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-K U R A L 









The Rev. J. LAZARUS, b.a., 

Author of a TamU Qrammar, cm EnglUh TroMslaUon of the Ntmn/Ul, ^e. 



K. B. Press : 

889, Thumboo Chbttt Strkit. 


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fi(T^eu€ir(ein^€uj5nriu^ir folfS 

■ w a no oooBiii 

P £A ii9 2iO 

G^dPGuirgdrQl7€iri4s6 u^a|CBiriL|ib 
g^ACGMoi GiAirif Guiuti!iL{S G^l^^i 

CffdrcvuilucBBT A : 
188 5. 


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The want of a neat and accurate edition of the great- 
est ethical classic of South India has for a long time been 
felt by all lovers of the Tamil Language and its literature. 
To meet this want, the Publisher now offers to the public a 
new edition of the Kubal, embracing the learned commen- 
tary of Pabimelazagab which is indispensable to a correct 
understanding of Tibuvalluvab's meaning, as well as a 
Padayubat in clear and simple language, and an English 
Version of the Text. 

The English Translation of the first 63 Ohapters has 
been compiled from various sources, but for the original 
rendering of the remaining 70 Chapters which is the first 
English Version ever attempted by any student of the 
EuBAii, and for a careful revision of the whole, the Publisher 
is indebted to the Rev. John Lazabus, b.a., a Tamil scholar 
and grammarian of no mean repute. It is hoped that the 
Translation will be found both faithfol to the original and 
useful to all students of the Eubal, whether Foreign or 

As regards the Eubal itself, it stands on its own merits. 
The purity of its Tamil, the richness of its diction, the lofiy 
tone of its morality, the theistic and unsectarian nature of 
its theology, the endless variety of topics discussed in its 
133 Chapters, and the profound esteem in which it is held 
by all classes of Tamil speaking Hindus, are too well known 
to need praise or comment on the part of the Publisher. 

Like other Tamil classics, the Eubal treats of three 
of the four great themes on which all Hindu authors are to 
dwell in their treatises, viz., Virtue, Wealth, Pleasure and 
Heaven. Tiruvalluvar has wisely left the last subject un- 
touched. Under the other heads, however, he treats of 
almost every subject that is worthy of a poet and moralist, 
or a statesman and philosopher. No subject, however noble 

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or trivial it may be, seems to escape the fertility of his pen. 
It is a sort of multum m parvo encyclopoedia of ethical 
rules and discourses, couched in the most concise, elegant 
and pregnant language. 

The Work derives its name from the Kubal metre in 
which it is composed and consists of two lines, the first 
being a tetrameter and the second trimeter. This metre is 
a species of the well-known Venba — one of the two metres 
in which most of the Tamil classics are composed, the other 
being the Yiruttam. Instead of making the first foot of the 
first verse rhyme with that of the second (verse), which is 
the usual rule, the poet often makes it rhyme with the last 
foot of the first verse — an improvement which adds a new 
beauty to the distich. 

In conclusion, the Publisher begs to apologise for the 
somewhat tarnished colour of the paper in about half the 
book. This is owing to the long time the Work has taken 
to get through the Press. He, however, hopes to offer a 
far more satisfactory get-up in a second Edition of the 


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' . mil ^ iTi m-i,~ f~Tn i in i m nm , 

II Lit i: j mm , 

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TiBUVALLuvAE deservedly ranks foremost among the 
poets and moralists of India, for he has had no superior or 
equal in either character. He appears to have lived during 
the life time of Oogravazhuthi Pandian at Madura in whose 
reign the last Madura College (soiL^sp^iaaLB) existed. All 
accounts concur in representing him as the offspring of a 
Brahman and a Pariah brought up woman. He is said to 
have been brought up by a Vellalan at Mailapur, near 
Madras, the Vellalan's wife having found the babe exposed 
in an Iluppei grove in her neighbourhood. We are told 
that while yet a youth, he had acquired so great a reputa- 
tion for learning and sanctity that Mabgasagatan, a wealthy 
farmer who lived at Eaveripakam, in remuneration for ser- 
vices rendered to him, did not disdain to bestow on him the 
hand of his only daughter named Yasuei ; and besides, the 
highest personages in the place felt a pride in the enjoyment 
of his friendship. He, however, appears to have pursued a 
quiet and unobtrusive sort of life, working at the loom for 
subsistence until he was prevailed upon by his friends to take 
up the gauntlet against the professors of the Madura Col- 
l^e, who had arrogantly defied all other meii of learning 
in the country and claimed all literary honors for them- 
selves. In order to humble the pride of the professors, he 
wrote an ethical poem, under the title of Kubal (®/D6»r), 
and repairing to the College asked them to review it as 
judges of poetical composition. The professors at first 
scorned the idea of a strange poet 'offering himself as their 
competitor but afterwards when he drew them into a con- 
test and completely vanquished them, they proposed that 
should the Sankappalakai, their divine seat on the tank of 
Pottamarei (Qu/r/D^ajcw/r), give a place for his Kubal, they 
would gladly accept the work. This being agreed upon the 
book was placed on it. The divine seat is said to have 
contracted itself to the size of the book, and threw the pro- 
fessors into the water. Upon this they not only approved 
his work and gave him the desired seat, but also conferred 
on him several honorary titles, such as, Deivappulavar {Q^ 
iu«uL/€va//r) the divine poet, Mvdarpavalar {Qpflpuaeueiiff) 
the first of poets, Penmavalar {Qu(^/6ireu€oir) the great 
poet, etc. Nothing further is known of Tibuvalluvab 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


which can be relied upon, excepting that some time after 
his return to Mailapur, he was visited with a severe do- 
mestic calamity by the death of his wife to whom he was 
tenderly attached and it so deeply affected his mind that 
secluding himself from society, he devoted the remainder 
of his life to religious contemplation. It is said that on 
the decease of his wife, he ejaculated extempore the fol- 
lowing verse : 

jift^pQetSojirQeir lueirLfGDmuirQeir 
ui^Qa^ifpp€ii(ifffi urroiinu — lut^Qy^u 

When I have lost a vfoman who excelled in th^ knowledge of hotue- 
wifery, who is beloved^ who never transgreesed my word^ who chafed my 
limhs and never slumhering unUl I slepl^ arose before I awoke ; Alas ! Alas ! 
How can my eyes again know sleep. 

The time of his death is uncertain ; but when he died 
his body was according to his express desire exposed in 
the open air outside the town to be devoured by crows. 

It is difficult to judge from the tenor of his Kubal to 
what sect he belonged, for he has entirely avoided in the 
work every thing that savours of sectarianism in order to 
harmonize the suffrages of all the sects. 

Independent of the Kubal, we have no other composi- 
tion of TiEUVALLUVAR. The physiological work, entitled 
Gnanavettiyan (g5/r6wOQ/il/p.(u/r6ir), which is commonly as- 
cribed to him, appears to have been written by some per- 
son ]ong after his time ; for the author, though he assumes 
the title of Tibuvalluvab and speaks in his character in the 
body of the work, yet betrays his disguise in one of the in- 
troductory stanzas, thus : 

^siLoQQpuiuyiSmau Oua8r<BBr0flflg)C7«o 


Invoking (he spoOess one whom ihe holy Valluya has revealed in his 
incomparable Veda as clear a» ihe lighi of the eun and moon^ and by the 
grace of ihe damsel Ambigai {Tarvaii\ who delights ihe hearit I shall con^ 
pose the Qnana VetUyaiK 

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^ i Siy* — 


I. ^pfi^^uuirw.-^^Ois ViRTUlL 








The Excellence of Rain 




The Greatness of Ascetics 



^pdfTQt^ a^£ii^fi&i> 

The Power of Virtue 



On domestic Virtue. 


©ebo/fl-fptf «>« • • • ^ 

The Domestic State 




The Virtue of Wife ... 




Obtaining Children 












Sweetness of Speech 
















Observance of the PropricrtieB 

of Life 



( 9/D6B0eb6fia>^paj/ra>u) 

Against Desiring the Wife of 




Qutrm>/DtLiGDL^€iHiy ... 





Against Envy 




Against Covetonsness 




Against Baokfaitiflg 




Against Profitless Conversation 




Fear of Sin 







fF€DS ... .». 








On Ascetic Virtue. 






i^€dfr€orinjpi/g/g90 ... 

Abstaining firom Flesh. 



fi^ih ... ••• ••• 





Inoonsisiefit OottdM* 




Against Fraud 



mHrimUiO .• 



Digitized by 






31 j Qtti^or/rcvu) 

Against Anger... 

... 134 

32 ; SfiETgnQ^'Lf&iraMi) 

Against Inflicting Soffering 

... 138 



Against Destroying Life 

... 148 






... 148 


^^^ —^ 


... 153 



Tme Knowledge 

... 158 



The Destruction of Desire 

... 164 




... 170 

n, Ou/r(5£lu/r». — On Fbopebtt. 






«ei)a)/raDU). . . 
QBekdi ... 

QfiS\&^didBartu triced 

Qurrd^^trekurmLD ... 
Q6ifr(B(EiQa(r^es)LD ... 

^pQffL^ed ... ••• 

fiKff tfQ/)C8>L.fiB>L0 • • . 



^rj9 ... ••• •• 

On the Daties of the Sing. 

Kiogly Exoellenoe 


The Neglect of Learning 

Hearing (Instznction) 


The Correction of Faults 
Procaring the Aid of Great Men 
Against Associating with the 

mean ... 
Acting with Forethought 
The Knowledge of Besonroes... 
The Discernment of (a suita- 
ble) Time 

The Choice of (a suitable) Place 228 




Beflection before Decision 

Deliberation in the Employ- 
ment (of Agents) 

Kindness to Aelatives 

Against Forgetfnlness... 

Upright Govemment 

Unjust Government 

Against Acting with Crneliy.. 

A Gracious Demeanour 

The Employment of Spies 

Enei^gy ... ••• ... • 

Against Idleness 

Manly EfEort 

Perseverance in spite of Diffi- 




On the Constituenta of Soy alty. 

The Minister 292 

The Power of Speech 297 

Purity of Action 802 

Firmness of Action 806 

Method of Action 311 

The Ambassador 316 

Service under the Sovereign ... 321 

Digitized by 










jftoaitJ^fftoio ... 




Jistir ^ 


Quir(^ 0«>iu«)CM»s 




U«DL^Q^(^Q ... 












Gu€9^eS>LD ••. 


Ljei^eii/SQjirmreDLD •.. 








S.clu<B>^B ... 







s&r^i^^S^ui ••• 


@^ * 





(^t^J8S>LD •.. 














^£^O^IU«Cfi/CB>£S ... 











Knowing the Sovereign's Mind 325 

Knowing the Court 830 

Fearlessness before the Court 335 

The Country 339 

The Port 344 

The Way to Aocumulate Wealth 349 
TheEzoellenceofthe Army ... 353 
Excessive Valour of the Army 358 

Friendship 362 

Discemiug Friendship ... 367 

Long standing Friendship ... 372 
Evil Friendship ... ... 37^ 

False Friendship 881 

Ignoranoe 885 

The Fool's Self-Conceit ... 390 

Enmity 894 

The Greatness of Enmity ... 399 
Ascertaining the Nature of 

Enmity 403 

Internal Enmity 408 

Against Disregard for the Great 412 


Listening to the Wife 


Against Drunkenness ... 




High Birth 



Perfection of Good Qualities 
Proper Behaviour to all 
Unprofitable Wealth ... 

True Modesty 

Method of Raising One's Family 473 

Agriculture ... 477 

Poverty 482 

Begging 486 

Fear of Begging 491 

Baseness 495 


HE. db/ruj^jpLi/r^.— On Love. 




In TTnion. 
Pain at the sight of beauty ... 
Ascertaining each other's In- 

Rejoicing over Sexuality 

Praise of Pleasure 

Expression of Excessive Love... 



Digitized by 






EnMi—-«g ft« Lu» of Mo- 




Talk «lwt Ttwmumr .„ 






bnUitytDBbdiin S^Mntton 







The BjCB Snifeuig from 



umuntiiXSf^rit ••- 




EzoenortbeSomnrorSoiitade 555 



Weefing at Che tfaonght of 
Her Hnsbud 




Belsiiiig Her Dreems 




Weeping at the Approach of 





The Members Loae thnr Beanty 




Speaking to Herself 




Loss of Feminiae Modestf ... 







Making ont one anothei's 

jr60lfD^8 ••• .•• ... 






Being Displeased with oneself . . . 




Feigned Dislike 



Lfetdlji^iaii ... 

Dislike Caused by Trifles 




The Delighte of DisHke 


Digitized by 



cjy p ^ ^ Ci LJ IT O). 

iS\BLD Qfs/S lu/Ss Q^iu^^/b^ffiiu LLtrm^irs (^jp/^Qiueer ^uj/TfsQfifrjrtr 
QeartBdsuuLLt-. Quir(T^&r mfresr(^, ^csjoj ^pih QurrQ^ eMesruiD ^Qu.Gsr 
ueer, ^eujbjy^ ^Ql^^u^ Sihesi^u^ Qituri^u^^ Q^eoGOir /©^solo^ 
fiir^e^ar jppQj/DLDrr@aj siriresar eucs>suj/r/b &h,puu(BQj^eooo ^sosssgsst 
Qi€S)aujfr€Br 6fL.puuL^n'€S)iiiuSl gfifrdosetrrrp en.puu(Bajcar or^^ Qpofr^QiD 
(uirth, ^Qj/bjpi&r Sf/Dunroj^ ui^(Lp^€Suj ^ir$osc^60 eSl^^ficsr Q^tu 

^th(tp€Bsr id/tjpiulL i^uQuir^^GorQCbp Q^eooj^, ^^ sl^gst QsiTL^eur 
qP^gSoj u^QgstlL^lj u^^^^tTLD. ^eaifTL-LDfroj ^QjQQjfrQpssQ/s/SuSigpnh 
isvifi^^ Qis/SaSisuLD Qyi^@u9^GD/r ^/kQiS/S iSjps^^pQurrQ^iLQL^n'uuiBn'U^ 
\u^fb(Q^^B Qojirjpi^^GO^ <^Qjpj^eir ^t^a^is ^esari^Qp QpeoaQiB/S jBjpt 
^^p utu^^eufrtu ^eoeo Q^rrQps^iLDQurrso LDSS(sr^uSifTs (j^£i/^ uuu^^p 

G^jje8iupcB>sujrr@m Ln/Siuuu(B^eofrgiijih ^iajpes>pQ(urrifi/s ^Gsar(B^Q^iu 
€uuL^0OGOLD^ ^QF^Qj&r^euiTfrp &puL^os>i^uj QeufrQ^s&QioiupQinGBr eT(B^ 
^dQ&fr&r&ruuLLi^^* ^^js freer /BirSoeiGSiS fBdsoasiiL^^irdj eunf^essr^ 
G^frjpiLO Qeujpiun'®GS)i^e5iLDuSip &jriiun'G^Gs>iDiuirQuj SpuiSujeOLisQetrfr 
iBs Qigeoeorrira^ QiLrr^^eQp Qu(T^LhufrGjres)LDUjfrQuj Qu/rj^eSlujeOLJ 
up/S §i&>eopts ^peupQuiesr g)0Q;«j)« SBsotufrp ^fh^puuiLt^^* ^eu 
pjpi&r ^sooopLnrreu ^^eurripsiosis SSso^(^^ Q^ireo^Q&frp Q/5/Sis estfieir 
p^p^p ^BBOsrajirQiij spi^osiL^iu LodsneSIQujfr®^ Q^iuiuuu(Bekij$ir&€^Gjry 
^^cesrQp^psiL ^fujpi€Ufr€ar Q^fru,mjQ €T(Bjij^aQa/r€BBrL. ^^i@(uu> 

Digitized by 



G^iTQf^LL Q&Jbi^oDi^a si^etfdsirj^r^&o a/r^ji^^eo, ^SL^jn&r ^oieLr^^ 

uai^p(g)^ /sBbogdld Q^tupGDS u^esBrir^freBfGBrfB ^lupoDs u^€Btrir^ff^ 
QppdPf Qpcxnr^o^/rgitSi Qs/r&rs, fiiSOtpop^^dQaajar/S euL^Qeunps 

QuojQjtitlJBu U€5vn^QfiiTGs>a QJi^^^sfrQpt^Lj, ^GoQ^orp ^m(BSfT 

€SiiD ^ffL.pQ€ueKr®pe^^j ^^uaeuQsr Qp^pQp eiecr ojeoSeirGLDeo €S)qjs 

as Qair&ra, arsrrjrfs Q^ppp^&fram ei/js^^^ ^uuiTLLu.rr&sr npsp 

turn; (^^(SuiT&)) ft.6«(g - u.e\)MLOfrm^^ ^^ useum Qpfi/b 
jpi - jfL^ uaoJfr^Qtu QpfiSsoujesiL^iu^, 

1. As all letters have the letter A for their first, bo the world has 
the eternal God for its fit*st. 

e.. spp^^ eorruj uiuQesrekQmireo eurrevrSeu 

eTQjQcfjreksiiiu) eSl^uQuiuir CTcorQsgrGjr(7^tLj Ffesttr i^ekGnuD (^/Ss^ 
Qmesr^ir, ^slq ^^oSlpn^u u\um ^eL'€ir(7j^dsftp Q^frng^ iSp^ uujpidp 

Digitized by 


sirff^u9€k,sjbp^^e\> (jp/r6\)a2siTi sjbpemri^) ^imeoeBiutre^^ 

2. What profit have those derived from learning, who worship 
not the good feet of Him who is possessed of pare knowledge? 

mi.. iDSOJLSfiWF QtuS^^ LutTcssTtf- Q^iTfB^mr 

Q^fr/bQ&reSj iSpis^atreo^^s (^/SuQufr(B Qetr^js^j GSesifriBjs Qu/TQetr 
€rcifruOjsir& Quojiru/b/Su iSl/S,^ sl^^lL GapjpiQ/irQ^ Qpetrir. Q^it/igO' 

3. They who are united to the glorious feet of Him who oocupiea 
swiftly the flower of the niindy shall flourish iu the highest of worlds 

(uf-cB>v.) er-^f — 6^0 QufrQdsntLjLD eSlsntp^^ih Qojjpi^fi^ih g)ei) 
60/ra/^esr ^t^osau^ Q^iriB^trirs. Qasiireo^^LO iSpeSjs^cifrueiet^ ft.6rr 

iSp^^^eBTUBiS eiTtT^esff'-'^ejtdesruupfS ^Q^QjefrrQjLb, tSpofuSiir 
sdaru up/SQjQ^euear^LD^ Qfiiu€L'fi^^uup/SQj(t^€U€BrGtiuD erear np^msiuiresr 

AtrffeKfiLtra oiQ^QpojcBiSfi ^ckudjs^ih g)6tfQ//rttSciBr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4« To those who meditate the feet of Him who is void of desire 
or ATersioOy evil shall never come. 

Qu ir (!^m(S ^ ir Ljmy^Lff^ijBtrir unriLQ. 
(UfP-ODV.) CT-^f — Lcu&a^co^u ujt/S ekjQf^LD :5sce£Zczr^cP^dsrf Qucbt 

Q/reorm SQr^^ jif/ScB^fnT m^jpi^&stp L^SipsGir QufrQF^ar Qa^jrrr^seQdsr 

^(fiu,^ja^ ^(f^mQ^nt - unuia^stnjSuujbfSGUQ^Smp, gjQ^eQSssr 

6. The two<fold deeds that spring from darkness shall not adhere 
to those who delight in the true praise of God. 

Outreo. ifi)cB>tt/0/r6ir(«^ uftiLu.frff^th Qjwpojtkn i6Basr^^^ih ^irC^fi^^ih 
(O^ - u - «or.) — Qur/S€uiruS€0 - ggci)0ur/r9a;%nr euifi^ 

€* Tliofleahatt long prosper who abide in ibe&nltless way of Him 
ulio has dQBtit>j«d tbe fiio Je^ire^ of the senses. 

Digitized by 


cr. j3B€8ri(ja^€UGf}U} uSeoe\)ir^{r€ir (ffenQa^irik^^iriTa 6iev&)ir^ 
'^^ppu/r€0 ^€^(B^ «o/fl^^' eT^(n;pQu/r&) fFcaar l^(^gdld @<jgr 

;i^^^ii) ^ui9e\)&iiTfl SL^e^eirjp^ fiirerr - jyz^tfSwr, Qd^trm 
loanh «ew8so-0/5g5S(?6U Qfi/reir^S^p ^^UEi^Seq-, mfrppeo--- 

7. Anxiety of mind cannot be removed, except from those wha 
are imited to the feet of Him who is iucompar^ble. 

(liiP - aiir.) cr-^, — ^pssL^e^rrSu jif/B^aoresr^ fifrarirQtu uS^ 
€D!u^Q^tri6fifrn'sseo€0^ ^^eSp iSp^irQiust^eoadstr £15^00 jy/f?^^ cT^jpt, 

^pih QuiTQf^Gfr g;«5rua> eresr ^L^QetsratgGzruutLL. Qp^pg^m ^pi 
«B»^ QpeetGsiru tSS^^eDLDtuir^^ ^BssnLi Ou/r^^ogLo ^esruQpLb tSp cresru 
uiLt^eBT. U9i Qeyjpt^GDSuuLLu. ^piea&Q&rGO€^fr^pes>pu^tB ^eersn^ euin. 
€ura fi_6B>£_{ufi/ ^aeSeor ^pojfrifiiu/ijgeBsr Qcurar^/r, ^p^iriEi QtuGtr-u 

Qpeair, ^undssBresnus^ Q^fftr^trir sesitrstr^^ ^^pjptQefr ^n^/s^ojir 
(0/5-Li-6»/r.) — ^pih ^ffi ^m/f€fsrrar - fijQ^tniaL^6\)tr&uj 

8. None can swim the sea of vice, bnt those who are nuited to the 
&et of that gracious Being who is a sea of virtne. 

4b. Qsie^eo Ouir/Su9p (^GssThBeoQenQiuekr^ostfr^^trm 
(uf-co>ir.) cT'^y — JS^^Lbd Qspp L^eo&frsdBtrs OsfrarcsiaSGicoo'^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4r a.-i^. jy^- €Ufreif9pLJLf, 

LDiren^ Qp/gaoTa e^an^tueur erssro^ih, soDu.u9ooir ^/Ses)^ Qp^o^tra fi/cQ>i_ 
ujGor eresTQith ^<ssifTuutTqhQpeirir. str^^ satsrQpjseSujearQufrc^ euojareisfr^ 

^trCp^^tr^ isirs^Q^ih ^ojojirGp utuesfieo Qeueoru^iLeiQ&irars, ^csisu 
flpasrjruu/TLLi—n'giiua jfGjSpv SSsor^fi^Lo a//rip^^^^ Q^iuaj/r^'tfiu u®£r 
(QpptBi m^puuiLi^^ , 

(0^-L/-«n/r.) — Q^ireir gjdo - (jS^fiuy^sQsspp L/evesr^Sptr) 
QAaeir^€s>9u9eo€))fr/s, Quir/SuSm - Quit fS men (SufT€^^ erem 

tjtu&sruQfi eSeveoir.fiofCSeuiunrui, 

9« The head that worships not the feet of Him who is possessed 
of eight attribates, is as useless as a sense without the power of sensation. 

sfTjrtesr an-ifjiu^ Q^n'L^tr^SiufriLj& sesi/ru9ar/S Qja^^eSetr iSp^u 

^trp€or/£l. LDfr/S/SBfsruutrirs «o*b ^(^cdloi^ld ^Stu g)irOT®LD ^^^€0 tStu 

(Q/5-u-«D/r.) — §^paim - ^Sfeuo/sgr^^ j^^ - uirfitLifBtu 
(uijrmm€O^Qn/g^ Q.^iifi^ff)^ i9p£Qu Qutj^fa^L^eo-iBpeQiurrSltu 

10. None can swim the great sea of births^ bat those who are 
Bnited to the feet of God. 

«i.^^o>. ^^atrjTQpcsipGSiUiiqui g)^®^c8r eBarB^ib. 

(Of^sftBipp Qmajpiwffgp urpj)i. 
(uf-«&ir.) «r-j9j — iDODip iiSesn^iu(9;^ £pu ^eoaih /£&uOu^^ 

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(biSJtf^fT. ^€5>ffl; SdeoQupjsn ajQ^^eofreu^ iSipuiSosiL^iu(rr^9BiLLiiSiGsr er^sE 
^irar^th fi-L-cbCu/r® &fTGSsruuLJB Qj(r^^&i» ^iBipj^ih fi_6wrL_/nf ^treuir^ 

ATJ7) /S^<s, SLeo<su) - fi.a9/f6B6Tr/r69r69>^, eu^piijQGUQ^^eoireirSSeo 

(c-«9/fff(65i@) ^lBitjs Qubmj^^ tt^essrir&i utrpjs» - ^/SiuuuQis 

11. By the continnance of rain the world is presetved in existence ) 
it is therefore worthy to be called ambrosia. 

^uir^^asarQiDGd GSiOj^^s ^f^fBGsrosnniSi&sr ^o%/SSsaBrs^Lh ^ooOfitrs^iD* 

(Q^'U-^GD/r) — jpuu!rirs(Q - tLetkrueuirs^, jgiCjutnU" ear 
anLiunSiu^ ^uuiriQ - ft-crorei/*^ cfiwr^/ri©, ^uuiriri(^'^ 

QiirtuSpu^ih^ ijb€iD^ — . 

12. Bain produces good food, and is itself food. 

(uf-€o>ir.) GT-^j^-moDtfi QQj€sa(BiEi sfreojsj^u Qutuiurr^ Qutriu^^ 

SL^^ffDL,^ ^irS§^iD ^^^p u\u€f^€ddsd QtuefsrufTfTj ^/f^/S/reStu gu^ 

(0/5 - u-«D/r.) — €0Gm * menifiajfresrjp^ fS^jif - (Ouiuiu 
QoimQii siireo^^eo) QuiutufrtLeo, Qufrdjui9«r - Quinud(^ 

13. Iftheclond, withholding rain, deceive (our hopes) hunger 
will loDg distress the sea-girt spacious world. 

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(uiP-flDit.) €r~^j — fi_ipQ//f ©"/r/r ssuQpfi^^ Q^\uajtrir LDCSiipQujcir 
f^iih QjQ^eL'fTiiJ ^GSruiUfhr (j^ar/Smy cr-jy. 


14. If the abundance of wealth-imparting rain diminish, the laboar 
of the plough must cease. 

{yjlf - oiir.) ST'^f-^^LSuSaraassr Qja-tfioj/resyrru Quiutufr^iSsBrjpi 

npiup& Q^jp/ufr(Baeirfrp Q&(B^fieo crQ^^eos&r^fnh ueoeu/r^eo Qmfri®^ 
Q/^eo QfiGtru^ ji/o/iriu/SBBOtufr^ qj/b^^, LDa>tfiuSetfr j^trppeo e^fiiu 

15. Rain by its absence ruins men ; and by its existence restores 
them to fortune. 

usriJiLfp pSecs/reArr uJUjp, 
(uiP-onfT.) cr-^,— Gld«^^^ jp/eifi^ifip strcBsru ^eoeo^, tStfiir^n- 

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16. If DO drop falld from the clondSy not even the green blade of 
grass will be seen. 

(u(P - fi9>ir.) €i'^y — ^^eSeoeOfTfi sl^^k ^^etfiiueOLf ^Gs^pu^thm 
QiDsififTor jy^^^^GO)^^ ^^cgtslL Quiuiu/r^ eSQiDfruSafTy er-jpi, 

S^LOfiDLO SpLJLIU>eB)LDm fiGSr€fSilu40L\ ^SPip^OdlTOJ^ £lTQJ/r(lpuSfraGT 

ijIpQifrGDLDiLnh ineisi^QpfieSluj UL^tr^s>LD\L\imTLD* fFessr(Bk (j^esip^^Qeofxirp^ 
Qps^^2lsoi ^^ ^^si^eo ^osipu(9^^^n^^ ^^SL^eo (^es>puL^QGi}/6)fB^^^ erear 

g)c8>fi/ QiuQ^uiriLL^frgp/ih slgo^e /SL^^^p Qa^atn-^eo sh^puuiLi^^, 

17. Even the wealth of the wide sea will be diminished, if the cload 
that has drawn (its waters) np gives them not back again (in rain.) 

(uiP-ODir.) ST'^j — Q^QjiraiL(^ih ^oj&iGoQfir inenBanrp Q^tuuju 
uQih eStpoith l^cd^o^lo fBL^Qjrr^, LDCS>ipQuLuujtr^rruS^y cr-jpi^ 

(rrfif, S^^iu^^p (JT^y^Qf ^ir3= QjFiUQi^ GD/BiSji^iu Lnir^is^ear ^^dsar Qpp 
Au^g)/f. e^uaGOLD ^puLjuaaaui^ 

(0^-Li-GD/r.) — euiresrih - tuemtfi^ eupm^Qu^eo - Quiutuft 

18. If the heaven dry np, neither yearly festivals, nor daily worship 
will be offered in this world, to the Celestials. 

4b. ^fi€sri fioiiSireittQik /sii^ir €Qtusuie\>^ii^ 
eu/rcotui tutfiosidur Q^ssfleir, 

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lurr/BfTvSeiT^ eQujar m.€\)sth - GuiHiu s-«oa;^^£V, fi/reffih jseuih 

19' If rain fall not, penance and alms-deeds will not dwell within 
ihis spacions world. 

(uiP-cnir.) a-^^f ^er^eu€s>s Qinthutril. L^irfrd^ua /f a>/r uSar/S c.o> 
iitu9D ^€»uiiu/rfi/rt9arf ^d/S/r g}6B>L.(U(27» Q^nq^^ih ^Q^£ta(ipih oz/rSbsr 

Quir(i^ eSiarumtsdsir u.€0&iu Qooar^T^rr, jifGD€u gjiheBiLDdsagrtssr^trs 
pesiiniuir ^GoQa^u^ €reoeotrjrfr@iifB Q^efHaju u(B^eQary jif^Quire^ 

^pfififrire^ mcBitpwiu iSeisr/S Qtufr(ipsa fBjnhufrQ^ojr ^taitruuir(n^ 
(tparftm g)€B>fii/ QpGiTjpi utr Q)iih jfpih Qu/tq^ eSiGBrusisar (Bi—^^p 
G&^Qitrped ^fk-puuiLi^^* 

^Gfyubiuir^ ereSesT - Qu(r(i^(Bfltr^tr\QGsr^ ^Hf^^S • {^iSSiesr^ 

20. If ii he said that the duties of life-cannot be discharged by 
any person without water so without rain there cannot be the flowing 
of water. 

^opJSif^^ QPPPfi ^pifi (jpeffiojjT^ Ou(rh€sniy «k.^^0a. ^^&p 
QeuGxsrCdih us^eap ^cnAti^. 

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Qiar(!f)U>f j^jDiDGuarjru utrwiQ/siquiy uiri^mQ^tu ^/SajirGDin /^ct^lo, 

@i airff€B8rtDn&iu QujtraQptup^tLieaarL^triby «syo*o^«»'£_/ra QuytutLjcasr/rof 
iSfii^Lfpuu/b^Qiu €f€BrQ^dru^ih^suup(n;Qiu ojirQejTGiruSfiJ^ eSQih 
^s^irekf ^Qjeflff-m(B upasipmh ^^(LpoopQiu s^eu(T^^eD(B^Qeo€srs 
Qstrarat ugpfAQe^aru Quit^uul-S Sf,^/Siu Jif^t^^f ^€BiGs>pQuj/r€af 

21. The end and aim of all treatise is to extol beyond all otber excel- 
lence, the greatness of those who, while abiding in the rale of condoct 
peeuliar to Heir state^ have abandoned all desire. 

(uf-*€0>ir.) •T^^y — ^(T^QJ€S>6SU Up/S^IL^th tSilLl^irjr^ OuQf^GSiUiCSHU 

^Q/st€irQo/sfr Qpcssr^psh^iS ^fSdu^fiGBfj ^orcy ut^/resajDOJir^y ^^^ 

Qi^mM^ fi/fli^ S^p^. 

(0;»-u-flD/r.) — ffipm^trir - (^siisirjr u^tumir s ikimSsfr) cStL 
i^cuirj^j Ou065)Ui " LDQ&ninemiu^ ^dGssrmak^fS&r {^erG^sfifimGSim 

€TmesSiQmfres9fL^pjpi^€T§m«iS [^^/tdss(QuimQ&T&Fjpi) ^fS 
iuu Lf(Qi^frp(oUir£!^LD. 

22. To describe the measure of the greatness of those who have 
forsaken the iwo-fcld desires^ is like couuting the dead. 

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«-. ®jC3^^i^ eu€tna,Qjsffiis ^essru-pCb ^essru.iro' 

(uf-CB>ir.) cr-j^, — iSpuLf e^Qi—^gniih ^irecsn^evr^ ^GtrueSlafr 

Qu/reo ^Q^ODLD Qtusifru^esor QL-csaresifieirA ee^esrp^, iSlSS^Quj&triruo 
fi/rjT^ Qu(j^gs>ldQuj CTisoeofru Qu(t^gs>llu9qu lBasQjs^u^ ef^puuiLu.^, 

i^^j l^j>lui9puGs>u Si(^fip(^) fFmr® - QuiSpuiQso, ^pu^^ 

23. The greatness of those who have discovered the properties of 
both states of being, and renounced the world, shines-forth Qp earth (beyond 
all others.) 

(uf-58>T.) CT-^, — ^sBsrcsiLD QojGSTQuiB Q^mLu^iufTp QutT/QsGiriTQaj 
GO IT S^^^^ iBssQ^Gir^ Q^freoeouuLLi^ ^LLQSeo^^p Q&irtrcD^ 

24. He who gaides his five senses by the hook of wisdom, will be a 
seed in the world of (heaven.) 

©• &Ji6^^^fltr ^pp eoseoGQerLOLf etnrffQsiTLDir 
(uiP-ss>ir.) €r-^^«*L/<506BrACirf?^ Q^eoQatrp ^QjirGs>CDJB^^iLjUi jifL-si 

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fDiB^ QiDeorgp^ QppjDiihasyLDiLfih ^p/i>pQ«€sr^ iBfr€ir3ig^(fF,Li^ Q^iu 

26. Indra, the king of the iTibabitanta of the spaeioas hearen, is 
himself a sufficieut proof of the strength of him who has subdued his 

«r. Q^iupsiiRiu Q^djeuiTw QuiRaiir &fStur 

(uf-a»ir.) cr-^,— ^^;5 tSputSsarjrfriu mss^tl Qs^ojfispQme/f^ 

Qjpsnp^ Qfftu^ j>fifl(uQipas>p'F Q^iutu iLtnLL^frflfr/r S/Siuir, er^jpt* 
Q^iup QseBiuQiir^esr L06BrLb Qoiaan^iuojirOp ^^BsaruQu/r/SajtSs 

Q^fup siflujeuireuear ^ujld SajLLQpficOfnu €r€ssi€ues>a G tuffs e^jpfULfSisar, 
i^p ue^siret} Qpy^seo Qp^eoirtu i6ir^q^QjLp&@p Qr^u^u&a QLOfkuiTQ^ 
Qparir, ^€s>6u /8tuLD^^arQen'aju,iBia(£iar, li^/g/rjr^ Quqi^9dlds Qaaoir 
otiD lUjSa. 

(Q^-£j-6»/r.) — QuBiuir - (^jS^iQpuiBesrjrirSoj tLcsSi^ir 
4Beii(Sso) QuifKSttJirir^ Q^ajp(jSj ^Siu - QoFiu^p ^SiiuoncumSm^ 

26. The great will do those tbiogs which is difficult to be done ; 
bnt the mean cannot do them. 

er. Srfo>€uQuj/refl }Ljp(ffen^ iBirppQiLGsr esypi^eir 

(uf • cnnr.) er-^^— 6FG9)Gk;ayu> ^e^u^jo^SKjpiLb ^GSi^a^ih mirppQp 

Affiriu^/reBT jifjaSeSsfr aGsaraarQp u^e^sih, er^jpi, 

jifQfp/Sar ^ujptufru.trojcsr ^fitstaiL^ Qp^cotrQaj ^cayQjjsfrmnniB^ihf 
^^pjS&rsiLQL^ir€BrfSiu SfU^JSms dsfrtB^thy jif^p/SGfr^fu(j7^@uj ^irQeari 
^tfltuejin dsnfB^ihy s^QLHiB^/fliuiB/s ^/b^u), ^s eSlQ^u^uDfru), €u€Sia 
Qfi^eufrsr SLLQL^€sr fiy^ibOu/r® L^tsatTfi^^^ed Q^tflQ^p LfQ^L^gnthf 

o)/r8iu Qp€Ouufj^^iL{th QufbqffUi \ ^^^^ tSQUfi^pfd^Ssvine Qfi^p 

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€dir&i^ Qpeduu(j^^Qdjir^jSp Q(v^€BFfitu ^^ssuD^p u^jSOuj lutrof 
fi&^^jfj eS(Q^ajn&/r Q^eaetfih, jif^drsLL Qt-fr^ir/Stu LXifr§p/th j^^otalL 
Qi^frear/Stu ^^eiafrjTQpih ^^gtalL QL-traf/Siu fi€Bruifr^^cs>ir&^ ld/tQoj 

^earoipGBijD QiBir^au u^^ujfr^^^ (ip€S>t-.tu Oo/cersyLD^ ^ojpjSeisr^LL 

jpr^ Qanr^jLiQjirp^ ^jrirdj^ei, ^&j€&^u^€5i^i8^ LDeoeo^eoQsearu 

Giutrsu uuSp^tLfis ^^^eu ^€ssrir@^Qui€aruffi 6n^puuiLi^^, 
mirppth-'^esi^iHih ffiefiiLfth uH^Qpth oreao^iLjtc mappapLb^ crt^p-^ 

27. The world is witbin the hnotdedge of hka who knows the proper- 
ties of taste^ sight, toneh, hearing, and smelL 

ihcsjpQiniTLfi sartLif, eOQth. 
{i-if-«»ir«) a'^f—fSsDpe^ Qto/rjfiuS&or ^cdl^uj ^pmpunjr^ Ou^ 

iSoipQiDtrL^ QujGsru^ ^n^eS^p a>u/Sgfuth QQjn^aBr(B ^n^/S^th ^o/isuu 
uiuear&dsffu ututsQ^eSKB QtDtrifi, sirLL(Bfieo uoj^ gp/essr/r^^^Gi, 

(0;5 - L/ - «D/r. ) — ^GopQuitrffi'' (utusifr) Saop/i^ Qa^treo^ 

28. The hidden words of the men whose words are full of effecty 
will shew their greatness to the world. 

S9. (^essrQuiearsviB (^mQpfS SekQ/^ir OQ/(^«ff 

^GSSTEia ortrQaj (^eor/Senr (tpL^sSmaesaSiarp QpetHeujr^ Qoj^e^ ^/r^cfreir 
j^etTQj acssTQunutruSginh Q€ii^GiruuiLL^irjrtrp p(Bp^edif\ffiy er-^. 

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(O^ - u - 6»/r.) — (^ssgrib eresrs^ijb Qesrjpj - {ffipe^ Qtniu 
Qui€0^ €r/SS€lfQji^nr''^/Si8eirpQpeJiM£rjgif Qeu^etfi'CSs/ruwfr&ffjgi, 

29. The anger of those who liave ascended ibemonntaiii of good* 
iie68« though it conliuae Isut for a moment, canxK3i be resisted. 

«0. jnipessrQirafQur rpQotiri^unp Opeu^iQii(Q^ 
(ulP-ODtr.) CT"^, — eredsdfT c^SirsGsar Qtn^^ Q^oitStu ^m^BsreSi 

t.0^CB>L.(u Qtraru ^^^p ^n-puutLi^^. 

(Qfi - L/- c8)/r.) — erAi6yic9/f^(^ii> - ereoeoir GiiSirseS^ffCSui 

QstreitrQj ^(Lpa€Oir^ — mL^iaomS^eo, ^/BfieoarOfreirQutrnr - 


30. The virtaons are truly called Anthanar, because in their conduct 
towards all creatures they are clothed in kindness. 

^'ih. ^^ — ^pesrsueStLf^fi^^eo. 

jjfoo^ff'Q/^ ^u)(ip«Bf?a;ir/r6or ^jorirp^uutLL^ j^th^arpgpiar ^BserLj 
Qun'(v^^u> Qmu^th Quiredtr^^ ^p^sr g)a>cB>a3 injpiasiUi ^Qt^eergpi ^ar ' 
pBgariLjih uoj^^eofrearj ^^p/B^sr «L'€SiL/a)i^^ Q^mujfi a^^jsv^eo* . jif^ 
AirjrQp€B>p€B>LDtLiuy ^fi^GeBreSea-psj^LD. ''QpuLiesiL. injnSpQuiTQFf^ iBar 
u(ip iDp^^€ui^uuQ^i QfiirppihQuirsi^^y crard^ir iSp(t^ui, 

(uf-ODV.) er-ffiy — ^QQuptsiptLftB^Q^th; ^pka Qpfi^iu Qjreoeu^ 
mfiiLji^jg(^u[>^ ^^GOirar^ e^uSrsiL sp^^miBss j^iaiD \uir^» cr^jpt* 

€ra>eo/ru Qup/SgnfQ ^pi^a^LnuSi^ t£(B ^puQu^oru utLu^j^^ ^s 

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(Ofi'U-Gnir,) — SlpuLf - Quiir^y^iiGSiptLjLb^ /f^piih - 0«/r®i 

31. Virtae will confer heaven and wealth; what^ greater sonroe 
of happiness can man possess P 

fiL, ^pfB^SP^^^ii strimnp iSeo^ tufi^ 

iDp^peS ^)!rfBj3€\)2eo Qs®, 
(ijf-<8>ir.) cT-^j'^^Qi^eugpis sp^Q^iufieQeor Qid/duiLl^ ^trssQp 
iBeAo'^ ^^Sbst LDtuds^^/resr Lupp^^eir QiDpuLLt^ G&(BiSeoBBO^ €r~jpi, 

^p^^gp/re^iB airksQp iBgoIBb^QiugstQidp Q^rreoeQiu o/^SborCeuj ^j^qj 
o/dj)^ Ga(BQi(iff^eo ^h-puuiLL^^» 

(^tDiusoippireo) mpi^ ^(SlpeSiaaQunputLL^^ Qa(S ' QstL€s>i^/s 

32. There can be no greater source of good than (the practice 
of) virtae ; there can be no greater source of evil than the forgeifulness 
of it 

fls.. ^GOj^^h €ues>atuir esrpeQSsar QtuireuirQfs 

{uiP-«)ir«) cr-^,— ^^^a)i Qia^^iB ^p^pir^ ^pinir®aj leeoeDSair 

^lus^m ^pmrroj^ ^eoeopth QuiroF^mar^p Qspuafih^ ^peupth 

LDfreusdr ldcotld ^ira(s^a sirtu QuMirijesr, ^Gup(^pQ^tLJUJtjD ^pisisenrtreuesr 
(LpesipQiu mpQecnfiiLjU) cpQ^reo^ih cpQ^tu^Quiear ^€s>eu, ^3^€sr 

^P^ O^uJlL/LD/r^ AL/DUU lL£_^. 

^L.®ih€U€8)^ttJireo^ ^peSSssr-pQ^u^uy/rSlaj meoeQdafreiDtu^ g>cuir(S^' 
33. As much as possible, in every way, incessantly practice virtue. 

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®@cx) iff t9p. 
(uiP-a>ir.) €r-^, — ^euQjn'p(n^6sr ^p^Q^iueurreifr ^ajnuesr^^esraLL 

(^fipih ^uj6Br&iB^^^co, iSpF/S^eo Qeuessru^j: Qs^ujQmpGsr .gj«cff 

Qwirtfi Qintusarirp Q^iuqjgbt uojcbPso Ofii/eorLJ^r£_L2) QupuuiLi^^. 

{Q fB-U'Cm IT ^) — i£r€sr^ffii€iaSfff - {^^uutf. ^p^QsFiuuQieia' 

34. Let him who does virtaons deeds be of spotless mind ; to that 
extent is virtae ; all. else is vain show. 

®. ^QgMJT pQifrQeu(^eS aSeir^^Q^fTGiT ^dir(^ 
iSq^^mtr eQiueirp ^pth. 

(uf-Goif.) er-^, — iSip ffir^sCa Quirqr^QSiUimhy LjedGfrsasrQLopQ^e* 
Ostrars, ^eaoj ^ff€BGr(B u Quih ^p^^ar QiueOLf dii.puuiLi^ffi» 

^€Ur ' (^^LDLfO)) ^6a><SFqU), Q€U(geS'^ («^69>Q/ Sffff^miLffaU 

iSptdmeo^^mrt^irSp^ (Ssfrunpih, ^esr^^Q^ireo {^^^up/S 

^piL m ^pintreu^. 

35. That conduct is virtne which is free from these four things, 
wi, envy, desire, anger, and bitter speech. 

asr. ^eirpjSeuir OtDor^ ^^p^Q^tus wppjp 

(uf.jBiir.) «r-^, — vumh §1^ QufTQ^^^iuLDfrm^eifr ^pa^^rrGjTjy 

^pia §}Q/eifL^thiS€^^jp/ (LpeS/fQufria sireo^ ^^P ^L^^^eor^ ^3bifm- 

^Digitized by Google 

LDpOpeku ^ai^/SBso. Outr€or(n^^ ^BBsarQtUGsr^rif^iry Q^tu^ Gji^UiUt^ 
iSp(n^Qaj .^p^^Bsar SBsoiu/r^ iurrsa)a /82B\>itSi€srQun'Q^QjS Q^iub Q«ik/6sr 

U^ /ffupiUjkJLLL^^, 

^^eormQ^irjpiuy) Q^iuiudmL^Qjir; ^^-j^uui^^ O^djiuuuiLur 

36. Defer not virtue to another day ; receive her now ; and at the 
dying hour she will be your undying firiend. 

«r. ,-SHP^^^ fS^QoiGjr Qaaesifn^tr QeQes^a 

uj/rcar 8.68Bnr^^66 Gi^earL^tr^ S^ODAes>ius A/rQjQjrrQ^® Q^^^^^itgM 
€S)L^^sml& lueiresi^ /sar^Gcar iLf€aarjruu(Bu>y er-jpf. 

uiuSessr ^Qp^Qf^'Ty i3ar€ar^rs€Q€sr, er&frQeuafrgDiith €fsF3^^^trp 

3^p ArLl^ ^eirGDejiLjih Qup(n^ih. v^eesrjruu® Qlhsbtu^ Q^/ieoQeo^ 
ffih, ®ifi^pQuiT€Br^^ ^Bsaaruj/rfieo Q^s^^ssuulLl^^, 

iuetr€S)6uuS^(Seo(otu aiffSiuuuQth.) 

37* The fruit of virtue need not be described in books ; it may be 
inferred from seeing the bearer of a palankeen and the rider therein. 

^* ^y^fBir&r UL^ir^ODLD meisrqffpSi GfTooQ/sir^^oj^ 
(uf-ADir.) er-^, — Q^tuiurr^ ^^'^ /sir(&^crrQjfrsirLiied ^Q^Qjeor Sipi 

^ia;c836Ea (^pp^^rreir ^Q^ih ^(ii^€UGs>s eSlBscrtLi (jp&rerr ^^baariLjih c_a9/r 
ujfr^GB)sQujfr(Bih ^fut^/Sdr pojeSoBsrsetr ^q^qjgdsu uiuSsortLi ^s(r^LD(rs 
€OiTGirj^miBfr^(y>(i^Qj^ih eufry^/B/r QarccruuiLL^^,(^pptBiSGir ^m^irojear 

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^fjr^Q^/r(Sa!t.t^) euiT(Lp(Btietr^^ e^ifi - (^euQ^th) eutfienuj^ «#y68>£.« 

38. If one allows no day to pass without some good being done^ 
bis c^dnct wilt be a stone to block up tbe passage to other births^ 

A>. ^p^fiiT&sT eu^euQfi iS&sfuuip Qpeoeotrih 

Lfp^fi LfSQp iSec, 
(uf-fiiDir.) €T'^y^^eO0Op^Q^fr(B Quir(ri^/5^ OiQ^^Q^ ^aruinfroi 

u/rsSeor Qp^spsiL Qs^/TGO^eu^, gjaru^^u LfpQuiearQ^ ^etiruuitniSlpjpt* 
utroj^^iresr ojQ^ua iSpetSeo ^€s>tp&i(tp^&i(ruSi€sr ^s&Goar^^&T ^gxtu 
mrriLi^ Q^iT&jrjpiLD ^u9§pjih LSar^ekuLomu eSldsir^eQ^ Lfp^^Qajtorfmir^ 

uffi QupQr^UD, ^p^4^ ^p(^Q^aj^irQ IT gjiheDLDuSiesru Qpua l/^s^lo €Tuj 

(Q^-u-es^tr.) — ^pfii^ir^k-^ ^&)eop^(S^ir(S QuirQ^i^^^Qi^ 

39. That pleasure which flows from domestic virtne is pleasure ; 
all else is not pleasure, and it is without praise. 

tf 0. Q^tupurr€0 Q^n-Q^ iLpQesr QdJir(i^€up 
(uf-ODir.) er^ffiy — ^0a/fiivi(^^ Qs^di^p urresres>LDfu^ eeodlSgsrQuj; 

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40' That ia yirtua which each ought to do, and that is vice which 
each should shun. 

^ ei) CO p eQ iLi €0 

meo^^itpfS eSesip ^Sssm. 

dliKB^ fiQujrrO ^tearp^GBrstLQ^earjpi LnSBertu/rek eujfiuL^ji ^qj^ Qs^tutu 

^£f!\ir(tpfi^\UGup(rr^€Br g)eB>L.jyj3/Q/ir/ra)(^ ^mvpL^ih ina^fB^LO tLGS>puj^ 
^Q^^u-9Qir,) — ^eotuiripQiireir ermuirdir - §)io€op^(S^ir(S 

41. He will be called a (tme) householder, who is a firm sapport 
to the yirtuons of the three orders in their good path. 

&.• ^pifBtrti(Qi ^^Qiir floird^ iBpm/swffa^ 

j^pm^irna^u uw^th ^jfitu ^ottr adsirs^tuS^^^ OeuearSeuor 
Cyaj^,w/rga,u), ^A'Qifrfi^ri (j^^usrQjQpp^uj Q^c'^^^corgiiU}, g^i 

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42. He will be said to flonrish in domestic virtae wbo aids the 
forsakeo, the poor, and the dead. 

(uiP-fiDir.) er-ffij — iS^jrir O^euir tBQf^i^eerir et^pp/s^frtr ^frQeartk 

Quiujrfruuu LfQiufffroj ajts^frirGLDeo S^srp^^ ^qjit ^(if^^'^Sisiun^y udr 
L.fieti€irGS>uiaSp @fi^^ eu(6fitr(rFfih, ^o%^^fSB)miiSp ^/Siuir^ eum^irq^ 
QiLGir, ^saei - ^ppth. sreoeo/r ^piast^'jo ^/r^err^uj ^Gsrjpi Q^iii 
luQojmQ^eSi^ ^asrdssr Gtuirihu^th ^p^uSpjpi, crarp eraru^ tSisirjr 
UiiruSpjpi, ^B@ 4ifGS)/9:, ^^esiSiLjih ^p(S^Q^tJu^p @L^<^a^Gsr ggusL/eo 
QwBsrqr^fr. ^jT^Spis QosipuQuir(rF^&r j^ QeOir^Q^Spjpt ^o/GnojihLi&i^ 
^p^th ^JB^ afujpiG€U€B8r(BfiedirGfr ersaru ^jS&, 

iapQs^ii^eOf /bSbo - (^Soeuirifi^/r^i(j^^'^ &puLj9aiL^(u^puitnh. 

43* The chief (dnty of the honseholder) is to preserve the five-fold 
rule (of conduct) towards the manes, the Oods, his guests, his relations, 
and himself. 

(uf-ODir.) €r-^^—Qu /r^efr Q^tutLfiasirp ufr^^^p s^^ ^^^9 

•ttoi efreoQjfrd(j^LD u^p^^ ^ir^tisruAi 90O/ €Sed€utrtfiS€DS ^9Siu.pptr 
(^9sr^Qj^^i^ tLjsoe^p 0^^^^/resrjp/ih Sppeojif&eo^ Q}ppp€SeoBMf€T-'^0 

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ut^iu^Q Qiueisrqffir. Qjirtp€un'€Br ^cbh^cdld ^irufSODaQid QcojbpLj 

44. His descendants shall nerer ftdl wbo, living in the domestio 
state, fears vice (in the acquisition of property) and shares his food 
(with others.) 

iSjr ^€S)p g)^jo/rLL(gii> scBBrojp^Lo Qe^Q^irar (n^sirfiojifi ^q> 
co^o &cs>L^Qu/rs/rosiLDu9€ar j)fSirLies)L^€B>Ln umurriiSjbjpf.j)ijDgptos)L^eDLD uiu 

mrrjp/ atupuuiLL^^, 

utu^pith - i9iffQiu(r^6SfQptJb ^th, 

45. If the married life possess love axtd virtue, these will he both 
its duty and reward. 

«nr. ^p/i^sirpjiS eSeoQiiryiiQas viJtrpjBp Ljp^fin-pfSp 

(uiP'onir.) cr-^, — ^(jayfiBr g)»)Q//rip«c6)tf crotu ^p/i^dr euifiQiu G^ 
^^^Qj^uSair^ ^eu^ j)f^p(^u Lfptn/rQtu QisfiiSipQutnLu QujpiLhutueor 

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^6u/r^u9&sr^ L/p^^ ^pjSed - (.j^fiuesr ^^p^u) LfptbirSuj 
A/£^ii9(?60, Quinii - Qo'&o'jp/, Qujpi&i^ - Qujpuhuiueir, erojesT'* 

46. Wbat will he who lives virtnonsly in the domestic state gain 
bj going into the other, (ascetic.) state ? 

cr. ^{U60i9^ 6iAso€utripi€Si9 euirifiuou QesraruirGor 
npiueoeuiTQE QeireosoiriB ^Sa). 

akj^€ufry^u€u Qairdfrjpi Q^/reoeou uiBoi/rar Lje^sdai eSi^ QpujeoGutr Qtr 

Qp/bp^ ffipi^^rr €£lLLL^€B>uiii9arj (iptueiai/r QiTGjrp^ Qp€^(ri^Sho(3i 

ua-ar - eutryiuoiQesr&rjp/ Q^ircoeouuQQea/reir^ QpiuGoeufrq^etr 

fiSai - (StupuiLi^ai^QJir&tr^ 

47. Among all those who labor (for future happiness) he is great- 
est wbo lives well in the household state. 

QlBtrpUlfffi (2^&if€8)Ui \L\GSiL^fi^. 

^trrt fSdsouSgpiih QutreB>piq€S)L.^^, er-jpi, 

u& (jp^eSiuj §iaaL^i^jpi SsseSdr ^p/SQ^QpsQ QujorQi^ir, Qistrp 
u/r Qir€Biu^ir(QQuaj&,Qf6(rpuirrr SBsod^ ^otir ^ihGsyiLiLfpp Q/striueoeo^ 
Qeo^iripajfrir iQ^BoQuirp iSpesitriLipp G/B/riLjih Quirjpt^^^ ^jarcDLLuSleBr 

tUffiaQdOj ffiQpiS - fst^^^, ^pasr - (^/r^ju/s^csr) ^p^^eSosr 
QmirpuiriHeir - ^^^qj^ Q^ujeuirjr^ £l8sou9^ih^ Q/sireirGniD- 

48. The householder who, not swerving from virtue, helps the 
ascetic in his way, endures more than those who endure penance. 

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(kjff-GRnJ) sr ^^— >^0€iyGDff lup^^spnth jpreoaarirar ^p QeBrarjpt 

^^eijih iSlp^p uifisssu utBoj^eoBsotu/ruSiear jyo/ eSeoeuirifidGSiAQujtr 
Qi^iTQ^^eiiresiUijiprra m^jp/f ct-j^ii. 

uafrseSsfr, ^ocQjS^sa^ SriLiBuQuajn- jif^earQiDCf^Gfrp^, iSpecr utfiu 
tj0^63r^^ <9LL./r QeufrQpda^GS)^, ^peupih LD€cr^Gs>^mh Quir/SedsinLfih 

Qtu/rO ^pQioear QQjfrQ^iEiQsesareBsru u(BeuQ^€BrpQ/fr ^uSipj^» ^odo/ 

((o)/9F-u-6p>/r.) — (^0Q/fiDff tLipii«(^etr) ^pesr trstruuiL 
i—j^ - (,^a>«fyr^^) ^pQesTGsrjpi Spui9^jpi^ Q^trevetiuuLL 
L^jPf ^eo&iirffis€S}s(Stu — , (^mpetop^ ^paipQinirQeki&srdffeo) «fyo^o 

49. The marriage-state is trnlj called virtue. The other state is 
alBO good, if others do not reproach it 

^O* eS)SUiu^ffi&r euirtpeu(rii(^ euirtfiueuar eyfr^onpitii - 
(uiP-6»ir.) er-^^ — ^eieop^Q^ir(B sh^t^Qj/rQp tSaj&iiSl^ei tn^iu^ 

50. He who on earth has lived in the conjugal state as he should 
live, will be placed among the gods who dwell in heaven. 

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ejb^aariBiSBeT/rGjear — ^pi^friTuQu€asr^LDy€S(i^/sfi(Ufr^^thjQj/Stufr/r 
unriLL^^^GSiL^Qs>LDtLf Qp^GOfTuSleBr, iBpQs^djGSiSseiTiTQJ€sr — eufri^GDas(^ 
OojoriBih QufrQ^aretar/SId^ BeB>i^uiStj^^^^ih, ^iLu^pQQr;ifiei gjot' 
aunLiihy ^uLfjTOif Q^ujfis^ Qp^eoiruSear* €U(i^Qjirtu€S(^/i^ss euiripSGOS 

^mgj^ &pi^€BrQ^muffi stt^puuiLL.^* 

Lf ^€8}u.uj€ir ^Q - mp^GssT mpQiFujeDmadsir {nesn^iueu&nrQ^ 

{^^€Beo€op^^iQ^y jpSssmiuireuirm. 

51. She who has the excellence of home yirtiies,- and can expencl 
within the means of her husband, is a help in the domestio state. 

2.. u:!kffLbirLL& iQeoeoir&r^ eaJFledeotrSm eairjpiaim 

(uf-ODir.) CT-^, — LDSBerajp^^p(^fifi&s isp^esar mpQs^iutsisaeir 

{Q^-u-^ifiir.y — u>Ssaru>ir iLS - ^ci^eop/i ^i(^fl/p^/B/g iBpy 
QoarjepQ^tusfosAeia-^ ^jeoedir&rsem - (^^a/cBT^) tcSssttuireJUL^ 

62. If the wife be devoid of domestic excellence, whatever (other) 
greatness be possessed, the conjugal state, is uothiug. 

^' ®)^^^f^ eaBev606U€sar ubiressrufffsv^ ^saeaOfS 

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€BBr(B uiTtLi-^iTQiiLD ^e0t^rr^9OSiS&(^ OojeserQ^jfi ^eoeotren'^ LDiriL&Quj 

(Qfl-u-€Siir.^ — (g^0Q7,gp/i(5) g)6va)Qi65r - iL&xnutrerTy ldit 
^H "^©60 - /6p(j^s8sr /BpQ^iu€S)a iLf€ir€rr&JCfnru9(^isfiire0j ^go 
€Q^ - ^GO€\)ir/sQufr(r^eir^ er&sr - iu/r^? ^eoeoeu&r - jy/ii uids^ 

53. If his wife be eminent (ia virfcne) wbat does (that man) not 
possess ? If she be devoid of it, wbat does (be) possess ? 

cjlLl. Quirqf^arsar lUfrcByemtieir? jifQJ€BarLD/nL(B& 4tpQuGir^Bi aeoih^itr 

spLiei!>L.uj rr&rQu fTGO ^pQpfieQuj Qpsarpp^u^ ^^ojiroieBr iSpeBar 

(Q^-u-Gotr,^ — apDLf eiGif^U) ^6ArcnLC''&pQuGff^/Ei ^seviir 

54. Wbat is more excellent than a wife, if sbe possess tbe stability 
of cbastitj P 

QudjQaj65iLJ QudjiLf inenLp, 
(uiP-oMr.) €T-^y — iSlpQ^iuQjis Qfifrtpo'^ ^exr Q^tuojiL/rSuj Qso-q^ 

QjSiuai/6 ^^f^Q^fip^ LnssrisQ^e^i^^ ffiuSQedQ^es ^ire^^^irs^^j 
B&srp^, QfidjGinb^tr G€a-eu£oQ^uj(Lf QLD&ffufi/rih, ^^^p apuesa^iu^ 

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j^(^uijcam^ Quiu erssr - QuiuQujGfrjpfQ^/reoeo, vb^s^tp - inetntfi 

66. If «be, who does not worship God, but who rising worships her 
iraabaad, say, **let it rain/' it will rain. 

Q^irpstr^^^ (o^irirQQe))/ren Qugsst, 

«Da> luoiLOfB^ i~l&ip tSiBSirLD/b arr^^, QinpQ^ ir ioeQtu isp^easr /spOs^tu 
es>ss6^§piiEi SGDL^uiSli^ {LiGSiL^ajfrQefT QuGorf^tu/r&ry er^jpi. 

Of - LopeS. §lfi^/D ppi^&ip^p &puLfS sh-pCkUiLL^ffi, 

(Qfl-u-eniT^^ — fimaiff^^ - (spuieafleirjpnh €U(Lp6Uiru>€o) 
fiorSsari AtruutrpfSsQsircmQ, fi^Qa/rmri^ireirCSuetaii - /sdr 
Usar^Qsirtifri^e^^iLfiii {^^dartf^fieoirssreupQff&i) ^u^fi/e^, ^ 

^ - £^cc9>ip (SiiminLp) ^truuirpfS, CS^irireQeoireir - (^QpesTQa^ir 
eo&iuutLt^y /Bp(^essr fSpQ^iuemAaefi^^ih (u^peQ) ^eoeoir^ea 

66. She is a wife who nnweariedly guards herself, takes care of her 
hasband, and preserves an unsullied fame. 

SetDpsifT^^iEJ siTuQu fiSeo, 

Qec&resr uaj&^^O^tutL^Lb? ji/qjit ^ld^ Saypujfrp str&(^iEi SfrojQ&) ^Bso 

&asip — LD^^ih ^fraSeo srroj^ Qp^eotrSecr* Sosip — QiB(^csi^& &p 
LjQiB/SuSi&o Sjpi^/se<i, arreueo j^jrcisn^gDjih Sesipsaireu eQSoeuifi QuuBsars^ 
Qcsips^irojeoirp uuj€J:ii&i}5s\) Qiumuirir^ iQas>psrr&(^Ei struQu^dso Qujecr , 
^tr. ^sfTjTLD iSifl/88B0ss€iBr eum^^* ®^^P pp&iT^^p&puH'i ^f^pu 

Qmrfi^^eo, «/r«(gJ> - (^^uQuGorsen^ «/r65@ai, siruQu - air 

67. What avails the guard of a prison ? The chief guard of a 
woman is her chastity. 

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:t7 9,mPI <aEr«£A. ^^. ^iTfpa^a^ffidBsarmeoux. 

Lf^Q/g&Htr QSirqp (Lp^(^ 

QujM^fffTvSiGfr^ Lf^Q^dHir oj/rQ^th &.ao3«BrA«0r ^^/rirjb Oxj0^ &/oul!3 
iasruQujpt€jrr^ fir-^. 

(0^-u-«Dir,) — Quaari^ir - inSsareQajiTj Qupqff&r - {fiu^ 

^eo^fiu(f^^SpLJLj - («0y6ujr/r^ Qa^ujiuuuQiii^ QufiiuSpLJi99sar^ 

68. If women shew ' reverence to their husbands, they will obtaia 
great ezcellenoe in the world where the gods floarish.j 

(iJiP-onir.) CT'^, — LjSCDip eSd^LDiStu ^eoeo/rSar uSledGOirjitrira Qeo^^ 
(27 /r. §l^^p pesis^treisrp Q^irpsfreurrojifiu uiBiBi(Qppei Sn^puuiLu.^. 

59. The man whose wife seeks not the praise (of chastity) cannot 
walk with lion-like stately step, before those who revile him. 

«0. u^iiseo QinGsru inSsarLDiriL^ lappft 
(uiP«CBiir.) er^^y — 90Q//r«(^ iBearmioQiuarjpi Q^treo^^tr ^fi/s 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

«r-ii. jyj0, qfieoaienfruQujpf^ed. e.A ^<. 


80- The ezceUenee of a wife iB tlie good of ker husliaiid ; and good 
children are the jewels of that goodness. 

^'th. cjy<9 — L^fiGO€UGS}auQ^J4)l^eO. 

indaiLQu peoeo i9p 
(uiP-«air.) cr-^y— 90fiyfiir Qujpith Gujpis^^ ^fitu QojmiB^Gfr 

^€sSi^upjS ^/Si^Q^eer ^pi^sireo^^trp dn./S^ir. ^fieufiibjs €r&rp 

^/ffuQup/Sesr^ SpULjS dn-pUULLt^^^ 

(Qfi-u-esyir,) — Qujpiih ^eupjpi&r - (^^^^oidr) Qujpiuy Qu 
j^fim^etr^ ^fSe^^fSi/B - ^jStuQ earn® men e^s^ ^fS^p(j^ifi(U^ 

61. Among all the benefits that may be acquired, we know no 
greater benefit than the acquisition of intelligent children. 

(uf-o»ir.) €r-^, — dlS^Qjuj/i^frp iSpd^ui iSpu Outfit sm^ih 

^mjGF fitD&sr eueir/nr^ Q^iu^pi^s sffjrfsari^frQuj gGoeSSevradar^ 
O^iuu^ui q^eoojeofru Qu^^^uSdr erarp^ir^uSpjpf. iSpuQutfifrojetr 
^^WL/TQ/ u^Q^^^ QiDirmu^ ">/rgB/L-, €irupa>Qj mrrpsi/rQeotnr uu 

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utiffLj ^esH^iu - m^(^e9trB^SBinLf90L^uj, iDMeaQu/Sar -^ lj^gj^u 
L^frSp) €r(Lpsu€iDauuiLL^ i9put9^th^ ^lues^eu - ^etfruitsetr^ 

62. The evils of tlia seven births shall not touch those who obtain 
children of a good disposition, free from vice. 

i^/B^Ui edSstfrtutrar Qi(^Lb. 

fi/s^th €BBsorQuj€BrL^tfi^ Q^fr^^Sdsrp <g;^Li> QQjpjpiGDio ^^QpQ^s 
€Brffi (^/£l^&i6eotja'^ erefr LitfiuQurreo, ^rt\<jf)LDuQurr(jf^LL&€siff^is^ffi, Quit 
d^arQs^iu^LDssBsiru Ouir(r^Qeir€ar e.u^/f)^^/r/r. ^es)Qj sSijrestsr^uiriLi-.n' 

Quir(f^etr - flu^Qpesit^iu Qurr(^&rs€rr, er^u - creirjpi Q^ir€\)^ 


63. Men will call their sons their wealth, becanse it flows to them 
tbroagh the deeds which they (sons) perform on their behalf. 

&jpiG5i& luemreSiu 6n.fp. 
(uiP-€0>ir.) er-^f — SrGSiojtufr^ ^iBt^^^^gu iSeBeSteifiosiLO u^gs>l^^ 
^j ^LdLDS&etTffi Sjp/ODSuj/rar jt/arireuuuLLL^ Q^irjn^ er-jpi, 

64. The rice in which the little hand of their children has dabbled 
will be far sweeter (to the parent) than ambrosia. 

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^miu-iuffiTiu^ Q^rreo^i^ Qs^ireo^ih g)ti9ruLo.TAe&«sr, Quir^uuu^ Q^tr 

65. The touch of children give pleasure to the body and th» 
hearing of their words, pleasure to the ear; 

u^ifiiBOdpQ^a-p Gserr/r ^6L*/r. 

SSt^iTy ^u>L/^«>fi;(35«)t-ttj ^^dBj^Qs'fr payors Qserrfr^Qjir^ er-jr^, 

(^ipei ojirCp GToruesr ^(^Quiuir, QslLl^^/t ^eujh/ Sgpf LOipSBO^Q^rre^ 


66. "The pipe is sweet, the lute is sweet," say those who have not 
heard the prattle of their own children. 

ojiratrQ^eBTu^ sq^^^. ®^(X)p pi6es>^ «i_6Br sh^puuiLi^^. 

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67. The benefit whioh a father should eonfer on his son is to give 
him precedence in the assembly of the learned. 

jff^ jS^ihiSppth this eir/Qetfeni^GDih unriQco^^ 

(uiP-ODir*) cr-ffi, — ^thLDSsetr^ ^/S^odl^cdld QuiBjuSei^^ iDcar^ 

R^€ssrL^fiQeu€ap^ §jiu6ou/rQiu jf/SQojfrQ ^n^t^aj aeoeStu/S^. ojcsr 
fguuSOneerp^ fFcasr i./i9€yeD2_(u/r/rCa> €ifi€Brp^' ^/SsuiSiL^GDLDSGksr m.6Br 
Lfjpi^p^ifJajQjP' jyo/^/TdscScor. §l^^p ptsePiSiSigpiih ^asi^tussffir ^qju 
uQrrarujp sh^puuCt^^. 

68. That their children should possess knowledge is more pleasing 
to all men of this great earth than to themeel^ves* 

(ufP.OTir.) CT-^,— ;5/r6Br QuppQutrQ^mjs ifiSi^^fittS^ iSiSLD@(L^ihy. 

seufrediairaLLstsrL. Qutr^ ai^msiSgpiUi ^ireiLfatiL^aj QmesrsQ^ 
iLl. 9puLfeucsiS Qu/fi;Sfrs€Qar Ou/fl^fl/i@ OiDwr^ti, QucKrcsfitueo 
ufrp (n/^s ^/SojircsiunS^ OsLii^^rr Qujesre^^ ^/S^tr. jif/Be^mi^tutr 
QfT^u^ Q/0fi9««uuLLt_^, ^ir^Q^ Qcarearpp ^fffojojir ^eujrfrseQ&r. 
^triHiSuQSiBS «6fr«D<a;a9iarfiDa)tt968r jyoTo ^^&p tSS\^^s ^puuilu.^. 

eresr - {sdoeQQaeireas&H^^) SesypiQ^irSesr^jp, {^fie^es>u, 
fF&frpQuiTQff^eir - Quppmireo^^mLD^ QuS^ ^eum^u> - dSm 


69. The mother who hears her son called "a wise man " will rejoice 
more than she did at his birth. 

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<DAU)u>/r^gi/^ ^Gfrear^Q^Cb ^(u^kdtQpto amt^ntr ^eueorpiesi^ ^^devu 

Qii) QeuGfr-^Qjorj^^ pictop -p^uuar^ (QjeuSssru Quj^pp^^ 
€rar - sr&ffesrpejpctfip, Qmirp(ffGsrQmire^ - Q^iupaQ^, erar 
saw - ereirSp^ O^ireo - Q^itgoSbo, (^Q^Giirru,irs(^petiinh^') 

70. (So to act) that it may be said "by what great penance did 
kis father beget him,*' is the benefit which a son shoald render to his* 

^ooptrof^ ^di^ir^seDsp ^SsBortLjii) Lipeo&t(r^ QfipeBiu QprruJr 
Lian^ojirirsLL ^trpeo ^anL^oj^peo, jif^^s ir n'(tp€B>p9s>LDtLjih ^p^QeareSeira 
@th. ^909ipih @6sf7^ i5L^pp£^ih L9^^tt9/rff fiBrCpLO^ ^(^ari3ppp£^LDjf€8r 

«/(^ gjeoeopuy §j€S^ ffL-Qy/roDLO, ^^^pQeuirirss ssefipp^ LD/Bp€Bar Q/ririh 
u^iy^pG^/rirs Q^h^n-p^^tsOprreoQeoinT &puiSi€arfe£l(j^tBQp^&Qstn^ 
S^tBy^ip QaiQirdBar^^ €T6arup^gpith, jifp^edQF^m iSpppeo, ^^^(r^Qetr^gp/ 

(uiP-€i»iF-) CT'^y — jf€iinSpr^ih iSp/r/Sajfrm ei€sn^pjfi€B>^a^is pir 

<u/r/f AmGurrifiQcorp L^cdeQtusmGaffQtr ^mesSlatp jifaa-tSSkarQiueiiedtr 
0u> jiffiujp^pjpiu) jf^pMfT^, er-jpi. 

AjjMDLD SpuiSaraGsor ^%p^, ^iTOjeojr^ nmcsnD amestff trQiDQe^p 
/DuuiLi^jfi, A/rtL&ujmGDeud Q&tup/rpffuSgfunh ^gpiLDtreor ^ar€S>6uujfrar 
Oa/«flLJuffl QiDearupfTLD* ^p^so jff€ariSeor^m'a>u} ^GznrppuutLu.^^ 

t/ao9(u ^mesfQa-^ ^^eopQ^th - (jy6ir6»u lureitq^ih ^jSiup^ 
^pjpiijb\ (j^pe^ireo)^ ji^miSp^Lo - ^6in9^s(^Lh, j^etoi^i 

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Qii) - (Spit juijSiutru^eo) ^€9}u.<ijp€s>QJS(^LD^ Sfrfp - ^(Ty^u 

71. Is there any fastening that can shut in love ? Tears of the 
affectionate will publish the love that is within. 

6L, ^mi9ie^ir Qireoeotris fiiLi(^Sltu jr&trLfGDu.ttjrr 

QfresTLj QpiHiuir i9piT6S(^, 
(uiP - Gorr.) €f-^, — ^miSiedfT^frir tSptrs(^u uaj^jruL^ircDLDoSasr 

cgj^0qffg5t£) i9if}SBso ^srTjTQpiD ^^mr^^frp Qqr^k&Gsr, ctsbtl/- 

eoir^irir^ {tSpir^^uuiuanuL^Tesytnujirev) creoe^irih - erGoeofruQuir 
Qj^eirdiefT/r^ui^ ^UiS(^ - ^indQs, a./f?«j/r - ^fituenirirQitriT; ^mL[ 

72. Those who are destitute of love appropriate all they have to 
ihemselTes ; but those who possess love consider even their boues to 
belong to others. 

QmmQuir if^Goujii^ Q^irL^fTLf^ 
(ulP-cnrr.) ct-^, — Qujpi^psif^tu tusK^iSirrk ^i—thQuir (Bessru^ir 

iSpuiSegr ^(TF^mLD iSlp/s/s ^uStr&cssrQLoed ^ppuuiLi^^, ^osxui^fi 
Qfueiru ^u^rjr QJifiS(^, €i/Lp6E/w-,^(wG)uaj/r, ^L^thQurr i^esnu(b^€oe^^ 


73. They say that the union of soul and body in man is the fruit 
of the union of love and virtue (in a former birth). 

Digitized by 


^Qldoj^^P Qs^QjirseSiarj jif^^ear/B/rL^fr^ ^puQu€sr^ir, 

€U(gih) mtLiBeaQireirj)! Q^ir&)e\>iju(SQp^ fstn^fro'SpuLi - ^etr 

74. Love begets desire : and that (desire) begets the immeasurable 
excellence of friendship. 

^6irLfp(ff Qffiijp^ &puLj. 
(uiP-flnir.) er^^^-^jifasrLj05)i^iujrfnu ^&>eop^Q^frQ QufTQ^/B^aj Qi9 

AGtHarjpi §i€Brugita&iB^ ^^orQuip jpjpsa^^^ Q^^Qpxj^ih GuSear 

QiipS(Q-^(^Quiuir , ^GO^fTipdofisasasiiGsrjpi uidsareSiGiurr^ih ids a 
Qarff(Bih ^saQcotr(Biman.i^ tt9€BrL/^(^/r ^tr^Q^iu^ Qeu&reS^Ofiirifieoirp 
OpeujTfnu ^GBar(BtJD ^GjrLfjpiQjjrrr&e^eBry ^^LfPQr^ Qfrtu^^ SpuQueer 
rr^ir, ^oj^^irp jpfGin^p Qpuii^m ^pka g)6sru^^^ FF€Bor(Bih ^oTLfp 

(iSfiSTLy eBast^pieii'h^^pQa'Ar^) ^6S)L^u^ih, QpuLf - Qufieiru 

75. They saj that the felicity which those who, after enjoying the 
pleasorc (of the conjugal state) in tl^is world, obtain in heaven is the 
result of their domestic state imbued with love. 

«r. ^p^^pQs ajGirLj6Ftrir Qu&tru oifSajfrir 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^^/b^i ^SbBBriuirQLDarufrfr, u^p^^p^ u>qoQ^ ^BsbbtQ tumult, '^^ar 
u^fjjb&tutrQfT ^SBoariutroj/r/r^' erafrnifiuQuired, ^asi€u ^{kj^uiriLi^trg^ui 

76. The ignorant say that love is an allj to yirtne only, bnt it is 
also a help ko get cat of vice. 

iutkt9 eojatSser tupih. 
(uiP-€8>ir.) cr-^j— 6r6BrL9A)^/r^ ^L^LDes>u GojuSeosfriLHS^irp Qu/reo 

WLuSQfrarujpr^Lih Qup(n^ih, QeujruuiSeBr/S erBi(Qih ^0 ^esr^suD^ptrQtu 
Q€UiSi^atr(tpar sreisriSeOGO^ ^ofoSiajeaurrp Qs^arj^ Q6s(BLDirjr^Qu/reo, 
jif/i^ekaiLD/i^/rQtu ^p^^eaiQpeer ^ariSeoeoj^ ^oredBiuGOufrp Qa(9 

p/Spi^ua ^QjoSldjed LjcsBTGSiuniSiar. J^ojojrrj^ ^*j)feoeoes>QJ Q^iu^aird spet 
Oi^ppth^* erasru tSpQf^Ei ^fu/S^ir, 

77. Virtae will bnm np the sonl which is without love, even as the 
son bnrns np the creatare which is withoat bone, i. e, worms. 

Oi^L^tr Q^€srufiirth» €U€BrufreO'€uar€tiii€Oth^ iSuppQeoeoru^ utreOGSea-iD 

(Q/ff-LZ-OD/r.) — ^esTLj ^s^ffi ^soeair ^uSir - mesr^ euesr 

€oir€sr^^ QJGO uirp aewr - ^if^esnotrSiu iQeo^^e), euppeoinjrih- 

78. The domestic state of that man whose mind is without love, 
i s like the fionrishing of a withered tree npon the parched desert. 

Digitized by 


«9ar. ^hsBrQujfr® dn^i^a^a/ffi ^^p(n^p uiuetflaresuDSosr ^ stqjgst Qs^^tutLf 
QiLOiqffiT, SLjptui-iuQufrp€^G}r tL^uGuesru uiLi-.€Gr, tufr^cs>su9p ^eear 

i^tufr^LD ^es)ujujfrGS>LD ^fia. 

Jifan9&)evfr^euir^(^^ Ljp^^ - iLpetfipu Lip^^QeaS&srjpi^ c_^ 

79. Of what avail are all the external members (of the body) to 
those who are destitute of love, the interual member. 

(uf-onir.) er-j^, — 4y6arq(z/)^eo/r« ^^areutfiSeirp QjL.ihQu cloS/t 
<^^ Qfi/r&itrp QufT/T^^eBroj/rijiy ^vSiiriBGirpesreufr&n'y €J~jpf. 
j^miSw a/i^LjLJ®® ^ppEf StupuutlL-^. 

'^eirp ^t^LLQu^ vi^iSff £830-^09 /rSesrp GkfL^inu/r^ih; ^^o^ 

^^uutLi^Gfreu IT th [^s-tSiriQ&trpei^i^ihu/r&^ir, \ 

80. That body alooe which is inspired with love, contains a living 
Boal: if void of it, (the body) is bone overlaid with skin. 

Q^iuQjor ^seifrgnih, iSdrSsaroj @)jrm(Bih tSipn&S^ eo^aaununs^Lo^ 
Q^uSarp ^Q^mQjsmjyu&i &puLf€sn^^^triu g)^eo^fi?«tl@ (tp^seofr 
'^PJPi. Qw(jr^s!T^ ^Gsri^GRi^ uSQT^Qjirah^L^ ^eoeo^ Qd=ujujuuu.iT^LDuSleBr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


? c 

ffs^Q^fFjfi Qutr^cksidstru Quirp/BoitrQ^^ Q^uucsiaQuj&icofrLh e£i(ih^Si6Br 

81. Tbe whole design of Jiving in the domestic state and laying up 
(property) is (to be able) to exercise the benevolence of hospitality. 

2.. oSlaS^JB Lfp^fi/Sfr^ ^/r,gE2/^£.6b ^treuir 
LDQ^iQ/SCoB^ih QeueAru-puirjb pek^, 

(uf-cniT.) eT-^^-^^moBruuQth QufrQf^ek ^lS&^Qld QtueSgptih 

ucQ&iT ^puL^seh^puuiLi—^ , 

(Qfi - u - 63)/r.) — (fi.699r6B9ruu®mOu/r(^«v^ ^freufru)(^iBjpi 

LJLJuQ QpesipGntDCsytu /i^twi— (u^eay^ii. 

82. It is not fit that one should wish his guests to be outside (his 
house) even thoagh he were eating the food of immortality. 

(iJiP-6»fr.) €f-^y-~^^&:r^sarQiBirsQ euis^^QF^iBesi^ eirQL.frjpnh Lfpi 
fid^Qjtresr^ §}606ufrifiS€B>s ceoi^jreutrGsr gjo^ib^s Qa(B^e^eoBsOy er-^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

83. The domestic life of tbe man that dai]y entertains the guests 
who oome to him, shall not be laid waste by porerty. 

84. Lakshmi with joyoaa mind shall dwell in the house of that 
maa who with cheerful coantenanee entertains the good as gaests. 

(uf-ciDir.) er^^j — QparQeor tS(^tsfieafesiir iBcsis^eB^j^u iSm iBsa 
fideer^ ^ treat iBeas^^treor^ eSBstri^ed^^/b^ eSi^^(B^^L6 Qsum^Qu^ir^ 

85. Is it necessary to sow the field of the man who having feasted 
bis gpiests eats what may remain ? 

tSputSip Qpeu^di ^tT€S^manrfr&^ /s6oeSl(t^/B^a'LDy cr^jpi, 
^y^dr LDjpi^Loa&QGSsruj^Lhutu&fr ^h^puuL^* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

86> He who, haying entertained the gneats that have come, looks 
out for others who may yet oomor will be a welcome guest to the inhabit 
tante of heaven. 

(uiP-6Dir.) €T-^y^^€Si(if^iQ^triDuedn@dJ QaforeSluSicitruujeiir g)€8ror 
**fiiT€BT^/S ^iruSl§fit/B ^ssfTiTGnsu ULl.u.da/reOf ^rrear^^jg/ru Qutrir^jgi 

87. The advantages of benevolence cannot be measnred : the mea* 
sure (of the virtue) of the guests (entertained) is the only meaanre. 

vSipiB^ Si^QufTQ^^ lu/rth upjpt&Q sniped mfraSQeBrih eresrjSjreir^Qjir 
Qutr(fR^effiQm(r€ssf(Bi) ^^u&S\^^^ QcneireB - ^^iQojsrr^uuujSsBr^ 

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88. Those who have taken no part in the benevolence of hospitality 
shall (at length lament) saying, *' we have laboured and laid n^ wealth 
and are now without support. 

mi^esiin UiL^QJtrira ^^emQ, 

WniLQL^IL^&r^fTLDy €T-J^, 

dssr ^ipuiB^^ &_ej>L-a}LOcs>aj ^Gsresnntun'&se^GBr y LOL^GaLDOSiiu g)69r6B>L0 
aj/r« c_u^/f?^^/r/r. Quesi^dDLmutreBr eSlrf^/sQ^trihuBBO SstfievTf Qu/tq^gt 
i^GsrpQji^{L\iD J^^^p uiua^eoSsoQiu&jru^trih, ^cs)€uuSijr€ikr(BufriLt—trgpiih 
^d^/sQ^ frihuirojifiu u(^m(^ppiEi ek-puuiLu.^* 

89. That stupidity which exercises no hospitality is poverty in the 
midst of wealth. It is the property of the stupid. 

QiBirass 069)^(L|J> eSlQ^i^, 
(uf -e»ir.) cr-^,— jy6Df?,^^iJ^ QLDiri^L^tuasrfis (^GS>ifituir^^ €^(75/5 

^€S^^Lo - ^(^Quiuir, Q^tLj&s>LDssLLseBar(Bifi ^^QpeQpih^ ^^ 
Qjifi j^oooo^ QjiTL^n-js ^etfi^^u^eSlQuua cSiq^m^Girfr QiDGoeQiuQir^ufi/rub* 


tuiTy Qpsth ^ifl/s^ - Qfi^ih (SoJ^uiLGy Q/BiTdss - uirifis^ 0^y> 
ttyii) - eufr®€uir. 

90, As the Anicham flower fades in smelling, so £ftdes the guest 
when the face is turned away. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

nScowfT S(n^s&Gffp jf/p^^Bsar s^eaa'frtB^nrireua'uSip Q^/rjbs&r, cr-jpi* 
fi4o, ui^/SdrGs>uy"€uinLJ€SiLD. QiDiuqeBsnr/sfiirir Q/B(^SpOsdoei.T(^ Q^th 

CTOTu fifidH^^p'^, ®^®^ §i^Q^ir/t@eossGBsrfEi ^Jh^puutLi^^. 

aiiru9(^sQGfrp^ Q&^ihQun-Q^err - ^p^i^Saa-^ mmiL^irr - ^jBijSQt 
JT^, eumud'Q^a'eo - euinud'Q^irpseirir(^th' 

91. Sweet words are tbose which, imbned with lore and free from 
deceit^ flow from the month of the virtaons* 

^^Q^ireo ^su QufSeir. 
(uiP-flnir.) CT'-^y — Q/Bi^^euis^ ^d^^p^ Q^tsari^iu Q^irQF^Qutra^ 

fUQi^tf, QufiAr - Qup(rffeo^ («jy^), ^sesr ^ihtris^ - tLesrinQ 

Q<str(Sl^/S69^th, meirQp - meveoQ^tutrih. 

92. Sweet speech with a cheerful conntenance is better than a gifb 
made with a joyons mind. 

Qisrr^Qy tSm /SGosr^ujo/ifi iDm^^L^^Qoj §jsifiujQ^frps^^ Q^rreo^n 

Digitized by 


Q/sir^QQujeBrgnih eSSesrQuja'^LD g)corQ<F/rOao6Br ^eisiu.uj(B<s^ S&irp 
QpscSIBsos Q^rrtfipQutuir QafrestsTL^^, g:^^GsrsGBsiassr^^€k Qpesrp 
QjirjTi, §iss>€uii9jr6B8r®ufrLLL^fr§piih ^dfr(ips^Q^/r(B sfut^iu^^Q^irGO 
QparesrQir iSesfi^^^Qam^f^eor, sSQ^cQ^rrLDLj^psil. Spm^Q^eerujfi 

93. Sweet speecb, flowing from the hearty (uttered) witb a cheer* 
fal ooantenanoe and sweet look, is true virtae. 

^, ^^LfjpfrtL.i ^eueuiresitn a9^€\)/r(^u> iuiriu^ffiL(St 

BirQp^e^tuQuir/S^en' OrOSieu Qp^eSuu LjoiGfrffSsr jpsirfrcsytn fi.«D^ 
a>u>i[96sr, ^QjeufTGDLoQajarQj^ir* ujiriTLn/riLQih ^eorL/jyro. tS^Q^n'^iOJir^ 

94. Sorrow-increasing poverty shall not come upon those who use 
towards all, pleasure-increasing sweetness of speech. 

^esiiliu^eo iDpj^u i9p^ 
fifr^^^tLfcs)u.uj^iu ertsoeotrirsi^^gfiui ^^jG^fttuQ^fTGodsoa^th 9Jssiu.tu^meoi 

iL^jpi~^as>^S^» OQjp^GS)u:i(Liea>L^€S)L£iiJU/rp iSpQojsar^ihf ^ea&r Qutreou 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

95. Humility and sweetness of speech are the ornaments of a man ; 
all others are not (ornaments). 

mfftf. uQesfItu QffireQ^» 
ffSsrr LbGjr^^irasr j^jtituljib^ ^etfiiuajtr^ ^^o/esr Q^froos^LDfruS&sr^ ^e^jgn^ 
O^tujgeo - ^dfTucaa'jufrQiu ^pih euerr/r^GQdr js€ars(^S^u9ar/S Qui 

^irQ^eBTUjS/rth, g)^@)6W" LD^nasiLDuuiuecr sfx-puuiLL^^', 

e^irQ)u9sfr^ (aycu.fiE2;^@) ^eoeoGsyeu - utreutEi^&r^ Q^tu - (^esiptu, 

96. If a man, while seeking to speak nsefnll j» speaks also sweetly^ 
his sins will diminish and his virtao increase. 

uekn9p p^LJt9iBtuir^ (ol^irSo. 
(uiP-GOir,) er^j^y — 90^^^@ g)LbflnLr)^@ /B^GSiuutLjiJa &.€S3r:^frAQ 

97- That speech which, while imparting benefits ceases not to 
please, will yield righteousness (for this world) and merit (for the next 

Digitized by 


«0-/i). «^^* ^es{^uj6syeu^^p€0, ^@ 

Q^ffin}^ ^Q^QiSiiS^ g)0a5>LouS)^Lb ^Giru^,osi^u uius(^ih^ er-jpt^ 

uij)fCS>LCuSaruu> Qutfl^rrseQm, (Lpps^puuiLu,^, ^ibaaLDuSi^uLDir 

avGuirLLi^irgfiiUi ^(rFfesnouuiuQULh ^q^tEiQ&iu^^eo eueQiLf£)/^fiuuLLL^^, 

98. Sweet speech, free from harm to others, will give pleasure both 
in thifi ivorld and in the next. 

A/^ erdresruiueirr SQ^^^ ei-jpi. 

99. Why does he use harsh words, who sees the pleasure which 
sweet speech yields ? 

SO. i^eSiu e^GireufT^B eSleir^fl ah,p€)) 

iS(f^ds ^eupGSips €n~(rr^^y urreuih uiud^LO ^ecr^^gQs^frpsBstr g^^a/cBr 
^f^Jpf^^} §j€wiu S€wA^ih ^ssrcsiSSSGC'sr ^etreuiri^r^ss ^eujhoDpjpi^ g- tr^ 

sh.pQe^u^^p Q^frpsQetrsiru^ Qup(2^uit Quir(rhdstr eSQsHOLS^ 
iBarp utfRTL/dfefr ^Qjcs>LiissfBsr^^(^Q^^psar, ^edfliu ^etSisQetTGirp^ 

Q&r&srpffi sir^&jTisisn-iuQurrQO /P(5¥^<s=frGii€sra'pG5yp* aQfET^Q^/rpQ^irea^^ 
fi&i Qpt^eSppesraQa (jSasr^Q^cku^iTLDi ^05>QJiiSjr^(£lu friLL^frguu^ ©CJT 

Digitized by 


QiF/rAGOiru>eo')^ ^l^h^/B - (ufroiQpmL^ir^Lb) sQ^Q^srpaSar^ 
dh.pso * (9>(!9<^^) Q^ffeo^/seOf dead - (@^uj) dE69fl«(enju>^ 

100. To say diaagreeablo things when agreeablo are at hand, is 
like eating nuripe fruit when there is ripe. 

Jifo%^'rajJif ^eorac^u tSpirQ^'ju^ /S€ifras>LDes)uu u^poj/reaLD, ^cr^tucsiet 
^^/z9 ^ei^p'jaojQ^^ir^frn's^ tL(u^oSeo ^ppth Q^iuiSidGfrjS Q&rrpQediuo' 

eniresrmQp unrpp eoiH^. 
iSpgfui^^ Q^iu^Ql^eSa^j LDGar^ted(QLa GSm^jtsOi^iB cs>sihLD/r(n^SA 

101. (The gift of) heaven and earth is not an equivalent for a be- 
nefit which is confeired where none had been received. 

@^/reo/£jS«ar iLiressru QuB^. 

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102. A favour conferred in the time of need, though it be small (in 
itself,) is (in value) mach larger than the world. 

g)€»a; Qp^jif/ufTLLL^frgpiih (tpcs>pQtJu sirjrGBoriSm/Sjf Qff^iu^^^ih 

103. If we weigh the excellence of a benefit which is conferred 
without weighing the return^ it is larger than the sea. 

Qstrerreui' uiuekQpifi euirir. 

{^fiSssr ^&i€uetrGJflTsr88ssrujfruieo)^ uSscTfi^SsifBr^^ -uSafrajor 
Qiflvs^ QsireirQiir - iBSsBTuutrir, uium - (^^fii@8ssrLji9A) utuBsar^ 

104. Though the benefit conferred be as small as a millet seed, 
those who know its advantage will consider it as large as a palmyra fruit. 

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106. The benefit iteelf is not the measure of the benefit -, the worth 
of those who have received it is its measure. 

<Kr. iBpeupm iLtr^pQffir Qmekroau^ ^peupm 

^&iru^^iL Quuiriuira- isiLLf, 
(u{P-€0>ir.) GT^^f^^^eoruasfTGO^jp/^ ^esra^u ujb£naQsfrL.rroSl^ 

H^iutro" - (^€Br65(^) Q^^eOujfresrwjT^y tstLLf - QQiBs^en/B^ jpp 

Aefiev) (QppiLppeujr^^ Qsossre^iL - ti^peutrfs^GfresiUiGDaj^ mpoj 
pss - LbpGiiir ^Q^imisu.eiieir , 

106. Forsake not the friendship of those who have been your staff 
in adversity. Forget not the benevolence of the blameless. 

iblLiS^^j er(ipos)LDfiSi8scrtLj€OL^'ju ^iDQiDQ^euGnsuiSputSlQiiLD /88ssruuir iseo 
Q so IT it f cr-jp/t 

eT(Lpes)UiQtu€X!rp^ oSi^LJuaj^Q^frL^Q^Lh ^QptSlpuiSiSear' jy^ eud&r 
mp^ ^osiL-^^euQirtxr(jfr^!t, S8st<r^^eotrQj^ ^^uts^Gsyt^^^GOircBr ^euir 

efi^puuiLu.^ ^ 

Digitized by 



107. (The wise) will remember throdghont their seyen-fold birtha 
tbe love of those who have ^iped away their affliction. 

jy. p>^fi tapuu^ i^^p&irjpt aarpei>&> 
fsesiQp mpuujg is^jpi, 

§ljraar(Bth ^q^qj^pQ^iuiuljulLl- ^ifi Lcpuu^ih iLp^tr^^ui 

wpuuffi - iLpm^eQSlflio^ tseSn-jp/^arj^ - (gp(5«/^Q/(i@) ^p 

QfiufiQ\jir(ip(S^, LDpuu^-iLpiB^eQ(S/S€0, /B€irjpi-^pmn'LD» 

108. It is not good to forget a benefit : it is good to forget an in« 
JQiy in the very moment (in which it is ioflicted.) 

Qe^tresTjDiiB&ir jpienmi QsQih, 

QmirtaQT^Qeoir^fi §^m^^Qjpesipa^ Q^uj^irjrfruS^ihf tSf^Bi^Qtueo&^rru) 
jf^irQ^iu^ /5^eDLDQtufrGfrp8sanL{La Soscrds ^eoBsoiu/ruD^ er^£v. 

Op uipa^fB^piii en^puuiLL-^, 

{Qfi - u - flD/r.) — {/BUbi^ Qp^Q^(f^ fs&arefnm Q&'uj/seuir) 

^eirQ^ijjS, ^dr^fseffrj^-^ifsssreminQajir^^mpiLiLD^ ^^errerrSSsor 

109. Thongh one inflict an injnry great as murder, it will perish 
before the thought of a single benefit (formerly) conferred. 

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(uiP-QDir.) OT-^, — Quifiuj ^pBaBerr^ ^GSi^js^nirs^iji utr€u^^e9 

(Qs-u-esiir.) — «r rnGxr^-eri^ jifpeasSetr ^Quf^tueupissSetr 

110. He who has killed eyery Tirtne may yet escsape : there is no 
escape for him who has killed a benefit. 

PP&} Q^tumisesr/Siu/S^^miSlar meuasuutLu,^. 

s. «(5P QiuGO-Qeuir^jpf mmQp Uf^^ujirp 

uirpuiL QL^trQpoiu QujSar. 
fuiP-finir.) cT^^j'^iBQGtfSBBoesiLDQiueorj)! Q^freiieouu(Buy ^irp(ipCijy 

L^rnu Sarp^. Qu/SQmesru^ ^QjQojrrQfiSS^ ^(i^os>uiQ^frarp rSarp^, 
g)^<g)65r m(B<&iiQ^GSiLnvu^ Spui^d sh-puui^i-.^. 

(Os - u - 6»)/r.) — u(m^iufreo - {uosimetiHr ^lueoirir SCSfBsir 
er^SOJiii) i9I^GnQ^a-^th, utrpuiLQ - (/Sear) QpeiDpesyiHGDiu 
eQu-ir^y ^(LpsuQufS&fr - fBL^isiuQup(7ffeo , ^(j^^erssr ^&srQp- 

111. That equity which consists in acting with cqnal regard to 
each of (the three) divisions of men [enemies, strangers and friends] is a 
pre-eminent virtue. 

Digitized by 


€^sira'^fiirpQ(rffa€i er^^QfuyeDLXiUJ/rar^ ^pi^i^dosarmh ^eueorp 
ms(^u) ^LOfruLf€S)u.^Q^&fru^ Qu/b(S^ih, ^p^Qfitr(B etiq^^^Gsr^ ^gst 

tLjOiL^ttjQiesrjp^ ^asth -^ Q^eoQiLDirear^, SffD^e^^eirfS - (^i9pa 
Q^eoeuihQuireo) ji/ifipeQsirjS^ «r<^<9'^^/b^a> - (jyoicsr) ^mp^ 
nrrif^tii^ G'tLiruLf - ^^jpif^ojirpBeo, tt^€9>L^pja-fL,€S}i^tupfnJD. 

112. The wealth of the man of rectitude will not perish, but will 
bring happiness also to his posterity. 

fi.. jgeifQp p^sfii /B(SleSwp(r tnjri^pGS>^ 

IwiiQp QlUITjfilU «0L.^, 

i^pphi ^t^pootrar ^mi^nQesTp ^aspsDp ^uOuiTQ^Qp ^j^tfJ 

9«reB>LX)utUQjirGniiiu9€sr , iSGOfQp p.^gn 0^6sr(^/r. ^sppedir QeBrair 
u^ gjsiBQpea'p ^^ib^iBdrp^. ^eaojuSijrm'iBu/rLLL-n'gm}) QpoipQtu 

^ODO) uujpp^mf erupuuLLt^ear. 

(0^-u-«)ir.) — meir(SppS)^ih - (^mj^eir/S) mmoauiQiupiH 

113. Forsake in the very moment (of acqnisitionji that gain which 
thoagh it should bring advantage is without equity. 

^. ^ii<v/r/r paeQe^ Qtr&fru peujreu 

Qtr^^ppirp ^uTGsaru uQw^ 
(uf-ODif .) er-^y — g)o//r iB(B@ijS^ca)LDiLfa>L-Ujrr ^qjit /siB^SdeoanD 
g)A}Q/r€9rg22f^ eSQ^L—ii), ^QjjreuQFfODL^uj jsafnossetr^ ^€SBrGS)LDiuiTQ)iUi 

fiMiTirs(Q eTs^s^Qpofg'L.rrpg^ih pseSeo/rirs^Q ^eo^ajfrps^ua ^(j^p 
^,gA6&eBr^ ^(T^^pppiT€Sitr\L^LD ^fipp(^ ^OiQj ^/SiuiTuSeor, ^p^4o 

{Qp-u-cna-.) — piairw -• (^^cuar) /5®Q/f9&)eoa)«>ttJ qcDi^oj 

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SX <§QL «^-ll). M^ /E(3Q//9%0a)U) 

er&fT^ih eQQ^c^th^ ^euir^eufr - ^euiroiQ^GSii^iu, cr^FtSP^ 

114. The worthy and unworthy may be known by the eristence or 
otherwise of good offsprings. 

®. QsifSii Quqi^i&iQp iSeoet>eoQ;> Om^sF^^i 

(uiP-Gnfr.) €r-^, — ^s£idsisnuirpQs(BijD tseoeSlossrajiTp Qu(r^&S(ipu> 
ujn-eufrs^ih QpmQGsr ^es>LD/s^ Qi^/B^esr ; ^ajeurrpcDptu/SiBjit ^es>eu 
0/rjr€sarLD/rs LDesr^^esrsC. QstTL^fraaipQiu ^/Seutrar ^€s>unB^ir(r&(^ ^t^ 

' Qu(T^ddS(i^LD-(^iB6ve02stn-u9^Q6\))Qu(j^(^^^th, ^eojif€V€0-(ujireu 

115. Loss and gain come not without cause : it ifi the ornament of 
the wise to preserve evenness of mind (under both). 

«r. Q^Qeueoiuir Oesr&fru ^fSmfs^ Q&sr^^ 

Q/6V-0«L-<s«£^(?Qi69r, er&rru^-ermjpiesfsiQ^Qppua'flwtrs, ^fS^m 

116. Let him whose mind departing from equity commits sin well 
<jQnBider thus within himself," I shall perish.'^ 

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fiDQfiu«'/f ^tBSurajirQa^sBrpuif..'^ 

117. The great will not regard as poverty the low estate of that 
man who dwells in t^e virtue of equity. 

jj/, ^LD&a^^iu^ Q(r^i(^{Ei QsireoQutr ciGSiunbOflfrqi^utrp 
(uiP-€0>ll'.) €r-^, — (tp&frQofr ^irGsr ^ld^s iSgst^^ iSlesr ^csrtfcar 

@}u>, Quir(^GfrGDL.tuirQuj ^eatups^ui ^Q^urrpQ^tn^irGSiiDu^LD cq/odlo^ 

L.e/pes>p ^BLtfitreBT ^areirQfirjaeizrirp&Ofr&QfLb, ^q^uirpQ&trL^irssiUiiUirQj^ 
^^QjGrefreutrpesip Loesipujirjfi uats Qcrr^Lned fSLLQueorgpjih Qparjpi 

^(?a), (S^irt^iraoui'd'inufresyiLujfresrjff^ ^ir€isrQ^irm(^''(^^euire^) 

118. To incline to neither side, but to rest impartial as the even, 
fixed scale is the ornament of the wise. 

(uiP -. €B>ir.) OT-^, — /sQ<^SBsoes>LDUJtrQj^ Qs^ireoeSearsiL Q&(r(Bp 
^edo^trpp/TU), ^oopckcsrptreu^ LDmfi^osraL- QaaiLu.iBGsra>ks>9s>ujp 
^asre^pfrsu Qu/S^^ er^jpt% 

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Q^/reo - esLtprrGft ^jpt^^e^ Q^ireo^^Q^/rSo, strjreBonhujbjS ^^ 

«(BQff88soGS)L£)iuirLD €T€arQ€Uy ^^Q^(B ah^L^ir^trSGsr ^^eufrjpiQ^ireo^ 
^60 iF(9fiy/^3suc9)Lp «jy€6rQ^6Bru^ QupuuiLu.^, 

119. Freedom from obliquity of speech is irectitude^ if there be 
(corresponding) freedom from bias of mind. 

iSpskfi fliaQutrp Q^vS&sr, 
(ulf-flftir.) CT-^j, — tSpirQdfrQj^^tL^u} ^LhOuir^j^arGuireiiu QuaS^ 

(^Gs>piL\LDfrstnDii ^uuiBiTi^^ Q^tu^eo, ^uuirtUB^arpgiiar^ QpeiffSbanu 
^jr€8sr(Blth ^es>€SJtu^^n'€S>ir G/sfr^Qesr^ ^Bsariu^ ojiresSi&GSinQmtrsQpjpty 
^eueSi(i^^p^^iTfrei^ui ^euojpui Qeu(^S3^&piB^es)LDS€or. 

(0^-u-«D/r.) — idipGi^Lb-iBpiQuirQ^dsrriLjLb^ ^inQuireo - ^lo 

120. The tme merchandize of merchants is to guard and do by the 
ibinga of others as they do by their own. 

<g5/t-U!). ^^ — ^L-<g5(g5(T^6a)L-,6»U3. 

^^^GBiL^tU(^^eo^ «^oo^ ^^eontT^ppLaQuirp pssr^ppQpmi sa^nh 
ds. ^t^is inLoff(m (^\uA(Q u^L^tkisnsnin 

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121. Self-control will place (a man) among the Gods ; the want 
of it will drive (him) into the thickest darkness (of hell). 

122. Let self-control be gnarded as a treastire ; there is no greater 
Boitrce of good fot man than that. 

123. Knowing that self-control is knowledge, if a man shonld 
control himself, in the prescribed course, such self-control will bring him 
distinction among the wise. 

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Lo&cuQsDJ tufr^Bsru Qufi^. 
Svsrjru ^L^isiQearsuea'^ ^tuir^S llBsouSsp/iu frs^^Sg^ih iBsuQu/fl^ j€T'jp/» 

iz9,S2/Lb, ihiressruQufi^-LSsuQuiB^trLb, 

124. More lofty than a mouataia will be the greatness of that man 
who withoiit^swerviDg from his domestic state controls himself. 

(uiP-«Dir.) er-ffi, — QuQ^LS^ih ^shr/S ^L-fki^^eo erdoeofrirs^ih ^u 
u/B€BrQpQujei^gnL6, ''^^ojQei.'eoeOfro^&r^ui Q^e^^Qpesit^tufrirsQs QqjQ^ 

QiDcSii^fSG^p^' Qufrj^QojGsrufresiirtLfiD e^i—thuLlQ^ Spuur^eo 6!l^ 
luiiurrjpi, ^cs)suos)iuiB^§gyih Qu/r^euoDSBtu /r&jr ^l^s^^^^ Spu 
qffi si^puuiLi—^, 

@Lb, {^fiS^Lb)^ ^ej(T^m^LD - jy©/Ocaia)6V/r(556yr^Lb, Q^eo 

iLirdj^Qfijrmjpi^ SputB^iLfGoi-aj^iruf, 

12.5 Hnmility is good in all ; but especially in the rich it is (the 
excellence of) a higher riches. 


(uf-a»fr.) 6T-^, — ^es^uyQuire^ ^QF^ojek ^Q^iSipuiSeisr^Gssr ^ihQuir 

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£Dri@), er(Lp€S)LD(Lith - er(igi9ipui9GirsGssr ^i Lb^ erunruLf cgdl..^ 

126. Shonld one throughonti a single birth, like a tortoise keep in 
his five senses, the fmit of it will prove a safe-gaard to him thronghoat 
the seven fold births. 

Q^fTsiruuir Q^ireoeQ(ip^(^u ulLQ. 
Ui'TLLi^frjrfniSlgpiLh /s/rQeuiTGfrpBsertLjiBisiTSS j ^^BssrsafrojfrjrfrtiSiGfr Q^/rp 

tuirQejoru^ — ^oo/SSbaoruuekesyLDeS^uQuajir. jy©*©^ fr€asr(B er^^ir 
e>u) ^€BsrjTiBarpffi, Qppj;ythas)LD ^sirjr^fiirpQ(n^s&^m Qs^rrp^ppih'* 
Q9ireo^asrsLLQL^frarjpiiEi(^ppLh, ^coco/riJu/r, Q^thLDfTuuif^ ermuemQuir 

iriSeir^ Qfn'4i)eS(ip^(^LjuiL(Sl - Q^irp(^pp^^(Sco ^suuiLQ, 

127. Whatever besides yon leave nngnarded, gnard your tongue ; 
otherwise errors of speech and the consequent misery will ensue. 

jy, ^^(ff^i ^SQ^irp Quirq^iLuiu ,ga/6wrt-/ra9 

(uiP-anif.) €r-^,— jSajQ//r®aj Q^trpse^asrQunQiF^arserrtrp iSpirs 
@o/0''5^6W'uii ^€Gr^u9gpiih ^Q^Qj&n-ussdo ^eoBn^troj^tTSSsry jifGugpiS 

^tuQ^/reoeoirojetsr — ^iEi(^uius^Lh Qumu^ r^p^fH,(B(QQ^fr(5oQei>ar 
^sQrirpuQih Quff-QT^e^esr^ utuar i9pirs(^aorL^nrQj^frtiS€Br €T€BrjpiGS)/ru 

(0^-L/-«D/r.) — ^i^Qs^ireH'^iuQ^irpmerr^^QutTQijeiTUiu^'' 

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128* I^ A man's speech be prodnctive of a single evil, all the goods 
by him will be turned into evil. 

(LJIP-finiT.) CT-^^ ^QF^^dESr ^(W^€J€k ^vS^/t Sf-L^L^L^GSST QiOtUS&LL 

^iSuQufT^edtreo ^uS^/d^lLl^^Sbstu nciarQeBsrtBrjpuhf ^(S^^Qi—^ 

»(B^pQ(2^lfieo/rea' ^S(gLDirtSgifU), ^(n^eDuautrp fiaS^ih Qoj^e^GDtrQs/r 
i^Q^aruj^ Qu/r^ireS^j @^ ^/SuurrGirQj/s^ QQjpjpies)LDtuGoeia/rjrih, 
Q^euQp€kjpiu/rLLu.frguih QiD/rifiajL^ssiBidiupuuLLt-,^. 

(^^uut^uJ€oeoiruieo) f6ir6QQ)€0 - (^^tuO^o' mtreO 

129. The wound which has been burnt in by fire may heal, but a 
^ound burnt in by the tongue will never heal. 

tfO. ^jsiisir^^m sppu.sa3s eotrpjpie^aelsr Q^eueQ 
ifi tLGBiL^iu^uj jifL^B(a^jS^ €UffoeoQjcsr^ Q^Qj6SleB>ujj ^ps&L^e^eir u/nrir 

O^Q/cS fiGfr^GS>p6k.Jp/^pQspp LDGBT QlDITlB (tp6EElSGT ^G^tU^lB 6^ IT 

COLO. QjuQup/Siu/rSsar ^pc ^irQesr Q^eisrpeni^u^ih ermu^frLo. g)^^€Br 


Qfi(tm(ffitieo) ^trfijgi^ ap^ - seoeOiLiGni^tuoi^Q, ^i^etseom 
^pih - ^pisL:^€^cirire8rQi€ky ^pfSeo - (ayfi/ft8r^(?^0£n) €Uffi 

ISO. Virtue, seeking, for an opportuniiy, will come into the path of 
that man who, possessed of learning and self control, guards^ himself 
against anger. 

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JfoofifrOJjp fi/S^LD QJ(f^€Xrjg)gp(j^LD ISdSO&^LD ^^UUL^L^ ^Qp^^^i 

(uiP-ODir.) er-^y — ^Qpsaih ereoeofrirsigf^ ^puiSBBor^ fiq^^e^iresr^ 

^^(!9^(S^) Spu€Siu, jSMeofTck ~ Q^frQ^fie^irio, ^Qpiaih-M&J 

131. Propriety of condaofc leads to eminence, it abonld therei!bre be 
preserred more carefally tlian life. 

Q^ni^liJ LLoo\^/S ffiSsfSr, 

(uiP-GB)ir.) cr-^, — ^Qp^s^^Ssar ^ar^T^gnth ^ifi^LJu.rrui/bQu€B^ 
^(^i^nfeisfr&s; ^poaarueoeupayjDiLjLD ^jr/nu/s^ ^^pjpiar §}(i^csiLDS 
^iffiBoftu/roj^ iutrQ^m^n iDGxr^es)^ ^Q^sQ^ OfliT/Bfi/r^u) ^Skusnun-iu 
(jpi^su^ ^QjQeufTQpsiaQLDiuirs&irrGa', er^jpi, 

(@A//bjyar g)0€B>£i:><s(^/5 ^Ssaarajfreu^ er^QeUGiTjpt^ ^u)tS- 

Mjicsifl^ §^u^t9-(^^^Qffe^Lb^i^equL^iru^p) str^^^ uMjp-euQ^fS 

132. Let propriety of conduct bo laborionsly preserved and gnard- 
ed ; ihongh one know and practise and excel in many yirtaeSi thai will 
be an eminent aid. 

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^Qiiih ^@OQjifiuu(BiBj(j^ppih QuiflQjS^pojirjp, uiuar ^GSiL^uSi^Gsrfi 

133. Propriety of conduct is tme greatness of birth, and im-' 
propriety will sink into a mean birth. 

i9puQutrQfisAiEj ^eirpa OsOus. 
(uir-QDir.) er-^y-^app Ooj^ji^Ssisr L^piB^fr^QS§pnh jifQiQj(r^GSina 

'-Jf-f - ^tuir/BjsQjQ^GBdruiiretfT^y ^(ips£BLD(^eirp - (^eir) M^Tffii 
^€s>piUj OtfOii) - QsiLQuQuirih. 

134. A Brahman though he should forget the Vedas may recover it 
by reading ; but if he fiiil in propriety of conduct even his high birth will 
be destroyed. 

QiuffQ^im lSgoit^s ^vtLr/ro/, 
(uir - ODir.) cr-^,— jy(j^^«/r jpi€s>L^iurrdnjirrLL(B ^iaiBed^irptrp 

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135. Just ias the envious hiaa ^^11 be without wefklth, so will thtd 
man destitute of propriety of conduct be without greatness. 

«r. eh(ipi9^^ Q^eodBtr (o^jrCSeuir Si(i^iA^^ 
QmfiiJk uQuiri dsjSi^. 

136. Those fiiin in mind will not slacken in their observance of thci 
proprieties of life, knowing, as thej do, the misery that flows from the 
traosgression from them* 

6r. ^Qfii^a^ Q^snu^euir Qinmenib iQri^is^^ 
(uiP-60>ir.) ffT-^^ — €T&ieo/rQ^ih ^(L^as^^nQGsr QLothufrLLGDu.Qajuu 

uoiaupjS ^L^fTuuifi sh./SttJwifi jtfjsSBariLjU) ^n^ssthup/S ^eosih 
«>iui^ uinLL^fT^Ca ^Q^ssth ^eirojifiuuiBiEi QGSBfQpih §jeOQji^uu(Bei 

^^u/ip(^ ^iBfi/seveoir^uf^Gnuj^ ^jiu^Qior-^einL^eu/rn', 

137. From propriety of conduct men obtain greatness ; &om im- 
propriety comes insufferable disgrace. 

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138. Propriety of condact is the seed of virtae ; and impropriety 
yviii ever cause sorrow. 

(uiP-snnr.) er^^j — wpm^m ^ojQs^trp&^ps fi'j^cjfnutrp Q^ireogmik 
^tuQ^/rp&eirnrQj€sr^-'^pird(g^^Ei^ uuja(^th QutnuQp^^iucBr^ihj 

^Q^ss eumurrQeocsr QeuGBort^fr^ ^n-jBi^iry iseaed Q^/rps^r uSesrpQ^ 

139. Those who stady propriety of condact will not speak evil 
even forgetfully. 

«0. Q^GOs^(S^ir Ol^itlLi^ QeuirQpsei) U€\)^pjpna 
fifTfT ued,0/r0Osds(rtLfiB ^p^jriniSsnthj j/f/SeQeOfr^/r/r, cr-jy. 

^€s>euiqLb ji/i^aa tueoafiOfirr Ol-ztlIl. e^m^ih^ ^seodla(^u uium ^^ 

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0/(^0) ^QpsseisQ€tre060!rLh ^Qf^cutrpqr^p Oqr^(^^^^ ^^^puuL-t^for, 

u6w,^Q)tf25iriL|ii>, &pjs^iL - ^pqYfStrv^ssfiiti^ ^jSeBe^trfinir - -gy/zS 

140. Those who know not how ta act ag^reeably to. the world, 
though thej have learnt many thtngti, are still ignorant. 

i9p€8tQutr(rFieir • iSpguoDL^csiLD, ^pth QufTQ^QarGirucBr ^(^Quiu/r* 
QsQjQo/afsTGsifiarQjs/resiS Q^frm(j^/B6Brp^, ^jCBruLo ^^eopQiu Q(bit& 

^gir&^eisr, ^pih QutrQ^GT SG3orL^fnrs€sifi'SoQGOajr(^ir ; GTosrQeu, ^uQu 
9Bi^9DLDiL^ss>u.ujirirLDffLL(B ^pQpih Qurrqr^^LD ^&iSsoQuj6ku^ Qupu 

{Q/s - u - 08) /r,) — i9tpsir - iSpsm^^y Qua'(i^eir/refr-tL.ea)i^ 

sm, ^pih - JffpjarSsOiLiui^ QuffQ^ea - QuirQ^en',^2^\L\th^ msxr 

141. The foUy of desiring her who is the property of another will 
not be fonnd in those who know (the attributes of ) yirtae and (the 
ligbtB of) property. 

e.. ^peirsGDtL. Sar^^ Qetreocotnii i9p&fra€S)L^ 
(uf-GDir.) er^^j — sitldb sirsr^ssruifraLJ u/rot^^^^^ fQar^Q/rSi 

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i^pGiTsasiL^ iBGsr(7j^ft ^.4:^^^rr&> ^rrEiaQ^^tu g)6W'U(z/)Lb ^Lp&Q&srQij jrirsa 

Sji^^ iS&srpekiiQufrei)^ Quanfiiumr - QpL-ir^ ^go - @6U/r. 

142. Among all tbose who stand on ihQ oateide of yirtne, there are 
jjlo greater fools than those who stand outside their neighbour's door. 

flL, ^efHis^frBm Qeupeaeair m^p QflsSlifiirSp 

{^u9(^€s>L^ujQJjriru9(r^fB<sirS^th^ eSefii^trifleir - Q^^^Guifieo iSm 

143. Certainly they are no better than dead men who desire evil 
towards the wife of those \v;ho undoubtingly confide in them. 

Q^ffffGir iSpesBeo LfSGO. 
(uiP^-. cnir^) er-^, — eT^^^s^uQuQf^GSHLe^esn^iuirtT'jSiSii^ ^(n^ojira^ 

^/i^jrekQurroi erdosOfruQuQ^eniiiiLnh ^jj^is^ SjpfODiLQuuuLj^eo Qisrr 

€ueO€0 Q/BiBiB^striu^^ ^Gsri^i^uQurr&> ^tuir^^pSLL uares>uy QtuirQT^Gsun 
LDtUEiQpjpi, QfijTfrcor iSpQeBrdru^Sesr^ flthesiLO ^tL{(Jf^fi iSlpQear&rj^ 

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€snu) ^^ojifLDGOy SpGsr^eo - L9psOi€sr>L^uj Lbdsanuffe^L^^(S^, 

144* However great one may be what does it avail if witbout at 
all cousideriDg his gailt he goes unto the wife of another. 

fiir^ tS^RjffeocSfiBT^fiwr gipuufrek^ LDfnu^GQm/S €T(i^^rrar^Lh fS^fSp 


145. He who thinks lightly of going unto the wife of another ac- 
quires goilt that will abide with him imperishably and for ever. 

iBsGUireiiir iJSGoeSpuuireir sdfr, 
(uiP-€B>ir.) er-^^'^iSipGsr ^eoeorreiraeBar Q/s/SssL^fs^ Q^GOeufrei^i^^ 
^u u€s>siLjth un^Qpiii ^&=^(ipt}y (^u^uuifitLnh sreoTQuih ^i(5frG!r(^ (^^p 

ermQeUj ^Q^^siLou^LD^tp^^eo Qup(7^ih. ^GSi&jiuir^^^ih i3p 
^&^GS>ipQjn'Gsr<£L- ^ppiBi dfupUULLl^^, 

(0;»-u-«D/r.) — g)6v - (i9/D6ir) m^ssT^iSeSi^^Qfl^ ^pi^ 
unesrsciir - Q^Go^QeutreSi^fi^^ ugds uireuih jif^^th ut^(5Tcsr 
KUGSTQUi - uesyaiLjih utrenQpu^ ^^€=Qpih (^t^uuf^tnih er&sf^th 

146. Hatred, sin, fear, disgrace ; these four will never leave him 
who goes in to his neighbour's wife. 

tfr. ^peStUGOir eSeo€iiirifieua Qesr^airm iSp&Siue^irerr 
QumGnu> /sujeuir fsoiGsr* 

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€aruu(BQjfrG!r ^ojQgbt Quj€Bru^frih.' 

(0;5F-LJ.«D/r.) — ^pGfT ^tucu/reir - ^pLcirStu gfojevQunQ 

uQqj/t^^ i9p^^!ueoT6ir - i9psi^9nu.tu eSiu&)i9(oeo (^^oiSUij^Q 
&.if)69>zx>^sN>r®) fSpuQjeit^^ Quearenub • Qum^eiresiiDGDUJy miu 

147. He wbo desires not tLe womanhood of lier who shonld walk 
according to the will of another will be praised as a virtaous hoose- 

«fy. iSlp&(ru>8sifr Qtbirisfr^ QusriremGDin a=trearQ(Ttfiri 
^pQ^^Q(fff euiTGsrp Qeuir(Lpi(^. 

(uff-fi8>T.) CT-^, — iSpeBTLDSssnurrdsfr SLLLQsir&retrfr^ Qutfluj ^esar 
sesi^GSiLD ^fr€OLjGS)i^iun'n'S(^ ^pgnLDirih^ /BjtldiSuj. Q^irQ^saQpLDinhj 

(Q^-u-6»/r.) — i9p€srui3sst'i9p€sr^ui8stfrujir3Bfr, QistristTfl- 

fS(T^LLU^trGuQfl{r&sfQ^^ ^GsrpQeutr(i^^(^ - (Senpii^Gei/irQpidinp 

148. That noble manliness which looks not at the wife of another 
is the virtue and dignity of the great. 

i9pp^S\iuir Qt—frQu^inuir /sirir, 
^seouif ^y>tJa^ Qutr(f^(^GSiL-€s>LD Qp^GQtu^p^esr ^en-eSi^uuL^fr 

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149. Is ifc asked, " who are those who shall obtain good in this 
worid snrronnded by the terror-producing sea P" Those who touch not 
the shoHlder of her who belongs to another. 

CO* ^/naa-aieannuir esroDeo Q^tt9sfUiii iSp^QiSKtnuiteir 

uirojcis^^ Q^iuiLjLDfruSiQULDy ^'QjgpjSf^u tS/cQesreo^dsGSBTfSpu/retr^ 
QuGSBTODLDOSiuj €8(rF^ihuirGS)tDu^skr L^frSesT^ ^^ tbfk^y er-jpim 

(0^-£j-«Bf)/r.)' — jfpeir- (g^^ewcir) jy/D^«D;2r, euorttnuirGsr^ 
Q^iSs^th - Q^tu/Bir^thy (^6w,gQ/«(giJ) i9p&tr6ues}fnutr&r - l9^- 

160. Though a man perform no yirtnons deeds and commil 
(every) vice, it will be well if he desire not the womanhood of her who- 
is within the limit (of the house) of another. 

jifoofiTQj^ atTiresarLCiupjSiurr^io LDi-.cs)Uiaj tri^^eo ^(r^eu^ ^lls^ 

9f>L.ujjrfrjg€0. Qis/SuSe^iBQuj Q^uu^rrGSifru^LD Qutr^&aiQeuessi® Qld&st 
PP^9 g)^ iSlpGfi0O€SlosiLpaj/rG5>LDuSi€srtSlar od^asuulLl^^, 

(uiP-ODiT.) 6r-«^, — ^GffdsGT ^stp6urr€S)fr ^ipirLDp(^iE}(j^ih SgoldQuit 

^ffBQih - (^eE^ifiiruip^ ^indSeirp^ fScMthQuire) - lalSQu/tq)^ fiii^ 
^iL'fiit^dstr^ ®jsfpeuirir - Si^uuojoatr, Qufr^^fleo-Qutrjpifi 

151. To bear witb those who revile us just as the earth bears up 
ikoBe who dig it^ is the first of virtues. 

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flL. Qu!T£»^fB €9pui92s8r Qujofrjp/ lo^Seifr 

(tr.lP-Gnir.) ct-^', — Qurresip is^(^3i60ireOf ^frQiDrr^^/Bp^ ^luGtrp 
snrG)<i^ih iSpr QsFUJ^ iBes>sas>ajLJ Qufrjpids ; ^^dssr ^LLQ&tr&T&rir^ 
^uQufTQ^Q^ mp^^eo Qu^gxt^ ^uQufroipuSiQuui iBGsrjrjif G-j^t, 

CLlGJ^s/refrcirL/LjO^eQew', wp^^^so ^^e^g^uLD fBmQp€^(nr^ir, 

152. Bear with reproach even when you can retaliate ; bnt to for- 
get it will be still better than that. 

€UGff€ifHD iLL^eufriru Quirtnp, 

^(T^s^ajresifT Qtupjp/sQair&retr/r^ /8s(s^^eo' ^^Qu/reo, sueinGsyLDtLfar 
esiisu^^ euarosiLDuutreu^ ji//SeSI&jr€S>LOtufreor iBesisQ^uu^ircsifru Quirjpip 

@o°o^ €T(B^^san-LL(BeucsiU3. ^pesreoeofr^ eSlQ^tBQ^frjrfreo QurrQ^f^ 

(Qfi-u-emir,) — ^circwzfiiLjcir^ siren ld - (6p(^ai£Q;<S(^)*Q/^ 
Q%irmena'Lb&)'\ iSi(^fieotnh\ (^^Qutrtxi) €u&srGSiLi^\L\mekifiT€SiUi-' 

163. To neglect hospitality is poverty of poverty. To bear with 
the ignorant is might of might. 

^. jS^piLf€ini^€S}LEi i§iEJsrrGS)ia Qeucssruf-p Oufres3pu^€B)i_€iDiii 
QuirpjS Qajfr(iLpsLj uQih. 

(uiP-GJ)ir.) er-^j — ^(^oysir ^rre0Lies)u.O5>u[> ^atrffesSGtrjpi SiB)Sfres>LD 

QufTGSipiLiGSiL^tufrp^seo^o^ ^freoiSdodsvQiu^ufirruSipjpi* @fiJ)Q;/5/r6ar 
^^LD Qu tTa^piLfGS)t^€S)LDaj^ QpuLfs eh^puuiLt^^. 

(Q^'U-enrr,) — iSefop^€s>i^af)Lb -(j^O^weir) SGs>poaQi\L\G5>L:^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

164. If you desire that greatness should never leave you preserve 
in jour conduct tbe exercise of patience. 

®« G^jpifB^nesi^ Q{unefst(rrfm GDeuiurrCSir esreuCjui 

(uiP-ODT.) er - ^, — iSlp&sr ^LDS^/i ^iEi(^Q^uj^eijifiu Qur^r^^ 
^q/Srjt ^jpi^^rrGSiiT SjjSeijOs>u.iurrn- ^(n^QuirQF^errrrs ineoT^^&Qsrr&rkitnrtT; 

fBu^jUu Ouir(n^u)eo ^euSsar^y /S€Artf.^^€kiGSifr^ ^^«^«^<^-, 

156. (The wise) ♦ill not at all esteem tbe resentful. They will 
esteem the patient just as the gold which they lay up with care. 

QufTGBTJpitE ^ZeSSflLILb Lf^ffi, 

fi(^i@uSl(i^S(^ih QumjuuS&fTuuD, ^^fTFLDfrSiu s^eosu) Qu/resrjDu l^^q^ld 


166. Th^; pleasure of the resentful continues for a day. The 
praise of the patient will continue until (the final destruction of) the 

Digitized by 


^0 «rO «JSr-zi>. «5y^. Qun€Sipl\G5M^GSiW, 

(uiP-«)if.) €T'^y — Q^iuiu^^srrfs QsfrL^iuajpeByp^ ^^siLtSpir 
fi.Lb0)Lo QpuLfihasiUi, ^€Brufi^p(^ Q/sfr^GOfreu^ - ^^fi.a)6B}u>— Qoj/B 

^SefT^ fi&ff - fiGsrcSi^^^y i9pir-iiipp€uir^ Q^uja9£iuth-Q6FiUj^9' 
Omirii^ - QjQ^iB^, ^p^^eoeo - ^pu>GOisoirfiQ^iueomSefr^ Q^oj 

157. Though others inflict iDJaries on yon, yefc compassionatiag 
the evil (that will come apoh them) it will be well not to do them any 
thing contrary to virtue. 

(uf - CRT.) er^^f-^iLGjr^QsFQ^ssrreo ^dism ^tuQjpesip^ Qa^nu 
^/rcB>/r^ ^rrih ^ih(tp€S)u.tu QufrcDpiuirar QQjGfrjpi€D(Bsy cr-^. 

^irQpih ^Q;/r'S6Z»r 0iu€upG5ips^ Qs^tu^ '^^/reo/rj^ Qu/roipiu/rar 

168. Let a man by patience overcome those who through pride 
commit excesses. 

^. ^P^fB^Bp ^^tUGOLb ILfGDl^OJ ftp i/B Iff SUIT 

(uiP-a>ir.) eT'^y^-^§ieoQjri^aes>sasGzr /BesrQpiL^ih ^pfB^irirQufr 
QufTjp/LJueuir, cr-jpi. 

Digitized by 


159. Those who bear with the unconrteouB speech of the insolent 
are as pure as the ascetics. 

«0- &^mr^^^ Qmirpuirn^ QuiBuji' t9pirQ^nr&>^ 

Oiuu Qutrjryuufrir ereoGOfnf)§^ih Qu^iuit • ^euir Quifiajjrfreu^ ^ihGsunu 

i^pfT - ^jSeQeo/r^fnr. Q/BrrGdfrG!)LDaQa^6ufr@uj ^(i^€u€G)SuupQ(n^(Bi 
SofQp Qctrpp^€Br^ ^Gtr^.^Q^fT Q^putriflptSlein'QeorGirdT^ir. ^oa^aSjr 

fiOil®, Q.'6irpuinT'(fitiesiLD^€(f}L^/6fi(SmfrGDfUu) Quajpiuueui^ Qu 
Hiuff - (^ereo^tnU^Ui) QuBojeujrireutriri (^jifeuir Quiflajeujnreujp^ 
i9pr - mppoiir^ Qa:/r&>£fi/th - (^thssHu^) Q^F/reo^^ih^ ®g5t@<f 
Q^a-Gi'Qwj^iimLJuQ^Q^frpsSBir^ QiBirpufrSi^iS^ - Quirjpiu 

160. Those who endure abstinence from food are great, next to 
those who endure the uncourteoas speech ot* others. 

^(ST'ih- c5/^ — ^(Lpi^fr(rfif^es)LD. 

i^oDir^^rrih, ^^Q^rreo i3iasr^(L^sa»rrp^s>p^ Q^ajujfr€B>LDQujGn-gpjih Qurr 

(n^osuLQiuGBT iBmp^. ^uGu(r(i7^GSiLDiLjix> Qufr€S>ps^ LDjpjjsSsoturr^BeQtxrj 
Q^Bssr eSeod^^p^ ^^ QuiroDpu^oii^eeiLDuSianS&ir GDtsus&uuLiL^^'* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

6vl/l7l1£^) ^wia^^€sr^^ Mjp/M^-6Ui£luir^f Q&tr&rs-Q^tTeir 

161. Let a man esteem that disposition which is free from envy in 
the same manner as propriety of conduct, 

^(L^a&trjpi ueaseuir u^mL^ih ^ifiajjbu/rp Qpearunir, tutTn-LDtTiL^ua 

[Qfi - Li - 69)/r.) — ojir/TiLfTLLQui - ujrreuiBi^^^Lb^ ^Q^iairp 
(e^d^Qjeir) Qu£iieufr^a9&fr, 6Q(LpuQujbjiS&ff-{LDppeuairQujpith^ 

162. Amongi&t all attainable excellencies there is none equal to 
that of being free frpm envy towards others. 

^L. ^p^dsLb Qeuemi^ir^fT Qssrmufrssr i9ip^isih 

iSIp^ Q^FGOQjiEissGirL. eujfi S\^p<^ s^Qjeurr^ ^Q^s&irpGSip^ Q^iu 

Q^UUnSeor ^CBT3>Q& qf^lDITLD GTGSrU^(rLD, 

163. Of him who instead of rejoicing in the wealth of others 
envies it it will be said " he neither desires virtue nor wealth." 

Qem^sth uQu/ri sfSm^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

lutra ^^QieDL^turr/ff ^^^Qe/Stutreo ^uiaQ(rF^a>u)u9gpnB ^osruih o/(m^^u 
fia^ Sdser^fi^ih^ Q6Fireo^^^uDj Q^iu^^uarua, 

€0^ ^&>Q)€S}€u-^pih^€oeoirfies>Qi6iSBa', Q^iuttJirir-Q^iuiU!rfr^eir, 

164. (The wiae) knowing the misery that comes firom transgression 
wi|} not through envy commit nnrighteoos deeds. 

(uf -env.) cr.^y — ^Q^BStrjpi u€Dsaim/r ^tfiisjpB Qs(B utuuu^ 
^<Br^tf«S«sr^ jf^eu(i^safrjpis8>L^ttJfr&a(Qu uoia^tr Q^mi^ir^ Qa(Butu^ 

m^pp(^Qijgly (^^^eoirdo) e^esiu.tutra'i(^ - (^^uQutrQ^esyinGatu) 

165. To those who cherish enTj thai is enough. Though free from 
enemies that [envy] will bring destruction. 

Ar. Q^iiQuu /BQfiisjpiuuirGfr mpp QpQuuj^wL, 

(uf-eDV.) cr-^^ — 90Q/6or iSpirs^a Qatr(Buu^€aramr siQ^^&^p 

hfu upfiu Qutrqr^eDUiQa'UJfieo, drppeiQs(BQui€arQeu, ji/ojeifr Qs(B Q^rr 
eD«>/rc»u)QttJ QupuuiLu.^. iSpirGujpi Qutr^€S>LD pearQupcapQiu ^€or 
fiji fiororppp^ear Qup/SBBtsriLjU) §iipLJi9a(^QL0€Brupmh» 

(O/s-u-cw/T.) — QairQuujp - (SJO*"®®') i9pira(^&Qsir(S 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

166. Ho who is envious at a gift (made to another) will with his 
relations uttei.Iy perish destitute of food and raiment. 

II f 

9€s>ffL-6QL^^Q^) Qufr(7r^&nuitLies)i^(jueu3sor^ QB^djiueuetr-^Q^w^eir^ 

167. Lakshmi envying (the prosperity) of the envious man wiH 
'depart and introduce him to her sister. 

^iLfifi mu^^ €fl®a). 
(uiP-6»[r,) 67 - ^, — ^QpsAfrQpGfrjrfi Q^rreoeauuLLL^ ^uiSlsoeon-jg 

Qa(B^^/b Q^rr(B€s>LDU/b^) ^Qpas/r/b/S^saru un'eSIQuj&n-(^n-^ Qam^tuir 

168. Envy will destroy (a man^s) wealth (in this world) and drive 
him into the pit of fire (in the world to come.) 

<9». ^^eSfiu QiB^^^^fT ^^mQp^ Qs'eneSiuirm 

Digitized by 


^^QfGS)i—ujjrfreo ^^pQ^^eutrQiu uip^^sofvunQ^m^ ^jrnujuu^^G^ekf 
Sdsff^SLju(BQLDeBr(^ir: ^^^ihesiias^-Q^iu^ecr iu(T6st^ fB6oGi9-SR>T — iqihG^LDU 

QufTtB^^^^ ereorSoasr&eiuuLLu. euirp/Ba,, 

169. The wealth of a man of envious mind and the poverty of the 
ngfateoas will be pondered; 

170. Never hive the envions become great : never have those who 
are fi*ee from it been without greatness. 

«c^-LD. cJV^ — Gs3Jo**o<35/r63DLD, 

&aci ^ppQLD&^pp(i^y @o*o^ ^Qpssfr(rr/es)LDu9&n-LS}6sr G^iju^&uuL-:—^* 

(uiP-ewfr.) ST-^y — iSpirs(^if)uj6Br Qsfrt^eo /bld&(^ ^p^^^QpGsr 
-Sff^Goj^o^^^eo ^Qjek^L^esiius QsL^4^Q<Fiu^^ ueo(QppiBi&2snmh ^u 

(Ql^CSiOJ GUOTJ^J^Qa^lil^ UC0fS6CreS>LDlLILh uiu^c^ih ^aJ60Ljup/8j Qq>o% 
«3sBr(«ru/r/r, €€mQufr(n^err Gtsuo^QQesTG^QptT, Qu freer pQei'^u^ Qun^ir 

Digitized by 


GnujiOsG^^^ (^ppQpLD'Ueo(^ppiB3aZeiriLiihy ^laiQa-^uQuir 

171. If a man departing from oqnity covet the property (of otliers), 
at that very time will his family be destroyed and gnilt be incurred. 

SL. u®uuj^ QeuooQu uifiuu(B€^ Q^iufUiri 

(uiP-ODT.) €T'jp, — tSp^Qu/Td^Bsir QojeireS^ei) ^lds^ eu(TpfUy utuSsnT 
fi90Lbt9^ «gy^ QQjea'Qf^p(QU utfiuSi^SGkrQGzr u(B^Q^uJGisBsn^ Q^uj 

ueuir - ^^SrQeuirt, (^i9ptrQuir(^Zstr ^uaS\uu^^Q&>)^ u® 


172. Those who blash at the want of equity will not commit dis- 
graceful acts through desire of the profit that may be gained. 

iLpfSeiruih QfuamGl ueuirj 
(uiP-€»ir.) er-^ j-^tSip Quired Oojor^tu Oufr^vrfred ^rrih enu^ih 

Qeu€fkr(Sl ueuir,'' gjS^&uueunr^ &jpi ^Gtruih - (iSjpflt^/iQfl jfu 
^pueQekufl€9i/B, QeuooQ-eS^n^thiQ, ^pGir^eoGO - j^pmioeotr^ 

173. Those who desire the higher pleasures (of heayen) will not act 
unjustly through desire of the trifling joy (in this life). 

Digitized by 


(uiP-anir.) cr-^^ — lutrih qj/Siu Qu^mjpi SQf^^ ^^ ^trfi/bOuir(i^iL 

§}€Oih crarj^^eujSQujfrth creirjff i88sar/s^f 06U9o^^i\>Q^tuuj/ri- 
[^ffi^irfipQuirQ^L.(Blu tSp^Quirq^iea) eQq^thL/^eo Q^tuiuirn-, 

174. The wise who hare coDqaered their senses and are free from 
crime, will not ooYet (the things of others), with the thought ** we are 

0«u ood QeafSiu 0^u969r 

(uiP-conr.) er-^f — jpm^piruj ereosdirjprGOseBgnui Q^arp fith 
infill sr^sBTutu^fifltrth, QufrQf^dsirtSQ^ihiSl luireuirinfrLLQth ^/SQ€Ufr(B 

tutrfrui/ril.(BLD Qqj/Suj Q^tu^eiiroj^ ^ssirn-LDinL^th ^srr^frirLDfriL 
(Bid §jifili6fi€8rQnh si^fueBroiih (ip/geSajear Q^iu^eo, jif/ScSlp^Lj uujor 

176. What is the advantage of extensive and accnrate knowledge 
if a man throngh covetonsness act senselessly towards all. 

Qutreoeoir^ @tfii QsQih. 

(uf^flDT.) €r-^,— jy06V/rdai ^pji€si^eS(rf^dDi3 ^^p^QjifiiunQtu 

^p Qe/Ssdeir craartsar^ Qa(Bth, «r.jy. 

§l€0edpQe/Siu/r€O ^/Sof Qp^irtB^tfituGdes^ ffipsauui^ireniLuSar y 
^fiSsfrfi ^p^p^^p(^ ^QpGtr(rj^ir* Q«®^«o - ^jressrL^pQp^ Qs^jr 
^iP^/ged. ^tjpi^ ^^isBonurrQesr Q^(BQu>earQ^y Qriu^iTpQ&(B^eQ QsFfrei 
••TGDtoCoj QupuuiLL^ffi ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^BiScsreuGST, OuirQ^evrOeut^oS - (ji9f[ji)QuirQf^isaS^LLi9, Qua So 

176. If he, who throngb desire of tie virtue of kindness abides in 
the domestic state, i. e. the path in which it may bo obtained, covet (the 
property of others) and think of evil methods (to obtain it), he will perish. 

Lt^n&ssTL—p aX^fibtrtii uiuasr. 
(uf-fl»fr.) er^^f — tSprQun-QFi^srr ^ojir^sQanearQ ^^^eofrQasrp 

(^Qfl-u-emtr,') — QeuooQ - (^iSprrQuiTQ^Zerr) eQ([i^Lti\9i6i0mfr 
QeneiffL^pds - Qeusfisri^n ^(Tf^d^ds^L^eu&fT^ eGlSstreutiSsk - (^i9dn) 

177. Desire not the gain of covetousness. In the enjoyment of its 
fruits there is no glory. 

^. ^^oosiTGntD O^Qoeu^^ SiuirQ^eofiGfr QeuoostirstniD 

QeuGSsrQijb iQpeyr&DSu Qutr(Q&r, 
(liiP-gski.) 67-^^-— ^(T^c/tfco uyfrBso^^nQtu Q^&oeu^^pt^^ &r(Tf^ia 

(0^-u~Gn/r,) — Q6FeoQJ;i^p(^ - (^^€S)pi^QufrrB fl&ffGnui 

^nffGsstu)^ tijir^ieresfloir - er ^Gai&rjpj (e^Q^eusir) ^[riru9&try 
(^Jff^i^i9p^-Ltipffsipfun&r, QdumCblLb^eS^t^LDLjUi, evysuQuirQf^StT" 

178. If it is weighed " what is the indestructibility of wealth/* it 
is freedom from covetousness. 

Digitized by 


Si^i-^p^iTEi^h^^ — siTeoQpLDy §jus^LDy Off^GjeSiLjih (jt/D^eo/ToSlcBr* 

(Qfi-U'GDtr.) — ^pesT^fSm^ - (@#) ^pQssresrpjS/E^, 
Gautuireaar^ ^0 - ^(jhUiA^^ ^p&r^cSis^ - (^fresr Q^k^p^^tr 

179. L^shmi knowing the manner (in wbicli sbe may approach) 
Trill immediately come to those wise men who, knowing that it la .yirtue, 
covet not the property of others. 

AO. ^peS SPi Qui&sfT^)^ QeiJooS&jr eSpeff^LD 

(uf.QDir.) er-^j — iSiar eSI^&j^/Sliuir^ ^(rT^eueer iSpekQu/TQf^^ 
QojmwASQ^^^y ^SAQ^^^ «sya,'g5/ff@ §)jpj^eB)iuu utud^ua • ^uQu/r 
(jf^hr QojessrL^/rssyLDQujGjrgpjf^ Q^eoeuth Qeup/Boiiuu utua^uyj €T-jpi, 

uasi&iLfLD utreuQpih Qu(rF^&si^Qsr ^pe^^QiOGsr^Lhy sfuQufr(m2sfr 
QQiakL^tLipsoQeufriTUjn'eijesyfnLjisi ^tJ^LJu(B^^eS€sr ^pe^g^uQioeur^Ei 6k./Q 

6r«ar^a)6U, QckiooSieir - {^i9p&trQ uirQ^derr) eS^LDL^eurr^S^iry 

Gay sir /_/f CD LD<sr 637^2/ a>Q<SF0«(g - (^jifuQun-Q^Sstr) eQqf^iJiUnesiiLi 
Qiuarspj^ ®^eoekiuMresr^j eSpev - Qwp/Sesnu, ff^th - ^Q^th, 

180. To covet (the wealth of another) regardless of conseqaencos 
will bring destmction. That greatness (of mind) which covets not will 
jfive victory. 

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181. Though oue do not even speak of yirtne and live in sin, it 
will be well if it be said of him " he does not backbite." * 

^- ^P^^i^® ujeoeoeneu Q&^i^eSp fSQfl 
L/pesT^^u Quiriu^^ ««d«. 

(uiP-«nfr.) er-^, — ^pQeareoru^ ^eor/Sleo^Qujesr ^i^^^^Q^ir 

A.pifi^^ Sjr€tfiG5>pQja)aujirp Qs/r&ra, ^i^^^eo^efiiesitu&Q&trped* 
LdS^p^eo^ ^peir^^^^ - ^pQGfTGfruO^ireirjSeoSBoQujGfT ^tfi/i 

182. To smile deceitfully (in another's presence) after having 
reviled him to his destruction (behind his back) is a greater evil than 
the commission of (every other) sin and the destruction of (every) 

(uiP . ODir.) er-^. — 'Slp^^ sir^^oji^ ^stpc^a>/rjs^s 

^ff>s>LD - ^ ooQ^f^i^ IS ^ tr rr m^esoDS a east ertu^ui uiUGfr, ^pui^^(^Quujir, 
(O^ - u- €fnir,) — Lfpia&^/S - i9p8sfir^sfr^jge9u.^Q^ ^« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

lL-/ru>6u) fi.tt9/r6fl®^eU, («^61/.gQ/<S(^) ^piEJ6ix,Jpjlh - fiQ^Lbjpffio 

183. Death lather than life will confer upon the deceitful back- 
biter the profit which (the treatises on) virtue point out. 

QoDQj QptBrjptuirLlL^n-gpiua LfpEish-p/Slear^ Qsfr(BeB>Ln sh^puuiLL^^^ 

^p-fiiriL&esSoj iSeoeomneOy 04F/r6U69,ga/zi)-0<f/r63r® j^ii, Qp&r 
QiQ^ia ^pp^GfifB QiBtr&^iTfB Q^/TGuSa), Q^ireocops - Q^ireo€\)ir 

184. Though you speak without kindness before another's face, 
speak not in his absence words which regard not the evil subsequently 
resaltisg from it. 

uekesitDiUtrp ssiressru uCSlth^ 
(uiP-6B>T.) cT^^^"^L^p^Q^iT(30^Qjfr^ 6^(56i/6cr ^p^BST /5€vrOparjp/ 

^Qjor L^p^Q^fT^o^^p^s sfTirszfLDtreor LoesruL^eisrosyLDtufrQeBr ^f£luju 

{QjS'U'Cnir.^ — (^Lfpii&ix.j^QeuirQ^Q^€UGir ^pii mesrQp&ir 
^f^iQ^ireo^^p^ ^PPj Ois^^^fitrGir ^Gstesitn - iDesr^GSifi 
i-jpiidk.jpiflP(^s^frsressruifrSlujy Lf&jrsiDunuireo - (i/jcstij) LjGSfcsiu^ 

186. The emptiness of that man's mind who (merely) praises vir- 
^^e \yill be seen from the meanness of reviling another behind his back. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^p^QpifiiSjp e^pu uQld, 
(uiP-€»ir.) cr-^, — ulpQ^(r^^€sr uifiesiuj ^euGfri^pji^e ^^jpao 

^p an.puu(Bthf er-jpt. 

LfP^Q^esru^ ^^sirsr^/SirpQupQr;ih. g)^ oiQ^QeBrpotp/Sp^th 
^S(j^th, ^p€ifr-^(^Quiuir, ^drdesru L^p(SiSh,/SujQjrr^ QsiLL^nar ^ss^fi 
tuirpi^ ^Qiaj6irsudr/S jtfOjG^p/s^ ulJB eJ88fftLji^p^^€BrQjrr@(u utfi^^Bn 
iBiTi^ er^Qfr Sn-jpiLD/rseSary ^pesrQpifl/B^ dft.puu(BQLDair(n^ ir* 

{Qfi-U'esiir.) — i9p&srutfi - i9pQ^(i^€^i€ST^uifies>fu^ ^^ 

Qpes}L^aj€s>eus8eir, Qfiiflijp-^jra'iLji^^ ^n-piJuQih - («iyQi(g)C6u) 

186. The character of the faults of that man who pablishes abroad 
the faults of others will be sought out and published. 

QpuL^LDODLD €Siarrjr^^irpQ(n^asjp» Qse^eDtru^th tS^uuQ freer psm^ 

^j;)i^QujGfrp/S^eOm '^su^iL\iBL^iQ^p(n^eisr Q^frrrsfi€srmr€Si&^^ er^Lft^u 
QurrGO^ Q^p(i^Gf>LD ^areSpsartuinu SiGsrpjfim Lipeiah^jpiQjtrirs^ uj/ro/^Lb 

uGSisajfrsuQfTGjru^ &Qr^^^* 

(^fiLbjgi) erpp^flirGDiriLjih^ i9i5iiJun'-i9i{iajuuGifr^ifQta'. 

187. Those who know not to live in friendship with amusiDg 
conversation will by back-bitiog estrange even their relatives. 

QfreirSssrQsir Qeo^eoiri u^iriL®, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

r^9 (^ppQpih - (^pp^€S}piLfthf ^irpjpiui - (^^euGDiri 6iir^)js 


188. WLat will those not do to strangers whose nature leads them 
to pablish abroad the faults of their intimate friends ? 

(uf-cnir.) cr-^y — tSipir fSeiQeorojeo'^ urrir^jp ^ojirui^^jscofr 

vars spLDrrojO^eBTS S(tr^^u QuirjpisQsarpffiQutr^LOf er-jifi* 

ereiedtrotpoDpiLjU} Quirjpippeo ^ludoufraSgpith^ S«^ Quirjpi^pps^ 

uiriLi^/rggih L{pisi^»^jpiQjirir6i Qadjffiia t^ppth en-puuiLi^^. 

^Qentresr^j Quirenp - (&.c:-/d) uirjrfiiODfB, Goeututh - ^lSiuit 
Jiptnir§u(3/s&frjp! ^isBTjsjp^ ^pj^isjQsireo - »iniQmp^Qu!r 

189. The world through charity supports the weight of those who 
reproach others observing their absence. 

«0, Q-^cv/r/f (^ppihQu/rp pik^ppii airessrSptSp 

(uf - GDT.) er-^j — ffT^ciirGSifru LfpiE!SfL.jpiQjirir ^^p^ ^ojir^p 
/DostrgpiLDtrjpiQurreoLj Ljpis^^pedfrQuj ^iEi(^pppeB)^iLjiEi srrGoreueoeojrfr 

LJU) g)o>25U Q\uuscujsi QiBirdQ ^iSttrd^^p ^^esarQi^/r Qeu^jpiB ^h^fi^ir. 
®/S^p LjpB&fi.pQQr^t^fip(Q ^urrtuei dh^puuilL,^, 

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Lbeh^Lb^uSir^^ - {^Qjjr^) (S2eoQupp ft-oS/r^g, ^jp - (cw(5 
QjQ/BirQ^) ^GSTuihy e^mrQi^n 

190. If they observed their own faults as they observe the faults of 
others, would any evil happen to men ? 

Qutnu ^p/s^mrsseoeo^ e^^^Ssoiurrss st^tueorrsiiresyLDuSiGir, ^ooO^rrifi 
^^i ^^Qifrjj^^irjTfrp si^ujuu(Bih ^dssrQpGsrp^eir^ &(B(^Q^ned ^etSoj 
fip fiir<SL ao 60 f r§p nhj ^pds(r LipiB6fu.(»/esiLDUjnsuLDf eSeo&Q^ /SGirp uujei^&} 

«. uioeoirir QpeSiuu uiue^eo O^/reu^o/zr 

(uiP-685iT.) er " ^y — Ji//S€ifcsiu.iumr ueOQFfE) QslL® Qgjjpiuuu utu 
€ificoQjfr@djQ^frpaddP&^ Q^rreo^Qjrm ercoeoiTFtrQuih ^stpuu(BuDf er-jp/. 

uQih - ^synLjuQeufresr. 

191. He who to the disgust of many speaks useless things will bo 
despised by all. 

^> Ufue^eo UGoeoirirnpp Qe'treoeo €STuesfl€i> 

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192. To speak useless things in the presence of many is a greater 
eril than to do unkind things towards friends. 

(uf-cnir.) €T - ^, — uuj€^soQjfr@iu Ou/r^cirfi&rr ^(^a/ear ^^^^ 

193. That conversation in which a man utters forth useless things 
vill saj of him " he is without virtue." 

umri9eoQs^irp ue\)e\iir jrs^^. 
U£SSL\ — ^etfienLctqua QunuLDGSiLLfLjUi Qp^eomu Q^/rp(^€svisis&r, 

194. The words devoid of profit or pleasure which a man speaks 
will, being inconsistent with yirtue, remove him from goodness. 

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(QfB^u-GDtrJ) — u(L/«irg)60 - utuGsHeocoir^Qs^irpsSBtr^ Miesan 

195. If the good speak vain words their eminence and exoeUenoe 
will leave them. 

«r. LliueSeoQ^irp uirjr/riL® &J/rSssr iLsOGsresreo 

(u(P- ODir.) er-^^ — uiuet^eoeoir^ Q^rrpshxru ucoa/rggite^ O^/rebj^y 
^irBsar mssQsn'arjp/ Qj^/re^&ops^ ldss^lL u^Qireorjpt Q^treo^s, cr-jpi, 

QoDQj ^jpiufriLL^trgfiiih uiuG^eoeo/rjsQ^rrpsdsiT^ Q/F/reJ^^eQdr (^ppa 

(Q /s-u-ODir ^ — utueoT^eoQdFrreo - uiueafieceoirfiQ^trp&Seir^ 

196. Gall not I^ a man who parades forth his empty words. Call 
him the chaff of men. 

(uiP-6»(r,) cr.^,— /f^Cttj/r© ui^irfiQ^trpssdsir^ ^iTmQ(n^ir Qs^irasr . 
^jrirvSi§^ui^ ^oo^^LmLfih j ^euir uiu€tfi€oaip€S)p&= Q^rreoeo/rGsnnQu/Seir^ 

Qffirei^gnQLDearQoj, O^/r®)60/ra>a> QupuuiLi^^. /stuedleDQip/S 
Spiih uiueifieo ^luOojekufifrih* 

(Q/5-u-6B)/r.) — ^trekQ^^r - ^fSeqanL^Qajira-, maj€argl&) - 

Q^ireo^s - Q^ireoeo^siL^eua' ; uium^eo - utueSeoeotrfB Q^irp 


197. Let the wise if they will, speak things without excellence ; it 
will be well for them not to speak useless things. 

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Q-O'ih, «^^. uiu€SeoQ&^!reo0dtr€SiLb. ^«r Sy 


198. The wise who seek after rare pleasures will not speak words 
ibai bare not mach weight in them. 

J\jji'(^ppiiipp [^uifldr/ifiunT8ajQeu€ifrpui^l^ sunL&tueuar^i^jQ 
^tBonijODL^Qiuirir^ QuirQ^err^iri^ - ufueSeoiSiiSiiu QstrpsSetTy 

199. Those wise men who are without faults and are freed from 
igooraiice will not even forgetfully speak things that profit not. 

tfO. Q^rr^S^^ Os^trt-aeBp ufussa^^t^tu Q^Fireoedpm 
(uf-QDir.) GT ' ^y''-^.*prrpse^putug[iiGSiL^iu Q^irps^^ Q^frea 
Q^ireoGQG&ff^u^ ^(r^oji^u^th iBesisiuirSgniby Qff^irpQutrQr^LLiSiem^ 

(0^-Lj-«D/r.) — Q^ireoeSeo - Qs^frpA&UCSeo^ utu^e^€s>u.uj^ 

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200. Speak what is nsefal, and speak not useless words. 

^plujfr€B)u>tu/r€ir ^'^dr^QrrGsr^m ^u^^tr, 

{Qfl-u-esyir.) — ^gQ Sear er git spjtiiQ^fms^ - ^^dsarQaj€xrj[^ 

QuhQeoirHr, ^^Sreuir - uiuuuQcui', 

201. Those who have experience of evil deeds will not fear, but the 
excellent will fear the pride of sin. 

^u9spi tn^^u u(dth. 
(uiP-65)T.) cr-^,— ^esr^SsBTULo uiu^^^sos S(rf)^&= Qs^iuiljjb fseQ^ 

iSl/SlOfifTQ^sfroo^^ih tSl^SQ^fTiT^Q^uj^^uo iS/SQ^rr(t^L^thL3gii^ 

202. Because evil produces evil, therefore should evil bo feared 
more than fire. 

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IL. ^fSeQ^ QerT&>ei>rri ^isnQiuGtru ^lU 
^2soajinu jtf/SQwesrjpf Q^/reo^Qji- /BeoOeotrir, jsihasoD^ Q^jpiQjiriTUimL 

QejG8r(BQiLaru^ ^n^puuiLL-^, 

€f^u - €reirj)tQ^/reo^euir (/56u(?ev/r/r). 

203. To do no evil even to enemies vriU be called tie cMef of all 


eSsBTj g)Q/68r tSputp.giiuy ^ps&i^^&r Qppu(BQLDGa'u^ QupuuiLL-^. 
ssiujifiQ^ihsQSssreiDUJ, Lbpi^Lb-UipiBflfrSi^uiy ^ifip^-erestsT^) 

2M. Even through forgetfalness meditate not the rain of another. 
Viiiue mVL meditate the ruin of him who thus meditates. 

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,.0 ^0 CL.«-a). jy^. J^emcssriu^'a'iD^ 


SGsrenm '^e.crr^ QiSLt&rgpuSias>mLf6isr(B^^ ereku^^^Lii/Ss, Lopj^ - ^es>^ 
/fiSsu. g)6oOLD63r^ ufTt— QiDfr^eufTQ^ Qparir, QurrQf^etrrrdr Qj/SiuQcaresrd 

QtuQ^sT&a-jp/ SSssT^jp, ^lUGoeu - (^^ ^ir fBpQuir q^iL®^) 

205. Commit not evil, saying, " I am poor:" if you do, you will 
become pooref still. 

^. ^uuireo fiir6iri9pirstL Q^ujiups QiBJiLJUuireo 

adsiT/i fiiTGsr iSipiTinirL-(B6^ QiFiutuirQ^/ri^ay er-jp/. 

(0^-u-CD/r.) — Q/siruuLiufrso - jfieiru^Qstuu^ui u^fScoiu 

206. Let him not do evil to others who desires not that sorrows 
should pursue him. 

(0^-(j-6»/r.) — €r2ssruuGDSs.p(^(r^tii - ereueaenekf QuHtu 

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207. ^However great be the enmity men have incnrred they may 
still live. The enmity of sin will incessantly pnrsue and kill. 

^fi®P 0&®^p(Q ^QjGDLniurrsQ ^GSiiruurrQr^Qpeirir. «^oo^ cczo/r ^gst 
QpGffup5p(Q ^t^djGDpiB^ /fitpa) ^mdesr tSiuts^p Qpetr^^ ^turr^tp. 
qasipid^pQp&srp um^Qui siflajirSp^y* Gmeo Siuir^ iSarQ^dirpQ 

208. Destruction will dwell at the heels of those who conmiit evil 
even as their shadow that leaves them not. 

(uiP-QDir.) er-^j — ^^o/eor, ^earSsar^/grr^ airbed Q^iu^eo £.CB)L.aj 

^eBdesFtiirSuj i9ifieQ spirit, erSsar^^ ^Gsrjp/Lo - erduenenekf SfSuj 
Q^irar€S)p tuffvQss^ih, ^osiesfprn - {^pSii^^Qfi) Q^iutuir^Q^as 

209. If a xnon love himself, let him not commit any sin however 


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slLQj^ot^h iSlp/TLDinL®^ ^eSISssrs^.9: Qriuajassr^uSl&ir, ^euSssr ^if)^fr 
Qiu OsLLG5yL^iLjes>L^tu Qesr&ru^/Ssj €T'jpi» 

L^&rer L^&Tc^ QeOGH-^ij^ 6Sltu€ar(^eirLD^^ €T€aru^QufreosQs/rara, ^ip. srecr 

Quirstru^GO QmiLi^ eaifiu9pQuinu, ^gQSsbt - ^eOSstfraSsn-^ Q^iLi 
luirdrereiAeifr - (SpiHi^flQ^) Qs^djaJir^vS&r^ ^(fj^iiQ^L^eir ereir 

210. Know ye that he is freed from destruction who commits uo 
evil, goiug to neither side of the right path. 

■ ! *«■«: ; ■ 

^9ofliTQj^ ^eQse€B>L-uSiSBar tu/Sis^ Qff^tujgeo. e,eos ibgs)l^ Cq/^ 
iKfiDL-Cu/rco ^pjpr0O£B^&r &n.puu(Bei/^€ifr/S^ ^frQiDSf/£ffB^ Q^iLitLi/B^Gsr 

fieStjr/s^^euGfr ^fu/S^o", gjs^^Qs^tuiuji ^(^Qiejrojjbjpt&r eri^&Seisrpesr 

«• GSi^ubu^tr^ (SeueArL^tr sl^uuitQ LotnULDiriL 

(uif-cmnr*) cr^^^^^fsuys^ Sir s,fiai@&rp Qm&ik&GSlcilt^^^ ^tSitr 
/Ear crsfrcBraDSihLDfrjr^ Qa^ajtufrSarpcar. ^sco/resr^ ^ihQuysiBisarQuireii> 

erdn^pjpiQLoeirp eS)^ tuir^ih ^^(^ erm^u^ Q^nGsrp /SppeS^^ 
Qi^GTgiiih QuiuffirG&r QupuuLLi^ja* Q^uuGuirjr^ Q€UGaBrL^trG^LDGs>iuS^ 

^irjr^esifs^ ^pjpiih - Q^tujpeu^^Seirpcar [^c^&tjmu^ Q^iuS&r 
p€ST€9eo80oQuj^pui^;2 {^fleoiro)) ai^uuirQ - (^jfihQu>aeis&r 

211. Benevolence seeks not a retom. What does the world give 
back to the cloads ? 

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212. All the wealih acquired with perseyerauce by the worthy is 
for the exercise of beuevolence. 

QiuiruLjaeQ esreoeo i9p, 
(uir-flDT.) cr-^, — OjseuQ^GOs^^LD ^dj^aoe^^th ^uLfjreuQutrGO 

FFQjiTQ^th ^puirqiF^iSiarjS crdooo/rQ^ih e^Q^^droDLoaj irrr^c9dry l^^Q^ 

gfi8raj)a)H9«r, g)a/fi/®)i5^^ jiffflfltFuSipj». QuppstflQ^cer^i/ uiri^Quifr^u 
Qujpi^p^d AtrffatT LD/flQ^eir jpiODiruufrQ^Qpeinr^ @o>q/ npearjpiuinL 

Keoffi>a)Qnua'Suj^ i9p''Qeis^Q^\ueom9s(r^ Qupeo-Qu^fieo^ ^fi^-* 

213. It is difficnlt to obtain another good equal to benevolence 
either in this world or in that of the gods. 

^fii^ Qo'iu^irar; 41/0%^/Si^ Q^uuiufr^^^ ii.S(r^es}L^ujQjQ€sr ^i^§piU), 
Qff/i/Sir(i^ar ^q^qj^ss aQF^^uu^ih^ gt-jt^, 

e.aS/flar ^jS^^ Q^uj^ssi sfr^aDinuSidr, Qa^^^trQ^&r aaeus^uuQ 
^^L^^fidrOpsBTu^ eh^puuilL.^. 

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214. He truly lives who knows (and discharges) the proper dntiea 
(of benevolence.) He who knows them not will be reckoned among the 

®. nmQjf^si^ Sa-Sissipi fipQp tueoseuBTLD 

iiirMenpn^trpQufr£^Ui, CT-jfy. 

OeoppuuiLi—^* uir^QuiTsir^ Q/st^^Scirjpi ^reoeofrirdi^u} OojearQ 

tLiresr^, Mi^£iesipmfB^ ^pjpi - SSi^eo iSeiDpts^jstQuirs^ih^ 

215. The wealth of that man of eminent knowledge who desires 
to exercise benevolence approved of by the world, is like the fall waters 
of a city tank. 

<«r. UiUGSTiLjr QpefffGt^iu uagflflpQffp Q^reoQi 

(uiP-ODir.) GTm^y — Q^FeoQjih ^uL^jrOiiQ^iuQjrr&ir seasrQessr uSinfr 

^cSi^^Qfl, usueir - utpmjrGfr^^ uQ^flfija^pjpi - U(ipfifi/rp 

216. The wealth of a man (possessed of the virtue) of benevolence 
is like the ripeniDg of a fmitfol tree in the midst of a town. 

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fi[f\U^ fiUUr^ LDjr^CS)^ ^i^LDj €T'JPI. 

&GSf(rrf^eiiy aneo^^frar Q^jpiuiLi^ir^so€S)Lii. ^&;r(j^QnpQi6frs 
(O/Sf " u - emir.') — Q^eolsuth - Q^eo€uui/r€sr^, Quq^ikfiGos 

217. If wealth be in tbe possession of a man who has the great 
excellence (of beneYolence),*it is like a tree which as a medicine is an in« 
f&Uible cure for disease. 

(uiP.cs)T.) er-^y — O^^^ko ^0«s@aj aire^^^Ca ^ui^jr^ O^tu 
Qja>L.tuiriry cr^jptm 

^UL\aeBp(Q -!nr^Q^djeuflp(^y ^eossiri' - ^crrjrinr. 

218. The wise who know what is duty will not scant their bene- 
volence, eren when they are without wealth. 

Q^tuiuir fioau^meoif euirjpt* 

f-iiriLufrgi]ii) eu^€S)LLUJfrGfr ^uLjjrQ^frLfifip u/rpjpi ^^Qptaru^ dk.pu 

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219. The proverty of a benevolent man, is nothing bnt^^his inability 
to exercise the same. 

AO. €^uLjireB ^eoeuQj^Lb QmOi^eaf] etfTooQ^iTQ^euesr 

220 If it be said that loss will result from benevolence, such loss 
is worth being procured even by the sale of one's self. 

S-ZB.. - ih' cjy^ — FFSDdB- 

^oofiiroj^ Qj/Sajjrinu ^p(rr^nkfj^ iDfTp(Tr^j^Qsn®^^ed, g)^ LDjpi€s>tjy 
QiBir&Qiu^irseSiGsr^ ^LDSsunQisiT&Qtu ^uL^jrojfi^eSl&jnS&fr Gs>Qjasu 

eQ^^. iSaFQ^is ^ekufTGO o/^^eSsBT, ^^QtufSruoiu Qsir(Bd^ £jr 

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l/lLl. t9ar€ii^ihutu(SQ), Mjr^'fB&fT&s^u^e^iu^ SL.efni^fijP" 

221. To give to tbe destitute is true cLarity, All other gifts have 
the Datore of (what is done for) a measured return. 

s.. mioGOir QpeS^it Q^iren/S^ QiL^eos 

(uf-flDiT.) €T'^, — ^pp&i €£lL(B60@p(^ isioeoQiB^QiuGirun'rr ^mfffT 

iS^ih fp^Q^ is^jpfy CT-^. 

ere^gptQioeiiru^ ^Q^euifiiLnh ^EtEesrasi <9n.^6i//r/f g)GsreoLO eSerr&Q 

((?i/)j^6U«^^ff@) fSGOe\)QJi^ Qujekueuii n^cnjrtriQ^tjb^ ^^^ 
(jjf^) ^tu^; Qmeo 8-«)«ii-(06B/r®^;5«;/f.i(g) j^iiiQui^eos^ 
GDfi(^^GS}i^fB&>^, ^e\)cres{isiuih-^Go8soQujmu€ua' SL.€rrjnfu9£p/Lb^ 

222 To beg is evil, even though it were said that it is a good path 
(to heaven.) To give is good, even though it were said that those who 
do so cannot obtain heaven. 

Cu3o) ^Q^Gsrp^ ^iJS^JSp^ihy /B^Qpexsrp^ Qs^tu^p^U) ^ifliueu^pr 
(§;SluujSis^ Q&n(B^^Q&i(Sct^LDy ^^dsvru iSlekgpiih tSpQ^Q^euesrufrp 

GuiTQ^LLuGirGSiLDup/Sl€u/B^ UGsrcs)i£itufT&eij€Siiruuirm 

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223. (Even in a low state) not to adopt the mean expedient of 
Baying " I have nothing," but to give, is the characteristic of the man of 
noble birth. 

^(i^Quir(r^^uSire^ajir ^^ Qupp^^eo ^€iS^frQuj ^ojn-QpeEik ir^a 
Gsir&Q, sreoiQeUf ereoeoiruQuiTQ^^ih FP^eo(oQjdar(SlQLO&fru^ Qupu 

224. To see men begging from ns is disagreeable, until vre see their 
pleasant countenance. 

®. c^pjcveuir jTirppeo uStuirpp eouuQemuj 
Lurp^GJir jnrppSp i9^. 

(uf-ODT,) cr-^,— ^a'^^/r6Br6vc8iu/r/r«(g eueSiufroj^y ^uacs>t£>^pp 
fpcastunek ^ifiuufrjr^ fii/^SsQ^uLScBr, er-jTr. 

finQjiih u&iuir^ iSipoDrrtLiUi jy^ ^rruutrrr ^ppeo /sarQp^u^auim 

(0^- L/-6a9/r.) — ^pj;^€iiirir « (fiojfi^ireo') eueoeoeu jnrQoitr 

^uui^Qutrj^fifipmSituuQGSigj, iLirpjpieuirit - (Q«/r6»L-fl9@G6\)) 
£d(^Q6Uirjrjp, ^ppS^iSi&r - Qia)606OTtoff(5u tSpuiLi^^. 

225. The power of those who perform penance is the power of en- 
during hunger. It is inferior to the power of those who remove the 
hunger (of others.) 

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4Er. ^MPdHf ITL^uS ^Hr^fi eOooQ^fTQ^QJafr 
Qup(7ff&sr QutrqjjmGiaeuLJ i-fifi. 

(Qfi - u - c5)/r,) — j/p(^ir - tufStuoijr^^ ^ifiuS - tjS(^/s^ 

226. The removal of the killing hnsger of the poor is the place for 
one to lay up his wealth. 

«r. uT^^irekr mf^ tueuBssru uSQtueirspj/s ^ 

(luPoODIT.) 6T— ^,— 6r^(65ff"65rjyLi> u(^^^asrL^eo uu9&irpQjSssru ufl 

iD(^^^€udsr ^/r^sG^lar, uSuiSiesiSi Js^airQfiarujgmh, ^coQjojfrjpiuiTLL 
L.irg^u} fF^^ear^puL^^ ^n^puuiLL-^. 

(Q/s - u- GD/r.) — uir^^ - (^ermm/r^th^ ^(S^'^f ssaeAr - 

227. The fiery disease of hnnger shall never touch lum who habi- 
toally distributes his food to others. 

mPf, FF^jpQji(^ lBgstu iLfStuirirOsir QffQpes^L^enui 

(uiP - CDir.) cT'-^^^^^n'QpGSiL^tuQun'Qf^^sir t^iun^esieu^^u iSer 
^tfii^Qu/rua ^(t^^eofrfiirfr^ ^/Sujirirs^ QeuGsari^iu^p^sips Qsfr(B^^ 

«8>Q//F^ - [QsfTt^irjp) €n€u/iffi^ ^!pi(3^ (iSsirCJcsr) - g^yj/5^ 

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228. Do tbe hard-eyed wbo lay np and lose tlieir possessions not 
know the happiness wbioh springs from the pleasure of giving ? 

*' ^^^^^ csflsJr®^ LD^p SjuiBuJ 

(UlP - fiD'T,) (ST - ^y'^QufTQ^iL^eSip SjUuQoJSBSrip. Qi/StU/TlTS^ 

FFLKB^QLoecT fflLl^^gs)^Quj QmpQBtr&ssr® ^qj/Ss ek.LJB^(so, ^€dBji 
fieo - L9pGS}trQtufrifi^/s&>, ^sr^^p^&TctT^ ^uQurrQpoD^ uSe^eujrQeij, 
lSsst ^B&)^^J^eSlGO^so• ^iEi'jjQi^eiorL^pc^ ^qd^sj uSjressr® (Lpetrcuirih ^ssStesr^ 


(0;5-u-CD/r.) — idsrCuSiu - (QuirQi^eHeirQGDpesieu) Senpi^ 

229. Solitary and unshared eating for the sake of filling up one's 
own riches is certainly much more unpleasant than begging. 

«0. ^ir^eQ esUek^/p ^eodeo iS(sSfiB^^ 

S/B eSesiiuiuiri <s^l-. 
(uiP-ODfT.) OT-^, — ^Qf^eup^a^ ^fT^eoQufreo @«Br^^^ ^car^i)2fU» 

@65)6i/ Qp&n-jpiu/nLL^/rg^LD FFUjfTGSiLDuSiesr ^pptsi ^l^uuiIl^^. 

230. Nothing is more unpleasant than death: yet even that ia 
pleasant where charity cannot be exercised. 

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Ei^ar Qj(ipQjrr^irirs(^ ^ihGDLDuuiu^Q gjoje^GoQeerseisr SsifitB^ Qp 

Q^faru/sp^ ^tru&LDirs fffiQGOar(rr^ir. B.tt9/r«Q«6Bru^, Quirffiuuu.s 
dL/S^Qirgmh eSeoiBi^aSi/rsLl. QseonaauiuSidr^ LDSS^iiSirQiL€f£arp^, 

231. Give to the poor and live -with praise. There is no greater 
profit to man than that. 

fffeuirirQui esflp^th Lj^ifi^ 
(uiP^oDT.) «r - ^^^^tueos^^ ^eisrjpiGRiruuirir 9^9Sirruu€8rQluioeOfrui 

uir(^gDfruucsiQjQaj6or ereoeomrif^iJo tLSaj ojipiQSssrQtu erQ^fitr jrtruSi 

uir(BQjn'ir ufrSeueBrQajeOGOrrua Lfsi^frQLDearu^^t}} Qupqf^ihm FF^psirjr 
fiw^ &p/B^a)LD ^^gn&r^EiSfressrs. ^^dsoru i3ptrQiD£^u:) iBp^QiMOsr 
uirir^tr OiDcbc»/r@ Qdf^freo^s, l/slp FP&iirir QLD€dBp(^Qu)€Br jr^CDtruuir 
(SOpartr, ^^ i^ffzp^ ^puL^QiBirssirGainuj/Bs:, 

(Q^-L/-«D/r,) — ML,€s>iruuiri'»(^^eo«;i^Qeo ^aff€S)p^) Qs^ireo 
UQijrirG)^ tL.tsiiruuGDQJ6re\)€\)irui - Q^frei)€Ouu®LD€S}susQen'e)0O/nh^ 

^i^tu^) ^€k€op^ flFeufrirQiLGo - Q'S/rQuueuiUL^jiQfi, iSp(^th 
i^^yi " i83aoOupp Sa-ji^ttjiru). 

232. Whatsoever is spoken in the world will abide as praise upon 
that man who gives alms to the poor. 

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js.> eh^(ff 6^Q)s^ jfiiuii^ Lfsipeae^ffp 

d^&rsdsirs QsiriBjifiGDLOup/SI QjQ^^eofreo ^GsrQ^QL^fruu^drfifi pn-Qear 
^(uirpeo, jifpparaDLDpprrQtu i^aQip Qs^iuiuuu^&iQp&rupirih. @«i^ 
* ^GormQ^Girusp^ ^0 cuirir^esipiutrss^ Qs^ireo^QesrviTei^LD^ ^(j^pBsoiua' 
Au Outr€Br^jpSpuQp€sre^uy ^esiruu/rQ^Qpetrir^ ^oaeu^mjpiuinLL^tr 

g p/LQ USLfi^ QpULjS €k.pUUlLl^^» 

233. There is nothing that stands forth in the world imperishable, 
except, exalted in solitary greatness. 

(iJiP-€infr.) er-^,— cp(T5Q;6Br MoaQoiGOosos^cssiQessr QurrairQr^jp fSp 
(^LO L/ffC8)^^ Qs^tLiiLiuitruSeBry Lj^Qp^eosth j^oj^csnueoeo^ p^Sssr Qtuiu 

QuJUjpMSDLDii9^, Hed^€SiiruQu^p(^Q^an(rir^fr, jf/eueer Qjr€afr(£l€0(^u} ^q^(B 
g^/f^, Qtudj^u Qeuarup^ Q^tueSBear Qpt^^^^^ ereuru iSipffir^^ 

(Qfi - u - 6a>ir.) — Sei>eu€nir- {^(r^^&f) ^iSiQesr^eoiedfBeo, 
SeirLjS\p - Mifi(uir^ iSp^thLf^etDifi^ ^p/Sar - Q^tu6iiirQ)aSi&r^ 
LfpQpefre^e^(^ . OpdjeuQeotrmu^iresr^ (^^Qj&anueoGO/riLeo'), lj&> 
euGatr - (^pcffSBsr^ODL^is^d^iSp) ^aesfl^Ssfr, Quirp(ffffi - Qu 

234. If one has acquired extensive fame within the limits of this 
earth, the world of the Gods will no longer praise those sages who have 
attained that world. 

(uf-osiir.) er - ^^'-^LfSQ^i^ihiSp^ ^ssiDfr^u} Qs(Bih LfSQpi^ihLf 

eiOpda-g^iu) QpirifipQutu/r eflsfrir^pn-eo fspQpcBr^fu^ iSiar ^J> 
€r€arg^th UQ^uQurrQ^cir ^(^^Oupj^i^ (BppQiL^(nr^Sfbj^. Qu(TQ(SOGsr 

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u^ f^&ar(B ^€S)inucsiff. ^(j^QixidrufiBBsr Qposr^iBiSi^iLi^^ ^^Q^^u^Bear^ 
Sflsu y,^Sijt^ihLf ^p^^edm iBoBOiutTJsesr^pQr^oi /BasotiSi€Br ertu^euirar 

235. Prosperity to the body of fame, resulting in poverty to the 
body of flesh, and the stability to the former arising from the death of 
the latter, are achievable only by the wise. 

^. QfB^^jSp LisQ^ir® Q^trGsrj[iis exjoo^eoirir 

(LiiP-a>nr.) er-^, — LDsaarfnuu iSipaQdsr LfSQpiQs^^irQtu ^assr^ 
Q^iriB iSpss I jif€i(^eBsrih g)®)co/r^/r/r iDS&cfTirtuu iSp^^eSea- ^eoa 

LfStp-^Freiar® ^^Quiuir, ^oo^eorrQjrcerpGaiiLiiSar LDseetrfrQiueBru 
^£.10, LLSseiriTaJu iSpQjtrcs>uiQuj€ijrp ^(T^^^frup^ajnejr eSeotasfnuu 

(0^-XJ-6»/r.) — QfiirekjSm - (^m^S^jrinuLj) i9pi^fre0y ljs 

[ut^AfBffinuLj) iQp^^eBsniti^ QjSireir(^es>ui - i^peufresimiunresr^ 

[9Seosjsg^ujLJt9p^^Qeoeirputf.29 ^^Jpi " fB6\)Qpcs)L^uj^» 

236. If you are bom (in this world), be bom with qualities con- 
dacive to flame. For those who are destitute of them it will be better not 
to be bom. 

fir, iisiiuL^ eun'tpir^irir fimQfBtroJiri' fithesiu^ 

(uf-ODff.) OT-^, — ^ins^u L^s(Lp€ssrL^rrs QjfrtpixifrLLL^rr^irir ^J^up 
fiu iDpiT ^si^/s^^ifii gj^eSaipS'S fSLD LDtnLL^iresiLDUjnGfr &jiB^Q^€srjpi 
^ujOLD GsfTcufrG^ jSLDSS)LD tiSisfpeuireofr Qisrroj^ CTar ^Q^^y er-jpi* 

L/ff^uL- QirrffiisofruSQFiSS ^^lo/tlLl^it^ (^ppihup/Bu iSpiflsipfidi 

^ni - QjfTLpuiirLLL^rrflQJir^ (^^^up/SuSpiflstfiifleSu.^(Sfl) ^uy 

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237. Why do those 'who cannot live ivith praise, grieve those who 
despise them, instead of grieving themselves for their own inability. 

QtndP^iii QuQff^ eBi^m. 
Qsipuu(B^p^u iSl/SIQ^frQ^(^ppuo QajGO-L^rrQeueBruffi sqfi^^, 

238. Not to beget fame will be esteemed a disgrace by the wiso 
in this world. 

e.afl0fiarL_ArttS)^ii) ^p^jbuiuar QstrdrcfrfrcoLDuSiar lufrscsisQiuesr 
^SstriLj&r (Q&trjp^pQs^ ufreuajfrscsiscsioju Quirjpi^Q&rp Qojjptut^, 

LbQDU^ QutrsM^^ - BtiumfBy /©SOLO - S(j\)^^d\)y eueba^^eoff-uifiu 

239. The gronnd which supports a body withoat fame will diminish 
ixx its rich produce. 

«0* Qj€S}^Q\uiri^aj ^ir^euirQfT GxiirifiWir iffssjff^Qojiry^uj 
euirtpojirQir ojir^/r ^euir. 

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iL^saLDuuojar QjtrgnasijDiLfJsQ^iueiJ^^GT €S>6ussuu(BQLDe8r QiDQeo^h^jou 
uiLl^^ ; uL^QeUf ^eo60p^^p(g ^ojQj&iS/bL^eQpih, Q^aj(r^€0@p(2uns 
rpih uajQeararu^ Qupqr^fh* g)690 iDQuQp^^iu ^p,^&isefnreo Quir^ 
Qiirss at^puuiLu, ^ioGdpiEisQeiTGdeJirLD g)Q//r Q^ir^^j^sefL./Saj ^eup 
^&rQar ^u,aQih : jtfoofi/Se^ ^t^dQaQs/r&rs j ujitld ^cs>irui3p 

\SiiGSifBiL\mt^trs QeuesrputfS^^ euirifieufrQa" - aurifiue^a'^ euir^fiir 
^a/j- . ^piQ^irgiTQJiri', 

240. Those live who live without disgrace. Those who live without 
fame live noL 

J^ P GU p gB lU ^. 

g)<39 (ipGDpiufrQesr ^pojpiksit-fBiu Q^/TL^nsiSl^ir* ^peupiLireu^ 
QLDp€ii./3tu ^<30&>p^^dr euopeun-QfifTQ^Q ^/SI^6s>L^ujiririuu i^puiSdesr 
^^ft ^(BQup/SesrQu/rQ^iKB^ ^p^^trhk^ e-ifl^^mu ^pih* si& 

irirpsir^suuOih eSljr^tEis^ihy SfGupQ^osr ^gs)qj .^uueutnuGutfi zl^uu 
^nn^trGtropQiDGBT ^(ji^ejGs>suu®LD, SjeupjpictT eSjr^sisarireiJCsr — ^drear 
Sijcd^ Q^iuQiQeoecTQfthy ^jstrccruirojih ^ifieuQeoeBreiiihy ^ihiDrrpp^s^ 
9pu €jGS>irfB^Qstr&rQjearm ^ea?Qj^rrih eijjnin^GOeurrse^Gjr Ou^^Ot^cw" 
P^^9 «sycn€)/ fliJDQpmQGtr ueo&jpes>piLnh ^suuQ^jp /Sp(^(^ Spu 
i^GDL.iu€Br ^eoeupcDp fFm(Bs ffi,jp/QjrrG!r Q^trL^Ei®^ Qpf^paessr ^^ 

jyoVffTfii/^ Q^/Ti-ZTL/ upQj^^ ^iueoufTS cr coco fTGijuSi IT sear QiL^j^ti 
p/S^p(^^ SpiB^CBiLDuSidr oppsh-puuiLL-^m 

(uiP-«Dir.) €T - ^, — Q^eOQJEisar ueoeupjpi&r^ih ^iriraJitQfl(Bd: 

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^Q^arrrdr euQf^^ Q^eoojuyireu^ e_ttS/f«^ ^ihiS ^eu eup^ tiros' 

(Qfi - u " 68}/r.) — Quir(r^eirQ4Feo€UiD - Quir(f^eirn'€i)€U(T^d$ 
8&irp€sr (.^/3^t»o/r6b), Q^eoen^^en - Qa^eOQuametr ucoeupjpieiir 

241. The wealth of kindness is wealth of wealth, in as mnch as iho 
wealth of property is possessed even by the basest of men. 

2-., mGoe^(rp(fff ®/jl luai^etnretTs ueoeoirpQr^p 

QpBs^ LbooQjS ^^SStfT. 

^(m(&^GS)L^ujjrn's j ^a!r€SipQiufrs;rQ(/r^eueun'^ ^LDuuQ/s/Sseir €Tei)eofrQjp(^ 
^etrssieuscmroiesr Qufr/S^&rrrp arr$^tEistTtL®mhy ^jSsetrfrar e_aj^ 

Gs>pfL\Ei allI^ ^QpmutTQF^Qpeirir. g}«B>Q/j^u> ^(TF^^irpqr^esr ^eupj^verrQetr 

QjSi «95»-L-/rO^«ir^ ^€srs€ssrQcssr QjSireor£)j€u^ ; ^^dssr euL^^^eoirir itj^ 
^QtuGsru^ ^p^Qesreiru^ Q^pjpicsujooujksLb, ^^GS>pQujfrar Q(rj^Q/ 
€Ufr€SiL0fuir6u^ uyfiQeu^uiriLL^tTGsr Sjeaesieus^Lo QurrQ^ars^ui ^th 
(Lp&r inrr£)sQsfTL^ei • ^dreueurraSlgiiih ^(t^&r ^8sar Qiuearp/bsasr ^S(^ 

QtuGfTQt^ir, ^a>eu u9jr€Bsr(Bu/rLLu.n'§piLD jifQ^^car^ &puL\s sh^puuiLt^ffi. 

ueoj^P(fffe^-(^^^jpii(Q ^^^ ^^^jrir^^ uea^ubtueui^&entrGO^ 

^euQj(r^Qen' [QoiQQff&^fSeodei^Qiuekpui^J^ 

242. (Stand) in the good path, consider, and be kind. Even con- 
Bidering according to the conflicting tenets of the different sects, kindness 
will be yonr best aid, (in the acqaisition of heavenly bliss). 

eBm^ fifeuffU) tysev. 

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243. They will never enter the world of darkness and wretched** 
ness, whose minds are the abode of kindness. 

(uff-GDir.) €T-^y — /8$BoQujp;cs)L^iu fi_u9/r«^LJ(?u6539 ^Qjjb/SeirsGssr 

^v^frsQarGoeofTU) S/i^SLDfraeSar t/)6Brgjj/ttSO/rer^/r, jy©^^®)— ^cbtlt 
luirQesrearQoj^ LDjgn^Lossesw iBjrau> i^stresujD&Qs^ €iu/BtuQ](r(njSpjpim 

flPQ ^j^QittSiU^ eBdssr - U!reu/Eisemresres3eii^ ^eo - WLGk'L^n'Sfr^ 

244. (The wise) say that the evils, which his son! wonld dread, 
viU never come npon the man who exercises kindness and protects the 
the life (of other creatnres). 

Ql* c^eoeo coQ^Girir&rreuinri Seodeo tue/!i€ULpia(Q 
(u(P - «»ir.) cr-^j — ^(r^^os)L^ujn'irs(^ g)a3«5LOtt9giuti ^(r^ ^aruto 
^ir&djg^ euirifiQj(r& fftr^jpj^ €T-jpt. 

«u«rQ/0^ ^rrearOpearufnTf we^ojipiEi^ Lneoeodr iLfr^ireoEi afflQiu^^ir: 

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246. This great rich earth over which the wind blows, is a witness 
that sorrow never comes upon the kind-hearted. 

(lIiP-6B)T.) cr-^, — ^iiSin'S6Bsru:iinL(B^QffiLJtuuu(6th cSy^Sbrr^^effl/fip^, 

Ge^GorQih^ ^(^SBtreQiL®, ^&>eo€!Deu-6Q L^QoiekrQei Qsir®GnLD 

fiuit * (^^sirthjpoTUuuQSeifpesiLLefDUj') u^pmfleuir^ eresru * erGsrjpi 

246. (The wise) say that those who neglect kindness and prac- 
tise cruelties, neglected virtue (in their former birth), and forgot (the 
sorxows which they must suffer). 

(uiiP-fintr.) OT - ^j— a.ttS/r656B3rCozx)®) cgy06ifl^eo/r^/r/r<5@ ^lL(Sgos^ 
^GiTuih ^eodso^ Ou/r06rf)o}eo/r^/r/ri(^ ^ojofGoa^^tiruiJD ^eoBsoiurruSi^p 
CufTCOf er-^. 


GuireOj •^(Tjefr ^eoiriri^ - (c-tt9/f«a!?6ir(?z/5Q)) ^Q^ctflGOeoir 

247. As this world is not for those who are without wealthy bo 
that world is not fgr those who are without kindness. 

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jrp(n^aruip arffi eorf?^. 
LDp^ - ^BsorLDfrp/SGtrsGatsrsu/s^ffi, QiiipQutr(r^eSiQsresiLiiQturr(B ^(^ 

Bjeuffffeuirir; ^q^&t ^p(ffir - ^Q^GiJeoeoar/soso'^ ^p(7ffir - (^uirojih 

248. Those wbo are Tfitbont wealth may, at some fntnre time, be- 
come prosperous ; those who are desiitnte of kindness are utterly desti* 
tate; for them there is no change. 

(uiP-esDT.) €r-^^-^e.ttSI/fff«^LD/rLL(B ji/(r^arQ&:iLiiu/rfiejdr Q^iuiliu} 
QunuuQuiTQF^ar - Qunuiu^^ircSp Q^ireo^ihQutrji^&r, SdsoQupp 

c^'&Qin&ru^/ruSlp^)/ j M^^^y iSpevpEiSL-Qseoeomh ^qr^^L^esiiD (%/)60 

Qsfbiuir^Qjcir^ Q^ojiqto - Q^iuSarp^ ^pth - ^p^en^^ Q/s 
Quir(r^€ir-Qu}uji,Sire9p Q^ireoeouuLLL^QuiTQ^Ssir^ sessr® jfpjif^ 

249. If yon consider, the virtue of him who is without kindness 
is like the perception of the true beSng by him who is without wisdom. 

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(Qi0^^fi{b^u)Quirui(outr^j eweiffttj/r/r- (^ysaresfleJr) cueStuoii'^ 

250. When a man is abont to msh upon those wbo are weaker 
than himself, let him remember how he das stood (trembling) before those 
who are stronger than himself. 

SLcrr^/r^^eSdr jif^pf^s Bn-jreatsTLDfr^^sotLjihy Qpar^ih ^^^ssr €U(j^fi€9a/r 
(uiP - GRir.) Gt'^y — /g&rQ>ji^u)GS>u ^s(^^pQutrn^iL(B^ fiTTGir tSjS 

G^eakjkfipQuiTQ^iL®^ fiirek i9{3j^ esaL&sr - fBtrm Lbp(2^(^(!9iB 

261. How can he be possessed of kiadnesS| who to increAse hia 
own flesh, cats the flesh of other creatures. 

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(uiP-fi»ff.) €T'^y — QufTQ^etrnp uiuesrQsrrL^eo ^^Sscru u/rj^s/rojir 

§^ip^^p^ ^ss.Gsr ^€sreo srrjrestaQLDGiru^truSipjpf, sslgjt ^dT(ff^jr/ru9^u} 
uires>ir LL£)tjs;^j ^o%^e^Qt^<xruffi gjcroa/ u9s6Bor(BurrLLL^ir^B eh^pu 

fBeOj Quirp(ff^irirm(^ ^cvSso - (jy^&T<«) airuuirpQfffieunhs 

252. As those possess no property who do not take care of it^ so 
those possess no kindness who feed on flesh. 

(u(P - €S)ir.) eT'^y — QsrrBsossQ^eSeotujs ^BSJesisaSieo QstreBsrL^euir 
^ff^^trjpiQufreOy iSl/SQfi/r(r^u9(fl&^ a.L-Ssu<F ^eaeuuu. Gf€Bsrt^^/r ldgstlo 

^oDQjuL^^QRsr L-60'S rriu EiSGfr freer ^etniu ^GSioj^^irew tLjGssrL^eo, 

QsiTGkrL^Qjjr^^ QfB^^iiQuiro) - tuesrihCSuireo^ isgst^ smiair^^ 

253. Like the (mnrderous) mind of him who carries a weapon (in 
Iiis hand), the mind of him who feasts with pleasure on the body of 
another (creatnre), has no regard for goodness. 

^* ^(3^eoei> ^lUirQ^Q^p Qsrreoeoiresitn Q&irpe^ 
(uiP-ODT.) a -^^— jy(56Jr iu/r0^6B^G5r^ Qesfrioed/rcDUD* ^d^&r^eo^ 

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e.u^/rjr€Jtpssireo Osfreoeofresnnj Qsirpei^nQtu sfrtfliuiBisdar ^n^&r 
^GOGoQ^eiirs strFoia'iEisarn'BQiLjLDj esffsor ^eercs>3nunQiu sirjrassr^GSiSu 
UfTQjQLnesrs srriflujLDfrsQtLiiBi Sn^fS^r, ^(^erreoso^-QstrQasjuim SpuuiJ 
up/S ^pQ/nh Qun'(i^Qcir€vruu(B^eSi€Br^ uireuih QurrQi^crreo&iQ^esrLJULL 
L^^, Qs/rpQeO€sr (ipdra^€arp€s>UiuSi^f ^eu^Qesrekqr^ir, ^eS ^^^ssr 

ufijb^s QstTG^ediresiLaQiUGsrgiiLa eSijr finest ^ ^(fi/Sfi QcO€orjpi05)iruun'(mu> 
Oeu^(rff^, Qa/ra)6\}/r 69)10 - Qaire\}€Ofr^QF^^e\) i ^eo€0^ - ^o/ 

^Gsrsiifseo^ Quirq^eir ^eoeo^^^pesreo^ir^fiinji ^utrGUiniruT^. 

264. If it be asked what is kindness and what its opposite, the 
answer wonld be preservation and destmction of life ; and therefore it is 
not right to feed on the flesh (obtained bj taking awaj life.) 

(u(P-6»T.) cr-^,— €^(75^/r(]5flSI/r ^L^LotSlfiirsGarQGSisr Sppeo vsng^essr 

C6nrezssriJLj®Lb fi06OiBS7(^^6fr sjfi^eo Q^ium^ &edQjfrSy qBsstoj ueo 

QeQiBStreoth tSjruj^^&r ^Q^iB^QinarujsiTih* Qsrrdsouufreuiji QsfrG^r^/r 
GLoeo SppeSasT iSar esLg^GBsrutrir^(Qu utrojiSiodso Qiu^uiresiir LDjpi/i^f 

usBeS\QGo) Spaas, sstdr - tsuSssr, tuem^sfQiL^en-enjp - ^t^essr 
^v^ssiu/Siu&srsiith ^p^^^i^pi^^^ ('^^^^^), a-«wr6S3r-(^/K 

255. Not to eat flesh contribntes to the continnance of life ; there- 
fore if a man eat flesh, hell will not open its month (to let him escape 
out, after he has once fiEdlen in). 

dEr« ^mpQua'(r^tLLnrp Qsireoeoir ^enQseiUm luir^io 

\ _ 

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jnrtSssTy 'eBSsouQu/rQ^LLt^ireo-eSlSecuQufr^eir sajressTLDn-m^ Sfliesr 

256. If the world does not destroy life for the purpose of eating, 
then no one would sell flesh for the sake of money. 

Ljemesv ^essrireuiriru QujSeir. 

{OfB - LI - GD/r.) — Ljeoirco - Lfeotreoirest^y iSjSjp ^eirpelsr'' 
ifl^fi9(5«GD«6niL/), ^essr.Teu/rir-^jSQeuirc^iTy QufSm-QupQ^eo^ 

257. If men should come to know that flesh is nothing but the 
nnclaen ulcer of a body, let them abstain from eating it. 

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258. The wise, who have freed themselves from mental delasion, 
will not eat the flesh which has been severed from an animal. 

Sn, ^6flQ^/rrf?/5 jsiruQjTLb Q^iLi^eQ Q^esrp 

259- Not to kill and eat (the flesh of) an animal^ is better than the 
ponring forth of ghee &c. in a thousand sacrifices. 

«0. Q^nfGoc^ir^ LfeoirSdd ub^pi^/sirdssri cs)ds&n.LJi9 
QajGoeo/r eifv9(/^i QflirQpth. 

(uiP - Q»ir.) eT"^ j'^^^d^uSeDfTiLfEi QstreoeOfr^eugmLDmuu Ljedir^soiLfLh 
u.Gar^fiQjSsar €TGOeO!rQfuS(r^ia esiS^eS^^^ Q^frQj^ihp er-jpi. 

^Qj6Sljr€33n^p(ipih ^0®(gc»i_iu/r/fi;«©)0)^ ^^QptLjcoL^tufrird^ 
jTQ^&r ^esii—UjiTGir LDjpiosiLD&scasrQ^Qjtflssr lEssfr^QiDeBr jjfuuajeijrjp Qu 

^LDiriUf L^6\)ir8B0Lbjpf^^ir2ssr - Ly^/r%oiL|m^6S9r^[ar)^Qi%9r, erevear 

260. All creatores will join their hands together, and worship him 
who has never taken away life, nor eaten flesh. 

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erirdsr ^aBru^^Q^^a^uo, Osfra>L^ssGBsr QeuuSi&aSdso S/bpsaiLby LDirifluSigpujy 

(v/p pfhQpfi^fr&(^ ^Q^s ^GsruEtmdaau Qun^ps^y iSipGjuSirsdBtr Qiurruy 
L/^o). L^&HTGffUijpi^^ %LtiSirs€ssrQLDeo ^n^€ssr (Lp^fr/b^'i^a= Q^iuiuu 

A. U^ppQmiriu QiBirehp ^tStri^j^^dfr Q^djujfremui 
ojpGp iSQJ^^p @0. 

(ulP-€8)ir.) 6r-^,— ^Q/^^CBTQ/r^fi^ e_6Wr£JL(SF0«««) Qp^€SaJGJp(rj^€0 

tLp^n&rareBrQeueOQi/rth ^supjpicirQen' jifL-ssi^^e^^^ ^pOpOtuesr^ 
QfSpdpstrirEi Qsir^^fifr/r, fioj^^p^ ^Q^tgifpGp eraru^ '^lurrSsaruj^ 

^iff QuirQf^iLsGSBT iBiresFSiroij^ ^ib^ LotuMih. §}fl^eo ^oj^^ff g)e\)« 
&9a^ s^puuiLi^^. 

Q^fuojiresiiLinu} ^Siu^ ^pQp - ^euQietreB&fQfs* 

261. The nature of religions discipline consists, in the endurance 
(by the ascetic) of the sufferings vrhich it brings on himself, and in ab- 
staining from giving pain to others. 

2.. ^euQpi fl6UQfi€s>u.iu/rird sir^ meuu^fiSsar 
(L/oo^^/r/r (SinpQsireir ea^. 

p^QpeDL^uj/riraQs j ^seoirssr, jifp^Qj^as)^ jifihQpppeuLSeoeo/r^iTir 

Qp^uajtrirs &ir(^Qu^esrjpnhf ^^o^o^ir^trfrs^ ^cDOtaSareDLDuSiar Qpi^ 

(0;5-u-Gn/r.) — fiQJQpth - (utuCpWiueuco/rtDcu) flieuth a^mr 

«,«8)t-(UQ/iri(?« ^@to, (-g^60/r€i)) ^fiSssr ^ .^^^a/^^w/SF, 

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m^fooffi feoffor " ji/ioQpaTSsfr^^QJLSeoeoirfiwi'j Qu^fDQaaroTeujfj-^ 

262. Austerities can only be borne, and their benefits enjoyed, by 
tbose who have practised them (in a former birth) ; it will be useless for 
those who have not done so, to attempt to practise them (now.) 

U>p€Sip UJ€kttrS I^CVLO. 

(uf-ODir.) OT - ^-^^dosop^GD^Qiu up/S Spufrn- ^pm^nn&(^ 
^esoTL^tLiui mq^iffiu} &.cn^q^Lb sl^s^q/SoU eSlQF^ihiS^ ^tris ^oj^Qa^iu^aM 
iDpibfiirnQuir^LD, er^jpi* 

iL\i ^tT€srii^GsrQinGd ^(!^LJUL8(j^^ajrrGjr inpiB^iTirQutr^ QuieorQcUj ^trcsf^ 
^p peuth iSssQ^GO'u^ Qupar^ih. 

(0^-u-«D/r.) — LapGXipiueui^&r - ^Q)eop/ietr>^Qtu upjS 
tSpu^kmrnr, ^pi^trffi^ - (^^Q^eucnsuupjp/iii) €9LLL^siiiri(^^ 


Is it to provide food &c. for the ascetics who have abandoned 
(the desire of earthly possessions) that other persons have forgotten (to 
practise) austerity P 

QiLsKresSp p€^^fBifesr eamth, 
(uiP-ODir.) cr-^, — fiUiLDp^^pc^u uesi&ojtnu ^tfioiQ^iu^trcBXTd 

(jppp^ffipe^frtTSf^ gp6cr{g)0uD ^oj/B^frQr^ih ft.6wr<»LD dfui—noDLD 
ttSeor^ ^Qi^^pQspfi u^aiirssuuiLu.^* erearesiSlQesr^pfi^Gsry ^ojn&(^ 
jil€S>QjQiu€asr^ODu> QjiUGoQueoru^ Qup(fr/Ui» ^^^fr QuiBajjrfruSgpni) 

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a-er-Lo. jy^. fieuih. aaer /^/y 

262. If (the ascetic) desire the destruction of his enemies, or the 
aggrandizement of his friends, it will be effected bj (the power) of his 

®, Qeu^if-iu Qeucmt^ujirmi Qsjufieoirjb Q^djfi&i 

(uf-QDir.) GT'^y — QpiucBr^&i uyjp/9SiLDSiM6arfitrth Qeueslari^aj uiuasr 
AST Qoiaisri^ujQjfrQp QupeoirCo ^/Scorreo^ Q<s=tLJUJuu(BQjfifrtu ^ojiJa 

{Qfl - u - 63>.T.) — QeuessTtf.iu - (optL/CBrgpcl)) QupQeuesartf^iu 
eoiLtSQeoflffth^ Qupe»!rih ^/seotreo, Q^iUjseuih - Qa^iuiu^ fi^ 

265. Keligioos discipline is practised in this world, because it 
secnres the attainment of whatever one may wish to enjoy (in the world 
to come.) 

^. seu^Q^iuQJirir fliimqi^ui^ Q^iuQiiri^inp peoevir 

(uiP.ciDir.) 6r-^,^^iB'tf0LD^ Q^ajeufrjrtrQjfT/r ^p/s^ ^eu^a5i^.4= 
SOS- ^GD^iurrQiu ^dsomLuiL®^ ^lds^s Qs(B Q^iueufriTj cr-^, 

fith a/0Q£D€9r Q(n^ifiujir^ ^euji^Bssrs^Qs^tuajy iSpui^u iSlesa^ (ipuLj ^pu 
Lfiaarirar ^e/r^iuira^ ^6isruQLDtu^eu(r^Q^p e_aS}/f (C^/resrd) iSiptb^ 

sasrji^Gr ^tficu^frtu &p/Secru^^GirQurr(rFfLL(Bu u^iSpeStLj/s ^ekufp^ 

^b^Q)ir» Lopjpf — €£I^LDirp/£lGfrs€ssreui5fijp, 

Offdjcuirir - fitnjpa(j^tn^€nfl^ Q^iuueujrireuirn'y iLpjpi^&jeoirir -^ 
inpoopu QutrQ^efl^utasSBird'Q^iLjeuira-, j^^en^iLfelfruiLQ - (^etooj 

Qi) QssQQ^iuuGu ffiTQitriir, 

266. Those discharge their duty who perform austerities ; all others 
accomplish their own destruction, through the entanglement of the 
desire (of riches and sensual pleasure). 

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262. Austerities can only be borne, and their benefits enjoyed, by 
tbose who have practised them (in a former birth) ; it will be useless for 
those who have not done so, to attempt to practise them (now.) 

u>p€Sip tuejirs u,€^Lb. 
(uf-ODrr.) OT - ^— g)^fiO^^«p^Ciu u/b/S Sjtufrir j^p/s^irird^ 

B_CRir£jLUL/Lb LDQ^/S^U}>piL{^LD SL^Q/SiU tSlQF^lhlS^ ^iri fiQJ^Q^lUfiSM 

tLji fifrcBTji^eBrQLLeo cSI(i^uuLS(^^ujrrasr LDp/B/^trirQufr^ QiDearOoj^ ^iresr^ 
^p peuih iSssQ^mu^ QupQr^LD» 

(0;5-u-«D/r.) — tLpesipajeuff^&r - ^^eop^esi/sQtu upjS 
Mpu^km^itTy jppisfitrilri^ - (^^q^euemmuupjpiijb) eQilL^suirdi^^ 


262. Is it to provide food &c. for the ascetics who have abandoned 
(the desire of earthly possessions) that other persons have forgotten (to 
practise) austerity P 

QuiaoTessflp peu^fltreir eufn^th, 

(LifP«CS>ir.) CT"^, filMLDp^^pCS^U UGSiSlUfriU ^tfiofQ^LU^fTCSi/rd 

(tppp^ffipts^trirai^ ^eisr^Q^ih S-OjiB^rrQ^ih p^estsrcsiin «9n.L_ /rca?a> 
ttSeor^ ^Qj^^pGspfi iLfGafTSSuuLLu.^. ereares^Qcsreirp^^cky ^Qjn&^ 

Sp^QiLGor^ fieu^QffiuQjfr/rOLoeSiKBfi fioi^^ear^ ^ppeo^h^/Stueuirjpim 

(Ofi - u - 6B>/r.)— j^€irg)/r - (jStLjp ^p^^i(Q @es>u.iy,jjf 
O^iu^) £jC9)«Q/6»>/r, Q^s^p^j^ih-QsL^^QjFiufiSe^tLjLD^ fi^Qjifi!re8)ir- 
(•ly^Saar) €B(r^wt96arQi€9»a'y ^is^ih - wnuj-^Qa^dj/fSKiLfih^ ermr 

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262. If (tbe ascetic) desire the destruction of his enemies, or the 
aggrandizement of his friends, it will be effected bj (the power) of his 

®. Qeu^xfTif^iu Qeuemu^iuiTiBi Qsjufieoirp Q^ujfleu 
iSsiffQ Qpojeau uQiii. 

i&r .QoiGssrts^iuQjtrQp Qujoeo/rih ^/SeorreOj Q-FtuajuuCBoj/s/rtu ^guld 

{Qfl - u - 6W.T.) — (Seuemtf-iu - (^Qpaj&a'(ri^eo^ QupQeuesartf^iu 

9DtLg9Qeofl/rui^ Qupevtrih ^^eoireo, Qa^iu^euui - Qs^ojoj^ /s^ 
tupirSaj fiseuLLiresT^^ fr€ifr(S'^ih€S)LDu9ev, Qpuje\)uu(Slui - {jffif 

265. Religions discipline is practised in this world, because it 
secures the attainment of whatever one may wish to enjoy (in the world 
to come.) 

^» seu^Q^iuQJirir ^e7<s0LD^ Q^iuoifritinp peoevir 
(uf-cnir .) €T^^y^^^ms(TF)LD^ Qs^iueufrjTirojirrr ffipis^ fi€ij^as)^.^ 
tf«er ^GO^tuirQoj Q}2sotL\tLuLJB^ ^lds(^s Qa® Q^tueuir&y er-^. 

^io a/0OLO6Br Q(ff^ifiujtrj^ ^eu^^Bssrs^Qs^tuiUy tSpui^u tSesi^ QpuLj ^pu 
Lfiaariraa- ^eir^iufrs^ ^eisruQunu^Qi(r^QG!rp coSl/f (^rreBrih iSpm^ 
d(Si QajpimtrseSieBr J ^oj^Q^tueu/rcsifr^ /SiEiS(r^LD^ Q^iu^irQfTGsrj^LDy 
^^Bs^^&r ^ifioj/SfTUJ &p/S&iru^^€arQu/r(j^LL(Bu u^iSp^iL^/s ^eorLj pjs 

^^^/f. LDpjpi — cSlSsarLDirp/SGirs€ssreuiBfijp. 

Qi) QsQQ^tuuQj jriTQiirir, 

266. Those dischar^ their duty who perform austerities ; all others 
icoomplish their own destruction, through the entanglement of the 
desire (of riches and sensual pleasure). 

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er, afL-<rafz-.Q5a) QuirmQutr Oeu/rc/flaflQ/i ^eiru^ 
sri^^mi^ QmirpSp uc^ii^, 

^s^Gsr QjQ^/B^&ruih qjq^^^ ^Q^^fi^ ^thQiDfrO seo^^ urreuSiSiQ 

6FL-.^^L_(jf5Lr> Qutr(zrQu/rQ<sO€sr(rr^ jriruS§jitUij «0^^C?«/riQ g)fljfiLr/r 
jpiearrssuuLLL^^. ^eflCu/reou 0u/r(^6fr4S3ir eDetrsacSleBr g>aBOtu6W'(27'''- 

^L- ^€]ff?a9®Lb^ QuiresrQua-eO'Quir^kSsifruQuffeo, Q/sirp8pueuir 

^&iTuui^ Sties' efrL^-euq^fifi euQ^^fB^ ^e/H^(Siu^-^u'esr^eS\iB(^ih. 

267. tinst as gold is purified as heated in the fire, will thoise shine, 
who have endured the buriung of pain (in frequent austerities.) 

«P/. ^6WiSf2/a9/f fBirssrpu QupQr^Ssor QiuSssruj 
LD^^u9 QffeveriirfS Q^frQpui, 

p& ^esi^tLfLLuiL® ^euf^Qi^iuiLf (ipuSiiradstT, ^iruQpia ^QF^^LDrrQtu 
^ir6S3ri^trpp£^ Qpesn—OiLDtiSiGsr^ Q^n'Q^Quim(rr^ir. 

268. All other creatures will worship him who has attained the 
control of his own soul. 

^pp pSeouutL L-Q//ftf(aj, 

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269. Those ivbo have attained tlie^power which reh'gions discipline 
conferSy will be able also to pass the limit of Yama, (the God of death,) 

«0. ^eoirut-i) jrrrQuj arrjressr QisirpunSr 

Se^trueoir (S/6ir€\)ir ^euir^ 
(usP-CB)T.) er - ^, — ^cas^^^ Q^eoojirscTr Ssojrrrs /Bso^f^irojtrnr 

QiFiuiurr^/nr ueojr/r^ei}^ GT-jpt» 

BJBt ^^/i^ Sarpesr. eresrZssr P ^'jpecifrQgjiiesarir eSldrssiLD^Guj^es>LD lUoo^ 
SsoQtreBrs strjr€SsnEa Sn-/ScsraiLDUJ/r&rf s/riOtuiD cuQ^^^^cnfr^suuLl. 

lueutt'y ue^ir^Qsj STjressrth - U0^jrn'/sp(s^i^irjressrih (^vjirQfB&sr 
(7y«)), (^^^ QjBtrpun-ir - ^eu^Qa^iuQcutrir^ Seoir - ©6Vir/r<af, 

270. Because there are few who practise austerity and many who ^ 
do not, there are many destitute and few rich in this world. -~^ '^A // • 


eDmthLjLcirjpt Q^rrarp ^ojsjnQp Qs/tgsstQ Sgstjpi ^eupQ^rr® QufTQr^fs 
Sk,j8u Lfp^fiirGotTQj^&jsficS^ eu^s^LoearQLCOirjptu), ^/EfEeQof Qufrjp/aa 

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271* The five elements (of his body) will laugh T^ithin him, at the 
feigned condact of the deceitful minded man. 

6L, Qi/r.02/uJ/r Qpwpp QtneueifrQa^iijiLi/k ^GffQssr^s^/s 
^nesfiS (^ppu utf-eir, 

(uiP - «nff.) CT-^, — ^0fi/^«(g eurreBrQurr ^luiris^ ^euQeuL^ui 

ojfrgpjiuirQ^frppQLiimu^ ''^frtkQ(n^ULj(j^t^^^ er&fr(ffpQu!r€0 g)so« 

(^ppmi sapQJuuu.rr0BiLLuS^^ Q/b^^ ^^p^^ ^rrQiuaSl^ui • eSi^Qot, 
jQckp OwL-Lnrr^^jr^^p^u L^p/sfifrcsur Qqjqf^lLQ^Qgo tueoeo^ Q^jr^ 

(Q^-u-GSitr,) — fi(r^ ^fS^^irm ^fim^^ (^ppui- (^ppfs 

272. What avails an appearance (of sanctity) high as heaven, if 
his miad suffers (the indulgence) of conscious sin. 

ctssriBJS&rfreisr G^eosfi^ffir jtfuSjrrras)tXitu/ruSlpj^, ^di^fr^^ fi€Brs(s^Siu ^ooeoa- 

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Quiri^^-Qutrdr^^iQsrressiQ^ QLnuiB^3;^^pjpi-uu9eB3irQinufS 

273. Tho assumed appearance of power, by a man who lias no 
power (to restrain his seuses and perform austerity), is like a cow feeding 
on grass covered with a tiger's skin. 

^. ^6ULDG!ipfB fieoci)Qoeu Q^dj^co n^&srmcsypikjp 
(SoJiLQeuek ljiLQiBj^^ fi^p^, 

(QjS - U - 683/r.) ^QStii - (^JIfQJ6UG\)€VCS>LDu9&)€\!)ir<SS /9&0C2D£D 

fle)-^cuiL^€Virfies>ei3aSsrTs=Q£FdjflG0^ QeuiLQed^-QeuL^^^ u/bSo" 
HfiSQoD^ inenpi^ - ^efifip^n^i^^ LiGtr-upGoeu^Serr, QtSy)^ 
fi^f ^pj>i-i3if.^fljp(Suir^tja, 

274. Ho who hides himself under tho mask of an ascetic and com- 
mits sins, is like a sportsman who conceals himself in the thicket to catch 

@. upppQp QiDciruirir uif.pQ^(t£^€i Q LLpO ppQ p&sr 

Qp/Blh UGVGijfb fiO^Lb, 
(uiF-aj>ff.) CT - ^,— ^LDGTOLCU iSipn /E65r@ l£i^^i^pOuir(rr^LJB lUfTLD 

u^ppQpQiDccr^jt Q s' (T ^dQj fT jr ^ iLccypib^QeuiTQ^&SLD ^uQutrQp^ ©caf? 

Q^TireOGOGtrcuijoso^ upp^as^xuSocr^ upppQp QLcdTunQ/rGsr^un, 
^z®isisLfreo Spu^fr-ju urroj^ics^^^^ Qsiuajnir ^'^c^d^3i>freSlm^€ssr cSycG^r 

«ilDigitized by Google 

in^^flpQuiTQ^tL®) upppQ^ajQuzm^ Q&'trevs^Qtn'jr^^ ut^jpt 
^(Lpssih - uiGaypiBfiQeufr(Lpiauiir€ST^^ (^^uQuff^ip^ ^wft^ 
Quirdo (S^ir&frjpitLrru9^ih^ erpjpterp^eT&srj^ - (tSeJr) er^ 

276. The false conduct of those who say they have renounced all 
desire, will one day bring them sorrows that will make them cry out, 
" Oh! what have wo done, what have we done." 

^i!r. Qjs^Sp jptpeuirir ^pi^irirCSuireo qj^S^^ 

(utP-GDir.) er-^, — Q/s^^rrp upp(n^Si GS)GUJi^ upppKvr^iiQuir&r^ 
^near^Q^ajGunasiir eu^Q^^ eufrQpLDQj/rQutrco oj^sessrcsiLncsyujiLicsyL^ 

JSircsr^Q^iueuircsy/r Qj^QjS^GOrroj^ lurrih inj^a^iLSSGssrQ^cujrir^p 

^^Q&ireosr® ^t^iSlpuiSl€ajrrrd^^&). ^cuir ^ifiiSpuiSlesrirfrjseo ^^^l.® 

ueofiycrr ojevpjp/LL Qi^/r&fr/S — tLjL-ihOurrQ (ipa!B& QcmrGjeuir (v^tp&€^ 
intTih^ QjiripQjiT''^LDL~iEia:'eo^ ^pp^ jS/tJLSIesr LLiTcarQfSu&^ Lodrevr QirQpJ*^ 
€T&sru^^ €cr/Ss, ^iLa(^ ^Qj€i!r Q^tLJ^friTS(^ ^^Brr^csr eflSarr^^eSe^, 

««2s)rr) eSlL^frjrttSi, ^piflirirQuffGO - ^pib^cun Quired^ 6)/^ 9 

276. Amongst living men there are none so hard-hearted as those, 
who without forsaking (desire) in their heart, falsely take the appearance 
of those who liave forsal^cn (it). 

^. Lfpij^mfB SosoTL^Ssaroj Qtr^ tbaiii^^fS 
(uiP-60>rr.) er - ^, — (^ck/SuSiirLipLDQunco Q^ju-A^np Qs^ldcs)ldu^ 

^Gsr/3 - ^(i^QutufT, Q^mcg>LD S(JTjCS)iiiQiueirucsr QurT(tr^(sft\<^SL&sr 
i9p^os>^^lL(B^ Q^uu^^^ijD cSy;25aj/rc3)u)u9gB/(^ Q&'^pesrQjfruS^ih, 

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277. (The world) contains persons whose ontside appears (as fair) 
as the (red) beriy of the Abrus, but whoso inside is as black as the nose 
of that berry. 

•£!/. LD63T^^JSf LdfrS^lTdS LD IT GSST U. IT IT £ JITt^ 

(uiP-SDT.) er-^, — Liir6fr ^thuacsr^^^scsBrcssr^irfLLj LSIpiTS(^^^ m^m 

IJiOiplB^ Q&:SO^lh LDfT/S^IT Q.eOS^Jpu UCOfT^ CT-^. 

^L^^sQ^ir, ^sdH LDfr€s^L-frjf f^ trirL^QujGsru^p(^ ininLSGSiLDLJULLt^/r 

278. There are many men of masked conduct, who perform their 
ablations, and (make a show) of greatness, while their mind is defiled 
(with guilt.) 

eSSssruQ un-oi/rp QmireaGO. 
(uiP-«nT.) GT-^y — ^ii)L^ Qji^QjirpQs^en^fi^frvSi^CDi Qs^iuooirpQstr 

;5a). ^^eu€sya»Q(u Qj^iuso uiTGULDfruSip Qsirri^ujQfresrQiih, ^pLDfru9p 

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6Qds3ruQutre\)[re\) - {^sujr^^ Q^ojgvulLl^ u^ut^^Q&dy Qa:ir 

279. As, in its use, the arrow is crooked, and the cnrved lute is 
Btraiglifc, so by their deeds, (and not by their appearance) let (the up- 
rightness or crookedness of) men be estimated. 

«0. /JDy9;S^^ HiLl^^lo QeneArL^rr eifeoath 

jrGDi—iu[rd^^LDiTQ'ju QiSUL^Qpih QeuassTL^ir, Q^tuir/kQ^friT ^Qj^^^sn&lr 

O^GST^ ^pplUi^ti^fSltJU 6p(2^55^6C>^45 BL^fB^^L^GST y GT-Jpt, 

u/Dji^^ih LDL^^^^str «gyL_s/(gLb. LDL^^^Q^(xruQ^ JS^ti>u9c^fT 
^osTfT^JS^^y *sy^ dh.(fr^irtrvSi^iT^ ®,^^p '^fi.L.rrQcurQpss ifld^eo/r 

^p(^^afrQ^^€irjpif) (^ppd^Q^ireoGOuuiLL^ e^^igdm^es}^, ^[^^ 

2E0. There is nb need of a shaven crown, nor of tangled hair, if a 
man abstain from those deeds which the wise have condemned. 

ojiTGO ^cvcsitr 6U(G^^iB^^ Q&rrL-p(^ ^esiuji/5 QurrQ^ar&ojn' ^'iibfntiF:T!nj 

luQ^rr iflQpdsiTLD ^se8car, @^ ^peupiLtrv^jb^^ i^p^^uQunsrr^ 

Q^fTf^/B^ L^p^Q^ QutTih^ Uoop2souuLJB e-L-Lot^locr QurT^iL®u Qurr 

^Qjirs(^u QuifliuQ^fT iTl(Lpasfr^60 ^fS&. ^oja'tr^ cij/rtu€S)LD (tp^p 
Q£ifr6ceo(rci!)LLuSQr^iu iBUGsra^aiTirAi^p^ QiDir^i^LD, QurrQF^arup/SI Sei 
QpiEj (^pp^GS)^ ^ooa(^Q<zrp/sn'aeS&sry @^ smjcihup^ iS^^cn^froj 

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«. GJeircnjesyLL QaiedsiQcufr Qssr^ufr Qcsidssr^Q^frti^ijDiimi 
s&reiTffenLD siri^^Qsr Q&ff^m, 

^d^rp^m ^iLt^dssr uS^itp^eorreu^ ^irtL^Qiu ^ctrasyeuiuiTioijQ^&rjpnh, 

^Q^i—^^fTp Q(rr^GsrtBu iSiJlcufrdr miTiJUQj^rruj ^L^LDiDo^seBSiQGSsr ^/Sqj 
ld^gS^siI. sd'iluLfuQufrao Q^g^uulL L-tfiiLfQLD&sr^Lb^ ^pis^ojuSr iSdr 
i3pQjfrQs€3T^ihy @6BrLJ(ipii) QufTQ^^ih ^(j^Gui^p Q,3=iuiuuu(B€uQ^esr 

jBpQ^pu ^Q^^^^» ^fTcsr^^pQs^GuiTiLi Qu^iu/B^^pQufrQ^dsrQuj^ija 
c^tfl/fluj^ gjl^ulLi—^/S ^suJosrQj(SrfS^^s Qsrr&re^&fTf ^^eijiBi sctreufr 

Qeun-eircrafrunr&fr - c9(t^uyLjQGUirGsr ^euQesr^jpi (^^cu^Q^sirjnr 
QuiTQ^SsiTfLfU}, aGrremrcnin - L9pes)n'6U(5^^^^^Q sir error iQSssrujir 

281. Let him, who desires not to bo despised, keep his mind firom 
(the desire of) defrauding another of the smallest thing. 

SL. ^t^&reir^fsrr e^etrGtre^iB ^Qfl t9pesrQuirQ^8siTd 
(uiP-QOT.) ci-^y^^^ppiki&^^ ^GsrQesTi^^fTp £S(T^^^£^ih ^p/s 

Gu/rso/r^ QpuLfGDi^^Q^ectru^ Qpi^/£JSp^» ^men-^Qinmu^ @i^^ 
^puLnhGS)tj>, jyo) 6SI(^^ ^lUEiQairQctT^iTLDCSipkaexr euiB^si* ^^GU 

(0^-u-Go/r.) — s^elirerr^fiirev-(^^ppEis3srr^flt£i^\ Qib^Q 
®(?6U, ^elTGfr^^ih - iQdosr^fl^ih, ^Qfis - (^^pifliriri(^u) uitgu 
Quituirth (^j^^eotreo^^ i9p6irQuirQ^3Btr'i9p6ar^ Qun'(r^Ssir^ a&retr^ 
fStrio - ^6U€srfStufrj!EQi€iDsu9^ev^ aerrQeuth - eu^S^^iOdiireir 

282. Even tho thonght (of sin) is sin ; think not then of craftily 
stealiDg the property of another. 

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fiiireu^ Quirb\)d QsiQih^ 

^GDtruutTQ?) (tpctrir, 

283. The property, which is acquired by fraud, will entirely perish, 
even while it seems to increase. 

(uiP-enrr.) er " ^j-^iSpnQuirqr^'^ Gu(i\Q^^B Gsfri—peichQess' 

Qsfr(Ss^mQufrQp^ Q^rrosouurr^ ^(BihcsiuoDtus Qs(r(Bd(^ih^ er-^. 
&G!rjpt^eoir€Br 6T(^^fraT£)iih ^asetrooGuQiu uuSIgo^^^ ^^f^p 

uSjressr(Bu/rLLL-frg[utja ^^ £iiL^fuuu(B^p(QS afrjrossrisjjk^puuLLi—^, 
(^uQuir^ ^eS^Qurreo Q^iT&fffSI)^ eBd&reQ&srs^ - ^rresiutu 

284. The eager desire of defrauding others wDI, when it brings 
forth its fjTuit, produce undying sorrow. 

Quir^s^truLjU uiriuuiT/rx cssfleo, 
fiLiiS(^ifl{u QufTQ^dsfTiLfih ^^eoT^ ^ppih GfstrdQ^ ^pm^ Quits 

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eacn) SSsor^^^ Quir^a^iruLf - («^Qi jr^) Q^iriensu^ uiriruuiri' 
soar - ufriTuQuiriBL^ji^y ^eo - ^^Gkit^tre^ir^, 

285. Tho Btiidj of kindness, and tlio czerolso of benevolence is 
not with those who watch for another's forgetfnlness, throngh desire of 
Lis property. 

(uiP.QDir.) 6T-^,— fi-oS/r Qp^^iuei'posip ^err^^eorrQiu QfB/SuSscrs 

^tiSiTQp^eSujQ/pcsip ^ar^^edfTQi^ siriLQ Qp^eiiirss^ Q^triocou 

«a)fi^Sajr ^eSSssrs^ s^pp^^Qj&dsfnLiLhf ^oipx^Gsr ^^ iBirps^ti^iL iSipib 
^pi^ Q/0^2wa/Lb, ^^Q3=tuujiruiso ^Qjpcs>ps Q&(B^^p^utnuiiiir 

^Grerojirp/SfiGO, g)^Sw ^Q^s^ir ^Qf^m^^tuirestQiD^u . ^^pQfspu 
^Q^(^^(30fr6ujp j>fQj6uctrssuuLLL^ear^pj;n&r ^luea^p^eSiaQ /seoeocar 
Ofp^esrojifi Sppco, 

286. They cannot walk steadfastly, according to rale, who eagerly 
desire to defraud others. 

irarppeo Ljifl/sfiirira esSeo* 
(uiP-GDfT.) OT - ^ ^'"^aetrQojGfrjpi Qs:rre06\>LJu(Bt@€crp ^q^gsstl^^/S 

Si® &irjr/Seuir<sssrGS>L[iQiudiTj;jiLD^ &rrjrcsBrpcs)/E^ sn-ifliuL£>rr&Q ^crrQeueor 

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287. Tbat black knowledge wLich is called fraud, is not in those 
who desire that greatness which is called rectitude. 

SusoQu/b(7i^/bQufr&> iQ2soQu^»LDy aeiTGS)QjQiu uuSdrpeutr Qs(^^^jp ci/(^ 
^ijSiT(Lp^GQiuQj/bas>p ^mfB^/Sfs^fr/TSf^^ ^penp^^eSiutr^ i8p(^ 


288. Deceit dwells in the mind of thoso "who are conversant with 
fraud, even as virtue in tho minds of thoso who are conversant with 

uip€9)puj Q^p(n^ fLCiiir, 

(L^Q^ 05©Q;r, seneueOGorr^ iSip^pcsyp ^/Sojir^Qj/r^ gt-^, 

^tuSaPSTQjSiCfnrsu&jr QuiT(jT^(^k:)'^\utrcs>n €i](^QGB^U)trjQ!ihy ^qj€u^ 

a-crrcTT eupibjadsiTu Qurr&Qa: sjriBfS QinrpQ^iuGO&'^u l/@6^^^ Sfu 
QufTQ^Q^ Qs(Bd(^LDfrseQ^ ^iejQs ^^ajQir^^ina sh./Sl^>T» u>pGS>puj 
cuaojGcr ^pib^nrrs(p^ ^cssreuna Qeurr^uuLLL^ airtu «C3^ Qipikf^ «^0O 
Qp^GOfTuSieoraiLby @60 eutr^euirir Q^^luuljis fSfTcsTfEia^^mh, Q^QpQr^GSuja^ 
^iiupcs)pQtu ^f^nih^ ^QjajGtreufre^ £<z>p/s^Q^^^oso ^/Sajrrcs)iii. ^^^p 
SGfTGunrr QaQmrr^ SfupuuCL.^ , 

(^Qfi-u-mir.) — ^Grr^j^GC6\) - acrreuiy^e^irfi, ubpestpiu-wpp 

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289. Those, who are acquainted \7ith nothing but frand, will perish 
ia the very conmiission of transgression. 

coS/f i9 pppQi^^s^m f e.uSiirSasoQuj€>sruuiLL-jpm ^puLjLDGSiLDa&r 

(Q/B - £J - ©Off",) — setroitrrri^^ - aerreQCSGO u\fi^QQJiriri(^y 

290. Even their body will fail the fraudnlent; but even the world 
of the gods will not fail those who are^free from fraud. 

/a.O-li. ^^—6UITUJ6S)LD. 

^. GufliiGDLD QiuesruuQeu ^vurQfieSdr (uirQ^ireifrjpiis 

Qur^Q^rrpsdsira^ Q^troo^^io^ cr-^, 

"vss.Qjresruu(BQj ^oapi^iT'^ eTGsr(n^pQun'GO r9sfrp^» ®^®®r iBsl^ib^^ 
sh-fliQ^dGsru^, ^^^fTQuih^ ^iei(^ utuoj/r^/ruSi^ Qldiulo 
wcoju/rti), uiuuiSp QufrtuunGDintun'QLDan'u^ sq^^^m 

{QjS - LJ - enir.) — QtinuQOLoereifruuQeu^ - QiniuthefDiLQaj 

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291. Trath is tbe speaking of sach words as are free from the least 
degree of evil (to others.) 

m&fratniD uiud^ QtneSesr. 

^ppiB^frm^ iBGSTGSiLD j)/pih ' ^^dsaruutu^^eo/reu^ QsL^ir^&i s^ir&s/r 
i^rrfleo enu^ f8arpQfiir(r^u3in- ^^Q^ frpse^ar QuntuihesiUifuirQesr ^^gH 
eSmQ ^GirLfjpi^Qi, /Sstprr^^ ek.p^LDf /saresiLD uujeurrjSiruSisirQun'tLnhGsyLD 
tuirth^ uiuuiSeifr QLDtuihesimtuirQLXiaru^ ^(75^^. ^ssioj' vQ:fGssr(Bu 
ga/ih ^iBi(^ utuQjtr^ f9sififs^^sh.p^ih iBGffesiiD uiue^ih Ssiprr^^ dn.p 

uiu&^LD Ssip/s^jfi Oup^th Qu/nLJfjiGS>LDQiu6Br&jU)^^Qjpp^ g)eo^aaizsr/s 

€S)aj^ uiui(^iher(sS&sr - {L9p0i(^^) ^(ri^LDtruSesr, eufnuGDinuBu. 

292. Even falsehood has the nature of truth, if it coufer a benefit 
that is free &om fault. 

(uiP.QDir.) cr-^, — 90Q/68r fiGsrQ€tjr(C^^/Seu Q^frdrpSsoru iSipir ^jSts 
QesF^Q^ jifuurreu^^p^s &f\iuiTtu iSgst^^ ^Gfrdser ^fiesr uuj^iu ^&sr 

QiB^^ &S\ajfr^eo ^^aestsri^oj tfleoGsdeer ofeos^^&r ^easrjrfr^/rtr — ^aa 

wosipuu^mGnptuir^rr — QiB^^^^p ^jpi@tu siPiuSieoSBO tufraeSar^^ ereiru 
fi^§pi LD/Sa. Quiriu iLGippujrrG!)LDuS€or^ ^^ ^fupeofrsirQ^oiru^ ®^®P 

©(Jq), ^jSoi^ - jf/SLuuu®6uQfin'&sTcs)p^ QuiTiutupsi " (j9pa' 

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29.3 Let not a man knowingly tell a lie ; for after he had told tho 
lie, his mind will bnm him (with the memory of his guilt.) 

^. Q^&rerr;ifiirjb Quiriuiutr Q/sitq^Q ^eosjifiir 

Q^fTiT GTLiQufrQp^ih ^qjSs^Quj iBdscruuQrrdiru^tnhm ^s^€cr ®iijdgs)ldu 

294. He who, in his condnct, preserves a mind free from deceit, 
\?ill dwell in the minds of all men. 

fltr€ST^Q^iu eufTiflp /dSso, 
(uif - 65)T.) CT - ^, — ^(j^QJGir ^arLD6srjsQpir(9 Qurr(j^m<s QjiriUGSiUi 

&puL\€S)L^iu€k^ er-^. 

wscr^Q^fT® Qun'd^fB^^eO'LDeijr^^pQs^^eo. LfpuD/rQiu Qimuiu/rp 

ttJ Q/Q)Q/ir 6ir. 

295. He, who speaks truth with all his heart, is superior to those 
who make gifts and practise austerities. 

(uff - onir.) CT - ^, — 9®fl/ga/«(g g)iiGJ)LDff@u Quirtuajfrosiu^Gsau 

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/3'Z- aasLQ^ /e.0-^. ^^' eumueniL, 

firrOecr ^^OLoesru/r/r^ eTtutuires)LD Qtueoeo/reu/DQp/B psq^Qin^qr^ir, 

{Qfi-u-esiir^) — QuinutuirGfiUi^Gfresr - (gi(5ffl/,flB/^@) Qu/r 

296. There is no praise like the praise of nevet uttering a false- 
hood : without causing any suffering, it will lead to every virtue. 

«r. QLi/TiUtu/rcwLD Quinuiutresitn luirpjS €srpihi9p 
(uiP - flinT.) OT - ^,— ^0Q/6W" Qumuaj/rGDLDc^'juQiu Qufrtuiurrasnii 

^GtrQiDpjpi* ueOQjpEis^tLfiD QuipQ&nestsr® Q^iLi^p^Q^GSiLDiufrdo &&i 
sQj/Sp (mppuuO/s^^ 9 ^GaeuQtuSoeo/TQjp^ar uu^^ulj/b ^frOesr ^jr^jp 
fmtu g)^S5?r(*(L/ QmpQsfrsssrQ ^eL>(n^LDp Q6Fiu^eo /BearOp^umr, Q^ujiuir 
COLD Q^iutuiTGSiLD iBGirQp&irQJ^n'* ©/ffSsw ^QjeufrpeBT/Su Quiriuiun'GDLDesxuLj 
QuiriuiuirLopQ^iuuSp iSlpsup^Q^tuasis /sarOpesru QurrifiuurrdQu 
QuiTiLJSh.f8p i3peup^Q^tjucs>s iB€sr^a;n'Q^6Bru^ ^fi^p ^urr/sjs Qu/r 
martr&Q &,esirruu rra^Qpeir it, iSlpeupiasQarGOeoirfk ^(j^ih uuudesr^ ^/rQtisr 
firmih Mpp^€S>L^pQ fiear lajpiesiLDuuiusfsr^ iB(^^ gJGDo/ Qp&frjpj u/nLt^ir 

(O^- u - «D/r.) — QuiTiLJuJirGoinQuiriutuirGDUi - (g^d^o/^) 
uj€U€\)eoeu^u9eir, ^pCbSp - iQpojpiEJsSefrj Qff^iuajirGatn G^iutuir 

297. If a man has the power to abstain from falsehood, it will bo 
well with him, even though he practise no other virtue. 

messTL^iTLD^ ^ffiQuired u>€anB^tuflfr^fifircs>u> Qj/nuGS>LDUjfrQ^€S5rL-inhjCr''£i/m 
^ir€Bsruu(BQj^ s^arerrfltrsGS&Tf^atsrL^iTQLD^jpicsin'MLJULLL^^, ill. 

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/E^O-tb. mS. euiTiiisinut^ sai.91. 443- 

uSiai^fsuitrmflGsr entity iisTfrek-SSi^io^ ^eifuniULb - s.689rL./r(^£2), 

298. Pariiy of body is produced by water and parity of miod 
by truthftdness. 

Quinuaj.T eQeamQs GBetra^> 

(gu QuirsiTfi ©©cJr Qutrs^GSTy QuirtututTeSieirsQs ^crrsQ^sk(r//r, jyej/ 
eSQ^ea-fftiJ^ ^/Siuiresun* Qutninuir^ eSlGtrsOseiru^ (QGSipih^ Searpj^ j 

w/TQj^ QufriutufTGaLDiurreor euQF^ih ^etrssQua ^etrs^QLD&fr £ijas>iruuir(r^ 

(5«(5, ereoecireSeiri^th - (^Ljp^^Q^Sstr i§S(^Sp s^by)a>^(SjSirjr^) 
€QGffi(^aQerreo€Oirt}i^, eB€iri(Q^eoeo - eQia(t^(^SGnir6ussTGiii\)to\>y 
QuiriuujireQsamCS^B - (^^Sii^(f^2efriis(^8p) QuiriuiuireaiLUJirSiu 

299. All lamps of nature are not lamps; the lamp of truth is the 
lamp of the wise. 

Qjiriuss>LbaS csreoeo i9p. 

(uf - GDir.) €T - ^j — uurrih Qunju/B^^Sosetrtrs^ ^gsstl^ ^0irGOs^&r 
oj/rQ^iTQ^ fidrGDUnurrgmui ©//rujcKLouSesr LSsseBrojrrais^ Q&^ireoaouuLiL. 
iSpQjpms srB^^ cr-jpim 

QLD(LJiLiGSsriT^^€iJ€areupos>p QiDiuQiuecr^^^ir* ^Q!>QJiun'Qjesr ^Eisesar 
ixnuesu) g)6BrcB)ioaS/69r Qu/rQ^&r&dsfr ttjeireireufr jp/essrjreudoeojTfnLJSS ami} 
Qojf^e^s&r ^a^ODLDuSiar ^GUposypu^estsrirfB^eufrOp S-esyrrssofih eueoGOjrirtUy 
§los>pejir jy^crr/rcBT ^eos^^trir p.jpi^ Qiuiu^^pQuiTQF^LJB^ sk.^iu ^s 

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etrirm^ aesan^wp^eir - airasruuiLi^ ^sureom^etr, erSser^jp^sir 

meoeo - QuypuiLt^eaiiifUJirSdJ^ i9p - iQpojpdoss&r^ ^^%o-^€». 

300. Amidst all that we have seen (described) as real (excellence,) 
there is nothiDg so good as tmthfalness. 

ifi^ ia.«-u). cjy^ — Oa/(56irr/r62DLD. 

^Qo^troi^ &a!r^as>fiff- Q^iu^pi^s sirjrGBisnh ^(Ti^eudirLD/riL (Berr 

9. Q^AeSi^^jpi siruufreir Qesnasiruutr esreoeQi^^^i 

(uiP-oxr.) CT-^,— ^6Dr SssTLD usS^^lSu.^^ ^^dssr Qojifi/rLDp 
p^uurrQosr ^Q^crrtrp p(Buufr^6ii freer • ^csaruueSlajn'fleSu.^^ ^^osor^ 

Qs'GoeSu.ih ^eoeSli—Quissrp^ ^eu^^trp pcket^&sr QiDeSiufrcsifriLjuy 
fi/cQttJ/TfiJJ/rtL/Lb. Qje^iuiraQuap strQjfreui^iqih ^^^gsc ^sufrs(^ eu(r^eu 
Q^frir ^EiSoirmLiiuSip sir^^euifimh ^peSiiidBO Qiuasrutriry str^QQesrar 

esypuueQujiT^sQi:^^^^ siriQ<ssr - (^^flSssr^i) fiQ^js/re\)^ erGtr-^ 

301. He restrains his anger who restrains it when it can injure ; 
when it cannot icjnre, what does it matter whether he restrain it, or 
not ? 

8-. Q^Goeoir 6fflzj_;SF^6F SesriB^^ O^eoeSi^^jsi 
iBeoeofieSp pSoj i9p, 

(uiP-65)ir.) CT-^y — ^0fiU63r 0tay(^6Tfl ^an-et^ar eueSfUfrn-Qm Qco/^csr 
^csrsQa ^fifrih* inpcsip QiucBiufraQiD Qeotfiginih ^^efSlpfiajeer iSp 

^^eSp fSojear iSpcSlGoBso Q(um(inf^ir, ^/f^i^^^th ^^trQ^Gsru^trih. 

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302. Anger is bad, even when it cannot iojare; wlien it can injure, 
there is no greater evil. 

^K-. LDPfi^eo Qeu^&Hesyiu luirirLDirLLQi ^lu 

l9p^jS eOfi^^ QJQ^U). 

ajirtTLD/nL® QiDsarj^ih^ u^Gs^^^np ^piB^trir&f^ j^sr^etireufrQuj ^^Q/s 
€B>^s Qetr€OQOir€upas)piijih L^puiSi^^eQ&sr ^ojiSipi^ eS^^ear CL'^OLoesr 

303. Forget anger towards every one, aa fountains of evil spring 
from it. 

uenaiLf QpeirQoJir i9p, 

jBcs>&€5>iuiLnh LUGsrp^&ir&esisr ^euesisesnuii^iBi Qsir&rjpiQ&irssorQ eTQpQ^p 
SsstQid jifGOco^ ^^efSip Sp&iittu ucz)^a^Lb ^ettQojir ^eJ^^ er-^. 

Q&rp^ fl«r^^«5r - Qatru^^^^ i9p - QeuQySuj, uaDsu^th-UGadi 

304. Is there a greater enemy than angor^ which kills both 
langhtor and joy p 

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/3C €.IB^^ fl5L«-U). -^P. Oa/@6Tr/r6»£i). 

S05. 'If a man would guard himself, let him g^ard against anger; 
if ho do not guard it, anger will kill him. 

Qiuiu&sr/S ^qj/ts(^ ^eanorrQuj ^iDUi^dssBrcsnuu^^ ^(Bih^ ^-jpi^ 

en-trppeo/rpQsrrGssri^fTiri fpsstsrQ s^(i^QjS(^Q&:tuQdrp^ ffipiBjSfrfr ^sar^ 
cey^QajiufTSG^ctsTm ^SBrQiD^gn Qisq^uQuekp eS^uLfj e_co«^^ QiB(if^uL^^4= 
^Qeu^ ^irmQ^iriB^ eSlL-^GSi^Qtu g)«O/50UL/i= Q^Fjrtr^ fi&L-^«5)^fL/^ 

<«^®OLD633rgp/Lb Qojp^HfOLD Q ^(TGST Py^StST p^, fFeBtST® ^GSTQlLGSTp^ QPPP^ 

^pm^ ^eij(^(T€anE}setr (T p Quiflojjrfnus G«LlL-/r/rtf@ c^^ Qinfri^s^ 

QsirfS^^mrtrS^ihy ^sp^QiDcaru^ QurrQ^en-nsdQs/rars, ^ajuq^Bsr- 
QUificsi^ iLiuQ^^S(s^ih L/^BBT. J§)68rOzi3(a3rgj/Lb ^LDULj&BarQtuarp ^sQ^s^ 
GjQ^Qis^^/rp iSlp^sssL^^&r ^Qn/E^iriDeo eSOL-fBrgp/as; aaafrQtupj^&drp 

306. The fire of anger will burn up even tho pleasant raft of 

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Seo^^efopiflnrek QDsi9€S)tfitufr fip^. 

ffaru€GrQtpos>p ^^qjgssouQuitq^ QararQppQuireOy fF€xr(Bs (j^eBonh 
QunnhQen^eBTuuiLL^j^* iSios>ifitufr^GjpQp6Bru^ (j^eapi^ iSGsrp^. g)co)£L; 

[pGsr^ weoeoGtiiDesiOjisinLQSp^ ^(i^(^&5STQLD€irj^^ QaiTGorLL. 

iS^puLjf Se^fB^ " y^dSaSvsSL^fl^^ ^etDpifltrosr * ^csyp/bjaB&i 
€8rjfi^ GDS - easiufTGsrjp^ iQesytfttufr^^^pjpt - (^it8eo^^Qe\3 
u&^eo) fluuiTfseSfiLbQutreo fluuir^. 

307. Destruction will come upon him who regards anger as a good 
thing, as sorely as the hand of him who strikes the ground will not fail. 

(uiP*eB)rr.) er-^, — ueosri^oDtr s^esiL-.^fitnu QuQtri\eui^ O^irtuis 
mirann ^(r^6up(Q^ SnJBLDfruSiesr^ «sy^ tBGsrjpiy cr-^. 

308. Though one commit things against you as painful (to bear) 
as if a bundle of fire had been, thrust upon you, it will be well, to refrain, 
if possible^ from anger. 

^a^atr^ua i68fBrttj/rQ^«9rir, fifrdn-SQ^^tu QuQpeoeoiTLQ gjjaaCff 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

/3^ SiR,^ nL.Q^-LD, ^P- ^air^Q^lUlUlTGDU)^ 

aLcJror^^/rQeOCTr QoicaarL^fr^ sfu/Siuoj^^^^ ^^(ajcwt- fe.6irGrrG Loecr 
u^ Qpt^/B^^, ^^@6cr scared frGS)LDUj/reij^ ^^ajQ^eir/rQuj ugs>sgshu 
Qjetrn^^ jy^^esr Qpppk st^^eo, ^ldcsul lajpicsaxi ^Qi^aruear (?q/^ 
Qojjpi ^p^fl€srQjiruS§^u>^ j^GDOjOiueoeomh §}QjQQjfrajr(n^Q€sr Qujiu^ 

{^Qfl -u^GDiT.) — Q^etrerr^fifreo - (^oi@|0^(L/(?fii//r6ir) ^«r 

eoiTLb^ n^L^m - ^Q^iBim^ eriujpih - Oujp/eutr^, 

309. If a man never indulges anger in his heart;, he will at once 
obtain whatever he has thought of. 

«0« ^p^fSSir ifip/sfisnr jrSssrujir Sesr^cfofi^ 

tSas ^6ar/ies>jS ^mt^ujn'frs(jE^ ^ireBrQu^iu^^p (^ifltu &.uS/r S^arp^rr 
iSspiih sedss^fiiTGir ^ooQ^iu^/renLO ^d^^^xjirseQekj ^^es>tr ^pm 
^frjrBenrtuQjrcBTjpnh, Sear^GS)^ ^tLL^friTS(^^ ^irssfrQL^(u^<sp^ifliu 

^uuireuirir; &esrflODfl - jifAQairu^etn^^ ^pifin'i''^^fi^fi€uir^ 

310. Those, who give way to excessive anger, are no better than 
dead men ; bat thosOi who are freed from it, are eqnal to those who are 
freed (from death). 

^oofi /TQjjl fi€arsQ ^(^uiu ^Q^aQiufTjseOj Q^ppihupfSiutr^eo, 

0>tDtt9«vrL969r os)QjsauuLLL^ffi^ 

Q^uuiuirGntL iLir^p(rff^ Qmneir. 

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(uff-6»ir.) er-^, — QiufrsLLtrSitu SpuLj^ ^(j^lq ^etsfiuatr Qpfi^uJ 

^tha>LD QuQj^CB)UiQLD/bjsi/* ^puLfCBiL^uj^Bsar^ &pLjQu€arjQi\hy ^^esr 

^g»^ Q^eOQjQLDorjpiih^ afruaih^ QQ/(^e^f inudsQiDOirg^iEJ ^ppeaseir 
^ppoiLOUj irar LDir^pQr^Qn'^j;viBi ^fu/S^ir* ^fi^eo fiLD&Qsir(i^ uuj 

pffuuQQiareuirSiu, Q^eoQJih-^€iRiiuiirQpfl6i>ir8iu O^evei/izsiASsiiry 
QufS^u^-QupeotruifrtQspih, i9piri^^uippsuira^i(y^^ ^ear^" 

^P(ffi- - (^ALD «/£^tt9g)eo) ^ppiDpQ^ir (lu/rei/^ts^zL^^ 
Qsir&r - ^eKHeufTih^ 

311. It is the determination of the spotless not to cause sorrow to 
others, although they could (by so causing) obtain the wealth which 
confers greatness. 

(uf-c»ir.) er-^j — ^LbQmpQs'ppiEiQsircssriB ^(ja/ew" ^dr^js^'p 
^p6^ Q^tu^eSL^fi^ua, iBm® ^itld ^Qj§p}a@&sr^fiQjpGS>p^ Q^tufUir 
a>tL(Ljiji j)fQjjr^ ^eBtHeij, er-jpi* 

fiOjpGDp 9-LLQsir&reirirjsieS(B^e^ Q^iupuir&nQ^Gsru^mjD. 

(0^ - u - c»/r.) — sjpi^^ - ^Q^QiGsr (^fithQiLeo) eneujnii 

^i^ppmpposjT^y QawefT - ^estSlen, 

312. It is the determination of the spotless not to da evil, even in 
return, to those who have cherished enmity and done them evil. 

^DiLuajir e9(iffiL/s fiQj^ih. 
(uf-«Dir.) er - ^,— ^/rcer QpmQu tricar ^gs>ld Q&^ujtu/r^Q^ss^ 
^daQtup Q^ppmQsn'CBsrL^€uirs(^Lb ^dr^^oipasip^ ^pisfiojor Q^djtLf 

^eueSi(Bihcs>utU!T€i}^ ^euiBt^i^^ u\^\i\Cd ufrojQpLD ^tu^fi^t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(Ofi'- u - 62D/r.) — Q^iuttJirui&> - (^fiirofTQp&frLi ^aruik/asQ^eu 
Ofiin'sifrefDp^) Q^Fiutuir^Q^is^ Q^fb(n^frs^ijD (^^tirQtnQeo) gd^ujt 

813. If an ascetic inflict suffering even on those wlio hate him, 
when he has not done them any evil, it will afterwards give him irre- 
trievable sorrow. 

**• (S)®^® Q^iufltroDir QujirjptfBfi eo^irfSfressr 
(uiP-Gnir.) CT-^, — ^u^&@9a ^^Gupesips' Qj-aj/^nesur^ ^p/dQ^r/r 

Qsuu^ ^QjeSisrGsvt-dssrmh mp^^GO^ er-jpt. 

LDpQjrreuffiu iSlG^rgpiih ^sjp S^rr^^LD/r^eScsr^ Lopsspuireo euir 

It9gieda2i8fr^ Qs'iufi€U€is>ir, ^jpf^jSeo- (jppiiQflirir') ^eiirtfL^fieoa' 

314. The (proper) punishment to those who have done evil (to 
yon), is to put them to shame by showing them kindness, in return and 
to forget both the evil and the good done on both sides. 

fiisQ/sinuQuirp QutrpdYf^i acDL^* 
(uf.GniT.) €T • ^,— ^^®^/r/rffi@ &.aSir(Lp^€SlujGupcs)p e-efretreurr^ 

^fiOjpcByp^ ^U)(ipuSiTS(^ Gu/F^GorQurreos (^/SlsQanGBsr(B sfreufreSi^^^j 

(^/SaQsfTGBsrQ sfr^^eoireu^ ibl^^^go, ^Q^^^g^} Ql^^^co, /Bppct}^ 

fSBsarsaoar jpessr&ifiaj ^L-.ihLjGDi^ajQ/p€Sipu up/S ei^^eflwr Quir^uu 
L^u iSI/S^Q^Qiuairjpiihy Lopuuir&r ^^ ^&sn^jBgpnh emsSeifr^Q^uj 
fieofrQui^ p/Sfs^ srr^^eoQeueBsr® LorrscSdry ^^ Q^iuiunojifi ^/Boifrp 
u(U6Bl?a)25u Qtum^ii ^/S^rr^ @fi<^p G^friTQjfrpQ^iijfieii ^cdsau 

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iKudL»U). ^j9. ^GfTQ^Qs^lUIUlTGaU)^ 

9iPS ^^. 

315. Wliat benefit lias lie derived from liis knowledge, who does 
not endeaTonr to keep off pain from another as much as from himself ? 

QeuetstrQih iBp&irsiL Q^iueo 
Qaru^aruBS&r tLuS/rs^cBgruifrsGSidrj ^es>Qi siriLSiueirGHQifuirasr 

316. Let not a man consent to do those things to another which 
hd kaoYTB will canse sorrow. 

visiTw^^ih luiroiirs^^ S/S^itSqh^ QsFvuiutrcsnnfihotutTUJ^pih^er'jfi. 
PFesar® u^esr^^ir ^efrfiQjjfiu u/rojiBeoStoQajdru^ Qup(a;LD. ^pp 

Qpp€sr€nin\ua'€fST ^pth. 

317. It is the chief of all virtnes not knowmgly to do any person 
eTil, even in the lowest degree, and at any time. 

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/^4» m^S' jrLiE.*th. jy^. Q^fr€V€\}ir€fDtn. 

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(B^^ ^€3isr(B go/soff iLjuSiir&dstnLiuo ^nhuf^eo ^p,^^Gs>L^ujtr(r ^pk^irnk 

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Q^iriT/B^EjQsirS^ eu/rjnnDp ^fS^Qsirasr® air^^eo. ^^pt^u u^s 
^GSoTL^oo §}ar/Stu€S)LDUJ/reiiJpiuu/rsGS€srf ^^^pui^^Q^ireorpy ^^ossr 
^pk^&ne^ ^2sfStQi\u^3^^^n p «3»L/fi(g)/f. c^eaonn^^&i^eB^iQ /seoeoeorQof 

Old QutT^uuL. ^QedfrQirGsr^nihy j^euQirGOeorrirs^th ^uuQpiD.^eoireia' 

SStiSir - gg6V69)«£.a9/f<sS5)rriL|a>, ^thLj^eo-struuirppeo, j^Qeoirir-- 
^p^gfTS^GDi^Qiuirjrn'Aj Qflird^^^eup^eirere^eoinii - (^^pifi 

fi2so - Qp^mGaLDiu^esr^pubtTLb. 

322. The chief of all (the virtnes) which, authors have snmmed 
up, is the of partaking of food that has been shared with others, and the 
preservation of the manifold life of other creatures. 

(uff-ODir.) cr-^, — ^QsQirir Q^ir^^^ ^pms^&r ^GsrQ^t^dBssr 
QufTiututresiLb ^^Gsrt3ekQeBrSps m^jpi, er-j^* 

emriD QsrreoeorrGDLDUJtruSi^ihf Omp ^^Quiriuiu(rGs>LnQuirdj{utrGs>LD tutrp/Q^^ 

^jTGaTL-p^ffi&r^uD lUfT^ &pm^QflGsrjpi ^lU/SsQ^LD^Qp^ ^^ Sstfiir 
G^U}uQufr(T^iKB, FFGsar(B ^^esriStm^mru Qufnutu!rss>iD eGsrQpasrqr^ir^ 
(ipp&h./Siu^p tSp^Ki^fSiu^ QjeSiiLjeDL^^^rrs^dr, ^^desru iSieBr^irjr iBGsr 
QpQirp^^ iBar€s>LD utu^^ih eut^u QurrtuiLjih Qtntuiufru^LD, ^esaa 
utus^ih Qjifi QuDtutLjth QufrojiuiriLiih ^^Sssru upp ^^ ^if^i^euQ^^eo/r 

l/l1c ^piks^etr ^otQ^Q ^Seavruu^ ^iveoirui&)) fsirQosr 

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323. Not to destroy life is an incomparably (great) good ; next 
to it in goodness ranks freedom from falsehood. 

^. jBeosofT QpesTUuQeu ^ojaQfieSSsr luirQfiir&Tjp/ii 
(u(P-fiiDir.) cr - ^, — Qinps^ 6§® Qujpi&iL(^ iseoeo QiB/SQojGjrj^ 

lurrQ^fr&rjp/QiHGirp^^ ^jr/SeijuSicsitruLiLb ^&uu(B^^p(^, srr^^So^ 
ejQpQjirLDjb afr^^&>, ^js^go ^Qjeup^^SeanLiGs>L^ujQ^ mdsrQeBrfi Qiu&sr 

'q(i>, QsrrQ>€i>irGS)in - Qarr0O€^ir€{ouiiutrQuj mSfp^^Sssr^ ®(!£^ "^ 
(«ir«jB) i82afra(^th^ QmjB - eutjSiuarih. 

324. Good path is that which considers how it may avoid killing 
any creature. 

(uiP-cnrr.) ot-^, — iSpuLjfSexrp SBsoesitu ^^Qu iSpajfroiLDuQurr 
0(1(9 LD^sisr Qjfrtpaesiscsyiu^ ^ps^trir GreoGO/rQ^arf^ih Qairdsouuir^^o)^ 
^^Qs Qsrreoaofres^LDUJfrQiu ^p^os)^ LDpajtr^euar ^luir/s^euGir^ er^jpi, 

iSpuLj fSdrp i92s\}iurreii^ ^lumc^eii /SpuGeuargnjU) g)0a/6©tfLf 
iSjDuiSginh §liGsruQLD€sru^ ^mjSlGirfS ^arerreBrQoidoison'/B ^ekuQiDtutrtu 
iBB^GOin, ^p^ ^an-Qptu fruS^ih^ ffiDiuQ^ji^uiriLu^rrp ueoi^fru) ^seSeor^ 

{Qfi - u - €5)/r.)— yfiSso - (^\9puLjiSimp) /SSsu^g, ^gjfi- 
u\um^, HfB^frQ^etTsrioeoiru^ - (^i9pQja'GS)UiuQuirQ^tLQ') mSssr 

326. Of all those who, fearing the permanence of earthly births, 
liavc abandoned desire, he is the chief who, fearing (the guilt of) murder, ' 
considers how ho may avoid the destruction of life. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«r, Q^fTeceojraaiD (StnpQsirasr Ot^trag(^euir&sr emr^pfSfrcSsr 
(uiP-ODT.) et^^y — Os/r^^/rcB>toaoaj tSijr^LDira QLDjbQsirasrQL^irQp 

iBauQufiuj ^p(^Q^iu^ir(jT)iD iSauQu^vu urr&j^Qstu^irQr^ih Qpecip 

^^p j)/€BJ)Ljup/Slf ^uQujrp^ Q^tu^frdr^fT^B Qsireoo^uuL^/rGp-p ul^/t 
^£5Qeu, ^i^u9p SiLu^iUQjrr^siT&r g)fiZDL.^/z968r^ QuJULi^QiLearutnr^ 
GJirtfi/BfTGBsrQLDp ^h,pjp!S^Qs'e^e^wQ^^(2^& : Q^Feooofr^frsQeu^ a/TGO/^tL 
t^s^LDf SiLt^^^rreo ^/rearih iSiptb^ ^uSin- ^(BQu^ Qld^u^ aQ^p^. 

(^Q/S'U-GDir.^ — ^^uSir^€Kfr^Diiji6h,pjpi - s-aSGDir^Qatrm® 

326. Yama^ the destroyer of life, will not attack the life of him, 
who acts under the determination of never destroyiog life. 

cr^ ^ekspjiSir MutB^pj^ Qs^iuiups fltresriSfSl 


Q^iutupSy 6r-^« 

urrojih Q6s/rdB0(Lf€ssrL.eut^^ Q^iu^^ih QsirGsrp^ifi ojerr/r^^ih QsrrdQ, 

gp/uSi/r QuiriLirSgijQiiiGr jp/osyiruurr^Qpctrir j i3pir Q^tu^s^mnarresiLD 
uSeoTf ^^o^«>friu€aras>LD uj/Ss, 

fieofrSajf eSidssr - Qfisir^Sso, fl&r^iQUr - (^^^Q^iuajireBu.^^y 
fi'ssT^ i^a9jrn'ar^j £ui9sivui - (^n-L^u^esiueQiLQ) liaQuQuir 

327. Let no one do that which would destroy the life of another, 
although ho should by so doing, lose his own life. 

iB(f^f^Q^eOQjih Qufif^ftOmm^ ^eoQinyi€uiTn&(^& ef^puutLL^^nf^snuij 

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328. The advandage which might flow from destroying life in 
sacrifice, is dishonourable to the wise (who renounced tho world), even 
ftlthongh it should be said to be productive of a great good. 

«»• Qsff^eBdssnu jnrSiuj ubiris&r L/isoeQSsfsrujir 
LfGnesiLD QfiiBeuir irs^^, 

QsiTaBO^BstsrujQn'€Brp^(^Gjrj Q€iJ€ir6Sl^&€ssr QsirSsotu&iresiLD tu/S&*'- 
Lje^dssrujQrrGH'p^ Q<grrifieo/rp Lj^BOiuQfrearpQi/rjp!, ^jihosiLCsatL Slpctold 

{Qfi - u - 65) /r.) — Qa/r2soe02sariJir^Qiu - Qsir8sOjiQ^irf^8ao 
tLIQou.ajeujrirQaj^ Lbir&s&r-ubeS^ir^ (^^^Q^tri^eS&sr^ ^Lfieneu 

329. Men who destroy life are base men, in the estimation of thoso 
who know the nature of such meanness. 

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^GoeuuSjresvQ untLL^ir^ei QsirGO^frds^ €u(rF^fB ^m(^ ^fupuuiLL,^* 

(^Q fi-u-esitr .) — Q6FiBirii.L^thi9&jr - (^uiririmiahL^irfi^ Qmtr 
iLfL^unLju^Qesr, Q d'eocair^^oJiripieifiaujeuit - GUji^fGnLoQuja® ak^nf^oj 

830. (The wise) will say that men of diseased bodies, who live in 
degradation and in poverty, are those who sepai-ated the life from the 
body of animals (in a former birth). 

'2 j^S" ^ef^ ^Qjp/SGJTUiu^Quj ^rrevriEJ&h^/Sluj OpirL^i&Q^fT, (^n-esru^no/^ 

Q//r«^6OT-«J>L0. LDUJElQlUeui^U QutU^Qfitf^/D LjGBTGoQutred^ Q^ITGJ^ QiDiU 

Oguji^ulLQ QjQr^^Qdirp s6Rir/BQ^frj;)iih iSp(b^ps^ QLDecruirQ^ihf ^q^emrp 
(w^csr Qqjjpiu(B^^ld ^(t^^irpQ^GBr Qeuj^iui^rrcsuDmii ^GS>u.€s>LbS&sr SSsotLf 
^£^ih /BdsoiufrcsimiLith ^(f)mQs,iL\o^L^aj QQj&frurr(T^QLD6BrLj QuTQFfLLQup/S 
<3h,jptQjfrir ueo^p^^irrrsijiT * ^eurr ersoeofrird^ih ^(^pp^ fSBsoiufrcsyLo 

eojfi/ QufTQ^GTse/Fip up^eSu./r^frseQairy ®.^ Qpeer GDeudsuuLiL,^. 

Siifii^} (sr-jpt. 

Q^irpp(ipGS>L^ajeupiSipi Qsis^eoQoiar^ sqf^^ld L\GOeofBQin6\> ^ojjb 
fSlskQiop upj;n3^Q^uu^&) iSipeS^^^Gsru^^p Ca^eutrae^esTj ^^ 

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^fo^Qarp u/nKBsBCirn'Gfr ^aip/D^ SSboiu fraiLDas>iu eSl^Js^ dh^jpiu, 

331. That ignorance wluch considers those things to be stable 
Trbich are not so, is dishonourable (to the wise). 

(uiP - 6»T.) OT-^,— ^(^aieor lditlJBu Qutf^taQs^eoojih eu(r^^&> Stl.^ 

^^€Br^ Quirs^ua jy«<9ii-^^/rLl® Qpv^ft/seuifi jifd^Lpirih QurruS^p 
Quir^iJiihj eT'jpf, 

Qud^l^Qj^eOQjQuiecrQeup ^psss^Q^eoQiQpui jifi-.EiQpjpt* Quir&^ 

^mLOs &(rjT€ssni^rrB jifjrEiQarsLL Uo%^p^^frp (^Qcaroj/s^, ^sairjr 
ovLD OuiriuQjiS^ ^/rgpnh Qu/rLDfrjpiQufTGO, Qa^ioeuopu) ^(i^w earGoeSlccsr 

QutrtuQjifi^ ^irgpiih QufrQixieisrp^ffuSlpjpi, 

332. The acquisition of wealth is like the gathering together of un 
assembly for a theatre ; its expenditure is like the breaking up of that 

eop^u €UfrBi(Sdi O^tu^. 

^eaanQoiesruffi ^S/s^/BGfrp^» ^srQ^&rojifiujeoGO^ ^jD/B^rrjrrrp 
QupuuL,ires>uyu9Gsr ^^ Qup(2/(o)so&!rjpnhj ^oo^ @06ut^ S&)e0ircBitLu9sT 
^EiQ&QtuQjrjpjisi sh,/SiQ)irm jif^^pQ^iuujuu(Bi}> ^pssiscrrrreijear'^ — uiu 

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jpiBk^k./S^a. ^as>Qju3jr6sar(Bu mLL^fr^u) Q^GOojSBsouj/resiiii dh-fiuuLLt—^* 

{Q/S -u- caJiT.) — Q^eoemh - Q^eveumtresr^^ ^psir - /SSsu 

(utr^y ^ojGoiSpjft" gjiu&yefouiLfQOL^uj/sir^Ui; ^^QupQifeO'^s' 

Q^eoeu^GD^uQupoyeo^ ^P(^u * {^^^QeoQ^djiuuu^Lb) ^p 

333. Wealth is perishable; let those who obtain it immediately 
practise those (virtues) which are imperishable. 

^- jBirOetresT Qojir&iTjpiQuirp siriLtju u^u9tpQ^th 

^rr^sa sfi-jp/UL^fresiLDuSeisr tstrQetresr Q&jrrGsrjpiQunQe^&r^iDy jo/^ 
JSGjrossr QjtrQeereBTjpt m^oBriniin'iLL^irfiSftir clos^u Qu/TQpj^ Quir&iri9ssrp 

£)icsiiTuutr(f^(Lparir : ercarQoi^oru^ Quiujr^fi @€S>L^^Q^irGOG0fraeorr^ihj 
^orjpfQu/rp&f! lLi^ QuGsrufip(^ ^/r Qu/rQ^iL&pu tSesrcBiLnturr^th^ cSy^ 

334. Time, which shows itself (to the ignorant) as if it were some- 
thing (real), is in the estimation of the wise (only) a saw which cuts 
down life. 

®- JB^^Q^p^ ^sd^mrQineo eutrfftTQp €sr&)e93ssr 

€u^p(^(j^mQGsr ^iLi^pQ&^QiirQuLJ ^pth 6S}es)fri^ Q^iuiuuuQuip ct-jh* 

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335. Let virtuons deeds be doBO quickly, before the biccnp comcSy 
making the tongue silent. 

fl€Br, 4)f€S>eu Qumuirp^LD SL-errojirtiSginh, SpuLjuup/S ^mund^Qtu 

Of6(^tBG0-(Smpj[Hf e_6Tr69r-&_6ir^a9^6Br ^tQpi^eu Ocwear^u/jt] ; 
g)6arjj/ - (^ai(?68r) gj^enpi^, @«v8w- @cog)a9®6ir [@/D/F,<S5<r 
Qei^cirputfJlj cr&sr^vih QumemLD - er&trjpi Q^rreo^Lo (/fiSso 
iu«r68)zz)tt9€8r) dSi^^es){U^ c_65)L_;i^- &-eDL^ajfliru9(f^i8&frp^» 

336. Tbis world possesses tbe greatness tbat one wbo yesterday 
was is not to-day. 

^' ^(sOuiTQp^tjy 6u/ripQ/ fijSvJtfir sq^^u 

^ifiofSpunthcsiLDuutrp QutTQ^Q^aru^ P€Bsr(Bs aGSsr^^GsfQin 
cznorp^. sfrjreoarLL/rQiu eSldsaruSiesrenQQj eufr^^p(^th ^6frfiu/r<£EeSleer^ «Syo°o 
^^ ^fruSlpjp/» u&>€ufrtu fSSear^setr/r&jesr Qurr/Ssetrrrtir j^ajru 

^'^^""^Lo, ^^ ^LDQptup^s&nTm euQf^LD/rjg^ihy jifQjpe5>pfi ^irQpiu^ 

JjiuOL//r0€ir sscsyL^s^fuLLQLLfrjpiLDj ^^dosru tSlpirQs naretrmnp s/r3(^ 
^ff&iOy ^^@)«5r iBtLi^fTGSiir tufrs(^LDfrjr^thy iBotrefrtresifr oj ifis(^LDrrjp:ihg 
fiffm ^eu^eisrueiaim ^SQf^mrrjpiih (tp^eorraScar, ^jSeSeo/rjr^ ^lueoiSear 

«wu u^WLDuQutujrnsQ ^9s>iTL:unfq^(ipm it. 

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o/«3srr, sQ^^u - iSdsfsnuir^ipulr. 

337. Innnmerable are the thonghts which occupy the mind of (the 
unwise), who know not that they shall live another moment. 

(uiP-anii.) GT-^y — (LpGiT fl€Sajirfi qplLgsh^ ^cS^^k Qt^uu ^^gn 
^(tr^sk^ t-jor^u uQJjQJiheufS^t^ up^^Ou/rtu ^ei;ros>LD^^ ^L^i}iL9p(^uy 

€u^ GQ^Qift^ffgiith ^arQj^uuuiSpiB^ Q^(nj^^tessriiL\LD ^^fX^ ^^^^r 
iLtTiu Sppdo^ cSy^©^ Sjoo^ ^L^ihi3p ^^oDintunSpjpf) sSy^sc^Jr Qeup 
jpicsiLLi^&ff/EliBGaQp iSIgst L^srinpOuirs^^esr^ L/err SLuSn-s^QjGDunutru^pjpf* 
QpiLcsiL^mLiSipuu€sr iSpetiopGrrQiugyih^ Lj&rds(TQaj 6n./Sl^iT, upib^Quir 
fipQdr^tfieofrGsr sluSQjtit Qt^/ruujGOLD Qtutu^eu^ ^^Qojajtra^Sldr, miL 
Qu&srp^ FPGssr(Bk ^/SuLfQiDirifiajirtu iSLLiS&srfSuQurrfi ^essrn-^^Sesr 
p^* Q&^^Garinmu jy^o/ruj fS^^LOfruj ©.aS^u), ^QfF^eBriDinu ^qr^e^jtruj 

€0^ /suSlffdQQj&a-u /sj8s» ^€f^k^L^ih€s>u Qiuesru^p^s ek.QL-.Gsrj^ 

guldguib^gBi^^^) Lpi^Quiri ^ffiesresyu^esyiu \L\esit^\ujstr(mui, 

338. The love of the soul to the body is like (the love of) a bird 
to its egg which it flies away from and leaves empty. 

(uiP-68>ir.) 6T-^,— ^06i/gp/«@<F ^fTSSfrO eL>rr^^&> ^pssua euQ^^ 
QeoiT 0L_/r«(E5£i)j ^^GsnSiasr i5)puLj qjq^^oo e^pmQ eDi^^^eo ^Q^^Qeofr 

iLpiEi(s^^^ih eSifi^^s^uy &,iiSiiTSLLf^ Qajdouaius su^^gst inir/Q 

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^upii(j^eu^ Quir^th - ^imih euQ^^eoQuir^Lbi i9puLf - («^^ 
339. Death is like sleep ; birth is like awaking from it. 

«0. LfiS co^Lo/sjSosr^ QstreoQffOfr ekfi^ihiS^iL 
(uiP-GDir) er-^, — OifT^Qp^^tuojp/S^ gfeoeorrtu «lz— zLL/aJgjeJr gjjjr 

^ Quiru^LDj ^0£—U)L9g2/Lb f§BsoQu(7^^ GUQ^js^freo^ ^^&6Sl(r^isfiQQjm(2^rm 
iSeir ufpuui-ir^ L{dQaeSl(BL9eo jt/GSiLnifi^fruSidr^ i3p/r §}ps^eir ^^aQ 
jTfT Q^sru^trih; ^aQw, a.aS(?ir/r© ^».t^f8puQfifr (jL-LOL/ti) QeodsoQajelir 
LJ^ QupuuiLi^^. ^esiQ/ QajQpumLi^trgiithj (tpesipQiu iutraesiSSiL^ 

^QjrfTQji^u iSipis^ jifareSQeo ^p^^^ihj ^0 aesarLDtruSl^ih Sp^Qmear 

U^ Q^€^UJLJUL^fr(S>LDtLlLD^ ©.uS/f /S^jQlUOJlfis Q L-.S ^LL fT^ LD j ^QjpjSp(Q 

QpuLjua tSpuLjtJa LD/r/SLDfT/S QiQ^LDfTjpiihf ^GS>€u^fnh fi.uSI/r45(5/f?aj jyecrcDLD 

340. It seems as if the soul, which takes a temporary shelter ia 
a body, had not attained a home. 

Ufii) ^etr^iriu up/S8ssr, jifQJppffi S2soujn'GS>LD Qsfr&Q, eSKB^eoJ^^Sf^ 

€Ofiesn €st/S€sfl eaUeoeir^ 

e»fl«r /f©S-^6or cJfa/cBT ^uQuirq^arfreo jf/uQuirQ^etrireo ^efruQLDtujpfieo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

@jip^ffMirg f^ ih Qj(m€U€afQiu)f LD^ftODLDSsessr uireuji/Sffcar a;0fli;£sr£yu) ^(u 

^flG^m-i^^QiGfr) ^uQuirQ^eS^Qe^ ^uQuir0etfl&Q&)^ Qmtr 

311. Whatever thing a man has renonnoedy by that thing, ho 
eannot saSer pain. 

esPesortf^tup uireo uso» 

(uiP-onir.) er'^j^^eTo^coiruQurrdij&rsBsiriLii ^p^i^ootred ^QF^€j/rd(g 
^thcs>LD^SGBBrGesar s^eirQjtrih (tpes)pGS)tJD05>ajiLj€s>L^uj ^€oruBS&r ueo j ^^ 
^SI^uEisdstr QojGson^^f ^ejpca>ps s/rcoth Qup^ jppss, er-jy* 

^Qj^aruEiaeinrQjajr'^jifuQufrd^elTS^ sirjraarLOirs LDesrQLDffifiQLDtu 
seir ^dsoiuir^ Sppeofrgpithj ^gs>€u aGSFQatrfiastlQ^podirgptUi Qj(r^Gjesrm 
^ctres)LnssGfBr^p/s^/rar ^Qfp€s>p Q/BtBaafreoui eruj^iLfr&eScar^ tLeasri^ir 

jppifltSGfT^ FFekr(Si " ^^0tii/£Q;i(aj) §lut9pLji9(Seo, gjiupuareO" 

342. After a man has renounced (all things), there will still be 
many things in this world (which he may enjoy); if he should desire 
them^ let him, while it is time, abandon (the world). 

LjeoQiLmp^^^pGSip jpairfiBso» jt/^ wost^es^^^ ^^u/sfitr&ih 

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Q^surifLtu ereoeoirih • (^Q^Qa^ihQuir^y ^uLfe^Gsrmdsfr ^sfs^u 

S43. Lei the five senses be destroyed; and at the same time, let 
eveiy thing be abandoned that (the ascetie) has (formerly) desired. 


(uf-«Aflr.) cr^jPy^^uppuuQoj Qfiirqr^ Qutr(^Q^ij> ^eoeoirenLD fioj(^ 
Q^iuQurffs^ Qtueouirih; ^o^Gsrfii^ ^€xsr^99guth &.«»£_ gs>lo ^^/Si^^csi^ 
uQu IT defied ir€8r, iSsssrSih iDiuD^flpQs^^^irih^ cr-jpt^ 

g^tfi^Q-puLfihaDLB eSsirjT/i/SirpQdT^dsffim GetrarQuaruj^^th, ldoj 

muu Qutu&^fie9frQear€ar OQjpjp/€B>LDuu®^^s ollKBa* ereoedfru Quw 

Qinaruffi s(f^fiffi» g)fiB)Q/ i6iTGsrQutnLt-.iTgfiiD erevQ^argpnh i^puupjpi 
^®^«) &L,puuLLL,jp.. 

(0^-u-€Bur.) — <SmirAit9p^-fl€U^^^\uQ^if^i(Q^ ^osrj;^^ 
{uppuuQeu^y ^(^Qua-(^(etFu>^ g)68r«Dii) - g)0)«)/r^(5««D«, 

344. To be altogether destitute is the proper condition of those 
vHo perform austerities; if they possess anything, *^it will change (thein 
reaolation) and bring them back to their confused state. 

®. UD/bj^i Ofiirt^ffuutr Qu,eu^QairQ> iBpuujp/ias 

(uf -€B»ir«) 6r.^y — t3puujpififidB0 QLopQsira8rL./r/rd^ ^fiP(S^ 
«®fiDttJirfiiu tu^LDLiih iSesisiu/ru); ^GsrtSGSTf jtfflp^ QmQeo g/«)tut5«)©)6Br 

Digitized by 


Qutr(W^th QuiT(^^ ^LLL^€sr SGssrQessr dlGSifr^c9drj Q^L^ihL{LScs>s Quji,sr 

L/sgjtb ujfrQeBrearuuQui* @^^«r ^suu/bjpieflGjseo ^tl^l/ulIl-^. 

(Q/s - L/ - «D/r.) — i9puLf ^jp/aaeo ^-p(ffiri(^ - SpeBes^iu 
Mi(QQfi\up&€snu (StupQairedin^Qj^ifj^j ^L^thLfth - (oy^c/Dgj 

Qutrqi^eiraetr) uppuu(Slfi9d, ereu&ir - 6f esr^^zi). 

346. What means the addition of other things to those who arc 
attempting to cut o£E (future) births, when even their body is too much 
(for them). 

^tuiTii/s Qifeosih Lj(^ih^ 
(uiP - ODir.) €r-'^,^^fiireBreo0ifrfl ^.l-ldcdu tu/rQcsreBrjpiih fiGsrQ^ 

fip Qs^ojirSuj iLiu€B3^€S>jid Qs^BuuiTGsr QjffQ^irdq^ui €T(ujspsiflaj 

^jpi^QLLtrifi&eiriT§^CD^Q(utrsuu\Sip&ajtrQ)iihj ^QSieu lunQesretr^ ^^esaa 
Qjse^js^y jifQjp/SafrsLLupwp eSKB/geo, ^puLjihosiLL eSs/rjr^^rrp Q(yj^s 
affi* S)<ff®^ ^^^Q^QJOS>suup/£ISsanLiih eDLLL^ir/rsQa ^(BetrQ^esru^ 


Q^0d(^ - tLttjdm<i€9y^j ^jptuuffGSf'^Q^®uu^^y eufrQQ)n'i(^' 
QflGuiri(^u)y p^fjuiTfSjS - ^cfDi^fipsiB^frQujj ^.&\)su) -^^ Qp^^u^eo 

346. He who destroys the pride which says **I," *^ne/' will en- 
ter a world which is difficult even to the Gods to attain. 

upfS^ flGuisi^. 
C8)/ru iSpeS^ ^^umam g)^«u upfi eSu/Tj cr^jjy. 

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(0;y- zj - GDvr.^^upfSdofr - (^(5q/ct)«l7) upjpiimdefni^LD^ 

sstr-^^utks&r^ upjQ - ^jpisuup/B, eQu^ir-eStLQ ^mjsrrojmh^ 

347. Sorrows will never let go tlieir bold of those who give not up 
their hold of desire. 

QidsouuiLL^inr u^pemp vueuif. • 

KiuL^irQir&n-jpuhj Qu/nu/BQ/s/SamQu, iSpuLfeuSeoiLi eirsuu(B^^eBr, ldu 
{Qfi''U-Gfs>!r)—^ff^ffipiBfitrar - QpQ^^i^piijseunr, ^Ssou 

348. Those who have entirely renounced (all things and all desire) 
have obtained (absorption into God) ; all others wander in eonfusioD, 
entangled in the net of (many) births. 

«>. Upppp sessrQossr i9puujpii(m ubpjpi 
SSeoiuiTGfDUy mtressru u(Bth. 

(uf - a>ir.) CT - ^,— ^(5a;s5r ^Q^euesisuupjxnth ^ppQu/r(ipQ^^ 

^pi^p/B^atrrp,QGn-p /SBsotu/roDui a/r€aBruu(BLh/ er-jp/. 
sinrszTiuppQufrQ^Q^ s/r(fiuj(Lpth ^pp;S/r (ipca>paDUiup/6lj upppp 

^p/Seui^^. g)«)Q, uSjr€ssr(Buirilt^irai,ih ^dui^qF^Gsnnqih g^©®® ^pu 

{Qfi.U'€ViiT.)—upjpi ^pp amQessr - {^(^eum ^^^ 
«>«u) upj)ti^8B(riL^th j^ppQuiTQ^Qfi, iSpuLj - (^uup^^^ 
^^^Si Jifa/637^) tSpeO^ttJ, ^jpid(SLh ^ ^ifia^f^ih, iLp^^ 
^^^ ^qfffsQutrQ^ffi^ SStoajn-cntD^ {j>l€upQ^pi9pi^th ^p6 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

349. At ilie moment in which desire has been abandoned, (other^ 
births will be cut off; when that has not been done, instability will bo 

ao. upjp/^ uppp(7jf^€sr upflosar fuuupQs>pu 
upjpts upjpi ^L^p^. 

(uf .ODir*) €r'jp^*'^sreieotruQun'(!fiSBirtLith ujb/SS^Qp upp/bp ^cs^p 
€ijQsr ^^tu tSLLGQ/B/SesiUJ §}^Qeu e^Qear/SQiuarjpt inesr^^kQAtr&rs^ 
Q&(reBsr(B,^fiesr&m ^uiruj^as>fi jifihtDesTfifiirpQ^tuSfeSL^fr^ ^!Sfi up 
jpieS(Bfip(gi 6r-jy« 

aL^QjGT eu/r^^^p Qspu FFGar(Biii QufrffiojODSturrp uppp(V^Q€ar^ 
^k, upppcff^asr upQparmfi ^(S^^JP Q^ujiL\LL@tpesiij^sS€Bar <a;/5^^« 
^€Bsr®u upQpGsrpffi uppuu(Beu^Sstsr. ^^Gsrsm ^ufrtuOLodrp^ ^iutr 
OfT^uar^s^sir, ^t^/rffiojis^ upQpGfrpjp jjfiBr^tuinueu(r^ih ^L.ihiSlpup- 
jifi}tupjDi eDiSfip^ cu/rajLo §}^^p ^fiupuuiLu.^. 

€&Qflp^j upjM^P(iv^dr • (ere^eoiruQuff-Q^SeinLith upjS^esiQp^ 
upppp ai^e^&Tfrp Q^ireoeouuiLt^f up/StSsttr - Qfi^^ QmjS 

360. Desire the desire of him who is without desire ; in order to 
renounce desire, desire iJiat desire.. 

■ J "^ ^SSSLl^ T ' I ., 

^/reBrQuaaru. g)^fiya> upppQr^csr upfiBssru upfiiuQjjfi p^etr/gfreufiffA 
eSiafTf ^satrjrossrQ^trpjpt^SiiDupfi^ ^peQariSear OieuasuutLL^^,, 

(uiP - onir.) er-^f'^QLjaiuuQu/rQi^eireOTSOeifpasyp QmiuuQutrQ^Qarear 
^Qje^ul? fi &\9sa fTQiir^^ iDjpiiSpuLfLb, ^Q^eSIBssruutugnth, ai^oi^th 

Qoime^Qtu^jpiiDf ^^ojirQp ^^p^u^/SOfi/r€or(n^s/i^€sS/s^ih Sf^. 
LD(rr,€k, LOfuitfo), eSu/^fidiGSsrir^f ^tSs^a>ffQujaru€Br 90Ou/r0Ll©«rrflO, 

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(5^ - L/ - «Dr.) — Qutrq^ea^eoeoeupesip-Qu^iuuQuirq^&Ts 

iSpuLf - unriL^GOLouuL^irfiiSpeQ [^ssruLSeoeotrfl iQpeQQiump 

361. iDglorions births are produeed by tile confusion (of mind) 
mhkh considers those things to be real which are not reaL 

(uiP.finv.) er-^j — jifeSI^GD^uSelfiBiQ QuituiLieasrir^oesr f^esyt^tujr/rfiS 

ietQQtueBrp Q^/rcs>u.GiB/rs@ QioeSiBjpS^p^; /Ssj^Q^^u^esr ^A 
^€UFn€^dBsr, ^^^(30 ^L^/reujfi Sjr^^iu ^^uQm&fru^n'&.Lbf ^^p{*h 

362. A clear, nndimmed vision of things will deliver its possessors 
from the darkness of futnre births, and confer the felicity (of heaven). 

^u uiugaihj SL,G^^ih cenrGoz/r ^eoQ^irQeuear ^^/Spjpiesi^^ i^p 
Sljor tuiTffi QunuQujor SaQfith ^lUfi^^sar Quj/ra(ip^ir^&iLj0f>L^!u/rfr ^lo 

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^frQir&irjpith, ^Oitrk^ ^^eugpiuw ofeBsrirGif ^u^uulJB ajjreijjru umes>L^ 

353. Heaven is nearer than earth to those men of pnrificd minds 
who are freed from doubt 

^, gg (L{699r^ Qoiuj^iui AGSsr^aw UlUlB&iTQp 
Qldiuu^ 60810" eSeoeotr ^Qj.Td(^. 

^ffQaj^Gssrifeif ^^pesipeSiiUB^ ^ihejtu^^^/ruj eutfiiLith^ ^^®p utue^eo 
©^ ^trjrBsaarsaeisr Sppeo, ^lEiEiea'/SarpeL-i^tLjLQ eS© uiuoj/resytDuS^sTj uiu 

LEl60rQp^(7J^ir , &pUL\LbGSiLD €TlLJ^fipS(7F^€S)LD eSletT&QSGirp^ . g)SJ5Q;ttS 

jr€ssr(ButnLL-n'^Lb Qindjinszrrr eiiesii^iufrtrsQs ^(BerrQ^esr Qtnuu^essra- 

^jSfi eSev^iT^QJira^y gS'^^ zuessrire^ - ^^szo<f ^slj^ €^sfl (?f ^no/ 
/Btrppth ^su€S)6u/B^ LjeommeSi^ui Q^e\)^^e\)ireo) ^i^irQiu 

354. Even thos9 who have all the knowledge which can be attained 
by the five senses, will derive no benefit from it, if they are without a 
knowledge of the true nature of things. 

QinuuQuirQ^eir ^siresvu fifiekf. 
(uf-ooir .) €T-^y — iLjn'Q^ir0Qun'(i^&T ujirQ^irifituSoi3p(j7^iLJ^ O^rrG^r 

QiDtLJUJirSluj Qufr(rF^Bsrra siressruQfi Qintu linear fr en treu^^ ot-^. 

Ssara^a sifi^^, /Bdrp&jeBBres>uiCS>ius srr€osruQfi&(rpQjfr^ii9pj;i/m ^0*0 

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QQ]LpQeirsQ8sariLiGS>u.ujfrQ€sr€oru(2fin'iT eui^Qjih^ Q^Qiu^uQ^ir S\iupQu\u 
(T^ti, LDn'i5^jr(^Q^n'cSi(r^ihQu/r€s>pQ{uaruQ^rrtr ^puLfuQuajQ^LD^ ^0 

&trjreBsrejs^&r ^(BsQdQafr€ssr®Q3=dr(Ti^p 6B/rjr6ssrsfnftiuEi6S€ir ^ir€aar(Sl 
iBssifi opi^Gumu iSpu^dser iLfeBanr^eofrih, eruGufTQ^Qen'^p Quir^esiLO 
luiTor ^iuEi(^^3saartLiLD SoBO^^^ssrtLjLDirQoj Qu/r(n^etrsQe(rGOQiifrth ©jojojit 

lunBiu QutTQ^SefT^ air(mu^ - ^pSe^^y ^fSeif-^QintLJUj/iSleiJirih. 

365. (True) knowledge is the perception concerning every thing 
of whatever kind, that iJiat thing is the true thing. 

^. ^pia^eAi® OuiUJuQuirQ^eir ssGAnL/Tir fiSsOuuQoJir 
mpjSeiaQ euirjftr Qt6fS» 

(uiP-«D.T,) CT-^, — g)iia5«5Ll iDpuiSldrsessrQGxr &.uQ^^Qtnrrifi3idsir 
Sf^UQjQpcsiL^aj Q^&a^nufrp QslL(B ^^^dr QLDfjuuQufr(r^dsrf tLjsssnTis 
^Qitr iSoar® ^uiSipuiS&sraGBsr ^rrjrfr^ OfB/SssituQuuiu^ojir^ er-jpt. 

s.pQpaa'p^^id ucOfruGS^^LD usosfr^^ua uu9p£)^ii>j iVGssrQL^Gir 
p^^eo ^(BQup/Bp(^^ju LDsaaLiSlpuiSeGr^ Qujry^psQ^€s>LL(LiLh Qup 
^ih. fF€ssr(BQjn-jrfrQ/B/SI ^iKBQ/b/S: e^Lli^^^ SiS^^sirjrcssnDiriu Qp^p 

^Qaj68ru€w. ^Qjp^n&rQselr^ ®^(©/d &iupuuiLu.^* 

356. They, who in this birth have learned to know the true being, 
cuter the road which returns not into this world. 

(uP-6B)T.) OT-^, — ji/iEiisiesnEjQsLLL^ ^uQ^4FQinirtpuQunQ^2siT g^^ 
•*f^36ar Qp^pQufTQF^doiTUjGS^Qr^LDfrS'^ ^^^a(^ LUfr/Su iSpuL^crr^frs 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

LLtruSdr^ i9puLj - (^©/.gyigL/) i9p^iLf€ffeffflirs, Quir^^ - 

357. Let it not be tHonghi that there is another birth for him tvhoso 
mi ad having thoroughly considered (all it has been taught), has known 
the true being. 

(uiP-Gnir.) er-^, — iSlputSp^ Qp^/bsrrjressrLDtnu ^eSs^GPs: Qsl^ 

QLDuuiLiessnTQjirQj^^ er-jpi, 

iSpuQuGp-^LD Qucs>fias)uiQiussr^ih, &puQu€a'Qn(^ Q^ihOu/TQ^ 
QetresTGifUQ^ &/rif}uj^€S>^s eirircssr limits e_(-/^rf)^^/r/f. ^eueB>ss(^ppasjs^&r 

c^^(i^ ^pfB^^/rs0orr^^,(S(B SpuQuearuuLLL^^. Q^irpps,Q&®sdi\^ 
csiLDSasr /B^^LLfrtu^Q/Bfr^GSiLDUJrrp pesrSsijrQtuirdrjp/Bsi fteo^^eSfiBraoLDuSesr 
^iriu^fTUJ^j ^rrQeareoeofrQjpoDpiLiiEi aea/s^ iBpQasrp (jp^pQuirq^m 
eSlsfrjnS^/S (STf^^frar^ih ^(r^^€sroB>iD^^/r^ioup/Sf ^jsSser^ Q^tlyQuir 

^^up/SQiussrQjGJsrtreE, ^^Bsord sirGBsresiSiutreu^y ^uSir ^esresreSs^cs)^ 

^^ jif/S'^GO iurrQ^frdrjru urreSssuuLLu.^, <^o%^ ^^eu/ruu^ Q^iran^ 

co^^u Spui^pQa^cuiTuu urrenS^ Q&(B^pQu/r(r^Ll.(Bs QsojeouQurr 
(T^SsfiQuj un^^^GnQojGssrC^^e^fTasr^ ^^dssr QpdrQeGT uuSpoofriu ^^etSi&sr 

(Q^ - u - cs)T,) — iBpuLjCTGsi^ih - iQpeQdi^ Qp^psirjTcssr 
S^puOuesr^nth - Qwrrov^^^s^ iSiB^^^irjrGssr QtDOfTUuQQp^ 

358. Trao knowledge consists in the removal of ignorance, which 
is (the cause of) births, and the perception of the true being who is (the 
bcstower of) heaven. 

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&trifiBir ^ttifBQ^ Qmirib. 
(uf - flO».) et'jp^ — ^QF^eum crioeoiruQurrQ^LL^^ ^rrirumu j^3= 

W£ssQi^ir(t£S^QLL(xrp^ QiurrsQ/B/S QiuirQpf^^dso, ^oo^ ^iulduoj iBiu 
iDih^^n^uLiy p^uSIitS^j Loesf Q qj rr q^^ s id j ^rrjrSbsjr^ ^jj it esrihy g^uar^QvuGsv 
€GssrQjGSisuu(Dih» ji/Qjp/Sdir ujruQuGO&XTLD FP€ssr(Bcs)fruL9p Qu(r^(^ua ; 
OiunajprQ^s^iLstreBots, i£ip£ii&^ffirir^jrnQ^€sr^csiULHL\ih, ^frjrsaL-Ojesr 
Qjirsu /S&ffp ^muEi&eir rr^ecr iSpui^ ^/Brr^tumju eufTF^^eSar ^aSjr/re^r 
^&[€^€rfi3. iiS iLi—uulLl^ ^dsmsefi\Gsr uiUGacs^&r ^piB^ SLL^LbLfScmr€isr 
^gaucS^fiajroiih tSpm^ ^L-ihuireir Qpais^ iBGsrpefsre^LCi f^t^uuu iSenrgp^ 

^iremG'jjtrsisise^CBr Qp&iresrfrs Q«0^eo/r6sr, ^ifi^^^ ffirn^srirQ^'^cn^rr^ 
^^cssr ^QF^s^/r s^QjfTuQudru, i3puiSlp^^&!T.(rc!sriinrsG0fTmy /s^^Sosru 
unsiith QeirQajesruuLLL^^^ QLDeoQpGirjruufnu^jsfrgpjLh ujnhQufTQF^SsfT 
t^GSfjru tSpuujpiQLiiGir(j7^&, Sjoo^ ^jp/tii oitfiaQi^ff^ ^druEi&QarGO 

aeBesr (jp^trs^S (L\es>L^iu ^uSicatr^ s^n jru:imLu.iTcs>iDturr^th O&tjpi ^ir/r 
tSdrcoLLuir^tsi QsLL(BeS(BQLn^u^ ^^^p si^puuiLL^^. 

L/- ^(j^QJGDSLJupjpiister^ihy 0«t- - Q^(Blihui^j ^(i^S&fr^mL^i 
luirajS^Pj Qistnu - ^^uisjaeir, ^l^^^ - (^^o/eijGssnTCSieutLith 

359. He, who so lives as to know him who is tho support of all 
things and abandon all desire, will bo freed from tho evils which would 
otherwise clcaTO to him and destroy (his efforts after absorption). 

^0, AflUiU) QeU(Q&f) inipis iBesieuQpdrp 
(uiP - GDir.) cr - ^y^^-^irasTQiunsiEiae^dsr (tp^/r^Q u^€SiL^ujnna(u^ 

^SBtr^iUJTlU ^GSl^GS)3:iL\LDy ^^Up^ lUnQserOST lL^S(^LO ^SEiafTir 

Qu/r^tlff^ Q^sojgfiUQ .^coj^iutip ^4^upS ' ^^ck Lo^fiSsvi^iL Qj=cO 

Digitized by 


GOfreoTy QfiGis(QpQX((rfir. ^cs>l^uj(j7^jS (^tresfQtuir&itsGB&sr QpGireorn' ^s^p 

iS(^^ Q^rrdrp g)fl5)fii/ Qp^p^iDtEi QaL^Q^&jr^nr, ^tfioj &pLJLjLbes>LD 
eD&irjT^^rrpQa^ss^, Qst^Qevdiru^ ^^s^^^ifie^, G/SfrQiuaru^ ^n^ 
Qujrr(r^€0)LD» BirsreBsrinirtiJ j^Sf^ppm&^s Qa(B^^rra- srr/flujuinQaj g)(5 
€SlSevradstr^ Q^iuiutrcsiintSiGir ^ ^eiifr&{df^ euffsaL^oj^eirueja^ LSeoSsoQiueer 
u^ ^fif^pm^puuiLu.^* QparQi^s^^eiruiEis^th QihS^^fssl^^^gsf 
ums^Lo ^jooeuir^ed QiiiiuiL\€Ssr keSlGsr uiu^aeSi^f g}CB>ay uSiresarQuiriLQih 
g)d; eu^Qairjrjifi €j/ruSief^, ^euojirpqr^QeBr Qinu\L\GSSffri5^frn€B^ Spuesr 

meBsfsr Qp^ir^& inss^t^tuoiki^) sBq^ulj Qqi^ulj ^^f$fr 
€snh cr€sruu(S8p^ ^^efaeafip&frpesr-^i^ppLbftpesrpesr^^ isiruiih^ 

enaS^oj) eBSsaruutuafraeir^ QaQth - s.GK7L./r^6d^Sso. 

360. If the Ycrj names of those three things, desire, anger, and 
conf aaion of mind, be destroyed, then will also perish the evils (which 
flow from them). 

desrup/S ^QjTfTQjifi^ ^pasuuiLL^ Ljeo^savQiXip uesit^tu uuS/b& 
ejiu^^iTGn' /BossTQj' Q^oo^mmOp^ ^/sScesf^ih ^^ff^csi^QtuGoru iDp 

QjQjF^Qesrp iSputSl^isr ^ostrs(^Lh gSI^^ ^QjtrQojeirjpr Q^treo^euir 
^/Sasieu QiD/rsib iLGSipuu^ ^Qj^uSl€S>fr ^ojojeurr ^aaQasiLQ&iressr® 

Digitized by 


i9puLJ " tQpeQenuj^ FP^th - eQSstruu^irQajf efl^i^ - strjresaTth^ 

361. (The wise) say that the seed, wMch produces nnceasiiig 
births, at all times, to all creatnresi is desire. 

Sj^fT^tuira^ jSfTGjr iSpui^u iSesi0 QpuLf ^jDULfssarfrp^u^uQpjDjpj 
tSpojirenLLGSiuj Oojessr^Qu^Gsr^Uiy ppessrdSiu.^Sp^sn'uisjsQ^^ ^Q^QufT 

esiscsioj jf^ii^eudr e^esreiDp) Qeasitn^^e^)^ t9peujrGDLD - iBpeuir 
^(f^iGSiseaiiu, QojetisTQtii - eQQ^iiLiU)*^ «#y^ " ^LJi9p€uirGDLDiUfr 

362. If any thing be desired, freedom from births should be de- 
Bired ; that (freedom from births) will bo attained by desiring to bo 
without desire. 

(uiP-ODir.) JST'^^'-^^Qr^QuirQT^^mh ^QjrrQjrrcB>Lnas>iu c^«(gti fiO(j^ 

Uis^arQ^GO€xf(ipu> O^QjfrQ^eoeuQpui QLD^QL0&>Q/Bfrs6ss Si^fr^^ 
ca)£-.«>u)ji9^^ ^cura^ GiDe^eoeofr^ Q6uesaru.frca)LDGB)uj c£l(Lp^Q^&>6uQLDdr 

Digitized by 


/^{^ «<9Sr<9v B^er-w. «^P. ^Qitr€^jpi^^&)^ 

Qd-cceuLDfrQLDesretjihj OojessTt^rrGSiLcaSitir &puL^ ^QJGSjr€ssr(BunL-U.rrgpisa 

esr^, FF&k(B - (airessruuQSp) ^a/©^6\)«^^6U, @a?2a)-@6uj57, 

363. There is in this world no excellence equal to freedon from do« 
sire ; and even in that world, there is nothing like it^ 

QLDiuihasiLDQujafrjpiiBJ £ik./B^(r. ihpjgt QuiBsoujjfiQurred eSiSsarLDirjb/S&irsGsar 
^fi^/b eft^puutlL^cer, 

^Si - jifGueuir€sy^u9ecs^fr€S)u>f euinu€S)LD - QLDiuihes)Lntuir@iJu al^ 
Q/?5W, QenGssTL^ - eQ(7^uiU, 0/(750) - flirQesru^essn^nio. 

364. Parity (of mind) consists in freedom from desire ; and that 
(freedom from desire) is the frait of the love of truth. 

©. c^lppea Qtrmun- jroiireupQ^ir wpesiptutr 
jrp(fffs eupp ^&)ir» 

(uiP-6a)ir.) CT-^^— iS^eO ^ppeuOrrarji/ O^freoeouuQQjfr/T si^p(^ 

^^^QJfTS^^ ^QjpQJ?p &GO^GSrUlk& CITppjS&OGO^^ ^Qj/jQufTp iSp^ 

(Q^-Li.63D/r.) — ^ppsuirermuinr - (^i9p60) ^ppojQirsirjpf 

Digitized by 


jptih JfO^jSeufr^ ^pj£)t ^« ^ppjff^svir - {^eaQGU^isearrQeo 
&0J ^firujasi&r ^ppoiSFGOGOiriLeo'^ ^suirQuirp iQpeQiupjSe^ir^ 

865. They aro said to bo free (from futare birth) who are freed 
from desire ; all others (who, whatever else they may be free from, aro 
not freed from desire) are not thns free. 

(uf-GDir.) er-'^,'-^QLDiuiL{€iarir^6oFF^Qiu smroans^QendoeoirLbsTaj^ 
jiiQjp^air ^QL^iu^puireo^iu ^q^Gudscr LDpeSeuifiiurp l/@/5^ LScarfio/Lb 

Sf^arfituiTiDpL^^is^f UGDLfi'ju^ujpoasajiniJ iSdrjpi LDpuiSSsaru^exsTL^/rs 

QP/DQpih ^/s^i siruuQfi jifpQuimu^^ii^a ^upuutLu^Gs:* 

(0^.u-«Dir.) — ^(t^eu^gsr-i^^pifi) ^Q^oiSssr, qj^9lju^^ 

366. It is the chief duty of (an ascetic) to watch against desiro 
with (jealons) fear ; for it has power to deceivo (and destroy) him. 

er. ^€uireB2ssr tuirpp eu^yutQp peuireBSssr 

QsL^rrcsiLO - iSpeS^^fkuEisetrirGsr j)fifiajircB>tLm ^jspQs^ojnQiu 
^^Qiusfirp^ - OLDpQa^freoe^oj ^pojpika^* eScksr ^ ^n^QtunQT^esiLD, 

§)^@^ ^eun^jDi^^p Spui^s siupuutLLl^. 

(0^-L/-6jnT.) — ^GUireBdsar - (^(go/car) ^«o<ff^<»tu, ^PP 

Digitized by 


367, If a man thoronglily cut off all desire, the deeds, wliicli con- 
fer immortality, will come to him, in tlie path in which he seeks them. 

L^niSdrj ^fi^Qecr eredeoirfi ^^uEis^(yh Qpi^eSi^/S g)c9)L-fl9i./ru>ea 

FP€Bsr(B^^GsruQuidrp^^ gl^QurrQp^ ^Qj/rojirp Qs^tu^tQs/r&rQ/eBr 

Qld&tu^ Qup(rr/Lh, @)^@)0) ^ojffQeu ^&fru^^p(^^ ^irjiGserQiDGsr 
u^ ^fh-puutLu.^. 

868. There is no sorrow to those who are without desire ; bat 
where that is, (sorrow) will incessantly come, more and more. 

(uiP-oj)iT,) OT - j^y-^^GunQeuGffjpj Q^ireoeouLj(B@djrp tS^s ^«5r 
urn ^(j^Qjp(^dQa(BLDiriiSl^j jifQjdr c?0 QuppeuifiQiu ^dr/S a.L_d)(?u/rQ 

Digitized by 


K.€r-th. jjfP. ^Qiff€UjDf^fieo. a;<9SrJ& /<^ 


369. Even while in this body, joy will never depart (from the 
mindy in whioh) desire, that sorrow of sorrows, has been destroyed. 

«0* <:|K^^ eOtupms ttjemrSuiB cariSSeoQiu 

(uf-cnv.) cr - ffi, — ^(i^sir^ih /Sjrthuirfi g^ajediSSseriLiaDL^aj sj^ir 

SFthuirGDiniutroj^ fgtrQuytuar/Sfi fithuiuginh SBsotu/raaosSar Qojm 
uirfiioteiinu Qcj/r^eiraSar OtuoBn^ CmcBrCLDa) ^arn-^eo. ^Q/ofar/t^ 

fis(G^ tSpuLfu iSesfHi Qpui^ ^ipuLfSQ^th Qp^oiiruSeoreS^/S gLoSI/r i9ir 
^9tu dldru^fpfitnu Spp^da-j SiLt^dseru GujrireDtupoDS Qtumjpi^f 
jf9offl^€uff SfifiQ/ifiu Q\jjpifi6} ^Q^fiBBOtuirseSear^ ^iSdsoQtu fiQ^Quom 

^^essTQii^i^freoBi at^i^Quinu eiieSts^iHiu QineoedfriS^ 
Q^/rag(o^tLj^@L,ifi o/^LoOfj^ibu/r Qpe^uiSeo^^ nfesarn-ijpaara/s^ 

Qpj QuM'a§ltup€S}s - eruQua-^u} g^^ £89ies)u^iuQ)isfiGfT^uimttJ, 

370. The removal of desire, whose nature it is never to be satisfied, 
will immediafcely oon&r a nature that can never be changed. 

jffpQtpeQ{U&} QppjSpjDf^ 

§jiiQjfrp(n^€Br gjthann iLj^mm ^QL^argnaparpBBfsriLiui utu^fip 
&pui^€Siu,^/Sffiu ^pa^fi^ir; QieSu Qu/tq^^ ^muQfim ek.£^Qjfr/r, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jyo*o^frfi/j? g)(5eD2brL/uttJ«r Qa^iufisuBsfsrQaj Q^drjDmL,fijb Oa^o/ir 
Qoj SiuS* ^BLjif u/reOj (t^Gsip^ &.GsarcB>LDf Q^stuojih^ iBoj^j ^^Qtu^irusBr 
^0Ou/r0LLfderrG0. g)^ QuirQf^efiaruBSGr ^(rGBsru.p^ui Quir^oj/riu 
^eorpg»m €s>€udauuL^ffGDiii{uirepith Qi£>psn.fiiu ^pjs^fitr v^majL^mi^ 

(uf-OftT.) €T^^^'^^(t^eup{^s €s>&uQutr(^€irtrfip^a atnresannrQaj 

^Sh^ip QuirmJoltfiearg^th diSsor^Qjs/roDssar sr^trstrect^^iraf cDifH 
suulL(Bs sirjr€8VLjQufr(r^arQjir(LJ Searpeor* ^od^^ ldl^, Quir(t^€iSi€ar 

QenL^flfiQuirq^eir, ^^ eactfitreo - ^^^P(Qi sfrjrmrunrSiu 

371. PcrseTerance comes from a prosperous fate, and idleness bom 
fta adverse fate. 

8— Quem^u u(S^(^ *^ifi&f \pfSleuBpjpi 
LLirm^ Qgppi s€S)L^. 

(uiP*anir.) er.^, — ^(r^^SiiS(g €Teo9iir sifi^ih iLerrojfrtSgDith €s>slj 
Quirqf^eKiifi^fip Gs^ojirQiu esatij^eui^ tLppi^t—ji^y Jifoo^ jif/s^earu 

Gsjaoj/rQaj wtEipoii^ ^ppeSt^^^ JifJo^ jif^Sssr cfi/fli(gd)j 6r-^. 

mduQufTQ^Qar^u^ ^^ssirjr^/Sirdr oiib^^* ®y>&y> ^^Siff 
QtpGjruesr ^weoarSth QojpjpieDLD^Q^ rrcsis^ ^ppssesiL-Qiudru^ QP^ 

L^tnQQ^m^tr^ti!)^ ^tfiCif - (^ensuQuiTQ^Setr) ^(fi^fiP(^i siirjrasr 
iLirStu, QSSfp - uifieQSsfr, ^ppisGi>L^ - Qua-Qj^mfioj eBu.^^, 

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S72. An adverse £Ekie piodaces folly, and a prosperoos fate pro- 
dnoes enlarged knowledge. 

IS.. ^sArestftiu jgjrdoueo apSsfn wpjpiifi^ 

QufTQ^efidirjpGasrssiLD ^ggreSairQLD QeoppuuiLi^^* QmpuQ/seD^sedeO 
ajfisD^u tSared^jTEj^/span'^Q^ Qs^iu^S(^ji fin'6Br(ippu(B^eo» ^^sirfidr 
Ssi^tfis ssppofA CD&Qs/ru.tT'^Qjfrfi&o S€asr<3stsrs^ ^^^esrih Guir^ 
U3r«>" crcBTu^LO^. Q^ajpoDsajtr^aj jif/Scoeiu^ia @y^uu(Bpffi Qiocir 

ueO'UvojnreosSsffiHih, 9p\9sfiiu^sp(ff&iSss^LD, inpjpnh • (^^et 

iS^th - Quipu(Slth» 

373. Alihongli (a man) may stndy the most polished treatises, the 
knowledge which fate hajs decreed to him will still prevail. 

^* ^0(pQi jpieomfi ^lupana ^Q^Qoijpi 
(uf • «oir.) cr-^^ — ^9^9^ ffi aaijfiQ^^ojgjtupcDS ^ff€ar(B6k.jpii 

&.flDi.(u/r/ra s^aodjp ^lue^tr^esrQpf ^oj^frp^/S jiffi^GOL^tutrir ^/Siujrir 

Qfe^QiQpotiL^iujTirfip &ff&ir^^ Q^cdeuQpGDL^iUffir^p sir^thooLifi ^fi^ 
^utufffr^p airairQ^Gjrp^tnSpjpt, ^&Qqj, Q^e^^^Q^iuiqiisne^ ^fi 

2^^. There are (through fate) two different natures in the world, 
hence the difference (observable in men) in (their acquisition of) 
wealtL, and in their attainment of knowledge. 

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0e^&i€s>Qj ^ajgootQiudrueBT sfreoQpih, QlL^gnLh^ SQ^dliLfU), Qfi/rt^ 
@a> ^BLQp/bpoJifis sireOQpfieQtu /seoedotfruSiQinh ^tfiiijih, .g^^^u) ^snQ^pp 

375. In the aoqnisition of property, erety thing favonrable be- 
comes nnfavonrable, and (on the other hand) every thing nnfavonrable 
becomes favourable, (through the power of fate.) 

(uiP - C8>ir.) €T - ^f — fiLDsan.ifieoedirfi .QufTQ^ara&r ^q^s^&siru 
Qstr€asr(BQu/nuJ: Q^trSefiir^ih^ fiLDOiu^^LJBu Qu/rs^ir, 9r^jpi» 

QfiGSiL^iueioQiiua'Suj QuirQ^etra€(r^ n.{u^^ - (^Ljp^Qfii) Qs/rmQ 

876. Whatever is not conferred by £ate cannot be preserved al- 
though it be guarded with most painful care ; and that, which fate has 
made his, cannot be lost, although one should even take it and throw it 

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(uf - oftir.) 67 <• ^^'"^ijoQuiffismirw jpsjruu(Bu> Quiranfarser 

QpQjp&&ea-rp QuifQ^eiradBiru u€s>€()eojp jpstr^eoirsir^^ ^fip(S 
GflEcp QQim(BQiDefufitr^pjpim 

Zll. Even tliose wlio gatber together milUoos will only enjoy them, 
88 it has been determined by tte disposer (of all things). * 

^* ^puufflrijbp jpiuL/ff' eQeoeoir (Qppuireo 

(uiP-ODOT.) er^^j — Qt^noDunuirarj^sir^&iiSeoeo/r/girff jpps(^ii sq^^ 

ffipuuirQirAru^ ^fpOpfifrsireO(ippjpi^Q^irio» fiihio/r^ii dlt^u 
tJBojeBT ^itQld tSt^uQupjpiGDQjfi^e! aq^fi^ QojjpiuinLt^irp j^esru 
dpjpi&arp^ ^SBLLfieirQJtSsu/rQeor^u^ er^SiSppcSoTj tuear ^tfiuSoo^^ 

uQiLQuirQ^e/Heoeoa-fiirir, ffipuuwir^ffipi(^ii £BQ^i^efii^iujnr€iiar. 

378. The destitute will renounce desire (and become ascetics), if 
(fate) do not make them snffer the hindrances to which they are liable, 
and ihey pass away. 

^. p9sr(nfmmtt csrSDeoeuirm isa-muoi ffm^ffimiF 

(uf - oav.) cr m ^^*— ^abflSdsar tSdmufasfrid jy<5«r tSdsiFQiiTtu Qeir 
ueis^^ jSfes>L^s(gmfip€ir mirt^ir^ g)a>fi/ Kcde^QojGsrjpi Qanum/ggptu 
fifiuu/r/r ^Sear^fitSBsar eSdant^BSirSd jif^dr dl^ojinu jfiarueiaBsntLith 
.^tt/Q//r pgnu^StuiTffi jfimui^ifipesr eiri^ ^idsoM^ifiUuj^ erara 

Digitized by 


' dn^pUULLi^^m 

S79. How is that those, who are pleased with good fortnne, trou- 
ble themselyes when evil comes, (since both are eqnally the decree of 

AO. fismfip Qu(r^eiJe9 ojirekferr ihpQqtfGSC^ 
(uF.ODir.) €r-^, — ^^Bsor dleosfg^pQurrq^iLiB^ ^ears^ mjpijg 
Q^neGrqr^^Lo ojifiiun's oji^ ^^(^jp^SaS^ QppuiKB Sp(Qih; ^^(^6^ 

Ou 061/69— «j|g^(gQuaj/f. @ipfieo - UGOQr^gpiu) uQp^p erokr^^eom 
Q^iufipQm ^ar/Ss: (gfy^^p^th jifot^ Qsa-i^irQjs^p^tna^ear^ &.ii>«Q>LO 

u^/rih, g);ff@)6sr ^QieSd^QjcastiBLifieoi o/cSfL/Lo Quir^ojirssdn^puuLLt^^m 
(Q^-u-GDfr.^ — Lbpjv^^jv - (^^&a'SsareQ&>i^flpQuirQ^LL 


880. What is stronger than fate P If we think of an expedient 
(to avert it), it will itself be with ns before (the thought), 

^p^ffiuutreo QfiPfSpjpi^ 

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Qpetnt^tu/r esrir^Q^ Qetr^. 

^«^Q//rttJ QutTQ^SsfTm «gyGDLD^<9P^ BfT®, ^Jfmy Quir^GBT, Umt^, IBlL 

QuQstuQfi (ip€s>piurruSspnh, fFm(B^ Q^iuiLj&rQiS/rsQu iSpy) €Sieu^^trn-. 
W^a)«)/r0^fiBr£j^ Oup(n^th* eut^jpreo/rr ^jeup/Sp^ jifiEisQuiesru Quiuir 

^«69r Qoip/S&Qs^ Qoisaru^tLia ^', 

{Qfl - L/ - «f)/r.) — ues)L^ - Q^SssriLjil)^ (59- - fS/rQih^ «»-^- 

@V(£^ {ermjpiQ^ireoeouuQSp^ ^^ih-j^piasiEiadsmnth^ cczoll ' 

381. He who possesses these six things, an army, a people; wealth, 
^^ten, friends, and a fortress, is a lion among kings. 

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nC, «6r«r flL«i-£i jy^. ^€fOpiiifflLQ. 

€BarBiSQ^eT ^^jaQ^/rarp ^BssrttJ^t^BiQ€U(t^ih, ^eupjpi&r QjGDeuiui^B 
@69r, j)ijr^p(QS Qs(BQj€a- uedeurrLDirseSdr, ^jgdoj etuQuirQ^^iQ^ir^fi 
Sppso ^aj€Ouirs(pQim(BQLDeBruirirj erf^^/reoiD Q^iflpQiue^QuGsrqr^irm 

882. Never to fail in ihese foxir thingSi fearlessness, liberality, wis- 
dom, and energy, is the kingly character. 

(uiP-oDir.) er-^, — iBed^^Ssf!r^^a^ fiQ^^eDu^tutrp^ jifSStrStuas 
crfleb fifioD/TGyGD^cnuDqa) jt/CDOJUJ/S^pOspp «^60tt^c8>£.aDLDtt^a) ^aorooLD 

sio^iujpi dfL,jpiurr(B (ipar€Brirsafupuu(Bih, ^mmtnojirej^ ^eorp 
SBsnLfih utrjnr^ au^^pQiPiueufBirs^ear^ ^oo^ tresgrQ ^u^pfrjreuifissirp 

{Qfl-u-Gair.) — iB&)6ir^&ruajp(g - Seo^SSsar^^i ^(q 

fip^ ^pp) seoeQ iLjeni^efiunnui^ jpctJie^ WLGDi^ODtn-'^eifraDtn 

383. These three things, viz vigilance, leamiog, and bravery, should 
^over be wanting in the ruler of a country. 

^* ^peS(ipisir /sio€0€s>Qi SiS iLpet^QpSiSir 

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iBL<5b-£Z). ^^. ^es>piiitrL.9. «#r«r /^p^ 

S^^9puLi^QfifrifieSl§p/ih, ojQ^eufr^ SppGoJ^mfrmrL^ — eupQis/S Qpflp 
Qp {Uff&Gsr Q^appih^^ eraru^^so ^eueupth QuirqF^iL^s &irjr€ssni>irfi9^ 
/Ss. ^soeoaaoj 0«rSw, « gtt^ Qp^eorruSiear. (^ppiDiriu Lnfrear^^Glfs(g^p(S 
inpG^lQ^MrrunrearQmGfrQr^ir) ^o%fifreu^ ff^fiekGHLotiSar fi9eofi7«/rQt£)6W 
w^QeutpQp Qinfitun- — Q€srjp/a3rt^Qj& SsFtrSsmh iSpfriBs^&Qe^Qpfi 
lunar ^LLfrparGS)LDuS^ LDpiheufr(BQmGsr /fiSsrruj/rcjo/rq Qld/Siuit — ^p&sr 
©LDttSesr Qp^ujtTGSifrq Qm/SuLifresruSi ^^tpojasrJ^ er€sr(SifUi '^^ifiu^'sir Lfps 

(Q^"U'€S)ir.)—j^peir - (^^esri^^Q^^ireoeouuiLL^) ^Sjp^^ 

384, He is a king who, with maidy modesty, swerves noi from Tir- 
tne, and refrains from vice. 

®. ^iupp& iSlLl^^ib sff^^Sf^ii strfSfi 

&er €Uirass^ih, jyffi?®«ra> eu^^eupaap ^Q^€uifi^0^fr(Sf^fiS»^9 9fiir 
^lifiwpmpu iSp^Osff^efTfTLDp air^^&ih, str^jseupo^p ^pthOu^iS 

FLli-.<50, «/r^^eo, GU(s^fiQ3odrp6upjapQspu ^fiuppQeodruflpisf 
0*iuuu®Qu/r©6ir ©/©ei/iajuutl/-^. QuirQ^^&enffQtGr LoesSi^Qu/r.^, 

^eir^ir^ ^pp^^rr&j eSdorOs^iuojirfr Qp^eomiS^ir. «L-<sy6rr/r, jif/B^esarfr, 
^fiQiu!iQiT^^€urr^(^LD qstfip^a O^/rO^i^Sw s,puQuirQtl.L.irsis^u^, 
lutrds^, @^«)/r, ucs>t^, fBn(B, j^irQ^^fieupfSp^\h uG!>&Qiuir(B^i-^p 

jB'««fl- Qp^e^iu Q^iu^p(^th ggLbL/cosBrfiOT/rgOT- j^SfTtsumebp/Spa^ia Qstr(B 
^^^ ^^uuQuira^tlLJfrsiSiiisQsirGrrs. §^iupp^(Lp^<^iu fi€U(n;iDpQ^iu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

eneusSsfT^ eu^^/f^^ih - (^^pih Quo'Q^ eiBGfruiEiaeiH&sr Qu(r(if^iL 

385. He is a king who is able to acquire (wealth), to lay it up, to 
guard, and to distribute it. 

(^la sfreasrt^/bQse^oj^iu lUfreuiruifrLLQia sO^Q^treoeo €Br€oedg^tDtru9eifr 
(ip6a)pQ^€a8nj^^/r ^ eu^ajjTir^ ^eSOfii/iu^gp/f. (^GS)pQtit€Bsrv^^ir'' 

QuDGjrQojf LDar€Brdsar iB&sfujpi^ed Q^piredoaQ^Gkn^treunii^pjpi^ LSssh^jpi 
GuS^u/s ^0^e8«Brp Q^qjq^goQquu) tsatQp^peo, &.eo^sQa)6sr^a3 ctq^ 

386. The whole world will exalt the country of the king who is 
easy of access, and who is free from harsh language. 

Slinh uGDSQijrtrspiih me^is^^psir^^Gdm Qcsioj ^/flojA/zraGSItiBr qjgo 

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387. The world will praise and SBbmit itself to the mind of the 
king who is able to give with affability, and to protect all who come to 

^. Qpt&ipQ^iujgf siruuirpj}! in&rcsrojm misiL 
QesipQiu&srjpi Gnojasu uQih^ 

QpGDp - ^pjpr^iD S^jpr^^ Q^treosiBih QfS/S. iSpQirdrp^ 
GiDpQ^ireoe8tuffGB>irm Qeujpi€s>Qi^^e^u^^&eBpiSlii\fiffi tt.(u/r^^eB>a;^^o). 

urpjpiih - {jBpi^uq^iflinbio) ^ir^/B£Sif^Q^tuinuy, iLorGsreuA^ 
jfj^Gfr^(^^puuirioui€8llfiQ€8nuirtS^th)^ tListL^-^ u^€Sfiffm(6i^ 


388. That kingy wiJl be esteemed a God among men, who perfornu 
bis own dntiesy and protects (his subjects). 

(ijf-a>ir.) cr^^y — g)c^«0« ^SbM-ajtraS^tr Q^irpa^arji pdrQ^tO 

Qd^eBayauu Q^arp^pQ&pu ^t^a(^/B^3saiirQiu^ujff Ofd^^asu 
utLujfi. etr^oTLjeo^es)^^ Q^eSQinGeop/Ss esiSuuQtutkqr^ir. umi^ 
ODL.€B>u) - eSQ^i^GiiaoriT^ar^peOm jifp.€^ae/i^p p€U(jfj^9s>UiiSi€or^ iDmQpQp 

(0^ - u - «D/r.) — Qa*irdo - (smif.^^u Lj^^Q^^ireo^is 

389. The whole world will dwell nnder the umbrella of the king, 
^bo can bear words that embitter the ear. 

Digitized by 


€s6. Q<!E/r69)L.aj6yP O^mQ&treo ^tf.QiUfrthu Q^csr^ 

Gueatsr^LDfr@tu ^/seir^^, Q^iuSsotLjih ^ODL-tuojoa- Goji^ifs Q&SoGO/ru> 

^Ss^iueA - (tpsiD€oir/B^eflfluj6h^peii. Q^qj^oj QsrreoQutrp^asr, Q^ia 
^enr/r^S Qu/b(n^Lb: jif^o^irQJ^ ^j^Q&dfrGsrav^aj QuiTQ^L^GjrBssriLfih cuj^ 

^efH^i'^i^Quiun'. QeDQieaxu^^u/nLi^irQinh iLmLSu^th uiugptth &.<_ car 

390. He is the ligbt of kings who has these four things, benefi- 
cence, benevolence, rectitude, and care for his people. 


fieupfi gureos^ih (tp^eoiroSiear. ^w^gst jif^etfe^L^iu (o^tu^&irdd ^atr^ 

suuiLt^^fTuSiginhy tkJfreu/rs^ui &l^^ uiu^jgp ^pui^osti^GsuLfSip Qua" 
^uuL^s afL.^@esrQ/n-» Qldgo ^^msfrGsnn seocSQtuesr^ Qfinpjpieun\u 
Q^ii^ uyirLL&€s>tu tSifl^^a dn.jpiQ&a^pGs>inuS^^ ^joQ^asypm/nLStSenr 

A. spa s^L^pi spucfieu sppi9 
ewipss eufipa^fis fiss, 

{uiP-anir.) er - ^, — ^0€L'6Br spsuuQ^^iosdsrfu uQp^ps sps; 
^EiEiearBspQf^^ jif6ise06Sls(QfifiS jifGS>QjQ^/rGO£^SGa-p Q/s/SasmQeBar 
iSpsy <r-^« 

spuGDeu Qiu€arp^^)€Bry ^pthQurr(ri^&r^€iruLD ^Qt^drgifUi a ^Qt% 
iSeaP^ &pp^eS€snrs(^ ^anQoimu^ Qupaffih^ a^u-psappen/rof^ 

Digitized by 


^ih uu9/Deo» /S/bpo/TQj^ ^eo^iripeiftfis ^'sq^LOQp qp&tul^itu Quns 

S^^^neisr QiDtutLiesiirir/s^ ^QurQjjpi^^^QiiLDy GL'Q^ojrrGSiLD. SpuLjesiL^ 
LDspaau9p sppeoQoi&tsr® QLO^u^e^thj ^^^p spffuuiBjpr(S03(Sf^ihy 

JfOipGDpS Sp^UyiTjpiLD^ Bpp^^p UlUgHlh ^^J^/D ^fft-pUULLi-GSTm 

(Q^ - U - fiDif.) 6^pUGD^ - {^0^^)» apSUU® ,^«W 

•Sw, s^Q ^p - u(if^p, ssps " ApsisL^eueir \ mpp iSsir -^ 

Spa - {^jffGSfusf^treo Q^treo€\)LJiJtLL~ 6uifiu9eo) Spssi«i_GD^, 

391. Let a man learn thoronglilj wliatever he mj learn ; and let 
hia coudact be worthy of his learning. 

(uiP-ODir.^ er^^^^^^/Sajrrfiirir erearQeesrdrjpi Q^iro^^ojeer^Cb tup 
fBKff &puL{GSiL^ tLuSiraiL^^ aomQoBfcsrjrji Qs^trei^^'ir^ er-^, 

Jf^O^ Ql^it pj;)iesiLDtL\cs>i^fU Q^rreo^^ih ^t^tEiQpff^, ^qjgSIqfj^ pQpiDy 
^PQp^pQutTQ^m&^a sires5rt^p(^3i sSfr^GQiurrs^esr^ aGsnQoxreBruuil. 
L.€sr» ^GSiot SQF^eSiuj/r^ei ^^M^Qp^Qeorrj^uj eueoeorr ^SBrQeuessresiiRy cz^jS 
ag^ff £3Boes>LDiuQjfrar'^LDrrQfiy iupLCiir& Quir(rF^eB^uL6 ^Qu.€er /Sojp 
fi^y fipiofrQu>ir GojonrGsa^pid^frp Q^ul//' '^erQ^^^/Siu^ ^Q^ iSifi 
fia^sQsuB ^nis^iTGfty Qintrifiii^p^^ar QpiLt-.jpiuufr ^(s^ — QiDfrtfip 
^pfl^eBFf (tpiLt^jpi/i^ eeoQ(SOfr^ Qp^&scp QufrQ^^essf ir^^, aiLua 
^fiSf c^® Qujsnth*^^ ^Qjp(n/GBr/Ss. er&ruQoJSiruajp^&ry Qp&ifZesiiu 
g)jr<ar(9Lb ^oo^SSsBtfru ughgshhu Quiun- ; iSdrsBr^ a^tuir^Bsaaru u^€S>u> 

^Jpt Q^ireo€Ouu(Seu6sr€ifth^ ^Sssr erQp^'^ er^U'tupesipOtUQ^ 
^QfsAijpi Qs^ireoeOLJuQeuesrekiih ^S^tu^ ^eu^sTrnQih - §jis 
«w* eHjTGirctat^iLith^ exj/rapth s^u9n'i(^~suirififip^ifiaj u^eS^irifQ^ 

392. Lettelrs and numbers are the two eyes of man. 

Digitized by 


"6% sj^Qu ^d-(z>. «gyp. seveS, 

05L. ^mr^^ystDL^tu Qir&trueuir spQ^ir Qps^^jreiaQ 

^rrir appGuQir j iDpGS>ps aedsoir^otir QpBfi^arseser ^jreBsrOLiGsorg^ 

Q/strtu QpfiC^ajejpqffGsr ^Gtru^Qs^iumj^ ^SLGSf&&mQ€ssr ^^DL^eotntSp 
seO€0/r^QjGS>fru LjGwr^oDL^tu Qir&rjpua a^fit^r* QwpsmessreisrQSiUi 
u^cssrirSarp SBLeerssmcsi^ar QmiuihsBiLD ^fL.jStuQjO'p^^eor^ Quirn^ggpff&i 

(Qfl - £j - 6a)/r.) — mp(S(n^ir - ^ppotir^ sear ^L.^Di^tua-'Sstkr 

L^€if^^si9L^iua'-§)jrm(SLf€ins3Bir{LfGOL^ajQjff/r6uirf [jsmessHeotra-J^ 

893. The learned are said to have ejes, but the imleamed have 
(merely) two sores in their &ce. 

(uf -CB>v.) GT-^^— (u/TQ/CD/rtL/Lb jyo/zT ^€us(QLDtrjr^ ^csouQuiu^ 
g)a/69)/r lurnh eraaiBetiriEi sJ^jfiQinear SSssriiitXifr^^ £{si(QseonQaj 

^truy eeoQiifiQiurrQpaeo iSpir^(Qjpi^ sk.pQeodfru€Br ^iresrQa Q^rr 

sp^ittntrLL(Q €TGO&tn-(i^m ^drLja>L^tu jtitqi Qireisru^iTth. §lfi^p &p{n^ff 
ttJQ), e^eUUU - (lU/TQ/^O)) UiQQfiLDUtf.^ ^SsO^cSSL^ - (^^Guesiir^^ 

894. It is the part of the learned to give joy to those whom they 
meet, and on leaving, to make them think (Oh! when shall we meet them 
again). • 

©• S^ent^iufriTQp sSeoeorrarQufr Qeoi^p^ta apQyir 

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(uiP - «DIT.) €T - ^, — iS/besy/DfBBsoQpetifltuir^ sppio ffGfr(n^^eo/rary 

^oDL^tutr/r g)^eo/rQ/rcBru69r CL0i)afi/£p^^* ^&sjpi^&) - ^GD^iu/rp 
g^tp^d). scsiL^tuQfrdrp^^^ ^/5^ LDjpt^BBOuQutun' ©/(^oSaj^uuLl 
ujp, QunujiuinuiDireBfih Qe/rsQ Qumutumu se^^BSipmfiira^ i^gbtQ^qj^ 
Qirarjsfth ^/Satjesit—ajjrfrsn'tsiLDvSGary seDL^ujQirQuj€ar(n/ir, Qj^^p ^p 

{Qfi - L/ - 68)/r.) — ti.€a)L^ajirirQpsir - Q^Goe^irQp^Q&sTy ^eo 
G'ispjufSdrjp/Ui^ spQrfir - ^ppeaiaea^ (&. (u<7/^^ et/ir/roi/r/f); aq) 

395. The nnleaamed are inferior to the learned, before whom they 
stand begging, as the destitute before the wealthy. 

g^ibj j^^Qutred ldsslL a/Setf spp ^mtSpqr^s g6^i^> 6r-^. 

f^A(B& QstsfiQajotrp^ ^^Gsrsm Scs>ir» ^ar^pdT^sQojeorp^ si^ 
ararei^Q^eoao QojGsrpojirjpim &/B^spp^BsssnuiTar ^gdidojit^ Qldcst 
Qldp Bpp€oQeum(B Qu^esru^inh, g)o!o^ fisitp inirjpiQs/r&retr/r euifi 
luiratSdr^ Qic^mesyuoiufiQQi tS^Qto^p^Q^Q uA^iunetitntu/Ss, 

^pp ^"iesr^Si - «pp ^erreScsr^/r&iy ssijpith - 3rjrs(^th. 

896. Water will flow from a well in the sand in proportion to the 
depth to which it is dug, and knowledge will flow from a man in pro- 
portion to his learning. 

^« UJfr^ir^ fSfTt^iriLT ^iHTjr/runr QcoekQ^/mium 

(uff - €»ar.) cr - ^f-^appojgpid^^ ^fiart^^Bm fiekg^fti^QuiajarjS 
u3irfiS)«Br ^(7^Q/6Br ^ireSpA^uieir^tBi seoeotr^ sifiSdrp^ er^a(r^^^€T'jpi» 

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897. How is it that any one can remain without learning, even to 
his death/wlien (to the feamed man) every country is his own (country) 
and every town his own (town)? 

«»P/. €^n^€s^LDd^LL L^treirmpp seoeQ Qajir(m€Ujb 
(o)s(ip€S)LCiiLi Qmubiru Lyszot—^^. 

(ufP-ODT.) 67-.^, — ^(Jf)^s^^^^ ^frO^(f^ iSpuiSarsmspp sioeO 

(Q^^u-GDir,) — ^(7^6up^''C^(Qeu^}fii(^^ flirear — , ^q^enuii 
asm - ^(rf^i9pui9G0^ sppseiieSi - spp^eceSujirGfT^, ctq^gdid 
iqio - ^(wi9puus&H£iinjD^ ^intruLj - Qutraj fi.^Gy^Sso^ c^cb)£^ 

398. The learning, which a man has acquired in one birth, will 
yield him pleasure during seven births. 

atrnpjpieaff sppfSi fbtri . 
(uiP-68)ir .) CT-ffiy — ^frLS(XTL^jrii^p(^ ^^QjfrQoj seoGSs(S} ceoaiSfisr 
ujp!js^f^^ ^^^p^^ OfE/r^Qs spp/SiS^fTiT iSlesrQiiLD j)/fiBsfsrQiu GSQj^th 

luuQujtOpQuiGirj^ih^ iuitgs^^ ucoeutrs /BosiiruSiGOLDrruSlQesrQu>arjp/ih e.a;^ 
aeo, Qff^eOQJLDrrSda f PFLLi^&i sfr<£^eo ^tp^^Qe^Gsr/S^p^T^p jp/GSTLfjpt 
«^ti ueoesyfTtuun ucsiStutrss^LD a.68>L-^0^63r ^/Siijfi ^^Sesrs &r(ipQj^ 
€s>uiuSip spp^fB^nQirGsrjpjih, s-^ldl/ ^Spp(^& sh^cQCputreo^ ^tnR&s-L^jpt 
3p^ s^soQdrLi^jSGd iSpGurrpciT^^ g)65r«j)LDtt9«r ^^deurQiu sffQpjpitu 

iLffs>i^fiP(Q ^ffiQiirQtu meoeBi(^f clco^ - WLty) siunresr^j Si^H 

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399. The learned will long (for more learnings), when they see that 
while it gives pleasure to themselves, the world also derives pleaenre 

from it 

so* GsifLGO eS(ip^Q^&x€ism aeoeS Qtu/r^eup^ 

^t^cSarGDiLtuaoj^ fifnu^^rrrt^ saroiiry ej^tun-^ ^jr^Qir^ /Sat 
jriTflQAireirea'uuL^/resiLJDfLjth, eutfiuLLi^frirs^s QarrQ^^ifis (Q€s>piuirmu> 
i/u)jrii), ffn-esiiL-^ssiriraGssrQasBr /9pp€0» meeiii Quirssr Qp^GSiuojp/Sp^ 

Qurar^th QpfBedtr&r Q^eoorio^ in/rQ^eoeo " Q^eooJineoeo^ 

400. Learning is the true imperishable riches ; all other things are 
not riches. 

6P« - ii. ^^—aiAevfTQOLD^ 

S9idl^&puLj QLoei eSj^Qps^^frp esufifu^SBOBrturrdr QppjpiuQu09s>u^ 
(uiP-GDV.) 6r -* ^^ — j)/iriEi@Bssr aSxziifisufr^ ojiLi^iri^^p Qutr^th 

^M QsiTtLtf.^^ CT^Ljjfiu0ufr99» Q^Fireo^ih QunQ^Q^u} Qgfiuuuif 

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f^'t 4P«P/«95r 

^a^-Lo. «^JS7. 6S6V6U/rczo£z>. 

401. To speak in an assembly (of the learned) withonfc fullnesa 
of knowledge, is like playing at chess (on a board) without squares. 

iBdoGOir^frefT QueifrsirQpp ppju. 

^dser^Q^€Br ^fiiis^ QusvnurrscQ^j QflirosisQturr(B opp^nLDesun Qsb/t 
Q^^mr. S/S^ih ^(sosorr^ir Qcrr&a-u^/ru:), ^fSUfrGSItuoiifis sas)L^(2utrsrr^y 
QutrQgaih ibods €£l2strs(^ QtDGeru^nSpjpi^ 

^eoeofr^enQetTirq^^^^ Qumr-QuGssrGDUb€9>UJ^ airQppp^^pjp/'- 

402. The desire of the unlearned to speak (in an assembly), is like 
a woman without breasts desiring (the enjoyment of) woman-hood. 

Qa^ireo^iT ^Qgaau QufSesi* 
(uiP - cnir.) cr - ^, — sdoeoir^trQ^ih SmiB&^eojrirQJtr ^/tQld ^tceoto 

Sear, cr-jpt^ 

QjSGsrufrir Qu/SQesr^^ih, <KL:fL€sr ^gxs'G^ ^ihcsao Qeue^uuiB^^iTGSiLO 
g)fij)a/ (ipGffjruutriLt^tTQaisi s&a^oir^mT ^9SiisuasLL Qj^frco^^p (^dlujir 

(QfB - u - CD/r.) — mpqrfiQp'ssr - (^^nQm ^thoom ^/Sm^y 
9pQ(fffir ^KDuaSear^eKjr, Q^'treoeotr^^ia . (^ajirQ/5ireiT€s>ptLfLb) 
Qu^ir^Q^i^, QufS&r - Qu^eujriru9&fr^ miii&da'^QJcmih - mp^ 

403. The unlearned also are very excellent mcn^ if they know how 
to keep silenco before the learned. 

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^, ^eo€i)irjSfr Q^lLuib atfiiuiSfsir (n^u9^ia 

404. Althoagh the natural knowledge of an unlearned man may be 
Teiy good, the wise will not accept for true knowledge. 

(uf-ODir.) eT-jPy-^^^eoadsfrs aeoeo fr^QQi/rQ^ojar ojirdr ^fiojoHL^ 
QiuQ€Br€sr^ ^drassr ll^b^ld ld^ulj ^6upcB)ps sppojcor sasrQ &.aD/r 
fuiru.i Qa®ih^ er-^. 

dKBQu^^u^iTLDM g)«Dsu aSiressrO ufnLt^frgpjiif seoeorr^irjrffi ^ajpcstsfU/S 
fiSew" ^ppEj an^puuiLL^^, 

{Qjs - L/ - «D/r.) — «6V60/rgj(75Qi65r - (,j3rei>«3sirrdE) mprntrfs 

405. The self-conceit of an nnleamed man will &de awaj, as soon 
as he speaks in an assembly (of the learned).. 

aerrjrSsorujir tfgve^/r fiseuHr. 
(uiP-anir.) ot - ^, — seoedtr^Qjir sfrGssruuG^coir&sr g)eoir©)<30/r ilct 
Qirdrjn &30ifQa=freo^ ineo'^eBrjrn'^GO ^<zr/S^ flLDS^ih iSpita^ih uiuar 

sarir ^/rgo/Lo QuesBrputr l-l^I/j?^ a.aSI/rtftl(5Lb ^GBsr^Qp^fSaj c^ 

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406. THe unlearned are like wortliless barren land : all that can 
be said of tbem is, that they exist 

(uiP-ODir.) 6r-^, — ^asrosSi^irtu iD/nLSoiLDu uiKBu u^jpreoadi^ 

Sffi^pc^ iDtnL&anDUjfreu^ Quira^eirs^i au^^psirGssn^^ih Lop 
^irenLDtLiih Qp^ebinSiGsr. uires>^ ^(^Quiutr. ^^s^q^gSIot tR&sQ^tr q^L^ua 

jpn-eo/S eSeOQjffi^ SpuiS^ Qeudrufiirth, ^^^Gsr ^euir oji^eutpsfrp 

utLQ, jp^^fi - {u€Oj^eosGS\s^iii) Q^aa-p, L/eoih - ^fSesiea^ 

Qjih, LDeAr - Sr€5srem^^[rikQ^Qed^ tntrear - unnLSenLbuui^^ 
L/Bsar - ^eoBsiBisLJULLu,^ utres^eu^pjpi - utrGSiOiuSssrs^ ^Q£^ 

407. The beauty and goodness of one who is destitute of knowledge 
gained by the study of great and exquisite works, is like (the beauty and 
goodness) of a painted earthen doll. 

(uiP - on IT,) er - ^j'-^sp(o^iTLDirLL(B/8arp ojjpicouxiSgjinh @«rgpjsr 
gjifi^SpuLitheoiLD €SI&/rjr^/strp Q^ia^. fiji/g/QdeoaSeir jfor/S unr/S 

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408. Wealth, gained by the unleameci, will give more sorrow than 
tlifl poTerty which may come npon the learned 

(ulP-opir.) er-^f — sSosotr^trir ^luiri^ ^/r^asiL tSp/s^irir ^iSgpitiy 

JJfJ6B9€Br<B)LO ^h^pUUtLt^^. 

iPfl ^ u-sn/r.) — ssocoir^nro' - mpfScoo'^eui', QinpiSpi/Btrk 
^i9^iA - n^furifl^ir^tSp iSpiflir jriruQ^mih, SfputQpi^Lb'- 
fir^ififif^iSp \9pm^^i^Lb^ apQffor^Zssrji^ - spp^urjsj 

409* The nnleamed, though bom in a high caste, are not equal in 
dignify to the learned, though they may have been bom in a low caste. 

^0, enieoiiQstrQ msa eirSssriu (!ie^tEi(Q^ireo 
^pqtfQffit CSu,&ar tueat^ 

fi^* dl^EiQar ldsslL QsppLDffiu ^gzt it ^iSi(^^ siressruu®^^ ^pqgk 
AabrCcBrtu/rAfiSfisr^ sedo^ir^irq^ui ^ojQ^ih ^^^iSpuiSesrireoeoQrra^ru^irth. 
lOfuisSjTstSoDpm §jj5^€d jifQt& iL&siLiSipuutrp UiuQecnufifTGDiD dn-pu 

^^eir, misieir ^Sssrtui' - meSflGair ^uuireuir. 

410. As beasts by the side of men, so are other men by the side of 
tluxe who are learned in celebrated works. 

4l9ofift^Jpi QatLsuu(Bih jpa'pQunr(i^&T€idBir& sppjStBfifr/r sh^p&QstL 

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(uf - fl»ir.) CT-^,— ^(75Q//p(g^ SpuL^eaL^iu Q^eoojinrroj^ Q^fi0 
Q^eStutrar eu (11^(^0 ^odojth - QsarsBuJtrar ere^eofruQutrnhdartu lo/Q 

411. Wealth (gained) by the ear is wealth of wealth ; that wealth 
ifi the chief of all wealth. 

(uiP.69)(r.) 6r-^, — Q^GSa^GsarojirQuj QsarcS aSeoeoir^ Quitq^^ 

iSaff&^Q^fB^ Q&lLl^P Quirqr^iLL^ir&earrGsr FFOjuuCBOLDdn-jpiia Ou/S^/r, 
fFseo QjuSpp^ ^i^Q^Q^iTGsrpS^pffi, ^GDQjuSjressr(B u/nLL^irgpnh Qaeir 
gSuj^ SpuLjs Sk,pUUlLl^^9 

GaeireQiuiresT^y ^eoeoTfisQuirip^ - ^GoeofT^sirGO^jp, €Uf3pjp§m 

412. When there is no food for the ear, give a little alao to tlie 

/K.. Q^eOtLfessreOp Qsea^GO iLfGDi^iua' jreQtusssreS 

(uiP-€S)ir.) et^^^ — Qs^eStLJcssTQjfrQtu Os0TeSu9^u^€S>L^ajffir Sg^js 
^^SGsarGKTjriruSigijLOf ^eSiiqessr^deunqeai^iu Qfi^QjrtrQL^iruutr^ er*^* 

ilss)(uuj^ €crairih o/cSi^ iStisrp^* ^eSajfrQuj^GJsr^ Q^oiir^^Q Qaf&r 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i^OiUiuirjf^ &puL\6* ^ffL.puuLLu.^m 

413. Those who in this world enjoy instraction which is the food 
of Qie ear, are equal to the Qods, who enjoy the food of the sacrifices. 


tuhsDLD spsQQjGaar(BQLXi^u^uL^ Sarp^m fien'irs^&-wjpiGS>inuj/rar 
^gn iLir^QutuSiGtr eersirih ^^m^ Mmpjpm 

414. Althoagh a man be without learning, let him listen (to the 
teaching of the learned); that will be to him a staff in adversity. 

QpeaL^ujffa- Qja'uSpQ^F/rp&&r , «r-jv* 

&9isSliLjGDL^tuGtrsii'Jy ^QpssiSdosotr^frfr jif/Sl^eoirfrseSeiirf ^ojirojirfu^ 
QedGsr(ja^ir, qj/tQuj^u^ ^ipQ^ir ed/SiufresiLDiurrQiu SpuLfGosrir Sarp^, 

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415. The words of tbe good are like a staff in a slippery place. 

erdBtsr^^ jy^^^ ertkuear QsiL^ui Qu/rQ^essrGLD^et s/reojifiear 

&&^9 ^^pQu(i^6S)u> - iS€9)pAfiQu(ij^es}Loes)ju, fiQ^ti-QsirCSii 

416. Let a man listen, never so little, to good (instraction), [eyett 
that will bring him great dignity. 

(uiP-fi»>r.) 6T - Mii,^iSptp oieKT/ra^QjifiiLfth, ^ms^u OuGD/seDto 
U(u«(g(^ Q^irpsdaas^ Q^tre^^nff* Qun-Q^aradsa-^ fifr(ipth jpmegSstr^s 

iSoDtfiuuGeueiTu^ ^fiiffiSeorpjp. Qu€a>fias)LD'-^^^Quujn-. Fpm 
LDtuEaQeor/rtruSouih, jifojeutrpeoeo^ Q^fTGoeon-Qirofru^iru)* ^G!>€uefrar(^ 

GaiufiflQ^^ Q^a-psSsir^ Qa^treOGOiri- - Q^treoeou^tnLi^ffi. 

417. Not even when they have imperfectly understood (a matter)^ 
will those men speak foolishly, who have profoundly studied, and dili- 
gently listened (to instruction). 

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^<D£p^^(^ Qjifiiun'saGSlp Qs&r^ayius SQ^eSituirs@iLiB 6h./SfQ)fr, ucDUf 
(0^ - £j - 6*)/r.) — QseireQujirGO - QserreQsetririOj QfiinLsu 

418. The ear wMeli lias not been bored by Instmctiony although 
it hears, is deaf. 

(uiP - ciDir.) er - ^^ — jpeasreBdH^rrQaj Oa&r^fLjaaL^tij/r jifeoeotrfiffir 
QstLsuu(B@drp Qun-Q^G^ar^ jprncDLD Qsar^QiD Q&ppuutL 

«}/rO€0CBru^r&.ii3 l/ztl-lo. 

419. It is a rare thing to find modesty, — a reverend month — ^with 
those who have not received choice instmction. 

<0. Q^eBiQp Sr€Si€UiLiGSffjrir Qiff\L\*sssrlreBi^ wa-ds 
^fuuLjf ffffifiQu^m gtGSfu^^9s>9^^% ^es>QiQuJ€Osoiru> fFm^BeanuiSp 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^ih, ji/csieu as>suL^y SirtTULj, qcrBuL/^ e^ojiruLfy ^eutrui^^ 
eurrQ^Qperrir, gjcno; ^ekjrjjufriLL-fr^iEi Q&efnr^euL^u u(Bej^p/diei si^pij 

420. What does it matter whether those men live or die, who can 
judge of tastes by the mouth, and not by the ear P 

^nsL - ih. cSy^— c:Sy pS (Sif €5) L-. eiD in. 

^fiGO* jif^e(rjr(ip€S)pGS>LDiL^Lb ^^^Qeer fi^aro^LO. 

(uiP-6B>ir.) CT-^,— cjy^^/r«(5 ^fSQeuGiTu^ ^^^QjirirfriDp strs 


421. Wisdom is a weapon to ward off destruction ; it is an inner 
fortress which enemies cannot destroy. 

8-. Q^&ffp eSi^^flfrp Qj^GoeQt^ir ^Qfltrh 
^i—ir^ jifULfeo^^GfT eefrcoLQ ^GDmaddtr ^jririuii^ ^tu^a^eo £^@ ibgo 
^oWp ^C3>a'^ iSfrppQiLGsru i^oOLQ ^.i^/ruSgvti; 9(J5«/r^^^ ^^fSeoraek' 

Digitized by 


^(Wco^ Q^©)sOfl'6nu5a9ocr, ^L.^^nQsar&ff(v^fr» cSiL-rrQ^Gsru^ semL-s 

422. Not to permit the mind to go where it lists, to keep it from , 
evil, and to employ it in good, this is wisdom. 

SSL, (SfuQuiTQ^efr ujirirujinrGUfnud* QsiLi9s/iJ inuQuirQ^etkr 

tS^ih ^uQurrQ^G^ssr QiDiLnumu uiudscrs sfressrQjGOo:)^ ^/Soify er-^j 

gjfii, ^^^uQufTQ^dr uesiseutreufruSigpiiJDy Q&(BQufr(j^ar UronTii^ 
S^ia ^QiTfreuL^a Q&iLauu® ^eoirair y eruQuiTQ^&r tuirirujmTeutnjLJs QslL 
iSg^QiDGSTQ^iT. ^(B&^u uarGS>Li>u/D/SI 6ijih^^. eunQiUGSTU^ ^Guir ^u 
QuirQF^e^ssrsLL uuSt0Ofr€SiLD iLjessrn-^^Soirp^, QuDiuajfr^GO - S2soQujpi 
^®). Q^rreOQjirjr^ ^lueoi^ Qtsirasn^ ^uQuirQ^e^&ir u(uCo@«S« Qsireir 

(Qfi" u - 62D/r.) — eruQuir(f^0Tr - iuiTO^ir(^Quir(^'Ssir^ tuirir 
lutrieufnu - ereuQireun-QjiruSGOy QsL-i9^}jih - QsiLt^ir^Ui, ^u 
Quirq^ifT - ^uQuirq^e^esrj^^ QinLuQufTQ^eir - QunLHuaStu 

423. To discern the truth in eveiy thing, by whomsoever spoken, 
13 wisdom. 

aSgg/m QslLuititsq^ ere^tu Qun-Q^etrojiTLDirj;)/ LD6sriniQsn'ars= Q^rreo^u 
Cfitluesr QjQpeSgiiUa ^eS^ eSerristsireufruSlgimh wjucsuri QsfraorQL^rrjfi 

Digitized by 


Q^etr - (^air^pfflflMsSuj^ ^tLumo'Siu Qu/r(i^dea'tLfth, ^trcssrujfi'- 

424. To speak so as that tlte meaniag may easBy enter the mind 
of the hearer, and to discern the sabtlest thought which may lie hiddea 
in the words of others, this is wisdom, 

®. S.6VM fl^^iu Q/sirtLu thwitfi^m 

jSS^iJi - ((y)6ir(o6w) eQifl^ij^th, ^.ihu^ti - (iSeirGcgr) (jefl^ 

426. To secnre the friendship of the great is true wisdom; it ia (al« 
so) wisdom to keep (that friendship unchanged, and) not opening and 
elosing (l&e the lotw-flower). 

QiU€»s SQ^^ji fifreiiiSesr^^QjirQp ^QpSp utreunpih utSiuLDfru) ^s 

Digitized by 


^«L-a». «^P« mgfjS€^^LL€fna>, SSir^ /^ 


426. To live as the world lives, is wisdom. 

(jparesrfifiio Qp^QeBrQiueaarGsSlfufi^ed. sfoo ^fiseQe^ircs>iniuirQj^ 
mfiireo/S^eo. g)«8f7 ^^^fioifrQrrGstu^p^^ fi^^@ tswanbtufiojrr 
Qtrdr jifi€s>iruu/r(T^(^&rirm 

(oor) ^jSiuaiAeoeua', ^fSekj€8)i^tuirar » ^fSoo^iLfssn^meuirfTekitri^ 

427. The wise are these who know beforehand what will happen ; 
tlioBe who do not know this are the unwise. 

fid^^ eofSaiirir Qjsirtfiei. 
(uf - 6B)T.) €r^jgi^ — ^^^LJu(BQjjs&sr jy(^^/r65)u> Oua5>^cs)u>tunth^ 
dioiQj^Lju(BQj^Bsar ^^^jgeo j^fieufrirQ^rtfiedirthy ef'-^. 

uffQ/Qpih uifiliLjEt Qs(Bu) Qpjse^ira ^(^^^uu^ojear ucoojiraSoifih, 
9K^upfi jif(^arQ/Q^ar(j7^rr, Si^^fras>LD--€r€ar^^ Q^iu^/SjbpGO, ^^ 
^fi&i- erdsresfi^ ^eS/r^eo. j^^ strifiaJLDeirQparjpi ^sipuui—aQ^Gsrurrar 
jffi<uir/r Q^tri^QGOGsrQr^if. ^^^iresiLD ^GDpiLfnL&tuira^ Qs^freoeouuiL 
t_CB)maS«or^ f^QasrL^(^ffQQj€asr(BL8L..ia ef^fiiuQjirjr}!* ^eoej uSffsstfrQurru. 

^frQ^irifiii - ^/Se^ant^fUiri'Qfiff-ifieoa'LO. 

428. Not to fear what ought to be feared, is folly ; it is the work 
of the wise to fear what should be feared. 

(uf - ciDir.) €T - jpy — QjjT&SL^Qi fiirQtuQjfiSsor QpGsresrfiiB^ &ir&a 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

429. No terrifying calamity will happen to the wise, who (foresee) 
and gaard against coming evils. 

tfO. ^jS^e^L^tuir Qireoedtr Qp^L^iuir jr^eSleoir 

eotTQposiu.uujrn'QjiT^ ^/SeSI<s^/r^frir ereoeofrQpasiL^tujrfruS^u) ^€sr^u> ^IjeojTit 
Qj^eOQjihaQarsoeofn}) ^fS^'rrpu6S)L^s&^(si sfrssQjihu(BfiG^(S!r j^*o 

GDLD/Bjfi @i—LjtSlgnih ^i^iuirm/b sir^^p^^iB Q^iueu^^treart^/B^tfiu 
ucs)i—^^p^isi s(irf6£liLjes>i^tu/rares>LDiiSl&n- ^oo^ &OGOir^ires>ir erargmaDL^uj 

^. ^/s^&T ^Qjjr^ Q.€9)z_£S)LC(L/a) ^dsenuirjTS' §jesr€s>iLiLjisid!^puuLLt^Gfr. 

ei)TQpGDu.ujeujnr6UTif; ^jSeQeoinr - ^jSeQeoeoirflojir^ erm e^etoL^ 
luir^^Lb - 6reo€\iTQp€S3L^iueujrini9(i^iBfiir£fiiuy^ @6\)/f-(g>ss37j3/Lb) 

430. Those who possess Wisdom, pessess every thing; those who 
have not wisdom, whatever they may possoss, have nothing. 

LD^QuiesTuuL^L^ (^ppiBi&cirirpSssrtLfLO ^jr^ar ^ekaessr (B&ipirinp au^^eo 
^Qjpes>p QjL^^^&oir/r UGsyseun-dsQm&rru. ^esieu^ppQinfk p/S^^th 

«. Q<FC5«@@5 ^€W(7p(g5 &JI^GS>lL\H ^^^^^ 

(uir-oDrr.) er-^, — LD^Qpih Q^(^e^qfEi smL(ipLDirQaj (gppiBsdfle^ 

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esiupQ^&sru^trui* iS^^upjB §jGS)6u Qppsh-puuL-L-esr. 

eoirjs ^jT^jr^j QuQgisih - Q^eveu unrest^, Qu(^tBfl£i^jp - 
QmihuiriLQs (^essr^en^ iLi€8)u.iUfliruy^ 

431. Traly great is the excellence of those (kings) Tvho are free 
&om pride, anger, and lust. 

2.. ®jeup^ iDfreikn9pifi miresTQfi tntr^) 

(u,f-fi»ir.) €r''^y''^QeuGBBr®theuL^u QuirQ^arOsirL^/roDu^tLiih ecxrGFiu^ 
^lu LDiresTQpLb ^erreSpis^ eyQ;«o««^ti ^jr&^sii^(^^ ^ppih, er-jpi^ 
iniriL^iuiresr unrosr^^€(Ss(^^p^ LO/ressriSpiB^ LO/rgzirOLOcBr^/r • 
4jo%^irQj^ ^is^essrir s^rrGjrQ^i^iT ^(t^'BjSQj^Q^n'ir ^ijDQpmQ^ir ^isesis 

^©ilt-Lo. t9^0(55 ^sarQesrsfTUiiEi sjfiseasrQ^iLL^ GLpcvr/Sojponp lupts 
(^Pfliiserrtreuesr ^osiQjQajtkuffi ^h.puuC.u.^. 


432. Avarice, undignified pride, and low pleasures, are faults in a 

WIT J 6r-^. 

^^^ffiSssifr^ih (^ppih - ^2ssriuerr€UirQaj Q/iSuj fa^ppLDiresr^^ 
«^ Jifeueuerroiirs /88ssriu/ruiio) u3»ra96W€)fr©/ Qui/sira^ Os/reJr 

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433* Those who fear guilty if they oommit a fault small as a miUct 
seed, will consider ib to be as large as a palmyra tree. 

(uiP - fl»ir.) €T - ^f — ^€srdQjpi^ uujs^ih ucds (^ppQiHy ^s 
eorran-j ^S(^^pth ^GsraassrejirjrnasuxiQiu utu^ss Qsfrear(B sir&sQeusssr 

^es>euup/SiueO€0^ uGSiS€ui- ^pp/s^mrfrasiLDtSlar Qa>euQaj ucsis 
ojireueBrQ^GfTguth euL^^^sdirtr ld^ld upjSs ^ppQiniuppie^e^^ih utois 
Qiu&srjr^LDy ^Qjppffi ^arooLoQiu ^CBareisetrjfi ^eBsresmnufrsd Qa/resar 
Qi^Gscutrir QuirQ^arirsQojearjpia ak./B^rr. ^ppOiDSfrasQQjtBrujp ^^^0 
uu€BBriStQ)p fiGOLDSirds^^ eTGSTuffiQutreo /Basrpffi, 

fiq^LLuena — , ^ppQiL'^^(^^^eoirQ))(^pp(SLL'^i^ppui(fiaT 

434. Onard against faalts as a matter (of great consequence ; for) 
faults are a deadly enemy. 

®. euQF^Qp^sstiA ssareuir/sireir eatry^ietim QiufiQparesrir 
(uiP'-QOir.) «r-^^ — (^ppih eujraau.€ufitr@Garp Qppstredfi^Qe^ ^^ 

(mppQLDoru^ ^^amr^^irear oj/s^jp. (tpdirearQn'arpfieffpp^ 
u^^uQun-Q^areS^^^m fi/0OLO6srgp/Lb QuojQfr^^^ih (tpetfreBrQirargpidi 
6ifr€0uQuuj!TQsfr€BisrL^ffi j ^^«sa)p airaseoma sireoih QupuuiLu.^, 

csiLDiuirp Qup(n^La, 

cmry)i€S)s - euTtfi^iresrj^^ (^jif^eui/sireo) crfiQparesrir - ^Qpm 

436. The prosperiiy of him who does not timely guard against 
faultS; will perish like^straw before fire. 

^. fl^^pp £s8u t9pir(^ppii airmrQptS 

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€svu iSp^^ppB sirGPsrojeoeo^vSicir j^tr^gu^dS «g^^^'*^ @ppih 

^ir^g^ar^^ ^m^ppih atp.ajir^ifi(3aj iSprr^ppiBStf.fB^ &PP 
iDirth. jifffisi^/s/SQji^ (tpGS)pQ&:iu^eorrQui€Bru/rn'y er^^ppiDir^ Quidr 
(ffff : erarQeUy ^dr(^ppB si^is^qjOcbt QpcnpQ^ijJsp (^if^ojQjQarmu 
fiimSjbjpi. QcDQj iBtr^(^u(rLLL-n'giith si^ppjp ai^pputr(B Qitf/r^Oi 
eaaiuirp BupuuiLi^^* g)6o9<sF ^puLjOfOiaiua'p S!ujpiu» 

{Qp - L/ - «»/r.) — fiGfT^ppth - pestjp^pp^eopf £AQ^ 
((y)6ir(?«r«Qwr®) uflsifipjp^ iQpir^ppih - (iSearL/) iQpjr^^p 
ppoop^ sressr8pi9eir -> ^jrtnu oieoeo^tSeir, ^oapi^ - ^ir^ 

436. What fault will remain in the king who has pat away his 
own evils, and looks after the evils of others. 

Qpujpuireo p^jSs QsQld, 
(ulP - cnor,) cr • ^y^^Quir(i^eirfrp peases' Q^tajsOssfrireiruutB 

Q^eiQiui iSear uj&rpnui uir^eDtnppeir/S oj/SQp Qa(Bui^ cr-jpim 

Q^ajpuireoeutroftBT ^pih QurrQ^ e/f^druiBtSGr, Quir(r^etrtrp QuiFQFar 

*J®t- — fimcS @@/ff ^wesiSI ^jresSSp — iSsDr&cr lun-^^ih QuQ^thQurrQif 

^Pi^QfftuiutrGS>LDUJirgigLD QufTQ^&r Qu(ff^ssirGs>LDiu!r^th ^vupuiredpssr 
fiQiudr^ihy ^eiruu uiumQarr&retr/resiLDuSp Qs(SQLDeig'jpia tfL^@/r« 

0^6UQ/iA - Q^doeutng^GfT^^ ^tueouireo^^GSTjB - iSi&xrLjGtretrpir 

437. The wealth of the avaricioos man, who does not expend it for 
the purposes for which he onght to expend it, will waste away and not 


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eofTQjpjpi&r^^Uj esioj^^ €iGssr€Bsruu(Bi^QfiirG^pGirjpiy iBss^y er-jpi^ 
iDirLLt^/rcoLDuSi^y crpj^eir^ QuDestsraRsruuOeu Q^irGBrpGstQpGsrqijir^ ereufl) 

QQisssrif.tueSi^;ijp efi^^/r^) upjp/Qsirp aferrGtrunTSajy ^oip^ 

piBiS^eiT^er^Lby eressreaaruuQsUj^ g^cir^ ^^sa - (coQ;^^)fir«ir 
€asruu(SlGuQ^irQ^(^ppui&ffj)i ^LBsuQuiBtu^,"^ 

438. Griping avarice is not to be reckoned aa one among othev 
faults ; (it stands alone — greater than all.) 

meisrfS Uiuoitr eQSssr. 

(ulP - ODir.) er - ^, — ^irar ^puu ojiuiriBfi^tr^jpnh LDfi^^irA 
p^Bssr tBear^m^^trQ^iTL^si ^scrs^ iBosresiuy utu^/r €SSsersdBff mtresr^ 
jSfT&i eSd^uauirQ^irjfisy er-^. 

^drdssre^iui^L^ ^i^Qpm sircoQpih eueSliLjih ^jSiuuuL,iro!>ui(Ufrgifuy, 
ji/pguLh (o/u/r0^Lb ^sipuu(B^e^ir^ihy €T(^^n€sr£»ih eSajeup^Qoiar 

fiOSssrsSsrr iBiuuiSlear ^6up(j7^p ufr^Qpih uifiiLjiEi Qs(Bih GjQ^LLnscSar, 

€h,puUiLL^^» * 

iEis&\iD tt^tuirih/S^ireo^^^ OiL&^'putfJj, ^ofiSssr eSajcups - (^^ 
GDOJy uojQJir - (;2?63r«(5^) fS^irrrj^f eS&r - Qfltrifieo^2(s(r^ muj 

439. Let no (one) praise bimself, at any time ; and let Mm not 
desire to do useless things. 

(u;P-69>ir.) CT - ^y — ^fr^ srr^eS^^ Ou/r^eJrs&w ^a//r ^as/rjg 
eo/SiuiTLDio ji/gpiu^ss eueoco^iiSm u9S>SQjfr fid^Bssr eu^S^^p Q^aas 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Vigtii^fitfi^ QjfruSieSl^GSiUifiSeifr Gu^Ossuui^frQaireoru^/rLbm a/tlou)^ 
pfilp(^u QuiT^QjGSis cSleoaQossrQuj QarrdsiQi^n'i^iB^trir, 


440. If (a king) enjoys privately the things which he desires, the 
designs of his enemies will be useless. 

^®-"). ^0—Qu[flUJJ6S)!T^^2s9SfriQaiTL^GO. 

jt/oo^fTQ/j^ Qp^d^^ppQpih (ip€S)pas)Lnu9p st^^eQp afreup^rrsfr® 
peijQSiL.iufr0S)ir^ fiesrs^^ ^ceBsrtuirss Qsm^eOm si^afJ'jrQp€S)pGB>LDU^U3 
@ii i£trg^L^fiQ^iueus ^pptsis^ fButrjrinnp &(r^^p(^^iu ^saina^^iTf 

Qsirer^i ^ptD/Si^ (^arr&rs, <sT'£)i» 

jfpLo j^sssrG!)LD jprei/rQesTtuor/S ^ULifi^GSSTrteuirg^^Lo ^/SajQQJ6ssr(Bfi 
^^f ^ peer /BibQ fi GST (rr^ir^ Qp^^io - ^/Slajfrgpiih ^qo^^it^ld streo^ 
^frgsu) Qp^iT^eo, ^/SGijGS)u.uj(rn-''£^GS)ujUL^Lb SL.eoQuj^u^ua jifjSjsBsoiLies)u. 
ijffir, ^pGBr^jseofreu^ is&sr^inS^^do^ SL.uj£r^Q^tu^&) - ^QjfTGuearr 
^ppQsaekuecr Qp^coirs ^euir tSi€cSuL{estsr^i^ ^p^crrSs^ Q^uu^eo. 

(0^-zj-6B)/r,) — ^petsr^iSkjp - ^p^^Gsr^ jpCu^enfi 

441. Let (a king) ponder well its yaluc, and eecnre the friendship 
of men of Tirtac and of nxaturo knowledge. 

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QupjSajiTffLJ QuaaHi Oajonrcv. 

^aruJBS^ Sa^LD/rp/S/B^ iSsQu tSlasr ^uQup/Siuear euirjrfroiGsa'esanh 

mesitnuA fi&Qsiresuru^ih QtBtr&Qs= Q^iuu^^ ^/r/B^seirirtir £ssLJu(Bthm 
LL^sarirGStQiQF^e ^^iru/Bsetr/rGueBr um£Beuirj setteurty ^pp^^irfry g^Srv 
Q^FiUQJirQjrGBT /SeuirsEeir/reir Qj(n^€u&r» ^qs>qj ^f/tuh Qu^ fiirecr ^gsstl^isi 
setrirSoj /s/reoojcos ^umu^^m ^pp^^eo ^ssuu(Bihm (ippsrrpB^9iiT 
eu^ Qsiijsu^fiirdfr euQ^euesrojpestp s^puir^iBSGtrfreor/Ss^y ^^^rriE^ 
&&nrpstr^fiS^Cby LDSScirirar QjQ^QjearojpGSip ^ojir^Gaanh, ^ssQfiih^ 
^an-jTih, Q^tuQeOGiru€areup(i^Gfr ^fiijp j/foj^u/rojisis^r^ ^f^dffp ^/r^ 
flggiuyirth : ^siQoi^ LiQjrirQ^esi/ruLjih jifGS)LDs=^0s>inL^iE3 sh./SajQj/r(v^u9pjpi^ 
gjaQpih^^/SuuiTGir iSsQpuo c^uiS^Qflirtfieo* ^s/rinh - (s^/SutSar^ 

(BurriLi^/rgpiih QuifliutrF^ gjeossessrQpuD^ ^ojoDfr^ ^Sssortufraa Qs/tl^g} 
0€jm(SQLD€sru^SLihj Qan'&r(^LDirjpiiBi sft^puuiLL^Gar. 

npGsrcsrfii^ siriseueoedj OupjiStuirir — ^esrenimnesii^iUGUODir^ 

442. Let (a kmg) procnre and kindly core for men who can oveiv 
oome difficulties wlien they occur, and guard againat them before they 

iK., ^S^tueupjpi Qetrdoeoir ubiUQ/s Qufiujirooiru 
QugrS^ fiubirirs Qsiretreo, 

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443. To cberisb greai men and mako them his own^ is the most 
difficolfc of all difficult things. 

(uiP-flDir.) er^jp^^^/Sof (tp^^iueup(rr^6o ^iht&eer iBsaitrr fitMC 

O^arp^j g)Q//r jtieup(j^6iS&auuu.irp Qptu^p^aru (tpp^iuGsr^io 

(Op-u-esyiT.) — fBUiiBi<^QuS\\utri' - (^fSojQppSiUQjpcn^eo) 
punSs^iua-mCSpirir^ punr ^s-jsir^^t^^SpfspGUjrtrsiaQ^^, §iQp 
Qpio - (^irih ^QiirQnfit3eo&GSTj)i) fBL^^peo^ a/ ear enizjiq err eri^ 

444. So to act as to make those men, his own, who are greater 
than himself, is of all powers the highest. 

(uff-€B>tr.) cr ' ^.—p^utrsfLa ^es)ix>^5=«5/ri a&sr^a&Qsfr€ss!(B 
eu^peoir^, j^fir^^ j^pp^Gs>LDiuirfraj j/fODUi^ffwir ^jr/nLii^ peers 

^ardlpep Qpirifieoaarfrek ^^eoQiDtu^th ^jrs^drurrjrth j^^Qeu Qprr 
esrQu^up^ lufrinnupeo. @}GSiQj Qp^jptutnLi^irsmh QuX\iuna>irp 

aw - jyjr^cir, (gjioi/r^D/r ^ (j^pp^es^LLtuirSiu) wie^ffi^^. 

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44^. Afl a king musfcose his ministers as eyes (in managing hig 
Icingdom), let him well examine their character and qoalificationa 
before he engages them. 

Or. SMtr HcsT^fl^iuji fiirQQ)(ip« aisoe\iir9sa'^ 

(ulP-€0>ir.) er - ^^ — ^sstrirrrQiu gietir^as)^ e^aa^oj^ii^ fSfrgnth 
^fiiQfifrnnBQjeoed ^jr^dsoru ucB>aQj& Qj^tutud &L^ifiQ^tr(7^ ^sefUQpui 

QL^iTQp^eurrGff&essr jifeupjpieir ^drjpiija QJtrjrirQflafufrir, Q^p^tr 0«=(u« 
(Qfi - u - cjo/r.) — '■fisssirir^ssTjifi&sr^tu - OuifiQiuir^irStu 

446. There will be nothing left for enemies to do, against him who 
has the power of acting (so as to secure) the fellowship of worthy men. 

6r. @)^^@^ ^dssvtiufresitr luir&renircsiir ujitQt 

cDnk Q&(Bd(^ih Qu(r^Gs>LDtLiGSiL.uj uGS)&Qjir ^eosjjs^ lurrojiTy er-jpt* 
^uy^^ j^CBiQjuSiaresiLCfLjLD ^jr^ar^cssr jifGfrL^esiL^aiUiiLjLDinhm ^pparano 

QtuGiTjpiesitTuutrQf^Qpetrit. ^jcneu u9jr6Bsr(BuiriLL^irgpjih ^parutu€isr ^s^pu 

{Op - ti - 6»/r.) — @z^«(5ii - (SsiriB^jau LjpQQs^ireo^ih^ 
^SssariuireiDir - j^SBssrujir/Bp&frGntnGDtu inesyL^ujoj entry ^eaeutrcsitr'- 
{^cnirmina^^SpiipeuQirdTjp/^^ieT^th^jr^GDiry Qs(Si(^thpa}s 

ap^&)) luffsui^ 

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447* Who aro great enoagli to destroy Lim who has servants thai 
have power to rebuke him ? 

QaQuuir Si&>irspjm Qs(SIim. 

Qair&remraDLDuSi/b airojeojbp ^jt^gj ueDStu/nus Qs(9uuirir ^eaceotuiF 
aSgaih ^irQetsr Qs(Bih^ cr-^« 

g)do6D/r^ qrimrir erafruesr QuiuQfra:^Qj(Bs^» Qa(BuutriT ^eirirrr 
eSiieoir^ uj rrSpirQu /red Qie/Slujeoeorr Qisfi^QiFelsrjpi Q&(B^eo. 

QiGDir, ^GoeotTfi - (^fissri^^^dssanutrs£) Oesiretreir/roDinuireo^ 

448. The long, who is without the guard of men who can rebuka 
him, will perish, even though there be no one to destroy him. 

(uiP.cnir.) €r'^^'^(ip^pQuiTfT^^i^G!iir^ ^GsSiairs^ jif^^GOtsuQ^ih 

(tpaBeouQupOp @60/rua) QupQojasrCBLDfrjpiQun'eo^ ^/riEi^euirGD/ru 
tuff^ Sppeo, 

49. There can be no gain to those who have no capital; and in like 
manner there can be no permanence to those who are without the sup- 
port of adherents. 

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Qatr&r^^eQssr u^jbjp/LDi^A(Q ^eamiLjosiL^^ffi ^ir^ar QuStutrGjrn(B 
iSLLiS85srd Qa/r&ren-trQ/Sfrjfifi^y €T-jpt. 

usa/r ues>sujtruLj^a/reo ^^Qintr^ Qp&rQar/r® (tpiLuoDss sessrt^L^Si}'^ 

(QjS - u -- CD/r.) — iseoeoirir - (^ir^ssr) QuiiiUQtQijGDi^uj, 

450. It is tenfold more injurious to al^andon the friendship of the 
good, than to inour the hatred of the many. 

^<^ - li. ^^ — SjbpS^sr^Qa=jiraDiJD» 

meOGO^ariBGOgiiUi ^{u^Gsr^as>LD\L\LD §}&>Qe06srQuirQ^LD eSL^Q^th ^ftji^q^ih 
iSimmiu ^s^u Qufr(ffji5^p QuStuirosxr^ ^dssar&QatrL^o^ utueSest 

A. ^pfS^of CA^arifi Qu(r^esHj^ &^€if>Uifitr^ 
(uiP-ODir.) cr-^f — QuSQajirifliueOLi S/Scu g)«fr^«vff j^^^irfBp(QU>i 

^csrih QuiBQtuirn-d sirstrQ^^u^ ^fh^puuiLt^ffi^ 

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451. (True) prreatness fears the society of the base; it is only the 
low-minded who will regard them as friends. 

«L. fS&>^^ujeouir GfFiT^ifiis ^PQff(^ mirisjsii 

(uiP-soT.) er-^,— ^/rcBT Q^it/b^ Ssa^^sBr^ ^tueouirQear liir ^dr 
fiiTihQ^ir^^ §j€Br^^esr^ ^lueouirQetfr ^/Sqj/b fidr^eoreDLa ^iflis^ jyo/ 

^iTiL&QpjseSluj Q^irifiGoa&r ^ifltLfQiDeBr ^fi^eo ^^^esr^ etrjTGSsruy 
(Ofi -u-- 6»)/r.) — Sir - iSjT/rar^^ tSco^^jp - (^fiir&frQ^iifi) 

452. As water changes (its nature) from the nature of the soil (ia 
which it flows), so will the character of men resemble that of their 

«-. LD^ar^jsir^ iLiriSfliri ^essrw^Q u9e8r^flirQ) 

(uf - CRT.) cr-^,— a3/r/5^ir<5(2)tJ Qutr^s^cmTre^ ^LDinesrBisn'jressr 

^^2str ii^Gsr^fitr^QiCiGsr^LDj Q^tupGBisujfnu eSQ&^L^^eaarn'&jup/S /sdo 
'^^^ ^etr^^rr^QiD^jpiEj ^fu/S^ir» zueuGSiioujen'GSiQj Q&ireiranr^ 

e«€t)igitized by Google 

^o a-650 £P«5&-Lb. .sy.S. SpjSesr^Q^jnrcsiUi^ 

453. The power of knowing is from the mind ; (but) his character 
is from that of his associates. 

Q^rti^ ^ssr^^ar aesarQcBsr ^eirfi/njD^ er-jHm 

Quiiuihas)LD QiBir&siTQpdr Lbcsr^ffior^QuireBrjpi striLt^tL\LD iSairQ^s 
@ujQjifiu uuSsa-p^afr^jpetr^niLiih ^Q^^^e^esr^ sinl.t^Q(uesr gjpis^s/r 

454. Wisdom appears to rest in the mind, but it really exists to a 
man in his companions. 

(uir-GDT.) er - ^^ — ^QjcSQ^t^ojetzr/reii LjGOuuQjjspQt^^aj mesrc 

(uih ^Q^f^pQ @€or/s^tU(^^ppecrGSiu> up^&Q&iTL^trs iLorojirih^ (sr^jpi, 
LDCsr/s^inu^^ein'eujp cS?(?^t_c3yaar/?ay L\Gduu®LD!rjpi ^'upesystuirtu 

p^ ^p/b/SBtrGcyiT^^ erarufi^^ ld/Ss. ^(T^sycBr ^€or{B^nu(^&Q&i ^^ 

QJ/rLDfTJpt dii^puuiLL^^. 

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455. Chaste compaDj is the staff on which come, these two things/ 
tIz. parity of mind and purity of conduct. 

Se\jS9iiB&j Qffsir eQSssr, 

466. To the pure-minded there will be a good posterity. By those 
whose associates are pore, no deeds will be done that are not good. 

(uf.ODnr.) cr-^, — iS^QupjD ^vSiit&tL(Q iDesrp^^ eeBrcsitD Qs^eo 
LoargpiuSQ/rarpffi fFGosr® ^ojir^SkasrQLDcdlarp^, ^(FF^QiDGsrg^Ca g)^ 

ffoffiBuffiLt^/rgpia en^puuiLi^ffi. 

(Qfi - u - «D/r-) — tn&m^tQttm^ - iBSBoQuppG{a9irs(Sti^A(^^ 
iUGsrisejth - LDearjificsr^mar6s>unun'6sr^^ ^isih - Q^eoea^on/s^ 
(^0U)), g)6arC60xi> - ^esr^^^srjsus&irGntDtun'eaTffi, erGOCOiruL/s 

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4/^ fiLse* ^mr-LL, ^^. QpfSesr^Q^irtrmtD. 

457. Goodness of mind will give wealth, and good society will 
bring with it all praise, to men. 

(uiP - €s>rr.) OT - ^, — i/)6Br/56sroj)LD€»ttj QparSssr/EeocSlSsunufreo ^rrQio 

458. Although they may have great (natural) goodness of mind, 
yet good society will tend to strengthen it. 

^€ssru.fru) j jif^p^ ^^^pui^^^/rgfuih ^€srfBGfrGS>UDiu rreir eueSQu^'^Sai 

fitrQesr tS/SQ^/r^ p^Qpm^ih iD^^asi^ e^L^UiULL(B& 6tu./SiuQJirjpf, top 
jpi — eSBssTLDfrp^. a^LoeoLo — ^pis^jpj^L^^uj ers^s^enjihcsiLn, ^Qjrfrojifi^ 

iSis^Qllgst iBds\iQupa^Qs^iuiL\mrrjr^ sft-puutLu,^, ^€Bi€ij€s>iuf5^urrLL 

€Sip(yis^fliTp ^h./SaJ€iJfrp/Ssm 

(3;55-L/-6B)/r,) — LDSSTISCO^^^ - Lb GST /Bsk oS^LDUJ IT &> ^ Ui^^DLD- 

459. Future bliss is (the result) of goodness of mind ; and even 
this acquires strength &om the society of the good. * 

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460. There is no greater help than the company of the good ; there 
is no greater source of sorrow than the company of the wicked. 

€u^Bsa'iL{u:> ^i^ib^rrpiSiGsr ^eu^8sar tilth ^luS^jpi iSpQurrQp^^^f^Ui csi^ 
e^jruQj^treu^ SstpeSaraear ^tfioj^setfieo ^eu^ lBs(^ GJ^iTG^gnih 

Qi^th ^Gu^iB fiLDQpQetnr^fitr^^ih ^i^^put:pp^OpGs^u^ QupQf/ih* 

461. Let a man reflect on what will be lost, what will bo acquired 
and (from these) what will bo his ultimate gain, and (then; let him) act. 

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^jTfnuu u(BQjGfrQQiioeoiru) ^irfnui^QuiriB^ ^estQiDOffjpUDfnn. 

(n^at stLQ^^Qjiru ^fi€ffi/bpeu(7^os)LDa9(in'^ jififltuQu/rQ^arsQeirsoGOirm erem 

eSjIsartLnh ^^ Q^tuiLjLOfrjpith en^puuiLL^eor. 

(Qfi'U-es^ir.) —Q ^B ifs - {fl^ih) Qfifii^Q^irsssru., ^^ssr^ 

Qujp/j!spsiBajQua'(^eir, ojirQfiO'aa'jp/ih ^go - mtrQfiffesFjpiih 

462. There is notliing too defficnlt to (be attained by) tbose who, 
before they act, reflect well tbemselves, and tborougbly consider (the 
matter) with chosen friends. 

(uf - flDir.) er-^y — QineoeTtufiaiSL^Gt ^si^ajjS^Sssr Q/sir&Q Qpoir 
esiL^tuirir QiupQairekeiririry er-jr^* 

dsofLjLD ^ifi^(^th eSlSssrsaea'trQjear eucSiLjei sn'O0(tpLD ^jL^gnih ^jSiurr^ iSlpir 

(0^-u-6a)/r.) — ^imei s(^^'(^^arQupasL^€iJ/Btr3uj)§)0Oir 

^th - ^[p^pp^ er^euirStu^ Q^iueSlSsar - Q^irffiSeo^ ^jSeifGnu, 
tUffUr - eOQc^Ssetr^ emiminr - QtDpQsiretretnra'^ 

463. Wise men will not, in hopes of profit^ nnderiako works that 
will consume their principal. 

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464. Those who fear reproacli will not commeQce any tbiog wliich 
lus not been (thoroaglily considered) and made clear to them. 

u/r^^u uQuuQfiir Sffjpi. 
(uiP-6o>!r.) fir - ^y — Q^Gscqr^e^ SsQpth ^pBsiadarQtueoe'iffuy Qppp 

j^jS^piEiSGinrQJ€Gr o/cfi, sfreoihj ^i^Q€arafr/SQjp(r^eo fi€ura(^ui ues>s 
ci/ifi(9j Qpetroj/ruy /SdsoGSiLDS^ih, gSISsot Q^(Tt^iEt(^LDtrjpiu>^ ^^P(^ 6i;0Lb 
g)OL.^^^5^u3^ Stjeupesip iSs^inirjpithj Qeueoj^LDtrjpithy ^fi^p Qujpiih 

coffsBT, QppjruuQup €TGsarassrQ^€Bsr(BQLDesru^(njb, ^aaeu (ipmjpiutnLL^ir 

u(Slju^ - SSeoQupa^Q^iueu^irSiu^ ^ir^j^ - ^(n^&iL^ujtnh, 

466. One way to promote the prosperty of an enemy, is (for a king) 
*o Bet out (to war) without having thoroughly weighed his ability {fo 
cope with its chances)- 

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Qa^'ujj^^saear weoeoojiroissr Quifloj Qpiup^ti^scrsiiLDy Qs^iu^trm 
uuj€t^60e06sr^ihy ^^ &/£l^mi9eBreiiihf gtULD/roSewfiyo), iS&sr^ajireSl^sffLj 

€S)a<uirpp^efr QurrQ^&r ussiL^Qtuesr ^Q^euGDS^js tr oj QuQ^cstLo ^qf^isQu 

^p Q^iuQjesr G^tu^ ^tficussrQojfri^sQQjesr ^jQ^ojoaatussTiSinh £.t— car 

esMs^iutrss^itit - QeFluiuirGatLuB^^u^, 0«®ii - 0<S5® a; /rear. 

466. He will perish who does what it is not^fit to do ; and he also 
will perish who does not do what it is fit to do. 

Qssf em^iQj Qldg!tu ^ap€S(^* 

(uiP.ewT.) OT-^, — Qs^iuiujs^as aQ^rndpuT^ (Lpi^s^ih s-u/roj^cs^^ 
er€asr€s^^Q^(rL^Ei(Q€By Q^irL^itQcsieu^^u LSmQeoressressraai^Qeurrui erair 

^GsSto^up/S £sipj$GS&fr, ^en^QeuesruuilL^^. SpuLjihcsyiD ^&rr 
ff^^rrpO(nf&&^. ^un-tuQiodruj^ ji/eumu/SSsoiufreifr euib^^. jy^ Qs/rQ 
^^60y ^^Q^irpQa=fr<soeoeo^ Qeu^u(B^^so^ ^^y^^Qeoesr iDrr&>Gues>su 
u®ih, ^GL'pesip 6UL,,0jr€oirir ^rretjr s=rriii Qu^ ^eaaru. Qldgstu^ sfeupjpiar 
(LpeurBssriu §}jreBsr(Bih ggoycwstu, qrSs^uj ^euaDsiu;'] ^^jeuemaaQerreoco/rLh 
fFessrQaDfTLjLSIpQuQF^^Lb. ^^jiSjuiriuQLL&xsorrth eressr^^Q^frL^isQar'^^dj 
eS?^ LBn-p(J7^i^&) gSIgossuulLQ Qpi^tuinssymiufr^thy ^cai^uScBr ^ifi^ eorr 

ere^es^ - (^Qpi^i^t}^ tL.umu^aofi) J^QcOirQ^^, ^sstSim-Q^T 

467. Consider, and then nnderi»ke a matter j after having under- 
taken it, to say *We will consider," is folly. 

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jy, ^M^pfiesr euQ^ikjsir €U(§flfiijb uw^irSm^ 
(uf-€nir.) €r-jp,*— (y>^qu) SLumu^^rrp ^SQ^in^esifi QptuGdirfl (tptu 

(jpt^njih ^jjiriu^fiir^ (tpajpeoiroj^ QstrQfl^dsou QuirQ^csarca^ajir 
iS/DQjnr(B Quitq^^ QiBtrifi^Qesresr ^^itsaBr§g^ihy QqjjsjiIj®^^^^ 
9^1 ^jpi^fi^ ^Qjjb/Sar eutrjr/r^eujfi ^euirseAfrggDiiB Q^puui^tr^ 

UL^rtLGo) sirui9£iuih, Quir<i^uu(Sih - ^ppuuQiii* 

468. The work, which ia not done hj snitable mefchods, will &il 
thongh many stand to nphold it. 

sm. jb^(S^pp &e(rfst^i fiot^eAr u.eaffcdi' 
UGSsTU^i fitrpQjfi sept^^ 

(ulP • ODir.) er^jp, — Q&ipjptQojijsirLDrrLJB e^Qr^efjr ^umu^Qffdi 
^pmm^h ^ppQpmi^iruiy Sf^jr&fT(QGaarBadsff ^imtuiBfifieffi j)/€up 

eGsrdv/earQiurriuLDiTQjjp Qsir(Bji/££piih ^jdsrQ^trp Q^treog^^g^LD/rihm 
jfCDo; uj iTQjiraGarg^th gj^t^ujojir^p &puLfG5)u.a}LDaSm'j fi.U}fiDLD Spu 
L/u)CB)u), jifQjpGDp jtfQjjrQiir utosTu/Se fifrp^oDiDttJiroi^ ^^pfiP(Q 

(Qfi - L/ - €3)ir.)^-«aTjy * {Qeappr^SiLL,^^) mdo^efu^ 

469. There are f ailnres even in acting well, when it is done witboat 
knowing the yarions dispositions of men. 

«0» er&retfiTfB Qoimesaf)^ Q^iueoQoimrQm fithQimrQ 
OiuniB Qutr(^ifiir^ SLU/rojoaSsir^ QspiuojjrtfvQdsr wlg^sk fiihcsun §l^lfiff 


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fiornps^tu QpGsrpZesra^Q^dj filthy GiDGSliuirfrtuGDeufi^ eueSiuirirs^fiaj 
^jp/sfiSso^ Q^LUfl^iLfTih. ^a>€ijuSjroKff(9ih jtf/SeSied/rjT Q^tuojear ^fieSeor 

g)^a/ e treat ^utriLL^ir^^ QfiuQt€arQj/b/S/b(Q tLUirujQpLo ^/seBrjfi fi./f)cB>u> 

^EiSsfiujirjp [^^SQpOtDGfTpuifSj J («^<<^^^^)) er&Tetrtr/g - 

UjeoQeueAiQth « Q^tuiuasi^eui'^ 

470. Let a xnan reflect, and do things which bring no reproach ; 
the world will not approve, with him, of things, which do not become 
of his position to adopt. 

&'^'ih. ^^—QieStiufS^eo. 


S^ cSSssrcueStui fietrweSiLi iLtrp(7r^ar §ue9ini 

(uiP-aoir*) er^jp^-^flfrdr Q^tufussQ^^uj eSBssrQjGSGsxuiLjih ^^3sar^ 
es>iuu^th §i(ii^^ira(gm ^S^ojireuirir ojeSesxuiLnh ffir^TsSfi fi^oitStS^^ 

Qeff/reoojeoaojeSiLfm ^SssrojeS ^ffasTQppp^^ih QarrL^^th (ipaeSm 
Qfi/rtfieotrgmh, f^Ssanu QpojeaatutrppedirgaiBi efujpiu®^^^ ^traaCsu 
(Bth. fieitreu^ tSaeS^ail. Q^ujaQeu^p cB^iurreOy Qfi/rppeo ^Q^fi 
duoj/roi ^GDpeS^eGjar^ih Q^pdi ^ajLO/ryj ^uiSGframggffth ^jfis 
Qoieiru^ Qup^T^ih. 

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471. Let (one) weigh well the strength of the deed (he purposed 
to do), his own strengh, the strength of his enemy, and the strength of 
the alliea (of both), and then let him act. 

(usP - C8>v.) er - jpy^^^maQtu^ih dl^eosuiLiLb j>/^/bsjStu Oa/cnr 
(Boifiiriu QitSsotuu^th sifi^S^ €ruQu/r(Lp^th iDcarQiDfrtfi OLDojaSbir 

472. There is nothing which may not be accomplished by those 
who, before they attack (an enemy), make themselves acquainted with 
their own ability, and with whatever else is (needful) to bo knowni and 
apply themselves wholly to their object. 

urnQoiQ^^Stu/reo fiihiSareuGSltutr(oirtr(B ^SesrQ^riu^^^ Qfiin^miSi ^Q/tr 
^uuiLu^. QpojGOSfutrpps^&r^ae^ &puL\GSiL^tu ^/SQiGDU.(Utrir ©<» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^40 ?-a.O ^j>i'ih. ^^. ojeSiufSfi&>M 

473. There are many who, ignorant of iheir (want of) power (to 
meet it), have haughtily set out^to war, and broken down in the midBt 
of it. 

stnfltujso^fi^ sirjTGaarLDffss ^jus^ifl^^, eSttji^/rQeBrardT^o'* dles^triu 
O^gSt^u) §ijrGSBrL^gpi&r ^tGspGsrQp ^tueoQo/iB^QjnrQ Q^tuputred^, 

(Bu/riLL^trgfiii ^meufiSi iujSiuirwifiuu(Biih g)(z^ff(^i SupuuiLt^^. 

4tl^* He will quickly perish who, ignorant of his own resources 
flatters himself of his greatness, and does not live in peace with his 

&puL\aiQ^trearp MGsrp^* ^jpiQiDeargm^SSsareOSlBor Qjk^mQui^esrpjgim 
^Te^iuQiTGsrjfii UGoQirir(B u€B>&Q^/rarQiirar ^irek 6ueS(uC?6or ^oS^ib jifojir 
QfiiTss&jL^ QjeSiuifitLjQLDGa'giiih GuirQF^&rQ^irmp f8^pa>LDiiSar^ g)^ 

en'psQQj^pes>iLaS&ir, §jfi^dr LDirp(7/^Gsr eueStLjth jyQ/6or^2bsra/e8a^Lb 
{Qfi-u-GDir.) — iSS - uitiS^pGDs, Quiu - ^pjSiu^ ^itm' 

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475* The azletree of a bandy, loaded only \rith peacocks' feathers 
will breaki if it be greatly overloaded. 

^S di&srQpi^^Op Qs^^iratrffi ^o/ar ^tSitrQpt^tBpQs^B/irQu}6orgpnh 
Quu(^Q^ir€srp SerpmnniSiBf^ @^^^ QuAa ^e^m^ffjrih* jferoj/Sij^ 
^ppeaOQjaar(B QinarpcDLDaStar^ g}/7®0i> fifi&ora/eS lu/SajirtaijfiuuQui 
g)(z^i@i ^i^puuilu.^. 

jyafQ/orcafi&ir, ^jpi^-Ai^ij^^ ^SLiQesF - Qtn^ih Q-piueSeiDLa 

476. There will be an end to the life of him who, having dimbed 
out to the end of a branch, ventures to go further. 

QuirpjB ^\piB(Q QmfS, 
^bu^fiiffi SifipQapu fFs; ^BOCBTih fffloi Quir(^3au QuesHiQ^irm 

«L(27i8, ^Qjpjpiek QiraarLjiBorp fi6BrQs^9iQ//rdfS, 9«r/D8w (?lo«) (g)^-^" 
«»J»rfl ^^ Sa^ppQuiTQ^iKB meuuuirde, UtarpQQiirarp^fSfiiii^ 
iSfi(^ fteua^trtLitl sirc^lfiAS ©/rip^o)" a«r^/r. QueaSI^QsiTm 

9a QairatrQL^trQpQpii. Qpp^pQo'^^ ^0^6^ Qufr(i^m 9(3«/r^u> 

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477. Let a man know tbe measure of Mb abiliiy (to give,) and let 
him give accordingly ; such giving is the vray to preserve Lis property. 

-^* c^^^ petreQiLif. fltrtQs^ii Qstf^eoSgDu 
Quit sir ps^iri agdl^, 

(uiP-6nir.) cT-^j — ^ir^ira^u Qu/rQ^&r&i(^Qdrp Qts/Sajaroi &/S 

gjiLtp.Q^seia'Qfth ^seoirQ^ar^th euefiussBnStarQfiirifieoaST Qufr(r^€ur 
u^ iSsirg^iEi6h,iLt^ &.Gs>frsauuLLL-€Br* (tpflSfii^ Qjr^^&ii fiihQpfk g^u 

478. Even thongh the income (of a king) be small, it will not 
cause his (ruin), if his outgoings be not larger than his income. 

^»« ^ctr^fSi^ eutrifiirfliiresr euirifiiais tucrrQuireo 

(uiP-^ir«) CT-^^— -^6BrS(^6frcir Ou/r06Tf)eBr ^reoSsoeauj ^fii^ ^^P 
Qspu Qj/rtfiLO/TLLi^frfiirear ojiry^aeoaa&r iL&reireBrQuireo^ Qfitrdir/S 
QmiuuiGBiLDUJireor ^eo^iutriuu iSeorL/ ^fiQfitrppQpih Qair/Ss Qsil® 

euQ^ih (STfiiB en./SiuQirrjpf* 

GOQj, ^/Smjs - Qfiffiffij easriptrfiffGsr - (^jspQsps) tua-ffi 

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479. The prosperiiyi of him who lives without knowing the mea- 
BQie (of his property), will perish, even while it seems to continae. 

tfO. s^6Trfii69>jr ^i^uTfl QeairuLfB' s^trmot^in 
&tS(rQi€9>tr €ueo2sii QsQih, 

^uLjirQQJttjirtSQuui LBseOiTS/rQ/sarpesiUiUjn'eiry gj^e^jiL^. ^qs>qj 
Kirssr^uiriLL^irspiih (tpotost^tuirppgi^ar QuQ^eaiDuSiar u(Q^tumu Qutr 

(0/a?.£j-6a) IT.) — &.Qrfiic8>ir - (fieard^) c-cfrcyr QuirQ^e/Hesrerr 

480. The measure of his wealth will quickly perish, whose liberality 
ireighs not the measure of his property. 

6P* - ii cjy^ — ^ireoitifSfBio. 

-:?-?: -1. 

rsf ^^Q^edeBpQa/bp sireofi^daraj/S/sio, ^fiatrjrQpcsipGDiiiiLnh g)^ 

Qeum^ii^ QoiearQui Quir(Lpjf! 
(uiP - cnir.) cr-^^— ^6or6o^6Br eueS^triu sfL.GS)SGDujs siraaoa uap 

40^u) ^jr^irS(j^ ^^pQspp ssireaih ^ar/S tuanLiuirjpy er-^jpi. 

fSariQ S^pjp^ g)6g9i» a/redixuroj^ QeuthesuLiLfiB (^efiir^SiLi/s fiihQpeo' 
fiirBsur Qjd^iBfiir^ Q^eogj/iih g)aj^iS69r^/ru). @)p®p streo^fl^ Spu 

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481. A crow will oyercome an owl in the day time ; so Oie king 
who wonld conqner his enemy mnst liave (a miitable) lime. 

&-• u^^fiOfiir Ql^itiLl^ Q^ua-Qps /Sa^sBBar^ 
(uiP - fl»r.) er-^j — ^jt^bst sireo^Q/sir(B Quir(QifS MarQ^tu^ 

airei^Gfi friBQuirQi^g^fiii — ^s /TM^uuirwpQs^iujsed. fiirirmiDQiuar 
pfi<S)Odf ^ir^etsTLDaBBOajQ^aru^ Qup(^ui» flSSar ojfnLJ^ffiQj(^fiGi>/r€Br 

482. Acting at the right seasoni ia a cord that will immoTeably 
bind saccess (to a king.) 

IE- ^Q^sBigar Qaj&ru enenQoitr S(nj€Oiuirp 

(ijiP-6nT.) cr-^j — ^jTs^fftro^ Q^iufipatflaj cBBsttr&Qmarjpt O^/reb 
60uu(BQi€Br ^eirQ^ir, ^oipasip Qpt^^flp^ «0u> s(i^s^u.Qear Qs^tu 

483. Is there any thing difficult for him to do, who acts, with 
(the right) instraments, at the right time ? 

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jpf^-ii). ^S. atr€OUiiSa€i)» c_8l® j^^<^^ 

^a9gku> ^oojp «syQj«Br GD^ius^^^trth. jiffiip^^ Q^iuii^ih eBSscrcDtus sirei 
iD/Si^ ^L-^Q^rr(B QurrQ^ijs^ Qstuoj^uSiearf bT-^. 

§lu.^fiirQeafdrujg/b(Q QinpsfT^GSuJir Qesresru^fl)^ 9^a>ir^^friEi(g 

gDiB sifedtD/SjSpuiuear OupuuLLi^^* 

iLj£A, aq^^Simh - (fiirQesr^err') iSSsffr^/SirsfiLOf «B)6SA.®<i>-(«^^) 

484. Though (a man^ should meditate (the conquest of) the world, 
be may accomplish it, if he acts in the right time, and at the right place* 

(uf - QRT.) €T^^,^-^jSLiuirj0 ^fTGoQuiioeon'ia Qsn-areirs «®^a> 

Qjfi BiLuirdaeOj uef>siufr£saeOy QmpQ^peOy ^Q^fifico^ tS/B^^eiy allI. 

aireoth - (^/siheueS iB^mtruQ^njti ^aDfiS8s8nuirui€0 ^fspQ^pp^ 

485. They who thonghtfdlly consider and wait for the (right) time 
(for action,) may snccessfolly meditate (the conquest of) the world. 

«r. s$xr<9sff (Lpcfoti^tuir Q^Qmsth Quir(n^fi&i 
(uiP - €»r.) cr-^, — cu^Sc^^iqenL^iu ^s^esc uoisOiLpQs&iedn^ 

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.^QiGS>iLssessr ^irasp Q&efrpjs^GOf QutTQ^GiHg^ih Qej^:/SQtutu^fi 

486. The self-restraint of tlio energetic (while waiting for a suitable 
-Opportunitj,) is like the drawing back of a £giitbg-ram in order to butt* 

(uiP-G9>T.) 6r-^^ — ^/Sqics)u.uj jifff^ir umseuir iSeasQ^iu^ Quit 
QpOfi ^€ujr/Siuu \J{p^^ Qeu^artrir; ^trth ^euaur Qsued^fipQspp 

QuirefrQarcarQajoru^ ^/SuLjOiDirifi* Qoisrfffr Q^truuQirGsrs strg 
uiT^se^p LjpihQeujrirQrrGjrjpnh^ OQj(^efi^ifiis^i^u iSargpiua lBcds Q^tu 

jTfSiu) 6Q€nn'€Uffs, LjpthQeujrira- - Lfp^^GO Qmiru^Q^iuiuiri'^ 

487. The wise will not immediately and hastily shew out their 
anger ; they will watch their time, and restrain it within. 

(uiP-GDir.) er-^y — ^mh Qqjgogos aQ^^iu ^jr^ir ua>aQtirs(g g)jy 

(n^Qunqr^^ir^ fier^^eisfred ji/ffi fitirfioBO Stairs eSQ^Lorra^Gir^ jya/oO 
lueoLi QupuuiLu,^, ^osiQj liSjresBrtBu/rLLL^rrspnh ^Kj^i^ihoj^fiu 

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488. If one meets his enemy, let him show him all respect, until 
the time for his destmction is come ; when that is come, his head will 
be easily bronght low^ 

^ppGBTQp^eBiuQjpdT^p Q^Piu^Qstrareiruuu.fresimaSiea' enu^psiHtu 

fifl-Wii) ^iffitfieQasi/ns^ Qs^iusQoiGsfu^ efupuuiLL.^* 

sq^ffiih ^ir^i'/suiLDffQeii^ Qu^flpsSiuatre^u^y^smmis^istrio-- 
Qii^ ^^ ^iiQSsoQuj - jy^ iSp(^Ui€treQQeVy Q^tuflp 
g^fliu - ( jy««/f euii e^irtrfiSflp^QfiosrQetr) Q^vb^p^ ^Siajesr 

489. If a rare opportunity occurs, while it lasts, let a man do that 
wUoh is rarely to be accomplished (but for such an opportunity.) 

(LjiP-«Dfr.) GT-^y'^GSBssrQLDp Qff^eoeoir^Q^s^isjsrreoji^s Qs/rs^ 

iSeerQsin^p(^ S)0^CS^ ^^ «sy^ eufBQsiu^/s^Ssaaru^ih Qpeirecr/S/s 

tfiu t96Br^uLiQj^p(g QpeaQu eSicsurib^ ^^^th ^soo/tquld, ^(r^uiSlp 
(S@ Qs^iu^p^a QsirsQa ^euoaLDujn'uSipjsu* QstrdQsrrss QeuGsf(7^ 

(^^ffffiSgfiih ^ffi ^/i^LDfTjptQutreoa (^^^sQojeiirjpnh SLGs>n'ssEuu(Bth^ 

Qih QoodsoBTiB ffL./Siuajir(n^tiSpjpim 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

490. At the time when one shonld nae self-control, let him restrain 
himself like a heron ; and, let him like it^ strike, when there is a favour- 
able opportunity. 

Qo'ih. c=3V^— ^ L^ esr pS ^ GO. 

^. Q^lTt^iBSp^: Oeu^eOSssrtLf Qtneirstrps Qfipj^ 
(uiP-6B>rr.) er^jp, — ua>s^GSitr QppjpffijbsirojQflirifiL^ua QuppiSear 

Qppjpi^eii-Qj^f^^ed. ^^psniD ^t^Lorroj^ ojrroSeoaarir^ih ^^ifiio 

^^ppQsiTKr^ ^BsBartutrtu^ ^L6(ip&r fBcSeSeofr^ ueaueDi- uSia^uiSlp^ih 
to@^u) j^sQ^ Qp^eQiu ^FessrQ^djiuuuiLL- ^ir&q^uiSp^io ^pp B&^k 


Giflpmiresr^ ^i^ih-^iflL^pODfi^ ^€iffL^i9&fr «^^ev^ - QuppiSeh- 
QfiirL^iBap&''QfitrL.misir^Q^isAsL^Guir\ ereir&rps- (^Qiaoir<sF 

491. Let not (a king) despise (an enemy,) nor undertake any thing 
(against him,) until he has obtained (a suitable) place for besieging him. 

iLaiaih ueoe^ii /SQ^ih, 
(uiP-OPir.) cr - ^y — tLfTjpiuiriLQi^irQ ^ui^oj Q/«fitt9^ ^mi^iunn^ 

iLfTjpiutn^irQjjp (Cj/rcoo) Qurr^QGjesru Quirav^ ^ir^fr Loear^^cBrtfabr 
Qs^esrp ^jr^frQmpQr^t^pjpt. fiLiicrooD SpuLfihcsiLn^ ^jrcssrG^ir^jSfr mfrsm 
jffipQa^QjfTuj Qpp/SSsvr^ '^^ O^/rOi^u) uiu^s€irfrQj€ar u^^sojji'ir^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

492. Even to those who are men of power and expedients, an 
attack in connection with a fortification will yield many advantages. 

QuffpQffiaiL Qutrpfii' Q^i6lsir, 
(uf -fiDir.) €r-^,— Q/efiajir«$y^^60/r^/r(i9^a) QjeSiiujr/rtu Qeueowa-, ^Sfjsp 

tSSsarQtu^ujfir^iD fBthannQiu^u^^ih .^fOJiriuSBBOiua'^ eum^efsr. 
sir^/sii - uGDSQtirrrar geSof €ufrjr/ru>9i ^sr^gjiiD u€s>u.iutrgniBs r^^do* 
§jQiQjirp(n^GBr tSBBcrQ^tuetjrirvSi^ QiDpQ^ire)€&uj o/GSttSar/fitL/ib Qeueoat 

(0^-£j-«D/r.) — §lL^^^fiija - (QQti)s^fip(^eTpp) ^l^ 
fB9»fi^fSlmffii QuirpfSi^{^fiu^9SHi>u) uir^mirfijgiiQmirmf®, Qutr 

^p(ni»(^th'6ue9a9eo€Oir^Qi(i^ui, ^pfS-uojQpGDL^ujeujrarQ^ ^®u- 

493. Even the powerless will become powerfol and conquer, if 
they select a proper field (of action), and guard themselves, while they 
make war on their enemies. 

ji/irQeBararu^ jifQjinu/83^un'ar€uifl^» erGssreBerQu^^p^ erasr 

iLQi fiihGDindsir^^GDUittSdir, §IJS^^ ^otir ueos^it QflirpuQiraru 
^tn^pj^^ ^a)Qj BfrGsr(^uiriLi^ir§fiiih ueosot jnres^€ir Lfp^^jsuuuffir 
^fSp^irSujh jif/S^A m^puuCu^^ 

(0/jr - u - «D/r.) — g)LL65r - (^flrrihQ^ir^eo Q^iu^pQspp) 

Digitized by 


8w^) Qs^tuQf/rjTfnSar^ erekraHtun'fr - (npGtrLf ^euem/r Qoidoeoy 

494. If they who draw near (to fight) choose a suitable place to 
approach (their enemy), the latter, will have to relinquish the thought 
which they once entertained, of conquering them. 

€sFiBj8 escfbHstgu i9p^ 
(uiP - 6»ir.) cr - ^, — (t^^Sba ^ip(tpGm^iu SSi^sessr^^eat tSpwp 

Qojearu^ Qp^g^nk Sa.iLu.uuiLt^^» SBsouut^/r /iifiarsGssr iSpQeue^ 
eo/TLD Sjbpeo ^p^GauniSar jifaDQjQaje^eotrih (ip^cBodQ&e^djQjfnh^ ^aoQi 
^ujisi(^/sp/V)'f^f^ S&)^^&r&€Bar ^^o^tumsdo ,^/b(j7^osxLDuSidr ^oofiOJp/Sp 
QseoGOfTih ereff^irQiDeirpj^f QldjdQ'Foo^u) j)ftr^& ucasojir /9ppeo,^p(n^ 

^p(n;f^L-^jpa= Q^GOQjjTtrtiSeia' ^euirs QaefliujrirGjQireorgpnh QutrQ^er 

jifQj€s>n' jifOJir f9ppeo ^p(j]/eSlL^^^3^ Q^ear^ Qo/eosOoiGfrufi frih» 

Qfi^Gtr £ifiQ3ir^€0, i9p - iSpe^tSirrndsfrQiuioeOfrLLy Osueo^ih - 
Qeu&)eoirSp(<^Ui\ LfssreSek - ^itSiB&Bear^th^ £ia8eir'iSBj8^eo^ 
^fidsor-^ihQfiflSso€S)iu^ i9p'i9peiju9a'sQeireoGOiriii^ ^(Sth-QeuGO 

495. In deep water, a crocodile 'will conquer (all other animals); 
but if it leave the water, other animals will conquer it. 

/sfTGuirtLf QunTL^ir Seoflffi. 
(uiP - cDir.) er - ^^ ^^ fSeo^^Gfrsessr^Qia a/reotueStu Q/ct^tuQ^ir 

at-.QcofrL^irQw^p LD^/gdBOtumu.ujn'GT Seo^Q^irSQcDCBru^ q/0 
gSssuulLi^^* SfreoojOctfrQiG^Qn'^u^ ^(B^pQsppsrrs^ih Qu(^ 
GBiUiiLfQpGaL-uj QjfruSg^Qm^u^ UL^ SctsTp^m QinpQ^m(n/iT uGoaotifl 
i-.Eisd8iT^rSI{B^ ^Qjjt/SpQspp «(3GiS?«0r/r63r c^dsfsrQsijsQQj&ruffi 
Q^fr€arpfS6crpGs>LD(S^^ g)^€yu) CioSb ^eom^s/rjnDfrtiSp^. 

Digitized by 


^fiii fi-(258sifr«SartL|6B)L-(u, QiBQQ/sa- - Quifitu Qfiir^en-^ «/-.«)- 

496. Wide chariots, with mighty -wheels, will not ran on the 
ocean; ndther will ships that traverse the ocean, move on the earth. 

(uiP - GOir.) €r - ^) — uGDaaSt^JS^ eSidsfsrQfdjiL\i6 ^ptsts^Qiuio 

497. You wni seed no other aid than fearlessness, if yon tho- 
roughlj reflect (on what joa are to do), and select (a suitable) place for 
joor operations. 

QinQeoppuuLLu.^* ^aruGDL^Lj Qu(7^€s>LDQ/B/rdQ ^L^Q/sire&fr^ Q3=€0 
^su uvSp^uSlssres)LDttJirdr^e j/fuQuQ^GDiniuirp uiug^git/S^ ^/reartfiiB^ 

(0^-u-«D/r,) — C-^LiCBOL-iLz/rgar - Qu(^^Q^SssrGDajiLiQfit^uj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

23^ a.flSLQL ®0-<i). jyP. ^i^mfifi&. 

498. The pow«r of one wbo has a large anny will perish, if he 
goes into ground where only a small army can act. 

(iJiP-a»r.) €T-ffif~^j^iraar^ifi^fips(r^asiLinLjih Qu^coiAcu/rSiLf «g^ 

(Qfl - u - GD/r.) — QenpmeojBPiih - ^ifi^fiP^ jifiBajQssinL 

^eo€Oirfleujriru9spjui, unriBfBi' - {Qfisti^{fieoQ^tufip(QS\iu) meS- 
fiesiir^ ^enpSeo^(Sflir(S''(^^Qijr^')§l(Qui9L^fi^pQ&'&arjpi^ ^iL 

499. It is a hazardous thing to attack men in their own country, 
although they may neither have power nor a good fortress. 

Qeueoirmr Qpafi/s a&fljp/, 
GafTLLi—etiLDniu sdf^jru^dsrr^ ^eaeu SireoirQ^ih ^tueoiSp(n^iu Qs^pjpufSeo^^u 

iSeo^^.r Qs^eoe^eir ^Gupqup uiueSieafSi LSsQiihcre^fu/rireo j/ftfieuQirar 
u^ Q^tT&irp /S^paauiuSiary g)^Gi/u> jjfOJOjeoiEisfrjrih, QeueorrtpQps^^ 
Qgugst^)! ufrL^QLS)fr^Qj/r(n^(ipen'ir: QeupuaoL. (^e^^^Qps^^oimiSiGBr jy^ 

QpoffjpiumLL^tfguLD uGs>s6L'a)/ra: fftrirfleo/rstrdllL.§isLb ^Firirijpi^u u(Bu} 

Ljcsy^Qp ^ujeot9€srflir8aj^ aerriHeo - (Ss^pj:>fiQeo<i^Go(^^SLJuiLL^ 

500. A fox can kill a iearless, warrior-faced, elephant^ if it go into 
mud in which its legs sink down. 

Digitized by 


u aocO M 

0l1<9u) g)^ Geijesar(B^6Q^y ^Gup/S^iSiear gdqj&suulLi—^* 

(uif-ODT.) cr-^f — jifir^^p Qpsfijjuu(Beuirar^(r^€vdr, jifp(ipihQu ir 
0f5^ @eBru(T/3(i £.ttS^ij(o)u/r0LlL_/r6cr6L'0ii) ^a^^FQpiJa erar^tjy ^u€S>^ 
inoa^esc ^p^^iresr LocoreStueOLf ^jrfnu/B^rreo tSldrLj Q^efiujuu^Lb^ er-jpf^ 

^Qjpjpi0r, ^peiiuce>jsi^iroj^ LjGFir@^€s>fnLjih ^pQeurreeimLjih 
iSiKB, jifQfir/reo ^^euir^&sr ^pQ^irGxt^fkesnniSissr ^oiSsaru Qu/rdQ 
^pSniJn 2J^es>i£iu^QpGs>t—ujfrair ^Q^ojBsar eaeu^^pQsmosfSlGsnjDj ^^SifSir 
fuiTQjvi^ih ^05>iu/B^^, SarsQff^^ €TGsrSRjrQ(U€Brs= (^^^pQojfr® Qa^trdo 
^t^^jseo. QuirQ^^uGSi^turroj^ Qs^^^flSeootSsuriLfua ^ajQ^t^Gaiu/sfiir 
a/rqm eQiL®, j^euirrreia- ^Qjojjr^eir ^euparu^rrBBOtusir ^s^Sar ^ojSBoru 
QuiriQs QsnoDt^iLiuj s^Sodldili QpeoL^iuirar^Q^^Ssa- sDQj^^pQmGBfsresSI 

§issr^&r S^Sscrssi€Bor(B euQ^^^Qppjpis 6h-iL(BiSi^sQeuGasr(BQiD€Brjpi ereer 
^di(B^^a&r, ^Qidsffs diJB€S)€utufruSar £€sra^u Qutfl^vruQiDtUGsr/Su 

jfQjfxr ^eoeSleorseBor ^GaipuiS^^^ ^gu/t ^QSipQutreuiTGsr eTGxsressrp^s 
QiirsOQjir&T i^tfiQ^pcsiiDuSisfr ^^Ssar eirih(ippuL^<FQ^iLi^ ibldsQcSuj 

^VQjifi €T^irs/rco^^is ^tf^iS^GoQearesrs Aqf^^^etresieuiuirp Qpe^iuuu® 
OiDssrufiirih* ^QjeiJu.^0jirpQufr(ii^Gssres)LDCs>uj u^iLQsir€ssr(B ^ojQjrir^iu 

906W6ir) ^(7EL0Qpu>y Ou/r^sJr-Ou/r (5(5505, @€WL/a) - siruiQpui^ 

{uiofSSeo) ^(nnuii^, QflpuuGih - {^]9i&sr^QfleSl'jjuu®Qi!Tm. 

501. Let (a minister) bo cbosen, after he has been tried by means 
of these four tilings, viz, — his virtue, (lovo of) money, (love of) sexual 

pleasurp, and fear of (losing) life-^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(uiP-GAir.) cr-^, — SLtu/rc^ (^t^SpiSipm^ (^pptEisae^ei^^^ /SsiQ 

LDpuLjj iSesitfiUL^ €t^/Sgb)qj (ipjseomu6ijLDinh, Bireia'-^ifiQ^irifiioac^esr 
LD€or^Q^eoeOirGB)LD, ^gdgu QuQ^ihutreiireDLiiiLiLD fisQstrir^/rtud QslLl^ 
eoirQtu ^SLDjifeiresiQjujfrp Qpiflojeer. ^/s/s/TGir^ih eLeDi^iueudssrQuj Q^eM^ 

ui9pi^ " (e.iu/f/5;9) (^tf.sSleoi9pjB^, (^pp^^Gsr - ^ppssiseSi 

602. (The king's) choice should (fall) on him, who is of good 
family, who is free from faults, and who has the modesty which fears the 
wounds (of sin). 

iK.. ^iHtuap (jff^p(n^ar sm^ptfs 0^/f?iqfi/«/r 

(uf.cgifl'.) GT'^^y^'^spppaiBaj j^e^sdats spjpi QtDpQ^ rrod^oj 
(^ppiEis&r^pQf^/riiitrtKBui jpearessl/strs ^n-fra^iBL^^^ Qca/«ora>LociS)0b 

ojrrpQpiflcfi/reo^^Qlth^eieifrfirrQn' Q^G^iuuuQojQirmu^ ^/SuQu^ 

(0/5 - u-enir.) — ^/fliti apj)i - (^ppp(^) jy^GDoittjrfiiu 
jp/reo^Seirispjpt^ «gj« - (^QpekQ^treoeouuLLL^'^ ^ppas^, ^p 
(ffiraeAr^Diith - ^iriifleui!iu.^^th^ 0^rf7iLfo«/r^ - (^iLuiDirs) 

503. When even men, who have studied the most difficult works, 
and who are free from faults, are (carefully) examined, it is a rare thing 
to find them without ignorance. 

Digitized by 


Qsuaruffi §)^t^p ^n^puutLt^^, 

QPPQpih " mpGopd^ppiisSsmLfihj mirif^ "^^jrfriuijst^ ^eup 

504. Let (a king) consider (a man's) good qaalities, as well as bis 
{anUs, and then judge (of his character) by that which prevails. 

0. QLJ(S^^t^^(S (?^^<^ &j^ca)ins(^i p^fsii 
(uiP-flDir.) er-ffif'-'iSlpuLis (^asrih jif/S Q^€sruesrQjp(n^ear llss&t 

Qsi^u^ Q^pQpatrjrp/Sfrp Qup(v^ih. @lfl^p (QtOBrA^ppBser 
eirupQS «0fi& 9upuutLL^^» 

{Qfl - u - «D/r.) — Ou(5«DLo«Qii> - [^tf^uiSpuLji^Gssrih 
^/Sof €reiru€up(iffS^ uDG^fljroDt^mh) QuQ^ODiDUja-Qiu Qutrm 
eSanLirppjSfiP(^Uif ^^osr^^Q^SRini^ih - mpGopi^^jpiGnuiUja' 
fici QiurarcJRartnirppfSfi^p(^ih^ aiLt^dea-dsw-'^cDirssdoeon'^jp^ 

505. A man's deeds are the tonch-stone of his greatness and 

Digitized by 



(0/5 - U'€fDir.) — ^p(rff€Siir - s^/bpiQeoeoirfleuGDir^ Qfi^fbeo 

^ei)4B/i(Sfi/rQ ^thu/ifliBeo jftr/seotreo^ utfi - u^fii^^ isir^^a' - 

606. Let (a kiog) avoid choosing men who have no relations; sncb 
men have no attachments, and therefore have no fear of crime. 

(uf - snir.) cr^^y^-^j^arLfesyL-ODUi upjpisQsirL-irs^ ^ld&s/Siu 
fi€irQ^(B jifOjifloiL^Saip ^tki^up/S ^ir^Gxr jif/StSeo/r/rQiLeo dJBsor 

fBQ^iti - Os/rOigii. 

507. To choose ignorant men, through partiality, is the height of 

(uf - cnfT.) 6T'jp^'^fiarQ^(B ^GS)UJL^cs>L^tu€ir ^io&)/r^nSssru iSp 
uLj Qpfi^ajeupQffginh Q^tueorrgpith ^irirtu/r^ Q^eBi^ ^it^qhs^ ^^ 

g)GS)UJL/-^€sr ^i^QtutrlB Q&iri^ninffL^, ^^^Qear jif^Ofih Qoieoar® 
QiLGiru^ Qupd^LD* Q^c/i}fieo ^QjGsrseaarQessr cSSsstgdiu GDOi^^eOm ^qs 
eSSstsr Qa(Bfl&>/rGO fiar(^GO^^u iSpc^trQ^ui u€SiSQjirGS>auuil.(Bs Sipiriu 

QfljrirGn-'-(^i9puLfQfifieQ(UQjp(ry^th Q^iuGDsiuir&ih) ^QeottQiutr 

Digitized by 


508. Sorrow that will not leave even his posterity will come upon 
him who chooses a stranger whose character he has not known.. 

db. Q^pfhai luiresurtLjiB Q^jnr^ QfikkfiSp 
Qpjpi^ Q^jpsih QutrqEeir, 

Q/SppsQeueerp Qutr^G5>LDturrar ^(r^GSSBorssGarggjuis Q^e^ujeon&ir 
O^Qffu^ QuptTr^ih, FFSSsrQ^Q^jpis Qoj^p^ ^trpu^uj^^rrao ^uLfpeSI 
€sr^ €£lei&iSdfr(oL£>efiarp^, G^jpiUiQuirQF^QeireBrp^ jifeujrQjir ^ppp 

(Q/»-u-6a)/r.) — oj/TGD/nqii - iu/raiew/riL/ti, Q^srirj^ - ^/r/r 

509. Let (a king) choose no one without previous consideration ; 
after he has made his choice, let him unhesitatingly select for each 
each duties as are appropriate. 

* AO. Qsjrtreir Ope^sii/h QfleJtHfiaesrm SspatLfpeqm 

Gffiiffi ^siSi g)^ SeoeotrQ^^gnEj ^(n^^^trm jifQjcS&srGDiu QeQip^^ 

^^eSa^trecrsessr foujp^ih ^so'^noSpjpim Q^ePieSpQ&eodso ^h./Stueuir^y 
S)®^ ^s^uinLL^irg^thf Q^c^ujuui^rr^air ^QjQ/raru^^UD, ^ojosirrfi 
^JSs^ififrp^Gih §l(tp^^iJ>, Q^e^eSlpQAeoBBOiLjUi^ eh^puuiLL-esf. 

510. To make choice of one who has not been examined, and to 
entertain doubts respecting one who has been choseDi will produce 
irremediable sorrow. 

Digitized by 


(uiP - GDOr.) GT'^f — ^jT^air Qpfi/bsGBsr ^Q^cSSssrcBiUJji fiorsm 

jgarBsisr fi./f?6B>m jif/S^pQuirQi^iL® ^slol^pbslL^ eQ^n-tuQ^ir/r 

u®Qt QeBreitrufl/n^pjsv* L^f^m^Q^aa'p ^ptB^atred^^ireoTy QpGir^S\es>m 
jif/SfipQu/r(f^iL(B es>Qifl/£ eSl^iu/r^eo Qup^Lo» 


511. He sbonld be employed (by a king), whose natnre leads 
him to ehoose the good, after having weighed both the evil and the good 
in any undertaking. 

Q^. GUtfSi QuQ^iQ edeaihuQ^ ^ppcsioi 

(uf - €B>ir.) er^^f — Qun-Q^ar ojQ^ejfnSieos^ ^Stu^Qs^tu^ ^u 
QjoaiLfj^ih e^pp §}€SiL,yjpi£Bd» e/rQi^irjp/th ^tr/nui^ (SsM^o^G^otdr 

fi//rtt9di)«arrfi/«Br Oldo^ gjGDpiofrilSu^&r Qjiupps^th €rdrL^(fi slcs/t^ 
^Bseinreuear ^mQu QuirQ^^ih Qjatrudpin/rs ^onrBmuuiLt^GBr. ^€s>u^ 
^Qjjrtrdr oiQ^th /BtSetfS&r, 

Digitized by 


512. Let him do (the king's) work who can enlarge the sources 
(of revenue,) increase wealth and considerately prevent the accidents 
(which wonld destroy it). 

jj^fiDo; Q^fufipaiL acOEisn'€S>LDiLnh jifQi/b(n^p Quirqf^&r eoaiLippojifi 

(«^Qi.gS2/6S(^ ^QJGfreupenp «^^qzi)) jiffiSekjth^ Qflppih - (^69>ai 
^jifQip^eo QuiTQij&T GDS6!Lt^ajQjffi ^flmQinio) ^es%^^eoeorr 

513. Let the choice (of a king) fall upon him who largely possesses 
these four things, love, knowledge, a clear mind, and freedom from 

(uf - cnn*) cr-^^— €rGi}«o/rQ/«B)«aj/r^Lb ^jririui^ Q^efigj^ cSBsnr 
^u) fi.ooi.iij ir/r(u cna/^^iSesr dls/rjruuQ^/TGDtr ^eot^tu/nu Q^n-(t^ eSBssr 

Digitized by 



614. Even when (a king) has tried them in every possible way, 
there are many men who change, from the natare of the works (in which 
they may be employed). 

wpiflirQcsf&ir Qpeupun p pest^. 
Q^oj&punpQsL^u^ Qeupjp/GSiLDLDtussth, ^/Seurrppeo^ctrirasr jy©) 

(^sumtBihiSu,^^') ^drLfGDi^fueuQesreirj)!, ersueoufrpjpi^^^-- 

615. (A king's) work can only be accomplished by a man of wis- 
dom and patient endurance ; it is not of a natare to be given to one fi-om 
mere personal attachment. 

<9Er. Q^iLieuffSser fsirtf^ eSSssr/Bfrif^d mireo^Qflir 
(uiP - 6»ir.) CT - ^, — dp^psckrQfssr Qj^tueutreBr^ ^sosssBsr^csi^ 

Q^tu€uir€ST^ @ieosseasr(ipuy eSSsisruSoer^ ^ludoqdb OLoQeo^o-puULLL^ 
{Gfl - L/ - caa/r.) — Q^iueinTSssr - (^QpmQssr^ Qs=uLjueuefff&)m 

516. Let (a king) act, after having considered the agent (whom 
he is to employ), the deed (he desires to do), and the time which is suit- 
able to it. ^-^^-I ; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

®Q.-U). «^^« Q^ifii^6Q8s8rujiru.eo. 

it.ff'S -v>-V 

6r. ^^Sssr u9^Q) eSeu&frQptg^i(^ Qth^Qfiuik 

617. After liaTing considered, " this man can accompliBb this, by 
tiiese means,'* let (the king) leave with him the discharge of that duty. 

(uf - ODV.) «r - ^^-0^00/^ ^jr^sar ^esreSSsarQa^tij^/b ^ifliu^s 
s^iuff^Q^iu^cOfTot^ ^^Bsar^ ^itQgbt Qe^iu^ Qpu^s^ih ^pps^^siL^ 

A/ or. 

618. Having considered what work a man is fit for, let (the king) 
employ him in that work. 

iBSsaruuiT&sr IStki^is ^d^. 
(uf - GOf .) eT-^f^^GTuQutroj^jfiis ^dieS^uSi&frsesBrQcssr QpajpSsj 
fl^sDUttJ/TfiBT ^QjQjiflGS>LDturrpp€ars(^s Qseirfnu ^Qp^QGirp ^GfrGS>LDGS>iu 

QsanrQiurrnn^QeBrp fi€ifrcs>LDiu/rQi^ ^frdr iSlp^tu /Sdaedir^ 
t-T«tf QstrekriB Q^pd^dFi^iLiruSicsr i3m ^q^Qjnj^th ^tLuiKB (tp(ueo€utr 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

eSdsfST^^esiL^tutreir - (^eruQuj^th) Qpiu/b&QtiiutLi€s>L^uj€iiafr^ (<^^ 

LDirjptuL^^ iBSsffTuuirSsot - SdeBrd(s^th ^if^Sssr^ ^(^ - ^Q^u^m&r^ Sit 

619. Prosperity will leave (the king) who doubts the friradship of 
the mau who steadily labours in the discharge of his duties* 

so. JpnQL^irjpt tsirQs Lomesreir eSSsurQ^iuoiireir 

s^ooO^frdfrpBssriLiih ^jrtriuQoj ^/garojifi^fiinu ^ODsQinmeo/rth 
^irniui^ir^ihy ^fi^e} ^ajgaidcDLD jfifiajfriiip peBrgaerQ&r ^ffirtuc^ 

520. Let a king daily examine the conduct of his. servants ; if they 
do not act crookedly, the world will not act crookedly. 

s, upppp sssoT^^ih uifiesiLL uirjrtriLQ^eo 

(uiP-ODir.) er-^^— ^0Q/£8r O^eoeu/BQ^rrBsoiB^ ot/Stuecr ^luojifitLnh 
gSIl^it^ ^uaQmirQ ^^etfiesn-u uifies>LDGS)iu €f®fij^&QAn€KtL^tr(Bu> 

&puL\ihes>ui Qj/Siu^iuQjt^tlj uirjrinlt—uuL^tresiLD eSefraQSasrp^^ 
LftpoDLo - uppqr^k &(reo^^^ ^ins(^3^ Q^iufi u^umtrsfLOm tSipQaSi 
eoiTih ^QJGfT uppppQuiTQ^Q^ ^rTQpih jifwQ^(B upp^offfiTseSar, 
^sirjrisQfippp^mafzsr eu/s^^. ®^®p ^rpp^^^ SpCfLji .3o~pu 

Digitized by 


ofii^^jft WL€Art^ir8uj) uifiGr>uicoiu^ ua-inriL®fi&> - (erQ^^i) 
QairmL^rSii^^cioiosmry ^pp^/SfrirA€ijrQom-tL.pGQ€sriBt^^Qfl^ 

6S1. Even when (a man's) property is all goney relatives will act 
towards him with their accustomed (kindness). 

8— QSI(^uu(jffs^ mpp iS6SiuJu9 €ST(^uu(n^ 

^ITMtD u«u«y/l5 ^(Qlh, 
(uf-ODir.) cr^^y — J^^u(ff^^ ^ppuo ^QF^^pOstu^LDtrSofr jifoo^ 
^Qip^a Qdar^^ed ^(^^ Q^Soojisi&eir ueoo/pesypiLjiB Qsir(bis^Lby er-jpj* 

9LiLucs)SuSi€ifd^^p^ ^Q^uuQj/s^ ^jbpQui^jpiihy fiirQcaTQ-etrn'd 
(gu) ^(^fiSsofu^riu Q^edQjfl^el^S(^^p(i^ ji/(r^uu(}7^QjtrdaQL0€Br£iiih, <sSQ3= 
i^^jSffir. Q^nesiuQmniQ eBafrjnon-uSipjSif* QasnuaSiQeirGiru^ Jiffi^ttr 
fi ^0C8iu) diaraQ /Bearp^. ^dsQinaru^ ^^Qutuar. ued^QuaeBrpjgi 
^B^^seiT ^pSsonLjU} QetrsQ. uooir^fuL^ Q/€ir/r^;ffeSesr^ ^aaoj QiDrnQiDp 

{Qp^w^niT.) — eS(^uLfjf(7f^ - jfij&rLjSiimvfl^ ^ppw-Stpp 

622. If (a man's) relatives remain attached to him with nn- 
chaDging love, it will be a sgurce of ever-increasing wealth. 

"^^ ^etfeaetrtr €Q€i>ei>(r/BffscT eairffia^aa ^effweirffm 

Qsirt^&frfS Siri8cs)pi fipjpf^ 
(uf-^ir.) €r - jPf^^jifS'&rpp^Q^fr® Qe^^ eeo^^ch ^soeoir^ 
^m Qjir^sesiS (Qon'uujruLji SGOO'aSlm/S ^frtBmptBfinpQuirs^iJDi cr-jpi, 

fi^retrereifuo jf/s^oretronh ^^/r^^^d/rar QjQ^ojfifra^airp ^fetrojornQoi^ 
ufi ^^Qutuir, Qjfrtpdcs)&Quj€erp^ ^^pQs^^inu Q^eootmadstr » 

^efffo^, ^ppiBdoedn-^Trear Qspdoojiiiaeir ^niBJ(Q€u::,T ^osr&iiDvSiesr Ljpp 

Si^npk^^pjpt " £a'£GS)pf6fiirpQuir£fiiU). 

523. The wealth of one who docs not minglo freely with his ro- 
atirtB, will bo like the filling of water in a spacious tank, that has no batkd. 

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OiaL-tb, «^^* ^fbpi^ipireom 

Qupp^fltrp Qupp utu^k. 
(uiP-ODir.) er-jSTj — Q^eoeuih Quppeufi^so ^^ojeir Qupp uau^ 

QuppQojmu^^&T ^sjTQpth jiffl^fi>€ardrufigpi&r ^^s^ir^oDoj 
iLjih Qfi/r05>L-Q/BiraQ ^airjr^^irpQqr^saear, gj^QeutrQps^QU ueomvSi^fi 
^ir^in^p Qs^QjfTs^aTy gj^Bssr^ Qa^eOBi^^p^u uiuQeuGsrcT^am 
§j€s>eu Qpearjxi/u/riLi^/rginh ^ppe^tp/red Qs^e^^^i^pQs^Q^th jifjr^^ih 
utugninirQiDGBTu^ eh^puuiLi^^^ 

Qupp ^^^&>y QuppuiuGsr - (gp0Q/6ir) Quppuiu^eu^, 3rp 
p^fiireo - (^^) Srpp^^Q^Qeo^ fiirGtrdtppuuL^ - fiir&f(^^fiu 

524. To live Erorroimded by relativeSi is tlie advantage to be derived 
from the acquisition of wealth. 

Srpp^flirp Srppu uQih^ 
(uiP-69>T.) eT'jP} — ^^ai69r ^pp/i^p(Q QeueaarQojecr Qsfr(B^^2lso 

«>«^ ^pp^fifrQear ^tpuu(Bth^ cr-jy. 

^jr€aar(Bih ^errojfi^^rrpjpi^G^ ^^Q^mu^Q^iTGjrp^ ^pfiQ^arear 
(n^tTm fiLDiSpQ(n^L^ir^GQirQj^ Srppp^^^ ^ppQpij> ^fior^ ^ppQp 
LDtriu jifQ/p(]pp S€S^uL^m®Qj(iijfi&). ^QjQiurrfuiBja^ ^ui^^^^eomr ^iresr 
(IP^ ^ini>QpQu)aru^ 

(0^ - L/ - 68)/r.) — QstrQ^fl^Lb - (^^Q^eueirsrppfl;^p(i^) 
((?€aiC2a7®6a/69r) O^/rS^/^S^otqLb, ^eirOs^ir^ih - ^(sSiuQ^irp 

(^iLiJ)^) Qfiirt^ir/B^j arpp^^ireo {ueoeuena^) ^ppflfltr^ih^ 
erppuuQih - ^(fiUuQeuireir^ 

525. He will be snrronnded by nnmerons relatives who manifests 
generosity and affabiliiy. 

At, QuQSfSiQmireiDL^ujir&a- Qu^m Oa/(^€i0 ujeueiHar 
(uiP • GDir.) er-^,— ^0«u69r iSa&Q&iTGs>u.0D[u tLeot^ajgnLDirtu Oor 

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526. No one, in all the world, wQI hare so many relatives (aboat 
him), as lie wlio makes large gifts, and does not give way to anger. 

LDtioresr/f jrtrir&Qs iqerr. 

(u/r^ §j€or^GDfi ^Gs>ipp^ ^^Q^(Bb ^h.L^ ^m^/Spi^ih} ^pp^^treor 
eriuffith ^ssEis^ih ^uQup/S^fiirtu §jjajeoiSBeiT ^eoL^iuirirdQa fi.6rr 

^QjQjirs&Eisen'n'Guesr uasy^siS^keSiLLiLnhy QuQ^(5^Q^eO€uih ^gdl^gdlo 

527. The crows do not conceal (their prey), but will call out for 
others (to share with them) while they eat it ; wealth will be with those 
irho show a similar disposition (towards their relatives). 

(uiP - GDir.) CT.^,— 6rebeo/ra>/nqu> ^(i^pmes)iniujnrs Qisirdair^ 
^jr^GfT ^p^ts p(^^sQ&pu Qeir^i^LDrraSear sf^S^puLfQe/raQ ^qj3^ 

e.ajfrtBpn-if Sef^pe^QiBfr&QLj Quirj^QisfrsGSis eSeosQ^ creoeo/rQ^io 
^fl'gar© ^ppipQpQjth ^utTiumj ^h^puutLu,^, 

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QpuLfQiBiriS^ cktirifisuifirueoff - {^atSsoreOt^ar^) emrQp^^pp^ 

628. Many rektives mil live near a king, when they observe that 
he does not look on eXL aJike, but that he looks on each man according to 
his merit 

^irjfGzr lB^jS euQ^Cb, 
(uiP - fiair.) gr - ^f^^Qptk^Ljajr/nu c8>q/^^^ ^6Br(?.gp0 sfinfffr^ 

GSdsuuLLL^j^m §}iup€Sisiun'sGeu ^€arL\Gs>i^iuir(rtu ^pp^^trhk^s^ 
Q^iupcaatuirGsr oii^ fSssih ^^Ssar ^ifitu ^tfitt^uy, ^iQmfiirid ^euirs 
&GsrL\Q^iu^ Qa/raTeffQQiejorL^fr, uGs>ipiu ^tueou/rtu /Bpi^Qmaruirirj 

529. Those who have been friends and have afterwards forsaken 
him, will retnm and join themselves (to him), when the canse of dis« 
agreement is not to be fonnd in him. 

Qjireirn' s^es>tpLJiSifl{sQ^arpGS>LDi3^, iSiif}^p(^s a/rjreasnh gjarosiLo 
GupqjjLD* ^(i^^psir£r€siitfiGS>^3^ QjFiuturr^Qjjfiu tSeBrgjuh tS/Bib^QutrtuLj 

^/r. iSiif^is^Qufrtu ^pppspfr^itr ^csnn Qs^ouojuQuirtu ^^Se^ ^^"-f 
euQ^euiTQinh ^£3 Qs^iutuniupQutroJu tSeifr ts^ffesun Q^iutuQ}(r^Qifr^ih 
^(igei'uu(3iD!T&^mp flQgojLDn^jpfQpssypQm g)d;ePir€W'®u/rLlt-./rgi/as7 ek.pu 

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630. When one may have left him, and for some canse has retiini« 
ed to him, let the king fulfil the object (for which he has come back) and 
ihonghtfolly receive him again. 

I mooooajiii 

Q^tuiuircDLDm GiDjbQs:irei€Saj ^pp^^mrnrp uvug^eireir^ ^^Qs^tra^ 

«• ®ipifl QQi^eilu9p fiQfi &pifl 

(uiP - €9)ir.) er-^j — iBm^qicdm seffuufrar q/^lo mpeS ^irs^ 

iSBS^Q/€S){B'Qu(!i)(^Q&^6oQnh, Qufiaruuo, Qu^tS^QtndrfiojpdT^esr 
Gj^Qijp, jforeif u€s>e€uma- jifL^ir^^pQth Qairt^Qajtrcair ^jpi^^p 
^ii> Of^m(BQjffi» Qjpi^Qoi^eiH ^G/riroitfiu uonsojanirtLfAQsirio^ib, 
@)oo«^ ^^saresr^cerfi^ prndsGrQiu GanrpeSesTf ^fisSg^i ^^niSipjpi, 

531. More evil than excessive anger, is forgetfniness which springs 
from the intoxication of great joy. 

^. Quir^ffiruLfes Q^viofffiih Lfsa^ip uj/i9eB3ssr 
(uf-CBir.) 6r.^^— ^^a/cBT Ljajfi&or jyfi/«Dr tDp€SQs(Ba(SLo, ^fi 

/S^^SjruLj'etrAGpffjpnh ^jrotnar Qt(^ii^^ fiearojuSjpg Seap^^ei* 
^^Quire^f u>pGStL^ih L\SQfaiL^tuiTtkam ^mL^/ruSesr ^oipQ^ fspBtr^rr 

^frulSeOTjfi ^ppm ^r^pUUL^l^^n 

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532. Forgeifnlness will destroj fjune, even as constant poverty 
destroys knowledge. 

(uiP-cnir.) er - ^, — Qun^a^iri Q^irQp^Qjirirs^u LjSQpesiL^GSiUi 
^ff^iraQs ^ar/S ^pQp^^tu ts irGfr@§piua QptusdOiirir luireud'Si^uy 

533. Thonghtlessness will never acquire fame ; and this tenet is 
upheld by all treatises in the world. 

iDor^^esr^m ^^^(tpmt^ujir/rs^^Qifl)(j7^puuj€dl0dSso; jff^Qutred^ 0^a> 
^^p(fr^p utuG^leodBO, er^jpi, 

GaartfiiLiLLirjpiQuireo LDp^u^a>u.iuir(t^as>u.tu Qs=eOQjiBis^th ^tfiu^QiDGiru 

{Qfi - L/- «Dir.) — ^^^Lbu^GSiL-iunffi^ - (u^esr^^Gsraeissr) 

534. Jnst as the coward has no defence (by whatever fortifications 
he may be surrounded), so the thoughtless has no good (whatever ad- 
vantages he may possess.) 

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i2&ts0 /SmAQ c0(Sii>. 

g^ih Qu/r^^truL^mL^fUfriTS^ aj(r^u> ^fisa sh^puuLLi^jpt, 

{Q^- u-€ntr.) — Qfi&tfLfi - (^^uiritfruipAftA^LJuQi ^^umi 

535. Tbe thonghUess man, who pirorid^ not ttgaindi th^ cala* 
mitieB that may happda, will afterwards repent for liis fault. 

{uf - en IT.) eT-Js,''^SfJr^iTS^ LDp^/resiLD&(j^€s8ru} uj/rQji^u>friL(6ih 
erasiredji^th ^ifie£l&fr/S Qj/nuaQiniriiSieBr ^fiSser ^s^ih cairoaub iS/S 

@frmrjMkD ^uQmtmsf9fi^Sesr €T^£^QiDdrj0th^ «r^60ir^«/f//}iua«GiR 

536. There is notlsing tiomparttble with the podsed^n of unfailing 
thonghtf ttlnesa at all times^ and towards all persons. 

mq^eQtuirp Quirpfi^ Q^a^esr^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

537. There is nothing too difficnli to be accomplished, if a man set 
about it carofully, with unflinching endeavour. 

€m(^Qs^{uiuiT^ u>piB^Qj^S(^ sr(ipGS>iDaSgpith aGnwunSeoSBH^soDtreir^ 6r-^2y» 

^^Q^uJcos€irirQj€sr Qpeucpis^ppj^uyf /SfreooiGSis ^umuQpih^ goo/ 
es)S^ Q^rrifis^thj ^jpiojCD^d (^estfTQpth Qp^eotrtu Q^tueoser. ^rrfi^Q^tty 
LDrrQtu ^Qjp/SsfT QjL^^Qtu/riTs^th a^eireirjp Sjrtu^^eBruQu> lutr&c^Gsr^ 
ei(L^es)LDin iSecQ soar Qj^ if. eT(i^es>Lii^^^(^Qutu&» ®fi®p Outr^s^n^tr^ 

QuirpfSt - lape^irjg!, Q^iueoQeuehQth > Q^djiuiai^eMO'^ Q^tu 

(^^60 /rev). 

638. Let (a man) observe and do these things which have been 
praised (bj the wise) ; if he neglects, and fails to perform them, for him 
there will be no (happiness) thronghocrt the seven births. 

«95». ^affi^&Sp OmiLL^a-ODir iLfeir(s^9 fBtrkfs 

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@65y)^©u9o8r - (^Qpp^ireo^^eo ^tJbu^Syi^&oSsoQfBarGsrjS^u) mp 

.539. Let (a king) think of those wlio have been rained bj neg- 
lect, when bis mind is elated witb joy. 

^cirefitu ^etrsfru QujSeir, 
^'^SoBsr^^ Qup^QiU enu^^eo €re^^fnh, tS^or^Lo j^^BscrQuj tSSswd 
^^ dtut^irQ^aru^ ^ififs^ /QeorpcGiLnuSso'j west ^tfiuSGDj^sseJsr 

540. It is easy for (one) to obtain whatever he may think of, if ho 
can again think of it. 

^Qo^neu^ ^jTS^^p Q^(LJtuuu(Sih (tpoDpuSeor^ ^eeroDLD. ^ld 
Qpasip ^(ff^unpQm Si Q^^^iu Qstre^ Qutrp^Qesr Q^aaGsirQeoesru 
ljlLl^^* &jL-jpr€OirQ^ih ^essrLJoiinGff^irm ^^ Q^trn-e£leocotr^ ^itsp 
^p Q^iuputT^^^s^QSTy ©^ QutT^9^iT€unesiLDfSiGtriS&!r esieussuuiL 

(tJiP-60ir.) cr - ^,— ^6Br^ip eufrtpQjfrir (j^pp^Q&^iu^rrGO ^^@p 
p^ssifi iBtrupL lutrojiruitrLJBei safsrQ^u./r^ /B(Beti£Bsoes)Ln€Siiuu QuiT(rF^ib^ 
^&^pp0^p^9 Q^ireo^tu fi€wrL,^G5)fi ^SErrQeonOjrirSih ^jrnium^ 
^QfOjefreSpts^s^ Q-^iueuQ^ (tp€s>pujfrLD, er^^jpi* 

isiB^fSppeo ^csipsQiueourrseSar ^^Bssr ^fcsipQuumjpinhy cuS/f?^^ 
&pe^frirsfBsr^ih erGiru/rir luirirLorrLJBQLD^jpiik ^tt^jSi^T, ^GsypGSJLo 

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541. To examine into (the crimes wbicli may be committed), to 
show no favor (to any one), to desire to act with impartiality towards 
aJI, and to inflict (sncli punishments) as may be wisely resolred on, con- 
stitute rectitude. 

QmrriQ - Uiein^entu(SjEa'd3, €utr(ipui - ^ir^irSp(^ihj (^aS^rir) 

Q6Sir8eoCS/Biri8^ Gua-qpth -^ euirtfiirSp(^U}, 

542. When there is rain^ tho living creation thrives ; and so when 
the king rules justly, his subjects thrive. 

i6mp^ ihOffGsrm^ Qaitio. 

Q^rreoeouuiLL^ ^p^^p(QB strffGnrininu (BdeoQupp^ ^irJ^^p Q^^^ 

^fspeBBT/r jarQe^dff^ir* ^^Loirflojir QetreirLi LDL^ajtrir mpi^m — «/r6i/6i>6Br 
air€i/oi>ea'jSfi ^asir^^ ^s^efpr, FFGSBPL^pQtDeerp^ ^GB>€uQtutrtfiifiQjpos>pm 

^pBs^ S^mjp/Bpstr^lQuJGarjpiLby ^uQup/SQtu ^esrssur^tuir^^ tSifi 

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543. The sceptre of the Icing is tbe firm support of the Yedaa of 
the Brahmin, and of all virtues therein described. 

0^ (SmuQe^ff^ar uairiSeo invest 

€STtf./ij^gj Sp(Q Qp€V(^. 

Of^^£iU) QuQ^SGoQojifitk j/ft^anuu Qu/tq^is^ gS it ^eos^ 

Qaii(B^fi^th (tpfieoiruSesr, ^Qj^/r€sifrL^<koriLnh QfQfQjirLDpQ^tuojireiir 
SsiQpQ^^U} ^^^ir&cSar jifOjoBor unrSeOLDeBresrQeBrafrjptth, ^euGfrininL 
t^tLjirsjQ^ih fiastrjfmiSear jr trmt/r^aeS^ ^^/^I^S) Sp^ (tpooQ&mjpiLDy 

{Qp - u - «»r.) — &.co^ - «.«)«,i'^ir/f, Q^^y^Sl - (pdj) 

544. The world will constantly embrace the feet of the great king 
who rales oyer his subjects with love. 

Quuj^iaih €QZBiriL{(etrfi Qptrdf^. 

tirtLt^aramessrsjiruyy €r-jpi. 

&.o(flQuj«Bru^ (tp€ar(v^aipafr QurrQ^aruSeuOpfr if)aiL-.^Q^ir6ii. 
lijirgsu} Saog^iQ Gs^jrp QptrtfipuiLQ €UGtr^^jrs(Q QLodrupiribm 

545' Bain and plentifnl crops will ever dtfoH together in the 
oooBtrj ot the king who ffffays hia •oqpire with jaatioe. 

A-. Qo^eoAf^ Qea&TfS p(^euffi uyaTasreu^ 
(uiP - finir.} cr -r ^^— U)69rar«i/g|ys@ij Qunfldrsasr QeuarfS^si^a 
^gi flnm QsrrurrpniSiar^ ^•jp. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Q^/rco Q^^t^^/rujQJifiGuj Co/so tufrujuuQjgsofufrtr Qeuod^sffOjoear 

Qeupu€SiL^iUfiir(rr^(QLCi^ Qsireo - (.iy^csr^) 0^/29(?<s/r«A)<r(^(i>; «^.^iy 
of/i) - ^mQ&n&ih, (^jSfed€Ufr(tffGUjsi) Qstfi^tr^ereSesr -(^o-^sr^ 

64*6. It is not the javelin tbat gives victory, bat the king's soeptrei, 
if it do no iojostice. 

(uiP-ODir.) €T^jfiy — a>€U(um/ios>^Qujeyedtrua j/fir^ar afrd(^ih; jf/oieor 

i^fnopOff^^^^Qi^oSm, €T-jp/9 

QpLLi^irmp Qs^^^fifumttrj^ lo«^ (ipGSipQ^iifitresraesBrQpu^ 

^6or GTtu^ih utuar da.puuiLu,^m 

gp(T^6»^iL|ii, «/r«(5Lo - siruuirpj^ieutr^ ; Qj^Gnp - (^^auesr^y 

547. The king defends the whole world ; and jostice, when admi- 
nistered without defect, defends the king. 

penrufi^fiffp qtfQest OdsOu), 

(uiP - €0)ir.) €r'^,^^(Lpa)pGQjGSBri^^(rs(j^ ere^tu Q^dyGDGB>£L;&_c8»i_ 
tu^iu jifQj/r Q^freoeSiu^peDp jjfjrQeo/rn' u&iQjrfr(BiD ^jrirtu/s^ Sarp 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

648. Tlie king who gives not facile andience (to tbose wbo ap- 
proach him), and who does not examine and pass judgment (on thetr 
complaints), will perish in disgrace. 

euiSoj&frjpj Qeuifior Q(fffifieo, 
(uiP - CRir.) €T • ffiy — @£jLtf&»rL/ tSprir /B^aj/nup srr^jp^ ^irQuth 

^^pj^&f^ f^esareDu.dQafu^Afea' QpeerSBcnuQ^siru^ ^ppB!Stf.^Qooar 
mtnQtiMrufidsGr ^^EiQ^jfiy ^Qofitr^tr^, ^tr^GPi^® ^(hientr ^^^p 

fitrmpsirfi^, pihiS-flfr^weu^^finiLprntr^^'^ (B^ppth - («fyoi 
jflc^^eb) (^ppihiL.cirjgtrtt9aT^ £Btf.fiGO - (^jifGSifi ^ird(^thQuir0 
iLQfi) fiokif^fifiio, Qi^fifiafrQfiirifieo * ^j^eitr^ Qfiirffieoa-ihy 

649. In guarding his sabjects (against injury from others), and in 
preserving them himself, to punish crime is not a fault in a king, but 
a dnty. 

jfi^ ^&Qsna>trs sir^^'eo, ^Ltfieuear adsaoaajd sdariffi os>uiBiah.€S)ip« 

Qs/rLf-tut^Qiraa-pffi '^aQs/r(&^QI^fr/r^ /s^SS^friTf SQ^eSuSp Qaireo 
wfTfff SGtt^ir^ jg^^uutr/Tj (g^cDpOs fr&rtunrirj tSpetHeoeSoDifiQjirQfr^ 

/Sojfreoira acaorG^u^d Gstre^eo/reuifiiLJ np&dars^ ^(^s^irSmp csiuet 

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GsifOdQ^^jS^ih Oa/ov^oDL. Q^ijsp^^ fiiutra^unriKB QpojcDaQtuir 

560. For a king to panish crimiiials with death, is like palling ap 
the weeds in the green com* 

^oofiiroi^ ^ihQpmpiSiGffjfi Qaii(B^p pmann. fFmriBui &.ci/a>Loii9ar 
^fickiSsBr €SiQjdauuLLu,jfim 

/BjbQ(pifi^^ fi^QiDfiQ^r^(B (ifi<B>jDaudo9dQjp€8ips^ Q^djQfirQ^^u^ 
Giaj/sfieifrj er-jpi. 

lus^py^^Q. QeumQjgaru^ ^luirfi&aru QutTQ^LLBm €^mfi jif^cfiSaar^ 

^2H);^;2r/DQ(]2P£^&i), QiupQmtressr® - («^^) (Su^pQsirm®^ «iya> 

Qcm^ifiSeo^ QuipQafreiru.n'fiar • (^^) (SmpQsffoitQmL^LJUQi 

651 The king who gives himself np to opfnwssioa and acts nnjnptlj 
(towards his sahjects) is mora crael than the man who leads the life of a 

(uff-oair.) m-^y^^^pSB^^^^&i^^^p p^SQiu GmiioQa/rw® Smp 

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Csu6Jr^.ffi7 ^/£luiSesr€sr ^scQosr^ ^ireufrpQstrt—^ih Qair(BiEiQsiraraDLD 

UfSd^^iElL^^^^^sifBCouj) Seirp sevroi&fr^ ^(SerGSTp^QuirS^LL- 

552. The request (for money) of him who holds the sceptre, is like 
the word of a highway robber who stands with a weapon in hand and 
says "give up your wealth." 

^tp^^GO'UiuQecnu^fTGSiLD, LCiGsr€aeu^(B iBfrQu.frjp/iBi Q«®0LD6Dr jpieatru 

luir - {^^p(y^^iia^') Q^diiuir^, LDciresTsuear - ^UdFeir, mneir 

663. The country of the king who does not daily examine into the 
wrongs done and distribute justice, will daily fall to ruin. 

(uiP-GSXr.) cr-^, — QiLeo eBasneu^ csiekr^^ (Lpee^p ^uu^ Q^ilul^ld 

QsjsvQ^fTL^'iS^^'Zuu^Q^iuiLiUi'-Q^iuSsifrp^^jrdr'jiifir^^y {^s' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

654. Tlie king, who, without reflecting (^on its evil consequences), 
perverts j astice, will lose at once both his wealth and his subjects. 

(uiP - €0)1.) er-^, — ^ir^esr QpcsypG^ujiurrcsiLOLurrp (gip-fisir j^^lj 

tS/S^GSr€S)UDu9^^ Q^60QJIS16BL^^P Q p tLfQ LD€ar U ^ SQ^^^^ 

556. Will not the tears, shed by a people who cannot endure tbe 
oppression which they suffer (from their king), become a saw to waste 
away his wealth ? 

d!r. LDS9r697'/7<S(^ LL^SDifi^O Q ^ tkiQ^IT &SrGS)Lb tU oo ^ SST (S p Off 

fifTLD* ^GS)6u:BiT€sr^u(rLLu.frQijiBj G«/r®fl5)G«/r€0 ^ttS^eir eT(u^Ei(^ppiBi 


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656. Rigbteous government gives permanence to (the fame of) 
kings ; witfaoat that their fame will have no endurance. 

(uiP-snir.) 6T-^, — LDes)ifiu9eocotrGS)LD GSieuiu^j^ cutTQ^ih e^iStrsiL^ 
cra/Q.'fiB)a^ ^GiTULD uiua^iDy jt/Qjisucs)ss^ ^Gsruih uujsf^ih ^jr^Gsr ^m 

&puL\uup/S^ ^e^QiLieuru^ LDGSiL^QiLet^arp^, ^uSiQirGBuffi 
^t^&earQtDe^arp^m QiDeo QjaQ^sQcurrQ^QtDSffrp^dsisr er^iTLD€s>p npss 

657. As is the world without rain, so live a people whose king is 
without kindness. 

iL&fresrQjssT (SsirpSifiu ui^eisr, 

(uf - €»«".) 67 - ^, — QpenpQ^iuiurr^ ^irs^ssr^ 0«/r®^G*«/rc®CTr 
Sip «i//r^65r, uj/rQ;/f«(^(i) QutrQ^Gt^ssr^ ^arcs>LDu3gpj[h e_68)L-«<)Lo fijcw" 

^€ora(^if}iu Quir(ir^Q€iTrr(B jt/cnLDiLur^ QiO^ua QQJoo(^06u/r€Brffi ibitlL 

^scfiar, ^o;a/c5>L-GJ>L0 ^sircsxjitSlgimh ^^^^/ruSpjsn. §}Gs>QjuSjr€asr(9 
ufnLi^tr^LD ^Qj^il.(B eu(Tipeijir/TS(s^ ojQ^si^ppiEi Sn-puuLLi-.^. 

{Qfi-U'^siir,^ — (ipsifipQ^ujtua'-iS^69)iu^Q^ujujfr^j iLekesr 
^^gshlS^ - ((U/rei/ir«(gLD) Qu{r(riRei!)eoe\)ir6fniLu9^thj tuetOL^ 

558. Property gives more sorrow than poverty, to those who live 
under the sceptre of a king without justice. 

eh, npenpCodBirtf- m^Gneu&sr Q^iuuS sin€V)pQdiirtfu 

Digitized by 


u<F O^uJr/^LD/ruScw', jifeu'^iKBu u(nF^euLD€s>i^ ^ccrfTrfihQjGS)^ Guiaui Quirifi 

569. If the king acts contrary to justice, rain will become un- 
seasonable, and the heavens will withhold their showers. 

«0. ^^u\u9Sf (^mjpi in^QfifrifiQeofrn ^einLpuuir 
^pGSiGoe^rr^ ^^(^lJBu u^as^ua uir<k(9,^jgHLCi ^ib^casr(if^LD ^ir^&dsfT 

^S3&iy QeuiLL-eOy QeuiLtS^^co^ pf^so, ^pp&) cTocr ^C5)€u, u^d^Gr 
QutuQ^freOGOfT Q^Giru^irvSipjQi. ^ghqj vSurGs^^urriLL^ngaih ^eu^cL 

Qeoirtr-M f^fi^^ (S^9 -^^ " ^ireo^?sfr^ u^puun - Uipijp^®eutr. 

560. If the guardian (of the country) neglects to guard it, the 
produce of the cows will fail, and the men of six-duties viz. the brahmins 
will forget the vedas. 

®(Sr - ih. cjy^ — QQJ(f^(SU/B^Q^lLJUJfT€S)l£i. 

Digitized by 


jff^Sear s(Beutrs fS^jpi ^irtnuiE^ iSl&fr^ith ^^ Q^iuuunLDpQuirQr^LLfS 
QesT JS&sntEif^ iBrrL^iTosiLLiL\LDy tS/SQ^trirsiTjressnhu/b/SI iR&Qi^rrjpi^^^ihy 

561. He is a king who Laving equitably examined (any injustice 
which has been brought to his notice), suitably punishes it, so that 
it may not be again coraniitted. 

iSiBJStresiLL GcuGTsr® ueuir, 

Qtsu/S^So tutrcu(fF^uD QGu(nja!frGSiLDuQun'(r^LL(bui ^ii)« Q^iTL^EiQscr ^etr 
€8p (^cs>p^&)u/t/£l GLCiskcis)LD Sh-puuiLL^^, ^^^^eo €T^^QGO€crucisr 

sireiiLD, iSiksTSTiLb - tSiBrntTiLeo £ipp8sc^ Qeuaip&ueuir - eBn^u^Lj 

562. Let the king, who desires that his prospeiity may long remain, 
commence his preliminary enquiries with strictness, and then punish with 


(uiP-GDT.) CT-^,— (^tf.acir Qguqf^gSIiu O^iu60s^ff=Qff'tLJ^ iBL.^(^ui 

Q€L'asiQ€Bfr€oQ€sr&fru^ FF<!ser(B ojireirir Quiu/ririu S^p^. ^(r^Qj/B,^th^ 
^0^c^, ^snib^Lo eTGsruQsr ^(if^Qurr(tf^LL@areSt jy^C)«F«J^ff|gf«? Qa(bia 

Digitized by 


563. The cruel-sceptred king, who acts so as to put his subjects 
in fear, ytiW certainly and quickly come to min. 

(uiP-fli>T.) GT'^f — @f^«6rr/r63r /EuaSesip^dfr iSu^ujQeorsBrjp/ Q^ffdo 

g)oBr@)4P Q^ir&iQcOGn'(!7^ir, ^os>pQaj&sru^ (ip^eScso^ Q^rrifipQuajfr, 

^tirjpi " sQ^sitLGDOJiLissiL^ujeuQesTshTj)/^ G^&yifri(^th ^ Q^irSod^LJ 

564. The king who is spoken of as crnel will quickly perish, his 
life becoming shortened. 

^iLik aGsisTL^freo ^^^^ (Lps^^ost^iLies>L^ujir€Br^ GuifiiuQ^FsOGiJihQuiufrp 
&fre3sruuLLu.frp QufrGOeuG^fTQt^ (^ppLD e_c55L_^^, ot-^. 

eufrSssr,'F ^nrrsufrir ^ckesiLDuSl&sry ji/eua^r^ Qs=&ieuiB ^gsts^ld iSlpirsr^ih 
uiuekui—frQ^&ffu^up/Bu QuajSG!sru.^6sr jpee)L^^Q^ccr(7^iT, 6B/r^»^a\3- 

{Q/SB - u - 6w/r.) — ^Q^c^Q^eueQ - (^/BssrSsvr s a^GStfrQeusssr® 

€sr^ - mirsjpnuuiLi^trp QufreoeuQ^rr^f^i^pp^Gnfi, e.6a)L.^^ - 

565. The great wealth of him who is difBcult of access and possess* 
es a sternness of countenance; is like that which has been obtained by a 
a dgvil. 

Digitized by 


iitf-€xrrSi (UfriiQss QsQtJb, 

(UIP - OniT.) €T - ^, ^{T^&fT &L^UjQj^fr6\>dsOlLjlh «L6B3t_ttJ(S3)/(jff SCOTT 

C?^Llz_(i^Lb g)«o^Lb ^ttSlgBT, ^suesT^ QuffljjQ^eoQJLh /fvS^eSecr^ ^u 

'^Qa/Llt_flD 65®@G)^/r6Br LB(i^^€s^L^(^ @^Ou/r0 — eHiLL^Ej&il. airm 
GLDfrQt—Qp^^ eresruuiLL^ eSl^esriEis^LL s(B(i^Q^freo^iLji}i LB^^^e^sn-jsesiS 

Qs^uj^QuRQ^Q^ Qa(B(^^^€S)Lo^^ ^ck(Y)^u9^QLD^unrr^ QfB^^Q^eoeu 

566. The abundant wealtli of tlie king whose words are harsh and 
Tvhose looks are void of kindness, will instantlj perish instead of abiding 
long, with him. 

(uf - G»ir.) cT-^, — st^uj Q^ireo^ih (^jbp^^esr lSss ^esaL^QpLo 

Qptresttr ar(i^mQ o/^^eSejsr ^eu/bcsip ^itidit&B^ ^essresi^^rruSgin/B Q^u^ 

uffL^ir&uj ^Q^thciou^ Q^ujd(^ih - (^€a>pd(^L6^ ^jrih - ^ir 

667. Severe words and excessive punishments will be a file to 
waste away a king's power for destroying (his* enemies) . 

Digitized by 


QtneisrjpiiEi sk.jS^n', @^@)/d u^^uU(Q^&f-Lh eSfSssriqih ^^Qe^uu^ireor er-dj 
{p^ - u ' 6w/r.) — ^^^^^pfi - ^Airifluj^esi^uupjSQJfB^ 

668. The prosperity of that king will waste away, who without re- 
flecting (on his affairs himself), commits^them to his ministera, aud 
(when a failure occurs) gives way to anger, and rages against them. 

4^51. Q^(f^^ifl QutTj^fSip @GnpQ^djujir QcufE^sir 
(uiP-GRT.) cr-^,— 0.y(i5 QJ(rFi^p(^(ip€8rQ6sr"^an'^(^u^L^medirQjQ^mr 

uGSiScsiiu [QsuQr^eSIJ: Q<FiTi^n'ir ^ej'^^^^ ^iBucea^tus sir^Lh 

^^ Q&^iu^tTGsr ejuu^ih utu^Ei ^h^puuLLi-.esr, 

(0^ - Li - S3>/r.) — SstfypQ^iuuT - (Qufrir€ii(Tj^fsp(^np^Q€sr 

669. The king who has not provided himself with a place of^defence, 
will in times of war be seized with fear and quickly [perish. 

Digitized by 


AO* a^eoeoiriru t9essfH^B mQiiQair tio^fiu^ev) 
(uiP^€znir.) CT-^, — &(BiBiQaiTe^^fu s/Jr^^ S^^g3rar(ip^cSlaj seoedtr 

siBsiQsnQoo&ruffi FFmiB iBsa ^essrt^^^mQmjbpar/SI jif^Sssrs: 
Q^iuQjrr^ QL£)p(7r^u9pjp/* ^Qj&ir jif^ Q^tu^p®€s>ajeuirG5>ir ^eoeo^ Sn^iL 
i^frGs>LDuSi6iir sdoeon^iruiSlGxiiA^QmGn'jp/UDyQ^Bssriueu/bcsipQujeoedfrih Qun-jpsi 

sft^/S^ir. SeodQsGn-u^ Q^iuiLfen- cSafrjrth. ^^^eo Qqjq^qj/b^ Q^iu^ 
eSissr (Qppej ^^n^puuiLt^^. 

^ev€nirJr - (^li^^^doQp^eSiueijpesipa') mGOcotrfleuesiir, t9essfli(^ih^ 

uffjrih, ^&>2eo - ((SeuOp"^ ^doSso^ 

570. The earth bears up no greater burden than ignorant men 
whom a cruel sceptre attaches to itself (as the ministers of its evil deeds.) 

SLDinLL^irasiLnm ©0*0^ ^eurrQiup SGorO^earpeutfi /Sstpeujstrae^ear^ ^u 
Ouiutr^fiffiSipjpim Gmeo QojQ^Qj/BfiQs^iuujireaLDtLjLl. ah-/SliuQj/£ossrQuj Spu 
Ljuup/S €SlS^^S6fujpi@€Brp^LDfiSiar^ g}oo^;96BrL9esr eaeudauuLLL^^m 

(uiP-onn'.) er-^y — aessrQ^tLi^QiDGsrjpi Q^freooouu(BQafrp SpuLf 

SpuL^aarjT S&srpffi* @^^ifi(^ ^^p(^£iiuutrs(S^^^ s^GssrasyLDiuirQeareBr 
QjfT^Qjirnr L^eSoitu^mi^iSfi LfeOQjtraSlesnhQurreifrjpi QLjD(^£Firjrir&s)LLup/Sy 

^jpfQ^n'eo60uu(SSp^ ^ifiQuQ^iksirtflens - iB&m&puLjesiu.iu 

571. The world exists through that greatest ornament (of princes,) 
a gpracious demeanour. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(j^smesiin S&)i(^u Quira^p, 
(uiP-Gj)T.) CT-^,— aLeOffi^«ot« &<3sarQ^L,L-^^&sr aeatsrQesBr iSaip 

(g(i) utuarut^ffQ/reoru^up/Sj S&dS(j^uQuirGSip QojGsr^nf^ir, ^^^(2««r 

572. The prosperity of the world springs from the kindlineBS, 
the existence of those who haye no (kindliness) ia abvrdeB to the 

(uiP - QDir.) CT - ^j — u€sar &G!r€aruuj^/spfrih urrL-pO(^ifiOG0ff(B 
QuiTQ^^^ih ^^^uSoT' ^^Quneoa ssstsr eretsTGor uiu^fi^irih aesar 

ueaur sekr er&srueGr ^tr^uQuiuir, uesaraefrirojeBT uir^iu/rt^ Qp^ 
€Suj .ffiirpjptQpdrjpf. u/ru.pQ(37^(fieoseirirQJ€sr luiri^tkAasar ^/rir^eo Qpfi 
eSiu €TLL(Bihf uearcBsred (tp^oSiiu ertUBih^ iBi^pfieiiseasr er(B^^eOy u(Ba 

fSuasresvLDf euGsruntuGBtsreaa Qp^cQuj ^essiessrisiaetr erQpu^fifrjpiUifrLb. ^€up 
Qor^i^oDiuiLnr^Qjifiu uejar^puiuetfleoeorrjs ^frjp/Quireod aessQ^iLu.^^ 
GSiiu ojir^Guifis sesBT^.p uuj€i^eodBoQtu€sru^inh, sgbot Qa^ekpojifi rSst^ 

573. Of what avail is a song if it be iuconsistant with httrmony p 
What is the use of eyes which possess no kindliness. 

Digitized by 


G^iresrj^Qi/B&>€i>^^ er6uAQ3'iUiLfLD^(SeuQp&frGffuajSs!sr^Q^iuajLD^ 

574. Beyond appearing to be in the face, what good do they do, 
those eyes in which is no well-regulated kindness ? 


O^iLi^ih; jyia«OLS(^&)ttJf ttSeir jii^ofifi^GSn^iuifffffp LfmQeaartisrp/SuJu 

OflirGfT^^LD QiSfnusanr^LD uf^ekuppotrgpi/B ^luireSIBsrd^GoQ/s/rdQu 

^i^rrffi/Bcarp a&sr€sJ^&r(^ppEi 3h.pLjutLL-ffi, 

(Ofi - u - CD/r,) — ssGlsT€sisflp(^ - (^(^fi^gsT^) &ossresSp(^^ 

575' Kind looks are the ornaments of the eyes ; without these they 
will be considered (by the wise) to be merely two soies. 

Air. wckrQ^ ifLQuaj/Bfl tDjr/ifl8s8nufr smQ^ 

(uif - QDir.) er - jpy^^^^B^p^^fu S€sarQ^i^€s>uj/5^es)Qj^ffi ^0*0 
G/SfTL^irfiojir ^tuiEJsrr iS&srqr^ir .^uSigiyih uaGssrO^® QuirQr^ik^iBpQmp 

Q^^s^ifLtu LDjTuu/reDQjQuj^ir jp/€s>rruurr(r^(Lpctrirt ^^o^€s>n' jif€ir€S>LD 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

kfi - inGknQ(^(SlQu/rQ^m^ SpSeifrp^ iLjr^jpjifSssrujir - imr^GD^ 
^uun , 

676. They resemble the trees of the earth, who, although they 
have eyes, never look kindly (on others). 

^seoffQ^LLi^LSeoeoeuir sssaretsSeoQirears efu^u iSiar jt/^Sssr er^tTLDessp 

677' Men ^withont kind looks are men withoot eyes : those who 
(really) have eyes are also not devoid of kind looks. 

mPj* <£(3^^ Qos^^iutrmp sehQ^^L^ eueoeoirird 

(uiP - OTir.) CT-^, — Qp€B)pQa:aj^eoiTQtu ^/BO^frifieoifiujfnDp sear 

^SLoCoLD/r® uiiSar(2^& Spes>n S(BasGsar Q^qj^l^ ^ojGSifrs sessrQ^i^ 
(ipe^pSeossessr^^iT^ih Qupqr^iD. (ipeB>p &GS>^uj^(r^theiftfis saerQ^ 

Digitized by 


678. The world is theirs (kings) who are able to show kindness 
without injury to their affairs, (administration of justice.) 

(uiP - 60)nr.) €T - ^y — ^ujcDLO ^jpia(^ih ^tu&iLja>L^tu/r ifli^^^ih 
s>GBffQ^iLL-.LD'uj^ ^jbp^os)/su Qu/rjp/i^LStueoOu ^sr^n^ 

SessBaj^Lpsmi^UJjrfrS, Quirjpt^^^pj^ih umQu - (^^^pp^ 

ojtrSiu f6p(^emui. 

679. Patien il j to bear with, and shew kindness to those who grieve 
U8} is the most excellent of all dispositions. 

^O. QluiumasssrCSi iB^Srmr t^€s>LDQjir miu^^is 

LDjpfSSLD/rLLL-frGSiLDuSar jif^SssnLiat}r(B iSlargpiih^euQjririd QLoajeuir tum^jrfr 

mtrsfisQiDeBfu^ searQ^iLi-LDir^eo ^^Qptkat^ a9(tf^fBffi isiLQi^nir 
Qsir®ui3 — 6ZJ(^<^ QpGssruir eeSmir Aiflstr*^^ eresfu^^Q^iD/Sa, ^ its' it 
^QjoDtr ^(rr^jp sesarQ^t^puiroo^ fiuoLDfnKBs ^pp^Q^Ftu^i^Qajmujgi 

OjirQ) uy)(^€ijfr. 

680. Those who desire (to cultivate that degree of) urbanity which 
all shall love, even after swallowing the poison served to them by their 
friends, will be fiiendly with them. 

Digitized by 


YJO^ a-«ro ®dii-ii>. «^^. ^p(nfi^9^. 

O^pQpars u^Gtrareueir asm. 

eo/rgpiihy ^oj^ir^L^SBsrtLiOLD fisejrsiHuesrssessrQinh ^iresrdaieaBr^LDfrs^ 

GQiiQ^^(n^pQuwedm Q^pQpma e^cxu^ Q^pOpm^eiau^ Qp^G^^ 
luirseuiBfl eSiuisiQsn'ar. . ^jp Q^pQpoff €rargpj(G^ Q^tuQaiar^^^^tr 
GorjBs* ^^^eo ^p/Sssr^ 9pui^^/ik.puutLL.^* 

s^esio-^irasrp - LfstfiiQefopija!, ^ir^^ih - (£^) .^wjj^ii), @es>eu^jr 

581. Let a king consider as his eyes these two things, a spy and a 
book (of laws) oniTersally esteemed. 

mirenQ^trjpiLD ^pdtfVBr ^cnir^^/S^eo ^ir^s/ns(^ tLif^iuQjsfrt^eOy GT-jpt. 
€Teiisoirirs(^QLDasrp^ ^Gffjpi^p^^irGDfrvqiD* /str^atroj^ ^t^troj 

^u^rrjreuip&airp Q(n^ifiQ^G!rjpnE! sfu/S^ir» ^p(n^Q€sr^uffi jif^sfrir^ 
^/resr eu/B^^, Qfi®^ ^pjS^iu uiufxr^n^puuiLi—jp, 

Digitized by 


582. It 18 the dnty of a kiog to know quickly (by a spy) what all 
happens, daily, amongst all men. 

(uiP - GDir) cr - ffi^^^^p/S^Ocsr eTeoeOfrfrsessrQfith iSsi^ib^eupGSi'D 

/Sjnr€8>u>u9atrf QsirppisjQsiretri Qj.^ejsfieoQcoairQ7^ir» ^^P®^ Qsireir 

Q^ IT 1^30 Q^UJIUirfiO/tfi QjQ^lk^pptBl ^h^JDUUtLi-^* 

{Qfl - L/ - «D/r.) — ^p/S^&fT - ffippSssriQsfreia®^ ^p^eS- 
(^€Tioe<iiri!iu.^^LL iS^jpifiGfioimSetr') ^fSiffieujf^Q^tujp^ Qua" 

ujiTJS^ ib&sresr&im - ^ir^&sr^ QairpjoA QAtrefriSL^ifi^^Q^upjS 

683. There is no way for a king to obtain conquests, who knows 
not the advantage of discoveries made by a spy. 

^tssrea^sitrin uairirndjea Q/sirpju. 

(uf - C0>ir.) €T - jp^-^^iBSir^VLJf^Q^fUQjirirj ^pp^^trity ugdsqj 
Q/rarj^ Q^/reoeouuLLi^ jifBsareuayinLith Qs^trpQ^iueoscinrear ^/rtrtuoj/rQear 
^pp^eutTGfTf er^jpi* 

Q^tuQueBT^ihj ^pp^^fTir ^sgstg^l^^jpld etnLi^L^^^^ Qs^tu&j€8reijihf 
uGDseuir ^ar^ppih ^tririu^^th QLDpOppuu(B^^th QpaffeSiL®^ ^6ar 
eSii^^^sp Qs^uuQjesre^ ld/S/b^^ jifGjp/Sp Qappesr Gs^ajtuQaiGssrsBfieSleary 

LDirfftrtueu Q^irpQpGff^ir, 

lU^QsnuuQjiTj Srppih - Srpp^fbdk^ QotemL^iTfi/rir - UQameuir^ 
CT&ffp - eTGsrjpiQ^ireo&iLJULLu.^ ^^sueaiiriLnh - ttjiroJes^iriLiLD, 

^PP &^ If sir . 

584. He is a spy wbo watches all men, to wit, those who are in the 
king's employment, his relatives, and his enemies. 

Digitized by 


(uiP- «)ir.) 67 - ^, — ^p/DuuLLL^trir smL-ireo Qii^rn^^ ojt^Q^irQ 
^iSitprrooLD eueOGO^Q&T ^pp^Gu/rar^ er^jp/, 

(O^ - c/-«D/r.) — «L-/r - (^erojjr^ Q^tu^Gniu ^jS^p(Q^ 

lu^Q^iri^iL'S^eo Q^inS^^uufririQssTp ^oiir^) seitreBSp(jB^ 

aseoeoeuQesT^ ^pjpi - ^pp^eutreir, 

685. A spy is one who is able to assnme an appearance which may 
create no saspician (in the minds of others^y who fears no man's face, and 
who never reveals (his purpose). 

Orr. ^pkfiffh ut^eufBfl JffrO iQpiflirjnriji 

Q/sarQ^iSi^^ Q^inreQeo Q/Birpjpi. 
(tjiP-a>ir.) cr-^, — Qppp^ffipifiirjrtrmji eS/r^Qo/irQ^sQeBrjrfrtLiih 

^pQeufrQ/rarjpi G^iuojn iflarGOLD eSensQ Sesrp^, Qldgo (BirGOQjes>siLiUfr 

^aiSfu/Stu^ ^^eorffi Qurrjpi^^psq^GSiiDJ^ SpuLf QiBtr&Q* §I^SU^ 
ut^QjQLneifrpfldsv Goji—iDfrsQ^ ^p/s^trir Gaju.^jsjrfT@Quj€8r jpioairu 

(^Qfl-U'Gnir,) — ^pkfBfrir - (^®) QpQp^ihjppiQ^irjrtrQ 

tuQeum(SlG^careup9npsTec€0irijb) ^fffnum^jSijp, er&frQ^u9£pith-' 

iii^ (SsiLQ^tiiy Q^frireSe))^ - fiesrSsrrQeiJe^LJuCSl^fiir/fQjQesT^ 
g^/Djy - e^pp^sutrcsr, 

686. He is a spy who, assuming the appearance of an ascetic, goes 
into (whatever place he wishes), examines into (hU that is needful), and 
never discovers himself, whatever may be done to him. 

Digitized by 


GoiuiuLiuir t^eoeoQ^ QiUfrpjpi, 
(uiP - fisiir.) €1 • ^3 — ^/b/DuuLLu.irir LD€S)puj^Q^ajfi Q^iusos^ 
^^nsf^mefftnS^jnrp QsiLa aieoeixa^aj^ QaiLi^fiefi Q^tueosefip iSeer 

AQ&j€iar(Bfi€S€ar QsLLseup(^Q Qtueorj^Mua^ QsHL^/Sifiojp^sip/i ^nQear 
^mpjCM^iffi Q^ired^dr ^/r^^Q^eo ^ojp/SpO^pp €SlSnr Q^uuiueoirarr 
ODLDuSar ^tuuufri^o^aoQfi QvuGBrjpiiEi ek-^^ir, ^e^jo; /BirGfr^uiriLL-irgp/th 
^p/Sesr fj^sseBBTEi ^upuuiLL^^m 

Q^9sr(nf(S^ ^^B'jSi) ineaypeuiriLieaetrQ^tuGO^Seir, QsiLseup^Q- 

587. A spy is one who is able to disoover what is hidden, and who 
retains no donbt concerning what he has known. 

jcy. 6bp^(rffP}S^ fi^^ QutTQ^SetriLi tnpjptQunT 
QfftrpjS^ QeotrpjBi Qaireadv, 

(uf - 6»».) €T - ^, — ^OjTfrpp^ 9pfi QJ^fifitQ^fi SirXllUIE^^ 

SssffLiih iSpQ^Qjrirpp^^Cn ^pjpieS^^ ^ui^fmLO ^mOQs/rmSy er-^. 
^ppuuiLL^irQjrir Qi^tr^^Seifr^i/ LDfrjruuL^daup^mef SmJBLOfraeQdry 

(Q^-u-6»ir.) — ^pjpi - ^Qjnrpp^(Seo, ^pfi - moopeuir 
iLfih^ iD/Djpiu^ pi ^pjS&so " i9arsiiiii pQirtrpp^^ih^ ^pfi ^ 

588. Let not a king receive the information which a spy has dis- 
coyered and made known to him, until he has examined it bj another 


Qa^trpQlQjfia QfBpu uQth. 
(uf - cnfr.) €T - ^j'^'^ppcsirr ^(gjLfii-^^ ^Q^ejSsGr ^QF^euem/Slujir 
iDiio ^&r& ^iBffi76»rLO/r6wrL- Q&jirppir^euetDfr ^(j^QufrQf^esBrQLD^ Qeujpi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^i^QoffiSGru^ ^(a^eSssuuLLL^ffi, ^0fiuSeDr QiuirQF^^ €Br/SaSisar ^uaQp 

Quir(^sirr(oUieo QotjpiQeuj^^ eBi^uuiLtJ) (tpeu(^es}L^u.i^ 0«aF/r«u- 

uQth - (^^uQuiTQ^eiT QubiuQaj^jpi) QflefltuuuQui, 

689. Let a king employ spies eo that one may have no knowledge 
of the other; and when the information of three agrees together, let him 
receive it. 

so. QpuufSI\u Q^ufrpfSsirsiL Q^tittups O^iutSp 
Ljpuu(Bfif5(r @@ laenp. 

LUGSipujfreuffi ^euQ^pp^uj^s^thy ji/€u€ir /tn^/Siu^s^ iDtrih* &pLj 
LjuQupp §l€uar tuirojOesrstrj^LD ^^ Qujp/^p^^ sirjteBsnJa ajtrQ^dr 

CO/ IT, §)ai€UQpsirjpiufrLLL^irstnh ^ppeafnufr^LDirjruihj ji/OJirireBr S&tp/s 
fi€CT jtfjSiLiuarjpnh, ^fim^np SpuLf^Q^iutLjLDirjpiB ^n^puuiLi^esr. 

{Q/s - u - 6»/r.) — ^pfSofrsm - (^^jrsQiUiasSBa' jffSm^ 
O^/reuedoj) ^ppsJii^^^^Q^djiifiii, SpuLf^Spuesiu^ ^fifu-- 

690. Let not a king pnblicly confer on a spy any marks of his 
favor ; if he does, ho will divulge his own secret 

» ■<> ■ ■ ■ 

fiir^eo, ^ppfffrear Ssy^fs/iesr ^/S/s^ ^^pfipQmpp aSlSsnr Q^ili^'fr 

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ttjeuQirarjpt 0^ireo£ft^p(3^^ &pi/s^^ ^saiath - iD€arQeu(t£^S 

591. Energy marks out the man of property ; as for those who are 
destitnte of it, do they (really) possess what they possess P 

uffi QupuuiLL^^m 

(^«a)L.s9)LD - tnpsfopLj'3uir(^(e(ff9DL^€a)Ujajir€ST^, Seoeoo'^ - /fi&u 
QuQffUido^ liiiSsQQih - iSmiQuQuirih. 

592. The possession of (energy of) mind is true property ; the 
possession of wealth passes away and abides not. 

(u(P « csxr.) GT'jpy — @jy)iBfiinrtru9gpnh tuirihestsu Qu/rQ^BsnuSltp/BQjs 
fl/r'uQuiTQf^GT; ^^ms^^GSBTL^inh GufTipQfi sa-QjiT ^p(^Q^iuiDiB€Bt^^ erasr 

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lyCf ^i^€T<Xr dftO-C£) jyjS. fififf««2/* 65) L» €»(/). 

593. They who are possessed of enduring energy will not trouble 
themselves saying, " we have lost our property." 

«@ SpiB^Q^aru^ ^€s>QjiBfr€<fr^ufrLl.L^rr§piei 6n.puuLLi^^, 

594. Wealth will find its own way to the man of unfailing 

SsrriBjsarp ^^Qurreo Uidsar^u) ssLss^^eiT^sa'^trui ^eu(if^tun^&y ct-^, 
tSisnth, Q6uefretrji^^SssnU''(^i8&srp) £irGneBaneuaLb\ (^^jpQufrec^ 

595. The stalks of water-fiowers are proportionate to the depth of 
water ; so is mens' greatness proportionate to their minds. 

es>'jjQiu A(3^<s; ^eu^aj{r<p^ utreo^csiSitufrp ^fh^Lp^p/SoodsoajnuSgHiiiiy ^s 

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ar/r diiupssisjs Q^arufiaih* Guoeo ^tLeir&r^^tktsnu^ajire^^ erearp^dBBrQaj 

596. In all thai a kiug thinks of, let him think of his greatneSR, 
and if it should be thmst from him (by fate), it will have the natare of 
not being thrust from him. 

ujfTif ^/rihsQFi^aj e.\uirff&S(Q^ &as>^e^ qiis^gSl^^^^ ^arjrir^ sua 
^nih. Q^GSiQiQpGirjpiutTLLt^irgiith ^SLs&(i^GS)L.ajtnrffi s^iu/r^Q Sh-puutL 

697. The strong-minded will not faint, even when all is lost; the 
elephant stands firm, even when wonnded bj a shower of arrows. 

jy. Q_meir tScoirfleu Oiruj/ctr q^eom^jf 

QfiGDpQoj Qjeoojirth ^s^dr^ Qf(rr^aQadj^frQtrGBr^ir. Qsiran^ Qeuesr/S 
iS^iu ^tiruuy ^LDSseoeo^ i3pirs(^u L^9»^sfra)LDsSary jsaffa>LD(Ufrp 


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698. Those who have no (greatness of) mind, will not acquire that 
joy of saying in the world, '* we have exercised liberality/* 

(uiP • ODT.) GT'^j — €Teo&>treS0diEi@spnh /sireer OuQ^i^ihiSesr^, ^^ 
L^eSiQuj^iTuut^ar ^^pS(^6frLby ot-^. 

LLjiB SQ^eS^ &puL^th &.GDL—^^fni9§piUQ tufrSsor sssLdaLSdrasiLDUJirafr ^^o^ 
CB>t^aj ^^p(Q j^(^^OLDssrp Qj^, uGSiseuiftear iSds QuhuojcSiljisi SQ^d)^€ff>unuir6sr QsfTUiL^sSetrtLiQpenL^UJjfif ^u9£f}tih - ^©S^ru), 

599. Although the elephant has a large body, and a sharp tusk» 
yet it fears the attack of the tiger. 

(uiP - flpir.) «r - ffiy'^^Qj^^pc^/i fisasreafiojjif^QjtrQj^ eeLssLS 
ffEi&QeviT® ^ihiDjreiseXionL^ Qeupjpicsun qjl^^ LD&s&rcuL^QQjy iS/6f 

tuQpiup&mh §}aresiLDupjS uDjrQLDarjpith, LDjr^^jb^^en- uju&rum^asr 
OiLDupfS LDSseinr^Qeo GofQpGtrjpiiB ohijS^ir. utuecr utp(ip^c£aj6iiih. 

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600. Energy is mental wealth ; those men who are destitute of it 
are onlj trees in the form of men. 

(uf - co>ir.) «r - ^j — ^ir€Gr iSpisfi (Qt^iunQtu /BiB^ireSerrd^ ^q^ 
^eos/seDL^iLfeireir^BsaBnLnh §jesiL^!U(rr^^ fiGsrsatLiSipiB^iresitT eSetrs 

(^0a/68r^) Qa^trihueoa'Saj ^Q^&nrsitr^^ esLir - ^u.jr, iLfriufS 

601. By the darkness,, of idleness, the indestmciible lamp of fami- 
ly (rauk) will be extinguished. 

(uiP • cnn) er • ^^ — ^rri6 iSpm^ (Qi^€S)!u QinsarQLD^iuQf^LD mp 

Qpajp&QiunQL^mu^ ^ajfrtufSoeouj/rar euijs^. OeQ^utSjbQsm^ 
LDL^o9p/Saj^ iS/Sfi^es>LDup/Su iSieifrgpiih ^uQuajfr^^^Qeer Sf^/S 
s^tujrQoty (Qip.iLjaj(!f^QLD6Brufriry (^^.qdil/s fiBF^i^tutT&(2ei]esis(Bu^Qir&srQr;n* 

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602. Let those, who desire that their family may be illnstrioas, put 
away all idleness from their conduct 

an-/S^ir* ^Sisji^p tSput^g^ih ^ifieSlar (tppuQ QLoarufiinh. 

603. The (lustre of the) family of the ignorant man, who acts nn* 
der the influence of destructive laziness will perish, even before he ia 

0». (^tf,Uilf-tS^ ^ppto QuQIjf^ Uil^tLtfLfBffi 
IDaeSSTL^ ekjI^PfS «OQ//f^(^. 

(uiP - €B>iT.) er-^, — LLi^uSldramQessr ^ip^eon'pfi(f^/s^iu Qpiup^ 

iLU^iQfiGsrjs ^^s^ S€srp eSidsarQtud^ffih ^jcOQjQ/recrgniB/ ^jSui^ 
tSBsaruQuiuir QsnGsn^^, ^pp^s&r (ipdreariTs^iujpiu, §jcs)Qi Kirar^ 
U/TlLl^IT^LO LO£f.ttS)«Br ^asiin On^puuiLu.^. 

604. Procrastmation, forgetfuUness, idleness, and sleep these four 
things form the ship which is desired by those who ai^c destined to des- 

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Qiu&>LfUiy LopuLfih, ^a9^ih ^Biu §)iSBirarQih §l/DS(j^ih g)ujo)t92br 

QpaffcSlps purred JSTiu un^ Q^iuu^etrGeiraQ gjmL^Sdrpj^m QeQanD 
tutrQiu a/rcouum'L/ sffi^sraesar Ssifi^fi/rtu Q^iuotOld eSiosp^, itrroi 

^u^ar iSatpQjearajirseSisory lli^QujitO ^Q^EtQamcstruuLLL^eBrm §jp^(^th 

AirtLi^ ^Qiff- ^(^ihiSe QairmL^^uifi^ ^cbtu^^col. ^^^js^ar^ miTQ^ 
€difiirirs(g ^sath utuLJu^K»unarjp/ atriLi^ Jf^o" dl^ihtS Giu/SoJOfifi^ 

tftfdoOcaror^pt^ Q^ir6d€iirp QupuuiLi^ffi, Sl^P& ^Qyj^tSu ^0y^ 
^uiTcavQiotiBT jpi€Siiruuir(n^ Qparir^ 

Q6t®£jra'ir - ^pi(QiSiueoi9issr\n9at^iU€iiir^ airmiswek * eO(^LDi9 
Gojjpt iLffiseoininh. 

605. Idleness, procrastination, forgeifnlnesB, and sleep, these four 
things, form the Tessel which is desired by those who are destined to 

^^. LI(^tt^flDi.(u/r/f uppesiu^ifBi aekr^pi tutf-tnent^ttJiro' 

a-Ui€s>LD €nufl/raDLD tSar&QSearpffi. inirearuajdr - QuiBdruthm ^£f 

Q^COeuth J/fLfilUlTLLp StrS^LD QpiUpS I^^CDLDuS^ ^tfilL^lh^ jfififuOoj, 

{Qfl - Li - 6»/r,) — Uif.ti.aot^ujirir - Se))Qp(ip€8VJitLfUi ^eAri:^ 

606. It is a rare thing for the idle, even when possessed of the 
riches of kings who ruled over the whole earth, to deiive any great 
benefit from it 


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(uiP - ART.) eT'^^f^'iDt^axu fi00U3L/^6O/rdar intresarL^ (ipujjbQuSi&f 
^uD* jif€uiflsip^& Q^ired0iQ^f iSpif^^stp^Q Q^rreoeirrasiuyQaj (tpi^s 

607. Those who through idleness, do not engage themselves in 
dignified excrtioD, will subject themselves to rebukes and reproaches. 

J>1% iDtf^esiUi jgj^€v>£A6E6CLL i^iiSppcsT Q^Gff^iri 

stf.e(OLD Lj^^^ eQQih. 
(ulP - cnv-) sr-r^j — iDi^Sear^ ^ares)LD ^i^eom s-GDi^iuirdt sear 

jiffis^ j)fi^iu^i^^a>LD - ^rrtpiB^S^ji/ ^ojeoQstLi^eo* ^eRQuenear^ 
uinLL^frgpiih LDi^es>Lb^(^ppB£sm at.puuiLL.€Br» 

608. If idleness take up its abode in a king of high birth, it will 
make him a slave of his enemies. 

(udP-€0>ir) cr-^j — ^Q^ojar fier LDi^iuir^m^csrcBiLDaDUJ ^ifisaQo/^ 

Qld^P^ LDi^tuirGsr^asrfi QparQafr iSps/rjreaifrBiaen'iraa' £sip(s/BQjpos>p^ 
^fiB>Q/(L^a) LDi!^\utressfQSiiL9s>(u LD/rp/S (tfiUJpSiLics>u,tu@s ^sa^QlLDekLj 

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€uifi(QPptks9efr, OffOtb - QmtL(SiuQuirih. 

609. When a man pnts away idleness, the reproach which has 
oome upon himself and his fiftmily will disappear. 

«0. LD^-uQeu/r inGaiGSTeii Qgstojjp iLt^ajetr/Sfiirar 

j^i^ajGns^/rQeffrarp^ ^jfrorir Quajjririu /Sarpffi, ^treDiuQ^arujfi 
g)cs>^A (^GDpi^ Sarpffi. €ruQun'(ip^ih eSdsaraS^searQear QpiupeSlary 

^ir/strdr eriu^ih uuucbt eh^puuiLL^^. 

610. The king who never gives way to idleness will obtain entire 
possession of (the whole earth) passed over by Him who meafiured (the 
worlds) with His foot. 

^dsfrQfUGSfs arril\aj^^irp ^fk-puuLLL^^^ Uit^QA(Bfi^fi^ir^ih eSSssr npojp 
0DiLiqes)L^^Qfiarj;ns(i^^^ fiemrfrQ^irjfia; ^^ Qpt^^fipOspp Qu(k 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

QiBiriS /Birth ^^QfltrifiZ» Qptf^^^eo) ^(a^fs^LDmyoj^esyt^QfiA-jpi 
&dBsr^^^ ^^/rai0'aou>(?a/6mr®££> - fietririr^(^is(S€ueia(Sih» Qu(g 

611» Yield not to the feebleness which sajs, *' this is too difficult 
to be done ;" labour will giye the greatness (of mind) which is necessary 
to do it. 

&.. cQ^i^^ eQSssrQssL^ Qcomhudo ^Bssra^mp 
(uiP - GDir.) cr-^, — eSBserajfrQu ^capmius' Q^iuiufr^sBLLt^a'tsiir 

ajirQpjsirQeir^' ercorufii^S^LD/Sa. §j/Sp(Q ^SBaQ^iLuuGojesorQo @mpo»tu 

eBiLt^^ ; (^fi^eo) eQSssrMm - (0<F(LJ(u^;9^£i)) Q^ffffieQ 
esUt^fiQfi^ e92s9iQdsu.€0 - Q^iueopfi(i^s9SMQaiu, ^ihueo - fftffi 

612. Take care not to give np exertion in the midst of a work ; 
the world will abandon those who abandon their unfinished work. 

(uiP - enir.) er.^, — Qpiup&QtuGfrjpf Q^treoeouuSQdrp ^ajtrisfi 

S^Ca GL£nhufr(Bj er-jy, 

Qun-Q^ar 9s>S6h.®fise^n-ar ^ua^^^p^^tunir Qpvup&a^Qsn—iunOir^ 

^isjQpQpQfUGsrjsum ^ir. ^odqj Qp^jp/uiriLi^irguth (iptupSiu^ 

SpULja 6h.pUULLu.ffim 

€^ fiEiQpjpf - tSSsoQupp^. 

613* The lustre of munificenco will dwell only with the dignity of 
laboriousness or efforts. 

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(uf •> ODflr.) er - ^y''^Qpajjb& tt9^^«o/r^fi/«Br ^usirMvUffm ^ofrmu^ 

QtjpieDLDUJirasr Qpt^ujtrQfiaru^irth. €uir&r/rmgDLDQiusiirufip(^ ^frarfrp 
iQppa St^puutLu.^* 

614. The liberality of him, who does not labour, will feul, like the 
manliness of a hermaphrodite, who has a sword in its hand. 

g)oo^ ^aC»^^fiy(n)Q/aa>. OBLeirjp/Quyeorp^ jfuQuir(^iLL^tr^ei) ^^ld^ 
dBOtuiriu u^pp^m ^ (If star /Q lurrei^'* €Taru^^§piLD/Ss» drpp^fiiro' 
miLt—irjT^ GujpimuiiLji^ir^^ ^oiir^^ ^Lo^O^uJiL/ii) ^pp^ (l/oda^ujq) 

^ssrp^esip fiOcDcpoy/rcBT ereoearuutuspi Qintu^QiJiSBrpfi^eOj sfrjrsaar^atJS 
^Sfotfiiufr^ &irf\(u^€»JS eSesytpojirdr tuff^th ertu^nQeartsruffi QupQf^u), 
®^®^ jy0o^6B>L.(uir€Br^ ibgstgsho dh^puutLt—ffi* 

u^€ts>fi, ^czot.^^- Quit AG J &M6BrjycD - (^(Q(SlUiuuirjrfi€if)/g^) 

615. He who desires not pleasure, but desires labour, will be a 
pillar to soatain his relations, wiping away their sorrows. 

Digitized by 


B9ar€iotL Lf(Q^^ «9®a>. 

gtij Qpujpj>i^^€S3Ui''^ihnpajp&u9iveoir6nLDiuir€ST^^ gjGneoiUi^ 
616. Labour will produce wealth ; idleness will bring poverty. 
^« LDtf-iListrnrGkr unTQpstf^ Oojciru tof^u9c»ir6ir 

(uiP-GDir.) 6r-^, — sflajQa^tLGBiL^ ^^q/cbt mtjLaSlcoracwrCflw fi-fio/o 
li^iij ^(Qms&r u^i^SGdir^nGJf^ (tfiUjp&^aessrQeasr ^esipiLjQLDecrjpi Q^/reo 

617. They say that the black Mdd^vi (the goddess of adversity) 
dwells with laziness, and >that L^tchmi (the goddess of prosperity) 
dwells with th<3 labour of the industrious. 

•^. QutT}S(S&r€Siuy ujiria(^Ui uififuar pfieufSik 

fiirerreB2ssr uSfsreoiUi ^ifi* 
(u(P . GDir.) cr-^^ — utu^^ ^(r^oj^frtu eS^tSleoeorrcoLD ^q^ojpfs^Lo 
ui^iun&iT^y jif/SujQ&€sar(BiDQjpGB>p^/SiB^ 6SaBarQ^!LJiu/r€BiLDQiu utfiiufr 

Ui^lUfT^ FfGPSTGSit^^ i^PP(ip€Bit^GDLDUpjSQtU UiBuuQfi^dT^n-, ^^^^ 

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618- Adverse fate is no disgrace to any one ; to be without exer- 
tion and without knowing what should be known, is disgrace. 

(uf - ODT.) er-^, — Qpiuarp eSdesr 'ufreoeuatiaiufr/D ^dt^^aj uiuBsofji 

a^ihcoiDtuirp Qu/b(7^ih. ^Q^^tfiiLiih utriptrse^ gjekcannuS^^ Q^tueuQerra 
OaSjrirffi QpojeosQeuearu^ sq^^^, 

aj6ff€^fi(f^iD [uirifia'sirjfi.'J^ 

619. Although it be said that, througb fate, it cannot be attained, 
yet labour, with bodily exertion, will yield its reward. 

so. psil^\fi^ Qpuuisa mtrmu Q^S&icQdrfS^ 

^^eSciaSp Bdartu/rj^ dlSearcDiuflf /girtpsup (ipiu^^^irir, er^jpt. 

fiiry^ejj^fi^eo - @ifi^&iSigifihf fi/e9 (tp^cSuj ^/SfieSgpfth, Q^iueSsp/iii 

Ofituat^fiirar g)(8s«cnra//Bgyti} (tfioJpS fSlL^puired^eatQp^uffi Qjeooj 
(tp^irjpiun'tLL^trgpiiEi ^SupuuiLi^^* 

«DiLftL|ii), ^uuisEisirmuff-^i^peiairenrui', $L.S$0€^^6irfS - (^^^ 

620. They who labour on, without fear and without fiainiiDg, will 
see even fate (put) behind their back. 

Digitized by 


» ■»-<' 

^oo/Sfr^^ flOSnTttScBTAflv Qpiuedot/rarj Q^iUQi^^trar^Sj QuirQt^ 

(uiP - 6DT.) er-^j — 90a/ar eBSsarujirp p€or^@(Bssesar OiQ^iSu.^^ 
^jSDSifiuJirffi 8l€zvu)3^s; jifoidlSsa^^ GLDdfrGiD^u.jrQjeoei^ ^th 

60&Br ^eSlffiQpu^e^ifi Sstp/buiredjgiriu u>@ip^&GS)!u ^^pQan^Qtu 
^(Bdsm ^(j^Qjtfid: 0^aJtu(?Q/, jy«/6Br ji/ifieS^Br/S ineorQojQp^Siuv^ 

621. If troubles oome, laagh ; there is nothing like that, to press 
npoQ and drive away sorrow. 

(uiP-a>ir«) €1'^ j^-^Qoj&reinhQufreos a€SifnSieoQJtnu §}(Bthcs)uaQarGi^ 
9dfnh ^fi^mL^iuQidr fldrg^&rm'^fifreifr ^mpSeer SSeorss, jif^^Sexr 

/fi3i9r^;7fii€rrfi9(7eu, 0«®m - Q^iLQuQurih^ 

622. A flood of troubles will be overcome by the (coorageoas) 
thought which the minds of the wise will entertain, even in sorrow. 

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iBsoQiir unTAcSi^, ^OuyesKja Q(Bii)eB>u tJBuu QnGir^ir, euQfjS&srp uniL t^sr 

623. They give sorrow to sorrow, who in sorrow do not suffer 


ff*. it^(hi^^€urr QiU(s\)€)}frLCi usL^^h^ ^pp 
e9®«5« ensfli—nruuiT ®api— ^^. 

««ffl060<?060/rLb, LJ65®^6i5T@)6Jr-(£J6Mrz{i.«Daj ^ap^^^Q&^io^a^) 

^pp - jycj)/— /5^ S)®s«s56wr - ;^&sTULnfTGa^^ ^L^iruufT® - ^/r 
(Jew ^Gfruuu®^2so^ s-sj)/_^"^ - a-ODi-UJ^/riL. 

624. Troubles will vanish [i. «., will bo troubled] before the man 
who (struggles against difficalties) as a bnflalo (drawing a cart) throngh 
deep mire. 

®* c^®^3 Qi/fl^ in^€Qei>ir ^pp 

^®is €8sf)®&StL U®a^, 
mmdi Q^kiLuirQ fifit-zr^/rew a.;&^ eSKB^ae^i^trih ^(Sa^aesSQco uiKBuQufrmy 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^©eu^^QLjydrQr^ir* ^i^QQiear§^m sinreaaruQutuir a/r/f?aj^^59rCLo eSotrp^' 

625. The troubles of that; man will be troubled (and disappear) 
who, however thickly they may come npon him, does uot^abandon^(his 

«T, ^pQpQua&r peoeop u(BiuQe^(r QupQpQu^Ssr 

Q^ffu^H^ Qpp(fff fi€uir^ 

(uiP-enT.) €T''^y'^eujp/€SiLD6isn'eo^^ luirth eufiiu LDfrvSQeorQu^jpt Uiear 
^^irp ^vuQF^tpuuQjriTf Q^peooj&streo^^ g)^ QupQpQtudrjpi ^w^^'Sbo 
ttJ/Sajir^iriTj sr^jp/^ 

Quppojifi ^Qj^GSiLD QiBfraQ ^ppcjifitL^Ca ji/uu^j^ ^u.irpn-a€Sfir, ^00 
eoputrt^&iSso tuiruSipjpim ^^^)P QuiTQ^efi^csHinuirsfr ^ujfip(S) jt/tfiiuaaHD 

(O^ - Li - sj)/r.) — Q upQpih ^esrj^ - (^Qe^eoeuisireo^^) 
g)^ QupQpQu^&fTj^^ pthi^^ii) - &-(oe\)iru^Q^iufi2eo^ Q^p(trf 

Qaju^iriBQ^Qindtjpif j^&ie^io u®uQ€Utr - inssr^^Q)Q&) ^dtr 

626. Will those men ever cry out in sorrow, *' we are destitute/' 
who, (in their prosperity,) give not way to (undue desire) to keep their 

&& Q&fr&reairir jff/SajGSiL^tumT ^ er^jpi* 

enjgi^ ^(Bii£iQ5^u - ^GfTUuxirSluj eufr^s(^^ ^^isih eresrjptf-^^ 

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627. The great will not regard trouble as trouble, knowing that 
the body is but the butt of trouble. 

^. ^^uih eQGs>iptuir efS®iJies)u u9iaj&)Qu^uii&>T 
jpiesTu Qpjptfi edev69r. 

s0&arajfr«b g)(&Lb«PLi ertu^^io ^uje<jQu€orjpi Qfie^,i^(iyljuiraTj ^&rQpujfi}& 

^Gsru^Oip ^GSitfiuSg^thf 0BuDGS)U€Diu uSujcoQuor ^^ &iT^a>^s(rf^^gpithj 
jc/aruLD tSBairfB^idry ^(^^jr€BSi(B^ Q^FtuiuirptrSear^ ^druQpjpi^eo gjeoQesidr 

628. That man never experiences sorrow, who does not seek for 
pleasure, and who considers distress to be natural (to man). 

(dmu Qpjpi^ eSeueer. 
(uf -ODV*) €r-^y'-~€SBsonutrp pm&Qdruiii ai^ifi Jif^^ lugpiUcSiuir 

(Q^-u-SD/r.) — ^esrufis^ea - (^eBhssrS^Qeo) ^muu^ €uib 

629. He does not suffer sorrow in sorrow, wbo does not look for 
pleasure in pleasure. 

so, ^ear^GSiin vSi&sru QtaGiTAQsfre^ ^Q/fi^eJr 

Digitized by 


(uf-enir.) er-^j — ^0€i;«9r ^dsarQ^iuo^ iSl^^^ Qpajp&iutr&a ^(tfS 

ua>a,6iJiT ibGsr(^ in^^^^p Qa>^eufriu ^ujna^& u^&srL^fnh, er-^, 

^GiTu.i^rrgiiiih ^ijSiTd>Qujiou^^& mes^a^imtu uyssr^^esn^ S&ipeijQ^fra' 

eDLCUJL^Ua ^^p (^UlTUJQpia 9i.puUtl.L^€St* 

630. The elevation, which even his enemies will esteem, will be 
gained bj him, who regards pain as pleasure. 

^ !SI m qS lU ^. 

QpenpiurrQesr ^irSiu&o iBt^fT^^^p&eeer ^skppQ&irdfrjpi ^Ssxriuir 
oj 4yaa«ai/ft6fr ^^p6*ir@jjb\)L^ (Lpuu^^jreaan^^difrjr^^rrp sfi-jptQinQest^^^^ 
QafreSsr^y ^GSieuojirp^'&r^th ^frojp ^fr&ir(B esi^^^p&essr ^oj^ir^p Bhssr 
turrtu jifCSHLS^a^sai ^lu^ui^ u^^@d,(r jr^fitrp ek.jr^wnGsr Q(j7ji^isj@f Qp^pchasr 

eh^ LD. ^^ — ^aoiD^^. 

^^pQ&>pp a>n'eOQpLD, «sy^ Q^tua^unrjpiihf jifOjoifrp/Sp QdFtiJiuuu(Bih ^qj 

(^LO/r^ii ^u.isiS&ir» S/Siu QpiupStufTp Quifiiu uiuar pQ^QjQ^exfruirir, ^'Qij 
fi5)^Oaj6sr(2^ff-, ^os>qj GDiuis^daa nth Q;i-„^«o/r/r Loi^F^pp stasQiDdru* 

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QpCtly Q^iUGTi^lHU^ - (jgfj^) Otf=tL/lLjai eB^QpLL^ Q^SFUJlLjii «^(2) 


631. The minister is one who can make an excellent choice of 
means, time, manner of execation, and the difficalt undertaking (itself.) 

(u - CRT.) €T'^—^ eSiSssr Qe-iu^fiseSsr ^GS)6PGSI^GS)tj[>tLiLh, ^/^s^a 
An^^^ihj S^jprvodJSsa^ apjpiir Qa=^iu&j€a[ fieSnojeor aj/S^£^ihf Qptu/tSu^th 

Snsra f^u^uiSpuLfuy ^^Ssar QajafL^^s^f^irp ^fr^^^^QLD&sru L'@u£J/r(5L0, 
QGsr^u^dsrsr (Lppjpiijaes>Ljbu Qun-Q^L^n aQiLjib, ^L^QiUGfru^oesr j^^Qutujira 

632. The minister is one who in addition to the aforesaid fire 
things excels in the possession of firmness, pLX)tection of subjects, clear- 
ness bj learning, and perseverance. 

fip iS/fi^sQeueSifft^p iSifi^fi^ihf ^liu/rso/reD/r jya/fr iSSajfrLDp Q^itgol^ g)«r 
tunuy^ ^ppojuntufi^frp dCWL-uLSfjt^^jjjKi ^/fliuQ;/r^(?@49^ eutrtXsoQ^Mr 

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633. The minister is one wbo can effect discord (among foes), main- 
tain the good-will of his friends and restore to friendship those who have 
seceded (from him). 

(u - €»»■.) cr-^, — ^0 6iinfiiu^Q^iueFis usooj/rp^p Q(n^^/Sdr jyo/^ 

jDi^ ^€ssf)6kfi9pa^ui cuesysQ^n &)e\)^LD^ eue\)€»^ - 6ue\)e^6uQ6eT^ 

634. The minister is one who is able to comprehend (the whole na- 
tnro of an undertaking), execute it in the best manner possible, and offer 
assuring advice (in time of necessity). 

^pesTjSib^ir&j QpiTdpS^ ^2esisr. 

(uiP'ODir*) CT-^,— jyir«?*@l^ Qa'iLiiULju(Bu3 ^pda^BaiufSts^ ^cttaC* 
pp fii^iuiT cfSesipiB ^ss)LD/B^ Qa^nedSBO il^l^iu^o^ €Tdi&trGO^^ih eSiSmr O^ 
luiLji^pBiaBsir ajfimfiirar ^oip^^ @^^®;J5 ^&Barujinji^ er-jpi* 

^^esrjT^eir ^Q^Qtu fBtreQ^^uy Qu(ffjStu aireop^Lo ^iGS>L^£dsjririu «/r60 

Digitized by 


gOuj/tGou) iQGDpib^GSiu^fb^^ G)«F/r^€\)/r60T - Qdc/rJcSso tLifini—tuew 
@S, 6r(^^.T6Wj3/ai - QT/S/s/rsTfl^ii, ^p&iT - Q^trLSeoQ^iuini 

635. He is the best helper (of the king) who understanding the 
(duties) of the latter, is, by his special learning, able to tender the fullest 
advice, and at all times conversant with the best method (of performing 

luirenerr Qp&freSp uGneu. 
(uiP - Llir.) GT'ffii — @ujp€Si.'£(uiT@uj jpSKfressr/SmQiJ: Qa^tupoiatuirQaj 
^^so/SQ6urr(B ^CDi^iujrrraj ^eB>LD^^ira,Q^ iSa4£jpLJjfia!>fiiLjes>L^iu ^tp^Ssieinr 

LoQ jplLuQudotu^ t3drQuifrtfiS2BOfuio* ^^ Q^tuonB^jr Qeuckr^^eQeir 

jpiLuQuiGBtu^Q^fB Q^fTMjp* QpAetfippco imp(nr^ff^Cfi6'&ujfr&ar fBiQ^ui 
s^SiufT&d ^i^fuiTjp Sppeo* g)699 jtf^gpuLuQLDsorj;)! utruQiDir^j ^^^fSigpuL 
uih iufrQQjdrjp/€B>{ruuir(7^Qp&rir ; jyo/zr ^y^^&iOesni^ij (ifidt^LLi^utJBtu 
Q^irar/SeOtOfresHruLju:), eriKBuQuiuir ^s^frQpQrpuppeui^ ^^ojirjpt fBeoeoir 
€DunLf u)/SiB^eoir» ueD^seua- (^^Qj&reup^op^ ^mD/Sm^ ^ifi^^ jifeujrfi/B/s 
tfiturrfi^eur fiir^^y^oiQirdfu^ &Qr^fi^. ®«^^)^ J^ffffi &puL{^ a»^puu 

636. What .(contrivances) are there so acute as to resist thoiBO 
who possess natural acuteness in addition to learning. 

67. Q^tupanes oj/Siijss sani^^^ (ip€\)Sfl 
(uf - cnir.) er-^i—jpsTQesr/Siuirdr cSSssfQ^FiuiLim ^paadar uj/Si5/geSi^ 

€s>&uj/SQJirp uiueist 6n^(U^irjpl* 

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637. Tliongli you are acquainted with the (theoretical) methods 
(of performing an act), understand the ways of the world and act ac- 

(uiP-flnir.) OT-^, — ^/Bi^ Qa^ireoc^turrjr^ ^,<Sgs>qjilj iDi^^ffiy ^ira^ 

j)f/SQtusaru^ Qp^G^dso^^iri^pQutuit* Qan-psO'^irda' Q^Bir&i&rirGDtnQui 

d,a>fr&d ^€iim ^jsti^QiU'ij^p (^p^m^ fi-60«yf ^estQuJ^eopj^u^mut^k ^ 9t.p^ 

ujrru9^th^ (^^k(QppQ(birmQ^ Gs^seQi—n la&ri'S S-^^ - (jfir^gpi 

638. Although the king be utterly igaorant, it is the duty of the 
minister to give (him) sound advice. 

^». LJ(l^Q/S6Wr^jy Ui/6jS/flu9^ USA^^lL Ql-.Q/(7iSU/r 

erQpu^Qstn^ Qiudrp^ iBdiuueoeuirtu QeuessresSp Qi£n&trjpi siriLipju 
€ij(rjpi* QsuG^uuL^(Sppeo(r^ eSyca//r ^fra^uiJBQjn'j ©fiucir ^LiljuesiSBiuirtu Sp 
psoirp arrasuUL^rrQesrstru^upjSf ^weufr£)t 3n^^)iTm €TQ^u,^iG&at^jjiL-ei(^ 
iB&iisdQ/iarjpiGS>auun'(tyhj erQ^u^^fujpt ^BsoQfusarjpt uirL^QLotr^QiirQ^Qpeirir' 

{QfB ' u ^ 65>/r.) — uis^^etr - us^ji^SQi^i^, ^Q^^ 

639.\^Far better are seventy crorea of enemies (for a king) than a 
minister at hi? side who intends (his) ruin. 

-^ Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

(uiP • en IT.) er^^y^Qs^ajiuutJBih eS^esra^ Qp^ ^SDL-OfUL^Qeu&jrcsJI 

^s3h^jp/uirujrQ/€ar euisfi eu/s^ eSeat^^^siL'^ ^pp Qwpp u^sfnruijS 
m^ Q^tu^gfinhj ^a/s QsSsrcstiiajjrtr^jSfiiLDn'ih. i^iaytpiuirLo Qeo^&iressr ^^yeojiruu 
oDa/^^Lo Q^Ftu^ QpL^^SLDaiLL^fTQi^ (LpetrGiratfru^iTLD. §j€S>6ijuSjr€a9i(9un'LLf^ir 

(O^ - L/ - GD/r.)— Q€FUJiUULJ®/B ^ fl tfi io sZsiT ^ ^pUUlT®- 

{^rtpLf^^fispQ^pp) &h^jpiuir(d^ ^&)fffieufr - ^e^edir^euHr^ Qpesip 

640. Those miuiaters who are destitafce of (executive) abilifcy will 
fail to carry oat their projects, although they may have coutrived aright. 

^h® a>. ^^. Q^neoeum^LD, 

l OOiJQO r ja w 

eoQ^Gsrp^tcsrQiu SpuLiuup/S ^fi^^a>[rHiSl&rpea)LDuS^^ gjoo^^LDa-^^tSi^ 

G^fftTGff lBtriB€oQlD€ar£)t SpULSp^J:Q^tr&0&>Uu(Bui /SGOpQS^tJL^GDL^UJjnrfitO^ 

iB/r€uiT^6n'jstnu /seoQiDssr eSifftLfUi. ^!b/£6\)U) ^eos^oap^ ^ilmnu^/s^irs 
Gsfgn itsiQeardg-jpithf iSp/rs(^ih §},^iQun'p @p/B^jp tSI/SQetfrmunuirdfr ^medUi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

641. The possession of that goodness wbich is called the goodness 
of speech is (even to others) better than any other goodness. 

eFtt ^Ei&esiih<Bipnuip Guirp/Ss srr^Sj €T^jpi» 

Qa^neosdtr^ Q^truL\esiinupfiSi jif^^Q&oek^rfir. Q^uuiLjeirncieQafry efiUBCiQuiuo' 
(ipGsreui^^' iSlpnr O^iriTsfiuirediT^ ^uSnstlQ^eoeM-ih ^(7^^£i/(^60/r«}j 

Q^eetuffi sk,puuil.L^j^m 

642. Siooe (both) wealth and evil resnlt from (their) speech, 
ministres should most oarefnllj guard themselves against faultiness 

(uf-oxr.) er - ^^^oiLLuirGiupjpisQssir^&rL^wsxru iS^>p 
i5i€Bdl&(^Ei ^ezTBJisdstr jyo/zrcD LopoDpu u€S)sajniu ^pjptitQaneir&nr^irqF^ 
iS&xr ^uu€s>sGs>Li^tun ifi/Bjp oftLiSISstir eO^usqu) a^obrcger^ QdFneoenuL/B&iG^ 

tD(t^uuujarp(^jS5Q€o^/S€Deu (ip^G0irttSl6srm j^ajpes>p lueuireii^eoneu^ Qa^ireo^^ 
eutrek (^fS^^eBfOonuA/S Gojjpf jp€Ksr^€Psr irs^L^Qajn & Qsiireiruet/p/SarQm 

^uuGstesnn Qion jfieuQ^^gfui^ ^(r^esnoGtun® ^jGsnuiufrGDLD GfBrrA@p/Seoa', §}^ 

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«3ar, ^ojniu . ^suireQ^ Qa>€irfr(r^ui - (usppuuenaujirtij) ^p^^ 

643. The (minister's) speech is that which seeks (to express) ele- 
ments as bind his friends (to himself) and is so delivered as to make 
even his enemies dedire (his friendship). 

^^^p&€i&rfTQi€ai (^^iSlpui-i, siideS^ ^QpMii, Q^peosuih, ^(^wth, u(n} 
«/ QLoeifruesrwp^n^Gfr euQ^ ^(^^Q€ujpiuir(Be&r, ^ejpesiptufi&^ Qsptreog^^eotr 
fi/^ jt/QjpQj/p pLDSt^ih jifojirs^ Qp&reuntu ^ pp^^n Cp^^iaa tufi&jp ^ojeuih 
iDjTunp Q^FfT&o^^&o. ^oo^ ^GO0^^Q^ir QL^nLLL-QeuirQpsdsoiLjih ^^esananu 
a^th uiu^^cSdr jifp^/iSpjp/, ^ejsnifiiuQpi^^fieS^ QutTQijeirn'aSpjp/, ^psath 

O^/r«0%0, ^pm - {^fiij^(LpGnL-\uek\u^ QatLun (r^eni^iuofui ^esr) 
^fBeJfiesf 9SSL\k(Q - j^uui^ Q&^ire^i^flp^ Qu^puL-L^^ jifpSPi*^ 

644. Understand the qualities (of your hearers) and (then make 
your speech ; for, superior to it, there is neither virtue nor wealth. 

iSf^ficd^ ^jS/Q^ Q^iifooff^ Q^Firm^s Qoidru^inh* gj^ffiu iSi^Q^frirQiFir^ 
(wenojiT&nu^p Qs^ir&j^&QoiGsr jpia>nuun(r^(Lpeirn'» g)^ Qa^npQuirQ^il^ear 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

645. Deliver jonr Rpeecli, after assuring yourself that no counter 
speech can defeat your own. 

LLfrL-Qu9&fT Lb!re=p(fff!r Q^irerr. 

Ssafs QaircksrQL^frifi^^i} ^esuna^^tu^iL (^ppiDfbqr^ff^ ^«a^L/, er-jpt* 

tSipirQa^irpa^iL (s^ji)p(LpGtTeDfTjjSg»fh ^eaeu QiBir&@ iiSstpnQirfirufittih* 

^5^= 0^/r^^/^) Qs'treoSsftt^^ uiUGsrQaiTL^&i - Li<L/&Br«Q«/r«Hr 
Oefi®^^, inirtLSiiQeo - (^Loib^ifl) ^eos^essrji^id^ tx^trmjiipqrfllr^ 
(QppuhppeujT^^ Qsir^iT - ^esSe^^ 

646. It is the opinion of those who are free from defects in diplomacy 
that the minister should speak so as to make his hearers desire (to 
hear more,) and grasp the meaning of what he hears himself. 

QsueoeuirfiecSbo QoJGau^nih* 

a»^srru i9pir&(Dap&) Qe^ireo^jsci) 6u&06U6i/@S> (S^irn'686CGn-(^j)f 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

647. It is impossible for any one to conqner him by intrigne who 
possesses power of speech, and is neither faalty nor timid. 

QdPtr»)QJ€ar^ iD/Sijfi ^uiQpcDpQtu moj^^^ Qj^tS^ir^^ - G4£tl.uir irdiSi^uui 

up/Bu Qu/EiQGarea(i7^rr. f^eat^ia G&tLi^tO'^pjpiiiQ&nL^&o, g)«j>a; oSjrcaarO 
utTLLL^irg^LD jif^&jirp(j7^p Q^pneo^^t}) oj&oeotrjr^ ^puLja ofupuuiLi^^' 

648. If there be those who can speak on varions snbjects in their 
proper order and in a pleasing manner, the world would readily accept 

(\a9 - eaw^)€r'^i'—^^ppiDppeaF€ii!nu^ Seoeunxj ojirir/iasy^a^sa' jifojoiir 
p(^p Qo'iri^j^^dso tu/SiiunfiiTir ugoqjitiu euirir^asi^s^^ Q^tT(B^^a^Q^nvot^ 

(^ppth^QLopQ^FireocSitu ^caarisjail^ LDjru^&oujiraSeBr, §)€s>L^€Si^n'jfi 

{QifS - o - Gn/r.) — usn&r ^pp - {^ppLnppGSieuaemriu, &ei)m 
&s\)euir@ULJ 6Uirir^Gfifi&2str^ O^/reoeoeo - (j^^6i;6S)d;tu/r^) 0^/reo 

aZs^t^ Q^Fire^e^ - Qfiir(B^^dFQ^irAi€0^ srrQpjDjeuIr - eQQEthLfeunir, 

649. They will desire to utter many words, who do not know how 
to speak a few faultless ones« 

AO. ^i^ssr^ip^^ /Bn'(ff Lci€0jr2esr\u!r app 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Quired ^irds^di spjpiesi^^^^ Qs^iredeointnLL^n ^ti it k^c^Qmuui^it Gneor 
posujniSeifr f Qj^ Q^irifi^^^iahnujna^pjpi* g^ss)Qj tSiir€ov(BuRu.u.n^ua jy^ 

{Qfi'-u^Gnir.) — spp^ - spp^&i&Zsir^ ^cB8rj''»(i9pa^) jfjQ 

650. Those who are unable to set forth their acqairements (before 
others) are like flowers blossomiag in a claster and jet without fragnmce. 

Jtfoo^freujfi QsPiuiuuiJBih eS^a^ QurrQfp&rtusar/S j)fp(tpih LjSQ^uy 
pOiUitiSGsrj g}^ Q^nioQ/draiLouSai iSieor moiMuutlL^^. 

(uiP • ODir.) «r-^^— ^(j^0y^5(s^^ ^dnpfiujfi isAfSnn QspeoeuQuna'arpSEsr 

Geumi^ajQeueo^ir Qioearpffi g)a)a)Lotf tf «»- ^pih Qunq^eff^Au Qpigedfruj 

^AsorxaresHXiuSgiiEi aQ^^uiJBLD eSBssinstraiLD Spe^Q^esr eSSBer^^ojesnD 
iUffi SpuLf^ sh^puui'i.^m 

{Q/S5 - Li - 65>/r.) — ^SesartBeoua - (^Qgeu^i^) ^ZessrSesr^ 

^Lo; gS^/560£L - Q^irffieSetr^ mesremtj^ojirstsr^^ Qeuessrif^iuerio 

651. The efficacy of support will yield (only) wealth; (bat) the 
efficacy of action will yield all that is desired. 

(b&ffjS uiueuir eQSssr. 
^p(ipih utuQjfTfi «fiSrar«Snr jy<d>UMF^/fag; . eri^neo^j^ GlLontfifg^Q^eir 

Digitized by 


^3h-Lo. jffQ. efiSear^^iLiGnLa. «lO/k- ^^-^ . 

652. Ministers shonld at all times ayoid aofcs which, in addition to 
fJAme, yield nu benefit (for the fotare). 

Qs(B^p(3^e sBtrjreBsrLDfriu eSSnsreDOja' Qepoj^'Bso^ ^eBrr&j er^jpt. 

Sarp^. ^^-^-^nQpetr mireo^^ €T&0€Oirjrir§piUi iB^(QLD@a&uu(B^€0, Qs^iuQtu 
drsmh Qp^ci^dso^QjsirifipQuiun' infrppuuiLu.^. ^i^/Sii^ Qs^iueSiSsaQtueiff 
fifi^^Q«/?a)« tuir&QtuGuifiu QutiQ^e/t^esiLD^fia* QsB OtfL.a/00;^ «^^tf 

sirjrsssrtnirQiu, eQ&sr - Qfsir^fiZsd^ Q^tu - 0.?^uj^2w, ^^eMQeueifr 

653. Those who say " we will become (better)" shonld avoid the 
performance of acts that wonld destroy (their) fame. 

(of - €»».) €T'^, — ^niBBsAtstiiQeo uL-.eufBspnh, j^/jp ^/r/spQutrQr^Q 

u^L^fUirtr^ ST'jpi, 

€Taj^pu(reo^AQpdru^u,ui ^ooQfiiu^^^ih vuQffu^ ^QfPwAu^n^LO 

(Qfi . u - 6J)/r.) — /5®«(g5 jfpp-'j^Qn^euppt €SiiC-&uj€un-^ 

u.6U{B^LDj (j>i^ ^a^pQtJnq^iL®)^ ^eSeuifi Qa^uijujiTir ^ ((Lp^ 
Qa^aj^eu!r^(Q)^\fiG^euibfiQfi!Hfieo^2isa^ Qe^iUiunUr ^Q^iutuu^inL 

654. Those who have an infallible judgment though threatened with 
peril will not do acts which have brought disgrace (on former ministers). 

Digitized by 



®. CffbQp^ fSjria(^6u OdFtuiujbai Qs'iueuirQeareir 

ojojirQ^n ifi^&) ibGsrjpij er^jsit^ 

uajeS&neoeta Qd=iuQ6ar(n/Q6or6areiiu)f ^eerui^esHu^ fsuQeer ^pjp&Gaqr^esrest 
uS^cr ^GDQj GunvOQjesrof^ Qa^\uiuaa>Ln ibmQpesru iS/x^irv^eoirCa ^a>ajup 

655 Let a minister never do acta of which he would have to grieve 
sftyifig, " What is this I have done !*' ; (but) should he do (them), it 
were good that he grieved uot. 

(u(P-flnir.) GT'^, — ^^Bsau utuiB^iren-^ u&gshu ^jpiesunuLjn p &€&s t^ 

u&iunear ^(jf^jfiQioecSso^sear ^ujesrueoeii^ Qa^tu^iraSsfsih L\pi^(Tf^QA»€ar 
lujrir^^LO iBor^ LD^MpuiT®(Lpes>L^tu jyoxiMFae/r^ QAtu^iresujiupfip §jQt 

Qs^UJOJpibQ&i&fru^ ^Ih^pUUL-L^Jp* 

(^Q/B - u - €a)/r.) — FFAf(frf(sa - (gjiTjoiwr fidr&ar) Qupp 
^), ^n-&7(S(rffir u^i^ia - (^^^eurrio) iQ^aypfiQ^irlr uy9<F^tb, 

Digitized by 


€v3h - LL, mS. ^Sssr^^lUGS)U). A-O® c^^S^ 

656. Though a miQiBter may see his mother starve, let him do no 
act which the wise would (treat with oontempt). 

er. uiBu^SeoiB Q^uj^iu euirisfi^jb ^'tresiQirffir 
(uf -€0111.) ^nesiir^frir ^tudlSssfoSBfrffQa^tu^ ^JS^&P uifissxu^ ^th 

667« Far more excellent is the extreme povei*tj of the wise than 
wealth obtained by a heaping up of sinfal deeds. 

(ulP • ADV.) cr-^^ — ^Qe^irn- At^^ cfl&FVAgbr^V fifrQpa atpjiQ^/rifi 

^th - (j^Q^euifiujrrio) Qpi^fi^tr^in^ i?GD^-(i96or) ^^aufiesijs^ 

668. The actions of those, who have not desisted from doing deeds 
forbidden (by the great), will, even if they sneoeed, oanse them sorrow. 

i9puius(Q iBpuir e\)GSi€u. 


Digitized by 


esatLDntu eSSntrseo' ^lueoLf dk./SiuQjtr^ii. 

^^mOi sirmn^ creoenrij^ - (t9/D/f) ^tfS«««Q«/r«Rj7-i__ Quir^ea 

659. All that has been obtained with tears (to the Ticttm) will de- 
part with tears (to himself) ; bat what has been obtained by fair means, 
though with loss at first, will afterward yield frnit. 

(uiP-Gnif.) 6T-^, — ^GSiLD&'a^eer ^tueSSfsrsetr/rp Qurr(r^u€s>L^^^ jy^ 

(ipsir .gjtffiu) uttJuuesrQurrpG(i7^arjSu tSdrearf^oJ uius^eoneOy ^€S>qi 
a'e^LD€BruUL-L^€or* ^LDLDn/r^^Qeo^u^ ^innir^^Qeoait(n^Spjpi : ^m^m^iu 
eaL.iuuuoBrQit^Qeo^pQjn'jpi. @)0/5^;ff®3 - Qfs(Btsisn€OLS([^uua'Qa:iu^&o. jfjr 

Gim^f ^^p^ uiQtp^Qcfdasrjpfth, ^/FgjujpOparu^p(^ os>eu^fisn'pOun^ 

tSl€0^a€serAQ^n(B LDirjptOaiTL^oi GiBirsQpfiedn-* ^€S)eu iBtr€or(y^§^ 

(^fiP(S) srruLf&^Q^tu^fl(^® Ot-./ri(5ii. 

660. (For a minister) to protect (his king) with wealth obtained 
by foul means is like preserving a vessel of wet clay by filling it with 

jifiS^o^nw^ jif^JSTOJ eS&sr Qpi^uuirgns^ G€um(Bajfifrtu uMtr^^earmiOm 

Digitized by 


^CDsutLjUi ^^py^ QeueksriBeijearQjntu ^eof LorraeSiafr LDp€S>pujQQJ€srjpjLh^ Qeueear 
i^Saih ^(^o^voeui^u uajGHsoeufraeQfb ilipQei^jpiiEi dfu/S^ir* §}^Q)&) eSlSnsr 
^QiLuu^iTOJ^ ^earesrO^dffu^ ^rupuuiLt-^. 

661. Firmness in action is (simply) one's firmness of mind; all 
other (abilities) are not of Ibis natnre. 

a., gim(ol(rffjrir ^ppi9 Q^€\)^frGS)Ln iBsu^jresati^ 

^Qp&fTu jTirujii^euir Q^iria. 
(uP - 68) IT.) er-^, — Qpm S^'jufTjrntufB/s ^esm^^jr^ ^es^Lj uQp^ 
l/Bld cSSfvraidsaa^ Q^ujajaesninL^iDf Qs^uiiu^tli^lSEsr Q^tuoj^/strp uan^uiLLjeuiB 

G^Q/ira^Lo ^^jrira^ih ^osuD^Sru ^€SBrL- eSiuntfi Qeu€rTsP.<j:6tr^ ^GsSii^ 

^ppiSQeareorjpiihf ^^j^/rekn^^ataorQeoar utLuJoifiGsrun ir ^jreczri^^^fipear 
Qtudirga QiDsmG^iSA ^ir€BsrQLjGBr^& Qfin'aD&Qujir(Bui ^GS>uJiuirG5>LD ^qj 

^jTirio - Qs'ULJUJiTGsytnLiLOy S-ppiQeh - (Qd^uuiLiiQ^frffiio ^ai^ 
^(d6v) u(lp^ul-l^6Ql-^^^ gjffo^/ranm - (-^#<2;/d@) ^errjrtr 

662. Not to perform a rninons act, and not to be discouraged by 
the rninoas termination of an act, are the two maxims which, the wise 
say, form the principles of those who haye investigated the subject. 

AS., ^<3s>i—AQ&n iLsi^ Q&'iufi&s jsamresiLa uQcsyL-sQaiT lLQ 

Qestpdff eQ(LpLnib ^(Tgih, 
(uf-.<0)ir.) er^^, — Qe^iuutJBui eSBsarasiiu Qpi^eSarsiL L(€i>uu(BLDates>a 
Qfi^Qetsf&oeoirth inesyp^^di QsFtuei/Qp ^LLuLonof^ ; jtimEjeaw^fi @€9>l. 

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Quj L/«)uu®Lo/riiStfgr jfULjeiuuifiB Q^ajtrrsss^ Sa^irfi gjfBthoHjesHusi Qait 

oitu 6Sl60d^(^&o^ Q^tueunBsar €Seo^(^fivo Q^iueujrrra^^ , ^eup(n^€sr &>(r^€S!» 

/^^(T^eirQe&rffOev/ni u^esipps^) Qa^iueuQ^^ ^o»rfij>:r> - eueBtufr 

663. So to perform an act as to publish it (only) at its termiDation 
is (tme) manliness ; for to announce it before hand, will cause irreme- 
diable sorrow. 

(uf - 6»ir-) cT'^^f'^iuinh g)Q/fifi3FWfis>(u §jQjQ/irp(rr^p QsFiu^^iQuyar Sjr 

Q^iTtM^fi&o^ Q^iuQcoeBTUGor ^(r^tlGuiuff* jffi(Ljmfp€s>p QtumestSla^a^ir 

(Qfi - L/ - 65>/r.)— QtfF/rJo^^sf A) - (@^0;a?/r|^&) g)Q/6ff^^ 

664. To say (how an aet is to be performed) is (indeed) easy for 
any one ; bat far diffioalt it is to do according to what has been said. 

^pffQpiu^ iLfenetru lj(8lo. 
(uf - cniT') ST''ffi^'--'^9sar€Ssr ^^trp SpuQuiu^u iSpdSlsdsacariseirr 

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^GOii^fb^^ lAirdsfL^nir - (£/>/DaDp9tt96U6Sd6«sfrak76serr/r^a^) unnlS 
enuMJuiLi^ miB^S\&€fr^^ eQSssr^^iLuLa - Qfiirj^ei) eu^esiu^iuar 

665. The firmness in action of those who have become great by 
the excellence (of their ooansel) will, by attaining its falfilment in the 
person of the king, be esteemed (bj all). 

(iJiP-€nflr.) cr-^,— ^/rQtDttj^ crdaresSiaj QutrQ^ere Qetr&oco/reupeDptLiu> 
jf^jQ^€83f esfiujQjirQp STiu^Qjirf creitresifiujQjff ^f€up/Sp(Q ojiruSieoffQuj fifiSrsr 


(0^ - L/ - «o/r.) — €TGsarai^iuntr - (^^Oi-f/rdgSsir ^esiU-\u) 

ujtrQiu Q^a-^JSeSu./i^) eueSenu^iLiGHL^tu^tr au Qup(^i\)^ ere&r 

666. If those who have planned (an undertaking) possess firmness 
(in execating it), they will* obtain what they have desired even as 
they have desired it. 

(uf - a>ir.) er-^f — ^qF/mir S^p QuX\iu (ifiirB(g jif&^&tar&mr s^es^ 
Quires eSSosrsMM ^cGsr^aSliuiresHr iLjmL^^jn ft.«>stb^ ^/f^^ ^fiia»/r ojt^ 

SjMGSUDy €f4n&nFWi£Q^€ssr(B Qinaru^^^th, 9L<am>LD(Uir^ihy Qup^ti* 

LD^. ^ffi Qjt^.Qjtrp S/S/£nS(i^Q^ Qutfiajufrjr^esi^a QMo€Bor(Btus^ ^iL 
tj(LpBSH^^ffi Sfj^unoo, Qji^jQin-p SfitujnrtiSdydQ^ Quiftaj eS&tsr&^a Qdkir 

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667. Let none be despised for (their) size; (for) tbe world has 
those who resemble the liDoh-pin of the big rolling car. 

^a&ii &if.fb^ Q^tui\}» 
(uf - a>r.) tfr-^, — meerm O^e^i^ Qa^ujoifiirs^ ^evSli^ ^SaruSeor 

668- An act that has been firmly resolved on most be as firmly car- 
ried ont without delay. 

(uiP - cnir.) CT-^, — Qp^paoser QLntuLDQptupSuJirp pLD&(^^ ffiehuth 
GiBtiMtr^ iB^tL\fiS^l€SiL-{u utf^^^^LDeSleoru^esi^ Giena,®^ Q^uu^eo eh-i—n^snD 

eQSatr-Qfifrf^SBO^ ^e5i^Q\ ^pjS * ekieSesiu^tLiGnL^ujjrinu^ Q^ija- 

669* Though it should canse increasing sorrow (at the oaiset), do 
with firmness the act that yields bliss (in the end). 
» ^ 

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Skoiir^njr^ §}ifiLj eh-puuLJL.^. 

(0^-z_/-«>/r.)— «L.6U(g - m^iuiriQ/sirir, ^Sssr^^iLuih^Qflr 

€a>ui65Qefr&)&)iruy, gruj^iuggggr ^m tb - 9L.€SiL^uj€Ujrtt8tu ^L^ji 

670. The great wQl not esteem those who esteem not firmness oC 
action, whatever other abilities the latter may possess. 

t£ar(BQu>dtu^ Qup(tr^O^ iSdffeer/r^ jfiesSi^ ^(QQutuit, iSiLt^uLj-Q^tLJiLiEJAir 
e^i^sr Q^tuiuireDLD, ^ooffi^h eutfii Mtreoaatfieutrscottgnuy^ umaeuir j^jSi^ijSt 

tuireuffi, ^Gstfftof enu^io - (^Qeon'&uueudfT J^esf) g)^ fsuuir 

671* Gonsaltation ends in forming a resolution (to act) ; (but) de* 
lay in the execution of that resolve is an evil. 

&^« ^&^s ^irtaQ^ Qfffupufreo ^daaps 

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a^ffh Qt^iu/rgp/B nnrcopsf^sfgth jffjStuuiJBu}* im/8a^SPtu\i^€ar^ ^fOieu suniuir 

672. Sleep over snch (acUona) as may be slept over; (but) never 
over sach as may not be slept over. 

AE-. g)&^<LGj/r Q{u&>e^fru^ ^BiBsrmesrQp Qujirecwirssirp 
(uiP - fiBV.) €r^^f--^€S9BnrQ£FiutLjEisirA gjtu^pnSL-^ Ofi90&>trih Quirjrnfi 

mGerOpdr^fTf ^^»ej^ ^^/bdaiu/rA^iA. §liueoirdlL-u>'^^fid>(reOQpui Qui^ 

9LL.ihu(9^flp uiu^^trp pthopQetrirsQ^jyirae^icBrw §j^^^ eueStunear, ^u 
uirar, QiD^ajtrQearear i89bo QpmiOiei^ QflAu^s^th ^eupjpiea ojeSiu^ Spu 
L/U)^ SrL.puuiLL.€ar» 

673. Whenever it is possible (to overcome your enemy) the act 
(o{ fighting) is oertainly good ; if not^ endeavour to employ some more 
Buccessf nl method. 

(uf - fiBor*) €r»^j — QsFtuiu^ Q^/tl^Qiu eSSfsrtLfii adariu^ Q^trt^A 
8(U ueDsiifiluxkjpi O^ff^eWouuLlL. Qj/rekri^eor QjStft^e^Ui ^fffTfLfiiafrp /f oScsr 

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674. When duly considered, the incomplete cxcontion of an under- 
taking and hostility will grow and destroy one like the (nnextinguished) 
remnant of a fire. 

(ulP - €9iii.) cr^j^y'-'^I^Q^tufLi iSi^^ffiu QutTQ^^iya &(neSiLi£i A/reo 

(0;fl^-£-/-Gn/r.) — Qun-(nj&T - (QjgirffiiiiQ&'iUfLfiSi^^^) Quit 
^ai, gju.^ - g)L-(7/5LQ (^Soj), gg'fijgiyai— , ^(r^efr^jr-unuisLa 

675« Do an act after a dne consideration of the (following) fire, 
Yis.! money, meanS) time, ezeontion and place. 

«r. Qptp.6ij l£lGtiL.jy^Jpt (tJ^pfiiUtrii Q^iU^LL 
(uiP - ODT.) «r-^j— fifiawO«eaj«t/o«ff€«) ^^ QpWL^p^err^fiLD QptupS 

iSp Qaitua Q^jdru^nth* 

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676. An act is to be performed after considering the exertion re- 
qaired, the obstacles to be cucoaotered, and the great profit to be gained 
( (on its completion.) 

^uf -i enii.) €1'^, — ^QjGunpQf^p Q^iutuuu(Bu) €SlSEvres>uj^ Q^ni^iBiQ 
jifOieunQpf^p^ QutTQf^mQp^^iU Qeum eftftSsoiuLD (tpL^eijOp^eSuj ^^a 

Q^iunfopesypiufreu^, ^&jsQ2s8r - j^^Qfin^fie^csr^^ i^&r - ^etr 

677- The method of performance for one who has begun an act is 
to ascertain the mind of him who knows the secret thereof. 

fuP-af>T«) cr-^^ — Q^iuSmp ^BssnurrQei ^air€Br^ iSfiffi GiLirneSiSost 

(0^ - LJ - fiJ)/r.) — eQSssrajireo - (^Q^iuuju u(BlS&frp) Qfistrffi 
^^fiir&i) ns&arii^ &Qu(re)d^Gnfi\L\es%i^iu^ luirSeffrajtreo - tuirSBsrfSI 

678. To make one undertaking the m^ans of accomplishing an- 
other (similar to it) is like making one rutting elephant the means of 
captari ng*auothor. 

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QajiriLL^tresiir QtumLi^A QsireiT&), 
(uf - GDT.) sT^ffiy'—fSlBgrsQ^ijLj^ir^^p post €si iLi^n h L<^ ^sSoj^peap 

^GjeSSssr €uniup^p utu^^^ntu ^dj€Bjr€Ba(Bih u^awiTA(s^p ^mQtntStif 
L/BojQ^ofrpwirjpt, ^l^Qa^ojiL^is^pLDiTatSp utstsa/QiriT Qi^niLL^n jnnSipj»» 

679. One sbould rather hasten to secure the alliance o{ the foes 
(of one's foes) rather than perform good offices to one's friends. 

«0. ^GDp&fSiuiT 0€&rc6ar®iEJa en^&i ^cmpQu/Sfl 
Q^ireaGkiSr QuBiuaiu uessBii^^ 

gca)-0/r(BJ> ^jr§gith. jifojpp^ &jpi€snn ^&r^irirQui Geoppuuui^^, 

^^ ^/rjrirmp Sfijp Qeir(B^ffi^ ^ifS9ser Gtupjpi&Qair&rm Qajdru^mh. 
sh^^* §}^eu ^iptirjpiutnlLjrgpnh Qui^iuirA Q^ajiLfK^pa eh^puuLLi^ffi. 

(^m^) jjftadiiasi&f^ /6®<U6s&o - iB(Bisj(s^js^i(Q, jf^S - uiu 
m^^ QGDpQujS^ - (^jfiiSSs^s^ QeueAr®eu^ir8tu) ^m^ d!L® 
tnnS&fr^ Qufitutrir-' ^uQufiiucues>{r^ UGsSmjgi - tuessriaQ^ Oa/r 

680. Ministers of small states, afraid of their people beipg. 
frightened, will yield to and acknowledge their superior foeS) if the latter 
offer them a chance of reconciliation. 

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«>a/tf afuuLlf—^. ^/TfiBT Qy^^^tf ^SLjp/Q/fl'SBr, Sn.tBiu^ 3ii^jrii^trQ€sr€sr^ ^^ 

£MJ ^€SStpSiCS>LD/6^ (gL^aSoTALL tSp^^^jiui ^rapff^iT^ fifi^ibqib umLfosn^ 
fieunihu&orL^GDi^aoLD QpdsiGtsrir wArmttsina^ Qe^nisOfitirQ^&psiL QupuiJBih* 

681. The qnalificattODB of an ambassador are affection (for bis rela- 
tions), a fitting birtby and the possession of attributes pleasing to royalty. 

fjpBsrQpesrOa/f «%fiB>Lo^d^/rtf(^ O^/r^jeSiu iSp (geaerisa^^ Gtajd3r(BQLDdiu^ 
€k.puuilju jgt. 

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682. Love (to bis sovereign), knowledge (of his affairs), and a 
discriminatiog power of speech (before other sovereigns) are the three 
siue qua nmi qaaliHcations of an ambassador. 

Qeu&fTjS ^SssrtLfGSiiruuir&fT ueAa-Lf^ 
Q sir pear Lnn^ajQirearuffi Q^nsBrfD QojGOnQfforjpiih^ ^^tSBssr tSimr 

683. To be powerfnl in politics among those who are learned (in 
ethics) is the character of him who speaks to lance-bearing kings on 
matters of triumph (to his own sovereign.) 

^. ^jSeifQ^ euirjririuib^ se\)eQu9ui (ip^p&sr 

(uf-«air.) er «- ^^ — ^lupv^tuir&fuatfisui ashn^wirdlQ^ihLjiB G/eirp 
^pOs^tuttuJ QiuDQpdsrpar^ «ul<.^<8x^C8M^jLMr^ QoipjpiQoiKfifiwi^fk 

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684. He may go on a mission (to foreign rnlers) who has combined 
in him all these three, viz., (natural) sense, an attractive bearing and 
well-tried learning. 

(uiP-of>ir.) cr-^i — Q^ppff^Fira^u ueoamfiaJEi^^^ O^nco^ih €utfiA 

ue^mnfitutBBiL c^uuaui^irfisirir ujrthusDoiuirar ^fmp/Sp^^ £iirjr€Baru>ffau 
^Qj^M^^iTgpj opmhuQajiT, §^^g^6up/Sp ^L-thui^ir^fr it fiihLXiCBnLQtpd^ 
iBinf^iui /leu^LD&o Qpi^MQj&OGOtr Qesrarujsirth. €r6sBrQ^uxs>in&&r ^sn-jr^^ff/o 

Q6'iTd\)^i£lL^^^)QGuiLJiuQ^trpaZsfr /f«S, fB&i^Qe'tri\)^ - (g)«fl 
GDLniuiresT Q^(rpsetnri\))inQipi^Q6Ffr6))eSitni£i^ mArfiuiuLJu^'lflielsr 
j^JT^SHi^^) iB&rGS>u^Gs>uj^ Q^iuueuQesr^ ^^ - ^ir/p^euir&r^ 

685- He is an ambassador who (in the presence of foreign rnlers) 
speaks briefly, avoids harshness, talks so as to make them smile, and 
thus brings good (to his own sovereign). 

p&s flifBcufcnA jpr^. 

(ulP-G»T.) er-^, — ^QjpreoadoT^apjpiji ^irdfT Qa^p s(i^^9Bifiu 

Q^^^ir w^EjQsn&ra^ Qa^ntMeS ^euir Qa^aS/rp^ Oeir&Qdr ^iQiBirAQp s^ 

P £JC(D« 

cuneBT^ er*^* 

{Qfl . u - &>fr.)'^epjpi . (S^jfirioshtT) apjn, O^co - (u 
U!rlrGSieu&(Q JV@4F/r^, eareofifisirio - aareo^QflirQ Quir(^i^^ 

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■syjS. mjsi* wL.^9u ^^'^ 

686. He is an ambassador who having studied (politics), talks 
impressively, is not afraid of angry looks, and knows (to employ) the art 
suited to the time. 

iojjjiinjrpaip QpeaQsor eSsFiriB^ffi ^ojojrrjpt Q^neo^j^^frdr ^^tfidr iSs 

^r&Q jifQfp/SpQspuA aiTQpQpGSitnGSiLatLjUi Q^trvo^ (7p€e)pGS>LDiLjuy Qp^aoir 
tSstr» O^fi/fiO - ^esiQs^rr&ciSis^ Qtupjpi^Q&ireir^cF/h iDctsnBsypa'&* ^^ arreoeuiu 
^/g^tr&cQp an&sQLoar^ir, g)L.U)-^6zir^^^ ^flsmtutrvuir (ty^^^eSt-^ih* erc&sr 
§gfi/S&o - ^/r€Br jy^ QePiroo^LDirjpni Sffip® jifwnQe'ireo^ Qp^^JTQpth ^^p 
^ffJiSdr qy^&ffQ^freog^^eereijiLDtrs gjojoinp^T^ GldshQldp (jT^Qear iBpiSi^fico. 

Q^rrarp^ ^B»jQuj€vr(j7^a'* ^Q^earu^ ^^sirjr^^frdr cua-^^. ^esioj sg« 
ffiUfT Qnui fBnea Qi(s^^a Oi^euirear ^GO^&esfstisi SrupuuiLu^* 

(O^-zj-aD/r.) — si^&fT - {Qeup}pjr^S\L^fis^^finesTQ^iu\L\i£!^ 
ua^^j^^ ^L^&r - {Q^«sr p&q^La^ Q^irio^fip(S^ ^pp) @^— /8^ 

687. He is chief (among ambassadors) who understands the 
proper decorum (before foreign princes), seeks the (proper) occasion, 
knows the (most suitable) place, and delivers his message after (due) 

(uf «- (Bir«) €r«^, — ^areirjraw €uttirfi9Si^maj jifeudrQ^irA^iUQjfrGp 
QuiTQf^ atrLQ^a&rup/S Qekjjpiui^e^ sfi.(rr^€SiU)uQun(T^(B^ ^tuesam^ijDf 

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688. The qaalifications of bim who faifchfallj delivers his (sore- 
reign's) message are pnrify, the support (of foreign ministers), and 
boldness, with tmthfalnesa in addition to the (aforesaid) three. 

^m, wKSuMT/bpui QeuifsHra ^esurijua^ eu®uMrppu^ 
eumuQ^mrn' euAs essreuesr, 

(uf -»r.) m^^y^^esreffff^FeBT Q^treoeSsSLit^ ^/rffjienfi^esHu Qmuppjr^ir 

a^& jjfeu^a^) fiir^euTOT GuiritjiGsyfiseiniUy eufnjuQ^trjnr ^ euinu 
fieujSiLf^ Qa'{r€i)e\)irfif eu&fTaetforeu&fr - eueBesm^esnu }L\es)L^ujeiJW^ 

689. He alone is fit to communicate (his sovereign's) reply, who 
possesses the firmness not to nttcr even inadvertently what may reflcci 
discredit (on the latter). 

tfO. ^Jpf^ uujui9£pi Qub^^ir ^GSipeup 
pjpf* Sl9S)ej QpesrjptufTLLL^frgaiS! eh^^Svu^ sh.jpi&fr€v ^woiswovBi al^lj 

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(Q/g - u - a>/r.)— g)j3fjS uujut9sfiiLo - (^j^^eujit^QSifB fB9a 

690. He is tbe ambassador who fearlessly seeks bis sovereign's 
good thongb it should cost bim his life (to deliver his message). 

ero-iB. c:9/^« in^esremtfi^ (S^irjBQ^irQpseo. 

<weece> p 

J^oo^flOfJfi ^€S)iDd'^if ^ff€F^tfU QuaQ^iB^ QttjnQpQ^ITJDI. @}^i QeuiB 

Gun si g)«B>L-/SGO^^(06O Spa^ €r*jprt 

691. Ministers who serve under fidde^minded monarchs should, 
like those who warm themselves at the fire, be neithei? (too) far, nor (too) 

(uf-Oifl'.) sT''^,'^/SuyLDtrp G^jruuili^ LDar€ari-JlQyiLiw€srapesip/s 

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9dir^9^o^Qpih ceb^sMO/rfiSru^ A(^ffi. cragQeuj ^€upeDp e^Qf^iSfi Qa(B 

692. For mioisiera not to covet the things desired by their kings 
will throngh the kings themselves yield them everlasting wealth. 

«E- Quffpfi €arSiuj€s>€u Quirppio ^QiflfSiSesT 

ud^GflfiDTy (uiririi^Difi Q^€sr(rffir* g)€S)o/ QpA[jpiuniLu.n§piUi ^^ QufrffieuGS>ts 
ttJirp ^Sh-puutLi^^^ 

693. Ministers who would save themselves shonld avoid (the 
commission of) serious errors; for if the king's suspicion is once roused, no 
one can remove it 

eoirarp QuB\uir jr&fis^. 
Oa'n'fi&i - tSpQ^/B Q^tr^io, Q^(uQpfrQ£>Sl^f fsii(Qppii tf«^® O^uj 

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(0/5 - U - €9)/r.)— ^69I/D - £lGJ>pibfi, QuSiuJirk ^&^^ - 

^v^S\i—fiS ^(t^sf^uiQuir^^ Q^eQ^ Q^ireo^ih - (^(^tt/cSr) 65/r 

^fi /66iDS^;S^&U(qa), ^eQ^^ - tSsQy ^QpsiO - /6L.^45SaL-6);697. 

694« Wbile in the presence of tbe sovereign, ministers sbonld 
neither whisper to nor smile at others. 

®. efOQuiTQ^^ Qu^irsrnSr QfliTL^irirlrLLp pLjQuir(^den' 

(uf - co>r.) GT^^f — 4)fF^si/s@u iSpQjrn® uyesip /Be^ojifi uj/r0^a(if^ 
ojiTffi jfunDetDpL/^urrdf/SBir jifajorQ/Gear jifL^ssn^ Qa^aeoeStussap Qui 

^/r^pQap^U) Quira^fTuSgn Gldsw-u/t/t, €TiljQun'(i^.&^ Qijyssr(rffir. iDpjpi 
eDSrVfLDirpjS&irseasr euip^, 

(Q ^ '^ u ^ Gs>ir ^^-^uiGSip - {jiiJr^siii&(Qu i9pQjnr®) fs& 
lum (/3^(ij> lBl^^^)^ crLjQur(f^(e^L£i''UJtrQjgir(^ Quir (jj^Sswqijb, 

eQiLt^isirio - (^jfeuQar o^i^as/rii^ea) 0^/r^efig)6a, (7alL« - 

695. (When the king is engaged) in seoret counsel (with others), 
ministers should neither over-hear anything whatever nor pry into it 
with inquisitive qaestions, bat (wait to) listen when it is divulged (by 
the king himself) • 

QeumQu QeutLudF O^/reueo, 
/S^^Qarp jifojor ^/SuiSSssruj/S/s^ Q^aA^^pQapp Atreo^€S>fiiLiih Qistr 

GjifiiLnh ^pp QtseoirMfredp^^ Q^ireo^pio uiueSdtrQr^&^p (^jSuufic^ 
ancoa ^^Qf^^jQujfirjpithf jifQjgpiL^uxjL^nfiear (ipi^jafiuff€^tr€s>LnuSar Qeijjg;MLJt3cii 

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QeuGisT(Bi€U€sre^u^ ^Qiu siridujisJdiiBir^ QgulLu - (^fit/gar to^orm^ 

696* Knowing the (king's) dispoaation, and seeking the right time, 
(the minister) shonld in a pleasing manner snggest things snch aa ara 
desirable and not disagreeable. 

(uiP - GDar.) eT"^, — uiudr Qufftajeffe^Lnirtu ^st^fA eDQ^uDuoteorGjunTfLJ 
eSSsisraSeiQ&earQiB GsiLtSgf/eiuiare^LD wmfi Q^(rpseirirAy ^fiupfisir t^jpt 

lu/rp ^Si^puLuLL-yjgf* 

^it^At) eQ(T^ihLjeu€or 611th (^^Qiu airfituEj^idsir)^ Qa^wioS - (j^eki 

697. Ministers shonld (always) gire agreeable adrioe bnt on no 
occasion recommend useless actions, thongh requested (to do so). 

•(y. ^Ssyruj S\esT(LpGs^p\u Qir&frjSsffirir S^p 

QeuireflQajir QL^trQpsu L/(9m, 
(uf « emr*) er-^^ — ^g)a;/f CTLoiSBsnujQfrdrjpiLD eriiAQdrear Qpmp^^psr 
tL^L^iuQnearjpiUi ^ffSP9Siir lUQiLDfitutr^ jif€uirLLfnL(B SarpQojneilKsUJfT^ Quit 

^6if) ^ 9^BSinBps€^i fifTQpeosA straQAp atfojo- «L.ayilc6Br<DU3* ^/g 
^^* ^fOjOeuireSoj/rp Qun asuuiLu. GSetrsDixnuu} npeDpiuiiujbjS S^u^tujrtr 

§j€ar Q^es^puja' - (eru:^i(Q) gjar^srQpssiptSiesrS'^ erarjpt ^m\pn!r^ 
CTOTjy (jyxr<?*a>/r) ^euub^iuiru^eo^ iS^rp - (^^enBi—fi^) /92so 

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698. Uinistors aboald behave in aocordanoe with the (Divine) 
light in the persons of kings and not despise them saying "He is our 
junior (in age) and connected with onr &mily !" 

d6>. Qs!re(ruuiLQL^ QinGsrOpesaresSi Qstr&rstrir^ Q<fiu 

(uf - Qor*) CT'^y — jutra^^^ ajiTih asdr^LD^^AuuilQLJolLixorjp/ aqt^Q 
^QiA tSiqf^uoutr ^^p€s»psi Q^tuiunir £ds\}Qupp ^/SdiSssTtLieaL^iun n^j sr-jptm 

Q&frAea^n^GffQsFiLs fiifiQojtu^iQjnff QBiretruutrLLt^p^u iSeor pihesHjy 
Q^/Qrn^Q^jTtrsai sQ^ojjrir^eSiGir^ (ipeiirSsanujnraGeu did^Q m^fJS Qujitq^^ 
^tr€B>ir^ ffietrs^pp amLSiusu Qatar qr^t* 

(QfB'U-GS)ir,)^^^&T&(Q ^pp - jijGS^9e^pp^ ^iriLQiueuir - 

€S(f^tMuirfigGXi6U3i2sir^ Qa^iuiuirir - Qa^iuujLainLL^nlraerr, 

699. Those whose judgment is firm will not do what is disagree. 
able (to the sovereign) saying (within themselves,) " We are esteemed 
by the king." 

(uV - CDir.) er-ffif — ^Jra^^^^ ojirth usDiptuQuiCBra sqr^^^ fiuy&QtuA 

jif^&r Qua(ff^^ QspjpuhQuiTQg^es ^uutfi^DLo Qmtr&Qiii ae&rO^L^tr^ 
SjiSoDir Q^en-GifieofTQO'j ^ojarOwmL^tr^eor Qipiu^p Q&jpeumu QaQ^^oascoiJo 
GsfBfi(^ QLodtTQif^d'* §ies>Qj Qparjpiuirilj^irgp^LD QutrjpiuuQn^jpi ^ir^n Qgujoi 
tL'U^ar Q^iutupis Qeueau^ Sk.puuiLL^^» 

(Qfl - L/ - 6B>/r,) — u€s>ifiujiii crest - (^^^aB/«(g)ua>(pa>m 

700. The (foolish) claim with which a minister does nnbeooming 
. acta because of his (long) familiarity (with the king) will ensare his min. 

ihirqrfSlir ensuiui aesafl. 

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QjpQT^^ fSjrrrp^ipuuiLL. €Si^\u^^eneffiTftei(Q ^irtruffcsanDauij er^jrn* 

(77^/r* (^jSuLjih esi^ujQpui ^(^Quiuiir* esi^iup^pQm&itu^ eS&trjruuiL® 

juGsS - MLJjrajsTUh, 

701. The minister wbo by looking (at ibe king) nnderstanda bis 
mind witboat being told (of it), ' will be a perpetaal ornament to tbe 
world wbicb is snrroanded bj a never-drying sea. 

&.. ggiuij uL^irjif f^m^fs ^€ssrir€uir&ar^ 

(lJiP-€ioir*) cr-^^ — ^()^Q/6or uDCBr^^dra csfis^tufi^ ^tuuuL^iiffi ^(o^ 

^i^ihi^ Qp^^iu^pdffGer ^djojir^^ffnih iSpirSSev^^ ffiGurQr^i QfiiuoijS 

(^^esSeuira^ j}fjSiueuei)e\}6u2sar^ Q/asijueu^Q^frQ ^uu^i^meJUfi^Qesr 

702. He is to be esteemed a god wbo is able to ascertain witboat 
a donbt wbat is witbin (one*s mind). 

(uf - GDW») Cr-^, /SEi^fiuLf SsQgLDtr pjBisffi Jf^&P ^pf^ ®s9Lr 

uus sdF/sSajiruSipjpt. ^.jpiuLisemreuesr Qufr(r^^f^ kit&ld tuirSser (^aurs 

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703. The king shonlcl even give wbafcever (is asked) of bis belong- 
ings and secare him wbo by tbe indications (of bis own mind) is able to 
read those of another. 

iL\j^uQuir jr8sifrujjnri» Qeuj^^ 
(uiP • fiPir.) 67-^^— ^0Q/68r uy&tr^^s sq^^u ojpBpsr .f/o/esr ^KL^(7ca; 

jrirs QeuiruunjrrraSg^LD ji/jSo/trdr Qgujpij gt^j;^. 

Qis/ren-arir^ir Qirdrujsr^th ^v^gi&LoArujpr^in ^ojfrtuSdsoaj/rear cue 

704. Those wbo understand one's tbonglits without being in- 
formed (thereof) and those who do not may (indeed) resemble Que 
another bodily; still are they different (mentally.) 

luiSSnr iLfosr jrLDnil.i..jreuircS(Ar ^Q^gnjpiuLjSQ^ Spxfi &€aas&r QofQp 
QpfipstL ^ftuu ^d^Quiuir* ^fiuufi/sp&L. (B^bartuir^p &puuuup/S 

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705* Of wliat nse are the eyes amongst one's membera, if they can- 
not by their own indications divine those of another ? 

eoi^iuiTiuetjjE^ 0^irifijbQuiuir» ^€jgs)ld ^Q^QutrQ^ i!^/8Qfifr(r^ Qu/r0ei$)fiBr 
ueSsroDud QsireasrB Q^irpjpipeCfrQuj Qptrtfieou/t/S eu/t/f^^ 

/6^^«j>^, &niL(Biu^ - (^.rdirQ <S5/r6wr®) sfrtLCBQpj ueifliki^Quir 

Qui " (^^trdr Q<s/r€Z0r®) ^frtLQui* 

706. As the mirror reflects what is near so does the face show 
what is uppermost in the mind. 

er. npm^^&fT Qp^A^Gnpib^ ^es^j 6)|(5i;ljiSsq//2j 
(uiP - 6Pir«) cr - ffif — s^uSif ^Q^&Xssr iLjoi^^eoirgaiEi ietriu^eotign 


707. Is there anything so fall of knowledge as the face P (No.) 
it precedes the mind, whether (the latter is) pleased or vexed* 

VLjpp ^CBorlreuairu Qufiesr. 
(liiP - cnr.) 6r«^^ — ^^ptLjjuojrrg^u} ^^Loenr^m^s (g/Suutrsir/Seffl 

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g)«DQ/ (tparjpiuffLLL^irQiiei (^uu/Spp tf^eO (tpBQindiTu^ SfupuuiLi^ffi. 
Qitrk - ^fSim^ ^iTLJUiretniry QujSek - Qup(rr^eo^ (Lp&Qmir^Qi - 

708. If the king gets those who by looking into bis mind can 
understand (and remove) what has oocarred (to him), it is enough that 
he stand looking at their face. 

69, iJG^sBSiL£HLi& Qsein'&iiiniLiia mem^nGSiirA^ih] aesitresafieiT 

(uf • ODir*) €r-^^ — GojfBfiir ^/sQisir^ig Qojjpiun iLi^jAt pAresunoatu 

A^U) e^aQses8r€s>LDG5>iuiL^Lb GeupjpiQojiBfi/r Qa=ir&o^p/SleojnrtiSgi,ih jifeuir 
sssraGea- O^'/rebj^yiD^ sr~jpt* 

gUP/^MiL a&sr ^(^Quiuir. Qistr&Q QeujpiuTrL^rreuesr Qeujp/jsfiQteiraa 
(Q fD'U-Gs>!r .) — seArestffi&fT €ugs)sgdid -(^tojgz) uirireneu Qeu 

SGor - [Qekippjr^Sr Q^tre^eotrinp QuiruQ^th ^eu/f) &GssrmQea^ 

709. If a king gets ministers who can read the movements of the 
eye, the eyes (of foreign kings) will (themselves) reveal (to him) their 
haiared or friendship. 

4Fir ^ffsiir aQr^^^Zesr luar&^iB Qenreofroj^ ^jrntL^LSu^fijss ^ojiramcasineo^ 


Q^nifiso Q^tr&oQoodruear Qpficiir&u i3pffS(i^^ ^6ir«@ uieneDws^ ueo^ ^€S>qj 

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J^3^ tt-flLO CTfiL-Lo. ^jaa, jy«>eu(u^;»<u. 

jif9Dtx>s:^€S)ir ^ff&iffdsosi(^^BQ&tre^wffi ^GKuQeaaresr fi/c8Mr^$^^ fidrQa/^eSi 
QiBirMireo ,$fGJir Q^^^u-fin^fiu ufiaQejesfu^ s^^^fri^^mQ^ Qp&rff. 

Qium erdfr/S(t^s(^ tnib^SiaeiT^ ^eff6S(QUi Q^areo - {^^jt^fst^ a(i^ 

710. The measuring-rod of those (ministers) who say " we are 
acate*' will on inqniry be found to be their (own) eyes and nothing else. 

^a. - ijb. cjyj^. ^motiupSfl^* 

ar. ^GS)6UujjSi6 fiojTfnuib^ Qd^trio^s 0^/reoe96dr 

711* Let the pare who know the arrangement of words speak with 
deliberation after asGertaining(the nature of) the court(then assembled.) 

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712. Lei the good who know the nses of words speak with a clear 
knowledge after ascertaining the time (anited to the conrt.) 

SfthQfiQ/enadQffirpseinrA cv0^ Qsptreo^jifiid Q/cnscmu) Qstluirjr^ 
/Sujrrir luiTffiiD/SuLJirQirdrjpt erededirjrfrgpi tSss^uiJBfi^Sar GJvoeo^^tS^ Ofioeor 

tUtT/seujnrS, Q^/r&evea - (^eirjy) Qepfreo^fidBO^ Qu^pQ^ireiru 
€uir • fiiLQihfb Qsfretr^ueuir, 0^/reo6Beo76U6S)65- jzyi^O^ireoeSeSr 

71S. Those who nndertake to speak without knowing the (nature 
of the) court are ignorant of the quality of words as well as devoid of 
the power (of learning). 

eunarSrOfifi eueArasna Qsiretreo, 
(uiP - g»w-) cr-^,— jy/fl«//rOco/re»r€ifl(a/r/r jifGoeusatL L^iTQp QiLn-arefiu 
jTir^^ ^SFvQo/errSBira areoojeiau. t^tTQpih &rre9iu ^!r€S>fitSi eSip^ee^p^ Qafr&ra^ 

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33:1, vumj^ ^'^^Cs^. ^^. j)fesi6uajjSfl6^. 

tunOrretsr iB^p^* ^eirdSiajjrfrfieo ^i^gredjSeij^ Q^freoojeerauntLi/s Q^trarp 
QQjeifiQpar§ii;LO €ULfi&(Quup/£l. ^ffOJir ld^^^uh qjgs>s ^(SJiBgptth Qajmosao 

714. Ministers should be lights in the assemblj of the enlightened, 
bat assume the pare whiteness of mortar (ignorance) in that of fools. 

(uf - GDir.) CT-^, 90^'/^ @«^ osdrQpdrjp/ SpuiS^ffiJ' Qs^treoeou 
ulLl. (^easnsiaQ&roocofreupjpieir^^ gsdrQp ^ihiB&ir LEa&njra)eu&a€S8r ^SfOJifldr 
OPpuiKB ^arpSpfd: Q^rrc^eofT^ ojL^G&ui^ er^jpi* 

^m(^GS)pe^u:i ^euniB(j^^iL\\h Qpijp@eiTi^rrpLj(B iS(ips^u} Q&TQjrrasrr 

peupjpietTQ^ ibetfrQp^(^if» QpeBrQetr^^BsoQuj eSleo^QearesanuSeor^ 9LL^esr@eir^ 
fi£^th ilicorQen-tsfl^LDfr Quxisruffi QupQJ/th» @^@)69r iB&^irjresiai^&tL Q^fiu 
iLjri^piii ek-puuiL L_^. 

715- The modesty by which one does not rash forward and speak 
in (an as6omb1j of) snperiors is the best among all (one's) good qoalities. 


Qu^pj^esaro'&nrir Qpmesr /fl(jxj««(g, 
0i£iT^^ fLiiLQ^EfTs&srO ^eup/Sar QunuLOBsun ujeBarjrQjeOGOfr gmojisessr ojeoeoir 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

SBsii^sirfir/B^ iSip^&o sloOgst^^s G^fTiLu^iuir Q^esurii^ia srr^C^rr 

^pjSii - s_iJ-Q65/r6Mr®, ^^essTir^irir Qp&iT&srlr - (jyaj)6ii.5B6Yfl6JF Quo 
ujm6S3£A^s)uj) ^{Siueuededeuilr ^(a^LJoSesOoS), ^(!^^@ " (^^^^ 
O@)06i76jT) Q&'{re))S(Lpi(^uu(B^s\)y (^(ip^^QuppQuirQTjiL® 
fb'^€U^S€fS\€STpe^ Q ^(meu&sT^^ ^prS^T - ^^6ijy^u9G^6iTjpjih^ 
Si^ed^&r'rm^ni^ ^pQp - [S2s0^erfiri6^ 6ff^fi<ssnQe\)ir^(QLCi, 

716. (For a minister'^ to blander in the presence of those who have 
acquired a vast store of learning and know (the valae thereof) is like a 
good man atumbliDg (and falling away) from the path (of virtue). 

cr. ^pp/SfB^irir sioeQ eSi<sniki(QiBi as^i^peF 
(uiP-flOT.) CT'^f — QjopuuL^iTLDp Q^fTpm^ lufTjrfrtu/geo eu&oeoir jresieus 

(^QjS-u^€S>/r.)''^6Sff®^p^cu(LpLJUL^tru^ii)j Q^irio O^/fl^^^- 

Q^, {Q^/r^69@)6o), sp£^ - (u0O^nrffO«2smL/iK7) apjoj^ ^jBfi 
fiirHr - (^65>a/65©fr/r«o/rfiuJ l/uSsbt) jiffBisfseujr^^ a^efl - « ffuefl 

717. The learning of those who have read and understood (much) 
will shine in the assembly of those who can faultlessly examine (the na- 
ture of) words. 

(ulP - «iir«) er-^, — iSpQ^eofsrirfieSm/Su QutTQ^m&2sa^ ^nQto tLjeasrjr 
ej&rffsjQfliTQ^ uaSif iQdrp uir^^asGxr £iflBsord' Q^nifUfitrpQufr^^uyj er^jpi* 

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Qgst) €ustrir6uQfiiT0 uaSir /Seir/D, unr^^iLi&r - ufT^^u9spJ&rQmf 
£ir Q&^iri)iifiiri)) Mpj)i -^^s^ire^ QeFrrSiib^rrpQuir^La. 

718. Lectnring io those who have the ability to anderatand (for 
themselTCs) is like watering a bed of plants that are growing (of them- 

db. LI<soeoGS>€uiLfiL Qun^^irib^^ Q&^nr&ieaps /E6U6v«>6i/tL| 

jif€upesip LopiB^^ QdPfrioeoir QjsirifiiSf cf-'jp/* 

Q^iTGOGS^f sui LDes>suaj/Sajn'es>LDGS>iu QisiriS iseoeooneutLiLDj QurrQ^/Q 

719. Those who are able to speak good things impressively in an 
assembly of the good should not even forgetfully speak them in that of 
the low- 

^0. J^daaaor^^ (S^is euiBipfispQrfp piisessr^^ 
jret^eoiriTQfip Q&iflLi^ Qenretreo. 

cap jfeo fiO@j|SC?(Li/7® ^£fL ^^LDSiQesreaeo^' crdru^uiraB^p^. Qa^neoeMr 

g5€w«B)Lo(3(Lf/r(B g)€8)ttJttj/r«DU) Q^fraSp/SkoiTm e'treuir LDQ^iB^rr^odfiii^ jpsa- 
^Pi fi-«« Q}LSy^Ofidr(n^/r» ^^Qa^irp uuj€ifit\)Q£Pir90eoir Qu^u^nSpj^p 

{OfB ^ u ~ 65>.T,) — (/5eu(?e.>)/rff') fiijsGnr^/aiir j)fio€Oirir(tp&(T^ 
fiUMQ&fT^fieu jriocoir^euir tf=«DLi«9i_;i^, Qm(nLtf.Q^nGtfeo - (tu/r 

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720. To ntter (a good word) in the assembly of those who are of 
an inferior rank is like dropping nectar on the ground. 

(liiP - €Dar.) er-^^ — apjp/Qf&OeOQJGS)€ij ^oJeo/reu^BJo/ Qtuearg^u) ^esyatea 

fiffBsjbj^eueoeo ^^fiQufTQ^s'S&r QiuGstjpiGSijruutrqF^ Qpetrir, ^i^^^^aQesGir 

QfiiTGOsGJuu ^fSiB^^ ^luetDLDtueuiir - ui^6r^fi(^csar(tpGS)L^uj6uir^ 
€UGs>£Biu/QiB^ - (^spj;)i€ueiie\)6TGS)u (tpL^^es^u er&tSip ^osiuiB&n^ 
§ueri&Gnaj jifjSiB^^ eui»€0€s>en -» spjpi6ui»€\} a^esiuiiSeo, {^^J£)f 
Q^tr&i^CciQutrj^) euiriuQ^irjnrir - (^jDf^^^jstrp) i9€s>^fiui^&' 

721. The pnre who know the classification of words having first 
ascertained the natare (of the conrt) will not (through fear) falter in 
their speech before that powerfal body. 

Sl. Sp(tff(r^iL ap(^QtrGiiuu(Bi6ulr ispQfflrQpp 
€ipp Qa^eciFQ^^nio^ eutrir. 

(uf - a>ir.) cr-^, — ep^Qfn^irfl^ih @a;/f mA^sp(rffOn<xrj^ ceO 
a^^frffirp Q^nioeouiJBeimk sp(ir^g^Gu&&€ssr ji/^^trOfi ^iriEieppeupODp 

(0^-u-GD.) — sp(ffir Qpea - ^pQqrfnr ^es^uS^L^pQ^^ 

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722. Those who can agreeably sefc forth their acquirements before 
the learned will be regarded as the most learned among the learned. 

723. Many indeed may (fearlessly) die in the presence of (their) 
foes ; (bat) few are those who are fearless in the assembly (of the 

(uf - ODT.) OT-^, UifOjpreOadsfflLjlBJ &p(£^jrODQJ&&lL L^fTEl&ppQjp€Sip 

^Qjir LDssrasiQ&fr&i^ wnpqr^p Qd^fr&ccQ ^ojpjsSldr i8&aQufr(m&re>^ ^uuS 

^ear QsiLi^/Sfueorr Quyaru^traSpjpt, @^®«o jy^cw Q^nq^^triruiutk etupu 
^«Duu96fffli__^^, app m (^^rrtja^ «5/D/D«J>6i/s3sTr, Qd=eo - (jyeu/r) 

(j^&T m jyPd5iiD/r«« €Bpp€uSiu.jkj^^ Qsrrenio - ^jSii^Q air &r&r^ 

724. (Ministers) shonld agreeably set forth their acquirements 
before the learned and acquire more (knowledge) from their superiors in 

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GTflSL - LD. Jf^. JlfSnGillU^a'irG^Ui. flSL.fl!L€T ^3'^ 


intrppib] QsirQji^p QurrQ^iLQ. 

Q^iTfi)(Q ^p^jr^ 0^ireo^ppQun'(r^(B, er^jpi* 

esru uLli.^- ^Gir^^Ei sQ^asiiu ^etrQeuardT^ir, ^(^u{usni€xff* ^euifQ&'ir 
GcdBO Q^eOQjQprrQffol^tTp Qa^ireoeocoir^^ /Stuntup^ ojtrfisQ^pu fiO^cnr 

ojnuip ap4£0Qtarupfn}), ^p^eo jifpeirstrireasrEj Sh^puuLJL^^n 

6Ffr - ^^^(ru^6\)^ inirppLa - cr^frQinir^fiGfiUj^ Q^fr(Bp^jspQuir(f^ 

725. In order to reply fearlessly before a foreign court, (minisiers) 
should ieam logic according to the rules (of grammar.) 

6Sr. GUirQ&rirQt^&sT eu&rse&rcsar jre^eotfir&(Q jgirQeoirQi^&T 

(uf - C9)/r*) er-ffij — oi^^BmesHn iL^s>L.ujjre09^irpirar^c^ wirQ&rtr Qi^ 
Qujarear eSa>tu i^GKr®, er-jp/, 


726. What have they to do with a sword who are not valianti 
or they with learning who are afraid of an iutelligent assembly P 

er. LJQS>suja^j^u Qui^gds Qajiretreufr eaes^e^ius^ 

fi^^u^euesr &pp ^ir&i, 
(uf - CBir.) er - ^f — gt/Siuul/Bld u€a)sis(BQ}GSsr ^pSnsriu^^ih Gutpu 

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Gj&TQ^p^fiffA ,0xreo SpuiSair^aSpjpi* 

(Qfi - u - €0>/r.) — jffGf^eu jfSji^m (OeF/reoeoiJuOm) ^odu 
/eOsfl^, jff^mmeu&r - (^Jffi&ffr^ ^^mu^eu^^ &pp^eo - sp 
pfSi&fijpreo^ uGS>s jfs^^ • (^crjSujuu(Bu^) uGSiais(Si6Qio^ Qutf. « 

727. The learning of him who is diffident before an assembly is 
like the shining sword of an hermaphrodite in the presence of bis foes. 

^fiojrrirQpp Q^!r&i>sOiraiLDaSp sioeBiSgDic&rasiLD tujSojfrMAldlso Qtudru 
fStrth* §ieJiu uiuiSeoQirdiruflp^^ aiodiuuujgiemL^ttJ irMoQ/rcor jptmiruLjir 

mefTQ - mit)&>Q€^irpQuir(r^eliraisir^ 0^60.(jy€u/ri;(^) ^ps^ Q^tr 

is^) t9£rQiuir^€stLJu(Bfi^€^ir, 

728. Those who cannot agreeably speak good things before a good 
assembly are indeed unprofitable persons in spite of all their various 

(uir • ciDir*) OT-^^ — ^^^Bt^saa &pjpies>ej^^ui ^ojpQf^p uiuetsr/Si^ 
jifS^SoeSlaj/SQjsetrirp uujear (n/QpQmiu^n'^ i3p€s>frQtuuLj^€£luu^^ Qsf 

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729. Tbey who, thongh they have learned and understood, are yet 
afraid of the aasemhiy of the good, are said to be inferior (even) to the 

^Saessff mia&isBr ^p^pnQjTir Qi^iruuir^ er-'jpim 

aj^sf^trjr ^jfit^ OLpuui' i jfi* 

(Qfi'U'Cnir.) — setTGfr « £FQs>u€ttnu^ jygjS-uiu/J^, &pp - 
(^fiiru^) sppesieuaZsir^ Q^eo - (jy/9f/D@) exp^^ Q^ireoe^trfSfrSr - 

SPius^ ^eoe^irQinr® ^uuSr - (^'SL.eos^Qflirjraeo ereAressruui^frGiDUi 

730- Those who through fear of the assembly are nnahle to set 
forth their learning in an interesting manner, thongh alive, are yet 
like the dead. 

6r4P - ii. ^fi. JBifQ. 

^ffGsar QppeSiu jifBiaifsiL^ QHGerfituanmjtrs^ &pui^p^iu gtr(B ^jr^atrjrp 
6S. ^eaetnr 6fl2svrq^£ fliairqi^ik fiiryp^eoird' 

taposip nituir^Bmu QuiTQ^BQ&rniB^ Q^frfipQ(n^ifiQ9dir^ui gfiDiu 

a^jfh Sesyptu ofBiFQtnfie^* SlfBQ^ €uiryfQjiiiri(Q eujpimtLaSAfsaD Qupuu 
tli_^. ^pOotair * ^piQ^ffir jyi^ov/f (xp^ao/ra9@/r» ^^asppoi^^^tueurr 
ff&Sujs /g€j(QQ^iuQjrrn'S(Q loo^o^^^'^ €tea(n^k tSpQffh. @);9®«) jyi^fiOfioraou) 

Ou(r(QarQffffUfifi^ QupuuiLu^^im 

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(O^-u-GD/r.) — /5/r®- fsiru-iTiOi^, ^en&nr eQ^Btnu^Ui - (^dr 

731* A kingdom is that in which (those who carry on) a complete 
cnltivatioa, virtaona persons, and merchants with inexhaustible wealth, 
dwell together. 

(uiP - €B)ff*) €T'jp, — jifea^pi^ GluiiQr^^F/BSii^esiiLiutrp tSpQ/giu^fiirjTir 
^etreSpuLiu QuirQ^aeff^ uek€s>LLQLD^^ ^eSfi^eiSi ^Qipfieet iB(^p^ 

fF^tfOeireBru* Qjofpjpiwr (ip^dsaraj^pp^arcDLD ^j[€FGsrp^^n^Cb^ iSeor 


{Qfl - L/ - en/r.) — /5/r® - tBirt^tros^^ Ou^ld Quirq^cajrio - 
jifGir€upp Quir(T^(6i^a5yi^esiUiUJirii>yQ uiLi^Aa^ «g^@ - (^i9pQ^{F 

732. A kingdom is that which is desired for its immense wealth, 
and which grows greatly in prosperity, being free from destraotiYe oansea. 

lE^^ QuiresipQiutrQ^fta^ Quiiocu(r!^ia^irp qffiiQ uSl€s>p€up 
@GnpQiU{r(nj£jQ Q/sireu^ /6/r®. 

(uf - a»ir«) 6r - ^, — iSpstrtBaeir Qunjpi/sfl uirjrQLDeacdirih ^Q^eGm 

Qua(^eSBr (tpQj^fiiLfh ^LjhutUBi Qan(BuuQfi mitLjrBt^^ er-jpi. 

UfrjrBsar •• insstLOmr^^a^io ^QearQ^tD (tp^cStu tS&ia^^ Q^tr^Q 

Gsirt^ju^fTSy ujGSs^GaraHmutr^fiip ^esraeSar euifisnio jifojoj^ G^aueis^Li 

fitrGesr Qair(BuuOfi^uir/rf §limpQujft(jf^(j^ GisnQjOfisffQffif* 

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gj€SipuQuir(^6tifT (Lp(ip€U€a)fliLiih^ Qmi€U^ - a-£_6flTLyLL®<s Qa/r 

733. A kingdom is that which can beai^ any burden that may be 
pressed on it (from adjoining kingdoms) and (yet) pay the fall tribute 
to its sovereign. 

^» e^jftuSttJi QinfreufTu t9€saf)tL\^ Q^j^ugdssvli^ 

Q^jrir ^iueoeu^ /5/r®. 
(uf - ODir.) er-^, — iB&m u&iLfth Sisjsn^ Q/btriLjiD ups^fBasrjpi qjjb 

WLjpiuQ ^ipQjqffiSiL^esHinutr^Ca ,^p/D€SlSsa^GOnsp;iji Qs=jrir<snSpjpf* 

iSar€B)LDaSp Qs^jrrr^iruSpjpf* Qsfjp/ugos ^jTS^^^p^Ca /8^uu€S)u.iLiih ^l^ 
o&A^J) JBff T^g a QpGSii^G^LiyiSip Gffjrn^traSpjpi* 

(0;5-u-€3)/r,)-i— /5/r® - miri^treu^j ^L.j)tuSinui - ^^&u& 

734. A kingdom is tliat which continues to be frcQ from excessive 
starvation, irremediable epidemics, and destructive foes. 

®. UA>^(ip6lflIi UfT^Qo'tUiLf QfilLuGSiStULO QGuA^^BC&^lbJ 

luBsoai^^ QBn'eo€£l8eiff& (^jpitiuQ^LD ^jtoeoir^Q^ mfrt^ireu^f cr-jy. 

^BiQs^th^&'n^up/BiL^ui ssL^Qi&rup^u^ih ueonai(Q&r^tr Olo/t^gdio* 9liL 

(a-i_65fi(75«^Q<5/r6wr(?i_) uiriprra^Q^iutLfuo, a-£lu6iD«iqLb-(«©r 
^asw jy2so«Sar/D, Qaireo (^jpiLULjUi - QsirZsdfiQflirifip Q^ti 

786. A kingdom is that which is without various (irregular) associ- 
ations, destructive internal enemieSi and murderous savages who (some* 
^imes) harrass the sovereign. 

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ji//Stufra @69r/77^^ Qoj&trgptth QutuQtr^s'Ef^efi tffijti^SBgosBeir eSstrjrp 

@«r(yy - {MuQun(ig^LL) eueaaa^Gs^piurrfB^u^ •gj^ /5/r®- 

736. The learned say that the best kingdom is that which knows 
no evil (from ito foes), and, if injured (at all), saffers no diniinatioiL in 
its fraitfalnees. . 

u^p &Qjaj€ULDnihj eT'jptB 

^^rrjTEJ&^j ^f^tuojunr^p^^tuear jfomiQiu uj/rAcSer. s^fxn/^a ^meerth 
eupuiSlgpjui ci/6rr^cB>/_€intz) QupuutLt^jprn Qj€B>L^iu/gar/S QajfrQ/^LfesiLjufiK'* 
^th ^eoTQjen'/Bjgd^^gfiith Lortf^disgggegoru^/in QiBir€B)L^^s§gtiStpp^ Qp^^*^ 


£(r^LQ, euso ^jr^^Ld - ^ifiiuir^ t6aii\{L\u^^ iBfrtLi^p^ - i^iriLif. 

737. The constitnents of a kingdom are the two waters (from aboYO 
and below), well sitaated hills and an indestractible fort. 

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(uiP - «DiT«) er-'ffip'-^iBffiiSaresHna^^ 0^^)q/lo dlSstf^t^i ^aruto airof 

uuim^ipofth G^ereSfiji^ ^/r«DrCo^0 QpeDL^GSumjirgnuif jgp^kireuear ^6B>£_cB)LDuj/r 
0kU)^ SeiSitaeirffi aarsDwajagptvo, o/ir^oairffai^ tLeurtet^a^eu^* syroyQeo 

738. Freedom from eptdemicSy wealth, prodnoe, happinesa, and pro* 
tection (to aubjeots) ; these five, the learned say, are the ornaments of a 

QaruQfimLf^ Qs=id€u^tB>fi iLfBomu^posip jurQedirff mfrQi^esi jpi Qs'iri^satojir^ 
u)oo^i~u)^^ erar^ir tSp(jyi. ^fiffQeotr^eS^up/S erQiTLDSSip (ym^flirp (^pia 

e^su^ssifi jfGyiL^eQuuGiDsuajfrQiu^ «/r® - /5/r(9s6ir, /5/r®^&oeu • 
/5.r ® «6yr /r 65 /rei/zr zL , 

739. The learned say that those are kingdoms whose wealth is not 
laboured for, and those not, whose wealth is only obtained throagh labonr. 

ao, ^J^iaaonin Qeutu^iui agpr gga th utuiS&nQp 

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Quir(n^ib^fieQis^s\)ir^^ kit® -^ Qfi^u^^ ^^^^ - QiDfoQa^freoeSiu 

740. AlthongI) ia possession of all the abore mentiOQed excellent 
oes, these are indeed of no use to a coantry, in the abeenee of harmoDy 
between the sorereign and the sabjects. 

Quirpj^ ueuiriQUi Qutrq^etr^ 
fuf-OBir.) 6r*^^ — Qpeuaiasiuirpp^ (ipoB>L^tujr(rtLJu tSpirQuyp Q^A 

iSpirQuip Qs'io^BSiroi ^JIgdld QuiTQ^sar QpptS(Lnup€S>pu i3pQ^^ 
jTirseOttgpjuif ^^pjpiuQjirA(QLb Quirpjpiu^na(js^ ^aeest QurrQi^ iruSpjpf* Sisr 

&pUL^^ ^ffL.puUlLL-.J^» 

(QiM - (^61/60)^ eu^GDixnL^ QpGnL.iueujririu') i9plTQtnp QiPeMQeuir 
/ri(gii, Quitq^&t - Qpibfi^ir^u^^ ^^^ - (jyaneuojeoev/raia) 

741* A fort is an object of importance to those who march (against 
their foes) as well as to those who throagh fear (oi parsuers) would seek 
it for shelter. 

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tS^Qpth u&^ia ^eMiJJB^ SipSsoiLjeDL^tu atr^QpOiLJuQ ^ JifJr^^^) er*^. 
i^jrirasr, fS&)eujr€Qor, Lr^'ujrGsar &niLL..jrQGarm •^iupes>atLi^ Q^iupeosti^ 

742. A fort is that which has ever-lasting water, plains, monn tains 
and cool shady forests. 

J5L. 2_uj/fQ;«60/b ^skresyiD uj(5«ntDa9/b' /B/rcwS 

^©flWD . Qutrfi^enndf j>/s»ap4B(iys>u>. Qun/S&&rnwar^<'eu^dlpQun/StL^ 
iDaSpQa^^/S^qtB—aQf^jr sUff^Qpei &^£»iB^ ao/figDro)— u/f?®/^ QojibQm 

jpi_«(S a).T««r4-2bu ttjOuq®— scjxa/qaa ^o^Qiih i^en^sqtx) Li€SiLpiLi—€Siiimj 
fifi^ ^^iTQpim G^QuiU ^&iu,(^^^Qa^Qp^ fiir^o) ueer/iytq^i L^^Bri^— 

dpih'^ €Tdsr/Sos)Qj QpfieotraSeor. 

(Qfl - u - sj>/r.)— e-uj/i-Q/ - a-oj/r^^iqi, ^«c»£i - ^aey 

743. The learned say that a fortress is an enclosure having these 
four (qualities) viz. height, breadth, strength and inaccessihility . 

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sirei&(S6U6iisT®LElu.^ &jSujjsfnu, QuBu-^fis^ ^Q-uffHp g)/— 

744. A fort is that which has an extensive space within, but only 
small places to be guarded, and such as can destroy the courage of be- 
siegiug foes. 

Ar, Q(BtTmpsS\fBinu& Q&irGXTL^6!»^[pfi fisirS tus^^nir 

SSeoAQaeSfitr Sir ^jrGssr, 
(uiP - onir.) cr-^, — v^p^^ngnp G&trL-.p&Si^traj ^tLOsfr€urL. uodmi 

G3>^ss>tD - ^jSstr @L^A^setrrr§pnh Qun/Sesetrnspujy ^jl-bjOait^^ 
fip i6(f^GDLD» &.€Bar^ p^es>LDup/£l s «L^68rcs>a)uS6Br^ iDpjpi&reir j^ttffuiJB 

Qpps^iu Ljp^fltTfrGuy Qeo€fi^pG6Pp£^ihf ,^cu/ ^s^finaGmp Q^ 
eoeonesoDiLjthj ufiGzruujruLfLO QpfiOdtruSeirm 

lUjSfrQ^ jfs^flirir - m^eneBi^^Qflinjr^^ /fiSsoig) - (Qufrir) /S&o 

745. A fort b that which cannot be captured, which abounds in 
suitable provisionsi and affords a position of easy defence to its inmates. 

«Kr« CTeueo/ro QuirQgf^ QpesiL^^^tr Si^ji^fie^ 
(uiP - €»ir.) 6T-^, — ^mfiGptrfr&^ GeuwsriBLb Qutj(tr^& Q&r^soireup 
Qfldjfi{TQj9S)& tL^fleSldi tf/rtfigii m^oeo^jroDirtLi QpGs>t^ujG^ Sjff^S^^f ^-jy« 

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746. A fort is that which has all (needful) thingR, and excellent 
heroes that can help it against destruction (by foes.) 

uppp &S\iu ^Fessr^ 
(uf - ooir*) CT'jPy — LjSiQ&oir(B QutraQsnifiiLitiQ/CDs Q/bq^iLBJ' @^ 

G^rrfftrp Qsn&r^^palhauQ^ ^jr^^^^f er^jpf 

^u^iTsu QunrirQ^fiu^ui^ jgfOSipLJu(B^^ih « (^SL.efreilt-,/iQfiir€S)ir 
M^0^@ /6£Li9^Gn65Uj/r6Br(3iyco)/r cdil®) Sfpjpjfii^^ ^pu\9^ 
ffiCa^ uppp^ ^S\iu^ - (^HpfiQ fill jnrQeo) t9tf^/iffiA Qatren^ 

747. A fort is that which cannot be captured by blockading, assault- 
ing, or andenning it. 

«(y. QPPdffpfi Qppfi lueuGSiirtnui upQffpjSu 
upfSiurrirQeu&ieu ^iresst^ 

(uiP - ODir.) er - siy — ^nSssruQu(^GSiLO{uirp ^yif^eoajeosojrinu Q//b\^ 
^(p/s^ UppQ ^tr9s>trmh fisff8nffuup/Stijmjs/iQfin'jrjgiruiupj8ujeSL, 
Gfi iQ^jpi QutTQ^ QojMuOfi ^JTfQsiijp, ei^jpi. 

&.u>€8)L0 SpLjLjuyes>uu up/Sar6S€«ffQasr tun p/SQiu€arfSi^a^ija* upjpi «g(@ 
Quiuir* Oaj&otajQ^€sr ^esu^iuirnQ^trifieo ^weSaQui eSGOfp^. Qu(ryihuG5iL^ 

OjBdfUfinu> Sl/gp^u i3/S^€s>iruun'(r^(Lp€trir, g)cB>iv GtuQ^triLuirg^ih jif/s 

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748. That is a fort whose inmates are able to overcome, withoat 
losing their groand, erea abler men who have besieged it 

<5fe. QfiSssrQps^^ u^irppevir ^iruj eQSssTQp&fl^ 
essrih ^s^O^tritO^Ptuu^th 6SBnsrQQjjpiun(Bs£einr€a' SjpiQupjpi LDpjpiih Got 

^^&r ^^Ssardi ^iriuuUGa' Qsfiujs^* LLpjpuhQojm^LQn'il.&Qiu^pjp HPJ^ 

0<55i_, eQBBfTQps^^ - (^^neBi^pQ flair 0<5=uj<qLb) Qflnr^e^ Qeu 

749. A fort is that which derives excellence from the stratagems 
made by (its iamates) to defeat their enemies in the battle-field. 

«0. Cl2arLLinL&fl flfrQujs ^cwr^syLD eQ8sifrLLirtL.& 
(uf - enir.) ct-^, — j^jreAr Qiop Q^FirooeouutLL^ LDiruSQtueoadff (tpe^L. 

fi€or Qpesrjpua sh,/Sl^ir. @€S>euuSjrm(ButrLLu.trg)tiB snuuiraxr uSievr/StuGSiLD 

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cr&Pr'LCi. oy^. Quit (ff^^iiQa^uj(bX6uaDS, iiL.^^Si tS^(p 

750. Althongh a fort may possess all (the above-said) excellencies 
it is, as it were withoat these, if its inmates possess not the ezcelleucj of 

6rd& . £/), dgy^. QLi/r(56frQ^iu6i;Qi«o<^. 

iJBcij^rruj Qun-Qf^^ Qa^iu^G^&ir fijoih ^€ueu^&fTff^^np dn.jpjQGff(rr^iT, 

^. QuiTQ^eniy) eoeuGDiru Qutr(i^eafrsiF O^iuiLjio 
QuiT^&T6\)€0 ^e\)2sO Qurr(^&T, 

(0^ - LJ - CT>/r.) — Qurr^rfjor ^e\)ei)6U€S)ir - gj^ Qufr(rij6nirs 
^^ ^^uuu.drQ&'iJuujeuioeii^ Quir(T^&ir ^i^e^^-Qurr^Zsaiui^ie^a' 

751. Besides wealth there is nothing that can change people of no 
inJi>oirtance into those of (some) importance. 

CL. ^ff06w/r65>/r Qaj^6«fr(j5 Oa^or^eur Qa^eoe^esur 
Ojueo6\)/r(j5^ Q^tueuiir SpuLj, 

(up - 0i>ir.) CT-^,— sr«)aj/riC6or68)LDtty QpesiL^iujrtTtS^th QunQ^e^&ooo/r 
**j/rfiL0 iBsj^QjiTy €Tooeon^^eDLDiLj (ipeDL^iujr(nt9Qi,ih jij^o^onL^iuirGDa 

^^ tj€8)dffii;/f, CLLi—triTf Qtir^LDQO Qfr€or§f!}LD QpQj€s>6Biurr(i^ Qu^rr^^cSieury lutr 
(Q;3?-Li-6in/r.) — ^ff06\)/rGj)/r - (cr^6\)/r/b6BTaDUiiL/ (LpGDL^ujjriru9 

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752. All despise the poor ; (but) all praise the rich. 

(uiP - 0i>ir.) €r -^, — QuiTQffoieir&ifjpi erocedmnT^gn^ &jDui3ssuu®ui 

763. The imperishable light of wealth goes into regions desired 
(bj its owner) and destroys the darkness (of enmity therein). 

(uiP - €»«■.) OT-^, — Q^tuiLji ^ppQcevruj/Si^ ^jr^ar QsirQts^^trar 

Q'^iutLii^pth'^nar Qutr(iF^O^iu^p(gfi'ju QiejS' g)«>@)«Oo«Br£j^ @s5r 
fiQiuesr^ ^(fl/s^Sssrp^, O^flsC^/reoOcwearjjy LjstpuiJB^etiffssuy su.QfiL 
^GD^ ^rresrsoaeirfrp uiuQetfrtujseofrspnh ^peS^filLDGarjQiiDy Qe(Baair3if8drjpi 

(Q^-u-«D/r.) — ^p€ST j^jBi^ - (a^ciu/rP^sQii) ^p^es^fi 
^jSfb^^ ^^ ^dTjB - (^jr^eJr) Q«/r®/aO65/r6j76B>aiii9€0g)«,6w» 


754. The wealth acquired wifch a knowledge of the proper means 
and without foul pratices will yield virtue and happiness. 

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^iIldhlL®^ Qs^iuiLj LD^QurriBiia chJ^jQJirjrtr^ QurrQ^elrLLL^^GD^ ^ira^n Gun 
(O;^ 'Urn sn/r.) — ^jy(75Q«rr/r®ti - (^fitiLb(Qif.&6ML-^^;iF 

755. (Kings) slionld ratbcr avoid than seek fche accnmulation of 
TTcaltb which does not flow in with mercy and love. 

^.jpiQunQf^ - €Sieu^^nS\pi6^Quns Q/b(Bisisireom Sgo^^^slLSlue^ 

756. Unclaimed wealth, wealth acqnired by taxes, and wealth 
(got) by conqnest of foes are (all) the wealth of the king. 

Qmsjrjpnu^^^^ Q^/r&vcouL.'©(^ Gj^Cooj^es^^iu^ss l_.uj Q^GSc^turrcsr euerr 

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757. Tho child mercy whicli ia borue by love gfrows under the caro 
of the rich nurse of wealth. 

M^ (^&ffQpjSi ujir2sfru(Sufrir &eNfn^p>(frfp p^^<ss>^^Q^!r&ii 

fuiP - GDI •) €T'^, — ^eor €Sistu^(r@tu QuirQ^^essn^irs ^(Tr^2s3es>ij 
Qaj(BA^&Qsir€BsrL^ir&if jy^SfW# Qa=tLi^&o ^Q^atr u&oQioQeo/Sl/S&iTjpi ujir 

^GorQp^u^ eSSsanutr^eo Qa^tueutr Qeof^p^i^p Qupor^th. (^&fQp^ 

Gs>iri srrefH&iiQflhF^ AiT^piLD^Qurreod» Gospj^asn^rrs eSdsaresnu QiDpOnnoir 
i_-/rgp>Ln ^a^spnpui ojQffi^QpLSsa^ oj&oeoirGanQujc^^ pfr&^GS^Q^Jb^ Qf^ 

Qihii) ^fSfd&frj)/^ lunSstrruQuirir - tunSesraen^QuTGDir^ &sSsr 

768. An nndertnking of one who has wealth in one's hands is like 
viewing an elephant-fig^ t from a hill- top. 

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6rcr-ii, JvQ. uGS)L^UiiriL&. ^©fi. <^c^i 

Qeaesfjrum ^L^^n-m 

m-f^j^uQuirq^Gfr ^i) uGS)a€Uir^^ Q^(g«(g- ffGrflucwL/, «fly^ 

759. Accumnlate wealtb ; it will destroy the arrogance of (your) 
foes ; there is no weapon sharper than it. 

«0. S^GkrQurrQ^itT.sirLpuu eQiupfiStiuirlrA Qsso^QufTQE 

(u if. 60) IT.) 67-^, — QiBfSiutTGiT a/0Lo Quw(jf^ ^puu LEiiSUU€S)L-p^rrn' 
«(g mpGSijD lupgiiiB^uQj^ijD ^Q^isiQa, Qiudfiiu Qun (if^&etnTih* 

a'(^ uttjor dh.puuLLi—^» 

(Q^-LJ-GD/r.) — gi^f QutTQ^en - iB6\)6\)6uiJ^ujfrii> euq^u^QuT 
(jSsir, &tr^puu - LS^€u^dSLnfra>y ^\upfSiUfrtr&(^ - a-ewTL-zrafiear 

760- To those who have honestly acqaired an abandance of riches, 
tbe other two, (virtue and pleasure), are things easy (of acquisition). 

GTCT - /i. ^^. UGDL^LDiril^. 

€h.jpi^ndir Q(^L-EiSif (ipppaiL u€S>LJUiiril-& 3h.£jt@d^(rr^iT* jifo'o^rrQjffi ugdl^ 
a». S^j}/uu&)LDiB ^p^^fT QGue^uesiU. Qeuibfldr 
(uf-cnir.) 6r-^, — tunSevr (ip^eSaj asirar (^jptuutrgnith Ses>pm^ QurriH 

fFc«fr(Bu uoiLjolajdrp^ ^iBtB(T&sr&^ Q(n^^^cs>uj» esLp^SajQii^ (Seup&J 

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iuirQiu (0<F6D6i/tAyru^.) 

761. The army which is complete in (its) piurts and conquers with« 
oni fear of wonnda is the chief wealth of the king. 

^Qjar QpstrQ^^fT^ Q^fn^mQojqffh uGDu^aeseOtiO^ e^&rfiireur^, cr^jpi* 

iL^uuesiL^^ €BinL(BLJues>i^f ^dsssruuGS)!^^ €s>suu€s>l^ QiijflarflfiLQ ^jrneueoALj 
ues>u.u^&r^r^ SpuLj€s>i^uj^ Qpeouu€s>L^tufr&eoir€orf ^^8sar ^jr^dr ^^Qeueo 

762, Ancient army oan alone have the valor which makes it stand 
by its king at the time of defeat| fearless of wounds and unmindful of its 
reduced strength. 

(uiP - finir.) CT-^, — ereSiimujuais ^jrearQ ai^GoQutre^ QajrreS^fiff&} 

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crer-uy. JJvS. u«i>i— ^/rilS, 4^®® <SS^ 

(8), £-Qy/fl - ai^e^Quire^^ ^S^fiSAtrio ^^enirib^iTeo^ crcJr «gj£i- 
(u/rLflL/«(5) (ST^&n^esTULL 0/(503 ; ^/r«m - jifuuiTLOLj^ ^uQiru 

763. What if (a host of) hostile rats foar like the sea ? They will 
perish at the mere breath of the cobra. 

(uiP-fi(»ir.) €r-^, — QunfimfrsLL Q&(B^€Siar/£l u€s>meuffirp Stpjpisiauui^fr 

^iReSieaiGminuLjnsar mpLoirexriBS gjcDf-coLoqii, ^aipQutr6Bircs>LDajrr^ t^jr6P 
futr — iSidr€f^&r^, esysQuirtus sS^tqeisi^uus sffeueoGfrQiD Qeoirt^, Qiutu 

%&sT^ . {Quir{i\€^) Q&(BjsSi»€OirLnio, ^G^pQutrsir^ 

764. That indeed is an army which has stood firm of old without 
suffering destraction or deserting (to the enemy). 

inQf^^eo an^p^&eSk^y tuhasnn 9puLnho5>Ln. tSsuueoir Qi5(^Qs'ir^fip 

765. That indeed is an army which is capable of offering a united 
resbtance, even if Yama advances against it with fury. 

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(uiP- €nr.) OT-^, — fljpfamGDLDiL^ui infresrQpuy QpAt^iraniS^ff QsF&sfp 
jseirQesr/SaiailQsFp^Lb jifF^Q^ QppuUB^^ Qtneor Qitstrea^ (^agQpQt^ 

^QJpQffGSf QpGDpOuJ UODAQ/CBS/r^ St^^pQthttOrjpl Spp£SiUi, ^F^Fg^^ 

@^ fiffrtp^eujrirLnp esir^^^ih, ^tfifLj/Bfrup&Qairesyi^ujuSco ^nQearr^^Ftrssan 
qP^gSujojiI) ^GS>pQutT&iT€Siuya^ intrQiu Q^PiueDa&ar QupuuiLt-jesr, g)^0^ 
luosiiB tuirirsi^Cj uGnsotir s^strjriraeSsirf G^psreaer Gojeson-irQLDaiupfTthm 

iL, uxnGssfL^ - UMriLQGDinuuiLL^^ a/^dFfl^ev^Q/ - (^Qp&treffjra'Q^ 

i-/®^^jj2^ii, 6763r mirGfrQd^CTGfT ^/e/B/reJ/^ ^GssTQpQu^^ usoL-i;@- 
G<F^«@, €7"^ii - «/r6i;6\)/ra). 

766. Valour, honour, following in the ezellent-footsieps (of its pre- 
decessors) and trust- worthiness : these four alone constitute the safe- 
guard of an army, 

(uf - env.) 6T - ^, — Lorrp(j7^jnreii qj(^sbljulL(B^ fiGsrQuyi^Qjsjs ucdl^ 

euGDSB /5n€Xfrsir6i/eBr ^mL^LOj LOesarL.cOLbf ^ei&^ud, Quir&Quyeor €SIgs)qi» eSif^ 
(tpuujsiTQjear ^Goari^eSlS u^Qgstq^Cdj uyasfi^eceSiifi Qjrm(Bihf 6Fia£Sfi€SliiuJirjpf 

(BaatTuiSp Qu(i^(^LD ; ^GSi^Qujeoeotrih oju^jprio^^t^ s€Kr(BQ&n€ira. g)«a)a/ 
jrirQeo qj^s&u uiL®^ flesrQu^i^euibfl^ QuaSr - (z^^L.u969r) Quit 

767* That is an army whichi knowing the art of warding off an im- 
pending struggle, can bear against the dust-yan (of a hostile force). 

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^^ p^QLDGOQj/B/str/b Quir£^s(^Liifrfl)p£^th ^t\>dB0iunu9§imhf p^Q(7f^ppu 
^GDaOiudrp^ ^(r^QutuiTLDfrp^jnDiTiu Sarp^» Q^TrppuOune^Gutroj^ ^co 

CO flur&srQe'&iTjp!^ QunrtOs^iuti]^ Q^arrfiujQfiih, ^pp^u^ - (^ 

768. ThoQgli destifcnte of courage to figbt and streugtli (to endure), 
an army may yet gain renown by the splendour of its appearance. 

A, ^^^Loiq^ Q^Feoe^ir^ ^evRqii) euj^emu^iLj 

769. An army can triumph (oyer its foes) if it is &ee from dimi- 
nution, irremediable aversion and poverty. 

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(Qj£ . u - 63>/r.) — /8S50Lo««6rr - (QurrtBL^^i^^ SSeCGnojuJ 

770. Though an army may contain a large number of permanent 
BoldierSy^it cannot last if it has no generals. 

(uiP - ennr.) er-^, — uesiseSn-f ^^fiik Qsar/DSsoo/QeN^ir QufrQfrjbjpi 

iSsirp off^iT/f, ue\)ir - ^QnsBir^ ^&sr - (/f/r ^^sjjBl-^^ idei)ei>/r 

771. my foes, stand not before my leader ; (for) many are those 
who did so and afterwards stood (in the shape of) stataes. 

(uf - 651 IT •) ST'^y — snGff^^^&Q^(BLD QpiuBsou iSeDtfiiuniD Qeoiu^ 

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Q^ir ^jrar sj^ L\pmQdin(B^fifi(i& anesSlu iSGffcor^sa parQuop Q^iaeo^p 

uira-sS^ui^ ujfr2ssr - (Q€ueStS^^^Q€»iQ&frp^ ojaSafrefsnu^ iQes^p 
^fsQs^io - (sr^/b^) flu\9nu QeuSso^ ^lifiio - ^i^fi6\)^ @^ 

772. It is more pleasant to bold the dart that has missed an ele- 
phant than that which has hit a deer in the forest. 


(uiP • £0>ir*) er-^, — uGSimtunQiDp &GKrQ^u.rr^ Q^tini^uy mp^esifi 

@) luauuiLL^fresr^ f&BsoGsyui Q/sn&Sy ^Qtufrji^tuSeap GLDpQ^p&oeorr^ g)«r 

u^p Q^ujQp) LnpLd^ Quir ^gsstgs^u^ - ijS(^i^ ^eisreiDU^ujff Qih, 
^6sr^ n^ppsisfrtM - (^6i//f«(g) ^d^fiiTlpeij euibfl^n\Q&n^ (•sy^ 
^lr^^&Qair&i(^fip QunqF^iL®)^ ^sa.irrr6tSTGfiLa - ((yi^B/mQa/r 

773* The learned say that fierceness (in contest with a foe) is in- 
deed great valour; but to become a benefactor in case of accident (to a 
foe) is the extreme (limit) of that valour. 

^. GDsQeueo se^pQ(yff(B Qutr&Q euQjueu&fr 
Q^(B Quir&Q €if(jT^Q&ip &€^pjpji^(^ GeuQ}i^s SiX\eun&sT ^miDfr/TL^ecisi 

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^^sTiBf^^ajfrssr QeuC^esiL^Gun y;^/B^ ^/SiS^ Qttar^u^G^U), iS^^ih Quad' 
QtOdO eSl^fF^diesr Qear&a-u^u.ihf QupuuiLL^esr* jpitQoK^Ljd* 

eQtL®j €U(rFueu€{fT - (€U(i^@eirp uj/r&rr£5@ Gew^ QfBi^) ^S\u 
eueh^ QinujCSeiji^ - ^ehLdirlrtQ eSQ^i^ Qeudeo^ (a«w7®), urSvuir - 

774. The hero ivho after casting the lance in his hand on an 
elephant, comes (in search of another) will pluck the one (that sticks) 
in his body and laugh (ezultiuglj). 

A(^u upis}Q^nyB^^90(nhf cr-^. 

lib* Is it not a defeat to the valiant to wink and destroy their 
ferocious look when a lance is cast at them (by their foe) P 

(uf-onir*) 6T-^, — ^6BrHi(j^^ Qe:arp sfT&rsdsff Qaj(B^QfieaiGs^j Ji/Qjp 
Quqr^^ ibirerrsGetnrQiEi ^Jhjl.(BQLDSfru^trihm ^€Si€u^yy^£§^ili e§s.p^ 

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776* The hero will reckon axnoog wasted days all those on which 
he had not received severe woands. 

(uf - €B)ir.) <T-^, — ^ps^^jfi^ pixQubtr® Q^GOsotf^ ^cs^i^kj^^s^ 
^y^i^ /8p(gLh L/tf«if>tp Qeumt^ ^aSHrojny^^^ Qa/wrL-.nfi ^jr/r aifi^ atlSB 

«)«= - L/«e»/p, QeuainfL - €Q({^Lat9^ QeuskfTL^ir &^u9jnrir - a-u9/r 

777- The fastening of ankle-ring by those who desire a world-wide 
renown and not (the safety of) their lives is like adorning (themselves). ^ 

(uf - GDif.) er-^, — GutrirQufip piiQpiSiiruQu(r(igtL 1.^9'irja ^p^ 

QutrnQup p^iunesiumStaTf ^ffiQup(ff^id ^jr&^ p(BuiSi^ih S^eoaOTdr 
C^ai ^^eSp ^aQo/LD lunQinGf « Meistr Lopoj/r ^a^Q^n&r L/CDLaju*' eieor 

inp€is!r - effjrlr^ ^es>p6u&T - (^^) ^JTdP&n-^ Qa^jS^P^u^ - (^^ 

778. The heroes who are not afraid of losing their life in a contest 
will not cool their ardour, even if the king prohibits (their fighting.^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(UiP * CAT.) €r-^j — firrA^k^/Ssar ^^^€Bri ffuu/nufi Quira^tKBd' Q^ 
AQpueuir • ^sfpfip(QS\iueu!r^ ujirir - vuireuar^ 

779. Who would reproach with fidlnre those who seal their oath 
with their death. 

aeSeriB^ Sk ioid(j^ja6u9os QuirSiesH^ e^noiuQufidt^ jif4'^a6iaff(B gjjrjs^triS 

Lfjr&fiirn' - ^mn^ekijr^jr^^ amr «- ssAraeff^ £iru^iosi - £a-Qu0 
(QLoui^^ 4FirQpi9ar - ((7£j^ffl(?6v) ^irBuQujSeir^ ^irisir®m jy^ 

780. If (heroes) can so die as to fill with tears the eyes of their 
mlers, snch a death deserves to be obtained even by begging. 

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KLOrBL, <f ^r-'l 

ojirfiDQ/qfiff- f Qff'iu^tQ&fTG&TL^trio jif^iQutreou ussiseuit Qs^tutLfh d&viQu 

gtlLj^a^fiflStro/irauru Oujpt^^^Lo Oup^o^p QdPtuu^(tfiuifiu(tpu> Q^tu 
^irp/SiHtSlar/S /8jbp£pi(jp^^iu ^fituoifrseSdr /sLLiSpO^iup&iflfuesreSi&oQtu 
^jpiihf Q^iufifirp u9s>aQjjr^fj^ ^9ssrQfiiri~.Bi6itrjrira^exfr Sfj^Ouire^ GS9soreuirjr/r 

Qiuer §Ki^aics>siuiJBth* jifeupjpiA §iajpci>a iSpuL^QpBopiutr^^u^ujji G/giu 
Qpmpajtr^yuj^^Quiar ^QotcosiUL/Buu ^ftufijpi^SiSf (tpardssfoj^ ^ppmns 
^O^jif^^ppifiy>irtSetfrL.£iSpjpf} e^tujgi u€S>atSGSiL^iSkLL.G/gajfififinm 
eSsDT^ jif^ ^SsoBreuGSQajatr eu^ujS^^eirt^iiQpjpf* @^ ffasr(B^ Qs'troo&siLj 
iJBoiiffi QpsaQ^ujfi Offidlup/S euQ^Qa^iup^st^QuLMuira^S^f Jiffiw &puLf 

^uiuir^ji^aiQaa'&T(geffip(Q ^Si\uQu[f(r^&re»&r^ luir -* erGPsuB&r, 

781. Wbab things are there so difficult to acquire as ftieudship P 
What guards are there so difficult to break through by the efforts (of 
otie*8 fi^8)P 

i9afrefjr Quon/ssiuaar miLuf^ 

Qureo mtrQL^irjpi StapiLfifidireskiiiuQjiruy; uyprnpu OLi0)^«B>££a^£^aj/r/r 
fftlt/MeSr Smp&fi iD^ltSdr (QGS>piLjifltir€SH£Oufr€0 KtrGujrj^a (g/Bs^ptLfiB fidr 

MjTo/cltrAQf^ir, Qtifi€S>U}upfi» CaAaroMOj euQuAuGf ^(tfiutr(tyl. 
Scvd). Q^ij^nff^ upgesuDajfrAr etLLfuy uoosy/niScsr. j)f/SefGS>u.ttJir(iffj) dy/Aey 
<x>u.iLur(!^ Q^iiLjfi€ar Qpar^Qf^&Qu tSaffQu(r^p(S^U), QufSi/giu/rQffh Guonjguj(r 
0^ Oa^fUfiear QpsirQuQF^u i3drerQ^^p(^ atrjrasru} flthQpwr QpAeor/Siuir 

(O^g? - u - 65)flr.) — Ssrskilr - Siffie^Gs^L^ujeujr^^ QamrGs^m - 
SQissLo^ i9gs^P - i9es>p(Suireo^ Stenp £jr • (/6/r(7i-./r^xL) /Son^ 

ffi(J/5«ii, tn^ - (Siesipifl) ffK^jrmQuireo^ iSeii iff - i9ew(?6W 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

jA^ m^^m 67«i-(i. 


782. The friendship of the wiso waxes like the new moon; (bat) 
that of fools, waxes like the fall moon. 

783. Like learnings the friendship of the noble, the more it is cnlti. 
yatedi the more deUghtf al does it become. 

QuhpQ^dr /Si^fl/sp Qutrq^C-®. 
(uiP-caiR'«) er-'ffi^ — ^0Q/C7@Q^/r0Q/6Br sLLnd^Qsptu^io fiihQpaa^jgp 

cotf iL^eirfiinuQjtfi (tppuuSBi eiipjpifipQunQ^Q* 

GficSkar QiDpQsFGirQpA^jpiui^ §j&frQa=rrp^ LS&rffJBBiLDvSieir Q^t^^^pOutrQ^ 

784* Friendship is to be practise^ not for the pnrpose ot laxzghiog 
bat for that of being beforehand in giving one another sharp rcbnkes in 
case of transgression. 

®. L/68Br/ri^© uy^^fiiO' QeumrL^ir e^esifrii&fBir 

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Quired ^€aBinJ'SQajnuiSdr, ^ffiGoj ^.L^gnaSir £Bi(s^(tpiR€BiLDpjssirtu /BtliS 
Usru uiusi^QioGsr-uf^irai^ etliSpf^ Liesarir^S, u(p(^p&Oj ^^sarir^&Qiutr^^ 

785- Living together and boldiog freqneut interoonrse lire not 
neoesaary (for frieadship) ; (matnal) nnderstandiag- caa alone create a 
claim for it. 

fsmma miLuj^ fsiLLf. 

QjGs^ klL(^ldjp ostLuiian^ • jifdTu/r&» jifAQpLOQOjr fSil.(QLLG^ atLunoj^ 

Qa^Qesrs; esfistfiOj^Bssr O^^Q^for(^/r* §ip/Bp^ ^ifiS^ Qqj^^ 
g^U)«Du> ^atrjt^^rrpQ^^a^* J^fl^^ g)#cnr®u} ^0i5<o« iDeojrQoJckr® 
Qwaru^ Qup(rr^w» 

786. The love that dwells (merely) in the smiles of the face is not 
friendship ; (but) that which dwells deep in the smiles of the heart is 
trae friendship, 

€asri\)eo ^^fiuuflir iBiLLj. 
Qdsof gf^Qcgr^s^^ Q^i^idatrp Q^^^Q^ Q^iuo/^^frp GaQoji^ifi 

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Q^iujfl^ ^jpt '- ibeoeuifi&ei]Qe\), &-UJ^^-/5i.^P^ ^(fieQ^aeaa^ 

787* (Trae) friendship tnrns aside from evil (ways), makes (him) 
walk in the (good) way, and, in case of loss ifc shares his sorrow (with 

^. P^Qions vBiifiifi6u<iT onaQufrev eurrijQs 
uf - Oil'.) 0r-^|— *j)f«Dfi/(i9a>^ iuiics>L.j(s^%^Qs§s!jkQ jjfuQufTQfiQ^ 

^ppMirfifip&tL CD6S ^s^ii>6or^Q^ QppiJBfieSdr, jyo/fifioD^iY ®®^ 
O^tfibd miLtSegGin Qe^ppuuili-^. 

788. (Tme) friendship hastens to the resone of the afflicted (as 
readily) as the hand of one whoiie garment is loosened (before an aa* 

(uf-ODir.) OT-jgr, — iBtli3g^a>(^ ^ir©([5^c3)tf tutrQ/Bet^dr^ JfA^ ^^ 
Ou/Td^eTAefip p&rltiffiifi ^^^€rn^S SA@ jt/otp/Sdrs €sJlijpi^j^fip(Q 

Digitized by 


(0^ - u - a>/r,)— /6tli9/i(5 - SlCSiBs^jSp^^ effpjSqhi 
(67/&/6/r(^.u3) Qeujptut^tTLnio^ ^io^Laeuiriu - ssu(BLBL^fi Q^e^ 

789. Friendsbip may be said to be on its tbrone when it posaesBes 
tbe power of sopporting one at all times and under all circamstance8> (iu 
the practice of virtae and wealth). 

A0« ^Zatriu S\euQiru^& Q&fr&fTLDiuir Qubetrj^ 
fim^i^u L&vre^GDirui^saih QojpjptesiLDtL^earLjnDa'dt^iar, klLliu l/^jOso 

790. Though friends may praise one another saying " He is so 
intimate with ns, and we so much (with bim) ;" (siill) such friendship 
will appear mean. 

c^O-U). ^fi — piLuilfftllUfBW. 

^oopfTeuffi OiDfiQa^treofSiu eSaoAaasTjipirssHr lumrtrujapfiiOfi kiLa 
GiB/aor<B^^Bkirj ^a/c»/r ujirjffnLjeSipth* jif^^iirjrQpmp^Dimjih Slp^fietir 

«« JB!^ /BiLt^eQp QstfLik^Bd etLu.i9€^ 

effi^&idBii atLuir&r u€ulr&(Q. 
(iJiP-cnir«) CT'ffi^ — i5LlL98rwefl(5LbL9 ^fiotaeSaOessr /fi/tu/rif a@ ^00/ 

iun» tstLQpapinQjQffargnih QojpjpiaiiLaSdraHiyS^ ^i^^cSsoQiuarj^thf jvqj 
Gajp^ftooLD aSdrGSiUiiundr ^ojekaiL uifiufrtititi!£tw puyejir LonaeSssr g)0C8)Lo 
iui» QalB&iQfTGsfu^ GairiQ Kni^ir^ anLi^^p GatfL&:SsoGiu^jiiiia ^fi^n» 

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791. As those who &re of a friendly Batnre wtll hot forsake (a 
friend) after once loving (him), there is no evil so great as contracting a 
friendship without due inquiry. 

u^th ueo&fT eofffffrtu^^ih u€d^rrp(n^ ^jrnttuB^ui ^0q;(?@)© asiLLi^Qsfr&r 

Q^tu^/s ^lunQ^O Os/rdreTBo&r ^ojp^ €U(t^ u€sye€eiLDQuj@oeotns ^^Quao 
^jriTujirQjifiu u® LS(i^d(2}« ek.puuiLu.^. 

(Q^ - £-/ - 65>/r.) (^GSSTQp^ Qs'lUGnSO^Ui IS€0€\)Q€9T^U 

efi^, ^/reJr ^/rii - ^nest ^!reufisp(Q €r^a//rfiiLf, ^lujrui - ^6er 

792. The friendship contracted by him who has not made repeated 
inquiry will in the end grieve (him) to death. 

«L.« (^cssTQfiiaa ^tfLGSunvLfia (QppQp'ta ^elst(nf 

(uiP - ^ir*) cr-^, — ^(TjQ/eir ^mfffl^^^iM (^^uiSpuiSQssnLnh (^ 
p^S^tLjih (^€s>pmjpp ^rpppfi^iLj wnJtniiiBfi^ij?} ji/QiQ^(B miLi^^ 

(^ppiB^^scir^trir ^eos^^mam^fiSim n^etretr^ QunjpfsauiJBQj^n'aSair 
jyQ;/f/5L_L/ G^L^pufTp p^QpdruniT (^ppQpQiL^jpul), erppu^^ULfOiL. 
lurr/r iBtLi^frQ jrir(Bua i^esi^LjLisKr(BQj(n^^^p (^dr(n^6S€8rgpf QLomjpnh, gSl-u 

Q^anwiq/i - (^ifLUiBpueiDUiLiui^ ^ppQpui - (^jbp/iGD/astnih, 
XS^Qff ^^S^^ - (^^peupp Srpp^esifiiULo] ^^i^ - (.^^r 

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793. Make £riend8hip (with one) after ascertainiDgXhis) character, 
birth, defects, and the whole of one^s relations. 

^(QuGsr tsiLmu ^3soQsir(B^^isi Qair&rs Qsuesruptrih* 

(Q^ - u - ej>/r,) Qtf.Lji9pib^ - ^luirib^^i^Sp \9pi^^ 

f&ir^3i€kin2ssr-^^a^u€i}2esr^ Qsir®^^ijb''(^ujirfiirSsPi(oluifr&r€s>p) 


794. The friendship of one who belongs to a (good) family and is 
afraid of (being charged with) gailt, is worth even purchasing. 

O.50i©ft^ii), ^Qjeutpa^ Qa^tuturreuifi^ Q^tu^asaiLo eu&oeoiTGDir ^jrntuijp 

^Lpg^Qs^n&oeSi nSv^^Q^ear guib^ uiflsfrjr^Ssisraneirfrdf SjQjpfipQ&pp 

Quinsy Q^iu&o. ^ihQLDir® isiU^nQF^iD jif<S(LiUiisuGS>& j^/S^^fi GoS^ir&e^Gfr 

{Qfi ' u - OD.T.) — jifi^€\>j^ - (^nili) a-6\)«/5«>z-UJ6060/r;y 

795. Yon should examine and secnre the friendship of those who 
can speak so as to make you weep over a crime (before its commission). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

or rcbake yoa severely (affcet yoa havo done it) and are able to teach 
(you the ways of) lie world. 

iSlLi^ ajerruuQ^irir Q^ir6\), 
(uiP- onnr.) er-^^-— ^(jjo/gp/fi^A C«Ql-6wu^ ^^csnLi^iriroQ'dj i^oj 

QupiiiJBeijQ^tr ir /B&^eo/8 eyejir®, er-^. 

I— /rgp/LD ^inriLjLDfTjpfih ^jrniLnhfinoo i6iLti>uu(Beua rr §jeuQtr&a^u^ei.ia a^pCj 

796- Even in ruin there is some good ; (for) it is a rod by which 

one may measure fully (the affection of one's) relations. 

(uiP - Of) if.) CT'^f — gp0Q/g2y^@u QuQp&rjpi Qff^irtoeiMljLJSQjffi ^fi 
/BiLQunifiS^rrgi^ui ^fkstr^&irGO Q^fiaio^ iFfd^esrQpuy QwEiGsyaiLnh Qoj 

797. It is indeed a gain for one to renounce the friendship of fools. 

^, Q^6ffenp3i Gi/eVerr^ &jsvqj6u Qsir&r&rp^ 

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jtyo - to, J^^, iBi—uirJTiTtu^cV. K-ers 3y 


Qjir/rQurrdrj;^ ^i^^eSL^f Qy(?S}uj^uu/r Qit&^^ii* Gi(B^^&&n ilSBeuGsan, Q&n&r 
d^(r^ia^^fl)(^i airjrcssnairQiU O^j^eOdsSsirr, cerrerr^ds - ^Q^ujoj) 

798. Do uot think of things that discourage your mind, nor con- 
tract friendship with those who would forsake you in adversity. 

SSEsr^p^BBoartun'QeBr ^ssnuiSideotr^ iSpgfu^^a Srup/SQuia Q&irv^^fr 

GJ)456fl®a;/r/f - (^^suSsareQiL®^ iSihJ(^6iJirir^ QaessTG^m - ((xpeJr ^ 

799. The very thought of the friendship of those who have deserted 
one at the approach of adversity will burn one's mind at the time of 

£50. It^nRGii^ u^ir^'pQTjUr QmoiSTGSimQiiuffesf p^^ 
(uf - onir.) er-^, — sLCuCtf/r® ^^^& ;^ppiDp(rr^iT nsilL^^Otu uaS 

Digitized by 


.^^ «£-6r2- j>\& - ti. ^P. uipGmLh. 

G^ULj @l spirit - (s-eos^Co^/rO) ^^^eSi&)6\)irfi€Ujr^^ KL-Lj-'&QrBS 

800* Continue to enjoy the friendship of the pnre ; (but) renounce 
even T?ith a gift, the friendship of those who do not agree (with the 

Jpf^^^' srrjrGJoruQutuir sfTffiaj^^p&n'uSijbjpi* ^irniui^ iBiL&uuLLL^tiQtr€S 
§^ih Qua JP1&&U1JB1E1 (^ppopesit—iu jriraeofrgniu) ssa^GueoiEtufr^th iBt'j irk 

A. UffiGDLa Qujesruu®€u ^uj!iO<sgS^ luir^ia 

Qs'tufi&Oj ^Los^ QeuGseri^iuesf ^frQin Qsiri-io, u6B9f7€u<F£=iK76s<sif]b9raPLo Qajcsr 
QsFGsrp^Gsrjpi ^uQup/S^^noj iBil-Qu&ru^ eh^puuiLt^^* 

entu - [uy^G^mQiuirir) s^tFlGsymiuirQeo Qa^iu^Gs^cu&ietr^ lUfr^La^ 

801. Intimate friendship is that which cannot in the least be in- 
jured by (things done through the) right (of long standing intimacy). 

' &.• j5iLi9p (^jp/uLis QsQpfiGnaGSiin ii^ppf^p 

Digitized by 


J^^ - ID. J^^. U^fiSSiUb,«. ^/^ ""' 


(u/P- flDir.) er-^, — ibiLt^p^ ^euiuGkiiDnoKssr KtLL^rrii ^jflcawujnpQiFiu 
cjssTj sffi^^^ ji/GJOjiflGSiuid^ ^&^tujnr^&o ^Gs>u}£^irir&>Q QpGSipGsany et-jpi* 

Geups^csiin Q^necrp a^'ilOL-Scrr^/r. SLjp/uQueoTu^ iv&6rin.eo&&Sbssrujin. 

tmreuesr^ 0«(iLX>^aO>A€9)Lo - (/bLLiSsaiir^ &./BanLouj/r^ Qa^tuu&S)&i 

802. The constituents of friendship are (things done throngb) the 
right of intimacy ; to be pleased with such a right is the datj of the 

(uf - Ohn,) er-^j — ^iropt^ihut^ir^GftQcaJs^ih mtLu.irir ttJ^emxnuirp 
Qffiu^forajp/Spa^^ fifT^rfQ^uj^rrpQuiTGo a^ujhui^irjnrtSsirj st^jQjrn(B um 

803. Of what avail is long-standing friendship, if friends do not 
admit as their own actions done through the right of intimacy P 

Qsentr^ tBtLt^nir Qa^iSiGST, 

(uiP - a»ir.) CT-^, — ^ikaQ^^GSi^ BsiLL^trn ^flGsnnuirp Qsemr^ Q^p 
lu^ IT jrirsS^y ^d^Qa^iueoffi eSay^tuuiJBis fiCvre^LOup/S tgf^Bssr ^Qfjjai^wn ^fS 

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804. If friends, through the right of friendship, do (anything) 
without being asked, the wise will be pleased with them on account of its 

GtbiT^&ai /Ltlz__/r/f QdFuSeir, ' 
(uiP - 65)ir.) ST-j^f — ^nih Qsujpiaa^^^&GsrGupesyp iBiLi—nrr QsFtujsfTfftr 
uS^, Si^p(^^ ^irjrsjsrili ^dr^p QuGiD^aDLDQussrQj^^^'O ^«>crj2S?oDr iB&a,^^GSiiD 

^^Q^Qguquu^ €TeagrGs^€S}u.ffQ^nb\), Qa^aSQcfreoTQeUf ^iijtBiueoutrp 
Q^iuuJtTesiLnQup^th, ^^ eud^Qekpeupjpjeoj^ Olo/t^^o). ©fpg^tp^^^r 

vfGmjsQiGSi&iuirea GtLoiB^eujTputrso^ ^p^cs)tniB(^^up/SI jijeuifl^ Qj.i'/s^^^ 

Qa(Bu)^a)4B Q3=(UaSi60r ^^p(^^ ^niTGXlLD '^^^)p Sn^puuL-L^^* 

(0^-LJ-SD/r.) GlBfT ^65« - (^fifTLCi') Q&J^ks^fS&SGS^Oia^^&T^ 

805- If friends should perform what is painful, understand that it 
is owing not only to ignorance, but also to the strong claims of intimacy. 

««rt-, 6r^2feo65« €st^&sTqrfir ^peunlr fSiT^eoeSlL^^^i 

Qldp ® uLpcsiLDuSip /Siflujir^ iS&sTfT^jT^ islLiI^S^ ^Guifnp Qqr^dsoc^ ojis^eSlL^p 

QeujpjUL^ir^ iS&iTpcujr^^ Q^irL^irLf - /BLlsnu, Q^adsoibfl eBt—ji 

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806. Those wbo stand witliin the limits (of trne fnendsliip) will 
not even in adversity give up the intimacy of long standiug friends. 

(uiP - o»ir.) CT-^, — iBiLi^nir ^ins^iBifiQieus^Gupesipa^ Q^Fuj^njrnuS 
^iBQiuGiru^ (Lp^c^dso^Qj^rrL^pQutuiT, J)fifieij - QiDpQ^n&ccSiuj (?«® 

&&T, g)eJ>6l/ SjT&^i^ G&(SO^(iJ^^4662W^2fiI) /till./ ^L^pUfTp p&X 
Qp&ru^ ek-pUUL-L^^* 

fQ^ " u - €3>/r.) — j^Gfn9&iT - ^ecsTLjL^QeaT^ eui^euii^ - u 

807. Those who have (long) stood in the path of alBEection will 
not give it np even if their friends cause (them) their ruin. 

aSeSr, ^^ uiusstuiLl- isiretririh, er-^. 

jrtrtu^ Q&ea-n^QGU&ngia Qin^s'^^p^ (tpu^unuSp^n, Q^oj^Qutrif^iBajb'Ceo^ 

iHasiLfQutrjpf^^p &puL\^ ^wl^ljljlIl- ^. 

(O^ . u - sn/r.) — QsGfT - iBiLiSlesijr^, ^(ipAsih - iSssy^p 

808. To those who understand that by which they should not 
listen to (tales about) the faults of their friends, that is a (profitable) day 
on which the latter may commit a fault. 

^i-.rrj:^rr efJsy)j.o(L( (Lpo\^(^» 

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«/0i ^irQio €ui^ cLLuttOiGirdru^ffui, QAL-jrQjakjrn uffi^Qma^, mtljL^^ 

Zi-eo(^ - &-ev SLUT ear ^^ eBonipiLfUi * {^iLLfk^jS^^) eQQf^ihLfiQ^ 

809- They will be loved by tbe world, who have not forsaken the 
friendship of those with whom they have kept up an unbroken long- 
standing intimacy. 

<S0» WGnfptuirir 6SiGS>^iULJ uQiu ussiipajirtrstl. 
U€isn9ip pissoutQUiuir /^rrir, 

(uf - «nf .) cr-^,— ufip^uj iBiLi^nn tSeoLpOsrdisirjrtri^gpiUi. .Sf^a^io^ 

(^jjfsur i9<ssi^pQ^LLJ^irjriru9^ui')^uss!n9&fT^2sOLj SSiiua fiirit'l^fiu^^ 

810* Even enemies will love those who have never changed in 
their affection to their long standing friends. 

^a. - LD. ^^. ^jBilq. 

flu p (gjbfi>(ip^u.csKouSl:ir eSufiunreOjSirtu fsuLj mil. 
unffiruj^p&iL er(i^6g:Qd=ir&oeQu ^SBTttnurrehr ^u:ta£Bir€s>LDuS^ ^^dsor S(i^eijcsi& 

e^pjp/os>ijDUfi)/SI ^csiuajfTfi QtopQ^iu^y i3&ir ^ojQnir® Q^iu^ ibil.ilickQLDp'^ 
<ss. LJ(n)(^Gumr Quir^^uLo usisn9i))){rir Qs&srGs^tii 

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^QL - Lo. jy^. jsiBL^Lj. iBLcrsr 3 '^ 

/ /' 

'^^®0 Q/sargw euq^ir Qisn&aQLoaQ^' ^arQj^ir iSipQjyh» ^^(^eaanB&oojn' 
(SetLiSissr^ ^sfrGSiLD Quir^iQjesi&ujirp eh-puuiLi—^* ^eSa^ &puLj6uesim 

^^a(^Gssf(ipGS^L^uj6iJjr^ cr^puif.^^ Ga^JorsDifi - tBiLunesr^^ Qu 

811. The decrease of friendship with those who look as if they 
wonid eat you up (through excess of love) while they are really destitute 
of goodness is far better than its increase. 

QufSisa iB^puiSi^ Qindrr^ 
(uiP-60)ir.) OT-^, — ^m&r^ uiu^&TOjifi aLLui^^Qa^iu^ s>/oo^GOQjifi 
QajirtSiquj ^utSleon-jrffi /slLiSI^ Qup^eo ^asiSiutrj^ ? ^ip/c^rrp Qeu^ 

^LD&(^ppesr uirnuuirn iSpQjrn® QurrQ^p^siSeojrrr&eS&fTy ^euearr ^ulS 

812. Of what avail is it to get or lose the friendship of those who 
love when there is gain and leave when there is none. 

(uiP - €5) J.) OT-^, — iSLLu&TQf urririr^ jy^@0Oa/0LD uiuesretrcii utrn& 

flj/f &sttQj QfT&ir /SeuQjTfr QL^duuQfTGsru^irSp^m §lGS>6uuSijr€i!r(BuinLL^n'gp;iB 
^iD^^jpiQj^ uniluurrir idtLi^ar^^iD erupuuiLu.^* 


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813. Friends who calculate the profits (of their friendship), pro- 
stitntes who are bent on obtaining their gains, and tHieves are (all) of 
the same character. 

g)6i) G//rir/rcB>LOttS68r^ ^eS&u^BSnu^ ^^B^udifQi^ir : etGarQot^ ^^etjis ^^ir^&i 

^Q6\) /setTeiHeQiLQuQufrS&fTp^ 65^6o/r-«eO€fltt9e06W/r^, inir jyeir 

814. Solitude is more to be desired than the society of those who 
resemble the untrained horses which throw down (their riders) in the 
field of battle. 

tLt-JTgpub QpnBsoeSp jpidssurtuirstr^ tsiLi^eBr ^gfhd ^k.puuiLt^^» 

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816. I6 is far befcter to avoid than to contract the evil friendship 
of the base who cannot protect (their friends) even when appointed to 
do so. 

(uiP - aiir.) er-^, — sf/SeSeonesrj^ iBs^Q^/S/s^ etLtSdr ^/SofGDi^tutT 

ibiLl^ ert'OGOiT^^Ei^th uuj^fieoirg^ihj Q&irL^iL{^Qu>eir(n^ ir* Quq^hl^ibiLQu 
6Brj3» uirL^Gunr^QJtrQF^Q^yetritm 

816. The hatred of the wise is ten-million times more profitable 
tban the excessive intimacy of the fool. 

6r. ffiSD>«Q/«D65iu jrirQiu tBiLiQp u€ts)S6uinrp 

(uf -COT.) er-^^ — ^OLD/Sfieo euGsy^ujjnrsir^ 15(^^6^ euesisujjrirsp 

Qun^jpi u&o&tGS)siurr €sr(^^^^^ ^irth uiudrQ&rrcSsr Qi-.[rifi€unQjrn(B cevr 
fifrtu^* uGoaQurirQeoaTu^ ^euinuiBpp^diCf ajQ^csrOojaru^ QjQ^disu 

(Qjs - u - GD/r.) — n5Gs>a6UGs>^ujfr ■gjSoj - (^/r£A ^jSfi&xni 
esisiujnrfipsi\)€orruieo') iB^^eaeuQSisujfftf ^p(Q ^jpenaQnu^ iblL 
i9Gfr - miL.uirei (^tnjQf^LnGDeuAefl&fT^ ^ uGs^seujnreOmUGSi&eujrireo («u^ 

817. What comes from enemies is a hundred-million times more 
profitable than what comes from the friendship of those who cause only 

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^irQjTfrQ QsireaarL^ tsiLi^Smr ^^ seart^ir&o ^Qjjr/Stua^Q^rreoeonQ^ Qsfitjt 

poiif^ QsnGGTfSlg^u} ^,^iQu{rnp^ uffia>ifi^^u tUsk^ i6L.uirQiuirQp&^ 
^tpssrjpiuniLi—ir^ui QpesipQiu QuGSi^tutrtly iB(^eSiuuna^^ ^tu&0€^^ Q^iuturr 

(QfB - u " «n/r.)— s^^j52/m sq^lbu^ - (^tiLD/rGev)) Qptf-mii 

818. Gradually abandon without revealing (beforehand) the friend- 
ship of those who pretend inability to carry out what they (really) conld 

<9b. ^esTsQ^ iQ&fT^^ in&ffQ^ ^dsfrQeujpi 
^I8ssr QeF(rp&6(TQ ^rrojeuiresiiD (tp^snQuD QooppuuL-L^^* ^ooSirei/^ 

819. The friendship of those whose actions do not agree with their 
words will distress (one) even in (one's) dreams. 

«0. erSsfr^^ia @^(g^ Qeiitriliueir u^SstrrsQs^. 
(uiP - cnir.) CT-^, — ^gSQuj ic^&seisiSiQF^^i^ leiLuirt^ ueoQjrn® 

jj»® ^LooiLo fB§g)isnQj€s>s (^/£lsQ£sn'€&ir(B air^eQeu^untr^ s^euir iblLiSotOld&o 

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820. Avoid even tbe leasfc approAcb to a contraofcion of friendship 
Tvith those who woald love yoa iu private bnt ridicale joa in pablic. 

' (SajBeVfA ^h-L^niBiLLfS 6iujp/Qdr(n^n; ^oo^^^ijfi u€S>ses>LDtu[r6sr ^^^ 

Qeu/SeSluu^nuj uiLu.esiu.^i^ui ^^j^GUGsnn^^fnu istLiSip^i Q^niSQeonu 
L/QDLO u^srsr€S)LDUjrr€xtr^ Jif^upjS ^iisiLL^desru UL-L^esiL^iuirs oju^^ffi^^nfh 

(Qfi^u-GDiT,') — QfBjriT - eh^L^iT ^ (f^AQ fB ^ iSjribjaseuir - (^eumus 
QtflL^m air^jgu^erreuLb^ Lfp^^pah^tfL iSL^uueujr^j :rtl.Lf - SQib 

821. The friendship of those who behave like friends without in- 
ward affection is a weapon that may be thrown when a fevonrable 
opportunity presents itself. 

^LjlOup(n^p Qu€&rufreoirir LDon^Qun-eo Qojjpiu^ih* ot-^. 

jyfi;/rL069ra> QeujpiuCB^t}} '^Qu^Ssnueonh Qu^^ Qqpqr^iJSu GuQearesrgff 

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822. The friendship of those who seom to be friends while they are 
not, will change like the love of women. 

eSiGffp^» e&oeoinT(ff^^od - Qspppih eEKB^&i, s^&rQetr Qepppopeni—ujnGSin^ 
(Q/B - u-SD/r.) — mi))6» - /5606uaj)6uuj/rfi(u, u€^ - ue\)^io 

823. Though (one's) enemies may have mastered many good books, 
it will be impossible for them to become truly loving at heart. 

iBCSi&tu^ euesiaupfi gjefHiaQoi^jpiih, ^s^j^^ Q^ppti £atpQjth ^^p 
@ LDjpi^Bsoiunuj iB€Si€BGS)tuLj up^jp^SsfT^^eSidr Gu^Qn-eta-jpiU)^ Sfff^Q^ppm 
^uu/S^p SQ^ojinu (ip&p^irs^iB Gpfr^(jr^cs>LDuSid;r j)/(^peo Qa^iuoJUL.® 

Qsfr(B€S>LD Sn-puutLt-^. 

^^a^irio^ ^&fTQ) - {(sruQuiTQp^LEi) gjcSiujnr^ir/s^ Q/gj^Fco/r-o;© 

824. One should fear the deceitful who smile sweetly with their 
face but never love with their heart. 

Q^ni\)€SQ)p Qppputrp p^^. 

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(uf - ODir.) OT-^, — iHGOf^^np puiQion® QiDOjir^iresin iutrQ^(T(r^ SQ^ 

axfdi «(5tx)E>«€»J?i>O/D6ifitf60 S^jprarQpGSip€S)LD lueotQp^u^irth* 

ad^ua^^^ui^ 0<F/ra)6fl@)eo - (jyo/zfCoLjarfi) Cu<i=©g)tA), Qfip6\> 

825. In nothing whatever is i<; proper to rely on the words of those 
who do not love with their heart. 


QkMiredZs^ iUGssTjru L/Oii. 
(uiP-6B)T«) CT-^, — fsiLi^irirQuiTarjpi /BeSrfiOLDuuja^^ Qs^irp&^a^ Qa^ir 

826. Thongh (one's) foes may utter good things as though they 
were friends, one will at once understand (their evil) import. 

67. Q^ITe\>su€ssrA€BQt£iir6!fT^(r3iL- Qsir&Tenp)& eQ&ieuessri&ib 

aui QQj(n^i]S§pith eifasrit^^ QGOnuLfeBiLDup/S ^^afrt^/SuODu Quj^eutr^QiLjia 

^ssr^ir^ (^^uL^ih ^eu/fl^'ju Qarn&HQjGsara&.^^&irQLoeo^fTii^psi^ @^Q/® 
^^^ ^f^^^ ^€3fsr^&Quy^Qp Q&nmL^(^Sdt air&aiQoj^u^rrLD* g)GDta/ 
^/idr^u/i iLi-.iTsiiith ^^iGs>ira^ Q^ff&doonp Qpdfiajp»QQj&fru^ eh^puuiLL^^* 

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827. Since the bending of the bow bespeaks evil, one should not 
accept (as good) the hamiliating speeches of one's foes. 

p^ eutritaaeSlQT^aisl^p uGS>L.di&€Oih tLtu^^eaarnGiiL^^ Q^pjpiQesrpQuirQ^^ 
^^^&o j)fQjGf>n^ Q^iuGdirp Qpe^tupAQoj&ru^ Sn^puutLi^^, 

(gjti, Li«J>r— - ^\L{^Lnir€ST^^ ^®!a(^uh^u^es>pi^(TQ^^ui; jfQp^ 

828. A weapon may be bid in the very hands with which (one's) 
foes adore (him) ; (and) the tears they shed are of the same nature. 

G^iu^ ^s/i^ffSTiBiL i^th€SiLDa9a(ipui u€s>i£QjGS)fr^ pfTQpih j;f,i/btliSdrs€&iBQas 

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829. It is the daty of kings to affect great love but make it die 
(inwardly,) as regard those foes who shew them great friendship bat 
despise them (in their heart). 

l^sklL QuiriPgi eflL-A), 
(uiP-Qnir*) cT'^j — flLDU€SiSQjrr ^loa^ ibiLL^irjrtr QiuirQp^i&airGOLD sjm 

Jl^isireouyfTOj^ ^uuDtrgpth UGBmQiudrjpi Qeue/lhljuL^ S^aoonsir^ o/eircy* 

Lurgpgui jif/seLjSaiu. Qtutr(t^(j^irjpi ^l^uuiLl^^. 

(Qfl-u - 6w/r.) — uGSim - (/]?">) uGSiseuar^ /blIl/ ^u^ tf/rcOLo- 

830. When one's foes begin to affect friendship, one should leva 
them with one's looks, and, cherishing no love in the heart, give np 
(even the former). 

^uuauB^nar QpppiMv^tLfEj ^^pLndr€S>LD(iS ggii&r^inu Qeu(j^^nspHEi &iru>fi 
^irgnih fi»/0Q;^/rLb. jumtpjptea QQi(jEgsif\ujtrear ojQ^t&tr ^/g^^sn jr^^irguLo 

luuxuss^cD^ QlQ^aisuu(Bp^, ^jressfi—^&iTff^^ap s!^jj;uGuiT&irQ(n^ujEiQ, 

^Seeia^ppEidiQeireoeofr^pfigi^ui iSa&Q^narjpi ; jif^^irar ujnQ^aijpi eSear 
fifi^i fi€ara(^QsQ utuuuejrQjpmp& csi4s&Qsn€&jr(B ^&su) uuJuueorQjp 
&)p^ €Sie§SS^&)^ GT'jpi* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(Qfi - £j - Gn/r.)-^(?u69);f ADLo erdru^ - QuGSifiGninQaj&r 
m/ O6F/r&06\)LjLJ®ai/^. g^sSfj;)/ - (u^pos>pi (^ppaasetnQctt^eoftLL 

831. Folly is one (of tbe chief defects) ; it is that whicb (makes 
one) incnr loss and forego gain. 

s_. Quesy^GnLDVH Oerr^eu/rz)^ Quesi^^tn sir^a^esiu^ 

(3n6suj&06\) fi^siL. Qs^ojeOm 
(uf •QD0'«) er^^f' — ^0Q/g!V^@u Qu€s>fis€S)iD QojGOedireujbjpieirQ^ iSas 

Ques)jssDU^ Q\ueii€Oireup^e(T ^Lb^ Quesi^aiUi - tS^ifi QuGSifi 

832. The greatest folly is that ^hich leads one to take delight in 
doing what is forbidden. 

AL. JBir^GS>tA iBiTL^ffesiin JBiriimGsyixi tuitQflic&f^ui 

(uiP*-aDir*) er''-^y—idiTGmQ^aai(diDekipjpi&^ eir^^tnafh eirLJioM® 
iDQifiesip mnL^nesiLDiL^ uja^(rLDniL(Bth (^fiA^Qa^n ^sPiu^^fisn^anLiLfja Quesr 
Qwm(BLDQfpjpi€ir lunQ^trGsrpSevfiLfh Qu^gjiesiUMfJi Ques>s(U^ Q^ntfiA, 

isn€5StQ^€n(BiDesiGu-uifi utroiAseir* isn'LJaQ/€Ssr(Btjaes)€ij*a(f^3as€/S^p Qsf 
seoeSj ^(LpdiSQp^GorruSlejr, ^esitm Quea^^^ €t(^^(^nGffj^ iBiu&ounuj otQ^^ 

{Qfi "Urn GfSiir.^ — /5/r^cs)£n - (/6/r609r(o€UGRrr® u^esiOJa^i 
GnajjLjii, /5/r/r ^eirGnu^ - (tu/ray/flL-^^^oi) QfifSi^ Q^trpQe^iU 

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833. Shamelessness, indifibrence (to. wbatmuBtbe soughb after), 
harshness, and aversion for everything (that oagbt to be desired) are the 
qualities of the fool. 

4P. gp^tLj«53r/f/5^tb i9/D/r«@63)/r^^/5 jSircsTL^iastru 

(uf - ODir.) GT"-^, — LDeBrQLonL^LDf'jss en-L^E/^j^pCs^euntu ^^ffeoadefr 
iSpir6^(^B5)n^^U3, ^nm jysiOQ/ajL-aafi QtuiTQ^n^ Queo^Quir&o QuGSi^iuntr 

Q^jb^p fSirnes>uyiutrgfuu>f G^pjp^ioQF^i^iAresiLLiuirgi^iJD^ Quca^uSp QucD^iutr 
ojap ^h^puuiLi-.^* g)63p<sF SpuLiojesistuirp sh-jpium 

euQ^u^ uiuSear^ j^jB&^in^ i9pira(^ - u^pp€uiTa^e:(Q^ SL.est[r^ 

834. There are no greater fools than he who, though he has read 
and anderstood (a great deal) and even taaght it to others, does not 
walk aocording to his own teaohing. 

fiii&rLji s(Lpii^ u^eajpi, 
mQ^j^ /Bjraj^^ffsor g^^/QojtiQ^ tSpui-fdirQen' Q^tu^iQ&trdreir onsoeo^^, 

QaniB^^irrh ^Offsffi^pQc^^ Sjrtuih fFmes>L.uLSpuLj^se^spiiBj Qsfr(B 

aQpi^ lOBirQpGiiqt^h* Qpi^j^&o sireoQuaeoeoirih ^irek iBjnu^^^u Qpip^^p 

Qs^QjnA Qsn<BeSBpfrsdsnGajtu/S/B^ Seosrrta^^efrQerr Q^iu^iQ&frL^&o tSpirs 

aS^naeSaTf «g^jyOu36or(^/f. g}^@)ar j/fojdr u)^fiB)L0^0^ujfA) OupijutlL^ffim 

(Qfi - u - «n/r,)— QufiD^a? - (i/)£— ^oxewwr, CTQpGSiu^iLfUi - 

^(^csiui - g)^ Q^nQ^iBpuLiiSffQerr, Q^iudv ^pjfiiu^ •• Qdriu^ 

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3^r «^-^ ^^ - uy. 

835. A fool can procm!e in a single birth a hell into which he may 
enter and suffer through all the seven births* 

esr. (oluniuu® Qinrr^Q(j7f qSgr ^ gmag GnaiufituffLJ 

836. If the fool who knows not how to act undertakes a work, he 
will (certainly) fail. (But) is it all P He will even adorn himself with 
fetters. . 

fiLojnruS^tr uQajirSpufry er^jpi. 

ereoeorr ^cbtotujuj^ QsFtuffiQain^p &(rr^QajGiru^ Q^it^pu Guqf^ 
Off^^ceuQioda-jpiih^ ^^^eru ua>L^i(Q tnrrppGSi&OGcrrmu} Q^n^SFp ^ppssesti^ 
Qtudrjpiuyj <srt\>eonuy Qu^^Qqr^p ^jrQojdrjpiih, ^Gnarojih Qu(a^€sun G&ndr 
pu u&uuQir&rjpiiEi a^fl9gp/r. 

unr - u&iuiriQpulr. 

837. If a fool happens to get an immense fortune, his neighbours 
will enjoy it while his relations starve. 

^. csyittu O6u/r(25o/6w setft^^p^p QuGDfBflAr 
(uiP'Onir.) ot-^, — Ques>fiajmiS^^ ^aresymascSffQaar ^em-pSesra^ePL, 

Digitized by 


iD^^sdBuLfih ^(r^ea^ea>u.ajnA Qa^ilj^jeaQuirp jcBso^Loirjpi Qmsoru^nthm 

838. A fool happening to possess fiometbing is like ibe intoxica- 
tion of one ^ho is (already) giddy. 

6i». QuSi^cS^ QuGD/sfunSr Gamrenin i9^g969765l1 
(uiP - 6»ir.) cr-^^-^tSosr tSfioioji^iS ^^c^Qf^nm^m ^Q^euQ^irQ^ 

ofjpi uifi^fifQitrjor^ ®^@^ jtfwjr^ mLLiSear (^po ^f^puutLt—^* 

839. The friendship between fools is exceedingly delightfal (to 
eacli other) ; for at parting there will be nothing to cause them pain. 

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840. The appearance of a fool in an assembly of ihe learned is like 
placing (one's) unwashed feet on a bed. 

c9/® - ih. ^P. LjGOGOpSlQItiGhrGDLD. 

GujrjS^eor^^ ld^P^ njund,Qpnn ^kjpith tLjpi^d'Q^irp Q&treireairGs>Ln* 

j^^^issr jifilQup,£lflpn(u §^90&)nas)uiujfrM Qssirar&rtrn ^e^^^nn^ er^^M* 

^fiQ^udruffi f¥€ar(B^ pBsosskDupfi /s&aeo/SeS^Guieifiarp^* uioeo/S 
^tretrir Qs^&oojQunu^ujeufiu^u) §}ih€s>LD LDjpi€s>LDLjuiuQtiaiUjpireDu)iiS€Br ^^desr 
^eeiesiiDu^eSisaGS>txO{Ufkjpiihj iB^tio/Sojireair enjp/esiLcQajiu^tutuifiiLnh ^oo^ip 

^sisr^.(^ppia Ol-puulLl^^^ 

841. The want of wisdom is the greatest of all wants ; but that of 
wealth the world will not regard as such. 

6— cS>j/SGQeoir Q€sr^6reii ^^io i9j8^ajir^ 

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.^i^, {^Ok^i^iufliriQea ^jBsp(^diafrjrGSsriJb)^QujDi6uir^'QujDiQ&Tp 
euar^, fieuu% . tBeoeQSsifrQiu^ i9/S^ ojir^us g|eo2n) - Q€kiQ(rrfGsr 

842. (The cause of) a fool clieerfally giving (something) is nothing 
else but the receiver's merit (in a former birth.) 

sujpi€s>u}, uifij u/rojQpfieQttJ ue^^pts^ptLjjUi €rMn&>^^^ Q^tuaji£niLL-n€s>u} 

843. The Buffering that fools inflict upon themselves is hardl j possi- 
ble even to foes. 

^. QeUGXTGDLn Quj€aTUu(B€U ^{UwOfBcJA Q^G&rQOIO 

(L|60)L^ajm(u/r Qu^^^^ Q^(!^A(Q^ 
(uf-cn|>) eT'jP} — Lp)eoA96yc8K.«>Lo GhuarjpG^ir6deouL/ElQ/j9 tunQp 

Qoi€aeres)Lntutreu£9 j^fiGfOp^jriresun* ^cssresiLnQujeara! atrf^tUL/olutuit sir 

(Qfi - u - GD/r.) — QeumroiLD crearuuQeu^ - l/A)6U^q/65>l- 
GSiu^QiuesfuuQieu^^ luir^ ereJUAr - ujirQfl&r^eQ63T6Q€aT^ (-^•^) 

844. What is called want of wiadom is the vanitj which saysi ''We 

0, Biio€OiTfs QiDpQsfrmr Qi^irQ^sco a^i^p 

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6S<sijrgfith tS/ona^ ^^^^fi eDBsff^Q^h, 6r-^. 

®9 9Qff^^ " fSL^i^fiio^ a^® ^p - ^pptnp^ cueoeo^ui - ^/t 
pQ^iTQ^^eo (^eL.mru.irvl9dj^ ^fieSi^^^us^ gg^'^ - ^&Qfi%fi 

845. Fools pretending to know what has not been read (by them) 
will ronae snspicion even as to what they have thoroughly mastered* 

QPP LLGSipUJir CUffi^ 

(uf -cnr*) er^ffif — LfideD/Sojtreirir jsefsesSaQpA (^peB&^iufBi^ stp. 
luirjrnSsof^ ^ss>ujuiroo ^ppLOfop^^niras^ ^iheaLos SQ^^^uh i^ioed/S 

(^ppu}GS>p^jgeMQj^ ^Qipa>p g)eo6i;/r^^^o>, uaDpMuiJBtucsr uwot 
pjpt&r^^ mun&^QfpcsipQiu&AeiiTUi UMtpujvjfi sn^i^Q^trarpSBerQtLj uyesi/sf 

ufiiruim §ies)Qj QpsfjpiuirLju.irQ^ija ^o/zr ^logshj^ eStu^^p (^ppsa a^pCi 

&.6{R)r£-.yr^cL, (Qppth • ^ppmshBT^ thexipiuiremfi «- («^/A^^) 
aif^iuirjrtriBeir^ jifppu^^inGDp&sjiflss ^guiugu^gd^, laeDp^^ 

846. Even to cover one's nakedness would be folly, if (one's) 
faults were not covered (by forsaking them.) 

Q&ir&rmir^ Quira^LO Lf^ieo/Seurreirar jifOje^jp/^oj/Stun top (n^Qeor ^ear^^ 

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iQu t3/DQireo&>trLo ij&Tefr^^L^^&uiJBth erdsressr ^es> ^ ojn fuQ^irHrts^ iSlpns 

847* The fool who neglects precious counsel does, of bis own 
accord, a great injury to himself. 

(uiP-aDir>) CT-^j — Lj&oso/Sojir&rdr ^sBr^c^jp/SiunujeupGup ^'/S^gul^ 
tuirn- Qa'n &}aOfrSpaQi(^ Q^Fiutuirm^ ^^euear/S^ ^n^^eijui ^€S>qj Q^iueuear 
QfHsGffpfStuirGari ^oje^Sir u.ins€s>&uSi o^ik^ioeamja SeopQp^^ Quirjpi^^p 

CB^/f ^iresr tL€egrn^pp^€S)LD^{Bir uSiQ^i^ih fSdrp ojir sesiaojtu^^irdr 

^^ ^jSP(^ ^iresan^SfiiQetnrGirjr^ ohJB^e^p QufruyGtrQjQLodfrjriiLDf (^eoinS^ 
Qp^^iu Quir^^aQosrp Seo^^p^lj unrojojiriiesia* Qu(iF^uoQuires>p\undjs ^eor 

^iutt€STGS)eu&2efr ^jSeifGni^Q ujirir) Q^ire^&i&jih^ O^uj^sev/revr - 

QiBtnu - (^y^iQesQ^u (olu{rjpifi^^p^S\uj) ^Q^Qmfrtufrih. 

848. The fool will not perform (his duties) even when advised sor 
ascertain them himself]; such a soul is a burden (to the earth) till it de- 
parts (from the body.) 

<5Fo». Str^^.Tp airiL(S6iJir6aT Qr^&fTstr^&fT afr^fiir&fT 

(uiP - oDir-) 67-^, — ^Gsr^psr ereoeotrLD/Sfb^ir^v^s Lo^^^eonp iSpJTir^ 
^so'p/Stqi^&s^OfHD uSGOir^irSssr ^^6Slsd>uu(^Qjn^ ,^fQj^p utfissuuiKB^ 

L{&i&>/SeunefriH(Q (BeO(SO/Seif Qarrfsti^^e^ ^Q^rrpd^s^jU} ^ssituw^ar 

®0 ^ . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

eo) &ir^)fli!TGiT - (^Spjnri)) ^ecres^p^ jiffSufi fl&resiUb aSeoeitrfi 

840. One who would ieach a fool will (simply) betray his folly; and 
the fool would (still) think himself ''wise in his own conceit." 

«0. ^eos^fiiT Q^cArQi^GfTu ^e\)Qe\)^uir&T os^euiUfii 

aL.&I^LD LnjpfiSpuLfii ^(tF/eSlSssruuiugijih (ipjseotrs ^atir ^eirQataruar 
UGcGojgpi^ ^(T^upfB ^€SsiQL^GBnJ^^€Brjpnhf fiirOear GtUGKsrt^Jusf^poOfreo ^ 
L/Lo Q/t^Qjirio ^Q/Q//rfiD)Lr}(q (tpax^fBumSp parajirsos>a ajF&ffi LD^^tuttAa>a 

u.jpt^^Q^irp Qsir&refrnesiLmj^ (^ppia ^h^puutLu^jp* 

(3 er&fru^ - ^-shrQL^esfuu(Bi@ip Qufr(m^y §}^ erGfruiretfr - 

(^sn'€BarLJu(BSp) ^(j^ QuQiuarjpi^ eneijssuu®ih - SSsfrssuu® 

850. He who denies the existence of what the world believes in 
will be regarded as a demon on earth. 


U€Ari9a(Tei!>tJi uaS\i(^ Qminu. 
(uf-cnir.) cT'-ffi^ — er^JeOA-GyttS/TAxl^u) iSpoiaSirsGetrfriB shMjresniGaj 

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Quoarjpuhy uf^Ss^szTjiGDfl ^jeot^iB&irjpi ^Bsap^eSp usQeoaifgiiUi umtlidr 
cDLoOuj69r^C7 atufB^ir* isp^anLSaresiLD ^Qf^^iru^^iua p fis^esfgLDiruSpjriim 

^^^6d g/a0O^ (Qppil SrupUUlLL^^m 

a>tn - ^iu(QGssrflGSifiy ufrSis^t6 - ekjetrSri^u^^ Qmrnu - (Qpp 

851* The disease whicb fosters the evil of disanion among all crea« 
inres is termed hatred by the wise. 

8.. lJmi0S(1^Qu Upflff Q^u9^l l£)<S5^d5( 

(i-iiP-enir.) cr-^^ — ^tiQu^O ski^trmuyGsnus s(w^ ^Qyuear Qeujpiuueir 
^Skipmpa^ QeFtuojirmLD u^iunre^^, er^jpi* 

upqff^QojGBfuffi eSaniruiirtSpjpim 

852. Though disagreeable things may be done from (a feeling of) 
disunion, it is faje better that nothing painfal be done from (that of) 

(uiP-ODT.) er - ^3 — mtrjs^utrQu^Arjpi Q^irooc^uiJBBdirp jparu^oi^^ 
^eo Gr^^(^^juih iLm^psp Gs^euiriu L/«a>fp« 0«/rffltf(ga>, cr-jy. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

853. To rid one-self of tbe distressing disease of hatred will bestow 
(on one) a never-decreasing imperishable fame. 


(LJiP-69>ir.) 67*-^, — LOfTjpiufrQL^^jpi Qs^neoeouiJBQ&irp ^eoruisisQeirsi} 

854. If hatred which is the greatest misery is destroyed, it will 
yield the greatest delight. 

ts^nQium^Co, ^^n lurreuir^^ iB€&runa,eadr ^^€s>n- Qeutkeas sQ^eun^ 
lufr^p i^icSscQtu^^m ^/S^it. ®«>Qy«/r«r@ u/rtl^/rsi'U) @«50/r^/i/f.i© 

Qaye06v/Sa»r«(gLb, ^mGS^tMiueuIr - fi€iraiLneanufLies>u.uj6uir, tuirir- 

855. Who indeed would think of conquering those who naturally 
shrink back from hatred P 

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fi&j^ii Q«c-^ mesaff/ijii, 

(uf-onir-) CT-^, — iSlpQirn(B Lnn'jpiu(B^p&&is[ iSf^^&o ereorai^ ^eSQ^ 
^jpf ^^Scvr^ Q^ujQJiTCsr^ tLtiSln€^nipa€Bi4s diesiip^p^ih npppa»Qi£(B^^(^ 

{Q/s - £J - 65>/r,) — ^^ffcSew - {iBpQiTir®^ ixurjpiuCSlfiSQev^ 

856. Failure and roia are not far from him who says it is sweet to 
excel in hatred. 

67. uSls&iTQu^ekf QunuuQuiTQ^&r sir^ if^d^^iQine^ 
iBgst^ GujSeQ ssTeuiK 

ttj/r/f Qoip/QQuir^^^^BsofLiGSiL^aj £^jprpQun(if^ lu/SujwnilL^niTj er^jpi, 

857. Those whose judgment brings misery through its conncctioa 
with hatred cannot understand the triumphant natore of truth. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


858. Shrinking back from hatred will yield wealth i indulging in 
its increase will hasten rain. 

^», ^seosir^) ^iau^ Guq^ii^it edfi^esr 

g)sd006Br 0/0asK0 6s® iSpjnr ear&fQp&tu^ Gf^nGsrp^ ^ffpQ&Gii(n^ir» 
error atrej^ih ^ffoSsTL^irGu^ui ^tptr^fl&ffiBW cui^eir, ^maQs&^lL^ Qpas 

LarrjMUiTLLGnL-^ air^&r - iQSssnuirGfr; Ga® fljrp^ - (;ff6sr«(g) 

850. At the approach of wealth one will not think of hatred s (bat) 
to secare one's rain, one will look to its increase. 

«0. ^^€\)ir^ iB&sr^fl Qeu&^eotr maedir^ 
OtffWtf AfTifiuj^GSifia 46rrjr€3srLQrrs Qjus^if^/i^irfr* g)«8>a/ QflorjptutrtLL^irgpeUi 

Digitized by 


^Cb ; BSsedtresT - miLQuirAriB^Q^y /b^ /biulo crest qhlc^ • /s^^ 

860. All calamities are caused by batred ; but by the delight (of 
friendship) is caused the great wealth of good virtues. 

«9/6T-u). ^^. ugoshlulLS. 

Suu®^j£S60, jifjr^ir^^ cfGueufrpQr^^ija u€S)svSairGSiLD s^L.irGDLDuS^ QinpQutr 

a. eU€Slujirir^(Q LairQppp QeoirLOLi^ GeuaLauir. 
QiBeSiujirfrQLaeliT Qtns ugs>s^ 

€u^\u(rQnAtL\tfiji ^SBBoreueStLf LDL.flS7tf68GSr^ QtntSiun'OirarL^tfii ^SisBgreueS 

ueDBLon-LLQ Quirjpeuooavunp ^nupuuiLi^jfim 

QmeSiujn'irQLaio - (u^pes>p\ Qu^eSiueun'i^^ ues^s • U€s>aiuir^ 

861* Avoid offering resistance to the strong ; (but) never fail to 
cherish enmity towards the weak. 

(ijiP*aDir*) €r-^^ — 90a/6sr ^m^rpp^SAQua coariSecar, ^jpQ^iuarfi 
m^tu ^StsartSieodr, ^^arQuip Qr^^ojG^uSieoar, j^iGup /Stun ear Qtnio^Afi 
ua>a€kMvr oj^tiSSsor luniiiBieffs Q^tr^^^^y er^jpi* 

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862 How can he who is unloving, destitute of powerfnl aids, and 
himself without strength overcome the might of his foe. 

^jBiuQ^€a3r(BiDQjp€Dp iu;Qtutrary iSipQjnK^QurrQ^^^LSeoa!^ QjQjp/SarQiD^ih 
ujirojiTLDirLJBLD ^jeupannnSsoujar^ ^uQup/8iunsk u€B>aQjir6BQ iS&QqjsJH 

QpesiL-tutrGfT uGSisuSdr/SiLf LoifiiLiLOir&GS^f fl^^QLDeA^uJcl€arsir(a^fK 

GS>tius^s(a^^ ^^3reuiT€iTy jy^tL//r6ir-(jy^ttj(?6i;6wr®£ii«n6ws3srr) 
^/SajiT&T^ ^esiLDQf g)^€9r • (^iSpQ/rtr®") Qufrq^^fiSe)i€sty ffs 

863. In the estimation of foes miserably weak is be, who is timid, 
ignorant, uusociable and niggardly. 

<F. ^oj^fTGa Q€U(^eS\ &o:\pSeo Qear^^irdTj^Ui 

/Ba>piLi9DL^(U€ar^€0€ary ^QjarQLopO^p&o cjs&n-od^^u} eroj^L^^j^Lh tuni 

iBosip - LDGnpiSpjr^ujrrGniD, QQ}(^u.€oniyirBsoiu^^ootrsfiU3y uompOoje^ 

essTL^fT ^irSpjpi* g)6B3 ^G^Q^ekjpf uitlJIuht^ ji/€J^ueBia€SiUi gjcaflO^esr 

GTiBiBfT^uiy tuiriias^^ui - er^eQi^ji^ui, lu/r/riiQLb - er£)/(i^i 

864. He who neither refrains from anger nor keeps his secrets will 
at all times and in all places be easily conquered by all. 

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^cr - li. Jif^. UGSi^u^iriLS, 4P0« y<^f^/ 

(uf-ODtr.) er-^j — ^^o/esr ^Qjprds^ QajtrfsirGBr^ ^^ ^^^j£ Q^rrifi&i 

Qfiir&Qmdir jft^uuiUQ QftpBQojjs^ ^traeoadr ojtfiQiudrjMih, ^uutrjB 
uojdnJBpGSar Qj!r(uuuesiQ^Gir£)iih^§^(^ppAsi^^L^tunmf fjffQear lutfip^p 

^io€OifGff^ ekiniuuuesr Qa^iuajirexfTm (^jjf^^ eQ^ji^ Qflirffii\}a^i^ 

866* (A) pleasing (objecfc) to his fods is he who reads not moral 
vorks, does nothing that is enjoined by them, cares not for reproach and 
is not possessed of good qualities. 

aSr. Sir ^6^ &€5tjifiHT^ ^ifiQuQ^ttiJ SnU^^fltTGH 

Qu^GSiu^ Quassru uCSzL. 
(uiP->fiDir) €T^^j — ^arSsBriLnh iSpcayiru^i ^irear/SiuirGSKDA QsffiojtrQuj 

ujfreer lujro/cor^ jifOJjr^ ueeyaeniD 6S(r^LbtSl6i QiBirefr&ruiJBihy €r'jpt* 

atr^fi QetsfQuDGiruj^ eSisirjnniTBSifijpi, (yyssrQ^s^s^ ujir^(tiyih uGsystutr 

up/S^ ^H^ffQu^sfiSiiD GutavuiJB Quxotqr^ii* 

{QfS * u -- Gn/r.) — sir^)dF Qofr^^treiT - (^sjeir&fnq/L i9pes>ir 

€S)^(qGD£.(UQi69r, ^^@uj ^^if^)j Qu^^enm - uesi&vsiu^^ Qu 
easruu(Bih - ofi (jjiiiSsQ^/r err 6yru£j©ii. 

866. Highly to be desired is the hatred of him whose anger is 
blind, and whose last increases beyond measure. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

867* It is indeed necessary to obtoin even by parcbase tbe batred 
of bim wbo having begun (a work)^does wbafc is not conducive (to its 
accompl isbmon t) . 

^UiP-aoir.) 6r-^j — ^Q^cuek ^gsst Q^^jpi tSed^u e.G5>t^uj (^ppio uiso 

^GSsrui'^&sypLDirLL&tLjtU^ffirGOcSiujaiTm ^ppth^^QjQj^iEnjr/i^^ Qa=ir6o^ 
lucjre^ih u>pjpf Lo^^^osHDtuesreijih. ^^suT'^ppth, ©/-11/, QurrQ^arj u€S>l. Qpp 

L\GS)i^^Q^&sr(T[^ir* §jeo^Gujck^^ Qa^tuQ^Qesr^^th SLGOL^iuQojsar qjIb^ 
Qmirm^Se^n^iu^ (^ppijb us\) ^oSsir - (s_«j)£_ttj) ^ppu^ U€0 

868. Ho \?ill become friendless who is without (any good) qualities, 
and whoso faults are many ; (such a character) is a help to (bis) foes. 

CLUiruJLD/S^^ih ^/Sfs/gnp Q^ujp (ipt^a^s ^scarGSiLDu^ iS&o&on^nQir 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

869. There will bo no end of lofty delights to the yictorioas, if 
their foes are (both) ignorant and timid. 

^asGo/, §j^S/3iu (tptuflj^iuap Qu^uj utuQcsriu^s Qoj^piduirQr^iiSip^u* @^ 
p\^u tSpQrr&oeoirih ^Slunjr^Q^ir® mirdT^^drQiD^w gj/r QuirQ^iLQi^rri—iiL^ 

870. Tho light (of fame) will never be gained by him who gains 
not tho trifling reputation of having fought an unleanied (foe). 

^<=PJ - ih. c:gy ©. Ut^3i^^pjB Qj5lfl/B<^» 

-»*•— •-"•T^jrr**-*- 

^oo^f^QJ^ LDir^^ U€S>&GS>UJ ^^Q^^p (^pp^LpLo^ QJ^ ^S'Stirp u€S)e 
u/eir {siLutT&sipiJir&i^Wj Q/bfr^Lo Gotr^spuirGO^LO, ^eup^AsitL Q^fiuq/^lDj 

lBq^^uj GTearjpi QjiQpBsdsff .gjir// uj^Jo, ^jriLQ^pQiniii^^ QeoGiru<s^p 

oOeo/7 J) Lorr^u uGSi&iueurrdtGSdT^ @^ u«n«LO/7^1fia965^t5/60^ cs>qj^&ljulLl^^' 

(uiP-6Si(r*) CT-^, — ucofiQujssr^ Q^itoogoulJBis ^gulo uojuu^Sevr ^(75 

©^ OLDujojflLo/rseS^r /6€S>aQuJiu QLD&jrjpiih^ GeuessTL^nos^in Q^ir&i^Qiunjr^ 
^es^Qjarunir S^^^ekQinsd eaeu^^iii eh-fB^ir* ^uQuiufl ^ojirtu fEBso 

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871. The evil of hatred is nofc of a natare to be d^nred by one 
eyen in sport. 

Q^fTtfissj cr*^. 

tudrjpif Qjts^^naS^/s ^ofTdiQiBtunLb^ ^Seisr^^^a^^ u^eDL-iunQjriTL^nBSp par 

wnpeuir - ^^fpeuQjrrrCBf [effjrir er&rputfS^^ uesis 0«/reflfipi£o - 

872. Though yoa may incur the hatred of warriors whose ploughs 
are bows, incur not that of ministers whose ploughs are words. 

us.. ^Qpp peuBo^ QubG^ip ^lBuj^iuu 

fi€SesyLD~»ppih blLl^ ues>L.Qp^€Biu flOssrooLo. Ukuis^^frA ^uufrjrntS 
gfiiih uesHtQaifL^p (^ppih Qutr.^i^gi!^ ^puiSQua ^h^puutLi^^^ 

873. He who, being alone, incurs the hatred of many is more infa- 
tuated than eyen madmen* . 

Digitized by 


fSODQpjpi - 3T6U(r^GffUiiru9(fEdi@&fTp^, 

874. The world abides in tbe greatness of that good natared man 
who behaves so as to turn hatred into friendship. 

A^u) UGsyaQiuirQojetSldsr ^jrekrCBi ^EUBCBrLDniu (Bdrpeutfi ^Q^eu^ffjlSfU ^iresr 

^&oseir ,g/a>6F9 §Igs>qj oSjrasr(BunLLL^rr§siiUi isiLutr&eBpuneoffi ^n-puui^i—^* 
csfl^, g)6ir^ - ^solsd ; UGn& ^jreiSfr(^ - (/Beflo^Q^uJU-iii) l/«)« 

875. He who is alone and helpless while his foes are two should 
secure one of them as an agreeable help (to himself). 

SHt}i ^€Sf&^u qpp^ ^(f^^^iuirp (^y^eif tuiB^tfii ^fu^tr^ iam^ lg)«)i- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Goj^p^f ^QjQ.'L^<sSlp(g^£ ^S^tun ^&o Q/btr&Qm ^^^/^ Qisir^iD cotr^^/b 

(^^6ST^(^u LfpiiQ^irQ^ Qjsir^^ean&i') fstrfp&\ eui^eQi^ji^^ Qfs 

876. Though (one's foe is) aware or not of one*s misforfcane, one 
should ocfc so OS neither to join or separate (from him). 

Q^Qj Q&^af^sops* euG^iaS^aiLD lj/t /7^^0cfi(^J) ucs)^6uirLDinLQ j)fQJGu<s&aSi&r 

ffll* Relate not your suffering even to friends who are ignorant of 
it^ nor refer to your weakness in the presence of your foes. 

(uf-€0>ir.) CT-^, — jstretfT eSBnuQs'tutLith oiGSi&Gsnu ^(S&^ ^^ Qf-^^ 

LDiril. (Bm^niu &g^iLlj^ OtfOii, cr-jp/* 

QjGSis m Q/cSoj^uj^ ^nQcsrSQiT Qunq^n^nuaf QLD€SiuQ)ujtAj€rr^p 

^fi^Q^uj^eb. fs^un - -^cup^Gor Qeu£)iQLD^ QpstsresfHI uiQ^fs^d^^^so* j§)q; 

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878. The joy of one's foes will be destroyed if one guards oneself 
by knowing the way (of acting) and secaring assistance. 

tSorsr ^^ ^ir^ s^tLjih^ CT-jpi* 

Qiu ^^^niustroo^^s adsavus^fip pihesitD ^^ ^irans'^fLj QinGsruS' ^/5fr 
€arpS&fp€S>uiuSarf g)^ ili/S^QLnirifi^&o* @^®/D adsa-iuih uQi^eu^ ak.pu 

(Qfli - Li - 6in/r.) — npen u^jru^ - (aSsTTtL/Gei/erorOa/^/rfiuj]) 

iS&)u9eo, (<5B2srr(U;i G)^/rL_flJ7fiQ)A)), «2s»rq/5/r - s2eauQJjr^, 

879. A thorny tree shoald be felled while yonng, (for) when it is 
grown it will destroy tho hand of the feller. 

«0. fi-fl9/ruu Q/fflT/r^eo/f inesrp Q^SlruueuIr 

(uiP-6»ir.) 6r-^> — ^liQmn® u€s>euuirjr^ ^Q^^SBmri 0&(Bdiseorr oS® 
id ^a^9(uir&!r s/^ Qsptutunfi eujrsFn tSi&sf tLtiS^&QLQnfi^jrp^p(^ ^eir 

Qn^upnth. j,feu(rF^iT^^ ^a^znunQstir ^iriBpuuQfreSs^ iDesiLov^ui. Sl^^p 
(O^ - u - «j>/r.)— 0<yu9/ruuQ/^ - (>3?aiCiD/r®) usn^uLja/ 

SrS(duiir;i^jrji^p(Quy, ll^P - ^^^oju^irs, ^calr jyffoev/r - 

880. Those who do not destroy the pride of those who hate (them) 
will certainly not exist even to breathe. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


(luP-ODIt.) er-^j-— ^0ci/£Qftf^ jifgxueSI^A QQJSBsrQeuear^traj Sipg^ 
u€s>stu!rfip ^fiiujrntu ^/r^u Qn&ru ^jSs. @^@ O^^ttJ^) - QjicaOojelh 

GU/TLo; (M^Qufre}\ fiBU^i' £(njin*(^fi(ipeuQekjeiir(B6U€aTeuir8uj') flu^ 

881. Sbade and water are not pleasant, (if) they cause disease ; so 
are the qualities of (one*s) relations not agreeabloi (if) they cause pain. 

uGSiS^GSiir si^^trQ^rri^a ; ^isEiGBFih /B&oeoir^ Qm&rQunGO weap^ffi /8pQ^ 
ij€B>dG//f iBiLC^Bsusr ^(i^a, er-jptm 

(O^-u-CD/r.) — euirmQuirii) - euir&rCSuirQeo (QcuilQCew/r 
Qutre^ - e^peSiesflirQunQoi ^uiesipib^iSp(^LD)^ ugd^cuit - l/gds 

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882. Fear not foes (who aaj they would cut) like a sword ; (but) 
fear the friendship of foes (who seemingly act) like relations. 

anr^^&i''j^QijrBsaarujirLD^uy jifojfii^ s^L-Lhuu.nw£;iiLo uiflaifl^^eo, measr 


883. Fear internal enmity and guard yourself; (if not) it will 
destroy (you) in an evil hour, as surely as the tool which cuts the potter's 

4P. LOesruiir^ oftLuens QfBirmfi eSearu^ir^ 
Qeufiui ueo&fis fS(i^u^. 

ojirStu (^ppih ueoQjpasypiLjiBj Qair(B&(^f er-^. 

{j^jr£FQpim(aj) ^^Gssn-.innfrS&iT^ («gy^) ^eor/i mir^) - mppu^ 

884. The secrect enmity of a person whose mind is unreformed 
will lead to many evils causing disaffection among (one's) relations. 

©, G^p&T(tpGDpujir ^iLuGSis QfiiTQiTfSi eSpeiTQpQS)pujir 

GsoTjSuy ueo&jiB ^q^ld, 
(ujP-cs)ir,) OT-^,— L/^^^ ^poidpesip^ ^&si€SJinQiun(B skJ^fu SLtl 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^/^ 9'so jy«> - a>. .^P. ^tLuGSis. 

^'€S>Qj LjpuucDs^ ^isarujirtu iSearOp jy^ Q^n0ff(ffuip Q&npeer Qps 

QflfrArfim • («i)rird=s{2/65(^^'oSeSr, (jy^) ^jpio (ipesip 
tuirear • ^p^fiGtTQpGSipGs^u^QiuirQian^Lpu^ G'/sihuecoiu^ « ^ppin 

885. If there appears internal hatred in a (king's) family, it will 
lead to many a fatal crime. 

^0 ^^QffGS^Lb Qujfreir/SujnS' aiLui^ Qofr^^ffeajpiili 
QutrAtqffgajLL Qtuirdfrp cojf)^, 

^a(Q d!ipUUll.U.^m 

886. K liatred arises among (one's) own people, it will be hardly 
possible (for one) to escape death. 

Qs^utSefT^ Hmnff& - 05:£jl/ Qfit^Qujtr(B LftBsraijs Lfmir^9. , 

ttJ/r^ £i)68rt2) Qeuj^utLi^eDwtSp i^puuesis Qupjpttfi apjpn£p(n^aiQ0^u 

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887. Never indeed will a family sabject to internal hatred unite 
(really) though it may present an apparent union like that of a casket 
and its lid. 

Qutr^QfiA-gft^ QspajuufriL(B€BSisarQfu^6FU} QfBttfiL^gfUi dSSsdrOaitr 

^^Qeo QfSiuiauuiLL^y Qutrm Quffeo - gja^taLfQuw^o^ Quit 

888* A family subject to internal hatred will wear ont and loae its 
strength like iron that has been filed away. 

(u-cnr.) cr«^9 — Jfir^F6Br^ fi.£lu€8Ms jj^o/cor Ou^aDxDOXLf Qmirim creSr 

Qiutr^fl^ Qijpiesiu^fiQfi MiSiSS>i^ " QjpiGPUifUGnL-UjQfiUJa'iQ^ih^ 

889. Although internal hatred be as small as the fragment of the 
sesamum (seed), still does destruction dwell in it 

ao. fLi^ioLiJT ifueifr^euir euiry^iGD^ (Qt^iisQ^tL 

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Q^ih euirip&€S)a ^Q (^u^^eaGetr uinhQua(Bsi-L- ^Gs>p^^np Quir^^ath^ er-^. 
fi)Qujn§piUi unthuirp Qa/riLuL^GO ^Q^^dmunui^ ^sQeu^ ^ojojOiGSiUiiuneo ^su 

8.^6Sr ^es^pih^pj;)! « sh^tf^eutr^m^frp Quir^^u^. 

890. Living with those who do not agree (with one) is like dwell- 
ing with a cobra (in the same) hut. 

<9S>o-u). eSyj^. Qu£iu!r€toiTukSesHpuj{r€iDi£>^ 

^9ofsnQj^ Quidu/rnvS^taMr ji/qjid^^^ ^(tpairos>u3» gjirtLQpQLDO ifi^ 
Q&xkufi^^p Qu/floj/rQ/resru^ ^ppeotrp Qui^tujrnuj GtsuefiaQiD^piih ^w^ 
f^np Quifliujrmu QpeSeunQiD^fh iSdrpj^. QiDpOsF/rioeofr^ er^^^fSatp 
^nseSeer^ g)^ Q^(QeAituirdr QjQj^QjGSf^pp ^jpi^Messr estojaauuiLi 

s. c^/D^6i//r jnrpp eSi^ipTffDin Quirfb^exJirS- 

(uf -GDir«) 6r-^^— 6r®^^^Qa/r6«r<_.6or tuirojuy Qpi^a^ Qi4o€Ofr(jF^L-iu 
^ppi^s>^ ji/QiLn^iufroDLDy ^EisiL ULii^QjjrinDp airuuair Q^tuinA suibjAs 
QGfreOGdirQjpfisinh iBas^, er^jpi* 

^ppQ&saru^ QuQ^GDLD^ ^/Sof^ QptupSQttJ&frguLD opGOfpafQuy^^ih 
SppG^p 6^/rSQttj/r0a)LO« ^sCpis^&ii^k slieaiu ojet^eoirQiraru^ Q^trGsrp 
^pj^QjirQirarjrutjDf ^jrcsr, uosii^^ Qutrqgsiry ctlt./ (ippeSaj i^p ^iromadr 


(Qfi - u - GDirJ^-^^^pjoiOJirir - (^erQ/s^iQsfr&r&ruuiLL^ 

g)65jp/r«j)Lo - jBf€UUi^ujfrG5iLD^ Quff pjoi&JtrSr • (^^ihiQi^^^^ ^as 
(^6uirjriruii\)^ siruueuQ^esiL^iu^ Quirppefii&r cri^€^(nli - ssireuios 

891. Not to disregard the power of those who can carry ont (their 
wishes) is more important than all the watchfalness of those who gaard 
(themselyes against evil). 

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S-, QufS^ujirGDnu Qu^ Q^irQpQfb QuIHiuirjnrp 

(uiP-dnr.) er - ^, — ^pp&^&rirp OuiBiujrniiS^^ir Goj^^it ledr^ 
LoQiun^ ^qjldQ^^ ^Qp^eu.rjriruS&r^ ^^QQjtTQp&ath jifuQuifltujnroo ^euo' 

SpLJLiQj€s>aturrp en^jp/Um 

^(LpQ&r m tBL^uuirjraBQ&fT, {^^itbL-.iesisiutreai^'^^ QuSliuirjrnit)^ 
jfuQuSiujjrfrii)^ Qujrir ^(Bthesiu - (er/e/s/r^o)) Siasirfis ^Ar 

892. To bebave without respect for the great (mlers) will make 
them do (qb) irremediable evils. 

^pj^ ucuirs csaBQpsQ. 
(uiP - cnor.) €r'^^f^-^QeupjpiQQji^GSitr& QarrjD&sOeitexsn^ujQjjfi ^^Sear 

893. If a person desires rain, let him not listen to the righteons 
dictates of law, bnt commit crimes against those ^whp areable to slay 
(other sovereigns). 

^, 3n^pp^€S)fii esisiufrio ^eS\^flpQrf enrpji^QJirtrs 

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fy/kf ^^^ <9^0 * LD. "^i®* Quiliiua'GMrLJi9es>ifiiUir€Siu^» 

a^^ ^flp^ QP^Qctrr 9D^&niLt^ Sfis>ip^^fr QQ9ir&(Q^^ €r-^- 

CDduu/r^ GSei9^^eb g)6stp^3^ ^SuiSpjpi. ^irGuyiLjLo ^iSnQp^§Oaj 

gjpuLSieBr ^ e.€&ras>LDajth ^gfesresyuxLiEi ^^/Siuotirjpi. g)a>Q/ tSjrekiQ uiriLt-^r 

cuItAq^, ^^PQfffiirlr - jif&jeuirppdSioeotr^euir^ §)^Q) - ^^®fi 
€Sioua2sir^ Q^iuio • (^(ipputLQiy Q^iuflio^ at^pp^onfB « (;S/r 

894. The weak doing evil to the strong is like beckoning Tama to 
oome (and destroy them). 

®. UJITeArQi'Q^ar jSiuirm® Qpeajnr&ifir QeumffiuiQm 

(uiP-ODir*) 6r«^9 — u€Si£B€uir^(g Qwtu^ittu a/eDxS&ora^/.cu Oati^^ip 
QeFpuuLjL^ S^SfFt jfQ/3bir^ fiu^ ersQeBQuir iLptinrQiSfi ^Ai^^jfiih &.er 
jTiTisnirf 6r-^* 

fifrseoirA fiiS&nh dttKBuQufftueuit^ §}u,BOaff(Buu!rMoSbo, mjarjnrfSeff 
§^ir SleS tutrstrQtrekuffi QenaQ jifoid^/B eiLLiaQ&ffu.pQu/r(^(Sih fitr 
Gm €uiQfiiu^(u jfQj(i^BDU€Du>es>tu QQt&rGfjgpQufr(^LJBB Qsiri(i^i', Sfor 
QpsS^ ^j^QeariuifituQrr^uear GmiraQ, ttJirek(B^^dr/Siuir€&r<B (tpeirjrirsur 

iq€B>£^iu, Qeu&jp - QeuiBfif^io^ Qe'puuiLL^mlr - Qarrt9isuuiL 

896. Those who hatreincnrred the wrath of a cimel and mightj 
potentate will not prosper wherever they may go. 

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^ (ipsat fi.L.J)LSdRiri A^oB ji/^Guifiiun-a AJtS/rCuo/D Q^ptSdr g}a>L.Ciu 

896. Thoagh burnt by a fire (from a forest), one may perhaps 
live; (bat) never will he live who has shown disrespect to the great 

er. SUGSi^u^iTGArL^ eun-^iGndHLfUh oi/reorOu/r^^ Qu^^^ii 
(uf - CB)ir.) sr-^i — ^iru ^Qr/a&iL Os^o/rnu Quq^G5)Lo unrtlQmiLu 

jyo/^ Q^qffesiiD Q^treerp iQeaip^* QjoiQaja^^^ndr Qpar ^(f^ojeora/p/Sp 

{Qfi - u - fl»/r) — fSGns - (^frufr^AS^^iis^i^ v^eunr 
fittj) QuQ^GStihiutreo^ Loirebn^ - thinL&GSiu^uuiLL^^ fiisirfT"^ 

897. If a king incurs the wrath of the righteons great, what will 
become of his government with its splendid aoxiliaries and (all) its un- 
told wealth? 

mfif. ^GSfpssT^lr (Qesip u^^uiQp (g/^OttJ/r(B 
SiesfpesfQ^it unrajw JSieofl^^ 

(uf-cDr-) er-^j — i^^arp^m^Qtuir&i^ ^d^jSQiir Qsl. /BSmuu/rirfr 
(Buy umtuQjflj er^jpt* 

a^fss>L^GS>w>Sm^ Q^par^ Qfrm(ffir: ^^mim^ uoBsOiuBsanu tctr^o/P^ €idr 

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898. If (tiM) htll-like (dovoiees) resolve on desinictioD, those who 
seemed to be everkating will be destroyed root and branch from the 

(9b. ^i^dj Qair&TGSiaiuirir &jS eSes^i^QpSiibj^ 

(uiP - 60>|'.) CT'jfij — an^pp aQ^LDtuirar ^juni^ dljr^EjsB^ cgdl. 
tun /r QQj(^^QjffnvS^f jifwjrn'ppeofrm §ia^jr§piui Q)€ts>L.Qiu ^Gsrupih §)tp 

@/B^@Fdr u^Mup£)ia^ Q^&oQdrp difieo^^u Qupp eofluu iB^^iuirar 
uniLt-.iTQ)iih QpefSiojesuru i^estif^^^eBr (^pptk ^h.puuiLL^^. 

899. If those of exalted vows burst in a rage, even (Indra) tho 
King will suffer a sadden Ibss and be entirely mined. 


(uF - on IT*) cr^jp^ — atfiiuiSss ^eu^^SevrtL^L^ojir ir QQj(^efrQjjnrtSdr, 
^\utuimu.i~.irirf er-'jpim 

c&a-L^GujT^ ^ppeStrp fSMi^ffLoQuno^ ^i^js^eSKB LDtra^cBr^ e^iuujnQir&r^a^ffm 
9jrii.r m fi6u/iGDflineir)L^aj€uir^ Q^fBm - QafnQtuuirjnrS&sr^ {jifi 

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900* Though in posBesaion of numerous auxiliaries, they will perish 
who aro exposed to the wrath of the noble whose penance is boundless. 

flo^Jilfis^ jS^pfid^^ Qeoargpj/B Q^ntfitosetrnp uesi&QiuirQL^n^^e&p uesiau 
unp u(B^€arQtirth^ «g«eo/r6Br ^ojpesipu U€S>au uc^Sfu ^jpi^a4£iL Srujpieutrar 

(uiP-ano-.) er-^, — §ldruEi snjrasrmna^ fith uySssriundsir tSeotp^^ ^€J 

QufiQ^ Qsriu^Bso QpujioQjn'ir ^^p @G5>t-.uSQL.^jpi ^sQpu) QuaQf^QF^a ^QJ 
eSdruthy ^r^jpim 

Sn^p^ ^^Qjirtu eSl^uth* j>foo^ ^ojenirp utu^^ ojpji^gpith ^ojeup^ 

^SafT eQen^pedtrlr - QuiTQKeir ^u^urr^^^€&(S€\) Qpiue^ueuSr ^ Qcu 

901. Those who lust after their wives will not attain the excellence 
of virtue ; and it is just this that is not desired by those who are bent on 
acquiring wealth. 

iBir^^a fBir^^fi ^^m. 
^iuQfiii ir iBirgfimL^irsi^ ^68r«@ti) isir^flBsos Qstr(Bs(^j er^jpi* 

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^u^d^a^iL^s Sfoteirsfurear fitriSfiQpdsrjpi ^f/Bkruneona' lutr^affh fcireatsr ^^ 
eScDtp^p ^ppia 6n.puUlLt^ffi* 

mio^ QuGxrreQGDffieuiT&T - (^u^SsBnuoj&iTjg^^ QuGRtrGiDLD&rnu ^q^u^lj 

902. The wealth of him who, regardless (of hismanUness), devotes 
himself to his wife's feminine nature will cause a great shame (to all 
men) and to himself. 

epth ^oo^eoirniu mtoodtrifiesn^ff: Qa'do^SBAir&o str^^'Bso «s^^tf(g GT&anei>s 
GSiLDturrSp^" jifiBiBjeBr ld^tJ^ Ofu/r(z^^65l6Dr, jyo/^fr fStuiBuuir /PeoSfeuoj/ro); 

t_^^, fln-Cpifi ^uj&)Lf ^GfTQsyua - fiSfr(pfBp^ ^^eutrQiu jfd= 

903. The frailty that stoops to a wife will always make (her hus- 
band) feel ashamed among the good. 

(uiP-cnj.) 67-^3 — ^dr iD^FSTtunSsfr \u^& ^Q^^^^p uyjp/esitDuutu e^eo 
e^mL^rrtueuifitLfiiLDearu^ ^euiriufSdBOiurr&r oji^^, ^eOeop^ Q^tu^p 

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904. The andertaking of one» who foars his wife and is therefore 
destitute of (bliss), will never be applauded. 

®. ^^ev/rSsir tu^SrSUtr eai^Srinp Qp^^irearj^ 
(uiP-oDir.) cr«^^ — ^&r uAsriuiristr lu^^Sreuacoi ^nw Qpt^tu Ou/r 0(?cir 

Qs'iLjajQQj€isr(Bth /Bnehae^spi Qu)druirir €T^^^f^dtjpt QiDGerqf^ir* ''g)^eo/rS5rr 

mio€Osuirk(Q^ i6e\>€\) Qs^tuio - (^/I/O/j/r^en/rCoev) fBs\)eoGS>6uaeiT 
QffUJfip(Q^ er^^trGXTj^tn-cribisir^u^^ jif^Srih^^^s^friSpu&fT^ 

906. He that fears his wife will always be afraid of doing good 
deeds (even) to the good. 

(uiP-€B>ff«) er«^^ — f^ui iBed€oiT^gBS>L^iu QeuiuQutr^jti Q^aeft^^ ^4^ 
Qinir ^irifiiTp jpfpasQimj^tu ^mjrnOurreo gjoje^eosfi^ ojnijti^njrn'fiS 

(0^-Li-GD/r.) — g)io6U/rcJr - (^m) iflA)cu/r(65(S5>£-.uj, ^gdld 

906. They that fear the bamboo-like shoulders of their wives will 
be destitute of manliness though they may flourish like the gods. 


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QuessrQcssT QuQ^eoiLn fL\GS>t^^^. 
lu^ ^^Beerpojeor^ ^GSart-.ear€S)LDfiSdsr eneBJ&srtLieDt^uj ^^&r QuearLjar 
mrr^j$es)LJLj QuaufQeaaear Qoje&rL^n^gi Su/Soj^ ^fn/Qeaof^ Q^Ftuojf 

Qa^tueS^jfi^ QanL^p^puLj^ G^nesfpu QumQesa Qujssfu iS^^^irir* 

(Q^ - — Qumr - ^i^eofrea^^ ^cueo - ^eupQqf 

907. Even sbame-faoed womanhood is more to be esteemed than 
the shameless manhood that performs the behests of a wife. 

^euL^aQesT ^/Siffi ^eu^th Quitq^&t QanQ^^^iB AJ.oa)LoaS6or^ g)0a>ii)i 

iboiTjpi - (^Lnj^GnLiii(^/i ^SsasriuirQuj^ jfp^GDfiiLfu^^ ^/P(ff'^ " 

908. Those who yield to the wishes of their wives will neither re« 
lieve the wants of (their) friends nor perform virtnons deeds. 

Q ueisrQessreueo QiFiueuirlrs €oafiio^ 

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{Qfl - L7 - 60>/r.) — ^peBSainnih . j)/piFQ^\u^u^, ^^P 

QuGssr ^eueo - (;9£jb) LnSssrujtrQeneuSsi), Q^Fiuckitrirmmf - Q^iuu 

909* From those who obey the commands of their wives are to be 
expected neither deeds of virtae, nor those of wealth, nor (even) those 
of pleasure. 

6d?^)aj Qs^oOQi^^SseriLjti e.cB>mjir«ttj Qoti^trA^ iAsriuK^Bai^ Q^v^cQirear 
QioeSaufrir^ ^^^^yr^arjpi QiDser(n^i\ ^u Qu^D^mLo ajtrai^ GuDfi^dPneocSlaj 

910. The foolishness that results from devotion to a wife will never 
be foand in those who possess a reflecting mind and a prosperity (flow- 
ing) therefrom. 

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^a>ipiLfLD LDSte^ir ^^ 0)6^1^16 ^AaartLjth ^nth ^t&tfi^ upfi €&esiipi^irffii«£S^ 

911. The sweefc words of elegant braceleted (prostitutes) who de- 
sire (a man) not from affection bat from avarice, will caose sorrow. 

(uiP-o»ir«) CT-^j — ^Q^fiPr^C^ fi.6irefrQuff02ar ^&rifi/S/s^ ^SfopOpij 

cotrgn ui/SiBQ^€Bruirn^ /sojdrjp/raQ Qmdrjpnh, ^foi^fie^ ^stma dl^^p^ 
{Qfim u-fiD/r,) — utu&iT ,^«fi - (^(r^6us^i(^ ft.6Treyr) Qua- 

912* One must ascertain the character of the ill-natnred women 
who after ascertaining the wealth (of a man) speak (as if they were) 
good natured-onesy and avoid intercoai*se (with them). 

(uiP-fl»ii«) 6r-J»/, — Q&nQuuireair ^(ryiiUtt\ffi QuaQffisitQaj eD^tiL/u) 
Qlj/tq^iI^ (y)tLfffi/@a) ldsc^o- «0^^@ Qspoj^ld ^jrniuir^ 4Fff^t^ 

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913. The false embracea of wealth-loving women are like (hired 
men) embracing a strange corpse in a dark room, 

eiTinn tnjS^ Gfreuir, 

(Uf-68)ir-) CT-^;— g)6SrUL0fl©ttJ QutTQT^ @«^^^ Qun(fF,€irnQiu 
(5&rr ^jrntuts^ Q^tuiLjth ^/SeSldBor iLfCS>L^ujnn ^GBsru-nir, €T'£)i* 

^(iNjaL\&^p SiP^^p^ ,syQ/ff QLDttj/Bfteotb uijpi^^ lu/r^cSbw, G^inuir 

(Qfi-u-'QDir.) — Quir(f^err QufrQ^eirfrir - (g)6WU£u/rfittj Qu/r 
^Sterr g)«y)«^) Quir(QetnrQuj Qun q^ZsaQuj ^q^tc^n mse^Jr^fy 

914. The wise who seek the wealth of grace will not desire the 
base favours of those who regard wealth (and not pleasure) as (their) 

(uiP-«>ir.) OT-^, — ^ujpGS>aujn@(u in^m&roiUiiun dr mn iL&esiLDilui-L- 
0^ajpa>B fu/S^&ar iLfes)L..(un n QuiTQ^ Qsn(Buun(r^ Qtf60«o/rix) Qun^eunuj 

LD^«68r«>tD — QpptSipuL^&eBp Qe^iu/s is^oeS3ffsr&etrn€Xfr inesrm Q^eSof 
uj^ QurriLihssyjDULjih Qunju.i/seo^^^ Qurr^^LDu^ih isfien®©^ Q^ndrpeSi^ 

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916. Those whose knowledge is made excellent by their Cnatural) 
sense will not covet the trifling delights of those whose favonrs are com- 
mon (to all). 

(uiP-aDir*) cr-^, — ^'—^'^} u/rL-eb, ^tpQ&^UGaQip(rr^p s^eB^^pi ^in 
Lf^o^tu ofGo^GSi^ eSSBoQsffOuutr'r lutroiirLDn ilSih ujruLjLD iDaeBn Q^treH^ 

Qfitrn ^esoTL^nifj cr^jpi* 

ujTuu&jn a Q^trajfr Qtr&srjpiia ^Ku/S^n* fitBist^ Qioekutfi is&nh ^(^OuiuL 

Ufrffluufrir - (esfl^o Qair(Buu6uiraQs€i)€^fru^\ ujtulj mseifljr^^ 

916. Those who would spread (the fame of) their own goodness 
will not desire the shoulders of those who rejoice in their accomplish- 
ments and bestow their despicable favours (on all who pay). 

er. jSesypQiB^a" LSi\)€\i€ijir Q^iriueuir i9pQrB^@p 

Qu€Bsflu usssinruenlr QfBtrea. 
(uiP-cniT.) CT-^, — Qis^r/S^)p iSpojpesip ^esi^uuiKB ^fineu anff€zr 
LDfiae Qsfr(Buun^sitr Qiotutunp l^gsotq^ld ld^gSiI Q^narsaBtr /8es>ptuirp fiqf^i 

QiDGOfiiirae^ar, LfeBBrireu^ ^j-^iht^iDn^^sr Qindru ^fiidffi Jifffi^jfi ^un^ 

(Q^ - u - sn/r.) QfB^Seir - Q/5^Sg)A), i9p - QeujpiQurr 
06Tr6B3si(r, Quesafi - mgd^uuiL®^ (^GDeu Q^irQuueneanf) 

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917- Those who are desfcitate of a perfeotly (reformed) miad will 
covet the shoulders of those who embrace (them) while their hearts covet 
other things. 

(uiP-ODir.) 6r-^j — ^SL0fiy Q^irp QsFtueoseirneer w^Q^ ^Sso qj&ogo uam 
jfesBTEi^ - d^irirQiBfiiuiroff ^uSifQstr&r^t^ Q^tuojUisar* fiirii(^ - j^dar 
^^ ^lSv^^/r• jyu Qutuir jifQjfrtu SdsotuirelT o/i^^. 

918. The wise say that to such as are destitate of discemiog sense 
tbe embraces of faithless women are (as minons as those of) the 
celestial female. 

(uiP-cB>ir.) CT-^, — tLttjn^Qfiirir §Jifi/BQjsfr Qttm^jfi fiOSko Qafr(Buurrir 
ajirojCDfriLith (tpiuii(s^ ldsc^f^ QiDeoeSlu Q^irersB&r ^s ^pp^es>^ lu/SiLith 

eSuj Qp^jj^LD^uffi Q^irdrp LonosifisDipujirir Qld&stQqt^ Qetr^jpnh^ ^Qjird(Q 

m^ eQ2eoQsrr®uueufr luireuesiirvLfLn «L®a), inn€ssr ^G^^piutrrr - 


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919. The delicate shoulders of prostitates with excellent jewels are 
a hell into which are plnnged the ignorant base. 

^KryjDGJTih^^Q^BjQ^/B Li€B8rff/s£^th i^GzrjrtrsDiDtLiti ^(SAireofiG^ o^l-oj 

^h-puuiLu^ear* ^i-.jprcon'qffji Qj&s^^fsn^or ^^eaQiLGsr ^i-dir &^* Ar(ii) 
Qesrp ^^airir (tpeDpesuDiLfUi Qifl^ esrfis* ^SuBrtSjrir Qaj€oar«SajQi(fiu udsr 

Qe^n^^irn ^jifiiQ^ir Qirekujp eh.puutLu.ffi. 

920. Treacherous women, liquor, and gambling are the associates 
of such as have been forsaken by Fortune. 

aiLsir^ffO 0«/r6MrO£— /r(yj(g 6w/rif. 

jyu) u€S>SQjjrrr eor^uuL^rr/r^ jifffiQ^iuar/S QparQeBnu^ Sdrp ^oBuSaFVi^ 
iStpuuitf er^jpim 

^/SeSsir€DUMJtriii Qun(rf^ ugdl^ (tp^^aj&pQt^p Qufiiujrngj sneo^ffiih 
ua)SQjir ^^^nrtj flth(ipdTQ^^!r Qeaxtu^iQdrp ^erflaS^arqJ) Qj^tppuntL 
linear §)ipuiJolir^ufi^inh» g)a)a; tSjrt&ru.irgfuh ji/jr^ g)€o9^ Q&^eomifQpar 

Uffi Sl^&P £h.puUlLuffi, 

921. Those who always thirst after drink will neither inspire fesr 
(in others) nor retain the light (of their fame). 

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Qesraifressru fsjt. 
Qujpi^p^ifiaj jif/SesiQju Qupjpt€s>Qi^^ui a&reir/rcartfi^^A QairSrojtraxr 

€ufie^Q&(BifBp^ ^^euirQiu) ^eaefHsar^ tuemetrtrpa -*> ft-mr^^ 

QqffjrrrAi - iBeoQedinririo^ ermressruuL^ QeueArL-irfifrlr « eroir 
€ssruu(BifBhi QeueArL^tr^euIr, WueArs - ^^ekrcissrA&i^tuir, 

922. Lei no liquor be drunk; i! ifc is desired, let it be drunk by 
those who care not for the esteem of the great. 

flL, tfssrqffmr (tps^Qfitif iBesr^fstr QtoAitLfbjs^Sp 

(ujP'Oiff.) 6r-^j — ojirffi Qa^iutiSgjiui ^ois^fimu (tparutriiSg^ui edr 
g^6ar(B ikcSi^^ei gjdr^^fTLo j ^ariS&ir Qppih luir^th QutTQi^fS iFirAG(^tr 

iDegrQiDfrtfiQunu^ar ^thonu^^ ojarGDiDtunA asaeBBrtfitLjuo, ^^(uOot, 
muMisekrOeut at^^^rrAQq^nid^ Qair^fSfrfi^ Q^tt^es)QQ/m(BQLDrr Oamot 

g)6Sr^^ - ffimu^Qmu€UfBRu^\ (^fie^irio)^ u^pjOii^ ^irdr 
QqffS^ (Lps^^-{^Gsr ^ppui lUfT^ija Qurrqff^) QuIUQiunt Qpesr 
Lf, (jy<i«©ffi;i^co), crew . {j;f€uirA^) ujir^tr^ux, 

923. iDtozication is painful even in the presence of (one's) mother; 
what will it not then be in that of the wise P 

Qpp/ifSSBV tL^GtiL-ajnmir letrQaarearjpi Q^fr^wuiJBSkirp ^juHf^fuA Qwffi(gj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

sirffessfEi SfL-puuiLL^^m 

(BQp^ Qu^ m (^tuircuQ^m^ Sl^Qfi^f Quqijisj ^ppfifswlri^ - 

924. The fair maid of modesty will turn ber back on those who are 
gailty of the great and abominable crime of drunkenness. 

Qu^iuuj/S ujirGS)in Qairetrio, 

fiorSsar uj/Biutra>tn Q^tre^ecOeUf ^i^&fisar luirof uofSiuiresiLD Qs^aioffoeo 
iu/Shuir€S)UHufrdr ^i^QfiGBru^tnja* 

A/ear ufpeBSssruuiu^Qiu') Q&'iueu fsfiiufresiu^es^iu^ slgdi^^^ - 
(^6976B^6s strirGsaru^iraiS &.Gnu.js^» 

925. To give money and purchase anconscioasness is the result of 
one's ignorance of (one's own actions). 

Air. ^^Q^lr QsF^fltr/ii&tr Qeup&i&i Qir^^iTGnjpi 
^^Airao^ fi/8didr€DLL(urr^ QQjQp€oruuL.rr/r ; ^fojojnQp a&r^^BBauniry e^ 
9,piBi@^fra(guiy ^^muirha^fja Q^pjptOiUi ^tSiruLl Spp&* Q^KS^ t 

Digitized by 


SffeiHeDpaQaooaminung^th, j)f0%^€Sitrujar€S>ui lu/Sa* ^joioj uSjraar(BuiriLt^/r 


926. They that sleep resemble the dead ; (likewise) they that drink 
are no other than poison-eaters. 

senQctrirpfS^ sessr^iriu ueuir, 
(LJ(P-€0>ir.) GT'^j — a&rBstr lossipK^eSs® ji/sae/i^uutrp pthm/Sej ^ena- 

K^^io Q^tuiuLjiJBQjn', ef'-'jpf, 

{QfS - u - cn/r.) — sea ^p/S'ScirZstr inGx^pm^ {®^fl^)f 
ft.€ir(«»;/r eutr^pueujnre^^ &.67r ^pfB - ^-.enQ&r nsL^iSp airflaj^ 

3 /B ^ a iju Qoi/r /r . 

927- Those who always intoxicate themselves by a private (indnl- 
gence in) drink, will hare their secrets detects and langhed at by their 
fellow- townsmen. 

^. Se^^^fiQuj Qmearu^ ^seQQs Q,i^^^ 

(ujp - QDir*) 6r-^, — LD€DpiBjp€kr(B GDQj^^ tuttOT aehfo^ifrufiQuj 
QcerAjpi ^dsr^^QuirQp^ ^u^irnTQ^aisi skjsujs^ Q turrits ; ^Q/Qij€Kjn-^ 
QtJffQfiQ^ iSpjr/SiMr ^(L^MtrQwstrjpi (tpearQear^^fi Q^fre^^^ a^pQpth 

aeB^fi/BQiu Qarars airfiiu^^irp «L^^/f* Qjcooj Sffaf^^BufriLL^ng^io 
Sfjfi u^eopMuui-^ir Q^etru^ ^n^puuiLi^^m 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

928. Let (the drankard) give np saying *' I have never drnnk ;*' 
(for) the moment (he drinks) be will simply betray his former attempt 
to conceal. 

dipQ^^Qjar atriTGSSiia&tTLJU^^ Q^G^eS^^oo S(r^€asrQp^8^ Q^Q^a&sru 

QL.«Br(79^(0^'^ erdrLfifiuQuneo tQarp^* iSq^ fi06irtf(^ O^A&on ^irpQuirei 
^ojor inearfiffisi Birjr€Bsr(^ Q^eoedfr Qfi^ufiirth* Q/B^fif ^f^Aor^^Qfidi 

929« Beasoning with a drunkard is like going under water wiUi a 
torch in search of a drowned man. 

®(JT^^ Quir(LfQ^iBiScsr ^e&srG seS^jjg C^p^a arr^uyduQp, Arr^iiairio 
€SBrB etupuuiLt^ffi* 

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Q^Ajpi) idSafTUJirelffQuiT^ui. 

930. When (a drankard) who is sober sees one who is nofc, it 
looks as if he remembered not the evil effects of his (own) drink. 

Siu @;9ff'L.^u> iSl€9fitLiip^^£^B ^.jpieuirar Q^l^Q, Qp^pstL g^^cor 

jpre&rif,pQuir&(T iS^eQ^piaQ lupjpi. 
(uf-cnir.) €r-^^ — ^^ffcir Q^eO£^u}npps^i^s>u.aj ^^gPi*^ ^^tru.^ 

Geupdd 90^2ku iLidrgDUxSar QMir/St^gpi QLodrjp/ihf a0a3c?A6ir uoO€ijA 
OaO^cSfior Geumri^pai QeudrjpiB A^^/f. ertufSuJclunQ^ar ^^tr^eunn Sia 

€B>LDturrp Qup^ih. 

931. Though able to win, let not one desire gambliDg ; (for) even 
what is won is like a fish swallowing the iron in a fish-hook. 

(uf-ODir.) — cr-^, ^js^^^P QutTGSfQuneerp ^fisrp^ QpAQupjpi 
gjarg^th Qujpi^iQiiiaTgpiB aq^^^n^ jprpfidsar uSlq/b^ eJ/Qiufftti^ ^ fifths 

Gsrp) ^esrpissr QpdrQupjp/^ (^cSr^i^ QujpiQeuT Qmen^ia 

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j)/p(y^LQsiTU(Lpih Qupjpi^ euafpeu^ ^/r ^j^n - euirj^euQfia^ 

932. Is there indeed a means of livelihood that can besiow bappi« 
ness on gamblers who gain one and lose a hnndred. 

(uiP-aRir.) er-^,— e.(75(05cy soj/b/Satr^iL ulLl^ ^ujpoi^ ^jeai^dlutrfi 

(Qfi'U'GSitr.) — aL-0€rr ^luus - (e_0^ffi7 a6upjS6\> jfsuu 

933. If the king is incessantly addicted to the rolling dice in the 
hope of gain, his wealth and the resources thereof will take their depar- 
tare and fall into otber*8 hands. 

ueOQjp€e)ptLjth eSBsir^^ ^eirenL{S€s>iptqiB Q«®a(g^ (^^Qutreo eeo^jrdlBnsi 

jif^^ekuiEiA&r (ip^6srn&'3n~jpiUy ffeceSSsoradartLnh /soiieSeBr^GD^tLfih ii 
@^ ^eSlSsard^dstnLj/s ^&arjs>ea^tL\ia ofuKB^eoneo, 9ir^&^ Qinardn^a, ofjuaoD 

(Q^ - Lf - cn/r.) — &j)i€s>in £j«o - f (ip6jTCTflff06W/r^) ffiGstum 

934. There is nothing else that brings (as) poverty like gambling 
which causes many a misery and destroys (one's) reputation. 

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CDS/iQfiirtfieo — Qojeo^^LnfnuijbuLuj iSt^^Q^/S^ao, ji^Qj6Sl€i.'jpf^eotrp 
uirearL^euff ^ihinjrsKSlLjB euesr^^eDL^uQuniu ^gktG iDGSipiQ^trQ^Q^Qnear 

^P d^ppB diupuUlJ^^% 

@t5/5^">) ^eoeair^eujTiT QiufTQ^QesreuIr^ ^wj^th - Q^&rtLjfi, 

936. Penniless are those wbo by reason of tlieir attachment 
would never forsake gambling, the gambling-place and the handling 
(of dice). 

(LJiP*ODir*) CT'jfi^ — fiOfQufunQ^n^eoeo uassi^eOLCidTesiLnuip QfQjgdirjp/ 

QffioeuiBiQ^(B^^ /BGO^^eij Qsn®^^pQ(ff^ifieo Q^jpiuL-tresoLSp ^Q^ 
e&or /Fm(Bl ^si^trjT rrQtrGsr,g^ihy Quniua^iBi aeir^ih (ip^G^uj urr^ms gItiL 
^Baruueo&fra g^&jruQu^7^€s>LD Od^/r6>)60 Qeumt^a ojnuSpjpi. tLjpuuQireafu^ 

Qpf QpsL^iuniM - ^Q^eQiurreM, Qpi^uuiLL^nir - eQQpfhJsuu 

936. Those who are swallowed by the Goddess (gp(?^«5) called 
** gambling" will never have their hunger satisfied, bat sofier the pangs 
of hell in the next world. 

6r. LJmQaj Qff'i^ieuQfiLa uemLfia QaQi^u^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^G^iuQojiueir/S QpeBrQ^^ir^Q^irL^Q ajQf^Qarp Q^io^Qpih QpaQ^tufi 
iseoeSSearuSdr uuj^)iu ueKtuth SjeHQ/trQuDoru^trth* 

(Q/s - l; - Gioff-.) — air2eo - {jifpu^ Qutrq^ eS\GsruES(QSQ 

937. To waste time at the place of gambling will destroy inherited 
wealth and goodness of character. 

«^. QLJiT(r^&TQa(B^^uQuinuQiJbpQaireff§jujQ^enQa(Bfi 
(uf-ciDir.) ST-^j — @^ ^dtSstsTu uuSdrpojarQuiTQF^ei QafB^^uQuir 

uitiiSsBTj ^QjQQjd'^^fip(^ Qpt^G^GinpO^nelfQfilujdrLfifi GmpOsarL^eurStu 

e/F^ - QmpQsa-armuuesaressfl^ ^q^&tQ^b®^^ - (ih€C!^€^cr(iQ 

938. Gambliog destroys property, teaches false-hood, puts an end 
to beneyolence, and briogs in misery (here and hereafter). 

(uiP-ODir*) eT'ffiy — jfjTs^ar @®W^ ^Gsr&^ e^Qibrr^^Q^nifieona dl(ir^ 

^iuu>-^S^^QuuLJn-» Sl^SpLjLf(ipa>p Qs:iuiLp^&Qu iSpipSarpffi* 
O^60fli/u>— jy^fi/«)« iLfjpiuLf^s&r. fier^cDt. Quj^u€vrQjp(jffe^ ^uus^m 


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(QfS - u - GD/r.)— (^ir^cJr) ^tum - ^^2s/r^ Qsirefl&fT - 

939. The babit of gambling prevents the attainment of these 
fi?e : — clothing, wealth, food, fame and learning. 

a>LD €h.jpi^&i SQ^^^ If Senear J ^p^^sar tununjpifi^pOunq^LJB S-ajLOLxurdQa 

(9^ cll.L£>l9^ Qeajp/fiOfifTifiii^ QpuSQneor^ta Q&n&r^* ^^^/dr c^o*o^^/r 
ifi^p sQ^LDiL^th ^ifi/sfifrjr^ QuQ^oauitLjiBi afupuuiLL^eBr^ 

940. As the gambler loves (his vice) the more he loses by it, so 
does the sonl love (the body) the more it suffers through it. 

<95>(^ - LO. «jy^. l£i Q^ p ^* 

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jrn&o €uiT^;ipfieond» Qeueasragruutli— QpofrjuGoittiL^ ^&J§^(S^ ^Ggu^Q^ 
jguu(^^ ^uu^^O{UGff§siiiD u(^uun(Bih Qu^Qj/ih, ^eupjBp (^GBsrQojn^ 

^oOj (uniGDastL QtuGOutrQtu GiBirtu Qpeu€Dsp Q^otu^^ld, ^es>^ ^estu 

iDiruB^LD^ (s^GsypuSisfiith - (^Gnpu-fu^rruQ^Lo^ ^Qe^ianr - ^^e^ 

941. If (food and work are either) ezoessive or deficient, ibe 
three things ennmerated by (medical) writers, flatnlance, biliousness 
and phlegm, will cause (one) disease. 

8., iL(jijibQ^€9r QeueAfTi^treuirui luir^es^^a a(^iB^uj 

fiPP^ QuirpjB (q6Krf?6S7. 

(uiP - on IT.) cr-^, — «^6y6Br Qfi^sfi/ekL^^ jffpput^eDtus ^fisarn-p 
a^serrnwGor luir^GSiA QtBiriuuxsyiDj Q/sneLQarjif/rtucDLDf ajroBrtsiaQi-ir 

942. No medicine is necessary for him who eats after assuring 
(himself) that what he has (already) eaten has been digested. 

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eo/rtrwracSear Q/si^^iu^i^uinQpeor^ia ^Hufi^n, Qupqr^Qeo^jpi utn^Qu^n^ 

fi.Z-.iLL/ - (Qu^flp&S\(U efl^QLoeafl^is) S-i— lisnu, Qup(fff&r - 
Qupp€ki^y Qmif.^ - 0/5®/&76f:/reotL, aluj^^lq «g^j:v - (^ji/^Sstr) 

943. If (one^s food has been) digested let one eat with modera- 
tion ; (for) that is the way to prolong the life of an embodied soul. 

^(uim ^€ujru uS^^, 
(u(P-«nir.) er^jpy—Qpargpiearu.^ ^pput^GDtuuj/SiBffi iS&r l34£uu& 

^pp^jStbO^GBTgDiih Quiu^^^esiir jy^Srur tunuLjjii^^pQufrcr^iUB. 

Gffp^m LDirjpiQsneirearrGSiLDUJfreu^ ^Gstsrufr&tr u(^^Qujn(B LOir^QAnfneiriTGSiLD 
iL/LDj 4BrrGoeSujei^uir(B LDirjpiQarr&retriresyLim^Lbj ^€Oqj ^ifiiuisissetrrrp pu)(tpaar 
mirjTf/ Qesir&retrn GS>ui(LjLDn'U)» ^G^euujtreuesr (ipesipQiu eutr^ tl^s^ ^aoirrr^iu 
U(Q^ai^tr^Qjpe5)pa^ Qspiueueareun ^^Ln^ QuQ^uyQurrap^ QjpiQunn^Qjg 
eergfSB snGoQQj£uuir(Bs^&r ^earppsirojear tS(SIQ^fr&srpp airanesuDiL^y Q^ 
gp/QiB til (LI'S ^uiQpQGtTn^ffi tB^&^fr^tO Qurna-OQjsarcsijLDtTUi, ^euposypa (^fi^ 
Qair&rerrrr^ uyeBTihuiLt—ojnp^p ^luui^air ^^^Qcbt Q/bniLjih LDjrfssrnpLD 

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944. (First) aasnre yoarself tbat your food has been digested, and 
never fail to eat, when very htiDgrj, whatever is not disagreeable (to 

Qtumujp Qfiiru-irufrsG^dr* ^i€sru(tpjpi€u^ n.uSQinun'iseS^f ^^otOld^ 

uir(B - (^i9essfiaetrirQei)) ^GtTuiM6Q2ea'jS5€0, ^€\>2so - zl-gsstl-t 

946. There will be no disaster to one's life, if one eats with mode- 
ration, food that is not disagreeable. 

(uf-ODfl*) cT'^y — Si^(gBSipp^ osdfQparpjSd^ sfdioitrQp tL^u 
GuafLDnLLdi §}^uih ^EOBtr^ SBsoSp^g^jpiQuireo iSsu QutfltueSesitrsDiu 

^QjQjnQpiLjokrL-eo ^eSsrexreoiiLnetreSp &/S^ ^GS>pajQl€&rL^» §^u 
LDtreu^ eun^QpSG^iu Q/idrjpiih ^^^SBeoaSip fiihiunesiLoSat ibettOu^i^QiD 
luAor ^Gudr euiu^ ^euir^^^th ^fi^^ ^pQpflC^iu /Birar(^QLDiufi^LDirui» 

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946. As pleasure dwells with him who eats moderately, so disease 
(dwells) with the glatton who eats voraciooslj. 

6r. Stucrr suAr/B^ QfisifiiurrGfr QuS\^GssresS 

(uf - of>T.) cT'^f — fidsru^^fLjii ^^^^sppofsaar^ih fBirsoQp Lcnjrrr 
mtar/S ^0«u6Dr iSsstifsso'ggfiLDiniSinr «^Q/60rLO/rtl(d GibtnusiGr €Tco8sotup «/6ir0j>j 

Gspp enesareijih ^ureoQpu^) MJrtnunrQ)Q^ {Qeuessn^iu tUGsor&D6U 

947. He will be afflicted with nnmberless diseases, who eats im- 
moderately, ignorant (of the rules of health.) 

^. QjBiriu/srrtfL QietriUQpfl @)/p. uj£pfiesafii(Qix^ 
eutriumiTL^ eutnuuuip Q^tuio. 

(uiP-cnir*) 6r-^, — inq^fi^^^^^ea ^^fffttnuirtKB Sa^Boffp Qitir 

£S/r#CB8r J>— &.6BV^ Q^ttjOe06Br Qpp^th^lU sSjrGkt(BLD» JlfGUp€S>p ^iLj&r 

Qmffi^fiSDL^tuti or S^irearQiDeiru. jif€DGu iBrr(Bjsp utudr QiB(nSSesfiL\ih euiruSSsonL^u} 
efitL/ Q<9^[U6b6BOeTrsk)60/rLb ^L.O(g^^(^, ^^ ^esStk(^jLJb cunQtuGjr^if. *^6BQp 
Ssirp Qpts>pgsnDu9p puuircDLD^ 

948. Let the physician enquire into the (nature of the) disease, its 
canse and its method of cure and treat it faithfully according to (medical 

Digitized by 


spQff&fr aq^^ip Q^\ue^, 

iL^ ^fxsrQiFiuftf^spp an&>^fic6snL^uif jifiB^^Qar/Sujnio Qan&Q ^QJ^qr^ 
^^jTcffGtr^^Uf^^ uQ^Qiih (?tt!/^%ar Q/eSUciB €9rerr^. iSiaSiiuea^^vtr^^ 

eoih - QuipQs'fr&OGSuj€ar. ^thQpdirjpnh iSeDtpiuaLD&o ^nQeajSiuirgpiih ccav/rcy 

{QfB^U'GSitr.') — ^pqffAr - (^^\L\iaQeu finest fs) appmq^f^jgi 
euGsr ^ (^^iuenuatu^Gs^^eP Q^FULJU^itaairio'^^ ^^pQj^GfrjiferreifL^ - G/s/r 

QiBirSeffrcrresieuiULDf ^rreoQpLD - (^fidfrQ^tupQspp) sffea^^^esr 

949. The learned (physician) should ascertain the condition of his 
patient, the nature of his disease, and the season (of the year) and (then) 
proceed (with his treatment). 

puuir^p dh^pCSp mQj^ii^, 

(uf - ODir.) €T-j^j — iSlesifi^^ LLQ^i^fTCUffi ^^^piriLippQKk ^^Snr^ 
fin&^ LDQ^^^ojdr jifQjgpB&(y^ s(j^tun@aj ldq^ib^ jif^B^u iSeDiptuniDi^ 

fS^, €T'JPI. 

mfiirrr* an psn-ppQ ^gsu^ ^SktririDntSipjpi* ^eupjpterr ^ppeu^&jcsis iBifdr 
snQj€ar'^(o}ufr(T^f3t^i—€S>LDf LD(i^^^eudrr ^ifiSppeOf Q/eoiu/S^ n^sfsrn^p^ 

^ear—ueoiSlsediQ/^nxj stre^L^pe^^nGSiLD, ^fi/fJujSFW euL^uiLQi^irQuj «©) 

SlUiuin t£I^Q/n ppGosEetrndr GLoLDufB^ec^ ereB@Q€ar\upuiJB^co^ u(j^^Q(ua(B 
LjasrL^GSiu.€DLD, iUGffQu^n tfiQiDium (Siueuir^eo^ Qa^freocSiuesr ^ojeufrGpQ^iufi^ 

Digitized by 


fi/t^^ ^tr^^fU(Lp Qpfiir^^ ^a^ir^^iLJLDn Qiii^^Ei Sh./S^ir, @^Q)6v) jy^ 

i6frp&k.pj^ - Kn&T(^^p^fi^. 

950. Medical science consists of fear pari?, viz. patieni, 
pbysician, medicine and compoiinder; and each of these (again) con- 
tains four sabdivisions. 

Q 1^ i^ OJ ^# 
a s n 

(uf-cnir.) CT - ^, — O^ilxwLDqa) iBfr^th G^jra (s^uiSpi^irninffiL 
L^eo&o^ tSpnunriL t^(up€S>diuJiTS «.«rfli/ff«/r, ot-jjt- 

g)oo^«®£p. Qfuaru€sr fpcaar (Btuiris^eup/SA Quwo. Qa^uxsmy-^Qf^ffi^ 

^6D, ©fiJDfiu QiptSp^^irn&sfrvSiar ^©ay/f sptSl^aOojaart^iriLp qpQmiLfir 
euirih, iSphs^irSp apiSfifieuifiiL^ih Qav^ iBmhit Qeudrufsnil). 

(g/jLu9Gtfo i9pib^€uiii-^fiei)€0iru^ii> {i9pSiL-^Qfi), g)aiA)q^«- 
SrUireuLLfrs^ ^&o2sO - ^^cfsri^nair, 

961. Consistency (of thought, word and deed) and fear (of sin) are 
conjointly natural only to the high bom. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C, e^(ij><s<s?(i/)££) ekJirtuGnuiiH fCfr^piiBui ^drrjM 

{Q/s - u - 65)/r,) — (Qt^ui9p&fstr!r*^^{ulrmfis ^if.fQp\9pifs 

(ipGfTfQi^jiffiijb^ ^KLpsstrir • (^j^e\)jSQj[r €\)eoeofruiid fiiru^ir&Qoi) 

962. The high bom will never deviate from these three : good 
mannersi trathfulness and modesty. 

iR.. JBenssfffasis S&frQ^tr ^a^ptresiu^ PsirAfQih 
(Lf-€nr.) cr - ^, — srasiroo^^m ^ifliS&ikpotr^ ^^LiiSeSraLl iSpijsa^&Q 

QurrtuuxsiLD ^iffLiGs^L^eoiDuSp /Si!^i3dr€SiUieeitu a'lrtusDtcOiuAjpiihy @eb 

QfiA'^Ei Qi^iSpfsfiirjr ^uj^lj «l/duul1l-^. 

^t^s^ - QtfLu9p i9ipifieu!t&(Q^ (eufSiuekillr Q^Gfrp^i—fi^), 

968* . A cheerfnl oountenancei liberality, pleasant words, and an 
nnreviling dispositioni these four are said to be the proper qualitieB of 
the tmly high bom. 

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{Ofi - u - enir.) — ^(BAQuj - (u6V6i;«ra) ^Oifiuj, Ods/r^- 
QsiT£fLUJ€tTeQ€aTfiir@uj Quirq^Zsn"^ QufSs^LL-Qupqrf^u^^ (S^^ 
i9pfB^irir - e^tuiris^(Qtf,i3Qeo iQpi^euIr^ ^earjoteu - (^£LO£A/r(ip 

964. Though blessed with immense wealth, the Doble will never do 
anything unbecoming. 

uazn9p pSBOuiSiifi^ ^Arjpi, 
(Lif-cnv.) cr-^^ — Q^natjpi O^/riKB wQ^QAp ^t^t&iffstl. iSpi^nir 

(Qfl - u - GD/r.)— uy)£o @zyL - uy)es>u:^QflinL®€UQ^Bp @^ 

effyii/s amgg^in - (ip^SlssnueiTeQQeo Sr(7^iaQuj^L^ji^ui^ umr 
i9afr m (^m^) (aj699r(z^GJ)A-.GJ)£r)tt9&^ fideOuiSfifiio ^esrjDi - /9/ei 

965- Thongh their means fall off, those bom in ancient families, 
will not lose their character (for liberality). 

Or. ^eou^upfSi" ^irii)t96\> Q^iuiuirlruMr €rpp 

(uiP - oair.) €r'^y^-'&/a>^iupjpi oj(tfjS&srp /bA ^^L^jrtSQ^ Qljt^^ 

^jpt€S)U)tLjpp^ifiiLfh ^Q/GfittJei}L9€Dr GojjpiuLJTQirtiru^ dh^puutLu.^* 

(Q/s* Urn «D/r.) — inff3r jifpp - eues^^Fojpjpi 61/(15 Sfiw/Dj^coiL 

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CL, g^Cf^^^G/^"^ eutr\uesiUi\L\ nsir^puBui y> ^^^(g^ipi ^^^^ 

(uff-flD^O 6r.^,-«Ltu/ri^ ©^i&Jr^^ J ^proa^hable honour of 
QmojiLflJ)^ /p/FOflwreBTuuLli- g)J) flp6Br^«r««»r .^rimental tbereto. 

. . . ^^ . ^ «/«»« QpBBTpp^LD eiJ^LDLI Qp^^iU ft.Q/GW/) 

952. The higl^ ^^' 
manners, tmthfaln' :'^ n • • • • • /^ • 

az/Stfj/r.' >^>^ jefecfcs of the noble will be observed aa clearly as the 


0^' .. i^ moon. 

^i* — — 

gfo^^^s ^iR&Tes)La Q^trGSTjB GfreuSsgri 


ggfiflpih ^coripih ^(^Qutu/r. iBtrX\eaaiinuirp QairL^rroiuiajKi 

f^(^S€arpeueSL.fiQfl^ mirir ^aresun - ^€97i!9^eu/reB)u), Qfitf&r 

958. If one of a good family betrays wa^t of afifection, his descent 
from it will be called in question. 

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v.^ ''5^ €ffiajei)GS)u jif^diaGSsr (ipSsafijs Qji^Bir airiL 


959 As the spronfc indicates the nature of the soil, (so) the speech 
of the noble indicates (that of one's birth.) 

Qeueir®^ luirira^th ucsafieif. [esr 

A^GOLO — t-i^y^y LjSBsr esfitu so AGT, GojGkr® Gld^u^ eS^uQuiTQ^iLi^n fu iB&sr 
euffoSfior* g)a>fi/ oStiVcnr® u/tlI/ tignth cs^gshu^^ C7a/«xir®a/6Qr dh^puuiLL^esTm 

960. He who desires a good name must desire modesty ; and he 
who desires (the continuance of) a familj greatness mast be submissive 

%CT*U). c-JVitf* ILJfGSTiL. 

Qj€^i (Q/L^iSpfBflfr/r^(Q ^(f^tuoiirtu ^€aaras&r ff^jpiojnair Q(n^t^ia@, 

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956. Those who seek to preserve the irreproachable honour of 
their £amilies will not viciously do what is detrimental thereto. 

u^^&sessT LCijpiuQuir ^luiriB^, 

^tun^^ (tpfitSaj Qutrnr^m €ues>s Qfissrpp^ua eSl^thLf QpjB^uj cg/oxx) 
«syQ//r isp@€tareuBQenfi(El LDir(7^peiff^LD, fi.«oQAD^^ ujf&ffi Qeue/MjiJB 

(Qfl - u - 6D)/r.)— (g/jL i9ip&fBirSr&€ssr - e^tuirijs (^i^Sp 
i9pi^€uBt^^Q^ (j^asri^trQp^^ ^ppui - ^ppLnir€ST^^ (^/siresr 

^fA^jtcSl^^^^ u^jpi Quires) - senaaau^Qufre)}, WL^iukm^-^aaQ^ 

957. The defects of the noble will be observed as clearly as the 
dark spots in the moon. 

(uif - onir*) er-^f — ^eo iseo (ipes>LJu^)tu i^d^jS^poiarsmQcssr wff 

Qs'fr&o^^ Qp^G^fu erupuuiLujesr. Qjstr^^Qeardru^ G^rrcBt^eou) gSWaQ 
QHjLDiTiiSpjpt, ^eomQijydsru^ ji/eumu SSsooj/rar o/fB^^^ QiuuuL^Qeodruj^ 

958. If one of a good family betrays wai^t of affection, his descent 
from it will be called in question. 

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^eoa^p i9pifinir€U!nui= Q^ireo. 
(uf-ODir.) er-^^— >/6«o^^ €ffitui<iGS)u ^^ea&Gaer Qp^fip QpSdir enriL 

Qd^fT&d GQj€sa(BQu^pQjir qr^iBpjpi* 

(Q€i)^^6i) iSpi^euSrseBesr €ufrS^GssiL.[r(Q^ QiFO-pam, sirtL 

959 As the spronfc indicates the nature of the soil, (so) the speech 
of the noble indicates (that of one's birth.) 

eeom — q^^p^ LfsareafitueiaeT, GeuGxr® Gtudru^ eS^uQuirQ^iLt^mu /Bar 
p^y '^^d^uu(B Q^n(S^^uS guLoeDLD GQj€ar(Bui^^ eran^tfiuGuneo. jifibfisaro' 
^irarG(n^ir jfQ^^iu^G^nir flUi(tpGfrG(^nr ^iteo^ ^n Qtuar /SojQnioecnQi^ 

etiatSfSOF* g)aDAi vSjrm(B uirLLL^ngnth (^^fiOLO^^ Geum^oico' dh^puuiLt-Gir* 

^<s6e) tuiTGuSit^fij^ijc^^ ueosfJeif - €uessrij(^flSs)^ Q6iJ6ifr(Bs . Qeu 

960. He who desires a good name must desire modesty ; and he 
who desires (the continuance of ) a family greatness mast be submissive 

Q€^i (Q/t^ut3p/Bfiirff^(Q ^(f^tuQiirtu ^€aaras&r ff^jpiojndir Q(n^L^ia@j 

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GDLDiLfh^ Q^tuQi^ji^ap (rr^^Qjojisffiifii tLvStr^o'tpnmLctLi unrii* Q^AjPf ^^&^^ 

6s. ^^jS iuenu^iunk SpuiQcsr eufrSggaii 
^Qsrp euQ^u dii^io. 

Q^QiueSgniUif ^Bc^^iSpuLifi fitiipajQF^ Q^aj9i)aBsir Qtuntfisy €r»jpi» 

jifSDUitunGSiLD — §ip^fioo, (^t^tSpu Qlmu^ j)f^sirjr QfaipSSHLtUtt^ 

f6^tLjes>L-.sDLDa>ujiLi/B ^sQ ^ODQ/ Q^Ftutups Qo^u^fTth* 

{Qjs - u - 6B>/r.) — §)^/S ^esiu^iuir - Q^tutuirfldSt^^Qfl 
fiirui jfGsyLDaJtrfi, QpuiQesr ^tj9^ui - SpuLfenL^ajaneu luirm 
^(i, (s^eirp - (^fiia^if.ui9puuir€tfr^^ fi^\Pi ^Q^u - cw^gjQ^ 

961. ActioDB thafc would degrade (one's) family should not be 
done, though they may be so important that not doing them would end 
in death. 

QL» )?/f)jg{2/^ &jreO€\) QiFiuojirQiT 9Q/r/r(9 
Qujrirmresun Qeumr® ueaSr. 

(uiP - onir.) 67--^^ — H^y> Q^iumBi-.^^& ^A^^t^mLOdt Qs/rot^ir^ 
^e^ajjoiadsfrd^ Qa^fuiuirir, LjsQfiL^Oea- u^nsar^mfi i^jpi^^^dso ^qylL^n^^ 

erojeSL^^jfiLD iBdeo^^^ajtr^ ^ckrcDintufrar ^eirfiirficdupfiu QujrtrA 

{Qfi - u - a)/r.)— ^0/r/r® - LfaQpL^Qesr^ Quit ^essresoh^ 
tnir€ST^GDfi ^jpi^^fiisd^ Qeu€ssr(du€u!r - ^Q^u^LjQfirpeuira&r^ 

962. Those who desire (,to maintain their) honour, will surely do 
nothing dishonourable, even for the sake of fame* 

(uf-aDir.)t CT-^, — ^^jtSpjs/Birnsi^ Sesipd^ Q^vo&(ipetr^/nu ^jfi 

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963. In great prosperity humility is becoming; dignity, in great 

Gttjauutr, m-jpi. 

QllfiiiAULJBfl^ihf ^Qjssiinuap Qup(a^ihm 

{Qfi - u - 68)/r.) — miriBfiir - (^(^tf^uiQpifi) iheSfsIr^ /fiSb 
tSim » {^^u^QjiiunifB'^ ^SbouSSq^ib^^ ^^fiijsAaGDU. - fifry^mjs 
eQi^flj^^ ^Sbou9&t ^ifiifi -^ fiteoiQSq^m^ eff^pisfs^ muQir j^2asr 
tuSr - ihiQiQuiri^euir. 

964. They who have fallen from their (high) position are like the 
bair which has fallen from the head. 

(uiP-ODV.) ^^iSlpuutrar wascQuned €^iu^i0^fr(i^ fiiryi^fip Qs^ 
^ar/S (uBsertuGfilLDSorgpnh ^ifi^ SpuLfuyeDto tSairjr^^'rp Q(n^Mffi* 

£\)a2etr^ (Qcsifi ^Besrtu - ^(r^^^estfSiu^vsS iuetfeninQss^Cb^ Q^vBdn^ 

965. Even those who (are exalted) like a hill wHl be thought 
low, if they commit deeds that are debasing. 

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^(j^eudr Q^dr^ iQpQsfrp Sdso ^oj^^iB^^u Lfsitpuujeuirffi * ^Snjrut^^^ 

eeiQear u^treania Q&^^@ostp^ ereaSEvr Quj^u^nih* ^S)cb>q/ r/paa jpi uiriLi^ir 
giLo jifGS>aj Qsiiiiap (^ppta sLpuuL-L^^* 

euiri9&frQ€9T^ Qs^gstj^i /SSsu - (jp^eueJ/ LhircsiLL eQiL®) Q^&rjpi 
iQpQ&fTpiQSed^ 4«y> §I^J^ - (g)a;6i/6v«^^) L/«(y)6wr<_/ri 

966. Of what good is ifc (for the high-born) to go and stand in 
vain before those who revile him* It only brings him loss of honoar 
and ezclnsion from heaven. 

QsiLi^nr Q€ssTGsrCju(Bfi ^aesi^. 
(uiP-QDir.) 67-^,-^687^ \Si&Cpmnn iSldrQGsr Qa^Gfrjpt Qun (rr^m Oupjpi 

^tL(Bjseo~^un(^^^eo» ^ibiBhcQuj Qiuairp^ Q^eoeOiT^ Qpcsrdets SBsos 
@0a) uiuQjirQ^spjLO Qun'Q^0T Qupjpi ^uSiir euirC^oja QiDfirutrain QmnsSi 

(QfB - u - GH/r.) — g^£lL-/r/r iSleJr - (^697 2ot) ^sy^eutrtiQA 

967. It is better for a man to be said of him that he died in his 
nsaal state than that he eked out his life by following those who dis- 
graced liim. 

(uiP-cnir ) er^^j — ciu/r ^^iSpuLf^ fldroiGStunBoj mrreaiih Sfifiiu 
€u%^iBf ®P^^ Qooirifii^ utueifi^€OiT^ ^i^tlnStHsara afr&(Qih tutr^GMf 


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Q^ioeoffih §)t—^/5p &piJL\L4upfiu QuQT^ ^msaaa Qiu&iTjpuhf jf/esmjQiu&o 

^«) ^(f^^oRjOtufiruirir ihq^O/st QoiarjpiEi sh^^yf. LOiresr^^idr Q(n^i^^ 
^^Ql^^JSiu Q/^tSpuiSlfir QiLcS^p^. 

njLDui^ QielRiLi^Qutrjp^ smA ^iLqiA - (^pi^pQufratrubio uiu 

inpjp§ L0(^/6(ifiir - (^t9&fT^LBp€Uir€nLJbi(Q'^ inQ^iB^irQinn-. 

968. For the high bora to keep their body in life when their honor 
is gone will certainly not prove a remedy against death. 

Sm, WiSikSuiSAr euiTfpiri aeuiBu^ir €uAq) 

tpir^ swi\iDir€DQi Qtuiruufrn', fi.ii!9^ S^a^^ncar iDncarQLDiujp QmosS^ojiMr^ 
^ffiesTfi filiBiair fipuuir, er^jgn, 

^iroMMtfoorj tS^gptih Gunoi^noj ^SgshtM^^ er^^^AjpiUi Spufginu 

{QjS'U'GDn'.^^tnvSir £ui9A - (^cSr ubSiirfB^ireBiii) ^q^ 

fltnfreneu Qiutruueuir^ Lbircsnh euSiar - (^eSfXi^fipairear') u^a- 
oriL QujpftneireneuSi&fr^ 8L.(i9/f - jifSU€^iQGfiir, /^uu/f-eflffioi/r. 

969. Those who give np (their) life when (their) honor is at stake 
are like the yao which kills itself at the loss of (even one of) its hairs. 

«0. Q/6»n6i//n68r eufrynr^ larresr Qpes^L^iua- 
(uiP - ODV.) €r>^j — ^tnaGair ifitficsij tui^eutfiu Quirjpiji^ tu&ir SJir 

^LfGd€jir un(Bth L/a(z^L.(?iu/r^ fij/^J}L9«Sr— o/eoci/ Q&rQjfr ojirear g^/*^ 
mtfGir^ uiTLLi^irgiHj} inirGffL/oluaQf^LJt^ttuj §)puiSearffi SpuLfA ^rupuuiLi^^m 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

/i^O . ^®o ^^-li. jyP. QLi(j5a>£i5. 

970* The world will (always) praise and adore the fame of the 
honourable who wonld rather die than suffer indignity. 

6s. 6^eS\Q{uir(f^eiip (^en&tr QeujpiiesiS SefiQiuiTQ^eup 

(uiP-ODir.) 67"-^, — ^(f^su^ Qane/Biujroj^ tSpffirpQeptupafiliu Q^iu 
G^Quxisrjpi sQ^ih essiasLS^^ | ^Q^giia^ unr^irw^ ^M^aJBn Qtuir 

^sif) ^ngfiiea'^)iu&n'eo^^ iBi(jE^Q ^irArjpt^ £^ies>L,€SiLD. ^^^GS\S(n^ Gq 
iB(^\ay^ Q^tiifuirdr^^ &GS((tffh iSpQr/uj* Gio^Sliih Qfftup&Afu Qspdjeuair Qu^v 

^tup/S^)^^ QLj(i^es>LD«s)iu ^^^ 4iiTF€a»fi^tir GldgSiKB ft.orerr Qfi(x]rs«Ms 


971* One's light is the abnndanoe of one's courage; one's dark- 
ness is the desire to live destitute of such (a state of mind.) 

CL. iSpuQuiTs^ Qweae^/r o/uS/riggj SpuQuirGjeuir 
jkCDtuQ^iuu^i Qfiirifi&osen'ffi Goj^nuniLi^ir^y er-'j^* 

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^^tiaa^ Qld!T^^^P iSipuQuaa^ QtDdrjr^thy G)u0€b>u) &jpiGs>maLL(^ 
QQjjpiu(Ba^p SpilQuncuQjtT Q^^^ei an,/S^n^ 

(^u^f iBpuLj - (^Quir^euirQtu^ i9put9ajei)Lf^ ^s^ui - ^^^(^^ 

972' All human beings agree as regards their birth bat differ aa 
regards their oharaoteristics, becaase of the different qualities of their 

Au. (Su^Sf^ij^ Qtneveoeoira- (2uh€»e^€0ir S^fio^m^aa 

973. Though (raised) above, the base cannot become great; 
though (brought) low, the great cannot become base. 

^. Sf^qj^GSiU^ u^acfUQiT Quire))LJ Ou(7^GDtnq/b' 
Suthf ^QFfaj^ fQcsypuSar euQ^nuip paiSevrp ^neor a/r^^aQ&irearQi^n q^q 

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CL. g^(ij><s6^(i/)a^ euiriuGTiu^iH mir^puBiLb fipoa^ 

(tpafT/Si^ji^ih^ §IQffssirrr - (^^eojSeuir eoideoirineo fitrintr^Qeii) 

952. The high born will never deviate from these three : good 
xnannersi tmthfalness and modesty. 

Ai.. JBesistSoDS uSdrQ^tr ^s^rroiUi m!rA(Qii% 
euGFis QiuAu euirtuGfiUbi ^tf^a^. 

(u«flnr.) er - ^^ — erssiroo^^i ^fliSeoeoir^ (gt^t&kstL iSpi/sff^i(S 

Qu/rtuu>es>iD ^fii^es^L^GDiDuSp fiilitSeiraiU^gsuu efirtuOHjoQajtirjpiihj QA 
eo/rfiD/r QtueoeoirQ^ Oioerr^o/ir^^seSdr ^siptranjoGsnu ^qjo- 6&^aS<L/fi a^ 

utSpi^iT^a^Lj il^piHeei QotjpiuirQ Qj/siBirdr&frsii&r^irQiLar jpianfM^ Qjwot 
QfiisarjpiunLJL^tr^ik q^t^iSpik^itjr ^lu&OLf ^n.puut' i ^. 

^tf^Afa^ - ^ifLvSp tSpi^euitA^^ (^eujSiueuIr Q^Gsipdii^fi^'^^ 
mens - QpaLoeiia^iStLfLa^ r:gds - (^s^eastretieu^ Qst[(Biflfisgjiui^ 

953* . A oheerful countenance, liberality, pleasant words, and an 
nnreviling disposition, these foor are said to be the proper qnalitieB of 
the truly high bom. 

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(O^ m u • eniT,) — jiif(SliQuj - (^ueveuirs") ^®6E@a/, Qatrtf.^ 
QsiTty^njetreQesr^irSuj Ou/r^Sbr, QufSis^u^-Qup(rff^m^ (S^^ 

954. Though blessed with immense wealth, the oohle will never do 
anything unbecoming. 

uoanSp pdsOLjt9^^ Sesij^. 
(uiP-OMrO €r-^,— Oj^/r68r^ OfirrtKB ^QfjSisirp (g^LuS^wfiLl iSpe^nir 

(0^- u- Go/r.) — £j^a> ^tf^^ u\posimQfltnLQi€UQ^Qp (Qif, 
tQQeo i9piB/B€Uir^ euy^ii^eu^ ^ (^^irui) Qa!r®i(jB^ihQutr(i^&r^ slot 


965. Though their means fall off, those bom in ancient families, 
will not lose their character (for liberality). 

dSr. 9^edLLUpfii€F ^ffioi9eo Q^iuiutrirLbfr a^pp 

^edu^upfii euir i^^Q unGfT uirSr. 
(uff - csiir.) er^^^ — &KS)6Ptupjp/ eu(t^airp tsA (j^^jrtSQ^ Qljt^^ 

{QfS^ Urn 0i>/r.) — wn£^ J^pp - eues^^iupjji eaqi^QA p^^eoin 

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956. Those who seek to preserve the irreproachable honour of 
their £amiliea will not viciooslj do what is detrimental thereto. 

u^^maeifr u^jf^uQutr ^ojkthj^. 
(uiP->C9)ir.) CT^^^ — ejuiriBjsi (j^iSdrstL i3pi<sn'iLDnLL Qeir^nis} @p 

^Lun^^ (tp^tSiu Qufrrr^&r euesis Qparpp^ih €SI^u>li Qpjs^iuj cq/gmd 

i9piBfi€uSiu.^(S^ (j^dtsri^frQp')^ (^ppu^ - ^pptnirearj^^ (^^ir&ft 

957. The defects of the noble will be observed as clearly as the 
dark spots in the moon. 

(uiP - GDir*) €T^^^ — @«o «60 offBRL^tu^uj t^d^JSorpwdiramOcar irff 

958. If one of a good family betrays wa^t of affection, his descent 
from it will be called in question. 

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6b. jBe^fi^Qp Qt^i^enLa JsiricsinL(Bda atnL(Blda 

^eoa^p i9pifinireufruLji' 0^/r^. 
(uf-ODir.) er^ffi, — /Beo^^ €i/lltueOGDu ^^eh&GBcr (ip^fi^ qj^ siriL 

O^/fl^e&BT, g)a5U(i/)^©Sluj «i.(27ir/rtt9@fl j ^^Qa/, OL./»00fi^(65 Od=ttj68r (z/j^ 

^eo^^eo i9pifi€uiraei{iGfT €uiru9^^^ Q^irp^^^ airiL 

959 As the spronfc indicates the nature of the soil, (so) the speech 
of the noble indicates (that of one's birth.) 

(7a;60r(9« (u/r/f^^ib uessfieif, ^ar 

p^j *^gS^uu(B Q^n(^^uS gifi})€S)U> G€U€&r(Bija*' ereBTL^ifiuQu/reo, jif/sfiearit 

wirtSeoTm Q)cD€J uStiVcnr® u/tlI/ tignuy (^^ODLOtf^ Cet/«znr(BQ/«9r ^k.puutLL-€fffm 
{QfiS - u - 60)/r.) — (g)20^€9r) /56Vto C7Q/6Krr/.^6sr - (^6ori@) 

960. He who desires a good name must desire modesty ; and he 
who desires (the contiuaance of) a family greatness most be submissive 

ACT-ID. «JViw* IL^eSTiL. 

g)6ii0« ^p-ut3piB^ir/ra(j^ ^X\ajQuir{u ^aareis&r AL^Q//i<SDr O^l-c/®^ 

Digitized by 


€B>u3a^u)^ Q^oj^^^np (n^^Qfaj^^Lfii tLuSirQfirtpnmLcuj tr/ru)- g)oQi^j ^«^£f u 

6S. ^^jS tUGDUkiutrdP SpuiBesr euiriBsfina 
QGfrp euQ^u efl/^tfU. 

(uiP-cnir*) er-'^f^^e^iutunfiGutfi^ ^irih ^csiiDiua^ &pi\iSdsisr iLjBSiutu 
QeuQiu€ifigpiUi^ pAc^^^tSpuLf^ ^ni^^dyi^ Q^iu^oaSen Qojirifiaj er-^. 

^GDLDtUnGSiLD §iP^fi^» (^l^Ut^pu QlMU^ Jlf^iSlTJT (tf€S)p€DU>IUItar 

(Qfl "Urn 69)/r.) — §l^fSl ^GSiiniuir - Q^iuiuirfl^L^^Q/B 
^(i, Q6J7/D - (^^ia(mtf.ui9puuir€9r^^ fl^lP^ cuq^u - 6U(i^^Qff 

961* Actions thafc would degrade (one's) family should not be 
done, though they may be so important that not doing them would end 
in death. 

QujnrasTGSiin Qeuasr® ueuir, 
QeX^jTQi&dsffa' QdPiuaj/rirf L^^Q^u-GeBr tun ear ^m^ /Sjsn^^^Bso c£70U)qA/ff/r^ 
erQieSt^ji^u} /8BBO(j^lSsoiu/rfi ^ekres>inujir^ ^arfiir^edupfiu Gujnrdf 

(Qfl - u - 68)/r.)— ^0/r/r® - n&QfL^Q&r^ Quit ^OTflnio- 
u^trGST^Gs^fS ^jpi^^flZsdy QeueitrCBueuIr - eQq^Li^nQfatpeuisif^ 

962. Those who desire (to maintain their) honour, will surely do 
nothing dishonourable, even for the sake of fame. 

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{QfS - u - «n/r.) — (^(^t^uiSpibfleiiirs^)^ Qu(rgss^^ - 

963. In great prosperifcy humility is becoming ; dignity, in great 

^. fldeoaS eSifiiBfi inSjriesrujSr Lntrifiir 
(uiP-onr.) er-^^^^zfxjLy^A^ff iDir&fsirj ^mQpajiri^ iBBsogs>iu €£IlL(B 

(0^ ^ u - a>/r.) — u^irmflSr - (^(^tf^uiQpi^) u^eSfiSr^ /SSbo 
a9697 • (^flunQpiuii&fi) iSSeOuSieSQ^iB^^ §nfiifiAs€S)L^ - fiiry^ii/s 
gAl.^^, fiSeOiSlGfr ^ififSfi -^SsOttSeSd^/si^ eff^i/s^ LnaQlt jfSstfr 

964. They who have fallen from their (high) position are like the 
bair whioh has fallen from the head. 

f^&njQ tuSssTtu O^FoSesr. 

965. Even those who (are exalted) like a hill wiil be thooght 
loW| if they commit deeds that are debasing. 

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/V>V? ^^p^ <Sfe6r - ih. jyP. 


^(TjQ^ Q^GiT^ SfiQ&rp /8Bso g)Q;fi^flO«^^ij Lf^i^utueuir^ * ^SnsruLj^Q^ 
earQesr umeaida QdJBti»@asip^ ereaiSnjr Qtu^u^nih* @)c8>a/ np^tjpi utriLi—ir 
e]j/rL969T(?69r, Q^gstsi /S^ - (g)06276ir u^irearih sQiLQ) QiFGffjpi 

966. Of what good is ifc (for the high-born) to go and stand in 
Tain before those who revile him* It only brings him loss of honour 
and exclusion from heaven. 

(Uif-a>ir.) «r-^,— ^ewSsw uSstpeutrn iSdrQesr Qff^arjpi Quti Q^err Oupjpi 

^iL(B^&>'Qun(^^^60. ^isi8Ss\jQuj Qtump^ Q^eoeotT^ QpekSsar ifiSsoi 
A^jrOeasr SarQparpeuirjpt ^ ^liQunQ^Q^ QajarjptLOfrih, l/s^lo U^^^ 

967. It is better for a man to be said of him that he died in his 
nsual state than that he eked out his life by following those who dis- 
graced liim. 

Qj/b^iS, ®P^fi Qi!Oirifii^ uajofi^oorr^ ^L^iinS^ssri &ira(gLb a/frf^^cs>« 

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Jf^. UMieaim. ^<Pdb ^>r^7 

Q^is>€MlJa Q^l^^^p &pUL\CfUpfiu QuQf^ ^CB>aCB>LO QoJ&tTJpiLD^ jifOoeuQuj^ 

^iroipjpi&r^^ ^^fiH^ ^jcSkun^p SpuLfuup/Su iSQi^etir^ui, ^oofi^is 

^«u ^Q^^oRjQtudrun'n' LDQi^Q^ir Qojsarjpiisj ^h^^n* Lorear^^idr Q(n^jfivo 
^^Qi^^jStu Q/^d^puiSdr QinoSieerp^m 

tLfihut^ QibBiLi^Quh-^^ naLGsr g^o^qm - {^pm^Quirawmio uiu 

968. For the high bora to keep their body in life when their honor 
is gone will certainly not prove a remedy against death. 

Sm, UktQSrSuiSiegr eutryards a»euflitntr euar^ 

(uiP-aor.) cr-^^ — ^ar uMSr^fiirsSA ^(R) umS/t ^etSspi^ ^.aSitr q/at 
ipnjg «5ci//ffL0irfipQ/ QajfTuuirn'f &_aS)/r Ssap^irar iDatarQuyiu^ QiDooSMwiflsir^ 
^f^esrp^ fiiiEiatr ^puuitf 6r-^« 

gjjfioi SpuuihmLD eSatrjr^^irp Qqr^Mj^. ' ^(S(iyja tDiresrQpLD c.£-«i0^ 
0ifT€DLDas€zrf i3drg)iUi Gunoj^aoJ &.tf96B>/r^^^ et^iQfresrjpnh Bpu^ntu 

A $ /Seorp^m 

intSo' SiiQgpitJi^ euiTffiir - &.ii9rA//r{p/r^, aeuSlu^ir ^Gfr^fir - a»eu 

969. Those who give np (their) life when (their) honor is at stake 
are like the yao which kills itself at the loss of (even one of) its hairs. 

(uf - OOT.) cr-^^ — fimiGsir fitfiof w/goitfiu Quirjpifijp fi-uS/r ci//r 

'^q«0€i//7 ufi(Bih LisQ^mL^Giutro' €£l^ihi3ar — oteooi Qarojir eurreor ^^ 
mnGS^ uiriLi^rrgpiih LOfferil/ciunQ^LLi^ntu Qpu^ear^ BpuLfii ^SupuutlL^^m 

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^/(£>0 . *'®0 «9&>^-tb. jyP. Qu(n5«nai. 

970. The world will (always) praise and adore the fame of the 
honourable who would rather die than suffer indignity. 

eSssr^ @^ iLfTGor ^^Gfilidr esyeudiauuili^j^* 

a. 6f^6iflQujir(i^€up (^ea&tr Qeujpt&esis iQeHQiuirq^eup 

(uiP-cnr.) er-^y — ^(r^spi^ QaneBturroj^ iSpjrtrpQ^ojpaii^uj Qsptu 
GeuQLoeaFjpi sQ^ih ^slmlQ^^ 5 ^Q^gva^ ujfr^frwjp sf^^f^^ Qiutr 

^af) ^Bgpiar^yu&ireo^^ Ss(q^ ^itAtj^^ shigdl^gdld* ^^^dAS^ry^ ^& 
A(gL/6S£p QsPiuiufrdif^^ 6T€or(i7^n tSpq^u^ QiD^nih QfffupA^tu Qfftuojirn Qufitu 

Si^up/S^)^^ Qud^esnjomuj Sf^^ 4Biiff€sarfi^iGir QuxSCM njAea^ Qwjpta€»m 

^njpi Ql^Qear^n LDGS>ps aeosr^QLons^^* Sl^&p GuQ^miSofr &puL\m 


QeuirQiLorj)! SSssraQp) u^€aiQw(lfapSvQAr lS(^jS; ^{^^p^-* 

971* One's light is the abundanoe of one's courage; one's dark* 
ness is the desire to live destitute of such (a state of mind.) 

CL, iSpuQutrs^ Qmeae^tr Q/ii9^«g5@ QpuQuirojeun- 
(uiP-onr.) 67-^, — 6r«>6u/r a)ff«g5flS/r«(5txJ Qurr^eunQtu iSpiliiSoj&OLi 
^fiSi€uQ^iu{L\i Qfiiri^&&eir^ Goj^p/uaiLL^fr^y cr^jpi* 

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/i^aaii^ QiDfT^^t^jb iSi/DLjQun6i(Q QLodrjpnh, QuQ^tn &jpiGS)m&iL(^ 

972- All human beings agree as regards their birth bat differ as 
regards their oharaeteristics, beoaase of the different qualities of their 

ffu. Qu^S(Qmjsi Qu^eveocoffir QLaeoeo&iir Sffiq^i^aa 
(uiP - oDr ) €T'jPf — Qa^tupslfluj Q^iuaGOirjp S/StujnrtS^nj ^luni^ 

973. Thongh (raised) above, the base cannot become great; 
ihongh (bronght) low, the great cannot become base. 

^* §>(!5^Li^ inae^QiT Qutreou Qu(t^GS^in{L\& 

(u.f-co)r.) 67-^^ — 6SQjirtr uxaf^^Seer tLfeDL^iu LOitMl SmpvSdr ojQfojnr 
gisuyj ^QF^dsr ScsipuSar GuQ^eutnnp pea^p pnear sfr^^aQdiirearQL~.n q^(q 

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974. Even greatnesSy like a woman's chastity, belongs onlj to bim 
wbo guards himself. 

®. Glu(ri^es)ui iLfent—uj€u ffapjpieuir jnTp 

6070-GDIA IL|GDL_UJ Q^iuio, 

{uf - €ns.) «r-^j— «syA/fi//r/D(^/D Quqij/bdu) iLfiDL^iujrtniS^a' ^wlo qjjS 
Qj/Stujrpiu tutfitL^ QuMTu^f QpeeiQsPiuffi Qu/ri^sDtn Q^irarpu Qu(f^ 

OuQ^Gmu^iLfenL^iueujnriQ^lr^ (^^irin eujSiujnrQuj euffiinth'), ^(f^ 
C9)L0 &.€9)^uj - {jSpjrirQeo Q^tufip(^^ jiKmcsiin iLfGSii^tUGoiieuir 

975. (Thoagh rednced,) the great will be able to perform, in the 
proper way, deeds difl^olt (for others to do.) 

(ulP - anr»} er - ^j-^^uQup/Siujrn'aj Qu/Btu/ro/r sulSulL® ^fwif^iuoi 
tSiSstsr (u(riEiQ&n(B Qin^gpiia ^(r^p^ tDpes>p^ S/StujrtraS^n' uyssrp^issfsdst 

(^i^oDLDy Q^FeOQjLDj 6bCA)G& Qiuor/Sojpp^ &_6MreDCD LDnfiQjrpi^irio pihesHD 

jifoo^^L^fujrfrpeo eiuL^nQpfvrupiriD^ 

{QfB'U''GSiirJ)'^QuS\tuirosifr''(^^LJUi^uuiLLJ) QuSiiuireii!r^ 

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976. It is never in the nature of the base to seek the society of 
the great and partake of their nature. 

(uiP-aDir*) €r-^j — ^€ar&Q6iiTs(^ih QuiHiuir^i^^^ «jy«DLoi^0^^^^- 
Q^tuQjflinu SpuLififin§p;LDf ^€BrsQistrQjQiir^ S/Sfuirfiu.^^u u(BLDiruStarf 

^(t^QSesr LSsd^a^tuiLi QtnsBfU^irSpjr^* &puL\'^(g^t!fjeDtDj Qs^eoeuti^ a&D 
Qffaci^,g)£U lS^^. §j€Deu uSiffosi® utriLL^trgiith jfo%Qwnir Qa^au^ dh^pu 

977. Even nobility of birth, wealth and learning, if in (the posses- 
sion of) the base, will (only) prodaee ever-increasing pride. 

^« UessHiLfu^ir QtnfSfTjpiija Ou(i^«dld &jptGDU^ 

iuessHanLmriB fiAtZsar eQtuAjg^^ 
(uf-anr«) er^^j'^Qua^intLiesu^uja'n jif^SpuLfGurL^iriu (^irdrjpiiB ^q^ 

QLj/r0er%Br Q^tfi&aaar umtSAQm OeoppuuL^L^eoTm g)o^^ 'jiffip 
U3Gf>p^(QU} Ou0€B>Lo' erdti^ifiiLf QiLiT^^h. erarjpi Qldsstu^ iSdrg^-ih eu£^ 
a>ttjmfiffi. ^Qu>aru€Br dljr€k(Bu> j^sp. Lflser^g^ — tSpfip piD&Qa»nir iS^Q 
GSHuGiupfis QiBirt^Gd* SifiP® ^fuirm^irir f^ny^Qjni' ^ny^is^nir 9-iu/rQjnir 
@lo%Glfifr(n^ tSQntrp LSQ^m^atirQp^rQartor ct^fiiuSsu eQiuts^ ^^PQ^^^ 

SpuLfGSfTt^frQiu /B/rcrfl^/i, ucwfliLjoj - jifU.iaQ ibi^uuirlr ; &^ 

fiiBireft^LD, fiGtrSar eQium^ - fiihmm QuidF&^ ^esi^mh - &p 

978. The great will always humble himself; bui the mean will ex- 
alt himself in self -admiration. 

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@&o €uififLnh jif/5^ Qiupsi^Qkiir6Esr(B pQ^^Q&ir (tpL^eSear ae^Gesar Mear^ 
uni— LDiiiGS>LD iLjeBsririB* 

979. Freedom from conceit is (the nature of true) greatness^ 
(while) obstinacy therein is (that of) meanness. 

«0. rJ>lpp Lnes>pi(^ih QuQ^enih &jpiGniLfiirGfr 
(uiP-snir.) er-^, — Qu(nfisnn u^t^iunn iSpijr in/rearpoijgQiu a^ ^oi 

Arupuuil. L^eur^ 

eayptutriSpuir; ffj^tea^tn - (mpesip) Qjp/anu^iLjGDL^ujeufr, (^ppQm 
er^fieQ(Bth - (i9pir (j^esar/ian^ u^as^p^^) ^ppjieD^Qiu Qd^tr 

980. The great hide the faults of others; the base only divulge 

6&><^-ii). «jy^. ^iT6ir(ny€in€fDw. 

QGJS Elisor nsfii Guidru^ ^n^ji^p Qq^ifieonp QupuiJBfi^eir^ jifQjpa^p 

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Qojsfuffi ajQ^eS^auuiLi^^* Ou0a>LDtt^ mc^eiisir^ (^esseia^ ue0Qjfi:€6>p 
a, ^i^QesT&fru mio€i)efi€U Qujeoanria eii—Gsrfiib^ 

(uiP - mi.) CT-^, — 0a>A(g^ ^^euffi g)^OQ/68r p/S/s^ ^Fn&fTQr^eSvesiLD 
ssHU QiDpQ&tTeSar Qu.n Qpf^ojn n s^ /b&OGOGsrojnuj (^essiiaai Qctreo&mth ^tu^ 

981- It is said that those who are conseioos of their datj and be< 
have with a perfect goodness will regard as natural all that is good. 

^smeo^GD^ QpdirQesr tSif^^^anLuSdr ^BsvuLfp aeo^oD^u tSp/d&oGirdr 

L^M^ijb a^noOiSpQ&pp (Qosriimen Qurr^eueostuffp ^SupuuiLi^m* 

(gesar tueoih - @65arflb«6Tr/r60/rSuj f6€oQu^ ; i9p meow - jyj57 ^itus 
€Oir€ar {^jftuLf&^GfnreoirQtu) meain, eribteeo^^ ^etren^w . gtA 
fismeofi^^ (LpdnetT^LOif ^^jpi - j^eoe(^fBiTW. 

982. The only delight of the perfect is that of their goodness; 
all other (sensual) delights are not to be included among any (true) de- 


«-. ^GifHtBir Q^ULjjreq aesstQ^iLi^LL euiriuesiinQujir 

(uiP - aiir.) CT - ^j—^pp^fltrirQLDQeo ludr/Bu t3pn0u>S}i Qpetr^ntu 

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983, Affection, fear (of sin), benevolenoe, favour and tmihf aloess : 
these are the five pillars on which perfect goodness resta 

^. QdS/revavj meo^fis^ QmirestGSiu^ t9pir^€SiUi 

^Spi(i^ ^irvdLf tUpn igjbp^9s>^^ Qffire^&mfi ^asf^SlGBr amasr^nu)^ cr-jpt, 

Gutreo^ ^ifooilip^Lj tSpir ^pp^ Q6PnoOGorrdi(^€asr^ Spcp Qfiairuptjih. 
(0^-u-€S>/r.) — - QiBirGfresiin • fiseuu^ireu^^ 0<s5/reoeo/r meifi 

984, Penance consists in the goodness that kills not, and perfec* 
iioQ in the goodness that tells not others' faalts. 

®. c^/^^Qi/r JTirppio uGsSfB ed^^irGsrQQffk 
LLirpQffesiir u^irpj^u^ ugdu,, 

^^p&d'^^^^&oeojrn K ^6orc8>u3. @}pip^ f^i^^tu Qeua^s^Qjuy^tn dlsir 
jT^pnp 0(27«ffi^- £Fn&cASipQiBpp uemfifip :^sesr^p^ &puL\i 6h,jpiaini' 

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UGO^L^ - (LiGJ)«6»a>) gpyS^QfeS ^nfiQSfQpil^y jy^ - ^UUt^LI 

985. Stooping (to inferiors) is the strength of those who can ac- 
complish (an undertaking) j and that is the weapoa with which the great 
uTcrt their fiies. 

(uiP-fiB)ir») cr-^, — s^freouirQtu. QuirarefH earettmifi-^p^ ^LSSm^iMn9iUt 

(Qfi - u - €pir.) — ^itii>i9p(^ - &ffr€OLNf@iu (QuirtireSAry 
j^erreujSfiP(Sy ^il^Ssrr - ^Gsurseo€Oir@iu (QdFiueb), tuff^ crcsfl 

986. The to^ch-stone of perfeotioa ia to receive a defeat even at 
the hands of one's inferiors^ 

ttJtrp SfupuUL-L—ffim 

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987* Of what avail is perfect goodness if it oannoi do pleasing 
things even to those who have paiued (it) ? 

^h ^^^^^ QuJir(nj6Ufb QeSleu&sfj^ ^ir€i)QuGfr^i 
^ea-jTrreDLH /BrrLJB^^SaTf eut^trSpjpi. §)arGOiD(uirdr ojQ^fiBnsr Qek 

988. Poverty is no disgrace to one who abonnds in good qualities. 

srrifi QuJGfruuQ euirir. 
(uiP-aor.) cr-^, — ^freOLiL-€s>LDajiT@tu su.p^^ aesirrQiuarjp/ Q^s/robaju 


989. Those who are said to be the shore of the sea of perfection 
will never change, though ages may change. 

(jffijair^ Ln&tQ^ Quaesip. 

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€uir^ ^[rArqffmrGs^u^ • («^^^) fi&f^ODU^j ^ehjS&sr - (^eijjg^eujrfr 

990. If there is a defeat in the character of the perfect, (even) the 
great world cannot bear (its) burden. 

<K00-Ji>* <J/^« ueisrL^ss)u^esiLD. 

fiiu^Ljdi^ u)/fl«0^/r;sO^/r(zp'^^«? ; ^^ugSbtQuguu iJBqj^ utri^fiik Qj^irQfi 
tt&o'^ eT€xir(2^fr iSpQf^uy^ ^^airff(ipGS>pasiinmh §}^^Q€tsr GSI&TEf^th* 

(uf-onir*) 6r*^> — lUfroiitimTLJB QLDGiHtuu^PQj^tujnr^vcfr&o ^Xi^irmum 

Qeoirriy tr^jpi* 

QOBrBitsentr etBcDp/s^ Qa^oj^Qiue^iuQ^ LDirtua&irp U€SarL^L,€B>LD^irQear 

«o/ril) €uS^ifi^^puiU^^ ^fTdtcQdff «jy^%»^ Qjsrr&oQ&Ofr/rQs'arp m&irQea/S 
luiTdiSiLiuijji/^Ssor Q(ue^^ Qconujfipp(j^ Sl^ jprQeOfrGirir^aj QfuirajQiLdruirit 
j^QtnQuiA moj^j^iEj sh^^t^. 

6a>aj, enured - ^esM^fseo^ crcrf)^ — , Grehu - er&ffj)/ O^/reojjjr 

991. If one is easy of access to all, it will be easy for one to obtain 
the Tirtae called goodness. 

2-, cS)/6WL/6B>£_65)LD iuuiirp Qif.ui9p^fl cflcJ/oflirawrQih 

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(gtf ii9wr«tl iSlp^p^uitT^tu §)^jeSljr€Sa(Bu) ^a^g^&^j umt^L-onD Oil) 
«r^ 9.^sfififrir Oy/WjflfLb ledrQeor/S^ ^^jpn 

jifGSiinfieo^^^euQr^g^. (g^^t3p/s/5Q@06arp^ iSpe^irnQ^Piu^, ^«fl^ 
L^irgi^ usSBTLjOiL^iUjnr/Bp AfrfftBurA sh.puutL't^.^ 

992. Affectionateness and birth in a good family, these two Gonsti- 
tute what is called a proper behaviour to all. 

^Qj^fTiu QeufTUurreu^ Qs^fiiu^^^tB ueSsrutr Qeoirfi^GO, er^jpim 

Lo«6K(?€rr/r® QupuiJB QiDiruurreuj^ 9.uSiB&frQ^Qj^tu iSBBOiLj^cQeoeoir eyL^ti 
fififSttiu ^Qjft ueariSSpsr u^t^tu^s Qoj^u^iruy* 

993. Resemblance of bodies is no resdmblanoe of souls ; trae re- 
semblance is^tbe^resemblance of qualities that attractb 

UGSfTLjutr jririL® (^6V(^. 
(uiP - ODir.) OT-^, — {§^€SiiutLnh ^p^Oi/siqth ^Qf^Li^ootrp iSpn&(^ 

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iBar/SL^fiSI0Ui uiuefia>u.€maL^ uMrnmnjrtsstDtrm aiifim>LDuSdr, ^p^deiffu 
utrJTfTtL® QLDeei(^a% 

994. The world applauds the character of those whose nsefolncss 
results from their equity and charity. 

iL/u) J^eo^^T ^ir^tr^ QjtSujeuinu uMl^tfCsfr tLea-euireueai-^ m-jpt* 

Qttt L^dr ^ffiQo'tuturrir Sl^dfajQej Q^Fuueuir Qrraru^ ^(T^^^. §}^fi)^u i3p 

996. Reproach is paiuful to one even in sport ; those (therefore) 
who know the nature of others exhibit (pleasifig) qualities even when 
they are hated. 

^triiruGBresiuyfSsar -^it ePirni^iSearfBl tDm€sii^siLL^i(Q LDtriLjin^ Oaj€&rL^fr€Ufr 

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996- l^he (way of the) world sabsists by contact with the good ; if 
not, it woald bury itself in the earth and perish. 

(u/r ers^tJi - auir€s>i£i€s>uj (LfGnL-iuQiriuo'iSspiu^f miru^ Qutrioeuir - 
{^u/Hs'jienfB jfjS^Qe^eirspiUi ^JrfSieBetsffBtrQiu) is^jr^^^Qe^iru 

997* He whp is destitnte of (trne) haman qaalities (only) resem- 
bles a tree, thongh he may possess the sharpness of a file. 

Q^iT(ip(^€ijrrn unnl&ih ^ntja u€s9L{GS>i-Jujnr QiuirQ^trGSiUi jt/zSofGaL^iutrfrA 

UGxtrLj ^pQffir ^fiio - (^/rii) ueStrLfeiDt^ujeujnnu n^t^euires^in^ 

998. It is wrong (for the wise) not to exhibit (good) qaalities even 
towards those who bearing no friendship (for them) do only what is 


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jB^uxTil-L^trfiiriTdi^ iSsojih QuSiu @/reoJ> jg)06iflo\xa)/r^ untffQutrQ^Sl^bD 

ujiri\) ^QeuQjrir(Sis€vib^y B-cAtibQ^^co u^n iLi^ir fleui i>(^^ llit 

999. To those who cannot rejoiee, the wide world la baried m 
darkness even in (broad) daylight. 

fuf - ADV.) CT-^^ — uexriSlGOfrfiGudr QpafrdBsriBf^eSSBoraJir QeBrtu^iu 
a//r€8ru/ro) <r/D^ d»6u^^6or ^pp^^iry^ Qj^^Moeu^^trsfr^ QenLu-irpQutr 

Qupp Qojorjpi Lo 6T&oeoiruu(us)ia Qatri—pQapp ^€s>L-€s>LD Q^irearpu 
QuQr^QeFeooi QuyatrjpiBi S!u/S^ir» ^a^Q^GO^Qpih uujeeruL-.trQfb^p S)^ 

(QppfiSfBire^ ^(f^euirA(Qih^ Q«(9^&o^^ /»^ u/r^ - 

(Qppfl^irid^ ^Siiflpjpt * Qatl^L- trp Quir ^ in ^ 

1000. The great wealth obtained by one who has no goodness wiU 
perish like pare milk spoilt by the imparity of the vessel. 

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^oo^ fTQi^ FFLLi^jurr^x^ih i3pif^^Qih uiudriJB^ eA^&c^jg Q^tco/^Sssr 

(uf - cnir.) 6r-^, — ^^ LcSnsrtuaeoQLo&oeoirui fSeopfip Qa^qjitiu Qu 
QF^ihQurrQf^ uSLLv^GROt'fiffi s^Qeotru^iBfr^ ^^Ssar iLjiaiar^^Qjax ceir^^ttS 

j576s^^6U* Qjirtu^ir^p QuO^CDQutrQf^ esyeu/i^frQ^^euear ^p8sartjs5g^^ 

^&fT - (euQ^iru^fiire^) ^^ujeQimr^eum^ (a-6*rgjii9^ii)^ 

1001. He who does not 0pjo7 the immense riches he haa heaped 
np in his honse^ is (to he r^ckpned a&> dead, (for) there ia nothinjf 
aobieved (by him.) 

(ulP - «Dir*) sr-^, — Qun'QfiQea'/rdrjifi (ipe&rL^ira ^pB^ Qef^Sde^ir Qfispr 
A^^frQeo ^(ga/®/«@ fBeDp^e^^eorrfi QutuutSpu L^«w'L-/ru), ct-^. 

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1002. He who knows thafc wealth yields every pleasure and yet is 
so hiind as to lead a miserly life will be born a demon. 

Qf^itpp iQe\)a^Lj QutTGstp. 

g}c8>^ g)0£B>u3^0 (ipjpiSliutrvLj ^pLDirseSkoT frGDSturr^ ^^SbotQuj Qot 
Q/jStiS^GDLDup/Sf jSGOs(QuQuires>p Qiu^^it* iSlpuQu^pffi ^/BpiQifitu 

(QfS - u - €B>/r.) — /Filt-ii - (^i9pS\GsnSa) ^uiuir^uQutr 

eOrf^ixiuirfi miaea^^ Q^irppth - (Quaj") iSpuLj^ SeoA(^ Quit 
€f>p - ^lQA(^u uirirQts^ujirLD^ 

1003. A burden to the earth are men bent on the acquisition of 
riclies and not (true) fame. i^/B^ ^p(QUiL\sy^ f^QjtresrQuDe^fi fB&€Ofr«>iniiSdr jtjQjgai 

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^6 ^mrSir Aos-i^. -^J3- ^^^^e^Q^S'&ieaih. 


1004. What will the miser who is not liked (by any one), regard 
as his own (in the world to come). 

€S>S(Lj QpaiL.Au JTeocdir^trirs^u ueoojirs ei/B^@tu Qsfri^QuirQ^ ^^ssfL^irSs^ 

^SiTjpi iB^iJ^j €T'JPI* 

^dru^^§p!ih sip^ Qpi^cainfSeefj Qsir®^ /spQqr^ifiod (ippSn^puutl. 
^^jpi iSi'OeoirnQuircou uiueSjf&siQi LStp^^tSar, §i&>QGodrQ^a\ 

iqu^), ^^60/r/f i;^.e_GDL.ujir^e\}/r^Q;<f6F(^, Uf®^Biu - (u6^€uira) 

1006. Those who neither give (to others) nor enjoy (their pro- 
perty) are (truly) destitute, though possessing immense riches. 

Or. ^fiih Qu(r^(s$Q£Fii)€Uii ^ir&fTjpi^ej/rar p&sirir&QairA 

^(^^ - ^freBTia Qatn^p QspLfa)L,GDLD. ^^ih—^^Quiuir* jpsffuUB 
^S^Lo FPiuuu(Bfi^LDirQtu Q^irtfip^yfltu^BBa' jffar(rr^sQ€ar€SiLDuS€Br, Qstr 

^€S( Qp^^iU(^p(rif^e^ ffieisruQuiUJfrQiDGtt jgnanruuirQr^Qpeirir* g)«B>o/aS#«R>r(B 
uiriLL^irgnui ^Qje^Q^GS>LDtLfh ft.£.6or eh.puuiLt^€sr» 

(B^fspp&irGiim iQeoeoir^euQST^ QuQF^^Q^eiieuu^ - (jyoiefiiTfiHrOgJ 
Q^iuflp^ ^L^(LpesiL^{UflaQ\u) Quifitu Q^Feoeuji^p^^ ^fiu^' 

1006. He who enjoys not (his riches) nor relieves the wants of the 
worthy is a disease to his wealth. 

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Qunuar/S^ Q^^QtQpih uiusStpm^ aifitL^LD6orujSiru9pj;ii» 

(^Q^'U-GDn-. ) — j)fp(7ffa^aQ'(^(n}Quir(f^^Lt^) ^eojrnS^ilr 
*©> 9^^ " (•fiya^/rOaiOTTzyLiu^) ^Arp^esr^ ^pqfffsndT - Qair 

Qupp Q6kirr(mfi^y (O«/r®uL//nfle06W/r«>LDu9@G6\)), ^lSiu&t - 

1007* The wealfcb of him who never bestows aDything on the des- 
titute is like a woman of beauty growing old without a husband. 

(UiP-flRff-) €r-^, — Q/^«u/r/r« ««8BJ?ttJ^ aS(i^jpih ^arjpiEi 0«n-L_/r«>LO 

LoffiD u(w^fiirpQuir£piLD^ sr-jpi, 

e(B^Qrraru^ t9dr(if^^s^ Q^ir&aeutT(rr^Ui Q€iipjpia.ui^QfinGSis. ^of 
csiLDiuGS>L^os>LMietnrp LJUJ6»fl«)S5v) Qiuearu^iTLD^ 

1008. The wealth of him who is disliked (by all) is like the fruit- 
bearing of the etty tree in the midst of a town, 

6b. ^GfrQuirfgl^i fipQ^p ppQrsirssir ^iLi^iU 

Qeuire&rQuiTQ^&T Qatr&rciJirir i9pir. 
(uiP-«ir.) €T.^,-g>0«y«r 0«/rL-/r«)LDuQufl-®tl©^ a^^pfi^mr /blL 
L-/r/f««r j^q Q^i^^s&o Qiuirffie^ C?o/«wr®€i/6Br jpsjrir^ ^Gifdssfd^Qa^jpi 



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essr(BQutnuLJ uiu&r^ Qsirefr^eaan'. 

1009. Strangers will inherit the riches that have been acquired 
withoat regard for friendship, comfort and charity. 

ao. &(t^GTii~.ip Q^i^eua- SjpiffieS u^trB 

eistreo^ S/S^rrtu eu^esno ^eoa^GHj^Qiuooeoirth /S^/Sjp/^^QLMnh Qjjp/oin 
iBMtrpQuirotiQjG^ir iflajidiSSBsr u^l^^^^ er^jpi. 

Lj^ QsFGOQjjririLiu uuMriJBQjQtr^uj^ p^mj^sfLoiurrp QupuutLt^j^ ; ul^Qqj 
mdr^tiSitoeotr^ Q^ioojih er^^^^drjpiLo uiuairuL^irQfidru^iruSipjiM. S)fiP(^ 

Q^ioeu^^SafT iLfemL^ajeujr^, &j^ ^eS - (/9^(gfi7«/reoLb) ©^ju 
«/jy«»LD, LL!rS\ - («L60«^GD;a?Ouje06V/r SSeoSj^^^Sp) Gtoai, 

1010. The short-lived poverty of those who are noble and rich ia 
like the clouds becoming poor (for a while.) 

dSOQ--a). «jy^. JB1^JI!GS>L^€S>ID. 

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aOCL-o). Uf^. i6ir^)ics>u.GsyiD. S'Jks^ >^(c>o 

a. ^(T^in^flir @gsfy^ ^^l^ ^Q^JPfi 
Lfs^^S^dg/SuLj. ^ffiuuearaiinupfBu SpQ^ssfq^it' -^etSI ^ppinesip^^ea 

S/d) iBirGoanasctT^ ^q^ jpfseo - ^ynQuj Qi6pjSGS)UJinGfiU.uj, /beoeu 

1011. True modesty is the fear of (evil) deeds; all other modesty 
is (simply) the bashfalness of yirtnous maids. 

(uiP-CB)ir.) 6r*^,— fiflEggartl} &.cb)/.[l^ s/a>€uQiuirLfi^<g€areiiLo LDss^uSndi 
0^60600-10 Qurr^ ; carLDMiL(^ &puuiT^^ iBrrggpiaiL-asiLDQtu^ jifes>&jujGO&>^ 

^ifiijgesr — ^pia(ipuy ^a^^QpiB SfrwQpuy^ &pui^ — jifOje^uSirsefiidr 

1012. Foody clothing and the like are common to all men ; bat 
modesty is peculiar to the good. 

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1013. As the body is the abode of the spirit, so the excellenoe of 
modesty is the abode of perfection. 

i9GsSujeinQ(fff i9(B m€s>L^. 

«ALp@ Q^iu^gSot jif€sSIQuu€irjpiu3f Quirjpi^^i) aQf^UiSp LSetof^OiucBr 
jpiuirtlj—iTSfjiija jiifisai &puLfa ^h^uuiLi^^, 

(U/rtb ? 

1014. Is not the modesty oranament of the noble P Withoat ifc^ 
their hanghtiness woald be a pain (to others). 

(L/LO ^uuiD^^ffi atrggfi^irwDfr o^eoa^^irir /sirss^a (Q^p^i—Quxkjpi Q^irii 

i^^ ^^Qsar iLiGSiL.tuirjr^ &puL^a eh^puuiLu.^. 

(Q/s - Li - enr.) — i9pir u^iqi - t9pir&(^Qj(f^ui u^fiesifu 

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1015. The world regards as the abode of modesty bim who fears 
bis own and others' gnilt 

Qu€sare»ir Qu^edrr lueuir, 

UiB U/TQyflDtfsJr Lj(^^n'LD/b tf/T^^sSfW", (?6i/6fl0aj«r^ ^, ff/rgafLo (Bj/rc* 

in€i>^ eQujGiT ^/revib - ujruutresT^iSiGSiiu^ QuGssre^Sr - Q&neirw 

1016. The great make modesty their barrier (of defence) and not 
the wide world. 

Qa^iu^ SrupuuiLi—^* 

^infT L^L-^tr fi eQu-^^^j mir^io - mireifr QGsy^tuiribpQufTQhiL®, 
s^u9/r ^puuirSr - a-ii9«n/r Sm^euiri ; fi-u9/f QuiTQ^iLL^iresr - 
SL.a3ir&aDfiUJirLnp Qu/r^il®, /s/rswr ^peuirlr - miresS2ssr iisair. 

1017. The modest would rather lose tbeir life for the sake of mo- 
desty than lose modesty for the sake of life. 

ifL€S)uj tSeoeofTfitrSffsr ^p^fFtrirtr Qfi^ufiirih* 

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1018. Virtue is likely to forsake liim who shamelesslj does what 
others are ashamed of. 

So, (^€\)^6r®iba Qsirmes^a i9aiyiui9 €sr€\)^m(Sl 
iSsarpojifi ^m(Bdso jifeueaecih iuirQjp€s>piLimi G)6K®«@ii)^ er^jpi^ 

{jifeuek'^^i^uiQpu QunrGfTGDpinth Oft®i»@u) ; tsirmr ^&rrGntn^ 
mir€8sfJA)e\)ires)iny &ApmaGnL^ • (^^q^euea &mrQosst) iQ&TpeQL. 

6a7m GTor u emeu sietr trio jifCu^s^euQ^u^^ metaihiuirBneuiLfLn^ d^Qib- 

1019. Want of manuera injares one's family ; bat want of modesty 
in j ares one's charater. 

so* ^t^esfsr&ps ^eoeofT flujais iLjruuiresieu 

€Si€u (iSliL/AttLD GuiT&oeij /gGOCojfi s^tStfiiuM LdeorQp^u/sn'tli, ^a>Qj QpdrjpiunL- 
L^irgijih fBiresJhoieotrjr ^^^ ^in.puutLu.^9 

^(sw^, g)eu6u/r/r - g)6v)6U/r^Lo««6Tr, gjajseih - (ft-B9(r5«DiL-UJ6w/f 
Qutrearj^ 6F^^iisS^p) ^gj^Fflil/L/, imruutres^eu - mjrpifitrp 

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1020. The actions pf those who are withont ^modesty at heart are 
like those of a puppet moved by a string. 

^K^^^^a>u.iuiTn^ (Qeir^trQi/sfrs^iar /5irsiiiGs>u.a)LDuSi^LSldT €a>Qj 

(uiP-anir.) cr-^,— ^6Br@£fi. Q&^tu^pQurrQ^tl.®^ Q^itueiQiu fBQjymQpi^ 
ajnaam^eaf creSeresHaj sq^^ Qspii^p Qtuirar GD&QtuirifiQtu Qeorargpith ^eir 

a0LD(g^ Qa'iuiuQoj&Tjpi (tpesuruuirQi^ Qpen a • ^^ aQ^LDQpih ^^QQJturr&eorr 
IQfi - u - 6Jn/r.) — g)06W6Jr— , {^f[iGsr^tf. Qa^iu^pQuirQ^iL 

1021. There is no higher greatness than that of one saying, I will 
not ceaae in my effort (to raise my family). 

8.. e^^^^i^ u^irarp eufiof QuaesreQjraijnf. 
(uiP-CAV*) sr^jBf — QpiUfl&iLfh iBeopifi Qj/SoiQLoeirjpi O^fredeouuLLt^ 

iBoip^co-'^iupaisiu/BQi Q€Ffup«s>BiufiQ^tT(B^hjj^ iBjTLDLj^eo, ^&reSSRjr 
wi^Lf^fiiruip Qlj/t^lL®. ^^p^/Bgj t^vuirfipQspp Q&^iuiosfayh ^i€s>€uQptj^ 
i(e)s ^pQpih iSesiffituirui Q&3€&r§gg^pQufr(!^tl(B» Q^s>oi sSjrm(BufrtLi^rrgiiih 
^^Q^ujpQi sn-JTcjtira ^h^puuiLi^ffi* 


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^ffGAri^SsanifQpsni^ujf Sea eQSssrujireir - ^lue^ ^eoeoiTjS sqRtniF 

1022. One's family is raised by untiring perseveranoe in both 
effort and wise oontrivances. 

^pjpi^QaireSa!® ^irar QptB^pjpi Sp^ihj er^jp/» 

QpiupSeoiu ^/sar airjrofir^^rrp sst^S^itm fipjptfiA^QjpmQfBfi^i^* 
QparearL.LjuirirQa'iuii Siu^Qld Qe^ppuuLJL^ffi* 

(Qfi-u^€syir,) — ^if.Qs'iueuio er^spiui - (crew) gz^uSSar 
WL.tujri'Q^iutUdssL.QeuQGfrGfrjpi Qs/roifT® {jfflp^ G'pp «(^casi 

1023. The Deity will clothe itself and appear before him who re- 
solves on raising his family. 

ttSirsar® uirL..L.frgfiiLb Si^p(g^^ Q^iueuA ^i8afBnuirfieo sk^puudj^ffim 

(O^a? - u - «n/r.) — ^u^ ^if.GDiu - fl&Qt^A&irm Q^irffiSBO^ 

£dA), fiirQesr Qfii^of ertu^La - jSirQesr (tpifLeifQujpiLD. 

1024. Those who are prompt in their efforts (to better their 
family) need no deliberation, snoh efforts will of tfaemseWes sncoeed* 

©• (SPP ^^^^i {Qi^Q^iUjgi €uiryieuir3ssrS= 

(uir - ODir.) 67-^, — ^ppiatraSiGsr Qs^tuiuir^ ^cBT^t^eDtu tLituB'd^O^fu 
QfiiTQpiSj^ir^ jyo^Svi©^ ^pfiiDfra Q^airt^^ ^irQtD Q^eirj^ @ji?«/r a.«o 

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Sssr-euify^Q&fTpeuSssr^ stppu^ ^ - (^^cusjus^^ s^peuiraQeuGssr^^ 
fi.6V^ - %L.€Om^fSfriir^ Srp^Ct^ « ^^irQm O^eir^^ @{^6u/r. 

1025. People will eagerly aeek the friendship of the prosperous 
fionl who has raised his family without fool means. 

Qurrir/iQ^trtfifS sfs^^p^g fScdGi>ir6isrgs>LDQfu€Br eDQ^i^^^tr/r* (gi^ 

eu^f ^trdr iQpiSjBS — , g)€0 ^GzrGfyin - (^if^Gniu ^^fBp fiGtresiin 

1026. A man's tme manliness consists in making himself the head 
and benefactor of his family. 

67. tJ^u^JTs^ffi Qi&frsGkr€sarir Quirej/i fiuasrsji^ 
u^irpjpi€uirir QmpQp Qutreayp, 

Q^iuQiir Qtrtu^^ Spui^a aupuutLL^jp^ 

€ujr UGdjr/riQsiuui Quiri'jSir&^flA)\ eu^ ^emessri Quired - ^jr!r 

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1027. Like heroes in the battle-field, the burden (of protection 
&c,) is borne by those who are the most efficient in a family. 

Lbiresiii sQ^fis O^Oo). 
JTfTtSp @£f. ©46® J), s^sseofrear ^6uiTa(^a air^foStu^ uSiecQso, €r-jpr. 

miresr^GD^iULD^ sq^^ - iSSsfruujnr'Sie\3^ Q^Orn - (o^) 0«®ii; 

1028. As a family suffers by (one's) indolence and false dignity, there 
is to be no season (good or bad) to those who striye to raise their family. 

A. ^(9u)6S)Li6s(765 Qsiriaseiii Qaire^Qeotr ^(Bu^u^Gn/si 
(j^pp mesipuurr ^piZ—ziL/. 

(uf-onir*) CT'^y — QpojGoa^^ieituQp Qpppufred^rnu /sfir^^ufSDvu j^gdq/ 
u^(ir^LDpsiTdis QpujeOQjfrear^ ^u.u3Lj ^uaQpupSfiffi^u^^pQa Qsir&raea 
inir tD^^&sarQiUf ^ooQ^irifi/s^ ^^u^^patrfs ^eaSsoQtufr ? 6r-^. 

^^^estpuQuiu Qeorr^BO Quir€0^-iDes>pa(QQjdr QuQ^Sp (gfi^jp a/(5 

^ifBuaeauaQs Qsrr&raeoiB QafrGoQeorrQeudrQj/ir* @^ ^/SuLfQiDfriS* §fis>si 

(Qfi - Li - «j)/r.) — (^(Bu^Ujies>fi - (^gjr) (^/^gsxu, (^ppCa 
inGDpuufT&fT - ^^euGDs) ^GStUfkss^mu^ UJ^GnL^ujiru^psirss rtfitu 

1029. Is it only to soflfering that his body is exposed who under* 
takes to preserve his family from evil P 

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eFtniiM ^Q^up/Ssir/S ^tprrSp^ui. j^Asfreo^^u up^euar Qtf/r<S^^^ 

(jp^ob— jy;S6W"a/t^tf(g/fl(L//r/r» ^etr iruunGDiru Qupjp/ifi o/err/r/^^ utuar 
Q/iTQ/^osip Q^ircorLDjrsx.'SberreoreBi f ^®(g5^0o esuttueu^ sutL tSp/B^^JTiTy sirio 

(QfS'-u - a>/r.) — ^(B^^ - (^^irdreB^Q^thQuir^y QpL-(B& 
Qsir®^^^ soL&njDiili - fiintaa€ue\)eo, /ceo «g(6Yr - /sAeo ^iressr 

fill-- - QeuiLi^dP^FinuiSj eB^QfUi - (6^(5u/D^^6^)/rLD^) eff^pjrSp 

1030. If there are none to prop up and maintain a familj (in difi« 
tress), it will fall at the stroke of the axe of misfortune. 


Jifoo^^^ &j[HurrAmLD QjircsiSlairs(^U3 OuQ^iiufr^oiLD Qoimtreirir^^ 
QpSl^^/nu ^Qp^pQ^pifi^i' O«:iL/G0tf@a9A/rei) 9^Qfuirirdi(j^ Qpfip^* @^j 
Ginp^i^ iLfojir^p Qa^Qatdrp ^<aj€SI$nr fi/ONsaj/r^efisBr^ ^^Qa^iuio oima 

3»t ^Ifi&fTjpjQuiiru t9&fT6ST ^eos CA^g) 
(uff - ODir.) 6r-^j— «_(z^^o)/r60ra/0Lb QtotueuQ^/s QiBtr&Qu iSpQ^ir 

QufTQ^Q &.(z^/r/r6SLl Q^eoeoQajeurO/seSip OrLpGtrjpi QLoiruiSi&tresr ^eos 
Qiodirjpiui, euQ^^flLBeoQeugsu) iSpQ^irifieoseir a€s>L^Qtu^uffi Qutr^jr sl^ 
t^^CPIfiOot fiBs^tuearjgna aL,/SQ^ir» @);?@)^ ^tpeSear^ Spui^a a.^u 

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1031. Agricaltnre, though laborions, ia the most excellent (form 
of laboar) ; for, people, though thej go about (ia search of variouB em- 
plojmeuts), have at last to resort to the fiarmer. 

QiDp Qs^eHQiirir luirQ/esifnLi/B ^fnBi(S)/Bcofrid, «^^fi/eb«>/r/r &.606s^^/rir/rfiaj 

aiT^BQairarjpi /6rrt-.ira@a (^eam QjsirtLQL-txtr^pQuired ^MairQir«r 
p^ ^Q^uutrir Qm^^ Q^eosj^ih* ^eoa^^rrQir^p^ fpeart^jojour QtuiriBs 
p(resiiT» &&m6BfrLD etfijrv^^p^essr ^etailiQufrpGSary ^Gs£iQiLMsr(rff!r» Qunjpi^ 

Gir QiuGOeotrth Qufrjpi^Q^drjpt ufri—Quyn'^, jtf^ intriLi^tr^trfr i^uuah 

(Qfs - Li - sn/r.)— ft,(yjaiflr/r - ^q^fsSi^ euiaeoeuir, jyo* jy 
eoiTLD - (i9pQjstrffii\)aG^Qe\)) Qu^pQa^iiiQeuirlr iuir€UGs>trtLfLD^ Quit 

1032. Agriculturists are (as it were) thelinQh-pin of tbemrld, 
for thej support all other workers who canuot till the soil. 

^-» fi-(Jj>^«RiT® €uir^6uir(Sir eutrfpeutrlru^p Qpioe^tri 
Q^if(Lp^6£fr<Sl iSeJr Q,Feu ueu/f. 

^QPQp^iB €urry^QarQ7^Qn- ^in^^iujrirtu euir ^Qm peuir } lopes^piuirOm 
mih iSpas^irfiQ^fTQ^^ ^^i^p (S^Qp&sr(B jifQjGDirilj i3^Qff&>Qdrp^irj€F-£)i. 

tnpQpdru^ euipa^uupfi eui^^. ^iTQp inaatLiSpuiScarjrn'tu moi^ 
^u iSpeturfiQjsiTQp^ jifeuir ^ecQsirQuu^ fiiiQpuSQjTfrthiS ^otirtSdrQffiii 

(O^-oj-en/r.) — ^Qp^ - (crebco/r^ii a-cwrgj^iLozp.) SLQp 

eu(r(pQ^p€ulv&QiSfTy eurr^euirir - (^ins(^ ^f\ujFn\u) eutry>Q&rp 
€uir ; uipQpoV6\>irui - inpp6uQire\)6i>ir(r^th^ (ol^irQp^ - (ii9pe»ff) 

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1033. They alone live who liye by agricnltnre; all others lead a 
cringiDgy dependent life. 

jre))QGDL^ Sip 6V6w/r. 

(U(P - fiWfl-.) cr-^, — s,(ipfipQ^tfieoir&r Q/pebefl&ar tL^L.ujJ! irtu ^gSst 
esateBiLfaoL^Qfutrir uoo Qeui^n ^€S>t-./8 ipw^truj ld&bt Qp(t^^l^iL\i ^i^Qoiis 
flit ^BSiu^&SQip SfTGaaruirf cr-jpim 

uffi ^^eopi^Sarp^. iStpeoQunrpeSda' iStpQeoearuuiLt^^, Stpeo&Qirarp^ 

smtp^uu QfrcBTu^irih ; ^^gjjruQuirir ^ppQpih LfffuQufrir QstrppQp Q^\p 
(O;a?-u-c0)ir.) — ^^61^(5 V.65)L- - (^^-Qg^spQaffifieoireo) Q/sio 

1034. Fatriotio farmers dedre to bring all other states under the 
control of their own king. 

(uiP-finir.) er^^j — ^EJ€s>siurr ^(ip^eSarL.^ uSuj^un'S€ii€s>L^tuirir iSp 

QspfuQ^aru^p^ a^fi^QtU€arQj(tF^^s. easQa^iu^esensnT^ajQiQiir^ 
ujgi ^(n^^^reerjpith ^jfitSeoeo/r^ Qs^io^Qpesii^iuQ treat g^ih ^ffi€S)€u iLftLQittr 
tSonB ^ceip^n 

^jreunSr - (iQpefnTfifitrLb^ ^jreutrSr ; ^jruutrlrA(Q - (^Loonii)) 

1036. Those whose natnre is to live by manual labour will never 
beg but give something to those who beg. 

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LDfTuSldrj lurreuQf^ih eSeDtptqQpeBor&jih tutri^pibQ^ir QLDoruirir&Q ^ojojp^ 
^GUsesSpp^ Qpetrojireifrj eT-£^» 

ejjyesyLD ^jpi^ssmQuiui oji^GDiuib^jp* ^GzreSesfGSiLDULJir^y ^irQpesar 
LDiruj €S)s Qjfr&rireSlQF^uiSlevT &.tvs^^ ^jiheoLo LDjp,es)LD ^QL-^gp/ih unmses 

(0;fl?-Ur-6a/«J)/r,) — a-jpe9g)/r - ^^(Lp^iso iLfaDi—tueuiTy ens 

a-i£j . (^ajireu(r^LD) eSQi^ihLf (z^gjotq^o), eQiLQi^Lb er&fruirff&Q' 
^pibQ^ir Qu^&frutrirdi(j9j^ /93a) - (^jjjsneup^^QeoS iSpp^ui^ 

1036. If tbe farmers' hands are slackened, even the ascetic state 
will fail. 

GssTL^^Qiu erQ^QjiBi—Qeumi—iTLDp L^em^^ ^BstriLfh^ cr-jpi* 

iSli^^^ — L9tpLtt9cw•^5OT6^BJr^• iStt^^^Qoi^u^&r tSsirjrQuidrutrQ^Qpeir^* 

1037. If the land is dried so as to reduce one poUtdm of earth to a 
quarter, it will grow plentifully even without a handful of manure. 

Qoi^jrmQ^ Qs^iu^ i£^6SilL,rr&o ^^Bsaia mr^^&o ^flP® Sn&nio luir^ 

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jffi&srA sK^^eo^ iS\s^u^ - Uruiriu^a^eSsPi'^, i^estjoi - /56W/b 

1038. Manuring is belter than ploughing ; after weeding, watching 
is better than watering (it). 

Pco6U/r€tfl ^p/r^L eflOm. 

u/r/r^^ MB^^eet Qs^tuiuirffi ii>qL®J@®«f5a)/raWr, jyo%,^ ^a/coSebco/ren- 
Cu/r«0;i ficorgs&rQeir Qeujpifi^u tSeSrcBrcvG® ®£f eMti, er-^. 

O^F«b^;ff^>— ^@OuttJ/r. tS;D«>/r Qtu^uSjrrr^ fiirQesr Q^pddQeue&jr® Old 

cofl-fiir - {j>ifi€Si-^^ mwenQfiirjpiic) QutriuuuiriffB^ Qeumrtf. 

jfiSeoLD, glsoeoireJftGfr - £ij2birfie(?u/r6t), L/eo/5ji7 - (/seSffip/err) 
Qeujpi^jU, 9mi^S®u^ - (jyiaiO®®) i96wr£i96fl<8zi. 

1039. M the owner does not (personally) attend to his cultivation, 
his land will behave like an angry wife and yield him no pleasure. 

(uiP - «ir.) €r.^,— ttJ/rJi ^/SQtuQLoar^ Ow«bc8 in/^^^utrmtri 

Cor Ban- Sp^j er-jpi* 

n-Qfi^Got Qp^Oitu Qs^tuQJirir (U/ro/rri®® QsF&&iBiQair(Bfi^ oJC^Qdrp 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

1040. The maiden, Earth, will laugh at the sight of those who plead 
poverty and lead an idle life. 

(uf-cnir.) CT-^j — ^Q^QJSpi^^ Qi£ti€SiLDQuired eSdr^^^ OLnrQjssrjgi 
^GfieSetr, a/jpi€S>u^uireo eSfeer^/s^ eu^^GDinQoj, iS/S^^aSbo, er-jn. 

(Qfi - Li - GDflT.) — ^GsrGS)mtQ&sr - (^(TJ 611^5/ «@) eajpsgs^ih 
Quires^ ^^Q)fS^ " ^^u^Q^iueu^^ tuir^ ereSeat-tufrQfier 

1041. There is nothing that affliets (one) like poverty. 

2— ^eJrflDLQ QiUGsrQeutTQ^ u,tgQ injpiGDu^vn 

(uiP-GDir-) €r-^, — eujruoiu^ujarjp/ Qsprr&oeouiJBQj Q^trQ^treS 9(^0/ 
SPiGDtp cud^Eisirdo j)fQj§pia(^ tn£iia>LD \SmuQp iSijboDU3ii9^uQp tBiSSboiuirs 

@lar€S>LDQtu€8rQQjirQFiurr^Qtuaru^fi>(j^ Qmeo jifQp^afrQ/DarQeuirQ^un^ 

GDuyiuiTSUfB ^QjQjiros>imj{r8Piua j)feDeuuSeoeuiraS€a . Qiesrfid/BQinesrjpi utru 
Girnr^u uireSujirQeosar fiD/fl^^a>/ruu/r0 (tpeirir. 

1042. When cruel poverty comes on, it deprives one of both the 
present and future (bliss), 

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Qpen-Gurr^aeofrdr ^oteSjreKrL-BsfsnL^ QuyiT(jf^(Q QafBs^QiD&ifQr^iri ^^(^i^uiSpu 

QiDirifiujireo eSI(ipLSaj^ ^ojpeo^^ erar^n- Q^ trees frui3uj^)(tF^. @}jsp^ 
^i—UiQuar jptmiruuirQ^ Qpetrir : ^oo^^p(^ QutujrfraSsPt^ iLL.un^Q&(Be^ 
QuyssrppQsirft QuiT(iylSpui3&o^ir€S>LD lufis* 

(Qjs^Umesiir.^ — Keo^ireii GT^s^La-eujpiGSiinQaj^iTjpi Quired 
eiuu(B8pj iBGD^" - «^6S)^, Qfiirid eujre^iii - {flecuQ^Qeiuppu 

1043. Hankering poverty Agq^xojb at onoe the greatness of (one's) 
ancient descent and (the dignity of one's) speech. 

(uf -€Bir*) 6r-^^— ®«rflfi/i^ Qs^irpiSpojfT^ ^^utSpm^frir iLiriLQi^tLfh 

&puL^ui€S>LD ^fQjtTLDirLJB ^^ iSpojiTODUi Q^ircorp ISiGStps^* Qjeiiieumfi 
/D«J. Q^irif^ - flirQpM)i®^p ^eeruiB(Q^ upfi ^Qjnroji^^ ^uaiSpuiSSsar 

1044. Even in those of high birth, poverty will prodnce the fault 
of ottering mean words. 

(uf - 0Dir.) €7'^, — /BvO(j^QajeBrjpi Qfffr&eDuufBi ffidfu Qinfr^pg^fk 

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AGDi—QeiraQa' Qspppjpi^uQpuif ^wmrra an-mrL^pjp/druQpthf seSari^ireir 

1046. The misery of poverty brings in its train many (men) 

6!r. JBpQufTQ^ essi Git ^€ssr it K ^ Qd'irioeS^i iseo^^irmsirlr 
tSsnth, aAsLi/Sfiirit Q^tr^j^^Qs'irjb QuirQ^dMBrMDesyfu^ ^&)iJL/fflfi,«r-^. 

luirojQ^ Qaeinra>LDSp LMjetdeo Qa^frAe^tnu Qpt^^A. s^otBiLjih utuaruuir 
(Qfi'U'Gnir.) — nsio QufTQ^dr - QuMum^sfrpQufrQ^d&r^ fteirg 

1046. The words of the poor are profitless, though they may be 
sound in thought and clear in expression. 

6r, ^p^^fTinr a^^jr effArpfstr \uir^ius 

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(^aPfiSrdaru) QuppfsirS^gjiLCi^ i9ipdr Quired - cPevfirOtj/rco, 
QaitraaLju(Bth - (^iSSatr^^^ unlri^uu(d€UiJGsr. 

1047. He thafc is reduced to absolute poverty will be regarded as 
a stranger even by his own mother. 

QsirArp^ Quir^ Sjtul^^ 
(ljf-0Di'.) €r-^,-~QiB(f^jbjptBi Qihirsarp^ QuirAjpi ereor^QA^^o/p 

(0;g? - u - £9)/r.)— >Q/i>(i^/5^£A - QfBpjp/uiy QsiT&frpj^QuT 
^ua - Qaaesrp^QuirArjpi (^er€srA(^^^aruaaa2Bfr^Q^ujfl)j /S^ 
UL/ - €Ujp/€Stiniuir€ffr^^ ^GSTjpiin - g) sir 00/1) 6s^u^, 6i/06u^Qd5/r^« 
(eresreofljL.^^) euirdi^u-euQ^tr^ [fii/zs^/reo ^cof) tu/r^ O^uj 

1048. Is the poverty that almost killed me yesterday, to meet 
me to-day too P 

db. GjBQ^utQspuL (B^^^ LO/r(^ SjTUtS^efT 
luirQ^aeisrjpiaD ^eAruir L.ffl^. 

1049. One may sleep in the midst of fire ; but by no means in the 
midst of poverty. 

tfO. ^uLfJT 60^eo/r/r ^eujr^ jppeuirGDU^ 
iHui9p(Qia sinf.i(Qia esupjptm 

(uiP-(Aff«) er-^^ — jpeBjTutJBui Quirar/Btrs e/HSde^ir^irtr ^uoLnirp QiFiup 
urrw^ Qpppfi ^p^/sQedfurrssiiu} ^^ Q^iutuir Q^irifi^eo iSpiflioeSi gpieir 
^irtJ ^juiSifl)^ia airt^Q^ a^pqgih^ 6r-jy« 

irofest iDifiajtresiiLSp QtFUjputrod^ ^^K?«i/ tUfruSpjp!* Qppp^ ^p^ 
fS&^9rppi ^irGcor fSilj^eDint^^ ^(j ^npqffp jsfpib^n jTfnS^ir Sdrp ^ih 

Digitized by 


^p/i^ 90irisu^ ^uL\jr €^9^iTG5iiDi&m ^(Jf}^irpo^i jpipi^iTjnrS^i i^es 
Gtr^pmp uyGor^^irpjpipQitrsskn Qiuesr jpiSDiruufrQ^QpeffiT* Ql^^fiit .SfoV^ar 

1050* The desiitnte poor, who do not renoanoe their hodicB, only 
coDsame their neighboars' salt and water. 

^putu^p^iriu &.L.i2) QuiriiuuiJd QiL&irgj^uy ^pjpreo oitps^O upfi Qui 

6S, ^jris eQjr^^a&irirA ^rresaflp ajru\9i 
(uV-ODir-) OT-^, — iBvMh.rr^fitrn' ^fT^^p QApLjQDL.fuiraDirs airesSdrf 

jr^^rrp Q(rr^it£ffi. ®o^fi^p QftpH^L-iu jrirojiril ^ssnTtuirGsanQpar gQ^cazr^ 
QiDireoartsyiD iL\es>Ljiuinriu mirp^ ^Q/irir» n^euit ^oCihp^iflujjnr&G^p arrGsSI Qes 

jpiih^ ^foj/F^eSp (^BSipmiriLL^iresam^p affuiSiOogGnmiCby an'il.(9QjjnruSiar Sju 

Qajorjpith, ^piSie^irhiDinL i^eudr€SiLDii9p puyutfiiuarQparjpiEi Sn./S^fi» 

1051. If yon meet with those that may be begged of, yoa may 
beg; (but) if they withhold (their gift) it is their blame and not yours* 

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^GfTu (jfiQffJf eu/fieJi. 
(uiP - 6»ir.) CT-^, — SO^P® j§)ir^^(27fl5i"> §j^u^fSp Qa^Qj/rthg 

1052. Even begging may be pleasant, if what is begged for is ob- 
tained without grief (to him that begs). 

JSL. 9ffu\9edir Q/B^Sp aL^€STjS€uirir QpAreJUesr 

fSiruLiQina' Qircr Qgani^^^, 
(uiP - oaw) cr-^j — ajT^/g e8©ceo/r;» Qm^SSBortLjGDL.tu iDireBruy/Seu/rir 

uiLl..^* ^^Bsar lu/S^ec—Q&'treo^^ s^pjpieairs^ corrafranDa Qa^^rrtu jif^ 
eSar QpeBrei^&sr Qpesrjpifja^ Qe^ireo^^Gairar Qj(n)^ Sjpies)iD Qiuiu^iratiLSssr 

1053. There is even a beanty in standing before and begging of 
those who are liberal in their gifts and understand their duty (to 

^« ^^f^fl& £6/?(?6V Quir^ij ajr^fle\) 

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^iriT loiTiKBa^QiFdir Q(a^^pSs6r uSjr^^si^th oi/Stufrir^ S^Q^ Gu/r£^ihj 6r-^« 
&.£Z)cs}U3 fF€ur(S iDQ/euir^ (Sieap^. ^trea i^tf t^ufUA/zr ^/roSI^J) QpiBfif^ 

1064. To beg of each as never think of withholding (their charity) 
even in their dreams, is in fact the same as giving (it oneself). 

fQjruueulr Qu^pQsirea eu^^ 

(uiP - cnir.) 6r-^> — Q^ireo^sfieat t^trilj^fr^ Qpiirctfippar mirfififf^ 
^rreer Qjjruuirir ^uSQjrirthup QurrQ^tLO ^^Brst QiDpQsnm® Quir^Qar 
p^ «fy6k//rtf(S^ cefren*^ sjreufr^ Qair(Buurrir Seoir iLCO^s^^&rjr/nu ^eirflDu) 

(QfS 'Urn GD/r.) — a€&r &Gffjpi - (0^ff-a)eu£/^/rLLL.(r£X)^) (zp 

AteSesrpmtrfl^jr^fisneo^ ajruLf ^eotrir - (^^€uS'a(Q e^^cir^) 

^efiiairmp Qmtr(BiLJU6uir^ esiOitus^^ . ^.eosfi^, . ^.earenin 

ujiri>} - ^(^sQarpuif.(QQ)(Seo^ ^jruufSuSr^^^ QmpQsir&reu^ - 

{^jr^^isd) QinpQimirmeu^^ {9L,\Qlr&nfSfsp QuirQ^tLQi^ojirt^,) 

1066. As there are in the world those that give without refusing, 
there are (also) those that prefer to beg by simply standing before thenu 

Ajrji^eo ^a^flXQ Qoida^Qi Qjsfrefrpear^iDiSlar ^^Bsor QmirQujarjpiu)^ 
QPQp^m QafBQuxarjpi utrL-Quur^y cr^^iru^pQafBQuoat jpia>iruutr(ajQparir» 

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1056. All the evil of begging will be removed at the sight of those 
wlio are far from the evil of refusing* 

(uiP-cnir.) CT'^j — ^u>a>LD tutuw^^ ^^^ Qs^w&oeoir^ Qurr^ar Qarr 
th* /8jruiS(BihffDu Qa(B^esmQai{U9sr/8 QmLieoar&eirirspiu} QuifldruQiotij^^ 

1067. Beggars rejoice exceedingly when they behold those who be- 
stow (their alms) with kindness and ooortesy. 

LbjruurrGSisu O^arjpieuik fsp^, 
(uiP - (Air.) cr-^j— fi/j2;veDU)(L/^ fijruuir ih&Aoiuin^djr ^ (^e^tr/B^^t-^ 

QL^fT^^Q^irifiio ^Q^asuuiLL^^m ^^w^jff&reirrrQfrdrp^ ^QjesyrrQiurr 

0«s5«_-iuir©b«jQ/r«ru;5?/rtD ; ^'fFeufTQr^Ei Q^ir&TQjird^ lEleoecir^ eurrG/r^jfif oy/rtj^ 
«L'/r(?ir fiyfiDTtf €saQ/n" €TGar(rffir iSipQr)iJD» ^^Q^f^L^ uSdruOfBirasir^ ^ffuu 

(0^ - u - «D/r.) — ^jruuirir - (eujpiGfiinvupjpi) ^jruueuir^ 

{jsrHi^ff&miQp^io) Q^Gtrj)/ eui^rrp Quir^u^. 

1058. If there were no beggars, (the actions done in) the cool wide 
world woold only resemble the movement of a puppet 


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CRT® uiTiljL^ng»th ^cJQp QjTLjuirir QoicSrSQuyaru^ 6k.puuiLi^ffi* 

Qfi;irppiJb - L/«y), fiLsaTL-zrii - a-6MriL-/r@ti, [uj/r^ JSeuSw crdr 

1069. Whafc (praise) would there be to givers (of alins), if there 
were no beggars to ask for and receive (them). 

£E0. ^JTuuirssi Qoi^enirGSiin Qeam® Sjrui9(Bu^Giiu 

(uiP-QDir.) er^jPf — fpojitspi^^u QuirQ^Q^^oiiroJifiy ^jotQeareara 8@A 
fieo Qeardrjpi ^ojBsar uSijruuirsfr Oei/^cir/r Q^rrifi^io Q€um(Bui ; ^^ Ca/ov 
ip.ttJ QufTQ^^ ^^QJtrQ^aru^p^ Geuj^^ir^jn QoieSari^iTj SffuuirQiu pot 
€&(BCaBSiu pirGetraj^ ^(rar(n^p eoGDuoiLiuij er-^« 

cu/rai/r^^J) Q^&si(Bps^ui SBMuSi^GOLDtLj (tppAu tSp^ireorjn QpmQL. 
AuffiuL^ tBeatpesnaaSisery ^ibes>m erd^s^QiCoesiui* peetAQsiusarfil inp^stp iSjri 
fiirira(gu> ^penpssdrjpi QuirQ^&r sGS^i^^&uLt^p^ jifeuspijpii ^i^u^^^fi^ 

§lp^eo ^€uir^@drjSiuaiLDtu(r;!5Gprr fflujeoLf Sn.puuLJU^* 

1060. He who begs onght not to be angry (at a refusal) ; for even 
the misery of (his own) poverty should be a sufficient reason (for so 

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SfocfiiTQJ^ LDtreoii^jr ojQ^iSjrdJp a^^^&o, jif^sirjr Q^panm^ui g)^ 

(uiP-cni'.) er-^^ — ^ins^&r&rffi ajreurr^ @a//r ojjruQupQp Qu^jpi 
9L€ssrLD@y^i^ Qsrr<Ba^Bi ^earQuireo^ Spi^frfr iDiruJdih ^jtojitQ/s ^0a/Gor 
G/^a>LO dhjl^ii ^ffi^ QsFcicuQunufi^p Q&iTi^iDL-mi@ meixjpty sr»jpi. 

{Qfs "Urn GD/r.)— (^06i/69r) sjreurr^ - ^jsiDsQeaenanfis") 

Qutrp SpisfieuHi^fl^ih^ ^jreufTGSiUi - ^ireuirmio euj^ieniLuu 
(BfseQ^ Qairt^ ft-^m - (^^Jri^ Qs^eoeuu^ePL^fieSli))) Qatri^mu, 

1061. Not to beg (at all) eyenfrom those exdlent persons who 
cheerfaUy give without refusing, will do immense good. 

a(^ QptuA jpiuSiir €uirtp^BBO tu^/S §Jir^^ QpSit eun-ip^BsoQajeari^ eS^^^tr 

^^pQis^Qjfrtu Q&^tuQ^irifi^LD utp^Bsar eutu/i^irp ^Q^Qeuff® aeoefio/^ 
Op jyo/ew &piSs(^f£iearQpj ^fi^pjpiiL ©so €D/u9/r«@ gjir^fiBBOiLith 9(5 Qa^iu 
Q^fTtfieoirss spiS^^rr^uSar jif^^eSSsartutrp (n^§pttit jff^^^u (ippooQ^ 
CRT® Qua^u^trth^ §ja>Qi Sffesa® uirCi^irg»u> ^QjeSjffSA- Q6S/r®€B)ii> ^L-pu 

ussiL^fifi€uesr^ (j^fseSi^^^ €uiry)€uirlrA(Q Qfiujarjpi ffeuesTQ^ 

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1062. If tbe Creafcor of the world has decreed even begging as a 
means of livelihood, may he too go abegging and perish. 

asL. ^eJreDLo uQQihexiu nQijrmjp^Sr euirQm&fr^iiA 

Qa/Siumu (jptupS Sps Qisfitueoeoir^ ^ffojirp fiiraaa a^^^eOdr, 
iBppio. @^(gj«r oijpiesiLD ^ir^flx^QisfSl Sjjro/^Qparu^ dSLpuutiu^. 

SSsfTiufTUii)))^ gjjTibffi jSireuinh er^^w . §^jrm^ /ff««««L-(?Q/r 

106S. There is no greater folly than the boldness ^th which one 
seeks to remedy the evils of poverty by b^ging (rather than by 

^. ^L^QLDi»€^(rih Qsfreaeair^ fsma^Q^ i3u.LSit)eoiri 
^ (uiP-GDir.) €T-^,—jpsjrQ€utk(B€U€BreS€irfi meoOL/rS/gojifiiL^ih tSp^uirjb 

1064. Even the whole world cannot snffidently pnuae the digmtj 
that would not beg even in tbe midsfc of destitntion- 

Digitized by 


0. Qfl€Ar€af s&LfpODs tuiriQ^i ^ai—mfs 
(uiP-cnir.) 6r-^j — Qisfituiriu (ipajfl0Qair(B^mffi ^k^ffi O^cifli^ /f /r 

(O^ - u - GD/r.) — fiireir - (^euffiiuirQiu'^ (iptupS^ p^&fs^ • 

1065. Eyen thin grael is ambroBia to him who has obtained it by 

(uf-cnir ) cr-^j — ^€&r9SifirQu^^ Qlps(SjiB$sOGS)LD^ fimuQ^ir fftrtSi 

g^Mfr^ui jfQjtSjretiQuireo ^q^^Ap S«(fla/i^^^ iSfificA^j sr-^« 

^ Btr^Q^iruiuca GujrpLD/ratSdr ^dipQadrjpiWf Qu/r(!gAQatr(Bji^s 

jifi'QtFireowsttGQjajn'stdliar eireSpQsearjpfthj jif^^ntk GTeocoirGSeiSiGSIgfitth Old 
ptJBfitl^ ^e/Hmmfi^ecQeoGOtjpiA ek^^ir. §i^^^ Jifp^ih (tpiuarjpi Q^fvj 
(Lffi/^MDJ? Qjjri^Q^ujiupaQQfAu^ ^SLpuuiLu^^. 

{Qfi'U^GSiir.)'^'^€Bp^ - (fimreoJfn-QuQff^pid^ /92n)CB)£A 

1066. There is nothing more disgraceful to one's tongue than to 
use it in begging water even for a cow. 

er. ^JTuu oS^jruutrGji/r Qiuiaedn iSjrut9p 

ajTuuif IHjreuanS Qssresrjpi. 
(uf * €B»ir.) cr-^, — QffuuiTOitTQtueoedtrCD oJtrGSffQJirSArQpdr, lutrfi 

Digitized by 


1067. I beseech all beggars and say, *'If you need to beg, never 
beg of those who give nnwillingly/' 

uirirjsirisu us(q €Q(Blia, 
(uf-ontr*) eT'^f — Sldfa/jpiesaoQiutiirgiiiBisL-SBO @)fi^^ au^p^QuA 

(iSeSr^ ^LDiruiSiQ^€oJIQiu^(n^n: 9LDiruiSarGs>LO G/gir^GuiQoippuuLLL^, 
^^sL^^^pQapp /gdrosiLDUJn'gpsih, SonjofSttJir^ Q^£^^^iUQ/tfi fi.c8)L.^«Mr 

1068. The unsafe raft of begging will split when it strikes on the 
rock of refusal. 

Qsfr(BG5>LcGS>iu fSSsaris^ir&o eruDQp&reiriB ssDire ^(j^sfrtBpigti) ; g)6iA jifi^du 
QLoeireti^frspiLDear/Su Qufr€or/StS(Bihf €T-jpi, 

9irp Qtf/r«rQ//r/r ^/Suuf" €r€ei(n^ir iSpQ^ui. SljreSspiBajroi Qsirt^Qp^u 
fitTLD, Q^fl3(^u iSpQirviieon'Ui @ijra&ApQj(fysirea' (tpQ^QLoetsr jptm/rji^ffir* 

(Qfl'U-ijsitr.) — ®-^o^ - (aL65>i-aj/r/f(j/>6aT QjioeairwQ^^jpi) 

Digitized by 


«0^-4i. -^^. aaJGDin^ a»a^® >V^e 

^etrea - /S&r^^/rcu, a-drcrr^o) - jya/Q/(g@£ii6rr€a^ ^/t^lo, 

1069. To think of (the evil of) begging is enough to melt one's 
heart; but to think of refusal is enongh to break it. 

(uiP-GDir-) cr-^, — sffuuirir ^j&JSsoQiudirjpi Qs^ireoeoirt^fu ffiBsznutrQear 
§}jruurrirs^ s^tSiirQu/rsirfBdrp^ • ^eSa^ Qa^irei>eo!r(^Ap jifojir ^ldsq 
a.a9/r tSdrgsfSpp&xr^ jifuQufrQfijn CTuL/cK/rqLl i^diQsireB^^iBp^uy^sr^jpi* 

^S/rQuirdseoiroijn S)6b9 iuirQumQa^iu^QiJoAQpeiQa^ QiFiueopjpi Sp 
pso; *'j)fmi9dsoQuj — LDiriuirQ^ iLtrp/S fifiijtcw'* creor^/r iSpQ^Lo. Q&lLl^it 
esar^ QsireoeooipcT^iuQ^irp Q^Ftre^QJrreDrraQ&irpeo Qa^irio&jQfi'eSBrt^fr fuirSsm 
LD j^jfisfr6aar@dr/Seouy ^o%Qfi^Q^ QQia/ru^iruD. ojjptmiiiiLipjpitfi meaptuir 
ffi SljrssutJB^frjnriu QdiefirstL(gih ^^Zesre^ QiFireo&otri- ft.tt9/r(?u/rJ), ^gjt 
iSfeor mesipMLJiJBoirrjrtnu tSp&s^^ QtFtr&oeotri^-iuaarrp GurrsfrQfiBGa 
Qiutr^^^Sp^tl) &ffmL^irs»fh QutrQimj^Qqr^etr g)ir«i/@S@)O©0 

Qutrui - QuirsiT S&frp^ ; ajruu€uirA(B^ - (§1^^ Q^Firios^Q 
mp) jfQjQeuireBuueuirA^j (s-a9/f iSeJr g)(g;i^6U/rA)), tuina(^m 

^^ Sp(^Qu:iir, 

1070. Saying **'So" to a beggar takes away his life ; (but as that 
very word will kill the refuser) where then would the latter's life hide 

<90«P/ - ih. ^^. ^lUQDlD. 

CiL.puuil~L^ (^BoarEi&^efr ^pLjGDi—ujear (Q/StiiSl^^ tuireuirai^ QintujiB es>&j^ 
aiu.fiiuetrQiLDirtu (^saoritiBaT tuiretfiSoajTfruj SQ^trff^ ^dfrmm, 4i^^^ g)oo 

Digitized by 


(u.f - cnir.) 6r«-^^ — ott^jmiirdr Qp(t0jftth tua^sSarOiuiruuir «uAr/r; Jjfo/if 
tL(Beir^inu QajfruLfGOLXiGSiiu, loavslI^/tS^^o auj^^fr^^(Qth ojt^Gkuir^^ 

1071. The base resemble men perfectly (as regards form) ; and we 
have not seen snch (exact) resemblance (among any other species). 

e.. JBGsrpiS euirSip stusuir ^Qj^e^es^L^tuir 

ail. sojBso iSeaJriraeofrcar^ CT^jpi, 

adrQpeorujfi ^fr^Qiuir^csHD* fi-^^ACfr/ra/ear QjthcDuy iDjpia>u> ^(BaiL 
(^ifitueufruj LJ{&ipp^ir€SfiBiam. Q^pGS>ptujSQjtrir g)cB)a/ Q^tUfUfr/8dsrQp i&a^ 

jpiA luir^i^SBartLfiuin' Qeucarjfuh, §jQ/^n'p(7^p smtBsaQiuiu^iQiirf siuQiir j/u 
jTeo^ffirasofrp /S(^^GDL^iuQfr€or6i ^fiuuir ^s^efi^irjpim @)js^)P utfi(jp/s 

^jBeutrHi&ir - jif/SueunraefisPi'^f aiueui- - (^^es^euujjSiUfrfi) Sip 

^fTjremLntra) aa;S50a9eo/r («^6S60/reo.) 

1072. The low enjoy more felicity than those who know what is 
good, for the former are not troubled with anxiety (as to the good). 

jBs.. Qfi€k! sriBtriuIr stueu jr€U(r^fififr 
Qmeuear Q&'tuQfiiraps ^/reir, 

(uf - ODir*) cr-^, — Q^eu(iysi sajojQr^ ^(jj ^GNanDtuir^ jyo®o^ttJ/r^g) 

Digitized by 


Qmeuear - /strih eQa^LDLjinGrieuadefr^ Q^tu^ ^(ips€^irG/r - Q^iUjgp 

1073. The base resemble the gods ; for the base act as they like. 

(u(P - «»ir.) GT-^f — StpiraS^/Btir ^dredlp ^(fFfiaSuj uiLt^iutr Qiutr(Lp^ 

^fi®p p^iB^^siriLi^ uSjpiLDtrsQth, et'jpi* 

^€iuutlj^ — ji/sLDtrSiuutlj^. utLi^QuirAjpi QeuGxrt^tuoJirQp QiurrQp 

1074. The base feels proud when he sees persons whose acts are 
meaner than his own. 


®. ^^^(Sm S^aetr pBW^tcjr Qid&'^f 
(ulP-6»ir*) cr-^, — siuQfjr^irtu ojrr^irJriB seoafL^^^L^iruSar Jf/^p^^ 

Gffjpimi ^^./SiQ^ir. 6r4F£F^^6flrdj«w- Qeaerai gptQiOfprroj^ g)^^tftfL- OL-/rA«^. 
Qudj^utr^ 05)LD j^fd^^LD, &jpiun'dr€s>iJD QuirQ^iLQuj^y ^j^oi^jrearL^frgn m^p 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1075. (The principle of) behaviour in the mean is chiefly fear; if 
not, hope of gain, to some extent. 

LQ€a)pi9pfrs ^tu^^GS>n&s 6\)/r6aT, 

&er(BQ^esrjpi iSipir^(^Qa'frec^^eorr^f aiu^tr ^esipiuuiJBiJo uGs>pvS8ssr 
QajfruufTj er-jy, 

iOGS>p - Qeue^uut^p (Qppua eSdsatLfQLoeirjr^ iSp€s>fr ines>p/i^ ^(^etag 
Q^Fireo^tu Q^rr&o, iSpiT-^ihLn0Dp^^p(Qifltumr. s^tu^Q^€af(n^irf ^Gjrrssffi 
QuQf^uirjrmtr^Q^&^. u€s>p ^Q^euGsresiSBiurrp parBsar tu^eS^^ Q^rrdrpd^ 

^suLDih, ^/s^m ^evF^ Q^/SeSeor es>ijD ^h^puuL^i-^jp. 

(QfD - Li - GJ)/r,) — fifTLL QmtLu. Lb0X>p - finioaea QsiLu 

mssi&r^ ^GDp uGDp «^697697/r - M^sypiUuu(BlLn uGs>pQuirio 

1076. The base are like a dram that is beaten, for they nnbardea 
to others the secrets they have heard. 

1077. The mean will not (even) shake off (what sticks to) thei^ 
hands (soon after a meal) to any bat those who would break their jaws 
with their clenched fists. 

Digitized by 


^. Q^/Teowu utUGfiuQouir ^n'&nQ(nf{r aQf^LLLfQurrp 

Qsffioevu Uiueffu(Baki Sfp. 

(uf - ODir.) OT-^, — OaDcfliL/zT'T Q^atjpi ^iB(^GS>pesyjus=Q^ir&oGSuj jfiSsar 
luirQear §)iriBi®u utuartJBGuir (?LO60/rtt9g)/r ; mpesipaStpirvSi^yr &(rr^ihLiQutreo 

Ljajdru(B/s&o — ^&r€ir^Qefr(B^^&o. 8tpfru9^)jr@iSeijQ^irarpf QLoeotruSi 

eQt^^QfB^ u\UGSf u(Bih - iSjrQaJir^efSTuu(b^Sr . 

1078. The great bestow (their alms) as soon ns they are informed ; 
(bnt) the mean, like the sugar-cane, only Tvhen they are tortared to 

62i(9<s6E/rt09r eup(rffQthJ Sip. 

(uiP-aDir.) er^ffi^ — iSpir Q^io^^^rrp ulJB/b ^@£^ (tp(B^^Bso{LHJi uir 
Qsorr l-l^& ^esa'LJisoiL\iEi SipfruSi^^ stTOfUDirti^GBr ^ ^e^pesipu Qu!T(fr^^ 

(S^/b ^czarz—eb esLrr^^(ipjgGQuj iSpQ^/rifi&os^fffEi QanreaeiruLJBuy. ^ojp 
€s>pai aeSsTL^ffi^ksBnuirQesr Quir(7^a>LDQuJiLJ^€^p airesi^Qea&irjpiLD, QsiL 
I— /r/r g)^ SnJBQuyar fiesyiJiuuuesiL^^^&i ^i!l^ir&€^^ ojp^^QLodirjpiEi 

e.G»rr^y/9?2sO(L|£L, Atre^esr . sesxrL^ire^^ (^jjfGSieuQuaqffm^')^ i9pir 
(pLQ«)— , (@/D/Dij8^2feoaj/r«a/£i), €W®«65/r6wr • (^ppQpefisTL^iriiS^ 

1079. The base will brfng an evil (accusation) against others, os 
soon as he sees them (enjoying) good food and clothing. 

eQppp g\/fltL//r eQ€s>iri£f!. 

(uiP - OPir*) er^^j-^atuQiir ^uyesusi (uirfirrsiiQLDn'(r^ ^Gffu Qppp&atrio 
Sfl^Qoj upjpisQstrL^frs ^Oirrmffi ^locsudu iSpira^ ^ppp g/fliLf/r ; jy^ 

Digitized by 


Qeu^pp^QpGirQtar eSlpjfi/BppeSleer diaiir/BQ^^jpiBJ Sn^^ir* ^QffQ^irifipa^ 
(tpifituir&oeoQirGfru^ (^cSuQua^6Fth» Qljs^)p (j^ld iSp/raat^GSiunufnu /Spu 
QiTGiruffi eh,puut\L^jfi. 

^Gsxrib^ — , eQpppQ SLfBuj/r - {fiLLesiu^ui9ipar^(Q) eB2e^Qe\ufi 

er^Q^tr[fi^&(Q ML.Hajjrireui', 

1080. The base Tvill hasten to sell themseWes as soon as a cakmity 
has befiedlen them. For what else are they fitted? 

Quir(QiLuireo (y>pf8pj)f. 

Digitized by 





s err QUI UJ &)* 

Qjtrir dfLjpiai tuirdiSiL^Qj fi^ud'af€S>eu QtuirarpSBora^QLnQojear ^^BnsrQuj iB^ 

S^pCa QutrQ^ GXietruOLoear stit^jpreo QJtps(guup/S Qtuir^fioCt/raTf ji/ww/rQp 

^rvdaQeair(BiJD Qutrq^^fiu i^aor ira'&csiuja aeirQ^iGBrj^^ua iSiif\es>€ua apQu 
arjpiih QuQ^LDufrdrmiDupfi ^(g^^, j)/Qjp€s>pd' ^cs>ojtS(^^utuuu ft.evtf 

(T^^dnGSiLDiujrmu tLQ^^ib^Qf^^th u(i^(ipiE3(^eogp!iB (^easrgpi locdtl/ Qp^G^tuojp 
(tiffp ptjDQp Qca'iruLimLDiLiesiL^ujjrfriu ^^uuBSpifB ^SkuLOA^LO iSpnrQsfr(Bu 
i^cy LD(Buu^LD«r/Su un'&0Qja5>6Btutrp qr^Qm Qiu^iTuutL(Bu LfeBoriT/sffi €U(r^Qj^, 
S/fi^ QtutpQstrJT^/Sirp dh^jpto/frdr Q^l.£)S^ Qp/gpail. L^wsiueBoriEi^jpi^ 

g)^^ scSsr^^ppQuiTQ^Q ^ iBs^Qj^irscSekj Qp^psiL dh^puuLLt^^* 
s, ^€sat&i^Q&ir e\)fnuu^Sei) Qan'i\iQe\)ir SGrT(ij(^(ss)y) 

(uf-flBir.) cT'ffi, — @)ss€aitSiu (^Gs>ipsDtuiLiGDuajfrm §^uQuirifips§gt 

Digitized by 


^j2 ®oa- «o«w>-ti. ^P. fiGf>aujafsria(QjpijS/^ii>. 

LDuSi&o ; LDa9fl)iFfr^iLiLLQL^iflibQ^(B^jis LXifjSQso^jpiLDmh* a€aei(^a)u, — «g;@Cu 

Lo^) u^iuia&iriSGffp^. 

1081. Is this jewelled female a celestial, a cboice peahen, or a 
human being P My mind is perplexed. 

2.. Qpff^QQ) Q^AQ&^ir Qmtri^fi qj/fi^essroD^ 

fiirBsarssytutLiEi QarreSsr(BQJit/BffpOuir£iiiiB fi€Br€B)LDmujiL^L^^^f er^jg^* 

Qld^u} ^GBfsrEi(^Qsir eOfnuLDuS&oQsfr QeCieaipesunajnesr^ ^sffa^sfOB 

tSpMH* ^esruutre^i otQ^^^arQiD^dj f^/SuLfQ /sir barrio aiQ^^^io a^ptu 


euuQueoyr^ ^frSssrm Q&irG^i-.esJGn^ • (^irs^^p^^'^ Q^Sar 

1082. This female beauty returning my looks is like a celestial 
maiden coming with an army to contend against me. 

Digitized by 


QuGssTiss^aiuirp QujriDirdi ail®, 

(uf - GD/r.) cr-^, — ^upQ/D^^ jprQeoirir Q^ireooj^Sssru umr(BQa>LL 
L^/Seu^&oso^ aessTL^/SQiu^l QuQurrQ^^ ihQ^^ I jy^ Ql-otl- 
GDau^L^Qofr QuiflujQJiT'JU ^Loir/i^ aeKr&dsfr qeoz—^^, €r^jpi» 

QLjGStsrL.€S)s — iBfressnhy LOL-ii, ^a^s^ih^ uu^n-uQueir^jij^asrgsja&r. ,9}es>eu 
^QjQja^/Ssctrir €or/SiuLjuLLL^sorm ^Lufr^^eo - ^LcurQs^iu^b'O^ Qutujrt^ujinu 

(Q^ - u - 6i/«nT.) — On^pj)! er&fTU^Slsar - ei^pjpieiiQetsT&iTjr)i 

seArt^/SfbQ^^', {jif^)f Qudff ^cmaiu/reo - (/B/rcwrLo ixii_ii jyi-* 
^ii uiiS!runerAiQp) Qu€fkfr^€Bsriio^^t-.Qbin ^ QuIr^Lnir - Ou/fl 
lueumuLjQufrirQs'iuSJflp^ 65l1® - «6wr652sira^63)z_^^^ 

1083. I never knew before wbat is called Yama; I see it now • ifc 
is the ejes that carry on a great fight with (the help of) female qualities. 

^, (BmTL^iT Qi^iQq^mr^^ib QfBfrpp^fitrp Gu^i^GS^mu 
(ljiP - fiDT.) CT-^, — QucSarL^GSiaGSituiLjesiL^fu eSiLQuesi^A^ SLerreurruj 

^mir^^eo — LDrrjpuJBjs&o* (gewffi/«Ll@LD QuGS>fi€s>LDd>(^ Qu^&oir^ 

1084. These eyes that seem to kill those who look at them are as 
it were in hostilities with this feminine simplicity. 

®, 3k.pp(Sinir &G^Q^) i92sssrQujfr u^l^cuf 

Digitized by 


^dru(jpiB ^ofuQpua ^0^@ Qa^vuiufrSearp Q^elfu^iTu>» Q^frifi&i>up/8 

1086. Is it Yama, (a pair of) eyes or a hind P— Are not all theaa 
three in the looks of this maid? 

Q^irt^rrQeu&jrjp/ihy Q^iuQarp jifQjp(Sp(j^ih iLjfiQ^p ^cor^^m §J€Du 
LDfrdi<sQ(ir iDGSipuiSiQcaiGsrjpiita an./S^fr» /B(BiBids(^ir - /b(BiEJspQs^etjn'tueuiQa^- 
/Si^&SLon'LLL-irQjiTuSeor Qojdru^uu. SarpGs>LDuSi^j msir ^iB(iSi€S)a^&&^ 

{Qfi - u - 6j^c3>/r.) — Ofi/rOm LiQ^euLb - (t9/fiiu/r ibiLutQiu) 
u9(5/£^«3fl6V)«Sg)eo, (jy63)6i/a3srr65«t_/B^), ^eu&T&Gm-^eiiea^ 

^G5STa€tt^ lb® til (Q .^gj/r - rt>®/i@^^(5 ^^GUirSuJ^(U€S)ff^ Q^iu 

1086. Her eyes will cause (me) no trembling sorrow^ if they are 
propeily hidden by her crael ftrched eye-brows. 

Digitized by 


Qd^rr&oeoiTLDjb ^s/r^^cSsDT^ QfBir&ooi^inu LO^&aef^pfiieBiQLD^Lj— Qpaui^ir^ 

fi62^&ar LDe5>p^^&o upfiik siLuL^rr QiD^QT/ear* ^s/@60/r6or ineDp^^&a 
«/rg9>eDL. LD&eMn-^ Qtueou/rseSdr ^ ^^^QQeonr® ^otp/Satr QeuuieDUiiLjih Qu 

QQ/€Brs &Q^@u uL^irofSsoQiuA^i^m ^eu€S>LD Sfi^Lnaypiurrottfi slgdq; Qsir 
t\)^QLDdiru^Q^irdrp Sdfp^. 

(^jfGn€uQafre\3€0irLnp airfifleoireo), SL^rra seSpjS&ir Qu^io «- 
(^Q^irio^isu^irSluj) in^ujjfSsarS^CSLneSiLLi^^ 65zlu£-./rm - Qps 

1087* The cloth that covers the firm bosom of this maiden is 
(like) that which covers the eyes of a rutting elephant. 

jTira&o Qupdffua* iSQi-^eorpQufr^iCDLDiurrcor LoeoreijeQiL^ smuw^iLfBi Qstr 
SjpiCDLotLiiB Q^irdrp Sarp^. atfii^^p BffEiaGSp ppLfsip^ oaar(n^iiSpjpi» 

P® 9^ ' (g)£La)/r^(2;€S)L.(u) g)6vROu/r0'/£;^iLf Q/bpjSQujirdTpp(Q 

1088. On her bright brow alone is destroyed even that power of 
mine that nsed to terrify the most fearless foes in the battle-field. 

Digitized by 


essTu^tTGnQuiTGnp ^^erfB^es^L^iu uirireji&iQs^\u\L\u:i^ ma^niu^ • 
(^<s^P^) iBfreasfi&tfnL\ih^ &.«niL_(L//7Ll^ - e^emu^iu ^eu^a^^ 

1089. Of wbat use are other jewels io lier who is adorned with 
modeety, and the meek looks of a hind ? 

650. U^essn^trlra cssreoeo js(Bns(^A sirmu^Quirp 

[^2buu)sdr Q/Suufifij^pqr^^ Qd^/rfloe&oj^.] 
Qe^iUQj^eoeo^ airLDihQuireoa smL^trtrLotrLi® usSy^d^esHud^ Q^tufis^m>t—^ 

turrcDfr* saarL-rririBQeBsrargpi Quofprroj^ Qljpi^MiL Qi^ir^a^. ldQC^Q^ 
ujfip&tl, sfTLDUi epsSg^^ &pK^Qfi Quj€fSi§^ui ^Qi&r (gfiuuinririuiB pfi 
tutrcDLDuSar lurreorjn Qup/SQeoQ€Br€or& (g/SuQud^^th Qi(i^^^€s>irMf ^^jijH 
LDuSiirji^jraf QpGscais!*^ erasrgpnh i^puurriLt^p (g/SuLiuQuireOm 

1090. Unlike boiled honey which yields delight only when it is 
drunk, love gives pleasure even when looked at. 

jyoo^n'Q/^: ps^mnsear ^^lds&t (^utSBnr tu/S^^^thf Qfitrifi (§fiu 

Digitized by 


&rrLDa^/SuiS8sor QojeSuiJBaQdrp Gisira^* mq^K^trtu GiBtr^^ - ^sdira 
^B^sys^arp ^pnGtBirm(Qm GeiruLjQs^iLJiLi GeiraQBoaru Qutr^GniratQa^uir 
QXP^fTi ^^ GanrtuQ^FuSlp eas&QBsaiutrQj^eoeo^ ^simnBirGSiua titfia* g)Q/ 
QjQ^^^m ^Q^th fiy/roS^ (ipmu,iriiSp Qpairu^frmm 

^@ " {j^^^^^Q^^ ^eaQtneoi) ^jreAfTQuirirGDeuiua'iQpj^i {jif€U 
pjpi&(\ 60(15 ^^^^^ - ^(r^uirtrGDeutufrear^^ QiBtriu Qpsirsf^ - 
(er&sfciSiL^fi^) QiBirujQa^iutniJi utrlrGDeuujinja; ^^jpi - u^p(oi(nfQ^ 


1091- There are two looks in tfae dyed eyes of this (fair one) ; 
one causes pain, and the other is the cure thereof. 

Q., a;6sgr<S6Tr€D/ Qatrm^^ &j)tQisirAsita sinn^^p 

jy0©ttj Qasir^mui QLoujqjpi L\9Xtit^&\Sm ^^/s uir^fumM^MH^ ^fi€fSI§git 

^frG^aQaj€utfi an-esSiiSp^iifth Qanresfr^tfi ^pjpiGiBtraBtL\ih a/Q^fi 
eotrp saroiQsir&T^Lriarjpujy, SfoK^^tr^trA atrco^ 9/S^ira€S4> Qj^Gmirl^ 
Qijydfjpulij jr/o^ Q,€ir6uir(B&reuifi (Q&^eu^(r&^^^ ^ui^mtrvr^id 90^*1 

uir,re5>eu, airu^^^io - QaiUJi4jp/ L/6wrr<5=ftu9«), Otf^ii u/r«m ^eir 

Digitized by 



1092' A single stolen glance of her eyes is more than half tlie 
pleasure (of sexual embrace). 

ujirui9sin eniLt^iu /Sir, 

(uiP - 6DIT.) CT"^^ — lUfrQ^^sfTQ/eireSIp (n^Q^orarBsar (udrQurr® Qitir&Q 
QfuiSoDL^VL^is G^trar/S(u ^puu utStrojeirjr ^pdr^s ess^ar auirir^^ isn 

SfooQ/S^ergps^ erdJBuQuajiT ^a=Q^tumM Qsjpeuiraj (^fiuiSdirQui 

(QfS - u - GD/r.)— jycwerr— , G/5/r«Sg)6Tr - (/s/reSf utrfftr^ 
euerreQQco ^tr&r erestiasr ^estQuir®^ utttr^fBirea ; QmiriQ - 

1093. She has looked (at me) and stooped (her bead) ; and that 
(sign) waters 88 it were (the com of) oar love. 

i9». UJnQ^s(Qaa a/r&) &ecQ^A(Q QiBiriatrisirp 

(uiP - CDir.) er^jpij^ojirar pikSsar Q/Btra^isjatrp (n^Qefsr^ff Gistrsatrffi 
^QasfT^S^ ^AgpmQeir tnQtpnSpiQLhj er^jpi* 

(Qfi - u - 6B)/r. )— (u/Tfiir Qmiri(^iia s/rSed - (^cSr&v) mirA 
@«fli^) SevjiesifiHJ uirjrir SipQesiqffea ; Qtssrisirmsffio - 

1094. When I look she looks down ; when I do not^ she looks and 
Bmiles gently, 

Spi^esvfijifltr&r Quireo /bqiL, 

Digitized by 


sso-ui. jyP. f^/SuufQfiio. ®Odb „/^<rr 

&p^(&GsSi^^ir Q&resru4P Q^tLULfeir eS^frsTLD* ^piaaesSi^^eo - ^06)(^ 

1095. She not only avoids a direct look at me, bat looks as it were 
with a half-closed eye and smiles. 

Ar, £L^^ /seua^Quirp Qa^ireSi^^ Qs'QtfjijffQ^fr 

jrirtSgpiiij j^A^^i^ Qa^jpt^eSson-^trir Qa^irpiSpuiu^^vo (^€SipiLfp(v^jrrrp 
at^Q €Brfi(ULJLj(Bihf cf'jpi* 

QirarjD^ QP/S^frtSeor* Qsp^QrrtcrQojj jifQ^^a^i—eaui* ^6or 

Gin^iLiBs ek./StuQJirjpi' g)^ ^(vJSeerp uirilt^p^ QuairsiQih* 

[Qfi - u - a)/r.) — ^(Tff^euirQuireo - (^L\p^^Qeo) jifUJ€\iiiir 
Quireo^ O<sF/r6S^£L-(a®^Q^/r&)O^/re069^Lb, QffQffir 0^/r^- 

g^^Sso fi.609rir£ju®m - (^^enpvSjriB^eujrirQeo^ aif-^eo ^fSuju 

1096. Though they may speak harshly as if they were strangers, 
the words of the friendly are soon nnderstood. 

£iia^ Qs^dT^^Qf^G^ Lfp^^^ Qff'PQf^ir Gurrdrp Oeu(Z5€iP(?/B/r«QLb Q/sirffiLDts>a- 

Digitized by 


1097. Little words that are harsh and looks that are hatetol are 
(bnt) the ezpretssiocs of loyers who wish to act like strangers. 

L/69)<SF«96976ir 69)LiUJ tBfS^Ui. 

[^fi^Sssr G/b'fra,S lcS^/b^ fi^iD€^d>me5er(B fiBsomseitt ^h^tu^J] 
(uiP-finir.) er-^f'-^GrafSsarujapjpiQ^p Qa^np&apqrf Qiu/retSff/B^ Qetr 

KiQuj ^tueoLSSsariLjeaL^ajfrL^ jifiBses>&iiSasr4£6sarQ€asr Q^frfxffjpfQeffp Q^^i 

estetr - (^^^Q^BA^^ ^jntiQesreuefruQ^ enuiu m^ui - SLetrQetr 

1098. When I look, the pitying maid looks in return and smiles 
gently ; and that is a comforting sign for me. 

QiBiras^fiir G^^^^eo Qissir^Bsn i^6s>L-(u/r/r acNrCcaer iL^emm(r SaipsTf 

Q(ff^L$4\if ^arQpujiruSgDnh Qjd^irsit&rggi fBa^jgeorrgnuyj ^(Qo/ir&iL L.n^ti 
(^^ljl/ GoijpiurrLJL^irp ueoeuir uxre^edirg^thf ^^eaOeueau u&sfssiiniufri) Sn.pu 
uiLt^^. @)0ci^®^ LDjfitDa>p(B jfimGL^trir uAC^dSGuirca ^ofw^^iAQ^ 

Digitized by 


1099. Both the lovers are capable of looking at each other in an 
ordinary way, as if they were perfect strangers. 

saiSlar/S ojirtueireSp G(ff^eerjpiQsffp Qs^nrpa&r. g)0Q//r Q^/rvc^en Gsil.(B 

^@ ^aScSr - uirireaicuiuirio ^i^mtriQesr^ eu{nuiFQ^irpsett''{^mr 
GSiu^QfiSffesTp^ Q^ire^^QesTp) euirtu^Qa^trpsetr ^ eresiesi utuspju^-* 

1100. The words of the months vre of no nse whatever, when there 
is perfect agreement between the eyes (of lovers). 

^A^iTQj^ j^BBissra ^/Quufim^ i^esahm^ ^SsoLoaiar ^ul^gsv/t^^ 

(uiP - cnir-) er^ffi, — am^^ s€ar(BLD Qs^eSiutrp GaiKBuy /d/rojtr^dsr 
Ou) Qp^esfTGor Gmir/Bjpih Qloilmuitp fieSert^iL^ijo jifgfuu^^^uiJB €DLDU>neoSinh 
QjQjQojir&reffuj Q^fft^jBOiu iLfCDL-iuir&r omGexr iLfea^/ruSesr^ cr-jp/. 

^tieDiiy(ippjpfti€DLD» OfipGpafrjTji Gaffiu.^^tir^LD eSeir^/Oarp^m 
QQfjpiGmj£fi SBirooBse/i^eo Gwj;fiGQijpi OuirdJi&reswtr targnu^MuiJBQ/eor ^q^ 

Digitized by 


(Q^efltu/rGsu) O^iKSm, a-ewr® - (/s/rcw/rGew) e_6»r®ii, cd 

1101. The (simnltaneous) enjoyment of the five senses of sight 
hearing, taste, smell and toach caa only be foaud with bright braceleted 

8L. ui€Bsfta(a^ Ln(n^ib^ t9pu^ esressfiaSlGDifi 
(uf-cnir-) er-^f-^eufr^Qp^cStu tS«B^tftl@ inQf^^fsirojesr jfOjpjS^ 

gjtupaiauLjszriri^Sesiiu SB^is^ QparofQ^i^^^si^Jb pdtQ^piuur 
Q^iQ^s^^sa Stl^^^, ^LjtSsadiifLiLD erefHiuonrtu^pcn^p /SiFuQup/Seo QwA 

u/p. {u&ieotru^ed)^ SfcssH ^esiffi - g)a/Q/C8BAii92arqGDL_(L/6uor, fifif 

1102. The remedy for a disease is always something different 
(from it) ; bqt for the disease caused by this jewelled maid, she is herself 
the care. 

^atrQ^Gorp utraaap^^ Q^PtreoeStu^*"] 

Digitized by 


iDQ^irii airaaQ^^^KB ^0^^/ro} §^^Q&(r Qe06ir(}7^eaf. ^m^jr§p:edQ^air 
jgM€Sifruuir(^ Qp&rir: fifTLDGSurMm^ Q€armu^ ^ojgpjA^^ QuiujreefgsnD 

1103. Can the lotos-eyed Vishnn'a heaven he indeed as sweet 
to those who delight to sleep in the delicate arms of their beloved P 

(uiP - €B>ir.) 6r-^^-^^6BrSnr lusarjpitfiS' eri^iriBp^ijDf ^SPKSifi^ @^ 

Qup(rffST^ er^jpi* 

^n-L^fTQpfxr jpi^L^jpi^t^at SetSp Qpjpir^ QLoeorjpiihi au^LjutS co^cstl/ 
jp/^^p (^£)i(^fEi(&)Btrp p€ssrQ€Bar€ar§ga Quyear^nthf §}uQup/StuG^frir ^ cl«o 

1104. From whence has she got this fire that boms when I with- 
draw and cools when I approach P 

i^^ffis tf€W QpGBreaQtT fBa^/B^0ssu tSiararQ^ L^^tuojirtu Qc^th l9«^ 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


eiZsauQup) ii9^uii9ujQuirQpjgi^ jif€Si6u jfesieu QuirgnQm - 

1105. The shonlders of her whose locks are adorned with flowers 
delight me as if they were the very sweets I have desired (to get). 

jpii ^6»fl/f^@a)Q«8>« ^€&r(B^eoff^, ^luQuGS)^dQ^^ Q^tr^ir&etr ^essfLJuJB 

ut9/g^eoup/Sf jif€S>€u tutSy^Q G^ujeorpear QeuGxrQffGsr* ^e/Hir^^eO" §^u^ 
fiirp pesiifi^^vom 

(Qfi m u ' 65)/r,) — fi-u9^ - (^fim2sin'LjQu(rr^^€umf.uj crew) 

Qfljir&irsetr, jsfiSy)^^ ^luestpeat - (^^mL^uutLt^) ^iSj^^q 

1106* The shonlders of this fair one are made of ambrosia, for they 
revive me with pleasure every time I embrace them. 

6r. fiu^iS efi^/B^ fBLi^^uir^ ^eistL^^ff 
6\)ih£o/r €kiS\Gneii (ij^\us(^. 

ffiek^dSleoeop^Q^tr® ut^i\)Qeum(BQuDesi p 
(lkP-odit.) er-^^ — ^ipQiu imreDLo iS p^ai^iL^t^uj ,^€s>^uj^ Qp^k 

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1107. The embraces of a gold-oomplexioned beantifal female are 
as pleasanb as to dwell in one's own house and live by one's own (earn* 
iogs) after distribating (a portion of it in charity). 

QufTffiU UL-iT^ (ipUJ&(^. 

^fiiSituQ^esr ai9Si(T^i£L^fnu Q^wifi^(^ Q^/relcSttJ^-] 

Quiry^uuL-fT - (g)(j50u/r(ip^i Q/5fi{jp/rGnaitu/r^) strpQffio ^ 

1108. To ardent lovers sweet is the embrace that cannot be penetrated 
even by a breath of breeze. 

d5>. fifiOTi^ ^gsesarlr^e) HGsstSrfiS ^es^eu air Lata 
(u(P.a>ir.) €r-j^,— L/flar/r^FS SeSfi{r^pQuir(ir^(B Q€um(Beu^mu g^ 

luirwaiL u.irfi£i3LD Jfffi^tu/Si^ a)«6i0 ^t^SppsiHth jv^&lJso^ ^ ^eujp, 
€um\Si€S(irtrii& chJ^s^irfiStQ p (LpeareuGSiirmQ^dj^^ Qupputuar-^^ jifuuiufar 

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Qeue£gr(Sui^ chl^^ld^ tL^ssarirflii^ . (^jf^Sssr ^eneufiA^"^ £ia(Qfi 

0^uj^O^/r6Kv(9) ^iruhjiGJifl ^Gni^eOt^ir fsef^L^&flekiir^ Qupp 
uiUGsr m QuppuiUGstm&r, 

1109. Love quarrel, reconciliation and inieroonrae — these are tbe 
advantages reaped by those who marry for last 

^0. ^jSQfiir pfSiuirenu^ seitrL-pQffp snin^ 

[Li€5ar/riB^L^ar Qurr@dr(n^<ir parQjieaQ&r Q^tr&^iu^*'\ 

(uiP«0&Hr.) 6r-^j — jpr&MiGira'gpnh jpm§gfiasr /rot ir§fisi^ QuirQ^aSBir lu/S 
lUQifiiiu QpardsariujSiuireDLD a&arL^irpQutreo^ mtremuuL^nSarpffi &aiijf 
eSl€SifptiSiBsortL^GS)i^aJirdgff g)cBx_G&/L./r^ Q^F/Stu^Qa^/Siu QoimrLOfrLKBai atr^&i, 

luinu dpi^u^LDtr^nOuireo^ Qs^/SeSp QsccSbouSot/S QuyarQiD/b Q^fSiui-QiFfiiii 
(tpdrSsor^Q^/Seij Q^/StufroiLDiufrtu npi^trfBpQarpQ^ear ^ ^^^^itgdu) a^ 
lUQjirjpim Quueaarira'SLDSip^vo ^^ldslL^ (jpesorGi—gnui jifQjmLDirtL(BB Q/S 

(QfiS-u-GSiir.) — 0^^ Qfiirjptui • LjsasrjruLjeaarjr^ Qa^iSa>ip 

jy • air€ssrLJu(Bfi€i>QuirQeo strGssruu^Qesip^. 

1110. As (one's) ignorance is discovered the more one learns, so 
does repeated intercourse with a well-adorned female (only create a de- 
aire for more). 

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(i-lf-6S>(r«) cr-^, — ^Jy6Bff^^^'uyGQ/ euiry^tnuiresj QiDGaresiLnajrr&o £Qaj 
uuut* i a/eiT iSarei^gMQLD&oG^uj t^ULipG5HBGSiUJiL\esiu,aj&r ^ et-^jpi* 

1111- May yon floarifih, O aniobam ! yoa have a delicate nature. 
Bnt my beloved is more delicate than yoa. 

(uff - cnir*) 67.^, — 0«^(?ap lUfrQ^jfairGssruQupp @Qj&rseh&hnu 

cSioj Lo^irsSsa^^mt^treo LDtUEisniSeBr(rff\u^ f8 drear /SeSQ^^eurr Qpdi? er^jp/m 

QDLDturr^^co^FFGijrQ ^QiQitrj5^pa>p Qeuirs^QLDesr^Q^irL^eo; §)jp/ixiir/i 
fi&o Q^ihiDfTji^ Q&oaru€arQufreo Oa//r0Q^/r«b. §iujp€BiAuLi€Bsrir^S SaenQp^ 
€Oir&fi fi^LDA&r s€&rsd&rs airaaruQu(7^€S)LDu3iar ^QjpQ(T^ Qi-^n'Q^LiGDL.Qtuir 
i^ Lneoiradsir^ s€aar(BtfiQtu^i}eo(n}3 ^oipfieasiLairfs^si Q6FtujpQufri^frdrj 
^^QufTQ^^ jif^se&rseiB esrecQpQp^/s ^irQssr ^iBiutr^ uSlL^^Q^fiiTuuLL 
i-gp;ufi9^^/r^<se86or j^LOLDeoirdi&r ^Q/ta//r6a>u3«6nr(9 ^uLfSDLDiBQ^^aj Qe^ 

Qupp^ ^euAr sekradBir^ uevff* sir^ui - ueojrir^ijisirsxruu® 
Qp^ ^ ^i^in eresTjpi • me^Sr&ea ^&^QinGnjpi tSSssr^^^ i^evir 

1112. my soul, fanqyiog that flowers which are seen by maoy 
can resemble her eyesi yon become confused at the sight of them. 

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fQpL£ifruSl(l^a>(^UDf ut\>^(ip^^wfniSiQ^ai(S^U3f §}tu&oufnueirfi>pih sjpi^irppiLV 

Quturr. ^qhQj&eues)ihtu(rp Sn./SleBr€SiLC)uSGsry LjSnriB^eoinuini^pjpi, /B&r^p &0 
^uuiLt—ndda lu/SQtuQeordrjpi Q^tLu(B^^ O^trifid^^ ^^ldsot G)fi=/rft)c8 

(Q^ - u - G9)/r.) — Qeuiu Qf5freneuiL(Q - ftfi^Qio Quifffii 

1113. The complexion of this bamboo-shouldered one is that of a 
shoot ; her teeth, are pearls ; her breath, fragrance ; and her djed eyes, 

^mtrcsSi^ eScop^^ S&o^^3sar Gefr^^ujf €f^jpi. 

seafTL^ir&o ^ojOoJirojeutrGSiLDiufreo iBfr^Gsn-^^^irQiD^u^ Q^tr^pi seS^ 
Q^drjpiiEJ ,fffL./S^dT, aiTilStLj/6n'SgpiL3idff€B)LDuSp Q^ihuiinsjgi QurBBorQiBirdJSesr 

iLSesiLnuuiLi^ ^uiTGsisrii&hsfr iLfGs^u.ujeuen^ aGtkfr&&fir^ ^fi/ 

^^(?6») ;5350@€5fl/5^, /Seudr- /9tfv)^63)^, G/5/r«@£L- L//r/r«@ii, 

1114. If the blae lotos cx>Yi1d see, it would stoop and look at the 
ground saying, " I can never resemble the eyes of this excellent-jewelled 

mii)€0 UL^ffJf UGf>p. 

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[^ua>fi)(^/Sd^6siL ^€uesiiBai€5s(B Q^/r&ce8tu^*] 
Qs^^^rr&^^ifliu Q/Btu^pu^pQiLi u(B^Qjs^u^irih. ina^iL^^tu 6F/ra>a,rr(bu:> 

QuiU^ir&T - ©'^©^rr; ^mui9p^ - (^esfluS a/err) ^sw£_«@, 

1115. No 7»drrt/ drnms will be beaten for the (tender) waist of ber 
who has adorned herself with the anicham without haying removed its 

(uf-siDir*) CT-^, — ^freof ^^iSdnaeir Qojjpiuir® Qutf^^fraGiLo ^ihiufi 
tSSsuriLiih erthtm—isssi^ (ips^^^nriLfth §I^ld^ ^^(tp^Qto^ p/BiuinniLt-ir^ 

^fit^^^ S&ieoir^ eruQufTQp^ iBtuist^^&dupfiu u^uSpseC^Qtu Q<aa 
Birqrf^ar. Q€Ujpun'(B QJQ^Qeor^utnLL^&p QupuiJBth. @j^ tSjrean^BsarUifih 


1116. The stars have become confused in their places not being 
able to distinguish between the moon and the maid's countenance. 

^« cjy^eu/ruj iSanpifin €U^irui^s(^u Qutreo 

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1117. Goald there be spots in the face of this maid like those ta 
the bright fall moon. 

«^. LDT^ir QpsCtiQutr QeoireBfiiL^ €U€\)2eoQajp 
(uf - flOir.) OT-^, LD^Qiul iajfry}^fnufr&* ^juiUnr^/TQpsuiQuireo turn 

(0^5- u - fco>/r.) — m^ - ^ib^jrQesTl eurrffi - euirfpeninuffs*^ 


1118. If yon can indeed shine like the face of womeD^ flonrisb, 
moon, for then woald yon be worth loving. 

65/r«w^ Gflifaf/E9») liStfi^^di ^L^QfiDT. Q^trarfi^ S€0T6s4SQjQQjiru Ljck 
(^Q/5 - u - GSiir.^^'Lb^ - ^i^jrQearl meolr jif^^sr sear 

1119. moon, if yon wish to resemble the face of her whose eyes 
are like (these) flowers, do not appear so as to be seen by all. 

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Qpar Qj^fifT^ ^€SiL,GS)inuSfi utpQuy^QJ^^ @^^dtGS)LDjijsiriu€ui^ ujr 
^^lu&ffesr ^(BlSs Sn.iTiEi&ps!BsiriLj€s>L^fju QQ}(^^jr^ee}^ lutrsiBieai isa ^l^&^Qlo 

ijtli—), j;f€Sd^^(ipLCi' j;f6i^dFffUi€\)(r^ih^ jyeirew^^wr ^nrcfliq/i - 

1120. The anicham and the feathers of the swan are to the feet of 
females, like the fruit of the (thorny) Nemnji. 

iSSS/EL - th. ^j^. dUTflpSpULjeiOIIflifi^. 

Sfoo/SfTOJ^ ^BboldsA ^cSra/r^fiDT S^^!»fjDi ^SsuLotfcfr ^Gjrstr^sr 

Q//rQtfv)u9 jpirfSiu SSr. 
r§lajpcs>suLi€Born'a'& uSjpi^^slL t^BsoLoadr pmsanuu Ljsasrir^^iu^*'] 
(uiP-€B>.) er^jPj — g)tjbOtiDe»68ttJ Quoir ifiuSiSsar tL\Gs>L^ajrreiTffi ojireSiu 0«/ 

a&ois^^pQp^ujp eSsrrirLniTuSipjpi, seo^suuLLi^Q^^pwtrjpi* uirQeotr 
® Qj^QesrdrpQj^^tM jtf^Gif^esieuGufr^^ ^Gs*suSdsonL\GS>L,^ Q^Au^tr 

p^. GoijpiQeii p/SiuuutLu. a^cDOJiuojinu uir£»ibG^§pjaa&eo^ffiifi jifs<£eoes)6u 

lueu&r^ euir€\) erSj^i em^tu Sir - Qeu€Ssrueog^jB\u Sinresr^^ 

1121. The wnter which oozes from the white teeth of this soft 
speeched damsel is like a mixture of milk and houej. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2.. iUL^UiQufr ®tt9/f}«PL QtuAesrinp pAesr 

crearearQojearu uarssiwujtrpdn-fiiiu^f @ffm(B& Q^irearjpiQ^a'LJB Qap 
jpiODLDiiSiexfrfia seos^QJQD^eo, Qjettru^i^umis QetnrssQjgsufS^^oi, §fir/S 
iu€s>uiajfrGS>LD Qcuek/SeupeDfi Qerr&Qm Q^iUQ/uLfearir^S tuirseoirdr ^^tQuir 
00^ ^Garira'SiiSlGO€trir@uir&r iS^gpiGDLJueinruyBrQpj ^ojo/ifi g)QMor ajtrotdt 

/fl^iL. - s-L^uiQuir(BSfiL^<i^^ eresrest - €ruuifLUuiLt^es>BJ^ 

Jf^&T - ^LJUt^UUlLl^€S>€iJlUir(QUi, 

1122. The love between me and tliis damsel is like the nnionof 
body and sonl. 

AL.. S(n^Lb€ss{)iSp uireuirtuiB Qutrfiirtuirui effQpm 
(uf - ODir*) CT'^f^-^drseSoreBifip a(ji^in€BiSlaSldrsSpi€DpvLjth uirQtB'fU, 
lutTGBT sfT^ ^es)LDiun'es>LDti96ar ^ieueir Lfp^^uQutrspufrcdeaw/Q ertk 

(Q^ - L/ - on/r.) — 6S(]^LD69vf7tt9^ ufTGhiffiu m (^crdframressflio) 
SQi^LneaaBuQeSlQRsQeaTpuirGSiOiQaj ! /?-^, Quirjstruj - (jyQ/60i.iD 

GrLauhire) ^(r^u^uuu(BiQ€srp^ ^Q^^fSp^ - jBfffiQiu Q/spfSer^tu 

1128- O Ton image in the pnpil (of my eye) ! depart ; there is do 
room for (my) fair browed beloved. 

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a«A--Lb, ^Q. sa-^pQpuuGSinifieo. ®Q^K^ <2^J^_r, 

(uiP-ABV.) €r-^^ — Q^iBfi eSesiifioSSBar tLjGsyt-^iuir&r erear&^u LjGBorQ^ 
^n-Qpasn-cii^^ G^pjptmu>a9sar/S atifi/9ppeon'Siiuy, ^fiteiAitoo^^ ^(S^fi^ 

(^ — J euffy^^eo ^esfeu^ic - (&-L.Lo(7£j/r(96Si./p.) eurryifieoQuir eotr 

1124. My fair-jewelled one resembles the liring soul (when she is 
in nnion with me), the dying soul when she leaves me. 

®. U^ea^edAr u^&rrtuo'&fr inpui9&fr tnpuufiQuj 

(uiP-a>S'«) er-^j — ^/AdAiu^iriu jfU3€s>ir^Q^iuiLiB seSerca^deonL^esiL^tutreir 
^oarods&r luirALDpiQ^Q^uQA'^ SSsaruQuar^ ^Q^QuirQf^ih Lop/i^^^otufi 

usSiruLf (tp/^9ofru9eBr. gj^^SaariLjiB fl9sOLDa€iirsh.pjpi^ QLoppdsoLDseiraLpjpi* 

{Qfi - u - «>/r.)— aJ/Tpir — , gjcJr jyii^/r aewr^grr ^eogrin - 
^eRSesrsiiirSiu QuirlrQ^iuQp &€&rsiSs(nLiGnu.uj€ue(T^ (QGsarii 
aZstr^ Uipui9&T - LbpibQflQ)u9&fT^ S-sir^€u^ - /SSaruOussr; 

1125. If I had forgoiten her who has bright battling eyes, I 
wonld have remembered (thee) ^ bat I never forget her. (Thus says he 
to her maid.) 

Ar, SeAr^nGfreflp Qutrmir S\esiiLuJ9ip u(^eujnra' 
(uiP-ODir*) er-ffi, — fifnaarr^g^Lnupfid' Q^iuannMiKSuiTfS^Qireirjpt I 

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iSp uqrf&jjrirQfr&ffjptia 3h./BQ^m 

1126. My lover wonld not depart from mine eyes ; even if I wink, 
he wonld not enffer (from pain) ; he is so ethereal. 

67. ^ggrgyMCTTgrr/r/r a/r^ eoeujra&A S€BWg;p 

uyesip^BBOuj/Ssffi, €T'Jpi» 

^L^Qj^&puL^uaGSiLD iDiTppuutLu.ffim ajTuurraQassTuffi eSBsoruQuojir. 
Qj(rf/S^p (pQJurr&Qs&fru^LiijPm tu/r 6a^a{>t_tt?£f.6or^^ sfrsKuQarpojesuru iS^s 

essfldear (Gn£i:)tt9^^) cr(ip^€U^^ Qs^tuQium ; sjruuiriQ 

1127* As my lover abides in my eyes, I will not even paint themi 
for he would (then) have to conceal himself. 

«0/. QjB^e'jifiirir air^ eoeujrrra Qeuiu^ 

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1128. As my lover is in my heart, I am afraid of eating (anything) 
bet, for I know it would pain him. 

Qiu^eo Qir&fT^ iB&i^ir^ 
(UiP « an/r.) er^^, — -eTdresGsireis^eBiLDdiQLDrruSar s-ene/fiQF^&Q^p &rr^&:/J 

«B>ajCoa/^u®^^' ^Gu^QtTGSfqr^eir* ^qt^Quitq^^lo iSifliuir^Qjeairu iStB/Bjgtr 
QiTQSfjpi uffiMpuir^iuecSso Qtueeru^irth* 

1129. I will not wink, knowing that if I did, my lover wonld bide 
himself; and for this reason, this town says, he is unloving. 

Qir^eo QfTGSissa i^Gu^lr. 

^eapiurrSpuir^ ^jsBBsraj/Siutr^ jya/«D/ru iSiiBeffiGSipajfr/Seat^ir ji/ariSeoQirdT 
jpi Q^[r&OGOiT/Bp(^ih @a/g^/r, cr-jj/. 

(UiGSiL^ujirssxr ^eoQtresru utfia^Bpurr^soaJccSsn Qiudau^irih* 


1130. My lover dwells in my heart with perpetual delight; bat 
the town says be is unloving and (therefore) dwells afar. 

Digitized by 


^m^ - 11). «^^* jB!r^ufBjsipekf€s>ir^fB€0. 

«syeo^/rfiv^ Ga^L-tJBMuuiKB ^^fi>^^)iu ^deotus^ Q^trifia^^ ^6or 

€5. dilTtn Qp{p&^ eu(r^tb^Q)iri Gato 
(uiP-aDff«) €r-^^ — ^ifltujr/ruj Lo«c)AC/rir(B it/rm^m^ ajguud^^^u iSor 

q/gS — ^i^^QLjcu/r. ua9(BLDirL.jQJiriTtS^^ QjaruQuuu^ ^(ajB^mp€utrjDi^p& 
SeorSnsnu^p^fl ^SRoQiudrjpi s(Q^& Qair^QearQpiudrp ujirear g)^ Qu/r 

{Qfi - u - 65>/r.) — ff/roiili ^fprn^ - (^/f?iL/mff©rfl(?/r/r(3) tfir 

1131. To those who after enjoyment of sexual pleasare suffer (for 
want of more,) there is no help so efficient as the palmyra horse. 

SL. GjBir^ QjL^tDLf Qp»iSi(^ mL^QetJjpt 

w(^i^^ir^Qaear Qi^vo^n^csiiiiSp Qs^iuut.^Qutr(rf^ ffskiiB^ a^ 

ajSssipQtuiTfruLiii a€s>t—ut3i^(ip^€Scu QpaiQearSiBis^ui iBir€SffetsiT^i/8arp^f 
jif^of iB^QufTQp^ iiiEiQpQp&iruir€xsr, ^t^ihL^(tpu9(r^QLDGar^7^, jf/esioj^frs 
^LDQpesi^msinDpQurrQr^iL® Lot^Qeojp/QiDAp^ jya/err ^Gff^p(2^€Du:fupie^ 

Digitized by 


(0^ - u - en/r,)— 0/5/rg) - (^t^eu^(t^^f^ flies* fb) Quir(rfffl^ 

1132. HaviDg got rid of sbame, the snfferiDg body and soal save 
themselves on the palmyra horse. 

A— JBtrQ^dl /s&oev/rssTGDLo ue^trQeDL-Qtu eSenj^eriL^Qiu 
aiTQppqff Qirjpi UiL^io^ [ew 

(uiP • ODir.) cr^ffif — iB/r§gfnh iSaaajfrsssri^aDaeDLDiqih lufrar usai(Bce)L^ 

iBirasf — @i^ir\jSi€arQiFujfipaeSsr eDeos(Q6u^m ^mtstu) — ^earpp^^ 
fl^fftrffi /BppeOm ^/es>Q/ uMBeirenesr^ Qarjpmeirffi Q^Q^turrab^p ai^ 

iqu) iS(^iBfi ^€&res>uiGniutnthj umrQi-Qj^GitQesr , ^eni^Qajesi'—i 
(^j;fGs>€usn'LD<iflireo Saa^^e^irea^^ sirQppQffS' ^j^ un^io - sirLb 


1133. Modesty and manliness were onoe my own ; now, my own is 
the palmyra horse that is ridden by the lostfol. 

(uf -ODfl'*) er-^^ — tuirarparSsfsra at^^^p^a QsirML^tefrgggti eAeetr 
aaia>uAHLDir8tu i^SsaraSsir erarGfipiSH^^^ stnxiuxrSltu ds(f(UL/ar«a QsirmitB 
QuirairSAp^^ er-^« 

j^^Q^PiuojuitrLJL^trfi ^dssruL^^Sdta^^p^s a(BthLf€9Q9»f(n^, Qu 
(QfS "Urn GD/r,)— (/B/reJr fsesi^gsri ai^^fipf^iiQestremi^)^ 

iuQeueirmtLireaffi^ jloj^qiL - {ereaeJUpiSB^ffi) QaifGssrOi Quit 

Digitized by 


1134. The raft of modesiy and manliness, is, alas, carried off by 
the stroDg cnrreDt of Inst. 

(liiP - fiDir.) CT-^^ — LDrrBs\>uQuirQp^^a €ssrgp!ueSdk(^/B ^tufffSsurtLnh 

Qfih ^Qjerrfrp psruuL-i—Q^&ffjpuhy ^QiL^tr&a iSah^/SiuQ^ ^n-jpnE^esoDiuQes 
earuj^Q^nearp^ Q^iruSsosr^jpii Q^iti^Quj^^iei sk.^^^* jt/uQuojir fi-6w 

(Q ^^u-entr ,)^^i£iirt^ «L.jjP«@m jpiuSr - in(r2so&sfr€0^^ 

(uiP-ODir*) ' OT-^, — /8drQuGDfiafrjr€aerLDfra er^&eham ^d^sfr^fie ffifS 
QuGS)^Qtu€orp^ u^F^uaupfiiuearjpi LDL-as>Laup/S. §^a^a>p^piJf,u 

1136* Mine eyes will not close in sleep on jonr mistress's account; 
even at midnight will I think of mounting the palmyra horse. 

1136. She with the small garland-like bracelets has given me the 
palmyra horse and the sorrow that is endured at night. 

Digitized by 


sisa'-ui. ^P. Kir^uji^fD^GDirfifiii)^ ®a-<s5i ^Z^:^^ 


Qumressfip Quq^/b^As j9eo. 
[QuGDjg^QseorseisruL- QeoireoeOfrQojearuffiujbfiS ^/S^edjnriu 

(uf - €B>ir-) cr-^.,— «i-«3(pu/reo« i£€Sitnupp ^stTLDQ/sfraSdear lug^u^Sl^ 

aGSiirujpp sirt^Q/Bfrestiu ^ss^ueSi^^in^ LLi^eo ^m - iLL^&frinir 
Qeuqffi£ieo (^Quirjpiji^Q^iSp)^ QuGssrcsS&n-Qusisr (^\9ipuLJi) 

1137. There is nothing so noble as the womanly nature that would 
not ride the palmyra horse, though plunged a sea of lust. 

M* rffesypujSiujir m^earefiiu Qir&i^^ sirtn 
mesypiSpiB^ Lborj^ u®l6* 

(uff - fiDir.) CT'^f — §iQjirSG5>pajnoo iBiriS^rr^p &ifliuQfr&Tp^^^&o 
eiGir^Q^Aujp Qpars^iB^t-LLt^ iDseBQtrsaru^ euqffsSlA&u uiLi^jp* 

QudhQiuQitrjpiua S)^ ujp^Q/sir(BSppeo GQjm(BQiJORii'u^E) ^/Suuirp Sf^/S 

(Qfl - u - €8>/r.) — (®^/?), fSen/D jfif^uulr (ereSr^^) - 
Sios>pajifi^ (/6/rii3 QmpQ Bn'efr^^p(^^ j^SiajQir&sT^ jif^^nm 

(^a//r) mesip^fB^edi 65l./§^, marjpi uOiL - ^€S)uu9Il^^^ Qeu 

1138. Even the Lust (of women) transgresses its secrecy and 
appears in public, forgetting that they are too chaste and liberal (to be 
overcome by it). 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(uiP - GDT.) er-^, — cu/reSr Qpeorean-iiQ Sppv^trar creoco/r® OujeBraBr 

u^ojEi^^e^^ihueoir^eOm iDjpf^jsco^edJr/r^ed, ^U}u^LD&d(^i£nr«Spjpif 
QjeJIcLjp^Q/SfrSSppeo GeuariBQiDdtru^trLD* ^fieSeotrQirforujfirtLth utruth* 

^L-ttsQtSjrfrinid mfrQesTQeiueiiuuiL® j^jBeQuQuGsr^ erAjpi 

1139* My lust, feeliog that it is not known by ftU, reels confused 
in tbe streets (of this town), 

(uP - ODff«) eT'ffiy^^ttjfTEiQatL^LDn'jpiLDar/Sa aear(Bg^ps/rgfiLDn-jpi Gii 
OiiniufieSitsofrir iBstrtBdnqr^ir^ jifOJlTBiiBieor^ Q^iuQdrp^ tufroppp Qeirtuseir 

aear^Qesrarp^ (ipearssssn—fiiufTGSiin u^ssviriBeerp^^ ^p^Q^ir^BSsf 

69>ia) &[!iiSi&frQf^ir I (^jj^euSr ^uutf.^ Q^iuQesrp^)^ tuauiUiLi-.'' 
uj/rLo ^a>L./5^ QmiriumZar^ MJX>i * fiirui ^ODL-tuirann 

1140. Even strangers laugh (at ns) so as to be seen by nS) for 
they have not suffered. 

^esr^sirQ^pQJtrpoip^ Q^tri^m afi^jpi i^^LDj QjGDfrojirs aLL^^Quir&^ir^ 
^&frjpiQQjsSan^ fi&oms^j/s O^irifimh jifQjeueoes>n' tuoteirpcsiA afi^^H^fi 

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ueojTjSiurro' utrssQajfi fsaeo. 
[iljfeOec^^ULjLlL- tSpsD/D^(rarjpi euifi fi^BOLcaSsar^ Q/gtrtfi 

(uiP-ODir*) er-^f — inL,iss>^Qfun- Qt—Uit3eB>t^fBL-Lj sec/flcBr^ eareojrir 

i8p(^QLjyarjp/uif upjuiaQsirL-tr^Bu ^oiGmfieotrjr/SuSp ^pc^Qflirtfiojir 
ofjpiEi 6kjS^)iAr. (ippjpiLDies>in cSssn-jr^^irpQa^sa^* 

(^jifeuZsffu Qupp^Quirici) /SSboOu^o); ^fsiatr ^ jifiB&^sdQup 

(^jpfpjpiQiesfp) Uto-Ud^Lo, jiifiiutrir - jif/8tuuiinLi-.irir. 

1141. My preciona life is saved by the rise of rumoary and this, to 
my good luck no others are aware of. 

&.. LCeojr^iretfr sgAt^ eirq^GSiua tujSiurr 
(uf-ODV.) er-^y^LDeoirQun-^a amBsB8rtLjesiu.ajfreir^ triu^p s(^gs>lo 

(^jif6uQetnr(B) uffidh^pSeo^ eraki;^^-, Ffifs^ - i^usB^fs^. 

1142. Not knowing the valae of her whose eyes are like flowers 
this town has got np a mmonr about me. 

Digitized by 


iKu. QL.(jfffjifQ^ir ^ir/Sisfi Qssetreneu ujflSairu 

Qupptorear/Sir^LD — Qu/bpeuifiiLjeir^ir iSarumQufr^ LSaruQpeDi^Gs>u3, 

1143. Will I not get a ramour that is known to the (whole) town? 
For what I have not got is as if I had got it (already). 

9*. ^&J€S>euajirp s&i^^ airuc^ in^eQenC 
(uiP-ODV.) er'^y—er^s^iTLDih §jajQiPfr(Bai@Ap jifeojnrQeifr ajooa^^sii 

MQjQeu&sr pesiSF^^ ^try^^eSi Loes^puu** erAi^tfimjD^* 

fli2ed {L\GSiU.flifl!rSpjpi I JBf^ ^GfrQpio - ^weueoir ^^SiOiu/r 

1144. Bamoor increases the yiolenoe of mj passion; without it, it 
would grow weak and waste away. 

®. ^eii^Qjsrrjpaa aetr^essTL-^eo QediLL-pQffp airiLUi 

Digitized by 


^tuiTGO ijyeO0U) @diru^ Q^PtuiuirSarp Q^&ru^rrui' 

1146. As drinking liqnor is delightful (to one) whenever one is in 
mirth, so is last delightfnl to me whenever it is the subject of rumour. 

^oQ^'hsau uirLDLiQairdsr L-pjpi. 

(uiP - oftir.) er-^, — 'juirdr «/r^e06B>/rtf arnggnpuQupp^ 9(S&'^^'^ 
Qp, ji/^eS^^Qjeorr jifOjeueireSppearfi^ ^la^^eau utnhufil&fraaL^ eu&onQuir 

airifiiu^ayjsa strffssonnniB ^u^i^^ffiu utrLDLfQsfr€kt^pQp&(r(j7;&r, g)® 
(Q^ - u - 65)/r.) — aessri^jp - (^asoo/Zfew/B/rew) sirasaruQup 

1146. It was but a single day that I looked on (my lover) ; but 
the mmoup thereof has spread like the seizure of the moon by the serpent. • 

cr, MTiTQ/^ Q&eaGSi€d QiuQ^euira 6U6ir&8rQ<F/r«T 

effjrirs £(&^lSi6 Qibtriu. 
[«ufi»/rcv/f£-. ^p(n^€tnnu ^SsoiDsdar^ ^BsOLDs^ir SestpuLipfi^fr^jS 

QQjm(BQin€Bra^ Q^iridQ&dlBuiSiiueutfi jffOj&rQs^ir&ofSiuffi.'] 
(uiP-«»ir) cr-^, — QsafTLDGetriurrQaLJ uuSUr g)e/g^«r Lnae/i^Qir(Ba@ 
arp jyeo/r 6T0Q;/r« ^ffiGaiKB jff^B^ Q€u^eSar(BQ6FireO£fi@drp Qeu^Qa^rreo 
tS/rirsy Qj&rjTtriBssrpffif er-jpi* 

^CSB^/sp Ga^Qiiroj^fSfrGLD M^pGa^QJirsfr /SApetffQomu^fnh. ^es>ir 

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(0^ - u • GD/r.) — giiQmtnu - giiairLdQisirtuirQiu {uiQi), 

1147. This malady (of Inst) is manured by the talk of women and 
watered by the (harsh) words of my mother. 

^. Qptuujtr Qeofi^jpuQu QihArppQffp Q&eaGSiOiiuup 

(0^-Li-GDyr.) — QaetTGf^eutuiiio - (^tueaeulr erSaSear^) jf 
eojrrr^earL-irQ&fTp^ airintb - snrLn^Gnjs^ jp^uQull cr^tai^-jtjS 
uQuQuiAjM ^iSafT^flio^ QiBtuujirio — , erii - QiB(r^uQiiu^ ^ffiu 

1148. To say that one conld extinguish passion by mmoar is like 
extinguishing fire with ghee. 

Q/iB^ &es>puLip^^tr ^fseofiiffi sijeoir^jS tuir'ppid 
(uf - cnir*) eT'^^f-^^theDLD Qiu^truuiljL^^irarjpi SAcSpiSfiQ^^ 
^pm^iSeg BSirQinfkeotrir 6n.jpiijieoQr^i^ mtressr^shJBQin(r stLd^irffi^ er^jpi^ 

^p Q^ifiQeon'(B (tpi^mjs^* amrL^rrir 9trggiiSBsoes>LDiuuiinu (u/rib sngfifi^ 

ueoSr fBiresar - (^69rjpirdS6rarL.fii;/f) U€0(igui mir^piiheuanSj £^/ss 
sesiL^ m (/sas€0)LD€flAl(8) SttQiuSar, ^eu/f - (^lueoeii/r j^pjpf 

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1149. When the depariare of him who said " fear not" has put 
me to shame before others, why need I be ashamed of scandal. 

6S0. ^ti LdQeuessTLf. €sre\i(Qeufr sir^eoir luiru^QeueifrCBiba 
Qae(res>6u Q(U®^(^ iS&j^lr, 

(uiP - co>ir.) er - ^^ — ^^t^arQutrap Qa^eutrsQ^aS tuirihueoBiQi-. 

u^ Q^iTSsrps arr^ecQirdr^eir, ^^^Sq^uffiutTLJBLa u^asrHrj^ei^iS^^ih* 

{Qfl - u - GD/r.)— uj/r/i — , (^^ezerOiu Qmweneu - (a_£— ear 
QufTfsp^m iBiriTGBsnnirfieoupjS (Lp€irGgr(Sin) Qj€F&uufl»trQiu ^ 

1150. The mmonr I desire is raised by the town (itself) ; and my 
lover wonld if desired consent (to my following him). 

s fl} t^ ai ^t 

(Q/Suuirgfii€BS^frBffiSfLp£fthf iSJIai€08rir^Sfueutfia/ih,p^mf ^^uiafsriSliflis 
^ifi ^pj[it€S^QmG^iriffd»Q^jS^LDa&tLDjpi^^^^h,p£^QLDar gtr^oiesi&autrp 


Digitized by 


(uiP-68)ir.) OT-^, /^ QtUth€S>LDU tSi^lUfT9SiLD tL^i^fTtSidsr jy^&w QaJSSs 

^ Q^Fireo, ;SlooQ^iTiQiuu iS^ih^Quinu eSeDirm^euQ^^tM QdFireO€S)emjiniS^ 

(QjS • u - GD/r.)— Q4F^6»/rsDLQ a_6wrGi_6u . (if cniflnru) 
^; u^pjpi - ^^gaam, /Sear 6U<5U cwiTQ/ - {iQBi^Quiriu) Sm 

1161. If it is not departure, tell me ; but if it is your speedy return, 
tell it to those who would be alive then. 

^60745 ^^GSii^^^irp L/6wr/fa/. 
(uiP - »ir.) CT-^, — jsoDLfiiLia ames^tumQsrrmiB iSaaaSi^p @/r«ar^ 

uiriTQjQtfO€Bfp^^p Li€JsiiTd^SQu^^ iSkoreifiBsosaireoih QupuuLJL^^ 
tLjODu^^^ir^eoireu^ ^^QP&r^^^ Qf&saQiuSp ptB^^jpii ^iaxrs — tfOToflgj 

(Qfl - £j . GDir.) — (^flDjpiq a)/r&Oiqiu QsiretSff® t9&rGS€irp 
/B/rerfl^), jycw/r uirireuio - jfeujr^ uirnresyeuinn-^^jrnpu^^ (uessti 

1152. His very look was once pleasing ; but (now) even intercourse 
is painful through fear of separation. 


Digitized by 


•(uf - ooflr.) eT'^f-^tSflQujQeararp js^Qe^freo^^ih iBtht^fl o/rrp^muy 
pth ^fiif(i^(^K^^f et^jpi* 

cap fis^Q^irsaSBOinui^ i6thi9/li€ij Q uir(7rfGr>tn€iDUJiLfu^^ Mfiflg^G^L^ 

1153. As even the lorer who nnderatands (everythixig) xaay at 
times depart} confidence is hardly possible. 

QpjSajiriri QernQt^fr fieujsn. 

(uF - cnir.) cr-^j— erjS^uuLli. ^irarQp ^SBOiue/SQ^tu^ SAeSp 
iS^Qiudr jif^^Qesdsrpojir ^trQm iSear iS/fiojiriniSdrf ji/oiifsaarfi jifOJir Qp 
eSkSpp QiFir&A> QiDiuGtueap QpeSiiptrir^^a (gppQpagQi^fr, er^jpi* 

QpfituirQir^u^ pdirBsvu iSpirGun'pdfL.peo. Q^Ftreo^^Q^Ftus^ Qintro/ 

(Q^-Lj-GJ)/r.)— jy6*fl/i^ - {cr^n^uuiLL^mirQen) p2sdiueii 
Q^iu^^ jye5^^ ermpckiSr - (a-gJrSbreflCOiIf iS/flGjueir) jf^^tr 
P(g Qeuarpeuir (fisirQiri), /SuiQ&fr - (BcwGew) iBHeuirinnSim^ 

ssuuiLi-. O^/reo&o, QpjSaJirirAQ - (QiLiuQajAjpiyOpefiiifleuir 

^&9 fi^Jpi - (SPP'^i aL.GxrQL^ir - WL^etrQ^ir^ \j§j€\)BBO€rarputf.j. 

1164. If he who bestowed his love and said " fear not" should de- 
part^ will it be the fault of those who belieyed in (his) assuring words ? 

®* gp^^ esroiiLibprrir iQ/HQeuinhu&fT iLppeuir 
(uf • ens*) er^^y-^-eTdrgiiiSeDtrd: Q^&eoirmp atr^^tutr^ar^ j^p&vr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iDpjpi'—^^inirpfieetseBar sj/bjs^* 

(Qjss - u - 6tn/r.) — ^LoiSeSr - (jsTG^s^tQesiirip Q^eoe^au^e^'^ 

1156. If yon woald save (my life), delay the departure of my des- 
tined (basband) ; for if be departs, interconrse will become impossible. 

^GBrjgfi ^ihiStf^e&BBBT tLjeaarir^^Lh ojarsmcDLD tLjeDL^tujrrraS^f ^^^eaesuMJnk 

^Qf/Bsnn — utuaniJS^ eSebcc/roDiA* siu^tSlQ^iBQ^ ,gfAi3ea^/Su iSif^Qemr 
§gl$^£^ih ^€asrfr^fi£^Lh weOeoinruS^fr tSifiiB^Qurriu ^GiFi^esn-jufffraj CiLcsLO 

{QfB - u - en/r.) — j^CkiSr - (^mm^ iSffajQuirQffGTiU^ujjSiifi) 

1166. If he is so cmel as to mention hisdepartnre (to me), the 
hope that he would bestow (bis loye) must be given up. 

6r, ^GSip€UG7 jpipmjsesiin ^pqffQmtresf QpAGS^s 
aSssypsQpeuir iS&np a/2sfr. 

(uriP -AT.) er^jPf — jp€S>p€udr ^egrSeoru tSditu^^ppeDLDOnu jif&spt^sfir^ 

Digitized by 


«s«r cr^VM/SeSiuirGa/fTf ^f&gpiaBrirji/s oj^sBrn-ts^euiB^ Suj/SsSl^^io Q^'m(B 

fi/«^ dh,ppundso lueoBsotufrtu iSnjih ^^ojeu^seir Qs^iu^esrQ&i Q^uj^frQiuemu 
Lfeoi^ siLfiiuajfrjpi' 

69)65 ^Gsyp - (^GTGfr^ (jpefTGDS ^GDpiBe^&fTjpiu^^ ^peuiTiSofrp 
6i;3sir - a^peoiT&Gsrp 6w2s»riueo«6ir, ^pqffQ&tre^ * {jsr&ns^) j^^ 

1167. Do noi the rings thai begin to slide down my fingers fore- 
bode the separatiou of my lord. 

(uiP-«Dir*) €T'jPj — LD««fl/ri(g^ ^Ei(^uu/SuLi/B QfitTifituffiiiieiitr^ Qojp 

fiu LieoaSdr(j7^Girn's€9^, ®6Br6af7«).S)2ir Qtrdr^&r^ 6.ec8tueo an.jpiwir&r Quit 
(Q/s 'Urn Gsitr.'^-^^GSfm ^io tm-ir - (£A6C6yf)/fig^/zr fido(^jSi 

1158. Painful is it to live in a friendless town ; bnt far more pain- 
f al is it to part from one's lover. 

A. Q^Ifif.pmt^ Gfreoeoffi airinQusiriu Quireo 
cQi^porL^ ei)irpj^Quin' ^, 
[aiTiDV^QfuQutrarjOf ^n'€Mrp€Su,^mfl^ ^LDirseoirA iSojjrppA 

(uiP - €»ir.) CT-^, — ^^ ^drSsv^QjifriLt^rrp ^iLfraSp ^(Bjieoeoeo^ 
atriDUitrQiu GeiriuQun-eop fsdrdsanuwar^p puutt^ ^^^8^ QipQ(trfy mini: 

er(BuifniSQeir€eru^ LDi^Fma^m^a^irfi pihtSasuut^tr/s^trtSi Qesrdrp 
^frjpi. etTLDfi^p s^CjiBioSso Qmekufr&r Gjir&rir ^L-0wdr(2^. ^Bpi^^m 

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1159. Fire barns when torched ; bat» like the sickneas of love, can 
it also bum when removedP 

^0. ^H/sirp/S iue)€vQ^iu ISAQu i9Si€UirpjSu 

(uiP-ons.) er^ffif—jiififfi ^fi ^ioeooo Qetnu SaQ tSfithf^/Su tSi 

uckr€»LjSp &puu/s flSlBDajeSQuA) fiAt^jpiQAp QotiAjsMrQtar 
Jlfoo^lfi^^ ffi^L\Jpififb (Qt^LDL/B^io jiiif^iuQflirar^s€^ar jy/Doj^ftv^ Q^ii 
Q^eBrjD/thj Q£Fed£^^ Q^tu^^ s/^fraSiurr^ /S&QpQijaarj^th ^(if^cffi^^h 
VLiiTiDirpfi S(i^a(B^uM' QparQsararj^ih Jt^ouroi^trdr tr^^^frarjpt ^iQ^ijfi 

Hp^^ iurrifia>^, w^, Q^dfrpQeodr/SGDOJ Qp/geofrs ^iffi J)fji&^ A/err/ruuor 
ofu) ^pjDwS^tuoitra^p iS^oirrp/S Qiu^jpiih, ^Aair^esiBOtr aSar/StusDuaJir 

fli/0LScb&D QiuGfu^ (gfiuuirpQ^v^pu iSiAe^df^^ €uiry^(rir uooQfrdijfiB 

mpu iSdiQs/ar^&r* Q^puj^, iS^Q^ ^^p/SQajarueir ^fisop ^eaatuitat jyo/w 
^pp ^(Sfismu^Gagjr Sarpear* SpuLfuyes>iD dlstrir^^irp Q^is^* uffguSp 
wj^l/Bqi Qeosirujp sQ^^ffi^ 

(0;S?.ij-6B)/r.) — ^SQe^freo^Qarpffi ^^(Q^)l J^Si^^pfi^ 

(l9]flGD61/ ^fieSififS fiOl-.;^^^) ^flp@ tL.L^U^UlL(B^ jfio€oio 

1160. (As if there were) many indeed that can consent to the im« 
possible, kill their pain, endue separation and yet continue to live afte^ 

Digitized by 



fi^souMi&r fiirsajpiQaip ^i^u^^Ssar eruQurrQ^^th iSBsor^^^issr ^itSdsst 
A. UiGSipuQuesru^Ar tu ir cS qq(S jss ir Q kit €SiUJ i3i€S>puucuiri 

(uir - 0>ir.) 6r-^,— g)/5(?«/r«>iutj iSpirfi^^^eaB tuirfhr mesipiurr Sar 
Qpar ; /Spuofii), S}o%^ jifimfrmatmir Sddeotr^ /StrGo/miBQuyar /Seapuu 
Ms(^ voLpjpi in LB(QLDrrjMQu/raf tSstrfB^p^, er^jp/. 

jfLDLDODp^^cotrp utuQear&r Qeoretru^uL^ S^peDintSd^, uyeer ^tfi 
Quiroi fFm(B^ ^iKBuQuiulFjpi fiSi^ iQdrp^. QocQ^trir QeireotuQiudrjpt 

ojeb Qeumr(BQLDdru/Bfrth. 

(0^-u-«D/r.)— lu/rcJr — , Qisira>uj - ^liQiBirGSiiu^ inesipu 
QuGSf - (^t9pjrjS/sp(Q/6rrmH) in€s>pujiriSGfiQp&T' (/3/d<S6i/iL), 
gjooQfiir - g^mQietrQtuir^ gjes^puueuirs^ - (^SirQeuGzrQQtndrjpi^ 
^GS^puQuir!ri(Q^ mmpj^iSkQuireO''^^ t£^u^ - Quq^^ld^ 

1161. I would hide ibis pain from others ; bat it (only) swells like 
a spring to those who drain it« 

JKBfiQcodirgii iBffMi-^s$w ^arjp/QiFtuco CA/fiur® 
(uiP - cnir.) 6r-^^ — QiQairanu FFsSsreDi^ojir jrfituirunir uy€s*p^^^u} 

eyu) ereasQ erraJI^^ ^irjrffStirp^, g)68WOiu«r Qs^iuQsrr, cr-^. 

90 atrBsoiQafrayBn-dr LS(j^fi€Sp aff^^s^ mrrpQp QeBrarjpujay Qs^uS 

Digitized by 


fid^LH - (67607650) « /T 6997/6^0 £2^ (g)69f) OTcirO^^ajOcueW j. 

1162. I cannot conceal this pain, nor can I relate it withoat ehame 
to him who has caased it. 

Qq)Q) eiji^u^tS GfTdi^^. 

uear^euajTQjinu ^irua nsirsaraeir ^ih(tpQeinr^^ ft.ttS/B^ uSjueStufr iSenpen^ 
ujfT^ ^Qjpffii Qeinrdr/Sdr^ €sifip3iLD(nLi-ir€S>LDSar ^oo^pQp^(B QicAu 

Q^iLJ^6UfrdS(^') Q^fre^eiQekKriLu.trfi iBfr ^i ihy crest QmirQ)^L.Ui 

ii9^u^) Q^tribJ^Q&TpeoT. 

1163. (Both) lost and shame, with my sonl for their shoulder pole 
balance themselves on a body that cannot bear them. 

Qu^LLU L{2esifrmeiTgpi lEHo. 

ai^uuQnGsrp Q^trffiis^i^ O^/reoeSoj^.] 
(uf - emir*) er-^j — vjtroiira^iji tLora/inu ^(^Qeap SiojeSjrafL^S!^ 

®(J^\^fL\ui weinssui ft.Lb(y)u> .lyoxsp/SSb. ^j^eScKB §lfiPQu Lfiasvujir 

{Qfl-U'GSitr.) — (oj/raiff^AgjLo eL.GzrL.trtu euQ^Qeirp gj^ewr/^ 
fiO/STT^m), «/rLo««i_(?60— », fi-.6wr® - (6r69^«@) a-6wrL-/rS6ir 

1164. There is indeed a flood of last i but there is no raft of safety 
to cross it with. 

Digitized by 


dB6Ber-u). •^^. uu.irQLL€Sii^jnbj&i». Qj^bl, <^^y 


(uf-enir.) cr-^, — §j^u^ Qspiu^p^i^iu tsiLtS^&GsstQaBr ^ewueujr 
^$sar^ Q^djiu oi&oeoeufr ^dru^ Qa^tu^p(^iu ueDsBoaoMGur er^Q^uLiwiT 
Q&fTooQeoirj eT'-jpi, 

GOLD Ffesar(Bs str^^)GS>LDu9ar ^fi//r Q^Fiueu^ tufiiULjQup/SIQeo Qu>aru^ui-. 

UGS>^^ creuesr ^eun- Qaire) « er^etsrQiFuueuQjnr, 

1166. He who can prodnoe sorrow from friendship, what can he 
not bring forth ont of enmity P 

Ar. ^GfTuth ai^&nnpj^s sirub tnoofiCBijairp 

[^airtn^fiireSaru Qpp^T^irs^ jif^etfi^tu ffieofuQpuy Bjqrfolu^p 
(uf-ooir.) CT'^f — aiTLDth LfOBrirmjir ^iearu^QsptutL^AstriHf ^ojeB^uiB 

inpjsv — Sdesnuirpfi^swr eui^^* jifiBAsirQtiOGjr €uifics>uiiS^, mjpi 

fiirih); mpjsv ^oo^^^eS jifsairuiiBfiirQear^ jif(Bih aario - (i9if) 

1166. The pleasure of lost is (as great as) the sea ; bnt the pain 
of lust is far greater. 

Digitized by 


tuirQesr lutruSlQeBrarf «£(qu) ®p%ffiutL(Bfueffi Quirsir ^Q&r^^irSatQps^^ 

luirQsfT luiruSlQea' Qearesrujp ^^SBmajfruSp/Sd^ Qajcarg^ (Q/SuiSpjpi* 

(O^-Lj-GP/r.) — siru^ui s(Slui LjeareostrLDLnaSuLjaL^ied^ ii^ 

&T ^ ^pekiir^Q^sQarQpdiT ; ^fFOfitrq^ ^^Smuutum ^(^«^ 

1167. I bave swam across the terrible flood of last, bat bave not 1 
seen its sbore ; eyen at midnigbt I am alone ; still I li?e. I 


^. LD6Sr^a9 Qire^ieotrm ^iQpfi tueHfi^jrir 
QeuGgre9f€0€0 ^^2bo ^dsssr. 

Q^jpi^dBssr tLOiL^/sflnSp/ScodBOj cr-jy* 

^iSpfiQuj€srji ^(fl/sffi/Beirp tSSsvQtui^u} jifoirrtu fBSBOoufrdr eiifi 
flLa>L.;£^/r^C?60/r® Qpt^fSjSffi. ^iSknrQfuir Qi^irdrjp/Qarp tLuSirnQeireoeiiirui 
eStJS §lpi6^u(B QLD&>BB^aj^)ttj ^rdrSsorQiu ^Aanuiras Qairi^tiOA JifieSef 
QpAu^upfi i^sifl^0^6Br(^6ir ; Qs^ffSa^fiuL^, 

^e^isd - (u^esiL^^fiiinSlp) ^^2bo, 

1168. Tbe nigbt wbieb gracioasly lalls to sleep all living creatortfi 
bas me alone for ber companion* ' 

'a. Q^Slft^ujirir Qsir®Gs>L£iiBp Qr^ijQairtf.tu eBitbir 

Digitized by 


(uf - CBir*) €T'^^ — eirfieoQjrn<B g/riSeBn^pp Qpar^^ae/i^p (^oj 
9uir\u jffOjir tSfieuirpQp uairQ^srp Sji/s/r&ras^Qeo Qxi^MJoj/rtu^ Q^ioSeirp 

pear, er^jpt. 

Seer par QMrupfrth* 


1169. The long nights of these days are far more cruel than the 
heartless one who is torturing me. 

\jSeaf&mra^ Quffip stfisQarpear oz/rffeflar ^jpputrdn 

(uiP - oar.) cr - ^j — iDnarthQuirei^m afr/gcodj/nreir Q^iu^^m sipifiiji 
Q^eceo Q/^)ea€Bro//rtt9€9rj erar ^wraar Sjaeieanh QeuGrarui/rQtu fii/ioDtr 

MdeotQ^ ujirssSlar tLMarih QutreaQp&trjpiui, Qld(uA(^ tei^sffi Q^eoeoQtUG&rQ 
stSp ssSerai&r ^^Q^jfBQsF^jsi esirfieoirtoiri sirckrL^eo ^mJL^irO^&sr^it sq^ 
^fifrp Q^ec^piSQm€srj[»m Ou/S^fir* ®^&^ ^(jfjSarp eu^sirJTQpi Q^ir 

{Qfi m u m «J)/r.) — 9L.efrerru^Quirdrjpi - iLGffLoQuir&rjpi^ a^cir 
Ckufi - (6S/r^6\)/f) ^(T^^Qp fBiriLt^p(^f Q^i\)@pi9aT ^ (^sifL^Qe^^ 

QtAjerrenLLrrSuj (flfi) Sesur^ mifse^ - Skpstr^ 

1170. Could mine eyes travel like my thoughts to the abode (of my 
absent lord), they would not swim in this flood of tears. 

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Sfoo^iroj^ sms&r ^AsirtLS eD^uutr^ 6u(i^s^^ii>» atriLB^^u 

(uf - 0>ar*) eT'^f^—Ql^^Gs^tufr GeiresHu tutrLD/Ss^^ jgfrQuiiLS^ 
sitiLlJoI^^u^P Qapp Qa^tuuiJBQurrQ^&r €ij(t^^ssuuiLi^^* g)«r 

1171 As this incurable malady has been caused by my eyes wbich 
•bowed (him) to me^ why should they now weep for (him). 

eOGO/r Qcir^Q/Bdrp tLekramser ^j&irjpi g)^ mihiDtreoei/i^fiira^p Quirjpt^ 
(Qfi - u - GDT.) — QflBik^ SL.essrjTO' - (^Quie\)^2sir€Ufi&sf) 

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er 13/697 - ojff^ iBSsfir^^ f 

1172. The dyed eyes tbafc (then) looked without foresight, why 
shonld they now endare sorrow, withont feeling sharply (their own 

Q^Ftuii)^ tBs^ /sAss^ - (^mLo/rOeu) Sfimsfl^ia ^uje»€syu^ 

1178. They themselves looked eagerly (on him) and now they weep* 
Is yot this to be laughed at ? 

(uiP-fiDir*) 6r-^j — ^eursGars&Tj ^f«rjpi turrgmutuuin'LLL^freDLXis Gs^ 
Q/eSireavu) Sit oip/SeSiLL^ear ^ er-jpi, 

ft.uj&o ^p(rff - (/5/r697) i9iGsnpsaLL!nLL^irGSitni(^ ^sr^cuirQiu^ 

Sir ^eoibfi m iSa^ospfieSiiLL^esr^ 

1174. These painted eyes have caused me a lasting mortal disease, 
and now they can weep no more, the tears having dried up. 

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riJiP - €8)/r.) cr-^,— — €r68r«^45 sl^^^ S/S^frih ^sSaressiui Quff^iruj 
^j€eru^€s>^tLi QptpQJtT /S^pear* 

Mp(jff - (^fifTQpui) ^a'ijQQ€\)einrQ , €s>ufieo S-^^s^u) - ^eaup 
C0>^(LfU) jif^ueQ^iQ^frpesr^ 

1175. Mioe eyes have caused me a Insfc that is greater than the sea 
and (they themselyeB) endure the tortnre of sleeple 

iSeoir pQ^ppscSarQasruiLL^jfi iB&o^iBeSpinSipjjpi^ «r-^* 

{QfiS - Li - «>/r.)— 6rLQ«@— , ^mQiBfriu - ^sairmQisirernu, 


1176- The eyes that hare given me this disease have themselves 
been seized with this (sufEering). Oh ! I am much delighted. 

fiihiDspj^eirSir jifpGpQutrs* er^jpi* 

^®^@ ®ssiLjtSt^iT€s>iMik€isr m£p^* jifjpipvonQfU ^L^p^ iSsyfQufr 

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4Eis^*iL. ^P. ssssreQ^uu^fifiio, ®^A «/>,rr. 

euGniru uair^fs ssAraefr^ e^^pi^ e-^/6^ *- (^Atj^i jg^tsjairmeo 
jifQpflfbjp/GfTu^GDjs^ SVSPJLjgQ^^ ^^iugQs^^ Sir * 

1177. The eyes that became tender and (razed intently on him, may 
they Boffer so mach as to dry up the fonntain of their tears. 

SiutrppicQ&j€sar(B Qtnaip 0^trifiit(^^ Q^ireoeStu^-'] 

Q^iueotrpiSi^m^ iSarpesiusuSp Qu^Qfi^jpniif (tpcircvreoa) utrfftrtLt^u 
tSS^^^dpth QjdfrQuira>piL^ sk^^^ira^p QutLt^trQirevjpi^ ah./S^)^' 
^^^ — ^j^ttSfiD^^AW fiy/^^^. LDp^pt^-^SBsorLxyfrp/Saramr ^/sjg^* §fsir 

peot Qwaru^fTih* QjctSIs QditrGsaradefSfQuj^jpi utrL^mmiSar , cr^sma&r ^ua 

1178. He is indeed here who loved me with his lips but not with 
bis lieart bat mine eyes suffer from not seeing him. 

A, eunrjnrssirp jpf^^T eufipjp/^^a- euffiSlGSiL^ 

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(Qfi - u - «D/r.) — euffFffisirio - (a/r^cu/r) ennjrir^tBfr&T 

1179. Wben he is away they do not sleep ; when he is present 
thej do not sleep ; in either case, miue eyes eadare unbearable agony. 

(uiP - on IT.) et'^y — SI LnQULDuQutrsmui jifGSipu€S>pturr@aj sessesSihsr 
LompQajdirp^ fFexr(B u>€S>pMUL/BQjfiBEsr» ^a^^ Ssipeu^Bssru L\p 

QQjefiuu(9^fiiT/8aFp€Br Qajcaru^tru)* 

(0^ - Li - «n/r.) — GTii Quirio - CTLLGninuQuir^Co^ jifGSip 

1180. It is not difficnlt for the people of this place to undersiaod 
the secret of those whose eyes, like mioe, are as it were beaten drams. 

S/jp ufLjL^ppucu^jrQeoesr eSifltifj), ^oo^troi^ u^PuLfjpf^eorr^aj a/^ 
^irp(7^GS>LDiuirdr €U(i^€uQ^trirSpQeujpiufr(B» ®<^; ^^LD€Bdsors s/rearuQu^fS 

d>, jBiuifisu!ri(Q fBiosiroDLn QieltmQfiesr u^i/sQeuAr 
usssr^iuirkk ^GSiiraiQair Sp^ 

(uiP-ODir.) €r-^j — €r&ffBssr i6iuiB^&ira(g ^^Quitq^^ tSiflesiotiLiuui 

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j^ih tSpaQd^iu^ear^eoecQQj^uir&r u^/s^Qeu^ir Lj€ser Queer jp/ih^ tuir^ Qe^iu^ 
QsiTGxrL^^iearu^^Bssr ^eiSiQajn'(ff^^ffS(B^ Q^rreoeo^th utfiojirQioai gp.a 
s(^jifirreo uJirira^€s>tr3iQsirQMirjpiiB a»^^(ar. 

(0/5- u - 6B>/r.) — iBtuifieutri(Q - (crewSar) cOq^ldSiu fis&d 

1181. I wbo (then) consented to tbe absence of my loving lord^ to 
'whozQ can I (now) relate the fact of my having tnmed sallow. 

gftih QuQ^iS^^fitr^f €reorQLD€fii€s>aj QLDeoQsirm(B Q^^^^trS^p^^'ST^jpi* 

^^^Q^^QiBiru L^cifla(g£2) Qtueoirar ehJ5js^uiir gS^/tis^ 0^^}eo'' creor 
LjifiiLjUi ^Qj/r^eo gluQurrQ^LLL^ir/s eofia. Qoo^ ^jfleoiDup/S ^irQdrp^^ 
@};SP(3 ^ aeuvoeo Qtumt^tr Qeudru^rrih* 

u^ULf SipCa^ jifcuir — , fimfiirlr cr&fr^is fBesi&iuireo - (er&fdesr) 

1182. Sallowness, as if proud of having been caased by hinii would 
now ride on my person. 

[<^5P€) ^^fiV LDtfiiun-LDeo /8 tun-ppeo QQJ€&r(BQLDdrp 
QfifTifia^ QsFrreceQiuffi.2 
(uiP - GDir.) €r-^, — iStflQdip ^ireerOp ^ojeSljrgoori^p^is ^BsoLDrr^a 

/BtresdldBjrtLfui ^euir Qafrsar(BGufni9^irf €T^jpi» 

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1183. He has taken (away) my beaaty and modesty, and giren me 
instead disease and sallowness. 

aetr&Tu^ tSlpQeu/r u^uu^ 
[^MQeorpeun- Q^e^sQ^^ Qa^rrpeshfft^uy ^€u/r ispfipAaihau^ 

(uiP-G»«r.) cr-^, — ^€uir Qepaps^ lurrA m&r^^ir eiflS^ajirSpQuar, 
^irmd,ir£»esitruuj^ih jif&j/t tsp/SpeisSairQaj ; j^BiEKor^ Qa'iutufrSpsQfuj, 

cflsBT ^^6w- seosr^Bnh ^jfuuirp pGffQr^iBQf^s o/e^muiuSek, ^jsmQs^iuk 
a&f&TUirr u9^^Qjs€Br^ /gir^pjpi@arpa>in dh./SiU6ijfr(n^uSpjpi. 

(Q^ - u - GD/r.) (u/rcJr— ^ a-cir^gjo/eJr - (^cw/f Q^trp&iatr 
ihcsT^fiireo) iSSsarsQ^Qp^ ; ^Gs>iruu^' (^euirtuirei)) Q^ireiieiu 

i9pae^ih), u^uLf - u^2fei> Spui (euis^S&trp^)^ setreffui ^ 

1184. I think (of him) ; and what I speak abont is but his »oel- 
lenoe ; still is there sallowness; and this is deoeitfal. 

(uiP - a>T.) OT-^^ — uskr(Bu3 WEiafrfieonr o^mQa Q^Fvo^irjnrs, erar 

&LO/ff6K/r«nr ^QjaarrQesar^uesr ^iLi^earp eSiesyL^d^Q^rrps&r* Qj^iu 
QJs^€S)LDUJirp sfreixuearGDLD sQ^^uuL-L^jfi* jifeuiT Q^eoojih uvuiSesrjp ojjt 
etju) Ud568ircy6s67f)oor Q^eocsyu) eujr^uy Qu/reoeu s^is^€B)Qj/i^ ^/Stutrsiriu 

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1186. Jnst aa my lover departed then, did not sallowness spread 
here on my person? 

ek, oSetrs^/bpui utrlr^^ iSq^QeaQuirp Q^aessrsiGiT 
Qpajsappia uiriraQih uiFULf. 

strath uirir^^Qi(rffth u€fuL\u i^ifiQiQup(^GO eTeaQ^tuiuiT QiBOTuamh' 

(O^ - Lf - 6B>/r.) — e96W«(g - eQerr&Qssr^^ jifppta uirirs 

1186. Jast as darkness waits for the failing light, so does sallow- 
ness wait for the laxity of my husband's interoonrse. 

QsireaQajoru^ (j^esype^/Sarp^, ^efre^&Q&fr&TQ/j^ - ^eire^diQ&rr&r 
eiruLJBihQurrQ^' ^uLfes>u.Qutu/ra=&ii3/r^^ir^^p^ ^Qjeurr^tu^ @uL9/fl 

Qeo^ u^^uLf - ua^^BOiSpuiireifT^^ ^etreSiA QatreaeupQp - ^err 

1187. I who was in close embrace jnst tnmed aside and the mo- 
ment I did so, sallowness came on me like something to be seized on. 

^pfB^ir jreuQfreiiUT iFleo, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Lj^Q6srpes)LDuSi&r . 

(O^ - Li - a>/r.) — g)6U6Tr— », ua^iflir&r er^u^ jyAco/r^o- 

O^/r^6w^e06\)^, ^cuSsrr — , ^GkiH"-^^ ^p^fstfk er&JUfflr - ^7/d 

1188. Besides those who say *' she has tarned sallow" there are 
none who say " he has forsaken her". 

(uiP-fl»ir.) cr-^, — @tJL9/B68)Q;aj/r(?«Br tL/L-iiuOiL Q/a>« 0^fl-«)68(Li«//r 
^earjpt /SairsQ^^^frsar iseoeOfSdsouSesr jrtratjrfrtiS^j erekQiDcdl uiLt-^^uL^u 

uCBiBeuGns O^/r^eStufiw/f, isio /83a)uj/f ^euir 6r6Bfl6jT-(g)6Jr^ wu 
65T«(g^^/r^^ r5i\)e\)iSSsou3€ST jrireujriruS&fT^ er&fr Qine^ — , utLi^ir 
/w@ (^«) - ulLl^^uu.^ Li^«<5 - u^2soSp U^eSiL-iUkai^GU^, 

1189. If he is clear of gailt who has conciliated me (to his depar- 
ture) let mj hody suffer its due and turn sallow. 

«o. LJ^uQuGSTu QuirQujpffis esr&aQp iBiuuiS^fitrir 

(uiP-68>ir-) cr-^y— ,jy6or^ ^trik^^esip miuuiS^^^ OuL^enrQiira^ §}^jg9 
i5b\>aiTa>LD6S>iu iBiLQi^rrir ^rpQt^JTiruSiarf u^puLip^Qencar QQipjp/esiuxufrca^ 

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(QfiB - L/ - GDir^'^ — fbiuuiS/i^n-ir - (jyeir^) Q^GS)prBiULJi9^ 

1190. It woald be good to be said of me that I have tarned sallow, 
if friends do not reproaoh with nnkindneas him who pleased me (then.). 

^^a>Gs£isar/S^ ^eatsessrczrQ ^luir^ei 'Sk.jpi^QO, ^pnpih Qun-Qr^^Q/stratQu 
a, ^iTtheffy^euirir fi;u^eff(fiLJ Quppeulr Qup(frfQir 

(lI!P-«>t.) cT'^y — ^LDUirrp &jr^6^sdiuu(BiEj aesareuir ^CaesiiMi ditr^GSdi 
suQupp mse^ir Qup(^jrdrQp airuD^aira^QQtuevr^uy ujreQ&o&)fr^ ei€^GDiUf 

AtTLDLD — ^f^QutufT' ^^ffi — ^€OQitfiM€&r Qi/B^^* Qpofdesr ise^dsnT g)60 
Qjtfiu QupuuL^irosiLDuSip Qup(n/Qtr&frjp/LDi ^€ujrrrp pGs>L^Sm/£l jpasrutJB 

tiDu>iLiQpGDL^a>uMSdrj ^&s€iSi tuirih Qup/BQe^ QL06otu^iraSpjpi» 
L^L^^aoreua'^ fSu^ effy> - ^loco^zz^gS^cLu, QuppeuSr - Quppu^s 

4563fl - uifi^GiDfiSf QupqrfQir - QupQffsresrQp^ 

1191. The women who are beloved by those whom they love, have 
they not got the stone-less fruit of sexnal delight P 

(uiP-6lDT*) €T'jp, — jffpQpth QunQ^^Q/Bir&Qu iSif^iB^rrp puxsiLDtiSesr/8 

Digitized by 


QuiQflf6fi[r6i>V efffpeuirir^^ - (^fftienLo) eSiiLt^q^ss inntLi^trfi 
^ef\k(mu:i - j;f€n€u/Sf6^6Ufb^Q^ujSp^ ^af) - ^Ssoujeyf)^ oi/r^p 

1192. The bestowal of love by tbe beloved on those who love them 
28 like the rain raining (at tbe proper season) on those who live by it 

(uff - ADV.) er^ffiy — fiirCa eSmipiLfBSGsarQijnrear ^eotptuutJB ldsM^@ 

(Qfi - u - en/r.) — eff(igmir - (^(/^lo/t^) €Q(i^uauuu(Si8p 
asaarekjjnre\)^ effifiLJu(B€urrira(s^ - €Q(j^uiuuu(B8p inseiiiriQ, 

/5L0 sr^£pjth « (^eum^trei) fBtri^ ^Gsti^pjpi) €UfripQeuirQLLGStfi(jf^i 

1193. Tbe pride that says " we shall live*' suits only those who are 
loved by their beloved (husbands). 

4P, eSjfiu uSdw/Tif Qa^fi^uSieorr fsirui^fpGUfrir 

[«/r^eo€S>/r uSiupuifi^^Bsouj^FJS jtfGjJTQ^eiHarGsyLD iDSsyp^^ M su^i^ 
apiSSsariurra^p spLiesn^uise^jrfred mar^m^&esuiJB^ 

(uiP - a>T-) 6r-^, — ispLjGS>L^LDeseAjnreo mar(^LD^&€SuL/BQjn'(i^ fi^^ 

QpuLjLDGSiLD eSss/rjT^^fTp Q(ff^&s^» Qai^^uSdres)LD'fB6ii€SSssrfSGsrssAD» 
^oo^ ^QS^fifru/i^iufrpfSeSlBssr iLies)L,€S>LCujiriiSpjpt» ^eSSsmL^a>L^Qujp(S Jifi 
iB^^LDQuutrp uiuedieoBso Qiu^usirw* 

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{QfB - £J - «n/r.) — efffpuu®GUfflr - (apLjGSii^u^ae^jrirQe^:') 

1194. Even those who are esieenied (hy other women) are devoid 
of ezcelleuce, if they are not loved by their beloved. 

®. pifibJsirfisiyi QsireizTL-frlr /Bin^Qseu&fr Qff^iuuQ&Jir 
fiiroDatrfiseo Qsiren^uira sesiu., 
[^j)/QjirQLDp6Bir^£^osii—€S)LDuS&r ^euirsQ^^^^/s^irp/S^ 

(uf-ODir*) et'^f — mihiDirp arrfleoQs^tutuuuLLL^^ir /SLD&Qsdrear cfifisr 
ufiGD^S: Q^iuojil? jifQjeurrQp ^iTQpu) eiiasiL-ap-^eo Q^iuiurreuifij er^jpi. 

CT^^fiyJjoDLo €Sian'jr/i^n'pQ(j7^ssBffi» ^ssir^sH^oDL^oiunutreo isiruc^ Qup 

(QfB - LJ - Gxiir,"^ — /B/Tii 6iir^i\) Qairsssn-^irlr - iBLbLhaQeo air 
fiseo Qsirerr&TLJutL.i^euir, /5a)A(g— -, ereu&r - eT&r&neQesru^Gnfi^ 
Q^tuu - QeFiuekiirlr p (^^uui^Qvu), fctru^ siTfiio Qsnmeniraa 

1196. He who is beloved by me, what will he do to me, if I am not 
beloved by him ? 

6Rr. e^Q^fidBOUJir eSesT^^ siru^iiaairLJ Quires 

(uiP - ADV.) CT-^^ — mseSiir ^LjmQirdrgfs lS^^SsuoSI^'lo QeutLesis ^(tt) 

^tpdrpgpsQ^Ljs&r ^ tpGBrQuirQf^GSiu^s&casr eui^ear, sir — ^(gOL/OJ/r. €Teor 

(Qfi - u - Giiir,)'-^ (iia«6»fl/f ^L^euT eresTuu(BlSip ^jreStr 

Quirei) - air€iH!f.uua jTLCiQuired^ ^(njpSsOiufrspju^ - ^jressri^i^iis 

1196. Lnst, like the weight of the kavadiy pains if it lies in one 
end only bat pleases if it is in both. 

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tSi^ ^(t^euiflt-.^Q^ /8&(rjpi QuiTQ^arp airmiaiL^^^ j^ojeSL-^ffiu u£fu 

QfiiS&fTjp!^ ^(Lp(^fSiJir&fT . QuirirQ^tuQ&fTpeu^Qujf mfrua&ff — , 

1197- Would nob Gnpid who abides aod contends in one party 
(odIj) witness the pain and sorrow (in that party) P 

&€Boros>LDtLiesii—ujn'ir §^^@os^^^xBso^ er-jn* 

(0^ - Li - 63>/r.) — effCpeuirSi&T - (^min/rffo) ^(t^u^uuufSiij 
sir^e^SiL^fi^Qi^i^^ @^ O^/reo-^/fieBTQ^/rcuerroJo), QuQff^ — , 
€urry)€uirfiGfr - {jiSii/l\ek\Quirj^^^'^ u^Sireuirj^QeiTpuimeiiirCSuirio^ 

1198. There is no one in the world so hard-hearted as those who 
can live without rcceiviog (even) a kind word from their beloved. 

(uiP - GDir.) CT'j^f — 6T6ar^6\) /Ba^a^uuLLL^air^GOtr erevrLDmLt—AiSccQir 
aj!ruSspsu} jigeurr^p^ ^ujir^rrgpt QLDn-nQ6Frreo£fnh €T€arQ^6SA@€ifiuJ6un th, 6r>jy. 

^tfi^SpuLjihesiiLf jyo/zr ^rrjrccQfrRfrgpi^ Qs'ir^oeoiruSguLb ^odldc^Qu:^ 
u^ui—^ SdfTpffi, jif^QjU) QupfiQscQetfr^u^iTLD^ 

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Q<F6fl65@ - 67637 6B/r^a(g5«@, (^c^floj - gj&fTU^Qff'tueuesTeuirLn. 

1199. Though my beloved bestows no love on one, still are his 
words sweet to my ears. 

650. SL(27^/f« ^jpiQiBir iLfGsyiruuiriu «z_3so^ 

Q<irp sL^dso^ ^/Ttftf (tpujeOQjfnutrSf ^ooQ^e^^, er-jpi* 

^GS>iriis£^pp^ ^€at£lpf5^QiBn'tun'6s&)irsiiiBi QaiLurrir e^p^eoFfrsecir 

fi_j3/ Qmniu - (fiL6Br^) i&(QibflQititresi\u^ ^QDjruuiriLj - O^/reoeu 
^PPj QnsQ^ar - Q/5(g5(?^ 1 euir^tu - euirCpeuniutrs ; (^iSQua-Qr^ 

ir(^ Qe'iuQGsfp) &l^2so^ Qs'(fff[u - ^ir^aQpujpSiQ^iLj i (^^ 

1200. Live, O my soul, would you who relate your great sorrow to 
strangers, try rather to fill up your own sea (of sorrow). 

<9S&.« - u). c=?yj&- jSSssrji^euiTLjevihuec. 

^oo^ireu^i Qpdr&njj^tu (^trdrGiDpuSidru^^Ssor Soevr/B^ ^Bsoma L-68fla^tD 
Qiuiu^Siiihy urrsFeapasiL i«.2feuLD«6W" peS^esunQajiu ^^uytrui. ^ojeurrjin ®i(m 
€uiTS(^ih QufT^eLfr^&oup/Su u^ea)LDuurr&orrp en.pLjutLt^^. SlJfif 

«. a_6Tr6rfl^52//K ^jriru QuqfldSu^ Q^iufi€\){rp 
(uiP-ODV.) OT-^^ — (LpdrofU^tu (^rr&[r€s>puS&Tu^^^u iSlif^fs^ifi Sdssrib 

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1201. Sezaality is sweeter than liqaor, because when remembered, 
it creates a most rapturoas delight. 

(uf-finir.) €r-^, — ^u^Lnrreo ^Q^muuuQevfrQSiirLj i^^eSi&sr&esil^dss ^^ni» 
euiraS^ui, ^&rjpt ^cSQ^ &irG5fr'^&frui^(7^6uQ^/rsfTQp&irek. 


1201. Even to think of one's beloved gives one no pain. Seznalitj, 
in any degree, is always delightful. 

flL, 06ssruued!r Qun^ysrjpi iQSssrujirn-Qstr jpjthui€\) 

(u(f - OTT.) er-^, — 6r6Wtf@^ ^thmeo erQ^^Quireorjpi Q^mfis 
QsL^iTiQGsrpj?' J)f/5^p air^eoir erfrndsar iBdBGruuirrrQuirdrjpt tSdssrmffns^ 

£SesrsauuLLL.iTirs(^^ ^uainQqr^&ffjpi Qmofrgp, QpeSitueaup/S ^ ^^maOar 

(O^ - L' - Gj)/r.) — (6r6OT65@1, ^ihu^bv — , SSssruu^ Quit 

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1203. I feel as if I am going to sneeze but do not, and (therefore) 
xnj beloved is about to think (of me) but does not. 

^. ttJITQfi QpQerrijQs/r e^eulrQm^^fi OfiiQm^^^ 

(uF-onir*) cr-^,— 6ru)(z;ifiw-«u Qib^sf^jp ^wUr eruQutrQ^^QpeirQir 
lurr ttSir/r/S6or^/r j)f^€JCDsGtu jyci/0€B>L.uu Qs^op^^u) ujirQpQp&rLDirffiQLDtTy 

^irSftSmu.i'Qa'avd fFmL^ssiL^eSt^ircDLD u^taarir^^fBApjp^ Q^etrLDiriLiUi 
(Qfi - u - 6B>/r.) — erin QiB^^F/i^ - erm^ Qm^^^^eo^ 

1204. He continues to abide in my soul, do I likewise abide in his? 

(uiP - an or-) ct-^j — fiuaQprnLJOJ Qw^f/SAsssBrQeasr luir^Qs'^eoinD&o 

Q/0^&a iBir^irQdiirecQeoir^ «r*j2y* 

^Q^^tr^ ^A&dsr ^QSfip^ 90A/r^ QpL.tiuu.irjp ^ttmojiraiL uco 

(ajtrui Qa^ioeoirine^^^ erunGSiin — ^atfJSistressn^ttlr - sireuii)Qsfrmri^ 

1206. He who has imprisoned me in his soul, is he ashamed to 
enter incessantly into mine. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(uiP - ADV.) ST'^^^^tutresr ,s)f€uQjrir(El Liasnri^ ^ir^top tSdru^m^ 

(0^ "Urn GD/r.)^r[Li/r69r ^fluO^/rO— -, &./D/D /6ir&r~Li€ssriri/s 

1206. I live by rememberiDg my (former) intercourse wiih Mm; 
if it were not so, how conld I live P 

^, LDpLJi9 Q€9isu^€uar iDpQsirar u^puujSQuj 
(uiP - cnir.) cr-^^ — ^gj^^u^gd^ uDp^jse^Qaj^yu gjarjpiar&rtrMfl 

fie\>fSQaj^Qy fi-errerfl^m - {^esrjpi^ /QSafriuir iSpaekfu^^ (t9/f)fi/ir 

er^fiire\) ^peuir^q^uQuGsr. 

1207* I have never forgotten (the pleasure) ; even to think of it 
bums my soul; could I livci if I should ever forget it ? 

aiTfifeoir O^Fujqgj Spui^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1208. He will not be angry however macb I may think of him ; is 
it not so much the delight my beloved affords me P 

ecs^eutrjT fl€BaSlmes>iiM)aj tSae^iBSBar/sffi erearfi^filujQjiiSnr atfiturrSstrp^^er^^* 

^fe^ttSdrosiLD - iSdrejQt^ojinrs^^uiiriLJLJtS^^^uif tS^/s^ GjrrJTfreaLDtLiuD, 
^m(BfB€Brjp/ifi^ ^)r^filS)L-/raf>LoiL/u) QpjseoiraSei^, t^^ojirppeo Qeu€isr(BQuy6ar 
Bj/bi^jD/^fiirtl^ crargpiuSir isifi&Ap^ iSi^dipamjpi si^frdrtSearGSiLD&Qaeat 

/6iriB06U(r^ui)(ieupi^QeoQtJb^jpi Q^irio^e^inr^^^eA ^eoren^A- 

1209. My preoions life is wasting away by thinking too mnch on 
the cruelty of him who said we were not different 

aO« dSiL^tr^jgi Q^^offGniTdi s€ssT68afiQ)fb ^iressru 

(BuQuiruS^^ir luirOGorekseAr Gnreiroy/rgpuS^Lb €T^iruu(BLD^*€Sis £ 

QKl^irsassfiLD jif^drAehQtasr Q^n^eo, Qp^QaoirQ &dBar&0sfrpjpi9SitDiL^m 
a>LDuSp Qs^(n^irMir€ssrQ€^drjpiLD^ ^mpiLypi^draffeirfratSdr euffifiQiudr 

^^>P^i@«« QuQuiTQ^ti^ QjfrifiQuJWu^ ^KtfiSdso* 

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(gAlI®!!/) QuiriQ^GDir^ e^mssS^eo « AA»r699r€rrQ//r€V/rii9jB»<i), 

1210. May yoa live, O Moon. Do not set, that I mine eyes may see 
Lim wbo has departed without quitting my souL 

^oo/gfTQjjp fi^BOLDseir ^/reoTfifiarL. aetreSsa^ iBSsoatLoanufi Q^irtfisf^^ 

(Q^ - U - GD/r.) (uj/r607 €UQ^i^QpGS>fi ^jBiffi J^^^JT 

1211. Wherewith shall I feast the dream whioh has brought me 
my dear one's messenger P 

(uiP-C8>ir.) €T''^y—'ffi(^ir^ euqr^ffiSlAp erdratueoOuir^ (ipt£srs€&r 
s&r iuneSjTiBjstTp jp/^^mn-uSdr ^sBrdJesyu^s air^eoeans airmQuar^ s^agr 

^^ ^r(i^i(QQf€crQjp/Sesr ajruLfiQ^rrarp^ Q^rrdoQeuQeBreorgfjLa s(i^/str/b 
nrpjpiQ^iQeerGer(ri^eiT* §j€fB j/fssiotfLfe^^^fr ^Firppg^m SLU,ffQjsaru^ut^ 
^eirpGMiiaSlar, war ^tfiuSoD^amdsr euifi^, Qp^^eiaehn^trm Sh^p^s^A"^ 

Digitized by 


stuiaQuir^ GntniLfeKtrL^ smraetr^ lunelst-^^ ^jruu - ^irik^nei}^ 
^^&(ir^^ta(^LD/ru9^^ «€W/B^/r/f«@-(«6Wfifl(?60 a/rcuwiJi-iLli— ) 

1212. If my fisb-like painted eyes should, at my begging, close ia 
sleep, I could fally relate my sufferings to my lord. 


[^p(2^Q€irear& s6L'€XfT(n^LL^ ^pjpiQjQec&fru^uL^d' 

eddfr - air^f^fieoireo^ erssr tt^vQIr — , fi-6wr® - ^Q^sQarpju. 

1218. My life lasts because iu my dream I behold him who does 
not favour me in my waking hours. 

csrioainsiDir /Btrif,^ fl^PdS* 

s/TLDtli - jf^Quiuir* eirdrairoj^ Qfi€irparQuir(i^€B8r€s>LDastKr tui^jp, 
QjujoduirdfT mcdsir^sjGDir jif^rrQ^ekp O^tuLo/Se^ Q^Forjpi QAfrA(Bw^ 

•^0QrO^ujiL//r^fi/0n/r, jBff'^'(^jif€uirQuffesTeQL^uh') Qfitf^ 

1214. There is pleasure in my dream, because in it I seek and ob» 
tain him who does not visit me in my wakefulness. 

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tutrdfrQupp^eueuetrQoj, ^I^sbld 4^^ O&treSBrL^rrpjptQjQ&jeBru^mji' 

(Q^ - u - a)/r.)— /56W6flQ)6W - ((Lp&frQesr) /SOTcflcafl/.^^, 

1215. I saw him in my waking hours, and then it was pleasant ; I 
see him jast now in my dream, and it is (eqaally) pleasant 

tSlevTy s€sr€Sdra€saQjij^ «L£f.aj an^ecir erdrBsoru L9/f?aj/r/f, .er-jpi, 

1216. Were there no snch thing as wakefulness, my beloved (who 
visited me) in my dream wonld not depart from me. 

6r. JbGneQ^ esfeoatrm Qatn^iuirSr aesreQQ) 

069r6Sr0697£hc9)£nU i9^u u^. 

[eStfi^^tfi^ air^eirfruSi^^ aeardlpah^tlL, £8sari^ 

Qtf/r{fLajQ//r /sfrQL^rrjpfis afiVO&sSrtfsar qjb^ isu)Gs>Lr>€UQ^^^fffQj^ €TQj€S&otuu 

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«e_e--ii. •ayP. a€STekfi82sCiLj€S)irfi^io, ®«r6r Jl^- 

1217. The crnel one who woald not favour me in my wakefalnessi 
what right has he to tortare me in my dreams P 

Qesf^^^fi jrireuir g96wj/5^. 

(0^- u - 60)/r.) — (^er^QesT^3r eQi^fru^eo 9^€s>pQdffp sir^ 

QiB^^^/ST ^6uir " ^(JODtpuj^ Q IB ^S ^ err eir€u jrireuir. 

1218. When I am asleep he rests on my shoulders, (but) when I 
awake he hastens into my soul. 


Ski, JBesreQ^) eoreosiresin' Qmireuir seareB^p 

(uiP-cnir.) 67-^^ — pLDsQarr(v^sir^9dift^aiLDu3iar ^Qi€Siirs seet^psm 
i^fiujir^ iDitvSiir ^rrui/Suj /BeareS^k stir ojmjfi iscostr^ mAair^e^oDir ^/driSeo 
Qir€Br G/Birajir Spuir^ CT'-jpi* 

QHuputfiji^^Qufr(jv^jfi LjeosQdr^eirtrsGSmf mmcsunQ^irmp^ sl/S 
enr aeoreSarof^p/S /B&)^^eo/£l£^ QiBiroin-Qtr^u^n ui» 

s€STeQ^^ " €iesTeQQeo^ ^irfS€oir& s/r^^^eulr - Ms&iFfi€i>€s>irdiair 
€ssr€OjB(Ufrfiuiseflir^ /56O760^eo - (^fswu^ J^fSiu) iBevreQeoeuib^^ /seu 

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1219. They who have no dear ones to behold in their dreams blame 
him who visits me not in my waking hours. 

tfO. JB&neBQ) GffiktSfl^tr QtrwruSr ^GrrsQ^p 

(O^ - u - 60)yr.) — ^ efl[ireu/r - §j^^fi^ Laaefifr^ mofA 
Qir&!Tjpi (;^S5i)Qy/f(?m(7ex)QA/r®6s>Lo) Qe'irii)ei>iriSpuiri ^esreQ^Am 

1220. The women of this place say he has forsaken me in my wake- 
fulness. I think they have not seen him visit me in my dreams. 

^iu^L^&^tB «/r3»u'' €r€ffr(j7^pQufreo fpaar(Bu QuirjpoHjDUJirp OnpuuL-uffi* 

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1221> Live, yoa evening; are yon (the former) evening P No, 
yoQ are the season that slajs (married) women. 

Q^. LfarsmrSeffsr euir^fi inQ^mruhir&O QiuiiQa&iQuireo 

(uiP-ajir«) et'^y — wiuAQiULDfreoiriUj €iLfiLnihQutr0Ou L/AMTd^giyco^axu 
tuirSaysfiirtu' tBestjpAsriL^ih STi^SsagrQuirod QidaaesacnLDtLjaiL-ujQ^frf ^h.jpi 

Qpp/SBso QiudrgnB (g/Suu/rio oiirifiQujear^^m 

€uiTxpkmi—eutnu ; (/fiqmV t^ssr SGssrZesar -> {jsTLLQutreo) ^eBv9l 
Quires m crm^ ^Sss9rQu IT e\)^ euGfr aeAresifrQ/sir'' ^jrasLEOcean' 

1222. A long life to yon, dark evening ! Yon are sightless. Is 
yonr help-mate (also) as hard-hearted as mine. 

[^^ppecGQJ€&r(BQuy6orp Q^trtfia^d' Q^^/rolcSiu^.] 
(uf-eB>ff«) er^ffii — a/r^«o/ra>.^uu tsirQ&rGoeoirth eratQpGff /BQaaQiDiu^u 

Lf€Barjr/8arpjgi* jgisS > ^oS/roJiry^^p^itAr Qoj^fiuLf, Sf^^eo luir^pjpiiLrr 
QpAdeaQtueisruffi (gfiuQu^o'ih* 

m^euiBfl mirSeOiu IT ear ^^ j^eS ^(jr^iLiS . (jST€Sii(Q) ^^vQIreuir^fS 

1223. The evening that (once) came in with trembling and dim- 
ness (now) brings me an aversion for life and increasing sorrow. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

oj/sfiunr^f jifojifieoeoir/s §luQuir(i^jBi ^ooQ/5fr^i^ SppQvsiueffidk Qsta-eo 

^^eoir ' ^Q^aJtr^iSioedirir* QpSBrQeBreoeofrth er€ars(^ giLufrtu Qaru^ 
Scarpa, gjtS lutT^^jpunir Qpdidar Qiudru/gtrth* 

G'^eoir Quir€0 - Qsir&d^lrQuired^ a/(|^U) - (^Qyc^a9a>/ra; Oar 
e(T(&RfBp^\ euQ^Q^p^t 

1224. In the absence ol xny lover, eveniog comes in like slayers on 
the field of slaughter. 

©« A/r&tf65@i^ Qff^iUfiBKGsr QpearQesir Qe^euarQsiiretiujam 

arjpi aia(^eoQ6u&rea'^^p^^ aasurtufriu ojrrjrrrfS^p Q^s^sptAaQf^/i^irco C€sr 
QpeBrQesrrQeodrjpimj ^KU^aj^irdrjpi gieoru^Q^iu^Qjifi LO/rS» jifooO^frifi 
m^ ^^^(Qrrarjp/ ^eirsSijpiearui^ Qa^tuojir/Sdrp Q^ar^Asa^^/sfrp ucB>tfOiu 

w/rjn LDtrSso fidrQs!r(BGSnii(utrp jpicaru^ Qa^tuiuirSeBrp Q^Au^trLa* 
€oioedirLai» ^Grrjpi QeujptuiL® euq^Q^pesri j^eneua^Gif), air 

1225. What good have I done to morning (and) what evil to 
evening P 

a;r. LDti^BoQnsinu QiFiu/s^ u^emiifiir ff&e^irfs 

Digitized by 


(uf - fiBiv.) ^-^j — (t/>6orQ6Breoeo<rLb erarmfQ/BiLuinu Si^u^ Q^Ptuffi 

Cor ^/SoJuQup/SQeoar^ cr-jpi* 

Qaaearui Gofj^tJB/g e^fii^Qcsfser, Sf/SiQ^^^jSar jif^rttSiMlp (gL.a) 

(jj^cSr^yuan^oj/ruj) j^Atu^ Q^iUflhd^ u^icaarijsirif - fstedeut^ 
^m€t)ir/g 3iirSeO't9(fifip(Q QfiorQesr^ jt/fiifB^^QeoAi^jiffiiuu 

1226. Previous to my hnsband's departure, I knew not the pain- 
ful nature of evening. 

^tSQcQQ^i^QuiTQffitra^Sip esGsrcSdiratLan.iLL. /BSsons^frp^^eoup/Sa: 
Atri^ajQ^uiiSQajarjpfUiy lScot QutrQp^ Q^eo^Q^eo ji/^mpi^ iHfi^Ae/fi 
iuirp(j7^einTfieoupjSu usOtn^edeoirua Quir/gn'QQiueorjpuhf ^^^fB^BBsaraxu u^&r 

60 QjiQmfnu stredaioJ^fi fiiratr/BfirpQ^Au^ ^qijQJs^fitrp QupuuiLi^jgi* 

^8 - uspQuirQ^Qfle^ediTLn Qufiiu jijq^u^uttiu (ip^iri^^ 

1227. This malady buds forth in the morning, expands all day long 
and blossoms in the evening. 

Digitized by 


SVl. ©era- «a.«t--/i, jy^. Qua-Qpj^seisn^jri^io, 

(uiP-onir.) 67-^, — (tp655r068r«)cofl-£i gjetfijsirtuuQuirifi ^tuA^tpio gj^ 
QufTQp^ ^tpeoQuir&o^ ^oj^irip mir^BO^^^ ^r^uoinu jif^eue Q^dasra 

jpir^irSpjpi ; QAtrppaQ^tuirscSp uGDt^iufraSpjpi. ^a-QeBr erL^ajeoeoin/rdM 

{QfB - L/ - GOT.) — ^tUGSi (j^ifiio - ((tparQesrioeoirui gj&fru^ 

^) QiBQ^ULjuQutrQso Sr(BeufitrQ^ mirZedi^ ^^ mM — ^ (^^ 

0«/rS5oO^(U(Ljm uGDt—inmiriQpjpt, 

1228* The shepherd's flate now sonnds as a fiery forenumer of 
nighty and is become a weapon that slays (me). 

(uiP - «DT.) er-ifii — Sl/fP& dparQeoreoe^ifnh tutrQear unuAQ Qisfra^tpm 

eoeoirih loiuibQ Qmiru^ipa^ih, et-jpt* 

in^LDd^efrQojdru^ iDfiiLQ^mQiL^tsr^ fiSi^iBdrp^^ eh^pm/rss oQi) 
fid sh./S^eirrrs€Sary uitrhdui^tirfi(ir^Qutry^Q^Af(n^, tufreJipi^tJBoj Qcodr 
u^rnh* LorrBso ldujibiQ^q^ld Quir^O^eff Lo^/6&Uffei>o3 Qnir^tpsQQiDBar 

®®/g^Qflre060/rLb, £ii(|5«&r® - £blL/ffi7S, GS>UfiB&> ^[fii(^IJ^ - 0/5/r 

1229. When night comes on confasing (every one's) mind, the 
(whole) town will lose its sense and be plunged in sorrow. 

xii/riqQtfieir imrujir qjuS/t. 

(uf - «)jrO er^jsif — anfieoir t5/fl«DQ/u Qutrjpiji^ Qpi^ui^iffid^^ 
CTfirgmiSir ^arjpt Quiras^Xki&oQu fiLoiSiueouira fi^ tBBsvffJfi, g)ix> 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S^p6uirQ(rf)&fi er&tT^pSjnreoT^^ Quitq^&t mirSeo ^^rresur - Quit 

1230. My (hitherto) nneziingaished life is now lost in this bewil- 
dering night at the thought of him who has the nature of wealth. 

dse.^ - ih, ^jS. ^jfJuqjBGOGsri^flA. 

^LDLHtfiStfi^eO' §loe^i QlffsstSs^tfi /Btty^Qj^fTsc^y QufTQpffiaearL^ 

[^'^iPdSi^GDtniSijB^^Sltufrar Qq/jp/uiLl^ fi&OLnaiLQ^ 
(uiP - fiDV-) €r'^y'~~SlQj&frp^aitD tSEiscarQeur Spu^ ^n"^ Q^€sdl 

fi(fii^ /Barp^» fi.€ir^^Qeo«Sru^ strffszru Qutuir s/riBajji^psrrtu €uir(Q 
Quiuir* ^jGDQi dmn-MtF sfiumn^ Qatr(Baiu> ^m^jpt^ar tSiufrppo^ Gcu«ar(2^ 

xx5€0/r«^«(g, miresafleoT - (g)OTjjf) isiresafleBiLi^eaT. 

1231* While we endure the nnbearable sorrow, your eyes weep 
for him who is gone afar, and shun (the sight of) fragrant flowers. 

fiL. {BiumfBeuSr meoAireiDUh Q^irio^eu Quit^in 

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1232. The discoloared eyes that shed tears profosely seem to he- 
tray the nnkindness of oar beloved. 

(uF-'Cnn.) cr-^, — an^eoir Lneasr/B^ ^iresrjpi ^isatuiB(^^iufrp ^^^^ 
Qui€StufrS€ifr/D€sr, §1^ ^atr^^ er-^. 

(Qfi - u " 65)/r,) — inessrifB /B/rerr - (^fsieoeulr) ah.ip.uj /B/roflei), 

1283. The shoulders that swelled on the day of our union (now) 
seem to announce our separation olearly (to the pubUo). 

(uiP - a>r») cr-^y — siesrj^is ^ts ^Sasarojir iSEf^^eo/rdr jfoijrirpQufip 
Q^ujpSDs ttJtfids iueerfiu ucDtptu eSiu/beDs lutp^iStpis^ ^^Qfiir^eeir 
Qjorp^p^Qu^eo ^J)Ou0€o>lo uSips^ eudao' aipem Sear pear , §^a)Qj sSiBei 
€sr^ Qs^aupuirtfiQjioeo, er^jpi. 

/StrQrrtvrjpt jifQjjrariSfireDLD u^essrir^Sl ^^jpitk ^^^^ u(^^^ffi Ofi^eo 
QfTGfTjpt jifQjir QutrtULoesiLD ii^esBrir^^triBmp&ry ^jedH sfsjpGDps Sn.jpi@af(jffir 
QiDp (^^BSipiL\€&srQL^tr Qaj^u^irth* 

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1234* In ibe absence of your consort, yonr sbonlders baying lost 
tbeir former beanty and fulness, yonr bracelets of pare gold bave become 

®. Os!Tip.ujrrlr Qair®GJiLa (LfGS>irs(^ib Qfitnf^Qiuir® 

S^fUfiSsar turr iDCDps^iDiT Qp^dear, €r-jpi, 

^€Sifrs(g GkoRTu^ ^ijQuir(^eSa€SiiD Qfiirsitp S^p ^/SuLia^Q^treo* 

aeQaa euirif^tu Q/stretr - ues^yiiu g^iupes^aiuffi^ S^pifl ^^Qfitr 
€tt&ea^ (g)69B jiffidgtr ino^pi^ui^ euffi luir^). 

1235. Tbe (loosened) bracelets, and tbe sbonlders from wbicb tbe 
old beaaty bas faded, relate tbe cmelty of the pitiless one. 

^. Q^ITif^Qiurr® QfBirQesaiSufi Qmtrea eoeuesyiri 
\j5tr^)pj^ /spQutTQffL t^putfi^fl QfirrtfiA^^ 
(uiP - onv.) er^ffij — lurr^pp^ui cregeuiu^^ wfffi^ Q/sirt^a&r stpg^ 

fip oAfjpi S OujpiS^Gap^p QaarujsrrtJDm 

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1236* I &m greatly pained to hear yon call him a crael man, jnat 
because your shoaldera are reduced and your bracelets loosened. 

(uiP - cnr.) €r-^j — QiB^QeFf Qjqjgt Qsrrt^/r Qir&sr@astp^frs(^ ^ 
Q^drjpf ejeof QiD^Qarp Q^treB^^ eSBsaSarp ^jraiirjr^GDjs^ 0«p/r(^>69 

Lja^Qo'iTeo, Qjn(BQfi/r Qeirdru^th ^gs)€u ^irQm qjitl^h /S^p€or Qoteku^ G/sfr 

^ii srreo/iS^p Q^fu^ ib^/S ttj/rto/raeSsBr^ ^^arutu Qeareoeotr Qldiu^^ 
QiuesrgpiEi aQ^^^trp un(B Qujpi^KiuJir Qoj^vT^&r. 

(^Qi6yr/r(?eu) Qesirt^ojirQffelirjp/ Gla'irioeouutLL^eiJira^^ er&i6Uir(B 
Q^iretr - er&reuirGSiirp Q/sfrefi^eo eQZsirQp^ y»^^ - ^Jreutrj- 
fiOD^^ s^esur^^ - O^/reoeS^ u/r® - ^q^ QmuiUfrL^GSiL-, Qujpt 

1237. Can yon my sonl ! gain glory by relating to the (so-called) 
crnel one the damoar of my fading shoulders P 

/BQpeBuj ccDsaSarr, (^^®^@ QnsfrQiL&rjpi /S&r^^), 

L«a « 

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1238. When I once loosened the arms that were in embrace, the 
forehead of the gold-braceleted woman turned sallow. 

db. QfiiusQetnt^^ jscAreiieS Qufrfpu u^uupp 

fuiP-ewir.) er-^, — jifiEiisieorei esisaidstr iy,^(^jsecir&tr ji/ilifjpiu&QesiL^Qtu 
Qum{uiDSSiips&€B6riE&r u€FijL\ppear j ^^^€a(Gs>LDajeuiTear fBGoarsm^ LcSso&^f^ 

fim€s>Ln — fF€Bor(B QiDQffesiLDQLDsSesrp^M Quni^Qeump^ ^L^thiSursssr 
(Bud ^&fr^€ar^Q^n^p S&rp^, Loesitp - @6Tf)/r^^« 

(0^-u-«n/r.)-*— (jy/I/uzp. ^QpoQuj ena&isir^ ^srrn'^^€Oiri))^^ 
npuja(m @jgdl^ - juuLi&5srfrdFS^(Q /bOGsw, ^cott Guem Qurrip - 

Quenfn Quqi^ Ln&ynp^amr - Quet^fiSesf^ QuSiiu (^eS\!rfb^aessr 
«6Tr, u^uLfpp - u^SeOtSp u^Qnu.ibfi€fiT I (^jijuut^uuiLu^ ^Gsar 
s&r mSeos^Lo <£/r®<Z(6}^m mrrQas^u^ ^Qoj ^GueSesyi^uSCBa^ 

1239. When bat a breath of breeze penetrated onr embrace, her 
large cool eyes became sallow. 

«0. ^GssTGsScsT u^uQuir uq^eujT Qsoiu^shC 


{Q/3S ' u - «n/r.) — seifTOSsSi&fr uffuCSu/r-(^9j)iSfrpj^ ^«n^ 

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u IT It pi ^. 

1240. Was it at the sight of what the bright forehead had done 
that the sallowuess of her eyes became sadP 


th. cjy^* QjBi^Q^iiQSGir^fleo. 

(uiP-ai>T«) «r-^, — QiB^Qa^ gjojOojojoi Q/BiruSSser^ J?/r«@ LcO^isfiirw 

erojeuth - g^^^/c ^JnresiLD* flLaS/Pgn'^ Spis^ nsrrcsSidser eSiL(B^ Qf(U 
(QfB - u - «n/r.) — 0/5^®^—, ereusuCa Qnnriu - ^^cfff£»^ 


1241* my sonl, will yon not think and tell me some medicine, 
be it what it may, that can cure this incnrablo malady P 


g)^ S Qs^tu^Qstr&rQdrp Q^sdrgpi^ sQf^^^frp Quesy^GnLo Qiu^^r^* euiri^ 
§j&i};,^&s^(SuL^, turrLDGJirun'pQ^pQ&o ^^eufT&iQ^^ui£frui. 

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1242. May yon live, my soul ! While he is without lovo, for you 
to suffer is (simple) folly. 

(liiP - onT.) eT'jPy — Qib^Qs^^ ^^truirp Q^&oqj^^ Q^tuiurr^ FFear 

L^^^i(^ih Qufrstrmio ^laQavL^u^ g)/D/ej9L./ru)^) ^Q^^^^ 

Qe^Lu^eufiL-.^^^ uS\i^ - (/5a)65(^) ^jriiQ^ euctrenio - (ei/ir) 

1243. my soul, why remain (here) and suffer thinking (of him)? 
There are no lewd thoughts (of you) in him who has caused you this 
disease of sorrow. 

(uiP-CBir.) €T'^i — QiB^QcF tBiueuirurrp Q^p£»p(S^iuirfiSi&ir ^^ssek^dstr 

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1244. O my son!, take my eyes also with yoa. (K not), these 
vronld eat me up (in their desire) to see him. 

(;5£isnm) gQq^lou, ©_Q7<flf6w/f - (/BiLsnoi) 6fl(g/iu/r;g?;5&>Q/6a)ir, 

1246. O my soul, can he who loves not thoagh he is beloyed, be 
forsaken saying he hates me (now) P 

QuTiuamirtu&j airiii^Qiuea Qesr^a. 

emji seo^^dr^Qe^ £i^^^ «<r^6««/r« ««i«r£_r^ Ou/r:^(?<utt./r^a,u. 
j^iruirp Qs=mxiji ^esSmiiTiuirs, er-jpi. 

(O^ - u . enT.) — sr«8T Qis^a - eretr^ OegjCJ* I (ttJ/r«r 

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str^eoir - («^2ji960r6s 60)65) /?6S656U6U6D ^Ssoeiian/r, sdsTL^ai)^ — 
Heoik^ - (^Qufriuiuir^euiriB^piLn ^Q^^Jru^^ i9«3rai®, m^etforjrniu - 

QufTtu airiueij siriu^ - (^jijeues^trs Q Atr tf^iuQ rresi jpi\ Quinuai &ir 

1246. my sonl, when yon see the dear one who reinoyes dislike 
by iDterconrse, you are displeased and continne to be so. Nay, your dis- 
pleasure is (simply) false. 

iuirQ^ QuirQpcS&j ^jTGssr®, 

QgulL€S)s95>iu eSKBy ^^jSesr^ eSL^LDtrLLi—rriufruSidr isiresfSi^ eS(B, jii^/SQuj 
^jrm(Bu) c^L^rrGs>LD iQgst sd^^^iruSiafrf ^arppOsfr^jpa LOjsusBsoujrrtu ©dy 

ffireofresiLDuS&fTy ^^pair&GsrfiQeo QGsresfufifTLDm (tpp^uncDLo diairjr^^irp 

efl® - ^oTjpj (^iBir€Ssru^6QL.i£iinLL^irtuirQi\)) srrLneQQ^u u^es^^ 
gSlIOgO® ; (6p69r^) tbtressr eQ® - 6^697 jy (^sfru^GQ(f^uu^Gsy^ 
cfiL-U)/rtlL-/ruj/rfi«o) rsrreaar^GDfi eQiL®€Q(Sl ; (^^jreikrQui eQi^tr 

(L//r@uj) g)Q;6fl^eir«D£_tqLQ, ujitQq) - /6/rOg), QuirQpesi - (^^(TK 

1247. my good soni, give up either last or honour, as for me I 
can ODdnre neither. 

j^, uSiifBekilr m&imirQir&r QpiaQu i9(!iifieuir 

(uiP-C9)ir«) ej'^y — GTOfQesr^Q^Fy ^euir ^Qjeurrp(j7^es>inQ5)UJ lu/SiutrGSiiD 

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1248. Yon are a fool, O my soni, to go after my departed one, wliile 
yoa mourn that he is not kiud enoagh to favoar yoa. 

(uiP*6iD(r*) cr-^, — srarQ€8r(§^Q^, sir^eofr Sareors^ififrjrn'Sj QpdirQued 

(0^ - u - «D/r.) — crsJr 0/5g5«9r - cresr^ Qm^Qa" \ sfrp&) 

1249. my soul, to whom would you repair, while the dear one 
is within yourself. 

[jyQ/6B>/r mpiB^tTppeo QQjeSaf(BQinearuffiUi-a^ O^/r^efiiu^.] 
(uiP-cmT.) eT'^^^^iBmcDLD^ an.u.rrGjmessrfs j3ptsffiQuiru9^fffis>rr /bitlo 

LDfi) jpfp/B^trjrirsseijLhj ibfrineuGSirr mp^^esr LDrriLQL-LDira^LDj Qutrear Qunui 
AsSIQeBrujar/S iBssrpSesipa^ tSipuQu QLoeoru^mjo* 

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1260. If I retain in my henrt him who has left me withont be- 
friending me> I shall lose even the (inward) beaatj that remains. 

<SBGL<9vr - lb. ^^. jB^sypoji^fiio. 

[jstr^ScDpiLiLDLfiiufrGSiLD Sujrrpp&>Qaj€ssr(BQuydrp Q^irtfi^(^^ 

(uff - €»ir.) €T'^, — /F/r©©ttJ ^iTifiSevra Qsrr^^ iB esypQiudsTQ^t^ a^ 
eS^iS atTLDQGuiLes>& lurrSiu sesifi^S Qp^iurr /Sarp^^ ^&fi jif€5>Qj/8pp^ 

fifrtprratQiLnhf «$yA^^A@L./5^69r iSpir QsrreireirirLDp air^^^m iBesipesitu^ 
^p p&r ^BirLoQoiLLGSi&eouja aestfi^Sujir^QiLiBi afL,fS^^» 

2etsr &Q sir ^ fB , Siesip cr^Sf^u^ ^ifieif - iQGsypQujeiTj^ Q£Ffri\)e\)u® 
Qp s^GSieu^ «/riiid5«6wf?^^ - sirLnQeuL-esiaujirSiuj (a^ibjasireSl^ 

1261. The axe of Inst can break the door of chastity which is 
bolted with the bolt of modesty. 

Qesr^Sr^GS)^ Qiuirjp/^^^ Q^rrifi&o O^s/refrcn'/r /Sarpjpy ^aeotrp smcQui 

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a>LQ crew ^ssTj^ - siru^Qu^ehrj^ Q^fri\)€\)iJULLL— ^&tjh^ ^ - 

1252- Even at midnight is my mind worried by last, and this ooe 
thing, alas! is without mercy. 

^tliLCii\)Qufrp Q(fff^^ eflOii. 

gg(o(L//r I o) eo)/D/^(?Lj ear . ^^697^122/ err (?6Tr) ine^pss BZgsruQu&i \ 
(-^^&^) O/^^W ^^/S - (@^) 6T 65/65 (5^ jSeSro;^ euiTjririLe), 

1253. I would conceal my Inst, but alas, it yields not to my will, 
but breaks ont like a sneeze. 

<sp. 0€fSip\L\GSiL^Q\u QesTmQu^u^^ ujirQ^Qeu^amn 

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1254. I flay I would be firm, but alas, my malady breaks ont from 
its ooncealment and appears in pnblio. 

NPQJ7 ^jS^uQfltrar peiijpi. 

^adrjpiSp^ £€S)pa{eDu^a)iD strruiQefruSSBeriL^^iri jiffi^Qf^trarpArfi iLp 
(v^it ^/Sm/QjsiTRfparjpi^ er^xSii* 

Q^pqr^Qir^(rffeir. iSatQspp&d'LaEtsr^f^trcii §j9S)L.€Su.irjfiSSsarjSfi€0, Qu(fffi6 

jrtrit lditlJB^ Q^FesrQpSp^ui luneer/SojO^irearpdr Qpdru^irth. 

{Qfi'U'Gs^tr.)-^(3i6^p(fffSr i9Gsr . (^fiLonLo) SaaQu Quir€sr 

/sesiaoiLD - iSanpiL^esii^ssiLDUJirexfTjPf afriDQminu eL.p^a- - airtn 


1256. The dignity that wonld not go after an absent lover is no^ 
known to those who are stricken by love* 

4f!r. Q^ppeuS- iQeirQ^pio Qeumrif, tuefi^flQjnr 
QeupQpGfr^Btrf iLfpp ^iulr. 

Q^mr(Bfi9^A ereBrdsar iLippffitun €r^^6ora>LO(u^ ? e^ireoi^jpif cr-jy. 

Q^ppQjQir&rp^ - /Ffin^ffiJ) j^uQu/rQyKB* Qsjmrt-QeuRrru^ Gojmt^ 
QiuGOf^ ^^^ffiiQdsrp^. ^efH^Q^Gnu^ §j^^6^&s^fiuL\* ^^stTLoQistriu 
ajfr^QsPireooo^A QstLsQjLnnoi Q^trsapesrjpi^ e^ireoiQ^siri^ Q^aru^ini* 

1256. The sorrow I have endured by desiring to go after my 
absent lover, in what way is it excellent p 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

er. JBflQetsotssr Q^urrGsrQ^rff eujSujeatta afTLUjifiirp 
QuesaBajn-ir QuiLu Q^Sgst. 

(uiP - a)ir.) sr-^.^—iBunLDfreo eSlQ^ihuLJULLi^eunr ^i^ string fifr&a iBiruy 
€£l(iT^u^iSiueupGSip4^ Q^{uiLiLD&r^«a' isaQeBsrek Q(n^es)piLiU3 jif/BuuLoiruQu. 

QuesSiuirQtreora^ Qs'iuuiJBQurrQ^&r eSSBorQp^coQuireoss fSLpuuiLt^^- 

Gsr^uaQuirq^LJB, ^tfie^^puL^LDesnD ^&tfsr^^ttpQqr^k€b^^ SsDptui^ojfr&f 
^fiiuiTj^ Snj^tu ^eor(^pQ/Bna@f ^feudsau^QpeiruLJB^^fr&r* 

(Qflj - Li - Gj)/r,) — QuestfiiuirSr - (^niuMnir&)\ cQmu^uuuiLu. 
aSsir, Qa'u9&fT - Qs^uuimnetrcQii)^ ibitgAt eresr ^gstj^ - iBfrQesar 

1257* I know nothing like sliame wben my beloved does from 
love (jast) what is desired (by me). 

(uiP - €9)iT.) cr-^, — nubSoDpojirQuJ Qjjr8sssnui^a(^iB ^rrSear uccQuirtu 

Op^dsar ? OT-xv. 

QueKra>LD i¥eSar(B^ ^^onLoup/S iB^pQu^fetpj^, tu/s^irp i^eo^^s 
sL^QoiQiDeisTjpiiD Lfso/B^rr&o jyo/eor Q6Ftrpaetrn'§p;{^ Q&^iuio&einrsiu) £eiQs 
QLD^arjpnh ^iies>^QpfS9>siir&Q^GBaesJti&Q&iTGssn!^^iB^&st uir^Bi sir^^ ^ec^s 

(0^-L/-«n/r.) — /BtL QueisreiDLn - ism^SesypiuaQiu {jifiressr 

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1258. Aro not the enticing words of my trick-aboanding roguish 
lover the weapon that breaks away my feminine firmness. 

uSedHioeonjp s^p^uinu jifOjQjrrriB aeo^^Q(7^L.Ei^^BBO tu/Si^^ g)«rf? jy^ 
Qjrrujrr€s>LD - L^so^^p sQ^ajnuj Qe^F^^trQGff ae^^^p aQyeBiutnu Sp 

iSasaroDei&aL^QeuQGSTesi^ iSSssr^^^ Q^esiQpdsr -.(^^euQtr^ir iSio 
€\)iri£iio (?(Si/(?(2J>/flz__^jS(?6v) QufrSQearesT \ (Cou/rfitqti), Qie^0= 

1259. I said I wonld feign dislike and so went^ (away) ; (bnt) I 
embraced him the moment I saw my mind begin to unite with him. 

6B0, 0Gssrib^\Q eSiLi—Gfretfr Qib^&Q)>ts (^mrQi^ir 

ujfTvSipQpGsi ufiirih. 

«@, csLif, - (iL/zriL) iScoar&jS, Ljessr/r/b^ - (iSlear) Ljossrlrib^^ Mp 
QuCa ereareo - (^/b/S2»0u9(?6v)) &p^&&L^Q€iiQu^Gsrj^ iSiSgfr^^eo^ 

1260. Is it possible for those whose hearts melt like fat in the fire 
to say that they can feign a strong dislike and remain so ? 

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^oft/StTQJ^ (?^ttS«B)L.ljL9/0fifi€Br£5LL L-ftUU>ff^iV fi^LDS^^ QwtLoiaiSs 

fiO^)6or ^d^oD/r QiuirQf^ir stravL^p^^ c&n/r^eb. ^SsucDfior iS/ficya) ^9»)ma 
Gtrtrpd^eouiiLfUi j>f^sfrjruuiL(B ^(ff^arpeDLDtSof , @0QMB>/riL/^ ^ Llt f -u Our 

m^ ^%ULDA€rr GSi^LaL\pQeoaf(n^iT : arLL(BuQuujnr Q^ireos^^ir/r (QfiuQutf® 

&dieiup(npu ^^&tnr^^pi ^^iDseat ejuir^pp uorannunrp stupuui—irwiD 
iuirgfinhf ^oo^oDir iu€et9snn lU/Ss, QjjsgutlL^dBOLDSGr en^pjpi fBaijOBUtfioiir 
t^HL^m^fiirmQ^ary jifoteSlgotuLf upfi Smpojifi^eSl^iS^ sDfUMuuiLu.^* 

s. €Ulfhrrpjp/u LjpQstirp gcwr gjor tneuirQ^Arp 

[js^mseir streKrL.eo eS^uiS^^ Qs^ir&oeSiu^.'] 
€sJlesiip/i^Qfpa>p^Q^iriL(B ereurggfi/seofr^ erssr c^jr&d&QuJiii^Gaf ^ jif^Qot 
g)d;Q//r^(L^U3 jifojir Q^jroftArc^trtSp/SioBso, v-jpi* 

QeuAu^ ^pfiQiuGBT^ ^^iffi Searp^. @6o9 (u/r6sr sirQpLoirQpmSBir Qtusff 
mirett - jifsuir (/sa^'snii^uiS/fl/s^^ QurrQiu /syrGrr^sSarr, ^pjS - (^^ 

1261. Mj finger has worn away bj markiDg (on the wall) the 
days lie has been absent while my eyes have lost their lostre and begin 
to {ail. 

['^(S^^LD tS^^eSeir @QS)u.u9dfr/S fBS^MpuirBsotub^ 
Qjarjpi turr^ LopuQu^^i&ir^ Qld^gi airiflm^ QtuA&ffr /f uu cr^Q^Aser 

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«e.6r-iL. jy^. ^euke^vQi&nS^LLueo, ®«^<9b -r^dP 


^^deoeuGfitr') u^puQu^Sfir ^ Qmia - LnjptSpui^^u^^ a/riflGns - 

1262. O yoa bright-jewelled maid, if I forget (him) todaj, my 
shoulders will lose their beaatj even in the other life and make my braoe- 
lets loose. 

lurr^Bsi) Sa^i^ ^uaQp&si ^BEsrtuirsu QufTvSi^rt ^wpGDp uSay^^^ FFekr(B 
^jrQGsrefruffi ^(^Quiuir* ^/BaoMFUJ(r gnuS/reufriprr ^eaQposr^ ^oo^eA^ 

1263. I still live by longing for the arriyal of him who has gone 
out of love for victory and with valour as his guide. 

Sh.i^-iu siTLD^ffit^Qea iBBiaaar a/^^Sbu Sdeari^, ertiiQGff^^ ojQ^ji^QLDfrifi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

&^Qld QeoppuuiLt^ffi. Qafr&arQt—orujp ^esipi^ iQ^p^. ^oeffiere/np 
fiQeo^v^&ir ^pib^l/Bqj QoMku^irth* 

Qm^u^ U(igjiQ^QpQ&frp^, 

1264- My heart is rid of its sorrow and swells with raptnre to 
think of my absent lover returning with his love. 

l^^cisOLDsetjr culTQi^upl ^^(/r^iun'tuu u6F&€BpuiT^ 

(uf-ainr.) cr-^,— crcBrtffi«r«eir/r0u)Qyc8)« erear Qsireurs^ tuir&r sn&sr 
Qu^a ; ^KiEi^Bi ««wrt-L9«r, crew QLoeocSajCJ^/roflew-ALl u^ul^^ jsirQsff 

1265. May I look on my lover till I am satisfied and thereafter 
will vanish the sallowness of my slender shoulders. 

^Rr. euq^sisip QairGbrs Q^Q^nsfriL u(!^(m€UGST 

(uiP-CB)ir.) er-^, — Sl^^Saar /Bfr^w euiririrsQarraardsasr ^(j^irar CTfitf" 
sdar Qjqf^^fT^s ; euis^trp eDunflsiT^ Q^iuQarp ^/sQ/BfrQtu&oeonisi Oa£- jfOi 

ey0« Qeuesru^p^U) in^Qesr^u^p^ Qin^oin-^^eufrQp Qaireirs, 

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1266. ^laj my husband retarn some day ; and then will I erjoy 
(him) 80 as to destroy all this agouiziag sorrow. 

UfioefliULD L/ebso^ii g}/f QuiTQ^Qear&Gsst eSjTGuirssiLDuSp seouQuGjrQsir 

mfB^^) i9GsaTibJ(QCS6u(DQ)? Lfeii^Q6u&ffQ^tr€\) - {cTGstQu!rj)!& 

1267- On the return of him who is as dear as my eyes, am I 
displeased or am I to embrace (him) ; or am I to do both ? 

[Qeutd^p(^pjp/LfiLjSlSi^ fiBsOLD&dr eSlSsar(ipi^^i8L-i^^ 

uAorQiu^u^ FFscsn^rr^ Quiuitj '^Loeiaeo QinGffu LoSswLD/ril^^* er&ir 
ui^uQufTeO' eSSstsrQe'iu^p&mQj/s^ LDirSsouQuiTQpSp^ CT@/r(?«/ri_60 ^eo/w 

/Bir^a^Q^Li eSarrjr^^frp Q(fj^^s^» '§)^ eSSsorQpt^^-ajirQp^ Sn^peotresr eS^u 
utTiSpjpi. i^pQireotDirih ^^8sor^ ^Ssolds&t eh.pQr^a>3 tLfODrr^/Sirir : ^2»uloa 

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1268. Let the king fight and gain (victories) ; (bnt) let me be 
united to my wife and feast the evening. 

S9, §^Q!)iBir Q&rQfifsirmQuirp Q^eo^^Q^iL Q^Gn(nf!r 

miT^ mLQ4htrGBisr(B jy^a/0^ ^Amn^Co wnSiir^rrBQ otQr^iB^ iD^efiar^^ ^ 
mir&r ueo/Brr&rGutreo Qasi^pfra&t sirtLiBih^ cr^jpi. 

^Qtfioru^ jiffijbi^QLD€Otruj iS^es uAranD ^^/S^^ B^p^^ ^^^(S^i' 

eh^iu^irjM* S)^@)^ ^^Ciji ^^LDseir AL^^a/roDLo uj/Ss. QjjQi^ibfrQararjpi 
uirL^GLDfr^eurrQ^ Qp€air» 

1269. To those who saffor waiting for the day of return of their 
distant lovers one day is as long as seven days. 

aO. QujSQear&fTQftxi Quppi&ir QeiAr^ (LpfiQear^sr^ 

mjt ULLu.^Lfi, isihesitjQu Qupsat^Qjea-tr^Qeodr, ^^eudr/SQiu Qup^ 

g)Lb^6Brjyi2> CI^LdOu/T® Lj€B8rfr^Q^ d!L.pLJUlLL.€Orf Jlf^arQLLjSfU) 

QpoiBsor ^tps^mcDLDuSAm ^fip^ QfiaiQesF tutrfir Q^eosiiQeumr(BQLD€sru^ 

Digitized by 


(0^-u-GD/r.) — sir^eSi — , fLgyrcrroj &.£0>l./5^ - (/BiijiSJ/flo/ 
QujSdr (sresf - (/SLOGnLo) Qupimi^eueirir^e^ eresresrutu&sr^ Qup 

1270. After (my wife) has died of a broken heart, what good will 
there be if she is to receive me, has received me, or has even embraced 

d5a-«9/ - ih. ^fi» (^flSuupSekjjjj^^ec. 


Jifoe^frafffi ^BiOLDaear, ^^BOinaeir, Q^trifiQajw/Seuir ^0Qy/r ^,fiui3dsaf 

[j3^&ffi^fnJ^VLJ ^d$UL0«6Br QojlLoiS iS&cSl^^ l^^QJffl UOT^ff&^UlTJnrLL 

(u(P - cnir*} €T~^f — £.Q&ifreoeo{rffi uiGDp^^fr tuiruSgnLOf j^^p^t^ija 

{Q/S - u - cwr.) — sjrut9^uoi - (OdF/rA6»/r^) inGDpjifln' 
2>9r) ens^L^ib^^ /Seer &.6Krr 6isia - fi-eir (^Gnm) 9L.€Ari^^€Kfr&QefT^ 

1271* Though you would conceal (your feelings), your painted 
eyes would not, for, transgressing (their bounds), they tell (me) some- 

8., Smr€8fjfl€sypibfi ^rriS^GSiai siruiQuH-QflfrLL. QuGSifii^u 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(^Q ^•Umenir ,^'^^saifr ides^pifs e^irHens - (ercSr) smtsU 

1272. Unusnally greafc is the female simplicity of your maid 
whose beauty fills my eyes and whose shoaiders resemble the bamboo. 

(uiP-cnrr.) cr-^^ — QsirsauuiLL^ ue^at^Loesifiuja^^d Sl^/s^ up 
ji^u i-/0O(g),^«bC7u/ro} §iJihLDL^iBesifltu ^9s£iiua^ffis Qi^ijsi i^p^^u L/eo 
^ajSidrpQ^iTQ^ ^lBiuL\€ssF(B, er-jpi* 

^L.€SsL^^pu(TGOfiGsrjSes)Qj^^ ^t—€iSlALp^&o> siffionsr tun-ear /SQdrjSQ&xa-j 

@6»fl(i5/b\^, ^^{peuffi - (^LjpjiCSfi) s(rsssruu(B€UflaQiu^ ^eJrjy - 

* 1273. There is something that is implied in the beauty of this 
woman, like the thread that is visibile in a garland of gems. 

(UiP - GDir.) CT-^, QpeSifBOJ^ (LpQ^ulSgHsefTfltnUU L^p^ffiu i-fo}^ 

mtrp /BirppuiOuirvo iSdirQuesi^ ^rearQ^fB mads^Q^ffi /sa>^uj^ QpSjpuiS 

Digitized by 


(Qfi - u - 6iD/r.)— (z^fiB>« Oai/r<5Q6Tr « ^(jjtiiScirr^ ^S 

1274. There is sometbing in the nnraatnred smile of this maid 
like the fragrance that is contained in an nnblossomed bnd. 

(uiP-«s)ir.) er-^^ — Qibq^siQiu fiuSaraSsir sLfOH^turrar €TaraesifiGOeoir^ 
O^trdrpSsar UL^iLQairexr® jif^ snirextinirs crcSr^ Lnesip^^uQuiresr (^uLf 

QpLjorQuira (j^L^QsireSuri^^, e^jpi^ujir isexfrjpj Q^fiuiu^ ^(ii^^tSsir ^eoirgmh 
Q^irifi'JLtfTpQpeBeSi^^&o* M lu^Q^uuflio Q€u€S8r(BQuidru^ffLb» 

@jpi^ adtretTih - ^jf^strjretsoTLnirs er&fr3sirru^€a)p^^^ (SuTear 

1275. The well-meant departure of ber whose bangles are tight- 
fitting contains a remedy that can care my great sorrow. 

d!r. QuSifiirpfiu QuiLus se^fisfi e^BfBirpfii 

LDirp/S asfTLnQQ^th QiGBsresatk s€0^@dr/D seceQ g)0/5^ ojirp^T^ CJtDjjJKD^^or 
iSS^^p ^/SuiSq^P Q9UJ@Gap fitrsecirdir^ QptfueSvo @6Brg)^/rs/r Seerp 

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1276. The embrace that fills me with comfort and gladness is ca- 
pable of endaring (my former) sorrow and meditating on his want of 

er, flozrvasTfb ^Gs^peuesr pasrifiGSiin iBLaiS^ 

eh.i^jS(j^KQ fi iDSsr^^trp iSiflisfiODLDODiu ^QiAr (g/S uun ear/8 fip@^u ewiB 
gpith §lQ/Qjdsir&&r QpeerQeer aJ/S/s^esTy er^jpi. 

sQ^^^ iSay^i/g^rrseSp pessf ib ^es>iD Qaudrjpuhy tu/rdr QpeBtu ayovir 
/SBflX^ (ip^Qear G^rcaraessr Qtn^fF^ear Qotofuirar jif/sSsar ^^Qu^eopfi 
jif^ ^Gjrdesr tussarffei^GSiL^^^iT&QiLfEi ^^. 

1277. My bracelets have understood before me the (mental) sepa- 
ration of him who rales the cool seashore. 

(uf-onir.) er-jny — eriEiarr^eoir iSM^QutrtS^n' Q/B(r^/BpOp ; SfuiSi^ 
QtsQ^epjpi^Qs'UJ^ ^dsouje^uj/rp iSSeij ^eBSujuuiLi^Q^^utr&r Off® 

(O^ - zj - cw/r.) — erijsrr/s€\iir — , QfBQ^mpjpt . 

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1278. It was bat yesterday my lover departed (from me); aod it is 
seven days since my complexion tamed sallow. 

Om, Q^lTt^QiBirsQ QmmQdff^ Qn5ir&Q tui^Qmir&Q 
(uf - cnnr.) «r-^^ — luir etrjfiQ^e/fkSI^^Qjtfi^ Q^sBojrrjfi ^€uir iSfiiu 

Bicorth jif€u&r Q^iu^ ^/Sui^ ^^L^dirQun asir vSQf^i^ffif er-jpin 

Q^tu^ Q^uL\^ Qs^iufip GsffiQJirtu q^ulj, jifooQfi^(n^^, Q^fi 

fseuk i9iiuj ibifAt ^mtQ^Sij^ifBiri^)^ Q/siTif. QistriQ - (g^cmeu iQ 
eoeoirQeuGerjpi flosT^ €u2saajioa^uuirlr^ffif Oioeo Qfln^ui Qmtr 
iS'(j;^^p(m^ffi€uirs^Gs>cu OLoeSiLjQubcirjpr) QintMeSiuj Qfln&r 

1279. She looked at her bracelets, her tender shoulders, and her 
feet ; this was what she did there (significantly). 

[^^LoafiDT tSiBiutrsDiDs (Q/SutSSsv^ Ofln'ifi& /S/Sc^jpi^^ffiJ] 

GiDS^ija ^(T QueureoiLD tLiQDL^^Q^€Brjpi QiFireo^^QJO- ^/S/sG^iriTf er-^jpi. 

^^ms&r^L^^ Gu/r^pjpiesifiL^ GpiTLfiiuirp QpeBi^tr^^^ar y ^ati^ 

(QfB 'Urn 65)/r.) — (£A6E6tfl/f)j sirrnQmiTtu - (^/w) airtnQmir 

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esiLbQixt^th^ QuasTGSiUi ^^estt^^jp eresfu - ^a^ Qumannaitu 
(LfGDL^^Q^arj)/ (^^fSiQfBfrir) Q^irio^euir^ 

1280. To express their love-sickness by their eyes and resort to 
begging bespeaks more than ordinary female excellence. 

dse^ab - fi). cJV<^« LfessrnfS'^QS^ihu^. 

^oc^iroj^ fiSBOiDSQum ^BOLoa^Ui Lf€Bsrir^&ss€KrQav tSkaxr^eo. Gmp 
lditlLQl- iQsifitrjfi QqjlLgds LSasS^p iSarg^i ^^aesotQ^sar SAtp^eotr^j 

[tSlif^fip ^^uiSen-^^iuirQ^/B S LieoQJires>uia(gm mirsr^Rrih 

1281. To please by thought and cheer by sight is peculiar, not to 
liquor bat lust. 

(uir - GDir.) CT-^^ — LD«6ifi/r«@ srrLDih u^iseraJGreSlgpiu} iSsGJcurL^ir inff 

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u&iir^^AwtLi QiDGiiuifi ^i^^QSH ^^irJr^/grrp Q(n^Maffi* fim^cBT 
q;0^^ lS^Oldsbtu i3fiir&^g^^ m^jptcutr&r Qun^jpit ^csraD^uqff siL./Siu 

1282. If women have a lust that exceeds even the measure of the 
palmyra fruit, they will not desire (to feign) dislike even as much as the 

as^. Gu^jp QuiLuQ&j Q^iUiQoiiii QsfrssaT^2ssr& 

1283- Though my eyes disregard me and do what is pleasing to 
my husband, still will they not be satisfied unless thoy see him. 

esuL^peniL QarGsrpQfB^ QeoT^^r. 

(uf - «Dir.) OT-^, — Q^n-jf ! <hiT^eoesi(Ts £sn'^)(tp€Br jyoy/rO^tu^ ^eup 
esip^ ^arQ^(Bf8Bs8r^^ luiresrojQjrir (BiS^pseNtrQeasr G)e=arQp^^ sesarL^i^^ 

Q^psi^atp^vo /Sckur^^Q.^^j^p^QLnir^^G^ar^ Sj^ LopfbQ^eir^elT' 
^a^Qa^f5\teutTp uiuQetnettQeeroiru^UU. /SettrpGDiDu^ar^ loot ^tfiuSesi^aseKr 

(Qfi "Urn Gj>[r.^ — QflfTffi - Q^a^fiQiu ! (j;/GfTUGniriair^i)i 
^p^Qp&si ^euirQa^LUfi ^pp^es>^^ fs^Q^)® ereiireBsfi)^ esc 

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1284. my friend I was prepared to feign displeasure, bat my 
mind forgetting it was ready to embrace him. 

®. efQp^ihjairp C7<s5/r^«/r^i; asmQeimCSufrp QsirekraA 
(uiP - QDT.) er^jfij — Qp^QeBrioeoiTfsi seBsn^(fF^i^ija ernp^Eisireo^ffi 

air^ - sirGssTu^iriLi^tTfi^ aGxrQcsar Quireo — , QairfiirtfeJT u^ - 
aessT6U€ST^ (^pp^esi^^ («fly6U&9r<s a/r^^eflL-^O^^eu/rtiQ «^ 
/jL(i5/b"^Lb), sossTi^eQi^^^ - (.^diy&y?^ sessri^^u.^^^ air 
Qasrear - afreaanninLQL^&fr, 

1285. Like the eyes which see not the pencil that paints it| 
I cannot see my husband's fault (just) when I meet him. 

Orr, ST^^iiaurp afrQestfTGiT peumuj ^tr^^amirp 

QjpGDpi afrmisil&fr(SIQ&y^y arr^^QuaQg^ ^esiOjQiuaj^&o^ iSp^jpeapi 

QsFiuuiJBQutrq^&r ^^srrir^js freer eui^^. dP^i-i fBircfiB^Q^(Si Q^frio 

(Q^-LJ-«R/r,) — (/B/rear)^ <s/rggf)/ai SBfrs^ - (^cjwfiu&r) air 

a(r(SsssT&iT - &neSsr@i^fB^Q6\i9SJ; atr^%/Bir&) . (^^euSsBr) air 
^^QuTQp^j fi<suj^ ^io€i)GSi6u • (^ppib36S€rri))ev/rfiGSisuadsn'^ 

1286. When I see my husband, I do not see any faults ; but when 
I do not see him, I do not see anything but faults. 

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uiu€dilA3B0 Qiueoru^irih. Quiriu^^ eofiisQ^Qm^u^ uirL^iDiruSar^ fLtu^fi 

£SiQeo uirtuQeuirir Od^iL/^Ou/reo, Qutnu^fs^ ^fii^ - (^iScssri 

1287* Like those who leap into a Btream which they know will 
carry them off, why shonld a wife feign dislike which she Igiows cannot 
hold ont long P 

seampQp a&reuSGtr lo/t/tl/. 
jfOjeSar^^ar — istrcsJldra>U), tSssipiSAFmin^ ^QfiMiSartsiLD, ^<saBrrr 

QtD^ui 6QQ^u>uuu(BeufiSfr8iu) a&r^uQurr^^th, 

1288. yon rogne ! yoar breast is to me what liquor is to those 
who rejoice in it, though it only gives them an unpleasant disgrace. 

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QLoAeS^ir^^oj/S/B^ jy^peSrO^AfiflaDOJu Qujpieufrir ^eoa^^d^ ©co/r, €r-^. 
QfiirtLL.^dasraJirQ€er ineBarJ^Qa^ojeSiutfioj^fnu loeu/r er&ieoiroifi/Sgfih 

0QjLJBD6BiLjUi^ jP65/rdFfi(4J), g)ewLj(ipLb, ^©tf/reo^^eartf otCsbt Qiuirjiffi jpsir 

au^ ^sjrQeu^(B^€Siaa ^^enQ^pdi^ ^SbOuiJBQjmr SeoQirdrjp/ti, sf^pj^a 

1289. Seznal delight is more delicate than a flower, and few axe 
those who understand its real nature. 

6eO« SeiressUp jpieS^Q^ ae^daSi^eir ujiogfi^ 

eQ^ULjpjpi - fifTGfreQG^ireifpjpij seoojQQfeff . (^^&iriqiL ^u 
Qua-QfQ/s) Lnpii^ esui^^LLL-irerr, (jy;sg)eo «/r6iT ^uuifL€U(^ 

1290. She once feigned dislike in her eyes, bnt the warmth of her 
embrace exceeded my own. 

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jifo9firr^^ AtrFcaerQfidffL^tnu «/<^qJ) LfeOMs a(n)^ir^ LjfBsrir^&eS^ih 
sirjF(ip€S)p€S)u)(LfU) Qj^^Qear eS&ria^i. 

£QujUim sir air ^^. 
^mitriairii Sppe^am® eooi^^thy iSOtuuMisiriu iBeoeoir^ ^qjcdit SSsar^ 

jfeuirkatnu iSppeo aGssnf.q^m^u^^ £ eru^A(ja^ ^airfi^ - li (^ 
euGSiirQoj Sde/rfijp) ^u^iairiu /@^ev/ra>Lo^@6s aarireaarih^ erc^cSr- 
luir^ ? 

1291. my soul, althongh yon have seen how his soul stands by 
him, how is it you do not stand by me. 

mimir ^arm^irp/Smfis €Bu.^^th, mnt^Q^m^ii Oa/^or/r Qirafujg upfi 
£iuairuiirLJB^ Q^Fidcoir/Sar^tu^ QuQupfitujBi Qu^Qiofr jrfiiufra>miuftif 

artrQtr^u^ sm^irw Qa'dr^iUf Ssq^iu^ (tfit^afiinfr Oo/aru^/ru)* 

(O^ . u - Gtiir.y — ©TOT Onsq^^ . eresr^u^earQui, u^^fi^wi* 

uif.) jfjSifieQL^^^ui, Q^Qffir eresr - (/6/rLb(?u/r^eo) (Sairi9tuir 
QiTGsrujpupjS, jf€iJ€S}ir - jfcuXii^fiffi^ Q^jB - 0«^eu6^(npa)^ 

1292. my soul, althongh yon haye known him who does not 
love me, still do yon go to him, saying '' he will not be displeased/' 

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errndssr^SiKB j;i^n'iJ>fnL(BJ^6Ffi>eo HuGserQt^uvSiAp QjgAufrar Qui 
^ioQt^^ ^eoLJiSeorr Qi€3sr ireSeOeoirn Q^tn^irutrSp^ t8arQ(n^L^ir Quoru^ffUi* 

1293. O my 8on1, do yon follow him ai pleasure under the hdief 
that the mined have no friends? 

^. ^esf)(U607e97 iS^Qq)® (^^QitrSnuirir Qm^Qs' 

ji/uQup/SuuLLu.&jr - Ljeos(Qi^pBiA&T. strQssarAu^ ^€Si(rv»9* 
tnpMff^-^eSSBsnDirp/S^sm ci/0^^. (LpArQeBr&owirih Ljeouu^tra Q^M^A 

(Qfi - U - 0>/r.) QlB^Q^ - Q/6@6P<?£U I (/ff J^QJOiffi 

smri^QuiTQfQfi ^eSfTUtn^ueQAs SSan'uufie^iieojp'j^ ^eS Q^ 
euiriu - (^jf^Bssr jjfetreu/Siijp) i9^ jf^u^sa iSSesriutnu, (^fl 
Q^^iffsiiiL^df^ ^l^eufrnr - creAr^piQeuirir^ ujirir - luircuir p (/5/rcir jy 

1S94. my sonl, yon would not first seem sulky and then enjoy 
(him) : who then would in future consult you about suoh things? 

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{jBunSeotr^d^ Q^porp G/sirifi QaiLu^ ^S^tna^ 
Sarp^, QuppaarrA ojjrMi—QJ iSStSSssrtLjiLQsfrtoar® ^^p si^BPirSwpjfi^ 

diir^eoa>iru Qupjj^GDcu^^^ ^eotSuSifi^^eo ^.jpi^ujAQptargjiB s(^^ 
^n^OF Qjir(SQearnSMr(a^€irfrs€Sp Qu^SDiDiu^Sr Qimarjpiiiy av^aj/rjnreou) 
ttSfisr g}68r^£Afi//r iSfHoiji troSar lu/r^ Q^iu^Quyaru^ Ssyf^^p Qu/Spi3^ 

(0^-u-€{D/r,) — (^2MQ/^/riIr QuQtffismireB^LL)^ QufjffGstm 
jf^ertja - jfuQuQffGSiiDSQ jf^a^mSlp^ih, QujSetr - Qupp 

1295. My soul fears whea it is withont him ; it also fears when it 
is with him : it is subject to incessant sorrow. 

e^ jya//r 0«/r®«>aMBafar iutrarp€BrQ^(B tBBsar/ifiMn'&Oy jifOjotetroj/SiB^ «r«r 
dBOTfi ^&fru^ Qufrestjpi ^iAru^ QtPiu^pQs^ ^^jpi' 

(Q^-u.€B)/r.) — 6r«r Q/b®» — , glQ^Afij^ - (^ikQs) g)®» 
airio - (jyQ/ff-0«/r®a)ai65aBfr /B/rcw ;56ir0(g)®) ^iSBfTflfiiaaA), 


1 ft96. My mind has been (here) ih ordiBr to eat me up (as it Were) 
whenever I think of him in my solitude. 

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(uiP - on IT.) cr-^, — ^fkdssnupie^ srr^eomir^ ^trA u>pas(^ 

«/59 i£ips^^Qjp«>ps &fr^^tfi SBsar^^ amt^^tfi mp^peo. arrm-a^ 
^/rdrjpti^kj^ QiUiTQ^SsPi^ Jt^&trftajpf ssurutrirQu/m Q^^(BaQffA. &A 

1297. I have even forgotten my modesty, having been caught in 
my foolish mind which is not dignified enough to forget him. 

^(Sfiy ^^ir ^p^^BmQiu iSdesnutr Smp^, cr^jpi. 

(S^esyiLtuiraiith, mirgsxth /fi«,^ QpjgtSkj «flip^^6iMi»a) tLW^^^. fipth— 

iq65)i.(u (creir) Q/ggj^, (/B£ia>ai g)6By)«^ O^dr^O/rw^j/), qtot 
«fl6Jr - («/r(i;)tb) g)«y)Oa//riii/r«96ir, ^crflcufl-i erar^ ^mreafi - 

1298. My soul which olings to life thinks only of his (own) gain 
in the belief that it would be disgraceful for it todespiMhim^ 

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(Q^ - u - a)/r.) — ^GSfu^^p^ - (^0«^/r«(g) ^ghuu^ 

1299. Who would help me ont of one's distress, when one's own 
aonl refnses help to one P 

(uiP - WIT.) 6T-^, — fi(r(yAfifirr&^GSiLJu Qe^ih 9(^irs(Q^ fifLo/rA 

^/r iBApiSdr ^utSp&r L/eoificBr^ 0^€iB Q^aru^iru). 

^^LO — , fiinir Ji/eo euffi - (^(Q^fri^) fiuiuhcujnrair^ ^l,^^^ 

1300. It is hardly possible for strangers to behave like relations, 
when one's own soul acts like a stranger. 

^d^QjTtr Qt^irQr^Qjir Ljco^^eo, ji/^airjr QfmpesuniLfh g)^@)C€or €&err0^a>. 
65. Heoe^ir ^jrirj/u ufeo^GSifis iueuQ^ 

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(uiP - OPir.) er-^^ — ^dtaeath Lfeoi^irp sir^ocOtriu^ LoeoeoCgDoS&ar 
ifiBso GLD€SiL(BaQi£rr€K!i^^i^ Ljeduufrtuiraf er^jpt. 

S&rtSL^&oirsirQ^aru^ up/S* Lj&)^eB>^ QtudrLjifi ^strFth ^'£BL^ih^mQi^a'(^ 
airefojiesifi" erarLitfiuQurreo QpAeJISBodlBser dl(g8> Lfeo^^ Qtuaru^r^jh 
uiTL^th. L^&>eSI^@fiuLis£S€asr(B ^qj&t ojifiiueirmu iBeerjpi miTQ^pp eu0;£^u> 

1301. Let us witneBB awbile his keen snfferiog ; just feign dislike 
and embrace him not. 

2.. Q^uuGSiU^i fiPdffp L/e»€fl lUJpSljSffi 

^eo tLuLj^ ^fuuuarojpeDp gjAsfcoojiun'sap^ G^dsr(B uiardlfi>(V^^eoOLjtr 
^ih ; @l€dl j>/^Bsar tuojojeireSp S/S^ iS&eSiiB^oo ^qjqjui^ jf/eneSar iBsdurp 

iSdii£€uifi^ ^luuu^ <s?CB>6i/ttS)6Dr ^^^pQufTeou Lfeo^iSaswffis aeoeS §jaru 

(Qfl - u . «n/r.) — L/€U6fl - i965Br«@, (^cjjw/f^© iQofu^ 

utresf^ (ccBOfQ/aSsyr ^€sraresi€U{uiTs^fBp(Q) Qeueisr^inm^^n 
fifT^fleo Quir^u^; tgeaeBi^ii) - (g)68fl jffi&trr ^iu^&t^p QfS 

1802. A Httle dislike is like salt in proportion ; to prolong it a 
little is like salt a little too mnoh. 

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&.. ^e^ikfBKGShir (ueo€o(7g)(L/ Q^iuflpqffp pu^es^mu 

(uf - OPT.) cr-^j — ^u)€5)LDuQu(n^^ LieoiB^ Ltyse/Hesiiru i-jeoeS S&Ss 

tSpnuirp Qa^p^Sar jpi2>6B)louOlj(^J9 Lfeai^u^ uSQ^sBarp uff^es>^ 
luaxruQufriuu qcoeO Ss@lj i_/^»§ir/rii9«r, ^Qjjrrrp(j7^ Qirfwu^frijD' 

Qumjp iSessrisjQuj LDseflesiir^ {^ui^Gssrm^ /ff«fi), i^e^edtreSi 
pjp) juffiificuira(^, jf€i)€oeo Qminu Q^iu^pjpi-i^^fsesrQLn^u^) 

1S03* ^or men not to embrace those who have feigned dislike is 
like torturing those already in agony. 

jTQfifTjfi^eo u&stQl^ Sir Qu(j7^^ Qifru^iu Qsiri^esnu ^i^uSQeo ujjpi^^ir 
pQuir^LD, er-jpi' 

LDfTUJ ttJ/rii jpthQiorr (S(B^p(^iULDvoeoLb Sfosresiua^Gst ^ihGSiiDtL\€5srir^^io Gqj 

1304- Not to reconcile those who have feigned dislike is like oat- 
ting a faded creeper at its root 

^cueiresr ^cnr^ jrs^jfi. 

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UirCBTy /560^^O>tf /560®>O//r«® OLflfiBr^fiDT. Jl/lfi^ - ^foTULJUtuSsor^/g^uu^ 

1305. An increased sbyness in those whose eyes are like ftowers 
is beaatdfol even to good and yirtaons husbands. 

6k. ^esflqm LfeiGBiLf iSs^^eoinSi/b airinii 

tSp jp/€Jlu9&&0{urro9p aeSiupQp^jpiCo, sili^JSsffGDUi^^friu eariu jfisQ^ 
Q^iieS^ ^ar(j7^se9p i^6\jdluSe68soiufruSp SQ^^srrojpQpAjpiA atufi^fiat' 

1806. Sexual pleasure, without prolonged and short-lived dislike, 
is like too ripe, and unripe fruit. 

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mkQpdf§fi QuMF^^^/D^^ s(^^^n'QarAjj^ mi^cBdiAuuiLu.^. Sp 
uLfiioitn eSs(rjr^fifrpQ(7^ suffix Qsne^Qenatu^dsar S(BQjQ^€Bru^s»L^§fiS 

(Qfi - Lj . 69>/r.) — LfGssrlroi^ - Lfesari'iSujfregr^^ liQeu^ 

1307. The doabt as to whether intercoarse would take place soon 
or not, creates a sorrow (even) in feigned dislike. 

1308. What avails sorrow when I am without a wife who can 
understand the cause of my sorrow. 

^OfKi" ^eirQessr SeS^, 

iuanLUJir^ L^9deSiLjUi jtftarLjOiL^iuirirseSarQmr S)ct0^/r«i/^| ^flnr tutor iSeoirir 
^Qp/sUr <- ^p^a>ws^ Qm/r^^im eUB^poM QoitLts^mi^ Qpau^iuffir^ir^. 

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(Qfl - LJ - 6B)/r.) — Sq^u^ - (ft-fl9if«@ jyaifiujus OoianrOiA) 

1309. Like water in the shade, dislike is delioioos only in those 
who love. 

650. SflfTi. ^6B9r/&765 60(&Ai/r(7^/r Q/^csrOcsr^^flST 

(uf'-cnv.) cr-^i — ^irgf^up^mQeaar QiDtSiutrSpae^Uij Jliljp.(t^s 
^ioeoirQFirO ^u~.ML-Q^^uyArjpi €rAQ€Br^&:u3 QpujppQs^ ^AeartufrQaj 
iS/Sfie(Ao, cr-jy. 

^jUB 4£(!^Si ^^p^ Qpajpea ^oiirtiip^ir Q^ajcdiratSAj daJSQ^QiDsku 

(0^ - u - 69)/r.) — gesL^eo flL.eBBri&765 - (^flirest) i9€S8rias€SQso 
€U0iflir iQpaQfLD^ eBtBeutrQjrir® - (^drSar) efltli^^n^a^^sev^otfu/r 

Qi^Gffjpi Qpiup&Q^FiUfip^^&irjTGssrui^ ^eutr - (^cir) ^ctD^Guj 

1310. It is nothing but strong desire that makes her mind unite 
with me who oan leave her to her own dislika 

Gijei sfT^eii €B>sijbiS^^eoir€or jpsBOtesJUiuQ^trir sfrjr€B8r(tpeirpfra flyilOa/rfiBrffi 
Quiediiarp^. ^fiairjrQp€s>p^LDiLjt}} gj/i^Qesr eOcirfls^u). 

q€Di-.ttJ/r/r lutrQjQ^ ^asmr^g^ Qutr^^frS ^tifuir, ^^^lA jfoiriB^ 
edtriu /BasruifririSSsoru Qufrd^Q/sA^ ci^jpi* 

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€s^ujp9Ds LDir^^jrQLD Qliu€Bf§^ei sQ^^psirp QumesfiiueoirQir^dT^. Quir^ 
^^fi&>: jtf^e^Qtnnir ^ppui. ^irQiBirs® uSidrLippQtirQp jy€W0 GerrsQ 

1311. Ton are given to prostifcntion ; all those who are born as 
womankind enjoy yon with their eyes in an ordinary way. I will not 
embrace yon. 

S(BeuiTfp Q^aruirs sfii^, 

ffiihiBajMireo ejiry^js^^eo uururraeoir^, ^esunuirL^&a Gojmi^pQp^ 


{Qfi - u- «D/r,) — cflEf^ - (iu/rxi^£i(JLQ/r(B) iSeaw/Hfi, ®(5® 

uirA^ jiffSi^ - 0/5®ffi76E/reoa) Gkiafp&Qeiiesi£» Qa^^e^^Qeuu^fra 

1312. When I continued to be sulky he sneezed and thonght I 
wonid (then) wish him a long life. 

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d^ir iSpdyh' ®«^ ojthLDQffjs Seo^^u ^weerfi QwpjpiSeo^^s Qa/tlJIBu 

qti - Qairiaiuo' iQpu&r, {^uuif^uuiLi^eu^a^ ^(r^airjressrui 

I8I3. Even if I were adorned with a garland of branch-flowers, 
she woald say I did so to show it to another woman. 

(uiP-ORir.) er-^, — stru^^sn ^p^u eSlQ^eujriraS^ tu/rajif^gsiD luirth 
Bir^^mL.QiuQ€srdtiQp^ms «0^, ^uiU^^M luiriflsfsih erdrstl ^irjs^tsH^ 

fQSsarji^, (u/r/flaB/fi atr^e\)u^ ermQp^ ^ - iu/r/fl^ii iB(Q&fl- mir 

I8I4. When I said I loved her more than any other woman, she 
said "more than others, yes, more than others," and remained sniky. 

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tuirua iS^Qa/^marjpi QvirmQeat^s, ^^^/^ 9^ LojusoLDiuirSaj tSpuiSiar 

uirp peufiioceo Qiu&ru/ssfrih* 

ds^TQfs^ (^^@eo erGtrSsar tnjvt9pui9Qei> i9iBQ€U€ifT er&frQp 
^Q^fif^es^i^QiUQ^a* iSdBar^^)^ aesisr iQeinp Sir QsiirMn^cstea - 
(^j^euin^ sesstGsSenpijs SenirAQstrossn^fTetT, 

1316< When I said I would never part from her io this life, faM 
eyes were filled with tears. 

^. fi-6yr6yf)(?69r QesfAQpAfu^p QpAiapik^ Qn drQpesrBatru 

(uiP-6Q>r.) cr-^^ — iSifii^sireo^^ /Bdrdsar iSa>L.iiS6irfi iBdasi id pQm 
arg^A sQ^^flfreo imrgnAe^QcarQeBrdrGpeor j ersar, ji/^Bsv ^Q^arrdr mp/s^ 
iSdr^UBssriBOfi Qeardrp^iraa sQ^Q, erdrSsar uSoDt^Qiu inpiB^QirAjpi Q^tr 

LDpJit—d&ifiiitrp/Sdr^sm €uib^^. Jif($^^rru^^ €ues>aiurrar mp^^ 

(0^-u-«j)/r.)— fi-crreifflCJfiWeir er&frQpefr - (iS/fleflei) (§)a)L- 

Qssr&srQpGff ; (^jifeueir jf^desr ^(7^srre\i mpii^ i9dT iQS^iQ^ 

crdff Lbpmfiir ^Aijm - erarSofr inpi^Qa^jpi Qe-ireoeB, (QpAiQesf 

1316. When I said I had remembered her, she said I had forgotten 
her and relaxing her embrace, began to feign dislike. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

((u/r€Br) ^CoLBQcar^s^ euQp^^^err - (^^ArcSiupesim upjS) 

tuirir a-drerfi - (L//r/r iQSsar^^eiiirii)^ ^thLBG^ir eroiTjpi^^^ jUQg^aea- 

1317. When I sneezed, she blessed me, bat at once changed (her 
mind) and wept, asking, " At the thought of whom did yon sneeze P" 

Q€\iLbGSiu^ LDes>p^^Qjr/r Qeuarjpt. 

^ihQpQoj^u^ QP/gedlBso^QpirifipQuujir. Qs^jnuue^ QiodrLfifi Qpi^ 
QiL^jpr&oirir atrt^Qot^u. ^uuSsudi^pu:) ^ifiuSsfm^p LutrajB^irp Q^uj 
ujirir &Zafrfifli\){reo ^Lt^iBeJfQirGsrjpi t9mrii^^p^ JV©©) ^Ui 

1318. When I sappressed my sneezing, she wept saying, " I sap- 
pose you (did so) to hide from me your own people's remembnmee of 


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aK.e_-u>, ^P' LjsoeQ^ggniaui, skser <^^': 



p€s>p &.l.loul1®lj uGsi^iiQ^^f uGsHuj ^ffifitr^ih Lfeo^^pQ&^eufrtu Qpt^ 
i^^j ^eS {SwmiDiTLJB^ Q6fiuuj^^(^^ ^iurrQ^B^u^frLD» 

fiS^Ssar^ 9L,€asrirji^^Uh - (/B/r6W euessiaoQ) iSiessr^^^ ^Irdi^th 
Quir^us^ 6B/riL/£i - Q^mSujfnQpu&r i i9piri^LD - i9ipLnmeS\it& 
@ib, Sir — , ^(bSjrlr ^(^^ GTcar^ - ^j^feuir iSemiuQiuQuir^^ 
QjuuinSiiu eueBontoQu i!S€aors(Q^ ^ir^^i fli&STesiinvS jrrrQ&fTjS 

1319. Even when I try to remoye her dislike, she is displeased and 
says, " This is the way yon behave towards (other women)". 

«0, jS&Br^^(rgi^ QiBtraQspiisj 65/riq u^Ssar^^iSir 

(uf-onir.) et'^ y—€TGffQ^irps^^ Qspiuioa^ui up/S^ ^fraa Qguq 
L^e^frd^y ^Qjp^p Qojirifii^d^iffi ^arsaroituQimaetr Q^iruiSidr€S>iiies)iu iSSear 
k^ ^^pa>pGiu QiBiraQgptLDf erarS^ Oay^6ir/r Sp^ih ; ^ear^eutuQJirSssrfi 
^th QiBtr&QeSir ^euppQ^truLj€s>LX3ajtr^ er ihiDseBesar fSSevr/tQ^^jpa Q^ir 

tuirar er^oeo/r €U6ijiUQjejsen'n'§pii}) ^QFf^^QajirQi^rr^^&o AL£./rcB>LoaS6or 

/6^^ iQ8stn'/i^ - fsestetsteu\ueuia&eS\esr ^utSioeoiresunGsnu) SiZasr 
^u^^ 65/riL|u) - (eresrSar) Qatn9ujT Spuetr^ ^issrjs^ui - erar 

QiTGfTjpi Q^/r&uefi, 

1320. Even when I look on her contemplating (her beanty), she is 
displeased and says, " With whose thought haveyoa (thas) looked on mj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ekdS^ a/BLflSL-U). ^JB. 9BLi^^€UGns 

m UM QOaa u tt m 

[^Sbooj^or atrjresBTiB&fffiu Lfeo^QarpaDLD QAiLL-Qfiirifi 

1321« Althongb my hasband is free from defectSy the way in which 
he embraces me is such as to make me feiga dislike. 

e.. ^saiL^edp QQffesrj^^ ^jpi^eS meoeoeSi 
eutrifLQmii u(r(B Quj^ld, 

(uiP-cnir.) eT'^, — ^BLL^Qea^euirs tsEJSiLQi^trGerjpiQserp &/Stu j^ 
^^^io Qir^eOfr Q4fiuilj m&oeo ^Ssooue/H Qjn(dLDrru9:giith Qu(jr)esiLD Qajtu^ihy 

urren &jpi^€fffQajdrj^ihy ^irtr€s>Lnup/S Sstp^e^&a- ^^@6Br is&oeoe^ ^uitl^it 
QfiCOTuir^ Q//ri^g>/Qix)c5r^tD, tSswGajr Qutflaruih uaJs^QLodrutr^ ufr(B 

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1322. His love will increase tbougb it may (at first seem to) fade 
through the short-lived distress caused bjr (my) dislike. 

IS., Lfso^^eQp q/iQ^^ (BmrQi^ir ^eo^Q^ir® 

Ql^iTj g)«ftu, er-jpi. 

GuficBfuih uiuQJirS&irpQ^&fruireir Lfoi^^eSp l\^Q ^^(BwrQL—fr QojGorjpiEi 
A^@)6Kr. £.61/030) u(uesTu/b/Sl QJ/Bpffi» 

1323. Is there a celestial land that can please like the feigned dis- 
like of those whose union resembles that of earth and water. 

efliL./r-(i3697^ eQu.iriS(f)L£i^(^ ^^euirQuj^ LjeoGQiLf&r - ^uiQgsstaQ 

1324. In prolonged dislike after an embrace tbere is a weapoa 
that can break my heart. 

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(uf - CDfT.) 6T-^, — ^L^euir ^tkmiL L-ojfieojnreSs^ui p^cDt-iutrirQuireo 

QpdsTQr^. ^su/Sar/S ^tp-aj^sB-a-ti eTeoraQaruLiitru9p Opdru^irih, 
iBssaritasuuiL®)^ ^trih efffpeuirnr - ^thu^irii) cBq^u^ulju® in&eS\ 

1326. Though free from defects, men feel pleased when they 
cannot embrace the delicate shoalders of those whom they love. 

(uiP - GRIT.) <sr-^, — cu9/r^(^ Qu^s^dsru^eSssuy Qfi^Qamrt^^jpi^^ 
up/S iyf^^^\> ^iiru/s ^Qf^ihy €t'jpi. 

uS^^m^u^eutfi iBse^CBoraafsSBUMTilj ^^csieujs^miru, ^^Qun-^^i ^sdtjpi 
(Qfl - u - 65)/r.)— (e«u9/r«(65«(5), a-6W7 60^£L - {QtnQeo) 

1326. To digest what has been eaten is more delightfal than to eat 
more; likewise love is more delightfal in dislike than intercourBo. 

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«r. SSlL^^p QoffppeuSr Qeu&itqrf jr^LL&frsP^ii 

Ofirrppaj/r-er^ir^wfrpca/ffi £FirtLHB^^ir* ^^ft i^esmtts^QasiL Qu^aru 

SiiC£-.e9^ Qflfrppeui' • iQanrrsfiOeu Q^trppeuir^ QekSGsrqfflr - Oei/ 

1327. Those are conqnerors whose dislike has been defeated and 
that is proved by the love (which follows). 

^tuL^^p QqffesTjB^ ei\UL\. 
QiDir f cr-^. 


1328. Will I enjoy once more throagh her dislike, the pleasure of 
that love that makes her forehead perspire ? 

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^/TA ; «jy£7C76sra} .^o/^r^ S/tpp'^uy JiffiBear \L\€sath^^^p Qu^Qf^iL i^tuiriSjr 
fs^ Sjbpp@ei as/reOLo Quj^thofODe ^QjeBjretf eSt^ojir^ ^iLl^^^&o Qeuesr 

tSL(Ba fS(BsQajdru€or GojaarL^aQsirL^p Quir(r^> intaiGfijrmriBu} ^& 

(^jfuut^ i9€SiSiaa@ iSppp(QiD ^filiosffS ^nfiiflpQuiTQ^iLQiXi), 

1329* May the bright-jewelled one feign, dislike, and may the 
night be prolonged for me to implore her! 

650. SfilO^eu siTinfi^p Qdru u^fip&ehuia 

(uiP-onir.) cr-^, — sirLDjpaits'Sdi QeeruLDirojffi J>ipBssr ^sirjgp^fiAJ 
jriTQiirfr ^inresiLDupfi^ fii}>Qp^(B^eo ; ^/^g^fB^p QaruLotr^^y ^fiBsorojew 
^fiii^ ^BiQ^ ^ua(ipiLeh.Lf. (tptuEj^^eo dfJBLDiruSear, ^thQpuJaAih, sr^jpt. 

Sn.(Bfieo^^^^aj€ireB€a!jnr^ec» (tp^fre^^eSaJirtu^i^^ j^uuy uvj^fs 

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iL^0r(0^U2f ^lJb(n^esiiD uL-frQLDeSiB^irEised (ip^&i f8es>p(uifi^^(n^ujajpj)f^ 
^Lo^ eS^uLf Sj^freuiSieer eS^ihudirQp^p Lfogrird^SeSi^thu (S^tuojpjpfor 

aGbsr(BQs{rGirA, SjooQ^^^ o/L-jpncorrir ^QipjpiL^Qefr ^trO^^^/a^ Sss^ 
^ds6rtL\iEi ^fuiLu^u iSlifleSSBsr ^i&/€s>6b^ Q^eiif(n^jnrQeisieS€Br^ Jifoo^y ji^pihOufrQ^ 
e^^uQLD€Br§piLD uiuGff&^tF^ ^€BtjpiupfiuJ i^^Qj&fesunaJtTS^u^y Qp^S^ffn^aar 
VLitrSff ^(Q^ireo^Qjgtrir ^^p^^ea-ptreu^toeo^ ^eoQiuAuiriu €utrjnra>in 
luirgpiuif fFm tfiaauuL-L^ Q^gsts* 

{Qf5 - u - GDir.^-^&irm/i^p^ - miru^€uspiU6Ufi^p(^, §)&r 

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1330. Dislike adds delight to love ; and a hearty embrace (there- 
after) will add delight to dislike. 



^Qijjifi^&ir^ Qfitueuji ^Q^cuetr ^cufr^ito 

Ln&T^ Qj^iulrtbtrineisf eui^, 

utrQeoeoe^ir tse^ieoireS&sr utreoirQinir uirSig^cfiea 

Qp/l\fifB6i\GSiir tutrQiLir O^ferf). 

9^€Dfra^Spui^uuiraSjruD QppjSpjpi, 

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iLjeDL^tuQirdrusD^tLiuy eSeersQfSeirpeorQjn'aeStirf jy^ Goj^p^eO ^jS^mesip 
sirtusarQutrp uooeSuasuBcfign matpm^ Qaje/Huut^tr^Q^ip QiDtauQuir 
Q^aresdarQtUGoeOfnh Qfifr(gjijp fi.6OA^^/r0a0^ Qair(B^^(i^eir Qs^tu^ajQir 
a[§piiEj sirFGzriiupfieuis^ QuujjnruSpjpi» fiyor — Qp^cSdso^ ji/ir - ^^jp/^SBso, 

jf0s/Lo/rQiu0@ Swp&^mm (ip^pQptu€ULD* ^jriOepp^ Q^trt^jaStu 
stroa^^^ Q^iuQtuLitsOQKpjriT<B ^uLjeO(a^9ffi QslLl^P^^ fi^Qa^L^Qiufrir 
tunQir&r luirQjQ^ii erc&resBrQppjpi Sdrpojifi §iQ/Qt^l?ifiQ/ir&@iui}) iSpi^^. 

Digitized by 


a. &pLJL]uu{niSijrt£iirSiu 

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(S)-w*) ShJ-.n€a)ir er&re/Hiu Qotar/Q QDeoA^ §ffbo Qaioo mirp - uwsm 
/Bdrp fisiKBoit^QJiriLi&Teir Qeupu^OL^aituiLfsn^Qj ufravi^iuirira^ear , ic/ri.ff'- 

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^(jr^^^p&r - ^^^jrQojfiQpih erar p^iruSpjpi> yfirojOoj^thf tSsat eSojir^jrir 
Q&o Kireatsirm Qj(Qsauuilt^jSDLDup/S isfr^LDCDpOtuearuuLj^^. ^I^fi ^^ 

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Q^ir(fi@drp ^suTQpeot—UJ^ttfu (dlea-Ei^^ifr^eoireo), @€W'(276f Qspi^eSiira ap 
^Q^LDeO(TQufr&t>^fiuja/^p^a>LDQuirQ^iB^tu CLOJ/rfivn-fiaj LDeOfrQufrsflLb^'jpi* 

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S^ih ^pdsst w^vn^^fip(Q isn-LLQ^i)^@gpii iBdrQpeirjpith ejirtp^^u Qur 

Digitized by 


d^uL. QjsjQiirjpi d^L^^/r. g)^ jifi^iuir^fSdsrjpt QuQf^Qu uujAriJBLDirjpi 
«». iBirarinGDptQ€iffQuiiuuQuir(i^isa'QpLjQuir(j]jetrn'mir€irQps^ 

(i§) • €"• ) Q/efrgja/^iu — , ^iraruyeDpm^ - ^€sr^ fi(r^QuxiSlaHU Lueop 
^^, iBfr€arLn€S)jDoSkor QiinuuQutrQf^ - air^^ Qa/^BSc/li gnattOHDuQufr 
0%rr^ ^/5^ - (gjojofsos^^Qeo) Qairaarire^, (tpuQuird^ir - (jifpu^uir 
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auUSStirp upaiQJuQu(Bsar ^eoa€S>aLJUl^tl.L-f^t^) amg^pA^deirp a/eir 

Sfffrenrj^f tSeasn^ uZesr ^t^^Brru.(Bth ut^^^ - tLiuiriBfi uBsisruSeotetrojireBT 

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tSS^irefrQu/TQ^'Ssir eSkfrd^Loirjr^ Q^freoeStuui^. ^^Qp^tSuLjar ^m&^^u 
LjeOQ/jrfrQ&a u/ri^uutLi^GBr* 

Afr. mir^ij (^p&nriu eueirlrm^jreSfr® La/resar^iuir&r 

(® • dr.) Lotr^ui - fiq^uy/r^ih, ^parrrtu - (gpffl'tnuutSpff^, o/orir 

^t^jiufrea - ^iMiBeSair^^Q ^trdrfBl {jifi5f8SB\}fBpSarp) Q^esorutrafa^pcBeat{§Jig 
w(BS/Saj) jifi^aeinr&if ss^oj^^irir vum^^^ €ro>«Mra) - jif^je^eoaLoSsar^^^ 
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«iy/r«g5«(5, (jyo/rr ere^^€sr/8tu), vsEifi^ - Qpeapiuir&o, tL€Sifr^^irp@u) - 

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jSpikQfisiiib^ Q^ui9iu Q^Gs>€U - mpiQ/stnui 
cu&r(^eu Qear&truirQ^ir Quen^ tueu&reua'ajdpQ^irp 
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(S)-«r«) jifpui Quirqffir Qsaruth S(B erdrg^ih jfieirar(^ - ^PQPfi 

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Gfi€s>€u - QfiOfSsBT, LopmQ^tLjth - tDpiB^fruSspiihf ^ar^i^afdr craruirar '^ 
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mSsar jif^/^f ^ir Oua>p'j>i/SdlGiied/rp^^^ar ; jyo^ ojirtud: 0^/r^ - «fyca/ 
CBT^ fuiriSpiSpi^ jifMspir&iBMj jy^flyaM_(u/r/ri — ^^ Qsir&ranrir « Qa/TOTeir 

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esrppnSpjsi* Qpofggth iS^sptQp&reff uiriiiBseS^ SluQutuir Q^iu^ppear 
CDLoeDiUS ^fiuiSsQUiU^ iV63r@ LD^pjpi ^tUftp^^Qf'ff'ireoecuLJB^eoirSo, ^0 


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gjQj^irjpi uijpidfSLjLJBScorpeBr): ojen^^^ir QpuurrA Qunrtfiisp Quiirtfi - 

Digitized by 



<9Sr &puLiijufrSff'unrQaj 

^^tSm^y aiSeoiD^th, ^^^iD^iiii ^^ikf^un ^iD^ihj jiffir/S^ a)SFQies)Qi€sr 


aO. QpC[iU^isd±\ QfilBlBir® Qfiilb^lLf QfiUU^lLf 

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fla QpGSiL^tu mesrenir fiSL^Qpt^Quip QffjrciiQ(j7^ 
ufr(LpesipQ^ir 6ueiT(et^€U(} (i^u urrio. 

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(06E/r^>e8u}SR) QmfiuAo Qu!r^iuuAo erajrutJBBeBip) QpdrjpiuAoaSanL^ih, Qps 
eirOth - ((^t-./p/r<S Ljeor^/B Q^ar^jfB eresrui/BQexp) QparjpiiBirSaSmitjU}^ 
QpiiB^ii^Ui - (QuiTQ^BsarfB^ atreBSliB^ ODo/anmbQ erearuiJB&arp) Qftdtrj^ efi 
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Qegp) dparjpi Qpjr^r&BsinLUJD, (tp/i/siSQpih - (SltuppiSip Sl^osPfifiiS^ ev 
u,iS^^iBy^ erearuiJBQ^p) Qparjpt^LStpadBntLfth, (yiaQsn-i^u^th^ (eSflQsirt^ 
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(seBTQiLLi^ui uiTL-.eoih Qsirinli eT€aruu(B@€Brp) dparjpt (^Sa>ira&rr(t^i2>^ ^irih 
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Gifp) QpQjjr^Q^L.iue^thj ^i^Qpi^Quivd - QuifiiuopL^sef^QinGed Qmirekeic 

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jifojiT (gt^uninSp @€DujiSfi€srQuir£i^Lh* ^jtsfit gpajQ^th QiupQanasi^ Spu 


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p2eos(^i^^ ^iren^ir^ fip{^* 
(® - or.) «/r«S uAoai (5^^ iDtrio uJir3sar-{fltxfrua>€iQujar) Qoi^aar® 

Digitized by 


^0€U€iT^6uiiinS9i, er y 

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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


jil/Bfi€BsrQtr ^^aa^^GinrS^rr. ®^p(Q ^oo^^eo irea)Lnujrr^\j luneuQFfih ^@ 
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Digitized by 


650 QpULjUUnSsTLLffQlU 

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Digitized by 


6kiefT(^&JLCiff2ec, ss 

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Digitized by 


«0 &pui^uurrvSj'i£itrSiu 


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^s^Qp.—; ^ir^a9«r— , Q^^a./r ^^^^(^ g>.;f?a./7/r - Qa^iLiuuui^tr ^ dyiGo/^ 

Digitized by 



pSuuO^pQ&eBiu Q^irps^ tLies>L.tu/Bfr@u^th, ^essifr^p(Q ^ifl 
^fiiuuiJB^p aifftu QuiTQ^&radstr tLjenL^iu^rrSltLiUDf Qeu^u Quitq^ 

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^flUi — ^ u&iTQpdrjpi - Lj^^OpdiT^Uj esKLf^ ^drjpi — , ^« ^aj - ^^^' 

Digitized by 


tfCL. ^punuuirvQuTLLirQuu 

m^&j&T 9ll/^ ib&QtudrQffiu^ ; tLQufb^jrQear^u^Quireo, mtr^fT ji/^uei&^ 

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ulLl-^, ^a^eruQuirp (n^iki(^js&cn'&o ^i^QeFostqif^h* iBirtu^jrirGGO ^Si4£il^ 

(Cf( IT 19.^^800 a? IS li^eibr 19. g) It.) 

^pyhGst Qp6STUu(Q^ Qs'iu^ - Qupe^iBiu 

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(® - err.) Q^tuiuir Qmrri^a/^ - (^Q^jrtrQ&l) Q^Fiuiuuut^fr/B Quairi^ 

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y^ireuQw^^GSi^ iS ^^ajQinmuirn' iD^uaupjS^ Q^tuiuirQiDfrtfiQajtir^ir* 

Digitized by 


^ (T^euiiT (et^euubfr^ ^ sol, y^ 

€S)LDu9d[rj QuiTQ^Qeinr^QpQajosr ^ Q^pGp^strffiEj Qsir(B^^s «L/i9@/r. O^f 
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0eJr QeuQ(rffQiBu^jpiLOf ^^dssrQtuir^p o>^&iritifBeirtTQjnir ajirGuQirtrQeu^ 


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enr ^uj • Q^^QLD€Bruu(B®^p Qufrd^&TrrQfLfLhy iSiS ^erriEiQ - {^^euQeujg^ 
jSow) tS&^&TBiQy ^^ SjpQqy/ir - (^ppuipQ(rr^irs&Ty fLeir^Q^irjpi a,6rr^ 

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^^^^(gQp^^uj Q/strca>a&Qeinr(B ^^arrjr(ip€s>i~jsQ^aru^ ^iruLQs* 

Digitized by 






(©-err.) jyfl-i^ ^lu&o — , ^gbmjib^ - @0L/^€B)^i^, ^esiu^ef g)ttj«) — ^ 
/BLLLjuu^Qeory^ — , O^Lu^ecr^eBT^— , erearQurrQFfar - ereSsr^SM uutLi^ Quit 

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(g) - err.) ^eSaru/reo ^tp — ^ Qu€Afru/reo j^/Sjrekr(B^^f ^f^^^ ^^H 

(®»6rr.) jy^«/r jii— , ^garjp/th ggtu/r^ Qpeerjpujnir'--', QuSfutumu Gqj^u 
QurrQj^eir — j Quiriuiufr^ eSI&riiis — , ^J} ^truDODirQLoeo ji/tueir - jt/ipQuj ^tr 
L09Dn ldgoitQld&o Sp^Qf^iQssrp iBtTGsrQpM&L^ei^my ^trdr &&r^^ar ^Q — j 

Digitized by 



Qumuiutrffi ^etrei&Q^esrQ^ ^^p^QP^ QLDiuuufrtu Quitq^&t Quirtuiutrtu 
LocDpiB^ihy QuiruJiuirtuQuird^&r Qmiuiuniu eEicn-iaQu^ihf ®L^ib^cs>LD Qs^rreo 
eouuil-L^^fTiSipjpi* jif^airjr^Q^iresisQujfriB ^iprpQuirQf^eSujeOLi Qa^ir&ieSuj 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 




fit.0* e^QL-ir&fTj^ utrSsr /sir sir ^ eQeniaap 

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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 




€S)Lnii9dT, QufTQ^QeirirdrQ/DQiuesr^ Q^pQpssnffiEJ Qstr^B^^A €n,fS^n; Q<f 
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&^ SpuLiuuiriBjTu^frStu 


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(siroS'iPijy&uilif.cBr^^a aniP^fte&rcBQrg)!*} 

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LOSS)/? LnGOn-QiD&o ^p/SQ^diS^p tsir^Qpsa&i^eii&rf ^tr&tr eu&r^^Gor «^fi— j 

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QuiTfkJiuir^ ^ara&Q^eorQtu §i^p^Qp^ QiDiniutriu QurrQ^eir Quiriutufruj 
LD€DpijiJihf QuiriJUujiTiuQurrQ^&r Qunuiuiriu eiJen-ffi/Sqii, Ql./b^cs>ld Qa'treo 


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«<s5r &punuuir{Bjru^a8nu 

^tu,i^fffL^ssr/S tu/StuQQjdn'pp(^ @iu&ol9 €sr^^pQQi€Br£^ihf Si^Qoj ^Qf)^ 
LDfreoT ^uQioiuibi&etrn ^ ec/Ss» eruQurrQ^^ih turrQF^LSiuj&nSiGerfiajp^ O^ll/ 

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QuirQj&raBsff OttJ^bcu/rLo, ^cw/r^^^^^su - Q^frs\)eSimes>LDaj(r&i>, CtD^aSesr - 

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&Gr y'^ ? 

iS^peoT' '^airffih ^fffiss[(Bih d9@, i3/D^0jr^ir^ifliun-&Qs&oscrru:i ^QjQfr^if^&etrtr 

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jpr^s(^ihf jprg^jifv^iu C)u/r0g5«(35a), ^^^Q^irdrpff: Q&:irt\>eouuiLL^ 


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a^ SpuLfuurrSiTLCiirSaj 

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erSQpih jpa&QpQuasarearuuLJL. ^€upiS^Gs>L^iUj ^jr€£ir(Buy - Qi(iffwes>aasirjr 

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eO€^^ LD^Lj€Si^sQs&oeorr QLX)ssr(n^iTm euiru^pojirtp^Q GStu^OLf — ^^ojtriLiesip 


f^^' fet^r^©<^ fi^ffLLes^rrQuj Quit err s^^(j^i= ^/rziL^wr^ 

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Bt^^Qen- ^(i^LDrrjfinh Gutrso, urr^p^ ojerr^^ir Qepmuir - jpr&3^^^(^eir 

Digitized by 



^auu^nSsO. «<5i, ^^, 

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((g-eir.) jifp^ ^pth - ^p^^ssr jsl^/^/t®, Qpuu^Q^iLi^creO'- Qpuu^ 

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uireQp Slpib^®(ipu uir€\)usjrirjr - mne9p 

Digitized by 


a.0 &pLJLjuun'uSljrLLfrQaj 

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(@ - €Tr.) Q^e^i-o Qp/s^ ^(j^euerr^tj^ir - Qjsiu&i^^d^eDLDiutrp &psh^ 
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iSipdrQufTQf^&T 6Sl€s>ip^eo iSlpmQuirQ^^ds (?«Qt_«wr«ar6\) i^petjuSiraQ^)/^ 
QuJ€&r€ssr&06S^U3y (Btrtu^^p^ iSlpmLbSssri-iessnT^eo SLuSI/f^Qa/rSsv) Q^iu^oo 
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(^ - err-) g)ii«j)Lo LDjpieDLn gjiraarOoj - ^suJTEidiLLsBfrQJsar eDirmosiL^ 
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uiu^(QLDirjpi Q^ir&neQajuL^* 


Digitized by 


P(75 6W err (25 61/ LD/rSsO, 


cSgi^) €t(B^^s^Qs^(r&o^^p(^i euGO&Ofrir - eu&o&xmrtTGijmT, ('^^iscfr^-o) 

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(® - err.) Q^^u Qutr(^3a — , ^eoQ&rrir ^^ - ^eo^^^mr ^^o^OfffrQ^u} 
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€t€vr^ff'&os&TtrQeo ^ir^Q^i^ (8ppdr(ipj£eQiu (QaariEi6s^Gs>>muj/r£^ihy ^^ 

Digitized by 


/„ c_a- ^puLfLJUinSjrLLirQaj 

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di&nrjptthy /bih Qyerr^jQ/^/r - fsuiQpeBimu ^Q^Qjerr^^jrfr&Of l/«S QLorrtfii^ 

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Digitized by 


QJssruL-i — ^ilesiLD, Sjip^i Q^it^gdib, Qjjsrr&i, eS0/E^, g)sDajL/, L/6\)65r, 


(@-CT-.) {LD@aj(Lpu3 (ipLJurrsiir£^il!)j sSbo - u^^jpiH^Sso^efrrrs^th ^jp/ 
u^jpiBrr£fif &BBOs€irrr£itt}i, fB/nhiSI -^ tSct>p.i^y afi€ML.p(^~ Q{Bna>(^^p(^j 
\j^inu^& Q6Fiu/sp(^ er&ftpui^j ^eSjsfflSi — , am^stfi^ £Bso - Qpis^ 

Qpuuireo jpri^ - ^(tf^&r^^jTffi QpuuirspireQsBr^f istu^^ - anu^j^ir&o e&lBsa 

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€iSlifioiQflirdrp Q^irBsoeSeofT o/irgnnr LD^ujQm^Q^/r* isiuw — LDjpfuuu.ira>LD 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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University of California 
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• 1 -year loans may be recharged by bringing 
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• Renewals and recharges may be made 4 
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