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Salem, Massachusetts 


[Rfty copies reprinted from the Historical Collections of thb 
tssEx Institute, Volume LIV, 







Salem, Massachusetts 


[Fifty copies reprinted from the Historical Collections of thk 
Essex Institute, S'olume LIV. 





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From th« miniature in possession of the Essex Institute. 



From the miniature m possession of the Essex Institute. 




The Lambert family appears in Salem records as early 
as 1637, and that portion identified later with Rowley and 
connected with the church of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers un- 
doubtedly spent the winter of 1637/8 in Salem, ^as they 
arrived late in the year, removing in the spring to Row- 

>; ley. 

v^9 Michael Lambert of Lynn. 

."_ Of Michael, of Lynn in 1647, Savage says that he had 

>^ a wife, Elizabeth, who died Oct., 1657, and he married in 

-^1-1669, Elinor, widow of Strong Fumell, and had two 

1,1^ ..children, and, perhaps, by a third wife, Moses, born April 

^'_ 27, 1673 ; and that Michael died Aug. 18, 1676. He also 

•5 had, according to the vital records, twins, Mary and 

.^ Michael, born Jan. 23, 1661. 

^ Isaac AUerton obtained a judgment against Mich : Lam- 
X bert, Dec. 26, 1637, and he was a defendant in a slander 

suit brought by William Vincent, Jan. 26, 1638. 
Q A lot in Salem was granted, Feb. 21, 1637, to Michael 
Lambert " if he inhabite here ", but the Eaex Antiqua- 
'^ rian says that he probably failed to come. Also, there 
was granted, Nov. 26, 1638, " to henery harwood, halfe 
an acre lott wch was formerly granted Michaell Lambert 
nere Winter Island." 

Dec. 26, 1637, a case was presented in the Quarterly 
Court (vol. I, p. 53), of Lt. Howe v. Richard Chadwell, 
and June 27, 1643, is the item, "Henry Collins and 
Henry Walton, Lamberts witnesses." " Of Lieft Howe 
or his brother." June 26, 1638, " Tho : Chadwell being 
absent Court lett fall." There is also a case of " Henry 
Walton V. Michaell Lambert. Constable Henry Collins. 
Debt, Dec. 27, 1642, and another in which William Vin- 



cent sued Micbaell Lambert for slander. Michaell Lam- 
bert was in Court for being drunk in August, 1G44. He 
was of " lin " and bis wife " Eliz " («i(t) was admonished 
for " brewing on the Lord's day," Mar. 1, 1647. 

The "Inventory of Micha: Lambert 9th mo., 1676, 
taken by Thomas Fairfax & William Bassett, X48:15:0; 
allowed 29 9mo 1676 and administration granted to EUi- 
nor the relict." He left children : — Michaell, Abigail, 
Moses and Rebecca. Abigail married June 9, 1684, Sam- 
uell Hartt. 

Richard Lambert of Salem. 

Richard Lambert of Salem appears in the list of the 
land-holders in the town records in 1636 : — " Ric^ Lam- 
bert, Joyner, Receiued for an Inhabitant but to purchase 
his accomodcon Jan. 23, 1636." " Five acres granted 
him Derbys fort side, July 18, 1637." 

" This day also was convented before this court for 
drunckness Richard Lambert & was fined tenne shillings 
& ordered to sitt in the stocks twoe publike dayes (ye 
times referred to Coln^ Endicot to determin." Lambert 
was successfully sued for debt by " Willia Pester ", June 
26, 1638; but won a suit brought by John Pickeringe 
of Salem, June 25, 1639. He was defendant in an action 
for debt by John Symonds, Aug. 31, 1647. On June 16, 
1651, the selectmen of Salem granted Rich : Edwards 20 
acres in consideration of his resisrning 20 acres 
below " mackerill Cove towards the Creek that he 
bought of nir Thornedick wch was formerly granted to 
Richard Lambert." He had land near Beckett's Lane in 

Richard Lambert's wife was named Sarah, and as will 
be seen she was destined to be a grreat burden to the 
town for many yeai"s. In the town records. May 1, 1647, 
is an entry which it seems possible may refer to Sarah 
Lambert, although Richard was still alive, since he was 
fined, in November, 1655, for "smoking tobacco openly 
in the street " ; but he was spoken of as deceased in 
1659 : — " Capt Hawthorne, mr Clarke, rar Corwin haue 
power giuen them to agree w*** mr Emry about curinge 


Goody Larabert & for dyett & what they shall doe the 
Towue pniiseth to repay them by the first of the 9th 
month uext."' 

The only clue as to the date of death of Richard Lam- 
bert is afforded by the earliest mention of the care of his 
family which would set it as before December, 1657 ; for 
*• it is agreed with Henry Hereck that he is to keep Rich- 
ard Lambert's Daughter from y® first of y« 10*'' m° 1657 
to the first of the 2'' m** 1658 and he is to haue allowed 
him in Clothes & other waies the Just Same of fine pownd 
A year : : p*^ him 5^ 16^ d'^: rest to him this -^^^ 2™° . 1659 
17* 1* accounted with Hen Herik for keepinge of Lam- 
berts daughter pd him the foil, p Roger Haskel 2" 3' 1** 
& reamyue'' p Ed Batter the whole is: 2'' 10^" 

" There being an agree''* with Ralf Elinwood in the ll*'' 
m° 1659 to keepe Sara Lambert two years " «S:c. (land was 
granted to him). 

Under date of Jan. 20, 1661, " Sarah Lambert is Com- 
itted to Jerimyah Butman for a yeare begin [n]g 20 Day 
of Nouber past vntill the twentyth Day of the moneth 
Nouember next 1662 & the towne men haue pmifed to 
pay him fixe pounds." Again, Apr. 26, 1662, "Its agreed 
and couenanted with the wife of William Lord Junio 
that f he is to keepe and mainetaine Sarah Larabert seauen 
yeares if f he foe longe line ", &;c. Apparently this agree- 
ment did not last long, for, Dec. 17, 1562, it is " Agreed 
with goodwife Cantleburie in the behalf of her hufljand 
that he is to keepe and maintaine Sarah Lambert one 
yeare ", <S:c. 

She continued to be passed around as the following en- 
tries show : — " Jeremie Butman for Sarah Lambert 5:10: 
6," 1662. " Jeremie Boutman to be alowed for Sarah 
Lambert," 1663 ; and again in 1664, " To m^ Will Browne 
for Lamberts dafter and for his expences at gerall Court : 
to the 11"* of lO*** 66 : tenn pounds I say 10:00:00." On 
Feb. 22, 1688, " Sarah Lambert to be dilpolTed of by the 
Difcreacon of the felectmen for fome Convenient tyme to 
thofe they see meet for at the eafe of Towne Chardge.". 
Jan. 16, 1670, "It. for keeping Sarah Lambert & Child 
1667,11:00:00." Jan. 16, 1671, " To Jn" Chfford : for 
Keeping Sarah Lambert 07:00:00." Mar. 1, 1671/2, 


" discourfe w*^ John Clifford to See whether he would 
Abate anything of the Seauen pounds p. year he An- 
fwered that he would not Abate anything and that for the 
time to come he would haue more of the towne or elce 
he would not keep her any longer. Agreed w*** ffrancis 
Skery to keep her for one yere for fine pownds." Evi- 
dently the charge of Sarah was no sinecure. 

On Apr. 30, 1672, " Its ord'd by y« Selectmen that 
forty Shillings be disburfed on the Townes accent for the 
Cloathing of Sarah Lambert and m' Batter is def ired to 
doe it." •' To ffrancis Skerey for Keeping Sarah Lam- 
berts Child to haue fiue pounds also the same for Sarah 
Lambert ", 1673. •' Tho : greenslits wife to keep Sarah 
Lambert", 1673. "Nich maning for keeping Sarah Lam- 
berts child," 1673. "Thomas Greeushit to keep Sarah 
Lamberts Child till it be 18 years old " (this last makes 
it evident that the child was less than six years old when. 
Sarah was first provided for in 1661). 

At last the town officers seem to have become desperate 
over the case, for, Sept. 22, 1674, " Capt Corwine & m' 
Bartholomer are def ired to Inq' wt vefTels are bound for 
Ver Genia & to Agree with any mafter for ye Carring 
Away of Sarah Lambert for w*^*" they have whole power." 
Feb. 27, 1674 5, " 1/2 Acre of land laid out to John 
•Corwin pr ye Selectmen at ye Northeast end of ye now 
fence of ye land Sold pr Richard HoUingworth to philip 
•Cromwel for ye use of ye sd Corwin wch land is Sold 
him pr the Towne Consideration Twelve pounds pr him 
pd to the Widow Greenslat allowed her for keeping Sarah 
Lamberts child." Evidently the plan to transport Sarah 
was not a success, as her keeping still figures on the rec- 
ords in 1675 and until 1679. The name of the daughter 
-does not appear. 

In Conant's list of marsh and meadow land-holders is 
found "(*4*) 3 Rich : Lambt (*3*) 2", i.e. 3 in family, 2 
-acres in a later hand ; the starred figures probably are 
corrections. His land is mentioned in 1655 and he had 
Daniel Webb's house. Savage says the daughter, Hester, 
married, Oct. 8, 1659, Jeremiah Bootman, and they had 
Mary, born July 4, 1660 ; Jeremy, born Nov. 4, 1662 ; 
Matbew, born Sept. 11, 1665. "Oct. 26, 1679, SamueU 


ye son of Jeremiah Bootman (by his wife Hester Lam- 
bert) Baptized as his wife was a meaif)er of the Salem 
church." Beverly First Church Records. 

Savage also suggests that Richard Lambert, killed by 
the Indians, Sept 18, 1675, at Bloody Brook, was a son 
of the first Richard. 

John Lambekt of Ltnx. 

In the Records of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
County the earliest references to the name of Lambert, 
Dec. 27, 1642, with others later, refer, apparently or di- 
rectly, to Michael Lambert or his wife, but in September, 
1653, there appears a John Lambert . — "ye acco of The- 
ophilus Bagley & Jno Lamberte there severall voyages 
with ye Companyes Boate to Boston, Waymouth, Bran- 
treye & Hingham, 28 li." in a list of accounts concerning 
the Iron Works at Hammersmith (Hammersmith was a 
part of Lynn). 

Several suits appear:— "November, 1654, John Hath- 
orne assignee to John Lambarte v. John Breks & Com- 
pany and Mr John Gefford, &c. Debt." (Jefford or Gef- 
ford was connected with the Iron Works.) June, 1655, 
" Joseph Armytage (of Lynn) v. John Lambert ". Con- 
cerning a shallop. Nonsuited. " John Lambett owed 
the estate of Joshua Foote of Boston & Braintree in 
1655 ". N. E. H. ^ a. Register, vol. 9, p. 137.) 

What connection, if any, there was between ^Michael 
and John and Richard of Lynn, and John of Salem, and 
between them all with Fra'ncis of Rowley, it has been 
impossible to tind. Savage says, " John Lambert, Lynn, 
a fisherman^ a. 1644, Salem, 1663, at Lynn again till d. 
Oct. 28, 1676." This death appears in the town records 
of Lynn, and it is the opinion of the writer that Savage 
erred in connecting him with Salem, since, from the will 
of John of Salem, it is evident that he died in November, 
1684, between the 14th, when it was dated, and the 25th, 
when the inventory was presented. 

John Lambert of Salem. 

1. John Lambert of Salem, fisherman, had left his 
wife and a daughter in England, but had brought with 


him his son John, who, assuming his age to have been 
correctly stated in his deposition in 1677, was born about 
1629. The only child, not recorded, so far as discovered, 
was his son John, mentioned in his grandfather's will in 
1684 and executor of the will, therefore of full age at 
that time, and with a daughter Sarah, who receives a be- 
quest from her great-grandfather. Also mentioned in the 
will is a grandchild .Alary. It must be assumed that he 
had no other children than John and the daughter in 

That he had vainly tried to get his wife and daughter 
across is proved by his being presented in the Quailerly 
Court, Jan. 26, 166S, as follows :— " John Lambert of 
Beverly, for living from his wife, was dismissed after 
satisfying the court that he had endeavored to send for 
her and expected her shortly." And again, June 27, 
"'■^'^l : — " John Lambert was presented for absence from 
his wife. The action was dismissed, he bavins; used his 
utmost endeavors to have her come over to hiim" Nicho- 
las Bartlett (who was of Kennebunk in 1651, and living 
in Salem in 1700) was in court, charged with breach oi 
the peace, in striking John Lambert in April, 1665. 

" Jo : Lambert and others petitioninge for libertie of 
fom lande to plant on moultons meferie their def ire is not 
granted," Oct. 8, 1663. Salem Town Records. 

The marriage of Elizabeth Lambert is found in the 
Salem Court Records, October, 1657, to William Cash, 
but it is not clear where she belongs in the family. Sav- 
age thinks she may have been a daughter of Richard's, 
and the name of the last child lends probability to this. 
They had children :— William, bom Feb. 23, 1668 ; John, 
born July 10, 1671, died about July 24, 1671 ; John 
(twin), born July 10, 1672, died Au^. 26, 1674 ; Eliza- 
beth, born July 10, 1672 (twin) ; Ann (twin), born April 
29,1675; Mary (twin), born Apr. 29, 1675; Hester, 
born Mar. 9, 1679. 

John Lambert of Salem was a signer of a petition against 
imposts in 1668, and in November, 1670, he testified upon 
oath that when he went away and left his house on a Fri- 
day morning, it was fast nailed up with a board against 
it, and when he returned, his window was open, in which 


time "William Barnes broke into his house at the window, 
as he confessed. Barnes was sentenced to be branded and 
to pay the charges. (Barnes was a servant of Paul Thorn- 
dike of Beverly.) 

Walter Price of Salem, in his will, May 21, 1674, 
proved June, 1674, leaves to his son John " the now 
dwelling house of John Lambert in Salem, or the debt 
due to me from him." The deeds show that John Lam- 
bert, in 1667, bought a house of Nathaniel Masters, tay- 
lor, on the Basse River side, wliich district was set off to 
the town of Beverly the following year. In 1670 he 
bought five acres more of William Hoare in the same 
locality. In 1683 he gave his grandson, John, of Salem, 
his house and some land. 

He died in 1684, between Nov. 14 and 25, and his wife 
and daughter were still living, so far as he knew, in Eng- 
land. His will, dated Nov. 14, 1684, proved Nov. 24, 
1684, provides for the following bequests: — 

♦'To my loving wife and to my daughter in old England 
ten pounds, to my lone John Lambert five shillings, to my 
grandfone John Lamberts Daughter Sarah one of my 
feather-beds and all the furniture there vnto belonging, to 
my grandchild mary Lambert one pewter platter & one 
poringer. All the rest of my perlbnal eftate to my grand- 
child John Lambert whom I doe make full executor. I 
defire my two Loveing friends Samuel Corning fenr and 
John Bennet to be overfeers." 

The inventory of the estate was made by Samuel 
Corning fen' and Joseph Morgan, Nov. 25,1684: £17: 
18:6, and presented by his fon John Lambert fen', Nov. 
24, 1685. 

Children : — 

2. A DAUGHTER, who remaiaed in England. 

3. John, b, perhaps abt. 1629; d. 1710/11. 

3. John Lambert, if his deposition in November, 
1677, correctly states his age, was born about 1629. Like 
his father, he was a fisherman, but we find very few 
items to inform us of his doings. In the Records of the 
Court of Assistants of Massachusetts Bay (vol. 1, p. 
241), under date of Nov. 12, 1683, " William Johnson 


beinor presented by the Grand Jury was brought to the 
barr holding vp his hand at the barr was Indicted by the 
name of Willjam Johnston for that he not haueing the 
feare of God before his eyes but Instigated by the divil 
Confoederating himselfe w^'^ one John Graham & other 
Sea Rouers his Accomplices did together with them some- 
times in the month of June in this present yeare 1683 on 
the high sea &, neere the Coast of (Can)ady w*^ force of 
Armes pirattically assault, seize & take seuerall vessels 
& the Companyes belonging to them lea certain Catch 
belonging to the Port of Salem John Lambert master &c 
after the euidences produced ag* him were read Comitted 
to the Jury the Jury brought in their virdict they found 
the prisone"" \V™ Johnson at the barr not guilty according 
to Indictment ", &c. 

He was administrator of Ellas Wiett, lately deceased 
at sea, and brought in an inventory Nov. 27, 1666. 

Essex deeds show that in or before 1660 his father-in- 
law, Edward Gaskill of Salem, ship-carpenter, had con- 
veyed land to John Lambert of Salem, seaman, and Lam- 
bert conveyed a part to John Loomis Jan. 28, 1660, and for 
£25 conveyed back the remainder to Gaskill or Gaskoyne 
the same day, delivery to be made April 8 following, until 
which time he was " to stand y® adventure of said house 
in case of any casualty by fire." Oct. 7, 1664, for " six 
quintals of marchantable dry codfish," he bought of John 
Ruck, vintner, part of Ruck's land at the back side of 
Lambert's lot. He also bought, Oct. 14, 1690, of Thomas 
Maule, merchant, a tract of land in the South Field, 
about two acres. 

His deposition in 1695 is interesting as illustrating the 
early method of giving physical possession of a piece of 
land, by plucking a twig and taking up a piece of turf, 
and, in some cases, by giving the door-latch to the 
grantee. "Deposition of John Lambert Sen' & of Simon 
Willard both of full age that September 21 1695 wee 
were both defired by }>V John Ruck of Salem to goe 
with him & his sonn Thomas Ruck to the homestead of 
Jn° Alford as wee ufually caled it tS: there M"" Ruck Said 
this land has Indeed been in said Jn° Alfords polsef ion 


indeed but sd he sd Alford neuer paid me for it nor I 
neuer gaue him a deed of it therefore sd M' Ruck to vs 
bear witnels that I doe giue this Land to my son Thomas 
Ruck by Tinffe & Twiirg & sd M' Ruck did then Stoop 
downe and toake hold of a twigg in y* Garden of sd 
homestead 6c said here son Thomas I doe before thefe two 
men giue you polesf ion of this Land by Turffe & Twigg 
& wee doe remember it to be y* same day that M' Ruck 
gaue his sd Son Thomas an Instrument of sd Land," 
Acknowledged Dec. 27, 1698. 

He married, probably in Salem, Preserved, baptized 
Aug. 7, 1639, daughter of Edward and Sarah Gaskoyne 
(or, as the name soon became, Gaskon, Gaskill, &c.). 
July 29, 1690, •* Edward Gaskin Sen"^ of Salem, being 
very sick and weake in consideration of fatherly love to 
son-in-law John Lambert in Salem, senior, [deeds] all ray 
now dwelling house in Salem, money, plates, Jewells, 
rings, debts, household stuff, apparell, »S:c " and " In con- 
sideration of above written deed of gift I said John Lam- 
bert engage to maintaine ray father and mother in law 
Edward and Sarah Gaskin during life and to bury thera 

He died about 1710, when, at his widow's request, ad- 
ministration was granted to his son Ebenezer, Mar. 10. 
The inventory was taken Apr. 14, 1712, by Elizur Keysur 
and George Locke, and presented by Ebenezer Lambert, 
admr., amounting to X65:17:0. The *' 3"* Tuesday May 
1715 Ebenezer Lambert admin' to Estate of John Lam- 
bert Late of Salem dec"^ is Authorized to Sell Reall Estate 
to pay his Debts ", and on June 27, 1715, he sells, for 
£50, to WilUam Luscombe of Salem, the late homestead, 
formerly in possession of John Alford. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

4. John, prob. eldest child; d. June 30, 1704. 

6. Elizabeth, m. Oct. 16, 1678, Joseph (bapt. Sept. 12, 1653), s. 
of Joseph and Mary Swasey of Salem. He lived in what is 
now English St. in 1680, and later on the present Beckford 
St, and d. before 1709. She d. after 1711. Chn., b. in 
Salem: (1) Samuel, bapt. July 14, 1632, d. 1739; (2) Eliza- 
beth, b. May 2, 1684, d. July 3, 1703; (3) Joseph, b. Ang. 
10, 1685, d. May 26, 1770. 


6. Daniel, b. Oct. 3, 1658; d. 1695. 

7. Sara, b. Feb. 7, 1660. 

8. EzEKiEL, b. Mar. 3, 1661. 

9. Samuel, b. Mar. 16, 166-L 

10. Mart, b. Apr. 26, 1667. 

11. JoN-ATHAN, b. Dec. 23, 1669. 

12. Haxka, b. Dec, 1671; d. Dec, 1671. 

13. Ebexezeb, b. Apr. 2, 1674; d. bef. 1739. 

4. John Lambert, whose birth and baptism are not 
recorded in Salem, was probably the oldest child. From 
a deed made in 1686, of the land left him by his grand- 
father, we find that he had then a wife Sarah", while from 
a deed made in 1695, unless there is an error in the re- 
corded copy, it would appear that he had a wife Marga- 
ret. Nothing is found regarding him in the land or pro- 
bate records, except two deeds, and the only child whose 
name is found is the daughter Sarah, mentioned in her 
grandfather's will, but Sewall mentions a son. He is 
called a shipwright in the deeds. 

May 7, 1686, John Lambert sold to William Swetland, 
tailor, his grandfather's house in Beverly, next the old 
meeting house and the burying place, which he had re- 
ceived from John Lambert, the first, and a parcel of land 
on Bass river, and took in return for it Swetland's house, 
and Mar. 2, 1695/6, he sold to Daniel Bacon of Salem, 
fisherman, the piece of land in the South Field which his 
father had bought of Thomas Maule. 

The lack of information about him in Salem records is 
abundantly made good, however, upon reference to the 
Acts and Resolves of the Province of Massachusetts Bay 
(vol. 8, pp. 386-398). From 1700 for some years there 
was more or less controversy and confusion in practice as 
to the question of jurisdiction in the matter of trials for 
piracy on the high seas. Kidd and his fellows were sent 
to London by Bellomont, notwithstanding Judge Sewall's 
objection. This delay and the difficulty over that case 
induced Parliament to confer upon the Crown authority 
to issue commissions for the trial of pirates by Courts of 
Admiralty, out of the realm. This act was dated Nov. 
23, 1700. 


A number of leading citizens of Boston fitted out as a 
privateer, in 1703, a brigantine of eighty tons — the 
"Charles" — for an expedition against the French ene- 
mies of Enghind in Acadia and Newfoundland. She was 
to be commanded by Capt. Daniel Plowman, and as late 
as Aug. 1st the " Charles ", manned and equipped, was 
riding off Marblehead, when Plowman wrote the ownei-s 
that, owing to severe illness, he was unable to take her 
to sea and urging their speedy coming to take care of the 
ship. They accordingly went to Marblehead, and though 
Plowman was too ill to see them, he wrote begging that 
the vessel be sent to Boston and her equipment removed, 
and that they should not send her to sea under a new 
commander, declaring " it will not do with these peo- 
ple " (meaning her crew). Before measures could be 
taken, the crew locked the commander into the cabin; 
where he lay sick, and, under the command of one John 
Quelch, made for the South Atlantic. At some time the 
captain, alive or dead, was thrown overboard. Off the 
coast of Brazil they captured, between Nov. 15, 1703, and 
Feb. 17, 1703/-1, nine vessels of various descriptions, ap- 
parently all the property of subjects of the King of Por- 
tugal, an ally of England, from which they took food, 
fabrics, gold-dust, and two negro boys, together with guns, 
ammunition, &c., of about £1,700 value. 

Nothing was heard of the ship until May, 1704, when 
the Boston News-Letter reported her arrival at ]\Iarblehead. 
The crew seem to have landed or at once dispersed to 
various points, but very soon many circumstances arose 
to throw suspicion upon their story of the recovery of 
great treasure from a wreck. Two of the owners, William 
Clark and Charles Colman, laid information against them, 
and on May 23 the attorney-general, Paul Dudley, set out 
to capture them, for on that day Judge Sewall met Dud- 
ley at the tavern in Lynn, " in egre pursuit of the Pirats" 
and with one of them already in hand, whom he turned 
over to Sewall. Energetic action resulted in the seizing 
of a number of the men at various places, and among the 
number was John Lambert of Salem, then about forty- 
nine years of age. 


On June 20, 1704, Lambert and four others were tried, 
Quelch having been convicted of the felony, piracy and 
murder, and sentence of death pronounced upon him the 
previous day, when they pleaded '* not guilty,"' but were 
sentenced to " Dy in like manner." Twenty-two in all 
were tried and but two at that time acquitted, one having 
been sick on the voyage and the other a servant fourteen 
years of age. June 30, 1704, Quelch, Lambert and five 
more were executed, except one, Francis King, who had 
a reprieve. 

Judge Sewall records in his Diary: "After Diner, 
about 3. p. m. I went to see the Execution. ]\Iany were 
the people that saw upon Broughton's Hill. But when I 
came to see how the River was cover'd with People I was 
amazed: Some say there were 100 Boats. 150 Boats 
and Canoes saith Cousin Moody of York. He told them. 
. . . the place of Execution about the midway between 
Hanson's point and Broughton's Warehouse. When the 
Bcaffold was hoisted to a due height, the seven Malefac- 
tors went up ; Mr Mather pray'd for them standing upon 
the Boat. Ropes were all fasten'd to the Gallows (save 
King, who was Reprieved). When the Scaffold was let 
to sink, there was such a Screech of the Women that my 
wife heard it sitting in our Entry next the Orchard, and 
was much surprised at it ; yet the wind was sou-west. 
Our house is a full mile from the place." Sewall contin- 
ues his account on July 2 : " By my Order, the diggers 
of M"" Paiges Tomb dugg a Grave for Lamoert, where he 
was laid in the Old burying place Friday night about 
midnight near some of his Relations : Body was given 
to his Widow. Son and others made Suit to me," The 
editors suggest that the reason John Lambert was thus 
allowed special burial was that he may have had respecta- 
ble connections. In his last speech Lambert " pleaded 
much on his innocency "' and "desired all men to beware 
of bad company." 

Some time later a number of the remaining pirates re- 
ceived the Queen's pardon, and Sewall and some others 
seem to have had misgivings as to the legality of the 
trials, and certainly not all the men could have been proved 



guilty as principals in the acts of piracy or murder, and 
they were evidently entitled to a jury trial, but they did 
not have even tlie benetit of a doubt. It is called a clear 
case of judicial murder. 
Children : — 

14. Sarah, b. bef. 1684. 

14a. A. SON, only known throngh the reference in Sewall's Diary. 

6. Daniel Lambert, born Oct. 3, 1658, was also a 
shipwright, and there was an unidentified Daniel of 
Sweet's Cove, Salem, engaged in the same trade about 
1663. He bought a lot of Jonathan Neale of Salem, 
cordwinder, for XIO : 15, and built a house upon it, in 
1682, and in 1686 he had also bought a wharf, when he 
bought more land adjoining from John Ruck. In 1691 
he bought a small plot of Samuel Woodwell of Salem, 
glover, and the next year still more of John Ruck, ad- 
joining his own land, " next ye King's High Way.*' That 
same year he and William Smith, tailor, exchanged houses, 
*' the exchange whereof one with the other will be Ac- 
comodable & Advantagious to them in there respective 
Occupac°ns.'' Dec. 31, 1692, he sold to Capt. John Legg, 
Mr. William Hirstt, Mr. John Turner and Stephen Sew- 
all, one-fourth part " in ye Hull or body of ye Barke 
Olliuebranch with all her Masts yards boat and Carpenter 
worke." The next year he bought more land of John 
Ruck and also sold some adjoining his own to James Rix. 

He married, first, June 5, 1682, Mar}-, born Apr. 3, 
1661, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Graye of Salem 
and later of Andover ; she died before 1693, and he 
married, second, Elizabeth Crouder (Croade), widow of 
Edmund Bridges, who survived him, as administration on 
his estate was granted her Dec. 22, 1695. She was still 
a widow in 1710, and was living as late as 1724. 

The inventory of his estate, Nov. 4, 1695, includes 
** putting the child out to nurse, Daniel Lambert's school- 
ing, keeping four children and Samuel Lambert's school- 
ing, and the net real and personal estate was £187:16:17. 
The division was made, 1/3 to the widow for life and to 
revert to the children, Daniel, eldest son, Samuel, Joseph, 
Mary, Ehzabeth, Rachel and Abiab. Samuel was to maka 


certain payments and was awarded the house and home- 
stead in Salem. Ebenezer Lambert was made guardian 
of the son Daniel : John Lambert, sr., of the son Samuel,. 
and Mary and Rachel were placed under guardianship of 
Thomas Waller of Charlesto^^^l. 

In 1710, Daniel, the eldest son, " purchased by the act 
of Redemption", for X81:10, the house and homestead 
of his father from Samuel Swasey of Salem and sold it 
to him by the same instrument. One of the bounds was 
the highway to Marblehead, and the widow Elizabeth sold 
Swasey her rights and those of her daughter Abiah. The 
daughters Mary and Elizabeth had conveyed their own 
rights to Swasey the previous year and were then unmar- 
ried and living in Boston. 

Elizabeth, the widow, married (intention) June 6,. 
1713, Moses Oilman of Exeter, N. PL, yeoman, and they 
sold land in Salem, on the main street, to Joseph Neale of 
Salem, cordwainer, Sept. 26, 1724. 

Children, born in Salem* : — 

15. Mart, b. Feb. 20, 1683. 

16. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 9, 1684. 

17. Daniel, b. Dec. 7, 1686. 

18. Samuel, b. Feb. 5, 1688; d. young. 

19. Samuel, b. Apr. 7, 1689; d. 1742. 

20. Pbesebved, b. Apr. 21, 1691; d. Sept. 24, 1698. 

21. Joseph, bapt. Apr. 12, 1692. 

22. Rachel, bapt. Sept., 1694. 

Child, by second wife : — 

23. Abiah. 

•In the files of the Supreme Jadicial Court for Suffolk County 
appears the following: — 

Boston, Sept. 6, 1720 

Cornall John Appleton Sir I would Desior you for to Imponer 
Mr Samuell Swasey so as to get the Estate that Is Left for me at 
Salem which was my mother Mary Lambert which was left for me 
the orphan Jonathan Lambert and In so doing you will oblidge me 
your humble Servant 

Jonathan Lambert 

Nathaniel Ayres 
Nathaniel Ayres Junr 
The above would seem to indicate a son Jonathan; but as he does 
not appear amon^ the heirs to whom the estate was distributed it 
cannot be definitely stated. 


7. Sarah Lambert, born Feb. 7, 1660 ; married, first, 
Henry or James Frood, or Frude, probably of ]\Iarble- 
head, and second, Sept. 7, 1688, Daniel Bacon, jr., 
who is called son-in-law in a deed by John Lambert in 
1696. Daniel Bacon was born Oct. 14, 1665, and died 
after 1750. They had eight children. He bought some 
land of the executors of John Ruck, Feb. 6, 1698 9, on 
which he built a house where he lived till his death. 

8. EzEKiEL Lambert was born Mar. 3, 1661. His 
house is mentioned Nov. 23, 1688, in the will of George 
Deane or Dane, of Salem. Ezekiel was probably occupy- 
ing Deane's house at that time, and as no record of his 
marriage appears, it suggests itself that he may have 
married Deane's daughter. Savage says that Deane's 
daughter Elizabeth married Jonathan Lambert, but in the 
division of the Thomas Deane estate amongr the children 
appears the only son of Jonathan Lambert, and it would 
appear that Thomas Deane, who was a son of George 
Deane and married for his second wife Elizabeth Beedle, 
had a daughter Elizabeth who married Jonathan Lambert. 
George Deane had daughter Sarah and a daughter Hannah, 
who married in 1701 John Cook. Nothing more has been 
found relating to Ezekiel or to his family; no settlement of 
his estate, nor any recorded deeds. 

9. Samuel Lambert was born Mar. 16, 1664. His 
house appears in Salem Commoner's records as standing 
in 166i and also in 1702, and in the list of Proprietors 
of Common Lands he had one right. Samuel was a 
mariner and evidently made a voyage in 1711, for there 
is record of a draft dated "London, October 15, 1709. 
20 days sight draft of Samuel Lambert (signed by mark) 
on Margaret Lambert, wife of Samuel Lambert in Salem, 
to John Kitchen for £5:12:6." The draft was protested 
Apr. 28, 1711, "as her husband was come home."* 

•It was probably this Samnel Lambert whose name appears in a 
list of names of those summoned to eppear before the Governor as 
pilots in the expedition to Nova bcotia, 5 May, 1707, and sent on 
board the Speedwell for transportation to Nantasket: Samuel 
Lambert — " Good Pylot for ye Coast of Cape Sables alias Nova 
Scotia & off y* Cape." — Mass. Province Laws, vol. 8, p. 693. 



Mary, the widow of John Warner, as administratrix of 
Jonathan Prince, for ^35:10, conveyed to Samuel Lam- 
bert of Salem a house and land next to the creek, July 
23, 1694, and there he lived and died and was succeeded 
by his son Jonathan Lambert, who died possessed of the 
estate. Administration was granted Aug. 1, 1774, the 
house and laud then valued at £80. The house' was 
taken down in 1789, according to Rev. William Bentley's 

Samuel married before 1690, Margaret, born Apr. 23, 
1671, who died after 1732, daughter of John and 
Hannah (Collins) Browne, and John and Mary Collins, 
for £14, conveyed to Samuel Lambert of Salem, mariner,' 
about an acre on the main street, under a mortgage pay- 
able in 1717. John Collins of Salem, shoreman,'' sold a 
common right to Samuel Lambert Apr. 27, 1721. 

The children of John Browne, including Samuel Lam- 
bert and :\Largaret his wife, Nov. 22, 1728,^conveyed their 
rights in the estate of their mother Hannah Browne, alias 
Culbert {sic, an evident error for Collins), to their brother 
Joseph Browne of Salem, for £99. 

Samuel died between Jan. 17 and Apr. 3, 1732, the date 
and probate of his will, which provided as follows : "I 
Samuel Lambert of Salem, Shoreman, Weak in Bodv, To 
Margaret my beloved Wife fifty pounds in money :" like- 
wise the use and Improvement of the Whole of my Es- 
tate dureing her Natural Life or so Long as f he Remiaa 
my Widow, but if she marry two hundred pounds. To 
my son in law Joshua Tyler and Margaret his wife one 
hundred pounds in money after my Wifes decease. To 
my son in law Thomas Mafon and Preferved his wife five 
shilUngs. To my Son in Law Benj^ Manning & Hannah 
his wife one hundred pounds at my Wife's decease. To 
my Grandfon Thomas Mafon Twenty Pounds and to my 
Grandaughters Margaret & Abigail Mafon fifteen Pounds 
a peice at my Wifes Deceafe Except my Wife shall see 
caufe to give them any part thereof in her Life time. To 
my two Sons Joseph Lambert and Jonath* Lambert Re- 
mainder of my Estate real Perfonal or mixt, Equally Di- 
vided at my Wifes Decease. Margaret my Wife sole 


Children, born in Salem : — 

24. Margaret, b. Jan. 14, 1690; d. June, 1775. 

25. Preserved, b. Apr. 30, 1692. 

(Dr. Bentley remarks that these two daogbters lived to a great 
20. Samuel, b. Jan. 1, 1693/4. 

27. Haxnah, b. Nov. 17, 1696. 

28. Joseph, b. Aug. 1, 1702; d. 1764. 

29. Jonathan-, d. July 19, 1774. 

11. Jonathan Lambert was born Dec. 23, 1669. 
He was a ship-master in Boston, and married, it would 
seem, Elizabeth, said to have been the daughter of George 
Deane of Salem and his wife Elizabeth, but as stated 
above in notes on Ezekiel Lambert, it appears more 
likely that she was the daughter of Thomas Deane. 
Elizabeth Lambert, probably the widow of Jonathan Lam- 
bert, married Dec. 5, 1710, in Boston, John Bucanan. 

May 15, 1711, Daniel Bacon, jr., of Salem, shipwright, 
gave bond for the guardianship of Daniel Bacon's kins- 
man, Jonathan Lambert, a minor, upwards of four years, 
son of Jonathan Lambert, mariner, of Boston, and Jan. 
12, 1718/19, being then aged 22, Jonathan releases him. 

The inventory of Capt. Jonathan Lambert, mariner, 
was presented Jan. 30, 1710, at Boston, by Elizabeth, his 
widow and administratrix, who in an account Oct. 31, 
1717, is called Elizabeth Bucanan, late Lambert. Jona- 
than therefore died about 1710. 

In the Essex Institute Historical Collections, vol. 12, 
p. 281, it is stated that probably Jonathan and Benjamin 
Lambert of Boston were children of Jonathan and Eliza- 
beth Lambert, though there is contradictory evidence, as 
among the heirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Deane in 1706, Eliza- 
beth Lambert's name does not appear; but her son Jona- 
than seems to have inherited her portion. Nevertheless, 
in the Boston vital records, the births of the two sons are 
given as the children of Jonathan and Elizabeth Lam- 

Children, born in Boston : — 

30. Jonathan, b. Mar. 30, 1696/7. 

3L Benjamin, b. June 1, 1099; d. yoaog. 


13. Ebenezer Lambert, born April 2, 1674 ; married 
before 1696, Mary, baptized Aug. 24, 1701, First Church, 
daughter of Joseph Hanly, jr., of Salem. He was a ship- 
wright, and in 1705 he bought of James Rix a house and 
wharf. He died before Apr. 5, 1728, and his administra- 
tor conveyed 2/3 of this purchase to Samuel Swasey. 
The other third was the widow's dower and was con- 
veyed by the administrator to the widow Annie Swasey 
of Salem, July 21, 1742, the widow Lambert probably 
being dead. Ebenezer had conveyed this Rix property for 
XlOO to Joseph Hardy of Salem, shipwright, Mar. 5, 
1706, and Hardy, being then of Boston, for the same 
consideration, reconveyed it to Ebenezer, June 29, 1713, 
and in each case there was also a small plot that had been 
bousrht of Thomas Ruck. 

The heirs of Joseph Hardy, jr., including Ebenezer 
Lambert and his wife, conveyed May 27, 1706, for £10, 
to John Higginson, jr., land on the north side of the Mer- 
rimack river, near Haverhill, 240 acres which Hardy had 
bought of Jeremiah Belcher of Ipswich, in 1680. 

Ebenezer sold to Benjamin Marstou of Salem, on Dec. 
29, 1712, the sloop Betty, about 80 tons, and her appur- 
tenances, for £240, and !Marston sold her to Benjamin 
Woodbridge for £1000, which was a very pretty stroke 
of business for Woodbridge. 

Ebenezer mortgaged his house for £25:10, to Samuel 
Browne of Salem, Dec. 27, 1715, and bought of John 
Ruck of Salem, blacksmith, a small lot adjoining his own, 
Dec. 9, 1717, for which he paid £34, and which he sold 
the next day to Samuel Swasey of Salem, shipwright, for 
£20, which would not seem to have been a profitable 

Swasey bought, July 24, 1729, of Samuel Lambert, 
shoreman, and Daniel Bacon of Salem, shipwright, ad- 
ministrators of Ebenezer's estate, his house and land and 
the wharf adjoining for seventy pounds, reserving for the 
widow a pait of the house. 

The inventory of his estate was presented by the ad- 
ministrators, Apr. 5, 1728, and division was made July 
12, 1729, the estate being insolvent. (Daniel Bacon, one 


of the administrators, hail married as her second husband, 
Sarah, the sister of Ebenezer Lambert.) 

Children, baptized in First Church, Salem : — 

32. Margaret, b. July 26, 1696. 

33. Mary, bapt. Aug. 24, 1701; d. young. 
.34. Mart, b. Mar. 26, 1702/3. 

35. Eunice, b. Apr. 3. 1706. 

36. Benjamin, bapt. July 3, 1709. 

37. Sarah, bapt. June 24, 1711. 

38. Seeth, bapt. Sept. 6, 1713. 

39. EzEKiEL, bapt. June 9, 1717. 

40. Ebenezer, bapt. June 9, 1717. 

41. Jehoaden, bapt. Oct. 25, 1719. 

17. Daniel Lambert was born Dec. 7, 1686. He 
married May 6, 1708, Margaret, born Nov. 22, 1687, 
daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Home or Orne of 
Salem, who died before 173o, probably before Feb. 2, 
1733/4. After the death of his wife he removed to New- 
port, R. I., whence he conveyed his wife's interest in the 
estate of Benjamin Orne, late of Salem, taylor, " which 
belonged to Margaret my wife," to his daughter Sarah, 
wife of John Mathews of Boston. Sarah Orne, the widow, 
and her children, including ^Margaret Lambert, deeded, 
Feb. 7, 1721/2, a common right in Salem, " accrued to us 
by virtue of the dwelling houfe that was formerly Long- 
staff," and Daniel Lambert and Margaret his wife, Dec. 
22, 1712, conveyed their house and land to Sarah Orne, 
widow, for X30, with Daniel's personal estate. 

In Salem Notarial Records, under date of Jan. 28, 
1713/14, is found the following " Protest, Whereas by a 
charterparty dated Nov. 26, 1713, between Edward Cox 
of Salem and Daniel Lambert of Salem, ship carpenter, 
on the one part, and Richard Oakes of Salem, merchant, 
whereby the said Cox and Lambert agree to build a shal- 
lop for the said Oakes under condition that he furnish the 
planks which he failed to do." 

Child, born in Salem : — 

42. Sarah, b. May, 1714, for " Ebenezer Felton testified his wife 

was present at ye birth of Sarah, May, 1714, and died in 
1714." '• Deposition of Benja Orne of Salem, aged 41 years, 
saitb that Sarah ye Daughter of bis late Sister Margaret 


Lambert is now more tlian 21 years of age. Aagnst 19, 
1735.— i'ssex Deeds, vol. 68, p. 187. 

19. Samuel Lambert was born Apr. 7, 1689, in 
Salem. He was only six years old when his father died, 
and was under the guardianship of his uncle, John Lam- 
bert, sr. There is notliing to indicate that he was married 
and there is little on record about him. He was a weaver 
by trade, one of the few in the family who did not follow 
the sea. May 1, 1710, he sold to Samuel Swasey of 
Salem, shipwright, his share in his father's land, which 
was then in possession of the widow, for £8:12, and 
Apr. 22, 1722, he bought, for <£3, a small "gusset" of 
land in Salem of Edward Fuller, husbandman and black- 
smith, of Salem. He died in 1742, and administration on 
his estate was granted to Joseph and Jonathan Lambert, 
May 20 of that year. 

21. Joseph Lambert was baptized April 12, 1692, 
in the First Church, Salem. He was a tailor and lived 
in Marblehead and Salem, his children, so far as found, 
having been born in the former town. He probably re- 
moved there soon after his marriage, Dec. 30, 1736, to 
Lydia, born Oct. 24, 1713, daughter of Benjamin and 
Anne (Green) Ropes. He and his wife sold, for £58, to 
Miles Ward, jr., of Salem, joiner, the land set out in the 
•division of the estate of her father Benjamin Ropes, late 
of Salem, March 22, 1738, also the same day, for £12, 
thtir rights in one-fifth part of the real estate, including 
the dwelling, set off to the widow Anna Ropes. He died 
in 1754, and his inventory amounted to £16:5:9, and was 
assigned to his widow for bringing up her children. 

Children, born in Marblehead : — 

43. Ann, bapt. Aug. 12, 1739. 

44. Elizabeth, bapt. Apr. 1, 1744. 

45. Joseph, bapt. Nov. 2, 1746. 

24. Margaret Lambert was born Jan. 14, 1690, 
and married Nov. 13, 1712, Joshua, born July 4, 1688, 
fion of Moses and Prudence (Blake) Tyler of Rowley 
Village (Boxford). He was a mariner. Joshua died be- 
fore May 14, 1735, and Margaret died June, 1775. 


Children : — 

JosHCA, b. Jan. 1, 1714. 
Bexjamik, b. Mar. 3, 1716. 
Joseph, b. June 23, 1719. 
Margaret, b. June 18, 1723. 

25. Preserved Lambert was bom Apr. 30, 1692, 
and married Oct. 8, 1719, Thomas, born June 2, 1699, 
son of Thomas and Abigail (Greenslit) Mason. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Thomas, b. Jnly 9, 1723. 
Samuel, b. July 5, 1728. 

26. Samuel Lambert was born Jan. 1, 1693. From 
a deed in 1710, when he disposed of his share of his 
father's estate, we find that he was then called "of Salem" 
and a weaver, but evidently he removed the same month 
to Middleton, upon his marriage, and there his children 
were bom. He married May 4, 1710, Mary Squier. (A 
Maty Squiers was born Mar. 10. 1686, at Newbury, but 
it is not known if she was the Mary above.) Nothing 
has been found about the Squier family except a few mar- 
riages in the Salem vital records. 

In the Middleton Ministers Rates, Dec. 24, 1729, ap- 
pears the name of Samuel Lambert, and in the Town 
Book, May 10, 1739, " the house which was Samuel Lam- 
bard's on y* way that comes from the homestead of Sam- 
uel & Ebenezer Berry into Andover road." 

In the Essex County Registry there is an unrecorded 
deed under date of Mar. 6, 1739, 10, in which his widow 
Mary and his children, for £110^ deed to Stephen Wil- 
kins of Middleton, husbandman, several pieces of laud in 
Middleton. Among the children named in this deed is 
Samuel Lambert (^or, as this family seem to have spelled 
the name, " Lambartt "), and no such son appears among 
those born in Middleton, while Sarah, the youngest child 
recorded, does not appear. It may be that the Sarah of 
the vital records should really be Samuel, as it seems un- 
likely that there would be an error in an original deed. 

Samuel was, as is shown by the above deed, dead in 
1739/40, but the date is not found in the ^liddleton 



Children, bom in ]\Iicldleton : — 

46. Patience, b. Feb. 25, IT 10. 

47. EuifiCE, b. Oct. 23, 1712. ^ - O 
Joseph, b. May 7, 1714. r: , ' ^j •''.'-/«-/ >, ( j ^ 

49. Mabt, b. Mar. 11, 1718. ^" •*-^' ' •' '*^"- * " 

Sarah, b. Sept. 28. 1721; ra. May 5, 1742, in Salem, Francis, son 
of Nathaniel Carroll. 


27. Hannah Lambert was born Nov. 17, 1696, and 
married Dec. 25, 1718, Benjamin Manning, whose birth 
and parents liave not been fonnd. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Richard, b. June 21, 1720; d. June 22, 1720. 

Elizabeth, b. July IS, 1721; d. July 20, 1726. 

Hannah, b. Sept. 7, 172.3. 

Mary, b. July 24, 1725. 

Benjamin, b. June 12, 1727. 

Elizabeth, b. July 12, 1729. 

Margaret, b. July 22, 1733; d. Teb. 10, 1733/4. 

Jacob, b. Feb. 4, 1736/7. 

28. Joseph Lambert was born Aug. 1, 1702, and 
was a mereliant and shoreman in Salem. He married Feb. 
2, 1726/7, Mary, born :\Iay 8, 1706, died Dec. 30, 1795, 
daughter of John and Sarah (Manning) Williams. They, 
with the other heirs of John Williams, bought of the 
widow Ruth Purchase, for foity siiillings, a right whicli 
had belonged to her brother Ebenezer ^Williams, cooper, 
July 30, 1750, and they sold, Apr. 5, 1753, for £11:8:8, 
to Enos Popo of Salem, clothier, a common right, called 
the Green Pasture, in Salem, which had belonged to their 
father Samuel Lambert. They also conveyed, Aug. 5, 
1763, for £11, to their son Joseph, jr., of Salem, mari- 
ner, a lot on the road leading to the Neck in Salem, which 
had belonged to Joseph's un'cle Joseph Browne. 

Joseph Lambert died in 1764, and his widow conveyed, 
Jan. 4, 1770, for £10:13:4, to her son Joseph Lambert of 
Salem, mariner, a common right in the Great or Cow Pas- 
ture in Salem and Dan vers, which had belonged to her 
father John Williams. She also mortgaged, Dec. 1, 1701, 
for £40, to Tliomas Mason of Salem, merchant, the west- 
erly end of her dwelling liouse and land in Salem. 


. The inventory of Joseph Lambert's estate was taken 
Nov. 26, 1764, and included half a house called " the 
Block House ■' and land near the Neck Gate in Salem 
and half a pew in Mr. Diman's meeting house. The 
amount of the inventory was £107:18:11. Administra- 
tion had been granted to the widow Nov. 19. 

The will of Mary Lambert of Salem, widow, dated 
Nov. 30, 1793, and probated Apr. 15, 1796, provided : 
"My Executors shall consider a debt due the estate of my 
late son Joseph Lambert, deceased, although the statute 
of Limitation would debarr such claim inasmuch as my 
grandson Joseph Lambert administrator of the Estate of 
his father Joseph Lambert deceased, has not put such 
claim in suit. To my grandchildren namely Joseph Lam- 
bert, Mary Crowninshield, Hannah Rice, LydiaTownsend 
& Priscilla Lambert, 1/6 part of real and personal estate. 
To my five daughters Margaret White, Mary Preson, 
Priscilla Ropes, Elizabeth Phillips, the residue of my es- 
tate. Andrew Prefson executor." 

Bentley's Diary contains a number of allusions to the 
widow Mary Lambert, recording the deaths of different 
members of her family, and in almost every case alludes 
to her children or grandchildren at sea. 

Children, born in Salem ; — 

51. Margaret, b. abt. 1729; d. Nov, 16, 1803. 

52. Joseph, b. abt. 1731; d. Aug. 17, 1790. 

53. Mary, '« Jr.", b. Feb. 2, 1732; d. Nov. 18, 1810. 

54. Sarah, b. abt. 1735; d. Sept. 11, 1802. 

55. Lydia, bapt. Sept. 25, 1737, 

58. Priscilla, b. Feb. 26, 1739; d. Sept. 22, 1808. 
57. Hannah, b. abt. 1740; d. Oct. 14, 1773. 

68. Elizabeth, b. abt. 1741 ; m. May 28, 1771, Henry Phillips, who 
d. bef, 1796. No chn. 

29. Jonathan Lambert, whose birth date is not 
recorded, married Oct. 14, 1742, Lydia, baptized Jan. 22, 
1709/10, daughter of Christopher, jr. and Ruth (Bab- 
bidge) Randall, Jan. 4. 1765, Jonathan Lambert of 
Salem, mariner, and Lydia his wife conveyed, for j£10: 
13:4, to Thomas Mason of Salem, merchant, one-half part 
of two common rights in Salem, first division, in the Great 



Pasture, which were given by his father's will to his de- 
ceased brother Joseph and hi'mself. He bought a house 
and land in Salem of the heirs of Joseph Lambert in 

The Diary of Benjamin Lynde, jr. records, July 18, 
in-i, *'Capt Jona. Lambert moved for small pox & died 
next day." 

Administration on his estate was granted to his son 
Jonathan, Aug. 1, 1774, and the inventory was taken the 
next day. It included half a pew in the lower meeting 
house, a house, barn, &c. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

69. JoxATHAK, b. Aug. 9, 1743; d. Nov. 9, 1804. 

60. Ltdia. 

61. Margaret; m. Dec. 6, 1767, Adam Wellman, and d. bef. 1796. 
30. Jonathan Lambert was born :\rar. 20, 1696/7, 

and it was probably he who was master of the " Sea 
Flower, sloop," owned by Timothy Orne, jr., of Salem, 
which sailed December, 1747, on a voyage to North Caro- 
lina with a cargo of New England rum, molasses and 
oznabriggs. It was likewise probably he who was cast 
away Oct. 24, 1759, as Bentley records. He removed to 
Boston, for he was married there Mar. 4, 1717/18, to Mary 
Buchanan, and his children's births are there recorded. 

In a deed. May 5, 1737, Jonathan Lambert, of Boston, 
shipwright, with the consent of Mary his wife, sells for 
£5, to Samuel Swasey of Salem, shipwright, one sixty- 
third part of a tract of land called " A Canada Town- 
ship,"* lately granted by the General Court of :Massachu- 
setts Bay "to Samuel King & others Heirs and represent- 
atives of Such as were inlhe Canada Expedition [in the 
year 1690], it beinor y« Right allowed Said Swasey for one 
Jona Lambert (Dec'd)." 

Children, born in Boston: — 

62. JoHX, b. Oct. 16, 1719. 

63. JoNAxnAy, b. June 9, 1722. 

64. Mary, b. Sept. 8, 1724. 

65. Elizabeth, b. July 1, 1730. 

66. Thomas, b. Jan. 28, 1735. 

•This township was laid out 19 June, 1735, six miles square Ijin^ 
west of the Narraganset town.— iTaaa. Province Laws, 



35. Eunice Lambert -^vas bom Apr. 3, 1706, and 
married June 9, 1733/4, William Steward, whose parents 
have not been found. 

Child :— 
Eunice, bapt. Nov. 17, 1734. 

36. Benjamin Lambert was baptized July 3, 1709, 
and married (intention) Oct. 25, 1732, Mercy, baptized 
May 10, 1719; daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Vealy) 
Cole. He died before June, 1754, when his widow sold, 
for £1:6, to James Peirce, jr., of Salem, laborer, a third 
part of house and land then occupied by the said Peirce. 

Child, baptized First Church, Salem :— 
67. Mercy, bapt. Apr. 29, 1733. " Marfie Larabord of Salem 
Spinster " sold, Nov., 1752, for £40, to Philemon Sanders of 
Salem, trader, a third part of a house " Soteueat in Salem" 
She m, Jan. 18, 1756, Peter Smith. 

37. Sarah Lambert, baptized in Salem, June 24, 
1711, was probably the Sarah who married John Ewell in 
Boston, Sept. 10, 1733. A son John was born July 19, 

38. Seeth Lambert, baptized in Salem, Sept.6, 1713, 
would seem to have been married Oct. 21, 1736, in Bos- 
ton, to George In^raham, but there is also a record of an 
intention Jan. 4, 1737, to Joseph Beith, and the marriage, 
at King's Chapel, Feb. 19, 1737, of a Seeth Lambert to 
Joseph Beith or Bathe. No children are recorded, and it 
cannot be determined about the two marriages. 

41. Jehoadan Lambert, baptized Oct. 25,1719, was 
married, in Boston, Dec. 30, 1736, to Josepii :\rountfort. 
He was probably the son of John and Mary (Cock) 
Mountfort, born April 12, 1713, in Boston. No children 
are recorded in Boston. 

42. Sarah Lambert was born May, 1714, and was 
married, in Boston, Dec. 6, 1733, to John, born June 6, 
1713, in Boston, son of John and Sarah Matthews. No 
children are recorded in Boston. 

43. Ann Lambert was baptized Aug. 12, 1739, in 
Marblehead, and married July 23, 1761, in Marblehead, 
John Bridges. 


Child, born in Marblehead : — 
Ann, bapt. Feb. 14, 1762. 

44. Elizabeth Lambert, baptized Apr. 1, 1744, in 
Marblehead, married Jan. 21, 1762, William, probably 
baptized in Marblehead, Sept. 24, 1738, son of Samuel 
and Elizabeth Pederick. 

Children, baptized Marblehead : — 

Elizabeth, bapt. June 19, 1763; prob. d. young. 
Elizabeth, bapt. Oct. 6, 1765. 
William, bapt. Sept. 27, 1767. 
Lydia, bapt. Sept. 27, 1767. 

46. Patience Lambert, born Feb. 25, 1710, in Mid- 
dleton; married Oct. 29, 1730, in iMiddleton, Solomon 
Wilkins. He died Jan. 7, 1765, " by a fall under ye 
wheel of ye corn mill, whether Drowned or Killed by ye 
fall is uncertain." She died Apr. 15, 1705. 

Children, born in Middleton : — 

Lydia, b. Aug. 22, 1731. 
Sarah, b. July 16, 1739. 
■ Samuel, b. Aug. 11, 1742. 
Betty, b. Apr. 1, 1744. 
Maby, b. Feb. 21, 1752. 

47. Eunice Lambert, born Oct. 23, 1712, in :Middle- 
ton, married Dec. 2, 1731, in Middleton, Richard, born 
Nov. 18, 1712, son of Rouland and Margit Thomas. 

Children, born Middleton : — 

Othniel, b. Aug. 15, 1732; prob. d. young. 
Jethro, b. Feb. 12, 1733. 
Othniel, b. Nov. 9, 1736. 
Eunice, b. July 5, 1740. 
Philip, b. Nov. 11, 1743. 

49. Mary Lambert, born Mar. 11, 1718, in Middle- 
ton, married Jan. 18, 1737/8, William, born Apr. 25, 1715, 
in Beverly, son of William and Grace (Elliot) Bradford. 
He lived in Boxford until about 1741, when he removed 
to Middleton, where he lived until about 1744, when he 
settled in Soughegan-west (Amherst), X. H. Mary died 
Feb. 18, 1770, and he married, second, Rachel Small, who 
died in 1802. He died in 1791. 


Children : — 
Samuel, b. Dec. 22, 1738, in Boxford. 
Patience, b. Sept. 25, 1740, in Boxford. 
Mary, bapt. 1742, in Middleton. 

51. ]\Iargae,et Lambert, born about 1729, married 
May 22, 1754, William White, an Englishman and mari- 
ner, who died within the year. Bentley says she died 
Nov. 16, 1803, aged 74; that she was married at 23, and 
left no children. 

52. Joseph Lambert, if his age is correctly stated 
on his gravestone as 59, was born about 1731. He was 
a mariner and sea-captain. A list of vessels insured by 
Timothy Orne contains, under date of Apr. 30, 1758, the 
*'Brigg ^Nlaria Theresa, Jo^ Lambert, Jr., owner, Jn° 
Gardner, For Eustacia was Taken & Re-Taken." Also 
Nov. 3, 1758, " Brigs: Mary & Sarah, Jo^ Lambert, Jr., 
Owner R^ Darby, For Aledara & Gibralter.'" In the 
Salem Notarial Records, under date of Sept. 1, 1759, ap- 
pears the following protest : Joseph Lambert, master of 
the brigantine "Mary & Sarah" of Salem, 70 tons, 
made declaration that on August 6, he sailed from Monte 
Cristo, witii 6 hands bound up the straits of Gibralter, 
" but said Vessel proving very leaky and her sayles Bad 
and being unfit to proceed s^ Vo3'age they put away for 
Salem and on the 26th of August they got on Shore 
upon the back of the Vineyard and laid there about four 
hours, that they arrived at Salem last night." 

In 1777, 1778 and 1779, he was agent for a number of 
privateers, and sold a quantity of stores and cargo as 
well as shipping. 

He owned a part of the schooner " Sea Flower '' in 
1778, in partnership with Miles Greenwood and Henry 
White, the former a brother-in-law of his second wife, 
the latter her brother. 

Aug. 29, 1780, he bought the sloop *' Providence ", 75 
tons, for £14,000, of the agents of the ship " Jack ". 

The "Otter", brigantine, Edward Smith, jr., master, 
Salem to Guadeloupe, cargo : fish and lumber, owned by 
Joseph Lambert of Salem, about 120 tons, no guns, nine 
men, was libelled by the private ship of war " Lord Corn- 



wallis ", Nov. 28, 1781, having been captured in Boston 

He owned the schooner " Polly & Betsey ", of which 
his son Joseph was master, at the time of h^s death. 

Miles Greenwood, his partner, was assessor in Salem 
m 178o, and the names of Joseph Lambert and Joseph 
jr., as well as that of Marv, the mother of Joseph sr * 
appear m the tax lists. ' '' 

The Salem :\farine Societv, founded in 1766, has on its 
membei-ship three Lamberts, one of these, Joseph Lam- 
bert, a founder and charter member. The East India 
Marine Society, founded in 1799, had a Lambert for the 
first signer of its rolls, Jonathan (No. 59), Joseph, jr. 
(No. 68), and Jonathan, who was one of the three rnem- 
bers of its governing board for its first six years. 

June 10, 1760, Joseph Lambert bought of Samuel Fisk 
of Salem, clerk, and Anna his wife, for £48:6:10, land in 
the East Parish in Salem, on Becket's Lane. He crave a 
mortgage on this property June 19, 1760. Dec''l2 of 
the same year he took of Fisk, as collateral on a sum of 
money, some more land in the same locality, and Nov 18 
1761, Fisk sold it to him for £53:14. Mar. 15, 1771 he 
sold, for 56s. 2 far., to Nathaniel Sparhawk 'of Salem, 
gentleman, a small tract on Sparhawk's rope walk. In 
1779 he bought more land adjoining his own of Benjamin 
Browne of Salem, joiner, and Mar. 10, 1779, he sold, for 
£400, to Edmund Kimball of Salem, mariner, some of 
this land, and Apr. 14, 1784, for £.30, he sold to Jona- 
than Twiss of Salem, husbandman, land on the road lead- 
ing to the Neck, which his father had conveyed to him 
Aug. 5, 1763. 

Joseph Lambert married, first. Jan. 9, 1755, as her sec- 
ond husband, Mary, baptized Aug. 24, 1729, daughter of 
bamuel and Elizabeth Foot, who died Oct. 10, 1773 in 
the same epidemic of small-pox in which Joseph's uncle 
Jonathan (No. 29) died. He married, second, pub. June 
4, 17<4, Mary, born about 1734, daughter of John and 
Mary White, and widow of John Scollay of Boston, who 
died Nov. 5, 1802, at Wenham. 

i»ril® *"^^ Joseph, jr. are in a list of house-holders in 
1787. His estate was on the northerly side of Essex street. 


nearly opposite English street. His house was on the 
lower corner of Essex and Beckford streets, the garden 
formerly extending far down the latter street. Bentley 
says under date of Mar. 18, 1789 : — " A Building, the 
property of the family of Lambert, having one room upon 
a floor, and the entrance in a range with the chimney at 
the eastern end, the whole buildins: facinor the western 
end of English's Lane nearly, taken down." He also 
gives this family in a " List of such Persons, who have 
been so frequently visited that their families can be recol- 
lected." Aug. 18, 1790, he says: — "Last evening Capt. 
Joseph Lambert departed this life very suddenly. He 
■drank Tea in the family & went to bed as usual, tho' un- 
der infirmities of long continuance. He was heard to 
rise from bed, but upon his friends entering the chamber 
he laid down & expired at 1/2 past nine o'clock. He was 
a man of great virtues & great vices. He was the best 
of sons, the most kind of fathers, the most tender rela- 
tion, & charitable to all who applied in their distress. He 
has left an aged ^lother about 80 aet. A widow, his sec- 
ond wife. One son &. five daughters, all married but one. 
He has many Grandchildren. He has left five sisters 
behind him. He will be sincerely regretted by a numer- 
ous train of dependent relations." 

There are two deeds on record, one made in 1765 and 
one after the death of Joseph Lambert, in 1796, which 
are too long to quote here, but they make clear many re- 
latiouships in this family and may be briefly stated to 
cover land bought in 1694 by Samuel, the grandfather of 
Joseph, of John Warner's widow. His son Jonathan 
^No. 29), who died in 1773, lived in the house, having 
with his brother Joseph (No. 28) inherited it as residuary 
legatees of their father. Joseph died intestate, in 1764, 
and his share was inherited by his widow Mary and her 
■children, who, in 1765, sell their interest to their uncle 
Jonathan, mariner. In 1796 some of the children again 
sell another part of the property which their mother had 
inherited, the daughter Sarah having, since the former 
deed, married her second husband, George or John Un- 
derwood, who had also died, and the daughter Elizabeth 


havins: likewise married and lost her husband, Henry 

Administration of the estate of Captain Joseph Lam- 
bert was granted to his son Joseph, INIar. 18, 1701. The 
inventory, which included the mansion valued at £395, a 
pew and a half in the Eastern Meeting House, and one- 
half of the schooner " Betsy & Polly," amounted to 
£1,461:6:3, with about £633 in United States loans, and 
was taken Apr. 8, 1791. In an account, among the items, 
are " articles of mourning supplied to Mrs. Lambert 
mother of the deceased by desire of the widow &, heirs. 
Ditto for Mrs. White sister of the deceased." 

The estate was divided Nov. 1-4, 1794, but the division 
was disapproved and dually settled by giving Joseph the 
house and land on Essex street ; Lydia Townsend, the 
land on Cromwell street and a pew in the meeting house ; 
Hannah Rice, land on Cromwell street ; Mar}' Crownin- 
shield, land on Cromwell street ; and Priscilla Lambert, 
two Common Rights in the Great Pasture. Joseph was 
to pay various sums and also a payment to the legal rep- 
resentatives of Elizabeth Wellcome, deceased. 

His widow Mary, by will dated Jan. 27, 1776 (appar- 
ently an error for 1796, as she was not a widow in 
1776,) and probated January 10, 1803, bequeathed 
unto my sister Elizabeth Greenwood (Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter of John and Mary White married Jan. 12, 1772, 
as the widow of Thomas Elkins, Miles Greenwood), ail 
my estate, real or personal, my friend Mr. Thomas Saun- 
ders, son-in-haw to my jister Greenwood, to be executor. 
The widow is called " Late of Wenham formerly of 

Since the dates of birth of the children cannot be found, 
they cannot be definitely assigned to the two wives, but 
as Priscilla, the youngest, was married almost 19 years 
after the death of the first wife, it is probable that all 
were the result of the first marriage. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

68. Joseph, b. abt. 1759; d. Jan. 16, 1830. 

69. Maby, b. Nov., ITGO; d, 14 Jan., 1851. 

70. Elizabeth, b. abt. 17G4; d. Oct. 15, 1793. 

71. Lydia, b. June 27, 1767; d. Sept. 7, 1833. 


72. Hanxah. d. after 1801. 

73. PaisciLLA, b. July 13, 1770; d. Dec. 10, 1852; m. Aug. 30, 1792, 

Samael Lambert (No. 75). 

53. Mary Lambert was born Feb. 2, 1732, and mar- 
ried Feb. 4, 1753, Andrew, born May 8, 1729, son of 
Randall and Susanna (Stone) Presson or Preston. He 
was a mariner and was tlie executor of her mother's estate. 
Bentley records the death July 8, 1802, of Susanna, a 
daughter of Susanna Preston, and says that Andrew and 
his wife lived on Essex street, opposite Pleasant. He also 
notes the death of Capt. Andrew Preston, Feb. 20, 1800, 
leaving one son and three daughters, two married, and 
that Andrew was born in Beverly and was Inspector of 
Customs. July 17, 1816, he gives the death of the daugh- 
ter Mary, widow of Robert Rantoul, who had been twice 
married, the first time at the age of 19. He says a child 
died February, 1788, that a son was abroad in 1794, and 
another son was lost at sea, at Wood Island, off Saco, 
Maine, in Februar}*, 1799. Mary died Nov. 18, 1810. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Mabt. b. Sept. 17, 1755; d. July 17, 1816. 

William, b. Apr. 29, 1757. 

Andrew, b. Mar. 2-t, 1760. 

Samuel, b. Sept. 3, 1761; d. prob. jonng. 

ScsANXA, b. Sept. 3, 1761. 

Samuel, b. Mar. 6, 1763. 

Elizabeth, b. Mar. 11, 1765; d. prob. yoang. 

JoHX, b. Mar. 24, 1769. 

Elizabeth, b. Apr. 12, 1771. 

64. Sarah Lambert was born about 1735, and mar- 
ried, first, Jan. 1, 1755, ^Matthew, probably born Sept. 30, 
1727, died about 1764, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth 
(Whitredge) Butman of Beverly ; and, second, before 
1768, John Underwood. (Bentley calls him George in 
one place, but this seems to be an error, as he is called 
John in the Salem vital records.) They lived on Essex 
street, corner of Becket, and her second husband died 
abroad about 1786, as Bentley says she lived with him 
eight years. "Sarah (Lambert) wife of Matthew But- 
man, was baptized May 25, 1755." — Beverly First Church 


Children :— * 

Sarah, bapt. May 2, 1756, in Beverly. 
Israel, bapt. Oct. 1, 175S, in Beverly. 
George, bapt. July 9, 1769 (Salem); d. young. 
Phillip, bapt. Mar. 16, 1773 (Salem); d, bef. 17S6. 
George, bapt. Nov. 2S, 1779 (Salem); d. after 1736. 

56. Priscilla Lambert was born Feb. 26, 1739, and 
married Nov. 19, 1761, Daniel, born June 19, 1737, son 
of Joseph and Elizabeth (Purchase) Ropes. He died 
Oct. 6, 1821, and she died Sept., 1808. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Elizabeth, b. Feb. 23, 1763 ; d. Sept. 19 or Oct. 20, 1798. 

Priscilla, b. Jan. 4, 1765; d. Apr. 24, 1843. . 

Daniel, b. Jan. 1, 1767; d. Jan. 11 or 12, 1808, London. 

Ruth, b. Dec. 20, 1768; d. Mar. 5, 1844. 

Mary, b. Nov. 2, 1770. 

George, b. Jan. 22, 1773; d. Nov. 17, 1803. 

Joseph, b. Oct. 29, 1774. 

Sarah, b. Oct. 5, 1776; d. Nov. 26, 1776. 

Abraham, b. Oct. 5, 1778; d. Sept. 16, 1777. 

Salle, b. May 6, 1778; d. prob. young. 

A SON, d. Aug. 22, 1780. 

Sally, b. Aug. 13, 1781; d. Feb. 9, 1787. 

59.- Jonathan Lambert was born Aug. 9, 1743, and 
was a sea captain and a member of the Salem Marine 
Society. His name was No. 1 in the East India Marine 
Society, organized in 1799. It was probably he who 
owned the brigantine " Hope " in 1790, which Joseph 
Lambert owned in 1791 and 1792. Jonathan owned the 
schooner " Fox " in 1793, and was master of the brig 
"Laurel" in 1804. Jonathan was owner and Jonathan, 
jr. was master of the schooner "Ruth" in 1795, and 
Jonathan was owner and master of the brigantine " Olive 
Branch" in 1796. 

He married before 1768, Mary, baptized Jan. 8, 1748/9, 
daughter of Richard and Susanna (Hannah in vital rec- 
ords) (Hibbard) Lee of Manchester and Salem. 

Jonathan Lambert and his wife Mary, with his sister 
Lydia and her husband Samuel Woodkmd and his sister's 

*Bentley also says there was a son John whosarvived his mother, 
bat does not say by which marriage. 


husband Adam "Wellman, and Rebecca Wellaian his 
daughter, sold, for 5135, to David Murpiiy of Salem, rope- 
maker, a piece of hind on Essex street, which Samuel 
Lambert (No. 8) had owned and which Joseph (No. 28) 
and Jonathan (No. 29) had inherited. Rebecca Wellman 
was then living in Boston, though her father was of Salem 
(Mar. 19,1706). 

Jonathan Lambert died Nov. 9, 1804, and his wife 
probably before 1804. He lived on Court street. 

The will of Jonathan Lambert of Salem, gentleman, 
dated Oct. 30, 1804, and probated Dec. 3, 1804, bequeaths 
to daughter ^fary the southerly half of my house and the 
land and the ^jutherly half of ray barn and out house (on 
Court street, Salem), the front stairs, &c., in common 
with my sons, to said Mary my furniture, books & per- 
sonal estate. To sons Samuel Lambert, Harry Lambert, 
& Nat Lambert, the northern half of above house, &c. 
2/10 to Samuel, 4/10 to Harry, 4/10 to Nat. To son 
Jonathan Lambert $200, one-half to be piiid by daughter 
Mary and the other half by Samuel. Mary to pay all 
debts, residue to my daughter Mary and she executrix. 

The inventory included the house on Court street at 
$4300, a floor pew in the south meeting house, and was 
presented by " Mrs." Mary Lambert, Jan. 14, 1805. 

Oct. 29, 1819, Jonathan's son Samuel, Samuel's son 
Henry, then of the city of New York, mariner, together 
with a number of other heirs of the Lees of Manchester, 
sold, for $25, to Joanna Goodridge of Manchester, their 
right in land called " Dowing Lees " in that town. Sam- 
uel's daughter Mary, unmarried, also joins in the deed. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

74. Samuel, b. May 29, 1768; d. Jan. 24, 1832. 

75. Richard, b. Jan. 9, 1770. 

76. JON-ATHAN, b. Feb. 11, 1772; d. about 1820. 
n. JoH!!, b. 1773; d. Oct. 19. 1813. 

78. Sarah, b. Feb. 11, 1774. 

79. Mary (Polly), b. Oct. 5, 1778; d. Mar. 1, 1837. 

80. Henry, b. Jane 29, 1780; d. about 1830. 

81. Nathaniel, b. June 21, 1783; d. July, 1813, at Stockholoj, 


82. Christopher, bapt. June 3, 1792. 

83. Lydia, b. June 25, 1794; d. Jan. 1, 1796. 


60. Lydia Lamreht married, first, Nov. 2, 1762, 
Ricliard Pal fray, aiul had one son. She married, second, 
before 1784, Samuel Woodkind, from Berkshire. 


Lydia, b. abt. 1784; d. Nov. 8, 1798. 

68. Joseph Lambert was born about 1759, and like 
most of his relatives, was a sea captain. Either he or 
his father owned the brigantine " Sea Otter " in 1781, 
and in 1790 he was master of his father's schooner "Polly 
& Betsy ''. He was master of the schooner " Maria " in 
1795, of the " Helen " in 1800 ; was owner, in company 
with Benjamin Crowninshield and Moses Townsend, of 
the schooner " Union " in 1802 ; master of the brigan- 
tine "Good Hope" in 1802, of the brig "Edwin" in 
1804, and was a member of the Marine Society. His 
name does not appear in the list of the East India Marine 

He was at sea when his daughter Sarah died in July, 
1785, and did not return home until Sept. 4 following. 

Bentley records various events in his family. Jan. 8, 
1791. " Day before yesterday a Capt. Lambert's family 
moved into the Eastern end of Crowninshield's house 
fiext door." Jan. 14, 1791. " News of Capt. Lambert, 
ivho has long been missing. The news by a Southern 
•Gazette. Several valuable families interested in his fate." 
Apr. 10, 1792. " Lambert J^ missing yet." Mar. 13, 1791. 
-•* Prayers were asked for Joseph Lambert returned from 
€ea, death of his Father in his absence." It would seem 
that, from the date in 1792, he returned in 1791 and 
was again missing the next year. 

He is in the list of church members in 1792, and it 
seems probable that it was he who was in a Volunteer 
Company in the Rhode Island Expedition in August, 
1778, and in Captain Samuel Flaog's Company, of which 
Miles Greenwood was First Lieutenant in 1779. 

Bentley further records: Nov. 10, 1796. "News of the 
death of Jo.s. of Jos. Lambert. Fever, abroad, aet. 14. 
One son & 3 dans. left. Died from vessell of his father 
who was with him at Aux Cayes." Also in June, 1811, 



the death of his wife's mother Abigail Obear (Ober), at 
the age of 75. "She had been a Widow for 38 years & 
was of the Archer family." 

He married Apr. 24, 1782, Abigail, daughter of Israel 
and Abiijail (Archer) Obear or Ober of Salem, who was 
living in 1831. 

Oct. 10, 1794, he pledged as collateral for payment of 
a bond, to Moses Townsend of Salem, mariner, the land 
and house on Essex street and Cromwell street, assigned 
him as his part of the estate of his father. He mort- 
gaged land and the end of a house on Brown street to 
Isaac Very of Salem, mariner, Dec. 2, 1799, and conveyed 
it to Very, for 6600, June 2, 1796. In January, 1812, he 
mortgaged his house and land on Essex street to the Ma- 
rine Sociey, it being the house that had belonged to his 

The will of Joseph Lambert of Salem, mariner, dated 
Dec. 27, 1805, and probated 3d Monday in Feb., 1830, 
bequeaths unto my wife Abigail all my real estate during 
her widowhood. Residue unto her four children, Ruth, 
Samuel, Mary & Abigail. The inventory, which included 
the house, land and a pew in Dr. Flint's meeting house, 
amounted to 82647.37. 

Sept. 16, 1831, Abigail, the widow, Rnth Lambert, sin- 
glewoman, Mary Goodridge, widow, Joshua Chase, Esq., 
and Abigail, his wife, conveyed, for §1300, to Leverett 
Saltonstall of Salem, Esquire, the land in Salem which 
had belonged to Joseph Lambert, on a mortgage. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

84. Joseph, b. abt. 1782 ; d. 1796. 

85. Sarah, b. Nov., 1784; d. July 30. 1785. 

86. Samuel, bapt. July 3 or 8, 17b7. 

87. Mary, bapt. Apr. 19, 1789; ra. July 18, 1826, John Goodrich. 

She was living, his widow, in 1835. 

88. Abigail, bapt. Feb. 2, 1793; ra. Nov. 16, 1812, Joshua Chase. 

89. Ruth, unm. in 1830. 

69. Mary Lambert, who was bom in Nov., 1760, and 
died June 19, 1850, in Charlestown, Mass., married Nov. 9, 
1780, Benjamin, born Feb. 16, 1758, died Nov. 22, 1836, 
in Charlestown, son of Jacob and Hannah (Carlton) 
Crowninshield of Salem. 


He was a ship-master and collector of customs for 
Marblehead, and lived on Essex street in Salem, opposite 
the head of Union street. He and his son Benjamin, as 
captain and passenger respectively, went on the famous 
voyage of the yacht "Cleopatra's Barge," to Europe. 

He commanded many celebrated ships, and his portrait 
hangs in the Peabody Museum in Salem. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Benjamin, b. abt. 1782; d. Dec, 1S64, s. p. He was known as 

" Philosopher Ben ". 
A SON, b. Apr., 1786; d. Apr. 23, 1786. 
Mabia, b. abt. 1787; bapt. June 28, 1789; d. Sept 15, 1870; m. 

Apr. 4, 1814, John Crowninshield. 
Hannah, bapt. June 28, 1789; d. Sept. 15, 1870; m. Mar. 29, 

1819, Lieut. James Armstrong, afterwards Commodore. 
Elizabeth, bapt, Nov. 16, 1794, 
Jacob, b. abt. 1796; bapt. Mar, 10, 1799; d. June 15, 1849, at 

sea, near Panama; m. June 9, 1825, Harriet Wallack, 
Elizabeth Boardmak, bapt. Nov, 18, 1804; d. Mar. 17, 1870; 

m. Nov., 1836, Commodore James Armstrong, widower of 

her sister, 

70, Elizabeth Lambert was born about 1764, and 
married Sept. 16, 1782, Thomas, baptized Jan. 25, 1758, 
son of Stephen and Sarah (Beadle) Welcome of Salem. 
He had previously married, Sept, 26, 1776, Priscilla 
Webb, born about 1758, died Jan. 11, 1781. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Sabah, b, abt. 1778; d. Mar. 28, 1859; m. Aug. 12, 1799, Capt. 

George Southard. 
Mary (Polly), b. Dec. 12, 1780; d, Aug, 19, 1864; m, Feb. 3, 

1805, Robert Deland; d. Aug. 20, 1869. 
Thomas, bapt. Mar, 2, 1783; d. Feb. 4, 1805, at Guadeloupe. 

Bentley says: — " Thomas Welcome was the only son of T. 

W, by a Lambert. He was an amiable, industrious & well 

informed young man & the public hopes were indulgent to 

Betsey, b, Feb. 29, 1788; d, 1871, at North Andover; m, Dec. 

13, 1812, George Hodges. Bentley records the death of 

their son George, Sept. 25, 1818, ae. 8 mo.; they then had 

one child left. 

71. Lydia Lambert was born June 27, 1767, and 
married Apr. 7, 1785, Moses Townsend, born May 17, 


1760, died Feb. 14, 1843. Moses Townsend's father was 
present at the siege of Boston and at the capituh\tion of 
Fort Washington. They were both captured by the Brit- 
ish, and Moses, sr., died of disease while a prisoner-of-war 
in ^lill prison, near Pl3'mouth, Enghmd, in 1777. Moses, 
jr., probably was buried at Wallingford, Conn. 

Bentley notes the death of their daughter ^lary and 
says they lived on Derby street, below Turner ; he also 
records the death of the son Joseph Lambert, whose father 
was then at sea. He likewise states, " Capt. Townsend 
preparing to remove his house in Derby street upon his 
Lambert lot in Becket street, to build upon his present 
lot." Lydia died Sept. 7, 1833. 

Children, born in Salem : — 

Ltdia, b. Dec. 16, 1737; m. Nov. 18, 1810, William Rice. 

Pbiscili-a, b. Nov. 1, 1790. 

Mart, bapt. Apr. 14, 1793 ; d. Oct. 19, 1801. 

Elizabeth, b. Dec. 11, 1798. 

Joseph Lambert, bapt. May 3, 1801; d. Sept. 19, 1802. 

William, b. Mar. 22, 1806. 

Joseph, b. May 3, 1S09. 

George, b. July 20, 1812. 

72. Hannah Lambert, whose birth does not appear, 
married June 3, 1784 (Dec. 28, 1783, church records), 
Matthias Rice. Bentley visited Saco, where they lived, 
June 6, 1787, and on Sept. 19, 1802, records the death of 
their daughter, Priscilla Lambert, in which note he says 
that Matthias Rice was a physician of Saco, who removed 
to Blackpoint, Maine, and that he died several years be- 
fore, leaving tbree sons, the children born at Scarborough, 
and the widow having returned to Saco the previous 

Rea's Journal, under date of June 4, 1807, notes "News 
of death of Hy Rice drowned at sea, 22 years, father 
Matthias Rice, physician, Saco, she dau. of Capt. Joseph 

Children : — 

Henry, b. abt. 1785; d. Jane 4, 1807, at sea. 
William, bapt. Aug. 18, 1793. 
Georoe, bapt. Aug. 18, 1793. 
Eliza Foster, bapt. May 22, 1797. 


Maria, bapt. Nov. 3, 180L 

Mary Ann Augusta, bapt. Nov. 3, ISOl. 

Priscilla Lambert, bapt. Nov. 3, ISOl; d. Sept. 19, 1802. 

74, Samuel Lambert was born May 29, lTG8,and he 
married Aucr. 30, 1792, Priscilla, born July 13, 1700, died 
Dec. 10, 1852, daughter of Joseph (No. 52) and Mary 
(Foot) Lambert. He was a mariner and a member of the 
East India xMariue Society in 1800, his number in the so- 
ciety being 39. 

Bentley refers to the family several times, and on ^oy. 
14, 1813, he notes : — " Samuel Lambert & wife, d. of his 
youno'est brother, aet. 23, of Stockholm, Sweden." (This 
was John, No. 78.) "This family has one son settled on 
Islands in the South Sea in a very excentric manner." 
(This was John, No. 77.) " The whole are endowed with 
talents. Capt. Lambert is an able teacher of Mathemat- 
ics." Jan. 16, 1816. "Capt. S. Lambert is continually 
employed in copying such maps as are in demand for our 
seamen in Salem with his pen." 

From the log-books preserved by the East India Marine 
Society, and now in possession of the Essex Institute, it 
is found that Samuel Lambert kept journals of some of 
his voyages. The first one found is headed "Samuel 
Lambert's Journal From Salem to Copenhagen & Calcutta 
in the Ship Adventure, James Barr Jun' Master, from 
May 4 1800 to August 6 1801." By the 3d of June they 
were in latitude 60:18 and longitude 17:12, and he records 
" It's not dark any part of the 24 Hours in these Latta's." 
The next day he "Saw a great number of herrings & 
whales in plenty after them." The 7th of June they saw 
one of the Orkney Islands, and on the 12th the coast of 
Norway, and on the 16th they "Came to Anchor at El- 
siener," where they stayed a few hours, and on the after- 
noon of the 16th thev came to anchor at Copenhagen. 
Remaining here until" Aug. 11th, they sailed for Elsiener, 
arriving the next afternoon and staying two hours. The 
night of 23rd Oct. was "cold & Woollen stockings come 
in'play." The 27th Oct. " Saw a penguin, these birds do 
not go far from land." The 29th, " By not seemg the 
Tristan Islands we must have pafsed them on Night of 
the 26th. it being very Thick Weather. Consequent y 


we must be as mucli as five degrees to the Eastward of 
our Reckg." Nov. 2iul, "Spake with C. Donnefon from 
llhode Ishiud bound to Batavia." Nov. 17th, "Came to 
Allowance Beef 1 lb. p' man p' Cabbin 1 1/4 lb p' Man 
for the Stealage." On June 11th, "At 9 (A. M.) fell in 
with Capt. Komaiu of the Company's Armed ship the 
Cornwailis from a Cruse bound to Calcutta, he took us 
under convoy presented us with a Sheep «& 1/2 doz. Ducks 
were very accepUible as we had not seen a foul these 4 
months Much more tasted one." The next day two 
Pilot schooners hove in sight. " At 10 (A. M.) a Pilot 
camo on board to Carry us to Calcutta." There they 
stayed till the 13th of January, when they set sail and 
had an uneventful voyage. July ITth, in lat. 12:59, long. 
42:03, " I never experienced so many currents about here 
before this the 13 Voyage to India." July 28th, "Spake 
with a schooner from Portland, toold as it was peace be- 
tween France &; America." Aug. 6th, " At 2 P. !M. Saw 
Cape Ann bear*' ^^'est distance about 8 leagues." The 
next day, " At 1 P. M. Saw the light house on Bakers 
Island. At 4 P. M. pafsed Bakers Island. At 5 came to 
Anchor at Quarantine Roads in Salem." 

The ne.vt log records a voyage "From N. Y. to Isle 
France & Bourbon in the Brigautine Reward, John Wil- 
liams; J' Master." He sailed on the return voyage from 
Bourbon, 13th October, in company with Capt. Elkins' 
ship "Margaret." Dec. 28th, 1804"^ " Hard Gales. At 
6 P. M. hove to Block Island bar« W. S. W. At 5 P. M. 
blowing a mere hurricane hove too a Hull at 8 P. M. Sett 
reef Fore Sail, At Day light saw Land bar^ from W. S. 
W. to N. E. took it to be the Main Land and bore away. 
At 10 A. M. to our great disappointment saw the Wind- 
mills on Nantucket Island, barring N. E. distance about 3 
leagues, spake the Almira of Portland a ship in distrefs 
but it blowing a gale we could not afsist her, hauld to the 
Wind southward." Dec. 30th, " At 7 A. M. the Weather 
cleared up saw the Land bar« fiom N. b. E. to N. W. wore 
ship saw Breakers under tiie Lee at one mile distant 
breaking mast high, we had 11 fathoms coarse sand, sup- 
posed the Land we saw to be the Main Land and the 


shoal to be the rocks layiticf of Seakonet Point, but we 
were again deceived, the Land was the Vinevard and the 
breakers Skifts Ishmd reef, at 9 A. M. had 22 fathoms 
at 10 again saw the Windmills on Nantucket with the 
Wind to }® Westward, we again hauled to the Wind, to 
the southw^vrd-and stood of till 12 at night the 1st Janu- 
ary when we wore ship to the northward." Jan. 5th, 
1805, " At one P. M. came to Anchor in Holmes Hole in 
three fathoms we run in by Blunts direction, no pilot 
showed his nose, we are a compleat cake of Ice. It never 
was colder, almost perished with the cold, most of the 
crew froze, only two of all Hands escaped be* visited by 
the Frost." 

The third log is " From Salem to Mocha & back in tlie 
Brig Reward.Jn" Williams f Master." March 22nd, 1805, 
*• At 3 P. M. Cape Ann bore N. N. W. dist. 3 leag^ from 
which we take our Departure." May 11th, "At 4 P. M. 
an English armed Whaler brought us too with a shot, he 
was from London bound round Cape Horn." June 28th, 
*' At 4 P. M. saw a ship to North"* At 6 P.M. was boarded 
by a boat from the English Frigate Pitt, detained about 2 
hours treated very Politely. At 4 A. M. saw the Isle 
Bourbon bar* N. W. 3 leag^ dist." They remained till 
Aug. 1st, when at 6 P.M. they took their departure. Aug. 
8th, "Millions of birds about us I never saw the like be- 
fore. At 4 A. M. no ground with 75 fath." Aug. 10th, 
"At 10 A. AL came to Anchor in 13 fath. in the harbour 
of Sychelles (Called Mahi) about 1 1/2 miles N. b. W. 
from St. Ann, soon after got under way and stood over 
towards the Town and Anchored in 10 fath' in the Great 
Ravine about 1 1/4 from the Government buildings." 
Sept. 2nd, " At 9 A. M. got under way and made sail for 
the Isle of Praslin on the 3rd. came to Anchor in the 
Harbor of Praslin in 12 fath* water. At this Island grows 
the double Cocoa Nut, the Island is almost covered with 
the trees that produces them, I have seen a number of three 
and some of four which they asked twelve dollars for. 
Feb. 21st, " We found we had Anchored in the fog of 
Falmouth furtiier down than we expected. At 2 P. M. 
got under wav, and at 5 P. M. Anchored of the East Chop 
of Holmes Hole." 


June 6, 1799, Samuel and Priscilla Lambert and the 
other heirs of Samuel Foot convey, for nominal consider- 
ation, to Joseph Fogg of Salem, housewright, a quarter 
acre of land in Salem that Foot had bought of Robert 
Turner in 1698. Jan. 8, 1807, Samuel Lambert conveyed, 
for SlOO, to Mary Lambert of Salem, singlewoman, a part 
of the northern half of the house of Jonathan Lambert. 
On Apr. 6,1807, James Dalrympleof Salem, watchmaker, 
recovered judgment and attached the house of Samuel 
Lambert, trader. May 14, 1808, Samuel and his wife sell, 
for $200, to Samuel Putnam of Salem, Esquire, two rights 
in the Great Pasture in Salem. Samuel Lambert died 
Jan. 24, 1832. 

Children, baptized in Salem : — 

90. Abigail, bapt. Feb. 2, 1793. 

91. Lauba, b. 1795; d. prob. yonng, 

92. Samuel ilORxiMER, bapt. May 22, 1797; d. Ang. 31, 1798. 

93. Samuel, bapt. Xov. 3, 1801. 

94. Maby Lee, bapt. July 3, 1803; d. Aug. 31. 1804. 

95. Laura Lee, b. Jan. 6, 1810; d. Apr. 5, 1894. 

98. Abigail Rogers, bapt. Aug. 19, 1810; d. Jan. 19, 1811. 

96a. Hexrt L., b. abt. 1812; d. Feb. 28, 1859; m. Abbie W. Moore. 

76. Jonathan Lambert was born Feb. 11, 1772, and 
married (date unknown) Mary Smith (whose mother was 
also named Mary), who died in 1814 and was buried Apr. 
5. The indications are that after Jonathan embarked 
upon his voyage to the south Atlantic, referred to below, 
his wife lacked means of support, and, as they do not 
seem to have had any children, she was taken care of by 
the overseers of the poor. 

Jonathan lived on Court street, in Salem, and was a 
mariner. In Bentley's Diary we find prayers were asked, 
Sept. 11, 1814, for Samuel Lambert and wife, on the 
death of brother Jonathan. " This is the bold adventurer 
that seized upon an Island in the Great Ocean & collected 
a few companions to inhabit it, & gave notice that he 
should supply all circumnavigators. He perished when 
fishing in his boat with some of his Companions. He was 
a man of real genius & intrepidity. Nothing common 
would satisfy him & he had acquired all that general 
knowledge which observation in Men &. manners could 


supply. He had a ready tongue & good pen, an enquir- 
ino- mind & a power to know& possess what circumstances 
could give him, at the instant they appeared. I knew 
him intimately well." 

In Mass. Historical Collections, series 2, vol. II, page 
125, is printed a letter from Benjamin F. Seaver, agent 
for the proprietors of the islands of TrisUm d'Acunha, to 
his Excellency, Earl Caledou, Governor, «Scc., of the Cape 
of Good Hope, &c. 

'♦ Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, 

March 1st, 1811. 

" My Lord, 

»« In compliance with your Lordship's request, I take 
the liberty of describing the situation and extent of the 
islands of Tristan d'Acunha, as well as what may be done 
towards the settlement of tlie large island. 

" In December last, when on the coast of Brazil, having 
fallen in with an American ship, I understood that there 
was a man on board by the name of Jonathan Lambert, a 
native of America, who had resolved to establish himself 
on the large island of Tristan d'Acunha, for the purpose 
of cultivating the soil and breeding poultry, with other 
stock, expecting it would be an inducement for vessels 
passing in that tract to touch for refreshments, whenever 
it might be known. On the 28th January, ultimo, being 
in sight of the Islands ... I determined on despatching 
the Charles' boat ... for the purpose of taking some 
fresh water ; when Mr. Lambert with two other men were 
found, and reported that they had been landed twenty 
days . . . there was a spot of ground Lambert had cleared 
for a garden ; full two acres were laid out in neat beds, 
with radish and cabbage plants growing in great luxuri- 
ance, and more than one inch above the surface, Indian 
corn, potatoes, and the pumpkin vine, with the water and 
musk-melon were also above ground. . . . Mr. Lambert 
expressed to me his desire that I would communicate to 
your Lordship that he set out with views which he trust- 
ed would be considered by the British Government and 
the honourable East India Company laudable, and deserv- 
ing their protection and assistance. . . . And whenever 


the sanction of the British Government, he then would 
most solemnly declare himself allied to that government; 
and by permission display the British flair on the island, 
reserving to himself always the governorship, provided an 
equivalent could not be agreed upon." (He desires as- 
sistance and a small vessel to carry some colonists from 
Cape of Good Hope with cattle, «S:c.) 

Benjamin F. Seaver. 

Jonathan Lambert died Oct. 19, 1813. 

An administration of the estate of Mary Lambert of 
Salem, " singlewoman ", intestate, was granted April 20, 
1814, to James Odell of Salem, gentleman. It is to be 
noted that she is called "singlewoman ", whether through 
error or because she had been separated or deserted by 
her husband is not clear. The inventory, dated Marl)le- 
head, Apr. 21, 1814, included 2/3 of an old dwelling 
house and 4 poles of land, 1/3 set off to Doctor Fuller of 
Middleton, §136.50. Capt. James Odell presented the 
inventory. Among the debts is " town of Salem's de- 
mands, §417." 

77. John Lambert, born in 1773, was drowned in 
Salem harbor Oct. 19, 1813. He married Oct. 9, 1792, 
Betsy (perhaps the daughter Elizabeth), born Feb. 1, 1773, 
of Charles and Elizabeth Leach. He was of Salem in 
1800, a mariner, and was admitted to the Essex Lodge of 
Freemasons, July 7, 1808. His widow married, second, 
(int.) Dec. 23, 1815, Isaac Hacker. 

John Lambert, supposed to have been this John, was 
master of the following vessels : " Roboreus ", " Spring 
Bird", dates unknown, schooner "Success", 1806, 
" Mary & Allen ", brigantine, 1807, " Thomas ", schooner, 
1809, " Anna ", brig, 1806, " John ", schooner, 1809. He 
bought, Mar. 20, 1804, of John Francis of Beverly, ad- 
ministrator of the estate of Jonathan Hartshorne of Salem, 
land and house on Lynn [sec] street, for S1201, which 
Hartshorne had bought of William Purbeck. 

Administration of his estate was granted to John Pun- 
chard, July 19, 1814. The inventory, which included a 


house and land valued at $1200 and a pew in Dr. Worces- 
ter's meeting house, was taken Oct. 17, 1814. 

It seems possible that John and his wife may have lived 
in Manchester for a time, as there is recorded there the 
birth of John, the son of John and Elizabeth Lambert, 
and the Leach family were numerous there. 

Children : — 

97. JoHN(?), b. Feb. 8, 1793. 

98. Hekbt, Dec, 1805. 

79. Mart Lambert, who was unmarried, died in 
1837. Her will, dated Dec. 26, 1836, probated Apr. 4, 
1837, provides bequests for religious objects and to friends 
and also $30 to the children of late brother Samuel Lam- 
bert, deceased, and $30 to children of brother Harry Lam- 
bert, deceased, of Haverstraw, N. Y. The inventory in- 
cluded house and land on Court street, the same estate 
lately occupied by said Mary Lambert given her by will 
of her father Jonathan Lambert, adjoining the Tabernacle 
Society. She had bought 4/10 of the northerly half of 
this house, formerly the estate of Nat. Lambert, late of 
Salem, mariner, which he had bought, Aug. 29, 1814, at a 
vendue of his father's estate, from James Odell of Salem, 

80. Henry Lambert died in or before 1837. He 

married, first, before 1820, Elizabeth , who seems to 

have married, second, before Dec. 5, 1837, a Macdonald. 

John Glen King of Salem, Esquire, Nov. 17, 1837, prays 
for appointment as guardian of Mary Lambert, ae. 17 ; 
Anne Elizabeth Lambert, ae. 12; and Jonathan Lee Lam- 
bert, ae. 9, minor children of Harry Lambert, late of 
Haverstraw, N. Y,, formerly of Salem. 

Dec. 5, 1837, the children sell, for 8426, to Samuel 
Cook of Salem, merchant, 2/3 of 4/10 parts of the north- 
ern end of a house on Court St., Salem, after the decease 
of Elizabeth Macdonald, mother of said minors. 

Children : — 

99. Mart, b. abt. 1820. 

100. Akn Elizabeth, b. abt. 1825. 

101. Jonathan Lee, b. abt. 1826. 


98. Henry Lambert died Dec, 1805, having married 
Nov. 6, 1803, Betsy Hendly, who married, second, Jan. 
11, 1807, Capt. Robert Leach, jr. Lambert was impressed 
by the British about 1800. 

Administration of estate of Henry Lambert of Salem, 
mariner, was granted Oct. 14, 1806, to Mrs. Betsy Lam- 

Child :— 

102. Ruth, b. abt. 1804 ; m. (iDt.) Dec. 15, 1826, John Davis. 


Attention is called to the following corrections of the 
genealogy of the Lambert family as contained in the 
issue for January', 1918. 

Under 25 :— Preserved Lambert died Apr. 20, 1782, 
and the estate of Captain Thomas Mason was adminis- 
tered May 18, 1747. He was a master (as were Captain 
Jonathan Mason and Captain Jonathan Peele, his son 
and son-in-law,) in the West India trade, before the Rev- 
olution, and an important man in the commercial life of 
Salem. The son Samuel probably died young, and in 
addition to the children given there were two daughters, 
Margaret, born Dec. 24, 1728, who married Aug. 30, 
1760, Capt. Jonathan Peele, and Abigail, who died un- 
married Oct. 30, 1801. A son Jonathan, born 1733, 
married Susannah Babbidge, intention Jun. 22, 1756. 

Under 69 : — Mary Lambert. The daughter Hannah, 
died May 4, 1834. 

Under 70 : — Elizabeth Lambert A daughter Betsey 
was baptized Oct. 30, 1785, who doubtless died young. 
Tbe birth of the second daughter of that name was 
taken from the Hodges Genealogy, but according to a 
member of the family she celebrated March 4th as her 
birthday and not Februai7 29th.