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Full text of "La Campana"




igS|ife«tmriiifev'-(iiil JMa^-Sa 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 






MonUoIaIr Stat6 Unlvardlty 

1 Normal Av6 

Upper MonUoIaIr, NJ 07043 

Volume 35 

S>iyi''^^ fov'esje^/', vwt f'OV Wet-tey, 

lS>0/y^e^ AlTVe^ aOAe^ OV\£^ ^iVl-i^ V'l^/l-tcVl u 

vJctU iMeyS' cMo( fv^ieiAisfd X,.strff o^^vi ve£X>V. 

Xk /vt-Y fi/e- JV^, /(Vec/ ■tl'-eyi^ ell. 

'^lA o? c4l -these. f\neiA^3 twW lo</ejrs, 

-t/^are. 'i£> wo flue- ooiV^'^C'Ve£> vJcth ■^CHA 

AW -tA-SSe^ .'I'k'/K^v^*^^ \oS>e.^l'-eW /l^-e^vtiyla, 

vJl^eyi I tl'-'lA^ O? \chJe^ oe- OOtV-diKiAa n<£VJ. 

Xi^oAaj^ X kiWhl X'ff i/iei/ey- \oS>e^o^feabioA, 

?ov pe^e. (TWil -thiW9S> -ti^d vJ&tt behove-, 

X ifiMatJ I'll oHei^ ^op <^^ -tKiA^ cf^oiA. -ti^ejn^; 

Xii .-Kvy life. X loJe. •^O^A /v^ci^e^ 

'Um A^I^i U^e:, TAe- '&e^e& 





We, Jill o\Ar V/cj^ wnii TVie, pec>ple, we, 

wyejeTamcA iVie, pUc-e^-o we, <:ip, aiod ii^ 

c>ur wiHod wn le, pa^e,*& cj vne,wicne,*& 

lW?iT we, W?pe, il? TaWe, wiiVi u*& jcir iVie, 

re,'e»T cf c>ur <Ac\s/<^, 

0\Ar vex^n^ ai Mcvitc-Uir ^"fene, 

{A^w^r^Aw are, -i?c>wie, cj Tvie, yy>D^ 

ii^npiTMai^T aiod ii^nffMe,ioii^l TVvie,*& cj 

cMr riV(e,*£y* fri*£» Uere, iWiT we, Uave, 

vviacjie, *&c>vne, ^ iVie, tarex^Cfe-sTTnejoc^fe 

aiod learvied *&c>vvie, cj 'iVie, vvv>&T 

i^np£?rTaioT le,«*^cv>&. 

We, Uave, de,ve,lc>pe^ -frcn^ *i?c^^rex?l 

c^i^id ui^^ic-er-Tc^n^ Fre^^&Uwv^io n^ip 

ex?luc-ate,c?l aioc?l c-£VTfic?le4oT ^)e,ioicr>&, 

re^<^ ai^id able, lb -&IarT a i^ie,w p^^^s, 

11^ iVie, -&c-rapbc>c>W ^ c>ur live,^. 






Gr&&k Ufa 








- .S. 


/ s 






150 ^^ 








■to S>t<^ ovJ(ylA^ufv\o( flvdsir^-^lr^njir -tests'. 

'teMKil^eirSi'tod^'tl^eli'r da€>5e£> a/isvde-, 

CI ! 

A.S.S.l.Sir. Information 

Purpose: "To promole civic consciousness and campus involvement and unity through numer- 
ous charity and community service events and fundraisers." 

Founding Date: November 17, 1999. by Chris W. Fitzpatrick 

Executive Board 

President - Henry Margenau 

Vice President - Melissa Velez 

Secretary - Stella Bravo 

Treasurer - Christine Dias 

Head of PR - Amanda Giidersleeve 

Past Activities and Events 
1st Annual Charity Ball 
Great Montclair Sugar Strike 
Human Rights Awareness Month 


Eye Glasses 

Cell Phones 

Food & Clothing Banks 

General Members 
Abby Giidersleeve 
Bryan Morris 
Desiree Macaro 
Amanda Lee 
Caroline Brun 
Brian Hagerty 
Brittany Shelton 
Becky Mackay 

Christina Reed 
Damarcus King 
Derek Macchia 
Durell Danner 
Elizabeth Sohkiw 
Erica Cronk 
Heather Heyrich 
Hilary Darrer 

Javier Justiniano 
Jen Solomon 
Jen Russ 
Jennifer Prezant 
John Loren 
Kaly Ceus 

Lauren Caravaglia 
Margaret Gamao 
Nancy Brophy 
Orlando Cabrera 
Rahmina Mutlib 
Ralph Mullenax 
Sara Archer 

Sara Vasquez 
Shawrma Morris 
Stacy Kaufman 
Taheerah Jackson 
Taryn Townsend 

W^O'k-Li^a' Cl^a'>rH^{ FiAid ^l^li 

T^y" oiAl-^iAve^cf^i^ipf h\( /i^ey^ri-^ 

a Alpha 

Purpose: "To cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship 
among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve 
their social stamre, to maintain a progressive interest in college live, and to be of service to all mankind." 

Founding Date: May 3, 1998 by Latasha S. Casterlow 

Local Chapter Name: Ravishing Rho Phi 

Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green 

Executive Board 

President - Kineta L. Lenis 

Vice President - Dayna C. Jones 

Secretary & Treasurer - Brandi Mitchell 

Treasurer - Christine Dias 

Head of PR - Amanda Gildersleeve 

General Members 
Chantal Folkes 
Vernesa Davis 
Allyson Morgan 

Past Activities and Events 
AKA Coat Day 
Thanksgiving Food Drive 
Food For Thought 
Catherine's Closet 


Accounting Society Information 

Purpose: "The Aeeounling Society is composed of business administration majors witli concentrations in 
accounting. The Society began its operations in the Fall of 1 972. Members of the Accounting Sociery increase 
their knowledge of the accounting profession by attending monthly meetings which feature guest speakers 
and varied programs. Members of the Accounting Society put their skills to work by providing free tutoring 
service and income tax assistance through the VITA program." 

Founding Date: 1972 

Executive Board 
President - Megan Lehman 
Vice President Internal - Jae Cho 
Vice President External - Wilson Rose 
Recording Secretary - Maya Fridman 
Coordinating Secretary - Largime Sabani 
Treasurer - Christopher Preta 

Past Activities and Events 

Fall Reception 

Spring Symposium 

VITA: Volunteer Income Tax Assistants 

Free tutoring service 








fi;«/f.^ I' 



(A, AW:<3fc«<vo,-cf ts" 


of cts> &iijde. 
Slaves' -iUM '-K-fpov 

fc/n^, oiavi^ Y' 




30/^^ -'Ovi O? 3C 


'(ThS eP'illMJS' C(Acu>- to ' 

cAe£€> of cto ^^.•^; 




J, \L.r, '4'U.ra t^L^ '-rU./j^i lA i/?iy ,7 \ .?u ) inv /z ^-. *:> rit —SHBHHHBT^ 

(wvA l^a^je^ ej/ttey^/i^ cr- \h)0'Aol of yejorS' \sil^o cA3o oovi't a^^ovot 'to \i\leJ\ 
l^d-tovi (,0V" pv^etisW S'O') k\A, a^e^ sbi\ •^ejS'Yviyi.a -to fiv/e-'tA-e- aioY^fa 
ov (Xnt li'^-^'ti^eM hc^e^--tl^e^ ait\l life.- CfV^ l^a^e^'to lii/e^ at tw-i OAtiZv I i>v oi^a,'^. 
'XJh£> wv^/^ sfc/e- i>f '^vod'^^n, l<Ati\MA^^ \J^&'iaw^'5k\Av' a CtP^fiu^iot u^el^ /<uwn:>i 
cf& ^C^il^yivw a) oixiyi (jSv^fijvi fi^yirt, \Ak^ a-vx^ <p^ oo/v^/i'KAiii^ of na-3ic^.lo ievJ£>, 

a? oi^€i>f ""iMaII l^vhy{a- oav^deirejd «l^dj{.o" ves-rt i:^vkr^ a?^Y ^ '^ ^ ' 
OLi3(X:SiS: Jn -fcnyt /niyvi'j of 'tl^ii' lof-is> (Msd SftijollO''i'.AV\'^aA-'i'-\:>etdvoot 
afaV'ti'y^&xt-S' o^iL. ■f,p^ov'\i a^Wey'-ttS: St'n <^a^\f to :^p(3-f <3*t i Wtfc.'tvfc'l 




I R Bio 

a/J 'fyv~ocki^n Is o^'ie^ of ii^e..- 1^ 8M:&g>t pfis^fles -to tw^u e^-, cwW favt^. ^i-^d fcs, mt 
iv-'if'L&^ o^'z£t-, c^iol (T^ rtevJ i-teW4?(>v'/^(>iA^ 13 30i<.aiA. out fov s^'tl'^'^'-a'tt. ii a^ ■ .' 

'j3 thM- h^nt-- fi/-^ 


', V -/^ 

. .a/^-Vy <>p(>v'i/!^<3--rt oOi^.a,/^ pv t'-tvuiippei?( wct^^' 

^e^Vci <^^^fi^ '(- tl'^ HA'^Zi^'Una ^'kViAa- ti4 "f^r-i it> i«? ia)£if" r i t t <■ ^ , i ^& i!^ c*^e. o(ejfiAitd\j ood p<2i>pfe -t7>-ev'e, cmM it i:3 c/ii/i^ 

'i?^3g^ jA 'fd lyrA-'- -to :::>d:t)<^ <-itMM. Pef"-- f-'^Ten^/Y <^'^''"' ' "'' ^' \i<L-&^o^, iX^ ::y, chW <3/ej4 /^t^ttS&sii J_-/ ^3 •/,vj_ tjti/i^aiej htiSit of k'otl- 

i K-'ic»/H<2,-J fti? aodiXcM. it fi iiri^-5 Mfii ,c»w-i 

iKiey^, A-<xW/K<3^£^ l?i^t t^^/v 

Ill Guardlnol 

A Joka Tributa 

TV»e-re. »«> a livivnci le-^evid at MpvTtc-lair- "Stole. Ut^ive-nfefTy. -4 mat^ wW> Ua'<& walWe-csJ 
"tW. UalW aj 'Pic^'^Pin Wall before. iT wa«. c-allecl X'ic-V-«-ot^ Wall aio*^ wa«c. pre."fc€.ioT 
a'h "IVie. biriVi cj Pre.«.ide.»^T Cole.. I»o \c\cX, Ui«& -fre.'&Ui'Vie.i^ «c.1uc5(c-KTrr JX> Ua^ TVie. 
e.v*ibcKE>^e.<3< Idcjo- MoKTitc-lair 'Snate. Te.oc-Ue.r''*. Cplle.cie- of TVie. TVurfe-e-Ki c-olctme,<=.. 

Bill Guarc4i»^£> i* itii* mav-i. The- oi^lv pcr«-cno i*^ TVie. wcr-W wUc> TViiv^W«& iT<& oW 
Tb Tuc-W a 'fewe.a>&UirT i^TTb a pair of TwUt t>lac-V- Wra»^«le.r ve-avT*.. Ac^c^ort^wsci 
To c;^oc-uvvievnfe, Ue- e.i^ie.re.*?! MSU •&c'v*ie.'n>'vie. n^ Tvie. Fall of ) ^^/ . WUile. wia^Tv of n«& 
we-re. ^iarnt^<=« Wii^de.reiar'Te.Ki TVii^ Ye.ar, Bill Guarditoo wa«. •snarTii^ci a le.c\ac.v, 
ISec-e-v^iTY, iW.re. Ua-o t>ee.io atooTVicr ^i^iVvnioci B.G. n^ fvie. forvn of efe.c-Trot^ic- 
wiail. Yci^ <^f"^ le-fr To»oic»liT vviTVi Billiavvi'«& TnbuTe. To ^llvto'* we.t> parte.. 



/ wa«. rec^eKiffy oki a ^ec-oi'Tc^ot lynter^ie-wjcr a •eukumej" po&fTiot^ vviie.Ki 

. cyflUe. n^ie 

yivfb HIV ciJT&tnue 

OfTe of THe »Ki7e.rvitevKe.r>& brcu^i le niy due-t^ict^ my tnav^tc o%^ your 
vve.b«fle.. / wa«> KTee^/e.** To ««^y a HT/te et^arra«.*^tW wh&t^ J wa'B- Tad 
vvHaTc-oi^TeVr/rvv'a«> <ki. J c-ai^Trexi-cm a Tit^ie wiie.*^ / have- y&&»^ 
a»^y7Vi/Kifl tuT e.V/re.k»ieJy vntce, To \c\a at,ncAlyipv<cm J i-^iay have, bee-t^ The 
yLdTiT pa'sTiii-e'^J wcuM apBrec-tale. you re.^>ioviit^<^ i^yynat^ie'frct^ your 
■©fle- a«. / wculc^ KToT/ike. To avort?/ atoy tnec^cuive »i'*ia«e.'& cf ynys^JT 'i' 
ji/tUre. eyyiapyer^. 
Bill Guar<^„^ T^4^s|i YOU BILL!!!!! 

^ <^« 

%mi;on Hall \ 


Bohn Hall 

fl- ii/!» 



10 3-0 A FsW V^i^Ms 1 

13 ' 10, 

A -- 2 tJ:fMi 









5 6 





K). Firieirson 










2 6 


fiut^. CawuA. 





-f 6 

9aA;&. AlitJv^ 










? 1 


e^bfL UawA 

2 6 



6 6 




f ? 


f ? 



6 1 


^iAf-fMo 3^. 



Ia3. Vo'teyS'm 






Ai:f Cit-i 



4 ^'^^ 





^■0 3--0 A fiyvA "R^soti^ 

2. -/ - r, f - '^ AfJ'A3 

i^ { l^c/y^ 1 





? f 






-f^ 5' A 1 



'S 1 



f 2- 

&V(fJ(L. Ctt^ 


? 1 

?0--^el-v<^ 6 ? 

A 1 







^. Af\^{s. S 2- 











I^Ta</vi 1 

IaJ. fiM^eyson 












G5- ^f 1 







IaJ. P^^i«y-S(M 



Rc^^ <2..V.W. g" 5 


ACT Cik^ 

f -/ 





J d'^ Jcf^ 

6 i' 




•5 'J-' ^ 





"£. Caw. 



/At. ^. :foe. 

























1 1 




Rut^. C/i^n. 






1 1 







1 1 



1 G 


■e. Gom. 
















1 ? 

•Ruts. A/Wl^i. 



f^j^^. Vuvfc 

1 f 


Ia3. V(A.ey-&>A 



I/O. Vo^Uy-sa^ 













L SHARP^^^^^H[^^H 






,i*^ ■,?»«© 

y ^ 

XS^ Hall 

• "Wte *"- .SS _'5^KK?- 

Chapln Hall 

V^O>'\A^S: OVOS& CMA'^\r^ -te^PVH 
flvXLS>l^ej^ Sqttl^ txA. of ^ite- -te^^yi^^) 
al ■il^.L. 'L0 03 Xfe^J Je.^s^ 

yAvrbs. 1 Ae Cdle-^ of X'a/J 

\^^-^:'vy^c>-yo, '\-^ci^a^'c^ ^5>to<i^ciA, 

III c>- -hyy^iL' i>f' 2- ^ /^H'Hlytt^^3.^ 2- fo 


V\renJ -IW. AaJ) 

ACT Cft^ (/A) 
etc (2A<p.,^^. 

No ( «4?(*^ ^ca<re^ 


-ti^^lv i/Jc7-vy to 'tl^eJ^e^v\.eJilo'-v\ iK &<a-\r^le_^\o(. X-f \h)a€> 
a--fG^-lv^'^.Ly-\e^e^\le^v\.lv\.a., (>e> la^lAc^L 'V^iAJfY lyil-xlo^e^c^ 
S>l3''te^vs> a-W vJovSLrtl^e^l'T \h)i^Vte^ <^o\k>v\.S>, a-lo^e^S^ a-wo( 
3a€>l^e^-3 L>€> -tl^e^lv S'l3-te^\rs> ^v^OiA'^l^ looi'^e^ol ov\. 
o-vid -took- -tovi^ 0^ ptfS-tutv^^. Hs>0 a4: ovie^ yolv\.^ 
o(yAVl\\a--^l'^e^e-^^e^v\.lvia, cT-zH^/He^kt-f or 3l\e^v\.oe^\K)a€' 
a-hJe^n OiA-t of v^3'^e^O't -fov^ /^[(^e. ^ l"^c^Y~c^OOV^ 

vSi-^h 'ti^e^hv\.a.eA3. (/-^e^kit^A-t \fdo3 flWe^oi i/Ji-^A \o^3 
of foocA, oivlm^, inA-^3lG, a-v\.a( oia-violviA . viO't. 'to 
/v^e^wtlovi /^a-^\si /v^ov?^GVO-^^ /v^e^/]A-ovle^3 -to a-o(o( 
-to -tl^e^ 3'tovle^3 'to V^e^-toloi fov ■^'2^0-^3 -to dO/v^e^. 


^^Bi^ (fBI^^ /rf^'^S^^^^^ 



^J^^M^..f :" "^ 




A SOv^B ff€e>'^h6^-B FRO/A 


itciv -io iAA'V'- t«p /^Y /Wiii«£i tfii ■thiS' fa€>t Y*^'^" <^ 1^^ fcy^ov^cte^ od\e.a^o'<- iJ D evr^^, 

d.Cf€>£> ijtc^a^fe pi^ !%«/ 'i/--<i \jXt-2-oo fov odl&^e^ S ^fffveeii^i-z, c4l -tl^e. Vizv/cvn tL. JV<i. 
ij<.x6l£i?/ -fj>-c^' Y'J'-^'v''^ '''^'^'•1 P'^''^ '^^ ycr/i^ila -brd^-ettS: iS'ft'mM-Li^ /^i<;tTtri)i-t£iP<' ft; .-Tki, c^ fa.*' 




ej^pz^yf -ttf pc^v f(?v tr-z. ai^'id>t^xf^lai of 1 ti^o^'d- p^fvi^na- lAcjil^^ iMvM a(i'.\cys> -tl'-ai 
■the. S'tuc^es^iiS- vJiH I^e ah^fVa^ e:^ov^cbavxb ^Y'iO&s> -to iAtJiJ'^lf Me^t^tyi-t y'cTjV't!~-eiv 
iUc^lciti at eVev Y i-'-fc^ piteSiWe. 'iou /fHJ&t vnf£«li^e-'iAe«i a- Scl^od o(o<l£> vv)i o\>^Y~(r=te.. f OY' 
f\ ejc H\ of -it --03^ ^reiU ■tv~iytck-£> sfotA S<2jl^ c>(YWbAa avout^ cat^YJ& -to fl'Ac^ c<7^S> pCfviCea^ 
iflctac^h Y'eM,4V(L- ■^<>€>, twW -tAe. pv^tse- of fafev AiS»6 Y'lSevi o^ey -t/^e. -pc^&t 1 -^eifV^i 
^iiwe Kfc a'ej<t- a <i tte6'4''/Y ^ ^ ^ pc^W^'i-ta -ttck^i - ("■ (-Vc^y^ /j^^A fs spo^WiH^ c»- -fW'-iMic 
(M piM»iyl X:f iiJe, <;'^i»i'f M.zt,'al^cn'a^ \^0(A fov p^M "/"-i u^ vtof^itfit?, Aak; <3c«yi Y""^ eTtpz/srf Uri 
-£^ t^e, tf^We^-t^ offoy^tA /-■•-'- ptJ^e*^ 30 -ti^od: vJ<i, oovi ai\/^-tl'-ejA^ out'7'^!''' '^^c'eiaA^, ctfs 
hz^n a~ aven^ \ieiW a^^ i avi^ fvot^ -to cxA yT^'^s^^sl^'t yv~e£itp^a>rt. of Si^ai--- cr- f~iv\e^ 

^4ijV€v"S('tY '^* i^dlic^i^ i\^ey3a^ T /y^^£fvt, A"a'^alaiv^'^ii^ej I -ti--i'Mk- ^ou fov -thi^ , 

oYpov't^-^it^ -to 5/'-<?v-e- .UY -tl^oual^-ts vJct/^ ^oiA, t^ui ^jBhus^ «<j M\ro^J fjVv'- /'''c^^iveev'eY 
(.->- [vtM^e.' ydl^. \~^e^ ^iKAV l^~eMf£>( f-ial^ av\i?( /v^-^ hovik-\i)vxM\Afrt i^c-vflivJuia, 
^tA-U3t-c3 of L-CfJ^, I'VeJ. L^de^ 

MY^Aii-ia iAJv^ciieyi ai'tl^iS' ^a^lS- /v^eyd^ f av -fAe .-."'ii-pi.tvT*^-'- rf /'-i-v/i.-Jv^, \£- iW,vX<c', ^»^ te i^ l'Jt-«Y 'J^'^vwi' '■-■:• ' 

P0ll;a Xl Pdlta 

ASA Information 

Purpose: "lo bring logether young women ol like ideals for the purpose of forming a strong bond of 
sisterhood by promoting friendship, scholarship, and responsible citizenship. 

Founding Date: March 4, 1992, by Rebecca C. Blazer 

Colors: Mint Green and Buttercup 

Executive Board Past Activities and Events 

President - Stacy Barich 

MSU 5K Run 

Vice President - Cindy Baccallao 

Greek Week 

Secretary - Krystal Figiel 


Treasurer - Candice Brierley 

Chaplin - Joanna Falkenhainer 

Pledge - Erin McCally 

Advisor - Candice Brierley 

General Members 

Erin Evertsen Stef Schomer 

Maria Amador Liz Gerecitano 

Lindsay Jones Drew Jorgensen 
Laura Peters 



keon Hall 

e^\ri - 






Pdlta Phi EdIHoii 

AOE Information 

Founding Date: September 25, 1988. by Linda Alaya 

Local Chapter Name: Alpha Eta 

Colors: Royal Purple and Pure Gold 

Executive Board 

President - Theresa Santaniello 

Vice President of Recruitment - Katie Suckow 

V.P. of Membership Development - Lacey Roberts 

Vice President of Operations - Jen Cannici 

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Lee Makofsky 

Vice President of Programming - Stefani Stankievvicz 

Member at Large - Elaine Capone 

Past Activities and Events 

Deepher Dude 
Homecoming Events 
Greek Week 
Rasing Money for Charities 

General Members 
Danielle Baranowski 
Stephanie Fattorusso 
Jessica Hendrick 
Deanna Lacava 
Marissa Pallis 
Renee Zenael 

Cristina Barry 
Alicia Finklea 
Lauren Kicinski 
Angle Miller 
Nicole Portas 
Dana Zuschnitt 

Carmen Crist 
Missy Groeger 
Meredith King 
Nancy Murray 
Alaina Scordillis 

Christina Fasano 
Cheryl Handel 
Kleo Patra Kantogiannis 
Jaclyn Netis 
Meghan Werth 

T/t-e^ ^}rO'^f^ey>rf^i>Oip( o^ a-L-l^e^-^i/i^^ 

Polta Chi 

AX Informa1;ion 

Purpose: "The members of Delta Chi Fraternity, behevmg that great advantages are to be derived from a 
brotherhood of college university men. appreciating that close association may promote friendship, 
develop characted, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education, do exist." 

Founding Date: October 13, 1990. by Eric Cavallaro 

Executive Board 

President - Bryan S. Lubliner 
Vice President - Eric Nyman 
Secretary - Albert McEvoy 
Treasurer - Chris Porto 
Alumni Secretary - Gustavo Cifuentes 
Sergeant at Arms - Mike Casey 

Past Activities and Events 

""Feed the Homeless" 
Move-In Day Barbeque 
Movie Nights 
Parents Luncheon 
Intramural Sports 
Region VII Conference Host 

General Members 
Chris Buro 
Joe Bonner 
Dave Johnston 
Vinny Dimaggio 
Tim Fox 
Lenny Vreeland 
Keith Marten 

Jay Ferreira 
Tom Hennessey 
John Vacca 
Evan Totka 

Matt Mercurio 
Frank Puglisi 
Gary Dominicus 
Sean Longo 

Tom Ascough 
Mike Alberta 
Greg DiDonato 
Ashley Furman 
Frank Rinaldi 

Joe Burello 
Bryan Goldsmith 
Fadi Khalil 

Claudio Fernandez Sean Bodner 

Mike Cemelli AJ MethaJay Osvai 

Dan Grant Max Ligosh Nick Urbanski 

Pdath of a Savior 

■ lop cdnw^i lOh'i'l (3 fv^.-r'MtV'Y i"-*-!!--^ U^JL- SO/i-'-^iKvia. 

b.2£3«x<5^ -f A& 

^AAt thd. vJcT^ pi-^pfe o'ye^'tv^e^.eipi. 

y/ic.'. i^'AiATie^ 

it,--, k\At.j.ASt 

Economiad and Flnanaa QooXtXf^ 

BGonomlGe $ Ffnanca Information 

Purpose: To give members hands-on experience in the field of Economics and Finance, through various 
activities such as field trips, stock market competitions, guest speakers and fundraisers. 

Colors: Maroon and Gold 

Executive Board 

President -John Trabucco 
Vice President - Raynard Josephs 
Secretary - Jemimah Makoxski 
Treasurer - Alyn Melendez 

Past Activities and Events 

Bake Sale 

Virtual Stock Market Games 

Trips to NYSE 

Speakers from financial institutions 

Co-op opportunities 

5K Walk 

Blood Drive 

General Members 
Thy Nguyen 
Lisa Lefkoxitz 
Ghan Lexis 
Mace Kazemi 
Elena Kulakovska 
Jorge Torres 
Soo-Jin Lee 
Ravi Patel 

Kristy Tonks 
Ryan Dazy 
Danny Peso 
Mark Ramos 
Rabina Banmal 
Nimesh Patel 
Vincent Romano 
Jose Ruiz 

Ec\ua\ Rl^htd 

What could be a greater offence to equal rights than the creation 
of laws to limit the consenting non-violent behavior of adults 
v\ ithin the privacy of their own homes? For those of you who 
would like to believe that we live in an enlightened nation of 
liberal freedoms the truth is you are living in a nation that is far 
from being on the vanguard of personal freedoms and 
commitment to equal treatment under the law. However, through 
the wisdom of this great nation's courts has the battle for civil 
rights once agam been rekindled. The watershed for the rebirth 
of equality took place in June of 2003 when the Supreme Court of 
this land handed dow n it decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which 
has overturned the laws of those states which have had laws 
condemning the act of sodomy and to a greater extent 

This landmark case has lead to the questioning of many of the 
rights that have been tlciiied to homosexual couples in the land of 
the free. While other nations have legalized same-sex marriage 
and equal protection under ^e law only Vermont, California, and 
New Jersey have passed forJttis of domestic benefit bills that allot 
committed homosexual couples some of the same rights as 
heterosexual couples. What these bills do not do is grant these 
citizens the hundreds of rights, privileges, and protections that 
should be theirs under the federal government. More disturbingly 
over 30 states have passed legislation to refuse recognition of 

such benefits from other states and cl 
act between a man aiul \\ oman. In the 
and New Jersey the question of gay 
argued. Massachusetts ruled that it wi 
jay marriage and has ordered the statej 

g^e between all people legal, 
'case has been lost at the trai 
bi ought up on appeal. 
This debate however could be put ti 
Bush and the Republican controller 
Defenses of Marriage Amendment^ 
maniage within the same-sex 
the government will be saying tl 
Right's is no longer to grant am 

dcn\ them. For those of \ 
deleiuled against the "gay agen 
honestlv devalues heterosexual. 

iefine marriages as an 

of Massachusetts 

has also been 

nstitutional to deny 

tors to make 
ther hand the New 

will most likeK be 

d shortly if President 
!e and Senate pass a 
Constitution, making 
illegal. Furthermore, 
purpose of the Bill of 
ct lights but to withhold 
say marriage must be 
1,41^ how same-sex marriage 

1 10 MR™' oismi 1, 


10 03fiyuA9.e£Ut& 


^ 1 

a ia). fff&t 




U. Of ■Sarav^oA 5" 


1^'^, A'1 .^yAC 

0(s 'Xl'-eyyi 

A/l ■Bv\.». Cd. 




10 0^ FaW S^^&M^ 



1 A 







1 f 



\t^. ?0^a-SH)A 



"ib^fcAo ^. 











1 f 




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You cannot escape me 
hang o n i^ \fWW i I FlB i tf l ttl i iK 

they car t° 
music a 
Bam bt'," 

'oz Gre 

McDCourt24:as i read the webpage 
McDCourt24:in the instant messenger 
jokes and follies section... 
McDCourt24:i feel like i know all of the 
losers you are talking too 
McDCourt24:and i love them 
McDCourt24:cause they are all so funny 
McDCourt24:give them all my sn 
McDCourt24:so we can cyber 



Kalidascopeyes: you and frank should go horse back riding jj 

Cristyles69: yeah, on a Trolley 

Cristyles69: through the streets of Providence 

Cristyles69: on horseback 

Kalidascopeyes: hahahahaha 

Cristyles69: want a cookie? 

Cristyles69: TOO BAD! 




I ._ 

II ep 


Yralistairjeffs - Instaif Mpiil 

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B / U @ @ I Anal 





ralistairjeffs -InStariJi^Ma 

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Kalidascopeyes:i love to play in the sink 

Cristyles69: hahah ur such a cute kittle 

Kalidascopeyes: i know, i'm a red headed cat 

Cristyles69: like Garfield? 

Kalidascopeyes: right 

Cristyles69: but hes more orange 


Cristyles69: but ur kinda similar, napping all the time, eating 

lasanga, gettin g mad at nermal 



B I U Q @& 


Proviso??: i dont know why any of you people would ever 

want to live off campus 

Proviso??: im staying on campus till the day i die 

Kalidascopeyes: What if vou're the US prez, you gonna still 

live on campus? 

Proviso??: yea, move the capital here 

Proviso??: and when im senator, and dad, living on campus 

Proviso??: im gonna be a residence hall director 

B / U @ @ |.i,rial 





Ignore U e\ 



|Last message received on 02i'08('2001 at 1'^ 40 


To: V/ rival 


Last message received on 02/08/1001 at 15:48 


Jay's ghetto 16 year old sister Sara's Profile: 

Mig- u're my future my happiness my heart my idol i promise.. 

Shoutouts 2 my gangstaz- bamber dro ash jax chris rayray*..keep ya click tight, 

thats word..no need for tha grimmy onez 

AMb~lol- .."ahhh Dont Finish Ya Statement...." 

bamb..im in luv wut tha boy next door.. holla bizzy 

special holla 2 my babygirl Sammi..most thugged out lil gringa i kno..luv u sissy 

... — > NigGa's Be 

... > HatEr's Be 

»BytChz B* 

uk for d:td 

star sCAr caR:oh man aliens just came mto n \ ki ii 
Star sCAr caR:and shot a laser at me 
Kalidascopeyes:no they didn't 
Star sCAr caR:yes. i heard lasers 
Kalidascopeyes:you heard? 

Star sCAr caR:like "weooww" and i mean, who else 
has lasers besides aliens 
KaIidascopeyes:right exactly 
Star sCAr caR:so i just assumed it was them 
->tai sCAr caR:actually i think they are on the third 
lliiiir lounge and are shooting at me thru the floor 

Mar sCAr caR:great. gonna sleep well tonite 
;\alidascopeyes:at least you have the satisfaction that 
^ is going on the web page 

liar sCAr caR:hahhhhahahah thanks, aliens love 


^tar sCAr caR:thats probably all they wanted was 

, me recognition anyway 

.Star sCAr caR:cuz as soon as you said that, they 

stopped shooting lasers 

Kalidascopeyes:yeah probably 


alistairjeffs - Instant|||s)^^ 

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at u r e s 


s new 

ws . 

s new news on 

just a quick 
"ion v.'i t h S c h m 


, there ' s all 
n get a Ust 
rticular topi 
MO R P H IN G , C L 

remove this 


e n ■ t changed 

Perform A Clu 
V different t 

Orb, Massive 
n antique fir 


Proviso??: Who talks about book bags in College? 

Kalidascopeyes: hahahahah that's so elementary school 

Proviso??: i know, its so like "Mom, school starts next week and I 

NEED a new bookbag and pencil case!" 

Kalidascopeyes: hahahah i just loled 

Kalidascopeyes: and a folder with a horse on it 

Kalidascopeyes: or like lisa frank 

Proviso??: Anne Frank? 

Kalidascopeyes: yeah like anne frank but lisa frank makes folders and 


Proviso??: Remember when Anne Frank traper keepers were big? 



lonnected to lambda. rno 

— — -m] 

i?alistairjeffs - Instant MissidiB 










HeFfCuRLs: i heard you were in a nanny service 

HeFfCuRLs: it sounds like a professional babysitter's club 

Kalidascopeyes: yeah it is 

HeFfCuRLs: that's pretty cool...i was gonna ask if you got to 

be Claudia.. ..the half asian artistic one or Stacy. ..the fashion 

conscious diabetic one 

Kalidascopeyes: hahaha no mary anne, the loser 

HeFfCuRLs: you could make up a new character.. .allyn... the 

jokey half Jewish one 

B / U (^ g Ariai 



JoePrep83:so i went into this quicke mart 
type place today 

JoePrep83:i went to get a water from the 

JoePrep83:tell me why they had a 
tupper-ware container sitting ontop of 
the water with rice and beans in it?! 
JoePrep83:and this is a place of business 
JoePrep83:this isnt ur home fridge 
JoePrep83:you dont just put anything in 
there because u need it to keep cool 
JoePrep83:its like i couldnt finish this 
pizza let me put it with the sobe 
Kalidascopeyes: losers 


u '.",'[ I nvh 



!'roviso77:i had a dream where i was 
having sex with someone in an 
flooded elevator at the Musuem that 
the Joker spray painted in the first 
Batman and Roger Rabbit was 
H watching me. 

Proviso77:i wonder what means? 
KaIidascopeyes:it means you love 
Toon Town 

!▼ Coworkers (OjB 



^alistairjefFs ~ Inst- 

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ignore iJser 



ist message received on 02/08/2001 at 15;48 

BIDrew: i onlv need 35 more signatures for 

ly SGA petition.... 

BIDrew: but, anyway, Khia....omg!! 

kalidascopeyes: hahahaha seriously necks and 


BIDrew: we should lead a discussion group on 

Jiia at the Student Center one night and 

erve coffee.... 

BIDrew: and little desserts 

BIDrew: and then have a guest speaker. 


BIDrew: so we'll serve coffee and little 

esserts (cake and stuff.. ..nothing fancy. ..talk to 

:ar). and we'll have Eric Diamond be a guest 


BIDrew: but it's still missing something 

BIDrew: hmmm come on, allvn.. .you're 

ood at this stuff 

:alidascopeyes: RICE KRISPIE TREATS! 

BIDrew: that's a snack, allyn that falls udner 

:ar's committee. ...but nice try 
:alidascopeyes: musical chairs? 
BIDrew: holy sh*t! 
:alidascopeyes: balloons for the kids? 

BIDrew: yes and "All Kliia Musical 

:hairs"and pony rides!!!!!!! 

.alidascopeyes: haha and that game where you 

ave to pick the styrfoam duck out of the bowl 

nd you get a prize 

BIDrew: so we have the snacks and 

:>ffee the mingling hour.. ..then Eric Diamond 

3eaks we do musical chairs/pony 

des call it a night, sound good? 

McDCourt24: some kid from your party just called me. guess it was the one that i A I 
made out with for a second "^ 

McDCourt24: chris/jon. i told him i had to go. which i did. THE END 

Kalidascopeyes: what!?!?!?!?!?!?! 

lVIcDCourt24: haha 

Kalidascopeyes: you made out at my party? 

lVlcDCourt24: yeah 

Kalidascopeyes: i had no idea, you made out for a second? who was this? 

McDCourt24: a quick goodbye - i don't really feall like kissing this boy, but he 

kissing me - makeout 

McDCourt24: chris/jon, but i think he name is jon for definite. 

^^ CrystalUp:?. 
^^ dishmop 


^§1 jim smith 
'iwei jschuur g 

1^ Kathy 
1^^ Kensey 
'q^§l Kev in the 


BrewsterDMB: OMG A pregnant alpaca is on 

animal planet 

BrewsterDMB: yea. i was surpriseci. i thought 

alpacas layed eggs. 

BrewsterDMB: Do you wanna go to an alpaca farm 

next weekend 

BrewsterDMB:Total Joke Trip 

^ mac ^ 
1^^ Mike 

1^0 MistahD 

@ Mno::;:e20i:iC 

=^ riicketv 

!^ Oscar B 

@ Phil Gyford 

'^. Flab 


-■^1 bhim 
.-Q>. ,- .1- 

'3^ :jlacker 

B / U eg) @|Anal_ 



^alistairjeffs - Instant Messidiei 

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Kalidascopeyes: you and frank should go horse back riding j^ 

Cristyles69: yeah, on a Trolley 

Cristyles69: through the streets of Providence 

Cristyles69: on horseback 

Kalidascopeyes: hahahahaha 

Cristyles69: want a cookie? _J 

Cristyles69: TOO BAD! Tj 

B / U (f) QJTi^ 



Last message teceis,ed on 02/08/2001 at 15:48 

'vr'arri Bloct 


Add Buddg 

ji^jl System Notice 

- n > 


. iLast message received on 02/08/2001 at 15:48 

1st or miTTisir^reBmTonfjd"' 

KalidascQpeyes:there's a show about crank 

coming on now 

Kalidascopeyes:on HBO 

JACOB311: there's always a show about crank 

coming on now on HBO 


B ^ 

AdamMarkl6: can u change the font 
Kalidascopeyes:veah everyone hates it 
AdamMarkl6: i feel like i'm reading a 
wedding inx'itation 

Divaqueenemc: i had half 
a meal todav 
Divaqueenemc: i cant 
work in these 

Divaqueenemc: and u 
know life isnt worth 
living without ^vork 
QUIZABETH is sad a 
little bit 

TJ YahooHelper 



\dd lM' -^S? 

1 Beat 

C iv 

ch Van ^y 

-1 Available 


^^\J\l€^ a.0^ a-^^le^\A.oi tki /\^z// ^^ Gxe^\AXe^ 


Y«^ ;5<^ ^CK^VZ. 

it off of \jaj.\r /v^v\cfl" 

"I ^ b^ vJttl^ a- I'cHk 
l^elf fv'o/l^ /lA.\l fv\ey^s>. 
f ■^ Ual^ \jJcth- o^ IcHlt. 

■^df fv~0>^ A^\l fy'iiilkT^^." 

'ryo iajAv/ \jj(x.io( --^^ix*. oa^e- -to 

foY'e^ey /v^O'T'L, -thcM: £> 

'"I'll leijvi on \ioiA ov^ ^oiJ- \e£m. 
ai /v^^i^ Cfvic^ ifJe^ll he,- (M-cm 

""I v^)a€> 'jiA&i [/^la^ey^a-i.^ i-f 
^ou^oi co/v^- cAa'^.a- -to I'^doi Mp 

vJOi^'-i hdcA cvL I'll cAo -ti^e^ 

\ioiA [Ocwtt, if ivrt i \fJi\ «tf 

""\Ue^be£st Af^y^vcN' 

f^ood ShoutJ OutJ^I 


TVie, toec-Tar of TVie- cipc+fe, vny niowvc- apple 
c-aWe., re.jrki€4-aie.<?c-raKfeiio*. foc-cx^^^feprav 
cv^lv iou:itfias7, ai^-v?l c-Uee.ls>a. OME! 

0<^ LiWl* 'SU3tct"oat"h? rciiH^ 
aroutod ivn browi^ cn-avv ai'Tc?! aW-c a ^Wt 
c\d"\b Isrcwvo «s^tfj ar. "Spi&c-ial •&W«?tCrc\XT'Tc 
CUe^^^ffe, lATvnperfe, C.lieeru>«» ai^Tc?) Cap 


Groove Phi Groove 

Purpose: To promote ;icademic awareness and good ethical standards and to promote unity and teilowship 
amongst college and graduate level men. 

Founding Date: April 25, 1995, by Eddie Green 

Colors: Black and White 

Local Chapter Name: Redhawk Chapter 

Executive Board 

President - Mike Diggs 
Secretary - Heston Moy 
Treasurer - Jason Graves 

General Members 
Wilel Fanfan 
Terrell Ingram 
Dennis Garcia 
Angel Burg ado 

Past Activities and Events 

Hillside Community 
Food Bank 
Campus Clean-up 
Willie J. Brown Scholarship 
Jazz Luncheon 

CfftlWliM. bv\was> fv"iew?(£> 
^A .£, ovvov-iuv^^ -to 3l^LV\e-^ 
^e£>fe^'i . i ties'. 

Ai -ti^e^ no/\A-eMO trivia 
avuA €>oyo'<'cbles> oi'iS'-^o^ 

-tl^ej^ Sr^ewt ail y<i.^l^'t 

'^iSrtejrl^DOoi a-vicA 

'^vatl^evl^ooci is> a^ 

fov/i^e£>( o^iL^ oAst^ of -tl^e^ 
S^KAoiejAts- iOlvx. 


/AwiY 3o\rovl:tle:S> 
-tl'^eiv leirt&ir^ ^av\dlvia' 

^Mcvi'te-Uir 'Sta'te. lAo'ivenfeftv. \x!it^\t\ Cn&cV- 

,m \^\o\n\C'\ia.ir ^Dirtie. rnoivenfenv, vx-itr^ femtcv- vncato* Vic.teii'i^ e<^c-Vi oxv^ex- wnvi c-py*ii^v}\^ cnrvc^ tot?) •«.£> c-ovnmoio 
t>lc.w*r&, -forvtmo^ life. Icv^a -fricv-w4&U'ip«. w7tv» "H^ic. \x-c^X\ex^ ay^ «r^ler<& vouVc v*i£vjte. eiu»Ttr\a your "iVvic. cthMSM. rt" 

fei'p&ijple. UugVi cntUc k^&a tTf Fralcrviiiic.'*. ctiooI 'oororHie.*. Mcw^ pe^'ple. «'t"MSU U«vc "IVic. icle^ "tWjft'wc. U«ve. 
lie?! -fCT- our -fnc40<^". 

'ikT^ 11^ « 6re«.W or 'SoctcA Fc-llt>w<s.Uip oMcwoUalKvi ^oc* wc«y tjc-yoi^ 'p^Y"'^"- ^"^ •feov»ic.'iViii'T<« 'rtioft'Uolcjfe a *»rpup 
me-t^ or wov*ie.to 'to^.e.'tVier wdii c^ovnuioio ^oaU. oiod clneiawt^, /k^vitVieT- "n^'*'^ wc priele our<«>e.lve« n^ vb our 
ct^iIy. TW. \x-i^X^ieJiKv>cx^ tfwod '&'K>'ierUoe>c4& cthMSU c«-fc rsrob^blv "ftic. v»«>&'holfver«e. <irouc>«. oio 

knpu«». Wc. Usvc. « profottiodlY diverge. ^«"oup 477 meto cwoo) wonicj^ wUo Uavc diftwTC40't're.lUnoU'& ewod cllioic- 

le^ e'fe' GneeW Ory vniag^ - -- ^ ij^MMB^'^ "f^*' "^^''" *'*'«*T^'^?^*'' U(t-MtvTfe.Ur etccfe. prUi.* ifee-lf 

Frowvi n^'tf-flwuraU. "fe •fV-wlfe, we cw-c "IVicre. -for o»oc, 
aiotHiier no vw^er v/Ua't"iiie c-irc-unT&WTC-cfe or 
. afrlic.'tKVT. TVicnc. '«. a c-ej-'iaii^ le.ve.1 a Gnce-V- or ^wc-ial 

Fc.liov(«.Uip or^rti^iZrtTkvi mu-feTmrtikTiaik^ no orc^erTb ru»^ 



TViC. pne^ 

tjotod "lb •eH«Y ''*^ "W of" "IWiMeveL Wlie40 people, ^ov we 
"pflid -for our-frie»0£«.", we *«y we oticsk^TpoY toe^arlv 

1 A-e^ a^v^eaU- 'OY'e:S>ev\oe^ <?i 
[pYl^Aa fiAd -to (W.\i ^ei/trt 

ViAViida- G^vejiiA- VoejziA-, 

S^v^ViK^ -to datoivi -ti^e^ 
-t'Se^ of (^v-&j2U- lA)ae^ 

Uak^ve^■\ I ^cfV'iA ^evfo^/nS' 
fvoA^ othev &.ve£i^ ov^- 

ov acn<i.'^'<:^lov\^ sI-^GkA 
Sftvl>Je^ fov. 

Gr&ek Week 


JB ^^^H 





1^ j^ y^ > 



ilt;^ Pe^P<^ 








German Club 

Purpose: To inform the campus community about historical, geographical, and current events in Germany. 
We want to provide students who are interested in the German language and culture with opportunities 
outside of the classroom. 

Founding Date: Spring 2002, by Steffi Jacob 

Executive Board 

President - Anna M. Zabiegala 
Vice President - Katarzyna M. Zabiegala 
Secretary - Joanna N. Lewek 
Treasurer - Mariola Wypaseu 

Past Activities and Events 

■'Welcome New Members" meeting 
Movie Nights: 

''The Princess and a Warrior" 
"Nesty Girl" 

"You've Got Mail" 

General Members 

Trips to The A 

M. Wypesek 

E. Antosz 

of Natural History 

J. Suiserezyk 

M. Mazen 

J. Antoni 

S. Broy 

J. Wimczyk 

M. Piontkowski 

R. Gessner 

E. Kulakovska 

J. Belowski 

J. Ragucci 

V Tsykunova 

/'i9>iAaa»4^^ i/a^d*^ Si<3/u<54ip/ ^:5,2yte:5 iJt / /(?t;«=^ bi^Wi 

/v-o>tf'/ffe(M f, <W /\/ f 

iitv-^.^aa\eA.0 fokr^r- ii^eiir floc^^. 

( Ass OiAck^ejr vJejzk-eMpi vJi>e> -fillet:^ vJctI'- a- l^ovnAfiA i>f ajeutts- of vJhici^ vJc^ 
aooc^ ^avt of -tl'^e^ stue^'^i.'t Woo(^, t?i cAei:ex'/K{i'\ejd io s/^oi^' il^isiv afivTt -fov 
AVftc/rtV fSf^e. U-uV£.v^5fiY- 'V'^UY-Stpto^ \^al'4. s/i»y'^c'<?/ 0-i'f vJith -fcA-e. 
Ho/i^exw/i^&ia KMa cv^ GkM^iA 'tcAnvct 3l^iM>, rfr'n^ir"^ 'Uai't catdis4:eip^ of -flo^M: 
huilohna, yiJl-^eire, o4 iV-eyi^kpars- ^\ro/^ tkiL-O^rejik- tA). i'.iinii//>( ^'v^'cfaA \Kkti-- 

■fdliVJina /l^OY^iliia. I Ae- pcxvl^rts toi Tvi -ti^it^ ijOty^'v^^ rJd"^^ /if^'W vScUa' /I'^^fvi^ 

fiySsi^iiia- 'il^iL, fliw4 c7/ett«tfe oil 'tl^V floats V>e^0Ve^ /v^oiviai-^i . Lw^ l^twWs 
ysirfo^i^ei^, -■fcAtw-i/'Os -to lA)Ax3<2-F/i'^ t»W Gcf-33 Ov\e^ Coiia:^ fe, (7*W fvt:^ 

iJiXtjA- i)v"«<»ii-iJ(7=tL(M iiJey-tL. ol~-OS:&i -to oK^c^d -tJ^eiv ■?\oois> to d/tSUv^£:--f/W 
"tA^Y v^c/m^Jiiap*' ittcKii foy- -the^ rv^ov^'&'i.a. "z^c^i^vda^ /no^'Mna -tl'-z^ yij^\-^d^ 

'9~<xw(, t^topplna -to feyfovi't^ -fov f(^\^&^£; Muvwi, avd. fella/J &tijdeytrt$ M 
fvoift of f'\r^£iM&tt CdtLS l--cfJ6&, Aftey «,»// -tAe- pev"-fw".-!-ii>Mceii m.'vM 
fM31^i^y -tl^e^ crcvJd cl^&zireiM, cvvA vJcJk-ad i^jejr -to -tl^i^ \-oof of ti^'i '\-^~ed 
HovJ'^ deA'- [iJl^eye.. act^es- avd swnJi!^-6>, twW even -tAe, '\^-Jzd tkrvJ-^ l^irv^elf, 
vJcited fov 'tA«vM-. I i^crt c^eY^wai, crJar a-uL. iMAAciveet S'^e^iM^ovs -fillea^ 
-tl^'Z.' Sitovds iK voat fov -iAe,//^^ 1^2^ /in/jfi^ 00 -tl^ej^ -tod^ oa V^-ejivi 
^AA(^a-:Sit-^', -tl'-eXv cAe^vs pvo\/ed I'-dffiA iMi- fJ^3^\ lAe^eeiJiaA Ke£>vi "? -t,o 

cWi-WtA^ixd: PevTn VetMwdA- fvor^ Fl'H fSrsW^^t fl, O'^ GiAi?- OodiYi'^^ fvOiV^ 
'zyia/i^c>- VMc-^ fl^i. As -fov -tl-^e^ vJivm^^^rs of -tl'-tL- povav^tt, '^&Sst F\oo>i vJcf-S' 
crv.:>aY'dad to Vdti^ CAi cmd y>M,a- Vl^l 'SysAoA, A^oSrt 'Bvft.l^^J€i.a€ftXc vOeytt -to 
LJ(^UD, Lfi'vA Xl'-dia- 'i'l cmd 'zi'la/V'^?- Veita- XmA -tod^ l^oiY^^ '^cS't Ovey-atI 

-v^TwHr ■ 














( c/ ^yi 



/tiVi-J I vJcwtea^ -to b2^tSi^ V ^e&doKt-U'-e^ 

"7 -V * 
i- cM^ 

V n r 


»irt -to I- 1 

«, »- -i^ vTo^ of -t cL \cjK ^ovi^ C-t-^ ^ 

1 iJ^pf e£^ -td X IA)|?£> -tl ckL --^ 

i^ucl^ -tl^d X vJovi^cM -to =>ped-f 

X ^ . 

f J- i^l^V t 

"•YSe'-P i«JftA- 14^ Y '^'^ v\elal'^o\r; AaO ^oW'-i Crfy 

\lgtey v^^ s^V(Axa\ e£fov is ov-U-i^Aa oil '~y-^ / pa* e-^ "^^-^ ''^ ^'^ 

f »^ i'.tk'e.-t/^.». V"icii5ii7<'a/rts of /i^^ floov. X ve^l^up^ i 

rvca^evet -tl^Lf^: &pv^K«. HiSrt0V^u3c4l\l, vwt .1^(1^ I Y £. [ ft 

l^oNe^ fovaoktuM -t[i^(M: -tl^etv vJo€> a- ocM^yi'd> oU'i'^c't^ -if 
On /Apv^f f-"', "LO 03 J \iJi>e> cMsAojiAoeM ■^^Z 'v .zj^,?/ 
'^csvi.a ^3^f\ Vv&suMaKt lr.<>6 haii'i -tl^e-. iv^osi o^Ii-^titUirlJ f iMijyc 47:^ 

9<^^ /Hiz^-iAe- oppov-ttAvt'^ -to tta -^ 

^ t ^ to s^ ^ 0& -tU^M/v^^e. cHA\Joo<?i<L : 

Tl i/.^'ct^fi.'lf-^ v^KH fov '-~^A V ^JSC^ i 

t mAv, -t Cuni'a' tl'-cft V£jp(ap( -to Wn- --^d^ 

-<Ji. fov A i 2.;/--^. 

J<_e,i X cAcAc^ cd -t I- f V srt -^t iMoxt::' ' 

•', Zit^f^ f> /e^nv-M ( to t -^t K^ 

:, of ii-iv/ / y^ '^ i Oi 


-y ^ /HI 

■ i koc^f 

fowJo^iM -to -takiv^a offloe^'tl^iA: 5ovKW'^<iv- ,,i.i£?/ aciitivx.^ -to vJovk-. "^.et, v\ot.hii.a pv pw- ci^ /' v t c jok I -^ I 
X {'Unci/J ct -tl^c^ •4C£'Y' v^o^ cA/i^0S>t OJey-, fevt^ o^\' k^t of L7iJ<:^'y^'^'t:S>i^-/i^'ei^tt^ I'vt?^ ^o a 7V\^ pv a-vr/ ^ (^ v -f ' ^ 
AT/zk'-iMSrti^i^^iM, iV€V S^D , of pevi^~;3 l^aol heat Y'<!jn^oJ'i£^. fvo>%-^ -tl^a.- fct«^ Krf (i v^ si^ & ^ola ^l f ) a ^ ] v 



M I t -^ j:ttX!( vd 


'T " 
-^ t,-/^ 

p/ Y f ^4^ 




-f^v lJ a^ t xtleoi^ 

JOxy be 

■to v^asJcA- OO/ft -to -t^fioAl'i^ iA^ily--v-C-pv 
->Uv(cyttA X 'lO'eAfzM oJe^r 10 oi.-- 

\>V ityzS'. 'B'Y -tl/V^^Z^i \KlG^ v'UWl'itiXa fo\- Vi^-rcUu^t'lOA, it ^x^iiVKCi^^ oie£'V~ thlM -ti'- 

<l-i<)iii» eM.0 /s^Y SxLCmiA -tevn^, X c-^ai't e.\/evi thiyiU- X c.oi,4j( be«ii^ -it) tUtAt-f t/^£ «A -^ IV^ r^pu-t/ baii^ pv^>i23ie<'ej^, v'ti^/'-ev -f 
^t- ofl/ lAJijvR, ^ai W /;> / X'^v^cM'ti)^, ov i^io^iWa o-i AT/ 1 /ci, X r'tj-i't w^nic^ <»i<y X c."^ ij^ J^ c^a\'t \ <Lave:i <y- £.in^'i. f/^iit.?. 

^flt-'olf fiitlW^CJ' ;>'m p 1^ A l^/l t-A_,S;»W5»_ X l/J,Wti<i^ to aiVS- bcxJ'- /o -f' ^ (;^?^/l(Jlto // x/ /-t;"**?/ ^iv'U-1 SO i-Hl/lfi/^ to ^^Y f<>*^^ i'iUt/ X. X' 

><^ raO/'Ae ^v ^t»^ [rMAli^ 111 f <i iii^v!--^ o/ -/, ^sti/fc'/ijrf bA^f (^r+W {;'ev e i t// bi- (^.^h/y '''"''v ^ \--^yx Tn^/ <^ t>^fc> i^ t;^c b.; -'t -t/^duj t 
^^-kM p^y-^jukJ'Y n**?-^ <;«t-<^; Woi'^^ /^\^X iff 




HSA Information 

Purpose: To promote the awareness, respect, and better understanding of the Haitian history, culture, and 
traditions via special cultural programs designed to educate the MSU campus. 

Founding Date: Novembers, 1991 

Executive Board 

Past Activities and Events 

President - Yuri Jadette 

Cutural Soiree 

Night of Love 

Vice President - Kindlyne Vilcant 

Annual Dinner 

Community Services 

Secretary - Marie Alexis 

Comedy Show 

Art Exhibit 

Treasurer - Sabine St. Cyr 


Date Auction 

Public Relations - Guerline Napoleon 

Flag Raising 

Movie Nights 

Historian - Suzette Liautaud 


National Haitian Conf. 

Student Advisor - Serette Louissaint 

General Members 

Reginald Stainfil Ralph Andre 

Joseph St-Joy 

Awa M'Baye 

Mahalia Leransceus Berlyne Vilcant 

Perpetua Nazon 

Nahema Foster 

Laurie Pierre Kennie Simon 

Christine Clarke 

Daniel Jean-Charles 

Carole Antoine Shaquaya Jones 

Rossini A. Du-Bois 

Samantha Fils-Aime 

Francois Jean-Baptist Gregory Marcelin 

Josiane Lwose 

Kaly Leransceus 

Gadi Ulysses Nirva Vital 


Ian Stud^ni> AeeoolaUon 



HEART Information 

Purpose: To have students come together and participate in community service. H.E.A.R.T. is dedicated to 
improving the lives of others, and is committed to helping the young, the elderly, and the environment. 

Founding Date: 2000, by Rachel Warchawski 

Executive Board 
President - Carinne Stachelski 
Vice President - Georgie Egner 
Secretary - Jenny Duran 
Treasurer - Lynn Bartkowicz 
Public Relations - Amanda Dixon 
Historian - Cher Piegaro 

General Members 
Kelli De Stefano 
Diana Lundberg 
Shannon Hiuick 

Elizabeth Flores 
Jofree Huang 
Melissa Velez 
Alana Watson 
Jackie Collera 

Wendy De Stefano Kindlynee Vilcant 
Diane Luckey Heather Hey rich 

Desiree Macaro 
Eric Still 
Jesse Szymanski 
Chuck Gesualdi 
Cassie Backstrom 
Beth Rada 
Damarcus King 

Past Activities and Events 

Toys for Tots MSU Worlds" Fair 

Walktober Fest for Diabetes 

Light the Night Opertaion Sinile 

St' Way's Shelter MSU 5K 

Box Tops for Ed. Rainbow Connections 

Tutoring at the Lodi Memorial Library 

Clean-Ups Blood Drives 

Ice Skating for Breast Cancer 

Clothing Drives St. James Food Pantry 

oe Hockdy 

rvardllJy untldttan rdllowdhlp 

IVCF Information 

'urposi. I\ C F isane\anyi.li/nig multi elhniL studciil ledfellowshipthatseekstoaidstudenisintheiigiowth 
as obedient disciples ot Jesus Clii island in ihei pioclamation of Christ to the campus." 

Executive Board 

President - Gina Roseboro 

Vice President - Brookshield Laurent 

Treasurer - Sarah Bruce 

Secretary /Worship Leader - Linda Jiminez 

IVCF Staff- Diana Zuleta 

General Members 

Andrea Evangelista 
Bill Kamps 
Chad Clark 
Elissa Kuebler 
Elyse Occhiogrosso 
Elizabeth Yates 
Erin Hayes 
Gaby Izmirlian 
Gian Paul Gonzalez 

Jeff Markey 
John Wrot 
Juanita Torres 
Julie Crisante 
Kieth Shepard 
Kieran Monahan 
Kim De Gregorio 
Kristin Kellner 
Lauren De Matteo 

Past Activities and Events 

Bible Studies Prayer Meetings Large Group 

Love Retreat 30 Hour Famine Movie Night 

Basileia at Lake Saranac Waffles & Ice Cream Night 

New Student Overnight Big Event at Lake Champion 

Commuter Bagei & Coffee Give-Away 

Lauren WoodhuII 
Marion Nayes 
Mike Yates 
Oreoluwa Fasehun 
Peter Nilsen 
Tina Kammerer 
Tom Lipka 


intarnat^ional &i>udMt Or 




rhe mission of the Department of Campus Recreation and Intramural 

Services is to provide programs, services and facilities that encourage 

personal development and learning experiences through enjoyable sport and 

recreational opportunities. 

We strive to 

• Be an integral part of the collegiate experience; 

• Exceed accepted national standards of quality for programs and services; 

• Be responsive to the needs and desires of an ever-changing campus 


We offer fun and safe recreational opportunities to Undergraduate and 

Graduate Students (Commuters and Residents), Faculty, and Staff of 

Montclair State University. We have a variety of collaborative recreational 

offerings, including Fitness and Group Exercise, Intramural Sports, Special 

Events, Off-Campus Trips. Sport Clubs, Co-Sponsorships. 

Jok&0 & Love 


SailorGal21 : AL I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING! i was readin ur blog which lead to reading tir friend scarlets blog which lead to this 

other chicks joke page which lead to the page about ur dad and it was the most amazing experience of my life. ..the funny almost 

killed me. 

BrewsterDMB: Tliank God you updated the webpage. I was sitting here for HOURS watching your profile, with baited breath, 
hoping and pleading for the glorious update! To hell with school work; this joke web page is ironically some serious s*it! 

Froviso77 : i cant get enough of reading about myself on that webpage! 

"You're much funnier in print than in real life. I think it's cause you don't repeat jokes," Evan Flath 

Fell in the Gap : You need to become a college english professor and teach a course iri JOKE 

****¥ehruaryld,,lQO'i**** _ -■ 

As a little bit of an introduction, I'm gonna describe how jokes came to be my reason for living. As a young child, I was always looking for reasons to 

make jokes. In second grade, I used to put on comedy shows for my mother because I wanted to be a comedian. ( I also wanted to be a magician and a 

firefighter at the time but let's forget about that). I used to trick my younger brother all the time AS A JOKE, of course. One time told him that the 

people across the street locked kids in cages to make him cry so I could laugh at him. Then, our humor progressed as we aged. We moved on to make \ 

joke skits about our relatives and friends. As the years went on, my brother lost his sense of humor while I gained enough for the both of us. To this da 

he remains without a personality and looks like that guy from the movie 'Powder' or Harry Potter. 

Throughout elementary school, my friends hated me because the only thing I wanted to do was joke and they wanted to be serious and do school worl 

In middle school, my friends still hated me. In high school, I hated everyone and made fun of people. One time, a teacher made me sit in the back of th 

classroom because I made too many jokes. I KILLED HIM! 

Once I got into college, I met a group of people who would forever change the face of joking: Cristin Curry, Scarlett Morris, AI Fatale, Jason Long, Jaco 

V. Hudnut, and Elizabeth Coen. These people have made me into the person I am today. If it wasn't for Scarlett and my joke about wearing stillettos in 

the snow freshmen year, the dream may have never occured. 

Freshmen and sophomore years followed the same vision of jokedom. Unfortunately, I had not yet started to live my life completely by the jokes of Jes 

Christ. I still had a strong serious side. 

It wasn't until my junior year that I took the gospel of jokes into my life and let it embrace me with its eternal glow of humor. I decided an existence of 

joking was for me. Now, there is nothing in my life that goes without a joke. I even coined the Fall 2002 semester as the 'joke semester.' So far I have 

participated in the following joke activities: 

***a joke makeout 

***joke sleep 

***eating joke food. 

***owning a joke desk 

*** wearing joke clothing 

*** ran as a joke member of the SGA 

***Started a joke Math Rock band named Shrimp Ramen. 

These days, I use my humor to pick up guys and get through life. I think this is the only reason I'm not failing out of school. 

1 1 endkfas pkt I believe it v\as Tuesday when Cristin told me she had magic in her blood. She's crazy. It's such a joke tliat she's 
Tt to -^ppkbees tonight ind she ordered a drink. It was hilarious. Such a joke. I think .she's lying and she's really not 21 
p lai you are untrl ^ ou get a joke web page. All of a sudden my friends are fighting over me and it's so great. Look at all the 
ntr I lost of them aie tiom guystoo. Ok, one of them, is my brother and 2 of the entries are from gay guys BUT one is from my 

1 id -^p 1 1 t f ( ^h' 

I'i'S V irl (1 1 I iu 1 Pip Money I bet if my last name was Money, 1 would be like the King of All Jokes. If you go by VIoney, you know 

eta be somcU i_ < i i i o-i^mToi-i like you work in the circus and/or you are a rapper. I waiTifia befriend this girl based only on her name, 
ibh real bonn^ plI \k 1 C Mil ' I bet a name Like that gets you free stuff, 
stutf that IS ircL f i n p i m so poor, it's a joke. This calls tor drastic measures. Like, I need to get some kind of job but I'm so lazy. If I 
b telling jokts I d l i -nil] u ut t It I got a dollar for every joke I made in the coiu'se of a day, I cou Id fill a room with gold coins like 
1 k and I d s\ im m th it sh 

Vlarch 8, 2003** .,,.._™_™™.^ __™_™_ 

lATE MY LIFE BUT I LOVE JOKES!!!!! Yeah thil1^'^S&lCTl7'WFfS!'Ti7rifi*Hc:'?iralTaF6ut now, hating and loving, living and prayingTthings are a joke 
X between good and bad with a little added splash of Count Chocula (the ceieal) 

nny stuff continues to happen to me. This past week was a big )oke. Cnstm and I went to the Supergrass concert in Philly on Wednesday- There were 
many hot guys there IT WAS A TOTAL JOKE. We kept laughing because the guitar player in the Coral was the hottest known individual to ever grace 
; Earth. I almost passed out a couple of times during the performance. Then Supergrass comes on and we must have been standmg next to Kanga 
iLise this huge, obnoxious girl right by us thought it would be a good idea to jump up and down through the entire show. It wasn't like they were 
iving 'Jump Around' by Cyprus Hill. Cristin got hit in the head with her massive breasts and she yelled at her. It was funny and then Cristin got mad 
11' for laughing so I told Crisdn she was so small when she was born that she looked like a muffin. 
,1 studying. Study ijig is the time when I catch up listening to music. It's great. 
iir^day was tmother day of jokes and laughter, better known as the greatest day of my life. I don't feel like explaining it in great detail but let it be 
own, I aced a midterm, Jesus was on my side, 1 got free food, the prospect of money, and finally a hot Jew e-mailed me. A hundred Jews have e-mailed 
■ m the course of a week and tliey all have been ugly and fat. One guy offered to take me to a Broadway show. It's been crazy! Another guy asked me 
teli Cristin to tell me to go on a date with him. 1 vomited on myself like Simona at Winter Ball. 

IS week, I am home for Spring Break and you know what that means. It means lots of updates out of desperation and boredom. This week is 
1 a final note, I'd like to give a shout out to Courtney McDonald for having the best life ever, a shout out to all the people who gave me the answers to 
: Hiram Perez test, a shout out to Joe Foster for calling me a slut, a shout out to the hot Jew who e-mailed me, a shout out to that shaggy haired guy in 
ual, a shout out to Supergrass for being the best band in the world, and a shout out to Evan Flath because his soul is in every bite of food I eat. 

larch 16, 2003** 

who actually did something on Spring break? Oh well I did something, if you count talking on IM to Cristin and sleeping something. Then, I got so 

ed, I started to read Howard Stern Private Parts, again. 

's talk a little bit about things. First off, I want to speak of something from my childhood that has re-entered my life via a picture on the Internet. What is 

; thing you ask? Well, it's a Snoopy SnoCone Machine. Everyone had one and I happened to own mine circa 1984-1985. However, I was never allowed to 
) y with it. My parents never let me do anything fun. All I wanted to do was make a frigg'n snocone! I only remember one occassion when I was allowed 
cnake one and that's it. The same thing happened with the frigg'n EZ bake oven. I was never allowed to use it except for one time on Martin Luther King 
] ^. 1 made a cake in that oven and put candles on it! If I have children, my kids will be allowed to play with their food toys every day. This pisses me off 
c because my brother was always allowed to make those damn Creepy Crawlers and one day, I asked him if I could make one and HE THREW A PLANT 
^ ME. Stupid brat. He gets everything he wants. 

'' not looking forward to this week. I say we boycott school in the name of food around the world. I contacted the president and he said it would be ok. 
( 1 know what though, Montclair State University doesn't honor this boycott because it's a joke school. Speaking of joke schools, does anyone else go to a 
dj school.? Answer: No, just Allyn Kurtz and her friends. When I say joke, I don't even mean a good joke. I mean a lame joke where I am forced to go to 
o(ool with morons. 

Tmorrow is St. Patrick's Day, a day where I'm goima drink green beer and punch people in honor of my slight Irish heritage. Except, it's not gonna 
h)pen because I have to write a paper. I really do wanna get drunk but it'll happen in good time. 

- -March 23, 2003 

I 't you didn't tell as many jokes as I did this week, of course not.. I was going to smoke pot to make me funnier but Liz %vouldn't let me. 1 got mad and 

Wilt back in my room and laid on my bed I'm just gonna have to be funny on my own. 

F iay night, Cristin, Evan, and I went to TCN Gay to get some Lunch. I told some kid I wanted to be a comedy waiter. I don't really remember what 

h ipened this night but Cristin tried to get Evan drunk on non-alcoholic beer. It worked, he was sooooo drunk. OH Courtney and Evan are so dead 

b ause they woke us up at the break of friggen dawn so they could talk in bed. Cristin wanted them thrown out the window. Courbiey can't keep her 
rruth shut. I have learned the entire inventory of her dorm room. Who else do vou know that has 6 toothbrushes and 12 boxes of Special K with red 
' lies? We went home early and Cristin wore a clown costume consisting of flannel pants and loafers. 1 threw up 2 times and Evan had to puU the car 

I I felt like Simona at Winter Ball and no, that joke never gets old. What is with me throwing up every single second and I mean EVERY second. In fact, 
! 1 throwing up now, as 1 speak. 

5Jrlett, Jay, and I had tennis for the first time ever this week except that we didn't really have it. I was all ready to paddle invisible balls •.\-itli my hands 
I'ause I am too poor to buy a racket or balls. By the time I am done with this course, you can just call me Stefie Graph. Who's up for a game o! tennis? 

re like lettuce, which doesn't rhyme, but \\ ho likes Iceburg more than Romaine? 
' s week is full of fun. I'm going to see Cursive, Minus tine Bear, AND Zwan JESUS CHRIST ON A PONY! Plus, i an, ~i.y::- :-_ , ,., 

.-'kend as a joke. Joke trips are the best. Especially when they consist of going to Seaside on a Sunday night j^ast tci c 

Ipened fliough. I packed my bags and every tiling. 
'^o wants to yell at my credit card company for me tomorrow? I already asked 50. He said he'd do it but I need somco: le w ho ^an speak English. 

.^ca farm next 
That never 

■-April 1,2003 

elcome to the April Fools' edition of Jokes and Love. As I sit here watching the series finale of 'The Real World Las Vegas,' I am led to ponder what the 
leaning of this joke holiday is. There is way too much pressure to play some kind of a trick on someone. Well screw that! Trick Snick! Snick means 
lihirday night Nickelodeon. Who remembers 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' That was some scary sh*tl What kindof parents let their kids go into the 
oods at midnight to tell scary stories? The answer is none and that is why I believe we have a case of GHOST CHILDREN on our hands. That's right 
ilks, ghost children. So scary you can't even handle it. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS. This makes me think of the Doug E. Fresh song 'Spirits' 
< I the GBII soundtrack. "The Ghostbusters are back and all brand new come on HUH!" That's right, I own it. What then? 

' Icess is no joking matter. What is a joking matter are walkie talkies and not just any walky talkies, McDonald's Happy Meal toy walkie Talkies that bark! 

I istin and I were the lucky receivers of Inspector Gadget Walky Talkies that make dog noises. We don't know the story behind this toy, nor do we care. 

i 11 we know is we can talk to each other via these "talkies" and we hold this close to our hearts. yi^ts 

{starting to tear up at the 'Real World' finale, what is wrong with me? Last week it was the Oscars. Oh Sweet Sweet Barbra Streisand. ^ -' -j^H 

time for joke shout outs. I'd like to give shout outs to the cast of 'The Real World Las Vegas,' for giving me my fill of sex over die past_4^£^^^^^| 
ut out to Mike Jones AKA Vinnie Ghosta for laughing, a shout out to Jay Long for playing the only April Fools joke on me, a ste ' "^ 

iices, and a shout out to bread for being my new profession. . ;4^t 

'h and I'm pregnant .: ;;:piliiH 

Jpril Fools Morons! • ; T ' 

! i L-, :,,;: c^ Love would like to give a huge *Joke* Good Luck to Jacob V. Hudnut in the Presidental Election wliich ends tomorrow. 

lomoi row night is my first official night working at a job that gives you money! I'm gonna go crazy giving out bread. First thing is first, I am going to 

take oxer the business with my amazing mastermind. Then, I am going to find a way to make bread in the shape of Lisa Left Eye Lopez. People are going 

to tlock to my bakery and worship my bread because they will feel it is a sign from Jesus. I will make millions millions and millions of dollars. Of 

course, I will only do good tilings with my money. First, I will use the cash to start a worldwide federation for PhareU, the forgotten super star. I then 
plan on constructing a swimming pool in the shape of a seal. Yes, seal the animal because who doesn't like a seal? Plus, this will be an asset to people 
who fly airplanes because when they look down at my yard, they will be so oxerwhelmed with joy, they will never crash because our lord and savior 
will be on their shoulder. Jesus is a seal lover too! After I make this pool, I want to use my money to make myseLf an invisibilit}' machine. I will use this, 
to steal answers for tests and give them to the needy, *cough* me *cough* It can be done kids. Invisibility is not just a dream! Steve Urkel used a machiil 
to turn himself into Stefan and all I ask for is Invisibility! 

Let's get serious kids 

Of course by serious, I mean joke serious. There were a lot of things that I decided were jokes this week. Number one: Gypsies. Did you ever think abou 
the humor level of a gypsy, a vagabond, if you will. Anyone who goes to MSU v.'ill know what I'm talking about in the next sentence. Rocky's Mart in 
the Student Center — Run by Gypsies. If you don't believe me, go by there the next time you go to class. Who else would sell gold Bugs Bunny necklaces 
and pagers? The answer is a modem day gypsy. You may think these people in Rocky's Mart aren't gypsies but if you head out to the Quarry around 3 
am, you'll see about a dozen or so colored tents set up. They're having a good old time playing guitar, reading tarot cards, AND CORRUPTING OUR 
CHILDREN! Gypsies were put on the Earth specifically for joke value. Everyday they take a new soul and bring it over to their side. Just look around 
you at class. They're there! 

I don't think 1 wrote about the fact that I am now an official renter of an apartment in Caldwell. It's true. It's true. Starting in the beginning of May, I wil 
be living above an eye glass store. By day, you can call me Allyn Kurtz, mild mannered citizen. By night. Thunder Seal, avenger of Gypsies, Tramps, am 
Thieves! There will be many joke events at the "pad" this summer. 

School is almost over and this makes me think of nothing but the wholesome drug CRANK. A drug sweeping rural states like Iowa. I watched a whole 
special on it tonight and it made me tlnrnk, "Gee, thank god I'm not doing crank." I have a whole family of seal puppies to raise!!!!!!! , 

TIME FOR WEEKLY SHOUT OUTS!!!!! I'd like to give a shout to Ben Folds for being awesome, I'd like to give a shout out to Ebay, a shout out to 99 Cerl 
Dream in Bloomfield, NJ, a shout out to eating Chinese food on the floor, a shout out to Scarlett Morris for seeing her at random spots in the scliool aU 1 
the tune, and a shout out to Cristin Curry for always giving me faitli that my joking lifestyle is paying off. 

**April 16, 2003** 

Oh, I have so much to talk about. Jokes are melting like butter on my roll or should I say my hot matzah because it is Passover. Speaking of being Jewish, 

who wants to come to my summer batmitzvah wine and cheese shabbot 2 day festival of love and dreams? I'm sending out invitations and I want to tell 

you that it's gonna be a hopping party. I plan on playing a little Nelly, a little Snoop Dogg. I know what's up. 

Week one of working at the bread factory is officially over and I think I need to send a blessing to our dear lord for the gift of bread he has bestowed 
I upon our lives. 
, Tonight, I saw Plastic Face Josh acting the role of a waiter. Who remembers the time he tried to make out with me even though he's gay? I'm glad to see 

he's moving on with his life. Especially since his face is made of plastic and all. 

Easter is a farce of yellow pants suits and coolots. I hate it. I also hate people but this is no secret. I want to live in a perfect society where everyone abides 

by my rules of life. '■ ,. 

Number 1 rule: Every day = joke day/makeout party. '■ 

Number 2 rule: Make me food and give me money. 

Number 3 rule: A nap time should be instated each day. 

I've come to the conclusion I can no longer like Homestar Runner because everyone likes it. Idiots from high school have the buddy icons, my brother's 
I quoting sh*t in his away messages, kids in Freeman Hall have the shirts. One thing I have learned in life is that once my brother likes something, it's for 
I losers. I knew it was time to stop listening to Weezer the day my brother knocked on my door and asked me if the cd I was playing was Weezer because 
I he had the Mp3's on his computer. I knew it was the end of an era. The Homestar Runner era is ending because a bunch of losers started to like it. I liked 
: that sh*t when it was underground baby! 

Tonight Al and Javibear came over and ate ice cream on my floor. I watched a little Saturday Night Fever and thought about how hot John Travolta used 
; to be. 
! Question of the Day: Do you really think Star Jones wears Payless shoes and why doesn't she hire a personal trainer? 

** April 27, 2003** 

Stress has seriously replaced jokes in my life and that is no joke. What is a joke is french toast. A treat made of bread and eggs. 

Ah'ight, fess up, who went to the Fat Joe concert? I didn't, but I wish to God 1 did, and I wish I went drunk. I would probably riot. Cristin would come 
with me. We would use our trusty McD's walkie talkies to communicate. Then, in a fit of hysteria we would be gobbled up by Fat Joe thinking we were 
white chocolate. All this before Goldfinger even graced the stage. 

So, Junior year is coming to a close and we are all shedding tears, I'm sure. Instead of tears, I'm shedding beers so Cristin can drink them and get drunk 
so 1 can hang out with her. She's great when she's drunk. She laughs at everything I say. Anyway, it's a sad day at MSU because we are all getting old. 
Soon enough, I'll be old and haggard. Actually, that's a lie. I accidentally slipped some Fountain of Youth water into my drink and I'm goraia live 
forever. The last statement was not funny, 1 was just testing your knack for foller}'. You totally failed. 

I'm gonna share a room with Liz. It's gonna be like a wUd party. Quiz doing work, me punching people and eating live babies. We're gonna throw a ton, 
of joke parties. One of which will be themed Rodeo Clown. If s about the life and rimes of Chris Fitzpatrick, the mastennind behind the perfection of 
dating and looking hot. Wlio remembers the last day of freshmen year when Al was Dutch. Tliat's all I'm going to say about that. 
Ok, joke shout outs. Like you thought it wasn't coming. You're so dumb. Alright, shout out to Cristin Curry for talking to me onUne and being my 
--• rhiatrist'joke partner in crune, shout out to Scarlett Morris for having Shahida as a roormnate, shout out to hipsters, shout out to Bob Perriero for 
- wi til a hoie in it, shout out to my parents because they lead the best lifestyle 1 have ever seen, and a shout out to Suquan tlie next president of the 

rg an apaf trnfefiit-Sf^Feat but what isn't great is not having money. Anyone got any interesting suggestions? I'm starting a little contest and 
one of you swashbucklers are allowed to join. Whoever picks out the best job for me and it works out and I make a lot of money, you win. Win 
'fpu ask? Well, it's a secret. It's time to put your thinking caps on so you can win the secret and no it's not going to be like one of those grab bags 

Kimpted to buy down the shore, which you buy and it has a whole bunch of crap in it like stupid plastic sunglasses, 
uts 1987. Shout out to Scarlett for fixing my portal toNamia, shout out to Dairy Queen (the D-diggity Q), shout out to Scarlett's mom and 
d Ed), shoutout to Anirondack cola, shout out to Javibear, and a shout out to Fioward Stern. 

"*May31, 2003*'^ 

vlright, here's the deal with my 21st birthday party. It's June 7th in my apartment and if you're reading this, you're probably invited. Oh yeah and if Al 
nd Jay don't show up because they're lame, I'll probably end their lives. I love how people from South Jersey think they can just disappear over 
ummer. What? Does my day of birth not exist? 

also have to speak of my love for Burgers today. When you were growing up and kids ft-om the neighborhood were all cuddly with teddy bears and 
unnies, how much did you really wish you could cuddle with a burger? If you were anything like Scarlett and me, you probably did. I spent many 
ights crying in my room as a child, praying and wishing that God would send me a plush burger toy of my own. Every morning I would wake up and 
here would be a new bike, big wheel, or kitchen set at the end of my bed BUT NEVER A BURGER. Oh the days I would spend at boarding school in 
nglaiid, sitting at my desk and drawing pictures of burgers over and over again. Some had faces, others none, but all were loveable. I made up an 
naginary burger friend named Sparkey; he was mildly retarded and had a lazy eye. At night, visions of burgers danced through my dreams. It was like 
eing at the Ronald McDonald house all the time minus Grimace and Birdie. Tlnere were some fry kids, though, if I remember correctly. Anyway, Scarlett 
lorris and I saw a sign from the loin of Jesus Christ himself when, like a beacon of light, came a plush burger toy on the Ocean CiU', Mars'land 
oardwalk. We cried a little and probably screamed but knew we had to find where we could get one of these burgers. We scoped the boardwalk for 
lossible places to find this "prize," if you want to call it that. So \ve finally came to a place where these burgers were sold and we bought them. Now, the 
urger sits on my bed and it is so cute. Cuter than a frigg'n teddy bear, seriously. ..and that's the end of the story, like there could ever be an end to this 
ale of redemtion/lost love regained/brothers and sisters coming together in a time of need. 

bought a turtle and I named him "Water Wings Tube", after flotation devices from my youth. You may ask, "What the hell are water wings?" Let me 
;n you the stor)-. Way back in the day when I was like 4, my grandma bought me "swimmies" to use at the pool club. Tlnis was back in the day when 
ney were first invented, before cell phones and before the Internet was invented. My mom, to this day, calls them water wings because the bootleg 
^ackage said so in 1986. Tliey were horrible! It hurt to put them on and they were uncomfortable. Plus, you couldn't do anything while you were in the 
>ool cause you had frigg'n inflatable leg warmers on your arms. The main point of tliis story is I have a turtle who's anorexic, who I bought in 

i big Caldwell Joke Shout Out to all the jokes in OC, MD on Memorial Da\- \veekend, a shout out to tv movies, a shout out to making money while 
stening to music, a Shout Out to the Coffe Shop in NYC that raped Mike Jones' wallet, a shout out to my horrible sickness this week, and a shout out to 
eef Ramen. 

■**0***«*<# .,.j 

W »«*:< 

We upon a time there was a girl named Allyn Kurtz who had a web page that she updated like every other frigg'n day during the school year but as 

pon as the summer rolled around, she found herself to be a hypocrit when she didn't update for one whole month. Allyn actually has a problem and she 

eeds to be helped. The name of this problem is work and it has taken over her whole entire existence and she really has nothing to show for it except 

bme candy. 

Vhen 1 created this web page in February of this year, I vowed to bring jokes and love to the people and I have failed. Instead of fooling, I am in an office 

tabbing thumb tacks into my temples because I hate my life. \ 

ome interesting events have been occuring in our time apart though. 

1. 1 had a baby and named it Frito. 

2 I grew a penis and had several occurences of "no reason boners." 

3. Quiz quit school and joined the circus. 

4. Al decided to dedicate his life to helping people in need. 

idually, that's a joke list. I really had you fooled didn't I? I think you started to second guess the truthfulness of all of this when you read Quiz quit 

chool. That is the most unbelieveable thing on the list. 

wo weekends ago, I went to Atlantic City and walked through Adam's screendoor because I was drunk and then, fell into my suitcase. There's nothing 

'ke being drunk and making a fool of yourself, which is what I do best. Actually, the best part of the trip was when all of the girls popped no reason 

oners. It was so awkward. I had to cover mine with Courtney's Spanish book when I went up to the board to solve a math problem. Then, my voice 

racked and I found myself growing a beard. God puberty is hard! 

if s the summer and things have been quite festive. Hot weather, the shore, Al acting like a dad. It all ties together into one big joke and you don't 

anna miss it. We still have half the summer left and I'm looking forward to it, mainly because I don't EVER want to face my senior year of college and 

rant to stay in a limbo state of joke for the rest of my life. Being an adult is a total joke but I guess we all have to grow up and start making money to buy 

Ung bling. 

hfortunatley, next year I'll have a degree from New Jersey's number one clown school, Montclair State University, deep in the heart of Essex 

)tmty reprezentin' Jersey. 

on't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm just Allyn from the block, used to have a little and I still do. GREAT! 


lolla at me kids and freaks, horses and lambs of Jesus, tiu'tles and bunnies. Come into my house for breakfast with the stars starring. Little Ritchie and 
anessa WUliams. Oh what a summer this has been and soon, it will come to a close. You know what that means? Cristin using the histant Messanger, 
!uiz having sexual relations with her scliool books, Scarlett eating Ramen, Allyn deciding to drop everytliijig she has going for her to make a couple of 

ve been rubbing elbows with celebrities and I feel it's time for you to stop hating and start appreciating. Da\'e Matthews invited me over his house for 
.:eaks but I had to decline. Quiz had homework to do, so we had to go. The rumors are true! AJlyn Kurtz and Dave Matthews are having a baby! 
ogether we will live in a bungalow of love. Actually, the triith is. Jay and Dave Mattliews are having a baby. Tliey're naming this love child Busted Stuff 
ong Matthews. I've been called to step in as seregate mother and little do they know, I later plan on getting their kid addicted to huffing paint thimier 
lid shalack. It will be like an episode of 7th heaven in which I play the role of Ruthie, the delinquent child/curious thought monkey. 
yeah, after picking Jay up off the floor of the convenience store and cleaning up tlie puddle of urine he left after peeing his pants, we continued on our 
uest to make it the best shore trip ever. Al's mom was boozing and trying to feed us hot wings. There's nothing like a boozing mom. I ended up meeting 
shark named Freddy and three frogs named Manny, Sandwich, and Pound Cake. 

would like to tell everyone the plans for another year dedicated to the jokes of the American Dream. I like to call this plan "Trapper Keepers and Pencil 
:"!gs of the Midnight Renegade Club." This itinerary includes trips all over the country and the world. One day, 1 might be coming to your school to 
ike a guest apperance and ans%ver questions on practicing safe sex and eating fire. I'll be opening for "A Different World- Tlie Musical" on Broadwa)', 
emake of the popular television spin off show. Dwayne Wayne and Denise Cosb}' will be there with bells on. It's all about love and redemption in 
liege. We can look back ver}' retrospectively at our college \'ears and remember that IT WAS ALL ONE BIG JOKE and I was your leader. A young girl 
her 20's with a dream and a notion of a world full of the gospel of me and my joking. This is life, embrace it like you do loaves of bread color tv sets, 
d the life and times of Kelly Ripa. We're rocking the rocking horse as seniors and I plan on making eveiything something to remember, complete with 
-tures and balloons for the kids. 



Japan&ee Club InformaUlon 

Purpose- To show the community the culture, language, and life ot Japan, and inteiact with those who are 
interested in any aspect ot Japan and its cultuie 

Executive Board 


Activities and Events 

Piesident- Sachiko Fujioka 

Movie Nights 

Shopping at Mitsuwa 

Vice Piesident - Laaini Palma 

Asian Night 

Chinese Spiing Festival 

Treasurer - Mei Hirata 

Food Festival 

World's Fair 

Secretary - Madoka Hasegawa 

General Members 

Momoko Matsumura Reginald Maclang 

Katsuaki Sudo Amelia Teo 

Naomi Yamakawa Leann Muscle 

Difan Wu Sayaka 

Shun Kanazawa Shun Saito 

Ajia Sato 

Ju^UlG© &tud\&e Club InformaUlon 

Purpose: To serve as a place where all students can \oicc an\ opinions, concciiis. ideas, or questions in a just 
atmosphere. Our focus is to share views, increase awareness, and affect positive change. 

Founding Date - Fall 2002. by John Curtis 

Executive Board 

President - Christina Larson 
Vice President - Jennifer Aldahondo 
Treasurer - Jessica Welsh 
Secretary - Stacey Womble 

General Members 

Jessica Alvardo 
Joanna Erevan 
Tiffany Crymes 
Alexandra Dragona 
Jaime Errico 
Beth Frank 
Jessica Keeley 
Derrick Mirny 

K^lor Exploeton 



^^H ^Hil^B 

k >i 

^B &)^t3 

k I 






,<, ctW a- Mi- -to iM, cfiwi y-iM V>c,iorc 

oroeea (M) 


S *0M0mmM 

■^ 900mmMi 
^ :§0M0Mg 











1 A^3, 

^-^ J^Z^ j 


•/ -/ 




1 1 







1 1 


1 f 

f 6 



f^ i 




'S>ta/eii& 'Xcxii^ 









Klirt«5 P*^ 


6 P 

AA/ /A«^rftw^ 


A i 


1 A 

f ' 

'z^Gjei/\^ \^£d^ 



f av->viA.ao((Ac, 






Umbda ThdtJa Alpha 


A0A Information 

Purpose- "To develop strong leaders who will then provide and practice political, social, and cultural activities 
To promote Latino Unity through charitable and educational programs. To maimain a high standard ot 
learning and serve as a voice for all Latino students." 

Number of Chapters: 90 

Local Chapter Name: Nu Chapter "Attitude" 

Colors: Burgandy and Grey 

Mascot: The Lady in the Moon 

Founding Date: April 26, 1992 

Executive Board 

President - Sharon Escobar 

Vice President & Treasurer - Jessica Checo 

Secretary - Milda Jimenez 

Past Activities and Events 
Challenege of Women in Corporate America 
American Diabetes Association Walk 
Aids Memorial Quilt "Quill Across New Jersey" 
Adopt a Highway Aids Walk 
March of Dimes National Breast Cancer Foundation 

LASO Informa-tlon 

Puipose To expose the campus community to Ldtui American intluences in music, art. literature, liistory. 
and cuisine, as well as educational and sociaopolitical concerns." 

Founding Date: 1970 

Executive Board 
President - Cindy Caceres 
Vice President - Daniela Galvez 
Assistant to the President - Jessica Mateo 

Secretary - Araceli Negron 
Treasurer - Katty Vega 

Past Activities and Events 
Comedy Show Band Party 
Museo Del Barrio Trips to Nuyorican Poet's Cafe 
Carnaval ! Repertorio Expanol 

"Yo Soy Latina" Lectures on Latinos in Art 
Lectures on Native Latin American History 
Workshop on breast and testicular cancer 

General Members 
Jessica Checo 
Veronica Cardenas 
Jose Acosta 
Eduardo Castro 
Lina Aparicio 
Vicki Osorio 
Maria Zuluaga 
Deyanira Rodriguez 
Angel Martinez 

David Caraballo 
Elio Arce 
Leider Perez 
Heston Moy 
Viviana Bernal 
David Morel 
Percy Chang 
Jennifer Mercedes 
Andy Reinoso 

Katia Hernandez 
Tatiana Paz 
Brian Williams 
Roberto Inclan 
Jessica Alvarado 
Michael DeAvila 
Jacqueline Vega 
Victor Salazor 
Eric Saharig 

Darius Vinson 
Lissette Colon 
Doris Samaniego 
Juan Perez 
Janett Cordoves 
Angela Salazar 

Lif6 Hall 



Aine^, '^CaA oov^ l^e^e^V Ssti^evik (Aejuo-^'S' S'^H'tl^eiV fa^o^cte^\lv^£i:Ays> 







V» •^' 


,a^ >- 

Mallory Hall 






Mon1>G\ar\on Information 

1 1 ! 

when was the last time you 

exercised your freedom of 


The Montclarion. 

enjoying freedom of the press 

since 192S. 


Purpose: "To serve as the studenl voice ol' Montclair State University.' 

Founding Date: 1928 

Executive Bo;ird 
Editor-in-Chief - Mike Cafaro 
Managing Editor - Lillian M. Aleman 
Production Editor - Tom Hoskinson 
Treasurer - Michael C. McPhee 

Editorial Board 

News Editor - Cesarina Miceli 

Opinion Editor - Jason Hortillas 

Feature Editor - Toni Triola 

Arts & Entertainment Editor - Lisa Panzariello 

Sports Editor - Jose Ortiz 

Chief Copy Editor - Cherilyn Sajorda 

Photography Editor - Steve Miller 

Main Editorial Cartoonist - Dmonique Wilson 

Graphic Design Editor - Kristen Domenico 

Webmaster - Jonathan Awotwi 

Assistant Editors 
News - Beth Odoardo 
Feature - Nicole Eleneski 
Copy - Crystal Waterton 

2l 6 I * « 1 

Managamant Club InformaWon 

■"Liipuso I (1 ^ci\c all at \liinii_lan Slalc I iii\(.iMt\ and t;i\c all sUidcnts llic opp(iitunit_\ lo Lonliibule the 
uiiic, i.'lloiL skills, and knowledge to seiving the student body and the community at large." 

Executiv e Board 

President - Linda Kern 

Vice President / VP of Membership - Faissal Yousef 

Secretary - Monali Patel 

Treasurer - Samira Hammond 

Public Relations - Muhammad Usman and Hana Iqbal 

Past Activities and Events 
"Lunch With The Dean" 
Human Resources Guest Speaker 
Recruiting Strategies Speaker 

General Members 
Dipul Patel 
Rebecca Fantuzzi 
Tracy Aliche 
Taid Wilson 
Olga Espinoza 
Ellen Oh 
Danny Alava 
Saeed Massoud 
Jennele Thomas 

E. Patricia Giran 
Luis Losas 
Nia Dolf 
Dan Owens 
Talisha Allison 
Prerana Shrestha 
Maria Bermudez 
Jeffrey Jodeksris 

B. Thy Nguyen 
Max Domin 
Jennifer Pierri 
Fortune Fontus 
Todd Kovalsky 
Tina Makris 
Kathleen Blauvelt 
Lakia Curtis 
Carmen Alvarado 
Kevin J. Crello 

Consuelo Hospedales 
Denise Sangiovanni 
Sophia Bernard 
Kenneth Robinson 
Aaron Smolinsky 
Katarzyna Buczynska 
Nica Castro 
Jennifer Ocello 
Angel Wong 
Lorraine Brooks 

Sergio Perez 
Adetoun Oyeinole 
Kristy Tonks 
Ismail Lukarcahin 
Natasha Gregory 
Carlos Garzon 
Angle Osorio 
Jeanine Thomas 

_^^bVkT '^Bn— ^ff^"^j^^ 3^^!fe ^V 




MZY Informatton 



> ! i 1 1 1 LLLLliH 

iS - i 

• «S^^^^j^^^^|^i^^| 

Purpose: "To unite all women regardless of raee. creed, or leligion." 

Founding Date: November 21. 1981 

Local Chapter Name: Matriarca Chapter 

Colors: Baby Blue and White 

Executive Board 
President - Veronica Morales 
Vice President - Diane CoiTea 
Secretary - Isis Valenzuela 
Treasurer - Veronica Morales 

Past Activities and Events 

Community and University Service 

Special Annual Event; R.A.C.E. (Recognizing and Celebrating Ethnicities) 

Mu Sterna Upenon 



NJ Communll;y Wal^ar Wa¥ah 

NJCWW InformatJIon 

Purpose: "To help get stLidenls and other ct)niniiiiiity members involved in the water qualitv 
issues facing the area around Montclair." 

Past Activities and Events 


Stream Monitoring 

Environmental Education Programs 



NaxU SUop! Convocation 

\/^rtl^ 'tl'^e^lMe^a- o-f '^e^Y'30Via-\ e>^^c^e^v\.'t v?^ooa'V\4rtlovi Ivi /v^lvioi 

3ol^oo\3 ov\.oo^/v^yKA3Al^l3 ^e^a-v' f'^^ovi'ia\o^l\^^'ia^eXWisJe^Y3l^ 
i^zAd l-t^ ^{Y'3't a-\iW(A(y-\ Con\Jooa-'i\ow 7ZL-v^/v^ovC{.e^3. tzo-ol^ of 
-^tJ^fl\i<L.3oi^ool3 i^^\oi 3e^'^<?-V(M,e^Ge^vyv^ov\.ie^3 a4: \fJi^lol^ e^s/e^v^ 

■l\si /v^(L^/)Abi^\r3 \h)aA,o'he^o( c?3> -tl'-e^lv a-va^diAo^e^v-^o^li'^e^d. 

School of the hr^e 

Oo\\&^& of Humanities 
siXid SoG\3\ Solenoea 

College of Solano© 
and Mathematioe 

Go\\&0e of E^uoaUlon 
and Human Services 

School of Business 

School of the Arl;^ 

Co\\&^& of Human\t\6e 
and Social Sol&noee 




\l/v^e^l3 \l{^e^a-v\. ov~a'V\.^e^, 

i^^'3 WiAnc^, t-t v^^e^o^3 l^3eJ^^. 

tz\Je^\v^i^lvi^ l^a-'^'^e^vi^ fov a- v^a€>ov(! 


eitheir. t:\JeiA if -il^e^i' \^e^ ci(ls>aij&tl<Aa, oiv-^ awA vOc^evst Me^ still e^ -tl^eyi^. HevciM: 
H^oM^AcHV lA^ i^c^e^-tl^e^ \i^ovf>t owo'v\.a'i£> twiy^M^ Ai3=£J e^ey -tcfext'ZjA. ^^<SiAMI^ -^OiA aeU- <?- 
fv\evv?(, ^^Hei/ vJtp-nt £-o/y-c^ of /k^ ovav\a<zl" "fSwv^e^' stoM' f\^i&\ci soMS cMci ^o^i. hotf- 
'jiy>&t 5ft -tl^eye^ e£ft\y\.a -tAsp^^/vfe C&K'^^(5£. 'io>J- aJev. adl^ fov so/v^-e^ /v^ove, '&-M [fjl^evi 
ct's: cfAii^ of 'ti^ose-- a-<ros^ (fm&;fvoiV^ /^^Oi^dcnv 'S^a^e^^invejrS'ct^ •^ou biiMA'to a<y-^ ff^ 
2V<zvt -tA-g^ 5ft<2^ of ct. IaJA-5 'tl'^oU'^l-^ of -tl^e^ v\i:n^e^ o^avia^ c^i^vJcp^ I U^ adov owov\.ae^ 
ovkA ■tl'^e^ fyiJct- o>rc»'iae^Ja\rcp^. ( Ae- 0Vc»^ae£> Aeire, i^i /^Ot^diM<r, £>ejiV)A- lil^-e^'tl^&yS A(?Ve. 
00/y^e^ fvo/v^ so/Ka/jAiiV^^ vxot of -tl^lS) pft»W:. ( Ae*/ o^tL-'ti^e.' /v^os>'t o(ls>odoY~e£^ oyavi.ae£> 
-il~-(A. cnt^ioi-ie^ A(3^ ei/eir 3<zj2VI ctAci -tA<2^ Ss{xci^e£ft O'Tav.a^ p^izle -tl^d ft feAc> U'^-e^ o/^iz^ '{£> 
90ivxa -to «<tt Sft^^d^ 'to ^oiAV flvKaey^ t»W I'UzV^y ooA/'-e. off. 

Ld'3 'to4'~ c^»A, -tl^it^ oycn\a^ yeA sU<p4I vJiL?. '^0/v^^ o^e^ ^^sy -to peA off, ht<rt 
ii/ft -tAe- 0V~cn\ae^ cM^ N\r,'ctidcHy. Xt fzAo lil'^ ^OU vmliijA c- ic-d'^^af^i'V^&V ^to ^ei. -tA-eiij, 
-tAiWaS oyeiA. lAJAen. ^OU- fiiAifll'J aei fO'aAa «4 -tAe- ^eAisla-j SO/V-e. of -thc^ Vi!<?^ c><aM 
Sy^V(MJ3 ii4 'JOiJ-v' ejJZ£> ctvkA ^o^A crve-- j3/fiW<2£^ fov [ajU^M: S^^/m^S 'lY-^ /H-iilutas (;«*W ft fo 
-tAe^ /1^03-t {A^O0yV-f0V-tc4^<t, feAilAa lii-^ a- aivi jj&t S'^O^expl v/OW ll4 -tAe- fcKX^ VJctl^ Ar'-CHXj 

'^'IscWfY Y ""^ #*^ Sejiii^£> 111 o\^m\ae£> ov\i^ -tho^ ls> ijv^oieirs^avvAo^e^ b\A. e^ey'-i -tiyv^-e^ 
SiOi'V-z^vh!^ yla^S' MP ov\ o\^cM.ae^ av\ci be^fn5 le^iv^a ft £«=t -fl^e- f\v^Ji^ o(lviMa l^eve^ iy=f. 
/•J^OAtcJiovr , 'tl^e>^ he^ii al^d'-ivxa oa -tl^e-- s^juds>. 1 l^eyAs ^ot -to V>e^ a^ le£'€)t Srcf- in a/<2jr^ 
o\^av\ae^ it is> ^ic(iaAotJ3. 't:\/ey^o,ij^ /Kust be- Infov^y^-opi awA lUi- /Kt-tst Sito^ ■th(Z£>c.. 
hcT^ at^VcA o\^av\.ae£>. 

VOe^^p^^e^AS^loa-yi \Aj/^e^Y'e^\/Cy>r [/Je^cf^v^ti^ 

Or0: e^fStuadntd iPor African Un!1;y 

OSAU Information 

Purpose: "lo piomolc cultural awareness and mutual respect in the MSL" community throui;h arts, education, anJ 

Founding Date: 1968. by Vernon Nelson 

Executive Board 
President - Marie M. Guervil 
Vice President - Kendra Faison 
Secretary - Kristin Faison 
Treasurer - Ghan Lewis 
Kitabu - Johanna Livingston 
Publicity - Nicole Whetstone, 
Willie Collins, Jason Butcher 
Representative - Carlo Cole 
Cultural Affairs - Myma L. Datilus 
Performing Arts - Tomeka Burgess 
Cultural Chair - Tremavne Reid 

Past Activities and Events 
Harvest Ball 
Kolor Explosion 
Domestic Violence Awareness 
Paul Robeson Dinner 
Career Expo 
Def Jam on MSU 
African Heritage Month 
Kwanzaa Fest 
Affirmative Action Night 
Gospel Choir Extravaganza 
Spades / Chess Tournament 

General Members 
Lamar Scott 
Ralph Andre 
Sherley Lafleer 
Tiffany Morris 
Nisheena Smith 
Berlyne Vilcant 

Shanelle DeSilva Pierre Johnson 

Francesca Wright Deanna Rvder 

Dieayah Bryant Olawanmi Thomas Corrie Clanton 

D'Nita Paden Regenald Stainfil Tiara Samuel 

Shateema Credle Ike Ahaneker Nicole Hare 

Kia Durr Eurefa Dufio Amanda Holder 

Kimberlev Washinaton 

Kindlyne Vilcant 
Domonique Walker 
Lamar Taylor 
Krystle Singletary 

Phi Sigma fl 

OEn Information 

Purpose; "The organization shall strive to personify three ideals: Seholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship.' 

Founding Date: Mai-ch25, 1990 

Local Chapter Name: Alpha lota Chapter 

Colors: Purple and Gold 

Executive Board 
President - Carinne Stachelski 
Vice President - Sandra Santiago 
Secretary - Dana Mannine 
Treasurer - Deyanira Rodrguez 
Initiation Advisor - Esmeralda Torres 
Historian - Marisa Dadap 
Parlimentarian - Priscilla Johnson 

General Members 
Clavidia Andglade 
Diana Martyn 
Keyana Jones 
Maria Rodriguez 
Dorothy Ross 

Uzelia Louis-Jacques 
Suzanne Pregenzer 
Kena Koromia 

Past Activities and Events 

Spring Formal 

Professional House: Dance for a Cause 

Cultural Night 

Hot Chocolate Extravaganza 

Senior Brunch 

Fish Tank Coin Toss 

Tony Cornetta 
Devin Peacock 
Amy Keegan 
Kassandra Ramos 

OA^ Information 

Purpose: "To promote brotherhood through highly destructive social gathering: 

Founding Date: 1929 

Colors: Black, Red. and White 

Mascot: Captain Senate and the Senate Ape 

Executiv e Board 
President - Bryan Padula 
Vice President - Carl Franzetti 
Secretary - Mike Stoppay 
Treasurer - Tim Wilkes 

General Members 
Chris Velluci 
Brendan Lynott 
Mike Pizza 
Ray Messina 
Pete Calabresse 
Richie Balcotta 
Antonio Vassilatos 
T.J. Surrick 

Phi Alpha Hi (ddnato) 


Wda& Hall 


Organization Information 

Purpose: "To bring all aspects of theater to all students at Montclair State University regai'dless of theirmajor.' 

Founding Date; 1937 

Executive Board 

President - Lauren Walsh 

Vice President - Rebecca Wilson 

Secretary - Jonathan Greenstein 

Treasurer - Andrew Ruiz 

Production Manager - Joseph Carrea 

Box Office - Stephanie Bashall 

Past Shows and Events 

Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Theater 24 

Breakfast of Champions 



Violet - The Musical 

"^X^^oe^a-Vli^e^^ A\\s)o^\^3 a-Vli^e^ 


Pi Kdppa Alpha 

Or^anlzal^lon Informa'tlon 

Purpose; "For the establishment ol Ineiidship on a tinner and more lasting basis, tor ihe promoliun of broth 
love and kind feeling, for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize 
and deem worty of our repaid." 

Founding Date: April 26. 1996. by Tom Hourin 
Local Chapter Name: Lambda Gamma 
Colors: Garnet and Old Gold 

Executive Board 

President - Jeff Jodel^snis 

Internal Vice President - Alex Vitella 

Treasurer - Dennis Muro 

External Vice President - Steven Roy 

Secretary - Steven Cantillo 

Initiation Advisor - Esmeralda Torres 

General Members 
Adeyinka Adesina 
Barry Bennett 
Chris Cuevas 
Hasan Elkomey 
Jason Harned 
Aaron Liller 
J. P. Monaco 
Gaston Peralta 
Joel Sanchez 
Ryan Swingle 
Kevin Tuohey 

Dan Alonso 
Scott Boan 
Elwin Crapello 
Paul Falanga 
Jeff Jodeksnis 
Liam Maloney 
Dennis Muro 
Mike Ravenda 
Scott Seidenburg 
Pete Szilagyi, 
Alex Vitetta 

Pavel Alvarez 
Steven Cantillo 
James DeStefano 
Mike Giardina 
Dan Johnson 
Tony Mangarelli 
Alex Nagy 
Mike Reddin 
Joseph Sideco 
Tom Taccogna 
Ryan Willard 

Daniel Arose 
Phil Castelli 
Alex Diguilio 
James J. Gieger 
Albert Laguna 
Vincent Mastria 
Billy Olson 
Steven Roy 
Jeff Sokolowski 
Rafael Tactuc 

Jonathan Beland 
Giuseppe Chirico 
Rob Elia 
Maxim Goldfeld 
Rich Lamberson 
Mike Mattia 
Mike Pena 
Lou Ruggieri 
Hector Supanik 
Tony Pantaleo 

Organization Information 

Purpose: "To be the first national sorority on campus." 
Founding Date: December 17. 1988. by Caryn Hefter 
Colors: King Blue and Gold 

Executive Board 

Past Activities and Events 

Archon Anne Clifford 

Vice Archon - Laura Whitman Date Auction 

Scribune - Krysta Smith 

Jen Lorenzo 

Jail and Bail 

MAL - Amee Dadaian 

MRC - Heather Heil 

Making Candy Grams for Hospitals 

MOC - Anna Einspahr 

Risk Management - Danielle Revette Collecting Goods for Troops 

Pannel - Katre CaiToU 

Bursar - Cherilyn Sajorda 

Genera! Members 

Daniele Alexandre 

Eileen Manzella 


Dana Cirov 


Mun Ling Yeow 

Darcy Domingues 


Melanie Dwornik 

Cindy Scatuccio 

Stephanie Ernenok 

Tracy Spindler 

Suzanne Laki 

Tara Vande May 

Meredith Manz 


Phi Sigma Sigma 

Quddr Eyd For Thd Straight; (9uy 


"VeJ HleiA 

^Uv5 -tl'-iM: -ti^U-c c?\'Jo^ -ti^e^ 

r t\fe- ^'<5W /i'Vj/i lA^A-i? ^^e^o^-S^e^ ii4 

oi^o^io i^ou&e^ of -tk-e^ €ft\rc>^ai^ 
«WY vScbk- Kts- dos^ fu^l of 
■-ta&teUsS' doti^e£> cmM -tv^a&i^ a-V. 

\0Aa l^CHV. '^a€iiOo4.^ O- /VWTVi vjI-^O 

co'vu'wt aock-, vol^o ls> vxot \/&y'\i 

\l\le^ til. ( A^ge. f'oJe^ ao^ ^H^ sAmaJ 
-tA<i- /v^yvi -tl-^eiv Y^iraej^iOv\^ of l^cvJ 
-to f'cf o4 ■tl'^e^ ^'rddejnA^ ^eirfcHv%\a- 

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Mcti--<x<t iht^'\v^, {i <D, ^vJo^c^n'-t b<i^t»-<3t;«w-pte 'ooMaim fo' 
/ I'— < -( cdi.v^O'ttzp -to i-^dd dose^-to -theiv .^cav^is: 


Rlohardddn Hall 

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SL fero^l CJining e~~s .. 

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5' A g? 

Mei^l^ (K)) 

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'l-fA Pf«!e. 


>1-£A ?\cK^ 

'S'ei. M (/Al 

'15' 133 

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'g'g 1 A-g 

A^so^. (//t) 

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/A5<!J^. (KJ) 

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■PW^ (//I) 

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■R^i^tw (VJ) 

■g b 111 

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B\0ma Si^ma Sl^ma 

XSX Informal;ion 

Purpose: "To provide a lifelong sorority experience for women in conjunction with 3 basic tenets: To ensure a perpetual 
bond of friendship, to develop strong womanly character, and to promote high standards of conduct." 

Founding Date: October 1992. by Terri Kikenweitz 
Local Chapter Name: Zeta Kappa 
Colors: Purple. White, and Platinum Silver 

Executive Board 

President - Julie Betz 

Vice President - Janine Darata 

Secretary - April Kosior 

Recruitment Director - Amy Varga 

Education Director - Tina Sharo 

Treasurer - Tara Johnson 

Panhellenic Representative - Katie Brunetti Formal Rush 

Past Activities and Events 
Child Play Therapy @ St. Joe's Hospital 
Greek Week Champion Battle of the Bands 

Volunteers at State Autism Benefit 
Greek Week Canned Food Drive contributers 
Campus Rec Trixia Bowl Date Night 

Founders Day Sigma Send-On 

Summer Barbeques 

General Members 
Kristina Antus 
Michelle Dell'Italia 
Jill Hodulik 
Kelly Maloney 
Nicole Patrick 
Tracy Scholl 
Darsey Vivenzio 

Lindsey Buerkle 
Jen Davis 
Melissa Kelly 
Melissa Meehan 
Krissy Pirrotti 
Kristin Shemoff 
Anna Ziobro 

Courtney Cambum 
Tina Fernandez 
Tricia Kurzyna 
Kelly Miller 
Jen Porporino 
Shahien Shirazi 

Nicole Corrado 
Nikki Gasparro 
Rachel Laaninen 
Licia Nicosia 
Tana Quigley 
Vanessa Skinner 

Ambar De Armas 
Karley Hagopian 
Erica Lindsey 
Lauren Parisi 
Gena Rufrano 
Lisa Veneziano 

EAO Information 

Founding Date: 

1947, by Shirley Cecille Segal 


Pink and Black 

Executive Board 

President - Leanne Paserchia 

Vice President - Jill Brown 

Treasurer - Valerie Henderson 

Secretary - Sharon Jablonski 

Alumni Scribe - Lisa Zerebeckie 

Pledge Advisor - Cori Lippens 

Historian - Erin Van Duyne 

Social Chair - Karla Kelsey 

Rush Advisor - Jennifer Petracca 

Sargeant at Arms - Melissa Strignile 

I^ma Pdlta Phi 




~Sol6nod Hall 

Spra^Ud Library 

Sl/ond Hall 

Swing Phi Swing Informai^lon 

Purpose: "To promote sisterhood, uplift women, and to dedicate our time to serving our communities as well as recognizing 
afrocentricity: Sisters With Interest Never Gone Promoting Higher Intelligence Supporting Somen In Need of Growth." 

Past Activities 

Annual Step Exhibition 

Toys for Tots 

March of Dime 

AIDS Awareness 

Empowerment Forums and Discussion 

Bi2 Sister Mentor Program 

^^^sr^e^^Je^va-vioe^^y^ Vtv^ue^ 

QUiderib Govarnmant; 

Vo-t [A^HhOiA^ ^hc [r t-ie^lp.,. 

£;'l'a.'.*4. l/-J/->-01 i^'<L'S' v\J}{' -^O^lWa. 

Studant; Voioas 


AJ.y^^. \<ai 









■ iMf 

k',ffi«t "iVi/i^ 

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Jill i^>. 





'=W....... 1 


-' Hi 


Cablnat Members 

Chief of Staff - Angela Pecoraro 

Attorney General - Javier Justiniano 

Director of Academic Affairs (Spring '04) - Marissa Cassidy 

Director of Class 11 & Ill's - Elizabeth D. Heim 

Director of Commuter Affairs (Spring "04) - Fatima Chak 

Director of Commuter Affairs (Fall "03) - Christine Devenney 

Director of Greek & Social Fellowship Life - Lauren Parisi 

Director of Multicultural Awareness (Spring '04) - Sara Mayti 

Director of Multicultural Awareness (Fall '03) - Lila Kramer-Buighardt 

Director of Marketing and Publicity - Scarlett Monis 

Director of Non-Traditional Student Outreach - Gerri Antelman 

Director of Programming (Spring '04) - Andrew Ruiz 

Director of Programming (Fall '03) - Getsy Luciano 

Director of Recreation and Athletics - Jillian M. Salvatore 

Director of Residential Affairs (Spring '04) - Percy Chang 

Director of Residential Affairs (Fall '03) - Tara Tortoriello 

Director of I'nix ersity Affairs - Michael McLean 

\\ eh Coordinator - Hakim Abdi 






&Gh dfanc\ii&\> 

WK«.^^' ^ 

Spring l^aeh 


.^mM vB^^^^J 



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Jadmho SctN6io Jonrdf or Rao Acoeta OUobti hiea^ hioimOA If aoknva AdoluUi Kwaieu Q00I Afr^ 

RaanAldara UDian Mala Alomn ChaiHoI Holona Alsxandor KaMoon Maris Al^^ f aoh AlaxaniM 

Trac^ Qi0aalrt Abdn» KiitfOi K ADon Koeoam Spangnuolo Abnokia Lootunb M/atado Jr. frtedSa Aloxandra Abdar 

Elba Porokti AK^m Janabia Bsrrobv M/oe An^ F. Amanzo 

E^ithAmato Margarel; A. Atnlroh 

Juatiba Amkewe 

Qauela An^bdo Kadhkfat; Abbnboia Admvunml 

Nakl0haAntk«io Ebtboth Aritoez 

Una Apardo 


A. KamaD Aidvican Ra0hkfat;Tinia^Ar^Jo^ SlivaKArR»nl 

Joeofh AamBtibd 

Ufa A. Aitiobl 

Charlod L Aryoo Otuaioe 0. Aaton JUoeiuolkis L Auor .Aitftfei f . AvtttaUo 


(3ragory 5. Backar Jbflnol;l;o Qbodwth Badamnn Adetn R SadoM- &l0^Amaud6a^ 

Nokksha PMy^Arm aaifoir IziMbiM.&ran Chritftto Wolb &ti«to QtrtmarKoiki0iiBiz3ai>oea Jsfftioy R. DariDl 

H^zuia U as^faarz EUzaboth Kbl» Deono 


NiDob aeM J^nrdf or Marto Condor 

1-'^ ^", 



Jormlfor Rodo BonodolH;! MudhaBi^oneaem OnMBa^ higi^mm^^^ Noah Potar Borid^ Maria Crtottoa Bonnudoz 

Emily Norton 

Gno^ory SodPt Bsrtz KdtM^m G. ISieleckti SmnaM» M. ^Sn^g^ 


Kovh Vhcont aoybn Michob Pte &«Kfao Krtoton Marto &«nmn LiM Atno &iortifti Roi«rtf 


PdMco Bnwn Kandid ItMxi Bromi 


Richard A &tJnlso 

vkvtki J. &itio IJhdfl^ Moon 3ubM» theroea &jff ono 

Mordoa &t^^ Yocatffa Taroda &jr^ 

JsMbaR&rico KoQy Am &rn0 

RvyA.Byf)oU UnMoyByiw 

Qn^y Ceoeroe 

Me^fl Cafaro Shafsi^ & CaUor 


Ariorda T. CoRdb 

Lauren Cetmatfiie 



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hdCanta^ B«ik Antihony CepaBv Chritftfeio Mari» Capono Potna M. Capons 

QartoaMartoCfldtolll MarianM Pm/lh CmUDo M«1aN.CanvoO 

Joeoph 5. Cocon» QatktaPdtriclaCoron Sonia ^ Coniuslni Ponkso Chrttftkio Comichto iiaCoepodoe 

Pator M. Cotkdoh Monl|uo Chalwid Qrlst^ChodChon PotdM H«ico0 Qiockl 





DaMOtiio CetcisfliGrac»C>rdm 

MnQsAo DardoOsMartoCobauYJo JoeekiaCdlatin 


llioroM Concopdon 

Kridt;on Conray ^retitimtafi Cotibrena JamM hbcholad Controrad Lak^ Controrae Marifftto J. Corooran 


Geor0»R.Cawm NbhobuCrltftoiWo Uia Marto CrouchoDl A^im dzotoetoy Gvival 

Corino Ann Czoplol h<1arla Abxandra PV^0to AMUtifa Sce^^ PV^MnJ0co Ltea Joy P'AriM Maria>W 

Damon Stophon Pancd QefnaVaee 

Pfliivn Mais PauMr Jonnlf or Loo David ZophMah A. David 

MbhaolDakbvo Mlchaol Bttei Do Mala DadoOo Do Mlchaol 


Michaol (7. Doanda 

Chrid^MerioDobaiaoo Tama KWl» Dotioer Doidoe DocakM 


KknboHy Do^iogorio 

Nbpvid PeJsdUd 

VoronlcaDoIflzzo Kknberiy Ann Dolanoy Laura M. Doi^ido Kri^Uan A. DoOomo 

Dampa^ Shonota A. Donnte 

Mariakia a Dopxi 

Emmanuol Podorl; Jaewn Robert; PoVk-^ Mt^iOdhaNknanthlPhflnnaMna A<fa Pi C«1o 


Juan A.Plaz 

JantM Lyn V^mUdo MtcMh VDamotteo 

JMihoPlsnM MchasI G»ro!M;o Pl^ 

PoanaMartoPkiifKt ^otM aethada Pl0b Ymsho Gou/ola I^ VaD» LucyM.Poica 

JbiM Robert; Poid 

JMtdfor Pomki^ ChMxiphor MichasI Ponlon TtvyLPorch Timothy C Pn^iflrt^ VktaKttdonVix^taz 

MaitoaPownh^ Sarah Both I^iwtoivica LotrdM Maddlsl Ptran ErjonaPltvl^ Radozlaw^ 

£^' ... 


Cynt;hta & Eh/fei 

Jeffrey Ephraltn SCophfltdo htkto Eramonok dl;ophani9 M. Eftfato 

Ponja F. Rahnv 

Ciy0l;HlE.n*i f aul An^olo nyan^ Pavkl Chrttftophor Bdoo Joeoph Et^sno F^lconl 

FWan iTiomasJoeophBnftig Savhinnni 

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JanoaNaAiefija^ Qitetltia J. ftnton Qaudb M^ Ar^ Hxnaidsz YaUca BsmnJoz 

EjyaflaKdthrynfijrraM Jonrdfar Alexandria BNitn Ana Tereaa fijrrel« Ligd0l;fo f^mskv Yt^Son^f^mni 

Monica B^ntM 

KtfvktllioRiadnjKl Aitanot^Joeofihfiaii» Ihmas John FVanco/fla JaeOttiiftanaB 

Koeeafymk Monkius Porothy FVeridta JkiMiHtdsr 


Mi^fnimn Jbnto Nboio HiMknati JMOphkiof.Btnpong VtrtfO^ Gnco Pdgr^ Lynn Gaota 

Ktystha Colotfto ddhNT Nancy M. Gflmara MlchaolJ. GttiMMO YoltaaGarcIa 


^ry^ C^ 0onniuoino Adam L Garb 

Panist Glacomln 

Jamo6dGiO0or Atntnh Marpr&b Gt^brdoevo Shui J. Olfeddor Hoct;or Gkov J-. 


thm^ hnm Groea 6imn»M.Gtee» ShofaGHffh 

Mohoda Am GusDtdfo 

Morto M. Guorvl AnwtM- (?. Guzmti Mo^ni Kdte Madcffin; 

Anthony JoeophHadJ^Mtraa Anthor^Ha^o 



Ryan Kennoth Hall 

Pdtrbia A. HaDkfay damkti Hammoua Chsryl Alldon Handol Jboelca M. Hann Qvidnno M. Hanson 

Aznb-A.Hflron Aloxto CbdM Harraica Mlchaol ONolI Hanto Loraon 0. Haivayfldppd Q»^A.Had0an 

UtkTnya M. Ha(tx;h0r Vtto Panlol H^^ria Kdl;o^ Hoctkr Robmtho Hoctor JoMica Mario Hodrick 

K. Hondordon Valorte G. Hondoreon Chriotkn Horaandoz Gdborl; Homaneloz Rom M. Hotranz 


Joddica Am Htt; Jonrdf or Nlc;holo Hiral; Itiomad Honry Hoekirm) JadkVou^ae Howard Lauran&Hoyto 

JanoHuarto Wffltam FVn HurviMU0on B»lbla ShoraDo HunOh^l^jn Jonnlf or Lyn Huedco Anil»H.Him« 

Jsddica Mario lamdb Camiola Maria Incorvaia Nacfali|kal 

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Yardalz^uiordo Anoodah hiJadCdon Konnoth ^yh^o^tM- Jackson Nkxib Suzsmo J^ick^ JuanitaJkxjts 

ShniD.Jagtiani Janino M. Jakubad 

KayhflnA.Jdl Qaueta Laura Jki0t»ab0kl An^y 

Ardka K. Johruon 

Ayama K. vbhMon U 3ita A. JbhMon dfac^Ann L Johndon Pavld kllchaolJohndtkxt 

Pfl^na Cbtrt»i^ Jbnod K^aia Moniciuo JotiM dhwiufl^ Monii|uo JotiM Selkida L Jonod-Mondsz 

Nia Mario Jbeoph RaynaRl L Joeotiw Robecca Anno Kaofsr HoutraKohlKaRiall 

William^ Katnps, ID 


Kalon J^ndo Ka^oiw^ Jabno Elizabeth Kohoo Plonno An^ Kolth 

;*ktalte Keith 

Jadon P. K^Dsr Srian h^llchaol My dtopbnie My 

KOk^aunKeMA KhurrnnS.Khfln 

Roman KhaJc 



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AiomP. Kram MorikaBl^Kjygawdta Anna A. Kuradca Trad Lynn Kuf^ioff «>j0tki Wayne Kullcic 

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Cynthta L Latnte Ktoiberioy M. Langoivdici Plans Irans Laponfa WooMy l^ohte &ook9dhloU Lauront; 

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Kris M. Lochmai ShamaleCcm^ 

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Erica MaUonado 

P^wMiM;on J^A.MandolwM C«(thor«ioM«^ab Kath^ Muisl Mem 



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A^ (?. Molondsz Llaa & Momnor Hlaiv RO0O Moriiarl; Erki f dMda Moravl 

Ju&anne Morcadmto Alojenkv J. Morcado Robert; dt;ophon Moricki Goor^ A. Modtae Camob N. Mozzkn 

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Mlchsfe Joy Mki0tor Bralki A. KtehcoD My Lynn MttohoD h^Wiflfla Jbatio MrCchoI V^iconl; Klonc^yo 

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Cbnnli» M. Munoz 

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VkAortaHadi TMtnat;o0an T. Natm UnS.NaRMb f«trichiNazah« 


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Ridper M. Nyabeta Pauho Ayiomba HyaflH Oridtino Am OGara Qaula M. Obhoa 


Jenifer Hkxia Om VbCortaOlh/a Mobmod A. Onara Corakis M. Omvo^ Gotten Oiviao Ok^ya^ 

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Tara Lytti Putoam Rosoam Ar^ Puzo Marcia Qukrtianila (knitkiiitaaJd^jiclkjppo pynthial^aia 


OlaMKaam KatfMkiv & Kamos MalsfciRaboa Sham Uom^ KoAnm Vkicont; Pornkdci: ^o^ 

^^^^^;a!i»f;0ichorl; Hbiy Jb^ KokifeUt; Atk^ R^ahodo Mates Senf:tBizKoa\m XmainaAmKBiWt>»a 

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Erin Nbolo Kico 

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MariaJRoeh^uoz Michofe Roi^usz NolLRol^uaz 

NlviaRoeh^uoz RuMeria Roi^usz 

Madohs Am Roimrf Ykiconi; Romano, ID 

biM Alo^n*« RoMlod G\^0 

Ka^haUG.RoMrion Wlfaoti Kaohn Roe© Haton Jsn© Maear Roflenbora Jfl«loaRofl«it*iaI Anttwny Janoe Ross 



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Rocco Ant^my Rubhio TatiiyaLRudel 

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Ana A. Sanchez 

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L Tremper Nbob L TroW 


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MichaolValonnno MichadI Albort; Valonzaio Visonto Artol Vdbjo Tania R00O Van (?trp Yk;t;orte L Van Vabn 

Panto LMYaidsnbet^ Jaoon Todd Vaidor R^ KatrnVa^atf Looly Mote^ Va^ MkMbVfl^tf 

Laura Varona 

AJeaeVtugdemoe O^Vtaanopcdbo RuthoOa RomMo Yo^ LisaLVontin 

MbhaolVi^ Richis Gusvarra^ 


SlmonaVlckova ManamfVan&vdi: Km^ Andrews Wattera Cd^iorlno A Warbrtck 

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Paul J. Wll» Attttm>/ Matiuoet WlOlflnid 

i l^amar Wdllamd 

Sharon Lynn WdhflRid Kanldha Chm^cn Wib Kfenb«tr Pawn Wfeon Seth Lynn Woiok 

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Jwrtfer (3*2on MatHco (?anzalaz Sbmon Mai Hrt 


'^ala-l '^ovi>Y'i'^\{ \^)i'-tf^ a-HAyrfo:^^ 

Purpose: "To promote education through the bonds of friendship and sisterhood, through social and campus related 
projects and activities, as well as projects benefiting the underprivileged children of the community." 

Founding Date: Spring 1985, by Karen Kuser 
Colors: Black and White 

Executive Board 
President - Kathleen Slane 
Secretary - Melissa Carter 
Pledge Mistress - Patty Goscienski 
Publicist - Jocelyn Conn 
Rutual Officer - Danielle Howell 
Alumni President - Marcy Thor 

Vice President - Marie Banuetti 

Treasurer - Amanda Argento 

Social Chair - Justina Devino 

Rush Chairs - Jackie Hoesch, Jill Ritler 

Philantropist - Rachel Mattern-McClory 

General Members 

Past Activities and Events 

Grace Venosa 

Jessica Del Guercio 

Krystal Cruz 

Kids Cafe 

Kelly Hopper 

Nichole Hess 

Brittany Grillot 

Camp Sunshine 

Alexis Conception 

Sarah Salfety 

Olga Kim 

Camp Snowflake 

Kyle McCarthy 

Lindsey Sherry 

Donna Kingsley 

Greek Unity Bowling 

Jessica Monahan 

Lisa Torchia 

Courtney Raspantini 


Melissa Tremper 

Becky Moore 

Jenn Smtz 

Ashley Meyerhoff 

Jackie Bishop 


Purpose; "To look for quality nol quantity in our brothers, and act as a social and philanthropic fraternity.'" 

Founding Date: May 1991, by John Morgan 
Local Chapter Name: Gamma Chapter 
Colors: Black and Silver 

Executive Board 
President - Dahval Joshi 
Vice President - Chris Barbiere 
Treasurer - Blake Urqhart 
Secretary - Chris Langner 

Anthony Ventura 
Ashton Evetts 
Angel Martinez 
Mike Barbiere 
Kris Auro 
Antonio Williams 

Past Activities and Events 
Eric Ayala Wrestling Tournament 
Greek Week and Homecoming 
Salvation Anny Clothing Drive 
"We Don't Only Write Graffiti" 
Movie Night 
River Cleanup 

^vaSrc^^ Yvo ^ita-t^-^ '^v^'^-it/^e^vi^ 

• I ■ a ■ 1 1 ■ 1 1 a ■ I a I ■ u 1 1 1 > 1 1 LI 1 1 LI 1 1 LI ■ • u 1 1 u ■ I u > I u 1 1 ■ 1 1 » U a 
r> a ■ a a I a A a i iV a I a a a a II a a aV i a aV a a a a a a a a a I a a I a a a a I a a a a A a I ra 1 1 

Executive Board 


Ron Botelho 

Vice President: 

Joe Foster (Spring 2004) 

Paul Sacci (Fall 2004) 


Nick DiDomenico 


Paul Sacci (Spring 2004) 

Karl de Vries (Fall 2004) 


Chair: CJ Voltman 

Rush Chair: 

Joe Vitale (Spring 2004) 

Shaun Jones (Fall 2004) 

Membership Ed: 

Adam Griscom (Spring 2004) 

Brian Cross (Fall 2004) 

General Members 

Nick Knierim 

Dan Renaud Allan Townsend 

Grea Smith 

Scott Zelinksi Pat Colangelo 

Matt Lepselter 

Kirill Leshiner Aaron Matthews 

Derek Vivenzio 

Peter Welch Matt Unkel 

Past Activities and Events 


Road Trips to Alpha Chapter 

March of Dimes 

Fundraisers for Town Elections 


Ryan Hall Dan Carrino 

Chris DeStefano Karl de Vries 
Matt Miller Drew Stevens 



^t?-o/^Ln^ A^/^le^e^3 /Le^a-c^e^^^^/^lf^ O^-^ov^LAidL^le^^ A^^ia/^ 




Untvar^lty frobleme 

( A<i- pa-£^ --/(u^v, //'^U /^(7-S' hejzM v'iolcpdejpl Ml-tl^ oo/^i^\cH.i'\'t3 L>-hou<t -t/^e- /v-c-ytst ct«vHpn5 pV(?t?fevK5 pf£«-»Min» -tAe^ 

iS'CR^lA)??^ fc'Y 't'^^ s>ol^oo\ -ti^a^. l'^(7-3 -tl^e^ a-<Ao( a-al-t -^ -to o(A\ vtsxdf /Z*"^ ^om. Co/v^e-- ovi cAv-ex^^WWW 
I Ae^ f'l^irt ^Kv\\\i ejT St'ct ^ ^vobleyi^ 13 oh\/iOiAS>l^ yo^^t^lna. ( A eve-' 5 vxcrtl^U^a- /i/'^e- (ceiti« ■to'-v ae::t<LiA h^ a- ll't'tl^ -t^riAoi^ 
tuaU a- bMKicA tf-f pe^p/evJ/^tf «e^ ptfHc/ -to f'l-^'^ ■^0^ ■^5 -iloi^eJiS' (7-v\.<A $Mppi?v-^ / ^ ov\-t o\ cMV ^3^iy^e^s> ac^'irtcA'i^ 
^si&teyv^. 3 KAS)-t M -tl^e^ ^(>-Sft ■■/(Uy^v, t'\le^ fcHi^ ^10 in ptJ-vY-i-iKa -t\o{^i2^3 a^\o( i'^Je^ l^o-d /n^/ ocf-v -tovJej:^ -to 
f>o/i^e^ pf<3^3e- ov^ -ti^e^ (rtl^^JT sIoIcl. of -tovJyi. Av\o^l^&v :fi 1 fov -tl^cM.WW i l^o^ -to \rlole^ a- ^\j.3 -ti^cM: e>/\^zi\ejd lll^e^ ^ 

tlol'^e^S' 'TO-oi'^ up -ti? Stf/^i-eyjAeve. iK -^Ae l^{Av\c^v^ej^3 of c^ollo'-'rs va~v\.aiL, c^icM ^o^A Ucm/<l- -to <zjrtl^(L>r co/v^e.^ Mp MSctlr^ -tikis' 
'V^ovKe^ o\^ v^ls>{^ «e^-tcii« /^K^K'e -tlai^'L^S' ov Ai^Vin^ Y''^^" oa-v -toxiJejoi. tinpcr-icpi yi?-v~l^Ma. -tlol^ed-S- o-^.s-o ve&M/-t in i^o\o(s> 
jw Y^i^^ //l^n^o/cH V 'z^c^e^ c-oooif.wt , /^o4^i^» l-t lt^-^03S>Me^ -to v<L^i£r{ejr f o\' cfi^-SSeg, ve4Med-t •■foiAV -t'ro'^so^l^. 

yV aeJt a- o(\.y\orV-<y-. hwoi v-^l^o^ e^a-crtl^ i5 -^AiS /Htfp4eA/ [peiwa Mde£^ f i?v 

V'^ (jw/y tfx-v^e -tAe- Srt\Ao(iLyvt3 a^ //'^U befna -t o v^/K eyi-t e/?/ b^ p^^-vl^irt* 
9v^(5b/<JvHS bu-t -tAev've fovaejA -to pu^ up vOitl^ aovisrto'-^rt aonsrtY'U-Qrt'ion, 
We^p(?ii5ib/ Y 'i^ix^e, V (L&lc^ ej^ae^ l^o^.ls, CfJAcd cftf^SSed tfii Uiii\/eV5i'ty ^t>-v/. 

a)A(?4 ejf-ff-cytl^ 13 -tl^l^ oovi.34:viAcytiOi'^ fov o^a^vJo-^'^ 

01^ -tl^cr=t'3 \rlal^'t, A^ove^ yvojcuyt^ -to /v^cA'^e^ us -tAe- 'ybl(^(^'E'B>'X^ 

/we, (7-// l^i^OifJ l^ovJ -tl^c^ oot^^tv^iAtS-tlOi^ vJejM. vol^ejA -tl^e^ nei/jf^ hu-il-t 

r e£>lo( eyiae^ i^cA\3 lAJeve flooolejA o^'Zjt lAJiW^ev bv^ecT-/"^ c^ue -t^ foxAl-t^ pipe^ 

jv' SO/i^&iUiyia lil^eL. -tl^a^. 'V^e-tA nice //If^U, vetW Kfce. 

( Ae. av<uM:e-&t of aW -ti^eS'tL, f\rok'\eyi^3 ^e^lsj jiASrt /i^cA^cl3 o4\ -tl^e^ otl^e->r 

pVtfb/eyKS 5ee>^ fi^-^e- CAK£F. 



a)A-(P de^lc^zjA -tkc^ K)e 31^0ia\o( i^cnje^ o\c>-33e^ (?n ^^Kl\/ejr3l't\l ^t 

/OA-eK /Hv/ f o^eJra^Uejr3 oa-/\^e- -to A/\Aejrloa- lool^iyia fov c>- be^t-^ev /i/e- (?-/^ 

riol^(LS> a-v^oi \ridl9loiA3 fve^e^o/i^, -tl^eM oivexr-w^expl of a- \aA\ol lA^Ae^^e -tAe-v^e 

'JolaIc^ be kt^ o\a-33 ov\. ^-Kv\\\j ejr si-t ^ r \r'\.aalv\.' Pcx-^' 

-^i?+l (?- 5^M<7/eK-i: i;»-5/'^ -too /KMisA- (?/ -tl^eiv \ej?-v'v\'ivKa 'n'^Srtl'tKAtlOvl^. 

Parking Services Fines 
MSU $1 IVI in 2003 


nbers on campus c 

Y O'KAe^^ L^ L-t^^ ^Crt /V^cA^lvi^ Oty-*^piA3 



PflRKinC i TRflnSPORTflTIOn 

open FOAum paat tujo 

1:00Pm APAIL 13, 200H ' 

BLAnron/BOHn quad 

There is not a short 
age of problems when it 
comes to parking, but 
there is a shortage of 
solutions. The Student 
Government Association 
rants to km 


P.O. BOX 348 
WOOD-RIDGE, N..I 7075 







More Yn. 


What Th6?l? 

* fail 

- ^ :3 V" 




hrlae Fair 

of ^Me£> Sxzi. LAV i'i4 -tAe- ■^^tW^vtt Ceyttev Q^mmA ov '^(Avoo/t/^ h^ -tl^e^ /VHAhaoHi^'^cd o-r '^av<i-i'C^\.(>AS> oa <3tfvi^pi/©. /A ^ae^Aa- 

^u^evxt. t's -0^-^ey<zo( c^- ^etl^ov<>- of food fwoA^ o- v'lS'vte^Y '^ oM.^v&S' cn^ aav. 'tl^ey&fo're^ vcMaO^ -tl^eiv ev^M S^^t^e^ \c^ £>cN'iAa- m 

o~ cio^'3 luiAai^ M -il^e^ f>ttA7/<2vtf Cei-rtey d/Jl^lol'^ oaJd he^ LA^o^d^ of G o-<r ^ e*jJi^e£> o^ -ti/J-^^^ID ( l^e^ food \lo'Y\e£> fvo/v^ -tl^ivi^S' i 

CcM-t etjeux $vS O'T vv'OAojvkX-^ 'to fVi^ey'ioav^ fo^0Y'!:te£> W-e.- fVie/pi ci^lck-JZA, AW /v^/y^/v^/v^/v^/if^o^ e^jey^h'CAq \h)a€> cA^di»J&. 

A3[o(e^ fvo/v^ food, -tl^eye^ a^^ ^evtt^ of otl^ey o>A-a,o'iv\.aS> -il^sroLA^i^OiA. -tl^e-^ da^ o^ -tl^e-^ VOov^d's rcHT. Ov\e^ of -tl^e^ fe^\^>r€£' of 

■tl^e^ a/eiArt 13 'ti^e^ evtt.OLAVa-^^ of ei.i^v<io ^eyf ov^/v^av^oz£> av^ loud pavt^ /VHjdo fvo/i^ -tl^e. old ool/M.'T^ io-l'^-.Oh -tl^e. OAA/itv^ of -H^eiv 

l^ey^cta^te^. Ai e^ftyvv^^e^ of e>^M^^ evt^tey-taivx/v-evtt o^ -tl^ls '^e£>^'s> \A)ovid's> Fai<r 'n'ldudexpi a- L-cAas'^ hc4lv^oo/i^ dcfvuoli/ia v^wi^ev, \k)I^Io1^ 

vJo^ -toiaif-^ fcA^OL^s-. 

T/t^^ l/v)i?W^'3 FcH'T e:f^oSxz£> ^ijdei/^f> -to -tFe^ iAJoi'deyfi^ dlsjeyse^ aiMiJsre£> -tFcf^t ayL^ ve^v'e£>ei^(iei <?=t /J^aM:cicHV~ zi^ta^e^ (AiiVevsf^Y 

bv VVOfid'i'Aa cvi e>i<s^cn-d~/v^O(Atl''--OVeviii.la 2:^^ev'ieiA4X^ it ls> (AtJa^^ av\. alesAt vJov-tl^ f(>€ftxt^<^ fov. 

^ #^fs / 

|('— JL 





^\A)e^e^ f^o/i^a-yioMi 

Winl;dr Sail 

o^viol -the-^ l^o\lo((>-^ ^e>t 

ii^e,Y' foY~ o- /\A-iy-a-loa-\ 
e^\/<z.Mlna. fLAl! of fvle^vioi^, oia-violvi^ o-wd olvlwl'^lwa. Ve^ok-<t^o( out M 

V^ci-vio(o\^i-^ on V<L,o&^/v^[ye-''r "/"/ ■*' , v^a-cAsi to al\i'z^ ^00'3 o- \a€>'t i'-oova-U- 
\o^irle s- cp^YZi^ye^c^ In [Aj/^lte. olo-th a-wol c?i<LyOOvxM:.lone> h^ ^oa-vld-^ 

(>4:yy^os>yl^e^v?-^. A^'f^U \jJa€> out: m fv\\\ fovci<^, o^^o^noln on -the- floov7 * 
c^ni?( (^\/<L'V^on(t-oi^^v^..c. c^, ^ it- a.oocp( ■tlt'V^e^v-Jo^ ho-oi h^ Cf-lf. V-Ji^o^t 
v^ci^lh /i^a-£>(e.-t:l-^&. e^Ve.-nLn^ S-pcGla-l \)^o€> -ti^e^losleL- <ji-o[na c^vviAnc^. 
CoiA-^le-^3 \lle^\tJe^o( V-^ln-t.e^v l3b^ff ae' tl^e,. ^e^^fe^a-t cVt^nt t:o ^I'-o-v?^ 
■tl^e^lv" \o\le-.. fov ti^e^lv 3l<^nlflc<?-^\t. othe^v: 'z^t,iAo(tiA'\iti> A^cy-l'-lna oiA't 
o-noi e>\o\K) oia-nolna. lOe-vs. iSe^e-K a-W c^-Y'OiAnoi -ti^-e.- r ty-lL lov tf^o^e^iKJl^o 
[K)e^v2^ no-t ^c-i'^e^n cA^A^rlna thl^ Ve-^ae^/v^^e^v" ■fe^S' i i^t^-L ti^e^sf [-^(y-ol 
'j^AS>'t a€> /^iAol^ fiAn l^-iy-na-lna- voi'tl-'- -tl^-e^lv fsrL<z^nJ.:->. C^ood foooi, 
aood fiAn, cx-nd (^\-^L'A \ rRXit/Vpf5? (/^-e-ve^i/Je^v^- pt! opIe.'hiAyi^'pln o^noi 
a\rlnoiln o^W wp in tl'-e^l^OiA£>e.. ^I^e^of^n [po-v a-ldc ol In -t:h'ey i>Ji!d- 
ne^^3 of the^nlal-- t. \e-'0'^\e^\jOe^vSL. ^ivoin on C^ln c^nd. yuloe.- c7-vid 
(L.\le^v^om v-Jd'-ntc o( to (^noio, "V'Jh^,w^t:h^''^o^ac^v'di c^-t^" ft uJc^ o^ 
I'U^A t to vc »-i'i.i-.-;^be v/ fov -t/^oS'^^vOl^o ooiaIcA. 

' (J^fev J) l/d>{7xVic7\^, 

U A^{^\/k^e^f^ey)re^\A)Oi^'i ^^/t/^a-v^v^la-O'^, 

/\^a'y^^^A^l^^yrc^\t^ov(^ ^^* a'a'e>'f^ e>^. 

k^u-i h\( (^od -^l^e^yre^W i?e^^^n<^tn^i J J 

. -i Legislature, and 
-td up in their finest, 
e old enough to get a 
btil] enjoved theevening. 

As the liquor set in, some students 
couldn't remember where they were, but 
as things came back into focus, and they 
saw all of their friends, it became clear. 

OraanlzatJIon Information 

Purpose: "To train students in the field of radio broadcasting and to provide the local community with the best 
new underground music." 

Colors: Black and Red 

Executive Board 

General Manager / Production Director / RPM/Electronica Director - Kevin Warne 

Operations Manager / Music Director - Wuss 

Business Manager / Program Director - Anthony Mennuti 

Administrative Assistant - Jackie DeBarbieri 

Promotion Director - Jen Wilenta 

Public Affairs Director - Melissa Tremper 

Metal Director - Dolly Nino 

General Members 
Alison Barnes 
Heidy Sime 
Jessica Miller 
Lou Ruggieri 
Vanessa Philips 

Anne Ajamian Brian Kelly Frank Spinillo 

Jackie Bravo Jason Butcher Jason Hortillas 

Kevin Dumphy Lauren DiGiacomo Leo Moraes 

Lynn Bartkowicz Maiissa D'Amato Matt Isler 

Mike Stoppay Nicole Elenski Rachel Kleiner 

Stella Bravo Thelada Shabazz Tom Hoskinson 
Walter Soto-Lieberman 

Gina Cappiello 
Jason Nichols 
Leslie Bruce 
Mikey P. 
Raymond Santiago 
Tremayne Reed 


Web&tar Hall 


fj^tfA.dcH't- 'Sitxta- [Kivezfthia -/:&;vn vJv^c>fpi^ Mp ri* "LOO 3' ^ S^i^AM vlcti^ 

(Ml 1 1 'tl^<K!^ -fti-iisi^ (A- -bl^rL. ^fCAA 'OitriiHiM 111 CUi^yi^pia^Kp^ hM o^ 
VicAAOi-wi -tdli^ vi-ii^ fiAlcKO \n-e-tcA.e- \rtvA 1 1'-'L, Cde^- of 'VeW yesrsei^, ^cHXjd 

crvi AII--Ai'^<!Y'tcJcwi, ^ vOv'ttfifl^y /wjs>t -fi^sl'^ ovi^aia -thtL, I (?p S" Til ihs vJeiaM: 
I A-e, MCAA'a crliio /y^^i'-^ -the.- fb'kyt crfpcevarvie^ fov I'^eifM ooi?-ol'- ^ttuli^ 




'£. f^iotWsfcMv^^ A/im- 

- ( e^VK 


^'t^<>^ -/o 1 

Kin^s Voytt 



HMey Cdlc^ 33 


\A)ik^£> Ofeyi 

f 6iA 














JT. AW/iaM 



(^•r. V^. 6i. 




































/M. C/wKps.TAv^ 


A/CM Vcj lU 

1 1S^ 




veMAv~e£> S>o /kcW-^ o^ -joj-v -titi^ av\o( oAeva^, 

-ti'^at X alsJe^-to \f(XA -il^lS- bod^, -ti^e^ foiAvih o^^d 
^IvuA a'^^-tl^iM: X l^c^e^ i^voolo^eejM. \o /i^^ fella ' 
£>ei.<Lov-S> cAs>o lejp-vin^ /^/Mtcloiv' '^^£>4c ' W\/cv - 

i/Jct/^ ^OA, hut lejp-V^' vJ'ctl^ i/J/V*i ■^i\''\''- ' lJ^ wl^. 

■* lr>L ^ t'j -<H t?^ 

~/.^n'^li -v^\^//"^ ili^i\0 



Arty J I, ^ ''^ , '^ -^ vi^i j^tKKKi c/c't-tci?. fiJv" vc»vlaxs <r/v'Mii/' 

U'liVev-sffY' ^'"''^ ■^^''^'^ Iff ' Y " 

a IS. vJct^ <?- lioJ^ i^'^^'t ■ti-'^ -I '"<^<^- ''•'^''' ■^'^<^- /■-•^«''^ ''■ -^''■^ 
b<^fl\^2, K^ iwJ I fc^J W/-Y -tZ-c^ 5<-^ -^K-«^ ■ f>o -/; 
^ cd\<Lae^ ov^'ti'^e^ Wezit M^a^^€> o? •^^OM' life.; -the. v 
•j&m-3 of /^Y ''■^'^' ^^'^'^' '^ '"^ ''■'' ''^^' ""'P '^'''' 

/vev-e, avid l-.a^<L. (Aso e/f^vta/iiJSS'/ so-'ne. flf -/>£, .-J^dv-ctv-YW^'- 
-tf/vt€* i)^ /^^Y ''^"^ ^ '■^'^^ '^^"'^ I'^ithoU. -tU. fov-AVM^, 1 iKk^U 

U^-to -thm^^ -tU.^ foY- i'h-cd:-. '^00 .^c-w^ -io .^0 Mo i>(A,i4, -^oa 
l^-wvo yJho Y"*-^ ave^ 

fov it, it's »ood -to k^aiJ ^foi/V'^ ihe.tre. 

Xo /!"-Y hv~otl--e.y- i'jUo p«5=^ t«^ii^ ApW 2-5 . 1.0 3, i AMS.3 

•JOiA ■2i/ey^ dc^, mw< iwt a- dc-^ aOnA b^ ^^>i^e^A I dcrA-t -tkotl^ 

ahoAt. ^o^.^. I hop<t. v>jI^<lv-:l, alar Y«^ o^^- ^otive. Z-c^f p^- 

TZ^e boc/^ e* dopilcxded -to -{OiA, ^(j^jzirl^. 

^^i-t'3 ^o^AV dd U-a>d k>v^athcv- Vm^ U-'s .^ood -to [oao/J -tlA-ai /f-f 

,.^OtV>l 13 ^Oivla io 5£VK£. aood IA3C. ol -tl-lA faW3s( Ocile^. of 

- ptw /i'^- hc^^ -tl^^-. c> \o 


■^1 Y^JU 

lAjev-e. 61^ (^'<5<' h,<-/: ft fJ^J^S :P»v- Y«^^ *'^*'' /*'^- '^'=^*^ S[S-t2V- ill Uo 
'&£.. aood t-n4c/ ssi [ov^eci. 

^^Aitd i-f \j0i^ I'^did fli-i 'ti<^l---t -to 

ioZ-,7-^: Y«-^ •i'-^i"'^-^ I's •-\(A^'>r 

I i/Jif/ fO ill -this lAfci^Y i?*^ fi^^ 
/M-Y ''l^*'' ""^ '^'^-• 

I uJ«i'-t -i^ Y'"'* '^^ £>tc>^, k\Ai 
I'rV. oo/i'^lnf -t.o aaijoIa t'v^ove'^ 

A.1(,.^^ - A.^^.0-3' 

//•>/ hoc^^ f(?9s> odd cMipl X 3<z£^l^&e^eyL 

■'liAq, (Mo(ey- -tl^e^-tMe^ 

it;ald, III 

■ ■ s ■ 2004 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

h^j ^^M cS^^o^ 2Vm 30^ .^cy^Oi^ a^^Y^ i ^v-chM^ ,'v^^f^ of ■io^^ b<^;^ 
.o^v- fc>^-; ^^ Y^ ^^M^i a^idid-ct r-.^l^-i ^0 i^^ f<x^ ^^-^ fi W b^Y- 
d-<^ Mp, ^Y i^f* '* -^ ^(A^^'^&od f^^ fM c^ ic^ sl^odd fM l^oAO're^ -tl-c^: i 
^o^»te^ cto^-i-io^i ^OA'-t Sx^la^ sov-Y-i fo^ ^Y ""'^^ -^^'^^^ ^ '^f^ l^a^a. Mo^-to 
Y^U ov- iOA^ \o^cJ m^: 'Me^ Y'^ i^J^^W MW (b^ s^oas/y I^^^e^ ^'^ ^^ ^^<^^ 

fc.^OM»/-t f^<J /i-Y ''^-^ H«^^^' so^v^u^f^ c^ f>^^ fO -to f^ o^ SO,^'ti^ly^f£, c^'. 
v^Jf^A^i. ^3ad V~i'& ^l^e^o .^H^-^ p/^* l^ ^<^'- «^a^^" Carrot (^ ^ «^ ^m^^y . ■ 
<,vJ. fo^'tl^e.l^ f^e&l^ma^ ^e^ -tl-^ Sc»^ I "^<«5 ^lA^Y W^C^^'^ ' "p" l'^ '^ ^^'^-^ 

s.ov-'t of w^, J 5^W ^ k'li. ^c/^ CA^KCY f/p/eiTv^ Y"^^ ^'^^ ^"^ '^^'^'^ '^'^'y '^'"'^ ''^'^ 

sx?^ -&[// ii«^^^rw Es (9K. M ^Y ''"'^^ ''^ ^ c^mjw^^wiY ()*/-2v- co.nM^eA.:^ •^--c^-*'^ 
-to -tl^^ oMiva^i i^ -tl'-lty hod^ \ASd, -tl-ls. 1* pv^ab^Y '^ f^"^ -t^/v^-to 
oJ.d -t/v-t- ddl^O'T^ sl^oA. nAs. Cfov- -tl^ose. of ^OA 'tl'-iA yJ^.^.-tviJ^ 
/A$U rstiAp/wts ddl^ovi /v^^iMS o(yi^^s>o-ri . ■ ■ m I iKill mxt diS\^\c 

-tl^lA. -too.-- CC/i^ OA -il^-^ tSw'-f lAif/fc n. '&<M'- -io -tl^^ dA'i^O'Ti 

sl^aA oAtS.: /A/<^. Vc^, '^ro, e:^'tevJ.cd fa^i^. fvXcwAs,, hab^ 

-tl^e^ ?* A/eMM^SiAPiKliT^, cwA of afjsrse- __, ^^^ ^f ^ 

fo^fot Y^M o-vid ^OA fed- dl^Aed.y&t fill ^oay- vw^<l. M ■ii'-e. 
W(w/0. Ov^e.'eif sJ^oU oA -to f^^K -io^ vJey-^li^a^^i^teyiOAS 
IffJey -ilr-od: l^^&s. /K-e. 0^^:^^^ I'A ■il'-^ £.kaiJ<Dr -ti-L, vie^-t /i^orvM.'A^- 
M o- ^ood lAJi?^. 'BMoTiOA^ ^'i»t IimI^ vJitl^ vJl^iAeyJar ^ou do in fif w 
foY- /i^-tl^iA is Corvid Lmu 3'ol^od owl so/v^ ^^ofe^si(Mc4 M 
Iv^i/dMa leA mt ll/)^^ -to eU^'Tosl^od^ -tl^-arcfi. 

<<;:t2S, -mu lou ^ff^ 

Ct^^e- ba<i^ -tcnwi \iJcf& /\^ov~e^ hoveaf -tl^cn^ a/ejr. 

mrl&W Mon\e 

H ■ ■ ■ 2004 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Ikl !^r«^- school (Le0^tOiV--laS> do^eyS; £X,*V' f'iS'^ Lr-Sei^'AClirt VJO-St -to C>rei?^iL, foool l-WVHe« fo^ 

on\t'sd>J^£' -thc^. kiii^ of v".;*eyy-fc/e- o^av CKit^/iA \v>^v^e£>. A '^ food Ht^w-i^ i.a;«e i>a>vidit 
hoi^i^^i. A'^Y <«rf'-*^ ■.ii;>vi'«<», t5 s-aniei^ tv-ov-VtS. I fcjiW tf/ i^ai'-f -thci^ -ih^j^ soi^tM -thtM: 
/iMAci'- <^ik^ Hs>o, Sao^idit i»i-t cr- food. 'S>o -tl'-cA. vJo^ i'-Aywt of vJUvoi. f^-ftJc^, I -took- an 
L^f- Ci^^ApcK'up^ a€- sc&rdu>^^/ ejp(itov -tikis' ^eiry -to hdf (Kxt y>^\f deirv fVieM?( j^ \oAa, 
vJh-o'S' food iiovK.^. vJoUd be- fild: k>aik>oA. iflv-^it -ih-'Ma 1 axAd -bh'iyU- of^. 
/A^ ^,zi?^s> dfi A'^SSU hcf^e^ he/m -tivAesS.^ des/oted -to -iht.\as> na iMe- cayeS' oieoj<t, llk^ 
vv^Oi'y^otoi^ the^ ^^tW^Rt C^eyvrA"^;^^, d'iiyKa £M l/OA c:?G, ev"e^^K^ -^Au^ ^et^vi^ooi^, a^^d 
^(ftwina o^^c^dX^A fov :S>ti/d&tts>. AotiA:^.^ J decided i^^ '^izis^S; u^A Aftf -the^-tX/'''^^ W&\a 
da/eted to -ti^o=t ^^f, cnid hidf -the^-tuif^e^^ei^q demoted -to /v^?kMa jd'-es CMd 
S,oy-<;diA'iAa t-V[di>^S' off. I <As>0 l-^cfd a- fev^ 'jckp:S> SOi'i^at^hare^ M -tl^ciTiL, X hei flKice sjo^A 
<ra.^ -th-iS ytfu I'Ji/f pv^tfb<^-| k'^ Me, -to -tell \jji<ch stovX.e£> X vJVffte. 
Hzv'e^S o- I'ct-tl^ so<r^'^'>^cv-'.i of ^ ■^ei7ys> c^ A 'SU c^^covdivia -to san-\zbt iP0V3ch-t d^/^ifrvxS) 

(^''CJl^KLatei^, f3M5t»t CdlL. de£!MS, d<W^ <>i<r -ki/V^^ OA W/J''^^, f't'iM^ a^Td a&^USy (A. Fv"&2/Kt,-«H fWf< "^ '3/ hOt^'iT CiSVKpwS jChS', ltt> cell fl^O'K^ Veile^UM, Y-ei4l^Wi, 

flo^d f-M vJ(re> StWwaMe^s f{A iv>vvul. — ivyt a- hc^. -thoi: fj^f^X vMftV^ed F\o^d, cy-os>SXy^a (V.^ flA^e^'S- fov ahld^-ein. \i%\aaei3 oi. rsraiyrH^in. fov dlyM-xey, i/eijc4lsf 

vesov-'tii'ig- -to vcM'uM., fcv"u<5/-^iK« ^^OiAV -tixdik rn -thc^ sotV^^^ si^tk- -th-<M: ^ fife- of- d't^i.'^eg, cure. Di v-iyitXiia- -to be- MXitf.^^, hcrkbAa --t^-e, ye^lsitv-ctv^ ifoiX'Aa -tAe- bwvst^v", 

i^<i4Xi\9 't'z-c^^odi^^&tlN'e^ haiMa -the, dlv^ey, c4^h-o4^a^ Ok-, btft *i^y fo/ide£it Ar^A ,wi^ov'^ i5 of -ti^di -t'l/i"^ -the. a^id^ Wkie/^ine- i'-i5«-:5 v-eais^eyXna eyey-'^hlna a& 

5 ceiM^S oVid v^ vJet^ vJctl^ b/>^3 of oht^w^e., <yvtd ej^/^^ted it o^ eVey-\/ iifte- 

As-O, M ccr-Se^ ■^CAA o^e, iAso itteyested Mso, -tAiS fe a- little., Ils<t X vJhi^ejM wp -thai 501^5 up i^e; fe^.e, littl.L.thb%^S', 3>VH>iSfhiiia. pi/VJ^pfen*, ^dc.^ cv^acAs, 

cnX!cs^o^fXeg>, coca- ado-, vod^-^s, b Os ^cma, fvXed chxd'-eiA, bi?^^ -to the, f^tiAVe., pf>ib(?#, swise^rs, Ft^i^ik. '^i-Adtyi^, hcvid£\,\\-aeii'S, -tcrcas, Hp A-^p, ai^l'^'s , 

pi^^evios iohtw^ ^epp ("/liVTz*, b[« hiAv, cf^.eacfteLS /vi^ oi'-ocj.o'te^ ci'^'if, sxtcfVS; loJe, iienJ '^ovU- ctt^, end lo^t, but flvst t^v-'c^s M i^.---^ i^^u-'vt . ■ ■ jdke^, 

AW (^ jyid'- thmik- yaw to- 

A 'y cdje^e. C(?^'ejzir fvXeif^S; X five- sttAA o4 SO VeVY f^H-^^. ^ j^e id^-es vJey-e, akfJt^S ^w-C£?=t, life, v^io^ ak'-k^S fu^i, <?v\d y A-* lOev^e- i.-A'Ja^s -tUev^e, to ov'dey- tc4^~ero^ 

c^v^d ao d(^v^y\a- vJcth. 

t\^-- Scl^od fvXeifids, tl^avi^S fov sl-o/Jin^ /s^e- up bY *"'''•* -to hettey £>al'^oAs> tl^im /mj, Aflcie, tcAI'Qsi^ -to Y«-* <^ «i XA'' i^i'ctv'Trt* odlege. 1 heye^.s SfV!"^ /(Ve- le^ft 

Ai£^ ^ c&^v3e, w^Y f'>^'^^, ''!^Y he^^'t, -thcfv^^.S fov ^ctpp^v^i-i^ w^Y '^v^^^'^Y *^'*W^^ iwW fejzdlw^ /i^,e„ o.i '^X^idd^s. X vJill ^et c^ itk> SOOA, X ^o^hise. X la^e, yJOLA, 
ei^-, avid eijejr^ (Me- 

X *• 




■ 2004 ■ ■ 

X ve^o^ll^^ l/^a-'^e^oi ooWe^^c^. ^o/\^e^ 

kU^^S SO\CS\ I'd \l{c^^o fiMe^ 
Q.KAl-i'j Cvl^-ilvi, A\, Ja-oo^, A\A.a.eAa-, 

a4^ ^^K^OA-ti^vJeSff vJ-^^c-^oA acm s^ Cov^^m. l/Oe, c^U-vi See. I^ill^ ov 

-tl^voual^ sci^od, £ftcfV^a^« i-Hel- Lackey 

2- pt^(3/MH.« /^JV p^vKpfei-ts 
'jet^J'V X a^TVi^ fel^^AO -to o^ 


Despite the desolation and inconvienences of Dallas, the 
executive board of La Campana had an awesome time, 
learning several yearbook tips at the conference between 
eating, drinking, napping, and VH 1 "s "1 Love The 80's 
Strikes Back." In review: 

*The Hookah Bar, where we sraoketl ourselves 
silly on some rose tobacco with a man we deemed 
T. S. Elliot while listening to a remix of the 
peanuts theme. 

*Apparently, Al thoroughly loves to drink, and 
not just in the late night hours, but in the morning 
as well. "Anna Nicole" Al is exiiemely 
obnoxious, giving drLink"Hangs-All-Over- 
Evei^one" Allyn a run for her money. 
*"NOT SAFE!" ~ .lay, at ever_\ ^treet crossing. 
*"Just two dads, walking down the street. Just 
two dads, just two dads." ~ The theme to me and 
Al being crazy-splattet-paint dad and boring- 
Paul-Reiser-briefcase dad respcciively. 
*Phantom Knocker at 4;00 AM. which appai 
is the long hour, according to AL and tlius tKi 
hour in which 1 shine and really give it to the 

*"Can we go to B-Busters and rent .IFK?" ~ Scar 
*Bitchy girl in the conference w ho told us to shut 
up and then pioceeded to slvl\ iiy and steal 
SLai s umbrella. ^m 

'ion vJ^MJeireiA-t I'&iaKi.'Aa'to. it 

'' of • 

*Bitchy girl in the conference wtio told us to shut up, and then 

*Dallas: Total Cardboard Cutt)ut City 

*"No Allyn, we didn't spoon" ~ Mc. every morning. 

*"GOD DAMMIT ALLYN" - Al. after araunehy comment from 


*"He's not right for you!" ~ Me, to Scar, after any sentence 

with Mike Jones" name in it. 

*Mike Jones look-alike makes appearances at the conference. 

*Taking illegal pictures from the sixth floor of the book 

depository, and tasteless re-enactments on the grassy knoll. 

*Allyn loves eating luggage at the airpoil, but hates that 

Peking red bag with the audacity to continue coming around 

the luggage claim. 

,1 d:, *-Kc>^iK 

13. Bilfft i^a& bejivW' 
H\^^v\. \A)l^'cS>^ey-3 -to ^a^ 

\a]1^o \t^a€> fi/'^-e- ^ av^oi 

of odlc^ kid^'. 

lA)e- O^giA't -too 5M\^2^ i/ 

'T3. ov- mt. '^lA lool^ 

. .:■ to \re^f£>( 'tUe^ cd'pUiA^e^t. 
Bo^ -iod^ l^cM. 

'3\e£i^lsAa., sj^lr^o \cf^e£> ft'7'?'?'? AtaAJar: e^Jey-^^&Ae^ '^c^ckA^, aJeiT'^iU'i^ vxe^M^ ti -to 
SiA\r\Jl\le^ &>JeiA. ^oAcAci ( v^tvi^p. //c3U SftiJcievKt^ do o-\crt o^ siee^ivi^, tn \e>eais>, 
oo/vwvujctey \ajv\.ae£>, awd IvK CL^K^^^. ^OiA ip(io(vvt 3e£^'tl^(7i OAe^oo/^v^<^, o(loi siOiA'. 

I'/i^ -il^e. ^l^rs^t OAe^'to vej^ovt it. l-t'^ U^~e^ oo/v^(ZMmji^ ao^z^ A^a^claHV "S^cf^te^ 
eit^ev^^ /i'^<i^la s^e^ji^ivia. ■potioi^ av^d -tl^e^ OTvi-t I^df h^t s/fp off -to mtvi^ey 
Icfvk^ &/ev\j -tiyv^^-tl^eM ^e^ foot bvto o^ (ia€'S>\^oo/i^. VoA-t look- cM:, J^ei X'/h- 
^ijMloue', X \A)o>Aoi ymJey -ti^lA^ of c^o-B-lvia lv\. dae^ av\o( t^^ 'tl^o^ X /\A-e^ I3l4^ 

VO^tNGM\ Vo^'ii'^a a€' (H s/^jZf? te' flv\fZ^\Kktlr~ /J^i^ 'Z^0i^eiA/V^-e£>, X 'u^li3<M^yi£XA0lJ£^-4 

lA-loie^heJ/HVkpl cm. iM^ial^ eSjoiev^ H fv^iytt of /lA^^ctvrd ^o'^2e^/i^\l i^e^^ aeiKt\\i 
doSJ^Vl foV a^ I'-OKAV (Jf^oi flf-t&jSJA /KtKU-te^ of b\l^3. 

W>l^o I'^o^ o(\re£MA^.'m 'P~ai$^ \f0iAy I^cmoI. 13^ oisre^M/^^, X /^<^^w4 v^ia.i^/v^.o^&S' 
of Aif^U. '3^i^ev^S' eve-. oftevi oiye^innA'cAa, of a- [?eiitey \lfe^ V^l^c^ od\z.^ \tJi\ 
0(0 fov -ti^ej^y^ iK -tl^e^ f(AtiA\re^ X-t's Ijk-e^ o-- vaivho^. ye/^ \re^ve£>eMt3' ■^c&sia/i, 
ovcfvia&AI'^e^v^M: of ^ouv \(Apo\^, ^KMJfiz£:o'i,/e>eJ.i^~eA,l^e^ef^^ \fOiAV~ /ud^ [5 ewA&S^, 
^V'^eJ^e£iCH/£>e^^(XAY' oiv&eMA^ a^e^vo-^o^^, fii^-^ he^x^JSe^l'il^^-^.-a^flaKJey ■^ola ^oo/t^, 
avemA he£cH.»&e^ ^olav /i^o/^ ■t'Ten^ u5 floiAY^isJ'^H^, ay\o( ^e^OA) he£i<yi/S^ Ill^-^-t/'^e^ 
SiAdv^aS-e^ ^lot^ iZjAf^oc^\i l^oye^ lAie- o^e^ o^ c?(\r'Z0WH'Aa o^&jt, (XAV /v-ej/i^0Y\eS> o^ 
A wtdaiy 'z^cp^e^ Wi<l^j&^I^o^ aooo('t{/y^^£> cpaoI V'o&i V^At-toi^ei.i^ey \h)e^'h'dc^ hav\M-s> 
cJtW ejn^\ra<ie^-tl^&^ck>^(xi&s> M o^AV p(7=^A5. Ui^-^(?- \roHy&toy/i^ iaJo^vIk^ fov^l^ 
\t-Jat:,ey -tl^Cft fill vl\/eY'£> yJcth tXAV o(\re£nV-s> awpi eVevttiAp4lsf ooe£Me> 
-th-ct: o^e^ ej.'V^ooi^i'Aa ■ti^e-,^\p(&S> of I0J&, [AJhen cf- isK^V 'S' b^vii 
ct '{£> W^^s^^ip/ \hktl^ llfe^ avkp( fiZ-c^ o^ ^Ivol it fll&S> oa 
ytJiWa^ of cA^re^uv^ Ivito -tl^e^ sZ-^V ^ lo\le^ avrci ooi'V-zv^/v^ev^ 
-to SftyejAartl'^ a-iAid a-ol'^lejjlna OiAv (Avex!'Vt^s>. 


of o-^i R^ ''Mcz', \A, 

uii'J.-V'cf-qiZi'V-ok-eY- "f . (3 

Loirs' t l^trtoavafl'^^. 
■il^'[£> bock- [fJ^ye. 

< kl^-e^ -to -tl/^oA'^ -tl^^ 

.^aV CM-M ^u3tKAWe£>. 

■;.. xv\aoir'^o\ro^e£^ '^''v 
fkt-^, cmo( \s>ffe> -ftJI^ 

'-'iio llk^-to vJiSl'^ -tl^e^ 
■:yi of lud^ iyl l^ of 



»• ■ . j;i.p^ , . p ^1 • w ■ w-^pi«^r^^H|pi^p|pi^ipnpqpp||