oT ^ q9 fE ^ - ( ^ /T SST Qa= FT ^p^lT 

ld) ^p^(ss)^^'plih^, ^L-iiQa, - ^fi^p^^S'Ho^QfO, Q<f(V^LCi-QiFfr 

179- L^kshmi knowiug the manner (in which she may approach) 
■will immediately come to those wise men who, knowing that it is .virtue, 
covet not the property of others. 

(u[F-6inT.) loT-^j — iSleisr eiSldsr-eu^/Suj rr^ e^QFjisijek i3pmQurT(rh^ 
Q<sueiT<su&a(W)^<ssT, jy««0^^ Si/su^s^ ^^^emiuu uujs,(QLb • ^uQurr 

<or6^(5S^LDioV^ QeilQoSioST - { l9 p &5T Q U fT QT^dsfT ^ sB QF LD U 6iJ iT <^ u9 6UT ^ 

(^^^(sSlqhUUUj^ ^psM-^L^Giniov, ff^}jld - (^sj;^2J«(g^) ^(f^ih, 
Qsu6mL-iresiLD(oT6sr.^LDQ<3=Q^i(^ - (jijLjQurr(fhd5rr^ eQnhLDUireviLa 
Qiu6ST ^u<^ (i) -3= 6\) isu Loir (osr ^ , eSlpioV - Qevp^esau, fT-e^)LD - snr^u:., 

180. To covet (the wealth of another) regardless of consequences 
will bring destruction. That greatness (of mind) which covets not will 
give victory. 

<S<3S)-t£»- ^^ — l^piElc}^(7}^&Dl£>- 

(G)^-u-6jD/r.) — ^Q^ea&iT ^pto eh.(rrj><5isT-G^Q^(3iJssT ^pQ&sr&sr 
[jjirsurkisSen^^ Qa^uS^iiLD - Qa^iu^ir^io^ LjpiEi3k.(rry<5sr - [i9pdsar.% 

181. Though oue do not even speak of virtue and live in sin, it 
will be well if it be said of him " he does not backbite." 

a_. ^P^^{^^ \U(30(305^6li Qj'lLl^eSIp rSQ^ 

(uif-smnr.j er-^, — ^pQesreku^ e^ear/Sls^iSsoQujesr Sj^Bsi^^^Qa^fT 

s-ptpa^Q iSjTeSeopsuemsuufTp Qs,iTetrs. ^L^i^^iso-s^6rf}es)UJ£sQsfrp&}. 
ixiQip^eo ^ ^psJiT^ip ^ - ^pQesreisruQ^fT&fr/SI&i^Quj&n ^l^^ 

182. To smile deceitfully (in another's presence) after having 
reviled him to his destruction (behind his back) is a greater evil than 
the commission of (every other) sin and the destruction of (every) 

(uif - QjiT.) 6T~^. — 'Slp3cm^ sfT^^euL^ ^SLpiB^<as)iT^^i aessTL. 
turr.^ s^rreeo j)j6iJ^S(^ ^p^^eoaea Qa=rT&)&iiLh ^as^an^a Qsfr(Bs 

^asLD - J)/ o°o(o) £5 rr L^fb^rr if LD^(ss^ LOSS <5issT ctuJ^ld uiLiebr. ^pLo-^r^Quaj fi- . 
^(rbjOiDicku^ ^i—evfipeucunLO^. 

[Q;ff, - u - (ojnrr.) — lj p mi a^. /Si - i9pSssr^sir(Sss);SsSlL-.^'S(a/B ^-^ 

183. Death rather than life "will confer upon the deceitful back- 
biter the profit which (the treatises on) virtue point out. 

exjQ^iEj (^pp€B<m^ QrB!T&-^(T^ Q^/TsuSsUj Q3=fre\)6vps - Q <3^ IT &) e\) ir 

184. Though you speak without kindness before another's face, 
speak not in his absence woi-ds which regard not the evil subsequently 
resulting from it. 

uskssiLDLUfrp £S(r6smu uQih, 
(uff-emT.) cr-^, — L^p(^Q£Fn:<30^tsurr6k G^^rT^euehr jjjpSsrrr /om-Qpeir^ 

^aiyejr i-ip(^Q-^fr'ke^^p(^s arrirsss! miresr LDscruL^ssrissiijaujiTQssT ^'/Slulj 

LDevrfB^^iTseQesr^ ^a^Qg^ir AG'S it or err uuL^aQ^sisru^rr ld. 

(^Q^-u-smrr.^ — (^i^piEi3iL.^(o6U/rQ(^(f^6iJ6ir ^pto ihmQp^ 
^ (SUfru9i^(oiooQ/<sFir(S06Sl^2jLD^ ^pdrQa^irev&^iih - ^p^es)^ ^u 

LLiiJDL-Ujeii 6sreomir^6iJi^a9Q]^is^SLUfrssr^j L-jp(!3^Q<9=(rGV^L£i~^/u 
Ljpini3i>-^^P(^s <%rrjT6ssTLDfrQiu , uesrsiDLDLUiriso - (uns^u^ Ljohre^La 
iUjQeo, iErrss3TUu(SjLD - (^pUeiieinL—GujfrirfrQ)) ^rSliuuuQu). 

185. The emptiness of that man's mind who (merely) praises vir- 
tue will bo seen from the meanness of revilinsr another behind his back. 

^ =p/9- S3h-ir). ^^. L]prBJ3?i.(7rj>anLD. 

^QpsurQpfifS^ g-n.pu uQld, 

<^p ffk.pCju®io, OT-^. 

L^p^Q^ehru^ ^^arrjr^^rrpQup^Lh. ^^ eu(T^Q6srpeyp/Bp(^LD 
Gpa(^LD, ^peiiT-^i^QuajiT. ^ekussru i-jpisi<3!>-/SlajiEijrr^ QsLLi_n'6sr ^'Ss^/Sl 
iurrp(m ^eueuerrsuGsr/Sl ^sumlpth^ ulL® ^dsrru^iB^p^^esnsufrQuj uiBa.'Bsrr 
/EiTiSL erQQtr e?^^LDfTS^6sr, ^pesrQprfliB^ <3i^puu(BQLD£ir(yr/rr. 

(Q^-u-Ginrr.^ — SpismuL^ - i9pQt^Q^(Sii5ST ^ui^stsiiu^ ^^ 

Q d^ /r (S\) 6V LJ L/ ® cw /r^ijr. 

186. The character of the faults of that man -who publishes abroad 
the faults of others will be sought out and published. 

<5r. us3'Q&'ir(S0<sSl& Qsetfliru iQfJuuiT fsaa^Qs'rreveQ 
ielLuitl- QppQ)^ ^euir. 

(UlF-GiBT.) GT-^) ^LDCSiLD <£IlL® l£EI(^LD^p(rr^p t-lprtlff^^^S ^ElQs 

^lueorrQjTfr® /slLuitiSso ^/Sluurr^mTj er-£u, 

QpuumcsyLD (sSlsfrjr^^n-pQ(77/&s^. Qse^i^mi^LD i^fluuQirewpsQFj^ 

^£uQQujeirp^^sd. ^^&u^iLiLBL—iQ^pc^6sr Qs:friTi5^6sr6sr€DS^' (oTSSTLjiBu 
QuiTGOs QspxTtjisFiLD ^eunsScsijr uj mu rSekp^. i-jpi5j3h.£3jcumfd(^ uufnrLjQ^Lo 

(^Lt)^) •s^ip^j^'SB.TeinrrujLCi, L9iBuuir-i3iflujLJuem^}{euir. 

187. Those who know not to live in friendship with amusing 
conversation will by back-biting estrange even their relatives. 

^ p^^ei - ueO(^LD ^/Sloju u jr u lj ^s ^so . ^fscjPijb Q&iri^iu^ iSl/Sl 

€9.1— ^Q^^ usruuQicmpy wiri9^ir - ^lu&^soyu iLfsvu^ujeuir, <oT^Q 
earn lcitlLQ - ^lUiiXtrri^L-^^j Gr&frSssrQsireo - lufrjp^freir Q^iu 

188. What will those not do to strangers whose nature leads them 
to publish abroad the faults of their intimate friends ? 

«55». ^pQ^iQ iuirpj)]iEiQsms\) aneuiULD LjpQ^dSu 
Lj&nQs'n- ^istytirLJufrsuT Qutrsmp. 

(uiP-€!i)T.) er-^j — iSlpif /f/E/Qeara/errsi/ urnr^^ sj^itl 
6T6cr<s ■spLDrr6uQs;esTS sq^^lj Qufr^&Qesrp^QurT^LD, er-^, 

u fT I— L—treffu LP Ljpfij<3f^£)jeiJ/r[TS Qsuj^iej c^pptk a^puutLL-^, 

(^Q^-u-GSiir.^ — LjpmQrbiriQ - iSlpir ^(kiQ^m^i—iliUirir^^^ 

eoT^, ^P&stQibitsSi - (^iQsm^ajGS)^3= ,3'rLD^s^(oe\) (oTioSTSc^) 
^pmrr&jQ^&ir^}] iQSovr^^j ^p^fBjQsrrov - <3i^LndQ&5rp^Quir 


189. The world through charity supports the weight of those who 
reproach others observing their absence. 

"SBO. ej^ev/r/f (^ppthQufrp pfEi(^ppia air6imSipi9p 
rS^essrCoU-ir ix-eiir^}] Qpu9iT<s(S^. 

(uif - 65)T.) (ST-^, — cf^sorrasifTu i^ptiiSi^^eumT ^^p(SF, ^eviii^p 
piasir^jiLon'^QurTeou L-jp!siff?L.p30n'@laj ^Ej(^pp^'S<^^iLjfii sfTGSsreueoeojrn' 

seJsJL-euL^QujiTt^^eSp urrojiD ^(S^rqr/LD, ^&Qeu evQ^Co iSpsSl^e^^ii ^eir 
ULD g)(so25U Qiue'cru^ QmirsQ S-uSIits(^^ ^^esurQi-rr Qsuesr^iii dh^^^if. 

f^/ -^^ a_0-ii. ^^, UlUiSi5^l&dQ<F(T5\)<oX)lTCtS)Ln, 

esi^^iztrmnu^Quireo, ^h(^ppin - (^u ujp/EJ'iJh-^^evtrSuj^ 
^LD^ ^pp^ 6Jn ^ iLf LD , siremSipi2&sr - iBrriomTLc>inl.Qsu!rjrnru9ioiry 
LL>issT^^}juj^-u9ir<3i(^ - (^ci/iT^) rS^Qupp S-u9ir,z(^j ^^ - (euQ^ 
euQ^ir(f^) ^siruthj s-cmQu-a - ^suSjo, 

190. If tliey observed their own faults as they observe the faults of 
others, would any evil happen to men ? 

2_0-JlL. <^P — LJlUG^GvQ^ITGVGVfTCSilL. 

«(Sff;cTr e^sur^L£) uiusvrr^ Q<9^frp&ds<T3= Q.3=rr&)&ifTiciDLo. QurriUj ^pdsrr, 

Qumu ^pfb^frrra&&ieo^ G^QFj^dsoiurrsa si^iusOfT'StreinLDuSlisirf ^o°oQ^n'L^ 
^J3j ^eOGurTLp<QiifTjTrrp au^uJUu®LD <^dsm Qpek p^err , <s(9(^Q3=rr&i ^ecffiu 
Gnsudh.p<s\ifreguLDf (g^Sarr L-jpiEish-^esiLDiurr^Lhy eSleosQ^ rSsurp L-'iuesffdo 

<£. l_l S\) e^^ iT IT rLpSTsBlULJ UlLKSS^SO Q J^ff" 6V^CU/r 

ei^GdSLiaQjj Qa^n-pa^s^ Q'3'rr&)^cufr6iT eTGOeorrjrfT^LD ^■SLpuu(BuD, st-£m. 
^/SsijaDi—iun-ir ugo^ld Q&i^jjuuQqj cpi^i^mrir^LD ^sipuu®^ 

e\i^6i}a&sr-Q3=!rs\i^Qexiir6sr^ 6T&)e\)fr(m[li-er6vei)frjnr^LDj ererrenu 

191. He who to the disgust of many speaks useless things will bo 
despised by all. 

2-. LJ uj S2ji? 61) UGOGomrruip Q<?/rcx)6y ernjjioaflec- 

(uiP-snT.) (cT-si, — uajetflsoeurrQuj Qs^n-p&'Bsn ^/SeijaDi^iufriT ueoiT(zp 

o^ (fF)Lj u lS 6\) - QeujjTijuuei^r, ^■'pQ.^rr&o ^'s^Qs^ius^^iJo iBa^SLppun® 

192. To speak useless things in the presence of many is a greater 
evil than to do unkind thing's towards friends. 

z.oT> a oj IT <k ^aissr lEcue^&iQeuTGSTU^^aj&irTQuiehTuan , ^^ossr ^Qs>.r 

<o\>[rssr^, /BLU&n^sveirer eiru^ - (^si/sisr) £ ^ u9 ev e\i ir ^ (ov Q esr ek u 

193. That conversation in which a man utters forth useless things 
will say of him " he is without virtue." 

U6SSTl9lS0Q3=!rp U6\^&i!r u^^^, 
(uif - €5)IT.) er-^y — uiuQ(^(Buu.r-^ ueisriSls^ Q 3= r^ f) a'Ssa ro^a/ecr 

UGksri_l — ^6^<aDLClLj'JD QLDOJLDemUilLjLJD Qp^&imU Q3=irp(^GPS^!S]3,en . 

i9soQ3=rreo - (^asTLQsoevrr^ Qs^frpsSeir^ u£V&)mr^3is^ - lj6\) 
iBOJssTa^fririr - i§^QdjrrQ QurrnE/B^T^esieuujfrQ , nsmesiLLuSlek - 

194. The words devoid of profit or pleasure which a man speaks 
will, being inconsistent with virtue, remove him from goodness. 

195. If the good speak vain words their eminence and excellence 
will leave them. 

LCi<S<XlL U^l^ QaJSST6\}, 

(uir- 6!J)T,) er-^, — uiuef^eoeotr^ Q3=rrpsasrru ucnesrrg^i^ Qs^ireae^ 

eurrSsur ijosQesrecr^ Qs^rreoeops^ ld<s£B(^lL u-jO/reor^ Q3=rreoe^Sj eT-£)i. 

^60 eO@^ eSiuiEjQcsrrerr, (tpeisr €r^irLD€m/DuSl^LD, iSleir s^L-LoumLt^ 


(Q^-Ly-633/r.) — uuj6ST^&)Q3=!T(S0 - u iu ssfl&: GO IT ^Q ^ IT p&Seir^ 

196. Call not h/m a man who parades forth his empty words. Call 
him the chaff of men. 

Os^fKsoeQfguQLDesTQeu, Qg^/r&ieorresiLD QupuuiLt-^. isaj&^eoenib^ 

197. Let the wise if they will, speak things without excellence ; it 
will be well for them not to speak useless things. 

.0-LD. '=^1^. iJiusjBevQs-rrivearemLD, 

JXJ6T ^ 


198. The wise -who seek after rare pleasures will not speak words 
that have not much weij^ht in them. 

LDirS^J^ &!TlL.Q IUSU,T, 

^Tuueu/Ssij - Qld'uuj/SIsij. LD^'js^irip^Qenajr^LD QuujQfra^g^LD sm—Q'Ju 

{0^ - u - €3)/r.) — w (fi^efr ^ IT IB ^<s - intu&^^^eviSrsjSluj, mrrai- 
^jj^-(mppLOi/Dp [uifJifi-^'ia^LDirSltuQeiJsiiTpui^l, •SBfrL-&iu<oiJ!r-^//^ 
eQdssTiL^GaiL-QiLiir IT ^ QufTQ^eiT^ iT/B^ - uiU63B&)f§EjQin Qs'irpsdztr^ 
Qurr-a's^friB^LD - Lnpih^Lb^ G&'frsi^c^mr - Q 3^ire\)evrTiT<3S6rr. 

199- Those wise men who are without faults and are freed from 
ignorance will not even forgetfully speak things that profit not. 

«E0. Qj^JGO^S Qs^ITbXieQp UlLl^llGDL-tU Q 3= (T Sd €0 p S 

Qs^ireoSp u iu (ssil 60 IT s' Qs'ireo. 
(uf-an.T.) GT - ^, — Q.'pn-njse^puiugsjiGs^L-.uj Qg^rrpsSstrs^ Q^freo 

Q3=IT(Si)<^Ql&SJGSTU^ ^(rFjSLIlSllLjLD lB <SS> & LU T uSi ^ UD , Qs^ [T pQu!T(lhlL'^iSsr 

(Bua'^ ereku^Qurrei, ^p(G^p Q.T-rTik)aoLJu(B<aiJ6<yrGijLh uL^ir^ewei^uD iSlulS-s 

200. Speak what is useful, and speak not useless words. 

eu IT J er-^ . 

^/SliufreiDLDUJfTGur ^ ^-^euQ rr ehr ^ iej Sn-^'^ir. 

(0^-u-OT5/r.) — ^63SosroT6STM}]LDQsF(m'S(^ - ^eQSlsiyrQiLKosr^ 

iL^e^L^Qajfri, ^(^'^irir-uiULJUt-.trir; cQ(rpLSljJirir - (^^^^sdi5\)fr^) 

QLaQ^vrriT) ^(^3^6Vfr - uiuuuQcuir. 

201. Those who have experience of evil deeds will not fear, but the 
excellent will fear the pride of sin. 

^vB^ii LO(5^<9'U uGlca. 
(uif-s5)T.) CT-^, — ^6sr&Q<ssruiJD uuj^^ScOs s,(rF)^a= Qs^iuiLj.i ^eSusrr 

^ eSdssr s err ^q^sui^/b /5'u5)^lo@5=lju©L£)j er-^. 

Sl/SQ^n-(r^<sfrso^^Lo iSl^Q^n-Q^Q^uj^^iJa iSl/£!Q^rrQ^i—LDLSl^^ 

202. Because evil produces evil, therefore should evil be feared 
more than fire. 

IB.. ^^/SsQ^yn QsneoMrriB ^^e^Qiui^u ^tu 
QiF jrn CHIT ITS (a^(^ Q3=iLnuir e&L-d\ 

e£l'^<Sfli(3js sirrrsi!3rLDiT@LU Sj/Sarxsij eS(B^Q(X6iT^jLD, Q3=ilj^/ss(^lSI 
iL^iV) Q^L-juiTQ^rTL^iuQeu ^ld.3T(^^ ^gstulq euirjrirQ^isw ^lus^s^rn^ 

shlSSTj ^^OUST ^/SlGSlmuGcfT&iGiilTIB ^SsoQiUSffT^lSI &h-/£li^ir. Qs^LULUITJ^ i>T<5hr 

u^ &C!S)L-&(^eiDn:iiB^ iBssrp^. ^asxsu Qpsisr^umLL-iregjLo ^(sSSoors &(^a^ 

(Q^ - u - (5ID/7 ,) — Q3^^SiJirrti(mLD - (^ihonLn^ euQ^^^QsHir 
fiu.^^ih, ^lu - ^a9^cjrc5B%rr, Qg^\LHUiT6Qi^<s\) - Qs^luojitldgo (sQQ 

^?<30, ^fSaQ^nefT-oTtknoOITLa - (^^LDi(^ /5S3rSiDtD ^F tTLULJU iLt^) 

^pl(SijsQsrT<si)(Svirajp/!S^LD, ^g^dso - Qp^^GSiLaiuirQuj ^^cuiT(^La, 
(sreiru - sns^T^Q^irdo^mir (iBsdQv\)!rir). 

203. To do no evil even to enemies will be called the cliief of all 


ioST/D<:fF,tWjrLp(^ (^l^l53i6Usir Q<sQ. 

fUif - 6^T.) ST-^, G^Q^SUCST iSlp^S/^S Q S® UlUS(^LO 

LCroiB^LD GTCm-^Q^fTL^S^ ST iSSoTemi CU (SS) oSlgOT j ^GmSf^SS Gffl® UlU<k(^LO 
<s£lSsWCS}lU ^pSSL-Gil&T (TTSSW^LD^ OT-JJ/. 

QsQu.(Suruscr ^(^Quujit. (^i^&surpQuirQ^Q^ ^ir^Lo a,z_ecr@tp^ 
cQsk, ^si/ear Spuu^^tD ^paSL-<s^err (LppuCBQineisru^ Qupuutl-L-^. 

J)/pSSL-SLj Q(olTSBSr^)1^30IT(SU^ J)jQjmQiEL-^ ^ ITSST 1B1EI& iSSoUT^^iSO. ^(£ioiM 

crcuaresar^LD ^siTQ^eku^rrLD. 

e^i—^^^rr^ihsQ^osre^LUj u^pi^Lo-LopiB^irQ^ihj (^LppA-isrcssri^ss) 

^(T^.ZSd'SU.CUGSTl (<^Lpl&iT - <oT GSST ^U SU IT (^ijSl €Sr , (^tMlB^GiJiok - ^Sj 
QsU£!S3T(53ilBsST6lJ^n'i(^, Q<s(bl - QiSU-GSiL-.^ ^ (TEtheBdoSTeSJUJ j ^piU" 

204. Even through forgetfulness meditate not the ruin of another. 
Virtue will meditate the ruin of him who thus meditates. 

(uiP-GiDT.) CT-^, — ojiTsuT (Su/SlujQbWtok^i! ■3;(iT)^ sjS^ ^ IT ^/tOu rr(rFiLL 
(Bu iSlpifsi^^ ^ leSidpTT adiir e^QTj'ajarr Q&"uJUJiTQsiri£l'S • QiTul/a/Q"^^ 

(^0 iK>0 EL.-5E-LD. ^p. pea\62^\UiF3=W, 

^eS^^€srssiii)S^LD, iSleir UL-.iTao^s,QuurT(r^cs>LDu9.^LO eu.i^s^. sst^S 
fSSod. ^edQioek^u utru. QLorr^enrrQF) (Lparfr. QunQr^arrrczr Gj/SiuQcaTeiyrs 

205. Commit not evil, saying, " I am poor:" if you do, you will 
become poorei* still. 

^. ^uufre\) ^ir&stSpffBil. Qa^ujiups Qihmuuuireo 
(uiF-SJ)"'.) OT-^j — ^6ku(i^Q 3=1011^151 <3iL.ji)pevrrQiu urrcuiiisar ^esr 

(Q^-u-anir.^ — QiBiriuuuiTGO - j^ sir ut^^Qs^uju^ih u(^^ss)uj 
IUSOTL.UJ u !T Si} til's err ^ ^6sr'B3ST^L—(^Q6i]ibmi--(r^!rm-^&iT'Bssru (i9ssr 

Qa^iLiujpss - Qa^ujujir^Q^'S'SiesL-.ciJosr, 

206. Let liim not do evil to others wbo desires not that sorrows 
should pursue him. 

<5r. gtBo^lj USSR'S tL]p(7r/(r^ Qpiuojir eSiSonruus^s 
eff'iurr^ i9okQ3=ioST p(Biih, 

(uiF-snT.) 67 - ^y — OT^^S^OT-u Quirlujuas^s iLjcsii—Ujfr(r^m ji/^oosr 
(^Q^-u-GV)!r.^ — (oT2'Ssruuar)SS-p(fr^(f^LD - eransuerrei^ Quirlaj 

207. However great be the enmity men have incurred they may 
still live. The enmity of sin will incessantly pursue and kill. 

(u(f-6inT.) sr-^, — Spais'-^^ ^sScssrsdstT^'Qs'iLJ^rriT ^miiQsQ^sso 
er^^ssTesiiD^Q^sSesTj e^ (tt^sv ear S ipso Q/si^^irsuQu.TiuLh ^evecrpesrSoJ^ 

^^'^p Qs(B^p<^ S-GumLDiUfrdQ s^csjfruurrQFiQpeirtr. s>io°o^ S-anrr ^ebr 
Qpsiru^pt^ j^i^iL{e!npiB^ fSLpso ^mdssr iSihih^p Qpeki^^ <Sujrr^Ln. 
iLjonpiE^pOpsirp um—QiD sif}ujfru9p£3J» Qld&) eSuurr^ lSI sir Q 3= iirp® 

(^Q^-u-ar>fr,^ — ^lucsiev - ^6Q8ssr<sSsfr, Qg^uj^frir - (i9prrKS 

208. Destruction will dwell at the heels of those who commit evil 
even as their shadow that leaves them not. 

^ssTioisrpa ^sBdssru uireo, 

umLu-fT^Lo iSlpirs^^ ^sS'^Qs^iLiuSl^ ^rrraGaiBeuGrresru^ Sh^pu 

Q^T&sTssip iuau9^LD, ^(^bssips - {j9p^L-^Q^\ Q^Luiurr^Q^s 

209. If a man love himself, let him not commit any sin however 

^2, «55>2- 2_ai_-tz). «jy,^. G^uL^irsii^^(^\j, 

dSssr Qa'iuiuir Q ibur esfl sir . 

gj/LD e^lSssrQuj. 3=3=1X1 Qs^iuajfrQssTGsr^LD <5T^rnji'S!S)p(sSlossTiL\LL Qs^iLsQ&itr® 
{Q^ - U - QS^T.^ LD^TFrSI^SpiTL - {s^Q^SUsk^ rB6V€0 6iJ tS ll9 p 

GufTsrrujGO QauLi^ (su i^ u9 pQ u rriu , ^sSidscr - SffiS^isSsrr, Qs^uj 
iuirGk(or<ss^(5sr - (^Spfli—^Q^') Qa^uuiuir^uSijkj ^Q^mjQ^L-orsT erssr 

lw<5L_C33L_ IL^QXiL^VU 61] '551(30(30^ Gr<SSrpULoS]^ ^ pi ^-^ ^oSl luisL-eU T , 

210. Know ye that he is freed from destruction Avho commits no 
evil, going to neither side of the right path, 


S^ooSn'Oi^ ^siiSfdesii—uSlSsar tu/Slii^ Qs^lu^go. 2_su^ /ecotl. Qeusj 

cs)iii^^iTS(^:6hrj e^LJi_j!rsiJ/S^Q(^sk(o^rr, Quoso mesr QiDfTL^ QiDiLiserTfTso 
ss3jr^^(^susur <9ri_^(E3)/r, ^sSa^Qs^iuiu^ ^(^svesrsup^eiT <oT(^SfS6srp6sr 

<5P. €Si33LDLDfr^ QsuemL^fT SL-iliurrQ LCttr^LCimL. 

(u[f-6!J).T.) cr-^j— ^U3<5@ Sit ^^<&jQ<skp QLDSiiia:c^<s:^L—^^ 2_uS)/r 
■SOT cTsurcaransLhLorr^u Qg^iLitjjrrSsirpcsr. ^siso/rear, ^LCiQLDSiEisefrQufriso 

(oi^i^p^QiDGSTp isffl(e3) mrr^is) 'Mp(^ eresru^ Q^irSjrp SppsQsar^ 
Sj^ euQh(^^^(Si^frs£Buu®LD. ^eS(r^f5^6srGS)LDuj ^ffoeo CTsrru^ au.uuiT 
QL^etr^UD QuujjrrrQssr QupuuLLt—^. QcFLUGuajr^ QeiJSS3n_frcoLDiss)aj3= 
Qs^ujujuuQeijeBr QtCiQeop/Sl^iT. 

(Q^-u - 6!j)/r.) — s_ei)(^ - &^u9irsGnfresrs!D€i}, Ln!rttiLDiTiL.Q- 
(^LD<i(^ i§Q^fi6ijSmrp^ Qll^biej^sg^l—^^j (oTioST - <ST eisT esriSl IT Q uj\u 
sirjr^GSi^^ ^p£}iii> - Qa^iu^'SUQ^Sl&sTpcsT fs^ear^ii Qa^iLiQGJr 
paiTsQsoSs\iQiU'sifTpuL'^l~\ {^^(o\)friso) sl-uuit® - {^ldQld^ El's err 
Quir<s\)(SiJiriTQ<3'LUiq[h^ z.u<sn'inEi<x^Lhj (oSJ<SLBLDrr^-L9ir^iLju<siTjr!EJ 

211. Benevolence seeks not a return. What does the world give 
back to the clouds ? 

Qeuen IT ninety) LC) Qs'UJ^p Quitq^lLQ). 

(uiP - sj)T.) GT-^, — ^(^^coLU iLjsnL^ajrrirasrruSlscr (Lpiu/rosojpQiFaj^ 
fflLl^uj Qun([hecT Qpag^LD cput-jir<BjQ<FiLJ^^ uius^^eyiruj, gt-^. 

Qa'dj^QO QuiTQl^lL-Q - QiFlh^C^ifTQiU UlU^HGi^L—lUeSTGUITLD, 

212. All the wealth acquired with perseverance bj the worthy is 
for the exercise of beuevoleuce. 

Q LU (T U LJ JJ s£l &ST(30b\> iSip, 

FFSvtrQr^LD erjbufTQr^LB&sTfSl CT60Gorr(rr)Lh so^^ecrcwLOUj jrrr^cQcsr, l^sGs 
^sorc3>LDiiSlisaT, ^euGijs^is^^ ^(fl^rru9p£)j, QuppatflQ^chr^ u rrt^Q ld rr Q u 

(Q,.^-L;-isio/r.) — lj^Q^qit &.(o^^^^ld - Q^curj^(s^fs^Q s^iixi^ 
rr-6m(S!ih - ^sii<S}^G\)s^^^Lb^ ts^uLiiroQcsi-^usBn-n'thQufrGV, wevGV- 
issti(oOss:)oxJ!LiiTQujj i9p-Q6i]^Q<^aj<s^&BsiT^ Qup<30-Qu^^<3Vj ^rB^^ 


213. It is difficult to obtain another good equal fco benevolencQ 
either in this world or in that of the gods. 

^' ^,^^ ^j£lsjT ^)jSiTGi]iTy[)<oij[r<m' LDponpLurrs^ 

Q 3" ^ ^ IT (rF)(S(r (SDSiJSSLJ U®LD, 

^/Si^ Qs^Lueyrrek; ^o°o^/Slm^ Qs^ajiuir^eusk s^iSlQFiSS>i_uJsijQ6sr ^uSl^uj, 
03=<s^T(f^crr ^(rF)Su^ss S(rF,^uu(3LD, gt-^. 

s^uSliflecr ^^cij(^ Qsfiug^/bj sfT^c^^LDiSissr, Q 3= ^ ^ ir (ir^ar gdgu&suu® 
S-onc—^^ekOpsau^ -Sn-puuLLL-^, 

^sp0-a;(C3)«) GiDsud'SLJuQsijnriosr [iSSsyrs^uuQsiJfr Q&TshTpul3-.'^ 

214. He truly lives who knows (and discbarges) the proper duties 
(of benevolence.) He who knows them not will be reckoned among the 

Mi'rfBenpii^rrpQuiT^LD, ST-jru, 

Qsippuuu,L^^. ufTipQurrsfr^ Qidi^^/Sscr^u 6T0Oiso/r/f(S@Lb QensssrQl 

l93=Q<3'UJILjLD^ QuiT^/j9siJ ^ffa (sk-Q UlfliU ^/l9sQ8swiLj(S!y>L-aJ6iJQST^j 

^rr^ - 0<9^isvsL/LD, 2svr(56S3f? - ssi/f^su eufTLpwfrir i§ q^ em ^}j iej (^(otr 
LDfresr^y fSdfQissip/B^^ ^p^ - liif^i^eo iSonpfB^^Qufr^JiJoi, 

215. The wealth of that man of eminent knowledge who desires 
to exercise benevolence approved of by the world, is like the full waters 
of a city tank. 

<^» LJumLDjr np err ^sr^iT u i-JCJ^^^PQ^P Q<3=sx)a/ 

uSlsisTj Sf,^ UUJi(jrU®LDiriD SS!llTio(BQcu U(La^ ^ IT pQu IT^LDy <ST-£U. 

2_sos/S'^ uisosi<p^<S!T(^Lo ^uL^iTSij Sprs^isDLDuSlm , ^^SswQiu rsnj 
Qssreuriv/ir; srsO(SOirir<sc,^LD sre^'^p uiumQarr^s^e^QiDsku^rrLD. 

^sstli—fsQ^, uusir - uLpu^.fT&n^j uQ£^^^^p£)i - UQ^^fifrp 


216. The wealth of a man (possessed of the virtue) of benevolence 
is like the ripening of a fruitful tree in the midst of a town. 

<Sfrtij^ ^uur^ LDjr^cm^ e^-i^Lo, er-^. 

/^o3r(^'5ffOj aneiissn'GiT Qav^uLLi—tr^so uiLjeisruL—iT<sDLD. ^eijr(^copQiEni 

217. If wealth be in the possession of a man who has the great 
excellence (of benevolence), 'it is like a tree which as a medicine is au in- 
fallible cure for disease. 

<SL—esr/6l sfTiLl^ lueiiir. 
(uif-OTT.) GT-^, — Q^(50siJtii <9^(TT)iEjQiU srreo^^ui e^uujFSij Os=uj 

iSlpQajeocorTLD e^iStiS'^^ih, ^ooQ ^ it l^iu rrQ irtsuru ^ trih. 

218. The wise who know what is didij will not scant their bene- 
volence, even when they are without wealth. 

o^freu^, ^cSjrrr^ Qs^ojil^ld Mir<ss)LDes)tjuu^e^i^iu ^saQi^fruLjjreijSoSfT.s^ Qs'iu 
iULjQu(n^^ 6uQF)iB^Qmp ^lu&iunihf ei-^. 


219. The proverty of a benevolent man, is nothing but'^his inabiHty 
to exercise the same. 

"SO. 6liUUir<5Q (g)iSVSl/(7Kfi Q^Ql-<sS <oSTooQ^!r(7^GlJ<oST 

(uiF-Cin.T.) sr-^, — e^ui_jfr(SijQ<3=Lu^Gorrei!r g^0si/6p<iS(gLJ Q u rr (tf^iLQ s® 
^ekSoJjr (sS /b^aQsrreiT err LJuiBajQ^rr (77)0 urr(r7)isrr ^&)^ujasrQ/D @o°o^t 

6W(iJ lL]GS)L—lU^frLh, 

220 If it be said that loss will result from benevolence, such loss 
is worth being procured even by the sale of one's self. 

e_/5.. - LD- ^^' 

Q — f=rS3D=35- 

^ooSTSu^ eu/StJujrrrLU (sr/b(^iTSf^ Lnrrjv(yrj'^Qsfr(B^^&). ^^ ld^s^ld 
Q.-BrrstQiusn-se^eijTf ^LDSS^LcQfBrr&Qiu e^LJL^!TeijrSl^i^ski3ek cs>eus,&u 

*. <oii flS! lu IT ft 3iQ {Brr &sr rSeuCo^ iSensuMp 

QBrT®uuGsr. ^/S!QLu^/TU6!DuiurrGV^ ^crreij(^/514;^<surrfEjQ ^eueufriiiQiiJ 
ei9(g_^. iSleur^rs ^ekurreo aj(fF)^e9ek, (^/BQaj^rues^u QsrrQs^ ^ /Sjr 

&y>er ^n 

221. To give to the destitute is true cLarity. All other gifts have 
the nature of (what is doue for) a measured i-eturn. 

2_. r^soaiir QpeS^m Q^rrenrB^ QLbg^s\ia 
(u(f-S5)iT.) <cT-^, — q^pp&i ^lL(B3oQ^(V^ /Bsos^Q/B/SlOiijeurufriT ^etrjrfr 

uS^LD r-F^Q&) IS&Sr^j <oT-£^. 

eresfl^iOiDscTU^ ^QPfOjL^iLjLa ^EiiEj^STEi sf^^sufTrr ^cOTGom eSlerrdQ 
Mmp^. lSI/BSSso gt s rrir ^ ^ rr so iStjDeupiEJsei^ sir ffs(SO &pihsQs6ku^ 

(Q^ - u - eTDiT.^ — Q<3Bir(5rr(S0 - ^ir^^eo^ /eiso^^<^63B,^ld- 

222 To beg is evil, even though it were said that it is a good path 
(to heaven.) To give is good, even though it were said that those who 
do so cannot obtain heaven. 

(uif-GSiT.) er-^, — lurrsir eupliuQesreir^ ^jruurreisr Q^/T&ie^nuD (^ei^ 
evjrsosiJ^ ^rresr i3piTai—Q3=iT'b\)6drTcs>LDmhyj)j^os!sr^ ^ecr&tl. Qs^rresn^ff&m^ 
icrrpcnjsi ff^£^ld ^aneu u^f<oSsi®ld ^OTQjfnsiJssr (^L^uiSpiistTGsr semQcssr. 

QldSo ^Q^esrps' ^^^P(S^> fBskOpeurp^ Q3^uj^p(^LD ^ffliusuSsir 

(^^BuufBiBSi (olsir(B^^Qs06sr(Sijih, ^^Sccru L96'crmiiLb LSlpQt^meueirufrp 
Qs^esr^)] ^isv^QniTUjmsiiissiSLLin'p QaiirO^^QsoesTinijLDy tufreur ^^QurrnM^ 
OutT(n^^(ssii_QajiS!sr^(BoQi3oQssT(c!STS sjrLJUfrirQs^fr&i^LD ^G^eusrcs^eua^Qs'n&i 

Ou(T(rF)iLusmGS)LDup^ei]!B^ ussrcsyLDOjfr&iBjes^rruufr. 

^tr6ssT®LB)^ (^&)^}jss)i^iUfrim<3BemQcssT - /5S06V(^t^u9p iQpiB^eu 

223. (Even in a low state) not to adopt the mean expedient of 

saying " I have nothing," but to give, is the characteristic of the man of 
noble birth. 

€^(t^Gun-(T^^uSljri^£u!f s>j^ Qupp^<^eo ^e^^^rrQu Sj^rfQpsisi&n^a 
eTs=s=£ijLbaT>LaiLjLo (Lpp^iheiDLDiLjLD eSsfrjr^^rrpQ(y)^sssvr. ^ir&suu 

eOfr-^LBjruufTiraiQsiricir rSiuiroDLD ^' eh-® iesQ & rr (soQ eo it CTeir^ih ^3^.9^ 
QiBrr&Ql. sremQeuj sr6^S'^rruQuiT(rF)(&^Lh i^^&^QojdsrCBQLDesru^ Glupu 

{Q^ - u - ezD/r.) — ^im^suir - (^g^it^Q u rr (mSsfr^ tu rr ^ ^<s ^ ev ir ^ 
^mapsLD - (^^Qupp^(^sv') ^ esfl ^ rr Q 'U (^^enir^ QpsE^sm^^ 
.sfT^Uih ^Grrsiy - uiriri(^LD6rTci]L£i, ^ir&suuQ^&i - (^^jr^^Qeo 

224. To see men begging from us is disagreeable, until we see their 
pleasant countenance. 

(S). c^/D^si/zr F!rppeo uQiuirpp eouuQes)iu 
Lnsrp^suir FirppiSp i3&st, 

(uf-SJnx,) er-^, — p^L'^^'^rreur (sn(MiumTSi^ eueQuufreij^, pihesyuD^pp 

fpcs>sujn'ek e^L^uurrir^ eijeQs(^uLSlsk, er-^i. 

pfTQpLO uQ^^u L9pes)mLjth j)j^ ^irssLDtTLLi—rrprrir ^ppeQeir 
^nnpLD u&liuiT^ iSlpisDn-iLjUD ^^ ^iTuutrir ^ppeo m&srQpesrupfrm. 

(Q^ - u-ssiir.') — ^p^eurrir - (^oy^^/rgy) eusvcoeu jrirQsurr 
(fE^(^, rMppoJ - eii(S\)eoes}LCtUJiT(oiJ^, uQ^pp60-(^^u:)CS3Lo ^^nc^ 
is^) u&ss>iuu^uirj;}j^^(oOmD'j (^susueoeoemLCi^iresT^, ^ulj&^czdx/- 
^uuu^Quir^^^pafliuuQsa'iJ, infrp^QJirir - (^Q<siT6inL-u9(^Q&)) 
mi(^Q(SiJ!rjr^, ^ppeQffinQesr - Q7SveosjDLD<s@u SpuiLi^^. 

225. The power of those who perform penance is the power of en- 
during hunger. It is inferior to the power of those who remove the 
hunger (of others.) 

«!■. ^JpQ!/' R^u^ (it'r^^ eOooQ3iir(f^Gu&ir 
enp LDrrssorresr^ gt-j^. 

(Q^S - u - 6JD/r.) — ^/D(^/f - eu/S}iuisiJir^, ^l^uQ - i^(^i^ 

226. The removal of the killing hunger of the poor is the place for 

one to lay up his wealth. 

LDQF^^^eucir ^rrmjssQeirj uSuiSlessf} /E^iisfrQ<ssiTU<sn-LD. ^csieuLUfTj^urrL^ 
t—fr^'Lo FF^s^eisr&puLjs sh^puutLL-^. 

ljuQlDj ^LJi9isssr) - ^luQiBirdj, ^^ifl^ - ^i5m®^sS! 0)830, 

227. The fieiy disease of hunger shall never touch him who habi- 
tually distributes his food to others. 

(uiP - 6a)iT.) <oT-^ ,—~^ rr(Lpe!DL^ajQu n-QT^doTT FFiurr^eiDai^^u tSleir 
^LpfB^QufTLD ^(rh-a^eoir^frrr, eu^LUtriTd(^ QeusssrL^Lueijpetnps Qsrr(Sl^^ 

uQiDem^isj snifliLiuQuiuir QsrrsikrL-^. ^ /S! fs .5 n-jrmSl sir ^ ^iT(LpLD ^eu 

(Q^-u-GSiir .^ — ^irCa s^sisii^e!SiLr)-^iE]S(ems(mGrT<srT QutTQ^^orTj 
e^Gi]^^ - [Q<xfri^(r^^ sweu^^, ^lps(3^ld (jS<^Q<ost) - ^ipih^ 

228. Do tbe hard-eyed who lay up and lose tlaeir possessions not 
know the happiness which springs from the pleasure of giving ? 

Cuif - esjiT.) 6T - ^, — Quir(ir)LL(^eop iBrrCjuQeusmi^ (s>j/iS1lu!tits(^ 

FP lL® ^Q LDGur pflIl-^qd^Qlu QLDpQstrsssrdS) ^su/Si 6h-iL(9^&^. ^esfl^ 

(§lirs^GQ 6a)7£5r(S5)Q^scr(2/'/f. /QjtulSIiu Qeuehru^pn^^ G^l^uu ei^sOTQ/sSjfr 
O :d ecr j2y SD /T" LJ r_/ /r 00 GTT /f . 

{Q^-u-GSiT.^ — iQjruiQijJ - (QutrQE<S{i)tbisr(^G^pssie)j) Semps^s 

ci/(^(S(^) i3<iF3'UJLDfrs, ^ir,d^ioQ&ir - (^iQp^i^^Q^Qusnu) ^^^ 

229. Solitary and unshared eating for the sake of filling up one's 
own riches is certainly much more unpleasant than begging. 

«S0. <F/T^StS) 6(57? £Sr@)^ ^cbSoU tt9 (S37?^,^i7"2- 
(uiF-sniT.) CT-^j — 6^(fF)eij^(^d= .SFfr^is^iQufr&i ^ski^^^ ^(Tffr^jo^^ 

^es>su Qp ohr £ii u rriLL— IT ^ La FFiufTcsiLouSlek (^ppm sh-puuL-usi- 

eiiLD - ^uul'^uulLl-^p^^^U)^ JT^eo - (^6iij£luj6iJir&(S^&^ QairQ 


230. Nothing is more unpleasant than death : yet even that is 
pleasant where charity cannot be exercised. 

Q-iP-LD. ^^ — ^/^tP* 


msQsk eu(UieyrrsfriTS(^ ^LoesiLDuuiui^Q i^sueijOdQb'cr&eisr iBaiipib^ ^p 

(uif-6iJ>T.) er-^, — eu/Slujfrir-iQa ^ Si^<^p:>i-^s,(LpemL-ireQiir^s, ^u 
Sf-^/Sl'^QfT^LO 6S(S0fEj(muSlrrsLL Qseofrcs)LDuSlssr^ m&s^uSlifQLDei^ssrp^. 

231. Give to the poor and live vrith praise. There is no greater 
profit to man than that. 

2_. 2_GiSirruuT (^esirruuGnej Qiueveorr LSjruuirirdQsn'eisr 

(uif-6!nir.) OT - ^} — ^ois^^i e^sir^ay>fruumT S-es)n-uue3TQSu'S\i60iru3 
Gj^cDLDLurTeir ^jruumTd(^ ^eurr Qeueisn^ujQ^rresreinp F^feuairssssr rQp^ta 

^LD, ^ssTLDup/Slu L/coaz/ffflCa; S-ifliu Qs'uuu^^iEj Q s IT err etruu® to J ui_Qeu, 
u!r®£urr!T uiT®isi]scTQsu(so<30n'LD L-iSLprrQiDSBTu^iP-ih QupQT^LD. FP^psrrrr 
e:sr(^ Qp,i^€OLD ^^e^&}-(Er^iijSfr£ssrs. ^^Sssru SpfrQw^LCi Sp(^QLDdr 
urrfr^ir QiD&ioorr^ Qff'fr&iepis. L/stp ffsutit QlosSp(^Qld&it £}ies)!Tuurr 
QQparfr. ^^ Ljsip^ SpuLjQ/o/rssfraDLDUJ/Sa;. 

LjS^ — iQdsdQupp SlT^S^LUfTLD, 

232. Whatsoever is spoken in the world vrill abide as praise upon 
that man who gives alms to the poor. 

)js_. ep'osrQr^ e^sas^ ^luaih^ Lj.stpeocoir^ 
(uif-onT.) CT - ^, — ^6urs(^ g}So3ruS1ssr(777s QiaiimijQiu LjSLpeoeo^' 

S-tuiTS'S<>. ^^^sarcinaD^^/rQiL/ i^eQip Q3=ujujLJu(9euQ^eku^frLD, ^caf? 
&u Qurrsk(7ri>^rBpuQ^€UT£ijLJo ^esxruuirQ^Qp&rir. ^Q^euQpGsr^ufrLLL^ir 

£_sw6E^^eo, Q u fT (ok (TTj' ^ - ^L^iuiTLheOf iQpu^ - iS3oOlju^j 

233. There is nothing that stands forth in the world imperishable, 
except fame, exalted in solitary greatness. 

(uif-eintT.) i^r-^, — g^^ewsar ScoQeij&)os\is,&cisrQessr Qurrezriv;'^ Sp 

QsiLi^Sso "ujeoojiT urr(BLJ:) LjSQpa^L—QiijmT eSs^LDLSlcsT} ev&xsu Qe^eurr Gurresr 

euanrr - (^^mdsin-^£SiL-fs^(r^iQp) (^n <S3B s^stt , Quit p(n^^ - Qu 

234. If one has acquired extensive fame Tvithin the limits of this 
earth, the world of the Gods will no longer praise those sages who have 
attained that world. 

(u[f-annr.) ct - jp^ — L-jS(LpL^iJDiSlp(S ^ssLDrr(^iJD Qs(9ld LjSQpi—ihLj 
iBiBQ^esT^Lh Q^fTL^pQuiuiT (sfi s fT IT ff: ^ IT SO /E^Q^eiT(rr/iu^ iSlcir ^ib 

Si.ff'-LD. ^jx\. LjSlp. «0/Hl. .<^;^ 

u^ FFeis® s_er)jriucing:. ^(^QLDearu^&j^ (ipm^isj<3h.LLi^^ s^iflO^eirusScvrs 
&^^^ejrfrsioSl<5arj eSl^^BiT&s<so<s^iT&:)(flQ^<zT(yr^[r. ^(ss>gu uSiirsstsr(Buinl.L-tr 

235. Prosperity to the body of fame, resulting in povei'ty to the 
body of flesh, and the stability to the former arising from the death of 
the latter, are achievable only by the wise. 

<sfr. Q^j'o^^tSp ucEQipirQ Q^iTGsr^m QJoo^svfrrr 

Q^-Sfrekps&p Q(mssT(7K>ssiLD is'ssrjjj, 
(lI(P-6!J)T.) Gi-^, — LDGserr.TuJu lSI^sSIost L^S(ip&Qs^6urrQijj (^avrs 
Q^fT® i3pss • j^:&(^emLD ^ik)ci,rr^rr,T LDS&ctrfrLuu iSlp^scQesr aSeOEj 

L-jatp — FFem® ^(^Quhjit. ^' o"o ^ o\^ t Q jreirjLCin LOIS', eisr LDSsen-rrQuu&sru 
^ir^ihj LD-kaerriTiuu iSlpsufTcsmiQajicsrp ^Qf/^^fTu^QtijiTebr eSeoisjsmuu 

Oipn® — LJS(Lp^(^ 6T^siiiTSuj(^e57r^Q^'SrTQ, Q^ireijjrus - i3lp<i 
(tcs^fl^iT/ruJiJ) iStp^^eS^chj Q^irmmjonLCi - iSlpsiiir€inLDiUfr<oST^ 

236. If you are born (in this world), be born with qualities con- 
ducive to fame. Tor those who are destitute of them it will be better not 
to be born. 

(uf-G5)nr.) CT-^, — ^LDS(^u L^snpskTL^rrs eurrLpLD/TLLi—rr^n'iT ^^up 
rflu i3prr ^SLpib^euiB ^sugSsi^s^Q rsLo LDmLu-rTssiLDajnek eiiiB^Q^esrjpi 

LjStpuL^ eurrLpedrruSQ^ss s^^Ujfrtii—rr^ (^ppCaup^ili LSlpiflaip^c\> 
^iTiT - euTLpLnrrLLu,,T/i;cu!r, (^^£^upfiSui9pif^<3Bi^ib^eS!i—^iQ^)^Ui 

Q/GTSU.T,T - ((^si/a^«iijtF^ r5 LD j^ IX IT lL L^ tT ^ LD UJ fT 6V Q/* sO^jeiJ/^) 

237- Why do those who cannot live "n'ith praise, grieve those who 
despise them, instead of grieving themselves for their own inability. 

Qma^s^Ln Qu(rrj>^ eSlijushr, 

^aLpuu®^/b(^u i3/6IQ^frQ^(^p/DLh QsuGSBn—rrQeu&jTu^ s^QF)^^. 
^6Sl(blsu[Tjrnru3ok, GS)6Uiu^^TiTd(^ srevsu-TLo - u^L£lu9^ioifrGfnr[rs 

238. i^ot to beget fame will be esteemed a disgrace by the wiso 
in this world. 

^fc. 6iiS7D<y(t5<5V.T euesifTULUcisT @eijrj3/ lEI es) <f u9 e^J rr 

&.uSl(meBsn-.n'u9f^ih ^^t^jbuojesT OsfrctrcrrrrcmLDuSlesr LurrscsiaQiuesr 
eSdoTTiijenr (^esr^^spQs^ ufrenujrrsc^sc^vuu Qurr^sQecr/D Qcv^ui^. 

(Q^ - u - sD/r.) — ^sjDcT^ey/r - LjSL^ice\^rr^^ lUfrsG^a; - &.LL. 

(g GDp ILj ti) . 

239. The ground wLioh supports a body without fame will diminish 
in its rich produce. 

«E0« 6UC5yg=QiurrL^aj euiripeuaQrr cuiTLpsiJrr itlss^g'QtmriB'dj 

Qiusbp^^^ (sSerrisQiusurr^. ^^@i50 ^^sSjrezsr®!}) a.t_65r <3h.muuLLu.csr» 
LD^ijssiLDuuiu sir GufT^csipu^ikQ^ube^^^eir es><sija£5Lju(BQLDsar QLDQ&)Sh-fDLj 

Qpio uiuQesreisru^ Qup(rr^LD. ^s^ LD^Qp^eQiu ^ p ,^ so s err rreo Quit^ 
eurrsa sh-puuL-L- ^iS)3conoiEj<sQ6iT<st)somD ^suif Q^ir(^s^s<5h-/Slijj ©)i2J/b 

i^irsmxtoo \_L^^(LpiomL^ir<3bQGi]mput^^ (SiJiripciJfrQfrsun-i^GiJmr - euirip 
u&jQiT (a.tt9/f) cufTipCoGUfrirfreurrirj ^GSidPe^i^iu-LjSQn'emL^rrsfrLDGO 
riu)/5o;5D^(qs33r£_/r<5E: Qeusirpui^^) suiri^eufrGfr - euirLpueuQtr^ eutTLprr 
^Guir - ^piiCo^iriTfrcuirir. 

240. Those live who live without disgrace. Those who live without 
fame live not. 

^ p <oU p isSl VU Q) , 

^€^ QpQSipinirQsm- ^spsupjkffn-iBiu Q^fri-EiSli^ir. ^psvptDfrev^ 
QiDpsh-rBiu ^Sooo/D^^iscr (su (Lp<Sii rrQ ^ tT (L^@ ^/BsijSDi^iujrfnuu iSlpuiSlSs^ 

^@Q ^(BQuprSlskQufTQ^lL®^ ^pi5<SiriTS!^ ^tfl^^fTiU ^pLD. ^^ 

^mu (^iricSTQpQiLDssr ^(rp,6ijcs)suu(BLb. ^eup^ch (sSir^Eisarfrsijesr — ^dresr 
Sjp(^ Qla=iusijQeoscr<2jLhy ^esre^umsnth e^tSleuQ&iGsrsiJih, sisnorrpp^&iviy 
ej pu isuGS)!rm^Qs,!Te(TGi]<sw. ^ss^isu^mh euiTLpLSIcVJau/rseSear Q u Qhf^Q Loecr 
P(Si^f ■Sjertsii ^LDQpmQ&r ue^iojp^piqLo jjfSuuQ^^ iBp(^(^ Qpu 
L-jcs)L-UJ6sr SsosupGDp Ffi3m(Bi <3^£;uajrr6sr Qsiri—isi® npsp&<sssr ^rrn 

Os'eosu^rrQuj &qTfkm. ^'SO&)p^^p(^ ^eun-jani—ODinQufreiij ©^ ^pw 

P^^P<^^ &pii^(Sij>LOuSldT (LppSK-puuCl—^, 

L^rfliurrir aem^u npea, 

(uir-esiT.) er - ^, — Qs^&^sniEis&r ueosupj^&rmfLo ^irmLiiQ^(Bs 
•suulLl^ Qs=€06ULDir<su^ ^(^OT/rsOT eu(T^(iF)Q 3=120^1}), ^o°oQ/SrrL^rB^ Qurr(r^ 

OlDLDU®^G0. Q_tLIIT/E^{riTSSSS!QiS!Sr ^SieO^ ^<50<SO/r^ ^(W)LLQ£FiS^£uQlD 

&pu'Sli^ Qeiisku^fTLh. 

(Qs5 -u - cin/r.) — QuirnnsrrQ'a^Goeiiih - QuirrrEerrrredisuQ^d]} 

241. Tlie wealth of kindness is wealth of wealth, in as much as the 
wealth of property is possessed even by the basest of men. 

s^, m<30(oorrp(7rj> (gpz^ lurr^enirstrs u id eo ir p qtj' p 

^(TFjCSf^oDL-UJirrra; • ^(ck(S!ipQiL!fr<saQ({)jeu<sniTs; ^majQiB/Sserr ereoeorr<SiJ'b(V^ 

^etrsnojsaTtTGJSsr Qurr/SI<S(StTfrp e>rr^]!ihsn'LLQiL^LD} (^/Slserrfrssr ^lii^ 
'^635r0Lb ^^LDiresTQpLhj 3;rrr)^^iTQLDfrL^uufTQiu ^SLDQpLJo srear Qpsk^u. 

^ULjUUp/51 ^SSSTQF^LD P_(S1I OD LD ULj LO , ^EIISieSTlh ^6h-(7r/llSl6Sr g)^ Sh.l—(TQ ^SST 

e^piLjEi Sh-iLi^ ^QpesruiTQr^d-pctTrr, ^'3S)sijiljld e^nf^eunpqrfW' ^su^^errCsTT 
^L_/s@_^GSs3r, QpebrQ psk pQ (3d sq^^^. QuirQF^iE^Lriirqr^eiJ^ ^^ ShJBCo 
^^ sk-i—aQ^esr^ ^eksessrQsm- Q^rresr^ueiJ^ ; ^^Sssr isyL-,^0dmT nj^ 
^Qiueiru. ^ptTr^Qesresru^ QeL-p^smLDLDiuisuo. epesres^pQuufrm Qqrj'isj 
euiresiLDiLifreu^ LD^Qsu^umLu.tTisk ^&Tssieys(sr^Lo Q u rr (fF^isir s (sthih sld 
Qpeir LDfT^Q&fru.ei • ^esrewisurruSl^iJD ^(yjsfr ^Ssssr Qujisarppsisisr ^<s@ 

Qtuei!r(vr/>iT. ^es^eii u9^<s<kr®urrLLu.rr^Lo ^(^<s^asr^ ^puLjS sh-puuiLu.^. 
{Q^-u-qdh .^ — fBed^p(7i/'60 - /Gisced euL^u9Q(od iSsk^^ /sm^- 

^eusuQ^Qerr \^(D6ijQ(7r^ioirr£l(SoSsiiQiuskpuL^.~\ 

242. (Stand) in the good path, consider, and be kind. Even con- 
Bideiing according to the conflicting tenets of the diflferent sects, kindness 
will be your best aid, (in the acquisition of heavenly bliss). 

eSlm(^ e/susii ty«sv. 

243. They will never enter tlie world of darkness and wretched* 
ness, whose miuds are the abode of kindness. 

ruif-swir,) er-^j — iB2soQu£jjGy>i—iu sSn-a^smJQuer^ 3jQjp/Behrs<dir 

HJ fr Q ear sstQqj J LDj2/faOTU3S«SKrr ibitsslci L-jStremLDsQs^ sh-^njeun-Qr/Sp^, 

(Q^-u-sin/r.) — LD6irs-tiSlr-f383oQu£}jS!DL-(u &.u9!r.£8sfrj G^thiQ^ 

^/D(g GT^cunQuj^ sSlc'Ssr - urreuiEisi,rriri5!!rGSi<oxiy ^e\} - s^essTL^fr^rr^ 

244. (The wise) say that the evils, which his soul would dread, 
will never come upon the man who exercises kindness and protects the 
the life (of other creatures). 

®. ^sos\) €0(n^sntTGrTGi]!Tfr3i Qeo2sO €i]eB6i]L^iki(^ 

(U(P - 6!J)ir.) Sr-^j J)/(W)(^€!DL-lJUrrirS^ ^UDS^LDlSl^Lh ^QK ^GSTULO 

S-GssTL-irsfT^-j ^^jb:^£ssrrr,£2j ^ujiii(^Qeirp eumuu^em^iLjesiL-iu Guifltu 
(^rreo^^ eurri^iaumT s^rrssr^j ct-^. 

^p@ s^ifliueuiT. ^0STr /r err 6)7 /r/fs{^ ^soe^eo s^essTL-rrs epQr^srreo^^m e^iflL—^ 
^ih e^(rf)eiJ(if)iEi&ewsn—rSsufrrr ^mesiLDuSlsiirf i^m'<ss)LD(Lps^^!Tm' (^freo^^frir 
ujrreuQr)^ s'trdirQpesrurTrr, cueMeuL^ihi^ Losbei^ecr istfr^ir&^tsi siflQiuekQ/'n': 
€TemQ<su, ^Lhes)Las£sQsmr(5sru^ Qujb(^LD» (GJ/tsolo - ^(^Quijjit. ^csiisu 

u^isn^iLjesyL-iu^ L0fr-Qur9iUj '^ir&dLD - lj^lBuSq)) ev it i^Q eu it it , siB- 

245. This great rich earth over which the •wind blows, is a witness 
that sorrow never conies upon the kind-hearted. 

(uiF-stniT.) cT-^j — ^uSliT<sss3rLDfrLL(Bl3= Qs^ujiuuu^LD ^^SsTT-^^oO/f/p Ji/, 
S(sSljruu(BEiQsn-(SlaDLDs23iT3= Q<FiLQ^n-(ip(^eijrr0S)ir Qpssr^LO ^^^uQurrcif) 

(Q^ - u - anir.) — ^q^&rHiEsQ - (^^-vSlrraeBL-^^g' O^ujiu 

Ǥsrr, Q<FuJ^ G^(ip(^QJ!rir ~ Qg^uJ^iEL-uufn^frj QuiTQ^eniSisS- 
{(ip<ski9pui3(o6^iLiLc>^ ^£)]^uQuirQ^2efr^ Q^L-rrLLCOj Qurr&'a'iTis 

fifTif - (^!TL0^mUUu(5iQ<sirpSS)LDSiSHU^ LDp/B^eUir^ (oT'oku - GTicirj^ 

246. (The wise) say that those who neglect kindness and prac- 
tise cruelties, neglected virtue (in their former bu'th), and forgot (the 
sorrows which they must suffer). 

<2urroi), <or~£3j, 

^eu(2LiiS0ssth ^euBjSOSLD otsstucst ^(^Quiuir, ^iajsi](SOS^ ^ekuiEi 


Guirs^, ^(i^&r ^<od[nr<s(^ - (a_u5)/f<5Ea^63T(Dir)(Sv) ^Q^eideds\)!r 

247. As this world is not for those who are without wealth, so 
that world is not foi' those who are without kindness. 

248. Those wlio are witLout wealth may, at some future time, be- 
come prosperous ; those who are destitute of kindness are utterly desti- 
tute ; for them there is no change. 

*^. Q^(!^sntr^!rm Qu:iiuuQu!TQ^e(r &Gmi—P(rrj>p Qp^ 

(uiF-C5)iT.) eT-^j'—S-uSlirsessTLOinL® ^06rrO>FuJuj/r^a/63r Qs^iuiLjih 

^frpQurr^LDj <oT~£)i, 

QLDUJLjQurr(rFiCrr - QLnLufB,^c9p Og^nio^ihQurr'qr^&r. /SSsoQupp 

cS}l>GLDsirUSn'uSlp£iJ j ^sQsil, LSlpSlipiijSL-Q<SSO&)fnJD ^'^fJfJL-CSLD fLpso 

eL'Qf)iii(^priiai ff^puuLLi—^. 

Q3^iuujfr^CiJcaT^ Qc?=[iJiL|Lo - Qs^iJjQmrpj ^pio — ^p^e^^, Q^ 
Qurr(7^6rr-QLoiijrB^TsS!p Q3=iT<soQOUUiL.t—Qun'(f^do(r^ sssstQI ^pS^" 

249. If you consider, the virtue of him who is without kiuducss 
is like the perception of the true bemg by him who is without wisdom. 

SO. ClieQajmrQpp pehrd^sr iQSsvris^rrevT pm<oS&iT 

(Q^- u - cm/r.) — ^63rs3f?&2fr QmsQiuirirQiDiso - (^^qKettlioGorr 
(ipsisr - ( ^&ndssT eiiQf,^^^p(^ euQF^wQurr^ ^euir ) (fpear, 

250. When a man is about to rush upon those who are weaker 
than himself, let him remember how he has stood (trembling) before those 
who are stronger than himself. 

s.arsrr.sa696sr ^^jbr^i smressTLDrr^SsuiuLD, (ipesre^La ^^(G^sst su^^eSsar 
Q <ssr isj IE] esr miri^ ldq^stt. 

evrrQeur ^/SleSsOfr^ Qsiru^Qiurresr erekpeurr^T/'uSlp^. erisjiEie^ Lnm^LCQ^ 
Ciismr^^pQurrQ^L-Qj ^ir&n- i9cSl^ esrcdr - ^.re^ LDp(S(nj>(f^uSliB 

251. How can he be possessed of kindness, who to jncreaBe his 
own flesh, eats the flesh of other creatures. 

(ufP-fioiT.) GT-^, — Quir(rF)GtTnp uturnQsm—eo ^^^Socru urr^jErrajrr 
^aiT&Qs\)25\}, ^■^Qurr^f ^(W)(orTirp uajesTQsm—60 ssnoir/Sl^umi&Qi^ScOf 

,«^, QutrpQrj>^irrr.s(g\ ^ei'dsd — (^^^Zssri^ ^fruuiT/D(7r?^6iJ(fhs 

252. As those possess no property wlio do not take care of it, so 
those possess no kiudness who feed on flesh. 

in., UGyyL^Qsfr&ssTi—rrir QiBf^ffioQuir esr^^TS^ir Q ^ir&srp 

(uiP - 65)7.) er-^j — QsfrSoOssQTjsSi^syLu^ ^tiiGnsiSleo Q s it ecsr i_<sii ft 
LCsmiD ^^<^p Qs^ijuu^ih QsrrSovaDiijQuj QfBtTa(^sy^&>eo^ s^m^asa QtBtTS 
siT^sua^QurTso, i^/BQ^Tr^ir^tiSftlsk S-t—asvs^ cSfetDa/uL- djeBsn—euir LoesTUi 
^su&ipcsrQuJ Q,'B fT a (^ £u^&) so ^ ^(7T^2sn Qfsirasrr^j <^-£ii. 

^CS)QJU[—(SijGSZrL-60-£SfTiUtElSeiTfT6k @6rf?iiJ <^ISDSV^^ rTsQ lLjeS3TL^C0. ^jS 

(Q^ - u - GJo/r.) — G^ebpssr - i9^rB(D^ir(7^u9if)esr^y e_L_ev - 
s_L_^, a^GTxsM^sssTL^irir - s'royxsiJUL—eijemL-Qjjr^j iDssriM-LnesTLcrr 

QssfrewTL^CiJjr^, Qm^g'ihQufreo - LDesTthQuirGOj iB&sr^ ssa:6B<s[r^- 
(^QiBfrSs06!SiLu(DfE!TA(^(oU^<S0C0^^ ^ (TF^dsaQ iBrri<3iir ^ , 

253. Like the (murderous) mind of him who carries a weapon (in 
his hand), the mind of him who feasts with pleasure on the body of 
another (creatiire), has no regard for goodness. 

«f. ^^(TF,QTeo(20 ^imrOs^ioSp Qsirdoeoircsiib Q^irpeo 

(uif-65)T.) CT-^j — ^Qh,Gir lurrQ^estlasT, Qsmso<sorr'S!DLD ^ ^(fT)<srreOGO^ 
ojiTQ^etflp Qsrrp&) ■ ^-scu/resTp ^aQ&fTpeorr&jr euis^ 

ijn-QJLJD^ 6T'£)tt 

^uB^rrireuipajSiiT&i QsrrsosorreiyjLD, QsrrjDeofrSliu smfliiJEjs^sfr ^rmcrr 

uiTEuQiDssTS &mflajLDirsQiLjiii 3k./Sl(SS)r. ^QFii5rr&)G0^-Qsn'®cs)LD. ^/dulju 
up/Sl SjPQpLD Qurr(rF)Qs:rr<cvrLJu(B^6QsiTj uireuLD Qufr(fr,ciT£OsoQ^GsruuL- 
i—^. QsirpQeiiesr (Lpeket^QSTpes^LCiSshr, ^eua^QeuT^(^if. ^sS ^^Ssm- 
©jeusurrpear/S j^/fr^GtreoeoQ^eisTu^Soor e^eisTQ^&Q^ QsmsoGorresiun QarrpQiXshr 

254. If it be asked what is kindness and what its opposite, the 
answer would be pi'eservation and destruction of lite ; and therefore it is 
not right to feed on the flesh (obtained by taking away life.) 

(uiP-G«nr.) GT-^j — €^(7^3=rr(fr)uStir p^u-LOLSIesrsesmQessr Sipped ^sn^eiar 

s_ 65^57" 6C3rLJLJ©m sS) 60Ej(^serr ^ij^^eo G^uj/b^ &60eurrSj qj^ssroj ueo 

QidSd /Spps^eisT iSleir m!L^6ssrumfs(^u uireuLBeodoO QiwscrutrGSitr ld^^^, 
^ o°o^ em Qi^eku^ ^sueSjrsmQurrLLu.rr^iBj <3h.puuLLi-.^. 

255. Not to eat flesh, contributes to the continuance of life ; there- 
fore if a man eat flesh, hell will not open its mouth (to let him escape 
out, after be has once fallen in). 

dw-. Qlc!srpQu!r(TKL-iL.!rp Q&(T&)&dT ^eoQiSofleaT lU/TQ^ih 

(uiP-G))T.) 6T-^^ — Qucsi^cmLD & IT ff sav La fT & j)/&)&i^ mubir ^mcs>s 
ornressTLDfTS s-eoaiBjQsn-£\)&in-^rruSlcir} Ou/r0crr airjrsjsrisxrs s^iew" e£lp 
u/rtr iurreu(rr)ih ^soSso, er-^. 

(ipeisT iQ s CLDLQ 0«/rcuUs@<s siriTcsanh ^srranLDiSl^, ^6Nurr!Ta(^s sititcsst^ 
^fT6sr euQf)ih uiriauijo ^s^osoQujekp ai;/r^antu Q/bitsQ^ ^q^^^tu^^ sjcit 
cDGuuuiTp smresiTLCirr^c\) s^rr^^^eSlesr^ ^^i^tsisr Qldso^ euG^iii^^^u 

(^Q ^ - u-(S35/r.) — ^Q<oST6vQuir(mLLi^frei) - ^ovr^^6\) sirjrem' 

jriTuSsiTj eS!S0\)LjQuir(mil.L-(r&)-isSlSsouQurrQ^m' •znsressnmrSj asa&jir 
^QT)QJ!T!r - GSLSs^eSpueur, oj/r^O) - (ST6U0LD, ^ev - ^su/f. 

256. If the world does not destroy life for the purpose of eating, 
then no one would sell flesh for the sake of money. 

LjsissTepsT ^ 633T rr 61J IT iT u QunSsir. 
(uiP-6a)T.) CT-^, — i^eofTs^fTsu^ tSl/£l(J^tT(yT)U,Lh Si sir L/etor ; ^^ 

(Bib, eT~£:j. 

Qldujldcs^ld &.emrjTn-aDLDtSl.6sr, j>j^assr ^emQiocr(nj' Qfr^u^rrm. QurrQhi^ui 

LDfrij3rfr,&ev}-SG!nLu), ^^Gssrn'eijfriT-^l[3QeuiTaT>ir^ Qu^efsr-QupQ)^^^ 
ss-eini(^s?)s^u^QcU6^(blu:i-(^^LJLjs))rr8so') n^essr i:sss)(oi ^ it lB i-uQ eiisssr (B lc , 

257- If men should come to know that flesh is nothing but the 
nnclaen ulcer of a body, let them abstain from eating it. 

fidsOLjSliflQeueiruj^ cj^O.y/riio. LSsrirOLOsar 9§s:e^ sir GLDiUiheiDLD ^rrQi-O 
(^Q^-u-giht) — Q 3F u9 (TI 15k - (^LD'JuisLanSliu) (^pp^^(oS&iT 

258. The wise, who have freed themselves from mental delusion, 
will not eat the flesh which has been severed from an animal. 

«55>. ,_g)ye£?Q<3^/r/l?/5 ^rru9jrLc> QsulLu-gQ Qt^ssrp 

^M.3osr a_G3sr ^5)053/10 ib&st^. gt-^. 

£ih^ - {^u9eo^ Quiu^j ^vSliru:iQ<oi]LLi^<£i'3k - ^u9irLDiun-.S(s^ 

259. Not to kill and eat (the flesh of) an animal, is better than the 
pouring forth of ghee &c. in a thousand sacrifices. 

<50. Q^iTisocdfriok ljsVitBso Ln^^^frSssr<s GSi.s3h.ui9 

Qiueocoo' isiju9(miB Q^wqmld. 
(uiP - 6ij)T.) GT-ffj, — gp0u3(so/ru^/5y Glsfreoeoir^sv^LDfraju Lj&)frosi)u-jLh 

S.CSSr^)^euSo<ST ioTS^Oi!T(Si^U^(W^I5J ic!J)S(^6SlS^S QsfTfLpLD) loT-£}I. 

iT^err 2_sx)^iu /rear LX)^cs)LDS<sahrQ^euiflsir LRiSXfTi^QLDsar ^uuiusst^ Qu 

ei^u9Q^LCi-(or(5)3sofriSiju9ir.S(&Fu:i^ GSiS3h^ui9i-e<s).s(^eSl^'i^, QsirQ^nJa - 

260. All creatures will join their hands together, and worship him 
who has never taken away life, nor eaten flesh. 

Q-(oT - LL. ^j^ ^Siilh. 


enrrasT &.cssn^<s?(r^ss^uD, QsBrrcsii—ssessr OojuSliJo/Sck; Spp^LO^ LDmfluSl^Lo 

(njp pio(Lp^hs>(^ Gij(7F)fB ^muiEi&dsnu Qurr^^^y iSlpEijuSliraSofr Qiumh 
L-i^GO. /_/c\)/r63rLDj3/^^ S-uSlirsemQiDso ^nF^eisr (tp^rri^iLBs^ Qs^ujuuu 

<55, g> ppQiBiriu QfErrcsrp ^u9n'^(^^{Bs^ Q 6f iLi tn rr ev) ld 
ojpQp ^CiJ^Qlp (^(§. 

(LJIT-b5)fr.) 6T-^, ^GLI^^6ir(SUL^(alj 2_633rtp.6f 0ffiSeO (Lp S <s9 UJ ISJ p (m &) 

LD^j2/6rrcTrsOTOa/s~i)cv)/raD ^sup^caQefr Sji—Eii^^i^sisry ^pQpQajiosr-s 
Q^pQpsrriftsj QstT®^^rrir. ^eu^^p^ ^-Qf)^pQp ereuru^ ^'luirossriu^®:3h-iflG^6sru^Ssj:r iLirrS5srs(^s Qsrr® s^tf)^''' srskimpQun-so M.m<si] 
fStcT Qiun(W)L-S,^sr /Brresrstrev^ euii^ lduj&slc,. ^^(SsjffO S'suss^ ®'^^ 

w!TGST^, ^_ppQfBrruj - (a_63a(r^d5-(^(i(^^6\) np;Se\)fresres)6USBerrfreo 

261. The nature of religious discipline consists, in tlie endurance 
(by the ascetic) of the sufferings which it briugs on himself, and in ab- 
staining from giving paia to others. 

(uf-GOiT.) CT-^j — utLiQeurtuek/SI^ ^suib^it^ld ^smn—trci.i^ QJ^P 

pSVQpeSiL^LUfTlT&Qs • ^S&ilTGUT, ^p^S^^OT,^ ^LC(tpppeULS<S\)&)frSfT IT 

Qpajc^eu^ ULUEt^eijr Qptup^iuirLOj gt-£}j, 

u^3=uj^prr&i ^/Sleijuo Sj^pp^ih ^aDi—iujrfnu (Lpu^o^QurrssGQdr <ssu 

Qp<3Sil^iUrT(TS Sfr(^QLD6Ur£HLDj sioo^Gdn-p[TiTa(^ ^ODGUuSleSTG^LDiSleir (Lpi^- 


262. Austerities can only be borne, and their benefits enjoyed, by 
those who have practised them (in a former birth) ; it -will be useless for 
those who have not done so, to attempt to practise them (now.) 

Lopeinp iue)jfr<s l-euld. 
(u[f-6a).T.) CT - ^ — ^(kaSiip^uD^Qiu up^ Spurnr ^piB^nn s,(q 

^CSITL^LLILD LOmi^LD S^COpiLjfZr^LD S-^SuSsj ffl9(7JLCLj)^ ^fTii ^ Qj f^Q 3^ iU ^CS-O 

wpib^irrfQurr^LD^ 6T-£ij. 

iLj/s ^rrevr^QsiTQiDso cS(TF)UUL3(^^LUfT€ur LDprn^frfrQurr^ QinsmQcu^ ^rrssr^ 
Qp peuih iBsaG^Gku^ Qup(y^LD. 

(Os-u-e^irA — Lcpxsnpiueun'.xeifr - ^sceop^e^^Qiu upaSl 
j9pua]ir<xerrf ^pitflfrnfi(^ - (^^Q^&JGtnsuup^ih) 6QiLL-sxiiri(^, 

iLp is^rriT Qu rrep] w . 

262. Is it to provide food &c. for the ascetics who have abandoned 
(the desix'e of earthly possessions) that other persons have forgotten (to 
practise) austerity ? 

QlLgsstgs^B p psii^^n eisr euQKLD. 

(Lppp^S^pk^nkkr^ <o^eci(^^iD Q.Qj,i^frQr)Lo s_eOTC5)LD <si-z_/rcwLo 
uSlecTj ^ev^QpQsp/Sl uj(SQ!TSSLJuil.L^^. 5T(oasre!^Q6crekp^(S^€!!r, ^qjit&(^ 

jSp^QioesT^ ^aj^Q3:LU6ijrriTQLD(sQil.(B^ ^eu^^ssT^ ^ppeo,ffk./S!uJ£viT^. 
{Q^ - u ~ (23)7-.) — £^sar@/f - (^ld^ ^p^j^^(^ ^qdl^i^jjj 

■sevLD. <x{Ber /'/ 


262. If (the ascetic) desire the destruction of his enemies, or Ihe 
aggrandizement of his friends, ib will be effected by (the power) of his 

(s!. QsusssTL^iu Q 61] essTU^iu fr !Ei QsL^eowp O o" iLi ^■S5 exJ 
(uif-SinT.) GT-^j — (LptLiei!r(i7j>s-j LD^etnLDsasmr^fril) QGuesmta-Uj utus^r 

/7rsJOT-Oz_6OTLJ^@)S3T LD^ii'oiSiLcas.Qapsrcku ^ Qup(njLD. Qld/ds^j (S(B 

(Q^- u - loinr.^ — QevessTL^iu ~ ((xptUoJ(r(W£v) QupQ<su6aw b^{u 

L/(L/S5r6BSsrr, QeiJSSSn^^!EJ(^ — QcUSSHTL'jlUJUI^GlU^ <5TlU^toX)fr60-(^LCiJM 

e!nLnu9Q(o\)^frLh^ Qupevfrti) ^j^^e\)rr(SO, Qs'iu^euLD - G<3'-iuilj^ ^O 

265. K-eligious discipline is practised in this world, because it 
secures the attaiument of whatever one may wish to enjoy (in the world 
to come.) 

<%-. ^eu^Q^iiieuTir ^iki^QfjUn^T, Q^-LuaifriTLDp pic(s\)!r 

(uif-anT.) er-^j — piEiS(Tr)LD(z^ Qs^ujsvirjriVGurrn- ^prsj^ ^isv^cs^^.'f 
Q^ujsurrrr- ^&i<cC)n-QujrrL^:ip Gurr(rF)&'fi'SsruiEjsosn-&: Gj^iLisufriT s^sup/Slck 

^S^^LDfTuj QpsuGQS^ ^curu^^^mLJ s^ijSlnlsirQ£V(yaj S-i—p(^ <su(f^.s 

t-jssctrrrehr ^fBrr^mrrs^ ^eiruQLDiu^eyqFjQesrp s_uSl/r (u^rresnh iSlp/F^ 
eS® Qu^LDfTseQsk, pei](^Q3=ajeurTioSifr^ ^ ik a (tt^ldi^ Q^ujeurrQnesr^^LD, 
sessT^^crr ^L^cupmu &prBmu^^ssrQutT((F)LL®u u^s^LSlpeSu^ti ^ski^p^ 
s;<zs urreiJ(5TiQs=uj^Qsrri-.6QeoT^ ^eoedrrpfrcmrr ^cu(S}^Q3=iJueunQiT(:ir^io, 
<Si.^(OT)/r. mp^u — c^lSi^Lorrp^Gisrseisrajip^. 

Ltpe^pu QurrQ^e{fl&irufEJS?e<frdrQ3=uj6iiirir, ^633<?u_|6frL/z_® - (^cjoq; 

(^«) Qs®Qe=iiju6ij irrrcufrir. 

266. Those discharge their dufy who perform austerities ; all others 
accomplish their own destruction, through the entanglement of the 
desire (of riches and sensual pleasm c). 

er. ^L-<3F{Ri^(Tf,Ln Quir<osjQurr Q bV rr eif) oQ Q th ^5SJU^ 

&rl—<9=&rL— QfBirpSl/b IJ6U/T'S(^, 
(Uif-60)T.) (ST-^, ^uSl€ksQ(SSS)(BL£) Ourr6Cr^S(^ Jlj^ <5^L_6c<5fL_^ 

^«(6C)ssr £unF)/5^ssruL£> euQfj^^ eu(i^a^^ ^CcGimn'® seoihsi urreuS^jQ 
•3i-u-a=-3?i—(rF)LD QurrczTQun-Qe06iT(^ jrfriSl^Lo, s-(tF)^^Q(5!t&Q ^eueurr 

267. Just as gold is purified as heated in tbe fire, will those slain e, 
who have endured the buriung of pain (in frequent austerities.) 

(Q^ - u - cjn/r.) — ^siTs^u9ir - ^ear^s^uSi^.T, ^rrek^p - 

^GSieViUfrQlU, Ln£isTS^u9sT(oT6\:}G0!TLD - fQBs\>(o U^ G!DL..lU ^^ u9 !r -^ Q 6X160 
eVirtXi, Q^rr(l£LD-6T!),S3h.UL9 exlGSSTIEJf^LD, 

268. All other creatures will worship him who has attained the 
control of his own soul. 

«9s>. 3h_pp!S3 (^^^^^lii esia,3h.Q QmirppsQ 
<^pp p^ljulL iL^eyiT6S(^. 

&puL^thcs>LD ^^ <3h.t—iresiLD eSerrkQp£ii j UDek^'uSlQirdoeorriB 0^n-(ip 

L-cuiri^y ■Tn./b/nLD-uj Looser, (s^Qi^s^id - sa^^-Tj^Lb, cw<gjc^_®a)- 

269. Those who Lave attained tlie'"power which i-eligions disciph'no 
confers, will be able also to pass tlie limit of Yama, (the God of death.) 


(uf-6?niT.) OT - ^, — ^ods^s'^ Oa^eoojirsar &sdjrrrs. fseo-sh-n-iiufnT 

Q^iuajrr^rrir ueojrfr-seo, 6T-£!j. 

Q^coevLD fBeomjrQaJsisTuecr — i^ssstQ ^/SlsSssr^ s_s33rc5)LD uSlskoDmsSorr 
iLjiEi i^jBs^ Sssr/Deur. erskosw ? ^^^sisr^}icissrrr a^lsisrsntD gu^sidld uj°oS^ 

& •soQ freer s smrsmisi sh.^c!sr<soLDiu(rehr, srrrflujLD cv qt^gS &; ^ en rr -i s u u lL 

iuenir, U6\)ir^QiU sirjTessTih - u<sojrrr^ih(^S'05!rir&fyru:) (^turrQ^dr 
(7?j~sx)), (c:5y^) QiBirpufTir - ^eui^Qs^iuQcumr^ &&)ir - Qeviriraij 
QfSfreMrr^Guir - ^eut^Qs^ujajtriscuir^ u&ofr - uGVirrr^eo^Lo. 

270. Because there are few who practise austerity and many who 
do not, there are many destitute and few rich in this world. "•^S"^'' 

c£\ QhLDL^LD rr ^ Q^rtekp ^susuaQp QsrrGssr® /Sesrjj/ •seu^Q^n® Quirqhih 
^n-^^rnu ^ujQsyrr(Lp<iaLh. ^^ q9co<S(^^^(^, ^^ ^cu^^&iTiSlsk casus 

BsfTtB^ mS^Q^ f5(^LD. 

(uiF-eiDT.) (sr-^ ,—Qj(^3=Lo QurrQffi^'jj Loevr^es^^ ttjcmi^ujsueuT^ 
LDas)pr5^ QeufTQ^sos^as^^j ^l-lduituj j!jisuQ(Sff)(B sco.i^ £lpQasrp li^isss 

ssTiSiLD jSesracssrQcBST Q^irck/Sl rBCsQiurrSpsei^Lh ^^evr^ ^6k<cS)LO 
sh.rBu Ljp^^acs)rr eu(^&^^cMscT eij(z^5=LassrQu:)e!r^LD, ^/s/seQetj Qurr^&s 
i-CiinLi—nQfl^iT(i^(^iEi S6TrQeuir(u>-s£s^a^^u ui^pQ(ff(i£i'S&QLDeisr£ULh, s^cds^ 
^s ecn-<atjcs)L-Ujrrn- iSlpir/Slajfnri/b Qs^uueuesreyri^px^ ^LoQuQf^LDL^aiisj&erT 

271. The five elements (of bis body) ^ill laugh within him, at the 
feisrned conduct of the deceitful minded man. 

^(T(5ST(Sl (^ppu UL^&sr, 

(uif - eoiiT.) GT-^, — gj0ai;g2/<5@ euirecrQurr ^lurrih^ ^euQeuu-Ca 
(STsurcsr uiu'Ssars^ Qs^iLsilild, ^rrm ^ppQioek p/Sl,i^ ^^esrs.msrQeasr ^eor 
Qcw(Z^'3? ^ IT Q^LDtruSl sir, €T-^.^iuirO^n-ppQLDmu^ "isurrmQ(7r;'LLj(^L^^^ <srm(fr/p(^ur60 ^a)<s 

(W/pprEi sapQjuui—rrioiDLDuSlem-^ Q!B(z^'Sf- (^pp^^ ^rrQujcSKBLD • eSlL^Qoj^ 
jScirp QeuL^LDH'^^sr^^piQu Ljp^^rranrr QeuQr^LL&^Qiso iugogo^ Qsajr^ 
uiue^sodaO Qiu<shru^fTLD. 

(Q3-u-(S!r>ir.^ — ^irdr ^pl-^irm- ^/Sm^, (^ppia- (W^ppps 
^i]^(^\ Qj/T'&ars-iu/r - ojirssTQuir^iufr m^ , Q ^trppia - ^suQevu^ 

272. What avails an appearance (of sanctity) high as heaven, if 
his mind suffers (the indulgence) of conscious sin. 

(u[P - anx.) CT - ^, — LDG:fr^GS>^^ ^isir£jL^uu(B^^JLD aj(sSuSl(k)COfr^ 
eui£luu(B^&:) u<3^isfrsu0OiT s tp^iu rr ldso LjeQuSlsh-Q^frSsdu QuiriT^^u ODuiii 

Sh-(SS^Lp QiDiui^rrpQufT^LD. 6T-£2J. 

(^<k>Qun-(TFji^suaDLD. eiJcQi3€^os)}sinLDiurrQet!reirp ^QPL-turr^iih, Qldluib 
s^pQpek^fB Q^rTL^^swsnLDiurr^LJDj eL/eoji^y^eu^C^/r© LDeursuL^u u(B^ 

^<s=s^^^rrmii LDrnh • ^aQsu, guso^qt^cuiei Qsn'u.p(^u uiucir ^esresrsirjr 
essnhi&emreir ^eos^^rrir ^uSljrTesiLDiurruSlpjDj. ^dieurrjpi ^isurs(^iflLU ^G^ieoir 
2sfiiLjf5 ^pi^ qjc^iulBs'ct^u iSJpir ^uSurrs e.'^o^nr)ei^(tpiiiQs(rcssr(B iSdx 

QuiT'asrciJL^ Guir(v^.S'3v), Qu/bpLD - u 3i cii IT esr ^ ^ (^jstreu/b^mrir 
QuiriT^i^-Qutrn-^s^iQmfrcisiQ^ GLnuiii^^j^p^-uu9aarr(oLLiufB 

273. The assumecl ai^pcarance of poAvei% by a man who lias no 
power (to restrain his senses and perform austerity), is like a cow fcediug 
on c:rass covered with a ticrer's skin. 

-ff'. ^SULtiC^piB ^(oOiTdG^SU Q3=dj^Cd L] ^ <oST LDQDp /B ^ 

QdJiLQGijssr LjCQiEiLp^ fip^ , 

^QJLD-^r^QuLUIT. pCSiJLD6d6OQjri0j)piF Q 3^ ILI S; GO fT QJ Jfii l9 p IT G (S^ffl iU LDSafl 

esrr^ ^eurGunJ^^nd^^tki. ^^s^ld ^^Q^rriSlG^Qj(^LDiuiTcsTs^/S!<z. 

(Q^ - u - esjir.) — ^cuLD - (jpi/(au6iJ<3V(oVcniLDu9&)ex>fr^ iElSs\:)csiii> 

^6\)-^cuLD6\)s\)fr^^aa6iJ<z8on<3^\oi<SFiLi^<so. QeuLLQeuic^-QeuL^GST^ u/Beo— 
Lf^eSIQtsv, iDonpiE^ - e^eifl^^Q^fb^y uerr-upesisnoiSsTr, QiDih^ 

^£il ^pJPJ--L-^i^;dj^^Guir^LC). 

274. He who hides himself under the mask of an ascetic and com- 
mits sins, is like a sportsman who conceals himself in the thicket to catch 

(^. upppQp QiCb'siufrir UL^pQ(r)jQ£i& QinpOppOpssr 
QpfBLB uevei^fb ^(7f,ld, 

(LJI?-G!J)iT.) CT - ^j — ^LDG^LDU iSlpiT 156^(3^ U) ^ ^ ^ pQ U fT (f^iKB lUTTLD 
UpppQpQLDa!T£U Q^faGiQJTTJT^ LDGDpiB ^Qoj rTOnS S.LD ^uQufT(ip£il ^^^ 

Q,TfTc060GfreiJGi)si)^ upp(y>/CS>ijjuS!cir^ up/rpQir) QLCcauaQfTek^un, 
Qi5®tsisrreii Spu^mu ufTSiJJ^C!y><s3: Q^iuwitr- ^^ckd^^offeSm^essr ^ibG^^t 

LD^^^rbQurr(^LLQ^ u^pihQ(irjQu:.&sr^ Qa^frev^oj.Tir^j ui^jpj 
c^Qpasii) ~ iMGDp!B^Qex]irQ£gi^La!r€m^^ (^uQuir(Ln^ ^^-^ 

275. The false conduct of those who say they have renounced all 
desire, will one day bring them sorrows that Avill make them cry out, 
*' Oh! what have we done, what have we done." 

<9^. QjE^^P ^Upsurrir ^pih&^rrrrQurreo cii(^9l^^ 

(uif-snT.) 6T.^, — Qt5:^3=!T/b uppqrj^ GS)(Sii^^ uppp(nynQuaiSjr£)i 
piTesr^Gg'iueijrTc^n- eu(Gf)Q^^ GvrrQpLDaiaQun-a) eum&essrcsimciDUJiLjCDL^ 

^rre:j^Q3^iusufrcsirr eu^Q^^&irrQj^ tumh LD^ua^LDsasihrQ^Qjjrrr^p 

^^Qsir(skr(B ^L^i3pui3&;rirrT&(^^eo. ^ojrr ^i^SlpuSleurirfr^&i ^'^i—iii 
S60IT6S Qib^ ^n-6uruuuj^^(SS)&)Gii£U (tpirSir^s — ^i—Eisl- eur^Bojil. a^eij 
L/eOQ^crr cus^p^ml. Qi—iT6m/£l — iLji—ihOufrQ (zp&nse Qcrrnei^euiT ^tpses^ 
LdtTih^ euiri^suiT — LDL—rEia'&)(^ ^ pp^ ^uLSlehr LDfrcsrCeuesr Lodrajr QrrQp.''^ 
sTssTu^tee) ecr/Sls. ^ld.s@ ^ojew Q<3=LU^.TifG(^ ^srr/scsr eSdotr^^G^tir^ 
eu6sr£S(^if}eo Qeo^Qr^rr. 

(0^-L/-(53)/r.) Qfr,l^&(SST - Uj€ST ^^ ^GM , ^pdJITIT - (^UpjDJ 

aadsa^ (oS':L-iriinSl, s^pi^anQuirco - ^jpns^ojirQuir&i^ q/^Q 
^^ - (^/r63r(QjOcfF(iJ6i;7"(Sjr)/r) eU(^Q;i^j euiTLpeurriBioir-euiTir^LoeiiiT 

276. Amongst living men there are none so hard-hearted as thosr, 
who without forsaking (desire) in their heart, falsely take the appearance 
of those who have forsaken (it). 

er. upiEii^iokpl assoTL^dsnTiu Qrr^}j LDSiEi(^icsr/!S 

(uiF-C!J)ir.) CT - ^, — (^GUT/SluSi^L-jpihQuas^ Qsui—^^rrp Q3=U3Cs>ldilj 

Q-eosLJo, er-mi, 

iBp^od^i^lL®3= Q^uu^Q^ld ^^luacsiLDuSl^i^ Qs^esrpm'ev.TuSl^Lhf 
UGssTurreo gp^-fsSocr, ^gdw ucsarLjenenLD : ^'•^j^tir LDG^LOSsnb' Qurrssr 

(Q^ - u - mfT.) — Ljpth - QtnQco, (v^cir/)^ - (j^sirfi^Lncs^ 

277. (The -world) contains persons whose outside appears (as fair) 
as the (reJ) berry of the Abrus, but whose inside is as black as the nose 
of that berry. 

^/. LCiCSI^^Sl U^^-3=!T3i ID IT GlSJTL^ IT IT t§ JT IT l<^ 

(uif-SJDT,) <5T-^, — LOTS? ^ihiDcsr^^eur^SGkrGssr^frzLJ iSlpiT.i(^^ sjsu^ 

^i_(G3)fflQ(Ea)ff'. ^saf? ixifres^i—rriT i§rrtTU^Qiu6aru^p(^ LCifrLL&ss)LDUULLt—ir 
QQiDciru^Lh ^ar^puuL-i—e^. 

278. There are many men of masked conduct, who perform their 
ablutions, and (make a show) of greatness, while their mind is defiled 
(with guilt.) 

eSlos^uQ uiTi^dfrp Q^irerro). 
(uif-Cinrr.) er-^^ — ^'-i>u euL^GurrpOjFiSji^^n'ijSl^'Lhf Qs^iuacitrpQsfr 

O^/T" err err /r^j ^snrr Qj^lug^ulLl^ eh-p(fr^Q(SST ^rSli^QsiretrSj er-jjy. 

279. As, in its nse, tlic arrow is crooked, and tlio cni'vod lute is 
slraiglit, so by their deeds, (and not by their appearance) let (the np- 
rightucss or crookedness of) men be estimated. 

«0. lXLfi<i^^ liiL-i—^Lo GcuGikL^rr o/evccti 
(uiP - 65)ir.) 6r-j57, — ^eu^Qs^ujeymrsi;^^ ^3soLDu9cs>ir ix.L^^^^)i^ 
O^csr^ (Qpp!sjsh./Sl^ju c^(t^siE^(Si->^ai ei^ih^(ESli^sh-y Gr-jp], 

U/SI^^^LD LDL^^ffJ^&T ^L_ey@UD. LDL^^^QsOSSTuQ^ ^ceOLDuSeSifT 
^p(^^^tfQ<S<oJST ^) (^pp.iTjQ^'frdoGdUULLL^ G^^is^es}^, ^L^^ 

,gj(sSli^(oir - iiiQiaQ<SlGUtr!rfru9iok^ ldi^^^&^ld - (^su^0<?uj(oay/r 
11 <i(^^^BsOLDu9£y)iT^ OP e^ t^ p <^Q a" iLi fl G^ id ^ liiLL^GOjih - (=^'^ 

2£0. There is no need of a shaven crown, nor of tangled hair, if a 
man abstain from those deeds which tlic wise have condemned. 

^°o^ifGii^ iSlp(ir^C!r)L-Gj:>LDUjmiSl(T^uu f^LurrQ^frQTjQurrQT^SstriLjLh ^eucnfr 

■sajerrrra^LDQujisuriTrj'.'T. ^eOGUfripsijmTSsrrSsir ^ldQjtit® gSI?<sii lu rr lL(B ojGWffi 
LUirco ^snoDiT <3U(^Q^^s QaifTL^pi^ <^€S)uuiB^ Q u fT (TFjOT ssastT ^liiisissnii 
Qsrrdrefil^iJa j>/cs)ldiljld ^ ^pi^irifs&fnSlssr ^^Ssvs &qF)Quj6ulPiljud Quifl 
luQ^fT rn(L£>s,e>[rLD ^seSlssr^ @^ ^p6upLDiTu9p^' L^p^^uQufr&iT^ 
LD'—iEiQ e^niFj^SaOLJULL® a.uSlsD/rS'uj Q.-BfTsspuireo^mu ^euirLcarrLO ^^o 
Q^iTi^ih^ Ljp^Q^ Qurri^ Uo°opSsouuL-(j) s^l^ldiSIsct Qurr(W)iL(BLs Quit 
(jT^str QiBfTSf^^QsiiLueir^j ^^i^ekSssriLjUD Qj^Q^^iQiEirefrG!T'i s(fF,^^do 
^suiTS(^u QuifltuQ^n ir\(ms&[rsGO ^/Ss. ^&j£urr£;i cumju^DLO Qp^p 
Qsrrsi6'dira)LC)uS(n/'UJ iBfreursQ.sirjr^Slp(^ Qlxiit<s^ld. Qufr(iF)arup/S tB& 
(L^iii (^pp^ss)^ (^GOji^Qdrp^sn-aeSiGSTy g)^ siTLCthup^ (Qsi^oj^friu 

<5C. (oT'i^Gnjanm QGuetrnQciiir Qssr^Turr QcoiSt^jjQmakjhj^ia 
ai&iremTGs^Lci •xrr^i.s^cisT Qsstiufjt. 

fcTcJruTr/rO^ssr^ii) er^iTLDCji/DGSSs^^Qtuj^iFLiD sTcrrarircsiLDQujesr^ ^ifli^ 

/fljouD, !§iT, ^, cyctflQiuesru y,^u> /5frc>iTQ.zQiueir^u:>, ^oj/bp^ Lycror/rj© 
6SlQ^u.3Srr/b Qiyrj>ick/Slu iSiiflcyrrcif iDmuoj^friu ^L^UDiSl6cr.sp<sssrQc!vr ^/Slcnj 

LD^GSliSksiL SCl'fluLjuQurrSO Qi^c/HuUL- I—lBiLjOlDSUT^HLOj^PW^GijuSIiT L^tBT 

iStmsurrQs^SHLOj ^muQpLD QuiTQF^(^ia G^(w,6iJi^p Qs=iuuJuu®<suQ^eir 

rSlpQ'tBpu g?(^@^<^' (^n-ssr^^/bQs^Gumu QLDUjfB,^/bQufrQ?)^QLU6^Lh 
^Qifliuassr euiBuLLL-GST^ ^aij3ssreij(^S^^.s Qs it 6rr<o/fl sir j ^^(Sjiii iscrreurr 
LDiTSLeQbir, Gr8swsQ^n'd!T£uQLD6i!r(7r/>ir. Qi5(^<3? <scrrciT/rLD/b srrsaOeva^QeUj 
^p.isnrrsttR gSI^sossuulLi— S6k(Sffi^so <zsrrcrr^s(rF)^^Q<30iciru^ Qlup(rr/LC), 

(Q^-u-s^ir.^ — ererrerrncs^LD - ((zp^^swdj) ^^t^fruad^, Qsjishr 
Qsurresrerssiuirissr ~ <s9m]ic>i-\QciitTssr ^suQesro^^ (^ai^Q^^trjifr 
Qeo\ i55ir(r>j>^Lc>Qds5LJuQQciJrr&^j erSssr^^^G^iosr^ih - iustQ ^sthk 
Q u rr (f^S'STTLLi LD i ^drTGniTG^LD - L9p<oS)ir6ii(oT,S<j;^iQiDfrGrrcfr iQ'Sssnufr 

281. Let him, who desires not to bo despised, keep Lis mind from 
(the desire of) defrauding another of the smallest thing. 

(UiP-e3)T.) GT-r^y--^(^pp!5}S,'B3fT^ ^sstQgst (i^a= fT jD SQn^jSe^LD ^p,i 
eucsysiutTGO evi'ir^&^^sQsrrciTQicnQwehr^ cLQjj^pSj GT-jpi, 

Qurrsorr^ QpuL-jesiL-^Q^shru^ (ipis^^.^p(^. S-iarerr^Qmeiru^ ^tS!(2j 
SpuLjihesyuy. ^/io q5)@^ t^ojirnQsurQcn-^iTLCiGs^piseisT qj/b^^. ^•sdsu 

sl^iuuuQqj Q^esru^irs-iii eh-puuiLi—eur. 

QiDiumh (^^^evireo^j i^^psbrQuirQ^^'StT-iQpssr^ Q u ir (i^Si^n- ^ scrrerr/s 

282. Even the thought (of siu) is sin ; think not then of craftily 
stealing the property of another. 

atreu^ Qufr&\)i Qd^Qio, 

^csyfruufTQF) (Lpcrrif. 

283. The property, -vvlncli is acquired by fraud, Avill entirely perisli, 
even while it seems to increase. 


Geir£)j<s<si)fr6ur &T(^i^iTcir^La ^s^serranaiQuj uuSleosS^^ Sj^(^p 
uiTisunpiS) uLSiLjih uLuiiQ^isSKbl^GSeurj ^LurT6SapLDf5^(rF)QLDSur(rr/iT, ^odsu 
uSirremQurriLL-n'^LD =sy^ &L^ujuu®^jb(^& srrjrsusnsjdh-puuL-L^^. 

(Q^ ~ u - sin/r.) — ^sfTisQ&sT^sssT - (^i9 pjQu fr (n^Ssn^ ciJ(^Q^ 

(^^uQufT^ ^eyfl^iQufrev Q ^ tr <ski /SI ) ^ e:SlSsne£lssrsoJsr - ^fr<oWu<jj 
dosrsQsirQ'iimLbQuir^, (Qfftufr6Q(LpLDL£,-Qfifr35\)iLiir^ ^^u^sgid^s, 

284, The eager desire of defrauding others will, when it brings 
forth its fruic, produce undying sorrow. 

^1' r:^lQ3^^QJ)^ uj<5sTLjsts)L-.iu jrrr^GV Qufr(7^crr<^(f^^u 
QufT'^s'fruL^u umTuufriTria esafieo. 

^LDa(^iflLU Qurr(rF)djiTiLjLJ:i ^^esr^ (^jv/dld Qmrr&Q^ spins' (^urrrs 

{Q^s-u-e^yrr,^ — ^(7r)(5rr - ^(f^'Si^ssr^ &,(L;/T>y c7'ot)uj, ^(mfhl- 
^,oS/'b^y ^oUTLj-sinL-UJiT^^SGO - (^^.zsinQioev) ^ihrLjesiL-UJirn LLi 

cttctt) iQSsar/s^^ Q u ir a- 3= (r u lj - (<iya;j"^^ Q<3Firn &ncUj uniruurrii' 
a;c33r - uiT iruQun iPii—^^^j ^co - S-essTi^iriBir^, 

285. The stuLlj of kintlncsp, and the exercise of benevolence is 
not with those who watch for another's forgetfuhicss, through desire of 
his iiropertj. 

(uiP.gin.T.) CT-^,— 2_u9/r (Lp^<^'jueupcs)p ^efr^^e^nSiu QfB/SluSls'crs 

6mJ?oOT^/ ^s foGsiiu cprLasLDfTi—t friT -s err GS63r& COST Qessr ldIss Qcui—GmB 

csyiutLjes^L^iurriTj gt-^. 

ulLi— Si^fTCDGiJSGfrrrccr ^u9.iTLjQun'(n)dsniLjU), <jy^/r)@ ^ ib rr ^ uu it 'L euQFjQczTp 
/5coeR&or ^(sfi^?r<S(g s_pp(sSd3fTC!^ad3(TiL]UD) ^cup(^6ir ^^ rBrrpa^iL^LLiSipih 
^piB^ eucrh^dsoiuih, ^^Qs^djiurrmsd j)/<svpcs)p& Qs(B^^p(^ufnuLDiT 
Qtu Qiurrs ^fresnimdofriLjLJo, ^si}p(yi^Gsr ^°oQ^iLs^u:> eS'zJ.i^Sirru^UDj ^etrm^ 
^cireaeuirp/Bseo. ^^osur ^Q^s^ir ^(iT)LD^^ujrT£urQLDsiru. ^^pQspu 
e^rLcx^ssOfTSu^ ^euGucrri&uuLLL-.Gjieup^en' ^lussreupfSssfiaSl /B606<iiissr 


(Qfi - U - GDIT.^ ■SCfT'SSliskssm - SGneSlsSl—^'3jQ^3i^ SSSTpliU- 

[&^u9lrQp^e^iresTs^6i}^'boiT^ ^ sn g^Q 3^ lu ^ &d it Q lu 6iiL^u3<d\) iQm^^ 

286. They cannot walk steadfastly, according to rule, who eagerly 
desire to defraud others. 

6T. ib<snQ<sx}m^}jii) smrrSi oJireme^^LD lUGnQsiich^i 

(uif-onT.) OT - ^, — s,enQsu6sr^ Qs=iTik)6\yuu®Qssrp ^^Qj^eiyri^^^ 
c^ossriLjcsi I— 10/711 ^&d S-iiS/? (Lp.s6Qiuisup<s^p ^!S(T4i^Qe!>iir^LD Qu(ir)<ss)LDicS)Lu 

c^isj &irjTfS!isntr(SS!srGS)UjQiua!r£}iihj airffcssrs^csi^i sfTifliuLDfr&Q ^crrQeveor 
^UirrppQ<306sr£uisi <5h-/Sl<^ir. scneiim^pc^LD ^(TFi(fof^QLDfTiofiiLjLhQufr6i)^.s 


/J^ <3.2_=^ S_c3S,-Lb. 

•SSQrl onffODLD. 

(Q 3} - u - e^rr,^ — ^ en cij (oT &st ,^ ld - mcnQlcniisr^ Qsprrcocvu 
uQld, a/r/r - ^06skL_, ^j(Si<o^^t>-mcs)in - ^rSlaQdssr tLjanu.iuirrr 

287. That black knowledge wLich is called fraud, is Bot in those 
who desire that greatness which is called rectitude. 

S3cA)QLJib(yr/'bQufrc^ SSooQu^iud^ serrGsyQjQiu uuSsirrjsi'ir QtS(^3=^^ qjq^ 

Q_uSliT(Lp^6QuJcu/bGS)p ^6rrf5^^f5^rrri-a(^^ ^pa.'/D^'!?6Sujrr^ iBpr^ 
OiDsisru^ ^euc^QjcoLDULJfrpQupqr/LD. aenQeufT® LDrr/Slesr^ iQpu^ '^^'<^P 

288. Deceit dwells in the mind of those who are conversant with 
fraud, even as virtue in the minds of those who are conversant with 

LDpsmpuj Qs>p(/rj> ^dJir. 

(LT'Q^ QsOajTy &<sn<sv<sdison-^ iSlpi^pc^p ^/Sliufr^ojir^ gt-^j. 

^luiQdswma^crrfrsuesT QuiTQ^(0i)iS)L-iuiTG5)rr Gn^Qi(^L[>ir£i!ihf s/<^'^<§^ 

LD/r£)iLb (LpflcOfTuSltSuT. iB^siji^^^^ Qs^uj^GOiTseSlp Qg^LuQ^eisr^Lh, ^o°o^ 
a^crrcrr eupiujs^u Qurr&Qs sjriB^ QiFfrpQs^iucosdsrru l/@6^^Jj ^u 
QuiTOcQ^ Q&(B-i(w,LDiT.Z(sSeir ^rsjQs (^ojQirsar^rsi <sh./Sl(^!f, Lnpes^piu 
eufTGnsuT ^pi^iTiTs^gj ^GSsr&](T& Qsurr^uuLLu. &lTiU &cS QLprsi(g) <9^0@ 
(Lp^(S0fruSlssr(3ijihj ^ao eurrtJQeufr/r 0<rtu(q/5 ^fTesriEis^LDfril), Q^pqr/i^ia- 

^iJUpCSipQlLl ^{Lirih^ ^(SUQJ6!T(Sl]IT<3ii iBcSipth Q(m^S^SO ^/SllLlfrCS)!!!. ^^i^p 

•sskioiimr Qa®LD!T^ sh-puuiLt—^. 

(Q^<^-L;-G!n/r.) — <3.OTQ/^a)(5i; - ^crrey&osv/r^^ Lnposipiu-wpp 

289. Those, who are acquainted with nothing but fraud, will perish 
iu tho very commission of transgression. 

<sO. (50"'ci//r/r<i(25^ ^ern^ QpuSliriS^ iE err Grrir ir s (^ ^ 

iSlr)sufr£UG5){Tuu!r(rFi(tpsmr. ^)^iiss)&) ^(W/eii if uiusffn to <c^Qf)(si(Q sh-puuil-L-^^ 
(Q^ - u - sjD/r.) — ssrTajrriTd(m - ssrreSKoGO uip(^Q(Si]irir<i(^y 

290. Even their body will fail the fraudulent; but even the world 
of the gods will not fail those who areTree from fraud. 

/75_0-Lb. ^^ — SUfTlUSSiLn, 

Qei-irnxissiij ■serrGrrrr'SS^LD'Siot'rl&irSleir cs>qjssljulLi^^. 

<s. QuJius^iM QiussruuQ'Sn ^lurrQ^esPck iufrQ^rr6iT£)]iB 

(uif - fioiT.) 6T-^, — QiDiULDes^LDQujek^ QpuiSl^^s^ Gs^rrcXG^uu® 

^^mniQfrearuuQeu ^smp^ir" <5Ti3k(2^pQurrG^> rSssrp^. g)^<s5jssr iSlsipis^^ 
<3n-pQ(306sru^ Sssuui—.L—^i. ^^s^iT^UD, ^isi(m utueyrrsTuSlssr Glduuld 
es^LDJurruD^ ULUuiSlp Qurr'dJLocoLciurrQLDcuruj^ sms^. 

(Q^ - u — 65) /r.) — GumusiDUiSTiosruuQsu^ ~ QLnujihsa^tJbQaj 
eir^ &pui3^^<3=Q.ff=frisd(30LJuQcii^^ lu ir _^ !or <s^ eisr - tuirQ^skj)! 


/^ am-0 m-O-LD. ^p- euirojonLL, 

291. Trath is the speaking of such words as are free from the least 
degree of evil (to others.) 

2,. QufT^^i^cs)LBU-}i^ ajmussiin uSIl.^^ i^s^nrr^iTiB^ 

fS(oST<7!DLa Uaj'i(^ QLD'oS(ok, 

l^iTS<30 enu^ /§(osrpQ^fr(rF)uSlir ^3'Qa=irp&<s^sur Qu(ruLJLO(SS)LDiurrQssr sj^^ 

^m QLDiULD<SS>LDQuJiS}T(SljLhj lEGSrCS)LD UlUeUfT^ SsLprr^^ Sn-p^LD ^IEJ(^ 
UiUS^LO fSsLQ/B^^ dh-p^Ua QuirUJLDCS)LDQuJSSr<SljtJDy^Supp^ ^&}SSCmiE! 

[Q^ - u - emrr.') — Qunriuu^GSiLcuLjLD - QumuLD<5inixi3^ Q^'irp 

CiSilUj Uluit^LOtoToSsST - {^{Sip(TF)-i(^^^ ^ Q^LblTuSii^ j (SU tT ILl GSi LD ll9 L- 

^^ - QiSiiuLnesiUj-s'Q'rirp'Se^ (o^L-^^s^reurrLo. 

292. Even falsehood has the nature of truth, if it confer a benefit 
that is free from fault. 

prnQsmi^Qs' ^&iTd^3= 3'tQld. 

(uif -65)T.) CT-^'j — s^QF^eiKsa- ^GJzQesTi^^'/Slsu Q^frmpSswu tSpir ^/Sii 
QedQrrm^ QuauuiurrQ^iTi£ls • Q u mil ^ ^ it i^u^ek j Sj^^ Sil^ib^ ^(ssr 
Qscr(^Q3= ^uurreu^^pi^/k sif^ujfTUJ /Secrjs/, ^earcW ^^eisr ulw^lu ^ecr 

Qi5(^3f- sifliurr^eo ^'ssmsri—eu /f?<soG)soszir B^sos^^err^essr/rn-^irn- — ^lii 
sirs' ^ssiSisSek/Sl^ ^(T(^Q3=ujmLD i^dssrsi^cff) — Qcsst^sf/SIib^ Osfrup-Lucs^eij 
LDss)pLJueijLDeiS)piuirsyir — Q/B(^3=^Qp @^©uj <sifiuSl(SoSsd lurrseQeir'^ sieku 
^iiss)^ LD/Sls. Quiriu Lncopiufres-iLDiR&sTf SjS^ Gh^psoiT&nQ^sku^ @^<^P 


(gjG'cu, ^^Gu^ - .£^/!SuJuu(Sl6uQ^rrm€Jr)p, Quiriuiups - (^i9pir 

29-3 Lot not a man knowingly tell a lie ; for after he has told tha 
lie, his mind will burn him (with the memory of his guilt.) 

3^. p__isfr(sn^{L^p Quiriuujrr Qs;rr(LpQ ^(SOa^^sr 

sj(i^@6i/(53)063rj ^Gjssrs^tuif IB Q^ IT (W)dretr^ heir's Qsssr&^eoiru:) o^err^ih loT-jrii, 
S-errcrr^^n-Qedssru^ Qeup^jicsiLo ldiussCd. Qurruu &k.(Yr^Q^iT(LD(^^&iir 

Q^irfr eruQun-Qxi^u} ^cuSoutQlu iSdoi^uuGtrcsru^mh. ®ffi(C5)6sr ©jlds<dldlj 

UlUlSCr <3h.pUUL-L—3^m 

294. He who, in his conduct, preserves a mind free from deceit, 
will dwell in the minds of all men. 

^iT'oST^s^Qff^iu eumfl/b pSs\}, 
(uiP - otjT.) ot - ^, — ^fT^a/ssr ^earLDesr^Q^irG Qurr(^,i^ GJirujonLO 
C!DUJ3= Qs^trddsyiTi^uSlsurj ^susk ^euQpi ^irsuT(LpLh gp©®'® Qs^uJsnirifle^K^ 

LDsa^Q^a® Qun-(iF,,i^^so-LDiS!!r^^pQs£u^<so. LjnoLDfrQiu QuDiLnurrp 
Q3=ijiLj LDeup^^iC) si^LDiT@uj ldsstQilciIt L^sca iTp Qg^uuiuLD^ uuj^cmu.^ 

(Qfi - u - e3D/r.) — LDSsrajQ^rrQ - (^(^suear) ^gst LnissT^Qpir 
®Quir(7^fB^y eiinriijesiUi - a^sjOTStotosjooj QiDirL^uSoir - Q<s'ireo^QJiT 

631^, Q<fiueutriBsk - (^s^q^i£I<ss3=) Qa^iLKSuiriBMnLDj ^^Spu ljgsjll. 

295. He, who speaks truth with all his heart, is superior to thosQ 
who make gifts and practise austerities. 

(;j[P - 6^T.) CT - ^f — €^(T^Qj^s(^ ^LDes>LDa(^u QumiJuufreS)LDes)uu 


(Qfl-u-G!nir.^ — QuirLULUirsiDuc^iesTSST - (G^(meiJ^s(^^ Quit 

^irintsVj <or(Soeon'^p(ipL£i- (oTsx)(oOrrsu/DiEj<sBBofnLiihj ^(mih-fLD^ievuDS 

296. There is no praise like the praise of never uttering a false- 
hood : without causing any suffering, it will lead to every virtue. 

(uif - OT)fr.) er - ^^ — sg^ayesr Qun-LuiufTODLDC^iuQuj QumuiurroDLD 
<ss)iuQlu Qs^uJiu (Si/eO(SO@a9(SOT"j ^Guek i^iipsiipisi&dsna^ Qs^iULurrisnLxiQiij Qg^uu 
Lurres^LCiQiu iseur^j <st-^, 

eSlsurQwp^, u<30EijpEjs,'3sam'D QinpO^neisr® Qa^iLi^ps<(W)(ss)LDajrreo ©so 
awSi) c^ppLJuQ^eQehr, ^esisuQiueos^^ireyp/Slasr uluSsstili/b ^rrQssr ^ir&ip 
(v?iu ©isosn'Quj QLDpQsrremQ ^Gi^qiffLDp Q&=iu^6\) /BekQpshrurriTj GjFiuiurr 
GTOUD Qg^ujuJiTeDLD /E&srQp&sTQr/'if. ^^So3r ^euevrrpsk/Su QumLnuircs^LntsDUJLj 
QufTUJiuiTLDpQs^iiJu^p iSlpsijp^Qj^iijans wssrQpesru QurrL^uuira-Qu 
QumLi3h./Bp iSipeup^Q<Fiijc^£s /sdrivr^sn-Q^siru^ Sl^(^p Qurrih^ Quit 
rmctrirs,® ^i3S)iruuiT(rF)(i-p6rTiT. LSlpsupiEisQefreoeorrm ^(tjix) uiudms; ^rrQiSur 
■SmLD ^pp^'^i—pG^'S^ LDj2/s»LDuuaJscr^ lB(^^ ^€S)eu QpsuT^ utnLu^n- 

(Qs5- u - eisar.) — QuiriuiUiresiLaQufrujiunGtnLD - (g^^a/ew-) 
Qu[rvLi(oU3=ir<o!S)LJbm)iu(oiu Qumu(oU3=rresiLnssiiuQajj ^p^m-Qs^iu 
iusiJs\)(o\isui^u9issry ^pLLiSlp - \Qlpsup!E3s2e(r, Qs^ajiuiresiin Q^iuiurr 
enLD - ( ^suesr^Q 3=0.1 lUfT&nLoQiu Q<3^iULurrs!nLDQiu^ /S4iaTj2/-/5(SV(5»^. 

297. If a man has the power to abstain from falsehood, it will he 
well with him, even though he practise no other virtue. 

e^iTOJissiWtUfrp S!r&s:nu uQlo. 
(uif - onir.) ST - ^, — sp0iaj^<s@ s..l^ldl^ .giriu^rriB^mcsiu:) i^jTrrQssr 
iui^L-rrLD'j ^^Quaeo LoesriB^iij^n'/B^'birGDLD 6ufriua5)LDLUfr^6usrL-rrLDjCr-£)j, 

siressTLiuQeiJ^i s..e!rmTr^iTSGQ6crj&.sosrt—n-QLD6sr^cs)n-ssLJULLi—^. s.i— 

/HLO-iii. =SyP. 6lJ fr iil iPS) LD , -'c^- 

(^^(oUfreo), ^SLD - Lnssr^^ ^lusoud - u fl 5?-^^ ld/t^^ ear sjolDj 

298. Purity of body is produced by water and purity of miud 
by truthfulness. 

QurrtLjajfT 6SirrT<i(oS <s£}6rrs(^. 

(gtl' QufTsrr^ ©0^ QurrssQeuTj QumuujmsSlGrrdQs eS\ctTsQs,SBr(Yr^if. ^eu 
GS(rF)Crr/rw^ ^/SIuljitgdld, QumLiujrr^ (sScnsQssuru^j (^anpihs^ rSssr/D^ j 

LD/reu^ Quirtu'JurranLDUjrreiir enQr^LO eSerrasQio sSetri^BQiDsir ^cs>iruurrQ^ 

QumuujireSl'ondQ'X - (^s^^(fK'2srrt§^(^Qp\ Qumutu rrenLDiufrQ oj 

299. All lamps of nature are not lamps; tbc lamp of truth is tho 
lamp of the -^ise. 

(uf - ODT.) er - ^) — LurTLD GLDLUii„^s\)ssrrfr<s& ssisTL^ „^co<S(^5Jr 
lunQiSTQ^ ^esTssiLDajrr^LD eumuss>LDuSli3sr iRssenr surras 3^ Q3^its\>30uulLl- 
iSlpevpiSJs srflijo^ st-£3j, 

QLDuuiLjss:!rir^^6iJS^QjpGS>p QLDUjQiueh-(n^iT, ^QDsuLun-isvs:sr ^liissTisr 
LDju&SLo ^esroDLDuSlsur QurrQrjGTradsrr iL^eiretrisun' ^isssrrrsueosorriTiJui amr> 
Qeur^<s^S6rr ^mGSiLDu^sk SjSiJp<3S)pu^sssTrriB^eiJirQp s^esirrsscijLD eueOGOirmuj 
^(S^peviT ^06rr/rsBr ^eo<ss^^n-if 2_^^ Qiuuu^^pQurrqrjLLQi Sh-/Buj s^/s 
LDii)SCfr. ^csysuQiueoaofreup/Sl^LD ^o%Q^nruu (ipL^iE^Q^sku^iTLD. g}iW42y' 

(Q^ - L/-stD/r.) — 'dJfTLn - (5Tihm/rd), Qldilj^s - Q w iL li ^^ ev a; 

300. Amidst all that we have seen (described) as real (excellence,) 
there is nothing so good as truthfulness. 

=^ , 

^o'o^n'eu^ Qccr^a^^s^ QiFiu^pr^'S sfTrrGssrih spQEGushrLDrrL- (Be^ 

Qeu(m'Z^as>iu (sQsusseQsirj eumues^LDuSlsunSlesr gsxsussuulLi—^. 

(uiP-65)T.) CT-^, — ^scr QsuTLD usQs(^l8l^^^ ^^SsisT QuJiprrLD/b 
p(BuunQ<osr ^(WjOTfrp p(Buufri^surT6ur j; ^o5nruu<^tu!TS<^i^^^ ^^asrsr^ 

Oa^eosSli—LD ^soeSlz—OLOscr^^ ^(su^^rrjb pissTG^sar QiDeQiufranfruLjih 
eu<^ujrre!nmLjLD. eyeSuujriTQLDp srrsijrreiJL^iLjua ^^(^m ^sijits(^ (svQF^eu 
Q^fTiT SsLiQsirGDLDuSip s tr^^suL^iLfih ^pi5!£6i)Ss\} QiLKssTumTy <s iTsQQssrecT 

(oTeSTGOT. ,S IT SU !T ai 65 [T GO — ^®,ZSirsSlLL.L^!TGO^ (oTsiT — tSTsirGSr, 

301. He restrains his anger who restrains it when it can injure ; 
when it cannot injure, what does it matter whether he restrain it, or 
not ? 

2_. Q^eveofT gBi—^^3= Qgstib^^ Q3'&)s9,L 

lB<30<SO^(sSp nS'iU l9p. 
(uiP-smT.) cr-^, — Sp0ia/S3r Qay^erfl ^eksSek eii(s9uuiTiTQLa QcOLpsir 

ffiCSTffiCoffl ^■SfTLD- LDpCS>p QuU cfillU fT ItQlD QsOL^^LD ^ ^ icl^ p jB iU SST iSip 

SjSs^p ^u-issr iSlpi£lik)Ss\} Quj6ir(y//'iT. e^flL^^^Lo ^arrQ^mu^iTLD, 

C«) ^,S!rLa', Q<3'6d^L-fi^m-^&Te3flQesreidiuci)iiQLDe\) (^^(^i_ir 

302. Anger is bad, even wben it cannot injure; when it can injure, 
tliere is no greater evil. 

(i_ilf-anT.) cr-^, — ujrrsuirLDrrLL(BLD OoyQcrflcouj e^i^Sj ^Q^<sv/b(^s 

eueSiUfriTj e^uuiriTj ereSujn'GiTisur^LJD Qpsuir LDfTiLQui ^strcs^LDuSl&ir 
LurrirLDtTLKB Oldsot^ld, LDSsrsj^irp ^upih^rrfr&c^ ^sfr^ssrsuir&uu ^^^.i 

(^Q^s - u - G7)iT.^ — LumTLDrrL-QLh - lUfJ eurfli—^^Gpiih, Qa/r^srJ? 
^iS^LCnu:sT>L—iuss)suQiu6\)(5\)friJ)^ iSl/D^^do ~ s-<5ssri—.rr(^^eo^ ^^(^sst 

303. Forget anger towards every one, as fountains of evil spring 
from. it. 

uetsi^iL] QpenQdJrr i9p. 

iscsiseDiuiLjib LDScr^^sursis^ ^ian<^seiDiLHL^i5i Qsn-tsar^^QiErrGssr® srnriQesrp 
SsstQld j)/6oso^ ^^esflp iSlpsufruj uco<EBa(Si^Lb s^errQajn- ^soSsOj er-^. 

^psmrp L^puuQS)G uSlsojrfriSl^uD S-LLuaDSLumju Sear,^ ^(fhC(h>Tnp'S^ 
iu /blLiSISsstiljld tSlifl^^u LSlp(sS^^ciru(TpLJD sriij^isSl^^sorrsirj ^'si;/7"<«@^ 
QsnT^^sunBAs uesiSuSlso^iutruSlp^. ^sbsl/ ^ssTjnjuiTLLu-rr^LD G)su(g!crfl 

{Q^ - u - (S3>/r.) — /5S3)<55qu3 - (^^pihQpiririi^ ^(v^ioifl<Q)Geo 

Qssipy Qesr^^m - Qs(ru^^&sT^ i9p - Q6U(^Suj^ usmsiLiLD-uen^ 

304. Is tliere a greater enemy than anger, "wliich kills both, 
laughter and joy ? 

(S3)U9S37", ^mLDCST'S^a^ &SSTUD <Sll IT JT fT LD ^ S fT S S j S fTSlJ fTl^uSleir , ^S^&SSTfS 

'^Qeuss^Ln-iu Qensssn^iurrisjQsiU^/b^'uLu^^^n'iu ^eu^on^u SpaQiDp 

^itejSi^" GTGuri-jLSluQufrGOS Qs!TdsO3'Q3=fr0O FF6ssr(B^ ^muS^^ 
iLjsssriT^^ Ssirp^'. 

LDiso^^ssrds!>T<i^fr<^sfr.S'SiQSssr^^rr(^Slisx)j Sssrih-f^skLDesr^^Qso^ 
QsnuLD {eufnrirLDSo), ^iries - ^irsssi.sL^isii&sr'y sfr6Ufr-i<35iTG0-£Etreufr 

305. If a man would guard himself, let him guard against anger; 
if he do not guard it, anger will kill him. 

(uiF-sniT.) CT-si) — S 6sr Omsk mi! ih O/50L'l/^ ^ssr«@ ^i^LDrrasrwstSirr 
Qiuiueir^ S>jSijiT&c^ ^sunofrQuu (DrLDUL-jSsm-Qs>aJLLj(^ <3^(BLhj er-^, 

Q3^irtB^rrcs)rr&Qs^rr&)6QQuj€iTu^ (Dr^uQuLUT • ^ireir Qg^irfS^ cSIl^^ 
GS)^s Qarr&ieiiihQ^irLBiso^ (oTekpeun-^. Qg^irm^fra^rrQuueur S-iuir^Sss^u 
u&!res)LDQLD<so osisu^^ (STossr [B irssr^u IT ^ih ^EiSQr)^Q^rr® ffh-U^uu QurrtrF) 
eiTwppedrrpQe^tTsssrL—TTrt; pfcsstQ S-QT)6ua^Q3=LuQ€kp^ ^p/B^rrir &sst^ 
GD^QtuajfTGeQair. SenrQioesT^.i QiBQT^uQuehrp (sS^ul^j ssoa^^ Qibqt^ul^.'p 
cS^Osi/^ ^rrsmQj^rrfB/S eEli_^aD^QuJ ^,iQiBQT)UL-i3= Qg'irrr^ <eSIl-p<cS)^u^(^ 
,s-(BQlo6ut^lo QQjp£3jes)LD Q ^ ITGST p piBsk p^ , FFesoT® ^eurQi£t&sr p^ QPPP^ 
Sip^S^ ^is^i^TTsm !EiS,en !T p QuifluJFfTLUS QslLl-TTITSi^ s.£iiSI QiDrTL^isdorr 
^edflu(sufrs3=: Qs^irGOe^eurrcs^fT. ^(fTfSusQ/BiTsQs^ ^(BQipenre^ifB Q^rTL^so 
Q^srrQ^^frjrnuSlsuijLDj ^spj^uQiDsuru^ Qun'Qr)6{rrT£SsQ<srTciT'S. cTLoui-jasasT- 

CJLD^OD^ LLjuQ^Qs(^LD l_j^mr. ^e^QiDGUT^LD (STLDUL-jSsSSrQ UJ6ST p <SI&Q^S=- 

(S^QF^sus^^TTp tSlpeSssi—^^err ^(Lnibsn'LOiso eSQi—eir^iEi sesirrQujp^Slsirp 
QsuGcr <5U(rF)sS^^es>rrss. gt3=3=<si]ld<ss)Ld (M&rrir ^stt pQ(rrfs>a^. s^sutSswllji'd 
^ip^^ sTQuurroDmLjiX) ^sp^Qtoisku^frLD. 

(O^-u-enrr.^ — Sl&sTLnersisT^nLb-Q'SrruLnn'Quj^ Qa^rrih^tTGSii'i 
Q-asrreviS - Q is qf^u u (T &st ^ ^ (^<sot«(^ ^L^LOfTis^'euG^ir ldit^^jtldw 
6i)/rLoffo), ^ei!TLD(or<5ir,^[h - (^^6}j(fF,d(^) ^siyrubirSliU, (^rmu^-^Q^Sfr 

u(o^3^(S^Q3=luSpj Lj'BsmTGSilU - LLi IT S. a m ^ GS) €5 ILj LD , g^Qlh. 

306. The fire of anger will burn up even the pleasant raft of 

erekuesrevpesip j)j£UQjet5:a:LjQufr(i^ QarasTQrj-pQurreOy PFmr(Sls ^issstlo 
Qurr(r^Qcfr<S3ruuLLL-^. LSlasLpiLirr^cupGpesru^ (^smp/s^ iBssrp^. ^S3)fflj 

{/SSIST^ <Sl]ei)(30S^LC><oSi{ui&ITL-®Slp'^ C^(7^(^SS^QLD<siT^ ^ QoE/TSIOT/L- 
LSltpUL-Jj iQiod^^ - Uj^LBuSlesf^L-^^j ^S^piEanrGST - ^l<SS)pih ^<SiJ 

63r^, 633« - &n<sLUirsi5rj0^ L9s!r)Lpiurr^^j>jp^ - (j}jibt§GO^QQ<sM 

307. Destruction will come upon liim who regards anger as a good 
thing, as surely as the hand of him who strikes the ground Avill not fail. 

(u!f-65)iT.) (ST-^j — U!SOs^t_einir s^emt^^^iriu QuQiriflsij/B^ O^iriuik 
^SBr(63)sr>LDtt96ar lS@^ Q^fresrp ^sssrQirfflQujek^ijio, sj^^ QuaeirQLa 

crrrrcmLDtu^ Iogstodld eh-puuiLi^^. 

{Q^-u-antr.^ — ^^essrir - ueog'TL-n-sSsfrit^s^L^uj, eriB - Qlj(7^ 

308. Though one commit things against you as painful (to bear) 
as if a bundle of fire had been thnist upon you, it will be well, to refrain, 
if possible, from anger. 

Jl2/ err err /rear Qsu(y^&B Qiue!}Besr. 

euerriT^^ ^^i^eur (tp/b/DS sis^^&i. ^ldc^ld LD£)jcsiLD iaS'0i_6sru6sr Qeii^ 
Qeu^ ^nD^^eansurruSl^LD^ ^laDaiQiueo&dfTLD ^diQeiJiTeur(y^Qe!!r Qlulu^ 
QiDekurriT, a-errcrfluj QsvmsiiiTQpL—QsunLi^ Q ld&st (nrj' it . ^Si^eir Qeu(^<snrr 

(Q^ - u - onrr.) — s^Ga git ^ ^ (r eo - (^a/i^Q^ujG'su/reJr) ^&sr 

evrnhy 2_t_6sr - e^QEtElis^ (oTiu^ld - Qu^suirsir, 

309. If a man never indulges anger in his hearfc, he will at ones 
obtain whatever he has thouo-ht of. 

650. ^/D/5^/r iflpih^rr ndsfTTujir Qs^^e^n^^ 
^pfs^rrir ^pih^frir ^dstpsr. 

Qs^^^fTQirrrQu-fTuurr-^ Qesr^cs)^^ ^p/B^rriTj i^rr^ppisarisDLDujrn'uSl^LDf 
^^omQiurrL^is^rr irefT(^6urirj gt-£u. 

l8ss ^sst^ss)^ a.ewi_(u/r/r<S(^ (GrfrrearQiDUJ^^/b (^ffliu s_uS/r iB&srp^rr 
iB^Ca ssdas^^fTisir ^ o''oG ^lu^rr em ld e^QFj^csoxjir&eSleijT, ^susd/t '^p'5 
^rrjrScsriuQjrcaT^ih) ©esr^ew^ aSLli_/r/fffi(gff^ ^frasiTQL-UJ^^p(^ifliLj 
ujfr&es)S /Besrp^rruSl^iJo, (Gf)frecr^^rre!sr eS'OQujj/^eb gg^^^oj/rffieSecr, 
^(SuesifT (^(BGlupqijQirtr QL-fruuQrreisr^iii <3h./Sli^iT. ^^i^eur ^(mjeSQ^evir 

(Q^-u-Ejnir.^ — ^pm^iT!T-{Q3f.JTu^^eo^ iB(^fB^eiJirj (2_u9 
(f^anL-iueiJjrir u9(r^.3sQ^ijih^, ^pib^iriir ^Sosrujir-Q6F^^irQjr(T(dl 
c^uuireufriri Qgst^gs)^ — ^ssQswu^efn^^ ^pis^irit-G^L^^^siiiir^ 

«»y<y<5F/re35(Sii QiutrL^/B^irQjrrrQ e^uuiTGUtrir, 

310. Those, who give way to excessive anger, are no better than 
dead men ; but those, who are freed from it, are equal to those who are 
freed (from death). 

Q^iTiTeufr(GS)^&i P0uS/f«(g (^m(^^Qjp<ss>p3^ Q3^tLiJjfr<oS)LD. ^'ohrf^Qs^uj 

f;, QpUlS^^ Q<Fi30QJLD Qu^^Lb iSlpiT^Qv^^ 

(uif-snir.) e\sii — QjjiTsmaQiu ^^ulj^ ^(r^ih s/^u^t (lp^g^oj 

iu/ras)LD ^SELDEis&r sii-jBiuexin n[)qffm Lnecr i £iir uu rr jr Si S'<^<aiU er-^. 

s^ih^LD GufTr^csiioQuD/b^u. ^puL^esii—iu^dswa^ ^/DuQuek^ixi) ^^ser 
utSlpQiufTiosr eurriL^QTteij Q(SU6istQptu^uu(B^(S^^ eriLCBs^ &sQii^uj(^ &pu 

^ppesiLrtajtTGsr LCiiTs^p(rr^Qn'&sT£u'si ei^/B<^iT. ^^^&> ^iB^Qsirm uiu 
GigjaQ.?: QsFLu^eo (sSsos&ljulLl-^. 

(Q^-u-6!nrr.^ — QpuLj - QiUtnELUfrSluj Qpui9tGS)i30) Fr^m- 
^iruuQsiJesrciJfrSliu, Q^'sociJUi-^ssSLiiirQp^s^iTQiu Q.s=(50(oi}fEJ<sSffir, 
Qu/6/,^LD-Qup6drrLD[ru9^LDy i9p[r^!m-LDppsxji'.S(smi(mj ^iS37(ca)~ 
^&TuiB^Q^mQsi!Si]&d3(r^ Q <3f iu lu rr (Sin tn — Qs^iuiun Qqk^^(5\), Loirsi- 
^P(n^,T - (^<55/xi WL^Si^ev) (^ppmpQiTy^ir (uj/rei/^^i^iri)^ 

311. It is tlio detennination of the spotless not to cause sorrow to 
others, although they could (by so causmg) obtain the wealth which 
confers oreatness. 

Qs^ujuufroDLCi u^rrs'piTY^sr Qst&t^ 
(Li[r-eo)nr.) er-^y — ^LoQLDpQs^ppEiQsircisr® gp^suear ^ssr^ssi-'p 

cs)LDiLjLh ^enjr^ ^esSs^, sr-^v. 

^eupeiDp s_tl.QafT6rr<sfrn-^sSl(Bl^(S0 Q^ujpurrsoQ^ssru^mb. 

LDencu-aBdoTTy Q<SFiijiurrsTDLD - (^^fTLb) QcFiuuj/rs<j)i£/ui£)j LDrr<3?^p(miT~ 
^■i(3^ppLJbppisi]irs^^ Qsirm- - ^esaPeij. 

312. It is the determination of the spotless not to do evil, even in 
return, to those who have cherished enmity and done them evil. 

^2]iU!Ufr eSl^LpLorB ^q^ld. 
(uiF-65)lT.) CT - ^, — ^rreir (Lpsi!TQuiTif}sisri^(oS>LD Qs^iuiurr^q^is^ 
^smQwp Qs^^ih ^esrtemseapctnp^ ^p/s^euew- Qs^iuilj 

Q^irskesjp'S'^ Q<3^iuiuir^(T^<sSy Q3'/r)(rr^iri(^LD (^mQioQiso^ csieujr 

313. If an ascetic inflict suffering even on those wlio hate him, 
when he has not done them any evil, it will afterwards give him irre- 
trievable SOXTOW. 

ff», ^(S3r(G3) Q<^iu^frQnfr Qturr^^^ e\isiiiriErres!yr 
(uif-b5)lT.) ST-^, — ^msSskf^^eu/bes^/DS^ Q^tu^rreiDrr^ ^piQ^rrir 

LDpssuiriaVL^u iSleiiT^il) evi^ Q'Ssrrs(^LDrrs6Sl(cirf tDpsspuireo eurr 
Qg=ppui up/Sls^ Q^iLJ^ei> (sSI<oOs.suulLl-^, 

tl)Gy)ei]<3B2sfr<F Q<s=iu^<susaiir, ^^^^eo- (^piEQ^mr') ^sstsTtp-^^Gorr 

314. The (proper) punishment to those who have done evil (io 
yon), is to put them to shame by showing them kindness, in return and 
to forget both the evil and the good done on both sides. 

^isQiBmuQuirp Qu!rp(7Yj>i ssotl-. 
(uiP-65)(r.) er - ^,— ^/!5/E^/r/fffl@ ^uSliT(Lp^€Qajiajpcs)p p^arerrevfr^u 

^^wpos^p^ ^LD(ipvSira(^ euiF^esrQun-eos (^/5lsQsn6S3r(B s,rreiiiTe£iL_^^j 

^iBsQsiTsm® a rr^ ^60 IT en Si iBi-.s;^&>, (^(t^^^go, Qi—^^eo, iBppio^ 
2.G!J2jrL_60 Qp^e^iu ^ihQ ^rri^6oa&Trr^ih, iSlpaiirp(y}^^ihy ^uSlirs(Er^^euesr 
wpes)p (ip<ssrQssnu/3ih^ ^tv^inp sir^^eo, ^^ Qu(TT)Lhurrekes>LDiLjiJo> Sjoo 
plSsasrsseihr ^essresStu <BJL-.LJDueou.ujQjp0!)pu up^ euQFj^eSleir Qufr^uu 
I— til iSl/Sl^Qf^Qiuesr^ih^ Lopuuirek sj^ ^skLj/Sl^Lo iBUiS,QiSN<^Gla'-iu 
^eoaQmesr p/Sli^ sfr^^suQisvesw® LDrrscQecTj ^^ Qs^iuiurreuL^ ^/Bsurrp 
uaj63f?©o^ Qiufhr^isi <sh^f5li^if, ^^/^p Q'S^iTiTejirpQ^aj^&) cSeossu 

(Q^ - u - cs)rr.) — i9j£l^6'aT - QeijQ(7ry(r^u9n-a;(^6Dm^j Q/Biriu- 
^s3ru/5«(J5iti5C33fiu«Ssrr, ^ihCo/BiriuQufreo - ^^^(^eiJiB^ ^esruis 

67?^ffl^£_^^, ^(SleSli^onT - (^^pm^irird (^u9it (Lp^eSlujeupci^fD 

315. What benefit has ho derived from his knowledge, who does 
not endeavour to keep olf pain from another as much as from himself ? 

Q<3U5!>in'QL£> iSlpsir^L- Q<9=uu<so 

^ (iJ(P-6tnT.) CT-^j — ^cs>eu LDsaLL(^ ^ch-^^^earQevesr ^^Lomosr^^rreo 
^aesT^iB^GijpaDpu iSlpeiTLDiTLLQj^ Q<3=iu^aoO Qis>evfTQS)LD ^ipfB^eu^s^ 

316. Let not a man consent to do those things to another ■which 
he knows will cause sorrow. 

(uif-G5)T.) OT - ^j— LDssr^G^/r© &.etreurrQ6srp ^surt^^ Qs^ojeos^ 
eresrrao^^Lo uj/rsi//7"<s@@ &^^fruSl^(^ Qa^ujiurra^LD^^ujfruj^pLhjGT-^ii* 

Fpem® LDssr^^fT i^Sfr^eiitSu ufreuLSl'sa^Qiueisru^ Qup(7r/'Lh. <^pp 

317. It is the chief of all virtues not knowingly to do any person 
evil, even iu the lowest degree, and at any time. 

/AfT^ «^2- ;K.a_-Lb. ^w. (^&ir^Q3=iLiiu,T<S!nLb 

J>{. ^sks^uSlirs Q&!r(^ar)LD ^rssrrSleuT QesTGbQasirQsonr 

Gur^iB^cosu^^4^ Qs^ojQeirp ^uu/reviEj S(LrieuLJUL^n'cs>LDiS!6irj ^S3r(g5)^sz<r 

lupurrsoQssT'ai^u^ Q^!T&srp^ ^/rOcsrecr^Lb, ^^^ssnsDLDUJiresr epL^uurr 
<ss)L£iS(^s sfrjressnh LDLUssQioesru^ Q^fresrp 6T<oarQsrrQeirrQeuei!r£3jEi ^s^/S 
(65)ff". @ffli)iaJ ^^^urri—i—fr^ih Qurr^euesysLUfrasr gSgossuulLl-^. 

318. "Why does a man inflict upon other creatures those sufferings, 
which he has found by experience are sufferings to himself ? 

«95>.- LSIpiT'sSlskf^ rmnjU^p Q<3=iuu9jr) pLa&Sl&^<^ 

(uif-emT.) eT~^,—^^pi^suir i3piT^@^^^s!sr(3upcs>p e^(r^us&:)^ 
fippfffn-p^sijTSil. Q3=ujQJiTtTuSls!r, ^iD&Q&yrt^^GST ^^6srLjlp3n.pp^sirs(oS3r 
^QjirQiSFiuiufnrip (rr^QL£iSU(iT^ih, ct-jj/. 

csiWsQsfresis. ^euLDL^^eSsisTj ^fEiiEisunsj s^l^^^lo GTsB^sgaiD 6i;0ld • 

(Q^ - L/ - (SJD/r.) — i9pnri(^ ~ (^^prs^oJir) LLppsuiT'S(^'i(^, 

319. If a man inflict soiTow upon others in the morning, it will 
come upon him unsought in the very evening. 

&\jiTLDy Q/BinuQff=Lu^friTQLD60GJ,TLD — {c^skp^}ju9(/^<3S(^,i\ ^&sru/b 
^Q^LSiCSi6iJ<^2sfrc3^ Q<s'uj^siiiTQix><o\)ssr6urru>', (.^^(gjsv) Q re rr u9 ^k esj ld 
Q eu ssst (£l u 611 rr - (^siihrLpu9ifd(^^^ ^&rruiB^(fF)LCian6i] u51iSt)sv/r&3DtcKotL« 

320. Sorrow will come upon those wTio cause pain to others; 
therefore those, who desire to be free from sorrow, give no pain to others. 

/5./E. - /i. ^^ — Qaifrei^amoDLn, 


S^oo^fTsu^ ^OJ /Slsijcs) I— uu cur (Lp^&) ^fr/S<Siies)t—UJ6ur ffc^uj ^uS /f acsn 3= 
Q 3= rr rr lb ^ sii Qlsir(3d^^3s03= Qs^ajturrenLo. ^^, Qis>psh-^iu ^pis/aQar0> 
eitrsu/b/3^(i^ &pui-\ss>L^0^(Tius, Sn-Q^^eupiiisSsffujih ^i£uu(B^®i9ipp 

(uf-stDT.) er-^j—^^piEossQ'Srrs^coiTLDrrQiu Qs^ujc^s luaQ^esr^u eSecr 

^pui-^a=rr^Quj!T(!^eoLD. eSsosQiu^ e^L^^e^m ^pc^Qs^tu^eorr ldits 
loSssTj O <s/reo Stiff COT LDG3)UJ ^pe£idssrQuj6k(rrj'iT. !¥Ssm(Bu iSlp<sSSzvrQiusirp^ 
^eup/Bsisr eSSsireinsi/. QstrSsduurrsvih e£i^&(^iB^ssruih qrBosruuireuisis 
Gsrred&iiTisi Sfi-i^u^ih ^dsrrssLDiTLLL-.n- (oTsurpisurr^. QsaGOoorrcsiLD^irQesr 
lSI p ev p til sQ or eoeo IT eup^esr uiuossriLjfS ^(rFfQwesr^ Q ld pQ s it sir sh-rSl j <^sp 
Qs^ er^hidcsipopss^irp eh-iBdJOJirqrjiBpsi* 

iljld) Q'SBfre\)io))irQDLDUjmDj Qsirpeo - (^^suposipa,^ Qsired^^so, 
i9p<sQ2svr<orisoeoiTLb - UiT6U3=Q<s^jj<SDiE&Qen<5vedfr6iip£jnpiLjth^ ^Q^ia- 

321. Never to destroy life is the sum of all virtuous conduct. The 
destruction of life leads to every evil. 

<S5"-'<!F ffLffi^'ii). ^^. Q-3sir(oViri)rrQnLD. 

2-. U(^;S^SMlQ USV^uS) QlffTLOLj^ ^r(o(o\)ir!r 

(uiF-s5)rr.) er - ^, — s^smu^Ssu-u u9l^^<sijuSlrrsLL(^u u(^^^sQsrr 
(B^Sii S-'sisr® ^aissis u^iSliTsSstrtLj'Jo e^ihi-i^eo ^/D,^^cs)L-u^mT ^/D/BSfrirs 

Qih QufT^uui— ,^Qi30frQfrissr£iiLJDj s/sijQn'(30&:)/TiTS(^Lh e^uu(LpLa_s6dfriir 
^^ ^dsoiuiTiLi j)/noQu:)6ar£visi'3h./iSi^iT. 

(Q^-u-(Ss^{r.^ — U(s^^^-(^Q-6m6a!!TLJUL-L^es)^u uQ^^ &.u9ir 

^p^^^GSiL—Qiun'irireOj Q^rr(^^^€up£}j<^er6\}6ViTLD - (^pih^ 
euiTs^s) 0^(r(^^^e^su<SiBuuLLu. ^psj<^Qerr6\)sorr6Upf£l^i£)^ 
^2so - np^eke^LDLurresr^pubmh. 

322. The cliief of all (the virtues) wliicli authors have summed 
up, is the of partaking of food that has been shared with others, and tho 
presei-vation of the manifold life of other creatures. 

(Lllf-eUlT.) <5T.^, J^QsdfTir Q^[T(^^^ J^pEJS(Gf^&r 

errjrua Qkn-sOisorres^LDUumSl^Lbj Qtop ''QurrajiurreiDLDQurrujijjfras^LD lurrp/B" 

esiLDuQufTQEL-®^ FFckr® ^^issriSissrs^ iTjru Qumuujn-£S)LD /BissrQpeur(o^irj 
(Lpp<3h./SlujQp iSlpsh-^iu^ (Su&SluLies->i—^^fTS<^sir. ^^Sssru iSlssra^n-jr ism- 
Qp^p^y tBekcs^LD uuj<i(mih euL^u QumutLjih QiDLULUfrtLjUij ^<ssiLa 

UlUSr^LD <a'L^ QlDIUILJLD G U IT lU iU FT U^LO ^^SoWU Upp ^^ ^lfl/B^eiJ(TF,^<30ir 

ulIl^ jgilpiEisi^etr ^sgistQi^® ^Ssmuu^ ^(sveorrmbv) pirQ&sr 

323. Not to destroy life is an incomparably (great) good ; next 
to it in goodness i-anks freedom from falsehood. 

<f . /F&osvT QrD&fTuuQ<oij ^iuiTGfi<os'flsJir lurrQ^rrevrj^iEJ 

€Li(Lp6L'mDp arr^^so. ^,^<^<30 ^ei]sup^^ossnL^anu.ujQ^ iBan-Qesr/SI Qlusut 

^tqLD Qu^^p(^) m GO 6\) evL^Qiu loir ^ Q3=fr<sV6\)uu(bl6U^j luir^ 

•iLjLOj Q<3Brr&)<D0rrG!OLD - Q'^freceofrevjLDiuirQuj ^/p^^SssTj (y^OMLb -< 
(^<!Bfra,Ji^ rSlSsyfii^^Lhy QmS - euL^iUfTLD. 

324. Good path is that which considers how it may avoid killing 
any creature. 

(Uif-eoir.) ST-^j — iSl/DUL-jiSckp i^i2oOes>iu s^(^Qu iSlpcun-soLDuQurr 
^(g^Sffl Qsrr<so<30frs!T^LDUJfrQiu ^p^em^ LDpeuir^eueir &.ujir[E^€u&sr^ er-^. 

f§Ss\)(SS)LD. ^pei] e^eisrQpuurruSl^Lh^ s^LDajQeu^um^i—rrp usooj/tld ^seQear^ 


(0^ - u - etntr.^ — iQBso - (jQpuLjiQosTp^ /9^<£(^, ^(^9l- 
uiui^ij, li^^rrQi^errsTSoevrrLD - (^iSpsufremLbuQurrn^LLQ^ wdssT 

uiTeu^^p;^^ ^(^&-uiuiB^jQsrrGOeoT(SinL£i - Q^Bmso&ifrGnmiUfrQiu 

325. Of all those who, fearing the permanence of earthly births, 
have abandoned desii-c, he is the chief who, fearing (the gaiilt of) mnrdei-, 
considers how he may avoid the destruction of life. 

dk, Q<Xfr<s\}&)!TaDin QiBpQstressT Qi^rrcLp(^eiifr&5r cuirLpiBtrea^ 

(utf-eiJ)T.) er-^j — QasfreoeifrciDLDeniu e^lir^Lorrs QtoibQsrTeisiQi—irag 
i^Qjfrew^ ^ fr i^ fstrctfl sir Q LOGO sjjSl(r^essr^iiiEi sh^p^s^ Qa^&isorr^ er-jr^, 

iBsuQuffluj s^p(^Q3=uj^fr(TF)ih iB^suQurfluu un'eu(^Qs^aj^rrQT)LD (tpGDp 
ajfreureir/Sl ^LDesiW^ek^efrQen' ^sup/Sleuruiueir jij^utaSuuQrTek^Lh ^p 
,^/b £)jes!^ujup/S, ^LjQuirpi^ Qs^iu^rrm^nmniEi Qesrr&icouuL-fr&sTj ui^rr 
^aQisj^ Sji^uSp SL-L^uuQjrri^fEfrerr ^etDL-^/Sleir/Sl QLuiLi^QwesrurriTy 
eufTj^/SfremrQLDp <3h.p^'<s^Q 3=ei)&i!TQ ^issTrnj-if : QiF&)s\)rr^!TS,QeU} sirGiiiSil. 
ip-(S(gti^ SLLi^^firriffO (^rreanh iSlp/B^ a.uSl/f <^(BQu^ Qioehru^ sqfj^^, 

(Q^-u-c^iT.^ — S-u9iT^Gm^^iLDgh.p^ - Si- u9 s^ IT <iQ6EfT em Q 
GuirLD lULni^zsicxJisk^ Q^rrsos^TGHiLD - OsBfrSsoQa^ujiurretnLo hjitQiu 
^Ffi^<ss)^j Qu^pQawem®' — , e^(Lp{^sunr<5sr~/5L^LJU6u&sr^j eurrtp 
iBirsfrQubQi - ^iLj&9m(oLL6Vf Qs^sMeoir^ - Qs'tsoeoirm, 

326. Yama, the destroyer of life, will not attack the life of him, 
who acts under the determination of never destroying life. 

er. ^lok^uSiT MuiB^ni^ Q<9'ujiup3s ^iT(5STi9fS 

Qs^LUiUpSj <5T-£il. 

^eircccr jy^ Oa/reogSOTj;® ^irm ^^cWs QairreoeopsQicijissrp^f 
urraiLD Q<sBfT2s\)uLi63sn^euLSl^ Q^iu^e^Lo QsrrekpojL^ euemr^^LO Q/srrsQ. 

^uSliT QufTLDrruSl^QLDeir ^es)rruurr(^(Lpcmr ■ iSpfr Qs^uj^&iiLDirsn'emLD 
uSesTf ^o%^eofnu&!rcsyLD oj/Bs. 

(Q^-u-635/r.) — ^rrek — , i9/^^-QsijQ(7rf>€sjp6sr^j ^^^i 
u9ir - ^e3il^irQiLisijii96iorr, fi.s(^LD - (^^^e^i^ihSe&Q^fsjp^ /f<s(g 

LDtru9^2ii})^ QiS^iiiujps - Q3=[uiu!T^Q^i&saL^eu<m, 

327. Let no one do that which would destroy the life of another^ 
although ho should by so doing, lose his own life. 

(uif-gtniT.) <ST-^, — Q^eufrQurrcir^il.® Qisu6rr6SsscmQ.siTek(v;^&o ^mu 
tfl@@O^©06i/(i) Quctl^nQiDek^ ^edenrri^eiJiTifd^s gh-puuLLi—^/ruSl^Lb^ 

(^pplEl im-pUULLt—^. 

(gii), (orGsflsyiiLn-(orsisr^Q:9=ir(SV'oOUULL.u.^fru9e^Lhj 3=iT(S!siQ(m>ir3i(^- 

328. The advandage which, might flow from destroying life iu 
sacrifice, is dishonourable to the wise (who renounced tho world}, even 
although it should be said to be productivs of a great good. 

LjssresiLD Q^if^euir irs^^. 

QsrTds\i<mdsunuQiTecTp^(^&!rj Qeiieifri^<is(sm Qsrros'juj sires', ld lu/Se* 
i_jS\i£SScWUjQfreurp^ Q^iTL^eorrp LjScOujQtr&srpiSLrr^};. ^ihoDLDssLL QihcsnD 

QiULU^SlJ QfTeurU^fTLO. 

(0^ m u ' 63)/r.) — Q<3Bfr^e£l2s^uir^Qiu - Qsirds^^Q sir L^do^ 
iLjc^L^iueiJirfrQuj, icrr.issrr-LDGis'fl^iTj (^^^Q-sfri^eSlesr^ ^iBsinsu 

329. Men who destroy life are base men, in the estimation of thoso 
who know the nature of such meanness. 

<50. 2_u9(5£_iLi51 e^iQiurr Qfresrutr Qs'uS'Q^L-LniQp 
^iLpQpfTL^&i ajirtp'Scs)Su3SosriL]3S)L^ujrTeij)fr ^svir (LppiSlpuLSlscrsei^ S-uSlir 

//4l «<F'j3y IK- 3^ 'ill. ,3]^. lQBs\^lUfrQnLCl, 

uQ<qu'' (oTeisTUS'^^ LD/Sls5. LD^C!S)LDS£5em ^GSHSULLj QiDLU^SiJ Q n'(5uru ^ fTLD. 

^iioiaijuSlir<ss^(B uiTLLi—fre^iEi G)<55/7"ffOiaj/r/fs@ euqt^ib ^/5y@ sh-puuiLu-^. 

■u-esifT.) — Q3=vS\irp-L-ihi^&sT - {uirki^i3h.L^fT^\ Qmrr 

j§<s^Lun'ir - ^iQ&sToiiir^ ersiruir - <oT6^^ (^isSlSsisreQ^ elf's 8s(r ^fSlih 

330. (The wise) will say that men of diseased bodies, who live in 
degradation and in poverty, are! those who separated the life from the 
Tbody of animals (in a former birth). 


1 l-^'^i"^' '" ^e^ j^jSup/SlsijTUUJ^Quj (^n'(ESTii]S9i-/Sluj O^rri—isiQi^ir, (^rrcarLCfreij^ 

[E.3^ - LD. ^p — JBl65VlU!TSS)LD. 

^eupjucfT /SSsd-iurrciSiLDlun-eiJ^ Q^trppQpeini^iuGsr lurrsijLD fSSoOtu^ sQaO 
euiTibsek<ss)LD. LDiuiiiQiueuL^u GuiLi^Q^ifJp L^smeciQuirsi^ Q^rrsk^ Qlduj 
inss^sTiTiBS'SUL^i suSlp^GO^ir<SijQurr60s Qs^Q^gQjd QumuQiLisisrufr^Lh, /@Sso 
Qg>j£ijulL(B £U(T^^<30rrp s^qsriBQ^ir^ih iSnoi^pif^ Quj'okun'Qr^LD, sp(w,evfrp 
(Wear Qeu£jju®^^LD e^Qr^surrjb^^sur Qev^ut—rrcmmu^ih ^CinL-croLouSlesr rSS^nj 
S^ii) /SSsoiufrcsiLDiLjLD 6^(F)!BiQ S:ti^ar)L—uu Q£ussrufr(rF)QLDSSTu QuircrF)LLQup/Sl 
'Sh.^Qjrrft ueoSpsSJTfr^rr • ^suir <oT^sofTiT<S(&jLh Sj'°^pp^ SSs\}iufreu)LD 
2_L_Lbt_//rL_/rfflsSssr, i^eitr® ^^SsurQcu <3^->-£ijQsk(nj>iT. ^o°o^ issa- it fs ^ l£I ujg\) 
eo^ Quit (Their fBd?ip up^^isElL-ir^irse^snTy @^ Qpsir e!S)6i/,i'SuuL-i—^. 

«. rSls\)s\)fr ^6ups!np iS^u3c?n Q SiJssr^essTQj^Lh 
(iJlP-SMtr.) 1ST - ^, — iQ'Bsvj^^GO ^QiEvfrSloJ Quir(n)eirsdofr /§SsJtLj^£ii 

Qsrrppnpss^i—iLKaupaops Qsu^soQwssr^n s^qFj^ld L^aoea/Slenrrdo siGup 
^sztQldp up£ii<9=Qd=tu^so iSlpsiSl^^'sisru^^p Qs^'eurrse^esTj SjS^ 

exifTGrriT QuQiF)U:>ufrskc!j>UjU-iLh up^^Qs'iLnsu^ ^pfBmui^pQs'^^'ajfrQiu 

331. That i^orance which considers those things to be st;il)lo 
Avhich are not so, is dishonourable (to the Avise). 

a_. dh^d^inL i^Gincuii^Lprr^^ ^pQp Q u q^ (^Q g^ ov 6u ld 

(«.jf - OT^T.) er-^j — e^nrjeuek lditlLQIu QuifliuQg^eOGuLD eucir^^Gd sh.s 
^rrQ^do Qj=iijS!surp siITiEjQt<^siL srrsih^Qufrff(^LprrLD enii^npQuiT^LD- 
^ifssr^ QufTS&^ih ^ish-^^TiKB Qpi^.i^euL^ ^£B(^lq/tld QumSl^^p 

Qu(rr)^Q3=eosijQLDccrQsuj ^pisa^Qa^eosijQpLh sji—fsjQp^u. QurrareR 
Qldgstp sra^ifOijLDanLCiiurTbirj GU(if)^Qeo&Tu^ QupQ/'Uj. ^S(^Lprriii Ox.^ 
^rrL-(B.s sfr^'eusTLDira ^ir/E/©oOT<SLL Uo°o/Slp4;^iTp (^Qcurcuii^j ^ssfrjr 

s,rTjr<sc:jrLCi(TS ^ojesTLDml-Qu Uo°o/^p^^iTp^Qssr eui^j ^i&rrjT'Sssi lo 
QufTujSL'L^^ SIT mil LP QurrQiDeurp^rruSlp^, 

(Q^-U-G^ir,') QuQ^ (^03^00 511 La - (Q^(t^CiJ6sflL..^^^ Qu fl 

iuQ<9=svsiJLc>ciiQ^^eVj 3h.^^frL-(Sl - 3h.^^rr(dl^(SvQ<3FiLiSloirp, ^sjncu- 

^QSyUu9<osf!L^^(o^, (^LpiT^^JJtfP£)] - (^SUSSStQ UITIt) 3h.LLL-LD C110 
^&)Quir&^LDf Qu!rS(^LD - (^^<3=Q3=(30GULD^ Qufr(m^^LD, ^^- 

332. The acquisition of wealth is like the gathering together of an 
assembly for a theatre ; its expenditure is like the breaking up of that 

/H_. ,^p£Brr g&lu6Vl9p^3^ Q'S'GOCiJ LD^Qup^rr? 
ev^C^Ly euir/E>Q<s Q^'iu^. 

oswu Qupxrr^ao, s>i^!^p QiPiuiuuu®LO Sipisi&lm ^uQuppQurr(L£.Q^ 

^eiSfrQeuearu^ ^itl/s^iSesrp^. ^MQperreijLQLu&iGO^ ^jDih-STirrrp 
Qupuuu.[res>u:)ii9(5sr jy^' QupQT/Qioiisk^uLD, ^oo^siieuL^ SsosofrcsiLcuSl(^ 
^ibQ&Qiuiir^isi <sL^^/r, ^^(^pQs='dJUJUu(BLD ^p,w.scfTfrciJoi:T- — uoj 

/iV. '^®o /H_,F'-i£). ^^. i£l?A 

yo\) lU ff GS) LD . 

jrulEiar^/Sl(SV)IT . @)CS)CiiuS\ Sr<SSSr®U IT l—l—T^LD Q3=&)CUl'§^UUrrCr^LD <3^0DUULLt^^. 

(0^ -u- GSiir.) — QfevGiJili - Q<3'€V6uu:)/resr^'^ ^fbssrr - f£iSs\i 

lUfT^, ^lUSVl3/b^ - ^lUe\)6!nUU-ie!DL-UJ^ir(^LDl ^^Qu/D(7)J>6V-^<3' 

333. Wealth is perishable ; let those who obtain it immediately 
practise those (virtues) which are imperishable. 

euirdv ^ 6SST IT 6U IT IT u Qu^&sr, 
(uif-snrr.) ct-^, — wrrQerreir^ s^^s,£Euu®GuQ^rr(ir) srrco eves^mua^p 

^' o°o^G!!^ IT syfT cm rru Qu/Bskj sr-pi. 

srT3\)QLD6cr^tl> ^(TT^suLjQufrrF^eiT &.Gi)QtijSd iBt^rr^,spQurTQr)LL(B ^^^ 

SGsrussT snrrQerreor^u S-6i!^n-n- /SLodf^u QuiTQp^ QufTsrr/Ssurp 
OsicisT^)] ^esTL^^vLDfr^u lEfrmrriLi LoiusseQeir SBrTLLi^Qiuek^ijUDj ^s»l_ 
gSl^it^ FF!TS<3<in6k eufTctflek euinuQ^&ir^Lbf jt/o^o^rrSscrpis^LDemuj s^em-ir 
QjiTif ^fPiiujTfrseQesr ^^(smrrevmruQu^ Qemm^th sf>-/£li^iT. S-i^Qireij^^ 
3:iTQQLun-(i^0rLCiLjQuujiT i^0^(B S-i—LDi^mQiD G^chrp^, PFn'uu®eu£^ 
^^QeuiurTseQesr. euirQeiresru^ ^(^Quuuir. @e^ ^^dsur /BirQerrmu 
Q^rr(i^ QurrQr)&TQu[TCdjS ^^irm/Sl ^uSles^ir uS if exjQ ^ tt (i^ (aurren'aQLDGUT 
^os)fTLJun'QF,(ipcmf : srearQiiuearu^ QuojjreiiT/Sl ^esiL-s^Qjprr&xsOfrsseon'^LDj 
ep^£X'^'-"Tp3>nLLuf- Qu&sTu^pi^ e^if QurrQT^LL&pu i3ehTcs>i£iajrre^iLD^ S{Si 
Qsuesru^ (^p/Sliu ^a,jr LDmaDLoiutT^Lhj jt/o^o^bmirtueuresiLD uj/SIs. 

{Q^-u-QDrr.) — ^Sir - suuSjnr&sr^^ ib>it &t (oT &st - mirQcnGsi^ 
^6rT6ijQ<3fUjajLJuQ6iJ^S!TSlujj s^6srj)]QuiTeo-€p(TF'Sir6\)6ucn6ij QuireOj 
s>!tlL.i^ - (_^62irS53r«) aiTiLi^^ fr^Q^ii) - ^^^^i" Q^sv^ Q&srp^ 
eufren^-eiJfrefflesr^ evrru9e3f^i—^'i^^, S-6!SSTiTQJrT!TLjQu/6l'Bk-(^^^) 

334. Time, which shows itself (to the ignorant) as if it were some- 
thing (real), is in the estimation of the wise (only) a saw Avhich cnts 
down life. 

(uif-e3)T.) (5T-^j — p^cs>[TajrTL-fToUGcsrG^LD fsrrciDQjujL-sQ eSlsi^m eT(i£> 
€u^pr^(Lp5kQesr i^LLLSf..pQs^eniT®iu ^pio <£ej-jrri^ Qs'uuulJUU®lD} ct-£u. 

Qs=fr&)&i^ LDfT&iTes^LDiurT^Lh eurrjriTQfiQmasr^LDf ju^^^ttgct ^lekeurQuir 

(Q^-u-5!n/r.) — f5 rr -3^ Q <3^ p £ii - (^Qu<Ffr^(mi(^t})Ui^)rBrr£s^GU 
^L—dQj ioSi(^Grr - ^ai,%<sofrssT^i^ QLOsvevn'jrirrLpesT - ernncusprcF. 

335. Lot virtuous deeds be done quickly, before the hiccup comes, 
making- the tongue silent. 

<fffr. Qlj^(fh'5 &^efTQiGS)(^eu &sflioif^ffV^ Qujejy^jyiii 
pssr. ^STOffly Qu6mu/T/b(^Lh S-errevrruSl^LD, ^puL^uup/il ^LessruirSovQuj 

0/E(f^fE<3V-QlEp^j 2_6T7'6aT-21_ST7(S^a5(g)63T [iSlpfS^SlI Q SJ5J &}T p U L^^ , 
LUfr<5VyLDu9&ir) LS(^QiS!n'JJy 2_6WL_^JS/- S-Gat-UJ ^ IT u9 Q^iSl&iTp^ , 

336. This world possesses the greatness that one who yesterday 
was is not to-day. 

^' ^(§^ LJ!T (Lp ^ ITi eun-l^GU ^pllUlTfT ^QP)^U 
(uif-CMT.) GT-^y e^Qr)QurrQp^CTr(SljUD ^LbQfl—lhl^LD ^SqT^LCi ^Q^dJtB 

^L^Slj&pLJL^LDaDLDLUrrp QufT(LpQ^6ijTU^ /^SOT(Sffl S CS3T ^ ^ GUT Q IJi 

eSesrp^. srriressniinQtu eSSsm uSlesTonQeu eiirrip^p(^LD s^iGfTeurrsG^ssr^ ^o°o 
fi/StiuLJUi—fr^ ^rruSlp^. utxeumu iBosurei^zeiTiT&jGsr Qurr/Slsefrfresr ^airu 
u®ih ^ekuras&r ^LDS(^if}uj6urrLDrr^Lbf ^pp(^u Qurr(rF)Crr ^dsssristTFGssr 
LDirLDfT£uih^ c?y^ ^UD(Lpujp&serrfr6ur etjQ^LDfr^Lo^ ^Eupes^ps ST(LpuLi^ 

Lcrr^'Jo, ,jy^(65)6sr /ELLL-franir iuits(^li>it^ld, mcrTerrfra^rr iuL£ls(^LDn-^Lb, 
s;iTLD ^eueSlGcruisiaerr ^S(rf)LDrr^Lh Qp^tcOrruSlew. ^^(SleSeorrjr^ ^lue^LSlesr 

^(soeo - Q'Sirin_ajsrrGLjLD£k/6l, L/ev - (^^^<o!^^Lb) uevaJtrQiu /Qossr 
6i^:S^, sQ^^u - rSlSsariufriS/buiT. 

337. Innumerable are tlie thonglits wliicli occupy the mind of (tlie 
un-vvise), who know not that they shall live another moment. 

=5/- (^t-Loewu ^to^^G^fTL^UJU L-jiLuprB ^pQp 

(uiP-£5)rr.) cr-^y — (ip<ss[ ^e>^iurr^ (LpiLisDi— ^g^^ss^^ Qi—uu Sj^WH 
eB(r?)i;S t-je!T^u uQT)SiJL£iw.i^L^:U u/dib^Quitlu ^ebrcmLD^^ ^L^miSlrx^ih 

eu^ GQ^eiji^iT^LJD ep6sr(y7/>LLJUiSlpw^ QeuQj^i^cessriLjLD ^^pf^ -^^^^ 
LDtriu Sppso- ^^(^ed Sjo'o^ S-i—LDiSlp (^6u0S^LDUjn-uSlp£Xi', ^^^<sfr Qeup 
^as)LDuSl6ur/SlSmQjD iSlssr L^snopQufrseSleurj L/sir ^uSlfrs(^(Svss)L£)tjjrruSlp£)j» 
(LpLLasiL-iL^LLLSlpuuGcr iSlp<sij(tpGfrQ(SiJ^uci^ L^eirdsirQaj sh.rSl(^n-, upii^Quir 
^pQ(ry^iS<si>rr6ir S-uSlQirn' QL-frui^jciDLD Quuiu^sa^ ^'^QeniurrssSlshr. iblL 
Quscrp^ PFGJsrQs (^nSuL^QujiTiSlLuriu WLLiSlehr/SluQufr^ ^^essTF^^iBoir 
p^. G-s'^esTLDmu ^(TT)&jnij /S^^Lomu ^uSq^ld, ^QfF^scrLDirtu ^(rF)SuiTtu 
^S^^LDiroj &.i—LDL^LC> ^LD(ip(Sssr LDrr(7)^s6S6sr, (SiSlSsisrsudJ^^n-p sh^L^tu^Si 
&>^ iBLiiSlsoQajeiru ^^s. ^6^S(^l-ld£S)u Qaj€STLJ^pi^i <ffh-Qi—6sr£u 
e_cw/ruLJ/r0(2/)6rr/f : ^'^ L^(k(6rFii—6kQ^rr6or(ifr/>cs)LDUjn-^LD, ^^esrsessr ^^ 
lE(SJsj(B i-]iy^^e^G!>L^as)LDajr^Lh, s^L^ihiSlp^ 8_su G^LCiurrsfT(smu:) iu/£ls. 

QesT ^(snlujir^Q^fE^) npiLenL- lurran^, ^(s:^^^ gat^iu - ^s^i; 

338. The love of the soul to the body is like (the love of) a bird 
to its egg which it flies away from and leaves empty. 

•Sin. ?y_prE](meiJ^ Qunr^^ ■3=rr^,s.T Qp^kQ 
(sSIl^uu^ Quire^iLd SpuLj. 

Qs^rr Qi-.rrs(^ih- ^i^shnSlsur iSlpui^ ey(jTj^d\) s-pEi@ (sSli^^^isd euQFf^QsoiT 

^piBirsFf^S^LD t^L^^^^w ^uSlirsiLr^ g)uj<50u/ruj<5 si^^dr LDrr/S 

339. Deatli is like sleep ; birth is like awaking from it. 

6B0. L^iSi GOODLom^ok^ Q^!reoQiSV)fr eijL-tliiSl^LL 

^wQ/ErrujssiT ^(^sa ^'GmuD/s^ ^irekjxi ^(fTji^il), Qaif^GusTL- ^irm- 
^ QurrtLjLDy 6^(f^i-.ihiSl^LD iB2s\iQu(T7^^ eij(w,^6dfrffOj ^g^&Q^Qr^ts^Qeumriv^ir. 
iSlsir L^puui—iT^ L^a>Qs(^(BSei ^anLoi^^frS^, iSlpif ^/DS(Sf^ar ep^^Q 

u^ Qupuuil-L-.^, ^ayiQj Quj(ipufnLu.rr^Lbj (tpasipQuu iurrB<3DBSLL(^ 

USI Q^&^IJJUUl—!T(cS>LDILjLhj 2_aS)/f l§ IBl® IXJ SU L^ & ® L—S (^LD [T ^ LD , ^6Vp/Slp(^ 

^puLjih iSlpuL-jih LDfrrSliXirr/Sl eunhLDn-^mhj ^<ss>siJfsrTLD ^uSl if s (^ifl lu ^sisres>LO 

^(I^UU^^frSljJ G^ QT) las' L-tr GST ^, ^S!5iLblB fl^^df ^Q ^(T (50 - (j^^ 

340. It seems as if the soul, Avhich takes a temporary shelter in 
a body, had not attained a home. 

/5.®-tJb. ^^ — ^p(sq. 

sessr^iiih ^err^irtu up^,dosrj ^supp^ SSsouurremLD QiB!Ta>@, (sSO^sd.'^^^ 
srrsr (Lpcs>p<snLDu^Lo ^^<^Qszr (aSlcmij^^ua. 

&dfl<om ejsr^ism GJ^(oOsir, 
(uiP-snT.) er~^j — s^^eucsk aJ!TQ^iT(i?putr(i?^€^€!sr aJiTQ^rr(^QuiT(i^ 
a'flisbr /BiEiQ'SS)6ijr ^susisr ^uQufr(rF^aTrrso jiiuQufrQ^minso ^muQiMiLis^^'so 

/^// «©<S=' 

c5y©a;@ff eir ljsstiswlo (^/5l^^f9 sir peer. £ei;^^so - ^p^^&>. FFsm®^ 
^skuQiDsirrD^ ©juoesiLDSSssisr ^eu/bcs)p^ Q^Q^sorrmuih, sfr^^eorr^ihy 
©jipsSGOfT^LD eunheu6Br<2ijLDf LD^es)LDSSss3r uiTsn^^iresT eij(rF)ey&!r(si]LD s^^ 
@j(msyiss)ss ^mruiEisdsmLjLDfnh. eT&i<s)>frLjQu/T(rr)ds(riLjLb e^(rr)ii]Qs eEKB^eo 

QuirQR&^&sriutrQ^iTQ^GutrQ^&fleiTj £iEjQiLifrio3r-i§iEjQi^<om^ ^^isS&sr 
^^OTfiew-f^jysuOTr) ^uQu/rQ^&ilt^Q&i ^uQuir0(S{?l(S^(o&), Qmir 

341. Whatever tiling a man has renounced, by that thing, he 
eannot suffer pain, 

(osfessTL^iup urreM usv. 

^LDCSiLDSStmrQsssT s^errajfTLh (Lp<otnpos)LDCs>iuiLj€S)L-UJ ^esruiiisek U60 ^ ^di 
sSlekuiEiadsn Qeueswi^eisTf ^eupcmp'S sfrcoLD Qup^ ^pasy sr-^. 

^^(sSlekuEisefrn-QjGsr-s/uQurr^^eiTseir srrjrioSsrLDiTs ldsstQu^iti^iQldiu 
s&T ^dsoiurr^ iQppeirr^LOy ^ssxsu iB(okQsisr^s,3,L-.Q3=p<30rr^LD cuQr)<sussr. 
^CfTetDLDSsessr^p/B^rresr ^eupesip QiB^EiSfreiih loTuj^LorrseQesTj a_e33TL_/r 
&^ ^ps,s>Qi<Siim^rr. ^ssruiiisQetrm-u^ui sn-eoGLDesru^LD eij(r^(sSdau 

enrr^^Lh ^essrQi—eiru^mh, 

(Qfi - u - <o^ir.^ — ^piB^iQeisT - (^er<sd(o\)fruQu/rQ^6rr^8sfriLiu^^ 
^pfB^i9<sir, fF&ssr(Sl - •(^^(gsw^y.Sj^) ^UiSipuiSlQeo, ^Lupuirc\i- 

2_6aW"L_ff'@i£) QpGSipGTOUUGSiUJlLI&nL—iU ^mUlEJSGfT, U<oO - U id)i 611 tT LD ^ 

342. After a man has renounced (all things), there will still be 
many things in this world (which he may enjoy); if he should desire 
them, let him, while it is time, abandon (the world). 

(uif - GiT^T.) GT-^f — i^QL-aj^iaijrr/TS(^3= Qs^gSI qp^gQiu ^LoQurr^ 
L]&)QLD6crp^^Qjpci!>p ^SIT^SsO. SjSl isiosr S^ (3^ ^ ^ ^mu^^iT^La 

Q^efi rLp^GOirSloj ^ldQuh SCSI'S (^S(^^aj , utro^on^ - qsot.? Qp^ 
GcrrQiu GDLJDU&O'oir'sSsmLiLOif ^t„coQ6J6mQL£i'Q'zQ^^(5o(oeucssT®LDf 

eB^^pQuir(fF)iL(Bl^^ ^inhu<ss\L-^^ Qu!rri^<srr35SorrQiu<5\)<5>d;rLbf g^q^ 

343. Let the five senses be destroyed ; and at the same time, let 
every thing be abandoned that (the ascetic) has (formerly) desired. 

05^uJajiT/rffl@ ^lueouiTLO'^ Sjoo^^lSl, e^6UT(rrf'uSl^Lh ^ss)t—es)LD ^^^Qi^es)^ 
LjQu!TS(^^Gi)iT<5nr^ iSsssr(BiD LDiuEii^^pQs^eijfrLhj <sr-^. 

6s>uu Quojfr^^eonQew&sr Q€upi^(3DLDuu(B^^s sh.LJB&. ereoeo/ru Quit 
(j^GrrsdsrriLjLD (sSlL(B e^(rF)Qurr(rr)dsrT (aQL-rr^suL^iLjUD, ^^ s^niTurrss (^IlLu-czt 

(Q^-L/-s!n/r.) — QiBir6sn9p(^-^6U(^Q'3'iLj(oeviriri(^f gjjsjt^- 

344. To bo altogether destitute is the proper condition of those 
who perform austerities ; if they possess anything, ^it will change (their, 
resolution) and bring them back to their confused state. 

Qj. LDp^ii Q^rru-iruufr Qu.6U<siTQ3srri30 i9pLju^.ks 
(uiP - 65)T.) er-^, — i3pLJU£)jp^'8so QLDpQ<sn-£h-t—mTS(^ 3i^p(^^ 

crrLJu(BLh, ^eup^ucfT, ^(rr^c^.i^LDun-su^u^^eiic^s ^i5^iP,ujoj^!!3riTQ6vfr(Bi}3 

fDSLios>s (SijmLj£S£BQ'Sfrrr(BLh sfrmeSSssr eSISsn(stfsQeiTrr(9iij sk-i^iu ldgwld' ^^ 

QurrrtD^iJD Qurr(/r/'^ eS'L-tf-scr sdsrQwsr (sElQDfr^cQskj ^l-ldl{lB(^s Oiu^jr 
Cr?n-. ^ sir u ^ sk u isjs en- fT GUT ^uSIQjtt® e^/b^cs^LDQujiu^^eQssr, ^a/o/L-Lo 

(Q^ - u - (SDir.) — i9puq ^^s^io 2_^(777'/f<5(3 - i9psSi6^iu 
rii(^(yMup^<s^iu QubpQiB(TsmL^<si}(fF)i{^^ s^l-ldljlo - (=jy,«/D@ 

^^p(^Qui^LJDj Q^fn^iTLJUirQ - (•a'lhuiB^LSlsveorr^ssiSija-ii^ Sffo 

345. What means tlie addition of other things to those who are 
attempting to cut off (future) births, when even their body is too much 
(for them). 

eh, ILlirQesTisiTQ^ek^}]^ Os^QE'is^uLifreir 6U{rQ(^iT<s 

(uif - OTiT.) (oT-^, — ^ fT GST si> SO rr^ 2.L_Lb£»L; ULnrQemsur^w ^iskQ{^ 
^p Qs^sufrQuj LLUJSS^es>^s Q&®uuiT<sk ojaQr^irs^ib (STcu^p'Sifluj 

LDUjasuD-^/SliurreoLD, s^^Ssurs QaQ^^GOrretj^ O^Qsirurrp Qupp 
S-^^QiDfTi^sion'rr^uDjCSujrTsuuuSlp&ujrr^Lb, ^csiQj lunQeurea^ jysJrss)LD 
Q^e^ii^j ^Qjp/Slsiir.SLLupes>p isi)®^s\). Qpui^ihoDLD isSlsrrir^^frp 0(77?s 
s£j, ^^Gsjsijr ^euisSl(fF)eues)Suup^§osrtLjLD (^L-L-.tTir&Qs '^(BsrrQ^saru^ 


6JDu) aj/rQearsar^LD (^qsiQi^($I .FLau'E^<sLBsd6drr^ Quir(7^dsfr') <oT<ssr 

346. He who destroys the pride which says '-'I," '^mine," will en- 
ter a world which is difficult even to the Gods to attain. 

up^ (sSli^rr^ fiQjj<z{^. 
(uif-esiT.) CT-^j — ^(TF^(sues>auup^ossnL\ih ^j^jsu up/£l Si—T^rr 
cs)/ru i3pS^ ^ekuEjaisk ^^su up^ sSlu^n-f <5T'^^ 

(Q^- u - (oSi!r.') — upfSdssr - (^(ijcusjn^M) upjriii3i?m{L\LD^ 
Lip/S - ®l ^ ■s>^ <-J P {^ ) cSlL-rr^euiT-asi^ - eSlt^ir^cxJCiDfr, ^Qihonu 
ssrr-^d7Uiki<!EG]Tj up/3 - ^^•suuptB, eSli^ir-eSliLQ li ini <x rr cu rr ih . 

347. Sorrows will never let go their liold of those who give not up 
their liokl of desire. 

euds\)uuiLi—.irir Lbpxsinp lucuir. 

ESoTii ^pCUfT^aiT LDLUIEjQu iStpUUfrQuj eudodU^iLuLLC—fTIT^ <5T-^. 

(Lpr)p^^p^^<3irrsiJ^ Q u IT QT^err sc&T mh J ^^r^eues^s s^i^ihiSlSssTiuil) 
^isuir^^uuppp <^(B^so. ^lEiiEiasrih ^psuiricmLDuuiTeij^^Giip^&r iurrsfr 
^.iQiorrchr/Beksil. ^nSl^rruSl^ih up^s^Qs^iu^ei), ^esisf^ei^up/Slsj sSs^^u 
ULLi—rrQtTishr^LDj QufrujfBQiB^aesorQL- iSpuL^eucsotu errsuuQssQ^j lduj 

(Q^«-u-sjo,t) — ^ir^^pis^irrr - (ip(Lp^(s^pih^<S'si'irj ^2&}u 
uiLu-frfr — (fLp^^is^uj^ ^s^L^ih^e^ijnrsiJrrir^ LDpsyipiuaiir - .jyu 
UL^^ ^psxjrr^euiTj i£)LUEjS-LDQr,emQ^ (oudscuuL-L-friT - (Spuuir 
Qiu^ SiJ^u9s\> ^SLJULLi^suirrreumr, 

348- Those who have entirely I'enounced (all things and all desire) 
have obtained (absorption into God) ; all others wander in confusion, 
entangled in the net of (many) births. 

3h. Upppp SmsrQsSST l9pUU£)li(^ LDpjJJ 

/QBoViufr(SiT>LD <z!r63yTU uOBiJo, 
(uf - 63>T,) OT - ^j—e^nFjSvssr ^(r^sucDSuup^uih ^ppQurr(L^Q^j 
^uupp£iJ^ S>lSiJ6mi3puesiuiU£iiS(^LD) ^msuuj(nj>^Qun-(ip^ ^eupmyp 
LSlp/B^pii^aur^Qecrp iQ<js^iu(tcs)Ld sireasruu^UDj ct-^. 

sfTiTissirLDppGlufrQ^Q^ smfiujQpLh ^pp^fr (Lpcs)pcs>LS)up^. upppp 
SidsrQisssr Qtuekfrrj-fr'^ "s^pp^ upQp&sfl ^pp^ <^®'' (ST&!ru.^s.Lh s^^ 

Up/BsUlh^^. ^-^QJ uSljreSST&UITLLL-IT^LD J)ieU(sS(Tr)eS)LDLLlLh e^(rF)lil(^ <ffh.pLJ 


(Q/5-u-miT.) — up^ ^pp acsiiQsssr - (^(^suew' ^(i^eu 
cjoaiLJ) up^^35 8sfriL]LD ^ppQuir(LpQ^^ SpuL] - (^uuppjiiQ 
luirssr^ ^6vesT^) i9peQ<ss)[u^ ^^d(^U} - G^Lfi^(^LD, Lop^~ 
^•Qsieu ^(/r^^QuirapsJ, i9Bs\}iuir(^iJb- (^^cxjp(^pL9lpfs^iii ^pih 

349. At tlie moment In -wliicli desire bas been abandonee!, (otber)" 
birtbs will be cut off ; wken tbat has not been done, instability will bo 

<50. Up^si uppp(Yrj'&sT uprBdssT iLiuuponpu 
up^s up^ eSlL—p(^. 

(U|f .Snfr») ST-^, 6T&)(Si)ITLjQufr(IT)dd(TlLjUD ufi}/S>SsirQp upppp ^OTip 


si—sii&T eurrCp^^p Qapu FFcisr(BLO Qufr^ojcs^suurrp upppc^Qsmsir 
mlr. uppp(trjasr upOpeki-ji^ ^rv^ev^ Q3=tuiL\LL@Lpas^LDSseijsr euih^^i. 
jiiiss3r(Bu upQpekp^ uppuu(Bsu^05^. ^^evrseusr S-UirujQLDsirp^ ^Lurr 
esTff'LDfrSlsSotT. eSL^fT^tsuiB^ upQpeirp^ ^-B/r^tu/ruJsu^Lb s^L-LDiSlpup 
rSlcksr. ^uup£}J eSiB^pi^ S-UiriuLh ^^St^p fJfi-puuLLi—^. 

-u^emirj) — up^ - (^sQu.n-^suih^') up^, effL-p(^ - 
6BQ^p(^, upj)j^p(^eir - (6r6d&)!rLjQuiTQ^8srriLjLD uprBi^rnQp^ 
upppp ^L-6xjGnrrp QiFfreveouuLLu., up,S2ssr - Qp^^ QmfSl 

^Tp Q<SFLUlU3i<!EU.eiJir^ 

350. Desire tbe desire of bim "wbo is without desire ; in order to 
renounce desire, desire that desire. 

rE.<3h-iii* ^^ — QiJ^iutLjsmiT^ffi), 

(^rrearQiDeisru. ^^o/ld uppp(j7^£ir up/SlSssru up/SiLieuL^ s_err^rrev^fra; 
sQesTj ^asiTjrcssrQisnn'pM^'-^^Pc^^ ^ip(^ssn9scr 6s>61]SSuulLi—^. 
s. QlLJ[T(m'srreo£>i) (supGSipu Q u rr qf^Q git ek jpjesisinn 

Cuif - 6!J)T.) er-^ ,—GLDiIjuQun'QT^<o{T(sO:30sujv<^p QLDLuuQurrQrjQcfTssr 

^su^ulr s (PASS'S frsurrsLf^ iJD£iJi3puL]mj ^(7F)GSlSs!sruuiu^UDf si^eij^Lb 

sSar QLDiufB,^&> 6iiLp<iQsesr^^es!^^so: (^p/Slaniu LD^Qssreur^LO, ^uiSlcmuj 
QeyetrefilQujsmjiJLD, ^eu(Sun-Qp e^i^p^uLSl/S!0^frek(2/'S^^ezfl^^Lh ^^. 

( -"^^ - U - 635/r.) Q U tr Q^GfT ^eO so (oU pSJSip-Q LDUJuQ U IT QR&iT -^ 

(snooffOi: ^s^di^ZsiTy Qu!r(i^istT<or6bTjp3 - Q lboj ljO u ir q^m ^Q err <oTiT ^ 

\2>puLj - LXi!TiL9ls!5iLtiUUL-[r^SpeQ l^^ssruLjS&xsoir^ L9psSlQiu&iTp 

351. Inglorioas births are produced by tbe confusion (of mind) 
wliicli considers tliose things to be real which are not real. 

2_. ^(^SSoflEjQ u9^ULn UiUS(^ LD(rF,io^lE]Q 

/SfiiQQiussr^ Q^rrcsiL-Qisn-iSl QiDeQ/s^fSekp^; /Siii'sQeuGiru^icir ^ft\ 

eijeasrifi^Sssr. ^^(^go i^l—itsv^ iBjt^s^iu ©jSBruQLDssru,^^LDj ^sp(^ 
/SLB^^sirjrcssrih QssusouQurrQrjQerreiru^irs^iij <3h-puuLLL-.<o^. 

(Q^ - u - omr.) — W(7F)&(r i§ieiQ - ^sueQuiP^ ^!r<oST^^SQ^ 

352. A clear, undimmed vision of things will deliver its possessors 
from the darkness of future births, and confer the felicity (of heaven). 

GJIT&fT IB<5SS^LU ^Gtnl—^^. 

Sc^u uLu^UDj <a;i_e/(g5(-b a_6TrGa//r ^soCJia/zrOiSi/esr e^ek/Slp^essflsij tSip 
txjrrsij rBpu^LD jy^. <s^(iT)&}iTpqrfp iSlpiTLD^iii sdorris^ ^mLD^S^u^^eo 
(gjsrr LUfT^ QiDiLiQuuesr Ss(LaLD ^uj^Qosur QLUfrs(LpQiT<9=&iLj<smL-tufnT ^lo 

353. Heaven is nearer than earfcli to tliose men of purified minds 
■who are freed from doubt. 

«?». <^\L\€!SST!r Qeuiu^Lui Asmsmiui uiuiB-siiQ p 

(uif-5!j)[r.) 6T-j^, — Q3:60eouu(BQisirp L^s^skaerr Qsn^ufTLLi—fTsur ^,5 
^fTQuj(SiJ6!mrif<3ij sj^p<5i^p(^LL(B^ ^LDenuj^^^rraj euL^ii^w, ^^i^/b uujsafl&i 
ScoQ Lu iu frw QmiLuSlossr iLjSssriT^<o^<s\i&in'^n'(T'i(^} <oT-^. 

(Bs srrjr&ssTsaciisr Spp&i. ^iEJiKi6ur/§ekn^ei-L^iLjLD eS"© uiueufTcs^LouSleirj uiu 
lB sir Qn sir (77/ if . QpuL^LDODLd STixj^^psQr^fSiin (sSleir&QSesrn:)^ . ^SEDoyoS) 
M" siisr (B u rr lLl— IT ^Lo Qij:>tLJiL^s!:snf eL^GDi—iuirrrkQs (^(BerrQ^ssr QiDdjii^sssrif 

eSsur QroUL^S -Sh-pUUll.!—^. 

{Q^-u-s^ir,^ — QLbiijiLiemiTeq ^si)€Cir^6iJird(^ - Qmtu&niu 
mirppLD ^su5Si6}j/b^ //sveOT<5erJ?^/i Q^'ov^^&ifrev) <^ih^srrQaj 

354. Even those who have all the knowledge which can be attained 
by the five senses, will derive no benefit from it, if they are Avithout a 
knowledge of the true natui'e of things. 

0. (oTuQuiTQF) Qerr^^GkesiLD^ ^irvSl^ UJuQurrQ^essr 
QLDLuuQurrQ^'oirr <sfrsssiu ^(Be^. 

(uif-SiOT.) OT-^j — ujfrQ^iT(fi^Qurr^eTT ajrrQ^mt\iuedi^p(yrj'uu^ Q^nck 

QiDiuLUfrQiu Q u rr (rr)2ofT i srrsssruQ^ QiXiuJu^ej^ireurreiJ^'j er-^, 

Qufr(rf)6hQs;rr^iJD s_6ds^^mf spiSl^^sQsrr<S!w(B evLgiSK^Qeorp spu 
Sosrs^d SL^^^f Siskpeijsssres)L0cs)ius sn'i£ssruQ^ekpcufT(nj'Sp^. Sjo'o 
^rroj^ — Qarrs'Qs'iTLDn'dT lun^ssC-Qs^isrixj Lorri5 3!jr<Q,(ol3'iT<s9(i^LhGufres>p 

QeuLfiQfBir&SlSssTiLj'SDu.uuirQecTekuQ^inr oy^LO/UD, Qs^QiueisTuQ^iT ftliupQuiu 
([f)Lc, LDrri5^jr^Q'3=frc9Q^UjQurrc!S)pQiu<5sruQ^fr(r &.puL\uQuvuQT)ihy 6^(75 
Quirnne^^mL s/buSsvnufrseQesTf ^(^Qjrrjpiessrjrrr^ iBeoQp^&i z.uS\if(yr/'Quj 

<srrjr?ssnEi<S(3f^cir ep(BiQa,Qsrreusr®Qg:ssT(i7/>p sn-jrissurstrifliuiEja'sir ^weisrOi 
iB^^/S (tpup-ajmu Spu^ossr iLjemrif^&ifrii), (oTuGurrnhQisrreirp Qufr^'Ss>LD 
luiT'oisr ^lUtHJO^^SsmiLjUD /SSoO^^^nsriLjLDfTQuj QuiTQFfSnsQerrc^&imJD ^Gusurr 
Gpu^G!!iTiruu(Bih, ^^@6Jr QLoiuinessrn'GSliSUT^ ^<oOa,<s<smisi'Oh-puuLLt—^. 

( ^1 ;i Q ^ IT sir pi lu eQ3^^m)£B'i sessr® eSli—fnoisv), ^juQuiTQ^eir - 

\Q^!TdTj6luj^ ^LjG)u!r(f^(3lTiL—^P(r^fSSjJLD^ Q LOlLluQu ST (TE&T - QiniU 

iuitQiu QuiTQi^Sofr^ ^iTiossTu^ - ^cSIqus^^ ^/Sleij-QLOiuiu/iSsurrLC). 

355. (True) knowledge is the perception concerning every tiling 
of wLatevcr kind, that that thing is the true thing. 

mptSssmQ GUfTFir Qisp). 
(uf-es)T.) OT-^, — ^LhiDsail. LDpuLSIesTsemQezsT s.uQ^3=QLDrrL^s^ 
^^luaiQpcs^L^uu Q^&s,ifufrp QaiL® ^^(^ek QLDiuuQun'(fT)do(T iLismiTfS 

a pO pchr p ^ i^id ucoifusiSsQmiLb usosit^ld uuSp^Coj FpemQL^<sk 
p^(^&) (^(BQup/Slp(«)ifluj Losmil.iS\pui3ioisr^ Qu^^psQ^oDLDiLjuo Qup 

QurTQh^ s^emriT^px^ ^urruuuD Qpek^: — ^ss^eu Cfflsrrfifi. <cSlLDrtl3'LD^ ufreu 
ajsiQtueirusvr. ^snp^^j&xQa&K^l ^^'^p <3h.pLJULLu.^. 

{Qjs-u-smirA — ppsmQ - ^lls^lduQCoiso, sp£a - {jl^uQ^s^^ 
C35^ (^ir^3=irfl'Juiflu.^Q^') (o<xlLQ , Q m\Ls uQu it Q^sn - (^^^{^eo^ 

^SsouuQeuiir - ^z^L-cuinr, 

356. They, who in this birth have learned to know the true being, 
enter the road which returns not into this woi'ld. 

=gy^@6ar (ip^pQua(r^dsrTiLiisw(fF)LDfruSl'^ ^»iv^i@ torr/Slu LSlpui^jcrrs^rr s 


ffiUuuL-, ^iTiB^ - (^i^jLDirsmjEJSsrrfre^ih il\^^ii3<^^lo) ^wnr 

357. Let it not be thouglifc that there is another birth for him whose 
TOind having thox'oughly considered (all it has been taught), has known 
, the trae being. 

(uif-6inT.) <ST-^j — LSlpLJL9p(^ (Lp^psrfjrs^LDrrixj sj<s^-^<^3= Qsl- 

iSlpuQusuT^ih Qucs)^asiLDQuJssr6i]ilij &puQu<3Cir^(i^ Qg^LoOufrq^ 
Q'Stresrsi^LD} &fr/flaj^0S>^s sirjrsssTLCin's S-us^ifls^Tir. ^<sy0nss(^ppiEJs^6{r 
^(sSa'GiDs^ <srdsisnui5iT6m®p(^iEi sirjreysrLDtr^ epiODt—QS^LDiSsir) s^a^Qpui^u 
up^ ^^dssrQiu LSlpuLSlp(^s SfrjressrLDfT&Qd <3k./£liGU)ir. ersocorrLjQun'(i^ 
crfi^j/^ Qpih^^rrseotTskj.cS® QpuQusaruuL-L—^ . Q^!rpps.Qs®sd\]skr 
cmLDuSlesr iB^^mn-iUyQrsn'ehrosiLDULJiTp prnds^Qturrehr^iEi iseo^^e^ssrcs^LDuSlsk 
^uj^iTUJ^j ^frQeurSdeorreupaDpiuiEi s&iii^ SpQscrp (Lp^pQuirfrFfetr 
(sSsfTiTLSleiir/SI iorf^(^rT6ir£}jLb (^(rF)^&!raDLn^^!T^(soup^, ^^osms^ Qs^ldQuit 

^^up^Qujsvr<3i](omirs. ^i^dssri aiTcmiss)&ajiTen^i, S-iSlrr ^issresreS^c^JF 
Oail.(B ^^Gjg)© e^p^as>LDU^p ^cmL^eElL-rr^ utreSl^^so. ^^osma^ ^ldit 
^0ujssr©/(g5 <!^a@so^^ujiT6srGlLCiSm<D^mj3n.£)iu. &.uSlir s^t—LbLSeiffisjr^isisfrs^ 

QiDsku^ toTedmrr ^^LOiiiSLL(^iB^€>si^urTsc^chr, eSQi— oj^ suit its (^ ^<isfr 
co^^u -iSlpLjSlpQs^cijn-uj uiTeuT&!r Qa®^pQun-(rF)LL®s Q&snsouQurr 
QF^SmQuj uiTeSl^Js<3oQisusisr®^e:>!TidT, ^^dssr QpesrQssr uSpocmu ^^scflshr 
LRisc^LiiTUJLRi.d^'Bs\)Giiueh-ua;/£l-£. ^^1^(0 uireaSonr nh-puuiLL—^, 

i^Q ^ - u - oDrr,^ — i^puLj^rm^ih — iQpeQs^ np^ps.rjressr 

i^ipuOuGST ^^iM - QiMfr£rn^^\^s(m /SliS^s^sn'jTessr QLossruuQQpy 
Os^ihQurrQ^&T - Qa^euisQdjQufrQhiSsrr^ ^ztr&jsru^ - ^plcu^, ^pSI 

<^j - (^,^Slf^2/«(2i) Q Ln til lU /6l 6U fT LD , 

S58. True knowledge consists in the removal of ignoi'ance, which 
is (the cause of) births, and the perception of the true being who is (the 
bcstower of) heaven. 

s^nrii^iTfr <Ttriir^(7^ (ommu. 
(uif - 6!f)T.) er-^j — ^0si/(sar cr<so<sofruQurr(TFiLLc^(^ g^irnurriu ^j^ 

^L^^^u LSlsimFn-jTiDfrLLL^fTj ST-ji'. 

^(^Quiuirrrp jy=rT(rF)LBu.^es)^iLjLD {Frnrsvs:sTajpcs>piL^(^ <3^aifQus3r(r;>fi-. 


Qiuirs^^sosi^LLa^irsisrs. u^p^s^s^trir^jTrrQisuem^aDijJiLiLh, s=rrjT<iat—6U6<!r 
Qjmu SekjD ^esruiEiS6!rfTSL'<czr i^puL^ sjtsrr^ijjfr'Sj GucjT/^c^izr o^uSsrire^r 
^6(r<sSszT/ol. ijSlLu.uui—L- (aO^waerfJear ui/Jeor-Si^jefr ^pi^ ^j^LDuscn irehr 
^^ucSl^^cortSijLh SlpiB^ d^L^LDUirear (Lps/s^ fBmpesnsiJLo spLBiuu tSlorsr^j 

^s}cssr ^Qr)S^iT s^QjifuQuuhru. i3puSlr)r^is[T.(rcswLO!r3><30iT6br, fB&^sSSosru 

^Gusrtru LSIpLJU^QLDek(^ir. Sj°o^ S^^ld suL^dQL-i^^ ^jsuruiijaQcfrc^ 
s\)rrLD erGarQs^iuiLjQiDsir^fEi si—rranev uj rr 3^ ej@ js ^ jyswsu ^fresr Quurrsiij 

aC^i^ (Lp^lT3^& ILjlS^L-LU (Bj tSl CS) IT 3^ 3^mrLDfTLLl-.fTGDiDUJ rT^th QiSU^ <!f fT fT 

iSleuTC^LDUjrr^Ei Q<5Ll©<aS)®0LnssTu^ ^)^(^p s^-pljulLl-^. 
UJ.TiUiQs^p, QiEiriu - ^Ghru/EJiE6rrj ^l^^^ - (^^euGij^ps^frcsiemLiLo 


359. He, who so lives as to know him who is the support of all 
things aud abandon all desire, will be freed from the evils which would 
otherwise cleave to him and destroy (his eliorts after absorption). 

(Q)LDIEJ Qa,L-S,QsQ (oiBiTUJ, 
(uif - OTJiT.) OT - ^, — (QrrcsrQujiTaisiae^dr (Lp^tr^^S) a^&^L-inn I'l d.(<j^ 

Quuj(rp^mah.L^is Q&(B^eoiT(ok, ^ojp^&sr sfTifliLiLDmu eSiSszTuuiudraar slot 

CDfTiBITf 6T-^, 

^rsn-^Lurrtu ^gSs^sd^^iljudj ^^up/61 uunQcurcsr ld^&i^ld ^aiiisfrir 
QurrQ^tLsLL Oj^iTO^Lb ^cwcru^ibp ^^up^ ' ^^^^ ld^^^^s^lL Qj'^\) 

Q[urrQr^aT>LD. sn-jressTLDfriu j)j<sr^pjD!sis^dorrs Qs(9^^fnr BrrrrluuiDnQuu @(5 
eSlSm'a23rr<F Q3'djiu!TCs>LC)U^<sur, ^evrti^^ ev it s s u.qj ^ ssr u iei s (^ l8<s^co^Qlu sir 
u^ ^S(^/b'3i^puuLLL^^. (Lp6kQu.fB^^i6iruiEjS(sr^L0 QiDsdwiTSSL-eii^eisr 
uiEjs^LD ^GOeurr^eo QuiuJiLjsmiT(^6ur LJiu^seSecr^ ^csisu uSlsrsm(Bun-LL(Bil) 
^eu euQsfrjrs/S eurrSesr. '^euisufrjb(yr^Qear Qtx,LutLj(S5sriTiB^fnTs^^ rSpueur 

3i(oi?l.m Qp^ir<s'&l iLis^t^{UQjird(^^ sBq^ulj Qguj^iulj <^(^^fr 
QuLU(r^Lhy QsL- - QsQ^&)iT6\)^ Qtsiriu - (^^G!DSiJa,eifl^ snrr^iumsi 

360. If the very names o£ these three things, desire, anger, and 
confusion of mind, be destroyed, then will also perish the evils (which 
flow from them). 


itlesrp ^t—LDL^iD SjS^ QsiressTL^ ^SsaruuLueirs^sfhLD S^irpeinLDuSlsirj Qeus 
dosruprSl e^QjrrreuL^^ ^jiossuulLl^ L^soesrsemQuDp uemtpuj uuSlpQ 

(uif - SJJT.) 1ST - ^, — OT(SOco/r<syiiSI/r(5LL(*|'-o crssrrso^^iEJ Osu.n-^ 
(^Qh/Qichrp i3pui^dssr <sSasrrai^LD eSls^ ^surrQeudur^ Qg^rre^^Qjir 

jij/5lcs)Sij (oLDrrsiQ LOG^puu s^i£j(SJiSl<ss>fr ^euiSLieurr ^S'sQsiBLLQsrrcasT® 

^^(T - ^'oS)3=\U!TI^LD^ <oT GST U - (ST <S<ST ^ ( JjJ7"(o itTO/T/r) Q S' IT (bV &)J dJ IT ft , 

361. (The wise) say that the seed, which jn'oduccs unccasiug 
birthsj at all times, to all creatures, is desire. 

2_. QoUsssTQwaiTeo QsuG^Qix) i9paitres)ixi LDpp^j 
GajmnL—irm^m Qsuesaiu. euQ^ih, 

(uf-onnr.) er-^, — iSlpuL^^^ehruLDfr^is^ ^/Sii^cuenr G^eirs^p Qeudsr 

j)/iBfr^ujrrs^ ^rresr iSlpuuju iSlss!^ QpuLj ^ipui-jdacfTiTjD£iJ'dru(ipm£u 
!Slpeurr<ss)LDes)LU Qeu6Sisr(BQLDm^i}ij pp(cBsres)L..g^Qp/SlsuTuiEiS(rhSl e^(w,Qurr 

iSlpisi'iTa^LDuStsur &puL^seh-/Slu iSlek Sj^ guqf^ldsul^ <3h-pp Q^frL-!BJ(^@sbr 
pes)LDuSl£irj mp^ GSlSoUTLDfrp^eksesw euih^^, 

(Q^-U~(5iD!r.^ Q(oI!63StQ[EI<S{T(30 - (^t9pLJLj3J ^S^U ILIT l]9 (TF^i 

^(5<t5S31<5(S5)(U, Qoj^^LCi - (SSl(lT,U)L-jLO) ^^ - ^ U S p 6U rT CiD LD iU fT 

362. If any thing be desired, freedom from births should be de- 
sired ; that (freedom from births) will be attained by desiring to bo 
without desire, 

IK-, (j'SUo^L-frG^LB njesT&sr <sB ((£> & Q d^ &) eii iSemt^evdo)} 

lUfTSmQ LOooQ^lTUU ^<30, 

(Llir-65)(r.) JoT-^j — ep(iT)Qun-Qr)^iLjLD ^©jroy/rcwLncoiu gpi;@/_o eFl(W 

Uia3,mQ3=60&j(ipLD QfieuiTQ3=(S0isn(LpLD QLD6Tn-QLD&jQfBn-a.s<s Sififr^^ 
C^i—(3S)LDuSl&!rj ^esrs^ GujsSisoso/t"^ Q an LDes>uj ££l(i£,ff:Q<9=isoeijQLDsir 


<3ULD m^^pS^ (ipn:3h.puULLl—^. 'Si p SUIT SOLD a (i^ EUL^iU rrQiDS^IcljUD, GSl(ip3^ 


363. There is in this world no excellence equal to freedon from do^ 
sire : and even in that world, there is nothing like it^ 

(uif ^ ej)T.) er-sp^ — ep0CL//7"ffi(g eS'0/_63r^ Qg^fri^eou u(Baj^ ^ojfr 
efljOffO/rcRLDj s^sijisusijrrisS3^c\)rres)LD^fr6ir QldluiJ:i6qldcs)lu QqjssuTu.^ ^rrQssr 

QiDiLLDGSiLDQiueisr^uisi <3n.^i^ir. LDp£y QiDdsouJ^Quireo ^oswLDrrp/Sl^Sisssr 

@u ujrLDUGDrr'jjfreaT'shr/SI QibQaQiu^QGu^u,^&.LO ^^ euQTjiJ^suL^msi 
^/5'^p eh-puutLL^csr, 

364. Purity (of mind) consists in freedom from desire ; and thai 
(freedom from desh'e) is the fruit of the love of truth. 

(u[f-e!j)T.) isT-^, — Slp<^ ^ppsuQrreuT^ Qg^rrsosOLJU^sufrir s^^px^ 
QidQaQuj^suaQuu ^snir s^ppeuirs&r' iSlp qr^'&acrrp^).' ^oo'^^irear^Lo 
^qrj-^tuijiraefT^ Si<Siip(frfp ^so^skuiiis ctrpp^eoso^, s>/SL'/fQurrp iSlpc^ 
j^p,<Sl(?:)iTj er-^. 

^3^(^60 ^SU!riSV£)J^S^ITjr^ QpUl-{ (^^(LpS^^lT^LD loT ^ IT LD CSi p (Ifi 

(^Q^-u-Gnrr.^ — ^/Dpsijfr(or<5sru/nr - (^i9pioS}) ^ipajQndrj;!/ 

&ao ^fsTuiEi^eir ^ppaj^'eve^iruxsvy ^smrQuirp i9 p S lu p pSI (oXi t , 

365. They arc said to bo free (from fnture birtli) who arc frccct 
from desire ; all others (Avho, whatever else they may be free from, arc 
not freed from desire) arc not thiis fi'ec. 



(uiP-s!nT.) GT-^, — QLciuu-jc:^iT^SoFF(jr/>Quj <z!T!TGrsnEi{iQ<su&:)&:)iTLDenu^ 
^jQjpirrfssr (^Qu-iLs^purreoi^iu P>c[J)Suusur LDpeSsuL^ujrr/b L^r^is^ iSlew^La 

^suQsr/Siun'iS!pi-](^i^, ucoLpiu^upsmsiumu lilssr^ii iSlpuiSlSs^iLjem-i—rrd 
(^ppQ-pih ^^Sours ssrruuQ^ ^pQLD£sru,^S-EJ <Sh.puuLLL^GST. 


366. It is the chief duty of (an ascetic) to "vvatch against dcsiro 
with (jealous) fear; for it has power to deceive (and destroy) him. 

Qsu.rras)LD - LSlpt^^^ehruisjserrnshr ^L^iLnroDiD. j^^pQs^ojfrQiu 
cSlos^Quueisrp^ - QiDpO-a^rreoe^iaj ^pcvpiEjadoir. (^ijsvr - <prr^Qiurr(f^es)LD. 
fsrrasr eSlQ^thi-jQiE/Sl - QmajevQ^i^aQiB/jSl. ^evadcsvr Q-ppp S{S'^^^^^(5 
Qsijpp(^Q3:iLajQeijdsrL—rTy Q.^uj^esrQeveoeon'LO ^pLDfrQuosku^ <ffi0^^. 
^5(C5)sb ^eurreij£ii^^p ^pui^s sh-puuiLui^. 

^£ULJi3lsiT - np (LB ^ m ^ i; fl; (T i\) ^ Vgiii^Tj^^^^ld eufnTirLcpQ-xQid^ 

367, If a man tliorouglily cut off all desire, the deeds, wliicli con- 
fer immortality, will come to him, in the path in which he seeks them. 

pairr^^ QubesrCoLDeo 6U(f^LD. 

L-iTuSloUTj j)/^i^Qscr £T&)&)fr^ ^ssruEi£S(sr^LD (Lpi^eSeur/Sl ^croL_<a5)i_/rLD£?a 

s_l_lLi_/ op z lb ^ iB out p ^skuih QpearQu Qa^Lu^Qsncm'u.^trs^szf, 
Ff<cS!T(B^^m'uQLD6UTp^^ ^^QuiT(i£^ ^sufTeufTp Q s^iu^iQ sirekeussT 
Qjp'oSip. ^s^jfr^QiDskQlxieo eij(if)Qu^6kp^i^(s^ , QpsveiDs^ ^6iruEi<5S(&Q 
Qineku^ Qupqrjin. @^{6a)so ^suffQeu ^6mu^^p(^s SifTirsmQiDek 

U^ Sh-pUUiLl—^, 

368. There is no sorrow to those who arc without desire ; but 
where that is, (sorrow) will incessantly come, more and more. 

(uif-6!nT.) OT - ^j—^ojrrQsueir^ Q^rrG^(SOuu(BQ<iTp lSs^s ^dr 
uih (o^(m,<snp(QS,Qs,(BLDrTv^shr, jyei/ssr cS"© QuppeuL^Q'U ^Gk/6l Q^i-.LbQua(B 

®LDrT(ff^ iQirLDi3 Sppsairesr i^mr®LBskuLB(;s)i—Uj(nj'Q^6hr£uisi iJh./Sli^iT. 
(g)63f? FFisxsr® Qmrnuspmu Qu(Tf)(g)QLD sir £ijaniTuuir(T^(Lpcfrir. ^^(^io 
^eurrsLi^SSfriT eS''Lo s^t^mQ u trQ fQeisrQp oruu^euQirehru^ a^pu 

ah.i^i£l&sTpisQL^^^LD (orekpui^']^ ^anuth - .K^sti, ^o!j)L-tU(n?^- 
fsQCosu fiiEisfr^. 

369. Even while in this body, joy will never depart (from the 
mind, in which) desire, that sorrow of sorrows, has been destroyed. 

6E0' c^-ff""" eSlLupsma iu6urri§ui9 sar/B/SSsoCoUj 
QujTir eBjjpssi'S ^qf^lo, 

(uiP-GS)T.) (ST - ^, — i^(jT)Sir^LD iBiTLDurr^ ^uu(k)iSldsnqmi_uj ^surr 

iBjTLDUireiDLDiurrQj^ ^frCoLDiuskrSI^ ^Louiu^ih (B2som rrmLDuSisJsr Qeuessr 
t^rr^esTQjiTiu Q u (t (Wfetr sdofT QsvessTi^ QldsstQldso euerrirsidO, ^QjsiJCfrif<3^ 

&S((of^LD iSlpuLju tSecaf? QfiUi^ ^pui-jS/^ih (ip^oirroSe^cSlm/S a.itS)/f iBjr 
^g^iu eSsisru^^^friu fB/bps^eisTy (^L-t^dsuru QujrrreSujpcms Qojshr^ihj 

^'/5sir(7rf'(^fr6i>iEj si—i^Quiruj /Esoi^/B^ifluu QiDeOGOirfis 
Q^rrm(7r/'iijs,@L—/5^ ey(f^LDQu(rF)UDurr (^coutSeo^^w tLjessrir/B^essriTiB^ 

eoeisrQpiuuQuir Q^&£(B ld^Qqji^® (^l^itQlci.^' 
erehru^ih ^ss(if)^Q^up/Sl euih^^. ^/5SdoOCS)LDU-jGS)L.tUQjdsnr euL.,^iSi)fnr 

Q ^i Quirrr^iups^s - eruQuir^U) ^0 iQdsiDssiLCi^^i^&sTGinLLSSiiUf 

370. The removal of desire, wbose nature it is never to be satisfied, 
will immediately confer a nature that can never be clianged. 

^psupeQiLieo ripp/Slp^. 



&pUL}eS)L-.^^n-iU S^piSJ3h./Sl^lT; @63f7LJ Oufr^(S!^LD ^Ssru(Lp!Ei ifh^^eUtTITf 


"10. &STO JK-^l'Ui. 

SjooSiren^ ^(!T)S'85STuuuj<ok Qs^iu^exi^Quu QiPm^GSiL-^p Qs^eurr 
e^earp^m as)6ue,suui—iT<ss>LDiLi(r^LD Qidpsii-fBtu sjp^^^^}ajLjes)u. 

(Uif-65)T.) 6T-^; — (^Q^supi^s i3S)Su(olurr(ir)GtTiT^p^s sirircssTLDfrQuJ 

s^emi—iTLbj eT-j2/, 

M-s^jh Currsn-Qifieir^LD eS?&sr^Q^rrcs)<ssseir GT^n'sn-so^^rrehr cSifJs 
SLJULi.(B(S sn'irsi!snliQun'(rF)Crrsiirraj iBesrpssr. ^issis^s^ ioi^, QurrQ^emsir 

(Q^-u-sin/r,) — <ss>mLjQurr(f^m - (^(^suOTyi^g) e^svSlp 

L-!r(^LDl Qurr(^ ^MLLpirco - Quir(^^p(^& a,!r p-GssTixtn-Qiu ^§el^^ 

371. Pei'severance comes from a prosperous fate, and idleness from 
an adverse fate. 

u^rr<SQ)ir Q-pppi «s3)c_. 

Qs^eurrQtu iismipeu/B^ S-ppeSt—^^ Sjoo^ ^^Sssr ££}ifla(^LO) er-^. 

es)SLjQurr(rF)Qcrrmu^ ^^afrjr^^ireir eu,i^^. ^ip^ij^ ^ffijjw 
OmesTLJSsr ©jwisssT^ih G£>jp£}ies)LD^Q^rreiDS, Q^pp<ssiST>i^QujioaTU^ (Lp&sr 

372. An adverse fate produces folly, and a prosperous fate pro- 
duces enlarged knowledge. 

^nsvsTsviLD lufiSCosii ii9@a), 
(uiP-G5)T.) OT-^, — Qu(ss)^uu®&(^LD ^§!L(Lpanu.iu fTesr ^(JFiQjesr ^estsr 

^■i(^u i^ssr^/B ^eOTOTjyrip/r^sajQoj Queos;cs>LDiLiio!!sriTQsu QiDpuQuOj CT-^gv. 

QuiTQfiis^€k^^<ss>LD ,:0:iTsQsur(DLXi QsoppuuiLi-.^. QLDpu(Ss<so-a&>6SI 
uu/Sles)<suu iSlsorej^jrEii^^psrriQs: Qs^iu&hsm^^ ^fr6k(Lppu(Bss^. ^'fi/r^sar 
iBs(^L^s spp6ijiii GS)&QsiTL—ir — Qjrr^GO semressrs^ ^d^g^eanjo Guir^ 


(Q^ - u - 63J/7-.) — ^ok-esSiu - (^^/SliUfTsniLD iU!ri(^eu fillQlU 
&jjCipes)i-.uj(SuQ^(^(5Uioisr) ^LLuLnrrissT QurrQE<siTsdsn'iue!nL-.aJ, ^!r<30 
u<s\i-u<o0^^i3oa'?en\L\LDj spiSl^jjLCi-sp(yri>^u9^^ihj ld/d^uld . (^eu 

lSI(^ld - QiDpuQi}). 

373. Although (a man) may study the most polished treatises, tho 
knowledge which fate has decreed to him will still prevail. 

'^' ^(3^^ ^<sos^ ^lupons ^(f^Qeujii 
Q^eirerfltu jtit^^ld Qgxs^. 

S-esy I— uj IT as seooo^ ^lusorrsj^Qp} ^dieyirpsk^ ^^sijcs>L.ujfriT eufSiujTW 
SGijUD (srSssriurriT Qs^SosujrrrseijiEi srres3ru.ccnrei!r^ j)j/£lQj(oS)u.ujjrrr^p6srrLhss!Ly? 
Qs^sosuQpcmL-iujrn-^p sirsrr^, Q3=0OeuQpas>i^vuirn-^p siT(^LD9mL^ Sj/Slsif 
cs>L-UJir(T^p a:rrsiTO^c^p^rrSp£}j. ^sQsu, 03=G!isu(^Q3=uinL^iEiisrr&) sj^ 
euirQiu ^aom'S3,n'jr€S!STQpLo QsueusrL—rrQeum'u^ Quptrrjih, 

(Q^-u-siD/r.) — &.Q)ss^^ - 2_eu<3j^^(su, ^lupssi^ - (p.§slP 

374. There are (through fate) two different natures in tbo world, 
hence the difference (observable in men) in (their acquisition of) 
wealth, and in their attainment of knowledge. 

isffosoesisu ^ajGDSuQojskuG^ srreO(ipLb, ^t^^LOj SQfieStLjUD, QarrtB 
(Qih '5§!L(LpppsiJL^£S sire^iQp^eQiij fBeoeoeurruSl^Lo j)ji£lujLh, ^S(^ljd SMnsi/bp 

375. In the acquisition of property, every thing favourable be- 
comes unfavourable, and (on the other hand) every thing unfavourable 
becomes favourable, (through the power of fate.) 

(uif - eiDT.) er - ^, — ^LDSsk-LpSdeoir^ Ourr(rF)errs&r eu(iT)iB^s,srrLj 
iS^ihj ^LDiBi—^^ /SeosiirrsijfnJD' ssKLprr(SO^LDajrriuQurr(ir)eir<ssm, i^p^Q^ 
Qsfressr(ElQurTiLia= Qs^irifliE^rr^ih, ^ld<oS)ldgSIlL®lj Quirarr, 6T-£u, 

etssriLmij asuL^ecrsueS) 6k.puuL-i^^, 

(Q^ - u - esiff-.) — ufrio - ^§el^^Qi30^ ^e\)eo - ^ihQf^soL^iu 
arxsu lutrsir^QuirnKGn^&r^ u^u9^)jLn - euQ^is^s ^srruuirprSli^ 

(ipGS)L-iussi6ijujirSliu Qurr0efr,s(orr^ s-uu^^ - (l//d^Co^) QsfrsmQ 
Quiriu, Q <3F IT if^ S ^ ih - QuiU^eQiLtz-iT^ih^ Quir&sr - (^^themua 
gQl-Qu) Qutrsn-eiiinh. 

376. Whatever is not conferred by fate cannot be preserved al- 
though it be guarded with most painful care ; and that, which fate has 
made his, cannot be lost, although one should even take it and throw it 

(uif - 65)1.) CT - ^j—^iJoQua/Sserrrrehr ^siruu(BLD QuiTQAGiTaetr 

(Lpuup^soTiTib QuiT(rf)<3n&'SsfTu U65)t_^^eoeoeo^ ^a/f^toO/rs/r^, -^^PCS 
sfffip Qeu<5m(BQiCiewu^iTSp£)i, 

377. Even those who gather together millions will only enjoy them, 
as it has been determined by the disposer (of all things). 

(uiP-63)ir.) er-sij — Qj£ijes>LDUj/r6Br^aiTa=&uSl60&>fr^fnT ^p&c^E/ «0^ 

ILjLDfruSloST^ 6T-£1I. 

^puurrQireku^ ^frjbOpQn'srr&iQpp^d^QsFiT&i. ^UDLDrreo eSli—u 
u(Beijesr stQld eSi—uQup^'^Gn^^isj sq^^^ Qeu^uumLi—trp ^uearu 

^ik(^Lb!ruS!sk^ ^LJL^irsij®}6V(oVrrrr - ^Qj^S!nLCi'Lirr&)^ ^^ueQsiELJ 
u(SlLbQu!r(i^<sBeo<s\)!r^!rw, ^puurrir-^pi(y^iEi SQ^^^e^nL-iusrireuir, 

378. The destitute will renounce desire (and become ascetics), if 
(fate) do not make them suffer the hindrances to which they are liable, 
and they pass away. 

«9oj, jBssT^ikisw emeoeoeufr-i siremueu jreir^Eisfr 
6\)6»e))p uQeu Q^eu&sr, 

(uf - 63)T.) er - ^j— /560eO^ eSdsaiLjiEjsrreo ^^esr eSlSsireumu ^esr 
uiEisdoTT^ ^es>u.s(^/B^p6isr^ g)c3)Q; is&iedQsuek^ ^as^ium^^u 
eSuurriT ercemr^^eSSssr eS^iLjiiiSfreo ^^eisr eSldsaoj/ruj ^ekuiEis^U-jLO 
^eusurr pgawsSliurr^ ^'SS>u.S(^!5^pm rsiTi^ ji/isoso^Lpuu^ ereks 

ersuesr - lurr^l 

379. How is that those, who are pleased with good fortune, trou- 
ble themselves when evil comes, (since both are equally the decree of 

<5B0. TiGiTj^p QunFe^eSl lurrsiisn LDpQ(7t^(sb'^ 
(uiP. 60)11.) er-^, — ^skSojyr (^&i)a(^^/bQufr(rF,iL(B^ ^gst^q^ LDrn^ 
Q^aeaiTr/'^Lb ajL^iurrs euib^ ^^^{^tpi^^uSIecr (ippuu.® iS^(s^ld' J)j^(GS)iso 

j-6S)ir.^ — L£ip£}/s^ioirj)f - (^^£kSssr6Qev.i(^^pQuir(f^LL 
LDpQ(n^esrss)piuir6i}^ Qji^ujfr<sdQs[r€m(Sl enih^ ^ 6U su nr ^ friLi ■d' 


380. "What is stronger than fate ? If we think of an expedient 
(to avert it), it will itself be with us before (the thought). 

jijp^^uutreo Qpp^pjpi^ 


^ J ^ tU SI). 

g)65fl ^'k&ip^^m eiJLpuu(BeiJsarQjfriu Quir(W)(o^6i!ruEiS(sr^m- ^(75 

/S^hLDfrdsos scsmQi^Geur Oiuecr^Lb" ereor^ Quifliurr^ua uei^^^trir. 

f^eh'Qs (mu^QiUJiskp^ ^^dssni^e^L—tu /Sfri-Li^ccar. Sh-Qiprnp^ ^^P 
Qs^si'mu Qun-(i^dsir. ^es)LX)3=<3?y mrr®, ^n'essTj QurrQ^errj ueini—j iblL 
QumuQs (tpes^piumSl^UDj FF6!isr(Bs= Q3=iutLj6(rQ/5rraQu iSlpLp (snsii^^mr. 
^jpi (tpos) i—UJ IT Q&sr(ssrp^(<oS)(SOj Si'Siipi£)i<S(r ^<sk^ ^eixsvL^^th ^irs^eilfQ 
Qs^GO&ifrQ^euru^ QupxTT/ih • (SUL.,^6^mr ^<°^p/^p(^ s^ieissQldsstlj Quojit 

^JTS^psEiesLDireysur ^es)(syQuJ6cru^irQ.ih ^esieu (Lpp^ih ^cs^t—ariLDQuj 
^a/65r Qeup/SldQs^ Qenmu^is^Ei sf^jDUULLi—ccr. 

QuiTQF^f&ELD^ ^StnLt>>S=Si- - LD IB ^ ifl iL^ LD ^ lEL-Lj - WL-Ljib, ^jeSST-^IT 


381. He who possesses these six things, an army, a people, wealth, 
ministers, friends, and a fortress, is a lion among kings. 

2_. ^^3=tre!niii uSon^ uj/Sl^i<x t^ is rs rr &{t (^ 

6miEiS(^ar ^m^Q^rrmp (^rdsJsnu^L^EiQiSiJQrjLbj s^eu/b^err ^ansuiuL^iii 
&isr, j)ljr3=p(^s Qs(BisiJ6ar usosurrLOfTseBsir, ^gdqj eruQuiTQ^i^rBQ^rrek/S 
Sppso ^uJsouir&Qeu6ssr(BQLD6!srufrirj er(^3=ires)LjD Qeui^p®iueiiQueor(rff!ir, 

(Q^-u-ss)rr.) — (2&Jis^p(^ - ^irs'^ai;^^ ^ius))L^ - ^lueo 

(s£lQeu3snpLDj s^xisLD - LassrQeun£i<F&iL^LDj ^iiBir&iri^Ui - 
/5ir^(m (^6SSTisj<S(^ih^ er;^^iiG!nLD - rB(BlQeii iSibsit^ £lppsofrih, 

382. Never to fail in these four things, fearlessness, liberality, wis- 
dom, and energy, is the kingly character. 

(U|f-6W1.) 6T-^, l§<3O0^dcST^(^l5 ^Q^SijSSil—lU irp(^ J)/ S S fTlFl UU lEJ S 

erflso eSlcs^iTSijaDi—eiDLDiLjuoi ^smeuuj^^pQspp ssosSliLjes>u.eiDLDtLjLD ^ssstgdld 
iLjeiDL^cmLDtLjLDrrQuj ^ih^sk^i^essrQpih e^(r^srr^Lh /iisjSiTj ot-^. 

ssoeSliu^ eh-^urr® (Lpma!nTS3k.puu(BLh. ^gsstssildhj msu^ s^eisrp 
cssriLjih urrJTtr^ SL^^pQa^uueu^ /rseQssr^ ^o%^ ffssst® s^us'n-jreuLpiSsirp 

^iLseoeS} ^pEjs^^p(^Lh ^ifl^^, erossriu c^Sssrsi^ifluj. i^EisirGlsumu 
^p(^ QLDQeO(^3=rres)ijDS (^esyfr^^trEi^es)rra.s, 

(Q^-u-esitr,') — Se\)ssr^sTruQjp(^ - iElsd^SlS5sr^(ef^iB ^(/^ 

Qeo (sSlsoifrexjesiL^e^LDiLiUi, asoeQ (a-gjot-erotzj) - (^^eineusSsrr ^{S 
^P(^ <qTPP) S6\)eQ iLje!nL-<o!nLDiLjLDj ^<5st^e^ ^^GSii^esiin-^ssmiosmi 

rstr - (<^Qj^Quir^Lo\ f§iE>3sirciJini). 

383. These three things, viz vigilance, learning, and bravery, should 
never be wanting in the ruler of a country. 

^' c^p' ^ffDcygmo/ i^-iQ u)pei^a£i&sir 

Qp ujjrSeor Qdirp/DLh'^ srearu^i^i^ ^(^<su/dud QuiT(Tf)LL(^i sn-jressTLDrrsso 

LDpsi^(ipssiTLDfr6srQLDi5cr(j7/>iT] ^o°o^Tisw^ '^i^/iSissresiLDuSlsur eSl&OEi&trQLDSsr 
LD^QeuLpQp Qld/Qiuit — Q ssT ^ dsT & fSsM'truSl^ui iSlpirLBg^QQsoear Qp/SI 
lurresr — LOfrpeisrcs^LDuSleir LDpiheuiT®QLDisisr /Sl^smuires/iriLi Qld/SIiuit — ^posr 

CS)LDOoOT Qp^LUfrGSifTlLj Q LD/S UU freUT uSi ^ LpSUGUT .^^ (oT<SSr(2llLD ' ' J)/ lSI ILj '5 IT UpS 

^ SOT si; <5B Soirr rLy/rcu/E/<3;2srr~j, lisQ - {^e^^iBiTLLL^^Ln^ £_6irarL_/r<55/r 


884. He is a king who, with manly modesty, swerves not from vir- 
tue, and I'efrains from vice. 

©. ®\ivpp^ LSiLi^^iEi srr^^^iHJ air^^ 

^iSTT euirds^LD, ^Eiisiesrua isuii^eupcsip ep([f)(SiJi^^Q^rr(&j^^^LD, O^tr 
(3j^^eup€S)pu LSlpn-Q^BmarerrirLDp s/t^^s^ld, srr^^eupisDp ^puoQufr(f^ 
erfliocruiEi'SioflssrQun-QhLLQ eSQ^^^ih eusoeoeiiQissr jt/jTSFekj er-jj/, 

FFLLi—eOy srr^^&), i3U(^^^Q306kpQjp/SlpQspu ^iuppQeC)sku^p(^3' 
Q3=uJuu(BQurr(7f)0rr <suqt^(^£ssuuiLi—^. QufTQT^m&en irsnesr ldgsz^^ Quireor^ 
Q/Bso (Lp^eOfTuSlesr. ^smeii eunhiD euLBserrrreusuT tjcrossyciD/rujLQ/^^^LD, ^ss^p 
QsiTL-^LD, «6sr(S3)® ffi^ujsrfl^ <5 ffji/LD (Lp^<sOfrtSl<sur. iSlpQfrsurp^ ucm65isiiiff 
SGiTeijiT, s^pp^^wrTj ^SosrQff'ijsun-iT (tp^60rru9i^!T. «L_Q/aT/7", ^fB^essriTf 

(SU/6lQajfTQfr6!!r/BsulTS(^l}i L^S,L^p(^ISI QS!T®^^OSO ^^iJO£_//r0Lli_/r<S(a/Lb, 
vufr'Sosr, (^Qesiir, ucs>l—j isn®, s/irQets^ek/Sleup^pi^ih uesi&QiufrOsh-i—sSIp 
L3iT!a3:uu(BsijiriT.S(&jLh ^esre^p iSlifl^eQp s?^LLi—uu(B<sijmTd'^isi Qsir®^^ 
Ss'Ju Qufrq^il..QurrQT)LLL^frs<SijLD, LDsiwL-ULD, su/TffiS), Qa^uu(^ssr^, ^erriQ 
jTSxSSfr Qp^&Slu Qs'iu^pi^LD ^LDL^msksGairsk ^siriauecreijp/Slpigi'Ej Qsrr(a 
^^oso ^sisruuQurr(rF)il.L-rr3i£ijrdiQsfrefTS. ^luppsirQp^eSlLU ^eufV/'topOa^uj 
^eo^ffl^iTScQssr, eu so so Off ear (77 /r. ^•cS)^ f5(rsk;^uiTL-L—n^LD wrri—m^aj 


385. He is a king who is able to acquire (wealth), to lay it up, to 
guard, and to distribute it. 

(uiif - 6B)ir.) er - ^, — QpeinjDQeusisn^f^iTSf^fii (^copQeuc^i^i^iTS 
(^iBi sfreasTL^'bQscrfliLii^iu uj.TiaiJiTLDfrLl-(Biij <s©(^O<r/r<306i) egrgOsOCT/LO/riosgr 

&LDf 67- J2/. 

Gj^es^Loiup/BiriB^nfr. sirecsrt—pQss^gsiLniuiTev^ Qujy^^jress^saisiisr ^15 
ssi^n' 3'iTsurQqr^rr S-mefULLu^nQ e it® Q&=eijsSu-jis^i—iUi^uSl(iF)^^&). &(Bt^ 

GmearQsu, LDskesrdoisr LBs<3h.£)j^&> Qs^irs^ooQ.siiGsarL—n-eufruSl/b^. lEaah^^u 
^so ^ojsir srrsQesrp ibh® u& iSiesS ueos (tp^eQiu ^shr/Sl lurreL'iT'i^Lo 
Qufflesru/B ^0^eS65r, Q^oiq^coQ^lo /BesrQ/Dskpeo. s^&i&QLoecr^ia st(l^ 

(Q^ — u ' esiirA — LdmesTbTsr - ^ff<3^iS3r, smLS<i(^<or&7^uj6ar- 

/^(o0^6OT^, lEd<3f,^^Lh - (a-SrOSii) <ol e\)SMfnQ6VIE]<S6lfl^L£)^ Z.iUiT^ 

386. The whole world will exalt the country of the king who is 
easy of access, and who is fi-ee from harsh langvage. 

(Uif-63>T.) ST - ^, — ^ e:^ jj Q 3= rreo^ I— QesT R^^SaOa^Qs^LU^ ^srRia 

^LQ ucs^aeusriT^LD tseQiaijui—.n'LDpsn'^^so, ^crosu ^ifluueufTScQesr guSo 
@,f. a,((rj^uu^ctTQSlib(yr/'^&i - a(i^^:jjQurr(n^QefT(ksoiT(i^ 3Fjr^^so, 

{Qf5 - u - 6iD/r,) — ^lodTQ^rreciTSV - ^&}f!iuQa--rrGc^iL-Qi><iTf 

FflBJ^ - Q^It(SI/£^, ^&ili<E - 'S,fTS{E^ CU So (oV fT fb (^ - 6UiSUid\) ^ IT ■S^ 

387. The world will praise and submit itself to tlie mind of tho 
king Avho is able to give with affability, aud to protect all who come to 

SlG^pQiu&sr^ anojii^u uQih. 
(uif-€a)T.) CT-^, — ^/recr (tpas)pQg=iu^ iSlpii ms^iuiTLD/b Sfr^^SoO 
iLjiS^ O^^dJiiyLD ^jr<3=^ iSlpuuask LDsQssruumtSl^Lhj Qs^ujodireiir llsiSlL^s 

Qpci^p - ^p^^^LD iSQ^^s^^ Qs^rrso^ih Qi5/£), 'SlpQiresrp^ 
QLDpQs^trsoeQaj/rcsitr. Qeu^jjesxsy^^e^-LDSse^ptSlS^^ S-UjiT^^es)en^^&), 

Uirpj^LO - (l9piTSUQ^/B^irLCi6\)') S!T^^^(^Q3'\Li\L\LDf LC)6iT&iT6iJ &Sr-> 

^jTa=mAi9puu(r<scLii<sSfi(De!sriU!rv9^iX)), irissBLLf^ - ir>6!^^irs(Sf^ 


388. That king, will be esteemed a God among men, who performs 
his own duties, and protects (his subjects). 

(uif-snrr.) cr-^, — g)^L«(g/5 ^SsnnrinmiSl^iT Q^irpsdstr^ ^earQ-yeS? 

@c5)i_ iBtppssisrQGSsr ^ei(^lJd ^^sosldj ct-jj/. 

Q,3=(sSl0DSuu Qeu^p^pQ&pu ^L^i(Qih^dcssrQuu€sru^ 6iJ(W)(sSsau 
ulLu.^. /BrrsSskLi<30^is!)^3= Qg^sSQiDQeo/b/Ss <ss>suuQlQ<6'sr(n^rr. ussstlj 

^ih ^rrQesruurr^QLOsku^fTLD. . 

^dsssnuirScsTGUir^^ Qs^trp'SsSen-, Q^^eSlssisuu - (^sJt) 0<yd9 

389. The whole world will dwell under the umbrella of the king, 
who can bear woi-ds that embitter tho oar. 

<E0. Q{EITss)u.uj<oifl 0&'[EjQ.srr6d (^i^QiUfTLDU (GSjeaTQ 

(uf - snT.) ST - ^,— 'Qsxjeisr® SUIT ITS (^ QtsuekrOsveur Q^nQ^^s^w, 

Quessr^LDrrQiu ^/5/5/r6er@ QsFUjdsoiLjLD ^GDU-iLiensur Qeui^ifs Q&e^&iirLb 
eEl6fT£SsrrLD, er-^. 

^03>}ULiis^ - (LpsmeOfriiSls^UiJ3h.p<k>. Qff^eusSliu QsirSoQurr^eQciTj Qs'isi 

daydsTip-car ^Lp^^^UDTm. 3'rr^(Lp(L^^LD GScrrssGQbisT, (^errsQs.ehrqrj'fr. 
(Q^ - u - esirr,") — QsireaaL^ - (^(o<sU6mQQ'Sun-ir4(^ Csueror® 

^r5iBtrskT(m Qs^tuecsSsfriLjih) 2_s35L-tt-..T£aT - &.e!DL—UJsi]shr^ QmiB^ir 

390. He is the light of kings who has these four things, benefi- 
cence, benevolence, rectitude, and care for his people. 


lurrevesr Sjp^WS^^) !^^.^^ld, lu/tSoCT, (^^es^rr^ Q^rr, u(sr>L^&.seiQLD6sr 
/Slsijp/SI giiriso<S(e(¥)ih (ip^&irTuSlesr. ^jr^^sar s{/SI<si^€^l—iju (eB)tussfrso sjearemi 
iSlrrssQstJuesr/Sl LD6i!r^uSlifs(^LD uiusku® ^Q (^s,Q , ^o°o^ Jr&Lu^m eroa/s 
&uuLLu.^fruSl^Lh, lurreufrSf^ih S-£u^ uoj^^p &puL^ Qurr 
^uui—s <5h-^@i5k(^iT. Qldgo ^/TEisrrGSiLD sedeSlQujesTs G^irp^eumu 
Q&^iu^ wmL&QSitu eSifl^^s sh-^QewpcsiUniSlsar^ ^ooQes^pLDiriL&luSsm- 
tSleur (ssxaUsauuL-L-^ . 

<oSpS ®i^p(^f5 ^«. 

(LliP-G5)[r.) (ST - ^, — ^0SL'6aT spsuu®,^(kia^LJ uao^ps. 6si,s; 
^iEiiEissriEisp^60 ^■sa&:)(sS<S(^sS'S ^aDsiiQ.SFn-c\)^Q<cirp Q(5^<s<ze<kiTQ(sssr 

spuesxsj Qajsin-p^t^tsnTj ^pLbQufrQ^err^siruLD ^Qi^sk^ih q.£2;Qu 
QurT(Wi(erfi's:ssrir^^evssr ^eisr/Slu LSlpQurr(i^ (^essrir^^eussr Qmi^iLueo 
uea^g: 9lpp^(a9ssnTS(^ ^sfrQoj&sTu^ Qupx^ih, a3=i-.psa;ppsiiT(^^ 

IJLO uu 

i^eysisfreir Q to iutLjSi:3r it. i^ ^eumsj^^^G^^u:)} eun^isufresiLD. &jDUL^<aDu^ 
LDS/bsnu9p &jbp&)Qajmr(B QiDi^u^frS-Lh, ^sui^p apSLJU<S,^&:)S(^Lb, 
^svp^ps. s/b(^LDrr£ijLhj s/bp^<^/b uhj^ld ^^S/s^/b eh-puuL-L^esr. 

(^Q^ - u - Gs^rr,^ — ,3^puetncu - (gpi^^susar), .ijdsuuQ j^/nsv 
a^Ssrr^ 65<f(S) ^p - U(Lp^py sps - •sp'S.S'Xi^eiKoir \ a:>pp l9sst - 

iSps - (^K::p7<5crrr/ris\) Q3'iTeos\)uuiL.L- eiiLplu9So) i^ip^iisiL^Qj'Ssr. 

391. Let a man learn tliorouglily -whafcover he my learn ; and let 
Lis conduct be worthy of liis learning. 

2_. GTemQessTsmu Qendssr QuJCi-p^O^GiTU &ff,idiiisS!iTeydT®iEJ 
•ssisrOGsmioku eiirr(Lp rLpu9fr<i(^. 

(uiP-OTT.) GT-^, — ^■/Siurr^rrir (sremrQeairehr^ii Qs^fr&i^GUGCTGiiLO Lop 
^rrir &puL-jS3^i— a.ii9/f(Si_(^« sasuQessreir^ Qs^trsi^suir ot-^. 

cinsuu(B,LD; ^QTiioU cjjTLDU(ips:-c£lijj „^(SOs^lLs frehrc£ . GT(tp^Q^smQ(SL'^ 

^^G(G3) Qi—irp^US^LDll-liSSiL—VU Qg^rtei^lh ^l—!Sj@p£U. ^£uGS(m,^p(LpUDj 

^p(Lp^pQurrQ^e!T&'B3fTs sn'sssrL^p(^3; <Sf7T,sS)iurrseQesr^ acmQssN'em'uuLL 

£ii(u>evfr /S2s\)aDLX)ULi!Sij IT sir — LDtrQ^, lupLOfrrr Qun'(W)(oiflsmuLD ^Qi—eirr /Ssvp 
^ssTy fSlpLorrQiorr Qeueisre^pfB^irp Qs^ulj.'^ ''sTQsi^^rSliu^ ^0 lSIl^ 
^cs>SGS)LD ^iri^nssr, QiDfrL^^^p^^esr (Lpi—i—jruuufr (SU)(m — QiorrL^^ 
^p^^sk, (LpLLi_£u^^ /BSiiQaofrek Qp^^urp Q u it (7F)(^(sziit ib ^ , «l1l^ 

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^irsiarQLa ^oofi^sssru um(SOLDU Quluit j iSleksw^ s^ojif^SsssTu uebrcsiLo 
^dsirr. ^/Siurr^/TiT Sj/BiB^rTQjreuruesT eij(rFjGSs&uuLLt—eur. SpLjL-jent-.a^u9 
QrrssTp^ LD&S(6f^uSl(r^6irf&T)ili S-GssnT(Sij LSlc^^iLjGi:)L^uj^S5sr. ^^(SS)p spsu 
u®,^3<3Si—(^s SQr^sSujiTeusmeijLh ^eupp^ ^ssT/SujesiLDUjrTesiLDajiEJ <3h.pu 

(^Q^-u-iSDir.^ — erbmer&^u - (^/iSlaJir^sujrrrQev^ <oT ehsrQ ssyr 
esr^ Q<a=fr&)io\)uu<Sl6iJ6STsiiLhy (qtSsst <or(ip^^ eresru-LnpsinpQiLiQp 

dsoa; efiljremani^u^LD, curragLb t>^u5ln-.s(^-cxJfrip^p(^itlLU ub esf! ^^ ir <s i^ , 
392. Letters and numbers ax'e the tv/o eyes of man. 

usssT 6m)iQni^uu rr -xeoeyifr ^euir. 

Q^iuih ^(ssiL-SLLi^evps^pu^iE} srre)LD @jCS>uSiLLL^<a^p<s^pu^iki g/rgaiLO 

QisiTUJ (tp^GQujeijp(7r/'esr ^oku^Qs^ujii^LJD ^siemaaessrQessr s^issiU-esiLDuSlp 
sso&)rr^euGS>irLJ Ljswr^^G!>L—UJ Qfr&sr^isi «9n_/z9.cff)/r. QLopsessressreuray^LO 

^p Q(n/{^^^s, eh-puuLLt—0sr. 

(Q^ - u - G^ir.^ — xpQQrfnr - ^ppsuir, sem &^GisiU-[urr-&sm 

L^Q^^i]S!OL—iuir-^l6saT(SlL^S!kfr-3BSsrru^GSiL-ajajjrirsjJiry ^•semetmi^isoirir.'^ 

393. The learned are said to liave eyes, but the unlearned have 
(merely) two sores in their face. 


^eS ^eucsiir uj/nh stisiieigctisj sh-Qj^GlLoeaT rSossru^LDn'^ .'S,w(^a6\)nQuj 
^tTLc, /BsoeuL^Qiun-Qpsiso t3prrs,(^£ii^ Sfi-pQeoearuew ^jra^Q/B Q^rr 

sPqt^itlditlL® ers^GiiiTQrjLD s^tssTL^anL—tu ir itqj Gfreuru^mh. '^^^p s.p^rrfO' 
^ujiTsij eu(^s^& -f^puutLi—^ . 

(Q^-u-sjn/r.) — L/<roa//r - spp^ ib^eitjr^, O^irt^e^^ - Qsp 

luio^ S-6UUU - (lUlTSi](fEici\ LDQ(l£>Lhui^, ^SsCScfh-l^ - (^^CUSiDIT &'') 

GST e5ii[)GS)[u lusviL^uj^rrih. 

394. It is the part of the learned to give joy to those -whom they 
meet, and on leaving, to make them think (Oh! when shall we meet them 
again). • 

(S). &_6!ni__«j/r/f(Tp sS&is^TrlrQuiT Q'Sdiif'pj^iS] spQjij'ir 

Q3=J^^iT(LpGi!r iBSOS^tTib^irrr S pt^LO it ^Quired ^ ^rr(LpLD ^SfFlnjiropeir 
i—^, Qumuiun'ujLDrresnh QerrdQ Qucninumu s&ieSu9Lpm^rriT iSlasTQ^Q^ 

(Q^ - U - GSifT.J E_G2Di_(U/r/7-(Xp5cir - Q 3= GO CU IT Qp &}T Q 6!ST ^ @S\' 

GOirirQutreo - eiifSliuexifrQuiTeOj (Eji'Sip^w - (^Lninii&flujiTapi'iiT^ 

Quir^LD^ ^jL^is^GuQfT lurreuir. 

395. The unlearned are inferior to the learned, before whom they 
stand begging, as the destitute before the wealthy. 

s/bpdosr^ ^r^ Lople^. 

g^^LDj Sj^Qun&i ld&slL s/Ssi^ s,pp j>jeTr(sSp(7^S' ^£ijihj st-^u. 

FFcs3r(B^ QsesSQuu^p^ ^^sirseysr Sanir. ^Gtr^pQp^Qisueisrp^ cSy^ 
6Dr6ir(a/@O<y^G0 Qey&srpisijrr^. ^/Sl^spp^&^ssriurrsir ^anijDUJfT^ Qmenr 
QiDp spp^Qev<^(B QmsisTU^fTUD, ^o°o^ mnip Lafr^Qsrrerriovrr cuiSl 
lu/rfflsSiJOTj Qldshssstqs^ldlu /SI Qsu iSt^^Qiomp^Q^® LodoOiunei^LDUJ/Sl'fs. 

lUITSST^Ij Q^^ITL-L- ^Sssr^^-(o^(r(iS3Ttf-lU ^ isn (sSl SST ^ IT •S ^ 2mj)jLD- 

fipp ^3ssT^^ - fBpp ^ea ^ ssT ^ (T a^ J ssijpju) - 3tir^(mL0), 

396. Water will flow from a well in the sand in proportion to the 
depth to which it is dug, and knowledge will floAV from a man in pro- 
portion to his learning. 

<or. lUft^rr^n fErrL—rrLbir ^^iririTLXiir QsO'okQ^Q^siJsir 
<SF[TiB^8sssTa^iEJ «d)«ro/r^ cnir^, 

(u[? - 65)T.) GT~^, — s,ppsu^S(^^ ^631^®,^ ^ ear ^iff cr^(^ LD oj GOT /SI 

LDiruSiSuT e^CfTtSLGCr 

e^(f7)GL6sr ^irsNip&(^LDerr(SiiiEj s&)sO[t^ & 

^LoQuiTiSO S-/t^U Qu[T^LLQsmX)L.IH'M L^ODfflLjLO Q^QJlb^ Q<3=LU^/b Qs^ 

^UnriTLD-^ " (^^LJUl^u9(f?,d<3; S^(^6U<3w'^^ 3= IT LD ^dsmsriL^ Lb - ^pi\j^ 

tXicaei^Lo, <3SU(&\)/r^ •=^-^2/ - <s<soio\)rTLnp.z^^S:&sTp^, <sr&sr - lurr^l 

397- How is it that any one can remain without learning, even to 
his death, when (to the leai'ned man) every country is his own (country) 
and every town his own (town)? 

=P/. 6p^ff,G!Dijbd<^L-- L^rreir^pp ^eosQ Q aj it rrE en p 


6T(LDlDpLJlSl^(^ QsFm'^ ^^tnij^Ss-JU-jStnt—^^^ (oT-^i. 

eSiBf^amQuireo s^uSliflissrsLLQi—i^ SjSi i-jS(^iSlu Lj(giLDrrs6Qcsr^ OT(2P 

^eo - iBeirQisur/Slsaiscsr ^iu^^go, 

(^Q^-u-esiir.) — 6^(r^6ijp(^-G^Q^eiJg^ss(^, pnm — , G^QKsmLns 

656Jrar - C^(^l3pUl9G0, .spp<fS<SdeQ - Spp<^<SC(S&IJU[TGST^^ (oT(LpSt!iLD 
U^LO - <QT(!£l9ipULJSS{?,^LD^ (^TLDfTULJ - QufTOJ S-^SlJ^^, 2_620i_ 

^^ - &-GjnL^uu^!rimLD. 

SS8. The learning, which a man has acquired in one birth, will 
yield him pleasure during seven births. 

<9o>. SfTiSsk U£»a] ^c\)S}&sT LjP'kssssrQl 
(uiF-SiJ)(T.) cr-^, — ^n-Sasn-ij)i^tb(g) cr^aJirQuj ffisbcflsi^ ssosLSsisr 

LJ^'SeOn'&> ^S^^pUL^ QtBITsQs Spp/S/B^fTH' iSlcST^Lh ^^SsStQuJ oO^LD 
U£!JSSOfTQJ^ ^LDL3sS(TQjrfr(S ^OBOLjQuUJ^ ^^/BlUIT^eST QeiJiSi>i30fTLD ^/Sl 

ojuQupQpQLDshr^LDj iun'ism(B ucosuns iBcsimjSsOLDirv^QesrQLD&sr^iiLD a.sL'6J 

S^ia u&)<ss)Tr\Li^in ucsiSiurrss^ih S-Gdl—^Q^sst sjfi'o^ ^i^ceisrs &iT(Lpqr^ 
<ss>LDuSlp spp/BiB^aQireur^LD, 5'0L£)t_/ j>/uSlpp(&)S &^cSiQurr6\)^ ^mUekuj^ 
sp(cR slsoQ ein-j£iJ^eo SipsufrpQ/'ssr ^^csuDiSlssr ^^SsmCuj GiT(ip^icV 

QfTsk^lEI ■3h^/Sl<€^IT. 

(Q^ - u - emj.) — ^^fTLD - ^irihrsfffT, ^iki-jP-.^ci]^ - ^^u 
tue^i—^pi^ (^^QJirSiiu iBGO<sSli(^, 2.&0(g - ^(B^isLnir&sr^, Ml'^H 

/Birir - {j^eodsSsfr.i\ ■xpppSis^Gui'r-asefr^ •sirnpjpieuir - (jSeJu^La ^^ 

dsaQllA sQQ^LDLjSlllTlir. 

399. The learned will long (for more learning), wlien they see that 
while it gives pleasure to themselves, the world also derives pleasure 
from it. 

LDiTL—evioO Lcpejnp ujGnoeu. 

^i^cS^cmLDLuneij^ ^mu^^aify serreuivj Qy(oS)tu/f_, ^rrs^Qirek (Bos 
irn-r)Q.sfr6rT6TrLJUL-.rr<c!^LDiLjih, snL^ULLi—iriTS(^s QsiT®^^L^i (^ss)piu(res>ia 
tLjLomh. & fr(3s>LD-^<ssrriT3:sssrQcssr Sppso. ldgsS Qlurrehr Qp^cQiusiip/Slp(^ 

U/nLi—ITf^lil SSOgSIhJ^ QpULjS <3h.puuLLu.^. 

eSlscsMir^, (o£l(ip<3=Q3=&)cu[h - QpuufrSluj Q^eocuLofreu^j aeoeQ - 

Quiresr^tii Qp^&^irs^ Qd^evsy/ij LnirQ^Goeo - Q<3^&)euLDeveo^ 

400. Learning is the true imperishable riches ; all other things ara 
not riches. 

^c5 - /JD. cjy^ — a^^GVlTGSmi: 

seoisSls^SpuLj Qld&> eSl^Qps^^irp Sn./SliLi^Som'UJiTecr (Lpp^LjQu(/r^ei?>La 

,^<sQsbpH Q^itlLu^ Qsiretreo. 
(uiP-ctni.) er - ^, — ^nrisjQSs^ uSlcs)Lp'Ufr^ eniLu-iTi^^p Qurr^ua 

eu£}iii] QsmlL^" e\^u}^uQuiTQO, Qa^freo^u) Qun(^^io 0/s^uuu/r 

//l^ SJ>j3n- ^35'LD. ^^. ■!ESd&)frC^LD. 

401. To speak in an assembly (of the learned) -v^itlioufc fallness 
of knowledge, is like playing at cliess (on a board) without squares. 

2.. cgssvev/r^/TGar Od=/r/D<5/r Qpjry^sir (ip^u9ir6S3T(Sl 
i£l!S\)&)tr^ffGn QusmsiTQp/b pp^n. 

£uQ3=fri30^soso ^'2uiT(s^^&) ^ius\)uiTGQev (Lp3soij3jrsssr(BLh ^eosorr^tr Qcarr 
msQ Qucs^T'oS) LOSS) oj ^Qj!TeSl!^p QurreniLD, er-^. 

(Bssn-ir. &^^Lb ^Soeorr^rr Qcrresru^irth. s^isutroSliueuL^^ scs)L-QuiT&rr^j 
{^Q^-u-e^rrA — ■ssveoir^iresr - S(5d€3u9e\)€0rr^su Q(gr) (7561/ ear, 

402. The desire of the unlearned to speak (in an assembly), is like 
a woman without breasts desiring (the enjoyment of) woman-hood. 

'K-. <35<sueD/r ^0/(25 /Bs^ff/ssuiro/r a,par?happ 
Q3=ireosoir ^q^isu Qu/Siesr. 

(uilf - 6B)T.) er - ^, — &eosOfr^tr(Tr)LD iSs.'seoeorrrTsiJiT ^rrQio ^u:cs>ld 
tufS/B^ &p(njrr ^esxsuuSlskesusr ^6kp8srTiL](z^ Qa^!T<ki30iTQ(rf,^^&) <sf>.(SLDir 
uSeoTy eT-_gu. 

Q^ecrufTiT Qu^Qgstsst^ldj <3h-[y.^ ^wrQs ^ldcs^ld QGue^uu^B^^rrcsiLD 
lUfremi LP) iSloisr ssosSla^iu eSlQFLDL-iaujrn'sson'^Lh /56^iB<sosoQfr&sr^iEi -Ur^^^ir, 
g)GS)<su Qpm-^uiTLLL-rr^Ei seosdrr^rrir ^zsibuisiL Qs^rrco^^/b (^if^tuif 
^eoremLD Sh-puuLL(—^, 

sp(oQYj>ir s^QauiBsksismy Qa^rrsoedfT^qFfi'S - (^lUTQ^iTGsjssipiL^Lb) 
'^U3'irp(f^^^, Quj^dr - Qu^emnruSoiTy s&)ioOiT^6uqEU^ - <spjB 

403. The unlearned also arc very excellent men, if they know how 
to keep silence before the learned. 

-SP, <T>6ve\iiT/ufr Qi^lLuiw -ssi^iuiEisir qrj>u9^ii 
QsnetT'Snrr f ,qS 6ij e^n i^ ujnir. 

lurrif j^^Sjst LD^ajnGrrasiu^iTLD. 

/BGST(n/>u9(r^ui9.^LDj ^/Slei^emL-iumr - ^^c6Isij€iDu.Lucuirj Qsfrerr 
erririr - (^^^Sssr ^/i^<si^ss)L-ss)LDUjrrai^ Q^frerrsmrir, 

404. Although the natural knowledge of an unlearned man may be 
very good, the wise will not accept for true knowledge. 

Q<fiTeo(oOrrL—'3F Q<3FfriT6ij uQlJd. 

lUiri—S Qs,®LD^ OT-J2/. 

sjbpeuQioureku^ e2j(rF)(sSssuuL-L-^. turr^rr^OLDirir ev{riTsss>s 
eSKBGLDsiru^mh. ^esxsu uSIitgjot-® umLi^ir^rsi seosorrsn-jr^ ©jiunanssiU/SI 

LD^iuurresr^j, ^Bs^uQulu^ - {^s^(oU<s8orrd<spp€ueiT') sem®, Qg=fr 

405. The sclf-conceifc of an unlearned man will fade away, as soon, 
as he speaks in an assembly (of the learned), 

(uif-siDT.) CT - ^j — <sB(SO60fr^euir sfrG^uuQ3;cofrsir ^/o^jreocxiiT SLerr 
GiTsa^u QsonQs^iTGO^ LDefreSsarjrrr^eo ^smfi^ ^Los^^ih LSlpirs(^uD utueir 

enir^^Qurreo^ ^rrQpih /563r(g ldSIss/duiti—l^ib^ iSlpird(^tJD ^/Sl<sij Qp^ 

*fi^«jy t5P<5E-i£l. ^P. SO) Sd (T G!) LD . 

Q s IT em i^(fEab. en a oj IT e^\ s^en fr <oT &sr ^}] ia - &.&rrerr6ijQfr<3irjpj (^so 

£B<30 ^eoffOiTLneOj (^mi(^LD Spird'^iiiUUJ&iTUL-irGSiLDiurrtsojj uluoit 
ssrrir ^dssrtuir - <sSl2iSfrtuir^ s&ririSiso^Q^frQ g^u u it cii rr ir . 

406. The unlearned are like worthless barren land : all that can 
be said of them is, that they exist. 

er. ^emiLir ^^jsnitpLjeo lSi<so(soit Q&nL^asKso 


(uiP-63)T.) er-^, — ^GisTGsS^rruj LDinL&esiLDLj ulLQu U30,^&iac^ 
&i35>LDUui—u LjosisriB^ uiTcmeuiLj^Di—uj (oT(ip3=QiLfih ^Lpr^LD Qurr^UD, <oT-^, 

euires>LDiLiiJa (LpseorruSesr. uiremisv ^(^Quiuir, "s.(T^cS6sr iBsaQ^cr 0l_u3 

uuuesfleisresiLO Sh^puuL-i—^ . 

(Q^ - u - esjff-.) — ^sssT - ^UL-ULDrrSlj uiiresar - miTLS(o!nLDU 

^<so<3V[Tesr - ^tsoeoir^aiesr^j <oT Lp<so - (oTO^^'&liLjLhj ibqold - ^ip 

(a^lJDf L06S3T - me^6!S3I&'3^ITlhQj!^Q&d^ LBITeSST - LblT iL&efniS^UUL.^ 
LjdsiSr - ^6^IEJSlBisUULLu.f U{TQS)<dUJ>lp^ - U IT 6!n QJ u9 SST ^ STQ^'SF 

QiLjLC) ^ifi(j^ihQuir^ili. 

407. The beauty and goodness of one who is destitute of knowledge 
gained by the study of great and exquisite works, is like (the beauty and 
goodness) of a painted earthen doll. 

sec<sO!Tirau. uiLl 

(uiP - 6tnT.) cr - ^}—'Sp(V/'irLDtrLL®/Qdrp qj^sjgs^lduSI^ld ^&st^^ 
a&)coir^irirLDiTil.(B iBeirp Qs^&ieuixij er-^, 

^i^<SijSpLJLjLh<ss^LD i^&rTjr^^rrp Qi(rrf3>s^. ^^^iSd^ouSlehr ^ek/S ldit/S 

i^p(^i£> e^S(^LDrruSl^LJo^ ^0« seos\>fresyrr<iQa(BaSj gu^gs^lo /B0oaoires)fr.s 
QsL^ir^ iBppcorrsky Gv^jionmuSlgijis Qqf, ^esr^Q^esrco^ir, ^^<es)0O ^euir 
QQ^eSeir (^ppm sh^puuiLi—^, 

(0^ - u - 6JD/r.) — SO) 60 IT ITS em - seoeoir^eui^L-^^j l/l1l_- 
S-&mu.irQiUg ^(5 - Qs'sosiju^ir&sT^, iBGoevirirssm - appoJiilL-^^j 

408. Wealth, gained by the unlearned, will give more sorrow tlian 
tlio povei'ty wliich may como upon the learned. 

»3«. CoL£)^i9pis^!r sutS^ibi .ssoeorr^nir Qtjpui9pih^is] 
(uf-snT.) 6T-^, — aGOSdn-^rriT ^ujitib^ iFir^aail. iSpih^rrir ^u9opLb 

tLjtUir<3=& &pUL\eSiL.^ Q^oCTU^fTLO, ^^(^&) ^euiT 3^ fT ^ U^ UJ IT iF &. UJ fT p 

(O^ - u-6S)ir,^ — <se\)(SOfr^mr ~ -^p/Seoir^ioiiir, QLopiSlpii^irk 
^(iSl^LD - SL.iuiriB^:SFrr^u9p i9piB^fr jr (ruS^m, StpuiDpiE^ih- 
^siripih<s3=ir^u9p i9pih^(a^!B^LB^ apQij'ir^dssr^^ - ■sppeuir^ 
QuQ^€S}LDUJsrrs£lssr^iTQiu^ urrQ — QuQj^63iu:,e^iUj ^s«/f - £.G3d:__ 
lusu jTfTsirHr. 

409. The unlearned, thougli bom in a high caste, are not equal in 
dignity to the learned, thougli they may have been born in a low caste. 

■50. ei5(SV/EyQ<3J/rS) id^s enBssriu ffle\)Ei(^j^&) 
spQrfQjTir Qu-dssr tuojir. 

(uif-6tnfr.) GT-^, — (sS&iiEjQsfT^ QiBns,^ ldssot loT^^ocsm- lEeuroDiniL] 
cs)t—iuir ^^^os!sr^^es)LDiLjCs:u.ujif (2Sgiti5j@uj,^2sv<s spirr/'Qifn® Qff:fr&s<s 
s&isorr^eiJiTf er-^u. 

^GOe/@ ,^Q&>6sru^ s=frQQujrr(YFjCinLDuOuujir. eSl&riEi^^eo-Qu^ihu® 
^&). eSsdEjQssr ldsslL QsppLDiriu ^ciSSTiT(S>jLS(^^ &rT6s^uu(BsiJ^ s,p(rrjfr 
semQessrujiTseQeirj seoeorr^rrQrfih s^suqtjLd e^^^iSlpui^earireoeoQ/reiru^n'Lh. 
LDiUS,sfBiT&^(3Dp, ^«(e3)0) ^suir LD-isLLiSlpuurrp uiuQeauu^nesiiD e^pu 

410. As beasts by the side of men, so arc other men by the side of 
those who are learned in celebrated works. 

(uf - GJnir.) GT-^, — e^(iT)eup(^<F Sr,uqes)u.!u Qa^eoeuLorreu^ Qg:£SI 

lufTSCdtrssr, gt-£u» 

Qs^eSlujirasT gi/0(^O<3^6O6i;ld - QaeneSujir^ ereoeorruQuirnhdmuj ldS 

QpuLj<5^i—UJ Qa^&iGULnireiJ^, Qs^eSls^ Qs^eosvLD-Q^eSlujrriSdeiJaEdh 

etnLDiurrLD (^^su/reu). 

411. Wealfcli (gained) bj tiie ear is wealth of wealth ; that wealth 
is the chief of all wealth. 

2_. Q^fflS«(^es37- sSlisvevrr^ Qunip^ QjSl^ 
£uu9p^S(^ lSuju uQm. 

(uiP-snfT.) GT-^j — Qs=GSIs(^6m£urrQiu QsorrcSI iSleiteoir^ QurrQp^ 

<s?cs^eiiL8(^QiLjLD iSlpuiu^^e^th S-CDi—UJ O s err ^sLjev-mQurrQp^ Qeu 
^asLJuQ^GOirehr ^soso/r^ QurrtpQ^ek^iiLDj Quifl^friueuL^^ Q^i^p^idsr 

FFssd GnSpp^ ^LB<2ijQ^rTmpiB6kp^. ^<sDQjSjreis'(B uitlLl—it^ix) Qaeir 

cS'JJ_^ SpUL^S ■S^pUUL-L-^. 

fQ^-u-Gsar.^ — Qs'eQii^ - air^&i^^ s^esmeq - s-GssreurrQuj 

(^LD - eiJii9pnS^35(^LDj &j3 ^ - Q^^GSsreijj ppiuljuQld - ^l^LJ 

412. When there is no food for the car, give a little also to the 

(u[P-63iir.) GT-^j — Q3'icSliLjG:zrGurT®iu Q<seheSluSlSs:snqes>L—aj/rir iBgo^ 
^^S(3wr6iszTjTiTi3^LD, ^c£liL]ssircS2ssnLj€aL^iu CS^GuQ^rirQi-fruuiTy eT'£3J. 

iflss)uijj^ ecTSiTLD gi'gQS^ £i,irp^, s^'diiufrQiusiiemGii Q^guitS(^ Qsum 

LLjaaL—iUfTfrJiJ &/DUL{di iH^pUULLL-^. 

(Q^-u-6ij)/r.) — Qff^eQs-GfsreSl'dr-Q.iFeQtLjGssrciiirSujy Q^zmeSl- 

Qsrn® - Q^GuQjrnQj e^uuir - G^uuircuirir, 

413. Those who in this world enjoy instruction wliicli is the food 
of the cur, are equal to the Gods, who enjoy the food of the sacrifices. 

(uif-6U)T.) GT-^, — 2-j2/^ ^^soa.'Ssn^^iTsur sp/£l0O'Sff)LSl^Lh^ ji/evp 

a.LD6"3)LO spsQsucssr(BGLD6ku^ui— Seurp^, ^mas^Q-eu^osiLDiurreur 

ekesji LDn-(^QuLuiflsijr G^Sfrih Qrfl/B£ii tSearp^, 

(Q^ - u - 63)/^.) — <sp>rSl6))&sr ^u9^i]LD - (^&.^ ^^^evsSofT^ 

ssK^^ ^lii^Ssssr - up^sQairL^rris^ZstssTiumJij (^^^sotreoY 

414. Although a man be without learning, lot him listen (to the 
teaching of the learned); that will be to him a staff in adversity. 

(uiF - ctnir.) er - ^, — eu(igiS(^^SsoiLiasiL-uj Qs^p^uSco^^ ^luisi^m 
Qpsoi—tuniT GurruSlpQ^'rrp&err^ er-£)j. 

ulLi—^. ^m.pKTT/'Quj QsrreoQutr G^^eij^GO-^crriffS^L^ j)/^3sur /f<s@^<Jo. 
s&i6EliLjQnu.ujQfr^LD e^apssLSsosOfT^fTir ^/SleSeojrfrseQ&srj ^QjiT<sijn-uj3= 
Qs^rrp Q.SLLauuu.frQssiru^ Qsfrshrp ^(Lp'Ss^LpisnL-.ujn'if eurraJs^Qs^freo 
Oe'JG3r(7??/f. GufrQuu&sru^ ^ipQig^ir e^/SlturreiDLDajfrSliu QpuL^essrir lilsirp^, 
^supas)ps Qs,LL&Qenshru^ (m^uQu3^iFW» 

415. The words of the good are like a staff in a slippery place. 

«9?r. (oT2zsr^^lT^ /5SV6\)fflD01/ QslLs GildsST ^ ^ iT ^)J 

LDfTiirp Qu(fh5S)IM ^(75 


^SCO/rear, 6t-£u, 

erSssr^^ Sj'^^S' sre'sruesr Qsl-(^u:i QuiVQF^sssrQLD^iEi srreo^^sk- 

■sdsfriUth S-SIT su IT •ss<s9s!!r J Q^BQ^cst^u ^atppsQisuajTU^iTLD. 

{Q^ - u - enir.) — rGso<o^i?n6U - (^s^(r^Qj<m^ &-^^u QutrQ^ek 
ssifleOj (orSssr^^^^uist - <5T su eu err &j is^^^rruSl^ihy GsiLds-Co^iil. 
«<5<£t_siy6J(r; (^^iQ^erreQiurresr^^ ^dstjr^^^^ict - ^ en sv en oQ 
^^ti), ^<oSTpQuQ^es)u> — i§lss)piB^Qu0S!nLCiS!nUf ^Q^Lh-QsrrQls 

416. Let a man listen, never so little, to good (instriiction)^ [evea 
that will bring him great dignity. 

^emi^iu Q^isneSl lueuir. [ir/B 

(uif-anT.) OT - ^, iSlpip QjeSHTIT/B^iSUi^lLjLhj ^LDffl^LJ QuGS>^eS)LD 

uujffl(g@ Q.3:frpsdsa<^ Qs^irsoeorrir. Qurr(rr)6rr£sdstr^ ^rr(Lpih ^essresS^tra 
jiijriTuuiss/£i,i^ ^^skQiD^LJa fpssstl^iu Q&6ir<aSiiSl2oarLLjiss)i—Lufrir^ ct-£u. 

iSlaDLpuuQetjeku^ ^rrlih^iBehrp^, Quem^es^u:i—^^(^Quiufr. ffssst 
®^ei> - u&^smrpQY^^ euih^ Si^p^eo, QurrQerrscrflsur QLDiijix,GS)LC>is^uJS 
fi!T(LpLD ^^i^ ^^ih^rrQirrT® e^uiSluu^(^ Q3=Lu^fr/T ^irLD^^essr^^trem- 
LDiuiEjQsjsrjrtruSl^LOy S^euenirpsoei)^ Q3=ir<k&)iTQfr6iTu^rrLb. ^iss)SLi[B(rm(^ 
umLL^rr^isi Q<SLLu.aifi(^ svqF) i5mes>LD d^puuiLi^^. 

(Q^-u-6jn/r.) — ^/6^/p_sr^£-6ff3r/r/5^ - (Qu/r^sw'ciBSsrr) ^/lL 

QsefreQiusiilr - (o s sir sQ £sy lu itj s^i^iu suit j iQenip^^ z^essr ir ib 3^ lo~ 
i9sinLpuL- ^pSi5^eSlu.^^LDj QusjD^esiLo - (^^Lai(^) ^jp^iu [renin 
eni'jj^^Q^i^ Qs^irpsSofTj Qd^triiisotrir - Qs'ireo'oOLDfrLLL^mr, 

417. Not even when they have imperfectly understood (a matter), 
will those men speak foolishly, who have profoundly studied, and dili- 
gently listened (to instruction). 

^SDLc:^p(^ 6VL^Lurr<sse9p Q6S(3nsSss)LUi£ SQisSiiUfrdQiLjiii sh.^<^rr. wsntn 

418. The ear wliich lias not been bored by instruction, altliough 
it hears, is deaf. 

<3S». ^sasriEiQiu Q^etreBiu B'<3oe\)uir suss^ikQiu 

QsL-Suu(B@shrp Qufr(i^cifl<ssr^ ^€ssrcs)LD QserrsQCoLD QaoppuuLL 

Qaeirrr^rriT ^ism'dcSsiresiLDLun'p pLhesiisieSuj/sS' <3n-^ojQn'ssru^n'Lo, ^&) 
&i(TQsosvrusi^S-LD Ufri—.LD. 

419. It is a rare thing to find modesty, — a reverend mouth — with 
those who have not received choice instruction. 

^LUUI^j .^/T/^^QlOOT e^^U^QJ<^S^^t ^'SQ'ailQLU'SOSOfTLD FFdsr^^lTUlSp 


QiSi'SsreSif^iLjLJD. j^osisn cg>sul^, Sfrifui_j, LjcifluL^, s^evifLJU, ^guitlju, 
(Q^ - u - (cinir,^ — Q3'<5Qu9&sraGy)isu - a fr _^ sen (t <s\) ^/>9iuu 

420. What does it matter whether those raen live or die, ^Yho can 
judge of tastes by the mouth, and uot by the ear ? 

^SP/TL. - LD. ^^ — ^ rS) Gi^ GD L— GD W. 


(EG)^^. ^^S(TSr(tpC5)/D0nLDILjLD ^^i^QeST (sSl OT lEJ (^ UD . 

(tperTGrn^ds evrrstr euirsm. 
(ui'P-siDT,) ST-^,—sijirj=irs(^ sj/SlQeiimu^ ^^^euirirrTLDp sfT& 

<srr^^&) - Qpssresr/Sli^ uiflsifl^^so. ^encrrjressr - s^mcrrrriu ^rrem- 
P-&TL^asLpis&)frs[r ^ ir Qe^ sir ^mmJo. ^^(smso ^^(^(sSsar^ &puLjS 

^L^ds3i3h.L_fr^j 2_&rr - &.6rr6n rrQiUj ^jessfr - sfrojeQlL-npLoirui. 

421. Wisdom is a weapon to ward off destruction ; it is an inner 
fortress which enemies cannot destroy. 

s_. Q^&irp eSlt—^^frp Q<F6\)eQL-fr ^Q^iriP^ 

(uif - giniT.) OT - ^, — LDGur^esi^ cSy>^ Gis^ekp l-j cO ^ ^ sir glLQs^ coco 
fc^L-zr^ S/ui-jco^^eir fsskoDLD ^sdldsSjtt ^jrmuis^ ^luss^eo SaSl /bco 

sSloosr SiQ s p p QiFiuLju®QurTn^<s(T £U(if)(^isuuLLL-^. e^cs)^, e^£!;) 
^cfij ■ff^oDQ.'j iSfrppQixcijru t^GULo ^isirS^LO} ^(f^^iT'SO^^ ^sk^siressir 

^Gnpi^ iBmro^. (^^anfremiu iBsow/Sli^Qs^^^^Lo af/r^a/earGu/reo 

422. Not to permit the mind to go where it lists, to keep it from 
evil, and to employ it in good, this is wisdom. 


QiDiijLjQuirQ^srr siremru^/Slei^. 
(uif-G!nT.) <oT-^, — ujrrQ^rr(TF)Qurrcr^asrr uurreufr iviDSiJiT Qd^irsosOdjQaLL 

^'u fr lb ^Q u IT QT^err ^L^issirfrsuiriB^ih, ^L^ib^Qurrmm ' s_ujiTiB^friT6urruSl 
^LD, Q.£uQuQuiT(if)(stT ues^SGuireiJiruS^Lh, Q&(BQufr(r^cfr /b it eufruSl 

fg);L£> e^QiriTSUL^S QslLsUU® ^QilTick , (oT uQ U IT Q^&T UU IT IT UU IT IT 6U IT OJ S QslL 
L9^lG)LDSUT(7/lf. ^®&(^U U(okGDLDUp/Sl GUIBS;^. &J IT Q UJ (ok U ^ ^QJIT J>jU 

QuirQF)6^sursLL uuSlsdiresiLD lusssr irsSjiQehrp^. Qldujujit^go - i§SsoQu^ 
^60. Qs'fTGOsuiTjr^ j^tue:^L^ Qibitssit^ ^uQuiTahc^sbr uajQiGU)&Qi Qsa&r 

(Sf^^GO ^ipl^eO Qs^OJeU^^QeUGSTUSITLD. 

(Q^ - u - GSiTT.^ — <oruQu[r(j^6rr - \u itQ ^ it (rFjQ u it (wl^ , lurrir 
luiriTcurraj — (oreuQtreun'suiru9co^ Q^l-iSI^2Jld - Q^iLl^-it^ld, ^u 
QuirQFjSn - ^LjQufr(rFsS<osr^^ QiDiiiuQuirnhGrr - QiMiuiutrQiu 

423. To discern the truth in every thing, by whomsoever spoken, 
is wisdom. 

(uif-anT.) er-^iy — ^iT<m Qg^ireoe^n^Qg^.Tps,^ ^ifltu QuiTQT^erTaiir 
uSl^ua QslLuitits^^ OTeTftiu QuiTQ^eiTeuiTLCiiT^ imsst laQ s a err 3= Qs'iTeoeQu 
LSlp!rsiiiTLu.sQeLL(^(^ Q.FfTpse^&sr ^sm&siilujQufT(rF)'^ £SfT£i!sr^iflpirLSl 
^LD ^^osm-s siressTGiJSdso^ ^/S(Sij, gt-£u. 

^es^u-UJCvesTQ^iTL^eo ^^eSlshrQiO QsoppuuL-L-^, Qg^irsn^eucsT QJna 

(^6ST/B ^^Sl ^aTIEIS3= Q£FIT(SO^<sQQ,siTUmT Qg^HmQlDSO CS)6U^^LD, 

QslLusijt eyQpsSl^ih ^eaf?^ eSefTiiisireiJiTuSl^Lb wxjZoms Qsit^Qi—ITl^ 
sQeumufTiT Q!uiTqf^(smQmi'Ocs)ws^m &^^(^rr. 

S3i>&^ .y/SL-tD. ^^. ^ py (oij S7D 11. em LD , 

Oun-(f^<3ii}esr6Uirs, Q<f<su - m evriEi Qs Terr err ^ Q^'irsveQ — , ^irek iBpir 
ernnii - ^Km t9pir6\ifni9eo (^QesiL'SLjuQi^Q'SFfrpssi^eoy, ^emQuj 
(f^etr - (^sir^3]^p<siBuj'^ ^L-umirQuj QutrQ^SsfriLiiJbj srressru^- 

424. To speak so as that tlie ineaniag^ may easily enter the mind 
of the hearer, and to discern the subtlest thought which may lie hidden, 
in the words of uthers, this is wisdom. 

@. 2_6VaJ/5 ^Lp^ilU Q^iTlLu ID^IT^^IEt 
(uiF - €inir,) ST - ^, — n^@os^gs>^ fSL-urrsr^su^ ^(TjenOTys^ e^iLu 

^l^^uj^ g)coco^OT6OTLJS5r sfsusii^ Q^irL^mQioisSskpesr. a_cv)ffi- 

OsrrLL®uyjQufrso G^qr^iBdsdQ oj !BLLurTu9m)£isr ereosorr ^skuQpui eTLU^Larr 
seQeBTy ^^Sssr ^/BQeum'Cfrj'fr, smflajiiiaerr smressrmiaeiTas S-ug^itlssu 

(0^ - u - esiir.y — a_Q])<35a) - (^s^Q^<oU^S(^y s-iutrmQ^rroniry 
^^ih - (^(LpesrQesr) gQ^^^ld, oh-LDU^Lc - (^iQmQesr) (^eS^ 


425. To secure the friendship of the great is true wisdom; it is (al- 
so) wisdom to keep (that friendship unchanged, and) not opening and 
closing (like the lotus-flower). 

(uiP-eailT.) OT - ^, — ^GdSLD lU !tQ ^ tT QT^SU !T piV^^ ^(l£i(^eXJ^ ITiSlp^' 

s^e^, er-^. 

s.cO£S^ciD^Qtu<sosi>trLh tuirek iSuuS^^eorresr erasrdsvr /SnjiBuufrifliso^ 
QtUGsTs .550^^ ^ireSossr^g^eijrTQp f^Q^Qp urrexiQpih uL^ii^LDrrih ^<s 
eoireirTj ^su£un'Q(2^Q£(^^60 ^^susirQpsar £S6i)s@ujsurr(y>^u3p^. ^<sd<qu 

^^^^^i\)^ z^e!}ypQj^-fSL^uufimj9(7^^Qmp^^ 2_6D(5^(?^/r®- 

426. To live as the world lives, is wisdom. 

JT 00^/6! <sed6\iir ^evir. 
(u(P-S3)T.) <ST~^, — ji//Sl(3jce}i_ujjrrrQjmT euirdsL-Oj^osrsr Qpearesr/Suj' 
€i/sbcv/r/f; ^^c^lsoiriTajiTir ^^8ssr (Lpcurer^r/SiuLDfrL-i—rr^rrrr, ct-^. 

euisfTSO/Sl^eo. @6cf? ^su^/BenfTQiT&sru^p^^^ ^UDS^^ /year cdlouj /Sen /r 

(Qfl-U-GDtr \ ^CU^ - 61/ iT c5E (55 t_ a; OT5^ J ^^<SVfriT - ((Lp<ok 

427. The wise are these who know beforehand what will happen ; 
those who do not know this are the unwise. 

^dj)3^ (o\3 fi9 CU IT IT Q ^ITL^SO. 

<SrSso- sTSOTcasff^ ^sfl/f^eo. j)/^ siriflajLDeirQpieir^ ^SLpuuL—rrQ^^urumT 

L^aaLDuSlek} FF6m-L-(^s'Qisuss2r(BLSlL—isj Sh^/Sltueiifr^u. ^(SDey uSjreswQufrLL 
i-.frepi LP ^^dsuTiLjesyi—LurrjT^ ^s^&sesmiEi sh-pLjuil.!^^. 

428. Not to fear what ought to be feared, is folly ; it is the work 
of the wise to fear what should be feared. 

429. No terrifying calamity will happen to the wise^ who (foresee) 
and gaard against coming evils. 

eolrQpemL-UJirfrQjfr- j>//Sli2SsOfr^rrir iot(SO<sorr(ipcs)L-tLirrrruSl^LD e^m^^ic ^enrir 

Q3^6^euEjsQciTsi)&ifrLh jij/SleL'rrpues)L-SS£ij.w srrssQjLDuQ^eSsiT ^o°o 

es^LDfBjiJ Qu-ulSI^uo ^L^iu/TLD/b s,rr^^p(d^!B O^Lueu^^rreuTL^i^'i-Slu 

Qrr^LSlo\)QfTeisr£UEi (j^/SI(^if. (srsur^QiDesri^LB 2_ld6Jdld G£l.sfTir^^frpQ({r^&s 
)6(jr ^enjr^ S-e^i—6s>LciLju:> <s[dstsnij !t ir ^ ^suriss)LDiLjiijs?>-puuLLL—6sr. 

(oOir(ips!nL..aj6UF{r6ii!rfT'^ jmrSleQedrnr - ^plsSlsdsoir ^aij^ (oTisst 2_6ro/_ 
ujiT(^^i]La - 6Teo<o\)frQpesiL-.iu6iJjrfru9(ii^ii^[r^LD^ ^eo,T-(^s37^iD) 
^ a; e\) /r^ su jT/rar/r/T" . 

430. Those who possess wisdom, pessess every thing; those who 
have not wisdom, whatever they may possoss, have nothing. 

3^3^ - LD ^^1 (^ppm^lS^^SV. 

ld^Qldgstuul-L- (^ p p it pas^sru^LD ^ns'ssr ^€sra:sasT /SsLpmDp st^^so 

•s, Q<F(j5<£(5(^ ^ssr(ip(^ 9ljrues)LDiq iElsciodirir 
(uir-anir.) <oT-^, — ld^qpld Q(oU(^si'rliLjiEi ^srrLDQpLDfrQuj (^ppiEjacif!&> 

npLDf ^JiJG^LDILjLD - SlTLBOpLD ^QlU (^(^/bpfBI<xdsnJ , ^ S\) SV) ff /J" - ^ d) 

GoiT^<s ^jr<s=jr^, Qu(m<i£BLD — Q <f ev eu ld ir csr ^ ^ QuQ^tin^iBir^^ - 
GLnLhiJiTLLQd (^essr^cn^ tt] gs) u. lu 3 fr lo . 

431. Truly great is tlie excellence of those (kings) who are free 
from pride, anger, and lust. 

2_. (^siip£^ LnrrsmSpib^ mrrosrap Lair<^^ 

(uf-saJT.) OT-^j— CiSus!rar©L£)Si;u9LJ QurrQT^etrQsiTL-iTGTiLDmh iBssrenui 
uSe^isjQuj LmresTQpih sj'Sirc^pih^ (2jguiss),siljlJd ,jyzr<3^|pi@5 (^pp'j^. ct-^. 

LDmLQojiresr u:irTmr^^e^^QF,^jb(^ LairmsiiSlpih^ LnrrssTQLD€k(7r/>ff : 

Q^lLi—lo. LSlp(rF)(^ QsurQevrsn-LDEi SiSlaessrQ'^LLL- QiLpairrBenpeop ujp!5 
^(T5^Srf)a(85 Qji^iu<3S)L-iuiT(Qf5 ^ Q ^ m (fT/ IT . ^)snQ; iSlir<oU3T(BurTLLL-.rr^'Ei 
C^ppisjserrrrsyssT ^ansuQaJsiru^ <!}h.puuL-t—^, 

(Q^-u-QDir .') — ^cup^m - s-Qeofru(m€3srQpLDj lc/Tosotl/ ^p 

IS^LDTSlfTj'Lplh - mSSTQSiLCm^SO lilElQuJLCir&SrnpLDj LDfTi^SS) 2_61/<5JDc£[LjLD- 
^srT(oSlpf5^LDSll^3=SlLfLDf ^SS)pS(^ - ^jr3=^S(^j (5J ^LD - (^p 


432. Avarice, undignified pride, and low pleasures, are faults in a 

Qsrrsnajir ULpiBirsmi eurrir, 

(uf-etnnr.) £T-^,~-ULpGs>iuiU(i^:^sufriT^rsi<ss3sr ^cesriuarQims] (mppia 
eui^^iruSl^LJa ji^^Sssr ^ojeuenaifrs ^&sr/£lu uSssr uSlesr err su IT'S d Qsfr&r 
euiTj 6T-^. 

(^ppin — 3=rr^uQuujiT. ^LDaQseorranLDuSlp Q/£lQ^6sr£:u QunQr/rr 
Qum^iTiB&QsiTisisrQ gL/^/S^u tSesr si,^ euirjrnLDp srruuQfresrustTLiD, 

{Q^ - u - onnr,^ — UL^/Err^^/eufrir - ut^^(^ ^(i^.3?(ocumr, 
^dosr ^ ^doS!ST ^Ui (j^ppu) - ^SsyrujGrroUirQiu Q^oStu (^ppinir&sr^, 
eii^^LD -(^^LniSlL^^^) eJ,i^^!ru9£f}jLDj uSosr^^Ssasr^s - (^^ 
Ssm- ^sii6iiGaeM!r(E fSSlssrtuirLDsv) uds^uSloiSTsneij QuiB^trs^ Qsireir 

43S. Those who fear gTiilt, if tliey commit a fault small as a millet 
seed, will consider it to be as large as a palmyra tree. 

eorresr, ^^j^^jbpu^ ^esrasmsvrrjrnoDi-DQiu uuji^ss QsmsmQl srrsaQeumr 

(BlD, OT-J2/. 

iLiirenesrQiausk^Lo eiiL—^^sotrir ld^lJd up/olsB ^ppQiDuuppii^ej^n-ih ues)S 
Qiue'sr^LD, ^Gujbp^ ^scrosiiSiQuj ^sssrisisefr^ 2_eK5rs5)ix)UJ/r<Sffi QiErressr 

LClJ<£isri^(SS)p rS<PS)LD{B!T&&^' (oTsirU^CeU IT 60 iSsSTp^, 

esflL-^^ (su /r J T (S35LO (53) iuGoj) J QuiTQ^err ^fE - uoji^mi QstrsmQ^ 

434. Guard against faults as a matter (of great consequence ; for) 
faults are a deadly enemy. 

0. (5U(n5rip'S37o3T/r<£ srreurr^fT&ir 6uirL^isy)<s QojiBQpeirssrir 

(uif-eo)iT.) GT-^y — (^ppia eiJir&s,L-eu^(T@6urp (Lpp&rrso^^Qeo =gy^ 
dsvrs 6srr6virs j)jiT{Fasr (ourTLpsss)S ^^ Euii^rrdo (oTiflQ-ps^^/Sesrp einsus 

(PjPpQLDmu^ ^^sfTir^^iTesr euih^^. QpssTemQamp^^ pp^ 

LJr^QuQ'un'(fF)eiT6El(^^. ei/0OLDS3TOT2//i3 QuiuQlT-'PS^LD QpsJsTSmQ STSST^IBl 

srreouQuujn'Qsn'essTL—s^ • j^j^cs^p sireseorriEi sfTiSOili QupuuuLt—^. 
^pp(^Q^^rruSl^LD ^^<^p QuifluuQa^i3i}'aULD ^LSliiQ^eSKSQiDssru^ s^eu 
esiLDiutrp QupiTr^LD. 

(Q^-u-0niT.\ — GiiQ^La nr,'53T6STir - ((mppLb\ ai(7^u2rLp6ST(o6sr 

curry^issis - eufrtlisuiresr^^ (^^^lemh^/reo^ (^fFiQpissrssriT - ^Qpsir 

Qu) - ^L^iB^Quinh, 

435. The prosperity of him who does not timely guard against 
faults, will perish like^straw before fire. 

37r, ^esr^pp li&Qu i9pir(^ppiui sireisiQpiB 

(uiF-annr.) gt-^, — (Lpekssrir^ fsm^ibp^cs)^^ seisr® Si^is^ iSlsur 

S]iT3^^3,rm^ ^iasT(^ppiii aL^iuireuL^Qiu i3pir(^ppiBS,u^^(30 ^pp 
LDfnh. ^^ai^fB-S(2VL£l QpaDpQg^aj^&iiTQLOesrun'irj er&jr(^ppLDn'(^ Qioeir 
(tnrr : CTswCtn/^ ^smi^ppisi suf-ib^suQajsr (LpcopQs^iu^p (^inajQjQesreiru 

^/rSp^U. @COT(SU !5lTm(;^Uml.L-ITm)iLD ^QUpp^ Sl^^pUlT® OttlfT^QJ 

enssiunrp <3h.puuL-L-^. g)63i?cF &puL^-3U(SS)saj(rp dh-£)iu. 

(Q^ - u - es)rr.) — ^sk(^fbpih - ^<5!5r^(^pp^€sy^f 
((xpc3rG*«fr<55asijT©) iJif}sifl^<i^, L9pir(^ppui - (^i^sstlj^ i9pjr^(^p 

P^GV3^j S!r6S^Qpi9<SST - ^FfTUJ CU&XSd^uSldr^ ^SS)pS(j^ ~ JijlIS' 

436. What fault will remain in the king who lias put away his 
own evils, and looks after the evils of others. 

rLpiupufr<o\) ^(skrBs Qs®ld. 
(u[P - OTT.) er - ^'y — Qufr(i7)6rrn-p psa&(^.T Q3=tLi^Qsrr6rristrLJu(B 

Qs^ujpurrs^eurrsLiisur ^pth QufrqT) i^scruEiserr . Q u rr (rr^ar rr p Qurrmerr 
Qs^ub^GOiTQj^ Qu(rF,<BS(^^isi> j ^^ '^Quireure^ (ea)(^ih Qu!TQf)UaT>L- lulj 
U£S)L- — ^shrsst! (OT)@,'5 ^j-cssff ^jiesSuSp — iSleirSo^ iun-(^Ui Qua^LhQufr(7^ 

j>/p!^Q3=Luiu(rcs)LDiLirr^Lb QurrQf^m Qu([r)isrT<ssiLDiuiTi^LD n-uupurreo^evr 
/SlQiuur^Lh, ^ssruu uiusurQsfrerrerrrres^LDuSlp QsQQLDsk^isj eih.^i^fr, 
s^oj pufT GO ^dr^Giajm^ii uiTu.QLDfr^si'fr(f^(LpemT^ 

Q^evsuih - Q^Fsbeuoi/rsiJT^, s-iueoumsd^^&srriSl - i9 eir lj 6r err ^ ir 

437. The wealth of the avaricious man, who does not expend it for 
the purposes for which he ought to expend it, will waste away and not 

(uf-ewrr.) (or-^j-~-Qufr(7F)dstT <^i—^^(^lBl-^S' <^i~TSi '-'; 

^a/^so^' ^6arcs)LDiurriaiJ^ (^<oSsr!E}sQ€fT<soei>rTih g^ 0Ej(g err (a//roOTi;(i) 
^Si]p3S)ps Q ^uu® ^ ^ ^ ^rrebr Qld n^ui— evedso <aS)ajeOLj. G^i^i^sar ^S^ 
LDmLi—ircsiLDuSlekj er^jj/err^ Qmessrem'uuQeu Q^rrssrpmQpmqr/'iT. sreup 

sJ^eorru^^sk ^gp.ld 3h-puuiLL^^. 

QoJSlfSTl^LUsSlL^^^ laSlU-fT^) Up£)lQ^p (olj m m IM fT S ilJ ^ ^Oi psk 

e!nub-s-.Q(oOiru^^en^tQcs?mc)!riosr^^ Grp^jjerri^ih - (5TiXioOfr<s (^p 
p!EJ<S(Gmsrr(^fj:)j (oTGssnsssTuuQsiJ^ s^sk^n ^sar^ - {^ssiGD ^5 ^^ ioT essr 
es^LJuQcyQ^rrrfK(^ppi-o^^ [lEI^uQuiBiu^,'^ 

438. Griping avarice is not to be reckoned as one among other 
faults; (it stands alone — greater than all.) 

missTrSl uLUQJiT (oQSssr. 
(uif - 63)T.) 6T - ^) — ^trear ^puu G^iuiTf5^(^rrG!sr£}jLb Ui^ss^ir p. 
pssiSosr /ESsr(^LD^Lun'Q^n'L^Sj ^s!:Ti(^ /bsctodld uiuevit eSluswaosfr Larrssr^ 
^rrso (eSI QF)LDU itQ ^ IT iB s , eT-£)i. 

^sisrds!sr(^iUiB^L^ ^L—(ip!Ei siiTeo(LpLD ene^iLjih ^/jSlojuui—rrc^LDiiJ/r^iUD^ 
eSoSiSrsdsrr mmuiSlshr ^eiip(rr/p urrsLi(LpLD ul^lljei Qs®ld evQFfLDrrseSesrj 

^enptSSip /BUJClJpsQ<aU6Sr£}JEI Sh-rSl(^ir. @^(S5)SaT LD^LDrTGSriElS.£^6Ur ^as)LO 


439. Let no (one) praise himself, at any time; and let him not 
desire to do useless things. 

'EO. cS/T^idO <Sit^ e<icSiU fremiti luiuiQptQ 

(uif-sniT.) CT - ^y — ^ireisr srr^eQ^^ Ou/r^errffiSjrr ^guit j)issfr^ 
&>/Sujmn60 ^giiueSlas oje^coi^uS&sr uaaasiJir ^ear^ eJ^&^^p Qaesa; 

^SisGuiB cSyenaw eufTuSle^trsu L-j(^i^ eu (Sf)& uuirrrsQS sir j s^/Sliurr 

,^30 - (^^^€kSssrciJ;^S^^i)(^ (oTsm^iLb^ (oT 6J^ 6SST LD rr &n SJJ ^ ej^(50- 

440. If (a king) enjoys privately the tilings wliicli he desires, the 
designs of his enemies will be useless. 

<^®-Lh, ^p—Qu[fliujss)[T^£^23S!rriQsfrL-GV, 

S-iss)S^^p(^ifluj(SS)UJ ^jjir^sar ^Q/B/SI(aS<s\)&Q lEeziQiB^s^ Qs^^^^ld Quit 

^pc3T/6l/5^ Q^iir/B^ QmrrenGO, 
(uiP-sjiT.) sr-^j — ^p^^S^ ^mjesjLDGSiuj ^/£l,i^ ^ciretynsir Qp^^ 

QsBfrefTiSih/s Qpto/Slii^ (^sams, qt-^. 

lunir. ^pcw/S^sorreiJ^ [Bm(^LD^^^s^, s^ixjirs^Qs'iLi^eo - ^euifeucs)rr 
SppQs^6sru£cr (Lp^eiiiTS jya'/r iSlea^uLjem^/B ^pecr/Slii^ Qa^iu^oo. 

lumr-^rSlGijGni^iuciJjr^f Qssm&nLn-fBL-G^u^ Q^i'riis^ - (^^j^ssr^ 

441. Let (a king) ponder ■well its value, aud secure the friendship 
of men of virtue aud of mature knowledge. 

2-. ^_ppQt5mju £iQ ii^(rrj'^ssiLb Qpp3S!ri(^Ui 
Qu/b^iumru Quost^s Qa,iren(Sd, 

(uiF-Sinrr.) er - ^, — Q^uj(SiJ^^rr<^ss LDSSGirrr^s^ ^6OT<5@ enih^ 
^muiEi&dsa Ss(^LDrr/Di£l/B^i i§&Qu iSlssr ^uQu/b/Sliusur evirirrTisijekressnb 

LD^scfrtreureiJQ^iB ^eisruisiserrireusar uesissijiry s^etteuir, 'Srpp^^trky eSlossr 
Qg^iusurrQiresr ^eurrserrrr&sT isu^aieBr. ^as^su a^mn Qu^ ^frssr ^wtl—iei 
seirtrQiLi [Bireoencos 2-uiruu^^eir crpp^i^eo Mssuu®ld. Qppsir^^sarr 
ev^ QsineiJ^^rreur euQr^svasrsijpeQp s^puir^iEjsetrrresr/SlfB^, ^^s^a^rnh^ 
senrrpsiT^^^LD, LDSScrrfrsur evQ^enssreupes^p ^(SuiT(^(SSsrLD^ ^is/Qsjih^ 
^airjTLDj Qs^LuQGii'sm-ussreijpQr^ssr j)//£liB^ ^GUs>^uiriuisiS(^€rr <^ssi(frfp &!t^ 
SS^iomh : ^&(oQj^ L^Qirn-Q^smfTiLiiS! s/C!S)LD.9=3=iss>mLjiij 3h./Buusijrr(n^Sp^, 

(BumLL-rr^Lh Quiflujfrir^ g)so<s65S33r(ipti, ^sucmfr^ ^^miuirsis Ossm^so 
QQjeisr(BQLDiS!srusi'^^LD, Qsrr6iT(Sf^LDrr^[si sh-puuLLi—ssr. 

(QsB — u ' 63D/r.) — s-pp ~ {Q^ajeu^^ire^nrGD^ LDsS^n'ir6\)ir 
ai^ ^£(5Tffi@) 6U/53J, QfBmu-^mTUfEis'B^^ iSiQ - (^ti&(^U) eB^SLo 
^rBiEj^") i§sQj &.(7iff>e!DLD-(^i9ioSTU(5!D6iJ^ eiJirjTfr^ui^, QprnanTs^th^ 
(iptsmcsrSi^Si SawisGUGOed, Qup/6liuirir - ^sursiniinLisini—iuciisiDfr, 

442. Let (a king) procure and kindly cafre for men who can over- 
come difficulties when they occur, and guard against them before they 

IK., ^^iBiueup^ Gerrsdsvir ix>iB(o^ QufiujfrGnrru 
GuessB^ ^LLirrres Qstretrso, 

eup^efri^th ^ifl^, er-£u. 

443. To clierisli great men and make tlicra liis own, is tlic most 
difficult of all difficult things. 

#'. ^LCiiBp Qufiiuirir ^ubirrr QcurrQ^t^^co 

(uir-Ginir.) er-^, — ^^eij (Lp^cQajsupivr/co ^mLSlesr LSssfrir ^lds 

iuitQiu GiieSl'^^LnajfrLh. 

444. So to act as to make tliose men, Lis own. who are greater 
than himself, is of all powers the highest. 

^tsrreSlpiB^ Q^rriMeoseirfresr ^r^suQixiiu^Lh ^FS^eisrurrjrth s^^Qeu Q^tr 

6L/63T - ^jr3=(^^ (^y^CUITC^Sr - (^^3J^(okG!y>L[)UJ!rQlU^ Lblh^fi&dofr, 

445. As a king must use bis ministers as eyes (in managing bis 
kingdom), let bim well examine tbeir cbaracter and qualifications 
before be engages tbem. 

gh. ^isrr n^Gsr^^i^tiis ^frQ(^(Lps cnsveMfrSssTcy 

'■30, 6T-J2/. 

uiEjacrr ue^Qpss eufruSl^Lo, ^rr^Lo/Slit^ ^/SlisufrirQa^iTe^&MiEi Q'Strmsr 
Qi—n'(LBr3^sun'6ms,€isr ^(Sijp^6!T s^sbr^ih evmrfrO^sarufriTj Q3^p(Q!T Q^cus 

(Q^ - u - oaiT.^ — -^a^irfr^ssT^^s^T^ib - Q u iflCo lu rr jrir S iu 

446. Tbere will be notbiug left for enemies to do, against bim wbo 
bas tbe power of acting (so as to secure) tbe fellowsbip of wortby men. 

(u(f - smT.) <oT-ffu, — ^luesr <S6ssru.rrio Q/SQr^isjQs^Q^frsoe^ii ^Ssssr 

^iDS(^ ^QDSUuSlsuriSDLDiLjih ^ iT ■3= 6ST S GSST S^ SUT L-j SSi l—SSi LDILj LD IT UD . ^^^6Sr<oS>IJD 
ILIGDU-LUfrir Ql5/Slu^S^El& sSlL^fTGDLDiSlsur, ^ 3U GSi fT lU TT (6f^L£> S^ffS^TT ^(TT^SU IT TT 

Qtu6sr^0D[Tuurr(rfi(rp!onfT. ^gdsu uSiiTGs:j(BurTL-L-(T^Lo ^^siruiuesr sh-pu 
(^^GUiriBLiia^<3=SpiE^6ijQirssr^^^(^iD^jr<s=e!nfr, Qa^3i(^Loi^GSis 

447- Who arc great cuougli to destroy Lim wlio has Bcrvants that 
Imvc power to rebuke him ? 

QsiT&reniTsiDLDiSip sfrojeojb/D ^ir-Fisur ussyaiurrajs Q<s(Buuitit ^soSsouj/r 
iSl^LD ^irQeur Qa®LD, gt-£u. 

^GOsotr^ qriDirn- ermwoUT QutuQrr.3'3^su(Bs(^. QsCBuumr ^GrrjTfr 
63)?j060/r^ lunopnQurr&i Q/B/Sluueds^rr Qr5/Sl0=Q<3=6ur^ QaQ^iso. 

siLDircr - <ss fT sii so p p ^ Lnsur&srsir - ^jg^osr, Q&(SluuiTir^(30^^w~ 

448. The king, who is Tvithont the guard of men wh.o -can rebuke 
him, will perish, even though there be no one to destroy him. 

<9o)- np^Ssorrlri <3k.^iu lESodso m^^somrri^ 

nps^uQurnQp ^eorruLD QupQeue^sTQunr^Qufreo^ ^rfiEi(^sijrrcs)tru 
QupQp iB'S3oQupQ(su6ssT®QiD<shru^n'LD. fSSso - siirs^r^ umr^Q^fT® 5=eS 
ujrr^ iBppsi). 

- u - anrr.^ — (Lp^<sd^e\yfnT<i(^ - (ip^pQufr(r^&f!i^i3drr^ 

49. There can be no gain to those who liave no capital; and in like 
manner there can be no permanence to those who are without the sup- 
port of adherents. 

QsrTGiT^^tsQsur u^p^uLDi—isK^ ^es)LDiqcai—^^ s^irs^ebr QuifliuirQjrniB 
UGOir uQDsiurrujissfr&i '^QuDrr^ Qpen-QerrfT® (LpL-ucs)S sssstl^l—go — i 

^Q^sku^mh, ^isDeuQpear^ufTL-L-rr^LD j>/^ Q^ujojirpsvL^u u(Bei 


450- It is tenfold more injurious to abandon the friendship of the 
good, than to incur the hatx-od of the many. 

iSl/bmLU ^s^u Qurr^.i^p Quifliurranfr^ ^§ossr&Q<srru.GO uiui 

3i-ppLD!r3= (^LplB^ eSlQih, 
^€CTLD QuiflQajfTirs sfrss/rQ^eku^ gh-puuiLiSi* 

tmrsTST^^ (j)j!B^'3^ &p/S!<s^(^ C*a^/f/5^eiy£_G*63r), appih ^x - 

451. (True) prreatncss fears the society of the base; it is only the 
low-minded who will regard them as friends. 

e_. 0E^^piiu<3Ouir (osriT^iri/B /B/oni^(m LDfrfB^strs 

^mnQirfrfs^ ^-sut^^gst^ ^lusvurrQew ^/Slsi^ih ^eur^eksniLn ^ifli^ ^di 

Q^a® Gj^iTii^suLS iBpih, si-ss^euQpficQiu uessTLjasir ^iflm^rr/bGufreo^ 
&itlL&(1-p^<^'jj Q^fTL^sos&r ^ifliLjQLDesr ^^(CTjso ^j>/^6sr^ srrjrem'ih 

^6u<sQ<osr^^ssr^ ^ sir €!DLnijj^fr(j^Lb. 

452. As water changes (its nature) from the nature of the soil (in 
which it flows), so will the character of men resemble that of their 


/E_. LDssr^£STi^ LDfrrs^iTSS (^6SSTir&=Q SesT^^wi^ 
lSs'sti^ Q esT gjst u uQ (S^ Q 3^ it 130 . 

(u[P - ewT.) ST-^, — LO!T,ipif&(^u Qurr^sijcssTfreij ^LDLDssrisisir.iricSsr 

^'jupesisiumLi L-iso^iGfimrGijLDn'^Qfr^Slp(^ ^sctlo QeuG^L—rrsj/i-DuSlssr 
^l^dsar LDSsr^^m^QiDissr^Lh) QsFiupcziSiurruj GSlQg^L-eijsi^irajup/B isSi 
eoQesresT^e^s ^tuQ€or<sir(7r/>s iQs(iM(^Q3=(Tp^ ^ssrua Qojsisr^^^eisr 

453. The power of knowing is from the mind ; (but) his character 
is from that of his associates. 

3^. LDe^s^^ m^QuirbXsi sniLi^ QiuiTQi^sii/b 

Qs^rrib^ ^6sr^^6sr aessiQessr s^err^mDj 6T-£3J, 

QiMiuihciDin Q/srrsssn'Qpcsr LD6W^^crr^Qufriour£v smLi^iL\LD iSl6kQ(Q)S 

454. Wisdom ajopears to rest in the mind, but it really exists to a 
man in his companions. 

LD6sr6,^uj(GU)^ison'eu^ cSlQ^i^eijsusriTisij Lj60uu(9LDrr^ ^lupemsajfruj 
.Si/pliurrGDLDitSlein- fSEj(^^co. Qs^ojeS&tst ^■lUi^^eotrEu^ QiLDrri^QuiujsaTiT it 

^m~LD. r^jQ- S /b iB esr (^Q 3^ ir rr Gn m , q_ss -7/^ 


455. Chaste company is tlic staff on wliicli come, tlicso two things,"' 
viz. purity of mind and purity of conduct. 

(uif - 6tnT.) CTSi} — LDsnr ih .gir uj Frru9^iTS(^ ldsslLQu^u /B6ir(j7^(^Ll>', 

^asrtB,^lU jriTuSli^lTSl^ /5SOT(777<5-T^ gSISsU LUfT^LO ^&)SsV. OT-^. 

456. To the pure-minded there -will be a good posterity. By those 
whose associates are pure, no deeds will ha done that are not good. 

(UfP_5infr.) ST-^, /§ldc\)Qu/bjD SmS)/f<5tl@ LDSUrp^^ lEOSTCmLD 0^60 

<si5^LDupjiSlev(rF)QLD^u^osvr ^LLGsrressr® ^o°o^ LmsourrsQey ^emL^ujfnr3:(^ 

(Q ^ - u - ssitrA — Loe3r2_a5/f«(^ - [Q2soOuppQJu9ir.X(€f^s(^f 
LDe^nrsevili - LDQST^^Gsr^/sesre^nijDiunresT^j ^ifBLo - Q 3^(20 en ^i'Stsi;^^ 

j2/2, 2_<5E2- ^Sn-lh. ^y^. Qp/S!<51sr<^Q3^iriTC<3:)LD. 

457. Goodness of mind will give wealth, and good society will 
bring with, it all jDraise, to men. 

Sl&ni5<so Qldlditu ljodl-^^, 

^o^i—ujjrrruS^ixi ^c5)LD/5^/r/f<5@ ^ssre sot gold S>j^p@ evs^aJfr^OaO a_cwL_ 

{Gl^ - U ~ GSifT.^ LDG(Tr/BQ)[l) - LD 'oST /E sk S^ LD GS) iU ^ iBsk(^ - 

458. Although they may have great (natural) g'oodness of mind, 
yet good society will tend to strengthen it. 

(uif - Ginnr.) er - ^j — e^(i^isup(^ LDesr.sekGS^LDiu frQem- LD£)jenLDuSlsiTULb 

jni — eSldssnnrrp^. ^ld<3S>ld — ^pis^^l^@iiu <oT3=3=sijLDas)LD. ^QjrrreuLp!^ 
lSIs^Qldgst /SdovQups'QsFiiJiLjLjDrr^iJ sh-puuL-i—^, ^C!nev<s!>Luis^um— 

eS)p(ipS^^n-p 3h-j£liUGn(TprSls, 

^g=SpuLJ^^ir.^ihj ^efTise\)^^5k-^<5srf5&sT(S^LDtu[r<s)}f (^lditulj- 

459. Future bliss is (the result) of goodness of mind; and evcE 
this acquires strength from the society of the good. 

-550. jBGdeBesr^^ ^irisi^m ^^"swuSsb^ ^uSl&sr^^ 

(uf - 6Q)(T.) er-^, — g50ay^@ fSsoe^Gsr^^dr tolas ^ckOTUJiL ©JoSiV 

460. There is no greater help tlian the company of the g-ood ; there 
is no greater source of sori-ow than the company of the wicked. 

^(oT - LD. ^^ — Q ^[fjjB^Q 3= lUGV SUSP'S, 

Sjoo^iTsiJ^ jijirs^&si ^rr&n-Q.^iijiLjUD eSSsm-s^str ^sfitujib^ Qs^Luiiji^ 
Girn'^-civ^ Q<^LuiuLJU<£l<SL-^ns'5tlcirj <^^ ^p/Slovr^ Q^jriroDLDLSlmLDecr 

^^neu^fTsu^ iSsj^GSsisrsesBT ^i^eu^eS&i ^su^ lB.S(^ crQiTeS^LO 
ILjlhj ^S) - ^QlSsin^^ <SU L^UlU'SimLD - iSlSSTLf^Q^Qsbpj ^M^IU 

461. Let a man reflect on what will be lost, what will bo acquired 
and (from these) what will be his ultimate gain, and (then, let him) act. 

2_. Q^/B/B^ eSlesr^Q^rrQ Q^iriQ^emesS^^ Q 3= uj en it ir i 

^rrfriuu u ® <ou issrQsu so lo'i IT Lo ^sririu/E^Qurrrss ^ssrOLDeJrjj/LD/rLD. 

([^(sn a lLQ s ^ £ij IT lu ^^esBjspioL'iTr/ciDLDiSlan-^ ^i^iiuQuirQhGrT&QerTeCiSOfTLD ererfl 
^Q^sTvu^eu QfTshTu^TTLD. ^sncu uSljrsasr(9uiTLLt—fT^(S^ Qs^lUlU^^'^LD 

mi^iSSTlLjLD ^^ Q ff^ tU iULD [T ^ LD 6h-'D U U L— L—6!!r . 

• -u-onrr.^ —Q^iBk^ - (^^rrih) Q^rf)is^Q'S£>iressTU., ^■53t^ 

{U6iJiriT^(^ - Q3=lU^(Lpi^iscU<3CQ) ^ir£FQ^i(^^ ^ Q^LoQ U IT Q^ GfT - 

462. There is nothing too defficult to (be attained by) those who, 
before they act, reflect well themselves, and thoroughly consider (the 
matter) with chosen friends. 

(uir - emT.) gt-^j — QLD&3<QnLJs;ssL-eii ^skQiu^^ccst Q/bttsQ (ipssr 
is^L—tufTif QLDjhQ&ireaemriT, (ST.£)i, 

QsTTcisTL^^, STS=<F(SlJ(hcS)LD (^ S> TT W ^ ^ !T nriQ (yrj' a, S ^ , ^SsQlC^GST^ &^ 

SsvtLjLo ^Lps(^Lh eS§o3Taerr{TSij<osr sug^iljej sfTGOQpLD ^i—muLD ^fSliuTT^ iSlpir 
Luessr QarTaTsufTs^Qs^&sT^ s;ldldssst^ild ^Lp^^eoQufT&iioUSsr. QpssrQ3=uJ^ 
QuTTiB^ eSSsi^uJfTuSl^QLDssrumT, Q<g:iUGSoPSrQaJ6kQ7^IT. 

(0^-/_/-6to/7-.) — ^^ssiEJ <s(f^^-(^i3lmQupa5SL-6iJ^rrSiu)^Q)rr 

(^LD - ^Lp^^jrx^ <oT^sutrSiu^ Q^'iuisSlSssr - Q^iri^SsOj ^TSlisijonu. 
iUfrir - eSlQsvSl£S6rr, ^srixirir - QuopQ^irGTretririr, 

463. Wise men will not, in hopes of profit, undertake works that 
will consume their principal. 

Q^m^EiSldr @OTL_u9effr Lot—isjssorrsrrcsyLDuSlesr, O^rri^rEjsrrQn-ekc^ir. 

LDaSST(LpLD ^SOQlTsilT^ a.C\)S^^/r/f ^S(L£>LO ^St^.3^&, ^oo^sisTt—rr^bX) 

G<F/rd)6^)L;oLL/_, <ST^uu/r(El-(^i>p(xps:^Ti—ir6iJ^/b(^, ^(i^a^ueuir- 
uiuuuQQsufrir, Q^&ifl6xj^6v^^8isr - {^gst^Q^itQlo ^<oS^^ld 


464. Those who feai* reproach will not commence any thing which 
has not been (thoroughly considered) and made clear to them. 

(uif-ett)T.) OT - ^, — Qg=sk(77^&y fQs(tpth ^pEi'BB^Qaj(Sde''>mh (Lp/bp 

^^QpiEiSGtrn'euscr ci;c5), Sfreoih^ ^t—Gletsnir^eup^yrj'Gi) ^eorfflgii uans 
ULU^ih (Lp^sOfTuSlesr. ^evp^LL&so er^&^ih ue5)SQy/7'(2;(g (^/_(Sff)/L ^s 

Q LU eO (bXl fT LD , ^p& (^iptT^ - nppp (5T €SSl(^^Lh(30 \^ <S^Q GO CSSl GsS iU 

^co, us35<5BcwG?o/r - ^ u u sm •% oj soi fT ^ urr^^ - eu^(r^iS<o\)^^Q(o^, 

465. One way to promote the prosper ty of an enemy, is (for a king) 
to set out (to war) without having thoroughly weighed his ability (to 
cope with its chances). 

<5k. Q^iU^ds CU30I30 Q<FU3iQ'3sQ(^ Q<3^LLJS<S, 

^^ ^-^Sh- ff'toT-LD. ^l^. Q^irllB^Q-^lUGdSUQTiSb. 

Qg^'ij'jus^^ssssr GusixoOsiirraisur QuiBiu (tpiup'^uSlsuTsiiLD, Qs^iii^rrp 

©j.^Q3^iij3s\i Qs^iuiLitrcsiiDaGirrrssr ^/SI(Sij ^ottsp/jd Qu(iT)C!DLDQuJsk^LD Qpw 
€S)3,'ijrrpp^<sir Qurr(r^e(r usni—Qujesr g)0a/sn«^^/niJ Qu(r^aDLn <3?(7^iEiwu 
ucs)ssuifiS(^ srs^LU(^ih ^ffleo/resr, ^ircisr&iii QsLLu^pQs^sumSlear. ^^ 


s^LBiurr^uj - Q<F'iu'dJfr(^Lou9;^^iS)j QsQin - 0<s(S)ei;/re3r. 

466. He will perish who does what it is not^fit to do ; and lie also 
will perish who does not do what it is fit to do. 

Qsyi ^6m)iQJ Qinmu ^(Lps(^. 

(Li[f-e3)!r.) OT-^, — Gss'uuuu^^ss SQ^LD^Lpih^ (Lpi^SQs^LD &^umu^a>>^ 
CTessres^^0^iT!—rE:}(^s, Q^rrL^/iiSlasievp^u iSimQesTSSsresaiai—QsuiTLD stgst 

ir^^rrpQ(n^a;s^, S-umuQiDssru^ ^6utTiuiQ'8oOiuiT<5k eu^i^^. ^^ Qsrr(B 
u(9ld. ^supeayp suL-^^wmr ^rrear s^itld Qu^ ^ssstu- QLDSsru.^^s/sijp^'^' 

eSldssr LDirp(yr/-(^eo eSeossuuL-Q (ipi^ajfr(3DLDiurr^Lb, g)esz_uS)(Scr ^l^s^ 6\)/r 
(njn-. Qs^LueussrsijpGCDpiLjLD s^umuLDpliEQ^ Q^tTL-tar^s Qeuswu^aLo. 

(Q^ - U - GDfT.^ SQ^LCLD - (^Q <fF LU lU ^ ^S <i ■S^ G) ^ IT L^ SsO iq ih , 

ersaiyrsiSsB - (^Qp u^& (mtx> ^^uiruu^QD^^ ^QodirQ^^, ^ssafi^ -Ql^ir 

467. Consider, and then undei'take a matter ; after having under- 
taken it, to say "We will consider," is folly. 

j>j, ,-^pj^'S^ euQFi^^rr euQ^^^ih u&iktQmjpj 

(Lpuf-U-jth s^umu^^rreir (ip lu ^ so rrsu^ Qs(t(Si^<s^lj Qun-(rF)Gm(Sj>3=iurr 
eiresr &(5Csr^iiLDj ^siTQ3^frsocs\)3= Q 3= u u(Lp em i^iurr sir j LDi^iurrsrrmj (LprnQecr 
SpQufT® OuiTQr)^ QiEfTiB^SijQGSTGsr ^suirseusr^iiUDj Qgii^'u®&j^2o\)^ 

^mh, ep£}j^^Ss)} ^enp^i^ eurrjrrrfievtSl ^euH^isisr^iiih Q^puui—rr^ 
^LQLDS£S6rr£BGmr^ii(S^ Qs^tu^, Qeu(30^iX)rTp(n^6sr (tptupeo. L^BDrruQ^GOS^ 


UL^ITLDISO) <SfrLJl9^Lhj QuiT^^LJuQlh - (^ppiJuQlD. 

468. The work, whicb is not done by suitable metliods, will fail 
tliough many stand to uphold it. 


Si,, jb's^Q^pp ^srr(^!s ^su^essr L-eiijreuir 
UGssTUjSlis ^irp(n^s ■sb6S)L-., 

(uif - einir.) er-^j — Qisup^uQen/B^iTLDfTL-® i56ur(y)^6sr <S!^u(riU(^Q3=iu 
^fhsessr^iii (^^p(LpisssrL—irLDj ^isujreuiT(^Ci!sriEisdsfr ^jrtnuiB^/SliB^ ^aip 

iE6ar(7rps^(SijUfnuLDrrisu^ Qsrr^S^^^ih ^surQa^ir/b Qs^freo^^^LDmh, 
^aaeu lurreutTBeisr^iiLD ^e^ajeufr^p &puLj(c6)>LDu96ir, s^lJdss)LD &pu 
LjLJDes)LD. ^eupeinp ^isuirojrr uekru/Slis ^rrp(yrj>ss>LDiun'su^ Sj^p^p(m 
^ifluujrGOGOfT^frirsGswQ^rsr Qs^Lu^eo, ^qj£}j - ^i3U(sS25W(ipL^iijrranLD. 

[Q^ - u - GSirr.^ — mssTj)! - (Qeuppir-a^iBLi.^^) fseoeoGijUfr 
lu^esy^, ^pp^erTi^LD - Qs^uJiLiLSli^^^thy ^oj^ - ^ppth, 

469. There are failures even in acting well, when it is done without 
knowing the various dispositions of men. 

(uif - 65)T.) OT-^j — SjiTS^ir eSldssr (Lpu^^ ^ pQ u IT ([F)lL® ^ih /SS^esiLO 
Qiurr® QurT(T^iB^iT^ S-Uiriucsis^a: Qs'iueuirrruSsir S-sosih ^Lcusnts) ^siprr 

lUEl 3h-pUULLl—e^ , 

(^a/siJo;<5zi)) ^•SLpfr^ s-UirnjEjadsfTj (oremesS - ^irriuih^!, 0^= 
UjeoQeiies3j(BlLL - QfiLiius.xL^eunr, 

470. Let a man reflect, and do tilings wticli bring no reproacTi ; 
the world "will not approve, witli him, of things, which do not become 
of his position to adopt. 

<gPc9/ - ii» «jy^ — 6iJ(oQujn5l^sv. 

GS)ajiL{LD ^0si;/r<5@/5 ^Som-iuirisurrn- o/eSsroiuuyii) &ir,^sSl^ ^esreueSlLBr^ 

^ihiEfTGOsiJesiSeiJG^u^eiT eSlSssreusSl ^ir6sar(Lppp^La Qsm—^ih (Lp^sQiu 
(Bih. ^esreue^ LSs<sSeksLL Os^ujaQGueirp (^^lurriso, Q^rrppso ^(tFj^ 

(Q^ - u - 6w/r.) — eSldovreuSiLjiii - (^rrsk Qa^iLnuisQ^^iu^ 

«(^t£J ^SOT^Si;696roiC63)(L/tL|ii), Lb!Tpnr?GiTSi3(M(LIL[i - (^<S^oST'^(oO& 

471. Let (one) weigh well the sti'ength of the deed (ho purposes 
to do), his own strcngh, the sti*ength of his enemy, and the strength of 
the allies (of both), and then let him act. 

2.. epeoeu ^/^dj ^/SH^^ofT siLc-iaQ'S' 
(u.f - 6^T.) CT - ^,-—^ldsQilj^ijd eSISsvranoju^ih sj^ps^tu Qeuekr 

e^iSodsOj 67-J3/. 

472. There is nothing which may not be accomplished by those 
who, before they attack (an enemy), make themselves acquainted with 
their own ability, and with whatever else is (needful) to bo known, and 
apply themselves wholly to their object. 

u9er>L^^s6m npiH/s^rrir u&iir. 
LCissTQei!(Las=QajtTeo ^ihiBshTaiGSliuiTQjriT® eSlSssrOs^uj^^^ Q^in^iiiQ ^suir 

Q.eOS^^U UCHlTj CT-JJ/. 

^(s^i—iuQajsku^ ^surrtuSeiiTpcsyLDuSleky Q<3=iuLJu(BQurrQ^err Qj(r^GSI<s 

SUUlLl-^, QpSU ODSlUrrpp^ sit (&^(^ ^pULjeSiL-tU ^^<2>^&Dl—iUmT &&> 

jTrr^GQekf (Lptflii^nir uei)Qrrek(njiT. ^^(^&) ^iiieiJ6^iu/£liQ^ Q^rTL—iw 

473. There are many who, ignorant of their (want of) power (to 
meet it), have haughtily set out_to war, and broken down in the midst 
of it. 

(uif ^ 6»ir.) OT - ^, — ^uj&iQeu/B^QM'n-(9 Oij/r0/5^ es(i^@a;^(^ 
SfTifluj^esy^a sajrcssrwrra s-U3=tfl^^y (QSuuiBSfrQssT6k(^iT. eSlemrriu 

QunQ^iB^f e^Q£6Sfr6sr - /5i_(Si;/r^(5i;(G5)©tqt£), ^eaei^ - (^^^stsikS) 
iuaresisjj ^/jSliuireisr - ^ifSiurr^eu^SliLiLDj ^<sm^esT (sSliuiB^irsk - 

iB^ - eSlGmfTQJrrs, QmQut - QssQeutrim. 

4:14:. He will quickly perish who, ignorant of his own resources 
flatters himself of his greatness, and does not live in peace with his 

e_LbsnLD {FmEmLt—^ 6i/e5)<?©^uC?u<jyesr/^LJ iSeSiu^ QtsmijeinLDa: 
QpuuihQ^irekp /§skp^. ^^OLoecr^^^^sraS^cr (Lp^&rQLDsSeisrp^. 
ffrs^iuQfTGsr^iJ u&)Qirfr(B uesi&Q^ireiTsurr&sr ^rrm eiKsSlujQesr ^uSlmim ^suir 
QsrrsseuiB eueSuuLSlujQLDesr^LD Gun'(rF)err(o^freisrp /BesrpesyLDtiSleir^ ^^ 

(miD G^L-Qi—(SBrurrQ^ (Lperrir. e^cf^suehr Q^n'i^surriTU0i)QjTfT(B uesisQsrr&r 
arnssQey&rrpi^iDuSleisrj ^^@6ot mrrpqijissr eneSujih ^eyeur^SmreueStLjui 

(Q^-u-sinir.') — iS<3& - iLu9<s&p6Si,s, Quiu - (srp/^iUf s^srsir 

ff'j^l-LD. ^^. GueSitufiSt^iiV. a_a_<3S <*-€/ 

475- The asletree of a bandy, loaded ouly with peacocks* feathers 
will break, if it be greatly overloaded. 

^eu^asLO .5ya/0u9/fffi@ ^^^lutriu (tpL^iLfLOj er-ja/. 

iBr)p&>Qsu6isr(B QiDsknoasiLDuSlissTf @4J(gg<Jo eSISssrsusQ Lu/Slturr(aui^uu(BLh 

^^^iuirQ(M®Lo - Qpi^eurrQsB(Bui. 

476. There will be an end to the life of him who, having climbed 
out to the end of a branch, ventures to go further. 

QurrpjB eu^iEi(^ QfSjiS. 
(uif - SOT.) «r - ^f — i^iljQib/5Iuj/tQ&> ^LDS,(^<^etr QuiTQf^G^esr ereoSoU 

(SL'iB^L^ ^Si iSi(^^pQuir(rF,Ll.iB aneuuurr&Qj iQearpQeurrasTpcewuS ^&i 
iSlp(w,LD ''ajQ^ajfriLjil <s/r60eu/p/Ey@ 6uiri^^&>'' ermciT^ir* QuesSd,Q&!TGi!sr 

Qs QarressTQL-rrQ£,(^^&), Qp^s^pQj^si&f ^QiBi@p Quir^^r^m e?Qa/r©a/u> 

[Q^ - u - e^rr.") — ^p^dr - (^QgnrQs^iJb') eu l^ u9 i^Q 6\) , 

6U/7"6<3T^, QurrQTjGO- - QuiTQ^'^^ Q U !r p ^ 6l! LB fEl (^LbQ fS CjS - SITU 

uirp/SHQsrrGssrQ mi^si^Ui qjl^iuitld. 

477. Let a man know tlie measure of his ability (to give,) and let 
him give accordingly j such giving is the way to preserve bis property. 

-iy- c^a/r perreQiLt^ ^(tuS^dej Qst^eoBs^u 

QuiTSir pSe^ITS c56ZDi_. 

(u[F-OTir.) 6T-^, — s^n 3=173,^111 Ourr(W)errisu(rF)Q<sirp Q^^iuaroj Q/£l 
^n'ijSip(rr^S^LD ^^i^pQ&u^eodsoujrTLCij QurrQearp QiB/SliueiTSiJ ^msSp 

u^ iSlehr^iiiSfi-LLi^ sssirrssuuLLL-esr. (Lp^^(S^ Q^peoeuii sihapea eju 

aesiL- - {^^esBso) ^^^suut^rr^rruSl&sr, 

478. Even though the income (of a king) be small, it will not 
cause his (ruin), if his outgoings be not larger than his income. 

<5». ^iGnsu/SliB^i eiJiTLpfr^fr<ssT suiripsssi<3S \L\mQuir&d 

(uif-emnr.) er-^, — ^e37<S(^srrcTr QuiTQr^G^m- (STsodsoeniu ^/Sli^ '^^P 
QLDtuLhsDLDLurrick ^&)do\)iufruju lSIsstu] j)/^Q^/rpp(LpLh ^sir/£l<i 0<slLQ 

es)suj ^rSlis^ - Q^/f?/5^, euiTLprr^ir&sr - {^^^pQsps^ eu/rip 

^3ii-ih. -sy^. <s/r6\)LD,a>'^6v. s_2_/h_ ^'-^ 

479. The prosperity, of him wlio lives without knowing tlio mea- 
sure (of his pi'operty), will perish, evca while it seems to continue. 

(SO. 2_eTrsysjn/r ^ssir^ QeutruLjir ojiresaresiLD 
e^suGuemir eu(s\)dsO^ Q<sQih, 

(BrrGur^^ufTLLL^rr^Lb Qpaicsisujrrjb/D^err OLJ^emLouSssr ut^Qtumu Quit 

(Q^-u-iS3^/r.) — a_srrsj;6JD/r - (^iS3t<E(^) a-errerr Qufr(7^GS<osretr 

2_u<95/rjr(2p6tnL_0ntDUJ/r6U, euerreiicinrr - (g^^a/ew^) Q<3=(SVcu^^Q 

480. The measure of his wealth will quickly perish, whose liberality 
weighs not the measure of his property. 

^3i> - LD ^^ — ^T6VIJ>fL 

s^evr ji/ff^Qs^&^eSpQspp srreo^Qdsuruj^^&), ^^arrsTQpi^ncanLcmh ©js 

Qsu(B^iri(^ QenemQLc Qufr(Lp^ 
(uiP - GOifr.] OT-^,— ^6aT63f?6sr eus^^rrtu Sf>-C!S)£S(S!niL!s srrsans uajb 

SQ^^lh Sj IT 3" a S, (g: Si^p^3,pp <S/riS\)Lb ^SST/Sl LUeSiLDLU fT^y OT-J2/. 

er®^^ssrrLL®6ijemiD, srredtDis^&irrisuLp eucSturrp uiU6r^Gi)2soQuJ6iru^ 
sflcrraS iBecrp^, ^saf?^ smsoLDiTGu^ QeuLD<si'>LDUL^ih (^<o^it-3^&uj(e ^th(Lp&r 


>^^ Q_a_<y» fF^fc-ti. c^p. sired Lb jSl^eo, 

Qufr(Lp^(oSlJ6mQiXi - (j3^^p)(o3SprD^ <%IT<SOlh QgUSSStQiX), 

481. A crow ■will overcome an owl in tlie day time ; so the king 
wto would conquer his enemy must have (a suitable) time. 

a_. uQ^eu^Q^fr Qf_/rLL/L- QeJirQps fiSlQ^(s3id5sr^ 
(uiP - 63)T.) GT-^j — sijjr3=&jr stT&i^Q^iT® Ourr(W)iB^ e^dsvrQa^iJu^ 

sfri30^Q^rr(BQurr(fF)/B^^so — srreoii^uuiTiDpQs'uu^eo, ^jrrreoLDQuj&sr 

482. Acting at the right season, is a cord that will immoveably 
bind success (to a king.) 

(iJ(P-6!DT.) er-^j — sjirs^jriTGO Qg^iu^p&fflm (sSSsnTsQarek^u Qa^rreo 
&>LJU®eu6sr s^efrQevrr, ^oj/banp (tpi^^^px^ ^ld ffi06)5?<S(sr5t— Gott Qs^iii 

SQT^eSlseirrrsussr — Qpsusosturrpps^La mrredeuesis ^urriJUiEis^LDmh. 
Qesr^Qt^iT, 6T(80<3i}ir(oSISscriLjLa GTsB^eirQpi^u^Qi-Cisku^aih. 

GSSTmSfSf^L-Qs^STj SiT&ilh - {Q<3=\U^p(^^(^lii) B!reO^G5ifi\L\LD^ ^^ 

lE^ - Q^iB/B^^ Qs^tiQesT - QfujeuirjTiru9(ok^^(m(QSl8ssr6r(^u-(^^jr 
a=jrir&)) Q-Fuu^pi^^ifjiu Q^iri^io&QefTesrj^ii Q<a=irei)souuQeue!sry 
s-errQaJT - s-esarQu-fr. 

483. Is there any thing difficult for him to do, who acts, with 
(the right) instruments, at the right time ? 

■3='. ^)(T<3i>ISI '3S(^^^fEJ <S!nB3h.(Slm sircoEi 
^uSl0)jLh ^o°o.^ ^sueisr esiSuus^^^rruD. jy^/r)(^^ Qs^LL'.tLjih <sSSsores)uus arreo 

LOrBli^ ^I—^Q^IT® Qu(r(rF)!B^S= 0<?uJa/(CT)1^63T, fcT-J2/. 

©ji—SSfrQesreku^p;^ QLDps(rF)GSujrr Qmrmu^pt^ S-Gr)fr^^msj(^ 

iqti, SQ^^^ULD - (^/tCoOTt^ctt) iSSssr^^rr^LD^ e!Ds<3h.Qm-(^^^^ 

484. Though (a man') should meditate (the conquest of) the world, 
he may accomplish it, if he acts in the right time, and at the right place. 

(uf - 60)1.) (oT-^j——^uufr^ (^rrcoQiasOGOrriEi Qaireiretrs SQf)^U3 

^uu(T0T)LD - S(if)QajSLiLBQuLi Qs n'aT((S(f,^Sd. eu6QLSl(^^ srreOEiSQT)^ 
QuLUcSTjD^f^p Qup(rr/ih. ^^s^r^^rr^ Q3=&)6Qsur ^(fr^(2ij<ss)&uQu(fr^(^LO 

en^ /BLLurrsseOj usnsiufr&s&ij QmpQ.^'pGO, ^Q^^^'^j iSlifl'S^'S^} <£fp>.lL 
t_G)s06cr^Lb ^£)jeiJss)<ss&(^6i:!^i5iS(srff<srT QLDpQ3=soGSlp(Q LDrr(7r/uJ^'. @^ 

485. They who thoughtfully consider and wait for the (right) time 
(for action,) may successfully meditate (the conquest of) the world. 

<3Pr. ^QfT Ja npQDL-UJir Q(g)(S)(S<S££i QufTQ^^SIT 

(uiiP - €!nT.) (sr-^j — eu<sSL8(^SliLjGSiL—iu cSyiT-s^sor uasyaOtDpO^^eoisorr^ 

i2^C S>.2_<^ 

Qssrp ^(muu, QuiTQ^^sir - ■a^65STS!T>L^Ql3=\uSl&sTp ^iLQiabi^rr, 

^^ — i9shr(p6sr:zn-(soeu!riEjSlLjQuirLD ^esisstnLD^,^, 

486. The self-restraint of the energetic (wliile waiting for a suitable 
opportunity,) is like tlie drawitrg back of a -figlitiDg-ram in order to butt* 

(uiV-eWT.) (ST-^y ^^(2ljQ!)L-UJ S^F'3^IT UeSiSOIlT S (cS) S>Q 3= UJ ^ QuiT 

Qurr&rQerresrQeuissru^ ^/SluL-jQiDn-L^, Qtsusrnrr Q(SviTuuQiT6!r& srrjr 

uiT ^es<^p L^pLCjQ<oiJsriTQrr<5ST£)]LhyQeij(^€^(^L^ib^L^Lj iSleisre^iua uSans Qg^tu 
iLifTLD sOi_ffl(g^so ^rh-L^n-GDLDuSlsur ^<sn'Qeii iTuuQ rTm^isj •ah./Sl^ir. 

(^uss)6ss^ir 0/D^@Q(FuJ^) ^uQurrQMQ^, Q u ir en Q sn esr - (^a/ 
jTfSiu^ eQssjiTiSU/rs, lj p ihQ 6U ir rr ir - Ljp^^&i OsBtrua^Qg^LULun-ir, 

SIT<DOLb- (^^SUSSiir Q(5i]<S0^fipQspp) d5/r6V,<^6JD^, UlTIT^^-^^IS 

487. The wise will not immediately and hastily shew out their 
anger ; they will watch their time, and restrain it within. 

CdLD (aiJ/B^£)ILbQJL^ ^eviT ^ OS) S (^ SUT /Si ^^ueulf^ <SJ-^ , 

^EiEissTih srri-pQeu ^snir sihcsiLOs sfr^^ (^SLpeusrira^eisr ^uumnp Qa(B 
euQfrekuiTir ^siifr^doO Qt^nQiDshr^iii sh-^Bi^rr. ^SsoQLDpQsrrmn-. Q^rr 

lueoLj QuptliUL-L^^, ^asisu i^jrdsr®umLi—rr^Lo ^(V)S^LhaiL^Lj 

488. If one meets his enemy, let Iiira sbow him all respect, until 
the time for his destruction is come ; when that is come, his head will 
be easily brought low. 

(uif-65)rr.) OT-^, — uesisaaoj QeiJ&i6i)aa(fFi^uD^.fr3=iT ^UDLcrrQeOLLi^ 
^ppissT(Lp^<^iusup(njp 05^uJ^G)s/r6fr€fruLJi_/r<s5)LDtt96Jfr eriLi^psnliu 

•HULLS' G3=LUiULJUL-fTeiniDuSl'sk Q3=LU^pSlflluQiSUshr£}JtEJ 3h./Sl(G^n-. ^^®^ 

sireOLD su f5^LEl(sSlaDfrr5^ Qa^iusQleusku^ eh-puuLLi—^. 

489. If a rare opportunity occurs, while it lasts, let a man do that 
which is rarely to be accomplished (but for such an opportunity.) 

.50. Q>3S/7'<sQ<5B/r<565 •Sh.LDLJlX) UQ^SU^^ LD/bp^sk 

©l(fh&(mLD(T^QufTi30 ^(trfSa j; LDpcs)p-'P Q 3= &i pirn's IT (SOLD eijaiu^£5GULp cgyjS/ 
Qs^iu^ (ipL^&(^LDfr^QurrGO^ ^uurrLDpQs^uj^ Qpiy-isj ot-^. 

i£<scTQsrTu.p(^ ®®'^r5'^ ^l^ <jy^ evfsQ^iLi^fd^&m-iLjLD (Lp&sr (SO' filth 
^ ^uumDpQun-(rF)LL(B ^uSlifl<sO€0^ Qunsur/BQrj^si^Lb ^ssorr^Lh, erth^ujej 
L^u iSli>k^uLjQj^p(^ (Lp&aQu cSloDfriB^ (^^^ih ^seOfr^LOj ©©ljlS)^ 
@(^ Q3=tijeSlp(^fsi QsrrsQ'S s^euenLouj iruSlp^, Qssir&Qssiris Qsi]6cr(n^ 
jTiTuSl^LD SjS^ sh.LDUUDtr^Qun'isos sh-LhLjsQeL'sor^ih^ (^^Q^rrss Qeuear 
(a/jTrruSl^ih ^^ (^^^iDrr^Quireos (^^^sQemshr^LD s-esiirssuuQuDj 
^^ Q^tTL^<30 s^svLDLDrr&sQsisr. ^eiJ6S)LD(Lp3:.^^ireo ^(T^ui^p(^<ip Q-3=iLi<s9p 

(gii) ^G«<S55S5Sr/57 Sh.filiUQJ[r(7r/'Sp^. 

^1^ B_a-^/ ©0-/i. «syP. §),L-<ssrtiSl^(30. 

LD/br^^^a^Qsrrerrsu^^Coun'so^ ^uuirLorbQ<^uj^ (mini's ^■^, 

490. At the time when one slionld use self-control, let liim restrain 
himself like a heron ; and, let him like it, strike, when there is a favour- 
able opportunity. 

©0-ti. cJV^— ® Z_ (537 p5? ^ 6V. 

^ooSlTSJ^ GUeQlLjLh S/TGilQpLh ^'/SllB^ U(SD&QLDp Qg^ddGUfTSOr ^fTiiiT 

(uir-65)ir.) ST-^j — u6S)£S(diies>fr (Lpp^n^/bsrrsuQ-sfrifli—Lh QuppiS^m 

e^iokppQsiTscr^ ^dsmvumii^ ^LDQpeir iBsQeSeorr^ ueoues)L- u9(W)UiSlp(^Lb 
Qi—<S£s>SLLjih !§Q^(ipes)L^uj^. sjSi Qup(firf&i ^jrmr(B(^ Qg^uLis Qaissru 

(Q^ — u ' GSi{r.^ — nppjiiih - ( ueTiSsus^rr^ evSsfr^^dQsfrcrr 
a;^,© 65 /rear, ^i_t£3-c^/^f_^sa3^, ^emiS^ ^so&i^ - QuppiSlsk 

(ol^iru.iEisps-Q^iTt-.iE]aiT^Q^isisi_Ciifr\ (sreaenps - (^a/czD/r.?^ 

491. Let not (a king) despise (an enemy,) nor undertake any thing 
(against him,) until he has obtained (a suitable) place for besieging him. 

2_. rLpir6!m(o<Fir/b^ QimTiuLoiSl ■sjsT6uir<3S(^ LLiires^siQa'irm^tr 
Uhni^LC) U(5\isxjr5 ^qkld, 

LDrr^uirt-irev^ (EJ/TiSOld Qurr^Qeussru Quir(7r^ sjir^n' LDesr^^eisraessr 
Q3=ssrp j)/fr3=iTQLDp(Tr/'uS!p^. s^uaetDLD &pui_jLDSS>LD, ^FcssrQ0^rrib^rr Lorrss 
^^pQa^Qjrnu (tpp/&Se^, s^^ Qafr(SlS(V)ih u tusks err frsijsw ues>ss^irrr<s^_ 

LD.TG^^, L;SU6i]L0 - U 00 UUU SOT da^tl^ LO, ^(f^lh - Q <3SrTQ3;(mU) . 

492. Even to those "wlio are men of power and expedients, an 
attack in connection with, a fortification will yield many advantages. 

(uif-emT.) er-^,— eusS)uj/7"^eOiso/7"^/r0ii) QjeQtujrfriLj Qeu&^ei'/T, SjSp 
eSl&arQiiJsuru.^^Lh ^ihes)LDQuJ6iru,^2.ih ji/QjmuSSsOiurreisr eni^Gsr. 

^ss)^^/dH^, Quirp(Sl-{^^iJciSS)Lbu\ urr^sir^^dQsfTGXfrQ, Qurr 

493. Even the powerless will become powerful and conquer, if 
they select a proper field (of action), and guard themselves, while they 
make war on their enemies. 

<3F', (^em^iSiUW QiremesoT lEipuu fiL^esr^ii^ 

(uif - cnT.) OT - ^j — ^mh (^ustsrQg^iii^pQsp/o ©ji—^^Sosrtu^fB^i 
Q-s^skp ^jT-FiT j)jirSossru QurrQ^!B^Sissr£)j ^^Scsrd= Qg^iusuirrTuSlek ^eu'sair 

?/3<i<T^ Q<rujci}mrini9&irj (srsmssSiuirir - (np^Lj ^Siionfr Qs^eo&y) 

494. If they -who draw near (to fight) choose a suitable place to 
approach (their enemy), the latter, will have to relinquish the thought 
which they once entertained, of conquering them. 

csfiEjSl esr^SssTLj i3p, 
(uif - snT.) OT - ^, — (ip^dcO ^ifiQpc!S)u.uj Sifle'dTsekr^uSlecT iSlpeup 

Qsumu^ (tpishr^iiEi sh^LLt^uuL-i—^, iBds\}uuL-!r SiBsirsem /_9^G)<avisi) 
(Sdfruo (Bpps^i ^jbi^sa^LDuSlsisr ^csisuQiueoeoiTLD (Lp^SsosQ&^dueuirLhj jycmo/ 
^njisjc^^/brmffloj fSso^^euraessr ^oo^iuimseo ^/b(y>/'cmLDuSlesr ^o°o^'ay/b/SI/b 
QessOisomJo ST'Si^^n'QLOsisrp^} Qm/nQj^GOejULh Sjira^tr uansevif t9/bp&>^/b(y]^ 

Q^ir&srp iQmps^LTitiSisk, ^^ iSl/Sf^QLurrL^^Qeoesr^Lh ^eoiijsfrjnh.' 
^suearr j>/eiiif Sppeo ^p(n^sSli—^^3= Qa^&sr^ QeueosQsuiohru^mh, 

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Qsueo(oi)iriQp(^th) LjtssTeSlsvr - ^fhtSrBssBsir^iJDj i§ie]Qsst-/§ieiQ^iso, 

495. In deep water, a crocodile 'will conquer (all other animals); 
but if it leave the water, other animals will conquer it. 

iBiT(SiiiTiL\ (oiX)iru.rr Ssc^^. 

SL—QsoirL-aQojmp LD^^^^tuesn^iurrecr /Beo^Q^rrGQiomu^ 61/(75 
cSI<siEuuLLi—^. siT<3iiajQi5ST(BibQ^QrT(ssru^ ^(B^pCoSBpparreiiiLD Qu(r^ 

i—Ej&amsj/SliB^ Sj'aijp/SlpQspp <50S}S]ffi6rr/rs3r GSldosrQ3pijj&Q<sxjmu^ 

rBir(Si)tTiL\Lo - Lets' <s3Sio\)iEj<Z(smLD^ iQ 6\)^^ - iQ sv^^So j ^L—ir-^L-LOrrtL 

496. Wide chariots, with mighty -wheels, will not run on the 
ocean ; neither will ships that traverse the ocean, move on the earth. 

(uif - Gnu.) ST - ^', — uasiSuSlL^^^ (^SssrQs^uuiqii Qnoiss-dstrQiuso 
evirrruSesr ^s^Qs'tupi;^^ jS ld ^ sssrcmLDHJeo so ^ iS/SlQ^rrQF^^dssijr Qsusssr(B6x] 

^ScSjOj (5T-£U. 

^UUfTLLl^fT^LD (cSl'Bs^Qs^lU^patTLD ^ L^Ojr /Si ^ <S0 Sh-pUULLt^^. 

Q^S^, ^)L-^^rr&) — ^i^^Q^rrQQurrQ^ih^, OauSchr-Q^ujeufr 

497. You "o-ill need no other aid than fearlessness, if yon tho- 
roughly reflect (on what yoa are to do), and select (a suitable) place for 
your operations. 

(uif-snT.) CT - ^, — Qu^thues)i—iLjes>L-iu ^jrs^esr <sfostsr,3^&^ues^t—. 

Qa-'eoeQi^iJa - j)/Qj^a(^3: Qg^eoe^LBL-ih. ^L^/s^eSKBOmehru^-STQ^rB 
^0<s@ QLOssriTr^pQuiTGii e^Q^ Qs^rreo. esffffls^^ear ^l^si^ S-CS)i—.iLjrresr 
QtoQeippuuLLi—^. ^eoruesii^u QumesyLoQ/B rrsQ ^l-Q ib it & a, ir ^ Qs^eo 
«a;(6a)ii96D7" rS>/oo^ ^uueeyi—^ O<5/r0/Ey@(o)-yecr^ (^SosrQg^iuso ^s [rcs)LDUJ it shr 
^su uuSlpQuSlssTcsyLCturrscT^s ^uQuQ^aj^LDiun-p uius^esr/S^ ^TTSuTiBii^ 


498. The power of one who has a large army will perish, if he 
goes into ground where only a small army can act. 

(uif-5S>T.) <oT-^j — ^iri5ssrj>/L^^^ps(!P)CS)LD{LjLb Qu(f^es)u:iuu tQuj ^/b 
S 611^ ^ sin- slLQ^" loir £)] ^nsc^sjeiif}^, er-jj/. 

Qu(ir)LDU<3DU. S^CSiU.ILj Q LDSST U ^ fT LD. 

499. It is a hazardous thing to attack men in their own country, 
although they may neither have power nor a good fortress. 

<^0' <^lT<o\^TLp <serrfl <sn^iu(5iiEi s<os^6smi^3=!r 

QeueoiressT npa^^ s&fl^. 
(uiP - sjiT.) sT-^j — uiT3>frs,SL-iEis,n<stiu)!Taj QoicctmL&^ms Qsrr^^ 

Scx^^.'F Qs^isoeflecr stoipqjjp uaJ6!^ehr/£l LS<5<a/LCCTstRuJir/rei) ^tSleiiQrresr 
u^ Q^rr&jTp fQskpoDLD'jSlssr, ^^o/ld ^euansoiEjsrrjrLo. Qeveorrt^QpsBa^ 
Osiyesr^ un'L-QLDrr^QjfrQr)(Lp€mT : QevpuGDL- (ms^^^Qps^^eurTuSlshr Sj^ 

(Zjlh l5lf}uj(B^pQs^(SiJfTiLJ (LpU^^e^QSTf ^^ U fTL^LD ^6kiSS)LDUJ^S. ^eS)SlJ 

Ljm^Qp ^ujsvi9£sr^irSltUj fBeiifDeo -Qs^p^^&iai^soi^^SLJULLL^ 
e9i_^^)j m^ - iBifl'Ssrrn-csTSineiJj ^(SIld - Qsireo^LD, 

500. A fox can kill a fearless, warrior-faced, elephant, if it go into 
mud in which its legs sink down. 

— u M t i ccicmpc— 

err /TcOT^iT /ruJ/BJ5> O^srfl^ffO. (a/c?S(tp^6ar Qpssr^LD/iSliB^ ucnssQiopQifcoeurr 
g5/4@^ ^aSssr i^SiTnLjrj^jiJ^ Q3:iu^pQurT(rTjL-(BLh ^as)pQurrsnLDfljQurr 
(TTjiLiBih ^^ C?sirss3r©^crS)scr, ^sup/SekiSloar ODevsauuLLi—^. 

(i_i.f-stt)T.) cr-^f — j>/ir3=(es)p Q)p<sB'Juuu(B6uir6ai^QT)euasr, si/p(ipuo)Qu rr 

(T^'Sf^th ^^UQpih S-uS\iTuQuir(f^LLi—frsk<si:(r^Lh ^a^s=(LpLD GTskmijih ^u3S)^ 

idiran-Qek Qp^^(r(SjT Locur(^iU&)Li ^frmuiB^tTeo iSleisTL^ Q^efiujuu^UDj gt-^^i. 

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(sSlL®) j)j(Suirfr<so ^'sueujrs^ssr jt/pQisutrsinjifeirissitxiuStsor ^au&sru QurriQ 

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&)]bSl^^is\), Qun'Qr)Co(^UGS)^cun'iaU^ Qa^ooVT'S^^icuSosnLjLh ^suQt^^i^eiDuj/B-srr 
csifTLuih g£u.®, sj'aiJirfrshr ^sueurr^^ehr ^siip(irL0frSs\)ijui5sr ^seSesr ^euaswCi 
QurrsQs Q.srTcs>i_tLjLh s.iflaDLDiLj Qpes>L—iuiT6urs^(fr)auSoa' asxnj^^pQssssresi^ 
esTUCy ^^^iTssr lu it eu it s, (^ih ^es>LUfB^^j ftlbirs^f^^Q^ssrSsi^QuJSsrs^ (^&P 
Qwrr® QsFtr&i^(^^^30. ^sisrusijub-s^^iufreu^ G)^fr6ur£uQ^[TLL(B a,/f? 
(^LoOiurriB LjuSlesrgpsrr e^it ^eu(Lp^LDsd3iTeSLl.(By ^euGTTfr&i &.ifles)LDiLicrr 
^saT(Gff)err rSeurSssrsaessr® evQF/^ssQpp^s <3h-LL®<oSls<s(o<oij<sssr(BQLD6ar^ eresr 
dcsreSl'Si^^neaj jt/eudoirs er>.(B<SD<suiuiriSl6ur iE.6ura,(^u QuiflesruQiDOJck^u 

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^suisbr ^e^sQisirsem ^aDipuiSl^^y ^ojit ^QDpQumhJfriciT (oT6ssrss3rp(^^ 

Q^trsoeurresT r^i^@ssrpas)LDuSl^ ^^cksr [En'LD(LppuL—ij^Qs^uu^ !BL£iS,@s:flaj 

Q^sisrSsisQiuscr3= ^((Sf^pQ (su rr® Qa^irao^i^^^so, ^ihiBirmQl^ih ^ifliSleo 

I^UJSIJlS ST&liT&fTCO^^li Ql?llSl<3C>Q6STiSSTS SQT)^ ^6rT<c6-)61JlU fTp QpGlfluJLJuQ 

Q LD&sr u ^ fT LL , @)eusui_,^pQufrqFj<smr(SDUDas>ULJ u^L-Qsfrem® ^isuQiriT^aj 

t£^±MT^ L9pQn'S\)S^lTLD ^^SstST ^uSlQlTS'S'QlMCUrU UIT l—IB ^itl^^ Sj ^^ 

^LDi(^^ Q^rrssT/BujisunQp o^an rr ^ ^ a fr . 

(Q^ - U - GSifr.^ ^pLD - (^^0-3^(^30 Q^ IT ^3B:SLJU(S en fTSST 

S_u9lT^3=3'Lb - S-u9lTLjQufrQT)LLu.lTiS\)eUQF,LD UUU(rpLD^ IblTSmQ&ST ~ 
^Qoj !h!T&ST(^ ^ /5 _@ir/E/ 65 6/^^2; £30 (_(U, ^pil-^p^^t^eO, Q^lflfB^- 
(LD&3T£l2sd) ^UITiLSIB^, Q^puU®LO - (^lSl(5iT\ Q^<Sl^lUUU®ClJfT eiT , 

501. Let (a minister) bo chosen, after he lias been tried by means 
of these four things, viz, — his virtue, (love of) money, (love of) sexual 
pleasure, and fear of (losing) life. 


(UiP-GSlT.) OT-^, ^OJIT/E^ (^L^uSipiSipih^ (^ppisis&fle^m^ MiEl® 

(^ppiEjsisrr(reuesr Qix>&i^rr3=^s(^'3=^ Q3=fr&)(oQiU euaascurr^LDf LOi^, 

LOpUL^} LSleSiLpULj ST 637/6? GWO; (Lp ^ SO rflU (Sij LD IT ih . IB tT6m-^L^Q ^ [TlB SOSC^GtST 

LD sur (^O if 60(30 franLD. ^aneu QuQ^Lbufrekes^LDiLjih ^sQ£BmT€>jfriij£s QslLi— 
60a@LU ^s.LDSjEfTGSiGuiun'p QpiflsuecT, ^/E/5/r6ar@Lb a_c5)L.ujei/^OT(eaj 0^erfl.$ 

ui9piB^ - (^2^ujiTi5^^ (^i^u9evi9pi^, (^pp^^ssr - (^ppEis&9 
iLjih - ^(^QiQp(^LDj fBfT^ijGinL-iun'esiasLi.Qi— - iBir&SinQj:i<s^i—iu<sii 

502. (The king's) choice should (fall) on him, who ia of good 
family, who is free from faults, and who has the modesty which fears the 
wounds (of sin). 

/S-. ^^ifltu<osp (fff'S^pm^ir ssm^nih 

(uif-anir.) sr-^j—spppaifluj ^^eosSsfrs &p^ QLopQs^rrsoe^uj 
Q^ppiii£B6Jrj)/p(rr/'iTLCiiril.(BLh ^(simsssH^rrs ^nrru^iBu.^^ Qisu^osiwuSieo 

Q(diiiss3rGSiLD-^^iuiT€S)Ln • s/oo^t ^'oiJ'T'i-orTLLQar^n'eiJ^ ldgst^^^ iS'Sso 
UJrr'SS)L£)iuir6cr s^QirrrsuL^uJiTse^skj Q^iflu^Ej£BfrQ<306ar(7r/'if. &frLL&'juerr<ssieij 
luirpOprtlihsTiso ^£;i(^Lh ^iotsorr^rrQir Q^afliuuuQeuQn-eiJu^ (^rBuQu3= 
s^LQ, ^(ijeuefresxsuserrfrear ^S(Qaxi(Lp!Ei (^pp(LpfbQ^i?\iE^ (^essrQpeini-, 
iu!Ti3S)iTs Q^eifl&Qeuisku^ ^odoij ^asr^^Ei eh^puuiLL^^. 

(Q^ - u-G<nir.) — ^iBiU sp^ - (^<sppp(^) ^Q^ss^LDiurrQiu 

,^(SV'^SofT<XSp£)]j ^■Si - (^QP<oSiQ3=ITiS0(30UUlLI-.^ (^ppiEl^etTj ^p 

^ir!r\L\tBL^^^y QeiKsftlj)! - ^pliUiranmLUfresr^^ ^eisrssiLo - ^ev 

503. When even men, who have studied the most difficult works, 
and who are free from faults, are (carefully) examined, it is a rare thing 
to find thcni without ignorance. 

uSim ^Sosrs(^fflujQ6sreir£UUDf (^ppiSsa^fruSlesr ^eOGdOssrasr^ih ^Sij/Sl^GO. 

{Q^~u-s^ir.^ — (^Gssrih - ((misssr(^pp!EJs(sB<30 <^'SstQp \l\€S)l^ 
(j^ppQpih - Uip6inp3B(^ppEJ<!s8sfrii^iJo), fBrri^ - "^j/rtu/s^, ^eap 
fs fTi^-^ir rriu IB ^ ^ lS^s - LB(^iB^esiGU^6mr<s\)j Qsfr6rr(S0-(^^6iJS!Dir) 

504. Let (a king) consider (a man's) good qualities, as well as his 
faults, and then judge (of his character) by that which prevails. 

(uiP-einT.) <5T-^, — iSlpuL-js r^euiyTLo ^j£) Q6U6uruissreup(n/'6ur Lcdaar 
G3=iLnL\!Ei ffi0m(?tr(, iSl/Sl^soSso, ot-^. 

LDeO ^/SluJ^£ll(SlJlTlfS(^U LSlpS(rF)SSlS(^LJD SLeTT Ell rr S ^ LD , (Lpl^lB^SQF,^ Qs'iu 

QeossTU^ Q^pQpsrrff^^rrp Qupqrj'ih. ^^(S^p (^emiEj^ppfsiseir 
IBITl—p^i <550aS) ffh-puuiLc-^. 

(Q^ - U - eSifT.^ Ql/(25C33LDc5B(^LQ - (^(mi^LJl3pULJ<i(^6SSn}) 

^/Slei^ (oTe^u&ip(rrj'(so LDiooB^jres^i—iLjih^ Q u (mosiLDiu irQiu Quirssr 
<sj5BskLDfrpprSl^p(^LD, (cords!fra=S^<5!SiLDS(^th - LDpesipS^S^etnLDLUir 
Slu QuirssresBisiTLDirpp/^l^p^ihj <5EiljL_S5Yr<S6E(5V-2_s3D/rc£si)6U/rsu^j 
^ih^ih ^q^ldCold - ^skisea^iEisetr Qa^iuedaQerr'jjiTLD. 

505. A man's deeds are the touch-stone of his greatness and 

up/Sleoir /B[r(Gm)ir ur^, 
(lkF-gjot.) ioT-^j — e'rppiB<30Odir^ncs)n'^ Q^&^^ocoQtuni^s' j^'aj^ 


s^&ciss^QfifrQ ^lduis^lEi<o\) it it ^ en it 6V ^ ul^ - u^,s(^^ fBrr^^ir - 

506. Let (a king) avoid choosing men who have no relations; such» 
men have no attachments, and therefore have no fear of crime. 

eoiuaDojuiSlssTy j)f°o^ ^sujr/SleSlsaremLDUjrrjb Q<s©lcj QsLLu-rr&i ^<surr& 

507. To choose ignoi'ant men, through partiality, is the height of 

ULj (Lp^<s£laj(su/b(7i^^th Qs^iueOfr^LD ^irrrcurr^ Q^efli^ ^ir<SF^'S(^ ^^ 

^C3)UJL/-^ear (^i^Qiurr® Q&rru.mj:iiri-]. ^^i^Qsar j)/^<ai]Ui Qeuem® 
Qlcgstu^ Qup(vrj'ih, Q^g^^&) ^euesrsisJsrQessr eSSosrcsyuu es)eiJs:^(SO. s^di 
eO^HT OsO^so/reb ^6ar@co«^u i3piB^irQi^ui uGS)SQjiTes)auuil.(Bs Qipirtu 
cSKBeuQireku^rrLD. iBrrssrs^qr^L^ eSlsrrsr^^rrp Qqtj'GS^, 

Q^jrir&sr-(^i9puL^(Lpi^eQuusup(^^LD Qg^iuGSJsiurr&^Lo) ^Q&)irSiurr 

508. Sorrow that will not leave even his posterity will come upon 
him who chooses a strau^^er whose character he has not known 

<3m. Q^ppa^ lutraDirturB Q^inr^ Q^rr ih^iQp 
Qpj)i3s Q^jpjii) Qufrqherr. 

lU/B^LSl<oSr Q ^(S^lL\LCiQuU IT (W)iStT SidstT ^0^(71^0^ [T l^S, OT-JJ/. 

Q^ppsQeuGSTp Qurr^eEiLDiLnresr e^Qr)cSlo5mssiss3r^}i,i Q .s ei'fl lu e^ n & rr 
O^SGSTij^ Qupqr/iD. FFGssrQ^Q^^s Qevskp^ ^rrpuiBuj^^rrdd ^ij_jp<2^ 
esTj^ eSlsii&QdsTQLoeSmp^. Q^^uLbQuaQF^QeTreirrp^^ ^sujrcuir ^ppp 
QiBpp eSScur&dsij. Qufr(tF)6rr — ^r^Quuuif. 

509. Let (a king) choose no one without previous considei'ation ; 
after he has made his choice, let him unhesitatingly select for each 
such duties as are appx-opriate. 

<5B0. Q^IfTSST OpsiTI 61JIB Q ^ Gifl % ^ (T SST S Ss!^ ILj p 6iJ i 

etziBiE^ ^ssf} ^^ iBeosiirrQ^m^Ei s(rF,^^rr£m ^eucSSssnanuj QnQiip^^ 
cEKBld, ^^Qeu tusn/Slu ucs)seuirrr&d ereiflQp LSIif].ss<sijLcu(BLD, ^seoae^ 
Q^<s^:i^rr&:ia<sisr ^lupsiJU:) ^SBTsnuSlp^. Q^etP,sSpQseiido\) <ffh-/SluJsvrr^, 
^sj)(27 ^iB^uirLLL-irmuLD, G ^(s^iuLJUi—tT^ IT fr ^suQ frmu.^S-LD, ^eues)rT^ 
O^siflii^rrp u(Bld @j(U>S(^il>j Q^e^isSpQiSS^dsdnjUDy sh-puuLLi—eisT, 

(C3)«^j Q^(3fi](siiili - Q ^ (oifl ^ ^ Lb J Q^s^ib^ir&iT^em - ^irmium^ 
O^Gifltuu UL-L-euissffL-^Q/B, ^iqpsmh-3'iBQ^<SLJuQ ^ ^^u), ^irn- 

510. To make choice of one who has not been examined, and to 
entertain doubts respecting one who has been chosen, will produce 
irremediable sorrow. 

®2- - ih. ^^—Q^[fl;h^Q^?e^iujL-6V. 

^laU^p &piB^GSldsJSr£B<S^Q<3^ ^OTUuQll)^ 6T-^'. 

jSskSosr s^ifles)LD s>i^^pQuir(jT)L-(B ^sihL]piii<SLL(^ iB®siin-uuQ^!TiT 

^ojeisr iSGor^th j)/&jeSaj&}iSl6ST (es)^&)up/SI j>/sldituj eSlSscrssessrQessr ^eau 
u(B(oU Qesrearu^iruSlp^. Ljiflms;Qeud!rp ^pid^srreo^^rreirj (Lpska.ifles)LO 

S>j^^pQuiT(rF)LL® <ss)Qj^^ sSldoO' lu rr ^ so Qupiv^Lo. 

(Q^-u-Gsar.^ — iBekssiLDiLjih^G^LbiL^th - (^^js^ehr Qp^eSieo c^(t^ 


511. He should be employed (by a king), whose nature leads 
him to choose the good, after having weighed both the evil and the good 
iu any undertaking. 

2_. euiTiB Qu(i^iQ (SiJionLDuQ^ ^ppansn 
lurrirmuevfrssr Qa^uus eSlSssr. 

(uif - 63)IF.) GT-^j — Qurr(Tf)&r Q;0a;/ru5)iJo<5S5W GSiflus^Qs^iu^ ji/u 

euiEl&L-(^LD ^-pp ^<3S)l—^£ll3,ds<T fBrrQl—fT^LD ^[TtTUJIB^ M SS&KSOeOSUSCT 

eurruSlsoscrrrreuesr Qldgo ^QSipLDfTL-QiLjeiT ^lupp&nih ersarL/L^ ^cis)rr^ 
euEisemreiieur ^eiisr(Bu Qlj/t^^ld ^6sru(ipLDfrs S-es)trsauuL—L—esr, ^soi— 

(0^-L7-c3)/r.) — emriB - (Qu!r(f^efr<xerr) eiJ(r^LDaiL^'sSsfr, Qu 

QQ--LD. o3yP. Q^rfllB^sQidjSl tUIT U.CO , 2_/5-6fo «^4^ 

512. Let him do (tlie king's) work who can enlarge the sources 
(of revenue,) increase wealth and considerately prevent the accidenta 
(which would destroy it). 

/K.. ^^ssTUjnl<aii Q^pp LDGUireS^ioisrisviLD u9 rs fB rr <ohr (^ 
^^(ostQldso j)/eijn-<nSskismLDu^LDn'Quj ^ihf5nek(^ (^sesTEjaSsfru^Lh /ScsvQup 

(^^SiJ^iJ3S(^ ^CiJ<ssT6ijp<o^p ^rSliL\ih^ ^fSlsijin^ QfBppih - (^(Sfneu 
(^^ Qj p (nj> (s\) QuiTQ^&r esiiSSh-i^ujeiiL^ ^^ssrCoLDev) ^6!n<^^<s\)e\)rr 
2_6S)/_(L;/r6"37«Ll(oL_ - iQSsoiuirss &.fcTn/:_ujQy esBi—^^Q^j Q^etflGU- 

513. Let the choice (of a king) fall upon him who largely possesses 
these four things, love, knowledge, a clear mind, and freedom from 

<5^. (ST^sue^^siurrp Qp^iud ■ssssTm)iih eSlSssrsiJGSi'Sujfrioir 
(uif - «j)!i.) cT-^^— eri306\3/ria;iS35ffluj/r^'Lb ^rrmuihsi Qs;€^,i^ eSldsm' 

UeOITy CT-£3J, 

su-i^LUEjsrrjr<5kQua(30 ^rr3= ^sku^^'Ssnr Qeu°o® eSssrrjTLJu(Bcij ^<k) 
30^ ^^osvra r^n)p(olLDscrQ(^L^ii^ ^LhiSluueoi^ eSpurrfr ^iflujjrrr&eSeor^ 

Q(SUt7r/>r^LDmBiSIT U SOQ IT 6CT (TT/ IT . gSSsST an£UUU^p(^(LpsiT <oTeO&)ITS (^SJOT/aS 

(efhiJo s^cmL-tLurtTiu esiev^^iSeir (^&friruu®isu!T<s5)iT ^(ss^i^ujituli Qf5n'(rF) qSiSs^t" 
uQeurriT ^snQmsmu^ sh-puuL^i—^. 

Q^rSliui<3SSQin'^)lth - ^rrtriLiiB^Q^GiFliB^ Q^ir iB^'sas'niSiJ^^ iSdiT 

514. Even when (a king) has ti"ied them in every possible way, 
there ai^e many men who change, from the nature of the works (in which 
they may be employed). 

SpfB^irQesr&iT Qpeupun p pm^. 

(U(F-C3)|T.J OT-^^ Q 'S' UJ LLj LO S^UfTLUlil <s2ofTJ)l /Si ii£J Q 3= UUSOrTe^LD ^CSiL^ 

Qs^LuS/DurrpGlseku^ Qeujb^csiLDLDHJSSLD, ^'/£lsiirrpps<i^crrfrscr ^s\i 
iLim&-umij/EJ'zS&rr^ ^rSl/h^, ^p^B - (^Q 3" lu (oO rr ^ m ^ssjl^ ty^^-ae 

Gtr ITG^l LP GiJn^f5^(oSTUIEI<z8s(rLj) QuiT^^i^, Q 3=iuQpU[rfli(^ ^&} 

corrsv- (^QpL^eii) Q3=Luaj6U6V6d6U^2jd(^^&)'S\)^j Qpi^fT'sksrshr^- 
(^sus'st/slclEIl.^^^ ^skLjSSiL-iusuQesrioSTj)], ioTSiJ(30Uirp^^^^~ 

515. (A king's) work can only be accomplished by a man of wis- 
dom and patient endurance ; it is not of a nature to be given to one from 
mere personal attachment. 

(uif - ejnrr.) er - ^^ — Qp^pscimQe^ Qg^Lusurresr^ ^soasGssr^cs>^ 

GlJ^LUSUfTSm^ @j6^SSSSSrQpLD (sSldsSrSoZr^ ^'JJ6\)L^LD QioQiSil'Sh-pUULLL^ 

GST. afTao^Q^rrQi—iu^ eijessriT^eon&i!^ ^&sn0\)^^ ^<^(sS&)dsa:sr (ipcs>t— 

luneitT Qs^ujuSlesr ^ey<sSiu6i>LSlpo7/uj eflcksr (LpurLiLjQtJDSw^i <fffi.L^i^iLj<oVsriT^eo. 

(Q^ - u - 6iS)!r\ — Q^'LusutSs^ - (npssfQ osr\ Qa^ujuexj'Ssilb^id 

516. Let (a king) act, after having considered the agent (v/hom 
he is to employ), the deed (he desires to do), and the time which is suit- 
able to it. ■ 

mdasriLjih ^LD(Lp<3!T ^issyiu^eofTcu^ geOir/resTG^® er?<ssnu ^jricSSTi—iii^LD Quit 

(Q^-L/-CTO/r.) ^^b2s^ - ^^QfllTL^ds^, ^^(SS)(S^ - ^/5^S 

<o3BL—;i(v^, eSlL—Q) - eS/ L_ cE 65 L_ 617657-. 

517. After having considered, " this man can accomplish this, by 
those means," let (the king) leave with him the discharge of that duty. 

UJ<Sj ST-£}J» 

uj/r(Sff)ffi@^eo. SIS' Os'uumfrssan-^Ei Qs^Qmeku^ s(rF,^^. 

518. Having considered what work a man is fit for, let (the king) 
employ him in that work. 

iQSosnjutrSssr i§ie];^is ^(^. 
(uif - 65)T.) toT-^j — GTuQurrao^is ^suTGElSssruSskiSsisTQc^ (tpiup^ 

LDS&r ^euosur eSL-(Bf§iEi(QLD} ot-J2/. 

Qsei'rltTQg^uJuiLJD s_/f)cs5LD(o)uj(Soa)/r@ Q3^LuQ^rr(tp(^^60. ji/eudssr ^euld^u 
urrsik Qatrsi^iB Qs^pis^TTj^LDfTuSla^r tS)i^ c^^ir^Qjn^LD n^tLuiL® Qpuu&iajfr 

(^LD - eS!L-Qiifsi(^ SUIT err. 

519. Prosperity will leave (the king) who doubts the friendship of 
the mau who steadily labours in the discharge of his duties. 

<20. JBiT(oi—rj)j rsirCbls cDsirssTSsr 
(uif-onT.) er - ^, — sSiBsmQs^iuwfTG^ QsirL^frQ^rrL^iu s_ao^ Qstr 

^frn'djm^fT(^mf jy^^sb ^'eu^iflcmLO ^L^uumop nosur^mQerr MlTifiuibsi 
Quires Qeussru^tTLb. ^^@6OT ^GitsrL-ei]iRa^Q.3=tijeij^'^<3h.puuLLL^^, 

(O^ - u - emir,^ — eQBssrQ'S'iLK^.Tsiir - Q^rrt^eoQs'iijusiiioTr. 

520. Let a king daily examine the conduct of his servants ; if they 
do IX) t act crookedly, the world will not act crookedly. 

<3J. Upppp S5SST^S)JLD ULpeS^LD U IT W !T lL® ^ G\) 

sipp^fiirHr asmQbssT iLjsrr. 

eSlL-(r^ ^ldQlditQ s>jSU6:fies)L—LJ utpcwtDssoj <sj®^^&Qaaei:sTL-ir(BLD 
®jtLis^LjS€n- sj-pp^^rrrrLDfTL-Qi— Q_aT SiJ rr wsa , CT-jjy. 

ULpas)LD - uppqrjk s,[r&i^^<S ^lds(^3^ Q^uii^ Q_usrrrnh. iSpOrrd) 
(sorrih ji/susisr uppppQuirnpQ^ ^(TQpLo ^euQ(sa)(£l uppjueujrirsG^esr, 
ersn-FiQ^pp^^ckaccTr euib^s'' @^&p ^rpp^^^ &puL^i ,3h.pu 

esflL-,^^ S-estsTU-frStiu) ULposiiTiGSioj^ uititit l-Q)^<30 - (^(^(Sl^^ii\ 
Q<sTsmL-.irQf5^6STC!nuiseTfr, 3^pp^ ^iTiTa>6mQ Gssi -^peQ iSI l?.i^.^Q ^^ 

521. Even when (a man's) property is all gone, relatives will act 
towards him with their accustomed (kindness). 

emrsiELo us\)e^ib ^q^ld. 
(uif-emT.) OT-^j — ^skuqr^^ s^ppio e^(rrjisiJpQsuj^LDmSlciiT =gyo°o^ 
^eup(^d QdstT^^eo r3j({rj'^ Qa^odcuihsen' uweupps>piL^!Et QsrrQ^'d^th, ct-^o 

2_l1ljC5)Su5I63?^@^^^ 6S(Tr)UU(^3= <ffh p pQ LDe'sT ^ <ji , ^ fT Q SST SI- OTIT S 
(^LD e^QFj^^tLHTOJ Q3=6\)<SU^^6^ d(^^p(^ ^ (IT)LJU(/rj> SUIT S 3,0 L£)toin ^LD) cSQs^ 

L^^^rriT. OssfTGnL^Q/orrsQ GSsrrjTLDfruSlpjru, ^csiiuuSlQicSTeuru^ ^^ew 
^ ^0cs)ix) eflcrraQ lilGsrp^. ^ssQiDeiru^ ^(<^QuajfT. uedeijQLDearp^ 
^isismsen ^pSsuru^iJo Q(5irs,Q. ucoitc^l^ everr/r^^eSlsir, sj'^su QmeurQiDp 

(Q^-u-<s^!r.^ — eS!Q^uLi^(^ - ^ssTLjibiasir^^ ffrppid-fTrpp 

522. If (a man's) relatives remain attached to him with un- 
changing love, it will be a source of ever-increasing wealth. 

IR-. ^erreueTTT eiJioveofr^fTsa- eu/r/^asjods (^ensuisniT^ 
Q^fTi^ekr^ liiriQonp/B ^p^. 

(UiF-6!»IT.) CT - ^,'—Si3''arpppQ;S'r® Q!E(^'S? ^60^^30 ^s^<s^ir^ 

^eiresrefTs^Lo ^^esrerTsiju:) ^<g=iTG^^sOfT6ir euqr^Qj^rrs^^shry ^errojorrrQeusir 
u^ ^C^Quiurr. QjfTtpsGDaQLU6crp,^3.Lh ^^pQ/t^wrraj Q-s^&nsufEiadofr. 
iflanp^Qeo&sr^LD ^i—^^ iQa,Lp Q u fr Qr^e^ecr Q^mQso ^l^^sstGujco 
Seirp^, <S?ppL8s060iT^rr'3br Qs^sMoitijserT ^.TEy@si/;, .: ^esres^iouSlesr t-jp^ 

ibls^pfB^jifp^ - sS^iQcmpiB^rrpQuTS^LD. 

523. The wealth of one who does not mingle freely with his rc- 
atives, will be like the filling of water in a spacjous tank, that has no barks. 

^, ^pp^^tT p appu UL—QeiJrr(i£iiS6\) Q3=e\)6iiih^iT6sT 

Qupp^^rrp Qupp UIU6ST. 
(uiF-aj)T.) GT-^', — Qs^GOeuLD Qujbpsu^(^i30 e^rrFjeijehr Qupp uiui^ 

QuppGsuicku^^isifr ^aFQpih ^mi^Qeisrsurus^mnerT ^loks^rrflcmuj 
tLjih Q^irei^i—Q^iTaQ eSsmr^^frpQiTi^sssur. ^^Qsiirrnns(^u uonauSiisur/SI 
^rrg^m^p Qs^eiirrseSlssr, ^sjdosrs: Q3=eO£u^^p(^u uujQecr6^(v^ir. 
^«wisu Qpsk^umLu-fr^LD &?ppiG^iprr&> Qg'(S0su^QpQ<o5^(3ijLh ji/f^ld 

UlU^LDrrGlLDeSTU^ <3h.pUUL-L-^. 

Qupp ^^I^QO, QuppUiUGST - (s^(^QJ63r) QuppUlU (S^OJ^ , <3f/D 

paj^[rs\) - (^63r) sipp^^i^Qeo^ ^ir&srsrppuuu. - ^irm(^Lpu 
uQldguioid^, e^apseo - (^^a^a^pp^ssy^^^ ^(tpsSl/Bi—^^eo^mh. 

524. To live surrounded by relatives, is the advantage to be derived 
from tbe acquisition of wealth. 

©. Q(35/r®^^^ i£!mQ<Frr^ LbirpfSl esrQdQiu 

s^pp^^rrp s^ppu uQld, 
(uif-SJ)T.) (5T-^j — e^n^eveir <3^pp^Q/b(^ QeiKsssr^Qjesr QsrT®^^2so 
tLjih ^esrGlsFrrp Qg^rr&i^^OodiLjUL) £uisO(30(sa)uSlisk ^CoSpGKyrj't—iTih^ usosii 

^jrem®ih ^errGu/jSl/B^fr/b^u^co ^iflQ^eiru^Q^trekpf ^p/SIQesreir 
(n/iT. ^thiBpQfyr^L—fr^Gorrisi!^ si-pp^^S^ <3^pp(Lpu:> s^^<ssr^ <3?pp(Lp 
LDiTiLi sj<aiJp(y^p iSlicis!^uL^isssr®sij(/r)^(30. ^<su(SijurrujiEiads(T ei]L-,^&iiTiT ^rrssr 

(Lp^ 3=aLD(LpQL06SrU. 

(Q^ - u - 63)/r.) — QsrrQ^^^m - {<^(w^<SiissfappiiQp(^ 
(^QeumiQeijeiST^ O«/r®^^S30iqii, ^ekQ-s^fr^Lo ~ ^s^iuQ^^frp 
Q3=fr6\)&;i}^SsiiiLjLC), ^p^m - Q3=iLJiueu&j&ocu!^u9<^j ^Q,zQiU — 
(^/iLflsb) Q^iTL^if/h^, &?pp^^irev (u<a)6i;63)iE<y) si-pp^^ir^ih^ 
sippuuQth - (^L^uuQeuirsbr, 

525. He will be surrounded by numerous relatives who manifests 
generosity and affability. 

«Kr. (olU(!^istQsiTQOL:.ajiT(m Qui^<ssr Qcu(^&f} ujeiie^ek 

(uiiP - snT.) OT-^j — €^qF)(oij6ur L8saQsrrcs>L^ciDijj S-eoL—uj^LDfruj Qisu 
(Sjd^asuj (^Qr^Lhurr^ih miSleir s^ojsirCufreoi Qckriucsii—iumT ^(sliqjgos^ 
^eodso, er-£u. 

526. No one, in all the world, will have so many relatives (aboat 
him), as he who makes large gifts, and does not give way to anger. 

ujfT^ ^esT^eo^ ^es>Lp^^ J)/^Qi^(Bei eh-L^ eijsisr^rB pi^Co'^ si-pp^^srek 
eudeneuT <st-^, 

iLjih (Lp^eorruSlssr. (^s^-a^GijUDemmiLirrsir ^p(LpLD i^ehruQpQLD ^scrrSu Qurr(m 
(mib STOj^Qinerrusi Qu£:u^'lo. ^uQup/Sl^^fnu i^uJ6i)Q usurps ^nih 

^iiLo - (^^fiQ<^(5i^ S-6s^<^iSp(^ih', ^dsQpLD - (atpp^^tre}} 

527. The crows do not conceal (their prey), but will call out for 
others (to share ^vith them) while they eat it ; wealth will be with those 
who show a similar disposition (towards their relatives). 

=5y. Qunr^Q'^irdsfTioiT Qqjib^&st eufle^a^iufr QizirsQ 
esTj^QiBtrdQ ajfTtpeurriir utiMir, 

(uf - 6!nT.) OT-^, — er SO SO fresxTiLjLD e^(r^^iirQnLDUjjrfr.s QiBirisir^ 
^irs^sir ^^^15 ^(^^aQspu QiBn'-i(^LorruSl<sir ^-?©^uL/G/5/riS ^euSssr 

^ujiriB^rrif i§iij^^soQ^rr&Qu Quir^QfBiTSCs)s eSlso&Qj €T60S0frQF)U3 
(Q ^-u-omr ,') — QeufB^c^ - ^tt^fssTj Quir^CSiBtrs&irm-isTso 

SlpuLjQfBiTsQj Gurripsuirirueoir - (^^otdssrsBL-ir^^ €^ir(rg(^.3^pp^ 

528. Many relatives will live near a king, when they observe that 
he does not look on all alike, but that he looks on each man according to 
his merit. 

«S5>. ^LostrQ^ ^p^pk^triir stpp LCLLiffiresiLbi 
<£tnnzsr uSoirpI evQ^th, 

(uiP - 6tnT.) er - ^^—-(ipsur^LDirmju es^en^^^ ^esrCssj® ^LDjrrr^ 
^prQLCiT ^30 ^^£ULD[rfTCS)LD<isfrjrsm'ch <ssiTmn'tl.L^Ssoujn's^ sfrQesr iuerr 

^ITlh, 6T-J2/. 

j)jLDjrrrcs)LDS sfrrrGssriBsisr^ Qiusirp^i^Ghr, (tpeir sj ooS^ ^ i— it lu^ 

gSIssuulLl^^. ^iu/bein£5ujirsQsu s^esrLjss^i—tun'n'UJ &f-pp^^rrn-S(^^ 
Qg=iupas)£sujrTecr euib^ M&aLo ^^dctsr ^lBuj e^iSliLjib^ e^L$f5^rr&) ^suifs 
«S63rL/G)5=uJj5/ QsirsrrerrQeuei^TL-rTf ucoipuj ^lusoutTiu /Slpi^GlLDeururrfTj 

(0^-Ly-.s2n/r.) — ^mlr^Q - (^QpssTLj) aipp^fifrjrrru9(^iB^, 
6jra;/f, s^ppLo - (iQsir^^Lhaj/h^'^ 3tpp^^frjrtr(^^<sOj ^LansrssiLb'i 

529. Those who have been friends and have afterwards forsaken 
him, will return and join themselves (to him), when the cause of dis- 
agreement is not to be found in him. 

(uiP - eoiT.) OT - ^, — sn-jremriBissr/B^ ^eisre^L^^^Seisr^uth iSifli^ 

eufrerrrr ^(^tpui^i^ ihQ ^<sur pos^wSsk j iSlifl^p(^'S SBfrjres^sTLh ^skes)La 
Gup(yf;Lh. eu(TF,^psrrir6m-^esi^<F Q^FtLnurr^suL^u iSlioisr^uo LSlifl/u^Qurriuu 
ues)&QuuiT® ghJBLDas^asr '^asiip^^Q^isQ^isar^LDf ^GhnStchr/Slu Quituju 
iSlsk^iEi sirjrsm-ssTsisr Qj!5s;anLDii96ur (orsisres^s QsfrcrrQs^scrjjjtii 
(^iT. iSlfltB^Quaiu &?pp^^rr(^eir 0e!DLD Qa^iuiuuQumu ^^ostt s^l^uj 
Evmeurr^Lh Sj^ Qs^uuturrLopQurruju iSlsir /56cr£3)Lo Qj^ujuJSiJQFfGijfr^Lo 
^ (ip SL' Lj u (B Lcrr a 'sB sir J ^npmixi:r^Qp<3s^p^iu ^GUfaSjm'QufnLi—fT^'isi ■nh.pu 

@£P-Lh. «5y^. Q U IT 3" .if !T Cll tr OS) LE> . Q_iP<or 

530. When one may have left him, and for some cause lias return- 
ed to him, let the king fulfil the object (for which he has come back) and 
thoughtfully receive him again. 

®;5P - LD. ^^ — QuT'3=3=fT6U!TGy)lD, 

^^\)£VL^ turrscQsiT, g)^ e?/bp/e^ipn-(^6unSl6ur es^aissuuLLt—^. 

(uif - ewir.) sT'^j — LSasc2/a/GS5ffi« sts^uurrsist (S^(rr)LD inpeSl sjiT^^ 

LSss,(Si^eues)S-Qu(tFj(Z¥)Q<3=6<iei]LDf QuSskum, Qu(r?)LB^Qu:im/BGi]p!r>j'si!r 

@/i) Qi2ves!!r(B(SU^. ^pi^Qev^e/r] e^QrrrreuL^u udnseuaon-u^rEiQ&rreo^LDj 
^0%^ ^sinssr^eir/Sl^ ^emSoiyrQaj QsrrpGQeur, sj^^^is ^^rruSlp^u. 

(Q-u-(oinir.^ — QiDis^S-Cuesim - cSi^rB^ ^^Lne^nra^QSasr^^ 

531. More evil than excessive anger, is forgetfulness which springs 
from the intoxication of great joy. 

2_. QLJ(Ta=3=!TULjS Q<STe\)^lJD LjsesiLp lU. 

sSidcvr iB3=g^i§iTui-\i Qs(Bs(^LDrr£3jQurr<sOj ct-^, 

Sg=£FSjruL^-fSfrerrQ^rr£iiLo ^jToirrck Qj(iT)ih^^ ^ekeuS^j iBeop^^Sa. 

^rr^ih ^ensrrpurTL-L^Ssm- cSlBsrr^^ ji/eusir (55k(^LDQuSdsn ^L^3,(^uyi 
^^QufTsOf LDpsSiLjLo L/ffl(^s3)£_(ij/r6sr<5 65sr s^essr L^rru96ir ^oj/bi^^ ^ps asurr 
€T,LDiLiir^LX> saif!iu^QsLLu.rr^LD (oTeacnpufn—i^dsN' cSdorr^^ s^eueir iBasr(^ 
ld^ulSI3^ si/t^'ir^QLDGku^fTu3p£i/. @i€S)aiij9jrsis!(Bun'Lii—frgiiih Quirs^ 


532. Forgetfulness will destroy fame, even as constant poverty 
destroys knowledge. 

/E_. (olLJ[T<3'<3={rLJU!rir<z Slsv2si)LJ Lja,ipes)LD uj^eijSds^ 
(uf-emT.) CT - ^y — Qurra=3=mB Q ^ rr (ipi^eyfr it &(^lj L^s,(Lg,'3T>i^mLD 

(Q^-L/-633/r.) — usLpesiub - Ljs(LQesi[^iuirmj9(rF)3;GSi35Lurr<ssr^y 

^eu<sSleoisoirssiLnujfresr^^ (^^liiS^ .MTS^ssii—UJirirsQs ^m/S/^, s-eo 
«5^^ - s^ioOs^^efTerr^ (arLJUir(30,^Qe\)irir-S(^[h - (areusu(oS)&LJULLL^ 

533. Thoughtlessness will never acquire fame ; and this tenet is 
upheld by all treatises in the world. 

^. ^^^3= Qp<ss)L-tu{riT-% sireasnevc^ lu fr ISJ w svoso 
Quir&'<F!rLJ LjGSiL-UJirirdi^ /S6sr(^. 

(UiT-63)ir.) <aT-£J^ SIT® LodsO (tp^G^llU ^ IT GSZT <S (^OT Q CTT SpL^^LD, 

tnesr^^earssOT ^g=3=(y^a:ai^ujfTiT<S(^j)jeij/b(yr/'/buuj'5^(S0cso- ^^Qurreos^ G)<FeD 
evQ LD&iso IT th s^es)L^iujrrruS!^Lhj meur^^scrsajsr LDpc^GS)iu s.C!Bi—UJiriT£B(^ 

i66cr<SDLDaQs^eijn'^6Q6urj i56kQa(5sr(ir/'iT. jn/s^s^Qpcs^L^tuirir iQeurp s-^ir 
casrL^iLjLDn-^uQuiTso LDpG9LLj<ssJu.ujiT(rF)S!DL—uj Qg^eoeuiijsfmih ^LEliLjQLomu 

(^Q^ - u - GSiir,^ — ^■SF3=is>'S_Gni_uJniTS(a^ - {uDasr.i^Qh'-ssGSST^ 
^ISF3=QpesiL^uj!T!ri(^^ ^]T6ssr - (^■sitQldSso Qp^evrrSliu^ ^iressriEis 

^E/(g - ^^QufTbXiQsUy Qurr<s'3'iruL]'^GSiL-.iufrird(^- u:>p^iLiGS)L^ 
cuiTd(^j iS6sr(^-Q3^(S\)cijQLDeci€0inD (s^es^L—iujifruBn^is^j'^Lh^^soSsii- 

534. Just as the coward has no defence (by whatever fortifications 
he may be surrounded), so the thoughtless has no good (whatever ad- 
vantages he may possess.) 

i9&sr^)ir ^jrikiQ eSQih, 

@1/UD Qurr3=3=n-LJL^SS)l—lUITITS(^ fiU0/i) ^^iej •sh-puutLu.^. 

{^Q^ - u-eytrr.) — Qp€ir^p - (^6uirjrrrui/D'3:rrs<%LJuQfs ^druihi 

^^i^ojr^ (fSSsw^^), ^irrEjQ6Sl®i}>-^iriEjSeSlQeiJiTesr. 

535. Tlae thoughtless man, who provides not against the cala- 
mities that may happea, will afterwards repent for his fault. 

(Ljf-6!nrr.) GT-^,—^ir3'n-d'^ LDpeijrres)LD&(^mrih ujtTsurrLDiril.®Lh 
-^iTso^^LD e^jSlsSlek/Sl 6ufnLJS(^LDrrLiSl6i!r ^^sSssr e^Si^ih isemcmu) iSl/£} 

(^fTiasr^LD ^LJuQeuessrO^eQeir <orsk^QLDssr^ih^ (oTe^eorrssmBajiS'SC^ 


(Q^ - u-(SDrr.^ — ^(i£>d<srrG!nLD - (^^jr3=ird(^) inp&in-onLaajrr 

536. There is nothing comparable with the possession of unfailing 
thoughtfulness at all times, and towards all persons. 

(uiP - €!J>T.) er - ^'j— g)iS!Da/ Q<3=aj^pS!Baj6^Qeussr^ Qs^rrsde^u 
ulKB ep(fF)S>jp(^ (Lpu^iuir^ smflujisiac^<s\:>ds^, LDpojrr^ LDesf^^irQcsT cress 

umLL—n^LD Qurrs=s=frcyrrcs)LDuu^ Q/dul^-s &h-puui~L-^. 

(Q^-u-<cV)ir\ — Qurr^3=frciJir^'LDpisiiir^, ^Q^sQiufreo-LDesrs; 

^IT<30, Qu!TpiSl3'Q3-u9(s'sT - ^of sm (SSSTl 3=Ql 9\B,m ^ ^ffllU (^SiT^ - 

537. There is notliing too difBciilt to be accomplished, if a man se^D 
about it carefully, with uuflhiching endeavour. 

esTc^Qs^LULun'^ Lx:ipib^euiTS,(^ sr(7xiGBLCuS^Lb /sssrsasLouSleo^^seo/rssr^ ct-^. 
<ST>^^ Q^fTL^^UDj ^^euesisi c^GSsrQpLo (Lp^sdrriLi Qa=ajeosetr. a^rr^^Q^LO 

QuirpfS - LDpsufTj^, Q^tiJeoQsii&ysrQui - Qa^djiussEL^euiTj Qs'iu 
lUfT^ - {^^uui^^y Q s' LUlu rr IS) sv , ^<3Eipih^inr,i(^~LbpiB^sisuir<%(^j 
<sr(Ln£^i-OiL^ih ~ <or(Lpt9pLJi3&^Lh euQ^io ihrnc^tn^ ^so - ^eoBs^j 

538. Let (a man) observe and do these things which have been 
praised (by the wise) ; if he neglects, and fails to perform them, for him 
there will be no (happiness) throughout the seven births. 

•ii). c^y^. Q<3'.Bj(o^iT6aTeS)LD. a-®<35 '^oT'/ 

539. Let (a king) tLiiik of those who have been ruined by neg- 
lect, Avlieu his mind is elated Avith joy. 

<50. 2L_isrrGrf)(iJ Q^iu^ Qsusrfl^^iTisar Lop^ih^ir 
e^GrrsSiu ^srrsrru Qu/SeJsT. 

^ ih iBosrsr ^ iS Qup/SIQiu <oTlu^^(SO (srs^fBtTLD, iSl&ir^Lo ^^Ssj^rQiU /S'Ss^rs 

^^ ah.;_iTQ^i5sru^ e^L^i^ iSmpcs^LDuSioir, ldsst e^tSliSlcma^sseiar 

540. It is easy for (one) to obtain whatever he may think of, if ho 
can ao-aiu think of it. 

- LD. ^^^ —Q(F!EiQ^lTSb'T6^LD. 

(tpcs^p e^(7F)UirpQsfru.rr^ G)3=iijsSiu Q^sirso QurrpeQosr Q,FisiQsrrQeossTu 
ulLl-^. eiJL-^^&>fTQT)LD ^ekTi^QmsoTQ/'ir. SjSJ Qa=fTiT<2S'SO<sOfrs ^irs= 
<^p Q.3=iupuiTod^^a(^ssr, ^^ Quir3=3^rreijiT(Sj)LDuSlsinSlsir tmsuisuuLL 

«. Gpfrih^sEsm Q^l-T ^s^pLjflis ^lUfnrLDTL-QfB 
Q^iTiB^Qa^iu euooQ^ np<snp. 

(uiF-smir.) cr - ^^ — ■^m'^tp eufri^svfrir (^ppt^Qs^Lu^mso ^a,(^p 
<S>iS>(^pp^^p(^s^ Q3=rreo6Quj ^wri—^as)^ ,j^QisonQirrr(BLh ^irnujiB^ 

^^'laVerrsSlp^n^SS^ Qs^UUSuQ^ QpCDpHJITLDy <oT-^. 

/E(BBi'9ppso ^c!nps@iu<k>urTssQ6ir ^^Ssur ^copQinm^uih, S-uSlrfJ^(^ 
&pib^rTiTS<cisr^!iLD erimumr iurTiTLDiTL-®QLD<sw^mj iih./£hea)'T. ^oDpas^Lo 

(Q^ - u-sjn/r.) — ^iTih^ - (^mSLpsiJrri!pciJ{rir Q3^Lu^(^p 

Qa'iu^QeVj Qp<o(np - li^Luirih, 

541. To examine into (the crimes wbich may be committed), to 
sbow no favor (to any one), to desire to act with impartiality towards 
all, and to inflict (such punishments) as may be wisely resolved on, con- 
stitute rectitude. 

2-. <si//7'vo(ey)«f557 euirng npa 

G/EtTQ(S3)iSl eUlTCf-^lEl (^i^. 

Qsir^ecQibiriSl^ cuircLpua ~ <oi]WLpiTiSp(^Lci. 

542. When there is rain, the living creation thrives ; and so when 
the king rules justly, his subjects thrive. 

iQchrp^ Lossrcsreijeisr Q^snav. 

^[r3=ir eues^flaQtreisr^LD (orSsvrQiuiTiTSfmiJD ^ifl^^miS^thj ^Ssoes)LDup/S 
^.i^essTir ,^Q eoissr qr} h . "LDir^evir QiBrreuri-i LDi—eumr spi-jiij — s/roysoesr 
smsiJS^scr/Sl^ ^isjs,rr^^ ^ffisSscr^ FFsisn_pQinskp^ ^asxavQium^ih^euposip. 

^•sSosr s^eup/Slpsir^Qajeir^ihj ^^uQup/BQiu ^ssrssirQiLiireu^ tSl/Sl 

6wjE/j ^^%^i,ssTir,^ib(^th - «iy/5jSswr/fiQ s^iB^^irS^.iu Qeu^^-^p 

^Q^iu - ^tTjresdTLDrrQ, iSlesrp^ - iQSs^Qupp^. 

543. TJie sceptre of the king is the fii-m support of the Vedas of 
the Bi-ahmin, and of all virtues therein described. 

QSTi^^ip-i^) iSp(^ Qpev(^. 
(uiP - cnT.) 6T - ^, — ^&sr(QL^Si2s(nLiu> ^^saar^^js^ Q3=eiQsitSs\)u^(Z^ 

QsiT®^lS^LD (ip^eo/ruSissr. ^eue^ljressrL^SswtLjth GUQ^syirmpQ-s^iLiiSiJiTeur 
SsdQp(ip^LD ^(sr^Lo/rfficSlecr ^euosar unirSeOLDesre^Qesrcsr^ui^ ^einssTLDml. 
i^'ijn-iau(f?jLh !SfEi&(r^skiSl6sr jTrreuir^seQear ^i^^l^^ Sp(^ (LpsaQ&m^LDj 

(Q^ - u - 63)/r.) — 2_(5U(^ - &.<s\)ai^3i^!T!r^ (^^^!^§) ~ (^ca?) 

Q's^^^^Ldy u>mB&)LD&sTesTek - QuiBtuiSlsoQeu/s/Besr^^ «^^ 
^i£^ - ^ju^smuj ^Be9sr^^<sQ'6Birsm®j i§p(^LD-is3i^ir^iBlpurrir^ 

544. The world will constantly embrace the feet of the great king 
who rules over his subjects with love. 

QuiU^Ld (sQZoiriL\(G(h(B Q^iT^tm. 

(uif - 6!J)T.) CT-^j — u(iT)eiJLDSs:tpiLjiEj (^6ur(n^^£SI2siTeijih ^Q^isir^ s^i^ 
.^prsofflefr Qg^ireixs^iu (^lueduirp Qif^iitQ^aSsoa^ Qa^^^^io ^jts'sst^ 
lb (I I iSL6ur s 6ssr e:^ eu rr LD J sr-^, 

s^s^Qujisku^ Qpeur (77^ Qj^ sir QufT(n)enu®sijQ^rr rtlesiL^e^Qa^rrdd. 
<durrmi;LD S&)^(^ Qs^jT^ Q^itl^pulL® eucrr(^<3?jr^(^ QiLocku^inh. 

(^Q^-u-eyyfT,^ — Quiu^LD-(^<xfrevih^^uufr.s')ujSjnipiLjLDy sfflSsrr 
tLj(&^LD-[(y^ss)pujrr^) eBSorTsijLD, 0^ird(^-(^sQ(r^i£lsss^ eh.i^, ^luev 

QsstrSso^'Qg'^d^LDj LD&sT GST eu loir - ^us'isisj^, ibitl-u. - isitL-i^ 

545. Rain and plentiful crops will ever dwell together in tho 
country of the king who sways his sceptre with justice. 

<^. QiSueoQST^ Q(sussT/B ^Q^eu^ uDisiTansu&a 
(uiT - 631II.J OT -» ^j — iDssreaTeij^<S(^u u n tf) sir s sisr Qsu&sr genius 

{Q^-u-<mirS) — i2) sir SOT q; ear - =gyir<3=^j;<s(5, Q6iJshr^oS^(7^eiJ^- 

Q<svpus!nL^ujbitT(fr^(mLD, Q<s.rffO - (^suasr^^ Q 3" ikiQ 'Sn ^it (^tsi\ ■^^ 
&jiii - ^ssQs/rS^ih, {^eusiJ.i (moJ^) Q ^ it i— it ^ <5T 63?l i^ - (^ rr &5r\ 

546. It is not the javelin that gives victory, but the king's sceptre, 
if it do no injustice. 

sr. (^,ss)ps,Td(mih Gsiwujs Qm&^edir LDGu^s?sr 

(ipSSip^lTS,(^ Qpll.l—ITa' Qs'uSl&ST. 
L—frLDpQ3'&il^^6U(GS)lSl6kj £T-£iJ. 

QnL-L—fTLDib Qs^^^Quueurr^ lD'sSsst (Lpa^pQ3=uu^n'&irs'Sssr^;}La 
(^0^ . u- 63)7".) — ^S!r>p - ^!I3=i^^ eto su UJ ^LD <or sv ev /T LD - y^iS 

npfLpSVi^lLlLD^ <SBrTi(^lJD - S IT U U IT p ^ io)J IT &ir ' (LpODp - (^^SXl&ST^^ 
Q 3= iklQ a IT 30 ^ ^SudsST - ^(SllSUjrS^Sssr, 6Birai(^LD - SlTUUITpjMLJbj 
QpiLl—ITSFQa'ijSlQST - QplLQuUt^fl LOGO ^ SS) S S^Q 3" ^ ^ ^ eUtkxSOSU 

547. The king defends the whole world; and justice, when admi- 
nistered without defect, defends the king. 

=P/. (STsssTU^^^w Q^irir QpsiopQ^^ujiuiT LB&sresrsu&iT 
psmu^^^iTp (wQssT Q^Qld. 

lui^iu j^/euiT Q.fn'i30s9uj(aijp<ss)p .^jrQsorriT usdQirfr(£lLh ^iririuis^ Sekp 
eijGssreiDLDsQ'Srruu (Lpcir>p Qa^iuuuiTiS ^jrs^ssr ^ir^i^ u^^^QiSO ihlm^ 

<oi dsr u fh s fn irOscT sk smiLD (Lpp^GSlcssTQl'jui^3=(LpLDj GpirnQiSi'siT^m gSI^bt 
Qius'iFQpLD, Qg^dj'XJirQcvsk^LD QunjQir^s^ €r^iTLD<sf^piLjLL Qs^iu^&i <^ds^ 
Qsrrsssri—&!r. ^iri^.i^u^Lh-uiTQjQpih utSluLjih gtiu^ i§p(g,ihSSso. ^'js/eo 
(SOssieuQs^iusrrrr^ 3,pm&^pp(h''^ ^-seSIssr, ucsi^seuir^eir/Bu-jEi Q&^BQiDsir 

<s<sG'5i;633TiL_/ra)SVi) ^rrQfovrQ.sQciJfriosr. 

548. The king Avho gives not facile audience (to those who ap- 
proach him), and Avho does not examine and pass jadgment (on their 
coniphxiuts), will perish in disgrace. 

<5b. (^t^LjpiEl ST<sQ^irLat9^ (^ppiEl 3,l^^&) 

ojQsiJsifr^ij QQJfB^eifT Q(m'LBis\\ 
(uif - €W(i.) OT - ^-j — (^L^s^Lj iSipfr /BeQojfTLDp srr^^^ ^rr^LD 

IBcQlUfT^ QucyJ^, Sj'^ITLDTL-(B& (&t p p iB S, l^ sisT ^^OoST ep L^ ij u fTme^^^^ 

^(sku(^G!.3=ULj^3^, Q u IT (tt^lLQ & rr L-<so J Q&irpQedstsr ^£)jul^ ^sar^j 
^Qip^eiTj pfcisTes)i—&QsiiLi^iaU&sr (LpajocsrtuQeusstu^ ^pptEi&u^^Qcxsisr 
u^i^p Qup(Yrj'LD. ^em'Sip euiri^sijfrcsifr epj^j^^so jtipscr^earesiLDuSl&sr eu(B 
GuaQiOicku^os^ ^^isiQS:^j ^oo^n'&rr^, Siff3=^3,r^ ^cuero/r SjS'C^p 

(Q^ - u - emir.^ — (^^ ~ (^i^^'^i LjprEJ<3sir^^-i9pir(oiJ(7^^ 
^fTLDpiXir^^j t^Lbi^-^ir^iiLnsum^^^fTLtipmfr^^^ (^ppLo - (^eu 
/f?t_^^s\)) (^i)pLos-tsn^'Smi9io3T, si^^eo - (^gd^ ^iTd(^ihQufr0 

549. In guarding his subjects (against injury from others), and in 
preserving them himself, to punish crime is not a fault in a king, but 
a duty. 

«0. (o),^!i^iG^p Osirt^ajrres)rr Qsu/hQ^rr^^i^eo onuihiah-ip 

(uif - emir.) <ST-^y — jy/r<Fssr QsrrL^iUGuir.^.^s QsaSsuturreir gjijp/^ 
^S ^&QstT0S)iT& siT^iBs^} 2_ipeu65r a^dsnes^ajs aSsnii^ c!Duiij<ah-anLps 

Q^m^tusuQrrsirp^a ^ &Q s rr (Sf^(s>jsu rr ir , /S(^Q(Bisvmr, S(7^<s}ilSp Qsrreo 
eufTiT, sshsijir, ^pSsouufriTj ^anpOsnetreuiTrrj iSlp6r£&)<sSlanLp6ijrrQrr63r 

/Siuiremrrs scasrQiex)i^s G<sir6o&)n-evL£lu u]p&d3(rs(^ ^(i^s^nSeisrp anuisi 

Gi//f«Ssrr, Qsrr2oOu9sk-QsiTSsou9^Q6\)j ep^^^seo-^essri^^^ (fsev 

550. For a king to punish criminals Tvith death, is like pulling up 
the weeds iu the gi'een corn. 

j>joQ^n'su^ ^LDQpcmpt^scr^ Q&n®^p peoresyixi. FFess:®La ^(sues>LDi3ssr 
QuiuiT QufT(rF^£ssrQLD<sonuSp^. Q.3FS!QaiTekas>Los,(^ m/rg^ssSsDr^ ^ooM 

«. Q,ST^(oiiip OssfTomn^mBp Qanris-Q^ ludsoQiDpQsn esur 

(uiP-emT.) er-^y — uemaeoiDup^s Qsrr&)^^pQ(^i^<^^ ^sjyQisip 
^pQ(n^L^dcO^ ^emQtsipQ^trcm® (Lpas)piuaii<30(Siipes)pg^ Q3=iuG^rrQp(&jUi 

QQ^iS ^muLDfrQiDsaru^up/iSlj ^euifl^^ Q&m^tuQear&sr(njiT. uirskiD 
ujs(j^pi^j=^. QsuidQ^esTusi S-OJiT^domLj QuiT(^LSeBsr eui^ ^oo/S^stsrs: 
Q^fTso, ^Sso QsrrdsouSlmijiEi Qsm^Q^eku^rruSlp^* 

(Q^ - u - Gs>irJ) — =«ySs») - (Qu/r (^Ssrr eBQ^ihSs (^i^s^)) 

), CoLDpQstremi—irii^sk - (^ti>) QuDpQsBirsssjQfst—Uusu 
iihy Q<xn L^^-Qscri^cu^SiJ&sT, 

551 The king who gives himself up to oppression and acts unjustly 
(towards his subjects) is more cruel than the man who leads the life of a 

2-. QiouQsarQ ^m(7rj> sjjflOQsiysJr p^Quir^isj 
(uif-S5)T.) CT-^, — ^pcscti(^LSiL^^^^ ^^Qiu QeueoQ siTekr® iBsisrp 

@<3n-Lh. Jif^. Q 'i:i(biiilQ<l!Ihh^LC>, a_©«r c^.^Ty' 

P^i^6d ^aSipuQuiTQTj&T J)/6miSSiLD!jLjlll, Qu^(y>/LD, S; fT IT IT a S fT 3\i e^£uuu 

Oo\)sB7-@i'/s (^/£IljiSI6st<^ ^acrSo-jr, ^jTsurrpQarri—^LD Q6srr(BiiiQsrrekiotnLD 
lUfTuSlr)^. ^ciDev uSljreB:'i(BufTLLi—rr§a:jisj Qaa^iEiQsrrsires^LDUJ^ (^/d/diej 


QsijQffoii(£i - Q 'oil ts\)(ol fE IT Gssj Q}! ^ [Qsk(/rf>6^r - {^siiiBSe^^ in^^^u 
urSli(&^L£lL_^^^^ssf!(ouj') pSskp aefTCiJsk, ^QioTGirpa^Quir^ih-- 
{suLpu(^'ufri^3sijr Giz,T-iQ s-eb' sv}3BLjQuJ(fhos)r/h) ^'5TQ<suisiTjiiQsu 

552. The request (for money) of him who hokls the sceptre, is like 
the word of a highway robber who stands with a weapon in hand and 
sa^'s "give up your wealth.'' 

(uiT - 63)iT.) OT - ^, — ^sut^lL® S<s,(ip,i ^cs)LDa2srr iBfrQu-tr^ui 
^urnii.i^ Sj^pQsiri^ (Lpcs)p3S)ijCi<S!S>ujj^ Qg^ajojfr^ ^rra^dr /BfrQi—rr^ih 

^■ir<?^<s@ (BIT® s_£ij u ur s Gb^ drr , ^'^isursflSsw ^svmQtDS^^I&srp^, 
^Lp^^GO-uujQsuTiij^frsDLD. LomsaGLii^® (BfrQi—fT^Ei Qs^QiDeir ^^jtotDfru 

UlTQrLD 3-ClT IT . 

(Q^-u-smrr ,^ — rsfi &tQ ^irjTiSLb - ^ssuhQ^iT^Wf fsiri^ - (^ssr 

(S5)l!_Z^SV rSL^35(^LD ^SS)LD,%8srT^ ^0' fTlUIB^, npSS)p'l§ ^iS^lU , Q 3" iU 

lurr - {r:Sl^p(^<^3i^'3'\ Q 3" iLi lu IT j3i f LnsisTioST'siim - ^J'B'&st, mrreifT 

Q iBTjTiJLD - fBITonQ^fr^LDj 15 .1 QQ s(blUj-rB IT L^ LpU U fT silT , 

553. The country of the khig who docs not daily examine into the 
va-ongs done and distribute justice, will daily fall to ruin. 

(3^Lp ITSJjQa'LUILjLCirS?. 
(uf^-eWT.) ST-^j OLD'S)) sS&TJSL/^ 6T£OT(€SS)^ QpiXip ^UUS^ QiFlLlULD 

jyjrs'esr ^s^Qs^uusoirek (ipeisie^LLi^iuQufrQTjdsfriLjLh lSI sir e^iLQ^pQs^ suit 

QsiTL-Qsueku^ ^iflfS^iQekp^. (Lp&kesfLLi^ojQuiTQr^isiT ^Lp^^p 
Qs^ ei'(rF)@sirp umLL-iTp <9h.£yu. 

(Q_^ - U - S3)/r.) -(^LpiT ^ - (QLDS\)eSlSs^S^Sv'^ <orD33T(62r3)LDSV, 

554. The king, who, without reflecting (on its evil consequences), 
perverts justice, will lose at once both his wealth and his subjects. 

QaJeki^isDLDiSlisir, ^o°o^ ^aQ^3=<aij(ir)WSLb. ^msiipu(B^^uu urreu^^Si 
iSl^Qesres^LoSsiTj Q^d)sviiiSL^^r) Qpit^Qioeku^ <S0^=^. 

_ ^_ - u 

555. "Will not the tears, shed by a people who cannot endure the 
oppression which they suffer (from their king), become a saw to waste 
away his wealth ? 

•Sir, ij^i^ssrfi i(W) LDsm^^eo Q 3'!BiQ^m>h'QnLc> lu oo ^ sk (2 p 5ST 

LD oir (^ Si] T LD oh' GST IT ■S Q 3i IT sS , 

(Uif-RnT.) 6T - ^y—'^ira'iTscf)^-! i-j&t^s&T^mh iSSo\iQu^^s\i Qs^iii 
QsifreartsmLDUufTeisr ^th j ^s^Qs^iEiQsiTsisri^LD uS^as\i'ju iruSiocr , ^suit&i^ ^u 
usi^setr^fnh s^srr <su ir ■s ir , gt-£3i. 

(sEl s mr ^ ^ IT pQ (»j a a, Qpajr/vr^Qj^ (sSifl^^ ^ssud GVQFjGS^^ODirssu 

EiSes>3^is®&^^ST<sku^(^^Lc jfffB^. u:ieuri^es)LD-is^(r?)arr^mic!m)LuiraDLD. ul^s 
a;uuLLi—rr&) spcrfl wek i^eu it Lh , ^■sQojy ^iTQpLD LDsaT(^ Qrreinj^iTuSlp^, 
Qs)jsk/S, Qe,!TCS>l— (Zp^G^LuQiSlJ^aSEmrp l-jSl^ u(^^uu(B^(c£i5sr^ ucisr<sT:LD 
luiT/b <5?,-/£l^'Da)rr. ^iweuQuu&imrTLD Qg^iiiOsireircinLDuSl&yisui^ ^edcsu it QioeiTU 

SITLD. ^^^ISViEITSUTi^UITL-t—ITPyiJlSJ G S IT^ElQ-S fr&> i^lSl ^SST (ST aj^lEJ(^ppiij 

(Q^-u-G^fT,^ — LD'^syriT<s(^-^ira'iT'i(^, LLm^^<s\} - (L-jSip 

556. Eigliteous government gives permanenco to (tlic fume of) 
kiiiq-s; without that their fame will have uo endurance. 

en sifl u9 ssT sy) Lo sufrap npu9ir,s(^. 

CTiaya-'sna^ ^eisruLJo ulu&(^lDj jtjSuiSuciDS,^ ^<ssruLD uuj<S(^iJD jujir^^eir ^<cisr 

^i^seiirQide^sirp^, Qldso eunQ^s@^n(ipQLD6STp^S^sr er Q if Laics') m (zpa;^ 
ejsrjpj co^fr<s\i^^p(^ - L^L£:ti93C'oiiir(tpih 2_u9,'raB(^<5(5_, <oTpj^-<oT<Sit 


557. As is the world without rain, so live a people whose king is 
without kindness. 

LDtinSSTQJSrfT Q 3S !T p'S, Lp U Ul^SST, 

(u.f - 6J»fr.) GT - ^, — (Lp's^pQa^'juturr^ ^irs^scr^ Qsfr(B:iEjQsn-cQsir 
^tp eufriSlscr^ iijrreuiT<5(^LD QurrQT^Gfrli^s^ ^issra^LDuSl^ch s^smL^eoLo jSlesr 

^esTSf^ifljj Qufr(rF)QaTfr(B ^cnLoturr^ Qm^m Qeuo°or£)(^£Ufrear^ ieitlL 
©(S esiSibQi'DfTOj iju rr u L^'^ i—io Qp^'^uu euQr)Su^ G}i-J/r(75(CffiS3)L_uj/r/f^G's 
^ssQem-j ^£uGijGS)L^£S)LO ^sm-^LDiSl^ih ^sur(^^irSp^. ^<cS)6uuSljre(k<Sl 
uaiLi—irgsxio Sisu:^i—(B <Sijn-LpsvfriTar^ <SiiQh,isj(^ripiEi Gi^puuLLu.^, 

(Q^-L/-s?n/r.) — (ips!npQs'iijtutr-i§^e<nuja'Q3=iLHUiT^, LLsk&sr 
6usar-^ir<5F53r^j (o^iTsoSLk,-Q.sfjQiniQd£fr693mSi^, ut^i^-evfTiBm- 

558. Property gives more sorrow than poverty, to those who live 
under the sceptre of a king without justice. 

ffii, ^Lpe!np\£,dSm^ /LDS57 6OTSU53T Q ff^ iU uS ^S^pQ ^£,710-. 

us: Qs^UJILjLDfnSlssr, ^SUi^lKBu U(ffj<aUW€S>Lp ^zhT(7rjLDSUGS)S QlD&LO QuiTL^ 

eofrtau^ QuujiLjisjSfT60^^u Quujuurros^LD. SjfspQs^ ojQTjQtskp uni— 
(Q^ - u- <s^rr.\ — LDsisTssT'SUsk - ^y/r^^srr, rLp^!npQ<BiTi^-f§^ 

lEirLLin.Gv) Q_m}p-U(7^GiJm&SiLpiUfrsST^, QfBiTLQ. - ^SV&OirLDpQufT'S^ 

559. If fclio king" acts contrary to justice, rain will Ijccome un- 
seasonable, and the heavens will withhold their showers. 

<5B0. ^juULum (^m^ LojMQ^frL^Q<sdrr.i ^<^TLLpiJUiT 
^ptsSsoedfT^ jya/(CS)i_L©iJ us^iscm^ia un so falser £uld ^ii^sssrof^LD ,^^&aoir 

LOpiS^ (sS©61//f^ 6T-£)J, 

^utvsir - ^isurrpG)snefT(^Lh wdjsur, ^^^Q^rrL^GOrreuscr — ep^GO, go^ 

tjir&i(m'osr/3Luaii£l ^eSuSlmssiLDUJfr^^Lh, ^^ QsT®^^p(^fluurTiT imh^irw, 
spuQiDCsruissT ep^FTGDLDiufrmjjUD} Geu&TGS IE i—Gu rr ^ fT LD , ^aQaajy cumourLo 
QuiuQ^rre^Gorr Q^dru^rru9p£u. ^ssicv uSliressr^un-ili—fr^Lb ^sl'^lL 
KL ejir(5s33r iBsq-^ei (^ppiEi s^puui—t—^. 

(Qs-u-e^T.) — <5 /r a; i5\) ojr - ■sw^^pi^^iu ^ns's^r^ 'Snsutre^ 

^ - U3^i^(^LDi UlU<5Sr(^€ST£)ILD - U IT Sc &r Q^ 151 (^LO , ^JMO^TLpI 
GedfTIT-^'G^eSST (ll^LDj £iIT&d - ^^ (Sb :55 ?5Yr, IMpUu'l - LDprS^ sQQeU IT . 

560. If the guardian (of the country) neglects to guard it, the 
produce of the cows will fail, and the men of six-duties viz. the brahmins 
■will forget the vedas. 

(^(5T - /-b. ^^ QQJ(f^61JJS^(ol<^lUlUiTGDLi:). 

jij^cesr iB(Bsmr& lEm^^ ^wiruji^ i^&st^ild «gy^ QsFuuuurrLDpQurrQr^L-^ 
^&sniEi(^ c^^^rrdjGseisrussr «?(2)Q^/rio j ^(^^Qiumu^ ib(Bq^S8so 

(^L^&<c(T(^<5fLa eSlSssTLUir^So Qup(>r^Lh. 

{Q^ - u - es)ir .^ — ^im!TiEi(^ - (s^QK^shr Q logQ lu su ^ 3^ ^ ^^ 

li^, ^Ssd^'Qg^svsvT QJ am ^sm ^ ^ !J so - (iSi^^rnuj^ ^ ^j Q 3^ m lu rr 

^(yii,3i/5pQuir(njLL@, sp^^iT!BI(^ - (^Jij<S(^/bp^^i(^) 6Tp<s, 

561. Ho is a kino^ -who having equitably examined (any injustice 
wbich has been brought to bis notice), suitably punishes it, so that 
it may not be agaiu committed. 

t§ ini 3E rr 63-) Lc QsusssiQ usy,r. 
(uf - 65)1.) <5T-s^, — ^GijCoiGufr^^aEj(^ e^^s^o) Q^m^!EJ(^iS]SiTSd 
^srrGElpuu&= Qs^iuisijn'/TQurTp Qiv/i—isi®) G3^uJiLjEJSrr&) ^'CfrsSlpidijfrLDp 

Qs^UtJS, ^SSId ^!SlSsisiQl5(B!SlS!T&:iLD /tippets'} Q 61J CUST (B 6U n if , 6T-^. 

& L^Q S !T <f 3^ (30 (SRpP'^Q-^^iUQJTIT ^^C^VriJ(^S?^pQufrnT)!_(BLD, GiD&iSO 

Q&i^S'30 lufrsuQF/UD Q(Sij(fr)i2jn'esiLDuQufr(if)L^(t>LD ,^ld- Q^fri—iaQsur ^etr 
eSip (^cs)p^30up/Sl Gua^QSiLD Sh-pLJULLi_^. e^3'<s?^so (oT/S!^Gcd€sru£nr 
@jirem(BLh ^suGS>Loup/Si iHJ/B^ear. (^ssieuuSjressrSl uatLi—iT^LD (^l^zstt 
QairfRsui^ G^uj'dJfres>LCJJ^ ^uj60L-j &-puuiLi—^. 

(Q)S-U-<oT>!T.\ ^-i<ILD - 3=eOoiJLDToSr ^ ^ G !El^ ^-Q fbQ !hl 

iBir&iiijj iSiEisjs^Lb - io.ijsfriMS\) rQppB^^'j Q sii sjfsi (bl u su ir - is&rfF)LnLj 
QcuiTir, SLf.^ soi^^ - (^sssTL^<S'S^ Q g}(ri—'ki(^UjQurr ^1^ ^6vglj 
-sL^'is-3^ G 0'\nutsiifr(ounQ(3o G ^n L^iEiSl^ G isi 5\: e^d st pi <b - i^Q 3= lu 
iLjLoQuiT^') ^cneii'T'L^c^rLDp Q<fdjdjiaL-Ciiir. 

562. Let the king, v.'ho desires that his prospeiity may long remain, 
commence bis preliminary enquiries with strictness, and thon punish with 

(uif-63)T.) ST-^, — (^L^&ar G(SU(rF,GSiu 0,3^du&Js2sn3^G.Fiu^ /5I—S(^lo 
GsvEiC^srreoeir ^LairuSldr ^jrs^eir ^(iF)^Ssoujitss auf-^p Gs(Bld, ct-^. 

G SI' lEiQsfTsoGesreku^ i^cm(B eufrsfrrr Guujjrfnu iQ&srp^. s^qt^qjib^ld, 
gj.0^^, (cTsniB^iD loTekussT G^Qr^Gun-(rr)LL@crTi^, ^'■3=Q3'Lu6\)3:(S{hfii Qa(hia 
(CjLD (Lpms!^rrs '3n^puu(Bui, 

[p^-u-ss)rr ,j — Qguq^su ih^Qe=iu^~( jij ITS' sir (^i^^en) ^(^ 

fi^suSso - AL^.^sv^ QsQld - (^sum\ Q s.® en it &ir . 

563. Tlae cruel- sceptred king, "svlio acts so as to put his subjects 
in fear, v.ill certainly and quickly come to ruin. 

3^, (^SH^pSi^iU Q SSr &iT ^ S^ IT 3^ {^ lR i^T t^ 3" Q 3" H i\) QsUrS^ 

(uf-sJDiT.) ST-^, — (gip-«6Tr/7"scr HLDiBes^nosushr ai^iaQsuTGir^u Qs^rrso 
ci)LJu(BLJD ^esT^^ Q 3^ fT <s\)dsotLj em I— oj QeuiB^sk ^iLi^siir^eopiB^ QiPG^ioUQpiEi 

(^(ss)p^eO(T(SU^ ^3=Q3'n'&)cSso.xrr^mTd(^ S-etrcrr^p ■s^Qr^iEi(^^(k, 

GTssTj)! - sQcmLD&muiLismL-iusuGlioSToarj^^ 2_6jr)/r<S(^LD - Q3=!revi^u 

uGiQfD^ '^sisT'^'d'Qg'rTso - ^i crb u fs ^ (V, (h Ocy.Tsi)?a;tL](SiDL_!u, Qsuib 

{Qs'evsvnjiLD^ mi^^ii^ir @j ip u u ii sir , 

564. The king who is spoken of as cruel will quickly perish, his 
life becomino; shortened. 

(d u <sr tju <s ssor i^oinssT ^«dl_^^^. 

(uf-anrr.) er - ^^—^hztiiEws, s,^scsiQexisaj®6iJTTas,<^k ■sirsvLD^tfluj 
(OT):u<5 ssisTL^fTS^ (Q^snr^^ (Lps^^ooSTiLjeoL^ajtrecT^ QuifliuQa^G-ocuLDQuiUfrp 
SfTei^uuiLi—rrp Q u rr s^ShQi ^ (t (tf^ (^/bpLO S-CS)L—<s^, <oT-£)j. 

loTs^Qeu, ^'as)eiJii^rr<sm(BLa QsuQf^eni^ Q^'ili^sorTuSlccr. ^qdsuQs^iu 
eiirrSsw.^ s^rrirsviTiT @•5s^e5^LDu9eoTJ ^euezr^ Qs^eoeuis ^ssres^ih Slpifs,r^LD 
uiusirui—rTQ^sijru^up/Su Quiuseasru-sirssr ^es)i_^Q^dir(7/fr. sfr^j^&)- 

^ oCT a; OJ iiD /T" <5 (g ^ ffO . 

(Q^-u-&niT.^ — ^rfT^cijjQa'sxiQQ - (^^^oirSsTJ .s <9B,TGmQ6U6m(Sl 
eu fT I'r ^ (3^) ^n)^irQiaj -s'UJiu^^s^sjtqLD^ ^siTi^(ip^^^srT'oir - (acw 
i_rrd:) ^s^ss)LDu9si]6\)fr^s (ips^iim^iqLD ^s^L-LUCxjsst^^ QuQh^ 
Ocfsuajo) - LSlisaJs^eO'o^JuiirtssT^j, Quiu - QuiUfTGO^ •sessstQ ^sisr 

(oST ^ - m(T SS^UUlLu.!TP QurT6VaiQ^J(IJ^r^pp^S!n^y S-G^L^^^ - 

565. The great wealth of him who is difficult of access and possess- 
es a sternness of countenance; is like that which has been obtained by a 
a devil. 

lii^eirrSl ojhibiQ^e GisQiXi. 

(?(g2)i_i_(ipii) @6\''(CT)Lb ^'jSloir, ^(SL'sm^ Qufl'jjQ.SF0OQJih M^B^e^tsbT^ jnu 

"QsulLl-isi s,(B(^Oa=rr'sk LSi(^^ekrL-os^ ^^Qurr^ — efrLLL^d-jail. snia 
QiDrrQi—Qp" OT6OTLJui-Li_ eSs;€W-iiiS(&TfLL sCSi^Qs^rrsMosoiLjuc iB (}^^ emr i_ ^ c^ ^ 

Q3=uu^Qun(wQ^ Qs(l>(Q)&^isoLD^^ ^ck(ff/'uSlm}jQLD6i!runiff O/E(i>'(gjQ<s^(S0ia/ 

Q LD6BT (nj- IT . £(B^&:)-£LLL^^iS&). 

.^{g)SV, Q fEQd^Qs'SVlSULD - (^^jCUSiT j^\ '.ol U /fl LU Q 3' <bX) SU LD n (SST ^J ^ 
iSQ^skpS - fSQ^G&SOioVfTlJDSV, ^iLij'J^ - ^uQuiT(L£:Q^, Q ib^tc- 

566. The abundant T\-caltli of tlie king whose -words are harsh and 
whose looks are void of kindness, will instantly perish instead of abiding 
long, wath him. 

<oiSl (Si Qp IJ em (oL-UJ35(^ LDITLD. 

^FS'icUrffJ UCIDS, Q6U&)^^pQsr)/D LDfT^UrrL^aQlU ^(TFjLDlSIBsTT^ Q^iLIS 

&(BQLDtTLRujrr&) ^sirSs^iLjih GDauSlsiB^ ^ s^ u. ^^ ^ rr io Q^s^Qpih QslL® 
(Lprrsisr <3?(trjEjQ cu(iT)^(s£l'ok s]<si'fljc^p ^HLDfTS,®, ^emesSffirruSl^iB Q^ti^ 
Qmeir/D/b^ s>j®QfiiT^s^ ^i(yT)LburraSl^iT • cr&Q^s^sijQT^auSLD. ^nQiDmu^ 

doTTS a<oSsS'oS G?^L_®S,, ^eS^eV ^W^Um-Ll—fT^lLb, Q6FGUC^LSl6ilT<PnLDj 

^CUTl^QpSLD ^aOL^CS^LD, S CSST Q ^3) L— L- lSI CW Siyj LD y S>® (iV)Q 3^ IT p QsTTeOC^&dj 

6iD^uSisfB^ ^6ssrL^QLDGsr/Sles)eiJSGrT r^i^se(T(iF,<ff?Lb eSldsisTQuumusirs-LD, ^cz-xsu 


(Q^-u-GSiir,) — sQQ LD rr iSl li^m- 3iQ}) ^Q <sFfrco^lu:>, <s^^u9a>fB^ 
^emL—QpLL - {(^/bp^^Qeh^ QiD/DUL-L^^b^TL-QpUi, Qai/E65^-Jifir 

uirL—irS^iju ^0ti)£TOL7, Q^ujd(^LD - (^anpi(^LDj ^ auj - ^jt 


567. Severe words and excessive punishments will be a file to 
waste away a king's power for destroying (his enemies) . 

urrp /Dshrs^ffliu.i ^ul3^6ul$^ ^skSssrs^ ScurLDfrSluJ (gpp^^ewsc^siQss^ 

Qmrn^ra 3n./Sl'eu)rr. <^^!^p u(^^lU(^^ld gSBsstlljlo ^^Q3='jJ^fr5cr otoj 
(Q^ - u - s^n-.) — ^SJsi3i^^p^ - (3,frrfl'dJsicin^uup/BswB^ 

568. The prosperity of that Icing -o'ill waste away, who without re- 
flecting (on his affairs himself), commitsl^them to his ministers, and 
(when a failure occurs) gives way to anger, and rages against them. 



3h. Q<F(f^^i^ QurripQp Q-STtpQ^'iiiiUfr Gcu.isjhiT 

(lJi?-6WIT.) GT-^i, Q.?0 Su(TT)^ibiW)(LpsisrQsur''^CST&(^U l^S.Oi!TQjQ^aiT 

QsvQf,<sSi sLp.^pQs®Lb, er-^, 

(Q13; - u - QTyfT .^ — SoinpQg'lij'JJT - (^QuirirsiiQF^^p^^QpssrQs^ 

Ql<%(5iLD - Qs(B'i'Sl}[T(SST , 

589. The king who has not provided himself with a place of_defence, 
will in times of war be seized with fear and quickly [^perish. 

«0. Ot'SCeMfTlTLJ l96S3fl'S(^iEJ <3i(bl f5j(o 3i IT i>\) J5J 6lJ dXoM 

Os^iLKSurrisir QiBptTr^uSp^u. ^susir j)/^ Qs^iu^pQeoiuevfresirr ^&}&i^ sh-tL 
L^frGSiLDiSliir S(SiiGon'iTuiSlcs!s:fi3i(^Qmsk^mj<3'Si^ujey/b<s!>pQujis\:>isorrLh Qurr^£s 
®skp^ ^ 'jj sou IT sc^lsisr /§ao^^p(<^u Qurremp ^^lausoeo ^codsoQiuezrjrytij 
<s^/Sl^/r. SsodQsesru^ Qg=iuu-jsrT cS'&iririh. ^^(Ssjso Qeu^neufb^ Gls^uiis 
eSlssr (^ppiii 3h^puuil.L—^. 

(Q^ - u - 63)/r.) — <s(SliEiQsfrGV - aQiEj(S'3srr<sO(^Sl(u ^ir3=ssTy 
seo&ifT.T - yii^j^G^Qp^<sQaj<SDp<oSipi\ 35 g\) (oO rr ^ su Gin rr , iSlismPli(6^LO'' 

UITJTLD, ^303s^ - ((aSuQp) ^SoSsO, 

570. The earth bears up no greater burden than ignorant men 
whom a cruel sceptre attaches to itself (as the ministers of its evil deeds.) 

SLDrrL^i—fTcmLD. ^o^o^ ^suifQiop S(SZTQs=&!rpevi£l /S<stpsi/^/r<sa9sar, ^u 
QuiUfT^firruSlp^. Qld&) Qsu(r^<aiJ/5^Q3=iuuJHes)LDU-jLL <5h-/SlLuev^oswQuj &pu 
uuup^ (sSlifl^^as^^QearpesiLDuSlesTj ^o^^^eanSeir es)eiJSSuuLLL^^. 

(uif-SinT.) <oT-^y — aessTQi^LL-L^QiLDssr^u Qg^rr&)ai)uu(B@6!!rp Qpuu 
65)/_uj ^5P@ ^ IT 3^ n LD IT L-® s^essi u. fr s &) IT ek ^«a/(SYS^)a^b s_ss3ri_/?.£B/r/fs3r 

P^j CT-J2/. 

&L^Qu(W)iEjsrr!f}asisQuj6urLjLp ep(r^Qurr(ir)Ll.u6irQLDfTiSi ©j^ug^juSIjtlpsj^ 
&pLJLjessrjr Ssap^. ^i^jsulqi^ ^^p(^^uurra6Qssr, s^<sssros^LCiufrQiGSTSsr 

/BSsoQu^lEI <3n-/Sl(^IT. ^SSTCiDLD Ql €U qf^SU 15 ^ O 3^ iU ^ Gi (T S, <c^ sisT ^ 6X1 IT /B tT lL® 

eulTipQJITIT t_jsQcSiiU^(oS>L—IB^ Li^ksxl TT U^bSTLCiQu ireJsT £}l CT LD(^3^ IT IT IT'c^LDU p'S , 

(Q^-/_/-635/r,) <3Siol^(o(S^LLl—LD<5r^MULr) - ^emQ(G3^LLL^Qll) 

ekjajQa^iT'SOioOuuQSpj >%L^Qu(r^iEJ'Sn'iBsjs>6B - LEli^Qpuussii^iu 

^(SU<3iJ<3V(^-^)is^&jioO<zmf ^siarQ-s^GssTi^rrsinQsisT p^, 

571. The world exists through that greatest ornament (of princes,) 
a gracious demeanour. 

0Bm£!DLD lQ6CS(^U QuiT(SSip, 

(i-Jii-65)T.^ 67"-^^ — a_s0ffl/5ss)/ scwQ^)i I s@s3T sessiQeizr iBSLp 

urrFLD/r^S^Qsj LSl/SIQ^rresrjDjb^ ^sir^j er-jm. 

jp^^Q&)6sr ^GS)si](rp^(3i)rruS.iosr. ^cmeu SsLprrhSiLDUurrso ^lds(qlo tSlpira 
(gti) uiuskuL-frQ/reisru^u/b/Sy Stsod^uQuirss^p QuiJ€cr(^ir. ^^pQseir 

LjS dh-pULJiLL-^. 

(Q^ - u - (S^rr.) — ^(S\)(3^^iLJeo - S-^iSB/se^i—iurrcsr^, fBem 

&.esisr&nLa - S-msnGUirir^eo^ /9sv<£(g - LkLSs(^, QurrioS)p-U!rjr LDtrsu 

572. The prosperity of the world springs frora the kindliness, 
the existence of those who have no (kindliness) ia aburden to the 

(uif - 65)T.} CT - ^j — uessr eresresruiu^^^fTLh uai—pQcnj'L^Q'SOn® 
QunnhsSLD g)sOT(27iiS63rj jt/^Qun'sd^ smr (oT&sresr uixj^^^ulo sessr 

uessr ffisror ^ekussr s^rrQuQuuir. uejarseirrrojesr unosomiTL^ QP^ 
eSaJ ,^p^PLp^£)i' uiTL-pQ(/7j'L^ios€mrei]€sr ujirLplenr&cssr eurriT^so (j-p^ 
eSuj <stlL®ld, uessressreo ^^gQuj stlJBld, Si—p/Sdi&essr sr(B^^eo, u®^ 

•sueme^TULD, eussrui^aicssressr (tp^c^iu euessressrisiseri- <oT(i^u^^ST£UL£)mJ:i. ^eup 
Qm?ioaT)LULUirsciJL^uuG!sr^puuje!^60(S^rr^ eurr^ijQurrsod ssmQ^uLi—^^ 
cOTUJ tufrsGiiiB& sessr^.p uuuet^&i^Oujeziru^fnh. scisr Qs^ewpsuL^ iBsip 

QgoitQ, ^ismiULf^smQpeo - Qun Q^^^iBeo2s^ajiTuS!&sT^ gtssi ^in - 

573. Of whiit avail is a song if it be iucousistant with harmony ? 
What is the use of eyes which possess no kindliness, 

-IX>. Jlf^. >X^(di^lLl-LO. Q_<3h<3T ^(a-y 

(uif-GiJxr.) CT-^, — -£ES3brL_/r/r«(^ (LpaaQdrsemr ^cnQun-jbQ(7rj'6ist p^ 
^ioist)^ QsuOpskssr utudoT^s^Qg^iuu^Lo, ^ctreElpsiJiT^ sewTQ(6^(B<sc£0LuanL^iu 

Q.s:iuiijrrQi3veiru£j (^/SluQu3=3=Lb. 

(^SSS3jQu.!TITS(^) (LpS^^i,SL-.,<S^I, ^GnQuiTGO - ^m m SSlQ U IT (SO 

574. Beyond appeariug to be ia tlie face, what good do they do, 
those eyes in which is no Aveli-regulated kindness ? 

(uif - 6!J)T.) GT-^j — ep(f^GU6aT sessr€sSp(^ ^e^tLjii/ seoinfrsv^ seaw- 
Q^lLi—ud' ^assOLScJo^oj/ruSJesr ^o°o^/Sliaijcs)L—UJtnrrr/b L^siJsrQcssrdrm/Sluju 

u(BLhj (oT-JM' 

LjGssrQessresr^sssrjru uSOldsotji'/s <°f>-/SI(^ir, ^snev Qfiesr^uirLLi—rr^un 
^L^iT^Ssbrp S(si^<csSi5sr(^pprsi dh-puuLLt—^ , 

(Q^ — u - stnrr.j — ■a^smests^px;^ - ^^(Vja/ew^) 3,sssT<o!S3plpr3^^ 
^essfl-ssoLD - ^<ss!^^p(^if\iu^urr&!S^ix,^ dsemQi^LLi—ih-^fTLLQesuff 

575. Kind looks are the ornaments of the eyes; without these they 
will be considered (by the wise) to be mei'ely two sores. 

Q^m—rr^eurr ^iuiiisrr rQsk(r)j'iT ^iiS^^ih £j35ot(?(SB3)® QurrQ^mQSpQeorp 
LDji'^^SsurQajfTuuiTy ST-£};, 

S€isri—iT<L'' loTeku^i^^LD/Sls, 

SesarCvi^mQj ^^miuisji] - <3i^t^S(iniB^LD, ^sssTQusa^t—ir^SiJiT - ^irtL 

576. They resemble the trees of the earth, who, although they 
have eyes, never look kindly (on others). 

SoTSHtQi^^lLi— LSlmSSilMlLj lSsO. 

(u(f-eij)fr.) GT-^j — SGsarQ^LLL^LS&iaoir^Qjir se!ssr^:ia5)L-UJ(i^ULij)jeOGOiT^ 
sessT^jctDt—UJeiL'iT aemQ^ss)i_^i_LSlsojrir^^uo ^eoooO) sr-^u- 

ss^^<oi!:i—UJiriTuSleisr aiTLL&ls>s<dtsTQsssr ^ooQ ^it(Bld ereuru^ up^s 
s6esrQ^c)L-L^LBi30i30euir sessreisi^eoQirssrs sh-^Bu iSlssr ^^Sssr (oT^iTLD£s>no 

(LpSS^ITsk <aSGrTS@iloS)IT, S-LDSWUD ^piB^^ ^L^^UU loTg^^Gijlhc^LD. ^]iSSi<oiJ 

SjT<ss!2T®urrL-i—iT^isi sesarQ^L^rr^iTjr^ ^!^H -s^/dljulLl-^. 

(Q^ - u-ev>ir.^ — <563OTG'(e»jpi^L_LD ^GOisosuyf - ^rrL-SessfliLiih 

577. Men without kind looks are men without eyes : those who 
(really) have eyes are also not devoid of kind looks. 

^. ^(r^w<^ a^isTi^tuiriDp <E6!5otw(623)l_ a;s\;a)/r/7« 

(uif - SOT.) ST-^, — (LpesipQa^iu^eonQiu ^ibO^itlPsol^ilittldp asssr 
Q^u. evsoeo Qeuih^irsi^ s-ifl^^iri^ecranLDiLjcs)!—^^ ^(£j<sij&)aLhj ct-^. 

^ldQldit® tju51s3r(27'r iSpes>Tr uSKBsscm- Qg^tii^L^ ^enemirs sessrQ(^u^ 
/■/nsOT^DuSleuffiSsssr^^/rgj/J) Qup(ir/'LO. (Lpes>p Qasy^iuisurrF^LDeuL^s ssmQ^ 

[_rT(cS'^LDllJLD eUITjrrTi2VL^<S BeSSrQ^L-^Lh S^(IF)£V/bSltU<3^UrT^ (30(I^CS>LDu9si!I Sfiirar 

Q^jL-eiiisosoiTiTS,Qa6k^Lh, cgy(si-(aS/ujeoq£s-Ji_aj/r/ftf@ S-SOSQpQp^un Q,'b(Bisi 
sireOiih C?<?/DioS)sOT s^ifJes^LDiLjcsiL—^Q^eir^isj <9^/29(Sff)/r. ^^t^p ^emsrQtsss)® 

LDir^ -S^pUUL-l—^. 

(Q^ - u -emir.) — ^'sneijoor^ - ^eusi^so<3SLD, <35(j^ldld - (li^ 

Q^V)L- a)iSV&):Tir'i(3^-^SfTLLSoaoPLULJUt-.6U<SV&} ^ IT <3' fJ £ (^ , 2_fFlcWLD- 
^-fllU^lT IS ^ 6iiT 'Sin LD SJn iU J £_65)t_^^ - £_6(J)i_UJ^/rLb. 

578. The -world is theirs (kings) -svlio are able to show kiuduess 
without injury to their affairs, (administration of justice.) 

u !T jTii ^ ^ T p jru LB uesarQu ^8so. 

(uif - emnr.) ct - ^, — ^ldgdlo e^£}j£S(^LD g)ujeoi_/«DL_uj/r iflu-&;^Lb 
asihuQi'^LLi—LD S-SS)L-UJjrfnLJ<s (W)pp^<3S)^u Qurrj^ i(^i£iLU&)Qu j>jrr3^ri-k 

Q&ssfliUQpanL^iuirfrSl, QuTj^i^^^p^LD uemQu - (^<s(^/d/d^ 

lUfrQiu fspimessnh, 

579- Patiently to hear with, and shew kindness to those who grieve 
us, is the most excellent of all dispositions. 

^O. Q LJOJ 65 ffi 6337(3) /E(&5*63W l^G^LDCiJT IEUJ^^<SS 

iBir^^sLb Qsii6ssi(Bl usuir. 

(uif-bjniT'.) OT-^, — uuSm(tr]'fr ^ldsq fB(iV)&(—&S6m(B<cS)icii^^Lh s^tsr 
LD^ussLDrrLLL—rroDLDuSlcsr ^ ^osrsriLieisr® iSlsir^LD^suQrrrriQ Qld<bjsuit iurreuirn- 

mrrsifisQiDsuru^ sessTQ^iLt—LDrr^m ''(Lpiies)^ uSiQf^i^ iBLLQi—nir 

^eu^jTssariBurLLi—rr^iii Sh-puuLLi—^. 

(Q^- Ly-ejD/r.) — (euJ'S^s^ - {lUfrsuirrr^LD^ eBQ^LDU^^dss^ 
isrrsi^SLD - ^iTL-Q'oim^iU^'Stn^y QsusssiGlueufr - loQ^TFfLDLjCoioviTirj 

GufrQ) ULp{meu!T . 

580. Those who desire (to cultivate that degree of) urbanity which 
all shall love, even after swallowing the poison served to them by their 
friends, will be friendly with them. 

(eu)uu ^!T3=^S(Q^ ^<5sr(^(B Oa^^^^isjanT^Lo iSlpiJidrr® G s rr eir csffjEi z it 
^LD Qexj<sisr®Qjsar Sn.^Slii!r(n^jrirs6Sl6i!rj .^^yei/afl^iOTLDffigLb ^eiiT/SliuesiLouuir 

epp^ ^ewssisT Qg^(k)eiLDiTLLi—rr^ ujrLjQueorr(^Qs^s'sr^ seisr® ^iwr® 

^ssreguesBTiTsii Qj^isocOLDirLLi—fT^ cSSotrsBdsfrQiu&ieOfr^ Q^/reoeS iLjessrif^^ 
corre^ih, ^^(sSirtssaTL—OosnLjQLO ^esrssh-esrssessr^^ih ^iresrsaeiisr^ijLDrrs^ 
^£vSii^Qsfr(cii?r® 6^(ip(^s iSTssru^irih. ^ppossr (cppQpm(rrjn'^ Qenk^^r 
Q(SUiiQ3iiohr(rrj>pQutT<so. Q^pQpesrs eremu^ Q^^pQpeimreku^ (tp^cS^M 
iurrsoj/B^ eSuuiEjQsrr&r . ^^ Q^pQpasr ersk^^ Qs^iuQajems'^^^ir 
esT^a. ^/^(CS)so <^p/3ssr^ &puL}a,s^puuL-i—^. 

L£>fr^, Q^pQp^s - Q^eSjU'SSu.GJsk, 

581. Let a king consider as his eyes these two things, a spy and a 
book (of laws) universally esteemed. 

ereosoiTiTSi^QLDshrp^ Qpsi!r^i^pS:^fraDmLjLh. iBireksiroj^ ercpn-Qj 
^mQurTQFjLL.aemr ojii^^. iBBLpeuesTQeueoeotTQuDishrp^ rB&is^(s^iB ^ilksij 

siiresr eufE^^. ^^(^"so e^p/Sli^iu uinmsh-puuLLi—^. 

582. It is the duty of a king to know quickly (by a spy) \vliat all 
liappcus, daily, amongst all men. 

/H_. 6p,i)(B^ Q(3S)pi(Bu Qun (T^QL^/fliuir Lnsfsismsn&iT 

^irrremLDuSleir, Qsrr/bpiEjQsrreird QL-iB^^eoQaoesrQTj'if. '^;S^r^s Q 
<s©t_/p^Q^/r0 Qdjeir/jSLiSls^SooQiLjeisr ^es^rruL^^ LDes)LDiLjLh. ^^(sqeo ^^ 

Q^ITL^SO Qg^UJLUfTS^SyiSl GliQ^lijf^ppiSI -ah-JDUUL-L-^. 

(Q^ - u - GS)rr.\ — e^prSl^ssr - epppSsyrsQf^frayyiQ)^ <s^p_a5!~ 

Q^Grr - (^^6up(7rj>so ^esiL^ttiLD^ uiuocvr, G^ifltufr - ^iTmui^fB 
lUfT^S, LnskssT(SU&ir - ^rg'ssr^ Q-^irppsEi QstreniQt-iB^^-Qsup^l 

583. There is no way for a king to obtain conquests, wlio knows 
not tlie advantage of discoveries made by a spy. 


&* , <o^?osrQ <^ lu 6U fT IT ^<^<ffi-ppLo QsiiemL—!r^!r QnsirQrj'rEi 
dsds3TSiJS!r)irtLi LarrjriTiueiJ Q^irp^ , 

(uiP - etnT.) er - ^^ — ^EismfluJi^Qs^LueiJiriT, <ff!-pp^^mr, uqs)S,gxi 
Qrresr^ G3=rr&)souuLLL- ^'Sssreues^friLjiM Qs=rrpQ£Ftu&)acrrfrbir ^irfTuucunQcsr 
eppp(Q)eurr6isT, sr-jj/. 

Qg^tuGviosreiji'D, ■Sr-pp^^rrir ^sisrsSi—^^iS) iBirt—U^i—^^i^ Q3=iusxi£i!r<cijUDj 

e!^L-^^3= Qg:ujeii6sr<5i] ld^ib^^ ^wp/Bp Q&ppscr Qs^ujiuQeuessrS^GQ^j 
^UDQpsijcinsujrrQnn'iLjLJa <oT (^3= it lcso ^irfriuQisijessr(BQLDsi!Tun'iTj ^SoWtsvaDfriu 
Lorrjrrruusij Q^n pOpssTq^a. 

(Q^-u-SDi/r.) — ^iB - ^ihapeinL-tUj eQ^Qs'iuGijnir - arrifl 
iU(5^Q<3FiLiiJSiiiT, iS^ppih - &rpp^^n k^ Q siJ sJsT L^ (T ^ IT ir - usmseuiT 

(STSSrp - (5T&Sr^Q3=lTS\)i30LJULLL—^ ^'^ SiJ SS) fT 11^ LO - lU IT GJ SO) IT UJ LD ^ 


584. He is a spy wlio watches all men, to wit, those who are in the 
king's employment, his relatives, and his enemies. 

run's fr^Gy^LC; eiJ6V(o\)Q^ Qilht/d^. 
(uiF - 65)T.j ST - ^, — epppuuLLi-irrr semu-mso ^n]''^^ euL^QiaUfT® 

^t-BLpfTGOLD eusososuQcKT e^/D/Di^GUlTeir^ 6T-^. 
cv£sr uairuufTiT) cvesSsfr (Lp^&drruSl'^ir eL'i^siJ. 

Qsuir^ (Quir(TF)iB^^^ asssT^(^a^ir^ - (^cuir3'fsQ^S;S3ji ^ p! 

^■sfTss^iX) - (^LDssT^^^6rrGrjS!!i6v<sSsfr\ S-LSLprr^(mdi£f eueoeoGa; - 

585. A spy is one who is able to assume an appearance which may 
create no suspician (in the minds of others), who fears no man's face, and 
who never reveals (his purpose). 

<37r. ^pi^rrfr ui^<siifB^ jrirSl uSl p is ^ rrir fr iLhi 

(uif-soiT.) <oT-^, — Qppp^^prB^rrjrrriLjLO GSjr^QGi/fr(tp&@scrjrn-iLjLD 
^€rrL-j(d^^p siflajeSi— El s Octree s^rrth &.<srTLiS(&) ^irfrujQeiJcssrQcijajT ^jrmutB 
^rf!liS£)j ^Gucresit^iuirrr ^lup^u iSli^^^ CTeceorT^^<ssru(Lp(i^Q3=aj^ G'ffl/_ 

^pQeuaQrTcsr^ii G^ujsijn^6!ST(SS>LD eSensQ /Sekp^. Qme^ /B/r&)£ijes)sujufr 
lusQ^i^ Qa^irireSlmeiDLD Qg=rr&>GQiss)isu^^ FpemQfB ^cm L^^esi^u iSlifl^ 
^aiSh./SlLU^ j)/^esr^ Qurr£^-S^P'^(!T)es)LDJ^ &lpuL-\ Q/sirdQ. ^^^^ 


(^Q^-u-esyrr,^ — ^prh^rri'i - {^Q") ripa£>^m^pihQ^!riTfiQ 
tqti), ui^Gv^^fr^Q - <sB!r^Qs\]irQ-^<k^^Q^mr irQiLjiD, §)pii^ - 
(^Quir<s<s3h.u.rr^/sSli^mi<SG(flQ6V6V(SV[rLn^ (vUfruj, ^(T (tiuib^ - (^Wiv 

UjQsU6mGlcU:;ji}T6UpoiDpsrSVio\^TL£)J ^j^J !T iU k ^ l£l Ih ^ ^ <ST shr O S" u9 ,^ LD ~ 

(^JH'SiJoSlL—^^rnQsniTiT •^/bO^S'^^ljiQi^^^) (orekssr^skudr/Q^ 
iu^ Q^L-Q^jjih, Q 3" IT I'r <sB QO ^ ~ ^m'BssTQei}efiLJU®^fi!T^euQs3ry 
s^/Dja/ - sppp^ourresT, 

586. He is a spy who, assuming the appearance of an ascetic, goes 
into (whatever place he wishes), examines into (all that is needful), and 
never discovers himself, whatever may be done to him. 

(ST. LL)SSinC)i,-£SSi31i Qsil.'^ajp (TfJ'Q ILt^(£ll5^e!S)QJ 

eniuiuuurr i^svtroQ^ Qiuirp ^ . 

(uif - 60)T.) ST - ^, — e^ppiJU'—L-lTIT LoeinnoUJS^Qj^iU^ Qff^UJiSOsdcIT 

^Qjirdc^&fTsrrfTuSli^irfr^ QslLs eusoedi^uja-- QsLLi_/StB^ Q3=LL(S0sc/flp lSIoCt 

LCiSS>jr)/5^6S)eiJ Q6FfT&)^WrrCS)rT ^/Bi^^ ^SiJ/f Jt/'dSlirTLD/b (o)j^6otO(??7'lL 

«(?»ajCTr©^e^6sr QaL-es<oiip(n^@ Qlusst^ld^ Q&LLu./Sii^isup(5s>p^ ^nQcsr 
^iLjp£}j(sy,i^ 0'5=/riffO(5S£cr j^i ir s^ ■^<s<i sjSij p {Si pQ s> p p eSSrar Qg:ujuJ&)[rsrr 

epp/BsuT Q^ssemiEj SK.puuiLt^^. 

0-^i5^(7rj>(o^ ^suF^^ LDSS)psijmq6ij6rTQ3=iU6V<%?<sfr^ Q.%iLsisi]ir)nr7Q- 

587. A spy is one who is able to discover what is hidden, and who 
retains no doubt concerning what he has known. 

=p/. b7i p^ (Trj" p S ^ ^iB^ Q u rr QhSofT iLi Lnjb^QuDiT 

Q inrprSli^ Q<s\)!rp^i Qa,iT(sn6\). 
(uif - sj)T.) er - ^, — ^Qjrirppsk epp^ eu.'F^/SsS^^ s rr if] lu fi ^ ssr 
octsriLfLD iSlpQf^Qjrirppi^^ih ^p£)j<sSI^^ epuLjiss)LD aioisr®Q&n'ma, ot-^. 

epppLJuLLi^iTQjrrr QL^a^^iBshr^ Lnrr^^ui^ssh-p&HE/ <5^®LD/r<S(sSs2r, 

(Q^-u-s5)/r.) — 6pp^ - epQirirpp^^QbV, ^p/Sl - LDss^peuir 

njih Lop^i-C) tOT GppiS^so - lSI oisr ^)j LD (^Q irtrppi^^LD, <s^prSl - 

588. Let not a king receive the information which a spy has dis- 
covered and made known to him, until he has examined it by another 


fftn. 6lipQ(ir/>p £U SS!(T IT IT SJT) LD lunerTS SljL^m^Slll'r 

Qa'trpQQij's^ Q^pu u(blfh. 
(u.f - 63)1.) <cT - ^y'—^ppcs)!r ^{(sr^St—^^ e^QpfSuSs^ pp(iT)<ovsm;SliurT 
LD&i ^<stT& j)/iEiisiesrLDrremL— QiavirppiJQp'ouemfT ^Q^QurT(rF)6mQuci<3\) Qsv^ 

Ghuek^ Gff'J!^.uuu(BLb, ot-jj/. 


^■jSIQoST^'stu^ eu(TT)<sSisuuil.u.S'- s^rrT)'SvSusr G} lu fT (ff)^ esr /Si uSl sst ^LD(Lp 

QeLI6i!TU,^-2-LD Q U /D (TT/ UD . 

Qurrn^ossrQLDei) Qsii^Qsu^ (sQl-uulLlJ) ^'suQF^s^i—iUt Qs^irs^- 

uQlii - (^uQuiTQ^GfT OLDlilQlUok^^ Q^(ol^iUUU®LD. 

589. Let a king employ spies 60 tliat one may have no knowledge 
of tlie other; and when the information of three agrees together, let him 
i-eceive it. 

=50. ^puu/SliU Qourrp/SloUTdaLL Q-s'iuajps Qa^ojuSlp 

UpUuQ^^iT (S3)(^ LDSSyp. 

(u(f - enT.) sr-^, — LDesipih^emsu ^^i^ ah./Sluu spp^smsil. Qj=iu 
esTSff^ j)/L-a,SLJu(BLJo LDempsDuu^ ^irQesr L^p^^LLi—iric^Lb, st-^, 

LDCS^ptUfTSU^ ^euQ(oS)pp!^UJ^lT^LD, ^SVSJfT ah.^±]^3^ LDfTLD. QpU 

LjuQu/bp ^si/sjrr aJfr6}jQssr<sisT£^LD ^^ Qu£^^p(m3, siriressTLD ujrrQ^esr 

^LD (^SSnmiGUfTQhLD @j£)]UU rTQf^LC) Ji/ OJ &) IT JT fT S <sS sif , UJpULj(B^^fr (63)(gG)LDG3T 

cff/ir» ^esieuQp^jjjum-LL-rr^Lf) G^pp£s>rrujrr(sr^LDn-^u:i, ^sujrrresr iBaipiB 

^6CT Ji/jS!u^LOIT£ilLD, Sj/SlB^fTp Q p LJ L-j 3= O 3= LUlLjLD IT £)J IS fH^pUULLl—eST . 

{Q^ - u - emrr.^ — ^prSssrssssr - (^^jrsQiuiEi'SBSsn- ^pl/b^ 

Q S= ir <3V sQ iU^ ^ppS!^,U.^^'3=Q3'iU\L\LD, & pULj-Q pU(ST>U ^ ^/£llU- 

Qa^iLi'smri^SssT, Los^p - (^^&sT^)jen ^l^ssuuGIld) ^irsSajiEj 
^dofTf Lfpuu®;S^ir6sr ^(^ld - (^^sitQ^st) QsueSLJuQ/S^smcusir 

590. Let not a king publicly confer on a spy any marks of his 
favor ; if he does, he will divulge his own secret. 

&h(i-L£>. ^p — ?^tm^3i(Lp^5)l^QDLD. 

^oo/Sl^CU^I LDSSTLD QwcQ^G^SSTpl (cB'C'olST (oi 3^ lU ^ p S, GSST @miTfl^& iq&^L^^ 

^n^&3. e^ppcrrrak rflsi^fs^issT jy/^/j^ ^enp/SlpQsfpp <aS5W Qa^iiieurr 
^*© ^o'o^ ^ssr/jSliuemLDujfrss^LDuSlsir, is^p(yrji—<^sinS\o<sT odsl'sssljulLl^^. 

QF^mL-lU J^ioinL-.LuQ.Tir LDpj)J, 

(lJiF-6S)ir.) ST-^, C^(Tr,QJCS)rT S-<3S)t—luGfT<oJlT£U Qg^fT^sos^ Sm/bs;^ 


^^irp Q(yr^&&^. airs(^uo Si,pp30 ^^jriraeQsk, ^^enih i^LpuuGirmu 

UJ SU Q iT diT £}/ Q&^ITGC^ ^jb(W^3= ^/Z3'5^JS/, gSYTaffiii) - LD SST Q SU (W 3" ^ 

uj/rti); ^°o^^30s\)Tir-^LDmssrQevQri3=Q SSoeor^eufi^ Lbpj^esiu^ 

UJ^ - QsU^IStnL^^^IT u9l(rEIB^GS)^^ ^^SSiL—luQ HIT - ^ITLb S-CVil—UJ 
MTGllQlTT (^^■%iriT.^ 

591. Energy marks out the man of property ; as for tliose wlio are 
destitute of it, do they (really) possess what they possess ? 

(uif-siOT.) (oT-^, — sen:is(ipes)ues)LDQiu cp^ojOTi/aQ iS230iB<chTpp_(s^L__ 
GDLDUjirsv^j LDpssi/Du Qun'(i?)(^ssiL—Cs^ij:> SosoiQ&)&)ir^ 'SiEiQuQuinhy <ot-^. 

SoSoSp/D^LD, QuiTQT^eiT S_ L_ LD l9 OTJy LO QsuqiffUJ ^L^^eSTLDfrSoVS^ iTSsQiir 
u^ QupuuiLi^^. 

{^SDL^'S^LD - LnpSSipu'2luir(T^(€ff)5V)l^i6V^LOUJiT£ST^j .'Sl SV (SV) /T^' - tQSs\i 
Qu(7r?LDS0^ lb iklSl aQC^LC - (b lElSuQ U IT LC , 

592. The possession of (energy of) mind is true property ; the 
possession of wealth passes away and abides not. 


(uf - snT.) CT-^, — @\L^id^iririTS.^LD uuiTihcs)&Lj OurrnhSsuu^LpiQ^ 
Glc^cst^ SjS':)LDiriTiT fBl8s\)Qu/bp ^M.aa^a^^s, (3S)suOurr(ihisiTiTa isiisidl-ujitit. 

^ssLD — ^^GuxjiT. s^QF^&jiE^LDn-Luaj^saGLDeira, cins^^ — cs^^iuss 
^irujQuir(if)<sfr: "ema^^cs^sn—irih Quiri^Qs; siTGuir ^p^Gs^ujudlSIsst^^ erdrr 
(V7?(T iSlp(rr)Lh. ^s^soireuires^LDsQs^ euQ^Qesrp ufTLLL^irp e^^^u. 

{Q^^-u-oniT.^ — cpaFcurii^LD - !^2scQ u p p ;S if Si lij ^ fymd^bisi-ixxosr 

593. They who are possessed of enclurin<^ energy Avill not trouble 
themselves saying, " we have lost our property." 

Qs^sci^ s^mfeurrfrQufT'SO^ ^aQccr Qs=6sr£}i .sf rr (7F)Q ld&stlj rr it , ^^iT<sS^iijJ= 
Q3^ijo^QLDssr(7r/'iT. STuu^SsoTjD Qun(Tf)<s^6^LD <jy^^(gs Sifrjres^LDiraj g^s 

S(^ &/D!B^O^mu^ ^<cZ-)£Uf5fr(cUr(^urrL-l—.T^:IEI 3h.pUUL-L-^. 

(Q^ - U-eSifT.^ ^ SS) 3" 6X] ^ o\) fT - ^eS)dF6SleVloVIT^, ^mi'S'LD 


594. Wealth will find its own way to the man of unfailing 

LDtSOli-^C^QuiUIT. f§IT iBsS^Pem-U^LD LC>6\)IT^<S fTGrr /S^QiDsirU^ LJi_ 

Q:(3u&TE(r^^dosruLiQeL'6m(n]'iT. ^su(Si^aics)LD ^^pGOrretr ^sfrssLSss^ckssru-jLo 
LDia(Gir,iuif(au Qrrmu^ Qupuuu-U-^. s^ujir&ido - GurraT^err u cot z_« err /rear 

iSsriLD, QsuGfT6rrs;^^dsvrtu-(iQ6^p)i§jrGn<s£JasTsuiTLD; (^^^QufTcv^ 

uj^-LDsara/jjy^u^ esr sn gQ <ssr ^ !t Lb , 

595. The stalks of water-flowers are proportionate to the depth of 
water ; so is mens' greatness proportionate to their minds. 

&(frjS^S ffe!TC(TrTCIS)LD i ITCS)LDiL]<cS)L-a^ ^ CT-£h\ 

(Q^ - u - Gnrr.^ — S-6rr(srh6n_^ er is\) ax) rnh - (^ira^Ffr&srcuiT^ 

596. In all that a king thinks of, let him think of his greatness, 
and if it should be thrust from liim (by fate), it will have the nature of 
not being thrust from him. 

(uifP - 6Sil .) OT - ^', — acrfijj/ ujaD^iurrQuj ^ihun-p L-iskruL-i—eSlL-^ 

^tit9@)(?e\), UL-Q - (l/s!53t) ul-l^eBl—^^^^ urr(SpGn:6irj:)JiJD-t^(otr 
n irmeo^m^ Qu(^qdlc(S!duj iQS&hQjth^^^ld; (^^^Qu!r<s^\ ^irQeufrir- 

597. The strong-minded will not faint, even when all is lost; the 
elephant stands firm, even when wounded by a shower of arrows. 

(uif - 63)T.) fa- - ^, — ^enisiBsoGda^ ^jTS'rr ^eusijs03:^^^n-(V)sn- uutTLo 
(LpGTipQiu ^s^eurrm ^scQeiir, Q3=(w,sQaiuff;frQfrGsri7r/iT. Ossfresii^ G)eusur/SI 

LD^USSiU, (oTUJ^.TIT - Qu(Tr/>ir, 

598. Those who have no (greatness of) mind, will not acquire that 
joj of sajiiig in the world, "we have exercised liberality." 

(urrSovr - iurrSs!srujrr&5T^^ urfliu^ - ( tsr sv ev rr lSI (TF, (e iei <s; &f] ^j ld^ 

QuiflujQ-L..LDGSiUil^SinL^UJj^, (^^(SiyLD^e37_/j9 ) ai^lT lElQ s mLi^ ^ - 

eh^frsiDLaiuiTSsr QsrrihLjssSsiTiLjnnGini^iu^^ ^it9£rijLc, - ^@ij^iii, 
LjeQ - LjsGiUiresr^, ^frd(^^(iSl&ir - (^^sk^ssr^ sT^irLJui^dT, Qeu^ 

599. Although the elephant has a large body, and a sharp tusk, 
yet it fears the attack of the tiger. 

LU(LpUUp9lLjLD ^sisTSS-^LDUp^ LUfrQiDsk £)1LD, LD JT ^ ^ p ^^OT SIT U XJ SW U fT L^CST 

600. Enei'gy is mental wealth ; those men Avho are destitnte of it 
are only trecrf iu the form of men. 

.^;35 - ih, ^^ — LDl^uSl GST GDIS). 

ffi(ap£35L_C3)LDuS)6iJ7LS)u3r 0DlSL'S SU U!-^L^^ . 

eubir LDL^vurrQ'jj ©j(if)e!T ^i—jr /BfdQuQumh} er-jy, 

^eosfESDL^iLjerrefr^SsssnLjLJD ^ssil-iuoT/'^ ^ssT^i-LLSlpr5^n-0T>!T <^6rr& 

(Q^ - U ~ QDfT,^ (^l^eT'oVT^lEI (^ SST (YT^ oQ iPTT d ^ LD - (^^JSST 

(sQQ^SUSSr^^ Q 3= (T LbU (S\^ IT Si lU ^Q^^f^ ^^^^, ^snj - ^t_JT, LDiruJiB 
^Qs,®tlh - Qs-ll-QuQuiTLb. 

601. By the darkness,^ of idleness, the indestructible lamp of fami- 
ly (rauk) will ba extinguished. 

2_. i£,i^es)uj mi^iurr QsuT(i£a,i30 (^i^Qntu& 

@<S, GT-£)J. 

(Lpujp&QajirQu-eku^ ^surTixji9as\)inrrGsr enih^^. GfBQf)Ui9/bQsTup- 
lu^ iSl /£1^ sir em LDUjb/S) O/s^usmu QfB(rF)UurraQeu s^^aQeu6ir(yr/'/b(SurT&) 

J)jlEilEjSWUD lo^(LD3,(T&S>'r^ (^U^IU iSllLjGLDeSTU^ ffl0^^. @o3^ LLl^lU nOiSiJ(cT5r 

u^ocur eS)§s?7'Oiu<F5^LC'fa©<s G %(Bi5Q^ iT(L£<i'&^a Q'Siein-^ ^sj^ruun-Qf^tp^v rr. 

^« - (QLC>&5lQlJb^[U(TF)Ln^ lbp(^l^aj[T3S^ Q 61J CSST Q U 6U IT - (sSi(mLCLj 
Qsilirir^ LDly-SSiLU - Q 3^ U LOuPjsO , LJbl<^^^-Q3^ITLbU<od!T^QciJ (iQ^SST^^)^ 

602. Let those, who desire that their family may be illustrious, put 
away all idleness from their conduct. 

'H-. iCiL'^LCil^^ QsfTi^QL^ir (Lp(<3^U:i QuGSi^ iQnOfE^ 
ILjUD, <oT-^. 

^Lpl<Bj ^ QT^eu ^dssT ^s^Q^ Qs fricmrQt—.rr(Lgr^^tsQ6sr Qu<S5>^Quuicur^LD, 
&h./Sli^if. ^aa^^p iSlpuL^^LD ^L^eSssr (tpibu® QLOssru^fnh. 

603. The (lustre of the) family of the ignorant man, who act.s un- 
der the influence of destructive laziness will perish, even before he is 

iMuemu. <SLi(sr,pnS i>X)euiTd(m. 
eSlSsar LjQ u Lu IT Q&ireisru-^. (^pptsjam (Lp<ckiS!niTa3ii.^u, ^ODeu fBrreki^ 

UtTL-l-.n'^LD LDL^uSl^ ^GS)LD <Si_ ffj U LJ L_ L_ ^ . 

LDfToSSTL- S-(STj/DJ^ ^<oOGUIT<i(m-^(flR^^LC)rrQiU QpiupQ u9 &V <b\) IT ^S IT IT 

604. Procrastmation, forgetfullness, idleness, and sleep these four 
things form the ship which is desired by those who are destined to des- 

Qa^Qii^nnn 3,11 u-i avvsk. 

@iUC?l)L/a), LD/DUI^LO, ^uS^LD ^^®'JL1 ^ IB IB IT CtST (^LD ^p&(cF)LO ^OJeOiSidstiT 
iLjODL-aJfriT (sAqLOlS) Quj£ULb LDJT&SGOLJDj 6T-^. 

(Lpme^pspuireOjSfTuj ldl^ Qs^iLnL^eaQiBtra® ^esii—iBekp^. Qib®(Z)ld 
lurrQiu fsircouuessTLj ^^msssnr Ssipeu^iriu Qs^iumQio &^sm-p^. &itco 
iSiLi—^em^u^GSii—tu Qs=uj6isr (Lp^eisr^oGsr^ih ^mjD^(^s'!sr^^p (?(>7?63r«5? 
&.L_65r S s IP su ssr 6u IT seQssr J llv^Quuit® e^Qf^iEiQsessressruuLLL—asr, ^pi@i^ 
^lueOLj-iB ir(&^is\i^^60, ^emeu ^eiri-j^u !§iriTiTS(^ ^eki^^u^^euQutrskj)! 
sitlLi^ Sj'suir eS(W)LDiSls Qsiressru-^L^^ ^mu^^bsn— (^ip^^eQeWf iBiri^ 
eoibsiTfrs(m ^ssih utuuu^Qunesr^ sitlLi^ s^euir eK^LOLS) QiupliUGvips 
«i_65)ss>i_ (£ip&r^[Si sc<i^^dsmQiuiTS(W, Qmsk^uo S-£ues^LDa(3^/BuLjS sitlo 
&sedQ6srm^(^ QsFireo&ifrp QupuuL-i—^. @^/d@ (sS(rT)ihtSlLj ^^iiua 
^ujressrQLDGir ^cs)fruuir(rF) Qpeirir, 

(0^ - u - esiiT.) — mt^ - Qs^irihu^LDj QmQiiir - (^<sQss)ireSlp 

l£>p^lL\LDj ^u9iS0 - i)^^S3)/nqU), lE!r&ST(^LB - ^SiU ^'5iS[r<sir(^iJD, 

Q^sQiBirfTir - ^pi(^L£liU(5di98ssnLies3[^uj6i]ir^ sfrLXi<is<^esT - eSlQ^miSi 

QuJJ)l LOIT'i'XeOLDirtJD, 

605. Idleness, procrastination, forgetfulness, and sleep, these four 
tilings, form the vessel which is desired by those who are destined to 

uaremuuj OesTiLi^ &)iB^. 
(uiP - 63)T.) £T-^ — iB&inpQ^^LD ^tsssTi—irir^ Qs^sOQJih ^itQcst euiB 

2.t£ieiS5LD 6T!JUSn'CS>LD (^ 6IT &® iB icVT p ^ . U) IT eSST U UJ SST - QumeSTUUD, ^<P 

Qa^eosuuD ^lBiuitldp &irsm^LD (Lpiijp& uSIsoTejDLDuSesr ^l^iljlDj ^L^tuQeu, 
^iD ^eku liisisirQ^sh-u^nih. @^/^@ fSsO(Lp(Lp^LD s^ Qevi^ir 
^Scssrujir^so sh-i^iueSlu-^^ih (oTeisr^esnTuurrQ^ Qpmir. 

(Q^ - U - (S^fT.'j — Ul^^S^L-lUfTir - tQ<o\)Qp(l£G3iL£>lLjlJ:i ^CSSTL- 

euii^^ Q .3= IT ih ^ eQ L^ ^ ^ ih ^ ini^s^issiL—iLnriT - QfirLDU^sni^iueiJnr, 
LCtirsmuiushr - (^^(gjsu) QuqjjLculu^^ (oT ili ^ 60 ^ rf^ ^ - ^stni^^ 

606. It is a rare thing for the idle, even when possessed of the 
riches of kings Avho ruled over the whole earth, to derive any great 
benefit from it. 

cr. ^i^LjBis Q^cn-(srF(b^Q'S=[rp QaiLurr ldi^l^iBis^ 

^^ s_^a- eh3i-Lo, =syp. iTiL^iSlbiir stain. 

(uif - snT.) (sr-^j — LCii^eouLi 6SI(rF)LiDi-]^G0rr^ Lo/rejrari- QptupQiSl&j 

^i^Qiussr^ui (tp^&^dsv^Q^fTL^jbQuujjrfriosrj rEL-L^rrQrreku^ Qup 
(flj'LD. ^eijifJsi^3=S Qa=tred(3i>Q<siJ, iSlpiflsi^j^Q Off/reoeo/res^LoGuj (tpt^rs 
^Si- j^Sijp^pQa&iQOiTLa Lorr^u Qs^ireo^ih ^/bpeQekssyLDuSlesr, QsiLuGtr 

(Q^-s - u - sjo/r.) — LDL^L^i^/5^ - Q'9'rrLCtu^'5Sl(miJaLi^<o\)iris^^ 
ih^ - (^^LCfBil-iSlsmrr) a,iosai i^^^u Lj^^Qs'ireoS^ (^^(^puiueir 

607. Those who through idleness, do not engage themselves in 
dignified exertiou, will subject themselves to rebukes and reproaches. 

Sl^GS)LO Lf(^^^ <sSl®LD, 

^Ss. ^UjLiUi^iE^mesiLD - ^rri^/B^/Seisr^u sreveoQsLLi—ei). ^sznsL'/E/rejr^ 
ufTLLi—fr^LD u:)L^e!^u:)S(^ppiEiS6rr ■sh.puuLLL-€sr, 

(Qm-u- GS)ir.^ — iJbi^GSiir> - Qs'irihupp&sTQSimujiTesr^^ ^i^ 

608. If idleness take up its abode in a king of high birth, it will 
make him a slave of his enemies. 

LOi^iufT&isremLD inirppd Q^Qld. 
(uiP-etni) e\.^, — e^Qr^evew- ^ek LDi^iufrtef^i^esrcsiLDasiiu e^L^ssQaij 

iurressres)LD Qiussru^ s^LJDGS)LD^Q^n-aDS. ^wp/BmaGssr eniB^ (SPP 
Q:LDssrp^ LDt^iurreur^eir^ QpeisrQasr iSlpiEmrcasrEisefrrrasr /Sst^i^eupcsip. 


eu/5^(mppiki'S6rr, Q<s(bliii - QsLL®uQuirih. 

609. When a man pnts away idleness, the reproach which has 
come upon himself and his family will disappear. 

<5B0. LCit^u^evrr Loememei] Qesnu^ LDL^ujenrs^rrek 
(uif - CiJiT.) 6T - ^y — ^ SsT ear L^oj GfrsnirQmr erSdGdiTGijeoesisinih ^enii^ 

^i^iuefriE^rrQesresTp^ euirefrrr QuiLurfriu Seurp^. ^rreSujO^esru^ 
^G^i—s (^asipiB^ iBmp^. <oTuQurr(LD^LO (sSSosruSlesrssessrQmsr (LptupeSesr, 

sdiT^rrcsr eriu^ih utueisr sk-puuL-L-^. 

(G^-u-<s!nfT.^ — LDi^^i5\i!r - Qs^irihue^eoeoir^j Lnekesreuek - 

6i)/r6i|6\)<£B/5/<s3oimq/jD) ^ionis^sL-.(Sij<snj ^mu^(oreo&)rrLh - sl-ibs 


610. The king who never gives way to idleness will obtain entire 
possession of (the whole earth) passed over by Him who measured (the 
worlds) with His foot. 

eSSsa-Qiuears srrifliu^^irp Sfi.puuLLi—^. LDL^Q<s(B^^rre^Lh eS^ear npiurb 
A, ^QFfQ5)LD \L\QnL^^Q^(ssT p 3= IT en IT eSiUi (ocuemQih 

(uif-SOiT.) GT-^, ^LD&£uemLD Q/BfTsQ IB P LD ^lajoSJ^TTT Qpi^SSeOrtH 

Q^etnLDQiEiraQQujeuru^ QuQF^anLD ^(ir)QLDehrp^(^^usy eSldssrrLpin 
3 TLB QuifliuMfrei'fr, ^%Q@!j s^^ijjm^ih CTCifl^ecr (LpijLiLjQiDsku^frLo, 

611, Yield not to the feebleness which, says, " this is too difficult 
to be done ;" labour will give the greatness (of mind) which is necessary 
to do it. 

2_. oSl^isssm eQdssrQ'Su. Q6\>inJbu&) eQBssrdf^GHjp 
(uif - 6a>T.) loT-^, — efl&jraj/r©iij (^cmpssnus^ Qg^uJiurr^eSLLi—frein/r 

<si]rr(LniBirQeiT'' 6T6ku^«^^LD/Sls . ^^jb^ (sSlScsrQ^^LUujQeijisssrOis/ ^(Bs>pi3s>iu 
/BiiiQ(^ifl&}r SiiiQpQpesr ^ues^fruufrQFjQpefrif. 

(Q^-L/-63>/r.) £.6V@ - Sy-SMtSLDfTEST^j <^'Sssrii(SR(oSip-Q^ir lB 

eSliLi^s^ ; (^^(Cff)(sv) eQSs!^<i<3Bi5m - (^Q 3= uj iu ^ ^ (^lo) Q^rri^eQ 
s^L-^Q^j gSi3ssjQ3sl^6\) - Q<3=aje\)p/SI(/^se-s}seo)UJ, 6&££iueu - e^i^ 

612. Take care not to give up exertion in the midst of a work; 
the world will abandon those who abandon their unfinished work. 

(uiif - snfT.) 6T - ^, — (ipLupQQtutsk^ Qa=rT&i&iLJU®@mp ^uurrih^ 

^LD QmLDurr®} ct-^. 

QurT(fF)6rr (S5)ffl<si.©^<so/r6cr ^usifl^^p(^flajrriTf (LptupQiLjcmi—iufrQirek 

&pULj& <5^PUUlLu.^, 

gSl-^Q^^ ^lEiQpj^ - !QSo\iQupp^j, 

613. The lustre of munificence will dwell only with the dignity of 
laboriousuess or efforts. 

<F'. ^ff sir IT 6SST esi LB u93\)&){r^ir6hr (oGuenrremGs>Lo Quu^ejns 

.euirerrtremenui Quire^i Q&®ll, 
(uiP - OTiT.) 6T - ^^ — (Lp'djpS uSlscsoir^euek S-u s rr ifl hj ir i5 ^esres^LO 

pesr es)u:>Q u n &i ^stiSsotumJo, gt-£U' 

mQefTGsru^ (Lp^€t^3s\)^0^n-L^jr)QutuiT. Qul^ eurrdsfTu uesSQairi—p 
S(ir)^^c!DL-UJGrrfruSl^ih ^^ ^ek^s^s^^^iri^ (ym^ujiT^euiT^uQuireo (tpiup 

ey^ijssiioajiresr (ipi^iuirQseuru^tnJo. enrTstrnessrestinQiuehTu^pf^ eufrerrirp 
Qs^iutLjih ^6ssra;iLDQiu6sr £iia5)fruun-(ff)(Lpetrir. g)^(SS)6trr ^o^^soeirr^rresr^ 

(gppiEI Sh-pUULLl—.^. 

(Q^ ~ u- 6J9/r.) — '^ /r GIT /r 623k OT) to ^sx)6V/r^ /rear - Qptu/b&uSeo 
c\i IT s su ejsr J Q gu errir essr s^ ub - &.u<sfr[fliufr fB^earesiLDiLifrsiiT^j kdUi^ - 
{Qs^SssresiiU'issssn—ireo ^(g5<sto) (oui^iun- emeu err, esi^euirerr ^essr 

esiLDQuireOj QsQih - ^svSsu^/rLD. 

614. The liberality of liim, who does not labour, will fail, like the 
manliness of a hermaphrodite, who has a sword in its hand. 

(^). ^druth eQesiiptuaesT eSlSssreSlenLpeutrm p&srCo-sssiflir 

^oo3i <si&Q^iF<s>^(rr)<sn&LD. ^terrek^Qmekp^ ^uQun-QFjiLi—rr^Sd ^'ldjS 
doOiufruu Lopps^ e^PLDsir^ ujmEJ(^'' erehru^^^LDps. <3i-pp^^nrr 

QLcesrQeUj smdssrs sh-pQenessn—iTGnirSp^. SfrtBiu^cs)^ aOs;ntpuj/r^ errjr 

^eoLpojrr^ a!Ti^uu^cs>^ ^eBLpeurr&sr turr^LD eraj^rTQeureku^ QupQTj'LD. 

(Q^ - u - 6?D/r.) — ^(oiruLLeSlGS)Lpiuir&sr - (^€3r6B(^) ^ssru^ 
e9iQf)LC)LjQeuir(5^^ ^mQssifiir - ^e'srg^/bp^^rrjr^j ^&nuLo - ^esr 

615. He who desires not pleasure, but desires labour, will be a 
pillar to sustain hia relations, wiping away iheir sorrows. 

t^ekesiLD L\(^^^ eSlQih. 
616. Labour will produce wealth ; idleness will bring poyerty. 

67". LLt^lLfSTTirsSSr UMTOpSl^ QlUeSTU LDt^St\)T6k 

(LJif-6!j)T.) er-^j — sifiiuQiS^LLaDi— gj^si/ejir ini^uSmacm'QQusr ^^^p 
lijLCj Q(!hLDaen- LDL^uSleorr^iresr^ (LpiupQ^ssisrQemr &.6S)/DiLjQLD(3iT^ Qs^irea 


^err - ^Q^eQiUircaTexj&fTj Lbi^^eoirein — Q^^mhueSleC'oVirjSGiJGsr^y 

617. They say that the black Mudevi (the goddess of adversity) 
dwells with laziness, and that Latchmi (the goddess of prosperity) 
dwells with the labour of the industrious. 

=5/. QLJT/Slu9ske!n[jb iuirir^(^iii ul^iliost pjSleu/^ih 

CU^y CT-£iJ. 

uL^iurr^ FFi5svr6s>L-e (^ppopesit—onLCiup/SlQaj ujSluuOsew'iv/iT, ^^i^&> 

618. Adverse fate is no disgrace to any one ; to be witbbut excx'- 
tion aud without knowing what should be known, is disgrace. 

S_LDCS)LDlUfrp Qupdr^io. ^d^'ailL^lLjLh UtTLplTSed ^eCTCTOLDuSleOTj Q^OJGnQlSfTS 

619. Although it be said that, through fate, it cannot be attained, 
yet labour, with bodily exertion, will yield its reward. 

<50. gSYT S^Lp^ QpUU^SlEl SITeSHTU 
^TLpir ^(^p^ U6UT. 

^(SL'^eoaQr) QdstTiLifr^ eSlossremuj^ ^nCpsup (Lpaj&xsurrrrj er-^. 

usosrreisr npuLKsOGurrir uajQesrtu^QjQrr^kun'fr, s_LjussEj<sn'(ci3ruQrr£ST(7yj>rr. 
O^iueu^^rreir g)©a<S63sr(Si//f?gi/Lb (LpuupQ ^L-puireo^emQpajTu^ ^G^eu 

esiiuiL^ihj ^^uuisiEi^irehTun-LjpEisiremuir, s_Sa^6iy^6BT/i9 - (^^eu 
6€i&)^Qp(^) ^Ssrruj/rLDeu, ^Ttpir^ - (^ppi^p^ s-f^p^ueuir - 
(^Q^fTL^ds))^ QpiuevQauiTiT. 

620. They who labour on, without fear aud without fainting, will 
see even fate (put) behind their back. 

cSyo°o^/'"6v^ eSSouruSlesrssesur (Lpiusoeyrrek, Q^iueu^^n-ehr^s, Ourrq^ 

^^rbsL^tuir^ ^emLoQips'^ ^eueSSlss^m- QLDdsTQLD<siiL^ireu&)&)^ ^lo 
^(Bsaeissr 6u(rF)<aUiBd= Qa^iLnuOeUj ^sl/£OT ^L^eSecr/SI LDesrQGUQ^s'&iuireisr 

621. If troubles come, laugh ; there is nothing like that, to press 
upon and drive away sorrow. 

2_. QiSU^'oTT^ ^'SssTuj eSlQihonu lu/Slei^ssit-iufr 

(uiP-flDT.) er-^j — QeuerreiriJaCoun-eOiS ses)miSl&)sumu @)(BLJD&^usQG(r&> 
eoirih si^<s^es>i—iLieijasr ^ek^errar^^rrm e^sar/o^oar fSScur&s, ^s^cessr 
luirQear Qs(Bih^ er-£ii, 

iQSssr.s^<sijen(sS}(a<oOj Q^asQih - QdSLLQuQu.rih^ 

622. A flood of troubles will be overcome by the (com-ageous) 
thought which the minds of the wise will entertain, even in son'ow. 

(u[f - emir.) st-^, — ^ccsrQa'iuiL^!iiJihiT<b-o ji/s^Q'^i—Qtu w.i^ ^binux 

^QptusoQsi] eSSsisr (Lppn)juQup£iiu uuj6hru(BLCi • ut—QcV} erabs^n" eSI(>uiu 
iB^surr LDiTa,6Slsi>rj ^iiJuDSOTL'tf Q(Btlies>u u(Buu Qn^fffiyfr. euQfjQ^irni umL i^ji 

{Qai-u-GTir.\ — ^ © til «nu 05(25 - [QcjjiripoX) Qii'iuLijLCiQutr^ 

623. They give sorrow to sorrow, wlio iu sorrow do not suffer 

^. L£)(S'^^'SUfr QuJffOiSVfrLD USL—^OTim) ^pp 

LO®^eSSiJ!TQdji\>S^!T QlDSOTU^ QufT^UUL- /l^oOT^ffinLDItS^Jr, ,ff--<St_^^^r^ ^■STT 

uusL'(rF)^^ Q,-B!tA&!t^ (Lpiu&sT ^luuuaQesieoTUiT IT , USt_6k^ Qsurm(7}^IT. 
<5SlBQ<oO&UffO/r/i), U^®^6ar^<5cST-(^U6Si3TljL.ioS^lU @)rL^^di^S^Q'3'6\)^fhj\ 

•xi_rr uQurrsva; Q a^u lBoso Q LhpQiE it ss'ij® Qap^,is,iSiibX)'ff06ii2s^ 
Q-pp - ^m)i—rb^^ ^®&^<56^ - ^muLnirssj^^ ^i—iruuiT® - Sjir 

624, Troubles will vanish [i. e., will be troubled] before the man 
■who (struggles against difficulties) as a buffalo (drawing a cart) through 
deep mire. 

eS®<£<S 653f?®i£<5ELL U®LO, 

(uif-OTir.) ST-^y — ^'^^ eS?/_fr^ Qlds'otQld^x) eu.i^&sreuiruSi^iJD, ^sar^ 
Gnenay Qii,mLuiT® e^i—iT^inh o^pp ^(Baibtoiau-iTLo ^'Sttas^ffSo) ulJBuQuitldj 


iQeuffl^QLDSsr(yr^iT. ^i^Qeuear^Ej i£n'jT<cmuQuuJ!T &rrif\iua^smQw e^ssr/D^' 

625. The troubles of that man will be troubled (and disappear) 
who, however thickly they may come upon him, does uot_abandon^(hi3 

3h, ^.^pDQpQis^&sr pi5\)<oOp uQuQeufT QupQroQin&sT 
(uiF-snT.) <ST~^, — sij^€S>LDaiaJ6\)^^ lurruD w/Biu LDrrSQemQwm^)] Lnesr 

(si>pu[Ti^<kidso lurruSlp^. ©^©/o Qua Q^fo^mesyLDiuiT&sr ,S{)U-i^p(^ s/j^u-ini^LO 

Hjlh ^^p^UfTOJQpEl ■Sh-puUlLL-&jT. 

^6iiir - ^ rBujir^&jir^ ^pQpLo gt&st^ - (gu^ssDinffi/rsv^^) 6vi£l 


626. Will those men ever cry out in sorrOAv, " we are destitute," 
who, (in their prosperity,) give not way to (undue desire) to keep their 

(uS'-esar.) (ST-^j—fsfrps^uSl^il) s^srrstr s^i—mLjs&r ^QmeouQiusin^Lh 

&& QarrefrenfTiT ^/S£ijes)L—Ujn'iTj er-^. 

<5rsQss=£)j(riF,isu<su>' a.L_LDL/ — SFirQiliQuvLsir, seoasQiDek^iEt smfltuuQuuj'r 

(Q^-u-ca-id .') — Qcaio - jj^ i£l6U<S!S)L-UJiTir, 2_f_i£iL/ - Q^<sLaT 
63Tjr/, ^®mQiu - ^ssruLQirQiu a//r^<S(^, ^^ism GrdTjru-(^i£i 

Gnsiuir^ M, - sjjeoTULDiriEj Q <z it &t gv rr sj rr ld - Qs^irGVinn I'r, 

627. The great will not regard trouble as trouble, knowing that 
the body is but the butt of trouble. 

^. ^i'oTULO G£l0S)ip[U[r <5S®Lh(SS)U iRiU^^Q UG:il UrKSoT 
£)J&iTU (Lp^^ (o9(oO'SOT. 

^dcsriuir&a ^®ih(3Siu eriLi^^so ^iiJb-i)Qu6srj)j Q ^<o^i^(^Ljun got ^ i5(^'sr(Lpiu^'& 
^'curuses)^ eSesyipuSl^ih, ^(Bmss^uesyiu SiueoQum (^^ airayfha&Qf^^^Lo, 

^StSTUll) eSlSoirSS^siTf @jQJGSjr<5aST(B(b7) Q&'LUUJfT^fTOSnr^ ^6SrUQp£lJ^<jyi ^e\)0637 63r 

(Q^ - u - (S3^/r.) — ^muiM - (^6aT^y/_tii:5)/)y(^) ^&fJULnir 
o\)) ^ohuLcGDL^^^, ^iui\}Lj<or€'aTurr€sr - ^\u6\:)Qum^ Q^etflrh 


628. That man never experiences sori'ow, who does not seek for 
pleasure, and who considers distress to be natural (to man). 

(Bmu npjpi^ (o9a)6sT. 
(lJlP-65)ir.) er-^j — eSSsmiutrp fiiiemaQsmuili EUfs^tB jif^Ssm uj^u^uuir 

(Q^-u-aT>[T .\ — ^esTu^^<5n - (^eSl Ssst u9 (S^Q &^^ ^euruLa euih 

629. He does not suffer sorrow in sorrow, who does not look for 
pleasure in pleasure. 

UiSlDSeiJIT fSSSTf^ LD^^^p Qn^GUfTUJ S-UJIT3=S ILjSSlT l—fT UD , OT-^, 

^earui^rre^isi &luSl!fa,Quj&iu6STrSl& &esSau:>naj ldsst^^gsil^ i^&LpeuQ^trrr 

eiDLDlLjLD 3{^p (^UirUJ(tp!k e?L.pLJULLL-aiT. 

^6flT e^607;g),r - Ji 607 U S!f) S 6V T , gSI SS) Lp 0^ LCt - !5&iT (^LB^ ^ pi p (^ <57 J^ 

630. Tlie elevation, which even his enemies -will esteem, vrill be 
gained by him, who regards pain as pleasure. 

^ [EJ S^ oSl lU GO, 

uj ^ihj^ibjaierr ^pe^Qiui-oi-j (Lpuu^^jressn^^arrjr^^rrp Gk.g)ieijfiQ£w(Bti,^i& 
Qarreisr®, ^isiT>svLUfrp?gij&T(erLb airsup s^frarr® eiD&^ispsem s^ojeujra'p £?J33r 
lurriu j)jSSiLDa'3^em ^LU(b-OL-j u^^QatTjr^^trp sh-^wnGsr Q(^l^isjQj (tp^pihec'dr 

(u'f - 6iRT.) S7 ^)— eSSrsrQs'iuiLjihiarTeo j>j^p(^ Q£uesa(BisjiS(f7jGSl.%(^u:if 
^^pQ&pp a^rns^QpuD, ^^ Qa^ujo^LDrr^uD, ^eueurrp/Sp QdFiLs'JJLju(BLD ^eu 

a^oPasn-: — ^frdoSTiuLDj QuiT(fr^(ts(^U2 • sirsouoi: — s>(^ Q^fru.Jsi(^Eian soldi 
Qa^LuesidiQiusarQisij: — ^^ Gp!TL—ih](^(Lpurnu(Lpis>) ^e^i^itf^SaQ nnL^(SiiQu!Tdi 

(^LDfTJpiLD S/t—lhjQsST. S/SltU (LpiUpQlUfTp QuftllLI UlUeisT p(ITjSljQs^l-JlT IT , SjQ^ 

(sSldsajQ'jjs'sr(^n', ^cosu <sndJ,i^Sss!tuuoi eui^j^soirir LDiQjraQp athjaQmsiiTu, 
(Q^-/_/-is:n/7.) — GsTL^s\iQ<3--ajiL\LnQu[T^j s q^isQ \i\La - (=sy5j 

npLa, Oa=iui;si:btLiio - {j)j^) Qif^uiqia oj?_<a(7p/*Q, G^iiJiijtL ^(^ 

Lan<sasTL..£^ - Qua nhib^£ (SreaoTsssr euioeveijCcisoT^ ^■3S)LL&a'T-Lhihci},in 

631. Tlie minisfcar is one wlio can make an excellent clioice of 
means, time, manner of execution, and the difllcult undertaking (itself.) 

(u - 6ff)T.) sT-^ — , eS3sw Qif-uu^/basosr ^sna^sSodres^wajil), ^i^&^^its 
anA^^LD, i^^„^&\ia,dsna ap^ua^ Qa^ujeu&sr ^sSirsu&sr sv/SIs^&^ild, (Lpiu/uwu^Lo 

eSTj (oT-£)J. 

QLDfish^^iusLijbQqr^® 0^/r@;S^a- -Sh-^iu^y ^esiemii iBisupQqr/'® Sh-i^Quu ldtl^ 

^ioi£ ^^Srtsr FFscsrQL-.GicT6Sif)jjsup/SlpQs Q^fTes)iBiLJrriQi r^i^fbir^^Qeoeku^ 
ansii ^L^uiSlpuLuli j)/^Ssar OujrTfLpais^^n-p i£rT^^ss^^i-0'5sru U(^uufr(ff,LO, 
app/S^QiyOearu^ofsra, spp^jun ^^^eiJiQwemu u^uurr(rr)(ij:isrTiT- J)jSvit s.l_ 
Qesrsaru^^enT (ipp^ilies)LDu Quit(iP)lL'—ii <i@iL!il)j (^t^Giiusku^acW ^j^(s^Quuuirir& 

(Q^-z_;-(OT)/r.) — SiJ&ha^ssoT - (^Q ^ir L^^Q^iu\L\iSiL^ajffti') jys!na= 

dofT lb _^ L^Q HOI ^ tSilT St^sr 1—^ - ^(lhrb^6ij&y)l—lU6uQ6ST, ^OT>LD<J-'<3f - Lbib 

632. The minister is one who in addition to the aforesaid five 
tilings excels in the possession of firmness, protection of subjects, clear- 
ness by learning, and pei^severance. 

/E_. L51'r)^,i^^tQ Qu6s^<k Q siTsn^iM iSl ffl t'b fl u I'r u 

Qua (m-i^'3J_^LO <S)J&\)(5\) SiQDlMe'-ER-. 

Qs'frpaerriTp Ques!ifl<iQan'erT(m^e^LD, (ipsinQear sLDiS^.i ^LhuireoinrlmuLD lSI/tJ 
ib^fres)!TiEsas[®u QuiTQrj^^QsussQTt^p Qurr(iT)^s^io a/ibboOauGsjar ^anLoS'sft^eurr 

oJfJLQiJb (qjppfSiunujs^fTp ibia!)L-uiSli^^^^]tli jy/Rajef^^GiGa;!'^©; a/Jiic^O^eai 


633. The minister is one who can effect discord (among foes), main- 
tain the good-wiil of his friends and restore to friendship those who have 
seceded (from him). 

(u - 6!nrr.) <st-^, — gp0 arritltus^QeFajei^fs usosijfr/bqr/'/b Qfrpem/BsGr ^cn/b 
ejl'LDj SibDew/ru iSlifl^^ad Qurr(Vf)A^&y Q-SFiuflj.^dsr ^isu/Ti(if, ^^Qisu Qa^uupurr 

Q^ifl^&) Qa^iushQLDei^iTii^flijpiy exiQf^Qiickp^ ^^surr&eSlm. 

m.<9-'Qtf uJ^^iL, (©ijUan/TLJ iSliB^^<s\) Q uiT(y^^£56\i Q g^ lu ^ e^ Q 6V^ 

^(Sdlbg'St - Lcfh^iflujrrGutT&k, 

634. The minister is one who is able to comprehend (the whole na- 
ture of an undertaking), execute it in the best manner possible, and offer 
assuring advice (in time of necessity). 

(ufP-«»rr«) er-^^—^jTS'i^p Qa^LuuJuu(BLh ^prEiadsniu^i^ ^ecra.Q's 
pp fib&^isSujiT (S^eopib ^e^LD.i^ Qiprr&iSso tjLjes^i—UJ(^iu (sraanTGO^^ih (sSofar Qs^ 

^sarejsi jTs^esT 69(r^iwQLU ATTSWdj^ii Qu(ff)Qtu arreop^LD ^es>L^/SsjTfriu «/rso 

A^QLOeOTUfTIT, Sf^(Zf)!Tm^QLDGTrqrfn'- Qa:!T&<;<b-d!TQsST<SSJUfBdclST epQ QjiV^LSIisirQurr 

Qhil.u.n'iu ^^•(ThL-in'&Q iLj<oS>n'uurr(iFi(tp6niT. ^<^<sv 0DLuri'^JufrL—i—n^i}> ^GnuD3= 

■LJ-g?n/r.) — ^pj^'aT - (^^ir e'^Qo\)Q<fiuLuuu®LCi'\ ^tvitj 
(iSliurrQooJ iQsDroib^:sQ^LCii'b^ J Q .3= fi <oV ^\i fi lo'oT - Q <if ii' <s\)2sc iLj eo") /_. u J a; 

(S3)S), Sr^&^^iT&OT^zi - (oTliilbfrSin&^LCi, ^pJial - Q pS T lB ^^Q ■3' lU\L\'b 

'^O; £ii^'sr - SfjBsaiTLurfoiJfniOT^ 

635. He is the best lielpor (of the king) who uiidevstandiiig the 
(duties) of the latter, is, by his special leaniint^, able to tender the fullest 
advice, and at all times conversant with the best method (of performino- 

LUfTGijGrT QpSQiei^lb USlDoll, 
(uf - Uir.) CT-^j ^LUri0D.hSLUITQLU ^Sai!T£^3r/SlS0SyJ' Qa^lUpio^&UJirQlLI 

.^■60/SQsij[r(B &.6Siu.ujjrfnu ^sDLoa^3'iT&(^ LB<ii£^LLu^c!o^iLjes>L..iu (^Lpe^Qaerrrr 
tu Qpske^puesr ujiremsuiuetT? gt-^, 

^il.uQLDsaru^Q(SS)(B Q^rriss^. (tpm<oi^r)p&> LDrrp(yr;'/r(^i^J=^LumSlisar S(^(^Lp 
^Siurr&i ^L^'jjfT^ Sppeo. ^eaff ^^otl'lLuQldsstjj/ urri—QiDrrQ, ^sg^^lL 
UU3 ujfrQisu6isT£ijes)[ruufr(rPi(rp6UiT • jijsuif ^^a^QaQemLDfTuii (Lp6iT<gfLLL^Lju(Beu 
Q^rrssT^3'i<bK)rr<ssiLDiL^LD, s-uJSluQuiuiT ^.i^fTQpQFfcuppeijL^ ^enevfT^jj /Si^dbMrr 

L^iLKT^em' ^/r(^(gtpsuQ/r6aTu^ <£60^^. ©^(gjeo Sj<^ff^ SpuLja gf^puu 

/rffi(5 - &-<sis)i^ujLnfb^ifi 3a^&(^^ ^^^lLulo - ^^es^L_u^ 

Luir ^-<sfT-<or<3n6u (tjeTr. 

636. What (contrivances) are there so acute as to resist those 
who possess natural acuteness in addition to learning. 

S7. (ol^iUpieSt'Z lUrBlhfl^ <5E(SnL^^ np6\)s^ 

^^LOj SiuQurr(Lp^ ibi—aQeirp &.&ii£6Sajpes)£Siooajuj/Slii^^ ^^Qi^(B GluiiQf^ 

^^- Qa-LUiS, ST-^. 

(Q^-L7-ifOT/T.) QcFlUrpCiDS - JW o^iGU iS u9 :^5\) Q ^ fT 1^ o\)Q 3" LU 

637. Tliont^li you are acqnaiiit:erl witli tlie (tlienretical) mef.linds 
(of performing an act), understand the ways of the world and act ac- 

iqS3')ipil9i7hfbi5iT6aT eh-p&o ^L^cor, 
^rr§s^ mrSlajriQiUT tun uSl^m, ^a-'^/b/DLn Q/sfraQ Qujin^iun'^ ^<su^a(^ 2_j2/ 
^/BQiuoku^ (ij){£s^dso^Q^!TL^pQuujrr. Qsfrpsd-^fr&sT Q^rrehemresiLnQLO 

<a<a,7r&o s/siiear ^^^QluwL^p (3^/bp^GS)^ s_<so<a/i' ^sarQLDQsop^uQLni^uirir, .Sl-^ioO 
^rSl(5!r>oiJiuiM ^t£l^^,^lSluJfr6or GJ(o^^Lh - ( sir^in^ ^rBojirQ^aJ 

^HGQT - Laib^^SsST^^ <SL_(oOT - (LpO^pUJn- (^Lb. 

638. Although the king be utterly ignorant, it is the duty of the 
minister to give (him) sound advice. 

<95i. / {(LoQ^sss'sTs^i Lnib^^iBp usa,^^iL- Ql—&jQ<5Vfr 

Qsueafljb jy-ff"-^^"*'® sr Q it iS purr ir G^QtT(wu^Qi£nis^ uGS)ii><su qF^^usnir, 6T-£)i, 

errLfiu^Qitm^ QiussTp^ tSlauu&ieiifriu QsnesziesSp QiBnear^ &rTi_i^uj 
eurr^U' QsusrrluuL^fSppsiiiTssr ^euiT s,!r&i£uu(Bisurrj ^euear ^.tLuansiurriu Sp 
meoiTp ■furrasuUL^frQemsuru^up^, ^qj<sii!T£u 3h./Sli^iT» sTQ-^u^Qsnu^LDL-ihii^ 
i5d03CiQn&sT^iss)nLju(T(f^LD, £r(ipu^3h.£U ^'BsoQiushi ^ ufri—(oLDrr_^eijn-((^(LpsxriT' 

{Q^ - u - (SDir.) — /_/<5<55^^srr - uas<z^^S(r^ih^, uq^^ 
Gr55ST^}}La - ^iW(mQ3'LuiuQ6Uss'sr^)]LDj mtb^flSe'ar - u^ii^B Qlut 

639. ^i^^ better are seventy crores of enemies (for a king) than a 
minister at hi? side who intends (his) ruin. 

m^ Qar'JjiS&iiLDj ^a.i Qsia'S'SJ^'dJJTIT^^iLDdLD. LS'uSDiplUfTLD 06l)£?VoOT GU&O&HHTlU 

(G)^ - LJ - fctn/r.) — QiSFuJiuuuQfb Q ^ n l^ &) ^2srr ^ ^puuir®- 

(Lpi^Sli @jSoQ'ouQ'3'LU6Uir - ^Q <? oj U-| iL Q LJ/7(T^^ ^KDO/) (Lpl^sQid 
6i>6ST6iJiTih(poiJ Q<?-tUtU/r iQiDUIT. 

640. Those ministers who are destituie of (executive) ability will 
fail to carry out their projects, although they may have coutrived aright. 

<^® ii). c3l^' Q'SFfJGV'QlliiilGmiD. 

r wi M» X M'» *- 

eoQ^ssrp^?earQ-jj QpuLjuupi^Sl £Sl(f!^_^ssirra@^p<ss)LDu9sir, ^o^^'^Loa-'e^chnSlm 

G(2?irToar .'srribsoQLD6ar^ SpuiSl^^J: Qa^iT:jvsouu<Sm i^GOpQ^TtLjaDi__iujiiTS'bO' 
isrrwrr^srr^fTLu fs<3oQLDSsT afl/fluL/ti. ^li/ssvi}) Z-isos^eiDis^ ^LDajLu^^^rrs 

Cocn.'oojT®GLC/r Qwsmu^ ibQfj^^. 

^3'Qd=iTi))'o\)UU®La^ IboXo'oT SL.<or> U.'bZ') L£i - lb oV(lp<sr)l—lU J [J p5 oV ', ^fb 

641. The possession, of that goodness which is called the goodness 
of speech is (even to others) better than any other goodness. 

2_. ^_W<5<55(lp/H (2'<5B® LD£S^&i 6i] QF) ^ S^ IT p 

QsF-ni^isixr^ QoXtfruLjemLoup/Sl ^^(^Qscm(7rfir. Qa^iuiLjen- n asSlsur , sf-iUBuQuiufr 
nnssrisuib^^' iSlp/r Q<3FfriT£>jQurr&drr^ &.uSliTi£LLQs(soei)m}i gp0/sj@si/0^so/T&o, 
■ssir^QsnwuQsoehrc/r/iT- ^es)svu9jrso-ir(Bu(rLLi—.iT^ili ^oo^ ^enaa Qm^ujss>LDUJfr 

642. Since (both) wealth and evil result from (their) speech, 
miuistres should most carefully guard themselves against faultiuess 

(uif-ginT.) (oT - s^y — !bL-uaQiL}p^SiQi£ns£js!L-.n<eS)!TLj iSlsoT Gsv^ui^nLDjb 
LS?633f3a(g/B @G33r/E/aS5rr ^a//raS) iDp(SS)pu u<ss)sujniLi erp^iQ&nerr&rir^n-QF^Lo 
iSloor ^uuesisesiLnQuufT iSii^ rBLLiSlSssr aO^tLt-^/i eusssrei!sr(^ (o)sFn&ieouu(BeijQ^ 

(EniTssT ^fiSlsssmQwiuearrSl Qeu^ ^^^)iio^ rre^^aL-Qajn it Qaireinjeup^mQLD 
ji^/LD QmiT&(^6S)L^^^iT^&i. sj'^nQiu6sre^(iT^ Qa^iuQ^Qssra^aFil) QLonL^suQ^sm 
gi'i^ Qs^njuurnLQsSofsr QsrressrL—^, ^st^i QslLl^itit Qs<smT0n'6isnj^p(-^ ^^Isi 
QsLLi—mr Q&mn^rrQrrearGijLh, eSl6ST(£lajnrr 6S6STsuir^rrQrr6!srisi^Qpe5)n-LJun(T^(tpejr/r, 
^&nssujeunQuJ6{!ru^jt(^ erioeoaQ^ih ^r^^snaJtLjGni—iueurrQiuesr^uesifT^^sfrif^ jt/euir 
^uushroDLD Qmn L^suQ ^ek^isi e^QF)einLDQajrr(B ^es)'jJujfTSj)LD Qi-5iTa>Q/b/5lscir. ^^ 

l9&S?5f}a5(^LO - (LJ)o07(coI/^LJiL_Ti£oV) flSLLQ/i, ^&r)3^ - (^Gm ft 

643. The (minister's) speech is that which seeks (to express) ele- 
ments as bind his friends (to himself) and is so delivered as to make 
even his enemies desire (his friendship). 

QlDpUlLu. J)/JD^U> QunQTji&fiLSleoSoO lUH S<3Cirrm, 6T-£U. 

Sn/^^/DEi&sirn-eueat (^u^uiSpuL], s&)<^, e^Q^ksw, Q<SF&ieuLo, 2.(5ffl/ii, iJ0 

eu^ ^6u/b(^p> /DLDsr^ih ^suiTSs^ Qpenevmu <qi pp^^n ip(£i\&asn lUfSibS^ ^i^jeuLO 

iLjih uiu^^cQsoT ^pi^uSlp£}j, ^iEi<snifliu(Lpi^^^eQp Qun'Qr^enrruSlp^ij. ^p^Lo 
QutTQhf&h^LDsmi {£nFsissr^(SSi^& &rTifljJLDiTaQ'i <s?:-/Sl^ir. 

(Q^-U-(SDiT.) Q<3=fr6\)^ - (^LOifB^lflicefr ^UUl^UUlLl—^ 

^p.'hj<3sdofr ^nSlfb^ - 0^/fl/5^j Q3=irio6^<s - Q5^/r<a)(oD<s6EZ_6iyff • 

^^eafls^JT £6rr;i£/(^ - ^ U U L^ Q 3" fT <5\) ^ 3i p (^ Qu^pUlLl-., ^p^ULD 

Quit (f^(^LD - ^qr^LdQ^Ln Qurrq^^ia, ^s\^ - ^(5\)2e0, (^^a^/r&o.) 

644. Understand the qualities (of your hearers) and (then make 
your speech ; for, superior to it, there is neither virtue nor wealth. 


(utP-OTT.) CT-^j — ^n(^Q3=(r<kisos &(r^^uu Qs^ni-odsdu iSlrSlQ^nirQifn&i 

iSI^QsfT iTQaprr&i-LDn'p(mjr^ LD^a^a^Qa^tKbSi. Osii(i\)^^(so-(^e!sr fhiserrfrisuT 
iSr^^S&i^- jif^Qeu OewoOeu.^ Gspdeoe^iE Qajeisru^mh' ^esfltj iSlplQ^friTQs'iT&y 

QpsnsxJtTiBnLDp QfiTsii^aQeusbT ^<oS)nuun(f^(iperTiT. ^^ Qa^npQun(fF)t—iS]esT 

645. Deliver your speech, after assuring yourself that no counter 
speech can defeat your own. 

<^. QioULLu^<srr^ Qs'fr&jSu i9pirQ<3'frp uuj&siQan i—&iT 

dssTs, Q&fTioisrGlt—rTLQ^&i ^QS)LDa^&iu^^yJ- (^pp'J:>p(iTj'!rs^ ^es^uj, eT-£iJ. 

tSpnQa^trjb&^L- (^pp(LpmeiiiTu3^is> ^es^eu Qmrr&Q uSlsLpnQrreiru^nuD- 

Q^: Q3=!T&i^i(^\ Q'3'!rio(^6ifi^^ uiumQsirL-.&o - ULu2osr<sQ'Sirssijr 
(SIiqSI(B^s\)j LnrrLLQ:!9is\) - (us/b^/fl) ^£\)<s<5BS3OT^^(ffO, Lnirs^^pqrj'ir- 

646. It is the opinion of those who are free from defects in diplomacy 
that the minister should speak so as to make his hearers desire (to 
hear more,) and grasp the meaning of what he hears himself. 

(u? - C3)T.) CT-^, — ^nQswsosss^iu siTifiuJiijadsmj iSprr&Qispua^ Qs^rr&i 

di(^9^ni!3S)iSl^6sr ujrrcutoCT ^a/Ssw ton ^uiTL-L^sttreeaar Qoj&o^^db lufrsuns'^ 
LDftl^f ST'£U. 

€rpU£^Q3^fTci'^^Sb\) ^GL'/f&@ ^'iSKa; SmfllULC&i)&)SUITu9^LD ^QiSKosr^^eisav 

(Q^-u-GDrr.^ — Q<y/r<&\)&06i/s'0(S\}6oT - (^^ fr sot (oTsmt esafl lu •sirniLUfb] 

647. It is impossible for any one to conquer him by inirlgue who 
possesses power of speech, and is neither faulty nor timid. 

upjBu Qur5!Q60TeuT()r^iT. FFeisr(Biih Q&LLL^(b^-(5Tp£)ia.Qani—.&:). ^esxsii uSisrccsr® 
uiTL-L—rr^U3 ^Qjeuirpqr/'p Qs'nco^^iM £u<^-o&imr^ Qpuuii sh-puuLLu.^' 

648. If there bo those who can speak on various subjects in their 
proper order and in a pleasing manner, the world would readily accept 

Q (o\)Q 3= fr (5\) s\) Qpo)(nrj' ^eurr. 
(u.f - 6a)rr.)CT-^j — ^ppLDpp6arsufTuj<;^ ©soewffx; evrriT&>aD^s^ ^SjQjrr 

(^ppih - QLDpQs^fTib-CicQuj (^easriHiiSLLc^ LD£u^dsoiun'uSlisur. ^emi_eSlu.rr^ 

(Q^ - u - (Sjn,7".) — £D/r5f ^pp - ^ppLDppiSD6ij^isniriLj, ^a)- 
^^Sov), Q^p(irf>^6iJT - ^rSluurr^sui'rj u<o\) - ue^QUirQiu 6iifrir^QS)^ 

649. They will desire to utter many words, who do not know how 
to speak a few faultless ones. 

so. ^j<^^^Cp^^ ihir(frf' La6\)ir2s^uj'r s,pp 

3D^ /K_02- ShS^T-lH, ^Q. gQ 2ssT ^ ^^ UU SS) LD . 

Quurruufr, er-£ii, 

Qufreo ^^Ssjai ssr)^es)eu^£iJ;^ Qs^ir&^evLDmLL-n ^ir it ib6aj(^LDQle,s,uui^!r Gnear 

LDmLi—n^iTjr ^l^u sh-puuiLu-^, 

650. Those who are unable to set forth their acquirements (before 
others) are like flowers blossomiug in a cluster and yet without fragrance. 

SjooSiTsn^ QsFLuaJuu®Lo eSooarasiT QuiTQfp&TiueisirSl ^pQpih l/S(^id 

<55. ^] 6sssrm<o^ Lmra^rb aj^S-in 

Qsiism i^\u Q6iJ'S\)6\)frib ^(f^Ln, 
(u[P - 6!nir.) (oT-^y — sp0ffl;^s(-^_^ ^dcssnu^ mscncSiLo Qg^d-iisuQLDfrmpossr 
iljEi Qi£rr(Ba(^iliy jijajsueaeijesr/S eSlossriu^ !5&srcs>LO ^eiisur Qeueosii^uueisT iuneup 

(S!)piLjlEl Q&a(B&(^Lby CT-J3/» 

Qsuessri^iuQisud^soiT GlLDsurp^ ^mss^maiseikr ^pLD QunQf^eBehru (Lp^eomu 
enpesypu^LD LoruonmaaiLl. i—fietireSQf^LhLSItu u^Eia>?(srrtLjUD. ^^(Q)p &it(oWuu(Bib 
^?essr,-B<5srGS)LDuSl^Ei £E(rF)^uu(Bil) 6S3s^mekiss>LO Spi^Q^ecr eSldosr^^iLe^LO 

lU^ QpuL^a dh-puUL-U.^. 

(Q^ - u - scD/r.) — ^2s3(jr/5is\)i.D - (s^(2jsiy.^y,s(g) ^2smrS&iT^ 

IBs'dTBDIS^lUW&iT^y ^<S^LO-Q3^(i\^61JLa (S^&iT (SS> pQ lU ^ ^ Q^Uh - Q<55/r©^ 
(3^1^', eSl SsSTIB 6\) La - Q S IT lB 'o^ &iT ^ !B SOT <SS) inUJ J SST ^ y Q 61} oisT L^iLI (^ &i 

ffOfrLa-f^euoar) Q6iicmin.tJU(SX)6iJ3i2s(rQLui\)(o\)frL[iy £5qF)Lo-Qs.n'®s.(^La, 
651. The efficacy of support will yield (only) wealth j (but) the 
efficacy of action will yield all that is desired. 

(gjeaj)] QLa,rr(rE<oii^6\) (ooi/eaijrOLo Lj^QLprr(B 

(uf - snir.) ei-^; — ^ioLDira'^iii^ ^LD<ss>LDaaLL L\a(L^iX) LD£nes)LD&amr 
^p(ipil) uojeurrs eSlcmaosa ^6S)LDa=3'iT&(^ en'&iBiTisv^^ QLoriL^^soQeuem- 

f G)^ - i-j - ecn/r.) — i^sQi^n® - (^Lau^srs'^aimC^ LJ<^es)LpiLiLD. 
m<o'oT^ - ^^^szD^iLj/L, uiuovrr - ^jrir^^ eSlSsar - O^trL^Mdjdsrr^ 

652. Ministers should at all times avoid acts which, in addition to 
fame, yield uu benefit (for the future). 

Q<ss(Ssp<^<s srrjressTLDrTOJ eSoFsremuja^ Qg^aj^Ssv^ ^^trsy 6T-£m. 

eargi'LO (Lp^sS'Sso^Q^inQpOuajir LnrrppuUL-t-^. ^sar^#: Qa^uLK^iSsmQuueBr 

LO 50r O^ SOT £_/ if (T LC • 

(Q^-u-GTiT .^ — ^^Ld - Qu:>6\)rrisL—GoiJmJoi^ GT'sm^LoeiiiT - 

653. Those who say " we will become (better)" should avoid the 
performance of acts that would destroy (their) fame. 

jp. (5)®<s65l1 ui^^u lD sifl <oU lb ^ Qa'OJUJirir 

!b(Bispp airiLQ lueurr. 
(uif - 6S)(r.) CT-^, — isnLB(9siBes^Q&i ui—eu^^ld, ^^ ^it^pGi^itq^lJB 

iL^esiL-.turr it J er-jj/. 

S/St^CuiTipQ/b SL^su^iTiu ^(Baa Q^&Q €1/^^,(^(7 asr^rsi HL^'jun^ 6iSli£l<si] 

Q^^cujiiT&son&iTj Qa-iLjujfrQiT6k(7)^iT* 

(Q^ - U • €T)!T .^ !h®<k(^ ^pp'^GSiS'iolipp^ <snLL&iU6}JiTm 

l—OUrl^ULD, (^^ ^IT^pQufT QJ^lL®)^ ^SlfloUli}^ Q&=UJLU[rf'r - ((tpoQT 

654- Those who have an infallible judr^raent though threatened with 
peril will not do acts which have brought disgrace (on former ministers). 

®. <5TpQp€o-T (Bf!W(^<ou Q,fiLJiups Q<9'iusurrG&ir6'or 

LOpfOo'sT&iT Q<3^LLJlUrr(S!y)lSi Ih&iT^. 

^ J !anEF,6uQsu<csr (ipewswB^esiLDtSlp iSleir ^swearOsueNe^ •PfLLL^Qiurri-SltP.srrn'. 
^ojgEISpsi seir^ ussrssiLDturisir^ ^jr<i&(Lpuo usdsvn'uSlssr. j^s-Qii^iup(^u iSl&irsz'H 

uaj€(^&iisO<5Si QfFuuQ&nqr/QsareaeiiLDy pesruL^esnu^ flj/zGesr ^p£ii@(SST(nj'Qicsr6si 
GijLD, er&j&DfTQF^LNiSip^s^^ iSesreSjTfEiaiTSSiia /56urQp5k(77^iT. ©j^suili, (^orGia 

iDlcoT jtjcmsu Guntt>Dffl.'62fr£Y^ Qa^ujLUfresiLn ibssrOpssru L9pQrr&^siiTili @j<ssjiuup 
(Q-s - u - SD/T.) — (oTp^ii sre'oT^ - {jsrr omQ s'lu ^ ^^(st u u l^u 

Oa'LUlUpS - (s^(77;5G/r^Ui) Qg-LULUfT ^(75«c55^<5BL_6K6ffr' Q 3^ u'j 611 H' Q SOT 

&0 - (sp(2j=E/r&vJLQiurijS ^sjnsL/aSsrr) Q-sPuuoijrr^uSieGTy tap^ - iSlmi^^ 
^ohssT - ^AisQjr!bJ.z&oa>do(ry Q^itujufrss^Ln - Q^iutufr^ (fh^^(bVy 

655' Let a minister never do acts of which he would have to grieve 
sayi'ig, " What is this I have done !" ; (but) should he do (them), it 
Avere good that he grieved uot. 

"Sir. Ff^s^(irj>i3rr uQ^iTesarurr is^S^i}(^ Qs'iuiups 

(uf-ginT.) GT-^, — sssmSiwu uiuiarrsrr^ u&sntu (si)^<ss)LDiun p &ecs! i^ 
&osa c^(TF)S>jssT QifiuiutrQ^n iB&j (oT-^. 

uSiunsor euQf^fb^Qtxisddso&asm ^LU6STui3ocij(i^ QiPojisirS^LD L^pihiBQ^&QsiieDT 
^LD ^p^^pQurr^eS^ Qu!T(iT)^iirib\}si.nB Qun(u>(^pe)^Lb ^f-sfit Q^nL^p(&)ifl 
tujTiT^^txi msis!^ LDQssir)un(B(Lp<siT>i_ULj ^esiLoa^s'fra Qaaj^niss)LDup/£ly ^m 

Ga^LUUjpH^QiiUsku^ •9h-puULLl—^» 

(Q_<^ - u - siD/r.) — iT-eki(rrj>siT - (^sn (r^6ii s'cn ^scotSsst^ Qupp 
<s.ru3€ST^^ u& - u^oDiu, ■sireisruiT'oST ^u9^nu^ - (^6Uj)jeDLDUjfr 

s^), <3'fr<ooTQ(Yrf'ir UL^i(^La - (^^ rSl 6V rr Jx)") i^ es) p liQ ^ ir nf uL^d^(^Laj 
eQSsar - Q ^ ir iB o^) ii,do(r ^ Q.^LULup3i-Q3'LUiuir^ nh^<siai—6iLJoiT , 

656. Though a minister may see Lis mother starve, let him do no 
act which the wise would (treat with contempt). 

<oT. Ui^Lo^ib Q^LLj^iu euirkiB^^p 3=!ri,oiQ<rrj'lr 

(Q^ - u - (531/r.) — UL^Ln^ih^ - {^g'lr&nQ (rrf'ir(S>d&i!T ^eu'r ^^ 

657. Far more excellent is the extreme poverty of the wise than 
wealth obtained by a heaping up of sinfal deeds. 

^. <3ii^fb^ ■SL^tbQ^irirtnT Q <3= lu ^ n' it <s &Gr>6u^iT 

Sl^p@^ &iTjTsixsnximjLJ sSocura,sosrQLD Q&^ppuuiLi—^. 

si^fb^ e^niriT - (^^itq^ld^ ^tarr^sSli—frjnrQj Qg'iu^friT^(^'(^Qu[r 

lB&)3>&T, (^UUQT)6l} IU6\)<oV[T(oS)U:iUJir&) (LpiR.LUrrSUITLC^')^ fLpl^lbSir 

G^iia - (^<sp(meiJL^iurTisM) Qpi^ib^ir^La^ iS<3T>Lp-(iSl&sT^ ^&iiu^<ss>^^ 

658. The actions of those, who have not desisted from doing deeds 
forbidden (by the great), will, even if they succeed, cause them sorrow. 

SpUlU^(m IBpUfT (oOio!S)6U. 

iSlsirQsurssiQsu m^ODLDiq ldl.ibi@v)^' Ouirqfjm&isnnem ^aj/v^i;(^<i ana 
easTLDfTLU 6S8cW&<3rr Qlusol^ sh-^iuevir^. 

(Q^ -Urn siji/r.) — eo^rsei/ear ^a^Q^iiLB'^s.'bcadP Qe'iu^. 

■sQ srr i\) so [T LD ^tpuQurrixi - (^aisnt£iii5)io ^eussi ^ £^^Q^^u 
Q uiT^!rmrb(^Lc>] 15S0 ui{&:i(ss)6u - ubpp tBsoeoQ^iriMisoscnfreo eurbs 

659. All that has been obtained with tears (to the victim) will de- 
part with tears (to himself) ; but what has been obtained by fair means, 
though with loss at first, will afterward yield fruit. 

npsk ^ssih uaJuuemQuiTpQ(n^slsrrBu iSlswesr l^Gsu uius^sorr&ij ^eisxsu 
SF(3iiQui6mLJuiLi—€ut. (qfLDLcrr rr^^QeoGsru^ (srLDnrr^^Qsosk(vr/>uSlr)£u : <stld^ss)^iu 

sF^tS) Qu!Tm(^LD Qa^iruQurrQmsisTu^rrui. iStjaQneOeofTU} (srLBn^^Q&aear^ unt^ 
GlditQ, cSy^/D@ LoQip^Qsoesr^jjiJ}, ^fr<^'up0p6mu^p(^ eineij^^rrpQun^ 
Qldsst^ (Lpi3S>ff spirit ; s^surr ^sotsu ^ehrsS&m iljim tSI/Sl^ssrisSScsnLjLDrruj s_isues)LO 

660. (For a minister) to protect (his king) with wealth obtained 
by foul means is like preserving a vessel of wet clay by filling it with 



<^(5T.LD. ^B SSI^G^^^L-Ulh. 

SlooSnsu^ Sj^^iiJ eS)^ (Lpi^uu!T^&(^ Qevessr(Bsu^rruJ LDesr^^essTesiLO. 
L£>pimpiu QGiJsi)<o\)irui iSlno, 

^'BssT^^iLuia, /HLOOT 3^-7 

(ljf-63)ir-) (oX-^j — sSSsiirOsFuu^^iBi— L^eisr <ss)uaQ oj&sr^ Qs^iTbii&iuuQisu^ 

^esisuujLD Jy^/y^ '2'a(Kw(&Qy63ria;/;uJ ^SOTLon'4b(?8oor LDp<ss)fl)iuQ<si]i50T^i}i, Qevsm 
if @i'U) ^o°o^<^'^'SiJi-^u ULLJ£sfl6^sumi:69.& iSlpQsxiesT^iHj Sh./Sl(^iT. @^@toU ciSlSror 
^^QLLuLoaoj^ ^earesrO^emu^ ^h-puuiLi—^. 

lQl-^^ si;(oSlh-!nmQaj60T_jj/ Q3^ir(bXi(o\)u u(Sl6iJ^^ eaQ^eijear - (^^dssr 

(oClTLB \S\p - (^'jSd)(^') 611 <M iS<T) LnQ lU &!iT ^ Q 3" a (^ 6\) U U (Si 6iJ <oST eU <Sd &) , 

661. Firmness in action is (simply) one's firmness of mind; all 
other (abilities) are not of this nature. 

(SS)QpsaT u :rtnu[h<s6iifr Q'^frerr. 
(uf - 6a)ir.) <ST-^) — (Lpm SQijuirirriujih^ s^emLod^s^jr^ ^esSL\ uqq^ 
lj(Bld (sSSrsra^^J: Q.iFajLun'<snLDiLjil), Qa^tLiLjUDsSSosr Q^iueus^frp UQa^ULLL—enLR 

Q^enffai^LD ^•SJ-jriT^i^ih ^es)LD3^<SrU L^ejmu- lafijufftp QeuehsP. ■srr^ ^ss!^i_j 
0^/r@_^^u lS/sst f§^,£jjr^es)L-ujfTir sh-^iuGuir^ eh.^@m p .. :^ 'jS-sk , FF6asj(B 

S^pp!SlQaSr&iT£)Jll>, ^SU(SS IT ffO^TL^ebr a SOW Q£3iir Ull-L-O^QSTUaiT ^IT<SCljrl^(^Qp&ST 
£illEl dh-^i^lT. ^m.Q(V/'iriTQ!T6S!£)l UfT l—.QLD!r^SUrr(TF)(Tp6rTIT j ,^o°o^ ^&ii£niSS)LD 

Qlajesrmn QiLDsmQi^(B&i ^rrsssrQu.&!r^fB Q^rr0naQujfT(Bu:> ^es^oJiurrc^LD ^cu 

e^FtTbV - QiFuJiu/rsjnLDtq/ij s^ppiSl/ai - (Qg=iuiL],iQ^rrLB6\) sm-iB 
^(2'(D\)) u(lp_^ulLi_isQl-.^^^ 6^eD<s/rOTiLn - (■J>/,3^p(^) ^snjrir 

662. Not to perform a ruinous act, and not to be discouraged by 
the ruinous termination of an act, are the two maxims which, the wise 
say, form the principles of those who have investigated the subject. 

QsSJpqrf <sSl(L£:Lhlb ^(T^lh, 

(u!f-65)T.) CT-^, — Qla=ajLJu(BuL> (^ussrs^iu Qpi^GSmail. L^60Lju(BLDeyQ!)s 
(Lp'skQewksoinh iDSsyp^^g^ QsFojeuQp ^lLuidhw^ j jijisjiaicmLDsoT/B ^e5)i— 

S0$, /E-0=P/ 3h<ST - LD 

Qlu LfeoLJuQiDrruSlm ^jUL-ieouun® QisFiusii!r^a(^ Sisinfr^ ^(Suiiss)uesiuj& Q&rr 

QDuj ei9suffi(g«6'b^ Qa^ojeunSour eSsoai^^ib-o Qs^uuevjrmseQeir , j>jisupqp&sT a'^fflyesi. 
<^)(L^LCiLb £FITQuQuLUlf> ^SKSU uSlir<5oiii(BufTLLi—rr^ili ^^£sr^ '-'©I® <3h.pu 

QsiTiLa - afLpev) [QeueSuuL^ Qsush-pui^'J^ Q<3'Lu^as<s^] - {^^ 
p(^n-p'ohQisaT&d<o\ifrLCi t£)(Sno^^_^^ Qe^ujsuQ^j ^6ssT<ssiLt^ - eiyeSoj/r 

663. So to perform an act as to publisli it (only) at its termination 
is (true) manliness ; for to announce it before hand, will cause irreme- 
diable sorrow. 

G)(y/r(&i)69uj 01; soar 0337 (&5 G)<fuj&o. 

(uiP - 6!nir«) 6T-^j — Lurrui ^dieSSc^esiuj ^cveiJiTpqrj'p Qg^uj^QiDsur lElir 
eouL-s= Qs^ni-o^i^&i u.;/7<a//r<a"c^ii) ererflujj ^^2s^i ^^odGua pqr^Qicist Q^lu^&o uuneu 

Qs^fT&^^^&ij Q&^uuQ&ossruem ■a^rr^uQuourrt ^ifltueupesyp Qnjmsreix^a^Qa'rr 
^iT&i Qa'iLsQsiJnQuMSiTjri] isp(LpiiD(muu.^ Q'3'iT&o^^&o, aj/r/f<s(^/i - 

664. To say (how an act is to be performed) is (indeed) easy for 
any one ; but far difficult it is to do according to what has been said. 

(uif - snj.) ST-^} — STisssrisssr^^rrp SpuQutu^u iSlpsSsoasemiEis&Trr 

(Lpuot L.iibfLpih ^^6SJ m^asressT eun i^^'Ct STuJ^eorrQeaiosTLJ^ Qiui^ iBesTn^^, a_6Tr 

jij<ss)i—i'b^^ usiieisTL-n It - (iJ:s^e(Dpu9oV^assaTthi^(orTfr^La^ LdmLQ 
&y>LCiUUL-L- Lbii^fl^err^, gQ 2ssr ^ ^ lL u ih - Q^nt^&i eueQleDUMUfr 

665. The firmness in action of those who have become great by 
tlie excellence (of their counsel) will, by attaining its fulfilment in the 
person of the king, be esteemed (by all). 

<Kt. <oi s:>ist lossfl oj Q loii ss'iyr 6ss9 lu rr fhJ Qsiis^u Q su ssst 6s^ UJ a I'r 
^1 55ST <5mi) iu jrirau QufBeoJ. 

(uif-sinnr.) sr-^', — ^hQlliuj^ erectsrssS'jj QurT(r^Ghs Qerreoeorreu^eonoiLjui 
^QjQsiJsi!3T 05!^!jjsvrr(e/D 6TxJ^£ii(T, eT<oS3TeT5^ujexj/T ^ev/b/Sl /v(^ eurruS&iiTQiu aflSfW 

ere^^Q&jToj^u Qaussrun a , (sr^aresSiunia QsiL^uQeij6sr(7rj'iT. ^suit Sjou 

{Q^ - u - (SJD/r.) — <or6!^6ssf)iunir - (^e^(rfjQ uir (t^^err ^es^i^iu^ 
GTsssressflesTeuiT^ ^smesSiuir ^s,uQ usB<^ - (^^uQurT(miL(^ gul^ 

666. If those who have planned (an undertaking) possess firmness 
(in executing it), they will obtain what they have desired even as 
they have desired it. 

6T. 2_(5Si^5S53r QLlen&vrr&^La Qeumsr® (LpQ^&trQ U(ii^rbQ^'rdS 

(uif - ewT.) (ST-^, — S-(fF)€tTrr iB&sip Qurtliu Q^rrac^ <jy<?^isw«s337 ^633?? 
Quirsii ^onsr&seisT ^ec'sresSiunes^iT iLj<S!>u.^^ 2_eu6SLb, ^^^&) ^eucs^rr eui^ 

©j2/c?DLDj eT&nsiTfTesiLDQeveim® Qtomu^^^^il), a_6D®PLDtu/r@i)a), Qup(rffiD' 
Ls^. ^^ evL^suiT/b &^^rruSlQF)ibQiS Quiflujumr^es)^^ Qaneosr^tuA^^rb ^lL 


(H_4E0 ^iT<ST - i£). 

Col/ 63*37 ©til. 

667. Let none be despised for (their) size; (for) the world has 
those who resemble the linch-pin of the big roUiug car. 

,^3,.Zfa ^Up^lb^l Q<£F(UiU. 

(uif - ontr.) (51-^, — inesrib 0^<s^i_^ QsFujsu^rra^ ^eszBi^ (^ocstuSIost 

(W/r« ^6n'/EJ<Sffe!0i-0-^L_LJ(TpG5)L_e!»LD. 

(Qs=lL16il^[r<s) ^6SS?llh^j (aSlSs3T.i3S6WT - 0^/7 L^ (50 6^ /_^'^, ^GfTftJ 

GT)^ iS^iB^S^ - (o)<5FUJ^ - Q<?UJ«65L_iSU/r. 

668- An act that lias been firmly resolved on must be as firmly car- 
ried out without delay. 

(UiP - e5)IT.) (57-^, — (Lp^pasii^ QLDlLIWQptUfii&UJITp pLD&(^<s ^eh UIS> 

G) <? UJ t/J <S 65 i_ (5K /r . 

669. Though It should cause Increasing sorrow (at the outset), do 
with firmness the act that yields bliss (in the end). 

LDcBr_<5^o"3rffisaV ^LLuLSeceorr^ir )ra(^u ues^i—., ^jreotsr, /elIl/ (Lp^e^tuajfi) 
^eoT QiLuiati, Qs{r(b\i<sii frill S-errsuiruSl^^Lh, eSchsr Qpi^LUfT^fTLOf ^aQsu^ ^es^evQuj 

l^^t(b\>!T^n ITS' ©5^^-/ <5f>-pUUL-l—^. 

Qsfimenir<s Lntb^ifisZsiT^ Grdssr^^LLuLo-^esteii i§rbJ'S<o\)nrQuj eiieQ 

^LD, QsvGs'iyrL^fr^ - iB5aT(^LC^iuiriT. 

670- The great will not esteem those who esteem not firmness of 
action, whatever other abilities the latter may possess. 

j^/^arijT (tpssip<sDLDiLjLh ^^(GsjC'esr (sS6{nhj(^ili. 

(U;f - 63)T.) CT-^, — (sSa^iTjr^^r) Q(£&odsoiuj<5u^ e^3=!Trt\a@<ssT(nj'dsT ^eS 
tSlssr iSlLi^u iSIsotslL i—ik^iDnuSishrj ^^ (^prD(ip'SS)i—^^y ct-jj/. 
essrQQmeku^ Qupcr^Co- i^ew&sriT^ ^esaffey ^i^Quujit. ^LLi^uL^-Qs^uuiLjihjarr 

UJ/rSI/J57j jrr; (SSgj? 61j GTlU^io - ( ^Q <oO fT & ill U 6iJ (sk @)Ssfl @j^ SUUfT 

671. Consultation ends in forming a resolution (to act) ; (but) de- 
lay in the execution of that resolve is an evil. 

2-. ^Jfiki(^s ^^rh]Qd= Q<3=uj^ufr&) ^iiDg,p& 

(uif - 6!nir.) <ST-^, — i^L-i^A^ff- Qa^iiiu-i'JD ur^^iusumu (^Sssr&^&r SlL 

^(srKLD Gue^ijLiiT^isi a.rre'd^sir^iJo ^^iL;LJu®m, wirjQa^Qs'UJiiSskj jijesyeii evniufr 
^es)su ^ireosr(9ufTLLt—n ^ih Qu^^o/cwauj/ri&b eSSosrOsFiuttji-s ^piki ffh-tDuuil. 

672, Sleep over such (actions) as may be slept over ; (but) never 
over such as may not be slept over. 

IH-. 6^<50^msi]ir Quji\)'o\)frLCi eSlSsarmehrQfr) Qiufri\)iovrrA^irib 

Q<3=(S\)^lh6UtrUJ QtBfTiiQi' 0<5FUJi&0. 

(uif - 6!J)T.) £T-^, — sS'iSstsTQ6FiutLjtsjsn-&) ^iushlSi—^ 0^&:)&)fTih QufTjrnjb 

&.i—ihu(B^^p uuj^^rrp pLCt(ipQetTna>(^LD!T(t<^m' ^^i^eisr eL'sSujnsiiT, s^u 
u/resr, QiDGQajfiQesrsor f§2so g^a/eroa^ Q^(sku^^.LD ^a/^jj^esr sueSiuu^ &pu 
Ljili} s^puuiLi—esr. 

673. Whenever it is possible (to overcome your enemy) the act 
(of fighting) is certainly good ; if not, endeavour to employ some more 
successful method. 

(uiP - GWT") er-^, — Qspojijjs Q^iTi—iijQaJ eSSc^iLiih as^uup Q^rri—Ei 
Qua uGS)siLjQLDssr^ Qa^rrG^iaouuLLi— ^iisssn—sm Q^niBsijLD j^rrrriLjiijarrp f^uSltm 

(^I'r. ^3^^r eueQ'XjfTbir QsPiuiLji^pim ^yi-puuL-u.^. 

(5riociTjp]Qa=n-(S0s\)LJUil-L^ @)!rs^^i^'5SJ^^ (STs^'^lo - ^siDo^iqujj iSlSsar 

674. When duly considered, the incomplete execution of an under- 
taking and liostility -will grow and destroy one like the (unextinguished) 
remnant of a fire. 

(Uif - GdilT.) GT-^, sSSswQff^lLJlLj L8u.p^U QutTQf^^m a(ni^LLjfhJ A/TCV 

^^> §)'~-^°'^ - §)^-(hP'^ ('^^^)i ^'^'^"^ J §)(l]ji>rT^jr-LDUJ&3iLO 

675. Do an act after a due consideration of the (following) five, 
viz., money, means, time, execution and place. 

<5^. (Tpz^eij m(S!nz_^j2/ (Lpro^turrfa Q&oj^Ln 
(U(r - CDT.) er-^^ — eSISswQg:iuiLjisisn&i ^^ (LpiS-^p(^&r^niD op, 

uSjiD Qs'lUiB QsiimuisnLD' 

676. An act is to be performed after considering the exertion re- 
quired, tbe obstacles to be oucountered, and the great profit to be gained 
(on its completion.) 

GT. QiFiusQ^ Qg^iueiitrsoJ QeFOJ&sr (Lpstyip ujGueQBssr 

(65)saT QsFujujnpesip'^LOiurTeu^ ^Sicsr ^enuun lLi^lSfst Lu/Seuir&ii e,QT^p^om^ 

Qunihs s^urruuLD. ^^ocjstiu/SIluQsu, ^n^Ca ^^^pQs=uj^ uujQsohIj^Qldsst 
ui^rrih-. ^<ss)su Qpsw^jiufTLLi—n'^m ^Ljurrew Qs^uuttji ^pisj sfi-puutLu-^. 

(O^-LJ-Gm/r.) — Qg^iijoSldstsT - (^susvL^iu/rio^ Q<9Fiuiuuu®ii 

QjSfJt-Sl^ Q<fLU(olliT60T-Q3'iUlLJ^Q^fri—liijQcsr6V6b^ Q^Luiv (LpOnp- 

Od^uJiLKLpes^roLUfrsv^, ^<susSl2esr - ^^Q^ir^Scm^^ s_ea - s_i^ 
uu!nL.GX)i—.^ ^rSlsufrs'oT - ^ rSl u 611 SOT £11 ^ S-<snerTLa - &(m^GS)^ ^ 

677- The method of performance for one who has begun an act is 
to ascertain the mind of him who knows the secret thereof. 

lu fr Sssruj [T >s\) vu a Ssar lu rr ^ ^pj)]. 

uJ/;Gl5^) ^sisiesr^ lSI/S^ QwfrifujnocsrGinuju i3esS^js^Q(^ QL-.rr&^LD, er-^. 

iSles^j^^pii(rF)es)ixi Q^rreirp id8ssr atsijQerTesru^ iSlesr^iEi ffn-L^u.uuL-L-^ . 
0^nu-rsi@aj i^SrwuunQsisT i3,fSl^QLDirrT<^2osres>uj (ipi^ij^^p (^uirujUimDnjpi crcsbr 

^^^fT&i) mdooriii^ ,sQufro\)^€S)^u^<Sini—Lu^ LurrBssriurreM - iLnrSsaruSl 
^(coo, ujirSsar-(^^LJUL^uuL-i— Q enQ (7rj> (n^'^ iun^<5S)iu^ vun^^^ 

678. To make one undertaking the means of accomplisbing an- 
other (similar to it) is like making one rutting elephant the means of 

(u(P - 60)T.) 6T-^f — eSlSr5rQff=LLjisurr(^p rr>e& &vl^i—n i\ a>--^ ^Gt^ajEnneriro 

^Gtjc^Sssr evrruu^^p Uiu^^suniu ^GuGSjTeszr(Bil> u€S>ite>j!Ta(mA «eCTG)L06Qei/ 
u(B£nQ^&srpsurr£i!. (^SsmQs^iunji^jcLDmBeQp uesissuQjTiT QL^mLi—ti jrnuSljb£u, 

679. One should ratber hasten to secure the alliance of the foes 
(of one's foes) rather than perform good offices to one's friends. 

<5E0. 2_<szn^^^(U/r Q^esoTcm-Qias <s^i^9l<z (^€S)pQurBp 

siJBLDnuSim, ^sues)rrp ^frt^ih^ ^^Sssr Gtup^aQ&rr&reuir, gt-^, 

^l-Jj-ze/tOld ^ir^am. ^ev/bp^ ^j^jcs^ld ^areurrirQLD QsoppuuCi—^. 

uSlGso QLceQiuirii uSl^iT ^ih u(^^tLiLD(^S Sisj@6W Qp^Qisorr(BiEi QaQaurmse^eky 
^^ evrrjrfTLD/b S/Sl^ QetT®^^(^ s^ih^dsw Qojp^SbQsrreirs Qeneiru^niX), 

(Q^~u-es)rr.) — 2_gjn/D 9 fSlLUfrir-^(^La ^i-® 9l/SlLUjrtrQiu 
(^/X)^) ^ fbJ <s rki <s ^n' ^ /bOm^&o - /5©/s7@^_^<£(g^ ^(^Q ~ uiu 

l^^l, (^<S!y)rDQui£l&iT - (^/b79S50<S(^ Q6iJ6Sm®6U^!T Qiu) d'fb^ «Ki,® 

eireiiir - (^^dssr^ (cjp^s Q&tTefr(ejE6i]ir. 

680. Ministers of small states, afraid of their people being 
frightened, will yield to and acknowledge their superior foes, if the latter 
offer them a chance of reconciliation. 

es>s}ji.iuuLLu.^i' ^nek GU(^^^a f^^Qiasar^ sh.iBjj^ 3K.g3i<sv!rQ€:^esr ^ ^^ 

iSlekC(S^siiT ^6u6^p errjtsfi-^ (^asrm (^es^p/BQ^rr (gjaeo/regiLDj ^qo^ssilD'O^&iu 

^u L^s:rsTpacs)LDi^ (^L^uSleiiT&LL iSlp^^^^m ^jra^irs^rr^ caSl^LOL^UD uessi L.jes)u. 

<5(^, usmL\ - ^s\)<S'SesiiTLCirrLD. 

681. The qualifications of an ambassador are affection (for Lis rela- 
tions), a fitting birth, and the possession of attributes pleasing to royalty. 

a_. ^^&sTU^ 6iJ T jr n uu lb ^ Qd=irs\)6u&n<oS^Lc ^^GS)[TUU!Vff& 
Q&srrB iLKSDLnojir^ Q-psar^. 

QupdTfCn. ^ensuiSljTsssrQ urrL-L—iT^u> ^Qf)eues>siuiT iri^LD Qurr^cSeoi^sessriij 

Sh-puUL-L- ^. 

682. Love (to liis sovereign), kuowledge (of liis affairs), and a 
discrimiiiatiug power of speech (before other sovereigns) are the threo 
sine qua non qaalificatious of an ambassador. 

QsusarrSl (sQSsartqstmru ua o'oT usscstl^, 
QsifTpsiiT LDirSsOiuQrrssru^ Qpn^p QeitcOnQfTeor^uLO, ^^<s£ios^ uSijressr 

bi/a^susar ^L(^^'S^- (^iTshr^ ^«.^pre9&0 6ii&)s\}isu ^(^^io, 

683. To be powerful in politics among those who are learned (in 
ethics) is the character of him who speaks to lance-bearing kings on 
matters of triumph (to his own sovereign.) 

^-'. c^/3<oij(f^ eumrrriuK^ <s(5\)6S1u9ld ^&iip<ssT 

(uiP-emT,) er - ^, — '^ojpssistufrQujeii/SlsijLD <seaVi_/r/ffi)S'0tiq/6- Q^rrp 
puQufTsQeijUi uG^QwrrOu:! uaoaiT^ LDrrjrfruuuuLLi— a&o^U-jQLD&sr ibssji^ldQ^ 
^pQ&^suniu ^wQfim pesr ^ iSh.LLu.^es)^iLjets)L-iUfr6ar Geup^GeuiB^fflesii^^ 

Qi-.!T^^Qi(mLa\ Q^rrppuQuiTsSieiiLOi, ^irn luK^ aaJefi? - (^ueo 

684. He may go on a mission (to foreign rulers) who has combined 
in him all these three, viz., (natural) sense, an attractive bearing and 
well-tried learning. 

Ib&fTrB UOJUU^fTiB S^^. 

ueoanifliuisjSLl. (■^u.LDUL-.rr^rriT ujTix>uss>niu!T&sT j)jwp^ib@i iBtTjrmnixruj 

s^(if^ks,^^a^ (LpL-LDuQeuiTj ^ssTi^^eufi/Sp (^i—wui—tr^nfr ^wiD6srLD@Lp3= 

BfTifliurs seu(yr>LD&i npm.a£Beyeoaorr Qsureku^rrtl). 6T6ikr^uies>LDaeir eSlaSfrjr^^irp 

emmiLirr'oST Q3=frti}'ZefTrr&i)LaQLp3'Q<3'fr6\^e9iHLaj meij/Sluujuu^'^^'oisT 
^jr3=^&(3^) reisare^LDSjntUvJ^ Q<3=iuu6uQstsT^ ^^ - sw^^eiKrear, 

685- He is an ambassador who (in the presence of foreign rulers) 
speaks briefly, avoids hai-shness, talks so as to make them smile, and 
thus brings good (to his own sovereign). 

ps,& ^Seu^n ih ^^t 

(uiP-smT.) i5T-^, — i§Q,^<b\)&dstTaap£ii^ ^rr<^ Qsp&srp aQT^LD^es^^u ues)s 
QaUfBSir LDssrrkiQ&n&ra^ Qs^n&isQ ^eurr Qa'uSlir^^ Q/Efr&Qesr ^iQfEn'^Qp S(^ 
SFiT^ aiT60^Q^n(B Qurr(T^f5^ SIS' Qpu^iiB^^is (SijumuLD/SeijnQesr ^ir^^ 

SjsusiiutruL} LD^^pOutTQTjLJB S^^^jbsdoeSiLjil), S'/^^estevr/Su iSI/SlQ^/r 

U!rn-(SS)6iJiS(m ^43'^'^^i sirev^^trio - &ffe\j^Q^n'® Qufrq^th^s^ 

j^^.Tii - ^^^(63)61/ /rear. 

686. He is an ambassador wLo having studied (politics), talks 
impressively, is not afraid of angry looks, and kuow3 (to employ) the art 
suited to the time. 

<5r. JiL-b07rB'b_^ 65/rtoOM <5E(7R^ Sl^i3STj£Ii6 

Q^siisremil iLiGrnruuinai p2si). 

c\)_§iiiLorr pes^p QpmQssr ^s=rrifl^^ Sjensmr^u Qa^n&i^^^eutrssr ^r^ifl&sr iBs 
&p.aSTy er-^. 

Qa^iijiLj (LpenopoDLDiuiTSiJ^ j)ieij/r f§Ss\)iLim ^ecnsarirsFGi^^u^iJOt ^ssre^.SsOiLjUi 
^aQ ^sup^pQapua i£n^oy(LpQ^pes>LDiL\LD Qls^tri-o^l (ipicSipssiixiiL^u^ (ip^aorr 
uSliuT. Qa^^eS - rt60TO<9=n-ob^ Q'ujp£iisQsrreir(^tli Ln(ssTiEl(£^3'Q. Sj^ esmooeuiu 

^^^so - ffjfTasT s^^ QsFrrao^LDfr£]jLo si^p(^ ^euirQs^ab-o^ (ip^^JiQpia S>i^p 
(^ulSIsw (vrj'skQa'rri-Js^svssTSijLDrriB ^<£j6vnp(n^6ij QldgsjQldp (n^Qesr itpiSl^^ao. 

Q^rresTp^ ^2svQijjevr(77piT. ^Q^gotu^ ^^{nrjr^isiresr eaib^^. ^ss-^eu ^i 
^uml.L-rT^uoi ^rr&sr d'c^^^a' eh-^eua&sr ^sni&eaw isi iSfupuuLLi— ^' 

(Lp'5S)p0DL£i<SS)UJ^ ^rSllh^-Q^fifB^^ <£5/rSt)/i> itQhQ- (^Sv'r^ <5FZX)(L/iO 

eSl <3F ir fl ^i ^ , SL-(SSifruuiT6'<sT - (^a/su^^) Q<s=nis\)G^Q6ijfreojj ^§50- 

(.^^ifla)) /-£)<S<5B6iJSa7. 

687. He is chief (among ambassadors) who understands the 
proper decorum (before foreign princes), seeks the (proper) occasion, 
knows the (most suitable) place, and delivers his message after (due) 

(uif - £9)T*) 6T-^', — ^earemirs^sisr eunrrdsi^^'S'^tu ^eneaTQa^fTb^icQiueiiiTQp 


jueussT Q<^frs\)eSiLUSUL^QLUj S-.<sy>irLJUfr&sT - (^Q eu fb p ir <3' ir i (^^ Qa^ir 

688. The qualifications of him who faithfiillj delivers his (sove- 
reign's) mevssage are pnriiy, the support (of foi-eign ministers), and 
boldness, with truthfulness in addition to the (aforesaid) three. 

sun [uQd^iT irir eu&sr^ essrsu^, 
(u.f-ea^T.) er-^,—^memn'£F&sT Qg^fT&^sQsSliLL- eurr/r^s^D^Qnoj Qeuppsrs^fr 

{Q^- u-STur,^ — 6v®Ln!rppLCi - (^kji^q eu^in ^isbu^^p 

^ -oil f£! iL^ (^ G)i£F/reD(o\}/r^, 6u&fTgi6smeii<5ST - eue^G^ii^ssiUJ iL|Str)i_uj0i/iS6rj 

^/f<£(g - Qo^ppjT^'iT-simj S-eytiruufTSsr Q 3= ir eo &)j ^ p (^ifliusar, 

689. He alone is fit to communicate (his sovereign's) reply, who 
possesses the firmness not to utter even inadvertently what may reflect 
discredit (on the latter). 

«EEO. ^l^^ uiuuiSl^ QLLi<^3'fr ^onpeup 
(uif-6iJ)T.) a-^)—si<^<snrrrr^<ssi^ ^em^SfraQ^^ ^(jjLD/TuSl^uii S>i^p 

p£ii' ^swey Qpsh^uij L-L^rrp^isi c^fB'u^ ^^^suna^ ^50<s<secBT/£' 3h-pu 

(Q^ - u - (S3^/r,) — ^^P ULUuiSl^ijLD - (^^surir/SQS)^ ^^ar 

690. He is the ambassador who fearlessly seeks bis sovereif^n's 
good tbougb it sbould cost bim bis life (to deliver bis message). 

<oJO-lh. ^fi. LLibiiTbHTOSilS' (o <!F i JbQ ^ T (Lp 'S ffV . 

Sloo^nsi]^ ^s^LDs^a^ir ^jT£F^fTu Qun(fF)i^ Qiun(ip(<^LDrr£^. @JPj Qev^ 

^SUiTLD LJ6aVLJ£!»i_6WLD QuU<cST QlC>Q<S\) GsUcisT L—UUtLu-eiDLDuSlsST ^QshTl3<om SiSCuiii 

693si\)(D6vih^iT3= Q 3" If fb Q ^ rr (tp (s^ eurTiT. 
(u.P-65)T.) eT-^,—LDrr£uu(B^^iLjes}L-tu ^jrs^es^rr.p Qa^niQisnQ^r^ui 

eh'LDUD QupuULLu.^, 

ff^ii, ^i^mLi6vn IT Qu!r6>is - QrBQT^uiSlp (^eiQir smiJ6umrGufr6\) 

691. Ministers who serve under fickle-minded monarcbs sbould, 
like tbose wbo warm tbemselves at tbe fire, be neither (too) far, nor (too) 

(bS)!T a'Qis'ioisiiQpua f5i\>i^(5ijQiishTu^ aQf,^^, ioTSotQsi/j ^svpes^p (^(rf)Uji3p Q&Qi 

692. For ministers not to covet the things desired by their kings 
will through the kings themselves yield them everlasting wealth. 

/5L. \oLJITpj(B eaTif!iu<S!D6iJ QurrnpsM &(Baj^iQ&jT 

Sjeues)tTu LSImQpsSsSl^^&i ujiTQjiTa,(^ Loif^^mss^nehrj 6T-jj/« 

^ifluuiSles^ipaiejTnQje^ ^evirnp Qufr^v^^psifJiu ^es)pQurr^<b\>, ^iP,(Sdlo 

LUmTa,(&)LDlf] Q^SUTQ^/'IT. ^ODSU (^psaT^U/TLlL-ff^'LO ^^ Qufr^SUCS>iB 

UJtrp ■<3fi.puui—i—,^u 

',-u-<3T>rr .^ — Qua pjB'o'cT - {iMfb^flsGrr ^/isinaj) sir^s^si 

693. Ministers who would save themselves should avoid (the 
commission of) serious errors; for if the king's suspicion is once roused, no 
one can remove it. 

(soir&srp Qu^iuir irs^ffp. 

(Q^ - u - cw/r.) — ^<shp - f6)toJ)/»/b^^', OuifliufTir ^a,^^ - 

694- While in the presence of the sovereign, ministers should 
neither whisper to nor smile at others. 

gSIiLi—,S^.TP Q.£lL3S lM(S!Dp. 

(uif - esij.) <ST-^, — S^!r3=^&@u iSlpQirrr® me^p iSsi^gil^ ujrrQ^n(r^ 
uun^ ^UDLDGDpuQu/rQFjasfr ^susk^Qscr ^t^aa^n^ Qa^n&ieQujasnp G« 

i^irKihQiipr^iD QurT(ihsrrfruSl^ QiDssruirir) otlLOlj/t^gt^ Gldsutpt/it, \s>p^ 
^^LDrrp/Bskaisssr eui^^, 

(Q^ ~ u - (oS)fr.^ — Ln<ST>p - (^jifFd'^i(^u iSlpQ^n ®) !rs,Q 
luia (^£l^(Lp iQu-^a^^^ GTuQuir ((F)(SihLn- imrQ^irqF) QuiTOj^dsfru-jLOj 

G <£ l1 65 <£ <5 1_ (51/ ^ . 

695. (When the king is engaged) iu secret counsel (with others), 
ministers should neither over-hear anything whatever nor pry into it 
with inquisitive questions, bat (wait to) listen when it is divulged (by 
the king himself). 

&7r. (^rBuUrBlh^ SfTiodlbJ <3i(ThQ QsU^UlSlsM 

QoiJsm(Bu QbVL^us' Q<3'[ris\)io, 

Giji^u^LD ^^p Qi£s\)fTai&rrso^^(^ Qa^rrsd^^&o ijiusstlshrqiri'&(^p (ff^^uujSlih^ 
isns^iii <ss0^(o)ajear^Lb, «gyQj^'i_/ii_;L_/7«ear Qpi^e^QuirsfTsiDLDuSlear Qeu^jiuuieo 
0Q;ssrj3/LD, utusi^so&isijLh uajssrarnF)'SjQuj<BJ(i^ Qa^iu^isoQeijessn—ncsiLnuSesr Qsu 

pa>6rrfTp Qs^tT&o^&Qisiimufr it QsulLus=Q3^it&) Qeom^iii i^/SI(^if' 

Q6iJsm®<oU6ST6iJLa ^Quj .s iT fl uu ibj ^2efr J QevtLu - (ji^6u&>TLnssTih\ 

696. Knowing the (king's) disposition, and seeking the right time, 
(the minister) should in a pleasing manner suggest things such as are 
desirable and not disagreeable. 

(uif - SiDir.) GT-^j — tjiuew QuifliuesreijLDrrtij Sjirs^&sT (^QFfixiUsusareiiLomu 
smflujiiia,^ ^evssr C'<f6Llt^eO(6S)uS)^'(^ 0<3^it&)sQ ST(^(Qnm^il> uiuesflsvsiiiTiU 

697. Ministers should (always) give agreeable advice but on no 
occasion recommend useless actions, though requested (to do so). 

QeufTsSQiutr QL-fr(Lc><su L/®/i. 
(u[P - GMT.) 6T-^j — ®e!7/f OTiiiil^ujO/rearjs/ii) OTLOffiQewsar (7p(Sn^u5)^ 
VL^iaSiL^ujQnm^ih sjITsfs^it uusuldQuuit^ jijeuifLDrTuJB iB6sipQenn<c^(2aj!v® Quit 

C(e5)© QufTQ^ii^ Q(sijn npseorreu^ ji/suit &i—0^err(if)ih ^uld LDse(&^LDn- QajiT(L^(Q 
^eo. ^djQeufTicfluufrp Qun aauuL-i— isSeiresiunuil) npes)noiuuDum^ ^ajpeujrir 
uSioaTf ^fT(ipu) Qurr<ii£uu(Saj Qirmu^ 650^^. 

(Q^ - U - ein/7.) ^SsTTUJ/f - {^SUIT S7LD>5@) ^SsYTiL/ 6U/r, 

^SOT Qp(olT>nOLuir - (OT^ffl^) ^SaT637^EDffPu5)s3r/r, (ST&ST^ ^^Lpuit- 

698. Ministers should behave in accordance witli the (Divine) 
light in the persons of kings and not despise them saying "Lie is our 
junior (iu age) and connected with our family !" 

^sn^&pjno aiTL-Q \xj<suir. \juiTfr 

(lJiP - 6a>T") OT-^j J)/ir3=(Q)^\> lUfTlh /B<ok(^LD^a>^UULLQLj2lL£i&!r£U H>Qf)Q 

SijsuslsT eSl(T?^Lou!T^si]n:s^p^ Qg^uutufTif iSdsoQupp eij/SlsSlSsisriLjes)i_ujniT, gt-£)i. 

6Q((TjLaur^(oS)6ii^2sirj Qa^iuiuirir - OdFUJUJLOimLL-.fTiTS'arT. 

699. Those whose judgment is firm will not do what is disagree- 
able (to the sovereign) saying (within themselves,) " We are esteemed 
by the king." 

<aO. L/SDLpUJ OLQ6OTifi6E.(7K^zI/ U SQST U i\) io\) Q 3" IJU OJ^lhl 
Q^an^(3D&(3S)LCi (o<5B® ^QhLCi, 

(uti'' - eaiiT.) ST-^, — dy^r^^^'-i® uj/tlo uGS>Lp'±jQiJDesT& «0^^ ^waQiui-o 

s.uSl«;)n" QsuensiijS'SoiTesT J j^suissTQevessn^n^ssT Qa^iu^p Gis^Evrruj Qa(L£i^<sin&<ss)LD 

uu€sr Qa^iu'jupa Qsussru^ Sh-puuiLiS'' 

(Q^ - u - S!n/r.) — uesiLpiuLa gt&st - (^ ir (3^ .^^(^)usT)Lps3^/-o 

700. The (foolish) claim with which a minister does unbecoming 
acts because of his (long) familiarity (with the king) will ensui-e his ruin. 

(oT^-ih. r=^^ — (^fSJuunSl^sv, 

Qa^rr.iQ^fTQps^i^ ^esr/^ltusmLDiurT prrae^soTy ji/pemi^esT es)suasuui—L—^» 

<sup(yr/'fs i^jnrp^LpuuL-L^ 6S)isii oj^^ err err rr if &(^ e^xrrrufrsssnnnuD, sr-ja/. 

(fr^k' {^/SluLjLD GDSU'JJQfiLD ^(^QuUJIT, (SDSiJUU^QpjGaSSIU ^ £^1&IT JTUUlL® 

(^ 6U&S1 np^ ^ GD fliuw SiJ ^ s^ssmZsmriuireu^^ uirir^^^ ^/ jiSl su it sot • 
^/£lSlpo Ln.iQiBajfTGSTSiJb'ciT^ GTi^(^rr6iiTj)]Ln - (or/biBfTf^Lc^ LnirQTf'iSir - 

^esoff - ^uircssTLb. 

701. The minister ■who by looking (afc tte king) understands liis 
mind without being told (of it), will be a perpetual ornament to the 
world which is surrounded by a never-drying sea. 

SL.. gJtUL/ uL—fT^ ^^^^ ^cssrHeurrSssr^ 

(uif-ORir*) 6T-^, — gp0Q7sar Loesr^^ssrs eeSit^eii^dcsr ^luuuL^n^ cp^ 

S-t—LDL^ Qp^eQajsijfiiTr^eiir e^ajsijrTiGS)uSl^u:) iSlpirSoasiA^s ^sstsrqffih Q^uueu^ 

iQ'Z^Sljei^^, fOUJUUL^fT^ - S'lbQ^'ZU UL^fTLnio^ S-CSSriT6llfj25^ - 

(^GsSsiiiT^^ ^frSluj6iji\)6\.^6uSssr^ Q^iueii^G^nrQ s^uu-(^Ln(S^^Q&sT 
aj.Tu5)OT2j/X)) QflLusu^Q^ijQ)] a'u^iT&iTLCifrSj .55/7" err &i)-/5s^JT(^LD^>s as 


702. He is to be esteemed a god who is able to ascertain without 
a doubt what is within (one's mind). 

/H_. (^rBuiQp (^fSluLjsssriT eunrana iq^ui9^&r 

lUfT^ Q<ss[r®^^ih] (o)i5B/rsrro\). 
(uiP - 6ij)ir.) CT-^j — ^.Bic^/Suq SsQ^LDiT p/Sli^ Sj^i^/b iSliDir (^^u 

Qaii(B^£SniiSl^tli^ ^LB&(w,^ ^dsiwujn&ai Q^iretrs, 6r-^« 

uus -^(iffsSl'jjiTiiSijh^u. ^£vuLjsetrfr£vsar Qurr^^ih isitOsIld luaSscr (^^es)ir<s 

LDssT&i^/Slu usssr/f<sijne>nir (o):^;,sarj2ycw/ruu/70 QpsiTir, ^es^su Qj^^£^uinLi—.rT^iBi 
(^fStuu^suniT^ &pui-l^ Sh^puuiLi—^, 

Ka^)y (3\fBL!L\ Q-cssTirsufrciifr - (^^^0*0) i9 pj I'r (^ rSl u lj ^rSi\L\ib 

703. The king should even give whatever (is asked) of liis belong- 
ings and secure him who by the indications (of his own mind) is able to 
read those of another. 

(UlP - 6tt)T-) <oT-^, Sp0a/S3r LDc^^^a SQTf^lJ Q/^Sw ^a'63r fRx.pQiSU 

jrtra Q^urruunjTfTiSl^'ili jsj/Stajn-eir Gsu£Uf gt-J3/. 

Guso<o\i6vQjr.T(Bl, (oj^ssr - LcpeiDro (^^rSliuuMTiLL-ir^eun-), s^^iulj - 
^■ou'jjsii^^iro^, s^ir253TLU.T-s^(r}^^<o'ar(SjiLBiLin s Q eu rr u lQ ^u i^ , Qeuj;^- 

704. Those "who understand one's thoughts -without being in- 
formed (thereof) and those who do not may (indeed) resemble one 
another bodily ; still are they different (mentally.) 

(uf - 63)tr.) 'oT-^f — (^^^^^ {EfressTQib-oso ^naainL&iLjrTp iSlptr(,^,c3 
uiSlofsr iLjsssrjTLDnLLi—n'sufTtSlsfsr e^Qr^su€^^uL^s,i^il. &pib^ aeaaraeir Gei^Qp 

705- Of wliat are the eyes amongst one's members, if they can- 
not by their own indications divine those of another ? 

706. As the mirror reflects what is near so does the face show 
what is uppermost in the mind. 

LnQurrso ^/S<3ijiBas^ iSl/Sl^essiQi—rr ^6a;§50^ st-^h. 

s^uSlfTa,Qa ^/Sl(2ij€!T6rr^ mLDL^^ihiaefTfr sSiussrp (Lps^QpQ.a^Ss\) Quusstuit 

(Q^B - u - stn/r.) — 2_suui5).^ui - (^^-u9 jr rr &n s,]^ sSlQ^LbiSl^ 

707. Is there anything so fall of knowledge as the face ? (No.) 
it precedes the mind, whether (the latter is) pleased or vexed. 

iLipp ^msnTeun ITU QurSlesr, 
(uif - 60) T.) GT-^, — (^aDpiL^_^isn!T^ts> f£mu:i<sw^sr'f£B, (SF,/SluurresT/S!,'b^ 
JSirmuppev^onsT^ ^iruuiKcFirru Qu/Sloir s/svit ^mQpsLo Q,'EfTa(^U3Qjss)i£ air 

eun-'r - ^/Slii^ ^iTuuiriSDfr^ QurSldr - Q upQY^^M^ (LpaGrs/rsQ - 

iSpa - (^a/oiyerreSG'sx)) Slp<z^ ^ej^LaiLjia - Qurr^ih. 

708. If the king gets those who by looking into his mind can 
understand (and remove) what has occurred (to him), it is enough that 
he stand looking at their face. 

6ijs^<z(5S)La iqss^ IT 61J rr il' u QuS&st, 

iLjih <qi8osr^QiS60'sres)LDes)UJiLjLD Qeu^^QeuiBsn' Q<9^[r(b-\)eSl^^i>oiFrrii9^u) ^evir 
issc'sraQerr Q<9^rr<so&)jihj sr-^, 

(Q3J-U-<S!r>[r.^ <5£3*aT6OTf?63T 611 <S!T> ■S eST) Ub -(^LQ^) U iT IT (STi 61! Q 6ll 

^lUfllL.®^ £5&ST(oTS)Lh<5!DlU ^ S-Q^ST ft 6U fT IT - ^ ^ iU 6U S'O &) Lb fb ^ fl ai^/SfT ^ 

.SGsV - (QouppjT'S^ir Q<3'rri\)e\)fru::p QuiriB^ia ^svi'r^ ^essT-zQen ^ 

709. If a king gets ministers who can read the movements of the 
eye, the eyes (of foreign kings) will (themselves) reveal (to him) their 
hatred or friendship. 

<50. ^imresafliu QLh^liuw jr<sn&(^!^QiBrf6\i ■srr espi iKisfrp 
ssm'Gssreoeo Qi\)csO iSip, 

(uif - 63)ir.) (oT-^f — lutTih ^easre^rB<^<ssii—Q'dJ QLDshr/Sl(ir,a(^is) Sj'^'-'^s^ 
eprr Sjirs'it i£(ir,^^ocsr LueiT&(^iii Q&ireoirei]^ ^rrnmBL-^^ ^avir&essremii\)iso^ 

Q^rriploM 0<3=/robG)cosoru6ar (Lp^eoirau iSlpir&QF)^ ^eaaf^ LDmesiwsetr ueOj ^smeu 

^^& lE-Ox-O GT^-Ui. ^^. ^<S!S)SULU^^&i. 

^s3>LDff^<y(53)/r ji/jra'jr^ai^EiQ&freCifrw^ ismsrQessrar (^esur^^, ^mQei/^&'i] 
Qf5fraiafT&) Sjeufr Qeu(^i—p(^/Slu u^aiQexisku^ <50_^_^/ra'@a//r0 Qpeirir. 

QiULo <ST&iTrBQ^i(^ Ln!h^!tls,&T^ ^sff<S(^iii Qs,ir<k - (^ireFjr^ s,q^ 

710. The measuring-rod of those (ministers) "who say " we are 
acute" will on inquiry be found to be their (own) eyes and nothing else. 

CTa_ - /i. e^^. ^GSiClltUpSI^SV. 

(uiP - 6ij)T.) OT-^, — 0<?/rsois5)6ar (g(^eSl^ iu^/e^ ^luesiLDSSssiu^es^i-. 
Qa^nso^s, <oT-£u> 

711. Let the pure who know the arrangement of words speak with 
deliberation after ascertaining(the nature of) the court(then assembled.) 

2_, ^stDL-Q^ff)®^ f6i5ST^sssriri6£ri Q6=fr(s\)^<s Qs'rr'ffOi 

eSSruQu!T(m&T, (^/Slut-\uQ'.-!!r Q^QlSfT&iTm^llli QufT(rF)&T!ido(TU ULui(^LD!T^. Q&^l£j(c£l- 

712. Let the good who know the uses of words speak with a clear 
kaowledge after ascertaining the time (suited to the court.) 

IK.. t-^Qn'oUiuj^liuirir Q<s'irios\)&iTQLnp Qaadnusnir Q <3f tr (i\) <S sot 
(uf - 6a)T«) <ST-^, — cSyewauuSIcjfT ^6rr6S)eu lu/SluJfT^ epdr^u Qg^rreo^^ 

/Sliurrif ujrr^LD/SliUfrQiTecT^ij (sreoeoiTfrrr^ LflstpuLjO^eSssr eueoeo.gfrs.LS'Kso Qeoesr 
(G)^-u-<sn/r.) — ^ctnei; - <3F<oSiuu9<s^iotTe!n6Uj ^jBujrrlr - ^^ 

<Ki_^u/r®u5, ^rSliLiirir - Qai^LurriTfreuir; 6U6d6\)^ s^ih - (^u^p^Lo^ 

713. Those who undertake to speak without knowing the (nature 
of the) court are ignorant of the quality of words as well as devoid of 
the power (of learning). 

<?*. 6p gS Lu fr ft (Lpe'or Qt^eneifluj inr^s\) QeuemiLifrfrQpriT 

iSiinm3i(3S)^ (oU6m6S7T!KI Qs[rStT(S\). 

(uif - 6!nrr-) er-^^—^/Sl'SijrrQsofTeiTsSiun-iT .jyansL/ffiffitl £_n"(zp GLDfreheSiu 
irnsy (sr^Qo-'orrSsira &Tes)£ijaaLL i—irQpib eyrrs^xj <£rss)^ii9 er^p^eo^s OiBfrerr&j 

33Z /s./5.a- 

lurrQiTissr iSm^^- G^shs^iujrrT^e^ ^/?^^eo/6?(a/(g5 Qa^rreiieh'e'srizinLDiLjfS Q^nsarp 
QaieSQnsisT^'LD <suLp&(w,uuprB. ^euir LD^ic^UD eiKPnai ^auifl^LD QeneasretDLo 

3^gs'}UiBgSl^^^^ soGtTioiP.uJir ^^6\) - ( ^fC(LpLa) s^i5iTerf)ujir/r<£Ecs>5L_ 

714. Ministers should be lights in the assembly of the enlightened, 
but assume the pure whiteness of mortar (ignorance) in that of fools. 

(uif - 63) IT.) OT-^, gPQ^'^O ®^ iE€kQp6vr£ij QpuiSt^^a" Os^/rdbetiu 
ulLl. (^6!!sriijBGsrr<b-\)&)fT(sup^&r(S(^u:> /seisrQp ^LOLR^ar iSii&n jr<5S)(oi]&s,€m ^(Sijm<sor 
(ippuiL® ^iskpoevrg: Q^FiTisoeorr^ Gui—a.ailij ot-jj/. 

^iii(^0Dp<Siji}> s{<^nLR(^QiL\LD (Lpiu^QeiTie^frpuQ LSl(ipS(^Lh Qetrsurraarr 

peupriiefr(a^ tb<ssTQpissr(rrjk. QpsnrSlerr^^dsoQuj (sEl60aiQear<cS^LDuSl6srj a,t_ear@6rr^ 
^e^ih LSIasrSlerrs^^i-Drr QlosJstu^ Qup(y^io> @j5@^ lR&&!T jrss^eua&L- Qsfuj 

ILji^piEJ <3^puUU L^^' 

liSc^L^^, (Lpih^ - (^0i;(^^@) QppuLL(Blj Qeneurr - (s^sarsa-jna) 
Q&=rr6\)(o\jfr^j Qs^^en-^i—^^La^ /esar^ (sr<siirp<3i]p^<sn(^La - (<sp0 

715. The modesty by which one does not rush forward and speak 
in (an assembly of) superiors is the best among all (one's) good qualities. 

fciS^^SfriT.i^ iStp^gib-o s^oG(csTi^cr^u O^mLi^'ufr O^enirij^'ibj arr^QKrr 

(Q^ - U - (SDT.) 5QtU6o7LjS\)Ui - (sQBi'b^ ,^pQ UfT (Ih&fr S^lSTT , 

(ErrpJjpJ - 2-L.-Q.tB[rsi:>;3r(Bl, a_s3aT/foi/;r/r npm&n'r - (^Knsi/assrFliooT Old 
0^(f}^<s)J6aT^ Qa'ir'bV(o9(tpi(3^uu®^5\)j (^(Lp^^lQupojQ urr (trjiL® 

716. (For a minister') to blander in the presence of those who have 
acquired a vast store of learnino^ and know (the value thereof) is like a 
good man stumbling (and falling away) from the path (of virtue). 

QiFtrrbQp^^ib')} 6U(S\)6\)ir JTiB^^^, 
(UiP-gaXI.) <aT-^} EU(LDLJUL-!TLDiri Qs^ffpadsTT ULlfT JTH'til^^^ (Sij<b\)eii!T ITSIT>S1I& 

Q^f {Q'3'fr<s\36Sti^'i\)\ spjru - (ueo^priffOaSsirriLjM) &p^^ ^r^K 

717. The learning of those who have read and understood (much) 
will shine in the assembly of those who can faultlessly examine (the na- 
ture of) words. 

(uf - 6!nnr«) ot-^, — i3p(rr)ic!!3nT^s9^/S!u Qun-QT^m&Ssnp ^nQm qemjr 
cv6rriTevQ^fT(fF) uuSl/r rSesrp urrA^asissr Mcrlikara^ Qs^artli^irpQufr^Lb, er-JJ/* 

Gear) eusmTeuQ^iT (r^ uu9t ^mp^ uir^^iLien - uir ^^S^inQm, 

718- Lecturing to those who have the ability to understand (for 
themselves) is like watering a bed of plants that are growing (of them- 

^eunesifo LDpib^(^ Qa^aeosofr Q^iripS} ot-^. 

O^p/rooeSiBTj «ii) LDesismu/SlajrTisnLDSsiiU GivrraQ /E&osoajisi/a^Lci, Qufr(ir)Sn/SI 

^^, /5oOT@ - /5a)6\)QLJ/r0s'iT65 2srrj 0<5FS^) - (^3iJ,f) LD 637^0 65 /rsrrsrr, 
Q3=[r<5\)^SiJiriT " Qg=iTiso^^p (^/fluj6u/f, l/^ ^ssisiyiLjsrr - (^sinsiy 

719. Those who are able to speak good things impressively in an 
assembly of the good should not even forgetfully speak them in that of 
the low. 

(uif - 65)ir.) CT-^', — jB&o&o^/f ^UDiSsjsrAsir&isorr^rr jrci^suaissia gjssr^^w 

Qffi/rerrQsirsgTCTftJ Qp^sifidso^ Q^friSlpQuujiT (Lpsiirer^ew^u iSlskQmQnLD 
(cS)p jy&b eSI(^^Qiijn(B sh-i^ ^^LD^Qearem&i" erehru^QuireSmp^, OffflebsSeor 
^^ QsusarusnT ^(SiJirLUi§d3\iiJjfr6isr eurs^ssr, iSlpQfr<so&>frEi Qsrr&TQsosaru^ossr^ 

(^'ouesiLDQiuir® ^Q!>iuiun<5S>La G/EiraQjb/SleiiT. S'rreurr LrifW)i^rTe,GOrSl,i^ j^i sir 

&sru^ Sh-puuLLi—^' 

(Q^ - u - OT),T ^ — (/5ffoG'i)"0;7'/f) ^itD'ZetrsT^flir ^sdedfrirQps^T- 
^ChLN'SSTaj^si} jri\)6\)fr^6iJiT a^es)U\Bi—^^ ^ QsiTL-i^Qsn<sn<s\) - {lUiT 

720. To utter (a good word) in the assembly of tlioso wlio are of 
an inferior rank is like dropping nectar on the ground. 

<S5. 6UOT)s(u^/fc^ 6i]i\^6d<sr)6ij GUfTLuQ'SFirM'frir Q <9= tr io eB ear 

LurTfTj er-£)i' 

^^■i^T£-^ eL6UTQS>LD ^gs>guQld Q eoppuuiLi—^. QjsoioOesisu QLumu^p(^^ 
^niEJsp£iiei]&i>&> ,0frpQu!TQf)6iT&'^ Quussr^earruufTQh npeirir. ^a^s^^anQssresr 

(Q^-u-(c!S')fr,)—-Q<3=rr(ki6QshT Q^itgd^ ^^lisffi - Qe'irpsiGiT^i 

6ii<5J),siur£!ii^ - (sp^6u&0(5dg=(sr>u qj^ l^3= ein u (orehrQp a^GSiuiBm^ 
(5uis^^(SS)iu ^jBii^, euicxooemeu - <sp^6U(S\)6\) <3^qduu9'5\)j (e^eoi^n 


721. The pure -who know the classification of words having first 
ascertained the nature (of the court) will not (through fear) falter in 
their speech before that powerful body. 

2_. <SpQrj>(f^tl. ap(7rf> QfreoTU u®6Uir spirr^'irQ-pp 

(uf - 6«T.) er-^j — &p(n/Qfrb-o&)fr^^ili ^si'/r tEm(^sp(7r/'QfTcsr^ 2.00 
sks^snp OsFne060uu(9QimT ■sp(7r/'jres)<sij&aeosr ^(^fftrQ^ ^iriui&ppevpes^p 

(O^-L/.SJD.) — SpnY?lT (Lp&iT - &pQ(^rr 3'GDUlBs!^l-.^Q^y 

^pp - (^^[tld'j 6spp<SDov,zds{r^ Qd'SM " (^6Wff) LDeiT[iiiQ<srr&T(6iiF)La 

722. Those who can agreeably set forth their acquirements before 
the learned will be regarded as the most learned among the learned. 

IK.. LJss)&iua^^3= e^rrevrr Qfrcifliu infloj 

723. Many indeed may (fearlessly) die in the presence of (their) 
foes ; (but) few are those who are fearless in the assembly (of the 

(uT - e3)(r.) OT-^j — u(iO^^(b^)ik2smLjisi i£p(f^irss>zjaGil. u.rT!Ei&ppGup<ss>p 
^■QjiT LDsarisiQ&rreri(^ isinpqrjp Qa^a^ic^ ^<sup^(SldT S&&Quir(f^ma>a3tT ^uzlB 
&& &p(rr/'ifli—^ ^/Sm^QiBfrerrs, i3T-£H' 

iLirrrr u<so^(rf^i^ ^<ss)euaaLL L.friEiaippQjpss)p s>,'sijrr.iQ&pu3: Qa'n(bX)^a, Qs^rr 
^sar Q&tLi-rSliusoiT Qmrnu^iTuSlp^, ^^^ob ^sy^sar Q^nQrfSFrrfruiuSsr 3h.pu 

(Q ^ - u - enir .") — spQr^irQpm - (zjoO^T&oaSsrriLjii) ^pGr/rpir 
e^(S!r>uu9(Si^L-sj^^ &pp - (^iTLa\ app&s)6ue,2io{T^ Qa^s^ . (^siz/f) 

^fnkia.ppGSisu'ZeSg^LCij lEIs^ - ^^■su:iTeiiTQutr(m<srT3i2srry i£!<i<sfr 
Q^isrr - ^^i^L£ifT^.i 3sppsuif^i—a,^^ Qsn-isrTii\) - ^ pi ,i^Q sir gxt en >£ 

724. (Ministers) should agreeably set forth their acquirements 
before the learned and acquire more (knowledge) from their superiors in 

GTiE. - La. ^^. ^ss).sudj(^8-,TCS)ia. rE-iii-(or 3.3^ 

^(srrcs)Qj^^b^ Qs^rreiiT^ijT&i &pQp spaQtauemQ^GSs^f -^^p SooSnOp 
esTu ulLi—.^' j^<stTa(^!si ib(ff)dils!S)Lu ^6trQeum(;/p-iTf ^(^QuajFrrm, ^ojnQlaFir 
fcDSjy QiaV'^'O&jQsrrQffola^n'p Ga^freoibVcOfTeii^ /SmnujA^ euir^ Qa^pu e5)^<5ssjr 

luiiLDp ^ipaOaissruisfTii). ^^(gjao ^^s&srihfTjrss^sidii Sh-puuiLL—^. 

(Q^-u-iss)ir.^ — j:iJGniou - {Qeup^uQeufb^ir) <F<S3^LJu5)«ro, ^<^ 
<9=/r - ^{^sFiTLaix)^ LnirppiM - (orQirQiaa L^&r>iu^ Q^ff(Bl^^pQu[T(r^ 

725. In order to reply feai'lessly before a foreign court, (ministers) 
should learu logic according to the rules (of grammar.) 

<3ffr. Sl/.TQ(Srr/rQz_63T eueh^smosisT irio6^[rif&(^ ^Q<s>d[rQi—&iT 

(O^-u-sin/r.) — Gil &sriB Gist sssiir ^&o<suff/fs(j^ -Qg^erriBiUQpBDi— 
lusu jrs\i<ovn'^GvftA(mj snirQsrrir® - 6utr (GmL-QesT, gt^st - oj/r^ (<?lq 

U.'b^npio^®)^ {^£,]Qun (oO) ^6337 ^iSDoU - L^ ^ ^Q ^ lL U Qp SCi) l— iU 

726. What have they to do with a sword who are not valiant, 
or they with learning who are afraid of an intelligent assembly ? 

(ST. U^^'Ziua^^u GuL^es).s Q lu r err eu tr erT<ST>6iJLUS^ 

(uf - snir.) 67 - ^, — ST/SltLiuu^Sih uesisusQeuco'sr ^^aisruj(ifi^uo Qui^ 

S,pp,^ij\)f OT-^. 

(Qfi - u - lOT/r.) — ^(SS)6iJ ^3,^^' (^Q<3'rr^(5y3uu®Ln^ •a'ss^u 

piBl^fiMT<S^i UGTiS ^^^^ - {(5T^lUUU®Lti) U(S!DS(E®6Qe\), Q U l^ - 

(^^dssr ^i^&^La) Qui^j ems - <oS)s,SpiSlL^3;^^ ^ffirsufietr - eh-nr 
6L//r2srr (i^i^th.^ 

727. The learning of him who is diffident before an assembly is 
like the shining sword of an hermaphrodite in the presence of his foes. 

(uif - 6tJ>ir.) OT - ^, — ,'B&)sorriflQ?)i^ euesisuaiscasr tsecso QsF!rpQun(r^isfrs 
Ssrra amLod'a'^sfTeisr ^6iJiT&Qi£pii3= QspirsOsoLDinLt—n^rriT ueo^^&iadsfra up 

/5S3TQ - r5ii\)&)Qg=frpQ u[r(me(T<z20frj Q<3=(S\)-(^6i//r<s(^) (Srp<^, 0<F/r 
^La - ueo,^i5\is2srri sp(rr^rnrS^LD^ uiutd ^evQjr - (s-eus^j^ 

728. Those who cannot agreeably speak good things before a good 
assembly are indeed unprofitable persons in spite of all their various 

•Srn, <35eO(oO/r ^euiBp aern—Qinmu apprBih^^ 
(uiP - CWT-) OT-^; — ^^ioaoorr& sp^es)isu^^tli si<oup(njp uhjsst/SI.'B^ 

^imsos^iu^eiis'smrp uiussr qrj'QpQLDiL^n'^ i3 p0S>!rQiuiLi^eSluu^(^ Qa^ 

UL^ffi@ QiDSsru^iru). 

{Qaj - u - SiO/T.) — apjpi - (.^&0 6B2sirr) ap^, ^rBih^Ca - 

6\)/r^6i/Cin/r, (5E(o*\)s\)/r^a;/fl6oT - ^t_ffl.@y(i, &gs)1— - s,G^i—\Lifr^ Grehr 

729. Tliey who, though they have learned and understood, arc yet 
afraid of the assembly of the good, are said to be inferior (even) to the 

zpp Qa-iod<3^Q<3=n'i\)s\)rr £5fifr. 
Q&paa^ Q£Frr<^oa\iLDinLt—fT^iTrr ^Sit eu!Ti^@6i!r(ffj>jrauSl^LD, ^oos^^nun Qoo 

(0^-ij-(StD/r.) — serrssT - 3=S!nuGDUJ^ ^<^^-uiuk^, &pp - 
(^/roi) spp<ss)6iJ&'bsir^ Q6=(oO - {^^p(^) <cj-ps, Qg^ir&osvin-^irlr - 

uj/r&o) ©jpihsseuQfTir Qi—fruuirbvirrr, 

730. Those who through fear of the assembly are unable to set 
forth their learning in an interesting manner, though alive, are yet 
like the dead. 

(uiP - 65)T.) OT - ^} — @sar(37?>^ (^asnLLjhtr&' Q£FtuQeun(iT)Lh s/p^^TQ)Ui 

3(^ili iBesip'jj <sij6rr£uns<so. ^Si^scr eun'iheunn'&(^ ev^esiLDuSsoresiLD Qupuu 
iLi—^. ^pQeun rr - ^pibQ^mr s/i^easrir (Lp^eoiTuSl(^ir, f^{6ppGii(^Q3'uuisiiiT 
n&Qi—iB ^eij(^Q3=iueuaiTac^ LDo^o^i-ii" srek^n- i^p(!^il), g)^(65)60 j^L^dlswanui 

731. A kingdom is that in wliicli (those who carry on) a complete 
cultivation, virtuous persons, and merchants with inexhaustible wealth, 
dwell together. 

2_, QuQ^LnQurTQ^StTfrp QuL-i-,SS ^flQ UJ(IT^lhjQ<ZL-L-fr 

(uiP - 63)T') sr-^y — ^psfiSpih^ Qun(!T)<^iss)L-es)Lntu!Tp iSpQs^iu^^njnr 

SijerrsSl/DuL^u Ou/r^srrssrr^ tj&DTewLcGLD^jii ^esff^^eaf? ji/Qi^/SleaT lSI(^^ 
©srfi, s/JTS^eo^ssiLD Qiushr^QjptTrfsk wqf^qj^. ''iBasQuiu Q&irr&QuuJ eSesr 

(Q^ - LJ - (aj)/r.) — fBrr® - iBiri—Wsn^^j QuQr^La Quir(i^<5rrrri\) - 

732. A kingdom is that which is desired for its immense wealth, 
and which grows greatly in prosperity, being free from destructive causes. 

/K., (olLJ!T(o!T)pQuj!r(miw(^ Qta&ieuQFiasfrp q/^ikiQ u5les)p6ijp 

QiQS)pQujir([E!h](^ QlhfTW^ !5IT®, 

(uif - CDT.) cr-^^ — iS\piEn-(BseiT Qun^a^^ umrOLD&ieiirTm ep(TfjiEjQs 
^^aessrevQrjiEiafT'so ^cupes>p^ ^rriiiQ ji/^ekQiD/b ffjearew j<^^'«@ ^ssypu 
QunQ^eisT (LpQ£>es)^iLiLh 2.i_Louil©a; Qsn(9uuQ^ iBm—rroj^, er-^u. 

unrjrEiaerr - LDasil.Qi—fr(^QiijU) ^Qs!iT(rr)isnu3 (tp^eQuj ei)cOEy@^ Qff.rT(^Q 
Qarrisf-vu^tTSy &.Q!sr<^smes)LDajfT<^a^ ^ekssssr enw^n&a ^ensu^ Q^urssosnu 


733. A kingdom is titat wliicli can bear any burden tliat mny bo 
pressed on ifc (from adjoining kingdoms) and (yofc) pay tlic full tributo 
to its sovereiiTU. 

^. ?L,^uQiL^ QinirsufTU L96?5jyf?q(^ Q^^uGT>3i\u^(^ 

fu(f - emj.) CT-^, — iBAfi u&iLjix) /Bihian^ Qibtru^ih u/D^^Sck^ eiiis 

iqm, spsi;;riJ iSles^iL^ih - iSiw^sir^ QfSfriLjLD, Qs'^uanajiLjLa - (up^' 

734. A kingdom is tliat which continues to be free from excessive 
starvation, irremediable epidemics, and destructive foes. 

Q). Ui\)(^(ip<oljLD UlTLpQa^LUiq QpiLuG^SlLlLCi Q GIJ fb ^ 2oC a^ (^ ftJ 

Q<sfr'Si)(^^LaLj iEl&Oio\)^ /5/r®. 

ujuo\)a(^iE] Os/r&oefi^a; (^£uwu^u:> ^b\)&irr^Qs ibfTL-rrsii^, er-^. 

3=!siQs^LD-s^n^up/BiqLri SL-.<^G!rup^iL^iJa tJso/7<a.@isrr^/r OLDiT(Tr)iss)iO' 2_tl 
uesiis - ^pSsouurriT a&rsnir (^pdsnm-^eurrn' (tp^eQuj LD&a(^ilij uear^j ueQ, 

(2_z_e3B(yjj'b_^Q<s/rs33rCDL_) urripfra<3^Q3=LutL\u>j S-iLuG^siL]Lo-(^-ZGrr 

735. A kingdom is that which is without various (iri'egular) associ- 
ations, destructive internal enemies, and murderous savages who (some- 
times) harrass the sovereign. 

[BirQi—eoiu psitlLi^p p2sO, 

jij/Biurrs @s3r^^ Qsuecr^ih QutuQ!Tg=aPia'%<5^ eS^QS^aetr (^■srrjrA 
^irn Qr/naassr, Qi6L-/SlaJfraDLD - s>lJT'3F(^pp<sorre^isi ffiL_<aj(L_t^sin<9= lupiEJsQefr 
esr/Sau/bp^ Qs^ujsOn^uD £ii(W)LO. euemh - ^sjriEi<sisfip uiBsuscrsijU) guilisS^ib 

L-fT^Lh isitlLi— ^eoaaemtk sf^puuiLt—^. 

(3\&ffQT? - (juuQufi ap^th^ 6iJ<oaiin(^<ss>puj[r^^Ln c^sOTj /s/r®- 
/5ff'tl.«nL_, /b/tlLz^sst - ((5T(S0(SV/r) /5/r ®<5Esrfl^U5j dsSsO - (Lp^&nes^Lniu 

736. The learned say that the best kingdom is that which knows 
no evil (from its foes), and, if injured (at all), suffers no diminution in 
its fruitfulnees. 

611 i\) loO IT ^S)l IBtlL-l^p (^^tllLj. 
(uiP - OT)ir.) sr-^j — ^LTiSiT QLDstffQire^yTuuL.L- ^euraos^Q^m enmuuLf 

lSf.p &eUUJeULDITLDf ST-£1J, 

^SiTlTEi&astTy ^sutusuLorr Jsp'-^^uussT ^es^evQiu LunseSiir. s>i'Si]p(rrjm eurresrili 
eupuiSl^Lo £uerT^es)L^<cmLD QupuutLu-^, ^isDu.uj^<ssrrSI QLurrQffLjesiL-iu^irs 
^ih ^ekcijerrib^QFj^s^LD LDfTifJaa^ismiSif Qi£!r<SDi—aam)iLB^^^ QpesiL-. 


(Q^-u-emfT.^ — ^Q^L^&jT^LD - (^^ehrsi^L^^^s QCpfSfr Qcnsi) 
Hq^us^ 61/io ^jr^}]m - ^j^iurr^ /B^/fiiqiL^ tbfriL.LQ.pim - fsfriLin. 

^)ji(^^ S-£ilUL^ - ^SiJlUeUlMfTLD, 

737. The constituents of a kingdom are the two waters (from above 
and below), well situated hills and an indestructible fort. 

j^. ul 6^fl S o'oT ss) La Q^'oUoi/ii (iSldsfrS^ku Qimlc 

LOeSuBQlUMTU (birL^U^^Qsil <5S)oUl'b^l, 

(uif - 6a)T.) loT'^y — ■Q,-5auSiyoTGS)LDii^/^ Q£F<J\)sum aS)25T7^60 ^soTuil) an en 

t5633ffaSlsaTG«Lo-/Sjo,B60^^^6nr fii;06U^. Qc^'b\ieLiil)-QLD/bOa^fT (d\3eSLuesr. ^ek 
ULD-i25?i£)£L'U3 dsuernafliqi^ {p!TsstQ(rrj'(iV) (Lpes)L-CS)Lcijjfr§g:nli, ^itirsuGsr <BJes)L^.es)LDUjrr 
cgi'LD, S&iSiTdiGrr^ (BGOTiaDLDUjn ^'LOf Gil IT IP isu (TIT a (^ 2.2337 ejraff a tpsi/^. s/reuOso 
GorQev s>lir<9'6mi6fraj^u:i eurr^Qeunfr a>neu&Hih ^irszsrair<sije^ LDi—iuiQesr- iSI/dQ^ 

(Q^-u - 6!n,r.) — \Sl<os^ ^sh&syiJi - (2'/5/ru5)o\)isv)/r&:DLQa^iLj (0)5= 
(ffoa/m - Q<yJv)6i/(xpt£)^ eS)2sTrsi| - uii9i'r6Q2efr6ijLa^ ©jsJruLd - e^^zapLo, 
(EjLntJb - a/r6i/^t£i, ©jsusDsa'ba}] - ^Qiu ©jsu&Siouib^&sTo^Lay mil il. 

738. Freedom from epidemics, Avealtb, produce, happiness, and pro- 
tection (to subjects) ; these five, the learned say, are the ornaments of a 

fblTL- 6USnK^(lK fBJ®. 

(uif-OTT.) OT-^; — ^Ejsessreunij^euiTir Q^i^ (suQT^m^nLDeo ^euirurr/b qij 

G6!!nLieSiL-ILj(^ QcFi\>eijA<SD^ U^SlS)L—ULJSUp<^P ^^Q&HT IT IE ItQ L-6SI £)J Qs^fT&^^SU IT ^ 

^^GoiT/b Qpu^wQF^m^s^ Qa^d-oeuLcxcQU-^i^ih mnQseu iBiTL—rrair, <5r-£)j. 

iEiT®^'h ^QFjeuL^iLjUD eu(rF)^s;^^mQLD eSl^ p^. ^'Qutt (ThjenQeFojeatT h &(m 

(-Do°o_©i_Lb" 6T6ir(jf7^ir iSlpQTjLh. ,^Q&)fTIT6S^U/b/SI SrQ/TLDiSDp Qp&^^IT/b ^ppihl 

(Q^ - u - Gs^rr.^ — iBiTL-rr - (^^LaiBL^^^ mn-LpQeusTTr^ Q^i^ 
6ii([^i^TLns\)j <5UsrT^35ioST - (^jijsu^L-^^^ fin Q<s^ ^S3>z_tqti) 0<ya) 
<oV^sn-s !Li€S)i^uj<oS)oiis2eiT^ ihiiQ-iBirQsb'rT J <5T&iJU-(oT&sT^ (.^Q^oaft^ 

&<iSU^S!S)fl ^(SS)U-<QSlUU<3S)2U\JU!TQill^ fUfT® - IbTT^iS&T^ IB TT ® ^ i\) <o\) - 

/5/r ©<55 err /r<sE/r Si; /TiL . 

739. The learned say that those are kingdoms whose wealth is not 
laboured for, and those not, whose wealth is only obtained through labour. 

<5E0. c^'^'Sejnai Qsuiu^iui &6SiTGs^jLa u'uiBmQp 

uSosr si^ii jhqrj p uiLKcofl^oTQ/'uSlp^u. ^ssisii uSliressr(Bu mi ^'ili ^^mf^ppim 


QufTQh)ih^^S&)ffO!T ^^ ma® - Q^a^ihj ^ihi(^ - QLapQa^freMG^iu 
(cKC35r:/ij<5ES7r/rQ£\;&0(oO/ru3, ^anLBSiJ (5Taj^iu&<Z6ssT6s^iiJ:> - ihiis^fofb^ 

740. Although in possession of all the above mentioned excellen- 
ces, these are indeed of no use to a country, in the absence of harmony 
between the sovereign and the subjects. 

^^ fissiar^Ca ^ii3=mp60Ta(^m (^Lomrr^p &puL.juup,'£lu iS iBQ ^a ffikaisin i& 
GQjfT^uuL-L-. Sjffsssr ^suev^airrjr^^n'p sh-^Qmcj^if. 

Quirp^ U6i]ir^(^LCi QufT(rF,Gn, 
(uiP-smT.) sr-^j — PLpsueasiuirpp^ (Lposyi—ujjrmiju iSlpifQiop Qa^<h 

SosrGtu tues>L_Q.'/7"/r<i(a5Lo SjlT'Sosr Spm^^. er-ja/. 

iSlpirQiop Q£Fe\)^iEj~srT&i &.m<zs:LD QuirQrjSasr (ip^e^LuevpeiDpu iSlpQi^([^ 
euesT QisusneurrLoeo iss)sxj^^a^ Q^&))wQ(sncmr® LniTSiaiifr^LOj ^uQu(ir)€S)LD Q^ir 

jrmsGOn^LOf ^p^uajrr&(^i}i Qu!Tp^uwiTa(SF)LD ^irsstsr QuirQT^en irSp^. s^ir 
gBsffJoawi^ ^iBiuLouiTcojTfraeSl^'f ^aissitr (tpp-3^/St6S)iT. ^^@)otJ ^aesi^ssr^ 

&pUl-\& Sh.pUUL-1—^. 

^LoCoLQ&o 6U(T7j(ci5i;/r/fi5(2j) ^ 1^^ , flpQ UfT p£)i ueiiiT ds(^La - ^dirSosr 
Qlu ^G^L^Q^.Tir^fmLd, QuiJQjjetT - &pfba;^fr(^Lo. 

741. A fort is an object of importance to those who march (figainst 
their foes) as well as to those who through fear Cof pursuers) would seek 
it for shelter. 

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Si,x)Qfiih Ls&iiUE, (^s^nih^ SLgSsoiLjSs>i_uJ &!r®(Lpss>i_ajQ ^ Sjir^su^, ct-^. 

LOOK'S soQLDs'arutT/r loodVOsotot^J), Qa^^i^ aaQL^^hrunrr ^€sSf§LprtiEnQL_GaT 
i^irirsos^ Sis\ievrrsdc,r, LodaoiuiTGosr (BriLLu.rrQsssresr ^ajpes)(£iLi(i^ Q&^ojpoy.iEuj 

inesaflGurrM /9/D^-«n^iqsin/_.(u f§(mLc, Lnsbsrsmiih - QeuGifliQsDnpLn 
La2s\)iLiLa, ^6!ssfliQLp6\i aifr®La - (a^-siflin'b^ /SlP^[Ljsjd/_uj sn&Lo, 

742. A fort is that which has ever-lasting water, plains, mountains 
and cool shady forests. 

(uf-63i,T.) 6T-^, 2-UJIT&'^LLIll) ^S&)QpLb Qss'areS)LOiLjll) ^(ITjCDLDtLj QlC6W 

LwsOfrii ^SoOtuesGOQpu:). ^ w: <s<!)iss-&b-0(^LLL<^<ss)s&efT tr p Q<3FUjp<5£ip (m^sLjuurror^LD. 
^(W,ss)LD - QutrrBssfTn&n ^^sa,p{£QF)esiLD' Qun/3i£<stTneu6tsrrr—(^isii'^(eSlp Qun/Slitj 

LDuSlpQs=^S23\)lLjEI £B(rf)£9jr ^i£(Lp!El S&\)^lBi^ SGU^Ull) Ulfl£lj£lJ QsUlbQlB 

iLjih uiTS,(B (^L^^ULjia — srrujQuiTsk ^dsoiLjW sSii(sQ(B <3n.e!ni_iLj/s—'_^escnn.^i'B 

^!_ff@ LDiTe^STL-SjO Uj(BljI.ISJ semoiltLjthJ iCfLpO^lli L^0r)piL^LO LjODLQlLj €DiCUJ 

efi^ ^s^iTQpia ssyfcQuLU ^Qtuj^j — Qa^mQp^ &rr^LD ueisT^iLjLo L-^min 

QLDQ£Cij(i^ &UU (Lp(LpisSpp iicicssrujQpihi — Qan ^lEi (Qih^Q^ih Qen^iif) (S^gy 
(Tpii)'' GTmfiesxsu (tppsorruSiscir. 

{Qa; - u - g!D/r.) — a_(u/?'si| - S-iuit&-Qilild, ^ffiSUiL - ^aioU 

(LpLd^ ^Sa'sTODLCi - <SU (S <S!D LD ILj LD ^ ^(r^<S!T>LD - ^ (S(D ijD U_J fi (^STs'or&STLJ 

ulLl—), ^'b/s/r&arQssT - ^(SS)6U /b/t&otSIoti/sidl.iu, ^eniMeyj - lEI(3^^ 

743. The learned say that a fortress is an enclosure having theso 
four (qualities) viz. height, breadth, strength and inaccessibility . 

LDL^UU Q^&SJ^IUl Sh.rB<Q)fr. 

{Qes-u-GS'^tr.^ — ^ireim - Q^irL-GDL-iufrisu^y Q^^fruiSlm- 
a/rc£<5BG'6uso5r®/i)L_^ Q^Lu^siTiUj Quttlu-^^^ ^Q-UJrtb^ ^L- 

744. A fort is that wbicli has an extensive space witbin, but only 
small places to be guarded, and such as can destroy the courage of be- 
siegriug foes. 

3n, QiBfTenftsrtlfiinui Q&!Tm^L-3h.ip^ ^frQ lus^^irft 

(Uif - OTT.) (oT-^, — L-ip^^airnp GsrrL-paifl^rriij ^iLQarrsiwi— u&^eu 
GDffi iLj(Sssr'sSlp(/>^ uLi s>j3>S^iTF^ QurrfnB^&Q&eTnsiiTiu tS if ei5>Lccs)uj iij'cS>i—'jjQ^ 

Q3>iTi—ps(irjSS)LD - ^SsTT QL-iEi(^S6mT^UD Qup /Si&errn^il> ^L^isiQ&rr&ri^ 

^p <a.063)LD. £.6237" Q/ ^d5\}S!DLDUp/Sa Sf^^i5STCS)LDS<SST j LDp^£n<BfT ^HrrUuQ 

(ip^eQuj ljp^^^ititQld Q(so<sfrl^pQ£Fp^il)f siwfi(^LLL-asr s^a^^nfiQiop Qa^ 
eosonemmiqixiy u^sssruujrui-[LD (Lp^&iiTuSicW* 

<5(^5 OTStfl^' ^ii - GT erfl iu ^ fT Q uj ^ fiir^ - (^sm^<ss)^[L\ QpistDL^ 

745. A fort is that which cannot be captured, •which abounds in 
suitable provisions, and affords a position of easy defence to its inmates. 

(uif - snT.) <5T-^y — ^fB^Q^friTa(^ Q<Jii&3T(t^ili QunQr^&rs, Qsni\>3i(Teiip 
0^uj^iTsu'SS)a> u^^iaSa, arrar^ih /j'i?J6\)eS'#G3)/raj (w<s!j)i^ujQs ^ff^^au^j er-^. 

Qu,T(fKierhLa - ( a_ err srf) /_ ^^a (c^ /r « (dsu soar® ii) Quir(f^^rT.zi'ir luit<sd6v 

746. A fort is that which has all (needful) things, and excellent 
heroes that can help it against destruction (by foes.) 

(uif - 6!J>x.) 6T-^, — i_/«Qo-o/r® Qufra,Qsn L^iLjLoeues^s Q,'b(^ih.Q&' @tp 
qj^ssriu t53oeoir(^etnL-<ss>LDijurT^Wj wmuireuiruSlear, 

^6i](mi(^ rhLDiSl<sisJ)<ZLurrssTjij<o!nfr eSlil.®^ Sip^^^^ ^puiSl^ 

747. A fort is that which cannot be captured by blockading, assault- 
ing, or underming it. 

uprBiuJftQsu&isu ^j^tisr, 
(uf - ejjid.) OT - ^, — ^nSssTuOu(f^'omuciuufTp @ip^6bsi;&'ooOi7"/riZ; eu.i^ 

Q^ i9ser^ QufTQF)^ Qeu£^suQ^ ^iT^su^, <ST-£U, 

2_u)EmL0 ^puL.jU^e!^LD, up/jSleisras^nQsnir tun p/SlQuu^sreSiflu^m. up^ «^(3 

748. That is a fort whose inmates are able to overcome, without 
losiug their ground, even abler men who have besieged it. 

&(^&r ^^dsmd^ iFtnuuuissr Qs^iu^eo. Lop^umQeijeserQLDiTLL&Qujekp^ H/^^ 

^iuiT(BfB<srrfr6\}j eS^^ gtuj^ - eS^^ Qup^i^ LnrremL—^ - (idp^La 

749. A fort is that which derives excellence from the stratagems 
made by (its inmates) to defeat their enemies iu the battle-field. 

(uiir - SOT.) ST-^y — Sjiresiir Qiop Qs^rrc^&iuuil.i— LnmL&OtuenscrT (Lpe^oL- 
^601 Qpehr^ra 3h./Bi^fr. ^(ST>euuSljrem(BufTLLL-rrm;jiEj ssnuuiremrr uSlccr/SujeiDLD 

750. Although .1 fort may possess all (the above-said) excellencies 
it is, as it were without these, if its iumates possess not the excellency of 

u(B^^fr'jj QuiTQfy^s^ Q^uj^citUir ^jdld ^eued^&trjr^siap ■3h.^Qas!(rrj'n. 

■a. (o^LJIT(rE6rT6\) s^suGSiiru QuiraEeniT&d^ Qs'iuu^La 
Quj(fh'oiTik)i>x> Q&uSoO Qu!TnF)itr , 

«#: Qa^LuaJsuit-Oso Qua (r^2snQ ojn iBiu e^(rF)Gu^a(^u Qua(rrj<otTnEi.'^2\^2sOj isr-^. 
mBasuuL-rr^fiiT—^rSGSson-^fnT, ^L^'-^sop^mr. ^L£lc^&pLjL^ihes)LD(^i£tT 

Geu LSI^^MSs\)Qajsmu^rTm. 

(Qs ~ U - ST),T,) Qu!T(fKio'n ^6\)<od-5lie!S)rT - <o^Qf) Q U fT QEisn tr .^ 

La^<Hi3^uuL-rTa56U'5!T>TtLiLo, Qu!T(misrT ^ a c9-" Q <9^ uj u_j ti) - Q uii (i^(srrn <s 

m^3SSUUL-:S=Q3=LULUoU<6dSi)j QuiTQE^^ ^&)S\^^ -Q WT (^'bonuji\)6\)fr 

751. Besides wealth there is nothing that can change people of no 
importance into those of (some) importance. 

a_. ^ffOsv,T(OT/r Qiu4A)£V)/r(^ OLneir(ffi^siJir Q<Fa)6i/szn/r 
Qujs\)!5\)rr(rF(^ Q^^ujeuir QpuL^, 

(lit - 65)T.) GT-^f—^(aT^\)a\irriB6crG!)LDLLj (TpSTOL-OJiT/rcSl^'m OL^'/r^CTfiobcti/T 

uj/rei/0 (Lp'jjJT&'Q.FiueiJiTf «5r-jj/. 

emiuo uGS^aeaiTf /ELLi—niTf Qtrr^Loao Qrrssregjm Qpeu€s>i£iu!T (m Qwir^^iM'^) luir 

752. All despise the poor ; (but) all praise the rich. 

QlMSdST&SaflUJ Q^lU^'^d^ Qs'&iT^. 
CliiP - G3)ir.) er-^, — Qu!T(iTp>6(rsaT£)i er<b\:isoiTirrTs^(h^ Q^uiSIs&uuQud 

67oi)sofr/7"<i(y5Lb er^fgj.T sstjs/ld ^sk/Sliuet^LDiurr^-ffmu eu(iP,^b^iup/Slu Qurruu 
(Q^-LV-em/T,) — QurTQ^&T GrsoT^ui - Q u tr qF)Q sa m jrn (^(oT'SO 

753. The imperishable light of wealth goes into regions desired 
(by its owner) and destroys the darkness (of enmity therein). 

(uiP - 63)ir.) iST-^i, — Q<3=iuLijiB ^p^QSrsT'jj/Sl.i^ ^irs^ssr GanQihiQ^irssr 

Q'3=LUiLji^puD-<snshT Qun-Q^enQ3^uj^p(ff^rrl'jj Q.v/SI' ^ev^&Qeuearu^ ^esr 
plQiuear^ ^ifl,i^f§6srp^. Qa^EiQ&tTeoQscTe'sT^ L^SLpuu®^60a^iS) su-g^lL 
L^sDff-- pussTisisetrrrp unjOssruu^eofr^ih ^pis^^QiDeor^m} Qfd(Bihii£!TG0fS6i!r^ 

esftlOa; QenskuaniJD* 

(Q^-u-GTiiT.') — ^pm ^/Slfb^ - (<3^Lcufr^ds(^Lo) ^p^ein^ 

^pllh^, ^^ ^^''iSl - (^ir6F(53T) Q65/r®ffi7Co<55/r&07(S;nt£)u5)sy(S3)<5j (oiJIh 

754- The wealth acquired with a knowledge of the proper means 
and Avithout foul pratices will yield virtue aud happiness. 

(Uif - GtRnr.) ST - ^, — ^nihi^^L^aessrLDfnLQa' Qe^tuiL} LD(iTjQ6irii(BLh ^evir 

^eSoWp s^'^Scsru Ljj\ij-0{rQn(5hG(7r/>L^JUiT^ lj jt err sSl^G&^sot^'iui Sn./Si^ij-. 

G<?^uJtqii) ^oorGuTS/i), (ouirirx - (^if^L-^\ enniriT^^ Quit (man ^i 
a,La - QuT(mL^a'LBUir^^iiu^<sD^^ LjoXis\).Tir - (^ira^.i) Qujmji^ir 

755. (Kings) slionltl rather avoid than seek the accumulation of 
wealth which does not flow iu with mercy and love. 


<3fh-. ?>-JpiO U!T(m(&^ rLp&0(^ Q U!T (lh(G1F)!b p^m Q^i'oTi^ir^ 
Q^^QuiT (m(eihLn QsUlb^60T QuiT (T^<3n, 

(uif - SJilT') 'oT-^j — a_«DL_uj(T/flo'0Terou)u5^ Q/lssrisui^pp Gurr(n.^Lo 
ertsisLDirQiu GuiT(ir,(Sff^ih pssru<^i£eijis7in s Q^^pujn&i Gafr&rr^ujGunQy^srFfih 
^jTBF^&(^^aj GutrQFj&T&en'} qt-^. 

^^GunQhi&T - ensv^^iTfflr),i^Qun& Q.i(bihj&iTsOLJD fSso^^sh-aiLQi—a.-^ 

iS^hTSSUSTGuSB^^^Q-U^, £5ITUJp^lTlf Quqrj'^^'rS-UDSTLCi' >3?lhJ-3^m - &GO^^^!bJ 

AneQ^il) eL'Qf^ihueasn^mis>L-@ST>piU(Tiu^, Qif.^GuiTQf^en — Q^^s^eonssr euQTLa 
GurrQTfoletTesr eSifliLjW' ^^G&)nshiG(rr/'LBuLjG^LD 2_/f?xjoCT <;fh.fSljiJSU(j^, ^-aBau 
^shr^umLL-rr^Lo S{°o^lJBG:i:^ ■s^puuiLi-^. 

(Q^ - U - (SJDT.) £_ J3/ Q/_y.T (2^(675 til -( 2- S3>/_-UJa//r ©ji\)S\)IT(^La 

(SJiouiun QujQutr(m(erfjLBj ajm e^m^ir - ^musTt3,<5xj<3T>F^ Q^^Quir 
(f^(GihLCi - QsuesT^ (^ ffln^ uj/r 65 <£ Q (55/7 err (25 ti) Qufrnh(GmLOj Qsmb^eoj 
QuTQ^in - ^jr3'^i(^iflu u fT QKsn s. e'lT , 

756. Unclaimed wealth, wealth acquired by taxes, and wealth 
(got) by conquest of foes are (all) the wealth of the king. 

(uif-60)il.) <ST-^j — ^sinSI^ (^esTuu'-Li-. ^■Qr^GisrTscT^rb.i^ipGS GuitqT) 
Gsnsar^iUir^^J^ 0<?/7i>-eO:j£_©(£p Q^iTiiaL'^sjp^ujw l_uj Oi^a^^oofoj^asr eL'srr 

^LO, SIM eu/StiUiriiGLD^Qe^&oeuM .jyaysL'jjyanLD &'ii3(Tuusui'0c\:-iTa&.'£n'^e^p Quit 

757. Tho claild mercy which is borne by love grov/s under the care 
of the rich nurse of wealth. 

Qitj(B^£ja,Qiifr6m i-rrm ^i^Sma^ Qa^oj^&o cj^aysur LDSsoQL£>Q&)/£lrSsoT£ij ujrr 

esiira stre^s^QQhh^ fbn^n'-DMQurr&y^ 0^s.Aj^sc^L^mB efi^soiu QiopQaindir 
i_ir^m ^a^sFnpth cuQ^i^QpiSldj^ 6i/o'je\)/Te3)nGajC2j?^ istTo^ffi&^^Qr^iiM Qf^ 

s_52raT® ^95 - &-srTa5irSj e^sh^ - e^ii^Q^a L^SsO^Qo'iLjeiJiieoT-Qff'iu 
(cLfsio er/ol/SsoT^^ uj rr SsifT u Q u IT IT - ujiidssrssna^Q urcDfr^ a^cbsr 

758- An undertaking of one who has wealth in one's hands is like 
viewing an elephant-fight from a hill-top. 

rife. Q<3^ul'c5 Qu;r([f^'^a^ Qa^^irbi' Qa'^n^a.sjriia,^^ 

(uf-GmT.) OT-^; — aLDa,Qs'as'aT^eu3ru.!Taas(rn^svnir Qij[T(rr^ootT iljcsot 

Gun" SUA" c}h.lflLU UGI7)L^aa,&)LD l9^^^\)3cO, ct-^. 

^^sufTLD SjspG-'islTu&sr SfsyrriLJ/SSs'jjjnsoT oj.i^em. QurrQ^'SsiTa' Oa^ujuj 
Qsu Qu(fF)mu<3S)t—iUil> i^'-Luxip'P^L-UJJTiTeuir, ^^Gsu, LS^affly.r ^Qfj&G-'i'Tip.iM 



fhir - (^uQuT(m'srr fiLa) us^^euF^^ QdFQ^ai(a^- sarlu(oiDUj ^^i 

759. Accumulate Avealtli ; it will destroy tbe arrogance of (your) 
foes ; there is no weapon sharper than it. 

QsnSoisr u9jr6Mr® Qu^nQhon^^. 
QiossruiTrr (STessrQuaQrfclefr&sr^ia 3h-/B^fr. ^ss^su fBnGijr(t^umLu.n^m Sj^m/^ 

a'^LO UOJSST Sh-puUlLL^^, 

(^Q^.u~iss)rr.^ — s^Gif QurrQhih - /EaJSDewL^uj/r&o 6U(mLaQurr 

^(mQs'F J GTSsyr Qun (fE&r - GTeiflaj Quit (m'SU'S mfiia. 

760- To those wbo have honestly acquired an abundance of rictes, 
the other two, (virtue and pleasure), ai-e things easy (of acquisition). 

(oTiST - /D. ^^^. USSiL^LLfTt—. 

^ft-^ueuneisT Q(rr^i—iEiQj (Lp^p&iL ues)u.LDmL& .^^£ijQ6W(^!T- ^o°o^rrev^ ues>L-. 
uSsar^ fSSuresiLD. 

<£, S^j)iuu<snLofh ^^/r)(&5<?/r Osi/i&i)LJ<Sini_ Qeurb^s'oT 

(uf-OTir.) €T-^, — uunciisr Qp^G^uj isrrssr ^£iiuurr^Lo /Ses^p/b^ Quirifl 
SOTS ^ht^ulJB^p &(^sFiT^ iBssr^ ues)&(ST>uj Qsijib\i6u^(Tuj u<3DL- ^ffs^m Qe^i^^ev 
laa Q&T&ieon'eup^(siTismJ:> s^ujrruj Qa^sdsuihj gt-^' 

FFcs<sr(Bu wss^uJolajearp^ SjihiBiresrasar 0(yr^c^^ciouj' ^supiir^&iusuL^ QeupbSi 
<Wi./_/res)LDii9scr ^:mp(^s=iT Qwm^Cof e^i£lf5S eu!siaiEisil.(^is> ^ its' est poST&(^iti 

(vr^fr : "LDfTSisrL^—eupQfB/Sl Qp^pQp ojir&osr Qsirppih'^ ersisr(n2n' i-9/D 

(Gl^-u-<oSifT.) — Lb'SSTGnieJesj - ^jTd=^<i(^j Qisu^cS^qi^qj^- 

Q'oupussiL^iUbiT(Tr7>(mLa^ Q^rrso - (^/ajcar^) Q <3' ieiQ s,n ^iT (^lc>'^ <^^J 
&jiii - ^^Qsn^ih, (^^suGUn (frj'CiJ^') Q ^ ir l-. it ^ gt e3?l <ssr - {^^ it m^ 


546. It is not the javelin that gives victory, but the king's scej)tre, 
if it do no injustice. 

QpCS)p<Sir&(^ (mL..l—lT3' Q^^uSl&iT. 

(uf-sniT.) <ST-^, — 0S)eijujs^cs)^QuJs-:)3Omh ^ns^esr atrsi^LD-^ ^eueur 
(zpLLi—fTLD/b Q3^^^^ujeurr£)j Loa^w (LpaDpQ3=iij^iTmsessr^:}La 

(iSS^ioSr QlUJ^LD UIUSJST iffn-pUUiLu.^. 

apctpsv)^tLiLD, ^fraa(mili - s fT LJ u rT /b ^1 6)] rr &sr '^ (ipG^p - (^^giisst^^ 
Q 3" iBiQ ai IT (SO ^ ^QjSssr - ^eueuja^Sssr, aBiT^i^io - situuit/djmlDj 

547. The king defends the whole world; and justice, when admi- 
nistered without defect, defends the king. 


=5y. (ST'sssTU^^eBir Q^irir (LpsfopQa^iuiuir uD'skssrsueir 

psmu^^^iTp (mQesT QsQih. 
(uif - eaiT.) loT-siy — (Lpes>pQiSiJsssri^<^rri(^ srtsfrluj Q3^<mj^aDiLiS-es)u. 
Lu^iu j>/evir Qa=treosSluj<aijpes>p .^Qscnir u0:>Qfrir(£lLb ^srirdjih^ Sssrp 
GijGssresiLnsQ&iTuu (tpcs^p Qa^uuiuir^ ^itsfsst ^iri^ih^ u^^^Qsci Sek^ij 
^itQ&st Qs(blihj CT-J3/. 

(oTisinu^sj^iTQscTshT^th (ipp^sSl6ssrQiU3=3^(ipiJjj ^jxnQsijm^LD c£lassT 
Qijj3=iP(ipLD, Qa^iUiuirQajsk^LD QutuQiT.3=3= 5T^rrLDar>piLjil. Qs^iu^&i eSocsr 
QarrsiiTL-sw. ^iTip.i^u^Lh-uirai(LpLh ulBiljld eraJ^ Sp^LoiSSso. "^jajso 

<ST Girl ^^ n Q ,u 3'Ltsiu^i](5JD^iLj6tnL^'jU(oii^Q, ^iriT - {^eunQa^.reo^uj 
Ciii)GS)p ^rQsvnrifuivCojTn-QLD'^ ^nirojiB^, Qpes) pQ &■- oj lu ir - (s^drp 

548. The king -vvlio gi^'cs not facile audience (to those who ap- 
proach him), and Avho does not examine and pass judgment (on their 
complaints), will perish iu disgrace. 

(5b. (mi^L^pisi <3ST^s(o^3rrLhtSlai (^pptni a^^sy 

cuQ^SiJ^'sT^ QaiiB^&sT Q(Yr?LBe\'). 
(uif - aj)fr.) CT - ^, — (g^Lffi^OTLj LSlpir fBtsQiurrLop srr^^^ ^rr^Lo 

^eup^efTj FF<s!sr(cS)u.<sQstLj^isv&!r (LpurScunjjQsueiru^ (^^ppini'Si^^Q(X6sr 
u^i^p (o!up(^LD. ^einSuQ euiTLpsuncsirr <s^^s.^<so ^pscrsj^'^^^iJ^'^^ ^® 

<S11!tQlD0!TU^CS^ ^S^ISjQs^, ^oo^fTSfT^y ^(T^'^ic^ ^GUSSifT Sj^^p 

(Q^ - u - Gnir.^ — (^9^ - (^z^sSstt, L^prBj<3Sfr^^-L9pir<oU(/F,^ 
pirmpsirr^^ , ^Loi2-^tr^)]Lnsum^^^irLDpaiT^^j (^ppLn - (^eu 
/Al-^^su) (^ppLD^^i3V;S'rii9<5iiTy siQ-^eo - (^(ST)^ ^frd(^ihQufr(^ 

549. In guarding his subjects (against injury from others), and in 
preserving theiu himself, to punish crime is not a fault in a king, hut 
a duty. 

«0. G)^fr^uS'p Qsirt^iurT'S^rr QenthQ^w^^i^GO Ginuiki3h.ip 

(uif - emir.) er-^, — jijir-^sir Qsni^ujQjir.f.^aTS QsaSoviurresr gj>^^ 
^^ ^&Qsn0S)iT& &a^^,^j S-Lpeusir &2sn(SS)ujs s,23ni^ anuiiiiJii-taDLps 

eurriT, ssneufr^ ^pdsouurriTj (^anpOsfr^euirir, iStpej^&nsScmLpeijrrQn'Gir 
rBsnrr (tp^airruSl;GS)es)rr. ^^£S)fr gu i-.,^ so it rr ^^^iruSlGQerrmu. ^uQup 
/StLurremrrs scisrQ^i^s Gsfr(S\)soireuL9u L/^fflSsirsf^ ^ (i^3= n- iB sk p oduisj 
Sh-LpQuaasT^ r5^(SijUSoGeijiu^ ^so^ ^L-i'ruu&^eQesr^ Q&rrp^LD ^/r 

^Sdp. ff^Ql^ GTGT-La. ^0. 


3h, LLroLjb,T(oST Lbrrsmi— louiS^Q-fioOeii Q^gfvp 
(uiP-snir.) OT-^, — ^^sisssres^LDiqu:) inrrssrQpili Qp<ck(c£n'a'nuSltQ)iT Qg=6srp 

g)a/^(7?7ssr (tpi3S)pQaj u<SDasijes)[ri si^QpOarrmr^ rSpp^m, s/S<F^i 
(5^ sfTihsiJeujriTLDp sn-^<ss^Lbf j)/L^iLji^n'L-ipaQiB[TQDu.ujijSl&) (aunQerriT 3=3=^5)10 
(Lp^G^iueijLh Sj(^pQu!T&!Tes>LDii\ LDnQiu Q6=Lu<3T><sa6fr QupuuiLi—esT, ^S^Q^ 
ujoDiB iu(Tfr&r^u uss>s>EU!ir w^iisn'jJ'n'aeSesr, QsupjrsSisr Qeusssri—fTQwesiu^mnt 

(Qs; - u - <5iD!r .\ — LnpiM - Qg'(sn^{UQj^Ln^ iMrrGSTLo - u^iresrQp 
LB. LaiTsmi— - Lnn-iLQiSiSiLnuuLLL^, i5ii/_^<a=Q<9=(o0ei| - (^Qp&sreS'jrnrGls' 
e'arp) ^&osiyL^u9Ga) Qs-'iffO^^^ti, Q^ppLa - (^ir<y(S3)&\)) lELauu 

766. Valour, honour, following in the exellent-footsteps (of its pre- 
decessors) and trust-worthiness : these four alone constitute the safe- 
guard of an army. 

67, ^jfr^friKiQd^ 0<F(a)6u^ ajrrdsar s^^euih^ 

eu£S)s rsnesrafTsuiaBT asssTL-thy Loeosn—eouD} a^iii&^tli, QurrsQiOissr (sSisdb.I' efl/n 

(BesiiTuiSip OLj0(gL£) j ^es>suQiueois\iml) £ul-^^&3£B(^lL &<sssr(BQ&n0T&, ^gdqj 
jBrreh-t^ufT LLi—fT^ih uewt—uSlesr ^(soassssrim sh-puuL-i^^. 

jTrrQiod 6ii(^s<zLj ulL®^ ^mQii^<5^(ouiha;y Qunir - (^u0y)L—u9&fr^ Quit 

767- That is an army -which knowing the art of warding off an Im- 
pending struggle, can bear against the dust-van (of a hostile force). 

Sj^i ^'oirQiDoXieiJiiisiTp Qua^u&c^Loapp&^iLo ^b^BoOiuiiuS^ilij ^eoiQqri'prou 

^ss)aOiusNp^ G^Q^QuiuirLDfrA^JTLDiTiij fSesrp^' Q^rrpjDuQurreQsurmn^ ^co 
ciliULDj arr£S6rr(ip^sSliuaup^i—^tli Sjss^i^ Q^nsur^LDLpi^. uit(B - aisisj i—bnar 

^3](oo7(DLD6\)6VP^^rris\)^ Qu[r^s(^Lo eu sQ an LDiq til, ^^ (sr ss'fl ^ ta - 
^M^iUfrS^nLDj U(S!DL^^^<ss^&{U!T(k) - ^<osr_^ Q^n ppLj Quired 

768. Thongh destitute of courage to fight and strength (to endure), 
an army may yet gain renown by the splendour of its appearance. 

iffs). ^^«ntn[q(&5 0<?i&De\)/r^" ^cijBquj en^GnuMq 
(uif - cnir«) OT-^j — ^w&sr QpiLi/5^ QrSl^rrse^isi wmr^^eSGiT^ i§ihi 

iLi^eir (Lp^<^LUisu/b(V^'ok euQfjOj^, ^emeutLjerTcuL^ s^enmLDinL i—miSlsur^ S-p£3J 

769- An army can triumph (over its foes) if it is free from dimi- 
nution, irremediable aversion and poverty. 

r3i^8 n^W^ GT^-in. ^^. us^L^^Qff^Q^ 

QuiTsrrrs' ^rr^ih QunQLcmuaiT, ^3somai£<sifl~o\)QjL^ AoOsu<a^(37/7-. ^(ssxsu 

3j2sOLDSi£E6rr - (;2;S37a(^) 65 ^ 611 IT fT Q UJ (aS" J IT ^ ^SDSUL^ - ^ i3V <o\^ IT <aQ 

770. Though an ai-my may contain a large number of permanent; 
soldiersj'ifc cannot last if it has no generals. 

^^6ar<s56JS3f?6ar/5 ^LD(ipt—p aesSppeoQeui^^i^estj <oT£urpdsoevQesT^iT QunQirp^ 

SppSsO QlLHTL^lBmj iST-£}J. 

.(son — eoii)Ou/rsar ^l^ul^ esarjrs'LDLSlSso" erearu u^Qpusear ^^./^(G^pQurTeo gjo^ 

(Q^ - u - (OT/r.) — Q^isueSllr - uiSD^&jQir^ <st&st - gt&st^ 
s&o tQehrrDGurr - (^eiysar Qisu&oulL® e3^ipih^\ •zcdsSle^L^^Q^s 
Ln6\) ^-in(ipi^(SQoO [Q^(oir><s<SDiU (d6U6337Z^^) (oTs'or^iiisnL^iu^ wQp&rr- 

771. my foes, stand not before my leader ; (for) many are those 
who did so and afterwards stood (in the shape of) statues. 

(uf - eoiT') <ST-^y — £srTe3T^^maQi^(BLD (tpcuSsou LSIaDLptunm Qeinu^ 

/D^iSS)/b tSl (!iT> Lp oj n ldQ &)6in u^ih J (ipujp(SF,^ ^a GTtju^QGuekp^(^^)6ST uundosta^^ 

^^Qsui,\i - (^<srfSl(h^) ^ui9lu Q6ii2si)j (^fb^&) - (^ih^fi&ij ^'S^'fi 

772. It is move pleasant to bold tlie dart that has missed an ele- 
pliaut than that which has hit a deer in the forest. 

[R-. KaLJjra ssoTGS^Ln QiwoOtu s^^sQ i^s^sar ^fbpad^ft 

G[}f T JT [T loSSr GT) La LD>np^ QiSl oo(^, 

^TuSlp issisrQ^i^ cSy^ ^if&^aQsrri—pQurrQfiLLiB ssnurnessres^LD Qa^iupSso 
(G3) ojsuuLLi—fresT^ SSs\}QDLD QfEH&Q, ^jQiurr^^LUifleiDp GLDpQ3:(i\><s\)rr^ ^sar 

SDsor^ s^ppas>iT&d - {^siiirs(^^ s^QE^irCpexi euK^^niBQh^ (^^J 
®fb£ii) S-U^rr muj[r!b<s<5(ST(5!T>Ln, ^^m - ^^p(^, (^oo<m - ah^i'tcsytc 

773. The learned say that fierceness (in contest with a foe) is in- 
deed great valour; but to become a benefactor in case of accident (to a 
foe) is the extreme (limit) of that valour. 

<3^. 65)<35(2'si/ffO aGftlpQm?® QufT<^Q euqhWoUe'sr 

QlMlLjQeiJSM UroluJir /5(gLQ. 

Qlo^o gS^uiSIgw Q6sr<saru,^s^m, QufouuL-i—esr. .^L^a-amL®.' 

SG^pQm?® - {^^e'oiQ iMSMsuih^') iuirSsffrQiuir® ^ QufrssQ - errSltb^ 

774. Tlie liero wbo after casting the lance in his hnnd on an 
elephant, comes (in search of another) will pluck the one (that sticks) 
in his body and laugh (exultinglj). 

0. (oSliBai^sessT Qen&dQ&irem Qi^rSli-U 6UL^<s^iS!DLCiUiSl 
^cuQiBj(^ioi'nQ;-5rT&s lEiLi—^ld Qurriflosrssasr LEiLQQuLjGnj&aQr^^ Sj^sij'h^ 


775. Is it not a defeat to the valiant to wink and destroy their 
ferocious look when a lance is cast at them (by their foe) ? 


GT> oil a, (^ tb c5 60T (STjSsTT QlU®^^ , 

(u:P-6!Dir-) OT-^j — s<ssra(^a' Qa^sarp {srrerrsdsff Ouu(B^Q^e^<ss:B, Sjwp 
jlJCTT £Sl(LpuusioTUL^rr^ i5!renai2s(iQuj(k<soiTLa uiu&stui—fr^ &L^i5^isni^snG6rr 

cSlnxiULj^sr - QuQnia(E;rujaDm&T ^ ui—ir^ iEirm Gr&i<o^iTLa - ul^it/s 

776. Tie hero will reckon among wasted days all those on which 
he had not received severe wounds. 

(uiP - eoiT.) 6T-^, — ^pa,&^^^ ^L£»QiX)ff© O^o^scirr^ meuiu^esy^a' 
(gip/K^ iBfl)iQiS) L-jaonin Geuemi^ s_uSlifisunLp^^ Qeu&si—n^ (Sjrir slqioO ai—(a 

(Qfi - u ~ ffn/r.) — <3?Lpa2/ui - (u,z^63^uj) (^tpib^ /Q^^tLj ^ 
63)5= - /_/65(53)Lpj QisxicssTLo^ - eSlqELoiS)^ QouGmi—rT sSjTfrlr - £_ii9/r 

^&o, <s/rff]e3)<55 lii'r^^ - ^6\iihJeifrjr (marnQponi—UJ^nLB, 

777. The fastening of ankle-ring by those who desire a world-wide 
renown and not (the safety of) their lives is like adorning (themselves). 

(u.f - eaiir.) er-^, — QurrfrQu/SI/b /DLhQpuSliruQutTQFjLL L.(zr,iFrr^ ^^ssr 

Gun'irQup r)rSliuaeu)LDuSlsisTf ^^Qufi)(7r/&o ^jTg:6sr ri(BuLSI^u:i /SaOiSO/jO/resr 
Q^sn (es)iB(s9p sFfiQsLiih ilk^Qldgst - iSim&ir Lopeuir tSiEj^^Qsnetr uj<sdi_lju^' eiear 

(Q^ - u - <s!r>/r.) — ^-rB&sT - {Qunir') Qu/So'st^ 2_u5)/r - (^tL) 

is^psu'r - eS'jrtr^ ^Gs^peudi - (a?m) ^ira=&iT^ Qa^^^ih - (=gy^ 

778. The heroes who are not afraid of losing their life la a contest 
will not cool their ardour, even if the king prohibits (their fighting.) 

3h, (^Gs^ips^ ^S(Si]iT<o!S)UbsF ^FireuirGS)!- lUirQfT 

(Ulf - 68)T.) (ST-^y ^fT[a3h./£l6ST (mj(h^^SSTi ^UUHLDp Quit (tt^lJBs^ Qg^ 

&Qi)Usuir - ^sm^p)(mfluj6ijir^ luniT - luireuir, 

779. Who -would reproach with failure those who seal their oath 
with their death. 

iBsosram Mir LoeO(^meues)as QuiT[fles>u-a^ e= n su uQujB sat j jy<rff/7(i<a7r(3 ^iTfs^rruSl 

{Q^ - u - 0S)n .") — (^^LL>do(^S'Q3'iu^ K&yrrSldsfr ^^^_^^) 
LjirfB^irn' - ^sssn^suir 3= ir ^ ^ ^ss^ - <S63Jjr<55STT, liiTLnids - i§irQu0 

780. If (heroes) can so die as to fill with tears the eyes of their 
rulers, such a death deserves to be obtained even by begging. 

<oT3i> - LD. ^^, ;5l-LI 

i&ifliu iUfr6ii&T afruLj, 

i}jn'es)isuujefr ? G)^tu^0.9>n'6Djrz_/Tt)0 ^^Qurrs^u uemasuir Qs^iulliU) eS8csra(&)Lj 

^rrp/SiflL^6w^ Spp^(Lp^e^iu .^y/fliua'/raeSsar fBiLSn:iQa=tup&^iu(om(^ai>2ooQiu 
etiT^ihy Qa^ixj^rrp u'3S>a£ijjr(^& ^ScvrQ^iTL—iEi&frirfTSieSsar ^^Qurreo GSlSsttreyrrjrrr 

QlU5aT @0a;C3)auLJ©LO. SjSUp^SfT ^UJ^G3)6S iSpuL^QpsnpuufTi^uj^^Ui Q^OJ 

QpicS)piufr^LU^'s^GLD6sr eSl(fFjCij<oS)auu(Bil). ^ev/S^eisr QpmSssiuj^ &?ppLona 

gQsoT ^^ S?ppfb^Lfifr6QsBrL-iaQp^' ' (alOSSriU^ U€Siau3iS!)U.u9LLL^Q^UJ^^^n€S 

u(Baj^ QpssiQa^ojp oi^<sSup/Sl £ij(rr)(i^Q6Fajp6S}aQtjJiurra><s^&!Tf jy^eor QpuLj 
^/S^p •ah-puuL-.i—^, 

Q^>iTLB^k(^u (l/c-^^/d^) ^/fluj, <siruLj - &ir6ii&irr6QT(^6Uj luir - 
OTfitnoiyaerr, a_srr - ^(V^aQeoTpesr, 

781. What things are there so difficult to acquire as friendship ? 
What guards are there so difficult to break through by the efforts (of 
one's foes)? 

(uf - 63)T.) <ST-^} — jy/^<2/ss5L_(ij/r/r isL-t-iaftm iSles>p iSempiq.i^emeiriLD 

QuiTSO IbtrQl^lT^ l§€SipiL\i^S0r<SS)LDtLi6U(TiD I LDpssipu QueS)^SS)LClljeSil^tUfr IT 

ibiL\-ia(£eiT iQes^pib^ LD^iSldr ^<5SipiL\ib^m<siDLnQu!Ti30 ibirQu-fT^ia ^es^puLji ^ear 
es>LDaj su IT ih J ot-^. 

^iiwQne&qtjkf ^5j^sDLDup/S. QaemesiLDf wl-Ousstuoit e^QFPurr(fFjil. 
QeasS. Qsruj^nir^ uekaoLDUjrrek ielLljiI) uooeufruSlesr. Si/Sl<BjS!DL-ujrr(rF)ijo SffBei^ 
csiL-iuiTQT^t^ Qa^iii^esT (rpssref(ir)Ki@u iSl<ssTQu(rf^sp(^w, Quos)^ijLi!TQF)LD Qucn^ujir 
(5;^ Qar'dJ^etsr (ipsarQuQf^Qu i3siT&-Qf)taf£p(mih] airjressnli ^LDQpsasr (ipswear/SiufT 
es)LDiLjil) LS&sTear^s^LDatli. 

(0^ - u - eff)/r.) — lijieuir - ^rSeu^rti^iUQiir^j Q<ssssTes)Ui ^ 
SlQiBSLD^ i9ss)p - iQesipQurrev^ iQes)p fi^ - (^ibfrQu-rr^LD^ i^enp 
U-|/6 p:drss)LhS&si6i]!rLn'j Quetn^iuirir - ^^6S!6\i&)n ^eujr^^ (EL-Lj- 
©G'/HSiij Ln^ - (/9s!j)/Dr6^) g^ih^jresrQuiTeo^ tSl^h lijr - iBsarQesr 


782. The friendship of the wise waxes like the new moon ; (but) 
that of fools waxes like the full moon. 

/5_. psQQ(yrj'^ MT6ST[ULCi Qurr^'Lo, uuQQqt^^lo 

uso'm-L-i'SSiL-iuirmn- Q^fri—iTLi. 
(uif - etnir.) er-^, — /5/b(j^'ss<^ (ipes^i—iuLDaaeir ^il(ipiLQ3=aj^ ielLujuuS 

783. Like learning, the friendship of the noble, the more it is culti- 
vated, the more delightful does it become. 

(uiP-emir.) GT-^y — 6^(iT)(suQ(SS)Qi—rr(Tr)£ij6isr wLl.LjS'Qa'iLJ^eo ^LC(Lp(Sssr(^^p 

{Q^ - u - <sjn/r.) — r5LLi—(5\} - (epQ^'SuQjnrQ, e^(i^6iilr) islLljS^ 
L-.(B\-i5(ssia,QiFiupip,QuiTQ^iL®^ ^<ssT^-^e^<so ^ iB(^^aa^ism - (^ 

e^^^p (olun-Q^iL®. 

784. Friendship is to be practised not for the purpose of laughing 
but for that of being beforehand in giving one another sharp rebukes in 
case of transgression. 

Qj. Lfsasrir-aFQ uLp(^^i\3- QeiJsssrL^ir ojes^i'ro'&^rr 

(uif - GWJ.) <sr~^y — ^(ir)GuQ (^Qi—i! QT^eum (biLun^p^u .LjcssTr'ti-QiLjih 

Quneo s-emiis^&QiunuLSlsaTy ^^Qgu S-L.^u9if /§iij(^(Lpiflesitxip^iruj wlLiSI 
emu uuji(^QLDaiTu^nLD. miLiSlpr^^u qeaarnV©, uLp(^^b^>, s^essr frs^&Qtjun' ^^ 


(Q^ - u - stn/r,) — (s^(7J5fei;Co(S3)© epQ^eussr [BLLu!r(^^p(&yj^ 

785- Living together and holding frequent intercourse are not 
necessary (for friendship) ; (mutual) understanding can alone create a 
claim for it. 

3n. Qp^SfBaS ibL^U^ IBll-U&ST^ Q{B<^3'^ 
^65/565 miLu^ rBL-Lj. 

enssifs ibiLf^LD^ iBLLuimn^ 'f ^6srun'(^\) ^a,(LpLJD<soir igl-(qu:iQ^ tsLLunai^ 
CijUDesiLD sSsiiirA^rrpQiTrj'dia^, ^^(es)©b ^yresorO/i s^(ir^fLQ& Lo&isiQGueim® 


rsiLu^ - QQrsQuuQ^^ ibiLlj - QQissLarrLa. 

786. The love that dwells (merely) in the smiles of the face is not 
friendship ; (but) that which dwells deep in the smiles of the heart is 
true friendship. 

qidsst lEebQciT^&dstr^ Q<fb^)eonasnp Qa^^^Q^ O^iiaj^^np GaQexi/s^L^ 

euiplsS^ih euti^ ^tssruisjaG&resr^ilif S"i[B'^^^GlGssrsuTu^m(^ ajn'&GS)atuLEi<^ 
(O^ - U - (S!J)/r.) /ClLl/ - (e^Q^6ll^S(^) !BiL-U!T611^^ '^fjS 

Qffiuap^ ^£^ - ibs\)6u^'Z6ifl(Iio))^ S-in^^-ibi—S^ f ^ l^ eSl m &66Si - 

787. (True) friendship turns aside from evil (ways), makes (Lim) 
walk ia the (good) way, and, iu case of loss it shares his sorrow (with 

j^. 2-®'55sn<55 Sip'b^eiiGST ODsQurrev ernninQs 

ilso iBiLiSleatQLD QeuppuuL-i—^. 

^©iiassar - ^saru^^n^, aSsTTeu^ ^ia - f§ ,i (^su ^ rr ih , 

788. (True) friendship hastens to the rescue of the afflicted (as 
readily) as the hand of one whose garment ia loosened (before an as- 

fuf-OTfl".) OT-^j — n5LLiSl^ai(^ ^jrQ(Tr)acs)s tufrQ^e^saVj Sjoo^ '°^i^ 

(0_i£ - u - S(j);r.) — ibiLi9iL(3=) - 9lQKa4^^fb^^ eS'ptBm^'h 


789. Friendship may be said to be on its throne when it possesses 
the power of supporting one at all times aud under all circumstances, (iu 
the practice of virtue and wealth). 

^siisusn eui'dJiSl'SiiTiTj Luirth - /b/TLo, ^soionTLa (sreir^ - (^6i//f<3;(^) 

790. Though friends may praise otie another saying *' He is so 
intimate with us, and we so much (with him) ;" (still) such friendship 
will appear mean. 

s. pTL—ir^ (Sil-L^Sp (oaz^ffoSoO /5tli_LS)to5r 

(qS^I^<S02s0 IBL-UfTiirT U6Uir<!£(^, 

ojii' f5'—Qp(i7^LDsuQrTeiiT^u:) Q<sijp^es)LDuSl(oaTe!nLDuSls^aT (St^^cds^QiLiewj^m, ^cu 
Qojp^ssiLn uSlsitTsmLDUjncar ^eussTiBL- uLBurreuih'itetr ^Loojir LonaeSlsoT ^0£Wud 
ujfhj Qa(BsuQirsaru^ G/e/t^© isrrL-rr^ fBilu.e^'b Ca«Lt.*:^GiUoor^/zL 3h./S^i'» 

i—^Q^ £lpueuir,s(^, rbLLi—iSl6'(ST-(^^(m6u(oi^®'\tBL^Lj'S' Qs'iu^iQi&sr^ 
fBirt—fT^ - ^irfTUjfrLD<s\)^ (ElLl.6063t - 9\QibQi^^&dQun(Sd^ Q&(B- 

791. As those who are of a friendly nature will not forsake (a 
friend) after once loving (him), there is no evil so great as contracting a 
friendship without due inquiry. 

u^th uao&ir eofrjrrriLiih^u:^ usiieurrpqr^ (S^jmiLi^ih sj0ai;G(£5)© iBLLLj&Q&rrar 
errrr^ajsk Qpu^(^p (nyek a^nsfpQs^curruj ^eiru^^ossr^ ^sar LDfrp(yf/'n' eSdorr 
e^&QsvsosrL-iTLDp qr^Qsw cSasttif^UD, sr-^, 

ses)L-(Lpi3^pas(sssrQGzr<csr ^j2/©<ft"«LlOi_fr<sa bjmneu^ Gfl/f?s«. @6a3r(ip@ 
Qa=iu^i ^ujnO(C3)® Oa/refrerflioar ^eupt^ ei](^LJD uetmses^LoQuji^^soiTiB ^skQioso 
eufriuuiSlesr sj'svpQf^ et^piB^sSlQl Qldswu^ulO' ^sotq; u9jr6s^(BufrLLL^n^tli 
v^jrmurreuLBu u(B l8(1£>&(^6s sh.puuiLu.^. 

{Q^ - u - Gjn/r.) — {(mas^Qp^ Q<?=tL/S!r)<5Eiqu3 r5id€\)Q&nmu 

'^^ - (ufivsuz^uj/r&o) ^inriufb^thj QsemenLn - {^<^qf^'5iiQ^(B'^ 
fBL^enUj QarrerTQrrir^rTssT - Qsirmsnir^eu&iT^ a<SDi—(Lper>p - Qp^ 
sQi\), ^rrs'sT &=rrLa - ^nm 3'fr6u^p(^ er^sunQiu^ ^luiTLa - ^eoT 

792. The friendship conti-acted by him who has not made repeated 
inquiry will in the end grieve (him) to death. 

/K.. (^as^^aci 0z^isznLDiL|/i7 (^ppQp!a (^rnqr^ 

(uif - 63) IT.) (ST-^, — g50Q.»esr (^esur^^o^vriLjLD (^i^uiSlputSIScsriLjih @/d 
p^QS^m-iLjix) (gyss>p<sdpp erppaQ&wiu uonirndjihs/Slih^j ^svG^Q ibi1.l\3^ 

^suijblLlj GSi_purrp pckQpskunft ^pp(LpQuy5ST£)us), e^ppui^es^Buuies)!^ 

(g^SIOLOq/i - (^L^UlSlpLJimU\^LD, (^pp(lpLO - (^pp^OD^U^LD^ 

■©^^(J2? ^^T^ui - (^eisipeupp s^pp^sy^siiLiLDj ^jrBih^ - (^jrrr 

^jO ' to. ^^. fbiLuirjriruj^oM. fl£.^<5b 3< 

793. ]\[ake friendship (with one) after ascertaining (his) character, 
birtb, defects, and tlio whole of one's rcUxtions. 

QiBi]'®^^!h} Q&fTSfT'oXiQ'oUGiysrQ klLlj, 
(^[^LJiSlpuurrp (^sm iStesyLpQa^LULUiTesiLoiLjisi, UL^a-9,^3=6orrp i3gs> l^ ^ ^<5sr 

(Q^ - U - SD/r.) (^U^uSpih^ - S^LU [} i S^ (3^ L^S p iSlplb^^ 
l5iTSS^ISU!Tdsi)T-^l^3^U6vSssr^ Q 3,n'®^ ^L£i-(iUW ^!T iB ^31^ l-hlT<oOTGTip) 

794. The friendship of one who belongs to a (good) family and is 
afraid of (being charged with) guilt, is worth even purchasing. 

Q.vm&QiLiLhj ^QjeuifiS(m^ Qa^iuiufrQjLBa^ Q3:Lu<sSlaa(oiju:i susWo/rew/r ^rrniui^ 

^Lps^Qs:n(^\)6Q iSliSLaQs€aT wis uiflairjrsSlocsrsnerrfrstsT Sjeup^pQ3ip:p 
(^ppsSSmribisifr eu(fr)sS<isuuLLu-sm. QjLpa(^ - &.i>Oa^^fTiT ^i^uui—<F Q&'uj^ 

795- You should examine and secure the friendship of those who 
can speak so as to make voii. weep over a crime (before its commission). 

or rebake you severely (aftet you have done it) and are able to teacli 
(you the ways of) tlie world. 

(uiP- 65)ir.) OT-^, — £^0syOTi'<S(gs Q&Ql^o^u^ ^GSJOtnLi^rnrnQiij LjS\} 
Qu/DL.u(BeuGprr IT fBS^eO/Sl Ojssa(B) st-£}j. 

eGTrrr^iSip Quir.ipirif lSIsst Q&^sn.i^iBJ^ Qa^iu^^) Qeu£iiu®i5<^^scr ^'sQuLLu-ireo 
^eiDsu Qjss>inu£ii<S£suu(BOLDsaru^ upSa Q&iLu^ds3raQi£nson'&Qiui}i, Sip(^<30 
Sjisu<ssiiT luetTihpplihpaeo ^eunss^nCoUJ Qsiru-eSleor ^eueu/Besieu ^^jjSjQujssr^nibj 
s^/Slf^iT. QSsrr^ff" — ^(^Quvun» ^°o^S&QssfGijQf)Si]S,W' ^es>siJibir6ur(^unil. 
L-rr^Lo ^irtTiLjiDfT^Lh ^jrnu.ipnd'O i5L-&uu(B(Suit tt ^evQiriSjru,^^Ej eh-pu 

s^pp^isujr^ fBiLufrQuj (/Ssy/hJisSsirrj) £lLi^ ^Gtiuu^ - (^<s3^p 
uj/rLa&) ^snuu^irQuu^ ^irQanTio - e^QECosfreoiTLCi - (^^seofri\)\j 

QupUU®La\ 6p(rEi-5S\)(5\}^6lJj &.6SST® - S-GTT ^ . 

796- Even in ruin there is some good ; (for) it is a rod by which 
one may measure fully (the affection of one's) relations. 

fELLQunLQiiprr^il) Misisirasireo Qqj^sldl^ sFiB^smQpLo QeDEionsu^il) Qeu 
LDiT£uQun so^ ^iii(^ evqF)<56Qsur eSL-Qeoscr^jjixif iSihiQiueuL^^ ^isiQ&iTL^pQb\) 
ojssr/Sl (§)0S!naD uSlsoru^^p ^iflesLoQiLiajpe^' qpssil-G^ldSsst ^^Ssst sot^oj 
QiDm^iiiii <5h./Sl^iTt 

QuQp&iT^ Qa'ir-^iovuu^su^, Q ues^^ujrrir-^^eQiideoir^eujr^, 

(o .65 63*37 (SnLQ - IBL-i3SiU '^^^-fQ^'^^j i^Sl t—&0 - (^'SI/SD/T ) sQ lL® 


797. It is indeed a gain for one to renounce the friendship of fools. 

^. S^menpa 6ij<snsrr(^ &^(^sy Q^nen&rpee 

jyjO - Lb. ^P. PjLLu.TinruJ^oXi. IR.GT3: 3.y / 

fuf - emu.) ST-^) — ^UDQpaa^ <5f0/Ej@^/D@.a &frjre!srtjorT(u eSov^sr 

eijrr/rQuiTsaT£^ stitSl^ssSlscTj ove-Stuja/LJu/r G)assaT(n/'i'. Gr(9^^-6san LL(I)i5ues>LD. Q&tieir 
eifi/sr ^t^iQpsEl'3GLDidru^fnh> 

798. Do not thiuk of tilings that discourage your mind, nor con- 
tract friendship with those who would forsake you in adversity. 

iBSeW S Q^?SmtU!TQsST ^QDLUlSleOSOfTiS l3p^a(^tSl Sh.p/£l^!El QafTL^^ir 

Qldgsi^ sjp&gS'Ol. sot £32^5= Qa^iu m fSi-LiSlssr Q&rr(Bes)LD sh-fSlajGUfr^. ^^ ^gl'sot 
^QsnuuiTQ^ (Lpetrir* ^cnta; Qpscr^ufTLLi^a^Lo ^irfnui^n&) rBLLauUL-fTafrir 

(O^.Ly.(o5);r.) — Q^®iL <s/T§50 - (6^(7?) af -oar) Q&Qrijd^freo^^^ 
6uQ ^(BiQ 3" lu a}\ fBL-UfT&^^i, ^®La <s/r^ - (sh-ro^eudr^ Q<zrri\) 

799- The very thought of the friendship of those who have deserted 
one at the approach of adversity will burn one's mind at the time of 

QLCiiTnheiSg; QisurTuiSl'o\)fri'r ibL-Lj, 
(uif - 60)iT.) OT-^j — Q_coQi£rT® c^^^ai (^ppLnp(y^iT wlLlSIc!3ztQlu uuSi 

^n^ nL.(ST'3i^ JX]3^ - IM. ^P, UtJj'SiS)LQ. 

(Q^ - u - (53>/r.) — LBrrai- ^pqTf'ir - (^S-is\)G^[rQL-fr^^jy (3j)pp 

^<S5>^j (^ir!TLU!r^QiEtrisssri—(reo\ G^<sl7£}i - (^^sij(nj.k(^QiSiJsssr i^iu^ 

800. Continue to enjoy the friendsliip of the pure ; (but) renounce 
even with a gift, the friendship of those who do Bot agree (with the 

cP/35 - th. ^^. ULpSS)LD, 

^^igao. esmremuQuiuit amflius^p srruSlp^H' ^jmiijib^ fBLL&uuLLL-nQirsS 
LonL-(Bu i3eiSLpiLjeiTsnQLD6tiru^ Sj^i^sspt^} ^31 fBiLufrirfnu^GQiskiSlsiif 

(uiP - eoiT.) GT - ^,— LJtpsn/joOujsaT"^ Qa^n&)muu®(sn ^lurrO^sar^j; 

@Lp<SS)LD—^(^QuiLllT. Gs(l£>^eS)SeS>LDQuJ6!!r QJ^enSSTOlj LD^' ^lfleiS>LDIljnp 

Qa=uuisiJ6sr£urT€ijesr &(i^iDLDfTuSlissT Qs^iLiiLjEjerrp Qseutr^ QiFLUssb-Oj Gs(Bu3euei!)s 
Gs^drpaGST^ ^uGup/Sl^snoJ [siLGumu^ eh-puutl-L-^* 

801. Intimate friendship is that which cannot in the least be in- 
jured by (things done through the) right (of long standing intimacy). 

(U:?- etniT.) oT-Ji/, ;5L-L'Jiy(iJ ^QJlueHLDfTeV^ST fbLLl—nu S>_lflaDLDUJll lijQa'tU 

QiSxip^JTCs>in QfsnSuTp ^^'uO user (yrj> it. S-^uQueoru^ pfsojru^G^&adsmtuia^ 
GDLBlLIJfT ^^SOj <3F (Y eh Q (lY^ lY - /Svxn/D^bG^/r/f dE(gj <5[;i_(SdT - npaS)rr)<S3^LC^ 

802. The constituents of friendship are (things done through) the 
right of intimacy ; to be pleased Avith such a right is the duty of tho 

(uif - eoiT.) (oT-^j — piT(Lpi—iliUL^frp6siC6ij^ih /sil-L-frri ^^.ss^icnun- p 
Qs'uupesrwp/Slpf,^^ prr(^j)Qa=iijsirrpQurT&) a./_LOLJL_.Tjr/raSlsor^ ^su(cinr(B uld 
uupmusmB^ iblLlj iSTsorenruujossia' Q3=iLia-jU)f <ar-£)i, 

QeFUj prv pQurrad <siju.Lhu®p6vnQj^ p!TQpLD SjGvi^L^sS^^<^iDtu!r ^t—U) 
Lj®,^&b. ^sDsu uSi JT scar's umLi—fT^Lh ul^wldiust&st qjq^ld &.rils5>LDuJ^ ^jDui-^i 


QuffsOj ^SDiniUfr&^emL^ - a_i_sofTUi_/rir/ru3(5aT, ulqQlu - (^qj 

803. Of what avail is long-standing friendship, if friends do not 
admit as their own actions done through the right of intimacy ? 

QsGxra^ fBtLi—rrir Qs^uSl&n-, 
(uir - 6ij)T.) OT-^j — ^!sis(W)LCi^<^s WiLi—friT &.ifl<oS>LDujrrp QiBetriT^ Qa^ 
LupfTjTfruSlecrj ^s^Gla^iuo)^ oSoTDtpiuLJi-yCiJ/s s^^i-oup^ j)/pSsur eSlQrjWLjeiji' s^^B 

(allGSiL—IUnil y CT-^. 

^0aj/r<a.'@_S piEisQr^LDih piTLO/SlujirLDcir (i/3tp./5^0^^6SOT2/ra-/E/@ wecresyLD 
uSlscrenLDuSlecr, j)jg=Qa=uj&i eSc^LpujKpaBKrTuSip^. ^pSssr ^euenrrp/^/s^ gSq^ 
LQi-jpso ^/SI(Eij'SS)L-.iun'iTai£ib\)o\) ^SOTewLOuSleOT, ^efifQLDiMes)isiJ^^ai.3h-/£li^iT. Qcueasr 
L^uSlQ^uuQn'6STu^ (arnpii^(rF,uu QfTsku^Qurreo e^(W)Q3r(r<skis^ rrets^LD^^, ^s 

804. If friends, through the right of friendship, do (anything) 
without being asked, the wise will be pleased with them on account of its 

QibT^ia njil-i—iriT Qa^S&jT. 
iSlcivj ^sp(^i &mrsjsrLh s^shr^p Qugs^^gxildQ xjss! qrj' ^^bS) e^ek/Sldr LSa,a6iifl&DLD 

&1) GafT&IS^ <oT-£il» 

epssrQ(n/'Qsy6siu^ (oT(S6sr<5sS<ss)i_s^Qa:ni'i>. QspiSQa^ecrQeu, ^LcSiueoun p 
Qg^tLnuiTSSiLCiQup'V^LD. ^^ euQr^Qecrpsupj^Gn (ST^ QLDir&(W)il>. ^Lp&j^ipn&sT 

QsrrwBJS^aiurrek GiLDiBsaTeujrpurTso^ <s^p£)ics>L£)iB(^^up^ ^euiflm eu.i^Q^esr 

G&(BlDSU(SS)& Qa^lLiSlsST ^^p(^& iSajreSSTLO '^^(Q)P <3n-pUULLu-^' 

iBL-i—iiir - QQ/bQ^^suiT, Q-a^iBosT - Qa'iuajrriTfniSlsdT^ (^s]p(^is,!r 

805. If friends should perform what is paiufal, understand that it 
is owing not only to ignorance, but also to the strong claims of intimacy. 

<ffPr. <oT(DL)cfeOa<55 Gsmi ear qr? ir ^peuatr iol^iTos^wIi—^s^r!) 
Q^iT<s\:>230&a> 6ssf) m (717 li' Q^fri—fi lj. 

QmriQ uLocamuSlp /Sliflnjir^ iSekiv/jr^ fBiLiM^ ^Gujrrrp Orn/Ssoci] csufB^eSi—A 


(0^-LJ-(S(D,T.) — G^^^)^o^<s&Gi3T [Qch(7r^,T- (/5L-i5)sjt) eujru^iSlG^ 


La. ^,Q. UlfCSiLD. in^Gi® 

806- Tliosc wlio stand Avltliin the limits (of true ffii'iKlsliip) will 
not even ill adversity give up the intimacy ol" long standing- Friends. 

(oUiBoiJIb^ Q SGa'sT<52)La LUiiV(r, 

(uf - €0)nr.) ST-^, — rtnLi—n IT ^LD&aL^QjQji f5Gvpes)pa^ QiFLu^ii jj iiuSl 
Lun/r, OT-J2/. 

- U - <S3),r,) ^SSTl9lG0T - ^ti'oTLjL—Co&ff, eU l^ oil I'b 3} - u 

^L^Slj SiJ/b'^StDSl/dbSsTTj Q<:FiUa9ffjytil - Q<3^UJ^iriJ'n'u9^^La, ^QtrTL^ 

807. Those who have (locg) stood in the path of affection will 
not give it up even if their friends cause (them) their ruin. 

=5/. Q3^<sfl(ips.-^ih] Qs,&T,T^ Q&(Lgfl<oS>iB<aS)Ln 6)J^^(o))frir<£(3j 

(uf - eoiT.) GT-^j — ."SLLL-rrirQs^iuis Ljl<sQtpGDiu^ ^friDrr&Qcuujarrplu iSlpir 

uSlsoTp ^^ uLussruu-u. ibnemnh, st~^, 

i3GtDLgujn'(2iissr Qa^rrd^^eorr^iJ fEpQurr(rherrQ<suGrTQj<b\)j tJssifl'jjnsDLDj s^^<pni^Lo 

iT!TiL}& Qiseirn ^Qojm^ QLDa^a^^^p(^ (tpL^u n Sp£iJ . Q^sFuj^QurriF^L^iub^XoO,^ 

iSICjiL^Quir^^^p ^pUl-ji ifh-puuL-L-^, 

(Odj - u - (Sij)/r.) — Qa<3iT - fbLLiSlssiF^, ^(Lp'i'SLa - iSles^LO 
C3^(u, Q,ssnir - (^i9fDiTQ<frr&oS^}iLa) Q&sniraj^ Q^Q£i^GDiBQT>LB en 
i&ua)j/r<s@ - 2_/fl(5Jnt£)i^/]5)u-/siJa)(&\)a;'r<55@, ibL^L.-fri'r - .MfsreLLiSieai'r^ 
^(tp^S'SiJa m iSlenLpetDiUj Ocg=u9ooT - Qg^iu^frjnrS^ciT (j^^^^ miiGir- 
(^U lU <o'(fT u iL l—^ fBfTGnn-La, 

808. To those who understand that hy which they should not 
listen to (tales about) the faults of their friends, that is a (profitable) day 
on which the latter may commit a fault. 

3=n. \Oi^L^IT^ GDl^oUlb^ Q ^&5Sr(^LL'JUn '] Q cE 600T <S3^ LD 

aSlL-rr^iT aQszDto"-/ QP'^^. 

^^ sS(TTjU)LllXl, ST-£^. 

<sij(iT)i ^{tQlo evrs^ fSiLuneyQiresrufsm}). Qau-irGfTscr^ uni—QiDn^j wlLl-j.^^ 
WSSiLpLU^irLUSUlb^^ Q ^ CQST GTi IX) iU IT If - /5 L. ST) L/ iq SD L_ UJ 61/ iT^ ^ QssbisT 

809- They -will be loved by the world, who have not fovsaken the 
frieiiclship of those with whom they have kept up aa uubrokea long- 
stauding intimacy. 

■550. Qj/iSinLpaj/r/r eQisxiiptuu u®u U!sr>Lpujfr'r<zL- 
&puLjil>es)LDiuili sSsn-jT^^np ©(T^aassr. ^^^/fliSlekes^LD Q/BrraQu ui2OT«ei'(7FLD 

UlU&Sl 'Sh-puULLlS'' 

(Q^aj - u - e3),T.\ — usis^LpiUirlT'SsssT - us^tpiu nsiLiQesiiflL-^^^y 

USyifTLj l§ltiJ.Z!T^611ir^ cQs!DUi'dJn.T - U <SS) a iSU F IT &^ LO y (oQ GDLQLU U u(b)u~ 

GSlQhLnuLj u(Elou'r, 

810. Even enemies wiil love those who Lave never clianged in 
their affection to their lone: standing friends. 

^e_ - LD. ^^. ^jEi-q. 

g)s3flu QuiT^aiSuuL-irs (^pp(ip'5S)L-C!S)ij:tuSlbir eSL.purr&'O^.srruj /elIl/ /blL 
uu®^^ ^iresart^^isrrjr^^np sh-^wnekQ^u-isiSlj Qp^psu. iffi.©Ll;-/<icSLjj/ 

G^P£U<SS)LDUp/3 ^CS^L-LUfTll QlDpOT/'dJ^, lSIsOT J^/CvQllfT® QcFUJ^ /bLLlM^-JTQLDp(y7J- 

iSlp£}j. ^^atr jT(tp<ss)pCi>iD .sk.qrj'SQLcQtij cSimtac^Lo. 

Si, lJ(iJ}(3jGiJ[rir QuiT(M^LCi ussaiiSloXin^'r Qsea'sT'Scnm 

"u(T^(^ cussrssT (a/065/r Q/Bna.ihQLDn(B" ^mQr^'v i^pQTixi. ©^(gsOTiilt^Jsun- 

(g)ib euQhihjQa,® (gsar/^^eb evrrirrresiLDuSleoTj (^mp(^6SQs,6sr(rrj'(r, ^^^p 
SiBiLi^GST^ ^■&a<ss)LD Quit ^euss)&iua p eh-puuiLi—^. ^esfft^- Q/vuLfei/iaais 

[ ^^(m esarnp GDI— LU SUIT ^ SrsisTpUt^,'] Q.S^^iT<5S)LD - rSL^UiT&fr^^ Qu 

811. The decrease of friendship with those who look as if they 
would eat you up (through excess of love) while they are rep^'y destitute 
of goodness is far better than its increase. 

2_, 2_^s3tlL i—fSlQ(^^^- Qian uiSls\^.Tfr Gasssrs^D/Lo 
(uif-e5)(r.) GT-^j — isLD&r^u uiu^etTisuL^ ibiLi^^Qe'iL^ sioo^<sosijl^ 

^LD&(<^ppesT uai'uurrn iSlpQjrn® OunQ^^SLBsojin-B'^KsaTj ^euCDrr eputSI 
6i)/rO/f6sr(2?.''. ^cuiTLunLKB Q/sn^LD/bp'shrGSiLDGiu ^s^ldiu QiDscTufsniD. 

812. Of what avail is it to get or lose the friendship of those who 
love when there is gain and leave when there is none. 

(uif - einir.) ot-^, — tsiluerrGi] uirsrir^ j)f^(SS)soau(7^Lo uujesretrei] utrna 

u'l'j (oT-^. 

uj/r asnoj Qrr^ /SeuQjrrr QL—iriliuQireku^fruSlp^u. ^<ssisiju9ire!!!T(BurTi—i—rr^t5 
«iX)<S(g^sw^ uni'iuuaii' fSL-iS^fScsiLD Sh-puutl.t—^, 

(Q^ - u • GD/r.) — a_j}/si/^- ('t;tlusTrQjL7/rir/rai&A)^^(S3)&o) 


813. Friends who calculate the profits (of their friendship), pro- 
stitutes who are bent on obtaining their gains, and thieves are (all) of 
the same character. 

(uif - 65)ir») 6T-^, — cgyLD/T eijfrrrrr^(ipsuiQsur(sO'SOfTiB ^frEi(^eu^QuaeBT£ii 
wi^i-Bi i£6rr^Qa^i— eSi^S^LjQurriii a(ksSliSl^-<)60iT^ LjjrsSQuir&jojrrir^ ^ldo' 

&&)s\)n esiLDS^es^ujiB^LQ e^rrif^u^QsunLQixi QuiT([f)(ipir^pp^u:i sjP^^ 
(g)oi) Gurr jr IT esLDiSlssTf ^esflCTLosDoJ^ ^2soQLusk(yi^n' : stgstQiqUj j^^oj/i ^^ir^so 

^Lnjr.s^^-Qurrir6UfB^6SlL—^£^j ^p^ ^^^(^ih-Guirir^'Sen^ 
^QffO ^<3n&Pi6S}LL(ElLjQufrQ6ffrp^ &&0(b\)iT-&&C)<^v3l<s\:s<s\:>!T^^ m/r ^sir 

814- Solitude is more to be desired than the society of those who 
resemble the untrained horses which throw down (their riders) in the 
field of battle. 

©/DLJL^iisDLo ^siTir^^n'pQqr^a.s^. j)/jri^Gfr<SDLD''0^ndodsS6srscs!T sSlI© 
Seic^^so. sriu^(3QQssnusiT<^LD /bssrQpeuru^p(^ QLo^jesirr^^irisi (gso>/ra'65. 
•s^rrjTn ^QenSGT^Lo QuiuQfTB^s^ih Q&(SBsr€SiLDQuussr^is> QubunQ^msosri—^ • Spliu 

u-i—fT^iB Q^ndooeSlp ^d3s:sruj!TGn'^ /Ei—L^/ecr ^o^ld 6h.puui—i—^. 

J3/SL. - m. ^)£l. ^ibL-Lj. /S.ST<95> ^y^ 

815. It is far better to avoid thau to contract the evil friendship 
of the buso who cannot protect (their friends) oven when appointed to 
do so. 

(uiiP - OT)nr.) OT-^, — S!fBeS(Si)nGsr^ iSiaa-QiiF^ih^ (blLlSIsst sj^<^<^'—iuit 
(So'3?r euibs^' s^/DojsnL—ujnskueaaies^LD ^Qr)^ihi(^U) uujeL'nes)LDUjn'en}ju:>, Qugd^ 

(SiT^ LJ{7l—QLDrr^(QUIT(IT)(lpSrTIT, 

816. The hatred of the wise is ten-million times more profitable 
than the excessive intimacy of the fool. 

67", J3o!T)<S6UiSiTi'SLU ITfrQiU fBL-lQln U GS) & 6i} IT !T p 

^!Taj^» uGDasijjrrrQsijisttTu^ Sl<aijmut§pp(^skf euQ^ojesTQeussru^ (SU(r^iaSasLj 


817. What comes from enemies is a hundred-million times more 
profitable than what comes from the friendship of those who cause only 

^, STi go gp/ffi7 s(rEuo> (Lpi—fbjrn uemrQacmQ^Ld 

^rrQjTfT® Qsfresiffi— iblLiSiShst SIS' <sea'arL_n'&o Sj'suJT'fluua^Qa'freosonQis Qa^irjT 

G^rrck(yr^LO&o ep0a-/7"^aOa,/r0s/r QsOfrujdKSl^ec. Sj/Slujs^QsFrr'siieQ^LD eSlQSem" 
psniT^ Qignm^^ih s/S''^'-"T(!£^ uifl&ifl^^u iSlssr^ [BLLu!rQuu!TQ^a>a 

Qnssr^umli—fr^ih (LpempQiu Qu<^^Lun-i'j iB(^sSluunifj ^lueoeuSJ Qs^djiun' 

818. Gradually abandon without revealing (beforehand) the friend- 
ship of those who pretend inability to carry out what they (really) could 

QeFa&)Q6ujru uiL-i—irnr QssfrL-iTLj. 

eS&DT Qa^rr/b&<s{rQs!TdjsiJiT<syiLD qp^ssiQld QaOrtpuuiLi-.^. Sj^o^trtsu^ 
uS)(75«ffiis\j/r&i), &esT(^imii iB&sTi^Q i^anqr]'!' , ©.lianLo isra^sFG^ihGOLo : ^L^sij Qpu 

SSST (. 

819- The friendship of those whose actions do not agree with their 
words will distress (one) even in (one's) dreams. 

650. Grdcsr^^^ia (^jru(^^ Qeorru^uehr Lads^&Q^sL^^ 

Ln&srSp uiBuunir Q^frL—frLf. 
(u(P - €CiT.) (oTSJ, — ^gSQiu LDdovr&ses!^(fr)tBSi!^ iBiLum^u UGoQirrrQ 

Ulfl&lfl&Sj 67-^. 

ffpJ/5 ^il)6S)LD iBm}isnsues)s c^/Sls,Qsn'(Sssr(B &n'&&Q<sxiissruirn'j Sj'Surr [BU-iSesiQiDeo 

QiBL^^-IBL-Uirl^, U:i6(fT/S^'\)-3=(S!i^Uu9Q6\) (^Uod(fhL^(S^^ (Thlb^^Q UIT ^\ 

820- Avoid ovon tlio least approach to a coni rncfcion of frieRdship 
with those who would love you in private but ridicule you in public. 

^safl Qiudc^a vSL.t—.'/VBLlL/A- sh-£}iQshr(vr/'r. ^o°o^'i^i^ u(SS)aGS>LDiufrscr ^«^ 
Qujn (Lpc^sun rr ibiLu- 

QiBjTsr iQiribissufr isl-h. 
iLjEi3i,.ip. Qajno^^^eufr/riELLLj ^^ QupiVj'(o\)j ^ipQ(Sv/£l^/b(^p ^Scosnunoj ulL 

L-GS^L-lUlTLDj (oT-£ll. 

QiiUj£lsSluu^nuj L/LlL_.s!n£_(irgti ^^^6aT(ss>LD^^fraj tbL-i^pt^ih Q^n l^(oiq\)iiu 
L^ss)LD iLjsoisresiLDUJiTssrj ^^up/Sl ^/biblLiSISsstu uil-L-onu-uurrcS e^us^ifl^^rif'. 
^if<2iS)i_QLDS'cir£u ufri—Qmn^ (ipL^(^L-Qi£,m ^esuTuufrQr^QpistTfr. 

{Q^-U-GDfT A QfBITiT - a^i-L^fT ^ QKliQ ^ , iQ JT Ih £5 61J fT - ((Sll fT iU ^ 

@(i)L_iL siTsmiLdeneijLo^ Lip^^pah-if, tBi^uueujr^, .rL-L/ - QQfs 

<55ii), &ir ©jL^Lb - <5iJ If UJ .i (^ lS L— ^ (Sy> £5 , <S [T essfl <SST - SiSSSTL-W&Oj GT pi 


821. The friendship of those who behave like friends without in- 
ward affection is a weapon that may be thrown when a favourable 
opportunity presents itself. 

s_. ^ssTLnQuiT&sr rSlioiniM6\)6\)Tir QaismsiDLa Lnseinlr 

LaesTLo QufTSd Qeu^uQih. 
(Uif-snnr.) er-^, — ^LOdi (^p(vrjiiQu!TGsr^ o.qrj'^nQjrn® ^en^friLi iblLl\ 
©jL-LoQupiTr/'p Que^unsomr ldsstloQuiTSO Q€ij^u(BlD' ct-£u. 

^su iTLDssnh Qqj^u(Bs'^'0 ''QueasTLDeorih QuQ'Ssr Q(n/'(f^LJu(Bu QuQsurscr^ 
QiDsisejS QsdfTQF^GLishi" (STcr!ru^(SS)^LD/Ss. wlLlj Qcij£}iu(BiseciTeij^ ueinipuj 
uc^aQiuiLUT p!^\>. ^£!5)£Li uSljTsoirQufTi-Lu.n'^Ej Sh-L-rTi^LLiSlGsr^ (^ppiii &h.pu 

(SSTjr)]^ ^smiM ^sd(o\)inr - ^-(m^SijQinr® S-5Qsn_iTQaj^ Qa,ssm<sDLii- 

Qu!r(ov - LD&n<s^^LjGuiT6\)j Q6U£i]U®Ln - Lanr^Lh, 

822. The frier) dship of those who seem to be idends while they are 
not, will chano;e like the love of women. 

inr(m^&IT tCl,T(S33)/fcS 65/fl^. 

et^mp^^ ffiGOeoirffg^^oo - Og^ppCo aSO^sb, a.6ijG6rr Qa'pp(iji60i—ajiTesirr^ 
e&oaS) iLjes>i—G!iLDu p/SI islLQu6st^ a(if)^spiB Qeumu^iTLo. 

(Q^ - LJ-SiD/r.) /5ff0(o0 - lb&)6\)&n6iJLUrrQlUy usd - ueoj^Tsx) 

823. Though (one's) enemies may have mastered many good books, 
it will be impossible for them to become truly loving at heart. 

<S^. Qpspi^ (oSeStliU fB&ir^ (517 .5^^ 637(53) 

/ofW66uj^ snesiSLjp^ ^sSiuQeiJ&^£iJWj Sjf^^^a^ Qa^ppil) fSsLpOjm ^^p 
@ LD^^asoiuniu i5<oS)&e!Duju upss^'^^saa^'^lesr en^s^Qiresrruuoi, s^s^Qa^ppisi 

QuxisT^uEi Gh-fSlt^fr. ^e^eu u^rrdsi(Bu(T ^ibi (^pp^^p Qs^cunuj ^sv'r 
Q&rT(B<SS)LD Sh-puuiLu.^. 

^smiu - ^<s^(SS)LDiLj<^e(T&iT6ii[r,Sj fBsrr - ©.fl^^, ^s,^^ - izisw 
^pjfTs^^ ^<siT<s3) - (<5TuQun-(Lp^La) ^s^^LujTfre^rr^j 6i;^<F(SO/r-6i;(&5 

824. One should fear the deceitful who smile sweetly with their 
face but never love with their heart. 

633/r<i (B(rh)ixiisii£efi\pQpe^^so ^^^^irmQjiGmpesiLD lumQpmu^rrili. 

(Q^-U-eZD/T.) LdSST^Qs'c^ - Ln&ST^^fT&i, ^ iiOii LDIU fT ^ 6U QD IT - 

(/IJimQlct®^ Q unqh'b^ibn fB<su<5S)!T^ (ST^sst^^ SQeoTj^jLa - LurrQ/Dn-0 

Uirp£}] - Q^Glfl^(56aT (XpSiDftJSnUiUJ^j ^SOT^ - ^(iTOioO (sTSOT,^ /^^ 

825. In nothing whatevei- is ifc proper to rely on the words of thoso 
who do not love with their heart. 

(UiP-snx.) ST-^j — f5LLL-.rriTQufT6aT£)j /B6misnLDUiu&(^(iT, Qa^rrpa^sna' Qa^rr 

Q3= frb-ocQ^QLD6srQcv , OdP/T-toOoO/reaiLoCJuj Qupnr/LO. e^LLi^mrir^Qon'p fS<ss)LO 
{Q^-u-asiir ."^ — p5lLi— irk Quit &o - fBtLi9&nirQun-€))j /H&oeiJSjnei;- 

(BGiTGDU^GSiiU^^QHi^ Q 3= fT p <3sdsfr ^ Q 3= iT <5\) cQ ^2] LO - Q 3^ tT 6C)T ^ G\)l Lja ^ 

eQil-L-.mrQ3'[r'bX) - uG3^^Qu'rQ3'iTp.z(^f ( ^a^fEiTjrnGDLn\ 6^cx)S?o - 

(aQ(5!TifriQSlQs\) (Q 3^tri\^(SajQuirQ£iG^ QuWSdT pUL^.\ S_eSifTirLJU®LCi - 

826. Though (one's) foes may utter good things as though they 
were fiiends, one will at once understand (their evil) import. 

iLjih ^iDa(Q iB&sr<ss>LDQa'iu^°(koa (^rB^^Q^&sr^ aiQ?)ispis, gt-^. 

SW CsUf/TpaS^'Lb £LiiS!SnEl(^^<S Qi3^nuL]iSS)LDUpfil SI^Gk(QrSlLjGS}U Qcu^i^frawu^iiJ 

e^ssi-(^!r^ Q/zSuL/LD ^<3urfl(CS)'jj Qa^iT(o\)Qjismaa,!5^Q&iTQLO&>^iruSlp£}J. §)^<^i 
§(ui(^ (^/SIA^ eusssraiaQLDshQp QanemL-i^Qa, arrai&QeiJsarua^mh' ^etDinj 

<£(^ /560TSOLQG)<yuJ^S5\)fS (^fSla^^Q^eoT^^ iQ ^SSTUJ !T ^ Q}^ i S .S <S I— 611 IT , 

827. Since tbe bending of the bow bespeaks evil, one should not 
accept (as good) the humiliating speeches of one's foes. 

jg}^Q)sb jyeusn/zdP Qa^iueoirp Qps^txjp&Qsuesruffj sh-puuiLL^^. 

(&^LCty UGDL- - ^ti^dSLnir&fT^y (S^(BiiD(^LCi~Ln(SS^p!b^(m.k(^La; ^(tp^ 

828. A weapon may be hid in the very hands with -which (one's) 
foes adore (him) ; (and) the tears they shed are of the same nature. 

f5il-\Si^i]L- 3=rr ULjis\)6X>p uirp^. 
(uir-ejntr.) sv-^y — LjeWitsOTLo Q^!rsk(rr^LDp i-ip^QmawT fEil.i3.ds3T lB&h^ 
Gs^uj^ ^B^^shr&u. L-i})esiLDuSlcB(ipm u<ss){£Qj<ss^rr^ ^irQpiJa ^idrbiLiSskiEsosiQem 

ensisrsssTLOy QunQFjii^punscKcS^LD tus^i^^^ ^ws^io^y ST~^. 

Q^sar^ t-ipQ^okfTj^^eO ^(i^sup(^^ iB&nQ^eS^isi ues^seuir ldi L-i—rrSp p(^ 

829. It is tho duty of kings to affect great love bnt make it die 
(inwardly,) as regard those foes who shew them great friendship but 
despise them (in their heart). 

<5E0. USSi^fBL—UiriiO SITSdLn eilQhlbJSlT&il (Tp<S/5t_ 

l^siblL QurriP^ eSz—ei), 

l—rr^LD ^.i.-BiLlSl^L^ QiU!rQ£>(^LDfr£}J <3h.pLJULLL.^. 

LQ63T^^/r5U, /5lLl/ - SiQfSS^OD^j ^^ ^ " 1^^^) <sSl L—<S\) - (l5)63T 

830- When one's foes begin to affect friendship, one should leve 
them with one's looks, and, cherishing no love in the heart, give up 
(even the former). 

^uu<oS)i£^n&sT Qppp&amiLjEJ (^ripLDsaresiLDuSl ^etrentroj QeuQerfiaJ^'^'/M &!Tld^ 
^ir^il) (aii(ff)iaij^fTLo, ^sup^etT Qcn(^<sBtjLin'^ a/06);S7r ^iB^Qsn jf^^iT^Lo 

LULDiuaa^es)^ ^QF)eijes)6suu(BA^, ^nessn—^&njr^^np sh-^QjnssTQ(^i_iEi®j 

(B^lajLoGufrai gQu^vV. 
(LiT-6!nT.) CT-^j — Cuesi^siDLoQiussT^ (ol£Fn eoeouu®eu^ 6p0Giy^<i@ 

eSo3T, ^earffi^sGa.® uojuuesreupei^pa 0^aa>Qi£nsii}r® ^dsth uULiuuemsup 

(S(3)&0 (^SLD Q{£!T<5SST® - (^3i&SJ ^(g^j G<55® ^ (V^ tO 631 61/ « SsTT S (Sff)a<£ 
QzrTGSST® ^SffQujii - ^<£cE/b ^(TFjiJ^ SCOT'S SSYT J Q U T S sQ I— (S\) - SS) SS 

831. Folly is one (of the cliief defects) ; it is tliat which (makes 
one) incur loss and forego gain. 

GJn<5UJ&0(oO ^&oT65/_L Q3^CU<5\), 


GSiLniUfTioU^j GDS ^ a) 61)^ SOT 65 633T - (^e?3T<S0^ ^■SfT^S Q'3'UJ3X)<S 

832. The greatest folly is that whicli leads one to take delight ia 
doing: what is forbidden. 

/E_. JET^m)iS!T>La rB[rL-fi<3DLn !hir^mGS)U^ lUfrQ^iTioQT^Ln 

(uif-OTT-) CT-^/, — [BfTisssrQisus6ST®LDGi;ir)£ija(^ mrr^emLDiLjih i51TI—Q(su<sbsi(B 
LDSDpQSip /En'L^n6S)LDiLjili iun6viTLDnLL(Btl) ^rBii^Qa^n pQ3=iu^i'3s>i^es)unuLD Quern" 
Qidii<sasi®LDGiip^aT iunQ^rrssrpScuTiLjili Glj^£u)lou^(X) Qu'SDaoj^ Q^niBi-Hy 

mrrsrsrCoeusissr^LDeiDisu-uL^ ufTEyiBuserr, f5n'i—(S6VGcisr(BLn€S)ey-iB(r^LD.'sjssfip Qep 
uuevesr ^sSireijesr. (7^^«eb-<a;sssriSja7-jT/^i&i5. QusssrQeusxr&LDGn£ij-(^L^uiSlpuL^j 
e&csSIf e^(Lpa>SQp^sOfruSlet5T. ^sotsjI' Gu£w^<i@ ST(^(Z¥)niskjp] iB'dJibS^uniu isy0^ 
eSlssr, Q^n'L9Q<so<sa-(7r/rr, 

@) /5/r(SOT)SJDUiiqii), ihiTi^rrs^tn - (^rbiri-.Q6iJ6ssr(b)Ln(S!D6ua2o(r') mn-i^tr 
GinmiqtD, iBwir ®\<5(ir<ss)U0i - (lu ft 6u ifl i— ^ Q e^i lc\ oprBii^ Qd'irpQa'iu 

833. Shamelessness, indifference (to what must be sought after), 
liarslincss, and aversion for everything (that ought to be desired) are the 
qualities of the fool. 

(uiP - 6!J)T.) GT'^y — UDscrQion L^QtDiua 'StTi_rs)(^^pjQs^(Si]inu ,^eoa>ocn- 

QlUnQlLjUDy ^<£jSUl—&<S^^[T6ST dJQfftl) ULU&VT ll^iSSST fTlb^ll), J)/SjSsaT UJ/S!uJ£^/DU 

LSlprra>(^ss^n^^thf ^neiiT ^as^euuj'—ihjQ Qiurrc-paf:^ QueiDaQufreo Ques^^tuni' 
ojnrb sh-puuiLt—^. ^eSa^ &/DLjLjeiies>&tijrrp is^jj/u, 

(.jytotDsi;) ^L^twQibi—eiJrr^j QuoyianSlm - npL^^hQuiKo^i Qu&ds 
LUfTf'r - HnL^n-, ^^ - (s^eoQffO^ @j6X)dod, 

834. There are no greater fools than he who, though ho has read 
and understood (a great deal) and even taught it to others, does not 
walk according to his own teaching. 

6j/7(odTL/<s ^(Lpfb^ mm^, 

(Lj[V^-6!ni.) GT-^j — Gusn^ujf/uS(g5)saT «5L'0LD tSlp^&Qerrad&)nS srreh'u.s 
SQ£tis^ii) fSjrius^Sssr ^ojQiSunQ^ iSlpuLjchQstr Qs^aj^QiBfTErrsw 6i/t)i)6U(P5)LD, 


ereoeonuiSlpuLju:) (cTLpniUL-ii/i^^eo ^/SltuuuLLL^esiLouSisk^ (Lpp^CoesiLo 
Qisn^^^nii. SjO^ib^ispQi—i^aj tSjriuLb R=zisiisj)i_u'^put-i&&s^sff>iEi Qssr® 

&(L^m^ LD6!TQp<oar(Vj'ir' Qpi^sSeo sir^oQiDeoecrruD ^irshr Sjnu^^&ru Qpip^^p 
Qs^Qjn isj Q&n(BGSSs^s2o(rQajaj^rB^ ©sws/rso«^srrC'errG)<5^(u^G<s/ri_ei) iSpifs 
i£i^^nai(^cjsrj ^p£)jQLDsir(7r/'iT. ^«(es)6at ^sucar Lo^esiLD^Qa^ujeo ffL-puuL-L-^m 

(Qaj - u - (SDa ,) — QuGDfs - Qpi—^QSKSu&ir^ Gr(tpGDLniLjih - 
(6U(f^LD\ <STiW6i](SS)^Lj i9p6Sl^GiflQe\:>iois\^mhj ^rr&sr L/s(g - asirQar 

^0Sc-)LD - ^Qu Qovn (T^iQpuLi'i'aQm J Qifiui\i ^ps^^n - Qs^iis^ 


835. A fool can procure in a single birth a liell into which he may 
enter and euSer through all the seven births. 

«r. Quiuju® QLmr&srQqr^ q^y,^2/'^ g^slu^ujitu 

(UlP-6lJ)T.) GT-^,— Q3^lUiq(LpeSipeS)LD lU/SiUfT^QueSi^ e^(rF,{£(If)LD^6S>^ (^^ 

QibpQ &n dn (si^eurr (^S&ii , QurrujuQih - (^^eijtii) L^enfru®LD, 

836. If the fool who knows not how to act undertakes a work, he 
will (certainly) fail. (But) is it all ? He will even adorn himself with 

SLDSTfTuSli^iT uQujrrSjbuir, gt-^. 

Oojear^LD, GTb-os^nLCi Qu£)]^Q(rr}mp ^M'Qev&sr^m^ ^gsstgijud Qu(n^65)LD Q&n&sr 
pu uSuuQaesr^Ei eh./SI(^ir. 

uir - uQiuiriQpuir. 

837. If a fool happens to get an immense fortune, his neighbours 
will enjoy it while his relations starve. 

^, SZOLDuj Oev/rr/KSi/sOT s,<sn\ ^^p(rr?p Q u€T>^^s''iT 
(uiP-snT.) GT-^, — Ques)^iumiSli^m ^s^rosiaaaeaaTQeasr e^i^pSpsrujo^L^ 

LD^aae^uL^UD ei(j^rbs(^6S)L-iuneaT Oa^iueuetsiQurrp nrSs\)^(BLDir^ QiDemuanih* 

838. A fool happening to possess something is like the intoxica- 
tion of one who is (already) giddy. 

m£u utB^^Gurr^. ^^(gjao j)/eujr^ ielLlSIcst (^p/dej -sf^puuiLi—^' 

839. The friendship between fools is exceedingly delightful (to 
each, other) ; for at parting there will be nothing to cause them pain. 

(uiP-emir-) st-^, — £FrreaTG(yr^jr0S)isL'uSl6cTa,LL CuGDisiunuSli^m U(^aGO ^uj 

840. The appearance of a fool in an assembly of the learned is like 
placing (one's) unwashed feet on a bed. 

^/® - th. ^fi. LisvevfS^suiemrGSiLD. 

u9 607 iS3) LBiu rr GT^suiuir ^(oCi(m, 

(uiP-63)ir.) CT-^, — sp0si7OTi'<s@ g)&beo^C!J)/X) ue\i(ajp£ii6h(mu2 LSsfseSlso 
eorreoLoufTisi/^ ^j£!sSiios\irr'cS)LD j LDp<as)puQun qT) e^i\>e^i!TSs>LDQuj!iQeu6<^soTj 

cSsw^ (^ppih 3h-pUUU.I—^. 

(0^ rr iss) LhQ oj IT Q 611 <s^ ear J (^^^Sosr\ 2_a)0 - a_e\)65^^/r/r, ^sareiDin 

841. The want of wisdom is the greatest of all wants; but that of 
wealth the world will not regard as such. 

2_. ^^<^s^ir QioU(^g^6iJK ^^<od iQlfB^iuiT^ 
0.yin\9^lSi>^ ■?f>-'^/v(yT/'uSlscTj ^^p(^^ arrjTGusrils Qu^Qssrpsu esr&OfflS&ci'C'aJ, Qeu 
CTssTu/r/r iS(gil' Qu^uajneir c£ihQufr(y^QemuQiurr62TQuiTa06uj£&}!>v^ ^LoenLO C/j/;- 

^^j (si^i^iu^iTiB&it ^^rbtQitsirjrcssTLCi) J Qujpjeufre'sT-Qu^Q<skp 

842. (The cause of) a fool clieerfully giving (sometliing) is notbing 
else but the receiver's merit (in a former birth.) 

EU^<ss)LD, UL^, unGiJ(ip^6QaJ u&)iiupeinpiLjLb £T&sfra^^^(s^ Qa^ujiuLcn LLu-neiDLD 
(Q^-L/-GiD/r.) ^(Bsij ^6\ifTIT - LJ<i\)(o^rSl6^(S!T>L-UJ6iJITy ^irtd - 

843. The suffering that fools inflict upon themselves is hardly possi- 
ble even to foes. 

«?*. G/a/szszfTsnzxi Qiu<ssTuu(Bi6i] ^tmrQ^eS Qm)sm<3Siu^ 
iL|S!nL-UJiiiUJ/r QLn&ii^i(^ Q<y(75«@. 

eoT^ (^scTaSecTj ^^ «LDsmu3^ 65/7 Cud uj/riL mioao^SiiS^L—UjGlLD^^ [5shT(^LDQai 

(^lli LD'Jui&Lhf 6T-J2/. 

QeiJsssr(5S)LDujrr6ij^ S/pls^KLp^FTesyLD- e^dsreriLDOiUisursi srrifiuJuQuujiT srr 

GVfT&STf LDUJ<ii£QLD6ar(7r/' IT, 

issiLCiQajsaTLJuQsy^i^ luir^ crsaflsor - ujitQ ^Gar ^ ^, ssr isQ e^ ^ (=gy^) 
844. What is called want of wisdom is the vanity which says, "We 

are wise. 

iEcosr^uih i3pn<i(^ wiu^ss)^ eS3siTa(^tl)j sr-^. 

®, €^QS>3S<S\) - /5L.<5(g^<ffO, (5.5F® =^/D " (^PP'-'^Pi <oViO(SX)^LD - S,p 

pQ^fr(f^MTi^ (a_633ri_/ru51sor) ^^gSl^^^ld^ ^ujiB - e=mQ^%^ 

845. Fools pretending to know -wlaat has not been read (by them) 
will rouse suspicion even as to what they have thoroughly mastered. 

(^pp LasjipajfT euL^, 

(uif-cnir*) er-^, — Ljd-osvfSaiirefTiT ^Ejses^i£(i£>Ei (^ppiEisdsfraj/SI/s^ si^ 
lun'jrnuSss^f ^cS)t—iurrao S{ppu:i'S^p^s,nsn&^ s,inss)LDk a(rr)^ a^LD Lj&)si0r6l 

(^ppLnes>p^^(sonsiJ^ Sjisups^p ^soa/zra^^eb, LDeQp&auuQiaijiosr ueveu 
p^etTfGf^iJi n.aj il IS ^ 61.1 pes)pQujeOe\:fTu:) mesypujrr^ ^n^is^Q^nekp^ornQtu wesip 

u^rris), g)sDci/ Qpssr^uniLu.n'^Lo ^euir ^ldsidld eSiu^^p (^ppEi sh.pu 
2_63OTi_/r(^ti), ^ppih - (mppikis,ZsfT ^ LaGnpimreuL^ r (^J)JjBk^\ 

&LaL.iU!TJr!TtB<5^ y ^ppL£i-Ln(S!S)pi^^^&a ^61JLU61J^<S!r>^, La'SSip^^ 

846. Even to cover one's nakedness would be folly, if (one's) 
faults were not covered (by forsaking them.) 

(LJ.f-6tnir«) OT-^, — Qu£}j^pisifliu SLuQ^s=uQurr(rFj'S3rrLj Qupqr^e^jua S-iL 

iBi{seu(rF)^^th-Qu!T^pispii!^iu ^siirumia&r. ^eaf? ^Qr^LDwpQs^PQ^QLD&iTu^p 

f^emn a'^OwsciT ^esi<r^^irir : SIS' Qu^'3S)loQujg,st^ix) CuSin^SOTLoiu/reL'^sor^LJ 
(Q<S - u - <SiJ)/r.) — ^(mLne^pr) - Qu^n^jb&^n-i S-uQ^iru 

847. The fool -who neglects precious counsel docs, of las own 
accord, a great injury to himself. 

tufriT Q.ifn&i:XirrS/bssGij(^ QiPiuiuam-^ ^^susar^^ ^n^ae^jui ^es}Qj Qs^iLieuear 

(Lp^sQiu QuiT^uiQssrp Sso^^p(^u uneuturraes^a, QuQrjihQurraDpujnaj^ ^(sx 
(Q^-u-smfT.J — (^Ljs\:ieojTSlsufr(3rr&iT'J^ (sjeueijLo - (^63t<s(^ S-jy 

QlUIT6Sr(S!D6U&dsfr ^ pi <oii<SSi L QajfTir^ G)<5F/riffl)SX)61/tX), Q 3^ UJ i£ (SV IT &ST - 

&}T^^ QunCa ^snei^Ld - (a-L-iisiDLJsQLL®) liikit^LLiGnedLd^ eQir 
QibiTiu - (^^iR^(aju Qurr^^^pa^uj\ eoirhQfBiriurrLn. 

848. The fool will not perform (his duties) even when advised nor 
ascertain them himselfj; such a soul is a burden (to the earth) till it de- 
parts (from the body.) 

c3w. <35/r(SOT)^'T^ S/TLlOol/ff'sir (W (oOT .55 /r (63^ &0T <55 /T (GOT) 65 /r SOT 

<55 6:i3r/_/r(S3)/b ^fr6a7<55S3*aTL_ eurrjTi], 

(u[P - emT.) sT-^y — ^skSnsr OTebeo/rLD/29/B«ff"(CT)« Lo^^^tsonp iSpFir&o 
G^skp/SliLji^eirsstLD uSsofr^frSosr si/Sl(S^s,ibuu(^<sun<5UT ^sui^p ulB&sljuiL.®^ 

Ljb\}so/£lsun ctTt' ^^ /5&)s^/5l&j Qi£[r(6ff)C^s^ <^qr)<sii!Tp(rije^LD ^sciusu^seir 

Opsisj U&HTLD. 


eo) sir(Sss)^fT&sr - (^iSlpojrneM s^sfrejn/D) ^(Si\L\i^ ^Gmtsma u9<s\^6\}fr^ 

61/(S3)CcioU UlpS,i£UUL—(H\ ^freOT ^rSluJtT^GU^LLJ ("Lp ZQ. ILj /i * 6B/r(S33) 

i—&^\i^ ^frahr .sssstl- ^^ - /Bfrear ^^fti^ <sQ^^ 

849. One who would teacli a fool will (simply) betray his folly; and 
the fool would (still) think himself "wise in his own conceit." 

<50. 2»_s\)<£E^^(r (TF csstQ I— ear u ^<s^Q<o\i<5sru!T<siT (Sneuiti^-; 

&i—eij(m,ih LD£iJLSlpLjLjU) '^QTfSl'Scmuuiu^LD Qp^eorrs ^su'r ^enQanmueur 

Ljih eyi^evrreo E^eueua'aDLDij^ Qpesii^esimuSip pstiTujrrsicS)S ajr/b^ Loai&etrujnaGss 

s.£ii^^Q^iTfl) QaifTerrGtTnsDLDUJ^' (^ppfsi Sh^puuL-i—^. 

{Q ^-u-Qs^n ^ — ^-<o<^s,^ pirk - S-iuiTfbQ^friru<oOjriT^Lc>j osm 
Q ershru^i - ss!^Ql-.(Sstuu®Qp QurrQndotr^ ^'^ Gr&sTurreaT - 
(^ S57 z_/ &o 60^ (517 /Tffo) ^ &:>?6(iQ lu slsT ^ QoF/T^o^Ceiy/TeaT, (msjjfi^Qear 

850. He who denies the existence of what the world believes in 
will be regarded as a demon on earth. 


uem'iSlesTssiLn /_//rrf^<5(g Qfemu, 
(uif-63)T.) ST-jp, — STeOeorrQju9iT3iLL(gjLh tSlpojuSliTisQerrfT® •s>-t^frss>LDQiu 

QiDSaT^ihy u(^Qai^isssr^i3S>^ ^ss)L-/§eiir^ eS'dsn^^eQ/b uaQisoear^ih uiaosi L^ilek 

^^(g)60 ^S60^ l^ppihi Bi^puUtLl—^* 

ussso srsaT^^tii - {i9p6xiS(oirfrQ') ah.i—irssiLJbQiU'aciT^LBj uemL} ®)qot 

Laijeus^j ^se\) - Lnir^UfTL-fTLa^ ermu - Greh^ Qg=fre\)e^i6ijir 
(^tCo oO /r/f). 

851. The disease which fosters the evil of disaniou among all crea- 
tures is termed hatred by the wise. 

2_. LJ<sffOs(y^^u up(m G)>£fu5)^2j iEl'S^aQ^^ 

^sup'smpa^ Qa^iuLun'iss^LD ^iurriss^, er-^. 

Qa^uuuSlp uGSi&einLDeuetrjr^ mrih ^n ^i^wfredir^io, e^t^uSlsir ^uup(rr^^esr 

up!7r^pQsusku^ (cSlesnirLDmSlp£}j. 

852- Though disagreeable things may be done from (a feeling of) 
disunion, it is far better that nothing painful be done from (that of) 

fuf-snT.) ST - ^j — LDrrjri]urr0i—6ar£)j Q£F[T<^'Osi)uu®Q<ssrp ^esru^esifsa^ 
QsFiu'ii^ Qfumsniu s^Q^eusir ^sinLDsurAQsi^Gsr^ M ^cf^Lan u^sct ^ ^eu^a(^ ^ft.'saQ 

853. To rid oue-self of the distressing disease of hatred will bestow 
(on one) a never-decreasing imperishable fame. 

(uif-etnfr.) er-^, — LCfr^jjutrQL-Gk^ Qa=fr&:isouu(BQ6STp ^6cruiBj&QisiTi>\> 

{Q3J - u - (Sn/r.) — ^"Si^ GT&sT^La - Lnrr^urrQi—esr^ru Qffir&d 

854. If hatred which is the greatest misery is destroyed, it will 
yield the greatest delight. 

(uif-6tnT-) iST-^, — ^^(ipeiTerr^^ LDn\g)jurr<S Gigfrm/SliuevLB ^^Ssur Qnj/b 
^aSooGliuiTL^fB Qign (zpssd Qeum^iraii^ sreuwn p(rrj'msu:)^rti^niB£^sur Euioe^fT 


{Q^ - u - (SJn,r,) — S)<s<ff>> - Lafr^urr®^ {soiaLaesi^^a} Q^ir 
^3iQ3:n &tT(5rTfrLCirb s'fnuih^ rBL^6i£ssiJe\)6V6)jas>n'f tElsix) serra^^ii - 


855. Who indeed would think of conquering those who naturally 
shrink back from hatred ? 

<5f5r. (^zS<oh i£)>£B6S«tjfl Q /S s'oT U &1 601 GlinCpu,<SS)a 

^eu^.w QsL-.^ rsessfl^^i, 
(uif-6iDT«) er-^, — iSlpQrrn® W!T^u(B^p&sisr iBr^^^-o OTscr-i^ ^esflQ^ 

QuirapQ^ iLjerreun Qw&iTu^riCo. 

Q <3= Lu u 61J ear ^ ^ eun^ip^GrtiE - Q-i^'ysuirip&Gyta^ ^su^ld - iSlss^tpu® 
^^LDj ru6ss^pi_^ - mjB^ QuirrLoQ^'ossn^irLCi ; Qa/L-^ii - 

Qp(L£t^!hlQs,(b)^^LI^j (^Sbsml^^^ - & jS ^ Q U IT Q£: ^ ^ 6SST L- IT in . 

856. Failure and ruin are not far from liim who says ifc is sweet to 
excel iu hatred. 

lSsot^ss) GunSleSl eareu'r, 

lurriT Qevp/SlQuirnF^fB^^Ssou^esiL^oj S^^^pQuaq^dstr aj^iuLDnL_L-niT, gt-^u. 

^ssi (^sufSl <2j - ^LDa(^ih SlpiTa(^ii ^tk(^ iJUJdi@Lc/z9(a/. Qeyp/SleuiSl iE<sk 

^^iq«n/_(L;^ ©)shi^ - ^/ar U(^Q3=ujQesTrD^ ^ pi eSl sar eu ir - ^f£l 

857. Those whose judgment brings misery through its connectiou 
with hatred cannot uudei'staud the triumphant nature of truth. 

^. ^S(Sp Q<z^iT<s=mu/5 i5\)rr<3ia-. in^2ssr 


G ^0^ Q £B /r err (67H m . 

858. Shrinking back from hatred will yield wealth ; indulging in 
its increase will hasten ruin. 

<9S>. ^y<5E&\)<5/r(SOT) (g)-5565LQ eVQEfU^U eo^csnT 

^fflso/jsDT eiiQ^EiQa® iSlpjTiT eareisrOpesru^ Qaneirp^ sjrpQ&isaiQrj'ir. 
wn-soTSireu^UD '^wco^i—rraj^LO (DfLpfTeu^^iBiSisr GuB^ssr. ^a&&Q&(Bs>LL(^ QpscT 

^^Ssar - ^^<sSl-.^Q^ ^ iB^<2\i-iB(m^2eOj sfT^}iih-£l35!fruurr6or, 

859. At the approach of wealth one will not think of hatred ; (bat) 
to secure one's ruin, one will look to its increase. 

<550. ^■zsvrr^ l£I(5}ti^^ Q6iji\)e\)rr /56es\);t^ 

fBe'oT&STlU Qt£l6aT^2i(g5 Q3^(m<S(^, 

(uif-ewir.) ST-^, — ep(fFieij^&(^ LDrr^urr Qi—.rr<sk(rrj>Qs:T ^esT(^^6srQGui^\) 


Offieara- air^tus'^^'i &tr-jTs^LD!r& djua^ifl^ismr. ^coeu Qpssr^ufTLLL-ir^ili 

^/ST - tc. ^^. u^BiLc;rL..m . ni.3i>£fh ^^'^ 

860. All calamities arc caused by hatred ; but by the dcliglit (of 
friendship) is caused the great wealth of good virtues. 

^ST-LD. r3l^. US3)<Sm!Ji 

Quu(B^^(b\>. ^ir<3=ira(^ £Tsu£urr^Qr^^u:> (.jsmsuScoreKLD sh-t^iraDLDuSlcir QicpQuir 

uSlouresiLDiLjisj Qsfr<srr6rruu(B[J:i- s/^^^'^^fresr ues>u. Qu!r(if,6S!!rQp^<o9uj Qeup^ 
^ScsstiljOldsst eSlirsBsri—iTUi. ^Q,eSM'cctfr(BLEl£\)isofTe!S3fr QGu&)6uaira>^ euGQQsndsouutr 

UGOi6LDrTLL& Quir^SUanSajfTp Sh-puUL-L—^, 

(Q^ - U - (SiJ^/r.) 61lSLUrriTS(^ - (^^UjiBm^ 6V6^iU6U!T<3S(m, 

861- Avoid offering resistance to the strong; (but) never fail to 
cherish enmity towards the weak. 

2_. ^&sii9ls^ ^dip ^2cm-Ss\)5ST (TTf'mj^^&Jir 

(uiF-Gmrr.) gt-^, — s^^cusor ^6sr<£?pp^Q6srQLD eooariSlscehrj ^^Qeuiu^iiT^ 
uG35<sei7SBr ei/eSuSl&or tunihiEiesriB G^/r^<a@ti, st-^> 


Quiii>^ ^esJiSlffosh' ^s'orp jjySswr ^<o\)6ciT » (^^^QeuuJe'aTpl^ eumiu 

^uLj - 6iu(S(S^LnaDiUj (sr&iT uf\iL\LD, - (sruui^QpurdsouuiT&iT, 

862 How can be who is unloving, destitute of powerful aids, and 
himself without strength overcome the might of his foe. 

ujrreiJifLD!rLL(Bth j^wpmLondsoujisirf ^uQup/Slnjmsk ues)&sijiTai(^ lSI&Q(5u<o^ 

e\),T6(fT - ^ ^ sfn 61/ 65 erf] 537© 05 j^LQ oj/rei/zflL-^^/i) ^-Q<s\)iruim6sar(ip 

<5=iL (ST'Sfrl'dJ&sT _ /^c55 Q 611 gS iu 1^6)611 IT ear . 

863. In the estimation of foes miserably weak is he, who is timid, 
ignorant, uusociable and niggardly. 

(LJif-6a)nr.) er-^^ — e^(fr)<sy<5ar Qsii(^<oft\Sis^isisrresrj ^^Qeutum^^ 65/rssr 
/Ss5)^UJS5)i_uje376i)606OT", j)jSij6srQLDpQ'9'/De^ cj aarTiiO^^ih £rdi(sSL-^^ih uj/r/r 

i§0S>p - ioesipiSlpir/SiUfTGnLD. Qey(mt—'sarLDn'osouj^sci>rr^u:>, ijD(smpQ<aiiemLJ 

e^u-fTssfTuSln)^- gjssf? ^esrlQ^siir^ uinJ^Lna^ ^susatLjeoaeOTLo ^eidQ^m 
^0DnuurT(W) Qpmu. 

(Q^ - /_/ - eo^/r.) — (s^(TT;6V6o7) Qeiv^erf] i§ikis!T&sr - QscruSi^ 
(sS&sT^in iS ibj .ss IT &iT J [Q&Dp ©jeos'sT - {^^QoU'JJsifTrSl^^freciTj iBenp 

0ti), sreffl^ - srsYfl^/Tii). 

864. He who neither refrains from anger nor keeps his secrets will 
at all times and in all places be easily conquered by all. 

(uif-ewT.) GT'^y — (s^qf^Giisk i^Q^^^so Qiurr^rrcsr, ^^i efl^^^- O^frt^'^M 
Qsrr&aQ&iir jri^uutUS cuLpiaQsuip ^iraa^nesr euLp.Quji5hf£}itjb, ^uun^ 

<Si&isOiT&sT^ eiirrujuussT Qg^LULUire'sT - {^^^ eQ^^^ Q ^rriB&^&^isn^ 

865. (A) pleasing (object) to his foes is lie wlio reads not moral 
works, does nothing that is enjoined by them, cares not for reproach and 
is not possessed of good qualities. 

cKi-. ^T(6m3= &<o31^^tT&ST al^QuQKIbJ •SfJLDSi^iTGOT 

(ot_/(S33)snir) QucssTU u(Bilb. 

ujirek LLirrojesTj ^cuir^ ue^aanuD 6S(rF)tliLSl<i Qatrerrerruu^Bwy sr-^, 

&fr(^^ QemQlLDsku^ (^arrrriii!Tu^ib£)i, (Lps'ar(D(^^s^ iurr(sij(rF)il) uosisuuir 

Ljp/Sif ^exiirQu^siDLD Queasruu^B QLBGaiQrj'i'. 

esjruu(b)LCi - 12Q (r}jLaiSlsQiEn-<3m>rruu(Bih. 

866. Highly to bo desired is the hatred of him whose anger 13 
blind, and whose lust increases beyond measure. 

ST. Co/ a /T®^'^ /if Qaj/TGiT&oG'isiy'Sj'cjr© u^&np 6n(B^^(T^!b^ 

UJiT^LjfnLu.rr§^'U:i SjSS S^puL-jsiJCHisiurT/b ■Efh-piJUL-i—^. 

G*ajstKjr©ii - Q<5E/rsiTsr/ioC'oi/G3^©ti:i. 

867. Ifc is indeed necessary to obtain even by purchase the hatred 
of him who having begun (a work)*does what is not conducive (to its 

^j. (^c3:iT6s^'o0^iui (3\ppLn u<sd6urru9c'o7 Ui:rp(7rj>}di 

(Uif-annr.) sr-^, — ^(tjo/sct (^szi Qt^dr^ iBeo^in p_es>i^uj (^ppm uso 
tun s^ iucs>i—^^, er~£ym 

aJcaro/Lo Lopsi LD^^^birGSimiusmcEiju:). ^g^c^ssr-ehppuiy ibL-\-[j QurrQ^&Ty ues)L- Qp^ 
(SvituSjut. u€DssiJf'a>^ ^supQr;>^6tr^nLb utuesr (/r^QsGr iLjGJTd^rrLDfreeQsifry qrionu 
Ujc^i—^QiSesrQj'if, ^60(^GuJsiiTe^(^ Qs^tuQaQsuTs^-arih e_iS35i_iLjOiis5r evibis 

868. He will become friendless who is without (any good) qualities, 
and whoso faults are many ; (such a character) is a help to (his) foes. 

cii^3i-LB ussi^sufru QurSlsoJ. 
(u,P - anir.) OT-^, — S^as)iu uj/Sl^6Qo\i6iifr^ ^(brie?rh uc^isinjcsinu Qup 

u<3^issu!nT^&i sh-L-aeoisiSp Qu/SIQ6srsk£iiLbj ^snenrr uj/Sl,i^ Quop Qs^ekpQuir 


^^Q. UGT>S^}^pJlbQ.h'!\]^r,^\). ■S^OIfL. .-^<^^ 

869. There will bo no end of lofty delights to the victorious, if 
tlicir foes are (both) ignorant aud timid. 


QLDire\}6\)frSssr QujrrffCxsdir Q^iiefl. 

^(bQgu, ^a^Q/Sliu (Lpiu/v^iLirrp Quff^iu uujQmaJ^& QcvsrsrpwiifTr^uSp^. |§)^ 
/0(^tl' SlpQn&Oisoirih j)j_Qi£nrr^Q^fr(B Lomv/^eiTQuy^w ^/f QuiTQr)il.QL-m—ilLj 

870. The light (of fame) will never bo gained by him who gn 
not the trifling reputation of having fought an unlearned (foe). 

^oo^'fisu^ Lcm^^ uoDacsiuJ ^^(^J^^jd (^ppn-pio, (ipm ^QiSe^p wss^ai 

ILj&T 15 lL.U!T^iBfl)Un' 60^1X1} Qlb!T^LO (S0!T&aipUITa(i^LOj ^eup/SlocTaL- QsFLUCl/^'LOy 

i^jSoorei shfTSpLJiTGO (SscjTiBL-Qs^iiJGuesrGJtXij ib'SomLjW uQ^cnQpiJD, acsnun &&iipuQ> 

63TiSIDcc(ctUILjm QioUGmi—purrrb p^'oTJp], 
6U63r eS35»rujfrL!,£f.G3rA'6OTC's537 oj/ruSI^'tL (^(tf^ldl.]^ GQajp'ST'&^^shOpeJr^' <3h,j^LD 

id^^'^O, CT-JTiJ. 

^esSQeuclTutril iBp^^sarQiDdM G!j)su^^itJ ^^S(^iT' ^uQuixjii' ^■csi'fruj /SSso 

871. The evil of hatred is not of a nature to be desired by ouo 
even in sport. 

^ppb'0(£(^S!T ^ifQld !LjicS)L-UJfTQirn(B ue^a>QarT(5carL.tTp Gai(^ei;0^eO g?^^^ 
iudr_^, euip^rTuSl^ii ^osraQauunu^j (Sjd;Tsrs^(^^a^Q tLjes>i—UJtiQirm^ntSlp pear 

Qsu6isT(/r/ir. ^mssjLouj n sir jtf^ei] LDirsmsnLD Qu^jj^m. ^irssV® opGUiL-iurrQiriT® 
S-Lp€uir - s^i^evQjTT®^ [<sS'iri'r (srekpui^lj ues)'Z Q.sfr6£l^LCi - 

872. Though you may incur the hatred of warriora whose ploughs 
are bows, incur not that of ministers whose ploughs are words. 

u&os\:ifnr u&n&Qsir&r ubvs'n, 
(Uif-snir.) 6T-^j — prrm ^sj^uj(ea)iue©eu^^u uwQjifrQ ucsisQ&freir 

^sSeDLD-sfppLD iblLl\u uesii—Qp^G^iu sSscremLD, LDiuas^^rrb\i e^uurrjrnuSi 
gjjii (of (Lpp pen ft Sj^i^p fSiHiQ£siiJ^rT(cS)LDuSlm, ^lEiQaiL^^^Qpicmu-uu ^evdssr 
^eum^LD isr<ss>LpQliuasTmj>n'' snnsfreu^ ^dsssrujcfTeijLBuJLo Qsup&} eQujiDn ySQh&s 
^o°oSl°<!^/^u-jil> ueoGirn® uein&Qi£rrecsr(B j)jeujrrr<i-o Qexj£ijQ<su^ QufTQrj^paisoir 

^is> ucsiaQani—p ^ppih Qun'^<^^(^ QpuiS^m eh^puuLLt-.^' 

(Q^ - /_;-iS3>/7.) — ^lQuu6ST ^uj - (^/rear) ^esBiu^ iBn^ih^ 

873. He who, being alone, incurs the hatred of many is more infa- 
tuated than even madmen. 

(f. LJ<S3>^/b'Lli_/T'iS Qsn eo}n'QL-lTQ£)(^LO U Ca'sT Lj OS) L- aj/rsr76flT 

(uiP-6B)T.) er-^y — QiZJSSiSTi^ajsiJL^u uGS>acs)iu Qgujpju®^^^ ^svrai0 

^qr)i3ij(SS>s,^^aiu^pp&o, ^^sar GiJiB^^n^p(^ GT<^((5}^rT6ar^ib ^i?liSim<5S)LDuS.saTj 
(Q^-/_/-(oiJ)/r.) UGS->m - U(SS)3S(SIDIU^ tBll-Lj ^ Q^iTsam® ^(ip 

874. The world abides in the greatness of that good natured man 
who behaves so as to tui*n hatred into friendship. 

^oMseiT jy£35a=. ^ss^a; u9jrcisr(3unLLL-rT^il> isuLurraapunei^ s^puuu.i—^- 

875. He who is alone and helpless while his foes are two should 
secure oue of them as an agreeable help (to himself). 

25i'!J /565r^-s@u i-ip^^ e^(i^<sS3ssrujrrp (^t^<£>j eum^ifia <3h.i-.rr^ li&ibrr^ jg)e!»i— 

Qpm Q_iBSif}i-^n ^iSl^ih ^uQuii (Lp_^ •sh.i—nQigiTL^'sQsueiir/D^j n.^6nmu 
Gdjssrp^, j>isu'SulSi^P(^^ ^Tsss^vun ^ib\i Gisa&Q. @^@6sr Q.'bit^uj coiriafi) 

q8 L_ ® G51 SU iS 65 <S <a t_ &iJ 607 . 

876- Though (one's foe is) aware or not of one's misforfcane, one 
sliould act so as neither to join or separate (from hini). 

(ST. QjSfTsupz QiBiTih^ ^ rSl uj tr f'r as (^ Quisyp<s 

OLDoaTSDm UGSi^6U JT^p^. 

(Q^s . u - SJD.T.) — Qibu ib^^ - QmiTibpp^ssr^ ^pliufr'r3S(^- 
{piruifr&\ ^rBiurr^ !bil-i9i&iiir &(^j Qf5n6>jp<3s - (^sot^ Qibh eijQdFrr 

877. Relate not your suffering even to friends who are ignorant of 
it, nor refer to your weakness in the presence of your foes. 

^. 6U<ST>aiijrSlfb^ ppQ^LLJ^ pp<z[ruu LorriLjLa 

LdfnL (Bcn^^nuj <aGrflL!.L./<f5 Qa>(£lmj er-j2/. 

Encs^a - cvcS'i'jj^'±j^ anQ-ssrQQa Gu'iQ^LDn^ua, QLc6S'jj(ru)uJwC(rcSp 

tf i^0a^uj<560. aerflL/Ly - ^cupqr^sss Qeu^uQiDear OpscsresS LD@^ib^(ir)^^(SO. ^Sj 
eS^f'^geopIti^ ^irQio ^i_/ej^6u QnssTu^nu:>' ^S^p itBsn ^ pun (s<i ^sstmi — 
Qd^tuerscr Sh^puuiLi—^. 


878- The joy of one's foes will be destroyed if one guards oneself 
by knowing the ^vay (of acting) and securing assistance. 

esiLoikihiL ■S031T& • ^sJsr/SlQiu (Lp^i'ibS 'SSo))<3T>LDa,aLL a2snu.j^/Sp adsffeuntl cwa 

Gir/DfS6sTpGS)LDuSloi!rj ^^ i^^^^QiDif L^^io' ^^^p adsaiuLD u(fr)ei!ihi sh-pu 
(Qfl; - u - Gs^iT J) — (iperr LnrrLc - (aSsYnuG''3U633T©6i/^/r£'uj) 

879. A thorny tree should be felled while young, (for) when it is 
grown it will destroy the hand of the feller. 

650. ^-iBrruu <si^srrjr&)(s\)ir tn^ip Qa^iBiruueiiir 

QnsorusuLD- j)fGi.i(W)uS'iiT^^ ^SssN-ajrrQsbT ^inSpuL-QfreS^ Lces^LDiLju:). l^jS^p 
(Q^ - u - Gy>ir.^ — Q<3=SiTuu6ii/r - (^iLGixi/j"©) U(S!y)<suuQii 

/r^, Qs=LDLDid - ^(7566S!n65, ( Q 6E (S <S <S ffO /f u9 (77) ^ db ) , 9l G^ ^S <Z a, <o\) ir 

880. Those who do not destroy the pride of those who hate (thera) 
will certainly not exist even to breathe. 

^3h - ih. ^^. ^-ilussym. 

(uf-6B)T.) eT-S>) — gg^eygi'a;® ^^ueElaa, Qeii(3isr(Bisu6areiJiTLU iBw^iSi 
u(oSisujn'sp Q^ifliujrniLi (qit^cu Qnesru ^^Bs, {§)ss''(eg Qs'iueo - npekQeiid'i^ 

t£l6i7/flliJ&V)q<5(25^, ^^© Qd'S&ST - (^Qp&iT ^eOTUf^ Q 3= lU 6U SST 6XJ IT 

881. Shade and water are not pleasant, (if) they cause disease ; so 
are the qualities of (one's) relations not agreeable, (if) they cause pain. 

(uif-soiir.) ST-^, — euireaQuneo (ST/S!^ Qlcsot^ Owe^uuiL® /Sp(^UD 
ussissyenrr si(i7)SF(TQan'iBs ; j)/isiEissru:) /©JooO/r^ QaeaQuneo L£i<ss)pib^ lEp^m 
ueoaeurr /blLlSISsst ^(Zf,<9?i£j er-^- 

(tpslrQem iufiii^ ary a&uu® KCinecr ^(ir)S=p&Qcxissr^LDy ^isirsiesrw ^;plaj 

Qu^<5(ST^ Q6UeSuULL(Sl[Qpi^LB)j U <SID <S 61J GX) fT - U (Sn ■S LU fT Glfl isdofT ^ 

^j3h - /X3, ^^. si-L^uan^, «5='0<3» -^c" 


882. Fear not foes (who say they would cut) like a swoul ; (but) 
fear the frioutlsliip of foes (who seemingly act) like relations. 

(Ulf - 65)1.) GT-^, 2_LlLJCT5>-UJ/7■uSI^62)SJ)ff OJI^Q^ ^drdsSTdi BlT^^ibQiSfr 


883. Fear internal enmity and guard yourself; (if not) it will 
Icstroy (you) in an evil hour, as surely as the tool wbich cuts the potter's 

<y. LD'oSTLDlTi^SS) eilL-UGTiS Q^tTeoJ^ (oVrieOTLafTi^^ 

Qioii^iJa u<s\ieijii fi-Q^LD. 
jaQuJ (^ppis) ueoevpets^piL^fBi Qs(r®a(^uDf er-jj/. 

884. The secreet enmity of a person whose mind is unreformed 
ill lead to many evils causing disaffection among (one's) relations. 

QsSTrTJLO i_/eU61](^" ^QFlh, 

SjosxaU i^puuesia^ ^^msnurnu iBmQp sjS^ Qi^msjiqijiDp Qs.n p&s^ Qps 

ojiT&iT . ^p^^&sr(m<ss)p<3SiLaQiU!T(b]3h-L^[u^ (sr^Lnu&)(SiiLn - (^ppCa 

885. If there appears internal hatred in a (king's) family, it will 
lead to many a fatal crime. 

Qu[T&sTqrj'(^iM Qiurrmp &)ifl^, 

^isj^ •Sh.puuil.u.^, 

Outr&sTQr^(S^Ln - ^peunretnLOj ^mpe\) - (^^F3=^&(^') eh. 

886. If hatred arises among (one's) ovra people, it will be hardly 
possible (for one) to escape death. 

(ST. QiTuiSleh- Ljiom-iT3'9l(DUirp sh.i^^'a 3h.L-nQ^ 

VL\L-UeS)B vl\pp (sr^. 
(uir-anT.) gt-^, — Qa^uSlasr^ Lj^^n-a^QQurruOu i-jp^^ QGjp^es>Lo 

^LD(tpLL <3h.UfriTj 6T-£lJ, 

Ga^ui^esTSi Ljsmsrna^Q - O^l/l/ Qpi^Quja® t-jsmij/B^ qsasrira^Q' ^lLuo^ss 
UjrrsuT LDsaril) Q6u^ulLl^gdlduSIp Ljpuuss>iB Qup^ni^ e£ps>J<^p(2/'sijQnei!Tu 

887- Never indeed will a family subjccfc to internal hatred unito 
(really) though it may present an apparent union like that of a casket 
and its lid. 

QutTQf)Q^6sr§^(C^ Qs=tULjuiTLL(BsSlSosrQuj<^£Ftjb QssiljQldgut^is) eS}So!!rQff,ir 

eSfS;Ssonsky GweS Q^tum^eSQ QiDSuru^rrLb- ^SBa/ tSljrsour^Sluml.L—n'^Lh jyo/ear 

(Q^ - u ' <o!Dfr.^—(^Qp6ST6iJeniri^^ 6uib^^mj9^ihy &-L-uqs)s 
^-fl)fo ^L^ - S-i— ij (5(j)<55U^SYr err (miy^ujireisT^^ ^irta QuirnFS-.juir^ 
^^Q<sv G^iu<s^uuiLi^f QurreoT Qurreo - ^(r^mLfQuirev^ Out 

888. A family subject to internal hatred -will wear out and lose it3 
strength like iron that has been filed away. 

QpC-uesis iq sir Grr^/r/H Q&®, 

ehQuQ^GyiinaniuQiBrr^s^ (oTfffr useij ^mGsi - crerrerflb-ar iSl(5tr(SS)6ij 
Qa® - (<jyL/QLj(^sjnuiQ(L;&0 6u;rzi ^^lueuQ^Ui ) Cos©, ^erren^ 

889. Although internal hatred be as small as the fragment of the 
sesamum (seed), still does destruction dwell in it. 

<ao, Si-L-LDuir t^i5\)rr/56iJiT €Ufrj^AGD<s (^L^ihi^(mi 

(uif-fflnj.) cr-^, — LDssrLjQurT(rr,^is LRs06iirr^iiQfr,T(B3h.L. e^(rF)Qjsk eyif 
Qptl) wrTLpa£S)S epQF) (^L^^&iQm ufTLoQun(9s^L-. ^<3spii^np Quit^udj ct-^, 

890. Living with those -who do not agree (with one) is like dwell- 
ing with a cobra (in the same) hut. 

3hO-tll, cJV<^* ^i-i^iUlGSi!tU^GmipiUIT€SilIi, 

Sjoo^neii^ QuifluJirnu3(SS)6Sirr ^suid^^^ ^QparrcDLn. ^jrLL(BpQLDn l^^ 
Qovmu^(^/b GluifliufrGfTGoTLj^ ^/bpsoirp Qurrltuirnuj Qwrn^iiQio^ih ^eu^ 
anp QuiflujjrrruJ (tpeSisij'iQLD^ua iSearp^- QmpQa^fT&oeon^^ (oT(^&fS6STp 
ffirtaeSlissr^ ^^ Qsi/Qsifluj/reor (auQhQJsaTsijmp Qi^Q&&6m esisua^&uui—t—.^* 

Quit pp^ Qerrioeomb ^dso, 

^/bp<siis$3(r ^siJLD^Lurres>LD} ^isiulL iss.Ej(^aiirtTLDp &fTuuiTi'' Osfujiljiei &n(su&i£ 
QsireOsOfTGup/Sl^ih tflsffi^, iST-^« 

^ppQ<oVsku^ 0u(fF)i3S>LDj S^/SlciJ, QpOJpQQlUGSr^LD QpSSTpSSlQiD^lli 

i§pp<^p sFrrQQiufr(iT)GOLSi' ^sy^ih^evt^a .sSsrriu eueo&^rrQrTGaru^ Q^frsisTp 
^p^enaQn'sk^LD, S^ireSsrj uemi—^ Qu!T(iTf^j i5U-H Qp^sQiu i^p aaeuisuBm' 

Qun-^sues)&ujfr<30 jya/ GS(TT)^p^^n'0!)n iijth LSI(SSiLpiurTes>LnuJ^ QpuLj ^^(^p 

(Q^ - u - (sn/r.) — ^p^Gum'r - (j5T®^^.kQs!T&rsnuuL-L^ 
^ffit-p/rfc-JDtD - ^eau^^iuiresiLnj Qun p^euirir - (^<sldlBl-^^^ ^/a 

891. Not to disregard the power of those who can carry out (their 
wishes) is more important than all the watchfulness of those T?ho guard 
(themselyes against eyil). 

Q_, QutfllUfTGi^iT U QutC^ Q^fTQ£,Qnj Q U id LUir JT II 'u 

Quit (M®iSiCTiu ^(tklu. 

^puL^suesiiBijun p eh-^u. 

(Q^-/L/-(SiniT.) — (^Qeuib^ii) QuiBiurrcDfr - (eiysQetn/Loaisrr/TCe&u) 

eaQSiQisifr - n5i_uurrjrriu96oT, {^^iiibL—&<SD&iU!T<o^_^j\ Qufd.iutru'n li^- 
^uQu^iujTfreM^ QuiTfr ^©iianu - (^<^ihf5fr(^ilt} iSiKi^ir^ ^esr 

892. To behave without respect for the great (rulers) will make 
them do (us) irremediable evils. 

Qa:i—(5\i QsiiiossTio&iT - (^pr&n^ Qs,®^m Qgugsst l^^^iBgst , Q&Enir 

(5^(756171537) QcFlULUSiEL-6U6aT. 

893. If a person desires ruin, let him not listen to the righteous 
dictates of law, but commit crimes against those who are able to slay 
(other sovci'eigns). 

euSsw ^^p(^ Qp^Qer emasntlL^ j)jes)ip^^n- OeOrrsQii; ct-3'. 

esisiurreo eSs^^^Si g)<sip<£F©a (^(SuiSip^. ^itQwil^ld ^uSI/i Qpae^iu 
Qi£m—p(^iflujn-esirr ^^p(^(LpscrQsaT eSesi/riE^ ^i1>Qld&) euQ^sS^^aQanmeijair 
^puiSlesr ^ 8.€mG5)LDiLjm ^sssresiLoiLjEj <9fL./SluJwfr£u. ©jgdgu uSl£-eiu(B umLi—rr 
e^ih Qeuis^ictDiru i3<cS^Lp^a(^sar ^ppm •3n-puutl.L^^» 

894. The weak doing evil to the strong is like beckoning Yama to 
come (and destroy them). 

(^. lUITemQ'fQg'ssT rBiuirsssr® (ip<o^-!rT<Sfrlr Q6Ufb^Lji9(SST 
(uf-snT.) CT-^, — ij(3S)S(sufrs,(^ Qsviu^niu GueQuSocWiqas^u-iu Qguis^(^p 

^esii—euis^ Qs^npserr ^eurTiuSdBOiiJiT^ evi^&sr, QeuiB^uiSleur Gev/s 

@)su/f ^safl lumBirQirearu^ Geir&Q ^evQ<^(B iBLLL\&Q&ni^pQuir(irjLJBih ^rr 
Qld eu/sQ^uuQuLi ^su(rr)iss)L.(Sisiuys!T>!U GleiJ6rrEij^pQuiT(tF,LL(BEi G)<s/rt>A)Q;/r, jyeor 

Qn-6cr(7r/r'. ^^^eo ^ac^pp(Lp6!S>i—UJfriT SiQ^eRLDiLjes)i—UJ ^ire^ Qa^iri^Ui 

895. Those who have incurred the wrath of a crael and mighty 
potentate will not prosper wherever they may go. 

s^, STirliurrp s^L-uuiq^^ Qpiueiis^i^ir npiuiufrir 
Q uiBajfTiTu iSlar>Lp^Q^rr(in(m eurrir. 

Q npsN e_L.(xii.9cWii fs^^ jM^Gnt^oJir^ o^uSlirQiop Q'^peQ^ar ^(sni—Qiu 

896. Thoagli burnt by a fire (from a forest), one may perhaps 
live; (but) never will be live who has shown disrespect to the great 

OT, GUcs^SLdirsssTL- 6ii/rLDaiS!n<55UJ/i 6urTehQun'nh(em Ql uhsar ^m 

(uiP - 60) nr.) CT-^, — 3^nu QjQF^enatl. Qa^wniu QuqTiGdld ldpl 

a.^L/L/ c5ys5)LDiF<??, HIT®, ^iTeaiST, ues)u. OtusareiVenai/. Qa^^Oesreoru^ 
^ain Qg=(r)j'GS)LD Q^n&srp f§ehrp^. ^GuQeuB^sr^^neisr Qpear eu^if^wmreup^fi) 

897. If a king incurs the wrath of the righteous great, what will 
become of his government with its splendid auxiliaries and (all) its un- 
told wealth? 

m&iTrD&n^ir Lamuevlr iQsd^^, 

(Bih Lmriuenn f CT-^. 

S(er^€^L^coLDio\csTf (^S57^5ffr,gaj QnssrmiT: ^^LDoosuecr LDdj\)LUOcSTuj ld!t ^aui'^^ e\sur 

(njn- \^pQT^LD. fS3svQup(»/'p Qunpisonoj^ ^puuu QuifliuirmbsQccT ©(jyo^g 


898. If (the) hill-like (devotees) resolve on destruction, those who 
seemed to be everlasting will be destroyed root and branch from the 

(UlP - SJ)|r.) ST-^, 3,n ^i§p S(fr)(SS)LDlUIT'SST ^UJlilb^S eSljr^El£B^ 2_eB)i_ 

ujri IT Gsii(^i^GujTfTuSl.sarj ^idujnrppe^rrm ^i^F^Lo ^qs)l^Qiu ^mu^ih ©jlo 

S^] QssOuDj <oT-£)J. 

uniLL^n^UD (Lps^suesiiTu iSiesLp^^s^m (^ppiii sh-puuiLi^^, 

899. If those of exalted vows burst in a rage, even (Indra) the 
King will suffer a sudden loss and be entirely ruined. 

(uf - GOT') er-^, — sl^uulSIss ^ai^^ScmiLjQS^L.ujmr Qeui^en-euffrrSssTy 
^wjinm Q(sy(^&ruuLLL^rriT ■ssl^luu Quifliua^frirL-j slgs)l^ujf n uSl^ilij ^^up/Sl 

S-iUlULDfTLLl—rriT} OT-^. 

cosTL-ajjr^ ^ppeorrp ^ifli-jFthQuirco ^i^/b^gSS LD/rseS^enr, &.ajujnQ!iisk(fffr^ 

900. Though in possession of numerous auxiliaries, they will perish 
who are exposed to the wrath of the noble whose penance is boundless. 

65. LDdssrcSl<S!S)ip6ii!Tfr LafTssiH-uiu Q&nuj^irt'r GQSsureSlGDLpiSiJn'ir 

Q^SMTl— frill QuiTQ^fGr^ LD^ . 

QunQT^err Q&'ajf§2so Qpiu^-ocuiriT s\^p @<5S)!—uSQu-ecT£)j ^sQ^iili QurrQr,^LD s/sn 

STn^p(^ (ST^sufTULi eSsirutli' =gyo°<^ ^eneniTfi) uiUi^uj sup^Q^ih ^euisup^ 


(Q^-u-<ss)[T .^ — in^snT (aQGDipenfTiT - (^^eoTuthj ■sfTiremLDrrs^ 

eSl^ eSlis^Lpiourrn- - OufTfr^'o'rT 3=LCiUiT^^^SQ<s\) (Lpiumusnir ^ Qeu 

901. Those who lust after their wives will not attain the excellence 
of virtue ; and it is just this that is not desired by those who are bent on 
acquiring wealth. 

[BTl^^a, IBfTSSS^'^dj ^(TELn, 

(uiP-stnir.) <oT-^, — ^esT ^gostquldsduu eflil© LDdssruufrerr^iJ Qusoires)LDes)iu 
ifliuQ^niT /Brr^easri—fTiS^ ^6sr&(^m isT^^dsoai Q&rr(Ba(^LO, ot-^. 

eaisia^QlsFuLK^T^s, ^suerraiessressr s(T\3p(oipm£)i ^sasrunsonrr lij/rew^to wfTeasr ^^ 
Quif^iuQsn n rcfr^as /bit^^&Q^ Q,inisisr(rijrr. ^skq; u3ircssr(BufrLLL-n^u:i LoSrar 

tDSOj Q U SSST sSl 0DLp61J fT GOT - (ubSsOTUJ 611 i>n ^\ Q USSSTtSt^LbGrtUJ eS^LOL/ 
QeVII SST_^^ ^<565iil - Q5=(&061/tii, (^6X;61|<oO<£B^^ ^6SST IJir6\)ir IT ^ 

902. The -wealth of him wto, regardless (of his manliness), devotes 
himself to his wife's feminine nature will cause a great shame (to all 
men) and to himself. 

/5_. ®jioffCiTi5rTaLL i^fripih^ eQojiffoSesTissiLn Qiui^i^fresT^ 

ffLD ^oo^souriiu fd(b^i<3<in'i^6S)i—3^ Qs'coe^iEiibfrbd ibfi^ii^SoO si^^i(^ 'oT&aneo^ 
^!hi G)a.;r©<ai(gL£i^ er-^. 

ei!)LD'juiTuSl/b£)j' SjiEiEjGW iSitQ^Q QajfTQpi^^G^saT , ^auSoiT fSiULBuurT iflbvSo^iiumhj 

f— ^^, ^fripfb^ ^iU(S\)L] ^&nes)tXi - ^trip^pi;^ (^^sufrSliu ^^ 
<yfx), /5 so (ffO/r0- sir - (^^<S)JGU'3'3= S&isyiii ^^ /Ea)igD/r/fi/_^^^ (Od^eu^ 
[tJsirsM^ iBir s^i - /5/r^2/^§50, <or(^i^(r6aTjruLCi - (oT!bfS!r(eihLbj ^qf^id- 

903. The frailty that stoops to a wife will always make (her hus- 
band) feel ashamed among the good. 

3^, LddsiSTLurr^srr uji^Sr injruisy)Lnu9 eo/TGrreor 
sQ dosr iu rr sssT ss) Ln eaQaoLLj^ eGlsar^, 

S-esBTL—najQjL^iifolLDssru^ ^euntu/S3s\)'jun6aT ojia^- ^obev^^(^ Qs^uu^p 
^sh psares)LCi idIot^jSO//^ j>jsv^oUJ^ (LpL^<3LjQuni£nGDLDiiSl6ST ^Qpiu^ e^QwQp&sT^ih 

(0^- Lj - (ffin/T,)- — LnSoSTiUfrZsir - (^sar^ LnSsijr lu n 2sfT ^ ^^3iLB- 

904. The undertaking of one, who fears his wife and is tliei'eforo 
destitute of (bliss), will never be applauded. 

@. ^)o'oou/r2sYr in^3^6U!T (>sr(^g^Lnp Qp(^<^ii(siTjpi 
(ufr-eaJT.) <st-^^ — ^osr Lr&wiun'hotT iu(br)<3rSiJn6ar anehr Qpt^uj QunQhQetr 

Qs^cu'djQeusssT^ih rsn&Jssifl^ QiDearurriT GT(^(^n6m£}j QiDsur(yr^ir. "^sOG^n^' 

905. He that fears his wife will always be afraid of doing good 
deeds (even) to the good. 


3?r. ^<ss)LniUfrfl&fT (SuiTLp^Ln um^.<o\)Qrr uS&oev/r 

i,rr>ss)LnuJiTir(Dj£iT exit^si- ueuir. 
(uiP-GKT.) ST-^y — ^LD L8&i&}rr(srF)es^!—UJ QeuiuQuir£iiiB G^/rerflSnW ^d^s? 

^LOjrifQurT'SO siyff t£)«&0/rffl;^ uemea^^ (£jriT Q ^fr&TsdsnQuuid-'i&in isi Qeup 

^emLDiun t'Qsn QefT&nQeuj Sl(^s^^p anSTsssr^^^ OTeoVewto •3h.^f£laj£ufr£)j. (Sffr'i 
Q^neaaosn Qsv(Ssr(7)/iriTuSi^Lo ^eos^inQi—ireaa'Ssa ^@<s?siyn'/r ^sztotcidldiiSIoo Qnm 
u^iiih. ^<3S)eu lEfresT^ uriLLL-n^UD sjsudon LU(^_^&-^/b (^/bpiii sii-puui—t—^- 

6uirQu!T(o\i, evriL^^LB - (^su(oije\)^<i;^j) eufr^ib^rrirfrS^La^ ua(B 

906. They that fear the bamboo-like shoulders of their wives will 
be destitute of manliness though they may flourish like the gods. 

QusmQcssr QuQKes)^ a^eiy>i—^^. 

tii^ QiflQssrpsuscr^ measri—esresiLDuSlsisT iBir6S!siiS^sriLjiss)i_aj ^ausrr Quecsrt—eiiT 
enLoCtu Qldudup- ®gs)I—^^, st-^u. 

/EiT^il0Dt—u QuefsTQemeor Qsusssri—n,^ <sf>./Sluj^ ^SijQeneui^i QiFiuevir 

i—^' ereueo — ^^Quiui'i y ^£u^isil. QusmQsssnsuru^S-ili cSy^» eiisii&i 
{^Q ^ - u - (SDtT .^ — QuessT - ^ffO&itrsn _^j (ejeinko - ^eu^Qm? 

907. Even sliame-faced womanhood is more to be esteemed than 
the shameless manhood that performs the behests of a wife. 

QuLLl—ITlhJ Q^fr(Lp(^ U6UIT, 

Sjsui—nQGGT Sf^ir-^ qriau^ih Qurr(TF)&r Qsn(B^^^iii sh-L^neBLDU^m^ ^065)U3« 

j-Lj-stn/r,) — (^^irin Q6iJ6ssn^ujULp-LU<obrSl\ IB<5\) ^^(o\)rr<irr - 

ib&sr^ - (iM^GT>Ln6:(3j^ j^ySsaariu/rSoj^ ^p^(3D^[L\Ln^ '^PQ^'^ ~ 

908. Those who yield to the wishes of their wives will neither re- 
lieve the wants of (their) friends nor perform virtuous deeds. 

(^pfiD.'il eh.pUUL-1—^. 

(Q^ - U - (S3>T,) — ^ p2SldsST\lU[Ln - ^pa^Qs^iU^Ld , ^6JT03 

iSlnosSldssrujui - ^ su gQ jr &isr in^Qcn QsunY?Qaj ®j<chjua^ Q 3" oj &i^ (Gin lb ^ 
Quss'sr (^6uso - (^Lo) LnSssTiuirQiorreudaO, Q a=LU6ijmr.z<sxfr - QifuJu 

909. From those who obey the commands of their wives are to be 
expected neither deeds of virtue, uor those of wealth, nor (even) thoso 
of pleasure. 

QushsrQs'fr'b^iTu^ QuffD^p^in iSleo, 
63f?(65)UJ Qa^a^eii^^dcisriLiLD &.6s>L-UJjrniu Qeuih^iri^ u&srujndotis^ Q<sFi'^isofr6sr 

evm^^ss^LDiuiTismy ^L-^Qesrssiu^ sju Qun(jT)i—L-n ^ s^/Sls, ^osaesiLDB&aeo^^ 
QmsirufriTf GT(i^(^nrm^ QLOSsTQT^il. ^u Quesi^osiLo iurrev^ QiopGls^neocQ^j 

G)<?&Ui5i/^iS3)^(Lji£), a-SijiL-uj/Tfr-sQ - a_i2nL.(ua//r<S(e755(aR, Qusm 

910. The foolishness that results from devotion to a wife will never 
be found in those who possess a reflecting mind and a prosperity (flow- 
ing) therefx-om. 

<3ioo^iTeu^ ^ibm&JLo eSi^ Qsn(Buu(Ti' Lurrciji'a(^U3 <^ipu ^<b-ci30^ S{^p(^ 

£S(^LpiLjth LDSicmiT SfS^ <3^S>\l^^r<^ih ^ScBSriLjlli ff^HLD ^sifL] Up/3 sSloDL^lh .ffH JTIJ t£3^ 

911. The sweet words of elegant braceleted (prostitutes) Avho de- 
sire (a man) not from affection but from avarice, will cause sorrow. 

2_. Uium^nriQiu usssTLiefTirr&^iSi usmiSli>aT Lc^iEiv'r 

usBSTLi Qa^rreoeQeirs essreo&i^ ^isislL Qi—syrresiLD Q^^rr^pu ueavi^ssr 
LOffleiflQ/rearjj/LD, ^Qyn«@ J>j^ epn^^Q^iDLDtr^&i ^^'sonQeei vuearrS ^wrr Qs^iu 
<s\irT^ LD/SHQseiiruiTn' /EiusBTjj/raQ Qiuear^nih, j)/qj(sij/Sgi] Sjsuesur 6Sl^^p(^ 
S-uniuQiDssTu^ G^n^/Du iSlsk fB€rreirrrsSi_Qeost!T£)jEi <SL/29(Ga)/r. 

(Q^ - u-ein/r.) — uoj&st _^aQ - (^€^(f^(oiJ^i(^ a-crrsTr) Oufr 

0<fF/ri&o so/ii. uemu ^&C) Laseiflir - ra^ssdTLB 


/5effioTr/r - (^si/stD/r) Qurr nFii^rrLCi<5\^^ qSIl-sm - eSli—AsL—evfr, 

912' One must ascertain the character of the ill-natured women 
who after ascertaining the wealth (of a man) speak (as if they were) 
good uatured-ones, and avoid intercourse (with them). 

/B_, QuJaKLLQusSTTL^IT QlJ,TuJOT)LQ (LpUJ&3i iB (7^LLL-6S)nou9 

(Uif-emn-) (ST-^, — Qa,n®uurT(£S)ir <sS(ir)LDun\^ Qun(tT)^QiU (c£l(rF)LDi^ib 
QuT^ LDsefiir^ Oun ujLbes)Loes^Luajas)i—iu QptuaaLD SessrQLDQuurTfr ^''^i— 
t_<sDpassasTQ6SBr Qpsk GW/Sluurr^ Sessr^es)^p ^(L0dl(6S)p Gu/rjjj/LD, er-^. 

Qu/r0Ll(5 (Lp'juE/^ih LDffisrflrr ffl0^^@ Qs^aJ^iih ^nrrtutr^ ffrr^ii^ui 

unit a>iieBsiuut—ir^'sQ^fr iflL-^^^antsiar ^ewiu tSlo\>&)ii^Q^n n iM&nsr^on^s 67®^ 
Quii (ff)Q^a@u ujp^pnp pQ^si^SL'fr ^ ^orsr Q oj it l^ a QeuGoru^frth- ^smi^u Qpsar 

(Q^-U-(SJD;T.) QuiTQ^i'lT Qu5SSTL^'r - (^Q 3S IT (B U U fT (SO) [T gQ Qhlh 

ua^ QuiTQh^SfrQaj eQ^tiq/D) Quirs^LCiZGffljr^j QuirujLo€ir)Ln - 

&irrB[UlT.i5lSlSSST^GD^j ^^^ ^pj& - ^(Lp'oSl^pQufr^LD. 

913. The false embraces of wealth-loving women are like (hired 
men) embracing a strange corpse in a dark room. 

mfTLLj LB^gQ (oSJ6U[r. 

(uif-sJ)lT«) (51-^, — ^ssTL-LDnQoJ QurTQTjdsrr @tftp/5^ Qun(ffj&Tn®uu 
QunQr)63iTQtu aO^LDL/Lo LDa-£^jrs' i-\o<>c£iiu itei^^es)^ ^(fffSenrr® sh-t^iu Quit 
Qfpsxr ^ffnajib^ Qa^iuiLjih ^jBisSldsm tLjes>i—ujiii' ^eisri—nir, €T-^, 

^p(Lp^cSiu iBfT6tiT(mis> QunQ^QerrsmuuQss^esT, Oun ((V)tl-Qun (i^stT <^(^i— 
eSQfjiliL^Qssrp ^'p^^jri(^ ^■suiT ClLDiuiibeiu:) LD£}jadso iun&t>Qi6iTj Q^iruurr 


(Q^-u-S!D(r .\ — QuirnK&T Q u ir nhGrr it ir - {©jsaruLnrrQuj Qurr 
^SsTT ^a^ffi^) QuiTQ^mfrSliu QuiTQj^dsrrQuj (o£l(i^LCiL^ Ln^eiflir^i ^ 

iuQurr(f^2torr^ ^U-jia - ^jnrajib^ g^LouiT^s^ih^ ^ rSl eSl ei^ 6u I'r - 
^plGDSViLiaDL-UJiou'rj Q^iTtuiTir - ^ sssT L-trir . 

914. The wise who seek the wealth of grace will not desire the 
base favours of those who regard wealth (and not pleasure") as (their) 

(^. G^Uir^fBGV^^TIT L/6aT(SOT6U/b Q^IHUIlir Ln^fb<oO^^<ol7 

Lnirs!5STL- (oumwi esreuir 

(uf-anrr.) gt-^, — ^ujp<sr)sujii@iu LD^isecresiLDiun eisr Ls^nL-SemLDuuL—L-. 
QsFujpGDS Lu/SlsSdour ti^<cS)L-.iun il QurrQF&T QspfSuun its> Qa&XoOnuo Qun^euniu 
^£S)a'iiS8scr ii^<s^i_iu mae^ir^ ufibMcQuj /Eso^cm^^ ^ecsn—rriT, gt-^. 

LDQr66sres)LD — Qppi3 pui-\&e^jb Qa^iu^ idoomas^ nen n sar Loanrs 

iJsi//fi;Q6BiJ0o0/riJ:i) Qua ^^eurrQuj ^<ss^'g^(ST>iuu^<s!S)t^iu Lc<s&fljr^ lj&) 

915- Those whose knowledge is made excellent by their ^natural) 
sense will not covet the trifling delights of those whose favours are com- 
mon (to all). 

Sir. ^ihr5€\)LCi urrffuuTir Q^rriutTir ^e!S)^Q3=Q^.iQu 
L/S0T6OT10OLQ UTfFluuirir Q^ij&fT. 

Q^an ^eiiSTL—n IT, CT-J3/. 

ujTuusnnn Q^niurr Qnmjrijist <ffi^/3^ii. ^ihiB&o QtomLJi^ iBiiCLD ^(^Ouiun. 
^emsii ^m^ uniLi—rr^Lh sjsijss>(t &.ixjiriiQ am' Ssasri^rr Qne'sru^ Sh-pu 

urriBuuirir - (ffiS)SsO QiE/r®L/Ljisiy'r<sG)6B&oe\)/ri£i) ujruLj lc^eMf^i^ 
Qajtrea - Q^rr^str^ ^ia /sevzi - (^^pStQ6Ufr(ip<saiKi.ssrTfr<5\)rrQLu') 
^Lo^ qasiTJLp, ufTifluufriT - (^&)iBpjQ^ ujruLi^pj(^^iu\ ^-luirsh 
Q^m'r, G^iriuuft - ^smri—frfr, 

916. Those who would spread (the fame of) their own goodness 
will not desire the shoulders of those who rejoice in their accomplish- 
ments and bestow their despicable favours (on all who pay). 


(uif-snfT.) OT-^, — QrB(^&iSS)p SlpeiipaDp ^es>sFuuLJB ^sidq; arrireasr 
Lon && Q&fr(Buun'esi!T QLOixjcun p L^emQfjLD ld&g^iI Qan&nsasrr iQesipiuirp /SlQr^ih 
^•jlj Q.'Bi^'SF- LB^\)o\)fr^rTi'' Q^iriuajif, eT~£i/, 

Qu!T(if)i^LD ^^;GS)p ues)L^aaiuu(9eu6sr(2jm eSQTjUDLjm G),f@<£? ^aup/£l<oaT 
GLDed^fTneSisar^ L^sssrrreu^ &.L—mi^LDna^ir GLoeiru ^/Si^ ^^sulQ e^i—n^ 
iBp(&^LD QfB(^9l'3cm iLj(sni—Lun li Q^n ajrremLDuSlesr, ^i^o^eiml Q^mij<su Qrrmiv/n. 

(Q^ - u - (S^ir,\ Qr5d^&6'or - QfB(^& iss)s\j iSip - Qeu^Qufr 

917. Those who are destitute of a perfectly (reformed) mind will 
covet the shoulders of those who embrace (them) while their hearts covofc 
other things. 

Lnmu LdsieSir (Lpajs(m, 

^emita(^ - aiTLoQiV/iBimTsisr ^uSiiQsneiTi^LO Q^uuQjLDserr. ^ni(^ - ^ssV 

^a ■?fi-/Sl(^n. Sju Quuuir ji/eufTuj /SSsouufrek evi^^. 

{Q^-u-GD!T .'^ — LniTUJ i£i<5&ffl/r-(2_0Sii Qa^iTp Q<ruj&oa;sT;/r<^) 

918. The wise say that to such as are destitute of discerning sense 
the embraces of faithless womea are (as ruinous as those of) the 
celestial female. 

(uif-S!j)T.) er-^, — S-iuniQ^fTiT ^tSliiQaT Qn-mi^^ aS^ Q&rT®uurT'T 
iurrsuesirru^ui (LpiLi!SJig)U:) ldss^jt^ Qld&:)S^lu QsrrerrserT ^a (^pjD^^^ uj/SltLjil> 

s.ujn^p Qs^sufr&eQm^ Lysnfr QuuewLjuiLi—^. s^rr^iurr e^t^iamfl 
€:^<i'^^SP(^u LjemrruSiscrru L^ifliutrs Qensk^ntXi, js/euir ^y^^pQ'SS^ ^.(njSUQp^ 
eSixj Qps^^QiD^u^^ Q^iTishrr) Lonissi^ssiLpiJurrn' Qld&stQqt^ Qerrdr^uij jy£u/f<S(g 
^crrp^'Snsr uSliss)u.u96sr/SlLj uiua^ Quxsku^ Q^rnisrp S-Q^eus LDfr&QiLjiii 

(Q^-Lj-Sin/7.) — 6i;iS3>/rsiJ ®j^iT - S-iuii ihQ^irir ^lPkQ^itQit<5ST 

^LD jy^jpi - !bla,LLITLn, 

919. The delicate shoulders of prostitutes with excellent jewels are 
a hell into which are plunged the ignorant base. 

<50. ^/(2jU363TzJ Qusmi^QEIKI S&Tf^fW aei/^/i" 

^(r^LDanLD—^QTjSijQ^® Ljemir^^ih LjessrirrresyLDiLjts> e^c^afrso^Q^ njemu-uj 

Sh.puuL—1—esT. eui—,^S'OiT(rF)La ^aaqr^^^n^ ^^emQiDsBT a_t_6CT sh.fB^ri. ev(i?) 
QsisTp Sj^&^Jl' (Lpes)pemLDiLju:i ^)^(S5) sar^<s. ^SsasrsSjrfr Qiuessresi^uJeiJiSlu usur 
es)LD up{B (^DCf-Ly Qatrt^tsQear, ffssht® ^^ofSl^majirp Qan&ki—^. ^0 i§&i£u ^&(^rSlse!TfTm Sj^iuuu® Quysku^nw. ^<ssieu mfr6m(^ utTLLt—ir^ui 
QsFireurriT ^L^iQ^ir Qrr&sru^ eh.puuiLt—^. 

(Q^ - /_/-S?n<55.) ^(S LOS^LJ Qu6S3TL^(rFLD - aeUiT LhboT ^(oSi^ 

920. Treacherous women, liquor, and gambling are the associates 
of such as have been forsaken by Fortune. 

usiTuu eeiTsBSssr iLj6sjr^es)LDiu^ SpuLj er^rrLDi^pQfis^^rrp £ih.^@isk(yrfn . 

sil^^rr^io QairsMrQL-rr(Lp(^ ei/zr/f. 
(uiiP-6!nrr») sr-^, — fseifrei'i^esTQLDp e,fr^i\iQ£FUijQ^n(L^r^ Lmrarti CT(^(^!r!5sr 
^ih ues)ssijjrn' esu^a^uuL—nfr-j SjSiQeuiuear^ QpekQesitu^ rSssrp s^et^uSlSnsriLj 

Stpuun'f 6T-£U. 

^^cSsSsiiremLDvufreo Qun^sir uqs>l- (ipaeQtueup(y>/'p Quifltujrnuj anso^^uo 
uesiasijn' ^(i^s^nn'j fsih^LpsisrQismrriT Qsuruu^Seurp ^sSuSlSssriLjui ^i&Lppuntl. 

(Q^-u-stD/r.) — (Ssir -zrr^so Q'SrrarsT(B-'Sse(rGirl&!TQLa&) ^ang^ 
Q-s/rcoOT®, ^(tptmeinrir - f5L—S(mLoir<9'ir^ (STi^i^rr&irjiiLa - GTiiiBir 

(ij&Ois\)/rLDa)) s^srB . ((ip&siQun^^sQ&sTp^ ^eiBaniuu^iM^ ©jLpuuir——, 

921. Those who always thirst after drink will neither inspire fear 
(in others) nor retain the light (of their fame). 

QiTrj'iTfrsifr - /5a)GoO/rir/r&o, (sreiysressTUUL- Q<ouexisTL-fr^frfr - (STsm 

922. Let no liquor be drunk; if it is desired, let it be drunk by 
those who care not for the esteem of the great. 

ffiL. Ff£3T(7rj>5s]n- (LpS^Q^[q l£iGiT^^!r Qed&iTLDp£)]3= 

(Qjdw© aerfl^^ijO (^m^^fTLoi ^<crsiS'uh (^ppih lurr^LD Qu!r(irf^ s'n^Qqrjtr 

923. Intoxication is painful even in the presence of (one's) mother; 
what will it not then be in that of the wise ? 

(^PP^^Spsi u^ss)L-uunes>rr fbirQsjsrm^ Qa=n(^^souu(BQ6W'p &.iuifiisisii<SfJ Gisn&(^ 

Qeuew^uLDj iSlssr e^(rF)Sun'p(rr^^!si acLpojuuL-rreinLDuSjr) Qu(iT)iS}(^ppQLnssi^isiy 
^L^ihQ^nrrurr e^ix!&^rr<zs)LDiiSldr iB&i&inQmGCT^LD, 6h./Sl^iT. Quessrums^rri,® 

rBfTbTssTLBfrSlLU /Beo<s\)6iJ&T ^ (^^6xJes)fi LJun fr^^p^ ^©®) i-ipi^ 
Qsir®s(QLQ - GT^iT (Lpsu^rrsa-GfT. 

924. The fair maid of modesty will turn ter back on those wlio are 
guilty of the great and abominable crime of drunkenness. 

(uf - 63)1.) ST-siy — «^0a;sJr 6fl^LJOu/7"0S5ff<s Qi£rr(B^^s serreirrrp 
^sw<s@ QiDiuiliLDpuLSlocsrs Qsnetr^seO Sjsussr ULp<^SssrLJUiU!^uj Qa^tueiJ 

Qsuessru-iTisunuStp^' es)s ^uQufiQ^LLt—fr^iso '^ut^^ss^i—u Quqf/Ldjtud eS'ip/s 

LU/SiJuaenLDujrrsar euih^Q^mu^iTLJa' 

(G)^-/_/-sn/r.) — (sp(56iJ6w), QufTfr^&T QeirQ^^ - eSl^siuli 
Qu!rQT]Zs{r& Qsir®^^, Qinuj ^^oj/rciniB - ( aeir err /rGoO ^6^JT<5(g^ 
Ololuld Li^p^es)UJ^ Q^rren6\i-QiErrefr(^^(idj <sn<55 ^' ^ lu fr gs) Ln - (^ 

(^s3Ta(^a: smrassTLntrs^ 2_<s!dz_^^. 

925. To give money and purchase unconsciousness is the result of 
one's ignorance of (one's own actions). 

^iaiTcO^ ^S^sSmes^LDujirsisT QsuOpesruUL-ir if j Sj<^eunQp serr^GBsrurTrr, iB(i^ 
iSjre^es>p vun&Qj ^ftl&auu® ^<5t!i:so SL/D/B©i^©ii w<^'3f-6^u(rQ^ QLanuuiTf 

rtpmn- j>iSanFuQun(ir)^ tSli5i!rssr^rruSl(tT)a,a ojiT^LS'^ajiSI&iein ^ tbi^Si-doT 
(§n'6is^'snpsQ&o\^nss)Lnujn^th, j>/o°o^'^Ttu'sirGs>LD uu/Slai' ^es^oj uSljTeser®uml.L^n 

eSlo-osD/rfcTntnuj/TiJu) QsuQpssTuui^fr'r ; (^^ u u iruQ lu^ ^ a i'n (^sa'in- 


926. They that sleep resemble the dead ; (likewise) they that drink 
are no other than poison-eaters. 

(57. ^-ifrQemrp-jB u^'^^emiT !h&uu®6u Qrri^(^rTe(ST^ihJ 

& <sn Q isniT p jEl s. smsTdTnii usuir, 
(uif-anT.) er-^, — &&TdstT Loe^pi^easi® j)/issSuurrp pWLD/Sleij p&rir 
evn IT s^eh^STTjir isufri^usiJjrn'eisT ssmesSiiLpQshrp ^uj^^essr/f/B^ ST(G5(S5/rsar^a3 
rB(^£S&} Qa^iuuLjuu®QjiTy er-js/. 

(0^ - u - ezn/r.) — sstt epprSl-smdsrr Ln<s!DpK^ ((^z^^^), 
S-STT^ffirr 6Ufr^u6iJirir6\}j £_e7r <s^prSl - s^mGsn rsi—aSlp srriflaj^ 

& fH'Suu^eun ir. 

927. Those who always intoxicate themselves by a private (indul- 
gence in) driak, will have their secrets detected and laughed at by their 
fellow- townsmen. 

^. <Ssin^^f£lQlU QaSre'oTU^ t^S6Q®3S QliZ^3=^ 

(uiP - sniT«) <oT-^, — LDCS)pib^sa^® <SBQj^^ LuneoT aeir(Sff)dwL-fBQiiJ 
QpesrSoST iu6tTeSl6ttrLSld>(^ Qsuioffiuu® ^(sonesr ^ ot-^» 

srrifluj^^rrp^a' ^jgdgv uhirressr^unL_L-n ^'ji 

(O^-U-Saiff'.)— 6Berfl^^ ^I^QuU&ST (Sr&iTU^-(^LDo!Dpfb^6s'sT®^ 

928. Let (the drunkard) give up saying *' I have never drunk;" 
(for) the moment (he driuks) he will simply betray his former attempt 
to conceal. 

C^pQ^QFjenesT i£n'jrei!siEii£fnLL^^ Q^isifl^^^ao /i'0faar^^©(S5) Qi^Q^'auSsaTu 

e,<s^^^n'Sssr Qiusgt^ iBjisssn—ireu^ "j^j^Slo^emi^ uu/i-^em emeudsrr&ssnil. 

^(susk LDesr^^&i i£tTiT<sm(Q Ga^&iscrr Q^eku^trLo* ^^<^<ssr ^aySsBT^^^Q^erfl 
eS^a&i (Lpi^ojnQ^&siu^ Sh-puuL-i—^. 

eu^svTj smresTTLd srriLQ^eo - (^^ ^^(rQ^&sr^ LJbpQQrf'(iy)iby&yr^ 
npipQiu e^QhsuSosr, ^ - eQin&Q^io^ ^^^^p^ - (^LDpQ(7/f>(r^ 

929. Reasoning with a drunkard is like going under water with a 
torch in search of a drowned man. 

6S0. ^&T^sm(6s^u QunCp^p ^zeifl^^nSsari srr^iEisrr 

©0/5^ Qun(i£>Q6oravwr a-csar® asS^^^ ililpSosrs afr^nLosiuQp, afr^'isjibfr&i 

essriEJ 3h-puuiL.LS>' 

(Qsi- u - Qnsr.j — (.35 (517(575 soar/-/ SI/ Q^qn'SijesT^ ^(srr 2_(e33)LJ 

^irSsirr - (^^en^em®^ aerfl^"^ i9pdsvr^ &rr6m}iiasir60 — , S-sjotz— 

e_6*rr err /Tfaor Qa!T<b^i - (jyjwshQa^nneiJirid^ ^^ei^iM ^uul^uul-L^ 

930. When (a drunkard) who is sober sees one who is not, it 
looks as if he remembei-ed not the evil effects of his (own) drink. 

©oj (g^fsfli-jiiti iSim^m^^^^m ffu^eviresr Q(njL-!a®, Qp^n^atL @^63r 
^6!ysnn.n) Quit 607 d^esioQap'iijQ lup^n. 

Qisupio e^QT^^doO LLietsremLDtSlsuT Qevsor/Blis^e^ Qldsst^isij a([F)LniHja&T ucoeijisi 
Oa&^eQsisr Q(suSFsn—p(i, Qevsur^isi eh-^i^fr, sriij^ujQun(f^eiT (^^iT®eunn Sisi 
eiT6s:LD^(^ ^iLL-Q^niT ^2siTQiusku^2.thj ^^i;su)/b lSI dr ^ lu qT) Lp: p^^to , z.w 
es)LDXJfrr) Qup(/r^LD. 

(Q^-u-siDfr.j — QsU'o'sTrSlm^ijis^ - (^!J&sj\ QeuffOGOiLaevG^'^La 

QsusisTp^La - ^(SijQeu&frnoQu(r(m(^LD, ^sso'i^e^i Qurrsar - (^cai/r 
Lufri\i LDiSjn^/5^) ^^ssisri^iS nELCi<S!^Uj lSsot gQ nMiwQujrb^ - lSsot 

931. Though able to win, let not one desire gambling ; (for) even 
wbat is won is like a fish swallowing the iron in a fish-hook. 

2_. SpdrQpiu^ Mr/SLpi(^(^ @^/r<i(g (LpssaTL-rrihiQ^fr 
esT&iTQfouj^ sufTLQeuQ^ir Frr^. 

(UllP-SnT.) (J^-^) Sj-S^'oSSTL^p Qu!T6CtQunSSTp S^SSTp^S^ QpSOrQup^ 

esTp'S s^^orpdsnT npmQupj}! . (^esr^ia Q u^QoUT Qin&si^dj 

^p(LpLElsciTU(LpLD Qupjr;/^ eunipsu^ s^/r ^^ - eufrCpeijQ^fr q^ 
euL^, S-sisTi—iT ikiQ &!j (5\i - S-es'sTi—irQLarr. 

932- Is there indeed a means of livelihood that can bestow happi- 
ness on gamblers who gain one and lose a hundred. 

Qufreauju L-jpCoLa uQ^fLD. 

ero/Lo ffi0^SoU(Cy)as^sarj ^ss>siiuSlj;so37(BlLh ueiDssviiurrp Q£Fsi)^QLDsaTU3,nih' 
(@^/7®) u^irSSsiy QutT(n^(SiT - {^j^jirs'&si e^iouiT^^^^ QufrQ^(er^iJoij 

^iULD - (^■oU&iT\ QuirQF^fT ei/(7HSl//r IL/LD, Q U IT iU - (^^ 61J BsST oSl ll- 

933. If the king is incessantly addicted to the rolling dice in the 
hope of gain, his wealth and the resources thereof will take their depar- 
ture and fall into other's hands. 

ueOQjpes)piLjLb <sS3s<r^^ &.errstTU'S<ss)tpiijiii G)a©<s@(g5 (^^Qufr&c /Bt-0(^jr^S^ a 

m^^muikaetT Qpskssrifa'Sffi.^Uy /FioViafl^ffiSsrT-fiytJ /Eo'oe^eOT^cro^iiyuj £s 
Q« ^<sSl8ssrads(riLjf5 ^uSissr3,i3D^iLjEi 3h.LL'S^6\)fT<^^, ^irj^&Q, QLDSsr(rr/n . eii£u<ss)Ui 

(Qs - u - OT)/r.) — Qj)j€^Ln U6\) - ((OpeoTffjjfl^ioO/r^) ^i&sruthi 

<55sVLJw\)6lJ(i, Qa^LU^J - i^^&ildsST <aSl (T^LCilSl&SToUIT <S^^ Q ff VU ^ , & IT - 

e^iST^ - Q siiQ or? isisT ^ ^ ^'°^ " ^'^"50. 

934. There is nothing else that brings (us) poverty like gambling 
which causes many a misery and destroys (one's) reputation. 

SourBiuiT ^e\}6^)rrQ lurrir. 
(uif-enir.) st-^, — (ip/bi£frco^^^ ^frQperrjrnSQiu ^&)FnSQujri(if,Q^ir 

urressru.euir ^ldl£>it€?<:£IlJB eusm ^^issn—uQ un liu ^cisr(B LD(^piQ a it qd@ (es)Q n <5m 


^(i^i'f^^Lb) ^^6\)fr^6iJirfr 0iurr(LpQ&iT6vir^ a,<5U£}jLD - (^^Ssstllilo^ 

<5Lp<55(Tpt£) - ^ffiO^UJ/r® lB L^ ^ ^ dsOT \L\Ui ^ (SJOiEILJiL - (^6lJ<oUIT(B^fb(SR 

Gs'arQ (SS)ssQL-rr^ (oQUfb£5ir. 

935. Penniless are those who by reason of tlieir attachment 
would never forsake gambling, the gambling-place and the handling 
(of dice). 

(Lp'Sl^lUlT&jT ^l—U UL-l—fTir. 

(uf-einfr.) er-^, — ^ssrQuujnQa^neo&e^) L0Ej<i£<s\iL£i6WQs:LDijCiip (^Qi^eisr^ 
Qa^tTGOs^uu^un (LfiBi^iunioijr eSlQpEi&uuLLL-n li' ^ ii sb; ld a caeaV cituSi(n/jTuQu(vr^!Tf 

eSear pr&sr® Sj&i—n'JnTQiTiok,,'rtiLD, QuniLiu^Ei sefTe^Lo QpissQiu urrsvEis c^iL 
<S[?esTLjLJSi)i^iB ^!iajruQu(7r/'6S)LD Qifrr&iii^ Qsuessri—n evnuSp^u ^tQuuQrr&Tu^ 

(Q^ - u - (snir .\ — @Ji7 GT&n^La-(^a)'5ST^ QuLuiTQd'fT<s\)6d(S\i 
Qp, (ip65i9_uJ/rffO - ^Q^^'ju!r<s\), ^L—UUiLi—irfr - sSlQpiKJsuu 

LLL-GiilTj ^«® ^ITiTIT - (^©jtBODLnSQ S\j\ 5Uu9^ (Q (SD p lU U Q U (YTj' IT '^ 

^50e\)<s\) S-Lpuulr - (Li^jrii<ss)u^iBQe^^ i5jr.z^^6STu LD^ueSluuir, 

936. Those who are swallowed by the Goddess (ofiQ^eS) called 
" gambling" will never have their hunger satisfied, bat suffer the pangs 
of hell in the next world. 

at^iuQwiussTiB np6irQi^es)fr^Q^n'i^iiiQ Gn(rf)Qssrp QdFe\)su(Lpu> QpeinQiFiu^ 
(Qs5 - u - (Sn/T.) — 6E/rS50 - {^fOLa QufTQ^ 6S&iruiEi.S(Gmi(^ 

^(^) ^L^lL^LBrru9(5isTj (^<S<5E/^6ij), ULpSliU - Q lb® P5 IT (SniT lU 6U !b ^ ^ 

SsrrtLjiii, Q65®.5@/ii - Qu[rs,(^Ln, 

937. To waste time at the place of gambling will destroy inherited 
wealth and goodness of character. 

(u[F-G5)ir.) 6T-^, — @^ ^smdcSTu u\^&srpeijmQlu!rQ?)^& Qs,®^^u Quit 

@«0«TL^6'ba63br Qp'^pp^LD @^ ^dssTQp^eoiT&ei^UDj Q ^rr<so<^, Q&i 
fi)/S), QiFfinoQ^j^asruasr npismpQuj s(ir)6Slserrfrs(2]is:i Qaneira. QpoaresTi^i^ek ^U3 
eiDLD'jSl^txi} (ET8s!!riusnp(i7^6aT LD£)]esiLDuSl^LDirtli. QuiT(fF)isnQ&n(B^Q^<S!!rij^ unt^ 
LDnuSissTj ^suQsua^a^^^pi^ Qpi^Sij QiDpQisneff^QiueNLjL^ QiopQiBiTL^eoirlSuJ 
eS'iScurnpa sogSISsot. 

(^Gl^-u-etDiT .^ — @.^ — ,Qu[T(i^(^ Qa,®^^-(^^m^u uipQ 
GsreaesT^^ QufrQn'bsfT^Qs,®^)^^^ Quiruj - QufTLLKs^iu, Qm^Q^sir 
<sfr®j - Qu^pQ^iTeitiinLjuss^nesaf! J ^(f^(snQ&®^^ ~ (u^issi^&d sran 
Qp) ^(i^dsiTiQes®^^^, (^^su6UL^uJiris\)')j ^&0(o\)<50 £_Lpui51<5@tii - 

{^^jSudsST ^Q^<S!y)L0u9^Ln\ _^m U QJi^ gSI &(mLa . 

938. Gambling destroys property, teaches false-hood, puts an end 
to benevolence, and brings in misery (here and hereafter). 

Lnsni—LUireuiT LQ/ruj/u Q-smsifleoT, 

(ui?-siJ)T.) er-^, — ^irs^em (^Qcasr^ ^ssi&(^ (^Qibtr^^Q^ni^iscins gSq^ 
LDLjLDiriulesr ^si/^sr epsrfiiLJti fSsosSlujih Os^^^^ennpu:) psn ^^i n Q_es)i iuQld&st /dIcu 

^luuD — ^(^Qutuir. ^3^QpuL}(Lpe!S)p Qa^iLiiLjQi^aQu iSlpipSesrp^. 

OdF^dGUlli jy^ffl;63)(S V^^UL^idQITt SSa^SSiL- QiUshlUitSleup(^SO ^UUJT^S 

939. The habit of gambling prevents the attainment of these 
five : — clothing, wealth, food, fame and learning. 

650. \g/Lp^W^/rjJ/ra-a7 <55/T^6C/65(g(S5 (m^\D^KDUfrp ^6QTU 

(3]Lb ^t—wiSi^s3T Qisii£i/^Q^iTL^iLj QpuSlQ nesT (sij El Q&riehs- @^@sar Sjoo^str 
L^^p iS(rr)GS^LDLLjih ^i^.i^rrrr^ Quqf^sidlolljej sh-puuiLi—esr, 

940. As the gambler loves (his vice) the more he loses by it, so 
does the soul love (the body) the more it suffers through it. 

^h(Sl - li>' cjy^. U^ Q^ JB ^1- 

LD(rF)tb^sarppiEi Sh.£)j@6isT(vr^ir. arriTiscsrEiaennisuiosr - ^esiroj Qs^uu&o&m Qarroj 
611 Sill (Lp^s\i(r Qeusohemfliu ^oarjj/. 

eSlesreiieir/SI ^^sSm LB(^LDfTS^LD (gsD/D/t/Lofl uSI^'Ld ^a^&rQeu^ npesiL-iurr 

suu(^^ ^LJU^^Qiusm^Lh U(g,^uun(BLh QupqrfiD. s^supSp (^msrOsun ^ 
s&)(Teu^ Sf-issiisu <£ffljJiEi£5isiT rr^ih ^erreua^LD Qun'QT)i^^<k)' Qiftus^aQerrrr 
ffi«iso/ra;^ LDearQiDfiiSl QLDuus6rTnpQa=iuu^!5 Q^frt^aosdsrr ^(SSi<siJ<si](f?)id ^en ^ 

^Gv), \ij!faws,s.\L SliusourrQiu QissriLi Qpsue^sp Q^mu^S-Lo, jysmsi/ ^eku 
ajapanjTisi^LD Qpskexsr iT&sh^£iju> 

(oTSssressruuLLL—^ np&si^ - Qj^ear^QfBmLiLaj Grsfriu - ^esru^ 

941. If (food and work are either) excessive or deficient, the 
three things enumerated by (medical) writers, flatulance, biliousness 
and phlegm, will cause (one) disease. 

2_. LC(fI^lbQ^&iT QsiJeSSTL—rrioiHTUi UJ/r<S(SD<5<5 SQ^lb^LU 

fiPP^ QufTprSl lLJ6iKjf?S3T. 
(Ulf - 60) T.) ST-^y ^0£We5r (ip'SST^tSSSTL-^ S^/DpW[^eS)UJ6B (^jSl&eniTp 

942. No medicine is necessary for him who eats after assuring 
(himself) that what he has (already) eaten has been digested. 

if>-. <=^PCn? evGrreurSlib ^saars guooj^il-ldlj 

(uif - emir.) (sr-^y—Qpssr^smi^^ S{p(rr^p iSlcsr^isisru^ofST sf£)JLDsir 
a^u Quppsi^iU ^Lomn e^L-un aemsemiuu QupxTffsm ^tE^ssr Qib(Bihjsn&)ihi 

@)iiiSnLD LD£}Ji^LD 6^® Qu£))& Q STT tju ^ pu rj so^ ppQ^fTm^uQLDLurT&cS&sr a./_ 
bWrnrrac^cST Q,diJ^^uja(^LDfTOp&!r£iiihj ah./Slt^ii. Qupqrj'Ql&iisJsr^ uiti-Qldii^ 

GU fTQ^QpeiT IT, 

a_t_t£lL/ - (Q U^^fb&irluU oSlLnLCs&S^iS^ S^L-LbiSDU, QufbjTr^&iT - 

943. If (one's food has been) digested let one eat with modera- 
tion; (for) that is the way to prolong the life of an embodied soul. 

^iu&^ ^eujru uQsj^. 
(uiT-emT.) er-^y — rLpissr^essri—^ ^ppui^es^uJiu/Sltp^ lSsct l8s>ljuQ 

^pp^SibQ^m^LD Qutu.T^^smn- sf^ocm lunuL-j^^^pQurrcf^L-®. 

&sTp^. LDir^Qsn errsTT n'es^LDUjfTsu^ ^easruneir U(^^Qajn(Bl LDtr^Q&n'cnefrn'esiLD 
iL^ih, arr&)£Saj£\)Qu!T® LD!r^Qi£rrme(rfTGS)L£)U-\LD, si-eoeu i^ffliuiaserrrrp pis>(tpeiisr 
L£tiT£}] G&rrisifretriiGnLDiLjLDfrtli- ^soevtuireuesr Qpas^pQuj eun'^ iSla^ i^aGtrrri^iu 

ek^iEi srraoQcu^U!T®&(^err s^sirppaireiKsur iSl^cSlQ^rrempp arranesimiL^il), Q^ 
^QfBiijiLj'i 65UD(ipQcrrn^^ m(^3=n'^&) Qun'(o\)£U6sr(3i^L0fTu:i, ^supo^psa ^pla 
Q(£!r(3rr6!Tn£ii LDesrwuLLL—Ojnpqr^jr, jrmxjui^sk ^^(Q\Qem QmniLjih LDjjsswapm 

944. (First) assure yourself that your food has been digested, and 
never fail to eat, when very hungry, whatever is not disagreeable (to 

erTGrru) Qsusostl^lu a/Grrafl^soreOT/zSu iStesf^surrirrr oj&t^^so e^QTfisu^essi ^}i LOfr 
QiusisTu^ Q^iri—irurf&c^sk, ^eoruQp^su^ n.uSlQmun's<sSissr, ^^sjrGLDsb 

945. There will be no disaster to one's life, if one eats with mode- 
ration, food that is not disagreeable. 

3h. ^L^eurSlfb ^ COST u T ear s essf^ eisr u loQ u rr e^^(^/h7 

(uf-55)i.) <sT-^, — SjSi^esip^'Sso iBScrQpmpS.i^ SjcusuirQp iijcasru 

^npis(^euri eis: LD{nL(B Qfbniu Sisj&iT^ i§^i§p(^u:>) ST-£)i, 

^cueunQpiLjcssrL-.&i s_(sasT earn eon LDerr^p Q/S^ (^<ss^piu(micSsrL-&). ^sitru 
Lnrroj^ euns(ips<^iJ-j npssr^io ^^^fQSsouSlp pliFlujnesiLDiSisiT ldsstQlditlQQlo 

^£s^friuiTQecr6W(yr/iT. <sfi@ Qxj^nLCGT'p'^Soff s_eijLD(tpu:i Qun(fr)(^LDtraQuj^ ^jr 
atSQuT ^SDTLUfrdj^siysr - Ss,uQu^iU ^ffio/nOTiL/ 6SlQ-pia(^Q6UiT 

946. As plcasuvo dwells with him wlio eats moderately, so disease 
(dwells) with the glutton who eats voraciously. 

Sr. S'JJiSrT 61J 60T S <i Q ^ [fi tU !r e'oT Q U n\ ^l SOST 6S!sfl 

Q^iLiiu isSl'shrSlu u(BlLn. 
(uif - 65)1.) CT-jp, — ^&sTU(^^tLjm ^^njQi£pno6^sssr(Si^u:i <f5frsti(7/) Lcnirrr 

eu&T^ G^(W)QJSSr LSlai<SiJ'SOi^^}ILDtTuSl(iT ^SVSSTLOn'LjSl GlbirtUiteiT STb-oSoOLUJD WGrTQT^UDf 
U^ L8(lp&(^Hi en.puUL-1-.^. 

Qs>pp enessreiJih 6B/ra)(xpii) ^iriTUJiri^Qj {Q&jsq^i^uj S-saartsnsi/ 

947. He will be afflicted with numberless diseases, who eats im- 
moderately, ignorant (of the rules of health.) 

sfuremu) — a.63W(a/ Qa=ajQis06sr (LppHh-^iu aSjreasiCS'ii. ^cupe^p ^tLjarr 
Qsu^npeni—iLin IT i^^irearQinanu. ^<ss)cij lErr®^^ uixj&st QmfruSldssriLjih isumSlBsjsTiLjih 

evn-iu^(ipsrr" G7ssr(?7?/f iSlp(^Lh. tSlsiDLpiufreoLD — U05)LQUJLn(ff)^^ain' Qa'aj^euQ^ 
Qsirp (Lpes>p(ZS)LDuSlr) puu tremLD, 

- u - (S!DrT .^ — (^u:^(7^^^6)j&sT^ QnnTLU - (QihiriurrsBuSlL^ 

948. Let the physician enquire into the (nature of the) disease, its 
cause and its method of cure and treat it faithfully accordiog to (medical 

AfAfO S'S^O <3^(S) - ii>. =SyQ. /X)(V7)'6^. 

<3ot. ^-pQr? eSTerTG^LD Li/ S3377UJ err 61JM Sfr6\)(iplbJ 

s,p(m&sj &qR^k Qe=iU6\). 

iLjil> assrQsFuupQspp snioV^^oosnLjihj ^ii,^QeG!pliJun<b\i Qibna,® SjsupQ(^® 

^^iremGn-'^—ur^^ uQ^jenLCi Qidns^ssr gu(^s<s^ eoretrsi^. iSlssSojenei^ — s=n^^ 

^Qpek^m ^^m uqf^suQsn^un^iD, oyewenLo QLodresyLDS^ Qp^svfruS'.esr. air 
SOLO - QiDriQa^a&ii^lajesT. ^LDPLpsk^to ul6!DLgtutiLD&) ^Glsm (Siurr^isi S-emifei] 

QisrrS&iTGrrsiDeiiu^LD, <str6\)(LpLB - (^QsiQs'UjpQsibp) ane^^^^ssr 
li-jiL, SQhQ - (,j)jfhj5fr6\^6ut£liuni5\)^ G'/5/r<sQ, Q<a=ujis\) - (^«n6u<55 

949. The learned (physician) should ascertain the condition of his 
patient, the nature of his disease, and the season (of the year) and (then) 
proceed (with his treatment). 

<5B0. ^-ppoeuesT ^fruurrsaT Ln(mfh^ioS)ipa' Q'3^i\)6iJfrQeai<cST 
puun i^p m-pQp LonEih^, 

(uiP - cmT.) CT-^, — LSewsffa^ LD(fr)fs^rrQj^ jj/^oc^iLjppeusar j)f^ocsr^ 
^f!&(^ LDQFf^^wsar j>/6u^&(3^ai a(iT)<cSlajnQliU LD(iT)f5^ j)i^ossru iSles)LpujrrLDs^ 
'^(upjpiGiJfrQismair^ Qs^neOs^iuutLL- mfreisr(^ u(^SlicS:uJiLjas)u.tu mtran^^ ^P^ 

fbS^i 6T-J2/. 

/5rr6arQs<oir^ Qmessr euQTfQesTpe^LDuSliSurj ^^Qisa&Q ^uurrQ&j6srQ(V^L£l 
m^nrr. (Bfipsh-ppQ^shru^ ^^mrLDrruSlp^. ^evp^ea ^p pevicireijcs^s mira^ 
£snisijsuT—QufT(rF)^es)i—0^LD, LnQFj^ ^€u6sr eiiL^£lpps\)j CfsniuSSoO' iLjSswn^^ai) 

ejsm — usuo/sTOffo/F/; jj &n'(cssr:^pa(^s'n'SDLD, ^Qiflujcesr euiMuLLQi—ir^^iu ffiob 
eSliLj ^sm6::sr/Sl<sij(Lp(smL—(ss>LD, u&)i£tr^ii ^'y^^euQF^^e^), LDGmQiDfrL^QLOLua (Siu 
eijrraQs^esr sSeeisii, u^Qf^iQskeueiDiB rBn<s^iiiT<susar — u(soiSl6si^SLL(^QLDppeo, sucSieu 
(^if^uuih eSdsiTsyn p pads err n<sisr GlololjO^i^'^ 6T<o^QQ6sriijsuu(Ba&0} u(^QQujn® 
QuiTmiB^^QiS\)6ar eSes^cu. ^lup^evrreiriiuesiS mn^sr&aisu&sT — ^^rresruonL^ 
i—6aTLjissii—<as)LDf LDssiGiDn lBQlduLis (Bmeutrai-o, Q,3^rr<socSLuesr ^eueufrQpQfFuu^aO 

eui^ff: 3=iT^^ULj(Lp Qp^aii^ ^a^fT^^Lumn Qld^^ih] <3h./Si^iT. ^^(rajfeo ^« 
S-SS)ip3^Q3'i\)6U[ri:'oJ - (^^^^^^UUtTLnoXi) Q <3= lU u sn sh ^ <oT&Slp - 

ib!Tpah.pijp] - ni!i&ir(m^p^^^. 

950. Medical science consists of four parts, viz. patient 
physician, medicine and compounder; and each of these (again) cou- 
taius four subdivisions. 

^ i^ Sin (30, 

— : < — 

(uif-antr.) ct - ^, — Qa^LoesiLDiLjih fEfre^iih Qa=ira (^t^uLSlp/t^mlLDfTLL 
g}GOesj/«@t^ Qiij<ssruGsr pfcsst (B uj it fs^eup/Beisr Qldso- Qa^LocsjLD — ^qT)^^^ 

«ffO. ^GSisn ^pi3piE^rrn&f£fTu9sur e^QFjeuir spLSIsaQsusoaTL-rTLop (wpGuDujSfr 
eufTiS)) iSpifaarruSlp spiSl^^eiJL^tLjtl) QwL^^ rSideoir Qsudsru^nCa. 

@Z^u9(ooU l9pfb^o)jfil—^^6\)'5\)irLC>i\) (^iSiprrll^^Q^^^ ^LU&iLj ^s- 

951. Consistency (of thought, word and deed) and fear (of sin) are 
conjoiutly natural only to the high born. 


fuf-sai/r.) CT-^, — 2_uj/f/B^ (g9-ii96W"<sELl iSI/oiE^frir ^LDac^tfliu epQ^aaio 

eu.Tj (fiiMi(^ifluj\ (ro(ix5<ss(7^iL-/BeaTsW(o(j)L_<S(S!T)<2;U-jiii, eufrLuasiLnii^Lam 
^mrBi^^^LB^ ^(Lp&air'T - (,^6V^6i7/r eu&oev/rzjiieo ^iTistir^Qsii) 

952. The high born will never deviate from these three : good 
manners, truthfulness and modesty. 

ifL., ^iS?n<£Eu5*isy>65 u5iotfrQ<y/T- eSlffiLp/Tisntfl /B/res/Qii 
(u-GJnT.) CT - ^, — isra=arrGO^^ib ^i?lLSls\)(oCn'^ @tf.uSs3raLL iSlpi^n iTa(^ 

Qpek^uun LLL-rr^ftj (SFjL^uiSlpii^njr QtubXiLj -sh-puuiLi—^, 

QZ^aQ - (m{^u9p iSlpfb^6ijir'Z(^j (gy^tua/zr Q s^shp^i—.^^'^^ 
mens - (xp65toa)/f<3^^qii, APGiOcS - (a-srrsTTSjnew) Q<55/r©^^^i£), 

953. A cheerful countenance, liberality, pleasant words, and an 
unreviling disposition, these four are said to be the proper qualities of 
the truly high born. 

(u(P-£ff)(r.) OT-^j — t-i(S\)isun\s eu^BaQuj Qenu^ iu&T<^fl?(n^iij Qunnhosnu 

(x> 'S iT i^iu sn eSl &iT ^^ rr Q uj QuiTnhZsfT^ QurSl^La-Qup(rr?^LCi ^lq.u 

954. Though blessed with immense wealth, the noble will never do 
anything unbecoming. 

ucmSp p^en ill iSl if] ^ (Sdi^, 
(uiF-etnir.) <sT'^, — Q^neor^ O^nuJB euQ^Qssrp (^L^uSlehsil. i^pii^nfr 

uSlssT Mij&nii } (oT-£)i, 

(Q ^ - U - (Sn/r.) ULpLD @^ - ULpGDU^Q^lTL-QeUQFQp ©^ 

(i^lCoiso i9rofG^suir^ 6iJ^fh](^6u^ - (^^irih) Q^rr®i(^LaQufr(r^GfTj S-OT 

955. Though their means fall off, those born in ancient families, 
will not lose their character (for liberality). 

Sir. ^^S^LdUprBa" £Ffr<5\)i9<5\3 Qd^LULUfT H UHT 3=rbp 

(^ffCthupS 6iJnu)^QLa&iT uiTft. 

eu£)ies)LDiLjppeiJi^iLjLD cSyoysfiujfi^JLSccr Qw^uL—irQrr&Tu^ <3n.puuil.i—^» 

(Q^ - u ~ SD/r.) — tD/r<gf ^pp - (suGns'iup^ 6iJ(mQ&np,(^ioOLia 

VLj^pjp<^L—^^Lh\ S'ffOU^ up fB- suits' doST<SS) Hi U Q U fT QF) ft ^ , 3= IT &: LJ 

956. Those who seek to preserve the irreproachable honour of 
their families will not viciously do what is detrimental thereto. 

67". (^i^ui9pm^friT ssaisT6Sl(3rTih](^(h] (S^ppLCi efl-SiinSisaT 
Ln^i^essT LD^uGufr ^iuiriB^. 

a_iu'7(g^ (Lp^e^iU QufrrrFferr euems ^ipfssr p p(^in <Ms-{hL\ Qp^eQuj a.0je!DLO 

^eynr t5p^£:!3riij&Q(snii(B LD!T(n^aeC)!T^LD, ^&)Qa!Bi^is> unih^ QiauefnuL.^ 

(Q^ - /_/ - cip/r.) — @'P- i9 p li) ^ rrir ■s skr - 2_uj/f/5^ (mL^u9p 

«?/5Qj7"65f)L_^^^ UiJJJ QuiTffO - SSnibOaUiQumodj S-Ujrrtb^-S^lh'lSl, 

957. The defects of the noble will be observed as clearly as the 
dark spots in the moon. 

(Ulif - OTJ.) CT-^j (gSO /560 (LpeS)L-UJ (^UJ eUQf^QsWpeUGisTa^OSjQioiSST FFjr 

/5©0(7/)Lb (gsu^QLD ^(^Quiufc. rB mfjiisr 6SiiDLunp Qsrri—niSDLDLUEj a^Bd^ 

^uuLorruSlp^. s^eiiaQiixiru^ ^suniu SSsoujrrsar qji5s^- wiuuuL—Q&jeiru^ 
uni^LDfruSlssr^ ^ajuuQitQisusw (sS^iunaQ tLj£S)iT&iB. ^snei/ uSljj-sssr(B unL-L-tr 
gg/ti Qeu^uiLi^euL^LJU® L8Q£>ai(^& 3h.puuiLi-.^, 

eunRQ&iTpsii<sSi—.^Q^^ fbrrir ©jGsr&nui - ^eanS&ogv/reJDLo, Q^ireisr 

i9puSi—^Q^^ ^uJuu®La - &'tbG^aLJU®La (^evsii.) 

958. If one of a good family betrays want of affection, his descent 
from it will ba called in question. 

(3\<o\^i}Qp i9ipi'b^ri treinrojff^ Qg'ir&o. 

(uf-OOT) <ST-JiJ, /§u\)«^ 6af?(UC)*06SiU Ji/^eatUGMT QpSofT^^ Qpcion 8',(nL 

(BuDj toT-J2/. 

0_^^_^sSo^r^ ^260(Lpj£6Qiu Sh.(2/jrrTuSliGS)n ; ^aQw, Qun(!f)<3^^cbj} Qs^iueoT (ip^s 

{Q^-U-GS)irA lElioV^^ii\i QiL^tb^'S^LD - f£l S\) ^ ^ <5^ lU (5\)(Sy) U J 

IOgSKdIlc^'^ (^^QuiT<o\i^ r3^SX)sQ<o^ iSl pD li £5 IT ir 6UITiUa-Q3-IT(5\) - /5(SX)(oU 

(Bia - ( ^ i5 (^ a) ^P&aflujffO Sip Lj) ^./rL.®ii). 

959 As the sprout indicates the nature of the soil, (so) the speech 
of the lioble indicates (that of one's birth.) 

«0. JB<o\^LaQ61J6SSTL^ (^ smi <5!y>L-0DL£i Q 6U SSOT (B IbJ (^6\)LCt(v61JSSSr l^ 
QeiJSSST®^ lUfTIT^I^LCi U63fff?6i^. [&aT 

ujuu(£lwnn Lunisvi'mnLLSlm ueta^^Sso QeuemQa, ct-j2/. 

3^iT6mQ(/ffiT cSy0/5 wa-'^C «n /f ^LD^LpissrQi^iir ^ios>^ p^n Quwshr tSsvQiibXi&^nQF^ 
cvnuSleoT' ^emeu u3ir saV© umLi-.n^Lh f-^t^sOTLOs^ Qeudtsr(Bw(5sr 3f>-pLjutLi—<asT, 

i5e^(Lp(S(S^i-.C!S)Ln Qsu6ssi®ioU[r^Qe\i^ nsrrst^ a_6Jp/_c;nta-/B/r6J53T(xps;r>L_ 

6337 /_ ffi (55 i_ 61/ io3T , 

960. He who desii'es a good name must desire modesty ; and he 
■who desires (the continuance of ) a family greatness must be submissive 
to all. 

a^sT-ii. ^^. LLrrs^fTih. 

es)LDiLjtl), Q^iusu^^np (rr/t^QjsuiB^iS s^uSliremTLgnioisLctu Lcrr tl- ^o°o^, =gya\gtfu 
<£5. ^^T/S UJiSS)lJ^UJrT<f Qn}Ul9,5ST 6llfru9^lKI 

(^earp 6U(mu qS/_iJo. 

^es)LDUjnes)LD — (^p^^ib\). c^i^uiSipu Qu&siu^ jt/^iBfrjr (Lfes^per.LcajiT'sar 
/§Ssou^6s>L-6S>Ujes)LU iLjii ^a@ ^lOTGu Qa^iuiup& Qsutsoru^fTLD. 

^LD, (W^ehp - (^^lkl(^L<^U\QfDUU!r(S!St ^'\ ^iTLQ^ 6ll(mu - 6U(rn(^Q3^ 

961. Actions that would degrade (one's) family should not be 
done, though they may be so important that not doing them would end 
in death. 

2_, ^/fl^y(&5 ^jr<s\)6v Qa^ojiufrQw ^Qrrtr® 
QuinrsmeDLc^ Qsues'sr® ueiilr. 

^sBsujTGi^ii^'Sna^ Qa^ojiutriTf L^&Q^i—Qenr Lonesr^es^^ i§^^^^2so eS^LOL/a/n /?' ^ 

gtougSl-^^ud i^idsO(^dsouu!rs Qs6-srGS)iDiurr<ssr ^efr^ir^&iup/Su Qusri^essr 
es^LD Quj£StuulLl-^' Scio\)LLjciDi—uj uisi^skQuiT(rF)il.L-n'a(Sij(^ Gl^FiLuufrQnssr 

LD/rOTr^CET)^ /S^^^^SoO, Q 61} 66m ®u en it - (sSlQr^LnL^Qiiio-i roeuir&en ^ 

^/flOT^iL - L/<Sfp 3^LCiUlT^i(^lBL-^^L£ij & IT ^ed6\) - ( ^ ffiJ (g i^ .5 (g; ) 

ept&JSiifT^ (®jjMQ^friM<5\)'zdotT\ Qs'UJUJirir - Qs'LULULnfrL-i—friT.zibTT, 

962. Those who desire (to maintain their) honour, will surely do 
nothing dishonourable, even for the sake of fame. 

^((h^S^^ QsiJSSST® (ipUJIT61j. 

(uf-63iT.) er-^, — (^L^LjLSlp!b^rrr's=(^ iSsnpib^ Qa'&oei.tirperr^mu evL^ 

Q(oUSCi>T(BLD , <bT-^' 

{Q/5 - U - (OTiT.) (^(J^L^Ul9rof'b^6Ufr.3>(Q^, Q U (_l^ ik 3^ ^ SJ - 

963. In great prosperity humility is becoming; dignity, in great 

GiLinUUlf} <oT-£U, 

(Q ^ - u - ein/r.) — LamB^ir - (^(^L^uiSipi^^ LhsS^ir, s^^ed 
eQl—^^^ ^So0u9&ct ^lB^^ - ^^Se^Qhtb^ (sS'ipih^^ u^iSiir ^dssr 

luir - Ll^SlTQufr6\)6XllT. 

964. They who have fallen from their (high) position are like the 
hair which has fallen from the head. 

0so7^ ludsin-iu Qa^uSeJv. 
(uif-soiir.) ^i^uLSIpuurreor uDOovQunso eijujn^!b0^rr(rf^L0 ^^ip^p Qe,^ 

@s?r^ LuSsvriueijQLDsar^ih ^l^s^ QpuLjihi^u) GS&mr^^np Q(V^aa^' 

<i\)s2iorr^ (^mrB ^o^sriu - cq (rF(3\<s'aT ^ taessfl uJsrT6urrS^)jLD^ Q<yu96o7- 
Qs'iU^ir&d^ ^ehr^euir - ^irCpouirlr, 

965. Even those who (are exalted) like a hill will be thought 
low, if they commit deeds that are debasing. 

/V-V^ 3^3='^ 

ep^QjSOT Qa^&n^ S/bQssrp /9Ss\) ^a/a/soa^^u L^a^^uiueiirr^ j (5jdmui-\^Qs 

Lj'atp utuuu^asaru L^&QiptsaTqr^rr. uiu,^aj ^eii6Slir6s^(B uRissr/Sla Qair 
emQssr LDdGmisi Qa,(Ba>Qasjp^ ereuiSFsr Qajswu^riLo. ^gdsu npsar^ uniLi—tr 

(Q^ - u - em/r.) — ^%y^5urrir Sear - (^iXKSJDUi) ^evm^uu 
euiriSlssiQ&xr ^ Qg^e'oTjpj SlSso - (^^(T^a/saA LuiresiLn gQlL®) Oa^eoTj^/ 

966. Of what good is it (for the high-born) to go and stand in 
vain before those who revile him. It only brings him loss of honour 
and exclusion from heaven. 

gjl1©^©o-Od/7 0/5^«6V. ^ibS&oQiu Qtuemp^ Qa^bMsdiT^ (ipshrds^ fSSsoi 

QesT^ Q<3^6oT^ - Qurruj^ (QurrnFeirQup^n^^ e^(msii&sT (>u!rip^<M&iT- 

967. It is better for a man to be said of him that he died in his 
usual state than that he eked out his life by following those who dis- 
graced him. 

wpOpsifu^ QiapQa^n 'os^'^'JlJ ^punSlSoar LO'ip/Sl i§-^'oTp_^. itp'^eissi Eiatl. 
G?a;Jui5V/rL£) ^i—i^-sp QpuL-luup^u QuQ^ii ^es>a(SS)ua Otueor^ODj ^swqjOuji&o 
<d\>rreup^eiT(^LO Jii/^pi^ euc^iun^p QpuL^uupiBu iSQlL-.ear^il), ^o°o/Si^ii 
ffiooo /§ air pQ au p^ L-WL-j ^i^iiauLjO^e^esr ^^dosr ^m.(ol6aT&si ^Wj iSlior^ iRp^ 
_^oO is^(iT)aoo\)QiuiiruiT rr LDQr)iQ^n Qeuoar^thJ<^i'. LDasoT^^&sr Qqtji^iio-o 

^^pSt—(C^@LU (^C^UlSlpulSI&T QiD6^oSrp^. 

iLjLouL^ Q[b^iLi—QuiT^ J ssa.esr ^mLjia - (^^pfb^Qutrsirtnio uuj 

u^prn LD(fTjibQ^rr - (^iSI&st^lQ pD&J IT (SOLO'S ^^ LDQEih^trQuirr, 

968. For the high bora to keep their body in life when their honor 
is gone will certainly not prove a remedy against death. 

<^. LDSiriSuiSlsaT euiriprr^ <a.a//fltD/r euearig) 

(f^SiTtiuuir Lafr&fTLd ei/zflsar, 
(Uif-fitnir.) CT-^j — _5ssr LoSiT^^jreSsisT 6^(75 uytSlir /fayQ^ti a.ttS)fr evir 

Uii s aeuifliDfroDsij QajfTuufriTf a_uSlrt' i§a>&^^rT&!r LDnewQiDuu^ QiotiCcoOajniesTf 
^^ScW^ ^niadsrr ^puurr, <oT-^, 

€0/rianLDc6«s3V, i^^e'ar^Lo Quneu^niu S-uSleiDfrS^^ QT(^j,(^'rm^tjD iQpu^iTiu 
6bQ iBcNp^, 

{Qdi-u-es)!:.^ — LauSlir liuiSlesr - f^ssr LniSlfr^^jre^&o'J ^(5 

969. Those who give up (their) life when (their) honor is at stake 
are like the yac which kills itself at the loss of (even one of) its hairs. 

(UiP - 63>T.) OT-^, ^LDa,Qi£!T ifliSoj GUfb^SUL^U Qu!T^^^ 2_u9/* SUIT 

('t-jsoisun LjflOti) L}s(T£ies)L^Qujrr/r eSs^thiSleisr — eueceu Qswevtr enn&sr g^"^ 
iBHisarr^ urTL-i—n'^ixt LsuresruQunQ^L-i—niu ^put^&sT^ &puLjS .an-puuLLi^^, 

970. The world will (always) pi'aise and adore the fame of the 
houourable who would rather die than suffer indignity. 

OuuesT^esieu (ip^i^oj ib pt^em rsi(£en np Quifltunjr^ ^6otiss>ld. tS^uSl^ Qld&st 

<Soo Qpfbsji euirip^ QibGOTsd, 

(uif-ecnir.) st-^, — g^^ia/rps Qanis^iurreu^ iSlpirnpQs'iup&tflLU Qs^iu 
QeuQiDssT^n &(fT)^LD pG-T aatii]@^ j ^0SL/CT2;<i"@ LDfTa^tTeu^ ^g^Qa^iuSso Qujir 

isic^LjSm Qs^LULufT'sii'' ^i£k([rfn iSlpQr^w, Qld^ld Qe^iupibifluj Qs=iueiirrn Quifltu 

Sj'sup,Si^i^aj Qu(iT)QT>LDes)uj ^£5&sT iBniressrp^ssr QldgSIlL(B s_ err err Qayja/itewis 
OiueoT^j =iy^ ^ekSsarQiu s^^ehr arrifliULDaSuj e^erfiuunaQiLjihi eh.rSl(^n' @a; 
eun^ ^^Qesr^r' LDempi smr^uQicn ii^ili. ^)si^p Qu(i^GS)LDuSlm- &puua 


^errsTT Qev^setns - {iSlpinrQibv Q<sFLUs;p .siflLuso6ua2csfrS' Qa^uj 
QeurrQiMsoTj^ /S^sS/E)) LD&nQ6iJ(Lp3=&u9(5UT l£I(^^; (Sp(f^supi^- 

QiurrL^i^^ Ginrip^Ln sreweo - Q-u9ir(5U trips si—QeurrQ Ln&iTj)j i^ldsar 

971- One's light is the abundance of one's courage ; one's dark- 
ness is the desire to live destitute of such (a state of mind.) 

2_, l3pLjQu!r^^ QLn6d.6\)rr siju9/f<£(g(g5 QpuQuireueurr 
(uif-6inir.) CT-^j — er(&i}su/r LDa«@u5/rffi@Lo Qun^sunQiu iSlpuSloj^oyiLi 

^(SSieuQ<SFujiLiiB Offi/rL^6T)ffi6ir^ Qeu^uni—L-n-oOTj er-^* 

Qeu^urr® — rbbMeoecreijUD, ^lumsi^ih, ^irss'sT(BmrruSlm<BjLD, @ircs'sr®LDrJd&) 

ShJ>{-L£i. ^^. Q U(VjGS)L£>. ^Qs •^e//' 

a.Ll(_§stra\a;oOo\)rt©uJ Q^n L^fl)U!T(^uiT®i£efT cu(r^S!^fbQpiT^Lh ojnawihQ^rr^LD 

972. All human beings agree as regards their birth but differ as 
regards their characteristics, because of the diiSerent qualities of their 

/5_. QiDiSimi^ (oLa(ov&de\)[Tn' GiXjSV&ueOfr Si^nKK^fa 
(uif - Cifiir ) 6T-^y — Qa^iupaifliu Qa^iuaow^ &/SlaJirrruSl)^i'y ^uji'/ssi 

Qu(fT)SnLD &£US!DLDa(S(hLQ &QT)^LJUL-l—<oSr, ■^SSiSlJ u9jr6aw(BumLL-rT^ll) (LpOSipQlU 

973. Though (raised) above, the base cannot become great ; 
though (brought) low, the great cannot become base. 

^. SpQ^QDU:^ LnseiflCp^ Gufreou Qu(f^GDU::>iL^f6 
^ SOT ^ar^^ /rear Q-sirea'sTQi—frnsiSl ^ssm®, 

^UD, g^^ai/sar iSei^puSisiiT cuQ^siJiTLDp pmcemA arrdir ffl/r^^aO<s/risaVGi_'?(^@ 

LD^eSQfT Qufr<s\) - ui&&dsfruQurr<oO^ ^ihdosr^^rresT — ^ arr^Q^tr 

974. Even greatness, like a woman's chastity, belongs onlj to him 
■who guards himself. 

(^. (olLJ(rR(SS)Ln iLieiui—UJ6v jrnp^enir jrrrp^ 

(oSTQi^GSilM IL\S!S>L-UJ G)(fUJ(50, 

(uiP - 6inir.) sr-^, — SieDenn prrrj p QuQTfsnuj u^es>i—iiJir!T<i^(^ir ^nio eu^ 

Qs^djiu Q/b/SliuiTp &es)Lj2un&g^QiFiu^6so eu&^eojrniiJiTf qt-^, 

euiBiiJirnnj euiBtu Qldsotu^j QpskOsFiu^ QuirihaesiLD Q ^trekpu Quq^ 
es)Ln iLjes)L-ijjevQn(oJ!Tp^'^^u}f ^p^wffQn&srp^^^is)^ Qupqr/i-D, ^^^jA) 
^^dsm iLj'osyL-tun fi Qa^iu^ sh-puuiLi—^, 

{Q^m U - eSilT .^ QuQ^QSiLn S-(S!^L—lU6Uir - (^^'5U6UL^LUirG<S\)^ 

GXiLo £_(S!oz_[u - (iSlpjrtrQsd Q<3=Lu^p(m'\ ^QniS!S)Ln iqetDt^iUisQiisurr 

975. (Though reduced,) the great will be able to pei-forra, in the 
proper way, deeds difficult (for others to do.) 

(Liif - gaiir.) OT - ^f — ji/uQup^iuiTfruj Quifliufreofr gvl^ulL® ^euifJiuao 

976. It is never in the nature of the base to seek the society of 
the great and partake of their nature. 

(uiP-snT-) er-^f — ^eisia(oi&adi(^iD Quif}Lurrif]i_^^ ^es>LD!bSl(ff)^iBSsoJ^ 
QsfLi^^tuu QpuL^^^n^ihj ^earsQaireueuiT^ &/SliurriflL—^^u u(BLDrruS.€srj 
^^OcST Qiun L^ii^ ^0<4©6er,3,eao/G6C3r iBaaGa'uSo)) u^<ss)L—^i£nLOy ■st-£^, 

eSlaafl^iu l8^^. ^€S)eu uS^rsaV© urru-i—rr^ih ^o^SliA^'iir Qsfuj^ <3f^pu 

977. Even nobility of birth, wealth and learning, if in (the posses- 
sion of) the base, will (only) produce ever-increasing pride. 

^. LJsssfia^Loir Qldsstj^jlo Ou(misty)LJb Qj;janLa 

luessflu^LafTts ^<o'cn2sar eQiufb^. 
(uiP-OTir-) CT-^j — Qu(iFj6S)LDiLjes)t—ajfrn ^■^Q/Dut-jcasri—fTLU ^/reer^/s ^(in 
^QdrrSI ^'es)LD,iQ^n(i£>(^ain if • LDp<ss)pg^ Qj:iiesiLDiLjes)i—iunif ^oo^^^vons (z^ir 
eoT^ii pmis^LD gSIluw^ Lpssr oj it iSpu fry ei-^, 

QurrQTjeSdT Q(n^i^i\)seir u&stiS^Qld Q&dppuuL-i_6ar. @jo°o^ ^S{fi:>p 
LDG^pa,<;^io QuQ^esiLD^ GTsaiLjL^tLj QLorTd>(^U). STeisT^ Qld(XTu^ tSesrOTiLD euiiQ 
es)iuii^^. ^Olosotusot (^iT<sm(Bili ^es)3=. l/^^&\) — iSlpifjp pLn&Qibinf iBr^Q 
emujQiup/Slei Qisni—so. ©^/c@ ^.tuir/b^nil ^ntpeunir ^n ^msnir ^lufrsunn- 
^o°oG)^T0 eSQjTir^ LB(iT)i^eija0p'siiTQ6srsar ^&i@ujS50 (sSuuii^ Sn-Siprrrfiire^ 

QpuLjes'sTL—irSliU /5/7srf)^zi, L/6J53f?iL|t£) - ^L^iiiQ ihi_uufrir • Qmi 
CJD/iQ - (^LBpssyp:)^ Qj;>j&r)Lnu^er>L^iu<ou'rj (sr&aT^ii^ _ ^^ ^idbvir 
^/5/rsYfl^ix), ^sarBosr eQiaib^ - fiiMSi^LD QiCid^Q^ ^esisffiuih - Qn 

978. The great will always humble himself j but the mean will ex- 
alt himself in self-admiration. 

©so eviSliLjih ^^^sw Q ojp jrua>Q(£iii5csr(B ^Q^aQsar ^i^eSlisk aeMiQ^ssr Sow^ 
uni— LcasTSiyiLD tLjssmrnB- 

(Qpi-U-(SiniT,\ Qu(fFSS)LO - Q U(m(S!r>Ln^(^SSSTLDIT6il^ J Qu0 

979. Freedom from conceifc is (the nature of true) greatness, 
(while) obstinacy therein is (that of) meanness. 

^0. cjy/y/D LD<SSyrDeS(^th Qu(IT)<SinLD Ql^'SS^lH^lTGST 

LD<SDp^^& ^pp^€S>igQuj Sh.rSl (sSOGUITf €T-^. 


eii.p6Q(BLa - (^iQpiT (Q6ssT^Qy>^ ldgt>p^_^'\ (mpp^(3T>^Q[u Qifrr 

980. The great hide the faults of othei's ; the base only divulge 

&ii&h-LD. ^^. &'16Sr(7i^CSST<SS)W. 

•ibiaffirn^ GiLomu^ a^n^ap Gi(rffL§,&)ii p Qupuu(B^<a^>^or^ ^evpe^p 

<5. <3EZ_Qe376JTL/ rbSi)<D\)(oiy)SU QiU!S\)eCtTfh] S,L-.€ST^ll^ 

\amfvGl:SiT5ssj(£l fBL-Uusuir^^^ /B&ogvsjDoiy 6T<b^Jiol;/r/jl - /5 6\;evcas 6337,^7 

981. It is said that those who are conscious of their duty and be- 
have with a perfect goodness will regard as natural all that is good. 

2_. (^S33r/5oU(^ <?/r637Co(W/r tseoQeoT Sp^rseo 
QLnibfb6\)^ s;i 3^ en ^iT S-. Ln<5ST^, 

^6s/B(so^e!D^ qP&stQsst iSlifl^^GDLCuSesT (bj2oaJuL]p meo^esi^u iSpfBGaQiLcesr 

^nGS> (Sim i^i>v^^&rerr^s_ LD&srQpssr^iHEi Sfi./Slf^iT. ^/eznei; sisr(B ljcilL 
i_/7@i,LD a^fraoiSlpQapp (^essriiiaeiT Qurr^ensnsiuiTp iaft-puuL-i—esr. 

(Q^-/_/-(£31/r.) 3F [T sh Q Q/f' a rB6\)ioOT - 3= [T m Q (fTj' ft !B(5\iLniTSil^ ^ 

^sssT ibsvLD - (^ 6537 M 65 firr/rey/rSdJ /sei^GLo ; i9p fssMih - ^jjy /S'&JcS 

982. The only delight of the perfect is that of their goodness ; 
all other (sensual) delights are not to be included among any (true) de- 

(uif - 63)T.) OT - ^, — <3i-pp4^TiTfQLoQso lusisT/Slu iSlpr'QiD^i (ip<sfr&,niu 
wshruLD^ iji£luiisi'!hiii>&fl i€ff)6scr^Lby ujn eutTLDmLQl GiLDrruL-jirsii Ga-iii^^s^ihf ues)tp 

QiuirQ - (i5T6iJisSlL—^^Ln\ Qubiue^mQ'3-iriv6\)e^LB (oT&jt, xarrioLj - 

983. Affection, fear (of sin), benevolence, favour and truthfulness : 
these are the five pillars on which perfect goodness rests. 

cF*. Q<35/r&0(Dorr iB'Sd^^^ Qrbir&iKSSiLb Sfoit^es^Ln 
uSl^^ s'lT&OLj iMrin (^pp^es)^^ Qa=rT<kiJ<>n^ (^jessr^Qek aeoaiessr^nLOj Gr-£}/, 

m^ - (tSiro 'oupihJ<S(eihLCi Q6u6m®Ln[ru9^m^ (^(mii90^n iL]fij Q<sireo 

984, Penance consists in the goodness that kills not, and perfec- 
tion in the goodness that tells not others' faults. 

u^iT p(rrf(3DiT Lafrp£)jLo u<sit>l-, 
(uif - «nT.) GT-^j — e^(rr)SQr)in^ei^^J' Q.SFuJ^ (ipL^uurTjr ^rrppeofrev^ 

^ppibM — jy^s>i;&os\)irn/5 ^6kes>LD. @pib<s^ ^lS^uu Osi/^.FGi^iries'to eSlanr 

U 6Ssf)^ QioVLUfTLOi. 

985. Stooping (to inferiors) is tlie strength of those who can ac- 
complish (an undertaking-) ; and that is the weajx)!! with which the great 
avert their foes. 

<^. <F1 &nQp(^^ <SLLL^2£fr ajiTQ^<sSih Q(7r?e06Sl 

^L^.i^fTir LDmLiBiii Qsm—&i, st-j2/. 

lUfTsiir j^Qjffl @iiu//(Si;ir/rii3sar, ^^i^/b ^Frr&ouew eu/SixJuu® Qioeisr us mli»- 

(Q^ - u - ea^/r.) — <? /reot5)^(^ - ifir&iuiTQuu (Qun-aheS&ny 

ear - ST &st &n Q 6ii ssfl sst ^ G^rrexioQ - (^^ ^linQ ^}jLuirrb^6uifiL-3^ 

6i//flL^-j57ti), Q<£5ff6rT&o - {J^&J&d^Cn en isSi <S!y>Ln iLim)u.Lujrfru9(mfb(os) 
^m^ iQ<srri^rT (srh^ su/r iii . 

986- The touch-stone of perfection, is to receive a defeat even at 
the hands of one's inferiors, 

(uiP - 65)11.) 6T-^f — -i^LD&Qimt^^eijpesip^ Q£FiLj^mT6B(^(i^ s^rreOLjes>L- 
u_n-'i ^e^iLieupesipff^ Qa^iuiurrJrrruSlm, ^^a^ir&OLj QsuQpssrear LJlLlS^^sT ujes>i— 
^Si} eT-£U' 

&puLiu:)es7LD s/suir ^sur(^Qa^iLJisp @i—(^^j£<b-o sflarsS S&srp^. G^airffLo- 

QeOfTQF) UHJ^lBb-iiBsO QlUSOTU^lTLCi. ^SSXSV G!BiU/5_^Lj7rLl(_/rgi(^ QpUL-j 6U6S)iB 

lufrp s^puulLl^^, 

^ejffliL/G'cL' - ^e'sTUii^Q^mensusZsnQujj Qs'LuiUfrdsiLtrio - Qifujiuis 

987. Of what avail is perfect f^oodaess if it cannot do pleasing 
things even to those who have pained (it) ? 

m. ^6JT(Sjnu3 Qiu[r(m6iip SlsSeije'sTjr^ a^n&oQu&ar^iiih 

seirjTfTioSiLD fEmKB^e^eirj eub^uuiruSlih^)!. ^emernLDiurrm euQTjsy^SiU ^ek 
(B^ ^jeoi—UjQiTsku^fTUi. 

988. Poverty is no disgrace to one who abounds in good qualities. 

<5/r^ QlusstuuQ eurriT, 


989. Those who are said to be the shore of the sea of perfection 
will never change, though ages may change. 

6B0. <lFJi'orro6iJir s^nsarmjcmis^LLi (^6or^ (S^(7Rf9iSX)/b^/ri53r 

(/yM65/r^ LdsbGl^ QufKSDp, 

6UT, 0=[re'oTQr/>6a3T'oS)LD - (^LD^) ^&CiT(S!DLn, (^idT^oQl - (^i>'ol ^ 6il IT IT 

990. If there is a defeat in the character of the perfect, (even) the 
great world cannot bear (its) burden. 

S',°oSn'Si]^ QuQT)£S)LD 3=rr6iT(ff/'6a:sreiS)LDseS^ (^ixi^'npeiHT^i'SssrQ/o OTcV'ciJ/r 
ifliuJdL-ji£(ErF, L£)^iQj£iT^Q^(T(i-g:-'^^tk ; "uGoerQueuru u®isu^ ufrt—rBih Q^(t(l^ 

65. <5T scisT u ^s ^ ^ rr G&civufb Qex^eiflQ^shu LUfnTLBiTL-QiM 

(uiT-oinfi") ST'^} — LurrsuiTLDfriUS Quosifiiuua^wsSlajjTrT^wfriso ^iff^rrujuecsr 

Qts^rrn, er-^. 

(S^emihj aen (T e^<cS)noib^ Q^oj^iQiwc^flajQTj LD/ruj<is>/r^ Lj€itsri_]i_e!DLD^ rrQetsr 

{Q^-u-ay)trJ) — UJ/r/f LCttr iLQia - lUiTSuflL^^^m, (STsssr u^^ 
S!T&i - (oT sm uj ■3= iXiVU s ^ irtT u9rrhib^fT^Vj uso'sTU 2_<Sin/_iStr)ijQ (^ear^iLD- 
Uoa'sTLjSDt—<sni-n Quj&siuu®Q&ii p^ 6VLp^(^ - (^ifi^rrQiu^ rbeosuLp 

991. If one is easy of access to all, it will be easy for one to obtain 
the virtue called goodness. 

i_/r^'ii) u<cosn-j'3s>i—uuirrr^p arrjremisj eh.puui—u.^i' 

(^[^u9p \9p^^^Ln (^Qiu)^ ^GusSlj-emQiM — , uetisTLj ^-GT>1— 

992. Affecfcionateness and birth in a good family, these two consti- 
tute what is called a proper behaviour to all. 

usmQufT^^ Q&iiruu^iT QiniruLj. 
fEehrLDssQerrrr QL-fTuufrsfreinLDitSlm ^^ QuiTQ^i^eu^'ssr^u j ^ei^u Qun-Qf)ih 

GUI— ,_^ (SO [TIT ^iBJiBQLD6urpes>LDuSliosrj &.^uQuissT(ffj>fr. ^0isi;OTi'&@ iseoT 
LDaaQetrrr® Qupuu® QLorruurrsu^ S-uSlifloirQ(sv(n^iu SdoOiLj^^eoeorr c3yi_Lo 
Qufr^^i30sar£u Qeupm/Sl /S^tLj^&HGDL—uj ueasrQuir^^&^fTseorreaTj ^uQup 
pl^^rroJ s^enrr uecsnSlScsr njesit^iLii^&i QsuskuisiTLD. 

993 Resemblance of bodies is no resemblance of souls ; true re- 
semblance is the^ resemblance of qualities that attract. 

<3^, JBiuQ^® m&sJfSl LjiBm/s uiu^ss^i^iuirir 

USo'sTLjUtr JTSTL-® (LpffO^. 
(u(f - eoiT.) ST-^, — S^es^LuiLjil) sip^ee^^iL\iJa e£l(rf)Lbi^^<3\)rrp iSlpf'a(^iB 

ibehT^u\i^^^LD uuj^esx—emuoiLiui udsn^&nJTesstuaiTS, euii ^gdlduSI&it , ^ntd^Tili 
■LjiBi'i)^ - eSl(thihi^^ioViTii\)^ /_/uj60T a-fOTL-tu/rff" - (^iSlpii A(^i'b ^LOiB 

(QLc) U LU SOT U (d! ^ ^iSr>L-UJ oil IT ^y UGO'iTL] - LV GD JT (fflD / J , Q^i,V(3\ - 2i_(oO 

.fh^^rriij un innL.®La - Qs,iTGaaTL—i^ Slroui'r. 

994. TJie world applauds the character of those whose usefulness 
results from their equity aud charity. 


uea'sTLfsn u n u. rSl 6v it I'r /-Q/tlL®. 

i) i^mnun-i—jSlfb QstrrLnrd^ajfri' uditlLQ 

iL^ih ^o°o^srr isir&rr^ ^^uueniraj ueosn-jaQerr S-efTevfreussT) sr-jpi' 

6iin lSIgst ^^QsFiULumr ^e^iuQev QaFiueurr Qrrearu^ <a>0^^. ^^ji>@LJ iSp 

Urb^(J^Sll^iTLCi J (^iBiSO/ri&o), UiT® ^ ^6Un ft LntT lL(EI - (^l9pit') ^UJ&O 

usa'sTLj - (^^uuesis SL-5asn_(ra,!Tm&) ^isS<oS)UMU!rQiu') u6osTLis>Qev , 
2_GTr - s^emL—rreussTevfTLh. 

995. Reproacli is painful to one even in sport ; those (therefore) 
who know the nature of others exhibit (pleasing) qualities even when 
they are hated. 

sh-. LJ sa STL/ SIT) z_uj/r/f ulLQsost ®sua5 Ln^sQehQpeh 

(u[P - sniT.) er-^j — ueooTL^ejnL- lurrns scar Q gust l, ©^01)^^0 a_6\©ujo'o £7(^5 
(Q.!Tsar^ (tpsssri—rruu eufriTfrfSemjr)^ • ^S3sr®uu(Bp eSoD^oJ/riiSecr^ «5y^ ldgsst 
es^^&sJsiL L./ffi@ LDmLUB^Qurreij^rTm, er-jj/. 

fffT/fuesrsDLDuSlisr ep/r Sr[TnL-\iBs!si^ LD6S3Tes!^6sri6LLL^i(^ LDrro-jLD^ QsL'sssru-freiJir 
uSlpQpssTu^ UL- fSeoTpcs^muSl^iiTj ldcOt epLBiSes^g^aaessr wfB^^' ^eiDsu fbmw(^ 
ufTil-t—rr^Ui ^^ScW iU(aDt—UJ rr IT ^luira'^ sh-puuiLi—^' 

UL-® - u(B^3}'S\}(r'S0 2_ffO(5Bi£) - 2_ iSV Q (U ■ijV) , 2_6a57® - y<ST IblblT (&^Ccj^ 

996- The (way of the) world subsists by contact with the good ; if 
not, it would bury itself in the earth and perish. 

<57". .^ ir LCtQ u IT ^ ihi iSh.lTay>Loaj Qir^ toinhQutreoeu'r 

(ijf-«nir.) CT-^; — iSbWLD&ail.Q&iLjifluj u^snSlo-oeOrr^QJiT ^iT^^m >Si_/r 
esiLLQufi^ia eh.i'es^LDssiUJiLj<s^.i—iuQiTtLmuSlj^Lo G^jr/SI<:£i/b(^iLiLDjr^QSssTQiumuunf 

t£l^\)ujb/jS (Sijii^^ j (oTonsriu^ eSQiFL-GU/Sli^sBTeisLDUJrrQuj usosrL-jup/SlsuiB^^' 

(Q^-U-iOT/r.) LD<S65S)T - (/5&o) ii5<S6B(erH<5(?<55 (©-/fliuV U oo'sT Lj 

ujrr (oT^ULCi - 3h^iristDL0i<oS)UJ U-|i5ff)L_uj(c/ruj/ru5lOT2/m, LdJTLB Qufrisoevir - 
(^uifls'^&T)^ ^^^Qey^eoT^Lo (^ ir rQ oSl sot ^ rr Q uj^ iMjr^^AQ<zfru 


997. He who is destitute of (true) human qualities (only) resem- 
bles a tree, though he may possess the sharpness of a file. 

j)j, JB Go'sT u a p (vrj' FrrQ f5iLiLSl(o\) Q<fLu^iriri(^Lo 
u <mT u IT rb (rrj> iriT^&) aejoz—. 

QsifT(Lp(^SUfTll LOfTLL^th ^[TLD USOSI L-jQSyL^UJM' rT GuJ/r(H)<S/r«OTLO ^rSojeu)L^LU rTlfdi 

Q(L^a>aiTLD, 6T-J2;. 

miuili ' FFJTLD' &pijt^il)SS>LD jiibun u£stsrurr^Q^cs>LD&Qi—(^^ao Qp^irsorrj 
Seirr)^, ^^Scsra^Qa^ujuSl^ (n^Q-pia j)jeijn' ^6STes)LDLuirfrsuQrr6crufrrr) aetS^i^Qiusir 

(Q^' - u - sij>/r,) — /ceaart/ - /blLiS^jst, ^fb(rrj>ir ^Sl - (^lo, 

QlMlT®^ Q'3'iijiUiT iSSlUnTQij IblUUi ®j<o^ - U<S!y>se!DLa<SX)lU, [f=PffLQio\li3X)T 
S^DLCen'dJ (STi^'arroUl^^ Q3=lU6U!TIT.S(^La-Q3=LU^ IBl—UUbyfll^^^Ui^ 

Uoo'sTLj ^/i^Qrff'r e^^&o - (^iTta) usssTi_i(ss)U.{U6iJFmju /$/— ew/rsD^i/ij 
a,&y>L- - (^^j£l6ijGy>L—LU6u'T<s(^') ^(ipa<s/rii). 

998. It is wrong (for the wise) not to exhibit (good) qualities even 
towards those who bearing no friendship (for them) do only what is 

^^6TLD,TLLu-iT^irrfiiQ L8ib<3tjih Quifluu ^(ro\)Lo j^0GTflJi)u\)ff^- uihihQii^nn^Sis^uo 

999. To those who cannot rejoiee, the wide woi-ld is buried in 
dartness even in (broad) daylight. 

^(o\^(b^0TtLn lUiTpJjSlflfi) ^rojru. 
(uiP - 6lJ)ir.) er-^j — usacTiSliiVfr^cussr QpewSssTtBobeSSssnufr QesriuQiu 

GurrswuiTso ^pp &c,v^^esT ^pp^^tT&i ^esrss-esieuis^rrafr^ CliiLLL-trpQurr 

Qupp QajSSTjruLn CTb^eOmj UiU^lEI Qi£fTl—pQ&pp @i_CTl<SS)/_C!DLD Q^fTskpu 

(Gffjsar euQ^Searp ^^arriTu QuiT(ffieosres)LDiqib'p^eijfnu QiFiuLuuuLLi—^' 

■u-Gr>rr.y — uso'stl-I ^eD/rear - usssnSi&OffoiT^GiiGST Q unjp- 

(^pp^^lT&i 6^(m61IITi(^La L-iiU&iTUl—ir£il Q<S®^i^v\ fbidX) UtTbV - 

(^pp^^ir&o^ ^Si's^p^ - Q^sLLL^trpQurTG^iLo, 

1000. The great wealth obtained by one who has no goodness will 
perish like pare milk spoilt by the impurity of the vessel. 


SfooSn'iSi^ FfiLi^iufTnic^iJa i3pni,^QLci uiugstu®^ (^.Msctf^ Qs^b^Gu^QijCi 
(Lpes)peaLD QLopQc/r^p^eurnu Qs=uuGi'j5iSS)P Qup(vrj>LD' 

(uif - «j)T.) sr-^, — ^eist LDon!TiLLi£e^QLD<^\}eoiTLb Ses^psip Qa^eumu Qu 
((?)U:>QufT(fh^ uSlLi^<ss)su^^- 2_G6v;/r/-J^_A5/rw) jif^Soor u.j.sBsri^^cyisk ^etr,^uSi 


1001. He who does not enjoy the iraraense riches he has heaped 
up in his house, is (to be reckoned as-) dead, (for) there is nothing 
acliieved (by him.) 

(uif - snnr.) <^-^, — QuaQf^QetTrrssT^ (Lpeisri—irs Jij^iQ) Osoobefl/r QpsSir 
sisafrQeo g^0ffljOTi<s@ /Bemp^eSl&oeofr^ QuiuuiSlpu L^sasn—mhj er-^. 

(Q^ - L/ - ero/r.) — Qun-Qj^GrTfTooT - Q uir(fj)Qcnrr(,oT^i^b\)^ <oT<o^) 

1002- He who knows tlinfc wealth yields every pleasure and yet is 
so blind as to lead a miserly life will be born a demon. 

IK., PFlLL- lElenS ll3l<3D<^Q6U66STL^IT 6llITL—6llir 

Q^irpp iblffo,i(^u QufTGnp, 
©s!D5= g)0ss)LO«@ (Lp£ijQujn-uj ^/OLOfTseSlek PFemsiurricur sj^^smQuu Qai 

oQrfELCiUir^ ubs&sn^^ Q^irppCa - (Quiu^ i9puL-jj iQ6d<i(^ Quit 
anp - y,LS<S(^u UinrQiaiuiTili, 

1003. A burden to the earth are men bent on the acquisition of 
riches and not (true) fame. 

«y. (oTd=3=Qui&>T Q p&SlQ&SToSSTGS^^HiJ Q ^ fT &:> (d 6\) IT Q 611 IT nK6iJ JT T 

€aTd=d=u L—ir^ ^euesT. 

6ha>rTFLh ,s)jisna=. ^esisu Qps3r^urrL-i—rr^ii> i3pf[i(^u utussTui—eQsaTes^LO 
{Q^ - u - G3i/r.) — i5^(r^6ujrfr<o'ciT - (^s^Q^QuivQ^i^ihi Qsir(B^s^ 



(pip. ff'ffhSh- <50s-ii). ^P. /5£;oT^fl5)«A;Q5=^aJii>. 


1004. What will the miser who is not liked (by any one), regard 
as his own (in the world to come). 

e^sisr^ lB^oSsOj sr-jni. 

e^?k£ii LSl^^xsoirnQurreou uiuet^jressiQ)! Sip^s^ssTj ^soQGO&srqrfn. 

iqtL), ^ffO(5V,T/TcS(^-2_(Sj)L_ujjreOi5D/r^6U'f<s;(^, ^®<sfiuj - (u6X)6u/rs) 

1005. Those who neither give (toothers) nor enjoy (their pro- 
perty) are (truly) destitute, though possessing immense riches. 

SjsnfrQeueasii^vjQ^trmpdssr FF^sQiLipans, u9c^(^uSl(^iosr '^jTsm®(Z^ QsFuuap 

^@^ - ^fresriEi Qsrri—/b Qsr)i-jes^i—eis>LD. (sr^La — ^(^Quujit- ^sjtuljQ 
s^iM i^ujuuQs^^LDfrQiu Q^rrL^/b(^fluJi£Sssr jijeaifTr/'&QeareiDLDuSlesT, C/s/r 

^GST (ip(f,(M[Usup(rrjis^ ^muQioimrQiom ^<ss>frLJurrQr)(LpsiTir. ^ano/uSireaar© 

(Bs^pp'oaTGDLa u9i\)6\)tr^<S'o^caT^ QunFji^Q3=is\i'oiJLCi - (^euoSlire^®^ 

1006. He who enjoys not (his riches) nor relieves the wants of the 
worthy is a disease to his wealth. 

/5S0LD Sul^C^cSTSUrg^LDlLji}) l^63W ^ ^SSlS^eiDLDlLjih. ^ireisi(BGLDrrQT)IHJ<QQu 

£ii^ eoifljgfr&GQsiiT, Qufl(^Q6rr&sr(rrj>if' QarT(Bluurr(Tf)Ei QiHrrap^e^'QiD lucot^^ 
^rr^ist utuesS^Lpw^ si^iis (gLO/flCiu/r (BmeiDLD Sh./Seur€DLauSlear j ^rr^Qw/turremj 
QtoiusuT/Sla' Q3'&\ieiJ(ipLD uiusi^Lprs^ at^U-jQiDearusmSl/b^J. 

(«633761/eJ5flA)(o0/rLQ&u) ^ 6^ LU SIT fTiLJ ^ (Lp^^pj;)! - (Lp^^^SST <3T>LD^ S^J . 

1007. The wealth of him who never bestows anything on the des- 
titute is like a woman of beauty growing old without a husband. 

€SiLDiueiDL—£S)LOS6frrrjb utue!^&:)6s\} Qajsuru^rruD. 

^eiieoTj Q<Fiff06i;iii - Qa=&Ooi/iii (Qu£^^&)\^ ib(B<siL(misn - ssfLnf5(Bleij 

1008. The wealth of him who is disliked (by all) is like the fruit- 
bearing of the etty tree in the midst of a town. 

<3h. ^^carQumPl^^ fBpQs'p ppQf5fr<ssfr ^il-i^iu 

Q6urrsmQun-(r^'in Q&ir&reuniii \9prr. 
(u(F-6a)T.) CT-^j— gji0si/6sT QsrTi—iT<3r>i£>uQurr(fF)iLQ3= s^pp^^nh tBiL 
riT&(c6sr ^shri_j Qs^ijj&i^ Qium^'B^ QeiJsm(Beu0!r ^sjTWSi ^ekdsmffQa^^ 


ibQufr(fhL-(BdF anDfois^ir ffiL—^^Ln i'5LLiSl&iTfii_^^ua^^ehLiQ3'LLJ 

urr^^^ (S^m Gifl luQ u rr (fh'Bsfr ^ \9iprr Qairsneurr^ - ^ihr&stlLuir (Qa/r 
esurQlQuiTiuu u\um\ QstrG(T(Gr^6unir. 

1009. Strangers will inherifc the ricljes that have been acquired 
•without regard for friendship, comfort and charity. 

650. i3^(fF<SDi—a^ Q<3=&usi//r S^^esf) tn/r/fl 

itiJSfT60(Zf, &/Sl^friu eu^oDLD a_eu65«6n5«G)ujcr060^LD /§Ssof§^s^Qu::SLh eu^'SOLn 

L-j(^ Qs^isoeuirmjuu uLueuruQsuQrr'SSJu^ ^ajioS^LDiufrp Qupuui—i—^ ; ui—Qeu 
^(r^eir>i^3:Q<SF60eniT ^jreuisiiQjrrr® Qeu^^^Ji f82souSl'i^Qsu£ULJi-l Loirifl eupis 

lE^SfSTlU ^6t!T€S)LD0niUlLje!Dt—^Q^6aT ^^ {£ tT JT ^Q S IT® QuiT(rF)lB SrreSiLD QlD^IU3 

^irQutrQFfi—QL-m—iTL-j uL-iTLD^es)rruufr'(r^ (Lpecrr. ^qdsu [B!T^(^u(TL-i—rT^ti> 
^s'Qa^&ieiJ^ ^^ (^ppih ^h-puutLt—^. 

eUpLd Sh-fTlh^ ^dsOTLU^ - eiJ^St^LB LS(^!b^^ Q UIT iS\)6l}Q SIT lfluJ(5\) 

1010. The short-lived poverty of those who are noble and rich is 
like the clouds becoming poor (for a while.) 

«Oe--Lb. ^P. JE!T^ij63^l-.GS3LD. 

O^rriT ^LD&Qarr6jeuiT^ &(rT)LDiEi&sf!\ao R3(r^a^mi—aJir!Tibassi(SS)LD, j>/^siTJr 

a. <SF0LD^-^/r (63)^2/^ i^^:j^ ^(f})j^^ 
(u(f-btJ)ir ) loT-^, — fEehrLD&sf^i^eu^ ^L^ii^ ffi0LC/K *7rire337LD/r<ffi n n emi 

ibiremQs® uius^^Qinesr ^edasuui—i—es^LoiurregnLDf ^guit Quiuirir/b Sn-puu 

evi'r - (^s\)LnaGif!ir^^ mfr smi - m [r osqt rin <z etr Qurre^iLP. 

1011. True modesty is the fear of (evil) deeds; all other modesty 
is (simply) the bashfulness of virtuous maids. 

2L. ggYT ^yr^gm/.. QluS^^^ QpuSft^Q a:&d6^irLCt Q6Vp6\)S\> 
/g/r 6ggiJ CT>L_gg)LD LOfrfb^.T QpULj, 

(uiT-goiT.) (ST-^y — pmemiLD ^es)u.iLjLD s^etDajQiurriSlisjearisijm LDsspr^u^jJa 

e^L^i^Qsr — ^paaQptD ^3^sF(Lp!Ei smn(LpiSi. Qpui^ — ^isn6iiuSirrai(s^ssr 
Qai'^urrQ- Sj<9^S'QLD6k^ u[TL-QLDtT^enir(iT) (Lperrir. 

Qurr^evfTiM ; Lnrribcsir QpuLj - /5soTUi,s<£E(Gw<5@<? Qpuufrou^ 

1012. Food, clothing and the like are common to all men ; but 
modesty is peculiar to the good. 

Qssiuj^fr Q^ssTu^fTisi' ssuScssra (jfi/S^aQeuesr^ ufri—QiDfT^eiiaQT) (tpeirfr- 

6ST3jj^ mrrsssT (srm^^ mesTGnui - iBirQcssreh-Qro mp(^€ssT^<sT>^ , ©/^.^ 

1013. As the body is the abode of the spirit, so the excellence of 
modesty is the abode of perfection. 

(uiT-Gtnir.) (ST-^y — ■sFrr6kQ(nj-ir<i(^ /srv^^'^L—es^LD lUfrujrea^LDrru: ; ^aueutr 

^Lp(^ Qe'iu^eQm ^etsBQajsk^Lo, Qijfr^ssjD ii([f,icis)LDuSljb LSessflOojeisr 

^utrL-i—rr^LD ^^m &.puL^s sk-puuiLi—^, 

\Q^-u-(SS)ir,^ — &" IT 6SJ Q (Yri> IT ^ (m - mpimsssT iQiss)pibQ^iTiT<S(^j 

iBiresiiT s^<o!ni sjnta - iBiTesvT(Lp<5s>L 63)ta ^esofl ^ehrQm? - .^tiujressr 

/Lo/rm; ^00^ ^ssrQp&i - ^ffuevessff ^6\)^ujini9s'oT^ iS(B ibenL— - 
(^su/r^ Quq^lS^ibodl^^ i9l6ssfl ^5hQ(rfj' - (<55 6a*ar/_6i//r<s(^) Qihir 


1014. Is not the modesty oranam en t of the noble ? Without it, 
their haughtiness would be a pain (to others). 

@. l3piTUL^\l]lh ^LDUL^iq rBIT S^] 6UITir TbiT^li 

^ss^pu^ QujeoT^ Qp6\)im, 

(uif - 60)11.) er-^) — i^pir&(^ enQfjLcuL^eo'uu-iih ^Loa^ euQ^wuL^o^iU 
BLjUi e^uuin^^^ /Err^iieijrTesiir p^eoassirfr ieit^^s (^<ss>peSli_QLD6hT^ Qa^ireo 

^Ojn'j 6T-£il. 

UJiTit QuiflnjjTirseQoar^ ^suesiir S-iuiriEQ^rrn tuireL'Q^tli L^si^tsuQirsku^iTLD. @ar 
(OT)4>\) ^isdssT iLjesii—LUirjT^ QpuL^s, ffh-puulLl—^. 

(O^ - /_/ - ejD/r.) — iSlp'r u^\l\lb - i9piTds(m&j(mLa utSesmi 

uiTaactQ^^^j iBiTms)]suiri3S)ir J a_isv)(g - S-eM & ^ ^ it ir ^ le/T emi 'Si^ — 
&.s^p u^ loT'ociT^La - ^(muiSL^QLOsbjDj Q<fn oiiG^rsvir , 

1015. Tlic world regards as tlie abode of modesty him who feivrs 
his own aud others' guilt. 

uiB uirsnihiasri- uj(g,^iTLDjb arrp^eSliciT, Q6ueSQuj€ar(Yr^ /r, mn-^^Lo (Sj/rei* 
rLpib aisi apsis LD IT (n^uJGxiL^ ^liiiaesS^a QiifrerreLi^<i\)GO^ ^es>eui-i(^,^ Qit/S) 

/f/rig^Soj Cia/s{ilcwiuu Quppi'O&i^ (^frevLoQup ^(n^iouaQfrishr ^eorruun^fr) 

(Q^-u-GS)n .^ — QisieOfriueijir - suiuiTfb^su'r, QeuS - (^t£i<5(a^) 

/nJo, eSloj^jr (©j/risvii - ujuufresTj^LSlissiuj^ Qu6ssT£\)ir - Q 6b /r sir 4>it 

1016. The great make modesty their barrier (of defence) and not 

the wide world. 

^m3T(Dpsi]iTir iBrr^^&T ueiirr, 

j>/.iibrT^ii (ipuSl(fr)ii ^UDQpsssr ld(T(/t^:ijwl^ iBiremQssi^uuiTLDp QurrQ^i-iSB s^uSiGS)ir 
Muuiir, sSrr Qsi^^iuirLop Quitqt^lJB isires^Bssr /SaiBrnr, ct-^. 

.ZLa.TLLi—rr^ gSIl-^^^^ fBfT(SS^6\) - ihuessr Q(5!T)S5LUfniipQufT(miL(£l. 
s^uQir ^puurn'r - a_u5)siD/r iBi^eufrir ; 2_uS//f QurrnhiLu-rr&fr - 
S-u9'rQ0y)^iUfrLnp Quitqj^L-QI, rstrem anpenfr'r - itrresaffSssr iS^^air, 

1017. The modest would rather lose their life for the sake of mo- 
desty than lose modesty for the sake of life. 


/-f^Z. <?'OT2_ .5E02_-L£i. ^^/. /5/r_^2yST)t_(SJDUi. 

1018. Virtue is likely to forsake him who shamelessly does what 
others are ashamed of. 

f5 IT CSsff &iT aj> Ln /9soTrt3<S <SBio31t_. 

iSsbpeuiB ^ihi^!^ ^eueateiLD lufrenpesi/DiLjEi Q&(B&(&^lDj 6T-^. 

ewLJuCSLD. c^(i^ffi<s j)jL^sS^tli /EireBsrL^eij ^puu^ ^Q^esru^rrLO. 

(Q^ - U - GDIT .^ Q.Srri3Tr(S!nS - €^(Lpi-SLh^ iSltsDLpuiQ&sr m 

{^6u<ah\(^L^LJiSlpu Qurr&sT(S!DrD\L\Ln Q&®A(^La ; refres'sr ^sarstnLo- 

637ii) sreisr u<S!y>6U.serTtr(S0 ^6u^s(^6U(r^Lcy^ /5a)iiiu/reai6i/[qu3j <3?®/i . 

1019. Want of manuers injures one's family ; but want of modesty 
injures one's charater. 

<5E0. ^/T 6255765^ ^aJioO/T /fluj;£65 Lb IT U U fT OD 6U 

Qurrsir/SliiJibiig^Qssrp fifliuasLD Loir^^rrp Qs^oj^ urTSS)Sij ^ium^jrs, su9p/£l(GS) 

aY/PisA/CuJ snhAsfrsnmSlp^' rbtret^ioii^irr^ LDa&s^iu^aaLD fSfr^ue^i—OJ ufr 
esisu uSliuaaili Qufr-^^su ^sbso^ a.a9/f^ujffl<a LDssrQpearu^frih. ^es)eu Qp&sr^unil. 

SOIH--LD, J>/W. (<3]lO_U3'lUi,V<SiJffD.S, ^T'STIIL. /^ 


1020. The actions of those who arc without "modesty at heart arc 
like those of a puppet moved by a string. 

fSfTi^sS^irs ^)^3!a^ss)t—LU!Ti'ti> i^GfT j^[T6u ^fTa<^ssr /3rr^nss)i—es)LDuSlioanSl'ci)T emeu 
lu freiDLDuSlear erei^ssSuj ibq^ldi^ Qs^iis^p Qiurrm ss)&Qujfri£lQuj Qewear^ih M,etT 

^ j to\) §50 , 

1021. There is no higher greatness than that of one saying, I will 
not cease in my effort (to raise my family). 


LDi^Lj(^^rTLDp QufTQf^LJB. ^suT^e^/Slei] &.aj iT^pQi£/v/D Qs'iu&iaimuoi SiStDenQpi^ 



^(aT3^ ■SOIJL.-LD. ^^. (^l^Q'3=iUe\)6Ue5iS. 

1022. One's family is raised by untiring perseverance in both 
effort and wise contrivances. 

(uiP -e3)T.)sT-^, — GTsisr (^i^tSlSssr iLjujrra'Qa^iuujaai—Qisij Quinear^ Qarr 

(Lpiup&esyiu ^^6sr srrirmr^^rrp s^/Sl^ir. ^p^ ^&)—<^^(iG(B^ is&o* 
np6sr6an^uufrifQ<3=iu&) /SluQQld Qeippuui—i—^. 

1023. The Deity will clothe itself and appear before him who re- 
solves on raising his family. 

U^i^^ ^[tQsST (LpL^Glj GTUJ^LO - ^irQesT (Lpi^eijQujJJLD, 

1024. Those who are prompt in their efforts (to better their 
family) need no deliberation, sach efforts will of themselves succeed. 

(Bit (SPP lSso^lu^ (^i^Qg'iu^ 6ii[rLp6i]irdo!ST&= 

3i^ppillir<3= 3ip^ Qped(^. 
(uif - GiDT.) GT-^y — (^ppLDmSlesT Q<SFiijuufT^ _^eBr@9.eB5uj iLjiuira'Q-s'iu 
Q^n-Qpi^sun-^ ciyay^'46@<F &ppiDiT& Qeneasn^^ ^itQld Q^m^ (^C^svit s^eo 

S-<o\)(c^ - S!_(oO<55^"^/r/f, g^p^u:^ - (if/rG'tD Qg^e'oTjjj^ (mipQu'r, 

1025- People will eagerly seek the friendship of the prosperous 
soul who hcas raised his family without foul means. 

3h. p&)&iiTeimeDLa> Quj&sTu Q/5fr([^6iJp(^^ a^irmiSipih^ 

er&iJu^ - fBs\)60 ^GsWeDLoQiuesT^ {s-uuir^Q) Qd^ireoeoiliuQ 
eu^^ ^w&sT iSlnorB6S — ^ @)'^ ^ssotodld - (gz.rL«niu ^(sm^p ^m<ss)iji 

1026. A man's true manliness consists iu making himself the head 
and benefactor of his family. 

Ln[rn)^6umr QubpQp QufreiDp. 

(uiP - 60)17.) ST-^, — aetr^^esT&L- Q}a'<sk(fr}rT uso/rfrS^Lh QufrirsrrEi(^ 
enswrasssremiT QLD6\i^fri^fi)Qurr&^, (^L^uSlekeBtl. iSlpfBarrf'' usoiTrruSl^Lb 
v urrjTu:> Qurr^u^^i^o SIS' ^^os^frir Qld&)^!tld, er-£)i. 

QifiuentT G/rtu^(&5 &/DuLja -s^^puuLLi—^. 

ibasouir u sd IT fT inl ^n lii) J Qu!T<3S)p - (^^<s'<sTutiirLb\ Gluir^^Siio. 
^p£}i6iifr'r (oLDpQp - 6uids\)6iJif(eLn6\)Q^ujfrLo, 

1027. Like heroes in the battle-field, the burden (of protection 
&c.) is borne by those who are the most efficient iu a family. 

LBtr&mk ■s(i^£B'S Qai®LD. 
(Uif-eoiiT.) OT-^, — ^iEi(;^L^uSl3sw iLjiuira'QsFajQjrr'iT ^a^Gls^iuSsoQiu Qisira 

JTrruSir, (gt^ Qii,®LD, ^i£&)rrsaT ^enirai^a a^irwrStu^ Ss^ds\)j <sr-^. 

<£6/r(Su«sOT« Qmrr&Sl uhj^Qsflu^iso— QeuuSlsm ldgs^lq ueS Qujssruesr Q/«r>t_ 
ei^LDQiErr&Slu tSlearisw-iTa' Q^oj^QlLDm Q(7)/i^ii^(f^^^&). LCKresrisi {£(rfj^^&>' — 

1028. As a family suffers by (one's) indolence and false dignity, there 
is to be no season (good or bad) to those -who strive to raise their family. 

WfT LD3i^?smQuJ, ^o°oG)^TL^i^ '^ssru^^patT^ eSeb^CJuJ/r ? gt-£u. 

euGsy" OTeoTL/L^qm LDes)p^^(so ^uQufr(rF)LLi—iTuSlpj}i. (5Tek^L^(Lp(Lp^tBsi!r 
[BskQpek^ (Lpaj^LD/£ls>jQS)u.ujrri5sT ^ooQ ^rr(!r)^rresTjrii Qt-OtTL^iuirei^LDQiofraQy 
u9iressr(Bun-i-LL-ir^UD ^evrr ^^ QeFiLu^LBiueoi^ m-puuiLL—^. 

Q&j QasiT&TsevLCi Q,£E/r(50 - Q<s!T&Tssdu:>fr iMSJsusnQeiJirj {^^^^^ 

1029- Is it only to suffering that his body is exposed who under- 
takes to preserve his family from evil ? 

d=mij&a e^0Lj^i/6?oar^ i£iprTSfi)(^iJo). ^aarr&is^^u upoT/^ws^ Q&ir®^^^ 

(ip^ik — j)j^6keyL3<i(f^if!ujfTiT. Gneairuurresitru Qup^utSt enerririi^ uiusar 
QjiTSj^(ss)p Q^fTSSTLDjrihubsrrsiran y epfb'i(^(^6d esytbujeus ^uL i3piba,(^iTiT, atrm 

1030. If there are none to prop up and maintain a family (in dis- 
tress), it will fall at the stroke of the axe of misfortune. 


d50^-l£). r=^^' Q-Lpei^. 

Sj°o^<^S' &J^ufr6sremLD eurr<SiS^£Bn-<i(^Ui QuQr)LDurr6sres>LD QeuerrrretrifssC^ 
(ipifl^^fTiu ^(Lpi5pQ(nj'L^&c. Oa=uJeifl<tf@iBffi/re<) e[dsmQuurTfra(^ Qpiff^^' ^S'j 

s. ^tpish^Qmiru iSlehr&n ^ev« tc^^ 
(uif - eoiT.) <ST-^, — SL(Lp^60fr6aTeu(TT)il) QldiljsuqFi^s Qwrr^Qu SlpQssv 

(cTiT — ^^QuiuH', LSlpQ^rrL^'^^&enfrp QufrQr)Qe(nLj^uj euL^itjUi ^smeSssT 
QLodr^il), euQTj^ ^iBeoQsu^LD LSlpQ^fTL^ib\>iBefr seiDu.QujisisTuS' Qurr^ir 2_Lp 

IBS^XiP!^^^ ^^QuJfaT^El &h.^(Q)IT, ^«(Sff)6b S-LpeSlosT^ ^puL^i Sh-pu 

(Q^-u - (S3)/r.) — 2_isv)<sti — J gitpesT^Lc - {^_nn^ss\)fri\i <suqE 

^n^_ <a='sr=P/ <5505^-u3. ^p. a-Lpsi| 



i9oin&n^ - ((Lpi^6SlQ6\)) (5j(75«nL_uj/r/f mL^iu^rrSp^ ; ^^^i 

1031. Agriculture, though laborious, is the most excellent (form 
of labour) ; for, people, though they go about (ia search of various em- 
ployments), have at last to resort to the farmer. 

(uif - 6!J)T.) OT-^, — ^lAieijQ^^&oa' QdFiuiuLDmLu.fT^ iSpQisn-i^aOasssr 
Qmn Qs^ixxsurrir iLiiTsues)friL(ii ^rriiii^<^&)iTeo, c^^suikeorriT &.&)a^^iTirrT@iu 

^rres^rr- acsOEismo G^^^apiSsssr ^esi^QurrpcQeBrj ^es^QiiJsk(n^ir' Quir^^ 

QsFiLnuua uif^ueuQiDsoeorrih Qurr^ii^^ ^sues^tr^ Q^rr(ipmiT(Ifrujrrev O/rear 

{Qs5 - u - (S3>/r.) — ^^(ip6U(rir - SL.(tp^S&) eu&isvevir^ ^oo^ 
^fbnr?^ - j)j<siJ6i^(w^'^3' Q3^iJJLULB[rLLu.frLa<5\)^ (5TQ^<oiJ!T(S^n' Gr&i 
(oD.Tm - {iSlpQ^rrL£li\)<seSGs\)\ QLDpQ3=i\)Q6UfriT uj/reusjn/rtqti, Qurr 

1032. Agriculturists are (as it were) the linch-pin of tbe world, 
for they support all other workers who cannot till the soil. 

/5_, ^^(L^^SSST® <oli!TCp6il!TQ!r 6)JirLp<Sli!T ff Lnp no &) io\i fT fB 

(n^(Lp(Lp€zsr(9 isuiTi^SlssT(n/'Qfr ^LoAi^i^tujin-aJ evn-t^iSsmpevrt j LDjbesi/DojirQrr&i 
(SifTil) LSlpos>rra;Q^fr(Lp^ ^^<^p (nj'Qp'dsr® ^smss^iru LSl&!TQa'&>Qsisrpi^iT,ioT~£}jt 

LDpQpsku^ <3ULpa(^LJLjn)/Sl (SUIB^^. ^IT(Lp LD S&ll.t3pUl3 SOT JTrT OJ GSiSiJ^ 

eu(TipQio'oTp<ovn''sQGiT ^ 6UfrLp<oUfriT - (^Lo<S(g S-if^LLJjrrrku^ evtrCpQeorp 

6UIT ■ miLQpol)o\)!rLO ■■ LC>fL>pSljQir(5\)<5\)fr(f^LC>j Q^fr(Lp^ - (^i9pG^fT^ 

(^oUfiD/r) i96jrG)<yJ\) g^j QaaTffjgi;//-. 

1033. They alone live who live by agriculture; all others lead a 
cringing, dependent life. 

fuif - 6!n/r.) 6T-^, —«/L)G)(2?5^«50,Te3r Ose^sS^w tL\es)t_iun iriu ^ez'sr 

s6ssrt^(W)Uu QrT<ssTu^rrLD ; "^jruQurriT e?pp(ipLo ujfruQun-ir Qa^irppQp Qptfi 
eSes)L-.sElS3auQufrn'" OT63r(»7/r i^pQf)LOi* 

(Qes-u-cs)[r.^ — ^sVQ a-sjni— - {s-(Lps5pQ(7rpL^<o\)rr&)) Qfb6\) 

1034. Patriotic farmers desire to bring all other states under the 
control of their own king. 

(ui?-6!nT.) GT-^, — ^Ejemsturr ^(Lp^sssTL-2o\) uSlujeCurTS£ij<ss)c^ujrriT iSip 
COT/T^ ^tTiBiFeuirn ; sjunemLDiSljruufrifsi^ ^isuirQtsuisssfL^ajQ^n:'Ssrpam& arrsurr^ 

earn® /Smp^. 

(Q^-LJ-(Sr)/r.) — (Sjn<s - (^"'i') s^nstu/riA), Qs'iu^ - (a-(U5^i&\)) 

gosrflisa/TLD&t)^ rr-euiT - Q^ztr^uufrir, 

1035. Those whose nature is to live by manual labour will never 
beg but give something to those who beg. 

LDfTuSlsk, Lurriou(rr)is) (^anLpiLjopisssrts^u:) ujfrfS^pf5Q^(r QLD6STurriT&(^ jijGvsup^ 

2_Loa»LO g)^^/<a<Sffi)S7'@!JLD enjfbslst^ti-i'i'^^' ^em'ShletsremLDuufieo, ^rrQpesur 


(5)iff0§5>) - S-<stT <ou rr 'S fT , 

1036. If the farmers' hands are skckened, even the ascetic state 
will fail. 

cssri—.ihj@uj (oT(ir^eijLSL-.QiansBsrL-!TLDp udsm^^ (sSSsau-jLo, ct-^. 

- i5^(r^Ui5\)LJLj(LpBl, Soo* ^-■Sn pUSdUbiT LdU l^^ S:.-6SST sQeoT- 

1037. If the land is dried so as to reduce one pollulm of earth to a 
quarter, it will grow plentifully even without a handful of manure. 

^QS(^jr0is!(B(i^ Qa^iu^ adsa&LLi^fT&o s>i^^fsma if/r^^o"b cgy*^@ i§if&fr<^'^ turr^ 
^G^^ [B&T^^ 6r-j3/. 

'SI IT ^(^QuUJiT. err^^&'O Ullt^ (ip^GQlU<SUfl)(n^60T ^L^Q-amU^ITLDp i£tT^ 

(LpesypujeufTUJ i^Guestojih^th QeuscsrfBQLDeku^ml), 

iSloOT - (^^suGQjr6!yyr(Sli^Q3=LLj_^^ iB2e{ri9®fhjQuji9€'o7, ^^<o'oj srruu- 
^^2ssrk siT^^iOj iSiB^ui - tiiTUiriug'g'eQ^ijLD^ ib<s'ar^ - /bsv/s 

1038. Manuring is better than ploughing ; after weeding, watching 
is better than watering (it). 

ufTiT^^ S^(B^^ecT QsFiuiufT^ i-Di^iB^(f^&f^LDfroSi<shr , Sio°o^ sgya'6t(f?(o*\)oO/r6Tr 
Qu(T30^ ^dsr^&rQ&T Qsxj^^^u iSlsar<s6T6uQ(^ ©ip-sflSm^ ct-^. 

Qs^so^^eo — ^(^QuuuiT. iSlpes)fT QiusSlu^irir^ ^rrQesr Qs^p&iQeuessr® Qlo 

isw/r&oT - (^jij^(oSL^^^ rbirenQesiT^Lnj Quiriuuun-n-^^ Qeumsria 

1039. If the owner does not (personally) attend to his cultivation, 
his land will behave like an angry wife and yield him no pleasure. 

^(Lp^sk (Lp^e^LU Qa^iuGUfTir UJrrioiJiTSf^(^ QspeowEiQarr®^^ eL'QrjQsffrm 
6ij(if)@shTp eu^&fTJT Qpe^pei^LDBiQ^ sfrJT&^np lQ^, 

^05)3"^ ^(f^uurrssiir - Q3'frihiSlu9(r^uu6uea)fr^ s,[T<55s?l&iT - .scmi^ir 

1040. The maiden, Earth, will laugh at the sight of those who plead 
poverty and lead an idle life. 

(Uif-eoiT.) GT-^, — €^QF)eu^a(^ EU£)i(SiS)LDQurr60 (sSsh-^^^ oJirQ^m^ 
dleaieSssr, ev^es^LoQun-eo dlok(^^^ <sj^izsildQuJj iSlfSl^sodso, st-j)j. 

(Q^S - U - (SJD/r.) ©j6ST0DmS&fT - (sp(75SUCTii<5(g) mrtl0S)LQ 

Quired ®j<i^^^^ - ^^Lj(^Q<s'iLj€U^j lu'ir^ STesflsaT-uj/rQ^&jT 
1041. There is nothing that aflaicts (one) like poverty. 

2-. ^)&aT(SjnLD QiU<ssiQeiiW(t^ uxeQ ii5j3/6tnt£iiLj 

^si!resiLDQiuearQsurr(r^urrisSlQLusku^/b(^ Qlds\} j)/(ipiisrrQ/DssTQsijfrQr)Urri^ 
QuusoTt-jL^ LLjesifT^^rriEj (gs!S)/r<a'<s. LD£}jemLo ^LDaDLoQuj^uesT ^(g^Ouujif. FFiurr 

(Q^ - u - es)fr.j — ^«roTiSDLD Gresr - <oU^GS)LaQiU&3Tuu®Slp 

■^'^@) ^^^"-"'"'^^ eunKLa - chqeld, 

1042. When cruel poverty comes on, it deprives one of both the 
present and future (bliss), 

<2.0'®-ii). ,jy^. rboV(3^ir6ij. 


QldiTL^UJ(T&) (sSq^lB'JJ^ ^Cl/^ijO" OTSOrC/TJ'ff- Q^fr<S\^i£frULSlLU^QTjLh. ^sp(^ 

^L^LoQusm ^emrruun-QP) (tperrir : ^o%^^/b(^u QuuuiTTi^^ih &.i—iliuQa,(Bla(j^ 
ecuuQQp^ m0S)3' - ^GS)3^^ Q^rrid emrei^LD - {^m^Qe^uivfou 

1043. Hankering poverty destroys at once tlie greatness of (one's) 
ancient descent and (the dignity of one's) speech. 

(uif-snT>) <ST-^y — ^ei't^eufB^ Qs^frpiSlpsurr^ (^i^UL^piB^frn' LDmLQL.tLjih 

QpuL^UDGnm ^suirLDtTLL® sj^ iS)peij fres^LO Q^rrssrp iS&srp^. ^erfloy/i^ 
p&). Q<sFmT<Bi - ^iTQp£ii®'SSTp ^muS(^^ up/B epQirn-suL^^ ^iliSlpuLSlSssr 

ssa'srCSsmTiLiLia - a_(u/r/b'^ (^L^ui9pii^iSijrt\i^^Q^\jj^La^ ^Gifleurb^ 

1044, Even in those of high birth, poverty -will produce the fault 
of uttering mean words. 

/^S^ ^^^ aO©-/ii. ^P. /E^^irei/. 

(Qs-u-etDT.) — f5&)(^ir<oij Grm^La - 6uj)JGDLnQajm^ 0<?/r 
1045. The misery of poverty brings ia its train many (more) 

uSOTyti). /5eb.SL,T/5«/r/f Q£Ffr(so^(^Q'3Ffrfi) QurrQ^e^esresiUiesiLU^ ^dsouu®ili}eT-jrij, 
QurTnrj'si'riisares>LD<cS)LU^ ^SsulJuO^so/tq/^ u-imSeurt Qa^fr<so6Slijusar 6S(rf)il)Sl.s 

ojrTisuQhEi Qs&TfTes)LDuSlp uulisS<so Qs^rreOisOfTiLi Qpuf-^io, seOi^mJa uiLieisrui—fr 

(TKsrr Qs'iriTeif - Qufr06rfi6\is\i!res)Lii(S!^uUj u®La - ,a-©iL, 

1046. The words of the poor are profitless, though they may be 
sound iu thought and clear in expression. 

iQpis'sTQurrev Qmir&au u®ld. 

1047. He that is reduced to absolute poverty will be regarded as 
a stranger even by his own mother. 

Q'Sir&iTp^ Qurr^ iQjtul^. 

(uiP-ewrr.) er-<^, — QiBQ^iEp^isi Qthrrewp^ Quirmjjj ereardsSleir^^eufl) 
<^pa^ QaFiu^ iB(sO(^jr(2j ^S3rj2/LD <or<oaT[_!n-<M eyjrsaL-.(SiiQ^rr, euib^wio @e^ ujrr^ 
QsFojQeubir J ST-£)j. 

{Q^ - u ~ fOT/r.) — QfbQT^fB^La - QfBrbj)JLDj Q^rre'aip^Qurr 

(G7'5aTe<jf)z_^^) (oUjr&si—suG^frj [suf'b^rrio ®)^ lurr^ Qs^iu 

1048. Is the poverty that almost killed me yesterday, to meet 
me to-day too ? 

Qi—ib^pEJS^ LD!Tix>; iQjrui-\ en'E^L^ turrQprrehiqr/'^ QppaaiR'iicis\i, ot-jj/. 
QiVQTjUiSl^Ca rSsruLja Qmrri^Q^mpeuir (rr/'iSp£U' ^^sijLDsueir sh.p^' 

1049. One may sleep in the midst of fire ; but by no means in the 
midst of poverty. 

<sO. ^uLjjr (sSlideOfrir ^6uir^ ^peiirronLCi 
tHui9p(^rio ^m^^t^ib ffii.p^, 

(LllP-65)/r«) OT-j5Jj — ^sitljiJBld Qurr(J^<3!TS crflebso/r^/r/r puDLorrp Qs^iup 
urr<3\}^ Qppp^ ^p^pQsoturrs(Bjtl) ^^ Qa^ujajn QairiBs's^ LSlpifl&)6Q ^etr 
Gurnu s.uiSljb(^iEi srTL^S(^Ei Sh.p(rijiDj ct-^. 

lairesr LDL^iJJrr(SS)LDiiSlp Qspuupurrco^ ^^Qqj tUfruSlp^'. Qppp^ S^P^ 
^^•C—&-ppi prrQssr efiLlt—SWLDiiSlesr s^qT) <3uixp([r/p ^pihprr jrmiSlies)if iBssrp pih 

^p^^ <s\ifr(du^ ^-ui-jjr ia)S«ji)si)/rsjs)LoiiS!DOT cp(n)Wfrpc///'jb £up!b^frirfruSl(SS)ir iSl^ 
esr6upB!)p LDGor^^rrp^peufTes^LD Quusk ^esyrruurrQ^Qp&rriT' ^^i^esr ,^o°o^err 

^(DS\^iuir.zsijLD')^^5)Jir^ ^psiiir<SDLn - (Lp(tp_^fb ^p6iJfrQ^fri^^e\)y 

1050- The destitute poor, who do not renounce their bodies, only 
consume their neighbours' salt and water. 

&Q3^-LD, ^^. ^U<S1^' 

@63^ imrssTi^ ^jrrrsSjTSij ^ireu/renLoCoj/r Q 
sjpuiu^asfTU-i 2.L_t£) QufTihuuu® QicecT^ih ^p,^<b\> eiJLgs(<^u up/Sl Qlo 
QediuQ'jJ ^su w s ^ p ^ f£'^^ ^Goa>(ffjisp Qufr(^LL® ^i/"ia/ <3h-^@chT(n/'if. ^^ 

(uV-SJ)T.) OT-^, — fBbS)ffk.iTihi£(T(T ^^^;Sp QapL^iSDi—uuiTss)rra> srf€sSmj 

n^^irp Qqijaii,^. ^ir^^p Q^pn<mL-aJ jTrreuirt' s_es>iTUJ!TenLD(Lp<sar egnessr (tF) 
QLD[r&3rss>ija u^einL—tujrmu LDiTp(ff ^ajtriT. jyawr SLda^ &,iflujjrfr&GQp arrest QesT 

^LD, Siwfr ^(^p (^(SS)p&frL-t~(T'3!>LDuSip ajTui^Qstsr sh^ijDy iBfriLQcijjrfruSlear ^u 

Qojm^uo), tsjpiSli^mTLDfnL L^irsumesiLDiSlp pthuL^iuekQpm^Ei sh.^(^n. 

^P(^ (5J 'pL\<3S>l—\LiSi}<SiS)!r \^ S>i—(^(lpm^SlQLh ^rSllha^ Q&[t(BljU 

1051. If you meet with those that may be begged of, you may 
beg; (but) if they withhold (their gift) it is their blame and not yours. 

&0^r-LD. ^Q. ^n-^-ij. 3^j)j(sr ^/^y 

^mu Qp(tf^^ euffioor. 
(uf-60)T.) CT-^, — ep0CL'^@ @i7",d5^(2?^La (^bhu^Qp Qa^eumh, 

(ST -SI' 

uw — a^irSl QiLjfr(fhe!r)L£)uQuiJUiT. Si<^siJi^n'&i&yr FPaL/rrrrU'LL. aircHQpiBu-es;^ LoSii^ 

fseufr ^G>Tu(Lp(jffaiif\ Qanehrj^j urrL-QiDrr^, ^ff AauuLLi—euir Ou/r^srfliocreKa) 
(ipi5<^ULjsun)(vr;>p £iisisrL^(7rj> ^ gt^it eu.i^eujrrruSl Qbmein-^<sDn'ULjrr(ir, (Lpmfr. ^enoj 

^&iTU(LpQrj'L£i&i^ (oUlfl^'oT - Gil (f^LBfT u9(.ST ^ ^jIT^fi^ - ^IT^fS^La 
^o'sTULc^ - (^i'aru^^p^ (qT^iJ'olinLO. 

1052. Even begging may be pleasant, if wliafc is begged for is ob- 
tained -without grief (to bim that begs). 

tB IT U L\Q LniT QfTGT (T^SZOL-^^. 

(uiV - emir.) er-^j — an^^ (^bs:<s<i!r fs 0/S(^©&5r(/je3)i_uj imremwiBeijnrr 
(LpeareariT Sehr^ ^sutTtDml. QL-rr&sr rBsr^^^ih neo^ffh-ir/s^fTirai^ ^j"tp@C!»L_ 

Q^lU ^(ITj&S^^ Qsil6ai!T(B(Lf)UJIT QsuSOTp ^i^OO, ^wfraiQ ^^Sl—Q£)ST(oSTU 

eSssr QpeJsr&^ssT Qpear^uthy Qs^ird-o^^eonism eij(tr)i^ Q^emLo QiuLu^n-esiLouSlear 
O/5^0S5aru_|iSjr»L_uj, <5e/l_6ot ^nSleurrir (ip&iT - LDir&sTLD^euirrrnp&iT 

1053. There is even a beauty in standing before and begging of 
those who are liberal in their gifts and understand their duty (to 

•F*. ^^P^,3^^ lE^Q<S\) QutTQ^fhJ sjr^^di<5\) 

i£friT LDmL(9a'Q£F6sT Q(yr/'6kpSssr uSIj^^^ud (su/SuumTdi ^^Q&o Quit^ld, ct-jj/. 

1054. To beg of such as never think of withholding (their charity) 
even iu their dreams, ia iu fact the same as giving (it oneself). 

(£lFUU6Uir Qu^pQ^irm eu^, 

(uif - onT.) (oT-^, — Ga^iTGO^^issr LomLL-fr^ (tpbirerflppsir mrr^^jr^ 
^!T<sar ^jTuumr s^uSlQirrrisiup Quit([F)lJB ^^Sw QiopQaifrecBT® Qurr^Sl'Ssr 
p^ cSysy/ris® 2_eTr6rr^ sjtisijit^ Q&fr(9uufriT Qeoir s^eois^^emnnu ^ecrcwuj 

6hGt^<5iiTpLiinaj^jr^^fr<i\)j &iruL] ^sv/r/r - (^jij6utf&(^ s^fftrm^) 
^sS^ssfTLnp Q<sfr(Buu6uirj emo/uja^^ - S-<ooa^^, ^^msres^Ln 
vunr&i - ^(t^&Q&srpui^S^QeOj ^jruwouir — , QiapOsatsuov^ - 
C^-^A,^^) ^^/o'3'S'riS7T6i;j5y, (^S-uSlirsn ^^p Qufr(7FLLQL—iurrLa.\ 

1055. As there are in the world those that give without refusing, 
there are (also) those that prefer to beg by simply standing before them. 

QujsdeOfT QLOfrnrjfiniQ Qs®La, 

e>!T^^&i <c^(!T)'cis p(^ Q<aijeasi®QJ Q ^rrSsr p&sr-es>u:iiRm sj^^^sr QiBtrQiuear^uuij 

(ipaa^iEi Q&(BlQLDsiiT£}j urri—QiDrr^} Gr^3=rrLDpQ&(BQLDek £ii'oS^n-uurr(f^(Lp6mT' 
(Q^ - u - szn/r.) — siruLf ^®Ln<oS)u - (^S-etTcrres)^^ ^&rl^^ 

1056. All the evil of begging will be removed at the sight of thosa 
who are far from the evil of refusing. 

67. ^sCpibQ ^m<5n!T ^aiiTGT>iT^ aifTeBsflesT LaQiptb^Qnerr 

UD. rSjTuLSKBuDesiu QssQ^&xsrrQGuiu&iT/SI ^il>i_j&)ekasrTiT^'Lo QufflskuQiouj^i^ 

1057. Beggars rejoice exceedingly when they behold those who be- 
stow (their alms) with kindness and courtesy. 

(uif - 60)1.) <oT-^, — su^es^LDiLjr) fSlnuurr if^^-c^LurTuS.ssT^ (^e^irfE^sSli^^ 
^ajfsQjTs (B\&p(rrfp QeFm^suih^n-p Qu!T^Cd) ei-^u- 

eiirrQjr euewfE essKairV^ ereorffr^iT iSlp(if)LD. ^^Q^ir'SS)i_ uSlmuQfSfra&rr^ ^Huu 
{Q^ - u - cjn/r.) — ^jruurrir - (ay^sOTtoiq/D^) ^jruueuT^ 

©jL—OpGnL—iu Qu^iu i^iB ii9 GpiGfT err 6U jr ^1 J (G)<3=i5U6i| ewirsijcSBsrr), mir 
uurT(SD6ii - (a_u9/fl^v)gD/r^) Lmruuireneu^ Qa'&iT^ eui'bflp^ - 
( (ST Ibis's s,vSlp (ft? €>i'\ Qa^b'oT^ (suib^rrrb Quit g^i ld, 

1058. If there were no beggars, (the actions done In) the cool wide 
world would only resemble the movement of a puppet. 

essr® ufTiLu-iT^Lh s.&jQp Qtsruutrfr Qisumr(BQLDsku^ 3h.puut—LSi' 

^ioSOIT S<SUl8 y fF6UiTITS6m ~ Q ■S[r(BuLJ6iJ nl l—^,^, <oT<S<ST - (57637637, 

Q^n-ppisi - Lyam, 2_SD3Tz_;Ti£i - Q^essri—rr^LDf [lu/r^LfleoSoU sr&sr 

1059. What (praise) would there be to givers (of alms), if there 
were no beggars to ask for and receive (them). 

650. ^jruufTsisT 06i/^6ifr/r(o3)Lo QeusssT® iQjrui9(SltJo.&siu 

(Llif-65)T.) ST-^, — FPsvir^a(^Lj QurTQT)(^^QJ!TeiJL^, ^QjQearesT^ SSsar 
^so OsOTsar^ ^suSssr uSlfTuurrscr Qsuf^snir QsfTjSl^sd Qeu6m(Btli j eSy^ Qeuesar 
ijLaj QufTQ-p^ ^^GunQstmu^pi^ Qw^a^a^^ Qisutsssri—fTj fSiTuurrQiu ^ear 
€^(Btsi(SS)u ^rTQeoTiLj(i^ ■3'assT(rrj>^ eassiLDiLjih, sr-^. 

uj/rai//r<a@Lb Qcusx!i(Bi^^ud Sds\}uSi6sresiiDiLi (Lp&eQiu i^parrrm^ (LpesurQi— 
^friTS(^LD s^piss^paa^h^ Qurr(^6rr aiioS)t—aeh.L-i—p(^ Sjw^^ih ^sstu^ss)^^ 

(Q^ - u - (S!o/r.) — ( FT' 'SUITES (mu Q u fT (T^dfT S-^eiirr^eQi—^ 
Qpi)j ©fjruuirissT - ©jjuueum ^ Qioi](^miTGnLn QsusmQth - {®\6ucst 
C7S3T(50<s Q.£5/r©sS<5aT^(ooQs3Tio3T^ ^ei/Sssr) Ga^mQLUfrQsfTLSl 
^&o (0 61/6337 ©i£) ; (^^^QeiJsssn^ujQ u[r(Lp^ S-.ssufrQsi6cfju^p(m 

1060. He who begs ougbt not to be angry (at a refusal) ; for even 
the misex'j of (his own) poverty should be a sufficient reason (for so 

<5E0OT-ti, «Sy^. ^ir6)j4-&-LD. iP3isi3i ^y^^/ 

3iQ<oT-lh. ^^. glZTGUJ^^LD. 

^oo^iroj^i LDfrest/b^ir euQf^Sjli^p a.(^5?^60. ^^arrjr (LpoD/DQ^LDiLjili ^^ 

(63)G'6!JT <^efriEJ(^LO, 

2_eD37LDQm^-^ QsfTiBdS(^EJ aessQuaeoa' S/Di^rrir ld,tl1.(Bud ^ircun-Qis G^Q^Gusk 

6W5p/5 ^^mujsoeo^ ^^p(^ l6)@^ sh-i—rres^LDuSlekj eymsoQismr QpiupQturr 
gpsrBaffi/Tic&o, ^6iJiB^ - (^a//r eiJiruQupCSpOmesr^') £_ sir (srr in Si 

®^<S\)j (oSfTl^ S-^Ld - {^irib^ Q^iff06ULD(S!ni_^(o&)eu) Q alT L^Ldl— 

1061. Not to beg (at all) even from those excllent persons who 
cheerfully give without refusing, will do immense good. 

Q<S@6E 6lJ<5\)QiUprS! LUfTCOT, 

(uiP-6iJ)T.) OT-^, — ^QjG^&)i£^Q!>^u ue!DL—^^<si'6W ^^m&ssST eyfrtpeurriT 
s,(m (LptLieoT ^uSliT (surrip^'Sso lum/Sl ^srii^ (tpSir (sun-tp^Ss\)Qsueo'sTi^ (c£i^^^!T 

(oU)i£y CT-^. 

^^pQis^eniTUJ Qa^ujQ^fTL^I&iVtl) ULpsSSsnr euiu^^trp nQ^Qsurr® aeofs^evsir 
Qp Sjenm &pLSls(^LD6aTQp, ^aupj^jil ©50 (a/uS)/fa@ ^jt^^Ssoil^ld ep^ QsFiU 
Q^rrL^sOfrsi &piS^^rri<:^u^&sT ^^^eSSsartuirp (nj^ia ^^^ewu (Lpp(j-oQe>j 

us!S)i—^^6ii6h^ (^^^(sSi—^^ 6UfrLf)'oumT.s(^ (TptueaTjjy &6iJasT(^ 


1062. If the Creator of the world has decreed even begging as a 
means of livelihood, may he too go abegging and perish. 

[fi_^ ^l0ST(3^tJb iBQCaeiSiU iBjrm^^'T euarQin&iT^u^ 
(uif-6!nnr.) ist-^, — en^uGDLDiUfrek evQfjii^evru^Gsy^ (Lpiussr^ Ss&a&u. 

QtB/Sliumu (Lpijup9i i§ps QfB/Siuu&xsvfT^ ^ireun-p {Sirsaa s^^^eSew-, 
eueisresyLDiUiTuSp^. eu6srurr(B — QpJTi—®^^iosi<ss)LDj cSyo°o^/r<a/^ e^JTfr^ Qspuj^ 
iBppiso. ^sa^^ GU^GS)LD ^ki5p(&fo>[5^ ^iTwswQpmu^ 3h.puuL-i—^. 

iQds!ruurru:is\)^j ^jrii^ ^irwrrta 6T<ssT^La . ^irm^ daaasL^Qisurr 

1063. There is no greater folly than the boldness with which one 
seeks to remedy the evils of poverty by begging (rather than by 

S^, (^u.QLn-s\)€\)[rrb] Qa^rrGfrenir^ ^GDtS^Q^ u9/_t£)e060/r<a; 

<55/rsi2/ LSjrQ6}jrr&)6vrra= .3^/ris\)q. 
(uif-63)T.) 6T-^, — ^£BirQ<Siiesm(B£U6m^6irrpl i^mSh-rrrh^euLBu^Lo iSlpirurrp 

US' <a0^^. 

(B6u^<5\)<oMfrLas\) GLi^GtyiLauuLLL-GSli—^^iLDj ^^^ " (tSlmiflu.^ 

^tr^in)^ G) <5& /r sir err /r^^sn<5^^ - Qanenetrir^ QuoFGiyiLDiLjizs^L^ 

1064. Even the whole world cannot sufficiently praise the dignity 
that would not beg even in the midst of destitution. 

(^. Q^ieoijrsOTF jr®L//i)<sjr)£B lumSl^ii, ^iri—fb^ 

U^ Sh-pillUL-L-^. 

1065. Even thin gruel is ambrosia to him who has obtained it by 

QjreSl esflsrfley/b'^ ^(^, 

Ssvra, aszrar® SjpQ^i® ^^p(^^ ^easfesiffiT ^JT <si)Q<su6sm(B(olLDm ^srm^Q^ir&o 
^msfT^uoi ^eneSljre^QufTm e^(f^<aiJ(^sSp Qefieu/b^^ LSl/S!^£i8s\}j er-^u* 

^ afr^Q^rrmueo QujrpLDrraeQsar ^eSpQsscrnjimj QurT(iT)enQs,!T®^^-s 

cSyipOcyn-o'bsuerrCJayuj/raeSesT isn-eSlpQsm^LD, Sj^^irek OTeosxj/reflerfiaS^'ti Qld 
pu(B^(3Slm ^eSsiJis^^&oQeosh^uisi sh./Sl(^iT. ©^(gjssr Sfp^io (Lpiuew^ Qs^uu 
djeJsso&>Si ^jr/5^Q<3^uuiijp&Qevsuru^ Sh-puui—i^^, 

(^Q^-u-GDW.j — ^^p(Q - (^^65ST€s<^ itQu(rr^plp^(m /S^snui 

1066. There is nothing more disgraceful to one's tongue than to 
use it in begging water even for a cow. 

siuuiT ifljreue^TLQ Osar&orjj/. 

Qa'rTei,<^OaJsSm, £^LDa@ijs&Qeijmr(BLDiTuSp pLDS(^<^&T^ sjruun-e^fTuSljrsuir 


Qs!!T60r(17/'IT. ^)^(65)S0T LDnGUT lb^JTeil(rf)lBir<^ <sS^<ii£UULLl—^. 

1067. I beseech all beggars and say, " If you need to beg, never 
beg of those who give unwillingly." 


1068. The unsafe raft of begging will split when it strikes on the 
rock of refusal. 

(u(P - GOiir.) er-^, — S-(sni—iumT(LpehT ^^\}<bvrriT Q^pesr/Slins^ /§pp<sS<^ 
Qsfr(B<siDLces)UJ iSSsmih^fr&d lonhQperr&ribJ ssiSDrr/s ^(if)S!TiSp(^LD ; @<5sS SjihS^ 

sfrp Qarrsirsvrrfr (^/Sluu" tsrSsiqnk iSlpQTjUD. ^ir<sS^iui£Bireij Qsrri^Q^&sTu 
SiTLO. ^■sjb(3^u LSlpQiTb-OQvrrLD ^jri@6STp6i'(tr)6iT6rr (Lp(rF)(^QLD^ ^e!s>rr^^friT» 

^JTib^ !^ppS&n Qsfr(E!<5^La<^uj, 2_6rr£rr . iQdsifr^^iT<s\)j £_siT6Trus- 

SL-sv-ffiT - i§lds^^/Brr6\), a-STrsrr^ui - ^ 01)61^(75(^01 err ei^ ^jIt^lb 

1069. To think of (the evil of) begging is enough to melt one's 
heart ; but to think of refusal is enough to break it. 

«0, Sjruu6ijirs QiU(nk}Qa[Teft\k(mib Qan&^Qeon eSlFuuevi'r 
Qd'rrsMevfrL—u Quire^ (Lpu9ir. 

(u[P-OT)ir.) CT-^, — aUTuurrif ^ooSsvjQojsffrjj/ Qa=fr^\)sdm^uj ^SsssrajrrQssr 

&.iSliT iSlear^fS pri^iresr ji/uQuitq^^ <STuLys»/ru-/'— i-j<iQa>rr&fl^^f§lp(^uDf(or-£u, 

SLuSirQumssofTisiJ^ ^^ lUfrQLDeaTQa^uu^QLDSurQ/DEiQa^ Qa^ixjiiup^ iBp 

pbSi'y '^jijiifSdsoQixj — LDrrtufrQ^ Lcrrp^ eE'iL^m" sTm(7i^if iSlpQ^Lo. QanLi—rr 

cDfT^ Qi£iT^s>30Sijp(Vj'ajQ3-!Tfl} Q^Frr&ieufTaDrra^Qibrrp'd-o Qs" rr aCts^QeiKoom i^tr eurruS^ 

LD S/^i£fr^3T@SST/Ss\)lX) ^o°oQ^&^Q(GS) QeUGUTU^fTUD. <oU£U<SS)U:)lL^p^ lB LDemmuJIT 

iSlbir LDSS)pi(£uu(BeiJn-irn-iu LSlpiT<i(^<3= Qs'tr^kiscimsjuueiSfTp QutraaQsiEiQa 

(^ppQpm .sjTsSsk (QppQpLD g^0'S/@ dii.puuil.i—6ar . 

(^Q^-u-(o!nfr.^ — Q<s=fre06)ifri— - (^eaGifluueuir g)&uSsoQt/j6aT^) 
Qa=rr6d(s^LU tx^n-^^FaiQ^^ ^iruueiiir - ^iruuoyn-i(^j sStr — 
QuiTLOi • QunrsfT Slearpr,^ -^ airuu6i}[ta(^ - (^^e^^ Qiy/rgosy/Q 

^^ rQp(mQLafr, 

1070. Saying " No" to a beggar takes away his life ; (but as that 
very word will kill the refuser) where then would the latter's life hide 

^0^ - tr. ^fi. ^lUS^LD. 

^puuu.^ (^somisj&i^^ ^pLjes^^LuecT ^rStliSl^^^ iu^^fri(^ Gl^uu^ emQy<s 
^^iijajr<^uj,T'u @sw/B«OT tufT&jiBs^jririu SQipfrjr^ ^^k^uj. ^^^^o g}o'o 

(ui.f - €8)1.) CT-^j — isiji^sijrr&sT (Lp(La^LD Ln&aSmQiuiTuuir aiuoy/f; jyia//? 

LKBerr^rriu Q&jfrui-jss}LDes)iu. LD&aLL<f frQ s^iej &iua'£Frr^s(QLD eui^Qeuir^^ 
eSip (<^s!!sriEJS6fr^ ^6ssreinLDuSl6STe!)LD(£e(Tfr 6srid\)so^ Qevp£iiss>LD uu/jSojuui—rrQ^ 

&StU^!TLD' ^^(Q)P aUJSUJT^ (^ppScff)^ Oh-pUUL-l^^. 

(Q^-u-cjD/r.) — svLieiirt - QCoLpirlr^ LnisQ£tTQufr<s\)6uir - {euuf. 

1071. The base resemble men perfectly (as regards form) ; and we 
have not seen such (exact) resemblance (among any other species). 

2_. JB&srp^ (surrfip stusulr 

siL asudso u9(soJrfri£iscrr6STj (oT-£?j. 

idesrQpehru^ ■3'fr^QujiT(iF)es>LD. ^^v^setrrreiiesr ^lds!>ld ld^us^ld <^(BslL 
(^ffliueurruu L^sipp(^iTissT ishesit , ^supoDptufSleymT ^<^eu Qa^iuiumBeinQp iBits^ 

QsrrQ&)^£)JLo, ^eup^sar LD^^doOiuiriu ui^ufreuLO/SLurricinLD Qiussr ueai en p 

eQiueup/Sp &(Sf,3=rrQrreku^ gh-puui—i—^, 

(Q^-LJ-6!J)/r.) — fsmjpj - (^ijD.s@) 2_j3/^uj/ru963T(S3)(sy<£B2srr^ 

Lofflssir, ^(f^6^<ss^i—iuir - fseheiDiXiinesii^uJFireiJiT ; (^^6uiTGufr<5\)'^^ 

1072. The low e)ijoy more felicity than those who know what is 
good, for the former are not troubled with anxiety (as to the good). 

/E_. Kd^w irossrLuir siueu jreufrnK^ir 

(ulP - COIT.) ST-_^, Q^l51]Qf)!SJ SULJe}J(rf)UD g?(5 SieST eS)LDIU IT f Sjoo^iLlfT ^^ 

L\(SijssTeupgs>pa=' QeFUjQ^rT(igi£is<>!r&srj OT-jj/. 

1073. The base resemble tbe gods ; for the base act. as they like. 

(u[P - 6!nT.) OT-^j — ^LpmiSl(^6uT ^emsi^/b &?(fr)faSlaj ulLi^ojit Qiu(TQ£>(^ 
<jy^{63)^ p<5BnB(^@{£(nLL^ uSl^LDrr<i(^Lhj ot-^. 

1074. The base feels proud when he sees persons whose acts aro 
meaner than his own. 

©. c:^d^'9'Qu:> Sfpaerr ^ira^n-jr Qt£)J->9= 
(uf-emrr-) er-^, — atueujr^rriu eurrsFfTJrrii a,(^sj L^^saaTi—iruSissr jy^^@ffl 

ear^ia sh./Sl(^iT. (sra^e^a^^hrs.dw Qsamssi ^QiDLpmsu^ ^£)j^aii£i— Qi—rr&a^. 

Qu(ff)LDU!T&5I SOLD S^jS'SFlS), S^VUfrdretDLD QufTQ^L-Qu^, <^iSi]<cSlfTSaSn-(T^ LD6BI/dI 

epiBib^reo, ^'oUfT - ^ oj rr gu u u (B lbQ u rr Q^m ^ a-OTarGL-i^i) - \^fi 

1075, (The principle of ) behaviour in the mean is chiefly fear ; if 
not, hope of gain, to some extent. 

(uiP - 65)1.) ST-^, — smaQiLiLi—LDSSips.'hsn ^i—ihQiSfT^.i ^iTiaQsQsfT 

QllJiTL-UfT, OT-,22/. 

Lcssip - Qeus^uui^p (QibpiD eSloSfnLjQLcesr^u SlpeDfT Lcsmp^^ sp(fr)eiJ6k 
OeFfT'soeSluu O^Tsb. tSlpiT-^u:>LDSs)/D^^jb(QifliUiriT. ^<Li ^Q ^m qff rr , ^euiras^ 
QuQr^uDUfTJTLDrr^Qi^&Q. uesip gp0si;6ffrejD<siu/r/o pskSsw lU/SlsSl^^ Q^irmpdssr 

^QJLDUD. ^^(gjsb ^SUir^ Oa=/25<aS(SOT SDLO Sh.puuL^L-^. 

QumUj L9/D/f<s@ — , Q.C!y)rr.s35svrr6ST - Q3=rrs\)^^<o\)n(5\), •siuevir - SCp 
Ld^^&T^ S>j'3T>p ue!y>p ^mioSTn: - ^<sT>p[uuu®La u<3T)pQu[T&i 

1076. The base are like a drum that is beaten, for they unburdea 
to others the secrets they have heard. 

(LJif-Gtnd.) GT-^, — siuQJiT ^isis^ulSISsst Q^^uu^sts euf&fi^ QDSuSlSsnr 

evddrr/B^'sns — (Lp£)i&QiijicS>s. QLcs^i<avmTs(^ tufr^rsjQsrri—mTj /rsSay/rffsQ 
{Q^-U~(ST>IT.'\ ,StU6U,T - S'(J5LD<S65sV^ Qs,ill^^ S_6!nL_<5(^tL - 

i^^inrir - Q^rSliUiiJ, 

1077. The mean will not (even) shake off (what sticks to) their 
hands (soon after a meal) to any but those who would break their jaws 
^Yith their clenched fists. 

^, G)<S^!TbV<c!Vu uaj607u(Bsu'r if n' isoi Q (rrj' ii' iBQhUjLjQuirri) 

Q.SfT€\ieVU U\U&iTu(Bliiil Sip, 

(uif - G!i)iT-) GT-S^} — QiDeQiurriT Qa^dr^n ^iB(gew/D(SWii-,'*-G)5^/7-(&bs5)uj ^Bsasr 
uiu^u(Bs<tf^ — P-<sn-(sn^Qi£fr(B^^^^. QLprru^^uQiS<^Q^!T6h!p, QuneorriiSi 

)^€y>n-U^U3 S.I—COT eh./5I^IT. ^uOTfflJ uSlFSasr(BuiTI—i—fT^UD J^jeuij QiBfT(9i(^LDIT^ 

(Q^ - u - esiir.y — eFrre'oTQmrj'iT - Qi-0 6\i{r SQ^'r, Q<3=/^o^)6^) - 
(Qinis^iufsu'r Qurnu^ ^iki!m<S!^p(SS)iu\ Q3'rr^(SuJ6n<3iTiaS\Qeo^ uiu 
6'oru®6uir - (^^jTiKiQ') i9irQajfr3=&nuu(El6)jir I 'dCp - (^tMfixsryip^ Stpir 
u5)(2'^/r, ^(mLOL^Qufrdo — , Q.zfTe06M - {ene^iLueuir^ (sntbiuQfhQhaiQiu 

1078. The great bestow (their alms) as soon as they are informed ; 
(but) the mean, like the sugar-cane, only when they are tortured to 

6i/®a65/r4iZOT 6xipQr^(^rij Sip, 

(uif-siotr.) ST'^, — l9/dit QsF&osu^^rrp ulL(B(b ^Q^ (lp<S^^Ssoiljl1i urr 
Co-u/r L_ip.S ^sasTL^asVLLjiEi StpfTuSli^eir afT^HLDrruSlsirj ^supes^pu QuadTj-^ 
^wfTLDfTL^-® ts}j(B(sS!i):Ssoiun-s<aiiLo S-GosTU-iras eu^bCisoi^Lh, gt-^u. 

&.(Buu^j S-sasT uQ r£6sr u6ur PF£isTu.eueij^ Q^rrt-^^QuD ei^ehpssr j sjaup 
QPp y^emri—eo serrir^ssrQp^sQuj LSlpQ^rrL^^MS(^Ei QafTenisrruu®LD. jiienp 
einpa si£wL—^?0ssruun'Q&5T Qurr(i^'^LDQiuuj^6Qp 6s/r633ffG}ea7eBrj2/LD, QacL 
u.rriT i§)^ ■shJBQiD'Sisr ^QD'jjuuuuemu.^^Q-o ^if^^fr&eSsk 6Lip(y7/(^QLDesr^iE/ 
Sh-/SI'^ir' ^^i^p iSpirQa^ibXxaiJLD Qurr(rrj>es^LD Sh-puuiLi—^, 

(Q^ - u - (S!Drr.^ — Sip - SipiriBCoi^&sT^ si^Quu^id - (ulL 

®ib^Q&)]LB\ 2_®^^SoOtL|i£), S^cmU^LO - (u IT ^l' ^Q 3= IT ^1 LO^ 

S- ss'isT^i^s §51) iL| u) ^ Airea^m - ,£6^aTL_/7&u^ (^jyssyevQuir mjLn&d\ Spiv 
(cLQtoH) — ^ ((g^ffjLflJoSo^oj/TiESijti)), 6i;©^<s/r6jj5T - (^ppapes'tyri—ira^Sy 

1079. The base will bring an evil (accusation) against others, as 
soon as he sees them (enjoying) good food and clothing. 

<sEO. GTprSlp (^ifliu'r BHUGisQinr i'oT £)ipp&.zfr<3\) 
cSlppp (mirluj'r 6S)<s^fri'b£^. 

(ulP - gSlT.) €T'^, eSOJQJIT ^iJDGDIJD LUIT ^IT§^QLDITQr) ^esTu (tp p p a SS [T dx) 

£)j^Qisu up^aQiEfTi—fTis (sSles)iT/b^ igLbemic'lj Spaai(^ dlppp (j^ifliuir ; ^^ 

ehrp s^fk^ppaarrQioodT^iiLDj QiB(TefT(Sf^Qmr(rfffr atsi auuiaDLDUJ/Sl/b^ Qwessn—ir 
Qeussrpp^QpswQew i^p^/Sppe^sar GSemn-isQ^<5or£^iEi &h./£l(^iT. £^Qf)Q^rri^p(^ 
(LpifliujTbyi&iQrreiT u^ (^iBuQua^sFih, ^^^p (jyi-D L^ptT-saL^GSiLDUurnh Spu 
Qirmu^ eh^puuLLt—^, 

{Qau . u - cD/r.) — .xLueuiT - QQiptrrr, eQ&sr^ - e^Qh^i>hTULcij 

1080. The base will hasten to sell themselves as soon as a calamity 
has befallen them. For what else are they fitted? 


Ou!T(I^L—U!r&) QpplSlp^, 



<S smr (SiSi OJ <^. 

eo^ Q^rrQF)Qutr(T^smr<sar gtiL/so^ ^siir^/b S/DuL^esiL-^^ntu arrLDsSlemus 

^<k>j ^jTisiseo, muL-QsomwssrQsuiTQisue^sarj ^wit Qurr(fT)LLurr( 

^puD QurrQ^ dflskuQuDGsr euL-,^ib\) eiJLpa>(^uup/S QiLnr^^ffurrssr, ^ojisvrrQp 

lusupi^pu Lj)/fiffl96or<s 6337"i_<s©(es)G) /rear <»• @63f? ^(SS)eu ^uj(cS)imQiu aSm 

eir^il) 0uQf)il)urTehT6S)LDup/£l gij(^^^, ^supesipJ" Sf<ss)euLB(^^uujuu 2_cU46 
i5es)t—Qujfr(B f^ui-J QLDirojeufT'^LDiLjQpesiu.iu eurraOt^ sk.^@sar(rr]>iT. ^d^eSisQ&rr 
G^jTsssri^^<s!i(&^ik seireurreu^ i3es^Qput3puL\ss^(sfi]ssT/Sl 6T(^(^rr6sr^ Qmrr 
(r^^m(SS)LDiujrfriu SL0O/i5^0ia/LD u^w(Lpiui(^(si)^iEi (^msr^ ldgstlj npaeSujajp 
(^P pLDQp QciriruLjesiLDU^e^L—iujnruJ ^SsOLoa^^i is2sdLDa(ef^LQ iSlpiTQsfr(Bu 

Lia/ LoQuLjGljLDSSr^U UfT(b-0(SlJ(3S)atUITp (TIjQlD QiU^ITUUlKBu LyCOT/fffi^ (Sl/(ff)£ll^. 

j)ji5dssr QujLpSliEmr^^rrp sh-^eutrsir Qi^i—ssi®} (Lpsp&L- L—es)s,\iJssm sa(y^^ a 

'^^1, aai^sr^iippQufrQpQ^ rSsj^ev^rrseQesr^ (Lp^p'StL <3f>.puuLLL^^, 

<S. ,^ SSSI fbJ (mQ S, IT 6\)mLJL0u9<S\) 0<55/r&w(coU/r 'S&ST[bJ(^f^Lp 

(Lp&sradsTL-rSlwesiwecsrpa^ Qpr6iBS^LDS.^T 

(uif-fiOiT.) CT-^} — ^isesisSluu @e3:iL£)SJD!tJiqioin£_uj/rCTr ^uQurri^ps^a 
eapcurr Qetririr Q^iueutxiaQerrn'? J)j6st^ Quurr(r^LDiiSlid\i<2SQ£Fu.QLDrT? js^eir^QLurrQ^ 

laasrrfSmp^j er-^'t 

^QDITUUrTQT) (LpSrT.T. ST (ip ^ iM [T & fT (SijQT^Glji ^63T SUQ^^ ^(LpiX^ Ufi)/Sl ^SSST El <^Q it, [T 

^&srQ£aT(z^sFi^ Gi3'mpcs>u2i^LD SjsuQm^iTQiSfr&Qiu eurr^uih u/b/SI u^fr^n-Qafr 

QoXiSaT^lhJ Sh-rS^tST, 

(Q^ - U - 63)/r.) — <S63TLD (^€y)Lp - ^ is&iTLCiT QlLI (^SlDLp 

(^.xi—6ij<6mrs\) ^iririLJn3^ut5ir)L—'S<SLJULL.i—^is^(rfjLDu9&o eSiQg^Si^QLnrr? 
(^iuffO/rt£)&u^, LaT3:iT Q^rrio-t^qEix^tr^L^Larr^Qn it ? Gri>'6TQi5^fft - 

Gr&^LaSSTLDj LOIT^lli - (®j6ll2lS1T ®j <oh &iT 3 SV s'oT ^ ^1 eosfl IJJ LniTL-U.[r 

1081. Is tliis jewelled female a celestial, a choice peahen, or 
human being ? My mind is perplexed. 

2_. QjBir^Q^ Q^s)&Q&^'t Q!b!r&(m^ (rrf'&3>s5^ih](^ 
^fT^&Q^frss'sr L—mesT ^iSff)Z_^j57. 

(uf-emT.) cr-^j — ^uQujb/Sl^^mu Gnesrui^ocrsriLios^t—UurTen- sTmQi^& 

SfrSosresiiuiLjiEj QiBiTessr^isjib^rTjbQuiT^ih issiT(sinLDesiuuiLjeiDL-^^, sr-^. 

Qld^ld ^essnk(ajOa;fT eon-iuLCiiS!^-\:)Qi£fr Qsdmpes^LDinnek, ^sFs^efi—® 
eij(f^eSi&LJULLL-.^, sT^rrQiBTTS'^^ Qe\)6mpss>LDuSl6iT, j)i^ (^f^iLi-l QrDtT<i&rr 
uSlp^' Guesruurr&i Gii(iT)m^^<^QLD^Ei r^/SluLjQf5n-A<srT<so gvqT)/b^^(so Sh-^uu 
eu[T£ii' QfsrraQ^ Q&TsaTu^p(Q OToarjPS) Qi^isuui—L-fTQsmsar ^(SsyiruuTQ^ 

(Q^-u-GDir.') — G'^'5/r>a;©(OT)s*T - (^uul^uul-L-^ ^ipQi2syr 

£g^ -J ^;T3,(^^5SSTlbJ(^ - (^/tCcSw) ^IT ^QeUQ^Si ^Q p ^© ^^^ 

61/ LJ Q LT 60 37 J ^frSsST^ Qc55ff"633TL_ 607 637^ _ ( ^ IT S(^^p (^d^') Q 6F SsST 

1082. This female beauty returning my looks is like a celestial 
maiden coming with au army to contend against me. 

Qu5bdTL-GT>.ZUJ!Tfl) Q U IT Lnif d^ <f£/_l@, 

L^/Bsu^o^oO^ neiaTL^/SQujdr-^ ^uQufr(Lp^ itsosri—^,iQit<5aT-^ ^^ Queo'siL- 
es)<£iLji—Qa!r Qurtliusumu ^Lorr^^ sa'sradstr (i,'swL_^-^, ST-jr^. 

giGbSrL-(£l(bQ^<o'ol\ (^^)j Queo'sT ^S{D3^LU[T&) - (iBITCSQTLB LBL^LD ^ ¥ 

1083. I never knew before -what is called Yama; I see ifc now ifc 
is tbe eyes that carry on a great fight with (the help of) female qualities. 

•aF', <!h6ssTL-rr Q^aQgr^sssT^^iih QpnTpp^^srp Gu6a3TU.e!i-)^u 

QiUC!T>^<£ <XLCilT^ 65607 <55Sr37" 

(uir - 69)T.) CT-^, — Qu6asJi-.<as)ai<ss>ajiLi<ss)L^uj 6SuQi_es)s&(^ &.<orrevmu 

^LDiT^^eo — LD[T^u(BiB<^^' (^essiihiaLL^LD Qi^(S^^es)LDa(m Qmi>Ofr^ 

{Q^-u-(sr>[T.^ — Qu6QST3-<sy>iB - Qu5o'i:;r(^6SuTiiLiS(Gmi5J)L-iUj Qu 

^srsTL^iSUjr^^ 2_u9,f s.6ssj^:j(ti Q^n-pp^^ire^ - g- 1/9 gg^ /r tq so'srsmi li 

1084. These eyes that seem to kill those who look at them are as 
it were in hostilities with this feminine siniplioity. 

^muQp,i ^eoTuQpuD e^Qr^rai^ Qa^ojajmSsarp Q^mufsdLo. Q^fri^^\)ur)^ ^UJf§2o\)iLjSULDll). 

Slsar/rJCoiffOga/)' Lc^L_6urrii\)QibtTs,'^La - ^jLdLafr^i ( .65 sajr <s srfl ear ) uirir 

1085. Is it Yama, (a pair of) eyes or a hind ? — Are not all these 
three in the looks of this maid? 

(uiF-eaiT.) GT-^y — iSl^iUfTiSLLuiroJ Q6Brr(BLhu(r^GVEt3ii-.rr(^ Qa=uu(Lpe'S)i— 

^tussifra^ Qa^iuojLDiTL-u.rr, sr~£u. 

ibL-i—rresiirai fflLp^<a'/r^a.(g^ isrr(zr, Qa^ihos^LDiLjsoi—iujrrr.s'^'^ Qsush-i—sQp 

fSeisr^ sSlib\>s(^isisfr^(&^ &/SI ^es>i—QuplssT ^^gul^ulhts enih^ ^(^it QfSFiuiLi 

LDfTSsQnisT LD<SS>pui5}Qssi&Sr_^El S^/3(Q)IT' IB^EIS^IT - tb(B!aspQa^SUrrUJ£V(G})IT' 

/Su^asLDmLL^n-sumSlsisr Qijusaru^ui— /SsarpGSLcuSlsary ldsst e^LBu^<ss>3'a:i£isssr 

0<SfriJ^LULIQTj6UfbJ,Z<5rT^ QsrrL-fT LD (5J) p U i9 toOT - {^[TLD^ G) (£F 61/ (S^D 61/ UJ /T 
u9(fi)fi>^iaQ&0^Q:^&[)^ (^^i5S)6iJz2efr,iaiL^lb^'j^ ^6U'3naSfST-^SU£(T_^ 

LUbV - {<ST&iTS(^\ Q<3-iLJiULafril-.L^nr^ 

1086. Her eyes will cause (me) no trembling sorrow, if they are 
propei-ly hidden by her cruel arched eye-brows. 

GT. 3}L^tr^£ :SaflrbfSl6ajQLD'V ^lLl/L-ZT LCiT^IT 

QafrJ\)o\}rTLDjb a,!T^^(Msary Qibrri^\)6u^rruj Lo^a^aefi/biSSl&sjQLDeQLLi— Qpaui—ir^ 
a.6D»2Dijr LDSs^p s s<^'0 ufi^/Sldi iSLLui—fr QL£isaT(/rjek. ^©iiisfr&sr LDesippi^&i 

(Q<5/r«ro^6i;^/rSuj) LCi^iu,TS5srii9(siiT(oLCiSiLi^^ .zL-UL-irLa - nps 

1087. The cloth that covers the firm bosom of this maiden is 
(like) that which covers the eyes of a rutting elephant. 

jTfT'S^'O Qup(n^LD' L^Qi—ewpQurr^ssiLnu-ifrssr LDSsreneSiLjEi £smueij(sSiLjiij Oavr 
&^icS>LciLj.i Q^rrekp iSeirp^. mtBii^^p QjrihjiseSlp ppLjsi^^ (oxm(rrf\Bpg)i» 

<^© cr ~ {^LnLarrfi(rhjes)L^iu^ spsrfiQij.r^/i^tu Qfbpf£lQuJfr&sTpn)(m 

1088. On her bright brow alone is destroyed even that power of 
mine that used to terrify the most fearless foes in the battle-field. 

(uif-sniT ) S7-^, — up^^ LDrr^i3SimQ'djn-^is LDt—Q/BrraQSssriLjtl) jy<s5 

(O^-L'-isn/r.) — lQSsjjcjt (gr/r iZ5L_G/5/r<s@iJi - (^qp^^Qeii') Qu 
G^LnfT&nQuir&fTp ro^(^a?^Q^«nL_uj LJ/r/r<s3>6i;(53>uJiqii)j /5/r^j/iX) - 

(^£E^^i50) /5/r62S?5l?2s3rUJii, 2_S3)/_UJ/TL_(g - 2_OT)/_UJ ^SI/jeT^S^, 

^gpw^!OTmuJ(S3^L_(L/ ^L/Lj'/r/fejnei/U-ius f^iressrnpLCi ^Qiu ^ eazr/? 65 G err 
Quir^Lnrr&sre!^suiufru9(fhss)f gj^&h a^ih^ . Qsvfb^GiDLDiLissii—iu 

1089. Of what use are other jewels to her who is adorned with 
modesty, and the meek looks of a hind ? 

Oa^iUQ;ffid\)ei)^ sfTLDixiQutrsos sesart—iriTLDmL® wQC^a^^ssnua^ QeFuu^^issit—^ 
lurresifT' ssssn—mrsQessrsk^ QiDLpfrsu^ ^^vQ-sbslL Qi—rrsa^. u^Ql^Ghf 

IUSP&lL SfTLDlSt IBp^^(i^ &p!B^Q^ QlU&^^LD ^61J6rr (j^/SluumTfTU/B S^ 
(Q^ - U ^ (SJD/r.) .jy® fBQTf' - S!TluiF3=LJULLL- Ui ^ 611 IT &ST ^ ^ 

1090. Unlike boiled honey which yields delight only when it is 
drunk, love gives pleasure even when looked at. 

<35aGO - ih. ^^. (^fSluufSl^ffO. 

Sjoo^ireU^: ^^LDSSST ^SsOLDS&T (^^uSIScTST UJfB^^UD, Q^fTL^ (^f^u 

65650-"). ^P. (^nSllllU^^M, ©OCT a/Z/- 

[^Sj-yLDasar ^S30LDiB(Si56TriJLJ/rL.®a (^/StutSlScisr 
(uiP-snj.) OT-^, — (2)a/@s35L_uj etjeosrai essris&i^sunu Qib(Ta(^ ^^Qurr 

airwi'^^ ui^Sssr Qsiie^uu(Ba®'ckf) Qibae=(^. wQ^ibiSirtu Qibaan^ - if&sns 
csaffatpSear^ ^/yL/Cs/raQ. QismuQiFiuiL] QisfraSlScwu QuiT^QiBrraQ&muir 

(Sij(iT)^^ih ^(iT)LD eurrS^ (ifisssTt—rruSl/b Q/DsuTu^rruD. 

(<5T?aT6Jjf)/_^^) QismuQs'djvu^La ufriT0y)6UUJfr to; e^ear^ - LDroQn7?(m 


1091- There are two looks in the dyed eyes of this (fair one) ; 
one causes pain, and the other is the cure thereof. 

2_. <3563OT 65 err 6ij Qsn'G'rT(&f(^ Q^Qn5iT.ssra] ■strisi^^p 
(li-63)T.) ct-^j — ^euea aecTST i£err LurrsisrarriQ^wii^i ermQio Qi^s(^@skp 

QiDm^tiLD, cSyo°o^ s.enuurT®easLii^ f§si^tsu^rrseSsar •^&£uLj6ssnTSi&) e^QFj^SeO 

(Gmu^ Sjjy QiBrrgs<3SLh - n5[r&iTsrri^Ln6\} GT&sjdssruuirn'i.w&sTp wpiu 
u(Tir<ss)Si]^ arru:>^^6\) - QlduJu_|j2^ L/65OT/r5^^u9&o, 0<rai urrsia j:^6iT 

1092- A single stolen glance of her eyes is more tbau half the 
pleasure (of sexual embrace). 

(uif - 6a)T.) ST-^j — UJ frQi^&sBrreij&TsSlp QT/Qssrssr'Bsw vuearQun'® Q/bfraSi 
Q6uiBes>i—iijt5 Q^fTSsr/SlLU ^/buu uuSlrrsusirjr ^c^ska essieu&r cvrrn'^^ i^jir 

vSlp^j I5T-£>1' 

S>looQ^^^<^ <^l.(Bl.Quujit ^•a^Qs'iuasDS'i Q&^EUfnu (^/SIiLiSIsstQlo 
(Q57 - u - sjn/r.) — ^6ijm — , QiBir^Q^err - (/s.Tisar utrjriT^ 

1093. She has looked (at me) and stooped (her head) ; and that 
(sign) waters as it were (the corn of) our love. 

(uif - etnj.) <5T-£u, — tufrsiir pmSssr QiErra^ikstrp Qr^Qesr^ir C/5/ra<s/r^ 

opsTQiBtra.®^ ^m^&rQ&T w®L^n-i§p(^!JD, er-^u, 

Qld&)<sc — Qsne/fluuL—rrLDsC' LoQi^s^QiurTp i-jsssiiT^p ^/Su lSIst^^ eSsfriii 

(Q^ - LJ - cjD/r.) — iurrssT Qm!T&(^fij a/r^ - [^ehdsar^ rBmh 

((oT&sJ^ssT^ uirrr^^, Qm&)&) /5(^iii - (^.sear^y sir (psrr) LdQipr 

1094. When I look she looks down ; when I do not, she looks and 
smiles gently. 

<S5<5BO-tC. ^P. (rF)/Sluu/S^^id\). QiOffb> ,SZ'^ 


&/Da=a£sS^iS!T Qisashru^ Qs^iutLjerr ^smTLD' S/Dihjaesafl^^^)) - c??0e/0 



G''b'/r<i.i5/r(535LO ^iOtoXJ/TtoS) - U T JT fT (S!y> Ld LD fT dj Q .IT Q Ld LUtdilSV^ '°^ (Pi 

aSV, !B( 

1095. She not only avoids a direct look at me, but looks as it were 
with a half-closed eye and smiles. 

<%-. 2L(75>^ ^6il[rQu!Tp Q^frS^^ Q<3F(7rj'^irQ<3'iT 

(u[V - emir.) er-^, — Ljp^^ Q/sfr^LDixrrQurrb^ia: ^(S^QiFrrp Qa^rr&iri^ 
jrrruSl^Wj ^a,^^a^ Q'3'£)j^(sQi,xifr^fTiT Qa^tTpiSlpuiua^io (Q<SG)pii^p(irjnnp 
aisf-Q (Ssr/£lujuu(BLbj ot-jj;. 

a®i^Qd^rQoVsisTu^-^Qjs^li—ihJ aiTsusk iSli^Qu^snL-^^ evir/surTeQ JoigS 
Qrrssrrisk (Lp^io-orruSlssr. Q6F(^QrT6arQcij, <jy(5,^ia5)£_ia5)Lo QupuuiLu-^. ijcar 

GlccSIljS^ 3h.fSlixJsiirT£)i- g)^ (SiiQf^Qskp uitlLl^p(^ QiDira^LO' 

is^'k)2s\) s^sssrirLJu(BlLa - ((mss^pSirib^eijjrrrQe^^') .SLQ-Qi\) ^Sluu 

1096. Though they may speak harshly as if they were strangers, 
the words of the friendly are soon understood. 

(LpiTTf'^irQutr&iT ^p(fr^k (sf,i£Iul^, 


^a^ Q3=(rr^^(!f)iQ^ i-lp^^s^ QeFp(rr}a Qurrsarp Qe)j(^<siP.Qfbfr'i(QLo Q,tfr^LD&)ir 


6U SST 611 fr ill , 

1097. Little words that are harsh and looks that are hateful are 
(but) the expressions of lovers who wish to act like strangers. 

^1 ^^ GTt 3= u9 LU fi) (S^SSST es'sTQl—tr QirSTl'l'lUfT (c(S3)S<55iJ 

r^6ar&37" QiVfT^Sl LoQCpii^ &'Ss\)LD(£'os\Ta,^6bsr(B s^LDSshr eh-fBiu^.'^ 
(uif-ewT.) ST-^, — GTmdffsriuiBp£u@enrp Qs^npanpqr^ §lLutr(S^jr/s^ Qieit 

1098. When I look, the pitying maid looks in return and smiles 
gently ; and that is a comforting sign for me. 

.L/-(5!n/r.) — luir&iT Qmrr&s - (^(ST&h^sst i§i(^Qsarp Q<sFneo 

(SsffsJr - (^^^Q^ifltB^\ ©^irihiQ&nsiJiorrirQj (Sduiu fB^La 

uj6ii(STfj'i(^, ^esar© - ^/b/ssoiauQ esfli—^'^j e^rr ejir - ^(f^ /sear 
'li-iU. a_s3ar© - SL.6rr^f, 

•Sot, <iT^io\^irir Qu!T6\^U Q UfT^QlBIT'Sf^ QfBtT^fm^iid 

afT^&jfrir a<smQeiST iLjsrr, 

(i_if-6U)ir.) er-^j — (tpesresT/Stiurr^n-irQurris^i ep(i^(sues)fT QuufT(rF)ei]fr Quir^ 
Q{5fTa,i£^^fr Q(oS).i(^^!bM ^aavr^^i njC'syt—LUfnT iBsioTQessr iLjerreuiratr fSempsnTj 

Q(yr^t-^<d\ij G^esrSpLUfTuS^w ^^svirsisssr^)} fSiBm^e^rr^U}} eyQTjwirsL- i—tr^Ei 
(s^/SluLj Qai^un-LLi—irp u&:)62Jfr LDfTa(sOfr&gijUD, S-eaQsvestu umeis)LDUJfrjb sh-pu 
ulLl-^. @0ia/0LQ LD^LDsmpiB ^sowQi—rTa LD@^4&Qunm ^(SfT&r^^mQen- 
LoSlLEi^sQsm s>i^up/Bi sn ^(sofrQirm^LDf S{^ Lfp^^ QQj&f^uut—mcS)LDuSl&iT 

gQ (m6Uif^i—^£ilLDy ^srr - SI-ssst i^rr Si 6ot pi sot, 

1099. Both the lovers are capable of looking at cacli other in an 
oi'dinavy way, as if they were perfect strangers. 

so. -aEcajT-QiGOT)® <S 63*37- 62537? 3s33r Q fSfT ■sQ d^IT iQioT 6U tTiU d= Q 0" !T pj £B 

QfB!T&iB(TQso!T^^(b-c — fi/r^(?(SS)<iQfc"OTei;/r^6b. cumuli 

{s^(f^^jr^^ a^&Qsnir®^ sss'sr ^2s33r - (spiTTjsu/r) <5S33T<SGrr, Qthrr 
<s@ epaSear - un iTGDSuujfr&d 6^<s^LDrru9&fT^ 6iJiriLJdi=Q<3=frpi<z(3n-'(&.sssT 

^nFUiU^LD^ ©jS^ - 2_ SJDL_UJ 637 eU&USV. 

1100. The words of the mouths we of no use whatever, when there 
is perfect agreement between the eyes (of lovers). 

^oo^nsu^ SjisimsuTia (^/Buu^ih^ Lj^zriir/i^ ^dsoiDsdr ^^ui^essr rr&^Q 

<S, ^6SSt(BQslL. ®<oSSt(BIu9iT^ ^pprSU-l (^LaLCiL](o\i^ 

(uf - 65)ir.) ST-^iy — sessi^p iBeisr^LD Qs^eSiufrp Q<sLL(BLh ibirGurr^sisr 
Qih g/D<sffi/r6or QiDfTii^:!) QiDiLnurrp rBeisn^iLjil) Sj^uGSiAauu® 6S)ldi1iljs>v^ud 
^QjQsurrerTSt^tJU Q^in^<siS)iu iLjemL-oJirerr aessrQecsr iLjeireufruSlesTjer-^. 

^iles>LD-(Lpp£iiiliQ5)LD, Q^pQpsfTJTjD Qen/Sli—^^skei^LD (^err&Q&arp^, 
Qcii£iiQeiJ£u afrsciEi&eSao Qeu^Qeu£}i Ourr(fr)Ghsefrtr esT^-u£Sls,&uu(Bleussr ispQT) 

S/2, ®^2.. <55>35<£-to. ^^. L^essrirififlujkiLp^ 


{Q<3'QSl{U!rQs\)^ QsiLQih^ 2_few® - (/c/reiy/rG'ev) a_6!3OT©a5 a_u9 

(odfj a_6n' - s^6s'sr u9 tai , 

1101. The (simultaneous) enjoyment of the five senses of sight 
hearing, taste, smell and touch can only be fouud with bright braceleted 

2_. L5/653f?<5(^ LnQJ^lb^ iSlpia &iT 6Ssf^ u9 <S!n m 

[jg)t_/B ^SsOLjumLi^eksLL G)<?/r&osS!u^.'| 
(uif-snir«) ST-^^—euiT^Qp^c^iu iSiesi^aiL(^ LDQ^is^nsvem- ^ioup/Slp(-^ 
fB ^iresTLDmiSlssTenehT/Sl LDrr(/7yijjsSijuiMtSlosjsr iLjesyt—iuesTsutrua ; ^djeurr^m/S '^(su 
eues^uSles)LptSlSssr iLjesiL-iurrerr ^esresfl iCs^ojiSlesf^ai^ u:)(rf)i^iB aaQ6tsraJiTS(^eu , 


LnriTjihs^ - LnrrF'B^frioii&iT iSlfo - (^isy>6n^(&K<i(^ [Bl^iresTLoir^sieineu 
uui. uJeO(S\)/rtn&i)) ^essB ^'°^lfi ~ @)'oiJ6V6ssflu9ao3riLi0T)L^LU6U(^^ ^ear 

ISt rfjjfii ^ LBfT u9 i^i'rr , 

1102. The remedy for a disease is always something different 
(from it) ; but for the disease caused by this jewelled maid, she is herself 
the cure. 

(S&trQs^&srp umi!{£p(&j'S^ O^^n'&oeSuj^.] 
(ut'-SiDT.) OT-^, — ^LDi^eossT aasniLi ^iBrreuirirai^^ ^frm(sSl(ir)i}:)t-j ld&is^it 
QLD'o^DsSluuQ^fTSt'neinaLL ©aSji2/i ^LSl^-ciQurT&} £v(fr)SigfTLO ObX^tii^soirQinfT Ji/evjb 

fDLDL^oxssT s'ssniL^ ^itfrsufT OfTSur^ujQuujiT ^eurrujfSSoOujiTeor eui^^. @u 
Qup/S^arriu ^uSldsi^eStKB^ ^ijnQiuir&Eiamir&sr eij(i?)i^QQJ&i!r®^<^<^f era) 

LDQ^ira, afraaQ^eai^ia a.0^^^Jb ^63fi^Ga,/r Oi>-i)sor(2?5or. '^ib^jr^acQitch 
^emiTuurrQF) (Lpenfr: ^iTLDSS)iT<ii£Sosr^a) Qscremu^ ^QJ^a,(^u QiuiLHrnhesiLD 

sarin &0(S!ni—Uj<^efi-®6uQ^fr. 

1103. Can the lotus-eyed Vishnu's heaven be indeed as sweet 
to those who delight to sleep in the delicate ai'ms of their beloved ? 

^ojn &im®u Qurb(nfj cftl^iKsn. 

(uf - caiT.) 67-^, — ^einS^ uJi£6W£}jL^a- <ff?i—frS/b(^UDf ^^(^L^si ^srfi 
QupqffetTj 6T-^» 

jj/^s3^ @j:j/@e/@«/7/L) psssrQemem^ Qldsist^ld, ^uQup/SiuQ^mr ^ 2_(5U 
a.^ ^^x)^ujfTLDfrssQjiir ujiTsssr(Slu Qu/u(n^Q6rrsar£}iisj sh.^^^^. ^marruD^ ^ ^ 

1104. From whence has she got this fire that burns when I with- 
draw and cools when I approach ? 

(uif - 6!nir«) er-SJ, — LBseSlei^iueurruj Qurr(if)erri£asnu Quqr^^ si'svpplism 
L.^^<s eeosr QfimesiQrr iB&^%^(!f)sau iSlekemQil) Lj^iuaifriu Qfb(^<9'Lb iSlev^ 

err - Q^irea&m^ QeuL-t- QufrQM^aoT - (LS,<s6ijih ^(oI^lu QuiTQi^ifT 
&ds(ruQup^ (sQ(mLai9LuQufr(ip^, ^i^sv ^sjnsu Quir^Qtn - 

1105. The shoulders of her whose locks are adorned with flowers 
delight me as if they were the very sweets 1 have desired (to get). 

3h, 55_^G'^T ^u9ri:se^iTUu^ ^emi—edfrp Ques^^^ 

(uf-GiniT.) er-^j — ^ekSsuruQufyr/'^ (suiti^lu ^esTmnuSlif Qup^^&Q^srr 
£)i/B «srfl/7a,@ioa;iOT<s ^eosriB^sofrearj ^LjQu0D^<i(^^ Q ^ tretr aeir ^Qmi—uiJB 
eiiQsT irSi^^i^p Qa^aj[xjuuL-L—<osr J st-£u. 

ui3^s<soun:irB^ ^esieu tuiSipQ <sSajmp6aT Qeu<5srivr/>m, ^eifirr^^eo- ^sx)Tu<£ 
^np pesiLp^^(k. 

p \fi\nr Q^^Q^w^ - (Qup^^ S-^ihQ^ir^LBj ^gi^ituu - ^eifl 
Q^iT&Tsm, ^L^ip^sa ^lump&iT - (^^smi—UULLi—) ^lEij^^]^ 

1106. The shoulders of this fair one are made of ambrosia, for they 
revive me with pleasure every time I embrace them. 

ffOiita/r 6UIU0D6U (XpiU<5(^. 

^<sss! ^^Sisoeop ^Q ^(T® u!—<i\)QiSijeBu(BQLDmp 

(ljiF-6II)II.) <oT-^, — s>jui®iu W!T<S5)LD /@p^es)^ULj<oinL^uu ^iues>si]uu^ (ipuui 
<sti) ^ssTL/ti) uULi appall. i—LD<s(^tfluj (c£lisosSi6aT<s6sS(T^fB^ s.<soQa>rriT ^m^rr 

u@^J3^ ^!si&h-p<3Sip iLjessn—irpQuirS'SLDj er-jj/. 

qsjrarff-ff^Giu ^(Tf^QiDSST euGDfrsiji—mui—rTGsr <3f^^uusiJir(7r;uSlp£)j. 

(Q^-LJ-(5ZJ)/r.) — ^La LL!T ^^es)<oiJ npiu&(m - ^tpQiu unfrssyLn 

1107. The embraces of a gold-complexioned beautiful female are 
as pleasant as to dwell in one's own house and live by one's own (earu- 
iiigs) after distributing (a portion of it in charity). 

QufTLpU UL-rrj^ (LpiU&(^. 

^(SiZifliuQiseaT eysiDfrsijai—mu QisirL^it^^ Q5--/rt>\;<sflaj^.] 
iSip itiTjb(y]y'6Slcs)i_uj£va<SLJUL.-fr^ (Lptuis&LD e^(tT)GU0^rrQurT(iT)CuiT eSetDipisufT ifl(r^ 

1108. To ardent lovers sweet is the embrace that cannot be penetrated 
even by a breath of breeze. 

<9o>. pen i__ ^eaOT/f^&o Lj6s^ir^ me^evafrLniij 

3h,L^lUfriT Qupp UUJ6ST, 

(uiP-6S)ir.) <ST-^, — Ljessrira^^ u^eS arr ^pQuiTQf)!—.® Qeueisr(Bsu^traj ffi^L_ 

^irea^QiDSsr eSes^sviuehQp (su(as)iTib^Qsirr<^iSi® iSfTLD^<ss>^uSles)L—<oSlL-rrQ^uj^ujeuiT 
Qupp uiuesra&Tj er-^. 

Mi—'sufra(^u iSliflQsueiruQ^rrsisr ^iierrisrr^ssjQiD^iu:) ^^^rrsisr uSTi^ss)^ 

Gumi^amnrina eh-i—g^iDskQp (LpSsrsnesyrribQ ^u-J^^fr Quppuujesr-^ ^uuojesr 

GeuessfQih') ^sxi—^lo, S-esmiT^iix) - (^^dsar ^ i>v eu jE' k ^\ iSia{^^ 

Qi3'iu^Q&!r6m®\ siTLD^isin^ @j&yiLsSli—fr ^6!r>i—ib^6i]iTj Qupp 

1109. Love quarrel, reconciliation and intercourse — these are tbe 
advantages reaped by those who marry for Inst. 

<^0. ,r^rB(^^!r iDiBiLirT<sr>Ln <s6ssTL—ib(rr^p afnni^ 

[^Lje^mrrtis^i—sh QunQ&nQTj'QsT nyasr^enQm O.s^/re'bcSu-i^'J 

<sSss)L0iiSlS3ziriLjes)i—UJfr^ ^<3T>t—'^i—rT^ QiP^'jje^Qs^rSluJ ^eumrLDtriUBa isir^sdy 
amQcnrrQ^is^^ib u&}^imL- uS(B<s6tTir QesTiXJ^LjQu(7ff^ Sjeufrs^ptTrj'eBT 

jij/SlsSp Q&&iSs\)uSl6i!rGS)LDUJfT6ST QLDesrQLD&)/Sliusu/Sluj (LpmSouruJ/SI<3ij ^^uufreDLO 
lurriju (Lpi^iL\LD!T£uQu(Tso3^ Qs'/SsSip Qaix)do\)u^&srrSl Qld&sjQldp Qs'/Sluua'QiF/jSuj 
Qpshr'Bs^&'Qs^/Seij Qs=^LUfres)LDiumu npisf-ujrriBpQlshTpQj^ea^ ^eisr i^yr it ss>ld Sh^rSl 
tueuiT£U. ^uUicmfra'&uj@Lp^(k> ^dsomail.^ (LpessrQi—^uD s^eu6ssrLDfrLL(9& (^/Sl 

1110. As (one's) ignorance is discovered the more one learns, so 
does repeated intercourse with a well-adorned female (only create a de- 
sire for more). 

<a5<3Ra_-/jb. r3l^' jESVihL^^io^jE^GS)j^^ffv. 

(i-lif-63)IT«) 6T-^, — cgyGuffc^'iMu^Ca/ wfT^Gun'tufTiJij QLD^areiDtDUurr^\) SQuu 

60T£3J UiTl—QiDfT^eUfrd^ (ipbtriT. 

(G)^ - u - <5!n/r.) — ^iS!5fl<^'<?(cai-^e5fl<f<£FL/y,(?6U, einrip-euirCp 

6p/ G)aiff069uj(^s?53r^s5ffij)^iq£tnL_ajsJT. 

1111. May you flourish, anicham ! you have a delicate nature. 
Bat my beloved is more delicate than yoa. 

(Uif - 6!J)T.) 6T.^, — O.Bi^Cs-" ULJirQsN&iTem uQupp ^SLiea asa^ aosn u 

eca&S s§50LD<s6ir &6ssrs^<i i£!TessruQu(7T^(SS)LDu^0ir ^eupQar^ Q(-.rr(ff)i-ics)i—Qujrr 
«@ m&)iTa>dstr<i ssssr(9L^QuJ<b\)&ifrLD ^eup^&sraL^arr^&i Qa^aj^QurTib^irssr^ 
^^Qurrnp^ ^isesaae^ 6GTiiCQp(i^^ib isirQew ^LS'jjrrSsir uSli—^Q<sSifuuLL 

(Oia;-/_/-(S!n/r.) — Q/b;©^^.^— , ^sa&r sssisr - (^lunQ^sr stress u 
Qp U, 6Da@iX) OT60TJ3/ - uii5U/r<sB(srr ^•s^Qtn&njpj rQSssr^^j LO(o\)ir 


1112. my soul, fancying that flowers which are seen by many 
can resemble her eyes, you become confused at the sight of them. 

(uif - 63)fl.) <oT-^, QiSUUuQufT^fB Q iBn'<S^Bs6TlL\eSiL-VU(SiJL..(^ S/Dlhi£eBir 

Quiurr. s.mQj£Bi5iJ€S)ibajrT/b .ffh./Sssr(oS)LDuSlsarj L^om-fb^stDrrLUfnSl/bjij. fS<3sr(PS)p a(ir) 
auuLLi—rrdsiT iv^QujQemm^ QeFiLu®^^ Q<sfri^a>(^^ ^doOLD&m Qifrr£\)GSi 

(Q^ - L7 - e?n/r.) — Qeuiu Q ^ n- en &j iL (^ - ^li^Qeo Qunre^ifs 
C*^/rfair<5GSsYruJiScnL.uja/(©)5<5(g, Qine^ - [QpiM^ Qj^j^ ~ ^erfi/f/S^ic/r 

fsrrppLo - (fSjiupiSDai') eufriFSosrujiisar^^ QovrSi - ib<5\)<5\)6iJ[r<3=SosrujiTuSl 

1113. The complexion of this bamboo-shouldered one is that of a 
shoot ; her teeth, are pearls ; her breath, fragrauce; aud her dyed eyes, 

(uif - 63)11.) cr-^^ — (^Gv'Boaui-^aiaL-n-QLpiii iEiressn-pQiTT/L^dBO u^odl-uj 

m/£/j,/7633f^(OT) (sQiSSypi^S fSlibV^^Ss^JT Ql£(Ta(&)LD, <ST-^. 

Qaesr^iEi Sh-^i^m. <3,fril.^u^/Efr^i£losr0Dtx:u3p QiPihixirriB^ enfrScsrQisn'aQssr 
/Ti^SoO S-(S(r>L-iU(5!y>6nLuiru9Q}^ii^fr<k)^ Lbirsm ©jODip s,GSin - mir 

1114. If the blue lotus could see, it would stoop and look at the 
ground saying, " I can never resemble the eyes of this excellent-jewelled 

[uA/Lr^^/jSJiitLL y^(Sijes!^i£e73;® Q^'/to'vcSuj^.] 

j)/UD(tpQi^uun-jru:i QufTi^esiLDuSlck ^<ss)i—(ipifltLjLD, Qpf^ibisrT'^-o ^ifp^c^a^ 
Q-3^^^!riTai(3^i^uj Q.'Siu^puesipQuLi u^euQ^m'uiBn'LD. LDadBiL^ifliu eFirdafribil) 
ustnpu® ^^Lo ^i,-0'ia>chs3ri(^/Suun'&0 ^StuiSIsstQld Qov/b/DuuLLL^ear, 

(Q^ - u - eoi/r.) — (^oi/srr ^6o7Qiiiso7(s;ntQ SiBsariun ini-o^ w 
saf) J^<3^LJU, - ^ eafl *■ (3= to oO 5D -r ^ <3s;t^'\) a,osfr dj it err - ^fmn a,2smu ir m ii Q . 

1115. No merry drums ^viIl be beaten for tlic (tender) waist of lier 
who has adorned herself with the auicharu without having removed its 

(u(f-S3)ir') GT-£J, — suiresT ^^iSecr am Qeu^nurr® Quifl^rraeijuD ^.ldld^ 
uSljs^ijLjiJD (STthLDi—msDis Qps^Q^r^sruLjili ^^m^ ^^(LpaQiosh- p^iuLDniLi—rr^ 

eirtTrj-sir. Qeu^urr® euQfjQmpuiTL-L—iffl) Qupuu(BiJD. ^S!^ uSljreowL^Ssm-uLjil) 

iSl^ LDeS)LDll-jLD. 

u9(TKcE£B61|iJ:iV LO^U-jii - (^t£l^) a" lb Q IT dsmLj Ld ^ LD£OTL_/BSZn^ QP^ 
^ih - (^(oTLD^^^ Lnir^(LpS^0S)^\L\La, ^ ^ iU (T - (^^ ^ ■3' IS ^ IT <oOT ^ S^J 

1116. The stars have become confused in their places not being 
able to distinguish between the moon and the maid's countenance. 

(uif-oniJ.) <qT-^, — ^LciSmraerr ^nsjisearisi a;so/Ey(gj^^@<s & a IT ess; wintry 

(0^ - u - GS)iT ) — (^^■^,rire3>65oEsrr ^uui^ <5B£X)/w(^^/d(5<s 

1117. Could there be spots in the face of this maid like those in 
the blight full moon. 

^. LDfT^iT (Lp<ZLCiQurr QsdfreSefi'.L- en&^^soQojp 
(uf - eoiT.) (oT-^, ldQQiuI eurrCpsumurrs, ^il)LDrr<siT(ipsu3QuiTiso iuirsrsr 

(Q^- u - (£0).T.) — LCi^ - ffib^jrGesT I wiTj^ - emripsiJSTiUiTs^ 
UMT^nr npsihQuiTeo — , ep arfl 65/z_6u&v) §50 (cuj a) - {^ihtr<ssiLnS\(LgLnui^\ 

1118. If you can indeed shine like the face of women, flourish, 
moon, for then would you be worth loving. 

Si>. LDSVirsSTSST &6SSTi^SSST (Lp^QintT^^ iUlTu9p) 

U3\)iT&fr6ss7p Q^aehpy&si lb^. 

(tpsnaes)^ i§Q'xirTa,(£Qsv6csi®^'Jun'iSl6vr ^^Qurrso ■jufrssrarressr ^ QistTs'sr^j uwir 
airessr ^ Q^tr&np^ uSii^s^i <9h.^^sisT> Q^ir^ihrplGk i^^issr aaajQeutru umsr 


(SJ^sir - ^ii)U3io\)^ Quir^lbJai6s'sT's26fTlLl<o!DL^UJolJ6n^^ Qpa,LCi - Qps^ 

iu!T<c'aisirussj ^ Q^fra>r£ii^^ ue\)ir <Sfr6ssT^ Q^ir&iTp&o - u vO 'r <s ir assr ^ 

1119. moon, if yon wish to resemble the face of her whose eyes 
are like (these) flowers, do not appear so as to be seen by all. 

(u(f-enT.) er-^) — s^sOit^^aFirehr QLDGoieo)ma,Qa(BasuuLLu. ^eSa-a^u 

^^uucoreur (Q®Si <5h.iTib'Ja,pib^u^ss>t—UJ Qaii(^'3i-jT^(SS)^ lurriEjisismisj ai—acs^QiQ 
e'oTu^ (^/SluufT/b QupuutLi—^. Q£FLbQun-(r^Q<smu6ar/Slds (^rSiLuu QuirQh 

ulLi—\ ^ (oS eF -3= QpCa - ^is^<f<3'LQffO(mtSi^ ^ sisi &st ^ ^ h'st ^^eQiULo - 

1120. The anicham aud the feathers of the swan are to tlie feet of 
females, like the fruit of the (thorny) Nerunji. 

<S«/5_ - Lb. ^fi. ^[T^/b^pULjODU^^eV. 

(sy/rQgyuS) ,gifrrSlLU liir, 

r^iUpCSiGUL.jSSSnT3'& uSl^U^d^Sll. t—SsOLDS6Sr psisTGSrUJU L^^!STIT^^UJ^.'] 

(uif-sn.) 6T-^j — ^Lo(o)LD<6\)eSuj Qldii L^uSlSsur LLj<ss)i—ujfrerr^ ei/zreSuj Qeu 
as^iBaspQpsku^ eSiBn-JTmrnSlp^, .ssvaaiuui—i—Q^swpeufr^' ufrQwrr 

P^. Q(SU£)jQeV p^UUUU'—U. <3?SU>£ULUt2UfTIJJ UfT^fbQ ^^IEJ&e\>fB^L^ J)jadS6\)<SS)eiJ 

^diT&nQ^'oiiTprSluLj'SOiraiT^ ^esref-<ss)<su^^!Tu:irra<^6ai , SjSU QL-rT(ff)<sfTa@iu MrraiQ 
iQs-u-GDfr.) — U633"H QiDrr L^ - ©jinQin^^eQiLi G)<?/r&u^tL|(Sjr)Z_ 

,55 oU (OT 61/ (d LJ /r ^ i£) . 

1121- The water which oozes from the white teeth of this soft 
speeched damsel is like a mixture of milk and honey. 

2_. Sl-i—mQufr ©u9/flOT)i_ QlU&il&STLbni m&iieST^QlUrr QL^lhiQi^SiL- fBL-Lj, 

(u(P-6inir.) <oT-^j — &.L^LDQufr(BuSliflss>t—iLj6rreiirTUJ iBLLussefr cr ^ ^sw qs)lo 

£^0DLDuSlsW'^S SWIB^W(rF)^(bSiy ^GBTu^&^UEIS QerTfTsseiJ^usEl^^isOj 

QsfT Q&oeorsijil) srearaeissreiT L^esii—UJskQsiT Q&iesr&jih ^sst^lBsuSoSts s^uQu 


1122. The love between me and this damsel is like the nnion of 
body and soul. 

IK., <S({^iXiessf)u9^ uireurriLjii CcUfr^rrujnLCi <3S'(ip/B 

^^^S30Lju(rLLL^6sr<sLl. i—^LDSGSi^&s^^a' Qa^rr&iGQiu^.'j 
(uif - snir.) er-^j — (oTssrsemssSp s(tF)LDesSt^6tsT s^)iss)pu^Lh ufreufrtLij 

uuulLi— ^q^^^S3\) tLj<ss)i—LUfnL(^ ^0cs<s5 eSli^LB&j^ujfnlif er-^. 

turreffT s/rQ) S'ssiLDiUfreoLD^^shr ^suetr Ljp^^uQurT'SsjbLjmsoetrsurpI (sr&sr 

esiLDuSlsisT /SsaT6af?^(S5 &pms (aSlwLL(^ ^eueSli—^es^^&QiSfr®^^ M Qurr^evrr 
tuirs Qeueku^fttxi. 

S(rFLn6Ssf)u96SlQK<sQeSTpUfr<SiT>6li(BuJ ! £ — , Quir^fTLU - (^^euisSli—Lo 
eSliLQu^ Qurr6U[nurr.s; (Qutrair^Q^uuwimrSi&d^^ iuitlo 6S'q£>lo - 
GyuiOi/r&o eSlq^LCiUuuQQesTpj ^(f^^^p(^ - ^ipQiu QtbprSliSS^uj 

1123- you image in the pupil (of my eye) ! depart ; there is no 
room for (my) fair browed beloved. 

(uif-ewT.) er-^, — Ql^i^iiis (sSiSDLpuSlSo-:^ tUGDi—ajfrek sresric^u L^sssiQn 

eresraQiBSOTu^UD Lie!!S!(rF)L8L-^Q^ssru^il> Sjwmu lidsouun-ear euisear, 
Qjfr(i£>iiian-i>v^^ Qeup^GSHDuSi&irrSl euL^Sppni-ofrs^ih, 3'fTiaAiT&>^^ '^Q^^scs^ 

1124. My fair-jewelled one resembles the living soul (when she is 
in union with me), the dying soul when she leaves me. 

(^essriiisdsrr ajrrssrLDpisQ^i^ijSlstsrj iSdotsruQuehr^ ^0G)Lj/r(^^Lo Lopdis^iu'SI 

uuSiiTuLj (tp^mfTLiSlicur. ^^^^ssriij/B s;dsOLDS6k<^p^; QLopp^soLDaecrah-p^. 

(^Q<S - u - 6Jn/r.) — aJ!TesJ — , epsir ^ldit <EES337-(SOT)SYr (meuariJa - 
G^sSSetnonrrQu QumrQa^LuQp <zsssT&^iLjss^L-iU6ij£rr^ (a^cssriin 
<552srr, inpuiQl&iT - LupiQ^s^uSleoT^ Q-ah (emenesr - SSssruQuok • 

1125. If I had forgotten her who has bright battling eyes, I 
would have remembered (thee) ; but I never forget her. (Thus says he 
to her maid.) 

uui—fT^essresSiuiTj <oT-^. 

i3jh uQFfSujTfrQfrisiir^iEi .Ki,/?9 eqerr. 

(£urru9(6S)Qfrmj^ iSlSssru uevir /9^wffi£5<5<5L_6i//f); srih <zrr^(o\)6uiT — , 
ffi ssgr sgy; git srfl go - (stld_^) <ssm-6mi<srT(oisrr iQeh^ULD^ Qurr&friT — ; 
^ssiLnuiSl ear . (^ rt5)izj/rt£)(Jo) ^(Ss^m^Q^LawS&sr^ U(m6UFfrir - {^^ 

(S5)&0) 6UQ^rbS^6U£^(^ Q 3" LLI LU IT IT ^ (^^ffO/rCo (oO), ^ sm 6Ssf) UJ IT - 

{^■srresmuuL—iT^^ ^ es'or essfl lu ir . 

1126. My lover would not depart from mine eyes ; even if I wiuk, 
he ■would not suffer (from pain) ; he is so ethereal. 

(ST. ^essT6mi<ofT(oa!rir <E/r^ (s\)6Ujrfr ss ssaVrsar/ 
(uiP-e!nir.) ot-^, — arr^s&^ir eruQufTQ^Si QLDisja,6ssTe^^&r6rrfrjrfr<SBi5\:rr/b 

LD(3T>pi£,'B3\iUJfSllh^j (ST-J2/. 

^L^Gj&puLjmQDLD LDtrmpuuLLu.^. ajTuurraQ&suTu^ eSlBcsruOuoJiT. 

^rrQfTSsr^ ssQ^^LDfrQpesrSsGrQujisku^ (^^uQua^eFuo, 

(0^ - u - GTiiT .) — srr^edGuir — ^ ^s^ S-GrreniriT ^as - (srm) 
aessr emi !^ ^(nj<sQ<5aT(rrj>inrs(Svn'6\>j a soar egg)/ ua <ST(L£iQ^ui - aea'ar 

1127. As my lover abides in my eyes, T will not even paint them, 
for he would (then) have to conceal himself. 

(uiF-GaiT.) ST-^j — an^&iiT erihQ[S(iypl^(snisrrfTrrrra&}n'^ s^easr^nibjsrrod 
QQJUJ^rr& s.<sasri—5sOLU(&^£FfTS6arQpLD c^evir ^^(£S)sk Qeijuu£iip8o\}uj/Slfs^,sT-^> 

emQ^iiSle'sTirr^jrir^sdiTeOy (a-suVr^j/iiiCc u/r^), Qgiuli^ £_so^rL_&o - 

1128. As my lover is in my heart, I am afraid of eatiug (anything) 
hot, fur I kuow it would pain him. 

Guj^oO Qfreh^ij i£li£ueiiir. 

^6sr s{rf)^iS/BuLjrres>LDupfBu L^&oi^ Q3^rrib))s^Qi>Br(nj> errrraG^esr^ Qam^ 
QiTisir^ Lji-^dia>fi}UfrSs\)ijj<dy^2o)} Quushru^mh' 

mirSdi^ ■sjruufr^(^ ^rBeu&:) - (s- sir erf) (75 <ifi/D<5E/r^(oi)/f) La^SiDri,^ 
c\)t£lii_^ ^G^LnQius'aTj ^dssT^QpQa - ^-suwen 6iia,Qs^ ©jGueiiir 

1129. I will not wink, knowing tbat if I did, my lover would hide 
himself; and for this reason, this town says, he is uuloviuo-. 

QiTS)6\) QfT&iJ^^ lEIgUSIIIT. 

^(^npiLHTfEpufr, ja/^Sssruj/BLUfT^ ^sxies)iru iSi^ib^sopajrri^mQrj'ir ^GunSlixQrrisoT 
^ Q£Frr&ieOfTtSp(^LD ^'Su^it, er-^. 

(Q^ - u - sjDiT.) — («T^gv/f), s.->-<3rrerr ^ ^ (o'n - lc^&st^^))^ (oTgot 

^ILDi - (oTuQurr^LD, S-6Ufb^ - LdWtpih^^ S^eiDpeUir ^ en IT •3' dhQ 3^ 

1130. My lover dwells in my heart with perpetual delight; bat 
the town says he is unloving and (therefore) dwells afar. 

Sjoo^rrsi}^ Q.SFLLu(BsauuL.(B ^p(rr/i^iu ^dsdLD&sar Q^n-L^a(^^ ^eJr 

<55. iBITLn apLpm^ eiiQKib^^ir^ Ko&Ln 
(LiiP-etniT.) GT'^iJ, — ^ifliujTfTUJ LD«6ifiG/r/r© smo^'^^ lu^ueS^^u iSlek 

eusS — ^(j^Quujir. u6sai(BLDm—eiJirrruSl^iT ^esruQioiu^ (SijQiiQesrpeiJfT^ufSps 
iQmdcuriiJ ^p(^^ ^dcmOluussr^ s(rf)^i QarrearQicsrQ-pujesTp ojiresr @^ Qurr 

^au 0411)637" LJ^ iB(fF)^^, 

(Q^ - U - S!P/r.) SITLOLOi ^LpiB_0 - ( ^ ifl lU LD ,S Glfl G fT fT (Sl\ <Sfr 

earn Lai—6cfJLn[rioU6\)6\)^^ rLJ^3Tzx)t_6\)/7 GoX) Qs^luuulLi— (3^Q&Dir 

1131. To those who after enjoyment of sexual pleasure suffer (for 
want of more,) there is no help so efficient as the palmyra horse. 

2_. QjBIT^ (oijt—LbLI (LpS(r^ LI^L—Q&O^ 

(uif - emi.) <sr-^, — ^GnQj(ir)^^^^'Sc!STu QurT(>r^3iGji—u:)q(LpuSl(ir,ixi Sj^p 

lLH£p^, ST-JpJ. 

6iJ(ihibQ(Q)iTa,Qa6ar Qmc'-oisum^eiDLDuSlp Qs'LULJu(BQufr(rT)isfT FPsanrQa s^qrf 
(s>jf§issypQajmTui-jai &<zs)L-ui3u^(ip^<^iJLi (LpdaiQemMihiac^LD rsfresi^isiarT^fSmp^, 
^ijD(Lpss!^Ei£BfrwpQufr(iT)LL(B LDt—Qisii^Quimp^ jfjw&r ^&sr(S^p<n/es)LDUjpli^ 

S^L-LCLfLn 2_u5)(75t£) , Ld L^ b\) (^T ^ La - (^ ^ ^(QA'Z tT U Uir QlU LCiL_ 

1132. Having got rid of shame, the suffering body and soul save 
themselves ou the palmyra horse. 

/E_. JBlQ^^^ /5a)ioO/T6?537"SJr>iJi U6a'n®(SDl—Q[U (oS<aol^l(SS)L^QlU 

&!V(Lpp(rrf (c/rj2/ ld£_&u, feor 

fuf - cmT.) CT-^y — tBrr^iiili LSassurreaari—SDiESisiLDiLjUD lufrsor ussei(B<^i— 
^emi—Qtueiry st-£}j. 

^errjrrr^ i§pps(>. ^erooy ussBT(Beherr&iTy ^m^metr^ ^^Qeuujfra<oSfi) aif- 
^eiiT (LpL^tLjQLDGhru^rruD* 

iB (^ih fleuQ IT jpi u^i—ds<d J ©jshrjpj - ^tuQusr^y S-(otnL— Qlu oar- &-(oS)L^ 


1133. Modesty and manliness were once my own ; now, my own is 
the palmyra horse that is ridden by the lustful. 

3^. 3iTLnS aQLOLjGST ^IUS^QlO /5/rQ(S33)(S) 
r5&i&0(T6SaT(S!DLa QlU&ST^La Lj^sssr, 

(LJir-63)T») er-^y — lurrssr pmr^surs ai—^^px^a Qsrr'SswL—rBn'^aLD /B&oscrr 
essrs^LDiLjLDirQiu L^ds^aoofT GTsarioSpi^rtl^^^ arrLDUDfrQuu &vf.uji-jear &> Offi/reao?® 
QufT&rriB&srp^y ot-jj/. 

SfS^QaPiuujLDrrLLi—rrs erSssruL^<^c^S!^di(^^P(^'3, &(BwL^6mQ&>saT(j7/>6!sr. ^u 

(Qs - /_/ - 6jn/r.) — (fBrre'sr ^esidoOT^ SL—^^ni(^s,Qmn'66STL-.^^ 

IBnQtSSS)® rBS\) ^633TStDLQ Sl&ST^LD LjdoS^ - PBi} GSST (LpCd fb &) (o\} fT eOST 

CDLDOjii) ^Suj u2stsw s,do{r ^ smnLD sQlo Lj&freo - &rf Ls^tSin Q\u &i^ 
luQeu^nGrTLDirssT^. S-uJiiQiL - {(oT^'or&^/biSlifl^^^ Qairuo'tn'Q)! Quit 

1134. The raft of raodesf.y and manliness, is, alas, carried off by 
the strong current of lust. 

(u? - 63)T.) 6T-^, — LDrrcisduQun-Qp^shrs emm}jusS3,(j^iE ^luiflSswiULo 

eyti ^GusntT/b pnuui—L—Q^&n^jiLo, ,oyGuz_/reor f§sh-/SlLuQ^ <^fh.^ LSldsiT0s>LDUjQetr 
ew-u^Q^rrekp^ Q^rri—Ssosr^^iiiB Q^frt^Qujek^Ei Sh-^^sm. ^uQuiuir ^eu 
(ssiLD^Q^iresiauL-ip^^u t3piB^ en^QLon-L^^Q^trssiS' ^<c!Dtii:LuisiJu.fba6sr£vmB 

1135- She with the small garland-like bracelets has given me the 
palmyra horse and the sorrow that is endured at night. 

^j-Dt—e^QT^LDQuiTQp^ ^pesypi(^isi iBi^ii^Q^&sr(Vj'L^(^a^ 
(uiT-sWT') GT-^j — fSesrQuemaiErrjressnDfrs eissr s,so^ aetr <cp(rrjarT^ih ^uS) 

ejililif^SsoQuj iEQ^igfTiSpQuesi J sr-£u. 

QuesiaQiusarm^i uQ^euLoup/Siusisr^ LDi—omoup/Sl. <^eS i,(^<ss)pQpv^u 
u^ iBrrdofT Q oj €utQ en sew t^rr QsuearuarrLo. 

(G)^ . u - on/r.) — Qu<ss)^i(^ - Guss^^iurrQiu crcrra^, 
(a_6aT Lnfr_^ <3Sfrirt-ssTLnrr-zY (sr&sraimsr - gt&st_^ ■ssomsi'SiTj UL—&i 

LnL—io QsrLiT^ffO-Li^L-ihLCtn'QeupdodQuj^ ^-^(m^Qsu&sT-iQd^sruQueiT. 

1136. Mine eyes will not close in sleep on your mistress's account; 
even at midnight will I thiuk of mounting the palmyra horse. 

rbrr^}j^^p6^Gr>rr^fi^M, QjQ^sh <J^<p 

<ST. <3r/_(S060TS3T ^/rt£) (Lpipib_^ LDL—Q£V(Yr?LJ 

(Uif - €5)(r') isr-si} — fti—<kQuiTmi it,<cS)!TUUfl)p sfrLDQisrruSSctsr lu^udl^ 

(Q^-U-<SS)!r .^ <5EL_&0 ^a'siSST SfTLClh S^Lpii>^LD-.SL-&0 QufTp 

s<S!Ti!TUJibp <srrLaQf5fr<c!DUJ ^^ueQ^^tn^ i£3Z_&o (crrnr? - LnL-€oJLanr 
Qu.T&O, Q UQhfb^-Z'S^ - LS(m/b^ ^(^^o^eDi—iuiSlpuu^ ^&u-(a_su 

1137. There is nothing so noble as the womanly nature that would 
not ride the palmyra horse, though plunged a sea of lust. 

m^inpSpih^ LnecsT£)j u®LD. 
(uiP - 6S)T.) OT-js/j — ^euirfSiesiptufTib-o /5rri£,^n-^/b at^tuQ!T<scTp^s-^io\i 

<o\scr^Q^isku^ (Lpsisr^iS!<3h.LLi^ LDs,e^Qfr<ssru^ wnf^eSi&u ulLl-^. 

aQ ^Qxa^^u QuicisruiToOtrfr &rrLD^^iuib\>L-\Sh.^(su(T&TQuiTshr^y ^eurarrLOLb 
Qi_((^®iueijrT£i!LD ^]^ Lup^Q^rrfSSpp^x) QeueB3T(BQLD(s^i^^m) (^Suurrp sh.rSi 

^jriw^tTLn^Lo^ ■srrLDLB - (^LasGtflir^^ <srriM(LpLo, ldso^^ @jpi^^ - 


1138. Even the Lust (of women) transgresses its secrecy and 
appears in public, foi-getting that they are too chaste and liberal (to bo 
overcome by it). 

<35>, ^plQs\)rr Q/7"to"\)£\;/r0 QLd&nQpQiwah sfna 

(uif - 63>T.) 6T-^, — uuiT&sT (Lpmssri—im® Spjrxs^rrek isr&imrrQf) QmssrSsur 
GTisksrTLDLD ^QjajyiTLD^@6isr<sea>!rQessr lduuei@&= erLp(siini9&sTp^j ot-^. 

^ei^iupaQ^ir(B'Sp/D&) QeusssrQQLDSsru^fTUD' ^/Sli^&in-QiT'sk u^s^ld uitl—ld- 

^i^iBjQu9irrrLDi\) (BnQesiQeae^uuil-® ^jSoSluQushr^ (st&st^ 
f^dsur^^ , (oT&ii ■zmnu^ — , in^Slis\) - (^si'g/,'^) e^^"5)&^, Lnn^sm® 

1139. My lust, feeling that it is not known by all, reels confused 
in the streets (of this town). 

so. lUliki&GssresSp atrossr iB(mu 6iJi£iGSli\)(oCirriT 

LUfTLDUll-L- ^fTLdUl^rr 6iJ!r^. 

[Qs^dlsQasp^Q^rr® iBesrjijeineij^^ ujrr&^p^LDrrQpsisrocsr 

(liiF - 6!nir«) <oT-^y — ujfTiEjQsLL(^LDrr^LDsk^<i £bicasTfiss)psiT^iiLDrr^ eruD 
es^LDUu/SlsSii-ofTiT rBsrTf§6ST(^n-j ^eujriEiis)6sr(^ Qa^iiiQeirp^ ujrrQppp Q/smuisisfr 

secsresSQasjecTp^ (ipearsessri—fSlujfres^LD njessrjr'Slesrp^. j)/p^Q^rr(B/S(sar 
pes)LDiL!/5lujiT^ <5ii<sDiT(SiiLDmL.SesiLDuu(BSl&ir/Sl&:)Qerr6aru Lj.-3c<sbQ&!r(2^(SiTfri£<sSiosrf 

mmrS) &sm:^parremiLoui^^ ^^6i| ^&U(&\)/r/f — , ib(^u - (sr/i 
(SKin) 0/fl«S)6aT(2/'/f ; {^j)j6Ufr ^uui^d= Qd'ujQ&frp^^'^^ ojuloul-I—- 

lUfTLD ^(SDL-iheS G/bTTtUsSsTT, ^fTLOUL—fT ^^ - filTLd ^<S!T>L-UJ[rStnL£i 


1140. Even strangers laugh (at us) so as to be seen by us, for 
they have not suffered. 

<35<35@)-Lb. ^^. ^6Vjn5)(Slj£V^^SSV. 

S/oo^n'su^ setrQeurrapasLh Qeijeasrt^tu ^cisOLoam iSlpir eh-^ijQearpsiiwir 
^(oST<3sarrQ&!Tpisufrpes>p^ Q^rriBa a^'^^^is^iDj wesifreytrs S-i—'skQurraiBrrs 
e^ek^QwessTL^uu ^SjVuds^/s Q^fTL^mh ^euQj&o<cS)fr lueudrpema, &^(Bj^^^ 

<s. ^soQirtp 6ijrr(f^u9iT /9/y^ tD^ds^u 
u s\i J}' j£l uj rr IT urriQuj^ ^fj&), 

/DLJoV0 LD/Biurrfr, er-^. 

j>/o"o^isjsun-QT)LtSliTa>(^u up^a Qafri—frsir'Sesrp Q^murrssr ^(ooQn-Lpsijfr(fF)uSiiT 
i§P(^Qld^£uu:>, up^aQsfTi—fT^&o ^euQeij^svrrFjBuSlp ^pdr^Q^ai^enfr 
epL^iuQsij ^(fFjiSliTQun-LDfrsisOfreor ^evF^aJrrQ^rrL^Slsorp^ Qis^'Su^^dQesT 
m^iii <5?L.^^sor. (Lpp^mxiGS^Lo eSls!T!r^^(rpQ(rr^ai(£^' 

1141. My precious life is saved by the rise of rumour, and this, to 
my good luck no others are awai-e of. 

2_. LDsoj"«>aT63T <55SJS3r(^ en ([R<3iT)LCt lurSliurr 

(uif-etnT.) CT-^j — LD&)rrQutT^iii aemSBmLLjes)i-.ujrT'SiT^ sruu^p a^esym 
uj/Sliurr^ ®]'^§i)'T Sjw'Bsa OiUsrflujeir/r<aQ ^ojQeair L^(o\:if<3f>-p^ STLoa^Lja/f? 
^^S^i sr-j2/. 

eSup/S ■^Qj&jyQiTiiTiyr/'soT. 

(Q^ - u - czn/r.^— iTKoOff" ^mesr sss3r(^efr - LnevirQurr&iiaa 

1142. Not knowing the value of her whose eyes are like flowers 
this town has got up a rumour about mo. 

g$^j2 (^"5-^ .ssQ-LD. ^^. j:^o\)ir/£leijjpi^^ 


ifi-. Q-(rr?^(D ^(T eiLFfjSlii^ Q-ssTTsinei/ uu^dsifru 

(uif-stniT.) sT-^,—STiEJiELL(^a ■ffh.LLi—QpeasresiLo ^eu^rr/SI ^i>-Ofrsir 
iseino^if (oT6sra(^£3isiJ Q^iTskpmQqffj ^^Gaili— QsumLDSCtih ^ask-iLi—^ 

QuppeisTear/BrroDLD — Qu/bpeuL^iLjerr^fr iBmuLoQun-^ S<ssr u(Lpes)U.GQLD. 

lLl- (ST&yiLn&sJLnfT&sr^)^ Gu(ir^^ - (^Lj<oS!frrr3=&iS!DLu^ QuQ/f^Q^i 

Si, (^^^^^). 

1143. Will I not get a rumour that is known to the (whole) town ? 
For what I have not got is as if I had got it (already). 

JSP. i!^6usiy>6uujiTro S6uehi^ <5E/ri£i Ln^menj^ 

Cu(P-6!nir.) sr-^, — (ofisisrsfrLDili ^eu^QirQaSlsurp ^soFirQear lueoir^^ 
jyso/r^it — QLc<5kQLDiokLSl(^^&)' Qa^sDSS^euii^sQi—iu^dsJsrap Q3'£u<cSlQ^m(7r^p 

^euQeuGor p<aDa=^^ ^rrip^G^ LDes^puu"" ST&srLjL^iLim^. 

(Qes - u - (sn/r.) — smnLOi - (srea^^ sirLdu^^ s^isuefneuiLifiio - 

u9eoTj s5<5aT(ST>LnSLpm^ - ©tehuiis ^(m^eQipi^j ^onQeum^Ln - 

1144. Rumour increases the violence of my passion; without it, it 
would grow weak and waste away. 

(^. dBsrr/^'Co/^/r^/a 65err^sB3rz_(5y KDvUL-.i-.p(7rj'p sitldld 


^uurrJx) j)i3\)Qf)Lh ^6sr/_'^ Qa^iLiJu cr iS&sr p Qawl/^/tlo. 

(^I'bQ^ir^LD^ <5B sir (07)5 6Bar/_((3\J — , QeuiLi—p^ - ^eS^n in eQ^ta 

1145. As drinking liquor is deliglitful (to one) whenever one is in 
mirth, so is lust delightful to me whenever it is the subject of rumour. 

^IbJ^^eiTU U,TL0LjQa>fTCS3T L-fV^I. 

(uiP - 6inT.) 6T-^, — 'JUfTSCT airr^soanrra, isessr^npuQupp^ gf^^freor 

s,!Trr\iu^(ss>^a sirjressTLDrra, (a/ua--/j?^^u u!TL£,LjQsrTesoTi—pQ^sisr(7>^6rr. ^0 
GUL^iLjiJo LDSSTOTi'Lo ©.LcewLDii/m ^ssiSFiB^. iSmlSiiSl&u/S iLjUD ^&iiruF aQsiST p 

{Q^ - u - e3)/r.) — <s56537-t_^ - (^SoOei/SssTT/B/reffr) saassruQup 
ea'sTt^rp^ - a'ibQj-dssTU utTLduQansosTL^ ^&oitQ u{ri\) S-ffoQ&fh] 

(gU3 UJTfb^^, 

1146. It was but a single day that I looked on (my lover) ; but 
the rumour thereof has spread like the seizure of the moon by the serpent. 

OT. psyTj-Qz/T QfiEsrrsjna/ QiUQhsutra ei/sarc 
&sfjrir^ i§(&irlE1k Qibfriu, 

ra/c!j5/r<a//S'L_ ^pqr^smTiu ^dsomaoorr^ A^^tDsesr QicS)puLjp^^fr(Q)^ 

(uf-ewT ) sr-^j — ^iarrLDQiBfTiurTSliu uuSlir ^oja^rflek LDasrfiQ/Tfi'iS 
lijTfTis, euen-jTiTiBmp^j sr-£)]. 

<°?(r^ibj'^^p Qs^eufT'ou^arTQLo eSliflispQs^eijfr^srr (§s{iTps3rQeui3iTu^frLQ, euesar 

1147. This malady (of lust) is manured by the talk of women and 
watered by the (harsh) words of my mother. 

(u[P-63iT.) OT-^, — (Qr^o^rrGrr(B<iQ<osrp SjmFrr<3<i i^rrisi smo^ebi^ lueSl^s^ 


s^Fir^sssTi—rrQ&irp^ srrLBLo - aurw^em^^ ^^uQulo (ori>si&)-^eQ 

Quia (srm pp^ - ^<^iuQu Qm&n^ iQSsifr^^QeoT Qi_/r<£@tb. 

1148. To say that one could extinguish passion by rumour is like 
extinguishing fire with ghee. 

<9o>. ,^e\iiTfEfr6s^ QeufT&isuQ^ir eu^-s^GeMrrLo Qu&n(frj'fr 
U6\jirmrr6svr iS^^i (SSjnt-. 

enib^ &es)puL^p^^rr i^^&i^i^ ^scjT(Sf,S luiT'jbpeo 
fuft' - 6!J)T«) CT-^j — ^Lhes^Lo Quj^irLJULLi-.(^fTSBT^ iS&srsS pi^irlQiusaT 
^piBSLSlsisT fsrrQLD^sdfriT Sn.^LD(si)Q^i(^ ibnem'i,sh.(BiQLDir sh-i—ir^., ot-^. 

luiresareini—UJ Q^ssTu^fTLo, 

1149. Wlien the departure of him who said " fear not" has put 
mo to shame before others, why need I be ashamed of scandal. 

QiB<siTio!n6u Qaj®<S(g tSlisusiiir, 

QT^lU^lh^^, OT-J2/. 

u^ Q^aosrp^ arr^soQiTmi^etr. ^(£jisSQ^u^ufTL-(BLh L^esmfrast^iB^iSLD- 

[Q^ - u - SJD/r.) — lUfTLa — ^ Q6ii<sm(Slih] Q .a err .saieiy - (a_/L_6aT 

1150. The rumour I desire is raised by the town (itself) ; and my 
lover would if desired consent (to my following him). 

^ ^ S lU Q). 

^mUr - ih. ^^. l2i^<3iiip(7r^SSill), 

^Lpl ^/b^<sSi{^ibQ^rrL^a(^&; ^dsOLDS.eniD^^^ash.p^QLDem m(T<keijes>a:tU(Tp 

(uif-OTT.) ST-^, — /f QiuihesiLDU iSlifliJUfTss)LO u^eosTL-irSsir ^^opsr Q\u<osik 
(yj# Qs^rreo, J)jooQstlB'^i^ iSlfl'^^Qufnu (sSemrrrB^eijQ^^&o Qs'iT<d-i)Sis)GUiU(TuS<ssr 
Jfj^'ckxsr ^uQuiTCL^S' &-uSlrreiiiTipsurTiTa(^a' Q£Fn-(b\), sr-^. 

sdsOLD&osfiQujrrLpI^^ sr est &Qs6aT(/rj'efT y siremeuQenear^LD Qenjv^ss^LD 
uSlsares^LDuSlsir. Sjissfre^QiDeO'SOrT LDfrfl),!DluSl(f^is^' ^Gusyjrsii airressreu&)eoerr&d<soeiTy 

^SsOLoaesT <'a,Q iLjes)rruurr(ff;(i-p'Sfrrr. 

ioii[r[rA(^, a_ein/r - Qg'ir&OG^i, 

1151. If it is not departure, tell me ; but if it is your speedy return, 
tell it to those who would be alive then. 

2_. ^60765 6gg)f g!nf— ^.g6i//f u!j'rsneo tSl l?l <oU 1^ 3i La 

(LIiP - CailT.) <oT-^, ^emL^lLjEI &6SS!€sSlU!kQs,!TS0Sr® iSisSTio^liskp (ST/fTSOT^^ 

i_jsisTaQsi!SbiT6SiiiBi strrfluuuQuuJir smressf^^mQineo ^rruSljr)£U' ^weua^a^^.^ossr 
ti^icS)u.^^!T^!b-oneii^ "(LpeiT!&^Lp (Lp^QuuiSlp foiBi^^^ih ^Metnrra — s.m<s^^ 
ldQloQs'uuilj Qw6!sr(Sijes)ir^£iJ LDODLDtun-Qfrek—Q^erTeifleis^Lp ^(Tj^^ii" usosr 
<ssiL..uSiib &puun-&o ^ojek tSlifl^p^/SluLfasrrL-tjL ^&^3'(^Ga=Lu^£iiGS)L_es)LD. 

(Qs - u - (oD/r.) — (^SiDtptq tn/rSaOiq/u Q^fressr® iSle'sTis^flehro 
/5/rsrfl^), j^<oijir tj/r/reu^ - ^evjr^ u(rn-(SS)6iimn-^^rr(LpLny (qsmir 

60TOT(^5fS/D, L/60T<g56C3T - ^ O" <3= ^ ^1 SsST , S-GS^L^^^ - &.(SS) I— ^ ^ !J u9i 

1152. His very look was once pleasing ; but (now) even intercourse 
is painful through fear of separation. 

1153. As even the lover who understands (everything) may at 
times depart, confidence is hardly possible. 

<3^. c^€iff)^^(^cF OeossTpeiJiT liuSp Q^eiPi^flQa=iTp) 

(uif - emir.) gt-^^ — sr^rruuL-i— i^rrmQp ^^ue/t^Qs^Lu^ iBesrej^p 
LSli^Qium Sif^s'Q'Si^psuiT ^itQld iSlsir iSlifleurrmiSleWj SjeufrsiEm^ Sj<sufr Qs 

Q^^LUrrQfreiiru^ ^eurSswu iSlpfrQurrpsh-peo. Q<sFiTSo^^QaFUJ^ QiDirdj 

QiFUJ^, ^i^<3=(ffO GTesTpeuiT - (a_isaT^aS)/^©L/ iSflQiuek) ^(^g=fr 
Qffij Qeu&iTpeiifr (^/tCdldV /iuiSlssT - (tSlswCcgar) iQ^heun'jrmB&sT^ 

1154. If he who bestowed his love and said " fear not" should de- 
part, will it be the fault of those who believed in (his) assuring words ? 

^ikiQ esTiB^iTp L-isssiire^. 

1155. If yoTi would save (my life), delay the departure of my des- 
tined (husband) ; for if he departs, intercourse will become impossible. 

(uiP - 63) IT.) er-Si, — •iBiEisisjSij<s<s(Bes>LD tu^ih^ ^^ajn-^rrQio iEU2(ip 
6sf?ssrj3/ ^miSiflisSSoisr iLjessrfr^^uD eueorsemes^Lo iLjsni—tujnTuSlsar, sj^^stsmsiLDUunir 

^jjs^UD 2_iS3sr/f^^^Jii ia/3bsoir/ruS)(63)ff' iSliflii^Qun-iL ^ssrujsjDi—ujir rriu i5u:)es)LO 

^yui/rstn^Fj ^^^ - £Sli—uu(SliSi, 

1156. If he is so cruel as to mention his departure (to me), the 
hope that he -would bestow (his love) must be given up. 

\B9T>pSp6i}ir iQ<sbp isi/Ssrr. 
(uiP-aniT.) 67-^5 — ^es^peiiiosr sirndssru LSlifluJ^ppes>LDes)uJ ji/eu^emrr^ 

a&r eresraiiE/SsSlajfrQsurTf ^eu^esiTfrtii^ enssstirii^siii^ tSuj/SleS^^d^ Gsl'goV© 
Qtorr, Gr~£)/. 

em^s ^<sj)p - ((srew^ (xpearsai^sB ^sjooaaQs^eoT^iij ^peuir^e'sTp 
6y2srr - ^Lpio\}fnBesTp wdsfTiuiosi&r^ ^pQ^Q'Zfreo - ((sr&sT^^'S ^rSi 

1157. Do not the rings that begin to slide down my fingers fore- 
bode the separation of my lord. 

/Su L^i30&@ssr(7r^io!T!rs,(^mj ©esrssf^o'o 6i2/r Qnj'ssr(yr/'6(T, s^s^Quj&) <3h.£}jisu it err Qurr 
6sr^ ^SBJ aiseueSljTsstsr® (ynscsr es^Lo 6h.^tu<sufT^' 

(Q^ - u ~ fain/r.^ — ®jGSTcST @)<5\^ asTE/r - (^La^eifliT,^^^ ^!W(^^ 

1158. Painful is it to live in a friendless town ; but far more pain- 
ful is it to part from one's lover. 

Si,, Q^fTi^/bsii^ &sT(5)d(50^ smj^QfBfTUJ QufreM 
GSli^psii— loOirp^QiCiir ^. 

\{kn-LD!d^QtuQufrsar£)i ^rr^surpsSi^^esi^a^- <9?®mrrsisofrssT f^uurrppeo 

Qi3uecsr(BQLDekp Q^rrc^a^^s' Qa^rr&^eSuJ^.'] 
(uif - 63) T.) 6T-^, — ^^ ^mom^Qa^aL-i—trp <3i-(BLDfrLiSlp ^(B^ioOeo&)^ 
arTLDLDtrQiU Gisn-iuQuir&osj ^m^iuaesr(ffp puuir^ ^®^Sso eiipQ(^, lditi— 

l—fT^y GT-£31' 

e?(Bm(ruSlQesresTu^ LDfb^jrLD(rF)iB^seiTrrp pix)L9asuuL-frs,fTiiSt Qssrssrp 
euiT^, ariLDsBp &^Q\Sk<^ QiuskufT'^ eufrerrrr SJ-i—Qwmqr/isn-, jtjsps^'jti'S 

1159. Fire barns when touched ; but, like the sickness of love, cau 
it also burn when removed? 

tS) 637 sjjfl (7^/5^ enrripsuirir uedir, 

(uif-emir.) er-^, — =gy^^ ^gS/o/^ .jyebisoeb QfErriu £a,Q iSliflQi ^fi/Su lSJsbt 
s.uS!iTisiJrTQ£> LDsefiir &.&)s^^u ugoiTj ot-^. 

^oo^LpiBS^ ^65TL/^6j^ @t_t£)Lj©^6b ^/fliuQ^rrsk(7r/'seQssr ^lfllU^?£^&= Qs'iu 
lUfTLDfrp/SI a50<s@LDfr QprnQsarm^uth ^i^evjr6ij^fr<sar ct^^^'SOT"^ eumQ^aj^ 

eijUD ^pjomifliuev fTse^p iSlif^eurrp^ Qiu&st^ldj ^EisiT^<sCi'3^rr uSlsuT/SlajiSDLDUJfr 

Q;0/i)feti^ QiueisTu^ (^^uuirpQqr^&srpu iSlsGisi^Q^.i^ eiJrripsufriT wsiiQfrem^iiEj 

B5>pu iSliflQsijmqrfm, Qa'iu^f /SiQ, ^p/SQiuekuesr e^s' (suss)aiurrek ji/eusu 
enpp ^(TFjtssiLSHL^isssiir f§6aTpesr> QpuLjilestLD (^£srrjr^^rrp Qqrjks.^* tUfr^iSp 
m^u(Bisv Q<306oru^ s((^^^, 

(tS/flsnei/ ^^sSl^^ e9z_^^) ^^P(^ S-L-lciUiL(B, ^&05\)ei) 
(e/5/riL/-(i5)/fliLjmCcz_//r^ ^-sssTL-rrQp^ ^ssTuQ(Bfr(oinuju^LCi, i§.zQ — , 

1160. (As if there were) many indeed that can consent to the im- 
possible, kill their pain, endure separation and yet continue to live after- 

St^<5\ - LD, ^^. UU.ITQLns6ljB0aiE13B6V, 


s^Loaisfr ^rrg^^Qein/D ^sstu^^j^st eTuQuirap^ih fSSsw^^e^^ j)j,if§2osr 

<s. Wes^puQuiSTLCi&sr iun cSooQ^rr Qibir<^\iJ iBe^rou u chits 
3h.^j^fiir (ou/rex) t£)(gtL. 

65J/;cfc-@ e^p^ /§a LB(^LDrT£iiQurr6k lEsn-iBehrp^y 6T-^, 

^LDLDSDjDss^n'fl) uiuQssTear Qearearu^uL fSscrpisDLDuSlQaTf ldsst gjLg) 

uSlan.?^iE«653r eiim^^. *''^o°oG'^ff' Qs^&osuits QiEfT^^Qesrmiufrshr'^ (sretsr 1-jl8u 

urri—QiDir^ evn-Qf^Qpmfr • SjS* uiri— LD5ksDLD<iJ/SliE- ^esff S>i^p:is,®aa^ f§QdP 
(Q^-L/-(Sjn/r.) — uurrsoT — , Qrerremiu - ^iQrErreiDUJ^ insm/DtJ 

^ooQ^ir - ^IbQfBfrQLUfT, ^<S:DpUU6iJITA(^ - (^l§ITQ6Uei3T®QLn€'(iTjriJ^ 

1161. I would hide this pain from others ; but it (only) swells like 
a spring to those who drain it. 

2_. ^IT^^^ UMrpQpioSfh QfBlTG^UjQtBlTlU Qe^OJ^ST^^ 

eSKB^Qsosar^ iBuressri—^m 6^63r^Q<3=iu60 QeusBsrQ 
(uiP - 6inT.) ST-^, — ^fsQfBfresiiu FFessreis'>i—iurr jr /B a jmom Loeinp^^^Lh 

^0 srr^'iQsfT^srTisoT iSi^^eQp sir^^^ mrrpQp Qewesr^tJUD, Qs^uSl 

(^(o)iFfr:5\)QffO£STtS)UlLlir(j9i:'oTV S-QD IT ^^ ^ ^ LO - Q 3= fT 'h 6\) ^J La ^ rbtT^J 

1162. I cannot conceal this pain, nor can I relate it -without shame 
to him who has caused it. 

Ql^<^ eijL^tXilSl 62JT<5E^^. 

uem^ssijasTsiJiTaj arrm mrrss3ri£&r ^LD(LpGlefTiT^^ S-iiSl/flcW uSl^s^uj/r iBs>Tp€CTj 
Lurrsvr ^snp^ Qenrrshr^skis e^paLDmLi-.n'iss^LDuSlm ^o°oSjDQpeSl(B Qld^u 

(Q^ - u - sjD/r.) — aarmQpLn - ^irLnQiB!T\L\L€>^ tbir emi Cct - (^J)j^ 
Q 3^ iLJ ^ 6U ii<i (m\ Qa^rr&ied(ol<si]!riL.u.!rs tbir^^iin^ GT&n Qmrr^S-L^Cn 

u9^ih^ Q^irsa^Qmp&iT. 

1163. (Both) lust and shame, with my soul for their shoulder pole 
balance themselves on a body that cannot bear them. 

r«^<afliu/r &iTLDaisi—pui—rriT ui^^ud s/^Ssst erppLj^i^iufrisffii^i 

sL—uuQnshrp Q^rrL^i(^&= 0<9^/r&oeSaj^.] 
(uif - annr-) <st-^) — lurreuirssQ^Lo s^etreuiTiu euQ^Qemp ^<2u(sSljTi£srL^^sh' 

(GT^LD (STesrai^SSlffl—ITQskp^iBITLD&SL^Qedj J^^SoW f§ IB ^il) SjJT^QiU L\ds5sr 
^(IFjSU L^lLjUD LDm^m ^UD(LpUD r^iSSid' £ldo\). ^^<aSu.(B ^^P(3^LJ LjasmiUIT 

spuirZod'juiTiiJ iBuLjm ^u9p/BSso Qiwssru^ a(W)^^. 

(^Q^-u-s^ir A — {ujir6i}ir<%(3^La s^essri^iriij enQj^Qe'srp ^jren^i^ 

1164. There is indeed a flood of lust ; but there is no raft of safety 
to cross it with. 

KiL\9^ erifrp^ usyir. 

6Sosw3= Q<fajiu eV'^MovsuiT ^eorufi^ Qa^uj^pf^i^iu ues)a(SS)LD<iaeot)T ermQa^iuGufr 

<ss>LD /^iaV©^ <fs/r(SOT)£(j)Loii9isor ^sl'it Qa^ojsi]^ LD/SajuQup^Q&i QiDewu^ut— 
LSl/DSurraQiLjiii efi-^t^err. 

euir - Q3=iLJLU6uidio\)6uir, ^juiSlm - (^^^€sru(y^Q<3=Lu^fl)(^^ 2_/fluj) 
U'S^sss^lduSl-^^t qtsvsst ^suir Q^!r(k) - sr&iTissTQ-a^iuouQjrfr, 

1165. He who can produce sorrow from friendship, what can he 
not bring forth out of enmity ? 

^srrLD^^iT6!^ssru (Lp^(7>/iTa>(^ ^^si^^tu ^ehruQpLD Qj^rrplLDSisTp 
(uiP-eoiT.) er-^, — aaLDLo L^eissrireiiiT (S^siru(^Q3=iuti^Eiarr<so, ^sueSlmuis 
^^^saruih j^ffliBi_eS^LD Quifl^rruD, er-jj/* 

Quir^). ®j&iTuili - ^isueQ&nuLn^ si^eci - <SL^i\)Qurrp (^Quifl 

1166. The pleasure of lust is (as great as) the sea ; but the pain 
of lust is far greater. 

LUII LCi^^LCi OJtrGioST tLjCotolTeoT'. 

(u'P - 6iJ)T.) er-si) — arrLDix>rrQiu 6Bt_Sso Sis^rrQ^ €st ib-oQ sosar ^ 
turrQew ujmSlQsmesry SiJ,iLjLb ^pii^ui-L(BiLim^ QurnBrr ^Q&r^arrSekQp'osry 

(Q^-Lj-siD/r.) — sfTLdLa 6E©tii Lj&neo-sfrLnLaiiQiU3SL-2sOy iSi^ 

(^>3d5/r(«33)fflr>LQ.S Sfr6\^fh^,T6ST ST &0 (oO /T (7^ iL iB ^ ^ 6!^ fT Q 3= lU ILf ISi U fT ^ 

eoT - ^psuiT^(r^iQ5STQpdT ; (^rpQ^irQ^ ^eSlBsaru uium ^(^^/S 
eSl^La S763v). 

1167. I have swam across the terrible flood of lust, bat have not 
seen its shore ; even at midnight I am alone ; still I live. 

^. LD&fT^S Q/r&t)60/r/b' ^SprB LUeS^^JTfT 

(uiP - OTir.) CT-^, — ^QjeSjTfT rS>/s^^^rriSl(rF,fB£S^ ; e-(SOa^^ i§2soQuj3j 

sSlL® ^pi5^u(B QuDe\iSs\}QuJi^iu STskSssrQuj ^Scsvtufrss QdSfri-eQsar ^fSsSear 

1168. The night which graciously lulls to sleep all living creatures, 
has me alone for her companion. 

3h. QsiJi^iuirlr Qs!T®<S!S)LCiu9ii) (o^ikiQ^irif-iu eQitbir 

aa>Gr~i'jb. ^Q. /jz_/f QlocQ^ Qi7"/hJ.5fe^J. 


(uif - eaiT.) er-^, — esfr^eoQ/rfr® tdiTiBski^pp Qprnt^en-adrip (g^uj 
eurrtu ^svit iSlifleurr/uQp mrrQesr/D ^iiorrehssi^Qeo QiEU^iusuiriua^ O^^^Qearp 

PSUT, ST-£}t. 

^ssr^p(yr^es)LO sqf/^it^ iSlifl^sQeoTj Q&rri^<U!TQtr<^(fpetT. Qsw(Bes>LD-sta, 
6S)LDs^ai <ffi5i3'arG'(6W)L_n"<sPLD QiD^iSi u<sssr6<DL—uSl QesTL^ujsu!riu ai QairiSLiueufreBn' 

(g/»9tu0D6iyuj/ru51(75/b-^), ^fbiBfretr - (^^cuiTi9ifleD<ouu Quir^i&inir 
Q3=e\)QssTp, ^JTfT - ^F<Si]^<stTj Q <sfr i^tufrlr - ^diQ^fr m.LU6ujr^ 


1169. The long nights of these days are far more cruel than tho 
heartless one who is torturing me. 

(uif - coiT.) GT - ^y — LDQSTLoQufrsosB fflrT^aj^sfrsTr Q^iu^^s si^Qp 
Q£p&:&i GucixKoOicSTeuiTuSlsarf srear aeasrsetr ^eiieksst lo QeumerrLOfrQuj si/iesirr 
Sii^rr, (ST-J2/. 

/SSsvrQev LurraeQstsT s^&TetTLo QurrsmOpesT^LD, Qldius(^ iii—fs^ Qa^eoe^Qeui^Q 
^^rrp QsFikQipiSlQearmruEi Gh./8iQ)eti. ^^^dr euQFfQesrp eu^srrjrnpih C«/r 


6ui^ - (<55/r^(oO/f) ^(rjjiSlp fG!ril.L^p(^, Qa'ikQpiSl&sT - (ai^^Q£\^\ 
Q<iFffOio06iJs\)ed<ssT'S}jmi9&fr^ GTsar^isiisT - <s7<sst^ sGrnraiiir. Q en men lilt - 
QbvetrenLn/rQiu (^'c) liesiir^ liih^&i - liihsir, 

1170. Could mine eyes travel like my thoughts to the abode (of my 
absent lord), they would not swim in this flood of tears. 

smLi—QsusvTu^p Qsjbp Q3=iiJuu(BQuir(r^sir (aU(i?)<^&aLJuil.L^^. ^eor 

1171 As this incurable malady has been caused by my eyes "wbicb 
showed (him) to me, why should they now weep for (him). 

eosw/r QtEfTsQiBmp s^essrsissisi sen @ssrj2/ @^ fBLDLDn-!k>euiB^i£(Ts,<^p Quit^^ 
mSsrrsij^ — iSlmi^Qufr tuairr eurrirfrss^LDuSlp srrsmu.psifltujrn'UJ eijma^ 

1172. The dyed eyes tliafc (then) looked without foresight, why 
sliould they now eudure sorrow, without feeling sharply (their own 

seasrssQstT(siru£J ^Qsrrjr^ ^rrm wi^^. ^^Qsueisrp^ C'ld^.s^/6?iu 
st^LDi—i^ Qs=Lues)s<ss)Uj. cjy^ gijq^q-p^sstitiSs sfruufrif'i(^ warns eSl'BstT &(^ld!t i& 

GlcFUJs\)^ nss^ ^ssa^ - (/5iLa)/^(cg^)) Q^<zs^^<ss ^LuioetDUj 

1173. They themselves looked eagerly (on him) and now they weep. 
Is not this to be laughed at ? 

(uif-ewnr*) ct-^, — ^eserssoiTaerTj ^ek^u ujrr^!LtULDmLi—rres>LD^ Cs^ 

ih Sit 

I— L— ear J gt-^. 

1174. These painted eyes have caused me a lasting mortal disease, 
and now they can weep no more, the tears having dried up. 

sirinQfUfTUj QiFiu^Qeii&sT sem. 

f UlP - GD/r.) er-^} OTeOT"ffi(g<B &I—^(S^ &/SI^!TLD GU^SSSfLO Qulfl^!TiU 

1175. Mine eyes liave caused me a lusfc that is greater than the sea 
and (they themselves) endure the torture of sleeplessness. 

(uiP-eUiT.) (ST-sij — eTLDsQssrrLoQi'SfruSlSnsrs: Q<sfilj^ {^emai—iTQpLD @^^ 
uSlsu/r ^Q^^psmsrQassruLLi—^ iB&eijLB&^^iruSlp^, er-£u, 

(LpppQQJLDS(^ SIS' ^iTiE^frpQurrisarp Q^mu^tTLO' 

1176. The eyes that have given me this disease have themselves 
been seized with this (suffering). Oh ! I am much delighted. 

{Q^ - u - Gnrr.^ — oQaDLpib^u - effl^titS^ ^ss)Lpi'b^ - ^-lL 

6UGDITU UillT^^ <5 53STaSTr, S^Lptb^ &-^fb^ - (^60?^ ^f IbJ iB fT LCi(S\) 

1177. The eyes that became tender and gazed intently on hira, may 
they saflTer so much as to dry up the fountain of their tears. 

«iy. QlJ{^_^ QuL-L—fT (rn'snirui'chjQ^ u^^p<oin}& 

Qa^ojeOtrpiSi^iB^ rSeirpsinLDuSip Cu^Q^'S^^ld, (Lpcwesr<si:)LD uaJTrri—is^u 
LS)/f?ei/<?:<3^(T^ii cijmQurres>pu-jEi &k./£l<^jTiraGQp QuLLt—n-Qfresr^ijiEj eh.^^en- 
LDsir — g5L^uSis»5=<s«65ar euihsSi' LDp£)i — sSSsoTLDfrp/Sl'sarseosr eui^^* ega/r 
iTih — ^i^a^fSSsi)' ujrT(^,ppGijiEi sehrs&r ^evtaDfrai sircmi—pi^ miTT^wuiriaGsr 
pssT Qaxjssru^rrLD' ^s^a^ Qi£rrsssrsds^QiiJSsr^ urri—LDrruSlssTf (oTesTssmasrr ^Co 
es)LDa sm^^<ss>LDQoisTp Oa/rsabracW^ ^rrEiarri^ ^emLDQskpemisSisdSso ^gj 

65 <oW<5E err, u^p^ij ^euir sir^^^ - ^6i]<sr)!TS3irri^mLni\)j jijGnLneii 

1178. He is indeed here who loved me with his lips but not with 
Lis heart but mine eyes suffer from not seeing him. 

LUrriTi^ Q^pp&ST <5633T. 

(u[F - eairr.) ct-^, — arr^eofr eun-JTrr^t^rresr^ ^euir ojjreii urrrr^^^ 

(Q^ - u - GSMT ,^ — sufTjrrri^trid - (<5B/r^<a)/r) eufijTiT^fErr&T 

6iJfb^Sf5fri3rT<S6SQ6V^ ^ (^S" (T - (^^6UIT iSl if] SU Q IT 6^7 £)J ^(^Q\ ^!h} 

1179. Wlien he is away tbej do not sleep ; wheu he is present 
they do uot sleep ; in either case, miue eyes eudure unbearable agony. 

650. LDemrpQup G^mnr'r.k &^^&iT(rr? Qe^ChQun' 
£\:)<sr>pu<S!Dp <5BcadT(eOT) srspj^. 

(u(P - €3)T.) ST-^, — STiisOTLDLJCu/rjsJ/Lb ^es)pues>paj!rQiu aemea^Ss^ 

LDSSipQiw^ p^ RFeaw® LDes)psauu(Bsu^ScW- .^&^^ Ssi^su^Sswu Ljp 
^^GrretTfT/T^ &fBsSl ^ ^eoaQiu Q^!Tip&)!T'osr e^p^emio it^siei ss^toi^sk ^ ^<ss>p 

uemps &£ssr^es)Qir^^ um— Qu:)rr^eurr(W) (tperrir. lufrek LD<oopss,e^LD ^esisu 
QojefhuuQ^an'S'SSfpssT Qtsuesru^rril)' 

(Q^ - u - (sn/r.) — srui QurrsM - GrLbQSiLBuQurr^LD^ ^eryp 
U(SS)p ssssTi^s)!r - ^impu<s!npiurT Qlu semSsJsm-iLj&yiL-iuoiJir^ ^s>^a^- 

(^/BLOS^^ G)/5(^Q&UZ_<sfiaJ, LdGiDp Qup&i - ^ JT sQ UJ ^ SID ^' ^ rB 

1180. Ifc is not difi&cult for the people of this place to understand 
the secret of those whose eyes, like mine, are as it were beaten drams. 

iF<3555) - LD. ^^. LJ3=ULj£}JU(T^61JJGV. 

,S>j^ us^uLjppuC'^eiJj'Qe^esT e^lifltLjih. ^o%^rrcu^ U'aPui-j^ ^&ifr^iu 61/(75 
eiJ(Tp(yr/"SS>LDUJiTSST cxjQr^euQisrrfffSpQsv^urr®. @^j ^^loadsisTS ■srressruQuQr/'^ 

<55. pLUfb^5ij'r<S(m [B60srr€!DU^ QtsiTtBQ^<ssT ud^fb^Qevehr 
u 6ssnSl iu rr ir ^ (^<S!Dfra>Qsir i9p. 

(u(P-6!nir.) er-^, — erewSssr fSOJiE^euirsi^ ^^Quitq^^ i^iflesieuiiju.Lo 

U3'ULjJ)IUQF61Jir&0. (^QsE S7^/ 

uiLu- /E.T60T, us'tb^ - (^^^dssru(olu[rQr^Lns\) ^LjQur(Lp^) ue^uLj 

/9^trnSy)i_/b'^, GTSOT USS!fTLj - GT oil <oS tU <o-\) GS) U ^ UJ/r/f«@ £>_Gy)/rA5 

1181. I who (then) consented to the absence of ray loving lord, to 
•whom can I (now) relate tho fact of my having turned sallow. 

V^p(yr/QsrTssrs &GU&sTp G^/rt^aQ ^p^svQ&i'csru^ 
(uf-sinir.) <ST-^y — ^uueFut-l^^rreoTj (oTesrdssr iLjssi!ri-.rr&Q(^iT ^cvQrricir 

"(^(rrj^Qsrru Lysrfla@t£) Qeueowek ffh-iB^<^LD(r gSisuit/e^ O^^eW ersk 
®(^r^@ /§ <5eL/to\)^ Qeusssrt—rr Qeu^u^mh' 

U3=ULj [QpLDj ^'suir — , ^ih^fTir <ors9T^}]f5 ^es>siu!T&i - {(srssiSsar) 

1182. Sallowness, as if proud of having been caused by him, would 
now ride on my person. 

[cgytp@ iBfT^)i wi^iurTLn&i £ Lurrpp&i Qeusm^BQuyssTp 
fuf - etnT.) CT-^, — iSiifl@mp (^rrehQp jijSueSliressn-p^ih ^3sOLDrr(7pi£ 

^isfTLDQfBtruSlSswU^LO U3^ds0^.lU^LD OTfl5r<S(g^ ^IS^, CT SST Q ur,eilf} ^L£,QSo^lL>Lh 

wrrs^SswuL^m jtjevir Q&iT6ii!r(BQurruSli^iT, sr-^. 

£tQit rSrrej^esip. ^■t_i@iG^/r^Lo LB(^.^<s\)rresr, Qmtru i^rresSp^^ ^aso 

^ii eh-L-zTQwesTu^frm. 

Q <S T 6337" (c Z_/ /r u51 (OT) /f . 

1183. He has taken (away) my beauty and modesty, and given me 
instead disease and sallowness. 

aerrsrrm tSlpQsuir U3=ul^. 
[SliflQ'SoTjneuiT Q^e^eS^^ Qa^rrpiB^iLjih j)/SiJif mp/SlpEi&cisntj^ 

(uif-fflnir.) ST-^} — J)j6iiif QsFfTp&,ds(T iurrm unasr^i^n- g!^ Ss^yr !lj rr S pQ ussr , 
SUIT Sib rr^ies)rruu^u:i ^suir rspppEja'i'&iQiLi j ^eiiejcot i^ Qa^iuuJirS/b&aijLhf 

Slpstjili s^sijLo j)iQn3=fS2so- Qlduu LD/b<s^p LD6aTQ;/ra(gffieiffsw' GUL^^^n's 
eSssr ^^&si s<si!3j^)jUD eujruurrp p&sr(yrj>ijSl(rf,ais euiB^oDLDuSlesr^ @^6OTG)<ff^ujfiO 
seh&TLDrr uSl([F)rB^Q^6sr^ ^[ri^p£}J@drp<oS)LD <3^/£luJsijfr(vr/Sp^' 

in<5^^^iT&^^ fQdsar.iQmQpm ; S-iJs^fruu^ - (^euinua&o) Q 3= rr <s\) 6\i u 

iSpSSilLD^f Ua^ULJ - U'SF^ iQpLO (joli (b ^ ^ &iT p ^^ ^ sefrGrTLo - 

1184. I think (of him) ; and what I speak about is but his excel- 
lence ; still is there sallowness ; and this is deceitful. 

^eiJsaiT€wr g)a/ffiiE/rOe337CTrij6?3r e^^li^fSshrp dlss^i-a^Qs^fTpsetr. Qajtu 
Gue^sremLDiurrp srr&ieiisa'areiDLD sQr,^uuLLi-^' ^euir Offsi3ia/LD us^uiSietsr^ eujr 

ua^uLj asa/fa/^ - u.f2soiSlpoi-aGr>i—6u^^ ^sv^ziBfrcaoT - ^ihiQis tutor 

1185- Just as my lover dejiarted then, did not sallowness spread 
here ou iny person? 

«^r. 6ui err ^ <s ^ no Lo uiTiTik(gy lS (TfQ gtj Q u r p QiBnessTg^saT 

urTirsi^QLDskuesr ^e\)<sa.SOTr#:Oa:/rsb. Qpsir i^i^ixJir^^^aasiiiB fFssra sen 

mialesT^^ ^^pta L//r/f<s(^i£( - Qs^airexjurriT^^ Qmnh'^QovrfFLCi, 

1186. Just as darkness waits for the failing light, so does sallow- 
ness wait for the laxity of my husband's intercourse. 


j)//SajfT^ i-jes)L^QuiuiTfBQ^iosr • ^uujss)L-QutiJif,iiseijm(sS'lQ<o\) ws'uL] ^^rrsrfldb- 
QsrrefrQeuesru^ (^<3S^pis^/S6Brfl^. ^erTe^aQarreheu^ - ^■srrerfidiOa'^OT 

&VdiQ.sfrerr6nLJu(Bm Qufr(mefTQurri\) euiha^ ^<snpih^^. 

1187. I who was in close embrace just turned aside and the mo- 
ment I did so, sallowness came on me like somethincr to be seized on. 

(O^ - U - SJD/r.) ^SUSTT , Uff'lh^fT&T (oT'SSTU^ JiJ &i S^d IT &d ' 

1188. Besides those who say " she has turned sallow" there are 
none who say " he has forsaken her". 

^€GT^ iSsksQ^jS^rrssr i5iso<sOi'Sds\}uSlesr rrrrsuirrii^ssrf srssTQioeS ui—i^^ut—u 
toichrst^2s\yixJinT ^eii'-i^asjsQLDsaisssrQsm' Sp^^iLjGnL.uJjTrr^eo. uL—i—iriasns 

e'sT^QF^^rriy)) reiU(S\;/9§5yu963T irnsiiinrvSiesr^ (sresr Gtoesfi — ^ uil-i—fr 

1189. If he is clear of guilt who has conciliated me (to his depar- 
ture) let my body suffer its due and turn sallow. 

<550. U-s'uQ U5STU QuitQuj:i/^ eST&ilQp fBiUUtSl^^mT 

uL^^^eijt^ jijojeir ^tupui—QiDiTL^ih^^-'] 
(uif-soinr-) CT-^j — ^<ssT^ ^rriEJi^esyp lEiuuS^^i /jh-Uf-mcuirs^ ®<3W^ 
m&isrreiDLDssiiu iBiLQi—trir ^Tp(yr^jnrS^, car Qcijp£)jes>LDiijrreoiissr 

(TTj'ir OTisjjfisaT - (^!hL-L]pQ(rrj'fr^ ^^ p (Yrj> jr tr u9 eh , us^ulj st&si - u£fu 

^^vu — , m&)iQp - (<UT ear d, (^^ rbdrQrj'LCi. 

1190. It would be good to be said of me that I have turned sallow, 
if frieuds do not reproach with unkinduess him who pleased me (then.). 

<s. ^Jiheff'Cpeufrir ^iheS^Lpu Quppeuir QupmjQir 

(uf-6!nT.) ET-^y — ^LJoLorrfi) sfr^<3^S'Ssuu(BEi sessrojir ^ilies)LD& «/r^<scSffl 

evL^u Qupuui—rreiDLDuSlp Qup(yr^QrTS3T^m^ ji/eviTfrp peis>L—i3esrfi ^airuu® 

ePLDiLjQj:i0T>i—es)LDiSlisar^ ^aast^ lurrLD Qup^Q&o QiD^huairuSlp^- 

(Q^ - u - sin/r.) — ^friJb eS'tpeurrir - ^LniM!iQ&:) <qSi (minULju 

erf);f, &!TL£)^_^ - ■siTLnrr^ueii^^esi ^, strip ^^ - ^^Q&^'S\)!r^ ^ 
.siKjfl - ULp^-ejn^^, Q upQTf'Qir - QupQYj'rr&siQp, 

1191. The women who are beloved by those whom they love, have 
they not got the stone-less fruit of sexual delight ? 

e_. €UlLpsv!Tirs,(m euir&sJLn uujibflp(irj&^ 6:fj'Cp6iJfrrra,(^ 
twssiLQ'jurr L065eTflia(g ^Gyes)rTuSlsk/£luues}LDLU[r^ esssrojif j)j<srr£ij,cSlis^ ev/i'^ Qs'lu 

eupih^L^ ^^,G3)Ssr enn-^tsurrcrQutreO ^p!B^u(B^Q&} is una (^m err QsiciiTu^rrLD' 

[Qaj - u - «j)/r.) — (^^p(LpLB Quirq^(^Ln ^earu^tpLo Qr^fr^k 
Qui9if]ih^Sfr6i->'j^ (sffipGiJ!riT3i(^ - (^^UMSSiin'^ sQlLi^iti^^s LnuL-L—ir^ 

^6ifl^(^LCi - ^€rT6UrSllba:[/'olJfb^lQiSFLuQp^ ^ (ciB - ^dsOiUGifl^ <oi]irip 

6ii!i!r^(^ - (^ekSssrQiu Qmrr^Q\ &-u9ir6iJrryiGurriT.s(^^ (oHfremu^ — 

LniS!T>Lp, UlUfk ^p£}J - ^(SneUl£llh^6iJlh^ QuiUSU^^lQurTGOllJi. 

1192. The bestowal of love by the beloved on those who love them 
is like the rain raining (at the proper season) on those who live by it. 

(uif - emir.) sr-js/^ — sitld eSlei^Lpu^Eiaismeujrrrissr eSlGnLpojuu® ldsi 

^ir&o iBiTi3ekup£)i eun Lp^QLDmrSl(rf)a(^iB ^Qr)S(^, gt-^, 

iBiTLD ^eujnrissr (cSLpuui—freDUDLSlesrj iBLD&sssiLDeu^ '^pih^uaQi—'sku^iTil). 
(Q^ . u - €S)!r .\ — laS'QSirBir - (^LOLDnri\)^ (sSlQ^ihuuuQQp 

SSSST6l]FtI&0^ (sff'LpUU®61Jmrs(^ - 6Sl(f^LCiUUu(BQp iDSSYfl/fffi^, 

(srr^(S\)fr iSl fl r'b ^ rr ^ id miasinLniQSssTm^ <55/^^su eii (men ir !t\ eiiiTQS) 

fBLd STSaT^l/iii _ {<olJ lb ^ [T SM tbtTLa ®j&il Up^\ 'olJ[r LpQsurrQ LB&iTrSi (ThS 

1193. The pride that says " we shall live" suits only those who are 
loved by their beloved (husbands). 

eff^Lpu uL—fT^ Qrresfl&sT, 

spSlSswiLirraeQp i£pLjes)i—LDsei'r}jriT&) mear(^LD^aaLJu'S^ 
Quuecrp QaifriMai^ff' 0<rff-&oeSiu^.] 
(uif - emit-) er-^, — sspLjeiDL^isiaei^irrre^ m&!T(^u:>^asuu®(SiJiT(fffS) ^(tlo 
eO^tiq/sy isessrsu IT rrsir (sSQ^istuuuL^irjriruSp fSsSSsariurrLLL^iuif, sr-jj/. 

&puLjUDes>LD eSsrrjT^^frp Q(/p&s^' Qai^'^uS!€sTes)txi-/E&i^SziSruSl£iTissuD> 
<3joo^ ^(/Tj^^n-u^^ujiTprSdlSciiT tLj£Sit_(SS)LCujrruSlp^' ^(^ocm-\n<ss>L-Qiup(^ J)ji5 


(0^ - u - <ST)/r.) — (5ff'Lpuu®ioiJiri'r - {s,pLi<srs)L-Li^(BeMir{TQe\:^ 
(mLn^do'i£LJU®oiJfr Q^LD^ ^im eS'ipiSinTfr - ^LaLafr&OGSl(mL[iULju(B 

Qp ■ssGssTSUFrr&i^ eS^ tp u u l— n tr OTSjfieoT - ^ QhLDUU ui_njTfTu9i:orj 
QslE®j u9s\)it - ^sQSssru-iGDi—iuQfruuneinr. 

1194. Even those who are esteemed (hy other Tvomen) are devoid 
of excelleuce, if they are not loved by their beloved. 

Qj. JBfl ibJ^ir^so Qsrreo'sTL^fTiT miMs,Q.s6ii6oT Q'SFiuuQ'SUir 
[.»ysi;/7"G'aD/E)ffi/r^ji)j£roL_6S5[jou9sDr ^isiJiTi6(rF)^^/Slrs^rrjv/SI:^ 

(LJiF-65)rr.) <ST-^, — fBUOLDrrp (£rri5mQ3FdjijuuuLLL-<aijiT fELoaQs^ecT eSesr 
u^GD^g= Qa'Lusiin? Sj<^currQp ^rvQpLD /6/ffi66^65/r^<5v) G^FUJiurreut^, gt-£^. 

(O^ - u - GXirr.\ — fBtrio sir^&i Qsirsssn—irn: - iBummQ&d ,sir 
^s\) Q<sfrG{r(srruuL—L-6uir, fBtn^tm — , <oT<oU&iT - GTsh sst eQ ehr u^ gti^ ^ 
Q<fiLJU - QeFLueinriT ? (^^uui^Qiu^, ^frio a,!T^<5\> Qsniirmnis 

1195. He who is beloved by me, what will he do to me, if I am not 
beloved by him ? 

ah. 6Z)(7Hdj§o\)uj/r esflboTjCj)^ SfrLditosiru Qufre\) 

PLp60Tp^QhL^s&T (of LpearQun'((T)<oa3r(SDiDaa<oSsr euiB^esr. arr — ^(^Quiuir. er&sT 
LDn-tlMeBSTL—trajQeuLLons ^6un LDiTU-(B(LpssarL-fniSlesrj turre^dieurr^ ^ekuQpip^ 

(Q^ - u - GDir.) — (z^65Grfl/r ^i^euir GT&sTuu®Qp ^jrs^ 

1196. Lust, like the weight of the Jcavadi, pains if it lies in one 
end only bat pleases if it is in both. 

lBib^ ro0eu/fl£_^G^ i§&sr£ii QurrQFjQesrp srrLosa,!—(BjetT ^dieSli—^^u ue'u 

Q^[Q6ST£;il^ (SQ an (^611^637 - Q UlT itQ d'UJ QsisT pSU (^QllJ ^ -SfTLCXoST , 

1197- Would not Cupid who abides aud contends in one party 
(only) witness the pain and sorrow (in that party) ? 

(uif - 60)™-.) OT-^^ — ^LDLDrreo gS\(W,lduuu(B!sj arr^e^rr^/D^^Ssk^is) 
epflsBrOa=/ra)s06yr(a/tL Quqij'Q^ i^rfleurrp^B ^uSlifeun ipQsinp LoaerriifQurrQ^ <SLi6sr 
&6SSreS^LDIJLj6S>l—UJn-IT ^<ij<2ij3is^^<kdso, GT-Jpl- 

Odc^OeoearfTyerr, ^L^eijQpuL-jilienLD <^a;mr^^n-pQ(yr/<is^. mask ojesiseiir 
(Q ^ - u - <cT)fr.^ — effipsuTifleoj - (^mLo/r&u^ eSlnhLCiUUuGli] 

6iJtrLpSiJirifli5ST - (^l5tfiGljQuir£)J^^\ ^S^6lilTipQ&)TpLn&G^kQua<S>d^ 

1198. There is no one in the world so hard-hearted as those who 
can live without receiving (even) a kind word from their beloved. 

(UiP - cinT.) CT-^, — CTew^sb iBa^s^uuL-i—sn- iss<iir sreir LDmLL^ekiSleoQir 
turruSl^UD ^euiT^p^ ^lurr^fT^ QLomiQa^rre^^UD srskQa^^&Qsi^ujeunu:)} ct-jj/. 

^L^iSijQpuL^UiissiLo, ^surr eun-ir&:iQrr^^(^ Qs^fri-osorruS^Lb ^es)LctLjQLDesr 
u^ui—y fSskp^, ji/^eiju) Qup/SKsdvQesrssTu^rTLh' 

L-/b26\)6Uir, /Bo^J«/^/r (oret^^ULo - (srsin-cs^) ^ (i^^rr Q s^ uJ lu it jrnS 

1199. Thougli my beloved bestows no love on one, still are lu3 
words sweet to my ears. 

<5bO. S-(irj>^irds (m£)]QiBfr iLjeiDfrLJUrr'Xj <{e/_§oO^ 

[sSsOLDSaOT^^^ajiTuQuQ/'^ ^usoT jpfr^^i—a,iB(iT)^iurrerr 

^emfrass^jp/D^ ji^ensSJpii^Qibmurraiis^rr^'iii Qi£L-urTfr ^pwi,X)JTm£i3C!T 

(ip'jjisOiTrS6i>T(77j>QiuesT^isi (^/Suurrs^, (SuiTL^ujQ^shr^ff&r. 

(Q^ - U - 631/7.) 2_(7>7/r<S(^ - (2_60t(c@®) S-(7rj> ^ GU IT & (^ ^ 

S_J3; QlTSITLU - (&-SST^^ LSl(3^lh^QrciT(SJ)UJ, S^OD JT ill U IT UJ - Q3=IT<6X)6\} 

^fbp, G)/5(^<3f - QiBi^Qa^ ! euiTL^LU - eviTLpeuniuiT^ • (^iSQuiT(rrj> 
LUiTii9^La ^iB^itQuj ^^SssreSliL®^^ <5EZ__&u - (a_&aTcSQ^- £,juj 

JTi^ Q<3'UjQmp^ <5BL_250^ Qs^QTj'lLJ - ^IT <S^(ipUjn)S)Q a^iU '^ (=Sy^ 

1200- Live, my soul, would you who relate your great sorrow to 
strangers, try rather to fill up your own sea (of sorrow). 

<sa_<g5 - LD. ^j^. j£!3om-iii^6niTi-j6vi})UGi\ 

^ooi£ITW£;i (LpGOTffh-L^tU (Z^rTSWetDpiNsSTuilj^dsm IblbrST/B^ adsOLDS 
QlUlU^^LD, UfTS^tSSypaaiL- L-^LD&'SVr pG^SSiLDQinaJtSS^lLDaLD. ^GUWIT^ @C5 

eufr&f^LD Quir^Qjir^&iuppu u'Scres)LDuuiTe>\)frp en.puui—L^^- '^^} ui—if 
lB.^^ ^ssT&^essr^iTaiBSsanB^ ^3s\}ld£blL(^ (tpifl^^fr&sQsisr^ ^iAj(sS6s>uui-jup 

pi ^ ^sSCjUI—TT LSl(ffj^LiSlGCSTLSl&OT SSiGlJ a:,iSUUL-U.^, 

ffi. H-iSrTGlfl^lG ^FTTU Q UnELnQCp Q 3" ILI jS <oO IT p 

s,<snicfn^iin sitld l£I(oS?I^, 

(utP-63)T.) Sr-^i (LpSBr,fff^Lp.LU (^fr6aTSDa)u9,6Sru^^Sci5TU iSllflii^L^ fSSssTii 

<Sfr^LD ^^QulTQ^^ Qup(^pQum,\) MiEISIT^ LSia,a,LD@Lp3-&(3S)UJ^ ^(IT)fl&0(T<b-C, 

^^y <5T-^. 

^■cijTpio:^s^icuLji ^SsOiDH^sn LDpeuires>u:u^'bi <3h. /Si uj si' it £>i. 

a_6*T7aflOTuti - {iQi^ii^^eBi-^^) iQSsifr^^fr^La^ ji/uQurr(Lp^ 

1201. Sexuality is sweeter than liquor, because when remembered, 
it creates a most rapturous delight. 

uessTfrib^iBuJLD iSlffl.i^iMluLjtli e^uuisSI&^Q^murTeisr , (STdssr ^^iBst^Q ^esr 
(Qai - u - (S3^,T.) — ^iTLn sS'tp'oUirir - ^uMMir&i eQQELhuuuQ 

1201. Even to think of one's beloved gives one no pain. Sesuality, 
in any degree, is always delightful. 

/H_. jslossTuuiouir Qutrearj)! iBSssruuiTn'Q'Sfr ^loimso 

Q^L—irSsisrp^- j)jj£(SS)p sir^soir eresrSssr /BSswLJumrQufr&iT^ SdssriurrjriTs&i 

(Bl^^aQarreasTL. eSSssr (Lpu^eu^Quir^^u (Lpi^turres^Lo iLjemiriE^rrerr Qa^iTsoeSluj 
(Ql ^ - u - GDT.) — fersOTaQ), ^(iuiibTJ — J QSssj uu^ Quit 

1203. I feel as if I am going to sneeze but do not, and (therefore) 
tny beloved is about to think (of me) but does not. 

«F'. UJl(Tp (LpQ&rijQ&w a}6iy/r0/5(^5^^- Q^ihQ[b(^g=^ 
Q^rreo eijisnCEfr Lueulr. 

lurr uSiirfTiB&^(yrj'iT s^iusije^aQuj ^ey(f^ss)i—iu Qib(^a=^^LD LUfr(ip(Lp6rTLDrr^QLDfr 

cp<s6n"iraW«5)L_<?Q5=/T60 FFessTL^es^L-eSi^rrenLD u^essTrr^^iE^p^, ^erTLDmuui 
jrmSl^GjTfTQeijeaTu^ a;0^^. 

lUiTopLn — , &-QsrrLCiQ'SiTe\} - S-eaQeiTLnrrQsbQpQLnrr (^(oaCoLc/r), 
1204. He continues to abide in my soul, do I likewise abide in his? 

0. ^i'bQf5^<3=^ Q^Ldes^Ldai &L^Qa!TS6STL-!rft mn-^nQiBir 
6^(rF)eijes)rr^ ^lEiasisr eu^^p^ e^Q^srr^ QpcCcui-^fr^ ^rrLceuiriEL- uw 

1205. He who has imprisoned me in his soul, is he ashamed to 
enter incessantly into mine. 

(uf - 9Sii.) cjr-^,' — luiT&ir ^euQjTfT® L/sjrar/f/B^ (^nsireiDp uSesTu^'SS^iS 

ut— S^pes)LDiiSifkj LD63T £^t^u9es)9='SBS6m cuih^Si' =gyan<a' s>l'snssr^^(si](iT)eB&), 

up^a>QatTt^&&oQiuisisru^ <s0^^« 

(Q^ - u - ezn/T".) — tu/rsar ^euQjrrrQ — , a_/r)/D iBirm-LjessririB^ 

1206. I live by remembering my (former) intercourse with bim ; 
if it were not so, how could I live ? 

GT. LDpuiSl G) ear a/ ^ si; gar LDpQsireb Lupuu^Quj 

(uiP - 63)1.) CT-_jj, — ^QjeSl^u^es)^ Lup^^eo/SlQaji^iLj ^^^umetrrriBp 
LDptB^fTiM ^pi^ui—iT^ s^Gmi^en^ sr^^iri^, er-^. 

e^iBuSlisDa^LUiruS'ip^u. Qarr&i-^ssiiFf?:^, 

(Q^-u-(oS)rrA — LnpuLj ^j£lQuj&iT . (^^eueBbhu^ss)^^ mp^ 

&ST^\ S-e{r<o(TLo - (stsot) &^&TefT^eis)^j <s©iJQ - 3i(biSl&iTp^i {-^^ 
UL^ iSliB6ijQuir(7rj>^ refTsisT^y mpuiSl&iT-LnpiB^friOy srsi/ssr ^ojear . 
<or^^!T&) ^pevrr^Q^uQueoT. 

1207> I have never forgotten (the pleasure) ; even to think of it 
burns my soul ; could I live, if I should ever forget it ? 

&ir^&inr Q-a'ujiL]^^ QpuL], 
(uif-SDir.) CT-^, — ^uDSSiLD luaQesr ^^dciPsni^LD iSis^iBdowi^rr^Lo si^p(^ 

£1/UD, Qa-LUlLflBJ(g)6mQLDG3T^l}>y um—QiDfr^eiJ n(l^ (LpefTIT. Q^fTL^ <3i^^lUSVads!ST& 

1208. He will not be angry however much I may think of him; ig 
it not so much the delight my beloved affords me ? 

QC^^eutTjr s-srrluSleisrG^LceoiuLS'SGijfScmrB^ eresr^eiH^uJC^uSlrr s,L^iurTi§mp_^yeT-^. 
^&m(B(Bm^iB^ .^^<sSlL-rricS)LDiLjm (Lp^&in-tSlear. iSii^wnppe^ QeuGcsr^Qluyssr 

{0^~u-(S!Drr.') — QsiJ^ ^&os\}ii) (ST&iTunlr - (^Qp&srQesrs^ei^aLa 

1209. My precious life is wasting away by thinking too much on 
the cruelty of him who said we were not different. 

<ss)LDuSip Qs^scr^isiSinaaiTessrQeiim^LD} (^es^piu^Qisi!r(77^eiTrr£BioSsk eviTL^Qiuear 

Sh.p(^&(^S, ^uQufrQT)l—(^ GUfTi^QludjUja ^6S)iFf§So\}- 

1210. May you live, Moon. Do not set, that I mine eyes may see 
him who has departed v?ithout quitting my soul. 

j)/o°o s rreij^ &Ssold&<^ arr^aessri— searefloor^ rSSoOemLDeniu^ Q^n't^sc^J^ 
SSsuriBS^iT L-jsoihueSsisTiSldr ezna/ffiffiuui-li— ^. 

(Q^ - u - 6!D/r.) — (uj/rear <oU(iF^ib^Qp<o!D^ ^/StB^ ^^^ir 

^trs^ [uir^Qs^iuQenm - <or'oifT&irQ<FuuujLCtrrL-®Q6uissT ^ 

1211. Wherewith shall I feast the dream which has brought me 
my dear one's messenger ? 

2_ .^lu^smzsm lu fr €s?1 ir u u ^ ^(©j^/o <S5ev/5^,T/r.s 

(u?-63)T.) OT-^j — '^(i^SFn-^ en(T^rB^Qssrp erdr siueoQufr^ Qpsssraessr 
serr ujireSjriBstrp ^(iKtSf-LDiruSl&tr assTsSes)i—s &rr ^eoe^n & airemQusm^ ssisr 

(^® <SF0ffi@aisCT(afff)/6?sar ujruL^iQ^rrsm'fDs^ Qa'n-(S\iQeijQssr<ssr^iEi s,(!f)^^np 
/S^iTpesiLDuSlekf torn e^i^iiSli3S)s'aasscT eu/B^^, Qpsvr^isi&mn—rr&r St-p^s^lesTf 

1212. If ray fish-like painted eyes should, at my begging, close in 
sleep, I could fully relate my suflferings to my lord. 

(uif - OTT.) OT-^j — /B SOT tsflcir 65 saV euib^ ^SsOius^Qa^LULUrr^tTCS^n' oj/recr 

r-/_/-laD,T.) meST'sQl^<5ST - lb QST gQ &) (^'SlJ Ih ^\ /5 (ffO S /T^ SI/ (OT /T - 

cQear - sfr^)]^e\)fr&)f <5T&st S-iB'r — ^ £_6oVr® - ©jnRsSl&yrp^, 

1213. My life lasts because in my dream I behold him -who does 
not favour me in my waking hours. 

^ujsOutTssT !s&)arrsiaU'otnrr ^suirQa^'skp Q^iuij:>/S/S^ Qa^&sr^ Qarrsssr(Bsui^ 
si^ t5eO(^<^as sswsuprso turri^p^isii Qg^sstu^itlo. 

(Q^ - u - 6tn/r.) — fBs^eSl^soT - i^£aTeSl<^(^6Ufb^^, /B&oa/rejn/r- 
^(7KsrrQ<?uJiij/r^6i/(53)/r, fBfrL^^^jrp(^-(^^6ijn-Qurr&nisSli_LD'^ Q^l^ 

1214- There is pleasure in my dream, because in it I seek and ob- 
tain him who does not visit me in my wakefulness. 

SC^ ©(^<%- <52_2_-/i. ^P. .55 6W61|.^S30q SCO ,r^_^&0. 

lurrsorQupp^euisijen'QeUf ^sk^ih s/^ QarrsbsrL^rrp^euQsossTu^n-ih- 

1215- I saw him in my waking liours, and then it was pleasant ; I 
see him just now in my dream, and it is (equally) pleasant. 

aiT^svit iSiiaaioVir Ln&sr, 

((57657^37") iQ/fiuj/r/r. 

1216. Were there no such thing as wakefulness, my beloved (who 
visited me) in my dream would not depart from me. 

OT. ®iS37e5ljS3) 63T&oa.T<s Qswu^ujirw &&STm^ 

{eSiLBs^L^a sn'(^errrruSlt^<ch sssrc^pSft-iLi— fSSzsr/b^ 

QiEfn^uueurr isfrQu-rr^iii ssaiGSskssssr aii^ /5LDS»LD6K0^^ffl/^ ereueBs^iuL^ 

^pQ^Tj-mrQiosujifriu d'.iB^^L^s ajr^^cSisiT ^>^^giji5 ^eiruLOtr&tTSmp Q^ 

eu^^ (5Tto3T - OJiT^UfbrSl, 

1217. The cruel one who would not favour me in my wakefulness, 
what right has he to torture me in my dreams ? 

(u(P - 65)1 •) GT-^y — OT6or(36or(^<9? (^L—!T^es)p@mp s(T^&ifr vunesT jpj(^ 

&&)eSaSLL(BLX)etr>piqEi &(Bes)UDup/SI <sSl0DrriQs^ir(^err. <c^q^s>!T^ld GJ&sreS 
{Q ^ - u - <B!DiT .\ — (<^<scnQ&sT(^g^ eSlL-rrt-Ddd S-<s^pQ&iJp s,n ^ 

1218. When I am asleep he rests on my shoulders, (but) when I 
awake he hastens into my soul. 

3b. JEsmm^ <oST&)s,!r<ss)!T KDiBrreuir sesrm^p 

(u if -65) IT.) 6T-^} — ^LDSi(ol&fT(iT)Sfr^(soifl(5BT6!nLCiiul6ar jijwissirri semeSlpiBsasr 

QiTSST GiBfrenrr Spuir^ ^-£ii' 

^uuput^^^^Qu(T(n^^ LjsO&>@sar(n^eiTiT&<^&srj tseisreiDLcQ^n'srrpai ^h./S 

&)iT aasr(sSmi£fss)p^ iB&0(^^&)/SltB^ Q/BfremrQfrsku^nuD' 

s6!n6Q(SS)sifT ~ s<5STsQQioOy &tr^e\)iT<s &rri^m)^ioi}ir - ^&a,iT^6^<S(^!Ta:,a,!r 

1219. They who have no dear ones to behold in their dreams blame 
him who visits me not in my waking hours. 

ao. JB&iTeSli^ &sT,'bi§^^r Qirmuir ssineQ^p 

s,sstioSigSi-.^^^ air^s^irQ&friki - (^^ 6ii lir fi (ei s ir ^ 6U(7K^25o) .sbsott 

1220- The women of this place say he has forsaken me in my wake- 
fulness. I think they have not seen him visit me in my dreams. 

d5e_/3i. - LD. cjy^- QujQ^^^emi^am^GV. 

(Lp<sisr(PB)(srT-sh.L^uSlQf,fB^ [Biietr. Sji^iEn&srLDemih^irOiresrQidij, iSesTiSliPi/s^n-jTrr 
^LUiaSi^a(^fii srrSo\)'' GT6i!r(n/jbQurreo FFsasT(Bu Qurr^<ss^LDUJiTp sh-puuLLt—^. 


^-U-en.T,^ — Qu(T(W^ - Qu,T(mQ^^ 6VT1S - eillTLpiSL- 

6i^ (S /r oD to /r u5) ^ fls^ /TixJ . 

1221- Live, you evening ; are you (the former) evening ? No, 
you are the season that slays (married) women. 

2_. Ly GOT « 6537 S^car emriB LDQFeiyaTLaiT^ Qiu^biQa^^trQufriM 

Cl/o3TcfE63a7"6337 Co^fTlQiiCiT Jpi2iSSVr , 

(uiP-etnT.) GT-^f — LDaJihSiULDfrsntTiLij i§a^QLDihQurriscu L./st>'(3Tfficp;cs)/_ emuj 
uj fTii3(rF)fBSfTiu^ i8ioir£)i&m-iLjih 6Tis^2smQufT(oO euek &<sisi es)LDiL\<3Di—ajQ is(T f Sh.^ 
Gurrduira, sr-^. 

(ipp/B'Bso Qoj&sr^Ei (^/SuutT'd^ QjiTL^QLUsar(7r^eh- 

eurrwi'SL—eiJiruj; (/ftqii), Ljs^ ssmdsssr - (^GTLdQufrio) e^<sinu9 

1222. A long life to you, dark evening ! You are sightless. Is 
your help-mate (also) as hard-hearted as mine. 

^muLd ei/srrjr euQELo. 

\^^ppix)Q eiiessr(BQ mshr p Qs^rrip'ii^a^ O^^/roLGSttJ^.J 
(uif-ctnT.) <oT-^, — airaeoifsfui^tu (BrrGl'SfTso&ifrLD eTewQpGar mQasQiDiu^u 

^saruixi gg0 arT^a>Qi£[TQf)SrT&o LSlaeurrJTrrfSekp^j 6T-^. 

(jff)'S^aa'&Qsfr6srp LDttJE)©ei/0 LDa^QuLt6isr^(^ Q.sFiliQu(T(fr)m ©aQ/fiu 
uessriTiBearp^. ^eS - o^uSlireii/fri^^pihessr Qen^uLj. ^^i^en lUfVi^p^LDrr 
QpssrSssrQiLimu^ ^/BuQu&=3=U3' 

(Q^-u-m)n-.'\ — (^SoOei/zf <3h.i^LUfBfrQsrTsd6\)frth'^^ ueS ^(r^ia 
l9 - ( (ST e'arrLpehQ ism's /5©<sa:tiiOT)L_/6^, etDU^&i Qesirisn Lnfr2sO - uiF 

uin^ eueiTjr - (6D(7565/r^<sG)<55/r(/5<s/riJo) l£I<z^ euQ^coi - 6iJ(r^QeaTp^, 

1223. The evening that (once) came in with trembling and dim- 
ness (now) brings me an aversion for life and increasing sorrow. 

(uiP - €3)11.) OT-^j — siT^i>dOTjeiT6fr Qu(TQ£Q ^edeCfTLD srsir^uSliT ^efiiruu 
eu/B^LDirSso, ^enifl&ieorr^ ^uQufTQp^ ^o°oQ^frL^fB^ S/bpQ&iUJshr/Sai OaTreo 
^Ei setTifluiSp QatrSsOi^iT euQ^LDiT^Qurreo ^(^(StjuSlosyrriQarri—pi;^ e^jrrjimS&sT 

(dtQ&^it - eSy0srraJ/r^/i)©oe\)'T/f. (ipssTQesTeixsorru:) ctcotsq ibiLurTiu ^&sru(^ 
iSmp^j ^eS ULi!r(cs)p^LD!T Q/nekSfsr Qiwocru^mli' 

(Sr^'o^iT Qurr(S\) - Qsrr^i^'rQutredj <sii(ri^ih - (^^euiSi^\B<ss)ir& Qs,fr 

1224. la the absence of my lover, evening comes in like slayers on 
the field of slaughter. 

@, <35/T^<s@5^ Qe^iu^iB&n QpmQsn Q(o06U6STQ3irris\}iun&T 
(uiP - etnir.) er-^, — sit^iljud, mnSsoiLjUD, Sjsurr '3fL.iy.LU(S^rrem£)jQurr6\)rr^ 

ew^ aiEj(^&o(olenefT6iT^^p(i^^ sesiiTiJJfnu eurrjrrrfSeurp Q^esr^iEisQ^^^treo /bctt 

15^ @(&5(^/reOT^ ^&r(^^6ku(if) Qs^iuiufrfSleiTp Q^6{sr^rsjs(r^^^frp was^aQiu 
euscTQiBfrQ<sv6sr^Ei sh.^^&T. uqds> — ^(^Qutuir* ^ewC^Oi— /r^aj srrdsoQunr 
6u/r^ LDfrSso ^<ssrQa!Y(B<oSiLDii-irTp ^nekuf^ Qa^iLHuirSemp O^saru^mM' 

8oO<S(g J Q-3FiU^ - ((5r&OT;S3)(D(oo) Q 3= UJIU ill U iL. L^ ^ IbSOT^ - S-U<Sfr 

jrih^ srear - uj/r^- ? in!rdsoi(^ — , Qs'iu^ - Qg^iLJUjuuL-L-, l/sio-s- 

^UmtrjLd^ GT6li&iT - lUtT^ ? 

1225. What good have I done to morning (and) what evil to 
evening ? 

Sir, LDfT^onQtBrriu Qs^uj^&st u^smii^fr iriB<s\irr^ 

QasT j)i^iuuQupfBQeo<5sr J (st-^- 

(@)&iT^u<s^&ujniu^ ^&STU(^ QcFUj^SsOj LasssTfb^irir - ^ds^euir^ 
^^<5vrr<s air2so - Sfl^nj(^ QprnQm, ^^ih^_^ <^Qis^<sh • jtfiBiuu 
Q uprBQ&i&sT, 

1226. Previous to my husband's departure, I knew not the pain- 
ful nature of evening?. 

(Uif-OTT.) OT-^, — ^■ssfTLDQidfriJurrQiu y^s £ErrSs\}uQufr(t£>^6ksem^mL9 

l§p<^LDf 6f-^. 

^u^Qeo(L^ib^QuiT(Lp^!TB<^p aGsreSesTsLLsn-iLi— /S§osriB^rrp£li^&oup/Sls 
ffi/r^oj^LDLSlOajeorji'LDj lSIctt Qu!T(l^^ Qs'so&'Qa'ioO ^^Lopi^ til/fla^errerfl 
iunp(^errfr^<soup!Slu usQ|^^)&:)(sor^ui QurT^iT®Qaj<^£)iLD, ^^^iB^^sm-eniu LLjek 

eSsiruSSsiJTfB^ITpxri^iolDLD iBl^^upfS LD[rcis\)LD&j(fF)QLDsisT£iltil <59i_/6?@OT . L^uQufT 

eo i^ihQmrroj ■s!T<30si}aj^^ ^rr&irfSesrpQ^eku^ s.0sl/<5^^^/d QupuutLt—^, 

(SfSbQ^iP (Sij(rF)iSUi£LD» 

1227. This malady buds forth in the morning, expands all day long 
and blossoms in the evening. 

(uif-OTT.) 67-^, — (LpmQosreo&in-LD ^e^^rrtLuQurr/B^ ^iu^@ifi(k ^^ 
Ourrnp^ ^Lpib-<>QutT&>a^ <£^©ew^/raj Lo/rSsoai^^ sir^LDiriu j^^suii Q^ssrSaWSS 

iSlekeSeirrD Qurr^iQuDsiru^ ^es)!Tines>a^' (LpskanQrr (su ire^sm fr ^ ^<c^jb 

^) Qr5(f^UL]uQu!TQsv ^(BaJ^irQ, tc/rSsoa^ .^^ ^Sl — , (.:Sy"i 

1228« The shepherd's flute now sounds as a fiery forerunner of 
night, and is become a weapon that slays (me). 

(uiP - ewT.) 6T-^, — ^^p(^ (LpmQssrixieiXTiX) uurrQear lduueiQ QisrriLjLpiB 

eosorrun lduueiQ Q;E!rtLjLpa(^UD, ct-j2/. 

LD @LD06rrQa/scr LJ^ LD^LDQFjessrQi—esr^ ^rtlid^iSssrp^. Gh.ppiDns,s> <s® 

usiTLO' LDfrSso LDiuiiiQiaij(frjLh QufTtj^Q^esT LD^iSSso.ssoEiQ QisiriLjLpa(QQLOssr 

^GumjQrr6\)6d[rih, LanKsssr® - uiajni/©, <3T>u^&i 2_^<5Qi£i - G/e/r 

1229. When night comes on confusing (every one's) mind, the 
(whole) town will lose its sense and be plunged in sorrow. 

Lnwii^Q iii&iT LorrajfT eijSir. 
erew^iSliT ^sot-^ Qun-(fri<sifliui-oQu ^LnaSiue^urrs <a/655i_iua/6i5)/r iBdosris^} ^tb 

urruSl^c^'if} sfri>aB^eufruSlp^, ^soff i§ QiFtr^kiQc'orpeurcpirrj'r) uuJs^k^Qojeisru 
(Q^-u - SD/r.) — GTSoT mfTLurr sSi'r - (^iSl!fl<ss)6uuQufrjp)^£ij^ 

1230. My (hitherto) unextinguished life is now lost in this bewil- 
dering nigh t at the thought of him who has the nature of wealth. 

<95e_^ - /i. ^^. &^£iJULJIB6VSSrLfi^ffO. 

<S. ^^eiDLCi fBLD^Q.SlTL^lUa' Q &= L—Q 3= 501 QY? QE&Teifl 

(uf - €inir.) <oT-^, — ^£U(sviTp(yj^e!!>LD f5iBis>ecsrQem iQpu^ ^rr(^ Q<9=es^ 
<£6(^ fsires^LU io^LD<si)irsil-(^ ^^^ arrih /BtTSsisBeSlLLt—earj er.jj/. 

^iflii^ /§mp^. &.6fr(Sy5^O(506aru^ smressru Quiuif satflma^^paniu eurri^ 
QuLuiT' ^S35a/ iseosTL—iTiT ^(Sues)rT<i Qi£fr(BetnLo sh-^evir iSiufrppso Qensssi® 

LDis\)/rS(SW<S(^j miresisflesT - (Sl'Sar^) rsfr6ssfi<aSlLLL—6sr, 

1231- While we endure the unbearable sorrow, your eyes weep 
for him who is gone afar, and shun (the sight of) fragrant flowers. 

2_. JELuib^euir re'o^)a/r(S^nt£> Qs'ai^^eu QurrG^iLo 

(u(P-6!J)T.) ST-^j — us^uQuiLasorQio e^irsmraQ'Ssip iSm &ecsrseiT iBLDLarr 
eisriu&esuuL-t—sijjr^ is&isires>Lcesnuu iSpfra(Q&- Qs^frei^euQuir&itT fSswpesTy 
@6zrf? iSiufrppb-o Qencc'srOtxif <sr-£)i. 

<E6J53r - lirr e^(W(^Sl&fTp3 ssm^isrr, fBiUK^eurr - (/5/iLD/r&i)) cQnKLauu 


1232. The discoloured eyes that shed tears profusely seem to be- 
tray the unkindness of our beloved. 

/E_. 3i6smib^issyub a^(r(o\i evplmuu KpUfr^j 
txtcssr fs ^ fb rr in eff'tkiQiU Q^ir&r, 

(uif- 65)11 •) OT-jB, — an^tsdiT LDKiOT/B^ @/reor^ g)sw-uii)@^ujn-^ 
QiDeSliun-fSesTpesr, ^^ ^srr^, ST-£ii. 

(Q^ - u - (ss^rr.^ — Ln€S3Tib^ !5!t&t - (^Ssoeu/f) <3h.i^uj wrreSsd, 

uu Quir^Ld - eSlerrihis ^^6Sluu<oS)6iiQun'&\) 6Ufr(BlQ&frp<cVT^ 

1233- The shoulders that swelled on the day of our union (now) 
seem to announce our separation clearly (to the public). 

5^. U^swiifaQu (oS)ufbQ^irtn. Qg=iT(^iB ^dssvriiiuQ^ 
(uiP - 63)T») <oT~^, — jysoT^/5 isi ^^asraifr /f/E'@^60/r6cr sisujrtrpQupp 

0£FUUjr)SS>S LULpQs LUm^U ueS)LpUJ (sSLUpsmS lULpt^Sipii^ ^^Q^lT&TiB&r 

^6srpap(mQLDQ<so SLDQu(fr,(snLO uSipi^ eudsff SLpmrriS&sTpesTf ^esisu vSiEiisi 
€3r@ Q3=ajpurroMsu&)so, 6T-jn. 

QiT&sr^u ^suiT QurruuLhesiLD u^szrfr^^iri^'^p&srj ^ssff ji/svp(snps dh.^®&sT{^!r 
Qiop ^enjpu^ Qidximus^irih. 

1234- In the absence of your consort, your shoulders having lost 
their former beauty and fulness, your bracelets of pure gold have become 

(^, G/d57"z^uj,r/f QjB/rOejnLQ iqto^n/rsQffi Q ^ ir i^Q uj rr Q 

(u[P - snrr.) er-^, — aoyei/asjDds QroSlL^^m ^fl)(yr^^frLL(^ @«a>/^6^) /f/JL 
^eSiu^ostsr lurr LDes)ps(^LDiT Qp^d^, ot-^. 

Q-FiTsd^Q&rrpeoT ^ O^tr i^QiuirQ - 6ijdorrai(&^!H]sLpiok^^ Q^ireo 
sgQ&st ernn^LU Q^nstr - ust^Lpiu ^ujpQr>^ujLp(^ Sipii^ ©j^^Q^sr 
err-SBOTj (^^^fl ^fstetsr taiSDpaimLCi eiitM ujfr^\ 

1235- The (loosened) bracelets, and the shoulders from whicb the 
old beauty has faded, relate the cruelty of the pitiless one. 

gp® QLDb\)evii^ QurrQ^eisrsDLD^^' ujrT(es)pGp (S^Qeisrp^ Sjisufr surriTn ^ 

S^(o ^<aTSiT a;a_<5^-m, «gy^. ^-.^uutb^&iw 


QfBiTGuid - (<ST <o(yr ^ v'n (d m\ QfstrQ&iTQms'aT, 

1236. I am greatly pained to hear you call him a cruel man, just 
because your shoulders are reduced and your bracelets loosened. 

Q£F6ar£2j OTecr OldsSQsst^ Q^rre^^&i eSSsnQesr/D ^usuirJTp^e^^a^ Qs^/tsOgSI 
630 QiDiliUfrQi—iuiS Gu^))dso(2ajrr, evsodoOLUfruSlsm ^^Ssur Qujfruu@(Mdso, er-^. 

i-ja^Q'S'iTeo. eun(BQ^fr Qeaeku^LO ^(smsu ^itGld evrri—PfSshrpear Qsueeru^ Q^rr 
ehrpiBssTp^. y^s^'so — ^(^Quujit. ^0%^ Sjsuetr Q^rrQ^aQ uSlajpuifi^^scr 
QldsUlo Sj^^p pe:rs a!Tp(n^ss)LD LBaewQinS^ih iSesrp^. f§sur^0S)rr Qs 

(^■s iE!T&)^Q^^p Q-s'iu^ ffisor^ LUfTLDfrseSlsor, ^^ebruiiJ Qssr&isorr Qlduj^Q 
Qujsisr^ihj sQ^^^rrp urr(B Qu^^Qlu/t QiaU^(vrj>eiT. 

i^Q^ - u - (SSifrA — QiV^Qs^ - QrBf^s^Qin 1 Q ■z ir i^iu fr rr .i (m - 
(^si/CTT/rCoex)) Qsm^LUirQfissTj)! Qg=fr6\)ioduuLi.L-6iJiT'S(^^ (oTsarsufr® 

1237. Can you my soul! gain glory by relating to the (so-called) 
cruel one the clamour of my fading shoulders ? 

fiQ^toSluj ctDsaSsTTj (^©^(25'*© Qi^rrQtSi&iTr^ iQ2ssr^^^j zsnia - 

(so (5^ SOT til) ^torr,7^^(2'6OT(g)<95 ; (^^LOLarr^QiTQpLB QuiTQrj>L£i<dv'jj 

1238. Wheu I once loosened the arms that were in embrace, tlie 
forehead of the srold-bracelcted woman turned sallow. 

<95j. (ipius,Q<ss>L-^ ^sssreuGfi) Qufripu us^uLipp 

QuGS)^ Q UQ^LDiSrtLp.^ £5C3OT. 

QLjifliULDBSiLpsaiGoariBeiT uarui-ipp'osr • ^^^msDLDJjeufr&sr sessnserrj ld^s^ld 

(Q^-U-SIT)!',')- — (^UULO. ^(tpcSluj GTiS&'bsfT^ £5 STI fT ^ ^ ffO IT i))^ ^ 
QuGTlS Qu(m ZX>oinLp<S(£5i5OTr - Qu<S<T)Si\)Si&ST^ QuiULU (mevl IT tb^ •SGSST 

^<ia zxiSoO-Sje^iL <5(T@a(G75m r5rr(B^(^La ^Quj ^■susSleT>L-uS®a'2isrr 

1239. When but a breath of breeze penetrated our embrace, her 
large cool eyes became sallow. 

.550. ^ 6ssr esafl asT uiPuQuir U(m6ijjr Qs\)iLj^6oTQro 

(Q^ - U - OTT.) S6s'sT€>S^fl60T U 3^ uQ U fl -(9l ^1 SBfT p^l ^(STiLfi 


1240. Was it at the sight of what the bright forehead had done 
that the sallowuess of her eyes became sad? 

<35e_® - ih. ^^. G/Bi^Q3'fr(SlQ6rr^^GV. 

■35, f£lds!fr^Q^frsh^ Q3=rr<5\)6VfrQiurr Qre^Qs" Qiu2swr^Q^rr 

OTisi/si;ld - <s^'3sr(n^m}}ih ^ITitsidlD' ^uSlm^^ &pihs fsrrss^3ssr 6Sl-(B<3^ Qa=UJ 

1241- tny soul, will you not think and tell me some medicine, 
be it what it may, that can cure this incurable malady ? 

2_. d/T^ 6V6U^6d F!ra,!§ Gf5fT6U^ 

(dLoesiLD /SSoWLurroDLDiSlsm fBiiisLLsir^eQeoQiT'oaTu s/SluU(3Cjm, ^oo^fiuiJrr<^'.D 

^^ i§ Qis=iu_^Q£S!r&rQlssrp Q^sk^iw a(!?)^^np Qu(ss>s<S!S)Id Qiu6aT(y?^&r. euiTL^ 
^ai^:3=Qs(^SuL^. ujrTLDwirusrpQd'pQ'o-o ^^enirsnO^mu^n-LC' 

((d)^<;5 - tj - «^/r,) — e7"6o7-Q(S3T(&fj<3? - (sreoi^ Qtbt^Qa-', evrr^ - 

1242. May you live, my soul ! While he is without love, for you 
to sutler is (simple) folly. 

(Li[f - 6ij)rr.) GT-^y — O/Bj^Ga^, ^evirufrp 05=(&bGjj^(^ Q.3=luilht^ ffssst 

L-^^a(gii) G'/_//r6EfrLQ&0 ^/M(o£5tL|LQ ^/0/fa^Z_ff Zjoio ) ^(^'^^i 

S-Grretf) - {jiJounoJiristDeu') i?l2ssrrb^^ uifl^<s\) - (^iS^^ enQi^ih^Q&fip^y 
(STssT - eT<cSTd:Fsr ? 'SiT>u^i\) Qpjmu Qg^iu^a irsessr - ^^^&iTuQibtriu 

1243. my soul, why remain (here) and suffer thinking (of him)? 
There are no lewd thoughts (of you) in him who has caused you this 
disease of sorrow. 

3^, 3}S!ysr^s^iiD Q sn sirs' G<9'rSl Qfb<^Q3= u51ot>oi/Qiuso7^^- 
QfioT^y isisu ir ^ •z IT sssr eoip.oQ]. 

(uif-65)T.) OT-^j — QiB(^Qa^ SuJGurrufTfi) Qsproe^par/iunu^ssr ^aasasr s,2sa 

1244. O my soul, take my eyes filso with you. (If not), these 
■would eat me up (ia their desire) to see him. 

^^):}SsO, (oT-£}l. 

(Qa; - u - Ginn".) — QfB(^(DiF - LnsmQca, uj/tlq — , Q^pqrj'i^ - 

(stisJOLo) oSloKLnU^ ^^(TfJ^iSiik - (^i^LDSiDLCi^ oSl Q^LD U IT fi ^OS06lI(ST>fr , 

1245. O my soul, can he who loves not though he is beloved, be 
forsaken saying he hates me (now) ? 

QumuiziTiius^ siriu^Qiu&ST Q<c<fT<^g^, 

(u[P - esiiT') i^-^y — erssrOssr^G'.s^j luirssTpLDQiDrr® i-]&)/B^rr<so ji/uLj&isSI 
Q^ijuas s6\)aS)^6c^^sff)G'6^y^ Ssssueveo iBir^&iSSirTa seasTL—rr/b QurrinQiuiumiSi^La 
c^065/r/D L^6i)iE^ iSl'skevr ^8sw iSiksLoml-i—mui ^^c^LoirL-i^rr^ S ^uQurr(LP^ 
^isurr QanTiS-iuQrresru GurriL&&[rLuei] afruurr/Sssr^yr^iu^ ©e^fl uSi^dcsrQiuiriBii^ 
^sufruirp Qs=id-\)GO^ ^G^aurTinrTSj er-^. 

=gy_^(C3) CT:i/ssw/f dj^so/ra/^ SoO<sSuSI<S3Tu^gs)^<s isirtLi^ ^st^sjssr lduj&SSu usoa5)ffi 
(^/viuLSlasw QijjitlSI^^^-o. QufTtiisaiTiLKSi^ - iSSsouSld-o Qcij£)jui-j. asmi—rrsur LDml. 

(^Qss - u - gm/r.) — Grs3T Qrs^si - gtsst^ Qisi^Gd' I {lUfrsar 

Lj'S\^t'6jtj - (^Qumu:uiTdi6iJiru9^i}La e^Q^^jru^^ tSlessribjQ^ ^^essijrrnu - 
Qun-uJ ismuGij ^rriu^ - (^^bv^satnk Q&rr L^ujQm^'aTjpi^ Quiriue, air 

1246. O my soul, Avlicn you see the dear one who removes dislike 
by intercourse, you are displeased and continue to be so. Nay, your dis- 
pleasure is (simply) false. 

ST". d57"LQti) /aQ^Qsiin&siQmy r5 fr essr sSlQl ihQsiQ&sidhQo^ 

[-5n"S3V/_©^^eS6ar ^&:Q&:&)QiQijfrLSl£vrrerT O.^/rsbeStu^.'] 
(uir-G?nir.) cr-^, — /s<soro-oQ/5(^Q<3^ ^m^/^mr <sSL-LDm—i—rrujrruSln arruD 
QauLL€S)s0DiLj (sS®, epsar^esr^ GSL-LomLi—n-uurruSlsin- ibfresi^dssr eS(B, ^ek/SlQtu 
^iT soVOti gSJl^ fresiis) iBsk s(rF)^^rriSl5STf e^6irpn)QsrrsoT^ LD^jja^iurruu ©jdj 

gSIjISSSTI—OS^'IJ!!) &.l—Sm(^El(^LD^(SS>S Lurre^^wssTy <5T-^. 

eF!Ti3caiSDLDfJ^<ckj ^(gpafrQ6srrSIQ(so Qearehru^rrili. (zp/b^theiDLD (sSlarrjrdsfr/b 

(aSKB - s^ear^ (^mfreMTLheSlL^LnrrLLL^mufrQeo^ &rrLD><sS\(mu uai<ss)s 
gQlLQsSKBI ; (sDsoT^) miT6m cQ® - <s^m£M (^iru^GSlnEuusiss^s 
eSlL-LB,TiLi^tnjuiTQ&)) KtTGtm^es)^ eQ lL.® aSl® ^ {^ir6ssT®La eSli^ir 
GiyiLCi s^6ST3SQh^^rrQi\)^j ©jeuoSlireim® - (^isp^esr ro pQ srr ekr ^ z_/(Sjn<£5 

Qa'jr^ ^[rihJ.zeiJffoQ<oO&iTeo(D(oOe'aT, 

1247. my good soul, give up either lust or honour, as for me I 
can endure neither. 

(uiT-S3)ir.) GT'^f — STisarQsw^Q&=, ^SLifr ^iiueu rr/bf^eiDLDisDUJ Lu/Sluufres^LD 

GurrQ^i—® /SLceiDLDLJ iSlifli^CSumueiJiTLSlsuT (ojiEjQa^ Qs^a^^pp f§ lurr^LD/Sliumu, 

^p(7r^es)LD £Beisr(Bes)siJ^^u) iB&)an-^ QuiTuS;ffS)GS)n-a arr^^auiBa^ Qa^ear 

iB<s\)iBirir <5T6orjru - ^ q^su Q 3= lu lu rr Fn u9^QiT€st^ [QSswrfb^ffi ^ (^<an^ 

<o!D^ - e^b'oJ^LTirSlujfrLLl, 

1248. You are a fool, mj soul, to go after my departed cue, wLJIe 
you mourn that he is not kind enough to favour you. 

iUn-QF)<S^ip3' Q<6Fl£lQiU6ST Q(S<iT^3f, 

(Uif-sj)(r») er-^, — ST6STQssr(^Q3^, srr^s^fr (Smesra^^mrtra, QpshrQuso 

^^, (3T-£)1. 


(Q^ - u - -stn/r.) — STSoT QtB^si- - (3T&n^ OfSt^Qa^ \ ■s[r^6\) 
6urr - ^saTLz/f, a_STrsrr^^/r/r ^3i - (s-ear) s^&freSQ^uueiJjrtrSj 

1249- O my soul, to whom would you repair, while the dear one 
is within yourself. 

<5E0. ,^637(65)^ ^pifliTGSar QfB(^3'<i ^&y>L^Q HJinfT 

/5UiLDi£^^es>L-QuULcrrSj npeirs^LptBS Ljpai&isSQesT tuek^ Sssrp ^ssseS^ 

LLiLpuQuUDj OT-J2/. 

^^C^sarpl — OsOT" (^6FLja" Qeu/Sl.'s<s (SU(^s-i—!t Q!5®Q<sui-ci^^ eTemL-jL^.uQurrso 

Lop £^pi5^!TM'fr£siBjLb, i5(TLX)eues)rr Lop^^&sr LDiriLQi—LDrraei^LDj Qurrear QlduJs 
&<sSQ6UTUJ5iir/SI /Sikp/Ses^piLj lSlquQu QLasurusfTLD- 


1250. If I retain in my heart him who has left me witliout bc- 
frieudiug me, 1 shall lose even the (inward) beauty that remains. 

<gGa_c3^ - ih. ^^. jEls^piui^^GV. 

^SsoLDssrr 0<9-'/r&o<b"S)aj^.'l 
(uif - 63)T.) sr-^, — rerr^Qoj igrri-^ocvra, Qair^is S (SD/oQuusitr^fa sk 

Cl5)Sci!T<S 6SrrLDQsiJLL(S!S)& LUfrQlU &€S^g:& Qp^LUtT (El&SIp^^ '^^S ^■(oSiSuS/Dpe^ 

^rrLprra^QiLjUD, ^s^^dSlL^iu^mr iSlpiT Qsrren-erriTLDp srr^^eQsisr Ssn/oemiua 

Qp ,s^<o!Dsy^ <srrLa£'S6ssf]&'Q - <zfrirtQioULL(SD,zLurrQuj r3^ibsiT<cB 
2_Gjr)i_<E(gii) - (LprBiSi&srp^ ; {^<^ ^&)<oU Slpp^Lo @)'5Xi^, 

1251. The axe of lust can break the door of chastity which is 
bolted with the bolt of modesty. 

Qsw(i^3'f£SS)^ Quurr^ii^^jS Q^rTL^&:) QaiTerrerriT tslshrp^, ^iee^rrp iBrrLoQiX) 

Qeum'srQpem'^LDy ^^ ^skorsri QdSfrshQcsrp^ ^eiTeu^iurv^ Qam—eSlp a'sm 
eJS^stsiQpsin^fEi Sn^^i^ea- s>li—aii£u ui—noDLD eh^/Siueurr^. 

i^Q iS - u - (sn/r.) — tun Lna^^iM - (sr&oeu/r^ft Q^iTL^QeDfT l^ 

^Giu// ! £5633r @j<5hT£}j - a, 6m Q (^ lL i_. lEI i\) ffo ^ [ru9 Qh fB ^ ^ , 

1252. Even at miduiglifc is my mind worried by lust, and this one 
thing, alas! is without mercy. 

^Lnijb'oXiQurrtb Q(rrfshi£l eSlQiD. 

^LDi£GtfllT.SrrLDLD LDeS>pS,£SUu(BQLD6UT(y7/'LL(^ff: 0<?/r6beSuJ^.] 

Qqjsst : ^^(G3)6ar @o°oG}_s£sr aqr^^^&n euaJTir^ ^LDLDb^Qufra^ QisuG/fluuLLQi— 

(^l—fT Sesrp^y ST-jrii. 

(sci—raaiTiSirpQLjn'ei) ^i—itij(^@sm p ^ioXiSj\i QiwoOTu^mli' 

{Q^ - u - GfD/r.) — sa Ln^an^ - ^iauLn^es)^^ lunm — -, |^ 
GoQajfT ! LnccDpuQ uesT - {(aTSST^nisrrQion') LUGnpsa iQ^osruQusm • 

^LCiLni5X)(DUiT(6\) — , Q^rrearrSleQQih - Q vu erfl u u lLQ L- eSlQQiohp^. 

1253. I would conceal my lust, but alas, it yields not to my will, 
but breaks out like a sneeze. 

3='. /^wn/DLL(«nL_(oaj Q&sriahQu miss ear njirQi^Q'ov&fTSfrLn 
Ln<oS)pu9pri^ m&sTjpi u(Blci. 

(u[f-63)[r-) <^-^, — ^issT^g)jriEjQiB(k&)[TLD lUfrQssreisT^ssT SaDpiLjesii—Qiu 



LDsisT^iM epB^Lo-Qiiis^isvp/SlGir asoiT QJii^evr. ldsst^ u®a^\i-u&>(r^LD/Sl^ibi> 

leaf) sreireu 

i^w^fS'c^ Upimu^ 


(Odf - U - iSDiT.^ sp - &QlUfT • [Q&Dp ?1_(S!DL—Q CU GOT GT&nQ U 

uQu&Sl ; (-^Sy^^ff*^), STSOT SlTLOLCt - (oTolfT^^-ZlT LCth ^ LO<S^p ©jp 

1254. I say I would be firm, but alas, my malady breaks out from 
its concealmeut and appears in public. 

f/SLOcTnLo Lopib^rrGSiiT rBiTQfiLDpssfiurrso Gu;&or(2?'— @tf= 
(uiP - 63)17.) CT-^, — «LDaDt£iaJ<a5Sarj3/ Qgpm(rgh iSlscr Qs^iKieotT^ ^fr(Lpix> 

^B6k£3Jf§fi}(^ SQDpU^CS)l—<oSiLD S fl' LdQ lo IT iSlBoST iLj(Yrf ^ fT IT ^jSsuQ ^a<SBTpmp S_^ 

Q3'/b(^QirsiiT(n?eir. i3smQ£Fp&i)'LD6ar^^ir&) ^iciT>i—(^i—rr^SSosr^^iso. Qu(rf)/5 
G0Da6s>LD-i^£ssTi—fr(&)QuuJiT' smDQiBfrtLjr/>/^mr-LDiresr(ipes>i—UJmf. K&srQpesrei^isser 
jTiriT ld!tlJB(^ Qa^iskQpiBp^LD ujn&sT/BsuQ^irissTpm Qpecru^ml). 

{Q^-u-(oS)!r.^ — Qs'pQi^Tr iSl&sT - (^LDSJDUj) lifsiQu Qurresr 
6iJiTiSl&)Tj Q<?i&os\)/r - Qa=io6\)fr^ (^rrQpLa liikiQ rQpQpY Quqfib 
^ io!S) a (S!r> Ld - /9(Sjr)/o(L/sff)z_6!nLDUj/r6aT^j &(TUbQib!T\u S-fbQrj>ir - ^irm 
Qr5iTUJGnL-ib^6UFir&)j ^/£leiJ^ e^&iTjriJ ^ear^ - ^fSiuuuQeuQfiir 

1255. The dignity that would not go after an absent lover is no* 
known to those who are stricken by love. 

,sfr. Q^pp6iiiT i9d7Qg=pi5\) Qeiismi^ [Lieftl^^Qjnr 
QsupQp&sT^oST iLj^p ^iufr. 

^uiP - 6inT«) er-^, — sreisrSsmuJaecT^ Q3'&sr(vr^fn3<smQsm uj/rsa 
Q(SUsaN(BiS'3C[T6ST (oTeoTSssr iLjpp^turr sT^^skesiLDUJ^ ? SPfr&oiBsisr^^ OT-jj/. 

Qs^ppojQnssrp^ - ppeasr^u:) j)/uQun'(J^LL(B. Qsuessii—Qsueiru^ Qeuecsii^ 
QajsoT^ ^ifli5^/3ssTp_^, ^e^^Q^mu^ ^aipa'Q<i(^/SluLj. ^isfTLcQibtTiu 
LurTmQ3=rr&)cC£ijisi QsLLs<siiLDneiJ Q^rrecipek^i/j <?/rso<s(o)iS/ri^ Q^esTusiTLXi, 

(Qaj - u - <S!X)ir.^ — Qa^ppsn'r Seh - ((jrehSsmfiiwQ) Qs'&sT 
peu^TiQi&siQiST^ Qs^piM (d6U6sst 10 - {iLJn'&fT^Q3=&)s\)6\)Q6iJem®^6\)ir<5\)j 
sr&nSssr ^-pp ^tu/f - erssrSssrujeni—ih^ ^(oOTULoiresT^j (srp^- 
<ST^s^S(STeis)L£siU^ ; ^eifl^^ - lBsib^'ht^, 

1256. The sorrow I have endured by desiring to go after my 
absent lover, in what way is it excellent ? 


(ST. JBlQeaai&iT QouirshrCDm? siifSlajeciki anLn^^trp 
Quessflujmr QuiLu Q<3'S€aT. 

^Ulf - 6!nj.) 67-^.' IBLDLOn'isO <^(fF)UiUUU!-LL-euiT 6U/B^ ffl/TLD^^/T&l) fBfTLO 

<cSl(!T)iXii3uLjisun:<ss>pa' Qs'Luu-jLoerrisSloisT /snQsmisk Q(n^mss>piiiLC) ^/StiULomLQi— 
LDrrSqr^ihQpiLD, gt-j^. 

Qussi^Lun-Qfreara' Q)3^ujuu®Qu(T(!f}GiT sSSosrQp^ii'oQuirijXis iFh-puui—i—^- 

Q^^fTui^ UDrrifoDU^ Q^iTiu^p(^ /bfr^ii^sd' epskQpeku^ - i^easr(Ba' &pQ^ 
6ar^u:)Qurr(r^LL(B. ^t^eijQpui^LDemLD (sSamr^^n-pQ(V/'<i<s^, tSss>puuL^6LirT'ok 

aSsYT, QdrSesT - Q3=LuiLiLB<3rTcSl6\)j ibiTsssr (oresT 6^m^ - fbirGlsasr 

1257. I know uotbing like sbame when my beloved does from 
love (just) what is desired (by me). 

Qu5SlSTST>ISi lLj(StnL_ffi(gUi /_/(5(nt_. 

^uif - GiOT.) CT-^j — ,-6ibiBes>piJunQuLi eun^smiuLpii^ih ^aos^ ue^Qumu 

QpskScsr ? OT-J2/. 

QueisTSiDLD FFGsisT®^; i^dsooDLDup/Sl /Ses)pOLcS!^6STp^. Gvis^frp L^soaas 
sL—QajQiDioir^m L-j(so/S'SfT<i\> s^suesr Qeprr p&<stT fT^:(i7) Q-sFLU&i&errrr^Lo ibiejQss 
Qldsw^is) ^QnGuQ-p^5(b)irr'SsQsiJ6asJ€si:^diQa,frsasrL^(j^/5^&ir ufKaijiii {bit^^ S6\;iafl)<6e 
slI L-isneS^ Qppu®LDSutss)(£ EiJih^Q ^rrskrSlf^ Qsmekurr&r, u&nLDiruja&eiTQj 

^(5S)^Y 2_io!nL_<5(<5LQ - ^L£ii,Slp, UtSTiL- - ^ILJ^/i, Uih LBITLULa 
<S m 6U 307 - U a\)Q U fr lU <S in Gu<!folJ&^iS\) SGlTol/OTyCa'iL-UJ, U 63371 Qui IT Lp 

<52_<3S--ti. ^^. iQa^piu^^ibJ-^K ®=P/<ST ,.flfy 

1258. Are not the enticing words of my ti'ick-abounding roguish 
lover the weapon that breaks away my feminine firmuess. 

(Lp(rsT6^J\)<3\irr^ iS^Q S!T^i—^^lj QurruS'iQssr&sr • Quiruiili, (oieaiQas:(^a^LD Sssip^6UGT>^^ 65633T® - ^ fS Ih ^ ^ Lj &) (^ Q &n SOT - (^ «o^ ^^GUniUrT 

1259. I said I would feign dislike and so went" (away) ; (but) I 
embraced him the moment I saw my mind begin to unite with him. 

(uf-emnr.) st-^, — i^essr&^es)^^ ^uSlsaTssBsrQesar uSlu-L-rre-o <jyo°o^0^ 

-U-GDfT.^ /95537m ^ u9 6X) ^Cl^IoOT GST - ^ esST S<ST> ^ ^ ^ ll9 

^^ ^^(m(^Lnfr£)jQufr<so (^^fb^^6vs!y)frs;&6S3TL^rris\) Slenno 
Quia (5T&iT6^ - (^gv'b/92s\)a5)(D(S\)) i^lpj-sa^^i—QeuQiDbir^ i^dssr ^ ^ <5\i 

.11 S\) 

1260- Is it possible for those whose hearts melt like fat iu the fire 
to say that they can feiga a strong dislike and remain so ? 

^°oSITSU^ QsFuSieSit—UlSllflsSeirSLL L-8s\)LDi£^f5 ^SoOLDiE(&7)LO QeVl—GS^iBlBs 

errfrp^emLDiLjili Sj^&rriruuL-® £U(fr)QehrjD<su)LDiSim, @0(SiyiS!»/7"/i^@ e^L-i^u Qu!T 
^enrrSliLi useres^LnuutTeorrp eh^^i^iT' LSlp>Qrr&)&)fru:) @^Sw^ ^dsOLDsSsw /hSsot 
iB^ adsOLDSi&T GS^ilLj/DQei<oisr(ny'iT : s?iL(BljQuulJit Q^Ffr^-o^eufTP' ^/6luQurr(B 
sft-L^iu QufrQT)(srF)Ss:!riTig^sij^(so<so^ ^[rQ.^'ssrppi(^u QuajjTfrsrres^LDiUir^LDj 
&(sS3h,n)(^LU j>i^i£trir^^^ ^SsOLDS'Ssr S-iLirt^^p wssrsmLDturrp <5h-puui—iTes)Lo 
uJ/r^LD, ^ooS^esitT uueisTesiUD lu/Sls. ^ ^^lLi—^lds,&t 0n.p^ /Se^jDiuLpeutr 

.55, 6U!Jmfb^u un^Qtzearp &6ssT ^V)i Lcev it Q 3= eh ro 
fbirQisrrfrppSl^ Q^vuns^ aSjTiffO. 

r^25ULD<s6Tr srreasri—<d\) eSl^uiSli^p Oa^/TiabeSaJ^'.] 
(uif-flJ)iT.) GT-^y — ^su fr fBUDGSiLDU i^rTlii^QufTiu tbfTsrraerr SFeuiflearss 
eis^€!S)Lp^^si'p<cS)p^Q^rrLL(B (oTmsr^u^eOfrem otsot eSird^isQi—iuts^isar- ^^Qeu 
luewrSl ^laufr ei'0LD svL^umr^,^ erem &essrs(Gi^La e^sSuSlLpi^ Lje06^uj(oufruSl'osr • 
^Siieijn (/r/UJLD ^suir eiJjr<Sij€i^i—n'uSlp/6l&:iSs0j ot-J2/« 

fdiretT — c^(gOuiu/f. LjibXKsQujeufr^w - ^emssSiu &rressr Lom—t—iresiLD. <^pp 
Qsiisku^ e^p/SlQiuear^ ^ifl/s^ iBskp^, ^eS tLnrehr sfr^uLDirQpsarSssr Qlusw 

uSlssTi^a: Os^iu^oO/rssr^ (sS^uufruSlp^' 

(Q^ - u - sai/r.) — 6Sljrs\i - (srsar) 6S\ir&:)s,(s-fr^ ^suw Qs=mp 

^S2JT ; (^jij^QeuiussTrB^j ssm^iiih - ((5^fc^T^ <5E603r<5(e^tii, (suiren^p 

6iJfru9ssT'^ (^ajoi;/r(7ySiL|i£) ^6uit euireii Q^essTi—rru9rp^ii5^)^. 

1261. My finger has worn away by marking (on the wall) the 
days he has been absent while my eyes have lost their lustre and begin 
to fail. 

S_. &J6\)ihiQiprr iB&sT£ii Ln p uiSlQ ear 6ST Q({r^sssTQLnp 

[^/D(2?®»LD LSgi^eSoor ^<ss:t—uSleiT^ SScsri^purrSsotuibT^SeO 
§\(B^ LDP'ia&)QeuesBr(BQLD£iTp QanL^i(^3= 

(ujP - 65)tT.) ST-^j — isSerriEisrr iSeirp eSlemt^uSlSs^^ru^es^i—iufriu, arr^enesiir 
@scrj3/ uj/rew" LopuQui^i&disr^ Qld^isi «/r^£W« Quumd^ /Suu isrswQ(yr;&r&m 

LopaapuirQ&d sst^-oQeo Gear ear u^mh- 

(Q^-u-em/r.) — ^'o^ii^(^ ^ipiTiu - 6Q<3rTfbJ<siTiEl6(iTp ^ujrem- 
Qpa^L^iufriu I ^e'oTjpi - (^^pib^u(blQssT p"^ ^j ih iB rr etfl ev ^ LnpuiSJeb- 

(^SoDSl/SiD/r) LCipuQu^u960T ^ QlM&} - Ln^Il9 p U iSi ^IM ^ &IT^\gT>& - 

^Lp^uest^ ^ i§^^ - (sT'SoTdssrsSlLl.®^ liitus^ <sr<shQ(mi^ - GreoT£p 
QiStren^sea ^ <55&o/h sl^iljld - ei/SsrrujibSJdBsrr atpsvuQ uj^jeussTsufTLo. 

1262. yoa bright-jewelled maid, if I forget (him) today, my 
shoulders will lose their beauty even in the other life and make my brace- 
lets loose. 

(ui* - 65) T.) ■ST-^, — ^dTu^arr^dso ma=£Frr^ Qeup^ ibs^Q fsrr/s^ 
lurr^SoO Ss^ih^ ^unQpaiEii ^^sssriuasu Qu(tS{^it Sicupsmp uSl&thiB^ FF(Sssr(B 

^srQeGrmu^ ^(j^OuiuiT' ^fBi'Bes>3=ujrr ^tiSl/rsurrLgir iBeaiQpm, ^o^oSeoSso 
uuiTuSi&sr ^p/B^uOeu Q&:scru^rTu:>. 

Q'Si]prB<3S)UJ<^(mLiMSi^ S-metTLa ^2ss^ ^^ - (^fdrrLa ^;2s3<jruj/r^2oOu5) 

1263. I still live by longing for the arrival of him who has gone 
out of love for victory and with valour as his guide. 


(u[f -65)11.) loT-^, — SiEtQiu arTLods^Tiij isldSS>udu i^mib^QutTiueijiT Qldp 

Sh-L^LU SfTLDi£^l-.Q€aJ tElSlSSSST evQFjaSsO fSoaSrlS^f eTb'k(olear(^'3? iSi]((T)^^QLD!rl^ 

^Qeo^uSlssr ^pih^u(Beij Qeoearu^mh. 

(Q^ - u-s(r>rr.) — iSlifltb^frlr - (^fi[b]QujsrrLD^^frF[rQ /stisoito) 

(d/jQ^LD UQh^Q ^Q^Sisoi psj]. 

1264- My heart is rid of its sorrow and swells with rapture to 
think of my absent lover returning with his love. 

(Qs-u-(SDfT A — ^6ssr ^ir - (srsar) sessrsGrrfrrfKLneuG^^^ Qcss/r 
caarffi^ar - (srear) <s6SST6u2s}r^ .SiTss'sts - (rBrrear') iSfrea'sTQufS)^ j ses'sr 

1265. May I look on my lover till I am satisfied and thereafter 
■will vanish the sallowness of my slender shoulders. 

(uif-6!nT.) 6T-^, — ^^^^^^ fsn-(Pf^Lo (SiifTlTrT&QarTdsr^esT s^qr^fBirm gtsst 
eeasr Q70si;/r(6gffl j EUtisn'p emuiLjdsrra^ QapiLiQsarp ^ihQiEtrQuJb'O&ii'.ihj Qa,i— ^eu 

Q;0a; Qsv€oTi_jisp(^il> LDshTQssT6Bru^p(&)Lo QLD^SDfT^isenrrQp Oa/rerra;. 
^ar^/Sltlii-i ^QjQi2yrr(rr)fbiT33nar^6JrQ6rr ^esfl euM'&si—Sh'QtBrrujat^Ei Qs(Buu 

1266> -M'Ty niy husband return some day ; aud then will I enjoy 
(him) so as to destroy all this agouizing sorrow. 

OT. L^ oO U (d U o'oT Q 3j il ik) LloV^Q^^iiOT Q ZfT oxQ ^iV fT ai <oXi U Q U iOT Q S. IT <S0 
05 03375507 ©07 6(37 QoiGm'r QUlFlbOJ. 

(u.f-smT.) 'ST-^, — ssatnQufT/u Q/oi^ Qisetflir eij(r^eiJsrrruS,eir, j)/eiiitiiuir(Si] 

US^<sStLjLO L/oOa^^LO gjj/f QutTQ£Q<^&GOaT I^ITSlJrTGSilDU^p &6i)uQuS!SrQi£!T 

s&DuQL-joarQsrr Q^05STu^nj(^ sji0 lj^q^lo Q^uuiuit^ lSIiPiiuit^ f5!T'~Qua<sOdi 
£ssOibQ^n'Qpi^QeijQ(^ Qsnesr^ssitr uun (W) rLperrit. 


■ u-OTifr.') — <5E;6oa7 ^sar^ar Qasetri'r-aiGssiQuiT p mroib^fbsasr 

1267. On the return of him who is as dear as my eyes, am I 
displeased or am I to embrace (him) ; or am I to do both ? 

LdfT^ioO luiuiraiLa cSlnhi'b^. 
(uf-sinT.) OT-^j — Qsvi^isisT cSSssrGla'iu ^Sb\)u Ljiflii^ Qeu&)isu!Ti^f& • 

LDfTS, OT-^. 

LDOssrQiussru^ FFscsri—fr(^ Quujit, ^^LDfaiBsn Qioearu LDdsjsrLciTL-&''' erear 
LiL^uQufTsO' <sQSosrQ<s^iLi ^/baiessreij/b&i LDfr2souQurr(ipQp(^ or^irQa^rrt—'bd ^(o\:ihi 
tBm^^&iT (ip^m'dje^ssTSDinu^esT ^ ldSsotssO/b^ UD/7§oU<i@ <sSl(fF)fB^ujiTcB QLD6in(yrj>i>'oT. 

utTu9p^. lSI pQ fT &) m fT U) ^^Sow^ ^dsOLDa&T eh^p(ir;a>@ iLiGS)n-^f£!TiT : ^dsotoiB 

(^53>9_ 35Q^<ST'LD. ^^. ^ 6U I'r su 'j9 ear eSl ^ ui u io , 

^S\)Ljf^f5^^ QwssrrS^ - G) 617 &0 017 /Tig) 65, ( UJ/r(XpLb), IS^2sST S€\^fh^ - 
^1 J ^[Un&Ln - Q3=LLJ!Ll£B^L-QsilLO. 

1268. Let the king fight and gain (victories) ; (but) let me be 
united to my wife and feast the evening. 

/B/r§OT iLjiLQufTsssT® j>/^eii(r^rB ^SbssriijUD s^uSlir^friijQ eiiQf)ii^ LD<a6Tfl/r<i(g ^(75 

(srOipsku^ j)/^/b(^QLDeOfTiu iSa^s lsotskld -g^^^ /^scr^^^ ^'^Q^eiJn- 

ef^/SliUoLifT£)j. @^ig)SCT ^^eijii ^ds\}LD£serr sh.jr)(y^airTss)LD lu/Ss, ^(rr,/biTQ<orrssr^ 
uai—QiDir^eun-QF) (Lperrif. 

(Q^-u - szn/r.) — Q3-SSST Q3'€aT(7)^lr - ^irirQ^e'^Qrb Qs^mp 

1269. To those who suffer waiting for the day of return of their 
distant lovers one day is as long as seven days. 

opium (xpani_f5j5/a6B<s <5/rffO. 
(ui^ - GOiT') CT-^, — aiT^eSI mis>LSliPi<aS2ssT uurrpfrffS^ &.6rreiT(ipeiDu.rB§p 
Qaixssr, ^^gusst/SQiu QLDtLiiLjp<i&<sofB^n-/b(yffQs^ooTj ^g^ei; G'JurreinQr/'^is) uiu 
g)LDg/3ecrj3/u) S-i—tl>Qufr(B i^essrir^Q^ eh-puuiLi—saTf s^^^mQiD^to 

Qu(BdsT <ST&ir - (/b'tD(S31LQ) Q U p •!£ S t— 611 erTiT ^ bv GTshssruiUboTj Qufb 
pissrri^ OTSor - (^^i,'o7^\ Qup(irj>£\) OT'Soi'SSTuuj&iT^ S-^en <STeh - 
(^^lolirB^ QLaijjiLipisio\)ib^frcV GTehsoruLUbiiT^ (®je(n6ijQujrr€'ai(7r>^La 

1270. After (my wife) has died of a broken heart, what good will 
there be if she is to receive me, has received me, or has even embraced 

^Q-^ - ti. ^^. (^r]5luup5J(oilSJ^^^' 

^oo^irevsi ^^Loffisor, sidsOLOiB&r, Q^tri^Qajdi/Slsvrr sp(iT,aj it (^/SluiSlSst^ 

^Si'tlii^'Sh.i^uj ^dsdLD&m Q(svL-es)& iBasSi^p Lj^eu^ um^^t^LDumnriL 
(uiP - GO)T') sT-^j — 1§ Qa^rr&iibXiir^ LD<ss),!D^isrr lurruSl^ili, ^ ^ib(^L—La 

Luin^ S-6JST® - S-i>1T ^ ^ (@i<oS^^2lSST tSQiU Q ^ &fl lU 3" Q ■3F IT ii\) &^ ,^ 

1271- Though you would conceal (your feelings), your painted 
eyes would not, for, tranagressiug (their bounds), they tell (me) some- 

2_, ^60Sr6S^<oJDnoib:S ^ fT ifl G^ 3i ■!£ & !T LhQ U IT Q ^^ !T iL. Q U (SS) ^ i (mu 

• u-<5iT)(r .'^—■acssT iQes^pfb^ <5/r/fleiD« - (srear^ 

1272. Unusually great is the female simplicity of your maid 
T?liose beauty fills my eyes and whose shoulders resemble the bamboo. 

/E_. LDes^Sp l^'^ip^Qh ,^6\)(dUIT(SST Lnl—.Ki3S^3> 

(uif-63)fr.) <oT-^j — Q&rraauuL-L- uis^ic^LDesSiua^^A Qt—f5£a up 
^^u i-ieoi&),^s\)Qufriso ^LOLoi—mein^iu ^esSius^^i Qu.ib^ Ljp^^u i_/<50 

M lu^ii^ Sh.pis\)Qcijisss!(B QiceuTu^ <S0^^. 

(Q^-u-stn/r.) — La&fsf)u9io - (Q&!ras,uuL-i-S\ ui^s messfiea 

' 1273. There is something that is implied in the beauty of this 
woman, like the thread that is visibile in a garland of gems. 

errs iBappibQuirm i^gsiQuss)^ GrsisrQ(^® msaSQ^^ fswaiu^ QpQi^ui^ 

Qurreo - eu/rs'SssTQuir &^^ QutSD^ - (s_&n\ llit Q sst ^ ^ /seindB Qlb!T& 

(^isn - ((3T&STQ^®./S&ns.i3a (oT COST SmiQ p^ KGTiBlU^ QpQCpUlSl 

^nen^ a_6TT err _^ - s^srr^muu [upibQ^tnooTQr^^^^ 6^&ot^ - ^0(^ 

1274. There is something in the unmatured smile of tliis maid 
like the fragrance that is contained in an unblossomed bud. 

(LJ(f-S!j)T.) er-^y — QiB(rf)!Si®iu euosnaidsa (uenz—uj/rerr GTmaes^d^e^fT^ 
Q^rrsmpdosr iLjiLOsirsssrOi) jfj^ sfrjreasnnrrs srecrSosr Loesip^^uQurresr (^/SluLf 

Q^L-QarremL-S' lSWq^. aenEnth — ^(^QuuuiT' unesyp^^p (j^^ljlj^ ^rr^ 
QsfTiSliUfrpQpei'nsS^^Q-o. £ oj^Qa^iu ^i\> Qeu6sisi(9QLDSsru^fTU3. 

@jpib^ <£56TTsrrii3 - {^^arTjr6SdTLafr<s (^sh^esTLnGyip^^^ Quresr 

1275. The well-meant departure of her whose bangles are tight- 
fitting contains a remedy that can cure my great sorrow. 

ffPr. Qu^siirprBu QuiLu& &<5^^s^ eofl^rrprSI 

LDrrri/SI fBiTLcQaptli suearressrisi ssoaSsarjo s&^eS ^0/5^ eu!Tp(^<ssr CLDjji'LD^^sar 
i3iflifp (^.rBuS(^p Qa'uuQmp ^[ras^rrs'sr, (Lpi<f.i^:o\) ^eki^^aiBrr iSekp 

1276. The embrace that fills me with comfort and gladness is ca- 
pable of enduring (my former) sorrow and meditating on his want of 

(sr. ^cssT^ssrni ^eiDnoeussT p6ssrih^eu)Ln iblolB^ 
(utf '63)ir.) er-^j — (gsrfl/f®^ ^es^^ssiiu tLjes^i—iuojesr /bldisdld QiDiuiurrp 

SQ^SSI Ssi^i^^rrseSlv) pern m ^es>LD Qiu&r^uili, lurrsnr Qpe^tu eijessrw 
^^ S'ssrSssr u-jsssriTGjssii—^^rrsQiLjisi efx./Sli^erT. 

Q^ Ln6ST^^^Q'o\)) L9/fl«^(SJ>t£lOT)UJ, fbLDLEl^La (^^ 611 €ffl ^ ^ U U IT &) 

^ Sa}p(3\!T\aj\ iBLhiS^LBj 6u2srr . ^a/ei/Soyruj&oserrj QpGaT&siLa — -^ 

1277. My bracelets have understood before me the (mental) sepa- 
ration of him who rules the cool seashore. 

m^ (o\lS(fF)'^pM^ Q'3'<iSTQrf'Qfrib] ■siT^io\)'r luirQp 
QLn(LnrB[jQ<5n Qu^s^ us-ih^. 

(uiP-eJOT.) GT-^, — eTiEja.n-s;<siiT iSiifliB^QufruSl(^iT QfE(rf)iBpQp '^ ^iljiSlifi 

QfEQ^tsp£iia'Q£Piu^ ^csOLueifiuJn-p Sliflo^ ^estffliuuuLLi—Qs&nun-en- Qibq^ 
[Bp^i=- Q6FehT(7)y>Qn'SST£uuD, Sj^dssr es>ajiqp^<3: Qsr<biQssTp^ (STnciErr^Gssn^trs 

(GgSTT. ^eusunpoffp pSo^UD.s6sr^ LSlifl^pc^/SluiSlScsr iLjsmir^^ Searp^. 

(0^ - u - ciD/r.^ — (oTihJsrr^sdir — , Qp6(m!hp^ . QmpQp^ 

s<2-j?j-La. ^^. (^/S'iuurSl'Sijj);^il,^&). d^&h^Gr ^jTS 


1278. It was but yesterday my lovei* departed (from me); and it is 
seven days since my complexion turned sallow. 

lu oo ^ IT GQST L-.exjiiiTQa'-iu ps^, 

eufrm j§)s5)(a/ QLce^tLjQLoesr^ ^eBrQinemQiTr/'enaSsmLj QmnaS, iSians^suGSl n(doT(BLC) 

iSsBLpiTLDibXi fblf ISU-li^ ffl/T^^d'o QsneuSf^QuD^ST ^ ^SSTOST L^QniUILj Q/EfTa,®) ^IBl 

Q'TtLis c<5^uL/^ Qa^oj^fl) Qaj^surriu (^/Bulj, sHooOs'°'<^rrr^<s(T, Q^sf/B 

((o)^-c/-(;3^/r.) — (^LurresT ^a^ Q^seSeQ^^eSlL^^Q^ Q^eifliurr 
^eurr i3l^iu fbrresr ®jiijQsiS(ihtb^tri\)\ Q^sri^ Qrsrr&Q - {®\<sn6ij Si 

^Q-[^^rb(^ <^^6uirs @je!D6U QixieQiLjQtDsar^^ Qinbve^uj Q^ij&t 
ffiSoTTiLim urrir^^^ «^^ (o/5/ri;S)-(t5)6aT ^susSljresarQLa S-5ssn^irstr 
L£)&\) Sit /EL_/b'^65^^^^&\) QeuessT® Qu^<5ST^ ^ehj ^zrLffiSsYnLjtQ t_//r/f 

rSuLj, ^00^ - 2-^—637 Qu!r&<Zfru9(mfb^^, 

1279. She looked at her bracelets, her tender shoulders, and her 
feet ; this was what she did there (significantly). 

[^^Loaeer SlifliUfresyLoi (^/Slui^Ss^^ Q^!tl^& e/Bsij^^^^.'j 
(u(P - snfT.) sT-,^ — LD£B€i9.iT ^lEinfTLDQfFfruS'iO^nr^ Qi£nL^ajiTa(^LD enfTturrp 

Qld^ld gp/f QueisrianuD iLjemL^sjQ^ssr^ Qa:n'<b\>^ieufr ^/SHQ^rnr, sr-^. 

(Q ^ - u - gJD/r.) — {Las<o<flii\ siru^QmiTiu - (/S'w) sirubQ/hnr 

u9idsar) ^^j-^^&a^ Q uesmessB (^eo - (^ld<5(^ ^iLi&)urrQiu^ Quessr 
emLdQiB^Ld, QusssriST>Ln 2_«nL_^^ (oTs'stu - e^rf^ QuessTGnLDStrxu 

1280. To express their love-sickness by their eyes and resort to 
begging bespeaks more than ordinary female excellence. 

<g5S_<38) - LD. ^fi' L^Q!miT3=^Si9^LhuSV, 

SjooSireu^ ^Ss\)LDS^iB s^LDS^^JD L-i^szT ifS'S a&essrQessr eSiesyrr^&c. QiDp 
LomLQi-. iSsLQiT^ QeuiLiaDS S&<^i^p [3^^ih ^esr&emQessr iEla,i^^&i!T<oWf 

1281. To please by thought and cheer by sight is peculiar, not to 
liquor but lust. 

uSssr&j^&ssrq Oudotuc^ g*^@i©W eSlafnr^^frp Qiv^ass^. esfft^issr 
<siiQf)As LB^QmssTu i3prrs,(Q^^ sf^^surrerr Qun€ar£)jy ^dii^^uuja, 3h.^iu 

eB^iSlds^ 6i/ff)coT - (t£i5 6rfiir<s(»j) S-6asru-iTLarru9ii.'aT^ ^^isr ^SsjRjru^LO- 
^^aniJGTrsijLb^ ^sm Litres) La - (^ib^^&ieuQiTfr®^ t^lsoOTai/.s/riSjnLO, Qeu 

6Z537"®ii) - (^^6iliriT&A isffi QhLC>UUU®m. 

1282. If women have a lust that exceeds even the measure of the 
palmyra fruit, they will not desire (to feign) dislike even as mucli as the 

/H_. Kl)LJ^^^ Q UL_uQo1J Q3'iLJu9^ibJ G) 65 /r £537 65 Sot <5 
^fTi^S) ^QDLDlU<o\) 656037. 

6l>(^uDfT QpekScur Quwosru^mli' 

(Q<s - u - iZOTff".) — Qui^^ - (^(bLa(^Ln\ ^'oULn^^^, QulL. 

uQsU - {^n&iA C 617 6337 ® LftSDolf 65 SoW Co UJ J Qg'iU'S^iiLa - QifiU^lT 

^LD, Q&iresaT&dssT - sesmeu'Bssr^ &6ssT - (sresc) 6B6337 65ior7^ srriem^i- 

1283- Though my eyes disregard me and do what is pleasing to 
my husband, still will they not be satisfied unless they see him. 

(u(f - cmnr.) er-^y — Q^rrj^ ! arr^&^isnfrs afr^(Lp6aT ^wirQs^uj^ ^eup 
em/D_^ ^mQ(^(3f38ot!rii^ lurresmijQjrrr Q'^SapaessTQeasr Qa^esrQpew- iEcasr l^lSIgst 
ersarOcCT^s^ ^^dsm top IBS' s^®i£p(£(smiQiSi^ Qg^mp,^, 67-^. 

Qs^ps^^aip^isCi iSdsa^iBQ'J(if)®p(^Qu:irT^p<^£ar, ^^ inpiQ isioh(Vj^. 
^a'Qa'(3visviTp uLuQeaietnQsareiru^ui— iS'cwpemLniS'fSar^ ldsot e^t^uSlsma'aitGaar 
euii^^- S'ji^Oeu(b^)3s\)uSlQioO Q/5^<^ ^(3DpQun'a>Q\)n'siTj Sj^ QpL^ii^^J))SooQajsar 


(Q^ - u - (o3>/7.) — Q^fTL^ - QfEnipQaj ! (^^mws^irianT^)} 

1284. my friend I was prepared to feign displeasure, but my 
mind forgetting it was ready to embrace Lira. 

(u(P - 6!nT.) CT-^j — (LpssrQeaT'dyi'odtTiui sisosru^(if)i5^i'a GTon^Ei&ire^^^ 

«5y^ (Lpl^ll-HTQ^biTu^rTLO. 

&ir<sss) - <siressTLnfrL-i—fr^j a&isrQcssT yxiuir&i — , Q,sfr6ssT<s&iT ulB - 

S6SST6llSST^ (^ppp3<oS)^^ {^'ouSsST'S S,!T (S^^iqQ L- ^Q ^S^SOIT in &GOST 
l^(TEIh^La\ i£6mL-<aQL—^^ - (^^ovSs)l\ S, eisT L- <a£l L- ^ ^ ^ &ir 

1285. Like the eyes which see not the pencil that paints it, 
I cannot see my husband's fault (just) when I meet him. 

^h. ^Ism^nkiaurp s.irQcssT'oh pQii(miu ■siT^ss)S,a>[Tp 

(uif-6inir.) (oT-^, — Q&irdsr&'Sssr iuirear i6fr^iiihGurr(i^^ ^(susar penqrfiu 
eupssypa a,iT<smQ'Sor_rBQ&:<shTy a>ir^^QurT(i£>^ ^'SDeuGujuj&o©!)^ iSlpisupes^ps 

Q3=LULJu(£sQurrC[Fi<5rr jt/^arrjr^^irssT evts^^. (Lpsaruj iSfre^saTGl(^(9 QoFrrisi 

^)] lbQ u [T (LP s;;) ^ aj'Su^i ^lu - (^guoot) (a]ppibJa.(onfr6ST<ST)6V£sd3rT^ 
3i ir (o ossT SOT - .zrTeasrQslrrSle^Q&^ooj; a/r (Saaj 5<^/ri&^) - (^^6ij2svr\ <5/r 
(S^ ^ Q u rr (LD _^ ^ui/jj; ^ (5\) loO an ou - (mppiKi.ssrr-i\jiov/r^ar>oii<s,dorr^ 
.zjQsssTeh - 3irr6MTQmj£l(DS\)&)T, 

1286. When I see my husband, I do not see any faults; but when 
I do not see him, I do not see anything bat faults. 

co/Siu e^(Bi§(w,LL ufTiuemTirQufTiS) (Lpi^Qjfiuuu ueasiQi—fr(ff)arrfi} ljsoib^ (Lpi^oJtr 

liiBQffO uiTLuQidiifTir Qg=iuei)Qu[r(oV, Qumu^^'^ ^rSlib^ - (^i9csst^ 

1287- Like those who leap into a stream which they know will 
carry them off, why should a wife feign dislike which she knows cannot 
hold out long ? 


^susS sir i^^ecT — !trTes!BGBTes>LD, SsiDjDuSleireisiLD, e^QM^ikiBesis^LD, ^eesrir 

Qid^La 6Sl(fEihuuu(bl6iJ^frQuj) sen (emuQusr^La, 

1288. you rogue ! your breast is to me what liquor is to those 
who rejoice in it, though it only gives them an unpleasant disgrace. 

[a.«ra7-^LJqa/u96Br eunjrir ^i—psiL i—Ssoldssot 
(LJ(f-63)nr.) sr-jsy^ — smDsSsiruLD LD(soifl^ (o)u36OsS_^/ruSl0ffi(gL£i; sjikiEiesrih 

QeutLeiniBiLjih, ^&iT.f&iLjiJ:>, ^'5sru(y^ih, e^(iT)Sfr&:)si^6miEessrQ6Ssr Quurr^^ ^aif 

Sh-in. ^sJTQwossr(Bs<o^^ ^^ernQs^eueS ^S5\}uu(BisumT &e\)Qir<sur£^L£i, Sjsiip£)i6n 

^/B eh./3(SS)m. ^/SluQuiTQjeiJtr'ssiLDuSlsk ujfTesT^Qu£n@si!T/£lQ&) Qsmmu^iTLD' 
^dsOLDS^L-fSiTeiJ^ uiuek. 

sdsOuu(BsiJirir - Quj^Qeuirir^ ©ev/r - (a_6^J«^pCos^)) Qs^ir. 

1289. Sexual delight is more delicate than a flower, and few are 
those who understand its real nature. 

aO. ^Gssremip jpiesn^Kv^ .seuaoew^OT" Lj&i&iJ^ 

tu/r5;sb. ^euefTfTiSlm ^eiieisst QfiL-paeia^i—n- Q&rearu^ uiueisr. 

(Q^ - u - (sn/r.) — (^erefrsrr^S (LpmQ ^(fF)(b!T&T Lfss^jra" 

eSl^ut^pjiJ - ^irm6Sl(S!Drr6ijpj£iJ, <£5isvcBS(C3)srr - (^^^qii ji^u 
Qu!r(ipQ^) u^pK_^ ffh.i^6Sl iL ffiT, (^^(«5)&u vrrssT ^uui^<oii(i^ 
lisGiiih eSlesiirujfrLB&o tSlssarrkjQ iSipQeinp ^eu&r ^eiiGfr&deo&r.^ 

1290. She once feigned dislike in her eyes, but the warmth of her 
embrace exceeded my own. 

^ooSireu^ s>(T]TessrQpeesn—rTiu euLpa^ua L^30a,sa a>(r^^fr^ t-j&mr irs^SeSl^ih 
srTjr(ipei!>fles>u:iU-jLD @^<65)(?6ot 6)06rraiy@U). 

(uif - 63)T.) (ST-^) — QiB(ir)Qs=, j)jajQf)es)i—iu 0/e@<£9 /stisnu) f§SssrtUfr^ 
SjQjfrs&rruj fSjbpeosessr® <sit)Qj^^ld, MQiuLDaafriu S&iecrr^ s/eues)rr SSsm^ 

SjwfrsS(T^so - s/SLirr (BQf^^aj^p (^i—wu(B^s&). (ST Loses rrsrrQ^^p^ Lyeo 
eSIa (^i—LDui—rTes:Ui<ss)iU- ^0 s(rFiLD^6S)^^ ^mDires gujB/b^ QlsFuuiuLDtTL-i—ir^nn' 
QeFajeuiresirra &eBsn-.rrS^(^ Qa^iueuir, SiLJ^eii](i^ QsFiLiQm/SIBso Qajeku^inl)' 

{Q ^-U'Garr ,^ — QfSf^Qa^- (stsot^) inesiQiol ^eiiir QfB^s^- 

6u&nrrQiU SlBsar^d^") OTtD<s<s/ruJ (B6de\)!r(SS)Lai(^^ ^frjressrLci^ sreyear- 
(u/r^ ? 

1291- my soul, although you have seen how Ms soul stands by 
him, how is it you do not stand by me. 

(uir-einT.) st-^, — OTearOsw^Coa^, Qld^ud /bldld/tlI i—&!TL\e^i—.iuff!Tsir^ 
StueuiTLDmKBa' Qa=(so&)m8ei!r(^iu, ^uQup/Sliu^ Qld^Qldit jT^uLnremLDtueetsr 

Ql—IT, 6T-J2/. 

^euesyrrQuueisTu^ Qsup£U^LDLDUJ<isu:)^ uLpiiiseasrQ^LLi—ih upjB Qw(S< 
effrrQiresru^ iBib^aas^ Q3=iS!!r(n^\u, M&QT)^aj^ (Lpt^njQLDrr Qsm^usTih. 

uz^) ^rSliB^eSlL-sj^Ld^ Qs^Qrji'iT STSJJT - (/5/rto(oLj/r(S5)a)) QairSojpr 

1292. my soul, although you have known him who does not 
love me, still do you go to him, saying " he will not be displeased." 


/5_. (o)<35/I./_/rfrffi(^ /5L-L_/r(flei) Qed&nuQ^rr OfB^Qs^ii 

OujeJrgp; SSswQeiJfT} i^ehnc^ajsoQuir, <^h.^su niurrs, <st-^. 

eretsrSssrsSI iL® SjwfnnmUBlff'QsFpiso Su6ssrQL.uu9esrp Q^ekurrerr QulL 

1293. my soul, do you follow him at pleasure under the belief 
that the ruined have no friends? 

Qi—essr^Qj rriT uuitit ? uurrear^ QsFiuQujsar, er-^. 

^uQuppluui—U-ecr - i-\60s(^iBQpiEtaien. sirQemesru^ a.c5)^ujcs5<?. 
txip^ii — wSsj!TLD!rpfB'5Ni£msr euib^^. (LpmQesrsowrrih Lj&iuu^ns QeuessresS 

(Q^ - u - (S!J)/r.) — QiBi^Qs" - Qmi^s^QiXi ! (li ^<oijqs)it^ 

&6SSTL^Qu!f (L^Q^ ^6bULD^Ue£l,SS iQ SsUT U U ^ dd SV _^Y ^Sof) G)<?= 

<oVfr(5\)')j ^<s^ — , ^mesr - ^uui^uuL-L-(S!D6)ja2sfr^ iQehrQ^® - 
a_637,^L.&s7j ^^eufTiT - (oTsm^/Qeuirir ^ Lurrir - Lurreuir ? (fbrre'ar ^ 

1294. O my soul, you would not first seem sulky and then enjoy 
(him) : who then would in future consult you about such things? 

[fii;/ru9sv;(r«#: Qar&srp Q^iri^ QatLu^ ^SoOuoaeir 
i^GSTp^j Qujbpasir>o-o ojirssi—eii iSlifl^SsortLjL-Qairessr® Jy^/D a(i^ifrr/8^fD^, 

1295. My soul fears when it is without him ; it also feara when it 
is with him : it is subject to incessant sorrow. 

(uif-anir.) er-^j — OTforG)68r@<£f fFessri^Q^/s^^f sufseoemnu iSi^i^Qfj 
ihS' SjeuiT QssrT(Bes)LDsdoiT tuiT&srpssrQ^® /SSsar^^as/ro'b, sj^suetr Sufis' eresr 
dssr^ ^mu^ QurT&irj)j ^&sru^ Q^iu^fiQa, OT-jj/- 

(^Q^~u.(SS)ir,) — (oT&sT Q/50.S — , ^(75/5^ jff - (^lioQs) ^CS'^ 

sfTsM - (^6u.TG)<5B-T®Rni£i652sTr fbfTGST ^ecfxG'ig)®) !Q2sfr^^i<sn &) ^ 
(^3=<fUiUJLDnSirs^^j (ore'srSssr — , ^si^uj - ^esiu^Quirex) ^enu^ 

1296. My mind has been (here) in order to eat me up (as it were) 
whenever I think of him in my solitude. 

qjlS LDms(^issisiJfi)es)nos sfT^sui^ r§Sssrw^ ai6asru.euL^ Lop^^so, iBiresar - st^ 
(CT/rsar^Ef^f..^. QuurrQ^Q^LO cSy@(E5/76or^ eseasrc-irirQufrsk Q(yr^(Bisi(Q^eo, sessr 

ulL® - <5T€ST^ ^rSlsSli5i)eoir^ Ln&n^Q^rr^eh-u^j rbfr e^i Lo - (srear 
^u51/fl^!2i(g5 &pi^^ tB(ressT^<sp^iL\Lo, mpiQ^&n - LDpih^eQiL 


1297. I have even foi'gotten my modesty, having been caught in 
my foolish mind which is not dignified enough to forget him. 

(3aJ6rrerT7<ff: Qg^etsr^Qaear^ ibrrQp QL£isrr(srhQeiJLDfruSlp iSlekesTLDs ©srRa;/rOuD65r^ 
a0^j cSysw/f ^p^^SssiQuj SSssrtufT iBemp^, GTm^. 

eienfO^^m - eyrruSlsar ld^^^&). ^srfiai^ — euL^ui—fresiLDUUfr^uD, iSlifleiifrp 
(77^ esiLDUUfr^UD) mrrespiiji /stes^piLj ^^eSoj sSlLp^^e^n^Lo 3-6fTsrreu^> Qpuo — 

UL\(SnL—lU (ot&Ot) G)/5(^<S-j (/6ai0J)LD ^&LpiJ5^ Qs'&SI (fr?Q[rm^\ . <oT(SIT 
(^SsOTLj /5tO^(g) ^ 611 LIMT eST LniT QlXiSSTJf)] SlBsST^^j ^61jir QpLO - 

1298. My soul which clings to life thinks only of his (own) gain 
in the belief that it would be disgraceful for it to despise him. 

(KtOOT <.^ ^ 

1299- Who would help me out of one's distress, when one's own 
soul refuses help to one ? 

«/r (§6urpLSliir siuiSperr ujeoaQ^p O^erfi Q^eoru^irili. 

^g^Ld — , ^LQ/r ^so 6u^ - (sp(756i//ra(^) ^LDLneuirrrdafr^ e£li_^^^ 

<5PiL - GTi 

1300. It is hardly possible for strangers to behave like relations, 
when one's own soul acts like a stranger. 

<35/5_6B - ti). ^^. LjGViSlSl. 

ej^swCiT/r Qi—(T(rf)WiT ujso^^bd. j)/Qitfrjr (Lpes)nr>(S^LDiLjih ^^©Geor oSerr/B^Lb. 

<£. LjededfT ^iTfr^u i^sd^es)^ lueuQ^^ 

(ui(f - SDir.) loT-^j — SjEiEisiSJ LD uj&ofB^rrp mr^&iQiTiu^ ld&isoQ^uSooST 

sfreffaiies)^" sresrLjL^uQuiTEO (ipesrssfl^aS^ (sSl(^B. ljso^^ Quj6i!Tu^&.il) 

(o/B/riu - ^<muQrBfru9^, QrSl^ — , srT6!^SLa - sfrsssrssi^QeurrLD; 

1301. Let ns witness awhile his keen suffering ; just feign dislike 
and embrace him not. 

sso S-ULj^ ^tuuLJ6sreiJps!)p ^6OT<s?653ai/uj^ffi<s^(g Qeusssr® LD<3iTeSln)(r// ^(soQutr 
^LD ; ^esfi Sj^^ ujQj6iJ6tT(^p &^^ L8aeSi(B^£\> J)/i^qjui.i S'j'srrGSlesr lEssairp 

LBaaeuiM^ ^iULJU^ s?ein£uu96i!r ^(^pQurrmu H(sc<^LBa&euL^a issoefi ^)6oru 
inmqrf QiDsirpeinuDuSlscr , @^ uemL.jeues>LD, 

(Q^ - u - 67)/r,) — L/6X)e9 - lQejot^^, (^Ljss^frs^Q \Bmu^ 
^ir(m^'5\) QufT^Ln; rierreSli—ii) - (^^ ^^2ssr ^eu&ueneSlp QS 

1302. A little dislike is like salt in proportion ; to prolong it a 
little is like salt a little too much. 

/K-, c^ei)ib^ir6S)fr ujio\)(S\)(o(6a)aJ Q3^iu^pqr>nj mLC(oS)UbLj 
(uiP - 63) T.) OT-^, — ^LD<ss)LDuQu(rr;^ t-jsofsis LDseSesitTu i_j&:gSI £&@a 

■,.u-is!r>fr.) — (^L_6u/r), ^iaestub Lje\)fb^frss)fr - ^taimu^u 
Quqr^^ i9sssrfb]QtiJ Las&fl<siS)iT^ { ^uiSlesms(^ £^QY /./^uev/rs^ 

1303. For men not to embrace those who have feigned dislike is 
like torturing those already in agony. 

(uiP - 65)T.) (oT-s^, — ^ldQldit (Bl^iu uir^eiD^iuesxT Sssni—s^emsi it^^s 
sfuL.[TQ^frt^^<^\> uessrQi— fBif Gu(^^ eurri^oj Qsiti^isduj ^l^lSIQso ujj2/««t 

LDiriu UJiTua ^LnQmrr (S^^pr^ifliuw&XiiVu:) ^ekesiLoiSlear (STUDisntDiLjemiT^aso Qeu 

(Q^ - u - (SDrr.^ — sen:i^iU6ij(5S)iT - (a.iiG'oi/r©) i9sssTfh]QLu 

1304. Not to reconcile those who have feigned dislike is like cut- 
ting a faded creeper at its root. 

^0x)^^6!n<5 /5&osv6iy/f.s (os(oTn L/eD^^siDi 

urrehr^ meo^^esoE /Eebi50ia;/r<s@ QiDrnqr^m. j>jLp''^ - ^'ssruuua 

1305. An increased shyness in those whose eyes are like flowers 
is beautiful even to good and virtuous husbands. 

65SJjfllLj/fi3 <5(75<5<5ff"tq LD/D^U. 

(uiP-snT.) OT-^j — QpQiT/B^asoaLDfrQaj ^ei^iLjUD ^^uj<x&)fTLDfT@uu i-jeo 

<^p ^i(o!^Sro-i)ds\)'jjrru9p aei^xjpQps^^iiLb, stLu^'BsiJiasLD^^iTiu arriju ^s(t^(^ 
Qs'su^^ ^S5r(njs,<^p L-isv<^iSl<soSsi>LurruSlp s(ir)aafruupQp^^ii} 3h./3i^eiiT' 

^SUeSirSSOT(BLh QsuSSSl(BQLDcVr£U gSIoJIB^ ■3h./SllLSeiJ!T£U- 

1306. Sexual pleasure, without prolonged and short-lived dislike, 
is like too ripe, and unripe fruit. 

ST^Qpem^ Qios^s'^^pi^a, iB(i^^'o'0rrQesr6sru^ ei](ff)GSlaisuuiLi—^. &r) 

1307. The doubt as to whether intercourse would take place sooa 
or not, creates a sorrow (even) in feigned dislike. 

[&.6ssriTLjL^isuuSleiirexirrjnr g^£_^atL £_^LD«sffr ads\)LDaQeiTrr(B 

(Ulf -raiT.) CT-Sly ©laJ^ !bLDQu!T(lf)LLl_ITS, Q{SITm^lTQlT6sr£V SjiQibn 

(O^-LJ-0n/r.) — Qmirns^irrr <srm^ - {^euir rBu^Qufi q^iL®^ 
O/B/r/s^/rO/reaT^j ^°o^ j)jrSl\iJ\Ln-^n:>QfB!T(5S)aj ^jBQip, str^ed^r- 

1308. What avails sorrow when I am without a wife who can 
understand the cause of my sorrow. 

6^(LD/5/f aeisiQstsst iBsS^, 

<£(Lars!T - ^^(2/'«s)uD<s@ QiBfT^^EJ eh-CBispaessr Q(SulL6s>silj (ipes)t—UJirfreiifTiT. 

(Qfl - U - (S!D!r.^ ^Q^in - (a_li5)/f-^@ ^SlvSuJtii (o6y63OT©ii) 

1309. Like water iu the shade, dislike is delicious only in those 
who love. 

<SE0. ^Mt— ^sssriEis (sSKSleuirQirrr QL^mQ&sTf^g^ihJ 

3h.(BQ6U Qin&STU ^6Ufr. 

(uif-anT.) sr-^j — aa^i—pssssrQeusr QLDeQojfTfSjbseijiJD, ^l—i^q^ss 
6iJ<sosCfrQjnT® eh-u-asi—QeuQiD^^ eresrOssr^sFil) QpojppQsS' ^^ecreurrQeU) 

L3/£l^eoSsO, (ST-£U. 

Qu^&sT^ npiu^QQi3=uu^P(mi<zrrjr6ssrLo^ ^eiiir - (^ear) ^esis^Qiu 

1310. It is nothing but strong desire that makes her mind unite 
with me who can leave her to her own dislike. 

a5/B.a_ - LD. ^fi. LfevoSlj^i Gspi isLb. 

GiiEi arrs'^ (3SiSLoiSi(m^<s<>n'&sT ^emesSajQ^frfr aiTjressT^ipetr^nrs atii—Qsfr6ssr(B 
QiDsSesTp^' ^^smr(ipe!^p<oS>LDtLjtl) 

(uiP-smT.) sT-^j — uir^^eoLDiLieiat—iUfruLj, iSmassru QuessresSuj&iiSlSssr 


SfraiE- <^<^ 

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uSleisrL^£iieuQrT6m euirarik®^^ Sjeuiruap QuirqffesnD QaJuu^^eSliskj ^^aa> 

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1311. You are given to prostitution ; all those who are born as 
womankind enjoy you with their eyes in an ordinary way. I will not 
embrace you. 

ii(Bt6U!TLp QfB&iJU!T& ^tBi^. 

(uf-ejnir.) ot-^, — iurrih^LDQui!T(Bi^ iLj(c!s>murri—iT^(rF,iBQ^LDiTss snr^eoiT 

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u^irih, ^uj(sou(T6i£li£L^iB ^ ^triLD^a (mfBuuneS&i^ib^^ni£& Qarri—m&sfj 


(0^ - u- Sin/r.) — ssuLp. - (uj/rii^iiCDijD/r©) SesvrisiQ^ ^0® 
urr^^ ^cBii}^ - Qih(Biki&!r&dLn eurrmaQeueaT^ Qg=n'<5\i G^i Q6ULDrrs 

1312. When I continued to be sulky he sneezed and thought I 
would (then) wish him a long life. 

^dsOLDHSBT QsFfT&isQuU^-'] 

(uif-gjBT.) SIS') — lUfrm Q^frCB^^a^Qs^tuu-j Londso^ius^ @£^(?SDr(eo)uSl 

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1313- Even if I were adorned with a garland of branch-flowers, 
she would say I did so to show it to another woman. 

L8sserr^^iLj<ss)u.Qaj Qldsgtu^ 30^ lurrifl^Ei ffiff65soG)Lc6srC^@i<Sj /Sear 
sir^£iies>i—QujQosr6arQpi^s<s £B(r^Q, ^iliLDdieifliT iumfl^ili erekatL arr^^eaL- 

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iQSsn'^ii^, LUirif^^ia <zir^6\)Lb ST'ckCopeaT ^ - LUiTif^^ih iSi^ib^- ■asir 

uj/rtBffO 2_eaT^&o eSl (T^LauuuL-L^ Losemir ueonFfffr^^La a_68rs3fiL_ 

1814. When I said I loved her more than any other woman, she 
said "more than others, yes, more than others," and remained sniky. 

ssessressrlsoiip fb rr(ol&frssaT i esreu. 

■sm^^es^L—(DUj^& i?ldssr^^^, aessr iBetDp i§ir Q&!T^l-.ssi<s(t - 
(^si/sir) s.ssmes^toTtpi^ ii(S^fT<sQsircssTL—fre(T. 

1315. When I said I would never part from her iu this life, her 
eyes were filled with teai's. 

<3fr. Q-ensmQem QsinmQpmLBp Qp&iiix^foih^ QnmQp&st2e<n'u 

sbeS Qpear qsbjja^/D &es>LDih ^w&t j)jo°oQ^rrifiiB^ i-j<30^^ps<ss)LDfB^rT6rT, er-^. 

(Q^-i_/-<s3>/r.) — s^GaerflQ&iT&sT (STmQp&n - [iQifieSiiM {g)iStn/_ 

QesrmGp&iT ; (^a/eir j^^dssr 6p(^<a/rsro tnpih^ i9&si iSSsin-fbCo^ 
Q&sTioh^ Q <3= fT &o m Lu ^ rr -z OTsm&sS^, Lbpjji-jij^p(m eSlQirrr^Lafrai 

1316. When I said I had remembered her, she said I had forgotten 
her and relaxing her embrace, began to feigu dislike. 

ajeis)^) LoS^^, (a^uKStDixi lEldssrtB^ ajQF^ih^Q&srp ld^e erf) (75 sir), 
uj/r/f a_6Trisrfi - lu/r/r /9^^^^/r&o, ^ijai£l€i/rr (orm^ — , ^(tp^netT- 

1317- When I sneezed, she blessed me, bat at once changed (her 
mind) and wept, asking, " At the thought of whom did you sneeze ?" 

m^(L^^!T<SfTj 67- Jl'. 

^thnpQeueor u^ (Lp^et^Sso^Q^frL^pQuuurr. Q<sf^uu<si^ QiDeisTLjiMl ^piBs 

eiJL.,0/T&)n-iT a/r@G)a/6ffri_/. ^LDiB^Ei(QppLD e^L^uSl^iki^pp LDmua<£n-p Qs^uu 
purr ISO QuutrQ^issru^rTLD' 

tufTir £lSosr^^<svir&) ^ihiSei^Qfr&iT^ iSloSSTrio(^^p(^ •=^©^), ^ti 

e^Q^ <3=LciUfb^(i-pLB ^ioevtr^) <oTL£i&(^ ui(5!y)p^a^pfSQjrfr Qeusin^ 

1318. When [ suppressed my sneezing, she wept saying, " I sup- 
pose you (did so) to hide from me your own people's remembrance of 

^mueir O«srfla0^^si.-J^iq« Q^eSiurrQeiresru^up^ GTasiQiDQi-o/b/Sliu ^eu 

Iba^, ^Safl uSlSU&iTLD!nL(Ba^ QiFlJuiU^^(^(SiJ ^lU!TQiS<sku^(TLD- 

^e'olSsjT Q-6SST it ^ jS ^}J l^ - (ihire'al eVSSUlfhjQ^ t5)6253T«(^^" ^//<S(^iL 
Quir^LC,^ <55/rtL|t£) - Qa^iriSlLUiTlSfDUGrr • l^no,T<S(^LD - l9rDLa<SiSifll'r.S 

^LD, iSr — , ^lidint ^(^^ sreor^ - (^^surr iSl^assTfbjQLLiQurr^^ 

@jUUin.Qaj SUSSSTIhjQu l9633T<S(^^" ^IT^(mib ^m<SS)LBll3' JTirQ&irrS 

1319. Even when I try to remove her dislike, she is displeased and 
says, " This is the way you behave towards (other women)". 

•so. 0^£!n ^^Qhi^ Q fs rr -s Q ^ fbj <5e,tu_| Lddsar^^ibir 

L-tsOfrsoT, sj'sup'^p QujfrL^ii^(f^iB^ ^esTswciiiueiJEiaefr Q^rTui3ssTesiLDSS>iu /§Scnr 
m^ ^wpss)pQLU Qmrr^Q^UD, erskSssr Qeii(^errrr Spr^Lo ; srssr^siJuJsiJLDdosr^ 

lUfTSOT ersosurr euevuusuihjaiGrrrr^Lh s^(r?)^^QvurTQi—!r^^&o Sn-i^rremLDiiSlsaT 
(rr^m. 6i'n'6rrfT<sS(n^^^^iRj c<^ppLDrruSlp Qpeku^rrLo. 

ih^, f9^3r^_^ - ^i,'aT&iTsiiiu<oU[h].seifleaT e^uiSl'5\)(o\^iT(o!T)Ln(S!T>iu^ SlSssr 
esT6uuj6ULa^ (orsx)i5\)rrLD^ liir — , uj/r/r S-sirsTfl QrbiT&Qo^ir (STi>'oi^ - 

1320. Even when I look on her contemplating (her beauty), she is 
displeased and says, " With whose thought have you (thus) looked on my 


— aWOOaO OOOnrrr - 

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^euiTaiQa'Soru^ Qeup^esiLO Lotusaih' ^erreSpis^ (^esrussirrrai^iohr 
Qufr(yr/>es)LoiiJrrsuT oerrL^&^iSLgrr'S'siirp Qaearusmh. 

iSsJOT/HaSoO («iS!2sYr<S65) 6U <S\) eO ^ fT Q lo'sT fo ^ , 

1321. Although my husband is free from defects, the way in which 
he embraces me is such as to make me feign dislike. 

a_. Q£n.L—<£lrb QQYj'isisr^i^ Qj)j^ei^ rBidedeS 
eufri^^Ui urr(Bl Qu^ib. 

(uiF-snir.) er-^, — mi!—Q&)^isijrra miEisiLQi—rrssr^Qsarp Q^lu ^esf? 
^&sT(^0O i£frs<s^ir Qa^iLiiLj /b&xxsd ^So\)ujeS wrrQiDrruSl^Lh Ou^ctold Qujuu^udj 

Qu^QlOSBT^IEI 3h-fBl^SjS(r, ^^ (SU(IT)^sQl-D'SSI UUt—!T Q^St'TU^rTLD. 

/BcJo ^stfl - (^ssdsoeufrQg'iuQp'^ /H&usi^^err, evfri^^La - (^is^pvSi 

1322. His love will increase though it may (at first seem to) fade 
through the short-lived distress caused bj (my) dislike. 


., LJo\)^^iSp L\^Q^ms) (BssarQi—fr (Q^^Q^n® 

Gi-rr, ©oO^, 6r-£ii. 

QuiflssTuih L/ujsu/r/^car^O^eoru/rsTT L/eo^^eS^ i-i^Q^(^(B&srQL-(r Qsusnr^isi 

Sh.fiS(^erT. Q-SULDLO UlLI<cSTufi)/Sl (SUlBiS^- 

{Q^ - U - SJD.T,) [QsO^Q^fT® ^ [§ir - fiiriTGW^^ ^QDLUtb 

1323. Is there a celestial land that can please like the feigued dis- 
like of those whose uuiou resembles that of earth and water. 

Qi£(B^(gjLh wsDi—iiB&iil), <sr-£)i. 

a,.ss^QLD6ur(rf/"srr^ Si<su pqrj'ssr ^uLjsoeSliLjGrTetr Lo/^^^eSsar. Lyj-ceiS) i^iEi(^ihQpEi 

(QrB - U - GDfT .^ Ljo-\)(s9 - (^^/oJU<S!D[t) ^(L^qSI &Q ^U &ST® ^\ 6Sli—.fr<s^Lni(^ (^^euirQiu^ z_/a)e9iL|srr - ^uiSlssvra^Q 


1324. In prolonged dislike after an embrace there is a weapon 
that can break my heart. 

kP^O. ^2-0 &iH-rB--La. ^p 

, ssnu-^siia^s. 

^es)L-UJirfnui3=iTso ^jms^ (^mu^Q^tr® £ij(W)L8mu(tp QuDuu^^eu jrrrs 

Qpm(irfm. ^<B]/Slm^ ^l^'jj^^id loTesraSlsaruLDiruSl/b Qpasru^fTLD. 

{Q^ - u - (sn/r.) — ^<oU^ ^^'^ ^ii9^LQ - (^/_6Ufr ^LaiSl 
/— ^^) iSlsy)ipS&)<o\)fr^6uirrr S(W)ih^!r ^lb^ (^S-Go-) L-Lu rr it QurreM 

1325. Though free from defects, men feel pleased when they 
cannot embrace the delicate shoulders of those whom they love. 

^mufb&^Q^Lo; SjSiQufreoa smn^^/vi^ QLDpi-^sssrfrpm^LDQpeardssr^^eij^ 

U/b/Sl ^'^^^\) ^cirulB ^Q^LD, 6T-£iJ. 

u©«^s!rar^!;(x)iajL^ LBssijeasreasr^lLDmu ^ssrs^emeu^^Lorru) ^^Quir&i ^sm^)} 

1326. To digest what has been eaten is more delightful than to eat 
more ; likewise love is more delightful in dislike than intercourse. 


^P. eaiL_jiJi6uc3)a;. •sho^s (o-5/^ 

57. ^ML-Sp Q(7r/>rbf[)SiJir QQUioTQYf' jr ^ LO'ioT ^ !hi 

3h.L^Sp aiICSSTLJu(SllS>. 

26i[r/_(o9a) Q^irppsijir - LQezwiSCcey Q^rrppeu'r^ Q eu d'or (^ fr - Qou 

3h.L^(SiO &!T6SSTLJU®La - ( lSsoT (o&iJt) L/ 5337 /r <9-' u5) (c oO (^Jij GU ITIT (S\)^ 

1327. Those are conquerors whose dislike has been defeated and 
that is proved by the love (which follows). 

3i^l—(£ip Q mj' 607 rSl 'dJ ex^ULj. 

QlDIT ? OT-^. 

Qu/bp^ssT QpuLj& Sh-^iueufr^u. 

(Q ^ - u - stn/r.) — j^^'S\i eQiu'ruu - (^^uQuir^ ^sa&r^^ 

<55/r&u)^ £0rrz^ - (^susir) tSl essr ra Q ^ Quj)j(^6}jili (o)<5E,7fc\)-(aj.TLb) Q u 

1328. Will I enjoy once more through her dislike, the pleasure of 
that love that makes her forehead perspire ? 

,30,. &^^(Bs ld€stQ^ Qi5i;/rerBu9sa>tp ojiriBiruu 


<s(TtTi£ ; SjEJiEiscTLD s/en^^ fS/bp/D'-^Lh ^^SoW LLisssriT^^^/b Qun^ff^il. i^iumBjT 
m^ iBppp(^Ei srreoil) Qu^ldsvcIds ^ajeSljr(Sij sSi^iufr^ SlLi^^^&o Q(susbot 

(BiE, (or-jr)j. 

^en:(Bs ^(B&Qeueoruesr Qsurnn^sQsrri—p Qun-QF^eiT. LDSor&^rrsssrQt}} ^a; 
aa^sarsEioSisr euih^esT' (ShairjTisiiBmr ^ssiSFfSdso- <9n.L_e5l6OT Q:S!Ll—Q&) luss^ldu^Qlosst 


(^^uu!^ iSlessjikiQ iQir>rD^(^LCi ^^Ssar^ ^n ^^pQuir(n^LL.®L£i^j 
LUirih — , ^iruu - @)frfb^ ^ppp(^k (^treOLa Qu^weiiiss^^^^ 
^jrir - ©jGusQireij, ^(B^L^i^ - {oQi^Lurr^') liiLt^^^io QeusssrQa^. 

1329- May the bi-ight-jewelled one feigu dislike, and may the 
night be prolonged for me to implore her! 

jrrrenmf ^JTfranLDup/Sl^ ^LD(Lp^®^&d ; ^Eu^(S^fi) @muLDrreu^, ^^SsmujeiT 

eupl/B^ iEeiQ^ ^LDQ-pLL^h-L^ (ipiUlEJ(^^&\) ShJBuJtTU^&ST , SjlSi(lpUJaaLD, OT-JJ/. 

(oorr^u:), (ip^jrrr^i-j(bXi(^ujniijisiji^as s&ogSISsstulo utut^ms^LDaJfr^Lo, ^iresw 
QuplQeuT'Ssr (77/ em. ^isu<^ir&ss7L^asTU(ipih LUfrsar QupQpQssr&sru^rru^' 

Lje\)6SlQijjeisr tBiT&i<SiJiss)a^^fT&®s sh./6l(^iT. ^eup^C- Q^sfiscgi] LSlifliciifrp(7r/iss>Lo 
iLjefTtef^UD, ^p(7r/izs:LD uL-ifQLDeSfB^jriija&i Qp^i-o i§es)puuL^^<^(rr^ajisup^^ 
(615LD, qO^l-l/ ^sw/favuSlsor eSl^mu&nQp^p L-ismrirJ^^GS^ihu (^(Tr^tueup^&T 

seoisr(BQ65rrerra>. ^o°oC?^tob ajL—^^ts^rrir ^Qip£)ji—Q(Ssr #/riJ^_@@(6S)Uj iSsa^ 
^SssriLjEi >9n.Lltp.u LSlif}<sSlSoar wenesiss QaekiV^jrrTQ&isSichTy j)joo^} s>/pihQurT([^ 
em6sT uQiDisaT^iM uuussramy^&r s^^^up/Sliu tSlffliaueiresiLDUuiT^tX), (ipe^eujrnSisar 
ujfrehr e^q^srr&)^Q ^rnr (^pp^^6tr^n'(ay^&j&)^ Q.o^Qiu&oun'iu wirJTrrsDLD 
UJtr^ili, FFesoiQu-iTL^aauuiLL- Q^ear,S' 

(^Qss - u - (ojn/r.) — ^iTW^^p(^ - a!rLn6v^U6U^^p(^, ^ear 

1330. Dislike adds deliglit to love ; and a hearty embrace (there- 
after) will add delight to dislike. 

<3:trixi^aijuurreo (Lpni(Bp£^. 

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L/zrQ&'y&og^)^ /5&\)is\)/rs5&a7- uiredfrQinrr u it ifl e^i en gtt 
^^Qiooio6\)[rLCi 6iJi3rT(em<oii'rQi3=uJ ^T<oOfrQLafr — ,^<£ip 


ffi. ^(75^^@ Q^iueu^ ^(T^eusTT (^evQirir 

uSli—^^y S-QF)^^jrs=eiiTLDiT — , e^ffiffi @(75<iffi ctsot a.C!D/r^^ - 6FLDfTesijrrruSl(T^s 

asT^ih QuaJ(J^srr ^(TF^Qsumu^' Q-uuiresiSxiu^ihf eu&tfsr^QjQrreku^ (svismremLDeiniu 
iLj<ss>i^ujQrr<oorues)siLji}) iaSl<stTs@iB<shrpGsren[r&<^<5sr} ^^ Qeu^s;^<i-o ^dsVLoes^p 
afnuaerrQunrp usosSt—Eise^^ iD<ss>pih^ QeusSuuL—fr^Q^is^ QLoujuQurr 
(T^erTsdotrQuuisosorrui O^rri^^^ ^s^s^ ^(tQT)Si^s Q&!r®^^(!f)<3(r QsFiu^evQnr 
ek^Ei snjTsssnhu/b/SlsLii-^ QuiujnrSib^)!' euerr — Qp^&^SoO, ^it - ^^QfSSs\}f 
2. - ■SFrrffle^iu. ^uD(Lp^edfl2s\)a>(^u Qu!T(rf)&T - Fpems. &.QF)^^jr3=&!TLDif - a.0^_® 

Q(rr)smsv^rrjrLDmu ei;a5sf?a/r LDJTSpQ(rr^SBTfitu QpEns^au iSlerrdstTiurTtr. Sj3=fr^ - 
j)j(jr)(suLnrrQuuis.i(^ Ses^/Dis^ekefr (Lp^pQpiuenih' s/.O'EjQspp^ Q^rri—iijQiu 

LU[rQfr€vr lurrajQ^il) eremessrQpp^ rSeerpeuL^ ^QjeiJap/rifleijrr&QtLiLD iSlpiu^^. 

(Grjerr '^(j^<sxift ^sdsst ^ihiimissr th un'L~(S0frs9^ Qa^uJ^s^Qirsiirp^ds, 

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(^-eir-) sh-L-nemrr Grerrs^uj Qsijesr/Sl ^so/a@ ^dso Qsuso Lofr/D - uesyaeu 

iBmp ^.sLKB^t^eumLj&rejr Q6upues)i—es)ujiLjisnL-uj urreisn^uuiT fTipQesr , ibat—rr - 

UfTL-rr - (^(Tr)a(^(Lp^son-Qiu iBir&!T(^Q<su^Eiads{nLju:)) un-i^p ^sdi— - {<^^p 
@m S]sp(g)Lo) ib(BsiiiTesrs!Tso^^Q<sO} uitit^ld usit/bQ^sut - urrJT^ijDirQiu 

erarr 6i;/r<S(g — , siien-(e(^eu6isT6iJn-uj^ - (^QF)i(^p6frnQiu (2'a;^^s©^*'(o)a=/r©o6S) 
eu&TierFeijdsreijn'uSsisT asasr6ssr^fTuSlp£ii.) er-^. 

Qev^Qpih 3-iBQi5rT^uLnfTiSDsuutT(bSi uiTL—irQen&srqr^&T. ^esraessreui^iB 
eSlosr, fsaishTQpa^GS e^Qf^iQ^m^LOy ^sxiesreu^irirLDfraeSsar, eueirj^wssr oy/r 
vuQ^ek euir&Q&ssT^ihy 3h..fSli^m. urrsr^Lo (^uJiT'SFeiDrraQafressT® 0<?/7"&i)6uu 
ulLl-^. @^(E5)g\) IB (t ear LOGS) p - y^ireuQiaij^Qpu:)} ufTjr^th - LD^^iuQisu^Q-pLOf 
^(TT)a(^peiT - &.^^jTQsi]^(LpLb srskp^nSp^u- t^rrsuQeu^Lo, tSlesr ' (sSujrr3=jriT 

Qi>\> fSrrSOTstrs iSU(^&i£UUL.t—<SS>LDUpfQ IB!r'5STLD(SS)pQtU(SSTUUL-l—^. ^6aT/3 [BIT 

QsaresruiSifl^^ er^eurrujrraiQ^'LDfruD. Qen^ui Qpeuema^Q^esru^S-u:!, @su 
pp^Q^frppnpempujfTeo ®o*o.^ £iJ rr aQ lu Si JTiOfressr^^ it p Qpui^osii—^Q^'SS! 

U^&.LD Qd'fTfkeSlUUL^. 

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iQ&fTpeiiiriB^ QfliGHL^iMp^ lirreis^LCiiu^irijui - @63T(W^ 
Qa'fB^eSiT.s spU3>^^m QpLuev^ ^(mLCi6\)iTQufi€iiT 

^suearajiriSlp i^piup ^(r^sf^p&Tfresr^, eresr^ui}) luiremiT lj^ITit^ - c^ss(r 
eo^^ib ^ssrestLp(9)Q{£i^mD(^-o, mrr^Qg^s^^Q^uD fSsar^u sjson'ih^ - Q,b(Bi5isit 
(odihJsL^uSl^'Lo /§2c\}Qup£u LDSOiT/b^, Q^eisT iSl6Qp£)i i§ifes)LDUJ^mu - QsSssr3= 
Qs'irflQssrp (^^^(tpesii—uj^nuu (i£lerr!si(g^LDrTiS<s<>n-ro-o), (^mqrj'a^ Qa^fsser'rliTa ap 
ui&^^esT - (^os^psijui—rT ^ Qa^LULU^eSirsosmLj'SDL^iu apua^^esr^, Qisuueu^ 
^Q^LD(o\)iTQurrsO-Q^tu<3i^^6kanLDQuiT(r^i^iJU &.iuiTevrrQiu LD!o\)iTQurr^UD,<oT-^» 

^0"^©r''(25®@ -^Ifi® " Q'SFrr'shrQpt^L^ Qufr(iT)easrnpL^iSlssr (ffjemiiiSfsr^uDy 

^^jjiLo c^ih. Q£Ffre\i — ^(&)Quiuif- ^<oS>pujtGV)iT .si—o/sir/rffieSoST-^ ^ejjf? ^^p 
&puuQ^!T<chr ^siT ^rreu^'SsrQp&sT^iB ^ssSsijQ ^rr&ir p srssr^OLDSsr^uih^ tSlshr 

^■LO Sf^dsST evsQiLj^^SpQ) [SITL-Qla^ltiO^®^ /§&irQp&!T^LD SVITipd^U QutT 

<?='. mfr6inLnanpijSleaTQLoiLjuQufr(y^2sfrQj:,uQurr(rFefrrr{GrrehrLps^ 

(i§) - err ) a/err (CT5ay(ec)uJ — , ^iTeisrLD<s^pib^ - gears' ^Qf^Qwe^es^iu Lnemn 
0!W, ^/B^ - (^Gu<Bj.sos^^(Iso) QarrasTiT/s^, npuQurrQrfmrr - (^ptxtQurr 

06Tfloa7-uQLDSOT^j (LpuuiX iDQu!T(TF)en ^!Tai, lb(T€k(Lpa ^Q ^fTSOT - iSljTljD^ikj 

euiTLp^^ai - eumjurrecr^ eun-^^^aat-eu^ • isso Qm(^sFLD &i^as - is<b\)&3 

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lUiD S_OT<a- 




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University of California Library 
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BIdg. 400, Richmond Field Station 
University of California 
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