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Volume XXIII 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

Table Of Contents 

Academics Pg.8 

Campus Life Pg. 34 

Athletics Pg. 80 

Organizations Pg.104 

* - A " 

Seniors Pg. 160 


Gannon Outlook Contrasts 
Bleak National Scene 

During the past year, myriad events occurred which 
drastically altered the comfortable existence of most 
Americans. A variety of shortages, ranging from oil 
and related products to paper, deprived consumers 
of many conveniences they had taken for granted, and 
caused a rise in unemployment. An 8.8% increase in 
inflation at the end of 1973 — combined with material 
shortages, climbing wholesale prices, and stationary 
wages — produced a bleakly pessimistic outlook for 1974. 

General annoyance with government ensued. Last 
summer's grain deal with Russia, the tiresome unraveling 
of the Watergate mystery, and the belief that oil 
companies were gouging consumers with Mr. Nixon's 
blessing festered like a canker on the side of Middle 
America. The President's popularity ratings plummeted 
to an all-time low, and the Agnew fiasco didn't improve 
the Administrative reputation. 

A summary of the local scene creates a more optimistic 
tone. Erie, voted an All-American City, pressed forward 
with downtown renewal. Construction began on the 
Transitway Mall and the Erie Hilton. 

And on the college level, Gannon's financial crunch 
and subsequent sale of properties was countered by the 
addition of its Learning Resource Center — the most ad- 
vanced multi-media library in western Pennsylvania. 
Changes in academic Core requirements reflected the 
the college's awareness that students' educational needs 
have altered from the past. 

Look around. The changes in Gannon are visible. 
And, unlike most of the year's happenings, they have 
been changes for the better. 


Better Equipment 
Aids in Learning 

Last fall's opening of the Learning Resource 
Center marked a new beginning for Gannon 
College. On September 5, Gannon underwent 
a truly remarkable transformation. The 
dedication and opening of the Center 
launched a new experience in study and 
scholastic research for students. Housing 
the most advanced educational equipment 
of its kind in western Pennsylvania, the 
Resource Center combines film, TV, record, 
microtext material, and audio-visual equip- 
ment to modernize learning. 
The building is contemporary-modern 
in appearance. Encompassing 82,121 square 
feet of space, it is completely air-conditioned 
and enclosed in a reinforced concrete 
structure. The exterior courts are an attractive 
feature, designed for outdoor study. 
Besides giving the campus an expansive 
effect, the Resource Center provides a 
place for group study, with numerous rooms 
on the second floor designed for this purpose. 
And the interior furnishings create a warm, 
comfortable atmosphere very unlike the for- 
bidding surroundings traditionally associated 

with library study. 


* \ 

Rev. Msgr. Wilfred ). Nash, President 

Richard ). Dunford, Student Personnel Services 

Along with initiating several new departmental 
programs, Gannon considered new core curriculum 
requirements combined with a number of new 
Liberal Studies courses. The structure of the 
curriculum at present has placed more emphasis on 
Philosophy and Theology, and humanities majors 
have been required to take twenty-seven more 
credits than business or science majors. 

The proposed core of forty-two credits for all 
majors concentrates on the students' personal 
development and ability to communicate ideas 
effectively. A senior Integrating Seminar would also 
provide a synopsis and overview of general concepts 
discussed throughout the students' earlier courses. 
If approved by Monsignor Nash, the core revisal 
will be implemented next fall. 

Kh h.inl Hcdistfill, Admissions 

John F. Rossi, Dir. of Development 

Rev. Lawrence Speice, Christopher C. Thorn, Public Relations 

Alphonse Wedzik, Registrar 

Rev. Francis Haas, Open University 


David Frew, MBA Director 


Owen T. Finegan, Dean of Sciences 

Rev. Msgr. Louis Lorei, Dean of Humanities 

Howard ). Elwell, Athletics 

Frank J. Pizzat, Dir. Psychological Science 


Joseph W. McLaughlin, Guidance 

John Waldron, Dean of Business 

Rev. George Strohmeyer, Freshman Services 

Charles Lundy, Graduate Guidance 


John S. Rouch, English 








Hart N. Emeruwa, Education 


Rev. John Prah, Philosophy 

Thomas L. Szendrey, History 

Philip H.Kelly, English 


Media Madness 
Strikes Gannon! 

If "the Medium is the Message," as Marshall 
McLuhan has stated, then the Gannon Com- 
munications Program has trained its students 
well to effectively transmit their ideas. 

The program, connected with Gannon's 
English Department, has encouraged partici- 
pation in at least one aspect of media as part 
of the students' curriculum. 

Various areas have been emphasized, in- 
cluding writing, speech, literature, linguistics, 
theatre, and non-print media (radio, T.V., and 

Practical experience is available to students 
through extracurricular organizations such as 
the Gannon Knight, the Lance, WERG radio, 
and the T.V. facilities in the Learning Resource 

Rev. Thomas ). McSweeney, Speech and Drama 

Rev. Richard J. Sullivan, Theology 



R. Michael Morris, Speech and Drama 

Gregor Reinhard, Political Science 

Frank F. Angotti, History 


Director Says: 

With last fall's appointment of 
Sister Janet Klempay as the new Director 
of the Mental Health Counseling Program, 
Gannon took a significant step in recog- 
nizing women's administrative potential. 

The program, according to Sister 
Janet, developed as a hybrid field 
"interdisciplinary between social work 
and psychology." Since its beginning in 
1970, extensive growth has occured. 
This year's enrollment reached a total 
of ninety-eight students. 

Training has included seminars in 
personal development, experience in 
counseling, and eight months of part-time 
field work. During the junior and senior 
years, students have worked in various 
social agencies, receiving salaries as 
actual staff members. 

Students in the Mental Health 
Counseling Program have discovered that 
their work can be extremely demanding, 
but the overall results have been 
constructive as well as satisfying. 

James Sefcik, History 


Edward B. Babowicz, English 

Michael J. Acri, Philosophy 

William J. Carney, French 

Mary Lou Scalise, Languages 

John P. Fitzgibbon, Theology 


James M. Brasfield, Political Science 

John J. Fleming, Psychology 


Students Investigate 
Court Cases 

Gannon students had an opportunity 
this year to actively participate in an 
educational experience sponsored by the 
Criminal Justice Program. Acting as 
Erie County Court investigators, the 
students researched actual court cases 
to determine whether or not an individual 
should be released from county jail on 

Six people were involved in last 
year's program, and the practical 
experience they gained remains one of 
the program's major goals. 

Although it is similar to police 
training programs, the Criminal Justice 
Program, combined with the Core cur- 
riculum, has given students an increased 
knowledge in areas outside their field. 
And the option for further study on a 
graduate level is a viable possibility. 

One of the program participants, 
Cathy Moore, expressed her reaction 
to working as a court investigator: 
"The experience was an invaluable 
one. I felt I was contributing posi- 
tively to the court system." 

^1 iw~ < 

Rev. John P.Schanz, Theology 

Rev. James W. Peterson, Theology 


Paul K. Adams, History 

Rev. Paul J. DeSante, English 


Berta M. Weber, German 

Rev. Stephen CM. Minkiel, Philosophy 

Charles L. Kennedy, Political Science 


Catechists Trained 
In Catholic Tradition 

James R. Kelvington, Philosophy 

On September 10, 1973, a new pro- 
gram, designated the "Pontifical Center 
for Catechetical Studies," unfolded as 
a part of Gannon's expanded academic 
scope. The dedication ceremony, held 
in the Learning Resource Center, empha- 
sized Gannon's responsibility in actively 
supporting the training of Catholic 
religion teachers and catechists. 

As one of only five such centers 
in the United States, the Pontifical 
Center has established training programs 
on both the graduate and undergraduate 

Reverend Robert J. Levis, Director 
of the Pontifical Center, summarized 
Gannon's attitude toward the new program: 
"The college feels that now is the time 
to witness its fidelity to the continuing 
stream of Catholic tradition by the estab- 
lishment of the Pontifical Center." 

Rev. Cilio L. Dipre, Philosophy 


Rev. Howard V. Niebling, Fine Arts 

SCM Steven W. Comerford, ROTC 

Capt. Joseph N. Lander, ROTC 

Kenneth Gamble, Psychology 

1 1 . 


„ •■ ' ■ >v | 

Br ' 

Robert A. Wehrer, Education 

Rev. Alphonse Crispo, Philosophy 

Capt. Ronald W. Riddle, ROTC 

Gerard P. Walsh, History 


Guidance Is Personal 

Although it has been in operation for three 
years, Freshman Services offered its full potential 
to Gannon College this year. With Reverend George 
Strohmeyer as Coordinator, Freshman Services serves 
as a link between the first-year student and the 
College administrative offices. 

This year Freshman Services was responsible 
not just for Freshman Orientation. It also at- 
tempted to bring the freshman and his advisor 
closer together. On October 1, freshmen and 
advisors met and disussed problems experienced 
by college freshmen. Freshman Services also re- 
ferred troubled students to counselors. 

With the support of the college, Freshman 
Services continued the four-week grading system. 
As a result, failing students were counseled concerning 
their courses or majors. 

Freshman Services has not tried to be a "Big 
Brother Office," but it has attempted to be as 
personal to the freshman student as possible, and 
to unite him with Gannon College. 

Capt. Philip R. Robbins, ROTC 

SSG Walter W. Malone, ROTC 


Rev. Gerald Orbanek, Theology 

Dennis Renner, English 


George G. Welch, English 

Shirley Levin, Speech and Drama 

Charles R. Smith, Jr., English 

Robert L. Vales, English 

* J 


Technical Training 
Aids Gannon Theatre 

During the past two years, Gannon 
students have been offered a different 
career choice in the Speech and Drama 

The program has aimed at giving 
students a background in theatre arts, 
and permitting them to develop their 
individuality and talent in a creative, 
practical atmosphere. 

Some of the course offerings have 
included play directing, use of make-up 
and costuming, and T.V. directing. 
Possibilities for increased technical 
knowledge have resulted from the new 
audio-visual equipment in the Learning 
Resource Center. 

Because of their greater potential 
in technical areas, students have a- 
chieved a new level of competency, re- 
flected in this year's theatrical pro- 

Rev. Robert C. Ein, Languages 



Wm. N. Latimer, Management 

David M. DeFazio, Management 


Charles A. Bennett, Economics 


A Degree Off-Campus 

One of the newer programs Gannon College has 
offered this year is the Open University Program, 
which makes college degrees possible to those 
adults who are unable to attend classes on campus. 

The student, who may obtain a degree in any 
major, works under the guidance of the Gannon facul 
ty. All classwork is done by the student on his 
own, and he never attends an official class on 

The program, open to any high school graduate, 
has counseled students toward courses and majors 
which would most likely serve their needs and ambi- 
tions. Some study aids, such as audio-visual tapes, 
have been available for individual student use. 
But group activities, including field trips and 
experiments, have also been successful in off- 
campus studies. 

Open University students have had the same 
curriculum choices as the on-campus students, and 
have earned the same number of credits for complet- 
ed courses. But the advantage of the Open Univer- 
sity Program is the flexibility given to adults 
who are working or caring for a family, to continue 
an education at their own convenience. 

Joseph L. Bressan, Accounting 

Ronald Volpe, Marketing 


Abdelrahman T. Aburachis, Economics 

Ernest C. Wright, Finance 


Andreas Zafiropoulos, Finance 

David R. Eichelsdorfer, Management 

John P. Susko, Economics 


Ecology Study 
Limited To Graduates 

Responding to the increased interest 
in ecology and the environment, Gannon 
has recently developed a program in 
Environmental Education. At the end of 
its third year, the program has had 
twenty-seven students in the past 
year's enrollment. 

Because of the growing need for 
teachers and specialists who have had 
graduate training inenvironmental 
studies, Gannon's program has concen- 
trated on the graduate level. Courses 
have included studies in the scientific, 
economic, social, and legal aspects of 
environmental problems. 

Although the Environmental Education 
Program has been limited to graduate 
studies, the program Director, Professor 
S.J. Zagorski, is hopeful that undergrad- 
uate courses will be added in the future. 

John W. Alberstadt, Accounting 


Richard E. Sitter, Physics 




Leonard Vetrone, Engineering 

Elmer K. Kohlmiller, Biology 


Hyun Soo Kim, Physics 

Thomas C. Miller III, Engineering 

Richard F. Pietrzak, Chemistry 

Halit M. Kosar, Mechanical Engineering 


Ismaila Isa, Mechanical Engineering 


James E. Palmer, Engineering 

Paul B. Griesacker, Physics 

Rev. Joseph Gregorek, Biology 

Rev. Austin OToole, Biology 


Jerry A. Selvaggi, Engineering 



Frank W. Groszkiewicz, Engineering 

Richard A. Gammon, Biology 


Thomas J. Jiang, Engineering 

John P. Gilewicz, Earth Science 

Rev. Robert J. Sciamanda, Physics 

^^^ ^J 

Stanley ). Zagorski, Biology 

Rev. James McCullough, Mathematics 


Core Complements 
Hospital Study 

Students are always asking for 
programs and courses that are relevant 
and practical. One of the many first- 
time offerings designed to solve this 
problem is the Radiologic Technology 
Program. Under the direction of Pro- 
fessor S.J. Zagorski, the program has 
attracted twenty students in its first 
year and over thirty interested appli- 
cants for the coming year. 

Arranged in cooperation with the 
Radiologic Technology Programs at 
Hamot Medical Center and St. Vincent 
Hospital, Gannon's program provides 
supporting studies in the basic sciences 
and liberal arts, to complement the 
practicum experience and training avail- 
able through the hospitals. 

Students response to the new pro- 
gram has been favorable, and the in- 
creased enrollment for next year proves 
that the Radiologic Technology Program 
was both needed and wanted at Gannon. 

Rev. Addison Yehl, Chemistry 

Francis A. Pelczar, Chemistry 


In the past year, Gannon students have 
discovered new directions within the campus 

On a personal level, diversity in living 
arrangements has given students more latitude in 
choosing their lifestyles. Dormitory life no 
longer encroaches on student autonomy. A 
more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere has pre- 
vailed. Apartment dwelling has been less 
feasible on an individual basis, but group 
rentals (and roommate problems) have flourished. 
And city students, while they still lack an 
inexpensive means of commuting, have had the 
alternative of living at home. 

Social activities at Gannon have varied 
less noticeably, and the changes have been 
sporadic. A streak of individualism appeared 
in the theatre productions this year. Both the 
Student Activities Center and the Black Student 
Union were relocated and expanded. But 
traditional elements still dominated the social 
calendar: the 8-Ball, one-act plays at the 
Carriage House, the Model U.N. 

Although Gannon's social framework has 
adhered to a familiar pattern, students have 
moved in other directions, adapting their 
lives to growing both in freedom and greater 


Leisure Time 
Has Serious Moments 

7. )im Davis, Mark Rickert. 

2. Joanne Heintz. 

3. Nancy Lutz, Amy Welsh. 

4. John Groner. 

5. Maryann Milosich, Diane Walter, Roger Boyd. 

6. Steve Fensel. 




7. Lissa Scalise 

2. Joe Letizo 

3. Bob Fronzaglia 

Cathy Miller 

Larry Scully 

4. Gary Zielonis 

Jim Malue 

5. Frank Amicucci 

6. Karen Peterson 

7. Bill Salter 
8. Paul Groucutt 


At Home 
On Campus 

City students have often asked a 
common question: "Where can we go 
between classes?" This year Gannon 
has answered their question with the 
new Learning Resource Center, and the 
expanded Student Activities Center. 

Students have occupied their time 
studying, catching upon assignments, 
talking with friends, or getting in a 
quick game of ping-pong or pool. 

Reactions of city students to 
the new facilities have been mostly 
favorable. "The library is quiet, 
private, and modern." "I like it." 
"Gannon finally looks like a modern 

Of course, if the student hasn't 
liked the change, there's still been 
time for a quick Coke at Grant's or a 
cigarette in the old lounge. 



1. Mike Natale. 

2. Mike Natale. 

3. Pam Verity. 

4. Mike Sitter. 
5. John Zuraw. 

6. Debbie Ruggiero, Cindy dinger. 



Rates No Lower 
Yet Spirits High 

Commuter students had expected some 
relief in transportation costs last fall, 
but were again disappointed. Student Sen- 
ate President Jim Pianka promised to ar- 
range for lower parking rates and bus fare 
for Gannon students. Unfortunately, he 
was unable to reduce the rates, and the 
commuters fought Erie traffic for another 

Modes of transportation have varied 
from the family car to bicycles, motorcy- 
cles, and trusty thumbs. 

One common trait of commuters this 
year was effort. Besides getting up at 
6 a.m. to be on time for an early class, 
it took intestinal fortitude to face a new 
day of parking battles and two-dollar parking 


1. Ray Deering 

Pete Miller 

Joe O'Malley 


2. Homer Smith 

Charmaine Page 

3. Dennis Dorman 

Rich Wallace 

David Finster 

Jim Broadhead 

Scott Brown 

4. Cindy Medvid 

Paula Stetter 
Denny Deslot 

5. Dennis Manus 

Jeanne Holt 
6. Debbie Gordon 



A Full House! 

"Duplex living" has been 
the most apt term for describing 
life at North Hall. During the 
past year, the west wing of the 
dorm was occupied by 119 men 
students. The east wing contin- 
ued as the living quarters for 
women students. 

Although the wings are sep- 
arated, an entrance, main lounge, 
and laundry facilities have been 
shared by men and women students. 

Reactions of the dorm resi- 
dents have been mixed. Several 
students were enthusiastic. 
"It's brought the students closer 
together and unified the school." 
Others seemed skeptical and 
apathetic. "It doesn't make 
any difference to me." 

Most dorm students have 
enjoyed the new living arrange- 
ment. Daily routines of study, 
billiards, and T.V. — along with 
friendly conversation — have 
gone on as usual, but this year, 
in mixed company. 


1. Guirlaine Saint-Fleur, Larry Treadwell. 

2. Tony Dalessandro. 

3. Tom Scarantino, Dave Nesko. 

4. Dave Hanratty. 

5. Pat Halaiko. 

6. Marcel Arribi. 

7. Robert Yanichko, Kathy Dobry. 

8. Ward McCracken. 


All Men And More 
Of Them 

With the closing of South Hall last summer, 
Wehrle Hall has become the college's only dorm 
restricted to men students. One of the results was 
an increase in the total number of residents to 
191 students, about thirty more than in the previous 
year. Many of the residents are upperclassmen, 
since Wehrle is no longer Gannon's "freshmen" dorm. 

One reason why Wehrle has attracted more 
upperclassmen is due to more flexible dorm policies. 
Hours have been virtually eliminated. 

Students have been given a free hand in per- 
sonalizing their rooms. This facelifting process 
has sometimes included paneling the walls and in- 
stalling carpeting. 

Another attractive feature of the dorm is 
Wehrle's recreation center — the Owl's Nest. 
Created a year ago through extensive cooperation 
between the dorm council and the residents, the 
Owl's Nest remains a healthy sign of community 
effort. Ping-pong and pool tables have given 
residents other leisure activities aside from 
passively watching TV. Vending machines serving 
hot food are now an effective weapon against the 
post-midnight "munchies." 

Some of Wehrle's occupants have really liked 
the dorm's closeness to classes. But, with the 
Learning Resource Center right across the street, 
procrasti nators have had towork harder at ignoring 
their long-term research assignments. 


7. Mike Rina/do 

2. TonyCometto 

Ed Cross 

Terry Linsted 

Pete Farrelly 

3. Jim Kane 

Ray Esposito 

4. John Buser 

Steve Nicholas 

Bill McC/vern 

Kevin Stern 


5. Danette DiPerna 

6. Lou Covello 

Jack Mulqueen 

Dean Oyer 

Pat Reaney 


Addresses Change 
But Problems Remain 

The loss of eight Gannon-owned 
housing units caused a struggle for 
sTudents this year. By leasing four 
of its Fifth Street duplexes to the 
Erie Drug Council, the college elim- 
inated these inexpensive units rented 
previously by Gannon students. 

A scramble for housing ensued, 
with some students paying as much as 
$80 per month — even after splitting 
the rent with a roommate. Yet the 
added expense did not discourage 
apartment dwellers, who preferred 
the feeling "I'm finally on my own." 

In other Gannon-approved hous- 
ing, more than 150 men occupied the 
seven fraternity houses. 

Like other off-campus dwellers, 
the fraternities worried about paying 
the rent (and filling their houses), 
but still enjoyed the advantages of 
fraternal living. 


1. Pete Michaelson and friend. 

2. Bob Fries. 

3. Mike Mirizio, Mike Miller, Jim Zanelli. 

4. Debbie Rhule, Karen Connell. 

5. )oette Piccirillo. 

6. Cathy Moore, Denise Funicello. 





New Programs 
Boost Enrollment 

Married students at Gannon in years 
past were easily characterized. They 
were, for the most part, veterans. With 
families to support, many were confined to 
part-time enrollment in evening classes. 
But lately this blanket characteriza- 
tion has been hard to justify. In recent 
years, married students receiving scholar- 
ships and loans have been able to continue 
on a full-time basis. Programs geared 
toward helping teacher's aides achieve a 
college degree have placed more of the 
students in day classes. And the Open 
University Program has given students 
greater flexibility in their schedules. 
Women with school-age children have 
themselves been returning to classes, and 
newlyweds are remaining in school after 
marriage, with serious intentions of pur- 
suing a career when they graduate. 
A summary of this year's married stu- 
dents, in brief, is "diversified." 

1. Steve Mooney, Management. 

2. Regina Wunsch, Physics. 

3. Anne Marie Clancey, Speech and 

4. Mr. Jude Kirkpatrick, Sociol- 
ogy Department; Ed Samartino, 
Social Work. 


1. Mark Bartchak, John O'Shea, Greg Buzzy. 2. Harry 

Sepede, Jeff Dumm. 3. Dave Poulson, Mark Bartchak. 

4. Mark Jarocki. 5. Gary Froehlich, Mark Jarocki. 

6. JoeGebhardt. 



"We're Really 
Regular People" 

Every morning before 8 a.m., the St. 
Mark's Seminary bus made its way downtown 
to a convenient parking space beside Old 
Main. Out filed forty-five seminarians 
for their classes at Gannon College. 

The seminarians have majored in any 
field of their choice, acquiring along 
the way a mandatory 18 credits in Phil- 
osophy. Their regular classes were taken 
at the college, but spiritual formation 
was shaped at the seminary. 

The seminarians have been more in- 
volved in Gannon activities than most 
people realize. Some have gotten inter- 
ested in the theatre, others in tennis 
and hockey, and a few in school publica- 

Generally, St. Mark's men have been 
a regular part of campus life, no differ- 
ent from other Gannon students 
in their outward appearance. 


1. Sara Gore, Irma James, Fred Thompson, Cheryl Polk, Linda 

Core, Mary Lentz. 

2. Terry Lucas, Tina Brown. 

3. Terry Lucas, Donald Brown, Tina Brown, Fred Thompson. 

4. Fred Thompson, Tina Brown, Terry Lucas. 

5. Debra Mikolajczak, Terry Lucas, Miguel Sague, Jr., 

Justine English, Fred Thompson. 



Better Facilities 
At New Location 

Gannon's Black Student Union was re- 
located last fall on the second floor of 
Downey Hall. After some interior decorat- 
ing, the finished rooms in the Union were 
bright and appealing. The T.V. room, with 
vinyl-and-chrome furniture and shag carpet- 
ing, looked especially impressive. 

Continuing its yearly activities for 
young children, the Union held Halloween 
and Christmas parties, with over fifty 
children attending. Funding for these ac- 
tivities came from the Office of Minority 
Affairs, and from a dance sponsored by the 

Besides the recreation offered to 
small children, the Black Student Union 
has provided an attractive meeting-place 
for socializing and/or studying. 


1. Dale Swartz. 2. Carol Smith. 

3. John Mesing. 4. Paula Palermo, 

Mary Pat Carney. 

5. Denise Love. 



Students Can 
Help Themselves 

The Work-Study Program at Gannon has 
been succinctly described by students as 
"beneficial." And the reason is quite 
simple — the college uses this method to 
give students financial assistance by 
supplying them with jobs. This year the 
program was reduced in size because of 
Gannon's own monetary troubles. 

Generally, students work from ten to 
fifteen hours weekly, and salaries average 
around $1.75 an hour. In the summer, the 
college offers the same program, but the 
students are allowed more hours and are 
paid higher salaries. Because they have 
more free time, Work-Study students are 
allowed to work forty hours a week and 
expect salaries of $2.00 an hour. 

No matter what job is held at Gannon, 
the rules remain the same: punching in 
and out every time students arrive or 
leave work, and having the employers sign 
one's time card if an error has been made. 



4(> fk^ » v 


Summer Program Added 

With an eye to smoothing the road for incoming 
freshmen and alleviating their parents' fears, Gan- 
non's Office of Freshmen Services initiated the Sum- 
mer Orientation Program. 

Coordinated by Reverend George Strohmeyer and 
senior Don McAleer, the program was designed to take 
care of scheduling and finances, and to acquaint the 
students and their parents with Gannon. 

During all three of the two-day sessions, stu- 
dents met with advisors, were counseled on majors, 
and could take tests for college credit. Tours of 
the campus and college facilities were held, but 
students also had free time to explore on their own. 

Parents got involved in this program, too. They 
lived in the dorms, ate in the cafeteria, met with 
college personnel, and had the same tours as stu- 
dents. A Student Life Panel of upperclassmen an- 
swered questions on all facets of campus living. 

Though most of the program was structured to- 
ward clearing up details and eliminating anxieties, 
there was still time for relaxation. Out-of-towners 
checking in the night before had attended a social 
in North Hall. Another chance to get together was 
the picnic supper on Presque Isle. 




Drink, Dance, & Delight 

Gannon's most traditional social function re- 
appeared in October with the 29th Annual 8-Ball. 

The semi-formal event was presented by the 
Junior Class and funded by the Senate. Junction 
West, a popular local group, provided the music. 

As a remembrance of the evening, the 
thousand students and faculty members who attended 
received souvenir glasses — inscribed with the 
customary 8-Ball decal. 





Delegates Say Readmit 

Only one issue passed this year's General As- 
sembly of the twenty-first Model United Nations. 
The delegates voted to readmit Nationalist China. 
Seven hundred students from sixty tri-state area high 
schools participated in the U.N., held in Hammer- 
mill Auditorium on November 9 and 10. 
The assembly was under the direction of Steve 
Smith, Secretary General, and Dr. Gregor Reinhard. 
John Lowery served as President of the Security 
Council. Various students were members of the 
Secretariat, and Assistant Secretaries General. 


I.Gannon Delegates. 

2. Ann Stephenson, Mike Na- 
tale, John Lowery, Debbie 

3. Stephen Smith (Secretary 

4. John Lowery. 

5. Paul Williams, Joette Piccirillo, 
Joyce Harrison, Chuck Taft. 

6. Mike Natale, Scott Brown. 

7. Mary Ditz, Debbie Ruggiero. 




Fall 1973 

8-Ball at Rainbow Gardens 
Mini-concert — "Freeport" 
Lecturer — Dr. Charles Morgan, 

Director, A.C.L.U. 
Karate Lessons 
Movie Series: 

SlauRhterhouse Five 


A Dav in the Life of Ivan 


uoen jrpi 





''Giving a Damn" 
Brings In $10,000+ 

Students at Gannon worked on a new 
approach for alleviating the college's financial 
woes An Alumni Telethon was staged during 
the middle of February, with students con- 
tacting a selected segment of Gannon s 
alumni by phone each night over a two-week 

During the first two nights, over eight 

thousand dollars was raised. And as the 

Telethon drew to a close, the total sum rose 

close toS>iU,bUU. 

The "Give a Damn about Gannon" idea 

was originated by Michael Schwabenbauer, 

junior Class President, and 150 students 

responded to the mail-out request forms 

asking for assistance. 





Morris Adapts 
Greek Tragedy 

The Gannon Theatre opened its 1973- 
74 season with R. Michael Morris' adapt- 
ation of Sophocles' Antigone. 

The tragic story of Antigone's quest 
to provide a decent burial for her 
brother's body featured college and local 

The performers included Jacquelyn 
Migdal as Antigone, Joannie Papalia as 
Ismene, Chris Groenendaal as Haemon, 
Regis Sabol at Teireseus, and A.j. Miceli 
as Creon. 

R. Michael Morris directed the play 
and designed costumes. Joseph Reilly 
directed set construction. 



New Production 
is a "Sellout" 

Will was the second of four major produc- 
tions staged by the Speech and Drama 
Department this year. It was a special 
attraction in the Erie community in Decem- 
ber. An original musical, it was given its 
debut in Erie before distribution to producers 
throughout the country. 
The play is based on the life of the young 
Will Shakespeare, who was more interested 
in becoming an actor than a playwright. 
The story line develops Shakespeare's stormy 
marriage with Anne Hatheway, his subsequent 
involvement with the Burbage acting troupe 
and the Globe Theatre, and finally fantasizes 
how Will settled down to his vocation as 
Bard of the Avon. 
Will was written by Edward Cashman and 
Joseph Lewis of Catholic University in 
Washington, D.C. Reverend Thomas 
McSweeney directed the production. On 
opening night, the fifty-three-member cast 
brought the audience to their feet in a stand- 
ing ovation — followed by a two-week run with 
each night's performance sold out. 


Mr J 

I - A 

/ 1 

^r ^1 •^r 





Dorms Celebrate Christmas Spirit 





IP Bridges Gap 

The Intersession Program was initiated four years 
ago when Gannon adopted the 4-1-4 calendar change. 
After two years of consideration by a Presidential 
committee, the 4-1-4 schedule was rated the best 
alternative to Gannon's previous academic schedule 
split by the Christmas holidays. 
As a three-week session between the fall and spring 
semesters, the Intersession Program offers intensive 
study in all areas of academic interest. Dr. Charles 
Smith, Coordinator of the Intersession office, states 
that "the Program terrifically broadens the number 
and kinds of courses offered to students — courses 
which are not available during the rest of the year." 
A large number of courses are one-time opportunities, 
due to a 66% turnover rate in curricula each year. 
Fifteen students in this year's program completed 
independent study projects approved by their Depart- 
ment Chairmen — one project involved photographing 
the path of Comet Kohoutek. Another option available 
to interested students is recruiting professionals from 
the Erie area to instruct specialized courses if no 
qualified instructor is present at Gannon. 
Many courses were cooperative efforts between 
academic Departments and community institutions. 
The Biology Department offered "Clinical Nuclear 
Medicine" in conjunction with Doctors' Osteopathic 
Hospital. And the Sociology Department organized 
Criminal Justice courses in cooperation with the State 
Department of Corrections and the Erie Police. 

_.-4 '-y* - 





Resource Center 
Discovered At Last 


Administrative and personnel changes gave Gan- 
non's athletic program a new look for the 73-74 

The first change occurred when the Golden Knights 
became the 212th member of the Eastern College 
Athletic Conference (ECAC), the largest collegiate 
organization in the United States. Although the ECAC 
is not a playing conference, it does sponsor various 
tournaments, such as a regional golf tourney, at the 
end of the sports season. 

Gannon also joined the Middle Eastern College 
Athletic Association, the only all-Catholic conference 
in the nation. The Golden Ones will compete for 
league titles in golf, tennis, baseball, and cross country 
this season with the Knight basketball team beginning 
play in the seven-team league next year. 

After joining two new associations, the Knights 
resigned from another, as Gannon ended its twenty 
year affiliation with the National Association of Inter- 
collegiate Athletics (NAIA). Gannon, however, will 
remain a member of the National Collegiate Athletic 
Association (NCAA). 

Personnel-wise, the Knights were greeted by new 
coaches in soccer, tennis, cross country, and JV basket- 
ball. Even the Gannon basketball team could not es- 
cape the changes, as the Knight cagers were outfitted 
in new uniforms and warm-up suits. 

The many changes are hopefully a major step in 
Gannon's drive for the top in athletics. 


The Lancers held a 9-1 match record for the 
fall season and had high finishes in four tourna- 
ments. The team was lead by letterman Ted Grassi 

and Tim Nash. 

High points of the season included a victory 

over EGAC regional champ Canisius 385-400 and 

snapping the University of Buffalo's eight game 

winning streak. 

1. Tim Nash. 2. Bill Koper, Mark Musone, 

Spencer Foxworth, Ted Brassi, Tim Nash, 

Steve Crane, Paul Branham. 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure University 
Gannon vs Canisius College 
Gannon vs. Niagara University 
Gannon vs Buffalo State 




Gannon vs University of Buffalo 
Gannon vs Fredonia State University 
Gannon vs St. John Fisher College 



. 376-384 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure University 
Gannon vs Niagara University 
Gannon vs University of Buffalo 







Coach Ron Manilla commented that this 
fall's tennis team had a number of prob- 

Manilla specifically noted that the 
overall mediocrity was caused by inexperi- 
ence in comparison with opponents, injuries 
to team members, ineligibility, attrition, 
and, members not playing to their poten- 

But Coach Manilla remained optimistic, 
forecasting, "If things go well, we should 
be pretty good in the spring." 


Gannon vs Niagara University 


Gannon vs St. Bonaventure University 


Gannon vs University of Buffalo 


Gannon vs Fredonia State University 


Gannon vs Erie Community College 

6-3 W 

7. Front: Dan Young, Mary Anne Connell, 
Kevin Van Horn. Back: Coach Ron Manilla, 
John O'Malley, Frank Bekeny, Tim Downing, 
Al Ganzer. 
2. Coach Manilla, Tim Downing. 


I If 

■ J 


Marathon runner John Gould made his debut as Coach for Gannon's 

Cross Country team last fall. Overall performance was unexceptional, 

with the running Knights winning only one of fourteen meets. 

Gould had a solid performer in Bill Knoch, who had a seventh place 

finish at the Middle Eastern Collegiate Athletic Association 


The Knights also featured a co-ed harrier, Joan Wasylowsky, who 

competed in every meet but one and always finished. Her 34th place 

finish in the MECCA was, for her, a big moment. 


1. Frank Cobb, Joan Wayloskey, Bill Enoch. 2. Chris Poux, Jim 
Hynes, Rob Davis, Bruce Pattersen, Carl Kreisel, Marie Knafelc, 
Jim Davis, Bob Peyton, Mitchell Goozdich, coach. 


After a runnerup finish to the University of Akron 
in the 1973 Lake Erie Intercollegiate Rifle Conference 
(LEIRC), the 1974 Knights set their sights on the loop 
crown this campaign. 

Gannon finished the first round of competition in 
third place in the six-team circuit with a 3-2 record, 
behind league-leading Akron (5-0), and Youngstown 
(4-1). Behind the Knights are Case Western Reserve 
(2-3), Dayton (1-3), and John Carroll (0-5). 



The final awards highlighted this year's soc- 
cer season. Bob "Pop" Werner was named to the sec- 
ond All-Star team in the Western Pennsylvania Inter- 
Collegiate Conference making him the only player 
in history to be named to either the first or sec- 
ond team for four consecutive years. Vince Kirkner 
was named to the All-Star's first team in the same 
conference. Rich Pereira was named the season's 

MVP by his teammates. 


Gannon vs Carnegie-Mellon University 

2-1 W 

Gannon vs Grove City College 

3-1 W 

Gannon vs Ashland College 


Gannon vs Fredonia State College 


Gannon vs Edinboro State College 


Gannon vs Penn State — Behrcnd College 

3-2 W 

Gannon vs Canisius College 

4-0 W 

Gannon vs Geneva College 


Gannon vs Slippery Rock State College 


Gannon vs Alliance College 


Gannon vs Indiana University of Pa. 


Gannon vs University of Pittsburgh 


1. Front: Joe Henry, Jose Restrepo, Tarn Worku, 
Bob Werner, Bruce Patterson, John Allin, Rich 
Pereira, Frank Amicucci, Dennis Shade. 

Back: Coach Robert Dowdy, Aysar Susan, 
Vernon Robinson, Berto Napoleon, Jim Orband, 
Atif Ammar, Joe Felix, Charlie Forquer, Bob 
Schriefer, Vince Kirkner, Tim Nies (Manager). 

2. Vince Kirkner. 

3. "Pop" Werner, Coach Dowdy. 



Gannon vs Mercyhurst College 



Gannon vs Buffalo State 


W -8-13 L 

Gannon vs Mercyhurst College 



Geneseo (NY) State 



MECAA Tourney 

St. Francis (NY) 



King's College 




The Fall Baseball Win-Loss record 
was not impressive at 2-5. According to 
Knight Sports Editor, Tom Laskowski, the 
team was at a disadvantage since it de- 
cided to enter the competition late in 
the summer and was not able to adequate- 
ly prepare. "However," he added, "after 
a vigorous spring training period, the 
team looked forward to a much better 
spring record." 

7. Front: Coach Ivan George, Glenn Belleau, 
Jerry DeLuca, Ray Jarneky. Middle: Ed Gustin, 
Pat Czytuck, Gary George, Steve Parker, Rich 
Adams, Jim O'Shurak. Back: Fred Johnston, 
Ted Niederriter, Dave Perretta, Bill Coyle, 
John McGravv, John DeLuca. 



Bolstered by eleven veterans and a new 

coach, the Gannon Hockey Club faced an 

improved schedule in 1973-74. But with the 

momentum of five straight winning seasons 

behind them, the Knights had four home 

games to improve on their 6-6 record at 

press time. 

The Knights' new mentor this season was 

Gordy Holland, a native of Alberta, Canada. 

Holland has a broad hockey background, 

playing various professional leagues before 

an injury curtailed his career with the 

Edmonton Flyers. 

Holland had a seasoned squad to chase the 

Knights' sixth winning season, featuring the 

high-scoring line of Greg Gorney, John 

Allen, and Pat Dugan. Gorney started the 

season skating after the Gannon season 

scoring record of 100 points, and needed 

only thirteen points in the last five Gannon 

games to crack the standard set by Larry 





9-0 (W) 


0-10 (L) 

Carnegie Mellon 

1-4 (L) 

St. Bonaventure 

6-2 (W) 


1-6 (L) 

Case Western Reserve 

4-5 (L) 

St. Bonaventure 

1-4 (L) 

St. Bonaventure 

0-5 (L) 


8-3 (W) 


5-1 (W) 

Niagara , 

3-2 (W) 

Left to play: 


February 22 

Slippery Rock 

March 1 

Carnegie Rock 

March 8 


March 15 

Penn State 

March 16 

1 Front: Jim Higham, Kevin Best, Jim Hewitt, Bruce Patterson, Rich 
Cegick, Charles Buono, Bob Fries, Doug Merz, Jim Jones, John 
Stolar, Felix Kwiatowski. Back: Pete Gorney, Phil Lucchese, Jim Jerge, 
John Allin, Fred Lane, Greg Gorny, Pete Miller, Mark Barret, Pat 
Dugan, Mike Sandberg, Nel White, Gordy Holland, coach, John 


1973-74 Basketball Schedule 


Gannon's Golden Knights opened the 73-74 

season at a considerable disadvantage in comparison 

to last year's team. Although the Knights won the 

home opener over Fredonia State 39-38, the team had 

no "big man" to back up their efforts. 

The key for maintaining the previous year's 
outstanding record was developing a strong defense 
Coach Dave Markey was concerned about the Knight's 
ability to develop their defensive position. 

With an inexperienced bench and no guaranteed 

rebound on bad shots, the best strategy, in Markey's 

view, was "keeping mistakes to a bare minimum." 

But Markey liked the team's "overall attitude 
and aggressiveness," and was not worried about the 
offensive end of the Knight's playing this season 

Nov. 30 
Dec. 1 



Jan. 5 


Feb. 2 
Mar. 2 


Fredonia State 

Canisius College 

New Hampshire College 

San Francisco State 

Steubenville College 

Gem City Bowl 
Long Island U. vs East Michigan 
Gannon vs U. Tenn. -Chattanooga 

Gem City Bowl Finals 

Kings College 

Le Moyne College 

Baltimore University 

Clarion State College 

Buffalo State University 

Cheyney State College 

Alliance College 

Belmont-Abbey College 

Siena College 

St. Francis College 

Northern Kentucky 
Steubenville College 
Akron University 
Tennessee State University 
Central State University 
Youngstown State University 
Ashland College 
Alliance College 
Youngstown State University 

1 5 ftntonrnt w»e 


JIM 5 of KINGS mi 

\ at ll moyne way 

23 *i*LUANCE WW 


29 .tSIEHA kW 


lb CUIUl i'tit nvmc 
23 ACUim WM£ 
27 AU/ANCf f/0M£ 



Co-Captain Dave Stoczynski 

Senior Guard Marcel Arribi 

7. Front: Neal Stoczynski, Bob Roth, Bill 
Parker, Dave Stoczynski, Gerald Walker, 
Mark Murray, Fate Harris, Sonny Ellis, Joe 
Lewis, Don Hargrave. Back: Mgr. Steve 
Collins, Coach Dave Markey, Joe Weber, 
Bob Martinko, Bob Hvezda, Joe Blanks, 
Marcel Arribi, Ass't. Coach George Hesch, 
Mgr. Gary Knapp, Sportscaster John Spec- 

Co-Captain Gerry Walker 





._ — ^-31 

| f 






Excited — Indifferent 


■~0 THE STING, Of 







Change Evident 
In IM Program 

The Intramural Program underwent sev- 
eral noticeable changes this year. First 
of all, Robert Dowdy was named director of 
the program. His first action was to make 
the referees more responsible to, and more 
respected by, the participants. 

The change was prompted by several 
serious charges of unfairness by referees 
in past years. Participants believed that 
work-study students were not very quali- 
fied to referee every sport. 

As a result, each potential referee 
is now required to pass a test based on 
IM rules and regulations for each sport 
before he is accepted for the position. 
Work-study students are no longer placed 
as referees, but have been used as assis- 
tants in timekeeping and caring for equip- 
ment. Dowdy believed these changes would 
improve the caliber of judgment by the 
referees and thus satisfy the players. 

Other new developments in IM included 

the admission of new organizations into the 

competition. The Owl's Nest from Wehrle 

was one of these, paying dues to IM in 

order to become a member of IM's Council. 

Also, women participated in intramural 

bowling and volleyball competition. 

A technical change was made in the 

Softball Tournament in September, which 

didn't award any All-College points. And 

billiards was dropped this year, due to a 

conflict with the Student Union tournament. 

Regardless of the various changes in 

competition, Intramurals continued to be 

the most attractive, widespread activity 

at Gannon. 

1. Jim Cray, Chris Zoltowski. 
2. Bill Penfold. 

3. Jim Kilcoyne, Sam Namey. 
4. Bob Kobielski, John Abbott. 


IM Softball Results (Fall) 

League Winners 

A. Reebs 


C-D. Owl's Nest 

Tourney Winner — Reebs 



This year Intramural Basketball has proven to be 
immensely popular again, with more than five hundred 
Gannon students, teachers, and administrators signed up 
to play. Of the fifty-seven teams competing, the 76ers, 
the APDs, the TKEs, and a host of others have been trying 
to unseat the NADs as all-college champs. 

Besides being out for the top honors, everyone is out 
for a good time. In that respect, everyone who plays 
comes out a winner. 


IM Table Tennis Results 

First Place— Owl's Nest 
Second Place— SOBS 
Third Place — Reebs 
Individual Winner — 

1. Richard Pereira, Richard Misdom, Dave Jankowski, 
Jose Iglesias. 

2. Richard Misdom, Dave Jankowski. 

3. Jose Iglesias. 

4. Cal Hiller 



IM Wrestling Results 





Mark Hindman 



Dave Sidelinger 



Jim Parlavecchio 



Mike Rinaldo 



Richard Wallace 



Bryan Francart 

Owl's Nest 


Vince Kloss 



Mark Amadio 

Owl's Nest 


Kevin Stern 



Tony Bona 




1. Marie Finegan. 

2. Lynn Bucklin, Maureen Meegan, Monique Dure. 

3. Dave Snyder, Marty Engel. 

4. Mary Jane Hejmowski. 

5. Front: Dave Jankowski, John S'enchyshyn, Rich Figaski, 

Sam Namey, Rich Grychowski. 

Back: Dan Heher, Dave Jarmoski, Dom "Braggans" Ruggeri, 

Tom Dayton, Greg Shellito. 

6. AnelleCarstater. 

7. Jim O'Shurak. 

8. Mary Ann Milosich, Molly Kohlmiller, Janet Savko, Darlene 




' * ; - ~^> »fr 


" • &J& 

I V"* 7^ 

B3B ^^ ^* i 


^^^^^ ^^ - ~^ 


IM Bowling Results 
League Winners 

A. Owl's Nest A 

B. Alpha Phi Delta 

C. Tau Kappa Epsilon 

D. St. Thomas Mores 


IM Football Results 






























"An organization, after all, is noth- 
ing more than a collection of human objec- 
tives, expectations, and obligations." 

— Alvin Toffler, Future Shock 

Gannon's organizations, determined by 
the needs and ideas of students, have as- 
sumed a semi-fluid status. Memberships of 
limited duration imply that the organiza- 
tions will not remain static. Purpose and 
goals will be shaped and re-shaped by the 
constant flux of members. 

In the past three years, a number of 
new organizations have appeared on campus. 
They were created to fill specific needs 
in scholarly, social, and service areas of 
student life. Among these are Gamma Chi, 
Cardinal Key, the Women's Commission; the 
Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Mental 
Health Clubs; WERG, and the Dorm Council. 

Other organizations have altered 
their formats to fit the changing demands 
of students. The Inter-Fraternity Council 
was reconstructed this year; the Thomas 
Mores went coed. 

Toffler's statement about organiza- 
tions, besides defining, has implied a 
standard for estimating their real value. 
And this judgment will be ultimately passed 
by the group members, through their accep- 
tance or rejection of past policies. 


Brothers Aid 
Library Move 

Alpha Phi Delta helped out Gannon 
last fall when the Learning Resource Cen- 
ter was opened. Thousands of books had 
to be moved from the old library into the 
new building, and the brothers lent their 
arms (and backs) to the cause. 
Last year's concert, which featured 
"Raspberries," was a profitable venture 
for the brothers. This year, the frater- 
nity held its annual Spaghetti Dinner, 
now a fourteen-year tradition. 
Fraternity brothers were active in 
student government, with two brothers 
serving as Senate officers and many in 
the student Senate. 








^ Mp 


^^* «£*'%^H 

w w& 


~ - S\ il 




f ** 





L* ^J| 

I ■ 

L ^»~T^v 

■ - 







^ -,; 







7. Ed Derose, Kenny Casick, Mike 
Kane, Joe Sacco, Art Battistone. 2. 
Tim McQuone, Joe McDonald, Roger 
Boyd, Rick Donato. 3. Front: Douglas 
Barry, Lou Casser, Mike Schwaben- 
bauer. Back: Chuck Drago, Carl Johan- 
son, Peter Brown, Jr. 4. Mike Kane, 
Roger Boyd, Art Battistone, Rick 
Donato. 5. Rocco Pugliese, John 
Griffin, Ed Billick, John Belleau, John 
Andrews. 6. Front: Rick Donato, Kim 
Johnson, Carl Werner. Back: Rick 
Harz, Tim McQuone. 7. Front: Gary 
Moyer, Bogie Saxton. Back: Mark . 
Hoey, Steve Boyd, Randy Covell. 


1. Jim Soutouras, David Sed. 

2. JimSteffan. 

3. Jim Kane, Robert Calvert. 

4. Top: David Joseph, Richard Misdom. 

Bottom: Pete Farrelly, Anthony Cometto. 

5. Front: Bill DeHaven, Bill Ashbaugh. 

Back: Ted Rudolph, Ed Cross. 

6. Dave Kumrow, Rod Wise, Vince DeFalice, 

Frank Stephenson. 

7. Ray Esposito, Duffy. 

iL ^ 



Brothers Reform 
Pledge Program 

Since it began at Gannon in 1968, the 
Delta Chi Fraternity has grown to a member- 
ship of thirty brothers. A recent addi- 
tion was their chapter house, located at 
437 West Seventh Street. 

Delta Chi initiated major reforms in 
the pledge system. Instead of the tradi- 
tional hellraising which gave fraternities 
a tarnished public image, Delta Chi began 
an associate membership program. Rather 
than alienating the new members, this pro- 
gram assimilated them slowly into the 

Another innovation was the establish- 
ment of a little-sister program, recognized 
by the brothers as the "ChiDelphia" sisters. 

The brothers of Delta Chi have been 
active in other organizations, including 
the Senate, Inter-Fraternity Council, Blue 
Key, and the intramurals program. 


7. Front: Dennis Kosinski, Bob Fries, 
Jim O'Shurak, Wayne Durniok, Stush 
Ciegucz. Back: Dave White, Kevin 
Stern, Mike Matie, John Buser, Jim 
Corej, Steve Nicholas, Dave Shepherd. 
2. Phil Lucchese, Ted Niederriter, 
Lemoyne Zacherl. 3. Steve Nicholas, 
Mike Matie. 4. Dave White, Rich 
Pereira, Dennis Kosinski, Phil Luc- 
chese, Kevin Stern, Lemoyne Zacherl. 

5. Phil Lucchese, Mike Matie, Rich 
Pereira, Jim Roome, Dave McSweeney. 

6. Ted Niederriter, Dick Podobnik, 
Stush Giegucz, Jim Horvat, Ted Vavro. 


1 ^ 

k e $ 


Social Events 

Delta Sigma Phi held its first concert this 
year, featuring "Cheech and Chong." The concert 
was a success, and the fraternity made a profit. 

The fraternity also held its Second Annual 
Casino Night at the house on Sixth Street. This 
event received much student support, and the bro- 
thers have considered holding Casino Night each 
semester because of its popularity this year. 

Along with the other fraternities, Delta Sigma 
Phi is looking forward to big pledge classes to keep 
its house occupied. 



Pikes Service 
Erie Community 

Pi Kappa Alpha came through again 
last fall with its free desk blotters for 
the Tri-College students, faculty, and per- 
sonnel. This project, by now a firm tra- 
dition, is the fraternity's best-known 
service project. 
Another special service project the 
fraternity conducted in early winter was 
the March of Dimes. 
Aside from these activities, Pi Kappa Alpha 
Alpha held their usual events: the Dream 
Girl semi-formal, Founder's Day, a Hallo- 
ween party, and Spring Weekend. 


1. Tom McCarthy, Rick Petri, George Desko, 
Vince DeVito, Blaise Ferraraccio. 

2. Sparky Anderson, Jim Monachino, Gary 
Fabian, Bill Zuk, Dean Bull. 3. Roman 
Bojewski, Bill Rose, John Brownyard. 

4. Front: Joe Kloecker, Ron 

Ochalek, Bob Jansen. 

Rear: Tom Paavola, Bob Jarzomski. 5. 

Pat Dombrowski, Bob Reilly, Fred Miaczyn- 

ski, Vince DeVito. 


1. Rob Jackson, Ed Pupo, Mike Rinaldo, Frank Resnick, 

Steve Tempest, Roy Campbell. 

2. Front: Mike Simone, Jay McLaughlin, Mary Wayne, Paul 

Nasca, Jim Durkin, Art Aiello. 

Back: Mary Engel, Joe Musco, Gennaro Aiello. 

3. Frank Dulik, Joe Flicker, Ben Onachila, Mike Conlon, 

Jim I .(IK . 

4. Mark Wayne, Ed Gustin, Gennaro Aiello, Bob Hirsh. 

5. Front: Ed Pupo, Gennaro Aielleo. 

Back: Roy Campbell, Tom Walsh, Mike Simone. 

6. Bob Buyan, Jim Hanson, Bob Hirsh, Ed Gustin. 

7. Front: John Sadosky, Nick Acanfora, Larry Deighan, Art 


Back: Tom Walsh, Mike Hammersley. 

8. Front: Dan Snyder, Tom Deely, Paul Kashmer. 

Back: Bill Penfold. 



Painted And Pained 

Last fall, the brothers of Tau Kappa 
Epsilon tackled the problem of rejuvenat- 
ing their residence. An exterior paint 
job was inevitable, preceded by many hours 
of scraping and patching. And inside, re- 
plastering and plumbing repairs were nec- 
essary. The effort was evident in the 
significantly improved appearance. 

The annual TKE concert failed to ma- 
terialize in November because the percus- 
sionist for the group "War" was injured a 
few days before the scheduled performance. 
Besides the disappointment involved for 
"War" enthusiasts, the brothers lost a 
considerable investment in their own time 
spent on promotion and ticket sales. 

In intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon 
remained a top contender, following their 
two-year tradition of winning the All- 
College Trophy. 


1. Top: Bob Sheperak, Bottom: Ron Swiner. 2. Pete 

Michaelson. 3. Eric Gresh, Don Graeca. 4. Tom 

Sullivan. 5. Brothers. 6. Jim Davis. 7. Jack 




Fraternity Studies 
Gannon Problems 

As a part of an annual business fra- 
ternity project, Alpha Kappa Psi conducted 
a study of various problems existing at 
Gannon College, including recruitment, 
image, sports, and social activities. 

During the past year, Gannon's only 
professional business fraternity 
became involved in remodeling 
their house. The group 
effort evidenced a strong sense of unity 
within the fraternity. 

Also involved in community activi- 
ties, the brothers have organized tours, 
arranged lectures, and held dinners. 


1. John Seewagen, Mike Husk, Bill Meehan, Mary Ann Sokol. 

2. Ed Miller, Diane Talaber, Bill Knoch, Debbie Jolliffe. 

3. Joe DeLucia, Bob Hetrick, Robert Fronzaglia, Ed Miller. 

4. Steve Ondich, Paul Wojciechowski. 

5. Top: Tom Connelly, Frank Cobb. 
Bottom. Tom Gruden, Ed Stanton. 

6. Bill Meehan. 

7. Pat Fitzgerald. 

8. Bill Knoch, Ralph Rabogliatti, Capt. Robbins, Pat Fitzgerald. 




Military Cites 
Fraternal Nature 

The Pershing Rifles, part of Gannon's ROTC 
program, has been different than other mili- 
tary organizations because of its fraternal 
nature. Their house on Peach Street provided 
living accomodations this year for ten of the 
twenty-one members. 

Besides their involvement in the Golden 
Gunners and the drill team, the Pershing 
Rifles held a corps dance in the fall and or- 
ganized car washes to raise money for drill 
meets. And, of course, they took part in the 
annual Military Ball, which is held each spring. 


1. Barb Dudzinski, Mike Zak. 2. Andy Evans, Dom Ruggeri. 
3. Mary Rita Alberstadt, Les Williams, Gail Smith. 4. 
Paul Williams, Mike Natale. 



Women Enjoy 
Equal Status 

Last year's addition of women to the 
St. Thomas More Club was the biggest 
change for the group in its entire exist- 
ence. Since that time, the women's mem- 
bership has come to equal that of the men. 
Women have held offices, chaired commit- 
tees, and organized projects including 
the Heart Fund and the Walkathon. 

The Mores have added new activities, 
ranging from semi-weekly visits to the 
Shriner's Hospital to planning an Action 
Weekend and a summer picnic at Findley 

In athletic competition, the Mores 
now boast women competitors in many areas, 
although they have not risen from their 
position of last place in intramurals. 


1. Jim Hauser. 
2. Ed Grossman, Bruce Patterson, Rick Wallace, 

John Masciarelli. 

3. Chuck Schriefer, Bob Dobiesz, Bill Weaver, 

Denny Sarbak, John Rosenquest. 

4. Tom Kuhn, Jim Mullaney. 

5. Kevin Best, Al Onda, Ray Wies/< /yk, Bill Gronostaj, 

Keven Kemege. 



House Purchased 
And Remodeled 

This year, the Shieks acquired a new 
house. Constructing new walls, building 
a bar, and installing carpeting were just 
a few of their improvements. 
The Sheiks were organized in 1969 as 
Gannon's only non-Greek fraternity. Five 
years later, they equal the size of Gan- 
non's other fraternities. This substan- 
tial increase in membership can be attri- 
buted to many sources: brotherhood, social 
and sport functions, and the new frater- 
nity house. 
Also active in community affairs, the 
Sheiks sponsored an annual blood drive for 
the local Red Cross, and activities for 
mentally retarded children. They describe 
themselves as an "independent fraternity 
for independent people." 


1. Second place "Rally" winners, Kathy Carneval, Tom 
Elson. 2. "Rally" losers, Larry Feeney, George Desko. 
3. Front, Stush Giegucz, Dave Hall, Rear, Tom Walsh, 
Mike Daulerio, Jim Lally. 4. Terry McAndrew, Pat Halaiko, 
Lou Agnese, Lemoyne Zacherl, George Schillinger. 5. 
"Rally" winners, Rick Harz, Mike Kane. 6. Lou Agnese, 
Jim Horvat, Joe Kloecker, Tom Naab, Ed Cross. 



Now Reorganized 
Greeks "Rally" 

"Reorganization" is the key to success 
for this year's Inter-Fraternity Council. 
Plagued by a lack of coordination in past 
years, I.F.C. changed its structure under 
the direction of Richard Dunford. Member- 
ship includes the presidents and advisors 
of the five Greek fraternities, as well 
as two appointed members from each group. 

This change resulted in action. The 
first major I.F.C. -sponsored event was the 
Fall Road Rally. Over fifty people com- 
peted for the first prize — fifty gallons 
of gasoline. The winning team of driver 
Rick Harz and navigator Mike Kane, in car 
#19, came in with a time of 1 :08:17. 

Other social activities of I.F.C. 
included a Spring Greek weekend and a 
private party for all Greeks. The newly 
reorganized group also changed several 
college policies this year. The organiza- 
tion now has its own Judiciary Committee 
(on a trial basis) to handle all inter- 
fraternity grievances. Also, fraternities 
are allowed to rush first-semester fresh- 
men, although the freshmen cannot pledge 
until their second semester. 


— ■ 



is- =5 







_ vBi\ jti 



^^r l«f 1,' 

* - 3- • ■ 


1 _Zi_ 



| ' 5 ■>n«|i 

i . 


Technology Seen 
On Field Trips 

The Gannon Chemistry Society conducted 
several field trips this year to various chemical 
institutes. The trips emphasized the value of 
technological advances through chemical 

The Chemistry Society, consisting of eight 
members, also sponsored a lecture and film 
series for interested chemistry majors. Speak- 
ers for the lectures were invited from other 


Defraction Studied 

Gannon's Societyof Physics Students was in- 
volved this year in a group research project. The 
fourteen members studied Farnell-Farnhopper defrac- 
tion, and included the results in a written report. 
Another activity, which benefited non-members, 
was the NASA film series. The films, shown in Zurn, 
were open to the public and provided information 

about space technology. 


Regional Event 
Highlights Year 

The spring regional conference held 
at Youngstown State University was the 
annual highlight of Gannon's chapter of 
the student American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers. Prior to the conference, ASME 
held a Technical Papers contest. The win- 
ner presented his paper at the regional 

Other activities of the Gannon chap- 
ter included guest speakers, and an in- 
plant tour of the Erie City Iron Works 
of Zurn Industries, Incorporated. 




1 4= 

'•J 3 

Chemistry Club 

1. Bob Peyton, Richard Pietrzak, Pat Vlahos, 
Jim Parlavecchio. 

2. Cindy Maki, Kevin Kramer, Jay McLaughlin, 
Dave Lis. 

Society of Physics Students 

3. Dr. Griesacker, Dr. Sitter, Mike Natale, 
John Zuraw, Dave 

Jordan, Dom Ruggeri, Mike Zak, Al Stewart, 

Les Williams, 

Regina Wunsch, Joe Lewis, Al Madura, 

Dr. Kim, Fr. Sciamanda, 

Dick Lohse, Mark Olszewski. 


4. Joe Durante, Pat Halaiko, Bill Kistner. 

5. Dr. Halit Kosar, Ron Hyziewicz, Mike 

6. John Seewagen, Mike Zak. 


1. Bill Young, Ed Stanton. 2. Paul For- 

quer, Oya Kosar, Peter Brown, Gary Barnes. 

3. Larry Glenn, Gary Krugger, Dan McAn- 

drew. 4. John DiPlacido, Greg Chisholm. 


Farm Tour A Success 

This year's student I.E.E.E. (Institute of 
Electrical and Electronics Engineers) had a chance 
to view an ecology-minded business successfully op- 
erated. The tour of the Moonlight Mushroom Farm in 
southwestern Pennsylvania highlighted the concept 
of "recycling" on a practical basis. 
Past field trips were funded primarily by the 
local branch of I.E.E.E., and speakers from the Out- 
standing Lecture Program have been available to 
students through the local members, covering sub- 
jects from holography to modern railway systems. 
Student activities in I.E.E.E. have centered 
around a prize paper competition, emphasizing orig- 
inal presentations which have been well researched. 
This year's twenty members had opportunities to in- 
crease their knowledge not only through group activ- 
ities, but also through independent study on the 

paper topics. 



Students Aid Students 

Gannon's Mental Health Association, begun in 
1971, has served students as well as the community 

in its three-year existence. 
Last year's Student-to-Student Center aimed at 
helping students work out problems with school, par- 
ents, and personal crises. 
Members also held doughnut sales on the third 
floor of Zurn to raise funds for the spring Mental 
Health Symposium in 1973. 
Last fall, the group participated in the Human 
Values Clarification Lab, an eight-week program in 
self-awareness. The sessions were a combined effort 
with Hamot's Community Mental Health Center. And 
this year's twenty members opened a small library 
to aid Mental Health majors in their studies. 

1. Debbie Hybert, 

Paula Stetter, Roselie 


7. Cathy Moore, Joe Meko, Candy 

Horm. 2. Karen Rubay, Charles 

Forquer, James Heidelberg. 

3. Mark Chevalier, Sgt. J.C. 

Brasington, Mike Amidon, Dave 

Alessi. 4. John Masciarelli, 

Henry Elario, Robert Clancy, 

Joe Weber. 


Guest Lecturer 
Each Meeting 

The Criminal Justice Club attempted 
to have guest lecturers at every meeting 
this year. The organization, comprised of 
about one hundred Criminal justice majors, 
used these speakers to familiarize its 
members with various aspects of the profes- 
Many members received in-service 
training as volunteers with local probation 
departments, and close contact was main- 
tained with municipal police departments, 
agency heads, and civic officials. 
The club members developed a good 
rapport with local agencies and officials, 
besides having exposure to realistic 
problems in their field. 


Pi Gamma Mu 

Officers Eliminated 

Front: Kevin Bell, Les Miller. Back: Pat 
Martin, David Sed, Greg Beardsley, Dr. Rein- 
hard, Dan Kucharski, Russ Biggica, Steve Smith, 
Bill Buseck, Dave Lastowski, Terry 

Gannon's chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, an honor society 
for social science majors, held its nominations in the 
spring for prospective members. 

Open to juniors and seniors in any of the Social 
Sciences, the group does not elect officers. Instead, it 
aims at equally involving all the members in arranging a 
guest-speaker lecture. 

The lecture, held at the installation ceremony, remain- 
ed the main event of Pi Gamma Mu. Members chose the 
speaker after considering how the topic would benefit 
new members. 



Cooperation Results 
In Shared Activity 

Members of Gannon's Political Science 
Club travelled to Harrisburg this spring 
for a seminar on state government. The 
seminar, arranged in conjunction with the 
Political Science Department, was a first- 
time experience for the students who went. 
Many of the club's functions are a 
cooperative effort with the Political Sci- 
ence Department. Last fall's Model U.N. 
at Gannon was co-sponsored through the 
club and the department. And informal 
get-togethers, including a coed football 
game at Frontier Park, were the result of 
similar joint effort. 
The club runs Student Senate elections 
and arranges guest speakers for the month- 
ly meetings. Open to all majors, the main 
purpose of the organization is to increase 
student knowledge in the area of politics. 


7. Dr. Brasfield, Steve Smith, Les Miller, 
Russ Biggia, Dan Kucharski. 
2. Terry Cavanaugh, Kevin Bell, Dr. Reinhard, 
Bill Buseck. 


Students Prepare 
For Law School 

Gannon's Law Club has been on campus 
for the past four years. Open to all ma- 
jors, the organization attracts students 
interested in attending law school after 
graduation from Gannon. 

At the monthly meetings, guest speak- 
ers have lectured on various aspects of 
the legal system. Past speakers included 
Attorney Segal from the District Attorney's 
office, Judge Levin, Judge Anthony, and 
Attorney Barry Grossman. Topics ranged 
from discussions with the Erie County Leg- 
al Aid Society on poverty law, to the role 
of the District Attorney, and students' 
problems in applying to law schools. 


Raiders 7. Front: James Muders, Pete Weiss, 

Wesley Micket, Tim Fox. Back: Edward 

Tucholski, Gregory Harpst, Bill Adam. 2. 

David Way, SGM Comerford, Advisor, Kass- 

em Saleh. 3. Mark Steg, Pete Lafata, John 

Shandorf, Richard Reaghard, Robert Yanich- 

ko, Scabbard and Blade. 4. Major Warren, 

Advisor, Kassam Saleh, William Gross, David 

Way. 5. Ralph Bush, Tom Dylewski, David 

Medvec. 6. James Hynes, Richard Reaghard, 

Carl Kreisel. 


Trained Leaders 

Gannon's Raider Company is a counter- 
guerrilla unit, formed in 1963. This year, 
the company consisted of fourteen members. 
The Raiders were founded as a frater- 
nal organization which aimed at training 
its members for leadership roles in the 
Army. Individual initiative and abilities 
are developed through drill activities. 
Membership is voluntary for all ROTC stu- 
dents who demonstrate their desire to join 
through active participation. 




National Society 
Honors Military 

Gannon's chapter of the National So- 
ciety of Scabbard and Blade is D Company, 
Fourteenth Regiment. The organization 
serves to recognize junior and senior ROTC 
cadets who have maintained a high academic 
average and have exhibited proficiency in 
Military Science. 

Scabbard and Blade has performed hon- 
or guard duties at weddings and funerals. 
It has also served as Color Guard for col- 
lege and local civic functions. 


7. Mary Anne Connell, Joanne Heintz, 
Daniel Davis. 2. Susan Wilson, Robin 
Roach, Dr. Sague. 3. Dennis Mahoney, 
Angela Marasco, Donna Lowe, Elena 
George. 4. Barb Haurwitz, Hans Corke, 
Jim Nelson, Kathy Shea, Tom Dylewski, 
Mary Weber, Allyson Lamp. 5. Maria 
Cetchell, Edith Holtz, Maria Bentz, 
Berta Drechsel, Marianne Pommer, 
Kate McNelis, Micaela Bowler, Dr. 
Steffi Holzen. 6. Hilde Wojchiechow- 
ski, Barb Haurwitz, Dr. Weber, Ally- 
son Lamp, Kathy Shea, Monica Grimm, 
Mr. and Mrs. Petersen. 


Members Sample 
Exotic Foods 

The Spanish Club members have enjoyed 
this year's format. Each time the group 
met, a special Spanish or Mexican dish was 
prepared for club members to sample. Bac 
alao a la Vizcaina (Basque codfish), slan 
(pudding), aguacate (avocadoes), and tor- 
tillas were among the foods tasted. 
Conversations during the meetings 
were held in Spanish, and the culture of 
Spanish-speaking countries was studied 
through slides and discussion groups. 




Native Speakers 
Join Collegiates 

Gannon's German Club has interested 
individuals within the Erie community, as 
well as Gannon students. Open to anyone 
interested in German language and culture, 
the club holds monthly meetings. German is 
spoken in an informal setting, and the 
meetings include programs related to the 
geography, history, and customs of Germany. 

The programs included films, slides, 
and tape recordings. Subject material 
varied from a lecture on the German edu- 
cational system to a look at German folk- 
lore and outstanding musical compositions. 



Established Club 
Adds Activities 

Although the Sociology Club has been 
in existence for several years, this year's 
group was more active than in past years. 
Besides holding weekly meetings, the 
club has shown films available to all stu- 
dents, and members have conducted sociolog- 
ical research programs. At group meetings, 
social workers, probation officers, and 
officials from the Court system are invited 

to speak. 

Mr. McKelvey, the advisor for the 

club, stated that "The main objective for 

the club is to provide an atmosphere to 

explore the field of Sociology outside of 

the classroom situation." 



New Format Initiated 

The Social Work Club, also known as the Stu- 
dent Association of Social Workers, reorganized it- 
self in 1973. The club now covers three categories 
of action: social activities, educational activi- 
ties, and recruitment activities. 

Under social activities, the group particip- 
ated in visiting Warren State Hospital at Christmas 
and bringing gifts to the patients. The education- 
al activities involved attending monthly meetings 
or lectures with guest speakers, and recruitment 
activities aided in attracting new students to Gan- 
non and the club itself. 

Any student can join the Social Work Club. All 
majors are considered eligible for membership, and 
there are no preliminary requirements. 

1. Mr. McKelvey, Advisor, Mike Jancek, Wanita 
Wawrzyniak, Tony Rugare. 

2. Karl Aufman, Joe Hiznay, Norma Kerlin. 

3. Mr. Wardell, Advisor, Mary Ellen Sartoris, 
]ohn Stehle, Cathy Laniewicz, Karen Dermanuel, 
Ed Samartino. 



The Struggle Continues 

The Women's Commission, organized three years 
ago as a special Presidential committee, has at- 
tempted to serve the interests and needs of Gannon 
women. Initially, the elected officers of the group 
were faculty and administration members, but this 
year's officers were students. 
Last fall, a Women's Day was held in the Learn- 
ing Resource Center. Dr. Esther Westervelt spoke 
on "Feminine Identity: 1974," and the changing role 
of career women was discussed. 
Two important meetings took place in 1973-74. 
The committee met with Monsignor Nash and discussed 
the need for a Dean of Women, and more women faculty 
members, as well as more courses in Women's Studies. 
The commission remains a forum for complaints 
and ideas from women on academic and campus life. 

7. Joan Spadacene, Mary Pat 

Reuwer, Josephine Subotnik. 2. 

Debra Miklajczak, Cathy Laniewicz, 

Joanne Jofery, Mary Crumblatt 


1. Front: Sandy Kruszewski, Rita 
Perrett, Steve Brady, Jacquelyn Migdal, 
Stanley Swacha, Helena Power. Back: 
Dave Skovron, Mike Vasil, Anne Marie 
Clancey, Pat Milone, Joan Spadacene. 

2. Jan McLaughlin, Doug Bucher, Dave 
Skovron, Joan Spadacene, Rosie 
Coletta. 3. Anne Marie Clancey, 
Helena Power, Mike Vasil, Chris 
Wodarczyk, Pat Milone. 


Group Originated 
Prior To Dept. 

The Talisman Players were orig- 
inally organized before Gannon had a 
recognized Theatre Department. Then, 
the Players were responsible for all 
the Gannon Theatre productions. 

Now, the Talisman Players are 
under the direction of the Speech 
and Drama Department. Aside from the 
regular theatre productions, this 
year's group presented "Revue" for 
incoming freshmen during Orientation 
Week. They also sponsored the annual 
Talisman Players Banquet in May. 


8/ue Key 1. Rich Petri, Dan Kucharski, Ron 

Ochalek, Gary Miller, Vann Brunson, Daryl 

Hall. 2. Frank Stephenson, Tony Cometto, 

Ed Gustin, Dave Kumrow, Rich Deuink, Dean 

Bull. 3. Bob Dobiesz, Andre Guthman, Tom 

Kuhn, Paul Movinsky, Nick Gicale, Bob 

Schriefer. Cardinal Key 4. Front: Karen 

Peterson, Joanne Heintz, Peg Orler. Back: 

Mary Lee Bliley, Dr. Roy Morgan, Mary Lou 

Scalise, advisor. 5. Front: Debbie Hybert, 

Nancy Senchak, Wilma Dull, Mary Ellen Sar- 

toris. Back. Carol Narkevic, Debbie Rhule, 

Mary Pat Carney, Grace Baginski. 6. Front: 

Joette Piccirillo, Mary Ellen Plumb, Mary 

Carlson, Angie Marasco. Back: Paula Stetter, 

Margie Jo Tanty, Cathy Moore, Ann Stephenson. 


Involved Gannon 
Men Recognized 

Gannon's chapter of Blue Key National 
Honor Fraternity serves mainly as a means 
of recognizing outstanding students. 
This year's membership included twenty- 
five men. 
Blue Key has not been active socially 
and the reason for this was explained by 
President Dan Kucharski: "We are not able 
to conduct social activities because most 
of our members don't have extra time. 
In order to be nominated to the fra- 
ternity, a student must be actively in- 
volved in at least three extracurricular 
activities, and maintain above average 




New Sorority 
Honors Women 

After more than three years of plan- 
ning, Gannon finally has its own chapter 
of Cardinal Key National Honor Sorority. 

The society was formally inducted in 
early October with a charter membership of 
twenty-five women. A reception followed 
the induction ceremony. 

Mary Lee Bliley, President of the so- 
ciety, noted that "Women at Gannon have 
needed an organization to recognize them 
as successful students. The men have al- 
ways had Blue Key — the brother society." 

One major service project was spon- 
sored by Cardinal Key this year: the mem- 
bers aided the Community Blood Bank in 
recruiting more donors. 



Vets Informed of Aid 

7. Front: Grover Longnecker, Richard F. 

Malena, Ed Brill. Back: Donald Szatkowski, 

Regis P. Mabie, Warren L. Starrett, Advisor, 

Jerry Baracka, Donald Schmitz, Donald J. 


About eighty of the veterans at Gannon belong 
to Gamma Sigma Mu. The fraternity was originally 
organized to help veterans further their educations 
at Gannon. 

This fraternity aids veterans by informing 
them of the availability of special veteran schol- 
arships. The national organization recently 
advised the Gannon chapter that the college is 
eligible for a fifty-one-dollar grant per veteran 
through the national group. 

This year the Gannon veterans conducted a 
raffle to raise money for scholarships. In past 
years, the vets took part in various service 
projects, including contributing to a fund to buy 
braces for a needy local boy, and servicing the 
Gertrude Barber Center. 


1. Shirley Levin, Michael Morris. 

2. Pat Milone, Jacquelyn Migdal. 

3. Greg Zbach, Joan Spadacene. 

4. Robert Knecht, Rita Perrett. 

5. Steve Fensel, Anne Marie Clancey. 


Carriage House 
Sold By College 

The Kappa Beta cast, Gannon's chapter 
of Alpha Psi Omega, was dispossessed this 
year when the college sold their main cen- 
ter of activity, the Carriage House. 

Dedicated to increasing student in- 
volvement in the theatre, the honor soci- 
ety has sponsored at least one major pro- 
duction yearly, plus numerous one-act plays. 
Last year's schedule included fourteen one- 
acts, along with The Cave Dwellers. 

The society also recognizes outstand- 
ing contributions to college theatre. As- 
piring candidates are judged on the basis 
of their work in various aspects of Gan- 
non's theatre — backstage work, box office, 
management, technical effects, and acting. 



Biologists Aid 
Admissions Office 

The best description for Beta Beta 

Beta is "one big Family." The honorary 

biological fraternity not only has offered 

companionship for its members, but has 

helped Gannon at the same time. 

One of the year's main projects was 

sponsoring a career day for high school 

students. The visiting students had a 

chance to see Gannon first-hand, which 

could help them in choosing a college to 


The membersalso held fund-raising 

projects to buy books for the biology 



1. Mary Ann Hutzler, Tony 
D'Alessandro, Dean Bull, Bill 
Falkenberg, Barb Dudzinski, Mary 
Rita Alberstadt. 

2. Joe Nedresky, Darlyne Earick, 
Leon Kulinski, Brian Swenson, 
Marie Knafelc, Carol Narkevic, 
Rita Roman. 

3. Carla Lewis, Peggy Ditz, Paul 
Movinsky, Susan Laws, Mike 
Machuga,Bill Andolsek, Bob Tyler, 
Jude Kirk, Kathy Swanson. 
Gamma Chi. 

4. Dave Girard, Dennis Luchey, 
Char Ober, Kathy McLaughlin. 

5. Alan Peters, Dennis Mahoney, 
Rich Adams. 

6. Dave Sed, Mary Lee Bliley, Deb- 
bie Hybert, Bill Andolsek. 


Used Book Sale 
Aids Psych Dept. 

Gamma Chi, an honor society for Psy- 
chology majors, continued this year with 
its objective of aiding Gannon's Psychol- 
ogy Department. Over the past two years, 
Gamma Chi held a used book sale at the 
beginning of each semester to raise money 
for equipment and materials in the Psy- 
chology Department. 

Some of the society's funds also 
went toward guest lectures. Among the 
speakers brought to Gannon in the past 
was Dr. James Kirk, who lectured on ways 
that Gannon's society could establish in- 
tercollege affiliations and gain admission 
into the national organization, Psi Chi. 


1. Dan Kucharski, Rocco Pugliese, 

Ed DeRose, Mike Schwabenbauer. 

2. Rocco Pugliese. 

3. Marcia Urraro. 

4. Jim Pianka, Jim Vogel. 



Film Series Sponsored 

From A Man Called Horse to Willard, the Student 
Senate movies included something tor everyone's 
taste. Slaughterhouse Five, One Day in the Life of 
Ivan Denisovich . and cocoanuts were also shown 
at Gannon, courtesy of the Senate. 

Along with an extended movie schedule, this 
year's Senate sponsored a series of mini-concerts. 
They also expanded the traditional dance schedule 
— the 8-Ball and Spring Fever — to include a February 
Winter Carnival, to which alumni were invited. A 
re-instated speaker's program featured such events 
as "Who Killed J.F.K.?" and Charles Morgan. 


1. Don McAleer, Mike Dimmick. 

2. Mike D'Aulerio, Ed Billick, Andre Guthman. 

3. Tom Deely, Mike Ryan, Pat Halaiko. 

4. Sue Gross, Cynthia Mills. 

5. Mary Ellen Sartoris, Jeanne Holt, Donna Pokrajac, 

6. Jay McLaughlin, Mike Miller. 



Less Time Left 
For Guidance 

"The Resident Advisor's job is most 
importantly one of guidance, although un- 
fortunately it is more often one of disci- 
pline." So stated Jeanne Holt, Head Resi- 
dent Advisor at North Hall East. 

Aside from enforcing the dormitory 
rules and regulations this year, R.A.'s 
served as advisors to the dorm councils 
and as members on Gannon's standing com- 

The R.A.'s for all Gannon dorms are 
selected by the Housing Committee every 
spring. Each person is granted room and 
board plus tuition for a varying amount 
of credits, depending upon the total num- 
ber of semesters the student served as an 


1. Top: Steve Parker, Joe DiBattista. 

Bottom. Jim Zannelli, Joe Kulka. 

2. Paulette Cassic, Chris Miller, Mary Jane Hejmowski, 

Monique Dure. 
3. Karl Aufman, Mike Seidler, Steve Pospiech, Kevin Brown. 

4. Lou Agnese. 

5. Mary Lou and John Janota. 

6. Kevin Kramer, Otis Barnes, Steve Bunce, Bill Sapone. 

7. Ron Piluso, Tony D'Alessandro, Vince Barlow. 

8. Front: Marcia Mazur, Colleen Aloan. 

Back: Paula Stetter, Betti Lauer. 



Residents Respond 
To Suggestions 

Dorm councils were elected in each 
of the dormitories for the first time in 
1972. They began in response to student's 
suggestions that residents should have 
more responsibility for dorm activities. 

While small infractions (forgetting 
to sign in a guest, excessive noise, etc.) 
are ruled on by Resident Advisors, any 
appeal by the accused student is presented 
before the Dorm Council. The Council will 
then make recommendations to the Dean of 
Students and the Head Resident. 

In the past year, the Dorm Councils 
also functioned as social organizers. The 
three Councils sponsored a Beer Blast in 
November, and a Christmas party which in- 
cluded a door-decorating contest and a 
Midnight Mass. 


1. Peg Orler, Wanita Wawrzyniak. 

2. Bob Peyton, Ron Piluso, Jim Griffey. 

3. Tom McCarthy, Bill Young. 

4. Dion Clarke. 

5. Dave Glasier, John Pozza. 



First Year A Success 

WERG F.M., Gannon College Radio, completed its 
first year of broadcasting on December 1, 1973, The 
radio station, created to be used primarily by Com- 
munications majors, was built by students, and is 
completely student-managed and operated. Over thir- 
ty people of various majors are active in the sta- 
tion's programming. 

The students gain experience not only in broad- 
casting, but also in engineering, business manage- 
ment, newswriting, and public relations. 

This year the station presented a special "Hal- 
loween Party." The program featued "Dracula," star- 
ring Greg Zbach. 

Other activities this year included presenting 
a Christmas special and sponsoring the Walt Disney 
flick, "Make Mine Music." 


1. Elizabeth Bucarelli, Nancy Koza. 

2. Rick Kirkner. 

3. Jim Cantoni, Pam Verity, Paul Groucutt, 

Tom Laskowski. 

4. Jean Kozlowski, Ron Dalesio. 

5. Donna Pedano, Editor-in-Chief. 

G *N N On 




g m HON 

«- * » 



Staff Struggles 
For Standard Set 

Every week, a fresh edition of the 
Gannon Knight appeared from the Knight 
office in the basement of the Walker 
Building. This year's staff of twenty 
students, headed by Editor Donna Pedano, 
spent innumerable hours getting the paper 
ready for delivery each Friday morning. 

The work hours totaled more than the 
usual amount for extracurricular activit- 
ies. Donna usually put in a thirty-hour 
week editing the paper. The staff aver- 
aged 300 hours each week in their various 

After the Knight won numerous awards 
for overall excellence in 1973, this year's 
staff was determined to follow the same 
rigorous standards. Under the pressure 
of a heavy work load each deadline was met 

While quanity of time spent doesn't 
always equal quality, the Knight staff in 
the past year produced a readable paper 
with award-winning potential. 


1. Diane Cantoni, Bob Hirsh. 

2. Karen Connell. 

3. Mari Slraub, Danette DiPerna, Mary 

Crumblatt — Wagner. 

4. Peg Orler, Editor in Chief. 

5. Pat Reaney, Gretchen Heintz. 

6. Mary Jane Hejmowski. 



Staff Inexperience 
Seen As Challenge 

This year's Lance staff faced a def- 
inite problem: few members had direct ex- 
perience in yearbook publication. (In 
1973 there was a great exodus of Lance 
staffers through graduation.) 

The first meeting last fall revealed 
exactly how much had to be learned — and 
was followed with a crash study program by 
the editors. After this period of frantic 
cramming subsided, the real work still 
remained to be finished. 

Once the staff was organized, though, 
gears began to mesh. Layouts, copy, and 
pictures trickled steadily into the Lance 
office; finished pages — after minor dif- 
ficulties — were mailed out to the printer. 

The result: the 1974 Lance . And a 
core of undergraduate staffers to contin- 
ue with next year's book. 



' •" ■ >. ' -• ' . 




• r $& 





'•', r ' 

v v • 




i • -•: 

■&i£ «;•• . 



. . "> 

.• .,..v ■ .A- ?> - 

* s *3fp 




r i 


"•.5* ..ft ! 




The 1974 graduates of Gannon College are 
perhaps more diversified as a class than any pre- 
ceding group of seniors. Because of the recently 
added academic programs, this year's graduates 
include majors in Speech and Drama, Communica- 
tions, Criminal Justice, Mental Health Counseling, 
and Radiologic Technology. 

Although the trend in the job market has 
been downward, graduates feel that their qualif- 
ications are attractive to prospective employers. 

Many seniors have had additional training 
through club activities and programs involving 
practicum or field work. This type of learning 
— outside the classroom — is freer, and less likely 
to result in tension and frustration. If seniors 
consciously reflect on their years at Gannon, 
the first thoughts coming to mind will probably 
relate to extracurricular events. 

After graduation, most seniors will find em- 
ployment. This won't be easy — it takes limitless 
perseverance. And though many first jobs will be 
less than satisfactory, at least it's a way to 
payoff school loans. 

Frank Amicucci 
John Amy 
Michael Amy 
Richard Andersen 

Christian Anderson 
Philip Anderson 
Henry Andrae 
Gary Antalek 

Marcel Arribi 
Jim Baer 
Grace Baginski 
Paul Baniewicz 



Gary Barnes 

Jack Benson 

Greg Beardsley 

Clyde Berkheimer 

Thomas Belczyk 

Kenneth Berlin 

David Bello 

Steven Blair 

Jessie Blanchard 

Edward Brill 

Douglas Brownson 

Vann Brunson 

Jerry Byrne 

Mary Lee Bliley 

Donald Brotherson 

Robert Bruno 

Dean Bull 

John Carlson 

David Bobango 

Edward Brown 

James Bojarski 

Thomas Brown 


Paulette Cassic 

F. Robert Chuba 
Roselie Cirino 

Anne Marie Clancey 
Thomas Connelly 

Mary Conway 
Barbara Ann Cook 
Joel Corwin 
Patrick Czytuck 

George Danial 
Brian Davey 
Celestine Davis 
James Davis 


Robert Davis 

Marsha DeLaura 

John Dennin 

Danette DiPerna 

Richard Donato 

Edward Dawson 

Gerard DeLuca 

Richard Deuink 

Loretta DiTaranto 

Stephen Downey 

Thomas Dayton 

John DeLuca 

John Diewald 

Robert Dobiesz 

Susan Ann Downey 

Thomas Deely 

Dale Demarco 

Mike Dimmick 

Patricia Dollivar 

Michael Duffy 


Douglas Dunn 
Monique Dure 
James Durkin 
Lorri Edelman 

Henry Elario 
Thomas Elson 
Justine English 
Diane Erichson 

John Estes 
Larry Feeney 
Stephen Fensel 
Richard Figaski 

Paul Forquer 
Thomas Fox 
Paul D. Francis 
Denise Funicello 

Daniel Garbacz 
Michael George 
Robert Glancy 
David Glasier 


1 fel ! 


ft £* ^ 



m ^<^ M 

1 iBL 

Martin Gloekler 
Robert Gorrie 
Carol Gracey 
William Gronostaj 

William Gross 
Larry Grossman 
Paul Groucutt 
Rakesh Grover 

Thomas Gruden 
Richard Grychowski 

Edward Gustin 

Andy Harold 
Greg Harubin 




7 j8 K. 


1**Y ft v 

^ 1 1- Vv> 
\ ^H^B UK .^B^M 

mam L 


■ H 


Richard Harz 
James Hauser 

Joanne Heintz 
Marianne Henrie 

Daniel Herring 
Royal Hewitt 

J. Mark Hindman 
Robert Hirsh 
Jeanne Holt 
Candace Horm 

Janet Horton 
James Horvat 
Jim Hrinda 
Morna Hutchinson 


Deborah Hybert 

Harriette Jones 

James Kane 

William Kistner 

Robert Kobielski 

David Izbicki 

William Jones 

Glenn Kay 

Joseph Kloecker 

Frank Koch 

David Jankowski 

David Juriewicz 

James Kilcoyne 

Marie Knafelc 

Jerry Kolljeski 

Richard Jenks 

Michael Kamman 

Sheridan Kirkpatrick 

Frank Knaus 

Kevin Kossbiel 


James Kraus 

Catherine Laniewicz 

John Leri 

William Long 

Dennis Luchey 

Daniel Kucharski 

Robert Larkin 

Angie Lewkowicz 

Michael LoSapio 

Deborah Macaluso 

Thomas Kuhn 

Robert Laskowski 

Gary Lillis 

George Lostracco 

Marlene Manendo 

Charles Kurtz 

Michael Latimer 

David Lis 

Denise Love 

Patricia Mattimore 


Donald Mc Alecr 
Daniel McAndrew 
Thomas McCarthy 
Brenda McRae 

William Mechan 
Gary Miller 
Glenn Miller 
Leslie Miller 

Catherine Moore 
Keith Morris 

Paul Movinsky 
James Mullaney 

Peter Mychailyszyn 
George Neiman 


Charles Netkowicz 
Ted Niederriter 

Julio Nunez 
Terry Obringer 

Bernard O'Connor 
Thomas Ogorchock 

Gerard Orinko 
Margaret Orler 
Richard Oros 
Gerald Palotas 

Michael Patasky 
Ruffin Pauszek, Jr. 
Donna Pedano 
Karen Peterson 


Thomas Petit 

Lawrence Piotrowicz 

Christopher Poux 

John Pronobis 

Ronald Roach 

Robert Peyton 

Richard Podobnik 

Charles Preston 

Ann Reeves 

Patrick Rooney 

James Pianka 

Donna Pokrajac 

Louis Price 


Thomas Roth 

Joette Piccirillo 

Jim Pollock 

Patricia Prischak 

Allen Rickloff 

Geraldine Ruef 


Donald Russel 
Gregory Ruzzine 
Mary Ellen Sartoris 

Robert Schriefer 
Michael Schutz 
David Sidelinger 
Brad Simon 

Glenn Simon 
John Sinclair 
Carol Smith 
Paul Smith 

Joseph Spadacene 
Edward Stanton 
Thomas Steele 
John Stehle 

Alan Stewart 
David Stoczynski 
Jerry Storey 
David Stubenhofer 


Frank Surrena 
Michael Sutika 
Larry Swigonski 
Arthur Szczepaniec 

Daniel Tech 
John Trohoske 
Bruce Turner 
Edward Tyler 

Robert Umpleby 
Marcia Urraro 

Mary Grumblatt 

Edward Walk 

Annie Walter 
James Warus 


Daniel Waruszewski 
Gary Wawrzyniak 

David Way 
Ann Weithman 
Robert Werner 
Marjorie Westphal 

Leslie Williams 
Darryl Wittenburg 
David Wood 
Mary Yakimovich 

William Young 
Michael Zak 
Ronald Zawistowski 
Gregory Zbach 

Gary Zuber 
Linda Zurad 
John Zuraw 
Nick Acanfora 


1973-74 Student 
Directory And Index 

Abbott, John Joseph, 108 Woodlawn Drive, Willowstreet, Pa., Psych., 17584, 94 
Abbott, Rosemarie, 5611 Chesterfield Dr., Camp Springs, Md., MHC, 20031 
Acanfora, Nicholas P., 455 Morgan Pkwy., Hamburg, NY., Mgt., 14075, 114,176 
Achesinski, Leo Walter, 303Ziegler Ave., Butler, Pa., Acct., 16001 

i Ackroyd, Kevin Joseph, 110 Cambridge Ave., Westmont, N.J., E.E., 08108 

J Adam, William Anthony, 544 Pittsburgh St., Springdale, Pa., Math, 15144, 134 
Adams, Richard Allan, 340 13th St., Reynoldsvile, Pa., MHC, 15051, 87,147 
Adamson, George A., 2324 Lynnbrook Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Acct., 15226 
Ahlgren, Richard Alan, 3717 0akwood St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16508 
Aiello, Arthur Francis, 90 Forrest St, Ridgway. Pa., Cr.J., 15853, 114 
Aiello, CennaroC, 301 Fairview Ave., Johnsonburg, Pa., Mgt., 15845, 114 
Alberstadt, John Wm. Jr , 643 Pin Oak Dr, Erie, Pa., Soc, 16504 
Alberstadt. Mary Rita, 643 Pin Oak Drive, Erie, Pa., Bio., 16504, 147 
Alberih, Regis R., RD1, Mars, Pa , Phil, 16046 

1 Alessi. David P . PO Box 264 Gannon Col , Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16501, 130 
Allen, Pearl, 1155 E 19 Si, Erie, Pa , El Ed , 16503 

| Allin, John A, 438 W 7 St, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16507 

last, Judy Lorraine, 415 Eden Dr., Monroeville, Pa., Bio., 15146 
Aloan, Colleen Edith, 314 Terry Rd, Syracuse, NY., Med Tech., 13219, 152 

I Altadonna, John Mario, 1916 45 St., Pennsauken, N.J., Mgl, 08110 
Amadio, Mark C , Box 25, Fryburg, Pa., Psych., 16326 
Amicucci, Frank Vincent, 2412 Taggert St , Wesleyville, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16510, 39,86, 

Ammar, Atif Ahmad, 360 W 8 Si., Erie, Pa., M.E., 16502, 86 
Amy, John Roger, 18 Bowen St., lameslown, NY., Bio., 14701, 162 
Amy, Mu hacl John. 1804 Wesl 24 St , Erie, Pa . Phil, 16502, 162 
Andersen, Ri< hard Chris, 144 Parkway Dr. Erie, Pa., Soc, 16511, 162 
Anderson, C alherine Ann, 1030 W 26 St, Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16S08 
Anderson, ( hnstianS., 23 Clearview Dr., Conneaut, Ohio, MM., 44030, 112,162 
Anderson, Douglas R, RD 1 Box 195, Cambridge Sp. Pa , Finance, 16403 
Anderson, Margaret I, 124 Fourth Si. Exl, Youngsville. Pa , Psy<h. 16381 
Anderson, Marc Andrew, 2629 Parker Ave , Erie, Pa, Mgl., 16510 
Anderson, Philip Eugene, 926 West 34 Street, Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16508, 162 
Anderson, Stephen Albert, 926 West 34 St, Erie, Pa, For Lang., 16508 
Anderton, George, 280 Hasson Ave , Oil City, Pa., Mgl, 16301 
AndoJsek, William C, 615 Poplar Si, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16502, 147 
Andrae, Flenry C "arl, 909 Raspberry Si., Erie, Pa, Phil., 16502, 162 
Andrews, John Muhael, 16 Averill St., Warren, Pa., Finance, 16365, 107 
Annun/iato, Anthony J, 41 Seminole Pkwy , Buffalo. NY , MHC, 14210 
Annun/iata, Marybelh, 4445 Lorna Lane, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16506 
Applebergh, Jon Russell, 185 Bronx River Rd., Yonkers, NY., Bio., 10704 
Apuz/o, Alfonso Antonio, 5257 Buffalo Rd, Erie, Pa., I.M., 16510 
Amdt, Frank William, 629 Walker St , Aberdeen, Md„ Soc., 21001 
Arribi, Marcel, 216 Cliff Street, Cliffside Pk, N.J., Soc Sci., 07010, 45,91,162 
Ashbaugh, William Leray, S Main St Box 369, Knox, Pa., E.E., 16232. 108 
Atkins, Herman Edward, 3233 E. 123 St., Cleveland, Oh., Acct., 44120 
Atkinson, Johnie Mae, 1274E.33St., Erie, Pa., Psych, 16504 
Aufman, Karl Francis, 364 Gloria St, Pittsburgh. Pa., Soc., 15237, 139,152 
Augenstein, Jay A ., 2405 Sarah St Apt. 2, Pittsburgh, Pa., For. Lang., 15203 

>nis, Peter Joseph, 270 Concord Rd, Sharon, Pa., MHC, 16146 
■r, limmieRex, 480-81 Street, Niagara FIs., NY., Acct., 14304. 162 
□aginski, Francis Eugene, 1023 East 29 St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16504 
Baginski, Grace L, 3939 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa, Gen Sci., 16508, 35,142,162 
Bagnom, Linda Jane, 4423 Peach St , Erie, Pa., Soc. 16509 
Bailey, Peter William, 1022 Brown Ave., Erie, Pa., Mgl., 16502 
Bailey, Ronald M., 320 E Columbus Ave., Corry, Pa., Mgt., 16407 
Bailey, Thomas Harding, 1039 East 3 Street, Erie, Pa., Soc Sci., 16507 
Baker, DeannaC, 1304 German St., Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16503 
Bal, Michael Anthony, 867 Rumsey Ave., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16511 
Bal, Marjorielee, 867 Rumsey Ave., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16511 
Baldwin, William Arthur, 2405 South Shore Dr., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16506 
Bandur, Marlene. 3570 Backus Rd., Harborcreek, Pa., Med. Tech., 16421 
Bandur, Anthony Joseph, 3570 Backus Rd., Harborcreek, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16421 
Banducci, Charles Joseph, 1526 Liberty St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16502 
Baniewicz, Paul Adam, 1820 Ottawa Drive, Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16505, 162 
Baniszweski. Leona Marie, 516 E. 22 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16503 
Baniszewski, David E., 544 E 13 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503 
Bankslon, George David, 7341 Upland St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pol. Sci., 15208 
Bannister, Jon Clayton, 2002 E. 12 St., Erie, Pa., Ec, 16511 
Barabas, William)., 1116 E. 9 St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16503 
Baracka, Jerry, 2680 lakeside Dr., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16511, 144 

Barker, Lynda H., 646 W. 6 St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16507 

Barlow, Vincent R., 125 Conger Ave., Akron, Oh., M.E., 44303, 152 

Barnes, Gary Ernest, 311 Hazel Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., E.E., 15228, 128,162 

Barnes, Otis James, 1723 FilmoreSt., Erie, Pa., Pre-Law, 16505, 152 

Barney, Paul Edward, 2125 Dorn Road, Waterford, Pa., Bio., 16441 

Baron, Dale Rodney, 325 E. 13 St., Berwick, Pa., Pre-Law, 18603 

Barrett, David Eugene, Rd. 9 Henderson Rd., Erie, Pa., Lib. Arts, 16509 

Barrett, Mark F., 415AyerRd., Buffalo, NY., M.E., 14221 

Barron, David, 501 Parade St., Erie, Pa., Chem., 16507 

Barron, Timothy Joseph, 411 Lincoln Ave., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16505 

Bartchak, Mark Leonard, 4889 Banbury Ct. 15, Warrensville, Oh., Theo., 44128, 52 

Barthelmes, David Arthur, 1819 West 33 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16508 

Bastek, Ronald Louis, 5906 Arbroath Dr., Clinton, Md., Mgt., 20735 

Bates, Nanette lean, 122 E. 30 St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16504 

Battistone, Arthur J., 217 Beallsville Rd., Bentleyville, Pa., Acct., 15314, 107 

Bauer, Bruce Edward, 1115 West 25 Street, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502 

Bauer, Wanda Leona, 126Pennroad, St. Marys, Pa., MHC, 15857 

Baumlin, Albert John, 164 First St., Perth Amboy, N.J., Pre-Med., 08861 

Bean, Dennis Richard, 4624 Upland Dr., Erie, Pa., El Ed., 16509 

Beardsley, Gregory Lee, North Mill St. Ext., North East, Pa., Soc, 16428, 162 

Beck, John Andre, Rd 5 Oakland Road, Mercer, Pa., Phil., 16137 

Becker, James Robert, Rd 5 Robison Rd, Erie, Pa., Hist., 16509 

Becker, John Spafford, 1617 South Shore Dr., Erie, Pa., Mkt., 16505 

Bekeny, Frank Stephen, 353 W. 20 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16502, 83 

Belczyk, Thomas Francis, 366 East 36 St., Erie, Pa., Hist., 16504, 162 

Bell, Blaine Maurice, 2605 Saltsman Rd., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16510 

Bell. Kevin Leigh, 2605 Saltsman Rd., Erie, Pa, Pre-Law, 16510, 131,133 

Belleau. Glenn Michael, 302 Monroe St.. Warren, Pa., Acct., 16365, 87 

Belleau, John Robert, 302 Monroe St., Warren, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16365, 107 

Benacci, Doreen Ann, 1115 linden Ave., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16505 

Benacci, Robert David, 535 Hilltop Road, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16509 

Bennett, Duane John, 106 Sunset Drive, Girard, Pa., Acct., 16417 

Bensink, Joseph M., 1107 N. Center St., Corry, Pa., Phil., 16407 

Benson, lack A., 3614 Elmwood Ave., Erie, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16508, 162 

Berdis, Cynthia Ann, 4315 Parade, Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16504 

Berkheimer, Clyde C, 2677 Peach St., Erie, Pa, Gen. Sci., 16508, 162 

Beyer, Robert F„ 270ElmarDr., Rochester, N.Y., Gen. Sci, 14616 

Bianco, Gary Arthur, 214FochSl., Ellwood City, Pa., Mgt., 16117 

Bienio, Bernard Lee, 454 W. 9 St. Apt. 8, Erie, Pa., Finance, 16501 

Biggica, Russell Joseph, 5394 Wildwood Way, Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci. 16511, 131,133 

Billick, Edward lames, 1222 State Rd, Monessen, Pa.. Pol. Sci., 15062, 107,150 

Birkner, linda Diane, 12 Elm St., Lake City, Pa, Cr.J., 16423 

Biltner, Timothy Joseph, 5421 Carnegie St., Pittsburgh, Pa., S.W., 15201 

Bixby, Mark Joseph, 1422 W. 33 St., Erie, Pa , Math, 16508 

Blackmun, Rhonda Lynn, 1714 West 39 St., Erie, Pa, Acct., 16509 

Blackwood, William R., 211 W. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16507 

Blair, Dennis, 2402 E.Grandview Blvd., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16510 

Blair, Steven Scott, 326 Pacific St., Franklin, Pa., MHC, 16323, 162 

Blanchard, Jessie C, 632 E. 26 St., Erie. Pa., Soc Sci., 16508, 163 

Blanks, Joseph Thomas, 535 W. 3 St., Erie, Pa., Soc, 16507, 91 

Blecha, lerry A., 3808 East Lake Rd., Erie, Pa, Gen. Sci., 16511 

Bliley, Kirk, 1939 West 35 St , Erie, Pa., Ec, 16508 

Bliley, Mary lee, 1939 West 35 Street, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16508, 142,147,163 

Bliss, Ruth E. RD3. Cambrdge Spg, Pa., Pre-Med., 16403 

Bluey, Michael B., 1426 E. 8 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503 

Bojarski, Michael Henry, RD 7 Station RD, Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16510 

Bojarski, James Michael, 535 E. 22 St., Erie, Pa., Soc Sci., 16503, 163 

Bolla, Richard lames, 1138 East 9 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503 

Bona, Wayne Anthony, 303 Myrtle, Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci. 16507 

Bool, Charles Haddon, 530 Nagle Road, Erie, Pa., Finance, 16511 

Borsody, lames Paul, 219 S. Central Ave., Canonsburg, Pa., Phil., 15317 

Bowen, Lucille B., 353 Home Ave., Mansfield, Oh., Cr.J., 44903 

Boyd, Roger Alan, RD1, Carlton, Pa., Acct., 16311, 36,44,107 

Boyd, Stephen, 25 Inwood Dr., Milltown, N.J , Mgl., 08850, 107 

Boyd, Thomas Michael, 1067 West 6 Street, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502 

Braithwaite, Gwenda Lea, 614 W. 8 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16502 

Branham, Paul Verne, 420 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16501, 82 

Brickner, Joseph David, 2185 Lynnbrook Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Acct., 15226 

Bridge, Charles Anderson, 3525 Edison Ave., Wesleyville, Pa., Mgt., 16511 

Bridge, Craig Allen, RD 3 Horseshoe Dr., Latrobe, Pa., E.E., 15650 

Brill, Edward George, 1678 W. 14 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16505, 144,163 

Britton, Donald Paul, 525 W. 4 St., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16507 

Britton, Robert Carl, 906 Walnut, Latrobe, Pa., Bio., 15650 

Broadhead, James Edward, 33 Abbott Rd., Bradford, Pa., Mgt., 16701, 42 

Brookhouser, Donald R., 1921 Powell Ave., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16508 

Brooks, Thomas Mahoney, 429 E. Grandview Blvd., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16504 

Brown, Carol Ann, 92 Harding Ave., Bradford, Pa., Hist., 16701 

Brown. Donald. 19 1 run Ate. Farrell, Pa . Hum. 16121. 54 

Brown, Edward Arnold. 1122 S 60 Street, Phila , Pa , Psych, 19143, 163 

Brown, Kevin. 3540Chartiers Ave , Pittsburgh, Pa , MHC, 15204. 152 

Brown. Peter lames. 470 Heberlon Ave , Slalen Isl . N Y , E E , 10302, 107,128 

Brown, Scott Douglas, 20 Third St. Youngsville, Pa , Mkt , 16371. 42,65 

Brown, Thomas Everett. 3833 Sunset Blvd. Erie. Pa. SW. 16504, 163 

Brown, Tina M.. 2167 Bedford Ave , Pittsburgh, Pa., Und , 15219, 54 

Brownhill, Mark lames, 478 Orchard Spring Rd , Pittsburgh, Pa , Accl., 15220 

Brownson. Douglas M , 13 South Drive. Hyde Park NY., E.T., 12538. 163 

Brownyard, lohn Willard. 3433 Old Orchard Rd. Erie, Pa . Accl., 16506, 112 

Brumagin, Roger Leigh, RD1, Union City, Pa , Pre-Med, 16438 

Bruno, Audrey lois, 324 Myrtle St , Erie, Pa., MHC, 16501 

Bruno, Pamela Ann, 137 E. 4 St. P.O. Bo> 205, Erie, Pa ., Soc, 16507, 35 

Brunson, Vann Waller, 10 Maple Street, Sinclairvile, N Y , Pre-Med, 14782, 142,163 

Bruschi, Robert, 2810 Zuck Rd , Erie, Pa , I.I., 16S06 

Brzoslowski, Henry G, 1118 E 8 St, Erie. Pa, Mgl., 16503 

Bucarelli, Elizabeth | , 919W.5SI., E rie. Pa . Eng. 16507, 156 

Bu< hanan, Glenn Douglas, 1056 W 18 St, Erie, Pa . MHC, 16502 

Bucher. Douglas lames, 214 South High St., Mechanicsbrg, Pa , Pre-Med, 17055 

Bucho, Andy Thomas, RD 2f rancisRd., Girard.Pa., Finance, 16417 

Bucklin, Lynn Marie. 424 Ross St, Erie, Pa., MHC, 16507, 100 

Buckner, Margaret louise, 3939Briggs Ave, Apt. 7, Erie, Pa., Soc, 16504 

Buettner, Ronald lames, 921 West 33 Street, Erie, Pa., Mgl., 16508 

Bukala. lohn A , 2012 Plum St. Erie, Pa, Hum, 16502 

Bull, Dean Philip, 310Cooper St., Nescopeck, Pa , Bio, 18635, 112,142,145,163 

Bunce, Steven Patrick, 303 College St., Youngsville, Pa., Mgt., 16371, 152 

Buono, John Eric, 138 N. Willow St , East Aurora, NY., MHC, 14052 

Burch, Colleen Gallagher, 214 W. 5 St, Erie, Pa, MHC, 16507 

Burek, Denis Edward, 78 Briarhurst Rd.. Williamsvile, N.Y., M.E., 14221 

Burger, Noreen Rae, RD2|amestown Rd., Wattsburg, Pa , Hum., 16442 

Bunch, Mary Ann, 1030 Fruit Ave., Farrell, Pa., Med. Tech., 16121 

Burke, Daniel |.. 348 Meridian Rd., Butler, Pa., ME, 16001 

Burkley. Robert Michael. 1556 W 44 St. Erie. Pa., Bio, 16509 

Buseck, Robert lohn, 508 Parkway Drive, Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16511 

Buseck, William Donald. 508 Parkway Drive, Erie, Pa., Pre-law, 16511, 131,133 

Butler, Gary Obryanl, 3211 Otto St., Wesleyville, Pa., Chem., 16510 

Butler, Maria Michelle, 3211 Olio St., Wesleyville, Pa., Pre-Law, 16510 

Buyan, Robert Dean, 1588Brodhead Rd., Monaca, Pa., Pre-Med., 15061, 114 

Buzzy, Gregory Francis, 133 Audrey Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., Gen. Sci. 15236, 52 

Byrd, Robert L., 418 Sassafras St.. Erie, Pa., Soc, 16S07 

Caccavo, Vincent lames, 415 Moreland Dr., Franklin, Pa., Acct., 16323 

Caccavo, loseph Edward, 730 Grant Street, Franklin, Pa., Mgt., 16323 

Cacchione, Frederick, 1512 Poplar St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502 

Caffrey, lames Michael, 930 West First St., Oil City, Pa., Acct., 16301 

Calabrese, Thomas )ohn, 819 Potomac Ave., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16505 

Caldwell, Catherine M., 1215 W. 10 St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16502 

Callahan, lames Richard, 3 Highland View Rd., Carnegie, Pa., Pre-Law, 15106 

Camino, Grace M., 5240 Milllair Rd., Fairview.Pa., Hum., 16415 

Campanelli, Vincent A., 818 Sanford Place, Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16511 

Campbell, Roy Charles, 415 Bartram Ave., New Castle, Pa., Pre-Med., 16101, 114 

Campbell, Scott C, Oakmont Dr., Conneaut Ik., Pa., Hum., 16316 

Cancilla, Kenneth lohn, 1709 Fairmounl Pkwy., Erie, Pa., Soc, 16510 

Cantoni, lames Dennis, 1530 West 25 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16502, 156 

Cantoni, Diane E., 1530 W. 25 St., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16502, 158 

Capik, Gloria Ann, 26 North Park, Row A 3, Erie, Pa., For. Lang. 16501 

Carey, Frank Robert, 55 S. Pearl, Apt. D, North East, Pa., Mgt., 16428 

Cargioli, Michael loseph, 4019 Elmwood Ave., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16509 

Carlotti, Carl Michael, 2645 Schley St., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16508 

Carlson, lohn David, 305 E. 26 St., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16504, 163 

Carlson, Mary Patricia, 412 Lincoln Ave., Erie, Pa., S.W., 16505, 142 

Carlson, Timothy A.. 540 E. 28 St., Erie. Pa., E.E., 16504 

Carlucci, James, 294 lessamine Ave., Yonkers, NY., Pol. Sci., 10701 

Carney, Mary Patricia, 14 E. 30 St., Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16504, 56, 142 

Carrick, Laurice Marie. 314 Reed St.. Erie, Pa., El Ed., 16507 

Carson, Stanley Blair, 411 David St., Barnesboro, Pa., Theo., 15714 

Carstater, Anelle Elaine, Pine View Tr. Ct, RD4, Union City, Pa., Math, 16438, 100 

Casconi, Michael C, 416 W. 10 St., Apt. 2, Erie, Pa , Cr.J., 16502 

Casella, LaureneR.. 4014 Allegheny RD, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16509 

Cash, lames lohn, 2802 "i Raspberry St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16508 

Cassic, Paulette Michele, 730 N. Vine St.. Hazleton, Pa., Cr.J., 18201, 152,164 

Cavanaugh, Terrence P., 3003 Gray Ave., Wesleyville, Pa., Eng., 16510, 131,133 

Cavicchio. Arthur John, 728 W. 10 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502 

Centofanti. Victor G, 5370 S Penna. Ave., Bethel Park, Pa., Mgt., 15102 

Cerami, Denise Marie, 2714 Post Ave., Erie, Pa., Bio, 16508 

Cerrie, Michael B., 105 Forest Place, Fredonia, NY., Finance, 14063 

Chaffee, Michele Marie, 234 Pittsburgh Ave., Erie, Pa., El Ed., 16505 

Champer, Paul George, Box 248, Effingham, III , Pre-Med, 62401 

Cheatle, Robert S, |r., 33 Partridge Ave., Freehold, N. J. , Mgt., 07728 

Chernicky, Charles I., 2031 W 51 Si , Erie, Pa., E.T., 16509 

Chernicky, Beth Ann, 1849 W. 37 St.. Erie, Pa., Med Tech., 16508 

Chetock, Robert Anthony, 935 Woodland Rd., Sharpsville, Pa., Theo., 16150 

Chevalier, Mark Robert. 141 Norman Way, Erie, Pa., Cr.J, 16508, 130 

Chisholm, Gregory H, Box 2, Idyll Whyle Vill., McKean, Pa., M.E., 16426, 128 

Chomiczewski, Richards., 409 Peach St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16501, 164 

Chuba, Francis Robert, 72 Wintergreen Lane, Fairview.Pa., Mgt., 16415, 164 

Chunko, lames loseph, RD 1 Box 46. Gouldsboro. Pa.. Pre-law, 18424, 112 

Cicero, loseph R., 630 Cherry St., Erie, Pa., M.E.. 16502 

Chipicchio. DominicoC, 1939 W. 26 St., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16508 

Cirino, Roselie Carmella, 1716 West 26 Street, Erie, Pa.. MHC. 16508, 128,164 

Clancey, Anne Marie, 714 W 9 St., Erie, Pa., Sp/Dram., 16502, 51,141,145,164 

Clark, David Allen, 304 Patricia Dr., Ellwood City, Pa., MHC, 16117 

Clark. Debra Geraldine, 345 Adam St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Hist., 11201 

Clark, Gary, 222Cresswood Dr., Elizabeth, Pa , Acct.. 15037 

Clark, Malcolm |., 1705 W. 11 St, Erie, Pa , Finance, 16505 

Clark, Ronald lasper, 1546 Woodlawn Ave., Erie, Pa., Cr.|., 16510 

Clarke, Dion £, 114-27 172 St., New York, NY., Comm. 11434, 154 

Cline. William Michael. 703Graisbury Ave., Haddonfield. N )., I.E., 08033 

dinger, Cynthia Ann, 453 E. 20 St., Erie, Pa , Soc Sci , 16503, 41 

Clutter, Dennis Allen, 2202 Bird Dr , Apt 2. Erie. Pa . Mgt, 16510 

Cobb, Frank Charles, 1005 St Margarets Dr., Annapolis. Md.. I.M., 21401, 118 

Cole. Danielle Aleta, Route 1. Box 87ZZ, Indian Head. Md. El Ed.. 20640 

Colligan, George lames, 110 W Brentndge Ave , Pittsburgh. Pa , Cr J , 15227 

Collins. Steven Craig, 84Meech, Buffalo. NY. MHC, 14208, 91 

Collman, Kevin Conrad, RD 2. Box 315. Fairview.Pa. Soc, 16415 

Collman, Robert D. 3020 French St., Erie, Pa . E.E., 16504 

Colucci, Alan Keith, 631 West Main St., Geneva, Ohio, M.E., 44041 

Cometto, Anthony Victor, 3900 Pohl Rd , Alden, NY., Bio., 14004, 46,108,142 

Compernolle, Diane Marie, 244 E. 27 St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16504 

Confer, Gregory Lee, 1954 W 51 St. Erie, Pa ., ME, 16509 

Conlon. Michael lohn, 489 Shady Ave., Sharon. Pa., Bio, 16146, 114 

Connell, Mary Anne, 2812 Greengarden Blvd. Erie, Pa , For Lang.. 16508, 83,136 

Connell, Karen Mary, 721 Fifth St., Cresson, Pa, Soc, 16630, 48.158 

Connelly, Mary Margaret, 60 Irving Ave. Croton, N Y , Pre-Med, 10520 

Connelly, Thomas loseph, 23 East 10 Ave, Runnemede, N J , I.M., 08078. 118,164 

Conti, Richard Louis. 141 Temple St , Fredonia, NY., Gen. Sci , 14063 

Conway, Richard Muhael, 549 E 11 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16501 

Coogan, Joseph Francis, MinersvilleSt., Seltzer, Pa . Acct, 17974 

Cook, Barbara Ann, 4121 Parade Blvd , Erie, Pa., Chem., 16504, 164 

Cook, lames Michael, 519 Shenley Drive, Erie, Pa., Mgt, 16505 

Cook, Nancy Ann, 4121 Parade Blvd . Erie, Pa , Hum., 16504 

Cooney, Paul Alan, 1045 W. 34 St., Erie, Pa., Finance, 16508 

Cooper, |ohn Joel, Box 3, Findley Lake, N.Y., E.E., 14736 

Copeland, Henry, 20 N. Robinson St., Philadelphia, Pa., Mgt., 19139 

Corej, James M., 338 Bruck Ave., Perth Amboy, N.J., Acct., 08861 

Corradino, Robert A., 135 W UticaSt., Oswego, NY , Mgt, 13126 

Corwin, Joel Shaw, 3838 W 38 St., Erie, Pa , Acct, 16506, 164 

Costa, Christine J. , 1221 Border Ave., Ellwood, Pa., Comm., 16117 

Cotter, David Henry, 5337 Ravensworth Rd., N. Springfld . Va , Theo, 22151 

Coughlin, Robert D, 907 W 25 St, Erie, Pa., Hum, 16502 

Council, Claude C, 4 M Van Buren Homes, Beaver, Pa , Pre-law, 15009 

Covell, Randy Douglas, 237 Merrick St., Pleasantvile, Pa , Acct , 16341, 107 

Covello, Louis Rocco, 21 New St., Englewood, N.J., Chem., 07632, 46 

Coyle, William Edward, 133 Spartan Dr., Bethel Park. Pa , Pre-Med. 15102 

Crane, Stephen T., 24 Clarion Dr., Wilesboro N Y , Acct, 13492, 82 

Crawford, Kenneth Jr., Box 852, Erie, Pa., Hum., 16512 

Cray, lames E, 1049 West 4 St , Erie, Pa., Acct, 16507, 94 

Criscione, Eugene R., 861 Rumsey Ave., Lawrence Pk, Pa , Acct, 16511 

Critelli, lohn Richard, 209 Russell Si , Warren, Pa., Eng, 16365 

Crockett, Ella louise. 137 E. 23 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16503 

Cross. Edward lohn. Box 3, Wyano, Pa , Cr I , 15969, 46,108.124 

Crolly, Daniel lames, 637 Euclid Ave., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16511 

Cullen. lohn Edward, 89 Ontario St., Lockport, N.Y , Gen Sci., 14094 

Cunningham, Eileen Marie, 431 Vermont Ave., Erie, Pa., Acct, 16505 

Cyterski, David loseph, 3058 W .24 St., Erie, Pa, Pre-Med, 16506 

Czubak, loseph Leonard. 454 Park Ave., Perth Amboy, N.J., Bio , 08861 

Czytuck, Patrick Paul. 335 East 4 Street, Erie, Pa, Math., 16507, 87.164 

Dahlkemper, Edward H , 871 W. Arlington Rd., Erie. Pa.. Mgt.. 16509 

Dalesio, Ronald R., 3210 Juaniia St ., Aliquippa. Pa., Chem., 15001, 156 

Dalessandro, Anthony M., 25 West St., Glassboro, N.|., Bio., 08028, 147,152 

Danch, Stephen Mark, 3418 Melrose Ave., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 

Daniels, lames R., 221 E. 32 St., Erie, Pa.. I.M.. 16504 

Darby, Kenneth Bernard, 406 Wilson St., Erie, Pa.. Bio., 16507 

Dascanio, loseph lohn, 952 Delaware Ave., Erie, Pa., Hist, 16505 

Daulerio, Michael F., 3009 Livingston St., Phila.Pa., Acct., 19134, 124,150 

Davey, Brian Patrick, 742 E. 40 St., Apt. 6, Erie, Pa , Pre-Med., 16504, 164 

Davis, Celestine, 125 W. 20 St., Erie, Pa., Eng, 16502, 164 

Davis, Daniel Stephen, 620 E. 24 St., Erie, Pa, Soc, 16503, 136 

Davis, Janine Ann, 3530 Oilman St., Pittsburgh, Pa.. Pre-law, 15204 

DavisJimmieA., 1508 E. 17 St., Winston Salm, N.C., S.W., 27105 

Davis, lames loseph, 1515 Wareman Ave., Pittsburgh. Pa.. Bio., 15226, 36 

Davis, James loseph, 2305 Sassafras St., Erie, Pa., Ec, 16502, 116,164 

Davis, leffery lerome, 125 W. Congress, Corry, Pa., Acct, 16407 

Davis, lohn Emory, 721 S. Park Ave., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16502 

Davis, Robert lohn, 1515 Wareman Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., Gen. Sci., 15226, 165 

Davis, Roy Alan, East Lake Rd., Dunkirk, NY., E.T., 14048 

Davison, Rita, 1232 W. 11 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16502 

Dawson, Edward Carl, 111 Kirkpatrick, Pittsburgh, Pa., MHC, 15219, 165 

Day, lynne Rene, 3924 Walker Blvd., Erie, Pa.. Psych., 16509 

Dayton, Thomas Richard, 30 Wellington St., North East, Pa., Chem 16428, 100,165 

Decola, Daniel John, 123 Madison Dr., Lowr Burrell, Pa , Cr.J.. 15068 

Dedionisio, David Alan, 917 West 32 St., Erie. Pa., Acct, 16508 

Deering. Raymond, 2036 E. 12 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16511, 42 

DeFalice, Vincent A., 7975 Dollman Rd.. Pittsburgh, Pa., Pol Sci., 15235, 108 

DeHaven, William L. Ill, 1184 Sarah St., Bethel Pk, Pa.. Mgt., 15102. 108 

Deighan, Lawrence. 24 Marine Way. Pittsburgh, Pa., Mgt., 15211, 114 

Deitrick, Mark William, 1055 Main St., Wampum, Pa., MHC, 16157 

Delborrello, Paul loseph, 1431 S. Juniper, Philadelphia. Pa., Mgl., 19147 

Delfuoco, Jeffrey John, 227 E. 4 Si., Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16507 

Deluca, Gerard Francis, 326 East 38 Street, Erie, Pa., Cr.J.. 16504, 87,165 

Deluca, John Joseph, 326 East 38 Street, Erie, Pa., Soc, 16504, 87,165 

Delaura. Marsha Ann, 721 Brown Ave., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16502, 165 

DeLucia, Joseph S., 445 Ash St , Emporium, Pa., Bio., 15834, 118 

DeMarco, Dale Robert, 4226 Caroline Dr, Erie, Pa., Acct, 16509, 165 

DeMarest, Ellen loyce, 33 Second St., Sussex, N.)., Med Tech , 07461 

DeMino, lames Gregory, 1465 Milan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.. Acct., 15226 

Demmler, Bradley Wayne, RD1. lamestown. Pa., Pre-Law. 16134 

Dennin, |ohn loseph, 43 Ardsley Rd., Montclair, N.J., Pre-Law. 07042. 165 

Dermanuel, Karen Yvonne, 1532 West 34 St.. Erie, Pa.. For Lang , 16508, 139 

DeRose, Edward Charles, 2621 South 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa.. Pre-Law. 19148, 107, 

Desanlis, Joseph Michael. 1020 W. 27 St., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16502 

Desko, George Palsy, 3516 Rockview Dr., Bristol, Pa., Gen. Sci., 19007, 124 

Desforges, Leonard A., 5957 Glade Dr., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16508 

DeSimone, Mark Anthony, 1641 W. 23 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502 

Desko, Anthony Allen, 8121 W. Avonia Rd., Fairview, Pa., Sp/Dram., 16415 

Desser, Timothy G.. 1318 E. 8 St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16503 

Deutschlander, Gerald).. Bo* 212, Columbus, Pa., Pre-Med., 16405 

Deumk. Richard lames, 55 Park Ave., Cassadaga, N.Y., Soc Sci., 14718, 142,165 

DeVito, Vincent Dominick, 7231 Calvin Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., Physics, 19082, 112 

Dewey, Anne Paulette, 1521 W. 32 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 

Diandrea, Janice Marie, 3809Elmwood, Erie, Pa., Soc, 16509 

Diaz, laime Abel, 1137 W. 8 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16502 

Diewald, John Edward, RD 2, Bo* 580, Aliquippa, Pa., 15001, 165 

Digiulio, Richard Gordon, 525 Davis Ave., Medina, NY., I.M., 14103 

Diiulio, Cheryl Louise, 800 6 Ave., Johnsonburg, Pa., Rad. Tech., 15845 

Dimmick, Michael Thomas, 269 Windsor Road, Rochester, N.Y., E.T., 14612, 150,165 

Dinicola, David Anthony, 1331 W. 39 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16509 

Diperna, Danette, 2265 Northwest Blvd., Narren.Ohio, S.W., 44485, 47,158,165 

Diplacido. John Nicholas, 1807 West 32 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16508, 128 

Dirienzo, William Joseph. 144 West Saylor St., Atlas, Pa., Pre-Pharm., 17851 

DiSantis, David Joseph, 1734 W. 26 St., Erie, Pa , Pre-Med., 16501 

Ditaranto, Loretta, 438 49 Street, Lindenhurst, NY., Comm., 11757, 165 

Ditz, Margaret Anne, 411 E. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16507, 147 

Ditz, MaryKathryn, 411 E. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16507, 65 

Dobiesz, Robert lames, 83MohrAve., Buffalo. N.Y., Hist., 14212, 122,165 

Doherty, Michael Alan, 99 Duncan Blvd.. Warren, Pa., Mkt., 16365 

Dollivar, Beverly Ann, 7871 Lake Pleasant Rd.-, Erie, Pa., Eng., 16509, 165 

Dombrowski, Daryl Mark, 3618 Lansing Way. Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16506 

Dombrowski, Patrick C, 3618 Lansing Way, Erie, Pi., Mgt., 16506, 112 

Donnelly, Patrick lames, 1570Pinewood Dr., Fairview, Pa., Mgt., 16415 

Donovan, Thomas lames, 809 Malvern Rd., Avalon, Pa., Acct., 15202 

Dorman, Dennis Francis, 162 Margaretta St., Carnegie, Pa., Pre-Med., 15106, 35,42 

Downing, Timothy Marion, 256 W. 20 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16502, 83 

Drago, Charles Guy, 14 Herman Ave., Duquesne, Pa., Acct., 15110, 107 

Drayer, Dan Albert, 126 4th Ave., Corry, Pa., E.E., 16407 

Drost, Lucian Sigmond. 319 Maple St., Kane, Pa., Acct., 16735 

Dubik, Deborah Anne, 2717 VanBuren Ave , Erie.Pa, Pol. Sci.. 16504 

Dudzinski, Barbara, 4021 Sunset Blvd., Erie, Pa., Bio. 16504, 147 

Duffy, Michael lohn, 2347 Bush Rd. Grand Island. NY., E.T.. 14072. 165 

Dugan. Patrick lerome, 3322 Maple St, Erie, Pa., Math, 16508 

Dulik, Francis loseph, 44 Woodland Ave., Masontown, Pa . Pre-Med, 15461, 114 

Dull. Wilma Jean, 5147GrubbRd. Erie. Pa., For Lang . 16506, 142 

Dumm. leffrey William, 212lyttonRd, Coraopolis, Pa., Hist., 15106, 52 

Dunbar, Douglas Anthony, 1159 East 30 St . Erie. Pa, ME, 16504 

Dunn. DouglasS, 515 W. 7 St., Erie, Pa., Gen Sci . 16502, 166 

Durante, Joseph Louis, 10 Parkway, Silver Drk. NY., ME.. 14136. 127 

Durbin, John Gordon, Bigler Ave., Spangler, Pa , Theo, 15775 

Dure. Monique, 306 Elder! St., Brooklyn, NY , Pre-Med, 11227, 100,152,166 

Durkin, James Joseph, 2611 Hazelwood Rd., Lancaster, Pa , Acct, 17601, 114,166 

Dziubkowski. Robert M, 4004 Cooper Rd , Erie.Pa. Gen Sci . 16510 

Eanck.Darlyne Marie, 713 West 21 St, Erie. Pa., Bio, 16502, 147 

Earl, Richard W, 326 E 30 St , Erie.Pa, Math. 16504 

Edmonds. Dennis Merle, RD9MarkRd, Erie, Pa.. I.M ., 16509 

Edwards, John Vedder, 945 W 9 St, Erie.Pa, Theo, 16502 

Edwards, Lane Merritt, 4290 Keller Rd, Eden. NY , Chem , 14057 

Eidell, Stephen Craig, 230 Melrose Ave , E lansdowne. Pa , Pre-Med, 19050 

Elario, Henry Francis, 47 Plummer Ave , Newburyport, Mas., Cr.J, 01950, 130.166 

Elliott. Stephen Michael. 323 E 11 St, Erie, Pa, Bio. 16503 

Ellis, Winston Dean, 173-17 Saures Ave.. New York, NY , Hist., 11433, 91 

Elson, Thomas Frederick, 832 Wyoming Avenue. Erie. Pa .. Mgt, 16505, 124,166 

Elwell. Audrey Ann, 922 W 6 St, Erie, Pa, MHC, 16507 

Engel, Martin |ohn, 32 Main St., Limestone, NY , Hist, 14753, 100.114 

England, lames Arthur, Gannon Col Wehrle Hall, Erie. Pa, EE, 16501 

Fnglish.lusline, 528 Ellendale Ave . Port Chester, NY , MHC, 10037, 54,166 

frdely. Ronald Paul, 740 E .10 Si.. Erie. Pa . Psych, 16503 

Fnchson. Diane E, 1022 W 5 Si , Erie, Pa., Soc, 16507, 166 

Enckson.MelvinC, 885 Porter St , Meadville. Pa , Mgt, 16335 

Ericson. Norberl Carl, 2648 Poplar St , Erie, Pa. Mgt, 16508 

[nksen, Cheryl Ann, 214 West Main St , Youngsville, Pa . Rad Tech . 16371 

Espey. Gary Edward, 2523 Mill St , Aliquippa. Pa , Theo. 15001 

fsposilo, Dominick Frank, 4115 Albermarle Ave , Erie, Pa , El Ed , 16509 

Esposilo, Raymond W, 1661 Market St , Mt Ephraim, N.J., Chem., 08059, 47,108 

Fsser, Marilyn R, 533'iW9St, Erie.Pa, Comm, 16502 

Fstes. John Arthur, 74 West High St.. Union City, Pa., EE, 16438. 166 

Ftzel, Thomas lee, BieryDr., Seneca, Pa , Mgt., 16346 

Fuhano, William N , RD4C utter Rd . Meadville, Pa . FT, 16335 

Evans, Darlene Kay, RD1, Clymer.N.Y., Hum., 14724 

Evers. Robert Brian. 505 Myrtle, Erie, Pa., Hist, 16507 

Fwing, lanine Lynn, 305 Division Ave , EllwoodCily, Pa , SW, 16117 

Ftzel, Thomas lee, 
Fuliano, William N 

Fabian. Gary Mark, 1037 East 9 Street, Erie, Pa , Mgt, 16503, 112 

Fabis, Martin, 341 High St , Brownsville. Pa . Pol. Sci . 15417 

Falkenberg, William D, 5343 Bondy Dr., Erie, Pa., 16509, 147 

Fall, Ronald Gerald, 2422 Camphausen Ave., Erie, Pa, Acct., 16510 

Farmer. Alfred, 36 W Pennywood Ave., Roosevelt, NY., Acct, 11575 

farrelly. Peter T , 24 Eastwood Dr , Norwalk, Conn., Comm, 06851, 46.108 

Federowicz, Walter, 1119E.10SI., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16503 

Feeney. I arry Jerome. 617 East 24 St. Erie.Pa, Eng., 16503, 124,166 

Fell, loseph lames. 1724 Dudley Street, Erie. Pa , Math, 16509, 86 

Fensel, Stephen Guy, 36 Williams Street, Bradford, Pa., Sp/Dram., 16701, 36,145,166 

Figaski, Richard Paul, 458 West 29 Street, Erie.Pa., Finance, 16508, 166 

Figurski, Joseph Carl, 134 Sanford Place, Erie.Pa., Math, 16511 

Figley, Pamela Ann, 1490 Bordhead Road, Monaca, Pa., Eng., 15061 

Filia, Bonnie Wilson, 1122 Oakmont Ave., Erie.Pa., S.W., 16505 

Findlay, Gregory F., 39 Lafayette St., Huntington, NY., Gen. Sci., 11743 

Finegan. James Michael, 3940 Station Rd., Erie.Pa., MHC, 16510 

Finegan, Maria Louise, 3940 Station Rd., Erie.Pa., MHC, 16510, 100 

Finster, David Michael, 102 SW St., Coudersport, Pa., 16015, 42 

Firsler, Palricia A., 2018 "i Market St., Wesleyville. Pa., MHC, 16510 

Fischer, H. Robert Jr., 2811 WesllineSl., Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci., 16506 

Fitzgerald, Patrick Joe, 7718 York Rd., Parma, Ohio, Cr.J., 44130, 118 

Fitzsimmons, Thomas F., 5616 Bondy Dr., Erie.Pa., Bio., 16509 

Fitzurka, Christine Ann, 24 Sumner Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pre-Med., 15221 

Flemings, Joan, 766B Tacoma Rd, Apt. 3, Erie.Pa., Soc, 16511 

Flicker, Joseph William, 829 Laurel Road, Yeadon, Pa., M.E., 19050, 114 

Flowers, Robert Allen. 13 Doris Ave.. Lancaster, N.Y., E.E., 14086 

Foley, Robert Vincent, 456Montmorenci Ave., Ridgway, Pa., Gen. Sci., 15853 

Fonzo. John Patrick, 240 Pacific St., Franklin, Pa., Pre-law, 16323 

Ford, Sharon Elizabeth, 165 N. Munn Ave., E. Orange, N.J. , Sp/Dram., 07017 

Forquer, Charles Peter, 815 W 11 St., Erie.Pa., Cr.J., 16502, 86,130 

Forquer. Paul William. 815 West 11 St., Erie.Pa., E.E., 16502, 128,166 

Fo», Carey Ann, 203 First Ave., Belmar. N.J., MHC, 07719 

Fo«, David Edward. 1009 Guetner Ave., Erie.Pa.. Bio., 16505 

Fox, Katherine Anne, 2617 DeKalb Pike, Norristown, Pa., Cr.J, 19401 

Fo*, Timothy Francis, 944 Belleuve Ave., Syracuse, NY., Pol. Sci., 13204, 134 

Fracassi, Gary Allan. 1006 E. 37 St.. Erie.Pa.. Math. 16504 

Fraley. Michael Raymond, 339 E. 7 St., Erie.Pa., Cr.J., 16503 

Francart, Bryan Ward, RD3, Bo*114A, leechburg. Pa., Pre-law, 15657 

Franco, Lawrence, 5315 Ferndale Place, Fairview, Pa., Chem., 16415 

Fratus, James Edward, 646 W. 5 St., Erie.Pa.. EE, 16507 

Freeman, John Patrick, 701 Pin Oak Dr, Erie.Pa., Acct., 16504 

French, Michael E., 1506 Forsythia Ave., Wilmington, DE. Hist., 19810 

Frew, Mary Ann, 529Shenley Dr., Erie.Pa., Soc, 16505 

Fries, Robert Anthony, 1158 Airdale Dr . Bethel Park, Pa.. Mgt.. 15102, 48.107 

Froehlich, James Robert, 624 Cascade Street, Erie.Pa., Hist., 16502 

Froehlich, Gary Douglas, 624 Cascade Ave., Erie.Pa., Psych., 16502, 52 

Fronzaglia, Robert James. 2424 Raspberry St., Erie.Pa., I.M., 16502, 38,118 

Fuller, |ohn David, 904 E 26 St, Erie.Pa, MHC, 16504 

Fuller, Peter M., 4486, Runkle E*t.. Ashtabula. OH.. Acct., 44004 

Funicello, Denise Laura. RD 2 Edson Road, Sinclairvile, N.V., MHC, 14782. 48.166 

Fust, lohn H, 1209 Wilkins Rd., Erie.Pa., lib Arts, 16505 

Gaito. Anthony, 2195 lynnbrook Ave , Pittsburgh, Pa.. Mgt., 15226 

Galla. Timothy Henry, 644 E 10 St , Erie.Pa, Mgt, 16503 

Gallagher, lohn Michael, 40 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY., Pre-Med., 10023 

Gallagher, Michael F, 3336 Glenside Ave , Erie.Pa., Bus., 16508 

Galletta, Dennis Frank, 3117 Ellsworth Ave., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16508 

Ganzer, Albert Walter, 2412Sallman Rd , Erie.Pa, Chem., 16510, 83 

Garbacz, Daniel loseph, 409 Peach St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16501, 166 

Gasser, Louis Joseph, 32 Frostfield PI , Melville, NY. , Mgt., 11746, 107 

Gebhardt, Joseph Warren, 15 Jefferson Ave., Warren, Pa, Theo., 16365, 52 

Gegick, Richard Nicholas, 130 Brighton St., E. Pittsburgh, Pa., Hum., 15112 

George, Audrey A., 4810 Cherry St., Erie.Pa., Cr.J., 16509 

George. Elena M.. 1269 George St.. Plainfield, N.|., For. Lang.. 07062, 136 

George. Gary lohn, 2J8E 6St. Erie.Pa, Mgt, 16507, 87 

George, lesse lames, 422 W 2 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16507 

George. Michael Ivan, 859 Napier Ave , Erie.Pa., Hist., 16511, 166 

Germino, Joseph C. RD1, Galeton. Pa., Phil., 16922 

Gianissis, Denis lohn, 344-A19SI, Brooklyn, NY , Phil, 11215 

Gibbons, Francis Xavior, 1200 Morrison Dr, Erie.Pa., EE, 16505 

Gibbons, Patrick Francis, 342 Oak St., Sharpsville, Pa., Psych., 16150 

Gicale, Nicholas T, 308 North 5 St., Olean, NY., Pol. Sci , 14760, 142 

Giegucz, Stanley loseph, 1545 Orangewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pt., Acct., 15216, 

Gilmore, Karen lean, 643 E 4 St., Erie.Pa, MHC. 16507 

Glancy, Robert Danial, RD 2, Bo* 538, W Middlese*. Pa., Cr.J . 16159, 130,166 
Glasser. lames Claude, 968 First St., Pitts. Pa.. EE, 15237 
Glenn, Laurence Dewayne, Gannon NH Bo* 41-2, Erie.Pa., E.E., 16501, 128 
Gloekler. lames William, 515 Seminole, Erie.Pa., Acct., 16505 
Gloekler, Martin Albert, 3011 Caughey Rd., Erie.Pa., Mgt., 16506, 167 
Gloekler, William Martin, 515 Seminole, Erie.Pa., E.E., 16505 
Glosser, Richard I, 261 W. 4 St, Erie.Pa, E.I., 16507 
Goddard, Gary George, 625 Lowell Ave , Erie, Pa., Pre-law, 16505 
Godzwa. James Michael, 560 East 24 St., Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci., 16503 
Goetz. William Gerard, 2421 East Byrd Dr.. North East, Pa., Hum., 16428 
Goodemote, Daniel Robert, 340 E. 25 St., Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci., 16503 
Gordon, Deborah Renee, 1537 67th Ave, Philadelphia, Pa., Soc, 19126, 43 
Gordon, James E., 5504 Heming Ave., N. Springfld, Va., Eng., 22151 
Corny, Peter lohn, 3931 Sunset Blvd., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16S04 
Corny, Gary Edward, 445 E. 8 St., Erie.Pa, Acct., 16503 

Gorrie, Robert George, 44 King Avenue, Folcroft, Pa., Physics., 19032, 167 
Gorski, lames Robert, 541 East 4 St., Erie.Pa., Math, 16507 
Grab, Harry Andrew, 539 Virginia Ave., Erie.Pa., Hum., 16505 
Crack, Paula Jean, 1911 West 33 St., Erie.Pa., For. Lang., 16508 
Grady. Leo Joseph. 78 Pasadena St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pol. Sci., 15211 
Craeca, James Mark, 3215 Davison Ave., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16504, 116 
Grassi, Theodore John, 3508 Ellsworth Ave., Erie.Pa., Mgt., 16508 
Crasso, Leonard Francis, 1 Union Ave., Madison, N.J., Soc, 07940 
Gray, Sherry Lynn, RD4, Centerville, Pa., Soc, 16404 
Green, Stephen Elmer, 527 Morton Ave., Butler, Pa., MHC, 16001 
Greene, Michael Paul, 4134 Dexter Ave., Erie, Pa., M.E., 16504 
Creishaw, Judy Anne, 237 E. 33 St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16504 
Creishaw, William R., 237 E. 33 St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16504 
Crenci, David L, 143 Sherman Ave., Butler, Pa., Acct., 16001 
Creulich, Joseph Frank, 1012 Weschler, Erie.Pa., Mgt, 16502 

Griffey, Mime*, 209 Sanford Place, Erie, Pa., Comm., 16511, 154 

Griffin, John Daniel, 1505 Madison Avenue, Warren, Pa., Finance, 16365, 107 

Grimm, Monica, 5350 Wolf Road, Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16506 

Groner, |ohn David, E. Stale Rd., Bo» 369-A, RD 1 Seneca, Pa., Med. Tech., 16346, 37 

Groschke. Diane, 4365 Miller Ave., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16509 

Gross, William Dale, 760 Ohio River Blvd., Sewickley, Pa., E.E., 15143, 134,167 

Groucutl, Paul David, 1917 East 8th Si., Erie, Pa.. Eng., 16511, 39,156,167 

Grove, Ronnie Merle, Rl.1, Youngsville, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16371 

Grover, Rakesh L, 210 W. 8 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16501, 167 

Gruden, Thomas John, 75 Vogliano St., Box 34, Meadowlands, Pa., E.T., 15347, 118, 

Crumley, Susan Diane, 204 Jefferson Ave., Ridgway, Pa., Hum., 15853 
Grychowski, Richard A., RD 5 Lake Pleasant Rd., Erie, Pa , MHC, 16509, 100,167 
Guaspari, Douglas P.. 1004 Seneca St., Rome, N.Y., Psych., 13440 
Gundrum, Deborah Claire, 3428 Melrose Ave., Erie, Pa., Math, 16508 
Guthrie, Randall H„ 188 Kent Dr., E»ton, Pa., Pre-Med., 19341 
Custafson, Sally Lou, 180McDaniel Ave., Jamestown, N.Y., Med. Tech., 14701 
Custin, Edward Charles, 112 Quince Dr., Hatboro, Pa., Gen. Sci., 19040, 87,114,142 

Guthman, Andre William, 663 Park Ave., Huntington, NY., Mgt., 11743, 142,150 
Gutowski, Michael Marion, RD1, Kersey, Pa., MHC, 15846 
Guzek, Shirley Ann, 545 East 22 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16503 
Guzowski, Charles S., 3638 Ridge Parkway, Erie, Pa., M.E., 16510 

Hafensteiner, Thomas W., 2611 East Ave., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16504 

Hagen, Laura T., 410 W. Saddle River Rd., Upper Saddle, N.I . For. Lang., 07458 

Haglund, Corinne A., 1808 E.Crandview Blvd., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16510 

Hahn.Cretchen Pfarr, 732 Sunset Ave., lohnstown. Pa., Hum., 15905, 36 

Hahn, Ion Anthony, 104 Cayuga Ave., Warren, Pa., Mgt., 16365 

Halaiko, Thomas Patrick, 5421 Pine Bluff Rd., Columbus, OH., M.E., 43229, 44,124, 

Hall, Daryl Lee, 3705 Bard Road, Cassadaga, NY., Acct., 14718, 142,167 
Hall, David Michael, 713 West Front St., Oil City, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16301, 124 
Halter, Gerald William, 4099 Seneca, Buffalo, N.Y., Sp/Dram., 14224 
Hamill, Richard Joseph, 522 East 9 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503 
Hammer, Jane Lynn, 4315 Link Street, Erie, Pa., El Ed., 16509 
Hammersley, Michael Lee, 305 E. Allegany Ave., Emporium, Pa., Pre-Med., 15803, 

Hanlin, Gordon Arthur, 5840 Lake Pleasant Rd., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16509 
Hanson, James John Jr., 19 Cornell Ave., Somerdale, N.J., Bio., 08083, 114 
Hanson, Mary Louise, 3301 Dynes Ave., Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16510 
Harakal, Diane Stephanie, 2117 Carolyn St., Farrell, Pa., Bio., 16121 
Hargrave, Donald, 1107 St., Buffalo, NY., Cr.J., 14201, 91 
Harold, Andrew, % S. Bryant Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Bio., 15202, 167 
Harpst, Gregory Alan, 1448 E. 31 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Law, 16504, 134 
Harris, Daniel Lee, 301 E. 16 St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16503 
Harris, Fate, 164Saranac, Buffalo, N.Y., Hum., 14216, 91 

Harrison, Joyce Ann, 626 Jamestown St., Philadelphia, Pa., Pre-Med., 19128, 65 
Hart, Connie lee, 5641 E. Lake Rd., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16511 
Harubin, Gregory John, HaydenvilleRd., Whately, Mass., Gen. Sci., 01093, 167 
Harvey, William Anthony, 474Woodlawn, Buffalo, N.Y., Eng., 14208 
Harz, Richard, 323 W 6 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16507, 107,168 
Hauser, James Thomas, 438W7St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16502, 122,168 
Hauser, Matthew)., 1350 W. 34 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 
Hausmann, Thomas Michael, 3714 Hazel St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16508 
Hawk, Karen Agnes, 1107 W1 St., Oil City, Pa., Art Ed., 16301 
Hawkins, William M., 185 Autumnview Rd., Williamsvile.N.Y., Mgt., 14221 
Hayes, Geraldine Frances, 117 W 17 St., N. Wildwood, N.J., Comm., 08260 
Heald, Donald Leo, 714 North St., Oil City, Pa., Pre-Med., 16301 
Heher, Daniel J., 3112 Hudson Ave., Erie, Pa., M.E., 16508, 100 
Heidecker, William P., 9830 Donation Rd., Waterford, Pa., Physics, 16441 
Heidelberg, James N., 2320 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16502, 130 
Heintz, Margaret Ann, 1133 W. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16507 
Heintz, Gretchen Mary, 912 Marshall Dr., Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16505, 158 
Heintz, Howard Michael, 1133 W. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16507 
Heintz, Paul Michael, 5303 Gardner Dr., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16509 
Hejmowski, Mary Jane, 192 Fenton St., Buffalo, N.Y., El. Ed., 14206, 100,152,158 
Helgerman, Albert Carl, 525 Springfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Med. Tech., 15220 
Heller, William Robert, 302 Barnes St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Hum., 15221, 36 
Henefeld, Jerome Paul, 839 Davis Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa., E.E., 15136 
Henke, Christine Frances, 220 Goodrich St., Erie, Pa., Hist., 16508 
Henretty, David Jeffery, 5 South Gate Rd., Bradford, Pa., Hist., 16701, '.. 
Henry, Joseph Milton, 362 W. 4 St., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16507, 86 
Herbstritt, Linda Anne, 234 E. Lakeview, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16504 
Herman, David Joseph, 616 Snyder St., Connellsvile, Pa., Hum., 15425 
Herring, Daniel Lee, 3710 Amherst Rd., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16506, 168 
Herron, Michael William, 1 Runnymede Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Gen. Sci., 15205 
Hessler, Michael Albert, 6522 Ventura Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pre-Law, 15236 
Helrick, Melanie Elaine, 3709 Harvard Rd., Erie, Pa., S.W., 16508 
Hetrick, Robert Joseph, 1850 E. 35 St., Erie, Pa., Bus., 16510, 118 
Hewitt, Royal Pat, 1040 Newton Ave., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16511, 168 
Higham, James Joseph, 2121 W. 33 St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16508 
Hill, Michael Tyrone, 6 Highland Ave., Trafford, Pa., Pre-Law, 15085 
Hillebrand.GaryK., 20 Hudson St., Clifton, N.J., Eng., 07011 
Hillebrand, John Albert, E. Eschbach Rd., St. Marys, Pa., Ec, 15857 
Halliard, William Henry, 362 West 24 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502 
Hindman, James Mark, 97 Sixth Ave., Clarion, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16214, 168 
Hirsh, Robert Jude, 7004 Baptist Rd., Bethel Park, Pa., Eng., 15102, 48,114,158,168 
Hitchcock, Gregory C, 57 W. Main St., North East, Pa., Theo., 16428 
Hiznay, Joseph Raymond, 114 Orchard Ave., Glenshaw, Pa., S.W., 15116, 139 
Hockensmilh, Richard D., 1203 W. 34 St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16508 
Hoell, Edmund Eugene, 16 Boisvert Road, Tewksbury, Mass., MHC, 01876 
Hoey, Mark Francis, 114 Dolores Terr., Syracuse, NY., Ec, 13212, 107 
Hollamon, Larry, 209 Parade St., Erie, Pa., Soc., 16507 
Hollern, David Henry, 557 Pine St., Meadville, Pa., Soc, 16335 

Hollern, James William, 2131 Southwestern Dr., Lakewood, NY., Mgt., 14750 

Hollinger, Henry Edward. 1107 Cascade St , Erie, Pa., E.E., 16502 

Holmes, Rebecca Kathleen, RD 7 Wales Rd ., Erie, Pa , Eng., 16510 

Holowienko, Lester A., 540 E 12 Si, Erie, Pa , Pre-Law, 16503 

Holt, Jeanne Louise, Gannon College Box 211, Erie, Pa., S.W., 16501, 43,150,168 

Holts, Darryl. 432 North 60 St , Philadelphia, Pa ., Mgt, 19151 

Hooper, Stephen Robert, 1033 W 35 St. Erie. Pa., Math, 16508 

Hopkins, Robert Joseph, 137 Cherry St., Punxsutawney, Pa., I.E., 1S767 

Hordych, Gerald John, 554 Apt. C. Main Si., Hackensack.N.J., Acct, 07601 

Horm, Candace Laura. 646 W 8 St., Erie, Pa. Cr.J.. 16502, 130,168 

Horning, Russell Jay, 210 E. Alleghany Ave., Emporium, Pa., Acct., 15834 

Horvat, James Gerald, 587 Center St, Meadville, Pa., Mgt., 16335, 110,124,168 

Hoskinson, Karen Sue, 1406 W. 44 St., Erie, Pa., Bio, 16509 

Howard, Michael Gregory, 1908 McClelland Ave., Erie, Pa, Eng., 16511 

Howell, Gary Lee, 1060 W 5 St., Erie, Pa., Pol Sci , 16502 

Hrinda, James Michael, 124 Hathaway St. E., Guard, Pa , S.W ., 16417, 168 

Hromyak, John Michael, 230 Kelso Dr., Erie, Pa., Pre-Pharm., 16505 

Hubbell, Richard H., P.O. Box 2165, Lake Havasu, Arz . Pre-Med.. 86403 

Huber, James M., RD 1 Freedom, Freedom, Pa., Mgt., 15042 

Hughes, James Fredrick, 2140 Eastern Ave., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16510 

Hughey, Mark Francis, 25 W. Manilla Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., E.T.. 15220 

Humes, Patrick Michael, 401 Holland St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16507 

Humenik, Michael P., P.O. Box 267, Grassflat, Pa., Lib. Arts., 16839 

Hunt, Bruce Edward, 1209 Bill St., Norfolk, Va., Theo., 23518 

Husk, Michael Clayton, 626 Porter Ave., Warren, Ohio, E.E., 44485, 118 

Hutchinson, Morna Joy, 1327 Croes Ave., Bronx, NY., Eng., 10472, 168 

Hutzler, Mary Ann, 4002 Feidler, Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16506, 147 

Hvezda, Robert Joseph, 413 Susquehanna Ave., Olyphant, Pa, Soc. Sci., 18447, 91 

Hybert, Deborah Jean, 1366 West 33 St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16508. 129,142.147,169 

Hynes, James Howard, RD1 Plumer Rd., Oil City, Pa., Acct., 16301, 134 

Hyziewicz, Ronald Joseph, 638 E. 32 St., Erie, Pa., ME. 16504, 127 

lavarone, Annette Teresa, 445 Huron St., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16502 
Iglesias, Joaquin, El Palmar 39, Isla Verde PR, Acct., 00914 
IglesiasJoseA., El Palmar 39, Carolina PR, E.E., 00914, 97 
Ihrig, David Allen, 4103 Harvard Rd., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16509 
Irvin, Kevin Rae, 4553 Wolf Rd., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16505 
Izbicki, David Alan, 1225 W. 54 St. E., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16509, 169 
Ison Gary, 121 Walis Ave., Farrell, Pa., Hum., 16121 

Jackson, George Lawrence, 639 E. 4 St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16507 

Jackson, Robert Russell, 35 Hillside Drive, Warren, Pa., Finance, 16365, 114 

James, Kevin Leroy, RD1, Slippery Rk, Pa., Acct., 16057 

Jamison, Darryl, 330 Elmore St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Med. Tech., 15219 

Jancek, Michael Victor, 3547 Brierwood Dr., Erie, Pa., Soc, 16510 

Jankowski, David Alfred, 528 East 8th St., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16503, 97,100,169 

Janicki, William A., 289 Prospect St., Baden. Pa., Cr.J., 15005 

Jansen. Richard Thomas, 2057 Andover Lane, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16509 

Jansen, Robert William, 2057 Andover Lane, Erie, Pa., Chem., 16509, 112 

Jarocki, Mark Joseph, 321 Woodland Ave., Farrell, Pa., Theo.. 16121, 52 

Jarzomski, Robert Franc, 1108 East 11 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503, 112 

Jeffrey, John, 3039 W. 23 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16506 

Jenkins, Carmen Gail, 722 Junilla St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Bio., 15219 

Jenkins, Charles Eugene, 1008 German St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16503 

Jenks, Richard Arthur, 525 East 10 Street, Erie, Pa., Sp/Dram., 16503, 169 

lerge, James Edward, 4032 Sunset Blvd., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16504 

Jobes, Mary Margaret, 3503 Charlotte St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16508 

Jofery, JoAnn, 1035 Smith Ave., Sharon, Pa., Cr.J., 16146 

Johanson, Carl Richard, 134 Adam Road, Massapequa, NY., E.E., 11258, 107 

Johnson, Constance Joyce, 745Tacoma Rd., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16511 

Johnson, John Thomas, 42 N. Chapel St., Gowanda, NY., Acct., 14070 

Johnson, Keith Lutton, 629 West 10 Street, Erie, Pa., Math, 16502 

Johnson, Kim, 105Tuscarora Ave., Warren, Pa., Hum., 16365, 107 

Johnson, Marsha Carol, 111 East 32 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Cr.J., 11226 

Johnson, Timothy Leroy, 30 Summit St., Erie, Pa., M.E., 16508 

Johnston, Frederick W., 606 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa., Finance, 16323, 87 

Jolliffe, Deborah Ann, 9690 Iredell Rd., Richmond, Va., Pre-Med., 23235, 118 

Jones, Gerald Clyde, 4643 Southern Dr., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16506 

Jones, Harriette A., 408 Holland St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16507, 169 

Jones, Steven Evan, 4643 Southern Dr., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16506 

Jones, Thomas Edward, Box 146 Hilltop Rd.. Oakdale, Pa., Math, 15071 

Jones, William Bruce, 640 East 10 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16503, 169 

Jordan, David Charles, 3416 Devoe Ave., Erie, Pa., Physics, 16508,127 

Joseph, David Lynn, RD2, Sharpsville, Pa., Pre-Law, 16150, 108 

Joseph, Joseph Thomas, 5380 Cassady Rd., Sharpsville, Pa., Bio., 16150 

Jurenovich, David M., 1913 Farrell Terrace, Farrell, Pa., Hum., 16121 

Jurkiewicz, David Edward, 1302 German St., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16503, 169 

KahabkaJohnM.. 85 Fairfield, Lancaster, NY., Pre-Med., 14086 
Kalista, Mary Rose. 313 E. 7 St.. Erie. Pa., Mgt., 16503 
Kalivoda, Janice Ann, 513 Sanford Place, Erie, Pa., Math, 16511 
Kalivoda, David Robert, 1646 W. 24 St., Erie, Pa., E.T., 16502 
Kalivoda, Daniel Francis, 1646 W. 24 St.. Erie, Pa., M.E., 16502 
Kalivoda, Donald John, 513 Sanford PL, Erie, Pa.. M.E.. 16511 
Kaltenbaugh. Bonnie Jane, RD1, Sandy Lake, Pa., Rad. Tech.. 16145 

Kaltenbaugh, Kathryn L., RD 1 Box 308, Sandy Lake, Pa., Rad.Tech., 16145 

Kamman, Michael Dean, 239 Werkley Rd., Tonawanda, N.Y., M.E., 14150, 169 

Kane, John Michael, 4876 Harris Rd., Syracuse, N.Y., Acct., 13215, 46 

Karotko, David A., 4042 W. Lake Rd., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16505 

Kasick, Kenneth George, 945 Hazard Rd., Palmerton, Pa., MHC, 18071 

Kashmer, Paul George, 1 Valley Road, McKees Rocks, Pa., Mgt., 15136, 114 

Katchen, Russell Michael, 418 W. 18 St., Erie, Pa., Hist., 16502 

Kay, Glen Peter, 2903 Autumnwood Dr., Glenshaw, Pa., MHC., 15116, 169 

Kelly, Timothy Edward, 235 S. Home Ave. Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa., Acct., 15202 

Kelley, Thomas Patrick, 111 Pine Rd., Edgeworth, Pa., Acct., 15143 

Kelley, Thomas Rolawd, 3627 Allegheny, Erie, Pa.. Gen. Sci, 16508 

Kemege, John Keven, 227 W. 2 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16507, 122 

Kennedy, Mary Ann, 816 W. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Art Ed., 16507 

Kenniston, Michael John, 243 Hasson Ave., Oil City, Pa., Mgt., 16301 

Kenyon, Charles Joseph, 7 Mitchell Avenue, Piscataway, N.J., M.E., 08854 

Keppler, Richard Diehl, 39 Bloomingdale, Akron, NY., Mgt., 14001 

Keys, Marva Jean, 2506 Pear St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16503 

Kimmeth. Diane Marie, 650 E. 4 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16507 

Kinem, Mark John, 2109 S. Manor Dr., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16505 

King, William John, 902 West 51 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Pharm., 16509 

Kirclich, Thomas George, 3932 Carney Ave., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16510 

Kirk, Donna Rae, 1011 McCoy Rd., McKees Rocks, Pa., Eng., 15136 

Kirk, Jude James, 516 West 9 St, Erie, Pa., Bio., 16502, 147 

Kirkner. Vincent Lewis, 44 Beechwood Ave., Malvern, Pa., Soc, 19355, 86 

Kirkner, Richard Mark, 44 Beechwood Ave., Malvern, Pa., Eng., 19355 

Kirkpatrick, Sheridan C, 106 3rd Ave., Rouseville, Pa., MHC, 16344, 169 

Kirsch, Patrick V., 103 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Theo., 15229 

Klein, Charles Adam Jr., Box 351 Marriottville, Randallstwn, Md., M.E., 21133 

Klein, Christopher John, 624 W. 25 St., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16502 

Klemen, Michael Joseph, 820 W. 25 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16502 

Kloecker, Joseph Edward, 915 West 27 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508, 112,124,169 

Kloss, Joanne E., RD3, Williams Rd., North East, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16428 

Kloss, Vincent Stephen, RD3, WmsRd., North East, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16428 

Klutz, Carl Joseph, 1539 W. 24 St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16502 

Knafelc, Marie Elizabeth, 130 Maplewood Ave , Ambridge, Pa., Bio., 15003, 147,169 

Knapp, Gary Thomas, 24 W. 33 St., Erie, Pa., Soc, 16508, 91 

Knapp, Karen Dorothy, 24 W 33 St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16508 

Knaus, Frank Martin, ISO Clarksville St., Greenville, Pa., I.M., 16125, 169 

Kneib, Robert William, 413 Lake Ave., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16511 

Knight, Roddy Tyrone, 424 E. 23 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Pharm., 16503 

Knoch, William Alfred, 1826 Plainfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Finance, 15226, 118 

Knoll, Christopher Mark, 510 W. 29 St., Erie, Pa., Bus., 16508 

Kobielski, Robert Conrad. 1282 Como Park Blvd., Depew, N.Y., Bio.. 14043, 94,169 

Kobylinski, Jacqueline M., 350 Shades Beach, Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16511 

Koch, Frank Joseph, 231 N. McKean St., Butler, Pa., Finance, 16001 

Koebe, Roger A., 1679 W. 8 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16505 

Koehler, David Paul, 8372 Post Rd., Allison Park, Pa., E.E , 15101 

Koerner, George Edson, 910 W.I St., Oil City, Pa., Bus., 16301 

Kohlmiller, Mary Ruth, 4305 Wayne St., Erie, Pa., Sp/Dram., 16504, 100 

Kolivoski, George Joseph, 440 East 13 Street, Erie, Pa., M.E., 16503 

Kolljeski, Gerald John, 615McNary St., Canonsburg, Pa., S.W., 15317, 169 

Konapelsky, Richard S., 822 Maryland Ave., Whitehall, Pa., E.E., 18052 

Koper, William Donald, 605 E 12 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16503, 82 

Kopycinski, Thomas James, 128 E. 31 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16504 

Kosar, OyaA., 1224 West 8 St., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16502, 128 

Koscelski, Paul Gerard, 139 West Main St., Springville, N.Y., Mgt., 14141 

Kosinski, Dennis John, 229 Garland Ave., Buffalo, NY., Mgt., 14206, 110 

Kosobucki, Mark Edward, 2404 Parade St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16503 

Kovach, Susan Jean, RD1, Central City, Pa., M.E., 15926 

Kovacs, John Frank, 1118 E 36 St., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16504 

Koza, Nancy Lee, 318 Elk Ave., Kane, Pa., Hum., 16735, 156 

Kozlowski, Jean Marie, 711 Cascade St., Erie, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16502 

Krahe, Michael Joseph, 3827 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Law, 16508 

Krall, Joseph Stanley, 62 VilsackSt., Pittsburgh, Pa., Acct., 15223 

Kramer, Edward Michael, 431 Hilltop, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16509 

Kramer, Kevin Harold, 1135 Wisconsin Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pre-Med., 15216, 127, 

Kraus, James Michael, 213 East 27 Street, Erie, Pa., Math, 16504, 170 
Kreider, James Lee, 7 Plank Ave., Willow St., Pa., Math, 17584 
Kreisel, Carl James, 1495 Blossom Hill Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa., Acct., 15234, 134 
Krugger, Gary Michael, 4104 Melrose Ave., Erie, Pa., E.E., 16509, 128 
Kruise, Barry Paul, 1113 E. 5 St., Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16507 
Kruszewski. Sandra Ann, 965 E. 31 St., Erie, Pa., El. Ed., 16504, 141 
Kuczka, James Joseph. 236 Lackawanna, Buffalo, NY., Acct., 14212 
Kucharski, Daniel Thomas, 430 State St., Baden, Pa., Pol. Sci., 15005, 131 133 142 

Kuczma, Gary Leo, 114 Pius St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Gen. Sci., 15203 
Kucharczok, Thomas John, 304 South 16 St., Allentown, Pa., Soc, 18102 
Kuhar, John Fitzgerald, 648MarneRd., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16511 
Kuhn, Thomas Edward, 3132 Evanston, Ave., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16506, 122,142,170 
Kuklinski, Lawrence M., 239Highmeyer Rd., Harborcreek, Pa., Bio., 16421 
Kulinski, Leon Stanley, 102 Clarion St., Oil City, Pa., Bio., 16301, 147 
Kulka, Joseph Michael, 2386 Valley View Rd., Sharosville, Pa , MHC, 16150. 152 
Kumrow, David Edward, 121 Crestwood Ave , Buffalo, NY., Bio., 14216, 108,142 
Kurniawan, Reina, 2664 Lakeside Dr., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med, 16511 
Kurtz, Charles Michael, 63 Kirkover Street, Buffalo, NY., E.T., 14206, 170 
Kuzmin, David Michael, 3417 Bird Drive, Erie, Pa., M.E., 16510 

Lafata, Peter Stephen, 2923 Poplar St., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16508, 134 

Lally, James Raymond, 934 Ringgold St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Mgt., 15220, 114,124 

lamp, James A., 4227 Trask Ave., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16508 

Laniewicz, Catherine Ann, 2217 Downing Ave , Erie, Pa., S.W., 16510, 139,140,170 

lapinski, Richard Alan, 100 Lewis St., Ambridge, Pa., Acct., 15003 

larkin, Robert Patrick, 504 Sassafras St , Erie, Pa, Mgt, 16501, 170 

Laskowski, Robert Joseph, 1315 Ash Street, Erie, Pa, Mgt., 16503, 170 

Laskowski, Thomas Mark, 3324 Glenside, Erie, Pa., Eng., 16508, 156 

Lass, James Edward, 61-34 Gates Ave., Ridgewood, N.Y., Pre-Law, 11227 

Latcovich, Stephen F., 125 Sherman, Ridgway, Pa., E.E., 15853, 37,44 

Latimer, Michael William, 919 Washington PI., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16502, 170 

Latimer, Patricia Ellen, 919 Washington PI., Erie, Pa., El. Ed., 16502 

Lauer, Betti Ann, 312 Seneca St., Titusville, Pa., Acct., 16354, 152 

Lauer, Richard George, 143 Link Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pre-Med., 15237 

Lawrence, James Francis, 121 Sampson Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Bio., 15205 

Laws, Susan Wendi, 5116 Clinton Dr., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16509, 147 

Lee, Myong Dong, 5115 Clinton St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16509 

Legenzoff, Denise Colene, 106 Parade, Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16507 

Legacki, Denise Frances, 6600 Glenloch, Phila., Pa., Psych., 19135 

Leitz, Joseph Clarence, RD1, Ebensburg, Pa., E.T., 15931 

Lemock, Kenneth Edward, RD 4, Rt. 86, Waterford, Pa., E.E., 16441 

Leone, Henry P., 1614 Liberty St., Erie, Pa., Physics, 16502, 37 

Leri, John L., 4308 Emmet Dr., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16511, 170 

Lewis, Carla Roxanne, 636 Brooklyn Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., Pre-Med., 11203, 147 

Lewis, Jose, 68 S. Main St., Liberty, N.Y., Cr.J., 12754 

Lewis, Leonard Keith, 11PhippsSt., Franklin, Pa., E.E., 16323 

Lewis, Michael W., 260 Elm St., Westfield, Pa., E.T., 16950 

Lewis, Nancy, 6219 W. West Rd., McKean, Pa., Pre-Med., 16426 

Lewkowicz, Angeline Jane, 655 West 8 St., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16502, 170 

Licsko, Sharon, Box 4 Gilmore Rd., Girard, Pa., Pre-Med., 16417 

Lillis, Gary Anthony, 821 E. 6 St., Erie, Pa., Finance, 16507, 170 

Lipski, Marion Candace, 3622 Fountain Way, Erie, Pa., Psych., 16506 

Lis, David Casimir, Box 401, North East, Pa., Chem., 16428, 127,170 

Loesch, Thomas Carl, 927 Cascade St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16502 

Lohse, Richard, 648 W. 21 St., Erie, Pa., Physics, 16502, 127 

Long, William Richard, 1348 West 9 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502, 170 

Longnecker, Charles M., 456 W. 10 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16502 

Longnecker, Grover James, 1223 West 9 Street, Erie, Pa., Hist., 16502, 144 

Lopez, Elias David, 701 Peach Box 9-3 WH, Erie, Pa., MHC, 16501 

Lorenz, Dennis Dewayne, 525 Allen St., Titusville, Pa., M.E., 16354 

Lorfink, Richard Jan, 114 Lexington Ave., Jersey, N.J. , Pre-Pharm., 07304 

Love, Denise Elaine, 71 Prospect Sj., Roosevelt, N.Y., Eng., 11575, 56,170 

Love, Robert Dean, 2815 Kathy St., Library, Pa., I.M., 15129 

Lowe, Donna Marie, C/O 926 St. Marks Ave., Brooklyn, NY., For. Lang., 11213, 35, 

Lucchese, Phillip S„ 203 Curtis Pkwy., Kenmore, N.Y., Pre-Med., 14223, 110 
Luchey, Dennis John, 1015 Wallis Ave., Farrell,Pa., Psych., 16121, 147,170 
Lukaszewski, Dennis)., 1933 Lakeside Dr., Erie, Pa., Bus., 16511 
Lukas, Marianne, 3705 Lochiel Ave., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16505 
Lupp, Carl Ernest, 669 Moorheadville, North East, Pa., Mgt., 16428 
Lutz, Nancy Eileen, RD2, Oil City, Pa., Pre-Med., 16301, 36,45 
Lyons, Barbara, 332 Wilson St., Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16507 
Lysowski, Raylene Marie, 1149 West 5 Street, Erie, Pa., Soc, 16507 

Mabie, Regis Paul, 2634 Wayne St , Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16504, 144 
Mabins, Lois, 1820 Chestnut, Erie, Pa., Hum., 16502 

Machuga, Michael George, 702 W. 26 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16508, 147 
Maciulewicz, Anthony F., 129 E. 31 St., Erie, Pa., M.E., 16504 
Maciukiewicz, David John, 412 Hess Ave., Erie, Pa., Theo., 16507 
Mack, Gloria DeLois. 94 Lakes St., Liberty, N.Y., Soc, 12754 
Macrino, William Thomas, 3210 Burton Ave., Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16504 
Madlehner, Daniel A., 150 Brighton Ave., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16509 
Madura, Allen Richard, 3204 Ash St., Erie, Pa., Physics, 16504, 127 
Magnelli, Gerard, 907 McCoy Rd., Mckees Rocks, Pa., Bus., 15136 
Mago, Philip Allen, 119 Clinton Street, Tonawanda, N.Y., Hum., 14150 
Mahoney, Dennis, RD1, Conneautvile, Pa., Psych., 16406, 136,147 
Mahoney, Timothy, RD1, Conneautvile, Pa., Eng., 16406 
Maki, Cynthia Ellen, 2718Sierrerwnia Rd ., Erie, Pa., Chem., 16506, 127 
Malene, Daniel Lee, 17 Kramer Ave., Oil City, Pa., I.M., 16301 
Malena, Richard Francis, 4320 Caroline Dr., Erie, Pa., Hist., 16509, 144 
Malinowski, Marcia Marie, 1112 E. 9 St., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16503 
Maloney, John I., 102 E. 4 St., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16507 
Malue, James Patrick, 2405 Fairmont Pkwy, Erie, Pa., Math, 16510, 38 
Mamrak, George Elmer, 667 Payne Ave., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503 
Mancini, Samuel Peter, 1148 W. 39 St., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16509 
Mando, Michael Anthony, 1944 West 33 Street, Erie, Pa., E.E., 16508 
Manna, Thomas Anthony, 3202 Peach St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 
Manus, Dennis Luther, 474 Apt. E. Willow, Meadville, Pa., Hum., 16335, 43 
Marasco, Angela Marie, 1041 W. 31 St., Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16508, 136,142 
Marasco, Toni Ann, 105 Clay St., Kane, Pa., Rad.Tech., 16735 
Marceca, Theresa Ann, 930 W. 8 St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16502 
Marczak, Kevin G., 4727 Abbott Rd.,' Hamburg, N.Y., MHC, 14075 
Markley, Dennis Robert, 1450 W. 34 St., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16508 
Marlowe, William Harold, 153 Fifield Avenue, Conneaut,Ohio, E.E., 44030 
Marquardt, Susan Lynn, 1208 W. 27 St., Erie, Pa., Math, 16S08 
Martin, Patrick Gerard, 332 Colorado Drive, Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16505, 131 
Martinko, Robert P., 92CanvetDr., Campbell, Ohio, Hum., 44405, 91 
Masciarelli, John Lewis, 438 W. 7 St., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16502, 122,130 
Matis, Ronald Joseph, P.O. Box 235, Erie, Pa., Pre-Law, 16501 
Matlock, Robert John, 1834 E. 41 St., Erie, Pa., Sp/Dram., 16510 
Matson, Donald Louis, 441 W. 9 St., Erie, Pa., Finance, 16502 
Mattis, Thomas John, RD 2 Box 266, Guys Mills, Pa., Bio., 16327 
Mattivi, Susan Jane, P.O. Box 38, Dagus Mines, Pa., Rad.Tech., 15831 
Mauro, Irene Ann, 824 Wallace, Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16503 
Maxa, Robert Lawrence, 2228 McClelland Ave., Erie, Pa:, Gen. Sci., 16510 
Maxted, Lawrence Richard, 507 E. 7 St., Erie, Pa., Chem., 16503 
Maya, Tom Michael, 1193HorstmanCt., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16504 
Mazur. Marcia Colleen, 7974 Versailes Rd., Angola, N.Y., S.W., 14006, 152 
Mazzeo, Christine Ann, 1305 W. 44 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16509 
Mazza, Richard, 79 Orchard Beach Rd... North East. Pa., Mgt., 16428 
McAleer, Donald, 3521 Dauphin St., Pittsburgh, Pa., Hum'., 15227, 150,171 
Mr Andrew, Daniel W., 1055 West 25 Street, Erie, Pa , E.E., 16502, 171 

MiAndiew. Terence M., 2925 ( hestnut Si . Erie, Pa, C h™ , 16508. 124 

Mi C all. lames Anthony. 628W2SSI, Erie.Pa, Pol So.. 16502 

Mi< jllion, limoihyl , 919 Evergreen Dr., Erie.Pa, Acct. 16505 

MiC arthy. John Joseph, 1102 Mi Kee Rd , Erie.Pa., Am. 16506 

MiC jtihy, Ihomas lohn, 12 HijiMi.iv* Dr. Sewn kley, P a . Comm. 1514 J. 

Mc( ay. Augustus. 2981 C haulaui|iu !>' . Gibsonia. Pa . Bid. 15044 
M(< l<iiy, Kevin loseph. 10061 WjmnRliin Avr , Pittsburgh, Pd , Soc S< i , 152 
McCracken, lanet loune. RD1. Woodland, Pa . flic), 16881. 44 
Mi C ullough, David Keith. 3122 French Si , Erie.Pa., Hist . 16504 
McEJonald, John Peter, 112 Woodmen- Di , lonawanda. N Y , Pre Med . 141 

McDonald, loseph Charles, 204 Sec ond Ave . Rouseville. Pa . Mgt. 16344, 10 
McFlhenny. lohn Mark. 2S20S Tracy Or , Inc. Pa, Hum. 16505 
McGinly, Gerald Lawrence. 3828 I task Ave , Frie.Pa, Cr|, 16508 
McGraw, John Coughlin. 291 Main St , lidiouie.Pa, Am, 16351, 87 
Mc Intosh, Deborah T , 4036 Crestmont Ave.. Erie.Pa. Eng. 16508 
McKenna. Roberl John, 611 Powell Ave , Erie.Pa. Bio. 16505 
McKillop. Sandra Kay. 117 lefferson Ave , lowr Burrell, Pa . Cr|, 15068 
McKinney. Mary Kalhryn, 620W10SI, Erie, Pa , fng, 16502 
Mi Kinney, William A . 109W3SI. Frie.Pa, Eng. 16507 
Mi Kna. Dennis lames, 171 Terrace Dr. Monongahela. Pa . Aid, 15063 
Mi I aughlin. Kathleen H . 1102 Woodland Ave . Pittsburgh, Pa , Psych., 15212, 
Mclaughlin, lanet lee. 3630 Greengarden Blvd. Erie, Pa, Hum, 16508. 141 

Mclaughlin, lames Andrew, 807 California Ave . Ellwood City, Pa., Chem, 161 
McLaughlin. Marilyn Anne. 8785 W Baron Rd . McKean. Pa., Am, 16426 
McMahon,|ohn|oseph, P O Box 5, Del Mar, CA , Hist, 92014 
Mi Quone, Timothy lohn, 131 Righlmeyer St „ St Marys, Pa , Hist, 15857, 10/ 
MtRae. Brenda Lucille, 436 W 160 St. Nicholas. New York, NY.. Soc So , lOOi 

Mc Sweeney. David Niel, 111 C edarbrook Dr . Pittsburgh, Pa , Pre-Med., 1522C 
Meade, Arthur Charles, 3103EneSt. Erie.Pa, EE. 16508 
Medvec, David Steve, 2804 Reed St . Erie.Pa. Mgt ., 16504. 134 
Medvid, CyndiKathryn, 330 Prestley Rd.. Bridgeville, Pa , Eng. 15017, 43,44 
Med/enan, George I Jr ., 446 W 6 St Apt 23. Erie.Pa. Soc. 16501 
Meegan, Maureen Ann. 47 Admiral Rd. Buflalo. NY.. MHC. 14216, 100 
Meehan, William D, 320 Belleville Ave., Bloomfu- Id. N | . Cr J . 07003. 118 
Meko. loseph Phillip, 217 E. 34 Si., Erie.Pa., O.J., 16503. 130 
Merz, Douglass Francis. 729Glenside Ave , Berkeley His , N.J., Mgt, 07922 
Mesing. lohn Arthur. 1250 Elm St. Freedom, Pa., MHC. 15042, 56 
Messmer, Robert I, 807 E. Grandview A 104. Erie.Pa. Am, 16504 
Miac/ynski, Frederick M , 2113 Fairmont Pkwy , Erie.Pa, Accl, 16510, 112 
Mickel, Wesley John, 1990 Clinton Ave N. Rochester. NY , EE, 14621. 134 
Mienlkiewu/, lohn)., 7216 Westlake Rd . Fairview, Pa , Eng, 16415 
Migdal, lacquelynMay, 305 State St , Erie.Pa., Sp/Oram.. 16507. 141,145 
Mikolowicv. Stanley F, 4914 lexrngton, Erie.Pa, Ant, 16509 
Miller, Catherine Ann, 337 F 8 St , Erie, Pa , Med lech, 16503, 38 
Miller, Christine Ann, 501 W 3 Si , OilClly, Pa., MHC. 16301, 152 
Miller, FdwardBauman. RD 1. Titusville, Pa . Rad Tei h , 16354, 118 
Miller. Gary I dwaril. 2140 Fasl 41 Street, Erie.Pa, Am. 16510. 112.142 

Mikolowic/, Stanley F, 4914 Lexington, Erie.Pa, 
Miller, Catherine Ann, 337 F 8 St . Erie.Pa., Med 
Miller, Christine Ann, 501 W 3 Si. OilClly, Pa., r 
Miller, Edward Bauman, RD 1. Titusville. Pa . Rad 
Miller. Gary Edward, 2140 Fast 41 Street, Erie.Pa, 
Miller, Gary Michael, 12 Mineral St , Oil City. Pa, 
Millei. Glenn Gerard, 1164 W 9 St. Erie.Pa, Ec . 
Millet, lana Sue, 216 Garfield Si , New Bethlem. Pa 
Miller. Leslie Alan. Box M Maple St . Ashville, NY 

12 Mineral St. Oil City. Pa, Pol. Sci., 16 
1164 W9SI, Erie.Pa, Ec, 16502 
.arfiildSt, New Bilhlem. Pa . Cr.| , 162 
ix M Maple St, Ashville, NY , Pol Si i. 
1W 3 St. OilClly, Pa, Eng, 16301, 42 
306 Illinois Ave., Erie.Pa., MHC. 16505 
337 Fast 8 St. Erie.Pa. Am, 16503 
11303 Sherrington C I., Largo. Md , Hum, 
255 W 5 St. Erie.Pa. Comm. 16501. 
23 St Marys Dr. Lackawanna, NY , Fo 

16354, 118 
16510. 112.142 
, 16301, 48 

Miller, Peler lohn, 501 W 3 St . Oil City. Pa 
Miller, Stephen Allen, 306 Illinois Ave*., Eric 
Miller. Virginia Agnes, 337 Fast 8 St, Erie, P 
Mills, Cynlhia Diane, 1 1 303 Sherrington Cl , 
Milone. Patruia Marie, 255 W 5 Si , Erie. Pi 
Milosith, Maryann M., 2i St. Marys Dr., L 

Minnaugh, C hantal A , 154 Griffin Ave., Eri 
Minnaugh, loseph Adrian, 154 Griffin Ave , 
Mintah, Maine Mae. 659 East 18 St. Erie, Pi 
Minion, Robert lames, 817 W 29 St. Erie, F 
Miodus/ewski, Mark Edwin, 2029 Bud Dr., 
Min/io, Michael A., 144 Shenango Blvd., F, 

. 14710, 

Erie.Pa. RadTeih, 16512 
-. Erie.Pa. Pol Sci. 16510 
.Pa. Soc Sci, 16503 
e. Pa., Mgt , 16508 

Wesleyville, Pa., Pre-Law, 

Farrell, Pa. Psych, 16121, 

Is Rd., S. Dartmouth, MA., C 

Misdom, Richard Alan, 272 Russells Mills Rd , S Dartmouth, MA. Cr I , 02748. 9 

Modlo. Mark), 132 Worthy Ave.. Medina, N Y. Mgt, 14103 
Moffetl, Thomas loseph, 501 Fast i St , Oil City. Pa, Pol Sc i , 16301 
Mogan, |ohn Clary, 1275 lakemonl Dr , Pittsburgh, Pa . Psyih , 15243 
Mortal hino. lames Samuel. 151 Summit St , Batavia. N Y . Pre-Law, 14020. 112 
Monaghan, Daniel Robert. 2328 Eastern Ave , Frie.Pa. Fng . 16510 
Monocello. RochelleM , 4005 Zoar Ave , Erie.Pa, MHC, 16509 
Monola, Mary Catherine, 631 Nevada Dr, Frie.Pa. El. Ed., 16505 
Mooney. Steven L . 201 F 21 Si , Erie.Pa. Mgt.. 16503, 51 

Moore, Catherrne Ann, 129GrantRd. Ridgway, Pa . Cr|. 15853. 
Moore. David W . 1549 W 31 St. Erie.Pa. Finance. 16508 

Moore, Kathleen Leonie, 1370 W. Canterbury lane, Fairview, Pa, For. Lang , 16415 
Moore, Mark Lawrence, 1704W40SI, Erie, Pa, Am. 16509 
Moore, Sarah Ann, 1321 Mulberry lane, Fairview, Pa , Gen St i, 1M15 
Morabito. Paul leffrey. 4047 Holly Rue. Erie.Pa. Hum, 16506 
Morgan. Mrchael Anthony, 209 Timberyoke Rd . Corapolis. Pa . Prelaw. 15108 
Morris. Keith Regis. 2319 Walton Avenue. Pitisbuigh, Pa . Pol Sci. 15210, 37,171 
Morrrs. Michael Ray. 564 West 188 St Apt 4D. New York. N Y. Med Tech, 12202 
Morrison, Thomas Wallat e, 2401 German St., Frte. Pa, Fng., 16503 
Mosier, Mary Ann. RFD1,Box86. Kane, Pa , Gen Si i, 16735 
Motuska. loyie Marie, Box 23 F RD 3. Taientum, Pa . Prelaw, 15084 
Movinsky. Paul Walter, RD 3, Reynoldsvile, Pa . Gen Sci, 1S851. 142,147,171 
Moyer, Gary Stephen, 713 '; Maple Dr , Monongahela. Pa , Prelaw, 15063, 107 
Muckinhaupl. William B . 137 F South St. Corry, Pa., SW. 16407 
Muders. lames F|r . RD 2. Box 30. Sewn kley. Pa . IF. 15143. 134 
Muir. laurence lohn, 129 Sandstone Dr , Rochester. NY , Ec, 14616 
Mulcahy. Dale Allan. 259MarketSt. St Marys. Pa . Psych, 15857 
Mullaney. Michael. 238 W 6 St Apt 6. Frie.Pa. Sol Sir. 16507 
Mullaney. lames loseph. 423W 8St. Erie.Pa. Soi Si i , 16507, 122,171 
Mullet . Roberl Paul, 2926 Old I rem h Rd . Frie.Pa. ( omm . 16504 
Mulqueen. Joseph |ohn, 107 Sherwood Ave . Teaneik.Nl, Mgt. 07666. 46 
Munn. Milan lohn. 1064 Brown Ave , F ne. Pa , Mgt . 16502 
Murphy. Paul lames. 2111 Bailey Terr . Philadelphia. Pa , Psyih. 19145 

Murray, Mark William. 1202 N Military. Niagara F Is . NY . Am. 14304. 91 
Murray. Michele Kalhryn. 417 Maple St. Emporium. Pa, MHC. 15834 
Musi o. loseph Nicholas, 795 Broadway. Newburgh, N Y , Pre-Med. 114 
Mychailys/yn, Peler M, 127 Glover Ave . Paterson. N | . Finance. 07501, 171 

Naab, Thomas Anthony. 376 Columbia Ave , Palrnerton, Pa . Gen Sci , 18071. 124 

Naccarato. Anthony R, 419 last 4 St, Erie.Pa., Mgt, 16507 

Namey, Samuel Anthony, 1166 Candy Lane, Frie.Pa. Pre-Med, 16505, 94,100 

Napoleon, Berthony, 13178th Ave, Neptune. N| , Psych. 07753. 86 

Nardo. Pamela Ann. 1209W26SI. Erie.Pa. For Lang . 16508 

Narkevic. Carol Ann. 1030 Beaver Rd , Ambridge. Pa . Bio, 15003. 142.147 

Nasca. Paul Charles. 1 36 Chestnut St . Fredonia.NY, Acct, 14063, 114 

Nasky. Mark loseph, 1804 W 35 St . Erie.Pa, Acct. 16508 

Nash, Timothy P , 6014 Longwood Dr , Erie. Pa , Mgt , 16505, 85 

Nalale, Michael, 2020 W 21 St, Erie.Pa. Physics. 16502. 40,64.127 

Nedresky, loseph Peter, 2408 liberty St , Erie.Pa, Chem, 16502, 147 

Neiman, George Anthony, 292 South Si , Hanover, Pa . Accl. 17331, 171 

Nelson. Mary lee. 746 last 19 Si. Erie.Pa. Hum, 16503 

Nelson. Richard William, 603 Rondeau Dr. Erie.Pa. SW. 16505 

Nesko. David Lawrence, 210 W 8 St Apt 10, Erie.Pa, Hisl , 16501, 44 

Neumaier.ludilh Ann, 520 Virginia, Erie.Pa, MHC, 16505 

Nevinsky, Dennis M, 1099 Bon Air Dr., Sharon. Pa . Sci, 16146 

Newcomb. Garlan E |r , 1833 West 33 Street, Erie.Pa. Am. 16508 

Newell. Paul Michael, 5325 Norrrs Dr , Erie.Pa, Pre-Med. 16509 

Nicholas, Steven Charles. 122 Stolp Avenue. Syracuse, NY. Hisl , 13207, 47,110 

Nicolelti, Philip A, 2928 Plum St, Frie.Pa, Math, 16508 

Nicolia, lanet Elaine, 1135E28St, Frie.Pa. Math, 16504 

Nicolosi.Guy, 239 High St . Closler, N.J., Pol Sci . 07624 

Niebauer, Bernard A, 18WMainSi. Fairview. Pa. Math, 16415 

Niebauer, Diane Regina, 414 Main St Fast. Guard. Pa , Pre-Med. 16417 

Niedernter. Edward R, 1830 W.BSi. Erie.Pa. Prelaw, 16505. 87.110.172 

Nredomys. Paul loseph. RD 2, Sample Flats Rd . Corry. Pa . Pol Sn . 16407 

Nied/wetki. Miihael I . 3324C ascacle St . Erie.Pa. Chem. 16508 

Niehaus, Mh hael loseph. 708 F Budd St , Sharon, Pa , Theo , 16146 

Nies, lames Louis, Rd 9, Gunnison Rd. Erie.Pa. Mgt, 16509 

Noel, lerome A . Box162RD1, New Oxford, Pa , E.I, 17350 

Norman. Kenneth Dominit, 6138 f ootmill Rd . Erie, Pa, ME, 16509 

Norman, Virgil F , 507 Monat a Rd , Aliijuippa. Pa , Bus, 15001 

Notoro, lohn Anthony, 11 Ellison St, Clarendon, Pa., Theo., 16313 

Nowak. lames Daniel. 310 F 5 St . Erie.Pa. EE. 16507 

Nowicki, Gregory Peter, 143 Darlington Drive, Kenmore, N Y , Psyih, 14223 

Nugent, Iimothy Palruk, FlalSwampRd. Newtown. Ct. 06470. 44 

Nullall, Edmund lohn, 818 Lindenwood Dr . Pittsburgh, Pa , Phil, 15234 

Nulter, lames C, 255 locust St, Erie.Pa, Mgt. 16508 

Ober, Charlotte Mae. 1017 Adams Street, Erie.Pa. Psych, 16505, 147 

Obrien. Robert W. 531 Connecticut Dr. Erie.Pa. Finance, 16505 

Obringer.Terrencel . 1282 Farlford Drive. Pittsburgh. Pa . Gen Sc i . 15227. 172 

Obuszewski, Kenneth J, 5621. 12 Si . Erie.Pa. I.E., 16503 

Ocihui/zi. Anthony Felix. 85 lee Dr. N Haledon, N | , Prelaw, 07508 

Ochalek. Ronald Matthew, RD 1. Oil City. Pa. Bio, 16301. 112.142 

Ochs, Wayne Thomas, RD 3, N Bethlehem, Pa , Acct, 16242 

O'Connor, Bernard Francis, P O Box 22, Everson, Pa , MHC. 15631. 172 

O'Doherty, LiamG , 444-15 St, Brooklyn, NY , Mgt, 11215 

O'Hara, Martin G, 1860 East lake Rd . Erie.Pa. Hist. 16511 

O'Keeffe, lames Francis, 402 W 2 St , Oil City. Pa . Acct. 16301 

O'Malley. |ohn Quinn, 99 Oriole Di.. Youngslown. Ohio. MHC. 44505. 83 

O'Malley. loseph Michael. 4225 Osage Ave . Philadelphia. Pa . Hist. 19104. 42 

ONachila. Benedicts , 195 E Washington, Albion, Pa . Cr I , 16401. 114 

Onda, Albert Andrew, 4143 Winlerburn Ave , Pittsburgh, Pa , EE, 15207, 122 

Ondirh, Stephen Paul, 673 W Beverwyc k PI , Paramus, N | , ME. 07652, 118 

O'Neill, Robert Edward. 903 French St. Erie.Pa. Bio. 16501 

O'Norato. lames loseph, 2627 Goll Club Rd . Erre. Pa . Pre-Med, 16509 

O'Polka, loseph lohn, 412Moreland, Franklin, Pa. Acct, 16323 

Orband, lames Matlhew. Rt 2. Box 389. Richmond. Va.. Theo. 23233. 86 

Oresick, Mark Steven. 2224 Park Ave., Ford City, Pa. For Lang 16226 

Orinko. Gerard Michael. 615 Fasl 5 St.. Erie.Pa.. Accl. 16507. 172 

Bethel Patk. Pa . Con 

Oiler, Margaret Claire. 430 Castle Drive. Bethel Park. Pa . Comm . 15102 

Oros. Richard loseph, 2667 Cherry St . Frie.Pa. Mkt . 16508 
Osborne. Bud E , Cemetery Rd , North East, Pa , Pol Sci. 1M28 
O'Shea, lohnl . 3154 Brentwood. Pittsburgh. Pa . Theo. 15227. 52 
O'Shurak, lames Raymond. RD 5. Meadville. Pa . Soc. 16335. 87.100.110 
O'Siecki, Emily Louise, 2593 Putnam Dr . Frie.Pa. For Lang . 16511 
O'Siecki, Mark Francis. 2593 Putman Dr , Frie.Pa. MF. 16511 
Ostrowski. Michelle M, 225 Elonvue St , Pittsburgh. Pa . Psyih, 15214 
O'Foole. lames Regis III, 558 W 6 St. Erie.Pa. Psyih. 16501 
On, Maureen Elizabeth. 1138 Fidewood Dr . Bethel Park, Pa . Fot Lang , 15102 

Paavola, Thomas Arthur. 3024W26SI, Erie.Pa. Bio. 16506. 112 
Paavola. leffrey lee, 3024W26SI. Frie.Pa. Pre-Med, 16506 
Page. Donald Alan. 1224 Idaho Ave . Erie, Pa, EE. 16505 
Painter. David Scot. 4500W38SI. Erie.Pa. Mgt. 16506 
Palermo. Paula |o, 2303 Poplar St , Frie.Pa. MHC. 16502. 56 
Pahlla. Anthony lames. 1732 W 8 St F tie. Pa. MHC. 16505 

Palka, Louis A., 489 Milbeth Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., Acct., 15228 
Palotas, Gerald Michael, 1105 Wayne St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16503, 172 
Palovcak, John Robert, 355 North Street, Springdale, Pa., Mgt., 15144 
Pjmula, Adrian John, 1250 E. 33 St., Erie, Pa., Theo., 16504 
" oalia, Joannie, 555 E. Main St., Youngsville, Pa., Eng., 16371, 44 
farker, Stephen Paul, 84 Linden St., West Haven, Conn., Pre-Lar- 

Parker, Kevin Andrew, 238 Lake Shore Dr. E., Dunkirk, N.Y., Hu ^™- 

Parker, William Harry, 2544 Homewood Dr., Lorain, Oh., Hum., 44055, 91 

Parlavecchio, James K., 301 Green Ridge Dr., DuBois, Pa., Chem., 15801, 127 

Pastore, Donald Carmen, 3340Zimmerly Rd., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16506 

Pastore, Richard Allen, 3340Zimmerly Rd., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16506 

Pastorini, John Edward, 3807 Rilling Ave., Erie, Pa., Finance, 16509 

Patasky, Michael S., 1932 Wilkins Road, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16505,172 

Paterniti, Thomas Edward, 454 E. 27 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16504 

Patterson, Bruce Lee, 824 N.Ave., N. Baddock, Pa., Pol. Sci., 15104, 86,122 

Paterson, Bruce William, 423 Colorado Dr., Erie, Pa., I.M., 16505 

Patrick, lames Corbett, 2609 W. 37 St., Erie, Pa., M.E., 16506 

Paul, G.Lincoln, 3390 Hiwood Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa., Pre-Law, 15234 

Pauszek, Ruflin Stanley, 354 Temple Street, Fredonia, NX, Ec, 14063, 172 

Payton, Jesse James, 2323 St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo., Pre-Law 

Pearce, Deborah, 449 Liberty St., Conneaut, Oh., For. Lang., 44030 

Peganolf, Thomas)., 4007 Harvard Rd., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16509 

Pendergast, Paul Thomas, 140Milford Dr. E., Syracuse, NY., Cr.J., 13206 

Pendro, Thomas Eugene, 3108 Atlantic Ave., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16506 

Penfold, William George, 60lambert Ave., Fredonia, N.Y., Psych., 14063, 94,114 

Pepicello, Richard M., 6902 Station Rd., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16510 

Pereira, Richard E, 425 First Avenue, Pelham, N.Y., Pol. Sci., 10803, 86,97,110 

Perino, Ricardo James, 1432 West 31 St . Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16508 

Pernice, Daniel Joseph, 1332 Peninsula Dr., Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16505 

Perretta, David M., 2215 7th Ave., Altoona, Pa., Soc, 16602, 87 

Perrett, Rita Ann, 248 W 8 St., Apt 33, Erie, Pa, Hum., 16502, 141,145 

Peterman.CarolA, 22 W 4th St., Erie, Pa., El. Ed, 16507 

Peters, Alan Lee, 3011 Hudson Rd, Erie, Pa., MHC, 16508, 147 

Peters, Robert Daniel, 2936 Haas Ave., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16505 

Peterson, Candyie Lee, 659 Euclid Ave., Erie, Pa., Psych., 16511 

Peterson, Karen. 3751 W. 26 St, Erie, Pa., For Lang , 16506, 39,142,172 

Peterson, Kent David, 27 Meade St, Wellsboro, Pa., Mgt., 16901 

Peterson, Paul Keith, 3224 Hastings Rd., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16506 

Peterson, Thomas Paul, 226 California Dr., Erie, Pa.. Pol. Sci., 16505 

Petit, Thomas Joseph, 28 Overlook Rd., Painesville, Oh., Phil., 44077, 173 

Petri, Richard Michael, 3526 Meadow Dr., Erie, Pa , Ec, 16506, 112,147 

Petrone, Nicholas, 608 Chestnut St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16501 

Petruna, Kenneth Arnold, Oak Road, Bradfordwods, Pa., E.T., 15015 

Peyton, Robert Warne. 188 Village Road, South Orange, N.J., Chem., 07079, 12: 

Phillips, Karen A, 249 High St. Conneaut, Oh, Rad.Tech. 44030 
Pianka. James, 532 Zephyr Avenue, Erie, Pa., Pol. Sci., 16505, 148,173 
Piccinllo, JoelteM, 45 South St., Ridgway, Pa . Pol. Sci., 15853, 48,65,142,173 
Piotrowicz, Ann M., 713 E. 32 St., Erie, Pi, Rad Tech., 16504 
Piotrowicz, Lawrence A., 713 East 32 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16504, 173 
Piotrowski, James R, 3206 Penna Ave., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16504 
Pistner, Andrew George, 357 Brussells St., St. Marys, Pa., Mgt., 15857 
Pislner, John Clarence, 357 Brussells St., St. Marys, Pa., Acct., 15857 
Pilonyak, James Andrew, 3727 Ridge Pkwy, Erie, Pa., Pre-Law, 16510 
Pi//dt, Valerie Ann, 3827 Sassafras St , Erie, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16508 
Plasha, Frank Michael, 3528 Breezeway Dr., Erie, Pa., Sci., 16506 
Plaiteier, Robert Dale, 82 Colonnade Dr., Rochester, NY., M.E., 14623 
Ploszaj, David Norman, 2066 Andover Lane, Erie, Pa., Acct., 16509 
Plumb, Mary Ellen, 6101 E Lake Rd , Erie, Pa., S.W., 16511, 142 
Podobmk, Richard Charle, 854 Center Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa., I.M., 15239, 110.173 
Pohl, Timothy Allan, 1337E.8SI., Erie, Pa., Gen. Sci., 16503 

Pokrajac, Donna Marie, 5501 Clark Ave , Bethel Park, Pa , Gen Sci . 15102, 150,173 
Pollock, James Douglas, 3117 Zuck Road, Erie, Pa, Pre-Med, 16506, 173 
Porsch, Gerald William, 8905 Ennis Dr., Erie, Pa, Mkt., 16509 
Pospiech, Stephen Edward, 97Ridgeview Dr , W. Patterson, N.J., Pre-Med., 07425, 

Potter, Ameho Robert, 1313 West 22 St., Erie, Pa , Mgt, 16502 
Potter, Carolyn J., RD 1, S. Creek Rd, Girard, Pa, Acct., 16417 
Poulson, David Lee, 38 Carson Ave., Oil City, Pa., Phil, 16301, 52 
Powell, Andra Renee, 555 Morgan St, Pittsburgh, Pa., Art Ed., 15219 
Power, Mary Ita, 1131 W 9 St., Erie, Pa., Comm., 16502 
Pozza, lohnEnc, 29 0akwoodDr, Oil City, Pa, Sp/Dram., 16301, 154 
Prechtl, Ronald George, 553 MaurusSl., St. Marys, Pa., Phil., 15857 
Presogna, lohn Rodger, 1424 Poplar Si , Erie, Pa , Gen Sci., 16502 
Preston, Charles Louis, 3404 Buffalo Rd , Wesleyville, Pa ., Bio, 16510, 173 
Pre/, Thomas Francis, 618 Brandes St., Erie, Pa , Soc, 16503 
Price, Louis, 2185 1 Ave. E 112 St., New York, NY., Pol Sci , 10029, 173 
Prise hak, Janet Ann, 2112 Cook Ave, Erie, Pa , For Lang , 16510 
Pnschak, Patricia Marie, 2112 Cook Ave, Erie, Pa., Phil., 16510, 173 
Pronobis, Andrew Paul, 6 Girard Ave., Buffalo, NY., El. Ed., 14225 
Pronobis, |ohn Michael, 6 Girard Avenue, Cheeklowaga. NY., Psych., 14227, 173 
Pross, Donald Joseph, 4104 Denier Ave., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16504, 144 
Protaz. Roslyn, 2215 Buffalo Rd., Erie, Pa., S.W., 16510 
Prugar, loseph Edward, 1143 E 40 St., Erie, Pa., Med. Tech., 16504 
Pruitt, Sandra Barnes, 2714 W .17 St., Erie, Pa., Soc, 16505 
Pruvedenti, Michael)., 642 Downing Ct., Erie.Pa., Psych., 16502 
Przybycin, Anna Marie, 1155 W. 6 St., Erie.Pa, Hum., 16507 
Pugliese, Rocco Vincent, 1550 Princeton Ave., Trenton, N.J. , Pre-Law, 08638, 107, 

Pupo, Edward Michael, 641 E. Center St., Johnsonburg, Pa., Acct., 15845, 114 
Purzyrki, Daniel Leonard. 1041 Thurman St., Camden, N.|., E.E., 08104 
Pyska, Michael Allan, RD 1, Box 774, N. Kensington, Pa., Pre-Law, 15068 

Quick, Patricia Jo, 2911 West 31 St., Erie.Pa., Gen. Sci., 16506 
Quigley, Thomas Franc is, 301 N Essey Ave , Margate, N J, Finance, 08402 
Qumlan, John I , 2214 Lynnbrook Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa , Math, 15226 
Quinlan, Robert Joseph, 4 Cross St, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mgt, 15205 

Rabogliatti, Ralph E., 711 Napier Ave., Erie.Pa., Soc. Sci., 16511, 118 

Rabbitt, Thomas Patrick, RD 1, Chicora, Pa., Psych., 16025 

Raclawski, lulianF., 2521 Pear St., Erie.Pa., Math., 16510 

Ranft, Hannelore, 1012 W. 6 St., Erie.Pa., For. Lang., 16507 

Rastetter, Stefan, 1242 W. 10 St.. Erie.Pa., Psych., 16502 

Raszkowski, Diane Lee, 3809 Main St., Erie.Pa., Soc, 16511 

Reaghard, Richard Ray, 5744 Poketa Road, Verona, Pa., Pol. Sci., 15147, 134 

Reaney, Patricia Ann, 240 Franklin St., Elizabeth, N.)., Comm., 07206, 46,158 

Rearick, William Wesley, Box 656 Ogleview Rd., Mars, Pa., Psych., 16046 

Redding, NancieS., 151 & W. 20 St., Erie.Pa., Soc Sci., 16502 

Rees, Robert James, 1105 J. Queens Purchase, Baltimore, Md., MHC, 21221 

Reeves, Ann, 353 W. 3 St., Erie.Pa., Comm., 16507, 173 

Reevey, Edward, Box 254 Gannon College, Erie.Pa., MHC, 16501 

Reichart, Michael F., 1043 Buckeye Dr., Sharpsville, Pa., Theo., 16150 

Reilly, Robert William, 33 Lawton Ave., Hartsdale, NY., Bio., 10530, 112 

Reisenweber, Kenneth )., 2622 Poplar St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16508, 173 

Reilz, George E., 810 W. 18 St., Erie.Pa., Psych., 16502 

Reksa, Thomas Stanley, 3253 Fleetwood Dr., Erie.Pa., Hist., 16510 

Repas, Mark Joseph, 211 S. Buhl Farm Dr., Sharon, Pa., Pre-Med., 16146 

Repel, Denise Margaret, 1008 Rice Ave., Girard, Pa., MHC, 16417 

Repasky, Bernard James, 417CummingsSt., Cambridge, Pa., E.E., 16403 

Resnick, Frank Joseph, 2421 Fre»port Rd., N. Kensington, Pa., Bio., 15068, 114 

Ressler, Terrance lames, 1501 Sill St., Warren, Pa., Finance, 16365 

Rhule, Debora Anne, 1193Hillcresl Rd , Odenton, Md., Psych, 21113, 48,142 

Richards, David Niekolas, 435Torry Ave., New York, N.Y., ■ E.E., 10473 

Richardson, Thomas W, 4040McCreary Rd., Erie.Pa., Pre-Med., 16506 

Rickert, Mark Edward, 112 Woods Rd., Warren, Pa., Mgt, 16365, 36 

Rickloff, Mark Allen, 527 Lincoln Ave., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16505, 173 

Richwalsky, Michael |, 3002 Wayne St., Erie.Pa., E.T., 16504 

Rieser, Gil Edward, ISTintern Lane, Scarsdale, NY., Mgt., 10583 

Ristau. David Carl, 155 Rustled! Dr. 12C, San Antonio, TX., ME, 78242 

Roach, Robin Mary, 3319 Raspberry, Erie.Pa., Eng., 16508, 136 

Roach, Ronald Robert, 633 V> W. 26Sl., Erie.Pa., Mgt., 16502, 173 

Robinault, Marjone Ann, 611 Water St, Warren, Pa., S.W., 16365, 36 

Robinson, Vernon W., 1 Belmont Heights, Stonyhl, lamaica, Mgt., 86 

Rocco, Gilbert Anthony, 2703 W 33 St., Erie.Pa., Pre-Law, 16506 

Rocki, Lawrence William, P.O Box 9103, Erie.Pa., Med. Tech., 16504 

Rogers, Newton Frederick, 511 Roemer Blvd., Farrell, Pa., Hum., 16121 

Rogers, Robert Wayne, Shay St., Seneca, Pa., Pre-Med., 16346 

Rogers, Walter John Jr., R.D. Box 53, Fairview, Pa., Pre-Med., 16415 

Roman, Mark Allen, 5 Angora Rd., Carnegie, Pa., E.E., 15106 

Roman, Rita Angela. 7419 Avon Dr., Mentor, Oh., Bio., 44060, 147 

Romba. Patricia Ann, 450 E 6 St.. Erie.Pa., El. Ed., 16507 

Romeo, Robert Louis, 3535 Aberdeen Ave., Erie, Pa.. Pre-Med., 16506 

Rooney. Patrick lohn, 442 E 23 St., Erie.Pa., Mgt, 16503, 173 

Rosenquest. lohn M., 1667 Dudley, Erie, Pa., Chem., 16509, 122 

Ross, lames Howard, 2113 Eastern Ave., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16510 

Rosthauser, lames W., 3518 East Ave, Erie.Pa., Chem., 16504 

Roth, Kevin |ohn, 48 Quaker Ridge, Tonawanda, NY., E.T., 14150 

Roth, Robert Edward, 454 Chapman, Hamburg, NY.. Hum., 14075, 91 

Roth, Thomas lames, 462 Seneca Park Ave , Rochester, NY , E.T., 14617, 173 

Rouch, |ohn Christopher, 630 E Grandview, Erie.Pa., Ec, 16504 

Rowe, Robert Arthur, 5639 WinthropDr., Erie.Pa., Bio.. 16506 

Rubino, Michael Francis, 1151 W 24 St., Erie.Pa., ME, 16502 

Rucker, Daryle Samuel, 900 Market, Farrell, Pa., MHC. 16121 

Rudolph, Theodore Ralph, 23 West Ave., Oil City, Pa., E.T., 16301, 108 

Ruef, Geraldine I , 1602 Cherry St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16502, 173 

Rugare, Anthony Richard. 1124 Plum St.. Erie.Pa., Soc, 16508, 139 

Ruggeri, Domenick loseph, 812McClellan St , Philadelphia, Pa , Pre-Med., 19148, 

Ruggiero, Debra Ann, 101 Lighthouse St., Erie.Pa., El. Ed, 16507, 41,64 
Russell, Donald Daniel, RD6, Butler, Pa, ME, 16001. 174 
Russell, Peter C, 3411 Pinetree Terrace, Erie.Pa., Mgt., 16506 
Ruzzine, Gregory Dominic, 346 Elm wood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., Mgt., 14222, 174 
Ryan, Gary Daniel, 210 N. Lowell Ave , Syracuse, NY , ME, 13204 
Rydzewski, Randall N., 4217 Wayne St., Erie.Pa., Finance, 16504 

Sacco, Joseph Raymond Jr., RD 2, Cochranton, Pa., Pre-Law, 16314, 107 

Sadosky, John Joseph, 106 Tyler St., Irwin, Pa., Hum., 15642, 114 

Saint, FleurGuirlaine, 299 WinthropSl., Brooklyn, NY., For. Lang., 11225, 44 

Salberg, GregL., (ohnsonburg Rd., Ridgway, Pa., Hum., 15853 

Saleh, Kassem Richard, 203 Baltic Street, New York, NY., Pre-Law, 11201, 134 

Salmon, Stephen Michael, 185 Griffin Ave., Erie.Pa., Math, 16511 

Sailer, William George, 711 Cherry St., Erie.Pa., Psych., 16502, 39 

Samartino. Edward I , 3504 Breezeway Dr., Erie.Pa., S.W., 16506, 51,139 

Samulewski, Dennis)., 602 E. 13 St., Erie.Pa., Soc Sci., 16503 

Sandberg, Michael D, 2622 Bird Dr, Erie.Pa, Mgt., 16510 

Sapone, William Samuel, 1104 State Rd., Monessen, Pa., Acct., 15062, 152 

Sarbak, Dennis loseph. 1020 E. 26 St., Erie, Pa., Mgl., 16503, 122 

Sargent, Daniel Francis, 243 Templeton Ave., Girard, Pa., Hist., 16417 

Sartoris, Mary Ellen, North Hall Gannon Col., Erie.Pa., S.W., 16501, 139,142,150,174 

Savko, lanel Lynn, Route 1, Box 94, Sugar Grove, Pa., El. Ed., 16350, 100 

Saxion, Thomas Lyle |r„ 413 E. South St., Corry, Pa., Math, 16407, 107 

Sayers, Cynthia Mae, General Delivery, Frenchville, Pa., Pre-Med., 16836 

Scalise, Dennis Michael, 17 Weber St., Columbus, Pa., Finance, 16405 

Scalise, Elissa Anne, 948 W. 6 Si., Erie.Pa., Math, 16507, 38 

Scarantmo, Thomas A, 521 Gerritt, Philadelphia. Pa., S.W., 19147, 44 

Schabloski, David F., AlmeterRd., Warsaw, NY., Psych., 14569 

Schaffner, Scott R, 917 W. 31 St, Erie.Pa, Acct, 16508 

Schanz, Cheryl A., 624 W. 8 St, Erie, Pa. SW., 16502 

Scheper, Patrick Francis, 113 N.B. Hill Park Dr., Reislerstown, Md., Gen. Sci., 21136 

Scheppner, Mark Neal, 115 Brilton Rd., Johnstown, Pa , Pre-Med., 15905 

Schertz. Blane Douglas, 701 S. Creenbriar St., Arlington, Va., Theo , 22204 

Scheufele, Susan Kay, S22S Roslindale, Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16509 

Schick, Donald Walter, 1821 Grove Dr., Erie, Pa., Mgt ., 16505 

Schickler, Raymond C, P.O. Box 229 Cannon Col., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16501 

Schillinger, George P., 223 Grayton Road, Tonawanda, NY., Hist., 14150 

Schlegel, Jonathan Paul, 6 Barnes Drive, Garnerville, N.Y., Med. Tech., 10923 

Schlindvvein, Thomas A., 5024 EbersoleDr., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16511 

Schmitz, Donald, 2927 Loveland Ave., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16506. 144 

Schneider, lohn Mark, 707 Gay St.. Oil City. Pa, E.E, 16301 

Schodt, Robert Paul, 711 Poplar St Apt. B , Erie, Pa., E.E., 16502, 174 

Schorr, Thomas Lawrence, 1409 Lakeside Dr., Allison Park, Pa., M.E., 15101 

Schriefer, Charles Mark, 2802 Hampton Rd. Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16508. 122 

Schriefer, Robert Louis, 2802 Hampton Rd.. Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16508, 86,142,174 

Schumacher, Mark John, 4004 Cherry St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Law, 16509 

Schutz, Michael Francis, 622 Hall Ave., St. Marys, Pa., Math. 1S857, 174 

Schwabenbauer, Michael P., 316 Washington Ave., Oil City, Pa., Psych., 16301, 107 

Scollon, Thomas William, 3217 Pinetree Terrace, Erie, Pa., Soc, 16506 
Scorpion, Jerrold A., 4007CambronneSt., Pittsburgh, Pa., Pre-Med., 15212 
Scotlino, Margaret M., 603 W. 6 St., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16504 
Scottino, Thomas Peter, 603 West 6 St., Erie, Pa., Eng„ 16508 
Scrimenti, David lohn, 57 South Pearl, North East, Pa., Hum., 16428 
Scully, Lawrence Charles, 2701 Harvard Rd., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16508, 38 
Sed, David Allen, 1606 Hofius lane, Sharon, Pa., Psych., 16146, 108,131,147 
Seewagen.John Kieran, 13 Linwood Ave ., Farmingdale, NY., M.E., 11735, 118,127 
Seib, Keith D , 3144 Bank Drive, Erie, Pa., Hum., 16505 
Seidler, Michael Anthony, Harrysbourg, Dunkirk, NY., Hum., 14048, 152 
Sell, Harry William, 317 W. 16 St., Erie, Pa., Pre-Med., 16502 
Senchak, Nancy Elizabeth, 26 N.Park Row, Erie, Pa., For. Lang., 16501, 142 
Senchyshyn, lohn Eugene, 539 West 8 St., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16502, 100 
Sepede, Harry A., 925 Irwin Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., Psych., 15236, 52 
Serwick, Denny Joseph, 154 S. Oakdale Ave., Sharon, Pa., Ec, 16146 
Seth, lames Francis, RD4, Waterford, Pa., Acct., 16441 

Settimi, Garry Louis, 910 Mount Ephraim Ave., Camden, N.J., Gen. Sci., 08103 
Shade, Dennis Michael, 6810 E. Lake Rd., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16511, 86 
Shalfer, Timothy Bruce, 3517 Charlotte St., Erie, Pa., Chem., 16508 
Shandorf, |ohn Michael. 1916 Bird Dr., Erie, Pa., O.J., 16510, 134 
Sharrer, William Douglas. 710 E. 6 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16507 
Shaw, Michael Joseph, 226 Lake Ave., Erie, Pa ., Comm., 16511 
Shea, Catherine Anne, RD1, Palmerton, Pa., Med Tech., 18071 
Sheehan, Daniel Patrick, 3711 Charlotte St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 
Sheerin, Robert W., 319 Dickson Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Soc, 15202 
Sheldon, Patricia P., 324 W. 24 St , Erie.Pa, Hum, 16502 
Shellito, Greg Andrew, 508 Hess Ave , Erie, Pa., Bio., 16507, 100 
Shellito, Susan Marie, 3730 Allegheny Rd, Erie, Pa .. Psych., 16508 
Shepherd. David 1 homas, 407 W. 8 St , Erie, Pa., Acct., 16502, 110 
Sheppiak. Robert lohn |r.. 515Clearview St., Pottsiown, Pa., Mgt, 19464, 116 
Shesterenko, Lidia, 1511 33 M , Erie, Pa., Ml,, 1b504 
Short, Jay Daniel. 2109 Admiral St ., Aliquippa, Pa., Hist., 15001 
Shoup, Brian Thomas, 1617 Cascade St , Erie, Pa., Psych, 16508 
Shulesky, Eugene I , 1467 Zimmerly Rd., Erie, Pa., Hum., 16506 
Siclelinger, David Edward, 2922 East J2Sireet. Erie.Pa., Chem., 16510, 174 
Sieleit, Crete hen K. 6AverillSt., Warren, Pa., Med. Tech., 16365 
Sicgel, John George, 1414 Melrose Ave., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 
Sikorj, Debra Marie. 4345 Morse Ave., Erie.Pa., Pre-Pharm., 16511 
Silenas, Michael A.. 1105 Hilltop Rd.. Erie.Pa., E.E., 16509 
Simon, John Richard, 127 Hallcy St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16511 
Simone, Michael Andrew, 31 West Miller, Trenton, N.J. , Hum., 08638, 114 
Simonetti, Ronald R., 3816 English Ave., Erie.Pa., Soc, 16510 
Singh Vinay, RD1, Bernville, Pa., E.E., 19506 

Singleton, Michelle R., 150 South Fourth St., Reading, Pa., Pol. Sci., 19602 
Simon, Bradley Albert, 424 Parkridge Drive, Bethel Park, Pa., I.M., 15102, 154 
Sipple, Christopher Jame, 946 East 27 St., Erie.Pa., Soc, 16504 
Sitter, Paul Joseph, 128 Longacre Blvd., Erie.Pa., Acct.. 16509 
Sitter, Peter Michael, 1934 W. 35 St., Erie.Pa., M.E., 16508, 41 
Skovron, David Joseph, 755 E. 11 St., Erie.Pa., Sp/Dram., 16503, 141 
Skrzypczak, Michael John, 527 E. 23 St., Erie.Pa., E.E., 16503 
Slawiak, Thomas Arthur, 3688 W. Lake Rd, Apt. 1, Erie.Pa., Bio., 16505 
Slomski, Bernard Joseph, 2101 Ash St., Erie, Pa., El. Ed., 16503 
Slomski, David Carl, 2101 Ash St., Erie.Pa., Acct., 16503 
Slomski, Karen Ann, 958 E. 36 St., Erie.Pa., Rad.Tech., 16504 
Slomski, Ronald Francis, 5134 Peach St., Erie, Pa., Comm., 16509 
Slusser, Mary, 424 Poplar St., Erie, Pa., Comm., 16507 
Smalls, Randolph Lee, 1230 Nolan Court, Pittsburgh, Pa., Rad.Tech., 15208 
Smalley, Joseph Gerard, RD 2, Girard, Pa., Hum., 16417 
Smigel, Constance Mary, 5917 E. State St., Sharon, Pa., Med. Tech., 16146 
Smith, Carol Marie, 3025 State Street, Erie, Pa., Math, 16508, 56,174 
Smith, F.James, RD 3 Headland Rd., Butler, Pa., I.M., 16001 
Smith, Gail Ann, 2917 Evanston St., Erie.Pa., S.W., 16506 
Smith, Gary Russell. 1363 W. 10 St., Erie.Pa., Finance, 16502 
Smith, Homer Lee, 55 Spruce St., Buffalo, N.Y., Math, 14204, 42 
Smith, Marcia Ann, 405 Reed St., Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci., 16507 
Smith, Paul Christian, 4637 Sylvan Dr., Allison Park, Pa., M.E., 15101, 174 
Smith, Richard Robert, 139 South Main St., Union City, Pa., Rad.Tech., 16438 
Smith, Robert Eugene, 645 State St., York, Pa., Med. Tech., 17403 
Smith, Robert Philip, 133 League St., Philadelphia, Pa., Pol. Sci., 19147 
Smith, Vanessa Faye, 2520 Pear St., Erie.Pa., Med. Tech., 16510 
Snyder, Darnell., 83 Anthony Wayne Terr., Baden, Pa., Acct., 15005, 114 
Sobina, Raymond Joseph, 106Cornplanter, Oil City, Pa., Pre-law, 16301 
Sobotincic, John Louis, 122 E. 36 St., Erie.Pa., Soc, 16504 
Sommerer, John Carl, 449 Edith Street, Pittsburgh, Pa., Cr.J., 15211 
Soska, James E., RD 3, Box 271-A, Leechburg, Pa., E.T., 15656 
Soutouras, James L, 408 Moreland Dr.. Franklin, Pa.. Mgt., 16323, 108 
Sowizral, John Anthony, 1606 Poplar St.. Erie.Pa., Acct., 16502 
Spadacene, Rolland E., 2308 Liberty St., Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci, 16502 
Spadafor, Arthur H., 3925 Oak Hill Dr., Erie.Pa., For. Lang., 16506 
Spadacene, Joan Marie, 2308 liberty St., Erie.Pa., Finance, 16502, 140,141,145 
Spadacene, Joseph Carl, 921 Brown Ave.. Erie.Pa., Chem, 16502, 161,174 

Speed, Zebera Burnice, 1824 Bird Dr , Erie, Pa., Rad Tech., 16510 

Speranza, Donald Vincent, RD1,Bo>97. Saltsburg, Pa , E.I., 15681 

Speros, Bess. 241 E 11 St , Erie, Pa, lib Arts, 16503 

Spinazzola, Steve Paul, 28895 Alton Ave., Wickliffe, OH , Phil.. 44092 

Spinks. AnneE., 217 E. 24 St., Erie.Pa., Pre-Med, 16503 

Spirito, Mark G., 4205 Concord Rd., Erie.Pa., Pre-Law, 16506 

Spitman. Todd Michael. RD 3 Ladd Rd ., Corry.Pa, Mgt, 16407 

Sprawka, Luke Henry, 732 Amherst St., Buffalo, N Y, E.T , 14216 

Spring, William J.. 25 Glenwood Dr , Oil City, Pa., Bus, 16301 

Stachera, Charles A., 530 East 3 St, Erie.Pa, Math, 16507 

Stachowiak, John, 17 Glenwood St , Warren, Pa , Pol. Sci., 16365 

Stadler, Melinda Sue, 1416 W 51 St, Erie.Pa, Gen Sci , 16509 

Stadler, Paul Joseph, 1128 Western lane. Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci., 16505 

Stafford, Margaret Ann, 321 Craig St., Erie.Pa., Bio, 16508 

Stankiewicz, Jeffrey A., 2535 E 43 St. Erie.Pa.. Math, 16510 

Stanley, William David, 1123 Shenk Ave., Erie.Pa., S.W., 16505 

Stanton, Edward James, 418 Peach St , Erie.Pa, Hist., 16507, 118,128,174 

Stanton, Thomas Francis, 55MoranSt., Oil City, Pa., Soc, 16301 

Steele, Thomas F., 2013 Raspberry St., Erie.Pa, Bio, 16502, 174 

Slefanelli, Anthony E., 449 W. 4 St., Erie.Pa., Mgt, 16507 

Steg, Mark Adrian, 4615 Cherry St., Erie.Pa., Hist. 16509. 134 

Stehle, John Francis, 151 Oak Street, Butler, Pa.. SW, 16001, 139,174 

Stephenson, Francis Leo, 437 W. 7 St., Erie.Pa, Mgt., 16502, 108,142 

Stephenson, Margaret Ann, 79 Woodrow Ct., Sharon, Pa., Math, 16146, 64,142 

Stern, Kevin Jack, 1400 Evergreen Ave.. Brockway, Pa., Accl., 1S824, 47,110 

Stetter, Paula S., 5726 Howe St, Pittsburgh, Pa., MHC, 15232, 43,128,142,152 

Steva, Donald M , 931 W 51 St., Erie, Pa., Bio , 16509 

Stewart, Alan B., 121 Jeanne Marie Gds., Nanuet, NY., Physics, 109S4, 127,174 

Stewart, Larry M., 310 W. 7 St., Erie.Pa.. Soc, 16502 

Stewart, Lynn P., 3322 Highland Rd. Erie.Pa., Accl.. 16506 

Stewart, Paul David, Jefferson St., Conneautvile, Pa., Acct., 16406 

Stiffler, Gregory John, 2765 E. 31 St., Erie.Pa., Hum, 16510 

Stiftinger, Robert J., 4139 Burton Ave., Erie.Pa, Math, 16504 

Stoczynski, Neal S., 84 Wallace. Cheektowaga. NY., Acct., 14227, 91 

Stolar.JohnJ., 532 Cole Dr., Meadville, Pa.. Pol. Sci., 165335 

Stolz, Henry James, 2821 Elmwood Ave., Erie.Pa., M.E., 16508 

Storey, Jerome Paul, 55 Murray Ave., Uniontown, Pa., Comm., 15401, 174 

Stough, Carol Ann, 1011 Washington PI., Erie.Pa., Math, 16502 

Straub, Kenneth P., 550 School St., St. Marys, Pa., Soc, 15857 

Straub, Mari Frances, 2250Rinderle Dr., Erie.Pa., Comm, 16509, 158 

Straw, Charles Frank, 520 Todd Ave., EllwoodCity. Pa., Mgt, 16117 

Strohmeyer, lanet Mary, 1334 W. 31 St., Erie.Pa., Math, 16508 

Stubenhofer, David C, 449 East 25 Street, Erie.Pa., Math. 16503, 174 

Stuczynski, Gerald Mark, 3415 East Ave., Erie.Pa., Math, 16504 

Sturtevant, Richard M., P.O. Box 133, W Spnngfld, Pa., Soc Sci., 16443 

Stush, Edmund Joseph, 3054 laird Avenue, Erie.Pa., Mgt, 16505 

Subotnik, Josephine K., 3805 Burton Ave., Erie.Pa., Pol. Sci., 16504, 140 

Sullivan, Francis James, 1870 Burnette Ave , Cleveland, OH , Acct, 44112 

Sullivan, Kevin Edward, 207 Cedar Avenue, Oil City, Pa., Phil, 16301 

Sullivan, Sean Timothy, 4517 Wood St., Erie.Pa, Acct, 16509 

Sullivan, Sean Lawrence. 2902 Ash St., Erie.Pa., Pol Sci., 16504 

Suppa, Frank Thomas, 118 Central Ave , Warren, Pa., Theo, 16365 

Susan, Aysar Philip, 464 W. 9 St., Erie.Pa., M.E., 16502, 86 

Sutika, Michael Charles, Box 200, Grampian, Pa , Mgt., 16838, 112,175 

Swacha, Stanley Joseph, 24 Plum St., Oil City, Pa., Eng, 16301, 141 

Swaney, Michael F., 435 E. 28 St., Erie.Pa, Theo., 16504 

Swanson, Kathrine Elma, 5142 Grubb Road, Erie, Pa.. Gen. Sci, 16506, 147 

Swartwood, Cheryl Ann, 431 W 5 St., Erie.Pa., Hum, 16507 

Swartz, Dale Clifford, RD 2, Lewisburg, Pa., M.E., 17837, 56 

Swenson, Brian Robert, 3823 Station Rd., Erie.Pa., Bio, 16510, 147 

Swiech, Larry J., 164 Laura Ave., Dravosburg, Pa , Hum, 15034 

Swierczewski, Robert |., 1048 E. 25 St., Erie.Pa, E.E, 16503 

Swigonski, Alan Michael, 1214 E. 9 St., Erie.Pa., Mgt.. 16503 

Swiner, Ronald Joseph, 681 Prestley St , Carnegie, Pa., Acct., 15106, 116 

Szczepaniec, Arthur John, 618 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY , ME. 14207, 175 

Tabasco, Anthony Joseph. 2013 Moore St.. Philadelphia, Pa , Acct, 19145 

Taft, Charles McCulloch, 5144 Roslindale, Erie.Pa., Prelaw, 16509, 65 

Talaber, Diane Louise, 1612 Elliote Ave., Bethlehem, Pa., Med Tech . 18018. 118 

Talarico.loseph Francis, 2130W.36St, Erie.Pa, Pre-Med., 16508 

Talarico, Thomas Sam, 3007 Oakwood St., Erie.Pa., Eng., 16508 

Tallini, Deborah Jean, 90 Kaywood Dr , Rochester, NY.. MHC, 14626 

Tarkowski, Robert David, 28 Kellogg St.. Erie.Pa, Bio, 16508 

Tarver, Elking Junior, 3110 Bird Dr, Erie.Pa, Acct., 16510 

Taylor, Rochelle Verneta, 719VarnumSt NW, Washington, DC , Math, 20011 

Tech, Daniel Andrew, 7425 Turner Rd RD 1, Union City, Pa., Soc Sci., 16438, 175 

Tempest, Stephen Ford. 406 W. Walnut St.. Titusville, Pa.. Pre-law. 16354, 114 

Tharp, Mary J. Savelli, 541 E 9 St., Erie.Pa., MHC. 16503 

Thayer, Elizabeth Ann, 419 W 10 St., Erie.Pa. MHC. 16502 

Theobald, Therese Marie, 3744 Chapel Hill Dr , Erie.Pa.. Rad Tech ., 16506 

Thomas. Robert Neil. 4108 Emmet Or IP . Erie.Pa., Mgt, 16511 

Thomas, Sherrie lee, Franklin Rd. Wacldington, N Y , Pre-law, 13694 

Thompson. David William, 314 South St. Ridgway, Pa . Hum. 15853. 45 

Ihompson, Ethel Adele, 315 E 22 St.. Erie.Pa, Soc. 16503 

Thompson. Francis P.. 32 Penn Blvd .. E lansdowne. Pa . Eng. 19050 

Thompson, Hugh Robert, 4409 Melrose Ave , Erie.Pa. Acct, 16509 

Thompson, lames Norman. 522 E. 10 St., Erie.Pa. Phil., 16503 

Thompson, Jessie Ann, 451 W Front St. Erie.Pa. MHC. 16507 

Thornton, Kathleen Susan. 1119Potomac Ave , Erie.Pa, Hum. 16505 

Iillery, Curtis, Box 16-A Gannon Col , Erie.Pa, Eng, 16501 

Tojle Thomas Michael. 515 Powell Ave . Erie.Pa, Pre-Pharm. 16505 

lobin. Daniel Wavne. 2S2 Hill Top Dr. lowr Burrell. Pa . Cr I . 15068 

lobin. David lohn. 252 Hilltop Dr . lowr Burrell, Pa . Cr I . 15068 

Tomasone, Richard C . 1311 Sill. Warren, Pa , Chem. 16365 

Tomko. |ohn Andrew. Gannon NH Box 33-8, Erie, Pa, Gen. Sci., 16501 

Toppins, Helen, P O Box 261 Cannon, Erie, Pa„ Pre-Med, 16501 

Toro, David, 377 North Franklin St., Pottstown. Pa, M.E., 19464 

Torok, lames Michael, 1834 W. 35 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16508 

Trabinger, Richard C, 1119W.33SI.. Erie, Pa., Mgt, 16508 

Treese. Thomas Norberl, 301 Soeder Drive, Clenshaw, Pa., Bio., 15116 

Trimpey, Miles Edwin |r, RD 3 Williams Rd, North East, Pa., Soc, 16428 

Irohoske, lohn Keith, RD 6 Knoyle Rd., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16510, 175 

Turner, Bruce Kenneth, 1432 W. Redfield St, Phila. Pa„ SW, 19151, 175 

Turnier, Alex, 11401 Lavejay, Silver Sprgs, Md, 20902 

Tyler, Edward George, 402 Parkway, Erie, Pa., E.E., 16511, 175 

Tyler, Robert Gregory, 402 Parkway, Erie, Pa., Med. Tech.. 16511, 147 

Umpleby, Robert lames, 2612 Plum Street, Erie, Pa., Math, 16508, 175 

Unger, Elizabeth Jane, RD 1 Box 163, Girard, Pa., For. Lang., 16417 

Urda, Stephen Paul, 115 N.Erie St, Mercer, Pa., Pol.Sci.. 16137 

Urraro, Marcia Ann, 2727 Sterrettania Rd., Erie, Pa., Gen.Sci.. 16506, 148,175 

Will, Gregory Glenn, RD 5, Hillborn Rd., Erie, Pa., Sci„ 16509 

Willcox, Richard Neal, Spring Hill Rd., North East, Pa., Pre-La' 

Williams. Donna Marie, 1728 Bird Dr., Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16510 

Williams, Evelyn, 922 Raspberry, Erie, Pa., Cr.J., 16502 

Williams. Kim Robert, 5985 Bethel Park Dr., »ithel Park, Pa„ Cr.|„ 15102 

Williams. Leslie, 3875 Warrensville St., Cleveland, Ohio, Physics, 44122, 127,176 

Williams. Paul David, 5148 Richmond St., Erie, Pa., Pol.Sci., 16509, 65 

Williams, Rosemary, 3875 Warrensville Ctr., Warrensville, Oh., Pre-Med., 44122 

Wilson, Susan Marian, 2771 E. 29 St., Erie, Pa., Eng., 16501, 136 

Wimbish, Jacqueline E, 100 Standard Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Mgt., 15235 

Winston, Patrick Holland. RD 5, Waterford, Pa., Math, 16441 

Wise, Rodney loel, RD1 AldenSt. Ext., Meadville, Pa., Cr.]., 16335, 108 

Wisinski. Bernard Gene, 508 E. 11 St.. Erie, Pa„ Soc, 16503 

Wisinski. John Alex, 1019 Wallace St., Erie, Pa., Bio., 16510 

Wislinski, Martin, 415 Meredith, Perth Amboy, N.J. , ME, 08861 

Wisniewski, Richard, 1133 Buffalo Rd., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16503 

Wittenburg, Darryl L, 330 Chautauqua Blvd., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16511, 176 

Wodarczyk, Christopher |., 720 Vine St., Erie, Pa., MHC, 16503, 141 

Wojciechowski, Paul E., Clayton Ave., Monroeville, N.J., Pre-Med., 08343, 118 

Wolanin, Mary Ann, 718 Pin Oak Dr., Erie, Pa., Pre-Pharm, 16504 

Wolfe. William Herman. 1906 W. 36 St., Erie. Pa., Mgt., 16508 

Wood. David lohn, 660 Young Rd , Erie, Pa., Bio., 16509, 176 

Worku. Tamerat, P.O. Box 2893, Shoa Ethiopia. Ec, 86 

Wright. David Lee, Box 123, Tionesta, Pa., Rad.Tech, 16353 

Wunsch, Regina M„ 417 Superior Dr., Erie, Pa., Physics, 16505, 57,127 

Wyman, Ross Sterling. 819 Hess Ave., Erie, Pa., Mgt., 16503 

Wynn, Lonietta Essielee, 211 E 11 St., Erie, Pa., S.W.. 16502 

Valasek, Catherine Anne, 8 West Ave., Oil City, Pa., Finance, 16301 

Valyo, David Robert, 133 Cedar Hollow Rd, Paoli. Pa, Cr.J., 19301 

Van Amburg, Mary C, 817 Poplar St., Erie, Pa., SW, 16507 

VanHorn, Kevin Michael, 204 Mohawk Dr , McKeesport, Pa, Mgt , 15135, 83 

Varrato, George Ralph, 108 Wallace Ave., leechburg. Pa., Mgt., 15656 

Vasil, Michael David. 517 E. 36 St., Erie, Pa., Acct., 16504, 141 

Vavro, Theodore Anthony, 512 Brown Ave, Butler. Pa., E.T., 16001, 110 

Veith, Daniel Richard, 5526 Clinton St., Erie, Pa.. Acct.. 16509 

Vergotz. James S, 224 E 28 Si, Erie.Pa, Pol.Sci., 16504 

Vickey, Patty Kathenne, 3927 Wood St.. Erie. Pa. Hum. 16509 

Villella. Mark. 824 Walnut St , Erie.Pa, Pol Sci, 16502 

Vogel. lames Kenneth. 804 E 36 St . Erie. Pa . Prelaw, 16504. 148 

Volgstadt, Sandra I, 5117 West Ave, Erie, Pa. RadTech. 16509 

Yakimovich, Mary E. 886 High St „ Bradford, Pa., S.W., 16701, 176 

Yanichko, Robert Frank, 2040 Vermont Ave., W. Mifflin, Pa., Hist., 15122, 45,134 

Yaple, Nancy Lou, 2425 Fairmount Pkwy, Erie, Pa., Soc. Sci., 16510 

Yeager, Michael George, 855 Park Road, Reading, Pa., M.E., 19610, 127 

Yochim, Timothy Charles, 2648 Cherry St , Erie, Pa., MHC, 16508 

Young. Daniel William, 502 Raspberry St.. Erie, Pa., Gen.Sci., 16507, 83 

Young, loseph H, 224 E 11 St , Erie, Pa., MHC, 16503 

Young, William Anthony, 141 East 34 St, Erie, Pa., I.E., 16504, 128,154,176 

Wagner, Mary, 609 W. 9 St.. Erie. Pa, Eng, 16502. 140.158.175 

Walk, Edward loseph. 602 limber Rd. Meadville, Pa, Gen.Sci, 16335, 175 

Walker. Gerald Eugene. 783 Griffith. Aliquippa. Pa , Cr I , 15001. 91 

Wallace. Richard Daniel, 43 Wagner St. Carnegie. Pa. Ml, 15106. 42.122 

Walsh, lohn Andrew, RD 3, linesville. Pa , Phil. 16424 

Walsh. Thomas Patrick. 568 Bemenl Ave . New York, NY . Mgt, 10310, 114,124 

Walters, Annie R. 11261 26 St . Erie, Pa , Soc So. 16503, 175 

Walter, Diane Clara, 23 <i Highland Ave . Youngsville. Pa , Psych, 16371. 36.44 

Ward, Thomas R, 1718 W 39 St. Erie. Pa . Mgt, 16509 

Warholak. Andrew |r. 17 Watson St, Carnegie, Pa . EE. 15106 

Warner, Eugene R , 411 Kelso Dr, lot 18, Erie.Pa, Und . 16505 

Warren, Anne Marie, 3041 W 32 St. Erie, Pa, SW. 16506 

Warus, lames Daniel, 324 lake Avenue. Erie, Pa. Chem. 16511, 175 

Warus/ewski. Daniel T , 816 Hess Ave , Erie. Pa, Bio, 16503. 176 

Waschek, lohn Francis, RD 3, Moscow, Pa , Acct, 18444 

Wasson, Maria lean. RD 1 Leslie Rd. Meadville. Pa, Acct.. 16335 

Wasylosky. lanet. 292 Morgan St , Lowr Burrell, Pa . Med. Tech.. 15068 

Wasylosky, loan, 292 Morgan St. Lowr Burrell. Pa., Cr.l, 15068 

Watson. Mary Ellen. 1127 5 Ave. Ford City. Pa . MHC. 16226 

Wawr/yniak, Gary Andrew, 1347 Lynn Si, Erie.Pa, Mgt, 16503. 176 

Wawr/yniak. Wanna Alice. 1109W18SI. Erie.Pa, Pol Sci , 16502, 139,154 

Way, David Allan, 1824 Zimmerly Rd . Erie.Pa. Cr.l, 16509, 134,176 

Way, Mark loseph. 20 Glenwood Dr . OilCily.Pa, Pol.Sci, 16301 

Wayne, Mark lames, 200Guinnip Ave . Elmira. NY, Mgt. 14905, 114 

Weaver. William Franklin, 438W7SI.. Erie, Pa., EE, 16502, 122 

Webber, Wilson I. RD 1, E Springfld. Pa . Acct, 16411 

Weber, Alphonsr Steven, 301-10St, N Kensington, Pa., I.E.. 15068 

Weber, loseph Francis, 9434 Ridge Rd, Middleporl, NY., Cr.|., 14105, 91,130 

Weber Walter William, 324 '; Cherry St , Erie, Pa., Hist, 16507 

Wiegmann, lohn Robert, 630 Colorado Dr.. Erie, Pa. Mgt., 16505 

Weiss. Alfred George. 340 Blacksmith Rd. Camphill. Pa , For Lang.. 17011 

Weilhman. Ann loyce. 3929 Eliol Road, Erie, Pa., SW, 16508. 176 

Welsh, Amy Rose, 22 Greenbush Si , Pittsburgh, Pa , Hum, 15211, 36,45 

Welsh, Thomas lohn, 1147W36SI, Erie, Pa , Cr | , 16508 

Wen/el, Roger S . 121 Gould Si, Corry, Pa , Mgt, 16407 

Werle, Donald Nelson, 431 Pittsburgh Ave . Erie, Pa, Acct, 16505 

Werner, C arl Konrad, 201 Madison St , St Marys, Pa , Acct, 15857, 107 

Werner, Robert loseph, 438 W 7 St, Erie, Pa , Pol Sci, 16502, 86,176 

Wesrhler.loann, 1118 Wayne St, Erie, Pa , SW, 16503 

Westphal, Mar|one lord. 304 Cherokee Dr. Erie. Pa , MHC, 16505, 176 

Wheelei, Robert Michael. 406 Vermont Ave . Erie. Pa. Soc, 16505 

Whipple', Charles A , 1443 E 31 St. Erie, Pa , IE. 16504 

While, David Vrooman, 558W6SI, Erie. Pa. Hist . 16501, 110 

White. Gerry Russell, RD2, Corry, Pa, Pre-Med, 16407 

While, lames Douglas, 813 Oakmonl Ave , Erie, Pa , Pre-Med, 16505 

While. Nels Anthony, 1738 W 36 St, Erie, Pa, Pol Sci , 16508 

Wichrowski, Mark Vincent, 14 Cathedral, Cheeklowaga, N Y , Bus, 14225 

Wiefling, Ronald Robert. 202 Chipper Dr , Clenshaw, Pa , EE, 15116 

Wiehagen, loseph Edward. 2537 Rose Dr. Clenshaw. Pa , I.E., 15116 

Wiele. howski, Cynthia, 103 River Heights Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa , MHC, 15209 

Wn-s/c /yk, Raymond |r , 4612 Basin C ire le, Erie, Pa, EE, 16509, 122 

Wildes, leonardD, 1128 Post Ave, Erie, Pa , Sot, 16508 

Wiler. Frank Paul, 544 F 27 St . Erie.Pa, Bio, 16504 

Wilhelm. lames Fred. 2921 Hampton Rd. Erie, Pa, Comm, 16508 

Zacherl, Lemoyne Thomas. 128 Main St, Clarion, Pa, Acct, 16214, 110 

Zacherl. Henry loseph, RD2, OilCily.Pa, Mgt, 16301 

Zambroski. Mara Ann, 428 W. 10 St, Erie.Pa, Soc, 16502 

Zameroski, Allen P. 340 Rock Si, Ridgway. Pa, Acct, 15853 

Zannelli. lames Libby. 260 South Ave, Bradford, Pa, Psych, 16701, 48,152 

Zawislowski, Leonard A, 4142 Pine Ave, Erie, Pa, Cr.J, 16504 

Zawistowski. Thomas R, 4142 Pine Ave, Erie.Pa, Gen.Sci, 16504 

Zawistoski. Michael Paul, 2049 W. 25 Si, Erie.Pa, Chem, 16502 

Zecca, Kenneth A, Evr. Comm. Area Box 4011, APO New York, NY, Mgt, 09633 

Zecca, Louis Thomas, Evr. Comm. Area Box 4011, APO New York, NY, Mgt, 0963 

Zehna, Francis lohn, 3908 Dauphin Pkwy, Erie.Pa, EE, 16506 

Zielinski. Robert M . 729 E. 12 Si, Erie.Pa, Acct, 16503 

Zietonis. GaryPeler, 349 Sporting Hill Rd, Mechanicsburg, Pa, Math, 17055, 38 

Zimmer, Douglas Irvin, 326 (Harvey St, Erie.Pa, Bio, 16511 

Zimmer, lames Michael, 2421 Cranberry St, Erie.Pa, Acct, 16502 

Zimmerman. Kathryn A, 2061 W. 24 St, Erie.Pa, Med. Tech, 16502 

Zivic, Bruce Allan, 119 E. Eugene Ave, Munhall, Pa, Ml., 15120 

Zuber, Gary Edward, 957 East 31 Si, Erie.Pa, Chem, 16504, 176 

Zuk, William, 3194 W 25 St, Cleveland, Ohio. Math, 44109, 112 

Zuraw, John Francis, 646 Oakmont Ave, Erie.Pa, Math, 16505, 41,127,176 

1973-74 Faculty- 
Administration Index 

Aburachis, Dr. Abdelrahman T., Economics 

Acri, Michael ]., Philosophy 

Adams, Dr. Paul K., History 

Alberstadt, John, Accounting 

Angotti, Dr. Frank F., History 

Babowicz, Edward B., English 

Bell, Jack T., Alumni Director, 

Bennett, Charles A., Economics 

Brasfield, Dr. James M., Political Science 

Bressan, Joseph L, Accounting 

Brinkle, Lydle F., Geography 

Carney, William J., Languages 

Cicero, Raymond F., Evening Session Director 

Comerford, SGM Steven, ROTC 

Crispo, Rev. Dr. Alphonse, Philosophy 

DeFazio, David M., Management 

DeSante, Rev. Dr. Paul, English 

Dipre, Rev. Dr. Gilio, Philosophy 

Dowdy, Robert, Athletics 

Dunford, Richard J., Vice Pres. — Student Personnel Services 

Eichelsdorfer, David R., Management 

Elwell, Howard J., Athletics 

Emeruwa, Dr. Hart, Education 

Fin, Rev. Dr. Robert, Languages 

Finegan, Owen T., Dean of Sciences 

Fitzgibbon, Dr. John, Theology 

Fleming, Dr. John, Psychology 

Frew, Dr. David, MBA Director 

Gamble, Kenneth, Psychology 

Gammon, Dr. Richard, Biology 

George, Ivan, Athletics 

Gilewicz, John P., Earth Science 

Girard, David, Psychology 

Gregorek, Rev. Joseph, Biology 

Griesacker, Dr. Paul, Physics 

Gross, Sue, Head Resident-North Hall 

Groszkiewicz, Frank W., Electrical Engineering 

Haas, Rev. Francis, Director of Open University 

Herbstritt, Dr. Richard, Director of Admissions 

Hesch, Dr. George, Chemistry 

Isa, Dr. Ismaila, Mechanical Engineering 

Janota, John, Head Resident-North Hall 

Jiang, Thomas, Electrical Engineering 

Kelly, Phillip, English 

Kelvington, Dr. James, Philosophy 

Kennedy, Charles L., Political Science 

Kim Dr. Hyun Soo, Physics 

Kirkpatrick, M. Jude, Sociology 

Kohlmiller, Dr. Elmer, Biology 

Kosar, Dr. Halit, Mechanical Engineering 

Lander, Capt. Joseph, ROTC 

Latimer, William, Management 

Levin, Shirley, Speech 

Lorei, Rev. Msgr. Louis, Dean of Humanities 

Lucas, Terry, Athletics 

Lundy, Dr. Charles, Graduate, Guidance 

Malone, SSG Walter, ROTC 

Manilla, Ron, Tennis Coach 

Markey David, Athletics 

McCracken, Ward, Head Resident-Wehrle Hall 

McCullough, Rev. James, Math 

McKelvey, Charles, Sociology 

McLaughlin, Joseph W, Guidance ; 

McSweeney, Rev. Thomas, Speech & Drama 

Miller, Thomas C, Engineering 

Minkiel, Rev. Dr. Stephen, Philosophy 

Minot, Dr. Walter S., English 

Morris, R. Michael, Speech & Drama 

Nash, Rev. Msgr. Wilfred J., President 

Niebling, Rev. Dr. Howard, Fine Arts 

Orbanek, Rev. Gerald, Theology 

O'Toole, Rev. Dr. Austin, Biology 

Palmer, Dr. James, Engineering 

Pelczar, Dr. Francis, Chemistry 

Peterson, Rev. James, Theology 

Pietrzak, Richard, Chemistry 

Pizzat, Dr. Frank J., Director of Psychological Science 

Prah, Rev. John, Philosophy 

Quinn, Kevin, Comptroller 

Reinhard, Dr. Gregor, Political Science 16- 

Renner, Dennisk, English 

Reuwer, Mary Pat, Guidance 

Riddle, Capt. Ronald, ROTC 

Robbins, Capt. Philip R., ROTC 

Rossi, John F. Jr., Director of Development 

Roth, Andrew P. Jr., English 

Rouch, Dr. John S., English 

Sague, Dr. Miguel, Language 

Scalise, Mary Lou, Language 

Schanz, Rev. Dr. John, Theology 

Sciamanda, Rev. Robert, Physics 

Sefcik, James, History 

Selvaggi, Jerry A., Engineering 

Sitter, Dr. Richard, Physics 

Smith, Dr. Charles, English 

Speice, Rev. Lawrence, Coordinator of Development, 

Public Relations, & Alumni 
Starrett, Canon Warren, Theology 

Strohmeyer, Rev. George, Coordinator of Freshmen Seme es 
Sullivan, Rev. Richard, Theology 
Susa, Rev. Robert, Economics 
Susko, Dr. John, Economics 
Szendrey, Dr. Thomas, History 
Thompson, Fred D., Director of Education 

Opportunity Programs 
Thorn, Christopher C, Director of Public Relations 
Treiber, James A., Director of Financial Aid 
Vales, Dr. Robert L., English 
Vetrone, Leonard, Engineering 
Volpe, Ronald, Marketing 
Waldron, Dr. John, Dean of Business 
Walsh, Gerard, History 
Wardell, Patrick, Social Work 
Warren, Maj. Richard, ROTC 
Weber, Dr. Berta, Languages 
Wedzik, Alphonse, Registrar 
Wehrer, Dr. Robert, Education 
Welch, George G., English 
Wright, Ernest, Finance 
Yehl, Rev. Addison, Chemistry 
Zafiropoulos, Andreas, Finance 
Zagorski, Stanley, Biology 

Student Organizations 
Index 1973-74 

Alpha Kappa Psi 




Alpha Phi Delta 


Mental Health Club 


Alpha Psi Omega 


Pershing Rifles 


American Society of Mechanical Engineers127 

Pi Gamma Mu 


Baseball Team 


Pi Kappa Alpha 


Basketball learn 


Political Science&Pre-Law Clubs 


Beta Beta Beta 




Blue Key 


Resident Advisors 


Cardinal Key 


Rifle Team 


Chemistry Club 


Saint Thomas More Club 


Criminal Justice Club 


Scabbard and Blade 


Cross Country Team 




Delta Chi 


Soccer Team 


Delta Sigma Phi 


Social Work Club 


Dorm Councils 


Society of Physics Students 


Gamma Chi 


Sociology Club 


Gamma Sigma Mu 


Spanish Club 


German Club 


Student Senate 


Golf [earn 


Talisman Players 


Hockey Team 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 


Institute of Electrical and Electronics 

Tennis Team 






Interfraternity Council 


Women's Commission 






LANCE Staff Says Thanks 

On behalf of all Gannon College students, 
we wish to express gratitude to the more 
than one hundred friends of the College 
for their contributions to the 1974 Lance. 

John W. Andrews 

Anthony's Lounge 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Barrett 

Russ Baer 

Isaac Baker & Son, Inc. 

Mrs. H.D. Barnes 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Belleau 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Berkheimer Sr. 

George A. Blair Painting Co. 

Mr. Douglas H. Brownsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bucher 

Mr. & Mrs. N.J. Buyan 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chunko 

Raymond F. Cicero 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cipicchio 

Mr. & Mrs. FredS. Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. William L.CIine 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Colucci 

Mrs. Francis Coogan 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Davis 

Mrs. Helen DiPerna 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Duffy 

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Durkin 

Eastland Bowl, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin G. Engel 

Erie Book Store 

Erie Brewing Co. 

Erie Disposal Co. 

Erie Foundry Co. 

Ernestine Finster 

Katherine C. Flicker 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Flowers 

Harold J. Forquer, Sr. 

Msgr. John M. Gannon 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Gicale 

Rev. Joseph C. Gregorek 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. Griffey 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Gross 

Halle Brothers 

Mr. & Mrs. James Hanson 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Harz 

Hess Bros. Guild Opticians 

Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Hooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund E. Hoell 

Holy Rosary Church 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Hynes 

Manuel F. Iglesias 

Edward J. Jerge 

Mrs. Genevieve Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. John H.Kahabka 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Kelin Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kirkner 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Knafelc 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kobielski 

Joseph A. Kobylinski Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Koza 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Lapinski 

Katherine Latcovich 

Mr. & Mrs. Casimir Lis 

Msgr. Louis Lorei 

Lynch Camera Inc. 

Martuccies Tavern 

Mr. & Mrs. George Maxted 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McAleer 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCarthy 

Mr. & Mrs. S.W. McElhenny 

Fred McSweeney 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Minnaugh Jr. 

Mr. P. Victor Moore Sr. 

Mrs. Thomas Mullaney 

Carmen Musone 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Narkevic 

Msgr. Wilfred J. Nash 

Rev. Howard Niebling 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Nugent 


William H.Penfold 

Lou Porreco Motors 

Mr. & Mrs. Al J. Piotrowicz 

John K. Pistner 

George Pokrajac 

Mr. & Mrs. John Prez 

Mrs. Rita Quinlan 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Resnick 


Justice Samuel J. Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Rogers 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Rossi Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert A. Rydzewski 

Mr. & Mrs. William Sapone 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scarantino 

Sandy Scrimenti 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Sell 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sepede 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Smith 

Spelta's Haouse of Formal Wear 

Mrs. Josephine Stoczynski 

Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Straub 

Fr. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Swiner 

Charles M.TaftSr. 

Takis Restaurant 

Mr. & Mrs. Kalman Talaber 

Robert B. Taylor 

Times Publishing Co. 

Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Valyo 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Waruszewski 

Dr. Weber 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Werner 

Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Wiegmann 

Raymond J. Wiehagen 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Zacherl 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Zacherl 

Thomas J. & Nora L. Zivic 

Bucyrus-Erie Co. 

1521 Raspberry 

Lyons Transportation Lines, Inc. 

138 E. 26th Street 

Warren Radio, Inc. 

1315 Peach Street 


1974 Lance Staff 

Editor-in-Chief Peg Orler 

Copy Editor Mary Grumblatt Wagner 

Features Editor Diane Cantoni 

Copy Staff Bob Hirsh, Pat Reaney, 

Gretchen Heintz, Debbie 
Ruggiero, Kathy Zimmer- 

Layout Editor Mari Straub 

Layout Staff Janie Hejmowski, Darlene 


Organizations Editor Michelle Ostrowski 

Seniors Editor Karen Connell 

Sports Editor Dave Stoczynski 

Business Manager Danette DiPerna 

Typists Jude Kirk, Molly Mosier 

Coordinator of Photographic Services J. Martin Seroka 

Assistant Andy Warholak 

Photography Staff Steve Fensel, Jim 

Faculty Advisor Dennis K. Renner 


In May, 1973 there was talk of discontinuing the Lance. Administrative officials wondered if the yearbook 
was truly representative of all students. The students rebelled against the idea of losing the only tangible 
collection of memories they would take away from Gannon. The Student Senate rejected the Administra- 
tion's suggestion, and students grumbled for days. 

After the initial suggestion of the Administration, an edition of the yearbook was published that did not 
meet the students' expectations. Nevertheless, students still wanted the journalistic publication to remain at 

It was due to the initiative and cooperation of these Gannon individuals and organizations that this year's 
edition was successful. 

I especially thank my associate editors for their creativity and endurance, Father Sullivan for his slides, 
Howard Elwell for his assistance from the Athletic Department, Tom Laskowski for his advice and materials, 
and most importantly our faculty advisor, Dennis K. Renner, for his guidance, encouragement, and 

February, 1974 Peg Orler, Editor 

Erie, Pennsylvania 



Professor of English 
October 13, 1913— January 22, 1974 


Dean of Sciences 
September 16, 1915— March 8, 1974