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our new centyry 





Montclair State University 


Last year, we celebrated 

Montclair State University's 

Centennial. This year, we are 

venturing into a new century 

full of new experiences, new 

opportunities, and a new 

vision for the next one 

hundred years! 

^an^ ^utun^! 





letter from 

Dr. Susan A. Cole assumed office in 
September of 1998 as the eighth 
president of Montclair State University, 
which is the second largest university 
in New Jersey, with 17,475 graduate 
and undergraduate students. 

'P^te^ideat ^ole 

To the Class of 2009 

When you entered Montclair State University, you may 
have had some expectations about your life at the 
University and even some plans for life after the 
University. However, as you have learned and grown, I 
am sure that your life has taken shape in ways that you 
may not have anticipated. 

As you graduate from the University, I hope you will take 
with you a real understanding of how much in our lives 
depends on our own determination to seize 
opportunities and work hard for achievements. I am 
sure that each of you has achieved in many ways more 
than you knew that you could, and I am equally sure 
that you have, on occasion, been disappointed. 
Stretching our limits and overcoming obstacles is what 
living is all about. 

You have years of accomplishment ahead of you, so do 
not stop now. Keep your eyes on your goals and 
ambitions and do not be disheartened by the difficulties 
of the journey. Eveiything worth attaining takes effort. 
As a graduate of Montclair State University, you carry 
forward a tradition of courage, innovation, dedication to 
the public good, and desire for knowledge that has been 
forged by the tens of thousands of students who 
preceded you. 

It has been gratifying for all of us, the faculty and staff of 
the University, to have had a hand in being your 
teachers, mentors, guides, and advisors. We hope that 
you will stay connected to your University and help 
those who follow you to benefit from the opportunities 
that you have had. 

Always be proud of who you are and where you came 
from. We certainly are, and we wish you good fortune, 
health and happiness as you travel the road toward the 
fulfillment of your dreams. 

Susan A. Cole 


Your Vice President for Student 
Development & Campus Life 

Dear Class of 2009: 

I congratulate and applaud you on the culmination of years of study and hard 
work that has resulted in your graduation from Montclair State University. 
Graduation from a four year institution is an accomplishment shared by a small 
percentage of the US population. I hope that you will cherish the moment 
and the opportunity this achievement presents. 

La Campana is a record of an extraordinaiy period in your life. It is a book 
that will become more valuable to you as the years go by. I hope you will 
take pleasure in looking back at your time at Montclair State University and 
remembering the friendships you made with fellow students, faculty and staff. 
It is also a reminder of the transition you are making as you look towards the 
future and building an independent life for yourself. 

As you leave the University, be sure to take with you the tools and values you 
acquired at Montclair State and use them to establish your place in the world. 
Be sure to aim high. Choose compassion over complacency. Prize courage 
over comfort. Use your imagination, ingenuity and audacity to explore, 
discover and change a world undergoing ceaseless and kaleidoscopic 
challenges. Become an engaged and responsible citizen. Be a mentor and 
trusted friend. Embark on new adventures and continue to grow as an 
educated, ethical and caring person. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, Do 
one thing eveiy day that scares you. 

I am confident you will make the right choices and do the right things. This 
is a particularly challenging time in history and our country and the world 
needs the best that each of us can offer. Go out into your community and the 
world and make your mark. You have my best wishes for a happy, healthy 
and productive future. 


Dr. Karen L. Pennington 

Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life 


Dear Graduates: 

Congratulations on completing a milestone obtaining your baccalaureate 

You should feel very proud of yourselves for successfully completing the 
rigors of your major programs, the many exams and projects, the internships, 
the performances and the student teaching. You did it! You have proven that 
hard work, persistence and commitment pay off. 

I recognize that completing your undergraduate education is exciting, but it 
may also -be scary, which is normal. I want you to remember that with every 
ending there is a new beginning. As you launch out into the next phase of 
life, whether you are going into the job market or to graduate school, believe 
that you have what it takes to be successful. I am confident that you will 
achieve your dreams — just look at what you have already accomplished. 

Believe in yourself, work hard and never give up! 



Rose Mary Howell, Ed. D. 
Your Dean of Students 


Your Dean of Students 


letter from your 

SGA President 

To My Fellow Graduates, 

First and foremost, Congratulations! Graduating college 
is a great accomplishment. Let this be a time for you 
to celebrate your achievement. We all have a different 
path before us and must play with the cards we have 
been dealt in life. It does not matter if it took four, 
five, or six years plus to reach this point, you made it. 

I hope when you are looking back on your college 
years you can cherish the memories you have made 
with the friends you will never forget. I hope the 
education you have received in combination with 
Montclair's diverse campus has aided in preparing you 
for the next steps you are ready to embark upon in life. 
Some of us are glad to finally be done with school and 
ready to head out into the working world, while some 
are continuing to pursue further study in graduate 
school or professional training programs, and others 
still have their own unique plans post graduation. 
Whatever road is before you, I wish you the best in all 
that you do with much success. 

I feel privileged to have gone through my 
undergraduate college career with all of you. Each year 
Montclair State sends another group of talented and 
ambition filled young adults out into the world who 
are looking forward to tomorrow. Though we all may 
head in different directions and end up in each of the 
four corners of the world, we will always share the 
bond of going through school at Montclair State 
University together. 


Ronald Frank Chicken 

SGA President 


/I LiBr Frm Vmr Sfude^P 


To the Class of 2009: 

I want to say that it has been a true honor serving as your Student Trustee on tiie Board of the 
Trustees for the past two years. Semng as the Student Representative definitely enriched my 
last two years here at MSU because I know I was getting to represent the student body on two 
very important issues: Academics and Facilities. 

This year I served on the facilities committee, which handles all of the building and projects 
here at MSU, and I can very happily report that there are a lot of improvements, that have 
happened and there are many more on the way. 

By the end of this summer there will be two new buildings at MSU, they are the John J. Call 
School of Music and the new Panzer Gymnasium. With the completion of these two new 
buildings, both music and physical education majors along with many others will have an up- 
to-date facility that they will be able to hold their classes in, instead of the less than mediocre 
rooms they are learning in now. 

In addition to these two new buildings, there will also be a new residence facility between the 
Clove Road apartments, which were finally renovated this year, and the Village Apartments, 
which is in the process of getting some much needed repair work. This new residence hall 
will hold 309 students, which unfortunately will not solve the residence issues that MSU has, 
but I can inform all of you that the Board is diligently working on new residence facilities to 
be built near MSU. 

Although it might seem like it can not come soon enough there will be two more additions to 
MSU within the next year or so and they are the new parking deck and a new School of 
Business because the current building is veiy much out of date. 

Eveiyday they are more and more changes happening at MSU whether or not you notice 
them. I was lucky enough to see them happen first hand while sei-ving on the Board of 
Trustees. Even though at times it might feel like your voice goes unanswered or unheard, I 
can promise you that during my time on the Board students voices were heard and the whole 
Board is working as diligently as possible to improve your university. I wish the Class of 2009 
the best of luck with all your future endeavors, and to the underclassmen make the best out of 
the rest of your time here at MSU because you can never get those moments back. 

Heather McCarty 
Student Trustee 

Your Senior Speaker 

Good Morning Dr. Cole, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, family, friends and loved 
ones. To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, this momentous occasion does not signify the end 
of our educational journey. Rather, its the end of our undergraduate chapter. For myself, a 
successful end, because I KNEW YOU. As we celebrate today, I join my fellow graduates of 
Montclair State University Class of 2009, in thanking and saluting our parents, our professors, 
our advisors, and friends, for the hard work and many sacrifices they have invested in us 
during our undergraduate career. With true love and respect, I will share with you some of 
the ways I think of you because I KNEW YOU. 

When money was low, I knew you as a parent whose assistance was but a phone call away. I 

overcoming them. I knew you as an advisor and mentor, whose advice and assistance helped 
me to chart my career path. Your advice and assistance helped other majors, my peers, who 
are graduating from the Health Careers Program. Because I knew you, I am who I am. Your 
values of hard work, honesty and determination are now my values. Love for other people, 
compassion for the sick and elderly are my inheritance from you. Now, challenges and 
problems will come, but through your eyes, I have come to see them as opportunities. 
Opportunities, to prove myself as a person of character and integrity, capable of dreaming 
great dreams and transforming those dreams into reality. Lastly, I knew you as a friend, who 
was always willing to swipe me into the cafeteria or give up some flex for late nights at the 
Red Hawk Diner. The rewards of life, money, fame and power are of little value without a 
friend to share them with, someone to rejoice at my successes and laugh at my follies. A very 
heartfelt thank you for being my friend. May the sun ever shine upon your countenance and 
winds be constant beneath your wings. ^sfiSB«B 

I encourage my fellow graduates to remember this is but the end of our undergraduate 
chapter. There are many more chapters to be written in our history. The contents of those 
chapters will be largely determined by the choices we make. History will pass judgment upon 
the choices we make. But because I KNEW the Class of 2009, I am confident that history will 
be kind to us. Thank you. 

McEnough's Speech at Commencement 

May 22nd, 2009 

Izod Center 






^- -"Vi 


flC ^1 


By Zach Lichtmann 

Passing-Time in a Route 9 Diner 

Jamie: ' 

He's a man, an old man. Look how many wrinkles he has. -- 

His whole face has wrinkles. Even his eyelids. 

/ confess, I had not seen his eyelid wrinkles. •'" 

In fact, I'd never heard of such a thing, hut there they were. 

She scrunched her own brows looking carefully at him now. 
He has dried spit in the corners of his mouth, 
which means he has to take medication for his heart. 
He doesn't drive anymore. 
"He doesn't?" I ask. 
No, look at how worn his shoes are. 
He walks every Saturday to the restaurant where he and his wife used to eat together. 
Now he sits at the bar. 
See, she died and he's lonely. 

He misses her so much that he feels compelled to come back to this same restaurant, 
but he can't stand sitting in the booth where they used to sit. 
So he comes here to get close to the memory, but not too close. 

Jamie leans hack, smiling, satisfied with her imagination. \ 

She even nods a little hit to give herself approval. 

"How can you possibly think this stuff up?" I ask her. 

She shrugs and wolfs down another bite of the burger on her plate. 

Marley's busy seeing how many times she can stab what's left of the pickle on her 
plate, but I ask her what she thinks of him. 

Marley: ■" 

I think he's a loser. 4 

He sits with his coffee, the cheapest thing on the menu, and reads that paper, the cheapest 

book you can buy. 

"So he's cheap?" I ask her. J 

No, he's a loser. 

If he was any good to his family, he would be sitting somewhere with one of them. 
I think he beat his wife and kids, and they hate him for it. — — ^.^™™ 

Jamie and I apparently share frowns at Marley. 
Why not? Marley barks at us. 

I think he comes here every Saturday to try to flirt with that waitress, 
rather than help his wife take care of their dilapidated house. 

"listen", I tell them, "neither one of you are talking about that man over there. 
Marley folds her arms and looks out the window. 
Jamie shrugs again and swallows the last bite of her burger. 
I sip from my lemonade before I stand up and approach the stranger. 
Turns out Jamie and Marley both had him dead wrong. 



■tm /- 


mmmw cim m, 


Wesouf M. Abdrabouh Nabela Abu-Harthia Evelyn Acevedo 

Tanisha Acevedo Kr> slal Louise Acoita Kent K. Acquah-Abbiw 

Christine Anne Adamo Vanessa Rosemary Adams Vincent A. Ahmuty 

Ibetty C. Alache Stephanie A. Albanese Michael William Albert 

Mahel Panl;i Almniii.- Zahra F. Alnajjar Allredo .le-iis Alonsn Hana Alpcr X'lTonica B Alvarez Mai'co Joseph Amato 

i"\!L-i Ji.lin Andreula Merve Anginer Danielle Annuzzi Juliana Anselmini Paul Marques Antunes Julianne M. Apa 


Jose Manuel Aponte Alejandra J. Aragon Ashley Michelle Arcangelo Harry Artinian Jillian Beth Ariich Manisha Bharat Asawia 

Paul S. Augusto 

Georaina Rita Awad Ummar S. Awan Iracv Michelle Avtch Peter Ganial .\/i/ 

Marina Babich 

Joseph D.Bae O/lem Meryem Balcik Nji Asanji Ban Nigera Nadivah Harden Ryan Andrew Barede 

Kimberly Banett Dwayne iVl. Beckford Greg T. Beebe Viktoria Belman Victoria Berezhnaya Patricia Ann Bernardo 

Ayana Major Bey Komal K. Bhall Kara Leigh Bianchi Marisa G. Bianco Alexander Monroe Billups Jenniler Alexis Bno 

Karina Borja 

Natasha Borrero Jeffre\ Bouchebel Abhie\ N. Bo\a Nicole Christine Bozzomo Kelly Nicole Braunius 

Lisa Marie Bucci Courtney Nicole Buckley Johannah Buissereth Samantha Butler Laeeq Ahmed Butt Kia Monique Bunone 

%mR)iair mte mmr^tfoim ^^2009 

GulsumCakir Taniesha Tamara Campbell Alexandra Canals Natalie Ann Cancio Carmine Cantalupo Dana Domenica Capalbo 

Jason M. Capaldi Michele Leigh Cardone Paola I. Carpenito Satumino Othon Carrera Sebastian Carlos Carrera Craig Christopher Carter 

Frederick James Carter Cassandra D. Carver Sarah Casa Jennifer Lynn Casselli Daniela Castellanos Melissa Devilla Castillo 

e.j Cynthia Castro Nicola Casale Catapano Humeyra Celikel Pilar Andrea Celts Mira K. Chahine Priscilla L. Chan 

Wing Yin Chan Chandradai Chandool Mary Beth Chanowich Alex Chen 

Rebecca J. Chew Jignesh Chhaprawala 

mmR^Mr Mte miiremtf otim m 2009 


Ronald Frank Chicken 

Wasif S. Choudhur>' Joseph Matthew 


Bryan Alexander 

Jaime Danielle Christopher Nataliya Chuchvara 

Melissa M. Ciaccio Ralph Cicchetti Monica M. Cisneros Denyeah Musherrah Shermin Orlene Clarke Carolyn Marie Close 


Daniel J. Cocco Gina Marie Colon Caroline Violet Comerford Salvatore Condegni Teresa N. Confair Love E. Constant 

Steven Czartoryski Candice Lisa D'amato Jessica Tatiana D'emilio Barbara Caruzo Da Silva Mariana Angelica F. Da Susana Da Silva 


Kristina Dallas Kevin Edward Dalton Marisa Aliethe Damallie Hiren H. Darji Sejal M. Dave Lauren Frances Davella 

i Tina David George Sebastian De Lahoz Michele Margaret De Loriann Decaito Dana Elizabeth Del Grosso Andrew Albert Delgrosso 

I Vincentis 

Thomas Phillip Dellanno Cassandra Renee Delucchi Raul Sandoval Demetria Amy Zhang Deneen Mary Monica Dennis Monique Lucinda Dent 

Dana Marie Derobertis Ilesh Bharat Desai Deanna Michele Devore Candace Marie Dewitt Jessica Ann Diana Celia Elizabeth Diaz 


Melissa Diaz Kimberley E. Diggs Courtney Patrice Tonimarie Dipietro Peter J. Distefano Leslie L. Dobbs 


Daniela E. Dobos Sorina Elena Dobos Jennifer Dolan Stephen Dominguez Ashley Emanuelle Dorian Natasha Monique Eanes iiSji 

Shawn Staurt Ellison David Elton Erica Lynn Emmich Michelle Frances Emmons Vanessa Espinosa Michelle Marie Esposito la 

%mR^Mr mte mi\remw^ e(m ^^2009 

Ishmael L. Flemming Suzanne Marie Foglio Craig Forrest Forman Shauna Caprice Foster Zaraina Karetlia Frazier Jennifer Eiizabetii Fria 

Tonya Marie Froisland Bryan F. Fucetola Sarali Elizabeth Gagliano Stepiianie Galette Chrisine M. Gallaglier Brian C. Gannon 

Julieth F. Garcia Michelle Garcia Steven J. Gardenier Kristen Deborah Gargano Lauren Michelle Garrison Sarah Christine Garvey 

Dionna Marie Gary Carolyn Marie Gaydos Kristen Leigh Gear Caitlin Rose Gearity Christopher A George Kathryn Dorothy Gerritsen 

Michael Giaimo 

Manisha Giri Edward Graham Goldblatt Peter Louis Golub Enrique Jose Gomez 

mmtGkir Mate mmr^tfchM &^2009 


Soraya Gomez Gabriela Gonzalez Nancy W. Gonzalez Nelson Gonzalez Veronica Gonzalez Samanlha Elizabeth Cooler 

Ryan Timothy Gorsky Christina Marion Gratale Kathleen Michelle Gregg Vanessa A. Griess Carolyn Griffin Stephen G. Griggs 

Leonardo Franklin 

Holly Jean Grimes Paula A. Guevara Anthony Vito Gusevich Stephanie Michelle Haber 

Kacy-Ann Mana Hall Katherine M. Hanas Rebecca Lee Hanchar Barbara Hantzopoulos Kxistina M. Hardigan Dana Marie Hardock 

:e Harris Gena Michelle Hartman Nicole Hassell Stephanie Rose Haupm Jasmme Arielle Hauser Daniel Stuart Hennessey 

Jason M. Henry Jonathan Michael Herbig Alan Hernandez Jennifer Hernandez Jackeline Yanette Herrera Jessica E. Hi Her 

Yicell Ana E. Hodge- Andrea Nicole Hojnacki Erin Kelly Horton 


Nicole Ann Horvath Shaeen N. Howell Eloy Randy Huamanchumo 

Lillian Andrea Huertas Sean Joseph Hughes Volodymyr Hunko Khaleda N. Hussain Sabrin I. Hussein Stephanie lanniello 

Asli Berrin Inci Dianna Infante Jaclyn Marie Ingoglia Tania Ivanova Jamie Marie Jakubik Christine Grace James 

John Duffy James 

Klaren Jean Daphne Fara Jean-Baptiste Rodney Kareem Jean- Barbara Contreras Jimenez Miguel Angel Jimenez 

William Vincent Joel Brendan Peter Jones Ashley Nicole Jouaneau Matthew Robert Jugan Laila Omar Gary Kabbash Akbar Kabir 

I Kaplun Laura Ashley Kaplysh Kelly R. Karp Tonia Afroozeh Kazerani Michael Thomas Kelley Valerie Ann Kerr 

Montaser Khalil Andrea A. Khan Amma Khatun 

Juliet M. Kikata Minsung Kim Myoung Suk Kim 


Shin Young Kim Ashley Lynn King 

Irina Kirkina Beverly Elaine Klotzkin Walter lii Koehler Joseph J. Kolodziej 

MaUka Mariam Kone Kevin R. Kowalik David H. Kreinberg Sheldon Alon/o Kreps Jaime Susan Krukas Nicole Marie Krygoski 

mtdki^r mte mi^iremt^oCm &^2009 

Alena Marie Kucinski Amanda Marie Kucsera Derya Kurt Ashley M. La Trace Joseph Patrick Lagrutta Christen Nicole Lamberti 

Magda Zuleyna Laspina Tara Laterza Samantha Frances Lazzaro Yolanda J. Lebron Randi Morgan Lee Sheerah Ann Lee 

Dinorah M. Lopez Natalia Lopez Jessica Lynne Lozak Alexis Patricia Ludwig Nicole Angel Luongo Amy E. Luque 

mmR)mr ^B ml^m^fCL 


Avah Macknowsky Kelly Anne Mady Kristen Ann Maiello Maria P. Makris 

Shawn Malbon Miquelina Maldonado 

Jacqueline Santos Martin Jennifer Lynn Martin Michelle Martinez 

Yenis O. Martinez Shani Y. Maslovski 

btephanie Samantha 

'iiakl Ryan Kathleen McDonald Vaughn A. Mctnough Donna Kathleen McGo\ em Bnan A. Mcknitiht Linda McSherrv 

lennis Peter McSweeney Lidwine T. Meffo Cheryl Christina Meier Shirley Mejias Fabiana Monteiro Mello Robert Albert Melok 

Omar Mercado Christopher Gerard Merk Jennifer Beth Merkm Gabriel A. Merla Diania Jean Merriam Juliann Mezzina 


Mary N. Michel Amanda Lynne Migliaccio Ryan Matthew Miles Kimberly Anne Miller Jacqueline Elise Misistia Kevin Joseph Mongiello 

<-inta Dufrene Montilus Marileidy Morel Kerri Renee Morgan Derrick Dawan Morrison Daniel Joseph Moseson Nima Michael Moshggoo 

)iana Carolina Mousally Najmamedinah Muhammad Marc Joseph Mustachio Stacy L. Napolitano Rebecca Marie Nardiello DinaM. Noeman 

Aline Moraes De 01i\'eira Rjan Andrew Oliveira 


Mostafa Omara 

Pamela Nkechinye 

Melissa Man, Orem Jonathan Ortiz 

Caitlm Ma;-) 

O^trer D'nitra Dorinda Paden Christina Debhy Padula Enka Christine Palmaffy Giovanni M. Palumbo 

I'jiidya Nikesha Natanya Jahnavi Pulastya Parekh Jazmine Parker William Paul Pastor Dhruti Patel 


mmtdki^r mte mmmtf oim ^^2009 

Dweeti Rashesh Patel Falguni V. Patel 

>ik \ I'.ik'l Prayag Naineshkuniar Patel Samta Patel 

Skye Mary Patete 

Amanda R. Patton Patrick Pamell Paul Katherine Mary Jessica Lyn Peene Daniel Edward Peltz Claudia Morais Pereira 


Johannys Perez Toni Alyssa Perez Christopher Adam Richard Joseph Peterson Jammy D. Phelps 


ennifer Leigh Plawner Colleen Ann Poalillo Phillip Matthew Poeta Anna Polanowska-Baba Marc John Pollaro Pamela Polster 

mmtcMr ^B mi^\remtfoim 6^^200^ 

Nick-M, Rccchia r. ^„•M., r,,:;-i,' RcJnia;i 

(iakK.'jd Brittany Anne Reincke Yulianu Rendon Stephanie Rengifo 

v'.,-,r„„„, F^ S ,„ \j,jrg^ Ciiristian Warren Reynolds Rebekah Lynn Rhodes Adnana Alexis Riano Ashley Richards Stephanie Lynn Risimin ;. _j 

Jocelyn N. Ritter 

K.illieniic Ki\ci 

Lizette Rnera Daniel Joseph Rizos Julianne M. Rizzitello Andrea C. Robalino 

Carla S. Rodrigues Andrea A. Rodriguez 

Cynthia Rodriguez Gerardo Rodriguez Giselle Rodriguez 

Cassandra M. Roio Patricia A. Romaine Leanna Romano 

Adrian Komen 

Diana J. Romero 

Christine Roque Rachel Leigh Rota Kimberly Sarah Roth Elisa C. Rotonda 

Afiesha R. Ruan 

Samantha Rodriguez 

Elijah Rooks 

Dominic Rubino 

dwin Mauricio Rubio Jaime Lynn Rutkowski Stacy Caroline Rutz 

Myrto Saget 

Gabriela Saint-Hilaire Tamara Elizabeth Sak 

Emine Salif Jessica A. Salway Joanna Marie Salway Elizabeth Sanabria Jeannet Lynn Sanchez 

Rafael Sanchez 

Walt Andres Sanchez Mohamad Saiikar Ashley Anne Santana Marlyn Aracelis Santana Diana Shinsung Santelli Mislene Santos 



TracieMicheleSayles Samantha Scannell Nadine Douvan Schafranek Sean Eric Schrecenaost Lauren F. Schumann Richard J. Schwarz 

Iter Lynn Sciamllo Kathleen Michelle Scully Ronald H. Sealey David E. Seda Candace Kvriaki Sedereas Willuim Peter Senedzul 

mtDiair mte mmrutf cim &^2009 

James R. Serazio Kara Ja\ Selkiewicz Patricia Sewak 

Swati Narendrakumar Shah Kitii Sharma 

Kimherly Sharpe 

Tanisha Jakia Shelton Yasrain M. Sherif Daniel Richard Sherwood Darya Shmidt Taisha Jenene Shockley Stacey Leah Siegel 

Jesseca Nicole Sousa Sandra F. Sousa Paula Sofia Souto Lauren Michelle Spahle Lynda K. Spair Adrienne B. Spano 

ntmR^iai^r ^Me mi^iremtf o&m &^200^ 

Emilija Spaseska Larisa Ann Spitzer Krista M. Stac\- Daniel William Stark Desiree Starrett Michael P. Stehlik 

Sean Edward Stevens Shaina Hope Stevens Jessica Marie Stivale Rory Phillips Stout Maria Strama 

Michael Strickland 

Michael Charles Strickland Alvssa Stroman Michael Sturhann Hiroaki Suzuki Marisa Ann Sweeney Melissa Szablicki 

Nicola Ann Szpila Sae Tamaoki 

Jamie Taneja Brayan Alfred Tapiero Elyse Faith Tarantino Matthew Francis Taylor 

^aitlin Marlene Thomas 

Jennifer Elizabeth 

Kerri Thompson Rennea Georgia Thompson Latisha Thorn Michelle Toraaszewski 

iristina Marie Traettino Lauren Michele Ann Trasso Roberta Travis 

Jessica Treanor Christopher E. Trenard John Robert Tripi 

panna B. Trzaskowska 

Yuliya Tsimrin, 

Raymond Jacob Tulling Hulya Tunci 

Ndidiamaka Augusta Ukah- James Robert L lakj 


Lizchelle A. Urena Lauren Elizabeth 


Jamie Ivonne Utset Linda Ifueko Uwumarogie Karina Vallejo Jessica Rose Val\ ano 

Denise Sara Vecchi Maria Guadalupe \icente Jennifer Vidal Antoine Subashine Vincent Jasmit Kaur Virdi Megan J. Virella 

Andrew J. Wayne Lisa Martin Weaver Christine Wechsberg Jeffrey Michael Welfel Britney R. White Christian Forys Wicch 

I D. Wilkins Isaac Amir Williams Justin Michael Williams Shyquira Level Williams Jennifer Victoria Jessica Lynn Wojcik 


p mmmtg^ c(m 0^^2009 

vlonique Diane Wooten Jose Santos Woss Jessica Chnslcn VVnglit Jennifer Adeline-Rose Eliza Wytrzes 


(atthew Thomas Yochim Jung Ho Yoo 

Maria Zacharatos Nicole Zanetakos 

Andrew Thomas Yan Zhang 


Oxana Zmchenko Marianmta Zito Amanda Marie Znutas Catherine Mane Zuher 

David Thorn Candace Leal Quinn 



May I4th - Atlantic City Day Trip 

May 15th - Mary Poppins on Broadway 

May 16th - White Water Rafting 

May 17th - Bowling 

May 18th - Dave & Busters 

May 19th - Six Flags 

May 20th - Medieval Times 

May 21st - Senior Send-Off/Champagne Toast 




J I 


P; "\^B 






wlMf i 

W' L 

m ^ 

r J%^j 

^^ ,>te(i^ JHP 

' ^^ 

! ! 


. ' -i^'j 

m:.>f^ :. yr r "r-i<fte:i^.>;^ -.■■. 4,. 


the wonderful 


Vorld of disney 



H' ' 


ir ' 


^^^. \ 






By Zach Lichtmann 

n early summertime haze hangs on us after the sun burns away our youth. 

f you sit real still 

ou can see it~the sky's texture-looming in a sodium orange every night. 

Who navigates by stars anymore? 

iven the moon looks sickly- 
|. caramel-glazed ornament now. 

Run away to the shore, to the coastline, and south! 
Build sandcastles, build sandcastles, build sandcastles... 

"hat sodium haze ^vill just keep rolling... 
o the shore, 

ast the breakers and the channels and the pan handle of the Cape Fear~ 
ast all the children ^who stand ^with giant scallop-eyed vicT^^s of the edge of 
itie world, 
heir tiny hands- 

iist ornaments to the tsunamis of the universe, 

hat universe we all once thought was simply full of soft w^aves that only 
obbed us of the occasional ill-placed sand castle. 

[ave Tve learned a little about our brothers and our sisters since our sandy 
ipprenticeships and sibling mud wars? 

Give us the blackest skies and the deepest oceans, 

Give us the heaviest granite slabs. 

Give us the bitterness and the poverty of the oldest desert- 

We inherit the ya^vps of every man and woman that has ever stood and' 

cried out at the pollution of our dreams in the night. 
...not to simply carry their burdens, but to bear our teeth now more as 
ne clan than ever before against indifference~of our species and of 


^(Mefe (^ ^caHOHitie^ 

In the true spirit of liberal arts 

education, CHSS students follow 

a focused yet broad-based course 

of study that affords a solid 
grounding of general knowledge. 

Classics & General Humaniti<[ 
Communication Sciences & Disordei 



Justice StudiJ 


Modern Languages & Literatun 

Philosophy & Religic 

Political Science & La 



Spanish & Itali^j 



As a result of a workforce reduction, my career as an Electronic Commerce Specialist came 

an end in January of 2007. Feeling the stress of Corporate America and wanting a career that 
I'elt would make a difference in somebodys life, God could not have worked this out at a better 
tne in my life. I was able to enroll in classes at Montclair State University and was able to 

mplete a journey that I started twenty-two years ago. 

My experience at Montclair State University over the past two years have been absolutely, 

joyable, exciting, refreshing, rewarding, and an experience that I will cherish for the rest of 
life. I have learned a great deal from the young adults on campus and was able to bless them 

th some of my life experiences in the process. To teach and to be taught is something that is 
avantageous to every college student no matter what age. 

What I found most rewarding while attending Montclair State University was the professois 
ad their deep appreciation for the non-traditional students life experience and appreciation f 

rning. My professors were approachable, always willing to offer words of encouragement and 

ew deserve to be recognized. Professor T.K. Blue, Professor Belinfiante-Abdul, Professor 
Sngetta Parashar, Professor Leslie Wilson, Dr. Michael Kogan, Dr. David Benfield, and my all 

le favorite. Professor Stephen Johnson have all been insightfully inspiring to me. I am very 
f 3ud to be among so many aspiring young adults and very proud to join the ranks of 
^^ntclair State University alumni. 

% Td&M M(^d^r (^ Re&§i^tiA Studies & C&mm, Phcto^pff Mimr 

When I moved into my dorm room in fall 2005, I was filled with the same excitement 
every first year student has. In my case I had no idea what to major in or what college would 
be like, but I did know Montclair was for me. 

Although my forte was science and mathematics in high school, I found myself steering 
toward the humanities when I chose electives alongside my general education classes. 
Engaging professors such as Stephen Johnson, Michael Kogan, Jean Alvares, and David 
Benfield helped fijrther stimulate my desire to pursue studies in the humanities with their 
exceptional teaching. Before I knew it, I was a double major with Classics and Religious 
Studies, and I even picked up a philosophy minor. 

I also chose to become involved on campus during my tenure at Montclair. I was the 
founding treasurer of the MSU Paintball Club, a DJ for the campus radio station WMSC, a 
part of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and an active Student Government member. I 
was later elected twice to serve as the President of our Student Government Association, a 
post which I feel both proud and privileged to have held. My experience with the SGA 
helped teach me a great deal about business as well as politics. 

By serving as a two year SGA President I was able to cultivate some great relationships 
with many administrators at MSU. I am pleased to have worked alongside such dedicated 
professionals that were always trying to help our community. 

The education I received from MSU was superb. I am sure it has prepared me for the 
further study I intend to pursue as I begin graduate school at Princeton Theological 
Seminary for a Masters degree this fall. I would then like to go on to a PhD program and 
eventually become a professor to help inspire others to never stop learning and searching for 
the truth in every field of study. 

So many memories are made during your college years, and I am glad to say I made mine 
here at MSU. I am thankful to have shared many of them with fellow classmates whom I 
can also call great friends. For those of you I met along my journey here, I would like to say 
thank you for being a part of my college experience. 1 wish nothing but blessings upon my 
friends and fellow graduates as we all look forward to each new day and the excitement the 
fiiture brings. Thank you Montclair State University, Carpe Diem! 

^&Ue^ o^ Scce^tce 

My experience ar Monrclair has been an unforgettable one. My 
professors made sure to push me because they see the potential that all of 
their students have, and they want to give the best education possible. I 
strived to do my best and was honored to become a member in both the 
Education and Mathematics Honors Fraternities. Being honored like this 
shows me that when I become a math teacher I will be able to apply my 
knowledge and be the best teacher that I can be. This is mostly in thanks 
to Montclair. 

I was not only impacted educationally, but socially as well. Coming in as 
a timid freshman I did not know what to expect, and I was hesitant to 
accept the change in my life. I did not know that my time at Montclair 
would create such a positive impact on my life. I became an Admissions 
Ambassador in order to share my positive experience with others. 
Through this programi I became more involved in the school, met a lot 
of amazing people, and made the best of every moment spent here. I 
learned to lay back, laugh, and enjoy life. My college experience helped 
; to make me who I am today. 

Upon matriculating to Montclair State University, I immediately knew that this institution 'i 
my ideal community. Montclair had all the tools that were necessary for me to become 
successful, mature intellectually, and become exceedingly competent in my field of study. T- 
faculty, staff and academic advisor were integral in whom I have become today. During my | 
freshman year, 1 realized the need to get involved within my community. I wanted to make 
new friends. Thus, I joined the Student Government Association, where I served as a 
Legislator. To stay in touch with my Jamaican roots, I joined the Caribbean Students 
Organization, where I met individuals from all over the Caribbean. It was an exciting momit 
for me. I was able to exchange stories about experiences growing up in a country other thanie 
United States. I also joined the Minority Association for Pre-Health Students, which was 
geared towards educating young and eager science majors, about the rigors with which he/sh 
will face in the medical realm. Aside from these organizations, I was also an Ambassador foric 
Undergraduate Admissions. Serving in this capacity has been one of the highlights of my 
undergraduate career. I was able to encourage prospective students to apply to the Universit 
and become a part of this wonderful community. Desiring to exploit my leadership skills, I 
decided to apply for the position of what was then called. Resident Assistant. From this 
experience, I have learned to prioritize well and work upon my time management skills. 

Although I became highly involved within my community, academics were my main prioritl 
As a molecular biology major and future pediatric surgeon, I understood that I had to mainti 
a solid G.P.A so that I would be a competitive candidate when it was time for me to apply t(l 
medical school. I have taken the necessary classes that will prepare me for what is to come ill 
the future. Through the Health Careers Program, I was able to attend summer programs at] 
Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New 
Jersey, where I have undertaken research, dissected cadavers and shadowed doctors. 

Looking back today, I have no regrets about choosing to attend Montclair State. I loved the] 
experience and would re-do it in a heart-beat. Thanks Montclair! 

Ofid ^TH^t^e^Hotic^ 


Iiology & Molecular Biology 

(aemistry & Biochemistry 

Computer Science 

E,irth & Environmental Studies 

Mathematical Science 

CSAM offers a strong science and 

mathematics education within an 

equally strong liberal arts tradition. 

Undergraduate and graduate 

students learn by doing - in 

classrooms, in the state-of-the-art 

electron microscopy facility, in the 

new Environmental Modeling 

Laboratory, and via numerous 

opportunities for research and for 

study overseas. 



CEHS carries on MSU's proud 

history of preparing the finest 

teachers, and also offers other 

outstanding programs leading to 

further study and careers in many 


-Counseling and Educational Leadershi 
-Curriculum & Teachir 
-Early Childhood, Elementar 
& Literacy Educatic^ 
-Educational Eoundatior 
-Exercise Science & Physical Educatic|l 
-Family & Child StudiH.i 
-Health & Nutrition Science 1=? 


Franm Tavera^, faml^and CfM Studies Mc^&r 

My name is Frances Taveras, I will be graduating from Montclair State University 
with a Bachelors Degree in Family and Child Studies with a double concentration 
in Early/ Middle Childhood Education and Mathematics ; in addition, to a minor 
in Leadership. I can honestly say that my undergraduate experience has been 
memorable and great. My college endeavor began in summer 2005 entering MSU as 
an EOF student. If I was granted the opportunity to do it once again I would 
definitely relive that amazing experience. I have met and worked with remarkable 
people here at Montclair State University. Not only have I made friends and sisters 
but, MSU has created a family away from home for me. 

As an undergraduate I have been very involved on campus. I have held numerous 
leadership positions such as, Vice President and President of the Matriarca Chapter 
of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, INC. , Publicity Chair and Latinismo Co-Chair of 
the Latin American Student Organization, member of the Emerging Leaders 
Learning Community, and Vice President of the Greek Council. While involved in 
these clubs I have earned and received various awards such as Greek Woman of the 
Year 2007-2008, Undergrad Sister of the Year 2007-2008, Senior Deans Award for 
Leadership and numerous academic excellence awards from the EOF department. In 
addition, I have also been recognized from the Residential Education Services for 
my dedication and creativity on my Community Assistant duties in Webster Hall. I 
must thank the Montclair State community for transforming me into the woman I 
am presently. Furthermore, I have not only expanded my knowledge, however, I 
have gained networking opportunities from what has been offered to me. In closing 
I can say now I am ready for the real world and triumph over any obstacles that may 
come my way. 

R&hndMark BiMere, AtfiMc Tramn§' Mc^&r 

1 my four years at Montclair State University, I was given the opportunity to grow and 
lange as an individual. The people I have had the pleasure of having as mentors and 
;achers at Montclair have shown me what it means to be an adult, and how an adult gains 
le respect of those around him or her. As a school, Montclair has been an oasis for me a 
iace where I knew there was something new to learn or discover, and a place where I would 
t able to find people who were able to get me where I wanted to be in life. I will miss my 
me at Montclair greatly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends I 
lade at MSU and my advisors, especially JD, Joe and Dr. Middlemas, for making my time 
: Montclair truly unforgettable. 


^(Me(^ o^ 



''-Mifie MiMa, BiiMer d Bne Arli I 

It's hard to pick my favorite things When it comes to talking about my Major/Department. I 
mean, if you break down my major.ifor four year I've been trained in skills on how to express 
myself visually. How sweet is that? Someone's artwork is a very personal thing. You'd be 
surprised how much critiques are like therapy. Not only that, but I've been able to try almost 
every medium and major in the^ilding. I never had any sort of art classes before Montclair, 
so when I came here I completg^ exploded. With the support of my professors and sick 
studios, my genius has really shown through. Maha. 

Calcia is filled with the m^ supportive, talented professors the school has to offer. From the 
adjuncts to the full-time professors, I have experienced nothing but support and tough love 
when I needed it. T^ey have helped me excel as an artist, and as well as a person. I owe them 
all tons, h,uy0^d to pick?— It would be the nicest, sweetest man in the world AKA Peter 
Barnet^jS^^nly does he let you know if your painting needs a dog in it, but we respectflilly 
ow at each other when we see each other. I love that man. Maha. 

I've studied in Santander, Spain and Florence, Italy. Studying Aboard has been one of the best 
experiences of my life, in EVERDOM. You can't beat the feeling— complete independence 
mixed with a good, old culture shock. In Spain, I learned to speak in a different tongue as I 
traveled through the south and into Portugal. In Florence, I came 

face to face with the impact of the Renaissance, and also what to come in Berlin. It's life 
changing, and everyone needs a little change. 

My undergraduate years at Montclair State University were actually very disappointing. 
Not the university itself, no. Montclair offered to me many opportunities to better 
myself and to experience different things. I, however, chose not to take advantage of 
everything that Montclair had to offer me. I chose to not challenge myself to get that ^\ 
I did only what I had to because I knew I would still get a B. I chose to only memorize [ 
my monologues for auditions, not rehearse them or work through them so they would 
grow. I chose not to challenge myself to become a better person. 

I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelors degree in Theater, but I a| 
not proud of myself like my family is. I don't feel like I earned it. Laziness and 
procrastination and doing okay are not things to be proud of, in my opinion. But I can! 
turn back the clock and do it over again. And even if I could, I don't know if I would cl 
anything differently. Because those four years have helped me to realize that I am capabi 
of doing bigger and better things. And I am capable of challenging myself and 
succeeding in those challenges. And I have realized that I don't want to be lethargic an(| 
unproductive anymore. Our lives are made up of the choices we make, and I am now 
choosing to make decisions I can be proud of. 

tAe /rnt^ 

Art & Design 
Communication Studies 
Theatre and Dance 

aents study 
the New York area's finest artist- 
teachers and internationally 
renowned guest teachers. CART 
produces art, dance, music and 
theatre programs, by students as 
K well as world-famous 
■ professionals, in MSU's fully 
I equipped performance and 
*> exhibition snaces. 


SBUS graduates are immediately 
effective in cutting-edge businesses 

in the modern global economy. 

SBUS, accredited by the AACSB 

International, emphasizes excellent 

teaching, small classes and attention 

to students' academic, personal and 

professional development. 


Accounting, Law & Taxation 

Economics & Finance 

International Business 

Management & Information Systems 




shman year began slowly without many surprises. I had an undeclared major and was 
ins; with flow of all the other students. During this time, I had registered for my first 
Marketing class and met the man that would help me shape my life, Dr. John McGinnis. I 
a ended his class like I had every other introductory course, without any expectations, 
bwever, when you have a class widi Dr. McGinnis, you cannot leave without being 

ched by his passion for the subject. Dr. McGinnis instruction had a profound effect on 
TV decision to major in Marketing. 


Em K Par^, Marketing' M^&r 

(ice I had decided to become a Marketing major, I was offered another great opportunity 
one of my peers. I joined a fraternity, Epsilon Delta Epsilon. I was very reluctant to join 
cause I was not a very outgoing person. After a lot of support from the President and the 
cretary of the fraternity, they re-assured me that I would feel at home. Joining the 
ternity allowed me to become more outgoing. I was surrounded by people with great 
lotivation, and for the first time in my college career I was on the Deans List. However, 
greatest outcome of all was that it allowed me to make some of the greatest friends I 
ve today. 

y goals for the future are to keep heading down the path of Marketing. I am still unsure 
which concentration I would like to work in but I would at least like to experience them 
. I plan to use my education as a means to further my career the best I can. My ultimate 

in life: to use all I have learned from my college career, both in school and out, to 
I main happy. 

Ge&rgie De Lah&z, AmimUng Mc^&n CrimimlJiMce Mimr 

My time at Montclair State University has been full of extraordinary experiences. 
From Bohn, to Blanton,to living in the village, the memories I have made here will 
never fade away. When I married Montclair in fall 2004, I was excited because I knew 
that this was going to be a relationship I was only going to experience once.The 
challenges that I have endured here at Montclair, have molded me into the individual 
I am today. By joining a brotherhood like Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity 
Inc., and starting a chapter for Alpfa, I have proven to my peers and myself that I 
posses the qualities of a true leader. From being so involved on campus, I have 
realized that its not about what you know, its about who you know that can get you 
far. Montclair State University has given me the opportunity to interact and gain 
relationships with such diverse individuals on a large scale. Since my time here at 
Montclair, I now know that college is all about experiencing new things. If I had to 
spend the next twenty years of my-life in college, I wouldnt spend them anywhere 
else, but Montclair. When ItJiink about it, I dont want to end my marriage with 
Montclair, I want to press the reset button and start this experience all over again. 
Where else can you find Montclair State's beauties? 


Vmnim Rm O'Brien, Piam Perprmnce Mc^&r 

1 1 can remember my first day as a freshman at Montclair State University, and how small and 
lost I felt, starting a new phase of my life in such a big place with so many other people. I 
didnt know anyone in the music department, and everyone around me seemed to know 
everyone else already. That quickly changed though, and soon I knew almost all of the other 
music majors. Friendships grew with some of the people I would have least expected at first. I 
have enjoyed getting to know my colleagues very much, and I have learned as much from 
them as I have from my professors and classes. 

One of the major challenges facing musicians is adjusting to a new teacher. I am very grateful 
' to my piano teacher, Dr. Ruth Rendleman, with whom I have studied during my four years at 
MSU. Not only is she a wonderful teacher and pianist, but she is a great person who has been 

*^. ,_,j very supportive of me and has helped me in so many ways, both as a musician and as a 
•rfelli person. Another person to whom I am gratefiil is Dr. David Witten, who has been my advisor 
and has helped me in numerous ways during my time at MSU. I will always remember him 
for his kind guidance and his great sense of humor. 

^I have been fortunate to have had many diverse and wonderful experiences during my time at 
Montclair. As a member of the University Singers, I have been to Russia on concert tour and 
* have visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as having sung in Carnegie Hall, which is a . 

dream come true for a musician. As a pianist, I have played in Steinway Hall in New York 
City, as well as participating in numerous performances at MSU, both solo and ensemble. 
These experiences have helped to shape me as a musician and as an individual. I have come to 
discover what my strengths are and what particular areas of music I enjoy the most. 

Ahead of me lies a new phase of my life, with new challenges and experiences. I know that 
what I have learned and experienced at MSU will help me to face what lies ahead and to make 
the right choices in my life. 


NatfianielJ. biert^, The&rif&CmpmiMn M^ 

As a student at the John J. Call School of music I've learned many 
important career skills such as the importance of diligent practice, th 
reward of lasting patience, and the value of timeliness. Being part of 
this school has also opened many doors to unique opportunities whi( 
can only be found at Montclair State University, such as the 
opportunity to study and perform on the actual instruments of the 
twentieth century American composer, Harry Partch. The school 
provides so many opportunities for its students to perform and be 
heard in numerous venues, ranging from our very own Kasser Theat 
to the Guggenheim Museum, and even tours in Russia with student! 
from the Moscow Conservatory of Music. With world class faculty 
and a brand new, state-of-the-art music building opening on campui 
next year, the John J. Call school of music is truly one of the preciou 
shining gems at Montclair State University. 


I J[usic Education 

JIusic Therapy 
i;]|Iusical Theater 


VLZ Studies 

'jheory & Composition 

Students benefit from the 

distinguished faculty and guest 

artists who teach and perform, and 

from our closeness to the cultural 

riches of New York City. We 

combine career-building 

opportunities with a liberal arts 

education to give students the tools 

they need to become working 






Team Roster 

Dan Aguilar, Jeff Angstadt, Brian Appleton, Shaun Bach, Shaun Bach, Tyler Beh, Bill Bertscha, 
Jeff Bliss, Taylor Bonner, Ryan Boysen, Kevin Bradley, Gary Brenner, Nathaniel Brown, Orville 
Campbell, Marco Capozzoli, David Clapp, Kevin Cloghessy, Nick Corvino, Dashawn Cribb, Troy 
Cyburt, Chris D'Andrea, Matt Davella, Dominique Dixon, Brian Drew, Chad Faulcon, Steve 
Feriozzi, Tom Fischer, Vin Fischer, Matt Fitzpatrick, Michael Fox, Dan Fulton, Joe Gelpi, Nick 
.. ^W^BSB^ ^^^^0^' Shawn Gibson, Kasey Geiger, Donte Gilliard, Michael Gofif, Jeremy 
Goldman; Jonathan Grasso, Marc Hemmer, Kevin Hill, Cornell Hunt (Captain) Matt Jimenez, 
Matt Rasparian, Dan Keegan, Ed Kirschenbaum, Gary Knoeppel, Dan Krainski, Joe LaSala, 
SteveaJasz^^^jjeban Leon, A J. Letizia (Captain), Byron Lewin, Dan Litz, Ron Litz, Mike; 
Bftre, Sal McGrady, Mario McLean, James Melody, Jeremy Mercer (Captain), 
^pMiller, Andrew Niebudek, Darwin Noel, Mike Palazzo, Eric Palmer, Jeff 
^fenass, Lewis Peccarelli, Rey Perez, Dan Poehls, Joe Reggio, Josh Rogers, 
^^n Scott (Captain), Omar Sevilla, Steve Shan, Jesse Shenker, Mike Sperduti 
'^^ ^Yessey Tejada, Jermaine Terrell, Colin Trautman, Brian Tweer, Alex 
||i^asilenko, Jason Wombough, Brian Wrubel 
I:- Head Coach: Rick Giancola 



f-^x^i p •• riftfih WPP^i|^Wf*^^P^ 





Team Roster 

Tyler Stakiwicz, Nick Mele, Teddy Ritter, Tyler 

Masterson (Captain), William Griffin, Mike Vermes, 

rian Miles, Owen Amster (Captain), Jason Lalk, Joseph 

ullen, Rodrigo Santiago, John Esposito, Chris Edelschein, 

ichael Cullen, Aytac Malta, Chris D'Amato, Eric Pfeifer 

(Captain), Jon Christensen, Jose Roque, Sean Pauls, 

Kevin Brown, Paul DeMartinis, Mike Pytlar, Mike Krol, 

Tim Dluoik, Thomas Benack, Sasa Dobrijevic, Dan 

Hernandez, Nate D'Aversa, Chris Caldaro, Juan Uribe, Bill 

Baker, David Rasmussen, Daragh Odea 

Coach Brian SentOTVski 




men's Soccer 






Senior midfielder Angela Martone (right) 

was named to the National Soccer 

Coaches Assocation of America 

(NSCAA) Division m Mid-Atlantic AU- 

Region Team. Martone, who helped 

Moatclair to the ECAC Tournament 

semifinal:; tni^ past fB^-son, was chosen to 

ihe Third Team. 



Regular Season: 11-10-2 
NJAC Record: 5-3-1 

iThe Power of Purpose 

mPtkiPmr aim i/^ M fu^ dnd m 
miM i^l^, i)i^fralkr IhzPmr Mm ^ 
M im and m reach iP 

Team Roster 

Amy O'Connor 
Leah Tepperman 
Katie Hazzard 
Tina Delia Fave 
Stefani Elefther 
Natalia Sisti 
Megan Brown 
Nicole Anulewicz 
Alexandra Casperson 
Jennifer Kelleher 
Liza Offreda 

***Angela Martone 


Christyn Scillieri 
Katie Minervini 
Rachel Senyszyn 
Jennifer Rosas 

***Nicole Kogut 


Jackie McGrath 

Christina DeMaitinis 

Christina Nunes 

Danielle Keim 

Symone Seldon 

Casey Shuckers 

Christina Caamano 

Coach Eileen Blair 


Emina Udrjia 

Justine DiPaolo 

Deana Hagel 

Danielle AJtersitz 

Joanna DePierro 

Kathleen Leone - Captain 

Rebecca Dobiesz 

Megan Walsh - Captain 

Kelly Churchill 

Diana Colombo 

Melissa Flaherty 

Melissa Kistle 

Cora Delfini 

Adrian Hunter 

Melissa Buttray 

Rebekah Keller 

Megan Pietrunti 

Jenna Galatro 

Chelsea Keelen 

Alexandra Neidig 

Devin McNamara 

Annalisa Valerio 

Jessica Murphy 

Kelly Montgomery 

Molly Hartman 

Jenna Gallo - Captain 

Megan Douglass 

Katelynn Benson 

Coach Beth Gottung 


: ! 


Team Roster 

Adrianne Moe-Captain 

Karen Martin 
Kara Burnham 
Devon Johnston 
Raisa Silva-Captain 

Kristen Ruggieri 
Shani Mendelsohn 
Angela Papasso 
Anna Chesnakova 
Christine Toskovich 
Meghan Stevens 
Coach Elise Cooper 









/ > 

1 M 





Team Roster 

Tom Bonard 

Ali Mix 

Joe Alberts 

Paul Siljee 

Hal Abraham 

Daniel McRae 

Maurice Torres 

Geoff Grivalsky 

Ken Dudley 

James Williams 

Ryan Washington 

Richard Brown 

John Byrne 

Sean Young 

Jon Georges 

Brendan Holland 

Enrico Younger 

Chris McCann 

Coach Ted Fiore 


Jamilee Pflug 
Jessica Sartorio 
Brittney Griffin 
Kara Burnham 
Caitlin Meslar 
Jackie Berry 
Jenna Totaro 
Jenna McFarland 
Marianne McGovern 
Kisandra Ayanbeku 
Catherine Cristino 
Jaime Ericson 
Stefanie Phillips 

Coach Karin Harvev 


W&mn'^ BoMlia^ 


Team Roster 

Women's Team: Kelly Abner, Jacklyn Beck, Christina Crossin, *Raquel 

Erwin-Captain, Laura Flynn, Allie Golden, Laura Hess, Galina Loutchouk 

Kaitlyn McGowan, Stephani Mercogliano, *Kaitlin Muchler-Captain, 

Jessica Patalano, Gabrielle Quinones, Jillian Reichardt, Laura Spadoni, 

Lauren Uckar, Nicole Van Avery, *Amy Wuko-Captain i 

Men's Team: *John Adams-Captain, Anthony Cacella, *Matt Cappilla- 

f V— *^|ti Shawn Cbg^ibrovich, Chris DeMuro, Ryan Fanning, Sean Frencl" 
'^-'--^'^'^ ' Gordon, Kevin Growney, Derek Henrichsen, Matt 
^- ■'- : 1. 3/xO, *Jon Kurtz-Captain, Blaise Lacca, Chris Lee 

Coach Brian McLaughlin 



Swimming and Diving 



Team Roster 

Jay Bionde 

Michael Kaminski 

Mickey McGraw 

Kevin Miller 

Francisco Ramirez 

Scott Evangelist 

Andrew Himmelfarb 

Matt Hartwick 

Matthew Gelston 

Nick Recchia 

Joseph Zembryski 

Lou Cautero 

Mike Ercolano 

Drew Bridgman 

Sam Politan 

John Masklee 

Zachary Brown 

Michael Boggi 

Brian Chrashewsky 

Michael Streaman 

Jason Lopez 

Ed Kloepping 

Peter Vilardi 

Timothy Swift 

Adam Bergman 

Michael Vitale 

Scott Glozzy 

Yessy Tejada 

Sean Hille 

Daniel Kliederian 

Jonathan Trotter 

Sean Galligan 

Kevin Bond 

David Mendoza 

Kevin Wieme 

Mathew Rago 

Scott Shan 

Daniel Nodarse 

Giovanni Caraballo 

Head Coach: Norm Schoenig 
(Montclair State 72, 22nd 
Season), Assistant Coachs: 

Matt Belford, Joe Georgewitz, 

Jay Cook, Leon Shade, 

Michael Vicaro, John Brandi 


Team Roster 

Megan Durkin 
Leigh Ann Murduci 
Samantha Depken 
Stephanie Szeliga 
Elia Persico 
Megan Bryson 
Jennifer Jimenez 
Kelly Nance 
Jill Leonard 
Kelly Karp 
Shannon Mozek 
Dana Osborne 
Michelle Moat 
Adrian Hunter 
Adrian Rastocny 
Leslie Gonzalez 
Kacie Neurouter 
Amanda Livsey 

Head Coachs Anita Kubicka 
(Trenton State '84, 19th Season) 

-t?isisi:aoi Coacliesi Ryan Doty, 





Patrick Ferry 
William Clark 
Ronnie Umphenour 
Tyler Meth 
Patrick Nann 
Robert Sinicola 
John Schiavone 
Tyler Meixner 
Taylor Bonner 
Thomas Bowers 
Kevin O'Brien 
Collin Marsh 
Greg Fitzgerald 
Marc Guido 
Robert Glander 
Jonathan Lopez 
Mike Corsetto 
Douglas Kennedy 
George Warburton 
Brad Van Kalsbeck 
James Carbonello 
Dan Rawson 
Richie Lachner 
Scott Livingstone 
Chris Bachman 
Matthevv^ Prongay 
Andrew Rosado 
Thomas Ring 
Matt Cecere 
Mario Passafiume 
Ryan Hanhart 
Dustin Malaszuk 
Ryan McNamara 
Mike Gnsanr^ 


- -.ri iorrisi 
liicuons, Dan Cuff 

Men<l Jlac/ixM£^ 


ame^d^ J!> 



0t Mk. -"vn 





"^ >i 

t ^r. '^ 

a , ^r~^. 

Team Roster 

Lauren Adams 

Marykate DiBenedetto 

Jamie Hudacko 

Carla Davis 

Maggie Fallon 

Meghan Spitzer 

Cora Delfini 

Morgan MacPhee 

Ashley Krzysik 

Tracey Manella 

Rebekah Crane 

Alex Scerbak 

Marie Zecca 

Kayla Henderson 

Sara Watson 

Kristin Quigley 

Christina Crossin 

Head Coach 

Nicol Parcelluzzi 

Assistant Coach 

Kelsey Withrow 




Team Roster 

Derek Adair, Gregoiy Bardzell, William Brown, David Byrne, Brian Cooper, Matthew Cusack, 

Terence Daly, Timothy Duwhite, Jr., Robert East, Eric Gershey, David Helterbran, III, Ryan 

Henderson, Terry lavarone, Anthony Izzo, Adenford Jean-Philippe, Damier Johnson, Michael 

Johnson, Mike Julich, Kevin Linico, James Luginsland, Glen Murphy, Michael Palazzo, Dwight 

Palmer. James Pszwaro, Austin Schaller, Marc Seemon, Jacob Spann, John Tancer, Lee Tedeschi, 

Akeem Thomas, Tony Williams 
Head Coach: Aubrey Lewis, Jr. 

Track Sr field 

Team Roster 

Captain Mike Morano, Gabe Gil, Jeff Sereni, Gio LoBue, Matt Scarfuto, Tim 

Lamore, Albert McAa^^i, Greg Addo, Bryan Fucetola, Matt Brill, Mike 

Chervenyak, Ryan Coltelli, Adam Siljinoski, Javon Tompson, Joe Nayda, Da 

Hennessy, Andy Valenzuela, Andrew Gibson 


a montclair state university club sport 


Michelle G>_ 

PrisciUa Heidmuiiii 

Kathryn LaScaia 

Michelle Moore 

Melissa Resnick 

Ericka Reynolds 

Staci Shalkowski 

Amanda Sibilio 

Megan Vitale 

Linda White 

a montclaif state university club sport 

Team Roster 

Joseph Fede 
Eric Zullo 
Sean Guenther 
Ian Crane 
Brett Crane 
Kenny Renae 
Oscar Jaramillo 
Zachary Lancaster 
Bill Freeswick 
Andre Sigismondo 
JT Baxter 
Joshua Baptist 
Joseph Frasciello 
Matt Popan 
Doug Kubek 
Robert Harclerode 
Erik Perdon 
Chris Spadone 
Brian Waitt 
Mike Branin 
Kevin Fox 
Charles Kemmlein 
Sean Mercer 
Scott Geltman 
Mike Bowser 
Tim Feeley 
Chris Keresztes 
Tyler DeBock 
Tyler Timek 
Eric Czulowski 

Staff Roster 

Lee Elias 
Joe Ballance 
Adam Elsayed 
Taylor Berkowitz 
Nick Kryshak 
Kate Torsiello 
Tim Fox 

SPC. Mike Alexander 
Matt Maniscalco 
Dan Erhardt 
Liz Collins 
Matt Schachtel 



a montclair state university club sport 


a montclair state university club sport 




r' '^!^H 

■fee -^ 









- * 



Team Roster 

Justin V. Sabas - Captain, Micliael DiMedio, Mattliew Forsythe, Christian 

Wiech - Co-Captain, Dhimitri Robo, Brian Pastor, Billy Lhotsky, Michael 

Walsh, Michael Rovetto, David Peck, Joshua Cohen, Roy Venturina, Josepl:] 

Daibes, Patrick John Padilla, Garry Schragenheim 


ASSIST is an organization that promotes charity and community 

service on the MSU campus. We hold events to not only raise 

funds for local, state, national, and international charities, but 

also to raise awareness of the importance of such not-for- 

profits in our society. We have raised funds for numerous 

charity organizations that serve a broad spectrum of purposes, 

including a New York based LGBTQ youth homeless shelter, 

Disabled Musicians Coalition, UNICEF, Child's Play, and the 

All-Stars Project of Newark. 

Executive Bo;|ci 
President - Jennifer Frs'ik 
Vice President - Chrissy Ada o 
Treasurer - Robin Bc;.n 
Secretary - Maura Julli^o 
Head of Public Relations - Jess Lo;ik 
Assistant to the Head of P.R. - Jen Pix'} 
Coffeehouse Co-chairs - David Peck, Tia B'd 

didja know that... 

The full name of the organization is Active Students Serving In Society 
Together, but most refer to it simply as ASSIST // ASSIST is well- 
known for their bi-monthly Coffeehouses, which serve as a consistent 
place for students to perform open-mic acts // ASSIST celebrated its 
10th anniversary as an SGA organization in 2009 by hosting a 
"Decorate-Your-Cupcake" event at a Red Hawk Nite. 121 

. Executive Boarc 

■■ President - Afieslia Rua 

Vice President - Dennis How 

SGA Legislator - Vaughn McEnoug 

^ Treasurer - Latoya Dunkle 

Secretary - Vanessa Vele 

Event Coordinators - India Huglies & Arriel Mile 

!!v relations Officers - Lesley Gentles & NJ Nnenna Obisel 

Historian - Obiageli lliol- 
paribSO Representatives - Alana Maharaj & Kemi Gampbr 
Student Advisors - R eginald Stainfil & Marcia Hughe 


a Class One Orgaanization of the SGA, Inc. 

Together We 
Achieve the 

What best describes CaribSO?: 

Diversity to the fullest. Although we 
are a Caribbean Student Organization, 
more that 75% of our members are not 
even from the Caribbean! 

didja know that... 

CaribSO gives students the chance to 
experience and be a part of the Caribbean 
culture through food, dance, music, and our 
many events. Tliis supports our purpose to 
unite and educate people together in culture. 

-CaribSO is an organization that reaches to all 
walks of life, not just solely the Caribbean!!! 

-Although newly chartered as a Class One 
Organization, CaribSO is one of the largest 
and well known organizations to have ever 
hit the Montclair State Campus. 

-CaribSO was founded in 1992 Greyson 
Hannigan a Jamaican man, who felt the need 
to unite all the Caribbeans in the Montclair 

-CaribSO's dance troupe was founded in 2004 
by past president Reginald Stainfil 

-The year 2008 2009 marks the first year that 
CaribSOs executive board comprises of 12 E- 
board MEMBERS!!! 


is an organization 
that coordinates, 
encourages, and 
promotes a variety 
of concert 

didja know that... 

Jay-Z played here the week before he went on MTVs Spring Break and 
gained his fame // Our members not only see some of the greatest concerts 
of their lives but help put the concerts on // Class One Concerts has 
booked, back in the day, artists such as the Ramones, Meatloaf, Billy Idol, 
and Brvice Springsteen. 

events for the 
entire university, 
also provides 
training and 
experience to 
members inside thel 
music industry. 




^^V^- - " 









Executive Board 

Executive Producer - Will Senedzuk ^ 
Associate Producer - Mike Launay 
Business Manager- Erika Schnatz 
Administrative Assistant- Melissa Nash 



Without music life would be a mistake. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 

didja know that... 

CLUB runs and organizes 

Homecoming week, 

Winterball and Spring Week 

Executive Board 

President - Caitlin Mortara 

Vice President - Denise Vecci 

Treasurer - Kiystal Acosta 

Secretary - Nikita Ramoo 

The purpose of the HSA is to promote the awareness, respect and 

better understanding of the Haitian history, culture and traditions 

via social and cultural programs designed to further educate the 

MSU community. HSA also strongly encourages diversity v/ithin 

the organization v/hile primarily aiming at introducing the 

MSU community to the history, culture, foods and traditions 

of Haiti, Haitians and the Haitian American community. 


Summer Fling 
Date Auction 
Cultural Soiree 
Haitian Aware. Wk 
Fashion Show 
Night of Praise 
Night of Love 
Dance Off 
Alumni Dinner 
Annual Dinner 


*HSA of the Year 2008 
*HSA of the Year 2007 
*HSA of the Year 2006 

Awarded by New Jersey 
Haitian Student Association 

*Class II of the Year 2004 
*Class II of the Year 2003 

Awarded by Student 
Government Association 

HSA is a Class One Organization of the SGA, Inc 

*HSA was foundedin 1991* 

Want to know More? 

Visit our website @ 




Vice President 



Public Relations 

Public Relations 


SGA Represntative 

NJHSA Representative 

Executive Assistant 

Love Constant 
Cleveland Morinvil 
Mydege Pierre Louis 
To mora Suvil 
Gedwan Blanc 
Shomma Ducasse 
Melissa Desir 
Monica Robinson 
Johnny Pierre 
Jacques Harry-Joseph 



Monique Fleurimond 

Alexandra Jacques 

Marline Edmond 

Belinda Thelisma 

Sebastien Denis 

Kenisha Caulley 

La urine Laurore 

Judline Tumson 

Vanessa Denis 

Herbert Bolivar 

Alana Ma ha raj 

Jasmine Philippe 

Berman Jecrois 

Medji Jean 

Daphne Jean Baptise 
Melissa Saint-Natus 
Johannah Buissereth 
Marquline Vol 
Calvin Dolorien 
Yvannie St. Luc 
Nurley Exavier 
Karah Joseph 
Sam Belony 
Regine Cadet 
Patrick Paul 
Pierre Thertus 
T ony Lucas 


oo ^ 

Our purpose is to promote awareness of 
the Indun culture by organizing events 
that involve both traditional and non- 
traditional cLiltiiral activities. 

(Mja know that- 

We participate in cliaritahle activities 

throLighoLit the year, as well as donating 

to fundraisers and charities // We ai'e a 

very diverse cLiib and are open to eveiy 

race, cLiltiire, and religion // We love to 

feed the campiis with different varieties of 

south Asian food- LiSLially all of OLir 

events liave free food 

Class One Organization of the Year 

ndian culture dub 

A Class One Organization of the SGA, Inc. 

•u.U. International Student Orqanizatior 

A Class One Organization of the SGA, Inc. 


E-Board 2008 

The Latin American 

Student Organization 

was founded in 1970 by 

a group of Latino 

Students. The purpose 

of LASO is to expose the 

campus community to 
Latin America influences 
in music, art, Literature, 
history, and cuisine, as 
well as educational and 
sociopolitical concerns. 
Lasos main goal is to 

provide relevant 
programming not only 
for thelLMtto studies 
but also for the entire 
campus community. 
LASO has also taken an 
active role in issues that 
not only affect the 
Latino students on 
^;- campus but affect 
iiifferent students 

Executive Board 2009 

President - Joed Lopez 

Vice President - Jose Parra 

\ssistant to President - Giannil Hidalgo 

Secretary - Shawna Mcmillan 

Treasurer - Danny Jarowoi 

Publicity Chair - Kimberley Parrales 

atin Pride - Patricia Polanco 

atinissimo - Ileana Moyano 

atin Music - Christian Lozada 
IliLatin Culture and Education - Darlene Santos 
dj- Historian -Jonathan Royle 

008-2009 Officers 
'r^resident - Mabel Almonte 
Treasurer - Kyle Little 

Latin American Student Organization 

A Class One Organization of the SGA, Inc. 




Or§a^zatim ^/ SUde^^t^pr Apim/f Unit 

The Purpose of the Organization of Students for African Unity is to build cooperation and respect; 
among students, faculty, and the administration of the Montclair State University; to understand an. 
appreciate one another's history and culture in order to create a harmonious college atmosphere; t 

be model of interaction for the campus community 


Executive Board 

President - Alysha Alston 

Vice-President - Dajia Broady 

Secretary - Tamar Alyssa VanDerVeer 

Treasurer - Clayton Cole 

SGA Representative - Candace Barnes 

Cultural Affairs Chairperson's - Laurie Tucker / Austin Smith 

Kitabu Chairperson - Karla Bagley 

Performing Arts Chairperson - Lauren Rohan 

African American Heritage Chairperon - Stacy Ann Brown 

Publicity Chairperson - Kyle Teabout 


A Class One Organization of the SGA Inc. 


Executive Board • , 

President: Sarah Metelsky | 

Vice President: Emily Tully 
Treasurer: Kate Read 
Secretary: Stephanie Golda 
Production Manager: Megan Greener 
n Publicity Chair: Steve Pelletteri 
Box Office: Kelly Rice 
Historian: Allyssa Hynes 

is a 72 year old organization that provides opportunities for students to work in all aspects of theater 




This Year's Productions 
"Players Everywhere" Choreographed Sword Fight in the SC 

Theater 24 "Player's Thea... The Commuter's Lounge" 
Shadow Box Cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" 

Mainstage Show "WASP" by Steve Martin 

Mainstage Show "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" 

Mainstage Show "Hamlet" 

Student Written and Directed "One Acts" Nights 

Montclair Improv League and Friends "Improv Nights" 

Players Cabaret Nights 


Let Us Entertain You! 


Executive Board 

President - Jonathan Preciado 

Vice President - Frances Tavares 

Treasurer - Jack Stovall 

Secretary - James Romero 

Assistant Secretaiy - Amanda Lotto 


The Greek Council at Montclair State University will: 

—Provide programs and services to the both the campus and surrounding 


— Community service that gives back to the towns that surround our University 
— Programming that is educational, interesting, and fun for the student body. 
—Maintain itself as a structured organization that is supportive of all Greek and non- 
Greek Organizations on the MSU Campus. 

— The Executive board will develop positive, working relationships with Executive boards of 
other organizations. 

— All resources of the Council will be allocated in such a way to equally benefit each 

— Special programs will be developed for members of the Greek Community to facilitate inter- 
organization relationships. 

—Work and act in such a way to present the Greek community as professionals both on 
and off campus. 

— Press releases to The Montclarion and other campus publications. 

— Work with the marketing department, and students majoring in marketing to help market 
Greek life to the public off campus. 

— Enable a team of Greek spin doctors to promote and publicize Greek events on campus. 


Aw^ka jota Qkl 

A Class V Organization 
of the SGA, Inc. 

our possibilities are endless 

Executive Board 

President - Sarah Gagliano 

Vice President - Heather Donaire 

Secretary - Jessie Kozmoski 

Treasurer - Allison Santucci 

Sergeant at Arms - Aiko Edrolin 


didja know that... 

Alpha Phi Omega was 

created in 1925 and 

brought to Montclair State 

University in 1962 // Our 

chapter, Nu Psi, is one of 

over 300 chapters across 

the U.S. // A few of us 

took a trip in December to 

the APO National 

Convention held in Boston 

Class V Organization 
the SGA, Inc. 


Eric Strickland 
VP of Membership 
Crystal Moore 
VP of Service 
Priscilla Duenas 
David Kreamer 
Sargent of Arms 
James Carolan 
Recording Secretary 
Katie Lynn Cook 
Corresponding Secretary 
Morgan Bardall 
FelloTvship Chair 
Danielle Kelly 

Our organizations purpose is to promote 

service in the community through the three cardinal principals of 

Alpha Phi Omega which are leadership, ftiendship, and service. 


didja know that... 

Mostly all of the members of the Athletic Training 

Club find an interest in basketball // Majority of the 

Club Members are also athletes // Athletic Training 

Club has a Spring Barbeque every year 

AtkleJ^ "^^ximmcz Glmi 

A Class III Organization 
of the SGA, Inc. 

Executive Board TreasMer 
President - Mike Morano AntAoHy 
Vice President -Liz Piech 
Secretary - Nick Montano 
Treasurer - Anthony Andreadis 


A\i(ie Morano 

Secretary ■^.» i^^ ^^ ^ 

A/ic^ Montano i ^^Hf^'^ 

know that... 

^e love openness and dialogue and enjoy tackling "controversial 
iubjects" with care and love, especially in our on-campus events. " 
relieve in talking about what's on our mind, listening, and having 
others talk to // We encourage and equip Christians to share their 
'aith boldly and compassionately with others (Mark l6:15) // We 
meet people where they are at" and want to grow together in 
fellowship because our chief joy is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ 
that we do 

Executive Board 

Joanna Fuentes - President 

Jeanette Quinones - Vice President 

Margaret Owusu - Secretary 

Dorothy J. Scott - Treasurer 

CHANGE Collegian Network (CCN) is a non-denominational Christian organization that 
'focuses heavily on rooting and grounding Christians in their faith, strengthening their 
Foundational theology (study of God), and preparing them to"be ready always to give 
an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with 
meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15) through the use of apologetics (the branch of 
I theology that focuses on defending the faith). At CCN fellowships, we enjoy group 
i|/orship, prayer, fellowship, and teaching. We also enjoy numerous on and off campus 
events designed to both grow Christians and reach out to others. 


non-SGA ore. 

We, the brothers and sisters of Epsilon Delta Epsilon, strive to serve our diverse and 
international members as a professional organization by providing knovv^ledge, 
leadership, friendship, acknowledgment for academic achievements, and career 
oriented opportunities to develop and enhance our members, the leaders of tomorrov 

Executive Board 
President - Anthony Questa 
Treasurer - Ishmael Flemming 
Secretaiy - Diana Lopez 
Public Relations - Mike Holland 
Webmaster - Danielle Martin 

We are a student organization that is committed to "Excellence 

in Developing Entrepreneurs." Please feel free to visit our links 

to learn more about who we are and how you can make 

yourself a more marketable individual by joining us. 

We are a professional fraternity that does not engage in 

traditional hazing of new members. We value hard work, 

dedication, loyalty, academic achievement and respect above 

all. EDE was founded in 1964 by Dr, Joseph Hecht in order to 

provide students with a way of distinguishing themselves from 

their contemporaries. In order to be eligible for membership 

you must be a Marketing, Retailing or International Business 

Major with a GPA of at least a 3.0 and a desire to be an active 

member. To this day, Epsilon Delta Epsilon upholds these 
strong values and continues to follow our mission for success. 

Our Mission: 

To assist college and university chapters in the growth and development of 

excellence in Retailing, Marketing, and International Business. // To 

promote development of ideas and attitudes of professionalism and 

fellowship among its members. // To recognize individuals who have 

achieved high scholastic achievement in Retailing, Marketing, and 

International Business. // To provide the university's community with 

knowledge to further cultural awareness. // To provide members with 

support and leadership for continuing academic achievements. // To sei-ve 

the community through service and volunteer work. 


didja know that... 

We were chartered in the Fall of 2008, so 

this was our first year on campus // We 

hosted 2 charity clothing drives this year. 

We collected and donated winter coats for 

Jersey Cares in December, and prom dresses 

for Catherines Closet in February // We are 

happy to help other organizations with their 

fashion shows, this year we helped Team 

Nicaragua with their Fair Trade Fashion 

Show, and the Financial Literacy Program 

and the Financial Management and 

Economic Society with their fashion show. 

A Class III Organization of the SGA, Inc. 

ExecLiti\"e Board 

President, Founder - Samantha Lanzerotti 

Vice President - Courtney Bixino 

Secretary - Jennifer Christie 

Treasurer - Thomas Maroulakos 

Public Relations Chairs - Alyssa Alper and Lisa Kaschak 

The Fashion Club offers students the opportunity to enjoy fashion related 
activities beyond the classroom. By taking trips and hearing from guest 
speakers, the students of MSU now have the opportunity to explore the 

many different facets of the fashion industry. This semester weve hosted 
Sheryl Blasnik, a professional, freelance stylist, who taught us the steps 
necessary to becoming a stylist. We also visited the Museum of the City 
of NY, and with a guided tour our members learned about Valentina, a 
historic American designer famous in her day. The Fashion Club has 
made it much easier for students to develop a strong networking based 
amongst our student body, faculty, and beyond the MSU campus. 

Gotta Be Green is MSU's veiy own environmental organization. Our goals as an 

organization is not only to raise awareness of environmental issues but also encourage 

real tangible action in environmental issues from ourselves and the community. We 

aim to do this by promoting "environmentally friendly" activities that are also a lot of 

fun. Through the efforts of Gotta Be Green and the campus at large, we hope that 

over time Montclair State University will become a renowned "Green Community." 

Mother Nature is a Mad 
Scientist! - Cosmo Kramer 

Executive Board 
President - James Nye 
Vice-President - Leah Thiel 
Treasurer - Leah Tepperman 
Secretaiy - Carrie Hicks 

didja know that... 

"Going Green" means "Getting Dirty" 

// Since Spring 2008, our Campus 

Cleanups have cleaned up nearly 

2,000 lbs of garbage from this 

campus // Dr. Nicholas Smith- 

Sebasto (Gotta Be Green's faculty 

advisor) has composted over 53,000 

lbs of food waste from the Student 

Center and University Hall since 

September 2007 

\ Z 



Helping Each Other and Redefining Tomorrow A Class II Organization 

of the SGA, Inc. 

The purpose of this organization is for students to come together and participate in 
community service. H.E.A.R.T. is a pliilantliropic organization dedicated to improving 

the lives of others. The members of this organization are committed to lielping the 

young, the elderly, the troops, animals, and the environment. H.E.A.R.T. serves 
numerous communities including Montlcair, Lodi, Jersey City, Newark, and Paterson. 

didja know that... 

Over the past 4 years H.E.A.R.T. has 

made and sent hundreds of cards 

and letters to terminally ill children 

all over the country // In Fall 2008, 

H.E.A.R.T. sponsored a ponytail 

drive for "Pantene Pro-V's Beautiful 

Length Campaign". Thanks to the 

help of our dedicated volunteers, we 

collected almost 50 ponytails to be 

made into wigs for women with 

cancer // Through co-sponsorships 

with various MSU organizations, 

H.E.A.R.T. was able to collect 

enough food for a local food pantry 

to replenish their food supply and 

provide Thanksgiving dinners to 

hundreds of families in Newark 

Executive Board 
President - Amanda Kucsera 
Vice President - Maria Vicente 
Secretary - Michelle Hagerty 
Treasurer - Alissa Mahacleen 
PR - Kelly Teegan 
Historian - Melanie Simoes 


didja know that... 

Hillel helped Dr. Kogan promote the Jewish American 
Studies Minor // Hillel was featured in MSU News for 
one of our Shabbat Services //Hillel had a Holocaust 
Sunivor during Holocaust Remembrance Week with 
the help of our advisor David Sanders 



A Class II Organization of the SGA, Inc. 

Hillel strives to promote a united 

Jewish community at Montclair 

State University. We sei've as the 

voice of that community, in 

addition to providing religious and 

social programming for the entire 

campus, Jew and non-Jews. 

Executive Board 

President - Abraham Ades 

Vice President - Jack Tawil 

Secretary - Rebecca Horowitz 

Treasurer - Evan Oberstein 

General Membership Liaison - Zachaiy Ehlrich 

Advisor - David Sanders 

General Membership 

Sam Friedman 

Jordan Launer 

Brett Kreiger 

Ariel Chaiet 

Greg Blumberg 

Jerry Yalovitser 

Dave Clarke 



Executive Board 

[oaquin Ortiz - President 

Frank "Panda" Quinones - Vice President 

Noel Cortes - Secretary 

Kenny Medrano - Treasurer 

Steven Mateo - Casique 

Georgie De Lahoz - Social chair 

Ramda a>iqnuA^ ^pAiUn 

s. Class V Organization of the SGA, Inc. / / 

Our purpose is to educate the community about AIDS, provide cultural 
value, and to help brothers and the community graduate from college. 

<idja know that... 

liU was the first Latino Frat to step. We hosted the biggest 
'ep and Stroll Show in September with about 900 attendees 
\ We celebrated our 25 year anniversary this semester for 
lonarca // We participated in AIDS and Cancer research 








A ^-'1 


Jlamda ^au Omeaa 

w A Clas! 

Class V Organization 
of the SGA, Inc. 

Excellence through Unity, Knowledge, and Dedication 

didja know that... 

Lambda Tan Omega was 

founded in 1988 at 

Montclair State College now 

known as Montclair State 

University // Lambda Tau 

Omega is a Multicultural 

Organization // The colors 

of Lamda Tau Omega are 

Royal Blue and Light Grey 

Executi\'e Board 
President - Tiffany Perez 
Vice President - Marisol Torres 
Secretaiy - Diana Gil 
Treasurer - Jalisa Smith 







Bf'ii / fc.— . 


" "^M 











didja know that... 

We are the FIRST Latin Sorority in the Nation // Our Colors are 
Burgundy and Grey // We were founded in 1975 at Kean University 

The Purpose of 

Lambda Theta 


shall be the 

establish a 


based on 

Unity, Love and 


To provide 

Social and 



and carry on 

charitable and 



Jlamoia "^keta Alp^ka 

A Class V Organization of the SGA, Inc 

Executive Board 
President - Disnalda Vargas 
Vice President - Yashira Mojica 
Secretary - Patricia Polanco 
Treasurer - Yashira Mojica 

iJiM kf Tradi^Um, A/o^fSif he^mtlm 


didja know 

Gamers won Class 
III of the year in 
2008 // We hold 
tournaments every 
month with 
awesome prizes // 
No other club plays 
as much Apples to 
Apples or Super 
Smash Brothers as 
we do! 

Our Purpose Statement: To provide a safe and clean environment for students to 

gather and participate in community games and activities. We will provide a central 

point for the many Montclair students who enjoy gaming that they would not have 

otherwise. We are be a community club, linking students with each other and 

introducing people to others that share their hobbies and interests, allowing for a 

richer and developed sense of community amongst the Montclair student body. We 

also introduce new students to a fun, relaxing, and entertaining world that few get a 

chance to experience otherwise 

Executive Board 

Justin To we 
Vice President 
Joe Campos 
Robin Boan 
David Marconi 
Public Relations 
James Carolan 
Katie Lynn Cook 
Tournament Masterj 
Mycroft Boyd ' 

]L54 A Class II Organization of the SGA, Inc. i 

didja know that... 

2008-2009 is Tloe Montdarion's first year as an 
independent newspaper. // Tlye Moutclarion 
won Third Place in the General Excellence 
Categoiy in the 2008 New Jersey Better 
College Newspaper Contest. // Tlje 
Montdarion won the 2008 College Press 
Freedom Award presented by the Student 
Press Law Center and Associated Collegiate 
Press in Kansas City, Miss. 

ditor in Chief: Bobby Melok 

•fanaging Editor: Michael Campbell 

.|roduction Editor: Eric Strickland 

lusiness Manager: Aaron Kiedes 

tews Editor: Kristie Cattafi 

mature Editors: Peter Schaus & Colleen Porter 

rts & Entertainment Editor: Jessica Lozak 

'pinion Editor: Robert Buddy Aitken 

ports Editor: Nelson DePasquale 

pief Copy Editor: Christine Adamo 

hoto Editors: Joseph Matthew McCullough & Sarah Stanley 

raphics Editor: Sam Gherman 

ditorial Cartoonist: Lou Cunningham g 

Webmaster: James Carolan i 

The Moiitclarioii is the weekly, 

independent student newspaper of 

Montclair State University. It strives to 

report on campus news, arts, opinions 

and sports. The Montdarion aims to 

provide an outlet for young journalists to 

hone their reporting skills and learn 

about newspaper layout and design, 

while building a clip book to show 

I employers after graduation. 

Executive Board 
President - Frances Taveras 
Vice President - Ruxy Cordero 
Secretaiy - Leyshla Moscoso 
Treasurer - Vanessa Rivera 



The founders were five women determined to establish an organization in 1981 that 
brouglit together not just women of the same bacl^ground, but all women. It was the: 
limitless vision that enabled these determined women to break down the barriers am 
build the bridges that connected women from all different parts of the world. Hence | 
our motto "Mujeres Siempre Unidas," or "Women Always United. I|j 



- ^T^^^^v" / — 


IgL \i 



didja know that... 

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc is the first Multicultural Sorority in the Nation 

// Our Mascot is the fierce, strong, and independent Amazon Women // Mu 

Sigma Upsilon has been proud to be a Stepping organization since 1981 

didja know that... 

For over 40 years the work of 

the Newman Catholic Campus 

Ministry has been present at 

Montclair State University // We 

help students to grow in their 

lith through spiritual, social, and 

semce events // This past year 

the Newman Catholic Campus 

/linistry experienced tremendous 

growth, and we now have 

almost 200 members 

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry: We kneel before God 
and can stand up against anything 

Executive Board 
llatthew Boyle '10 - President 
telly Karcher '10 - Vice President 
Veronica Haegele '11 - Treasurer 
>helsea PuUion '11 - Recording Secretary 
'ru Welch '10 - Corresponding Secretary 
larry Muscat '11 - PR Director 
i5rittany Tobjy '11 - Retreat Director 


19 7 8 



didja know that... i' 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated 
Kappa Epsilon Chapter helped create 
the Greek Council at Montclair State // sj 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv' Inc. Kappa P 
Epsilon Chapter was the first African- 
American fraternity at MSU 1978-2009 
// Phi Beta Sigma fraternity has a 
graduation rate of 99-9 percent 

Executive Board 

President - Jacob J. Spann 

Vice President - Kent Acquah-Abbiw 

Treasurer - Jacob J. Spann 

Secretary - Kent Acquah-Abbiw 

Culture pr Senriae md Ser\/iee F&r Humnitf 

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma are the Fraternity's most valuable resource and strength. 
They are the primaiy means by which Phi Beta Sigma objective will be achieved. In Order 

to accomplish the Fraternity's objectives, it is essential that systems are instituted that ^ 

effectively embody "Culture For Sei-vice and Service For Humanity" and promote .^^i 

Brotherhood Scholarship, and Sei-vice. W%, 

PUl lleia 

A Class V Organization of tfe SGA, Inc. 


Phi Beta Sigma fraternity Sigma's effectiveness, the Fraternity will: 

-Strengthen and serve proactively, the Brotherhood, as a supportive resource that positively impacts the Fraternity'; 

grov^th and financial solvency. 

-Reaffirm and maintain a strong commitment to Brotherhood. Scholarship and Service. 

-Ensure that the Fraternity programs are focused and committed to serving humanity. 

-Create an environment that respects the dignity' and worth of each brother. 

-Exhibit integrity and ethical behavior in conducting the Fraternity's business, serving as a model for all Greek-letteij 

-Maintain and improve the Fraternity's technological literacy in order to better ser\ice its members and the 

community at large. 
-Foster and nurture our constitutional bond with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 
-Encoui'age a closer and mutually beneficial working relationship with fellow Greek-letter organizations, other 
J5g community" service organizations, business and government. 

-Select leaders who are committed and have demonstrated the abilit}' to "lead". 

didja know that... 

Dora Bloom Turtletaub, the founding president, resides in West Orange // Our flower 

is the Golden Tea Rose and Colors are Cafe O Lait and Old Blue // In the movie 

Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is a sister of Delta Nu sorority, but the real sorority 

(mentioned in the movie) is Sigma Delta Tau // Cristy Carlson Romano, star of Even 

Stevens and the voice of Kim Possible, is an active SigDelt at Colombia! 

a>iama jheua icui 

9 A class V Organization of the SGA, Inc. I 

Executive BoarJ 
President - Elisa Schwarl 
Vice President - Christina Alamf 
Vice President of Recruitment for Spring 2009 - Joanna Tn.igli'|4'a 
Vice President of Scholarship - Julianne Warshan! j 
Treasurer - Brittany Has ; 
Secretaiy - Melissa Dressin' ] 
Social Chair - Pherin Strai; "i 
New Member Educator - Cayla Belnavj j 
, Assitant New Member Educator - Jaclyn Ringc : 

Panhellenic - Michelle Hu 



^^f(^^iCi <=)ianva <~>u244ixi 


The purpose of Tri Sigma is to establish among its members 

a perpetual bond of friendship, 

to develop in them strong womanly character, 

and to impress upon them high standards of conduct. 

Executive Board 

aclyn Harbeck- President 

toseanne Colella- Vice President 

aClielle Jones - Secretary 

tonnie Kelly- Treasurer 

isa Occhiolini- Recaiitment Director 

Lshlee Agens- Education Director 

J'ikki Titus- Panhellenic Representative 

didja know that... 

Sister Carrie Underwood was the winner of the 4th season 

of American Idol // Linda Denham, the creator of the Care 

Bears is a Tri Sigma Sister // The play atriums featured in 

the movie Patch Adams were funded by Tri Sigma. 


The purpose of STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition is to raise awareness 

about genocide and crimes against liumanity in Darfur, tlie Congo, Burma and 
anywhere else they arise. The long-term goal of the national STAND organization, 

which has chapters at over 600 colleges and high schools, is to create a standing 
anti-genocide constituency ready to take political action whenever a crisis arises. 


A Class III Organization of the SGA, Inc. 

didja know that... 

STAND was chartered in the Spring of 2006. The first President 

was Anianda Ahearn, who is now a Montclair grad student // 

STAND has hosted a wide range of events, including concerts, art 

displays, game tournaments, dances, movie nights, pizza parties, 

open mic nights, and inter-faith dialogue meetings // The 

executive board is united by their love of Rush, the Canadian 

progressive rock band 

Executive Board 

President - Dan Moseson 

Vice-President - Jimmy Nye 

Treasurer - Nat Rusciani 

Secretaiy - Katie Lynn Cook 


Executive Board 

President-Rebecca Tesfaye 

Vice President-Carissa Basedow 

Secretary- Cristina Teoderescu 

Treasurer- Diana Delucia 

Pledge Mistress- Charlene Peterson 

Publicist- Kim Bariy 

Social Chair- Lindsey DeMarco 

Philanthropist- Kristie Marcinczyk 

Alumni President- Lauren Walton 

Ritual Officer- Jennifer Betchen 

Rush Chair- Alyssa Rush 

Recruitment Chair- Samantha Spera 

A Class V Organization of the SGA, Inc. 

didja know that... 

Our mascot is the Panda // We are 

the Greek Week Champions two 

years in a row for both 2008 & 2009 

// Our symbol is the white rose 

^keta fCaapxi Qkl 

Theta Kappa Chi is a local sorority that was founded 

in the Spring of 1985 in Montclair State College. Our 

purpose is to help the underprivileged children of the 

community through social and campus related projects 


Active Alembeis 

Kiystine Alma, Carissa Basedow, Lisa Kowitski, Allison 

Rollman, Cristina Teoderescu, Rebecca Tesfaye, Lauren 

Walton, Jen Betchen, Kristen Bradshaw, Jamie Fitzgerald, 

Carla Kaminski, Kristie Marcinczyk, Charlene Peterson, 

Fanny Yu, Linsdey De Marco, Kim Barry, Katya Bonilla, 

Jenna DErasmo, Courtney Huff, Alyssa Rush, Sami Spera, 

Grace Talia, Erin Granata, Amanda DeNorscio, Christie 

Geiger, Tammy Garland, Rachel Blickle, Jessica Slattery, 

Christina Keeney, Mariel Mrvichin, Allie Petmzziello, Casey 


The purpose of Theta Xi is to provide a college home environment for its active 

members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, 

moral, physical, and spiritual growth. To that end Theta Xi actively supports and 

augments college and community efforts to make individual members more mature anc 

chapter groups more useful units of society. Through its alumni and undergraduate 

leadership Theta Xi endeavors to assist each member to develop intellectual curiosity 

that assures the highest scholarship rating consistent with his ability, habits that lead tc 

better mental and physical health, sincerity in his association with others and 

confidence in himself, responsibility to chapter, college, community, and country, 

leadership that comes from practicing the principles of democratic self-government, 

interests and activities outside regular scholastic studies that employ spare time to 

advantage, and spiritual understanding that provides a reservoir of strength to draw 

upon when faced with conditions beyond comprehension. 


didja know that. 

We are the only Fraternity to be founded during the Civil War // Locally, we have veiy involve 

members in the Student Government Association including the upcoming President, a member as th' 

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees of the University, President of the Village Hall Counci! 

Community Assistants, as well as members on RecBoard, and the WMSC radio // Aside from aidinj 

our National Philanthropies: The Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Habitat for Humanity, we have alsj 

actively participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's "Light the Night" Walk, and have annu;' 

drives to donate clothes and food to local shelters and organizations for those less fortunate 


A Class II Organization of the SGA, Inc. 

Unified Asian American Student Organization 

didja know that... 

UAASO was founded in 2002 // In 
just a few years, UAASO has 
continued to grow with members of 
different nationalities such as Filipino, 
Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, just to 
name a few // Culture, dance, and 
food are fused together to create the 
many events UAASO has to offer to its 
members as well as the entire MSU 

Unified Asian American Student Organization aims to unify all of Montclair State 
Universitys Asian American students as well as make people aware of different Asian 


iixecutive Board 

President - Alexandra Grace Pamiloza 

Vice President - Clarisse Madarang 

Secretary/Website Manager - Cathy Ngo 

Treasurer - Alex Chen 

Programming Chair - Miki Takao 

Public Relations Chair - Krenzy Vergara 

Fundraising Chair - Roy Venturina 

Dance Chair - Kara Cabangon 

Culture Chair - Yi-Ying Yu 

Community Service Chair - Reynaldo Platon 

Historian - Michelle Rae Cartagena 



Executive Board 

President - David Gisonno 

Vice Pres. - Rosalie Martinsen 

Treasurer - Codetta Peterson 

Secretary' - Francisco Alarco 

The purpose of this organization 

is for members to mutually assist 

each other, adapt to college life, 

and encourage community 

activities u^ith agencies that 

provide sei'vices for our 

members, and liaison with other 

Veteran groups. 

didja know that... 

Montclair State University Veterans Association is apart of tlie Student 
Veterans of Americas coalition that advocates on behalf of student veterans 
at the local, stat, and national level // The membership of the Veterans 
Association includes both student and faculty veterans // The Montclair State 
University Veterans Association brings veterans together, supporting each 
other, supporting our troops, and homeless veterans in our community. 

V eie/iaM6^ AdAjQK^Uii^^ 

A Class III Organization of the SGA, Inc. 


Media Organizations: 

Normal Review 

Class n Organizations: 

Arabic Student Organization 

Financial Management and Economic Society 

Human Relations Leadership Development Association 

Japan Club 

Muslim Student Association 

Native African Student Organization 

Psychology Club 


Class in Organizations: 

Accounting Society 

Active Minds 



Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship 

Chinese Student Association 

Democrats of America 

der Deutsche Studentenclub 

Fencing Club 

Film Makers Club 

Hellenic Student Organization 

History. Club 

Industrial Design Society of America 

International Business Society 

Justice Studies Club 

Korean- American Student Association 

Keep a Child Alive 

Le Cercle Francais 


Management Club 



MSU College Republicans 

MSU Choral Directors Association 

MSU Cricket Club 

MSU Dietetic Organization 


MSU Ultimate Disc 

MSU Wrestling Club 

Music Therapy Student Organization 



Pagan Student Union 

Political Science & Law Club 

REAL (Red Hawks Enjoying and Authentic Lifestyle) 

Red Hawk Paintball 

Rhythm Nation Dance Club 

Service for Peace 

Ski & Snowboard Club t 

Spanish Club 

Students Against Violence 

Students for Progressive Change 

Tennis Club 



VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood 


Class V Organizations: 


Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Chi Upsilon Sigma 

Delta Phi Epsilon 

Delta Sigma Theta 

Delta Xi Delta 

Omega Phi Chi 

Sigma Delta Phi 

Sigma Gamma Rho 

Zeta Phi Beta 


Delta Chi 

Iota Phi Beta 

Iota Phi Theta 

Kappa Alpha Psi 

Lambda Theta Phi 

Lambda Upsilon Lambda 

Omega Psi Phi 

Psi Sigma Phi 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Tau Kappa Epsilon ' 

Tau Phi Beta ..;,,„ 


Alpha Kappa Psi 

Phi Sigma Pi 

Stad^vit G^v^ffvnn^vit Fuit 


Th^ PffMid^vits Cabiviit 



Th^ L^qisfdtiM^ 

President 2007-2009 
Ronald F. Chicken 

Vice President 2008-2009 
Bryan Fucetola 
Treasurer Fall 2008 
Michael Dengelegi 

Treasurer Spring 2009 
Michelle Totnaszewski 
Secretary 2008-2009 
Amy Brooks 


SGA Inaugural Ball 

Outaomg President Ronald F. Chicken, Incoming President Jonathan Preciado, Outgoing Vice President Biyan 

Fucetola, Incoming Vice President Michael Santo Morano, Outgoing Treasurer Michelle Tomaszewski, Incoming 

Treasurer Arun Bhambri, Outgoing Secretary Amy Brooks, Incoming Secretaiy Danielle Fucetola, 

Incoming Board of Tmstee Representative Louis Castano 

Joseph J. Specchio (a.k.a. The Law) 
was awarded Attorney General of the 
Decade, being the 2nd three-term 
Attorney General in the past 75 years 
of SGA history. 

The Indian Culture Club was awarded Class One Organization of the Ye|. ^t 






nnr ^^m 

Hi^ '^I! 



Ml ' "i"i''"'f i|"i' 

Vice President Bryan Fucetola presented Michael 
Melvin with the Legislator of the Year Award, 

President Ronald F. Chicken presented Chris Ruli with 
the Cabinet Member of the Year Award. 

^e Unified Asian American Student Organization was awarded 
llass II Organization of the Year. 

liolh Dr. Susan A. Cole, President of MSU 
and Ronald F. Chicken, President of the SGA, 
were awarded a spot in the SGA's Hall of 
Fame. The Hall of Fame is reserved for 
individuals who have made a tremendous 
impact towards the campus community. As 
the Student Government Association is a 
representation of Montclair States student 
voice, it is pertinent to highlight influential 
leaders who have had great influence in 
improving upon Montclair State, our home. 

SGA Inaugural Bal . 

pa6A4n(f (m tk& to^ick - ofAil 2Wt, 2009 
















X 1 






We&^&me W^ the Red Haivh SB!e: 
100 Vear^ &if New Term Pride 

"We have become not a melting 

pot but a beautiful mosaic. 

Different people, different 

beliefs, different yearnings, 

different hopes, different 


-Jimmy Carter , 

ultur al\ 


"Diversity is not about how we 

differ. Diversity is about 

embracing one another's 


-Ola Joseph 


"W ] 

By Ian M. Honauer 

With over 30 Fraternities and Sororities on the 
Campus of Montclair State, it easy to say that 
there is something here for everyone. Greeks 
provide the most on campus events for students, 
and I hope throughout the years of attending 
MSU you were able to enjoy some remarkable 
programming. One of the most anticipated 
weeks of the year is Greek Week, a full week of 
events where Greeks have friendly competitions 
to see who can come out on top. The most 
loved and attended event of Greek Week has to 
be the talent show, which has grown so much 
that it was held in the Memorial Auditorium. 
This years winners. Delta Chi and Theta Kappa 
Chi, put on jaw dropping performances, and 
also helped seal them in to win the rest of Greek 
Week as well. Some other events included 
football throw, Mike and Ike scooters, soda 
chug, a scavenger hunt as well as multiple 
running events. Many of the Multi-Cultural 
Greek fraternities and sororities amaze the 
campus with their step shows showing their 
cultural roots. Many of these events pull in a lot 
of on-lookers because of the complexity and 
perfect synchronization of the Greek members. 
If you were not a part of Greek Life, I hope that 
at least we were here to help make your 
experience at MSU that much better. 
Congratulations Class of 2009! 








rC >A 


,., ^v 


^ 3^JP^^ 









^^R ' 1 


^v '^ l^L- 


m^ mi 


^ ' 


■ -T^^i 


& ' 'S 






up, eat em' up 

By Glenn G. Lucchi 

Its three in the morning. You wake up in a cold sweat, your mouth craving 

for the sweet taste of a vanilla milkshake and chocolate chip pancakes. But its 

three in the morning, everywhere is closed. Youre doomed. Suddenly, you 

remember that the Red Hawk Diner is open 24/7! Your craving will go 

unsatisfied no longer. This 24/7 service is a convenience not conmion to 

many other places. The Red Hawk Diner is almost always available with good 

food and good service (and amazing milkshakes) to suit your needs. Maybe 

youre pulling an all-nighter cramming for your big modem physics fijial and 

youre craving some pizza, the Rathskeller is open late. 

Through the care of Sodexo and the communication channels to the students 
opened by the Sodexo food board committee of the SGA, improvements are 
being made throughout the campus. The dining halls have now launched a 
campaign to let students know they will work for them if the students have 
reasonable requests. Peanut butter has been added to Cafe Diem, spice racks 
added to Freeman and Blanton dining halls, all to better the experience and 
convenience of the students. The diversity of the student dining experience 
on campus is great. You can get sushi and pizza within two minutes of each 
other. Freeman and Blanton change their menus daily, and the Red Hawk 
Diner will always be happy to offer their varied menu. 

!3r *■ 




""SH"'* STATE 

No man Avas 
ever mse 
by chance. 


If you knew how 
much w^ork went 
ito it, you wouldn't 
call it genius. 


rhe more that you 

read, the more 

things you 'will 

how. The more that 

ou learn, the more 

places you'll go. 

-Dr. Seuss 

'tie important thing 

f is not to stop 


(iriosity has its ow^n 

eason for existing. 

<ne cannot help but 

•e in awe w^hen he 

contemplates the 

mysteries of 
eternity, of life, of 

the marvelous 
tructure of reality, 
t is enough if one 

tries merely to 

omprehend a little 

c this mystery every 

day. Never lose a 

holy curiosity. 

-Albeit Einstein 

inside the classroom 

There are more men 

ennobled by study 

than by nature. 


stud-y-ing (verb) - to apply oneself to the acquisition 
of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or practice. 

Get over the idea that only 

children should spend their 

time in study. Be a student so 

long as you still have 
something to learn, and this J 
will mean all your life. 1 

Henry L. Doherty 

If a man insisted always 

on being serious, and 
never allowed himself a 
bit of fun and relaxation, 

he would go mad or 

become unstable without 

know^ing it. 


Sometimes the cure for 
restlessness is rest. 

-Colleen Wainwridit 


Friendship, just the perfect blendshlp. 

lasting relationships made at Montclair State 



^H^^KPr^^ ^ ^p 

^t tt 

■■\ A'^ 

i n "t h a t 


# .fe^:*s 

ihtat/r^ awe/ daptc 

2008-2009 Production Season 


Crazy for You 


Hooking Up: Two Evenings of Short Plays 

All in the Timing 

Dance Collage 


Meadowlands Project 

DanceWorks 2009 

Four Short Musicals 


Our self-expression is meant to be a manifestation of the silence of our hearts.-Matthew Foj 

r s e I f . 

on-cmnpus jobs 

service learning 

Red Hai^k 

go ^^ 


Written By Candace Quinn, Geology Major 

Montclair State University has started to adopt the 
going green philosophy that has caused the world to 
re-evaluate the human impact on our planet. Last 
year, MSU signed a Memorandum of Understanding 
with the EPA creating a symbiotic relationship 
between the two institutions. According to this 
memorandum, Montclair is committed to addressing 
environmental issues within its community 

Behind University Hall, you can find an aerobic 
compost machine, run by Dr. Nicholas Smith- 
Sebasto and students of the on-campus organization 
Gotta Be Green, which processes food waste from the 
Student Center and University Hall turning it into 
rich soil used for landscaping throughout campus. In 
2004, MSU began a recycling program that has since 
been competitive in the EPAs Recycle Mania 
competition, and includes mixed fiber and bottles 
and cans with receptacles in every building, including 
residence halls. 

MSU has also committed to buying green products 
including cleaning products and 100% recycled 
office paper. A contract with a computer and 
electronics recycling company ensures that all 
Electronic and hazardous waste is properly disposed. 
Furthermore, MSU utilizes a Cogeneration Plant to 
light and regulate temperatures of campus buildings 
and a Photovoltaic Array atop Finely Hall that 
contributes no cost electricity to the building. Lastly, 
Montclair offers discounted parking tickets to hybrid 
and clean fuel vehicles and runs its shuttle buses on 
clean low-sulfur diesel. Despite all this, there seems 
to an air of apathy among most students and the 
university. So get up and get involved — its never too 
late to make a difference! 

"To waste, to destro^ 
our natural resources, tc 

skin and exhaust the 
land instead of using it 

so as to increase its 
usefulness, will result ir 
undermining in the day 
of our children the vet) 

prosperity which we 

ought by right to hand 

down to them amplifie( 

and developed." 

-Theodore Roosevelt 



' /,■■■?>■■' 



a r a c 


aidents participating in The Washington Center's Presidential Inauguration academic seminar 
ci the new presidential administration and the impact of the media on American politics. 




.<» •;*♦.. 

in loving memory of 

K^te RmeCi 

November 8th, 1988 - March l6th, 2009 

M n^er forget the first time U scr^ %ate. Ut yvas our freshman year at inteMesvsfor the -Embassador program \ ' 
Vphere 'Vpe met ^^he yuali^d into the room late, ('Vchich -7 later discoloered 'Was so unlike her), because she had been at an 

ititefloieV!) for another program on campus ("Which 7 later discolpered veas so like her). %ate and U didnt begin our tJ 

friendship untU a year after our first encounter. U had heard of %gte this cool, athletic, seemingly peifect girl We \ •■. ' 
'Were scheduled for the same office hours that semester, and little did U kjio'W 'What kind of a year that scheduling 'Would ^ 
bring. %gte had such an impact on my life that year that U cannot begin to describe the ripples she created. %ate "Was 

one of those rare people you meet 'Where, you knova you can ntoer be as 'Wondeiful as they are, but in the attempt, you \ 
become a better person. %ate made me 'Want to be a better person around her, atid J am a better person hd))ing Iqio'Wn'* 

%ate "JQite and 7, in our brief but true fiiendship, relied on each other for support, guidance, and confidence %gte 

'Would say, zfhCeg, U need to tell you stories, and that is 'When U "Would kjio'W that she needed some sort of advice Un if 
looking back, 7 halpe no idea 'What kind of adlp ice U could hal)e possibly ghen her, for she 'Was so much 'Wiser than U. l> 

often "Would think ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ could possibly help her "With. ^hQw, U understand. U "Was not meant to help %ate; 
%ate "Was meant to help me ^te vpas in my life to teach me ho"W to be better zAn old pr6\>erb reminds me, 'Perhaps t 
they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven "Where the lo^e of our lost ones pours through and shines do"Wn upon m « 

to let us kno'W they are happy. U am no"W a better student, daughter, friend, "Worker, and person thanks to the lessons v 

%gte taught me. ^he 'Was a model that toery student of -Jhtontclair (§tate University should aspire to be like. %gte ' '% 
follo"Wed ^ery ambition 'With one hundred percent enetgy. -lA community assistant, student ambassador, strong athlete, % 
flawless student, and loVing friend, she had an olperwhelming effect on other students 7n dr'toing do"Wn the turnpike on • I 

day after an tpcnt %gte and U "Would hdVe attended together, U thought about %ate a lot U said a prayer, and then ■ 
looked off to the hori^n andscrw one of the most beautiful sunsets U had toer seen, and U kl^ew she "Was there, listening 
helping, and guiding me, as she had done all along. %gte %cssell, in life and in memory, remains a gift to her family 
friends, professors, and her school, and 'We shall al"Ways remember the footprints she has left behind. 
Written by: ^J)(Cegan Thompson 


'^ ■;-'^' 

1:»; ^-'^U.; 

t^itv; ; 








'^"=^ ' -^ai^^^^f 

Our Dear Alma Mater 

Beneath the Jersey skies so blue, 

in Montclairs mountain to^vn. 

There stands our College, tried and true 

and growing in renown. 

We love thy campus, love thy halls, 

and oft to thee we raise, with loyal lips 

and loyal hearts united songs of praise. 

All hail, all hail Montclair, 

to thee our voices raise. 
Alma Mater, dear Montclair, 
our undying hymn of praise. 

There are Stones to he Moved. 

I stopped for just a moment and wondered if it would kill me: 

moving that really big stone in Chester Park where I jog. 

It watches me bend my path around it. 

I swear it glows orange and has an obsidian shadow. 

What put this rock here? Why here? 


Who made the jogging path go around this five-foot tall rock? 

It would be so easy to go around it. 

But move it? 

What's the worst that could happen? 

Lose a leg, cardiac arrest maybe . . . 

My veins could have pumped rocket fuel to my thighs and that stone would not 

have budged. 

I sweat for an hour pushing with my back, pushing with my shoulders, pushing 

with my legs. 

I thought the stone won. It had remained perfectly still after all. 

I knew I couldn't move that stone, 

but the stone did move - it changed. 

And now . . . 

now I sneak into construction sites. 

I move hundred pound stones a few feet. 

I roll ones that weigh several hundred pounds. 

I can even wedge and push over thousand pound stones with crow bars and 

enough working-at-it. 

When I jog around that first stone, I imagine it wants to move like I do. 

Ever wonder what would be the heaviest thing you could move? 

Ever wonder if you'll be happy not knowing? 

Ever wonder what you'd say if someone yelled, "Why are you moving that stone?' 

I can only say what I said to them: 

"Why arent you?" 

Zach Lichtmann was bom in New Jersey where his family fostered his exposure to the 

arts and sciences with great enthusiasm. He earned his BA in English from Penn State 

University (2006) and Certification in Secondary Education from Arcadia University 

(2007). He teaches English in New Jersey's public schools. He has been published in 

Penn State's Kalliope and one of New Jersey's premier poetiy magazines The Edison 

Literary Review. He hopes the content of his poems in the yearbook, written 

especially with Montclair State University students in heart and mind, and dubbed 

"The Montclair Series", will invoke conversation about the topics and philosophical 

notions therein. He sends his sincere congratulations to the class of 2009. 














a letter from 

Dear Friends, Classmates, Class of 2009, 

What a monumental accomplishment! Prepare to embark upon a 
new chapter in this journey of life. One chapter of our lives is 
coming to a close, as the next one is awaiting to be written. 
There is a whirlwind of emotions stirring within each of us: 
many of you are ecstatic to be finally graduating college, some of 
you may be nervous when thinking about the future. All of us, 
however, have been shaped in such a way that who we were 
when we came into school is not the same person who is 
walking out. We will be advancing to the next chapter of our 
lives with true life experiences. One piece of advice I would like 
to offer, whether you will be a CEO of a muki-million dollar 
company, or whether you will be a teacher, or starring on 
Broadway let us always remember our Red Hawk Country roots 
here at Montclair State University. 

Through the good times and bad, Montclair State has always fek 
like home to me. I feel like I truly made the most of my campus 
experience on a number of levels by getting involved with the 
Student Government, by making an effort to have my professors 
and administrators know me by name, and quintessentially, 
attempting to leave my mark here at Montclair State. Growing 
up, I have always been very concerned with getting high grades 
and doing top-notch in school. However, as the years 
progressed, I have come to realize - as the German poet Goethe 
once wrote so nicely. Things that matter most must never be at 
the mercy of things that matter least. Sure, I still strive in getting 
my As, but Ive realized that the college experience is not just 
inside the classroom, but with the people we meet, the places we 
go, and the experiences we encounter. The connections we have 
made at Montclair State, we will be able to take with us for the 
rest of our lives. Our past surely influences our future, so take 
whatever you can take whatever matters the most into this next 
chapter of life. Congratulations graduates. You truly have 
something to be proud of! I wish each of you a beautiful life and 
a wonderful future!!! 

Best Regards, 

Michelle Tomaszewski, Editor-in-Chief 2008-2009 

B.A. in Humanities, Double Minor in Classics & Religious Studies 

onk you. grados. dziekuje. obiigado. ta. 

La Campana would like to extend a special thank you to the 
following people for their help, assistance, encouragement and 
support in the publication of Montclair State's 2009 yearbook: 

Jostens Publishing 

President Susan A. Cole, Vice President Dr. Pennington, 
Dean Rose Mary Howell, Dean Coleman-Carter, Dean Harris, 
Dean Fatima deCai-valho, Rick Brown, and Gary Rideout 

Professional Photographers: Mike Peters, our university photographer, 
and contributing photographer Ronald G. Chicken 

Jim Carroll and the photographers at Lors Studio 

The Student Government Association of Montclair State University, Inc, 
SGA President Ronald F. Chicken, Vice President Bryan Fucetola, 
Secretary Amy Brooks, 2008 Treasurer Michael Dengelegi, Attorney 
General Joe "the Law" Specchio, President Pro Tempore Ross "the Boss" 
Fox, President-elect Jon Preciado, Vice President-elect Mike Morano, 
Secretary-elect Danielle Fucetola, Treasurer-elect Arun Bhambri, Betty 
DeRose and Pamela Mitchell 

The Student Board of Trustee Representatives Heather McCarty, Ian 
Honauer, and BOT-elect Louis Castano 

Zach Lichtmann, an inspiring poet 

Mike Scala and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Scott 
Bernstein, Liz Collins, Jonathan Frederick and the Department of 
Campus Recreation 

Contributors: Peggy Thompson, Nicole Drag, Vaughn McEnough, 
Frances Taveras, Roland Bussiere, Danielle Mullins, David Thorn, Erin 
Partyka, George De Lahoz, Veronica O'Brien, Nathaniel "Justice" Liberty, 
Glenn Lucchi, and the fabulous Candace Quinn 

itios tM am. tDck efhoristo. a^^ 

Qsonte. sposibo. merci. grozie. donke. tokk. 

Jostens Printing and Publishing Division, which is located in 
State College, Pennsylvania, printed the 2009 edition of La 
Catnpana, the yearbook ofMontclair State University. The 

yearbook has a custom embossed cover with a custom die on 
Firebrand 497 material wrapped around a 150 pt binders 

board. There were 3, 000 copies printed of the 2009 yearbook 
with 232 pages in each book. 


With our sincerest appreciation and gratefulness - thank you a million 
times over to Tim McGovern, our Jostens Yearbook Representative. His 
patience, hard work, dedication and assistance in helping La Campana 
complete not just one - but two yearbooks this year are truly 
appreciated. Tim's support and hands-on involvement have been 
absolutely beneficial in encouraging La Campana in attaining its goal. 
Here's to you, Tim - and here's to a fantastic book!!! 

Thank you, Thank you to - Gieselle Birch [[Special Assistant to the 
Treasurer]], Krystal "Rock Star" Woolston, Andrea Khan, Stephen DeRose, 
Gina Persico, Christine Kadets, Vanessa Adames, Sarah Metelsky, Mike 
Consoli, Jen Frank, John Fratella, Lee Michael Holland, Catherine 
Wisniewski, Bridgette Frank, Chris Ruli, Payal Mehta, Pooja Patel, Jimmy 
Nye [[Gold Star Awardee!]] Asanasyous Zakhra and Joann Tomaszewski 

(omsQ homnida. hvda Qiigato. xie xie. \ 






(^ Barack Obama makes history 
as the first African-American to 
wiR.the presidency of the United 

fes. The former Illinois senator 
^^Mises an era of change that 
g ; captures the imagination of 
3 ; voters nationwide. 

^toral Votes 

^ Obama 365 

^ McCain 173 

In January 2009, president-elect Obama M 

attends the ultimate power lunch in the White 
House, meeting and getting advice from 
President Bush as well as former Presidents 
George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. 






During the ( 

ceremony, Malia 
Obama captures 
the moment from 
a unique point 
of view. 



"' '1 f fl 


8k. ^"^J 

r -^ 






fei «s'i yt 







^ 4 


(a) Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president 
^^ of the United States before millions in Washington, 
D.C. Obama's inaugural address calls for a 
"new era of responsibility" in the face of economic 
decline and a pledge to choose "hope over fear." 


AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais 


Many retailers are forced to file for 
bankruptcy or go out of business after 
being unable to rebound from the fiarsh 
econonny and a very disappointing fourth) 
quarter of 2008. 

^ j^ T fi jJV) American swimmer IVIicliael Phelps 

* * . , ^^ \\ ♦'• mal<es Olympic history with eight gold 

JtS ^ W^ *• medals. Phelps sets three world records 

I his five individual wins. 

© Chen Kai/Xinhua Press/Corbis 

♦♦«»». * ,» f 

The Chinese gymnasts take the team 

title, but Americans Shawn Johnson 

(floor exercise) and Nastia Liukin 

(all-around) take individual gold i^H 

medals for the U.S. _ ^\i ^ ^ 



Heisman Trophy winnerj 
Sam Bradford I 



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Stephenie Meyer's runaway 
best-seller, Twilight, becomes 
a hit movie starring Robert 
Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 
as Edward and Bella. 







Slumdog l\/lillionaire. a surprise entry 
from India about teen life in Mumbai, 
and Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of 
Benjamin Button, about a man who ages 
backwards, monopolize Academy Award 
nominations with a combined total of 23. 

MJ MTV spins off the reality show 
I The Hills, foilowing Laguna 
I Beach star Lauren Conrad and 
I her friends to Los Angeles. 


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