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Full text of "Landmarks of Toronto; a collection of historical sketches of the old town of York from 1792 until 1837, and of Toronto from 1834 to 1904"

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Reference Departm ent. 


nt:"c 8 1933 







from 1792 until 1837 


Toronto from 1834 to 19 0 4 


Nearly Three Hundred Engravings of the Churches of Toronto 
Embracing the Picture of Every 
hurch Obtainable 
from 1800-1904. 






J:Dto.!red aoeordin&, to the Act of the Parliament of Canada in the year on" tboURa.Oa 
hundred a.nd tour, by J. Ross ROBERTSON, at the Department of AgriC1llt!lre. Ottawa. 


DEC 8 1933 


s the fourth volume or senes of "The lAmdmarkø of Toronto.. 
which I have issued. The sketches hare all appeared as with former 
, in the columns of The Toronto Evening Tel
, and the Inter- 
est awakened by the reading of the history c: an important feature in civic 
Ufe-that of the history of the churches, Induces me to continue the issa.e 
of the Ludrnarks in this forn1. 
The three precooing volumes 8l'e nearly out of print, the first volume 
absolutely. The merit of. the first volume is testified to by the fact 
although issued at $2 a volume It Is now $6, and very difficult to 
No book of its kind in Canada has commandOO. more attention than the 
volumes which record the lüe and hIstory of the capital c
ty of Ontario 
from 1792-1903, and the fact that at tills date It NOuld iJe impossible to get 
togetter the information and engravings which embellish the first volume, 
makes the earlier volumes all th-e more interesting. 
The La.J.omarks are to be found in the great libraries of the world, at 
the British Museum, The Guildhall Library, and The United Service Institu- 
tion in London, England, The National Libraries at Paris, at Berlin and 
Vienna, am in many of the small'er libraries, not only public, but private, in 

 Britah and the United States. 
The Landmarks of Toronto are the only volumes ever published that 
give in detail the history of the old Town of York and of the City of 
Toronto, with historic pictures of men and places, maps and plans and 
other records that are of vital interest, noi: only to the pioneers, but to their 
cb.Udren of the present generation. 
If the 3,000 pages containoo in the four volumes, with 600 1llustrations. 
had not been first publishoo in the columns of The Toronto Evening Tele- 
gra.m they could not be issuoo under a cost of $5 a volume. 
Their valu 3 may be shown in the fact that two sets of the three volumes. 
extra illustrated, have been SOL... by a bookseller, one to Lhe Public Library 
in Toronto, :wd another set to a private collector for $150 for each set. 
Copies of this volume may be had by sending $2 to The Evening Tele- 
gram Office, Toronto. Volumes II. and IlL may also be obtained. Oooasion- a copy of Volume I. is offered for sale, but at the increased price of $6, 
and where collectors desire that volume it may be possible, scarce as It 1B. 
to obtain it. 
Of this, the fourth volume, only a limited Dumber have been i
as it will not be reprinted, those who desire a copy should subscribe as BOOD 
er its issue as possible. 
The engravings in aU the volum
s are copyright, and cannot be n- 
publishoo in any other form except by permission. 
Every effort has been made to make the historT of the churches c0m- 
plete, and it is expected that every church and 
very member wil1 sub- 
scribe for at least one copy. 
Eaeh volume has a complete Inð...A, nM only of the subject matter but 
of tho f11 n c:!tr",tj"n<:_ 
Tlr1 t}Jp E>-;
 volume ñlrnishes to the people of To- 
ronto a un!qm conection 

l chtl1"c'h 'history that must interest all who 
are Interested in local clmrch history and its work in this 
ity during the 
 than century of years that have rolled by since the old Town of 
YOI1!:: was f01J1lded. 




Introrluctory Remarks-Their Or- 
igin and Growth-Their Minis- 
isters, Officials and Leading 
Memb"t>rs, with Other Particu- 
Jars ." '.. ... '" ... ..... 
Trinity - An Historic Church 
-Full of Years and Honours 
St. Gf"or
e's-The First West End 
lkan Parish-Some Not- 
ablp Parishion"'"s '" ... ... 
Sr. Paul's-The Olfl-time York- 
viJIe Place of Worship-The 
Grammar School '" ." .... 
Holy Trinity-The First Free and 
Open Chur"h in Toronto - A 
Gift from England ... ... .. 

t. Ftpphpn' 
 The First Church In 
the CHv West of Spadina Ave- 
nne-Its Founder ... ... ... 
St. .John's-Thoe OJd Military 
;l-Its History and De- 
velopmpnt '" '" ... ... ... 
Cemetpry Chapel-The Predeces- 
sor of the prpsent St. Peter's, 
How the Work was Extended 33 
St. Pptpr'R-The Origin of the 
C'hnr('h-Who Originated the 
BuiJcling-The First Memb'ers 
CbttTC'h of the Redeemf"r-Thp sec- 
on(l YorkvlJJe Church-Those 
Who Runt It-A Long Pastor- 
ate... .. .... .. ....... 
at. Lu)re's-The First Frame 
Church and Its Succes80r-A 
Proeperous Work... ... ... 


A11 Saint.8'-An Offshoot from 8t. 
Luke's and Holy TrinIty-A 
Large Congregation '" ... .. 46 
St. Andrew's-The summer ehureh 
on the Island-Its Ministers 11 
2 St. Bartholomew's-An Eaet Ene.! 
Rectory In a Qufoet Neighbour- 
hood ... ". ... ... ... .... IS 
Church of the Ascensfon-A Down- 
town Parish In Memory of 
Canon BaJdwln .., '.. 
St. Matthias-A Typical ßlgh 
Church Service antI Con
tlon '" ... .., ... ... .... a 
I St. Thomas-A Prosperous CongTe- 
gatfon Fonned from Sma]] .Be- 
24/ ginnin

 iVrii.' .... 6S 
Grace - A Church Fonned from 
Holy Trinity Congregation.. 15 
29 St. PhiUp's-A West End Parish 
with a Pleasln
 Rpf'nrcl .. 
St. Mary Magdalene-A Hearty 
Service and Rltual-A WeIT- 
worked Parish ... ... ... ... 11 
St. Mary tb-e Virgln-A North-weøt 

. .


. Y.


St. AJban's Cathedral-The Cath- 
edral Church of the Diocese f!t. 
Toronto ... ... ... ... ... .. 84 
Trinity College-The handeomll 
University Chapel and læ m
tory ... '" ... ... ... .... 88 








8t. A!lne's and St. Olave's-The ! Christ Church, Deer Park - A 
st Brockto!l Place of Wor- I Pretty Suburban Church with 
ShIP for AnglIc8JJft ... ... .. 88 I Many Earnest Workers. .. .. 117 
Church of the Messiah-An Archi- Tent Church - The Summer 
tectural Gem in the Northern I Church Where Gathers a Con- 
Suburbs ... '" '.. .'. .... 91 I gregaUon of AU Denomina- 
CHAPTER XXVI. tions ... ... ... ... ... ..... 111 
St.. Cyprian'g-A Small Chureh I CHAPTER XLI. 
with an Excellent Record ... 92 St. Augustine-A BuiJding Which 
CHAPTER XXVll. I was nearly lost to the mem- 
st. Mark's, .Parkdale-An Ener- bers of the Anglican body, 119. 601 

eUc Rector and a Very Large CHAPTER XLII 
Congregation ... ... ... .... 9-' The Presbyterian Churche
CHAPTER XXVIll. I fatory Remarks - The First 
8l Sfmon's-An Edifice in' the Toronto Presbyterians and 
North-eaBt Part of the City Their Places of Worship- 
with a Pleasing History ..... 9G I Growth of Presbyterianism .. no 
St. Barnabas-The Anglican PI
 St. Andrew's. King Street West- 
of Worship Built on the Old The First Toronto Presbyter- 
Givens ProP'ertv ... ". ..... 99 I Ian Church - Its Minisrers 
CHAPTER. XXX. from the Beginning-Some In- 
Church of the Epiphany-An Oft- I cidents of Striking Interest.. nl 
shoot from St. Mark's with an CHAPTER XLIV. 
Excellent Record ... '" .... 101 I Knox Church-A Church with an 
CHAPTER. XXXI. I Unprecedented Record in a 
St Matthew's-An East End Par- I Busy Part of.the City... ... 214 
ish with a Very Handsome I CHAPTER XLV. 
Edifice '" ... ... .. _ ... ... 103 1 Duch'ess Street Mission-Useful 
CHAPTER XXXII. Organization in a Poor and 
B1. Martin's-The Church Known Populous District ... ... ... 223 
as "St. Martin's-in-the-Fields" 105 : CHAPTER XLVI. 
CHAPTER XXXIII. I , Old St. Andrew.s Chnrch-A Pres- 
at. Margaret's-A Hearty Service, byterian Congregation with a 
with an Energetic Rector and Long and Pro
rf'Ssivf' Record 225 
United PeoDle ... '" ... ... 106 CHAPTER XLVII. 
CHAPTER XXXIV. I Cooke's Church-One of the Prin- 
St. Clement's-The Only Anglican cipal Organizations in the 
Church In the Extreme East Presbyterian Denomination ., 233 
End of th'e City .., ... .... 107 CHAPTER XL VIII. 
CHAPTER XXXV. LeslieviHe Church-The First 
St. John's, Norway-A Pretty I Presbytf'rian Place of Worship 
Country Church. with its Off- I East of thf' Don ... ... .... 231 
ehoot at Chester ... ... ..... 110 CHAPTER XLIX. 
CHAPTER XXXVI. I St. James' Presbyterian-Largl"' 
8t. Mark's, Toronto Junction-The and Influential Congregation- 
First Anglican Church Built In Excellent Work Accomplished 23t 
That Part of York Township.. 113 1 CHAPTER L. 
CHAPTER XXXVII. St. John's-United and Large Con- 
St. John's, Toronto Junction-On gregation with a Pleasing Re- 
the Old Humber Plains With- I cord. .. ... ... ." .,. ..... 24. 
in sig-ht of th-e Lake ... ... 115 1 CHAPTER LI. 
CHAPTER XXXVIIT. Charles Street Presbyterfan-A 
St. mement's, Eglinton-A Pretty I Prosperous Place of Worship 
North Toronto Church Con. on Charles Street, now Re- 
nected with York :\'IiUs ... .. 116 moved to Bloor Street East.. 241 



I2rskfne Presbyterian-Large and St. Paul's Presbyterian-A Flour- 
Handl50me Church Wh
 iShing Congregation which at 
Many Useful Men HaTe Minis- First Worshipped in a Carpen- 
tered ... ." ... ... ... ... m t-er's Shop ... ". ... ... .. .185 
Central Presbyterian-o
e a Su- Bonar Presbyterian-A Band of 
burban Church. now in the I Enthusiastic Workers Make 
Midst of the City, has a 
s- Continued and Substantial 
ing History ... ... ... ..... 258 Progress ... ... ... ... .... 181 
Conege Street Presbyterian - A . . 
Prosperous and United Con- West 
Flrst P
gregation with a Record for I terlan Church In West End-- 
Useful Work ... ... ... ... 263 Mission Work Progress ..... 231 
Reformro Presbyterian-Faithful Church of the Covenant-A North 
to Old Traditions and Ideals- End Congregation Whieh bas 
Neither Organ or Hymn Book 266 Surmounted Many Difticultleø 290 
Parkrtale Presbyterian-A West Cowan Ave. Presbyterian-Park- 
End Church-Its Inception, De- dale Presbyterians Who Haft 
velopment and Progress .... 268 Done Earnest and ExceIleDt 
CHAPTER LVII. Work ... ... ... ... ... .. 291 
Independent Presbyterian-Earn- CHAPTER LXIX. 
est Band of Workers Who Or- Deer Park Presbyterian-A Pretty 
ganized a Church Outside of Church Which was Long Ago 
GeIl'eral Body ... ... ... .... !72 a Mission Sunday School .... 293 
Bloor Street Presbyterlan-Hand- East Presbyterian-Now KnoW'll 
some Church and Large Con- as St. Giles'-Formerly a MIø- 
greg-ation in North-west Part sion Originating in the "S1x- 
of City ... ... ... ... ... .. 273 ties" . .. ... ... ... ... .... !94 
St. Enoch's Presbyterian-An East South Side Presbyterian-A COD- 
End Church with Peopl-e and gregation Originally Organ- 
Pastor Always in Unison.... !76 ired Under Very Great Dim- 
CHAPTER LX. cuUies ". ... ... ... .'. .. sot 
Chalmers' Presbyterian-A Flour- CHAPTER LXXII. 
ishing West End Con grega- St. Andrew's Institute--A Social 
tion in a Suburban Netghbour- and Religious Influence Exer- 
hood ... ... ... ... ... .... 278 I clsed Wisely for Many Year'B 300 
St. Mark's Presbyterian - A York Presbyterian:-A Suburban 
Church Where in 1860 the Church which has Accomplish- 
"Wild Flowers O'er the 3ð 
Plain" Grew and Flourished.. 280 ed Much Useful Work ... ... 3 
Fern Avenue Presbyterian-uSlow St. Michael's Cathedral-The Cath- 
but Sure"-A Small Church, edral Church of Toronto DiOo 
but a Congregation Filling cese--Its Hierarchy and its 
Every Seat ... _.. ... ... .. 283 Clergy ... .. - .. . .. ... .. 308 
Dovercourt Road Presbyterian-A St. Paul's Roman Catholic-The 
Sman Congregation from First Roman Catholic Church 
Which "t;'vceUent Results Are Erected in the City-Some of 
Obtained ... ... ... ... .... 284 its Notable Rectors ... ..... 315 



St. Mary's, Rom
n Catholic-The Carlton Street Methodist-Large 
Earliest West End Place of and Flourishing Congregation 
Worship Erected by the Ro- with a good record... ... .. 357 
man Catholics ... ... ... .. 320 CHAPTER LXXXIX. 
CHAPTER LXXVII. Berkeley Street Methodist-The 
St. Baeil's, Roman Catholic-Fam- Old Place of Worship for East 
ous for its Educational as well End Methodists ... ... .... 361 
as Parochial Work... ... .. 323 CHAPTER XC. 
CHAPTER LXXVIII, Sherbourne Street Methodist- 
Our Lady of Lourdes-The The Handsomest Church in 
Church of the Archiepiscopal Central Toronto... ... ..... 363 
Palace in the North-east of CHAPTER XCI. 
the City ... ... ... ... ..... 328 Bathurst Street Methodist-Marks 
CHAPTER LXXIX. Expansion of Toronto's 
St. H
len's, Roman Catholic-- Methodist Churches ... .... 364 
Once the Parish Church of CHAPTER XCII. 
the Suburb of Brockton ..... 333 Agnes Street Methodist-Story of 
 Origin, its Founder and 
St. Patrick's, Roman Catholic - I FIrst Pastor ... ... ... ... 3Ga 
FJourishing West End Congre- I CHAPTER XCIII. 
gation in ChargE> of Redempt- Queen Street Methodist-A con- 
orIst Fathers ... ... ... ... 335 gregation worshipping in the 
CHAPTER LXXXI. Vicinity since the UThirties" 370 
St. Peter's and St. Cecilia's-Off-! CHAPTER XCIV. 
shoots respectively from St. I ' Yonge Street Methodist - The 
Mary's and St. Helen's Par- Most Northerly Methodist 
lshes ... ... ... ... ... ... 338: Church in the City ... ... .. 371 
Church of the Sacred Heart-The I St. Paul's Methodist-A Handsome 
Only French Congregation in i Strudure, with a Large Con- 
onto-Formerly a Presby- I gregation ... ... ... ... ... 371 
terian Church ... ... ... ... 339 CHAPTER XCVI. 
CHAPTER LXXXIII. i Dunn Ave. Methodist-The Hand- 
St. JOS'eph's, LeslieviUe--Where I somest Ecclesiastical Struc- 
Earnest Work has Accom- i ture in the West End... ... 371 
pUshed Splendid Results .... 340, CHAPTER XCVII. 
CHAPTER LXXXIV. : ParUament Street Methodist-A 
The Methodist Body-A brief re- Pioneer Church in the Relig- 
sume of the Rise and Progress lous Life of the East End. .. 379 
of That Denomination in Tor- CHAPTER XCVIII. 
onto ." ... ... ... ... .... 342 Broadway Tabernacle--An Impos- 
Richmond Street Methodist-The ! ing Bunding Where Once 
"Cathedral of Methodism" in I Stood the Military "Block- 
Ontario-Its Earlier Pastors. 342 I house" ... '.' ... ... ... .. 384 
The MetropoUtan-Church with i Centennial Methodist-A North 
an Eventful History of Nearly I End Church Doing Quiet but 
a Century '.' ... ... ... .. 348 Effective Work .., ... ..... 387 
Central Methodist-First Metho- I Wood green Methodist - Named 
dist Church in Northern Por- After Two Wen-known Metho- 
tion of Toronto ... ... ..... 350 I . di8t Ministers ... ... ... ... 38'1 
E]m Street Methodist-Prosperous : Perth Avenu'e Methodist-A Small 
Church in One of the Poorer Church Which has had Many 
City Districts ... ... ... ... 353 Difficulties ... ... ... ... .. 389 



C1inton Street lVIethodist-A Con- West Toronto Methodist-A Hand- 
gregaUon Which has from the some Church Where Once 
First been Progressive .., .. 390 were Brickfields ... ... .... 411 
Wesley Church, Dundas Slreet- Davhwille Methodist-Semi-rural 
Built on Land Which in 1860 Church in the Northern Sub- 
was used for an Orchard ... 392 urbs ... ... ... ... ... .... 412 
St. Clarens Avenue Methodist- Hope Methodist, Little York- 
The First Methodist Church Handsome Church in the Ran- 
in the Old Brockton Suburb.. 394 way Suburb ... ... ... .... 415 
Euclid Avenue Methodist-An Off- Eglinton :\-lethodist--once a Conn- 
shoot from Que'en St. \Ves' try, now a Suburban Congre- 
Congregation ... ... ... ... 395 gation ... ... ... ... ... .. 41T 
Epworth Methodist-A Small Un- St. Alban's, Methodist-The Old 
pretentióm; Building-An Off- Parkda!e Mis.sion-Some Suc- 
shoot from Bathurst Street.. 397 cessful \Vork ... ... ... ... 418 
Gerrard Street Methodist - Situ- Davenport Mehodist-A Sw.burban 
ated in the Midst of a Work- Place of Worship Founded in 
the "Forties" ... ... ... .... 4:20 
men's District ... ... ..... 398 CHAPTER CXXIl. 
CHAPTER CVIII. Free l\l'ethodist-Independent Con- 
Queen Street Methodist-An Old , gregation 'Vorking on Metho- 
Suburban Church Around · I dist Principles ... ... ..... 4:20 
Which are many Memories.. 400 CHAPTER CXXIII. 
CHAPTER CIX. The Bautist Body-History of the 
Westmoreland Moethodist-Result Ris
 and Progress of That De- 
of Perseverance in Church nomination of 'Christians in 
Work and Extension ... ... 401 the City. .. .. .... ." ... .. 422 
CHAPTER CX. Jarvis St. Baptist-A Most Feeble 
Simpson Avenue M-ethodist - An CongreJ!ation in 1829. CrowD- 
Offshoot of Woodgreen and ed with Success in Later 
Queen East Congregations .. 402! Years ... .,. ... '" ... ... 422 
Trinity Methodist-The Handsom- . Bloor St. Baptist-Church with a 
est Ecclesiastical Building in Phenomena}]y Successful Era 
That Portion of Toronto .... 403 -Its Internal Growth ... ... 4:30 
Crawford Street Methodist-For- : 1 Dovercourt Road Baptist--out- 
merly was known as Berean come of an Energetic Mission 
Church ... ... ... ... ... .. 404 i -Beautiful and Commodious 
CHAPTER CXIII. I ' Structure ... ... '" ... ... 434 
New Richmond Methodist-The CHA PTER CXXVI. 
Successor of the Old Church, · Immanuel Baptist-Organization 
the "Cathedral of Methodism" 406 of Missions-Spirit of Self-sac- 
CHAPTER CXIV. I rifice from Inceptioil ... ... 43'1 
King St. East Methodist-A Build- 1 CHAPTER CXXVII. 
ing Removed from Teraulay Beverley St. Baptist-Large and 
St., Formerly "The People's U8'eful Congregations - It!! 
Church" ... ... ... ... .... 407 I History and its Pastors ... .. 440 
Zion Methodist, Bracondale - Ca- First Ave. Baptist-First Baptist 
pacious Church, Built Where Place of Worship Erected east 
It was Urgently Required ... 408 of the Don ... ... ... ... .. 4401 



Parliament St. Baptist-A Congre- Royce Ave. Baptist-Started as a 
&"ation of Workers-Theory of Mission from Dovercourt road 
Church Giving ... ... ..... <<S Church-Student Pastors ... 468 
Tecumlreh St. Baptist-Memorial East Toronto Baptist-Persistent 
Church Erected by Private Congregation-Increased pros- 
Munificence--Liberal Contri- perity-Financial Standing .. 469 
butions ... ... ... ... ... .. 449 CHAPTER CXLIV. 
CHAPTER CXXXI. Baptist Chuf"ch (Coloured)-"The 
College St. Baptist-Hopeless Out- !1rst:' . 

ganized in the 
look in its early History-City TwentIes -Its Career 411 
Missions and Charity... .... 450 CHAPTER CXLV. 
CHAPTER CXXXII Congregational Body-Brief His- 
. . tory of That Denomination in 
Ossmgron A ve. Baptist-Hopeful Toronto for Over Half a Cen- 
Band of Workers Successfully t 4 73 
Rewarded for Past Efforts. .. 455 ury ... ... ... ... ... ..... 
other of Tor- 
. onto CongregatlOnal1sm-Re- 
Western Baptist-An Offshoot cord of Sixty-nine years.... 473 

rom Parkdale, and a Thrlv- CHAPTER CXL VI. 
mg Church '" ... ... ..... 456 Bond Street-Marvellous Growth 
CHAPTER CXXXIV. from Small Beginning-Its Re- 
Walmer Road Baptist-Handsom- I cord and Pastors ... .., ... 4'" 

st Baptist C.hurch in Prov- I CHAPTER CXLVII. 
mce of OntarIo ... ... ..... 458 1 North-ern Congregational - Off- 
CHAPTER CXXXV. · shoot from Old Zion-Had its 
Sheridan Ave. Baptist-Small but Origin as a Sunday School- 
Prosperous Church-Its Rise Its Pastors ... ... ... ..... 484 
and Progress ... ... ... .... 459 CHAPTER CXL VIII. 
CHAPTER CXXXVI. Olivet Congregational-Growth of 
11 Ave. Baptist-Growth a Bond Street Mission in the 
of a Miss'on Sunday School- North End of the City... ... 48. 
Now a Prosperous East End CHAPTER CXLIX. 
(,hurch ... ." ... ... .... 461 Western Congregational-A Flour- 
CHAPTER CXXXVII. ishing Congregation-Depre3- 
aS[er'1 Ave. Baptist Mission - sing Period Overcome through 
Vigourous Workers-Spiritual Persistence '" ... '" ..... 483 

Iethods and Results ... ... U3 CHAPTER CL. 
CHAPTER CXXXVIIl. I Broadview Ave. Church-Band of 
Christi-e St. Baptist - Offshoot Hope Develops into a Flour- 
from 'Walmer Road Church- ishing East End Church .... 490 
In a Flourishing Condition .. 465 CHAPTER CLI. 
CHAPTER CXXXIX. Parkdale Congregational-Organ- 
\."entury Bapust-Formerly a Mis- ized by the aid of Sister 
sion of Bloor St. Church-In- Churches. now Dependent on 
c rea sin g Congregational Itself '" ... ... ... ... .,. 492 
Growth ... ... ... ... ... .. 465 CHAPTER CLII. 
CHAPTER CXL. Bethel Congregational-ReaIiza- 
Zion Bapti!!lt, EgIinton-Outcome tion of the Desire of Friends 
of a Gathering of Children- for Church Extension - Its 
Aftermath of the "Boom" .. 466 I Pastors ... ... ... ... ..... 194 
Annette St. Baptist-Growth of a I "Bethany" - An Undenomina- 
Suburban Church-A Larger : tionaI Church on Congrega- 
Edifice Necessary ... ... .. 467 tional Lines ... ... ... .... 496 



Friends' Meeting House--Where ,The Christadelphians-Denomin- 
They First Gathered-Promi- ation Describe Themselves as 
nent Members of the Sect .. 497 ; Bretb"ren in Christ '" ... .. 534 
Church of. C
n Evangelical Assembly of Saints-An Assem- 
AssociatIOn wIth numerous 1 blage of Christian Workers, 
branches '" ... ... ... 
99 I now Scattered ... ... ... .. 536 
s of Chrlst---:A Small but D das St M th d' t-A Ol d - 
Earnest Gathermg in the un t! C . t e O p l l s n f W 
"J t' " 50 0 me oun ry ace 0 or- 
unc Ion ............. . . ship ... ... ... ... ... .... 536 
Church of Christ - Handsome 
Church on Cecil Street with Swedenborgians - Congregation 
Large Congregation ..: .... 501 of Followers of Immanuel 
CHAPTER CLVIII. Swedenborg ... . .-. ... .... 537 
Christian Workers-Earnest Band CHAPTER CLXXII. 
of Evangelists and home Visit- Latter Day Saints-Popularly 
ors ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 503 I Known as the Mormon Con- 
CHAPTER CLIX. I gregation. .. ... ... ... .. 5-42 
The Salvation Army-Rise and CHAPTER CLXXIII. 
Progress in City - Aggres- Catholic Apostolic - Handsome 
sive Missionary Spirit ... .. 507 and Commodious Building, 
CHAPTER CLX. I Unique in the City ... ... 544 
Reformed Episcopal - Church I CHAPTER CLXXIV. 
ed as.a P
otest Against German Lutheran - Where the 
Anghcan Rltuahsm ... ..... 516 Followers of the Great Re- 
CHAPTER CLXI. I former Meet ... ... ... .... 550 
Christian Scienti
ts-A S
Body of WorshIppers Holdmg 
Peculiar Tenets ... ... .... 520 " Jewlsn ::synagogues-The ReUg- 
 in Tor?,nto of 
Ml'l' he Ch ch " C t . of I God s AnCIent People .. 
.. 556 
... ur - ongrega IOn 
Independent Thinkers on I CHAPTER CLXXVT. 
Evangelical Basis... '" 522 Toronto Y. M. C. A.-A Non-see- 
CHAPTER CLXIII. I tarian but Evangelical Insti- 
The Plymouth Brethren-Christ- I tution ... .. .... '" ... 566 
Ian Workers who Reject an CHAPTER CLXXVII. 
Ordained Ministry ... ... .. 523 African Methodist Churches 
CHAPTER CLXIV. I Many Strange Vicissitudes 
J;)isciples of Christ-Con grega- Among the Various Bodies.. 571 
tions Formed on E 
'angelical . B. M. Episcopal Church (CoI- 
Lines in the Year 1838 ... .. 526 1 oured). .. ... ... ... ..... 57
The Gospel Hall, Broadview Ave. I ; Christian Adventists - A Small 
-Evangelical Congregation of Church with Earnestly Am- 
Earnest Workers ... ... ... 529 bitious Hopes ... ... ... .. 574 
First Unitarian Church - Only Free Methodists - Evangelical 
Congregation of the Denomin- Congregation Following John 
aUon in or near Toronto. ... 530 Wesley's Lines. .. ... ... .. 575 
The Theosophists - Sometimes Greek Catholic Church-The Only 
ken of as Chrlsi:hm Ýan- I Congregation of t he Kind i
th'elSts ... ... ... ... ... .. 534 Western Ontario ... ... ... 576 



CoUegiate and Conventual Chapels St. Francis' Roman Catholic-An 
Attached to the Various Re- Ofishoot from the Adjacent 
ligious Denominations of the Parish of St. Mary's ... .... 594- 
City ". .. - ... ... ... ... 577 CHAPTER CLXXXVIII. 
St. Joseph's Convent ... ... ... 577 St. John's Roman Catholic, East 
Loretto Convent ... ... 578 Toronto, only Roman Catholic 
Wyclitfe College ... ... ... .... 579 Church in That Part of East 
McMaster University ... ... .... 579 York ... ... ." ." ... .... 594 
Victoria University ... ... ..... 580 
House of Provid-ence ... ... .... 581 CHAPTER CLXXXIX. 
Knox CoIlege '" .,. ... ... ... 583 Victoria Pres-byterian Church- 
Bishop Strachan School .... .... 584 First Presbyterian Church in 
CHAPTER CLXXXII. th'e "Junction" .., ... ... .. 595 
Deaf and Dumb Congregation - CHAPTER CXC. 
Unique Religious Organiza- Chester Presbyterian - Pretty 
tion of Great Interest ... ... 585 Church in a Country Neigh- 
CHAPTER CLXXXIII. I bourhood. for Many Years a , 
St. James' Church-Brief History Mission ... ... ... ... 597 
of First Anglican Church in Bonar Presbyterian ..' ... .... 598 
Toronto .,. ... ... ... .... 586 1 CHAPTER CXCI. 
PTER CLXXXIV. Kew Beach Presbyterian -:- :.:or 
St. SaVIour s, Toronto - A Many Years a MISSIon 
Handsome and Prosperous Church only Fully Organized 
Suburban Church .., ... ... 590 in 1895' ... ... ... ... ..... 598 
St. Jude's-Founded as a West. . 
End Mission During the Boom 591 Kmg St. East .Meth..odlst-The new 
St. Paul's Church ... .., ... 592 Church o
 1903, Erected on 
St John's Church ... .., ... ... 592 I the Old SIte ... ... .,. .... 599 
Ch1]rch of the Holy Family - The I I Church-es of 
he Past - Where 
First Roman Catholic Church Early ResIdents of the City 
in Parkðale ... .. .... ... . 593 Once Worshipped ... .... .. 600 


Trinity Church, King St. East ... 2 St. Mark's Church, Parkdale 95 
St. George's Churches, John St.. 8 St. Simon's Church, Howard St.. 97 
[nterior of St. George's Church.. 9 St. Barnabas Church, Halton and 
St. Paul's Church, Bloor St. East 13 Givens St... ... ... ... ... 100 
St. Paul's Ch., 1843, Bloor St. E.. 15 St. Barnabas Church, interior ... 101 
Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Sq. 19 I Church of the Epiphany, Beaty 
Holy Trinitv Church, east front Ave., Parkdale ... ... ... ... 102 
view. Trinity Square... .... 20 I St. Matthew's Church, First Ave. 104 
Holy Trinity Church, west front ,I St. Martin's Church, Perth Ave.. 106 
view. Trinity Square ... .... 22' St. Margaret's Ch., Spadina Ave. 107 
St. Stephen's Church, from Belle- . St. CIemeTlt'!'; C'hurrh. Queen St. E. 108 
vue Ave... ... ... ... .... 26 St. Clement's Ch ' 1rch (new), 
St. Stephen's Church, interior, Brookb
n Ave... ... ... .... 109 
BeIlevu'e Ave... ... ." .... 28 St. John's Church, Norway... .. 111 
Rt. John's Chur('h, Portland .St. .. 31 St. John's Chur('h (new), Norway 112 
The Cemetery Chapel ... ... ... 34 St. Barnabas Church. Chester ... 113 
St, Peter's Carlton St. .... .opp. 36 St. Mark's Church, Toronto Junc. 114 
Church of the Red'eemer, Avenue I St. John's Church, Toronto Junc. 115 
Road and Bloor ... ... .... 41 i St. Clement's Church, Eglinton .. 116 
Church of the Redeemer. interior, Christ Church. Deer Park... .'. 118 
Avenue Road an(1 Bloor..... 42 St. Augustine's Church, Parlia- 
St. Luke's Church, St. Vincent . ment and Spruce ... ... ... 119 
and St. Joseph ... ..' ... .. 44 I The Original Church of St. An. 
All Saints' Church. Wilton Ave. 
 drew, Church St... ... ..... 122 
erbourne.... ." - '" - 48 The Present (1899) Church of St. 
AlI Samt
 Church. mterIOr. from Andrew, King St. West .... 125 
t fr?nt do.or '" '" ..... 49 Knox Church, Queen St. West, 
St. Andrew s Emscopal Church. near Yange. before fire, ] 895 216 
 Islar: d ... ... ... .. 52 Knox Church. as it is now. 1900. 221 
St. Andrew s EmscopaI Church, Duchess St. Presbyterian Misson 224 
chancel. Tor
mto Isla
d ..... 54 Old St. Andrew's Church, Carlton 
St. Bartholomew!:: ('h.. RIver .St. 56 and Jarvis Sts... ... ... .. .228 
Church of the Â!'wpnsian. RICh- Cooke's Church, 1858-1891, Mutual 
mond St. West .... . .. ... " 58 1 and Queen Sts... ... ... ...232 
Church of the AscensIOn, Organ, Cooke's Ch.. Mutual and Queen Sts 247 
Choir and Altar ... ... ..... 61 
Church of St. Matthias, Bellwoods ' LeslievilIe Church, Queen St. 
st 238 
Ave. .. ... ... ... ... ... .. 64 Rt. James' Square PresbyterIan. 242 
Church of St. Matthias, interior 67 St. John's Presbyterian Church, 
Church of St. Thomas, SusS'ex Ave. I corner Bolton Ave. and Ger- 
and Huron '" ... '" ... .. 70 rard Sts. .. .. .... ... ..... 247 
Church of Rt. Thomas, interior .. 72 Charles St. Presbyterian Church. 249 
("hurr}, of Rt. Thomas, Huron St.. ' Westminster Presbyterian Church, 
] 898. .. ... ... ... ... ..... 74 1 Bloor St. East ... ... ... .. 251 
Gra('e Church. Elm St... ... ... 75 I Erski
e Presbyterian Church,? 
8t. P}1iliD's Church. Spadina Ave. 78 Simcoe and Cae
-Howel1 Sts.. ....55 
Pt. Philip's Ch11T('h. interior ... 79 Central PresbyterIan .Church, 
Church of St. Marv Magdalene, I Grosvenor and S.t. Vmcent.. 261 
 Ave... ... '" ... 82 College St. PresbyterIan, CoUege 
Chur('h of St. Mary the Virgin. and Bathurst ... ... ... ... 265 
Dovercourt ... ... ... ... . 83 \ Reformed Presbyterian Churoh, 
st. Alban's Cathf'r'lral (unfinished), Carlton St., near Yonge ..... 267 
'exterior of Chancel ... ... . 85 Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 
It'1tf'rior of Trinity College Chanel 
71 Dunn Ave. .. ..... .... ..... 270 
St. Anne's Church. Dufferin St.. Indepoendent Church, Presbyter- 
Brockton .., .., ... ... ... 89 ian. Sumach and St. David .. 272 
St. Olave's Church, Windermere 90 Bloor St. Presbyterian Church, 
Chnr('r of tI'l" Messiah, Avenue rd. 91 1888. Huron and Bloor ... 274- 
St. Cyprian's Church '" ... ... 9
 Bloor St. Presl'yterian Church .. 275 



S1. Enoch's Presbyterian Church, 
Metcalfe and Winchester ... 277 
Chalmers' 'Presbyterian Church, 
Dundas and Dovercourt ... .. Z79 
St. Mark's Presbyterian Church, 
Adelaide St... ... ... ... .. 281 
St. Mark's Presbyterian Church i East and Berkeley Sts... ... 36% 
King St. West... ... ... .: 28% : Sherbourne St. Methodist Ch., 
Fern Ave. Presbyterian Church.. 284 . Carlton and Sh
bourne Sts. 363 
Dovercourt Road Presbyterian Ch. 285 Bathurst St. MethodIst Ch.. ..... 365 
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Agnes St. Methodist Ch., Teraulay 
Bathurst and Barton ... ... 286 and Agnes Sts".... ... ... ... 367 
Bonar Presbyterian Church Lans- Queen St. MethodIst Ch., near 
downe and College ...'... .. 287 Spadina Ave. :. ... ... ..... 371 
West Presbyterian Church Deni- Yonge St. Methodl13t Ch., Marlbor- 
son Ave... ... ... ..:... .. 289 ou
h Ave. and Yonge St..... 3'14 
Church of the Covenant Avenue S1.pauls MethodtstCh.,Avenuerd 3'16- 
Road ... ... ... ..: ... ... 291 Dunn Ave. Methodist Ch., King 81. 
Cowan Ave. Presbyterian Church, parli:
t .St. .M
 Ch., .
;_ 378 
Parkdale ... ... ... ... ... 292 ner Oak St 381 
Deer Park Presbyt
rian Church.. 294 Broadway Tab


ie: .M
Old East Presbyt
rIan Church .. 296 ColIege St. and Spadina Ave. 385 
Oak St. .Presbytenan .Church ... 297 Centennial Methodist Ch., Dover- 
South S
de Presbytenan Church, court, near Bloor West ..... 387 
Parhament St.... ... ... ... 299 Woodgreen Methodist Ch., Queen 
EmmanueJ PresbyterIan Church, East, corner Strange Ave.... 388 
old, East Toront
 ... ... ... 304 Perth Ave. Methodist Ch., Perth 
Emmanuel Presby ten an Church, and Ernest Aves... ... .... 390 
w, E
t Toronto ....... .. 305 Clinton St. Methodist Ch., near 
St. Mi.chael,s Cathedral, as lD 1870 312 College St... ... ... ... .. 391 
81. MIchael s Cathedral, January, Wesley Methodist Ch., Dundas 
 ... ... ... ... ... .... 312 and Ossington ... ... ... .. 393 
St. Paul s Roman Catholic Church, St. Clarens Ave. Methodist Ch., 
r St., 1887 ... ... ... .. 316 Dundas and St. Clarens .... 395 
St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, EucUd Ave. Methodist Ch., Queen 
Queen and Power St
., 1901. 318 West, opposite Euclid ... .. 396 
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, I Epworth Methodist Ch., Yar- 
Bathurst St., 1901 ... ... .. 3!1 I mouth and Chmtie ... ..... 397 
at. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Gerrard St. Methodist Ch. o. ...0 398 
as it will be when completed 322 Queen St. East Methodist Ch., 
81. Basil's Roman Catholic near Greenwood Ave., 1858.. 399 
Church, St. Joseph st... ... 324 Queen St. East Method1st Ch., 
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, 1901 ... ... .. .... ... .... 400 
Roman Cath., Sherbourne St. 330 Westmoreland Ave. Methodist Ch. 402 
8t. Helen's Roman Catholic Ch., Sussex Ave. Methodist Ch., corner 
Dundas and Lansdowne .... 334 Howland Road ... ... ..... -W3 
St. Patrick's Cho, Roman Oath- Trinity Methodist Ch.. Bloor W.. 
olic, WllUam St... ... ..... 336 between Major and Robert.. 404 
8t. Peter's Roman Catholic Ch., Crawford St. (Berean) Methodist 
Bathnrst and Bloor Sts... 00 m Ch.. near King St. West ...0 405 
8t. Cecilia"s Church, Roman New Ri-chmond Methodhrt Ch., Me- 
Catholic, Toronto Junction.. 338 Canl St. o. o. .... . o. 0 0 . . 0 406 
Church of the 
red Heart, King S1. East M-ethodlst Ch., cor- 
French R. Co, King St. East.. 339 ner Bright St. o. .00 0.. .00. 407 
8t. Joseph's Roman Catholic Ch., ! Zion Methodist Ch., 
ndale. 0 408 
LesllevUle ... ... ... ..... 341 I Annette St. MethodISt Ch., Tor- 
Richmond St. Methodist Ch., 1888 345 I onto Junction ... ... . o. o. 412 
Metropolitan Methodist Ch. 0 0'0 348 Davisville Methodist Church ..... U3 

P A<m. 
Central Methodist Ch., Bloor East 
and Gwynne Sts... ... .... 351 
Elm St. Methodist Ch... . o. 0 o. 355 
Carlton St. Methodist Ch... . 0 .. 359 
Berkeley St. Methodist Ch., Queen 



IIope Tabernacæ, Methodist, East I Bond St. Congregational Ch., wn- 
Toronto, 1895 ... ... ... ... 414 ton Ave. and Bond St... ... 480 
Hope Tabernacle, Methodist, East Northern ConçegationaI Ch., 
Toronto, 1901 ... ... ... ...416 Church St... ... ... ... ... ts5 
Eglinton Methodist Ch... ... ... .u 7 OUvet Congregational Ch., Hazoel- 
St. Alban's Methodiet Ch., GaIley ton Ave... ... ... ... ..... 481 
Ave... ... ... ... ... ..... 418 Western Congregational Ch., Spar 
Davoenport Methodist Ch., Toronto dina Ave... ... ... ... .... 489 
Junction ... ... ... .'. ... 419 Broadview Ave Congregational 
Free Methodist Ch., Broadview ave 421 Church . " 90 
March St. Baptist Ch., erected .. .. ... ... ... .... .. ":I: 
1832 .., ... ... ... ... .... 424' Broadvlew A. ve. Congregatxonal 
Jarvis St. Baptist Ch.. north-east Ch., intenor ... ... ... .... 491 
corner Gerrard S1. East .... 425 Parkdale Congregational Church, 
Bond St. Baptist, 1848 ... ... ... 428 Brock and Maple Grove Aves. 493 
Don Mills Baptist Ch... ... ... 429 Bethel Congregational Ch., CUn- 
Bloor St. Bap+ist Ch.. corner ton St... ... ... ... '" .., 494 
North St... ... '" ... .... 432 Bethany Church, north.:east corner 
Dovercourt Road Baptist Ch., cor- University Ave. and Christo- 
ner Argyle St... '" ... ... 435 pher S1. .. ... ... '.. ... '" 496 
Alexander St. Bantist Ch.. 1887.. 438 Friends' Moeeting House, Pem- 
Immanuel Baptist- Ch., Jarvis and broke St... ." ... '" ..... 497 
Wellesley, 1901 ... ... ... ., 439 Friends' Church, Carlton St., be- 
Beverley 8t. Baptist Ch., corner tween Von
e and Church Sts. 498 
t... ... ... '" .., 442 Church of Christ, Bathurst St., 
Pfrst Ave. Baptist Ch.. corner Bol- north of College St... ..... 499 
ton Ave... ... ... ... ..... 445 DiscinIes of Christ, Toronto Junc- 
Parliament S1. BaDtist Ch.. oppo- Uon ... ... ... ... ... .... 500 
Bite St. David - 8t. .. ... .... 447 Church or Christ, Cecfl St... .,. 50
Teeumseh St. Baptist Ch. (old).. 450 Christian Workers' Ch., Denison 
Tecumseh St. Baptist 
h.. 1897..451 Avoe... ... ... ... ... .....504 
CoI1ege St. BapUst Ch., corner Sheridan Ave. Mission ... ... ., 505 
Palmerston Ave... ... .... 453 Christian Workers' Ch., Daven- 
Osøington Ave. Baptist Ch... .. 456 port Road. .. ... ... ." ... 50fj 
Western Ba.ptist Ch., Lansdowne Chri
tian Workers' Ch., Concord 
Ave... ... ... ... ... .....457 Ave... ... ... ... .., .....507 
Wa1mer Road Baptist Ch., corner SaIv1'ltion Army Headquarters, Al- 
Lowther Ave... ... ... ... 458 bert St... ... ... ... ... .. 509 
S1rer1dan Ave. Baptist Ch.... ... 460 Children's Home, SaIvation Army, 
OUvet Baptist Ch.. Margueretta st. 461 Farley Ave... ... ... ... .. 511 
Kenflworth Ave. Baptist Ch., Salvation Army, Broadvi-ew Ave. 513 
Queen St. East... ... ..... 462 Salvation Army. York ... ... .. 51.f 
Eastern Ave. Baptist Mission ... 464 Firnt Reformed Episcopal Ch., 
Christie St. Baptist Ch... ... ... 465 Simcoe St.. now used by. 
Centm-y Baptist Ch., Bi.rch Ave.. 466 Christian Scientists ... .... 518 
Zion Baptist Ch., EgUnton ... .. 467 Emmanuel Ch.. Reformed Epis- 
Antrette St. Baptist Ch., Toronto copal. Shaw St... ... ..:.. 519 
Junction ... ... .. .... ... 468 Christian Scipntist Ch., south-east 
R"Oyce Ave. Baptist Ch., Tûronto corner Simcoe and Caer- 
Juuction ... ... ... ... .... 469. Howell Sts... ... ... ... .. m 
East Toronto Baptist Ch., En- Gospel Hall. Brockton, 1904 .... 5M 
derby Road ... ... ... .... 470 Gospel Hall. Farrey and Spadina 
Eaptist Ch. (Coloured), Queen St. I Ave.. now disused, 1904 ..... 5'!S 
East and Victoria St... ... 472 Gosppl Han, Toronto Junctlon., 
Tbe First (Zion) Congregational 1904 ... ... ... ... ... .... m 
Church, Bay St... ... ... .. 474 ChaDel on Shuter St. 'in 1841 ... ne 
Zion Congregational Ch., Col1
e Building now used by the Dtø- 
and E11zabeth Sm... ... .. 475 ctptes 
 Chrløt, Elm St., 1904: m 



Syrian Catholic Ch., Shuter S1., Interior of Hopse of Providence 
formerly used by the Discipl"es Chapel ... ... ... ... ..... 582 
of Christ ... ... ... ". ... 528 Interior of Knox College Chapel 583 
Building at Louisa and James Sts., Interior of Bishop Strachan School 
erlY used by Disciples of Chapel ... ... ... ... ... '" 584 
. t ... ... ... ... .... 528 I Bible Training School, CoUege St., 
The Gospel Hall, Broadview Ave. 529 1 where Deaf and Dumb Congre- 
First Unitarian Ch., Jarvis St... 531 gation Meet. .. ... ... ". " 585 
Dundas St. Methodist Ch., 1860.. 536; St. James' Church (first church 
Building formery occupied by I also).... .. ... ... ... ". 586 
Swedenborgians, Elm St.... 538 I St. James' Church, erected 1831 
Meeting House of Swedenborg- I burned 1839 ... ... ... ....: 587 
ians. Elm Grove and Mel- I St. .James' Cath'edral, erected 1840, 
bourne Aves... ... ... .... 540 burned 1849 ... ... ... .... 588 
Church of the Latter Day Sã.ints, I The present Cathedral ... ... .. 589 
Camden St... ". ... ...... 543' St. S"lviour's Episcopal Ch., East 
Catholic Apostolic Church, Gould I Toronto. .. ... .. .... ..... 590 
and Victoria Sts... _" .... 545 St. Jude's Episcopal Ch., Roncoo- 
Catholic Apostolic Ch., Bay St.. 550 valles Ave... ... ... ... " 591 
German Evangelical Ch. (Luther- St. Paul's Ch., Bloor St. East .. 592 
an), Bond St.. old building.. 551 St. John's, Anglican, Portland St., 
German Evangelical Ch. (Luther- the old church ... ." ... ... 592 
an), Bond St., new building.. 553 I Church of the Holy Family, Ro- 
Holy Rlm::som Syn::lgog-ue, Bond st. 557 man Catholic, King St. and 
Church on Richmond St., formerly Close Ave... '.. . .. ... 593 
us('>rl as Synagogue ... 558 St. Francis' Ch.. R. C., Arthur 
Holy RIossom Syn!}gogue (old), I and Grace Sts... ... ... ". 594 
Richmond St. Rast .. . . . .. 559 I St. John's Roman Catholic, East 
Jewish A
embly Rooms, Rich- Toronto... ... ... '" ..... 595 
mond St. West '" '" ... " 5611 Victoria Presbyterian Church. An- 
Jewi!';h RVnqg-fJg'l1"P. Universitv :we 562 i neUe and Medland St8., Tor- 
Jewish M
eting- House, Edw:
rd St. 564 1 onto Junction '" ... 596 
Austrian Synagogue, Chestnut Bonar Presbyterian Ch.." 598 
St.. East Side ... ." '" '" 565 Kew Beach Presbyterian Ch. .. .. 599 
Y. M. C. A.. Yonge and McGill Sts. 567 King St. East Methodist Ch..... 600 
Earlv Church. corner Edward and First Methodist Church ... ..... 601 
Teraulay ... '" ... ... ... 571 British Wesleyan Chapel ... .... 601 
n l\,fpthodist Ch.. Richmond Adelaide St. Methodist Ch... ... 602 
St. West ... ... ... ... .... 571 Old P. M. Chapel, Bay St., 1832-52 603 
African Methodist Ch.. Edward St. 572 N.C. Methodist Ch., Temperance st 603 
Britis'l1. Methodist Episcopal Ch.. Dobson's Church, Yorkville Ave.. 603 
Chestnut St.... '" '" .... 573, Methodist Church, south side of 
Adventists' Church, Montrose i King St. East, about 1855 '" 603 
nue ". ... -." '" . _ _ .. 574' Primitive Methodist Ch., Alice St., 
Dovercourt Congregational Ch., 1852-75 ... ... ... ... '" .. 604 
Salem Ave., used by Free Elm St. Methodist Ch.. old church 605 
Methodists ... '" '" ... .. 575 Primitive Methodist Ch., Cumb'er- 
Syrian CathoJic Ch.. south-east I land St... ... ... .,. '" .. 605 
corner Vi('toria and Shuter 8ot$. 576 Fonnerly Methodist Ch. School- 
Interior of Rt. Joseph's Convent I honse, Winchester St... ... 605 
Cha}n'l. " '" ... '" ... ... 577 U. P. Church (Dr. Jennings). Bay 
Interior of Lorptto A hbey Cha.nel 578 Street ... ... ... ... ... '" 606 
Interior of Wyc1ifre ColIegt' First Knox Church ... ... ... .. 607 
Chapel ... .. . . . .. 579 Second Knox Church ... ... ... 6'"07 
Interior of McMaster University Church on site of Richmond RalI, 
Chapel ... '" ... ... ... .. 580 Richmond St... ... ... .... 608 
Interior of Victoria Universttv Thp Denison Church, Churchtn 
Cha.pel ... ... ... '" ... .'. 58] Ave.. ] 857 ... ... .., ... .. 608 





CHAPTER I. I Anglican churches that of st. Ja':mes' 
: (the old parllih church) has been en- 
INTRODUCTORY REMARKS. I tirely omitted; this Ì8 because a sepa- 
- rate account of that church has al- 
TlMlr . .Slu :sad Gr.wa.-T.elr III..... I r.e.ady bee.n fully publis.hed in a for- 
.e..... ._da" a" L.....g He.ber. with! mer volume. 
fU..r r.rll..larfl. I Anclther thinO" to be mentioned is 
'rIhe 'history of the churches of To- i thi
, that beca
se t
e first Presby" 
ronto during the century or more that: tenan church 
rl!>ed, naID:ely, st. 
thlP city has beßn in existenoo has ne\er Andrew's, was lroilt m 1834, It must 
heretofore been puùli.sbed in one nnt b:, PrP
'l.mød there were no T!es- 
vO;Ullle or collectively. Sketches of bytena-zl'S m York 11-p to that tune.. 
 c.hurchee in the city, of their ï heró "",
re many Lmilies and indi- 
1'a.stors and chief offioors have \'idual members among the very small 
from tim4'} to time appeared in the daily pü!)ulation of l
s than 'o.()OO on
I apers and in magazine Ij.rticlea, but Bult they W&"e m a minority. and 82Þ 
they hß.ve never been collected to- sembled for worsh
p in pnvdte hou::;es 
gether exoent in a fragm.e.ntary man- or 
rhaps a hired room. Tho great 
ner; they 1ie buried in the. ne.wspaper ffiRjOr.i.ty of the residents in York in 
file.s at tbe 'various public libraI' es or 18'30 Wf'T.' Anglw:l.ns, Homan Catholics 
in ramp'lÌe' form and tho"'e \\he> want and Methodists, though among th
to avail thean-;elves of t
e information all they did ne,t provide church aCcom- 
contained in these de.scriptive aC- moda'tion for morf' than thirty-three 
CQlUnts. have of Len Ithe very greatest per cent. of the population, if they 
difficulty in finding the accounts ,'.v'n accolffip]j'shed that. Now, on the 
theJ:lli:elves. OIther hand, in Toronto Township, Scar- 
In 'he following pages the Anglican boro" and Vau,ghan, there were fIour- 
Roma.n Catholic, P:re,;ùyterÌ'1n.'}- ishing Presbyterian churches and con- 
dist, Baptist and CongregatiQll:l.lÏst gregatiDns, but neither Anglican nor 
ohurche.s are arra,nge.ct in grours. The M":PJthodil"t minist('rs or churches. These 
Sl.llvation Army. though having BeV- lutier """ere in a'S great a minority in 
eral _nlace.. of meeting. is de.alt with the country dilStricts as the Presby- 
in one chapter. in which each plac2 of terians Wf're in York. 
\\ors.hip is g.,>pHately noticed. Ch"plers Illustrations are given not only of 
are dso <levo! el to t.b.e Young ßIBn's. t h
 churches as they are now (1898), 
al&:> to th
 Y( ung \Yomen's Chnslhn but as they were some years ago. Fot' 
As.sociations. Every place of worsbip Instance, Knox chuich is shown with 
wLether it is Christian or Jewish, in or the steeple, though the latter was de- 
near TIOl'onto i-; described in this book, strayed by fire 1n 1895. The old church 
every effort having heen made to make of St. John's, Norway, is giv
n, as is 
it t'ls co.ì1!Ø 1 possible. AB far as also thf\ modern one. The Richmond 
practic:Lblol} t,he chu.rches in the vari- street J\fethodist church is r,Ü-en; so 
OIUS group.s .ru.:1,ve bee;n arranged in also is it
 suc-ce::;sor, the l\IcCaul street 
c.hronol..ogical order, and "in no single church, knowlI as the New Richmond. 
caS!> huve the names of lay memoors These few introductory remarks;] re 

 heJpers woo have pssisted e.ither aU that is necf'ss:Lry to enable the 
in 1 he formn-l...ion of the congTegat.;om
 reader to Eee from the contents of 1 he 
or in e:n>.cting lobe e11ifice, })('",n omitted. volume that what has been attempted 
T.hat, of cour&', n 
,lns where it has hag bee."l to gÜ-e ;1 clear history of 
been pO
8ib1e to c
tain the names. eyery church. wholly irrespective of 
It will be noticM that among the denomination or of creed. 



mU6tÿ records in its archives are in- 
scrib6d names that are honoured in 
civic hietory for probity and integrj
and fond}y che.rished in the affec- 
A. allli..le e....rch - Fall ., Y.... ... tionate rem.embranoe of th:s genera- tion. But. now the time-honoured waUs, 
Way down among the smoke and dirt upon which the storms of ne:'t,rly f:ve 
a;nd dust of factories in a section of decades have beaten, aTe worn Wlth 
the city notable more'for its industrial I age. and dingy W . ith t
e .rlust and d.ï rt 
tha.n its fine arts, amid surroundings of many yea ns, and Tnn tõ" sta.nds lIke 
that aTe homeJy and uninteresting. 
th :r-beaten m;1u<;o
eum bury- 
init,. church. Mbre than half ; -.qq Wlthin ltae.1f the greatness and 





-' , . . 
 'u:r",.! 'U
,...! ,1 JL;"J I 

a oonttITY has gone by since it aroee, I glory of the past. Allover this city 
In 1843. 0. magniíioe.nt piece of archi- I are scattered thousands of people 
tectUT6, that was the pride of faithful whOSß feet have crossed its threshold 
chUTChme.n. Withi.n its wa.ns were I and wh08ßo heads bow
d in adora- 
wont to meet the anæstors of those tion before the God to whom its altar 
whoee indu8try and enterpr:se in these was dedicated 80 long ago. And in that 
Io:ter days have gi,en Toronto an I other quiet city of the dead forever 
fGvla.b1e pos:tion amid the beautiful reat many who. in the time-honoured 
ci.tiøI of. the worlds occident. Ppon the past. united the-ÌI voices in the oelebra- 


I ion of its OOautiful ritual, and doubt- 
lea."> found therrein that comfort and 
guidance. that smoothed their pathway 
to the gra ve. 
In one. 8ßn
, therefore, Trinity is 
valuable more for its memor:es and the 
hiatoric attaching to it than 
for what it is extrinsically to-day. Just 
as this generation of peopJ.e surrounds 
itself with greater m&gnif
nce and 
dr>g.ance of living, in every way, 80 
this old hiðtoric church, onoo itself 
j.1'reat, has been far outstripped by 
la.rger, more pretentious and more 
elegant edifices. Slowly but surely it 
ha6 seen the city growing away from 
its nurturiBg care and reaching out 
for gre
1 ter beauty a.nd glory towards 
thf' northern hiM-country and along 
I hf' western 1 h')rou
hf., req nntil not 
mllch more of it is 1Ie.ft than sacred 
iat 0:18 an l tender :rnemor e,. But 
even 'with all tb"s farsak
zaent the old 
('hurch ha.s a vital:ty that is remark- 
ab1.p; one paris'} after another has 
bPcn taken from its tecritory; one 
famPy after ancther has \eft its rews 
to find a ne,\- church-hOl8le more con- 
vf'nient; a long procession has gone 
f1ram its dOJrs never to return, tmt 
even with aU th:s draught upon ita 
strength it.. energy, though impaired, 
is unahatNI, and it deserves special 

 for its pn',ent worth and work 
as 'H'll a,; f()r the history attaching to 
it. In To.l'O
1to's Church of England 
j()ry f-',t. J
:mes' Catbedral and 
T;i Úty <hurch 
lrp indisIDlubly united 
!)('c US!' they are the two oldest 
parishp<; in thl:' city. 
Tlw church h':s been called "Little 
TrbilY'. in onlor tn distinguish it from 
the larger Trhity church on Trinity 
square, of[ Yo-:ge srreet. The then 
unknown lad\' henefactress of that 
church madð 'it a condition of her en- 
do\\ ment that the church should be 
called Trinity ('hurch, As tben' already 
was a Trinity church in the city, some 
perpiexity arose as to the matter. so 
the difficulty was solved by calling 
tLe Yonge stre(&t church Holy Trinity, 
and the church of this sketch is pro- 
perly known as Trinity church. 
It is located on the south side of King 
street east, just bevrond its bend to the 
>>orth-east to join Queen street on the 
west of the Don. On the east it is 
bounded by Trinity street, so named 
after the church; on the west by an- 
other little street so-called, but really 
only a lane, dignified by the name 
of Erin street; while Derby street 
limit. the property on the south. The 
grounds are spacious, and contain. on 
King street, the rectory, built in 1853, 


at a cost of ;1;:1,400, and. at the south- 
ern side, a long, 100\-set rambling 
school hous
. part of which was built. 
in 1848 by Enoch Turner, the western 
end ha vin
 heen aèdpd during t he pres- 
ent pastorate at a cost of $:3,000. A 
six feet Ligh pickeL fence separates 
tbe property from the streets. The 
church is immediately noticeahle on 
account of its antiquated appearance 
and rather quaint architecture, being 
\\hat is known as the undecorated. 
perpendicular Gothic, such as was 
popular in England at the close of 
the thirteenth century. The edifice is 
70 x 43 feeL in dimension, \\ith a square' 
tower of 80 feet, surmounted with a 
pinnacle at each corner. The church 
was built in 1843, and at that time 
it was intended to run up a' spire of 
30 feet, but the money was wanting. 
an<1 it remains spireless to this day. 
It is of red brick with! white brick 
buttresses to relieve the monotony of 
its appearance. There are three en- 
trances, the central one being through 
the tower, which slightly projects 
from the body of the building, and 
the others on either side. The mould- . 
ings above the doorways are of wood. 
and the \\ hole external appearance 
of the building is evidence of its age. 
The following Is a description of the 
church as it appeared in 1887. It v. ill 
be interesting, so as to compare the 
church with what it is in 18Y8- 
"The same evidence confronts the vis- 
itor when he enters the church. The 
walls are plain and bare, the floors and 
stairways well worn, the furniture se- 
verely simple, and somehow it all con- 
veys the impression of the homely, un- 
fåshionable style of earlier days, 
though, with some modern improve- 
ments, it is a pleasant and comfoI'tahle 
place. There are three spacious vesti- 
bules, one for each entrance, the two 
on the sides containing stairways to 
the gallery, which is a roomy place 
I running along the northern end of the 
church and extending into it òver 
three pews' space. Opposite the galleI'1' 
is the chancel, a very narrow com- 
partment containing a plain com- 
munion altar amply covered with a 
heavy red cloth. On each side is a 
throne chair; in front is a hardwood 
rail and before it a cushi<m for the 
kneeling communicants. The reading 
desk, an octagonal boxlike affair, is 
on the right of the chancel, anú out- 
I side of it, with a large stone l1aptism- 
I al font in front of it, while a similarly. 
I constructed pulpit is built to the left. 
The vestry is a plain, nea.t ana. ver7 



pleasant rcom to the right, containing I the ",a,.stta-n wall co:mmemora.tes El''''a. 
old-fashioned but u8f'ful furniture. , beth. wife of Rev. Alexanl4e.: ::>a..lSOll. 
"The aisles of the church have strips' Bind upon it are carved these words: 
of carpet running along their lengths, "A
 a testimony of respect for hc>r 
but otherwise the floor is bare. Some ch
racter aI!d affection for her memory 
of the pews are cushianed and some th!s tablet IS erected by the ladies of 
are not, just as the fancy of the occu- thIs congregation." 
pant dictates. The building seats four . "Opposite this. on the western ,,'a'I, 
hundred people and is heated from fur- IS another to the memory of Rev. WIll. 
naces recently introduced. Before that Honeywood Ripley, B:A., <;If Univen;ity 
sto-res were used. and the old iron I Oo
ge. Oxford, the fIrst 1Dcumb
brackets upon which the long pipes Tnmtr, chun
, who served It. SIX 
rested are yet to be s
en Jutting from I . fr

ly. Wlt.hout money, 
nd wlth- 
the walls. The room IS amply lighted ,out pnce. He dIed Ocwber 2
nd. 1849, 
by eleven large stained glass windows. i aged 34 He w
s honorary spcre- 
of the lancet øeriatð form' they are ' t.a.ry of the ch
h diocese of Toronto 

. . ht d ., and second classIcal master of Upper 
yery ung at;\ pr
tty, not only 
on- Canada College He cha.llenged the 

he .entenng .hght, but beautIfy- I hærtfelt respe
t and affection of h18 
mg It With a vanety of colou
s. The I parishioners, who have thus given ex- ' 
floor. when the church was b
llt. was pression to their feeling. 
80 arranged as to have two alslt's and Of. 
a centre the latter place beino- devoted In thf' west

'n r
rt of the gallery 
to free' seating accommod:tion for are two memonals m honour 
-'" d . . Ja.mes Gooderham Worts and hIs wIfe 

rangoers an casual Vlsl.tors; at that Sarah. The children of this estimable 
tune also b
arge vestnes were con- couple have set apart a 
paciOU8 me- 
structed WithIn the church. But morial pew on the gallery formerly 
these were removed later. and ten)'ears occupied by this family. The pew is 
ago more moderI!- pews were llltro- linf'd. cushioned and curtained in black, 
duced and ?1
er Improvements n;ade while five old-style chairs occupy its 
upon tþ.e ong
l appear
nce of thl.ngs fmnt portion. . 
80 that now it IS not q
lte so ancleñt I "Th" rise of Trinity church a.bout 
ID looks. A ß(
at gasaher of twentY'" as follows:-In the early "forties" that 
four bur
e!s depen,rls from th
 centre part of the city where the church now 
01. the ceIlIng; dynn
 the dehvery 011 stands, was called the Park. Many of 
the sermon the lIght IS turned low. for, its residents were members of the 
econ?ffiy"s sake, it is. pr
sumed. thus I United Church of England and Ire- 
pattmg the congregatiOn mto the hazy1 I Land, and they earnestly desired the 
mystery of semi-darkness, a condition I establishment of a church of their 

ry favourable for napping or little own faith. No other Protestant de- 
soci&l amenities. In this case, however. ,nomiIlj8;tion had a church in that see- 
no advantage is taken of the twilight. I tion and this fact rendered the build- 
Underneath each window is a little tm I in/! of one more feasible. So on the 
trough to ca,tc.h the water, forcing its i 12th day of J:uly, 1842, a couple of gen- 
way through the time-worn frames I tlemen met In the house of Mr. Rey- 
when the indriven snow is melting. nolds. .on King street (in the park) 
IP/bich then runs down through a small I BJ?d resolved t.o buy land and proceed 
pipe underneath the floor. I Wlth the erectIoo of.8. church. A c.on- 
0< Above the vestry entrance a little! 
l'a;ct was entered mt
or the bUlld- 
round-faced clock merrily ticks a.way' mg of the present. edl,
lCe . at a C?st 
the hours. Next to it is a magnificent I of .e1,800.. The EnglIsh 8?,c
ety for the 
mu.ral memorial, with an ornamentally , P:ropagaho
 of the Gospel m the colo- 
car'Vled base, on which rest columns Dies contnbuted .e120. 
supporting & heavy a.nd an enriched' "SUCC.eBB oo.mP with too effort. The 
entablature with & lar
e urn in the late Mr. Alexander Dixon secured the 
centre. This is built m memory of gra.nt for the new church from 
William Gooderham, who was born at I society named, and he was the mOVlll
Soole, Norfolk:, England. August 29th, spirit in securing subscriptions. being 
1790. and died August 20th, 1881. "one aNy assisted by William Gooderha.m, 
01. the original founders, largest bene- J. G. Beard. Joseph ShUster, Enoch Tur- 
factors. and for thirty-five years ner and Samuel Mitchell. Bishop 
churchwarden of this church." Directly I S'trachan gave two lots. one on Farlia. 
opposite is an exactly similar tablet! ment street and one on Power street; 
in memory of Harriet Gooderham. his i Chief Justice John Beverley Robinson 
wife, born a.t Sipton, Suffolk, England. . gave a ten-acre lot on Kingston road 
}kwember 1st. .180
, dipd 
arch 5th, for the rector's income. This lot "\\ a.s 
1885. I sold in 18
6 for $35,000. In addition to 
". Å tablet in the form oif a Sbie-Jd on ' building the school house Mr. Turner 

LAi' D


left $5,000 for improvements and :jþ;!,- maode cognizant of the difficulty ot 
000 for the enlargement of the church, serving a parish with all outward cir- 
contracts for wh.ich are now under way. cumstances against it. and yet he 
Mr. Gooderham also left $1.00J for re- spe's.ks very highly of his people. and 
paiÏrs. With all this. however, there very kindly of the na.ture of the work 
was a debt of $4 001) for a long time; he has had to do. At personal expense 
it wa.'i reduced during the pastorate to himse]f he has ministered to his 
of Dr. Mitchell, who was Mr. Ripley's cong>regation, and exemplified in his 
successor, and served from January, own life all labours that charity that. 
1850. to July, 1852. At the latter date unfortuna
ely, is becoming rare in the 
the Rev. Alexa.nder Sanson became the pulpits of all cities where mercenary 
incumbent. and has been the pastor considerations too often determine 
since 0898.) 1 what is denominated 'called of the 
"Tht> income of tbe rector. derived L<?!d t? preach the Gospel.' 
from the endowment, is $1,250. At first Durmg the present }"ect?rate tþe 
the income was but $600. and the rec- chu.rch debt ha3 been. entIrely paId; 
tors wer,' obliged to depend upon their an exce,l1ent organ, b
llt bby Edward 
own rei::ources. The neighbourhood has Lfe & Sons, has been Introduced, new 
I b d th wIndows and pews put up. and furnaces 
a ways 
en a. poor .one. an e etrected; then the school room has heern 
labour of the mlI
Iste! .IS very largely enlarged and the parsonage repaired 
one of. love on1f' orIgmally: t:þe con- a.nd improved. and now, this faU, the 

tlOn w
s rIcher than It I
 now. church will be enlarged and still fur- 

nd the territory coverer} .by thiS par- ther improved-all of which adds to 
Ish was much more extensive. The best the glory already crowning the history 
part of the con
rt'gation has one time of Trinity Church." 
r anothex: wlÌ.h
rawn to. form .new Trinity Church celebrated its jubilee 
panshes. untIl T,nmty has gIven hlrt,h. in 1893. and there were present at the 
more ,!r 
ess directly, to S
. Peter s. a;nniversary services some two or three 
All Samts, st. Bartholomew s a
t. individuals who fifty years before as 
M:atithew's. It now stands 
lone m Its young people. had heard the first ser- 
old age. the only church of ItS denomI- mon pre.ached in the building by the 
na.tion in the eastern part of the cìty; Bishop of Toronto, Dr. Strachan. 
its children haNe left the old home, Since the preceding portion of this 
but it still ca.rries on uS.Jful work. sketch first appeared Trinity Church 
&v. T. H. O'1feara is superintendent has been enlarged and beautified 
of the Su.nday school; Mr. Lye, 01'- thtroughout. . . 

, and Rose ('ameron. librarian, . When the church was .flrst erected, 
There are more than twenty teachers !Ike nearly al
 other Anß'hcan churches, 
in the Be.hoot and 300 volumes in th It had extensive gallenes. These have 
" :h e all been reJ]}()ved and the arrangement 
J.lÖra.rr. 01 those w 0 have been teach- of the pews altejOO(i. These in the 
u are now clergymen, two of old days were the old-fashioned high- 
whom are canons! öne in ;En
nd,. and hacked class; now the seats are low, 
three Lecame ,Judges. ,]7., Larnson, and afford no chance for an attendant 
M.ooa and Vice-Chancellor Blake. at the service to slumber unawares. 
The present territorial limits of the Trinity Church has had since it was 
parish are Sherbourne on the west, erected the following dergy:- 
Queen dn tfue nort1h. the Don on the 1843 until 1849-Rev. W. H. Ripley. 
east, and th<> 1my on the south. 1849 until 185:!-Rev. Mr. Mitchell 
.'TÌle Rev. Alexander &.n8
n. who has (resigned June, 1852.) 
so long and faithfully served the his- 185:! until 1898-Rev. Alexander San- 
toric old church. was educated in Edm- son. 
burgh. He was pastor of St. .John's, The last-named gentleman still con- 
York Mills. the second rectorate in this tinues in office. In Trinity's earlier 
part of the country for ten years. He days the Anglican Bishop of Townto 
also served st. Paul's two years, gratui- oftentimes officiated. as did Revs. H. 
tously, in connection with St. John's, Scadding, D.D., and Walter Stennett. 
which was then a wealthy church. The wardens have been:- 
Charles Mathews, first classical mas. 1852-1
53-A. Joseph, Thomas Haworth. 
tar of Upper Ce.nada College, was his 1853-186G-.W. Gooderham. Enoch Tur- 
.-,sistant. Mr. Sanson is a white.- nero 
haired, benevolvent-looking gentleman 186G-1874-.W. Gooderham. J. H. Blake. 
of the old school type, dignified and 1874-1
82-W. Gooderham. J. G. 'Vorts. 
courteous, but pleasant and agreeable 18æ-l
83-J. G. Worts, Lewis Reford. 
in manne.r. Asi
e from giving hard. 1
'!3-1885-Lewis I!-efor
, S. R. Heakes. 
oo1.d facts and fIgures to the reportpr ]8
8(j-John GIllespie, R. 1\1. Carn- 
be was exceedingly averse to any per _ eTon. 
sonal mention. He has alwtLys oPpn 18
6-1889-J. Gillespie, J. R. Whiteside. 



f889-1891-A. J. Boulton, J. J. Davis. is very comfortable in arrangement 
1891-1893-A. E. O'Me:ara., J. J. Davis. and furnishing; it seats about 750 per- 
1893.-1894-Jobn Sanson, C. R. Cooper. sons, and a ("onsiderahle part of it is 
1894-1899--C. R. Cooper, C. H. Beavis. free and uJnappropriated. A spacious 
The choir, a mixed one of both male gallery extends across the western end, 
d female voices, 
o }lto wear aUT- I which is the facade, and there are two 
phces, t
ough t
 SIt III the. e
ancef. small transept gallerie
. Tbe organ IS 
Of aSsIstant mlllisters at Tnmty not placed in the south-east corner of the 
preVIously named, who have been re- building and is artistically decorated. 
gularly attacbe.d there haye bee:ç. The cJba.ncel measures 20 feet by 11 
b1;1t two, R,e.v. Ml. S. B.tldwrn, now feet in depth, and contains sittings for 
BIshop of Huron, and thf> present the choir. A magnificently decorated 
(1898) curate" Rev. T
 R. O'Meara. The window occupies a large section of the 
Ia.tter gentleman was educated a
! eastern wall above the altar. The 
Port Hope, and ",Vycliffe College, To- handsome lectern is located in the 
ronto, and came. to Trinity Church in front centre of the chancel, while tbe 
1890. pulpit is to be seen to the north of it. 
A!. marble baptismal font is placed in 
the north aisle near the fron t of the 
,\Vhen the writer inspected the build- 
ing for tilie purpose of this article he 
Tile Plrat We.' .lId .A.DCIl
ft. r.r....- found it tastefully decorated with me- 
"011I<<' "o&ablf' P" mentoes of the happy Ohristmas time. 
At John street 8!nd Stephanið place, I Wreaths of evergreen were grace- 
JUst above Queen, stands St. George's fully twined about the columns, while 
Church, one of Toronto's oldest iliumlllated shields hung upon the 
churches, occupying a very prominent walls. A series of evergreen, lancet 
plal'e in its religious life and history. form, Gothic arches spanned the front 
The church is built in the early Eng- of the chancel with the star of the 
lish Gothic style, 96 feet long hy 50 Nativity in the centre. Appropnate 
wide. with a spire 150 feet high, of mottoes and emblems were deftly ar- 
white brick, now dingy and weather- ranged within the chancel, giving it 
stained, and is a gracf'ful structure, the semblance of a miniature oower. 
with aJ proportion so arranged as to The four dooades that have passed since 
give it a sompwhat massive appearance the erection of the church give it an 
as well. There are three entrances, atmosphere of antiquity and, with 
from '.John street, with anothpr inb that, the historic interest and attrac- 
the vpstry from the north and p'" tion always attac,hed to the old and 
from the south. The Sunday sel\( venerable. 
building is directly connected with t;k The service and church of st. 
church on the east, and a commodious was in 1888 described in the fol!owing 
aDd convenient rectory is huilt Just account: 
north of t'he church. The ground upon "The style of service at st. George's 
which the thrpe buildings are erected' is considered to be the most English 
was gIven to the parish in 1844 11Y the; in Toronto. It is not ritualistic, but 
late Mr. and Mrs. D.Arcy Boulton, of conforms with the established usage of 
the Grange. The church was begun in . the Church of England. The morning 
that year, and was opened for service I service is a plain one, but the evening 
November 9th, 1845. The tota\l cost was service is largely choral. The choir of 
124,000. The church was consecrated men and bOYB is a surpliced one, and 
on St. Andrew's day, 1853, by the late these are assisted by a number of ladies. 
Bishop Strachan. The church has a widely established re- 
The first impression made upon the putation for excellent music, and just- 
mind of a visitor when entering the ly so. The music is Anglican in char- 
building is tha1t of its cathedral char- acte.r, and no operatic or sensational 
aeter. The tall columns and grac('ful self>ctions are used for the purpose of 
arcbes dividing the nave from tha catching the. curiosity of th{' public. 
aisles give the interior an appearan 'e The sole end and aim of the service 
of great space. A number of the win- 
ms to be the effort to reach an 
dows are fillpd wi'th stained glass of idea] form of worship, stripped of bar- 
varied designs, and are memorial WlD- I ren negations on the one side and fI orid 
dows. One such is tha.t on the north, ex{'rcises on the other. The style of 
which commemorates the life of Clara the Englit;.b Churoh in the mothercoun- 
Perkins and that of her brother, Fren- . try i,s cIOBely ad'hered to, much to the 
erick Campbell Perkins. 1'he church edification of the great mass of wor- 




shippers. at this church. It is a popu- ! abandoned and the committee dl&- 
lar church, so much so that it is often! solved. A second one was formed the 
exceedingly difficult to secure sitting I members being Right Rev. John 
accommodation. congregations are I strach
, .D. D., 13Ii.5OOp of Thronto, 
,very large and the work haa so grown Hion. \VIliiam Cayley, \Villiam Hen:r:y 
upon the hands of the rector that it Boulton, J. G. Spragge, James G. 'Chew- 
was found necessary to employ two as- ett and Clarke Gamble. 
sistant ministers. These have been Tbe church Wa5 subsequently erected 
secured in the persons of Revs. P. J. on the site. where it now stands which 
Moore and F
 M. Webster. There are was the gift of D'Arcy Boulton: of the 
400 communIcant members of the Grange. When finally OOtIIlpleted, the 
c]:lUrch and 350 .of these have c
t had reached nearly $28,000. The 
nIcated on one day. The Chnstmas bmlde,r was John Ritchey and the- 
offertory in 1886 was ovér '$300. architect Henry Bowyer Lane. 
"There are more than 400 children Tbe first organ in the church was 
connected with the twoSunday schools, built by War
e.n, of Montreal, in 1857, 
one of which is connected with the and was rebmlt by Warren & Son, of 
Phoehe street mission hall work. In Toronto, in 1880. 
this hall the Church Army began its The c.hurch was freed from debt and 
work in Canada in 1885. The object consee.rated to the service of God on 
of this Army is to evangelize the low Novelffioor OOth, 1853, st. Andrew's day. 
classes of society; its aim is precisely The 8IChool house w:as e
cted in 1857, 
that of the Salvation Army, but its the C?rner atone bemg laId on August 
methods are dignified and orderly. 2Ot:h 
 that year. The parsonage was 
Special attention is also given at this bmlt III 1865. 
hall to temperance work, and so far The o"!-ergy of St. 
's since the 
with the most encouraging results. foundatIOn of the parIsh m 1847 have 
.. A Home for the Aged has also been I been: _ 
established in the parish, which is man- I Rector6-Rev. Charles Ruttan, 1844- 
aged by the Sisters of St. John the I ' 1848; Re.v. Stephen Lett, LL.D., 1848- 
Divine. A property on Larch street I 18G
; Rev. Thomas Brock Fuller, 1862- 
was purchased tor the Home at a cost 1 1875; Re.v. John D' Arcy Cayley, 1875. 
of $4,500. A paper called' St. George's Mir. Ruttan until Easter, 1896, was 
Parish Journal' is published, contain- rector of .&t: John's churc
, Norway, 
ing historical information, notices of I when he re6 1 gned that. appOintment m 
services and meetings, besides a well- consequence of advanCIng years. Dr. 
selected quantity of reading matter. Lett became rector of Guelph, and died 
"The total value of the parish pro- I there sev
ral years ago: Rev. T: B. Ful- 
perty is about $30,000, all of which is Ie! W1as m 1
75 .appomted B1Shop of 
fully insured. $1,020 was received in NIagara. He dIed ill 
887. He was sue- 
1885 for missionary purposes, with cpeded at St. George s by the present 
about $400 from the 
unday school, I rector. . 
over $300 from the Phoebe street mis- I ,])he. assIstant cle.rgy have been: 
sion hall, $450 for the poor, about $3,- 1857-Re.v. W. A. Adamson. 
700 from the offertory, over $1,800 for 1
62-Rbv. E. L. Wells. 
pew rents, and over f600 from the 1865-66-Rev. Richard Harrison 
Church Home. The congregation raises 1866-7D-Re.v. '.D. S. EJJerby. 
about $11,000 yearly for parochial and 1870-73-Rev. C. .T. Machin. 
missionary work, and this statement 187D-Rev. A. G. L. Thew. 
affords the reader some idea of the 1874-Re.v. E. H. Cole. 
great work being done by the church 1874-75-Re.v. J. D. Cayley. 
of st. George the Martyr. 1876-81-Rev. C. HI: Mbck:ridge. 
· · · · · · 1880-Rev. J. F. Jowitt. 
Briefly, the history of St. George's IP8
-83-Re.v. Joeeph F. White. 
church and parish is as follows: The 1883-85-Re.v. W. Clark. 
first mission distriot, an offshoot from 1884-Rev. G. M. Kingston. 
St. James' church, was organized in 1885-89-Re.v. R. .J. !\Wore. 
De.oe.mber, 1843. The original committee 1886-87-Re.v. F. M:. Web6ter. 
consisted of Re.v. Henry James Gra- 18fìO-91--Rev. Allan A. Pitman, Rev. 
øett, Vice-Chancellor Jameson, F. T. M:. C. Dickenson. 
Billings, H. Boys and Henry Rowsell. 1893-Re.v. Oswald Rigby, Rev. E. O. 
It was proposOO. to erect the church Cayley, Rev. C. Lutz, Rev. H. S\ymonds, 
on a plot of land contiguoUB to where eBsistants either as locum 'tenens or 
neral H'OSpital stood, on the in absence. of rector. 
north-west corner of John and King I Rev. E. aullock,:May to October, 
streets. This site was subsequentlY 1893. 





._ -






_._--- ':-

. iI 

----= - -- --- -- - -:". 


-;: ----- . 

-r-0---:"..:i2-- ;,?..

0:- -ç:;;;:;;:::-ý
 n' -: 
 \'\\ 1 \ 

..?"" . jl: 

 :: ..1:; 


 . flil 

. ,- .III 
:I - M 


. A. 
;,?'.: ' 


t '. 

S'1'. GEOItGE'S CHURCH, JOHN 8'!'R.r.r. 

Rev. Prebendary Bn.llook, of Eng- 
land, February, 1893. special mission. 
R3V. J. S. Btroughall, October, 1893, 
to February, 1895. 
Rev. H. P. Lowe., February, 1895. 
The wardens been: 

1854148-Wm. H'. Boulton, Wm. Wake- 
49-J. H. Ca.meron, Thos. Ba.mes. 
1849-50-John Arnold. John Henry Le- 
froy, R. A. 
1850-51-J. H. Leíroy, R.A., J. G. Horne. 





-John Henry Lefroy, R. A., S. 
B. Ha.rman. 
1853-55-T. P. Robarts. John Arnold. 
1855-56-John Arnold. Kivas fully. 
185&-57-T. P. Robarts, S. B. Harman. 
1857-58-8. B. Harman. R. B. DenißOn. 
1858-59-R. B. Denißon. Kivas Tully. 
6O-John Boulton. 
1860-Kiv8S Tully. John Boulton, re- 
signed June 6th. 1860, When 
we re elected W m. l\I cClea.ry. 
John H
llya.rd Cameron. 
IoCleary, John Hill- 
yard Cameron. 
1862-66-John Boulton, Huson W. M. 
. Murray. 
186ß-68-Huson \V. 1\I'. Murray. A. R. 
1868-77-A. R. Boswell. Samuel William 
I. Chadwick. \Vm. Greey. 
1878--80-Edward M. Chadwick. Elmes 
1880-81-E. M. Chadwick, Alexander BUrrowes. 
1881-83-E. ::\f. Chadwick. Stephen 

M.D. Tbe Old Time YorkYllle Place e.f W.rII.lp 
1883-85-E. M. Chadwick. G. T. Harman. -The GrftDlR1nr lie-hoot. 
1882-8(i-E. lVI. Chadwick, Harry Hayes. The. following account, very slightly 
1886-87-E. M. Chadwick. \V. M. Mur- 
ltered, was given of St. Paul's in 1886. 
ra,y. It is now reruhl ; shed. It 'reads thus: 
18S7-90-S. Bruoo Harman. R. B. '3treet. . .'No more. beautiful 81lllBet bathed th. 
1890-96-8. Bruce Harman; George P. world in g'lory than that which en- 
Reid. wrapped the dying day laat Sabbath 
1896-99-R. B. street, R. W. Barkér, evening. Golden shafts of light linger- 
The Sunday sob.ool room is a large, ed abou
 the. tree 
ops as 
f crowning 
lofty building with very little adorn- theiIlL wIth celestial :radIance. The 
ment. The floor and seats are bare. fe.athered .songsters .se
med to carol 
and the:.3 is an appearance of rugged more. mU
ly as If lD ]'elSpon
simplicity about it. Oppning from it the. d.ay-kmg 5 farewell. The .brlght 
.are the infant class room. Bible class I green leav
 grew tremulous m the 
rooms. robing room. kitchen. etc. breeze pa
lDg among. them never .s> 
. . ...,. softly, as If loth to disturb the. qUIet 
The ftrSt lDcumbent of St. tTt"orge S that rested like a benediction UPOll 
was Rev. Charles. Ruttan. In 1848 Dr. I the. day going down into the grave of 
Lett became th.e !ncumbe!lt. The same the. night. The hallowed. qu!et is broken 
year Mr. WIlham C'aIg
r: who IS by othe.r BOunds than those of nature. 
well. remembered by many citizens. was F!rOiID out of an ivy-clad tower come 
appomted sexton. In 1861 Dr. LeU re- the peaJing notes ð! the vesper bell; 
Blgttled and Rev. T: B. 
uller became rising above. all sounds and yet ming- 
the rector. He res
ed 1D 1\far,' 1875, ling with the tones of all the cathedral 
when he was. Bishop of NIagara. . chimes come, now ponderously, now aJ.- 
and was suoceed_ed by the present rec- , most merrily, until from all over this 
tor. Rev. :T. D. Cayley, M.A. beautiful city of churches one grand 
Mr. Cayley. who is well known metallic chorus risoo upon the even- 
throughout the city, was born in Lon- ing air calling men to song and 
don. EnglaJ1d. He wns educated at praye.r. 
Upper Canada Colle
 and Trinity Col- "The. streets of the city, so quiet dur- 
lege University. In 1860 he was or- ing the. sunny hours of the bea,utiful 
dained in England deacon. and the fol- day, are. now crowded with peopæ find. 
lowing year priest. by the Bishop of ing their way to the. favonrite church. 
London. After remaining in England Among theBe was the writer of this 
three years he came bark to Canada. I sketch, and he was met with evidences 
and 'W'aß incumbent at Whitby eleven on all 8Ídes that however the Sabbath In the a.utumn of 1874 he was I may be ,obserrved on the SlUrf
;a in 

appointed 3.SBistant minister at St. 

's. and rector Íl1 May, 1875. 
When the parish completed its jubilee 
in 1893 the staff of the church was as 
follows :- 
Cle.rgy-Reverends J. D. Cayley and 
J. S. Broughall. Churchwardens - S. 
Bruce Harman, G-eorge P. Reid. Sides- 
me.n-F. Arnoldi, Q.C.. E. D. Armour. 
Q. C., C. R. W. Biggar. Q. C.. H. E. 
Bla.nchford, A. M. Browne. Frank Cay- 
ley, A. J. C10Be, \V. B. Close. Frank P. 
Cowan, M.D., S. J. Davies. J. C. Hari- 
son, G. F. Harman. C. D. Heath. C. E. 
Holmes, A. C. Bedford-Jones. H. H. 
Langton, F. Lightbourn. Inglis T,ough, 
M.D., L. McJ\furray, H. W. 1\1. Murray, 
Q.C., II. C. Parsons. H. S. Strathy, R. 
B. streßt, \V. B. Strickland, C. V. M. 
Temple, Harry Winsor. E. H. Keating. 
Organist and Choir Master-E. W. 




apirit it is Dot SO extensivew kept ås is si.veness and solidity, although it is not 
SQlmetimes imagined. There are many a large building; its outline is well pro- 
private arrangements in this city w
ere- portioned and it is an ideal structure. 
by illicit tra.ffic of various kinds is go- such a one 3.ß is frequently met with 
ing forward regardless of the s
cred in the land ø,crOSB the sea-the real 
cha.racter of the day. A walk through home of the Church of Eng:and. The 
RoBedale glen, through the cemeteries, building runs east and WE'st. with an 
OYer the Don and along its banks will entrance iDto the vestry and thence into 
re\'ool the fact that n<>t only are there' the transept. and another, with a fine 
many non-churchl-giOerB, but there is porch, on tl1e Bloor street side; a"1other 
freedom of enjoyment Dot obta.inable on entrance on 'the \\'\88t has about it a 
a.ny other day. And this is not con-- tpmporary wooden porch. In each of 
fined to poor people; the residences and I th 
 northern and southern transepts 
glroun?s of some of our. 'wealthier c
ti- I there is a large stained glass window 
zens III the upper porbon of the CIty composed of a number of circular and 
were seen to contain man) persons that J foliated smaller di\'isions, that make 
ha.d discharged their religious duty by tJhem ornamentaL The nave, a long, to church in the morning and narrow one, has six cinque-foil win- 
leavin.s- their pews vacant for "the com- dows, with a very large one in the 
mon people' in the evening. But it west end. The roof is composed of 
WBa a plellßant and refreshing sight to I darkly stained, open tim}'er work, sup- 
Bee little children merrily skipping over ported by massive Bton(
 arches resting 
the beautifuL lawns in innocent play. upon heavy stone columns. 'Vhile these 
'While the contented mother luxuriously are not disproportIonate in any way, 
enjoyed the picture from the open wÏD- they seriously interfere with hoth the 
dt)W of a richly furnished drawing-room. ' and hearing of those seated di- 
Bights like this with the evening air rectly between them and the chancel. 
perfumed with the fragrance of flowers 
he interior is. prettily painted in 
a.nd mellow with bird-songs; with I hght . colours with ornamental lJ?r- 
beautüuL residence5 that seemed ver- I ders; m every part of the church SCrip- 
itabLe palaces of art; with avenues I ture mottoes are:yainted in gilt 
whooe long, cool arches of interlacing J letters, old Enghsh style,. upon a dark 
tree-tops made iJwitingly pleasant. no I red backgrou,?-d, and thIs work p:r: e - 
wOIlder one's steps became insensibly I sents 
 pleaBmg appearance. WJ:11
slower while drinking in the peace and there IS much of the cath
beauty of the even-time. I a?<,ut. the c
urch, these bnght c
ith a.ll t
 loveliness of nature at- gIve 
t an au of fres
ness and hfe In the SPlI'lt to \voTJlÙ)jp the Power 
mg contrast wIth the som
that created it, nothing is loot by en-; heavmess that generally ac
tering a. beautifuL church where the: the catþ
ra.l style of archltectutre. 
classic surroundings complement the I Just wlthm the northern entrance 
outside naturaL beauty. And St. Paul's i s
ands a. larg
, heavy sandstone bap- 
church is an attmcti\'e one; it is mOBt I bsmal font. 'Ihe pews are very plam 
eIigibJy situated on thf' southf"Tn sii!e 
nd only those carpete1- and cush- 
of Bloor street, east of J a.rvis. There is ! Ion
d whose owners so. de
lre; na:row 
no fence or enclQ5ure to mar the beauty I strIps of carpets are laId m thE' aIsles. 
of the surroundiog)3, and in this re- "Above the arch spanning the chan- 
BþOOt the church simply anticipates what cel is a motto which reads: 'Whoso- 

 ta8te will generaLLy demand in the ever will, let him take of the water of. 
 church stands well bø.ck life freely: Outside on the left is the 
from the street, and iB reached by neat I pulpit, whose desk and panels are cov- 
wooden walks running in g-raceful line&!ll ered with red velve.t; the lectern is 
()(Ver a. clooely' trimmed and very exten- I also 8. plain desk, and is near the pul- 
sive 'ÆIoWD surrounding" it. A clamber-! pit. The organist sits within the 
ingo vine climbs profUl.'lely up by a beau,.. , chancel; above him is a set of pipes, 
tiful window until it almost entirely; prettily ornamented; another set is 
ooo.ceals the little "bell swung in a I visible in the southern transept, and 
lIluaint-looking tower. One is instinc- the uuilder has avoided the mistake, 
tively reminded o.f the ivy-clad towers so frequently made in churches, of en- 
O! romance .and poetry, and somehow tirely burying the organ in .an enclosed 
there seems to be peculia.r fitness in chamber, from ou
 of whIch no full 
the of the ivy a.bout a church sound can be obtaIned; very much of 

er. ' an otherwise fine; musical effect is lost 
'''Ph''' nuirMing is a (rl)thic sto.nop. c;truc- . by tne organ being walled in. and conveys an impre.."Ision of mas- "Seats for the choir are fixed at 



right angles to the n'ave within the is partially deaf he is taken well for- 
chancël, which is entirely carpeted and ward. I .But no other distinction is 
is ample for all deman'ìs made upon 
ade; a plainly, poorly-dressed visitor 
it. Th-> altar is an exceedingly plain l
 served Just as politely as one more 
one, I ut the reredos is a handsome 
lghly f
voured in these matters; even 
piece of work, extending entirely across little chlldren were kindly shown to 
the eastern wall, and is made of stone sea
s, and everything was done to make 
Mosaic; immediately above it is the: 30,11 l!lco
ers welcome and comfortable. 
motto, cut in stone, which reads: 'II?-e audIence was what may be termed 
'Glory to God in the highest on earth mIscellaneous, that is, it was composed 
peacp, good-will toward men.' The of all cla;'!SeB 
f people; a few were 
stained glass window is richly wrought I there bearmg eVIdences of w.ealth about 
in fresh, bright colours, and is orna- . t
em, b
t the large maJoTl.ty of the 
mented with various emblems and' 125 present were of the mIddle class 
&'ymbols. On the arch above it is in-' o
 people. It was nu! a large congrega- 
scribed: Holiness becometh Thine hon-the church wIll seat 600-but it 
house, 0 Lord, forever: 
 very decorous one, and its dis- 
.'There are three memorials in st. tmcÌlve feature wa
 the heartiness 
Paul's church. The first one is engrav- and 
niversality of participation in the 
ed in brass upon a black marble tablet serVlCe. The latter was an exceedingly 
and reads:- plain service; for a Church of Eng- 
Erected by the c9 m pn.nio!ls of his household Land service it was just within the 
in affectionate remembrance of regulations and no more. The choir 
ROBERT HENDERSON. composed of ladies and gentlemen t
the number of about twenty, with Mr. 
who was lost with six. others b:v the Geddes as or g anist , wa s not dl . stl . n - 
foundering- of the yacht . 
Foam off Niagara, guisÞ.able from the congregation in 
July 11th, 1874, in thel 21st the musical service. so familiar did 
year of- his age. everyone seem with the chants and 
10 the fourth watch' of the night Jesus responses. There is no choral in the 
Went unto them walking on the sea. responses save on the part of one 
'.Within the chancel, on the north strong voice that was particularly 
wall, is a very handsome white mar- noticeable for its musical intonation 
ble memorial erected to the memory when brought into comparison with 
of Rev. Saltern Givins, who was rector the ordinary responses. The service, 
of the church twenty-four years. He like the congregation, is a conserva- 
was missionary at Tyend
naga on the tive one. almost painfully so. But 
Bay of Quinte, nineteen ypars, and fjll- everybody was interested, enjoyed and 
ed every {-osition to which he was call. was benefited by it. 
ed with fidelity and zeal, for which 
he was much beloved. He was born " It began with the singing of a 
in this city April 8th, 1P09, and died hymn and then followed the rubric of 
at Colborne, October 30th, 1880. Such the prayer-book. The rector, Rev. T. 
is the statement inscribed llpon the me- C. Des Barres. conducted the service, 

orial. ,and in some resnects he is a novel 
"A plainer memorial is seen imme.- reader. There is nothing artificial 
diately opposite, honouring R.ev. W. . about his reading; in fact it is in- 
F. Checkley, M.A., who died Jan. 3rd, tensely natural: he does not intone 
1879, and it rea
s 'This table
 is erect- but reads rapidly, with an emphatic 
ed by a few fnends who desIre to re- utterance that runs along in a sort 
cor<;l his faithful ministry in this I of staceato style that seems almost 
pa,:psh:.. ; business-like. But the readin'g is re- 
;u was mt
 thIS church that the. fresbing and attractive, because it is 

rlter found. hIS w
y last Sunday even- not stilted or assumed; there is no 
mg. He was ImmedIately confronted by whine about it; it is taken easily, 
a gentlemanly usher and shown to a naturally and is properly interpreted. 
seat, and was handed a prayer book . '. . . 
a.nd h$mn book. It is a custom in The smglng IS .ex
ellent, not fmel,. 
this church to provide all strangers shaded. because It IS too general. b
with these books; a collection of them , tuneful, well measure
is kept on hand for "this special pur- ously expressed. The 
lllflCat, or 
pose. The attention shown all visitors 
ng of tþe. B!
sed VIrgIn, and the 
is one of the most considell"ate and, Nunc Dlmlttls, or Song of St. 
courteous nature. as soon as a person Simeon, were especially well sung. 
Iemt\3rs he is met by the usher, who Four hymns were sung the last of 
provides him with an eligible seat, and which, · Lead. kindly Light,' was an 
extra efforts are used to accommodate .exquisite selection and seemed so a.p- 
individual circumstances; if a person propriate in its sentiment, for 



dark: ess of night was then rapidly en- I erB the fl oor adds to this feeIin
folding the earth. insen-;ihly remind- warmth and comfort. Prettily paint- 
ing one of the Deed of some guiding l ed mottoes adorn the walls; neat little 
light amid the gloom of the coming settees and a convenient desk for earh 
night "",hen all earth's toilers shall I teacher, with a large organ, constitute 
gather the drapery of everlasting sleep the furniture, and it is a most de- 
about their spf'nt lives. lightful room for Sunday school pur- 
"J\fr. Des Barr'es' sermon was a short poses. Opening Crom it ann running 
one. based upon the text: 'Who his into the exteosion eastward is a long 
own self bare our sins in his own body I narrow library iurnisbed" ith 980 
0il1 the tree,' and was a plea for 'the volumes. The Sund3.Y school numhers 
grand old doctrine of the Atonement. 350, with Mr. John G. Greey as super- 
as a suhstitutional affair. intendent. Next lc the main room are 
"The land and the church cost about I two large weJl-furnished Bible class 
$29.000. The rectory, just east of the rooms, and them comes the Infant 
church, and the extensive double class room, by far the finest in this 
school house south-west of it cost $10,- city. It is carpeted with a beautiful 




 'I, " _ " ",. 
"". ""''' - _.....__1r. 

.. .,,- .. 

000 additional This school house is a I Brussels, and has a tier of graned seats 
model of elegance and comfort that made of brightIy-coloured wood. The 
amounts almost to luxury. It is in I walls are of the clearest \\'hite, and Ð. 
the shape of an L, that part of it run- beautiful circular window with an ele- north and south being devoted gant combination of parti-coloured, 
to the main school. The facade is stone, variously shaped panes of glass is in- 
but the remaining portion is built of I serted in the eastern wall. Above it 
white brick with red brick ornamen- is a "handsome scroll artistically paint- 
ta.tion. The main room is wainscotted ed upon th
 white wall containing the 
and has a white kalsomined ceiling. I sentence 'Suffer little children to 
The white bricks of the wall are point- come unto Me and forbid them not.' 
ed with black paint, while the red brick A little organ, a blackboard, maps, 
adornments have white pointing; al- I etc., are at hand for the entertainment 
though the walls are not plastered the I and instruction of the little ones for 
room does not convey that idea of cold- whom no more delightful room can be 
nel!ls that is generally associated with I imagined. No woneler that one of the 
a.n unplasterecl room. Doubtless the boys rt>IDarkeel: '[f any fellow ('onws 
rich Brussels carpet that entirely COy- in here with muddy boots we'll bounce 



him.' The infant class increased fifty years that have since elapsed there 
per cent. within the last year. has been no change in the incumbency 
"So far as ascertained St. Paul's is of the chure-h. But to make the story 
the second offshoot from St. James' complete something remains to be told 
cathedral, and is about fifty years old. about old St. Paul's. In volume I. of 
The first building was a wooden one, the landmarkB a cut of the old build- 
erected upon the ground where the ing has aJready appeared. and some 
rectory now stands. The land was few particulars given about the church 
deeded to the church by Hon. G. W. and its erection. 
Allan, who gave his portion without In a paper -ftated .June 18th. 1842 
n-muneration, and the late James Hen- now in the writer's possession. ap
derson. The congregation bec
me too pears the following account of the 
or the 'p,:w accommodatIon, and opening service. 
a sectIon pebtlOn
d for r

ovaI 1;0 "The new church near the toll gate 
Bloor street west, .th
 pehtIOn was on Yonge street, was opened for the 
granted and the buddIng was also performance of divine service on the 
taken and pla;ced upon what was calI- . mørnin
 of Bundaty 1 t th 12th' t" 

d Potter's FIeld, and later developed I It may be remar

' tha
mto the Church of the Redeemer. It I first 8t P I' b "1t Oh h t t 
was to remain a chapel of St. Paul's . au s was UI urc s ree 
until the latter was free of debt, and I 
nly extende
 as far as Carlton 
this condition existed until Rev. Sep- :
reet. .Tarvls street from the corner 
timus Jones wa.s appointed rector of Queen street east was only a sandy 
the former church. lane. as was also Sherbourne street, 
.. Steps were then taken to build a then 
own north of Queen stre
t as 
new church, and this was done about Allan s Lan
. 'Vest of St. Pauls on 
25 years ago. The late Mrs. Proudfoot the south sIde of Bloor street there 
managed a bazaar that netted $4,000, I was scarcely a house between the 
and this was the nucleus for the new I church and. Yonge street. and on the 
building; and the late 'V. A. Baldwin i northern sIde there were only some 
mortgaged his farm for $8,000 to com- I three o:r: four houses between the 
plete the church, and when this debt of Ja.rVls street and the Red LIOn 
was discharged the church was conse- I Hotel, on the north-east corner of 
crated. The rectors, as far as could be I YO!1ge and Bloor streets, close to 
learned, were Rev. 8. Givins. who had whiCh was the toll gate referred to 
as his curates Revs. Dr. Adamson, !he newspaper account continu
Government Chaplain; A. Williams, I The Rev. Cha;rle
 J.\{atthews offlcla- 
John Langtry Septimus Jones \V F ted upon the occaSIOn. and we had the 
Checkley and' T. C. Des Barr
s. Mr: gratification of hearing him deliver an 
Des Barres has no curate because the appropriate and animated Sermon from 
egress of several parishes from st. : Ir King IV., 8, 9. 
e building of a 
Paul's has obviated the necessity of htt.le chamber for. Elisha by the Shun- 
supporting two ministers. His salary I amlte 
as very Skllfu
l:t and eloquent- 
is $1,500 with tlie use of the rectory; ly a'PP
led to the 
l wants of 
he has been rector eight years. the nmghbourhood m whICh the new 
"Within the last thirty-five years church sta
ds. and furnished the 
. St. Paul's has been the mother of five I preacher wIth many powerful argu- 
parishes, viz.: Church of the Redeemer, ments for recommending the people to 
st. Luke's. St. Peter's, a portion of use every effort towards securing the 
Christ çl!urch, Deer Park, and the services of a resident minister. A re- 
new St. Simon's. But its old-time vig- i spectable congregation of one hundred 
our is unabated notwithstanding this persons had assembled and a coUec- 
n its strength. It has about tion of about .e3 14s ($14.80) was made 
150 communicating members and a I in of the building fund. It was a 
yearly income of about $3,600. In fact, matter of sincere rejoicing to all pre- 
last year was more prosperous than !lent to take part in the simple and 
any year before; $3,000 was spent for I well conducted services of this new 
permanent improvement and 32,000 little sanctuary." 
will be spent this year. The church- I The same paper contains this adver- 
wardens who so successfully care for tisement:- 
the interests of St. Paul's are Messrs. TIEIiE NEW OHURCH 
Wm. B. Evans and .T. R. Roof." . 
. . .. . 

'.fhe foregoing portion of the history 
of St. Paul's church and congregation 
was written In 1886. and in the twelve 

"On Thursday next. 23rd inst., a 
meeting at which the Lord Bishop will 



preside will be held in this c1mrch. I ' Owing to ill-health Mr. McKenzie re- 
The object of the mf'eting is to organ- tired from the incumr,ency in 185::;, and 
ize a congregation in conformity with was followed hy the Rev. 'V. A. John- 
the Church Temporalities Act. All son. :Curing th? tf'rm of offi
 of the 
persons who are disposed to rent or I lattf'r clergyman a controversy and di- 
purchase pews or seats will then havf' I I vision aros' in ,the congrega.tion re- 
an opportunity of doing so. and are spucting the theological leanings and 
particularly requested to attend. The " t':>.a.ching of l\'Ir. Johnson. His sermons 
church will hold two hundred. by a portion of his flock were declared 
"On Sunday morning the 26th inst., I to savour more of Rome tha.n of th
a sermon will be preached in this Reformf'd Church of England, whild 
church by the Rev. Dr. McCau], Prin- on the othf'r hand an almost equally 
tipal of Upper Ca.nada College. in aid I large number of his parishioners gave 
of the building fund." him their warm and hearty support. 
Toronto. 17th June, 1842. ; There was on hath sides no desire to 
The first incumbent of St. Paul's cast th
 gl;ghtest imputa.tion on Mr. 
I i 
't -: 

/ \

 --:-",. - - -- - (


".. j 
-== -'. - \'-;'I;
==... ,.; -==- 
1it. -====- ,.x i I 
=: ib
 -- - \:, \
II -

 "', ." 
' .' -= 

. ."J 

'/ --......".--i 
was the Reverend John George Dal- I Johnson's character; all admitted hil!l 
hoste McKenzie, who continued in perfect and absolute sincerity, but the 
charge until 1855. In addition to un- very fact of his eoarnestness rendf'r \d 
dertaking the cure of soð.ls at st. his opp()lIlents all the more desirous 
Paul's, Mr. McKenzie conducted a I that he should lesave St. Paul's, as he 
school. known as "St. Paul's Church I was, to their way of thinking, prt'3ch- 
Grammar &hool," in his residence, ing erronf'OUS doctrines. though fuBy 
the second houge to the east of the believing himself tn the truth of what 
oourch on th.... same side of Bloor street. I he taught. 
Among his pupils werp members of the I After long. painful and heaten. con- 
J'arvis, Henderson, Blake. Baldwin. tro',- r:>.v. l\fr. Johnson resigned hiB 
Murray and Oreese families. charge and w
nt to Weston. where as. 

, /_


- 'f

; /./47 
/ . 
././., . 

. //.!f7
;.--. JIll ':'"' 



rector of St. Philip's he remained for 1870-1871-T. B. Blackwood, G. M. 
many long years after the troubles at R.a.
St. Paul's ha.d been bu.ried in oblivion 1871-1872-G. :\f. Rae, E. J. Jarvis. 
so far as he W'aS concerned. 1872-1873-J. T. Smith, John Symons. 
Following Mr. Johnson came Mr. 1873-18ï4-Fl'ank Draper, Captain 
Givins, who was in turn succeeded by , Stupart. 
the present rector. 1874-1877-Captain Stupart. William 
The clergy of st. Paul's since its 
foundation have heen these:- 1877-1878-Benry Skynner. J. R. Roaf. 
Rectors-Rev. J. G. D. McKenzie, 1878-1880- 'V. H. Draper. ,Yo B. Evans. 
about 18
 to 1855; Rev. W. A. John- '1880-1881-t\rajor R. J .Evans, ,V. B. 
son, 1855; Rev. Saltern "Givins, 1856- Evans. 
1879; Rev. T. C. Desbarres, 1f;79-98. . 1881-1883- 'V. B. Evans, R. H. Gray. 
Assistant Clergy-Rev. l\fr. Schrte- 188
-1884-\Y. B. Evans. ('. B. Jacke.s. 
ber, occasional, 1855; Rev. Dr. Ada
l- 1884-1886- 'V. B. Evans, D. l\Iitchell 
son. 1855-56 (deceased);, Rev. A. "iJ- Macdonald. 
Iiams (now of St. John B); Rev. John 1886-1888- 'Yo B. EVaJls. J. R. Roaf. 
Langtry, 1868-69 (now of St. Luke's); 1888-1889-:\rajoI' R. J. Evans. Charles 
Rev. Septimus Jones (now of Redeem- Lang1ey. 
er); Rev. 'V. F. Checkley (deceas('-J); 1889-189.2-J. G. Greey, Charles Lang- 
Rev. ,T. C. Desbarres (now rector of St. ley. 
Paul s). 1892-1800-'V. R. SmaUpiece. J'. G. 
Proff'ssor Rev. H. S. Cody, of 'Vyck- I Greey 
liff,- C?l
ege, been acting as assist- 1893-1895- 'V. .R. Sma Upiece. R. Milli- 
ant mlDlster Since the summer of 1895, champ 
l'ut h-> is not responsible for parochial il895-1898-'V. G. Eakins. Charles l\Iar- 
work (1898). riott 
'fhe following have been the ward- Organist 189'6-1Ir. McKim. 
ens: I 
From 1
 until 1849 there are un- I 
fortunately no records showing who I CHAPTER V. 
 wardens. Probably the affairs of I 
thr> district were manag
 by the Bis- I ' HOLY TRINITY. 
hop and thf' ministpr. aided by a com- -, 
ttf'e, l'ut this is little more than con- I ....e Plr.. SOree ..d Open t:hanh I. Te- 
J..cture, as no documents of any kind I rente-..&. fUrt Fr... EnglAlld. 
art' to be found relating to vestry Running westward from Yonge 
etings prior to 1849. street, about 200 yards to the north 
The register of births, marri,ages and of Queen street, is a narrow thorough- 
deaths dates from 1846, but these give fare leading to a court wherpin is 
no clue as to whom filled the office of built the Church of the Holy Trinity, 
churchwarden. belonging to the Church of England. 
. The court is now known as Trinitv 
E:,S ! square. In 1835 it was known as "the 
-:--;eorge Willl&Dl Allan, fields," and constituted the garden 
James Henderson. ; and cleared space around the residence 
185'::-1853-Aiex. l\Iurra,y, Captain Pat- of Dr. James :\Iacaulay, formerly an 
tenson. army surgeon in the Queen's Rangers. 
1853-1854- Wlliiam V. B'IWOn, William His residence, called Teraulay cottage. 
Telfer. was removed in 1848, \\ hen Trinity 
185.1-1855-J. 'V. G. Whitney, W. l\Ia.c- square was laid out. l\Iacaulay lane, 
kenzie. now Louisa street, was described as. 
1855-1856-J. T. BIondtgeest. T. J. Pres- "fronting the fields," and from this 
ton. cleared space a line of unbroken forest 
18Jï-Robert Beard, T. .T. Pres- extended as far north as the eye could 
ton. reach. This clearing on the north side 
\. l\f. L. Boward, T. H. of Macaulay lane was almost inaccess- 
Inre. ible half a century since, and could 
1859-1861-Robert Sewell, .Tas. Young. be approached only by passing around 
-Thomas Haworth. T. J. Prea- treaeherous swamps and through tang- 
ton. led forests. It is related by Dr. Scad- 
1862-1864-T.homas Haworth, Charle..q ding that a magistrate declined an 
R Dickson. attempt to find Dr. Macaulay's house 
1864-1868- 'V. G. Schreiber, George on account of the dangers iJy the way. 
Bostwick'. when he reached the eastern part of 
lß68-1870-Alex. ':\farlinl?;. J. B. SorIey. York one afternoon, and it required 



half of the next day to finish the energy grew Holy Trinity. The diocese 
journey. The residence was destroyed of Toronto Was establishl'd in 1839, 
by fire after iis removal to what is the Venerable Archdeacon John stra- 
now the southern entrance to Trinity chan being appointed the first Bishop. 
square. His fine personal quali.ties, his energy 
Twenty-five years witnessed a radical of administration, executive ability 
change in the appearance of this rourt, and wonderful success gaine1 him very 
or "fields," which was transformed" favourable notice in Great Britain and 
into an active, populous district, so Ireland. In this way it occurred to the 
that the lineR of the historian truth- mind of a benevolent lady whose name 
fully represent the change when they was not known, that a church should 
say: I be established in Bishop Strachan's dio- 
. Macaulay's fleld3 are fields no more; " cese in Oanada. This, was in 1845. 
The trowel supersedes the plough. Wh<3n he returned to 'Ioronto from a 
Huge inundated swamps of yore' : misslOnary tour west he found a let- 
Are changed to ci,,!c villas n,)w." I ter from Bishop Longley, of Ripon. 
WithÏIÍ a few rods of Yonge street, 
 afh:rwards Archbishop of Oanterbu.ry, 
one of the main arteries of Toronto's saymg th
t a.. lad;y, unknown to hIm, 
commercial life, enclosed on all sides 
ad depogl
ed In his han
s öß5,OOO. ster- 
with buildings, so that it enjoys a quasi IlD'f5 to lUlld. a ch';1rch lD t.he DIocese 
seclusion, even while it is readily reach- of f?ronto, shpulatlDg th:",t .It. be 
ed, stands tbis church. which in some the ChurcJ;1 of the Holy TrImty, the. 
respects has an unique character and ' s
ats of. which were to be free and u
history. It is reached by a very Darrow I appropriated forever.... :e3,O
O of this 
passage way from Alice street OD the , 
ere devoted to tht' lmldmg and öß2,OGO 
north, another from Louisa street on Invested as an endowment fund for the 
the south, and the short avenue from mcumbent. 
Yonge street on the east; it seems like I Toronto having been chosen as the 
some great giant entombed amid the I most suitable and most a.dvantageous 
lesser buildings on every side and I IOCali
y for the church, it
 present site 
whose greatness only 
)ecomes appred- was gIven by Co1. 

hn SImco.} Macau- 
able when we stand wIthin the narrow lay, son of Wl,
 orlgmal owner of the 
court and look up to the battlemented land. .While the building was in pro- 
turrets of the twin spirelets above the 'cess of erection the unknown donor 
front corners. ' presented silver sacramental plate for 
It is a large brick structure C['uci- I pu')li
 use, and smaller service for 
form in shape, with two narro.:v tran- private ministration; she also sent a 
septs adjoining the chancel. There is ! large supply of fair linen anù a cover- 
no attempt whatever at architectural " ing of Genoa velvet for the a.ltar. 00- 
effect.s, the entire building being an sides surplices for the clergy. The 
unpretending reflex of English cath- I church was consecrated Octo':er 27th, 
edral churches. It runs east and west I 1847, in the presence of a large con.- 
the altar being at the east end th
 gr,>gation. On that day, at the com- 
main entrance at the west end 'with' mUllion service, of:50 in gold were pre- 
an approach from the north an:d one sented, and öß50 for a. font, besides æ50 
from the south into the transepts. At 1 more for clothing to be distributed 
the south-east corner and entered a.mong the poor. 
through a small porch is a two- Rev. Henry Scadding was the rector 
storeyed annex, used for Jecture and from 1847 to 1875, although Rishop 
chool pu
poses.. Strachan frequently preached there. 
T.þe ongm or thIS C'Ì}urch IS ground- The finances were so judiciously hand- 
ed In the church revIval in England led that a reserve fund was created 
in. the early" forties,". a revival that and the parish is now in a most f1our
stimulated church archItecture so that, ishing condition, notwithstanding the 
ID3:ny new and ornate cburc.hes were I free Beat system, owning a parsonage 
bUilt and old (
JDes renovated, enlarged' in Trini)ty square, and a n'3W school 
8.n!i gen
rally Improved, more attention I buildmg directly opposite. Rev. John 
lVe? to artistic results in con- : Pearson, formerly of Fredericton, N.B., 
IsbnctIon to the ratber rigid ar- I is rector. He is a genial, scholarly 
re e.xisting. AC'com-' gpntleman, interested in his work. 
ng this !ev1\:al lD England her: The church has heen honoured by the 
groWlDg colomes were more aSRirIious- offiCial service of Rev. Dr. Scoresby, 
ly cared for by the National Church, thß celebrated English Arctic navi- 
and .a 
tic supervision and gator and explorer, and of Bishop Sel- 
 of Its scattered adherent.s wyn, an eminent missionary of New 
was mamtalßed. Out of this new-born Zealand, both of whom preached here 



on morf' than one occa.c;ion. Lord EI- tro::luction of daily public prayer, week- 
gin, whos,> sul's;"quent services in Chi- ly C'ornmunion, choral services, sur. 
na and India gavt> him di-stinction, was, pliced choirs, and other accessories of 
when Governor-General, often a wor- divine worship, which tend to make it 
r within its walls. These facts, a thing of glory and of beauty, and 
connt'cted with its novel origin. serve by the many organizationc; and me- 
to add to its historical interest and tho:lg which exist for bringing the in- 
valu'3. fluence of the church to bear upon the 
On Odober 27th, 1884, a special com. masses, wO:lld, but for Mr. Darling's 
memorative service was held at which e.arnestness and zeal, and per- 
time a memorial bra'5B tabl
t affixed se
ce, have. been of much later 
to the north wall was uncovered in . .begmlll
g than It wac;; for few, a
honour of its then unknown founder. feeble, I
, wer
 the steps taken III 
The address on that occasion was de- I ' these dlrectlO.ns tII
 he I?-ad led the 
livered by Dr. Scadding, accompanied way and rallIed wIth VOiCe and ex- 
by appropriate religious services. The 
mple, as a le
der of. men, the f?rces 
following is the inscription:- o
 ,the party wIth whICh he was Iden- 
THIS CHURCH In these rapidly movin
 times an 
DEDICATED TO 8difice built in 18t7 hegms to bear 
THE HOLY TRINITY. about itself an air of antiquity. If 
soC'ia.tpd,. as in this 
l5, case, wIth a serVIce that IS vf'nerable 
THROUGH THE HI!-<HOP OF RIPON. PLACitO IN on account of an unbroken historical 
THE HANDS 01<' TI'E BISHOP OF TORONTO FIVE e;nrichment the feelino- of veneration 
TERLING, WIIIIREWITH TO is enhanced so that a <:> visit to Holy 
ral churches, the vastness of It 
liVER. WITH THAT SCM THE FABRIC WAS estabhshoo no sympat.hy hetwef'n the 
ERBCTED UPON A SITE GIVEK FOR TIlE PURPOSE I worshipper and the 'huilding. CatheJ- 
HY THE LATE LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHK SIM- 'lrals seem to be huilt more for ele- 
cOEMACAULEY AND AN E:-lDOWMENT PROVlDED. gance of artistic results and grandeur 
THE FOUNDATION STONE WAS LAID ON THE of archit.ecture than for the comfort 
s. The se,r- 
THE RIGHT REVEREND JOH:-l STRACHAN BISH- VIce IS to supply everythIng, and In 
ST OF this respect en tbedral service is the 
S7. Sï\lON AND JUDE, A.D. 1847. acme of all !'crvice, in that it furnishes 
THIS TABLET W Mil PLACED HERE BY THE CON- attractions and interest beyond the 
GREGATION. A.D. ]884. AS A lIIARK OF GRATI- I mere lu:\.ury of the building 





E ,


 The chancel seems far away .from the 
PLACE A Fl>'O RD !II. I main pntrance: the intervening space 
.No account of the history and ser- I 
s OC
f'9- with narrow seats. divided 
YlCes of the church of Lh3 Holy Trinity mt? mdlVldu'1.1 compartm9nts hy. small 
IS complete without reference to the stnps of wood, each se,at havmg a 
eminent work of Rev. W. Stewart Dar- singh
 rail at th9 back with a book- 
, who for nearly thirty years was rest in front and a kneeling hoard be- 
intImately associated with all it
 in- lOW. Th"" floor, save the three aisles 
terests. In 1
55 he was apfointed as- covered with matting, is uncarpeted, 
nt minister, which I osition hI' held and th?re is not a vestige of upholstery 
untIl 1875. when. he became the rector. ahout thp building except that or the 
!,>-s sO!lle on
 saId: <OJ'hese years spent ch:lDcd and sanctu1.ry. 'Vithin the four 
hls thiCkly [opulated and poor entrances are four huge stoves, two in 
h were years of the most unre- which wood is burned and two for coal; 
mlt.bng _ and 
arnest . labour, wh
se the l'uilding is well lighted with stain- 
frUIts \\ ere eVIdenced In a la.rge, umt- ed glass windows and hy neat gasa- 
ed. and devoted. congregahon,. con- liers. The ceiling is l'uttressed directly 
SplCUOUS for :þeartmess of wors?,Ip and from th? walls, 80 that no pillars 01>- 
rdness m all good. works. ]\[
, struct th,> view and is harmoniously. 
Darlmg was endowed wIth such qual: -. 1 'd h i be 
ties of zeal, sympathy and geniality p
l?ted and d
coratR. , t e wal s mg 
that- he attrac1.>n to him the love and '\\ amscoted 8e\ eral feet from the floor. 
eonfidence of the young, and .. few A vpry smaH gallery, enclosed by the 
pastors have endf'ared themselves more t
rrèts, res
 ahove tbe western ves- 
universally to their flocks." To his h!JU(
, and 
s reJ3.Cbed by two nar:r::ow 
unt.iring efforts and conscientious de- \
g: sta
rways, one on ('
C'h SIde. 
vobon are largely due the present 1wo vIsItors books ar, wIth a re- 
strength and influence of this parish. quest ättaJched that all persons 'WIOr- 
The revival of church life and work shipping there inscribe nameø 
in Toronto, as manifested by the in.' and addresses. J"uøt within the south- 



f'rn tran5 r tpft is the stone l.aptismal I T:he surplice<! organist sits within t
font upon å stone elevation, reached chancel with two long lines of sea.ts 
by tbue stone steps circ.umscribing it. bebind bim and two similar lines on 
tA.:'t th
 north-'West corner of the I th
 opposite side for the choristers. 
chancel is the organ, a magnificent Back beyond a.ll this two steps rise to 
instrument, the pipes with their gIlt a dais, upon which are placed the 
'nd blua orn.a.mentation making a. hishop's and clergy's stalls; two steps 
bright åni:l pleasing contrast with 
urtber and the altar is reached; it is 

 I (// 
. '-- \ 

. ''\/>Jf/ '\.1.11 

\, '
' / 
'I iI *,,8' 
'- v 

 I f ! 
 b Tj
 -.;.. :)

 , -. "-. 
)-.. '1
1:h ' I) 
/ . 

I' r ç- 
. ..J __ ''\t.,-v

 . };,:. 
I" -:" J-"""Ei?' 
' 1 ' ',/ .-:::
. - r: "'
\,'1 , 
- 7 "',J.
$ . 
 '- 'f, '.
" ' 
 ( r i, ' I 
/ ': ,'0-. -'i ':


 .; ,,

"^ '
!I;'I}.r",... i ' · 
 ; . :.

 ,;', ' 
==- - .l"i <- ; " 
 - · 
.t';: L 
 .T.-. ' 
 e' .,..k -I ii. Wi

hl I,' \ , 
'I _ ,. -:.. ,(&1.< 
 . .f ',
 .J .." ". "1/r. , . r: 
' .
.> L
 -" .
" -."" t f'/ '.' .. - !I Þ t I, 
I :'==--3 , 
-t_ i
-' 3. :'J> (' ,,' - 
 ..,.. l' : ct J ,- 
-==: _ 'f ';';

i! :,
,;,-;:s- .' 
 .-t... , 
=- .
"';-_;01 tl, ..(
.....: . ... ' .:." " " 
't. '

); J 
'11, .(Y & ',?.., 

 _ ; 
' -'
"" ;
 . rr.'/I 
VIJ . 
.:.' " 
 þ; ...,, 
 ;, ., -.;:. :Iaí
 "" - ,l"g , 
t; .- ' , 
 !I!\ ,.., .. ""
_' , 
..... ....F , 

 ,iC:, I' 
 '''':>''1 ,,
 _ .'ý 
:<: J 1i'-< - -.' 
L P ' , J. 

 " r ;;;. 
-,....'" 'f-o;.... ,'ft. - '. .,....:;.
 . "
 'J' ." 
* t i ' ,Ii!"> 
 '"" . A. ' 
:,: !:.
';:I'f f. '> r 'r 
t i;'(J-; ,4" -., ". 


--,,'- >

 -' I,
I .:.... .
 '" .:. ....__-...r 1"'. oi 



---::v '
\' t" 


.. :.S:"1it.:-t:::' I . 1a. .,or" '
r.f .;"bo 
..rjh.{rj. .,,

 1::.:: :-' -.' 'jt'
J '4 - - - - f 
 - ,
- - '-:-..Jr' " . 
 "" '! 


A .



,"O'"> '"
..." :r,. 

' -- 
' ___-
--., ::



d C8ise. The instrumen1t' j covered with red velvet, fringed with 
huilt by 4vl' & Son, of this city, is of white silk, and the monogram r. H. S.. 
great powt"r and resonance, capable of with a cross &rove it aU worked in 
in-sta.nt reduction to tàe most melodi- whitt' silk; on one corner of the altar 
øus combinations and tones. ProJect- I is a large service book sustained. b,- 
ing beyond the chancel rø.il is the pul- I a highly polished ùrass stand, whIle 
JIIit.. and to its left the reading desk. I a Ie<lg:e a.oove it are two vaæs fillecl 



with fresh, sweet-smelling flowèrs and nesa of delineation and delicacy of col- 
a cross in tile centre-all made of fine ouring. The four eva,ngelists are rep- 
brass. The eastern wall of the sane- resented a.bove.. and the four major 
tuary is pa.nelled in the third-pointe'd I prophets below. Tille w..ndow, made in 
French Goth
c of tþe I uil.ding,. w)1ile EdiJlhurgh. cost .t150. But .the entire 
above {he wmdow IS the lllscnptIon: arrangement of the c.hanceilli in keep- 
"Holy, holy, holy, Lord (;()d Almighty;" ing with the churchly idea which is 
too Be.atituües from the Sermon on .truly unfolded only in ca.thedral arch- 
the Mount being inscribed above the itecture as well B.s in cathedral ser- 
window 01.the nave. The ('haneel has vice. 
a . blue. canopy, vlentifully sprinkled "'The sc.hool portion of the structure. 
With pit stars. a.t the south-east corner, is in perfect 


"'f ' 
Æ-'., -;.1 <h "r V' 
..-}f.., . '".: .' .', <J.' t< 

 ..." <p' :;t
' ' 
 . ,l,
. f'" -....,. -...
. -' .I" ;:- 
 I l\l
1i' ._'-;

 J: I'
 ': . . .J.: ;.

 );;" i :;' 
,:"" -:"1 ...'..:' oiiJÞ":' 

 ,.b. .'... .it ,

: ,'11,1 ." -!J.,.

ltrf:,: ;.- 
. f i" , .....
,;}f .,-;: 
 P.t .",,"
'" 'i' - 

. d3 !) .,' '. w...!"",r-"' 'I: 

/ . "!9' 
 .,'r.. " ......) \ !,"i..",,'VJ'
'" ,. 

'!' 4i. 
; ._. 

., 'f 
(''1 .-;.J!ti:.... 


 JI.'" ,,' ...... "'
- L\, ...:

 :\ i ":," '. .,.# . 
\. ,.....,r::., 

 Ii. I ,I' ......"""""'

 , ' .....- 

. :rid , " .' '. "i, . " '"- "" i 
11 .'''\ #I r;'
 l fíß l ;'cc. , 

'I " ',i" ';. " 
",\,' ;
' i-

::. p
r, ;; ,1/ 
., -

 " . - 
 . Ú,':;, . 
- ;{!,: I ' ',; 
, .... - ,.. ..' 
 . . '\'1 -:.- . I 
. _ \ ,-, --.... . i, '.' .;:. := à <<'
\liS f 
- II -:: ; } t 
.:,--. "t:'1t_:" ...-

, ,-_

 -,: f
!'I'r r., l' ,.,:'":.1.';.:'" (t'. ,.: _ =- _ 

ti:i 11:: 


 " ( :; at;úm!l\'I'
q, ,," 

"': """ " 
,I", '. ' 

 - '.. 
 - "'""'''
 .' --:;p.:: 
-- r 

.,. ". 


- ' 
-=-- -::-= -=:: -=-
. ----- 

The greater portion of the preceding I accord with the antique character of 
portion of this history. very slightly I the edifice. On the lower floor Is & 
altered, h&09 already appeared, but the la.rge room uncarpeted and unadorned. 
following account of the service at I with a aroall vestry adjoining, in which 
Holy Tcinity in 188.4, is quoted just the weekly meetings are held. Above 
as it was written then; it is the SundøJy sc.hool room, also nn- 
.'The 1a.rge. varigated. stained-glass furnished. unless plain settees and 
window above the altar pre$nts a chairs can be called furnit ure. The un- 
rio1a and beautiful appearance at a I plastered walls are painted white and 
distance. but is DOt sufficiently wel] the rofters and other woodwork of the 
executed to 
 close and critical in- I roof painted dark; a huge wood stove 
øPeCÜon, on account o
 a want of clear- stands on one side and a .small recesø 



rector and curate, were counted, slow- its stern primeval nature. A number 
ly .wound its way .to 
he .fI>'nt of the of Scripture scenes illustrated in pic- 
chancel, and entermg It divided at the I tures of the most ancient and inartis- 
sanctuary, the congregation mean- tic style are hung on the low white 
wh!le standing. ... walls about the room. 
'100 m,!-ch canno.t .be said l
 of ""The Sund&y school is a flourishing 
the musIcal rendItion of t
IS servl
e. one, numbering &bout 350 with an av- 
Mr. A. R. Blackburn, who IS orgallist t t d f . . 
and choirmaster, has developed a musl- 
rage a. en ance 0 over 200. In
cal abil.ty that makes evensong at mg a Bible class of 50 and 3
this church not only a pleasure but a.nd te
chers. .More. commodiOus an. 
a luxury, and that, too, at no sacrl- convement .ro?ms. wLll be b.a.d when 
fice ot a devotional spirit; indeed, the the new bUIldmg IS completed. and to 
IDO:3t casual listener must be inspired this the school is anxiously looking. 
and uplifted by the sweetness and har- Of the $350 received by the treasurer 
loony of it. It was what is known as . in 1884. $60 was sent to the Indian 
the choral service. The prayers, the Homes a.t Sault Ste. Marie, and 200 
creed and the res{:onSe8 are all intonpd volumes were added to the Sunday 
by the choir, compos
ntire!y of male school library. 
he full chOIr l
 this church '"Although the general character of 
numbermg 51 members; M of these are th b . ld . . f th t . 1 . . t 
men and 
ll:;oys. The former are divid. . e w. mg IS O. 0.. SImp LCI. y corn- 
ed into nine tenor.3 and 15 bass, the bmed wl
l1 masslvenes
rowmg. out 
latter into 22 trebles and five altos. of the mlddle-aged ChrlBtJan architeo- 
The mingling of the fresh, clear, young tUTe tb8:t symbolizes th
ru9. cat he- 
\ oices of the boys with the pure tenor dral þablt, yet the worshIp IS nch and 
and full round 1.;ass voice
 of the men cultivated in its ceremony. 'The ser- 
produces an effect that Ì-ß delightful. vice of this church in not ritualistic; 
The intonation of the prayers, whIch it is liturgica.l and in entire agree- 
to an ordi.nary Protestant of un.cult; - ment with the Church of England ser- 
vated musIcal taste seems novel, If not vices as celebrated in the old country 
irre.ligious, is, wh
n condu
ted w
th for the last three hundred years. Oom- 
feehng and expression, very ImpressIve munion is celebrated every Sunday at 
? rest

l. . 8 and 11 3.m., and on 'All Saints and 
. On thl'i occasIOn R;ev. John Pearson Holy days the Litany every Sunday 
mtoned the prayers m excellent style' 7. 
with a full, rich voice, accompanied by at 4::JO 
.m.: and choral. evensong at. _ 
the choir-the organ playing a soft and 9rdlnarl
y m the mormng th
low refrain, a.
 the petition was humble IS. a plam one, but on the first and 
and penitent or rising and swelling thIr
s of each mo
th and 
with triumrhant gladness when VOle. festIval days the commUnlon serVice 
ing the greatness and honour and glory is choral; there is evensong every day 
of the Almighty God. The congrega.. at 5.30. At the usual morning service 
tion was worshipful, nearly every in- about 400 people are present, but the 
dividual having the ,!8e of a prayer- evening service finds the church fill- 
þook. and eyery one. mtens
ly foll
w- ad; it seats about 800. There are 400 
g t
e ancient serVice e
 wIth communicants and 3,714 communion 
hIstorIcal value and beautIful wIth the òervices Were held during the last 
mel,?dy and harmony of reverent year. 
musl.c. Rev. George 
a.ttress read the "'"I should l"1æ very much to have 
evemng lessons and preached a short . . 1 .. I 

rmon. He is a minister of fine ad- !he pnvIlege of slttmg m 
he g: lery 
dress, good voice and evidently of great Ln o!der 
et a gool ':Iew OL the 
sincerity. Two hymns were sung, one, chonsters, Bud the writer to 
"Singing to welcome the pilgrims of black-robed beadle of the Holy Trm- 
the night," bein
 especially well sung. ity. 
The choral service before the serm()n .. ".rust a minute,' said that 
laste({ an hour, the sermon twenty busy functiona.ry, as he turned away 
miuntes. the concluding service and to look after a stove. 'Now, step this 
recessiona.l occupying ten minutes. way,' he resumed, opening a narrow 
"Attentive officials are at hand; all door at the front of one of the tur- 

ts at 
ll services 
re. free; t!1e rector rets; "just keøp right on till you come 
IS curta,med \v:herem IS st
ed an to a green door and push it open,' was 
altar from 
hlCh t
rvlCe IS con- the parting instruction as the little 
ducted. While all thIS 
s true to that door was cloged behind him. and tm 
øpecific form òf churah .life In which writer found himself in total darkness. 
the Holy Trlnity is embosomp(1, yet With one hand groping along t hp damp 
the aspect is so devoid of fini..h and circular wall and the other outstretcb- 
colour that it seems almost rude in e(1 to wnrd off any unseen dan
er. the 



narrow winding stairway was followed, I in their \\ ork and anxious to accommo- 
by faith, not by sight, until the green I tate all enquirers with their offi- 
door was reached; after an almost cial services. 
flespairing effort to find the latch. an '.The year's reI-ort for 1885.86 shows 
effort not conducive to the cultivation an income of $1,120.83 through the. 
of a reverential temper, the door at envelope system, $2,416.69 thl'Qugh the 
last flew open with a bang and threat- I ' general offertory, and $586.75 through 
ErnJed to bring the eyes of the whole the clergy fund, while the total recei}Jts 
oongn>gation gallery-wardB. After I from all sources amounted to $9,514.23. 
enough of the accumulated dust of I The membership is divided into minor 
months had been cleared away from organizations for the prosecution of 
the unused seat a fine view of the the work the Holy Trinity feels called 
nave and chancel, brilliantly lighted,' ul-On to do. and the work is conscien- 
was a rewa.rd for the lerilousl tiously done. reflecting- credit upon its 
ascent. congregation, and in that \\ a.r honour- 



T vu:w. 

Far away the processional chant was l ing its generous founder. 
faint}". heard, like the distant mur- . . . . . 
mur òf so
e hidden waterfall; its soft, The foregoing sketch i'rings the his- 
gentle mUSiC grew stronger and louder tory of Holy Trinity in great measure 
until the. vestry 
oor was opened and down to Easter, 1886. The following 
the surphced chorlste
s slowl
 an!' particulars are now added, to make the 
ven'.ntly entered, w
lle .th
 msplrmg story complete: 
 rose and fell m hqUld melody, The sum of $9,514.23 mentioned as 
growmg louder and stronger as the having been received from Easter, 1885, 
clear tenor wove sweet sounds above. . d d the . I 
the splf'ndirl harmony of the deep bass. unhl Easter, 1886, mclu e. . SpeclS 
Thp double line processional, led by Ì\\ 0 fund.s for the new sehool uUlldmgs and 
very small boys, and graduated by two rt>pal!-"s to c
apel and parsonage, re- 
larger ones, and so on along until the 
lvely, $_,919.63 and $115.50, mak- 
24 Lovs and 18 men, followed by th
 mg m the a.ggnga.te. $3.03!?13, so that 
and bis curate are intensely interested the net amount for parochIal purposes 



was '6,479.10. Since that date the con- 1872-72-JQhn Datto, John W. Young. 
triLutions have been as follows: 1873-75-A. Blachford. G. S. Holme- 
1886-87....$10,145.73. ofthiii $t,668.27 was specbl 1875-76-A. Rlachf()rd, H. J. Browne. 
1887 -8R.... 18.291.00, .. 8,982.20" 7 
1888.89 ..' 8.278.:&0. .. 2,U8.3i .. 18 6-77-H. J. Browne, 'V. H. Oates. 
1889-90.... 8,600.26, 1,715.00 1877-78- W. H. Oa.tes, R. H. B
1890-91.... 8.2<<.82, 1.537.95 1878-79-R. H. Bethune, E. F. Oates. 
1891-92.... 14,182.52, 4,780.6õ 1879-80-E. F. Oates, \Villiam Ince. 
1812-93... 12.403,:<<' 4,6id.38 1880-81-G S H 1 t d y 1 
1893-IU.... 6,560.37, 171.83 . . Q mes e , , . S. Tay or. 
1994-95.... t.779.95. No
pecfaltunds 1881-82-'V. S. TaylQr, H. J. Browne. 
1815-96.... 3.813.18. ..... 1882-81-H. P. Blachford. \\iilliam Hill. 
1896,9i,... 7.547.18, 3.599.40 waR spec:al 1884-87-H. P. Blachford, 'V. Kerste- 
189i.9X... 4,665.97, 92t.92" man, .iun. 
Too special fun
 were for the new 1887-88- 'V. IÜrsteman, jun., I. J. C\:>O- 
school bwldings and include loans on per. 
mortgag>e.. 1888-90-I. J. C\:>oper, C. H. Thompson. 
'Ih9 rector:;; of Holy Trinity have since 1890-92- \Villiam Hill, W. P. Byrch. 
its foundation been as follows: 1 1892-93- \Villiam Hill, F. A. Hall. 
1847-1875, Rev. H. Scadding, D. D.; I 1893-95-H. P. BlachfQrd, Edmund 
1875-1R86, ReJv. 'V. S. Da..rLing; 18!:W, -,Vragge. 
Rev. John Pearson. who is the present 189;)-98-H. P. Blachford, AuLre,. 
incumbent (lme.) 'Vhite. 
From 1868 until 1875 Rev. 'V. S. Dar- 1898-99-0. J. Agar, \V. H. Tippet. 
 was rector.s assistant. and Rev. For nearly fifty years the secret of 
John Pparson filled the same office who it was that built Holy Trinity 
from 1
75 until 1886. Church was well kept, but about 1894 
The curates since 1847 have Leen: the name l'ec'8.J1le known, and in 1897 
Reverends Walter stennett. 1847-1854; the churchwardens thus a.lluded to the 
W. S. Darling, 1851-1868; Dr. Duck- matter in their report: 
ett, 1857-1858; \V. E. Cooper, 1858-1859; ..By the terms of her gift, her name 
R. Sandars, 18.i:!-18ü5; G. T. Carruth<>rs, was expressly directed not to be dis- 
1865; H. 'V. Davies, D. D., 1866- closed; L ut during the last few, 
1881; Edwin Day, 1870-1875; O. T. Den- by some means or other, the name of 
roche, 1870-1871; O. P. Ford, 1873-1875; l our benefactress has been made pub- 
C. B. Darling, 1880-1881; \\r. Farncænh, lic, and it is therefore commi tting no 
1882,-1883; George Nattress, 1883-1889; breach Qf confidence now, in this .iubi- 
O. H. Mockridgt>, D.D., 1890-1893; Rev. lpe year of the church's history, but 'on 
Frank Dnl\foulin from 1894 until Janu- ; the oon, trary rather an appropriate 00- 
a.ry 1st, 1896, whc
n h9 went to Chica.go casion, to make the fact known in these 
tQ one of the Epi
,('opa.] churches in pages, and more especially as the merit 
that city. ReN. \\1 L. Baynes-Reed, of 
ounding this church has been 
for three. mon..ths in the summer of I ascribed to other persons. Mrs. Swale 
lB96, and :RÆN. B. C. H. Andrews. from I dppar
ed this lif
 in the year 18
4, and 
January 1st, 
, until the præent, tþe gift, though made hy her m her 
(January l899.) lifetime, wallO nOit actually paid over 
The churchwardens have been. from I until after he
1847 to 1853, J. \V. Brent and Thomas I "'Vhen the memQrial tablet record- 
ChampiQn; from 1853 to 1856, J. \v. ing the. foundation of the ch
rch w
Brent and D. Crawford, 1854; C. Berczy, placed lD the church, a rubbmg of it 
1855; E. \HobS()n, 1856; from 1856 tp was selft 'to .the Rev. H. J. Swale, and 
18f8 F. 'V. C\>ate and "ïHiam Ince; met with his approVQl. Rev. H. J. 
1858':59. F. W. Ooate and C. J. Campbell; Swale died in the year 1893." 
from 1859 to 1R61. C. J. Campl
ll and I The <:hu:.:ch. of the Holy Trinity com. 
J!. 'V. Brt'nt were; since then the list! pleted its Jubilee on Oct. 2'7
h, 1897, and 
is as follows: it w
s c
lebrated by speCI
1 sermons 
861 6'> rt 
 t J E Elli I and serVICes and congregatwnal gath- 
1 - _-RQbe 
prat, .. s. I erings. These Jubilee services com- 
 ,,-,pratt, A.. 'V. Otter. ,Imenced on Sunday, October 24th, and 
186.,..61-A. \,. Otter, J. 'V. YQ
ng. , eoncluded a week later, on Octobe... 
1864-65-C. :I. Campbell, S. G. \\ ood. 31st At morning pra)"er on Octobel' 
lliam Ince, S. G. '''ood. I the .24th, there was an unusually large. 
186H-67-'Vilham Ince, John Catto. congrega.tion, the sermon being preach.- 
IBfi7-68-John Catto, A. Blachford. ad b
r the Right Reverend the Bishop 
1868-69-A. Blachford, W. T. Rielly. of A'lgoma the lessons being read by 
18ß9-71-W. T. O'Rielly, G. 'V. Buck- ,the Ven. Archdeacon Bogert. 
land. At ni
ht the Bishop of Toronto occu- 
1871-72-G. ,,
. Buckland, John ('a.tto. pied the pulpit. His discourse consisted 



 B carefully prepared 
h of .the ; able Dr. Scadding, \viM as a young 
history o.f the churc
, It_S lDceptlOn, I mall of thirty-five years of age, ha.d 
on ancl sulheq
tmt grO\\,th' l half a cent ury previously read a por- 
rmg his sermon h3 paid a tou('h,ng tion of the pral)"ers at the consecration 
tribute to the work done hy the hl'vs. of the church The d t ' -, 
H. Scad ding, D.D., and 'V. Stewart I hpar ... oc or s \o.ce WaB 
Darling, besides eulogizing the la-I . d dlshnctl.r all over the 
bours of the rector the Itev. John I ,,:hlle the \>ccaslon was a most Impres- 
Pearson. sive onp. . 
On Tuesday, October 2'Gth, a special I :r he tall fIgure o
 the ?octor, in sur- 
service was held for the school chil
 I plIce and huod, \nth his snow-w'bitf' 
dren, when a clear and Corcihle ad- hair and uplifted hand, the white-robed 
dress was given by the Rev. C. J. Good- clergy and choristers grouped kneel- 
man. curate of St. Luke's. After the ing about him. and the vast oongrega.- 
service a handsome brass baptismal tion. all c.onstituted a scene as bE8.U- 
ewer was presented to the church by tiful as it was solemn For a brief 
the children of t. he Sunday s<;hool, to I moment after the doct
r's words had 
whom an 
nte:.;tamment was given the ce.'lsed there was absolute silence. "a 
same evenmg In. the school. room. . silence tha..t could be felt," and then 
'Vednesday þemg the anmversary of rising from their knees. led by the 
the consecratIon there was an early choir th h 1 t .. . ed 
celebration of the Holy Communion at. .'. e woe congrega Ion JOIn 
seven a.m., when there were al:;out fifty III smgIng the Te Deum. 
communicants, the rector and the Rev. On T.h
rsdaIY' October 28th, there wa.s 
B. C. H. Andrews officiating. 1'he a re-umon of the a
jubilee service proper was at 8 p.m., members of the In the 
and rarely has such a vast congrl'ga- s
hool room, when addresses were de- 
tion gathered within the church's walls hvered by the rector. by Dr. Sca.dding. 
as on the occasion. and by :Me.'3srs. '\Vìlliam Inee and S G. 
At seven o'cluck there were a.t least 'V()od. 
two hundred people seated in the The Jubilee services at Holy Trinity 
church, a.nd at 7.30 it was well filled. were brought to a close on Sunday, 
\Vhen the service began every seat in October 
{1st, the prea.cher at the morn- 
the building was crowded. and num- ing service being the Right Rev. the 
bers were accommodated with .chairs Lord Bishop of Huron, who was most 
who otherwise would have had to attentively listened to by a large cOD- 
stand. I grega tion. 
The chair, with the clergy and bishop. 
entered the church by the west door 
at ten minutes past eight, the pro- 
cessional hymn being 393 A. & M., ST. STEPHEN'S. 
"Rejoice Ye Pure in Heart." Besides - 
the Bishop alIld his chaplains. Rev. A,.T. Tbe .....Aa <<1bareh la 'be <<11CJ' =We.' d 
Brougha.U and R.ev. H. Scadding. D. D.' I A...eDae-I.. FODndf'W. 
th.ere were present the clergy of the The following account of this church 
parish, and the Revs. Arthur Baldwin, and its services was first published in 
preacher for the evening. C. B. Dar- I 1887. It reads: 
ling. who read the lessons, and about .. It wa.s an ideal Sunda:r; a genUe 
forty of the clergy from Toronto a.nd breeze teD1pered the sunshine that en- 
Its immediate neighbourhood. wra,pped: the city with its golden glory 
The Rev. Arthur Baldwin's Bermon and made the day enjo;ru.ble to the 
was a clear and ma<;terly one. lIe I thousand8 t.hreadillg the streets al1d 
confessed unreservedly tha.t through I avenues, on their "\vay to Murc-h. The 
Holy Trinity church and the lessons, ringing of the little bell from the open 
taught from its pulpit by "those faith- ,belfry of St. Stephen's warned the ()b- 
ful teachers Scadding, Darling and server that his notebook must be other- 
Pearson," a higher tone had been wise oocupied tban with street scenes. 
given Cn.nadian churchmanship, that and he entered tbe pretty church and 
Holy Trinity had proven a blessing, found a comfortable seat Ìll a retired 
not only to its own people. but to the OOrner of the north transept. 
Olnadian church at large. The preach- .. The Church of England people may 
er acknowlèdged his own indebtedness well rejoice in the possession of so 
to the kindness of former rectors of pretty and sd ornate 0. building as that 
the church. and his admiration for the of St. 1:Jtepben's. It ÎB construct
d of 
life and work of the then rector. red brick with stone faci,[l
. and i8 
'I"he benediction a.t the close of the I almost perfect 80S an illustration of 
service WaB pronounced by the vener- true ecclesia.stical archit.ecture, the 




style being early English Gothic. A of which there are eight in the walls 
mere g:ance at the exterÏ.úr at once re- I and eight in the roof. Above the arch- 
veals the gracefulness of outline and way of the chancel is inscribed: "I will 
the origina.ity of conception, 30mi yet; wash mine handSi in innocency; so wilJ 
a conception that is in harmony with; I compass thine altar, 0 Lord:' 
true art. It it> the testimony of Eng-, The impression of the building is one 
liBh people who live in Toronto that of comfort. notwit-hstanding its lack 
this little church, almæt more than of those furnishings and adornments 
anY' other in the city, at once pictures that one naturally expects in connec- 
to their minds the vine-embowered tion with the idt'a of comfort. Eome- 
ohapels and hiBtoric shrines of their how the architecture with its grace 
dear native land. The mam entrance and harmony givt's a restful feeling 
is on BeLlevue avenue. although there to thJ worshippers; there is nothing 
is a porch on College street and an in th(' structure to disturb a refined 
entrance from the rectory grounds on semn ot proportion. 
the south. The building facing the ave- I Rpnted seats are unknown in st. 
nue is 100 x 34 feet, with two shallow I Stt'phen.s Ohurch. \Vha,tever exclusive- 
trallBepts'wg 12 feet; the chan- , nt'ss may be 
harged against 
he Ohurch 
eel ha.g a. depth of 30 feet anù is 20 of England. it must he admltt
d that. 
feet wide. Above the a1b.r are thr('e with few exceptions. its management 
large stained glass, lancet,shaped win- i
 this city is conducted upon the prin- 
dows; the left has inscribed upon it: ciplt' of a free Gospel. And st. 
"The Layspring from on High Hath Stephen's is one of its parishes that 
Yisited Us," while Qn the right can t'xemplifies the charity it theoretically 
be seen, III am the Resurrection nnd holds, viz.. freedom to worship God 
the Life." The central one of the without h>ing assessed for the privi- 
three has an image of a dove hover- Ilt'ge. Every sitting in this church is 
ing above the monogram I. H. S., while abs01utdy free to anyone. You may 
a chalice is pictured below. The altar chaos.' your own place and you will bs 
is a plain one. covered with gilt- heartily welcome to occupy it; no rents 
fringed red cloth, and has the word ara taken. no assessments laid; every- 
"Jesus" emhroidered in black letters thing in it9 financial income goes upon 
upon a white hack ground, while above the> voluntary system, and, as a con- 
thIs was arranged a collection of sequ"nce. tQe entire property of the 
,\o'bite flowers. On the panelling of t.he parish. worth about S30,OOO. is free of 
aHaI' the letters A and 0 are en- debt, and t"he offertory last year was 
graved. signifying the first and the increaspd over $5 a E'unòay. The 
Jast. Alpha and Omega being the first! free seat system A together with an ad- 
an(l last l...ttt'rs of thf' Greek alpr.1.-! T"antageou
 location in a growing part 
bet. the langu 1 g} which J 8
S of th.
 city. and a most genial and 
'Vi.lhin the chancel there élre six sma.! friendly minister has made this em- 
lancet windows. and t he ceiling is phatically a .'people's church." The 
painted a dark blue. dotted with pilt congregation on the Sunday m.orning 
stars. The organ is a small. but fme- 'referred to was evidence of the fact; 
toned instrument. Its pipes. IlS well I it was not made up of wea.lthy or aris- 
as the general painting of the church, tocratic ppople. \'ut of people in the 
are more of 3. fanciful character. in I middle walks of life, and people who 
the way of decoration. than of an' heard the Gospel gla.dly. if their par- 
ornamental one. The organ chamber i ticipation and inkrest in the service 
and robing room are one and the same arð a criterion of judgment. 
on the south side of the chancel. ' Almost every congregation In thE' 
. The churc1? seats 
ople, and it city has an individuality of its own; 
18 not lU
UTIO!lS. but It 1S thoroughly it may partak n largely of the npigh- 
ecclesiastIcal 1n design and arran
e- bourhood in which it is loca.ted, or it 
me!\t. The seats. are plain, darkly may so imhib, the spirit 0.1' the pastor 
stained and uncushlOned; the floor is in charg
 as to receive its distinctive 
uncarpeted, save the aisles. which are I st. Stpphen.s three things specialJy im- 
covered with matting. A stone hap- BOrt of p "rsonal entity. In the case of 
tismal font st
nds within the north- presses the writer. viz.. the heartiness 
ern transept, Just to the right of the with which the congregation ,"JOined in 
pulpit. and has inscribed upon its b
se.1 the &'rvice. the excellence of the sing- 
"Suffer Jittle children to comp unto l ing, and tho la.rge majority of young 
Me and forbid them noL" peopl(> and c.hildren in attendanc('. So 
Scriptural mott()('s art' paintpd above I far as th!" rr'porter could see, only nine 
the transepts in fanciful colours. while grey...headed persons were noticeahle; 
suitable selections indite the windows. · thf' rPmain
er. and the oongregation. 



as is usual, was a very large one, was I "Rev. C. B. Kenrick. M.A., became the 
mainly composed of young persons. curate in October. 1886, and is also su- 
Vel"'Y many children were there, and I perintendent of the Sunday school. He 
they were reverent children, too; all took the opening service and recited 
followed the service slosely, and with the creed, the prayers and litany. Tbe 
apparent interest; the decorum rector. Rev. A. J. Brougha.ll, read the 
throughout was devout and proper; the I lessons and preached the sermon. He 
people seemed to be there to worship is a gentleman in middle life with hair 
and for no other purpose. and beard plentifully sprinkled with 
"The only tiling that seemed anoma- gray. In personal ;ntercourse and in 
lous in the whole proceeding was the I the conduct of church service he is 
entrance into the chancel of the choir perfectly nMural and unrf'Strained; 
boys and men without surplices: and he is of eMY manner. not oratorical in 
they entered irregularly, some from the delivery, but has a clear. distinct, 
nave and BOIIle from the vestry, there I pleasant voice which holds the interest 
being no processional or recessional of his hea.rers to the end. His sermon 
hymn. But they sang weB; the chant- waR a short utterance of useful truth 
ing was in exact time with concerted plainly hut forcibly put; it was no iter- 
J "l 
I .il 
u ;-!.;J,"'1 

 _ \ íi
I' .. 0- ,;>:. f.
 'l" - -
 1'1 ,
--' "?'\'i1.. _ 


'V1: ":; {J, 
.1'. ,:
;). " 
 ,pK'''r- . '::'


';' .- r)"
 . /), 
'. ;'. ! 



:" I - . 
. t
'::. I '. M ' .
 I I 
r J 
. i{' " 
 .1 '..' . II c ... 

. . 
-'\ .,', y,.", , ,
 ' ì': 
.\. .


,:."/ "
, I:' 

' :i": t 

 .". " . A 

-T,-.'i,; 7 
 !I - -,"".1:
 a .
 V --c- ;'. I ' 
 ' . 
.. '"è
 ': . 31 ,....
 "hl- \ I' 
 I ,<
- . 
 JJ '. "', 
" f-:. .....,...- ' II '\ "'- -
'" . ïJ' \ 
,t,....:'" I I ' 
 I n, I 
 t . 


1' lIi
\ J.ti)
, :-If.:'- 
\ . .
I; I 
\ d


 .' 61. -=-

 ::<.L ""


: '
--.....:. -- 


action anti fine expression. A notice- I ation and reiteration of trite sayings 
able flature was the evident fa.miliar- that have no interest in them save the 
ity of the people in the pews with the interest that belongs to age; it was a 
music that was used. And it was no I practiool outline and appeal whereby 
flimsy. tra.
hy, sentimental dish-water the Christian grace C?f .alms-givi
g was 
music; the chorals. the Te Deum and shown to be a beneflCial factor III pro- 
Benedictus. and the hymns were all ducing happiness not only to the recipi- 
dignified. sublime and had soul in them. ent but to the donor. The text was 
The entire service is chora.!, the ming- I taken from the Acts; "It is more 
ling of the clear young voices of the blessed to give tha.n to receive." After 
l10yls with the dee.per and heavier tones I explaining t.he circumstances that gave 
of the men, and these wit.h the volu- I I rise to these '.,ords and the significance 
minoUß tones of the vast audience prO- of the fact that the.y are the only re- 
duced a moat pleasant and artistic ef- corded words of Chirst outside the 
feet; indeed. the congrega.tion seemed I Gospels. he saåd: 
almost proficient as the choir. and ",[,hase wordB have a. 
g'e but true 
it was really an inspiring service. ,ring about tmem. The world and many 



 admit t
eir justice, but do creased in value. At first it was a 
not act according to them. 'fo re- fi
lll among m:my surrounning fields. 
ooive anything is a blessing, but it is '\ltb tangled thil'kets and forest trees 
{"eater blessing to confer a benefit. on the north; now beautiful lawns 
"In Cbristian benevolence there is an commodious residences and a fin
element of the divine; it is divine to a '-enue take their place. fhe congre- 
give; it is human to receive. God is gatiuA was very smail at first. com- 
the Good be,cauae He is ever dispensing posed of only a few earnest workers' 
blessings on all, Ohirst was always Lut the spirit of consecration to th
giving, either strength or health 01' work kept it alive. and slowly grow- 
life or love or tenderness; He looked ing, until, with the coming population, 
upon men as members of one great a large parish and a most succel:!sful 
fraternity. and in so far as we give do o

s been pstablished. 
othing of 
we resemble Him. h1stOrical moment orcurred 1ll the life 
"Christia.nity is founded upon forget- , o
be congregation until the year 
fulness of self. There is a kind of re- 1
 (\.>, .save a change of rectors. the 
ligion that is selfish; it sings hymns I fU',sL Incumbent, ,Rev. 
. H. J\IcC'oJlum, 
a.bout heaven; it prays for its own belllg succeeded 1ll .Apnl, 1861, by Rev. 
needs. and sheds a few delicious tears À. J Bloughall, On October 26th. 18{;;), 
of repent.ance in its closet; it gives the church. w.hich cost. 
lO,()OO. was de- 
money to its own church. and for its Bt
oyed by a fue that .c,onsumed every- 
own pew accommodation. This is not thl11g ,save, th
 walls. Ihe flames were 
Ohrist's religion. To be good and hon- seen f1rst l,SSli!ng from t.he vestry" in- 
est in every day's action and transac- do\\', a1;1d 1t 1S supposed an at tempt 
tion. to do 08 one would be done vy, is was belllg made to rob the. safe III 
Ohristia.nitv. th
oom, "he.n by Bome accIdent t.he 
......' h - - - ' f C d Th buddIng was fIred by the burglars 
lvlng we g[Ot'l y 'Û. e prac- ". , , . 
tice at' love al1ld gool-will. and to be Ih
hen met in t,he 
benevolent and S-Yld. distinguish the !wte Co!.. Cumb
.r:la!ld s h?use. and Its 
servants of U-.od. Giving does good to 1rrepreSSlble SpIrIt Im
e<ha,te]y rebuilt 
ourselves. a.nd has a wholesome and the c
urch, so 
hat In 
1arch of the 
beneficial effect, because the exercise foll
\Vmg yea.r 1t. was. r
-opened for 
of moral virtues tends to their growth serViCe. In 1878. t
e bmldmg wrus en- 
and stability. The philanthropist is larg
d l
y the 
ddlbon of the transepts. 
always a happy man. Modern agnosti- but It IS agaID t
 small. and further 
cism teaches that each man realizes el1la.rgeme
t.s and I
provements are in 
ha.ppiness by sacrificing himself to the contemplatlOn. It 1S note" orthy that 
good of others. and yet Christ taught ev
ry addition and improvement was 
. that truth eighteen hundred years ago. paid for 8-8 soun as finished. Land was 
"The sermon was only t.wenty-two bought to the soutb for a rectory. and 
minutes in length. but it "as Inimful later on an additiona.l plot. upon which 
of such sentences. They were illus- was built a schoolhouse car-able of ac- 
trated by short quotations from the commodating 400. But the Sunday 
poets and by references to Bishop Rur- school. which numbers 630, is too large 
nett and the philanthropist Howard. for the building. and the overflow is 
It was a valuable sermon. and all the accommodated in the churoh. The 
wore so because tPTSP]Y expressed. It school buiiding and the rectory will 
closely he!d the attention of the iarge al
o be' enlarged and improved. N
congregatiOn, and douLiless produced thmg seems to be wanting to mark 
a practical response among the people, St. St.ephen's as one of the most flour- 
"In 1858, November 28th, the first ishing churches of the city. Its con- 
service was held in the church, which stituency is not a wealthy one, but 
was built, his own expense, the work it is doing is better work, 
by Robert B. Demson. the t.hird son perhaps, on that. account, because it 
of the late Colonel G., T. Demson. who urings the blessings of the Gospel to 
died in 1853. Anglicans west of Spa- the poor. Both the rector and assist- 
dino. avenue in those days were few ant clergy labour self-sacrificinglyand 
in number; but the provio;;ion made for lovingly with a spirit of humility and 
 population by the cor:secration that is very 
bmldlllg of th1S church was a v. ise Indeed, voJuntary work IS character- 
one. as is shown in its large member- istic of the parish, and its aim is to 
ship, there being 3
) communicants directly interest its membership not 
now connected with his parish, The only in acts of worship, but in prac- 
COTnel" occupied by the church, re..tory tical service. 
and school hous
 has very much 1n- .. The choir, under the direction of 

Mr. C. E. Burch, the organist. does its I the Rev. J. H. McC.ollum. He was in 
work as an act of voluntary service. It office from November, 1858, until April, 
is composed of twenty boys and eight 1 1861, when he resigned and the Rev. 
men. There is a flourishing C. E. T. S. A. J. Broughall was appointed by Dr. 
connected with the church, and also a Strachan. the then Bishop of Toronto. 
Band of Hope, together with a Ladies' to the vacant rectory. The following 
Aid and llenevolent Society. The in- is a complete list of the whole of the 
come is about $3,500 a year, and $270 I clergy who have been connected with 
from the Sunday school, a most liberal St. Stephen's since its foundation: 
showing, when the cir('umstances of Rectors-Rev. J. H. McCollum, 1858- 
the people of the parish are considered." 1861; Rev. A. J. Broughall, 1861-1898. 
· · · · · · I I Locum tenens, January to June. 1882 
Since June, of 1886. the year in whirh (owing to illness of the rector)-Rev. 
the preceding portion of this account C. H. Shortt. 
of St. Stephen's was written. there Assistant clergy-Rev. C. B. Kenrick, 
have been varicus changes in the con- 1886-1888; Rev. Professor Clark, spe- 


lt?l / 
 ! 'I
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 ------ - ..- ]'- - 

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 \ ' I tÍ'\.\' 1Í;>x.v'J}/', 
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 f l:' Js,I..-:" // 
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: I ' 1i!{í?;J.,;
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 /ø.11f. ' 
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 (jj!!!l / .' , '1\ 
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1,\' ;>0. .", :0 / '\vlt;{/J;,I ;1.' "-i;ir
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".... III 
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', "'?; " \
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..." ,l)1
1II"tIU$'w.>j '
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W ;ii" ç, /ì F 
:;/ / C ^ :- 
1'1 "# Wh"ji!P
:t Ir.:f " .. I! " 
, 1" f.1' 

L.!r - I

",: I I' ---.: _ __ 
I II-,: 

- - 

- =:=;-





gregation and buildings, but none in 1 cial preacher from Octoher, 1888. until 
the rector. August, li!)l; Rev. J. & Broughall, 
In 1890 considerable enlargements 1 1890-1892; Rev. E. Vicars Stevenson, 
were made in the church, the chancel 1
92-1895; .Rev. E. .li. .Ca
p, who began 
as described in the earlier portion of his work III the distrIct III September, 
this article, being taken down and a 1 1895. . . 
more spaciou3 one erected in its stead. The hst of wo.;dena mcludes some 
together with an organ chamber and well-known names. Unfortunately, ow- 
clergyman's vestry to the south. also ing to the fi
t church. having !Jeen 
a. northern chamber of considerable I destroy ell by fue, the mmute.s of the 
seating capacity. The nave was also vestry up to 1865 cannot be referred 
extended eastward' the new portion in- to, but the fin:lt wa.rdens, from IP

tended to be po.rt of a much larger I tit 1862, were these: 
church than the present one, yet to Li,eut.-CoL. R. B. Denison, Lieut.-COl. 
be erected. F. 'V. Cumberland. 
The first rector of st. Stephen's was! them bave been the fol- 



lowing gentlemen, some of whose names I made a granL of two acres to the 
are well known. (,hUl'ch of England. so that a church 
J.865-67, F. W. Coates and F. Arm- might be erected wherein the soldiery 
strong; 1867-71, F. W. C<<1.tes and H. L. could \\orsuip without being oul1ged 
Rime; 1871-72, F. D. Bostwick and Jonas I to march down from the Fort to St. 
Ap Jones; 1872-73, F. D. Bostwick and I James Cathedral. The church .was to 
Mr. \ViUî.amson; 1873-74, J. Pepler and be erected on Portland street; out,. on 
:Mr. 'Valker; 1875-76. J. Pepler and F. acc,ount of the contemplated openmg 
D Bostwick. 18ì6-7P 'F. D. Bootwick and up of a street throagh the ground, 
J: D. Oliver'; 1878-79. J. D. Oliver and I the northern Be?1 ion wa,; given, and the 
;r Pepler. 1879-81 Edward Brown and church was bUilL on SLewart street. 
Dr. l\rach
ll; 1881:82. N. 'Veatherstone back of Portland, where it now stands. 
and Dr. 1'Ifachell; 1882-83, John Carter I A.t the corner, protected by two posts, 
and R. T. Fuller; 1883-84, J. D. Oliver I may yet. be seen the ston.e, with a 
and Dr. 
facheU; 1884-85, E. B, Brown I broad arro:v engraved upon It, to s.ho
and R. T. Fuller; 1885-86, J. Pepler and I that that IS Government land. ThIs )8 
W. A. Brown; 1886-87, W. A. Brown 
he (,hurch of St.. ,"[ohn the Evange!- 
and G. :l\Iercer Adams; 1887-88. 'V. A. 18l;; IL was the. mlhtary 
hurch until 
Brown and F. "T. Bali; 1888-90. J. H. 181ft. The soldiers '
orshlpped ther
Patterson and Dr. Machell; 1890-92. J. I and now s3at
 are asslgned to the off 1- 
H. Patterson and \V. A. Brown and 'V. 

rs and soldiers of No. 2 C
., R:R.C.;r. 
Cook; 1893-91, W. J, l\fitcl1e1J and \V. lhere are about 40J grave
 In. ViCtoria 
Cook; 1894-93, W. J. Mitchell and E. Square, some of tbe
esbng place 
B. Templo; 1896-99, John Alley and o
 men very promm
nt lD Lhe. early 
Walter Nation. history of'l. The fath
About 1890 the c.boir of St.. Stephen's of the late Chief Justice Ha
rlson, the 
_od-_ . . grandfather of the late Lleutenant- 
were völ:!
d LD cassacks and surplIces, a Governor Rohinson, children of Sir 
cba.nge looked uI!on by tJ:e great bulk John Colbornt', and othtJr officers 3-re 
of the oongregatJ.on as belDg one very Luried there. And so sacred .He these 
JD.J1 ch 
or the better. Mr.
. de G. I graves in the memory of some that 
d Jß the present organIst (l
96). I the descendants of thes3 long-buried 
ha.vl.Ilg taken the place 90 well fIlled I Ho'diers bring their children to St. 
by Mr. Burch. I John's church for baptism, and many 
a marriage is consecrated there he- 
CIIAPTER VII. causo of Lhe veneration felt for the 
ST. JOHN'S. dead. heroe.s lyin! outs
Be Old IIllItar,. C:-laort'h-It. Rlltor,. nnd In the history of Toronto'
De 1 t alrøady frequently quoted IS tll" fol- 
T.. opDlen . lowing description, not of St. John.s 
On the west side of Portland 6treet, as it 19 to-day, but as it was il" ]887, 
at the corner of Stewart, just below I It is well worth quoting, as it describes 
King, is an histori
 piece of ground a huilding now fast becoming a faint 
owned by the Ontano Government, but I memory: 
cnred for by the city. It is called Via-' "Th!3 original church is still to be 
toria Square, .and is the site of the seen. It is a low-huilt, 
o:d military burial ground. It was at structur-e, hearing about it an air of 
one time the intention to build Gov- antiquity which gives a.n old building 
ernmenl House on St. Clarence Square that veneration challenging our re- 
and then .open \Vel!ington street sp'ctj. There is a sma
l po!ch on the 
through thIS old bUrIal ground. A I north, with an odd-lookmg httle belfry 
subsequent change of design was made J beside it. The chancel is built in ap- 
and the ground was not broken. Until I sidal form on the east. The original 
t!y it was in a very dilapidated I building was enlarged by the addition 
('ondlllOn; nearly all marks of the old I of a transept 'on the south. It is now 
grayes were obliterated, and it was an I rough-coated, though in the early days 
ordmary common. But the. city re- it was simply a clap-board building. 
claimed it from this condition, put it I It cost less than öß-iO!), a.nd seated 500 
Into respectable shape, and erected persons, special sittings being set apart 
about it a neat fence. In the north-I for th3 military. The transept affords 
west corner may be seen a few of the I room fot" 100 additional sittings. The 
old tombstones. the only relics of the church was built about l8GO. At the 
mil!tary heroes whose graves are now west end is a ,:e
entIrely lost.. old gallery, proJectmg Its cumbersome 
Many years ago the Government lody well out into the aisle. It was 



intf'nded to receive an organ, Lut never church, passmg by more pretentIOus 
realized the intention. The interior is t'diiices on their ",ay. 
very suggestive of an English chapel, "Among its foundèTs m'lV be men- 
and with all' its unique characteristics tioned Mf'ssrs. D. ß. Read, Lewis Mof- 
is a comfortable, if not a'pretty, church. fa
t,. George l\fonro, Stephen O
The chancel is neat and pretty, and I 'V1l11am Armstrong, Archibald Cam- 
contains seats for thp choir, 'with a . eron, F. Capreol, F. \Yidder and Chan- 
handsome I8-stop \VaTrc'n' organ in the! cellor Spraggf'. The first rector was 
north-f:'ast corner. The roof is upheld I Rev. T. S. h.ennedy, dece:ISßd, in whose 
by light open timber-work, and nea.tly ; honoUT a memoria.l tablet is placed in 
stained glass ,,,indows spt in the low i the southern wall of the chancel. U'
walls add to the picturesque appear- I was assisted by Revs. A. .J. Broughall, 
 of the edifice. It is a very plain i now of St. Stephe.n's, i:tn
 G. T. Oar- 
building, but, for aU that. it is inter- ruthers successively as curates. Rev. 
esting. Pf'rhaps it is the memory (If J. H, J lowman was the. second rector, 
th? dead outsidq that inwsts it with and he was succeeded by the present 
50 mUM historic value. .Just west of rector, the Rev. Alex. Wilrams. M. A., 
it is a rough-cast school-house. GOx1() . who began his rectorate in 1
6"j. :Mr. 
feet, and OOD Portland street, at the' 'YiUiams is a native Canadian and a 
southern linf' of the grant, is a com- graduate of Trinity College. At the 
fort able rectory. I time he graduated he was too young 
"At first open-air meetings were held I to bf' ordained, S'l for year he act- 
in th3 ",-rest End, with the design of ed. ItS t
tor, 3:. fter wh
ch he Wag or- 
f . 11 . . . b th t h Id damed, III 18" >, by B shop Strachan. 
ng a parH
 .,a s au In company with two othe.r mission- 
take m ",hat IS known as the ('om- aries he. then had charge of the mis- 
mons... Ohu.rch of E!lgl
nd people the
 sion. work along the St. Clair, covering 
l)('gan holdmg serVIce ill st. Andnw s tpTntory GO miles long by 12 miles 
!\rarkf.t, ,,11 're a Sunday school was "ide,. After four ye
rs' hard labour he 
also estahl;shed. The congregations en- was compplJ-e.d to desiit on 3c
ount of 
largea, unl;l the outlook for the build- . siC'kness. fl.' almost lost the use of his 
ing of a church beca.m
 very Dnpefu1. voice, and for six engaged 
At this inc
'ption period of st. John's, the. work of te.aching. H
 was Temark- 
Revs. Dr. Lett and T. Smith. Kenneiy ahly successful and had under his 
were especially active in the mission- tuteL'lge a numbeT of pupils who have 
ary effort. The new congregation wor- bPcome prominent men. Hf';s most 
shiPP3d in St. Andre,,,'s :Market until affectionate1y and kindly 8"lo1{en of 

it was destroyed1 by fire, and then th(' these, who trace much of their ability 
chuTch was built. It was a fr"e church and BUCcess to bis teaching. The same 
and th'" fashionahle one of that day. admirab1B peTsonal qU3.Eties that 
The military ga."t'
 it a social prestige; bound him to h's pupiLs have endeared 
p?<>ple well known in Toronto society j his' present puishioners to him and 
and wealthy thf'n livedl in that section, the. most cordial re.lations exist be. 
of th' city, and gavp their patronage twee.n him and them. 
and support to th{' little church. But "'Vhe.n his voice was sufficiently re- 
the transf('r of the residential centre stored he returned to the active minis- 
to th9' north-east sadly crippled the try and was an aæistant with Rev. 
church. so that, in that r
ct. it ha
 Snltern Givins, at St. Paul's, York- 
Vf'ry largely lo9t its a.ncient prestig{ll viUe, from which pos;tion he. C'lme to 
and influ.'ncp. Th
 people now attend- St. .John's. Incidentally the writer '3.S- 
ing it, as ('omports with the neigh- <x>rtained that his salaTY Cor twelve 
l'Ourhood, ar> mostly of the working I Yf'aTl
 as a clergyman did not exceed 
dass-'s. ""ot that the church is not so ! 5300 ye{lrly. It notable example of de- 
valuahle and important. perhaps it is votion and seolf-sacrifioo. 
 so now; but, as the world and I "The. bounòaries of the parish of St. 
society go, it has lost its ancient 're- I .Tohn the. Evangelist are Queen and 
nown. Like the sleepers in the un- ])e,foe on the north, Spadin
 on the 
known graves ":,1 its side, so its former &'18t, the Bay on the south, Tecum
greatness and glor
 have departed for- :md Garrison Creek on the west. Thi8 
('ver. The fault is not in the church. chuTch gavf' St. Anne's a paTt of its 
hut in th-9 natural causes that move pa ris:b. , st. :l\Iathias' anoth-eI" part, and 
the residential centre and induce peo- is the OII"ig'in of the whole of St. 
pIe to seek more modern and more Ph il;p's. st. Mh.thias' church began 
luxurious places of worship. But f'ven from a Sunday 6"hool and miss:on he.ld 
as it is, somf' of its parishioners come an what if! now Claremont street, and 
a long distance to worship in th<> old which we,re handed over by st. .John'" 



to the p.rofes..ors and students.oi T.rin- i The m3;t
r will be delayed only unt!1 
ity College, and finally organized mto a 8ufflCieJIlt amount of 
ey 18 
a 8uCOOBSful o.nd flourishing parish. I pledged towards the new bUlldmg. 
The atte.nda"nce at St. John's is very I . . . . . . 
good, especially at the evening service. . 
There are boys' and girls' guilds and FroIl?- 1R80, t
e date tr:eated of m the 
t.he ladi ,8 of the parish are energetic I precedmg 
f thIS sketch of St. 
. e . th ly ') b John's, untIl 189t, IS not a great space 

orkers. A pansh mon, I
 - I of time, and yet it sufficed for grea.t 
hshe<l .u!1 der the rector: s ed
torla! ch:mges to t.ake place in st. John's. 
6uperVIs;on and has a Circulation <?l I The church, which had be,pn erected 
403. TheTe are .about ,175 commUDl- thirty ypars rn'viously, wa'\ only a 
cants, and the mcome IS 
1,50J yearly. I irame building, tho:1gh of churchly de- 
Strangers fire most C5>rduUy treated sign, and naturally beg
n to show signs 
and made. we
me to the 
st of deterioration and decay. Some spoke 
seats. The servICe IS m the ol
 English of it as a discredit to th?' city and a 
sty1ß, the organ accompanymg t.b e I disgrace to the congrpgation. while to 
monotone. The people reS-:1ond heartIly I others it had become dear. There were 
and sing well, cc>ngregat'ona.l singing I a<:so
iations connected with it which 
being especially encouraged. Thp. music I co
ld never be forgotten, and they 

\ }, 
, I. 
",,1 J 


. .

. ,':'., -," -.
/ - -' II 1/ r C '/' ï?' '. ,
Ù. t't ' ..
 ,: .: Ü tt. f .\ ,\, 

 I ' I .
i.:; -- 

: \'::A!'ï' '\,.,

\ ( 

í . '
 ,,-: -

 a, l'L 


t: (11 .;i' 

; I }: !f.
 // :1 ' ! 
ii" 'I
' y1l r '" 

. /',,:.,,: -. __ ..._,. ,'_ 
,: I 1 ,11;."-'"--- I ,,-.
 _L:' \1.;: 
-,. - "ir'i
 -I..,.' ...-.....-.0 r ,,\

; "'.
 I ,,' i.... ,', '
l' ;t"ln:- l j , II' .- 4 ,I . II . ....,_"-_




 I ' I I II I 
l'._:ø .

'it H".. '

 __- _ 
-- a---
. - .
 -=- - 

 --= . - - 
----- - 

... . 
','I' ,I' 
I '" 

ST Jon,.'
D STR":]

ee.looted is of simple character so as I felt unable to leave their churc'h home 
not to be beyond the reach of th? pco- 1 m long as its timbers woul::l holJ to- 
p1e. The 8'Unday schoot ha.s an average gether or its roof afforJ a shelter. 
attea1danoo. of 350; the rect.or is ,gen- I But the time had come for a change to 
eral Emrenntendent. and IS a.SSlste<t Fomething better, and at the vestry 
(lP87-88) by A. J. 'ViLliams and D. 
r. I me,
ting of Easter, 1892, a move was 
Ehrman; two &hools are held, one In marle towards the erection of a new 
the chu!,ch and one .in the f3:Chool,hou!'e. I church, with the result that a build- 
A. sþecl'l-l feature. IS a. 
hlldre.n s ser- ing was erected at a cost of $16.000, 
VIOO and cate.chetlCal Instructlon by (lJCcording to the plans of Mr. Eden 
tb(':l !reCtor after the 
hool hour. Smith of Toronto and those who are 
'"It is fE'J.t that the old church has I compe'tent to Judg
 have expressed the 
largely outlived its attractiveness, and opinion that it is a remarkably good 
It is n<Av- in contemplation to erect a l 
xample of a church built at a. com- 
more modern and more convenient edi- paratively small cost, and yet co
fice at the corner of Portland street. t ing all the comforts and convemences 



of a modern buildin
. It ,
l a.ccom-I family; and a fifth placed there by 
ate aþout 6
, m ad<!I
IC!n to a I Mr. E. T. Lightbourne. They represent 
choIr of SI:;ty VOIces. A
Jommg the I the Saviour with st. John and St. 
 commodIOUS clergy. Mary on either side, the apostle and 
vestry.. whIle m t
e lofty 1?asement evangelist St. Matthew, and Christ 
there IS a large, lIght and aIry ro<<;>m I blessing little children. 
for Sunday school a chapel for dally I 
o!-, w
pkly services. when the congrega. On May 4th, 
3. the .new church 
bon IS less than a hundred, two choir I was opened for dIvine s
rvlce, the. band 
vestries, a lavatory and a well-arrang- of .th
 R: R. C. I.. (smce ,.abÇJhshed) 
ed room for a library. The building I assIsting 10 the serVICe. The chOIr, male 
 heated by two furnaces, one for hot and fema!e, a]! arrayed in surplices 
aIr.. the other a combination of hot for the fIrst time. was largely aug- 
air and hot water; and both heating mented by outside help, the service be- 
and ventilation are most satisfactory. ing fully choral. The Bishop of Toronto 
The removal from the old church to was the preacher. 
the new was marked by special ser- The following bave been the officiat- 
vices, the closing services in the old ing clergy at St. John's since its foun- 
being held on the 30th day of April, dation: 
and cond?cted by the pres
nt rector Rev. Thomas Smith Kennedy, from 
and th
 f.!rst curate. On thIs ocC?aslOn the formation of the congregation in 
the bUIld10g wa.s crowded by an mter- old St. Andrew's Hall to the time of 
ested congregatIOn, m.any of who
 had his death in 1
62: Rev. John Herbert 
bee!l old wors
lppers In st. John s, who Plowman, 1863 to 1865; Rev. Alexander 
desIred t
 avaIl the
es of the last Williams appointed in 1865 is still in- 
opportuOlty of worshIp m the old de- mt nt' . 
caying church, where many well- cu J
. . 
known men had worshipped. The min- Dunng the mc
mbency of Mr. Ken- 
ute look of the vestry gives us brief nedy he was assIsted by Rev. A. J. 
notice of some of these such as vice- I Broughall, who was promoted to the 
Chancellor Spragge, 'John Duggan, incumbency of St. Stephen's, Toronto. 
Stephen Oliver, E. M:. Carruthers, The vacancy thus created was filled 
Archibald Camero a, George Monro.: by Rev. G T. Carruthers, who remained 
Lewis Moffatt, Wm. Gamhl
. and " in connection with the church till the 
others, who in their lifetime hdped on death of Mr. Kennedy. He was after- 
this parish in its earlier days. wards a chaplain in the East India 
There are three memorial tablets in service, from which he retired after 
St. John's church, one on th3 southern 25 years' service, and is now living in 
wall o
 tþ.e cl}ancel, removed from the England. but taking only occasional 
old bUIldmg In memory of Rev. Thos. dul-y (1898) 
Smith Kennedy. This is of marhle," . ... 
a.nd is surrounded by the armourial The chu
chwardens hst IS a long 
bearings of thp deceased. The second 'one, and 
ncludes some well known 
is a brass a1'out 2Ox15 inches, f'rect- I names. It IS as follows: 
ed . by the officers, non-eommissioned 1858-1859-G. W. Houghton, G. H. Lane. 
offICers. and men of the Infantry School 1859-186
-Archibald Cameron. David B. 
. Corps, III memory of Arthur J. 'Vat- Read. 
son. a. priv
te in ."C" Company, who 1860-1861-Archibald Cameron. Stephen kIlled In acb<?n at FIsh Greek, Oliver. 
Aprll.24th, 1885, durmg the North-west 1861-1862-Geo. Mours, Stephen Oliver. 
rebelllO:1, and Herbert Foulkes, a bug- 186
-186!-J. Thorpe, Stephen Radcliffe. 
ler of tþ
 same company, who. fell at 1865-18öß-E. M. Carruthers Col. Moun- 
Cut KOlfe May 2nd, 1885. ThIs brass t . ' 
is on the eastern wall of the southern aLD. W . ll ' 
transept. In the northern transept is 1866-1869-E. M. Carruthers. 1 lam 
a marble tablet in memory of 'Villiam Gamble.. 
tlethwaitp., who wa" drowned at sea, 1869-1870-.Tames H. Morris. .Tohn Maug- 
July 11th, 1891. The flagon and chalice ha.n. 
of sterling silver, used in the Hol
 1R70-1871-John Mau
han, '':'m. Ho
Communion, are mementoes of Colonel I 1871-1874-Thomas ,\. Sh
rhss, Cohn 
and Mrs. Mountain who presented W. PostlethwaIte. 
them to the church ,
hen the Colonel's I 1874-1875--George B. Kirkpatrick, Colin 
duties recalled him to England. I W. Postlethwaite. 
The chancel contains several fine 1875-1876-Thomas G. Bright. George L. 
.ta..ined glass windows, one in memory . Garden. . 
of the la.te Samuel Bickerton Harman, I 1876-1879-0. 'V. PostlethwaIte. Samuel 
erected by his four sons; another to Shaw. 
the late Captain Prince; two more in 1879-188O-Georg-e D' Arcy 
remembrance of members Qf the Risley I Noah Barnhart. 

Boul ton. 

. 1 



1880-1883-Dr. E. 'v. Spra.gge, Thomas 
outhern walls, where the sun beats 
G. Bright. warmest and longest dl.ring the day 
1.Bæ-1885-Dr. E. W. Spragge, Peter like verdure cLngs lovingly. 'l'h
Clarke. transept end is screened, as it were, 
1885-1887-Dr. E. W. Spra.gge, E. T. artistically. And oler th9 entrance to 
Lightbourne. the tem
orau resting pla
e, the vine 
1887-D. M. Harman, R. L. Barwick. I branches droop. On the north wall is 
1888-James 'Vilson, D. M. Harman. no vine. All about the chapel, except 
1889-1891-. Weir, W. Eo. D. Tighe. to the, are graves and to
1I-C. 'V. Postlethwaite. James a.-ad, as ffilght be sup
03ed, as belllg 
\Vilson. J1eares
 the gates, ar.e the gravt.6 
I of bodies longest buned. 
I A broad gravel walk at the head of 
CHAPfER VIIL a few steps terminates in a broa.d 
CEME fERY CHAPEL I stone flag. Thi
 in turn leads to SßV- 
. , eral stone stairs flanked by heavy 
Till. Predeer"".r .r;;;e Pre!lenl 81. Pelrra' stone balustrades with iron guards. 
. The gloomy wooden {:orch bears the 
-Now tile 'Vðrk w.. Ext
ndrd. brown rust but not the d
ay of many 
On land hallowed by the memory of years, and has been pictured often by 
the just dead, and not desecrated by artists, whose pencils have for theme 
that of the unjust, if th" remains of the I ortrayal of som3 English coun- 
any such be buried within the pre- tryside chapel house. It is barred at 
cincts of the cemetery of St. James, its entrance 1JY heavy wooden gates, 
stands the Cemetery Chapel, other- breast high. Two pairs of stout oaken 
wise known by its dedicatory name of doors close the wa.y to the chane!. 
the Chavel of st. James the Less. The And why all these bars 
handsome little sanctuary, enshrined the comely austerity of the house is 
in a grove of low-growing oaks and ,,:oftened only by the quiet light play- 
maples and flowering shrubs, stands inK from without through the small, 
i.n a srace made by th3 branching mto coloured trefoil windows to right and 
two avenues of the road from the large left and painting shifting pictures on 
gates of the cemetery. From these the matted floor. The massiveness 01 
gates the chapel is distant only 100 the mawary and doors is thus ex- 
yards or so. 'Plailned:,.- In the old days the bodi es 
Its doors face the west. FrGm the of the dead were carried through the 
outside its appearance is most piC- charel and let down to the vaults 
turesque. Its architectural style is thro
gh a tra.p door in the floor ot 
han. The building is of gn'." the chancel. This trap got out of or- 
stoae, in places ornamented by moo;;t der. Other reasons there were why 
choice carving. A tower strongly the place of worship should not be 
broa.d at the base and tapering grace- connected directly with the dead 
fully to a thin spire stands at the house. The trap 
 as cl06ed and the 
south-west angle. To the south ex- outer entrance, already described, con- 
tends a small transept. A large grat- structed. Eo the heavy doors and so- 
ed door in the heavy stone foundation lid walls were set up to bar out ghouls, 
of the rear and eastern end of the not worshippers. 
chapel opens into the ante-chamber of Within, the chapel is a. cathedral 
Ute dead house. Past the heavy oak rnoiel. Its low vaulted roof is arched 
doors is a gloomy crypt whose roof is with heavy brown-black rafters. On 
orte.d by heavy mø.sonry columns. either side run rows of stiff-backed 
Herp on shel ves ranged along the benches, capable of seating from 250 
walls, while the frosts of winter hold to 
OO reople. The walls are of smooth, 
the ground, lie the coffins and bodies though unornamental, brick, and are 
of departed men, women and children. pierced on each side with three or 
When the warmth of spring breaks four spade.shaped orifices tapering 
the icy chains of the soil th3 willmO" funnel wise to the little trefoil win- 
gr3;ve without receives the p:hostly flows before pointed out. The transept 
freight of the vault. The north side i<; lighted by three larger coloured win- 
of the cha
el is the plainest in ap- dows. So, too, is the chancel an art- 

arance, though herein ma<;sive cor- ist's study in soft browns and greys, 
mces and other arnamentat:ons of the and wherf' thf' light of the large orna.- 
stonecut t?r's art are to be seen at lnental winrJows in the east end plavs 
their perfection. Over all the build- on the crimson upholstery of the 
ing spring twining Virginia creepers. altar, in reds, changing to all 
F.rom the base of the tower the rarent the colours in hMven's arc. 
Ville, a very tree in girth, ShOltS leaf- Here staml on each sirle a sinS1;le 
co\<<:red. branches. to where tbp spire row of s
ats for the choristers and 
begms its slantmg climb. To the a small org,ln. On the handsome 





: -----====-, 
'f' · ---=-

 I m '\




- t ' 
J \".A'.

 .- .....' .
 .: .......... -:::-- 

::, ./' .-: ": 
 . -- __-- 
'>>1.)t .. ) ''-1 f7.-'
S.-:-, .'
:: . --I 
 '" ,.1, .. , _ ..;..v.... )".
 ::. t:t .-:. . J.f 
. q 'J . .. ';I. ""'" 
". ,g 1 "'" 
1 ,.J ,1J} :1(, i-/"t ./:...-.:.:-\'
 'I:' ) 
 I \. 
 Ií . } 

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 "(..r' "':i('!:-:.:

, J I. ".. 1 . '>- 
,c ,.. '.i 

" VI.. ri-..:;'
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" I.' . l \ 'I/"....
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 -':;' .'..' . 
.11;,,1 ;t . )1, þ .. I / -':
'::'" "'f,- .'. ' ....> 4-" .
, 'i 
 \ ."',1 "':}-.( 
 ',' r
. -(;r': .

 (".:1' ;>
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. . .... 
: ' I, 
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 iM I ,.{' ':;'P" 
 '-' :

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: 1 ;'.1 ' 
t'i'! ,'. _ . ,- ,.,. ji;rl. A .. -"
 .... -__-

\o; ._..... 
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1jc . 
. .______ " ' -' ,";] :.:.r
' .),t ' ,l J4\'
.' '. -",
........ I. ." 
 > ... ..
....; '.to- .M, 't.j=-; "; C. \.. 

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f .,., 
 - . ,
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".... r: . '" 
I 'r& I
,flll. . "'..... 11'-- - . '.f" .....J-,4,;..Þ
 -<"" ... ..f-.;: ," 
 '\ ... . 
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... :,--, . .
",' þ.'" Þ

 ,'J. ... .'
 '';'' .1.../ ,,:: 
fJ t 'l 
,- ....! : lit. . / .
- J. ...

 m tl,; if; --. 
..., <.>.J; ..;r, .
. I," ,........,.' 

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 _. '. .>. . 

4 . . ..
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! ." r' y
....'"'\.,- - '" '
- l ," I ',.
 - 41
 ., ...;......' 
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' I" \ !'- 
'->" .f.l.
 ''''''''''r f ,. ., '# 
' . _. ,,:0:.-. .""/
- -. ,".. '
'fþ' -. I, ,
t!Ji;/I"" .
 ;:'\. ;'" <,

.......';' ..
.? ..;;-- ... --:
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 þ ,/ .-
 r T fJi '.'; 
It.: -:.., -"
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 ' .... , ' ,.,.,,," ::
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I! Wl'

-:iL ," -:." - . t". .'l1Øt ;,.
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- ........ .. '. to .......
:. --... ,. ...
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. - ... ,-' ,It ' ,. 


if- _.C-- ];;/-
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 . \ 'I. 
 " \\I _.:--

,"" Q..: 1z:' 0; -.1"'- ...I ..... - :.


 .J "..".. 
 _ ."-=='\. 
/..93,._'... -==' 
 _ _ - - -=-


.- =-.::::: 

wainscotting to right and Ip(t. ha!1g I to. thE' Hon.our of 
lmlghty God and 
framed translations of the Latm In- BIS Son Jesus Christ, the Author of 
scription. borne by a blnck-Iette:r:ed I Eternal Life, for the perpetual use of 
brazen tablet under the large ",.m- I the faithful in the performance of the 
dows. This is what ihe translatIon burial service and the other publio 
øø.ys :- I rites of the Church of England. was 
THF. DJ!.:DICATORY DESCRIPTIO-- I happily completed in the Year of Grace 
This chapel, built over a temporary I ]561. 
resting pla.ce for the dead, dedicnted I John Strachan, Doctor of Divinit.y. 
under the name of St. James the Less I being Bishop. 



Henry .Tames Grasett, Bachelor of I aforetime '''ere written for our learn. 
Divinity, bdng Rector. . l ing, that we through patience ..lnd 
"Thomas Dennie Harris and .Toseph comfort of the Scriptures might lave 
Do.vis Ridout, Cathedral 'Yardens. hope." And stoutly did he defend and 
Frederic 'Vil1iam Cumberland and ('arJ1estl
r did he plead for his 
William George Storm. Architects. I ter's Book. His was tile sermon of a 
But to be apprecia.ted the paradoxi- ,thoughlful, scholarly man. with a 
ca.l passing beauty of this plain inter- mind tempered hy the experience or 
iOl' must be clouded over by nothing many years of devotion to his eaase. 
more than the shade of the great walls. I He spoke in the choicest langu-Lge to 
The world must smile. The: the h
ar.ts of his hearers. His fatherly 
sun must shine. Else the spirit of the I benediCtion at the close '\a
i one of 
worSihipper or visitor alrea.d,y from the tl
os(' tangible bles
ings which. alas! 
nature of his surroundings predisposed on
 to? seldom carrBS away fWI? wor- 
to gloom will sink wit.hin him. Such ShIp.. Ihe 
mall boy dropped hIS c
was the experience of the writer. After per Just beton
 the plate reach
d hIm, 
a. lengthy walk through drizzling rain and captur
d It on t.he roll whIle the 
he found h:m.self in the chapel. dimly steward walte
. W
llle the people ex- 
lighted at (
rgan. reading desk and pul- changed. greetlll
s lD the porch the 
pit with three brightly burnished clouds hfted a htUe and the sun shot 
lamps. "Ihere WW3 no longer the play a <?heery beam on thB l
d. as be 
of soft colou.r seen lrefore wt da.wn, noon whIstled to the sp
rrow chupll1g in 
and dusk of many a perfect day. All the road. and scurried off for home. 
was now a dull brown except where The chapel is strictly extra parochial; 
the u.nchangin6' light through the win- the cemetery in which it stands }Jeing 
dows and from h('.hJ:nd the thick clouds in charge of the rectors and church- 
cast fixed imagh'5 on th
 floor. Atout wardens of St. .Tames It was origin- 
on t he benches were sc.aJtt.ered a few ally intended for use as a mortuary 
people. men, women an
 chIldren. 'The chapel only. But in 1863 Rev. Samuel 
church goer seated, hlI
self far back J, Boddy, then and for 17 years there- 
 prepared to res:gn hImself to \\'0-:- after the chaplain of the cemetery, 
s-!up under the mo
t cheerless condl- and now Toronto.s Arohdeacon, t'ntér- 
ons. ;In front of h.un. was one of your. ed on the conduct of pubhc service. 
s'lX-:re.1.r-old m
n of the world who His congregation soon increased large- 
looked chp
ry as one who would Eay. ly in size and a removal from the 
v :; will sh!ne. 
Vñr. should little chaPel over the dead house he- 
r not enjoy to-dny 
 ram 1 Fre- I came necessary. Then was established 
Cluent ly he 
n''PP,'d hIS copper 
m the the parish and was built the church 
flo')r nnd cl:mbed down after It and of St. Peter. Rev. Mr. Boddy, as sooa 
hu'k again with a Jamous .clatter. of I a
i his }:lew church building was Com- 
heÆl vy sc;led 1 oot s. 
 0 one JJ?lmded hIm. pleted, discontinued the services in the 
,me,s". hI:" g-rpn,t hEart.' ,HL" content chapel among the tom}.s. Then for up- 
ha-d m It more WorshIP than the de- "ards of twenty Jong years the vo:c:" of 
vout downhea rtedness of the older I the worshipper was not heard in the 
men about him. A drenched sparrow I chapel except at services over the 
out in the vines around the tower's bodies of the dead. Then. some four 
base chirp?d dolpfully and the rain I or five years back. the people at St. 
patt.ered softly on too roof. James' found it eXJX'dipnt to send up 
'The door leading to the single little I their curates to minister to the 
vestry to the south of the chancel " spiritual wants of the growing' "Epis. 
opened and the minister appeared and copalian population of the district. 
knelt in pratyer. At sight of his fine 
 Rev. Dyson Hague and Rev. R. 'V. E. 
cheery old countenance when he turn- ; Greene, the latter of whom is now 
ed and faced hiis flock. gloom vanished. , living in Orillia, conducted regular 
The SIDHU boy again dropped his coin' 8ai..,bath morning and evening services. 
a.nd hardly supprC8SÍng a whoop wpnt I Thð student s of 'Vycliffe College as- 
down under the 900It after it. The I I sisted. In 
farch. 1886. the incumbent, 
'8m.all congregation responded with Rev. Wiiliam Grant. M.A., B.D.. was 
fervor in the gra.nd old service. Its I appointed. 
\ few months later the par- 
TOice rose, indeed a grateful incense, ish oí St. Simon was E\stablished. and 
with that of the sweet toned I arrangements for the erection of a 

an. The service wa.s finish- I new church were completed.. Thus It 
ad and the minister chargf'd i
 that from the extra parochIal chapel 
his people. He spoke on Romans xv. 4
 I of St. James the Less has gone forth 
"For whatsoever thi ngs, were wriU en the nucleus of two full grown panshea, 



P?rtion are seen t
 relieve the expa.n- 
slve and Lut.reachlng characteristics. 
They are rell brick buildings with 
white brick relieving lines and orna- 
mentation. The church stands east 
and west on Carlton street, with a 
ha.ndsome porch on Bleeker street and 
a tUl"ret above it in which is Lung 
a. belJ. Entrances afford admission into 
the por!'h frc.m both streets, and the 
vestry IS approached fro
 the south- 
east corner. 
Within the porch are bulletin tJOar(1H 
cor l taining sucL announcements as ..p- 
pf'rtain to the service and work of t be 
church, while collection boxes are COn- 
velliently at hand to receive money 
for the poor. Should tht're be any dis- 
rlppointment in the appe
rance of the 
church externally, it will he enlirely 
,J"('mO\.'ed when the interior is SN'D. 
) There is enough of tbe cathedral stylo 
I about it, witb an amount of decor- 
at ion and ornamentation that gives 
ER'S. I the auditori
m. a very h
ndsome at>- 
r..Orllrln .'lb..C:lloub-,,.hn OrIS....ed 
arance. "' ar1egated scnptural mot- 
: toes adorn the walls. Tbe challCt./. 
..... Bolldln.-The Flu. Jlt'mber". i especially, is highly decorated. the work 
This well known church is on the of Joseph Topling, but with su,'h an 
north side of Carlton street, east of agreement of colour and finish that nODe 
Sherbourne, at the c{)rner of Bleeker of th(1 decoration is florid or pI of use. 
street. It is a m-oderll English Gothic The intenor walls are white brick with 
church with. such proportions and off- red brick interlaid to vary the mon- 
sets that it is rather picturesque in oh,ny of colour. A beautiful rose win- 
appearance. It partakes of the clean- do\\' is Inserted in the facade. nbmre 
liness and neatness of that section of ' th
 porch, and dorm
rlet8 pierce the 
the city in which it is located. There roof on each side. The northern and 
is an assimilation of property and pea- southen 1 trans3pts are cosy, comfort- 
pIe, alwnys observable. that deter- able looking places. decorated in bar- 
mines t.he architecluraì condition of mony \\ ith the nave, and ligbted 
Jiving. Neat, cleanly and cultured from brackets. Two immense gasaliers 
pe{)ple will have home
 and surround- amply ilJmninate the church at night. 
ings correspondingly superior. The 1'he two aisles are covered with car- 
same rule ap
lies to churches, so pets, but the pews are furnished in 
that even the outside appearance of red. COl1í;equently, while all of them 
a church edifice is, to a very large are cushioned a nd carpeted, there is a 
extent, indicative of the kind of people, diversity of colour. 
who attend it or support it. There is I The ceiling of lhe chancel is pan- 
an organic fitness of things that pre- . elled in dark} lue with gilt shrs. and 
vents too rude a transition from one wainscolted wiLh carved wood. Choir 
extreme to a.n.other in this respect. St. seats are arranged on either" side aL 
Peter's church illustrates this prin- . right angles Lo the communion table, 
ciple. It is built upon a gentle rise and the baptismal font stands 
and surrounded on all sides with a in front of the desk where 
beautiful green sward. NeatJy-laid the service is read. The orp;an 
. walks lead from the two streets to I chamber is on the nort hern side, 
all parts of the 1JUildings and a low i and tþe pipes .of th rumen t 
ir<m. fence surrounds the property. ,are delIcately paInted In 11gh.t and 
The buildings-by which is me.ant the pret ty co
ours. An OlW'n arch III the 
church proper and the school house- northern transept is. filled with pipes 
at first sight present an alm{)st stra
- connected ,",ith the sIde of the <;>rgan. 
gling appearance on account of theIr an arrangement greatly conduClve to 
l{)w walls, transepts. annexes and the tone and exprpssi!>n of the instru- 
porches. But this impression is dissi- ment. The sound, Instead of being 
pated by a longer stur1y pf their ap- 
molbered and huried in t he chamber, 
pearance; then the harmony and pro- IS thus .llo.ved vent. and the orgap 

one of which is, and the other prom- 
Í8es to be, all flourishing 
lS any in 
'1'OJ OIltO. When St. Simon's church was 
opened the chapel was closed for regu- 
lar public worship. 
The last minis
er, Rev. William 
Grant, :!ÿI.A., B.D., was ordained by the 
,Bit/hop of Lichfidd in 1848. and has 
been. engaged. since 18::)9 in minis- 
terial work in the Liocese of Toronto. 
}'or years he ten.ded the fJock at the 
HUll' church in Tullamore. Canon Du 
Moulin apJ;:oimed bim to his position 
in March, 1886. 
He was a perfect type of the old 
bctJool English church preacher. cheery. 
ruddy-faced and bright-eyed. His ser- 
mons were careful, scholarly. thought- 
ful and earnest expo
i1 ions 1>[ the 

, . 


I. , 






GJ.Ie,U; CHI RClI t CAltLTON STRln;'(', 

!OfJp. 3G) 



has opportunity to reveal Its power street. at a cost of about $2,000, one-- 
and Swee: n2BS. The tendency to cover bal! of which was provided by the late 
t.he walls with mottoes reaches all Eamuel Platt, ex-M.P. Bat it was 
partl:l of the chancel. On the middle found to be too small for the incoming 
panel of the reredos is one, .. Till I numbers. and then the present school.. 
c:ome,'. and immediately below it an- i hous.3, north of the church, 0:1 Bleeker- 
other, .. This <10 in remembrance of I street, was built in 188 J. at 
l eost 
Me." There is a brilliantly painted I of $6/J{)O. It is entirely s
parate from 
triple lancet east window above the I t he "hurch, and is an admirable build- 
holy table, and it is a bright ing for. its pUIposes. In 18&3 it was 
and beautiful piece of work- additionally Improved by the erection 
manship. Above the arch' is a lof an annex for t.he infant school and 
motto which f( ads. "&bold He cømeth . Ly an enlargement of the ladies' par- 
with cJoJds. and every eye shall aee Jour. The main room is cut off from 
mm." On a banner at one side of the latter, which is orr the north, by 
the altar is inscribed, "Glory to God fúlding glass doors. and similarly from 
in the Highest," and on another OP- I a largo Bible ebS3 room 0,.1 the south. 
posite, "On Earth Peace, Good-will to A quainLly constructed gallery runs 
Men. n along the western end of the room, 
The congregation of St. James' cem- and its front is made of wood carved in 
etery chapel met in vestry, at the resi- various designs. This gallery is reached 
dance of Mr. Frank Ricbardson, on' I by stairways from the vestibuJe. 
Carlton street, on March 28th. 1864, I A tong hall eepa.rate3 the rOOm from 
Rev. S. J. noddy presiding. when it ante on the eapt; at the end of 
was decided to purch:lse a lot of land I this hall is the parlour or ladies' work- 
on Carlton street,. or elsewhere, for " room, as it ie sometimes called. It is 
the purpose of erectllW thereon a 
ew a very capacious room and affords the 
church. At the ad.Journed meeling,! benevolent ladies of St. Peter's needed 
ld on April 11th, 1861. the plans sub- scope for their charitable work. The 
mitted by Messrs. Gundry & Langley organization of the large number of 
were approved, the church to seat I successfuL and effi.cient church and 
about .HlO people, at 
 cost of 85,700.. charitable a."BO
iations re<:u'ted from the 
'.:!'he land upon wh
ch t he church Is erection of the school house in the first 
bwlt was bO_1.
ht In 1864 for $700; f pla.ce. The large amount of work done 
. A. )1c
,ean Howard, later I by the. ladies made the recent addition 
an addItIOnal sectlO
 on Bleeker street I a.bsolutelY neCeB
was purrh'Jsed for $320. Subsequently, - . ., . 
at a vestry meeting, held Nov. 10th. At the east end; of t.hJ bUl,dmg may 
1864, it was resolved to eTect a plain I be fOUlJ.ll Lhe 180. ......."l"led and hltlilicns, 
church building, capable of seating 4,)0 furnaces, storage rooms and aU other 
persons, at a cost of $3.70J. $2 000 less o,ppurte"1.aDCeS :ecessary for the con- 
than the original estimate. By the I 
uct of e:xtewuve church work. The 
liberaHty 01. a few friends and the I lIDProvements cost a.bout $3,000. 
procurement of a loan on a mort- There wer
 in 1886 two Sunday Sc?
gage, the officers were enabled to connected wlth the church. contammg 
erect t he church. It was named I about 40 officers and teachers and 432 
"St. Peler's Church" by the incumbent, . schola.m. The morning school has 128 
Rev. S. J. noddy. The corner stone scholars enrol1ed, and the afternoon 
was hid in the summer of F'6,). and the school 304; a large Bible class is held 
church was opened for survice June immediately after the afternoon session; 
10. 1866, by Bishop Strachan. The after- of the teachers some do not be10ng to 
noon service of that day was conducted St. Peter's chureh. The income Jast 
by Rev. S. F. Ramsey, of Newmarket, I year was nearly $200. Besides thios, the 
and the evening service hy Rev. H. c.hildren rai"ed more than $200 for char- 
J. Gras'3tt, then rector of St. James' itable objects. 
Cathedral. The rapid growth of that The parish wus constituted as the 
section of the city enlarged the con- : C'emete
. Churc.h Parißh in the early 
gregation, and so much increased the part of January, 1863, and comprised a 
ntt('ndance that it was foand necp
- I part of the north-eastern portion of the 
suy to incFease the capacity of the I city "&'>t of Sherbourne street and north 
church. The transepts were then, of Carlton street. Suæequently the 
added. in J8ï2. and eight years Jater I western bound<<ry waa extended to Jar- 
further alterations were made, so that vi,s str
et. and the northern boundary 
now there is a seating ('apacit
. or GOO. i was brought rlown to \Vel'e."Iley street. 
In 1868 a sroall school
house W:IS. Rev. Sa.muel Johnson Boddy, J\LA., of 
erected east. of the church on Carlton! St. John's C',ollege. C'4IIlbridge, was the 


D.MA.l\KS OF TORON 1'0. 

'first incumbent. He W&'S ordained by I ed with this organization, and proves 
the BÏßl10p of London in 1830, and after, taken with large faith. The results. 
filling positions' in Bethnal Green, in i a great blessing to it'i members. There 
the east, and Islingtoo. in the north of are 70 names enrolled, and some of 
London, England, beoame one of the as- . the members live t\\O and three miles 
sÏßta.nt ministers of St. James' Cathed-I f
om the chur<?h. .Th3 
arochJal Mis;. 
ral in 1858 of which he was curate five -sIOnary orgamzatlOn ralsoo m 189;> In'1880 he ,,,'\8.8 appointed Rural! .$150 fo.r th
upport o!. forei
n and 
Dean of Toronto, and i111881 he succeed- I do
 miSSIOns. E lve mmor .or- 
ed the Venerable Arc.hde-acon 'Vhittak- galllzatlons. complet
 the worklllg 
er 1\f A Provost of T 'nit Colle g e as' forc&s of this energetlC church. There 
, .., ny" are many score of members of St. 
Archdeacon of York. . Peter's C.E.T.S, and many more mem- 
The Cemetery Ohapel ',,'as allowed to I bers of t h 
 Band of Hope. 
be used as the church of the parish, In addition w giving efficient and 
and the first service was held therein liberal support to t.b.3 services o
by the present incumbent on Sunday, c.hurch a.nd SunJay ScllOOls these char:- 
6th, 1863. The' first vestry table organizations have from time to . 
the following evening in Mr. Frank time sustained and paid for the fol- 
. Richardson's house. when churchwa.r- lowing :-A female mediral missionary 

ens were elected and other busine!"s to th3 OC lniia; a'l evangelist 
was. tra..n
acted. T
e Cemetery Cha
l wt CÜivada in India: two a
ed women 
havmg. been foun dl
quate and m- in the Aged 'Vom
n's Home, Toronlo; 

o::lven.lent the members of the con- a portio!l OC the stipend of a mission- 
greg-allon at the Ea"!ter vestry -.;... h 
meeting, March 26th, 18j4, authoriz- a
 to the. ....lO
X .IrudlMls. lD the Nort - 
ed the churchward03ns to purchaso we::t Te
ntones,. the sup
rt an
land for the site of a new church. ca.tJ.on o. an IndIan boy au the 
and the history th:m went forward as W1M1k Home; one-half of the expense 
already detailßd. The territorial of educating the son of a missionary 
limits of the parish are not large, but belonging to too dio:}e5ß o
they embrace a densely IOj1ulated sec- one-haIr of the expense of the "Fañ.th 
tio:1 of the city, anti. on3 for which st. Oot" in the Hospital for Sick Childn'n; 
Peter's se
m" admirably adapted. .\t grilinEs o
 clothing to various charities 
all even
"I It has been a n:;o,
 successful and poor fam:iliea in the city of 1'0- 
çhurch lD eyery way. an,l It enJOY
 a ronto ùeside.s sending to va.rioa"! poor 
Just an(
 widely e.xtended reputat:on pa.rishes in Algoma and the North- 
for chantable work. west Territories l'o:xes of clo
hing and 
There is a church 'Vo:nen's AssO- gifts and other articles for Cbrislma
. dation that works for the p?or. tree.s. 
ever . fOll;nd,. and. the van
)Us The pews in thi's church are rented. 
cl1arlta..ble Inst
tutIons 1D the Clt.v. and brought in, in 1897, $
,766; the 
 . settlers m Aboma. a..'lld churc:;:ch offertory was $2,000. Besides this, 
 generally. fh
 .....0- $2,600 was received fro:n other sources. 
mety, the most flourlshmg one m To. These sums, t.8k
n with ilie contribu- 
o, meets .every Tu
sday afternoon tions for- missions. make the yearly 
durmg the wlDter. It IS careful never . "8000 
to neglect a deserving case of char- mC,ome nearly $ . r 
ity; in six months over 600 articles 1.he average S
nday o.fertory last 
of clothing were made by this society yea.r WÐ8 824, w'b:tle the envelope offer- 
and distributed among the yarious tory was more than $13 per Sunday. 
charitable institutions of the city. o.nd This na..turally suggests the matter of 
then many poor have been ass:sted, free pews or otherwise. but it does 
both in the parish ani out of it. In no' lie within th
op-' o
 this article 
1885 14 large boxes of warm cbthmg to debo..te too matter. It is matntain- 
and Chri"ltmas tree articles were sent ed by advocates of both syate.]Th<; that 
to the families of destituts <Jettl 
rs in is the better for the fina.ncia1 
Algoma. The Girl'i' Sewing CIa"!" is a success o! <1, churcl1. An impartial ac- 
large o?e: it is designe.d to teach girls countant. taking the ø.vera
e of all 
from eIght 
o fou
teen. how 
ew. t.he Toronto Church OC England par- 

he Mothers l\Ie.etmgs IS an mstItu. isthes. finds no difference in fin3J. re- 
o enabl
 members to buy suIts. TihB one S3ems as success
ul as 
matenal at co,
t pnce 
nd pay for the tJ1.... .h'" It must be 93.1d. however 
same by small weekly mstalmenls. so J 0, 
T. . h ' 
'that with comparative ease, they can Lh3.t the free pew system IS muc m
get clothing for their families. and accepta.ble to and much more pro [It- 
this, to:), at a time when the cost of abl
 among poor p o
 1.h8;'1 th; rent- 
fuel and want of work arð apt to press pd p 'W sys
('m It reso.v
s 'I. !arge- 
heavily. A lending library is connect- Iv into an of so
lal consldera- 



Hons. .rhe free pew syslem, where all d.ïscussed, everyone present being at 
ohurc.h f:nancial receipts d.epend upon hberty to express their vie\\ s one w8iY 
the o
fertory, is one that must be or the other. 
in the case o
 several lar'j'e and flour- In addition to the sum mentioned 
iBhing parishoo, a.bundantly Justify as contributed to miss:ons, both foreign 
the faith. Another remarkable feature and domestic, large sums are also 
about the case is that the ritualistic raised among the ladies of the con. 
ehurche.s of the city, where a. superior gregation foe charitable purposes, the 
and more cultured service is rendered. amount of which does not appear in 
are free churches. And in those is the published accounts. 
he.a.rd the sweetest music, the most re- As has been stated, the archdeacon 
fined and artistic celebration ùf the has been the only rector of st. Peter's, 
beautiful and always impræsive Church and until within the last few years 
 England service. has done his own work in a greit d&- 
,õ.;ut st. Peter's ho.8 a happy medium; gree, without extraneous aid, except- 
while the p'
ws are rented, yet at the iag from the lay element of his congre- 
evening s
rvice they iJI free. and g.ation. Latterly, though, a curate has 
a bulletin placoo outside the Carlton assIsted Mr. Boddy. 
street entrance so declal'es, with a The churchwardens of St. Peter's 
welcome to strangers a
tached. Even have boon:- 
at the morning services courteous 1863-67-F. Richardson, J. E. Ellis. 
sideamen wil[ cheerfully show visitors 1867-fl8-F. Richardson, Henry PeHatt. 
and non-subscribers to eligible :::Ieats. 1868-fl9-Henry Pellatt, F. Richardson. 
rh3ps, after all, the rental system 1869-72-B. Homer Dixon, Henry Pel- 
Ls only nominally such; practically it . lat
makes no difference, except in the I 1872-73-<:5heriff Jarvis, Henry Pel- 
e of some exch
eC?ple who de- :1 8 ' 73 74 
 I h at
. ff 
sue to have sþ:'clal pnvileges. u. - 
 en Jarvis, C. E. Blach- 
V{hile this parish is avowedly and ford. 
unquestionably lotr,.d to the Church of 
8.74-75-G. B. Holla.nd, C. E. 
E 1 d . t . . d "h 1 . 1 ford. 
ng an . I JS yeL rIgl IY evange lCa. 1875.77-G. B. Holland, Richard Thorne. 
in t
e use of the. Prayer Boak. The .1877-78-W. J. Coates, Richard Thorne. 
g congreg
re !arger than 1878-8O--Capt. J. T. Douglas, J. Her- 
those In the evening, 
hIle In free pew I bert Mason. 
churches the reve
se IS the case gen- 1880-81-Francis Marriott, J. Her- 
erally, an
 yet thIs J'eversal does not I bert Mason. 
effect the Income one way or the other. , 1881-83-Francis Marriott, John Massey. 
The venerable ArchdeJ.con Boddy has 1883.86-C. C. Dalton, R. H. Tomlin90n. 
boon St. Peter's only rector, and to '1886.88-Thoma.s Hodgins J. R. Mc- 
his personal devotion and interest in Caffery. ' 
all its movements is its succes'3 due., 1888-89-E. P. Pe.a.rson, J. R. McC..I.ffery. 
A call ur:;on the rector in the cosy 1889-90-E. P. PoorSOlIl, E. T. Carter. 
and semi-secluded rectory on 'Vin- 1890-91-E. P. Pearson, F. J. Stewart. 
chester street and a trief chat about 1891-9:!-F. J. Stewart, E. T. Carter. 
the interests of his parish left a go 3d 1892-9;
-E. T. Carter, W. A. GeJ(:Ides. I 
impress On of the cordial and gentle- 1893-9J.-\V. A. Geddes, E. T. Malone. 
manly spirit of the minister. The halls 1894-95-E. T. Malone, R. O. Montgom- 
and rooms of the vestry resounded ery. 
with the hum and buzz of conversation 1895-96-A. E. Gooderham, R. o. Mont- 
carried on by several ladies. It hap- gomery. 
pened to be the day for the meeting 1896-97-Thomas Marshall, E. T. Car- 
of the Dorcas E'Od3ty and the gentle ter. 
and yet enthusiastic talk ran over 1897-98-Thomas MarshalJ, R. O. Mont- 
bales of goods, the cut of aprons, the gomery. 
fashion of garments, the style of sew- 1898-99-Alexanrler Dixon, R. O. Mont- 
ing, and all the intricacies of hem- go.mery. 
ming, stitching and plaiting in a ,,-ay The assistant èlergtv of St. Peter's 
perfectly bewildering to the mascu- have been Reverends Cecil C. Owen, 
line mind. now of Winnipeg: L. E. Skety, now of 
One of the "institutions" connected MerIÏlo:l; R. lìo')in"on, now of Fergus; 
with St. Peter's is the. Sunday ailer- an.rt the present 8.9sistant, T. Beverley 
DIOOn Bible class for teachers an t oth- Smith. 
ers conducted by Mr. Samuel H. Blake. The organist and choirmaster (1898) 
It is a very large class ancl is well at- is l\fr. R. G. stapells. 
bmded. Mr. Blake introduces h:s On 
aster day, 1898, the sum of 
subjeCt and tþem the m'\tter IS fully $1,200 was collected by the ladies of 



8t. Peter's towards the liquidation of I a.dd in the east bransept a gallery 
the church debt. This left the parÏßh seating 80, while the main flo:>r will 
practic.111y free from pecuniary iDcum- I accommodate 800. There are three 
brance, there being less than $1,000 t(ntrances from the faea le on Bloor 
owing on the whole of the buildings. I stroot, aØ'}d a turret there contains .a 
In 1897 the lighting of st. peter'lII , bell. The chamcel, on. the north, 18 
church was by the kindness of Mr. very larg
, amd contams room for a 
Henry PeUatt, changed from gas to 
holr of fifty voices, with th3. orga.n 
electricity, which has added greatly to IJl the. north-,,?,e
t corner, pipes .of 
the comfòrt of those who worship there. I of. which are vIsible from th'3 audIt- 
orIUm through a.n open archway, thug 
enlarging the in
ities. The ceiUng of the church is up.. 
heJ.d. by ornamènted tJra-.;KèL:>. Sup.. 
porting the transept on either side is 
a hamdrome pillar with a shaft of Bay 
"'be "f'
ond TerkTllle (,har
h-The.e ,,'ho of Fundy granite. 
Rnlll It-A. (,nn
 .."".etrn.... B:wk of the church and at a right 
The parish of the Church of the Re- OIngle to it is a large school room, 
tieemer was described in 1887, in the one of the most crupacious rooms in the 
following terms. \\ï-.h very few aItera- city. It hafi a gallery and a number 
tions, it is now republished:,- of communicatiñg rooms comfortably 
.'In 1861 the pre-sent St. Paul's church I furnished with all thinD's nece
alre-ady described, was built on Bloor for the improvement anjo e3l,>e of the 
street east. Before that a long, low, o'hi1i1ren. The church is also thoro- 
barn-like wooden building was used ougihly complete in all its appomt- 
and then was n'oved to what was known Ca---n.e.nts, and is an arc'hitectural orna- 
as rotter's Field, or "The York Gen- \1J1IEmt in its beautiful surroundings. 
eral or strangers' Burying Ground," presenting 0. happy combination of 
at Bloor and North streets. There it .na.
sivene6s and grace in its propor- 
served as 0. Sunday school and chapel tiotns. On Bloor street, east of thf' 
of ease to St. Paul's, and it wa'! de- chu.rch, is a large rectOlrY, the finest 
signed. to call it st. Sepulchre. prac- I in the city. The site o[ these buildings 
tically this name wag ne\oer aòopted, is one of the prettiest a.n1 most valu- 
but it was known as 011 st. Paul's. able locations in Toronto, an'l the 
The eongrega.tion gradually enlarged rapid enlargement and improvement of 
itself, so that th9 nece
sitr for es- I the ci.ty in that direction contantly 
tablishing a new parish 
o:>n manifest- augment the value of the property. 

d itself. Th? first f,?rmal vp!'tr) llie

 I The land alone Ïß now worth about $18,- 
mg of OW :st. Paul s was held Aprll 000 the church $"5 UDO the school house 
6th, 18,;3, and the first. pri n t<
d record I 810:000, and the - r
y $2,000. , There 
s pres,mted. the folloWIng year. From vet remains upon it a.U a debt of $26.- 
thIS recorJ It appeared that there 000. 
were . o.bout 30 pe\
þ()lders a!ld the The slight opposition at Cirst exist- 
total mcome wa'! $1,230.83. April 23rd. I . t th ..]... f tb ld . h 
67, it was re.solvß(l to divide the Ing 0 e fllvl
lOn 0 e 0 paris 
parish of St. Paul's and make Yong'
 I soon gave way lD the face of the .re- 
street the divis:onal line.. The next markable .growt h of the new pan'lh. 
step was the purchage of a new site fur- I Rev. SeptImus .Jones, l\LA., was the 
ther west and that most de,>irahle curate of St. Paul's, on Bloor street 
piece of property on Bloor street, at east, and he became minister of the 
the corner of Avenue road, was I new pa.rÏßh, and has been its only reo- 
bought Cor less than $10,030, from Mr. tor. July 1st, 1886, Rev. Arthur K. 
Alcorn. The lot measures 157 x 280 GrUfin became the assistant minister. 
feet, and formerly contained a beau- I It iß owing, theTefore, to the devotion 
tiful garden. and zeal of its rector that the Church 
"The Church of the Redeemer" was of the Redeemer bas attained its pre- 
the name cho'ien for the new 
rIsh. sent poBition among the most prominent 
steps were at once takel} to bUl

 a I ohurches of the city. The parish lim- 
handsome and commo
s edifice. its were Cottingham street on fbe 
TJ1.e corner stone was laId In 1878 a!ld n rih Yon g e on the ea,>t. St. .Joseph 
the new church opened for servICe 0. , St G th 
.June 15th, 1879. It is a pure Gothic on the .south. o.nd .. eorgo on e 
structure, in the early English style, west. Sir Aù.am WIlson, Hon. S. C. 
built of Georgetown stoDe and Ohio wood
 :R.. G: palton &Dd many other 
stone facings. th9 interior is of white I promæent cItizens have been attend- 
brick wi th hand s of red brick bv way I ants at the church. There a
of ornamentation. At the southern I 175 pewho]dc:r9. and all the 
s are 
1900. is a gallpry seating 800 per
on8, , largely attended. The serVLCe VI the 


plain Churcl1 of Éngland service, with 1 1886 there were 230 participants and 28 
an anthem by the excellent choir in candidates were C()nfirm
the evening and. on special occasions, The total incòme for 1885-86 was over 
in the morning. The choir is composed I $9,000. Of this sum the offertory yield- 
 members, and waß led by Mr. E. ed $2,781.36. and the pew rents were 
W. Schuch; Mr. J. C. Arlidge Is the $3,563.3t, and the SunJa.y-school re

orga:nist. These gentlemen and the l over 8300. From this statement it will 
three leading singers paid Cor their I be seen that the Church of the Redcem- 
lliervi.ces, while the others volunteer er æ arra.yed on the pew-renting side 
their singing. The church wardens I of the income question and with the 
Meærg. Alfred 'Vi.lson and F. C. Hod- most umrked BucceSS. The of peo- 
&"ins. At the Ea.<>ter communion in pIe to whicb it ministel"8 is such that 


England service in that section of the I He was ordained deacon by Bishop Ful- 
city. Among the auxiliary as.soeiations ford in Montreal, priest by Bishop 
within the church there are the 'Vo- Mountain, in 1855. His first rectorate 
men's :\Iission Aid . SO?iety,. Mothers' I \Vas in Cap,) Cove 
nd Percy, Gaspe; 
:Meetings and the Girls SeWIng Cla')s. then he was the l1lcumbent of St. 
The latter is established to teach girls to Peter's. Quebec, and 3ubsequlJ}tly be- 
make their own clothing, and is open camp rector of the Church of the S.e- 
every Saturday afternoon from oct01:>- 1 dH:mer, Philadelphh, Pa. He was then 
er to April of each year; there is an cai
ed to Christ eh
reh, B
average attendance of 30. 
hlCh ehtd eh was bUilt for hl.m, and 
ThLs collection of facts and figures SJDCe 1E71 has been rector of hIS pres- 
shows a remarkabb flourishing parish ent parish. For many years he has 
with a beautiful church, a united peo- I be
n a suece
sful teacher in \Vrcli!fe 
ple and a hopeful outlook. From 18ï9 I Co,lege, and is yet connected wIth Its 
to 1886 the collections anti pew rents I staff. 
very nea
ly doubled, and OVÐr $2,000 :Mr. Jones bas attained marked prom- 
 paid on the debt a
ter aU current I inenct' as a member or the Anglican 



bynod, has served on its principal nomination. which is entirely free from 
cOllilD.ittees, been a member of the debt or pecuniary encumbrances 
Mission Board and a delegate to the The church is not remarkable for its 
PrQvincial Synod. In lhe SynoJ he in- external beauty, as it has somewhat 
tIoduced a measure, which was passed, I the appearance, especially when viewed 
relative to the superannuation of the from St. Vi,ncenL street, of being but 
cleJ'gy, and was complimented with a a porti.on o[ an incomplete building. 
vote expressive of aVpreciatioll lor the wh:cli change apparently, it is de.- 
lar,our he bes.owed upon the subject. si.gned to complete at some future 
and the courtesy with which he con- peri.od. The interior of the church. 
ducted the matter. The church ùf though, is far more pleasing to the 
'\,bich he is now the rector is a monu- eye than tbe exterior. The style of 
went to his ability and usefulness. architecture is Gothic, with open tim- 
· · · · · · bered roof. The materials used are red 
Though ten years have elapsed since brick with s,1.nd stolle dressings, the 
the preceding portion of this account total dimmsions of the building being 
of the Church of the Redeemer was it:} x 61 foot. The chance] is a re- 
written, there have been' few changes I markably fine one for such a com- 
in the time. The follo.ving is a com- paratively small church (its utmost 
plete list of the assil:ltant ministers: seating c.apacity not 1Jeing for more 
Rev. Arthur K. Griffin, 1889-1890; Rev. I than 600 peopl-e, and has on the northern 
Heber J. Hamilton, 1890-1891; Rev. side the oragn, a very good instru- 
Gus Adolf Kuhring, 1890-1ð9;;; Rev. ment, by Me.ss3rs. Lye & Son. On tht'l 
Louis G. Wood, 1
9J-1896. stone steps of the chancel stands the 
'i"he churchwardens of the Church lectern, a remarkably handsome piece 
of the Redeemer have been these: of work, and On the northern side, fac- 
1871-187:!-G. D. James, 'Vm B. Evans. ing th
 west is the pulpit about which 
1872-1873-'V. B. Evans, S u31 Thomp- there IS nothing very remarkable. A 
son handsome brass rail SBpara tes the 
rd Burch, 'V. H. Tack&- oomr.artm
nt i.n ths east end of the 
bury, George Scovell. cJ1ancel-sametimes known 0.3 the sa
1874-1877-Edward Burch, Geo. &ovMl. t
ry-wherß stands the commun:on 
1877-1880-Edwd. Burch, James Harris. ta.)le, f
om thß B
ats on the north a
188o-1881-Edward Burch Geo, Musson. south s
des of the. chancel. 
hßre s,ts 
, .' the. chOir. Th3 holy table IS covered 
1881-1883-Geo. .Musson, James Har
ls. with a handsome C1oth, wheroon is 
1883-1885--Geo. Musson, \V. J. Battin. embroidered the monoO"ram I. H. S. 
1885-1887-Geo. l\luss?n, H. 'V. Evans. while it is over-mounte.d by a brass 
1887-1888-Alfred. "llson, Frank J. cross. ani at th?i bac.k i.s a heavy dossal 
Hodgrns.. or curtain. Thoß clergy vestry is III the 
1888-1889-Alfred 'Vllson, Joseph Har- lSouth-east corner of the churcb, and 
ris. - the robing rooi118 for the choir imme- 
1889-1891-Henry J. \Vickham, Joseph dia
ly beneath them' in the base- 
Harris. ment. In this last named portion ot 
1891-1892-Robt. Parker, Joseph Harris. thoß church th:301'e is als.> a small chapel 
1892-1893-Robert Parker, 'Villbm where occa.s:Onal s
rvices are OftcD 
Monkhouse. held. 
1893-1895-D. T. '"Symons, Dr. Thomas The origmai church of St. Luke was 
l\Iillman, . tL(' frame roughcast building now 
1895-1896-Dr. Thomas 1\Ii IIman , 'V. P. used as a school room, to the 150uth- 
Torrance. east of thE. church, 0::1, St. Vincent 
1896-1897- 'V. P. Torrance. street, and it was opened for divine 
1897-189!l-F. J. Campbell, D. T. Symons. l:en.lCe on L'ecember 4th, 1870, the in- 
cum bency of the then .embryo and 
Eome'" hat chaotic parish being vested 
ill the Re\". John Langtry. who in 1898 
still remains in charge. 
Dr. Langtry is a native Canadian. 
having been born near Oakville, in the 
year 1832. He was educated privately 
and at Trinity University. and he was 
the first graduate of Trinity admitted 
to holy orders. On his ordination, two 
days alter he had attained the can- 
onkal age of 23, he was appointed tra- 
t"elling missionary in 'Vest Simcoe and 
Ea5t Grey, itinerating in the country 


'tbe FIr.1 Frome 
h.reb aDd U. .aeeellor 
-A Pro.peroD
 ''" Grlc. 

be church of St. Luke, situated' on 
the south-east corner of St. Joseph 
and St. Vincent streets, is one of the 
very few ecclesiastical edifices in the 
city. whether the property of the 
Angli.can or any otber religious de- 

lying between Cookstown and 1\1ea- 1 church was opened for divine service 
ford. After three years of mission On the first Sunday after Easter in 
work, amid a very pioneer condition th('\ following year. It was consecrated 
of things, he settled in COlling-WOOd' l and free from debt- on October 18th 
when: he remained till his removal to 1
90, whell the following statement 
'l'oronLo. For Eeveral years he assisted waH iS9ued:- 
the Rev. Saltern Givins in St. Paul's, "The foundation stone of this church 
until, with his rector's consent, he I was laid on As
ension Day, 1
81. It 
undertook the organization of St. was opened for service the Sunday 
Lukc>'s parish. altel. Easter, 1882. The church .1nd l
Among others who have been aSEO- on which it stands are to-day fr
dated with Dr. Langtry as assistant from debt. 
clerg}. at St. Luke's have been Revs. I "The entire cost of the land. chTITch 
A. J' Ford, Charles Wh it combe, James mO\ing of the school house =1nd lit: 
MC8<i, ;T. A. Read, Henry \V. Davies, tingR ha!'; been. about 
27.100. The h


. I 
H. A. Manning, J'. H. C. 'Mockridge, , anoo due on this expenditurê
and the present 8ssistant minister, the $10,000, was all subscribed durmg the 
Rev. C. S. Goodman. (1898.) I past year. 
For nearly tßn years after 1870 no "Owing, however, to death, faiiure, 
effort was made by the congregation I refusal to pay, or inabilitf to pay yet, 
of St. Luke's to erect a better ÙUiJd- 1 and to the diminution Q$ Income while 
lng, but in the latter days of 1880 this W"as being collected, there re- 
the rector, ably seconded by the late mains a mortgage on the school house 
Mr. 'William I'lummer and Mr. _o\lfred and lot of 82,500. 
Patton, persuaded the people to move I "Th
 average annual income for the 
in the direction of building a better mne years has been about $6.
OO, or 
church. and the pre
ent edifice was for the wholE: nine ye
rs, .$55,800. The 
the result. The foundatiori was I average annual contnbutIon for the 
laid on Ascension Day, 1881, a.nd the 
tinclion of the debt has been aÞout 



$2,GG6, or $23,9W Cor the nine years, 
making the average annual contribu- 
tions ÒC st. Luke I:! congregat.ion lor, 
aU church objects about 
8.8ö6, and 
for the whole period of nine years. 
"The congregation has not exceeded 
SOU regular attendants at any lime. 
It has never had but one member (and 
that only for a short timel who has 
nol haù to earn an iß('>OInP, It has 
nt-ver had more than Ci \ e members at 
any time wÌJ.O have noL had to practice 
e(;onomy to live, and yel these resultg . 
have bee
, attained. Shall we not lhank I 
God fOl' His grace given, and l aka I 
COUI'a gc '" 
. . . 
At the consecration Bervices thp .tn Olhbool Prom fl6l. Luke'. nDd Dol7 
preacher.,;"were the Bishop-at the ser- 1'rlnI1y-& I."rgf' ('GDI/:....Ult...... 
vice itself - Archùeacon Boddy and It seemed as if the natural world 
Chnon DuMoulin a t morning and even- were. in harmony with the great spirit- 
ing prayer respectively. ual world that had decorated its altars 
It may be mpntionpll incidentally and shrines for the celebration of 
that st. Luke's was the second Angli- Easter f:unday. The sun never shone 
can parish church in Toronto where a more brilliantly, the returning war- 
eurpliced choir was introduoo.d. . Dr. hlers never caroled sprin
'8 advent 
Langtry must have made comparu;l)n8 mort
 liliihesomely and the whole life 
in his own mind betvleen the services of nature never seemed more exu1Jer- 
88 conducted at st. Luke's, his first ant and more promising than on that 
rectorial charge. and those he had beautiful day when Toronto.s thou- 
known as a boy and youth in Oakville sands oC church-goers crowded its 
some t.hirty years earlier. streets and avenues on the way to the 
Unlike so many other churches in churches garlanded with emhlems of 
the city, St. Luke's, Ï.Il the twe.nty- Easter gladness and joy. Just as the 
eight years it has been opened, bas natural world seemed to re-act from 
had great and (\onstant changes in the the long sleep of winter andl to set its 
office of churchwardens, no less than pulseless life into bounding activity, 
thirtY-OIIle gßntlemen having filled the so the long and saòdening I.enten sea- 
positiO'D. In some of the Anglican son was gladly closed and the joyou.s- 
oomgregatioM the wardens hold ofCicl' ness of the resurrecti,>n season ha

or many consecutive Y{'.;'Irs. The fol. pily welcomed. EVßn the faces of the 
lowing is a complet.(
 list of the war- p 
üple seemed tn reflect this universal 
dens: .Jò.y; tb(' merry sunshin
. hrought 
First vestry mooting held December brightnp-ss to- the eye, elashclty to the 
27th, 1870, then were elected these: stpp and smiles to the faces of the 
-Rootor's Warden, Clarkson Jones: great crowds thronging the city thor- 
PMple'1:! \Varden, Capt.lin Stupart. oughíarps. Kot a little of the uuoy- 
1871-7'2--clarkBon Jones, Captain Stu- ancy and happiness was aroused hy the 
part. c
nsciol1sness on the part o[ many that 
lR7:!-74-J. 'Fletcher, - Bickerstaff. the milliner and l..1.iJor had artistically 
1874-iH-James Henderson, - Tizard. a.ddf>ù to personal adornment. Fair 
1876-77-("a./ t. Hooper, Frank Wootton. young maidens were sparkling and 
1877-78- W. H. Frank \Voot. bright with the beauty of spring at-- 

)m, Clarkson Jones. i tire, while ma.n
' a "Prince Albert" 
Wm. Plummer. Jobn Hague. was decorated wIth the white roee em- 
1880-83-Alfre<l Patton, Edmund LIt'ma-tic of Easter. To see the 
WraggE'. brightly dressed people on the streets 
f.. Patton. Walter Tflvlor. lagt Su'nda.y one might almoet imagine 
1884-85-Walter Taylor. A. 1\I. Patton. t hat there are no ...ery poor people in 
188fr86-Wa.lter Ta.ylor. H. J. Brown. this citv: I'ut the:y are nolI to be found 
1886-87-.\V.altRr Taylor, Dr. Burritt. where is bri
htness and JOY; 
1887-88-C. T. \V.bitnt'.... C-{'A). Chilla
. thc'v gathererl ahout the hovels anòlow 
1888-89-C. T. Wbitnp.ÿ. F. W. Holme- t,pnènients of the alleys and side str('('ts 
..ted. in a c}uje.'!. wa.y, sensible of the beaut.y 

1889-90-E'. W. Holmested, L. H. Ba.ld- 
1890-91-F. W. Holmested, F. W. Har- 
1891-93-F. W. Harcourt, R. Russell 
1893-94-R. 'Hu1òsell Baldwin, H. E. 
1894-95-H. E. Caston, H. J. Caulfield.. 
1895-96-.T. H. Burns, .T. T. Symons. 
lR!:Ifi-97-John l\iac, oun J. T. Symons. 
18!J7-98-C. S. Pettit, G. De W. Gre
1898-99-Llewellyn ltobert3on, G. De W. 




of the day tut not keenly alive to its I ceeds of which went to the building 
spiritual JOY; hut, for that matter, how fund. 
many of the rich were W Rev. A. H. Baldwin conducted the 
For the purposes of this article its service, and he evidently caug:ht the 
writH mingled with the crowd finding full inspiration of the occ.a.sion. He is 
its way to All Saints' church. a"t the a gentleman of fme presence and ad- 
south-east corner of Sherbourne street I dress, with e<msiderable nervous en- 
and 'ViLton avenue, East
r Sunday I ergy that infused all his utterances 
 1886. It was not yet time for and t.hem a sort of magnetio in- 
the servIce, l'ut every seat was found terest. He intones the service in a 
occupied. and the obliging sidebmen musieal voice with a Súnorous vibra- 
were Lisuly .engaged carrring chairs! tion that is pleasant to the ear. The 
along th
 aIsles and makmg use of I chanting of the "Yorkshire service" in 
pvery avaIla
le fO<?t of space to accom- this church is done in the key of G, 
modate the mcommg people. The ves- I and is done without any monotonoUB 
try doors were thrown open, the rea
 drawl or unmusical intonation. The 
SP I aces were. full and the crowd over harmony of t:be organ. the orchestra. 
f .O\yed out mto the .porches, an
 there I and the choir ",'aß well sustained and 
tIently .stood durmg t.he entIre ser- I generally true. But evelYbody seemed 
VICe. 'VhIle the ,decoratIOns were not I so g1a,ri and so hpartily entered into 
very elabor
, tney were ch
sen and the festal joy of the da.y that no room 
arranged wltn ex
ellen.t. taste. .the al- ! seemed to exist for close criticism. Tbe 
tar was covered wIth lIlIes, w
l1le. pot- , service began with an Easter hymn. in 
ted plants surr
nded the rea.d!ng d
sk the singing; of which the immeñse con- 
and two !:e3utlful calla lIlIes wI
h gregý,tion joined and the responses by 
graceful vmes decorated the pulpit th I . h t . I 
front. The baptismal font. a large stone I e peop
. were ear y and untversa. 
structure in the no.rthern transept. I 
nd all krnds of .people were the
was entirely covered with a Lank of' nch anrl poor, hI
h an
 low, gaIly 
variegated flO'Wers, and surmounted, drp$e<: a
d otherwu;e. !.he seat
with a deul'le arch out of which !"prang AU Samt.<; are free to e\ery one, no 
a floral cross. This piece of work was pe
 .ca.n be 

ld or rent
d, a.nd th
especially admired, and it was not only prIllClple of. In
t come fIrst s
beautiful in appearance. but it was 
01dA .g
od In 
 re",pect. No thstmc- 
very fragrant, sending great wav: es of h:?n "
'5 oboler' ab:e on acclJunt of dress. 
perfume 0'Il every side. The chOir of 
... haJ", 
en noltced bv the reporter 
15 men and 18 boys wa:1 augmented on I.ll certam ot
er cburches. but every- 
this occasion hy an orchestra of fifteen; one. was cordIally welcomed to 8: seat 
string and wind instruments. After un! I.l no more seat... werp av:u.'a.bleo. 
a short prelude on the orgall; the sing- I Endently lhe purpooes of. t.hE' OTl
ers and players en'tered from the choir; tors of t
e free PPW syslpm ha \"e been 
vestry, followed hy Rev. A. H. Baldwin. . well I"-?rnerl out. here, ,becau.c;p a con- 
the rector; Rev. Street :Macklem, the I 
regahon or yanous Cl3BSe
 of. people 
curate, and Rev. Dr. Scadding, who as- I fllls the chUJ-<:h at. every !';prnc.e. so 
sisted in thG communi.on office. The: that ex!ral c
atrs are constantly III de- 
r was not surplicoo and occupied I mand; I.D thl'5 respect t.he name of the 
the usual place in the chancel, with the church is well tak
organist in the c.entre. ì\Ir. Pt'rcy V. I In thi
 connection' an indcient oceur- 
Greenwood. organi
t of the church, pre- red that. to tbose who saw it, was 
siding at the instrument and leading novel and interesling'. Two little girls. . 
the music, while 1\Ir. Vale conducted: one about five and the other three. 
the orchestra. i strayed up the centre ai
le and found 
The uDSllrpliced ('.hoi
 see':'IlS 3J1 an- I !';eatB on the steps of the chancel, where 
mnaly in a true Church of England I they presented a picture that. was very 
service. The vestry bas been pr..tition- I touching in it.... simplicity. T.bey were 
ed to grant surpli.ces, but from a con-; evidently sisters. and of very arrect.i
servative Rpirit has dee1ined gra.ntinJr I ate nat,urB-'5. c. i.nginl!' to one another 
the request so far. The choir is a fine: ònring thp entire 
ervice; they were 
one and contains some very' exce1Jent ! commonly dre.<Lecl and wcoee old win- 
boys' voicP-H; t.he orohe.stra. Ïß composerl : tpr hut they had re- 
of gpnt!emen who connected with ! finer
 fpaturp,c;. bpautirul blue eyes 
AU Samt.s' MUrch. Gonsidera.ble atten- : anI] swer.f rac
. DuriDg prayer t.hey 
tion is given to mUBic in this cburch 
 h11J.:ed their fa.cp-s in their ha.ndA. 
and Sunda.y school, 
nd most. enjo:.,..l-,:p' : and duri!)g' '5in,z:ing tbe Bider st.ood 
ooncerts have bef'n giv
n durin
 the I with her a.rm a1Jont the sbouldN's of 
winter to immen!"f' a"ldiences, the. pro- hør little siøter. while the contrast of 



t.heir humble appearance with the ' I ' ""ñy seek ye the living among the 
be.:mty of the decoratiOns and ,the rich de'.1.d '/" by Hopkins. was sung, folJow- 
dre.<;sel5 of other cbildren near them ed òy allother hynm, making the 
made them more conf;ipic,uous. One four!h hymn tha.t was sung during the- 
could not help but think of that gentle: serVice. 
Saviour who ,)lice looh.e
 into i . To on
 whose aesthetic ta,>te .is cul- 
the sweet faces or littfe children I hvated It WaR a dehghtful serVice and 
whom doubtless He pressed to H:s 
n uplifting on.e. The sunshine bath- 
Iodng heart, a.nd who was the central I!lg' the world In gladness and castmg 
01)ject o
 devotion on thIS d
y and bow f1ftful gle
rhs athwart the Eas
er gar- 
kindly He left a. loving message for lands as It... be8: ms found their 'v.ay 
eV,Jry little child the broo.d \
orld oyer: I through th
 brIghtly c
l(:mred WlD- 
"Suffer them to come unto 1\Ie." The I dows, the r.lCh melody fllhng chancel 
. . II . 11 and na"e wIth sweet sounds, the beau- 
wuvate of chIldhood "".as we I ustra- tiful chant of a beautiful service ns- 
tad when the el
er sister, not kno>:'- ing and falling in musical cadence- 
Cng what to d
 wlJth a book she held In I all this made it an ideal service and a 
her hapd. dehberatelJ: went up to 1\
l". 1 Il'O;;t becoming tribute to the world's 
BaJdwm and told hl.D1 all about It. great Easter celebration. 
Fortunately at that moment the cbo:r It was felt some time before thIS 
was singing. so he very kindly leaned church was originated that the Church 
down to her. listened to \\ohat she bad of r<':ngland Fhould have a rarish in 
to say. smiled ft(ea
antly i.nto her face I that ['articular 11a.rt of the city as the 
and told her what to do. Many a cathedra.l, S1. Peter's and St. Paul's 
minister would have had his clerical I wer
 the only ('hurch
s in. the eastern 
dignity terribly shocked by this un- I section. But the c
ntentJon of 
usual break u n the solemnity of a and L.ow c1lUI"ch whIch a
t tIme 

ervice. but 1\?B11dwin had t.ho> grace so sertou
ly troubled Angl
c.amsm was 
and coolness to grasp the situaLion at I 

)Und to 
perate more or less de- 
once and dispose of it at once. Tne clded.IY ag
lllst any new n:oyement. A 
.. d t d I meetmg was apfOinted to maugurate 
little sisters were v
ry evou, a.n I it, but Messrs. Geo. Allen, A. :McLean 
when they k
ned theIr faces together Howard and Rev. Saltern Givins were 
a.nd held t he:r hands clasped. the old I the only ones present, and the matter 
caps and plam dresses. and .)
en-worn then. fell through. Subsequently it 
wmter colts were entu'ely ,orgotten wa.s m contemplation to buy a small 
in the sw
tnpss of the picture they Methodist frame building on Parlia- 
unconsciously made. Wilen the offi- ment street and begin in that nay, 
cers passed by with the silver plates but this also failed. A pptition to the 
La.dened with Ea'Ster offerings these bishop, signed by 150 residents of the 
two little chiJdren stood up Mld each beirzlhl'ourhood, praying for the es- 
dropped a penny upon the plate-than tablishment of a new parish, and the 
which no gift was more a.cce-ptable to a.greelnent of a. few gentlpmen to see- 
the Giver o
 every gift. I that the offertory for the year sho
After the first lesson, the combined reach $800 at 1e
 led tothe format.lon 
choir and orchestra sang and played I of a new raru,m. Its .geographl
the Te Deum in F by Dykes Mld it i boundary extencied from t.n e south sIde 
. - . '. _ of Carlton to tbe north sIde of Queen, 

 e.xcellentJy executed. Th
 com and from the east side of Sherbourne 
mg of tbe p.ure, fresh VOIces of to the Don. The appointment of Rev. 
the httl
 boys wIth the clewr ten
r Arthur H. Baldwin wa.s requested and 
8IDd muslCa.1 bass of the me-no and thIS a committee named to select a site 
[nterwoven with the mellow flow ot for the church. The lot on which All 
the instrmnpnts that twined about 
t. Saints' nOw stands was bought by Mr. 
the web a.nd woof of inspLriting mel- Alla.n McLean Howard, who laid $5rf) 
ody made the eye sparkle and thl3 cash down for it; ten minutes after- 
cheek flill'h and the hea.Tt throb with ward a gentleman came and offered 
the e'lultation of the r
surrection joy. the owner induc
ments. for _it, but he 
An'] the sam
 :5pirit of tremulous gla.d- , was too late. This wat<! m 18 !1; a slI!aU 
nasa characterizeà the entire service fr;
me school house wa" bUll
which from l:eginning to eml was con- t\\ llton avenue, and when fl!"s
d t d .' th th t d . . t d I was unplastered. Mr. BaldwIn s ser- 
uc p \H. a IgrH y. an rever- vices having been secured the parish 
enct' p
r to the An
hcan a,,; well at once began a remarkably succeSS4 
as to the Roman Cathohc church. ThQ ful career, which has steadily improv- 
.ermon was 
reache<} by the curate, ed every year since. The little huild- 
a.nd \vas a bnef outhne of the central ing was SOon found to be too smal I and 
tact of the observance fittingly ex- I was enlarged towards the south: hut 
pressed. At the offertory the anthem the conKregation was actually crowded 



)Ut or'this, and then the present bUild- I ' 'fhe L
ilding is .constructed of white 
mg at the corner was erected. brick, with red bnck decorations. after 
From the start it was the intention, I the early English pointed Gothic ctyle. 
and an intenLon faithfully followed according to plans prepared by Win- 
ever since, to make it open and free I deyer & Falloon. The walls, 18 feet 
for all alike, rich and poor; no distinc- high, are surmounted with a hammer- 
tions were to be made in any way, beam roof, giving a height of 46 feet 
and this cosmopolitan spirit even to the ridge. An unfinished tower 
peryades the s
rvice,. which is always I wiht the middle ag
 octagan staircas
designed to be m medias res, the mode- and to be crowned with three pinnacles 
rate CGurS3, and to do no violence to rises from the north-east corner. Th
auy s
ntimeJ}t: Doubtless this accom- nave is 96x36 feet: the transepts on 
modatlng spIrit is one of the factors the north and south sides are lOx48 
in its universal success. And, then. a each cme resting underneath fou; 
population of about. 20,000 has settled heavy arches. The organ chamber is on 
in that sectiOdl of the city within the the south side of the chancel, the choir 15 years, and that fact has also anrl (' If'1"gy's vestries are on the north 

acco unted for the immense congrega- I side. The ope.n timber work of the 
tions. st. Ba.rtholomew's has since roof is stained a dark yellow, and 
been set off from it as a separate par- eight Qeautifully illuminated dormer 
ish, and \\ as given the territory all I Willdows are cut in the latter. The 
east of Parliament street; for several walls are unplastered and may per- 
years it also received $400 a.nnually haps give thp interior a rather cold 
from All Saints'. It is now designed to I appearance, but for all that, it is a 
have two more new churches, one at beautiful building, prettily ornament- 
 a.nd Parliament and one at ed with red IJrick, trimmings and 
Sherl){ urn
 and Howard. pairited mottoes running around the 
An interesting historical incident is I enitre room, while inscriptions and 
connected with the land on which AI1 monograms decorate the corbels. It is 
Saints' is built. Before the year 1800 a comfortable room, of good acoustic 
it was owned by Solicitor-General I property, capable of seating 800 pea- 
Wllite, who, on the eve before his pIe, and that capacity is not now suffi- 
duel in which he was killed. made his I cÏent to sa,tisfy the demand. 
will in which this parcel of land, as The audi{'nce chamber conveys pretty 
part of his estate, "as disp{)sed of. I aceur.ately the 8&.t:hedral idea, cspeoi.. 



J i%;l';' 
 )' 4 -
. , c


6 Ji![;-.
 / / . l' "J

L' --.
" " '" 
- . 

 I"' ,. . 


." ,=:= 
t '
/J" 4

 -, \ 


,-// '


.--O _
 ... . 
4Ii,..//tj{f(f'fi!fI''''''-=''- _--

 ., .



, '

...' 'lJi, J' :j'11'. 
 . '"":'
..__ " 
. v
' - .,

'i' _Y-,:qJ
 ' . 1\. 

'VV'I"'X.- - . 
o .... - Q.,J. 
 \ , 

 :JJ f' -- '{
A(;r; -- :; · 
 ' ;" '\, 
." "5 '
 . ., .
ø=:- -:z. - " 'I f'

- / '
, . :.? 'i 


I" .
, t'};.' 
 ':. ,J 
 /.,-- -?.5' 

\J "
3 ' ,f> 
 1,.J!.t}.;;,. """'f 
 -I \ Ii 
.i ?;; I1 -- - [ (\ 
 .,/ "", 

' t,' ,', 
 -=-. /.'(;1, '
' .1,"'- 
' . 
 I þ" itfJ.. t'41 
;;.. " I
/ '1í
lo.i1 _ It 
 . k>J"t
. I ' 'I I I.... -:: _ :Ø, 
'I'.'I,-cs -::.Ii
II' . 
. A -- '
', 'ý,;Q'f: r- 
:' '. "1J"ìll
 C? - ."
 d. fir t:. 

Ì4.. . 
,.... ,)
.." , l ,JJL.
- ,: )1.qr-
l it., I 
_- ,t.

',: :
" ---= 
.\ ;,,

t '
 : _....


. "I'


.,,> ,0\,... . 
;' M 

l l '

 ,\ r 
, \ 
w \ /( J:
 t' '- '\1' 
 I 'i_ -=' - - ''i

 I '
ì rt,.1 _ tI1J

t , 

J . f ' 4-"t . 
 t r 
I : 'I II, .' 1. ,. , .
. íÎJ ' .' "..X", ,,:. I " .r/I I /l...r ,
't 'W 
- II' 1 '
.ac.. ft( I \, ), . · - , j Pi! /I'm., f 
I 1: t :-t1 

. tt. 
-':. I I - '

\I' Þ'_ 
I -"'=
'iI' I':\ rRlJ..Ik......__.
""- .- I - - - 
" .fihfä
 ' "i J i; '
'_t:;'- t 

;:., :,11 
-", m 

,. J.ïp '" } .... r '-"1\_'
 - g' ' , 
( ,"I,' ',
, I 
 i ;' 'r l
;If.;. m .f\'
'" '
ßI ai, "I, ;:>! I ...l . Y :.g, 
 ' 1 ,', I) . ?"- 
, Ib 

 '.', - 

 f .,1 .r', i. I' ! ' 1"l, ,.
- .; r l ãi -"
t t 
;!i5 . 
'" .. t' P, 
, Þ\ 1Ii::. 
 ' . -
If ..1 ,- ..: - 
: 't -..p
_ ,..:..

 I: tL 

'le _" . llL.. -J:
f '"!...
t..-;ij{. - --.;;.::.::-. - : . - - -. 
\---'-"._- .. 
 ':' -::...
===::::--==-. .
 ,I , . ---=!:!- .:.._ , 
 l( ,-
- I

ally the cha.ncel, which has a dimen- ! window, costing 8700 and contalnin
siO!D. of 23x32 feet. The bishop's throne an ilJuminated centre-piece represent- 
is to the left of the altar; a beautiful \ ing .resus and His twelve disciples. It 
reredos is hung above the altar and is a.n unique building internally, but 
above this is a.o. artistically wrought the apparently inharmonious combin- 



ations of 

 :nd decoration after 1 ,450 a year. The financial conrll- 
all unite to make it symmetrical and tion of the parish is of the 
aesthetic. Externally the structure most encouraging charcter. It is 
has no attractive features save that its true there is a debt of '14.000 resting 
proportions and angles are wcll kept. I upon the church, but itt is being re- 
The school room, on Wilton avenue. I duced at the ra.te or '1.500 a Yf:'ar. 
is a detached building, mo lelled after The free pew system in 80IIle respE'cts 
the same vlan as the church, and is mHVto.tes against the incom-ß of any 
a very handsome structure, most ex- church. but in this caee such dise.d- 
cellently adapted to i
s purp08es. . It ! vantage is largely overcome by 
seats lìOO pers.ons, and. IS p
oba?ly the, liberaHty of the offertory'. a.bout 8102 
l::-rgest and fmest 
f Its kmd m the I heing contributed every Bunda.y. The 
t). Attac.hed to It are C?lass rooms, I income, ruside from t.ha debt fund, from 
flllely furnLshed, 
 large u
fant cl
ss! aU sources is about $7,000 yparly. The 
room, and.a good lIbrary. I re
n- aRSets 0" th.a parish are 840 011) fo the 
dows admIt an abundance of lLght; m. I d d . ld . " r 
scribed on those above the platform am 
U1 mgs. and 81,500 for the 
at the ea'itern end is: "Auscultate Deo I organ, It lR no\v c
ntempla.ted to re-- 
et Parenti bus," which means '.Hearken ! place tho latte
 wIth a larger and 
to l;od and your parents." A scrupu- I more improved m8tr
ent. clean kitchen, amply supplied: 
n every .rt'spe
t th.:.s review of All 
\\ ith culinary articles, give8 opportun- : E'aJints e.ntItJ3s It to prominent men- 
its for social tea preparations and I tion among the ctty C'hurchæ. and iÙl 
other festivals where refreshment is: future is full of possi.bilities tbrlt shall 
served. The caretaker of these build-' lend additional credit to Its history 
ings is evidently one who abhors dirt when other pens sha.ll herea.ftAr por- 
and dust and practises cleanline83 and tra.y Its good work. 
 · · · 
The first service in the little frame 
school house was held June 16th. 1872 Since Easter In 1886. w.b.
m the pre- 
and the çresent school house was open
 I ceding portiDn It' this article was writ- 
ed Nov. 29th, 1874. Rev. Arthur G. i ten. there have been some interesting 
Baldwin, :M.A., the popular and genial cfuLnges made in the services at All 
rector of All Saints' is the key to its Rø!nts" church. The choir ha.s heen 
'phenomenal success. He is a native of bn.blite.d in surplices. a.nd the old or
Toronto, and pursued 0. COUIse of s.tudy hlu9 been replaced by a new one. Te le 
at Upper Canada College" but IS a ù Genevan gown used in the pul- 
 of Oxford, England. Afteæ pit ha.B disappeø.red a.nd if the teach- 
 he be('ame curate of Luton,: fig remains t.h.3 same in 1896 as (t '\\-as 
Bedf!,rdshLre, and. then can:e to Canada, I ten earlier, the services have 
g at 
 called to . been brought up to wbalt is now ..11 
OTgamze thIs Toronto mISSion he ae- " but . III ":-.3 - d the t 
cepted the appointment. Five hun-. umversa y OODl:uUJÖre 1. rue 
dred and eif$hty-six members have been m.o:lel for the Anglo-Catho.1.c ch1lo1"ch- 
('oafirmed SInce his incumbency, and he goer. . 
has nOw a class of more than 50 to be Reve-rend A. H. Bddw1.ll hMI all hut 
ronfirmed on the fifth Sunday after completed hi.s qU&Tter century's 

aster. He is a gentleman entirely at All SeJints, and thðre are 8tm 
devoid of clerical porlposity, is ob-. some sUITounding him in his work who 
tiging, genial and pleMant in man- I were there when "he put his hand to 
ner, and is çopular, not only amonll the plough!' 
his own parishioners, but t hroughollt Tho assistant clergy at All Saints' 
the city wherever he is known. IJIS have been- 
tion to .his 1
82, from June to DeC6mber-Rev. 

ll.S mten
e.sIncerlty and modIf)-- J. B. C. Beaubien. 
mg Spl
lt, a SPI!lt tha.t well cons,:rv
 j88:1-18Q7-Rev. T. C. Street Macklem.. 
the umty .and I
f All Sa.lI
ÙI, 1P871ß8J-Rev. E. C. Acheson. 
deserve thLs 
e!lted publIc recog
. U
-lf!t1-Rev. Erne
t C. Saunden 

. BaldwIn 
s ably seconded m Ius 1892-1895-Rev J. R. Shields 
mInIstry by hIS curate, Rev. Street I I b . . d h 
:Macklem, a yo
ng man who IS very: t 
m!ty ! so e 
nbone t at rnnee 
kindly spo
en of by the conqregation' 
1l ö8mts was bUilt Rev. Hen
y Scac!- 
Hnrl who iA rlo;ng his work a.cceptably dmg. D.D., now 
1898) the oldes.. Angb- 
He is the afternoon superintendent of ran. clergyman In the Pr
vince of On- 
the Sunday 
chool, Mr. Willoughby tarlO, has constantly a8S1sted In 
CuI.nmings presiding at the mornmg service.s. he and the reetor bemg 

ession. The school numbem about brothers-in-law. 
400 scholars and 30 teachen, and meets Of the rest of the asIIiatant clerc. 
twice every Sunday, a..nrt raisE's about. the Revs. J. B. C. Beaubieø, E. Co 



Acheson and Erncs
 C. Saunders went rived ten later. ßl're several 
to the United states for the work of Roman Cat
c girls got aboard in. 
the Episcopal church there. Th
 Rev. order to attend vespers in the cit.y, 
J'. R. Shields Boyd, who married. a and the writer deliberately strolled 
daughter of the late 
obert Baldw1n
 &long the narrow wooden walk to the 
left l anada in the closmg days of 18th be&C'h. pø.ssing numbers of persons who 
to undertake missionary work in had coma over wtt.h l'abv coach and 
China. The Rev.. 8.reet Macklem be- Iunc'h.eon to sp?nd 0. day winhaling the 
cama reClO
 of St. tjimon's, on Howard pure. freSh Lake breezes. They were 
street. Blprea.d ou/t. 0'1 tib.e gra<;s in reckless con- 
The churchwardens of All Saints' fus'on. regardless of app arances, and 
have been the íollowing- 1 yet not 0. single harmful word or a 
1872-18ï5-Allan l\I('L'\an Howard. Alex- single wroDJg&ction wa<; ol;servt',d. Offi.. 
ander Marling. eel' No. 46 was patrolEng t:hat paTt of 
18i3-18ïï-Hon. G. ,V. Allan. Columbus t.he Island, but b3yond caution 0.'4 to 
H. Greene. . crowding and hurrying on the l'oa.t 
1878-C. ß, Greene, Rohert Edm
son. had no
,hing to do. 
lS-;8-C. H Greene, Charles Unwm. The campers, in tent anrl cottago. 
18i9-1881-C. H. Greene. Robert Good- were fully enjoying the beauty of the 
erham. . day, and abandoned themselves to that 
1881-H_'nry Allen to J'une 6th. CharI,s e.njoyment with an enviable freedom. 
Unwin. Rob
rt Gooderham. Ver;.v many were rowing about the .10.- 
e Go.ddlllg, E. H. Kert- goons, or allowing the bm.t to ghde 
land, M.D. : whither it would, while the rower list- 
1888-Geo. GO'.hdiu,.;, rhos. J. Jermyn. ! lessl Y watched the rippling watèrs. 
o. G
ulding, F. A. Thayer. Al<mg the beach, upon which a magni- 
1892-Geo. Goulding. E. Perryman. I ficant surt waS beating, little bare-foot 
1893-George Goulding. F.. A. Thay
r. childrem, and some not so little, were 
(If. A. J'ermyn was appomted to fill gaily wading and merrily running 
Mr. Goulding's place on October 
6th, from the white horses that Sf"eme 1 al- 
o\\ing to the death of Mr. Gouldmg.) I most' lifelike in their play. Across the 
1894.-T. J. J' ermyn, F. A. Thayer. I waters an1 rising above the boom ot 
1895-R. C. Le \ esconte, Wm. LOgan. , the surf, came the monotonous and 
1S96-1899- Wm. Logan:. Samuel Trees. doleful ring of the bell from the sway- 
. , In g buoy, just beyond which a little 
- steam launoh was pertly bowling 
CHAPT;ER XIII. along. White wings. glistened clearly 
ST ANDREW'S against the dark blue of the waters 
. . far out on the horizon, and take it a]to- 
e lIammer C:laareh en 'he .....DtI-lt. gelther it was an ideal da.y along the 
Mllliderll. shore. 
The little church was reached a.t 4 
It 866IDß stra.nga tJhat a. person o'clock and a sea.t in thð last peWI af- 
Should go awa.y from Toronto in order forded the writer good vantage ground 
to go to dlmrch. and yet that wad the from which to make observations. The 
writer's dUlty in order to pla.ce before first thing noticeable was the UnCO
his read, an a.uthentlc description of ventional style of dress characterizing 
8. churc.h that. whiLe not in the city many persons there: the latest tash- 
proper, still bas a ,pla.oe among the ions were not Been. One lady had CD . 
cit.y churche6. On the southern side magnificent blaok silk dress, tastilJ 
oc the Is.La.nd, between Mead's and 
nd richly deoorated; she came late. 
Hanlan's Bci.nt is St. A.ndJrøw's Angli- The others were plainly. but very neat- 
can Clhurch. "Ib vdsit this church the ly, and, undel' the eircumstanoes, pro-.. embuked on the MUle ferry perly dressed. The young ladies fore-. 
boat ArUng-ton. from Oh.urc.h street swore those villainous high hats, that 
wilarl, 000 Sunday a.ft..ernoon at three disturb a man's sight and temper in 
o'cJock. r:r.oo streets of the city were church as well as a.t the theatre, and 
compe.ratiV'ely deserted. but the boa.ts generally wore pretty plain, straw. 
1ee.ving fot" bb.
 Island w&re crowded 10w-crowned h8ltø taøtily trimmed. The 
.. they always are on Sunday. white dresses brougllt out the brown- 
([be pôOpæ aboard. 
re, so far a<> ne9!J of the complexion very clearly; 
ene could tell by t.lbßir a.ppeara.nce, low shoes were the rule. Young men. 
eonYe.rsø.t.ion and manner, of the work- both in tire choir and ø.mong the COD- 
Ing cla.saes. After some i.nterooange gr.egation, wore yachting costume&. 
o! pe.seengers t:h" little steamer puff- It was a new and strang", 
IIIl her way to Mead's, where she ar- sort of surplice. but since "it 



is the thing to dd' le.t it be dionp- tuken !rom Philiprfans: "L
t this mind 
no matter about the taste. Several I,e in ,}OU whic.1l was also in Christ 
g.entlemen were there without coats, Jesus." 
and they were envied by the writer. Prof. Boys, who preache.d. was a 
Perhaps the most picturesque of the I ' man of scholarship and cultur A . but of 
congreglrtion were the little fellows no very great physical power an I con- 
jauntily dressed in sailor's costume. I seq
ently more intellectual f han ora- 
This variety of dress, taken with the. toncal. But the sermOn wa.-; {'xc{'l- 
plainly furnishßd chapel, the open win-I lemt , a.nrl wh-en the 
r became 
dows, through which the breez
8 cam{' t
hly enwr3;pt Wlt
 his thought 
laden with vigour and llealth, th,> his d,ehvery was Impre
Slve. The. lan- 
sound of the surf on the f'hore and the I,guage was w
lI chosen and the Idea
ga.y laug1.1ter of little cbildren Play- I ID.:'"Lde on 
hat accoun
, as 
I t well as more Impressive. Referrmg to 
ng on he 
nd made .the room pleas- the alarming ämount of unbelief in 
ant, cool. mry and brJgh
. . . too world the sermon as"Ierted that 
The church was well filled; lit will I another more alarming thing wac; the 
IMaot 210, a!1 d 180 were prt"sent. cûunt- cold, practical unbelief of the Chris- 
Ing the children, a.mi there w{'re very tian churc.h. The majority of mem- 

 L t

...-..( t 

 .. . '! , 
"tll ....r \ '" __
: : \ ':. '

o.-' y r:
I r. 
 ^, . / - ::' 1-'., ..
, .I,". .....{g , ' ..,itit., _ ..;
- ,: 

'ÍJ. i- ..."1 
 t " .-:..øt.. 01 '1 . -


ï,l;J' I..."
 ". :ö: 
':;>'/f .
: ,'{t !J 'I


 , ', .. ; 'lo,t S :' 

; r>'7n"

 t '-
 1 ' r . II ' ,
 I ..: \ "-fIR ,I! r il rJ ::' ..i 
">! .;.,-..íl F ", I . . 4 ,,' LIII 't- I 
 , I(..J' I , "1 -. 
. íñil i r- . i! C,. - ." 
I - If.. 'f' I I' \ 1 
' . 'I' W 


'" -='
. þ :ttiL .frld ir , . """.: I'III!
\. '
J:I _ i l'!-'f
,"I' J ì)'lt' .. , _..
 ')J' -
, . t ,)... ,".' 
íJli 1 
'- . ' 
 +-.:...'f'? :
_ ': ;,;
 '.:. I "v. - _ '
' _,,-., .> ..,.


 \.....1., '- '4>:) 

 _",.;',,:, ':, : "..Þ '..1 A P ..J!5=a . 
" ,,
 Q '-o.cÞ " (;I 
.. ... . - . .e ::- II -i- 'f' 
many little children - nice, weJJ-be- 1 bers adhere to t.he Kingdom of God 
baved children. aB taught in the formularies of the 
The choir consisted of a lady or- church; but the Bible has certain com- 
pnist. four young la.Jy singers and I mands. and the large majority of Chris- 
three } oung men. The service' was tiaIlB Ii ve aà if they ha i never been 
the usual Church of England Evening delivered. 
Prayer, for dignity and beauty There are grades of comma.ndments) 
a.nd the reviva.l of pure feelings and I Of more or less importance, and some 

evating sentiments is only sur
Beæ may be neglecta.1-a.t an incalculable 
by the same Catholic service enlarged loss, but yet one may be a. true be- 
a.nd additionally beautified. The peo- l liever. Eome commandments bea.r on 
pIe all took pa.rt, a.nd the singing and the formation of life in the soul, and 
responses were hearty, enJo,yable and if they are not fulfilled the soul is 
lIelpíul. Three hymns were sung III I not developed and cannot obtain hpß- 
\:onnectioD with the service, and. a ven. The text is one such comman!i. 
twenty-five minutes' sermon was land asks that the believer shall have 
preached by the Rev. Prof. lloys, of the same opinions 0."1 Jesus, and en- 
Trinity College, who also had rearl tE'Ttain the views he held about everT. 
prayers a.nd ]esooI18. T.he text \-vas thiniC. 



. The Chri<;tian plis.sionary is the Chris- l live
e!Ì extempor
neously, the speaker 
ban man. A WinmnO' tone and splen- 8ta..n
hng at one side of the lectern in 
did character is the force that carriea the centre of the chancel. It was eVI- 
on the Kingdom of God, beca.use it is I d.ently appreciated by the attentive 
the m.i,nd of Christ ill us. And the: congregatIOn. 
reason of the slow progre'>B against I Service is held in the church ever1 
the world is the want of this disposi- Sunday afternoon at four o'clock. The 
tion. : COJ.>>ID.union is administered the first 
The. mind of Ç-hrist is 
ecessary to j Sunday of the month at 11 o.clock. 
øa.IvatIon. The Idea. t
at It does. .not et'rvices are held from the last Sun- muc
 how we hve 80 
hat Just I day ill June to the last Sunday' in 

fore we die we have 
r SIDS f
r- , St'Jltember. .Bishop Sweatman, who 
given !l-nd go to heaven IS a.
 abomm- lives in the rectory, which adjoins the 
a..bIe . Idea. Of .course 
 of I cbureh on the west, is in charge, 
SIDS is nece
ary.. but gomg to h
aven though other ministers frequentl y off"- 
%1l6a.ns to bve with Jesus, a.nJ If we: . A l . . 1 
are to live with Jesus it is necessary matE'.. I thes9 serVice" are given 
that we here learn to conform our I gratmt!Jusly. The current expenses 
views to His; the unimportance of the I ar
 paid for by the offertory, abo'!t 
prasent life is a wrong idea. If any I 
I"O per 
ason, and the 8150 rent paid 
man gets to heaNen by living any other I by the Bishop for the use of the ree. 
way than in conformity with the mind I tory. But the Communion offert.ory is 
of Christ he will soon be turned out. I donated to The Lakeside Home for Sick 
In every earthly so:.'iety there is a, Children. The builqång is a .TOugh- 
tone, an esprit de corps th'at pervades I coated fra
e one, b
tlt upon piles, In 
it, 3J.'llJ if a. man is not in harmony with ('arly English Gothic style, and is a 
it 00 is uncomfortable and his pea
e I npat and attractive structure, though 
Ï4 disturbed. Heaven is not a state making no pretension to any orna- 
of promotion but of ble.ssing. Tho I mentation of an elaborate character. 
rn.iÐary of this world is the mixing> I The gable faces the lake on the south, 
of evil with g()Q::l; but the misery thu
 I and a little vestry forms an L on the 
Þ::casionßi ht'.re will no
o on th
re. \\'pst. A belfry rises from the frof'l
an I there will be a. ngld exclusi
n I
ut contains no bell. It is topped with 
from heaven {)'f those who have not its a finial ot St. Andrew's cross. The 
tone.. . I I' co! is painted red, and the outsidp is 
. T.he text IS a mark of salvation. It gt uccoed in block s
uares. A little 
1<1 lmforta
t to k.n ow who 
n I what I rorch. containing two seats, :ldmits 

re.. There .is much diletteante through thE' only doors. ahove it i 
Chrisbamty III this day, he('au
e I"eo- I M 1 : . s 
(lIe do not grapple witll the question I a sma 1 a cross. 1here are five 
of wh..) they are. ßy what test shall ruttresses, palDte
hocolate coIOt!r. 
we diSoC'o:er on which side of the line Upon the ,,:h
le it IS a !aU:
'3r pl(}- 
) ou are. 
 There i5 none better than turps'
ue bUlldJ!1g, tnken wIth itS sur- 
t ho;e expres
e t by the words "mind roundmgs. It is 10cÆ;lted. on Cherokt>e 
0: Christ." Y(..1U ('a.nnot have the. mind nvpnue, and was bUilt m 188L at a 
of ChrÌc"t awl nat be a believer. If cost of f.:2,ûOO. r.Ir. A. R. Denison ",a8 
.' ou recognize your deficiencies then the architect. 
.'ou may know you are a believer and ']'hc> buildi1'1g is 25:x 45 ff'f't, with a 
('an ri5e up an 1 walk as a Christian chancel of 16'X 15 feet. Thp. windows 

houl L Now, in this life we can have are of ground glass with colo
lrerl "or- 
this mind, .and it will deliv
r mankind dprs and a pretty llUla rose window 
from the sms that oppref'.s It. . Annoy- is inserted above the porch. Tbe W:1118 
ance, that shortans. physICal lIfe, will are 
tuccoed. The ceilh
, piprc
rl hy 
 savoo, and anxiety as to results COUT dormers, is vf'rl ical jointell shppt- 
wi}l not be favo
re.J. Ff-e ,vh:> ha'i thE' iug. relieved by purlin'i and timbers, 
mnn1 that 'Y3-'3 !n Ch!ISt w1l1 be an the whole J1f'atly sbinNl, :"IS 'J.ho are 
h03P"t man. in .biS busi
ess regar,lIfs-> I the> pews which are made oC pine. The 
of the profit side of hls ledger '\8 '. .. . } tt' I 
we olwy the words of the text ",'-p fi
d ai
le IS caf'petpd \\ it 1 ma mg. :In( a 
the worries of life melting away. an I d

k. red 1!rt
s<;els co!ers th!, C.h
only a residuum left that <ioes not I B'.llhant .m I hf'autlfu
affect Christian life may triplet f?rm, mad.- of bnghtly illumm- 
800m irksome or its duties ma.y be un- 9:1.ed pamled glass, adorn the 
performed because the yoke is heavy, httJe chancel, 
d. are. very 
rtIstlc 1!1 
but the mind that wa.s in Christ fa '(>..
 RI-'pearance :mú" nch i
sIgn. Th. e 
the yoke and then the burden becomes Ct'ntral dcs:gns are Christ lD the attl- 
hter every day. tude of tal'dl1g. with the words "r am 
The above extracts win show the I I he ,ine. Yf' ar" the branches," below. 
teaching of the sermon. It wa.."1 dp- .\ hove is th.e dl'sigu of a pe1ican pierc- 



fishes, the red tip of the LiU appe
r- ' I 
y peop
e of all faiths. and everybody 
ing like a. blood spot 0:1 tbe wblte IS bt'artlly welcomed, no matter wh:\t 
feat beTB. his special religious predilections. The 
ALove this desiga is another. the I P
OPl'Tty is ves,led 
n t
ame of the 
BuslJended dove, representing thf> Llass- BI
hop. a .mos e"'
lC Island
ing of the Holy Spirit. The window who holds it. for thc BUlldmg Commlt- 
on the left has a monogram com
osed tee. of which Mr. John Massey \Va. 
of the Greek letters Alpha and omega, l secretary.. . 
and below this a picture of Christ In 188i servIces were l:eld in Mr. 
8tilling the tempest and the de5ign or I G. Gooderham.s cotta

, a

ti font. On the right window is. the terest g.rew .and 
agmfled Itself in so 
monogram 1. H. 8.. "Jesus tt(. f:avlOur I many dlrecl!ons tl1at steps, werl' .soon 
of l\1.en," with a picture of the draught laken to hUlld a. ehurch. rhe BIshop 



and }fr. George Gooderham were the act1:r opposite the southern extremity 
most energetic '\\orkars in the move- of "Tilton aye-nUB, is a rough-cast 
mellt and the largest contributors. Of frame building of no great architec- 
courst', the land is leasehold land. The tual beauty or of imposing appearance, 
rectory aJ
d church together 
ost I ex.ternally or intt;rnally. [t i
 ìn the 
about S:J.5-IO. and ellO:Igl1 was raised I midst of an &:8_'nually poor nelghbour- 
by subscriptions and so
ials to go for- head, there being no wealthy residents, 
ward with the work. There is a few even comparatively well to do I eo- 
mortgage on the r
ctory. but the p:e, in its locality. T.he int.erior of the 
church is paid for. The expenses are clmrch. though. is p]easi nK to t he eye; 
 ${OJ yearly. The chaIlcBl fur- there is no ornate ornamentation cer- 
nilure, communio.l s
nice. hymn IJooks binìy /.Jut everything is neat and in 
and the stained glass windows were gool taste. 
the gifts of friends and supporters ' is one aisle and from this long, 
of St. A?-drew's. pine seats run to t.he walls, giving a 
Even 111 t.he Island ?hurch many seating capacity of 400. 'l'h-e walls are 
changes have occurr
d s
noe the pre- tinted and fanciful mottoès curve them- 
ceding portion of this sketch was selves above the windows. The ch:mcel 
written. has seats for the choir and a pretty 
Tbe c.hurch was eniargl'd 
n the little pipe org-an stands in its north- 
8pT'Îng of 1893 to èO:.lbk
 its Bcating east corner. TrJ.oß altar is a very fine 
capa.::ity hy llengtlhening both the nave I piece of handiwork and. contrasted 
and the c,hancf'l and the 
ces have with the surroundings, is particularly 
bean increas'd from the origina[ after- distinguishable. Above it are three 
noon service. to botb morning' and. beautiful lancet-shaped, stained glMS 
evening s
rvice. wit.h midday celebra- ' "indo" s, very rich in colour and ornate 
üons of tJhe Holy Communion On the I in decoration containing church sym- 
first Sunday in the month. and (arly I bols. This was the gift of Mr. Allan 
oelebra;f ion on tboe t.htird Sunday. and )\fcLean Howard, wbo was one of the 
.ft.ernoon Sun-1ay sonool. The usual chief instruments in the building of 

unday lIiorndng attendance during the this church. The school room back of it 
best po.rt of th
 Sfason of 1895 ranged will easily seat an audience of 
OO pea- 
from 2;,() to aoa, ø.nd thß evpning at- pIe and is 
lainly but comfortably fur- 
t:.endø.nc-e from 100 to 150. Thf' offer- nished. 
toties when Holy Commun:on is oole- St. Bartho
omew's church was built 
bra.ted are given to Tbn Lakeside Home in 11374-5 by Anglioa.n citizens living 
for Sliek C:btildren. and amounted in the in the eastern end. The vroperty is 
summer of 189;) to $62. T:JÞ3 baJance worth about $3,000. Connectåd with the 
of the collect:on in th-e Sunday school church have been some well known 
WBS given to tho3 EaD1l
 object. amount- citizens. among whom may be me-n- 
ing to 8).
6. Tille ordina.l.y o "fertories. tioned MT. hank Smith. Rev. J. Mo- 
which amounted Ï41 18J5 to $330.62, Lean BJ.llard. now of St. Anne's, W88 
were de\"Oted to the maintenance of the first rector, and he was succeeded 
the services. and the reduction of the by the present rector, Rev. George <Lebt. Thoe enlargement of Irwin Taylor, who assumed charge in 
the church was p! a'.Urally prov:ded for 1.878. . . . 
by sub.,cription an.d by special collee- Mr. 'D.lylor IS a native Canadmn, and 
Uon. Mr. Riohardson. lah'ly c,hoir- a gradua.te of T.rinity College. He was 
mø.s.te.r o
 St. T.homas', wa
 the organ- rector at Perry town. in Brock town- 
1st during the season of 1895. ship. he built two church
, aD;d 
ProfC8Sor Eoys. referred to in the the
 came to St. B:LTtho
om.ßw B. HIs 
first part of this articlp.. died in 1887. 
mlstry here has boon qUlet I?ut effec- 
He was one. of th-' stafr of professors bve, and the . most . harmomous a
belonging to Tri.nity College. TJ1e pleasa
t relatiOn eXIsts bet
een him 
duty at st. Andrew's during the sum- a
d his people. I
 sectIon of the 
mer months is shared by the Bishop clt)..a congrega
lOn win naturally be 
&Dd clergy of the city. composed o
 mamly poor 
eople, but 
those of this church are hberal and 
much inte.rested in the parish inter- 
ests. The eerviC6 W3ed .is monotone in 
c.haracter and the congregations par- 
ticip3.te with great. h
artiness a.nd 
sympathy nnù appreCiate Its beauty a;nd 
Þenefit. There are about twenty-five 
members of the choir. 
Too services are largely attended r 


.... } "I' .ad Ue
hr.. la . Qulel l\..l
St. Bartholomew's Church. situated 
on the east side of River slre"""t, ex- 

58 LA
especla11y Sunday evenings. There I mew's parish is barely 81,000, for the 
nearly lOO communicants, and the Sun-' support of the church, choir, clergy, 
day school. of which Mr. Grant Belli- and aU other purposes. It should be 
well was foJ' many years the superin- I added. though, that the rector deriv
tendent, num1.;ers about 200 children. a portion of his income from extrane- 
In the twenty years that Mr. Tay- ous sources. namely, the St. James' 
lor bas been rector of St. B:uthola" l Rectory fund and what Is known as 
mews he has, with the exception of the Commutation fund. 
the services rendered by Rev. R. C. There is an active branch of the 
Caswell, practically worked single- 'V.Dman's Auxiliary to Missions in the 
handed, but seldom having had cIeri- I parish: they in 1897 raising. in a mem- 
cal asaistance except 'during sickness bership of 23, the sum of 8102.90. 
or absence from home. He possesses TJs.e wardens of St. Bartholome\v's 



- - 


a unique record, too. in one other re- I since 1874 have been as follows:- 
sped, he being the only rector of all 1874-76-Henry Alley, Tbiomas Allen. 
the Anglican churches in Toronto, who I 1876-78-:H. A. Harvey, John Patterson. 
bas Been active service in the militia. l l878-79'-RObt. Davies, Thomas Allen. 
As a private in the Trinity Colle 6 e 1879-80-"\V. R. Over, C. K. Unwin. 
Company. Queen's Own Rifles. he was 1 1B80-83-James Stewart, C. K. Unwin. 
present in June, 1866, at the fight at IB83-84-W. E. Hart, C. 
Ridgeway, being next to Ensign Me- lB84-85-W. McGear, W. Dowding. 
Eachren when he fell mortally 1 1
85-F6-C. K. Unwin, J. Haliburlon. 
wounded. 1886-91-W. Hawthorne, C. :l\Iartin. 
The annual revenue of st. B:uth010- 1
91-93-F. Chesman, E. L. Barstan. 



3-94-E. L. B-u<;ton, T. L. Buck1ge. street; in fact, a more undpsirable 
1894-96-T. L. Bucklee, R. H. Stewart. locality for a church of ita kind is 
lr06-97-R. H. Stewart, .T. Metcalff'. .bardly conoeivahl
. And yet, notwith- 
1897-98-R. H. Stewart, ,Yo .T. Moore. t:ltanding these outward disadvantages, 
1898-99-R. Poslans, W. .T. Moore. the Church of t he Ascension is one 
During the rectorate of 
Ir. Taylor of ihe mosi "ourishing and important 
the church of St. Augustine. on the of the city churches, both as to ma- 
ast corner of rarIiament and terial and spiritual interests, a fact 
Spruce streets. was built. but lln- which the data bere collated will fully 
happily that. building has now (1898) establish. 
ceüsoo to belong to the Anglican body, :Externally the building of of DO. 
owtng to fin"J.ncÏ:11 reasons. It was dur- special architectural value; it is a 
ing the penod that services were hE'l
 modified Gothic structure of white 
in St. Augustine's that the Rev. R. I brick with stone dressing. having a 
C. Caswell was associated with Mr. lower at the north-east corner. Above 
Taylor in the parochial work of St. the main entrance is inscribed- 
Bartholomew's. "Cburch of the Ascension, Canon Dald- 
\\ in Memorial ChurcÌ\." A fine toned 
Le II is in t he tower. and it was peal- 
ing its sonorous music out OVer the 
hO'Jse-lops and mingling its jangling 
notes with other metal tones that 
.I. Down-&Cn"D P..llb - In 'IPmo.J or made the air vocal on the Sunday 
('aDOD BnhJwln. ev
ning in the early spring or 1886 
The Church of England has divided when the writer took his sl'at in the 
the city of Toronto into a number la
t pew for the purpose of taking 
of l:arishes, in order the more effec- notes of the service. A congregation 
tively to prosecute its mission work. . of 45
) people was ass..'mhled. It was a 
. The territory of these parishes is well "m;xed" congregation; that is, there 
defined and agreed upon, so that no were a few rich. many of moderat& 
cúngregaLion can encroach upon an- rot'ans, and a number of poor people. 
other's district. It is not meant ihat Tbi.. criticism is drawn not only from 
the Church of England people living the dress. but from the general habit 
.within the boundary of a certain par- and style-a mode of estimate th
t sel- 
ish have no right to attend a church. dom fails to accurately locate people 
outside of that boundary; but the iu this respect. The ushers were very 
dh'ision is made for the purpose of attentive. A genbl smile and & grace- 
conring the entire city, and of pre- ful little how greeted the enterin
venting unnece
sary encroachment. young lady as she was deftly piloted 
The parish of the Church of the Ascen- to the safe haven of her pe'.'".; the 
sion. situated on the south side of Rich- oIder ladies were supposed to have suf- 
mond street, west of York, extends ficienL expensn:::e to pilot their own 
from the south side of Queen stre
t way. while t he young men. of course. 
to the lake, and from the west side could tack down the aisle alone until 
of York street to the east side of John the desired pew was reached. 'Vhile 
street, including thes' sides. Perhaps standing. as the first hymn was bf'Íng 
there is no more unfortunate 
ection sung, the writer felt some t rìvial ('om- 
of the city for the purpose of church motion at his heels. and he looked 
mil;,sionary work than this. Com- down to see a manly little fellow, 
þaratively there are few t:ermanent about S9ven years old, creeping into 
rE'sidents in this section. The water- the pew, ahove which hi.. head was 
frortt and public buildings and fac- Larely visible. He deserves mention 
torips. together with other churches here becaus
 he was alone, tlnd was 
located there, and the large number a worshipful little fellow. and 8uffi- 
of tenement houses, with their tra:n- ciently intelligent to find the lessons 
sient population, all militate against and respons
s. and to reverently follow 
it as a fertile fi
ld. The location of them, hiq lips moving through every 
this church is unfortunate, not only part of the service. There was nothing 
80 far as its territory is concerned. 1 trivial about him. In vain did his 
but also on account of its immediate neigbbour try to win his acquaintance 
surroundings. The street is an un- I with many smiles; he wad serious- 
pleasant one. There are factories in too serious for one so young. 
the rear, with the prospect. of another Possibly there is no other congre- 
l.eiu(! buil t there: it is too near York gation in Toronto where thp responses 
street, with ils u"savorv TPJlUtation. on the part of the people are so full, 
and too near the notorious Adelaide so general. and so free; everylJodv 


58 LA 
seemed to take part in the service' 1 8 P onsible. 'Thne a. s{clesman was pas- 
&Ild the mingling of 90 many voices sing the pla.te for the collection it wa.s 
of different tones in one univf'rsal ut- turned over, a.ud the sil
er. the pennies 
tera.nce made a beautiful ha.rmonY. 1 a.nd the envelopes showered tbem- 
No one was allowed to b3 without a selves over the floor; of course every- 
book; fha.t spirit of religious h08pl- body was amused and many laughed. 
tali t 7 ao chara.cteristio of our city juat why It (s hard to understand, but 





hurchE's preva.ils in t-hi::-hl
rch very I th-:- bu 
h went around all the same. 
largely. and makes a stranger feel at '\ he 01 b
r siùesmen seemed to be the 
home, not as. if he wish'3d he were mo
' "'mused of all. whether from any 
there. There was Ont
 other' disturh- 
-,p.f"Ï d feeling towards their unfor- 
ing incident. but it W'a.
 an a('eidpul. . t u
 1lf' co-tax-gatherer. or. from mo- 
for wbich no one 8ßP.
 ;Ii,"edly I"P- I iv'", n: self-c'ooKratulat1on Is not 




known. They clustered behind the born sense or the right or wrong of 
writer a.nd had a bastY. laughing con- ! moral conduct. What it says must be 
sultation. then t\\O of them pulled I in accordance with the admitted laws 
themselves to;
ether'. smeothed out the I of life. It is not always an infallible 
lines of la.ughler. a.nd put on a digni- guide, but needs education according 
fied and so.emu asp c:. as they marched I to the rule of right. 
down the aisle t.o clHry the offerings I '.Is there a conscience in all men' 
to the chuncel. where they were re- Few seem to show it. Originally all 
oeived by ..he minisler a.nd placed upon wen
 gifted with it, thougb it has been 
t;h-e altar.. neglect.pd and abused. I ì it is true, 
Idle service in this church is em- as scieI?-t:fic men teach, t h:lt some are 
pba.tically of the "low chu.rch" or 
!->rn wIth no m?ra.l sense and no oaça- 
modern:zed Anglica.n form. Tiht
lty f!->r anty, t h,Lt IS to b
 classed w.lth 
of Common Pra,yer' is closely fOllowed. ! lDSanlt y , and le
t to God s oomp
but beyond that there ill'. nothing of the a
d mercy. '1'\\ 0 general consldera- 
ilistic. except th
 OO\\- ing of the tl(;ms show. t.hat all . men had.. con- 
people's heads when the name of J"esus ! sCIences orlgmally; fi
st,. th
ord of 
is pJ"Onounced in the Creed. Tbere IS I God 
[1peals to all md!scnmma.! 
l y, 
. . I and If aJl men are not In a pOSitiOn 
no processIOnal hymn, a short. v
lu.n- I to releivp tbese bless:ngs it is a. mock- 
y on the 
an, and t
(. two mIDi&- ery to offel. t bem at all; second. the 
ter s entered., a hym
 \\ a.s sung 
.nd I best and \\ i
 est pagans saw from ob- 
tillen the ordinary serVice fol1owt'd. I.he I flervation and exper:ence a conscience 
hymn was a,nnounced. .the org3; in each man. 
p1aypd the tune: then. whIle the mlni
 "T>he conviction of deserved punish- 
ter read the fIrst .stan
3;' the chOlr ment w!ben we have done wrong (is 
e.rose. the congrega.tion flsmg whpn the \\ ithin us; injured self-respect, tears 
k1et stan7:a was rra'l. Tbe sp.rmon. balf of remorse, tbe blush of shame, these 
Ml hour' 10 length, was dehvered hy are tbe immediate internal accusation 
the Rev. R. A. .ßilkey. the assistant of 'wrong-doing. 
minister of the cburch. Mr. Bilkey '"My younger }'earers will never be 
1mB forruerly the pastor of Christ (Re- "orse for the blush of shame till it 
formed Episcopal) church on Simcoe mingles with t he wrinkles of old age. 
street. He is a gentleman of wide ex- "Tbe torment-ing claims of conscience 
perlence and scoIars>hip. and ha,s the are aJI the hell we need believe in, 
unusual but happy faculty of giving and that already I egins bere in part. 
to the people sermons distingushed for '"Cicero truly said: 'A man's own 
thought. beauty of expreSSIion, and crime takes away man's soundness of 
8Ittractiveness of delivery. He com- mind.' 
hines just enough of the dromatic with "There is no perdition deeper and 
Ìlhe saoreJ to make his delivery very darker than the loss of bonour, of 
impressive; his sermon last Sunday self-respect, of innocence and purity. 
evening was a gem in this respect. It- "So long as conscience and memory 
was a lesson on the power of cons- last in the coming world sins unre- 
dence. dra.wn from the story of J"oseph pented .of will still be our avenging 
a.nd bis brethren. based upon Genesis compamons. 
42. 21 and 22. Words can scarce]y de- "Life is full of chances, and we never 
acrihe the thrilling expression made know wben We shall strike up against 
by Mr. Bilkey's ora:.torical portrayal of one and find wbat it can do for us. 
.. the wh
p of conscÍ'ellce" as it lashed Conscience is too great a power to be 
J"os.eph's brethren. In well-chosen lan- ßubdued; there are surprising con- with gesture and intonation junctions wÞ.ich awaken it; s
ns C!f 
th3.t became almost tragic. he painted years ago wIll come ba
k. The bme IS 
a word-picture {hat was ruasterLy in coming when there WIll be no more 
Its production a.nd in most excellent chances and we shall stand before One 
keeping' with the lesson he whom we have wronged." 
drew from the old Scripture story. His The sermon was amplified with illuø- 
description of the shameful barter and trations tak
n fram. the B:ble story 
hots delinea.tion of the sordid motives of out of Wllich it sprang, and was a 
the betraying brethren a,ll through most excellent production in every 
r different phases were 90 start- way. 
Jlingly real as to provð fascinating to The organ is a, two-manual. øweetly.... 
.. sympat.hetic listener. I toned instrument. capable of great pow- 
Some of the expressions used are er. Its case is of oak and walBUt, the 
these:- ! pipes being gracefully arranged and 
'.Substantially conscience is the in- beautifully orna,mented, giving tbe ill- 




 rich appearance. I
 is I ' ly made will swell the amount to near- 
walled up 1D a chaIJ?-ber to the nght ly $30.qOO. Building operations were 
of the chancel! and Lts tones seem to begun lD the spring of 1877, and the 
be smothered 1D there; they lack re- church was entered upo,n on Advent 
I!ODance and fullness and distinctness Sunday, December :?nd, 1877. The land 
on account of the enclosure. w;as occupied by te.nement houses pre- 
The CllUrch of the Ascen&ion in an VlOUS to the erection of the church. The 
outcome of tne tumultuous history of late S
el B: Smith discounted the 
the Anglican church in Toronto when 
bscnptwn hst for the DI6'W. build-- 
the two factions, Hig.h a.nd Low, vig- ll
gS, and was a most generous donor 
orously contended for the est.a.blish. h1mself. But for his generosity the 
ment of their respective views, and c
urch would be hopelessly encumbered 
when the {;hurch Association was a with debt. When he died the entire 
.strong power in evangelical circles. A 
ebt.of 830,000 
s canc.elled, accord- 
number of people whose sympathies im- mg to the provHlilons of his will. .A:. 
palled them to a simpler ritual and a plate on the organ states that t.he 
more evangelical system of Anglicanism I 
n8trument was presented by h1m 
met, in the year 1875 in Rice's large lD May,. 1881. To . the left of the 
upper room on King street OI.posite the chancel LS a memonal tablet erected 
Rossin House. The first meeting was W3I a token of grateful rem
mbranoe on 
held on the 4th of J"uly, the l&te Can- 
he. part of the congregat

n for thi.l 
on E. Ealdwin officiating, although the faith
?-l member and mumfIcent bene- 
general movement towards the estab- factor. . 
lishment of a new congregation was Back of. the chu.rch, alt a ri.Ø1t 
under the foateriDg care of the late to and ?Lrectly connecied \Vlth 
t. 1S 
Dean Grn.sett. On account of the fail- a capacIOUS .and well-proportioned 
ing health of the first incumbent. Rev. 'æhoolt-house, wIth a gaJle::y f?r the in- 
Goorge 'V. .l\foxon, of the cathedral fant. class .
nd d. commuDl.catmg. well- 
staff, had charge until hiB appointment furn
hed. B1ble class room; a.t the east- 
as rector of St. Philip.s church. In 1876 ern. end IS a large stage w1th a oon- 
the Rev. J. G. Th:1,yli.s, of Montreal, v
ment ante-room on ?ne si
e and a 
became the rector. Hi$ eloquence kltchE'D fuHy f;tocked w1th. c
IJfiary ap- 
and the excellent singing attracted purterumc
 of every descriphon 
m the 
such a large cOJl1gregation that the other. Besides the large ot:g an in the 
room had to he enlarged to accommo- churc
 there. are two up
ight pianos 
date it. Mr. Baylis was com.pelled to two fme ca
lllet organs m th
withdraw on account of ill health and The con....enLences. rooms and aU attach- 
Rev. S. 'V. Young became the next 
as- ment.s for reUgious and soci
l church 
tor, and continu
d such until the' time I work are a.mple and commodlOus. 
oÏ his resignation in 1879. The} prespnt The congregation includes within it- 
rector, Rev. H. Grasett Baldwin. was splf a number of Toronto's prominent 
ordained by Bish-op Sweatman, Decpm- I citizens, who are closely identified with 
ber 21st of that year. and then be- its activiti
, Prof. Goldwin Smith be- 
came the incumhent. He is a son of ing among the number. .l\fessrs. J. E. 
Canon Edmund Baldwin, and a native I B. Smith and R. H. Temple are the 
of this city. although h
> was educated churchwardens. The property is vest- 
at St. John's, O1mlJridge, England. J\ofr. ed in the trustees, for the congregation, 
Bilkey became his assistant in J"uly, and is so held independently of the 
1884. To the rector.s pastoral over- general church synod. There are no 
Bight, the assistant's eloquent and less tha.n ten suhsiòil1ry organizations. 
scholarly sermons and the choir's properly officered and conducted. that 
Bplendid singing is due the present. ef- carrv on the general' church 'work. 
íicient and prosperous ccndition of. the }\foot excellent monthly concerts were 
hese threA elements comb1!1ed g1
ven during the winter by the Tem- 
ve entirely O'Vercome. the terrIble perance Society; they were largely at- 
d1sadv:antages of location and Eur- tpnded. much enjoyed and very profit- 
roundmgs. able. 
The land on which tbe church is huilt The Sunday sc.hool has had a phe- 
cost $9,500, and measures 131 feet on nomeJ'Ial growth. I\.t the first IDPpt- 
Richmond street and 208 feet south to ing, J"uly 4th, 1875, there were ten 
the dividing line between Richmond chHdren present; now, in 1886, the 
and Adelaide streets, together with sC'hool numbers about 700. with, a Bible 
the right tc U.<;8 a lane 20 feet wide cllli'30S whose average attendance is 200. 
011 the east. The 1.uildinp:s cost about and that of the infant claB9 125. The 
$27,000, and the improvements recent
 school ra.ises about 1-150 a year, w:hlle 



the income (rom aU sources in the gen- I siml of an. ordinary oæprver is one of 
eral church work is about $10,000. bewilderment as to the particular 
The unattractive exterior of the style according to which this church 
Church of the Ascension gives no in- I is decorc..ted. Mr. Frank Darling in 
dication of the magnificent interior. 1884 designed the decora.tions, which 
It will Beat a.bout 900 people. and i.s were executed by Mr. IIovenden. the 
mcst comfortabl.v furnished through- I painter, tih-e whole costing 31.000. Mr. 
ont i there are three heavy archways I Da.rIing has preserved the true princi- 
on either sIde opening into modified pJ.e of artistic work in evPrY deparf.- 
trø>ts. The chancel is a very ex- ment. the principle tha.t establishes a 
tensive one, and accommodates about. general rule or law or decorat:on. and 


. hundred. 'TIhe furniture is plainly or- I bends the deto.lls of the wurk to that 
na.mented, but very neat and attrac- rule. Eome or th-e detaHs ma.y be defi- 
tive. A large stained glass window cient, but so long M the general har- 
a.bove the communion table is decorated I mouy is preserved. a.rtistic ta.9te is nol 
with monograms and various devices. violated. The walls. arches and ceil- 
while the table itself is of the simplest ing are all pa.inted a
oording to I' de- 
oonstruction. The central aisle and the sign that may best be expressed by 
entire chancel are covered with Leavy (.be word unique. It i9 0. style of deco- 
Brussels ca.rpet; appropriate mot- rat.ive a.rt, paTtaktng or the Moresque., 
toes are i.nseribed at the front freer than the a.nti.que, with sugges- 
and rear, and the whole room is neat. tions of more modern Orientalism; per- 
clean a.nd a.rtistic. The impres-' h'lp
 It fa.lls in with the Ren&issallc-f> 



proper; at all eVleD1ts it is exceptional. I I lo:1g. narrow brick building, know
and very impressive and ric.h. How- 1h'. Chur('h or Bt. Matthias" A quaint 
ever fa.nciful any details may be t.hey and even rude lit-tle belfry. whose finial 
are not so violent as to mar thß beauty I 
io a f'roòs, ris
8 from thIe ridge of the 
a.nd symmetery or the general style. I sJ18.rply-pi,tc.hed roof and a lllI3re shed 
Perhaps it impinges too much upon roof ('oven the oruly enltrance from. the 
tihe sombre. and yet the introduction I street to\..ards whic-h the gable of the 
of more brilliant colouring would ren- c.hurch stands.. RunIÜing out into a 
del' t.he general idea. grotesque. It is large vacant lot on too north side is 
ø.n artiÏstic piece of work. and a
 such a fralI1ß extension used as a Sunday- 
merits examination and approval. scihoo! and weekly ooTvæe room. Th
With this beautiful building, prac-. is nothing whø.tever architecturally 
ticø.lly free of all debt. a Sunday I attractive abou.t thlÏs F.trange looking 
sohool second to none in the city. with! C,h.uroh of England building and yeA; 
its sermons a.nd music and well organ-I in a respect to b9 noticed on. 
bed work a.nd free service and general it ÌB the most remarkable ch'Urch in the 
oulture the Church of the Ascension dty of, It is located in a. 
des3rve8 a prominent place among the poor section of fthle cÏlty and its ex- 
ohurches of the city. ternal appearance is ial keeping witb 
· .. · th.e general c.haracter of ths section. 
On 1st. 189'6, Rev. H. G. There are lID fiDIß :r:'.8Ïdences out in 
Baldwin, who had. been in very had that west oo.d. no ni!ceIy laid lawns and 
health. and unable to fulfil his dutie,s flower beds. 8'Ile'h o.s are seen in the 
fo, many months previously. resignc'd I nort h-e6Stern IYlrt of the cilty, no im- 
umbency of th.e Church of thp po.;.i,ng bui1dings. On thlß contrary. It 
Ascension. to the great re.gret of the is evidently the BeOtion of the poor 
members of the congregation, though man's hbme. and !the hou.'>of'S correspond 
ir h'ld been seen for some time pre vi- with the cÍTcumsta.no3s of their in- 
ousl}' that this step W8.'i only a ques-. mates. In such: a 83ction as this is 
tion of time. I st. MatthiJ'ls' la--....ated, and there it is 
T:bE\ clergy of the Church of the As- dohi
 exceI.lßnt work in a 9yBtema.tio 
cens-ion since its commenooment have I anrl symp::ltbetilc way. 
been;- . I ;Nor Is there very muc.b to be said 
July. 1875, ro Februa.ry, 1876, van-. about the. i'T1SÏde of th09 church. aJ
OUB. i though it is much more attractive than 
!Februa.ry, 187
, ro September, 1876, I the outside. The purlÏJns and timoors 
Rev. J". G. BaylIs. I supportÏlIlg the. steep roof are darklry 

r,. 1
76, to .Tanuary, 1877, Rev. outlined against the white-coated celI- 
.TaB. "'ilhams. _ I Ing. The low sides of th
 church are 
IJamuary. 1
77, to .Tuly, 18/9. Rev. G. I bunt of red brick. with white brick 
W. Young. I interm.i.ngloo to relieve the monoton- 
August. 1879, to .Ta.nua..J"Y, 1880, Rpv OU8 appearance. 8.3 the walls are not 
Saltern Givens. plastered. Half way down the chuxch 
;J'anuary. 1
80, ro Marc.h. 1896, Rev. an imm gothic arch of timber-work 
ß. G. B'lldwm. . spans the nave and is cut into a small- 
';ucceeded hy Rev. G. A.. Kuhrmg. eT arch on either side. The floor Is 
who was appointed in Apnl, 1896. baTe save fOT a 6ttrip df matting down 
'The wø.rdens have been these:- thte. centre alsll8. and the seats are of. 
jFrom 1
 to .1892, R. H. Temple,:T. pTah unpainted pine, reversible, while 
E Berk!'}l
y Sm'lth. I common wooden cha.irs are ranged 
IFrom 1892 to .1 89 1. T1b()s. Lam,gton, Q. along the side aisles. Ten 9IIlalI win- 
C.. .T. B. FHzSlmoDB. I dow8 admilt lig'htt by day and simple. 
!From 1891 to 1896, C. 
. Ryerson, I unadorned gas pilpes furniSh. light by 
:T. B. Fitzstmon.s. I ni.ght. Above the main entrance on 
Jj'rom 1896 to 1009 T. D. DeLamere. . ReJlwoods avenue i.
 a rose window 
:.T. B. Fltzsimone. I with a cathedral glas
 window on each 
: Bidß. A little vestibule aroout three 
'feet wIde fonrIllS a sort of porcJ1; i.nt- 
I side of thh is a box. on one side for 
the .'Altar Fund." and one on the other 
I side of the door. for the "Poor Fumd." 
A T,.pleal .... Maurel. 8erYlee ... 
.n- In the north-we:
t corner a stone mem- 
""rcall on . I orlal tahlpt i... I"ou.nk into the wall com- 
On t.he. dde øf Be11
 &TeDUe, me.tDOraUng Thom'ls KeartO'l1 Morgan. 
nee.r Queen st:.
, øtaDd.. a low I18t, one of the first churchwardens. and 




Thoo. Dent Groves, a Sunday sehool ceilin
 is pure white, and the eastern 
teacher. These young men died by the wall IS. simp
y red br.ick. A magnifi- 
te.rrible dLsa
ter whioh befel the yacht cently lUummated wmdow, in triple 

hinx on Lake Ontario St'Jpt. 14th, form, rises from back of the altar and 
1873. In t.ha.t yoor a very handsome adds immeasurably to the beauty of 
a.n.d complete solid si.Jver communion the chancel. On one side is a silken 
service was presented to the church as a banneret with a cross and I. H. S. 
memorial of these prominent members. ,"Tought UpOll it, while one opposite 
BulleUn boards are hung at oonven- has the Greek letters Alpha and Omega 
lent p[aceß announcing the services for intertwined '\\ith the cross. 
the day. while printed placards m.ay A magnificent altar is that of St. 
00 seen which rëad; "The ::;eats in this Matthias' church. On the' lower step 
cburch are en!tireìy free and unappro- are two tall wooden candlesti('ks to 
pria.ted. Stranger.:!. are in.vited to take h?ld 

 wax can.dles or "Gospel 
a. seat n.ear t.he chaDIC31 and take part LIghts. The altar Jtse1f is an orna- 
in the service. All exp
n<;es are de- mental one of dark wood. :1nd 
d l-o'lly by the orf
rtory." clo-,ing was carved and built by the divinity 
with a that everyone will students of Cobourg for the' parish. 
"a.s,;ist in IDnintaining a proper spirit There the church in which it \\ as 
 devolion, an { reverent demeanour" placed was feloniously entered LJ 
Abotlt ollie-third of the building, at some Protestant persons, th9 orna,- 
Ltg eastern encl. is s.'t apart as a c,han- ments were all swept from the aIt-ar 
ool and i,.. divided lro_fi the nave by a while it was cut and hewed, and gen- 
po.n3UBd p Irtütio:l of eh, rry wood. .Just erally defaced by axes in the Lands 
o:ltside of this is th
 pulpit desk Qf zealous Protestants who thought 
covered wirth a bß.autiful silk frC1ntlet it th? vehicle of Popery. The marks 
wi-t.h & cross and I. ,H. S. worked thoeret- of this defacement are yet distin'Ctly 
on i.n Bilk flo
, ThlI"oo 
t:eps a.dmit on
 visible in its beautiful carvings. It was 
to the chanc?l; on eith
r side of the en- stored a
vay in a b
rn. for a while and. 
trance are ranged at righ.t angle
 to thø I after be
ng restored, served its sacred 
nave. 10000g pews lor tbJß c.hoir, while purpose m the church at \Veston. Before 
& small organ.. wilt.h gilt pipoo and t
e rector there, Rev. W. A. Johnson, 
Ð6ken case Í/; Belt on th'3 northern d1ed, he presented the altar to Rev. 
side. This orga.n haa only 12 Chas. B. Darling, cw;.ate of St. Mat- 
Btops, and yeot fit is an ex- thi
s', and he in time gave it to this 
cellent tnstrume'nt, combining great par1sh. 
power with considerable sweetness of .In the centre, below, is carved I.H.S., 
tone. 'This floor is also uncarpeted ex- w1th ladder and spikes on the left anel 
cept along the centre and up to the ha
mer an
 pincers on the right, 
altar, which part is entirely covered. wh1le below 1S the motto; II My flesh is 
Two long: lo'w windows are screened !De at i,l!deed an.d my blood is drink 
by red curtains hung upon brass rings, m.deed. Its vanous parts are covered 
while ,there is one pretty stained glass with rich and elegant cloths brilliant- 
window on the south. Two steps fur- ly wrought in gold bullion and a beau- 
tMr rise to the &anctuary proper, and I tiful variety of bright colours, while 
t.hree more to the altar. On one side a velvet frontal has the inscription 
is the Bishop's chair, an ornamentally "I am the true vine." In the centre 
carved oaken ch:1Ír, and on the otheI is a dark vclvet, gold lined square, 
are three stalls. In the south-east 001'- with the .letters 1. H. S. inscribed, 
ner is a neatly-covered table contain- while large and small vases, all highly 
ing two silver salvers for offertory ornamented, with bright and fragrant 
use bearing the motto: Ie God Lovetb flowers, add to the general splendour 
a Cheerful Giver," and a highly polish- o! it all. There are two candelabra of 
ed brass book rest with the altar ser- fIve sconces each for the" vesper 
vice book, enclosed in a rich velvet lights," and two large brass oandle-, resting upon it. Let into an sticks for th
 ",pucharistic lights." In 
arched recess in the wall is the corner the middle, with a dark blue velvet 
stone oontainillg' the inscription; Anno curtain in the background, is a mag- 
Domini MDCCLXXIll. Here was seen nificent brazen cross inlaid with bril- 
the altar offertory plate with the in- liants, while pretty burnished cups are 
acription "Freely ye have received, at the sides. 
freely give." on it. Th
 wall of the The reredos is In perfeot keeping 
8!,-Dctua.ry IS co

red w1th. a dar
ly- with this splendid piece of furniture; 
fIgured paper relu
ved by gl
t beadmg it consists of panelled gothio wood.- 
and a. BerleS of pl
e mouldlDgs. The. 'work, extended at eaoh side by heaV1 



blue silken curtains most elaborately I land, excited considerable curiosity In 
and elegantly wrought and hanging the mind of the writer, and he ,'Vas 
from burnished rods in the usual style very anxious to see and understand 
of portiere adornment. These curtains I it all. As he left Queen street and 
serve to enclose the altar and to en- turned up Ðellwoods avenue the im- 
hance its magnificence. I pression was not favourable 80 far 8.S 
A large and beautiful stone baptis- I I the locality is concerned. and ".hen the 
mal font, the handiwork and gift of humble and unadorned church itself 
Mr. Mollington, concludes a descriP- 1 was first 8ßen the impression already 
tion of the furniture of the church. received was strengthened. The homely 
The school room is very simple in its and almost rude interior was regarded 





íurniture, though a magnificent little I with astonishment, oonsidering the 
altar recess is to be seen there, with fine reputation enjoyed by st. Mat- 
an altar whose decorations are rich thias' for ritual; naturally one expects 
and beautiful. Communication is had to find a buHdi11 6 corresponding with 
with the churcl1 proper by large doors, I the elevated chara.cter of the service. 
and a cosy and neat little vestry opens But it was cool and pleas'lnt in the 
from it back of the m:gan. church, and a seat was taken well for- 
The reputation of this church for a ward where the first sight of the mag- 
øerrvice that on its introduction was I nifident altar at once chained the at- 
unique in the Church of England, at tention. It was not much after ten 
least in Canada, though not so in Eng- o'clock, and oniy 0. few people were 



present, and these were devoutly I Darling. the curate, and R. Harrison, 
studying their pra.rar-books. By and the rector, and officiating priest on this 
by a few mOire entered, and occa.<;ion. The hymn was beautifully 
just before going into the pew sung, and the reporter was thereby as- 
some bent the knee to\\ards the altar suroo. of a fine musical treat, nor was 
or made a sli.ght courtesy in that he disappointed in the least. Slowly, 
direction. A Ii tUe boy entered from reverently and with dignity the pro- 
the school-room, took . down the end ce<;Sion wended its way to the altar, 
of a rope and r
 the lItHa bell, about two by two, where they bowed and then 
torty. persom b.emg now present. A separated so that half of the choir was 
 orgamst entex:ed and 
lay- on either side of the chancel. lmmedi- 
ed Ð. bne.f voluntary whIle the pnest, atel y precedin g the choir was a cross-- 
Mr. Harnson, entered from the vestry, . . h h 
stood momentarily when oppo:>ite the bearer, after entermg t e chapcel t e 
ø.ltar an.d bowed towa.rds it, then paSB- large. brazen c
oss w
s statlOn
d t.o 
ing across thð chancel began lhe us
al I t
e. left. 
here It remamed. 'The Offl- 
morning prayers. The entLJ::e serVl
e I cIatmg P"':Ie<;t stood at the steps of the 
"\\1&S intoned' there wa:
 no chOlr, as thls . altar untIl the hst stanza of the hymn 
was only a preliminary service, but theÎ wac;; being sung. the congregation mean- 
people all intoned the responses, led I while standing. and then he ascended 
by th,
 very pleasant alHl resonant to the altar standIng lace towar<M It 
voioo of the miniswr. Whenever the I until the hymn was concluded. It 
Gloria wa.s said many of tha congrega- I wac;; an impressive beginning of wha.t 
tion either bent the knee or bowed proved to be an elaborate and veTJ" 
the heal, and at the end of th;-' Creed be'lutiful service. 
many si.gne.d too cross o
 thelr fore- The service was the Communion or 
heads and brea,;ts. And m the hymns eucharistic office. and was beO'un with 
that were sung .whenever the name of thp Ten Commandments all r
cited in 
Jesus was mentIOned there w,as a low f f ' th 'd 
bencling of the body. The chanting mon?ton
, th
. e feet.o e boys an 
and singing were very fine, and it was I men s VOICes JOlned with those of the 
at once evident that the musical CUI- I p('o
le, who .seem
d to understa
d the 
ture of this congre.gation wa."! of a su- muslc an
 mtellIgently sa
g .t, was 
perior nature to that usually known I m?st dehghtful and pleasmg. The 
in Protestant churches. The usual I (,pIsUe, a very short lesson. was read, 
Church of Engla.nd morning pra
er was ' I and then. preceded by a short choral. 
followed rigidly; in ta.c
. tþe entire se!'- t}-.e. gosI?e! for the da"y,. the 
vice was exclusively wlthm the rubnc I gahon Tlsmg and the chOlr facmg the 
and was more faithfully followed, ac- , altar. These lessons were read by the 
cording to that rubric, than is priest, standing at one side of the 
elsewhere in churches of that denomm- altar. At no timp, save in administer- 
ation. At the conclus:on !Jf the ser- I ing the communion. dill h(> leave that 
, which. 188t
orty mmutes, t.he place. And his ve"'tmpnts weTe more 
pnest remaIned In sIlent prayer a mln- than are usualIy seen in a Church o( 
ute or so before the a
tar, 3;nd then , England s('ryice; in addition to the 
withdrew, the people stlll bemg UpO.:1 I usual surplice there was a richly 
their knees. ., WI ought ch1sublPl, an ornamented stole 
At 11.15, a. la
ge congregation bemg and a handsome maniple. Th9re was 
pragent, a surpl1ced bC?y came o'7 t and I no impropriety m th1s rich vestiture 
rang the. beU a few mmute
, whlle an- compared with tho brilliantly lighted 
other. went to the a
tar wIth a taper I ::.ltar and the splendo 1 1r of its adorn- 
 hgohted the gas Jets above the cur- rr.ents; indeed, an ordinary vestment 
tains and the wax candles on 
he steps I would have destroyed the aesthetic 
and on the altar. After the hUle bell I effect of the service as well as its 
ce;l.5oed its ringing the sound of chant- moral 'orcp. 
ing was heard in the di
tance, thp large Perhaps the most impressive part of 
doors of "1:le school-room were t.hrown I the servinp occurred during the repeU- 
back, the sound of the musica ( sym- I t ion of the crpe<L It- was intoned by 
phony grew nearer and directly th.e thp entire congregation while tl1e 
choir entered singing the procec;;sional I ot'ganist played a .Tunning accompani- 
hymn. It was led by two little hoys ment that wove the sweetest melody 
whose faces just reached above the tops " in and a bout the solemn declarations 
of the seats and then graded until it of the life. ras;;;io
l, death anrl triumph 
was ended by several men. the hnss of t he Incarnate Lord. ',,"hen His 
and tenor singeT
. Thðre were e,g-t-t- hGmility anrl sTIffcrings and de
teen boys anrl men, eac.h one clarI in werp sp'ol,p. or everyone 8poke slowly, 
white surplice and bhck cas
ocI,-. in a low anet tpnrler way; e'\en the 
the whole followed by Revs. C. B. organ. wi. h its subdued tones, seemed 



to catch the holy meaning of the words hook servbe followed; the chalice II.l1å 
and added to the impressiveness of bread were co\ered, the L03k removed 
th:>ir delivery. At the end of the creed from the a!tar. and the choir or:gan- 
the people and choir signed the cross lzed for wÜhdrawal. A recessIOnal 
0:1 their bre:lsts. It was the most culti- h
'mn was sung. and the two priests 
'-11.1 ed servbe it has been the writer's and cross-bearer took their station. 
privilege to wiLness oatside of a Roman one behind the o
her, while the choir 
Catholic church. where, of course, slowly passed by the altar, bowing to- 
spscial stress is laid upon the artistic wards it in the passage and sweetly 
f.'xecution of an elaborate and ornate singin b the Nunc Dimittis. Too much 
l"it ua 1. prà.ise cannot be given the excellent 
.And a most remarkable fact in con- singing of this choir. The music is 
l1ection with the service was the silent all o
 chssical sebctio 1. and the hymns 

doratioll on the palrt of the people. SUI1
 are of the mo.t di '!,"nifieJ and 
III fact. the or.ler was so goo 1 and worthy nature. The ,\ ho I' ;en i e. from 
the attention :-'0 intpn
y C'oncen- tlIp Leginning of mat in... was two 
trated that the moments oC si1ence hours ill IPIlgI h' ouL even that time 
wern almos' p3inful in thf:'ir nature. 
h:.rt. coo:-.i [e:'ing the novelty 
And i.. is ahvay-" so in this ('hurch. The and Le3u,y of iL. 
averago attendanee is fi, e hnndrpd, The reason o
 the ol.JservaTlr'e or these 
and yet there is nev:er the slightest {Jcculiarit ies is given so Lint re3dc's 
iCtion of good orde" 0: o
 that mnJ have an un,Þrejnd:cpd 'lnd honest 
dE-voaL spiri thrlt ShO:l1ù chnracterizl' Jepresentation of (his uni 
ue :-ervice. 
ChrislÏan "Of ship. And this is more 0:1 tbop, matter of the t.urning 
remarkable \\he)} the lo
alitv and rhe tIlt' s.'tme \\ay in prayer as the congre- 
rO:lS9quen', char,lCter of its - audiences gation. it m"y 00 said that the duty 
ure cOr1sidere.L. o
 the min;sler in ('hurch during 
Rev, l
. llll"riso:l inloned the Se,"- prayer time is to le'td the congrega- 
\'icl' with naturalness. grace 
nd a tion in prayer, and thus to act as he- 
voice remarkable fo' Teson:tnce and ing a memher of the congregat:on y He was absolutd.. frpe f 'om '.in himc;elf. So he d03S exa.ctly nre the 
indica: iO:1 of that artific;alitv f'harac- mayor o
 a ro.\ n who goes U) witll 
terizing 'so many ministers or this the corroration and the citizens tt1 
order, and it is a musical pll':lsu,'e pr('sent an address to the Queen. He 
to hetH" his easy and nat.ural (lelive;'y stands facinb' the Qupen, with bis 
of the servi
e. He m:lde a 
horl ad- companions r3n'!e..1 Iwhind him. and 
dress from the words "God me'tnt it tbe adòres
 in that position. He 
for good" anti in it IlP gave IlPlpful never think
 of turning round and 
Rml frar'tical slggeslÏo;ls a
 to a reading the addrN;s to them. The 
Chrif>tian's daily lifl' and conduct. prayers. in (he Prayer book are ad- 
AftpJ' tlw sermo'
 1 he offe ,I o"
' was drf'sse 1 to Go 1. a.nd not to the congre- 
rer'eived by two o
fi 'e.s canie I to the gat ion: ani so the minister wh3 r6c'lds 
curate. who dt'po
itpd it upon j he huge them m'll
t clo so in a way to nrevent 
J,late which he t ben carrie'l Lo the thop congregation fram forgetting ",h'It 
official i 19 minister, and he. a(tpf e]e- they are re'\ll,' eng
gpd in do:ng, and 
vating- it aÌJove (he alt ar. plact'd it fancying. as thopy often do, th'l t they 
t.hereon. all the others. induding a have. cA)lme to listen to the T1rayers, 
('hoil. 'boy. meanwhile standing in a in
tood of jo:ning in thE'm. 'Vhen tbe 
piC'tnrp81ue position. And this little ministe.r "turns his back" on the peo- 
inr'ident was characteristic of every- p}(', he is behoving as their equal; 
thing donI'; the artisti
 and aesthetic when.he turnc; .his f
ce. to them,. as he 
('fientf> \vere always strictly re$arded. ! d
 1.D pre8Ã'kmg, It IS as theIr su- 
During the prayer of consecratIon. the I penor, to whom. tbey are bound to 
bread and wine having been presented listen. T.he former is, therefore, the 
to the plriest by his attendant. the humbler and less self-confident posi- 
E'lements were elevated by him. and tion. 
bp. then knelt before the altar while 
hc. principle of a special dress for 
administering to himself.. the choir I the minister is found in the Old 
singing a beautiful "election in a I Testament and Ïß p:ranted everywhere 
minor key. The people then came for- I in the Church of England by the use 
ward and knelt before the altar. i of the surplice. A13 the Holy Com- 
There were forty communicants at, munion is the chief se
vioe more 
this servÏC'e. the greater part of the' than morning and evenmg prayer
congregation having communicated at h we.ll to have same way of.m
the ei!:!"ht o'clock service. After all the difference of rank and dIgmty. A 
ba(1 còmmunicated, the usu:}.l prayer- J!'f'neral does not wear the same nnl- 



form as a priva.te., no:- does too julge I ':1om, an!! has (orne down from the 
in court dr
<; like a. barrister. On I days. 0" Christ and the A 'ostJes for it 
great occasions, such as a state reo I Lo;, in fact, their old e Istern dress. en- 
view or the puhlic entry of judges into I rkhe-d and orn'lmented, 'md used in 
an assize to'vn, handsomer dresses nt:'.mory of à. religion having come 
,,,orn by o
fi':'..ers and ju Iges ih:m tbe:r I from the HoJy Vtnd ne trly Í\\O thou- 
usual proressional ClJthes. And when I sand years '!
() a,nd no ha.ving been 
the Queen gives a public reception inventeù in Englani in IDolern timea. 
everyone must go in court dress. I Li.ghts are useel on the altar, be- 
which is quite unlike any other dress ' I cause of their brightness and beauty. 
worn by ladies and gentlemen. It is LD the same spirit that prompts people 

right and proper, then, th
t the chief I to illuminate their hou9M or their city. 
act of Christian worship, the only one They are to remind the church that 
ordained by Chris4:. himself. shoul.\ h've Chrigt is the true light of the world; 
equal re.s.poot shown to it. The reason by using them in daytime, contrary to 
why the particular dress called the I the natural order, significance is given 
"vestments," is wornf' rather than an- to the supernatural charaoter of the 
othe.r, is, first. because it is the dre!>s sacrament. And they illustrate the 
commanded by the Prayer-Book, which I ritual of Heaven, where seven lampe 
Sa the law. to be worn. This dress is of fire aTe re'lre.sented ;,g burning be- 
'WOrn. '\\ very slight lo:xtl difference. fore t he Golden Altar. 
ba all the ancient churches of Christen- On the o:!po:;ite page of tM prayer 



book, at mor

g pr
yer. is the · Orna- I mg moved to present location. Bell- 
ments Rubnc, whIch 
ecrees. that I ' wood's avenue. opposite Trinity Col- 
such ornaments as were ill USB m the lege, the Rev. R. Harrison being 
Church of England, by the authority ! rector since 1875. The parish 
of par
n the second yea
 uf \ suffered greatly in numbers and in- 
the relgn of Kmg Edward the Sixth I come by the erection of the parishes 
shall be retained and used. This year of st. Thomas, St. Ma rgaret's, St. Bar- 
'\\as 1549, .a
d the pray

 of that I nabas and st. Mary Magdalene, thp as- 
year speclÍles the. preCl8B ntual now sistant at st. Matthias, H.ev. C. B. Dar- 
used at St. Mhtthlas' church, Toronto. ling becoming rector of the latter par- 
Upon the altar of many parish ish. 
churches in England lights are used In 1895 Rev. F. G. PlummPT was fiS- 
constantly; at I:?lt. Paul's Cathedral sistant, and later the Rev. J. McKt't' 
they !ire use
aLly and th
 custom 1\IcLennan and Rev. \ViUiam Carter 
preval1s at Tl"Imty church. 2\ew York were the assisbnts. 
(if y. the larg
st and we, r hicst Epis('o- In his inquiry into the history of St. 
pal church ill AmenC" vype:Lrs, i\[atthia.s. the writer found closely con- 
therefore. that St. MatthL'ls LS thus nected with it the hospital conducted 
oyal to the 
>ra)er-Book; I by the Sisters of St. John the Divine. 
that It lS domg an exceptlOnal _amount It is not a parochial institution, but is 
of good 
nnot. be .doubted, "\\hatever I located at Robinson street and Euc'lid 
may be saLd of its r1tual. . I a'"enue, within the parish limits and is, 
In 1873 a nu
f promillent i therefore closely associaterl with the 
Church of .England lÆople, \\hose ehurcb
 The Reverend JLother Super- 
names are .glven below, found that to ior most kindly gr
ted the writer, 

p up wlth the .n
eds of. the people though she was cnmpelled to receive 
hvmg round. Tnmty Umvers1ty a I him in th hall of th hosp.f I h r f- 
place of worshLp was necess Lry, ancL H. f . . e 7 
 1 3;. e 0 
A. Harrison. Q. C., afterward Ch"ef 1
 ?e mg .con
ert:ed mto 
 81ck room. 
Justice of Ontario, D. ll. and J. JJ.: ThlS IS an mS
uhon o
gamzed for cor- 
Reed, brothers, and both f'minent law- i poral and splntual 
<;orks of. mercy 
yers, John Carler, organist of St.: among t
e poor. A .dl,pcnsary IS con- 
James' Cathedral (anI! a member of I nec
d wlth the hosp1tal where. for one 
the famous musical family of that hour on &1turd.ays. al
d \Vednesdays, 
name), T. 'K. Morgan, J. F. Cross, F. I free t
atmpnt IS glv.en t
 poor wc;>men 
D. Graves and others, while the staff: and g'lrls. The hospItal IS excluS1vel.y 
of Trinity University gave every help I for the treatment of '\omen. 18 
and encouragement. met on the :!4th a, freE> ward f?r those. who are too poor 
February. 18ï:J (St. MaUhias' day) when, to pay anythmg, "\y<h:ile those who can 
the plan took shape. The first services I afford to pay 11 httle may do so. at 
were ,þeld in a room on Tecumseh t
e rate of 83 per week. \Vorking 
street. Afterwards a site was procur- glrls who ar
 too poor to pay muoh. art' 
ed on .Strachan avenue and a school I frequpnt pabents; and recent)y several 
house built on it, the Rev. C. B. Dar- I seriou<; surgical oJX'rations have been 
ling, son of the well-known clergymrtn I successfully performed. 'l'here are 
of tha..t name, was appointed to the rooms for privat
 patients, and the en- 
charge on Jllluary 4, 1r174, nn(! thA nuat tire t'stablishment has 11 cosmopolitan 
building opened. The prpvious Christ- character on this account. The sisters 
mas a day, or parochial, 
choul had I themselves, none of whom:;tre paid. 
been started in connpC'tion with the are members of the lJi
her ('1a.sses of 
mission, and was carried on for a timQ . society who have sacrificed the world 
very succpssfully. In .\vriJ, 1
7-!, a sur-I in this sublime devotion to duty and 
pliced choir was instituted, and from mercy. Their house is quiet.. cool and 
the first found favour and proved a I pleasant. ltnd a mere visit to it is a 
great help in the services. In 1875 the benediction. There is a gentle patienee 
Rev. T. B. Ford was chosen locum ten- and consideration in all the roovempnts 
e.ns owing to the illness of the incum- I and word
 of the-se noble women that 
bßnt. as biS name was a guarantee I alon-e oonduces to re!'t. 
that the catholic spirit and duties of The hospital has not been opened two 
the parish would be faithfully car- and has :had 11-0 patients, about 
ried on. In 1882 bhe Rev. Charles Dar- twcrthirds free. There are ten beils, 
Ii-ng became, assistant, and from this I and the
 are generally full: frequently 
time prosperity settled on the parish; I , temporary beds are put up for extra. . 
1885 Rev. R. Symons was ass:stan.t, numbers. Tht' institution is partly self- 
being replaced in 1890 by Rpv. G. II. 
m!,porting. but tllPre are g'ood friends 
\Vebb, and Rev. \V. Norg'ltt, 1889. Hav- , at hand to support it, and no anxiety is 

felt a.g to its continued success. Four I CHAPTER XVII. 
physicia.m are upon active duty at the 
institution. The present quarters are ST. THOMAS. 
found to be inadequate for the bene- - 
fiC(>nt work of the sisters. and a. new I .& proIPer..,1 e.ngrl'g"U.n r..m.d F.... 
site for l:t.rgo?r buildings is now a.bout I SDlnll Rr:::IDnln:l. 
being selected. Th!B churcþ forms one of a. cordon 
The sist9rs a..lso support and minister of SIX 
ngl1s.h churches. ranged 
to the Home for the Aged People on , pro
r dIsla
ces from each. ot
er, In 
Larch street, in st. George's parish. I the line of B.oor street. It IS situated 
where there are two buildin
 and 11 ' on the south-west corner of Sussex 
inmatffi. AIÌd another excellent work ave:t;l
e and 
uron stree!. 1J!r. F.r8: nk 
being done by these heroic women is 
r.lfig, archl

ct .of thIS CIty, 
.he rec'a.mat.Òn of strayin g but peni- hIS t horough s'{ll
 III ar?hItec- 
. 1 '.. 1 lure, was tbe desIgner of It. It IS per- 
tent gIrls 
vho are taken m and he ped fectIy ecclesiastical in all its details, 
back to vIrtue and They and tinted and kalsomined, is internal- 
contemplate the erectIon of a Shelter ly surpassed by no church in the city. 
o! Mercy for s?-ch hor;neless an
 outcast The present parish of St. Thom'1s is 

rls. The resld

ts 1[1 the P3.rlSp 
peak smaller than formerly-the services in 
h.lghlY of the vIC::ltab
m and mlnlstra- St. Alba.n's cathedral su"'p]ying the 
hon of theßf' gentle sIsters among the spiritual nee::ls of the north-west part 
poorest clas
s. where they nurse wo- of th(' parish. The church was former- 
men and. 
hildren, by nig'b,t and day, .at : ly on Bathurst street, but the trustees 
the .sacrülce of every personal consl
- I thought it prudent to move it to its 
embon. I present site. 'I)his was a wise step, as 
After a IO'lg illness the Rev. Richard' the cathedral of St. Albans is built 
on. the rector of St. Matthias" wit.hin a stone's throw of where the 
church. dbd in 189f). and WitS succeed- church formerly stood. 
ed in the duties. of his office ily the The church passed through the vari- 
l!ev. N. B. NorrIe. who had for s?me ous troubles of a miss:onary church. 
 bef?re. the. death of l\
r. Harnson !: was erected by the subscriptions of 
been assIstIng In the pansh. churchmen, principal among whom 
st be borne in mind by the was too late Wm. Russell B-Lrtlett, of 
reader that this sketch of st. Matthias Davenport nnd. who contributed large- 
church and its services was written ly to the building fund. It was built 
partly in 1888 and the latter portion about 1874, and wa.
 moved to its pre- 
in lR98. There hac; not, hpf>n flnv rhRngf' Bent site in 1882. 'TIhe seats in it have 
I'D the services up to the latter year. always been free, and will always con. 
Tbe wardenc; of the church been tinue so. It has nothing to support it 
the foHowing: but the free-will offerings of those 
1873-1R74-T. K. 
rorgan. D. B. Reed. who wors
ip in i
. There is 
 debt of 
 C 'Foster n B Rf>ed " 2.450 on l
. A SIte for a sCiloolha.u.s8 
1875-1R7fì-W. Ä. F
, J
 'Vay: IS excavated at the west end, and it !s 
1876-1R77-R. H. Brown, H. Moodie. . h()ped next loor t
plete tþis 
1877-1878-Dr. De!tn. W. A. FowlH. neces;;ary adJU
ct to 1
. wlt.hout whIch 
187R.1879-Thoc;. Bailey, W. Peacock. tlw> nght a.rm IS wantIng. 
80-P. BpYE'-rley, G. Y. Tims. T.h(' se
Vlc63 ßre hearty, warm and 

n-. Y. Tims, L. Tomli,nson. cheerful III cooracter-the congrega- 
18R3-18R5- W. Smith, T. McCleary. t.iOD is asked to join as the Church of 
188!'J-18R6-W. SmTth, W. Thompson. England require!i' and it does resro
7-G. \V. Verral, W. Thompson. I 3!J a congregatIon sh
ld; the. chOir 
1887-1888-G. 'V. Verral, A. H. Light- I sunply leads the worshIp, and In. no 
bourne ! way attempts to supercede the audIble 
1888-1889-G. 'V. G
nder, W. J. Thomp-: devot.ions of too people.. The ?hoir is 
son I surphced and the servICes III the 
IBR9-1890-P. Dykes, F. J. Prior. . mor
ing are partiaUy choral: in the 
1890 l R 91-P. Dvkes, G. Gowanlock. ! evenmg they are.full chora.l. Tpe tunes 
Dr. PepIH, E. SampRon. I u.soo- are GregorIan,. the
e bemg 00l.1- 
1893-1R91-V. E. F. :!tIorgan. E. Simpson. sldere
 most conduCive In the publ
lSV4-1897-John Otrter, John R. Davis. I WO
hlP of God. The hymn b?Ok. IS 
AnCien t and Modern, and the Slll
is well sustained by the surj)liced choir 
of men and boys. The services are a.t 
11 a.. m. and 7 p. m.; Sunday school 
at 3 p. m.; week day service, Wednes



;:) O

dlLf at 8 p. m.; practice of choil' e:lCh I i l\1!r. .John Pay,:\e, ".lth his sidesmen. 
Fnday at 7.30 p. m. manage.s the fmanCial affairs of the 
-.r.he rector of the parish is the Rev. church; zealous and care
ul in all 
.J. H. McColJum, A. M., a graduate of I pecuniary matters connected with the 

rinity College, Dublin, and A. M. of office of \\arden, yet spirited enough 
'Trinity College. Toronto. Mr. McCol- to sanction and engage in any outlay 
.lw:n in 1E71 eommenced holding services which might imrrove the church and 
Ion the corner of Bloor and B,tthurst make it more attractive. 
'Streets in an old hous
g;ng _ to I T.he building is an old, fra,?le, rough- 
JdJr. Howland. FiTom thIS weak l'egm- cast structure, rather quamt in ap- 
ning the churcli started, and St. fearanle \\Íth a suggestion of the 
'Dhomas' church and St. Alban's Cat he- picture.sque. The gable faces Huron 
dral now occupy the ground. l street, and there is one entrance from 

e nave .øf the church is 60 feet this street into a. transept on the 

"". )i

,_. y tN -. 



_ _. .þt 
- I " ' ..J
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 J .

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long by 3-
 feet \\ ide, the chancel 33 x I nort h, that is, it is a transept ex
26. and the seating I':Lpacity is about ternally, but not internally. The other 
3'':0. T.he ree: or's luoi.t y fOl' the last entrance is in the rear, on E'l1lSSex 
y<=ar of the TOWIllo l'ectory surplus I I avenue. T,he chancel is built in the 
\\80S $ íl;). St. T,' has h'Ld more ea.s ern 
;pble, and is a beautiful 
than its share of difficulties, huL it model. \\ i"h a h;mdsome reredos and 
has emerged out of all. and with its substantial furnit.ure. The I u!Jding 
a.ttractivt> servÎce8. solely and rurply externally shows ItS age; the shmgles 
Church of England in all the comrne- : are \\ell worn under the heat of many 

nsiveness of that noble Chr:stian I I bummers an(l the storms of m
LDY win- 
effice, it has a bri
ht future before ters and,. in fact,. the. huilding bears 
it. .\-1T. George Frurmval has heen j he . all over ÜSf'lf thIs endence of age. 
organist for many years, a faithful. I f,'rom the middle of th.p sharply-point.. 
functual and. c<<:JI1scientious m.usician. I ed 
oof. ri'ies 
n orld:!ookin g tower .or 
raining or ØhIDIDg ever :Lt hIs l.o
t.. . pro.}ecllon, called a IIeche, that!D- 

L '\.


ifies the Pf'cu1it'lritv of t hp struc- loiterers from orcupying the reats until 
tw"e. An enc.
ose.l lorch çonl ains the a. very late huur. 
entran( e from the north. A iI amp through the little ravine 
. þ 1 to the north, a stumble up over a 
But this antique ex "ern l appearance hill terraced with the roots of trees 
Is nOlt babncoo by an equally ancient- laid bare by the tread of many feet, 
looking interor; for this is very an. unceremonious introduction to the 
a.nd pretty. The fJoor is bare ::;ave for sharpest. rail of the fence in an en- 
a. strip of matting along the central Ùf'RVOUI' to find some egress, and un- 
and only aisle; the chancel is entirely looKEd-for plunges among the hillocks 
ca.rpeted. Long scats extend from and holes of a common at last brought 

ide of thi
 aisle to the wall OPPosIte the iittle church \\ithin sight. After 
and each one coutains a book rest and the devious detour amid the trees and 
a. foot rest. I'our pol
shed gasaliers fences, for the sake of a "short cut," pendant from the ceiling, and the light so brightly streaming from 
these abundantly illwninate the room the various windows was a welcome 
a.rt night. In the eastem gable are lan- sight. 
eet form gothlÍc windows and a sm
ll Immediately upon entering, an atten- 
wheel winùow. whIle the other wm- tive UShel" met the writer and accom- 
dows. On the north anrl fouth sidES. are modated him \\ith a seat and a book. 
swung upon hinges. There arp ventiI- It. '\\ as early then, and but few people 
8 ting registers in the roof D1Rnipulated had er:.tered. Away up the aisle, direct- 
by long cords. Å little hell whose ly in front of the chancel, was placed 
tones seem diminutive and of not the an invalid chair. containing a wor- 
most mm.ieal character. swings aloft. shipper who doubtless found great 
&Ild is rung by the caretaker standing stn>ngth in her weakness from the in- 
directly at the entrance to the chan- spiratiofi quickened by a. service so 
eel. The organ is placed in the vestry pure and beautiful. 
to the Eouth of the chancel. I The little bell Tang out its Invita- 
A very pretty picture '\\-as IIl.<'lde that tion
 the li
hts were turned up, 8!1d 
Sunday evening in this organ recess; far m the dIs
ance wa
, the VOIce 
there is a narrow opening between it 
f prayer with the Amen chanted 
Mid the mnin room, so that the organ- , m response. Then the sounded 
1st Ü3 plainly visible to the congrega- I the key-no
e of the processIOnal hymn. 
tlon 'This officer ìs an old gentle-man anù the SIngers entered, led by two 
with silvery white hair and a full' ,,-ery smaU boys. followed 
y two a 
white beard; a light su.spe,nded above : l
ttle la!ger, and so on untll the en- 
him. but ot '.siblí' threw it
 radiance. hro choir of ten boys and. two 
1 , h . w 1._. d foHowed by the rector, marched mto 
down over. hIS s.n OW - W 1 .u.ölr an the chancel, the congregation mean- 
tell In sJ;IWl-m
rlDg be
uty upon !he while standing and took the places 
ld8 of hI
 whIte surphce, e.nwrapp
ng assigned. ' 
hIm as Wloth 8 halo and presentmg Tho membership and the Sunday 
the whole as. a framoo pl.cture that school of this churoh are lIII1all now, 

d. arUshoaUy a
propI'late to the aince St. Alban's has been organized, 
ØIlbhID.1:ty of the servIce. and tho congregations are consequent- 
.To hear t
is seryioo, th
 writer found I Iy, not 80 large as for
erly. Only 
hIS way tJ .St. rho.
,as c
urch Ol1e Carty persons were present Sunday 
Sunday evenmg, passmg thItherward, I evening, and I hey were nearly all 
tJJ.e usual crowds of people that young' peoplp; only one or two old per- 
the avenues &ond streets of the cIty 
f)US were there. \s every church de- 
every Sunday evening. As the less p
lI(ls for its perpetuity upon the chi!- 
densely populated portion of thi!t 
ec- rlrpH fln(l young people, St. Tho
tiem is approac.hed the crowd 1::1 le
s uiveg promis3, in this '\\ ay, oC becommg 
dense and partakes IIWre of a strag-- stronger than it is at present. 
gling character. moving through I B:lt ever)- one seemed deeply 
 Park and over the commons of I '3d in the service; even the talka! Ive 
th.' r orth-woot in divergpnt line
. But; girl3 became Quiet. and gave serIOUS 
not all of ilia crowd is going to church; I attention to the ritual. Indeed, it 
t.he Ie&> clEarly lighted portions of the could not well be otherwiS'", for the 
pe.rk attract many who had better be beaut)" of the service and the 
at church. Although the cool dam.p- \vith which it was 
uted WIll at- 
neaR of Ulese September evenings set- tract; anyone. One great advantage 
tIed abo'Ut t.he trees and made the o( a liturgical service is this. that 
avenues chiHy and uncomfortable, this eve.ry person h
ving a. book to f
atate of thinge did not deter certain tha ritual for hImself IS gIven a duect 



per<:onal interest in it, and so has his I while playing a subdued refrain that 
attention enchained. was a fitting adjunct, and made the 
The service was full choral. the choir' utterances much more impressive and 
being surpliced, and it was most ex- j heartful. The chanting of the Lord's 
press;vely sung. the pure, clear young PHI.yer after the absolution was an- 
voiceç of thù hoys mingling dt'licately other heautiful gem in the of 
with the mell's heavier tones in a the whole service. So also was the 


......-.-- -- 
- QS. 



most musical manm'f. The Confession I repet,-tion of the Apostle's Creed, when 
was first intoned, sentence by sent- I the low, sweet tones of the organ wove 
ence. by the officiating minister, and melody in and about the solemn declar- 
then chorally repeated by the choir I at ion of fait
 as it fc.u in choral 
and congregation, the organ mean- nu..mhers from the lips of the reverent 

D.i\IAH..K::) OF TOHONfO. 


worshippprs. Wllat made this part still \ carnal wearons. We must have the 
f[ective was the turning of the panoply of God; th
' girdle is truth, the 
choir towards the altar, and the in- breastplate is righteousnPBs, tbe hel- 
clination of the heads of the people met is salvation, th3 shoes are the Gos- 
when the name of Jesus ChrisL \\as pel of l?eace, the sword .of t.he Spirit 
uttered. 1 IS 
'ore!- of God, the Clrcumambitent 
Five l>..f"mns were sung during the shIeld I
 faIth to ward off thð darts of 
evening, including the processional and th:
 devIl. .. 
8sional hymns, and the tunes Ihe otfert?,ry was received while a. 
sel('cted were those befitting the hymn w
 beIng sung. Then t
e rector 
artistic nature of the entire service. stood facmg the a
tar and dehvered a 
Indeed there seemed to be a sort of short 
rayer; at Its cl
e he turned 
d '.. 1- h It d t and fa{'mg the congrecat!on pronounc- 
contra IctlOll fJ.etween t e exa e ar ed thoe henediction with upJiftNI hands, 
of the celebraho'1 ::n
 the humble ap- kllt"plin
. th
reafter. in sibnt praYf'r 
pearance of t
e hmldmg, at ex- he fore the allar, whilo th3 congrega- 
?a.lly. \\ e g(,IlCrfl.lly asso
l:lte a tion also knelt, and thsre wac; a L'w 
bt;l,dmg of. unattractive. appear
nce moments' absolute silence. Then as 
with a sprvice l'orrespo!1dmg. It IS a the organ b
an thE' recP:-'si-mal 
! agreeable sÜ.rpns
, the
efore, to hymn, the peo)le rose, the choir slo..\'- 
go :nto a homely-lookmg, tlme-',\orn ly and reverently march..l ou. while 
church and there find a pure and cul- singing the last stanza unti.i th,,, v
tivated ritual observed, s'Lch as gen- try was rea{'h-ed, when 'a few \\ ord'3 f)f 
erally gops \\ ith magnificent <::hurch audible prayer by 'the mini ster, a 
architecture and an the t'mhllish- choral Amen by th9 choir, an 1 th,'n 
meI\l"s of eccksiastical ::!r
. The latter a minute's wait on the part of the 
ill more than compensÜed for by the peoj)le, concluded 
 most intert'stin
beauty and harmony of a choral !'PI"- and enJoyahle service. 
vice: indeed, interest in sach a sen ice . ...... 
 sight of exte
Il3;ls altog('ther :md The foregoing account, re-published 
r!"le.. an apprecIat
ve soul on the I with IJut very few alteratioas from 
pillIOns of sweet mUSH
 up to the very I ",hen it first appeared, descrihes a 
 of heaven. I thing or the pa.
t, th3 bt. Thìmas church 
Mr. McCollum. the rector, is a J!'{'ntlc- I therpin de.scribed having been SUpeI'- 
man of well develoþ3d physical power, . se
pd. by a ne
ore commodiou<; 
and possesses a resonant voice, that hUlldmg. . It I
onsldered t h
113 well adapted to the choral celehra- , advanced. ntual1shc church aI
tion. He is a man in middle life, full- I 
he AnglIcan chm:ches of the City, and 
beared, wearing gbSS3S, and is of good. 1S at the same tI
e 03e of. the he:.;t 
pr "Ience in the pulpit The building' atten<
 evenmg serVIce when 
. e Lh II t . mmodat I h 'wor
hlp begms rarely can a seat be ob- 
IS ra er sI!la . 0 aceo. . eel tained. 
volume of hIS VOice. He IS an earnest I . . 
speaker, pleas1nt and cordial socially, . Th
 Rev. J. H. McColl
m 1S sbll nom- 
and is not puffefl up with any vain I I
allJ the rector, hut III 1890 he 1:"P- 
conceit of his office. brell t
 !6 rent extent from parochial 
. .. re.<;[ oa.'31bllIty, the Rev. .T. C. RODer be- 
He preached an u:terestmg sermon, ling npro:nted by th.) Bishop of the Dio- 
D! h
lf an hour s length, from I cese, Dr. Sweatman, a9 his co-adjuror, 
EphesIans, 6th chapter, 13th versc- I and he he{'ame de facto thou'Th not de 
"Take unt 0 YO:J. the whole armour of I Jure, th.,. rector. ' 0 

od. that. ye may be a
le to stand I ::.\fr. Hoper wa.s a ('hurchman of the 
In t.he e
ll day and havIng done all ocho.)l of PUI:;ey, Keble, Liddon, Low- 
to stand. These are extracts from the der ,;.nd ::\Ial"honachi
, and it may here 
sermon- I he remarked a
 an interesting fa
t in 
Christian life .is a struggle, the I the hiMtory of the Anglican chu.rch in 
Christian is a warrior; from cradle. Toronto, t.h:Lt the appofutment of a man 
to grave is the "evil day." : of his stamp to any Anó1iC'an church 
V{e must not form a too g1oomy. "ould, forty since, have been 
vipw of life. neath is not the gift of I practically impo.-iSible, so det
God, but life is. It is great with cn- mined ,vere the great maJonty 
joyment and blessings, and full of of the clergy and laity of those times 
grief and anxiety. I to oppo.<:e anything and everything that 
Our sorrows are lighter than our s:1cvoure<l of what was then termed 
sins. "Puseyism." The term has now be- 
Temptatioll is the S\\eetener of ]ife I come ob.:;olete, few of the present gen- 
and perfect character. I eration know what it meant or what 
We cannot select the weapon
 Cor it signified, and tbe services at St. 
liCe'. warfare ourselves. lest they be' Thomas' are .heartily accepted and en- 



Joyed by all those who worship within I versiJty. As a pa.rish visitor Mr. Ro(X'r 
its walls. was indefatigable, and every detail of 
The present ohurch stands on the I his work was attentively studied and 
eastern side of Huron street. about 100 performed. As a preacher he had little 
yards north of Sussex avenue, and was pretpnce to eloquence. but his sermons 
opened for divine service on January I were clear and practical. He set forth 
17th. 1893. The architect was !\Ir. Eden what 00 believed to be 
'I}e teaching 
Smith. of the M.a.ster in language could 
The land upon Wl1ich the church I not be misunderstood; he had no con- 
stands cost 110,000, the building $10'- 1 ception of watering down any of the 
000, and the organ b
 'Varren. $3,000, old do' trin.e..<:. and he '""iewed witn hnrror 
makil1\/t. a total of S
3.000. any attempt to tamper with the book 
The mu
ical portion of the services of Common Prayer, as it has ht'f"n ac- 
at St. Thomas' are somewhat ornate. I cepted by the Anglican body since the 
In addition to the organ anI! choir of Reformation. 
lSuty voices is an orchestra. varying Mr. Thos. A. Reed is organist of St. 
from eig'bt to ten performers, who 00- Thomas', and the Rev. F. G. Plum- 

cupy place.
 assigned to them in the I mer, one of the clergy attached to the 
cha.ncel. clop to the organ. Tbere is church, is choir master. 
eaoh Slmday, a.n early, a3 well as a mid- . 1 In 1897 the Rev. .J. C. Roper was 
day celebration of th
 Holy Communi- appointed to a scholastic post in the 
em, and there is also a celebration on United States, and was followed in his 
All Saints' days and churoh festivals. \\ ork at St. Thomas' by the Rev. C, H. 
Da.ily prayer said throug.bout the I Shortt. M.A., formerly rector of St. 
year, and the church is at all times Cyprian's, Toronto. Under Mr. Sho
open for p
 iV:i te devotion. . . the services a!ld 
ork. of the parish 
Re\ crend .J. C. Roper, the mm18ter I have been mamtamed III the hIghest 
in charge until 1896, was an Oxford eff
ciency. a.nd the eongregatio
ma.n, where he graduated B.A. in 1880, mams one of the 
argest in the Clty. 
f.A. in 1883. He wa.s ordained The wardeD8 1WlC8 1889 have been 
deacon in 18d
 by the Bi
hOPOfChiChee. 1 as follows: 
ter, and priest in the following year. 1889-1890-W'. D. Gwynne. J. T. Swal- 
He came to Canada in 1886 and was I low. 
until hi
 appointment to St. Thomas' 189().1
W. D. GwyDAa, Be preen- 
one of th p professors at 'I'rinity Uni- wood. 

L \ 


1892-1893-W. H. Per ram, R. Green-I church r'ses from east to west, while 
\\ ood. I at the eastern pnd ;s a narrow daIs 
93-189-1-R. Greenwood, W. A. l\fed- whp.:reon ar{' pulpit. lestern and prayer 
land. deßk. The organ. "hie h, by the way. 
1891-1898-\V. D. Gwynne, \V. A. Med- I is a.n excellent instruml'nt, is in the 
land. srmth-<f'ast oorner of the church, t.he 
1898-1899-\V. D. GW) nne, Thomas Mer- cJlO:r 
.a.ts being 
rranged at rig
riU angl
s lD front of It. The church :8 
. I wd L Lighted, but owing to the large 
a.mount of cubic spaoo in the interIOr 
CHAPI'ER XVIn. of the bu;lding, it is a somewhat 
GRACE CHURCH. I difficult matter to h...a.t it in winter. 
The ha...w, ffif'nt about half of wh'cb 
.I. ('!lurch ....rrn
d I'rom 11011' Trlll"1' is undergr
)Und, is a. large roo
, and 
show's by It.-; a.t)l)('.a.rance that It has 
r('!::,II"n. I heen well used. The immense turnace 
On the south-arT} s:de of Elm street. and it..
g ra.diating in many differ- 
about midwa:r Iv'Ì'.' "I'U Tpraulay and ent 'dire
tion.s, ca.n not be said to add 
Elizabeth Btn...ptS. stan Is the church to I he ro>om's attractions. In the 
building kno\\!l as Grace Church, the }.a.,sement are tm:> infant class as well 


 --. -- 

- - 

- ---::;:a.. 


tor of which is the Rev. J. I a3 Bible class rooms, both separated 
Pitt LeWIS, 
f.A., (l8Y8.) from the principal room by & 'glass par- 
T'he church is built of red brick, In tition. This la.tter a.partm
.nt is used 
gothlC style, And has little to recom- I for the Sun
y øc.hool, which numben 
mend it in an a.eøt.hetic sense, though about. 570, or possibly, even 600 pupils. 
 mue-h from a utilitarian point I The ærvioos in the church on Sunda.,. 
of Vlew. Both entrances to the bUild- I are at 8 a.m.. U a.m., 3 p.m., an
ing are from Elm street, and the ea8t- 7 p.m. There are also numerous week- 
ern end presents a. most unattractive day servioes. Of parish organizations 
a.ppea.ranoo. The nave of the church is there are the rector's Sunday afternoon 
80 feet. fròm ooet to west, with a. width Bible class, the Guild 01. the Good 
of 55 feet. There are north and BOuth ! Rhepoord. the Women's Auxiliary, the 
transepts; lightini the former is a I Brotherhood of st. Andrew, the Young 
handsom& Cat.bermð wheel window. People's A8SOCi&ti.on an dtbe Coal Cluti. 
while in the latter a pretty group The ree-tor 01 the church, the Rev. J. 

 lancet windows. The floor of the I Pitt Lewis, was then ducribed by a 



writer in the columns of a Toronto ' I I sluipped in a small frame building in 
paper iz;t 18;;8. The. d
scriptiol} being a V::e neighbaurho
 furmerly used by 
most faIthfu lone, It IS only right here the Presbyterian body. The first rector 
to reproduoo it. It reads thus: of tbe parish was the Rev. 'V. H. Jones. 
II The principle of self-sacrifice which J\f:..A.. wbo worked thPTe from 1874 until 
underlies all true poUt-eness is emi- 18'6. He was su<'ceeded by "the Rev. 
Ilently characteristic of Mr. Lewis, and O. R. l\ra.Wherw. For a short time the 
it is this devotion of self to his work Rev. J. P. S"1eraton bad clerical charge 
and the many claims it makes upon of too padsh until Mr. Lewis assumed 
him that h3.s not only signally blessed reotorial oba
 in 1Si8. 
his ministry in .the building up of a Among otlbers who have from time to 
fine parish. hut it has endeared him time assisted at Grace dhurch, have been 
to his people. On all sides he is kindly the Revs. C. C. Kemp, now of Cleveland, 
spoken of, and in terms of affection. Ohio; J. G. Lewis, now of New York; 
He impresses a stranger as a man .John McCarroll, at Detroit; C. H. 
whose naturally strong feelings are Rich, at 'Veston, and the present as- 
kept und('r control by 1 he domination sistant c)erg)y, R. J. P. Roberts and 
of the higher. inner. spiritual life that, A. Newham. 
after all. really determines what a The churchwardens for 1897-98 were 
man is. He speaks m a mild tone of Messrs. J. S. Barber and H. A. Taylor. 
voice. but it is not h:ud to inwgine Among past and present active lay 
that hack of the kindly and gracious workers occur the names of Messrs. 
manner there is a reserve fund of H. C. Fortier, T. R. Clougher, W. C. 
power that. should occasion arise. Hall. .J. H. Mumford, F. ,V. Elliott, 
would be found to be very positive John Shi' and E. T. C.'I.mpbell. 
and decided if not totally immovable. 
.. Mr. Lewis is a native of Ontario. 
and re
ived his preparatory training 
in the Newmarket Grammar School and 
from private tutors. After attendi
Victoria. College he entered the mm- 
istry' before thi8, however, he devoted .4 W..t End Pllrlsb willi a Ple..laa 
three' years to the 8tudy of medicine, nf't"or.f. 
intending, at that time. to become a The following description of this well 
practising physician. His tnc!inati.ons known west end church and parish was 
led him to, theology. and hIS flr
t first pubJished about 18EÇ. It is now 
Church of England settlement was.m reprinted with several additions. 
Chatham. where he was most happIly . ... .. .. . 
situated and strongl! entre

hed in The religious life of Toronto is char- 
the estee
 and. affeçtlOn of hIS people. aeterized by a multiplicity of chU!rc.hes 
The peculIar eXlgencu
s of G:r;ace 
hurch which for magnificence of architecture 
seemed to d
mand hIS serVIces m TO- I and IllXury of appotntments ch'lllenge 
rontO. The fIel
 was larg('r, more ma- the admiration of all visitors. These 
terial yY!l-s avatl3;ble and greater op- apJendid monuments of dislinctively 
portunltles of domg good were neces- . denominational character, as well as 

e as
d the re- of th(\ generic rt'ligiøus life of the city, 
sponsIbIhtLes of. thIS parish m Octobe
. have risen according to that principle 
1878, and certamly should feel gratI- of evolution which underlies and cn- 
fied w1.t.l1 the w(;mde
l success 
.h,1t ergi7es every realm of nature and of 
has .attended .hIS miDlstry, not
lth- human activity. There has been a 
mg the Circumstances that 
re- germ from which thes9 churches have 
Iy tned the church and almost penlled de,eloped until they reached the fru- 
its very existence." ition of that development in some glori- 
Gra.oe ch.urch was projected in the ous cathedral or some graceful and 
fusti place as a protest against th2 ul- beautiful structure not less pleasing 
i:ra ritualistic tendencies supposed to nor less an obj.
ct of pride. And the 
be dominant at the neighlJouring church growth has been. as all true growth 
of t'be Holy Trinity, but this spirit soon is, frC'm centre to circumference. from 
subsided. t'here was good work to be the heart of the city through all the 
done without encroaching on the work arteries of its life out to its extrem- 
at Holy Trinity. and to t' work the ities. The upspringing of chu'l'ches has 
clergy of Grace ohurch set their minds. been commensurate with the expan- 
The corner stone of the present sion of the city. As thE1 residential 
dhlurch Wag laid in 1875,. but some time ('entre gradually . moves itself aw.a1 
before this the congregation had wor- from the mercanÜle and commerClal 




centres, so the churches are graduaily north of St. John's. and including part 
gro\'tÏng away froll '"down tQ\\n:' In- of ibl territory. An organization was 
deed, thf' marvellous eJlpansion of the effected in 1875, and the present site, 
city alread,y begins 1Q imperil the at tho south-west corner of Spadina 
,'alue and significance of t.1o\\n town avenue and St. Patrick street. was pur- 
churches. so far as their maintaining chaf>ed. A little cottage stood on that 
larg(' congregations is concerned. .And corner. called the Tolfree cottage. At 
t.his loss will coal inue to augment first it was occupied by the new organ- 
itself so long as people are denied the ization. unlit the prt's
nt school-bouse 
privilege of riding to church. The was built. The congregation then wor- 
demand is for churches nearer home; shipped in the new schooJ-hoUSJ; and 
whether the demand springs from in- sn JiLtle was the cottage valued that 
dolence or from a lack of attractive it was sold, and brought only 
. The 
force in the church itself is a matter school-house was o( cupied in 1876; but 
not to b
 discussed here. The fact ex- so remarkably rapid 'was tLe growth 
ista that every year people become less of th
 parish that before long the 
inclined to walk far to church. Thou- reom was fouad to be entirely too 
sands will walk out to Mount T'leas-, small for the congregations that as- 
ant cemetery to attend a military sembled. It seal ('rJ. 3;10, and frequent- 
funeral; hundreds will stroll over the Iy a hundred people were turned away 
Don and out to the parks; spores win for want of accommodation. The n,eces. 
prullenade the streets mile aftcr mile; sity of a larger buildiug thus becom- 
but they are too tired to go to {'hurch. ing absolute. steps woce taken to 
The churches of tbe city recognize this I build a church. although $5.000 was 
tendency, a.nd are now going to the i the!l due for the land and the school- 
people. i house. 
The missionary spirit of all the de- 
fforts 'were alt once put forth to col- 
nominations of Toronto is commt>nsur- I lect money in order to relieve the great 
ate with the growth and expansion of I pressure and 87.00
 was raised. The 
the population. If the demand for a prespnt structure was th-en erected. 
new church does not exist. this spirit: at a cost or $17000. The e.ntire pro- 
creates it. and, consequently, 
hapels perty. 1.10 x ()3 feet, is value.d at 830.- 
may be seen everywhere upon the out- 000. 
he situ.a.tion is mt only a de- 
!Skirts, while more pretentious struc- lightful and commanding one but is 
tures an" constantly being built as the' one constantly increasing in value. 
vicinity becomes more densely POPU- 1 ! The church is Qr the plain French 
lated. ,. Gothic style. built of roo hrick trim- 
 Church of England In. thIS. c
un- I ming a.nd Ohio stone dressing. It 
tr}" IS fuIly possßssed of thIS miSSIOn- me-a.";ures 1m x 6 1 f<'et. and stands with 
ary spirit. The pn?test of th
 sirleent.h thß Ipngth runn'n;1: along St. Patrick 
c.entu!y ReforI?atIOn. 
ates thIS street. At tb,p north-Nlst corner is a 
practical workIng spirIt. 
o. church tower. extending a sbort distance 
'y can afford to rpst upon Its tra- above the roof. with four pinnacles 
ditIons for suc It may deprt'cate whose a,ppearanoo is somof'what nega- 
 .8ecular spint, but the s.ecular tived by pxtending from one. to 
SpIrit. demands an accommoda
LOn of t.he othf:'r in order .to give them sup- 
 to the people. and. upon port. '\Vhen the spire. herea.fter to 
tbix pnnCiple rests th
 nf'cesslty of he erected. is added the total height 

vork. and hard work:" If any chu!c.h will }le 130 feet. The red brick gives 
i8 to h(' .suc
ss.ful. Incn 1 he SpIrIt the ('hurch a bright. fresh, clean ap- 
o! pmulatIon, if !t m[lY not Le term
d pearance in madDed contrast with the 
1'1\"alry. that e..'nsts between the dIf- dingy. dirty, white hrick {'hurches so 
fer.ent sects an<! b

ween all o
tpn seen in this city. And the mono- 
d and the hIstone church of Chn:;- t f th - II . h oke.n hv slone- 
hanIty compels the latter to herOic ony 0 e wa s lS . r a che d anels 
effort in order to enlarge its borders. ' capped. bu.ttrp:-;sps whIle r p. ' 
Hence we find Romanism and the: are L
Ilt lD I h" fa"
<iop. In t
p .('ent! al 
Church of England fully alive to the ,one IS. a blup shIeld oontammg m- 
importance of 3ppropriating new tt'l"- ' for
'lhon as to the hours of regular 
1'Ítory, and very zealous in its acquis- , servLC!'. 
it ion. 'The Sf' hooI house is directly attach- 
St. Philip's church is a notahlp f'w- e.d tn thp church on the west. a.t a 
ample of this activity on the part of right angle to it. with two entrances 
the Church of England. The outgoing through thc g-a,blp on St. Patrick 
(.If the city towards the W('st and north street. Th.' church may be pntered 
created the nece,->sity of a church th'll way; then there is a main en- 



trance through th3 tower in the front I on a line with the SIOuth!'rn wall ot 
on Sp:ldina avo nu.... A ga' eway on the the chancel; three long peW'S are placed 
sout.h gives entry to th
 little vestry. hero:> for thl' choir. rhe floo:" of the 
Qlnd from the latter th.'re is a door'" ay i cob meel is well elevated a'1d extending 
op;ming into the ch'lneel. lout over the step;; beyond the arch is 
rhe seats face Spa1rina avenue.; the I the p._tlp
t}hancel therefore is at the east end '';''he church pres,'nts a mass;ve ap- 
 the church, which is the proper and pæ.rance growing out 0" th" cathedral 
the most significant location in th.... style according to which it i.;; built 
Christhn cult. It iq ,"pr
' "
"'i '" and an ingenious arrangement o
measuring 33 x 16 feet. and opens into proportions. ßix Co. hie arches. spring- 
the nave through a magnificent fluted iag from neat ir(Jn columns twelve feet 

 .,%,. Jt l ,,:', 

 lA , ' I :.ì:.h'-:-- I

 J.ii';S -f'; . 
 ' \'I\

, i 
J r " /Ã

, !2 
r .- ::
'i!-: :::: ",, - -\. \ 
=- -A :t;;: 
. _J 
, _ .. ' . . J. ,',I" I' 
.:. :':Hr:. : r
it l..,.'.......,.. "

 r i' " :L, 


 I tjf'
, '",',_ 
F; ,
->ot L, I ,.' 
' -' '. - . 


 ...... tt '.' l}"}

t i ' 
 tt l ,
.:..fl: /' 
." '..J
 ..1.'.,- t \ \': t: '
 ,:.,&. . \- ,
 r. ':1, I i.1.. - or 

 f" .,
 l l'\ .Al '10' 'r. I

- " ; 


: "
;. >- 
fr,. -1 ,,
'/". --.,,' -I 'n.,ll;' ",r
:,.f:, . 
[ i .


f .' ii - - ._-.. -1 .
":' , < { r:-. iiji - ;'-. 
 ;.l J I


. f 
 =1 liW , 

 r: 0-4 --,::':'
I I. I. - I2J \ I - i': 5;'1' . Ji . Jl w _", I. 


 :.:: p
'". è



 - "-. -.-'-=-.
&rchway 24 feet wide and -extending I high. support the clerestory walls; 
(() fept to th,
 crown. In the facatJe of within the latter are six equilateral 
the church ahove the alta.r is a triple I windows of brightly colo:ued glass. 
lancet-formoo wipoow with the cen- "Ihe roof of the nave is supported by 
traI one 
1 feet hrgh. J"he glass is I five timber principals bolted and filI- 
of l'eautifully ornamented lozenge l ei in with cusps a.nd other ornamenta- 
Ucally wrought, very pmtty and tions. The ra.fters are carried 
bright. The reredos is a carved and upon moulded purlins bolted to the 
jointei pinc
 0" oa.kf'n '\\"O k the al'a!' , principals, and aU this open timher 
i:s .1' i-; of pan"'ls an 1 tho orran. work gives the nave not only a lofty 
0. new and costly instrument. fronts I Lut a graceful and beautiful appear- 



anee. The dark woo:1 is relieved by the I I The furniture of the is plain 
pale Uue, pink and brow? p:
neh of and s
. The seats are long,. pine 
ceiling, each one of \\-blch IS prettIly PL'WS; tJ:1clI racks are well furnn.'ihed 
decorated with stencil flowers in the I with prayer :.In,! bymn books. Notioo5 
centre and at the corners. 'lh
 walls are posted ,that "The seats in 
of the entire auditorium are stuccoed this church all free and unappro- 
in Uocks divided by black lines. This printed," a IllI)lS.t gratifying aD.!Dou.nce- 
dark grey colour is relieveù hy tbe m('nt to stra.nagers anù regular attend- 
white Jambs and the plaster of l'ads ,::111''>. N0 IBW ()Ir seat Íin bMs church 
la.bel mouldings terminating in orna- I can possibiy be rented. "First came,. 

.y II 

#' >
 ;;Ç - 0<:" 
",... :--" /"'2? ' --/.-
menta.l corbels. There are twelve I first served" Is tlhe rUlle amd no distino- 
broad windows in the sides of the tions are made in any way. 
church, a.nd two lanaet windows above 
rlbe ca.reer of this parish for the 21 
the BChool-hoUSð in the western end. , years of its existenoe has been one of 
!'heøe windows are so proportioned grea.t prosperity. From the very first 
tþa.t they Mrve to enhance the massive I it was a pledged success, and rapid- 
e.ppeara.nce of the interior. It is not a Iy grew from the little Tolfree cot- 
vwry large nave, sea.ting only 750 per- I tage through the school houge to the 
aons. and yet it seems to present a pres::'nt commodious and comforta.hle 
mueh grealter area. structure. Underneath is a fine Jarp 



basement ten feet high, fitted up for Chapter of Toronto on their selection 
Sunda.y school. the chan- of Rev. Ca'nOl1 Sweeny, :M. A., D. D. 
eel Is a. cheerfül room in which Bible rec
or of St. Phillip's church, to 
classes meet. the I r Rura.l Dea.n for the next ensu- 
The church was opened for service ing term of four years, and extend to 
January 27th, 1884, and those who be- the Rura.l Dean elect our best wishes 
gan the work in the little cottage were for his success in the imvortant oUice 
gratified to see their union and la.bours to which his brethren have elected 
ch1y crowned with success. Among him. We hail the appointment with 
the organizers of St. Philip.s the íol- everr satisfaction, knowing that all 
lowing prominent men may be named 
 parties in the church will receive fair 
The late Chief .Tustice Harrison, Higb trea.tment at his hands, since we have 
wnstable J. T. Jones. Lieut.-Col. R. B. ever loo!ted upon him as standing for 
Denison. City Solicitor Wm. G. Mc-. moderahon, toleration and impartial- 
Williams, Lieut.-Dol. Goo. A. Shaw, COl. l ' ity. M.ay the church's interest in the 
c. S. Gzowski, Messrs. G. M. Eva.ns, Dea.nery of Toronto be well to the fore 
'Ihos. Phillips, .Tames and Philip I dunng 
he next four years. Canon 
Brown, T. Murrwy and Wm. Griffith. 
eeny I.S thE' 
on of Col.. Sweeny, late 
The rectors of the church have been sta.íf officer H. M.. pen
lOners, Mont- 
Revs. G. H. Moxon. now vica.r in sun- I real, and. formerly of H. 
 83rd and 
don, Eedfordsmre, England. and Rev. 
2th Regiments. H'8 cam
 to Canada. 
.Tas. S. Stone. D. D., now rector of st. In 1869, .and was ed
.James, Ch.:cago, and then the present I 
radu.atmg at McGill U:mversIty, tak- 
rector, Rev. ÜlIDon Sweeny, M. A., D. D. Ing .hls degrN' of B. A. In.1878 and M:. 
'j his gentleman was born in London. I A... In 1881: H-e was admItted to. the 
Engb..nd. and came to Canada ill 1868. dlacoI?-ate Iß 1880, and to .the prlest- 
He is a gra.duate of McGill University. hood In 1881. For 
 short hme he was 
taking the Arts course there and a rector of St. Luke s church, Montreal, 
. . . . I and on the 16th of December, 1F82, he 
Dinmlr cour
e Sit the Mo
 DlO- was appointed rector of St. Phillip's 
cesan '1 heologlCa.l Çollege. OL w.hlch he church, Toronto. Taking an ad eundem 
was one. of th
 first graduates. He degree of M:. A. from Trinity Uni- 
 1D misslOna.ry work. and afte,r versity, Toronto. Mr. Sweeny proceE'd- 
na.twn became r
ctor of St. .Luke s ed in that university b
 regu1ar course 
pa.rlsh, Montreal, which he .1,;-f
 In 1882.. to the important degrees of B. D. and 
to }eeome rector of St. Phdhp s. The D. D., which last he obtained in 188ft 
degrees of M.. A., B.. D. a.nd D. p., In the followinR' YE'ar the B:shop of 

ere c
ed upon hIm here by TrlD- the Diocese appointed him an honorary 

ty UDlverslty. He was mooe. canon Canon of St. Alban's Cathedral, To- 
lD 1889. e..nd elected rural dean lD Oct., ronto. Canon Sweeny is a good active 
180,. .. \\ orker in the church, and many 
Dr. Sweeny 1s a. social man. and an branches of it outside his own parish 
e:\.ceedingly ha.rd worker. ;He is ener- have received and still receive his at- 
get ic and zealous, both as a preacher tention. For a. time he was a mem- 
a.nd a pa.stor. Crhe limits of his parish ber of the Board of :M:anag:ement öf Queen street on the south. touch- j the Domestic and Foreign Missionary 
ing St. John s. St. Patrick and Arthur Society, and has alwatvs bef'n an active 
str'eets on the north. touching st. promoter of the Sunday School Asso- 
f:.tephen s. 8poolina avenue on the, ciation and of the Church of England 
touching St. George's MId Palmerston Temperance Society. Rev. Canon 
aVf'nue on the west, touching st. Sweeny is the third rector of St. 
M:ltthias'. It will be seen from this Philip's church, also the third Rnral 
geographical statement that the vrork Dean of Toronto." 
of the church is with a concentrated The clergy who have been 'lssoci- 
e..nd dense population. (['here are about ated with Dr. Sweeny as curates have 
350 communka.nts of the church. but been-Rev. H. P. Hobson, Rev. F. W. 
over 400 families are represented in it. Bayley-.Tones. R.N.. Rev. T. R.O'Mr>:\ra, 
and the oversight of all these entail RE'v. F. M. Baldwin. Rev. .T. J. HilI. 
upon the minister ø. vast amount of M.A.. Rev. F. Wi1kinson. 
parochial work. I The organist and choir master In 
The following very just esti
ate of 180fi was Mr. Erncst 
Canon Sweeny and his work III the I The churchwardens sInce the church 
Canadian Churchman of O-toner. ]71 h, wa3 E'stab1ished have been- 
1895, when the reverend gent1pman 11f1R6-18f<8-G. ]\f. Ev
ns, H, Mortimer. 
W&8 appointed Rural Dean of Toronto: 1
(t'1-1W'O-Henry Smith, G. Y. Evan.. 
"We heartily congratulate the H. D. 12J(\-18al-Dr. Millman. G. M. Evans. 



w. D. Me- I RMnCe will be choral. and of a style 
siaÙar to that used in St. Matthias' 
W. D. Mc- church, and which has made that 
churcb E'O remarkably successful and 
'V. D. Mc- ('opular. The choir of the new church 
w! II be surpliced. It is in charge of 
Mr. W. P. Thompson. :Mrs. Thompson, 
a graduate of the Royal Academy of 
CHAPTER XX. Music. England. will be the organist. 
Rev. Charles B. Darling, an Oxford 
ST. MARY MAGDALENE. lLano through whose instrumentality 
8 d au I .&. W II tho church of St. Mary Magdalene bas 
.I. .e.rly er?l
e RD .a - e Leen organized. and upon whom has 
1Verkf'fI rRl'h". Callen the burden of securing the 
This ma:r be called the grandchild ' I money so far accumulated. will be the 
of the church of St. John the Evan. first rector. He is a son of the late 
gelist, for it is the outgrowth of st./ Rev. '''-. Stewart Darling. who has left 
Matthias' parish. which sprung from I an enduring monument of his life and 
the former church. The northern part. labour in Hol) Trinity Murch. Just 
of this parish has recenlly enlarged " aa he was the means of bringing to 
so much that another church in ad- I hat church much of its present pros.. 
dition to that on Bellwoods avenue is I perity, and was Ù1e spirit that gave 
o be nec
S8ary. The mattar was I it vigour and life. so th
 son. :'olIow- 
taken In hand In June, 1
B6. by Rev. I 
ng tho same -career. wIth the same 
Charles Darling. the curate of St. :r..fat- spirit and ability, will doubtla
s en- 
thia.s. and he raised $4.030 towards the! sure the success of this l1ew parish 
new building. A lot at the north-east i in the north-western part of tho city. 
corner of ManninjS avenue and Ulster I l\fr. Darling i
 genial in manner and 
 was bought for $2,600. and the I popular among the people, especia.1 1 y 
erectIon or a t.emr
rary beg
. among young people. 
e has 1D hIm, 
The chancel only IS now heing bmlt, I in add it ion to this social power, that 
3nd the wulls will be raised f
rteen I é!pirit of consecration to his work that 
feet, when a t.emporary roof wIll be I is the guarantee of its ultimate success. 
put on. There wi 11 be a hand
me .. 
room in the basement. eleven feet hIgh I A S
day school '\\as beg
lD 1D June. 
and of the same size as the church I 1
86,.lD a house o
above. This room will be used for the But It grew 
o rapidly tbat It had to 
SUl1day school. It is intended to open I Le. moved tW1ce. It now nu
bers 70 
the pre,sen:t church. at Easter. if the chIldren. When. th
 þasement IS r
work can be suffiCiently advanced by for OCCupancy It WIll probably .oon 
that time. No foundation stone will prove t
 be too small. so. hopeful 
be laid until the nave i
 bnHt. The the outlo
k for glowth 
present building' will accommodate only prospent.y. .The pansh n<;>t 'yet bavlDg 
about 150 rersons. and will certainly b
en orgamze.d, 
o statistIcs ean be 
be inadequate for its purpose. But the I given concernlDg It. 
:cy for a new ch:u
ch in that sec- I. The new architecturally will 
tion IS so great that It was deemed be very massive in the late Norman 
þest to begip the. work at on
e, look- I:Ityle. IL wi11 h
 130 feet 
ong by 50 
mg' to the hberabty of the nel g hbour-/ feet wide insidf' the piers, '\vltb a. chan- 
hood and of the church generally for I eel 43x30 Ceet. _\II the \\<ork now being 
its. co
pleti.on. The cost of t!t e presen t done. except the roof,. is permanent. 
bu)t<!1ug wIll be about 
3,::JOO. The The only part that WJll be ref!loved 
chGrch when completed wIll seat 1.000 when the church is extended will be 
I'l'l":::ons. and w
ll about $5û,OOO., the west wall, which is of wood. There 
The geographical bmlts of the new I is :no temporary brick work. except 
paris1-- will he Bloor on the north. Bath- tbat filling up t.he arch which will 
urst Ol
 the east. College on the "iouth, I open into the future organ chamber. 
3D.d Shaw street on the west. This! on the nort.h side The walls will be 
tior:.. of the city i
 being rapi.dly! 27 inches thick. thus giving th
built up. and t
e new church. wnen I ing the solidity in keeping WIth the 
completed accordmg to the present .Ie- Norman arcbitecture. When the chan- 
sign. will be an architectura.l 
)rna- I 
! is completed it will be l1early 50 
ment to that part of Toronto. Another feet high 
feature that will make the new enter- I . . 
rrÜle a success is the surerior music i The land st.3;Dds m . the name of 
and Ul"Vice that win be given. The trustees, who WIll hold It In tr.ust for 

Ui91-1895-Henry Smith, 
1895-1896-T. s. 
1896-1897-M. Shcppard. 

the Rev. Charles Darling and his suc- I population carri
s people in great
cessors in office. numbers into this district, which ad- 
· · . * . * I joins the dense populations now lying 
Since the above was written, the east and south of it. The next stage 
mission church, which was opened on of the building will be ma.terially the 
--- Sunday, 1888, was made a parish I completion of the ground plan of the 
church on March 9th, 1889, and "Mr. church. with the walls carried up some 
Darling made its first rector. Step
 25 feet of their ultimate height, em- 
werE:' soon after taken to build two I bracin
 too beginning of the windows, 
bays of the nave. This was accom- wfuich will commence above the line of 
plished as far as the sills of the too aisle roofs. The whole nave then 
future windows, and was opened for will be roofed witlb a better and lof- 
divine service at Easter, 18g{). Since I tier roof. 'I1he whole area of the church 
then ihe parish has gone on making to seat 800 people easily, will be thus 
steady and continued prozress, not- secured, and all at 3. 'total cost of some 
withstanding the scanty ropulation :>Ì $20030 or $25,000, or $10,000 more than 
thf' (li-:triet and great financial 
eak. bas been expended. Subsequently the 
nes-,. .<\ site for a rectory at the COl'. task of raising Lhe walls to thf'ir full 
ner of Euclid avenue and Ulster street I beight over, first the choir, and then 
Wé1S secured in that year, and in 1892 I the nave, an.d the puttwg on of the 

II ! 


' - 




 @ *


 l r 

..-- . - 

-:=- --- -- 

an additional 20 !eet oC land was pur-I perm8J1ent roofs. will be taken in hand, 
ohased on 1\fannmg avenue, in order I but only as the condition of the 
to enable the full plan of the architect i church's finances allow. The rector is 
to be ultimately carried out. 'l1b.e pro- I B. great believer in patient building, 
perty now consists of 120 feet on Man- a.nd' will be satisfied. if in his day, he 
ning avenue, and 50 feet on Euclid aVe"- is able to build no more tban the 
 a.nd a. flankage of 270 feet on UI- ground pla.n of his noble church, a cut 
ster street. In 1891 an organ, suffi- I of which b3 sbown above. 
cienUy large for present requirements, The first churchwardens of the 
was put in and paid for. In 1894 t
re church were Mr. A. Clubb who worked 
tem.porary roof of tile chancel was ral8- '. 
ed bodily, wnd t.b.e beginnings of the I hard and earnes
ly for the foundation 
seven great east windows were put in. of the 
ew pansh, and Mr. Jame8 
in 'Order to affor.i grea.tei' light and I Perks. SInce then Mr. E. Restall, Mr. 
ventilation. Upwards of '10,000 1w.s. Chick, Dr. Pringle and Mr. C. B. 1-Inr- 
np('.n raised and expended 80 far, and, I ray have done all they could in a simi- 
 by too strong growth amid lar capacity to support the reetor ill 
 st&gnation and many adverse I hiS . anxious and arduous work. Whilê 
circumsta.nces, a great future would Mr. A. H- Lightbourn, the treasurer 
seem. to be heforë tlle church and con- of the Buildin
 Fund, hM watehed 
ation. ,
n the next movement of over the undertaking as it progressed, 



with the greatest interest and most I parishioners resirling in the 
assiduous care. rlistrict presented a petition to the 
A visit to this interesting beginning Bishop, praying that the district be 
of a great work will be amply repaid' i created a separate and distinct parish. 
and the lover of good music will be For some two years previous mission 
delighted with the singing of the large services had been conducted in a 
choir of 40 voices, which .is acknow- small brick building on ButleU 
ledged to be one of the best in the avenue, near Bloor street west. by the 
eity. Mr. Ernest Callaghan is the Rev. F. W. Squire, B.A., Trinity Uni- 
choirmaster, and has deservedly won versity. Two laymen, Messrs. G. B. 
great praise for the efficiency and Kirkpatrick and H. C. Dixon (the lat- 
good order of this choir. ter since admitted to the diaconate), 
The Sunday school has grown from I for nearly two years conducted ser- 
lO to 200, the communicants from 35 VIces alternately on Sunday evenings 
200, the Sunday offertories from about in an upper room of a building on 
'8 and $10 to $25 a Sunday. the corner of B"oor street and :pover- 
The full ritual and teaching of the I court road. ,..chich was placed. rent free 
Church of England is in force, the at their service by 1\11'. Edward Dawes. 
congregatipn is united and enthusi- I 111 the hope of uniting these two 
astic and the work is well and strongly I congregations. the Lord Bishop of 
orlranize n Toronto, on the 1st of June. 1888. 


! ! CHAPTER XXI. II I created the district of Dovercourt .. 
ST. MARY THE VIRGIN. separate and independent parish., and 
offered the charge of it to the Bey. 
.I ....Ia-w.., rarl.':- F.r&J' Year. AC. In I Anthony Hart, then incumbent .of 
.... ".r
.' Grace church. Markham. and Chrlst 
. church. StouffTUle. Mr. Hart aecepted' 
The cUstrict of Dovercourt origln- the offer, and on the 17th June made- 

7 formed part of the Parish of st. his first visit and held his first ser- 
øu.rk. Carleton \V est, 
f which the I VIces ic. the new parish. 

v. . O. E. Thomson, M.A., was and The vestry meeting was held: on th. 
1ItW181n 1898 the rector. In May, 1888, followiua- day. when the rector walv... 



lng his right to appoint ODe of the I as his churchwarden in the spring of. 
wardens, MeESrs. Edward Da.wes and I 1890. Mr. Dawes resigned his posiUoD 
H. E. 
a.'òtman were elected. by the. con- I as churchwarden at Easter, 1R95, a.nd 

atIon churchwardens. Until a I Mr. G. G. '.Mackenzie was elected. 
church could be erected, it W&<I decid- pIe's warden in his place. Mir. C. C. 
ed to hold the services in 
rr. D&wes' Foster was appointed churchwarden by 
room. In September, 1888, :ì\lr. Dawes I tbe rector. '1lbese gentlemen still reo 
offered to give the site for a church, tain their positions. 
school room and rectory, namf' ly , 100 
feet on Bloor street by liO along Del- 
aware aVE'.Ilue, on certain conditions 
which were agreed to hy the vestry: 
The plans for a school house-to be 
used temporarily as a church-and 'rb. Catbedral C"u:-dl 01 ,II. ..0reae.1 
rectory were prepared by Mr. John 1..r..... 
C. B. Horwood, and the contnct let A Churdh. of England Cathedral as- 
to l\Ir. S. Gregson. They were sub. tab l . '-'- t f he . 
s ta n1.ially built of stone and red ;)rick, lSJ..IJ..Uen. or t dl
 of 'Ibronto 
and slate roofed. had been lD COIl templa.t
on for many 
ThE' school house contains a Hght I! althougll1 the project only tOGk 
aM cheerful basement, with several ðeflmte. shape w.b.en Dr. Swea.tma
rooms in which 1he Sunday school as- came biShop. In the year 1843 BIshop 
sembles. In the room above the Sun- Strachan gave four hundred acres of 
day servIces are held, and 450 people I land for the purpose. 
 rents and 
can be comfortably accommodated. ' the proceeds of. sales of this land form- 
The first sod was. turned in Novem- ! ed a fund whICh amounted to about 

r, l
, by Mr. G. ß. Kirkpatrick, r $4.000
 and with this as a nucleus, ?-t. 
CoolmlOe," Toronto, who has been 3. Alban s Cathedral wa::i oogun. A slte 
lay .N'pn
entative to t.he Synod of the Wa.'S purchased ea
t ?f Bathurst, above 
parish sinCÆ its inoeption. The opening Bloor street, CO
ISt1Dg o.f 41-2 acres, 
services were held on Sunday June 23 the purchase pnce of which was '10,- 
1889, thE' preachers being the .V en. Arch
8. It was not, until 40 years after 
deacon Boddy, M.A., and the Revs. Ber- Bt.;>hop Stra.dban s donation that any- 
nard Bryan and John Langtry, D.C.L., thmg prac.tICaI was done looking to 
rectors (.f the churches of the Epiphany such e.sta.
hsbllli(,Dt. The present bishop 
and St. Luke's respectively. then reViewed the 
tter and a. Cath- 
'The coS't of the buildings and rur- edral Chapter was lDcorporated by an 
nishings was nearly i14,OOO. Act of the Provincial Legisla.ture ia 
In every w
y there has been steady 1
8a. F
 a pastoral issued by the 
&D(. substantIal progress SInce the Bishop. 1t IS learned t'hat attempts were 
on of the parish, when, by made to .secure for the establ

tIon of the vestry and congrega- a. home lD some o
 .of 1:00 CXlstmg' 
bon In the autumn of 1888 it was Clty churches; but dIffICultIes present- 
cJecided should be described a; that of ed themselves which were found to be 
"St. Mary, the Virgin, Dovercourt." It insurmountable, prominent ILmong 
is attended by regular and steadily I these being the parochial organizations 
increasing congregations now (1898) I and interests and proprietary pews. It 
a.veraging about 200 at each morning thus became necessary to seek an in- 
and e
ning service. The numbe.r of I dependent site for the erection of catCh- 
communicants bas risen from 30 at I ed.ral and other diocesan buildin
Easter, 1889, to nearly :WO at Easter, which should he of suffici('nt sb:e for 
1898. The Sundav school hM a roll of 
.ll fut.ure rei uirf'ments. Hence 1 be 
34Ø, with 8.D ave
 attendance of 240. . abov&-na.JJ1ed site was purchased and 
The income of the parish has nearly the work began to assume tangible 
trebled since its inception. There are The site was bought from the 
several flourishi116 organizations in con- proprietors of the St. Alban's Park es- 
nection with the church, such as thf' tate. 
La.dies' Aid. Young Peo"}le's Society, A neces."3ary feature in the Cathedral 
and Company No. 23, Church B:)ys' schome was felt to be the resiilence of 
Brigade. The services are usually said the BiShop within the Cathedral pre- 
in a monotone, and are thoroughl,.- cincts; indeed, the only way in which 
congregational, being heartily Joined itj is .to be na.turaIly expected that the 
in oy all. ðn too gre
t festiva19 thl'y work of the Cathedral :should take 
are partly choTal. Mr. H. E. Eastman shape and develop is by starting from 
removed to British Columbia, and the the Rpot w'oore the Bishop is estab- 
rector appointed Mr. G. G. Mackenzie lished., as a centre, and gradually 


L \ 
 Dl\L\.HKS OF TORON roo 


grouping its ,arious forces and agencies I availablp. for use, while the buildilDg 
around that nucleus. A oortion of the progr
SSit'u above it. 
Ca.thedral close, consisti
g of two For some time before this a congre- 
frontages of 100 feet each with a depth I gatiom :had beem meeting in a room 
Letween of 300 feet, Wa.'> transferred over tJ:æ driving shed of a tavern at 
by the Ohapter, deeded to the Synod p..- f St Alb ' -n... k T h 
and a See-how,e costing 310,400 erect- -
 cornpr 0 . 
n.s rar. . e 
ed upon it where B.ishop Sweatman now people requested th
 pTlvllege of uSJlng 
livoo. The present site is very nearly I the crypt for wor
hlP. and the request 
in the centre of too present ma.p of was granted. Servl<:es w
re com
the City of Toronto. with its suburbs a!1 d have be
n c
ntmuously carrIed on 
to the east and west, and at no great SlIIlOO theIl:' flrst 10 
 small room 40x15. 
rlist:e.nce from the centre from north I and then III the roam crypt, whlch has 
to south. a seatimg capac
ty of 30
, an
This locality, extending eastwards I 
ovembcr, 1891, LD bþe chOlr, whlCh was 
from these points, has been much built 
 th.en completed, havmg cost about '70,- 






- - 

8'1'. Ar_BA.
up during the decade ending in 1895 _ I 000. 
o further extension of the build- 
with for the most part a high class style in!:{ has as yet been begun. The choir, 
of residences, and is evidently deslined I lllcluding the chancel, measures about 
to be one of tlh.e principal residential I 9{) by abomt 70 fecit i.n t}j.e greatest 
distrÏicts of the city. I width, and comfort.'lbly seats OVf'r 000, 
The St. Alban.s Park Syndicate, who though more can be accommodated in 
most generously gave to the Ch:lpter it, as was tlæ casf' when the opening 
one-half of the purchase money of the service of the first Ge.nera.l Synod of 
SIte, made a further offer of $:!,OOO on I Canada was held 8Jt St. Alban's in 
bh18 condition that the choir and chan- September, 1893. at which 400 persons 
eel of the church were commenced be- were present. Besides the portion used 
fore the 
3rd of August, ]885. for services, the building as it stands 
'J1be first sod was turned August i contains bh
san. library. choir 
OOth, 1885, and the corner stone was an't ample Sunday school rooms, for 
laid by the Bishop June 16th. If(8fì. A I although a Sum.d.ay school is not usu- 
portion of the walls was spf'prlily built any a part of cathedral work, it bas 
aDd covered. in rendering the crypt been fouad desirable to maintain OD" 



here, has been done, and done I Msistant minister at St. James'Cathe- 
m.ost successfully. . dr aI, and afterwards accepted the 
The estimated cost of the cathedral, i charge of a parish in the State of 
wh4ch cannot be built for many years: New York. He was succeeded by the 
to come, is '
50,OOO. It will be decD- i Rev. J. G. Waller, who left to take 
rated handsoITh9ly, following the early I up miB8ionary work in Japan. where 
English style of archi,tecture. \Vhen he holds an important post. having at 
the naves and transepts are completed the preeent time some eight assistants whole structure will be 250 feet 'Working under him. Th
 Rev. Charles 
1ong. It will be built of Credit Valley' H. Shortt. hàd the charge for some 
stone, and it is the design of the, archi- I time. retiring from it to become rec- 
toot to have a tower at the south- tor of St. Cyprian'
. which parish was 
west corner 1'35 feet high. i parU
. formed by the efforts of the 
JtQ may be mentioned here, though. ' congregation of St. Alba
'fI. From 
that the designs for the buiIdinK when about Eaeter, 1893, the offflce has been 
completed have not yet been definitely! held by the Rev. A. U. De Pender. 
a.dopted. ; who cam
 to Toronto from the Diocese 
'll)Je iruterior of St. Alban's as it is of OnlarlO. 
in 1898 presents a r.emarkably hand- I The follc;>wirug constitute the cathe- 
some appearance, dcspi.te the unfinish- I dra! staff l
ed state of the exterior. ! PlShop, RIght Rev. Arthur Sweatman, 
T.he des.ire of the bisho
 at first-as. D.D., D. C. L. 
set fortb in his pastoral of 1fi86-was Arc1hdea.cons-Venerables Samuel J. 
to cQlffiPle,te, as far as possible, the Boddy (Toronto). and ThoIIllis W. AI- 
organization of a oathedral staff for len (Peterborough). 
the purpose of assisting in diocesan F-tshop's cbap la ins-Revs. H. Scad- 
m.ißsionary work before attempting ding. D.D., and .\. J.Broughall. M. A., 
the ereotion of any part of the build- (examining.) 
mg. And it would have teen better, Canons. res1denti.ary-Re'vs. H. Scad- 
no doubt, as events have turned out, ding. ';) D.; E. Å. \V'elch, M. A., 
if this plan had been adbered to, TIut (cihancpUor). J". D. Cayley. M. A., (pre- 
a very stronK indfUcement-onp ,\ h:ch centor). 
certainly ought not to have been Canons, non-r
ident- Revs. H. B. 
i.gnored- .vas that made by t.he st. Osler. Francis Tnmayne Alexander 
Alban's. Park SiYndi
te for the imme- Ranson. C. C. Johns
n, E. \V. 
ùi.ate commeneement of the cath
dral Murphy, R. \V. E. Greene, P. Harding, 

üice. TI':1eir offer was acce,>ted and, A. 'V. Spragge. John Farncomb W 
in accordance with it, the portion of Reiner. ' . 
the bui!din5' shown in the illustration Hooorary canons-Revs. J. P. Shera- 
'Was ereo
ed.. . tOTI. D.D., J. F. Sweeny, D.D., a.nd C. H. 
. But. thLS . I
 the ch8;pter m Mo
kridg8. D.D. 
financIal d!fflculh
m wþlch; un- I Prilffit-vkar-Rev. A. ü. DePencier. 
!ess sO?1 e hmely 3:ld ar
lves, 1t w1l1 be I Choir ma.sler-:\tlr. David Kemp. 
Impo'SSlble to extnc.ate I tself. In a re- I 
cent statement ÏBsued the total in- 
debteò resting on the building 
and tb() f'roperty is '60,OOO-not sure- CHAPTER XXIII. 
ly a hope.less sum of money for a. 
diocese like Toronto to deal with. Still, TRINITY COLLEGE CHAPEL. 
no adequ
te effo
t, as yet, l?-
 boon T.e BaJ1d...e I"n.;;r.u,. t:.ucgc Rbet Ib 
made. to meet thLS present dlff1culty. I III a r,. 
"r.he bishop's last appe3.1 to the city . . !i... 
clerg-y and con
regations brought TrlI
lty College Çhap
l, III 
forth some oontnbutions, but not ern wm.g of the unIversIty bUlldmg, IS 

ough to relf.eve, to any perceptible in its interior one of the handsom

xten:". the grave financial difficulty. ecclesiastical structures in the Clty 
Since the commencement of the ser- of Toronto. It has been spoken 

 these have been from time to of by cO'Dlpetent critics as a "gem of 
time' carried on by different clergy. ecclesiastical .aT(:hi
ecture," a
d wh
'Ð.cting under the direction of the one enters wlthu
 its walls th1S praIse 
bishop, as dean. Of these we may name does not appear m the exagger- 
tho Rev. Jame!J George Lewis, who ated. 
beld the office of PriMt-Vicar-3.s the From 1852 until 1884 what is now 
'Clergyman responsible for the re;;z:ula.r tht-, college libra.ry '\W18 used by the 
conduct of cathedral services is styled- profee.gors and under-graduates of 
(or eome time. He was subse:luer1lIv T.rintiy for divine service. l\Iorn'n



evening prayers were held there I having been in great measure provided 
throughout the year daily, while on owing to a dona.tion of '10.000 from 
Sundays many families who resided the. family of the late M1r. James Hen- 
near the University also worshipped derson in the previous year, the work 
in its precincts. In the year 1883 it I wa.s camme1nced and carried to a sue- 

ded to huild a chapel as an oes<;ful completion, the ch"lpel being 
a.djunct to the college, and the funds opened on October 18th, 1884. . 


LA)" D

'l'lhe style of architecture is later ' I I Testament History in the General TheD- 
Gothic Ilnd the,re a"I'e some very fine log;cal Seminary of );ew York. 
stained glass windows in the chancel, Following Provost Body at Trinity 
as well as excellent examples of wood came the Reverend E. A. 'Velch, who 
carving in the stalls Jl,Dd seats. was, at the d Itt' of h:s appointment. 
Tohe chapel will comfortably seat of the Church of the Venerable 
rather more than 150 worshippers, Bede at, En.g-land, The ]asl- 
th<mgh, except on SIJeci.a1 occasions, named 
ntJeman still hold.s office in 
it does niCrt oftell happen that as ,1899. 
many present at any of the Itl iß a coincidence, that all the three 
se.rvices. It is extra-parochial and the I provosts of Trinity have been graduates 
pulpit is usually filled either by the of Ca.mbrid,ge University, belonging re- 
Pro\0'3t or by some one of the clerical I spect
vely to Queen.s, St. John's and 
0I'8, Daily prayers are said King's Colleges. Of the other clerical 
there throughout the academical year I professors, their numbers are almost 
and. the. Holy Communion is adminis- equally divided from among Oxlorct not only upon Sundays but upon Cambridge and Trinity itself. 
all holy days. Tihej brass lectern is a re- 
markably handsome piece of furniture, 
while the chancel, to the south of which 
is the organ, is in e:xquisite taste, 
neither being too orna te or too severe 
in its several surroundings. Tbe 5"lr.a .reek'on '-Iaee of Won.lp fer 
A noticeable feature in the chancel A ..::Ii...".... 
is the massive carved 

. Episcopal On the east biue of Duflerin street, 
chair, P:r: esented by the family o
he I nOloth of Dundas street, is a little 
e :Major. Ch
rles JODe8. a 
lsbn-. cohurch of rather quaint appEarance, 
g"lllshed officer In the Roy?,l. Artlllery. I sHuated amid picturesque surround- 
an.! brothpr of Prolessor W

lam ..Tones, 'ings. '[hat is, the surroundings are 
now (1899) Bursar o
e Umverslty. ,At I picl uresllue in summer time. In the 

he back of t.h
 r:halr ':8 j}.. bra;>s. .be
r- winter though they are rather bleak 
mg the followmg Latm mscnptlOn.- and dreat'. !lhe prop.Jrly of St. Anne's 
In Piam l\Ie.moriam pa.rish lies in a depression and is oom- 
fratri8 dilpctissimi posed of So large lot with a small 
Caroli Jones, tribuni militum church, a frame school 
Oohortis regiae ballistariorum pra.efeo- 
milding a,nd. an old-faSJhÏ?ned rectory. 
ti. iBtiu.s collegii clim f)cholans r
e chu
ch IS ;L. Ted bnc
banc cathedrø.in episcopateno. wIth 0. htUe frampd porch m the front, 
P. C. gable. fadng Duffprin street, where- 
frate-r on is a placard announcing '"All seats 
A. D. ::\IDCCC.x:CVI. free aA: evening service." ,A fanciful 
, . t h f stone belfry ri
s from the front and 
. Another beautiful adjunct 0 t e ur- the impression made by this little 
nLture of the chancel are t
e brag,g gas Gothíc structure is a plpasant one. 
standards standing respectively to the !fhis impre"sion is heightened when 
nort.'h a.nd south of the holy tab.1 e , regarding Ih,' interior It is a pretty 
while upon the latter stands a maSSIve nave. vpry !>uggestive .of the old Eng- 
brass croas and ?haste. flower vases. listh chapel sly Ie. The walls are un- 
The wood ca.rvmg on the s
aps of t
e plastered. the roof is of open timber 
prov08t and de'.1n 
e e
qU18lte speCI- work pierced by neat dormerlet win- 
mens of workmanship. They are em- dows There is a spacious centre aisle 
blematic. of the four Evangelists, Mat- and two side aisles. and a number of 
thew, Mark, Luke and .Tohn. Thesp pretty lancet windows admit a suh- 
stalls ar
 in the 
e8tern end of the dued light which adds much to the 
ohapel, .dl.rectly faclllg t
e .holy table. happy impression made and serves to 
The- fust Provost o
 TrImty was 
he increase the religious sentiment ot the 
Reverend George Whittaker, who 
lll- wors.bípper. The roof is supported by 
ad that position for exactly thl:ty slender woodpn piIlaIs. The chancel 
yearn. He resi
.Ded in lh8I. Leavmg contalÏns organ, seals for the choir, 
Ca.nada. he rf'turned to England. where und a small 
an('tuary. A triple lan- 
he died ahaut three years later. cet window of variegated colours 
Provost \Vhi.ttaker W8ß succeeded by adorns the eastern end above the 
the &v. C. \V. E. Body, who held office altar. 
until the summer of 1894, when he was A handsome memorial window is in- 
tran.'!lated to the professorship of Old serted to the side of the little vestry, 




at the 'north-east corner, upon which ' I bers Gibson, B.A., succeeded to the in- 
 inscribed. .'Sacred to the Memory of cumbency. 
\Villiam Murray Gooch, who was accÌ- !\fr. Gibson died July 22. 1872, and 
df>nlally shot near the Humber, March I was succeeded by the Rev. S. S. Strong. 
26th. 1881, aged 16 years." D.D.. D.C.L., who remained rector till 
The is entirely detached the autumn of 1877. when he resigned, 
from the church, and while not pretty and retired from active duty, after 
nor architecturally noticeable, yet many years spent in the c'hurch'
serves its purpOS9. It contains 'J.n ele- I ,'ice. He was succeeded by the present 
vated platform at the eastern end. incumhrnt, Rev. John McLean Ballard, 
with a reading desk, piano and organ. M.A.. of Trinity College. Toronto. 
A gallery at the western: end, made, On Jun-e 26, 1879, the parish was 
to communicate by a sliding partition I divided by the formation of St. Mark's 
with the main room, is also used for puish. Parkdal-e, where a school house 
the infant class, and also contains an I had been built and services conducted 
organ. by th-e rector of St. Anne's, with the 
St. Anne's øeem
 to have been set help of Prof. Maddock, of Trinity 

- d\ 

. . '" A 
'i A :
\)\J -=yt 


.! ,

1 I A I \ 
I . r-
 ro \ f 
_: 1- .' 
f. '"'- I . --:-r-: 
- r
- j 
 -c , 
 J; ....- I _ . 
y -i 
 I _ - -.:, ,_ - -f 

- ....,-"" 



 1 - 
. i
ir .:: - ="' 1 '
' \ \,' 
_ ... \

: L--o 


,- , · ". :j :., '1! 

 I'i _J 

'-r , 
1\ , - .! 

 't; ......It - ";'!, I


:r-1.1---y-- 10 ",-=::. - '= 
00; "0 '- --" I '- =

- --
--. _
" . .
 ., . i;'

'I'. ;1 ,
 -Fr -;>-

 (!: þ j'

? ff r: T
)i! ,:i'!I
i mfITITfmjmiH1 \H\

j 5 
- - NIIfI'


- - --;.,..tL\Il.

- . 



- -- 
-:::==-' - - 

- -? 

- _ 
 D!'=>. _ =-- =------- r:-: - 

apart as a separate parish in .ranu- I College, 
fu-. C. L. Ing!(,B, then a stu- 
ary. 1863, the Rev. John Hilton being dent at the college, and Mir. Rawlin- 
the incumbent, and R. L. Denison and son, an earnest lay worker in Park- 
Joseph Church the churchwa.rdens. The I dale. In the autumn of 1879 St. Anne's 
parish was first represented in the church was enlarged by the addition 
Synod of the Diocese in June, 1863, of an aisl-e on the south side, the ser- 
R. L, Denison being the lay represen- vioes for the time being held in a. 
tative. The church was built in 1862, school house, which h
d been erected 
but Church of England services were I on Grove avenue, in a part of the 
held ill the neighbourhood before that parish which was rapidly building up. 
date, in a private chapel erected by In 1881 th-e church was again enlarge(l 
Co!. R. L. Denison at his residence, to meet the rapid growth of the 
then known as Dover Court, which b.a.s I neighbourhood, an aisle being added to 
since been demolished and the ground the north side, with an organ chamber 
surveyed into a new street, named and vestry. An organ was ,also pur- 
Churchill avenue, connecting with <'hased and first used at the re-open- 
Lakeview aVE-nue. l ing of the church. . 
On the death of the Rev. John Hi!. fn February, 1f/85. the parIsh wa!i 
ton, in 1871, the Rev. Joseph Cham- I again divided. and a new parish 

formed, on the south-east, including I Anne's parish, and subject to the 
a part of St. :Matthiaa' parish, and supervision of its clergy, the Sund&y 
COIl6tituted the parish of St. .Barna
. 1 duty at pres
mt being chiefly taken by 
In 1887 the school house was removed Mr. F. R. Dymond and Mr. W. J. Med- 
from Grove avenue to the lot on Duf- ford, licensed laLV readers of the dio- 
fe-rin street, beside the Church of St. ceee. 
Anne. 'There was also erected in the I '[hose who have officiated as curates 
parish during the summer of 1887 St. in the puish have been the late Arthur 
01ave's church by the lake at Swansea, Boultbee, the Rev. Herbert Symonds, 
near the mouth of the H;umber, the 1\1. A., the Rev. J. J. Johnston, L. S. T., 
.ev. Henry Softley conducting the ser- I the Rev. J. G. 'Valler. M. A., the Rev. 
S. there and at the HC)wa
d street I A. U. De Pencier. a.nd the Rev. G. F. 
miSSIOn, where & church has since been Davidson B A 
built on Ronce6valles avenue, known ' .. , 
as St. Jude's church, Toronto. I [[he rectors of St. Anne s been: 
In 1888 the continued growth of the 1863-1871-Reverend John Hilton. 


, "' 





neighbourhood made it necessary t.o 1 1871-1872-ReVerend J. C. Gibson, 
again enlarge the church by the addl- B. A. 
thn of transoepts and a new cha
cel 1l872-1877-Reverend S. S. Strong, 
anlL lower, t
ereby more than doubhng I D. D.. D. C. L. 
its former size. The plans were pre- 
pared by 
Ir. A. R. ÐenisC)n, and sev- !877-Reverend J. McLean Ballard, 
eral hand8
me memorial windows and 
I. A. 
a chimß of eight tubular bells have . '[he .churchwa.r
ens at St. Anne'
.since been added. I smce Its foundatIon hav
 been these., 
:\1r. Ballard is still rector and is now. IP63-1861-R. L. Demson, Joseph 
in 1"96 ably assisted by the Rev. Gil- Church. 
1 e:t Farquar Davidson. B. A., of Trin- 1 '61-1868 - R. L. Denison, Klvas 
ity College. I TulJy. 
-:he church of St. Olave's. Swansea, in PG8-1870- R. L. Denison. Henry 
-charge o
 Rev. II. Softlpy. and the O'Brien. 
chmch of St. Jude's, Roncesvalllcs ave., I 1870-1871 - R. L. Denison, G. ß. 
continue to Le mission church-:s 0:. St. , KirkpÜnc"k. 

L \
;1.871-1812- John ßa.con. G. B. Kirk- I 189.3-1S:H-S. Shaw, G. G. Lindsay. 
pa.trick. 189-!-1897-'V. \Yilliams, A. H. Rich- 
1812-187.J-R. L. Ðen:son. .Tohn Bacon. a.rdson. ' 
1873-1874 - R. L. Denison, R. N. 1897-1899-8. A. Matthews, .T. Bar.. 

h. low. 
1874-1875 - R. N. Gooch, .T. G. Deni- 
1875-1876 - J. G. Denison. F. Baker. I I. 
1876-1877-J. A. Donaldson, Colonel CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH. 
Alger. - 
1877-18ï8 _ R. L. Denison. R. N. \ .An Areblleelural Gt'm In tbtl Nerlber. 

ch. hubarbl. 
1878-1880 - J. S. Lockie. R. steven- I The formation of the parish known 
BOn. by the above name was broughtJ about 
-1881-R. N. Gooch. Major W. L. in this way:- 
Milligan. The most northerly Church of Eng- 

 í :iI.:. . 


IB81-1883-Major Milligan. Clarence I land parish in the city was, prior to 
A. K. Denison. the formn.tion of the Church of the 
18B3-'884-Major Milli
an, Septimus Messiah, the Church of thg Redeemer, 
'A. Deni,>on. I on Bloor street west, who.3e northerly 
19fH-'885-C"1ha.rles L. Denison. G. A. limits were identical with those of the 
Denison. . city, the parish of Chri
t Church, Deer 
1885-1886 _ Alfred 'Vright. .T. J. Park, extending southward to the city 
Dyas. boundary. 
J886-188S- Alfred Wrig'ht G. A. Deni- \ As the great area between Bloor 
1IOIl. street and Deer Park church filled up. 
88-1891-.Tames Armstrong. Alfred the necessity for better church accoInr- 
iW"right. mo:lation began to be felt. To meet, in 
1891-189.3 _ T. N. Sampson. E. .T. I some measure, this want. the Church 
V0.38. of the Redeemer established a mission 



in the 
eighbourhood o
 the. Davenport I dens were .Joseph Ja.-ckes a.nd A. J; 
Road, In ch<lrge of whLCh. In. the WIll- Parker, who beld offi
'e from Easter 
ter of 1
88-89, the Bishop appo1nted the 1 1890, till Easter, 189:!". Their suc.: 
Rev. .John Gillespie. The old building oessors were Gra.n.t HeJliwell and John 
used by the Primitive Methodist D, Armstrong. On tha lament&<! death 
Church on t.he corner of Yonge street I of !hf.' !a
tßr ge.ntlema..n in November, 
and the D..lvenport road, whose congre- 1 189 ;), WIlham Stone was appointed. Mr. 
gabon had re.:moved Ito their new I ' Ston
 and Mr. John Patterson were 
church on Avenue road, was secured apPOIllte
rdens at the Ea.ster vea- the church's work was zealously I try III 1896. 
prosecu,ted. Under 
lfr. Gillespie's care 
rapid progress was made, and tbe ne- 
cessity for more extensive and suit- 
able quarters was soon apparent, with 
thj's reS/ult, that i.n the spring of 1890 
 Imall ,'b.reb wUh :SD I';xl!ellenl a.. 
the Bishop sanc.tioned thE' form.a.tion of 
th.e parish of the Church of the MeS/- copel. 
siah, and appointed the H.ev. .John Gil- At the time of the great and sudden 
lespie ilts rector. ) growth of Toronto, about ten years 
The boundaries of the parish are as ago, the suburb then known as Seaton 
follows: C'omme:ncing at the corner of Village became so I?opulous that it was 
Yonge and BelIDDnt streets, northerly taken into the CIty boundaries. À 
to Roxborough avenue, thence easterly laTge proportion of the people were 
to the ravine, thence northerly to Sum- I English, having been attracted to 
merhill avenue, and the north city this country by th
 great" boom" in 
limits, thence westerly to Poplar Plains, the building tra.des, and of these there 
road, thence southerly to Davenport were, 3.8 one would naturally expect 
road and easterly to the point of bpgin- j ' to find, many Church of England 
ning. people. A.lLbou
b !J..lH ùf ::;t. Thomas' 
The li.ttle congregation were full of parish, the section just spoken of was wnrl hope, and the present fine I a long way from the c
urch, and as 
site on the corner of Avenu
 roa.d and i at St. Alban's cathedral services had 
Dupont street, was purchased. A . been begun in the crypt, many of the 
Sunday school building, facing on Du- people attended there. A cathedral 
nt stre
t, was 
t onC?e erected, the does not pretend to do parish \\ork, 
ervlOe t
relll belng held about yet the priest-vicar 9f the time, Dr. 
the mlddle of September, 1890. 1':1 tbe J. G. Lewis, was able to look after the 
. G<?rdon & HeIlnveIl, people to some extent. He was followed 

, of thiS C.lty, were en!!aged by the Rev. .J. G. 'Valler, who in the 
In 'p
parlllg the desIgn for the church autumn of 1890 was sent out as a 
IJwldlllg, a bandsomeJ stone structure .. . 
deß!ti'lled to furm a notable addition to mlss
onary t
 Japan, nobody belllg 
the church archi.tRcture of Toronto. appolllted to hIS place 
t the cathedral. 
The contract for tbe stone .work of The care of Seaton VIllage then fell 
the church was let to 2\Iessrs. Oakley upon the clergy. bf St. Thomas', who 
& Holmes, and t.he construction of the already had their hands very full. A 
gun. most opportune offer of assistance 
In the fall of 1890 the new church came to these gentlemen at the close 
W8B completed, the m
hop of Toronto of 1890 from the members of the sister- 
opeming it with special service. hood of St. John the Divine, who estab- 
In arch.itecture the church is an lished a mission house .on Johnson, 
example of the perpendicular gothic now Follis, avenue. For some time, in 
s.tyle. The rough grey lime stone is consequence of this help, the Revs. C. 
a.dapted to none hut simple treatment, J. Roper and L. I. Smith were enabled 
and. the effect of the buildin5 is. due to effectually carryon the work. A 
to Its general form ani prOp?rtlOns, free dispensary was opened, mothers' 
r than to elaborate detaIl. The meetings, sewing classes, Band of 
IIlR881 ve battlement
d .tower on .the Hope and .work among the poor were 
Dupont street elevatIon IS a COnspICU- successfuUv maintained. 
ous o1?JeCt. evetIl from Y on
e street. In 1891 it was deemed necessary to 
Tbe llltenor ot the bmldlllg IS . h. h med 
in harmony with its extenor, the form a new 
ansh, w 
c was na 
a.rchå.tects having adhered to the same after St. Cypnan, th
 BIshop of Car!h- 
sty le in the open timbered roof, oa.k: a
. The boundaries. of the parIsh 
sea.ta and chancel fittings. The spat- were Bloor street, Osslll
ton avenue. 
ing accommodation is about 700. The Davenport road, BrunswIck avenue. 
total coat of site 8Jld buildin!!s has heen WeUs and. Bathurst streets, and these 
&bout $
,OOO. The first churchwar- have not Slllce been changed. The Rev. 




C. H. Shortt, M.A., of Woodbridge, was I time to time have been made, while 
appointed by the Bishop the first rec- OOle of tile parochial guilds did much 
tor of the new parish, while services good work under the direction of the 
were continued in St. Alban's crypt I Sisters of St. John. The latter have 
until such time as a church could be themselves made ma.ny gifts of neces- 
built. sary furniture. The clergy and con- 
The site selected Cor the church '\\-as gregation of SL Thomas' Church also 
a lot of 65 fee>t on Christie street, on have given much assistance to the par- 
the south-west corner of Dupont street, I ish, arnd still continue to do so, Rev. 
and was purchased from Mr. Frank F. G. Plummer, of St. Thomas' Ohurch, 
Turner fo:r: $1,500. On Septembf'r 
6th, being instructor of SL Cyprian's choir. 
1891, til
 fIrst sod was turned for the By the energetic work of the rector, 
u.ndabon of t
e new church by the I Rev. C. H. Shortt, and his assistants, 
OP of the plO?ese.. It was thoug:ht work in the new pansh of St. Cyprian 
advIsable at thLS.hme, ,Ill order to bUild rapidly proceeded. Parochial organlza- 
uP. a cong:r:ega?on wIth proper paro- tions or all kinds, and a parish maga- 
, to hold the .se
- I zine, were soon got under v.-ay, and 
VIces In Turner s Hal], on ChrIstIe ever since have been doing excellent 
street, the Sunday schools being still work. The congregat;ons and Sunday 
held in St. Alban's and the Mission schools have steadily increased sinct' 

v ý 
1?/ ;,
/--:;",,' /?{o.."",-5-


 -- ,-

_' .:;;.

r t
4 -i/
;1 (

\ : 
l :?!.-G

:'--- ::i..




 - "



..- -
' -.o- .-\,,>,:-- 



fJ. --



 1 \ 

þ . C:-

=w ,JL \" 
. : ,,/ ,'. 
I L '-t" - 
r I II f

C;]j "" """ ,r':
, ií&'" ',,' .
 - - 

' --==-


I-..- __ ___ -


 - - -: 
-? -. -=--
Y / .-::.. =-=-=::. 
house previously spoken of. Work on I the parish was orgamzed. 
the new church proceeded rapidly: For five years Mr. Shortt continued 
which, with the rectory attached, was his work as rector of st. Cyprian's, 'but 
completed at a oost of 84,500. Mr. I when, in t
e spring of .1897, Rev: J. 
Eden Smith was the archit.f'ct, and I C. Roper re.'51gned the actmg rectonate 
Messrs. L. :T. Bland and F. J. Goodman of 
t. Thoma.
' church to take uI? col- 
the contractors leg late work m New York. j\>Ir. Shortt 
On June 19th', 1892, thf' church was 
as appo
nted by the Bishop to tak
formally opened, the services in con- I hLS place, and at Easte.r. 1897, took 
nee-tion therewith extending over a farewel.l of the. congregatlOn. . 
k . ... . Notwlthstandmg many great fman- 
wee. It IS a plailfl bUIldIng, seatmg cia I difficulties, Mr. Shortt left be- 
about 350 people. In the basf'ment a!Ð I hind him a well-equipped church, and 

ms for the Sunday sch?ols, .chOlr' l a congregation able to meet the fu- 
gUilds,. and Oh
rch Boys. BrIgade. ture with great hope. l\Ir. Shortt's suc- 
There IS a beautiful east wmdow, pre- ce.ssor had in the meantimf' been ap- 
santed by. a gen
rous D?-ember of the I pointed in the person of the Rev. C. 
congregation, whl1e a fme organ bas I A. Seager, M.A., ass:stant curate ot 
recently bee.n added at the cost of the ThOII1B8'. On. the first Sunday 
same individual. Many gifts of church after Easter, 1897, Mr. Seager assum- 
furniture of aU kinds by friends from ed charge and is now rector. 



The present incumbent is working lout necessary work about the church. 
along tbe lines which have proved sO I Quarterly meetin
s of the congrega- 
successful in the past. At the pre- tioD .are held. as well as the Easter 
sent time the work.ot the l?arisR is as I vestry meeting, to discuss the affairs 
follows:-The s
s bemg m
der- I of the church. A p.trish magazine also 
ately. advanc
d m ntual. there IS a I is published monthly. Altogether there 
rphced chOlr of men and boys as-, has grown up during the last six years 
slsted by several ladles. I a congregation well equipped and 01'- 
SerVices are held at 8 o'clock '3very I . h h h 
Sunday mornmg; at 7.8 and 11 o'dock ganl
ed for the work of t e c urc . 
on the first Sanday in each month. Church wardens were from- 
and on Tuesday and Thursday morn_ 1 1891-18g.2. L. J. Bland and D. Orr.. 
ings at 7 o'd.Ðrk, in the Mission House. 1892-1893. L. J. Bland and J. Harm- 
""ednesday evening services are held man. 
ock ir.. Lhe :Mission House dur_ 1 18 93-1894. L. J. Bland and F. J. Good- 
ing the winter and in the church dur- man. 
iug- the summer. Sunday schools are 1894-1898. L J. 1?land and T. 'V. 
beld at 9.3.0 a.m. and 3 p.m. in the 18
-1899. E. Prmce and T. 'V. Slean. 
church. Other Sunday services are as 
follows-illorning and evening prayers 
are said at 11 o'clock a.m. and 7 o.clock 
p.m.. respectively, except On the first 
Sunday lD the month. when a 
celebration of Holy Communion takes An Eoug.lle R
ct.r and a T
ry !'"rc- 
the place of matins. ("0 DKrf'I:" II 00. 
The lay reader i
 illr. V. E. F. :Mor- I St. Mark's church was built as a mis- 
gan. and Mr. G. Wp,rd also as
ists in sion church within the parish of St. 
the sernces. Anne's, Dufferin street, during the in- 
It ha
 already been' mentioned that oumbency of the prooent l"ßctor of St. 
much work Ù, done by the Sisterhood: Anne''S, Rev. J. )f. &llard. Among the 
of St. John the Divine in St. Cyprian's! laymen especially inte
sted in the 
pari5h. They continue to rendel' most I mission was the late Mr. T. 'V. Raw- 
valuable aid through their Mission I linson, who h'ld come to live in the nl'W 
House. A free dispellsary is open each village of Parkdale. Not ònly was he 
day hom 2 to !) o'clock. attended by ; lIIlrtere'sted in ,the building of the little 
;;n efficient staff of medical practition- : mission school house, which was us"d 
el'S. In the. Mission House .are held I Q'S a church until the erection of the 
mothers' meetings. sewing classes for! præent building, but he was also a 
children. etc.. manage..! by the '.;isten;. I lay reader u.nder I\fr. Ballard. 
Here also is the centre for 'poor relief I The first building was ope,ned in De- 
of all kinds for the parish. The sisters I cembe,r, 1877, wirth a seating capaC'ity 
He aided in their work bY,ladies from of 120, and was put upon a lot with 45 
different churches in the city. as well feet frontage. Thf' present building 
as flOm St. Cyprian's. A beautiful was completpd in January, 1881, and 
little chapel is in connection with fhe opened for service on the :loth day of 
Mission House, where services are held. that month. The present church, built 
The sisters also render valuable help in the LTOthic style, will seat 400 per- 
to the rector by visiting, where neces- ßOII1S. Its e>..terior is of red brick and 
sary. ' , ' the inlterIor of white brick with red 
 rarooh;al organizations are brick facings. The chancel measures 
a..<; follm\-s:- 'Yoman's Auxiliary to. 18x122 feet the nave 39x66 feet. the 
.!\t;s ';ons in C'onnet,tion with which are I height 00: th
 wnlls is 18 fpet a
d of 
two subordinate organizations, the I the roof 48 fpf't. Thf' land has 90 fept 
Girls' Branch and the Junior Branch; frOlIltag-A on COIWan aVf'ßUf'. ane'! cost 
a circle of the King's Daughters, which about $900; the cost of the school house 
confines its work to the parish, and a was 8600 and 00: the church $5,000. The 
Chancel Guild, all of which meet in I præe.nt total value of the property IS 
thf' guild room of the church. Besides I upwards of !S,OOO. on which there is a 
th'f'8f' are a large sewi:ng class for I debt of $3,600. . 
C'hiIdren. and a mothers' meeting, The income of the parish in 1887-88 
which assemblp it) the Mission House. I from all sources was about $2,400. The 
There are also a chapter of the st. pew renrtals amounted to about $825 
_'ndrew's Brotherhood, a company of I and the offertory to $1,111. Thf' finan- 
the (,hurch Boy!!!. Brigade, and a busi- ciu} as well as moral work I)f thf' par- 
ne8S committee consisting of men for ish is aided by several auxiliary bodies 
the purpose of discussing and carryin
 ; well organlÎzed and zealously conduct- 


ed. These consiB
 of gui.ld
. 3ssoei
tions I evM- inoumbf'nt 'of St. 1\f'rk.s, is a son 
and other soc!Ï.dles enlisting the mter- of the) latE
 Rev. C. L. Ingles, rector of 
est of tne. people, and are very success- Stamford, Dioce'Se of Niagara. Mr 
iul in the-ir results. l Ingle's graduated R. A. at Trinity Col- 
There. are 25 officers and teachprs in leg'e in 1877, orc'!ainerl deacon hy tbe 
the Sunday school and 185 children. pres
n.t Bishop of Toronto on st. Mnt- 
wi,th an adult Bible of about 20 thew's day, 1879. and ordained priest 
members. The superintendent of the on Se.ptember 26, 1880. He '-las ap- 
school in 1888 was Mr. Walter Ores- pû'Ïnted to Parkdale Septpmber 22,IR79. 
wick, a student of Trinity College, who In 1877 St. MÞHk'g began as a mis- 
itS also the rector's lay assistant. In sion' of st. Anne's with the incumbpnt 
OOOlnection with the work of the church O!f the latter a'S rector. In .July, 1879. 
a very interesting parish magazine is I it was set apart as a separate pa risb 
published monthly, containing a scheme with less than forty families. Now 
of all the services and associations of there are two hundred and thirty fami- 

, II /
 1 ',,


 t ' :' 







 - '. --
--_. -
the pariosh, togpther with a furge l liæ corunected with it. In the summer 
amount of valuable reading matter. rf U387 the rector was taking steps 
The choir is a s'tlrpliced one, C'onsist- to orgaln:i
e a mi

sion f
r the, north- 
Ing of eight men and sixtepn boys. The I 
 portIon of the parIsh-the most 
. . ., t dJ.L'3Itarut part from the church - some 
e In the 
 IS mODe one of the pari\Shioners in that neighbour- 
and l!l the eyenmg .fu.l choral. Thf' hood. Being anxious to obtain a pas- 
 chou was mtroduced for the tor and form a se.parate parish, a pe- 
fIrst tI
e on Ea . st
r Sunday of 1888 1 titiOlll wa5 immediately circulated, for 
under the leadership o! Mr. R. G. which signatures were soon found, ask- 
Doherty, the. .P!ese
t hhOlrmaster, un- ing that on account of the increase in 
dez: whose tmtlOn It has beep. population a new pariosb be set apart 
to Its present excelle!1 t condltwn. Mu,!s I find an incumbent appointed. Instf'Rd 
Gray, dalli of Lleut.-Col. Gray, 1'8 of the mission churc.h, th?refore. the 
the or,gatr1olst. ß&"'
V po riah oIf the Church of the Epi- 
. The Rev. Charles L. Ingles, the pres- pha,n.y WIl!S cut off from St. Mark'e- 


L\.HK::; OF TOn.OX roo 

Jnmeson and Macdonnell avenues form- 
ing the bO'llndary. 
At the t
a:ne of the division there 
were 320 families in connection with 
St. Mhrk's. In the eight years from t n Edltle. 'n tbe Nortll-enu pari .1 ..t'J 
the inception of the parish th
 num- t:lly wllh . PIt-a.hIE Hllltopy. 
bers had increased just eight times. In I About lR84 Rev. Canon DuMoulin in- 
Mhy, .1888, the 
e.ats were made 
rf'e, stituted regular services in st. James' 
Rnd smce that tune the congregations Cemetery Chapel, on Parliament street. 
have greatly increased, and the con- I The work was undertaken as a mission 
.tributi()lllß through the offertory hav(' of St. Jamea' Cathedral, and it proved 
bf'.em 'SIUfficient for current expenses; a success fro
n th3 start. 'Yitb the 
and' the church is financially prosper- J increase of the congregation the ne- 
ou.'s. ce-;sity for enlargement \\ a., paralJlt.unt; 
. . it was felt by Church of England 1100- 
Eight years have passed since the pIe re,si_
ing in the nO
first portion of this account of St. of tþ.e 
lty, that a thvl uugh r
n1>h or- 
Mark's was written. In the mean- gamza.l1?n and a more. cl!n 
'eIl1ent ami 
tiIDJß then' have been some, though not I commodIous church bUlld
!lg \\ e
e call- 
many, changæ in the. congregation, I 
or. In 

lth thIS 
though there has been none in the I cessIty tþe B
shop orgamzed the pansh 
J'IOCtor, Mr. Ingles still continuing his <?f St. SLII
on s, and named Hev. T. C. 
ministry there. Mr. 'Yalter Cres- Street-:1\1a<;klem, B.A., the. curate of 
wick re.ferre.d td as the superintendent I All Samts 
hurch, as the fIrst rector. 
of t.he Sunday school, took holy orders T,he appom
ment was. a happy one; 
shortly afterwards, and became min- for Mr. l\I
klem, who IS a g
i.ster in charge of St Simon's church of St. J"oh
 S College, Cambr
dge. IS 
East Toronto.' , ! the emboålment of. a popularl
y, an 
The congregation of St. Mark's has' energy Rnd enthusIasm that, lD lef:8 
grown as far as t seating ca a- . tha.n on
 year, crowne. d the new move- 
. t . 11 II n h . hb P I lllent wIth the most signal success. A 
l a
, and as t. e. n
lg our- suitahle church has been erected, a 
hood lS con
LDually growmg,. mcr.eased ! flourishing congregation and Sunday 
accommodatIon must 00 provIded If 
he . scho31 have been established, and St. 
church PE:ople of the parish are 
 fmd Simon's is in the front rank of To- 

ir to attend the serVIces of ronto's Church of England panshes. 
. A most eligible site was bought at 
The wardens of St. Mark's have been the head of Ontario street, meas'Ur- 
these: ing 150 feet frontage with a depth of 
[cLean, Major Gray. : 60J feet. The churc:h crO\\'ns the south- 
1879-80-William Atkinson, Dr. Playter. I ern. slope of. t
e pIcturesque Rosedale 
1880-1-J. S. Lockie, Thomas ,V. Raw- raVIne, and It IS a structure a,> hand- 
linson some as it is unique. Th.
 style of 
-J. S. Lockie, W. A. Walker. ,ar?hitecture is ,the 
1 882-3-J". S. Lockie, W. A. 'Valker. Ehzabethan, . an 
daplatlOn success- 
1883-i-H. J. Hill, B. Goodman. fully 
ade lD th.IS case, though. the 
1884-!>-J. Walker, B. Goodman. style LS unusual lD church archltec- 
1885-6--Geo:rge D. Perry, G. N. Rey- tUT
:e structure rests upon a founda- 
nolds. tion of Croadit Valley stone, with red 
1886-7-George D. Perry, John 'Valker. brick walls to the window sills. and 
1887-B-CharIes J. Brown, B. Goodman. I th.en ornamental rubble and timber 
1888-9-James A. Saunders, B. GOod- I ' work to t hoe roof, the whole interrnin.g- 
man. ling arrangement being very ornate 
1889-90-Samuel Horton, S. 'v. m
Ck' l and tasty. The long line of the nave 
1890-91-George D. Perry, S. 'V. nI;Jck. is broken by a fine gable at the west 
1891-2-Fred. Kelk, A. J. La Venture. end, surmounted with a cross. Un- 
1892-3-Fred. Kelk, B. Goodman. derneath this is a beautiful cloistered 
1893-4.-S. 'V. Black, F. G. Mingay. entrance, a..nd near it, on the soutb- 
S. W. J3lack, F. G. Mingay. ern side of the church, a graceful 
1895-&-Fred. Kelk J. Champlin Hari- [:orch; the gables of the baptistery at 
son.. ' this enrl give the building a novel, 
1B96-7-Fred. Kelk, J. Champlin Hari- b
t, finish. Clerestory, 

n wmdows pierce the chancel walls. 
. the roof of which ha.s been raised for 
the purp03e; while above the organ- 
chamber gable a little bell-turret is 
erected in harmony with the chimneys 
and ventilating shaft. The fine 




quality and finish of the wood. sto!le, ! StaJndB 0IUIt from the chancel on the 
rubble and brick work taken wIth north side of the church. the lectern 
the gracefu I harDlon
' in colour of the occupying a corresponding pmition on 
terra cotta til.e give the church an un- I the south side. In the chancel are four 
usual but artistic and even picturesque seven-branøhed gas standards, which, 
appearance. together with the lectern and other 
The church wi!l seat 400 pe:r: sons and I fUTnis.hings for t
e chanool. were pre- 
has a centre and two side aIsles; the sented to the pan-;h by the rector, he 
sea.tlng. in ash, is arranged with draw having obtain
d them in England. The 
sea.ts at either end. The decoration of altar cross was presented by one ot 
this part of the church is in copper the parishioners. 
reds. to hnrmonize with the Leaded I There are vestries on the north for 
glazing of tru9 windows. and, joined the choir and clergy, v.W:i.ile SI\lnday 
with the brick dado around the church. scihool rooms are to be fitted up in the 
it gives it ø. warmth and finish of tone. I bas ement.. A Bweet-tone-d beU, welg h- 
,------ - --- 
L 'J- 
. . 'Mt. 
W ri. 

';. .......t.. .
,_J r 



 .., 1" 
: j. 
 t' ;


fi . 4 ' 
 . .6r, i

. i

 ,. ..' a.. . r ". '-I:.. 
- :; + ' " 
..' " ...'
_ _ 
r, .
"". . ..;. <

" '-

 .. "'.. ... ') I>{,{. tt

-' " 
, -



.'. ,:', 


: ') ", W-i"' 
 ' ''':.i..
 -..1 ", 
.J". ,
-- -

, "' 

. '."'

{l . .
[ I Of .' 
-_ -è-:- i'" ,/of 
 .-_-"", - .....,-.' 

( L 
. -- -- - 
l. ",- Itff .. -.&:- j - (... -.... 
 ,.. . 
.tl r -"" -'

\' t
1-,i.;,.--, "W _ :;w' 
-- ,: '\ _=-- ": 
 '_' 't - 
 L 'v, 
---c- " ...- ,.' 
- :
: ,,\
--- \ Ij \' 
' '. r

, .l


 \, hì 
" , ':.:.T:";;?, 

': ,

'"C'" ,: 
, I 



\ , 1 'f j U , 1 

, '!

:, .-
"=' ..,.J! t 
. .:.:.:..... . r. IT ';<'. '\I
' ...d,fi

' III "'1.'1" '/' -:. 

 !LÍ' ,
" \1" i ,
 ' · , .... 
 - =-===----- 
. - i II( I -
 ""'7:;-- _ _ -, ---_ 




 E _ L 


The baptistery at the west end is l ing 1,794 pounds, swings in the petite 
novel but pleasil1lg'. The chancel is turret and s.ends its glad notps out 
tastefuJly decorated. and has seats for over tile ravine so becom.ingly beauti- 
thirty c,horister::i and five clergy. The I ' fl.ed by tihis handsome church. And al- 
organ chamber is on the EOu,th, well though the present church is intend- 
out in t.he building. but partially ed to be rea.lly thoe Sund:lY sehool room 
screened from it. The ceiling and of a fu,ture Larger and more suitable 
walls of the chancel are panelled and , strurture. yet, in the beauty of it", cOn- 
finished in ornate st\æco work. the I cepf ion. in the novelty and chastenp-ss 
sa.nctuary b
ing enriohed with a ribbed I of i! s exterior and interior decoration. 
elliptical bronzed ceiling and ornate and in bhe value of all its arrangements 
friezes. The e8:'3t wall contains a and appointments. it surpasses alm<>st 
handsome window with a central cross: every other c,hurch in the city. Ar- 
of and
nt cattboedral glass; above thø I ti
ti('ally the Church of Our Lady of 
a.ltar it is diapered In rÍClhly cdloured ' Lourdes ie; its only superior. St. 
bronzes, The pulpit, of carved wood, f- i:non's ('huTch C'o,t only $11 000, an 



Insignificant sum when the beauty and: externally and internally were ma. 
finish of the building are considered. terially nltered. The re
ult as far 
Rev. 1\1:r. Macklem is assisted by Rev. 
s the exterior is concerned, 'lJetrays 
C. L. V. r.rine, H. A., of King s College, Its I?atch
ork history, but not so with 
Nova Scotia. Communion is celebrated the lOt enor, which has been vastly im- 
twice every Su,nday, with choral litany p

, and may be termed plpa<nng, 
at 4.15, and evening song at 7. Two d.lgmfIed an,d churchly. Thesp exten- 
service8 are held every day in the week slye were pushed thro
at 10 8.. m. and 5.30 p\. m., with even wIth {'onsl(i
rable energy, and ser\'WèS 
song on \'''"ednesday at 8. All these were. held. In the enlarged church for 
. the fIrst bme on Sunday, 30th Ü<
serVIces are 
n 18
2, the congregation having heen de- 
Sunday evemng
 num.k 1'.. ar\ o. t n pnved of the use of their building for 
t?-rn,'d a
ay. whIle many who can just 
our months only. The ser,;ices in the 
fInd eDtl ance are content to stand d'Ur- lIlterval had been ('arried on in the 
ing th.,} 
ntire service.. 'Ih
 choir is little mortuary ('hap..d in st. JaIll
3' by a vocahon played ef- Cemetery, which haJ. heen the o!':f:"'- 
fectively by Mr. Ernest \Yood, the nal gath09ring pla
e, and rt'mained for 
choirmaster bÛng Mr. J. \V. F. Har- several years aftPT\\-anl-; the spìritual 
on. 'fhere i:,; a surpliced choir uf 
O home of the worshippers who formed 
voices, and while the singin6 yet re- the. nucleus of the 
t. Sim::m's congre- 
veals the rece.nlt organization, it i9 gat:o:1 wh
n .the new .par!sh wac:; set 
ehø.rmingly done. 
The service is a.part. COlllcldent-ly th
chor"a! and is given with all the dignity ment of the ch
 the organ als{) \\as 
and grace t.hat make such a service 
nlarged, and It IS nON an excellent 
prc-['mÏ:lently beautiful. impres.<òive and lIlRtrument an
 .very swee
-toaed, al- 
though the addItion of a thlr,1 L anual 
he,lpful . is nC9ded to render it as rower(u! as 

 he ochurch was opened for 
el'Vlce On it oU6"ht to be for the size of the ('hureh. 
cth day of 

arch, 1888. The ThPv blo\vhg of the organ is done h',- a 
bmldmg wa
 begun 1Il the fall. of lE87, small electric molQr, which pPrforms 
and completed In 1888. \Y11l1e th() its work efficiently and very quietly. 
no,e:ty 0" Ih2 mu\'emfmt doubtles3 al- Electricitv is used al
o throurrllOut the 
tracted many at first, it was soon Slen building- for the purposes of lighting 
that st. Simon's church was estab- Rnd ventilation. The spe<'ification of 
Ii shed upon a sur" foundation, and thPv organ ils as follows:- . 
t its outlook was of the most san- Violin diapason, stopped dIap- 
gUITIe charactRr. ason, gamba, traverse fIutp, ìlautina. 

inc(' thp forpgiong arti(,]p was writ- oboe, cornopcon. 
ten St. Simon's church h,lS undprgone Great-OpE'n diapason, dopppl flute, 

 structural cha:lge so CCI?pJete that dulcìan
l, gamba, principal. twelfth, fif- 
It could h:lT,ll.v he recogmzed to-day teenth 
from the .dp<;<'ripi ion given above. The Pedais-Double open :1nd BourdoD. 
('ongregatlOn outgrew the accommoda- - 
tion provirled I'n much more rapidly Couplers-Octave coupler to swell, 
than ha1 hepn anticipat?d th:'Il it I1P- swell to great, grpat to perlal, swell to 
C,lme npCP<;C:;
H'.- to ahand0n the plan perlal, two combination pedals and tre- 
at first ent"rta'ned of occupyin
 the mulant. 
original. huildlIlg for ten or 
welve The ppriod of church enlargement 

'(>arR. till the (
d be r
\(l off, was quickly followe.! by th
<lJ1,l of th.
n (hvertm
 It. to . Sunday marked phases of the genpral business 
s{'h?01 purpose,,;, and erectmg m front depr-:ssion, so well known to us an, 
oC Il a, I erman
nt stonp chu.rch. ß.,
- anti it was inevitable that the church 
fore threp :vèars were past ll1crea.
ed should feël it in many ways. "ever- 
acco.mmodatl.m was r
pldlY Lecommg lheless the progress of the par:slÍ' has 
an Iml crat V
 ne(,p.sslty! and. at the been d'ecidedly encouraging and sub. 
Easler vest rv me3tmg III lK92 steps ' .' . f . h 
werf' t:tken (or th{' immediate re-con- sf'quent events have a
p!y Jusb led t e 
trurl'o') of tho" 'x'st:ll'.! huilrling, on enlargf'ment of the bU.Ildmg. The la
a scal
 "hirh ,,"oulrt o!1uhl<> the spat ing annual reports, pubhshed at F.astpr, 
. a'1<1 ),oa..-n l;tt]n o
 tho? oria-l- 1896, sþew the average 
unòay <)I
nal hui1rllll'': p',"o_m:-
[lblp, except the gregatlOn
 for fh,- 
r to be 4_. III 
('han{',opl. "hi"h h,win'!; h"pn huqt of thp. mormng and !J.1') In th' evemng; 
ample proportions in t hp first instance, whIle th3 congregatIOn,> on F.:1stpr 
:refluirpd littlf' ('hange. The nave \\ a., rlay o_f that year wpr
 779 at 11 a.m. 
extpnrled wpst ward, transept" Wl're and 8;)4 at 7 p.m. Addmg to HIPs" two 
Luilt O:1t on th3 north anrl south, new servIces the two early celebrations of 
elltrancps \\ ere provided, and the the Holy Communion an<1 a chiI(lren's 
e a \1ppara:I 
e of th? huilrlinp:. hoth servlCe in the afternoon, the total at- 



t.endance for the da.y was 2,199. The I , l\fr. Frank E. Horlgi!1<;. from 1838 to 
following table, showing the number 1893, and Major H. M. PellaU, from 
of communicants year by year on East- 1893 to the present time 0898', r
er Sundays sinc
 the first opening of elected). 
the church, affords better evidence Of the many zealous lav-workers 
than anything else of the stabili!yand whose devotion has so materially help.: 
steady growth of the congregation: ed to make the parish what it is. two 
 KASrER SUNDAY. 189;) !lames stand out p
tly, at two 
lIDportant space..<J III Its hIstory. T1be 
inception of the parish and the erec- 
tion of the first church building was 
due in no great mea.sure. to the energy p 
perseverance and hct of :\Ir. T. E. 
::\10berly; while to Major Pellatt must 
be accredited the wise foresight, a.nd 
financial ahility which carried through 
to so successful an issue the building 
of the present enlarged and suitable 
Another name. well known in the 
From the very Inception of the parish work of the OhUrch of England in To- 
the rector and congregation have en- ronto. that of l\Ir. A. McLean Howard, 
Joyed the services of very able assist- is found on St. Simon's list of members 
ant clergy, in thp persons o
 the Rev- from the very first. In the erection 
erends Cuas. Ie V. Brine, B.A., E A. and organization of this parish. Mr. 
Oliver, M.A., anå F. C. C Heathcotl.\, Howard contributed the same devotion 
L.Th., as Assistant Curates, and of the to the church's interests and the same 
Reverends 1 rof. Clark, :M.A., D.C L., eager desire for church extension that 
and Prof. Lloyd, :!\I.A., as Special had been so powerful a factor for sev- 
Preachers, an.J of th
 Heverend Ernest I ' enteen years before, in the inception 
J. \\Tood, to whose untiring zpal and And organization of the parish of AU 
great abiiity, at first as Lay Saints. . 
.Reader and since as Deacon-As-! St. Simon's church will doubtless con- 
slSltant, th
 parish has for eight I tinue to be for many years to come, 
year::: owned no small part of its gen- the chief place of worship for East 
era I pro;;p-"rity and stable financial I Rosedale. as wèll as for a large spc- 
condition. )[r. ,V ood also filled the I tion of the north-eastern part of tha 
po",l o. o.g lnist for a few months cLaer city. 
thp op.:'niug of the church. .:\1r. J. \V. 
F. ILtrri
on chdrma.<.ter from the '
menct'ment, being at that time engaged 
elspwhere as organist. It was not 
long, however, before .:\1r. Harrison re- 

igned his post that, as both 
choirmaster and organist, be might give 
his undivided attention to St. Simon's 
church. Mr. Harrison quickly succeed- 
ed in stamping his own genuis upon the 
choir be had formed, and in placing it 
in the very front rank of church choirs 
in Toronto. His success is due not 
alone to musical ability. of which he 
possesses no lack, but also to his pleas- 
ing personal characteristics and ready 
tact. which elimina.ted from the outset 
all those bickerings and disputes which 
!!IO often fatally weaken what else 
would be strong choirs. 
T.he parish has been fortunate also 
In enjoying the services of excellen1l 
churchwardens, and in not suffering 
many ohange.<3 in the personnel of these 
officers. Dr. E. H. KertIand has been 
the Peoples' Warden from the first, 
&Ad the Reotor's Wardens have been 

C H l o b ur O t 
 1888 1 18891890 1891 1 1892118931189. 1895 
e e ra 1011 I I 
7.00 a.m. . .. .. 50 liS 89 92 ;9 136 182 
8. 1 '.Oa.m...... 87 10
 81106 I
O U11iOl 21! 
1rbd-day .... 60 A" LO 57 .2 132- 81 
---- - -/- - - ---i-- 
Total..... Hi 197 1 :!Oll l ' 252 30.11 35:r 418 .&78 
-------- 1 - 1 -- 
Y é a. r 's in- 
crease ... 50 3 52 52 48 66 60 
Tot'l iucre'se 50 53, 105 105 205 2il 331 



f) ADall
nD Pbe.. of 1YorMhip Rolli .8 
tile Old Glvl.." Prop..r.,. 
In tlbJe year 1885 the eastern portion 
 the district a.ssigned by thð ecclesi- 
astic autlhorities to 81. Anne's, Brock- 
ton, having grela:tly increased, and as 
the western port:bn of the pa.rish of 
St. Matthias had likewise materially ex- 
tended. ilt wra.s &l1t on all sides that 
cJ:mrch extens:OIl was ab800utely re- 
quired iJn tJhe D!Orth-western portion 
of the. cf.,ty. 
This wo.nt wa.s met hy the bishop of 
the d
oces9 wirth the full concurrence 
of the rectors of S1. Anne's a.nd of st. 
Matthias serttÍlIl'g &side a portion of 
these last namød pari-shes to form the 
new district of St. Ba.rnab8l9, tbe Rev. 
'V. H. Clarke, tlhlen illlcU!IIlbent of Bol- 
ton. behlg apPo"Inted as its first rector. 
On Aprill 2OtJh, 1885. 80 committee.. 



oompoSðd of Messrs. J. A. Dona.l d son.. I parish all along. He assisted in every 
G. B. Boyle., Edward Preda.m, H. Brown improvement most generously, PS- 
and the church warde71J8. was appointed I pecially in procuring th(> organ, and 
to ra..ise fu;n.ds for t'he erootion of a I at Ea.ster. 1896, presentðd the church 
church with an exceedingly handsome new pul. 
On May lOtlh followilng. a motion was pit. The a!ta:r: was a. gift from .:Mr. 
oorri....d runani.mlOusly tha.t immediate Hallam,.while Its hangIngs were glven 
steps should be to obta.:n a si.te þy the 
t. John..The.oommun- 
for the proposoo new church. On .Tune l Ion plate, IS of sohd 
nlver, was 
7th. .t dJ i.ded t b the lot largely contrIbuted to by Mr. Frank 
1 wa.s 00 0 UY ;.\Vootten, who was also a generous 
 the chu.r
h nOlW stand,s. I rlonor to the church of many other 
ßuildLng opera.tIons began on Sep- things. 
tember 2B'\:Jh. 1ß86. &DId on May 1st, The Sunday school numbers upwards 
1887. the church, beiIllg the nave only of 200 anrl is superintended by the 
of the proposed buHdiang containing rector. The church is fairly filled at 


h8IDcel. was first UBOO for I the !llorping service, but the evening 
divlllle s
rVlC-e.. serViCe IS largely attended. In this 
On JunIa lltlh.. St. Earna:1'&
 Day, the I respect St. Barnabas follows the gen- 
obJu.rch was forma:lly opened by the I I eraI church custom of this city. There 
iBishop of 'Toronto. is probably no church in the city that 
One of tiM most ard.
nt supporters is, strictly speaking, filled in the 
of st. Ba.rna.l'a.9 clhIurch has beetIl Mr. I morning, and there are comparatively 
.T. A. Donø;ldson. and ;ru
 i", in 1896 the few that are not filled in the evening. 
only origimal member of tluo3 building I In th-û Roman OathoUc churches the 
commi,ttee stilll COIllIllðCted with the rule iB reversed; all the morning ma"sps 
church are attenòed by crowded congregations. 
l1ected a large amount of money I while the vesper service is not 80 lllrga- 
for the building of the church, and ly attended. 
has kept up his active interest in the The service (l..t st. Barna.bas church is 



choral. The choir i5 composed of 20 I cellent condition, well worked, and 
sllrpliced men and boys, and the in- popular in the parish. 
toning and si
ng are of the highest I The cburch-\\'ardens of St Bar abBs 
order, ve.ry similar to that at Holy hav be f 11 ' . n 
Trinity church. The rector is the in- e en -as 0 OWS.- 
structor of the choir. There is an early 1885-1886-John Pearson, Frank Woot;.. 
celebration every Sunda.y morning at I ten. 
8 tt.nd at 11 o'clock. Sunday school 1886-1888-Dr.. J. H. Lowe, Walter R. 
meets at two, and evensong Stnckland. 
is celebrated at 7 o.clock. Every day 1888-1890-Alan 
cDougaJ, W. Miles. 
in the week a. plain service is held at I 1890-1891- W. Miles. -:T. A. Fowler. 
9 a..m. 5 p.m. The majOrity of the 1891-1892-W. Mile.s, Dr. J. H. Lowe. 
members are of the middle class of so- 1892-1898-Cha.s. P. Lennox, "Howard 
ciety, and have no time to go to church !Bovell. 
every day. The income of the parish 1898-1899--'Burns, Peake. 


18 a.bou;t '20 per St1Bda.y; in the old I CHAPTER XXX 
chapel it wa.s $18 per Sunday. In this '. 
respe.ct .the income is not proportionate CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY. 

o the of accommodation and _ 
lIDprovement of c.hurch facilities. The I Ala ......... Fr.. iii. _ark'. willi aD ax.. 
seats are tree and unappropriated, and . ('.11...1 Bee.r". 
the offertory is the only source of i
- I The Church of the E P i p han y situated 
come. The rector of St. Bal'naba
' is t h h ' f 
Re,v. W. H. Clarke. H. A. He is a nati
e on e sout -west corner 0 Beaty 
of Paris, Ontario, and a graduate of I avenue an
n !!tree.t west

inity College,. He was ordained by a substantial bmldmg, is not. l
DiBhop Bethune, a.nd was first located t? be used pe.rmane for divme .B
ø.t Bolton, in this province. W'hile Ylce. There is sufficient la
d adJOlD- 
there he was gra.nta<i 1a year's leave of I m g that wþereon now stands. 
absence. ani then visited Bntish CoI- church to bmld a much larger edifiCe, 
umbia. Shortly a.fter his return he And it is intended as soon as funds 
was called to Toronto and took charge will permit, to erect a. larger a.nd 
of St. Barn8lbas, and has been its only I more pretentious ohurch, and that the 
rector. building now in ,use on Sunday for 
. The roll of communicants i.9 190 in I divine service shall be converted into 
DUmber, and thßre are 175 Sunday I a school room. 
_bool scholars. The schools nre in ex- The present parish of the Epiphany 



was taken from that of St. Mark's, 1 that month. The first b'lf1t'sm 'was on 
Parkdale. It is bounded on the north the 14th O
tober, 1Q8
. The first con- 
by Queen street west, on the west by I firmation by the Bishop of Toronto 
Macdonnell avenue, on the south by \HLS on 1\1Ja,y 19th, 1889. 
the waters of the bay and on the east ['he church is an exceedingly plam 
tJy Jameson avenue. UndPr the au- building both in its exterior anrl in- 
thority of the n shop of Toronto the terior. It is huilt of presse1 rerl bri('l1;: 
parish \\ as created in 1:-<87. A congre. 1 anrl pOSSf'sse'l neither to"\-er or steep'e. 
gation. con",;øting of some Anglicans Unlike I he mHjority of ecclesiastical 
ad hitherto wors
t st. I edifices 
elonging to the Angl;can 
Mark s. and '!)( new resll.ents m the church, tt d(
.s not shlll.l east and 
fji->trict, was s.
edily formed, who, un- I ' west. but north and south. It will Ee3.t 
til a building could be erected for comfortably aoout 300 \\ orshi pers, 
their accommodation, met for worship who an' accommodatro>d in varñished 
in the Masonic Hall, Parkdale. The pine open sittinf('s. There are three 
first service was held on November I rows of seats with two aisles to the 
13th, 1887. east and \\est of the church. Unlike 
The rector appointed to the parish nearly every olh<>r Anglican church in 
was the Rev. B
rnard Bryan \\ho came the dioc.ese the Church of the Epiphany 




from B.radford. Mr. Bryan was edueat- I possesses no lectern, the )f'S<;{)IlS be- 
ed at 'YycJiffe College, Toronto, and ' I Lng reaa from the prayer dE's'>::. It may 
\\a.s the first of that institution's gra- be n:entioned. thou6'h, that th:s tat- 
duates who took Holy On/ers. I ter practice was all but universal in 
Hp waswh
t may he dpscrihed as a the Angli
an church fifty years since.. 
moderate Low Churchman, and was the introdruetion of lecterns having 
.Do'ed before he came ta Par\{.(lale- for I taken place within the last half cen- 
hi,> assidu:ty in parish work. The repu- I tury. 
tat ion whic.h he gaine1 in Rradforrl The arc.hitects of the church were 
has b('en in
re,sad s'nce he. entered i \lessrs. Strickland and Symons, of 
UT'On his \\ork at the Ep;phany. I 
beróèen (-hambers. l'oronto. The 
T1w earlier trustee.s {or the. erec.tion I builde,rs were Mr. 'Vm. Geddes {or the 
Of tlw Cburc.h of the Eniphany were I brie.k and stone work, while Mr. W. 
 late Mr. ThoIIk'ls M('L"an. Mr. f P. Parsons was reaponsible for the 
f):lmu"'l Sh ,w ann l\lir. Ri<'h'l rel 'DhOrne. ! wpodwork. 
They \\oorkerl uneeasingly until their T.he total cost of the building, ex- 
f'ffort,> to ('blain a {'hurch were crown- I elusive of land. was 35,700, part of 
ed \\ ith success. The present church which was discharged at the 'lime of 
was opøned for (
iv:ne service in SPp- bui!ding, only a comparatively small 
tember, 1
. Tihe wedding took debt being left when the church w
place within it,> walls on the 18th of I opened. The first wardens were Mr. 



Samuel Sh.ny and. Mr. '.I;,homas McLe3!l. ing, it needed repairing badly, no fence 
On the reslgnatIon. o
 M.r. f?J1aw III enclosed the property, there were only 
Ib91 :Mr. J. s. Looklß to::Jk )11S . Place. , about 60 Sunday schoo] scholars, the 
He was s'llcceeo.ed in 1893 by Mr. offertory was only $3 pH Sunday, 
Sharp. and on the ,e lth of Mr. Me- about 15 persons attended the morn- 
Lean, Messrs: T. 0 
\Ieara and l\lr. j ln g servi
e and. 30 \\erè present, as an 
Heroort ?tlortLmer became the \\ ardens average, In the evening, and there 
and they \\ere re-elected at the Easter were only lÚ communicants. 
Vesti:y of 1896. I The parish a t once began to pros- 
The choir of the church is a mixed per, slowly at first, but with each suc- 
one, consisting of m.ale and female cee
ing year there came greater pros- 
voic.e.s. Tbere is a small organ placed penty. The old church was repaired, 
in what may 'be called the western a fence was built, the old debt was not 
t; 'Dhere is a large and eapa- enlarged and an addition was made to 
cious vestry, wh:ch is used for the the eastern end of the church at a 
meetings of the 'Vomen"s Auxiliary cost of 
{jOO. It was re-opemid in July, 
and other paro:}hical purposes. Mr. 1885. A school house, finished in 1885, 
Bryan, the rector, has as yet no rec- cost $1,400; in October, 1886, it was en- 
tory, but resides in a rented house in larged at an additional cost aT nearly 
Dowling avenue, contiguous to his $800, to accommodate 500 persons. It 
work. was detached from the church, and 
stands witli its southern gable front- 
ing Oumming street. It was a well' 
lighted, plain but neat building fur- 
nished with chairs, an organ, a piano 
costing $3S0, and all th,p conveniences 
A.D End Pariah ".U" a "f'erJ' Hand- necessary for the conduct of all the 
80nlf' Edlfire. activities of the school and parish. 
There were two class rooms adjo:ning, 
a large library, together with ar- 
rangements for socia I as well as reli- 
gious purposes. The late :')Ir. Samuel 
Platt and illr. Henry Goulding were 
generous patrons towards these im- 
The school from 75 in 1883 grew UJl- 
ti L four years la ter there were more 
than 400 on the roll, with an average 
a,ttendance of nearly 000. The offer- 
tory from the school was in 1883 but 
eighty cents a Sunday, yet four years 
afterwards it had reached $3.21. In 
addition, a lot east Qf the school house 
was purchased at a cost of $1,600, giv- 
ing the parish a property of 100 x 245 
feet. This Jot and all improvements 
made were entirely paid for. 
Rev. J. Scott Howard, M.A., is a son 
of Allan McLean Howard, tha clerk of 
the Eastern Division Court. He was 
educated at Trinity College School at 
Port Hope, and Trinity University, 
where he graduated, both in divin- 
ity and in arts. He was ordained by the 
present Bishop of Toronto in 1882, and 
at once assumed charge of his present 
The outsLde appearance of the church 
building fully prepared one fOT the sur- 
prise in store when the inside was seen. 
It was a cosy, comfortable and pretty 
rO:Jm, with an eleVlated cha'ncel, where- 
in the choir sat. A small organ stood 
on the northern side, and as little ves- 
try on the southern side. The writer 
noticed several interesting obJects. 


In 1874 a Sunday school, followed 
by an Anglican service was held in 
Leslieville, various clergymen and 
students from Trinity College offici- 
ating. This was the of what 
is now known as St. .Matthew's church, 
at the corner of .De Grassi and Cum- 
ming streets, east of the Don. At first 
it was but a mission of St. Bartholo- 
mew's, and the latter was a mission 
ú.': All Saints' church. The maternity 
of bt. Matthew's is to be traced, there- 
fore, to All Saints'. In Novembßr, 1874, 
Rev. J. M. Ballard, now of St. Anne's. 
was the first rector, and services were 
then held in a brick building on 
Bolton avenue, formerly the district 
school. In August, 1875, the parish 'HIS 
separated from st. Bartholomew's and 
began an independent existence. The 
corner lot on which the church. stood 
was bought and a rough-cast frame 
building erected. It was opened for 
service July 11, 1875. In January of 
the next yoor Rßv. G. I. Taylor was 
appointed rector, and had charge of 
St. Bartholomew's. In 1880 Rev. w. S. 
Rainsiord conducted the service, and 
did so until 1881, when he left, Mr. 
Taylor meanwhile continuing in 
This is a brief outline of its history 
to October, 1882, whE'n the present 
rector, the ReT', J. Scott Howard. took 
oharge. The parish was in a most en- 
feebled condition at this time. There 
'W'aB a debt of '1,400 upon the build- 



which. for artistic bea.uty, are cer- I w;a.s mooted, a.nd it was finally decided 
tainly not excelled by any church in to do so. The purchase of a site was 
the' city. Among these was a hand- I accomplished and the land paid for, 
I'omely carved stone baptismal font il- with the exception of a very trifling 
lu.strated with scriptural symbols cut amount 
t.hereon. The beautiful window above In the autumn of 1888 the state of 
the altar, the gift of the rectOT's father, the C'hurch building was such that ex- 
the handsome reredoe, the richly- I tensive repairs wer.e found to be abso- 
wrought communion vessels, the brass lutely necessary, and the rapidly in- 
alms basin and altar vases, the latter I creasing congrega.tion soon brought 
the gift of the rector-testifying to about a decision to build. Th.e finan- 
the good taste. and liberality ot the I cial {:osition of the church at this date 
donors. 'was as follows:-TMre. was a balance 
Messrs. JO& Otter and Edward due on the original mortgage of the 

 - = 
 ;--.:1 . " 

_ '1' I .- !tEl. \,.,. 

 11 ";t 

 --- -, . 

- . c 
 ! I 
>>) ' 


 .:' __ 


Y1 ,

, i 
= _. T" ._ .,

- I L _ :
..."" \ "
 'I ,',.,. ..,
t ' 'y.J,

 , ,-- ,

 _;.';!...- . T_'
', II: '
' j "'< 1 
,L--= " . {l1f! y '.ç."........ 1 

.... l · .,,1 , I 1 
.. ,,

1 _ __
 ':. _. .(I:!I/j,., -if! ",\'" 'f,fu;, iJ \ J 
:I '41 i i. 
."'''!!- ,'., l . 
 !\î' ÞA.. 

 2. ft 
I 1 1 :1,,:j 
1h .
1' ,:, r.'\Vi'"Ì'<

r: :i.--C'


,,'" 1 

 I 'f
. 'fn . 

'': . - "'1 -;Y, .:t

 . 'I!! ; . M 
' í l!

-- J 

""'----=' ( ' 

; ';>tt' ."'" J \
 I I 
_ - 
- .

"VI _
.;_-=r-- .4fi'
ìl' '
 . / IlK/if"!',' "n 

:-" J,J,LI. 

;-- - . " 
" !."'_'
I'citt.. /'j 
- - J - 

- - 
;\' a' 

U!lU' "1 
 1 ' :.J", ,0(" _
 I .' r,l
ltlll/ f.'.I'{1I 
" 'lòO...,



< "f 
Hirons were the churchwardens at the I Cih.urch building of about $900, the 
period the sketch l.efers to. scho:)l house was une.ncumbered and 
· · · · · · the rectory lot was a180 free. It W&'I 
St. Matthew's, a.s sketched in the pre- decided to build a perrnane.nt church, 
ceding section of this article, no longer I and plans were promptly prepared and 
exists.' '"The old order changes giving approved of in April, 1889. Mr. Noel 
place to the new;" even in 1886, when Marshall undertook the collection of 
the description of the àistrict and its funds to clear off too existin
Anglican clergy were penned, it was ' I bilities, and largely through 
Ir. Mar- 
felt that sooner or later (and it was shall's efforts the late Mr. .John Smith 
hoped the former rather than the offered. to the church a free site of 66 
la.ttelr) II. la.rge church must be erected feet on First avenue, and to sell . 
if the Anglican body were to keep Dace I further 66 feet on very reasonable 
with the growing spiritual necessitieS terms. This generous offer was gra.te- 
of the east end. fully acoopted, a.nd a further 
In 1887, when the vestry meetmgy was I ad,]Öining purchased as a rectory site, 
cal1ed for the election of churchwa.r- the old rootory lot having been dis- 
MDB. the question of building a rectory posed of to advantage. ContractSl 



were 8.warded and the new church: design, remO'ved {rom the aId church; 
opened for divine service by thp BishO'p the cO'lO'urs are good and the blend- 
or TorO'nto O'n Easter day, 1890, Arch- ing harmO'nious. The O'rgan, which iø 
deacon Boddy preaching in the even- placed O'n the north side O'f the chO'ir, 
iug. Three later Mr. Greer ga. ve is not a very pO'werful instrument, 
up t
 vætry clerkship after 
en years but it is O'f gO'od tO'ne and is well play- 
of ofÍlce, and at the same bme Mr. ed by the organist )fr. Percy Milne. 
Marshall aDd Mr. Vick resigned after I \\ hO' succepded 
I;. A. .JO'rdan, The 
fO'ur years of JO'int O'ffice as church-: chO'ir is a. mixed one O'f male and 
wardens. TheBe three gentlemen had i female vO'ices, and includes abO'ut 50 
rendered invalu
b.le serv
O' t.he i members. 
church at a critIcal penod In its I The architects O'f the church were 
history. . ' I Messrs. Stricklanrl & Symons; the car- 
St. Matthew's congregatlOn h
s pentering wns dO'ne by DavidsO'n & 
every reasO'n to' feel proud of. theIr Kelly, the brick wO'rk by .TO'hn Smith. 
church. If not .re
 its ex- the stO'ne wO'rk by YO'rke O'f Front 
ternal beauty, In Its mtenO'r It is O'ne I street, the glazing by McC'auslands. 
of the handsO'mest churches O'f the and the gas fittings by Keith & Fit z- 
city. The tO'tal cost '
as a sh.ade less simmO'ns. 
than $20.000. and this sum mc.1 uded Thpre have been no ('
ergy at st. 
architect's f
es: ':Vhat the exterIO'r O'f Matthew's since its inception except- 
St. Matthew s 
s lIke can b
n fr<;>m ing the rpctO'r, Reverends .T. Scott How- 
the accO'mpanYIng cut; O'f Its l
te!lOr ard "and .T. W. Blackler, whO' came to 
one cannot form. a very accurate Idea the district in July, 18P8. The Rev. 
unless they 
ee It for the
selves. J. 'V. Blackler was appointed to' thp 
Jhe . rO'O'f. IS. an O'I?en tur;bered 
me rectory O'f Newmarket in September. 
wIth SIX pnnCipals, fitted with tracmg 1898 he thus baving wO'rked in the 
and curved þraces, with the. rafte
s dist
ict fO'r more than ten years. He 

aklllg O'ne O'f the flllest III was succoode.d by Rev. R. H. B. B911. An 
any:' A.ngl
n. ch
rch of TO'ron
O'. The excellent recO'rd fO'r an assistant min- 
chO'Ir IS fll:l1Slled m pressed .b:
'lck a
d ister, and O'ne that in a TO'rO'nto parish 
oak pane
lIng, the w
s f
 m h
s rarely been equalled. 
colO'ur, with arched ceIlmg l'lbbed mt.O' The churchwardens have been these: 
panels. The walls O'f the church are O'f 1889.188A-Ja['l "\VO'rters .Tames MO'unt- 
red brick, with brO'wn Credit Valley - "1 st
phen. ' 
stone, with OhiO' stone dressings. . 1884-1887-Ed. Hirons, .TO'seph Otter. 
All seats are free and unapprO'pn- 1887-18P!)-A. Mitchell, .T. B. Vick. 
a!ed; there are nO' pew rents of any 1889-189?-Noel Marsho'lll, .T. B. Vick. 
kmd. . . , 18
W-189;;-F. 'V. Thomas, .TO's. TaylO'r. 
The 8cre
n separatll
g the ch(:!lr from I 1895-1896-NO'el Ma.rshall, .J. A. Ewa.n. 
the nave is a be.a.uhful specll
en of 11896-1899-0. NO'rris, .T. TaylO'r. 
carved oak work III later GO'thic, the 
central arch O'rnamented by a cross, 
Which is slightly out of prO'pO'rtiO'n in CHAPTER XXXII. 
height to the size of the screen. This 
was given by Mr. .TO'hn Greer. ST. MARTIN.S. 
The east windO'w is 
 vpry pJain O'ne, J'b..b II K. -.. Rt MOl'lIn'. -'n- 
having three lights, III the nO'rthern I e an Down u ... 
the Greek a.lpha, and in the sO'uthe
n I Ihe-Fleld-. . . 
fJ:!e omega, In allus.ion to' the verse m I The church O'f St. Martm. sItuated 
Revel-atiO'ns, "I am Alpha and Omega. I on Perth avenue. to' the north-w.est.of 
the beginning and the end;" in the tho city. was built in 1890, the distnct 
central light the letters I. H. s. . 1 being fO'rmed partly from C
r1.tO'n a.n d 
TwO' remarkably handsome standard partly from the already eXlst1D;G CIty 
gas burners in polished brass hand parishes in that pO'rtion of TO'rontO'. 
work, the gift O'f 
Ir. A. McLean HO'w- It is a plaid frame structu!,e, capa1?le 
ard stand to' the north and sO'uth O'f I O'f sf'ating from 150 to' 17J "\\"O'rsh1p- 
the' chancel; they are about eight feet I pers, and its interio:r: is as d
void of 
in height, and as specimens O'f exquisite ornamentation as is itS exten.O'
workmanshdp cannO't be surpassed. The I The fir st rectO'r 
f st. Martin s wa.s 
altar rails are al3a very gO'od examples t.he Rev. Isaac M1ddletO'n. who was 
of finish and d,.esign in brass work. I transferred from .Oshawa. 
e assumed 
These were presÐnted by :\Ir. and Mrs. I charge O'f the- pansh early III 1891. and 
F. W. Thomas. ' ,'cmained at his pO'st until removed f)y 
There is a pre.tty stained glass win. I death O'n Febl:uary. 25th. 1B
dow in the south transept O'f arabesque , 
1iddleton received his educatlO'n at the 



hands of the Rev. Thomas Greene, late I March. 1800. The style of archi.tecture 
rector of "
elIington Square, now is whQt is teirIIled Romanesque. the 
known as Burlington. His first charge I plans being prepared by Mr. W. A. 
was at B!'ampton. He then went to I Langton. of tbis city. 
Oshawa: fmally came to Toronto. On The total cost including land was 
the formation of the Chapter 'Jf St. about $12,000. 
Alban's. l\fr. :Middleton was appointed I The rector of st. Margaret's i.s the 
one of the canons. a purely honorary Reve,rend Robert .James Moore. who 
office in every respect. was appointed to the office when the 
After the death of Canon :Middleton I church was opened. He is a graduate 
the Rev. R. Seaborne was appointed o
 Trinity College. Toronto, where he 
to the rectory of St. Martin's. He filled I took his degr
 as M. A. in 18ß3. He 
the pulpit for very nearly six years. was ordained deacon by the Bishop of 
and was a most indefatigable parish I Niagara in 1882. and pri
st in 1883. 
worker. He resigned in January. 1899' 1 His first curacy was at st. Gf'orge's. 
having been appointed to a charge in St. Cathariné's. and afterwards he came 
iBowmanvilIe. Succeedmg Mr. 5e1.- to st. George's, Toront0, wh
re he was 
bOInÐ is the Rev. A. W. Macnab, who exceedÎJngly popular. He remained in 




,,'as appointed simu1tanpou
[y with the I the .[a tter post until his appointme:nt 
resignation of MI". Seaborne. to hæ present ch1.rge. 
st. l\I
 is in a .sparsel '" 1'0pU- The s!rvices in st. ::.\hrgaret.s are 
lated dl:"trICt of the. City, and there e)D the model of an English cathedral. 
are '\"'ery few of those who attend l
S I th.'rð being a sur.pliced choir of both 
r.vices who have not to earn their men and boys, 
bvmg by manual labour I Holy Communion is celebrated twice 
I each Sunday. and on all church festir- 
 There are no daily services ex- 
I eeptmg on 'Vednesda.vs and holy days. 
ST. MARGARET'S. Reverend Prof. 'V. Clark. of Trinity 
Collpge.. has always taken a great Ï.n- 
.a "earty St'rylee with RII Elierlu
.I(' R.e- terest in st. Margaret's. and constant- 
fnr nlld "nlff'" '.f'ople. ly preaches there. Professor Hunting- 
st. Margar
1's c.burch. on the east I ford, ulso of Trinity, is always willing 
sid.e òf Sp HiLna avpnue. a little to the to assist in st. Margaret's. and often 
south of QUé'('n str
et west. is :'l hand- occupi-es 
e pulpit. . 
some brick stJ-uc,u:-e erpcted m.188?-1 Tþoere. IS a hand.sorl1Je .three-lIght 
90. and OIpen
d for divin
 serVICe m . stained glass east wmdow In st. Mar- 

garet's. the centre being a representa- I CHAPTER XXXIV. 
tion of the Saviour, the whole three ST. CLEMENT'S. 
being memorial of past attendants at _ 
too cburch. I Tbe Onl,. An.II
Rn Cbureb In tbe Extre_
U'he altar was a gift from the Chan- 
nf1 It. .h.. Clly. 
eel Guild to the church in memory of In ih{' closing days of the summel 
Jeannette, the wife of Mr. J. R. Code, of 1888 it ' felt by the Anglicans 
one of the pI"\:sent wardens (1896.) The I of the east end portion of Toronto 
font was also a gift from the same that it was incumbent upon them to 
Guild in remembrance of Annie Battis, provide more liberally than nad been 
a deceased member. The handsome done up to that date for the spiritual 
brass altar cross was given by 1\Ir. 1 necessities of the population east of 
Benjamin Parsons as a memorial of the Don River, contained within the 
hjs son dty limits. True, there wa
 a flour- 


U'he whOile of the seats in the church I iRhing Anglican congregation 3.t St. 
M"ð free and open, none reserved I Matthew's. and a handsome church 
except for the choir. The church will \\as in course of construction.. to sup- 
comfortably contain 000 people, but 700 " I plant the one that 
have been accommodated. hitherto rused; but With ! exceptlOn 
t here wa
 no other prOVISIon made by 
.The wardem.s since the church was the Anglican body for churc!t-goers 
opened have been these: re:'\idmg in that part of the city. 
1æO-1892-AlbeiI't Harvard. Dr. G. H. I In August, 18&3, a number of Angli- 
BUnWnm. caus, foremost among whom were the 
JB92.-189'3-Albert Harvard. W. H. Par- Hev. John Deborne and Mr. .John 
roued, purchased from the late Mr. 
JBm-l 896-Albert H d J R Cod I George Leslie a pldt of land on the 
arvar. .. eo f!outh side of Queen: street, east of 
189fl..1897-John J. Oooke, J. R. Code. the Toronto Nurseries and Caroline 
18W7-1898-.T R. Code, Cha.rles Phillips. a,-enue, . . \ ,', 



Thereupon the church was built. and I minimize dogmatic teaching In any 
(,pened for divine ser!ice in the spring way. but. he always impressed upon 
of J889. 
he church IS 
n .exceedingly his hearers that, though it is a great 
unpretentIOus frame buddmg, capable I thing to a settled creed, it is 
of seat
ng, perhaps, 150 worshippers. a mnch greater thing to live up to 
 of nave and chancel. a;nd the teachingß of that creed. The 
there IB httle or no ornamentabon t.eaching of the Sermon upon the Mount 
either in 
te i!l . teriOr or exterior. The I and the doctrines contained in st. 
cODgregahon Ie not by any means a Paul.s first epistle to the Corinthians, 
wealthy one; but 'What they lack in chapter xiii.. were embodied in all Mr. 
meana they make up for by zeal s.nd Ueborne's discourses. 
heartines8 in supporting, as far as I The service at St. Clement's is of a 
t.heir means will allow them. all the moderate Anglo-Catholic type, no 

Institutions in connection with the I eucharistic vestments are worn and 
church. there is no undue bowing or genuflex- 
The firel rector, the Rev. John Us- ion during any portion of the services, 
borne, had a complete hold on his I all is becoming and reverent. lhough. 
flock, based upon the confidence he During prayers the whole congregation 
inspired by his consistency of life and kneels, and in lhe Creeds, at the name 
devotion to hie work. His sermons of the Saviour, all reverently bend the 
were plain, practical discourses, 110t un- I head. Here and there may be seen a 
touchefl now and then by a vein of worshipper who bows his head at the 
poetry. To do what is right, not from recital of the Gloria, but this is an old 
the fear of puniehment for doing what I custom, observed by. many Anß'lica,ns 
ie w:rong, nor through a hope and who have not the famtest leanmg to- 
de.gire for reward, was what Mr. Us- wards Rome. 
borne taught. He did not neglect or The choir of St. Clement'a is very 



efficient, being what was at first I used any longer for divine service.. 
termed, on its introduction, an "An- The reaEons which caused this change 
gelic" one. That is. it is a mixed one 1 wue as follows: 
ale .and female voices, a
l being On M.arch 1st, 1897, the Rev. John 
hablted 1D .cassock .and surplice, the Usoorne who, for the whole previous 
female .portIon weanng. square college history of the parish, had been in 
caps wlt_h t
8el..It IS .composed of I charge, found it necessary to hand 
about t."'en
.r-slX VOlC
Ight of whom I pver his work into the hands of a suc- 
are ladles. Ihe organist IS Mr. Charles ceBWr. The affairs of the church had 
Edwards. been so muoh in the. hands of the first 
Since the foundation of the church I rector, that it was with some disap- 
the wardens h
ve been It;fr. John Jones, pointment to the congregation, that at 

rom 1889 untIl 1894, wIth the follow- the Easter vestry meeting it was an- 
mg: nounced that there was upwards of 
1889-90-George Reid. I $5,000 debt upon the church as it stood. 
189(}-91-Henr"y Comptoli. For some lim
 the church had not been 
3-A. Clark. paying its way, arrears of interest 
1893-9!-Dr. Passmore. were accumulating, taxes were un- 
1894-95-Dr. Passmore, John Jordan. paid, and a considerable amount of 
1895-96-W. ::Montgomery, J. Struggles. I debt for current expenses and in con- 
A school house was erected in con- nection with the organ had been in- 
nection with St. Clement's in 1895, curred. The church itself was still the. 
this being done for the most part by I property of the former rector, subJect 
voluntary labour, the materials, of h) two mor

'3, Olle of $3,303 and 
course, having to be paid for. It is a the. other of $1,100. 
spacious anâ well lig-hted room, and At this time, Easter. 1897, the first 
contains all recent improvements in I mortgage.e being dissatisfied with the 


the shape of class and retiring rooms. I way in which interest had been left 
There is a good orchestral stand, and I unpaid, lea <oed the property for on81 
many plea.sing entertainments take year to the oongregation, the rental 
place. in it during thf' winter months. I Þeing equal to the interest. At the 
Mr. Dsborne resigned the rectory I close of the year the mortgagee had 
early in 1897, going to Honúlulu, and DP wish to oontinue such an arrange- 
was succeeded by the Rev. F. C. Heath- ment indefinitely, but preferred 1. 
cote, who carried on the work on the I have the property transferred to the 
aame lines. church trustees, with new securities. 
· · · 
 · · The oon'gn>gation in the meantime had 
The preceding sketch has been re- I grown to fill the building to it'3 utmost 
tained as it was writtt'n. though the capacity, "\\hile people who wished to 
St. Clement's church therein described attend could not be. given seats in the 
ceased in the latter days of 1898 to be I building. The contributions in the 



offertory were not suificient to do attractively as that of st. John's, in 
more than barely pay running ex
 Norway. The site is a lovely one on 
penses. If th
 church could have been the western side of the Kingston Road, 
e,nlarged this difficulty could have and from the southern side of the 
been surmounted. At the time the church a magnificent view of Toronto 
c.ongrpgation was in no position to buy and the lake can he obtained. while to 
the building for two reasons, first, be- the north and east stretch wood and 
cause there were no members willing forest, which at all se.asons of the year, 
to become security for the payment; even in mid-winter, are rich in colour 
secondly, because it was hopeless ever and natural l'e3Uty. 
to expect to payoff the principal, when I The present S1. John:s ?hurch is an 
all that cou.ld be done with a crowded exceedmgly modern l;UJldlDg, but the 
church was to pay current expenses. I parish is an ol
 one, as age is co.unted 
The congregation th'3refore proposed lD Can

?g bee
 lD the 
to rent the building for a number of I l
tter forties.. At flrst dlvlD
years on such terms that it could be Vlce was held lD a barn, belon.glDg to 
enlarged, with the hope of buying it 
 member of the Playter famdy, but 
at the expirat:on of the lease. The lD .1850 a small wooden church was 
mortgagee, however, would not wait, LUIlt, and 
he Rev
nd J
mes Beaven, 
but wished to dispose of the properly D.D., appomted mlDlster. Dr. Beaven 
at once. The only thing left. for the was als
)fie ?f the professors ,at To- 
congregation to do was to se:e If a new I ronto U Dlvers!lty, and was a sch
church co.lld be built. After a suc- I of .rather more th
n average capaCity. 
ce.ssful canvass o
 its parish a site was I J?nor 
o the appomt,?'f'I
.t of Dr. Bea- 
procured. Queen street, on Brook- I ven, Norway waR prm
lpal1y depend- 
lyn avenue. Messrs. Bond & Smith I e
t upon lay help for its .Sunday ser- 
were asked to prepare plans, the con- Vlces, l\fr. Thomas ChamplO
, the lay 
t tIt t :\1 T E 'V bb and I secretary of the church sOCiety, very 
rac ,,:as e 0 
 r.(. '. e. often taking the duty. 

n Oct?ber 8th. 18:38. Bl.s,hop Sul- The original church probably cost 
hvan laH
he corner stone. Ihe church about 
lO() currency, or $,100. exclusive 
was .sufflclentJY completed for 
he of the value of the land, much off the 
opeDl,n g ærVCle to be held ?n !>;ew labour being given gratuitously. It 
 day of 1899, when the blshoI? of could not possibly have been of plainer 
tþe dlOOO
 was present at the dedlCa- construction; it seated about sixty 
tIon servICe. people. 
'F he church and lan
 cost $
,800, of I The first baptism took place in St. 
 anwunt $2,000 
tIll re
ams un- John's church, February 16th, 1851, 
paid. The c
as mcreased Dr. Beaven being the officiating min- 
by twenty-five per cent. m the mo
n- ister. The name of the child was Wil- 
ing and at night the c.hurch, which liam, his parents being Irwin and Mar- 
holds about 400 people, IS 
ull. There garet Wallis, of 
is a large basement. affordmg accom- The first delegate appointed to re- 
modation for the Sunday school, so- present the congr{
Üion of St. John's 
ciety w,ork, et
.. . in the Diocesan Synod was Mr. George 
The church Itself is very plam, the Madison, he being nominated October 
greatest economy bein
xerc.ised 9th, 1853. 
throughout! neverthele
s It IS .bnght Sufficient land was obtained shortly 
and .attractIve. The se
Vlces, which are after the first church was built to pro- 
tumlarly c
nd heart:r, vide a graveyard surrounding the 
suIt the localIty, and the mterest IS church. This was duly îencelll in, and 
of such a m?rlerate 
haractt'r that I the first burial took place on July 19th, 
pepple of vanous leamngs feel thor- 1 1854, the person interred being 'Villiam 
oughly at home. Dawes, a farmer of Berkeley, who had 
Bright pro<;pec
s are befo
e .this c<:m- reached the mature age of 76 years. 
gregation in their new bUIldmg wlth The Rev. J. G. D. McKenzie was the of- 
their growing congregation. ficiating clergyman. 
From the date when the church was 
e.rected until 1855 there had been no 
bell to summon people to Divine ser- 
vice, and although all other denomina- 
tions, excepting the Anglican and Ru- 
man bodies, discountenance their use, 
an Anglican church without at kast 
one bell, is a very exceptional build- 
ing. This want was supplied by the 


..I. PrettJ' c:..":arJ' <:bareb wll" It. ........t 
n' (..........?". 
Of the many churches in and around 
Toronto, there are very few situated so 



kindness of Mr. RIChard Edmunds, of I use any longer, it wag both incommo- 
Toronto, who gave the church the bell dious and insecure and was beyond re- 
ill in use. It was rung fo
 the first pair or enlargempnl. It was therefore 
bme on June 24th, 1855, Midsummer I determined to build a new church, and 
Day. the handsome building on Kingston 
The church .w
s consecrated, a"! was rþad is thp result of their efforts. It 
so the adJommg grave
.ard, by tþe is of later Gothic architecture and like 
BIshop. of T?ronto, o
 July 1st, 18:35. all modern AngEcan churches has no 
The Illlnute III the parIsh books record- 11. _. . . 
ing the fact, is signed by "James Bea- I ga enes. Th
 pnnc.lpal entrance IS 
ven. incumbent, James Beamish and I at the south-west cOIner: and there are 
Irwin Wallis churchwardens." also separaJp entrances In the east end 
A\ th
se who repose in the to the clergy. and on the EOuth 9ide to 

'God's A.
re" of St. John's, Norway, I the chclr vestries. The church has an 
is Sara.h, relict of John Ashbridge, open r06)f, and S{'a.ts 350 people, the 
who was, so the parish reoords declare, kneelings bClng of oak throughout. In 


. ."1:

I ' J' 
I ....... 
; . ; 

"one of the United Empire LOyalists." 1 the east end are three lancet windows.. 
She died on February 29th, 1860. at and in the west one singLe large win- 
the age of 75. Another departed dow. T'he estimated COSL Od the bui'ld- 
worthy, who also rests .he
e, is ing was $-1 467, but the actual oost was 
'Jìerence Conroy. o!, ConwaY-It IS tl?-e I nearly 
8 OOe}. trhe archil-pct was Mr. 
oormer on the tombstone. the latter:n C. J. Gibson. of Toronto, the builders 
t.he register. Oonroy was 
 pensioner bC'ing Mp
srs. Rob
rt Marshall and 
from tíhe 3rd Buffs. and dIed Septem-. George Mortimer. :;VIr. N. T. Lyon 
ber 9th. 186'3, aged WI) Yfars. Thlis is I supplied the glass. The work was 
tJ1e only caæ in or n'éar Toronto where commenced . in 1S::9:! and comph.t.ed in 
a wmbstone recordls tho.. death of a the summer of the folIowing year. 
centenarian. Dr. Bc"aven was minister of St. .John's. 
Olhe small wooden c.hurch was several I from 1
50 until 18ß.
. H
 was folJowe-d 
tim't:'s altered in construction and once by Rev. E. R. Stimson. w'ho heLd the 
enlarged. but in lð92 it wa.
 found c.hanre for exa.cily five Yl ars. and WRS 
absolutely impossible to continue its f.ollowed by the Rev. Charles Rut {aT).. 

w\ho entered on his duties September I 1869-1871-Peter Paterson Jas. Smith. 
::'OtJh. 1873, and continued to perform 1871-1872-Peter Patersan ' George Mad- 
t.hem uniiI Easter Day. 1896, when he deal. ' 
was succeedpd by the Rev. G. L. Starr, I 1872-1875-Peter Paterson, :Tas. Smith. 
w1ho was removed to Kingston early in 1875-1878-Peter PaterSQIl, F. Boston. 
189'8. and \\ as followed lJy the Rev. 1878-1879-F- Bo6t an , W. Darling. 
w. L. Baynes-Rood. 1879-1880-W. Darling, Jas. Hewitt. 
Mr. Ruttan's first charge was in 1880-1882-Jas. Hewitt, LamQDd Smith. 
Toronto, he being the first rector of 1882-1883-LaIDOO1d Smith, Ira Bates. 
st. George's church on John street. IB83-1884.-C. T. Whitney, Ira Bates. 
Leaving St. Geovge's in 184.7, he did 1884-1886-Ira Bates, J. Davids. 
duty in various parts of Ontario. until 188G-1890--Ira Bates, .I. Ra.ndall. 
he was appointed to St. John's in 1873. 11B90-1898-Ira Bates, J. W. Miller. 
He was a. son of the -late Sheriff Henry j I898-1899-E. Philpott, J. Spencer Over. 
Ruttan of Cobourg. a.nd a. grandsoli · · · · · · 
of Ruttan, the well known u.:E. St. Ba.rnaba.! church, Chester, is also 
Loyalist, who .nelped to settle i within the ecclesiastical parish of St. 
.AdJolphustown, on the Bay of QUinte. I ' John's, Norway. It is, a.s will be. seen 
:Unfortunately the re
rds of St. by t
e cut, 
 pre.tty little building in 
John's were badly kept 1'1 the early Goth1l' n-Tch1 tecture. 



days, and it is not possible to give I It 'W3B ereclted about 1870 by the 
an absolutely correct list of the war- exertions of Messrs. Garrett R Frank- 
dens since the district was formed. Up land, John Lee and Emanuel Playter, 
to 1858 the only two wardens whose all lay members of the Anglican church 
names can be ascertained were :Messrs, I living in cloæ proximi ty to the church. 
James Beamish and Irwin Wallis, but T.he. clergy of St. John's ha\'e always 
since then the list is complete, as fol- been responsible for th
 services at st. 
lows :- B:unabas, whoover has officiated there 
1858-1861-Peter Paterson. Richard I has never been more than an assistant 
Thornbeck. to the rector of. the former church. For 
18Gl-18G2-Peter Paterson, John Tur- som(> time the Rev. E,. Ashcroft, now 
nero (1899) one of the assistant ministers at 
1862-1863-Peter Paterson, 'YiIliam I t.b.e church of St. James' in this city, 
Johnson. was the officiating clergyman. He was 
lE63-1865-Pete.r Paterson. G. l\IcC'ul- there from 1891 to 1896. After that 
lough. time he came to St. James'. The present 
1865-1867-Peter Paterson, Thomas I staff at St. Barnabas is (1899) as fol- 
'Vebb. 100\s: 
18õ7-18G9-Peter Paterson, John Tur- W<i!dens-M:r. Albert Playle r . Mr. 
nero R. ". Proctor. 



Vestry Clerk-Mr. Proctor. ' I is siluate.d on lots 11 and 12 in the suò- 
ß;ì\lr. Sparkhall, Mr. Tal- division 0: lot 31. in the :!nd concession 
bot. from the bay, in York township. ï'he 
Organist-Mr. R. \Vhittaker prOO- 1 land was given by the late Samu
tor, B. A. ThGJllçson. & hard-working English 
Supt. S. S.-MJr. H. R. fiankland, churchman. who had a resddence in 
Librarian-Mr. A. Playter. the neighbourhcod. 
Sec.-tr.reas.-:Mrs. Soutbergill. Besides giving th
 land Mr. Thomp- 
Organist-Miss M. Playter. I son was a most generous benefactor to 
tDhe services on Sundays are at 11 tlh
 church in money. time, and coun- 
a. m. and 7; p. m.
 while the Holy Com- I se!. ... . . 
munion is admimstered on the seoond J h
ptlOn hst for the bUIldmg 
Su.nday in the month after morni!1g I is a 
Uri06ity. showing how g
prayer. 'lfuere is a welek day serVIce and hberal. cihurc.hmen w,:re .In the 
a..t 8 p. m. eac
l \YtedneSjiay, and a I year H60. In tíhelr contnbutlOns to 
Bible. class 8.t the haur. There is wbat we should in these c.lays, perhaps, 



..r.1 .A..llea. Chord. Balli .. .... Pari 
.r York T.wnd.lp. 
'Ibis church was for a. good many 
7ear.s known as St. M;u"k's. Ca.rlton. It 

. a. bra.zwh: õf the Woma
o-I consider small and distant a.nd 'unim- 
CLatIon of the Young People s Gmld I porlant chw"ch enterprises. Carlton 
and the .nrothe.rhocñ of 81. Andrew. was then a very small hamlet. six 
Possibly at 8OID.e future date St. miloes from the city hall, a.nd a place 
Bar.nabaB m.ay become a separate of no cOIIlm.erc
al or manufacturing in- 
pansh, though at p.rese-
t ,t
e prosp
ct I tere&t. The subscriptions were of 
of such an event IS still III the dJm I course in pounds-the old Halifax cur- 
BJ1d distant future. rency. ,These are some of them :-The 
Bishop .elO. D. Ma.cdonell æ50, G. W. 
CHAPTER XXXVL Allan .e12 10s. S. Thompson, 4.:50, 'V. 
\VakeCi.eld 4.:12 10s. :T. S. Dennis .e1O. 
aT. MARK'S, TORONTO JUNCTION R. B. Denison oE12 10s. \V. H. Boulton 
J.:12 lOs. Messrs. Ca.wthra 4.:5, E. W. 
Thomson .E5, .T. r
. Robinson oE5, :T. B. 
Robinson oBJ 5s. Hon. P. M. Vankough- 
net ;(5. M. R. Vankoughne-t J.:5. 
f[he Clburch se
ms to have been com-. 



ph-ted in t1:1e year 1859. It is a small I fice, or obta.ining the help of som
lJU':lding. about 80 x 30, including the oLerlcal frii',nd. In 1884 the Rev. C. E. 
cha.ncel. with a good open roof. The I T'homson WÐ.8 appointed incumbent of 
style of architecture. is the simplest Carlton alone. and has continued to 
Early EngIiSlh. Because of its aim- residp th
re since 1885. 
plicity and thoroughly church charac- I As stati'd aùove. the members of the 
ter. this little building, standing on I I C'hurch of England in Carlton and its 
the highest grol1nd in the neighbour- neig'hbourhood neVer had been numer- 
hood. and distinctly visible from the 0115, and t'he congregation never has 
railway. and from all the roads around, been a large one. Yet, small as it is, 
used to be much noticed. and favour- it is a quiet. united congregation, and 
a.bly spoken of. Those who took most I the. services in the church, though 
interest in the building of it were plain and simple, are good in propor- 
Mr. S. Thompson. and Messrs. John tion to the small available resources. 
Dennis and 151. George Scadett. and i T'here are two services every Sunday, 
the 'Vakf'fi
Id family of Beechboro'. I with a good choir and good singing 
'fhl? congregat:on at Carlton, never a.nd congregaU.ona.1 responding. be- 
e. la.rge one in early days. forty years Bides an early celebra.tion of the Holy 
back met in a house fitted up for that I Commun:on twice a month in summPL 

purpose. and were ministered to by I The Holy Communion Ie celebrated 
the, RÆ'v. W. Stennett, the Prov08t and e.very Lord's Day all the year round, 
es.sors of Trinity University and a.nd on the chid 'rhe list of 
ottærs. It may be that there was communica.nts is nearly as large as 
no resident clergyman for the first the a.verage congregation. and about 
twenty-five or thiIrty years. From one-third of the communicants is the 
1859 to 1871 the Rev. 'V. A. Johnson, a.verage aHendance at mid-day cele- 
of \Veston. wa.
 the officiatin2 minister; bmtions. 
the late Rev. F. J. S. Groves. of Tor- 'I'here is a very good Sunday school 
onto wo.s. the clergyman till .Tune, 1878, held in 0. le.rge frame school house. 
followed for a year by tbe la.te Rev. built near the church. on a lot kindl,. 
Dr. C&rry. w'bo lived at Carlton, and gdven b). Major E. H. Foster and Mrs. 
then by the Rev. J. H. McQ)Uum. of Foster; and lJik&Wise a Bible class 
Toronto for some months. In 1880 the taught by t.he reetor. 
Rev. C. E. T'h
mf!On. of Hamilton, was '['here is also a branch of the Wo- 
nte.d assistant to Mr. .Jo'hnson at man's Auxiliary. and a junior branch 
'Veston. and gave a service every Sun- of tile same caUed the "Busy Bees." 
dra.y at Carlton. Major E. H. F09ter, In cbmlIJon with many other parisheø 
M. A.. kindly a second ser- St. Ma.rk's. Toronto .Tunct.ion, has felt 



the' 'financial depression and Its con- I ings. Mr. Murray went to the house 
øequent (}ifficulti
s. but through all, of a Mrs. Marshall near by, and bor- 
&nd notw
lth8tanding the loss hy diviS- 1 rowed two chairs; he also obtained a 
[on of considerable portiollB of Its terrl- moderately long plank which he plac- 
tory has ma.naged to hold its own. Xt ed on two empty boxes, and in' that 
Is c perhaps, a
 adversely fashion accommodated the con grega- 
as any otber parieh in the diocese, but, I tion. 
though poor, it is hopeful and united. After tJìe service was over'R business 
_ meeting was held to consider the best 
ClIAPrrER iXXXvn. means to be employed to put the ruin- 
ous old building in order, the result 
ST. .JOHN'S, TORONTO .JUNCTION. being that Mr. James Ke.nnedy agreed 
to make some seats, to re-hang the 
e. lite 814 ._.IN. PI.'nl wU... .'..' doors and glaze the windows. He was 
.r I.e ""ke. greatly assisted by Mr. John Canavan 
The church of St. John, Toronto and also by Mr. Murray. 
Junction, stimding as it. does in the Early in the following year Mr. Mur
woods to th
 south side of Dund,ls rav learned that Mr. John Fisken WRS 
street, not very far from "Runiml'!!l ''' I wÙling to give a site to any of the 
the first dw
ihng house ever buÏit in religious bodies in Toronto who would 
the locality, is a pretty little building ßroot a place of worship in that part 
in modern Gothic architecture. It is of Toronto Junction. He waited on 



pleasing to the eye in its exterior, and Mr. Fisken, and learning wJiere the 
of exceedmg ly neat appearance when land was. went at onoe to the bishop 
one enters t.he interior. Unlike the and asked for his support. The bishop 
vast majority of churches the chancel gave this readily, and also headed a 
is not in the east, but in the west end, subscription list with the sum of $5. 
and the organ is in the northern Amon g other donors was Mr. S. H. 
The work of the parish began as far Blake, Q.C., and :Messrs. J{)hn Canavan 
back as 1882, in a dismantled house, and S. McMurray. The result was that 
without either doors or shutters, on the first church was built at a cost 
tJIe south side of Elizabeth street. Mr. af a little more than '700, and when 
B. W. Murray originated the work, the first service took place the deed 
and he and some half-dozen other lay- conveýing the land to the church was 
!Den Inðt there one September Sunday laid on the offertory plate. 
m the year named., and having secured The buildi
 of which this account 
betforehand the services of the Rev. J. is given, contmued in use until 1891. 
II. McCollum, of St. Thomas' parish, when the present brick church was 
a øervice was held. It will be of inter- I erected. The congregation attending 
est to relate how the congregation st. John's is numerically a good one.. 
were øeatecl. as there, it is need- but there are fe"" well-to-do peopl6 
"- to say, neither pews nor knee!- among them. and the amount raised 



'for church and other expenses is not thE\ main street, and is a very pleasing 
;a very large one. object in the surrounding landscape. It 
Since the church wa.s founded the is built of brick, in the Old English 
'"Clergy have been as follows:-Rev. J. H. style, with gables. The entrance to the 
McCollom, from 1882 until 1888. In the church is on the south side, and from 
latter year the church became a Be- the porob a lovely stretch of countrv 
.parate rectory, and the Rev. A. C. C4I) be seen. There is a small belfr)" 
Mile.s on March 1st, 1888, became reo- on the north-ea.,>t end of the church, in 
'tor. The Rev. C. P. McKim was ape \\Ùlidh' is a well-toned bell. The inter- 
pointed curate on ,July 11th, 1892, and ior of the church is as pleasing I,lS its 
<>n July 1ßt, 1894, succeeded Mr. Miles exterior, the seats are all, as in the case 
as rector. The latter remained in of- the majority of Anglican churches. 
fice until May 1.9t, 18!t5, when he. was I free and open, and the little building 
followed by the Rev. F. H. DuVernet, wli.'l;l contain about 180 worshippers. 
the present holder of the office-1899. There are two handsome stained glass 
- windows in the .church, and more will 


CHAPTER XXXVIII. I be added as the funds will permit. 1fue 
, . ohurah wat9I built in 1891, and with the 
ST. CLEMENT S, IEGLINTON. land cost a little more than 84,000. 
... . e . . - Ib '1 
 . I' b b ... I Only a 'Very small portion of this sum 
- r. '7 ..... .r.D." are ".n- now remains unpaid (1896). 
Df'e..d wllb York nilla. St. Clement's is not a sepa.rate Angli- 
A:D.y visitor from England to Eglin- ca.n parish, but is what in England 
ton, one of the prettiest of Toronto'li would be caJled a "Chapel of," 
øuburbs, would, when he came to the I of York l\Iills church, where the Rev. 
.Anglica.n church of St. Clement's, be Canon Osler is the rector. It may be 
excused for thinking tha.t he was un- fitly mentioned here that at this date 
expectedly transported back to the old I (1898) Canon Osler is the second oldest 
oountry. Anglican clergyman in the Dominion of 
There are very few churchæ in or Canada, he having been in Holy Or- 
near Toronto whic:h present such a dersr for collBiderably more than half a 
thoroughly English appearance as does l oentury. 
thïa one. It is situated on the west side The curate in cl1arge of St. Clement's 
'Of Yonge street, a.bout 400 yards from i:J the Rev. T,. W. Powell, ... graduate 



of TrinitY' University in this city. l\fr.! the late Miss Fisken. The organ cham- 
Powell came to York Mills early in beT is on the west and the vestry on 
1891, and he ha.d a great deal to do in the eaBt. 
conjunction with Canon Osler, in erect- I The school room is north of the 
ing the church. I church, with the eastern gable facing 
For several years, between 1871 and Yonge street. It is ornamented with 
1880, St. Luke's church in Toronto, be- ! mottoes and bannerettes and is a vßry 
fore the æt.ablumment of St. Clement's bright and pleasant rO::Jm, as attractive, 

t Eglinton, W1R:9 in the ha.bit of send- I ' in its way, as the church. 

 3: J\a,y 
o bold cottage. meet:- On thp 6th June, IB70, a mppting of 
3 m Eglmton l
 order to MSl
t t.he churchmen took place in the brick 
Rev. Canon 0.31er m the large dIStrIct I school house in DavisviUe to conside.r 
of w.hioh he had sp
ritual charge. Th
e I the best means to' secure the erectIOn 
SeI"V1C69 were CQI1tmued perhaps a 11t- of a church in connection with the 
tie later than the ye:u 1880. and were Church O'f En
land on Yonge street, 
not wholly abandoned until the project. between the villages O'f Yorkville and 
of buildin.g\ a church 
 in: a fair way Eglinton, t.hte ffieet'ng being coml'osed 
to' be accomplished. . posed of the late Frank Shanly, John 
The ohurch wardens of St. ClE'ment'
 Fisken, L. W. Smith, Edward Burke, been as fO'llows:-1891 to 1895, T. Joseph Jackes an
 .John Burke. At a 
RobinsO'n. G. \Yiltshire; 1895 to 1896, subsequent 
eetmg, on J':11y 18, a 
E. Carswell, F. l\Ianton; 1896 to 1898, b
il.ding commlttee was appomted. con- 
T. Boulden. F. l\fanton. slstm
 of Messrs. Frank Shanly, W. A. 
The organist is l\[iss 
ranton and the Baldwm, E. Burke and J. Ja.ckes. The 
R T \ 'T P I fl '. ' h . gore between old and npw Y onge street 
.av. '. ,t. owe I has. a ou
 mg near Deer Park, havinQ' been purchased 
Sunday school under hte Ql1cermten-! from Mr. Thomas Griffith for $100 as 
dence. I a site for tl?-e 
ew church, 
nd the plans 
for the bUIldmg prepareQ by 
CHAPTER XXXIX. Smith & Gemmell, archi tects, accept- 
l ed the work of erection was commpnc"d 
CHRIST CHURCH, DEER PARK. by'Mr. Joseph Gearing, builder, on thl) 
I 5th OctO'ber, and the church was rt'ady 
.A Pretty Snburbnn Parhb wllb "aoJ' I for occ.upation in Just 11 week
"rll.lI. \Vorkeu. after the cost of thf;> church, drl" '1' 
o .. . shed' and fence having heen $3,"03. 
n.a commandmg. sIte ove.rlO'okmg Then on st. Thomas' Day, 21-,t Dec
th: CIty, a.nd even with a &,hmp
e of her, '18iO, the rhurch was op
ned. for 
t1;1 blue waters of, th
 lake m the far service the Bish'1p of TorO':lto, Rlght 
taDd3 ChnsL church, D
er Rev. A. N. Bethune. officiating, as- 

ark It 1S not only Ii. commandmg sÏlsted by the"" Rural D
a-:1 Givins. 

lte, bu
. ODe uf picturesque surr
und- of st. Paul's, Toronto, tha Rev. A. G. 
ID:;S. lL
 gOl'e furmed by "YO'nge L. Trew, and a large number of clergy. 
street O'n tb<
 east and Lawton avenue The evenin
 SE'rmon wa" pr ach.', 'JY 
on the west is fi1led with fine trees Rev. J. S. Boddy (now Archdeacon' O'f 
th'lt, in summer time, hide all of the st. Peter's chure-h. 0, th
arnp day 
church from the south save the little the next year, 21st Decemher, lRï
, the 
belfry giving notice of the building church was consecrated by the }Jlf.;hìP. 
bpneath. The prO'perty is surrounded In addition to th
h and school 
by a picket fence, and the entrance þ.ou
, the latter. erE'cterl l!l 18
t? the church is through a quaint lB 
lso. a commodiOus rectory, whIch" 
httle porch, but a very pretty one. bUllt ill 1872, on Heath strBPt, ü"';. 
an 1 
'The building is solidly erected of donated by the latE' 1\1r. John T. IS {
timber, and internally is neat, c
sy, i The first incumbent of the hPah"d 
and artistic in its decO'rations. The was the Rev. A. 9-. L. Tr
,,:, w 0 t 
cf'iling is open timber "(',ork with five been formerly B.So<;lstant milllstt>r a . 
neat blue g asaliers P endant thf'refrom. Geor
e's church, TorontO'. After 
Th . . years of successful work he was com- 
e walls are 'yamscotted and the plll
 pelled, owing to failing health. to se.ek 
Sf':lts ar
 cushIOned. 'F he pretty httle a new home ill1 the waTm cong'en:ø.) 
ch1nc.el IS carpete
 with Brussels and climate of California, where he is now 
eontalDs two readmg desks, the front- Rector O'f San. Gabriells and Dean of 
als of which and O'f. the altar .are the Doocese of 80uthern Ca.lifO'rn:a. !.Ie 
changed to' accord wIth the festIval was succeeded at Christ chul"e-h In 
seasons O'f the church. Upon. the altar October, 1878, by the Rev. T. W. Patf>r- 
is a brass cross, a memorial to' the son the present Rnctor, who was or- 
late Mr. Norman Baldwin, and above it dai
ed deacon at \Vhithy in 1871, and 
a handsome 'window, a memO'rial to nri,?..t. 
t. Holv 'Trinitv d111TCh, Tnronto. 

in 1872. by the R:ïght Rev. A. N' j 1880-1883-Dr. Larratt W. Smith. Mr.; he is a native of Toronto and Weymouth G. Schreiber. 
a graduate of Trinity University, ha.v- 1881-1887-Dr. W'. Smith Mr. 
ing received his earlier education at Alfred F. Hoskin, Q.C: 
Ul?per Cø.ne.da. College. Hi8 former a p - 1 1888-Mr. Alfred F. Hoskin, Q.C.. Mr. 
pomtments were :Manvers, Hasti
gs and Cha.rles D. W'arren. 
Bradford, a.nd immediately previous to 1889-1890-Mr. George A. Mackenzie.. 
his appointment to Christ Church, he Mr. Charles D. Warren. 
ha.d spent a. year in foreign travel, I 1891-1892-:Mr. George A. Mackenzie. 
visiting Egypt, Palestine, and several Mr. George H. Park. 
of the countries of Europe. 1893-1894-Mr. Jos. H. Farr, Mr. Thos. 
Tille first ch urchwardens of the Moore. 
ahurch were the late W'. A. Baldwin I 189S-Mr. JOB. H. Farr. Mr. F. C. 
Mld Joseph .Tackes. The present ward- Snider. 
ens are Mr. J. H. Farr and Mr. F. C. 
Snider; and the delegates to the 

1 'j 

;R PAl

Synod, Mes
31"'S. c. \V. Alle.n, Th.os. Moore I CHAPTER XL. 
and Manell \V ill mot. The organist 
is Mr. Arthur Semple. The Sunday ìENT CHURCH. 
school in connection with the church - 
numbers l:!O with an average attend- I l'be ....mtlr Cbureb GR....r. . 
ance of 99. t:.Dg:-....tloD .r All Uen()"III.
. Attached to the chU!rch are 
wo mia- To the extreme east of the city on 
Blons, one to the east at L.easLde, a!ld , Queen street almost at the entrance to 

hTh;o 1



; ' l l\Iunro Park, stands in the .midst of 
Theological and Missionary Society of shady. trees the church, dediCated to 
Trinity University. no samt by name, used by t
e great 
bulk of those who 5pend thetr sum- 
S ! mer at Kew Beach, Balmy Beach Or 
1870-1876-Mr. William A. Baldwin, Mr. I Victoria 
ark. The ritual. is according 
Joseph Jacke.s. to the ntes of the AngJJ
:'H1 chw'ch, 
1877-1879-Dr. Larratt W. Smith, Mr.! an(l the officiating minister is and has 
Joseph .Tackes. \ been 
ince the services inaugur- 



atOO, about 189', the Reverend Hill- I them in the chairs under the roof or 
ya.rd Cameron Dixon. Mr. Dixon is in in the anne
 on both the north and 
deacons' orders of the Anglican body, I f:outh sides of the structure. 
and was for some time during the rec- There is a small harmon
u.m at which 
torate of Mr. Baldwin, assistant min- various ladies have presided from time 
ister at the ohurch of the A;>censio
 to t
. The s
' comidprjn
TJhe Balsam avenue church 18 a unl- I there 18 no po3S1bJIlty of practice. 18 
que 8tructure in dimensions, about 45 exceedLngly good. and of course is 
x 25 feet. It may be descrihed as w.ho'Iy congregational. SLmpler tunes 
a church wi' h roof and foundations. but Mld fami' h1ymns are always chosen, 
no walls. The former is supported on I suoh as "Ro
k of Ages." "Abide with 
tall cedar pillars, stripped of their I I Me,"' a.nd ath-erB with which everyone 
bark, and there are none other than is conve.rsant. 
canvas walls. The chancel consists of lit ma{Y be tlhkilt in future years a per- 
a platform slightly raised, where, I manent buHding will be ereoted where 




though, ta the communion taMe, prayer I now Is the unpretentious structure. but 
desk and lectern. The back o
 the U ever that time does come, though It 
chancel is boar
ed up. There IS no win be gladly welcomoo by the AngU- 
boarded floor; simply. co
rse tan bark I C8.Il8 Wb . 0 reside in the vicinity. many 
on thE:l ground, and, It IS needless to pleasant memories wiJl remain with- the 

y, there are no furnaces. Handsome "telIlt cill'urch" 80S 1t OD,Ce waa on .nal- 
011 lamp6 are suspended from the open sam. a.venue. 
roof, and these during August and 
September have always t.o be lighted I -- 
for at least a portion of the service. CHAPTER XLL 
Divine service is held during .Tune, 
July, August and September, on Thurs- ST. AUGUSTINE. 
day evenings, and on Sunday evenings I - 
also. People of every der.omination at- .t. a.".I.1I wltld. I. .. r.....r I. .... 
tend. and frequently it happens d'Jring .ellioll ., tit. AlIslI.... a.d
the summer that people are obli!!"ed I Bt. Augustine's church is on the 
to go away, there being no TOOlT\. for' nortb-enst corner of Parliament and 



Spruce streets. and was built by private 
subscription or guarantee, to provide 
additional éhurch accommodation for 
Anglicans resident in the east end of 
the city. It was erected in 1888-9. and 
for some time was under the pastoral 
care of the Rev. G. I. Taylor, rector 
of st. Bartholomew's. It was from the 
very fi.rst heavily in debt and this was 
a great drag on the scanty congrega- 
tion, At last it was found impossible 
to meet the char
es on the heavy mort- 
gage. the mortgagor exercised his right 
of foreclosur'e. the church was closed 
and the congregation dispersed. 
The building itS3lf is an exceedingly 
handsome brick structure in Gothic 
architecture. It seats about 500 people, 
und was intended to be on the free and 
open system without pew rents. It con- 
tains a handsome stain
d glass win- 
dow in the east end. the giit of Mr. 
A. McLean Howard. 


This church may be spoken of as- 
the "Cathedral of Presbyterianism" in 
Toronto, though it was by no means 
the first Presbyterian place of wor- 
ship erected in the county of York. 
The o
d wooJen church in Toronto 
township, some twelve miles to the 
wæt of the city, and the original St. 
Andrews chu.reh at Scarboro', were 
both buil t for some years before there 
was any permanent building belonging 
to the Presbyterian body in the town 
of York, 
It is the history ot St. Andrews 
church in Toronto, its inception, 
growth and progress, of those more 
intimately connected with it, of its 
ministers, their lives and labours that 
is sought to be told in these sketches. 
As with St. Andrews. 80 with the 
other Presbyterian churches in the 
city, their history will be told as weU 
as that of the mother church. 


Prerat.r7 Bemnrln": Tile Plr.' '('oronl. '('he Firat 'l'or.b'. '""f'.b7,erlan C h.r
P, and Th.11" Plnt!e. 01 11'or
 I 'h Mln....r. Fr.m lb. 8.11111111 .. 
.blp-Grew.b or The Presbyterian church on the 
. . e will south-east corner of King street west 
In thiS and 
he 1k)n
wlllg pag s I and Simcoe street, popularly known of 
ound deta)lled a
ounls of the: as "New :3t. Amlrew's," is in reality 
who.e of the 
 resbY,tena.n cþurche,s at I the successor of Old St. Andrew's 
present .es
abl,lshed 1.11 the Cl
y of Tor- church, which stood on the south-west 
onto. or III its 1mmedIate preclll
ts.. corner of Church and Adelaide streets. 
.It is customary for some parhally 111- The Presbyterian church on Jarvis. 
ed people to state that th.e l're
by- street known as "Old S1. Andrew's" 
tenan Church, the ø1d .Scothsh IÜrk, is in reaLity a congregation. with a 
had no place of worsh1P and had no history dating from 1876, (hey having 
h.old upon the people 
f York, now t
e seceded from the old congTegcltioll on 
city of Toront?, unhl St. Andrew s a question not of doctrine Lut of ritual. 
church was bU1
t on the south-west I The gr' bulk of the adherents of the 
corner of Adela1de 
treet east an.d I origill3.l St. Andrew's church decided 
Church street. Th1S statement 1S I in 1875 to build a new church and 
wholly erronous. Thel'e were not only the site selected was where. now s'tands 
a conßiderable number of Presbyter- the handsome ecclesiastical structure 
ians in Toronto before St. Andrew's known as St. Andrew's. 
church was built, but they assembled It will be necessary to' go back for 
together for divine sc.rvice .from SUI
- many years to record the history of 
day to Sunday, somenmes ill the pn- this congregation. In 1821 there was 
vate house of Uile member, sometimes a Presbyterian congregation in York, 
in that of another. Their number, and they held their meetings for DivinE!t 
though, was not very large, and their service in a house on Hospital, now 
means were" ery limited, nevertheless Richmond st.reet, but it was little more 
tJO soon as their numbers had increased thJ.n what would be now called a mis- 
to such an extent -that they could see sion. It is recorded by a write:r: re- 
a pr05pect of supporting a church and speciÌng the first inception of St. 
its ministe.r, after they had built the Andrew's church, that the "Honour- 
fOn.e and obtained the other, they set to able 'Villiam Morris, of Pert.h, a mplli- 
würk to canvass for subscriptions to ber of the Legishtive Assemhly of 1R:JO. 
build a permanent place of worship, and connected with the Church' of Scot- 
and the old Church of S1. Andrew I land, heing in York one St1nday morn- 
was the result of their' efforts. ing while on his way t.o the Episcopal 



church, passed the ruins of the former I I The foundation stone of St. An- 
Parliament House, and the sight sug- drew's church was laid by 
ir. Thomas 
gested to him the possibility of secur- C!arfme, jl"., on June 24th, 1830. The 
ing the ruined building and ccnverting I fIrst trustees were :-James F. Smith, 
it into a place of worship in connection 1 wholesale and retail grocer, whose 
with his favourite church. Perhaps I place of busine
s was at 141 King 
the contemplation of these ruins de-! street, on the. south Ride, west of 
tained him; at all events he was late at ! 
eader hne, hIs pnvate resiùence be- 
church, g.nd just as he entered the I
g at 32. Front street, on the north 
Episcopalain clerk was reading tbe I side, a httle to the west of where 
132nd Psalm:- I the C
ffin block stood; Thomas Car- 
.. frae, Jr., who kept a general store 
I wIll not go mto my house, nor to i at 209 King street, nexl to the old 
my bed ascend; I Thf'atre Royal, close to the site now 
No soft repose shall cl!>se my eyes, " occupied by the Bank of Commerce; 
. nor sleep my eye
ld.s bend, John Ewart, the builder, whose resi- 
TIll for the Lord's .designed' ahode, I I dence and business abode was at 30 
mark the destmed ground; Front street; Hugh Carfrae, an offi- 
TiU I a decent place of rest for Jacob's I cial of the Legis]ativc Council, who 
God have found. I re.sided on Bay streAt, north of King 
"Burdened with the suggestions stree
;, Wal
er Ro.;;c, f
f the .!1

awakened bv the old building - it seem- G:.eneI al s offl
e, who It ved 
 t ;Jo Hos- 
ed to Mr. Morris as if the Church of pnal, 
ow RI
hmond, stre
t, on the 
E 1 d .. th d t f th north sIde, a httle east of 
 ork street; 
ng an were vOlcmg e u.y? . e Alf'xawler l'.iurray, of tb.e firm of l\Iur- 
f Sco.tland. The c.OlnClde
lCe ray, X
 Co., 80 and 8
so Impress
d h
hat th
 ImpreSSIOn street, exactly oppo.,;ite the present an l
nspiratIon .to hlm; t
e next S1. Lawrence Hall (1699); and Jacob 

'ly he ca ed a mee
Ing o
 hIs asso- Lath
lm, a uuilder, 0": Duke street, 
ho were of lIke! faIth, I!-n. 01'- east of Berkeley street. 
gam.zabon was f
rmed, subscnphons I The first minister was the Rev. 'ViI- 
receIved, and the lIst bears .the names! liam Rintoul, who was th(\ pastor un. 
of so
e .of the most promment men i til May, 1834, when he resigned to un- 
of that bme, among 
heID! the men of I dertake scholastic work. .I!'or more. 
t.!1e 71s
 and 79t
 Re.glIDents, then sta. I th3.n a year the church was without 
Ìlon-ed m Yor:tc. . I. a settled minister, Ulltil the appoint. 
The proceed
ngs of this meetmg .are ment of the Rev. W. T. Leach, who was 
thus recorded.Ill a paper of the penod. inducted on July 15, 1835. Mr. Leach 
At a meebng of the I!-dherents of seceded from the Church of Scotland 
the Church of Scotland III the town in 1842 joining the Anglican body and 
of York, held on the 3rd of March, D ' . 
1830, John Ewart, Esq., in the cbair, on ecember 26th o
 that :r ear the. R.ev. 
it was, on motion of Dr:. Dunlor. sec- John 
arclay was mduc:ted, he fI
onded by Mr. H. Carfrae, unanimously the offIce of untIl. October _7th. 
resolved to take immediate steps for 1870, whe.n he resIgned hIs charge. Dr. 
the erection of a plaee of worship in Barclay was succeede<!- by the Rev. D. 
connection with the Church of Soot- J. Macdonnell, who dIed on .February 
land and for the calling of a clerg1- 19th, 1896, at Fergus, Ont3: rIo , where 
man of that church to officiate thereIll I he h
d gone 
or change of aIr for what 
as their minister. p
ved a vam hope, the recov.ery ?f 
Dr. Dunlop, mentioned as the mover hls h
alth. For the second! tIme III 
of thi.<J resolution, was a native of I the history of S1. Andrew's the pas. 
Greenock, in Scotland, where he was toral was vacant for a year, when the 
born in 1791. He came to Canada in Rev. W. J. McCaughan, of Belfast, Ire- 
1826, and was for several years con- land, was appointed, his induction tak- 
d with the Cana.da Company, ing place 
rch 25t.h, 1897. :Mr. Mc- 
holdmg the office of ..
 arden of the Caughan resIgned his charge to ac- 
Woods and Ranger of the Forests." oopt a pastorate in ChicagQ in Octo- 
Be also founded, in 1836, the City of her, 1898. { 
Toronto Library Cluu, and was elected Flew men ever lield 81 congregation 
to the Provincial Parliament as the together better than Dr. BarclaY' and 
first representative of the Huron dis- his immediate successor, Mr. :Maodon- 
trict, In the county of Huron, in 1841. I I neIl. Dr. Barclay's influence with his 
He, about 1837, went to reside at Fair- congregation was never more severely 
braid, in Colborne townsh
p, county I tried than in 1843, when the celebrate 
of Huron. He died June 29th, 1848, ed "Disruption" occurred in the mother 
at Cote 81. Palll, m his 58th year. Church of Scotland, on the questioOl 

122 LA
of patronage. It is well known: th'at I many of tJìem) "old kirk," but essen.. 
a large portion of the Established tially, diametrioalIy, opposed to that 
Church of Scotland, both clergy and body on the question of State controL 
laity, resolved to secede from the Es- With the seoeders the absolute separa.. 
tablished Church, after the proceed- Hon of Church and State was a shib- 
ings of the General Assembly held iD boleth, and with veq feWi. exceptions 








Edinburgh: in 1843. They did so and I h'
s so continued from thab day until 
formed" the Free Church of Scotland," I the present <1899.) ( 
differing not in doctrine anrl I It was not to be expected that the 
praotice from the dearly loved (hy, Presbyterians of Canada would view 


unmoved or unheeded the upheaval in 
the Scottish church at home. An at- 
tempt was made by some of Dr. Bar- 
clay's congregation to ha ve a pro- 
nouncement made by St. Andrew's 
chunb .collectively in favour of the 
Free Church. Among those who sup- 
ported this proposal were the Honour- 
ables Isaac Buchanan and John McMur- 
rich. James Shaw. William Ross and 
Peter Brown, the latter father of the 
late Honourable George Brown. Among 
those who opposed the proposal, and 
who helped Dr. Barclay to hold the 
majodty of his people together, were 
Chief Justice McLean, George Michie. 
John Cam
ron, John Robertson. E. W. 
Thomson, John Jacques, Hugh Scobie, 
Peter Morgan, and others. All of 
those w boo have been named have long 
since died, and it is probable that not 
half a dozen people are now alive in 
Toronto, in this the closing year of the 
century, woo can recall the contro- 
versy of 184,'3-<<. 
æhe final re.sult was that a portion 
of St. Andrew's congregation did se- 
cede, and in connection with the Irish 
Presbyterians. f.ormed Knox church. 
U'here was happily little if any had 
feeling engendered and the memory of 
the dispute soon passed away, so com- 

etely in fact that the younger gen- 
eration of Presbyterians ten years after 
the controversy were wholly unaware 
that it had ever existed. Among other 
prominent laymen in this and later 
years in st. Andrew's were Judge Wìl- . 
son, Isaac C. Gilmour, Henry Fowler, 
William Mitchell. A. T. Fulton, G. H. 
Wilson, Robert Hay, James Maclennan 
and James Bethune. 
Dr. Barclay. after resigning the pas- 
tOl ate of St. Andre,..-'s. conLinued to 
reside in Toron to, where he died Sep- 
tember 27, 1887. 
The fourth pa3tor of St. Andrew's, 
like his p r edeces3-..')r. had ministerial 
charge of the church for more than 
a quarter of a century, to be exact, 
for twenty-six years and two months. 
He Was a son oí the Rev. GeorgI) 
Macdonnell, and was born in Bathurst:, 
New Bl'Ull3wick. He was educated in 
Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Queen's Col- 
lege, Kingston, Ont. He was,d 
in Edinburgh on June 14th, 18íiü, and 
afrer working in Scotland and elsp- 
whero for a fe.w years came to 8L 
Andrew's in the closing days of 18-;'0. 
St. Andrew'!! was his life work, and 
few m('n ever left such a record or 
carved such an enduring epitaph to 
themselves as did he. PriucipJ.l Gr:wt. 
of Kingston, speaking at his funeral, 


in the course of his remarks said: 
"I never knecw a man of such abso- 
lute purity-he has not left his like 
The funeral of Mr. Macdonnell took 
place on February 21st, 1896. from St. 
Andrew's church to Mount Pleasant 
cemetery. Probably few men were 
ever more sincerely mourned. Around 
his grave Etood men o( all shad
8 of re- 
ligious opinion and of no religious 
views. Anglicans, :R.omanists. Mei.hod- 
ists, Unitarians joined with their Pres- 
byterian friends in the last tribute 
of respect to one who in his life's 
career had exemplified the words of 
the poet, .. 'Tis only noble ,to 'be good." 
To return to the description of St. 
Andrew's church. The original build.. 
iug on Church street {was a plain, un. 
pretending brick structure, coated to 
resemble stone, capable of seating, 
wi th the galleries, probably about 900 
people. On the floor were two double 
rows of square and oblong pews; on 
the north and south sides was 
of oblong pews with an aisle between 
them and the centre rows. In the 
west end there were three pews on 
the north and south sides, which 
formed a transept faeing the pulpit 
and communion table, which were in 
the We6t end. On thf' northern and 
southern sides of the church and also 
at the eastern ('nd \Va sa galelry. In 
the last n::Jmed the choir sat, while ;1 
portion of the ...
outhe.rn gallery was, 
during the time the military were in 
Toronto, reserved for the use of the 
troops. The fmtrance was on Church 
street, and there was a I>ID'l.U vesti- 
bule, from which to the right and 
left as one entered was a flight of 
steps leading to thl' galleries. 
St. Andrew's church had at the time 
of its demolition in 1877 a tower and 
spire, this though was not built until 
1850 unGer the superintendence of Mr. 
J. G. Howard, the well-known archi- 
tect. The latter, ÏJ1 his autobiography, 
writes, under date July, 1850, '.Built 
a tower and spire and made sundry 
alterations and additions to St. An- 
drew's church on the corner of Church 
and Adelaide streets." 
st. Andrew's was the first Presby- 
terian church in Toronto, and it was 
also I he first which introduced instru- 
mental musi.c in the service of the 
('hurch, not a.lone in Toronto, but in 
C'anada. In 18;)
 the band of the 71st 
H:ghlal1d I..ight Infantry attended the 
!"ervices of the church in the morn- 
ing anrl furnished the music, the next 
year a choir was formed and a melo- 



dean purcha.ged; five or six years later Elders-G. H. Wilson, A. McMurchy, 
a cabinet organ was introduced, but T. A. Maclean. William Mitchell, Jas. 
þl prominent member obJected; the In a year's tï.me the church was com- 
Kirk session sustained the organ, as pleted and occupied by the congrega- 
also did the Presbytery, to which ap- tion, the opening services taking place 
peal W8B made; the appeal was then on Sunday, February 13, 1876, the ser- 
carried to the Synod, which ordered mon in the morning being preached Iby 
the removal of the obnoxious instru- the Rev. R. Co.mpbell, o( St. Gabriel's 
ment .'with as little delay as possible." church, Montreal, that in the after- 
,But it WM not removed, although not noon by Pro:f,e.ssor McLaren, of Knox 
used; subsequently the Synod allowed College, and in the evening by ,the Rev. 
the use of an organ where a majority D. M. Gordon, of Ottawa. There were 
favoured its use. When the General! ]arge congregations on each occasion. 
Assembly in Scotland was debating The last service in St. Andrew's on 
the matter of instrumental music, St. I Church street, was on FebruarY' 10th, 
Andrew's church, of Toronto, was 1876. 
qu<<?ted as an examI!le. of the succ
ss The new church has a frontage of 
of IDBtrument8:1 mUSIC In Pr
sbyterian 82 feet O!l King street west and of 
churches. A pIpe organ costIng 82,200 165 feet on Simcoe street tlia tower 
(now in St. Andrew's, Guelph) succeed- being 116 feet in height 
nd 31 feet 
ed the cabmet organ, and then the square at the base. The materials used 
present magnificent organ was erected in the construction of the building are 
In 1885 at a cost of $1'3,000. GeorgelOwn, Ohiù, stone with LJueens- 
The corner stone of the present ton dressing, and columns of Bay of 
church was laid on April 20th, 1875, by Fundy granite. The huilding is on 
the pactoY' of the church, the silver the model of the famous 
trowel used by him on the occasion 
athedral, and the styl<<: of architecture 
being preßented by Messrs. Lash & IS what has been descnbed as 'Norman- 
Co. Among thwe who were present Scottish. 
were the Reverends Dr, Barclay and The interior of St. Andrew'
 is as 
Topp, Sir John Macdonald and the pleasing in appearance as the exterior, 
Honourable Williacm Cayley. the whole of the furtnishing\ and fit- 
Rather more than a year had elapsed ting
 being in .exoellent taste. The 
from when it was deeided, on February PUlPIt, commUnIon table and font' are 
23, leU, by the congregation to build m the soutJ: end, the latter to the left 
a new church t.o the laying of the of the p
IPIt as you enter the church 
corner stone, the first sod having been from Kmg street west.. There are 
turned on October 12th, 1874. \V ork double rO\ys of oepn pews In the centre 
was delayed during the winter, but and two aIsles. to the west and east of 
was resumed in March, 1875, and the 
hem, to the .rlght ani'. left of e
oh be. 
corner stone was laid in April. mg rows of smgle pews. G!lllerl88 I11D 
The Building Committee was com- round the church .on all sIdes, eXcbpt 
posed as follows: James Michie, chair- th
 southern end, In the. northern one 
man and treasurer; \Villiam MitcheH, bemg the ors:aa and choIr seats. The 
secretary; R. W. Sutherland, assist- organ was bUIlt by Messrs. S.. E. War- 
ant treasurer; A. T. Fulton, J. C. Gil- I'Ie\n & Son! of. Toronto, and! IS a re- 
mor, Robert Hay, J. Jacques, Wo. 1\1. markab.1Y fIDe mstrume
t. It posBes8
Jamieson, R. Guest, T. l\1. Pringle, G. 2,?36 P1.I
s, 7:J 
tops, IS 42 feet m 
A. Lash, W. Higginbotham, W. Arth- wIdth wIth a heIght 011, 36 feet and a 
urs, James Bethune, G. H. Wilson, d
 feet. It has on
 32 feet 
Russel Inglis \V. Milligan and J. M. pIpe, nIne sixtee!1 a.n d 19 of eIght feet. 
Rogerson ' Over the pUlpIt, III the southern end 
t- W. :T. Storm. of the <:hurch, is a b
Co e . 1 Y k . glass WIndow, the subJect bemg "The 
ntractors-LlOne or. e, 
asonry, Good Samaritan" Thi3 VTas erected 
J. C. Townsend, 
ntermg, R. Hay to the memory of the late James 

., uphols
ermg '. E.. Bell, plaster- Michie, for a long time a member ot 
mg, G;. Du
hIe, BlatI
. Cooley, S1. Andrew's. Bet.1.ßdh the window 

anIzed I
on; D. s. K
lth, plu.mb: i
 i hf' motto, taken from the parabl
mg, A. HamIlton &. S
n, Iron castIng, "Go and do thou likewise." In addI- 
W. McCa.u8land, parntmg. tion to this memorial window there- 
The following were the names of the are three brass tablets in the church. 
elders of the church and the Board of The first is to the left of the pulpit, 
:Managers at the time the corner stone to the memory of the Rev. D. J. Mac- 
was laid: donnell; thß second and third are 011 

. Ol!' TORONTO. 










the northern waJl as you enter, to cheque for $700, the. church's financial 
the right and left of the door. They troubles had for the time been got over; 
are r
pectively in memory of Alex- at the same time Mr. McCaughan 
ander Thomson Fult.on and John Kay. pointed out that on the day previously 
Both were placed wheTe they are by there was only 3300 in the bank to pay 
the congregation of St. Andrew's. him his quarter's salary. 
At the southern end of the church, The pastor continued :-111 don't think 
to the right as one enters from Sim- the people need be told that the pres- 
roe street, is the Sunday school, a ent düficulty exists on account of our 
capacious room 46 x 36 !
et .in dimen- branch, St. Mark's church. We are be- 
sions. Class ro()
s a<lJom It, besides hind financially solely on account of 
the necessary.offlCes. Underrneath the our own congregation. 1 have been 
sch?Ol r
om IS that used for lectures, here but a short time, but if in the 
 will ':Ie!l-t 300 peop!e! an
 I first eighteen months it is not pos- 
are, In additIon, tb.e 
mlsteI s ves sible for us to make ends meet, what 
try, mana
ers' and HeSSion rooms. shall we expect in five years 
 It is 
The pulpit of S1. Andrew's Church, I said that in a minister's first year 
after the death of the Rev. D. J. Mac- I his people indulge him, in the second 
donnell, remained vacant for. j
st criticize him. and in the third crucify 
twelve months, the Presbytery fmdmg him. Personally, I think this congre- 
clergy from Sunday to Sunday. In gation should pay its own debts. Last 

ebruary, 1897, the Rev. \V. J. Mc- spring T asked the members for 
Caughan, a clergyman from Belfast, enough to make our bank account sat- 
Ireland, was called to the church. and isfactory. 1 regret that results have 
,inducted on March 25th follo\\'ing. not been what they should have been. 
There is no room for doubt that the In all my career as a minister I have 
Rev. W. J. McCaughan's ministry was I never had so much worry as I have had 
highly acceptable to the vast bulk of . in the last six months. and the last 
the congregation of St. Andrew's, and I eighteen months' experience has not 
there can equally be no doubt that I been to my liking in the direction that 
it was with sincere re.gret on the part 1 have indic.ated. I have taken no holi- 
of his flock that in October, 1898, his days this year, and have done what I 
resignation was accepted. could to aid the congregation. I could 
The last sermon ever preached by Mr. say more, and say things th!lt wo
McCaughan at S1. Andrew's was .a be unplea
nt, but 1 do not like domg 
somewhat singular one, and though It so. 1 feel It necessary, t
ough, to tell 
was well known by his hearers that at the tr
th. People do not lIke 
he truth 
the time of its delivery an offer had sometImes, but, pleased or dISpleased, 
been made to Mr. McCaughan to mi- 1 have told it now." 
grate to Chicago, there to assume an A very libeTaI response to tbis ap- 
important ministerial post, it was not peal showed the congregation of St. 
believed that he would leave S1. An- Andrew's Church was not lacking in 
drew's, and that that was the last time I their desire to put the church on a 
he would as their pastor ever address sound financial foundation. 
them. .. Aq this particular incident caused a 
Before mormng service on Sunday, great deal of comment at the time, it 
r 2nd, 1898, Mr. l\;fcCaughan, will be as well, so that the matter IQay 
kl!1g to 
he congregatIon, on the be fully understood, to give the rep
fmanclal affairs of St. Andrew s, stat- in full presented to the congregatIon 
ed t hat the ch';lrdh was 
o l
ss of St. Andrew's at the annual meeting, 
than $i,100 behmd h!l-nd l!l their fm- January 18, 1899. It was as follows: 
ances so far as the fmanClal year had 
gone. He continued, "The church has Sixty-Eighth Annual Report of the 
been running behind to the extent of I Boatd of Managers of St. Andrew's 
$50 per Sunday since the beginning of Church. 
the year." . 
Mr. McCaughan further added that I . The .managers beg to submit the 
he harl refused to cash hi" ehe'lllP for I sixty-eighth annual report of St. An- 
salary some time previously, because he drew's church, togethel. with a ,tate- 
objected on principle to an overl.lralL I ment of the receipts and expenditures 
of the church's banking account. The for the year 1898. A condensed sum- 
pastor also stated that, thanks to the Y of the financial statement is as 
liberality of two members of the con- mar 
a lion. who had each cashed a follows: 



1 ,,- 

revenue and a full discharge of all 
olaims by St. Mark's church against St. 
And!'ew's church has been obtained. 
The sums so paid out of ordinary re- 
venue amount together to $1,344.01, be- 
ing less than the sum estimated by'the 
last annual reIJort, and by these pay- 
ments our fiscal connection with St. 
Mark's church has been closed. 
The managers think the congrega- 
tion are to be congratulated in hav- 
$14.14,1.73 ing got this long pending matter fin- 
NDITURE. ally settled. 
Stipend, salaries, and pulpit supply... $5,Oll.9:J From an examination of t h e accom- 
Mortgage on Church. paid 011 principal 2,000.00 
Interest on Church and St. Andrew's panying financial state.ment it wiI! be 
Institute debt, on overdraft in Bank, seen that in addition to the payments 



n "füll' öi. '
ii 1,567.92 in connection with St. Mark's Church 
claims, including insurauce pre
 and other considerable extraordinary 
miums ............ .... .... .. .... .. .... 1.3H.Ol expenditures the sum of $2,000 has been 
Presbytery, Synod and As!'embly Fund 4i.OO paid on the lllortgage to the North 
lI"amily lat,e Rev. D. J. MacdonnelL... 300.iJi> British and Mercantile Insurance Com- 
Sunday School. ..., .... ....... '... - 200.00 pany On account of principal (one half 



dòn'R;v:',v:..J: 421.00 of same having been paid during the 
McCauilhøn'1:! stipend. and local j.m- last quarter of the year) and that there 
pro\"ements....,..... ""...... ...,. 370.81 was a balance to the credit of the 
St: Andrew's Society-collection...... 40.(10 church at the end of the year of 
cel1aneous expenses........... .... 2.18i.1I $654 07 
Balance. . . .. .. ............ ......... ..... _ 55! 95 1 It .wiÏI also be observed that the open 
$U,IU.i3 I and envelope collections for the year 
In the last annual :report it was amount to 
9,811.34 as compared with 
stated that the sum of $27,000 had $6,874.89 during the previous year, 
been advanced on th
 $36,000 mortgage fhowing an of about 40 per 
which had been negotiated with the cent. over those of the previous year. 
North British and Mercantile Insurance The l\Ianagers at:.e of the opinion that 
Company, out of which advance the this large increase is due to the gen- 
mortgage to the Standard I"lie Assur- eral adoption of the envelope system. 
ance Company and the floating indebt- No leSiS tDan 201 persons used en- 
edness had been paid, and that the re- ve]opes, as compared with 120 during 
maining sum of $9,000 had been retain- the previous year, and the Managers 
ad until the st. Mark's church arrange- I hope that this increase wilJ continue 
ments sho.uld be closed, when that sum I until 'all members adopt the system. 
would be applied towards payment of I Of those who used envelopes 185 gave 
the mortgages on the St. Mark's church stated sums weekly, or if absent made 
property, and the managers then esti- up arrelrs, and 16 used envelopes 00- 
mated that about $1,500 more would I casionally and gave irregular amounts. 
be required to discharge the balance I Of the 18:5 who used envelopes re- 
of such 
ortgages an
 a proportion of gularly:- 
the floatmg debt or ::;t. Mark's, which 
the members of that church expected 

e 'g'
 per .
eek I 
ave ,o

g per,!,eek 
to be paid by St. Andrew's church. 2" 4.50 17 50 
Since then the St. :Mark's church aI'- 2.' Úo 1 



: g:: l
mortgagees to the trustees appointed 1" 2:25 13.20 
by that church and the mortgages have 10" 2.00 15 .15 
been d.ischarged, the sum of $9,000 re- 11" 1.50 43 .10 
tained for that purpose having been 7" LOU 20 .05 
advanced towards payment of same, I In regard to pew ren s it will also 
and the b.c'llance amounting to 8844.01 00 observed that there is a slight in- 
having been paid out of ordinary re- , ' crease from $3,978.65 during the pre- 
venue. vious year to $4,007.79. Of the total 
The sum of '500 was agreed upon as number of 1152 sittings in the church 
the prop
rtion of such floating debt I there are let on the ground floor 606, 
to be paId by St. Andrew's church. and in the gallery 2G2, leaving 120 va- 
Same has been paid out of ordinary cant on the Ilround floor and 114 in 

Sunda.y collections (open) .... f3,275.U 
Sunday <,ollections (by enve- 
lope.... ...... .... ...... ..... 6,53!i 87 
- '9.811.3f 
Pew rents...................... 4.007.;9 
Special 8ubscriptionR (to 
church debt) ............... 135.00 
Special, sub
cI:iptions (to St. 
Mark s Church)...... ...... 183.00 
Special subHcriptionR (to pa.y 
for sodding) ........ . h. .... 







the gallery, the total number of pew that could be. removed or if he could 
holders being 306. suggest anything that might be done 
Owing to the recent unfa.vourable to induce him to consider favourably 
and misle.ading comments in the pub- his remaining with St. Andrew's. Each 
lie press and other sources on the fin- one of the de.putation urged with great 
ances of the church the managers con- earnestness the various interests in- 
sidered it their duty to place on! record I volved and t
e. seriousness of leaving 
the true condition of such finances, at such a cnbcal period in the his- 
and ina.smuch as comments reflected on I tory of thß congregation. The depu- 
the church generally the matter was I 
abon undertook to promise him that 
dealt with at a joint meeting of the If he felt the debt on the church pro- 
Session and Board of Managers held perty a burden and an obstacle to 
on the. 11th day of October: last, when the success of his work immediate 
the financial position of the church was steps woul
 be taken to 
t once larg
considered and the following reports ly reduce It and pla
e It on a. basIs 
"" ere adopted 
wJ were afterwards laid that wo
ld be no hmdr:mce m 
before the congregation at a meeting 
utl1re. The good. work he ,,,.
s domg 
held on the 19th åay of October last. 

e a
 and . CltJ:", .
The Board of Managers consider that g d the s
nous ,respo
. d he would assume III leavIng thIS work 
 reI?orts sh
uld. be mcorporate so lately and successfully undertaken. 
as histoncal rooOLds m the present re- The deputation referred to the many 
port. who had come to St. Andrew's since 
They are as follows:-. his induction, many. who had no regu- 
Report read to the congregation by lar place of worshIp previously but 
Mr. S. R. Hart: were now regular attendants anù re- 
After full and earnest discussion it ceiving benefit from his ministration 
wrus generally realized that it was the who might now feel diacouraged by 
desire of the congregation that l\Ir. him leaving. It was also urged that 
McCaughan should be retained and it no other church work could have 
was unanimously decided that everyef- higher claims upon his services than 
fort should be. made to induce him to the work thal was now his in St. 
re.main with St. Andrew's. It was Andrew's. 
then decided to appoint a deputation Mr. McÇaughan told the deputation 
to \\ait upon Mr. .L\IcCaughan. The 
hat nothmß" that has .occ.urr
d had 
'\\ e3k previous a deputation from the I 1';1 any.way mfluenced hlm.lD hIS con- 
Board of l\Ianagers had waited on him Blderabon of the call to ChIcago., that 
to ascertain. his mind in respect to the the call ha
 come to him in a pecutiar 
call, out withG:it result. Other in- ma,nuer qUIte une?:pooted by hIm.. Two 
dividual. e.fforts were made to induce or three deput
tIolls from ChICago 
him to remain but it was considemd had called on hIm, but he gave tl1em 
that a deputation coming from a joint I no encouragement-he 
ad n
t expect- 
meeting of the two boards of the ed the call to be pe.rsIst
d In, as 
church-the. Se.s.sion and Board of :Man- told th.e l
st deL-uta
lOn hIS verYT s.en- 
agers-and directly representing the ous obJectlO
s to gOilll5 to th
 U mted 
various interests of the congregation I St
tes-he .hked T?ronto, hls work 
would exercllie the greatest influence I hele, and h
 þomo ill the manse. Mrs. 
in inducing the minister to remain. McCaughan lIked Tor
nto and 
A d ' I d t . t . " t ' f h
me. here, anù all hIs personal 10- 
ceoI' 1D
 a epu.a IOn CO
IS Ing 0 I 
hnatIons were to t'emain here, and 
e1Ìh, \Vyl1e and Hart from If he were to consult only his own 
th.e. f?eælOn, and. Col. Cosby, Messrs. feelings he would not leave foronto; 
MlChie and McMIChael,from the Board but the call from Ctiicago had been 
of :Managers 'Yas apPOinted. so persistent, and had come in such a 
The. deputabon met 1\11'. McCaughan peculiar manner after so much dis- 
þy arrang:e,ment on \Vednesday even- couragement on his part, that he felt 

ng, .12lh mst., after the prayer, mee.t- bound to give it his most e.arnest con- 
mg In the. ma
se. and was recelve
 1D sideration, and while his own per- 
the, moot cordIal manner. The object Bonal inclinations were to remain he 
of the visit was explained and a frank was afraid to refuse the call for lear 
and informal discussion on all matters he. would make"l that would 
ùea.ring on the case was invited. :Mr. Mc- interfere with his work and useful- 
Caughan facÙitale.d the dÏßcussion and ness in the future He felt the seri- 
listened earneslly and sympathe
ically ous nature of tbi5 call, cùlll[ng as it 
to the arguments of the discussion. He did, and he would have felt bound to 
was definitely ask.
d if there was any consider it unùer any -circumstances. 
obatacle in the way of his remaining The deputation pressed him for a de- 



cision favourable to his remaining, but! the earnest hope that. they would hav" 
he was not prepa-.:ed to give his final had a SuccesHfuL termination. 
answer for a few days. He eÀplained The future of St. .Andrew's under 
that he was going to New York the the pastorate of .Mr. .McCaughan ap- 
following day to consult the Rev. Dr. pea red to be without a cloud and full 
Kitteridge, a former minister of 3rd of high prOIDII:.C in e
ery branch of 
Presbyterian church. Chicago, and church work. 'fhe evidences of good 
a;fter his iDterview with him he would relationship between the minister and 
telegraph his decision. The deputa- people and of app!'ecI.ltion both of Mr. 
tion then withdrew again, earnestly I McCaughan pet"sonally and of his 
appealing for a favourable considera- j work, were apparent everywhere and 
tion of thß cJaims of St. Andrew's. do not admit of a doubt; indeed, 
The deputation felt somewhat en- everything pointed, under divine 
couraged by the mi'}ister's cordial re- guidance, to years of progress and 
ception and evident desire to consider I prosperity for the congregation and 
fairly all tbe .UgU1ll0utS and proposaLs. I a lengthened and happy pastorate for 
They were led tl) think that his answer our minister. 
might be favourable on account of Suddenly all this is changed, and 
his personal inclination to remain in now, although less than two years have 
Toronto, but Friday aft
rIloon the fol- [A'lssed since the induction of 1\1r. lYlc
lowing telegram was r<Jceived: Caughan, through no fault of the con- 
"Have seen Dr. Kitteridge. lIe gregation, so far as we know, no 
thinks I oUß'ht to go, that it is the broken promises or neglect of duty on 
chance of .a lifetime, tha t it "",ould be their pa.rt, no lack of appreciation of 
a very senous matter to refuse what the mmister or his work on the con
he thin
s is a providential call. I trary wit
 a full church: an apprecia
o refusc myself, al!hough tive congregation, a largely increas
my mclmatiOns attach me to St. An- ed membership, improved and constant
drew's. l\ly: work there must Le done, ly improving finances, increased and 
and there IS 
ollle other man some- steadily increasing interest in the work 
where who will be sent you able to of the church, St. Andrew's is again 
do the work bett
,r thap. I have done called upon to face a vacant pulpit. 
or ever could do. New York, Octo- It would serve no good purpose at 
her 14t,h. . this time to make a critical enquiry 
The Ses.;'llOns 3;nd Board of :!}I
lDagers as to who is to blame for what has 
now consIder tnat every. effort has happened. That it cannot be charged 
been put fortI: . to. retam Mr. Mc- to the system and practices rprevailing 
Caughan as mmistel, but they. have in respect to ministerial settlement 1n 
not succeeded, alld they are convInced, th P b t . Ch h . C d . 
as the congregatiOn will now no doubt 
 res y eCIan urc m ana a IS 
be, that any further efforts to retain eVident from tþ.e very few cases where 
him will be ineffectual. the pastoral tIe has been so abruptly. 
Report read to the congregation by severed. It m::y therefore b
Mr. J. \V. Langmuir: ed to the consClence of e
ch mdIVldual 
The congreðation of St. Andrew's m
.D?-ber of. the congregatl.on and 
f the 
having by order of the Fresbytery of mmister hI
self. to settle 
he. pomt.. 
Toronto been cited to appear before Here this 
te lIlCldent iD 
that body to-morrow when the call 
)Ur church hIstory mLght close 'Yer.e 
to the Rev. Mr. McCaughan to the It not t
at M.r.. McCaughan has mtl. 
Third Presbyterian church, Chicago, mate<;l his deCIs.lon to accept the caU 
will be considered, the Session and to Chu::ago, and III consequence the con.. 
Board of Management consider it their gregatIon of St.'Y's must at once 
duty to submit the subject to this take steps to select his successor.. It 
meeting in order that instructions will be to the cong:regat
may be given as to the action to be that the .IllJunous and ml
taken at the meeting of the Presby- statements m respect to our fmanClal 
tery. affairs which have recently appeared 
The congregation will have learned in the press, and more particuJar!y the 
with satisfaction from the statement utterances of Mr. McCaughan hImself 
that has just been read by Mr. Hart on the subject from the pulpit on the 
t.hat every effort has been .made by 2nd of October, may very seriously af- 
the Session aDd the Board of Man- fect oue efforts to secure a suitable 
agement to ret$J.iu Mr. McCaughan as minister to take his place. It is there- 
OUT minister Theso effort:;, unfortu- fore, in our opinion, a simple act of 
nately unsuccessful, were made, they justice to the congregation that these 
l certain, in iurth
rance of the injurious reflections on the church fin- 
wl8hes of the congt"egation and in ances, whether emanating from the 



press or the pulpit, should not be al- I reflecting on the management of the 
lowed to pass unchallenged, and to that I financial affairs of the church and the 
t .becomes nec
ssary that the true publicity given to them, the 
condl,tlOn of the fmances o
 St. AI}- conside
 it their. duty to give public 
 s sholl;ld be made publIc at thIS I expreSSlOn to their views. To this. end 
partICular Juncture. the following resolution was unani- 
Since the year 1876 up to this time mous1y passed at the meeting of the 
the congregation has expended in the Board of Management held on the 8th 
acquirement of land and in the con- of October:- . 
struction of St. Andrew's church, St. "'Vhereas in connection with the pro- 
Mark's church and St. Andrew's posed removal of the Rev. Mr. Mc- 
church Institute no less a sum than Caughan to the Third Presbyterian 
8167,752.17. These expenditures (with I church, Chicago, there recently ap- 
the exception of 621,000 from sale of the I peared in the Toronto papers erroneous 
Glehe lands) have, all been met by spe- I and misleading statements in respect 
cial and ordinary subscriptions of the to the financial condition of St. An- 
congregation, except 641,780, which drew's church. 
sum represents the entire mdebtedness I "And whereas Mr. McCaughan at the 
of the church, manse and institute at morning service on Sunday, the 2nd 
this date. of October, without consultation of (he 
The congregation has also contribut- I Board of Management or the members 
ed during the same period for mis- I of his Session, animadverted in very 
sionary, educational and benevolent strong terms on the alleged neglect 
purposes t.he sum of 3163,000, thus of the congregation to provide funds 
showing that in addition to the large; to meet the current expenses of the 
sums paid for the ordinary main ten- I church. 
ance of St. Andrew's church the congre- I "And whereas Mr. McCaughan also 
gation have since paid no less a sum " stated to several members of the con- 
than 333'0,000 for the purposes named. gregation, as well as to 'representative
It is not necessary, however, to go of the press, that prior to his accept- 
back ten or twenty years in the history! ance o
 the call to St. Andrew's he had 
of St. Andrew's church to prove that I been mformed that St. Andrew's 
the congregation has always respond- church indebtedness was considerably 
ed generously to the financial calls less th3.n he subsequently discovered it 
made upon them. We need not go fur- to be. 
ther back than to the time of Mr. Mc- "While the Board of Management 
Caughan's induction as our minister. deeply deplore the publicity which has 
the church debt, including the St. been given to the business affairs of 
Mark's anù Institute mortgages, at: the church, they feel that as an act of 
that time amounted to about $53,ooO
 I justice to themselves and to St. An- 
Through the settlement which the drew's, it is necessary. in view of the 
managers effected of the St. Mark's erroneous and misleading statements 
debt (which settlement the congrega- I in thf' public press and the remarks of 
tion knows erred on the side of extreme I Mr. McCaughan, that the following 
libera.lity to that church) and 1I10
wilh- I ' statement of fact
ld be subm
standmg that abnormal expenditures to the congregatIon and the public III 
amounting to $7,4Iß.51 have been !made I respect to the finances of the church, 
during the nineteen months that Mr. nomel:r i- 
McCaughan has been with us, the ag- "Through the settlement of st. 
gregate debt hag been reduced from I Mark's liability the aggregate amount 
$53,000 to $41,780.00, viz., 835,000 on I of the church debt has within the past 
church and manse and 37,500 on the I eighteen months, notwithstanding 
Institute, less $1,300 at our credit in large abnormal expenditures, been re- 
the bank. duced by nearly $10,000. 
The managers think that the fin- "The remaining debt, with the excep- 
ancial record of St. Andrew's thus out- tion of the mortgage on St. Andrew's 
lined will compare favourably 'with Institute, has been consolidated at a 
that of the largest and 'wealthiest con- much lower rate of interest, and now 
gregations in the Pre<;byterian Church stands at $35,000, which with the In- 
of Canada, and whether viewed as a stÏtute mortgage at $7.500. makes a 
whole from 1876, or confined to the total debt of $12,500, instead of $52.348.25 
past nineteen months, is one that may as shown in the last annual report. 
reasonably afford cause for congratula- "The settlement of the St. Mark's 
tion instead of censure. church debt will alone etfect a saving 
In view of the statements referred to of over $500 annually. 



"The financial condition of the church addressed the congregation, and the 
generally has been vastly improved.. Rev. R. C. Tibb, secretary of the Pres- 
".The Board of Management further bytery, to the congregation min- 
desire to state that they had arranged utES of the steps wbich bad led to the 
with their bankers to allow a tempo- appointment of Mr. Black. 
rary overdraft to meet all current ex- Mr. Scott then offered prayer on 
penditures during the summer months I behalf of the new pastor, and on its 
when the collections are temporarily conclusion the Rev. R. C.. Tibb formally 
diminished, and all cheques, including inducted Mr. Black to his pastoral 
the one issued to Mr. McCaughan, charge. The memoor8 of the Pre:iby- 
would have been duly honoured. tery tben came forward in succession, 
"The Board further desire to state extending to the new; pastor the right 
that it was their intention at an early hand of fellowship. After this the 
date, and well before the end of the Rev. Dr. Carmichael, of King. one of 
year, to have provided for this over- the oldest members of the P.resby- 
draft, and to have further reduced the terian ministry in Canada, addressed 
church debt, and at a meeting of the the minister upon his duties. not only 
Board held on the day precedi
g .Mr. towards the church, but toward"! the 
McCaughan's censure, subscriptiOns I tm...-n in which ho lived and towards 
greatly in excess of the overdraft were I himself. After a few words from Prof. 
nged for to be place
 on th
 col- Ballantyne. the ceremony came to an 
lectIon plates at the mormng serViCe on eDd. 
Sunday, Oc
ober 2nd,. an.d ba.d Mr. Mc- In the evening a reception in hon- 
Oaughan given any mtImatIon to the our of the ne.w pastor took place in 
Board of his intended remarks on tbe the lecture room of the church. There 
church he w.ou1d have learn
d the members of the congregation, be- 
that the particular 
Ime chosen by him sides many visiting friends. were in- 
therefor was most Inopportune. troàuced to tbe pastor and his wife, 
":r be Board of 
nagement furt
er and occasion was taken by the ladies 
o sa
 respectmg the alleged m- of the congregation to preænt Mr. 
formation given to l\II. McCaugban as Black with a new gown. 
to the amount of th(' church debt that . . 
no one representing the Board of Man- Mr. Black preac.l1ed bls f
r"lt serm

ngement hOld any authority to repre- ' to .the co
.gregatIon of S
. Andr1w s 
sent to him that the debt of the church I "is Its pastor on the mo.rllln g of . un- 
was otherwise than as shown in the I d8Y, SepteT?ber 17th, w
en so great 
:mnual reports, which were transmit- was the desIre to hear 
Im that. many 
ted to him by the Clerk of the Session I people were refused ad
mttan<?e. III c
prior to his departure from Belfast." I s
uence of t
ere bemg neither Slt- 
Thp managers whose term of office I tmg nor 
tandmg room for t
(;xpires are .r. \V. Langmuir, Geo. Bell, The of!lcers .of St. Andrew s church 
('-ol. À. ::\1. Cosby and Hon. L. M. Jones, I on the mductlon of Mr. Black were 
all of whom are eligible for re-election. as follows:- 
All of whiC'h Í.3 respectfully submit. Kirk Session, Minister-Rev. Arm- 
ted. strong Black. 
I. \V. LANGMUIR, Elders-George H. Wilson. \Yil1iam 
Chairman. Mitchell, Hon. Mr. Justice Maclennan, 
GEORGE BELT.., I 'Hamilton Cassels, James Massie, Geo. 
Secretary. I Keith, E. A. Maclaurin. Jas. Strachan, 
a'oronto, Jan. 16th, 1899. ..A. F. Maclean, Session Clerk, Alex- 
Again for many montbs there was ander Stewart. R. J. Wylie, Charles 
no regular pastor for the! church, until. MacBride, S. R. Hart, Dr. Alexander 
Septpmber 14th. 1899, when the Rev. I Primrose, Rev. R. G. Murison, R. J. 
Armstrong Black, late of Birkenbead, Maclennan, J. Jones Bell, James Mac- 
Cheshire, England, was duly inducted i Gregor, F. C. Tisdell. 
to the spiritual care of the church. I ,Boord of Managers-James ';[ht?r- 
At the mduction of Mr. Black the burn, M. D., J. B. Kay, John F. MIChie, 
Rev. John McNair, of Oakville, de- I A. A. McMichael, James M. Alexander, 
live;red the induction sermon, taking George McMurrich, W. B. Rogers, E. 
all his text I. Corinthians x., 4: '.And R. Greig, ,T. W. Langmuir, Chairman, 
all did drink the same spiritual drink; Georgp Bell, Secretary, Cot A.. 111. 
for they drank of that spiritual Rock fu"'by, Tre.asurer, Hon. L. M. Jones. 
that followed them, and that Rock Trustees of Church Property-Cot A. 
W98 Christ." M. Cosby, Hamilton Cassels, Z. A.. 
The Rev. J. MoP. Scott afterwards Lash, Q. C., George Bell. 



The following extracts from the 
 gulaly, migrating to: New Orlea.ns. and Mar- 
Registry of Baptisms and Marriages at I . go.ret Davldøo.n. Officiating minister. Wm. 
th Ch h f St A dr h b en Rintoul, Sept. 80th, 1831. 
e urc 0 . n ew aye e ' Alex. Mc.Murchy. bo.rn Aug. 8th, 1881. 
taken from the books. of .the church. Parents, Malcolm McMurchy. carpenter in 
As a m.atte.r of course It WIll be under- I the township of York. Officiating minister. 
stood that thougl1 in the vast majority I Wm. Rintoul. Sept. 80th, 1881. 
of cases the baptisms took place in the Adlson Walker, born Sept. 9th. 1881. 
. ]f f f h dd . Parents, Joseph Walker, weaver from Ed- 
urch Ltse ,\Jut eW 0 t e 
e rngs I nl\.m., Roxburgbshire, and Je.ssy Walker. .of- 
dId, they for the most part bemg per- ficifttlng minister, Wm. Rintoul, Oct. 2nd, 
formed in the hous
 of one or other 1 1881. 
of the contractiug parties. The bap- Alex. Stewart, born Aug. 11th, 1881. 
tisms are the-e' I Parents, Robert 
tewart. carpenter In town 
:3 . I of York. o.nd Elizabeth stewart. Officiating 
David Turnbull, born March 25th. 1881. minister, Wm. Rintoul, Oct. 80th, 18B1. 
Parents, Robert Turnbull, tailor, in YOrk. , Alex. Maitland Monro, born Oct. 18th 
Bond Catherine McKinnon. Officiating min- 1831. l'arents. W1ß. Monro. yeoman, O . f 
Ister, Wm. Rintoul. July 10th. 1881. York, and M"r" Monro. Oflil iat:ng mln ster, 
Geo. Duff ::5incLail', born July 6th. 1881. I Wm. Rintoul. Xov. 23th, 1831. 
Pa.rents, Geo.rg-e :-:inclair. paym88ter-serg
'()phla H. Snyder, born May 28rd, 1828. 
B. . 
(. . 79th .lt
gt., a.nd Isu
inelalC. Parents, William It. 
nyder. shoemaker, King 
Offlcmtlllg" munster, Wm. Rmto.U1l., July st., Yorl;:, ,"nIL Margaret 
'nyder. Officiating 
21st, 1831. minister, Whl. Rintoul, Nov. 2111t, 1881. 
AnùNw lI;mr.,. McDonnlr1, borl
 April 25th. Angus Maodonnld. born Oct. 29th, 1831. 
1881. Parents. Andrew McDonald, mer- Parents. Halket Ma.c-donald. labourer from 
áIllint in Township ?f. ":llltby
IßÙ Mary the parish of Doruor'h, :-:uthprlamlshire, X. 
 McDonald. Oflll:mung mInister, Wm. B., and .Jean B. Mnodonnld. Officiating 
Rmtoul. July :!4th. H:!i31. minister, Wm. Rintoul. Nov. 2ith, 1881. 
James Andrews, born 
ept. 24th, 1830. Ohristiana Burnham, born Oct. 21st, 
Parents, James Andrews. distiller, Don 1831. Parents. 
ilas ßurnh!l.m. merchant 
Bridge, Yo,rk, Rnd Ann White. Officiating 101 York, and 1\I1'S. Burnham. Officiating 
minister, Wm. RlntOlUl, July 17th, 18:3 L. minister, Wm. Rintoul. Dec. 6th, 1831- 
Ann Jano Ololrfrae, born JUlIe :!9th. 18:11. Isabella AIl'xnnder. Oct. 8rd, 1831. 
Parents, H. Oarfrae, gputlcman. King street, Parents, James Alexander, labourer, emir- 
York. and Ann Carfrae. Officiating minis- grant from Armn
h. Ireland, and Cather- 
ter, Wm. Rintoul, Aug. 8th. 18.31. ine Alexander. Offkinting minister, Wm. 
Henry Hamilton, born April 30th, 1880. Rlnt()lul. Df'c-. 7th, 1831. 
Parents, Th()Il1üs .Gilead, carpenter in York, Andrina Giff<lrtt. born Oct. 18th, 1881. 
and Kancv Hamilton. Officiating minister, Parents, Arthur Gifford, purser in Roy
Wm. Rintoul. AuI'. 8th. 1831. Kav)', York, U. 0.. a.nd Ann Gifford. Of. 
Oaroline Maria McIntosh. born Oct. 19th, fieiating minister, Wm. Rintùul, Dec. 7th, 
1830. Parents, Oharles Me-IntoRh, ship- 1831. I 
master In York. and OaroUne Maria Mcln- Jamps Morrison. born Dec. 14th, 18:l1. 
tosh. OIfici:tting minister, Will. Rintoul, Parents, Daniel Mo.rrison, carpenter. King 
Aug-, 11th, 18'11. street, York, and Jean ::5tory. Officiating 
William McGill. born Feb. 17th, 18:n. Minister, Wm. Rintoul. .J:ln. 3rd, I8:'::!. 
Parents, William McGill, yeaman in Whitby I .Tohn Mag-ill. born 
ept. 29th. 1831. Par- 
Township. Ofliciatillg- minister, Wm. Rin- \ Nits, John- Mag-ill, Yl'onh'ln in Township' of 
toul. Aug. 23rd. 1831. Whitby. an.l Doroth.v .I..psli n . Orfif'i,.tilll.g' 
Agops Reid, born ::5ept. 23rd, 1831. Par- ministf>r, Wm. Rintoul, ,Tnn. 6th, 1832. 
ents, JameS Reid, yeO'lI1an in the Gore. of I Ibul'y Cùwa.n. Lurn Xo". :!8th, 18
1. Par- 
Toronto, and l\Iar
aret Reid. Officiating: pnts, Henry Oowan. blacksmith. York. Bud 
minister. Wm. lUntO'ul, Aug. 2ith, 1831. I Mary Portf"OlIS. O:'Iici:lting minister, Will. 
E9ther Ruchunan, born May 4tb, 18:':9, ' I Rintoul, Jan. 16th, 18:1
and Uebecca Bueha.nfin. bOI'n JUlie 1Gth, l\-I.ary O:III1,p1>('I1. !JOI',I -----.- 
1.831.. Parents. William Buchnnnn, mason WiIlinm Or:-twford. borll DeC. 
lst. 1.8fl1. 
In York, n.n.l Ann B.ut1h.ann.n. OfficiaUn(l' I Pa-feats. G. G, C.rawford, doct(
I.. 1!1 
minister Wm. Rintoul, &;pt. 2n(I, 1831. York. nnd Mary Ofht'latlllg mm- 
B.arba;a Hamilton, Lorn AUI!. 15th. 1881. Ister. Will. ltintnul. JUlI. 1 ilh. 183
Parents, Durll":1Il anti Effie Hamilton, emi- I Alexallder Oa.mpbcll, born Dpc. 19th, 
grants frum I\:ilcatmonell, Arg)"!eshire, K..TI. 1831.. PlIlrellts, Dovid ClIlmpbt;lI: l!1ason. in 
Offlchting minister. \VIll. Rintoul, ::5ept. 9th. Yorl
. find Ann Campbell. orflCIß.tlllg min- 
1831< . Ister, Wm. Rintoul. .In..n. 29th.. 1832. 
us McCallum. born Aug. 1st, 1831. J
mes Oampbell. born Jan. :!2nd,. 18.32. 
Parents John anti Catherine McOal!um. emi- Pareruts. Arthur Oampbel
.POm8.n. III ""At 
grants fr0m Kilmeny Islay, Argyleshire, N. GWilIi.mbury,. a-nd Oampbell. Of- 
B. Offichting minister, Wm. Rintoul. Sept. fi .i." !ng miDlster, Wm. Rmtoul, March 2nd. 
12th, 1831. : 1.832. '). , 
John Thomson. born Oct. 27th, 1830. I{cbecc.a Fruser. 11 wecks. I arents. 
Parents, .Alex. TholIlBon. mason in Yorlt, Fraser, IWRf{
.. York, and 
ønd Janet TholDBon. Offi . ciatin g minister, , ' . hanky. Ofhelatll1
 llllnIster, Wm. Rintoul, 
Wm. Rintoul. Sept. :!2nd, 1831. March. 
pankie, born Aug. 15t
, 1831. John'Madil1, b?rn Jan. 
6th, 1832. Par- 
Parents, James ;;';paukie, labourer m York., ents, .John Madill. 
a!)Ol!ler I
 .York, and 
lI.nd Catllf'rinc 
'pRnkie. Officiating minister. ,,",..ncy M'ldill. OffICmtl;lg nllnIstor. Wm. 
Wm. Rintoul. 
pt. 22nd. 1831. I Rintoul. Mnrch 7th. 183:'. 
WiIllnm Ð:lVil!sn.n. horn Aug. :!7th. 1831. , :\[ 'n
 BI,Lt.\., burn Fpb. 7th. Par- 
Parents, SnlJ1\WL Da\ iùs()Il, farmer. from Ad- eilts, Ohas. M. 1'1.. l:.aty o..ud\ Mary Baty. 



Christian Cameron. born !\larch 5th. 1832. Parents, William McLean, pninter, Yf\rk, Rnd 
Parents, DQnulJ J)R.mcron, waggonmaker. 81.l88.nna Jane McLean. Ofticiating minister. 
Yonge street, a.nd Ohristian Camero.n. Of- Wm., Rintoul, Kov. 7th, 1832. 
flcLating mInister, Wm. Rintoul. April 13th.. Duncan Ste.wart. born MaJ' 14th, 1832. 
1832. I Pa.renu. Alex. stewart. house carpenter, 
Is.tbella Mackenzie Baxter. bùrn 
Iarch 14, York, a.nd Anna Maria :-:tewart. Officiating 
1832. P
lrents, .J:tmeø lJaxter, printer, mlnÎ8ter, Wm. Rintoul, SOy. 7th, 1832. 
York. a.nd Mary naxter. Officiating mlnis- A.braham Rowa.nd, born Oct. 27th. 1832. 
ter, Wm. Rintoul. April 8th. 1832. . Pørellts, Abr&m Ro.'wand, house carpenter. 
Goo. Wm. Sanùllan,:s, born April :!O, 1832. York, a.nd Thomson. Officiating mln- 
Paronts, T. SandilauÙB. merchant, York, and 1øter, Wm. Rintaul, Kov. 21st. 1832. 
)l1'S. Sandila-n,ls. Officiating minister, Wm. Francea .A:l1n R06S, born Sept. 4th. 1832. 
Rintoul, June 3rd, 1832. Parents, John R088, merci1ant, York, and 
Margaret Marshall, born May 12th, 1832. Alice Ross. Offlci:ltlng minister, Wm. Rin. 
Parents, Jam
's Marshall, carpenter. York, toul, Xov. 30th. 1832. 
and Jennet Murray. Officiating minister, Davis 
iven, born Oct. 21st, 1832. Par. 
Wm. Rintoul, June 27th, 1832. ents, Andrew Kiven. In.bourer, York, and 
Agnes :susanna Rogl'rs. born June 9, 1832. Craigie 
ivun. pfflciating minister, Wm. 
Parents. Joseph Rogers, hatter. King street. Rintoul. Dec. 9th, 1832. 
York. ',Il,! C:lristian !togers. Officiating min- Silas McIntosh. born Aug. 25, 18ß2. Par_ 
Ister, Wm. H.intuul, .Julr 
tll. 1832. ents, Gh
IS. :\Ic1lltosIl, shipowner. Count7 
DUllc,a..n J ,,:hn Murchison. Parent. DU21- York. and Olroline :M. :McIntosh. Officiating 
can Murchison. Otficiating minister. WIn. minister. Wm. Rint\>ul. Dec. 2.;)th. 
Rintl>nl. Jul
' 22nù, 1832. Johru llranl!cr. born Oct. 16th. 183:? Par. 
Dugald Campbell, born July 30th. 1832. ents, John TIral1ùer, blacksmith. Township 
Pa.rents. <Æ.mpbell. emigrant. pro- of Pickûrin.g, R-nd Ann ::\1ackie, Officiating 
Cßeding to C!hiligUftcousy, and Jcan Me- minister, Wm. Rintoul. l
db. 9th. 1833. 
Tftvisn. Officiating minister, WIll. Rintuul. Jane Beggs, oorn Dec. 31sl, 18:J
. Par- 
Ju1y 24th. 18:
:!. ents, William Beggs, farmer, Township of 
Oatherine McKenzie. Officiating mlnis- Whitby, and Catherine Beggs. Officiating 
ter, Wm. UintQul. .July 2
tl1. 1832. minÎ8ter, Wm. Rintoul. Feb. 14th. 1833. 
James Bre:tden. l)Urn Jul} :!3rd, 1832. Ja-mes Thompson, born Feb. 4th, 1833. 
Parents. Robert Breaùen, labourer in York. Pa)"('nts, Anùrew Tho.mpson, late sergeant 
and Margaret Hr.'aden. OtlÎ<'Ï:1ting min ster, H" M. 79th Regiment. 
LIIÙ Helen Thompson. 
Wm. RintQu1. .Tuly :!9th. H!32. OffkLating minister, Wm. Rintoul, Feb. 15. 
Ca.therin(' 'furreff. born .July 29th. 1832. 1833. 
Parents. Wm. 'l'arrpff. iron founder, York, John ROBB, born !Feb. 9th, 1833. Parents. 
and Mar) TurrefL Olficiating minister. Wm. Donald ROM. emfgra.nt, from Rossshire, Scot. 
Rintou1. Aug. 
Oth. 1832. land, and Oaro1ine McGregor. Officiating AllaJt, born July 10th, 1832. Par- minLstell", Wm. Rintoul. Feb. 24th, 1833. 
ents. Wihiam AHan, :Luilder, York, and HOBsack, born Jan. 26th, 18:
Elt>.&n-or Allan. Officiating minister, Wm. PlIlrents, Alexander Hossack. emic:rrant, from 
Rintoul, Sept. 23rJ. 1832. Rooshire, Scotlø.nd, a-nd Betsy McDonald. Of. 
Ann Maria Ford. born July 2.3rd, 1832. ficiating minister, Wm. Rintoul, l
eb. 28th. 
Parents. Robert Ford, builder. York, a.nd 1833. 
Mary '!<'ord. Officiating minister. Wm. Rin- Robert Gunn, Lorn Jan. 18th, 1833. Par. 
toul, Sept. 27th. ] 832. ents. Adam Gunn, blacksmith, Lot street. 
Jane MeGilìivra.\'. b...rn 
Pt. 21st, 1832. 8Jld Jane Gordon. Officiating minister, Wm. 
nt-rents. Robprt McGillivray, shoemaker, Rintoul. March 20th, 1833. 
York. a.nd .Janc McGillivray. Officiating I JohD> Wilson Young, born Sept. 17, 1832. 
minister, Wm. Rintl>ul. Oct. 3rd, 1832. , Parents, Jól.rnea Young, farmer, Ching'l1a- 
Wllliam Littey, born March 1st, 1832. oousy. i&nd Janet Young. Officiating minis- 
Parents, Thomas Littey, shoemaker, Duke ter, Wm. Rintoul. Maroh 11th, 1833. 
.treet, Y.ork. a.nd ßel9n Robertson. pf- Sarah Ferg1.l&oo, born July 17th, 1832. 
tiel'! Hng minister, Wm. Rintoul, Oct. 14th, PI.I.rents. Arcb. Ferg1l8<1ll, farm
 In the. 
1832. .. T.orwnship of -, 8Ild Sarab Ferguson. !Of. 
John Oliver Kidd, born April 17th, 1882. flelating minister, Wm. Rintoul, March 18. 
Parents. .James Kidd, labourer, York, and 1833. ç 
Oa.therlne Kldd. Officiating minister, Wm. I James Oarfra.e. Parents, Tboø. Oa.rfra... 
Rintoul. Oat. 17th, 1832. I ge-ntleman, York, and Ma.rgaret Oar. 
M.w.rgaret Worrelt Dunn, born Sept. 22nd. ! frae. Officiating minuter, Wm. Rlntou1. 
1882. Parents. Jdhn Dunn, blacksmith, March 20th, 1883. 
York. a.nd Allison Dunn. Officiating miDis. J Jobn Maltma.n, born 'Feb. 16th, 183L 
ter, Wm. Rintoul, Oct. 21øt, 1832.. I Parents, ,JOI'Ieph l\'laltman, cablnetmakø. 
Jane Fraser. bÞrn Oct. 21st, 1832. Par-. York, and Grace Malt man. Officlatln
entl, De.vid /Fraser, gardener, lateiy from Ister, Wm. Rintoul, MaJ"ch 24th, 183B. 
Rossshire, Scotland, nnd Ohristlna' Wallaoe. Ma-rg-nret Kerr, born Feb. 9th, 1838. P.... 
Officiating mlniater, Wm. Rlntoul, Oot. 28, ents, WilUam Kerr, 'olner, York, and M...... 
1832. .'. gsr&t Kerr. Officiating minister, Wm. RI.o- 
J&lDe8 Preston born Oat. 6tb 1882. Par- toul, Ma.rch 27th, 1833. 
E'nts, O. Preston, shoemaker, York. andl J. Henry Gray, born Jan. 22nd, 1888. Par. 
Preston. Officiating minister, Wm. Rl.u.toul, ents. John Gray, carpenter. Macaulay Town, 
Dct. '28th. 1832. find Elizabeth Ora,.. Officiating minister. 
James Bowman, bora Sept. 28th, 1882. Wm. Rintoul. April 14th, 1833. 
Pflrentø. Robert Bowman, merchant, Yonge Robert stewart, born .Jan. 24th. 1888. 
.treet, Y<<k, ønd Elizabeth Bowman. Of- Pørents, Robert stewart. carpenter, March 
 min!st&r, WUl. Rintoul, Oct. 31st, street, ø.nd Elizaboth Rtewa.rt. OIficiatlnø' 
!l.8'32. minister, Wm. Rintoul. April 17th, 18:13. 
WilIta.m McLean, born Aug. 1st, 1832. John Forrest, born Mørch 26th, 1888. 



'Parents, John Forrest, now deceased, emi_ l : Donald Fletcher, born ApriJ 30th, 1833. 
grated from tht' l':lrish of Hutton, Scot- Parents, Angus Fletcher, carpenter and wag- 
1a.nd, and ElizaLeth Fûürest. Officiatin,:r min- I!"otlnmker, Yonge street, and Oatherine. 
Ister, Wm. Rintoul, April 19th" 1833. Ourry. Officiating minister, Wm. Rintoul, 
Hugh Matheson, born Dec. 9th, 1832. Kov. 6th, 1833. 
.Parents, ('-.130. Matheson, 
migrant from Johm Hamilton, born May 5th, 1833. Par- 
SutherL:.tnùsbirl" proceeding to Dunwick, and ents, W. Hamil to<ll , storekeeper, and Eliza 
.Jean Mathesun. Officiating minister, Wm. Hamilton. Officinting minister, Wm. Rin- 
:RIntoul, April 19th, 1833. toul, Oct. 30th, 1833. 
M.lrgarl>t Janp Hintoul. born Jan. 1, 1833. Wiliiam Clark anù Catherine Clark, born 
Pa-I'eIlls, Wm. Rintoul, minister of :-;t. An- !\ov. 2ïth, 1833. Parents, William Clark, 
drew's Ohurch, nnd O. Rintoul. .Officiating recently from Oroy, 111\ (.rn('s3IlÎre, X. ß., 
minister, Wm. McAllister, May 10th, 1833. {l.nd IWz
lbeth Olark. Offid<l ling minister, 
M lI'V F:Jirbanl,s. Otfid:lting minister, Wm. Wm. Rintoul, :Nov. 29th, 1833., 
Rintoul, May 11th, 1833. I Gerugl' Farries, born :'ept. :!4th, 1833. 
M.try l\IcPherson, born April 28th, 1833. Parents, Wm. Farries, carpP'I1ter, Xewg-ate 
Parents, John McPherson, shoemaker, on his street, 'lnLl Betsy Farries. Officiating min- 
way to West Flamborough, and Margaret ister, Wm. Rintoul, l
eb. ;:;th, 1834. 
Gunn. Officiating minister, Wm. Riatoul, Wm. Jeffrey Robinson, born Jan. 20th, 22nd, 1833. 1834. Parents, Geo. Robinson, carpenter, 
Alexander Mcl'hfJTson, born May 16, 1832. Palaeo street, and Ellen Robinsoll. Officiat- 
Parents, Andrew McPherson, farmer, town- Ing ministor, Wm. Rintoul, Feb. 
ï, 1834. 
ship- of Mariposa, and Mllry McPherson. Of- Eliz.'tbeth lllll.ckley, born Jan. 27th, 1834. 
fici.!lting minister, Wm. Rintoul, JunQ 8th, PArents, 'Wm. Blackley, farmer, Toronto, 
1833. an,
 Sarah HlIII ter. Officiating minister, Wm. 

largßret Elizabeth McD-OIl1ald. born .sov. . Rintoul, Feb. 
4th. 1834. 
18th, 1832. Pørents, Andrew. !\.[cÐQnald, Thom::s Thomson OOlwlly, born Ðec. 2nd, 
mercbant. Whitby, and Mary LOUIsa l\-kDon- 183:!. Parents, Thom'ls Oonory. bricklayer, 
ald. Officiating minister, Wm. Rintoul,: and Betty Sally ThoJIlBon. Officiating min- 
Aug. 29th, 1833. istpr, Wm. Hintou], 2\IJ.lrch ;:;th. 1834. 
Hannah BrowIl, sorn Oct. 9, 1832. Par- !\["llc.olm McMartin, born .Ian. 29th, 1834. 
ents, Joseph Brown, miller, in the Town- I Parents, ."\Ip
. I\IcM:lrtin, Martintowll, Glen_ 
ship of EtobiC<Jke, and Mary Brown. Offici- garry, :In I Mary 
JcMartin. O.filiating min- 
ating minister, Wm. Rinto.ul, Aug. 31, 1833. l ister, Wm. Hintoul, I\I.'lrch ïth,l 1834. 
Allan McDougall, born July 
2nù" 1833. I Eliza Maria McDonald, born June 20th, 
Parents, Alex, McDougall, emigrant from I 1834. PJ1Ti'nts, Alex. McDmlald, carl,enter, 
Olu. Scotland, and Catherine McEachern, I ' {lnd Ontherinp Wils(Jl1. Officiating minister, 
Officiating minister, Wm. Rintoul. &pt. 9, Wm. Rintoul, l\IJlrch 9th, 1834. 
1833. \. Mary Campbell, born Dec. 9th. 1833. 
MJargaret Kinnard, born July 9th, 1833. Parents, Alpx. OampbeIl, morta.r labourer, 
Parents, Alex. Kinnard. carpenter, York, I and Helen O<lmpbell. Officiating minister, 
ILI1d Jean Nair. Officiating minister, Wm. Wm. Rintoul, M,trch 13th, 1834. 
Rintoul, Sept. 22nù. 1833. !\hry Emilia lIicld('y, Lorn Feb. 20, 1834. 
Mary Paterso.n, born July 2nd, 1833. Parent Hugh Hicklpy. Officiating minister, 
Pa.rentB, D{)IJ]ß]d Paterson. labourer', pmi- Wm. Rinto'Ul, !\I.3rc.h 13th, 1834. 
grant, from KilIenn, Arg) leshire, and Kath- Ann Lawrie, borrn .June :?lst, 1834. Par- 
"rine Oampbell. OIticJatlng minister, Wm. ,ents, Jobn Lawrie, farmer, Township of 
Rint()uI, &3Pt. 22nll, 1833. I York, :1.11(1 Isabella Lawrie. Officiatilll{ min_ 

mes Rol.Jert Gillespie, born Sept. 8th, ister, WIll. RintouI, July 1Uh, 1834. 
1833. Parents. H,r)bert Gillespie, merchalllt, Margaret Lawrie, born 
ept. 15th, 1833. 
an-d Oaroline M. Gillespie. Officiating- minls- I Parents, .John Lawrie, farmer, TownshIp of 
Ister,. Wm. Rintoul. Sept. 23rd, 1833. . York, :lnd Isabella Lawrie. Officiatin
Flora Ann McIntyre, born Aug. 31, 1833. ! ister, WIll. Rintoul, J&D. 30th. 1834. 
Parents, Arch. McIntyre, sallor, York
 and' William Bra
04. 1bücn Feb. 16th, 1834. 
Mary Mclnt,yre. Offkiating minister, Wm. . Pnrents, ,John Brack, husbandman, and, Jane 
Rint-oui!, Oct. 1st, 1833. Wa-nless. Officiating minister, WIll. Rintoul, 
Ma.rgaret Reid. born June 10th, 1833. I May 6th, 1834. 
PArents, Jnnws Reid, farmer, Gore' of To- I Ann Beattie, .born Maroh 21st, 1834. 
I'GIlto, n.JHl Margaret Dickie. Officiating. Parents, William Beattie, carpeil1ter, and 
minister. Wm. Rintoul, Oct. 6th, 1833. I I1oòg-ert. Officiating minister, Wm. 
.it, born 
ept. 13th, 1833. Par-. Rintoul, M:IY 6th, 1834. 
ents, Jamf'1I Wait, carpent('r. Lot street, WilJiam Turreff. bflrn April 20th, 1834. 
York, "nll Margaret Wait. Officiating mln- : Parents, W:I'hm TurrBtf, moulder, and Mar,.. 
Ister, Will. Rintoul, Oct. 20th, 1833. I FlcmiIl
. OflkL'\ting minister, Wm. Rintoul, 
Ohristina Gifford, born Aug. 3rd, 1833. Mtty'12th, 1834. . 
Offidnting minister, Wm. RIntoul, Oct. 24, !\[arg:uet Gnrtshorp, born March 22nd. 
1833. I 1834. P:Jrents, Joon Gartshore, mHhvrlght. 
David MeGr(>
or, born SePt. 27th, 1833. Toronto, .IHI Mary Mitchell. Officiating 
'Parents, John McGrf'
or, fal"IllPr, Township minister, Wm. Rintoul, May 11th, 1834. 
of York, .and Margaret Lushman. Offlciat-! Iøabella. Oow, born April 10th, 1834. Par- 
Ing minister, Wm. Rintoul, Od. 28th, 1833. ()nts, John Cow, fø.rmer. TQwnship of York, 
mitb, born Oct. 8th, 1833. P:lr- and Helen Hunter. Officiating minister, 
ents, Malcolm Smith, farmer, Township of Wm. RlntO'Ul, M.'\y 26th, 1834... 
York. 11 nò Gr:wp Blue. Olfidat ing minister. William Rennie>, born 
ppt. 1st, 18
Wm. Rlntonl. Oct. 29th, 1833. Parents, Alex. Rennie. baker, OIty of To- 
Oarollnn Maria ßurnharn, born July 1st. ronto. and Ontherinp Rennie. Officiating 
18:13. I'.II.rents. Silas Burnham. merchant, . minister, W. T. LeAch, Sept. 1st, 1834. 
and OlarÌMa J. Bt1rnham. Officiating ruinls- John 
trange, born Aug. 30, 1834. Par- 
ter, Wm. Rintoul, Sov. let, 1833. ents, J. M. .::::tran ge, Mnd; Mø..rgaret Stra.n6e. 



Officiuting minister. W. T. Leach, Sept. 9th, Pø.rents. Ric.hard J
a.wrie, storekeeper, To. 
1834. ronto, find :Margaret Millar. Officiating min- 
mes Rutherford, born 
ept. 8. 1834. Ister, Wm. T. Leaoh. Oct. 4th, 1835. 
Parents, Alex. Rutherford, carpenter, and Barbara. GtLnn, born Dec. 20th, 1834. 
MAry McKeclInk. O.ficialing ministe.r, Dun- Parent, Ada.m Gunn. Toronto. Officiatin.1 
can McMillan, Oct. 
4th, 1834. minister, W'lu. T. Loo.oh. Aug.. 31st, 1830. 
Ma.r;r Oalland. born Kov. 9th, 1834. Par- Wm. Mitchell Thorn. born JWle 28th, 
ants.. Jehu OålllWd aad Jean Johnston. 01- 1835. Parent, William Tho.rn, Toronto. Of. 
fici6tlng minister, Henry Gordon. ficiating minister. Wm. T. LeKch, Aug. 23. 
Thamas Oarfra.e, born Kov. 9th, 1834. 1835. 
Parents, Hug-h Oarfra.e, gentleman, and Ann Ad6.m Blake. oorn !Feb. 24, 1835. Par- 
Oarfrae. Officia.ting minister. Henry Gordon. ents. J.lmes Blake, bla.cksmith. Toronto, and 
mvle, born Aug. 14. 1834. Par- Jane Wood. Mìnister, Wu
. T. Leaph. 
ents, Robert ::-e..mplo, carpenter, and Mary Robert 
mith, born Dec. 5, 1835. Par- 
PorteolIB. OffICiating minister. Robert Me- ents. Malcolm Smith, farmE'r. Townsbif) of 
Gibb. Toront{), find Grace Blue. Officiating! min- 
haw. Parents. George Shaw, car- ister, Wm. T. Lesch, Dec. 18th. 1835. 
penter. Toronto, and;. .Jackson. Of- Elizabeth Amelia McDonal(l. born Nov. 
fidatiag minister, Rob
rt :McGibb, Jan. 26. 19, 1835. ParelI1ts. John McDonald, sur_ 
1835. veyor, &n.d Elizabeth AlIl(Jlia Mitchell. Of- 
haw. Parents, Andrew Sha.w, car- fkifltin-g minister, Wm. T. Leach, Dec. 17, 
penter, Toronto, a.nd Janet Gillespie, Of- 18'35. 
fici3.ting lllinister, Bayne. (Margaret, Hunter, born Oct. 8th, 1835. 
Sarah Gillespie. Parents, Arch. Gillespie, Parents, Hugh Hunter. Oity of Toronto, 
farm serv3Ia. York TowIlBhip, and Agnes s.nd Ann Kerr. Officiatin
 minister, Wm. T. 
Euchanan. Officiating minister, John Ba
tne. Leach, Dec. 2;)th, 18:\5. 
Jamoo Kerr. born Feb. 8th, 1835. IJ ar _ :Margaret :-:mith. b(\rn Oct. 18th. 1835. 
ants.. William Kørr. carpenter, Toronto, Parents, Arch. 
mith. Oity of Toronto. and 
ø..n.d Mary Ann :-o:prO'uJ. Officiating minister, Barbara Macalm. Officiating minister. WIll. 
John B&;y'Il(' , March 29th, 183;)., T. I..each. Jan. 1õth, 1836. 
Elizabeth Marsha.II, born ',Feb. 11, 1835. Helen Mackenzie, born .Murch 1st, 1835. 
Parents, Ro'bert !\Iarshall, butcher, and Parent. Joihn Mackenzie. farmer. Markham. 
Elizabeth Riddell. OJfkiating minister, John Officiating- minister, WID. Mc
!Bayne, April 5th, 1835. Jan. 24th, 1836. 
iM.:J..rgaret Blain, born March 15. 1836. Mary Jane T()rra..nce, born Dec. 4, 1835. 
Parents, Wil:iam Blain. shoemakf'r. Toronto, Parents, John 'forrance. Toronto. and! Har. 
and Elspeth Pirie, Officiating minister, John I riet Torra.nce. Officiating minister, W.m. T. 
Bayne, April 30th. 1835. Leach, Jan. 7th, 1836. ' 
Helen Wilson. born April 6th, 1835. Par- Helen Riddell, born Dec. 26. 1836. Pør- 
eilts. J.amL'S Wilson. carpente.r, Toronto, and ents, Andrew Riddell. farmer. Vaughan. and . 
Helen Ke
'. ') Offici:lti.!,lg minister, John Betsy Archer. Officiating minister, Wm. 
Ba;rne, May _4th, 18
.1. T. Leach, Feb. 26. ] 836. 
Heotor McTROd Rlill David McLeod, ac-ed I Charles Robinson and Elizabeth Robinson. 
one year an:f a half.- Parents, George M
 I born April 20th. 1836. Parents. George 
Leod, fa.rmer, Vaughan. and Mrs, .\-IcLeod. Robinson. 'l'oronto. and F.Alen Robinson. 
Officiating minister. Wm. T. Leuch, July 2. OfficiatinlZ' minister, Wm. T. Leach, 1\1a:1 
1833. 8th, 1836. 
Agnes Kurema.n !\loir. born June 25th. I lsa.bella McXivcn, born l\In.rch 21, 1836. 
1833. P.upnts. Geo.rg-e 1\1oir, labourer, Mil. Parents, John IMc
iven. hluC'ksmith. To- 
ford. Officiating minister, \Vm. T. Leach, ronto. and Mary :--tewart. Officiating minis_ 
July 10th, 1835. " ter, Wm. T. wach. Ma.rch 25th. 18:
Agnes Gra.y, born July 8th. 1835. Pur- John Keith, born Xovembpr. 183:). P11r- 
ents, Jo'hn Gray, carpenter, Toronto. and l ent, Du.ncan Keith. labourer. Toronto. Of- 
Elizabeth Potter. Officlatin
 minister, wm. , fiC'hting minister. Wm. T. Leach. April 7th. 
T. Leach, Aug. 17th, 1833. 1836. ' 
David RaIllBay Forbes. born Oct. 2nd, I John Tavlor. born Oct. 17th, 1835. Par_ 
1834. Parents. James F.orbes, Toronto, and ents, Johñ Taylor. 1abourcr. Toronto. and 
Mrs. Forbps. Officiating minister, Wm. T. I Flora Macdonald. Orfidati"!! mi/lister, Wm. 
Le.a <;h , Aug. 20th. . T. J..each, April :!:3rd. 1836. 
El1za Ramsay, born 
pt. 28th. 1835. I Alexa.nùer D-ewar. burn July 1 ï. 1836. 
Parent. David RaII18ay, T.oronto. Officiat- P",rpnt, David Dewar, Toronto. Officlatinlf 
ing minls
er, Wm. T. Lc&ch. Aug. 20th. , minister. Wm. T. LPftch. July 28th, 1836. 
s l\lr-H:udy. oorn Aug.. 1833
 Par- D()llald Ourrie. born May 1, 1836. Par- 
ents. Gporl{(' MeH
r,ly, Toronto. and, :o.far- ents, Arch. Ou.rrip. Township of 'I'oronto, 
Jrnret l\I'ir
hall. Officiating ministE'r, Wm. I flud Mary Keith. Officiating minister. Wm. 
T. Leach, ,O:t. 4th. ]8H5. i T. Lench. Dec. 10th, 1836. 
mart, born Sept. 20, 1835. Par- I John lT1\rvev. born April 14th. ] A:-!7. 
ents. AICo"\,:. 
m.'1.rt. shooemakpr. and l\larv I P1Irents. Rnbt'rt Harvev. Toronto, and E1!en 
:-:mart. Officiating minister. Wm. T. LeaclÌ, . ITal v .v. O'ff' i 'ting minist( r. Wm. '1', J ealb 
Oct. 4th. 1835. I Jan. i9th, 1838.- 
Ohristina Telf.'r. born June 23rd, 1835. I Elizabeth O. I.each. born 
pt. 24. ]836. 
Pillrents. An(!rpw Telfer, 
rpentE'r. and I Parents. Wm. 'I'urnhul1 Leach. minister of 
MAry Tf'lfer. O;ficiat!ng minister. WIll. T. the Gospel. IJ,nd .TE'ssie Skirving. .Dffkiat- 
J..eaoh, O('t. 4th, 183.1. inc- minister, IIcnr
' Gordon. Oct. 24. 18:16. 
Angus Fletch(>r. bl)rn Aug. 25th. 183fi. I D.avirl Xichnll, born Nov. I:!, 18!16. Pl1r- 
PlIlre.nt, A

us Fletc-her, cllrpcnter. To- pnts, DJlvid Xichnll, tailor. Toronto, and 
ronto. ()fhc1a.tfn
 minister. Wrn. T. Leach. R:1.chd Govine. OffidNtinL
 minister. Wm, 
JwJ.e 24th. 1835. T. IRflCh, I).,c. 11th, 1836. 
Jeule MJ11ar. Lawrie. born Aug. 31, 1835. Robert Bell. born :-'epL 14th, 1836. Par- 



ents, William Bell, f
e!". YorJ< Township, l Ing minister. Wm. T. Leech, June 30. 1837. 
and Sarah Bell. OfflCIating mmister, Wm. Mary Hodgson, born March 3, 18,37. Par- 
T. Leach, Dec. 11th, 1836. , ents, Joseph Hodgson, merchant. Toronto 
lsa.bella Kennaird, bOJ"n Au
 13, 1836. and Elizabeth Hodgson. Officiating mInls
PI;, Ale
. Ke.llnaird! carp
i\ter, Toronto, ter, Wm. T. Leach, March 12th, 1837. 
ø.nd Jean Offlclatmg mml3ter, Wm. T. Isabella Younle, 'born :-:cpt. 17th, 11537. 
Leach, qct. 16th, 1836. , Pa.rents. John Younie, Toronto. and Mar- 
Oatherme McGregor. born Sept. 19, 1835. garet Weir Officiating mlnist r W T 
Pare-nt, AI

. McGr
gor, Jnnkeeper, To- Leach, l\1aÿ 1st, 18-37. e, . m. . 
ronto. OUlCuÜlng ffiJDister, Wm. T. Leach. John 
aw, born May l'3th, 18,37. Par- 
Dee. 25tl?-' 1836. l ents, Ge<J'rge Shaw, Toronto, and Louisa 
Jee.n WIlson,. born Dec. 13, 1836. Par- Shaw. Officiatirug minister, Wm. T. 
E'lnts, JnJ'!les Wilsoo,. ca!penter,. Toronto, and June 25th, 18'37. · ' 
Ellen Wlison, OffiClstmg minISter, Wmo! T. , McGregor. born April 20th, 1837. 
Leach. Jan. 1st. 18
7. I P6re.nt, Alex. McGregor, innkeeper, To- 
Suøa..n Bell, born Sept. 28, 1836. Pair- rcwto. Officia.ting minister, Wm. T. Leach 
en.ts, John Bell,.
w!er, T?r
mto, and Oath- Sept. 10th, 18\37. . . 
erlt1c Bell. OCflcmtl
g- minister. Wm. T. Eliza Telfer, born July 6th, 1837. Par- 
:Leach, JIlJ1. 4th, .1837. I ents. Andrew Telfer. Toronto, Rnd Mary 
Margaret FI

.. born Oct. 10. 1836. Telfer. O,ïichtii1g minister, Wm. T. Leach 
P6rents. James J!lemmg, Se

an. T.ç>r!Jnto, fi:
pt. 10th. 1837. · 
(1 .l\I"\t'garet Gedded. OfflcIat,!llg mlt1lster. :Mary GillespiJ. born April 12th. 1837. 

 m. T. LeaClh. Jan. 8th. 183,. Parents, Archibald Gilh'spie, Toronto. and 
Ba.rbara Duncan, born May 1, 1837, and Agnes Buchanan. O
fÏC'iating minister. Wm. 
Isa,bello. Duncan, born Aug. 30th, 1836. T. Leaoh, Aug. 27th, 1837. 
Parents, James D'11Jlcan. 
r. T?ronto. William Wallace. born .sept. 17. 1837. 
and Margaret DUlIcan. Offlci
tlng mmlster, Pa.rents, John W
IJ.lace, blacksmith. 
Wm. T. Leam. Ja.n. 2nd. 18.n. Vaugh a.n , and Mary McArthur. Officiating 

lizabeth Rankin Donn, born Je.n. 13th. minister, Wm. T. Leøcl1. Oct. 20th. 1837. 
Parent. Joon Donn, blackBmith, Toronto. Joseph Brown. born Aug. 23rd, 1836. 
Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, Jan. Parent&. Joseph BrowIlj, miller. E'ì.obi- 
26th, 1837. COoke, ø.nd Mary Brown. Officiating minister, 
Ra.nnah Midd1emist. born Oct.. 1836. Par- Wm. T. Leach. Oct. 28th. 1837. 
ents. Henry Middlemist, Toronto, and Dor- Elizabeth Moir. born AUK. 6th, 1837. 
othy Middlemist. Officinting minisler, Wm. Parents, Gewge Moir. Toronto. and Agnes 
T. Leach, Aug. 6th. 1837. ! Petrie. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Lech. 
Nancy Reid, born Feb. 26, 1836. Par- Aug. 20th 1837. 
ents, Arch. Reid, carpenter, Toronto. and John Henry Mulholland. born Nov. 27. 
.Ton-not McKechnie. Officiating minister, 1837. Pa.rents. .Tas. MlllhoUand. Toronto. 
Wm. T. Leach, !Feb. 26th, 1837. a.nd Mnrgø.ret Mulholland. 
fficiating min- 
l<:lizabeth Grahalll Thompson. born July ister, Wm. T. Leac.h. Dec. 18th, 18'37. 
818t. 1837. Pørent. James ThomIJson. To- Henry Jos. Bell. born Dec. 13, 1837. 
ronto. Officiating minister, 'Vm. T. Leach, Parents, J('hn Bell, lawyer, Toronto, and 
Aug. 17th, 1837. Oa.therine }{utherford. Officiating minis- 
William McKown. born March 17'. 18134. ter, Wm. T. Leach, Dec. 15th, 1837. 
Parent, William McKown
 Toronto. Of- Isabella Turner. born Xov. 27th, 1827. 
flciating minister, Wm. T. Leach. l<'eb. 22. Parents, Jnhn Turner. Toronto, and Jø;ne 
18137. I Turn
r, O
fid lUng minlstpr, Wm. T. Leach. 
Eliza. Jane Turner, born DeC. 7th. 1836. Dec. 2'5th. 1837. , 
Parent, John Turner. Toronto. Officiatbg: Sancy McLeod, born Sept. 12th, 1827. 
minister, Wm. T. Leac.h, Feb. 22ml. 1837. Parents. Duncan 'McLeod, Toronto, and 
Robert ::-=tewart, born March 18th. 1837. \ Nancy (McArthur. Oìficiatin
 minl3ter, Wm. 
Parents. Alex. ::;tewart, ca.rpenter, 'To- i T. Leaoh, .Jan. 19th.. 1838. 
rOILto, and Anna Maria 
tewart. Officiatin
' Jane Morrison, born Sept. 27th, 1837, 
minister, WID. f. Leaoh. March 28th. 1837. Parent, Doaniel Morrison, caryenter. T
:\{,uy Ja.ce TOI"ranoe, born Feb. 4. 1837. ronto. Officiating miniater. Wm. T. Leach, 
Parents. JOIhn 'Torrance, Toronlo. and Har- Jø.n. 1st, 1838. 
rif't Torr:1n
. Offlcfnting miniater, Wm. '1'. John Eastwood, born July 5th. 1837. 
Leach, April 20th, 1837. Parent. John Eastwood, TorontoJ Officiat- 
Victoria ADn Warburton, born July! 6th, Lng minister. WIlD. T. Leach. Jan. 1. 1838. 
1837. P.l'eJ1ts, John Q.l.meron, cashiar of Francis McLaughlin, born May. 10. 1838. 
Bank of Ton:.nto, and Rosa M. Oameron. Parents, Charles McLaughlin, Toronto,. and 
Dfficiatlng Minister, Wm. T. Leach, July Elimbeth McLaug-l1lin. Officiating p1lniater. 
24th, 1837. !Wm. T. Leaoh, July: 19th, 1838. 
Jumes R. Lawrie, born Feb
 2.3rd, 18'37. Catherine Monro. born Sept. 20, 1837., Rldhard Lawrie, Toronto. Offici- Parents, Alexander Monro. Toronto. and 
ating miniater, Duncan Macaulay, MArch Margaret McLa.u
h1in. Officiating minister. 
6, 1837. IWm. T. Leach, Oct. 2nd, 1838. 
Q1.thcrine M. McKuight. born April 1st, Mary Taylor, born. March 12th, 18'38- 
1837. Parent. James McKnight, merchant, Parents, Dugald Taylor. shoemaker. To- 
Toronto. Officiatin
 minister, Wm. T. ronto, and Oatherine MacKellor. Offielat- 
Leaoo, Ma:r 18th. 1837. Ing minister, Wm. T. Leach. May 2. 1838. 
Arthur Omløon, born 

rch 31, 1837. John Thomas Robert McKay, born March 
Pllrt.nts, Samuel Omlson. Toronto. nnd Mary 31st. 1838. Pørents. Alex. McKay, mei"- 
Ooù]!on. Officiating minister, Wm. T. c.ha.nt. and Rosetta Louisa Hamilton. Of- 
IRI!, April 30th, 1837. ficlating minister, Wm. T. Leach, JUlIe 20&- 
G1therlne J. McLean. bwn Dec. 22. 1837. 1838. 
Parent. Alex. McLean, Toronto. Officiat- Elizabeth 8tewart, born Feb. 4, lSBa. 



Pørf'nts. Alex. stewart, carpenter, To.- minister, Wm. T. V'"\(

lI '1'1}" 
lst. 18:19. 
ronto. and {)lara Maria. Hicox. Officiating William Larmout. born Ff'ù. 2nd, 1839. 
ministcr. Wm. T. LeaClh, July lith, 1842. Parents, AnlrUB LarnlUut, farmer. Etobicoke. 
Wil.iam McBeath, bQrn July 6th, 1839. ønd Janet Mae,.'ïven. Officiatinl{ minister. 
Parents, Wm. McBeath, privata 93rd High- .Wm. T. Leaoh, l\Ia
1 2;'1st 1839. 
13n 00 rs and Cetherine Sinclair. Qfticia.t-, James Geddes. ùurn .sov. 
8, 1839. Par- 
ing mi
ister, Wm. T. Leach, July 28. 1839. : ents, Henry Geddes. 'Too-onto .an<1 Helen 
David W. Wilkinson, bOrlJj May 16, 1839. ArIl18trong. Officiatinf! minister. Wm. T. 
Parents, John W. Wilkinson. labourer. To- Leach, Dec. 9th, 1839.. 
ronto. and T..ucinùa Allan. Officiating mln-! ,Willia.m Graut. born March 6th, :1839. 
ister, Wm. T. Leac.h, Oct. 31st. 183U. Il'arents, John Grant. 'forllnto, and 1\1ar- 
Sarah AmcIS, born JulY. 29th, 1838. Par- . gAret Grant. Officiating minister. Wm. T. 
orts. :-'. Amos. Oommissaris.t DUke. Toronto. : Lellch, Dec. 9th. 1839. " 
and \'-arab Bloor. Officiating minister, Wm. I l\Ia,ry Elizabeth ;,"IIlith. born Aug. 11th. 
T. Leaoh, Xov. 22nd, 1838. . 1838. P.trent, J:Jm.."S 
mith. mercha..nt, To- 
Mark Dan,ley. born Xov.; 3, 1835. Par-' ronto. Officiating minister, Wm. T. I..each, 
CIltS, John IJanle,r. far
r, Toronto. and ])ec. 
Oth. 1839. 
Jane Brack. O:firiating- minister, Wm. T. l?r...uÜs Ollrislhlm, bor,} Apri\ 11. 1839. 
Leach. Dec. 21:1th, 1838. . Parents. David Ohrisholm, Toronto Town- 
John Oholls. Ma(jdollcll, born ::-:ept. 15th, ship, and Rachel MacÐoona.lù. pfficiating 
1837. I>a.rents. Dwnoan Macdonell, mer- minister, WlIl. T. Leao'h,j Jul:r 1st. 183
oh.ant. Toronto, and :Maria Oharles. Of- Mary 1\IcXiei Henùcrson, born Ovt. 7th, 
fiPiating rohIister, Wm. T. Teach, Jan. 1st, 1839. l>a,rent, Hugh Henders:JoIl, innkeeper, 
1838. Toronto. Officiating minister, w.m. T. 
Elizabeth Ann Henderson, born Jan. 20th. I..each, Dec. 8th, 1839. 
1838. Pørent, Hugh Henùers JIl. innkeeper. Ann Hannah. born JUile 22nd, 1839. 
Toronto. Officiating .minister. Wm. T. Parents, Hugh Hannah. Pickering, and Jane 
Leach, :March :!Oth, 1831:1. Thorn. Officiating minister, Worn. T. Leach. 
John Macka:r, born March 21st, 1838. Oct. 
Oth, 1839. 
Pßrents, Angus M.ackay, To.ronto, and Janc Mary Margaret McOlure and William 
Mackay. Officiating minister. Wrn. '1'. Leacl1. Thuma.s McOlure. both born May 19. 1839. 
Oth. 1838. Parents. Robt. McC]ure. merchant, Toronto, 
Jane l\Ic.D oug all , born Jan4 2Gth, 1838. find -- 'O.IlUP bell , Officia..ting minister, 
Parents, Daniel l\IcDou
an, Toronto. and Wm. T. Leach, Nov. 30th. 1839. 
Mary Ann Mc.DO'Ugall. Officiating minister. J
. Fred. ::smith Ma.cdonell, born Aug. 
mro. T. Leach, April; 5th. 1838. 17th, 1839. Pa.rents, Dunoan Macdonell. 
Isabella Marshall, born Aug. 
üth, 1837. merohant. To-ronto, and Marin Charles. Of- 
Pørents. Robert Marshall. carpenter. To- fichting minister, Wm. T. Leach, O
t. 1st, 
ronto, IIInù Elizabeth Ma.rshall. Officiating 1839. 
minister, Wm. T. Leaol1
 March 8, 1838. John Hamilton, born Sov. 17th, 1839. 
Wm. J'urkiss Hewart. born Feb. 17. 1838. I Parents. ''':
Imuel Hamilton, Toronto. and 
íIts. Robert :-;tewRrt. carpenter, To- Jane 
tewart. Oificiating minister. \Vrn. T. 
ronto. anI! l
lizl1Letb stewart. Officiating I..each, .Jun. 14th, 1840. 
IIllnister, Wm. T. Leach. Oct. 
u, 1838. Georgo M.ackay, born Jan. 3, 1840. Par- 
James Walùio McCa.Jlu.m. born Xov. 2nd, ent. Murdoch L\bckay, 93rd Highlanders. 
183<3. Parpnts, .J:JlIlCS McCallum. Toronto, Toronto. OUid.lting minister, Wm. T. 
Dfficiatinu; minister. Wm. T. Leach. Oct. Leach, 'Feb. :!(ith, 1840. 
20th. 1838. Eliwbeth Oiemøntina Oampbell. tJo,rn Jan. 
John Grant, born July 19, 1838. Par- 12th, 1840. Parents. J'lohn O"mpLd', 
r i 
ents, John Grant. Toronto. :lnll Margaret Highb.nders, and Barbara Taylor. Officiat- 
Tobin. Officiating minister, Will. T. I..eßch. ' ing- minister, Wm. '1'. Le:tch. Jan. 18. 184U. 
Nov. 1st. 1838. 1 O.ttherine Harriet Camüron, born Dec. :!9. 
,Wm. Workll1sn. born Feb. 27th, 1836. 1839. Pi!lrents. .John O,:meron. ca.shicr 
Parents, .Joseph Workman .merchant. To.- Banle, a'lll R.., t \[.. Ca..mernn. OffidadIl"J' 
ronto, illld E. Wlasnidgc. Officiating minls- minister, Wm. '1'. Leac.b, Feb., 1840. 
tel'. Wm. T. Leaoh. Jan. 1st. 1839. Alp,,!:. l\{<',Be:HI, born March 4th. 1840. 
Freù. Michael WorkIWI.ll, ùorn April 3rd. Parents, WIll. Mûlleall, ToOronto, and Janet 
1838. l'arents. JOB. \Vorkmnn, mercha..nt. M"L.tll!!"hlin. Otficiating" minister, \Vm. T. 
Toronto. and ß. W;;Isnidge. Olficiating min- Leach, "March 11th, 1840. 
ister, Wm. T. Lc<ooh. .1:Jn. 1st. 1839. Ola.risit\ Louisa Hell. bor[\ Jan. 9, 18'40. 
Alicia .'nn Veitch, Lorn April 17. ] 8
!l. Parents. John Bell, lawver, Toronto, amI 
Parent, David Veitch, sl'rgea..llt 93rù Iligh- C\lthf'riIlP Unthcrfurt1. OÌ'ficiatin
Lanùers. Officiating mini;Lr. Wm. '1'. Leach, Wm. 'I'. Le.ach, March 10th. 1840. 
April 27th, 1839. John Goodale. born D.zc. 26. 1839. Par- 
John Kewton, born M.a-yt 4. 1839. Par- pnts John Goodale, Toronto, anù -- HIJ. 
ent.a, Jllllles XewtOJl. carpenter. Yonge st., Offi
i.ating minister, ',"ro. '1'. Leach. March 
& -- Wilkie. Oificiatiüg' minister, Wm. 15th, 1840. 
T. Le.ach, June 
Oth, 1839. I __ 
utherla(1d. borll Feb. Õ, 1840. Pal"- 
JOhn Mulloy, born Sept. 12th, 1839. ents, Kenneth 
;uther1&nd. merchant, To.- 
Parent, Joon Mulloy, Richmond HilI. Of- ronto anù L\f
lita Rains. Officiating- min- 
ficiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, JUlle 20, ister, 'Wm. T. Leach. March 
Otb, 1840. 
1.839. ' I88.bella Sutherland. born 1\Iaroh" 8. 1840. 
Ji&Ile Kinnaird, born April 16th, 1839. I Parente, Hugh (:nthf'rlanJ, Toronto. &lldø. Alex. Kinnaird, carpenter. T()- ChrlstiIlfi Gordon. Offici:'lting mInlater, Wm. 
ronto. I!I.nd Jane Vail'. Officiating min1ø- T. Le6ch, April 1'" 1840. 
te... Wm. T. J.CJloh, May 2Uth. 1839. 'David John LOt!'an. bunt May 17. 1840. 
Alex. Ohas. Robertson, bOTl
 A uri] 12th. Parents. Rioh&rù T..o<g'ßJl. Toronto. and Jane 
] 839. Pw'ents. Wm. Roùertson. farmer, I\.nn Birmingham. O!"ficiating minister, Wm. 
Etobicoke, ø.nd Ann Oameron. OfCicia.ting 
T. Leaob. 21st. 1840. 



James 'Ferrah, born May 14, 1840. Par- Pato.n. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, 
e.nts, John Fe rr.a.h , confectioner, Toronto!' I I \Feb. 23rd, 1841:. 
ø.ndl Margaret Dickson. Officiating minister. Jessie Hopkirk, born Dec. 30th, 1840. 
1W11Il. T. Leaoh, June- 30th, 1840. Parents, James Hopkirk, Advocate, Toronto, 
Robert Milligan, born Oct. 14th, 1837. and Jessie Farquharson Hardie. Officiating, Arthur Milligan, Toronto, and Jane I minister, Wm. T.. Leach, Jan. 1st, 1841. 
Ralley. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leaoh, Jø.mes Kerr, born Nov. 17, 1840. Par- 
Julv 13th, 1840. \ lents, J.alDPS Kerr, Toronto., and Janet Wil- 
IÌugn Ccirfra.e Dickson, born July 26th, : son. Officiating minister, Wm. 'r. Leach, 
1840. Parents, -- D:.cksøn, baker, To- Feb. 27th, 1841. 
ronto, and __ Oarfrø.e. Officiating minis- Eliza. Ân.n Mulholland, born Oct. 17, 1840. 
ter, Wm. T. Leaoh, Aug. 3rd, 1840. Parent, James Mulholland, shoemaker, To- 
George, born Jun
 13th, 1840. i ronto. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, 
Pftrents, Arthur Milligan, Toronto, and Jane I Jan. 12th, 1841- 
Halley. Offidating minister. Wm. T. Leach" George Scott McOonkey. Parents, Thomas 
July 13th, 1840. \ I :\kConkey, Toronto, and Elizabeth Cro\H1er. 
lne Robert, born May 4, 1840. Par- Officiating minister, Wm. T.. Leach. 
ents, Jø.m
s Robert, Toronto, and Janet i Ilobert Lamont stewart, born Feb. 19th, 
Gorrie. Offici..tting minister, Wm. T. Leach, \ 1840. Parents, Robert ::;tewùrt, carpenter, 
Aug. 3rd, 1840'. Toronto. and Elizabeth Purkiss. Officia.t- 
:l<'rederic Arthur GU1Uh born Aug. 17th, iag minister, Wm. 'l'. Leach, Feb. 19th, 
1840. Parents, Peter Gunn, 93rd High- I 1841. 
landers, and Mary Launan, T{)ronto. Offi- Isaac Buchanan Bicket, born March' 2(7, 
dating minister, Wm. T.. Leach, Aug. 30th, 1841. Pø.rents, James Bicket, Toronto, and 
1840. Jane Leckie. Officiating minister, Wm. T. 
Adam Shannon, born Sept. ;:)th, 1830; I Leach, April, 1841. 
James Maoomb Sha.runon, born, April 22nd, I Alex. F...rskine Willia;rmon, born Mareh 26, 
1834, aud :R.oIOOrt 
hannon, born Feb. 1st, 1841. Parents, Wm. Williamson, clerk, and 
1840. Parents, James Shannon, Toronto, I M:argaret Erskine. Officiating minister, Wm. 
shoemaker, and Ma.rgaret 
annon. Offi- IT. Leach. 'June 3rd, 1841- 
e-1ating minister, Wm. 'I'- Leach, Aug. 30, I Alex. Ohrisholm, born April 20th, 1841. 
1.840. . . . I Parents, Donald Ohrisholm, farmer, Toronto 
Henry WlllUl.JIl Strar,tger, born July 15th, Township, ftnd Rachel Macdonell. Officiat- 
1840. Paren
s, Wm
range.r, Toronto, ing minister, Wm. T. Leae-h, June 28th, 
BoIld Mary PetrIe. Offlclatmg mmlster, Wlll'. 1841- 
T. Leach, Aug'
 4th, 1:840. Margaret Henderson, born Aug. 31st, 
Mary Ja,ne McLaughlm, born .June 4th, 1 1841. Parent, Hugh Henderson, innkeeper, 
1840. P'!lre.nts, Qhas. Me-LI\Ugþ
m,. Tor
n- Toronto, Officiating minister, W.m. 'D. 
to, anl1 EhzalK'th McOlf'a.ry. OIf1natmg mm- Leach, ::Sept. 1st, 1841. 
ister, Wm. T. 
ch.' Oct. 11th, 1840. I George Dickson, born Nov. 7th, 1840.. 
Alex. Duff 
lr, ?OII'Il March 1, 18401. Pl1uent, George Dickson, merchant. To- 
, Ge;Ürge :,
la!r, To.r
nto, and Is&- ronto. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, 
mclalr. Orflclatmg mmlster, Wm. T. I 
pt. 10th, 1841. 
LeI1' c
' 18th, .1840. . Eliza. Christina MacDlCmald, born JulY' 13. 
Ohnstlnfl. Cathenne CraIg:, born Aug. 30, \ 18:41. Paren,ts, Daniel MacDona.ld, T.oronto, 
1840. Pare,nts, Mark f'rD;,I!!í' :roront.o,. and and Elizabeth MacDunald. Officiating minÌi3- 
M'argaret Mc'l<'arlane. _ Offlclatmg mInIster, Iter, Wm. T. Leach, 
ept. 13th, 1841- 
Wm. T.. Leach,. Oct. .11 th, 184
0. . Donald Bain, born Aug. 2. 1841. Parents, 
James Fred.erlo 
llth, born ]sov. G, 1840.. I John BftÎn, Toronto, and Mar)l Ross. Offi- 
Pm:el}t,. Jame;:, 
mlth, merchant, Toronto, I dating mlnlBter, Wm. T. Leach, 
pt. 16th 
OfflCLatmg nunlster, Wm. T. Leach, N()v. 1841. ' 
l()th, 1840. I Jas. Archibald Oha.pman, born 
ept. 13th, 
. Cockburn 
urdhouse, born June' 4, 1841. Parents, Frederick Obapma.n, clerk, 
183,). Parents,. Wm.. Gourdhouse, .f
er, Toronto, and Mary Hamilton. Officiating, 
ToC?n;Hlto, and F..Jlzabeth A}1an. _ Offlclatmg minister. Wm. T. Le:lch, Oct. 10th, 1841. 
IDlmster, Wm. T. Leach, ]S()V. 11, 1840. I ......T. ll . ... Ph b 84 
Janet Sinolair Grant, born April 14th, ,nl Lam J.'
 erso.n, orn Oct. 3, 1. 1. 
1840. Pe.rents. David Gco. Grant, To- I Parents, Wllha';ll fdcPhers
n, 93rd 
ronto, and Rachel McKechnie. Officiating I !a[1.der
,. and Ehzaoeth !\Icl herson. OfflClIlt- 
JIlinister, Wm. T. Iknch, Nov. 1.7th, 1840. mg mInlst
r, Wm. T
 Ù'ach, Oct. 4, 1841. 
.Hannah Gunn, born Oct. 9t, 1840. Par- MR.ry Elizabeth Bell, born Oct. 31, 1841,. 
ents, JAuchlin Gunn, tailor, Toronto, and P.a-rent!!, liell, law
oront?,. and 
Isabella Gray. Officiating minister, Wm. T. G;tho;me Rutherford. Orhc13tmg mIniSter, 
LeRch D.'c <>Sth 1840 Yo m. r. Lench, Dec., 1841. 
Ale;. ).LiÍ:Ú;-nd, born J
ne 13, 1839. Par- Archibald .McBride.. born 
ept. 11, 1841. 
ents, <\.1 ':t. M'J.itlani!, T!}('rchant, To.ronto, P
ren.ts. Nell. 
oronto, lilld Ann 
find Helen f'kirving. Officiating minister, Gllmote. OfflCL!J..tlllg mmlster, Wm. T. 
Wm. 'l'. Le.ach, Jul
' 15th, 1839. Leach, Oct. 10th, 1841. 
M.argaret Wardlaw Skirving Maitland, Walter Telfc,r Kil1d, born Feb. 2nd, 1840; 
born April 5th, 1841. Parents, Alf>x. Victoria. Mary Kidd, born Aug. 23rd, 1837. 
M.aitland, Toronto, and Helen Skirving. Of- Parents, Jo-hn Kidd, Toronto, and .Jessie 
ficiatin.g minister, Wm. T. Leach, June I:!, I Denha.m. Officiating minister, Wm. T. 
1.841. Leach. Dec., 1841. 
Alex. McGregor, born Nov. 13th, 1840. James Henry Ilickm.\JI, born Oct. 212nd, 
Parents, Alpx. ,MC'Gre!!,or, Toronto, and 1 1840. Pe.rents, Jam,..:s Hickma.n, To.ronto, 
On.therine :\1C'Gr0g"or. Officiating minister, and Oathcrino Taylor._ Officiating minister, 
Wm. T. Leflch, Juno:' l
th, 1841. Wm. T. Leach. Dec. oth, 1841- 
Cha.rles Frazer, oorn Feb. 13th, 1841.. Euþbemia Oatherine Kidd, born Sept. 22. 
ParellLts. Chl!.rles Frazer. Toronto, ø.nd Janet I 1839. Parents, John Kidd, Toronto, and 



.JessIe Denham. Officiuting minister, Wm. I George l\ío,ntgomerie, born June 12, 1842. 
T. Let1oh, Dec., 1841. .... Parents, Donalù M(.'
oI?lerie, .T?ronto, and 
GeO'rge Sinclair Munton, born oct. 1/ th, Ann Campbell. OtficIatmg mInISter, Wm. 
1841. Pa.rents, George Munton, labourer, T. Leach. June 
2nd, 1842N 
Toronto. Officiating minister, Wm. T. I Mary Ra:ston, born Nov. 27, 1841.:. Par- 
Leø.oh Jan. 3rd 1842. I ents, James Ralston, Toronto, and JaDe 
tra.nger, bO'rn Dec. 10th, 1841. " CrA.ig. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, 
Parents, William f3tra.nger, Toronto, and I July 3rù, 184
Mary Petrie. Officiating mlnlBter, Wm
 T. I Duncan stewart, born May 4th, 1.8;12. 
Leach, Jan. 10th, 184<!.:. I 
lI;rent.. .Ro1wrt 
tewart, Toront
. <) 
Mary Ann W,urd, born Oct. 5th, 1841. In;
 mmister, Wm. T. Laach. Jul
 _t), 184_. 
ParenlÌs,. Davi,l Ward,, and Ann George Lesslie, born April 3rd, 1842. 
Anderson. Officiating minlBter, Wm. T. Parents, George Lesslie, merchant, Toronto, 
Leaoh, Jan. 10th, 1842'. and -- Davis. Officiating minister, Wm. 
DO'nald Sinclair McLool\. born Oct. 3rd, T. Leach, July 2nd, 1842. 
184]. Parent&, Ån
us :\1<-1.ean. Toronto, Ann Ooulson, born Dec. 3, 1839. Par- 
a.nd l\o[argaret IIenderson. qfficiatlng minis- I ents, Samuel Ooulson, Toronto, and Mary, 
t&r, Wm. T. Leach, Jan. 
.)th, 1842. Kennedy. Officiating minister, Wm. T. 
John Ford, born Dec. 8th.. 1841. Par- I Leach, 
ept. 3th, 1842'. 
ents, James Ford, Royal 

hllery, 'J;o
to, Elizabeth 
utherland, born Aug. 27th, 
and Jane 
immol]ß Garwnor. OfhcIatmft 1842. Parents, James ::O:utherland, TorontO', 
minister, Wm. T. Leaoh, Jan. 27th, 1842. and Elizabeth 
wanton. Officiating minlBter, 
H.ele.n Geddes, born IÆc. 12, 184
.. Par- Wm. T. Leach, 
ept. 17th, 1842. 
ent, Andrew Gedùes, Toronto. OffICIating 'William Addiso'1 Bicket. born Sept. 8th. 
.minister, Feb. 8th, 18421. 1 1842. Pø..rents, James Bicket, Toronto, and 
J.I,mes Grant, born Oct, 26, 1841. Par- Jane Leckie. Officiating minister, Wm. T. 
&nts, John Gr.ant J Toronto, and Margaret Leach, Nov., 1842'. 
Grant. Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, ElizA. Vdtch, uorn July 31, 184
. Par- 
Feb. 8th, 1842. ents. David Veitch, se-rgeant 93rù lIigh- 
Margaret :sutherland Gilbertson, 
orn Jan. lø..nders. anù Mary Murphy. Officiating- min. 
30th, 1842. Parents, Henry. .GI!bert
n, ister, Wm. To. J.Æach. Aug. 4th, ï84:!. 
Toronto, and Ann Webster. OfficlatIng mlll- I :\larion :\[cGlashan. born JUly :!3. 184
Ister. Wm. T,. Leach, Feb. 11th, 184:!. Parents, James !\IcGl:lshan. merchant. To- 
cl.rah Stewart, born Nov. 1st, 1840; ronto, and Mary Mc!\Iicking. Officiating 
. Lamont stewa.rt, born June 4, 1842". minister, Wm. 'i'. lÆach, Oct. 13th, 184:!. 
P.lJ"ents, Alf'Jx. stewart, carpenter, Toronto, Mary Isauella Oves, born Oct. 8, 184

am} Anna Mø..ria Hicûx. Officiatin ò ( minis- Parents, James Ov
s, 93rd Highlanders, and 
ter, Wm. T., July 1Gth, 1842. Oharlotte Jeffers. Officiating minister, John Oassie Oa.mpuelI, VOO"n Feb. 18th, I Barclav, D
c. 11th, 1842. 
1842. l'äl"ents, John Oampbell. 93rd High- Alexander 011.1, born Nov. 8, 1842. Par- 
Iø.nders, and Barbara Taylor. Officiating ents. George 011.1, sergeant, 93rù Highland- 
tminister, Wm. T.. Leach, Feb. 21st, 1842. era. and Elizabeth Reynolds. Officiatingt 
:Ma.rion Goodale, born Dec. 8, 1841. Par- minister, John Barclay, Dec. 11th, 1842. 
ents, John GoodÐ.Ie, Toronto, an<\. -- Hay. I Mary Stalker, born Aug. 19th, 1842. 
Officiating minister, Wm. T. Leach, March Parents, Robert Stalker, 93rd Highland- 
õth, 1842. ers. and Emily lIannah. Officiating minlBter, 
John BuohfUUln Oa.meron, born IÆc, 1st, John Barclay, Dec. 11th, 1842'. 
1'841. Parents. John Cau.eron. ('ashier of Paul OampbeH. Parents, Donald Camp- 
be.nk, and Rooa N. Cameron. OfficIating bell. saddler, Toronto, and Jane Hay. Of- 
minister, Wm. T. Le:acl1, MarcU 16, 1842. ficiating minister, John Barclay, Dec. 18, 
stephen Boaden Scot, born Feb. 8, 1842. 184:!. . 
Parents J Wm. ROBe Scot, Toronto, and William Barclay Mc!\lurrich, born Nov. 1, 
Mary Ann 'Boaden. Officiating minister' j 1842. Parellts, John Mcl\lurrich, merchant. 
Wm. T. Leach, AprU 7th, 1842. Toronto, and Janet Dickson. Officiating 
Henry Leach Henderson, born Joan. 3rd, mInister, John Barchty, Dec. 18th, 18421. 
1842., Wm:. Heonderson, merchant, George Doughtie, Parents, James DO'ugh- 
Toronto, and Wilhelmina Monro Sinclair. tie. 93rd Highlanders, and Hannah Payne.. 
Officiating minister, Wm. T.. Leach, Mø..rch, Officiating minister, John Barela,., Deo. 19. 
'1842. 1 1842. 
Matilda M&rla Llnooln, born Oct. 13, William Orighton. Parents, George Orlgh- 
1840. Parents, Worn,. Alfred Lincoln, To- 'tOll, corporal, 93rd Highlanders. and Isa- 
ronto, and 
'ophia England. Officiating mtn.- I bella Winchester. Officiating mlnlBter, John 
istE',r, Wm. T. Leach, April 24th, 1842. Barclay, Dec. 19th, 1842'. 
Robert MoKean, born April 26th, 1842. nugh John McNeille, born Aug. 19th, 
Parents, Robert McKean, 93rd Highland- 1842. Pa.rents, Hugh McNeille, tavern 
ers, Toronto, a.nd Jane Russel. Officiating keeper, TO'rontO', and Eliza Hutchison. Of- 
IDinlBter, Wm. T. MDJI; 1st, 1842. ficiatlng mInister, John Barclay, Dec. 22nd, 
Oatherlne Ferg\lS()n, born April 21, 1842. 1842. . 
Paren.ts, John Ferguson, Toronto, and Jean JessIe Anne Clarke McKay, born Sept. 
MoEchren. Offida.tint miniðter, Wm. T. 14th. Parents, George McKay, TorO'nto, 
Le&ch, May 2Gth, 1842. and Janet Gibson. Officiating minlBter. John 
'William Murray, born May 9, 1842. Par- Barclay, Dec. 25th, 1842. 
ents, James Murra,., TO'ronto, and Ann Reid. Sarah McLachlan, born Oct. 14th, 184
Officiating minister, Wm. TN Leaoh, May 21, Parents, James McT.achlan, 98rd High- 
1842. IfLndE'r9, and Sarah O'NeilL Officiating- ml
Alex. Macdonell. born Sept. 12th, 1841. Istpr, John Barclay, Deo. 25th, 1842
Parents, Duncan Macclonell, merchant, To- Margaret Williamson, born Nov. 11th, 
I'OntO', and Maria Ohar1e8. Officiating mID,.. 1842. Pa.rents, Donald William.on, øer- 
later, Wm. T. Leach, Ma;y\ 30th, 1842. Jreant. 98rd Hij[hlander.. and Marcela Ser- 



vice. OfficiI! ting minister, John Barclay, Parents, WilIiam Munro, sergeant, 9ard' 
Dec.. 25th, 
842: . Hig-hllW1ders, and Marianna Challa han. Of- 
za JessIe \VIlhamso

orn Nov. 29th, fi('Ïllting minist(>r, .Iohn Barclay A
ril 13th, 
1842. Paren ts, Will. \IV llhnmson, Toronto, 1813. ' 
II.nd l\IargRr<>t Erskill2. Officiating miniB- WiUimina Murray, born March Brd, 1843. 
ter, John Barclay, Jan. 2nd, 18430 Parents William Murray corporal 93rd 
Peter Moffatt Wh!te, 
ept. .l4th, 1842. 'Hi
hlanders, and Margar
t McDona'ld. Of- 
Pnr'-'Ilts, Robert. 
Ite, T.O
Ollto, and Anne I ficlatlng minister, .John Barclay April 13 
nonderson. .OfflCllLtmg mIlllSter, John Bar- 184:3. " 
clay, Jan. Gth, 1843,. Robert Oameron born March 25th 1843 
n;tpbell, born July 27, 1842. Parents, Kenneth' Oameron, carpent
r, To.: 
P8:rents, WIlham C'8.I

l, T.o
onto, and ronto, and iß'
la LU,2'3.II. Officiatiag min- 
J'th Park?r. OfflcmtJl]g mInister, John fster, John Bsrclay, April 19th, 1843. 
Barcl.,y, Jan. Gth, 1843. . 
'FrR.ncps Elizabeth Amelia McDonald. Par- James Henry :sutherland, born Jan. 25, 
onts, Donald McDonald, Toronto, and Fran- 1843. Parents, James B. Su.tllerll!-nd, mer- 
IcDonø.ld. Officiating plinist<>r, .John c!I
nt! Toro.n
o, anü Eva Sophia RaInes. Of- 
Barclay. Jan=-.l !t
, 1843. I 
I.lIg rnImster, .Iohn BarcIa.}, April 
Alexander unrJstIe.. l
orn Jan. G, 184
., Ellen Gunn, born April 9, 1842. Parents, 
 James ChristIe, sergeant

ajor, Gt'ort!"<' Gunn, ('prporal, 93rd Highlanders, 
93rd IIIg-h!a.lld

d. Mary Anne Ibo.H}J- and MaQ Waters. Officiating minister, ,John 
son. .).?fflclatmg mmlBter, John Barcla.y, Barclay, April :!4th, 1843. 
.Jan. __nd, 
843. ! :Susan .Ian,' 1\1 'Fl1r;ann, born Dec. 3th, 
llleha Alexander, born Aug. :t3th, 1842. Parents, .John McFarlane, Toronto, 
184_. .J ar
nts, James 
xanùer, prIvat<<:" and Calh..rine I. D'Ouglas. Officiating min- 

3.r(} ,HI
ders, and Wlmfreù 
.uon. 0,- ister, John Barclay, April 
;:)th 1843. 
fll'latlllg nlllllster, John BarcIa)", Jan. :!2nù, T> I t Ca b II b ' 
18-113. >.1..0 )('r mp 
, orn 
I,trch 4l
, 1843. 
Ale'Cander Nisbet, born Nov. :!3th, 1842.. I arentlJ, Donald OR.rnpbel', hla?
})arents, Francis Nisbet, Toronto, and Chris.- . 
O'llto, R.nd Anne Campbel
. O
llclatIng mIn- 
Han smith. úfficiatin,' rninj:;ter, .John tlllr- I Jster, .John Barela,)', April :':ùLh, 1843. 
clay, Jan. 28th, 1843. > Jane Oorbett, born Feb. 1.:Jth, 1843. 
Richard \V{'lsh Lav.rie, born Jan. Gth, J ø.rpnts! Angus Oorbptt, cn1onr-sprg-eant, 
1843. Parents. IUchal"(} Lawrie, Toronto, 
3.rd. HIghl
n.ders, and .Jane Tholllson., 
ø.nd l\1;.trgarc t 
Iiller. Officiating minister, llCIR tlng mlnlstt'r, .Iulln B arcla.Yo AprIl ...:: 0, 
John BarcIa,)', Feb. 5th, 1843. : 18-13. . 
. <..: .) I .Iames Lang, born AprIl 18th. Parents 
Isabf'lla Anne Renn.l(', ?,orn kept. I, 154_. I John I

lßg, p'rivate, V3rd IIighJallùers, an3 
PlI:ren ts, . Alex. ltrn
u:, [ oron t?" and Oath- I Mar)' :\k QllilI.l1l. Oflicltt ting minister, John 
erme Glaharn. Offlclll.tlng mUllster, John Barclay April 26th 1843- 
Barclay, Feb. Gth, 1843. " .. 
V.rillia-m Fraser, 1101"11 ,<-'pt. 2, 1842. Par- I Mary Anne Hutt on, born. Aprl
5, 1843. 
ents, Donald 'Frasel", V3rd Highlanders, ø.nd Parents, Petpr Hutton, 9.
1 !llgh}
Zi1lah Elliot. Officiating minister, John' Bond Mary Anne Hannah. OfflClatmg 11ll1ll8ter, 
Barclay, Feb. 12th, 1843. I John na
clay, May 3rd, 1843.: 
James Pollock, IJorn June 29, 1842. Par- Mar)" I' o
ster, born Feb. 1. th, 1843. 
ents, Robert Pollock, 93rd Highlanders, and I PR.rents, "alter 'For
.ter, ('a

er, To- 
:Mary Brady. Officiating minister, John Bar- 
onto, ø.nd Mary M. "!pld. OffiCiatIng mln- 
clay, Feb. 12th, 1843. 'Ister, John Barclay, May 7th, 1&4.3. 
Janet Augu.'ita Rogers, born Nov. 
l8th, I Oatherine Gibb, born Feb. 15th, 1843. 
1842. Parents, .Joseph RQgers, merchant, Parents, OharJes Gibb, pngineer, Toronto, 
Toronto, ø.nd .Janet Bastedo. Officiating and Eliza :-;hillingln.w. Officiø.tlng minister, 
minister, John Barclay, March 1, 1843. I John Barclay, May 7th, 1843. 
Willis,m Henry Hepburn. Parents, Peter I Margaret 
ppnce Kennedy, born Maroh 
Hepburn, 93rd Highlanders, and Maria 15th, 1843. Parents, John K-ennedy, mer- 
Hughes. Officiø.ting minister, John Bar- l'hø.nt, Toronto, anll Agnes Oraig. Officiat- 
clø.y, March 5th, 1_84:
. in
' minister. .John Har,'ìa>", 
 7. 184:J
Frederick Augustus McKay, born Nov. 13, James Shaw, born April G, 1843. Par- 
1842. Pø.rents, Alex.. McKay, merchant, I ents, James :-haw, mprchant, Toronto, ø.nd 
Torunto, au,,1 Rotetta MeK.J.
-. Officiating Jø.ne M('Gr
gor. Officiating rninhtcr, John 
minister, John Barclay, March 5th, 1843. . :Buclay, May 7th, 1843. 
Andrew Olarke, horn Feb. 10th, 1843.' John He
rson, born Feb. 12th, 1843. 
PR.rpnts, Andrew Clarke, sergeant, 93rd Parents, Wllh
m H
nderson, mercha?
, To- 
Hig-hlanders, and Anne Smith. Officiating ro.n
o, and WIlhelmma Monro. Officiating 
minister John Bø.rclav March 19 1843 mllllSter, .John Barclay, May 9th, 1843. 
John M
rr Gray, bor
 Dec. 29th, 1842: AnlW' l\1a,rshal, born May 13th, 184
Parente, George Gray, private, 93rd lligh- Pø.rents, Jobn 

lfo.ur, T!>,:onto, and Bø.r- 
]ø.nders, and Elizabeth S. Gaston. Officiating I bø.ra Hume. OfflClRtlllg mllllSter, John Bar- 
minister, John Bø.rclay, March 19, 1843. clay, May 11th, 1843. 
!Margaret Beo.ston, born Feb. 14, 1843. Margaret McDonald, born May 4th, 1843. 
rarents, Boswell Beaston. private, 93rd I Parents, Alex. McDonald, 93rd Highland- 
flighlø.nders, and .Jø.ne Porter. Officiø.ting f'I"3, and Jean f:hray. Officiating' minister, 
minister, John llø.rclay, March 19, 1843. John Buclay, May 17th, 1843. 
Wø.lter Helldprson McFarlane, born Dec. John Mn,tthBw -'lair, bQrn March 19th, 

3rd, 1842. Pø.rents, Walter 
fcFarlø.ne, 1843. Pa-rents, George Malr, 93rd HJgh- 
morchø.nt, Toronto, and Louisa Henderson. !anderø, and Anne Jeffprs. Offlclø.tinl' min- 
Offlciø.ting minister, John Barclay, Mø.rch later, John Barclay, May 17th, 1843. 
20th, 1843. iJø..mes Mulholland, born April 14 1843. 
William Mun..o, born March 12th, 1843. PR.rents, James l\fu1holJand, shoemakei'. To- 




ronto, and Margaret McKee. Officiating I Mary Badger, born Aug. 30, 1843. Par. 
minÎBter, John Barclay. May 21st, 1843. ents, Aaron Badger, Tnmnto, and Jane 
Alexander Austin. born April 18, 1843. : Connor. Officiatin
 minÛlter, John Bar. 
Parents, John Austin, 93rd Highlanders. and I clay, Sept. 10. 1843. 
Julia Oowan. Oftidating minisLer, John Bar- I George William Logan, born 
cla7, June 4th, 1843. I 1843. Parents. .William .Log
n, T?r
Elizabeth Finlayson, born 'May 21, 1843. I a.nd Martha TobIn. Offlclatmg mInISter, 
P!\I'entø, Norman Finlayson, 93rd Highland. I .fohn Barclay, :::ept. 24th, 1843. 
e:rs, a.nd Matilda. CIlrisholm. Officiath}.g min.; Mary Margaret. born Oct. 10th, 1840; 
ÎBter, John Barclay, June 6th, 1843. I Christina, born Dec. 25th. 1842. Parents. 
!Frederick 'McPherson, born :May 21. 1
43. I George UobiJl8on, Toronto, and Ellen Mu- 
Pa.rents, William McPherson. 9Srd HIgh- nen. Officiatin
 minister. John Barela"\'". 
landers. Officiating ûninlster, John Barclay, I Sept. 24tb, ) 843. 
June ßth. 1843. . Archibald Alexander RlddeU, born Deo. 10. 
kirving Maitland, born April 4th. ' Parpnts, .John Rit\rlell. Aberdeenshire, 
1843. Parent.s. Alex. M.a
t1and, Tor
nto.! land, and Mar
!l.rpt Oochrnne. Orfid
and Helen SkIrving. OffIcIating minISter, j minister, John Barclay. 
pt. 23th, 1843- 
John Barclay, June 18th, 1843. Charles James Riddell, born 
pt. 10th, 
Georgina Herrick Smith, born. Sept.. 19th, 1843. Parents, Arch. Alex. Ridùell, prin ter, 
. Parents. James F. 
mIth, banker, Toronto, and Ann Devlin. Officiating min. 
TorO'Ilto, and Mary Sanford. Officiatintgl ister, John Barclay, Sept. 2.5th, 1843'. 
minister, John Barcla.y, June 20, 1843. !Mary .fane McOreadie, born Oct. 22nt1, 
James Wesley Trotter Henderson, born 1843. Parents, Wm. McCreadie. Nt;Jwgate 
June 28th, 1843. Parents, Hugh HomIer. street, Toronto, and Mary Ann Preston. 
son, Toronto, a.nd Margaret Jane Trotter. Officiating minister, John Barclay. Nov. 7, 
Officiating minÎBte-r, John Barclay, June 1843. 
25th, 1843.' I 'Thomas Smith, born July 3, 1843. Par- 
Delia Dameron McOlure, born Dec. 
9" ents, Thomas ::;mitb, shoemake.r, Toronto, 
. Parents, Robert McClure, aue- and Mary Oaw. Officiating minister, John 
tloneer, Toronto, and Della McOlure. Of. Barclay Nov. 7th, 1843. 
ficiatlng minister. John B&.rclay, June 29, Rober't McDonald, born July 2:lst, 1843. 
1843. ; Parents, Daniel McDonald, carpenter, To-. 
James Honry Polson, born. Feb. 29. .1843. I !"Onto, and 
1iza.beth ),lcJ){maJ.J.. Oiliciat- 
Parents, An
us Polson,. En5l"ln
e.r .of
o- ing ministpr, John Barclay, 
 ov. 7, 184'3. 
rcmto, Hnll 
.arah PennIcott. O.fIcIatmg mIn- I 
ophia Wray, born Apnl 8th. 1840 ; 
!ster, John Barclay, Jul:r 5th. 1843. ,Alexanllpr Wrn.:r, horn .Jan. 7th, 1841; 
Ja.n(' McDonald, l>o.rn Junp :!3rd. I'ar- AgneR Wray, horn Oct. 23th, 1843. Par. 
ents, Jamt's McDonald and Mary. Ann Duly. pnts, Geor
o Wray. carpenter, Toronto, and 
Officiating minister. .John Barclay, July 5, Margaret )'Iiles. Officiating minister, John 
1843. Barclay, Nov. l(ith, 1843. 
Olristopher Todd Brown I\IcConke), born James Thomson, born Aug. 15tb. 184&. 
July 7tb, 184
. Parents, Thomas 
Ic- PHren.
s-, An.::us Thoill&on. seaman, Toronto, 
Oonkey. conf('ct
er.' Tor?
to, and ElIza- and )'Ianraret )'Ic
eil. Officiating mit!1ster, 
beth Brown. Offll"Ißtmg" mInISter, John Bar- John Barcloy, !'i'ov. 11th, 1843. 
clay, ;July 11th, 1843. . Ann Sutherland, born !\ov. IÌ, 184:]. Par- 
Da..mel Frazer,. born Nov. 3rd, 1843. ents, Robt'rt Sutherland. Church stn'et. 
I'a.rents, RhoderlCk Fraz
r.' . Torontc;>, and Toronto, and Mary Ann 
utherland. Of. 
Elizabeth MdÆan. OffIcIatIng- mmlBter, ficiating minister, John Barclay, Xov. :':4th. 
John Barclay, 
u!y 15th, 18
3. 1843. 
Murdoch McGIlhvra
, .bl>rn 
ov. 1, 184:..'\. .John Brown, born 
pt. 14, 1843. Par. 
Parents, Donald McGillIvray, labourer, J
ot ents, .JIUnci'! Brown, shoemaker, Toronto, 
street, Toronto, and Nancy McDonald. Of- a.nd Jane MrOartney. Officiating minister. 
ficiating minister, John Barclay, July 18, .John Barclay, Dec. 2nd, 1843. 
rherinc Margaret Henllerson, born Dec. Isabella Smith, born, 
pt. 13
h, 18
13th, 1842. Parents, William Henderson, P,!,rents, Alexander .'-ìrmth, hair dresser, 
If1,te of 93rd I1i
hland,",rs, and Jane McGill. Kmg stre<<:t! 
oronto,. a?ld Margaret Robert- 
Officiating minister, John Barclay, July. 24, son. OfflcIatmg mInISter, John Barclay, 
1843 Dec. 9th, 1843. 
n Millis 1\Iacdonald, born 
ov. 13th, 'Tbom"l.S Alexander Fraz
r, born -!uly 21, 
184:!. Parents, Alex. Macdonald, aue- 1843. Parents, Donald !rawr, jallc
tlon('pr, Toronto, and Mary 
tuart Douglas. ronto,. II;nd Margaret Me.: hi'nnan. Of - 
Officialing minister, John Barclay, Aug. 7, Ing minister, John Barclay, Dec. 13, 1843
1843. I .John Johnston, born Oct. 31st, 1843. 
A.nn Moorp Brown. Parent, Gpo. P.rown, Parents, .James Johnston, carpenter, To- 
Elizabeth street, Toronto. Officiatin
 min- ronto, and .Jane Elizabetb Getchell, Of- 
\ster, John Barclay, Aug. 1:1th, 184
. firiating minister, John Barclay, Dec. 14th, 
Duncn.n Aitken, born June lHth, 1843; 1843. 
James Aitken, born Jan. :!8lh, 184
. Par- Hector 
inelair Robertson, born Sept. :27, 
ants, Thoma.s Aitlien, mason, Toronto, and 1843. Pal'cnts, .John Robertson, lllerchant, 
Olristina Hunter. Oificiating ll'inisters Toronto and Msrgaret 
inr1air. Officiat. 
John Barclay, Aug. 
Oth; W. T. Leaeh', in:r minIster, .John Barclay, Dec. 21, 184:-t,. 
Feb., 1841. Elizaheth M,'Kpnzie, born Aug. 22, 1843
'Mary Marla Macdonald, born l\Iareh 24, Parents, Will. :\II-Kenzie, Etobiooke, and 
1843. Parents, William Macdonald. Lkut. .Janet i'olson. Officiating minister, John 
Adjutant, 9
 Highlanders, and .lessie 1\111.('- narclay, Jan. 4th, 1844r. . 
donald. Officiati

 minister, John BarclR\" Ohristinn Elizabf'tb 8cott, born 
ov. 14, 
AUi'. 30th, 184& . 1 A4
_ PRTPntA. William ROBS Scott. Mim- 



Ico, and Mary Boaden. Officiating minister, I ficiatin,. minister, John Barclay, Ap..n 18, 
John Barclay, Jan. 8th, lS4
. 1844. 
Jane Milligan, born Nov. 19, 1843. Par- I Peter Toronto Buchanap. P!irents. Isaac 
ents, !<'reùerick Milligan, 
hf'pherd street, I Buchanan, merchant, Toronto, and Agnes 
Toronto, and Margaret Jane Howman. Of- Jw.rvie. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
ficiating minist{1r, John llarclay, Jan. 
3, " J
.me 1Gth, 1844. 
1844. Mary McMillan, born May 24th, 1844. 
Georg(> Ferrier Bostwick, born Jan. 22nd, ParentB. Ewen Md\lillan, Port Credit, and 
1843. Parents, <rt-orge Bostwick, Toronto, ' Mary OampbeIl. Officiating minister, John 
and Murgaret A. Cruid:shank. Off.ciating I Barclay, Aug. 1st, 1844.. 
ministe.r, John Barclay, Jan. 22nd, 1844.! William McBride, born June 2nd, 1844. 
Oaroline Bishop. born Jan. ith. 18431. I, 
id :\IcBrhh', engineer, Toronto, 
P'uents, John RiBhüp, Toronto, anll Chris- "Ind Anll Gilmour. Officiating minister, John 
tina Bishop. Officiating minister, John Bar- T:arclay, Aug. 
nd, 1844. 
clay, Jan. 22nl1, 1844. I Elenora Kennedy, born June 9th, 1844. 
Mary Jane CuthocrtBoll, born Sept. 12, Parents, Dani{>l Kennedy, ::-;padina ItVenue, 
1843. .raro!1ts. John Outhbertson, teacher, ' Toronto, and Margaret Times. Officiating 
Toronto. and Jane Outhbertson. Officiat- minister, John Barclay, Aug. 9th, 1844,j. 
ing Ulinigter. .John Barclay, Jan, 29, 1844. I Agnes Ann Bicket. born Much llHh, 
John Kin#!, born Sept. 1:5, 1843. Par- 1844. Pa1"f'nts, James Ricket, clerk, To- 
ents, John King (dece8.'>ed), Toronto ,and ..ton to. and Jane LeC . kif'. O:ficiatin
Christina J\teDuugall. Officiating minister, If''ter. John Barclay, 
ept. 4th, 1844. 
John Barclay, Feb. 1st, 1844. I Rob('rt Goodal. ()orn 
Iay 8, 1844. Par- 
Neil Duncan .McArthur, born Nov. 6th. en.ts. John Goodal, ,('!lg
l1oer, ,T?ronto, Rnd 
1843. Parents, Peter McArthur, elder 
t. I Ehzabeth .Hay. OfficIating- nUIlIster, John 
Andrew's Churl'h, and Catherin.3 McCallum. Barclay. 
pt. 9th, 1844:.. . 
Offkiating minister, John Barcla
', l?eb. 2, Donald F?r.bes. born, 
pt. {Jlh, 1844. 
1844. P8.rents, WIlham Forbes. ID.b?
r,. Dun
Christian Gordon, born Jan. 24th, 1844.. 
trf'et, and Ann Oam
ron. <>? g mm- 
Parent, Wm. Gordon, captain of steamer 18tf'r, John Barclay, 
ov. _
nd, ?844. 
TC'ronto. O[fic
iating minister, John Bar- Mary Anne. Black, bor
 :Nov. oth ,.1844. 
clay, Feb. 7th, 1844-_ I Parents, D.avid Black, ellugr.ant ,011: .
l,S Vjsy 
Isaac Lf'wis ;o;tron g cr, born Oct. 30, 1843. I to. WOOIWICh. and ,\.nn :'\lIJne. Orflcmtin.' 
P t Wïl" Pt. f" h P' I rnl'lliBter, John Barela)'. Dec. 8th. 1844. 
aren s, I mm 
s., . 
n1ß- Robert Stedma
 M(.o{Jlure. Parents, Rob- 
Bula, and 

,etne. OfficIatmg unn18ter, , ert McOlure, auctioneer, Toronto. Officiat- 
John RRrcJ,l
, .I ('b. ] Uth, 1844, , ing- minlst('r, .John Barclav, Jan.- 13, 1845\ 
IJames Moir, horn 
pt. 18, 1843.. Par-' William ReÐ.nie, horn Ñov. 19th. 1844.. 
ents, G('or
f' 1\I1I;r, near York Mil1.9, and Parents, Alexander Itcnnie, Toronto, snd 
Agnes Petrif'. O
'ficiating minister, John Oath('rilw Graham. Offi cia til!g minister. 
, Feb. 18th, 1844\. i John Barclay. Jan. 
3rd, 18451. 
lladdllI Turreff, born Jan. 30th, 18:1 4 . I WiIli8.m .luhu Smith, born Jan. 30, 1845'. 
Parents, Wm. Turreff, Toronto, and ElIZa- Parünts, James 
ruith and Elizabeth At- 
beth Mc
ciIl. Officiating minister, John I kinson. Officiating minister, John 'Barclay, 
TIarclay. !\Iarch 7th, 1844. .Jan. 31Bt. 18451. 
John Oah in Macintosh, born Oct., Grace 
mith, Feb Feb. 2, 1845.. Par- 
] 843. Pa.rents, Angus Macintosh, mer- ents, l\1R.Icolm Smith, labourer, near York 
ehant, Toronto, and ,.;arah Hampson. Of- Miils, and Grace Blu-e. Officiatin
ficlating minister. John Barclay, March 10, J John Barclay, Feb. 15th, 1841>. 
tevenson MiIlig'an, horn NOT, 19, 1844
.James John Gu
m. born Jan. 10, 1844, Par('nts, John Milligan, farmer, 2nd con.- 
Parents, Alexander GW\ß, Toronto, and I cession East York Township, and ROBina 
Magdal('ne Renny. Offkiating minister, I Hogg. Officiating ministe.r, John 13arola,.. 
John Barclay, March 28th, 1844. Feb. 17th, 1843
John Dixon, born Aug. 
nd, 1844. Par- Rosetta 1'.haw. ()orn Jan.. f., 1845. Par- 
ents, Ja.mes Dixon, Toronto, and Oatherine i ents, Alexander 
aw, labourer, near To- 
OarfrUR. Officiatilì
 minister, John Bar- I ' ronto, and Marv OhriBholm. Officiating min. 
clay. April, .fith, 1844. ister, John Barcla,y, .March, 1845. 
Duncan l
erland Macdonell, born Jan. 16, I Ja.mes Gilbertson, born Feb. 4th, 184tft. 
18.1,4. Parents, DUllca.n Macdonell, mer- . Parents. H('nry Gilbertson, carpenter, To- 
chant, Toronto, and .Maria Charles. Ol- I ronto, and Ánn Webster. Officiatin
fieiating minister, John Barclay, April I:!, ish>r. John Barclay, April 10th, 1845. 
18404. Kenneth Frederick. born March 4, 1845. 
IsabeJ]n. Thomson, born on profession of Parents, John Oame rOoll , ommercial Bank, 
the faith. Parent, Charles Thomson, 
U1ll- Toronto, and Rosa Mary Rogers. Officiat- 
mer IIi'}. O
fidating ministCI', John Bar- ing" minist('r, John narclay, May 4, 1845. 
clay, 1844. M
lita Cllristina. born Jan. 13. 1845. 
.Janet O'ezie, born Dec. 13, 1832; Mary Parents. Kennf'th Sutherland. merchant, 
.Tane Oiezi... burn July 11, 1833. Parent, Toronto, anll :\1...lita Raines. Officiating 
George Olezie, carpenter, Toronto. Offici- minister, .John Barclay, !\lay 11th, ]1845'. 
atin!{ minister, John Barclay, April 13th, Jane Helen Janet, born 
uv. 7th, 1844. 
1844. I Parents., Donald :\1(' nuna.hl, Canda Co.'s of- 
Alexander Morrison, born Nov. 2:5, 184:i. I fice, Toronto, and Frances .McDonald. Of- 
Parents, John Morr'son, Toronto, and Cø.tb.- ficiating minister, John Barclay, May 14, 
erine Connelly. Offieiating- minister, John 1845. 
Barclay, April 21st, 1844. I Isabella Louisa, born Jan. 22nd, 1845. 
.Mary Louisa !\Iadarl&ne, born Dec. 20th, Psrents, Isaac O. Gilmor, merchant, To- 
184R. Pa.rents, Walter Macfarlane, mer- ronto, and Janet Kerr. Officiatin
chant. Toronto, and Louisa Henderson., Of- ter. John Barclay. June 22nd. 1845. 



!Margaret Bris<" born May 15th, 1845.! a.nd Maria Shparer. Officiating .minlst:er.. 
Parents, Francis llri'i
, carter, Toronto, and I Joon Barclay, 1846. 
Elizabeth Murphy. Officiating minister, David Smith, born March :!lst, 1846. 
John Barclay, July 14th, 1845'. Parents, Alexander Smith, Toronto, and 
Arthur Milliga.n, born May 24th, 1845. Margaret Robertson. Officiating minister, 
Parents, John Bowman, Toronto, and -- John Barclay, April 26th, 1846. 
Milliga.u. Officiating minister, .John Barclay, Mary Ann Benson, born Jan. 31, 1846. 
July 21st, 1845. raren ts, Robert nonson, Tu ron la, and 
Stewø.l't Wallace, born 'Feb. 27th, 1845. Mary Olerk. April 2(}tb.. 1846. 
Parents, EdYtard Wallace, Toronto, and Louis'), Jane CrlJoks, barn March 13, 1846. 
H&nnah Gaw. Officiating ministe.r, John l'ø.rents. Rob('rt P. OrCloks, barri
t"r, To- 
Barclay, July 16th. 1845. ronto, and Louisa Fisher. OfficlB.llng minis- 
iFrederlck Augustus, born Nov. 13, 18421. ter, John Barclay, June 5lh, 1846. 
Pr.rents, Alexander McKay, Toranto, and C'..eorge JaniE's Robertson, born Aug. 115, 
Rozettø. L. McKay. Officia.ting minister, 1845. Parent, George Roberlson, To- 
John Barclay, June, 1845. ronto. Officiating minister, John BarcIa,., 
William Robert Ohisholm. born June 28. Oct. 18th, 1846. 
1&42; Emma Ann OhiBholm, born 
ept. Jl\J1et Balmer, born Jan. 25, 1846. Par- 
211, 1844. Pn.rents, George K. Chis- ante, Robert Balmer, merchant, OakvilIe, 
holm, Oakville, and Isabella. Land. Bsptized &nd Elizabeth RE'bpcca Ferry. Ofliciø.tin,g' 
()ct. 24th, 1'842, and July 17th, 1845, by minister, Robert Murray, July 9th, 1846. 
Robert Murray. . 
 James Ohambers Patterson, born S3pt. 25, 
.James Duncan MoNab, born. Api'll :..nd, 1843. Pa.rents, David Pl\tterson, carpen- 
1845. Parents, Duncan McNab, Argyle lE'r, O\kvilb, anti Agnes Griggs. OfCidatinJr 
Hotel, Toronto, and Mary Ann Donald. Of- I miuistl'r, RolJert Murray July 9 184(). 
ing minister, John Barclay, Sept. 15, I Uobert PattersOIa, bor
 Feb. 8tb, 1846. 
184,). 'Parents, David Patterson, carpenler, Oak- 
 James Robertson, born .June I vi b, and Agnf'
 Griggs. Offieiating minis- 
26th, 184<). Parents, John Rob
.n, tel', RobNt Murray, Jui)' 9th, 1846. 
t, T?r
>nto, and 

argaret Smcl
)lr. I . Susan SfJphi:.ö. I.otimer, born Aug. 19th. 
OffIcIatIng mUllster, John Barclay, S '}It. _S. 18110. J's.r.'nts Edward I,otimer Toronto 
Wi.!liam Oarfrae Oampbell, born July 26, I and Janet Mo
nsey. Officiating minister: 
1.840. Parents, Stedman B. Oampbell, bar_ j John Barela:,', Sept. 30th, 184\). 
r18ter, Toronto, and Rebecoa Carfrae. Of- Joseph Kelson born lJ.
eb. 8th 1846 
ficiating minister, John Barclay, Oct. :!6, Parents, Thoma; Nelson and l\Iarga:ret Ne
1845.. b Se t 5 184 "' 1 son. Officiating minister, John Barolay. 
Henry Hill MauIson, orn p., u. Dec. 7th, 1846. 
Parents, John M
untan.t, To- Matilda Paterson Russell, born Dec. 26. 
ronto, and Ellen II1Jl. Offlclatl
g mmlster, 1845. Parents, William Russell, OweD 
Joh!} .Bu'clay, Oct. 14th, 184;)
 _, Sound, and EHzaùoth Richardslon. Officiat- 
WIlham Fulton, born Oct. 19, 1840. Pa
- I iug minister, John Barclay, Dec. 31, 1846. 
ents, John Fulton, Toronto, and Mana . . 
Stagg. Officiating minister, John Barclay, John M
lbgan! bor!} .Sept. 12th, 1846. 
Nov. 6th, 1845. Parents, 1. redenck !dllhgan, 
OI!tO, a?d 
lMø.rgaret Kerr, born Oct. 25th, 1845. 
I&rgaret_ Jane BOYiman. <?,fflClatIng mID- 
Parents, AnguR Kerr, seama.n, Toronto, and 18ter,. Jonn Barclay, Dec. _Oth:.. 184ft. 
Margaret McKenzie. Officiating minister. Manon Donaldson, born July I th! 1846
John Barclay, Nov. 14th, 184ó. Parents, J
mes Donaldson, m
\lc, anQ 
!Mary Ann Ooulter, born March 1, 1845. !'fary Morl'lsOOl, Toronto. O
!lclatmg min- 
r&rents, John Coulter, Toronto, and Agnes Ister, John Barclay, March _1st, 1847. 
Miller. Officiating minister, John Barolay, 'Margaret Jane Bowman, born !\larch 1. 
Jan. 25th, 1846. 1847. Pa-r
n.tB, John B.o
an, Tor
William M('Kee, born Dec. 8, 1845-. Par- a.nd -- MillIgan.. 
fllclatIiIg mlníBter, 
ents, Hamilton M."Kee, Toronto, and Eleanor John Barclay, AprIl 2,)th, 1847. 
McOormicl{. Officiatin1f, minister, John Bar- OJ.ristiana McNeil, born Feb. 1st, 1847. 
clay, Jan. 25th, 1846'. Parents, D'uncan McNeil, Toronto, and H
John Madole, born July 21, 1845. Par- McNeil. Officiatin
 lllini3te.r, John Bar- 
ents, Nathaniel Madole,, Toronto., cIay, April :!5th, 1847. 
and Mary Best. Officia.ting minister, JohD Sarah Robina Black, born Jan. 20th, 
Ba.fclay, Jan. 30th, 1846. 1836.. P",rents, Geol''fe Black, Toronto, 
Mary Frazer Macdonell, born Sept. 19, and -- Garside. Officia.ting mlnlstJe.r. 
1845. Parents, Duncan Macdonell, mer- John Barclay, Feb. 2nd, 1847. 
ch&nt, Toronto., aDd Maria Charles. 01- Duncan McBQyne, born Sept. 15, 1846. 
flciating minister, John Barolay, Ja.nua.ry, Parents, John McBayne, Toronto, and Ma.ry 
1.846. 'FÎBher. Officiating minister, John Barolay. 
'H&rJ' Ann McIntosh, born Aug. 13th, June 10th, 1847. 
1845. Parents, Robert McIntosh, oooper, 
Iargaret Smith, born April 10th, 1847. 
at Hwnber, and Elizabeth Brims. Offkiat- Parents, David Smith, TorQllto, and Arne- 
Ing minister, John Barclay, 'Feb. 8rd. 1846. 118 Munro. Officiating minister. .JahD Bar- 
Anna. Maria. Ourrie, born Jul)' 2nd, 1845. cIay, July 7th, 1847. 
PW'eots, Walter Ourrie and Maria Bowes. Edward Walla.oo, born At>rlI 28rd, 1847. 
Officiating minløter, John Barçla.1, Feb. 6, Paroots, Edward Wallace, 'Toronto, and 
'184:6.. Hamnah Gaw. Officiating minuter, John 
Robert Simple, born Nav. 28, 1845. Par- Barclay, .July 24th, 1847. 
enta, John Simple, plasteror, and Martha Kerr, born March 13th, 1847. Par- 
Blair. Officiating mmlster, Blakely Mona.- ents, Angus Kerr, Toronto, and Margaret 
pnJ Feb. 7th, 1846. MoKenzie. Officlø.ting minister, John Bar- 
:Robert Donald, born Oct. 18th. 1845. cIay, July 22nd, 1847. 
P...-enu" James Andrew Donald, Toronto. Mary Oathðr1n.e Morrison, born May 7. 



1846'. PBJ"l'nts, Anq-us Morrison, barrister, i Marie LoUlse Gilmor. Parent Isaac O. 
e.nd -- GiLmor:_ Officiating minister, John 
ilmor, mercha.nt, Toronto. Oflioï'atillg min- 
Ba.rclay, Aug., 1847. l ister, John BarcI"y, Sept. 1848. 
Nora. 'l'urner 
utherland, born Dec. 19. John stcwa.rt. born Aug. 9. 1848. Par- 
1.846. Parents, K. M. Sutherland, mer- I e.nts, John Stewart and Mal'gal'ot Johnson. 
ChAlIlt, Toronto. Officiating minister, John I Officiating minister, John Barclay. Oct. 15. 
iB.arclay, Aug. 8th, 1847. 1 1848. 
Eli Stro-n.
r, born Maroo. 22nd. 1847. J\>lary Donald. born Aug. 17th, 1848. 
P.w-ents, Wilham Str
nger, f.lI:l!,e
men. To- Pa
nts, Jam
s Dona}(l aJ,1d Marion Shearer. 
ronto, &IlÙ M..lry Petrie. Olflclatmg m1a1s- 1 Offlclatmg mmister. John Barolø.y, Oct. 15, 
ter, John Barclay, Aug. 15th, 1847. 1848. 
Matilda Robinson, born .March 19, 1846. Ellen McOa.noe, born Aug. 31st, 1848. 
Parents, Ezekiel Robinson: 'foronto, a.nd I "&rents, James McCanoe.. York Township. 
Fra.noes .Ann Paterson. Officiating minister. and Ann Cunron. Officiating minister, John 
John Barclay, Aug. l!Jth, 1847. íB&rclay, Nov. l)th. 1848. 
ÅJ14l Robertson, born July 20th, 1847. 1 Johlll Stewart Weller, born April 10, 1848. 
Pø.rents, John lto'bertson, merchant, To- l'ar<>nts, William Wf>Uer, Oobourg, and Mar- 
I"onto, and Margaret 
jnclair. Officiating I ga.ret Weller. Ofíiciating minister, John 
minister, John Barclay, Sept. 24th. 1847. I Bß,rclay, :Kov. lith, 1848. 
Ma.ry OaroIine Augusta, born May 2nd" Hugh Fmzer, born Aug. 17th, 1848. 
. Donald Macdonald, olerk. P&rents, Hugh i
razer, gardener. D'On 
'Toronto, an'" Frances Macdonald. Officiat:- l .Hrid/:e. Officiating mÎl1ÍßteL', John .H
ing minLstor, John Barcla
', Oct. 11, 1847. Dec. 31.Bt. 1848. 

oma.s Jolw1 Alexander Rutley, 110rn 81."})t. I Malcolm MclFayden. Parents, John Me- 
14th, 1847. Pa.rents, Thomas Rl<tley, To- : Fayden, Toronto, and Margaret Gillespie. 
I"onto, and .Margaret M:oGregor. Offioiating Offieiating minister, John Barclay, Dec. 3, 
minister, John Barclay, Nov. 1b[, 1847. I 1848. 
Agnes Md::ie, bOrI
 Sept. 20, 1847. Par-: CathC'rine Butler, born Sept. 18, 1848. 
E'nts. H.aanilton :r.ld
ie, Toronto, and Eleanor rar,-Hlts, John .Jackson Butler, '1'OI'onto, and 
MlOurm:ck. Officiating minibter, John Bar... : Eli7.aueth McShannon. Olficiating minister, 
clay, Xov. 14th, 1847. i Jdllli Barclay, Dec. 31st, 1848. 
Ruderick William McNeil, born May 3rd, I John Alex. McNeil, burn Sept. 30, 1848. 
18.1i. Par<,nt, Roderick McNeil, 'roronto. Parents, H.odcrkk McNeil, Oakville, and 
{)ftil"ÎRting miuistf'r, John Barclay, Nov. 15. ! Emily McNeil. Officiatilll{ minister, John 
1847. I Barclay, Dec. 19th, 1848. 
Isabella MeKay, born Oct. 5, 1847. Par- I Alexander Murdoch, uorn Oct. 18, 1848. 
("nts, Thomas McKay, 8th COIl., Lanark, Panmts, John M:urdoc.h, pilot. Toronto, ø.nd 
Perth. and Isabella l\IcDona.ld. Officiating I Janet Gorric. Officiating minister, John 
minister, John Barclay, Deo. 9th, 1.847. I lJaJ"('IIJ
'. Dec. 81st, 1848. 
Hugh Ross, born Der.. 
, 1847. Parents,' Henry Pent, born Nov. 2, 1848. Parents, 
Dtdl.alll Ross, Park, nelU the Don, Toronto, ' Henry I
ent, Newmarket, ø.nd Mary Nesbit. 
.a.nd Catherine Noon. Otficiating minister, 0 fiC'iating mln1stel', John Barclay, Jan. 28, 
John Barclay, Jan. 6th, 1848. 184.9. 
Elizabeth Madole, born Dec. 7th, 1847.: Sar'ah AntoinE'ltH, born Nov. 30lh, 1848. 
PlIr.:Jnts, Nathaniel Madole, seaman, To- Parents, G 'orgp Bell, Ke\\market, and l\lnry 
ronto, a.nd Mary Best. Officiatinl{ minister, I nell. Officiating minister, John Barclay. 
John Be,rclay, 'Feb. 27th, 1848. I Jan. :!8th, 184\1. 
-- Robertson. Parent, -- Robertson. ;.,arah Veìild.h Kenu), born Nov. 22,1848. 
Victorino sl., 1'oronto. Officiating minister, Parent, .James .J. Kcl!oy, tavern lreeper. To- 
John B8rcJa.}, March, 1848. I ronto. O_ficiating miniliter, Juhn Barclay, 
'Willia.m Booth l\IcC:annan, born April 5. Feb
 lith, 1849. 
1.848. Parents, Al
xander McC.lannan, '1'0- 1 Kenneth Archer, Florence Oaulfi
ld. born 
1'onto, and Margaret Booth. Officiat- Sept. 23th, 1&48. Parents. K. M. Suther- 
 minister, John Barclay, May 10, ,1848. land, morchø.nt, Toronto, and Eva R&ines. 
John Donald Kay, born Feb. 29th, 1.848. Officiating mlnlstër, John Bal'clay, Feb. 18, 
Parents, Wil1iam Kay, late of 93rd High- 18-19. 
landf'rs, and Isabella Mc
ab. Officiating _<\.I'chibald McNeil, born June 5th, 1848. 
minister, .John Barclay, !rlay 11th, 1848. PareI1ll:s, Malcolm McNeil, carpentf'r, 1'horn- 
.John Christian Maulson, born Dec. 10th, hill, and Catherine Oameron. Officiating 
1817. Parents, John l\1au1son, Toronto, and minister, John Barclay, Feb. 
;)lh, 1849. 
E bn Ri'l. Officiatin!( minister, John Bar- Elizabeth lIay, boron Jan. :!8th, 1'849. 
clay, April 10th, 1848. Parents. Robert Hay, cabinetmaker, To- 
John Ql.mpbell McArthur, born F('b. 19, ronto, and Mar) Duulup. Officiating min- 
1848. Paren.tB. John McArthur, Rob Roy ister, John Barclay, I
8th, 1849. 
Hotel, and Oatherine Morrison. Officiø.t- Janc RulJPrtson, born l
eb. 8, 1840, Par- 
ing- minister, John Barclay, June G, 1848. 1 ent, John Robertson, carpenter. Oificill.t- 
Mary Jane Anderson, born March 25th, Ing- minister, John Barclay, April 2
, 1849. 
1848. Parents, Wil1iam Anderson (deceaB- Robert Harrison Reid. bo!'n March :!1Ht, 
ed), A.Dd Margaret Anderson. Ofliciating 1849. Pø.rent, Joseph Reid, pensione
. Of- 
mi,nister, John Ba.rclI\Y, JunE' 1(HII. 184A. ' I ficiating minister, John Bø.rclay, Aprll 
Sa.rah Eugenie Leighton, born Dec. 5. 1849. 
1847. ParOil td, Da
'id S. Leighton, sur- morn April, 1849. Parent, Hugh McNpÏl. 

eon. Toronto, and Jane Eugenie Bailie. I Half-way House, FI'ont st., Toronto. Of- 
()fficlating minister, John Barclay, June 19' j fkin.ting minister, John Barclny, April 23. 
1848. 18.19. 
Elba Rose Ann Douglas, horn Nov. !ith, lrrancis .James Brise, born .July 19, 1848. 
1847. Parents, .lamps Dou
das, T.ain1er, T
'- Parents, J
rancis Brise (deceaiòed), and Eliza 
I'onto, and Margaret McAdum. Omciuting Dds(,. O,ficiaUng minis tor, Juhn l3l1.rcJa,y. 
minister, John llacclay, July :>lh, 1848. l\Ia
 Gth, 1849. 



James Leckie Bicket, born Sept. 20. 1847. dole. pfficiating minister, John Barclay, 
Parents, JaIllI'S Hick!'t. late lJookkeeper to Feb. 20th, 18:30. 
Euchll.nø.n & 00., and Jane Leckie. Officiat- 
gnes Margaret Starke, born Feb. 24, 
Ing minister, .John Harc:a:r, Ma
" 14, 1849. lSo(). Parents, Alexander Starke, me- 
Arthur Milligan, born Feb. 4th, 1849. chanio, Toronto, and Agnes Starke. Of- 
Parent. 'Frederick Milligau. Ul.veru keeper, flciating minister, John Barclay. March 8, 
'foronto. Officiating mluisler, John Uarc,uy, 185()' 
June 3rd, 1849. Charles Robert Robertson, born Nov. 8, 
PorteoW!. born Nov. 15.. 1848. Parents, 1849. Parents, John Robertson, merchant, 
Peter M()r&,an, T
ronto, and -- PorteoUB. 'l'oronto, and Margaret Sinclair. O:ficiatlng 
Officiating minitlter, John Barclay, Jnne minister, John Barclay, March l
th, 1850. 
6th, 1849. Rosa McNab, born April 19th. 1849. 
Georgo' Hugh MoDonnell, born Feb. 10th, Parent", Duncan Mc
ab, Toronto, and Mary 
1849. Parents. Duncan McDonnell, mer- Ann Mt
Nab. O:ficil\ting millisler. John Bar. 
chant, Toronto. and Maria Oha.r1es. Offlciat- dßY, March 31st. 180:>0. 
ing minister. John Barcla7, June, 1849. John Ewart MitchE'll, born March 6th 
James Jar<linl', born Nov. 2, 1848. Par- 1.85.0. Parents, Robprt Mitchell, Toronto: 
ents, Arbncklf' Jardine, Toronto, amI end Jane RitchlJ. O:ficiating minIster, Johø 
Eliza.beth !<'ßrr..lI. O.ficiaLÍng minister, John B&rclø.y, June Gth, 1850. 
8tt. June, 1.84
. John Howett Maulson, born Nov. 2ßth. 
Angus Gilmor Morrison,. born Feb. 21st, 1&1,9. 
arents,. J.ohn Mauls
>D. Toronto, and 
1849. l'arents, Angus MOI"rison. barrIilteer, Sarø.h Hill. Offlcl
tlng mIIllster. John Bar- 
and __ GUmor. Officiating minj6t
r, John clay, May 1st. 18<>0. 
Barclay, July, 1849. . I Isabella Eliza, born June 8rd, 1850. 
James Arthur Milliga.n, born 
Iay 28th, P
rent, Peter Lown, engineer. Officiating 
18 / 19. Parents, Al 'xander Milligan. '1'0- nunlster. John Barclø.y, June 10th, 1850. 
ronto a.nd Sarah Hill. OfficIating minister. Marla Janel Young, born AprU 17. 1850. 
John Farolay. July 
2nJ, 1849. P",rents, John Y(>Ul1g-, 87 Elizabpth street, 
John Bo&lhwick, born Supt. 2nd, 1849. I Torc;'lDto, and Mary Jane Smith. Officiating 
Parents, Hugh J. Bosthwick, JI\ø.st9r of I minISter. John Barclay, June 23rd, 1850. 
Grammar School, Newmarlwt, and M&.ric.n I Cþ.dstina Anne McNiel. born Feb. 19th, 
'fa)lor. O:fici1\ting miaister, John Barclay, 18<>0. Parents, Roderick McNiel, Oakville, 
Sept. 7th, 18::>0. and Emma McNiel. Officiating mlnist.
Sarø.h Lamout, born .July 1G, 1849. Par- John Rarclø.y, June 20th, 18::>0. 
ents, !tobert }.amout. l\Iarûh st.. T.)ronto, Bunella. Jan3 Dickson, born Jan. 31. 1850. 
and Ja,ne McDowall. Officiating minlBter, Parents, George P. Dickson. Elgin Mills, 
John Barclay Aug. 1Gth, 1849. 
hll;lOnd Hill, and Isabella Thom
oll. Of- 
Mary !\1attl',ews, born AI)ril 19th, 1819. f1cI!l'tmg mInIster. John Barclay, July 3rd, 
Parects, John Matthews, M:uch street, To- I 18oÛ'. 
rontu. and ElizabAth Matthews. OffICiating " :l\Iargaret Brown, born May 17th, 1850. 
minister, John Barclay. Aug. 1tHh, 1849. P
 Robert Brown and Ohristlna Brown. 
Alexander TyUer, born Nov. 18th, 1849. i 0 f
ClatIng minister. John Barclay, Juno 25, 
Parents, Alex. Tyt1er. Queon st., Toronto, 1 1800 . 
and Sophia Easton. Orficiatlng minister. Isabella Bowman, born June 28th. 1850. 
John, Barclay, Aug. 19th. 1849. Paren
s, John 
owmø.n, Toronto, al1fI Fran- 
!Margaret Taylor, born Oet. 29th, 1818. ces ?\'h1Ugan.
 O<flclatlng minister, John Bar- 
Parents. John Taylor. Alice st., 'l'oronto, clay,. July -:2nd, 1850- 
and Jø.J1e Macdonald. Officiating nunlst9r, Oolm Ferrie Strong, born June 25, 1850. 
 narclay. Aug. 27lh, 1849. Parents, Strutht:J1"iI Strong, 
El1zabeth Heml1hill. born Oct. 3. 1848; Board o! Works, and Junet Ferrie. OIflClSt- 
George Henry, Lorn Aug. 31st. 1845; l ing mln18ter. John n
rclay, Aug. 9, 1850. 
William, born Deo. 22nd, 184 ï ; Mary Ann Margaret McKIe,. born Aug. 4, 1849. 
born Aug. 28th, 1849. Parents, John Parents, Hamilton McKIC, E
ward st., To- 
Hemphill. officer in H. M. Oustom House. I 
nd Eleanor McOornuck. Offlciat- 
Toronto, ßnd Mary Ann lIemphiJ1. Officiat- I mg- mmlster. John Ba
clay, Aug. 13. 18:íO. 
ing minister. John Barclay, Oct. 13th, 1849. GeorgA Bradshaw RIddell, born Dec. 3rd, 
R. h d Oh 1849. Parents, Joseph Riddell, printer, To- 
IC ar arles RutlèY, born Aug. 27, ronto, and Elizabeth Riddell. Officiating 
1849. Parents. Thomas 

U.JY. 'foronto, minister, John Barclay, Aug. 15th, 1850. 
and Mø.rgaret Rutley. Offlclatmg mluister, William Alexand
r Dunlop, born Au . 
John Barelay, Oot. 21st, 1849. 17, 1850. Parents, Thomas Dunlop, tallo
d John MoFa.yden. Parents, John 
lcFay- Toronto, and Margaret Ruth8rford Thorn" 
en, Oat.'doma Inn, Yonge st., and Mar- SOIl OffiolaUn I 1st J h B la 
,aret Gillcspie. Officln.tlng minister, John I Au
. 27th, 185 g 0. m n er, 0 narc y, 
arelay. Nov. 4th, 1849. 'William Jø.rdine, born Feb. 28th, 1850. 
Alexander George Duffus. bo!,n Aug. 
O, Parents, Arbuckle Jardine, Queen st., To- 
1849. Parents, James Duff

, .rnech8;Illo, ronto, and Elizabeth Farrell, OfficiaUn 
;oronto. and Ann Fresh. OIflclatmg mIDis- minister John Barclav Aug 2
th 18'"'Og 
n B!"r.clay, D
c. 2nd, 1849; Jane Matilda Thomio'n, bo;n APrÍI 2::>
P a de Edith Sophl8., born Oct. 2. 1849. 1850. Parents. Hugh ThoInson, Louisa st., 
[ie?tt. Donali1 Macdonald, clerk, Toronto. Toronto. and Mary McOarJie. Officiating 
18;)c O a 109 minister, John Barclay, Feb. ð. minister, John BarclR.l, Aug. 25th, 1850. 
 t MOo. k'" I !William John Blair, born April 16, 1850. 
 rm M Óobor
kNo T v. 29, 1849. Parents, John Blø.lr, keeper Oourt Houle. 
Mø.r Ån. n c rmlc. 
 .oronto, and Toronto, and Mary Boyd. OfficIating mln- 
Johl B ne Hearst. Offlclø..!lng minIster, l ister. John Barclay. Sept. 1st, 18õO. 
clay, Feb. 18th. 18,)0. Robert Hay, born Aug. 9. 1850. Pø.r- 
Nathaniel eklï rn TFeb.'t 1850 d . M Parents, ents, Robert Hay; cø.binetmaker, Toronto. 
o e, oron o. an ary Ma- and Mary Dunlop. Officiating minIster. 



John Barclay, Sept. 8th, 1850. Shearer. Officiating minister. John Bar- 
John Bosth
ick, born Sept. 2nd. 1849. clay, May 4th, 1851. 
Parents, Hugh J. Bosthwick, tea.cher, in Malcolm, born Jan. 5th, 1848; John, 
Newmnrkf't, and Marion Taylor. Offlciat- born April 10th, 1849; Donald. born Feb. 
Ing minister. John Barclay, &pt. 7, 18;:)0. 1st, 1851. Parents. John Mc!<'ayûen, tav- 
Ellen McLaughlan, boru Sept. 29. 1850. ern-keeper, Torontù. anù Margaret GilIes- 
Paronts, Sergt. John l\IcJ.aughlan. 71s1 pie. Officiating minister, John Barclay. 
Regt., Res. Bat., Toronto. and Ellen Day. May õth. 1851. 
Officiating minister, John Barolø.y. Oct. 15, Elizabeth Thomson, boru Dec. 2, 1850. 
1850. Parents, Jam
s Thomson, Toronto. and 
PeteI' Morgan, born Aug. 4, 18:50. Par- Oa.therine Ross. Officiating minister. John 
ents, Peter Morga.n, inspector, Toronto, and Barclay, Feb. 9th, 1851. 
__ Porteous. OlIicialing minidler, John James Parker, born Dec. 27th, 1850. 
Barclay, Oct. 30th, 1850. Parents. Oharles Packer, Toronto, and Jane 
Julia Adeline, born Oct. 5, 1850. Par- Orawford. Offic(l\.tin/t minister, John Bar- 
ents, John Innes, Toronto, and Julia 
ft- clay, Jsn. 
7th, 18;)1. 
rey. Officiating minister, Juhn Barclay, Eveline Wilhelmina, born Aug. 15, 1849. 
Nov. 3 n':' , 18;:)0. Parents, Thomas McConkpy, confectioner, 
Elizabeth Dobbin, born Feb. 25th, 1849. Toronto, and EliLabeth McConkey. Officiat. 
Parents, John Dobbin, carpenter, 'I'oronto, Ing- minister, Barclay> June :!7, 1831. 
ancJ ElizaLeth Kent. Ol'!ieiating minister, Ellen Jacksou, Lorn Sept. 10, 1830. Par. 
John t:arc1R.Y, Nov. jah, 18;'0. ent, John Jackson, Toronto. O:ficiating 
Isabplìa Jano Leitch, born Oct. 
,18:50. minister. John Barclay, June 29: h, 1851. 
Parcnts, Robert Lt;Ï[ch, pri\,ate, 71st Re!{t., Ann Andersun, born May 2Gth, 1851. 
To:'unto Garrison, and Sarah McPherson. O
- Parents, Alex. Anderson. O,fic.iating mlnis- 
ficiatiug minis leI', .John Barclay, Nov. 21st, tel', John Barclay, June :!Ulh, 1831. 
1850. James Smith, uorn Feb. 23rd, 1851 ; 
.John Jamieson Henderson, born ()ct. 29, Alexander ::;milh, born Feb. 23, 18
1. Par- 
1849. I'arents, Thomas IIl:'nderson and ents, Jaml:'s ::;mith, carter, Toronto, and 
Manraret JR.mipson. tOificin f in
 minister, Elizabeth Atkinso.l. Officiating minister, 
JOhJl Barèlay, Nov. 
3th, 1850. John Barclay, July 
lJth, 1831. 
Em;}y Caroline' Morrison. Parpnts, Angus Oa.therine Oochranp, bUl'n .June 21., 1851. 
Morrison, barrister, Toronto, and __ Oil- Parents, Jamcs Oo(.hrIUlf', mason, T'.ronto. 
mol'. Officiating' minister, John B&rolay, and Margaret Oochrune. O:ficiating minls- 
John narclav, Del". 30th, 18;:;0. tel', John Barclay, Aug. 17th, 18:í1.. 
Juhn lTO\\èutt l\IR.ulson, 110rn Nov. 26th, Rebecca, born April :!:!nd, 18:íl. l'.Hcntð. 
1849. PILrents. .Juhn Manlson, n.ccountant, Alex. McIntyre, 71sl no1. Lt. Infantry, 2nd 
Toronto, ILU!1 ([eh'n Hill. O:ficiatlng mlnls- Batt, anti Ann Hurst. Officiating IIIÏnister, 
tel', John UR.rcJay, 1\I6Y 1sl, 1830. John BlucJay, Aug. 2Glh, 1831. 
abcllH. Eliza Low, born June 3rd, 18:;0. fFlora Macùonalù. llorn l\Iar'ch :!5, 1851. 
Parent, __ Low, engineer, Toronto. Of- Parents, Malcolm Gt.l.luraith. of Darlington, 
fldating IIJh:i'Jter, .John BarclDY, June 10th, resiùinq- at Torouto, and Isabella Mncdon- 
'f151. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
Agnes Boyd, born .lune 15th, 1850. I'ar- 
ent, Jamrs Boyd. Officiating minbter, Jobn Gecor
c Frame, born Aug. 16th, 1851. 
Barclay, Nov.' 11th, 18:>0. Parents, Walter Frame, 2nù Batt. 71st H. 
Ellen StevE'll. born Sept. 19, 18:50. Par- M. Infantry, and Elizabeth Frulll,'. Offici- 
ent, William Steven, carter, TOI'onto. Of- i

t minister, .John Barclay, Aug. :!fìth, 
ficiating IIllllinister, ,'ohn Barclay, Oct. :!1, David GibRon, born Aug. 24th, 1831. 

iC Scott, hol'l1 Oct. 11, 1850. Par- Parcnts. William Gibson, lIaddlpr, Toronto. 
ent. C-olour-S rgot. Alpx. Scott, 71st Hd. 

 minister, John Barclay, At.ig. 29, 
Lt. Infantry. Oficiating mmlnlster, John :\Iaria Reill, born June 11, 1850. Par. 
Bar('lay, Nov. l
th, 18,,0. t J h R . d . 
ltobert Lamb ßain, born Oct. 23, 1850. en s, oscp C1, penSIOner, Toronto, and 
P.HPnts. Private. Wm. BaLn. 71st Hd. I,t. Isabella A. HarriBoll. Officiating minister, 
d M t B I O ffl I tI John Barclay, Sept. 9[h, 1851- 
Infantry, an argare an. c a ng Archibald McNab, born Aug. 29. 1851. 
mlnLster, John Barclay, Nov. 24, 1850. Parent&. John McNab and Janet MëDonR.ld. 
Twin daughters. Parents, S. B. OLmpbell, Officiating minister, John Baralay, Oct. 12, 
barrister,, and Rebecca Oarfrae. Of- 1851. ' 
 minister, .John Barolay. Jsmes MoNeili, born Aug. 24th, U151. 
Isabella Watson, born Dt'c. 12th, 1849. Parents, John MaNelll, molester. 'roronto, 
Parents, Jonathll.D Watson, leather mer- and Marg-a.ret Lt'e. Officiating minister, 
chant, 'roronto, and Ann Mackintosh. Of- John Barclay, Oct. 2211d. 18-51. 
flciating minister, John Barclay, Nov. 24, Helen Robertson, born Oct. 24th, 1851. 
1850.. Parents, Georqe McKay, Sergt.-MaJor 2nd 
Alexander, born Sept. 30, 1848; Rob- Batt., 71st HIt. Lt. Infantry, and &lizabetb 
ert Simpson .Jamieson, born Oot. 15, 18415 ; McKechnLe. OfficiatinlZ' minister, John Rar- 
Donald Daniel. born 
(a;r 31'11, 1849. Par- t::lay, Oat. 30th, 18:>1. 

nts, Oporgc Manson, gn.rdencr Toronto, Elizabeth, born July 18tb, 1849. Par- 
and Ann SinclaLr. OfficLating minister. John ents, Alexander Murdooh, Serl:rt. 2nd Batt. 
Barclay, Jul.)' :!tHh, 1849. 71st Rd. l.t. Infantry, and Margaret Mur- 
Catherine Monro, born Sept. 215, 18ðO. doch. Olflciatinq minister, John Barclay, 
Psrents, John Monro, caHnptrnaker, 'To- Sept. 2nd, 1831. 
!,onto, and Mn,ry 
fcRae. ?fficiJLtin
 minls- Ellcn, Lorn Aufl'. 80, 18ü1. Par- 
J!lter, John Barela" Jan. 2.0lh, 1801. _ ents, WUJiam Tinjal. 71'11 Infantry, 2nd 
James Donald, oorn 
prll 17th, 18,)
. Batt., find Ellen Watøon. Officlatlll f mln"- 
PSI'ents. James Donald, Toronto, and Marla I ter, John Barclay, S
pt. 2nd, 183 . 



Robert, born oct. 24th, 18:51. Parents. : ficiatfng minister, John ßø.rc1ay, Jan. 21. 
Robert MitchEll, Toronto, and Jane Ritchie. 1851. 
Officiating niinister, John Barclay. Nov. 8, Jane Anne. born July 16. 1843: .Tohn 
1851. ')' _ Charles, bo.,n Jø.n. 231'<1. 184G; William 
Obarles Robert. born May ...2nd, 1801 James, born Jan. 23rd, 1850. Parents.. 
Parents, John T. Longee. cfJ.bln
aker. To- Duncan 'Forbes. builder, and Jane Furze. 
ronto. and Mary, Longee.. OfficIatIng llllnis- , Officiating minister. John Barclay. Feb. 4
tel', John Barclay_ Nov. 30th. 1851. 1851'. 
Mary Margaret, born Sept. 16th, 1851. Emily Martha, born .Jan. 21st, 1851. 
Parent, Frederick Milligan, tavern-keeper, Parent
, Alex. Milligan, Toronto. anr
Toronto, Officiatinl{ minister, John Bar- I Hill. Officiatlllg minister. Jol:n ßarclay... 
clay, Dec. ;;th, 1851. March 4th, 1851. 
Louisa Maria. Exshaw, born Dec. 8. 1
1. Davitl, born Jan. 10th, ] 852. Parents..- 
Parent. StJrg_t. Murdoch, Ba

ster 2nd David Nixon, Toronto. and Mø.rgaret Nixon. 
Eatt., 71st Rd. Infantr,.. Offlolat
ng mlnls- Officiating minister. John Barclay, S,>pt. 15... 
tel'. John Barola,.. Jan. 13th, 1802. 1852. 
Sophia Fowler, born Ma.y 12th, 1851. George Edward, born Aug. 17th. 1852. 
, Alexander .I<'uw1>r, dpntlst. Toronto, Parents, Thoma
 Ru tlp)" , Toronto, and Mar-' 
an'} :-;,:p
.ia .F,)wler,.) Officla

g minister. I garet 
y. Officiat

f mlnÜlter, John 
.John I ar eJ.Q. Jan. _8th, l
.J.... Barclay, Oct. llhh, 18<>_. 
AI chibalù Duncanson, born 
t. 14. 1851. 1 James, born Aug. 24th, 1852. Pa.rents. 
Parents, _\.rch. Duncanson, Toronto. and John McNeil and Margaret McNeil. Of- 
Margarpt Macdonald. Officiating mInister. ficiating minister. John Barclay. oct. 22. 
John Barclay. Jan. 28th. 1852. , 185.2.. Q 
James McBùrJ1(,Y, born July 17th. 1851.' William Alexn.nder, burn July õth, 185.... 
Parents, 8amuel MoBurney and Anne Jane l'
rents, Robert 
lø.nd, T
r?nto, and 
Hughes. Offidating Inlnister, John Barclay, Eliza Su thpI'lallrJ. OftH'I<t! Ing mUlIsler, John 
Feb. 2nd, 1852. Barclø.y, Oct. 2Glh, 1852. 
John MiHigan, b(II'Il .Jan. !"i, 1852. Pal'ellt, Ohristian Marioll. borll Oct. 18, 18
J(lhn Bo\\man, bar-kpeper, Wellington Hotel, Parent. William McKcchney, Toronto. Of- 
Toronto. 0 f:ciaLng- n;inisler, John Barclay, ficiating minister, Jûhn Barclay. Nov, 1. 
March l:>th, 185:!. \1852. 
Ann, born Jan. 18th, 18:>2. Parents. Robert Harriso
, born Oct. 15th, 1852. 
Malcolm McNeil and Oø.tberlne McNeil. Of- " rarents. Alex. Mitchell,. S
rgt. 71st. 
ficiating minister John Barclay March 15 foronto, and Sarah Mitchell. OfflOlatIng 
18:;2. . , · minister, John Barclø.y, Nov. 10th, 1852. 
James Alex. John, born Oct. 11, 1851. Margø.ret, bûrn Nov. 18th. 1851. Par- 
Parent, Doma.lù :r.lncdonald, Canada. 00. Of. ents, Joseph Rpid., Toronto. and Isabella 
flee. Toronto. tJfficiating minister. John Ann Reid. Officiating minister, John Bar- 
ßarclny, l\.Larch 21st, 1852. clay, Nov. 10th, ] 8:):!. 
Kate Frazer, born Jan. 2, 18-52. Parent. ,Frances,. Parent, . Peter Morgan. '1'0- 
Matthew Drummond, clerk, University Bur- ronto. O!flclatmg mmlster, John Barclay. 
sar's office. Oiticiø.ting minister. John Bar- Nov., 18.J2. 
clay MaTch :!ar'd 18;:)2. Mary Mal'garet, born Nov. 4th. 1852. 
n:lgh George, j.orn Jail. :i. 1B5
. Par-' Pl!-r
nt, John I_ow, Toronto. Offici
ellts. Roderick I\kNell. OakTl11e, and Emmr. /Iumster, John Barclay, Dec. 2nd, 18.)2. 
McXeill. . O
ficialiug p;iuislCI', .Iohn J_ur- I Victoria Matilda, born May 24th. 1850; 
claJ', April 2
th. 18,)2. (slay Alexa;.nder John, born &In. 2!Hh. 
Orlando John, !lorn Deo. 22, 1851. Par- 11832. Parents, Duncan McNab, Arrr"h 
entl, William Donnell, 2nd ßatt.. 71st Rd. " Ho
el? Toronto, and Mary Ann McNab. Of- 
Lt. Infantry, and Joanna Donnell. Offlclat- flClatmg minister, Donald Munro. 
 min18ter, Jûhn Barclø.y, March 23rd, 'Charlotte Sophia, born Oct. 30, 1852. 
2. Paronts. William Rolx>rtson and Oharlotte 
Jawes Frø..nkum, born Feb. 2õth, 1852. Emily Robert8on. Officiating minister. JohD 
Parents, John Frankum. Sergt.. 2nd Batt.. Barclay, Dea. 3 rd. 1852. 
11st Infantry, and Jane Frankum. Oflloiat- Mar
arct, born Sept. 22. 1852. Par- 
ing' minister, John Barclay. March 28rd, ents, John l\lcLaughlan. late Sergt. 71st 

2. Regt., and Ellen McLaughlan. Orrlclatins 
Agne!!, born Feb. 2nd. 1852. Parents. minister, John Barclay. Deo. 15th, 1852. 
.Jø.mes McArthur, 2nd Batt. 71at. and Mary Eva KatherIDP, born Oct. 8th, 1852. Par- 
McArthur. Officiating mlnlater. John Bar- ents, Kenneth M. Sutherland. Toronto. .... 
clay. March 23rd. 18õ2. Eva Suthel'la.nd. Officiating minister, John 
James Hughes. born July 17th, 1851. Barclay, AprIl 14th, 1852. 
Parents, Samu'
J Hughes, Toronto, and Ann WHliø.m Alt>xa:.nd('r. born Fob. 5th, 181S2. 
Jane Hughes. Offlclwlng minister. John Parents, Alexaudpr MilHgan, Toronto. and 
Barclay, Feb. 
nù. 18
2. Sa.rø.b Milligan. OUiciating mlnl.ter. .lohm 
'l'homaa Robert. born May 20th 1851 I Barclay, April 18th. 1852. 
Parents, Thumas Pollock, private, 71st Hd: I Elizabeth, born Jan. 29th. 1858. P!I'r- 
I_t. Infantry, 1\nd Pollock. Officiating ents, GeorgH 
o.derhø.m and Qatherm& 
minister, John BlI.rclø.y, March 25, 1852. I Goodorham. OfficiatIng minister. Juhn Bar- 
Sarah Ann, horn June :!4, 1852, Par- clay, April 
Otb, 1853. 
pnt:" J?hn Jø.cklOn ø.nd ElIzabeth J&ckaon, John. born Dec. 17th, 1853. Parpnts.. 

cJatmg minuter, John Barclay, AuI'. 29, I Arohlbald Duncanson and Margaret Dun- 
Eli ,). . b I c&n!!On. Officiating minister, John ßarclay. 
· za eth. born D
c. 10, 18õ
. ParentR, April 20th. 185'3. . 
Geoffrey Bomby and Elizabeth Homhy. Of- I Mary, bono April 26th, 1853. Parents. 



"homas 1\IcQGee
 and Mary Anne Mcqueen. j Ing minister, John, Barclay, Dec. 30, 1853. 
<)rticiating minister, John Barolay, April James Drummond, born Dec. 18th, 1853. 
29th, 18õ3. rare-ntll, Alexanùer Drummond, Toronto, and 
Oaroline Maria, born Maroh 1853. Par- I Ellen Anderson. Officiating minister, JoWl 
<eilts, AnJ.rnw Drummond and Louisa Drum- I ißarclay, Jan.. 30th, 1854. 
mond. Officiating minister, John Barolay, U.obert James. born Nov. 12th, 18:53. 
:Ma.y 7th, 18=>3. I Parents, Juhn Murdoch, Toronto, ami Janey 
Sarah, born April 5th, 1853. Parents, Forey. OfficiatLn.g mJnJster, John Barclay, 
.Joseph Rcld and Isabella Reid. Officlat- , Feb. 13th, 1834. . 
'jog' minister, John llarclay, June 13, 1853. Robert Miller I.n,glis, born Jan. :!(j, 18-;j4. 
'Margaret Mary I_ouisa, born Nov. 19th, Parents, ltuss_l Inglis, 'V'ellingtoil Hutel, 
:1.832. Parents, .John Ritchey, mf'rchant, and Jan'J Bdl. Ofiicia.tmg minister, John 
"Toronto, and Eliza.both Ritchey. Officiat- Barclay, March :!4th, 1834. 
1ng minister, John Barclay, .June 30, 1853. Fl"ederick Al,thur, burn Jan. 31, 1854. 
William John, born April 18th, 1853. Parents, Frp.Jprick Milliga.n, tavernkeeper, 
-Parents, George P. Dickson and Isabella 'foronto. Oif;t'Îating minister, John Barclay, 
'Ðlckson. Officiating minister, John Barcla;y, April 18th, 1834. 
...July 5th, 1853. FI'ederick Willia.m Charles, born Jan. 24, 
Elizabeth, born Nov. 12th, 1852. Par- 18:)4. Parents, Donald McDonald, Toronto. 
-ents, Hugh Mathieson, Toronto, and Janet Officiatinoll minister, John Barclay, June 
:Mathieson. Officiating minister, John Bar. 25th, 1851. 
-<<:Iay, Nov. 12th, 1833. !Margaret Wright, bom. Feb. 12, 1854. 
Alfred Alexander, born May 8th, 1853. Parents, John Wright, R. O. Rifles, Gar- 
::Parents, William Jones, mason, und Mar- rison, Toronto, aud Mary Anne Wright. Of- 

aret Jones. Officiating minister, John liar- ficiating minister, John Barclay, June 23, 
day, July 12th, 1833. 18;j4. 
Rodet'ick, born Aug. 15th. Parents, lIugh I Ronald Din,gwaIl, born Dec. 24th, 18;:;3. 
McNeill and Anne McNelIl. Officiating min- Parents, Al 'x. Dingwall, tavernkceper, To- 
ister, .John Barclay, Aug. 24th, 18úa. ronto, anrl. Flora Dingwall. Officiating DÛn- 
William Hutchison.. bn"n :\Iay 

:!. ] I:';-j
. ister, Joh.n Barclay, .June 
7th, 18;j4. 
Parents, Rollerick McNiell and Emma Mo- James Frame, boriIl July 11th, 1834. 
Nlell. Officiating minister, .John 'Auclay, Parents, James Frame, Edwarù st., Toronto, 
..Aug. 24th, 1853. and Elizabeth Frame. Officiating minister, 
Elizabeth JOM!, born Sept. 2nd, 1853. John llarclay, July 29th, 18;j4. 
Parents, Thomas Alexander McLean and Mary .Jane McArthur, born :\Iay 12th, 
Fanny McLean. OfficiatlllK DÛnister, John 18;;4. Pare.nts, James McArthur, Toronto, 
Barclay, Oct. 3rd. 1853. and Mary l\Ic_\rthur. Officiating Ilúnlster, 
,AJDne Ma.rla, born July ,26, 1858. Par- John BarclaJ. Sl'pt. 23rd, 1834. 
-ents, James Dixon and <htherlne Dixon. 1
arquhar McLachlOin, born Sept. 10th, 
<>fficiating mInister, John Barclay, Sept. I 1834. Pa.rents, Peter l\IcL'1chlan. black- 
18th, 1858. smith. Toronto, and Jessi.) McLachlan. Of- 
Elizabeth, born, June 18, 18;j3. 1"ar-. ficiatin,g minister, John Barclay, Oct. 7th, 
ents, Georgo Scott and Elizabeth Scott. Of- : 1834. 
ficiating mInister, John Barclay, Oct. 9th, Henrietta McWheeu.}., oorn Aug. 21st. 
1853. I 18;:)4. Pare.nts, lI
nry McWheeny, R. O. 
John, born March 28th, 1851; ,Jane, I Rifles, Garrisnfl, 'l'oronto, and Elizabeth Me- 
born !Feb. 20th, 1853. Parents, George Whecny. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
Duffus, Toroonto, and Ann Duffus. Oíflciat- Sept. 11th, 1834. 
lng minister, .John Barclø.;y, June 21, 18133. Sarah Kelly, born July 29, 1834. Par- 
Emma, born .June 5th, 1853; Margaret, ' l ent, William K::lIy, R. C. Rifles, Garrison To- 
born Nov. 2f>th, 1831. Parents, James rooto. Officiating mlnlBter, John BarcJ.ay, 
Duffus, Toronto, and Anne Duffus. Offlclat- Sept. 17th, 18504. 
lug- mlnister, John Barclay, June 21, 1853. I Robert Barclay CIoulsO!D., born July 1st, 
IWillia.m, born Aug. 9th, 1833. .Parents, 1850; ElIzabeth Coulso-n, born Nov. 19, 
John Leitch a.nd Agnes J
eitch. Officiating 183'4. Parent, Sa.muel Ooulson (deceased). 
minister. John Barclay, Oct. 9th, 1853. I Officiatin
 mInister, John Barclay, Dec. 
Victorb., born April 13, 1833. }')arents, 10th. 180,4. 
Andrew Foulds and Janot Foulds. Officiat-. Harriet Jø Gooderhø.m, born Sept. 17, 
Ing minister, John Barclay, Oct. 24, 1853. 1 18;)14. Pare.nts, George Gooderham, 1st 
Joanna Laura DicIt, born June 3rd, 1853. con., Scarboro', and Gl.therine Gooderham. 
Parents, Stedman Carupbell, barrister, To- I Ofliciating minister, John Barclay, Dec. 
ronto, and Rebecca ChmpbelJ. Officiating I 220-d, 185'4. 
minister, John Barclay, Nov. 3rd, 1853. ! John Eastwood Nesbit, born Oct. 7, 1854: 
!Fra.ncls WlIlLam, born Aug. 6th, 1852. Parents, Thomas Nesbit, carpenter, To- 
Parent, William Steven. Officiating minls- ronto, and :Mariah Nesbit. Officiating min- 
ter, John Barclay, Nov. 6th, 18;)3. ister, John Barclay, Jan. 7th, 1835. 
Alexamder, born Aug. 3rd, 1833. Par- Robert Fraser Drummond, born Aug. 21. 
ents, John McN.a.b, and Janet McNab. ot- 1854. Parents, Andrew Dru.mmond, To- 
.'iciaUng mInister, John Barclay. Nov. 10, ronto, and I.ouisa Drununond. Officiating 
18:)3. minister, John Barclay, Jan. 27th, 1855. 
Willlam., born Nov. 28rd, 1858. Parents, William Frederick Rutley, born March 
"/William Turner and Jane Tumer. Officlat- 23rd, 1835. Parent, ThO'lDAs Rutley, To- 
in- minister. .John Barcln.y, Xnv, "3, 1 
-;3. rO'nto. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
Ma.nfred John, born Sept, 15th, 18
2. I April 8th, 1855. 
Parents, John Smith anù HeliecOR smilh. 1 John lIay, born Nov. 19th, 1854. J>ar- 
-Cff . iCi.atlng minister, John Barclay, Dec. 27, ents, Robert lIay. cabinetmaker, Toronto, 
18:>3. and Mary Hay. Officiating minister, John 
iSa.muel, born Nov. 10th, 18:53. Parents, Barclay, Feb,. 13th, 1835. 
IDavid Duff and Margaret Duff. Officin.t-. 'Meredith Melvin Morgan, born Deo. 8th. 



18;)4. Parent, Pf'ter :Morgan, Toronto. Of- I ' 18!:í
. Parents, John Campbell and Jane- 
fielatlng mini!lte . r, John Barclay, April 27, Miller. Officiating minister, John BarcIa,.. 
1e55. Oct. 7th, 1855. 
J8dlet Obristie. hnrn I<'ea, .11th. 1851). Stewal.t Drummond, born Nov. 9th, 18;)5. 
Parents, James Ohr's ie, Toronto, and Mary Parents, James Drummond, basket maker. 
Anne Ohristie. 0:. LÏatlnl( minister. John Toronto. and Janet ßegg. Officiating mlo- 
Barelay, April 2:!lId, 1851). Ister, John Barclay, Dec. 4th, 1851). 
Mal.y Maltbv C4uruthers, born March 6th, 'Mary Anne Dufful!, born Jan. 13, 1855
1855. Parents, E. M. Oarruthers, Toronto, Parents, JameR Duffus, mechanic, Toronto. 
and Annie Oarruthers. Officiating minister, o.nd Anne Trush. OfficiR.ting mln1ater, John 
John Barclay, June 7th, 18;)1). Barclay. Deo. 9th, 1855. 
Alexander Stewart, born Jan. 30
 18515. William Robert Gerrie, born Nov. 2nd. 
Parents, l\l:J.tthew Stewart. Toronto, and Jaa- 1855. Parent, William Gerrie, Etoblooke
bella Stewart. Officlntin.1!' minister, John Officiating minister, John Barolay, Dec. 22. 
Barclay, April ).;)th, 185;). 18;)1). 
Annie L:.slie. born M.arch 11th, 1855. Isabella Marlo. McLean, born July 8th. 
Parents, James J..eslie. Toronto, teamster, 1851). Parents, Thomas A. McLean, 1'0- 
and Margaret Leslie. Officiatinl!' minister, ronto, and F'o.nny McLean. Officiating mln- 
John Barclay, .June :!9th, 183[). ister. John Barcla.y, Jan. l:!th, 1856. 
David Alex. McPlwrson. Parent, William George Anderson. born :Sov. 25th, 181)5. 
M,.Phers()f], Toronto. Officiatin
 minister, Parents, WiJlia.n Ânderson. boolmaker, 1'0- 
.John Barclay, April 1õth, 1855. ronto, and Anne Milne'. O;'ficiatlng minister. 
Elleu l\IcDonah1 Oraig, born Nov. 23rd, John Barclay, Jan. 13th, 18,")t.. 
18:i4. Parents, !\lark P. Orai
, tavern- Jø Hall Bow.nw.n, born June 27. 1855. 
kenper, Toronto, and Margaret 1\fcI
arlane. Parents, John ßowmll.n, Toronto, and Fran- 
OffiC'Íatinl!" minlstl'r, John Barclay, March ces Milliga.u. Officiating minister, John Bar- 
11th, 18:>5. clay, J8.ll. 13th, 18;)1). 
Alfred Doig, born March 1Gth, 18:55. 'Mary JII.lLC l\IiIIi
an, born Oct. 
:i, 185:>. 
Parents, Andrew DoiJ( and Anne Doig. Of- Par
nts, _,\I,'X. Milligan, Toronto, and Sarah 
ficiating minister, John Barclay, April 27, Hill. Officiatin.g minister, John Barclay. 
18ã5. .Jan. lath. 18:i(}. 
John Alex. Scott, born Dec. 30th, 1854. Charles Hugh Mathieson, born May 9th, 
Parcnt s. .J'Jhll Scnt t, .railer, Toronto, and ] 8:i5. Parent, lIugh Mathieson, Toronto. 
lcDougall. Officia.tin
 minister, John Officiating minister, John BarcIa)', .Jan. :!3. 
Iarch 19th, 18::>5. 185G. 
Arthur nverson McDonalll, born March Annie Velenna McC()nkey, born .Jan. 7th. 
:!7th 18- ã: Parcnt Donald McDonald 1'0- 18::J4. Parents, Thomas McConkey, c'>nfec- 
. Officiatint{ 
inister John Ba;clay tioner, and Elizabeth O. Brown. Officiating 
.July :!tith, 18:i[).' , minister, John ßarclay, Jan. 7th, L8::J\). 
Jane Scott PI.ovnn, boru July 1st, 18:>4. 1 Walter Drysdalp. McOonkey, bOl'n Feb. 7. 
Parents, Robert Provan, confectioner, 1'0- 18:iG. Parents, Thomas McConkey, COllf::>c- 
ronto, and GpoffJ'l'Y II:mnah. Officiat;in
 I tioner, Toronto, and glizabcth O. BnmJ1p. 
I1Ilnistf'r, .John Barclay, Aug. :!tHh, 18!'í5.' Officiating minister, .John Barclay, Jan. 7, 
.Jane B1IPlmnnn, horn .July 23rll, 18;;4. I 185G. . 
Parents, .-\1 'x. Bu('hanll.'l find Jane McLach- I 'William Robertson Gow, born Dec. 24, 
lall. Ofìiciatinl r minister, John Barch!.)", I 18::J4. Parents. Thomas Gow, Toronto. aud 
. ..!4 th, 18:;:;. I B('atricp Robertson. Officiating minister, 
Rose Ag'lI' S Barcla
', born Aug. 13, 18:>5. .John Barclay, Feb. 10th, 18;)ù. 
Purents, .Johll C llUeron. banker, Toronto. I Mary Annie McDonal'l. born Jan. l
!In,1 Hosa OI.IIIP"OIl. Officiating mlnlstt'r, I ] 8:it.. Parents, An.g-us Mf'D()naH, 'l'orr>nto, 
.John Bm'clay, Oct. :!lst, 1855. anI Ellcn M,
Laug-hlan. Officiating minister. 
IsnhcllR. .lulI't Dickson, born .July 9th,' .John Barclay, Feb. 10th, 18;;(i. 
18:-;:>. Pltrents. Gl'orJ(o P. Dickson, EI
in I -- l\Iaulsoln.. Paren.ts., .John :\laul<:011. ac- 
"rills, Yongp st., and Isabella Thomson. Of. fountnut, Toronto, and E'len Hill. oai::.-ht- 
ficiE!ing minister. .John Barclay, Oct. 
4, I ÍI1go mln1Bter, John Burclav, Feb. 10, 1 tI.:JG. 
18. I)... . ' Thomas Mathieson. born Oct. 1st, 18;")5. 
uncan !\Ic
!('II, !
orn .oct. 31st, 1854. Parents, Angus l\'son, druggist, 1'0- 
I Itl ,?!ltS. 111I:;h. 1\
('!'ì leI!, . roronto, and Ann ronto, anI Margaret Gran t. Ofiic;ating mln- 
,1!' Offlc'!l.,tmg mIlllster. John Barclay, ister, John Barclay, April 7 th, 1831i. 
Oct. _.,tll, 185,). I Arthur Murdoch, horon April l
th, 183r.. 

mma Alicia Robertson, born Oct. 30th, I Parents, John Murdoch, seaman, Toronto
18.)3. Parents, William Robertson and I a'Ü-d Janet TorÏ,). Officiating m!nister, John 
Oharlotte Hood. OCfi('i
ting minister, John Barclay. April 21st, 183ù. . 
Barclay, Oct. 301 h, 18
5. j 1.Iar!o{aret Annie Drtlmrnond, born AprIl 
lizabe'th Tholflson Stevens, born July l:í, 1 :ith,. -18;;G. Paretnt
, 'Iatthew Drummnl\d, 
18;;5. Parents, William Stevens and Mary ('lerk, and Eliza Ann Wilkinson. 
Ann 8t('v,'ns. Officiating minister, Juhn Officiating minister. John Barclay, May 8. 
Barclay, Nov. 4th. 18Fi5. 185/6. 
Geor!l'f' Hutchinson Mc!'ìielI, horn March .John Dou.glas Blackwood, born July 28, 
22nd, 18:;5, Parpnts, Roderick McNlelI antI 18:i5. Paroots, Robprt ßlackwood, Toronto. 
Emma McNielI. Officiat ing minister, John and ::;usan Black\\ ood. Offlrlating minister, 

f\rclay, Nov. 9th, 18;)5. , .John Barrlav, :\[R.Y 21st, 1856. 
,!illiam Howarå Slnc1alr
 bo)rn Aug. 25, John Ste
art Blackwood Douglas, born 
18...5. Pare-nts, Hugh Sinclair, Custom IIousa Feb. 17th. 1835. Parents, John J)nu
r, Toronto, antI .Janet McDonald. Of- Tùronto, and Clara Wheeler.. Officiatln
f1c,:tmg minister, John BarcIa)", Oct. 7th, minister, John Barclay, Ma.y 21st, 1856. 
18.)5. David Turnbull J..etham. born I"eb. 27th, 
Marloo Miller Campbell, born .July 81h, 18.:;(: P,uelllts... .Joln: J.etham, 'l\)ronto, :tnft 



Jane Oook OffL:iating minister, John Bar- !"onto, and Jessie McKay. Officiating minis- 
clay, May 25th, 1856. ter, John Barclay, April 5th, 1851. 
Janet Parnie, born Nov. 18, 1&54. Par- Wnliam Bowmaker, born April 1st, 1&57. 
ents, G20rge Fernie, Toronto, and Ellen Me- Parents, Robert Bowmaker, Toronto, and 
Qush. Officiating minister, John Barclay. Mary Wood. Officiating mInuter, John Bar- 
May 215th, 1856. Barclay, April 15th, 1857. 
Margaret .Jane Monro, born April 8th, iMary Louisa Melville, born Feb. 8, 1857. 
1856. Paren.ts, William Monro., Toronto, I Parents, John Melville, Toronto, and Mar- 
&II1d Isabella McKenzie. Officiating mJ.niB- / garet McIntyre. Officiatin.g minister, John 
ter, John Barclay, June 4th, 18:36. Barclay, April 26th, 1857. 
(Mary Jace Orr, born July 18th, 1856. " -George Simpson Oameron, born 'March 25, 
Parents, Andrew Orr, Toronto, and Isabella 1857. Parents, Angus OII.meron, banker, 
Orr. Officiating minister, I. Gordon, Oct. I Toronto, and Fanny Simpson. Officiating 
19th, 1856. I minister, John Ba.rclay, April 30, 1857. 
Georgina Walker Paterson, born Aug. 8, I J8.DleS Michie Farquharson, born July 29, 
18313. Parents, John Paterson, Toronto, and 118:')7. Parents. Jatnes Farquharson, Toronto, 
Elizabeth Walkpr. O:f;ciatln.g minister, Rev. I adll Mary Farquharson. Officiating minister, 
I. Gordoo, Oct. 19th, 185.G. I John Barclay, 
Ia;y 21st, 1857. 
MR.tths\\' Whiting Alexander. born Aug. James Leslie born March 11th 18;:;7. 
17th, 1831i. Pare.nts.. Ja.m"s Ale
aI1lder, Parents, JMUP
 Leslie, Toronto, ß
d Mar- 
wine mpr

an.t. T
nto. and 
-aret J..'sli '. Officiating minister, Juhn Bar- 
Scott. OffICIatmg nllnlster, Dr. Alton, of, clay, May :!lst, 18;:;7. 
&otbnd, Sept. 30th. 18':>6. ' I 'Matthew Stewart, bom Oct. :3th, 1856. 
Robert Mansfield Milligan, born May 29, Pal"Cnts, Matthew Stewart, Toronto, and 
1851i. Parents, Joseph Milligan, Toronto, Isabella Stl'wart. Officiating minister, John 
&Dd Lilias, Mansfield. Officiating minister, : Barclay, Ms)' 24th, 18:37. 
Rev. I. Joonlngs, 18:36. I Elizabeth Duncan lJa.ndyside, born April 
Margaret L6u.ghlLn Scott, born Sept. 27. 13th. 1837. Pare'l1ts, John Handyside. To- 
18':)1;. Paroots, John B. Scott, Toronto, r()Ißto, andl Jane- D4ck. Officiating minister, 
a.nd Jane McDoug>a.l1. Officiating minister, I John Barclay, .June 7th, 18'57. 
John Bro\\'n. Oct., 18:;1,. ; ThOlIJ1as William Sutherland, born Feb. 28. 
'Mary RenIlÍ('. born O
t. 20th, 185û. Par- . 18:)7. Pal'(',nts, Rob 'rt :-;uth-
rlanll, Toronto, 
ents, Rob
rt Rennie, slater, Toronto. and 8dId Eliza Middleton. OfficiatLng minister. 
Ellen Berry. Officiating mInister, John Bar- John Barclay, Aüg. 2;')th. 1857. 
clay, Dec. 14th, 1&3G. Sophia C-wmero.n C]6rk. born June 29th, 
J8ine Milligan, borIl Sept. 22m], 185G. 18:;7. Pare-nts, John Olark, Toronto, and 
Parents, Frederick Milligan, tavernkeeper, Cathflrine Olark. Officiating minister, John 
Toronto, and Maf\g1aret Bowman. Officiat- I Barclay. Aug. :!5th, 1857. 
Irn.g, .John Barclay, Dec. 2:!, \83;1ì., Thoma..."ö Richard !\IcDonald, born July 26, 
J8d1e Olusholm Buchanan, born June _oJth, 1857. Parents Niel McDonald TorontD 
183(j. Pare-nts, :Tames Buchanan, 
er, Martha Pooley.' Officiatin.g minister, Joh
Toronto, and OhrIstina Shankland.? OrfIcI,!I-t- Barclay, Aug. 
8th, 1837. minister, John Barcla.J., Dec. _9, 1806. James Scott, born Aug. 23rd, 1857. 
Hugh Alexa.ruder Dunn Drummond, born Pal'ents, Hpnry Scott, Toronto, and Mary 
Sept. 22nd, 1856. Parents, Andre", Drum- f':oQrri('. Officiating m!lllster, John Barola.y, 
m"I1II, roronto. and J
ouÍsa Drummond. 0"_ Sept. IGth, 1857. 
ficiating minister, John Barclay, Jan. 8th, Elizabeth Hay, born Aug. :!4th, 1857. 
18:)7. Parents, Rob
rt Hay, cabinctmaker. '1'0- 
Eliza Jane Ross, born Aug. 25th, 1856. I ronto, and, Mar:r Dunlop. Officiating minis- 
rare-nt, Donald Ross, James st. East, '1'0-: ter, Johm. Barclay, Sppt. :!4th, 1857. 
ronto, Officiating minister, John Barclay, I JohlJ1 !\IilIpr. Par('nt, Robert S. Miller, 
J8d1. 22nd, 18:)7. I merchant, '1'oronto. Officiating minister, 
Alexander Scott, born Nov. 1st, 1856. I John Barclay, Oct. 8th. 18:;7. 
Pare-nt, Alic' Scott (unmarried), Toronto.' A rthnr Ohristie. Lorn Sept. 11th, ] 857. 
Officiating minister, .John Barclay, Jan. 29, I Parents, Jamp!! Ohrititie, late Sergt.-MaJor, 
18:37. I Toronto, an,1 Mary Anne Tho\n."öon. orfio-Ì"tt- Tur
bulI, born Aug. 14th, 1836. 1 Ing- m:nhbr. J,)h"l Barclay, Oct. 11th, 1837. 
Parents! DavHI .T
rnbulI, T
ronto, and 
Una I Thomas Neilson, born April ] 5th, 1857. 
B.allentme. OIflclat!.ng mlmster, John Bar- I Parents, Jamps Neilson, Toronto, and Isa- 
clay, Feb. 23rd. 1807. I bell a Rhans. Officiating minister. John Bar- 
orn Feb. 26th, 1857. Par- , clay, Oct. :!öth, 1857. 
ents, WllhalD Altkp
,. b!,-ker, Toronto, and Elizabeth, born Aug. 8th, 1857. Par- 
A'I1ne Ohapman. OfflCwtmg minister, John l ents, Angus McDonald, R. O. Rifles, and 
Barclay, M::uch :!9th, 1857. El]en McDonald. Officiating minister, John 
Charles Grant Rutley, born Jan. 30th, Barclo.y, Nov. 1st, 1857. 
1857. Pare-nts. Tho-mas Rut]ey, Toronto, Eliza Jane McCandlish, born Nov. 14th, 
snd Margar
t McGregor. Officiating mln- 1857. Parents, Sa.nlUpl McOJ.ndllsh, To- 
Ister, John Barclay. March 29th, 185'7. ronto, and Mary Paisley. Officiating mlnls- 
Ja-mes Gray Kirkl&nd, born Sept. 11th, ter, John Barclay. Dec. 7th, 1837. 

. Parpnts, .In,ffiP8 Kirkland, 'roronto. George Nelson, born Sept. 29th, 18lS7. 
and Janet Gray. Officiating mInister, March Po.rents, 
orge Nelson, R. O. Itiflea Regt., 
29th, 18:37. Toronto, and Mary Barry. Officiating min- 
Oharles Morris, born Oct. 7th, 18;:;1ì. Ister, John Barclay, Dec. 13th, 1857. 
Parents. G 'or
e Morris, blacksmith, '1'0- Margaret McJFnyl1l'-n, born 
ov. 14th, 
ronto, and Mary Murl'ay. OfficiatinR' mfn- 18:;7. Parents, I.achlan McFayden, mariner, 
ister, John B.arclay, March 29th. 1857. Toronto, and Eliz:Lbpth McGinnes. Officiat- 
Edith Jessi' Kate Olark, born 
ov. 1st, in!! minister, John Barclay, Dec. 29, 1857. 
1 R:ïG. Parents. rho:n.:!.s 
I('r.('otl Ohrk. '1'..- William Georjle Anderson, born No
. 9tb. 



1857. Parents, George Anderson, Toronto, Officiating mInister, John Barclay, Dec. 13. 
and Anne McDougall. Officiating minister, 1838. 
John Barclay, Feb. 22nd, 1858. I .John Hamilton E\\art, born .June 3rd" 
Agnes Anne Mathers, born .Jan. 
Oth, I 1858. Pareonts, George Ewart, merchant, 
1838. Parent, John Mathers, merchant, To- I Toronto, and Agnes Rogers. Officiating 
ronto. Officiating minister, John BarClaY" minister, John Barclay, Dec. 21st, 1858. 
Feb. 18th, U!38. A.nn Dunbar 'Farquharson, born July 16, 
James l>aterso-n, born June 19th, 1858. 1838.' Parents, Ja.mes }'arquharson, car- 
Parents, Jo-hn Paterson, York street, To- peonter; Toron
o, and Mary }'arquharson. 
ronto, and Elizabeth Walker. Officiating Officiating mlnlster, John Ba.rclay, Dec. 27, 
minister, John Barclay, July 25th, 1858. 1858. 
'Thomas Kirkland, born March 23, 1858. Anne Wilson Drummond, born Oct. 2'nd, 
Parents, James l{irkland, baker, Toronto, 1858. Parents, MatthAw DrUlITlmond, clerk, 
and Janet Grav. Officiating minister, John Toronto. and Eliza Jane DrUlD1lIDond. Of- 
Barclay, JUllle i3th. 1838. ficinting DÚnlster, John Barclay, Dec. 27, 
Duncan McDougall, born March 19th, 1 18:)8. 
1838. Paroots, Alex. Duncan McDougall, Charles John Moncrieff. born .June 9th, 
barrister, a..nd Oath-erine Dugusta McDougall. 18:)8. Parents, Robert Moncrieff, Toronto, 
Officiating- minister, John Barela)", March and Elfzabeth Mf' Officialing minls- 
19th,. 18:;8. . ., I ter, John Barclay, Jan. 2nd, 1839. 

mlly MontagUJe McJ
an, .born 
()v. _11,. AJlJ.tbony I
lJIs, Dorn oct. 30th, 18;J8. 
18oJ7. Par'ellts. Allan N., 
an, T?ronto, Parents, Andrew Orr, carpenter, Toronto. 
a.nd Isabella McLean. Olflclat
ng mmister, and IsabPlla, O"r. Oificillting minister. John 
Jon,:, Barclay, July 10th, 18oJ8. _ I Barclay, Jan. 2nd, 1839. 
Elizabeth .

cPht'l"son, born Jan. G, 18<.18. James Murton Drwnmond, born .ruly 25, 
Parents, Wilham McPhprs'!Il.. :roront
,. and 1838. Parents.. Andrew Drtbmrn()nd, T')- 
Margaret ::\lcPherso.n. OffICI!:llIlg 'JlllnIster, ronto, and Louise Adelaide DrUJl11mond. Of- 
John Barclay, Aug. 8th, 18<.18. _ I ficiating minister, Barclay, Ja.n. 2'8, 
!Fa.nny McLean, born Dec. :!9th, 18<.17. I 1839. 
Pare.n.ts, Thomas 

n, T?r.{)fito, and, Isabella Swtt. born Dec. 25th, 1858. 
Fanny McLean?,> OfflClll.
ll1g mInIster, John I Parønts, John Scott, tailor, Toronto, and 
Barclay, Aug. __nd. 18.)8. I Jane Scott. Officiating IIÜnister, John Bar- 
Norman Hutcheson McXdll, born Nov. 3, clay, Feb. 13th, 1859. 
1858. Parents, Roder.ick McXeill, O:tkvilb, I ,Frederick Johlll Cowne, born Dec. 16th, 
and Emm'to HlltcheBon. O
ficiating minister, : 18?iï. Parents, G(>or
e Oowne, Toronto, and 
John Barclay. AUt;. 28th, 18;;8. . Martha Oow.lli'J. OffiC'iating n'lnister, John 
John Angus Mathieson, born May 31st, Barclay, Feb. 13th, 18'59. 
1838. Parents, Hugh l\Ia
hipson, m<:r
ha.nt, i fh()JI16S \Frederick Renil80n, born 
T?ronto, and Janet Mathieson. Offlcl
tmg I Dec. 1ßth, 1858. Parelnts, John Rpnilson, 
ml,nister, John Barclay, SPpt. 3rd, 18..,8. I tailor Toronto and Isabella Renilson. Of- 
George Norris, born Aug. 3rd, 1858. fidatÌn&" 'minister John Barclay Feb. 1.3 
Parents, Gf'orge Nurris. bla,?k
o- 185,9. "" 
ronto, and Mary Murray. OfficiatIng mlD- Archibald MclFadyen
 boen June 17th 
ister, John Barclay, SJpt. 1:!th, 1838. 1858. Parents, John McFadyen, tavern
Oharles Norris, oorn O('t. 7th, 185G, keeper, and Margaret Gillespie. Officiat- 
Pare.nts, GeoI'\ge Norris, blaC'ksm.ith, To- in'! minister, John Barclay, Mlarch 7th. 
ronto, and Mary Murra.r. Officiating min- 1859. 
Ister, John Barclay, S,-,rt. 1:!th, 1838. l<'mnci..q Edward 
Iacdonald. bor'n Xov. 8th, 
RobPl't Innes, born Feù. Gth, 18;:)7. Par- 1838. Parent, lIon. Donald McDonald, M. 
ents, Rob -rt Innes and Alice Innes. Officiat- J,. C., Toronto. Officiating minister, John 
Ìl1.g- minister, .J. n. McI\:
rral, for J. Bar- Barclay, March 27th, 18L19. 
clay. :\JariÜl1 AiU;;en,. born Jan. 121:h, 18:59: 
Elizabeth Nelson, bQlrn June 6th, 1858.. Isabella Aitken., born Jan. 7th, 1859. Par- 
Parents, JMßPS Nplson. Toronto, and laa- N1t<;, Jam.os Aitken, Toronto, an.! Sarah Wal- 
bella Ph:lros. OffkiatÏlL:; minister. .John 1'1'. Officilltill.g' mJnister, John Barolay, 10th 
Bare-lay, oct. 11th, ]838. I April, 1859. C ' 
John Bain Brown, born Sept. 28, 1858.' SU8a..n Robertson, born Jan. 4th, 1859. 
Parents. Ja.mes Drown, baker, Toronto, and Parents, Charles O. Robertson, 141') Beech 
Js,ne Malcolm. Officiating minister, .John st., Toronto, and l\f-ary O. Morris. Officiat- 
Barcla.y, Oct. 28th, 1858. In!::' minister, Johu Barclay, June Gth, 18;39. 
Isabella Bowman, born Jan. 2.ïth, 1857; 'Marla Isabel Thorburn, born May 29th, 
Samuel Tho-m!I()IIJ. Bo\\man, Oct. 8tb. 1858. I 1859. Parents, Tlwrburn, M. D., 
Parenb, John Bo
'mltn. of Express 00., To- physlcla.n, Toronto, and Jane MoTavish. Of- 
ronto. and Frances MiUi
an. OfficiMing- fki<1 t ing mIniste-r, John Barolay, June 10th. 
minister, John Barclay, Dec. 13th, 1858. :1.8::;'.9. 
LHias Dianna l\Iansfie1<l l\I'l!i.!all. bom 0 -j. EJiza Oa.roltn.e GillInor, 
orn Jan. 23rd. 
27th, 1838. Paronts, Jos 'ph Milligan, York 18.)9. Parents, O. Gllmor,. merchant. 
street, Toronto, aud Liliad Diana :\oIilligan. Toronto, and Jcssie Kprr. Officiating: tn1n. 
Officiating mInister, John Barela), Dec. 13, l ister, John Barclay, June 17th, 18'09. 
18:)8. , William Mitchell Mlllor, born May 4th. 
;-ederick Arthur Milligan, born Oct. 1st. '1859. Parents, Robert S. Miller, mer- 
18:>8. Par&n.ts, Alexn.nder Milligan, Dam- chant, TOCQuto. and Eliza Miller. Officlat- 
den street, Toronto, and Sarah Milligan. l ing- mJnister. John Barclay, July 10, 1859. 
()fficiating minister, John Barclay, Dec. 13, Eli7abeth F
llIla Lø.1dlaw, born April 11'), 
1838. . 1839. Parents, Georg p Laidlaw.. Toronto. 
\Betsy Stevenson Mansfield Milligan. born and Ann Middleton. Officiating DÚnlstec. 8th, 1857. Parents, W.iIlia..m l\[illlgan, John Barclay, July 10th, 1859. 
York street, Toronto, an.} Betsy Milligan. John Watson, born June 14th, 1&59. 



Parents, J8JD,(S Wa i son, bank clerk, Torcnto, 
..Dd Jessie Jolly. Officiating minister, John 
Barclay, July 12th, 1.8õ9. 
-- -t:'amerOJl. Parenta, Angus Oameron
banker, Toronto, and Fanny Oà.m..
ron. Of- 
ficiaUug minister, John Barclay, Oct. 27th, 
Robert Stpphen Ce.rruthers, born July 
29th, 1859. Pare-nt, ß. M. Oa.rruther.s. for- 
"ardor, Townt(.,. Officiating mlnistel., John 
. :Barclay, Oct. 30th, 1859. 
-- Patterson. Parents, James Patterson, 
merchß.nt, 'toronto, and Jan2 Strachan. Of- 
ficiating mjn
ter, John Ba.rclay, Nov. 6th, 
Mary Olark, bom June 27th, 18:59. Par- 
ents, John Olark, Toronto, and Oatherine 
Ce.merOl1. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
Nov. 28th, 1859. 
TbomBB WUUam Hay, born July 21., 18-59. 
Pare.uts, Robert Hay, cabinetmaker, To- 
ronto, and Mary Dunlop. Officiating min- 
!.ster, Joha1 Barclay, Dec. 13th, 18:59. 
Jessie Aiwra Forbes, born Mi&rch 2nd, 
1853. Parents, Duncan 'Forbes, builder, To- 
ronto, and Jane Furze. Officiating mlnlster, 
John Barclay.. Dec. 14th, 185
Elizabeth Scott Alexa-n.der, born Dec.. 
1859. Parents, Jamcs Alexander, wine mpr- 
chant, and EUmbeth Scòtt. Officiating mln- 
!.ster, John BarcI!!.y, Dec. 2\Hh. 1859. 
Jane Rennie, born Nov. 5th, 1859. Par- 
ents, RobNt Rennie, Toronto, and Ellen 
Berry. Officiating mInister, John Barclay, 
Jan. 2nd. 1860. 
AnnabelIß Bowman MiJIigan, born Nov. 
18th, 1859. Parents, Frederick Milligan, 
taver-o.keeper, Toronto, and Mal'garet Jane 
Do" 'man. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
Jan. 30th, 1860. 
.Mary Elizabeth Milligan, born May 3rd, 
1859. Paroots, Robert John Milligan, To- 
rooto, and Rebecca Atkinson. Officiating 
minister, John Barelay, Jan. 30th. 1860. 
Elizabeth Jane 
lcDonald, born Feb. 3rd, 
1860. Parents, Neil McDünald, private, R. 
a Rifles, and l\Iarthn. :\'1 C D''I'l1 ald. Officiat- 
Ing minister, John Bard.1Y, l\Iruch 12, 18CO. 
Jobn Farquhar Burnett, born Dec. 10th, 
1858. Parents, .John nurnett, Torúnto. and 
Mary Farquhar. OfficiaUng minister, John 
nal ct:!y, M'I) ch l
th. 1860. 
Ag-nps Harriet Wl'myss, born Feb. 20th, 
18nO. Parpnts, Charles Oaput Wpmyss, 
clerk. Toronto, and Agn
s Hogg. Officiating 
minister, John .Barclay, April 1st, 18CO.. 
John Scott Hyslop, born Jan. 28, ] 8f-O. 
Parents, Robpr' Hyslop, Toronto, and Otth- 
erlna Hy
Iop. OfficÏ<lting min:ster, John Bar- 
elay, April 1st, 18UO. 
John Anderson, born Jan. 23rd, 18r.0. 
Paren ts, George Anderson and Ä.nne Ander- 
800. Offi<'ÏR.ting- 1In1nister, John Barclay, 1st 
April, 1860. 
Elizabeth AgnÆ's Smith, born April 3rd, 
1860. Parents, William I. Smith, Water- 
works., anti Agnes K'rr. Offid:tt- 
In,g- minister, .John BarclR.Y. :\Iay 17, 18r.0. 
Davll John Antlrc,\" GI.."dinnin
, bOrn Dec. 
10th, 18:)9. Parents. Robert Wilson Glen- 
dinning. nrintpr. Toronto, and Jlln(\ Mc- 
T.ean. Officiating minister, John Barclay, 
June l:!th, 18GO. 
Oharlps E:lward McPherson, born Jan. 5th, 
18lìO. l'a["pnts, F..dward Mf'Phnrson, Toronto, 
Uld OaLherinl" McPherson. Officiatin!! min- 
Ister, John Barclay, Juno 17th, 18CO. 
Mary Milcah Stede, born April 11. 1860, 
Parents, John Gussins Steele, Toronto, and 

Mar,. AmeH Steele. Officiatln'9; mlnlsterþ 
.John Barclay, June 17th, 18UO. 
Elizabeth Walker Pater801l, born April 
29th, 18CO. Pare-nb, John Paterson, To- 
ronto, and Elizabeth Paterson. Officiating 
mLnister, .fohn llarclay, June 17th, 1860. 
Georgo H('nderøon Sinclair, born April 29, 
1.8liO. Paren.ts, Hugh Sinclair. OuSto-fiS, To- 
.'onto, and Janet MuDnl1nld. O;'ficiating min- 
Ister, John Barclay, June 18th, 1860. 
Al'chibald McFadyen and Allan McFadyen. 
twil\B, born .July 18th, 1"859. Parents, 
J.achla.n MciFadyen, Toronto, and Elizabeth 
Mcinnes. Offtctatin
 minister. John Bar- 
elay, June :!!'ith, 18li(}. 
WUliam. Alfred Joøeph Gordon McDonald. 
born June 3rd, '18GO,. Parent, 11011. Donald 
McD'O'I1ald, M. J.. C., Toronto. Officiating 
minister, John Barelay, July 4th, 1860. 
" Oathcart, born Nov. 
lath, 18;J9. Parents, J8I11leS OI.thcart, To- 
ronto, and Oatherine Sinclair. Officiating 
minister, John Barclay, Sept. 17th, 1.860. 
Archibald Duncan McLean, born Oct. 23. 
1859. ParootB, 'Thomas A. McT
"I.n, To- 
rO'nto, and Fanny McLean. Officiatin
Ister, John Barclay. SPpt. 30th, 18GO. 
David AitkE'n. PlUents, Jl'mps Aitken, To- 
ronto, and Sarah Aitken. Officiating minis- 
ter, Jobin Barclay, Nov. 11th, 1860. 
Ellen Oharlotte Thomson FalrboJrn, born 
Oct. 30th, 18GO. Paren,ts, Thomas Falr- 
bairn, boilermaker, Toronto, and Mary Ste- 
venson. Officiating minister, John Barclay. 
Dec. 2nd, 18CO. 
John Farquharson, born Dec. 4th, 1860. 
Pare-n.tB, Jø.mcs Farquharson, Toronto, and 
Mary Farquharson. Officiating minister, 
.fohn Barclay, Dec. 15th, 1860. 
fMargaret McI:n.tyrp, born Sept. 6, 1860. 
Parents, Andrecw 
IcIntyre, 'foronto, and 
.JRoßÆ't McIntyre. Officiating ]I1ini.ster, John 
Darclay. Jan. 3rd, 18H1. 
Ja-n.e Sproat Wats<>n, born Dec. 1, 1860. 
Parents, James Watson, clerk, Bank of B. 
N. A., Toronto. Parents, John Barclay, Dea. 
30th, 18GO. 
Sarah Annie Morrison, born Oct. 22nd, 
18(iO. Parents, oJhn Morrison, 3:) <Æntre, ', and Mary Morrison. Of- 
ficiating minister, John Barclay, Jan. 21st, 
.Jessie Whvte Findlay, born Sept. 
181":0. Pareñts, John Finililty, faf"!TJl"r. King- 
flto.n ,'o<1.d, nnd ElÏzabnth Fir 1 dlny. Offkiating 
minister, .John Barclay, 'F.oh. 3rd, 18Gl. 
Robert Mars Smith, born Oct. 2.3rd, 1859. 
Paren.ts, .James Smith, Duchess street, and 
Elizabeth Atkllf1/mn. OfficiatÎmZ' minister. 
.fohn Barclay, March 18th, 1861- 
,Margarpt Ruth McDon8ld, born Oct. 2nd, 
181)0. Parents, Goorl{e McDonald, R. O. 
Rifles, Toronto Garrison, and Mary McDon- 
nl(t. Offif'Íatin
 minister, John Barclay, 
March 20th. 18r.1. 
.Johanna Mmll, born Oct. 12th, 1860. Par- 
ents, Charlps Mills, R. O. Rifleø. Toronto 
GR.rrison, and Elizabeth Mills. Officia ling 
minister, John Barcl.l1y, March 20th. 18(:1. 
.James AlpxRoßdpr Scott, born .Jnn. 4th, 
1.8H 1. Parents. .John Scott, Toronto, and 
.Ja.n,p, :-:cott. Officiatinf-" minister, John Bar- 
clay, March 31st, 18G1.. 
John Renilson, born Feb. 17th, 1861. Par- 
PIl.ts, John Rpuilson, Toronto, anrl JsahpIla 
Renilson. Officiating ministf'r, .John Par. 
eI"y. M.,rr>11 "1 " 1" 1 
Robert Sutherla'l1d, born March 2nd, 1859" 
Parents. Robert 
uthL'rh\nJ. Toronto. ulld 



.Atloe Middleton. Officiating minlater, John I ' 1862. Parent.s, Ja.II1eS Watøon, clerk Bank 
.Barclay, April 3rd, 18ô1. B. N. A., and Jessie Jolly. Officiat1n
Parents, Matthew Drummond, olerk, Bur- Ister, John ß.a.rclay, Oct. 19lh, 1862. 
Ar's Office, ""n<1 Eliza Ann Drummond. Of- Robert Provan, bom March 24th, 1861. 
ficlatiog mlni.lter, John Barclay, .April 29, Parents, Rob!'rt Pl'f1Van, cunfectioner, To- 
1161. · ronto, and Geofrey Hannah. Officiating mln- 
Archibald Kirkland, born May 21, 1860. Ister, John Barclay, Nov. 9th, 1862. 
Parents, Jam::.s Kirkland (deoeased), Toronto, !France6 Sarsh Gregor. Parent, Charles 
aad Janet Gray. Officiating mb1Ü:iler, John Gregor, merchant, Toronto. Officiating mln- 
Barclay, May 27th, 1861. ister, John Barclay, Nov. 16th, 1862. 
Ja.oo Elizabeth We.t&on, born 1861. Par- William John Logan. Pa.rents, Gilbert 
ent, WüUam Watson, Toronto. Officiating Logan, Toronto, and Grace Gallow. OfUclat- 
m1nister, .John Barclay, June 9th, 1861. ing minister. John Barclay, Nov. 23, 186.2. 
Margaret Ç.,,')I[l,llel Burness Paterson, born Grace Gallow, born Jan. 18th, 1859; WIl- 
July 29th, 1tS61; William Ameron Pater- liam Ohal"lL's Gßliow, born Oct. 17th, 1861. 
.011, born July 31st, 18ú9; Jane .Anne Parents, Willi"im. Gallow, Toronto, &Ad Oath. 
Buroeu Paterson, born Feb. 27th, 1860. el"ino Gal;ow. Officia.ting mini.ter, Joha Bar- 
Parents, Ja.mes Pater8Ofl, storekeeper, To- clay, Nov. 23rd. 1862. 
ralto, and Jane Strachan. Officiating min- t Ellen Tlwmeon Smith, born May 9th, 1862. 
later, 101m Barclay, July 14th, 18Gl. Parents, WilIillimlSmith, No.7, In nrd con. 
.AnJÙ I Hay, born May 31st, 1861. Par- east, York Mills, and Isabella Sm1th. Of- 
ents, !Wbert Hay, cabinetmo.ker, Toronto, ficiating minister, John Barclay, Nov. 24th, 
Bind Elizabeth D'llliIO'p. Officiating minister, 1862. 
John Barclay, .July 18th, 18ô1. Jessie Brown, born July 22, 1862. Par- 
.AJ:$lrew J06eph Bowman, born Aug. 12. ents, .'a.m:'s llro\\n, late Sergt. 71st H. L. 
Parents, .John Bo\\anan, Express Agent, and I., Toronto. and Elizabpth Oswald. Officiat- 
Frances Milligan. Officiating minister, John in
 ministf'r, John Barclay, May 3rd, 1868. 
Barclay, Aug. 13th, 1861. ThlJo\nas Steele. ùorn March 
Oth, 1868_ 
.Hugh Savage, born Aug. 31st., 1861. Parents, John Oussons Steele, Elizabeth .t., 
Parents, John Savage. St. Pa.trick street, Toronto, and Mary Annie Robinson. Officlat- 
Toronto, and OIl.therino Trehy. Officiating ill
 minister, John Barclay, May 3rd, 1868.. 
m.i.nister, John BarclaY'J Oct. 18th, 1861. Catbf'rine l'ater30n, born April 17th, 
Jessio Barton Matheson, born Dec. 31st, 18li3. Parents, Ja..mes Paterson, store- 
18GO. Parents, Hugh Matheson, Toronto, I keC'pel', 'foronto, and Jane Stracha.n. Of- 
and Janet Clezie. Officiating minister, John i fichting minister, John Barclay, July 26, 
Barclay, Deo. 10th, 1861. f 18'-;[3. 
JameB Henderson, born June 17th, 1844; Jamos Oharles McDougall, born .July 16, 
William Henderson, born June 17th, 1848; 1863. Parents, Alex. D. McDougall, bar- 
Wilhelmina Sinclair Benderson, born Jan. rister, and O:I.therine Augusta, Officiating 
31st, 1851; Margaret Benderson, born minister, John Barclay, &'pt. 19th, 1863. 
March 31st, 1852; David Henderson, born Jaanes Aitken, born June 30th, 1863. 
Sept. 8th. 1857; Ohrlstopher Monro Hen- Parents, James Aitken, 1]:; Hevf'r1ey st., 
derson, born Deo. 12th, 1860. Parent, WÏl- Toronto, and Sarah AitJ;:en. Officiatinll 
liam Henderson, merehant, Toronto. Of- minister, John .uarclay, Sept. 2U, ] SU3. 
ficiating minister, John Barolay, Dec., 1861. Elizabeth Dunn Findlay, born July 3rd, 
EdwiIl Reginald McJ)'Qnald, born June 6, 1863. J>arents, .John Findlll.Y, fa
lI1ûr, and 
1861. Parent, Hon. Donald McDonald, M. Elizabeth Dunn. Officiatll1g minister, John 
L. O. Officiating minister, John Barclay, Barela,., Oat. 4th, 18(;3. 
Dec. 25th, 18G1. Henrietta. MaI1Bon, born Feb. 3rd, 1868. 
Ohrlstina Victoria Hood, born Aug. 9th, Parent, Georgina Man
ol1 (ußlnanied). Bap- 
1861. J
arents, Oharl('s IIood, engineer, To- tlzed by iustl"Uction of Session. Officiating 
ronto, and Janet Pockbu.rn. Officiating minister, Jobn Bltrclay, Nov. 25th. 18"3. 
minuter, John Barclay, Dec. 29th, 1861. .Wjllia.ffi James WatSQn, born Sept. 28th, 
Jessie Denhobn Arthurs, born Jan. 30th, 186
. Parents, William Wn I son, ..\ !rill'S !'It., 
18G2. ])arents, Wiìlia..m Arthur, merchant, Toronto, and Oatheril1l' Wiltson. Officiating 
Toronto, and Oa.therinð Kidd. Officiating' minister, John Barclay, Dec. lith, 1I:5ti;j. 
minister, John Barclay, MRy 18th, 18G2. .Frances Elizabeth BO\\lffian, born Nov. 29, 
Robert Kendrick Gl.thcart, born Nov. 13, 1862. Parents, John Bowmnn, Toronto, and 
1861. Pnronts, Ja.mes Cathcart, Toronto, Frances Bowman. Officiating minister, John 
and Oø.therlDl' Sinclair. Officiating min18ter, Bowman, Dec. 1 ïth. 18G3. 
John B"iorclay, JuJy 3rd, 1862. William Bruce lIiggingLotbam, born Dec. 
Sarah McFayden, born Au:r. 16th, 1861. 1 8rd, 1863. Parents, William lJigglnghotham. 
Farents, J.achlan MclFadyen, Teraulay It., Toronto, and Eliza lIiggingLotham. Officlat- 
Toronto, and Elizabeth McFadyen. Officiat- Ing mJ.n1ster, John Barclay, Feb. 18. 1864. 
Ing minister, John Barclay, July 17th, 1862. William Francis steven born Nov. 13th. 
Ellen Anderson, born May 18, 1862. Par- 1863. Parents, William Steven, Sayer It.. 
8nu, George Anderson, Trinity lane, TO- I I Toronto, and Mary Annu $cven. Offloiating 
ronto, and Anne Anderson. Officlating mlh- minister, John Barclay, March 3rd, 1864. 
later, John Bsrc1ay, Aug. 3rd, 1862. Albort Edward Sweeney, born Aug. 8bt. 
'William John Smith, born July 8th, 1862.11863. Parents, William Sweeney, in U. S. 
P&i"ents, Williø..m W. Smith. Water-works, army, and Jane Sweeney. Officiatin({ min- 
Toronto, and Agnes Kerr. Offioiattng mln- I iater, John Barclay, April 19th, 1864. 
kter, John Barclay, Aug. 6th, 1862. I Joan Cameron McLean, born Nov. 6, 1863; 
Obø.rlotte Ohriatie, born June 7th, 1862. 1 Mary McPherson McLean, born July 14th, 
Parents, James C.hrlstifJ, late Sergt.-MaJor 1861. Parents, Thomas McLean, Toronto. 

3rd Regt., and Ma.ry Anne Ohristie. Of- . and !<'anny McLean. Officiating mlnlste.r, 
iating minister, John Barc]ay. Aug. 10, .John Barclay, May 30th, 1864. Rev. Mr. 
186'2. I Broughal, for John Barclay, July 14,. 1862. 
Margaret Jane Watlon, born Sept. 29th, Amy Galt Üll..sdcls, born April 8th, 1864_ 



Parents, Robert Oassels, banker, Toronto. I .Donald McLeIsh, born Seipt. l(th, 1865. 
.and Mary Qtc;sels. Officiating mlnlster, John Parents. Donald MoLelsh, S. S. 4th Brigade" 
Barclay, June 23rd, 1864. Royal Artillery. Officiating mlnIater. John 
.Frederick Arthur Bowman Milligan, born Barclay, Deo. 18th, 186'5. 
April 12th, 1864. Parents, Frederlok Mil- Allred James Perry, born July 18t. 186'
ligan, Toronto, and Margaret JaDe Milligan. Par eilts, Charles Perr,., Toronto, and Mar]' 
Officiating minister, John Barolay, .July 11. Perry. Offiolatf!1K mlnJIter, John BarcJay. 
a.8G4. Dec. 218t, 18615. 
Peter Andrew Campbell, born June 10. Lyttleton Oassels, born Aug. 80th, 186i5. 
1864. Parents, Peter Ðampbell, Kingston. Parents, Robert 0I.1'I8els. banker, Toronto, 
.and Elizabeth Wilson. Officiating minister, and Mary <kssels. Olficlatlng mlnlater, John 
John Barclay, July 15th, 1864. Barclay, Jan. 1st, 1866. 
John McFadyen, born Oct. 17th, 186S. George Edward, born Nov. 6th, 1860; 
Parents, Lachlan MclFadyen, Toronto, and, JameB WUliam, born !Feb. 15th, 1862; 
Elizabeth McFa.dyen. Officiating 'IDlniBter, I Katharine Mary, born Oct. 12th, 18G3; 
.John Barolay, Jan. 16th, 1865. Joseph Howe, Laidlaw, born June 2-7, 18&5. 
!Francis Logan, Lorn Dec. 26th, 1864. Parents, George Lø.idlaw, forwarder, To- 
Parents, Gilbert Logan, Sayer st., Toronto. ronto. and Ann Middleton. Officiating mln- 
and Jane GnlIow. Officiating minister, John Ister, John. Barclny. Jan., 18,66. 
Barclay, Feb. 26th, 1865. Alexander Bouller, born Nov. 9th, 1865. 
Sarah Ann Mathesoll, born Nov. 22nd, Parents, Edw&rd BoulIer., Royal Artillery, 
18G3. Parents, Hugh Matheson, Toronto, ant:1 Isabel
a Boulier. Officia.ting minister. 
.and Janet Olezie. Officiating minister, John John Barclay.. .IBID.. 29th, 1866. 
Barclay, April 23rd, 1865. Elizabeth Mcl,FiWyen, born Sept. 6, 1865. 
James DavId TIl(Jrburn. Parents, James I Parents, I..achlan MclFndyen, Toronto, and 
Thorl:urn, 'M.D., and Jane McTavish. Of- I Elizabeth 1\I0.1<"al1yen. Officiating minister, 
ficiating minister, Johu Barclay, May, 1865. I I John B.arclay, :Feb. 12th, 1866. 
Kenneth Gordon Watson, born Feb. 
.ary Sc<>tt, born. March 4, 1866. Par- 
18!;:;: Arthur William 'Watson, born Feb. ents, H
nry Sc<>tt, DUch!'s8 st., Toronto, and 

a;'d, 18()3. l'arents, James Watson, clerk. Margaret Scott. Officiating mlniBter, John 
Bank H. N. A., an.1 JessÏl' Wat son. Offi('ia - Barclay, March 18th, 18G6. 
inl!' minister, John llarclay, May 28, 1865. I Anna Maria Steele, born :Feb. 17th, 1865. 
WHliarn Pringk', born :\larch 7th. 18(;;). Parøn.ts. Johu Cassl.ln Steel, Toronto. and 
Pal-cuts, Jam's Pringle, insurance inspector, M&ry AmeU Robln80n. Officiating minister, 
Yorln ilIe, and Margaret Pringle. Officlat-, .John Bßrclay April 1st, 18"66. 
in!! minister, John J;arl"hy, ..;\lh':" .i.
".j.' Katherine Maud Mc.LeaJi, born Jan. 6th, 
John Thomns Douth\\aÏle, born May 27.1 18G6. Parents, Thomas A. McLean. barris- 
186;). Parents, Thomas Doul1l\\a.íte., To- I ter, Toronto, ,and Fanny McLean. Officiat- 
!"Onto, and Annie Douthwaite. Officiating In
ter, John Barclay, May 20, 18G6. 
tgr, .John Barclay, July 2nd, 1865. (Mary Hill, born March 4th, l8g6. PM- 
Willinm Frederick Arthurs, born May 31" ents, I1t.nry lIill and Mar.g.aret Hill. Of- 
1.8G.3. Parents, William Arthurs., merchant, fíciating minister, John Barclay, March IB, 
nnd Euphemi:t Gathcrine Arthurs. Offidat- 1866. 
in/{ minister, John Barclay, July 17, 1865. Katherine Ma.ud McLennan, 1'/lrf'nts, Thos. 
Ali.-'on OïVer R 'n lon, IJOrn May :!3, H:!G;J. McLennan and Fanny McLennKn. Officiating 
.Pu.rents, John Renilson, Teraulay st., To- minister, John Barclay, :May 2.0th, 1866. 
I'onto, and Isabella Renilson. Officiating Helen Arthurs. ParPJÜ, George Arthurs, 
minister, John Barclay, July 23rd, 1865. merchant, Toronto. Officiating ml
Clara Ne\\combe Douglas, born April 10, J-ohn Bu.rclay, ,July 31st, 18lj6. 
18H:). I'areJJts, Rev. James Struthers Doug- John Alexander Paterson. Parents, James 
las, Toronto, and Anne Maria Orate. Of-, I'atcrson, storekeeper, Toronto. Officiating 
fif'iating ministcr, John TIarclay, Aug. 4, I minister, .John Barclay, Oct. 14th, 1866. 
18fì':). I H'l11"Y Thom1f1.S Pri!1gb, born Aug. S, 1866. 
Willia.m ThooIDM Timpson, born Ma.l'ch 2. Parents, James Prin
1e, Toronto, and Mar- 
18G;:;. Parents, WilHam Timpson, I
lH1Ísa st., g'aret FMbcs. Officiating mInister, John 
Toronto, and Oharlotte T1mpson. Officiat- ßø.rclay, Nov. 5th, 1866. 
ing- m.inister, John Barclay, Aug. 23, 1865. : Milas Mchwes :'Imith, born. Aug. 19th, 
:Margaret Alexander Simpson McDougall, 1866. l'arents, William Honry Smith, 17th 
horn Aug-. Srd, 1865. Parents, Alexander, Regt., and Ðo.thpl'ine Anne Smlth. Officfat- 
l\lcDoug-all, barrister, and Catherine AU- , Ing- minister, John Barclay, Dec. 11, 1866. 
t.\ McDougall. OfficÍlÜlng minister, John Helen Wynn Mathers, born Aug. 28th, 
Barclay. Sept. 8th, 18(;5. i 18l;6. Parents, ,John Mather!!, merchant, 
IsaùeHI], W.akc>mlln Evans, born May 21, Brampton, and Mary Anne :Mather., Of- 
1.8fiiJ. Parents, Erlward W. Evans, m.e
 fociatlng minister, John BarcLay, Dec. 9th, 
of Owen Sound, and Ma.rga.ret 1<'. SIDdalr. 18/;6. 
Officiatinlr minister, John Barclay, Sopt. Sarah Anne Rooney, born Feb. 21, 1867. 
13th, 1865. Paronts, R'rgt. Thomas Rooney" R. A., To- 
!Frederick William I'ratt, born 
c. 20, ronto Garrison, and Oa.therine Rooney. Of- 
18G4. Parents, William Pratt, Toronto, anll . ficiattng minister, John Barclay, March 18, 
Solina Sturzaker. Officiating minister, John 18(j7. 
:Be..rc1ay, &pt. 17th, 1865. íMargaret Jane fiunter, Dec. 6th, 1866. 
Willia.m Peroy Tyrwhitt, born July 31, Parents, Robert Hunter, carpenter, Tem- 
1863. Parents, Thomas Grahamo, Val1j;rhnn, , peranOf' st., and 1tbry Ann Hunter. Offlclat- 
and Ma.rgaret Elizabeth Tyrwhitt. Officlat- ing- mlnistpr, John Barclay, 7th April, 1867. 
ing mini
ter, John Barc16y, OCl. 9, 18fi5.! UeBsÍP Mcl\lurchy, born July 27th, 1865; 
Ad&m Brown, born Feb. 16
 186;'). Par- .Tnhn OampLpJl. born Jan. 2, 1867. Par- 
-ents, Jamf'S 
rown, rroi'onto, and Jano MaJ- I ('nt, Archihnl) McMurchy, teacher, Toronto 
coiro.. OfficiAting minister, John Earcl.o.v, Grammar School. Officiating mInister, John 
Nov. 23rd, 186<5. . Barcla.y, April 19th, 1867. 



Mar,. EHzabeth Gregor, born Jan. 26th, I of September, one thousand eight hundred 
18G6. Parents, Oharles Gregor, merchant, I and thlrty-on
, were married hy special li- 
now of Kingston, and Oharlotte Gregor. Of- cense, Ja.:mes M. Strange., of the town of 
firiating minister, John llarcle.y, April 
7. York, in the 110IIW District, widower, and 
1867. Margaret Ewart. of the same place, spin- 
EvelIna GoYe, born Ma,. 26th, 1867. Par- I stel', by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister of st. 
ents, Edward Gove, gunner, R. A. F. Bat- Andrew's Church, York. This marriage wa. 
tery, and Ann Govo. Officiating mlnlster, I solemnized between us, James M. 
John Barclay, June 25th, 1867. I and Margaret Ewart in the presence of ua, 
William Arthur Perry, Ada Barclay Perry, William Ware, Jane Macgibbon. 
born April 27th, 1867. Parents. Oharles West and Ha.yes-At York, th.el1st day of 
Perry, Jarvis st., Toronto, and 
It!.ry Perry. I Septpmber, one thousand eight hundred and 
Officiating minister, John Barela)", .June 27, thirty-one year, were married by s'pecial Ii- 
1867. censf'. Isaac West
 of the town of York, In 
-- McDonald. born June 7th. 1866. Par- the Home District, bachelor, and Margaret 
ants Roderick M{:Donald. Toronto. and HaJ'es, of the same place, spinater, by me, 
erine McDonald. Officiating mIniBter, John Wm. Rintoul, minister. Thi
 marriage was 
!Barclay. July 4th, 18G7. sole.mnized between us, Isaac West and Mar- 
Ola.ra McPherson, born Dec. 28th, 1865. garet Hayes, in the presence of us. James 
Parents, Edward McPherson, Yong-e st., To- Bls-ckwell and J:,mes 'I'aylor. 
runto, and Oath
rin'J McPherson. Officiating, Sloa.n and Williams-At York, the 30th 
mInister, John Barclay, July 27th, 18r.7.. I September, ono thousand eight hundred and 
J06eph Henry 8cott, born Sept. 9, 181':7. thirt.,o.ono year, \\ere married, after due pro- 
Parents, Henry :-:cott, wharfinger, Toronto, clw.IIWl.tion of bann!), Thomas Sloan, teacher, 
and Marg-aret Scott. Officinting mlnister, . 1 of the township of Scarborough, bachelor, 
John Barclay, .Kov. 25th, 1867. and Margaret Wllliatnson, of this town, spln- 
'Mary Margaret Logan, born Oct. 10th. I ster, b,}" me. Wm. Rintoul, minister. This 
18(.7. Parents, Gilbert Lo.g-an, eng-inef'r, marriage \\a'1 sobmnized \letwee:l us. Thomas 
Grand Trunk, Toronto, and Grace Gallow. I Sloo.n and Margaret Williamson. Witnesses, 
Offir'iating minister, John Barclay. Dec. 15. Thomas Smith and James Neil. 
1867.. I Munro nnd Munro-At York, the third day 
Charles Arthur, born July 27th, 1857; I of October, one thousand eight hundred and 
rn1ÆJoln.a.8 Bennett, born .Jan. 20th, 1860; I thh.tJ--one year, wtJre married, .Iftor pro- 
llelf'n Bennett, born Oct. 24th, 1864; I c1alTIll\.tÏon of banns, Alexander Munro, pri- 
Elizabeth Janp Benn.-.t t, born o
t. 17th, vate in II. M. 79th Regiment of Foot. 
18G7. ParC'nt, -- - J1rnnett, confectioner,l bachelor, and Mary Munro, of this town, 
Toronf:o. Orficiatiurr minister, John Bar- I spinster. by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. This 
cla.y, Jan. l
th, 1868. marriage \\as solemnizpd between us, Alex- 
Jt>hn Mounsc,}" LatLlller, 1J0rn Dec. 16th. ander Munro and Ma1'." 
IlInro, iu th 
1867. Parents: J..I.JII1. 'S 1\four:s 'Y I
ntim"'r, 1'0-1 ence of us, DOllald )Id
cod and Do
ald Ro
ronto, and Ðmlly Jane IAltim
r. Officiating- Hrunsdo'l anll lindgc\\ood- At 101"k. ,n
tI1r, John ßarclay. Ja.Il. 2
n'l. 1A(j8. I '.!Iith day of December, one thuusand eight 
'Thmnas BrQwn, .bor. Jan. 4, 1868. Par- hundre
 thIrty-one year, 'H'ro mnrried 
eDts, William Brown, conp..ral. 17rh Rrg-t.. I by spe<:tal hcense, Thomas Brunsdon, of the 
Bnd S:
rah Brown. Officiating minf.'lter John township of Yor!;:, lJal:helor, and !\bry Ann 
!Barclay, Jan. 28th 15(j8. '. Rridge\\ood. of thf> same township, spinster. 
Jam> Hope Re)-u{oldson, born Nov. 
Gth.1 b! me, Wm. Rint
ul, minister. This mar- 
18n7. Parents, John Reynoldson, clothier.' was s.)l..,mlJlzed Letw,!cn us, Thomas 
an,] Þabella Fenwick. Officiating minister. I Bl"unsdon and Mary Ann Bnùgewood. Wlt- 
John Barclay, Feb. 19th 1868. ' ness's, Daniel II, )laJne, 1\1os. 
aret Alice Reid. bo;n Feb. 2.5. 1868. I .Johnson and Keller-At York, thü nine- 
Parent..s, John Reid, II. M. 17th Regt. of I te2nth lla,y of January, one thousand eight 
/Foot. and Anne Reid. Officio.tlng- minister. hundred and thirty-two year. wert> married 
 Barc1ay. Mn,rch 20th. 18'G8. I by spe
se, J
awrenco ,Johnson, .of the 
WIl1l&m ß,'nry Smith, Lorn Au
. 15. 1867. I townshIp of 1ay, 111 the lIome District. 
PareDts, WilIia-m H(;;nry SnÜth. lJand, 17th I b
achelor, and Sarah KoHer, .of Ih-' t!1'
n of 
Regt.. and Üathprine Ann. Officiating- min- 1:ork, \\!dow. by me, \\ /11, 11.1'110"'1- J'l\""I'iU'r. 
Î8ler, ,JQhn Barclay, April 9th. 18a8. I This marriage was solemnized between U8, 
TIertl],a Hi ggi n..', , born July 20!h. 18fìA- '! Lawrence Juhnson, 
ar,l1l Ked, r. \ViullJsses, 
Parent'!, Swmuel ßigglns, 107 York st., To- ' Geo
g(' Ross, Cllua Sarah Ross. 
ronto. and Anne Higgins. Off!ciatfng mlnls- I (;lmkullhroomer anù Anderson-At York 
ter, J ,hn Barcl:t.y, Àug. 10th 18G8. ! the twenty-fourth day of Januury, eighteen 
, I hundred and thirty-two YNl.r, were married 
" by special Iiccnsf', Charles Clinkunhroomer, 
The followin.g is the record of the ,of this town, bl\chelor, a.1u Hannah Ander- 
various marriag
s enteted in the rð- ..on, of the sam' place, spinster, b.'" me. 
 of St. Andrew'i church until the I W'n. Rintou1. minister. Thi!.' WßS 
11ermination of Dr. Barclay's pasto _ I'lolemnizpd hetwpeu us, Cha.rles Clinkun- 
,ate'- r ; h;'O':'TlJ.eI", Ihnnnh An,ier!'on. WItnesses, John 
. An e.'son, Jam s Do::lo. 
Fonl and 'Ponton-At York, the twpntieth Cl1arlps Clinkunbroomer, a watch- 
day of August, one thousandr :? ight hUntlred k . 11 k . v k 
and thlrty:one, were married hv special Ii- ma er, was a we nown m3;n In l 
r . 
ceusr. Robert Ford, ..f thH to\\'Tl of YOI'k.' [he nam
 has been 

lt In varIOUS 
hnch('lor,. and Mary Ponton, of thr> S:lmc ways, and appf'ars onginally to have. 
p1a.ce, spmster, by me, Wm. Rintoul, mip. - bpen Klenkenhrumer. 
l1'ter o of St. Andrew's f'hl1rc
l. York. Wit- Log-'I.D and J.leth-.\t. Yo:"k, the henty- 
J1eSS_II, 'Vm.. Monro, John l\IaltÙ\nd. . eighth 11a.." of Jan'lary, elghtef1n hundr'ed and 
Strange and Ewart-At York. thr> first d": \hi:.t
.-two )'car, 'Wf're nJ.'lrried bJ' special 11- 



ense. Donald Logan, of the township of This marriage was solpmnize-t between us. 
Thornh. bachel{)r. anð Margaret Lieth, of William Butc
er. Catherine Eagon, In the 
the same p1ace, øplnster, by me, Wm. Rin- preSf'nco of James Graham, Mø.ry Graham. 
toul, minister. "hÏs marriage was I!olemn- Gibson and 8ewell-At York, the Itith 
&zed between us. Donald Logan, Margaret da)' of .June. eighteen hundred and thirty- 
Lieth, in the presence of Hugh Morrison, two years, ,were I11f\.rried by license, Thomaa 
.Jane MBcgibbon. Gibson, of the township or Toronto, widower. 
McLellan amI Curry-At York, the twenty- and Elizabeth Sewell, of the same township.. 
first da.y of February, eighteen hundred and spinster, by me., Wm. Rintoul, minister. 
thirty-three year, were married by special 1'his marriage was sol!'mnized between l1S, 
license, DugaJù .McLellan. of ChinguacolJsy. Thomas Gibson. Eliza.beth Sewell. In t)ae 
bachelor, to Ann Ourry, of Toronto. spin- presf'nce of Matthew Miller, Matthew (hay. 
liter, by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. This Cheyne and Bø.ird.-At York, the third 
marriage was solemnized between us, Du- day of July, eight
n hundred I1MI thirty- 
I!'ald McLellan. Ann Ourry. in the presence two J'eal's. were mo.rried, after due pro- 
of M. McLellan, Dunca.11 McLellan. clamation of banns, Thomas Cheyne, lJH'lw- 
Kinnear and Callaghan-At York, the lor, und IsabelJs Baird, spinster, both of 
twentJ,-third day of I.'euruary, eighleen hun- this town, by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. 
dred and thirty-two, were married uy special This marriage was solemnized uetween us, 
Ucense, George Kinnear, uf this town, bache- Thomas Che;3"na, Lsabelb Haird. Witneeges, 
lor, and Ja.n6 Callaghan, of the same place, Thomas GrabRm, William Knox. 
IIpinster, bv me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. Glen and Taylor-At Yorli, the 18th day 
This mfHI"iago was sokmmzAd between us, of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-two 
Geol'ge Kinnea.r, Jar.c Callaghan. in the pres- yoars, were married by license. James Glon. 
ence of Willilun Reid, John Stevenson. Rergeant in the 79th Itegt., ba.chelor, and 
Fisher and Rpynolds-At York, the twenty- Ha.nnah Tavlor, of the township of Toronto. 
liixth da.y of l\lI&rch, eighteen hundred and spinster, by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. 
thirl v-two J'ear, WEre msrried by special 11- This InlllTiag-e wus solemnized between U8, 
censë, Moses ,"'isher, of the township of .James Glen, Hannah Taylor. Witnesse.. 
R id Thomas Glen, "Mary 'I'aylor. 
Whitby, \\il1owor. and Margaret eyno s, 1\Ic.\llistor and McGibbon-At York, the 
()f the township of York. spinster, by me. 13th day of August, eighteen hundred and 
Wm. Rintoul. This marriage waS solemn- thIrty-two years, were married by license. 
Ized between us. Moses fisher, :\1arga.ret WJlliam McAllister, minister, of Le.nark, in 
Reynold!" in the presence of 'Villiam Jackel, the <listrict of Bathurst, bachelor, and Jane 
Jr., lUusdel BosUet. '> ' McGihbon, of the Town of York, spinster, by 
Sloane and l\1c
onnpll-At York, the,:, 7th me, Wm. Rintoul. This Dlarria
'> was sol- 
day of 
March, elghteo!1 hundred ';\nd thuty- rmnlzed between us, William McAlister, Jane 
two years. were lI1.arrIed by speclBl lIC?ense, McGibbon. Witnesses, J. Buchanan, Delia 
.fohn George Sloane, of the townshIp of 
West Gwillim.bury, bachelor, and 
Illrla Mc- .. M . f d 
Connell, of the same to\Hlship, spinst",r, by i WI]]Iam cA]hster, here re erre to, 
me Wm. Rintoul. This marriage was sol- ' was on
 of the clergy of the Church of 
(l between us, John G. Sloane, Maria Scotland in Canada, an earnest man 

lcC{)nnell, in thl' presence of Sarah McOon- i and devoted worker. 
nell, Jane Ml8.cgibbon. I .McDonald and Sutherland-At York, the 
Drummond an
 &aton-At York, !he 
hlrd 31st day of .o\.ugust, eighteen hundred and 
day of April, e]ghtee
 ana thlrty- thirty-two year, were married by license, 
two, 'Were married u
 license, Jumes John McDonald, of the township of York, 
Drummond. of tho. township of, Vaughan, bachelor, a.nd Janet Sutherland, of the silme 
tJachelor, .and Cather.ll1e Beat
n,. Of the same place, spinster, t>y me, Wm. Rintoul. Thia, 8PIJ.1ster, uy me, .Wllham Rintoul. marriage was soll=mni7ed between us, John 
ThIs m.8.J"rlage was solem!11zed between us, 
fcDonald, Sutherland, in the pre.- 
.James DruIIlmond, Catherme Beaton, In tho ence of James McDOIJal\J, John Barclay. 
pres,>IJce of }lowland Bett,y, Rachel Mc.- .NIchol and Poole-At York, the seventh 
Donald. .. day of September, eighteen hundred and 
Creasor a.ntl Anllerson-:At York, AprIl 3rd, thirty-two years, were IDBrried by license. 
1832 years, were marnell, after ])roclama- Robert Nichol, of the township of Me- 
Hon\ of banns In St. Andrew's Church. .John donte, widower, and Elizabeth Poole, of the 
Oteasor, bachelor, and Margaret An
e.rson, township of West GwiU1mbury, widow" by 
a;pinster, . by me., Wm. .H;1I1toul, 1I11111ster. me, "'m. Rintoul. This marriage "as sol- 
This ma.rnage was solE.mmzed between us, emnizpd between us, Robert Nil'hol, Eliza- 
John Creasor, l\f"arJ{arpt Anderson, in the beth Poole. Witnesses, Graha.m .Moonhead.. 
presence of Ann MciPherson. William Birkbeck. 
'Mitcht1el !J,nd McLeod-At York. the 
8th Cameron o.nd Buchanan-At Yo
k. the 
day of April, eighteen hUIJdrc<i awl t1nrty- twenty-sE'cond day of September, Olght
two. were married by license, Hugh Mltchae], n.llmlred and thirty-two year, were l1n.arrled 
of King-ston, Midland District, hachelor, and by license. MalPoLm ("
ron, of tb
J"ne MeJ
pod, of this town, spinster, by ship of Oro, Home distrIct, ba.chelor. u!ld 
nle, Vim. Rintoul. This ma.rriag' wus sol- Agnes Bu, ch11.1lØ.Il of th,,: S31TI1ie t,?wnshlp, 
ømnized between us, llugh l\IHcbael: Jane sp.inshtr, b;r me.. Wm. Rmtoul. Tlus mar- 
McLeod. in the presence of Alexander Mc- riage was lIokmnized between UIi, M1.1co]m 
Gregor, Janet Morrison. . Cameron, Agnes Huc
nan. Witnesses, ltolJ- 
ButchE'lr a.nd f:ÇaJ{on-At Y'
I.k, the tentb art Miller. John HarvIe. 
day of June eighteen hundred and tl.irty- PicJdnj;\' an,1 
fcGi1'tVl"a::--At York. th<> RrO- 
two year, w
re married. after due publica- ond day of October, e.lgbteen hundred &nd 
Uon of hanns, Willi:un 1
 (If this thirt.r-two, were marrIed, .al
er due publ!- 
town, bachelor, and Cathprine Eagon, also cation of banns, Rubert Plckmg, 80ldl<>r In. 
of this tQwn.. splnater. by me, Wm. RintouL H. M. 79th l
.t.. a-nd l\1arj[a.ret McGilli- 



 of this town, spinster, by me, Wm. presence of u.s, Wm., Peter Lane, Wil- 
Rintoul. This marriage was sûlemnlzed be- 11&m Heapey. 
tween us. Robect Picking, Margaret Mc- Lindsay Blld StiDtlon-At York, the fourty 
GWiTray. Witnetis, John Montache. day of January, ooe thousand eight hundred 
Balfour and Gorl1on-At York, the eleventh and. thirty-three, were mnrried by license, 
dayof October, eighteen hundred and thirty- I WilliaD?- Lindsay, bachel
r, and Letitia SUn- 
two, werÐ IDßrèied by license, James Balfour. son, 8plDste
, both of this tow
, by me, Wm. 
private in H. M. 79th Regt., and EU.6 Rint.oul, mmlster. ThIs ma.r
lage was sol- 
Gordon, of the township of York.. spinster, 
IZOO 'þetween us, Wm. Lllldsa.y, Letitia. 
by me! Wm. Rintoul. This 
=i <kif

. preeenoo of Susan Bcight, 
solemmzed between US, James Balfour. Eliza B d3 d Manning At Y k th 
Gordon. Witneøses, D. Mackay, Matilda, Mc- llt
y, eighteen bundre<\o

intyre and McIntyre-At York, too flf. three, were married. by lic
nse, Andrew 
teenth 'dB.v of October, one thousand eight Bready, of the township 
f Darl}ngton, bache- 
hu.ndred ånd thirty-two yee.r, were mar- c lor, a-n
 Arabell8: Manmng, SPlllBto
, by me. 
ried by license, Archibald McIntyre, bache- : Wm. 
mtoul, Mmister. This marrIage was 
w.r. and :Mary McIntyre, spinster, both of I ' solemI
etween us, Andrew Bready, Ara- 
York, by me, Wm. Rintoul. This marriage h,:lIa Mannmg, In 
he presence of us, J. 
was so1e.:mnized ootween us, Archibald Mc- Gmty, :\1ary A
 Gmty. . 
Intyre, Ma.ry McIntyre. Witnesses, John nOJ'd and Mc<JaJ.lum.-At 
ork, on the SIX- 
a'hompson William Syme. I tee-nth. dAy of Ja.nuary, eighteen. hundre.d 
., . a.nd thirty-three years, were married by h- 
B1.ack and Garside-
t York, th(t fifteenth cense, John Boyd, of the town of York, 
da,v of November, 
Ighteen hundred and bachelor, and Margaret McOallum, of the 
re married by Ucense, George I town of Hamilton. spinster, by me. Wm. 
Black, of thê1,. 
wn of York, bachelor, 
nd I Rintoul, .minister. This marriage "as sol- 
Sarah Ann Garsule. o! the\ same .place, spm- emnized between us, John Boyd, M"lI"g:, J'et 
ster, by 
, Wm. Rmtoul. This marriage McCallum, in the presence of 
Iary .-\an 
Zed ,IJetween us, Geors:e Bl&ck
 Young. Wm. Lawrie. Charles Mc1\nlly. 
 Garside, 10 the presence of Goorge I McGilvray and McKinnon-At York, lhe 
G:> rSlde, Robert Beard, I seventeenth dAY of January, one thousand 
Edwards ø.nd Trust-:-At York, the 2:7th I eight hundred and thirty-three years, "ere 
da} of. Novemoor, eighteen hun.dred a..nd I ma.rried by lice.nse, Neil McGilvray, of the 
IIn.l thlrtr-two yeø.rs, w
re IIl1o&rI:led, after I to\\llship of Vaughan, bachelor, and 
}JJ"()f'ÙUJ1abon ot ba
s, William 
. Edwards, I McKinnon, of the same township. spinster, 
lI"helor, and Oatherme 'l'rust, spmster, b
th by we, Wm. Rintolll, minister'. Thi
(,olh. of .tI
e town o
 York, by me, Wm. RIO-I riage \\as sobmnizpd between us, Xeil Mc- 
!oul, minIster. Th!s marr1a.g
 was solemn- Gilvray, Mary McKinnon. in the pr"'6ence of 
176(1 between us, WIULa.m H
rds, Cath- Cha,I"les llJack, Oharbs McKinnon. 
erine Trust, In the presence of William Mc- McLean and McDonald-At York, th^ 
Ivor, &.rah Butler. day of January, one thousand eight hundred 
Robinson a.nd NUll6n-At York, the first ø.nd thirty-thre2', were married by li('e
day of Deoem.ber, one thousand eight hun- John McLe.a.n, of the township of V&ugha
rlred and t Wrty
two years, were married by bachelor, ø.nd Flora McDonald. of thp, same 
Hcens,:" George Robinson, bachelor, and Ellen township, spinster, by me, Wm. Rintoul, 
Xunan. spinster, both of this town, by me, minister. This ma.rrhge was solemnized be- 
Wm. Rintoul, minister. marriage, was t\\ee.n us, John l\IcLea.n, Flora McDonald, in 
f;nlernnized between us, George Robinson, the p..ese.nce of Clara Bart, Mary Oampbell. 
Ellen Nunan, in the presence of \1S, Jeffrey Ormond and Curry-At York, the ninth day 
NtlJlan, :MÐ.I'y Dounùerson. of Febru6r.v, one th.ousand eight hundred 
Drmnmond and McDougald-At York, the &nù thirty-thre
, \\ere married by. license, 
twelfth d2.y of Dæember, eighteen hundred WilliMIl O'mood, of this town, bachelor, and 
and thirty-t\\o, were married by li- 'Isa-bella Curry, of the to\\.uship of York, 
censC', Daniel DrUJllll1lood, of Brock, in the spinster, by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. 
Boone district, bachelor, a..nd Mary Mc- This marriage was solemnized between us. 
DOtLgald, of Vø.ughan, spinster, by me, Wm. Wm. Ormood. Is&bella Curry, In the pres- 
Rintoul, !ID..Ínister. This was 801- enc.3 of us, Arch.. McKechnie, Robt. Rich- 
E'mnlzed between us, Daniel Drummond, lrfury a.rd9Ol1. 
McDouga.ld, in the presence of M. J. Mc- I Richardson and McMillan-At York, the 
Cord, Jane Sm&rt. eighteenth day of Februnry, one thou.and 
Rutherford and McKechnie-At York, the eight hundred and thirty-three years, were 
twent)"-first day of December, eighteen hun- married by lioealse, Robert Richardson, 
dred and thirty-two years, were married by ba.chelor, and Janet McMillan, spinster, both 
license, Alexa.nder Rutherford, bachelor, and of this town, by me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. 
Mary McKechnie, spinster, both of York, This marriage was 80femnlzed between us, 
by :me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. This mar- Robert Richardson, Janet McMillan, In the 
rlAge was sol
mnized between us, Alexander presr>nce of us, W. H. Wynn, Wm. Story. 
Rutherford, IM..a.ry McK"\Ch.nie, in the pres- Oa.mpbell ø.nd McKf'Chnie-At York, .the 
ence of us, Alex, McGregor, Arch. Mc- t\\Emty-first dAy of February, one thou- 
Keochnie. And eight hundred and thirty-three years, 
Lane and McOarthy-At York, the 27th wer ema.rrled by license, Alexander Oamp. 
day of Dec30mber, eighteen hundred and bell, of too tow.n of York, bachelor, and 
thirty-two, 'Were mArried by license, Thomas Heleon McKechnie. of the -.:me pla.ce., spinster. 
lAne, of thO) township of Vaughan, bache- by me, Wm. Rintoul, minIster. This mar- 
 a.nd EI
l1()r McCarthy, of the town- rlage was solemnized between us, Alexander 
.hip of Ma.rkham, .spinater., by mo, Wm. Rln- 08.mpbell, fi.
len M('Kpchnte., in the presence 
toul. This ma.rrl&J'e was sol4fDl1ized between of Robert Ki-ntz, Martha McHÞohnl.. 
us, Thomaa ÙiiDe, El&anQr MoOuthy, in the !McKay IWd Sammo
-Ât Yock, tàe 22n4 



day of FebruM7, eighteen hundred and ooloonnized ootw,:!en us, Peter McOallum,. 
thirty-threð, were married b7 license, Ken- Mary Blew, in the rreænce of William Blew, 
neth McKay, bft..che-Io-r. and Caroline 
aUl- William Oampbell. 
mOl1B, spinster., þoth of this town, by IDle, R\lJIlt and Phillipa.-At York, the! fifth day 
Wm. Rintoul, Minister. 'l'hi8 ma.rriage waa of May, eighteen hundred ß.Dd thirty-three, 
.olamnized between us, Kenneth McKay, \\ere ma.rrled, after due publicaUo-n of bann". 
CarolLne Sa.mmons. in too presence of James. Jesse Hunt, tJø..chelor. and Mary Ann Phil- 
Rogerson, Mary Cla.rk. . lips, both of thiø town., !by me, Wm. Rin toul. 
McLennan and Hell-At York, the twenty- ,minister. This marriage WitS solemnized be. 
fourth day of l<
ebruary, eighteeu hundred tween us, Jesse Hunt, l\ola.ry Ann Phillips, in 
&Dd thirty-three year., were married b7 II.. the pre8&nce of Roqert Johnson, Philam 
ceme, Dooa.ld McLennan, of the town of De.all"al. 
Victoria, Lo.ndon District, bachelor, and Allen -.rId Brown-At York, too tenth d.a.y 
.Jean Bell, of the same place, spinster, lIy me, ' of Mia.T, eighteen hundred and thirty-three 
Wm. Rintoul, Minister. This marriagE> was .)'83.1"S, were married by Ucense, David Allen, 
1Iolwnnized between us, Dona.ld McLennan. ba.cbeIOT, and Margaret Brown, spinster, 
Jean Bell, In the presence of :\lartha liell, both of the town of York, by me., Wm. 
C. J. Bell. Rintoul, Imlnlster. This marriage wos wI. 
Mcintosh and Ferguson-At York, the emnized between us, David Allen. Mn.rgarcr;t 
twelfth day of March, eighteen hundred and B.rown, in the presence of Samuel 
thirty-thr8ð years, were married by li- John M6son. 
cens', John., "Wido
er, a.nd l<
llen Beattie a.nd Hudgert-At YOork the 7th 
n, \\ldow
oth of ,t1l:18 town, by me. day of June, eIghteen hundred 111ld thirty- 
Wm. Rmtoul, MUllster. 1:hi" lDarrmg._, \\US three years, were llic.rried bv license 'ViI- 

olemnize-d between us, John McIntosh, Ellen lia.m BelattLa a.nd Janet II
' 'Pert 
th of 
Fer.guson, in ,the presence of Peter Baxter, this town, by me, Wm. lì ..i::'uJ,' minister. 
Thomas Elliott. This mArriage "Was solemnIzed between us, 
Line and Patton-At York, the fourteenth I William Beø.tUe, Janet Rudgert, in the pres- 
day of March, eighteen hundred and thirtY- e.nce of J.a.rnes 
reighton, Thomas Andern. 
threo years, were moarried by license, John Thorn Ilnd 1\IItcheIl-.
t York, the twent.r- 
Line, of the tOWß8hip of Vaughan, lJüche- fO\14"th day of June, &lg.hteen h,undred R!1d. 
lor, a-nù Ma.ry Patton, of Georgina, spinster, ' I thlrt.}' three, .were llIarned by hcens
. Wil- 
by IUW, Wm. Hintoul, minister. This ma.r- liam Thorn, bachelor, II.nd Agl}.es Mitchell, 
riage wa..<; sole.mmzed between us, John Line, I spinster, both .of the t
>,,!"nslllp of York, 
Mary Patton, 10 the presence of Niel Pat- by me, Wm. Rm
oul, mmLSter. This. 
ton, Walter Thoo.mBon. rlage was M>lemmzt;.d bet
een us, Wilham 
Scott &nd l\ld'herSOdl-At York, the four- I Thorn, Agnes 
lJtchell, m the presence 
teenth day of Ma.rch, eii'hteen hundred and of John Thorn, J
hn Ross. 
thirty-three years, wcm married by ücel1se, Sutherland And :sutherland-
t York, the 
Walter Scott, ba.obelor, a.n.d Anne McPhel1- hranty-ninth day of June, cI.ght:een h
8OOl, spil1stc.r
 both of this town, by me, dred and tlJJrty-tLree years, were marneð 
Wm. Rintoul, Minister. This ma.rriag
 was I b;y license, Hector Sut
.rland. Þachel1o,,:. 
solellunized bot ween us Wa1ter Scott Anne and Mary spUlBter, .b
th of th
.. P W . t ' W ' ll '-.- "' h ' ... town, by me, WIIJ. RIntoul, minIster. 'l'h19 
....c herso.n. 1 nesses, I UWü "-' e.u,,,,r, marriage was solemnized betw.'on us Ilector 
Th p OilDAB t i k Ard d cn M . W7" "- ie - A. t Y k th four- Sutherland, 1\1I:.ry Sutherlaftd.,
 In the pn's- 
a I' c a.n cn.OO..... . .oc, e. &Dce of .John Ml.,Kay, Rubert Ross. 
llJth day o-f March, eighteen\ h.\lJIldred and Shaw..oo Jaekøon-At York, the fifth 
thu-.ty-throo yaa-rs
 were IDIU"rled b7 11- day of July, ei,gbtbc.n hundred aud thirty.. 
cenae, Ja.mes 
atrlok, bachelor, a.nd Flora three years, were married by license, George 
McKechnie, spl
h. of this town, Shaw, bachelor. and Lo11isa Jackson, spin- 
by me, Wm. Rl
toul, mInister. This ma.r- ster, botb of this town, by me. "Ill. Rintoul. 
r1age was aolemDJzed betw.eell. us, James Pat- minister. This tDArri&ge was solemnized be- 
rick, and Flora. McK
le, 10 the presence tween us, G
org'" Sbaw, Louisa. Jackson. iQ 
01 .fohn Molltaoo.. LOUJ88 Montach. ' I the presence of John Kendrick, John Shaw. 
;Furies ø.nd "Hay-At. York the twenty-. Jobnstoh and hamilton-At York. the 
alxth day of MAroh, 
hteen huedred and I nJ:nth day of July, elirhteon bundred and 
thirty-three, were IDII.rrled, after due pro- , thirty-three velirl w
ro married by license 
cJamation of banns, Wilpam Farrles, bache- James J<>hn;ton.' bachelor. amt C..eorgi'n'; 
lor, and Betsy H1\.Y. .8pLl1ster, . b
th of thia I Hamiltfl
, I>pinster, In.'th of this town. 
town! by me, Wm. R.lDtoul, mlÐlSt&r. T
1.s 1 '7 me, Wm. Rintoul, minister. Tb.iø ma.r. 
Ilma.Trwge . was øolemIll2:ed. between us, W1I- rlAge w!\! solemnized between WI, James 
lIaom Fa.rrle.'J, Batsy Hal'. Ion the presence 01 , J.ohlllton. Geargina Hamilton.. in the pres- 
Thollllll.8 H:ay, John Sha.w. I &Dce 01 Robert Ross, James DlokliOu. 
;Fraëer o.nd Lleth-At York, the twenty- ßoeknum a.nd 
1cCord,-.-\ t York, the 
seventh day of M!a4"oh, ei-ghteen hundred and e1ghteonth day of JulJ, eiK'htCt.,n hund,red 
thi.rty-three, were married by license, / and tbirtJ.-three J'var-s, wer
l'ried by 
ß..ooald -,c&MIr and Mary Ueth, çln.
r.. I license, .R.otc.rt Beðkman, of Montreal" 
both .of the tOllmShip of Thorab, by me, bachelor, and Matildst 
lc0orå, of this town, 
W'w.. RlnteuJ, Minister. This ma.rrlage W8S . spinateI', by me. Wm. Rin,toul, minister. 
øol8lDllized between WI, BoQ&ld F.raser., Mary This ma.rrlag. WM eolem.nized between 11a. 
Lleth, 1m the presenoe of John Urq1Jhø,rt. Ro'bert, Matilùa MGCord, in the 
John Guen. preeønoe of James B86tt f ' U. Ri.ntouJ. 
íMoeOallwn &Ad Blew-A.t York, the 18th Wat.Nn and Short-A Yor.k t:he 18th 
day of April, eighteen hu.ndred and thtrty- rd.a,;,- of July, etghteen hundred ...nd thirty-- 
three years., were married by license, Peter three years. wel"E'I mft.rrled, >>fter due pro- 
iMocQallum., bachelor, a.n.d Marv Rle.w, l'pin- cl"matlon of banns. ThOI:.UI.5 Watson, bache- 
liter, both of the townøhiPl of 'York
 by me, lor. and ]'Lugaret Short, 
b of 
Wm.. Rintoul, Minlat... T.h3s \\ as tht.ø (own, b7 me. Wm. Rintoul. D1ul1stvr. 



This marriage wa.s I!okmnized between us, baehelor, and Eu,Ilhemia Smart. spinsle..... 
Thom:is Wa.t
(rn, !\Iarg'bret Short. In the both of this town, b
" me. Wrn. Uintou" 
}Jrl'sen<..:e ut WIIIil\ln Uam}JlJell, 
arah Wil- minister. This' marriag') wail solemnized 
kln!;ull. between us, William !\1itchell, Euphemia 
'fhomscJll alld 3mun-Ät York the four- Smart, in the presc,nce of Duncall McMil- 
teenth day of August, eighteen hundred. and lam, Clara Smart. 
--throe, wt.-re JlJd[ "tcd. aftet. due pub- McK:I
' an,d Baxter-At York, t.he 9th 
Iication of banns, Alexanoor Thornfon, of day of Novem.ber, eighteen hUlnðred and 
the township uf Ki'.1,g, bl1chelur, and Ann thirty-three years, were married. after 
Hðllriettli ::smal't, of this town, spinster" due publieatio-n of ùø.nns, Finla,y McKay,. 
Ðy me, V'-m. Rmtoul, ministor. This ma.r- bachelor, a.n-d Janet Baxter. slJillAer, LJoth 
ri:lgp was BolHlUnized between us, Alex:&IlJer of this town, L.)' me, 'Vm. Rintuul, minL;- 
Thomson. Ann SInàrt. in tile prefence of ter. This marriage wu solemnizell be- 
A.lldrew ROowano.. Jalllæ Grantles. twoon us, FInlay McKay, Janet Baxter.. in 
Hamilton and Hill-At Yor!{, the fourth the presence of Hugh Hunter, Dum:1an 
day of"r, eighteen hundred and 
"(.'llTS, wert, married by li- Bell and Smart-At York, the 29th day 
cense, JameJ 
H:wlÍltOon, bachelor, and of 
ovaJnber. eig'htee11 hundred and thirty- 
Elizabeth Hill, 8i'iru.ter, both of this town, three years. werß marriod. after due pub- 
by 'me, Wm. Ulntoul, minister. 'rhis mar- lic:ation of ba.nlls, John Hell. bachelor, and 
rlBge was solemnized betwet:J11 us, James Isabella Smart, spinster, bolh of this town. 
Hamilton. Elizo. Hill, in the presence of I by me, Wm. Rintoul, minislor. This mm". 
J()hn McGibbon, Harry Sawypr. riage wall iI'Oleli
on.ized bet"een U3, John HeLl. 
McLean a.ud Deptford-At York, the 1st Isabella Smart, Ln the pre-sence of William 
day of OctQlber, ,)ightet">n hundred and I Bøll. John Erskine. 
thirty-three years, welt) Ularri
d by licen
e. Gillespie and BuchDilan-At York. the 
William McLe3.n. bachelor. und Jane De p t- , 10th d.ay of Decem,Ler, eighteen hundred 
ford, spinster, both of the town9hip of a.nd thirt
.-three veal'S, were married. after 
York, b;r me. \VIl1. Rintoul, minister. in the due prOc1amu.tlOn l..f banns, _
rchibald Gil- 
presenco of Jl.lh'n Hill, JúÌln Flanagan. ' , Iespie, bachelor, DIIld Agnes Buchanan.. 
Abrams am.d Morrbou-At Yurk, the 9th spLnster. bOoth of the town of York, by me
day of October. ei,g1:..teen hundred and. Wm. Rintoul, Minister. This ma.rriage Willi 
thirty-three yeurs, werC married by licelUie, I sol
mnized between us, Arohiuald Gillespie. 
JohD. Abrams. of the township of Toronto, Agnes Buchanan, in the pre.:>ence of Dun- 
La<..:-llÙl....r, and Janet Morrison. of this town, . can :-:inclair, Arch. Rt1id. 
apinster, by me, Wm. Rintoul, ministor. I O'Rdlly and .:Stevellb-At York, the 16th 
This lna.rriage "8.8 solemnized between us, I day of J)ér.oll111'e,", eiKhteen hundrpd and 
John Abram
, Janet i\1onbon. in the pres- t'hirty-'three yeûrs, 1fere married by 
eaoo of Daniel M<. rrisou, Geo. lIarriNon. " William O' lleillv, wiùower. of Oakville. in 
LiTï.ngstæ1 and 'lhornp..ou-At York, the the district cA Gore" and Harriet Isabella. 
twelfth Ó8y gf October. üighteen hundred I Stevens, of the towllbhl,p of Toronto. in 
and thirt;y-three years, were marriod by li- the Home District spinster, by me, Wm. 
cense, Xiel Livinlrston, widower, and Mar- ' Rintoul. minister. This naa.rriago \\as sol- 
earet ThompBOI1. 
phlstt>r. hoth of this " 
nnized between Wi, William O'Reilly. Iss- 
t01f'll. by me. Wm. Rintoul. minister. This bella ste, VPlliJ in the prooence of DaTid 
IDð W:loS solt.-nmizeò. between us, Niel I Botsford, Mllry Botsford. 
LlTingøtO'Il, Margaret Thomp:;on. in the I Thompso'n âud l'arker-,At York, the 1st 
presence of Wm. Campbell, Juhn Dcnovo.n. dillY of ,JanUIlT). eighteen hundred and 
Bowie and Grahara -At York. tho 13th thirty-four J (,<\1', were married by license. 
c!a;r of October, eighteen hundred and I James 'l'h.ompbon, bachelur. Knd Ann 
thirt;r-three, were married by certificate tParke... spi."1bter, both of the town of York. 
Of banlls haTing ut.->en published, William by me. Wm. Rintoul. minister. This rnl3r- 
Bowie, bachl-lor. and Ann Gran...m, spinstel'. rÍoßge was solelIl1llized bet\'teòn us, Ja.mes 
both of this tOWll. by mo. Wm. Rinto'UlI. Thompson, Anu Parker, Ù1 the prÐ6ence 
minister. This ma.rriage was solemnized be- of .James A d3. [iH, , Ceorgo Bell. 
tween UB, WilliullI ß Ann Graham, in Barnett and Fox.-Al \:'ork, the 4th day 
the presence of I13nry J..ocker, Ed. Grant. of January, E.lghteen hundred and thirty- 
Oarruthers and Url\nt--At York, the 26th four. were marriod bv license. DaTid Bar- 
dsy of October, eighteen h\!olldred and nett. bacnel,->r, and Elizabeth Fox, I!pin- 
thirty-three yoon, were married by license, ster. both of tbi8 township. by me., Will. 
John Carruther:., of tho township of Mark- Rintoul, minister. This marriage \fRII sol- 
ham, bftci1elor, and !\1a.rg"ret J<
lliott. of e.nmized betwl'p.ù us })aTid Harnett. Eliz:lo- 
the town of York. sllin!"òter, by me. Wm. beth It'ox, in the presence of Robert' Mans- 
Rintoul, minil!ter 1'hi!! llUI.rriage was sol- field, Wiûiam J<'ox. 
twlnlzed between us. John Carruthers. 1\Iar- :McMartin and Carlyle-At York, the 
Iraret EUiu'tt. in the presence of JOB. E. 14th day of JanuarJ', t:i,ghteell hundreð and 
Mormon, M. Er"klne. thirty-four ye-ar, \fera IDo.rried by Iice-DBe. 
AITes and Ross-At York, the 25th day _
lexander McMartin, of the towßlfhip 01 
of October. one thousand eLght hundred and Charlottenilur,gh. in the Eø.stern District. 
.-three years. were married. after due baChelor, and Mary CarlJle, of this town. 
publlootion of b&IlIl5, Ja.mes Alves. bache- spInster. bv me. Wm. Rintoul, minister-. 
lor, and Ellen Ross, spinster, buth of this This marriage was solemnized between 118. 
t()wn. by me', Wm. RintouL, minister. This Alexa.n.der Mcl\Jftrtfn, Mary Carlyle, in the 
marriagp was sol6Ulnizoo betweon us, James presence of 1<'. Berry, Margaret Curry. 
AITea, Hele.n R.oSB, in the presence of Hugh and 8tewart-At York, !the 
(Jarmkhael. Joh'n Smith. 17th day of Jaw.ual'Y, eighteen hundred 
Mitchell a.nd Smal't--At York, the 7th a.nd thirty-four, were warriðd by license. 
døy of NOTeru.ber. ef,ghtee.n hundred and Archibald McKeel.nio, bachelor, and Mary 
thirty-three years, were m.a.rried. after due stewart, spi.rL:;ter, ùoth of this town, b7 
publloatiOl1 of baülls. William M'itchøU. me. Wm. Rintoul. ll4iuister. l.his Jl$r.... 



rlage was solemnized between us. Archi- 
bald Ml1Kechnie, Mary ðte"art, In the 
preøe'!1ce of Hu,gIh Hunter.. John Urquhart. 
Bell and Smith-At York, the 26th day 
of February, eLgh teton hundred and thirty- 
four, were married after dJUe proclama- 
tion of banns. William Bell, bachelor., and 
Eliza Smith. spinster, both of this town. 
by me. 'Wm. Rintoul, minister. This amr- was 9OJemn17.ed between us, William 
Bell. Eliza Smith, in the presence of John 
Er'l1ct.n1e. Wm. 1Ham. 
Gartshore anet Mitchell-At York, the 
7th day ot March, eighteen hundred and 
thirty-four, were marriðd by license, John 
Gartshore. ÍJIKhelor, and. Mary MltchelI, 
spillster, both of this city, by me.. Wm. 
Rintoul, minister. This was sol- 
emnized between us, ,John Gartshore, Mary 
ll. in the presence of Andrew Mit- 
cheU. John Cullen. 
This is the last marriage in the 
town of York celebrated by Mr. Rin- 
toul. The next ceremony was in- 
York no longer-but the city of To- 
Midd1amist and Dods-.Toronto, t 
day of April. t!igh teen hu.ndred and thirty- 
four year, were mnrrlðd. after due procla- 
mation of ba'Ilns, Henry .Midù]ømist, bac-hl6- 
10r, and Dorothy Dods. spÌ!Ilster, both of 
this city, hy me. \\'111. Rintoul, nJnist,er. 
This marri8,
e was solemnized between us, 
Henry MiddLmuist, Dorothy Doàs, in the, 
prt:sence of Geol",ge Dod.:;, John ArIIlBtron.g. 
Munro and :\loKenzie-'Toronto, the 9th 
day of April. were married by Oioense. 
D,nld Munro, bache] or. anJ LsB.boelIa Mc- 
Kenzie, spinster, both of the township of 
Markham, t,. me. Will. Rintoul, l11hister. 

his was solemnized ùetween us, 
JJa vid Mu.nro, Isn.ùp]}a 
lc,KI311zie, in the 
prt>sence of David McKtillzie, John Mc- 
Elson and 
im.p:;Qn- 'roroute. the :?:!nd 
day of AprU. eighteen hUilldrell and thirty- 
four .)'ear, were married ùy license. Wil- 
liam Eison, of this city, \J9.cher_olj. an.d 
Qh6rlotte Sim.pson, of the same, spillste4, 
b,y me. 'V:n. RiaJ.toul, minister. This mar- 
riage was sf:lemnized between us, \ViBiam 
Elson, Charlotte :':>im.p.
on, in the presence 
of John Smithier, John Cook. 
Bucibun and Tacket- Toronto. April 3oth' I 
dghteen hundr
ù and tllirty-four :rear, 
were rnarrle'l by, John lluhl:"\n, of 
this city, bacn01or, anù Chri"tinu 'l'a.'I;:et\O I 
of the same place, spinster, by me., Wm. . 
Rintoul, minister. Thi.> was sol- 
emnized between U
. Joha lJul-han. Chri
tina Tacket. in tbe prC.:!dliCt- of .John 
Pretty, William XewLJi.Qg
This was the last marriage in con- 
nection with St. Andrew's church at 
which Mr. Rintoul officiated. He re- 
signed the pastorate at the same time 
and was at once succeeded by the Rev. 
Wm. T. Leach. 
Hod!r6O'Il and 
mart-Toronto. February 
8th, 1831; yo,\r, were married, ufter regu- 
lar proclamation, I\1r. Michael Hodgson, 
.bachelor, and Jane Smart, both of To- 
ronto. by m
, 'Ym. '1'. Leach. minister. The 
sbove m& was solemnized in the 
pCe8e'I1ce ()If u.SI. WWJ.. Lo\\l1sbrou
h, John 

Bell. witnesses, a.nd between us, !\fioo
Hodgson, Jane Smart, partie". 
Tod and Butler-At TorOllto, on the 7th 
day of September, one thousand eight hun- 
dred and thirty-fiTe, were marrieè.i. by li- 
cense, AQ,(lrew Tod, Esq., of Toronto, and 
Elizabeth Butler, of same plaoe, by me, Wm. 
T. Leach. Andrew 'rod, Elizabeth Butler, 
parties: Thomas Taylor, Peter Brown, wit- 
Memo.-In this reglstr,y the autogl'lltph! 
of the parties are not glTøn. but they are 
given as to the parties and witnesses. and 
so reoord.ed In the office of the Clerk of 
the Peace. York MUls, 29th Dec., 18.32. 
WiUia.m T. Leach. 
Thompson and Oa.m}J'Dell-lOity of To
ronto, the sixteenth day of Df'C(3m:J:>er, 
eighteen hundred and thirty-five Years, 
were mt"J.rrled by lÏce ll3e , ch:lI"Jè; ThOlñpson. 
widower, of the township of York. Home 
District. and Lucrøtia Cnm:phell, city of 
Toronto, by me. Wi1lia,I11 '1'. LmH:h, minis- 
ter. This m.arriage was solemnize,] ùetween 
us, Oharles Thompson, l.ucretia W. Camp- 
bell. Witnesses. Marshall S. Bidwell, W. 
Marshall S. Bidwell was the well- 
known Canadian politician, whose 
doings are 80 intimately connected 
with the history of Upper Canada, 
Bpll I1.nrl Rutherford--Ony of Toron:to, 
th9 thirty-first (liay of December, e
huon droll 'tnd thirty-fiTe ymrs, were mar- 
d by lioo'Il.Se, and "ith specia., consent of 
the mother IUld executor of Oa.therk1ß 
Rutherford, Job.n Bell. Esq., bachelor, and 
the &Rid Catherine Rutherf/ord. both ot 
the city of, bt"' me. VIm. T. Lead" 
minister. This marriage was solemnized be- 
tween us, ,John Bell, Catherine Rutherford, 
i;n the presence of Thomas Bell, lixecutor; 
Don. Ros':!, Robert Ben Miller. 
The following memo. refers to the 
foregoing marriage. It is a unique in- 
stance of a legal document being en- 
tered in a church register. 
Toronto, 30th Deoonllber. ] 835. 
Ln oom\pllance with the conditions and 
provisions contained ill the last will and tes- 
t'amont of the within named Robert Ruth- 
er-fiord. so far as regards the settlement 
and provisions therein respectin
yearly i.noome of the within na,med Catth- 
orine Rutherford, we. tho undersigned!. the 
mother and executor of the said Catherina 
Rutherford do consent to the solemnisatiol\ 
of the said marriage within mentioned. In 
order to emtitle her, the said Catherint
Rutherford, to the yernrly i.nconue settled 
upon her. the said CatherÏ11.ð ltutherford,ó by 
her late father. 
Mary Rutherford. 
Robert Cathcart, Executor. 
Pater800l and Hyslop-City of Toronto. 
the 22ud day of Jauary, eighteen hundred 
and thirty-six, were married by license, 
James PaterSOlD.. of the city of Toronto, 
and Agn08 Hyslop, of the city of 'Toronto. 
by me. William Leach, minister. This mar- 
riage WBS solem.nized between us, .James 
Patereon, Agnes Hyslop, in the presenoo of 
Ruasel lngUs, Joremiah lredale. 
Lauder a.nd Brown-City of Toronto, the 
sixteenth day of February. ei,Khtoon hun- 
dred and thirt.,y-sÍx, were married by '1- 



oonl8, John Lauder, of the city of Toronto, day of NOTember, eighteen hundred 
bachelor, and Catherine llrown, of Rich- I\.nd thirty
ix, were married by license, 
'IDIOÐd Hill, on Youge street, by mf\. Will. Donald {i'r88er. of the t01nJ.si1ip of York. 
Leach, minister. Thiò marriage was 801- a.nd MR.rgaret McShenick, of the same place, 
em.nized between us, John Lauder, Cather- 6pi-nster, by me, 'Willisl&! Leach, minister. 
'ne Brown, in the pre
nce of George Peters, This marria,ge w&s solemnized between ua, 
Walter Preston. Domlld Fra
r, Marga.ret Mc.Shooick, in the 
McNeil and Hutchinson-City of Toronto, presence of .James Tolmlc. DaTid Hill. 
26th day 01' l'cbruary, eighteen hundred Harper a:n.d Green-At Toronto on tbe 
and thirty-six 
 par, were married by 11- twentY-60cQllld' day of June. e.1,ghteen hun- 
canse, Hugh McNeil, bachelor, of the city dr&d and thLrty-seTOO, Willia.m UlDCIWl 
of Toronto, and Eliza lIutcbihson, spin- \ Harper, of the <Jity of Toron'to, bachelot\ 
ster, oity of Torunto, by I
, Wm. T. Leach. and Ls.a.bella Gmoen, of the same place. 
minister. This marriage WWi solemnized be- widow of Midloa.el Green, of the O<(.lnty 
tweeu us. Hugh McNeil, Eliza Hutchin.son.. I of J,e1trim, Ireland. were by license mar- 
in the presence of Wrn.. Hutchinson, HU.!:,4J. lied by me. Wm. Leach. This marri
Hunter. was soleom.n.izcd between us, William Dun- 
Rose find Wilson-The city of Toronto, I oa.n Harper, !!tabella Groen. 
tho first day of Ma.rch, eigbteen hundred Gordo.n nnrl GoI11am-At Newma.rket on 
and thirty-six, were married by license. I the seve-nth day of :-:eptemfJer, eighteen 
Walter Rose, of this eity, widowm'
 nnd ! hlundred n-nd thirty-seven, were married, 
Ellc.n WilSOiIl, of the same place, wid!}w of I the Rev. lIenQ Uordon, minister of the 
the late .John Wilson, quartermaster 70th I Pr
byterian C'bJurcl1 ofða in connec- 
.Regt., deceased, Ly me, WIll. T. J...eacb, I tion with the Church of 
cotland, of Gan- 
minister. :rhi., malTiage \HIH HO)Pnlnized be- : n.noque, .JohlhStown District, Upper Oanada, 
tween us, Walter Rose.. Elletll WiIson
 in I bachelor, anti Na.rcissa Gorham,. of the 
the pr'3s
nce of Carfrao, Charlos towru;hip of Whitechurch, 
in.qter, by me, 
1'h()llllP s OllJ,. , . WilIhlm Leach, minister. This marriage 
Grout and Grant-Oity of Toronto. the was s'JJemnized between us, Narcissli. Gor- 
twenty-fifth day of April, eighteen hun- 'ham, Hp'Ill-Y Gordon, in the preaenco of 
dr&d and thirty-six, were illI3.1Tied by 1i- I .John J. Botsford. E. Gorh8.ll1, N. Gorham. 
conse, W. Wibi:lIn Groat, of the township of _"-t Toronto, 0'11 the fifteenth day ot Oc- 
:Markham, anti l\Iar
aret Grant, of the same tober, one thousand eight hundred and 
township, by mo, Will. Leach, minister. This I thirty-six year, were married by license, 
nù!uriage was sole1lln.Ize.rl between us, Wil- I William Bur>:lha.m, g
q., of Port Ïtope. and 
11am ßroat, Margaret GralLt, in the pres- 
l1Ban Bastedo, of Toroato. spinster, by me, 
enoo of John Davis. Peter Gmnt. William T. Leach, minister. This marria.gø 
Wilkie aIlJd Patters()n-Cit
- of Toronto, was s-olemnized betweeJl us, Susanah BS8- 
tWt'n.ty-first day of Jtily, eighteen hundred ted-o, Wrn. Burnham, and in the presence 
and thirty
ix, 'Were married by license, of U8. George Burnham, Jos
h Roger
Niol Wilkit3, of the town.ship of Killjg. At Toromto. on the twent;y
eventh day of 
bachelor, n.n.d Isabella Patterson, of the I October, ú'ne thouBa:n:d eight hundred and 
towllBhip of WhitlX:hurch, svillster, by me, thirty
ix, were married by licenSß, Duncan 
William Leach, minister. This marriage was l\I"Leod, of the city of Toron,to. oochewr.. 
eololI1'uizcd betwC\cn us, Nit1l Willde.. Isa- and Anne .McArthur, of the towJ18lbip of 
beIl:l. Patterson, in the presønoo of Thomas Toronto J by mo, Wm. T. Leach, minister. 
Mc.l\l1nty, Jamea l\lcLe.a.n. This marriage was sole.mnized between U8. 
:McCreat1i' a.nd D.1lgri8'h-At the city of Duncan l\1cLøod. Anne Mc_"-rthur, and In 
Toronto. on the fourth day of January, the presence of us. Hugh Henderson, ThoB. 
eighteen hundred and tl1irty-sevon, William McMurchy. . 
McCre-:llly, of the City of wirl- At Toronto. on the tw
nty-mnth day of 
ower, a.nù Maria. Dalgrish, widL'11\" of t.he late 
 one thOU8a,,?-d eight hundred 
Andrew Dalgrish. sergeant of 79th Regt.' 1 thlrt'y
Ix, were marrIed !1fter proclamatIon, 
dece:tsed, 'Were JllluTied IJ
' me, Will. Leach, Mr. Robert .H, odgson Chmgl1acousy, bache- 
minister. Thi
 marriage was solemnized be- lo
, and Mies A

art, of T?r
tWoeJ1 us. William J\1cC1"
Uòy, l\1a,ria Dal- Bp},!l,ster, b! me, WIlham 'I.. Lpa('\b:, IDlllIster. 
gris>h. in the presence of JB/illeø Murray, ThIS W88 solemmzed betw
n us. 
Peter Mcu.Vau,p; Robert Hodgso.Il, Agnes S1ruart, and lD the 
M K . and Y U1l At the Oit"" of presence of us. Thomas Smart, Thomaa 
. C I3IIlZle . o. le-. 

orollto. on the lOarth .day of January. At To-romlto, the twenty-nlnth day of 
 hundred auq tIurty-seven, James AUgU8t. one thous.and eight hundred and 
McKonzae, of tlIe. CIty of Toronto, and thirty
ix, Johm 3ümmer.set. of the town- 
Rnehel Y
unlo. s
mstør, of the s
me pla.ce, flhip of I1nnisfil. bache
or, and Margareft 
d. by hoe,l1se, b;). m
, '" m., Leach, Fletcher. of the city of Toronto, were by 
Iffil.Dlster. 'Ihlß marrIage 
as solemm
e- 110emBe marriod by me, Willia.m T. L

\\ cen us, James McKenzie. 
achel 1: oume, This msrrÏ was solemnized between us. 
:L!J the pr
sence of Jame" WhIte. Poter Mc- Jo'hn S-om.merset. MaJ".o01laret Fletcber, a.nd 
Kr.nzle. in the preBence of u", Gray. J
Holland and Dea.n-At Toronto, the first Gray. , 
day of August, cIghteem hnndred and At the city of Toronto, 0IIl the eigthth / . 
thirty-six, were married by, Samuel of November. one thousa.ud ði,ght hnndred 
JIolhmd, of OulJourg, Newcastle Dlo;trlct, a.nd. thirty
ix, we
 married by lioe.nse, 
bachelor, and Ma.ry Dean, of the City of Alexander Malthmd. of the city of Toronto. 
Toronto. widow of the late. WIlliam Dean, of bachelor, an.d Helen SkirTing, of the town- 
Oobourg, by me. WTll. Leach, mLnister. ship of Etoblcoka. daughter of the lats 
This wa.q solemnized between us. John Skirving, of t.he cmid township, farmer. 
Samuel Holland. Marv Dean, in the pres- dfvoea89d. by mte,. Wm. T., ministe.r. 
enC6 of Wm. Ooultern, Robt. Harrison. This marrinqe wa.q ßolmnnized lJetwE'en us. 
Fraser a.nd Mcl;he.nick--At Toronto, the A1cxa.nùer ;\1altla.nd, Heicl! Sldrvmg, and ill 



the pl'eBeoll:cø of us. John MaltIlI.nd. WiUi&m 
Munro. P&trlok A. OibøOlD. 
At TOl', on tbe slxtoenth day ot No- 
'Yember, one thO'UðlWld e
>bt hundred and 
thirtY-f!ix, were married by John 
S1øwan, O1.ty of Toronlo. bachelol"/, and 
J&ne Thompøan. of the pla.oe, spln- 
IIte.r, d.a.ughter of H&mllton Thompson, of 
tbe 01t,7 of Toronto, by ilie. William T. 
Leach, InJiIWIter. This Dlarrla,ge was duly 
4iOiemnized between us. John Shewan, Jane 
'JbQmpean., and in the. presence or us, John 
Glllesple. George BarrOQ
 H&mlltoo Thom- 
At '1' tho ølxlh day of Octobør, 
one thousand eigbt hundred and thirty!- 
six. Joohan Mc'Kecha11e. oochelor. of thoe 
tOWllBMp of Toronto, and Oll.the.rlne Mc. 
Draa, of the Oity of Toranto, were by 11- 
oanæ married by me, WDl. T. Leaoh, min'- 
"tel'. This marriage was duly solemnized 
between UB. Jobin. McK
hnie. Oatherinoe 
McIll'lSe. IIdld in the preeenoe of us" Wm 
HutchinBo'D. James 'furver. 
At the Olty ot TOTOn.tO, OlD the fou
teßI1ltlJ. c#. Noyamber, one thousand eight 
hundroo and thirty-ilix. were married by li- 
cense, Hu.g1b. HeIldel'80n, of the Oity of 
Toromto, badlelor, e.nd Ma.rgaret Jane 
Wotte.r. of place. spinster, by me, 
William T. Leach, minister. This mar- 
rl&ge WBB duly 9Olem.n.ized between us, Hugh 
Bendel'BOlll. Margaret Wotter, and in 
the preBaD.Ce of us, W. W. Gedd, Herlry 
At the City of Toronto, on the seoond 
dayo<f 1\Iay, o,ne t,houða.n.d e.i.ght hundred 
a.nd thirty-seven. weore married by Jicense, 
William Tow;n6, bachelor, of the towlIJShip 
01. Markham, and HSJ1Inah Smith, of the 
same tow.I1.5hip, spinster, by me, William 
T. Leacb. This was dluly sol- 
emnIzed between us, William Towns, IIan- 
mal}} Sm.ith, !\ond! in the pre.sence of us. John 
}<'alr Fenwiok, Andrew Sm.ith. 
At tho!.' GLty of Toronto, one thou
et,goht hundred and thirty-æven, mar- 
ried by lioonse, Mr. An,gus McKay, of th-e 
 of 1', bl\chelor, WIl.ù MUr
ray, of Bame place, spinster, by me. WiI- T. Leacih, mhnister. This marria..gJe 
W!\8 d
. sO]
Jmndzod betweem us, Angus 
McKay. Janß Murray, and in the presence of 
1]S. .John M('Kay, Adlll.m Gunn.. 
At tnc OUy of, on the nina- 
toonth day oof Msa,y, one thousand eight 
hqlndired and thirty-f!eye.n, were married by 
]iceon/re, Mr. John Goodale. of the town of 
Niagara.. baohol,or, and Elizabeth Fe-rris, 
of the City of TorontD, wiùow of the late 
WilIlam Ferris, of Toronto, by me. William 
T. Leach, mln.iBter. This marl' ia,ge was duly 
Bo]emni7M between us, John Gooùale, Eliz:a- 
heth FernR'. and in the pre.'!enoo of us, 
Iwhert Ha;y. 'Vh-oma., White. 
At tb
. uf 'rorOlIllto, 0111 the twenty- 
øeoond day of .June one thou Baud ei.g'ht 
hU'nodred and thirty-&3ve.n, Sidney Smit.h 
Hamilt(J'D., of the \Jity of Toronto, bache- 
].01', a.nd Anno Coultba.rd, of the same pla.c-e" 
. Bpimter, d:H1,g'hter of tho widow Ooult'hard. 
()of th9 tOW!Dßh.ip of l'ilarkha.m., were by Ii- 
{'a1I5e IDIarrie<1 b1' me, William T. Lel6ol(l. 
minister. 'l'his ma.rrts,ge has been duly 
øolemnized between U3, :SidnoJ" S. Hamilton 
.WIQO Coultharù. Bnd in the presence of 
lIS. G. 
. Norton, R. Swezer HamJItoT1', P. 
9I.a YO!'. 
At th
 City of Toronto, on the eif1hth 
dny of July, one thouð8Jud ei:rht hundred 

acd thirty-ee'YeIll. married by license.. 
Thomas NB,g'le. of the Olty of Toro
o, wid- 
ower, and ElizAbeUJ 13ro""n.. of the town- 
&hip of Erfln. in the DLstriot of Gore, sJt.n- 
ster. by me, William T. LeIl.CIb., mi.nlst
ThJs marris",ooe has been 0017 øoleumized be- 
twoon UB, Thomn.s, Ellz&heth Brown. 
a.nd in the presenoe of Robert Todd. John 
N ßt8'le. 
A t the Oity of Toronto, on the thir- 
 of Jnly, one thoWIILnd 
hun.dred 8Jl1d thirtY-6eyen, were married 
b7 license. Alexander MacØtay, of the Oity 
of Toronto. bachelor. a.n.d Rosetta Louisa 
I1amlltofi, of the eame place. spinster, by 
me. William T. Leach. minister. This ma.r- 
 hllB been duly solemnized between 
UB. Alexander Mackay, Ro6eotta L. Ifam- 
Uton, and in the preBe.úce of us. W. ROBe.. 
&obert Beard. 
At the City 01 Toronto. on the twønty,.. 
Urat day ot August, one thousand eight 
hundred and thlrty-eeYen. we-re ma.rried 
by 1f00lIl6e, Goof'ge Luthrup Norton, of the 
City O'f ba.chelor. 8Il1d Oaroliræ- 
Ferrier, of th& same place, spinster, by 
me. William T. Leach, mi.W.Bte.r. This m&r- haB been duly solem.nized between us. 
G. L. Norton. Oarollne Oruick8.hsnk Fer- 
I"1er. wn.d in the preeewoe of us, Geor8'9 
Bostwlc.k, Amos Horton.. William Scott. 
At the City of, on the ninth 
of Septem.ber. 0'DIe thousa.nd e-Jghl hundred 
8ind thirty-ævfm. were rn.arried by procla.- 
mation, John Taylor, of the City of To- 
ronto. bachelor, Bind Alicia Bryson, of the 
same place, spf:n8ter, by me,. William T. 

ch, JIlJin.ister. This ma.rria,ge has been 
duly so]oIIJ/nized between us, John Ta.floJ', 
Alicia Bryson, a.nd in the presence of us. 
Peter ldcArthur, Br,)"son. 
At (b.00 Otty of 'l', on the six- 
teenth ùay 01 Ootober, we thow;and ei&4ht 
h-un.drod and thirtY-f!ev&n, ,",re married 
hy license, George Hallida,y, of the towll- 
ship of Yorlk:, run.d Janet HOSSDU, rg.b. IOf 
sa.roo place, by me, Wlilia.m T. Leach.. mi-q- 
istet'. This m.arr
ooe has been duly ooi- 
emmzoo between UB, Georgo Halliday, Janet 
H08S'burgh, an.a in tho plt_

 of us, Thos. 
:McBeoath, David Hill. 
At tho City of Túron-Lo, Nl the niDoEl- 
tee.nth day of Ootober, one tho\.1Bl8.rnl ei,giht 
h'lll1drctl and thirtY-ß6
c:il, were married by 
IIceno;e, Thomas Atkinson, of the town.8hip 
of Etobicoke, bachelol", and Bertha. Kidd, 
of place, spin.,ter, by me. William T. 
I.ooob. ThiB has bee.n duly øol- 
em.nized bøtween lliI, 'l'bOIll
Bertha. KiM, om.d iv the pre6enoo, of us. 
uter, Goorge Marshall. 
At the 01ty of l'oronto, on the nine- 
teenth day of Oc.lober, o)DIe thoUSi8.nd ei.g'ht 
Irtutdred and t'hirtv-6t>von, were m.arried by 
liceol1ße, William Grnha.m. of Newrjark.e
t1achelor, a.nod Mary .
ßJ1e Flew.ell, of the 
towD61úp of UxIJrid&"c. 8l)iDater. by me, 
WilJia.m T. Leø.ch, mionistør. This marria,g(J- 
bas bee.n du]1' solelIllILi.zed between us, Wil- 
Ua..m Graham, Mary Anne FlcweU, and in 
the pl"eSalìOe of us, J. W. Wal.9h, Jolin 
Flew ell. 
At the City of, on the twentl" 
fO\lrth day of OcV,lIer, 01113 thoUß6Jld ei.gtJ.t 
hun.droo and th1rt)'-tieven, were married by 
licenae, James &o6e. of JoiIewmarket, bache- 
lor, a.nd Margoa.ret OOl1ll.8ily., of tho sal1ll& 
place. 61)IJ'H,ter. by me, \\tUi&In T. Leacb. 
This ha.s been duly 80lemnized b.,- 
t WOOD ua. .JnIIJð3 Rose, Marg&J:t't Oo-noolI.r:' 



and In the presence of us, John Sa.nderloDl. 
Da Yld Ra!s. 
At the Oin' of Toronto, on the twe.ntyt-o 
eighth Gay of October, one tbouæ.nd eight 
hundred and th il"ty-ÐeYen , were married by 
ii<:EfllK!. Niel McPhaden.. of the towmhip 
of Brook, bachelor. and Ma.ry McLean, of 
too same place, spmster, hy me, William T. 
Le6cb. ThIß has been <<hIly sol- 
emnized between us, :Siel D. McPhaden, 
Mar1' McLeem., a.nd in the preeenoe of Peter 
At the Oity of Toronto, on the thirty- 
fint ot October, lOne tho'usand eight hun- 
dred and thirty-eevoo. were married. Archi- 
bald McDougall, ùa.chelor. of the Oity of 

ro.ato, a.n.d ChriBtinn Mc'ra.ggart, of the 
øame pl&ee, by Ucen.:.e, by me. William T_ 
Le6æ. Tbl/! mø.rriago has been ctul.)' sol- 
øm.'1\ized betwee.n UB. Archibald McDou
<JbrÏßty McTaggart, a.nd in the presence of 
UB. Duncan M. Land. Xiel Graham.. 
At the OIty of Toronto. on the twenty- 
n.inth of I>ecamber, Olle tho1Jsand 
hundred and thirty-eevan. were m.arried 
by license, Archibald Graha.m. o/f Thorah, 
boachelor. aoo McLeod. of the New- 
oastle district. spinster, b;y me, William T. 
Lea.OO. This has been duly sol- 
emnized between UB, Arch. Graham. Na.ncy 
McLeod. and in the preeenoo of us. Hugh 
McLeod. Hugh Oamero:n. 
At Toronto. on the thirtieth d&y of De- 
cember. OO1e thousa.nd eight hundred and 
forty. were married by license, David Smith, 
of Toronto, widower. and 
Ln.ry Ml'Neil, of 
the Bame place, by me., William T. 
This has Lean l1uly solemnized be- 
tween us. David Smith, 1\l.8.ry McNeiL, a.nd in 
the prooftI1CEl of n3. Peter McArthur. Dr. 
&an kin. 
At Toronto, on tlK> tenth day of July, thuuBlnd ei<;ht hundred and forty, 
were married bJ" license, Samuel McMorran, 
(>f tho tv-won of Xiagara, bachelor. and 
. Lawlr>
H, uf the sarna place. sDLnster. 
l.y me, William To Leach. Thi. marriage 
bas been (hll
' solem.nized between us, Sa.m- 
nel l\Ic:\[orra.n. 
Iary LawleBi. a.nd in the 
pTeßen.Cð of us. .John Short, Henry Lawless. 
_"'- t Tor<, on the ten th da
 of July, 
<<no tbo1JBand eigh t h an,d forty, 
were O1Iarrioo bJ' license. Willi&m Ji.saac 
Croa.d'ie. of Toronto, and 
Ia.ry .o\nne PrN!- 
to'I1, of 8' place. b.)" me, Wm. T. Leach. 
ThiB marria.
e has boon duly solemnized be- 
t wcen oIB, Willia.m Lsaa.c Creadie. Mary, Anne 
 in thA pre..;enoe of John RiddleU, 
William UoOroa.ùie. 
At Ti"sTOlllto, 0J1 the t\\entY-ðeYe.nth of 
November. ome thoillland. eight hundred and 
forty, were Ubarrloo by, James King" 
of F.toOioo.kl}, a'I1Jd Ja.roo Ennis. of 
plar.e. by me.. William T. Lea.cb. This mar- 
rir..,go hII.'! ooen duly solemrozed between U8. 
.,;'.affiuel Kim
. Jane Enlli&, a.nd in the pr
an.ce of UB, J amæ Th'Ü'Ulþ8on. John Ennis. 
At an the second February. one 
thouBam.d eight L.un\trod and thirty-ei.ght, 
were married by lioenae. Jo.seph Smith. of 
Bam41ton. b&cò.ek>r4 n.n.d Sarah Faruley, ot 
the Ba.IDe pl'l.oo. spinster, by me, Willia.m '1'. 
Leach. ThIs marriage has been duly sol- 
ørrun:lzed betweWl \.oS. .Joseph Smith. Sarah 
Jiìaruley. a.nd in the presence of us, Robert 
Itftuirhea.d. Jobn Wesley, 
mu61 Ro,ge:rs
At Toremt,,-. on. tbe edghth dJay of Føbru- 
a:-y, 00l
 thouøa.nd e"gùt hundred and thirt1'- 
e1ght. were married by lic('nßO". Ge-orge :\1('- 
'adden, of Vaughan, bachelor, and Eleanor 

J(:fyOO, o<f tbe tow.nsl1i.p of York. by m
Wm. T. Leach. Thi.s nw.rriø.ge was duly sol- 
fflIUllzed between lIB, George MoF\add
Elea.lllOr Jo
ce, a.nd 1n the pre6eDce of us. 
Alex. McF8.ddian., John McAukv. 
At Toronto. on the fUteooth ð6y of F.øb- 
mary, ane th-ouBIIIn.d e.igilt hundred and 
ight. were mørriM by lioel1Be, .John 
RobiBotn, of Hamilton. lja.chelor. 
a.nd Eliza Qninla.n, of U. Oanada. spinste.r 
b;r me, William T. Leach. This ma,rriap 
( bean duly 901em;n.lzed betwoon us, .J. R. 
Urquhart. Eliza Qu
nla.n. and ilL the preø- 
e:noo 0 fus, II. McLennan. John Sweeney. 
At TOJ"OOlto, 011 the tWenty-ei,gllth day of 
Februarl' one t11oUB8Ind eigb t hundred and 
i,ght, "'er
 married ùy liCßI1Be, Alex- 
ander Sutherland. Hollanù Landing, and 
Oathenne Gnnn, Wcat Gwillimbury. by me. 
Wil1iam T. Leach. ThiB ma.rriage was dlI17 
801e-mnizod bt>tWee!l us. _\.lexander Snther- 
1amd, Oatbarlne GUllIl. anù in the vresel1at 
of us, A.ngtls Gunn, John Sutherla.nd. 
At TorOlIllto, the secon.ù d.ay of March, 
ane tI1'OUBand ei,g..t lJundred and thirtYr 
eight. were married by 1iOW1Be. Oharles Gibb, 
I of Toronto, bachelor, and Eliza Shillinglaw. 
of th
 eaJI1ß pl&OØ, widow, Ly me" William T. 
Leach. ThJa hllos baeul ,}uly solemn- 
ized between lUI, Oharles Gibb, Eliza 
tinglaw, aDd in UIe presence of us. John. 
I Ley8. lWbert Gibb. 
_"'-t Toronto on the eighth 
 of March. 
l one thoU8&l1d eiKht hundred and thirty-eight, 
were married bv license, John WaÙ!h. New- 
'Iß8,rket, ùachelor, a.nd Lydia Davis. of same 
place, widow, by me. William T. Leach. This 
! has been duly 801mmúzed between 
us, John Lyæa WaÙ!h. and in tb& 
presence of us, Ohø.rk!ø GlrrhlWl, J. It. 
SuthelI"land. \ 
At Toronto. thð sixteenth døy of Mar('h
one thoUB&Ild eJKht hundred a.nd thirty
were married by lic.enB';l, Jame.s Dixon. of 
the City of Toronto, widower, and Cath(,J"- 
ine Cø.rfrae. of Bame plaoo, spinster h) me.. 
WfIli&m T. This marriage hII.'! Ù('C'fi 
qUI.v Bolem;nized between UB. James Dixon. 
Catherine Carfrae, ana in the presenc& 
of us, Ro
rt Carfrae. William Bell. 
At Toronto, on the seventeonth day of 
April, one thousand eight hundred and 
thirty-e.ight, were married bJ-" lieense, 
Thomas !toboon. of Chingu&consJ'. hachelor, 
and, Janet Gibson Sheirs, by me. William T. 
Leeæh. This marriage has beelll duly sol- 

n1zeù between UB, Thom6s Robson. Janet 
Gibson Shiers. and in the presence of James 
Archer, Ad6.ID Spers. 
At Toronto. on the twentY-f!eventh doy 
of April, 
 thouaø.nd eii'ht hundred and 
thlrty-eight, were married by license, Geo. 
DodB of Toronto. bachelor, and SI\rah Oook, 
of place, spinster, by me, William T.. This m&rrriaa-e hss been duly sol- 
emnized between us, George Do
Oook. &Ild In the presence of 1l8. Jaber Da.ber. 
.John ArrnBtrone-, Suaø.nne Beith. 
At TOroI1to. on the third da,y of May", 
one tho\lBll.nd eight and thirt
eight, were mB-rriAd by proclamation of 
bti.UDB, Ja..mes Oleland, of Toronto, a.nd Eliza- 
beth Paton. of S&IUB place. bJ' me, William 
T. Leach. This m.a.rriaa-e hss been du l 7 
nized between UB. James Oleland. Eliza- 
beth PatOll. &nd in the presenoe of 'D& Rob- 
ert Hay. John Glen. 
At Toronto, on the seYenth da.Y of May. 
one thoU8ßnd ei{:ht hunl1rod and thirtyo- 
eight, were married b7 procla.matfou.. 



John McOa1ma-n, oi Sun n.r dale., bachelor. At Toronto, on the 10th dA,y of Jul,., 
&D.d OhriBtin& Pettizrew, ()of Toranto, .spin. We're married Ù;)" lioonse, -John Martin, of 
ater, by me, Willi6lIl T. Leach. This maJ:'&. township or York, and Janet Blue, o( 8&me 
 h&8 been duly Bolemnized between us, pJftoe, 1>1' me, William T. Leach. This mar- 
John McO&l:ma.n, (JhriBtina pettizrew.. and riaa-9 has been duly Bolemnized between us, 
In the presence of WI, John R068. Arch. Reid. John Martin" Janet Blue, and in ther pre&- 
At Toronto. on tile 2:2nd day of May, ence of us, Peter McCallum.. Agne.s Blue. 
one thousand ci&,ht hundred a.nd thirty. At Toronto, on the twelfth day of 
ela-ht, were married. by licenBe, Thomas July. One thtOUB6Jld eight hundred and 
HoOlD&ll Mu
ck, Esq., 1\1.D., of Newmarket. thirty
ght, were lDArrit;)d by license. Hugh 
widower, BJld M&ry Oawtlt,ra, of ,the Bame Murray, of the township of Yorlij, 'ùach-er-- 
p1&oe. spinBter, by 
, Willia.m T. Leach. 10-':, &l1d M&rv McVicknr, of the æ:me place. 
This ma.rriqe h8ß boon. duly solemnized be- SpJ,nBter. by me. WlIl. T. Leach. 'rhis mar- 
tween us. T. H. Mu}oock., Mary Ca,wthra, and rLa,ge has boon dulv .solelIUJized between us, 
m the presence of WI. Arthur Ar
troß\g", Hugh Murray, 1\Iary McVickar, and in the 

t. R. F., John Mulook, Lieut. R. l?or. presence of us, Archihakl McVickar, Michael 
-e8tolt1. Murray. 
D M At Toronto. on the fourteenth day of 
r. ulock was father of the Hon. July, one thoo.sand eIght hundred and 
William Mulock, M. P., Postmaster- thirty
ight, were married by licensc, Mur- 
General of the Dominion of Canada in doch McKellzie, of the city of Toronto, 
the Laurier administration. He settled be..che1or. and Margaret Aitken, o,f the same 
in Newmarket in 1838 , and some little p1ßc.e, splrulte.r, by me, William 'r. Leach. 
This marriage haë been. dul,y BoJemnized 
time later removed to Bond Head, between us, Murd'Och McKenzie. Marga.ret 
where he practised until his death in iAitken. and in the pre.son.oe of 
. James 
1847. His widow survived him for many M<-'Kea.n, R. Aitken. 
years, d y ing in Los Angeles, California, At T,oronto. on the fourteenth daE of 
July. one thouænd eight hunðre13 and 
December 29th, 1882. Mrs. Mulock was lhirty-eight, ware married by Hcense, David 
a daughter of John Cawthra. of New- OIark, of Dundas, o,f GÜ're District" bache- 
market, who was member for Simcoe lor, fIdld Maria Perry, of the town of Pick- 
county in the Provincial Parliament of erln.g, by me, William T_ Leach. ThLs maJt- 
. rWlre Wa.<! 09olPm.n.ized between us, David 
Upper Canada ill 
839. One o
 the wit- OJark, Maria Pe.rry, and in the presence of 
nesses to the marnage, Captam Arthur us. ThomiLS F. Ra.n.kin, .John Berry. 
Armstrong, was a prominent resident At Tc.ronto on the eighth of October, one 
in Lloydtown Ont where his son also I tbousa.nd eight hundred a.nd thirty-elght. 
- · ., - " ' were IIIarried bv liceru;e, William Moore, of 
Arthur Armstrong, now resIdes (18990). the city of Toronto, and Oatherine Shnckal- 
At TO'I"onto, on the t",cnty-third <Lay of ford, of æ.IDIe pla.ce, by me, WlIliam T. Leach. 
May. 006 thousand eiJ:'ht hundred and thirty- This muriil,e'e ha.s been duly solemnized 
eiJ:'ht, waro married b;)" liceu&o. Michael hetween WI .W ulI."1 l\IOOrej, Oatherine 
Tighe. towlJ8ohip ot Toronto, widower, and Sha.ckl!.Mord. -anod in the p
nco of WI, 
Ha.rriet McCo.y. Toronto" spinster, by me, .James Johnson. John McWilliams. 
Wil1iwIl T. 'l'hi8 marri
ge hM !->oon At Toronto, on the eJeventh day of Oc- 
ùuly.soleomDlzOO betw,!en u.s, l\Ilch.ael TIghe, tober, one ,tbouænd eight hundred nnd 
Ha.rrtet MoCoy. and III the presence of us, thirty-eilrht. were :JD&rried by license, Wil- 
Ana-us McKø,y. Edward Batter. Ii.&m Hard.,., of the towIlBhip of York" and 
At Toronto. the fifteenth <1a.y of June, Jø.ne Tarrett. <:I'f Vaughan. by m.e. William 
Qne thoUBIII.nd eight hundred a.nd thirty- T. Le&ch. This marriage has boon sol- 
eight. were m&rTied by liOOI186, Archibald emnized between us. Will1a.m Ha.rdy, Jane 
Slw.unon, of the City of Toronto. ba.cher- Ta.rrrett, and: I.n tlw præence of us, Marma- 
100-, 8000 MaJ1:'aret MorrÏ8oD, of the same duke Ta.rrett.. Robm1: lIa.rdy. 
place, BpinBter, by me. William T. IA3ach. At fOTOllto. on too twølfth day of Oc- 
This mo.rria&'6 ha<. 1.00n duly solemnized be- tooel". 00(1 tbo'll..
d pi.ght hundred and 
twee.n WI, Arch. Sh&llnOIl, :\-Ia.rgaret Mor- thirty-eight, were ro<'lnÏ.ed hy licf'n.
e, Wil- 
rison. anù ill the- preænce of Uá, Geo. Boyd" Ii&m Boll, of 
.oronto, and lIclf'1l ßain. of 
James Tolmie. Dø.niel Morrison, Robert Mc- æm.e plaoe, by me, William 'f. I.pltf'h" Thi.'I 
.Arthur. I ma.rri
 has been du];
r Bo]emn,z('(l betwe
At TOil"'onto on the nIneteenth of June. us, Willia.m BeU, Beien B
in. and in. the 
Qne thoUBand eight hundred and thirty.. preeen.ce of ua. J&mnll HOlD.lDg'. JII.8. DIxon. 

i&,ht, were ma.rrif.d ù
 license, Hugh Ola.n. At TorontOl. 011 the ty;elfth daJ" of Oc- 
odi-neon, o.f the City of Tforonto, hBcheÞor.. tober, 
lght h,!JHlred and 
and Mary Dixon. of the same place, spinster, thlrty-e;iiht. 
re rrJt\orr
d hy hcen.o
. WlI- 
bl' me, Winiam T. This marrlag>e, Ua.m flialL of Ute towæhlp of}.laryborough, 
bas been duly Bolemnized between us, 1Iugh I 8.lld HeJen M,?Callo.m. oJ the ChY. (
f Toro.nto. 
(Jlündin.e'tl. Mal7 Dixon, and i.n .the proo- I by nilß, Willi&m r.. , Thlß ma
ence ol us Robert Oa.rfr
, (Jhlirlea Mac-' b.a.s been so)amlruzedo betwe
n us, WillIam 
oonald. . I IIo.ll. Heæn 
Callumi. and l1J the presence 
At T.o,ronto, on the l1ay of of us. John Boyd. McPherson. 
&ptember, one thowand eight hundred awl I At TorontQ. on tllQ twentY-Boeventh day 
thLrty-eight, were ma.rried by nCOD8(). I of NOTerdber. ()M th.ous.and eight hundN><I 
Th'O'Il1a8 Aitken, of Toronto" a.nd Ohristina . R.I1.d tI:*-ty
.ht., were ma.rried by license, 
Hunter. o.f pla.oe., by me, William ']'. I .Tc5f."p1J DOIrer.. of the township of Mark- 
Leach. This ma.rriage h88 been dul;). sOoI- b:affil, and Nanc:r StockdaJ.e. {)of the same 
emnized hetween us, Thomas Aitken, Chris- p'I!\oO'!" by me, William T. Leach. This mnr- 
Una. Hunter. a.nd In the preße11ce ot us, h&8 been dut,r soleTIUli7-C{1 betwee:: h!q, 
Peter McArthur, Henry Bragg. J()6f?oph DoIneor, Ns.ncy stockda.!e, :\lHI in lhe 



Jlnøenoe of us, Emm.anuel Doner, Peter MC- l i thirty-nina, were mArrieù by license, Georlre 
AM,hur. Stall'8 Brown a.nd Sarab Huwe A\us.tin. both 
At Thronto. on too twenty-ninth day of of the city of TorontQ, by me, T. 
November.. ooe thoUMnd t!ight hundred and Leø.ch. This ma.rriHi:'e ha.s been ùul
' 901- 
i"ht, W6I"Ø married 1Iy licenae, Ja.mea wnnized between us, George Sta.irs Bwwn.. 
..nOOr, of Toronto. &l1d Sarah Mary Sø.r&h Howe AUBtin, and in the presence of 
Scott. of To.ronto, b7 me, WiUiø.m T. Leach, uq, John S
Ilea". Robert Áuatin, Oro- 
ThfB m&lTÌ&I'ß has 
n d1lt.f 80lemnlzed fOf'd Ridout. 

etwee.n 116, J&meI! Alexs.nder, Sarah Mary At Tioronta, 00 too ei.J:'hteentb day of 
Soott.. o.nd in thee. pretlßIloo of us. Ja.nwø Febro.s.ry, 0Ile tboUBand ei)Cht hundrod and 
A)eç.u.nder.. Robert llIn-&,badn.. thirty-nine, were mo.rr
d hy liceru;e, WH- 
At 'To1"I:>l1to., on tb,e thirteenth day of 1.Í6m Williamson.. of Newmarke-t. and Mar- 
Deoember, me Urou.'.u:d eÏ-&'ht Imndred and lrUet Er8k1ne, of Toronto.. by me, Willia.m. 
t:blrt;y-e.iKht, were IlJo?Irried b7 IIcOIUIe, Arch. '.I'. Leach. ThiB mMriug'(! hBS been duly- 
n.Jd MoJnt.r
 of the town.ship of Eldon, duly l!o'lem.n.ized betwoen UB., Wm. Williamson.. 
lAid Oatherine Keith, Toronto. spinster, bT M. Erskine. and in the presence of u
 WIUia.m T. Leach.. an.\! in t.he presence EraJdn.e., Anzl18 Blue. John Erskine. 
Gf UB, WIlli.a.m McArthur, Arch. Reid. At Toronto, on the t.w6.ut.}'

ghth day of 
At TorontQ, on the. thirty-first day of Feb ro&r;y , 
 thous.a.nd e.i&ht hundred and 
December. one thoU8tl.nd eight hundred ana thlrty-nin.e., we-re :ma.rried by procJamatlon. 
1 hirty-<'ilrhl. ",ere m.a.nwd by n
ense, Geo. Andrew Bell a,nd Mal.rgarot Oarruùico. the, Ü'f Toronto. widJvwr, end !\Iarg,lret former of Toronto, the latter from Esque- 
Edjt.r. of samp !Jlace, Bpinster, h
. 1I1e, WH- Bing. by me. WiI1i.a1m T. LeaCD. This mar- 
tiAAn T. Leach. 'l'hiß marriage h8.8 b
n ri&i'ø has bee.u duty aolomnlzcd between u
duJy &û'I.e-amized between 1].'1. Goo. 'Forbe;r, Andrew Bell. .Mar&,uret Oarradioe. and in 

aret Euj
r. snù in th6 1>re.sence 00 u.s. the presence oof UB.. Thomas Soott. John IJ'. 
W1nïrum F,'rhPJB "OM Carrigan. FonwiQk. 
At 'l'loorOl1to on t
f' first day of .January, At Toronto. on the eighth day of Mar
eltrhtoon hundlred an'} t.hirt.;r-nine, were mar- one thousand ei-i'ht hundn
d a.nd thirty- 
r1ød bv Dcerum. Mr. James Y,<>ungl, of nine. were m&rried by license, !\fl". James 
Whitbv.. ø.nd 1.<;o.beTI.). lIobte8. wiùuw. of the Bicket Blld Miss Jane Lecki
 both of the- 
MmQ place. tll' me. WiUiam 'r.. This city of TorontÜlo by '100. Willi.aJn T. Leach. 
m&rr\a.&re ha.s ocen duly Bolemni7ed between This 'IIl&n'ialrß has bean dujoy sole.mnized be- 
UIC. Jø.rne.
, 19
Le:Ùa Young, and in tw-een us, J&1I1Ø9 Ricket. Jane Leckie. snd 
thA pl'ft"e.nce of U3, ',Vall.. ltichardliou. George in the prescnce of WI. Walter MacfarlanQ.- 
Weøt. WUl Mitchell. 
At Toronto, on the t.hlrd cIa,," of Janu- At Toronto, Ob the thirteenth day of 
BJ7, one thousand eight hundred and thirty- 
clL, ()Q& thQlWll8.l]d eIght hundred and 
rone, were married bV license. Daniel Mc. thirty-lÚ
 were IJDIW"ried by 1fceIIBe. Jo- 
Vk6r, of Vaughan.. o.rW Mary Aruw.ur. of øeph Fell. &ur.i!OOl1> of Erin.. øald Dina.h 
øwn.e pla.oc. by me, Wilham T.. L('ach. This stuckey. of BIIIUIIB pb.ce, widow, 'by me. Wil- 
 h.a.s been IJuiy duiemnized betwe911 IÙl.:ln T. Leø.ch. This msrris,&:c hNi hee;n 
ta' :\fcV'cu. :\lary Armour. aud in duly øolEml!r1.lzed betwoon us, Joseph FeU. 
the pre
.'nce of us, Dunc&n McOallum, Alex- Dln&h Stuckey, a.nd in the presence of 116.. 
IIIlciar Ann.our. 'f1h'Ü1I188 Orai&" G. M. Poet. 
At Tc.ronto, on tho t.hlrd døy of Janu- At Toronto. on the twe.nty-first daY' of 
 one thousand f';ght hundred and t.hirt.Y
 MßY. 0Ile thoU8a.nd cipt hundred and 
:úDe, ",ere I1118rne,1 hy Jice!1se. .John ,John- thi,rty-nine., were m,arried by l1ceme, Don- 
mono of Toronto. t\nd Jennett Kell,., of the ø.1dI Pleater. of TOl'O'l1to. and 'Mary Fahy. of 
I'&m.(' !Jlace, by illt:. William 1.'. I,e' This 8I\.II1Ø pl.a.oo, spinsteJ'. by me, William T
e hao'j het:n duìy solemnizpd betwe
!1 J.JEßch. rhls rna.rria
 hu been duly 801- 

 John Johnston, Jennett Kell,._ and In emnlzed betwæn wr. Dooald Pleater. Mary 
too þrHence of 
 John Webb. R. SmJt::t. Ft\b3, and In the preøenoe of 111\ Danie) 
At Toronto. O'n the twenty-fourth da-7 of Fahy, Jo.seph Olar'ke. 
 one thousand eiKht hundred and At T.ooronto. on the thirtieth tt.J of Ma7. 
th1rq-mDØ, were married. b7 lIcelJ8Ø. WU- one thoU8ll.nd ela'fJt hundred and thlrt;y-nBne. 
 of the towlWlhl
 of York. and were mø.rr1ed by 1ioense. J&mea Nash
 of To- 
Ann McKeol1'nJ,q. of the 0lt7 of Torontor. ronto. widower, &Ðd Lillia Jane Latimer. 
by me. WInia.m 'n Leach. ThJ& marrlB,1'6 of ø place widow. b7 me. William Ti. 
hu been du1:7 øoIemnlzed b
twøen us. Wm. Leaoh. ThiB marriap hu bøeIl dul;y 801- 
Roae, Ann McKoohntel. a.nd In the preøønce ØIDI1ized between us" James Nuh. Lil:U. 
of 1Ut, WaUer Rose. Robert Orel4rhton. Jnne LaUmer. and in the preøeDOO of wt.. 
At Toronto. on the el.a'hth da.7 of J
 John Oonnel. Peter MoArthur. 
&rT. one thoUA8I1d tJcht hundred and thlrt7- 
nine. were .m&nicd 1Jz H.oense. WUUam Ber- At Toronto. on the e.f.&'hth 
 .r Jul.J'. 
tram. York Mills. and El1ea Ga.te.s, of same 0i1ð tooU8ll.nd elzht hundred and thirt7-Dine-: 
plftoe. b7 me. William T
 Leach. ThiB marr- wero m&ITIðd b;y proc1'&matioq. DOl!ald 
rl&ce hu beøn. dull' solemnized between us. SutherJ0.n4 9:3.rd HLg'hlanders;, and 'Ehza- 
Wllli&m Dertr&Dl, E1Jen Ga't:eø. and in the beth
. . L&wrence, FahuJuth. Encland. bT 
Jlreøence of UB. J&IIl.C8 HOi'K. Edward Burn. me. Wilham T. Leach. ThiB marrlace wu 
At T
t<>. 00 the 6Ønmteenth d&;y of dull' 80lemnfzed between WI! D. SUtherland. 
Jnnull.l7 OÐ.O thOlJ88'I1d eight hundred and EUmbeth LawreÐOO. and m the pre.qenc& 
thlrty-n.lDao were married b7 1ioooBe. An- of WI4 W. Macdonald. AdJt. B8rd Htghland- 
ctr&W Wilson and 1Ba.bølla Dain, bOoth of To- era. John B07d. 
 b7 me. Wl1Iiam. T. Leach. This mar- At Toronto 00 the et&'hth ck7 of Jnl,... 
rlaco ha.s been duly aoIemÐized 'between UB\o one thoU8&nd eight hundred and thirt7-ntne.. 
Andrew Wilson.. I.9aJ:\ella Barn. and In the were ma.rrl.ed bT UCÐÐBe. Donald McKinnon. 
 of UII. Wm. Bell. Ja.mes Fleming. of Brock.. ø.I)d MaI7 Beaton. of Vau&,han. 
At 'I'oront
 on the tenth d:n
 ot Feb- by me, WUliAm T. ThiB mam" 
1"UIroJ7, Oll.e thl()\.lBand eil:'ht hunùred a
 ha.s been dulv .olan.n1zed between u.a. DOIlàld 



.:McKinnon, Mð.ry Heaton. and in the preB- thl.rty-nine. were mø.rried by UooIUle, Rob- 
.ence, of 118-. Ja.mæ Har1'ia. ert Bruce. ot TorontQ. &nd Mary Anne 
At Toronto.. on the nineteenth day of ShuteI', æme p1&ce. by me, William T
.,July, one thOWl&Dd eight hundred anù This m&rri
 has been duJ;y øolemnized be- 
-thlrty-nine. wElre ma.rri.eod by license, Wil- tween U&, Robart Bruce, MAr7 Anile ShuteI', 
']lam McDowall, and J06IU1e Borgin. both of 8nd In the pre8EQOO of "WI. Robert Lieth:. 
'Toronto. by me., William T. Leach. This .Aàaan. Poà!en. 
'1IIILrrlaa-e has been d'UT'J' .øolemnized bo- At Toronto, 0IIl the twentY-..soebond 00,- 
"tween us, William McDowell, J06llne Bergin, of NOVlØlIliOOr, one thauøa.nd eight hundred 
and In the presence Oof Uð, Wan.. Parker, Wi1- e..n.d thirtJ'-n.in8lo were m.a.rri.ed by license, 
1J&m Purdie. WiLli.8.m T.aylo1'1. at Albion
 and :\largaret 
At Sca.rboTou&,h. the twent;),.-thirù of I Johru;on., of PÆ.oo. by me, William T. 
Ju}v, one tooU88.nd eight hunåred and This has b
n duly 801- 
1blrty-nine. were ma.rried by license, An- emnized between U8. Williø.m Ta,ylor, 
-direw Bertram, of Sca.r'horO'llgn, and Mar- ga.ret TaJ'loOl'. and in the prasence of us" 
,pret G1endinnln,g, of _me place, by me, Jamw Johnson, Richa.rd Bradley. 
WilliølIn T. Leach. ThlB ma.rriage has been At TocontQl, on true eighteenth day of 
-duly soleom.nlzjd between us, Andrew Ber- November
 one thoU&alld ei.ght hundred and 
trM11, Mari'aret Glendinning, and in the thJrty
n8lo were ruarriedl by liceIlßØ, James 
.JIresenoe O'f 118, J
 LItUe, Arch Glendlin- OTe.s, private of too 93rd R
.. and Char- 
wg. lotte Jeffera. of 'IOrOil)}to, by me, WillißJll 
At TormtOl, the third day of AugWl.t
 T. Leach. This n'oa.rriug-c has been duly 
<OdlC th<>uaa..nd eight hundred and thirt
'-nille. 801em.n.ized betw
 US!. .James Oves, Cha.r- 
-were :mI&rried by 1i.canee, Robert Kirk, of Iotte Jeffer
 &Ild in the nreeence of U9. 
T()I\"onto, and Christina MacJ:1onahy, of saTllla Henry Ge-thlJt1t:s.cffl, Alex. Ste\\art. 
1I16.ce.. by JI]ß, William T.. Leach. This mar- At TQIf'onto. on true twenty-firat d'lY of'e has been d'Uly Bolel11jn.ized bet\'te
n us., November. one thouæ.nd eight hundred and 
Robert Kirk,!. Machonahy, and in thirty-nine, were rruarried b)- J.lcense, .John 
the presence of ùB, Willia.m Duncan. (P. Booth.., of ScarbO'rough, and Samh Anne 
BlokJe.rsteJf. Secor, of the same place, by me, William T.. 
At 'Uoro.ntQf, an. the fifth d8
 of Sep. :r..ench. This ma.rriag'ie ha.s been d'Uly øol- 
1:ember, one thQUSIIIAThd eight hundred and betwOOQ1 uSj. Joohn Booth. 
thirty-nine. were IDf!\orrled by license, .John Å.lll1/e. Seooll".. .a.nod in the prooence of U8, Jo- 
Reid, oorpomJ in 9'3rd Regi.nænt of Foot, æph Seooo-, Isaac Stoner. 
e..nd Anne HendenJon.. O'f 'l'oronto. by me, At '.norO'nto. O'n the fourth ooy of 
William T. Leach. This marriage hu.'I been Deoamber" one tbouSO,.J1IdI eight hundred and 
dUly &Qlømnlzed between w, John Reid, cor- thirty-nine, were ImArried b;)" liceIUle. Robert 
l'om.l. Anne Hen
 &nd tn the pres- Kerr. <J.f 'I'Ðrontoþ and Mary Anne Kent 
ence o.f UB. Ja:mee HenOOntOD" Thomas Grif- Renooæon-, of Sll-ne p"lace
 by me, William 
"tiths. Sergea.nt B3rd. T. Lea.oh. This .marriage ha.s been duly 
At Toronto. on the twenty-ninth ooy of sQI"lemnized: between 118-. 
f.a-ry Anne lIender- 
Septøm.ber, OIIle thuuse.nd' eight hundred and BOon. Robert Kerr. and lß the rre
nce of 
rrkJdJ. alter regular UBi, WID.. Hendß.rson. George l\lIchie, John 
course of proclWnaUon., William Hey\\ard, MicLea.n.. . 
of Toronto, ø.nd Ja.n.e Moss. ot same place, At 
O'rO'I1Jto. on the nI!1eteenth dl:1J" of 
oo.ulrhter of Th<J11D.88 Moes, by me, William Døccl"n:ber, O'l1e th.orusan.d eight hundred and 
T. Leach. This m.a.rriag\3 has been duly thirtY-ninB:. were married, Cha.rles 
.so1amnlzed between WI. William Heyward, Burto'J. Wul.'\rd &nd Ang'e-!HJue Chaglllon, 
..Jane- MOBS, and in the pra!enoe of US, Peter both of .foro-nto. b
 mo, WIlham T.. Leach. 
McArthur, J-ohn Pickering. ThlB marriage has t:
 d1u!y solemmzed. be- 
At T.orontOio on true firat day of Oc- twoon UB, Char:1es '
. WIllard, Ange.hque 
t b :thoU&alIld . ht hundred and Ow,gnlon, and In the preae.nce of WI, Geo. 
o er, 
. . e d tg b r G B. Willa.rd, J. W. Brent, Geo. B. Hnlland. 
thlrty-rune. were ma.r
 y lcense, eo. At T.oronto, o.U th.e twenty-fourth (hay of 
Forsyth, of Dumamer,. wu1lower, a!1 d Elspeth Døce1D.ber, ooe th.orusand eii'ht hundred and 
Y,?u!li', of the to\\ru;.hL
 of DU
rIes, by m?, I thirty-nine. were mø.rTied by IIceIlße, tsaac 
WÜ!UIúD. T.. Thl8 marrIage wM d'U y Co.l'Umbus No.r"
 VBIage Kin,g-sto.n roa
80lemnlzed b
twee!l U8.. George Forsyth. EI- and Sus
 Áøhhrldi:'l'p of the to.wnB'hip o.f 

peth YouI!g, ø.n.d m the presence of us, John I Yo.r'k. by me, William T.. 
ch. This mar- 
Fa-rr Fe.nwlCk. Alex. Stewart. I riaze has 006n dulv solemnized hetweeln us, 
At l'orO'nto. on the fourtee.nth da.y of Isaac Oolumhu& SUSRJ1 AShbrldge, and in 
October, one thoU8ßond eight hundred and I the pre8Emce of UB. I8a&c ABhbrid;i'e. Jo.ns- 
thlrty-nine, were ::narrled by license, Alex- tha.n AshbridO'e. 
ø.nder Ca.lder, of Thorah. and Jane Gunn, b "'. dg t . d . t hO 
of TlJ'ronto. by me, Willi&m T. Leach. This The Ash rl es men lone In .1S 
maa-rla)Ce has bean du1;y solemnized between entry were of the well-known famIly 
UBe, Ax:xa.:ndßr Calder, Jane Gunn, and in of York, after whom Ashbridge'l!I Bay 
the prebaIloo of JQlhn Guon, Thd;nas is named. 

.oronto, o.n tbß fifth day of Von
m- At Toronto, on the twen
Y-EÐventh my o.f 
bel", one thO'USl8.nd laÌJ:'ht hundred and 
b,:,r. ooe th.oru

d OI
ht hundred and 
thi t. IlDØrri.ed &fter due pro- thlrty-n1llß, wore mß.rI Led h
 license, Charles 

' J:m
D.d Alexa Urqu- llol"la, to'wnshlp o.f F1am:bOl"'O' West. &';1d 
bu-t, both of TorO'nto. by me, Willia.m T. Ma.rtha. Lotham of .Toronto. by me, WII- 
Leø..ah ThLs iIIb&rria,g'C has bee-n duly sol- 1iann T. ThIB mllrrls.lre h88 boon. 
d betwoo-n UB, Jaanes Logan. Alexa duly 80lennnlzed betwoen w, Oh&rle9 Boyle, 
Urqub.8.rt and in tho T)resence of WI, John l\IßJ'tha. Lothann.. and In the pre8ence of UB, 
RIdden ThamøB Ra.nJdå. WUli&m Whitelaw, Mark P. Crali'. 
At Toronto. on the e:eTenth dø-y of No- At T.oronto, on the twt'n
y;JeVenth dayof 
.øm.ber. one th<JUBI8.IIldi eight hundred ano DeoeIIIlIbe-r, ooe tborusand eIght hundred and 



thirty-nine, were married by ]fcense, Thomas! presence of ua, Alex. SlewBrt. Hobn Stew-, of Toronto, and Margaret Brown, I 8rt. 
of se:lliß plac\?, by me., William T. Leach. At Ma.rkhaoIilo on the twenty-ølxth lla7 o.f 
This marriaze h88 been duly solemnized be- March, one thousa.n.d eight hundred and 
tween us, Tha
 Lllna-steo!\ l\Iargarøt f()rty, were mørriod by liCE-nse. ArchLb&ld 
Brown, Bnd in th
 preæ.nce of lIB, Henry Gilt- HuZh Fenwick and Ba.rbara Anile LothaIIllo 
bertaon, James Ovee. both of Me..r'kham
 by me. Wm. T. Leaoh. 
At Tor()l[, on the thirt7.-firat day of I Thls marria&,e hll.8 heen dluly solemnIzed be- 
I>ecøm.b6'l", OI1e tOOusß.n.d, eight hundred a.nd I tween us, A. H. Fenwick.. Bø.rba.ra Anne 
thirty-nine, were ThIIlrried by license, Wil- Lotham,. and Ln the preaence of us, George- 
}ja;m G.rier SCf\tt, of Toronto, and Margaret I I PUIa-le!. Geor&,e Gallo\\ ay. 
Teira of CooksviJflc, by nllS., Wm. T. Leach. At TOlJ'onto, on the twentieth day of 
This tI18rriaze h3& been dulJ" solemnized be- March. one thousand eight hundred and 
tween us, William G. Scott. .Margaret Sco-tt, I fOTty, were married ùy license, Walter Ro6e, 
ø.nd In the pre.:;once of us, J. MeInez. Alexan- I Esquire, a.nd M.iss Nura Dorothea Rains:, 
dier Torrance. both of TorOOlto.. by 
 WilliAm T. Leach. 
At 'lÞronto, on the twontieth day of 'I.'his marriagn has ùeen duly t!Olemnized be- 
Jauuarl" one tbou.5&ll..d. eight hundrE'd and tweøn. ua. Walt6'l" Roee, Nura Do.rothea 
fortI', were nnarrieo. ùy license, Henry Rains" and in the preeence of us, John H. 
QU&I1tz. of the townshi{> of Ma.rkham. and Dunn.. Thomas Carfrae. 
Mina Spies, of &aIDe pl
co, 1,1' me, William At T.QIroow.. O'n the sIxth day of April. 
ch. ThL.'I m.a.rnagte hu been du.1y Ofle thousa.nd ei&,ht hundred and fO'rty, were 
Bolem.llwd betwee.n lIB, Henry, WII- tI18rrl.9d b7 prOoClamation, David Lightheart. 
ooJJI$ 8'p
 and in 
he presence of us. and Mary Jan.e Ferras.. both of the town- 
John Quantz, J...ouls SpIes. tib,i.p of by me, William T. 
At TorOlIlto, O'n the twe:nty
lghth l1ay of '.rhis, marria-i:'e h88 been duly solemnized be- 
JIIWlUa.r;y, one th
WlßIld.. eIght hun
 and tween us. Do.vid IAj:'hthea,rt, Mary Jane 
fortI', were '1loarrlOd by IlCense
 AWlhn :SpauI, Ferras,. a.n.d ia1 the preti6llce of us, Adam 
of OhlnzuacolIBY, and Agn
 !dcGe&. of To- Hill, John Stephena.. 
ronto.. th
e, by me, WIlham T.. At Toronto, on tho fourtCðl1th day of 
This marrla&,e 
88 been duly solemmzed be- Apr'il, <JII1Ie toouænd eoie'ht hundred and 

weon u& Austm SpauI.. 
[WS McGee, and fo.rty, were '1I1JfI.rried uy Daniel Ken- 
m the presence of U.9, WÜlw.'m Dent, John nødy and Mar
aret 'l'imß, o.f the cit7 
<:narkBo.n.. . of TorontO', b.y me, WilliBm T. ThiB 
At T,oJ"onto, O'il the h\
ty-nmth <La.y of 1I1.arrÏage has boon. du:y Bolemnized between 
J.a.nua.r;r, onø tho
and.. hundred and us, Daniel Kennedy. .Ma.rlra.fflt T.iU:IB, and in 
forty, 'vere In!ll.rfled by .Icense, Thom88 th& of us Hugh McLeaIlj, Adam 
Smith, of ScarbO'ro', and 
abath Springer, PulB:ac. ' 
oof sø.me p.klCe., by mB" 'Wi!ham T,.. Leach. At Toronto, on the twentieth day of 
This marrla
e has. 
em. du
'Y solemmz
d be- April, O'ne toorum..nd eight hundred and 
tween us, "Ihns., Eliza.ùeth Spr
er, forrty, were married by proclu.mntion, John 
e.OO In the presenoo of w>, Ja'l11,es GlbsO'
 Drury, of Si:.arborou,gh, and Margaret AI-lts, 
Walter Mlller. 0( Slßme ploaoo, by me, William T
At T,oronto;. o.n the .thlrd day of Feù- ThiB. 1J1ß.rriage hII.'! bOO'll duly 90lemnized be- 
[1.1ary, one tbou.
d c
ht hundred and tween us, John Drury. l\Iargoaret AUis, and 
forty, were married by hcense, John Thom- In the presence 
 Uð, JOtIeph lIawkil1B, Don. 
BOn,. of Sca-rooro
, and Al;v
ra. Cornell, of e.J.d Mcf.Æ<an. 
th,,! BB.rne :
laoo, b
' me, WIlham '1'.. I,(,ßch. At 'l'', on the twenty-eighth dBy or 
ThIS IIlßrna:;& has been d'Uil" solt:mmzed be- I AprÏli, one tlroum.nad eight hundred and 
tewe!l us" John Thomson, ElvIra. Cornell, forty, weN' married ùy proclamation.. Henry 
.dl Ll1 tho pre8&UOO ùr us, Peter McArthur. 1La.1I and Elizaheth Linnen. both of To
ßm:u!n Co.rn-eM. rO'llto by me, Wllliam T. Leach. This mar.4 
At 1'orontOl. on the tenth ùJ:\.y of FL\u- rÏai:'e has been duly 80lemnized belwe
mary, ollie thO'llS'8ol1d e.Lght hundroo and II-eilry JlAli, Elizalx:Jth Lirunen, and i;n the 
1', were In.a.rrLe4 by li
næ, Andrew presence of WI, Joseph Sw&lolow, W:m. Horton. 
BhLl'. ot tho to\nJshil) of AlbIOn. a
5Ï .F'anr;r At 'l);)ro.n,to, ()(). the twenty-third day of 
Hen.r,1, of l
c SMDß .pmoo, hJ' me.." Illtam 1. I 
lay, one thoU&ll.n<Ì eight hundred and 

h. TJ)Jß IDa.rrmg.e hs.
 heen .rll1l
, so]- I fOlrty., we-re n1.tlrned by License, Michael Rey
rnn.n1zed beh,!,een WI, A!1drew B!alr, It ann.J' IIIOI'ÒS, late O'f Quebec, au.} .Jant> Monroe, also 
Henry, and III the prooenoo 0If us, FranCis l1Ð..te of Quebe'Co by ,me.. Willinm '.r. Leach. 
Dunt6. ThQlln.a8 Walker. I This lllalTi
e ha.s ùeell dul;r solemnized be- 
At T.oronto., O'n the .seVetllteenth dl'lY of tweot! U8, 
Iiclw.ð1 Re,yuold.s, .Jane Monroe, 
March, <me thousand ei,ght hundl'c(] and " {lIl11fl in the præeDICe of us, H. W. Soobid. 
forty, were m.arned by proclamation.. .James ,John. Vinca. 
R.OBS, af too 9:3.I-d ßLI:'hkl.l1.dcc!!, and Mar.}. At T.oronto on the flfth day of June. 
Jane Mitchc-l, daughtel. of Oharles 
. ()(10 thonu&o.nd eia-ht hundred and forty, 
o.f the townbuÎJo O'f Woaterloo, Loth res.ident!! ware mø.rrie.d by UcelW3, .James Rtorey. O'f 
6t present in city, Ly me, Wm. '1'. Leach the township 01 gt. "ïnoont, widlowe.r and 
This marriai:'o has heen rtul1' solemnized be- EAA
r T.rPle', of the town of Ea,rrio, by :nue, 
twee.n lIB, J. R..o&s, MAry Jane Mitchel, und WiUi&m T. Lee.oh. ThiB marriage hII.'! bOEMl 
in the vreaence of us. AnJC'us Corbett, Peter d.uI
 solemmtzed b6tw
n w>, Je.mes st(){'ey, 
'F er cn 8 011.. F.&t:\V Tree, a.nd ill the pr08enoe 04' 
At To-ranto, on the twenty-fourth day of i (l'isbM, JBmeø Drummond 
March, 000 thousa.n.à eIcht hundred and Ifboæ al>> to certify tha.t at TO'ron'tot 
forty, Wt&nl IIN\rricd by liooMe, John David- 
 Qn' the. twell.t7-th\rd, oo'V of Juno. one thou- 
80Iß and Swtan Joeffel"fl, both of the city o.f i sand. eii:'M hUDdred wd forty, were 
-I'oront-o, by me. WUli&m T. J.cach. 'This I ried h;r iÎoe-use. WllftBm RIlB8E'U.. of th& town- 
IDIIW"riaJ'(} haä. beau dIlI.1 øolemnized bot ween ship o.f y
. 8M &:eaJlu,
"rl:'r-,- nt the 
w, John De..vWaon. SUSIW Joffe-rs. und in tho clt.r of TO'ron:to.. by ane. 
 I}.lJallI T. Leach. 



This mø.rri8i'e h8B bean duly solemnized be- Septem.ber, one thoUBand eight hundred and 
tween. ua, WiUÏ&1n RUBaw.. iElea.n-or Oargo, forty, wero married by llce:nse. .fohn WIlkie, 
end In the preænoo of Wi!. J&lDeø Sinolalr. of RlchmO'Dld HilL and .EIlza.beth TrotteJ1, 
J<>M McArthur. of the city ot Toronto, wIdow.. b.Jí me, Wil- 
Theoo to certify that at on lia.m T. Leach. This marr1
e has been 
the sixth dø.y of July, one thousand eight dnly solemnized bet
ean USlo John Wilkie, 
hundred 8nd forty. Alfred Payne. of To- Elizabeth Trotter, a.nd in the præence of 
ronto, and Philippine Bullock" of Toronto, ut!. Peter McArthur, John Laing, Marthø. 
wero. "fter due ()rouli&.w.atiom married by Laing. 
IDe, Wlllia.m T. Leach. Thitl marrlai'e hM At, 0IIl the lenth da
 of Octo- 
been duly soi.eann.ized between us, Alfred ber, ane thousand eight hundred and forty. 
Payne, PhiliJ>pLne Hullock., a:nd! in the prea- were married b
 liooru;e.. John Shaw, of 
ence of U&. f.hJOl:rwl.s F. Ra.n , Donald Mo- the city of Toronto, and Charlotte Browne.. 
Lean. of same place. uy mð, Wllliam T\. Leach. 
At on the twontl8th da.y of ThiSi marriaJ,:"e has been ùul.1 solemnized be- 
Jul)', 0fIÐ thousand e1ght hundl'ed and tWOO'Il WI, John H. Shaw. Charlotte Browne, 
forty. were ma.rriod by liceI1Be. J08. Jones, 8II1rl in the prese-nc& of Ub, A. Browne. H11&'h 
Jr" o.nd Mary An'ne La 
rence\, both of Henderso1l.. 
HOlffie Di.
trict, by me, William 'r. Leach. At TorU'l1to. on the twency-first day of 
'fhia mø..rria
e haB been. duly solemnized be- October. one thoUSßJld eight hundred and 
twoon us. J"Be'Dh Jù.neø, Jr., 
Iary Anne Law- fort
, werl!l married by John Mask- 
røtlOP. and in the IIrooence of ua, Thomas F. rey. of the city of Toronto, IUld M-ar;r Ward- 
Rankin. rreoorire Lawrence. rope.. of same place. by me. Wm. T. Leach. 
'At Toron,to. on the twenty-third day of This marriage has been ùUIJ' sol('mnized be- 
July. one thousanù eight hundred and forty, twee.n us. John Maskrey.. Mary Wardø-ope, 
wel'e married by lic8'ru':le. George Bostwick. and in the preðence of us, John Maclnt
of Toronto. and 
I.argaret Cruickshank Fer- Jamag Murphy. Anne Harris, Hannah Dunn. 
rler. of ø place. b
' me. WilUam T. Leach. John Macl\furchy. 
This marriage has been duly solemnized be- At Toronto, on tho twe.ltY1!ero!H1 ,lay of 
tween 'Uþ. Geor
e BoOstwick, Margaret O. October, OIW tbout!alld eight hun,lrefl and 
Ferrier. and in the præence of us... William forty,. were married by license. .John Mc- 
R<iI&, J.. McJ\lurrich. LatIJ:'hUn. of T.o, ronto anù ChrL
tin:t _\nne 
At T<>ronto, on the twenty-fourth dayfof Ourry. of the lfiland of Tjla b bJ' /fiB, Wil- 
July, one thou
and ei
ht hundred and forty', Ham T. Leach. This m:uria
e has boon 
were marriod by IÏcßI1Ige, Hugh Martin, of duIJ' s"lemn:izod betWf"e.I1 us, John l\Id.t
kvme, and Aune 
kGregor, of the City lilll. Chl'Ì.
tillll Annl:\ Curry, al1d in the pres- 
of T.oroD,to. bJ1 me. 'Villiam T. Leach. ence of UB. ThOJDo..'\S Aitken, AI'ch. Reiù. 
'['his marriage has been duly solernn1zed be- At, on the twentY-f3uth .la
' of 
tween 11J<!. Hugh M,utioll. Anne McGre.gor, Octo-ber. one thOU8aI1l1 eight hun.l!',," nnd 
Rnd in the presence of us, George Wray, fort,).. were married by proclama.tiou. \n- 
William Sharp. drew lIerllÜßton.. of Torontu, and Christian 
At Toronto. on the t
enty-ninth day of La:ng. by n1l'l. William T. 'l'his, mar- 
.Ju :-. one thousand eight hundred and forty. ria,g-e has heel! duly soJemnized betweøn 119, 
were married Ly lk
, Da.niel Allan;, of A. HermÍ8toIl, Ci1ristitl.n I,,3ng, and in the 
the tow'I1ßhip of Toronto, and Agnes Mc- preeence of lIS. 1'bomas .Jenys. .T8àDes Thom- 
Queen.. of Ibe Gor.:; of, by me. sou. 
William T. Lea('h. This ma.rriage 1.3.s been At 'f.oro'flto. on the twenty
eTenth da7 of 
(Iul,)' soJemnizeù bøtweoll us,. DaTiù _"-llan' l October. "11
 thous:uw. eight hlll1(ired ø..nd 
Agnes :\lcQuee-n.. and in the presence of us, forty. werp, married b.v proclamation, John 
James McQüee'D, John ."'-Ila.n. ."'-Ilam.. of TOl"Onto township, anù MarJraret 
At TOTM'lt.), on the fourth (l
)" of Au- ,""dams. of place.. by me. Wm. T. Leach. 

6t. one thousa.nù eight hundrAc\ and forty, I This. marriage hus boon duly solemnized be- 
\\ere marriø(! by licø Robert Peebles twee'll 'I;t" J(il/u AIl&rl. Maqraret ."'-dams, 
and Rebecca FultO'I1c. both of Toronto. by a.Th1 1'1 'the prooenoo of us,. John Platt., 
me,. William T. IÆfl.Ch. This marriage has John Watts. 
been duly solðm.n.i2:ed between us. Robert At Toronto.. on the tenth day of No- 
}'eeb:cs. Rebecca Fulton.. and in the pres- Tembe:-, one thoub&Dd eicht hundred I\nd 
eJ1.('ß of 'fhoIn88 Parka. fort
, were married by license. Peter Me- 
At Thrun to. on the fourth da.
 of Au- Arthur.. of T.oronJto. and Catherine Mc- 
g"Wtt, one thousand elcht hundred and forty. Oa-IIum, of same place, b7 mo, Win. T. Leach. 
were married by licoæe. William Guy.. of. This marriage lias been dul
 solemnized be- 
Toron,to. :md EilJ'ræ Winson. of same place, tween \18. Peter McArthur. Oatherft1e Me- 
by me, Wm. T. IÆll&d1. Wltneøees, Frurrle Oallum, &'Dd in: the pr
ce of us,. John 
Keylor, William I
omer'YlI1e, Job'l1 ttfcOiaIlum. 

ote-The two regiøtratlon.s on this page At Toronto
 on the tweUth day of No- 
were elsewhere recorded and thence copied Tember, ODe thoUß.&llll e
ht hundred and 
for r9&'
ra.tlOt1 in the oUi.ce of the Clerk forty, were married b
 OC8ÐBe, Archibald 
of the p
 where they may be found :\lcPhadden., o-f NottawDBa.g'a, bachelor, and 
when required. WI1l1am 'I.'. Leach. York Sarah "McMurpb.z
 01 Ohtncnaco1JÆY', spln- 
!dUIa. 2
tl1 December. 1&4.2.. ster, by me
 William T
 Leach. Thi6 mar- 
At furonto. on thp- tenth da.r of Septom- rJ8oI:'e hlU! beC11. øolemcl7ed bet\\een 1U, 
bar. one thouaand eight hundred and forty, Archibald McPh&dd8n.. Sarah McMurphy. 
were mürriel! b,)' licODt;C, James ßoof f..'Uthor- At Toronto. OR tbe twentieth day of 
land, and ETa. Sophia Rain.... by me" William :November, one thoUBand e
ht hundred and 
'1'. Leach. This marrlo,ge hR.S lx>6n duly fortT, were marrJed b7 liC8D6e. Thoma.s 8\- 
solemnized between 
, .J. ß. Sutherland, nl8 of Etobicokc, and Mary Anne Thomp- 
.Eva S. &aiM. and in the presence of UF
 I 80JJo. of same place, b7 me. Wm. T. Lea
Wm. RoM. Will. OampbelL Robert Mc<nure. This marriage liAs bo4>n dul3 BoienmUed be- 
At Toronto. on the twent.r-ei,g"hth ùn;r of tween us, Thomaa Ennis, Mar)' Anne Tbomp- 



8()1110, and in the presence of UII, Samuel King, I in the presencc of 11S, '''"Ill. Dailey, James 
An.drew E,nnis. Shannon. 
At Tor.onto" on the twenty-first day of At Toronto, on the th;rti day of February, 
Ð, 00Ut> tlwUBand eight hundred and one thousand eight hundre.1 and fort,y-one, 
forty. were martiell by lice.n,
e. Jeremia:h i were marl"ied b.y lÍl'ense, Edward Pe.Lrson, 
Curtin.. T.oronoto. and Anne D,).e, o.f same I of Chinguacons,r, and l':lizabeth Hansell, of 
place, by me, William T. Leach. TIllS m
r- , sallle plaee, b
- me, William T. Leach. Thi
riaare WB.'! sulemnized bctween liS, .Jereullah I marring-"" ha" hot'n I1nl:' f;olemn:z"d hetween 
Ourti:n.. Anne D;re. and in the presence of I UB, Edward Pearsun, Elizabeth Hansell, and 
UB, John Healy, BrYIIJl Tierney. in the presence oi US, Thomas Hutten-, 
At (,!ucenston. cn the twent,).'-sixth day I Robert Horly. . 
of November, one thousand eight hundred At Torontu, on th(' fourt of Februarv, 
and fort;r, weremarried by license, James one thousand eight hundred and fort

inclair, of RiC'hmond HilI. HOUlO Di.strict, Were married b,).' lií'ense, James Patton, and 
and Amelia 
'ner, of Queenston, Niagara :\.Iargaret McOarter, ù,)." Jll<>, "ïlliam 'r. Leach 
District, by me, "'illiam T. Leach. Thi'! I ,Tamps Patton, l\Iargar<>t McCarter, parties; 
marriago has been duly solemnized between: "-' n' A. Peun, .Joseph William Cool{, wit- 
11S, Jam<>s Sinclair, Jr., Amelia Mary Stay- 1 nesses. 
ner, and in tho 1Im.sence of us, George P. I 0.1 TueisdaSb the ninth <lay of Febru- 
DIckson, James Porteous. I ary, one thous.:md eig-Lt hundrod and forty- 
At Toronto, on the seventeenth day of cne, at TlorolLtp, \\erc married by lÎ<'elù
December, one thousand eight hundred and I .Tames Turner, of T."oronto, and 
forty, were married by license, James Hick- I Gr
y, of 8
me place, by me, Wm. T.. r
man, of Toronto, and Catherine T.t,rlor, of Th]s marrIa
e has been duly solemnIzed be- 
same place, by me, "'illiam T. Leach. This tWee>J?- us, James TUrIIICr, 1\111 r.garet Gray, 
marriage has bt.-'en duly solemnized between and. III ?the prp,.;ence of '18" John Ada.mson, 
us, James Hickman, Cn.tharine lI'a
'lor, and DaVId"\: ork" W. T. L
in the presence of US, Thomas Sadler, Archi- On 'Tuto'IHlay" the nmtn day of Febru- 
bald Taylor. ary, Une thou.sand eight lLull,!,red and .forty- 
At Toronto, on the thirtieth flay of De- one. at Toronto, wero marn""l l
,).T IIcen
oomber, one thousand cight hundre!l nn!l Itobert Len.ox, of Toronto, anti 
1t,1C'Y Ho- 
forty, were married by license, Uavid Smith, sac.k. of s
me pla
e, US lUP, Wm. T.. Leach. 
of Toronto, and Mary McNiel. of same place, ThIS marnage has been duly solemn17ed be- 
by me, William T. Leach. This lllarriage twee
 UB, lwtJert Lenox., l'J.n
ey Hosack, 
has been solemnized between us, Mar
' Mc- and In the presence of us" WIllIam Hunter, 
Niel. Dn.viiJ Smith. I1nfl in thl' presence of Ale13'llder Torrance. 
U8, Peter McArthur, Robert O'Róok. At, on the sixteenth day of 
At Toronto, on the thirteenth day of Jan- February, one thousat;.d eight. hundre , ! .and 
uary, one thousand eight hundred and forty f.
rty-one, were. marned b!. hce
Be, ElIjah 
one, were married by license. Samuel Ter- E:twol}, of UxbrId
e, nnù F,hza Gragam, of 
mery, of Home Distriet, and Charlotte Craw- th
 city o! Toronto, by me, Wm. T. Leach. 
ford, of same township, by me, William T. ThIS marrla
.e has bai'n dllir SOlt'mllizerl be- 
Leach. This lnarriago hits t>een dul
' sol- 
woon. us. Ehja.h Etwell, EI
za Gm..ha.m, and 
emnized between us. Samuel Termery, Char- III the presence of us., DavId M('Ka
-, .John 
lotto Orawford, ßnd in the presence of us, 
IcCoy. . 
James Bell. Thonms Willing. At Toronto, on the eI
hteenth day of 
, f February, one thou
an<1 (-'i
ht hundTed Itnd 
At Torcnto, on the f<,mrteenth da;,: 0 fort
T-one." en' lIlarrie.l ì.;r Iieense, .John 
January, one thousal}d mght. hundred and Oa.mpbell. of Gwillimhury. al1'l Effy 
forty-one, were marrIed by license. Robert 
inC'hlir, o-f the cit
. of TurolltÛl, hy me. 
Angus, of the to
n of London, merchant, \ViIliam T. Leach. This m.nria:re has been 
an.d .Charlotte Wnght,. of To
onto, by me, flul
- solemn.ize-l bctweea :]s, .John Campbell, 
WillIam T. 
ach. Tlus marClage has been Eff
' "i.nC'!nir-, I\.lId in the presence 01 us, 
duly solcmn

d between. us, Rubert Angus, Arch. McMillan.. Arch. Heifl. 
Oharlotte "right, and III the presence of At TOl"QlIltu. on the sixteenth day of 
us, Walter, John Ritchey. !\Iarch, one thou.
å..IHl üight hl:1111 r(>rl nnd 
At TorOl11to, on thl' fifteenth da
' of Janu- fortv-one, were lllarriej by Ii,'or.,..;e, John 
ary, one thous
nd eig
t hundred 
nd forty-, of the townshi.p òf Toronto. and 
one, were marned boY lIcense. Damel Orr, cf :\.Iar:v Ramar-Ci, Gore ot Toronto, by me, 
Toronto, and Belinda Oulligll.n, of sarno William T.. Leach. This ilHlrria'!'e hs been 
place, by me, William T. Leach. This mar- duly solenmjztld belwefJ.!1 us., .John Birges8, 
riage has been duly solemnized between ).Iary Rama'!e, a.n-d in the prf-sence of u.s. 
US, Daniel Orr, Rclinfln Culligan, and in the Jamd; :-.m it Ï1.. Peter McArthur. 
presence of us, James Orr, ,,'illiam Hunter. .-\.t Toron,to, on the thirt
--first day of 
At Toronto, on the twent
--first day of 
Iarch, one thotIDa1\l1 cight hundred and 
January, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one. \\Cere m-a rried by liC'l"n.
e, Charles 
forty-one, were married l.Jy license. Robert Thompson, of Toro.nto, nnd Cn tlterine !\fí'- 
McKenzio, of Toronto, and Jane ]tussel, of KIThI1.on.. of same plac
 by me. Willi:\ID T.. 
sarnl' place, b
' me. William T. Leach. This Leach. ThiB marriag-c has been fluly s{)l- 
marriage has been duly solemnized between elT1r,,
7f'iI bl'twool1 ul
, Chl1 rles Th()mp!'1on, 
us, Robert l\IcKenzio, Jane Jj.u
sel, and in Catherine McKinnon. Itnd in the pn'Sence 
the presence of us, H. Eagleson, G. Turne,y. I of us. Charles 
1."Q1Jarry, Peter McArthur. 
At Toronto, on thp Recond da
' of Febru-! _-\.t T()ronJto, on the t\l()nt
'-rlixth <lay of 
fLrj, 0110 thousand eight hundred and forty- I A prU, one th01ISIIlltl eight hundred and 
one, were married by lkense. Jam
 Gordon. ' fnnv-one.. \lY're married 1.J;y IiceJ1f!e, Robert 
of th4'! township of Pickering, and Anlll!' 1':IU
tt. of Toronto, anII'I J\largl1rf't .
Dunn, of TOTonto, boY rr.e-, William T. Le3('h. :\lcLean u of same place.. ùy me, William T. 
This marriltga hao; heen duly solerr.niwd 1>1'- T.eaí'h. Thi! marriage Las boon du1y 801- 
tween us, James Gordun. Ailne Dunn, HI' 1 pmnize<l bet\\ee.n \III, Robert Elliott. 1\[ar- 



J:'aret AllJl]ß J\1c
an. and in the presence of A ugU8 t. OIl1e thousan.d eight hundred and 
us.. John McMurchy, James Bart. forty-one, were m.arrLed lJy proclamation. 
At Toronto, on the eleventh day of Robert McKelln. of Toronto. and Jane Rru;- 
May. une thouøand eii'ht hundred and sel. of same place. by me, William T_ Leac'h. 
forty-Q'nßw were married by proclamation, This marria{"re has be<'.A1 solemnized between 
John II. Sulmmerfield.. of Markham, and us. R. r>1<,K('.l.o. RUbBel. bnd in the pres- 
Eu[phamia Hag'erman. of Sßllie place, by me, ønoo of u.s. Gt!ori'e Cosser, WUliaID Keith. 
William T. Leach, This marriage has been I At To ro.n1to. on the thIrd day ot ::''op- 
duJy solemnized Lotw
cn us, John H. Sum- tember. one thousand eig-ht hundred and 
merfield, E1.Uphemiu Hai,'lerman. and In the I fort;r-one. were married L
 liceru;e. Donald 
preBe'Ilce of 1Iì8nr:f Ha.rer.rna.n. William H. Cllmpbell, of '.I\ and Jane Hay. of 

merfleld. same plaoo, by me. William, T.. Leach. This 
At rorOlnrt
 on the fourteenth day of I marriage ha.s beml dulJ' suJemnized bC't\veen 
Ju.ue, QItle th011ß8.l1d eLght hundred and UIS. Don.ald Campbell, .Jane Hay. and in the 
forty-one were' lUarried by lic
nBe, .Jamei ' l l}!"Cse.nce of us. A. ill1ltena
h. Robert Hay, 
Pa.ddon,. widower, and Ague.<! Orrim. both of Dugald IIUJI1iter. 
TorO'l1lto, by me. William T. Leach. This At Toronto. 0.0 the 11th dllY of Sear- 
IDarria.g-e ha.s heou duly solemnized between tember. one thousand eight hundred and 
us. James Paddon, AgTles Orrlm. and in the forty-o.lIß, WE-re zn.arried bJo-, Thomas 
pres&nce of us, James Baker. George Arm- Farlow a.nd Martha DU::J.ll. Ù,.ï mCl, William 
. T_ Leach. This marriage 11:11; been solemn- 
At ToroID to. on the BevcnteC'Ilth day of lzed betweem us, T.IlOma.'I Farlow. 
Ju I.}" , one thuw;o.nd eight hundred and Dunn.. and in the presence ui us. William 
 one. were ID.'lrrjed by IÏf>eIJlSe, Joseph L.anc,y, !Wbert AlderdiaJ:. 
. of the towllB!lip of Toronto, :lnd At T.oronto. on the fifteenth day of 
Eliza Owen, of Chin.gua, CDUSY b,r me. Wil- September, one thoUBÐ.nd eight hundred and 
li:lm T. Leach. Thid marria
re has been forty-ome. were married bJ' liI'elIse. Donald 
dul.r solemnized between us" .Joseph Newlove, Fra.ser. of 'I) a,nd Zillah Elliott, of 
Eliza OweM, a;n,d ill the presenco of us. same place. by me. William T. TJeach. This 

ohn :Kewlove. Joseph Wilsun. mllrriage hM been duly solemnized between 
At Toü-rOJlto, un the sevcnte.enth day of 118.. Donald Fraser, ZilIa.h Elliott. and in the 
.July, 0IIle thoUiSsmd eight hundred and preoollce of ThSò JlllIni6s l\.lcLachlan, I1ug"h 
fnrty-one, were murded Ly proclamation, McLea:n. 
 private of the 9-3rd At TorOdlto, on the twentieth day of 
Highlanders. and Sarah FAitb GaithWhite' 1 September, one .thoUBsnd eight hundred and 
of Toronlto, by me. William T. LEmch. This forty-ome, were"ried by licens.e. Ser- 
 has bean dulJ' solemnized between ireant James Turney" of the 67th Regi- 
us" Thomas Donaldson. Sarah Faith Gaith- mcnt.. and Elizabeth Ewart. of 'l1oronto. 
\\ hite. a,nd in the pre.sence of us, William by me. William To. Leach. This marria."o-e 
(Jampbell. "Dh.vid Mozier. has bee.n soll:>mn.iz13d between us, James Tur- 
At J>Torunto. 011 the sixth day of ney, Elizabeth Ewart, ø.nd In the preBence 
AtJ.,J;:' occ thousd-ILd eiglrt hundred and of UjS" R. ::'.utherlan,d" .James Thomson. 
forty-one, were married by licpn,c;e. and with At TorolIlto
 on the t\H:mtieth day of 
lea-VIe of the cOlll.marLl1in.g officer of his September, one thoUBand eight hundred and 
re,g'Ï1l1Øllt. Kennc,th Cameron. sergeant of the f"
 were Illarrï.ed b,) license, Niel 

"3rd Highlanùer". a.nd MarJo' Murray. of the Wi!kin:sOJl., of the township of Olark, and 
cit,)- of ' hy me. "illi:lm T. Leach_ I ElizaiJeth MeXiel. of T,orunto, by me. Wil- 
This marria!.:"6 has be<!n. dul.}' solemnize,l Le- Ham C. Leach. Thh!! marria
e hits be6Il 
tween U6. Kenneth CalIlßron. :\tary !\IurraJ', duh' solemnized between us. :Keil Wilkinson, 
Bnd in the presence of us. James Walker. Elizabeth l\IcX'ie:lt, a.nd in the prwence of 
Anig"UIS Oorbett. us, .John MacMurehy, Peter McArthur. 
At Torol1Jto, on the tw.cnty-si.xth day of At Toro.nto. on the second day of 
AUg'ust, one t1JOusa
Igh! hundr

 and October. one thollBand eight hundrprl and 
fortJo'-o'tle, "'e!"e m
rl'lod 1.);)' Hcensa, 1\
choias forty-oiIle, ",ere married l:Iy license. William 
Dehart. of P!ckcrm;:. a.nd Jane 
OIlIllS, of Bell. of the tow11l3'hi'p of Whitby,. anù Tsa- 
": place., "I
O"W 01, n
!; .C.o

II1s. _ by me.:. bella !\lcCullnch.. of n:lr1jon
to.n. by me, Wil- 
'Wul!am T. Leach. rI:r",e \
as sol liam T. Leach. T:à1ili marna
.te has been 
emllIzed b'3h
cen us 
Icholas Dehar t!. J.ane duly sobmllized bet\\eeon liS. William Bell. 
Colli'1lS.. 31Ld In the I!resence of us. WIllIam Isabella McCulloch. 8JThd in the presence of 
Boddy, Matthew SUllth.. . us. Geor!:,e Chandler. Oharles Tildon. 
At Toron,to. 0111 the nmth day or At Torolnlto, (,;0 t1le fourteenth day of 
AUoI:'UBt. one thOllBa.Il!Ï eight !l1lndred anù October. one thoUlSand ei
ht hundred and 
 \Verl' nw.rnod þy hC<3'llse, Henry forty-Olne \\ere married by license. .Joseph 
Lambert BriBballoli! Ba,flp
', a'nd Mar,)- Mal'- Bar:noo. ,;f Clarke, and Oaroline Do", ns. 
lIaret Roger'lì. Loth 
f Tur
nto. by me. wl-clow of same place by me. William T. 
William T. T.cach. T
18 marna
e has bpen Leaeh
 'Chis marri<!f
 has bean dul.' sol- 
dllIJo. so'lemnrzed bet\\eell us, !l. I.ambert e.lIllIlJÌ.zed between us. Joseph Barnes, Caro- 
J;ayley. Mary l\-L RoS
rs.. and In the pres- line DOWI)I' and ill the presence of us, 
e.nce :Jf u;"'. David B. &ojißrs, Joseph Rogers, Peter A. l\oÌcArthur, Johl11 Mars'ha),l. 
.J, Âl'T

8, o
. the tlrlrty-first day of I At Tú, on the twenty-third day of 
AtLi"llðt. une thollBluLd eight hundred and October. thousand e
lrt hUIldrc
forty-one. were I1wrried by Jieollse, WlllinDJ fo-rty-ona. were married by Uccmle. Wilham 
John Ha1Ï of Whitb:v, and Jan.øt !Hair. of Basil Jhmiltollu of Penetnng1llshene... and 
Bame plac
. by illC'. 'VnaaJD T. L
ach. 'Chis! Ma..ry- Wa.snidge. of :r.oronto, 
y me. WIl- 
 has be(,11 rlul;ï sr>)enlIlized between! liam T. 
ach. ThlB marrla....e nas mll booll 
uf'" Wm .J. HaH, Hlair. and In the I dUlly solemrnllzed betwoon ulI, W. B. Ha ton, 
pres-ence of us Benjamin Eastwood, Robert Mar7 Wa&l1ld
 and In the pre(q!nce of 1UI. 
Hall.' Joe. O. Morrl8on. J. Simmon.. Joøeph Work- 
At Toronto, OJr the thirty-first day of maæ.. 



AtI TorOlnJto. on the first day of 
NOTember. CIne tnowa.:J.d eIght bundred and 
.DØ. \' ere married t.y liccru;e. Norris 
DaT., ot Whitby, &IW !sabeIl!!. Williamso.n, 
of aa.u.&e place. by me.. William T. Lcach. This 
marrlag-c hBB been dul,y liOlemnized between 
uø. Norris Davis. Jßabel1a Williamson.. and in 
the prasance of us,. O. Siblay. G. M. GaU. 
At TûTf)nto. on the twenty-sLxth day of 
NUTember, one tho\l.':;and E;
ht hundred and 
-oue. \'\'ere married bI' Uceru;e. Robert 
Hu.nter. of T.úronto. and EHen OvenB. of 
the towiI1I!hil) of TUlOnto, by m&. William 
T" Leach. Thft; marriag-.e l1as been duly 
ltOlem.nized betv.e60 UB. Robert Hunter.. 
Ellen Ovent;;" aud in the presence of UB" 
Jdhin. Robertso
 Alex. O. Mc(JoU. 
itA 7.or{)U} to, on tbe first day of 
Nu-',ember. one thow;ar.d eight hunilred and 
 weJ u married b,). license, Oharles 
Stewart, of Nia
ara. a.nd 
arah WilkilWOn, 
of ThrO'nto, by me, William T. Leach. Thi8 
marriage hBB beeon dul.r suleDmized between 
uø. Charles stewart, Sarah WilkInson. and 
IIJ. the pT6'!Cnce of us, A lex. Grant" Thomas 
At, on the twenty-ninth day of 
November, one thûusßud ei!!ht hllndred and 
forty-<lll1e. were married by llcense, Daniel 
Arnot. of Oiarke townw:;hip. u..nù .Jane Fyfe, 
of T.oro.nto. Lv me. William T. Le
ch. Thi8 
m:uriage hBB boo-n duly solemnized between 
lIß. Da.n.iel Anw!:.. Jane Fyfo. and In the 
pr(>8OOce of UB. Duncan Arnot, William. Ben- 
At Toromto, on too twenty-first day of 
Ifi>.comber, one thoUBa..n.d eight hundred and 
forty-onø. were marrfsd by proclamation.. 
Doln.alo. Oorbet, of Picker'Ïll.
, and Betsy :'3in- 
clair, of T.oronto. by me, William T. Leach. 
This marriage has been. d'Uly solemnIzed he- 
tWe{Ð 1.U3. D<mald Corbet, Betsy Sinclair. 
aM in the presence of us. Alexander Wad- 
ooll, WillIam SIDdalr. 
At Tor<mto, on th6 twenty-third day of 
December. one thoUøand eIght hunJred and" were J112.rriÐd by Oharles 
Edwarll Romaime, oi Trafa1,.,""8r. anrl \Iary 
Ann Trotter, of Toronto. by me. Wïl1iam 
'1'_ Leach. Thlß marnage has beem. d'Uly 
solem.nized betweeI, UB. Charles Edward &0- 
maim&. M'ary A'lll Trotter, a.nd In the præ- 
ence of UB-, Wm. F. Romaine. John H. Sbaw. 
At, on the thirty
 day of 
'December, on.e thOUl9ar.lld eight hundred and 
fortY-<)llle. were marrIed by license, David 
McBeath. of 8carbor.our
h. 8JId iElizabeth 
Scott, of the Ba.IDe place, bv me, William T. 
Leach. ThiB marria
a ha.s boo.n duly soIl- 
emm.lzed between us.. DavId McBeath, Ellm- 
beth Scott. &m.I1 In the presence of us, JaB. 
Oampbell, Bard Campbell. 
At Toronto, on the fourth day of 
JBtt1ue.ry one thouaa.nd e
ht hundred and 
forty-two, were married by lloonse, W11liam 
JOhIIBOl1. of Ohtni'U-llcousy, and Mn.ry Helen 
Plaxtoo.. of _me place. by me, WIl1lam T. 
Leach. ThIs marrince haa bOO'Il duly B01- 
emnIzed betwee:1 116, William Johnaon, Mary 
Helen. P1axtQlJl, and in the prEJBence of ue. 
J()bo Plaxton. NathanJd1 WQod. 
.or()ILto, on the fUth da,. of 
January, one thousand e
ht hundred and 
tOlt7-twO, were marrIed by U('EIMe, HUi'h 
OIlomPbeu. of the Glore of To ron.t 0, and 
EUzlWeth Mx
 0If B8JDI9 p1ace, b,. me, 
Wnl1&m. T. Leach. This marrlßge has been 
dul3 .oIemnlzed between W', HUJ:'h Oampbell, 
tH....hat.À Nix
 aôDd In the presence of 

'\Ia. Ellza Bell, Han,ry Bell, Jåb.n Oumber- 
At Toro.nto. on the eleTtmth day of 
January. one thoUBand eIzht hundred and 
forty-two, were m.J.rried by, W11liam 
Henderson, uf Toronto, and Jane !McGill, 
of same place. by me, William T. Loaø.qh. 
This marrl
 has been eolemnized between 
UB. Wnllam Henderson, Jane McGill, and in 
the presence of us. James MoDo-nald" 
Stephen Olark. 
At T.oI"Olll.tQ, on the twentieth day of 
January. one thorumnd eil?ht hundred and 
forty-tw()o, were marrIed bÿ licemsc, ::;amue1 
steen. and Susannah Bur\\-eU, both of the 
city of 'fIor()lruto
 nome District, by me, 
William T.. Leach. Thi8 marria
e has beffil 
duly BQ1emlI1ized between U8lo Samuel Steen, 
S1h9anTI.ab BurwelL a.nd In the presence of 
\18. Thomas 
lolJdl, Ronies Henry. 
At 'l'OTOII1IÌOI. on the twentieth da7 of 
.Janu.ary. one thousand eijiht hundred and 
forty-two, were mø.rried by llcenso, John 
Morrison.. of EldOJ1, [L,llti Catherine Oon1ey, 
of Caled0'l1l, by me. William T. Leach. Thi8 
marriage ha.9 bee'll fluly s()lcmniz9d between 
US. John l\forri8ou, C
therine Oonley. nnd 
!in the preBenoo of U8lo Angus Thomson. Arch. 
At 'l'oTOnto., on the ninth day of 
February. DIne thtJusa.nd eight hundred and, were m.arried by license. An
McLeod" of ChiJ1l
u.acoUlSY', a
ld ChristirJ\ 
Olunis. by me. William T_ Leach. 'fhis mar- 
riage has been duly sU'iE-unrized between LIS. 
 \lcLeod.. ChristÏ1
la Olunis. A.nd in the 
Ipr6'!ence of UB, Hu'g1h Oarmichael, Hugh 
At Toromto. on tbe twelfth dav of 
January. one thousand eight hundred and 
forty-two., were married by llce:n6e, Dona1d 

lcMurphy. 01 ChiDIiUaCOtL5y, and Margaret 
I Mclinty
 of the town'3bip of York., by me, 
William T. Leach. Thi8 marriage hBB been 
solemnized betweon us, Donald McMurphy, 
Margaret McJ!IHyre, ßlJod in the presence 
O'f lIS, Jolm ArdersolJ.. John Hamilton. 
At Toro.ruto, on tIre thirteonth day of 
Ja.nuary, one thoU81l.nd eijiht hundred and 
forty-two.. were married by licen
e, William 
McKny. of West Gwillimbury, and Cather- 
1noe' GU.rln. of same place. by me. William T_ 
I,each. ThÎti marrialTe has been duly sol- 
emn.tzed betwee-n UIS, WiHiam :\[cKay, Cath- 
erine Gunn.. nlld In the presence ()of us, 
Alexander McKay., Juhn Oa.m:pbell. 
At Toront{)o, O'n th() fourteenth day of 
Jamuary. one thoUþ8d1d elz"ht hundred and 
forty-tw.o, were married by lloollfle, William 
Starret" of Ohing'UltcoW!y, a.n.d Sarah Anne 
MartLn.. of Bame place, by me. Wi1llam TI. 
Leach. TbiB marriage h&8 been duly 801- 
emnlzed between 116. Wi1l1am Starret, Sarah 
.A.nIne Martin, and in the præence of Ulllo 
Alex. MoGre&:"Or, Roobert OannJchaeI. 
At TOTO'tlto, on the thirteenrt:h day of 
February. WJI9 thoUS8ll1d e
ht hundred and 
fort,.-two, were married b,. lIcBllB8, Edward 
OharletOllJI. of the tOWl1l'1-hip of York, and 
Mary Mil
 {)of the Bame place.. b,. me, 
William T
 Leach. This marrtai'e hu been 
BoloDllDJ.zed between UB, Edward Oha.rleton. 
Mar7 Mi,-, and In the presence of u.. 
Jo1m Ben:. J.oh.n Mlø.cMurch7.. 
At TorO!Dlto, on t1MJ twent7-tlrøt daT of 
Februar7.. 0b9 thoUBOlld e
ht hundred an4 
fort7-two. were marrJed b7 proclamation. 
Ohristopher Patterøo.n and Anne Mitchell. 
by me. WInlam T.. Leach. ThJ:s marrll111r1' 



hnB been duly solemnizeJ between us, Ohrls- I rialre haB beeon duly solemnized between u_. 
topher PattersQII]" Anne MUchel1, and in I George McOallum. Jane Sungster, and in the- 
O'ne thou8and ei!:"ht hundred Imd forty-two, prese.n.oo of us. Robert Denniston, WilU&In 
the pret!enC6 of us, ThoUL4S Ormiston, Tlm- I Heighton" 
othy O'Dne. I At T.or.onto, on the 24th duy of June, 
At Tor()d1'to, on the tenth day of March. , ()Iße thousand eia-ht hundred and forty-two, 
were married by liC6l1ße, Sergt. William I wør& married by U<.:en,;e, Jo.bJ1 WB,i'g., of 
Monro, 93rd Highlmwers, a11l1 Mary Ann Scarboro', 8II1d Anne Jünffi, of the same 
Oal1a.ghBlI1l. both of Toronto, by me, Wm. '1'. I plac
 by me. WilliaTU To. Leach. This, mar- 
Leach. ThiB marriacÐ has been duly sol- rin2'Ø h88 beem duly solemnized between us, 
em!l1Jzoo between U8. "iiliam 
Io'ilro, Mary I John. Wagg
 Anne Jon6l9., aud in the pres- 
AnnIe Oal1
han.. .\nd In the preBoence of Ufl, I 61100 of us, James JOJ1ßä, Jr., E. Bates. 
SnIDuel OuthoortsOll1" John (Joner. At Toron,to, on the first day of .July,. 
At, on the twentY-Becond day of ()Iße thousand eia-ht hundred and forty-two, 
February, 000 thousand eight hundred and I were married by liceIlBe. Hugh McFadyen, of 
'-two. were marrieu by lic
nse. John TorO'llto. and JaM Oven'!. of the same 
BishQþ. of To COII1.t 0, :lnd Christina Ferrier, I p'ace. by me.. Wf1llam T. Leach. This illar- 
of Bame place.. by me, William T. Leac'h. I rlalre has been duly 801emnized between us, 
This marria
 has been. solemnized between IJug.h l\IcIFadyf"[lJ, Jane Ovenj9. and in the 
U:9. .John Bishop, Jr.. Chri'ltilla Ferrier. and I prese<nc{' uf 1]!'" JaImes McD.on.ø.ld
Jln the presence of UB, David Maitland. David DeII1'nis'ton. I 
Paters.o,n. At T()roJl
o. on the 19th duy of July
At T()rolI1,to, on the twenty-fourth day of ; one thQusand eight hundred and forty-two, 
March. one thousan.d ei
.ht hundred anll I were marrit:!d by 1ice.nse.. William Parker. of 
forty-two,. were marrie-l1 by IJCoclamatio.n.. I TQC{mto. and Caroline Scott, of the BaIne 
PI"ivate William Pettig-rew" ()of the 43rd Re- place. bv me. Wil1i:>-JD T.. Leach. 'rhis mar- 
giment. and Luuis
 'fig he.. of Toronto. by I ria!;\"C h88 beeu duly 8Ole.mnized between us. 
m('" William T.. Leach. This malTilJ.'!p has I Wil1Ï1nn Parker, Ca.roline Scott, and in the 
been dlll
' Bolemnizf'd hot Yo eon U
. William . preB6IWe of USl, 
lcManu.. Robert 
Pettigrew. Louis... Ti g-he , 8..nd in the pres- Ferral. 
enco of u);. Jo'3etph HarrisoIl. William Mo- At Toronto. on the eighth day of, 
Guire. ooe thousa:nd ,eight hundred and forty-two, 
At TorOlIlito, on the ninth day of May, were married Lv lice-nse. William McKenzie, 
OII1e thoUiSa'nd eig-ht hundred and forty-two. of T()ronto
 ana .Jessie Rol'lun ,of the same 
\'fere married by lice.nsp. :';erg-t. Peter Fer- place., by m.e., William T. Leach. Thilt mar- 
grumn., of Toronto, and Smran FallB. of same ria.
re has been duly solemnized between us, 
place. by me, William '1'. Leach. This mar- William Mdien.zie., Jessie RoIsOI1, and in the 
riage has been duly solemnized betw
en US' j pl"esc.nce of us, All
Bon, Thos. Jon
Peter Ferguson, 
'uS;jn Falls,. and In the At T<Jro:ruto. on the 2. th day of July'. 
pre.sence of U8, J. McDiOnald" W. W. Robert. one thoUBa'lld eight hundred and forty-two, 
At Toromto, un the fuurth day of May, were married ù
, lict:'l
. James I
ee Mo- 
one th01Uland eight hundred and fort
'-two, . Leod.. of Etobicoke. 8.J1Id 
tary Hodgson, of 
were married Ly licaruse. Gottlob White. of I the slLme place.. by me, William T.. Leaph. 
M.arkham, nmd E.Jizabeth StiYO\H',. of sarno This marrIa.g-e has been 8Qlemnized betYoeen 
place. by me" William '1'.. Leach. This mar- twee.n us" JamOfl L. McLeod, Mary HQdg-sOIl, 
riarre has been du!;r 5<J!tJllwized betYoeen us, Q'nd i;n the f. reøenctj of us, W. W. Gillie. 
GQttlob White.. EJizabeth Stiver, ..nd in the Th()omas Ellio . 

resenoo ()of us. John Goe1ritluwh Robert At TorOOLto, on title nineteenth day of 
Ferror. September. one thoU&8nd eight hundred and 
At T.orO'l1Jto. on the Bxith day of June, fort
"-two. were married by UoemBe. AngWl 
one th01Uland eig-ht hundre<1 and forty-two. ThoffiSOII1I. of Pu:sllncb. and Margaret Mc- 
were married by Ik....\I1Se" Joseph Wood. ot !l;ïV6I11. of by me. Wm. T. Leach. 
Osha.wa" Whitby. n,nd Ag.nes flaig, of same This marriag-e has been solemnized between 
place,. by me. William T. J
ach. This mar- us. AIIL
s Thomsan. Margaret l\IcNiven, 
riage h88 been duly dole,l11omzed between us. flmd in the preaenca of US'. Donald McLean
Joseph Wood.. AI.
s Haig. a.nd in the pres- I William McBean. 
ence 01 us. Fra8. Primrose, John Rawlinson. At Toro.nto. on the third d&y of 
At T{)l"(), 011 the ninth day of June.. I September, one th,msand eight hundred and 
one thousa.nd ei&,ht hundred and forty-two, forty-two, were m.arried by lIceI1.'!O. John 
were marrie'l by proclamatiuu. Honry Jonee., McCulloch, of Ohin!:"llacou,sy, and M:aQ" Eliza 
IJII1'tl l\f'aI"Y Ja.n.è Butler. both of the city of Ferjl'U9an. of the same place, by me. Wm. T. 
Tnr..,nto. bv me. William T. Leach. This Leach. This marri3lZe has bee<n duJ.y 1101- 
e hWJ been duly solem.nized betwcen "mn.ize(1 between us, .John McOulloch, Mary 
us. He{[lCY Jones, M.ary Ja...,e Butler, Rnd in Eliza Feri'US"On
 ø.,nd in the presence of WI. 
the preænce of us. JBmel!l Good, D. Mo- S. OulBOOh George Ferguson. 
DonelL A118.1!1 McDonell. At ToÜ'ronto, on the twentieth day of 
At Toronto. on the tenth day of June. September
 one thausø.,nd eight hundred and 
{)IIle thousand ei&"ht hundred and forty-two, forty-two, were m.arried by U<.', DaTid 
were married b3 proclamatiooJ. Peter NLt- Maitlø.nd, of TOJ"O<11It{)j, and Jane Paterson. 
bet. Pickering, IUW Janet Muir of Toronto, of the aame place" by IDl'. William T. Leach. 
by me.. Wl111am T. Leach. Thla ma.rri
 This marrlfl.i"6 has been 8Qlemnized betweeu 
has been dUly solemnized between U_, Peter us" DaYld Maitl8.Ðld.. Ja'ne Paterson, and in 

iBbet, J8illßt Muir, a.n.d in the presence 01 the presence of ua, Clark Maitla.u.d. William 
us, Joøeph Muir. .John Dunbar. M011d"o. 
At TorGDto 00 the fifteenth day.ofJJuD.9. At -T{)l"()nto, on tbe third day of 
one thousand' ei&'"ht hundred and forty-two, September, one'tho11S8lld eight hundred and 
'Were married b3 Ucew;e., GeorK'e McOaUum., forty-two, were married by liceme. Jobn 
01 Torolllto, and JaDe Sangster, of the same Jardine.. of Pusllnch, and MRr
aret Mo- 
 b7 me. William T
 Leach. This mar- Naui'htop, .of T.oronto. b7 me, Wm. T. 



Leach. Thi/S marri:l&e has been duly 801- I Jannett CampbeIl. and in the presence of 
emnlzed betwetm UlS, John ,Tardine, Mary us. Thomas Elliot, John Martin. 
hton, and in the presence of us, Witherspones and Little-At Toronto, on 
Thomas McMurchy, Alex. McGregor. the thirteenth day of April, one thousand 
At Toronto. on the ninth day of Septem- eigb;t hundred and f.orty three, were married 
bar one thousand eight hundred and 10rtv- b.}' lIcense. Peter Wltherspones, of the town- 
 were mø.rried by Peter Hambly, 8hip of Vaughan. widower, and Anne Jane 
of 'Pickering and Anne Wilson, of Toronto, I Little. of the township of York, spinster, 
by me, William T. J..each. This marriage I by me, John Barclay. This marriage was 
hllo8 been duly solemnized between us. Peter I duly solemnized between us. Peter Wither- 
'. Anne Wilson, and in [}Ie presence spones, Anne Jane L!ttle, and in the pre- 
()f us. Robert Gibson, .J&mes WIlson. sence of us, J08eph BIers, Jo
so Paterson. 
At Toronto. on this the twelfth day of White and Rowen-At Toronto, on the 
January. one thousand eight J;undred and Beventeenth day of April. one thousand 
forty-three, were married by license, John I eight hundred and forty-three, were mar- 
Geddes. widower, of Gore, In the H
me DIs- ried by license. Robert White, bachelor, and 
trict. Toronto, and Mary Dark, wIdow, C?f Elizabeth Rorwen. spinster, both of the town- 
the B&me place, by me, John B.arcIay. 'l'hiS ship of York. in the home district, by me, 
marriage has been duly solemmzed between I John Barclay. This marriage was duly 
us, John Geddis, Mary Dark. Stanus Dan- I solemnized between '\1s. Robert White, Eliz- 
iell. John D. Da.niell, witnesses. abeth Rowen. and in the presence of us, Dun- 
Brown and Little-At Toronto. on the can McNabb, James Donald. 
fifth day of JanulIJ.ry, one thousand eight Currie and Currie-At Toronto. on the 8e- 
hundred and forty-three. were married by venteenth day of April, one thousand eight 
license, Joseph Brown, of Toronto, ba?hclor, hundre
 and 'forty-three, were marri
d, ßfter 
and Agnes Little. also of Toronto, spmster, publication of banns, Lauchlan Curne of tle 
by me. John Barclay. This marriage has t
wnship of Chingua.cousy, and Flora Cu
been duly solemnized between us, Joseph ne. C?f Toronto, by me, Jo
n Barclay. Th18 
Brown. Agnes 'Little, and in the presence of marnage was !Ìuly solemruze.d betweE!n us. 
us, John 'Brown. David Barnfather. Lauchlan Curne. Flora Curne, and m the 
Geddis and Dark-At Toronto, on the presence of us, Donald McLean, Duncan 
twelfth day of January. one thousand eight Currie. 
hundred and focty-thl"ee, were married by Armstrong and :Madill-At Toronto on the 
license, John Geddis, willower, of Gore, in nineteenth day of April. one thousa
d eight 
the Home District. Toronto. Rnd Mary Dark, hundred and forty-three. were marriell by 
widow, of 'the Bame place, by IDle John Bar- I license, Henry Armstrong and Hannah 
olay. This marriage has be
n duly solemn- din, ,both of the city of Toron,to. This mar- 
ized between US, John GedÙls, Mary D
rk. riage was dUly solomnized between \1s, 
and in the pr
nce of us, Stanners Damell, Henry Armstrong, Hannah Madill, and in 
John D. Damen. the presence of us, James Smith, Margaret 
McLean and :McDonald-At Toronto. on Tiernm". 
t!I e 8ixteenth d83 of January, one thousand Smith and :Þarl(er-At Toronto, on the 
ght hl}lldred and fort
.-three, were n

- eleventh day of May, one th
usand eight 
d bv license. .Donald MoLean, of the to - hundred and forty-three. were married by 
shIp of M
kham, bachelor, and. Mary M,?- license. Rir William Smith, of Eanlistan 
Donald, øx>tnster, of the townshIp of l\
an- House, Worcestershire, England, Baronet. 
posa, by me, John- B
rc1ay. ThIs n\arrla
e bachelor, and Susan Parker, of Toronto, 
has been duly soleDlßl
d between us? Do - spinster, by me, John Barclay. This mar- 
aId McLean, Mary McDonald, and m the riage was duly solemnized between us. Wil- 

Üce of uc, James McLean, Ken. 1\Ic- Iiam Smith, Swum Parker, an(l in the pre- 
b and Donald-At Toronto, on the 8ence ot us., H. Parker, M. Parker. 
first day of March. one thousand eight "Sheldon _ and Bell-At Toronto! on the 
hundred and forty-three were married by fIrst day of June, one thousand eIght hun- 
license, Duncan McNab, · of Toronto, bach- dred and forty-three, were .Ip.arried by Ii- 
elor, and Mar, Ann Donald, ù'"! the sarno cense, .Edward f?h
ldon, WIQower, of the 
place, spinster, by me, John BarcIßY. This townshIp of Gwllh
bur7 West, and Mar- 
marriage has been' duly solemnized between garet Bell, of the city of Toronto, by me, 
us. Duncan McNab, Mary Ann Donalù, and John 
arc1ay. This marriage was duly 
1& the presence of us. James Stitt, James solemmzed between. us. Edward Sheldon, 
Livingston. Margaret 
eIl, and tn the presence of US. 
Oarmichsel and Moffatt-At Toronto, on Johp FenwICk, John Kerr. 
the ninth dBlv of Murch, one thousand eight McKenzIe and Gunn-At Toronto, the 
hundred and fort;r-three, were married by day of JUlie.. onctå.nusamli eight 
license, Hugh Carmichael, of Toronto, wiJ- hundred and 10rty-t1l1'oe., were UJarried by 
ower, and .Tane Moffatt, of the same place, license, William l\lcKenzie, ba..:helor, of the 
spinster, by me, John Barclay. This mar- towlli!hip of Zorra. and Jessie Gunn. widow, 
riage has been duly solemnized between us, by me. John Barclay. This m'lrriag'o was 
Hugh Carmichael, Janet Moffatt, and in duly so1emn.ized betwe(jll UII., WiIIiam Mc- 
the presence of us, William Jamieson, Peter Kenzie. Jessie GmID" and In thE' presence of 
Mohatt. us., Henry Duffin, Joa. Barclay. 
McArthur and lOampbell-At Toronto. on a'Ild MacdO'llald-At T.oronto, on 
the twenty-fourth day of March, one thnu- the fifteenth day of June, one thou.sand 
Band eight hundred and forty-three, were eight hundred and forty-throe, were mar- 
married by license, John McArthur, hach- ried by license. WiUiam A rd'a,g'h , bachelor, 
elor. and Jannett Ca.mpbelI, spinster, both and Ellen Macdonald, spmster, both of the 
of the towI1l9hip of Ohinguacoust. by me, city of Toronto, by me. John Barclay. ThiB 
.J()hn Barclay. This has heen rluly marria&"e was duh solemniwd between us. 
80lemnized between us, .Tohn McArthur, WiJIiam .
rdai'h, Ellen Macdonald, a.nd In the 



>>resence of U1\ John Cameron. John 
Iac- Dale and Kennedy-At Toronto, on the 
donald, John Meredith. twentJ'-ninth day of July, one thousand eight 
Strathy ø.n.d Gowø.ß-At Toronto, on the hundred and fortJ'-thtee, were married by da
 of JUIWj, one thousand license, George Dale, of the cit,r of Toronto. 
eii"ht hUlDdred and forty-tbree, were married bachelor, and Sarah Anne Kennedy, of the 
by UceotJf.!e, Jolm Stratby, bacheloor, and township of Trafalgar, spinster, by me, John 
SU6aI1lIlah Elizs.beth Gowan, splnøter, both Barclay. This marriage was duly solemn- 
of the citJ' of Toronto, by me, John Barclay. ized between us, George Dale, Sarah Anne 
This marri
 has been solemnized between Kennedy, a.nd in the presence of us, Jobn 
UiI. John. Strathy, EUzabetb Gowan, and Reeves, Ruth Reeyes. 
Ïin the preBe!Dce of us" J. W. Brown, Clyde Thompson and Rankine-At Toronto, on 
B. Gowan. the fifth da-y of August, one thousand eight 
Roblm and Younie-At Toronto. on the hundred and forty-Ihree, were married. af- 
'-first dq of JUlllJþ one thouØ8.nd ter proclamation of Banns.. William Thom
ht hundred and forh--throe, were mar- BOn and Janc Rankiuc, spinster, both of the 
ried by lice'!1Be. James Uoblin.. ot the town- city of Toronto, by me, John Barclay. This 
sbi.p of Wbitby, bachelor, and Margaret marriago was du!.\" Bolcmnized between us, 
Yo-unde, of the tOWlll3htp of Darlington, William Thompson, Jane Rankine, and in 
spins.ter. by 10.:\0 John Barclay. This mar- the presence of us, Jane Keachie, Catha- 
e WØß duly solam.nizea. betwpen us, Jaø. rine McMaster. 
Roblin. r.1argaret Younie, aud In the prE&- Scott a.nd Candy-At Toronto, on the 
anoo ofus., Henry Dafflln.. Ja.mes Ba.rclay. seventh day of August, one thousand eight 
Ken:ny and McCJreadie-At Toronto, on hundred and forty-three, were married by 
the fourth dS7 of Jill". one thowmnd license, James Scott, of the city of Mont- 
eiJ;ht hu.ndred and forty-three, were mar- treal, bachelor. and Eliza Cø.ndJ', of the city 
lied by llc
 Henry Kenny and Elizabeth of Toronto, spinster. by me, John Barclay. 
Mc,c rea dier, both of the city of Toronto, This marriaA'e was tlulJ- solcmnized between 
by me" John Barclay. This marriage was us, James Scott. Eliza CandJ', and in the 
duly 8Qlemn.ized between us, lIenry Kenny, presence of US, I.. n. Campbell, Robert Mc- 
Elizabeth McCreadie, an.d In the pret;ellCe Olure. 
of u.
. Geor
e ReY.D.olds. Wm.. McCre>1die. St('wart and Wilkinson-At Toronto, on 
Stewart and McNaughton-At T,gronto on the thirtieth day of August, one thousand 
the seventh day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fort,r-three, were mal'- 
eili'ht hu,ndred anll forty-three, were mar- ried by license, Donald Stewart, of the town- 
rood b
, William Stewart, bacht3lor, 8hip of Reach, in the Home District, bache- 
and Catherine 
fc:\au.ghton.. spinster, both lor, and 
A.gnes Wilkinson, of the township 
of the dty of Toronto, by m.e" John Bar- of Olarke, In the district of Newcastle, spin- 
clay. 'fJlis marriage .vas du;I
' "Iolemnized Bter. This mftrriage was duly solemnized 
bet\\oon u.s., William Stewart, Catherine Mc... between us, Donald Stewart, Agnes Wilkin- 
 and in the pr
nce of us, Jo- son, and tn the presence of us, Alex. Me- 

ph JOh.JnßOIJ" David HtIDd
rsofl. Gregor, Arch. WiIldnson. 
Hamill and Hamilton-At Toronto, on the Retd ßnd Beato'll.-At T.oronto, on the 
tenth day of July, Ol1.e thousand eight hun- twentJ.-third day of September,ODo thouænd 
dred and forty-fhree, were married b
. li- eight hu.nrlred and forty-three, were ID6r- 
ceuse, Henry Hamill. bachelor and Eli
a- ried by 1i('e.!1.St>. William Reid. o.f the city of 
bath Hamilton, spinster, both of the CIty Torontto, bachelor. and :\Jar
' Beaton, of 
uf Toronto, 'by me, John Barclay. This mar- the tow,m;btp of Oaledon.. spinster, by me. 
riage was tluly solemnized between us, Henry John Barclay. This mJ1Tl"ia
e W&B duly 801- 
Hamill, Elizabeth Hamilton, and in tho rre- emn.ized wtwOOll us, William ReI
sence of us, Hamill, Robert McKee Bea ton., ftnd in the preænce of us, Alex. 

Ioore. McGregor, Donald Beaton. 
Revmftnn and Keefer-At Toronto on the Di('kie and Wheeler-At 'l'orOllto.. on tbe 
elevènth day of July, one tholls.:md. eight sixth day of Dc t.oller., tho'U8ß.nd 
hundred anll forty-three, were marrlerl hy eight hun'dred l111d forty-three" were mar- 
license, Michael Rpymann. bachclo
. of _the ried by li('el1se., .John Dickie, of the town- 
towruhip of Vaughan, and Cathanne Bhip of W'hitb
'. bachelor, slIld Luclnd& 
fer, of the Bame pl:t('e. spinster, b
- me, .Tn11n Wh(,f'lor. of thl> S.'1111.o place, SIJinBter. by me,. 
Barclay. ThIs marriage was duly solemn- .Joh.n Hlirc1uy. This marriage was duly 801- 
ized between us, Michael Re.r mann . Catha- em;nized between llS, .John Dickie, Lucinda 
rine Keffer, o.n>tÏ in the 
resence of us, Isaac Wheeler, and ill the pre.sence of us, Joseph 
Puterburgh, Peter Keffer. Hu'!ginB-, 1\1. S. Stone. and l\lurphJ'-At Toronto, Oll the - . 
nineteenth day of JUly, one thousand eight Ross a:nd SommcrvIHe-At Toronto, on 
hundred and forty-three, were marrie'l by ,
?e sIxth day of Odober, one thou.sand 
license, Francis Birse. bachelor, and Eliza- 
Ight hundred and forty-tb
n vut1Je 
b th I\I }. l'Jp"n"tor both of the city of of a Ucen.c;e under thc hand of HIs E!xcel- 

e, 1 ,j"nh
'. ThitS mar- lc.n.c;r the Govennor. w
re marrl
d, Hu:gh 
riag(' was duly solemnizel1 hetween us, Fran- 
-tos.s. ba('helor, aOid MarJ'. Sommervdl)e. spln- 
cis llirse, Elizabeth 
-. and in the pr('- 
te!. both .of ToroJnto. bJ' m.e. John J,ar('lay. 
senm of us, James Smith. Eliza Oross. rhls mrarr13
een solemnizoo between 
White and Fawcett-.\t Toronto, 011 the us.. HH
h Ross. MarJ SomJJwrvl!le.. an.d in th& 
tweutJ"-ninth day 01 JuJ,y, one tnousand I 
reBel1Ce of \lBo, J.ames Lesbe, Christiana. 
eight hundred ø.nd fortJ.-three, were mar-, ;-;.dm mer vlIle. 
ried by license, Thomas White, of the town- I Thrli.n and Oxenham-At Toronto, on th& 
flhip of Scarborough, bachelor. an-d Mary tenth day of O('lober.. one thou.s.a.nd eight 
:Fa-wcett, of the same place, 8pillBter, by me, hn.ndTe:l and fort;r-three. aftf'r .regular pro- 
John BarclaJ'. This marriage wa$ du\r clamnhon of bannl
. .John Thalli, hacheJor. 
60lemnized betweon us, Thomas White. l\Ia
y I mnd Mary Oxenham. ::p;n
tpr. bot!:! 
Fawcett, fin'l tn the presence of us. Ohn;o. of the city of TOTOIn,to, were marl'lcd by the- 
Wilkinson, William Fawcett. 1ID
rsiJ:'11ed. John narcla
'. This marriage 



wu dUly lI
mno1red between U8, John Thain, 
Marl' AØ1IB Oxen.ham. 1W1d in the presenee 
of us. Jamell :-ieabrtzht, Catherine Tolme
Hooe,1 and McDonald-At Toronto, on the 
sixteenth dill of October, on.e thousand 
elcht hUildred and fort.1-three, were mar- 
ried by lIconse, Jo'hn Hooe,1, of the township 
of CobourK'. bl\cheior, an.d E1tzabeth McDon- 
ald, of the pl
 spJ.11.!ter, by me, 
John Barclay. This marriaK'e \\80S duly sol- 
C'I11'Dfzed betwe3l1 
 Jûhn Hooe,1, Elizabeth 
McDonald" and In the presence of UII, Peter 
McArthur, Petter BrowoD. 
MII:'htOll &Dod Mundell-At Toronto, on the day of October, ona thousand 
eicht hundred and forty-three, were mar- 
ried bJ' lIoen1ie. Joæpb MJi"htoo. of the 
towmlhlp of MarkhaIllj, bachelor. and 
Elea.nor Mundell, of the towllßhip of Plck- 
erlll4r. spiß8ter, by me. John Barclay. This 
marrlaee was duJ.y so1emniZEld between us, 
.Joseph M4rhtom. Eleø.nor Munde-ll, and in 
the pr
 of WI, Samuel MiK'hton, Jane 
DaviIJ.son and :-Wlcholson-At Toronto. on 
the t\\
ty-third ddv of October. one thou- 
sand ei!:iht hundred and forty-threo, after 
regular proclamation of banns., Thomas 
DavHÆo'n.. of the towu.s'hi-p of EsqueBin,g-. I 
hnchE"lor. allld Marv NlCholBo-n., of Toronto, 
"pinster, were lDk'lrried by me. John Barcll1Y. 
,!'his marri8,
e has been solemnized between 
us. Thomas DavjdsOll. Mary NichoLlon, and 
in the prest3UC8 of us, 1\1. Sht1\\-an., Lena 
:\Iiller alld Gaw-At Toronto
 on the 
t w et!1tty-fifth day of October. one tbousand 
eight hundred a.nd forty-three. after regu- 
lar prodamatï<m of b&IlU.'i. Henry l\Jiller. 
bachelor. and Anne Gaw. spinster, both of I 
TorO'nto. were m.arricd by me, .John Rarcll1Y. 
This marria.n-e has beon solemnized between 
Uß, Heru
' Mfn-er, Annè Gaw. and in tho pres- 
ence of lli!, TholDQs 
mlth, Hannah Gaw. I 
Gletn aOO Wilson-At 'I'oronto, on the' dt1y of O<,tober" one thoUßand 
ei2"ht hw;]drel and forty-three, were mør- 
ried by lice.noo. William Glem. of Owen 
:o:.ound, in the Home District. b,1chelor, and 
.Janet Wi13on, of tile city of Toronto, Bpin- 
.ster, b
' UK\, Joh'l1 Barclay. This marria.!,,"e 
was duly so1em:nized between us, William 
Glen. .Jt\net Wil&im. Iln.l in the presence of 
UR. Walter Grier. Henr,r Ypu'n,g-. 
Findll1J' RT1Jt :\Iu rrny-."-t Toronto, on the 
f<lurtee-nth d-a
uvelmbell one 'thousand 
E"i&rht hlI111dred aJld fort,r-threo, were D1ar- 
IÏed by licenæ, Pa-trick Finlay, of Toronto, 
bachelor, and I.<;allella 
lurray" of the same 
pl8<'e.. spinster, by me, .John Barclay. This 
 W8ð dl1ly soielfLni7M between U8. 
Patrick FiuIJlay, Murra,1, and in 
the pre:-ence of u"'" John Herbert Jack- 
fJOn, EUe.. HamUtoll. 
Stewar"f: anü 1.liller-At Toronto, on the 
twent;r-thin] dav of 
ovemller. one' thou- 
98.nü eight hund!'Cfl and forty-three. were 
marrie(1 bv li"'
n6Ø, .T'imf",<; Stewart, of Rif'h- I 
mond Hill, 
n the Homo District, b&chelor, ' I 
ø.nü JB.abeIla )[illor. of the city of Torunto, 
Bpinster, bJ' me, John Barda'\". This mar- 
ri&g-e WB.'i 1!0lemnize1 betwee"n us. James 
Stewa.rt. Isabella Miller, and in the nresence 
of DoS, Robert Lin<Ùlay, George R. Wyllie. 
Stark and Gibb-At Toronto. on the 
twenty-fourth day of Novf"ffiLer, one thou- 
8anü eight hundred and forty-three, were 
married by license, William Dunean.;;on 
Stark, of the town of Onkv iIle , in the Gore 

District, bachelor, and Agne/! Glbb, of thw 
towmhip of York, spinster, by me, John 
Barclav. This marrIage was duly solemnIz- 
ed between us, William Duncanson Stark,. 
Agnes Gi'bob, and in the presenoa of us, Geo. 
Little. Peter Brown. 
Davidson and WIlson-At Toronto, on the 
twentieth day of December, one thousand' 
eight hundred o.nd forty-three. James Dav- 
idson, bachelor, Toronto, and Margaret WII- 
8on, widow, also of Toronto, were after re- 
gular proclamation of Banns. married b7 
me. John Barclay. This marriage W8.8 dulT 
80lemnized between us. Thomø.s Davlcbon. 
Margaret Wilson, and In the presence of UII. 
Archibald Taylor, OlivIa McMichael. 
Ivey ø.nd Stoddart-At Toronto, on the- 
twenty-ninth ðay of December, one thou- 
sand eight hundred and fort,1-three, wer.. 
married bv liceme, Hugh Ivey, of the town- 
ship of Etobicoke, bachelor, and Mary Stod- 
dart, of the township of Toronto. widow., 
' me. John Barclay. This marriage was 
solemnized between us. Hugh Ivey, Mary 
Sto.Jd:trt, an.l in the nresence of us, Wil- 
lillTl1 .Tnl
I1<"()n. Arll1m Peratt. 
McMillen and UcK(>chanie-At Toronto, 
0111 the fourth dwy of Janua.ry, one thousand 
eight hUlldl'etl Iln,l fortJ.--four, were mar- 
rip 1 Joy lif'('n
(', NpÏl :\11':\[ilIen, of Toronto. 
bachelor. and Anne :\'[cKechanIe, also of 
Toronto, !'pin=-ter, b,}' me, John Barclay. 
,!'his Jllarriage W8.S duly solemnized between 
us, :Neil )[rMiIlen, Anne :\lcKechanie, and 
in the presence of u. q , Thomas Aitken, Alex-- 
Livingston and Livingston-.
t Toronto, 
on the twelfth da,y of .January, one thou- 
sand eight hundred and forty-four, were- 
married bJ- lÏf'ense. James Livingston, bache- 
lor, and 
' Livingston. sprinster, both 
of the .citl' of Toronto, by me, John Barclay. 
This marriage was solemnized bptwoon UII,. 
James Livingston, Mary Livingston. and In 
the presèll-ce of us, William Williamson. 
Hannah EMtwood. 
Blain and Broderick-At the town shin of 
York, on the seventeenth day of Jan\Ìary, 
one tholli3ßJ1'] eight hundre 1 and fortJ--four. 
were married by license, Isaac Blain. of the 
city of Toronto. an.} )[argaret Broderick, 
of the township of York, spinster, ù:r me, 
John BarclflY. This marriage was duly 
solemnized between us, I
ac Blain, Mar- 
garet Broderick, and in the presence of us, 
George Blain, ""ilIiam Devenish. 
Martin and Moore-At Toronto, on the- 
tw.enty-ninth -day of January, one thousand 
eight hun-dred a.nrl forty-four, after regu- 
lar proclamation of Ranns, James l\1artin, 
bachelor, anil 
fary Moore, spinster, both 
of IToronto, were married by me, John Rar- 
cia.}"'. This marriage was duly solemnized 
between UB, James Martin, Mary Moore, 
and in the presence of UB, James Dodson. 
StE-phen Tufts. 
Scott and Wilson-.
t Toronto, on the- 
tenth daJ' of February, one thousand eight 
hunllred and fort;r-four. were married by 
license. William Scott, wIdower, and 
arine Wilson, spinster, both of the village 
of Sydenha.m, in the Home DistrIct, by me. 
John BarclflY. ThIs ma.rriage was duly 
solemnized between us, Wm. Scott, Oath- 
&cien Wilson, and In the presence of us. 
Donald Chrisbolm. Helen Ohrlsholm. 
Henery and Sutherland-At Toronto, on 
the fifteenth day of February. one thou-- 
sand eight hundred and forty-four. after- 



regular proclamation of Banns. Len Elipha- 
let Henery. of the tow118hip of Scarborough. 
bachelor. and Isabella Sutherland. of '1'0- 
canto. Bpinster. were married by me, John 
Barclay. This marriage was duly solemnized 
between us. Len Eliphalet Henery, Isabella. 
Sutherland, and in the presence of us. Don- 
ald Sutherland. FrancIs Armstrong. and Sinclair-At Toronto. on the 
twenq.-ninth day of February. one thou- 
lIa.nd eight hundred and forty-four. were 
married by license. Peter Sinclair, of the 
township of OhinguacouCBY, bachelor, and 
Ss.rah Sinclair. of the townshIp of Valedon. 
8pinster. daughter of John Sin
man, by me, John Barclay. ThiS marrI8: ge 
was duly solemnized between us. Peter Sm- 
clair Sarah Sinclair, and in the presence of 
us. john Campbell, Duncan Currie. 
Hamilton and Graham-At Toronto. on 
the fourth da,y of March. one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four. were married by 
license. Robert Hamilton, of the township 
of Esquezing, b9.chelor. and Ann Graham. 
of the towll8hip of Toronto, spinster, by 
me. John Barclay. This marriage was. duly 
solemnized between us, Robert HamIlton, 
Ann Graham, and in the presence of us. John 
Lundy. Sophia Buchanan. 
Bowman and Milligan-At Toronto, on the 
twelfth ùay of March, one thousand eight 
hunureù and forty-four, were married by 
liccn3e John Bowman, bachelor, and Frances 
)Iillign'n, spinster, both of the city of .rJ.'o- 
ronto, by rne. John Barclay. This marnage 
was dul.r solemnized between us, John Bow- 
man, Frances )[illigan. and in the pr
.of us, Joseph Bird, l\[argaret HutchlD.son. 
Wallace and Gaw-At Toronto, on the 
twenty-third day of April. one tho
eight hundred and forty-four, were mRrried 
11:\' licen<:e, Edwnrd WnBace, bachelor, and 
Hannah Gaw. spinster, both of Toronto, by 
me, John Ual"CM.Y. This marriage has been 
duly solemnized between us, Edward Wal- 
lace. Hannah Gaw. and in the presence of 
us, -John :!\I('Govern. Elizabeth Gaw. 
Tobin and Brown-At Toronto. on the 
tWent llay of April. one thousand 
eight hU'1ùred and fort
:-f?ur, 3;ft
r pro- 
clamation of Banns." Ill1am 'Iobm and 
Diana Sonhia Brown, spinster, both of To- 
ronto, we-re married by me, John 
This marriage has been duly øolemmzed be- 
tween us, William Tobin, Diana Sophia 
Brown, and in the Vresence of us, Andrew 
Mc:\[urphie, Mary Tobin. 
Scobie and :McLeod-At Toronto. on the 
twenty-seventh day of April. one thousa.nd 
eight hundred and forty-four, were marrIed 
by license, Hugh Scobie,. bachelor, of 
city of Toronto, and Justma McLeod, 8pm- 
.ster -daughter of the late Capt. Angm :\T,,- 
Leod, of Dingwall, Scotland, by me, John 
Barclay. This marriage has 
Il ..UIY 
solemnized between us, Hugh Scobie. Jus- 
tina McLeod. a.nd in the presence of us, Geo. 
Donoban. Zettie Kidd. 
McLenna.n and Kendrick-At Toronto, on 
the thirteenth day of May, one thousand 

ight hlmdred and forty-four, were mar- 
ried by license. Charles McLennan, bachelor, 
and Sarah Kendrick, spinster, daughter of 
George BrydgGS RodnOJ: Kendrick, all of 
Toronto. by me. John Ba.rc1ay. This mar- 
riage was duly solemnized between us. 
Charles McLennan. Sa.rah Kendrick, and in 
the presen.ce of us, V{. Sommersett. William 
Nere Hunt. 

Davis and Lennon-At Toronto. on the 
fourteenth day of May. one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four, were married bv 
license. Fr&Dcls Davis, baohelor, and Mar- 
garet Lennon. epinster, both of the city of 
Toronto. by me, John Barclay. This mar- 
rIage has 'been duly solemnized between us, 
Francis Davis. Margaret Lennon, and In 
the presenoo of us. Edward Wallace, Thomas 
Neilson. I 
Mc-Oonnell and Harper-At Toronto. on the 
twenty-third day of May, one thoU8and eight 
hun-dred and forty-four, were married by 
by license. James McOonnell. bachelor, of 
the township of Re&ch, and Elizabeth Har- 
pet. of the city of Toronto, spionster, by 
me, John Barclay. This marriage 118.8 been 
duly solemnized between us. James Mc<Jon- 
nell. Elizabeth Harper, and in the presence 
of us. James Robinson. Eliza Dobson. 
Murdoch and Whitehead-At Toronto. on 
the \fourth ò&y of June, one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four. were married by 
license. William Murdoch, of the township 
of Chinguacousy. bachelor, and Margaret 
Whitehead, of the towIliShip of Toronto, 
spillBter. daughter of Thomas Whitehead. 
of said towllBhip, by me, John Barclay. This 
marriage was duly solemnized between us. 
Wm. Murdoch, Margaret ''Vhitehead. an-d 
in. the presence of us. Thos. Whitehea.d, jr., 
Anna Laird. 
lIiggins and :Miller-At Toronto, on the 
fifth da.y of June. one thousand eight hun- 
dred and fort;r-four, were married by license, 
William Higgins, of the city of Toronto. 
widower, &nd 
:larion, spinster. daugh- 
ter of John 'Miller. of the same place, by me, 
John Barcia).. 'fhis marriage has been duly 
.trolemnized be(ween us, WIll. Higgins, Marion 
er, and:in the presence of us, A. P. Wal- 
ton, John Miller. 
Jones and Irish-At Toronto, on the nine- 
teenth day of June. one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four. were married by 
license. James Jones, the younger, of the 
towllBhip of Scarborough, widower. and 
Elizabeth Irish, of the same place, spinster, 
by me, John Barclay. This marriage has 
been duly solemnized between us, James 
Jönes. Elizabeth Irish. and in the presence 
of us. William Jones, Elizabeth Stephens. 
Whitehead and Ohester-At Toronto, on 
the twenty-fifth tlav of June. one thousand 
eight hundred and forty-four, were married 
by license. 'William Whitehead, bachelor, and 
Mary Ann Chester. spinster, both of the 
towru;hip of Toronto, by me, John Barclay. 
This marriage has been duJ.
T solemnized be- 
tween us. ''Villiam Whitehead, Mary Ann 
Ohester. and in the prosen('e of us, William 
Read, Th08. Whitehead, jr. 
McPhatter and Blue-At Toronto, on the 
nineteenth day of July. one thoU8and eight 
hundred and forty-fou.r. were married by 
license, James McPhatter. bachelor, of the 
town.shin of Puslinch. in the District of Gore, 
an-d Margaret Blue. of Barrie, spinster. by 
me, John Barclay. This marriage has been 
duly solemnized between U8, .James Me.- 
PhattO;}r l _Margaret Blue, and in the pres- 
en-oe of us Angu<i Blue, Donald Blne. 
Gotea. a
d McGilvray-At Toronto, on the 
twenty-third day of July. one thOU88i1d eight 
hundred and forty-four. were married by li- 
cense Fra..ncis Gotea, of Syoonham, bache- 
lor a
d Flora McGilvray, of the same plnce, 
ter. daughter of Alexander McGilvraj, 
of the town.ship of Oa.ledon. bz me, John 

 DbIAHKS Ol!' TORON roo 


llarc1a.r. This has been duly 
.soJcmnizo1 between 11", Fra.ncls Gotea, Flora 
McGil'w-ra..y, 8.Il:d in the prosence of Us, John, Bdwa.rd Stinson. 
Hotson and Miller-At Toronto, on the 
æüOud da"y of August. one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four. were married by 
1ioenðe. James Hotson, of tho town of Ham- 
ilton. bachelor, Md Helen 
IiIlar, spinster, 
<ri' the 
ity of Toronto, by m(', John Barclay. 
This mn.rriage has been du1;,- solemnized be- 
tween us, Ja.mes Hot80n, Helen Millar, and 
in the (Jresenoe 01 us. J{)hn Milligan, Walter 
Sutherland and 
Iathieson-At Toronto, on 
the third da,y or August, one eight 
hundred anti forty-four, wore married by 
license, William Sutherland, of the town- 
liìhip of West Gwi1limbury, bachelor, an(l 
Mary Mathieson, of the township of York, 
1!pirulter. daughter of the late George Ma- 
thieson, of thotownship of Thora.h, by me, 
.J{)hn Ba.rGJa,)". This marriage has been duly 
80lemnizell between us, William Sutherland, 
:l\Iary :\Iathieson, and in the presence of us, 
-<Thristopher Hester, Neil Beaton. 
Rider and Fox-At Toronto, onthe four- I 
teenth day of August, one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four. were mfLrried by 
license, Adam Rider, of the township of 
Vaughan, ba('helor, anr! Jane Fox, of the I 
sme place, spinster, Ly me, .John Barclay. 
This marriage has boen duly solemnized be- ' I 
tween us, Ada.m Rider. Jane Fox, and in the 
j)l'eBoooe of us. Jeremiah F-òx. Peter Mish- 
(Jampbell and Carfrae-At Toronto. on the 
third day of September, one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-four, were lJlurrieJ L.y 
iicense. Ste r lman Baldwin Campbell, bache- 
lor. &nd Rebecca. Oarfrae, Bpinster, daugh- 
ter of the late Th'J/n....:; C:\I"ira.e, Esq., by 
me, John Barclay. This marriage has been 
duly 80lemnizerl between us, S. ß. Oamp- 
bell, Rebecca Oa.rfrae, an-d in the presenoe 
of U8, Ja.mes Patton, Wm. <Ja.mpbell. 
Fraser and Melville-At Toronto, on the 
fourth da
- uf I::;eptcmber, onc thousand eight I 
hundred and fort
'-four, were married by 
license, Donal'l Fr:L.o;er, of Larnbton, in the I 
Home District. Lachelor. and Elizabeth Mel- 
ville, of the townshil) of York, spinster, ùJ. 
me, John Barela,). 'This marriage has been I 
dUly solemnized between us, Donald Fraser, 
Elizabeth :\Ielville. Anna 1..air(]. 
Dickson and Thompson-At Summerhill, I 
Yonge street, on the first tlay of October, I 

 ODe thous.and eight hundred forty-four, 
Wf>re marrie1 b,)' license, (jeor
e ppn!\ie I 
Dickson., of the Cit.v of 
lontreal, hachp- 
lor. and Isabella. ThoUl{J5l1n, spinster, I 
daughter of IC'harl06 Thompson, E
q., of Sum- 
merhill, township of York, by m(', John 
Barelay. This marriage has !Jeen 
sokmnizcil between Us, George P. Dickson. I 
Isah('lIa Thompson, and in the presence of 
us, J. W. A1lison, S. ß. Campbell. . 
Drydon and York 
[ills, on the 
eighth .la,)' of October, one thousand eight I 
hun(lrcd anrl fort,)'-four, Wf're rnarricil bv! 
license, William Hr.rdon, of the township I ' 
of King, widower, and Elizabeth Hog-go, of 
thetownship of York, widow, b,r mc, John 
Barela,)-. This marriage has been duly I 
solemnize!l between us, WiIIiam Dr,rdon, Eli- / 
'ta.Mth Hogg, an,l in the presence of us; John 
HO'frr. :\ lex. (jihb. I 
NoÌ>le and. McQuarrie-At Turonto on the i 
seventeenth da
 of October,. onethousa.nd 

eight hundl'ed and forty-tour, wero mar- 
ried by license, Joseph Noble, bachelor, aa. 
Sarah McQuarrie. spinster, daughter of 
Lauchlin McQuarrie, aU of the township of 
Vaughan, by me, John Barclay. This mar- 
riage has been duly solemnized lJetween \1s. 
Joseph Noble. Sarah McQuarrie, and in the 
presence of us. John 1.lcQuarrie, Harvey O. 
MUrray and Millet-At Toronto, on the 
nineteenth day of October, one thousand 
eight hundred and forty-four. were married 
by license, Thomas Murray, of the township 
of Chinguacousy, bachelor, and Sarah :\Iil- 
let, of the city of Toronto, spinster, by me, 
John BarcIa,).. Thi!! marriage ha.s been duly 
solemnized between 11S, Thomas :\[urray, 

filLet, nwl in the pre'lence of us, Rob- 
eTt M. Ritchie, Ellen Ritchie. 
Brewer anll Hi3e,).-At Toronto, on the 
twent,}"-seoonrl day of October, one thousa.nd 
eight hun-dred and forty-four. wore married 
by license, Silvester Brewer. of the township 
of S('.arborough, ba.chelor, and Anna Hise,)'. 
ofthetownsh'p of Markham, spinster. daugh- 
ter of tho late JOSE'ph HisPJ-, of the same 
place. deceased, by me, John Barclay. This has been duly solemnized between 
us, Silvester Brewer, Anna Hisev, and in 
tho :presence of us, Christopher Spiree, Moses 
Maulson and Hill-.
t Toronto. on the 
twenty-fourth MY of October, one thousand 
eight humlrE'd an.l forty-four, were married 
boY lkense, John :\[aul"on, of St. Ca.tharines. 
bachelor, land 
lIcn Hill. of the city of To- 
ronto, spinster, daughter of the late Samuel 
Hill, of -.he Bame pla.ce. b
' me, John J-!arclay. 
This ha
 been flul,y solemnized be- 
tween uS. J. Maulson. E. Hill, anrt in the 
presenoe of U!I. D. Christio, Jus. 'Workman. 
Glendinmng and 1..ou\18- -\.t Toronto, on 
the twpnt,}'-fifth day of October, one thou- 
sand eight hundred fl.nd forty-four, were 
married Lv 1icen<;e, James Glendinning, wid- 
ower, and BtLrbara 1..ond<;, of the same .place, 
widow of James Louds, deceased. by me, 
John Darchr.v. This J11arrialfo h3
 ]wen duly 
performed between Us, James Glendinning, 
Barbara 1..oul1s. a.nd in thp presence of us, 
Jane Flahert,}', Erlward O':lJeill. 
'Wilson and Flf'lIIing-At Toronto, on the 
fifth day of November. one thou<;and eight 
hundred and fort,)--four, Were marrie.l by 
license, John \\'iL
on. of the towloshi!l of Dar- 
lington, ba('hel"r, and )1argßI'e l Finlay, 
spinster, flaughter of Rich:Hd Finla
-. of 
hip oi 
larkham, b
- me. John 'Dar- 
cla,}.. Thi" m:lrriag,' ha
 been dll..\ 1>olcmniz- 
erl betwecn Uo;, John '\ïbon, :\Iargaret Fin- 
', an,l in the l)re3ence of us, Geurge Platt, 
Howard Wiseman. 
Hinkson and Conct--At Toronto, on the 
6ixlh day of
r, one thousand eight 
Inmdred and fort
--four, were ml1rriell by 
li('onse, Daniel Hinkson, of tho t(.wnship of 
""hit b
', bachelor, 311'1 1\Ia.ry C"I1Ct, of the 
same pla('e, spin.'!ter, (lall
htcl' of the late 
Tholl1:1.s Gonet. of Da.r'lington, deN'ase(l, b;r 
me, John 'Ua,'da
.. 'J'b is umrriH.g'p has heC'n 
duly solcml'izcd betw('en us, VaniE'I Hink- 
son, 1\1:-: r
' Cutlot, an,l in the pre,;cnce of us, 
John :\IeKcnzie, Anna Ltllrd. 
,lf'ro;t)n and \\' :Ltson--.\ l Tornnto, on 
the tw('nty-se f 'on r l day of Nov
rnbpr, one 
thouS{1.nd eigh t hllnclr('<1 and fort v-four, Wero 
m.arrie,l h
. license, Ro!)prt HenJer
ol1, bflchE'- 
lor, an,l FI'ILn('03 \Yat""n, spil1ste,., daughter 
of James Watson, all of the township of 



Vaughan, hy me, John Barda"
 'Th19 mar- 
riago has been duly solemnized between \111, 
Robert Hen-derllOn, Frances "\,"&t80n, and in 
the presence of US" James W&taon. Robert 

S:U."nd Parke-At Tomnt.., on the 
twenty-ninth d
v of KovellllJer. one tbou- 
Mn-d eight hun
rpJ and fortv-four, were 
mø.rriod bv licen"e. Samuel Gordon. bachelor. 
&J1d Hannah Pluke, spinster, daughter of 
Thomas Parke. 1\.11 of tho township of Pick- 
ering, bv me, John Barclay. This 
h8B been (!ulv solemnized betwe
n us. Samuel 
Gordon, Hannah Parke, and in the presence 
of us, Willil\m Bailey, 'fhomas Parke. 
Kerr and McKenzie-At Toronto. on the 
'-ninth day of November, one thou- 
eanùeight hundred and forh'-four, were mar- 
ried b,r license, Angus KPlrr, of tho cit
of Toronto, bachelor. finll Marga.ret McKen- 
zie, of the sallie place. spinster. daughter 
of th(' lato Rohert McKcmlZie, bv me, John 
TIarcll1.r. ThLs mltrriage ba.s .Þ<-'en duly 
solemnized between us, Angu,; I\..err, Mar- 
garet McKenzie, find in the presence of us, 
Donald l<
ra...';er. Davi.d Hutchison. 
Oø.nt ant! Rogers-At Toronto, on the 
eleventh day of December, one thousand 
eight hundred andforty-four, were married 
by liceDBe, George <Ja.nt, of the city of To- 
ronto, bachelor. and Elizabeth Rogers, spin- 
ster, daughter of Joseph Rogers, of the 
said cit
, bv me, John Barclay. This mar- 
riage ba..'i bOOn duly solemnized between 'UII, 
GtJorge Cant. Eliz1tbeth Rogers, and in the 
presence of us, E,lward Ou.nt, John Rogers. 
.JoS<'ph an,1 FuHc."tùn-At Toronto. on the 
eleventh day of December, one thousand 
eight hundrèd nnd fortv-fuilr. were married 
by license, Henry Abraham Joseph, of the 
city of Toronto, b
chelor, and 
Iatild8. Ful- I 
lerton, of the same place, spinster, daugh- 
tør of Robert Fullerton. of the town of Lon- 
don. O. 
.V., by me, John Barclay. This mar- 
riage has been duly solemnized between us, 
Henn o A. Jos.eDh. 
fatilda Fullerton, and 
in the presence of us, George Patterson, 
Ann :\Ic.-Cullough. 
Winf'hester and Stewart-At Toronto. on 
the third da7 of January, one thousand 
eight hundred and fort,)'-five, were married 
by license, Alexander Winchester, widow- 
er. and Janet Stewart, spinster, both of 
thecity of Toronto, by me, John Barclay. 
This marriage has been duly Solt11Unlzed be- 
tween us, Alexander Winchester. Janet 
Stewart. and Inthe presence of us, Bruce 
Mitchell, John Spetbnwort. 

IcIntosh and Oampbell-At Toronto. ou 
the twenty-first day of Janll8.ry, one thou- 
Band eigbt hundred &nd forty-four. were 
married by license, William McIntosh, of 
the township of Caledon, bachelor, and Mary 
bell. of 'the same place, spinster, daugh- 
ter of iDun{:S.n Oampbell, of the said town- 
ship, by me, John Barclay. This marriage 
ha.<l been duly solemnized between us, Wll- 
liam McIntosh, Mary Campbell. and In the I 
vresence of 'Us, John McAuley, John ca.mP- 1 
Lang and Wolfe-At Toronto, on the I 
twenty-seventh day of January, one thou- 
øa.nd eight I111ndred s.nd forty-five, were mar- 
ried by license, Abraham Lang, of the town- 
f;hlp of Etoblcoke, bn.cheJor, and LouisA 
Wðlfe. of Lambton, spinster, daughter of 
John Wolfe, Innkeeper, b7 me, John Bar- 
dR.,f. Thl!l marriage has been duly solemn- 
ized between us, Abraham Lang, Louisa 

Wone. and in th ø presence of US, nenrT 
.F.ulljameø. Mary WQUe. 
Allen and Herve,f-At Toronto. ðn the 
nineteenth day of Fcbruar" oue thousand 
eight hun<lred and fort.-five, were married 
by license, Joseph Allen. of the same plaC'e, 
wIdow of the Is tE; Nicholas Herve]', of the 
said city, deceaseJ ,by mo, John :Barclay. 
This marriage has been duly solemnized be- 
tween us, Joseph Allan. Mary Hervey, and 
In the presence of US, John Bond, Oa.therine 
Oo.meron and McLaren-At Toronto, on 
the twenty-elghth day of February, one 
thou811.nd eight hundred and fort"l'-five, were 
married by llooDBe, John Oameron, of the 
township of Cll.l('don, bachelor, and Mary 
l\IrLaren. of 
I\.mc place, spinster, by me, 
John Barclay,. 'l11ia ma.rriage has been duly 
solemnizel1 between u
. John Co.meron. Mar7 
McLaren, 1LI1t.l in the pre-;ence of U<;, Alex. 
McLaren, Duncan 
Ta.rlor and lIeU-At Toronto. on the 
eleventh day of :\111rl'h, ono thousnnrl 
hundred and fortv-fivt!, were ma rried bl 
license, Makom Taylor, of thetownship of 
King. bachelor, and Jane Bell, of the same 
place, spinster, dl\.ughter of Hugh Bell, of 
the said township. by m.'. John Ba.rday. 
This marriage has been dub' sulemnized be- 
tween us, :Malcom 1."a.\'lol', Jane Bell. and 
in the presence of us, WiUia.m Bell, John 
Lorimer and Raining-At 'Toronto, onthe 
thirteenth dJ.y of March, one thousand pight 
hundred and forty-five, wem nUlrried by 
license, Samuel Lorimer, of the cÏt.r of To- 
ronto, bachnlor, ttn<1 Janet Hainin
. of the 
township of Vaugha.n, sIJinster, t.laugl1tí'r of 
William Raining, of tho count
. of Dumfries, 
Scotland, bJ' mc, John Barclay. This mar- 
riage has 008n .luly solemnized between \1s. 
Samuel Lorimcr. J
Lnet Haining, a.nd in the 
preS('nce of us. John J. H..ogerson. James 
Smith and Whitc-.
t Toronto, on the 
tenth day of June, one thousand eight 
hun,l,.e.l and forty-five, were married by 
liccn<;<>, Jacoi> Smith. bachelor, and Eliza- 
beth White, "llinster, daUKlJtor of John 
White. all of the township of \
aughan, by 
me. John Barcla
'. This mn.rriage ha.<l be('n 
duly solemnized b"twpen us, Ja.coli Smith, 
Elizabeth White, and in the prosence of US, 
Thomas White, Juhn Smith, Jr. 
Holmes and Miller-At Toronto. on the 
eighteenth daJ' of .June. one thou!.:1Il11 eight 
hundred and fort
'-fi\'e. were- n:a.rried by 
licen!'C, Samuel Holmes, "f the township 
of Markham. bachelor, and Sophifi Miller, 
of tho same place, spim,ter, (laughter of 
George Miller, of the sa.1.1 township. by me. 
John Barclay. This marriage ba.s been duly 
øoJemnized' bøtwean us, Samuel Howies, S0- 
phia. Miller, 'i1.ud in tho presence of WI, Wil- 
11am Olarke. 
Harvey and Ducket-At Toronto, on the 
nineteenth dM of June, one tbllusand eight 
hundred and forty-five, were marrie'l by 
lice11Be, Jamt's Har,.e7. baohelor, and Mar- 
garet Duel,et, 61Jinster, both of th.' citv of 
'l'oronto, by me, John Barclay. This mar- 
riage haB been duly lIolRmnhwd between us, 
James Ha.rvev, Margr.ret Duckct, and In 
the pl"C6ence of 11S, Dø.nlel DOll'.)..
on, Jean 
Fortier II..J1d MurrQ.v-At Toronto, on the 
twentieth dll.v of Juno, one lhousal1d eight 
hundred and fort,f-live, W6re luarriell by 



lIoon.-'>e. Char]e..
 Fortier, bachelor, and Ms.r- I M<,Faul a:nrl WaUs.oo-At Toronto. on the 
pret Murray, :;pinster, bot.h oi Port Oredit, 'twe.ruty-f1ftb dai)' I{)f Ju-W. ()oue thousand 
bv me, John Barclay. 'This b&8 e
e-ht huodred and f!>rty-five, ",ere mar- 
been dulv øolemnlzed between us. Oharles neù by Ucense. DS.1l1el McFaul, bachelor p 
Fortier, Margaret Murrav, ao.d in the pres- : a.rud A&,Da'I Ws.ll&oo. spinster, botb of the 
enoo of us, George Humphref, Elizabeth I city of Toro.mto. by me, John. Barclay. This 
Hs.ines. marria,ze hM been duly solemnized between 
Robertson and Love-At Toronto, On the U&, Daniel Mcli'aul. A:.,"11eB WaJl&ce, and in, 
hrentv-sixtLt day oi June, one thousand i the preøence orf us, Edward Wallace, Marl' 
eight hunill"ed s.nd iortv-tive, .-ert) married I RobinBOn. 
bv lioonae, John Robertson, of the city I Allies aod Blackley-At '1\It'onto. on the' 
of Toronto, ba.cllelor. a.nd J&nc Leve, of the I twenty-ninth day o.f Jultft, ODe thoUB8nd 
same place. spinster, .ds.ughter of Geora-e, ele-ht hUlJrlred and forl:.3.:.tfT
 were tD6r- 
Lo'\"e, of Dublin. lrelaQd, by Ut"3, John Bar- I rie
, s.fter proclam:"Uon of b&Des,
clay. This mllol"rlage has been: duly solemn- i AllIeS., of Sca.rboro, bs.chelor, aod Ehza-' 
ized between \18, Joh'l Robertson, Jane Love, I beth BIs.ckler. epi:neter. &1800 of Scarboro', 
&DÀin ths presenoo of US, Gttorgð Oant, HUSh I by me, Jobin. Buclay. This marris.p has been 
MiUer. duly solemnized between U8, Henry Allies,. 
Morris anl1 
{cSþadding-At roronto, on . Elizabeth Blackley, 
 In the presence of 
irst day of JUIT, one thousanll eight ,'WI., Thomas Armstrooncr, Laura Armstrong. 
hundred am] fortv-tive. were marriel by! BiIlil1l1-s and WilSO'n-At Toronto, on the' 
license. Joseph "Ml1rris, of Ga.le
on. bache-' thirty-first day af JuJ1f.. oone thousand eiarht 
lor, anti M,1l"lhs. AnIle MC
l)ll.ùdUlg, of the ,hUll1odreù and forty-fiv'EJ. were married by 
sametown,ship, s
inst6r, Ù'" U.0, John Bar- . Elk3J1.ah BilIinars. <Yf B,yto\\n, 1n> 
clay. This marrIage has been duly solemn- the DalhoUßie District, bachelor, s.n.d Helen 
ized between u
, Jo<;el'h :Morrib, l\ols.rtha:Me.- Walker Wil8'O'n., of the city of Toronto. SP!I1- 
Spaè.(len, and III the pre.s
llce of us. John ster. dau
hter of the late An-drew Wilson. 
Hughes, William Jones. 1 0f T.rafalj;:'ar, by IDð, Jobtns Barcla-y. ThLs 
McOoll and McColl-At Toronto, on the ma.rris.are has been duly solemnized between 
øec.on-d da..y of July, one thousand eight us, Elkrunah BilIin.,."'1I, Helen Walker Wilson, 
hun-dred and fort'y-five, were m3rried by I an.d in tbe pre.gance of us. Arch. Leith. 
UOO11..'!e, Alexander 
lcOoll, bachelor, Itnd I Robert GIa.d8tone Dalton.. 
(Jatherin{' McColl. spinster. daughter of i M-artlm. s.nd Burns-At T,oronto, on the 
Arcchibald McColi, n.I1 of thetowp
hip of I fourteenth dar of A1W'WIt, <K1e thousand 
Oa.ledon. by me, John Barclay. 'IhiS lßar- ei
ht hundred and forty-five. were mar- 
riage ha.9 been duly solem
ized bot ween us, I ried by license. .AD.krim Martin. bachelor, 
Alexø.nder McOoIl. Cs.then

 McOoll, and I an.d Ms.riO'Il Bul'Mo &lJinster. ds.uc-hter of 
in the þresence of us. ArchiDald l\IcOall. Robert Burns. all of the township of Pick- 
Shewa.n and La.Ui'htan-At Toronto, on I erine-, by me. John Barclay. This marrl"l'e 
the Bixtee:nth day of July, 0'I1lÐ thousa.nd I h.a8 been duly solemniwd between lW, An- 
ellrht hundred and forty-fiTe.. were mar- I krim. Marion Burne. and in the preeen.
ried. after r8i'ul&r procla.matl011l of b&nns. us. .John M.artin. Sars.h Taylor. 
 Shewa.n.. bachelar, wn-d Jane L&ugh- Feipb1er a.ø.d Brad1ey-At To'rO'llto, OD 
t()ll)., spm",ter,. both o,f Toronto, by me. John the twelfth day of ()I[W tho\WIand 
Barc:lay. Thu; marrll_
 h&s been duly sol- I eilrht h'llDldred and forty-ffTe. ",ere mar- 
emll1lzed bet WOO!) u.s, M-alrfius Shewan. Jane, ried by tiCUlOO, JOßeI>h Feightner, of the 

hton. Bond m the preæo.oe'of us. Alex. I tow.nship of Vaueha-IJ. bachelor, &&<1 AJ1AØ 
Dwgwall, Alexander Allan. I Bradley, of the ø place.. 8pi.n6ter, da.utrh- 
Tll,rlor and Grei
'-At Toronto, on the I te.r of hmes Bra.dley. of tlM co'lllnoty of 
mxtee.nth day of July, o:ne thousßlDd eight " TyrOlJ]ß., Ireland, by me. Joh
. This 
hUlldred and focty-fivE'40 WiØre married by I m.a.rrlßoJ.:"e haB boon. d<nly lIoleIDIÚzed bet\\cen 
Ucecæ, Archibald Taylor. of the city 0.. 'U4 Fei&,htnÐr. Anne Ðr.cIley, aDd 
"1'orooto. bachelor. anü J8Ile Grell', of the lin the Pl"eæn.oe of-. Bdwud Brown.. WIl- 
towl1ßhip .of Pickerinir, spinster, da.uchter I Uam Walker. 
of Johri Grelz, of the place, by me, McOrimmon ADd F
D-Åt Toronto. OIl ' 
John. Barclay. Tobia marrla.&re has been duly the thirteenth da7 0( Se'pt4mllber, one t)aOll- 

Jemnlzed between WI, Arch. Taylor. Jane I es.n.d eilrht hU'l4red 8Cld forty-five, 1Nmt 
Ore1ar, a.n.d I.a. the pruemoe 0( us. W. Greig, ma.rrled by llcenae. Hector McCrimmon, of 
James Gre
. . the tOW!l6hi.p of Ma.rfpoaa. bs.chelor, aDd. 
Sawdoo.n. a.w:l Falkner-At Toronto, on the I Christy FerKUBOJJo, of T1oronto. øpW1ster, bT 
"Ten.tee.nth day of Juq. one thou_nd eilrht 
 John. Barclay. ThJø maniap has beeD 
hUllltdred and forty-fITQ, were married by I dul,y Ø()
d between 
 Hector McOrim- 
Uce.nøe. Geor&,e Sawdon, of the city of To- mOQ, Chrbty lI'erJ'U
. bd In the r.= 
rOlllto, widower. and Kez1&h Fa1.k.ner. of the I tÐOe of 04 Wm. MìcLeod. RodllM"iok 
same pl&oo, spinet.r. da.uchter or John Lennan. 
i'alk.ner. of Hamilton. by me, John Bs.rclay. Fyfe and K.ernøton.-At T;orOMo. on the 
Thið Imani
 hu been duly ltOIemnized ølxteell'th day of 
tember:, 0IJ0 thouand 
betweao. us.. Geor&,e Sl.wd.oo.. Ktn1a.h lI'&lk- 1 eilrht humired and forty-fITe. wen 1IUU'- 
ller. and in the preøenoe Ðl u... .ÀDdrew Bell, ried by Uoenøa;, IIe:nr7 JOODBOD "'fe. of th. 
.A.ona Laird. tOWIJßhip of York. widower, and 8Uza.beth 
Kirk a.nd MAmro-At Toronto on the, Kemptoo.. of the city Of Toronto.. IIpIDster, 
twenty-4ourth day of Ju1þ".one thousand I daUf:"hter Ðl Thomø.s Kemptoa of Uie aallMÞ 
_ht hUlIlldred and forty-flTe. were married I place. by me. John Barcl&.T. Thla maJ"1'ÙCØ' 
by tiC8]8&, Robert Kirk, of th. oily of To- i has been. dull .alemnbed betwoea. ua. Henl7 
roo&to, widower, 1md Robina MIIlnro, of the I ' Joh11ðo'fi Fyfe. &l.1zabeth Kempton.. &nd IA 
hIDe ,111.0&. by m
 Jobn Barclay. This the presen.ce of us, WUllam. A. McB1I1'Dei'. 
 has been duly 901emnized between CornØUus V&Ð Nostn.nd. 
1]8, Robert Kirk. IWbina. Munro. .a..nd in the I M.cCaJlum and TorOlito. oa U- 

 ofua.. Ja.wæ Tul1.Y. Thomas Smith. tweruty-fou.ctà d"7 of 
ptember. ODe tbou- 



&aM e.iZht hundred and forty-five., \\ere 1 cense, James Burnett, bachelor, and Hannah 
nInrrieJ by licemøe, Donalll McCallum, baChe- \ Stoner, spinster. dauirhter of James Stouer, 
1or. 8JDd AII:'I169 Oair
 spinster, daughter all of the township of Pjcl
erinir, by lIle. 
nf .Jo-h.n CajrIlB, aU of Lhe township of Juhn Barclay. This marriai:e has been duly 
.Kï.I1J2", by me. Jvhn Barclay. ThÎB marriage solemnized between us, James Burnott. 
.1188 beøn. duJ,f 80lecmlzed between us, Don- Hannah Stoner, and In the pre:lence of us. 
aid ft.cOallum, Ann. or A
nØ8 Oairns. and Samuel Burell, Oatherine Stoner. 
to. the pre.sence of us, John McOalium. Wil- Gray and WIlkinson-At Toronto, on the 
Dam Cairni'!. third daJ'- of Novemuer, one thousand eiirht 
HoldOOl. 3011d M.orrioon-At Toronto, on the I hundred and forty-five, were married by li- 
tW6l1t;r-.o;eveonth dll,f 01f 
Æ1>te'IllLor, one cense, HUl{h Gra.r, of the town of )íial{ara, 
thouBiI,llI1 e.i.:ht hundred and forty-five, woere I bachelur. ilnd Jane Wilkinson, of the cit,f 
m.a.rriel by IiC6llf'e, Joh.n Rose Holdon. of i of Torontu, by me, John Barcloy. Thki 
the town. of Hamilton.. b
chelo[., and Eliza- I marriH
e has been duly solemnized betwoon 
beth MJorriao
 of 'l'.oroll'to, spinster, dloio\J.g"h. us, Hug.ll Gray. Jane WilkinsùlJ. and in the 
ter of the late HUJ:h of the sam.e 'presence of us. J. Dain. 1\1. Slater. 
I)la.ce.. by m.e. John. Barclay. 'Thi.s marriage Mcl1reavy and. McLean-At Toronto, on 
h.aB boen dul,f solemnized Letween us, John the fuurteenth day of 
ovelllber, one thou- 
Roðø ß.oldon. Elizabeth Morrison.. and in sanùeiirht hundred and furt.v-ÍÏye, were lI1ar- 
the presence of UB" Juseph Bloor, Janet Mor- ried by license, Alexander MCllreRvy, of the 
..isO'l1. township of the Reach, bachelor. and Jem- 
l\:kGreJr or WOld Bucha..noa.n.-At Thronto. on 1ma ]'lcLean, uf Toronto, spinster. daui: h - 
the d'ß7 of Octo1ber, one thousand ter of Neil McLean, of the towllship of 
eiß'ht hrundred &nd fort\""-five. after regu. E' b h 
la.r proclamatioom. of bM1JIls, John McGre
or, rIn, y me. Ju n Barclay. This marrhlire 
bachelor. 8illIÙ Jane Buchanan, spinster, both has been duly solemnized between us, Alex- 
of ToOroILtQ, were united in marria,
'e by me, ant:er McIlreavy, Jemima McLt3an. and in 
J{)oh.n. Ba.rcla.y. T.hi.s m.a.rria
-e has boon duly the presence of us, Rouert 
lcArthur. Di- 
.solemnized between UB, John McGre:;or, Jane anna i\lcLeud. 
.Buc.ha,Ila.I1, aUld in the ple&}nce of us, WU- LOIl
'f;ell1 and Stonehouse-At Toronto
Ua.m LamO'lLt, Elizabeth McGreg-or. the ténth day of December, one thousand 
Gibb a.nd Moir-At Toronto, on the tenth eiirht hundred and forty-five, were marl"Ìed 
day of Octobør, one thousand eight hundred i b.y license, William Longfiell1, bachelor. and 
a.nd fo.rty-five, were married Ly liceIl8B, I Blizabeth 
tnnehousø, 6vinster. dau
htor of 
. b h ' f Y k b h i the late David 
tonehouse, doceased. <1.11 of 
Glb., of the towns Ip 0 or, BC e or, the'townshi p of Scarboro , b y me. John Har- 
&nd. Mary Ann ?tIoir. oÏ the á place, - 
spinster. by me, John Barclay. 'fhis mar- clay. This marriaire has been duly aulemn- 
dage hss been d1Jly solemnized Letweerr us, ized between us, William LOllir field . Bliza- 
John Gibb. Mary Ann Muir, and in the beth Stoneh(mse, a.nd in the preseuce of us. 
preBenco ,of us. W'. D. Stark, William J. William 
tonehouse, :::!oDhia Chapman. 
Mackenzie. Wri&,ht and Banks-At Toronto, on the 
McMichael and McBride-At 'l'oronto, on tenth day of December, one thousand eiirht 
the fifteenth day of October, one thousand hundred and fort.}-five, were murried by li- 
ht hundred and forty-fiTe, were married cense, John Wright, of the cjty of 'l'oron- 
by license, Da.Tid McMichael. of tho town- to, bachelor. and Susannah Banka. of the 
ship of 'l'rafalpr, bachelor. and Jane Mc- same place. spinster. daui:hter of John 
Bride, of the S8.llle place. spinster. dallirhter B&nks, of the county of Tyrone. Ireland. by 
of the la.te James McBride, Esq.. deceased. me, John Barela,f. 'l'his lDarri>>i:e has been 
by me, John Barclay. 'l'his marria&,e has I dul,f solemnized betwoen us, John Wri&,ht. 
been duly solemnized betwee
 us, David Mc- Susannah Banks, .and inthe rresence of us, 
Michael. Jåne McBride. and 10 the presenco Mark Buriress, WIl!lam Archf1eld. 
of u..
. Mary S. McBride, Eliza.beth FitzGib-, Barnfather and Underwood-At Toronto, 
bon. i on the nineteenth day of December, one 
}1'rench and Ourry-At 'l'oronto, on the I thousand ei:Jrht hundred and forty-five, wore 
twent,f-third day of October, one thousand IDa.rried by license, David Harnfather. of the 
-eiir ht hundred and forty-five, were mar- clti}' of Toronto, bachelor. and Oa therine 
riel by license, Thorn&! French. of the oity Underwood, of the same pla.ce. Bpillster, 
øf Toronto, ba.che)or. and Sarah Ourry. of dauirh.ter of Arch. Underwood, of Scarboro. 
\be same place, spinster. dauirhter of Alex- by me, John Barclay. This ms.rrialre has 
anèer Ourry, of the township of <JhinKua- Leen duly øo1emnizcd between us, David 
CQusy, by me. John Barclay. This marrialre Barnfather, <Jatherine Und6l'wood, and in 
has been duly solemnized between us, Thos. the ,presence of us. M. Bur1ress, Oharles Bell. 
French, Sarah <Jnrry, and in the presence Par.süJJJB rund Lo;nl!!'hurst-At '1',oronto, on 
of us, D. Hunter. James Scott. the twem.t.y-Bixth -day {)of December, one .and McOl\.llum-At Toronto, on the thOl\4'!a.rud ei.;:ht hundred BiI1d forty-five. 
twenty-mnth dllJ of October, one thousa.nd were married by licæu;e, George Parsons. of 
eiirht hundred and forty-fiTe, were married the tOWJ1Bhip of York, widower, a.nd Caro- 
by license, James McNaIr. of the township Unð L<JIn.l:'hurst, of the samelplace-. 8}li!llster. 
of VauKhan, bachelor. and Mariraret Mc- daughter of Joæph LOO1.ghurst. of the Baid 
()s.1lum, of the sallle pIa.ce, spinster. dauirh- tow:nship, by me. John Barclay. This mar. 
ter of the late Niel McCallum, of Arlryle- riaJre has bee!n. d'1ll,f solemnized bet\\ cen us, 
.ehfr.. Soot1a.nd. bZ me. John Barclay. Thts Geo-rlre Par.soDS, <JaroliIw Longhurst, ana 
marrialre has been duly solemnize!! between fill the preean.oe of ue., AiI1Jla Laird. Mat". 
1111, JI;\ID8.9 McNair. Marlraret l\JcOaUum. and iraret EUfB. 
in the presence of us, John l\Ic0s.11um. John Dobbin BSld Dack-At T.oro-nto, on the 
McNair. fifth dai}' of Ja:ruua.ryu QIl0 thoUBa.nd eir:ht 
Burnett and Stoner-At Toronto, 011 the h'1lILdred and forty-t3'Íx, were married by li- 
third day of November, one thousand ei&,ht cense. Joseph DobbÌI\, bachelor. a..nd Cllth- 
hundred &Dd fort
--five, were married by ll- erLne Dack, .spillBter, both of T,oronto. b7 



ID6. John :BarclAy. TIlls ma.rrla.g-ø ha.s been Adam ArmstrOO16r. Mary Wrigbt. and In the 
0011' øo1enmized betwoon us" Joseph Doþ- presence of Ult. FrslLOOð Armstrong, .lY. 
bio. Cathel'ine Dade.. and In the preænce of Kc-n'ledv. 
... Daa:liel MeKellar, Â.JlJl Heron. McNeil a.:nd llutchLno8On-At Thronto. OD 
Presc<>tt and Atkins-At Ttaronto, on 1he the Bixth dBI' of March, one thoulIRoDd 
twelfth d&7 ()'f 'J&mla'7' one .thou8&Ild ei
ht eiC'ht hU!nldred 8lld fùrtT six. were marrlecl 
Jrondred and forty-ølx, "ere married. ø.fter by IlCOTUIBio Rode.rlck McNeil. of the town- 

lar proclamation. of bann..'1. James Pres- ship of 'T,rafalC'nr. bachelor.. a;rud Emma 
C'Û'tt, bachelor, a.n.d Mary Atkills. spinster. Hu:tC'hion8Cm. ()f1he city of Toronto, spinster. 
both of TorOll1,to, by 
 John Uarclay. by me.. John DarclllY. T.his h... 
Tbi.s marria
 has beem. duly 80
mnized be- been duly øoltc"1JlTJlzell beh
een us, Roderlok 
tween, 'W. Jamee PræOO'tt, Mary Atkin., and I "kNelL Emma Hu1chins()n
 and in the pre- 
In the preeeilce l'f us, John Prescott, Ma- øe:noo of 
 W'IIL JIutchinsol1_ Neil .MaG- 
tilda. Pr&C<J'tt. I
11.. , 
CairnB a.n.d 
{\CKellar-At Toronto. on the I Wright al1d fl"homll8-At Toronto. on th. 
thirteen,th day of JWI1.l&ry. one thouænd twenty-f{}urth day /Of 
'1'Rr('lh. one thou- 
ei!:ht hUllldred and forty-6ix, were øand ela:h,t hundred and forty
ix. after re- 
ried by llC<<l8e, WilHam. ('a1rn"" {}f the to\1l'n- IiUlnr proclamatiOll1 of bal1al1s. Jaß1e5 Wright 
8hip of Va.u

. ba"helor, s.nd Margaret I bachelor. a;n,rl Eliza Thoma.
. wi.low of the 
McKellar. of Ki
. &pinBte.r, daughter of I late .Tobn. ThoOTJH18. \\ere married by ma. 
.TaJIlð.'J MeKella.r, of the øa.ld townflhip of .Tohn. Rarclay. Tillis has be<>n dul3 
. by me., John Ba.relay. This marriage I f!nlC'TIl'n,i7.ed between U., James 'Wri4:rhf. 
has been åuly Bole:m.nizetl hetween U8. Wil- Eliza ThoO'msBo, ROd III the preseonce of .... 
1ia:m Caims. Mar::aret MeKells.r, Imd in the Genr1re Pew, Mary Pew. 
pl'eBe.'l1.ce of us, John Cairns. Peter McKel1ar. McArthur and Campbell-At Toronto, on 
Crofton. and Devlin-At Toronto. on the the twen.tY-6eventh day vf :\'1u..rch.o11e thou- 
twen.ty-lourth day of
, one thoUJiand BII.nd ei::ht hundred B.lJ.d forty
ix. were mar- 
ei:;:-ht hu.n.dred and forty-ðix, were married rieel by lIcense.. Petl.r McArthur, of Onl&-- 
by lÏC'eni!ß, Joseph Ct'Ofto
 of'the township don. bachelor, &nd' Mary Campbell. of Tor- 
of M.a rk ham.. bachelor, and _"-nile Devlin, I OI1ItO. Bpinster. da.u&:"hter of Wm. Compbell. 
{}f the city of T(), wid'ow of the late of Ar1ry!eshire.. &oootlarud, by me, John Har- 
John, Devlin. of the said city. deceased. by c1ay. This moa..rrlage ha.s beøn. duly Bolemll- 
 .JoM Barclay. This ms.rriag-e has been 17erl between us, P
tÐr McArthur. Mar7 
duly BOlè'mnjzed between U8., .Joseph Crofton. \ Campbell. ß.11.d III the In'Mence of us. J.auch- 
Anone Devlin.. fmd in till' præence of us, lin Ourrie, Ma100hn McArthur. 
."-Iex. BrowTl
 Elizabeth Wdælether. Whitehead a.nd Gardiner-,At Tot'O'nto. on 

11J:n,ro all.rl !\-leLau.g-hlin-At Tioronto. on I the thirty-firat day of March. O\lIe thou- 
the thirt
'-first lI:IY of .Ja.:n.narb", olle thOU- I s(UJd el:;:-ht hundred anù f()'rty
ix. \\f'I"Ø 
.sa.nd ei:;ht hun. Ired IWld forty
ix, \tere ITI.'tr- TJlJarried by lkenoo. T.homas Whitehead. the 
ri&l LJ" 1ir-C'n."'E'. n'f:mal,t{), bachelor, YOl1oJJ
or, of Brnmptoll t"wm;.hi
, of Chin- 
nm.d Cn tbed!l.e l\1('T...a1L
"hlin. of the B60Ule ClHle<JUSY, bachelo.r, an.d Mary Gardiner, of 
tow;m;hip of Odilia, ST)i.:I.
ter.. d8<lI_
hter of the Mame towoJ1ship. spinster. by me. J'Jhll 
the late .-\Icx. :\'1dA1'tI.::Jlliln
 of Scotlan{
 TIl1rclaJ'. ThiB mnrria
e has 
n, d'uly 
" me. .Tuh,n. HaJ"l'lll.r. This marria::e has l!olemlß,ized between us. T.h.oml1B, 
t,pcn dlll
' .
()k'1nni7Rll hetweøn us. Donald \Ial.y Gardiner. an.-] ill the pre..<:ence of liS,. 
'l,w:1.rn. CnthE'I'ine !\-[('L11 1 1"'hlin. a.nd in the W.m. Gardiner. ,
r!!aret Ir\\"in. 
p"escn-'c IIi liS. Robert Tn rl;: , Wm. Cape. Martill and M('Ken;ie-At 'r"rontù. on thp 
Jielth IMY} l\I.dJI{)'Ur:;aIl-."-t Toronto, on ekhteenth MY 'llf :\hlJ'. o
le .thotl.Ba.nt1 eiglJt 
thf' ....' "'I
' ...f Febru-sry, one thou- hun.dred and forty-six.. were married by 
IO:,.nd ei;-ht hu.rll!we.1 n.:1,1 f"rty
ix. were m.a.r- Ii, ense, Bernard M"lrti='t> 0 fthe city of Tor- 
dol bJ" lirø.h<:e. 
eil Kea.tl1, of Chill
 onto, widower. IIJI.I 
loar:.'"1tret l\lcKpl17ie, of 
N)'W;r. bachc
o.r. a:n.l Flora McDougall, of the samß p!ace.. wid,,- w of William McKenzie, 
E,qliesÏlr::'..... spinstCI., da,ughter of the late late of Petel'borou.
h. dce.eased,. by m.e. .John 
DUI)"H'a.n :\1('1...."":all, of the It"la.nrl of Skye., I:a,rclay. ThL
'e has heen, dl11y 
&otlalL'l, b
' me, .JohtJ. Ru..rcla..y. T.hls mar- Bolom.noÏ.zed betwocl1 us. Dern,,'lrù !\hrtin, 
e hall beo.... duly snlemnjzod bet\\cen UB. Mia.rJrlloret 
'1I'KeII1rlic. nnd in the Pl'cscnce 
X"i!, Flora 
f.d)Ul1.n-an. aonod in the of Ilß, .James Scott, Eliza. Scott. 
I> c.
C:J.!'c of us. Alex. Fle.tcher, Etlward Wide allJ.d ù\Ilishler-.At T.orunto. on the 
Carn('y. twerbty-ei-g-hth d.ay o()f M'IJ4. o'ne thouSl'lJ1d 
:\1('Do'U.!:'"al1 a.n.'1 Mcl\lnl1o'I-."-t Toronto, on ei"'ht hl1oJJlltr-etl .and furt
jx. wcr'e 
the twenty-sixth day of FebT"\1Jat"y. (lIle tho1.1- riëd by licGI169, Ad.a.m WisE!!. of the to\\ n- 
RNIotl ei:rht hundred a.ntl fnrtJ'-six, were mltr- ship of Va.u
 baehelur.. Blld Eve l\I.ish- 
riel by li('O:J.oo. .Joh,:l, M.cDl(mg'!l.U, of the ler, of the same plal'
 spLnBter, dRu.zhk
'lo\\l\lßhip o-f M.aripoS6. bachelor, a.!1l1 13ar- of the late DH-.niel Mis-hle.r, of the saill 
ba.l"I1 l\Iea:\[ulIen. of the city of Toronto, tnwlliRhip. ÙOf'OU 'led , by me. John 
FpIllster. da.u.:-hter of ,TamCl'l MC'l\Il111en. of 'll1is marrl
e haR been. dulY' ðolellllllzeù be- 
Reach. by m.e, .John. Ra..rcÙ\y. ThL." marrlag-e tween Ib'l., Adam Wi<oe, Eve IVI.ishler. a.nd in 
b:IS been. duJ,y 9Olemnf7.ed bptween 11S. John I the preÐenC6 (Jf UB, ELiw:m.l Garrat.. Joaeph 
u:-all. Barb.\ca McMnllen.. aTld in the I SnifTer. 
presenc(' of us, Niel McD<mgs.lI. Mary Elliott a.nd Psrk- At Toronto. 011 the 
Campbell. ':t w6I1.ty-n.fnth d.ay <rt M
f'.. ()oJ1e thouBll.nd 
ArmstrOlnG" a.nd Wri
ht-At 'Doronto, on J el
ht huon,lred all1d f()'rty
ix, were 
the fourth d'flY of Mart'.b.. one thousa.nd I ried by UC'ØlJBe. lIu,gh Elliott. of the 
t hun.dre.l ...IId fortY-8ix, were mil.r- towr:
hip of .
{'arbor(i.. widower. a.nd Geor- 
ried by liC'en.'*J" ,\.k1m AnnstrOlß
. bach- 
ÎIIt.], Park. of tbe' 8:\lIIe p1a('c, spinster. 
elor. 8.00 Nhry Wrl!tht. spinster, rloa1Jg'hter rl,nl1:
h tel' {}f the In tf' \ViliiallL Park. of Dl1m- 
cl H111et Wr
ht. all of t1m town....hip of I fr-ie.
hir{Jo, St'oO't1a.nd:, by me. John Barclay. 
Scarboro', by me. John Barclay. This ma.r- I This marrin...
e h:'8 beoll duly soJ.cmnized be- 
rlap h.a.B bean. dlul,y 
emulzed betweøn us, t\\"f\eoU Uß. nil
h Elìiutt, Georgina. Pa.rk. a.nrJ 



b the prÐOOlIlOO of us.. Thoma,s Park, ArChi- \ elzrht hundred and forty-tiix, wece married 
bald Elliott. aUer reIrUlar prodamatio..L of bann
Smith aM ,WilBon.-At Toronto. on the liaan McLeaon.. 'Of ToruJ1to, bacbelor. IIoIld 
ei day oOf J
, ()IJe thoU86nd eight Á'III11e McR
 (If Thon
lliItor. by me. 
h'umrdred Bnd 10rty-16lx.. were married after JO'hn Barclay. 'l)b.Ls ha.s bOO'll dulJ' 
cezular f rOClan a.U()IIL of ba.niIIB. Ja.mea tioO'ßmmdzed between IUs.. Willia-m McLean, 
timith. 0 the tOWont'hip of Vau
a.n, bach- .Amilia McR.a.aJ ø.rwl in the pre.senoo of us, 
eloc, and Ai'.116'1 Wil
n. of tho city of Tor- HU&'"h Miller, .William <JJy:n.e., spil1ßter, Lv me, Joh'n Eo.rclay. This Irvine o.n.d (}hci.'
t TIoro-nto, on the 
marrla&:"e h8.'l 'bee.n duly solemnjzed between twentieth d'ay of .AU;glWt,. one thouSßnd 
os. James Smith. A1J:!læ8 WilsOlß, and in the elpt hU'DIdre,j and fo-cty-.s.ix. were warried, 
presence of IUs.. AJnl1rew DUIIln-eot, 
liacgBret 'by llcelll.'leo, Wiiliam IrvuIe J of the townshi" 
Smith. {)of York. ,bac-helor, and. Mø..ry <Jhrist- 
PatterBOID. ø.:n.d Finlay-At Toronto, on the Iller. of Eto'bicoke. 8pir1ðter. oo'uJ.:'hter of Ben- 
elJ.:'htee-nth day of JWLe-, <I'M thousa.ud eight JamÏin. <Jhristrwr, of the same I,lace. by me, 
hUindred Bnd ,fortv-B'ix, were :ma..rried by John. Barclay. This marriage has been d'llI;y 
lkenøe. James Pattersoo. of the city of ÐO
emnol.zed betwecn 'II&. William lrvi'
roorOllllto, ba-chelor. anù Margaret FLnlay, of J8me ChristIL&r, and in the prose-noo of UBo. 
the Bame p
uce., by me. .Tohn ßar- 
rg'9 KempsheU, Ro
er Lever. 
cla,v. ....rhÏ8 m.arri:t::.o has bean. duly sOlernn- 1 Hen.der.&u:n and .l\I
Gillvray-At Toronto, 
lzed betweeull U6. JalDAS Patterson. Margaret on. t.he t\\en.ty-sevcmth day of Auzrust, one 
II'Lnloy. and ill the pr"3lSellC8 of us, Jamea tho-w;.a,nd ei:,rht hundred and forty
ix. were 
Forrmwn_ Sarah Carte.r. I mo.rried bv Hcenee. William Hender5O'll, of 
Kerr O'M JIe,IIJle.ssey-At Toronto, on tho To'ro:nto, ba('helor, tI.nd C-athel"Ìone .Moe- day uf .June, one thouaand eigbt Gillvra,y, Q 
the 8ame place, spi.nBter. daurrh- 
hun.dred fI:J1l! forty:-Six, were married 
y 11- 1 tel' üf the late DO'i1aIJ McGiavray. of, Sco
cenae. ArchIbald 'K
)rr.. of the township of la:nd, èeree..sed. :try m.e. John Barclay. TIllS 
WestmÎln..qter. bachelor. und Eliza HOllnes- ma,rri[J,.
-e ha.s been duly solem.nized between 
fJeY. of spinster. d:m..rhter of the UBo, Willia:m lIeolllJ.erso,a. <J1IoLherin.e 
late Jamoo oHem.n, eseey of Irela.nd. by me, vrny, a.rud in the prc.-;ence of us.. Johnston 
JOb:IL Barclay. 'l1his marriage ba9 1>0011 (Iuly M;rllryan, Robert Smith. 
eo!em.n,ized betwe'e'n US. Arch. Kerr. Eliz.a. Ewart BlllJd 
kirvil'l::-At T,oronto. on the 
HeIll'].e.')sey. RInd in the presence oJ US, Juhn f1rBt d'ay Qf Septo:n.l'or., OdIte thou

ed eight 
Barker, Eliza \ViI8lJll. bUtn. tred and ri'I't'--ti'ix, were TlL!1rlÏed by li- 
Bo,l'ker BIDId Wil80n - At T:orO'Ilto, on tbe 1:6noo, Thom.:1.B )Ewart, ba,chelol'. aud Cath
aWuetooIllth day -of, or.;;; thollB&.nd eight orina Seaton 
kirving, .spinster, both of 
hun.dred 8I!ld forty
'ix.. wøro marl"ieù b
' li- I r-orQruto. by /fie. Job.n Barclay. This mar
C6I119&, Joihn Barker, o,f the to\\'Jlship of I ria"1'6 has beeln dluly 801am.nized between us, 
Oneida. bac-helo.r, anù Eliza Jane Wilson, of I T.hÕomaB Ewa.rt, Cs.therin.e Seaton Skirvln.6r. 
()obo'l1q,\', f;,pillðter, ðaughter of Joseph Wil- woo in the P:'e.sE}Il00 of ua, John Ewart. 
ØCIIlI. of the saun.e place. by me. Jolùn Harclay. Jr.. .
,Thnie ,SkirviJlði" 
'l"hi8 marri
e ha'l beeollo (]ouly 90lemnizpd 1>0- Hemtonton and 
knriut:.-At 'l'oronto, on 
tWe6a us. JIWI Barker, Eliza Wilson, the 8'Ìxth .d.a,v of Ocwber. o.n.e thousa.nd eight 
8JI1Ad in the pl"e9'9nce af us, Anne Jane Lewis, bUJIlJd'I-eJ 8j[1d fßrty
ix, were married 
Arch. Kerr. after re::uLar prodð..mati01l of bll.IHl8I. Don- 
MCWtlllL and <Jamorull-At 'l1oronto, on the aId HeI1JÓrsOOl,. 'bacheloc, anù Ellen i\lcBI"Ïne, 
thirtieth 11'1\1' Oof Ju'no, Ollie,lld ei
ht spi.n:ster. þO't,h of TrùrooIto. by me. .John 
hU'Ildl'ed a.nd forty
ix, wore married aHell' Ban"Jay. '1.'hÏ8 m.a.rriü.
'" bas boC'ó\li d'uf.y 
I"egular proclama.tion of Lanus. Neil Mc.. Bo:elU':JJzed betwoen Uf>, DUl1l1ld I1ender&Oll., 
Lealn, bachelur, a.nd Sarah Gameroln. spius- E:Jen M('Ðrille., a;nd ill the pres'Cnce af us. 
ter, both (I,f the tow'lltiLip of . Vwul
'ha.u, by HUG'h Mathoocm. John 
me, John B1!-rclay. This marru

? has been McCallum 8dlJI1 McConkeò;-At 'roronto. on 
duly SOleIllll1Jl7.ed betw
e'.n. us, Nell McLean, the day <l'f Oct<>ber, one thoru;and ei
ah <Jameroill. o,'.'-ù. l1l1 the preo-ence of US. hwudreJ aul1 fortY-.'Yix. \\ere IllIuried b
' li- 
Nell McDollltald.. .WlIha.m ltamSJau.tL ceuBet. Rabert McCallum. of Thronto. 1Jach- 
Cook wnd lr,-,,:ul,-At Toronto. o.n the Be- elor. HIM l\f.:uh McOonln;.v, of K\JI
cOln,d day .of JUJ;r. oue t.l1ou
ml.lù elgh
 hun- BpillS1er, d.a
'hter .of E,]rwl1.rd 
dr<"l a.nd furtY-ßlx \\ore nL<J,.rl"lt!d uy h('{'n
e., ()I! ru
scott, b
' me., John HUJ"clay. This 
"I'lwffiUB Oook. of the t,!\\I\lBlllP ot 
lllt- m.arria.we ha..
 .ueco:1 ùuly solemnlze.l between 
<.,1J.urch. bachelor, ø.ml. Ehzl
 Jaue Irwin, of U4 RlJobert M('Callum" 
Iaria McCon.key. a.nd 
the 8I:.l3ne place., Spl;\U3t
r, d.a.

hter of 1111 the 'PI
l.eC of us William Whitela.w. 
SaJ11lUel Irwi.n.. of 
he .saia to\\":.;lap. by me, S' ,phb. E. Dtlm-:r. ' 
John Bo.r('lay, rlIl.'! has been druly th 
80lemI1JÏzed betweeon 'Us. r.homa.s Oook, Eliz,a. HIl-ckB.haw 
lIld Browu-At Toronto, on e 
J.rwi'Il. a.nd in the p:,coonoo of us. John t\\e'fth d.ay .of () .to
r. o:ne 
d bei1r
Irwin James .scarlett. hUlIldl'e I a:nd fOTty-B"lx, were m.a.rrle y. - 
I1aÙon aJld Dlln.nville-At Toronto, on the cense. William Hscks.h:
. ß 
, thË tOWIJðh, 
'tWE'Tht;}.-4;bird ðay of J'llIJ'l. Ol1e thollB1l:nd of YoOrk. bodlelor. a

 t:non ro
n, 0 
h.t hun.dred and jorty
ix, were marrIed t
 city of Toronto, b b
 1 0hn 
b lioomsa. Geo-rJ.:'e Hutton. of the city of ThlS Ina.Triai::
. has ean.. u l' 80 emnlze 
.lamilto-n. wid'Owel", ø.a.d M:J.rv Anne Dunn'" Let\\eetl ue. 
llluij\1l Ha.ckshaw, Helen Br-o
....ille O'f 'too cit... of, spinste.r, and in the presenc<I of UISI. John Alexa.nd:eo.r 
da-uihter of Tb()lIll,3,B D\.1!1mvill
 of Trrorme, Mr'G

T, 'l'hIOmM FlI.ra.g}1er. 
l'relalllJd. by mO). John Barclay. ThlS mar
 .l?*ll\l!1.e!s e.nd R<me-

t 'lìO'ronto. on the 
riafTe ha.s beeo!1 duly 8<J1eD1l1loized bet\\een US, thuteenth day {)If 
l tlOoor.. Oille thonea.nd 
Ge(;rTe Hatta 1io Il\lary Anile DUllnville. and ei:;ht humrdred and trorty-tilx. James D
In the preaen.oe Oof u
 JO'b.n Tyler, Da.vld i
ls" bachelor, and l\IM"Y Anne IW-ne, BplD- 

'1cMiIlalli ter.. both 'of Mhrkhn;m" w
re a.fter r
 a.nd l\IcRa.e-At Toronto. on the t):-n('\flm,atio.rL uf ba:nl!l.... l1'l1l
e1 111 n;arrla

\\()uty':'i()ll)rth day (If JUTb'. one thouaa.nd by me, Jo'b,n. Barclay. T.wa m&rru

e has 



boon duly 8O'lemnized between us, James ried by license., John Riddel, of Hamilton, 
DOll.te18, Mary A:rune Rone, and In too 
re- bachelor, &n.1 Jß8sie Kiùd, of, spins- 
ence {)If us. John. Daniela. M&ria DaDlels. tor, dau
hte.r (J.f Job.rJ, Kidc:L of the saId 
BurllR and StOll1e'ha.m-At Toronto, on the city, by me, Joh.n. Barc1a.y, This marrla..g".t" 
thirtOOU1th day (Jf {)c.tooor, Ol1e thoU8SJld haB bean. duly 9IlienUlIzed between us, John 
rht hUll11d're<l and forty-eix, were married, Riddel, .Toosie Kidd, a.nid in the presence 
by license., Willia.m Burns, 01 the townshi.p of Ulq., Walter Telfer. A. Kidd. 
of York, widowar amd Martha StonehMIl, Meagher &llId Love-At, on the 
of '1'0 roo:llt 0, Bpinster, da..l1&'hter of Joseph t"enlty
ht day (}f J)ecE!mber, one thou- 
Stoneham. of ChiI!If'U&CoUBy. by me, John BonoÙ ei:;:ht humdred and forty-six, were 
BarcJ.n.y. This marri&
 bas beeu duly marrieJ by licenoo. Thomtl.s MCß.i"her. of the 
ørnenmized between. us" William Burns. to\\.n&b.ip of T.oront0, widower.. and Mar- 
Mn.rtha Sto'neham. a.n<l in the presence of i:'aret JÄ>TQ, of the B8ImO place, .plnater, 
us, Mark Sto.:neha;m, FaIlU1Y Simmons. d:lfu,
hter of .Ja'IDte6 Love. of Irelam.d, by 
Jü-1leR a.n.d Stewart-At Toronto, on the me, .Job.o. Barclay, T.hls marria..,o-e has been 
fifteenth day 
f Ol'lO'ber, one tho\lBl8Jld eight duly solemnized betwæn u!\. rh(Jmaa 
hun.<lred and f()rt
-Dix, were married by 11- Mea
he-r, Margaret Lov
, a.nd in the pre- 
('ellB8, Jam
 Jones, of the tov.nship ot sence o
 u&, Robert Parks, Thomas Citton.. 
Scu.rbnro', widowtc'l, a.nt'! :\brgaret StewlJlrt, I Kn.ox and Young-At Toronto, on the 
of the t-o\\n.s.hip of York, ,
idow, by "me. I thirty-first day of December. on thouss.nå 
John. Barclay. 'rhis marrÎu:re has been duly I ei
ht hum.drell and fort:r-.crix. were mar- 
80lemnJzed bøtwee.n 'Us, John Jones, 1\I:\r- I rio.l by Ucønoo. 'l'hIJlII1.38 KIlIOX, bachelor, 
e-aret stewart, run.d in the pre.s.ütIlce .of UB, lur
'J Catherine Yau.n!f, Spinster, daughter 
RufuB H'Üwe, Isaac Latham.. I of T.homaB Y oUln
, all of the to\\ nship of 
ISturg6ss a,nd Swinlurn-_\t T.oronto, on 
 Scarùoro., ùy me" Jo1;).n, Barclay. T.hi.
the twenty-first OOy of O..;tuùer, one thou- I J'i'\::-e has 'been, duly solemnized. between us, 
sa.nod ()i
ht hundred anJ fort
'-fh:, John I Thollia.> Knox, Catherine Young, and in the 
()S6, baMe-Lor, MIIJ l\Il\rgaret S\\ inburn, pres6n,eo of lie, 1
', Mrs. May. 
s.pinste r , both -of, were after re- Park wnd Chester-At, on the proclam.ation. of bunm.s, unitel in thirty-firBt day of De(lejmjber, one thou- 
m.arria..,ze by me JQhn. Barclay. T,hia mar- 8'.1.nd ei:rht hundred R..'1ú forty-six, "ere 
rlage hM beEm dUlly sole.m.nizeJ. between us, ma.rrie.1 b Iyice.næ, Th'Jwas Park, bach- 
Joo-n, Sturg-&"'s, Margaret S\\inburn, and in elO'l". fUnd Hannah Chester. spinster, both 
1;h epre.gell1Ce 10" ua, George Brown, Mary of Sca,rboro', by 
 Jom Barclay. This 
&'!80'1l. ma.rria.
'6 h3ß boon dulJ' salem'nized between 
Flack am.d Heron-At, on the U6, Thomas Park, HIlill.n.a.h Chester, and in 
tWeIJJty-first day <of OctoheT'ò O"TJ.e thousand the p:-oognce of U8, Archibald Elliot, Re- 
ei!rht hUM.rod .and fortY-6ix, were mar- be,
ca C
rioo by lic6l1Bel. David Flack, o-f T,oron1to, JackBcUl and Addison-At Toronto, on the 
bachelor, and Anlr..e lIeron
 of the Bame fifth day O'f Ja'Il'llary, one thoW!&nd ei
place, t.'idJow of tbe late William Hero,n, hu;ndreù and forty
vel1, wcro m.arried by 
dece.ased, by ma, John Ba..rcJay. This mar- litem
e, .1ohn Jackson, bachelor, and Mar- 
e h.a8 been douJy solemnized between us, I:"a.ret AddÎ8Oll, Spinster, daughter of the 
David Flack, A:Jbl!e Heron, und in the pre- late Jam.ea AddiSO'll. all ()f the tow:nshi..P 
ron.ce of 'Us, E::erton Snider., Harriet Annc {)If Vaul
 ,by me. John Barday. ThlB 
 :marrian-e hOB bean. duly 90lemnized be- 
Ratley sm..d MoGre:ror-At To roo1l:0 , on the hean Üa, Johm Jacks(.'ß, Margaret AddJBon. 
tØlllth d.ay of Xov
r, O!l'OO thoUß!"nd eig
t aOO in the preOO'noo ()1 us,. Ja.mes Addl- 
hJ.llDo(]reJ and forty

x, were marned by, li- 09011, TOOmas 'Et
CØI]ßß" .Ratley. of Toronto, bach- T.b ." d \Lall -At '.r t th 
e).oor, a.rud l\Ia.rg-aret McGreg.or, of the ' -om
cm. an . ,oy oron 0, on e 
place.. spi,neter, Itauglliter v.f John McGre- t
\anty-f1rBt day <of JOIP.ltlal\'y.. one thousand 
cor, of Galt, by me, Jom Barclay. This e
2'"ht hun.dred .andfortY-&Jven. were msr- 
marria.ze wa... dJlIlv solemnÎ7ed between us, Clad b
bert Thompson. of the 
T. Rat!ey, .Marpret 
lcGregor, a.n.ù in the tOW,Ib!!hlP, of Vau
 bachel!>r, and Janet 
presence of 1Uf1t. A Dingwall. J()h.n McGre- Mallor, of the ea
e plac
 splnster, by me. 
gor.. John ß.arclay. .1"nl8 marnage has been duly 
, Dodds amd IWtledg'e-At, on the o9OIemn.lzed between us, Robert "llhomron. 
eleven.'Ìh dÐ.3 of NovEllnb
n. one tholi
nd Ja;net Mallo)'. BIlld t
 he. presence 0 u" 
ei".ht huudreð a.nd forty-.9ol.x.. were m.arrled Arch. McMurchy. John McCallum. 
b; 1100118&, Geor
 Dodds. bachelor, and GiI.ray and Brack-At, Ottl the 
Cnther1ne Ru.tI
e, B'pinster, daughter of twenty-third de.y of J
, OoDÐ thou- 
William Rutle
"'8I. all of the tOWì16hip of øa.n.d eigh
 hundred MId fortY-Beven, we... 
Oa!ød.on. by JIlEIo John Barclay. ThfB mar- married, a.ttBr proctamatiOiD. of boon!\. John 
riajfØ hM been duly sol8'lILlÙ.zed between us, Gilray, of Scarboro', bacbelor, am.d Elizabeth 
Geori"B DQd
 C Rutledge, a.n.d In, 01 York tow.JlBhlp.. spinster, by me. 
the þre.gellllCe Iof U6
 J. J. RutleodW. John. Barclay. T'1l18 marriage has been duly 
&oor nod Orone-At Toronto, on the RoJemnized betwe.m us, Jobin Gilra..,. Eli
ðl>Ïneteenth d18y <<>f Novern.ber. one .thousand beth, and In the pJ'e&ence of U
eizht hundred 8d1Ù fortY-.'3ix, were married J<<m. D&nby, Robert GHl"Ð.3. 
by license, Secor. jr., bachelor, and I"llglls ft..nd Bell-At TOl'OOlto on the sixth 
aret Crone.. ",piflBter, daughter of WiI- døy of Februar,y, one thouso.nd e.lght hun- 
lIarn CroDe. all of Sca.rboro'
 by me, John d.Ted and f()rtv-ooven. were married by U- 
Bllrclay. This 3Il1l.rris.!!9 hM been duly 
 RUS8\311 IngllL\, {)If To ro-nt ð, bache- 
6mnlzed between USo. Lm.a.c Secor. Mari"Sret Wr, a.nd Bell. of the eamø place, spin- 
Crone. and in the pl'e.gelDOO of u"" NelBon Bter, daughtar -of the late Jað. Bell.. by me. 
Gates. Thomas Youm:;. Juhn Ba.rclay. This marriage has boon dul.Y 
ltiddel 8.IJ1Jd .Kidd-At Toronto, on the so'emnized betw
E;n us, Russell bJglis, Jane 
tifteønth day of DecfJ\m<bew
 one thouoo.nd I De:l, a.n.d in the pre6e'nce of u-. John Bell. 
bt bun.dred and f-orty-13ix, were mar- M:.t.ry A1U1 Thornp.<;o-n. 



and Uld Macka;y-At Tor()onto, on fhe I ster, daulrhter of John Bell, of the .ame- 
IÜnth da7 of February, ocø thoUBand eight place, by me, John Barclay. 'rhls marriap 
hUlIldired and forty
Too. Peter <Jlell\Jld. ()f I has been duJ.y solemnized between U8, Rob- 
the township of 'Elon. and Ann Mackay. ert Dunca.n. Sarah Ann BeU, and in th& 
()f Tooronto, spiJUlter. were, after regulSjr presence of UB, William Mitch
ll, Eliza Bell. 
IJUIbUcation of ba.runa. united In marri
 I Graham and Lapp-At 'rorollto, on th. 
117 me, JobIn. Ba.rcla7. T.hið hu twenty-second day of June, one thousand 
beem. d'UJ.y eolem:lized oetween ua, Peter <Jle- el(:'ht hundred and fort
'-!leTeu, wore mar- 
land. .AJm Mackay.. a.nd in the preænoe of ried b7 license, John Graham. of the town- 
ou-. R.od. Mø.cd()nald" Arch. Taylor. ship of WhitchUl'ch, bacbelor, and 
Faulkmer am.d Jenkins-At 'f1oronto, on beth Lapp, of Markham, !ivinster, daue-h- 
the fifteanth do.'" ul March, ()DÐ thou- ter of the late Henry Lapp, decea"led, by 
øw.d eight humdred Bald for ty-6e Ten, were me, John Barcla7. This marria(:'e has been 
:mørrled by liCØDfJE!lr AJex8ll1der Faulkner, of duly solemnized between UII, John Graham.. 
Tor()lJ1oto. bacbe
or. &1ll1 Elizabeth Jenkins, Elizabeth Lapp, and in the presence of us. 
of the BO.TDe place, spinøte'", ,J.a.ughter ()f r Andrew Lavp, Peter Lapp. 
the late lIeI1JI"'y JWlkill&, iJf Ireland.. by me, I Daniel and 
ntchell-At Toronto, on the 
Jdhm. Barclg,y. This marria,ge haa'been duly I twenty-thIrd day of June, one thousanð 
aoIenwdzeod betweun us. Alex:. Faulkner. ei
ht hundred and forty-seTan, were mar- 
IIlliza.1Jeth Jøn
Î.n8I. 8dltd 10 the C resence of I ried by license, John !Janie), of Markham.. 
118, <Jlayton J. Bc"YUle, Anna Mi ne. bachelor, and Mary Jane !\1itchell, of Scar- 
Gornlle7 and 'l'hompson-At Toronto, on boro, spinster, by me, John Barclay. This 
the twenty-fifth day of March, onethou- I marria(:'8 has been duly soleruntzud botween 
.and eiJrht hundred and forty-seTen, were us, John Daniel, Mary Jane Mitchell. and 
marriel by license, Patrick Gormley, of .the In the presence of UB, Abraham Phenix. 
township of Vau(:'h;tn, bachelor, and. Ehza- I Rebecca Mitchell. 
beth Thompson. of the same place, splIlster, I Webb and Paterson-At Toront... Ol! the 
dauJrhter of the late 
e :rhompson, by I first lIa;). f)f July, one thousanll ei.:ht hun- 
me, John Barclay. ThL! marrluJre has.. been rIre-land forty-seven, WeT') lIu.t.rricd by rcl''I1- 
duly solemnized between us. Patrick Gorm- lar proclamation of Banns, John Webb
leoV', Elizabeth ThoHlpson. and in the pre- wiflower, and .Jes3ie Paterson, widow, both 
senee of us. Robert 'l'hompson. Henry Mc- of 'l'ol'Onto, hJ me, John Barclay. This ma.r- 
<Jlusky. riag-e has been duly solemnizell between UII, 
Kerr and Kerr-At Toronto, on the John Webb, Jessie Paterson. and in the · 
twenty-seTenth day of March, one thousand pre-;ence of us, John Murray, 'l'oronto, ElI- 
ei&,ht hundred and forty-saTen, were mar- zabeth Barne!!, Toronto, DuC'hf'!I8. 
rlerl by license, William Kerr, of Toronto. nate
on and Watson-At Toronto, on the 
widower, and Anne Kerr, of York town- twelfth day of July, one thousnnd eie-ht 
ship ,spins ter, dau
h ter of the late Alex. hundred and fortJ.-seTen, were mnrried af- 
Kerr, uf Tyrone, Ireland, by me; John Ba
r- ter regular proclamation of l
clay. This marriage has been duly solemmz- thew Hate!!on, bachelor, of Toronto, and 
ed between us, William Kerr, Anne Kerr, Hannah \Vatson, spinster, of Montreal, by 
anc:1jn the presence of us, James Thompson, me, John Barclay. This marriuge has been 
l\1ar(:'aret Kerr. duly solenHlized between u
atthfl'\'r nate- 
Gates and Secor-At Toronto, on . the son, Hannah Watson, and in the presence 
thirtieth day of March, one thousand. el&,ht of U"l, William Worsdelle-ar, William Thomas 
hundred and forty-seTen, were married 'by Mutton. 
license, John Gates, of Scarboro, bachelor, I 
lJ.n"erson and ""ebb-At Toronto, on the 
and Grata Se
or. of the same place, spinster. t'Welfth flay of ,Ju)y, one' thou!!and ei(:'ht 
òau(:'hter of Isaac Secor, the ellJer of th.e hunIJreli and forty-saTen, were married by 
said township, by me, John Barclay. This license, Francis Sanderson, of the township 
marrla&,e has been duly solemnized b';Jtween of York, bachelor, and Elizabeth Webb, of 
us, John Gates, Grata :-;ecor, and lI1 the Toronto, spinster, by me, John Barclay. Thiø 
presence of us, I.aa.c 
cor, Septimus La- marriage has boon duly 
olemnized between 
call. us, Francis Sanderson, E. "'ebb, and in the 
Maxwell and Gray-At '{.uronto, 1)0 the pre<>ence of us, John Ashton, Isabella Rob- 
twen ty-first day of April, one thousand bon, Toronto. 
eii'ht hundred and fortJ.-seTEm. were mar- Wri
ht and 'stibbnrd-At 'roronto, on the 
rie-l by license, James Maxwell, b
chelor, and twenty-first day of July, one thousR.nd ei
Euphemia Gray, spinster, hoth f}f the town- I hundred anù forty-seTen, were marred, Mtcr 
I!!hip of York, by me, John .R.arclay. This regular proclamation of Ha!1ns, Ja
marriage has been dul;). solcmn
zeIJ between Wri(:'ht. bachelor, and Jane Stlhlmrd, s)nn- 
us Jame'! Maxwell and Euphemia Gray, and ster both ot 'roronto, by me, John Barclay. 
In' the presence uf us, George Gray, Jw.nnet Thi.,' marria(:'8 ha.s been duly lIolomnizølJ be- 
rS,ylTB..ter. tweE'n us, James WriJrht, Jane 8tibbal"d, nnd 
Bowe, and Reith-At Toronto, on. the In 'the presence of us, Peter Shepparù, Mary 
'-first daJ' of May, one thousan<! eJ&,ht Ann Hobson. 
bun(lre] and forty-seven, were married. 11Y I :-;inclair and Shan-At Toronto, on the 
licen,e, James Bowes, of ']'oronto, an
 Sus- twenty-ninth da.,y of July, one thollsand 
II.nnah Heith, of the sa,;"e. place, .spInster, el!.:'ht hundred and forty-seTen, wer
by me, .John Barcia.}'. Ilus marrul&,e ball, rie'i by license. non aid Rinclair, wldowpr, 
heen dul;r solemnized betw:ecn IlS, .Jarnes . and Jane 
han, spinster, both of <Jhlnl;'ua- 
Bowe" :":usann:1h Heith, and m th
 presence I comy, by me, John Barela;!". This marrIlige 
ot Utf. John C()chr&n, oJhn spottlswood. I bB."l been duly solemnized between us, Don- 
Duncan and Bell-At Toronto, on the I aId Sinclair, Jane 
hltn, anfl in the presenc8' 
third day of June, one thousanlJ ei(:'ht hun- of us, 1:'arah MaeClaln, Anna Laird. 
dred a.nd fnrty-se"Yen, were married by 11- Mf'Gaw And J.unny-At Toronto. on th& 
ren"e, Robert Dunl"an, of 
hrkham, bltclle- twenty-ninth day of .Ju1,., one thol1sMnd 
lor, and Sarah Ann BeU, of Scarboro, spln- el
ht bunrlred and forty-seTan, were mllr- 



rlerl by license, James McGaw, bachelor, and 
Ellen J.unny, Ipinster, both of Toronto. This 
mardsl'8 has been duly solemnized betwtJen 
us, James McGaw. Ellen J.unIlJ', a.nd in the 
pre->ence of us, Peter Milloy, 
ls.ry Leo- 
Dick amd Co..rfrae-At T.orooto, on the 
ø!.xth da
' of Al1:gUSt. <JII1e thousn.nd eight 
hundred Mld fort V-60 ven , were married by 
 Jameø Dick, bacoolor, and Joanna. 
Oarfrae. &pin
ter. dn.ughte-r ot the late John 
()arfrat!l. all of the city of 'I'orOl1lto;, by me, 
John BarelaI'. T.hÿ marriage has been duly 

Iemmolzed between '11" James Dick, Joanna 
Ca.rfra.e. 8I1Id in the presence of ua, John 
ß. Gord
 a. B. Campbell. 
L&mb MJd Marian-At T.ol'Ollto, on the 
twen.tY-Beveuth day of August, one thou- 
Ø8.nd eight hundred 8.l1d forty-øeven, were 
mø.rried by I1C'en&:., Georg'ð Lamb, of York, 
bachelor, and Sarah Maritan, of the 86me 
plaC'e. spi.nster. daughter oi Patrick Marian, 
of Irela.nd. by me., John Barelay. Thi.
riage h8B been dluly solemnized between u.s, 
{"..eorge Lam-b, Sa,ra.h Marian, and in the 
pre.!!eon.oo of 'Wt Berßlard Mulvany, David 
Erskine lmod Hn.rris-At TorO'l1to, on the 
twenty-eighth day of Au;g'ust. one thou- 
8'&Ild eight hundred and forty-tieven.. were 
marrie I by licenR3I, Igal Erskine. of Guelph. 
bac.helor, 8ß1od Diana Harris, of the same 
place. spimeter. daughter of George Harris, 
of Miùdleaex. En.g., bv me, George Barela.}". 
This marriage has bean duly solemnized he- 
tween us., Igal Erskma. Diana Harris, and in 
the presell1.Ce of u.t, James O. Latham, Wm. 
Pollet, Jr. 
Campbell 8II1.d White-At Toront0 4 011 the 
twen-ty-first day (}f September. o.rue thou- 
mnd eight hundred anù forty-sevon.. "Were 
marrlel by proclu..maUon of bs-noIJs, James 
Campbell, bac.helor, 80nd Ann White, spin- 
øter, both of Toronto, bym-e, John. Barclay. 
This marriage has been dUly solemnized be- 
tween UB, James Camphell, An11 White, and 
1n the preaence of us, William CruickBha.nk. 
G. Hea.p. 
RJdàell and Alexa.nder-At Torooto on the 
twenty-fourth day of 
ptamber. one thou- 
øe.nd eight hunired and forty-t!even, "Were 
ma.rried by licenoo, Joseph Riddell, bache- 
lor, and Elizabeth Alexa.uder, spin.ster, both 
of Toron,to, by me., JO,h1l1 Barclay. 
T.his marriage has been duly solemnized be- 
tW6aIl us, Joooph Riddell, Elizabeth Alex- 
øm,ùer. and in the presence of us, J80meø 
La.ry .Aam DawlJOn. 
McNeil a'Dld Ca.meroll-At T,oronto, on the 
thirtieth day of Seiptember, <JII1e thou- 
øa.n.d eight humdrell and forty-øeven, were 
married by I1cemæ, Ma.lcolm McNeiL bache- 
lor. 8II1.d Catherine Ca.meron. spinster, both of 
Gwillimbury West, by IDeI. Johm. Barela). 
T.hi8 marrhlge has been duly solemnized be- 
t\\6an UB, Malcolm McNeil. Catherine Cam- 
erae., and in the preaenoe of us, Donald 
ChrlBholm ßII"V1 Begg-At Toronto, on the 
fifth 001' of Oetu'ber.. ome thoW!3nd eight 
hum.dTed ø.;nd fortY-ßØven, were married b:y 
I1cen8BI. William Chrisholm, oil: P1ckerin.g, 
ba.c.heLor. a.rud M'argaret llegg, ot the 
pla.ce, spLl1ßter, daughter O'f Alexa.nder negg. 
of Aberl1een, Sootland. bl' me. Johm Barclay. 
Th18 m&rria
e has bean duly solemnized be- 
t\\OOIL us.. William Chrisholm. tMarg:aoot 
:Rcg-g u amd in the presence of UBi John An- 
dre\v, George Begg. 

Ra.yde.n and Furde-At ToOrO'nto, on th. 
tbirteGnth day of O.:-tober, O'I1e thou- 
8ßa1.d eight h'tUldred a.nd fortY-feven. were- 
married by Ilce!lBIJ. George Hayden, bache- 
lor, Bon.d Susan Forde, spi'll8ter, both of To- 
ronto. by me, John Barclay. This marriage- 
hß8 been dUly solemnize.l betwee.n us, Geo. 
Hayilen. SIMn Fordie. and In the presence of 
UB. W. J.. H03ytlen. Wm. Graing6r.l 
Hood a.nd Moc.Mullen.-At Toronto. on the- 
t\\enty-first da
' of Ootober, one thou... 
BlMLd eight hundred &lId fortY1even, wer9 
ma.rrioo by Uoonæ. James Hood. of Lamb- 
elor. 8Il1d Ann McMullin. of the- 
Barne place. spian8ter, daughter of Samuel 
l\f'('l\1ullin., also of the same place, by me. 
JohIn. BarclAy. This marriage has beeo du..., 
BOlemn.lzed between us, Ja.llle.'!l Hood!. AIlD 

kM:umn.. ø.nd in the preøenc>> of 1110 Heer7 
McMulltn., Margaret Hood. 
Dibna.n ana LYOIlB-At T.oronto. on 
the first d.'1-Y of Nov6ffiJbe.r, one thou-, 
&UIld eight hundred a.nd fortY-5('ven, wer& 
ma.rriel. b
' li('cnsc, Elisha Dilu1B.l), of Whit- 
('hurch, b'l C' he lor. 8dLtl :\Jary Lyollß, of tile 
&\.me P:l\.('e" spil18ter. by me, John Barcla,y. 
This marri Ige has beell duly solemnized be-- 
t\\eeo!l U.'1. DiImall. !\Aa.ry Lyons, and 

I'esence of UB" Wm.. Fish, ThoBto 
E!sol1 and McIntee-At Thronto, on 
the third d>ay o,f NoOve\lniber, one thou- 
Ba:nd eight hUindred n,nù forty-t!even, wer. 
married by Ii('f'''.,*" William Henry Elson. 
bachel-or, aud Elizabeth Mcintee, spinter. 
the t..nner of Markham., tho Latter of Loutb. 
hy me, Jo8J.'n Barclay. This marria
e has 
bean. duly 8Olernouizeà bet woem. liS. William 
fi. E
scm. Elizabeth Mdn,teeJ, and in the 
prOOOlIloCe of us" John l\kUltec. Elizalbeth 
Reid am.d Harrison.-At Thronto, on 
the tø day of NoOvøm.ber, one thou- 
Ø8.Thd hundred and forty-seven, "ere- 
married by liOOllL'!e, Joseph Reid, bachelor, 
a.nd Bell AJlIIJ Harrison, spinster, both cf 
Toronto, by me, John Barelay. This mal"-' 
rtage hBB l.Jee,n, d'Ul,i bet\\een UB, 
.Joseph Reid.. Bell .
 Hoa.rrison, and in the 
presan'Ce of U'l, W. Taylor. Sarah Harrison,. 
Gib&m a.n.d McGowan-At Scarborough, on 
the eleventh day of No vøtllJhe I , one thou- 
Boa'nd eight and for ty--t!even , were 
married by liooru:;e, WilIi'un Gibson, of ToO- 
ron,to, ba.coholor, a;nod Elizabeth 
lüGo\\ an, 
O'f Scarboro', spinster, by me, Barclay. 
This marriap-e has beðlL duly solemnized be- 
t\\66U 'Wo. William Gibson., Elizabeth Mc- 
Gowan. and in the preaence of u,," James 
Giba.on. A. McPherson.. 
Du.n.n Mld McClure-At Toronto, on the 
t\\euty-thlrd <Jay of NovetTI1lber', one tho-u- 
AaOO eight hU!ldred a.nd fortY-ßeven, were 
married.. after proclama.tion of bannd, Jon- 
ath3iDI Du.nn., bachelor. and Pho&be Mc- 
Clure" f3'Pi.nster, both of Scarborough, by me. 
JOM BarelaI'. This marriage has been duly 
801emniz&d between us, Jonatba.n Dunn aiDd 
Phoobe McClure. 8IIJd In the presence of us, 
.Joæph McOlure. Sarah McClure. . 
StOtIIehoU89 and Doche-rty-At Toronto on 
the ø dßJ" of December,o'Ile thou- 
san.d eight hU'Iladred and forty-øeven, were 
married. aJter regular IIIroelnmatiom. of 
hmnIlß, William St()lueh.ouse,. ba.ehelor, and 
Catheri'ne Docherty, spinster, both of 'Scar- 
b()rour;l"h, by llJe. .Iohn. RaJ"cIDY. This mar- 
riage h
 l>een dulv solemlliztJd between us. 



WiIllam St()l!1eho01l8O, Oatherine Docherty, 'married b 'l. UCE'.nee Ja.mes Oooper, bache- 
lI.mtd J..n the preoo.noo of us. J{)hn Smith. lor, and 
 ø.ry Loga.n., Bpillst
r, both of To- 

lalr Rmld Boyò-At Toronto, on thð rOllto., by roe, Jolm Barclay. T.hls mar- 
th da3 of Decøm.ber.. OIle thou- riage hM bOO'!]. &ul,y solomnlzed between U3 
sa.n.d eIght hundTed ami for
ven, were James Ooo.per, Ma.ry Log.w.. and In the pres': 
married by llc8I1f!1e, John Blair, of the city øn.ce of us, Alex.. 
ooper, Barbara D01l61d- 
of T,oro.rut0, bachelor, and Mary Boyd, of son.. 
Sca rbor{) " spi.nster
ughter of Isaao Boyd, Kellogg and HentJ.,r&OD-At T{)ronto. on 
()If . the e.a.m.e p]o.ce.. 01' me, John Barclay. the thIrteenth (&AV of Ja.nuar , one thou- 
Th18 marriage has bee.n dul,y solemnized be- e.a.n-d eight hundred and fort;-cight were 
tween. UBI, John Hlair, Mary ßo)-d, ø.nd in. the married by llcenee" Jones Josiah K
presence of us, lBaao B{)yd. Abey M-cOonet. ba.(',he1or, fW1rl Mø.ry Ja.."1Ð I1euderson, wiaow: 

dY .a.m.d ModIDlrea.-At Toronto, on the 1.nth of To ro;nto , by 
 John Barclay. 
fuBt day of Decembør, {)IIle thou- This marriage has boon duly solemnized be- 
88il11d. eIght hu.ndred and furty-Ðeve.n.. were tween' us, Moary Jane Henderson., .J J. Kal- 
marHeù by Ucßol]B8. John Rodd.v, of Toronto, lo-gg. and in the pre.
enCð of us Thomas 
bachelor, IWbd. lBabelia Aun McElrea, {)f the Gerut1e, Eliza L. Forre..
t. - ' 
Bald elty, 9plD8ter, by me, J-ohn Barclay. 
This marriage ha.s bean. duly'solemnized be- So'Ilth am.d Bates-At Scarborough, on the 
tween us, John Rodðl', Isabella. Ann M0Elrea, .twønty-f!Øventh day of JanuaIly. {)ne thou- 
and in the pre.sence of u&., MichlWl P. Hay- 8!ltJb(} eight hundred a"ltl f{)rtv-eight, were 
neS8 Eliza. KØ!1II1edy. wút&d In marriage, after regular pjroc1ama- 
Soc.or Mtd Cornell-At SClJ.rborO'lLgh, on the UO'l1. of banll8, George SO'Ilt
, ba.chelor, and 
t,\\EM1tv-third dBy of Docem1ber.. ()II}ß thou- 
()obrlna Beulah Bate&, s.pI.nster
 by me, 

m.ßId eight hUJ1dred a.nd lorty-seven, were ",o.brlna Beulah Bates. spmster, by mE.>. 
marrier! bv licenso, Lewis Secor, {)f Scar- so!emnlzed between us, 
eorge South. Sa. 
j,,)ro'. bal'helur, "-11'1 Eliza Cornell, of the bnn
atoo., and 10 
he pre.sBnce of 
sflirl township l'TJiliste r . bv me, .John Barclay. us.. Edward WLn.sta.nley, LewIs W. Sedor. 
This ma.rrbge ha;, boon. Ilmly solemnized be- Graham a.nrd Little-At TorolI1to, on 
t we.0:1. \15. J.ewis Secor, Eh:ro Cornell, a.nd in the fourth day of February, one thou- 
tlle p"eæ.ncoe of us,
r Scoor, 'l'hO'IIlaB san,d eight hundred and furty-4)ight. were 
Ahr'1'h'1IIn. married by 1icenæ, Thomas Graham, of 
We:..,h a.n.J 'Vragt98wort
1-At T{)ronto, on York, widower
 and M.a,ry Ann Little, of 
the 24th day of December, 0IT!8 thou- the same place., spinster, daughter of John- 
,s'\n, 1 eight hu.ndrß(Ì 8II1d fOTty-seven, were eon Little,. of Fenn.:LnL' Irela.nd, bv me, 
marrieJ. after æ,guJ.&.r '(Jcodamatioll1 of John Barclay. This has boon dulv 
. T:t\f)m
" W
h, of Esql1esi'llg. bache- sn
eJllIl1!zed betwee.n us, Thomas Graham, 
]"1', a,n,l Lso.bella Wragle8w.orth, spinster, of M.ary AJ1II1 Little" a.nd in the proocnce of 
ar, by me, Jurun Barclay. Thi... ma.r- us, Robert Bo.v d , Jsmæ Atwill. 
ria.g-e h.a... bee-n diu]y 901emnJzed betweou us, Miller a.rud Whitooide-At Toronto, on 
:r h 'WtS W'llsh, Isabella \Vraglesworth, a..nd the eighth day of M'arch, {),ne thou- 
i'l the 
n.ce o.r ur.. Samuel Welsh. Olem.. 8Ml11 eight hundred Rnd lurty-cight. "ere 
W. Cn,nag .e. m.a.rried by licen"*,, Johm Miller, bachelor 
Cowan an.d ;\{cOa.uüs-At T.or01lto, on the ßon..d Margaret Wh.itesiðei, epinster, daugh': 
'-first dJ>.y 0(01' De-celm/be-r, {),rre thou- ter?f .Dn.n,iel Whitcs.i(le, all {)f the township 
l\'l.,nl'l eight huudred a.nd fo-rty-ooven, were o! Pl' ke:i:Jg. toy me, Joh,IIIBarclay. This mar- 

a.rrie I b;r lice:!&- Geúrgc OOWIm.. bache- rwge has bee-n duly so\
ml1izod between US, 
lor, ao'1.J Sarah Airuile McOamås, spinster, John Miller, Mo..rgaret Whiteside, and in 
daul{hte. of .James McOaw.Ï:". aU of the the pl'esence of us. Andrew Miller, Herbert 
t,.wiuihip of Ya'Ügoau, bv "11U, John Barclay. T.oppin.g. 
This marrÏaJ!'e has boon dIuly solemnized be- I S
'lvester arud Toronto, on the 
u UE., 
 Cowa:1, Sa.ra.h Ann Mc- d1ay of M.a.roh, one thou- 
lIS., rulld In tile p,esen.oo of us, James Bft.'n.d eight hundred and fort
'-eight. were 

pelIB, ::5usalllUa. Ol'wan. united in marriag-e, after regular procl.... 
.\.I"IÞold Rnð C(Jjl"l1s-At Toronto, on the maUo'll of bamn5, William Sylvester, of York, 
-e:evcn,th d.aS' of J'm.u.a.ry, one thou- bachelor, WIlId Tingle, 18Ipinster, of 
h,w.1 e.i!Z'ht huoor('ù and fort;y
lght, were Scarboro', by me. John Barclay. Tllis mar- 
1l'nHe 1 in ru.a rria If 0, alter regular wocla- rlage has boon dul v &Ulem.nJzed between us, 
lll.fltian of B!iJ1.11B William Arnold., of William Sylvester, Ja'l1B" and in the 
\-n u.g-ham, bachelo-r. 8/ßd MarF CaIrns, {)f of us, John Henry Sylvester, John 
Kin,g. BpillBter, by JOe, John Barclay. HIl'milton. 
This marrÌ'1!!e has boon: dIuly solemnized be- McKenzie and :McOombe-At Toronto. on 
t\\()O!L UB, WiHiam A rn.old , Marv Oail'ns, and the eighteenth day ()If Maff'h, one thou- 
i.:1 the presence of u&o ,John Hale, William Band eight h'lHldred 8dld fcrty
ight, were 
Bell. u.nlted In ma.rriage, after, regular I*"ocla- 
Ca'lln.In.g and Mitche1i-A.: Toronto, on the mati()fc, 
 ban1l8, Alexander M.cKenzie, wid- 

ventb day of JMlf\.1I8.ry.. one thou- ower, ruruiJ. Jane M-c.C()'11loo.. spinster, by me, 
sand eight hU'l1dred and furty-cight, were John. Barclay. This ma.rriage has been duly 
married bV lIoet109Ø, Alexander Canning'. of BoleIIl'mzed between us, Alex. l\kKenzJe. Jane 
Ma.rkham., baclJe!or I)j
 Ueoocca Mitchell, Mco.ombe. o..nd In the p:"esanoe {)f Us, Thos. 
of S('arborough, spinster, daughter of Jas. D,'herty. Arabella SRII1der.s.on.. 
1\nt('hell, of same Vl.l ce , b
 me. .J.()hn.l
arc1a.}'. Dougherty amd Mab.a.n.-At Toronto, on 
Ta\is m.a.rria,ge has been duly flo]cmni7cJ he- the tWßnty-oocO'll"} day of March. one thou- 
twOO'n UB, Alexa.;rder C::.nning, Re-be('('a Mit- .sand eight hu.n..dred a.nd forty-clght, were 
l. nnliJ. in the presence uf U!>, William married by lif'en&J. Henry Doughertlr, bache- 
J. MUchell, John A. R.oche. lor. a.n,iJ. Bridget Ma.han, spinster, both of 
Onot>C r a.rud Logan.-At Toronto, on the York 1\1111&, towlnBhip of Yorlc, by me, 
.e:ev8lnth day of J,1.lIiUary. thou- I .J'1hn.. Barclay. This has boon duq 
øa'n.d eight hundred o.nd fort3-eig l 1t, "en' . s .:cmni7,ed between us, Hen.ry Dougherty, 



Bridget MaJ1am" ø.nd in the presence of 'WI" mstion of banal/!', James Gardne-r, bachelor. 
George Lamb. ReIml8.rd Mulvany. of Scarboro'. ø.n.d IBabella McLeo(1., spil1Bter, 
Slsle7 IUl1Jd Un.dørwood-At Tor()nto, on of the BlI.JI1e pl8.CE\, by me. Job.n. Barclay. 
the eighth d8.J' of Alprit, 0It1Ø tboou- This marriage has boon ùuIJ' øolt'mnized be- 
sa.n.d eight hu.n.dred and forty
ight. were tween us. James Gardner, I8&bella M'CLeorI, 
me.rrie1 by licenæ, Bowley S!.slf\Y, bachelor, a;n,d in the preBØllce af ua, Thos. Brown- 
ø.nd E;jza.beth U:1oorwood, epLnster, both of lie, J8Jlß MocDO'I1.ald. 
S::a.rboro', by 11I)(; Jo.ho Barclay. ThÎB mar- IIempblll wn.d Watsoln.-At Toronto, on the hll8 boou d'Ul,y 80bmmized between us, I twent.}'-ooc.o>n.d day of September. one thou- 
Bowie,}' Si81e;r, EUza.beth U!lIdørwood, ø.nd in 88II1d eight hWHlred IIi!1d forty-eight, were 
the prOOEmlCe of ua, Robert .M-CCOWIWl, David I me.rrieJ by licenoo, James Hemphill, bache.. 
;Bann.father. : Ior,8d1Jd Margaret WatsO'n., 8'pinster, daughter 
T.b.oomIþ9OtTh Md U-ogg-At Toronto. 0'I1 the of Jame..<:l Wa.tso;n, bll ot the township of 
thirteenth . dJJ.7 of Alprtl., <JIt1e thou- Vaugha.n.. by me. John Barclay. ThiS mar- 
B8IJId ejght hundred and foTt.r-eight, were riage haB bOO'Il d' solronnl7pd between us, 
umHed ill 1D6rri
 after regular llrocla- Ja.mes Hemphill, Marg-aret Wat90:n
 tl.nd in 
mati-CAlli {)of ba1U1.'J. William Thompson. bache- the p-eseonce of us. William Watson., James 
lOll", a.n.1 HelEm Hu-gg, 8pinRter. both of the Miller. 
towl1ßhip of York, b.}' D'leI. John. Barcla.y. Snlder alIWl 
tum:p-At 'Eoro.nto on 
This marrin.!re haa bæru duly 80lemnized be- the third 007 of October" OM thou- 
tWeeu1> UB, William T.hompg
 Helen Hogg, S8.il1ad. eight humdred mnd forty-eight, were 
8.U1Id tn the presence of 114 J,ohn Hogg.. ma.rrlðd by lioonse
 Peter Snid&r, bache- 
Peter Thompsom.. I lor, &M Catherine Stump, spinster, ds.ugh- 
MoCQwl!l.oI1. 1I.J1Id Un,
erw()od-At Sca.rboro', I ler of JßOOIb stump. aU <?f Vaugha.n.. hy me, 
the tweonty
v(} day of ApriL. 000 J
 Barclay. Tlbis ha!! been dul.1 
thQl1&l.n.d eight hUlJ&'Ìred 8Illd fQrty-<eight so:emn1zed between. us, P
ter SnIder, Oath- 
were married by liconso, Robert MC

::v s



ce of us., 
bs.cMlO'T. WIld Jane UIJderwood, 6'pln.ater, '" 
bath of Sc-a.rboro'. bv 1lliE.'t, John Barclay. Mitchell and RItchey-At Toronto, on 
'mils marria
 118.3 been duly solemnized be- the fourth day of October, one thou- 
heon. lIB. ìwoort MloCowa
 JR.n13 Under- sam.d 
ight hUllldred IIilld forty-eight, were 
w'ÜI()d, and in. the pr&<;eßØe of us, A. Moc- 
rrled by llcense, Robert Mitchell. of the 
PihereOlI1o. JaTIJeB LicJJell. cIty of T.oroThto. bachelor, tmd Jane 
Sutherland alLd Stevel1B:m-At 'r,oronto, on Ritchey, of tho same p
ace.. spinster, by me. 
the ndneteenth da,y 0If M.a.y, Q'lle thou- John 
arclay. T,his marriage has bee!1 duly 
8amd eight humdred Imd fQTtJo'-eight, were solemm:l
.ed betwoon. ua, RQbert Mdchell, 
marrierl by licemse. Adam Sutherland, bache- Ritchey, and In th
 presence of ua, 
lor, ßJlJ1 l\{.,try Stevenson. sþinster, both of , John Ewart, jr.. LouL'Ia HIll. 
TOl'Olllto, by "II1e. JOohn Barclay. This mar- Brooks a.n.d Pickel-At Toronto, on the 
riage haJj boon. duly solemnized between us, e.ightee-nth ds.y of o 'tober, one thou- 
Adam Su1.herlamil.. Ma.ry StevOJ1I90011J:, and in sn:n.d eight h11J1.1red nJJ.d forty-eight, were 
the praseollOO of ua, John Grieve.. A1.mira married by licease. William Brooks, of Ux- 
Rey;n.oldB. bridge. bachelO'r, a.n
l Larry Rowena Pickel, 
Parker and RadfOTd-At 'DOi"onto, on the of Reach, spinster, by me, John Barclay. 
'-firs.t day of l\Ir(y, .one thou-: This marrhge has been. dtiJy sO'lemniwd be- 
6300 eilfht hundrt'd wnd forty-eight. were I t\\een. us, Wm. Brooks.. La.rry Rowena l'ickel, 
married by licenoSe, Joseph Parker, {)f I R.I1(l in the presence (Jof 'Us. StephelJj Ro\\ena 
Whitby, bacheLor, run.d AlIJIl'C I{..a.dford, of I Pkkel, M.a.n' Anon Brook&. 
the ø pla.ce, spi.nBte.r. daughter of the ,T<'ones ø.fud Shrulbh-At T.oronto, on the 
late Jobin. Rarlf{)rdJ, Somer&:Jtsbire. deceM- \ eighteenth ds.y of OctobeJ'\, one thoo- 
ed. by me
 J{)I'ba1 Barcw.y. This mar- ' I Bft.I1ct eight hun1l1red 8Jld forty-eight, 
rlage has been d.uI.v 8Owmniz6d het\\een liS. m.arrie.l by lioonse, Anodrew Jones, o.f Scnr- 
J<>reph Parker. A'D!lLe RaMoN. s.nd in the I bwo'. "idower, 8.DjtI Sarah Shrubb. of To- 
pt'e8eIl1>Ce ()f us, Jwmes Neilson. William rOlIllto. 6þinster, by IDb, John Barclay. 
Rider. I This marriage has b
n. duJy solt'mnized be- 
Pickering and DooglI.u-At Toronto, on. h\
n us, AJ1,drew Jo;nes.. SnrRh Shrubb. anll 
the eighth ðay of July. Que thou
 Iin the proocnce of us, WilliaJn Wilfrid, 
sand. eight !Jullllred and !ort,}'-eight. 
'ere I ROßa' Ca.meron. 
 by l}oonse, JOIhn. PIckering, {)f 'Y ork' Claxt<yn a-nd White-At Toronto. on the 
to-w1l1ßhlp. wlIw.:wer, 1lJ)1 Marerarel Dougan, I thirty-first d.ay ()<f Oct{)lber. 001ß thou- 
m .T.oroJ1!t? spmster, by m.c. John 
arclay. Ba.n.d eight hUIll,dred a.nd forty-eight, were 
ThIS marrlage 118;3 
i}' dulJ' sO'lemnIzed be
 I married by lire:r.oo. JO'bn, Clnxt<XJ.. of 
twOOlI!: us.. JOh

 Dougan, i Vaugha.u
 baf'hc'f}J', and AJ1ne White. of 
and IJf1 t
e. preaenec or u.., FrancIS Brown, ! p
aee.. s'Pil1f
ter, by me, JO'hl1l Barclay. 
Joæoph Rul. leU. This m-arria
 has bee"b duly sO'lemnized be- 
Bradley allYl Roberts-At T{)ronto., on the I tw
n us, .T<,hn Olaxton, Anne White. I\nd 
fO'U'I" day {)f AUg'IlBt, one thou- in. the preBence of 11
 Isaac Burton, Martha 
88IrJrl ,Øight ltwHlred a.ld forty-cigi:tt, were I Clnxton.. Rosa Oamero'l1. 
ma.rriej by license. Joon Brailley, bachelor, I KempthO'rne and Webb-At Toronto, on 
smA A.n:ne Jalne Roberts. sq>inster. both of . the si.xth dtay O'f November. olne thou- 
ThoQT\I1.hill, by me. John BarchlJ. This mar- R::
nrl eight hundred Rnd forty-eight, were 
riage ha.<! bean. duly S!)leJIU1jzed l.otween liS, I lll:arrie.1 by license. William Kem,pthnrne. 
JobJn. Bradley, A.nane Jane Roberts. an,l ill : bnche
or. ånd We-UU, Bpinster, both 
the preß6IWe of us, J0geph Frenchturol.. I pf Pi ke:i 'g. b7 
 John B:1;rc'ay. This mar- 
Martha Rooorts. I'Íng-c h
'I ()BCln dl\lly s{JleTl"l!/cd uf-tween us, 
Ga-rd:ner M1id UcJ.-eod-At Toronto, on th(' Wi!lÏ'1m Kempthorn.c. Amnn(1.n. Webb, antI 
thirteenth day (If fcpte.1ThOOro one tholl- in the presence (If us, Caleb Powell, Ha.r- 
Ø81llId eight hundred :u.d forty-eight. \\ ere . riet Webb. 
unU.d in. marriage, after regular P\l"oda-' M. Kenzie and Dcgear-At Toronto. on 



txth day of N{)v.embe-r, one thou- I Watsorn a.n.d Ma.ekint<Jsh-At Toronto OD' 
øwnd eight hun/Ired aind forty-eight, were the sevell1lteen,th dlay of February, one th
married. by procla.matiOoIL of ba;nn&. .William sa.n.d eight hum.dred a.nd fortv-nine. were 
McKe.n.zie" of Markham,. bachelor, a'nd Ellen married by IiCetlh'!e. Jonathan W;"tson, bach&- 
Degear. ot 
r()( spinster. by me, lor, 8111,1 AlWe Mackintosh" spinster. both of 
John Barclay. This marriage has been dul.1 T{)'rO'lllto, by me, John Barclay. This mar- 
Bolemnized between us, William M-cKenz1
 riage h8.8 been duJ.y øolem.nized between 1.18, 
Ellen. Degear. and In the pre.<le-nce of U8j, JO'I1.atha.n Watsoon, Ann Mackintosh. n.nd 1D 
William D. Ag1ne8 McKe_nzie. the preaen.ce of U6, John. WilBO'D, E1.iza Maok- 
DJ'ce 8.IDId Str8.Chan-At Toronto, on irrtOHh. 
the 'rufnth day of November, one thou- an.d L&IDO'D.-At Thl'onto. on the 
Ba.lD.d eight hundred BIIld forty-eight, were twe.nty-fir&t day ()f FebM1A
", <>me thou- 
married by Ucenllle. Alexa;n(ler Dyce" of Ham- øa.n.d eight hum.dred o..nd forty-nine, were 
llton.. bachel{)r, &nod Elizabeth Stracha.n, of married by licønæ, Frl\,.Tllcis Muir, of Owen 
PlckcrLnag, &pinBte.r, by me, John Barclay. SoulIlod. bachelor, anll Eilizabeth Lemon, of 
T.hl8 marriage has been diU]J' solemnized be- Sca'rbol'o', s-plnster, daughtØl' 0' Donald 
tween U8. Al
x. Dy
 E1iza.beth strachan' l J
&mO'n.. o.f Erin. by me. .JoM Barclay. ThLt 
a:n:d in preøenæ of 'II&, D. Strac.han.. marriage has boon. dmJ.y solemnized be- 
William Polley. tweeln Uð. FrancIs Muir, Elizaooth leemon, 
Ewing and Oolem.ø.n-At Toronto, on the Iam.d in the preænce of us. R.obe.rt Reid, 
fifteenth da.y of Novembe.r, one thou- I James Weir. 
oJ.:a.ud eight hundred Silld fOTty-eight, were BaRer 8.! Hellges-At Toronto, on the 
m.arried.. after regular proclamation of I twen.ty-Beoventh day of March. one thou- 
ba.n.n,s, JobJn Ewing. ba.c.helor, and'Mary Cole- s'l1lIlld eight hurn dored o..nd forty-nine, were 
1I1I8.U1" spinster both of :Scarboro', by me, I married by license. .Job-n B&ker, widower, a.nd 
John. Barclay. T.his marriage has been duly Martha Hedges. spil1Bter, both <Jf Toronto, 
Bo!emn'i:æ(l betwoo-I1 us,. John Ewing, Mary by me, JoIh.n Barclay. This marriage has 
Co]ema.n., anld in t.he presence of us, Daniel been duly &ole<<nnized between us, John 
Galbreath, Elizabeth Galbreath. Baker, Martha. Hedge6. ømd In'the prese.nott 
M,.Fayden IIjn.d Wutt-A tToronto, on the of 11S. George Albo..n Simes, Sarah Simes. 
" õay of N{)venn,ool"l. one thou- W:ilSffil 8J],rl Mackintosh-At T,oronto, on 
øa.n.d eight hUlI1/,ired amd forty-ei
ht, were the thirty-first duv of 1\Larcll,.one tb,ou- 
were m.arried 'by lic6I16e. Hugh M-cF.lyden, of BSiIJid eight hutn'ðred 8>nd forty-nine, were 
Markh-aill)., bachelor, o.nl1 .Mary Jane Watt, m.a.rried bV li<'e'16H. Joh,lI. WiL
OII., of Toronto, 
of Etoblcoke. E;<pinßter, by me, John Barclay. bachelor, and Elizabeth M.acldn.t-o.s.h. of the 
T.h.i8 marrhge has been duly solemnized be- pla
allghter of Donald 
tween us. Hug.h l\1-eF.a.yde.n.. Mary Jane Watt, MackLntoeb, of Scotlrund. by me. 
and in the pn;J.scnc.e o,f us., Willia..m.. Walker, JohTh Barclay. This marriage has been duly 
M.ary LitoL. 8OIem:n.iz.ed between. llii" J-ohn WilBon,. Eii74& 
Bell 8,mI Llo
'd-At T\Üronto, on the M.a-!'kin t08h , an.d In the presence of us, 
-eighth day of Nove-moor, one thou- JO'natha.11 Watßon, Ann Wat90n. 
I!6.n.d eight hun'd:red 
l.Ind forty-eight. were M.cBrO'Om 8J1Id Cleug-h-_Þo.t Toronto, on 
m.a.rrled by UcenlSe. William Bell. ()'f AJhion, the æc{)lßJ(i my <Jf Alþl'Îl, one thou.. 
bacheloT. BAIJod Mary Anne LloyU, of King, Ba.nd eight hundror1 a.nd forty-nine, were 
FþÌlneter. daugbte.r oof the W\illia.m Lloytd. married by 11('611100. Willhun l\tcBroom, of the 
(It t,he same towmLShÏlpt. by me" John Barclay. tOWJlBhip {)f Toronto. blJ,.('helor, a.nd Marl& 
T'h.18 mø.rria
e has been d'l1ly soiemnizo<l he-, orf too city of T.orOl!, Bpluster, 
t....OOiIl UB., William Bell, Ma.ry Anne Lloyd, by mø. Joob!Il Barclay. This marrla.g-6 hu 
0.00 in t.he preseonce of us, Dunca.n ElelJ. beeirl duly ,!;olemm.ized between U&, William. 
Harriet Lloyd. l\kBrO'Om., Maria Cleugh. a;OO In. the pre!H 
Ega;n and Mí'Evoy-At Toronto, on the Emí'O !
f us, Wi1liaan CruickBb&nk. WillI.a.Ja 
fourth day of J8.!n,uary, one thoU8fl.on:d eight 'CayLor. _ ' 
h1LDldred o..nd forty-nine.. were married by Wadl1eU am.a ChrlBtle-_Þo.t Toronto, ()'n 
1i!'0næ. Johln Egrun, bachelor. a.nd Catherine the eighteeln1th d'lly of May. {)one thou.. 
MeEvov. spinste.r. booth of the township ot Bad10d eight hurndred MId forty-nine, werlt 
Vau..gba.n. by me" John Barclay. This mar 4 IIl1Iorri.ed by 1icetruse, .James WIa'1Ik
I, of To- 
riage has been solemnized between us, I"onto, widower, oIlm/j Matilda CbriBtie, of 
Joh.n Ega.n, Cather'ine l\kRv<JY, and in the the same place, spimBter. daighter ()'f Alii- 
presence of u.s. J{)sepb. Farr.. Nancy 'Mc- ùrew Christie. of Derry., Ir-eLarH. hy m.e, 
Kin.non. Jo,hn Barclay. This marriage hn3 boon duly 
Anen and Reo.rBit-At Toronto. on the l'Iolerrundz.ed tJ-etwC6'1l lIS.. James W<l
lden, Ma- 
fourteenth d6
 ot February. o'ne thou- I tilùa ChuriB'tie.. and ill tbe presence of 118, 
IIO.tLd eight hundred a.nd forty-nine. were I I William L. H\:1'nn,iug, Ma..ria HÐIUlillg. 
m.arried by licer.oo. Samuel Allen.. of MOllO, GUI!1In 8JI1d McKinn{)n-At 'I\:Jrontu, on the 
bachelor, and l\Largaret Hearst. of T.oronto, twe.nty-'f'fl'1.lrth d
y .of :M
'rvÞ Olle thou- 
spin.ster, by moe" John Rllr!'!ay. This mar- 6a.nd eight humdred MId forty-nine. were 
riage ha.
 boon duly sole>mnized between us, m.a-rriel b
 ]ir-eulIse, Jobin, GUlIll1.o ....i.Jower. 
Samuel Anen. Ma.rgaret Hearst. lI.nd in the ani .Ia.';et Macjinnon. spinster, both of 
presence of U8, Geo.rgc Platt. Eliza Jane Thorr.hill. b.y me. John Ua.rclay. This mar- 
Hearst. ringe ha.s been. du]
 g.n]em.nized betwee-n us, 
McConnick 0.00 Hearst-At Toronto, on John Gunn, Janet McKinnon, and in the 
the fourtee.ruth d.a.y of Fìebruary. one thou- þr
 {)f u& J.oiJ.ur. 1.\1ackl1,y, John Mc- 
I3O,.nod eight hurndred a.nd fIJrty-nine, .... ere Arthur. " 
m.arried bv Ucø Joohn l\fIcC{)rmick, of To- Aruder8O'Il a.nd JIÜßOO-At T<Jrontc>. on the 
rant<J, bachelor, a.n.d Mary Anne Hearst, day or Mr1tv., one thou- 
()If the Ba.Jne pla.ce, spLnster. bv me. John Baollod eight hult1drßd a:nd forty-nine, were 
Barcla.y. This marriage has \)ee,nJ duly 80'1- m.arried bv ]i, enl'ie., Alex<1''1('lor Anderson, -of 
emn.ized between u.s., WiHiam ::\1-cCnrmick, Tm'OIn,to, bachelor, and Ursula .Jones. spin- 
Mo..ry An'l1e Hearst. a-nd in the presence of .ster. of the sa:me plllcE\, ila
lghter of WiI- 
116. Robert Heant, E!eaJJ<Jr Potter. lia.m Jones, f<Jrmerly of Scarboro'. now 



En.gland. by me. Jobin Barclay. 'lTh.1.8 ma.r- united In 1D6rriage, by lk-eoæ granted ao- 
riage hBB been. d-uly II'OIÐDll1lzed between us, c{)rdoÍlng to lø..w, !Johm Ford, of the town- 
Alex.. AJ1Jdersooll Ur8Ula Jo'nes, R.Il.d in the !phip {)t Et{)ùicoke, bacbelor, nod Sarah 
presence ot U8" Alex. &168, Jane Stann.'i. of Toronto township. spinster, by me, 
:Burton and Sherden-At T,oronto
 on tho John Barcla3. ThÎB marriage has :been duly 
-twen.tY-BeOOOlJd Òlay or JUl1e, one thou- ÐQ!em:nized beh
eLn U
 John F>o
, Sarah 
BaiIlJÙ pight hwllred 8IIld forty-nine, were DJ1I1e8, f1.r1:
 In the presenco of ua, Samuel 
ma.rrled bv lloons"3o, I9a6c Burton. {Yf York, Walsh. Elizabeth Dy;nes. 
bachelor, a.I1td Bn..dgelt Sherden. {)f .the Miller a.ntd J\ferrln-.
t Toronto, on tho 
plø.ce. widow, by me, JOOIIl Barclay. Th18 8ØC{)nd da7 {)f NOYe'mber, 000 thou- 
marriage has boon duly øole.mnlzed between Band eight h'lln.ðred R.Il.d fo.rty-nine, were 
'18, 19aaC 'Burlan.. Bridget Sh.er1den, I1ind in 11l9.rrled by dce.Ilße, WiHi:l111 !\I,illE'r, \\ido'Wer, 
tho presence <Yf Uð. Wdlliam Hudson. George 8AIJld Elizabeth Marrin. w,d'Ow, both of To- 
Thmnpsoln.. rOll1,to. by me" .John B:Lrcla.y. ThiB mar- 
D1t'ßca.n and Colwell-At 'lloronto, on tÍ1e ringe has been iI'll,ly Bolemmlzed between us, 
seve.nth day of July, one thous3.nd eight Willia.m Millor, Elizabeth Merrln., and 
h'lllIltdred a.nd forty-nine, were 'mRrried by p"e.c; of us. Thomas Sheride.n" Ellen Bcn- 
UCOIl8ß. John Duncan, .o.f Chinguacousy, nott. 
ba.chelo-r, 8IDId Eliza Co]\\ ell, of Toronto Fraonk and :Nunn-At T.oronto. on the 
township, spinster, bJ-' lJ1Ø. John Ba.rc]ay. thirtoo.n th lisS' of N oVOlJlJùer. one thou- 
This marriage has been duLY Bolemnized be- Balld eight hml.lrod 8lld fo.rty-ninc-, were 
tv-OEm us, JO'hn Duncan.. Eliza Colwell, and in umHel in marriage. by UCOdh'!e granted ac- 
the preBellOO of u&. James Ma.w. Ohrlstina cording to law, ArchiblJ.
d Fl'u.n,k, of the 
"Ibcker'. town.qhip of CaiedoJ1t. bachelor, Binù Mary a.nod 
rtin-At T.o;ronto, on the I Nun-n, of the placo, s
æ day of July. one thoWl8.l1d eight by me. John Barr'lay. T,hls marria
O' has 
hu.rMlreki anù fort.r-lline. wore 1lli!.rried L
' I been duly s,nlpm:1Ìzc.-J uøtwepo1l UB,. AI(' hi'Jald 
]ice-nse., Joh,n. Ewing. of augJuln, bachelO'r' 1 Fran,k, l\Inr
 unn, amI in 0.' prC's- 
aln.1 .Ja:ne !\ta.rtin.. of p\aC'e, spinster, inco of UB, Alex. P:1tullo. E1izabcth X\II'lno. 
b:y me. John Barcla,y. This marriage 
a9 McCrea 81P.Ò. WilUa.mBOll-Át Toronto un the 
beü:a. diUlv 8010'ID!l
et\\ een us. Jonn I t\\entJ' -fr'lI rth d
IY of XO'vember, one' tholl- 
E.Hug. In..r:c 
;],rtln. and ID the. pre6ence O'f I Rand ciA"ht hUllched anù fo'rty-nin<,. wel'e 
us, Alex. E\\1olllg, I\fu.ry Carma.}". u.nJ.ted in maITi'I
-e.. b\, iiceTh!'{J grail ted ac-'Il a.n.ü M.cGrcgor-At Toronto. on cordin.g- 1.0 lal\, WIHiam MC'Crea" oÌ Tnl'onto, 
the mlln.eteenth Ùlf\y of Ju]y, {)ne thou- Il1trhelm', amid Emilv<;on.. of York- 
ß3U,] eight hW1.1red a.nd forty-nine. \\ere I villa, dltughter, ef JO'hrn WillhwIL<;on.. York 
11:' ,'ria.! by lkenæ. T.homas Davidson. O'f I tnwnehip, by me. .John Barcla
', Thi

r IIItroal. bachelor. and Mary McGregor, I ringe has bee.n. d111
 solet111lni7pd h('t\\een us. 
of 'I'oronto, spinster. daughter of Charl(>s I Willinm 
lC'are"l. Emily 'WilHanwoIlÞ. a(\(l in 
;\Il'Greg.or, of Perths.hire, ScotLan,d, by me, , the presen.t"e of us, Jam.,s Hell, J.ohn WiI- 
.fe>b;n. Barclay. This marriage' has been ùuly ' 1 1i:nll8.on. 
f;olemnlzed bet\\een u
. T.homas Davidson, QU'1.rte
 d,n.d Rutherfoòl"ù-At Toronto on 
Mary McGro&"rtr., an,l III the pr,eéiOnce of us, I the 26th da
' of 
 ovcmber, 0'T1C thO'Il- 
Wrtllare Gorrle, l\La.r

 Saran Raty. sanri eight htallJrcd nod forty-nine" wcre. 
l McD18rJllJìI-.\t TorO'llt
, on Il1Irtfl"iprl by lieense 
rantc.I accnnlinq- to law.. 
the t\\
,aty-flrst Ùrty of August. 
ne tnou- . ,John Quarles.. of Port Crc>dit, barhelO'r. and 
&l..1l() ,eIght h
.udreù IlJ
d. forty-mne, wer'p' Eii7abeth RuthLrfor<<l. of the same place, 
rnn,rrle I bv. hC'enæ.. 
eU., flf ..,piuster. hy me, .John Barc]ay. This mar- 
Errn.. !J:L('.beH
r", :Ln,1 Ca,thennc l\IcDlaf'nU'
' , dn
e h'1s !J('ßn (lm.l
 sole.mnÎ7e'\ hetween us, 

" ,T.oron.t? lipilister 1.J
 me. .fohn l!arc1aJ'. .lohn Quarte..", E!izl1Leth nnthe-rford, and 
flus marn"'

 }:as heen. d,uly Bnle
zed he- I in the prcso'1l"'l.: of us. William Quarte
een . us, Wllh
m C:m
.pl'e]], Catnerme 1\101-- I ' Rachel Hutherford. 
DlanlJ1.<1, 8.n..l 111 the prcænc.e of us" 1\1. Date anù Nicol-_-\.t Toronto, on tho 
Lilia Cameron. nr sa Cameron, Duncan Me- I te,wntv-fleve.nth òlIIY of NO'vember, one thou- 
Nab. I sand "eight hll,ndre,tl and forty-nine, were 
AIle.n a.nd Wal1a('e-At Toronto. on the I mnrrierl hy ]iC't'.IlS . e gran.te(l accordin
 to' law. 
fourteE.'!l t ? day of Septeullbel"', 
ne thou- .Tames Dall"' , of the towr.:"'hlp of TorO'nto, 
fi&l1ld. cJgnt h'Unodred and f"rtv-mne
 \\ero hrtrhelor, and E,lizabl:'l:h Nicol, 0 fthe same 
m!l.rrle.l, a.fter regular r4
atlOln. of place. spinster. "all
htor of Da.n.iel NIC'ol, 
ùa!l,n.a, .fa.roes AlJe.n, 211'\. J.attahflT1 Rifle I of said township, hJ' mp. .John Rarcla'Y. 
aIYe. ba,('h
l"r, 811111 E.lzauoth Wallace, I This marrlnge has been r]nlJ' solemnized be- 
of T.()rl}.n.t
. -"'P lIsler. by me, John J5 arda y. twe<>n us. James Dale. E.:imLeth 
icO'I, and 
This marrIage has beell dn!r sole!ß-lIIzeù be- I irt the prrsence of us
 Tl\os. ThompB.011lo 
been. us. .]ames Allen.. E...raupt!l Wa
lace. M51ry Xiool. . 
and 111 the preBence of us, Jonn snar p , ! Hos1dn and ArJlJ!ltro'T1g-At Toronto, on 
Fr8l11cis DrescO'll. tho thirtieth dav of Nove-mber, one thou- 
MrKLn\.n;r au.d Hynmnnl1-At Toronto, on sand eight hUlldre,d and forty-nine.. were 
the fourth d-ry of OrtoL.,r, thon- married hy lioemse, Peter Hoskin, of Chln- 
8al1Jd eight hun.,Jred and fortJ-'-ntne. were ! guacousy. bachelO'r, am] l\furtha Arml'ltrong. 
marric I by license. Angns l\{eKinlay, of of the SSIIll' plu.cfi. spinster. ùRl1ghter of 
, b!
('h')]or, IJ.nrl Catborine Hyn
!Jman, Allam Arm
tT(IH,1!. of !'IaH tow1lship. hy me, 
nf 'f,O'I"Orlito. sp:l!ster. Ly lllt:>. .Jo.ll1n Hardrty. I .Tohn Bar<'1ay. This marriage hfl,S ,Þeen 
"l' marriage has been. ù'u].}" solemnized !Je- .so]emnI7eù l.JetwEen 115. Peter Hoskin, M.artna 
twoon us, Angus, 
Io-KillLay. Catherine IIynd- I Arm
troniK. lion'] in the preael1('e of liS, Adam 
man. an.1 tn tho prCSOl100 or u'" Alex. Din.g- I Annstrong. Archihald Armstrong. 
waU, Ito'bert 1\1<c.KeU<\r. . Graham and Currie-A t ')'O'ronto, on 
F{)rll n.nd D.rc:e:>-At Thronto, on the the fO'nrth ri<!.J" of Dt'l"e-mber, one thou- 
. twen.ty-æc{)lIll (]lay of Octuùer, OI!1e thou- I sand eight hun.dro,d I!.n-d forty-nine., were 
saood eight huuilrod and fortJ'"-nine, were married by licl::':l
 Alt::);';.I.uder Grahu.m, of 



owllship of 
obo. hacbelol\ and Mary ISø.Dd eight hundred a.nd flfty, were ma.rrleð 
CurrIe., of the CIty of Toroato. splnstør, by lIcen&el, John McDona.ld, of Vaughan, 
by me. JOOtIl Ba!clay. Th1ø marriage haa hachelor, and Margaret McGillivray. of the 
 duly solemmzed betwoc!l us, Archibald same placb. spinster. daughtl"r of Neil M{:- 
Granam. MarJ" Currie. 8<Ild In the presence GUilvray, of tho said towll6hip. by me, J-ohn 
of us. Dun.can M-cNab. Archibald McMillan. Barclay. This marriage h
 ùcen duly 801- 
Bennet and McIntyre-At T.oronto, on the emnlzf\d hptweeu 118, John McDonald, Mar- 
th day of December, <?ne thou- garet McGIllivray. and In the presence of 
ss.n.d elgnt hundroo and forty-mne. were ua. John Clark, Arch. Mc.Kinnon. 
married after regular proclamation. of banns, Ha.trlck and Watson-At Toronto.on the 
Jacob B9nn
t. ba.chelor, aond E
izabeth Mc- second dav of Mlaa-cb, one thouBand 
In.tyre. both of the tOW'JIShip of York, b'y me, eight hundred a.nd fifty. were 'married by 
.John BarclaJ'. T.hiB tn.arriage hl\8 been duly I, Jobn Hatrick of Pickering, bache- 
8olemn.ized between us. Jacob Bennet, Eliza- I lor, and Elizabeth Watson.. spinster, of the 
beth McL'1tyre, ø.nd In the prosence of 1180 same place, daughter of tne late John Wat- 
James Maguire, M&.r1 Janf' Brown. so-n, bv rot,. John Barclay. 'l'hi
Martin _ and R-eid-At Toronto, on tb
 I has boon duly solemnized between us, .Tohn 
,tn day of January, one thçmsand I Hatrick. Elizabeth Wa.tson. :ïiwi in the preß- 
eIght nundred Itud fifty, were married by e-uce of us. John O'Brien, P. Walsh. 
license. Samuel MArti-n, of York, bachelor. Logan and Steen-At Toronto. on the 
and RAchel Reid, of Toronto, spinster, twenty-eev6uth day of March, one thouBand 
by me., JobtIl Barclay. This marriage has eight hundred Bdld fifty. were married by 
duly sol
mnize(j. bdwcon us, Samuel Mar- lioe.nse, Andrew J
ogn.n. bachelor. and Jane 
tin, Racnel !tcld, .and In th
 presence of Steen, spinstor. both of Toronto. by me, 
us. John Reid, Ehz.sbeth Reid. John. Barclay. T.htB marriage has been duly 
Gowanlock anll Armstrong-At Toronto.on solemnized oetween tia, Andrew Logan, Jane 
the twenty-eighth day of Januartr, one thou., Stoom, 8dld in the presence of Ius Alex. 
saud eight hunùrod and fifty, were married I AXllder9O'I1, Qrsula Anderso!l1. 
hy lke.nse. Robert Gowanlock. of Uolland Allison and Bentley-At Toronto, on the 
Landing. bachelor. and .Jane Armstrong, el
hth day of April, 00<8 thou8'8.n.d 
of Chinguacousy, spinster. daughter of Adam eight hundred and fifty. after rogular pro- 
Anustrong.. of the said towll
hip,. by me, clamatioll of banns., Aildrew Allison, bache- 
.Tohn. Barclay. ThtB marriage has been duly lor.. and Forrester lløntley, spinster, both 
j;olemnize-d ùetweea us, Robert Gowanlock, of To ron.t 0, wero u;litøà in marriage by me.. 
.Tane Ann.strong, Bnd in the preßence ot John. Barclay. This has been duly 
us. Adam ArmstroJlg.. Elizab\:jth Gowa-n.lock. solemnized betwoeu ua. Andrew Allison, For- 
McDoJ1Ougb and Hick.ey-At Toronto, on restE.Jr Bon.tlev, and I? the presence of u
the seventh day of FpLruary, one thousand David :r.orrø.nca.. Je.361e M.nrray. 
eight hunlired a.nd fifty, were married by Lef'}ne and Blcket-At Toronto, on the 
license, ,William Barnhart M'CDonough. fourtn day o! MIRy. one tI
ousamd elgh t 
bachelor, a'nd M'Rl'y HicÌ{ey. spinBter, both hundred all
 flftv, were IJl3,rrle-d by license. 
of Torollto. by me., John Barclay. This mar- A
ex. Leckie, bachelor. a
d Jane Bld,et, 
J'Í'1ge hM boon solemnized between UB, widow of the late JamO!! Blcket. all of .To- 
William Barnhart :\-lcDonough, MaQ' Hickey. ronto. by me, John Barclay. This marr18ge 
and in the presence of UBu Thomas Nicol, has 
1en dulv 
olemnized betweenus. Alex. 
Mary An.n He-unan. LeckIe. Jane Blcket. a.nd In tho presence 
Mdv.mzie and Soble-At Toronto, on the of U9, W. Burns. It.. ReFnolds. . daJ' of I<'ebruary. O'Jle thousand stewart and Gynm--.-\ t T,oronto, on P'A 
eight hun'lre<l 1Íud fifty, after regular pro- seventh day of 

. one thoUBan4 
rlamntion of b.l.nns.. James MeKenzie, of e;lght hun<<:1red, ø.nd flfty
d b7 
tJxbridga, widower. and Isabella Noble. hcense. .JOßI
 Stewart, prn-atp In II.. .\1. :':JI-Í 
widow, were llnitød In ll1arriage by me, RattaUon Rifle Brigade, now statlOn
d at 
Jobn Barclay. This marriage has 1>oon duly, !>achelor, 8l1d Bridget Gymn, of 
solemnized betw'
en USa. James McKenziei, th
 .Bald city Bplllster, da.ughter of the late 
Iøa.bella Noble. and I,n the prosence of us. Wilham Gynlnb of TAl.chl
, Oana
a East, 
Robt. Robertson. Homer Newall. by mo. John B
rcl8.Y. This marr
age haa 
. been duly solemlllzf!d hetween us. Jonn StÐIW- 
Burkholder &IlÙ DeGraw-At foronto. on art, Rrhlgot Gynin. I1n.1 in the presence 01 
the ni':leteenth day of Fe
ruary, one th<?u- ua. Wm. White W. Evans. 

:: 1




 Smith 8l1d F
rsythe-At 'Toronto, on the 
gilaf'Ousy, 'widower. and :H..ebecc
 DeGr8.lw. twenty-eighth day o
 June. one th?uæ.nd 
widow of the late John. DeGr'''''l. of the eIght hun?r
d aud fifty, were married by 
mIne place, ()y me, Johu Barclay. This mar- license., WI!ham Smith, of Tor?nto, bacbe- 
riage has be6ll duly solunmized between us, or, and Ehzabeth Forsyt
e, widow.. of the 
Abraham Burkholder. Rebecca DeGraw, and s
m.e place. by me, John llarclay. This mar.. 
In the preeence of 11B. Abel Stafford, "Sarah ru
 has been duly lIolemnlzed between us. 
8tafford. Wilham Smith, Elizabeth Fors
.the. and I.n 
Bell a[l.(l Pew-At 'Doronto. on the twenty- the prese.n.oo of \1S. Alexø.nd6r Marl!, Mar.. 
first day of February, one thousand eight garet Mars. 
nundred amd fifty, were united In marriage" Lundy and Lawn-At Toronto, on the fifth 
William Bell, oI Scarboro', bache'1or. aM day of July. one thousand ulgbt hundråd 
Mary Pew, of the sam.e: placp, splnBtftr, and fifty, were married hy license, Francis 
daughter of the late William Pew. of Ar- Lund" of Chlnguß.cousy. bat.'helor. and Jane. 
maJl"h. Ireland. ùy me, John Barclay. This J.awn, of the same place. 8'Plnster, by me. 
marriage has b
n duly Bolemnized betweoo .Jøbn. Barclay. Tobia marriago hM been d'llq 
us, William Bell. Mary Pew. a.nd In the pres- solemnIzed between us, Franchi Lundy, Jane 

n.('e of ua. Thomas Brownlie. Fanny Bell. Lawn., and in the presence of 
McDonald and McGlllivrt>y-At Toronto, on Lawn. Francis MUbllrn. 
the twellty-eighth daJ'of Fcbrua)ty. one thou. AnderS{)n and Flnla;r-At Toronto. o'It 



the sixth dill;r of J111y
 one thous-a.nd tweem. us, Tholllù3 Charlto'n. Mary Anne 
eight hundred and fifty, were married by O:ive.r, arHI in the prcscllt:e of us. William 
proclam.atiolJ of banDs.. H.ol>ert Ander;;..:In, of ::;hulockSl. Mary An;I Dunne., Lachel.,r, and l\!lt.ry Finlay. spin- McNall and MeDonßld-.\t Toronto, on 
ster, of the same placo
 by me. Johu Barclay. the thirty-first ùay of October. one thou- 
This marriage has bee.n. d'uly solemnized be- sa..nd eight hundrc.J and fiftJ'. were married. 
tween. us, I"'. All-derson, :\lar
'inlay, and in by liccdse-, .John )[, 'NaL. 01 'l'-urt1ntu, bache- 
the Pl'e."en.ce of 1l8t. Willifull Davil1ø Mar- lor" Jamet 
leDon:I.lù" of the said city, 
garet Carollo : spinster, daughter of the late Archibald 
a.!d and McDonald-At Toronto,' McDonald, of ArgJ'lashire, ScotIa-ad. by me, 
0.11 the eIgnth day 
f July, olle th?us1l.nd I Joh'n Barela.y. This marriage ha;; been du l 7 
eIght ::'undred and fIfty, were married by I solemnized betw
n us. JOHn !\lc
aL, Jano 
regular procla.mR.tlon of banns., Duncan ,:\lc- l\l.cDonald, anll in U.e pre.;;euce of UB, Arch. 
Dougald, bachelor, and Mar)' 
c1>onald, I Dunkooon. Wm. Arda..rlI. 

ot.h of yoaughan, Ly me, John I Oliver and !\f.cKaJ'--A.t Toronto, on the 
Bar<?lay. I'hls hfJ..> been duly sol- : 8ixth day of November.. one thoUf!snd 
f'mmzcd betweon UR
 Duncan :McÐougald.. eight hu.ndreù a..nd fifty, wero married b1 
Mary McDonoald. Francis O:iver, uf Cllinguacotl1'i'Y, 
:Malcolm and Moyle-At Torollt
 on the! widower, and Anne McKay. of the same 
eighteenth day of Jul5' one thousand' plac
. spinster Jaughler of Widow !\l-r-Kay, 
eight hundred o.rl(] fiftJ', "ere united in mar- I of tne said to-wnship. by rue, John Barclay. 
riage. aft
r regula.r proclauutliOIl of banns, This m1l.rriltge has boon duly solemnized be- 
John Malcolm, bachelor, aud Letitia MovIe, tweu-n us, Fraucu Oliver, Anne :\kKay, and 
spinster, both of 
carboro', by ine, In the presence of John Harkneas. 
Joh'l1 Barclay. ThiB has been duly Stickly o.nd Burkholoor-At Toronto, on 
.olemnlzed oetween us,. John Malcolm, Le- the twelfth day of Novembor, one thou- 
titia Moyla. aOO in the presence of UB, Jas. sand eight hunùred and fifty, were married 
ThoIIlSO'n.. Agnes Mo
'16. by license, John Stickly. of Whitchllrc:h. 
Putherbaugh and Bell-At TQroonto, on I ba.chelar, and Sa.r

er, of \-augha'lI! 
the twentY-Hinth däy of Augus-t,one thou- spUlster, daughtcl of Henr
o!der, of 
.and eight hundred a..nd fift
., were married s
me place. by me, Johu B8
claJ" 'I hIS mar- 
b,y licernøe, Samuel Putherbø.ugh, of Vaughan, nage h
 been. duly solemmze:<} betwe
n us. 
bachelor, an.d Catherine liell. of the same I John StICkly, Sarah Burkholder, anù m the 
placß. spinster, daughter of Widow J
ell. of pr:esence of UB, Michael Burkholder, Mary 
Brock. hy me John TI3.rclay. This mar- DIxon. 
rlage has been duly solelIlil1ized between \1S, Ged
es and Cø.rter.-At T,oro>nto, on the 
Samuel Putherbu.ugh., Có.therinc Bell, and' twentJ'
third day of Doc
mber. one th<?u- 
In the presau.ce of us" J08. Clarjc, James I sand. eIght hu,?-d
ed and fIfty, were marrIed 
WilBon.. I by hcense, WIlham GeddE)d, of T.oro'llto, 
Stinson a.nd Murdy-At Toronto, on tho bachelor,. a.nù Jane Carter, of the sal1lß 
twenty-third day of September, one thou- pla
w of the late Ross Ce.rter ø of 
8tmd eight hundred and fifty, were married G
hmbllry, by me, John 
b7 Hcanæ, Alexander Stinson, of Etobicoke, i This mal has been d'Uly solemlllzell be- 
bachelor, 8iIId Ja.r.e l\1url\
 of York, sPin- I tween us. Wm. Goode.:!, Jauo Carter, 
nd' in 
ater, daughter of J05eph l\lurdy, of the the presence of llBu A.. Jack. Hughl ?hller. 
.me place. by me, Joh'll Barcm:.r. This mar- I Greenwood and SmIth-At Toronto! on 
rlage has been duly solt:.mnized betwoen lIS, I t
e second day of Deccmber, one. tnou- 
.AlexlUlder Stwon, Jane MUt"dy. and i,n the e!ght hlLl1
red a.nd fifty, were marrIed by 
presence of III'! Beniaruir;. Madill of York I, Cnarlæ Grcenwood, of TorO'nto, 
towIUlhip. and 'Mary. Anna MadiÍI. b
chelor:' and JOßil1llUl. 8mith, of th
. clÌy. S'plßBt
r, daughter of Thos. SmIth. of 
'Tebbutt a.n.d Ern.est-;-At TOIonto, on the I Glasgow,\, hy me. Joh.n Barclay. day of 
ctober, 011e th?usand I This marriage has beon duly solemnized be- 
eight hundred and fIfty, were marrIed by I twoon Ilio, Charle;; Greenwood, Joanna Smith, 
license" Walgate Tebb.utt, !Þacbelûr, and. anù in the presence of us, William Clever ton. 
therlne Ernest
 spmster, daughter of George Chapman. 
MIchael Erti
Æt. all of T.oronto. by me. I 
Jooo Bnrcla.y. ThiB marriage has boon duly I Broadley !WId MocFar18lnd-At T,oronto, on 
801cnmlzed between us,. Walgate T.eWmtt, I the f?urth day of D.:J
ember, one th<?u- 
Catherine Ernest, and ill the presence of I sand .elght hundred o.nù fIfty, were marrIed 
UIJ, Michael Enlcst. I b
e Broadley, of Vaug;han. 
Campbell and McArthm'-At Toronto, on I wl.dower, a.nd Ehza M.cFarland. of."Y ork, 
the sixteenth day of October, one thou- l'plllster, daughter of tne late FrancIs Me- 
.and eight hundred and fifty, were married, Farland, of T7rone... Ireland, by 11lß. John 
by licelh
e, James Oampbell. of Fullerton, I Bar<?lay. This marrIage hbB been duly sol- 
bachelor, o.nod Catherinc ".lcArthur, of To- I emruzed between; us" George Broadley, Eliza 
ronto, fpinBter, daugut..r of Donald Mc- I MJoFarland, a..nd m the
nce of UB, James 
Arthur. of Owen Suùnll. Ly me. John Bar- ; MicFarland, Eliza Jane McFarland. 
clay. This marriage ha.s been duly solemn- ' I McMullin CLlld McFa..rland-At T.oronto. 
lzed between us. James C3.mpbell, <Jatherine on the sixth day of December., one thou- 
McArthur, Bind in the presence of 
 John sand eight hundred and fifty, were ma.rried 
McArthur.. W:. Gillespie. I by nce-nBe, Henry !\lcMuIlin. of Uxbridge. 
Charlto.n and Oliver-At 'I'Q1'onto, on the, ba.chelor, Bind Margaret Mc.Farlane, of Eto- 
eighteenth day of Octoòer, one thou8tl.nd bicoke., spinetcr., da.ughter of AlexBinder Mc- 
eight hundred and fifty, were married by Farla.n6, of same 
ld.ct,;. by me, John B&rcI8l]'. 
license., Thomas Charlton, of York, ùachl'- This has b
en duly øolemnized ba- 
lor, aoo l\Iary A1J'U
 Oliver. of the sam.
 Farlane" and In the presence of UB'. Rose 
place, !!pinBter, daughler of John Oliver I Cameron" Lucretia. Wait. 
of Mo'nagh8liL, lrelo.nd, by mf>. John Barclay. Ellis Bond SLOner-At Toronto, àn the 
'lìhiB IWI.rriage has bee.n. d'Uly solemnized be- da,y of December" one thouaawi 



eight bundrod aud fifty, were marrie,d by Joseph Murdy" Mary AJ]j), Fox.. 
regular proclamation. of banns, Thomas Ellis, McKin.lay cl.nd Beaton-At T.oronto, on the 
bachelor, wn.d Elizabeth stoner, .spinster, twea.ty-.sixth day of Jø.nUIl.1C.,y. on.e thou- 
both of Sc.a.rboro', by m
 Job'll Barclay. B.a.lld eight hundred a.nd fifty-one, were mar- 
This marriage has been duly solemnized Le- rie.-l by license, Ja.illes McKinlay, of King. 
tween us. Thomas E'lis. Elizabeth Stoner, bachelor. Bond Oatherine Beaton" of the same 
aad in the preøence of us. Henry Elli
 I place.. d6ughter of Archibald Beaton. of 
Elizabeth Ellis. ! the r,<;land of .!\full, ScotlDJ1d. by me, John 
Macdouald a.nd Black-At Toronto, on narcIa.y. This marriage has beøn duly sol- 
the Jùneteenth day of December, one thou- elJ)..!i
l'd between us. .Tames MlcKinlay, Cath- 
s&nd eight hundred &Dd fifty, were marri()l . erinc Uoo.tOJlh a.nd ill the presence of UB, 
by lioonBe. Neil Macdonald" bachelor, of 1.>01108.111 Booton, Lacblau McKinlay. 
()wen Sound, and l\fary Blacle, spinster, of Johnstone a.nd Cleugh-At Toronto, on the 
same plaoo, by ma, John. Barclay. This mar- thirty-first day of .1.a.II.URJ
"'Þ one thou- 
rlage hBB been duly solf'mnized between us, sa,'J.l eight hundred and fift
'-une, were mar- 
Neil Macdonald, Mary Black. and in the ,'ie 1 h
' 1ire',t11E'1, .JOhqI .Jolm;;;tom;. of To- 
presen.ce of us. Duncan McArthur, Noil Mc- ronto, Lachelor. and Anne Oleugh, "f the 
Kechnie. I same place, Bpln
ter.. daugilter of E'dmund 
McNiel a.rud Bannøt-At Toronto, on the I Cleugh, a
 of Torun,to. by me, John 

wentieth day of Decefilber, one thou- I Lun',a
'. This marriage 11<1" ÙCC.
I ÜUly 801- 
Band eight hundred and fifty, were ma.rried I Ollllùzed between us" John Jollnstone, Ann,:, 
by lic.entge, Hugh :\Ic
iel, of Etobicoke. ('I8ough. and in the proseilce of Uf'
baC'helor. A.
,I A nile r:f'nnPt. of thp <:älllO T.olmie. ThoDl8.S P&.rcing. 
plaoo, wId01f of the late JohlL Bennet, of Lang 8.'lld ClUURS-_'Lt T.oronto, on too 
ToroILto. b
 me, .John J:arday-. 'rhi.; mar- thirtOOl1th da
' of !February, one thou- 
riage has been duly solcllLnizel1. betwpen lIS. sn.nd eight hundred and firty-oJ1e, were mar- 
Hugh McNiel, AI1II1e Bennet, and iln. the pres- rie I hy license, John of ('hingun,cousy. 
en.ce of u.. Roderick Mc
iel, Niel McLea.n. . Lachelor
 and Catherine CIunas, spinster, 
Smith and MilJer-At Tnronto, on the, (1aï of the late Alexander Clunas., of 
twentieth day of December, oue thou- ('aledon, by me, John Bø.r,?la)'. 'This illar- 
B&IHI eight hundred and fifty, were mal'ried rlage has beøn duly. 801cIDmzo.ù. Letw
øn us. 
by licence,. Da.vid Su:ith. 01 U.oronto, wid- .John Catherme CHuno.s" and III the 
()wer, aOO Mario. Miller. of the same place, prosen.ce of \.19, John Clunas
widow of the late Titom.a.:! Miller, by mi'. Chwas. 
John Barcl&
. This marriage has boon duly Gilchrist a.OO Pollock-At Toronto, on 
801eIDIÙzed between UB, David Smith, Maria the fifteenth day of February, one thou- 
Miller, and in tho presence of us.. Robt. Lee. Band eight hundred and fifty-one, were mar- 
Mary Jane Martin. riel by lice'Il.'!e. Robert Gilchrist, of Scar- 
Hanna and Calbeck-At TOrolltO
 on the boro', bachelor, and Agnes Pollock. of the 
thirty-first day of Dec.e,mber, ono thou- 8ame place, spinster, daughtor of ,John Pol- 
.rLd eight hu:ndred un.d fiftyyears. were lock, of the said towlJship, by me, John 
un4ted in ma.rriag-e. Gordon Hanna, of Ohin- Barclay. This marriage has been duly 801- 
guacousy, and Ja,ne, of Caledon, emn.ized between us. l{obert Gilchrist, Agnes 
wIdow of the late Arthur Calbeck, by me, }'ollocJi:. and in the presence of UlI. John 
John Barclay. This marriage has boon duly UeYlIolds. Ann Eli.ta Jackson. 
solemnized between UBI. Gordon Hanna, Jø.ne Gordon antI Steel
-At Toronto, on the, 8ItlJd Ln thl. pre",unce of us, Henry twe'1ty
ighth day of February, one thou- 
. . s&nd eight hundrr"l and fifty-one, were mar- 
EWllJog ø.nd MItchell-At T.oronto, on the riell hy licens6, William Gurdon., of Albion, 
sixth day of J.aJl.ul>ry. thous
nd eight bachelor, and A,gnes Steele. of the Bame 
hundred a.nd fifty-o
le, were marned by li- place. 8pinste'I", by me, John Harclß\1'. 
oonse, Alexa.nlter J!.wmg, of Vaughan, bache- Tl1is marriage has bf'en. duly solemnized be- 
, an.d Janet Mitchell. of the same -pl,!,ce, tween us, William Gordon.. Agnes Stcele, and 
spmster. daug'lter of the late William in the presence of UBj, Thos. .swinartoll, Wm. 
Mitchell, deceased, by roo, John IJaJ clay. Rei,\. 
This marriage has been duly solemni,wd j,ü- Gooderham and Willia.mson-At Toronto. 
tween \1.'\, Alexander Ewing, Janet Macheil, on the fifth Ilav of Me.rch, one tllOU- 
MId In the preeÐnce of us" Jas. Hardie. WU- sand eight hundrell and fift)'-one, were mar- 
lIam M:a.rtl.n.. ried by license, J&tnes Gooderham. of SCl.I.r- 
Laidla.w a.n.d McNiel-At T,oronto. on the boro', bachelor. WILd Margaret Williamson, 
eighth day of J8IIlun.ry, 0110 thousaml eight òf the fame placo. SI,inster, by mo, John 
hundred &nd flfty-one, were married by li- Barclay. This marring-e has bee-n duly sol- 
cellBe, Andrew LaIdlaw. of Toronto, bal'he- em"ire,l between U8. Jamed Gooderham., Mar- 
lor. and :\Iary McNiel, of the same place, garet WilliaIflSlOOl. and in the presence of 
daughter of the late. Ja.me5 l\I.cNiel, of Lal l - u.s, Jesse IIøn.ery. Hisadller Deth Dowes. 
arl,shire, Scotland 1'8 me, John Barciay. story and StrÜ'JJ,g-At Toronto, on the 
This marriage has been tlnly BolpmnizcJ be
 seventh èay 01 Mßrch. Ollle thousand eight 
t\\ee'u u.s, Andrew Laidlaw" Mary l\lC'
, hundred and fifty-one, were married by li- 
a'HI in the preseJlce of us. Robt. Dolton. celloSe. Andrew Story, of Pickering, I achelor, 
Margaret Carmichael. and Anne Strong, of the same place., Sl'in- 
Boyle &ad Madill-At Toronto, 011 the fif
 .ster, daughter of Widow 
trol:.g-. .of said 
tøe'1th day of .January, one tbousand eight township. by 
 John J'ar.chty. Thl8 mar- 
hundred and fifty-one, wore married by Ii- riage has bean duly Bol.emlllzed vetw
6'Jl us. 
cen96lo Arthur BovlQ, bachelor. Bond Mary ....\.n' Ire.\\"" :::;tor

, AJln 
.trvIJg. alll ill the 
A.une Madill, S'pillstel"
 daughter of Ben- presence of UB. JOIll
 :\LilIcr, .\.nùrew Story. 
jamin MadI!! nIl of, by me, Johnston alid l\fudlll-At Toronto, on. the 
John Barcla
'. This m:trriag-e has boon duly t
lfth (Jay o! Ma.rch, one tho\ls
nd elght 
Boløß1Jui)'..ed l'cl wcell us, Arthur Hoyle, Mary I hun.(Jred alIli fifty-one, were marrIed !>y 11- 
ÂWJ.9 Madill. amI in the preoonce of us, cense. Joseph Johnston. of York, Lachelor. 



and MBrT Anne Madill, of the same place. third d&,7 of SU)ltcmber, one thoUBS.'l1d eight 
øpinste.r:. daughter of the late John l\fa- hundred a.nd fifty-one. were married by 11- 
dlIl, of the said tuwnilhip. by me, John {'ellS'(>" Robert Mc1)"nald. bachelor, of 
Barclay. 'l'.lJis msrriag>> h8B been duly sol- WhitbT, and Me.ry Munru. of Pickering, 
emn.ized between us,. Joseph Johnston, Mary s.pinster, b;y 1P
. .John Ean'lay. This mar
Amne MarlilI, and in the presence of ua. riage h8B been duly solernillizoo between us. 

muel Madill, Eæ6 Madill. R.obert McDofJaIll, Mars Munro. and in the 
Plough and Malloy-At Toronto, on the orese'1ce ofus.. AJun Commot;.. T.hos. Ander- 
twe'1.tieth day of March, OoIle thousand eight' IOn. 
hundred and fifty-one, were married by 11- .uuch
'1.n.n and Th
1D8ol1-At TorontÜ\o on, Christopher Plough. of Vaugha.n, wid
 the eighth day 01 September, one thou- 
ower. ø.n.d MarT Malloy, of the Mame place. sa.nd eight hund
ed and flfty-one, were mar- 
spinster. by 
 John Bø.rclay. This mar- rled ,bY lioouse, .fames Bncha-n-an, of SCf!or- 
rlage h8B been dulT solemnizeld between us, boro, bß,chelor, Bond Harriet ThoJUSO'I1, 8'pm
Chrlsto'Pher Plough., Mary Malloy, and in st
r, dall
r of George Thomson, of the 
the presence of UB, Joel Hollinshea.d, Isabella I'&ld tow
Bhlp. b
. me, John Barclay. 
Malloy. This marnage hß8 beeu duly sole
mI7.ed be- 
Graham and Mundell-At 'f,oronto, on the tWeffi1. I.l.&. James Buch8/Ilal1" Harnet Thom- 
'-first day of Murch. one thousand I son.. and in the prooenee of Edward Thom- 
ßight hun.dred and fifty-one, were mar- son. 
ried by license, James Gm,ham. of Pidi:erÏllg, Da'ldie and Boyd-At T.oronto, on the 
bachelor, ann AnIlP 
\1'lmdel1. of the same eighteenth d6
r of September. one thou- 
place. daughter of William 
I!un.dcn. alJ;o of sand eight hundred and fifty-one. were mar- 
Pickerin.g, by mf'\, John] an:lay .This mar- riel ,after regulul' prof'lam.a.tion of bllinl18, 
riage has bCQu dul
' SOICIll1!li7COl betneen us, Jìavi.] Dandie. of the 2nd Battalion, 71st 
.James Graham, Allne Mundell, and in the 11. St. lnfl1olltry. and Mary Boyd, formerln 
presence of UB, William BcIl, William Stewart of the l'aron,y Parish. now of T;oronto, 
MundoOIl. _ hy me, Joh'l1 Barc]ay. This marriage has 
Burkholder and I\1cF.adyøn-At Toronto. on I)Ðen. duly s(olenl!:1Ìzed between UB. D. Dan- 
the te.rLth' of A,pril. o'ne thousand cight die. Mary Boyd, a:n.d in the preænce of us, 
hunodred and fiftv-on.e, were married b)r li- John Kilt'Ilibell, EIÏ7.alJlJth Boyd., Henry Burkholder. yo.unger, of Yenning and Malr-At Toronto on the 
Vaughø.n.. bachelor, a,nd i\1a.ry MI 'Fadyen, twenty-fifth (:ay of September. o
e thou- 
of the SBome .pla.cE\. 
pmster. by me, John sand eight hundred anù fifty-one, were mar- 
lay. This marrla
 has heen duly sol- ried by license, Riehø.rd Ven.ning<. of Plck- 
emJld.zed betwf'en. us, Henry Burkholder. Mary t1ring. ]'achelor, a.nd Barbara Mair, of the 
l\f..Fa lye' J " anrl m the presence of UB, Sarah fame pla,ce., spinster, daughter of James 
Fø.rmar. Edward Burgeæ. ; Mair, of said townBhi,p. by me. John Barela!". 
M.cArthur and McGiIlh'ray-At Toronto. This marria
e h8B beon duly solemnized be- 
on the twentT-Beconl1 day of M:lb'.one thO'u- tween m
" Rif'hard Venning, Barbara M-air, 
B&nd eight hundred and fifty-olle. were mar- a'lll in the presence of us, Ja.mes, 
ried by lic6J1ße, Duncan l\kArtbur, of .Jame.'! Mair. 
Vaugha.n, bar-helor, ami AlUle M,eGiIlivray, of I Connell and Farreli-,At Toronto, 0.11 the 
the Fame place. spinster.. by me, .John twen.ty-sixth day of Sle,ptember. one thou- 
Barclay. This m.arriage h8B been duly sol- aa.nd eight hundred and fifty-one, were mar- 
emn.i:led between liB. Duncan 1\IocArthur, rie,} h
' license.. John OonnelL of 'rorflnto, 
Anne McGiIUvray, and in the presence of \)ae
he]or. and Farrell. of the same 
us.. Archibald Kinnon, Arch. McJnnoo. place.. spinstor. da.ughter of James Farrell, 
Blair and Boyd-At 'roronto, 011 the the elder. of city. by me, John Rarcl!1ty, 
third (Jay of JWIE\. 01lð thousand eight I This marriage h8B been. duly solemnizeù be- 
hundred and ftrty-on.e, were married by li- tween us. John Oonnell, .Jane Farrell. and in 
e. Robert Blair. of Pickering, bacholor. the preB9nCe of us., Wiliiam Johnston, Sara.h 
ø.nd Eliza lloyd. s.pillBter. of Toronto, daugh- J
ter of Isaa.o Boyd, of Scarborl1, b)' me, .John I Tiv:v ø.nd MlJJlloDy-.At Toronto, 0'11 the 
Barclay. This marriage haa bpen rtI11
ol- fiftea:;'th day of October. one thou- 
emnized between us" R
bert Blair, EliZja san.l eight htUldrAi! and fiit v-one. were mar- 
BOTd, ø.nd in tLe presence of us, Jsnac Boyd, dad by, William Tlvy.. of Etoblcoke. 
Scø.rboro', Arune ltiegen, Scø.rboro'. bnchelor. and Catherine MI111ony, of the 
Gordon and C'um[[Iling-At Toronto, on s!l-me place, by me, John Ba
clay. This mar- 
the twelI1.ty-first ðay of July. one thou- rl'1;q''; hM beoll duly solemmzM between u q , 
sand eight hundred and fifty-one, were mar- Wilham '!'ivy, Catheri:lloP Mullony, f1..nrl In 
ried by I1ooJll!e, WiJHa.m Gordon" of Piek- the presence of us.. John Fletcher" Margaret 
erlng. bachelor, and AWlO Oumming. of the McC1inchy. 
I'ø.me pla.ce. Sflnster. daughtðr of James McDowell &ndJ BryB'On-At Toronto on the 
OU'ill/ of the said township. by me, twenty-second day of October, one thou- 
John Barclay. 'fhls marria!Z"b has b(
n duly szø.nd eight hundred ft.nd fifty-one, were ml\
solemnizøù between us., William Gordon. riad b1' 1I00n86. James McDowell, of Etobl- 
Anne Cumming. Bond In the prese,nce 01 us. coke, bacholor, &n.d Agnes Bryso.n, of York. 
AT1f1rew Hanton. John Begg. øpinBter,
hter of tho late Robert Bry- 
WatsO'll and Brown-At Toronto on the øon
 of Antrnn. Ireland, br meo, .John Bar- 
fourtee' day of Au.g'wt, one thoUBand clay. This marriage has been duly solemn- 
eight hundred and fifty-one, were married Ized between U8. James McDowell, Agnes 
by llcense, LaU<Ilcelot Whale Watson, of Fer- Bryson., an..d In the presence' of us. Robert 
gus.. and Mary Brown" of Toronto, spinster, Bryson., Ehza.beth Merromb. 
hy me. John Barclay. This marriage had l\o.La.rble and McT.argate-At Toronto on tl1_ 
hean duly 8ol
mnlzcd between us, L.
. twenty-sixth dav of November. one thou- 
Watson. t.fä.ry Bro1ro\, anel in the presønce !'lalla eight hn'lldre<1. and flfty-one. were mar- 
.of 118. .lames D. 
(&ckû.y. Wm. Pattison. rie 1 by I100tn8
. William Harvey M'trble., of 
ldoDonø.ld a:ud Munro-At Toronto, on the Tu;'onto tJnC'he\or, u.ud Mary McTa'l',gate. 



C)f the ptaCEII. øplJU!lter, by me. 50hn I This marriage h88 beeu. dul1' solemnized be- 
Barc:lar. 'D1tt marriage has been duJ7 1101- tween u
 John Porterficld, Charlotte.Stone. 
elIblllzed between uat. Wm. Harvey, MaTY Itond I.n the pre.sence of WI, John Meek. MarT 
M'cTargate.. &nod in the prooence of us, P. O. I Ann. Stone. 
t, Eilizabeth Blev
Dß. I Nelson 8II1d Dawes-At Toronto. 0In the 
Mitchell and Harr1ðOn-At Toronto, O,D , sixth day of May, o-n.& thousa:nd cight hun,.. 
t!te eighth day of J8;ß.uary, one thousa.nd I dred and flftT-two. Ohr18topht'r :Kelson.. of 
etght hun.dred a.nd. flft)'"-two, Colour-iSer- I York, bachelor. and Ðiiztl.bcth D&weB, of 
gea.nt Alexander M!tcheU, R
rve Hat- 
 t.he B&IDe place. spinstcr, daughter of wn. 
tallon, 71&t- Regt.. 111. the Garrison of :ro- I ham Dawes. of the said township. were b,. 
ronto, a.nd Sarah Harrison, of thò s
ld CIty, united in II1&I"riR.go, 11,- me, John 
of Toronto, spin&tor, were unite.! In mar- B&rclay. This marriage has been duly 801- by me, John. Barclay. This marriagp etIl'rlized betwoon us, Ohri8topber Nelson. 
has been duly solemnized between us. A. ÐIIzabeth Dawes. and in the prcaence of u. 
Mitchell. Sarah Harriso'l
 anll in tho pres- Clmue.nt Daweti. Fanny Bock. ' 
oo.ce of us. J. Slmp.i'O'l1. W. Ha.rrison. Ca.meron &oDd steven-At T.oronto, on the 
Martin and Baxter-At TtOronto, on tbe eighteenth day of May. one thowa.-nd eight 
twen.ty-third da.y of J811uar&V, one thousand hundred a.nd fifty-two, Do.nicl Cameror\, 
'lldred a.nd fifty-two, aft
r regular of Toronto, \VidùYter
 and Elizabeth Steven, 
pubhca.tIon of ba.nD8, RogM' Martin, of the of the. same place. spinster, \'fere b7 license 

nd Battalion. 71st HII. Lt. lr.fantry. bacJ:e- united. in madTi&.ge b. me, John Barclay. 
lor, and Matilda Baxter, of T,oronto, spm- This marriaçe lias been, dulv solemnized be- 
eter, were u'l1ited in marriage. by me, Joh.n tween us, Daniel Cameron, Èllzabeth Steven. 
Barclay. T,his bas been duly sol- anll in, the presence of us, John Williamson" 
eIfI1.llÎ7.ed betwoon u
. Roger MlS.rtin, !\(It- Vf,ctoria McVicar. 
til-a Baxter. and In the prez&nce of us. H; gh Harrington and Green-At Toronto, ob 
Martin.. Delell1.& Duna.ltl. the third dav of June.. ono thousand eight 
McLeø..n. and McCartne.f-At 'Doronto, on hundred a'l1d fifty-two, Robert Harrin
the twentieth day of M!arch, one thousand of Scarboro'. baei1elo':". ami Henrietta Gfreon, 
eight hundred s.nd fift
.-two, ArchibaJld l\k- of Markham. splnste.r.. werð hy I1cønse u.nited 
Lea.n. of Thornhill. bachelor, a.-nd Janet !\Ic- In marriage by me" John Barclay. This me..r- 
Ca.rtney. of Toronto spinster, danghtor of riage ha.
 becn duly solemnizetl betwecJll us, 
Allal1. McCartney. of 'l'borah.. ",ere Ly li- Hoùert Harri!lgton, llenri
lta Grcen, and 
cen.w united in marriage, by me. .John Har- in the preBence of us, John Chester. Helm 
clay. This marriage has been duly solemnized Little. 
between us A. McLean, Janet 
lcCartney, Mitchen and Gree.nW&7-At Toro.nto, on 
and in the presence of us.. Fra.nCls Ramsey., the sixteenth l1ay of JUne. one thou58nd 
Ann McLntosh. I eight hundred hnd fifty-two, WiPianl 
GooùerlLam and McDona.ld-At Toronto, MitcheU. of Markh::...m., bachelor, and Eliza 
on the tWe!I1ty-eighth ùay of l\farch. one Green.way. of Tecum.seth., l'
inster. daugh- 
thousall.ll eight hundred an dfifty-two. tor of AlexalHler Gre
llway.. of the sairne 
George Gooderham.. of Scarburo'. bache-place, werø. by HccnBa. united in marriage 
lor, and Catherin.e- M:cDono.ld.. of the same !ty me. John nar.clay. This marrial!'':' .h
place.. spinster.. daughter of the late Arch. 11
IL dul.v s?lemlflJ.zea between us. ,!-Llha.m 
McDonald. of Argyleshire. were u.nited in Mitchell. Elizabeth Gree.n.wny, a.'l1d III the 
marriage hy me.. John Barclay. This mar- pl'eæn.ce of USi TllOmas M8llBtruy. Emma. 
riage hßB beOIl duly solemnized betweep us. 
George GooderhlS.m, Cathcrine M,cDonald, Huckerby aJw Baxter-At Toronto,o.n the 
a.nd in. the pre6e11lce of us, ThomAS Gooder- tW8n,ty-third da,. of JU
1C, ooe thouBßnd 
ham, John 
IcDull1.llld. eight hU11dred and fifty-twoø James Huck- 
KolllIlJ'er a.nd Thompson-At Toronto, on erby, of, bachelor.. a..nd Ellen Bax- 
the seve.nth day of A.pril, 0110 thOUSland I ter. of the same placo, WI
OW of t
e la
eight huon.dreel wnd fifty-two, Sovereig.n Robe!t Baxter, were b;y hceIWIe u11!-ted In of Wool1B1ock, ÌJachelor, and Anne, IJ?8rnage by me, John Harc:lay. ThiS' mar- 
Thompson, of Túronto, widow of the late, rlage has been duly solemnized betwe!3'll us, 
AnthOtIl.f Thompson. of Quebec, were united .Tames Huckerby, EU8Il Baxter.. and 111 t
IlL by me. John .Barclay. This presen.ce of ue-. Robert M-(,<Jallum." Mana 
marriage has been duly solemnized betweOOl M.cC611um. 
us, Soverehrll Kollm,-er, .Anne Tihomp;oll, Ander80al IWd Ditty-At TorontQ, on 
a.n'd 1111 the presence of us, Wm. S. Henniþg, I the thirty first day of Jul!y one thou8ÐoIld 
Muriel Henning. ! e1ght hn:1dred a.nd fifty-two, 
Ta,ylor n.nd .Beatty-At Toronto, 00.0 the " sonb of !\Iono, widuwer, a.nù 
\zlI.beth .Dltt1' 
eigbth day of April, one thousand eight of M
l\mur, widow. "ere bS lIcense UI.uted l'n 
hunllred a;nd fifty-two. William Taylor. of 
 ma.rnage by mo. John. BR.rclay. Tlus mar- 
Toronto, bachelor, a.nd Margaret Beatty, I riage has been. duly 
o.clI'niZf'd. betweän n.
of the sa..m.e plr.ce, spint3ter. daughter of I Jo.mes Arulersoon, El1zabeth Ditty, and III 
the late JaDW8 Bea.tty. ot the said city. the presence of us, B,lwa.rd Barry, John 
were by liCOllBe unite,l in marriage. by me, I Olarke. 
.Tnhn Har('llty. This mnrriaf!'c hit'! 11Pen dnly Hu.ghæ BlDd Lawrenoo-At T.oronto.. on. the 
80lemnIzed between us. William Taylor, Mar- nlÎnth da,y of 
tember. Ol
 thousand eight 
aret SlW"'ah neatty.. allll ill the presence of I hundred a.nd flftv-twO, WJll1am Hug-hed. of 

 Robert T. Griffith. Maria. Clarkson. I Thron,to, b.U'helor, apd Henrietta Law- 
Porterfield a.nd Stone-At Ton'nto u on the renoo. of' Wl1itby, 
nBter, (lAughter. of 
twe.ntieth d.ay of April. one thonsanù eight TholDas. Lawrence. wore bI license umted 
hWl<lre<1 Øinll fifty-two, John Porterfield, 1n. marriage by me. Jobin Ba.rc1ay. 'l'hls ma.:r- 
of Scarboro'. bacl1t:lor, and Charlotte Stone, riage has boon duly ø-o
eII1!l1.17Rd betweeln. us, 
of the same place. spinster" ùaughter of William HugbM. Hðl14"let
a Lø.'!;rence, and 
the late Robert StOllß. were by I1ceru;e in the pretJwlce of us. WIIl.l.a.m ::illJ.1th, Alll1 
ull1tod in marriage. bl' m
 John Darclay. J_tl.wrøn.ce. 



Jrf,oArthur I!IIl1.d McArthur-At T.oronto, on I Barclay. This marriage has been duly 
the eleve.nth døöv of September, one thou- solemnized between us, James George, Clara 
.U1d eI
ht hundred a.nd fifty-two, Nell Mo- Rocers, and In the presence of 'US. 
Arthur. of Eld.o.n. l1o.cht:lor, a.nd Cathør- George Ewart, A&'De8 Blake. McArthur. of AEfPcey. spinster, d& i PatterB<>n and Rusk-At Toronto. on the 
tar of Dwnocan McArthur, woce by liceru;e I thirtieth day of December, one thousand 
lWited in me.rri
 by roc.. John Barclay., ei&,ht hundred and fifty-two, William Pat- 
This ma.rria,ge 
Ja.s 00911 duly soleIJ1lJized be- I terson, of Mono, bachelor, and Elizabeth 
tWOO'11 UB. Niel.ltjcArthur. Oa(herine McAr- ! Rusk. of the same place, spinster, were, by 
Arthur 4 and in' the presence of us, Alex- IUcense, united in marriage, by me, John 
ander McKinnon, A. Laid. I B.a.rclay. This marriage has been duly 
Hill and Love-At 'l1oronto. on the twen- solemnized between us, William Patterson. 
tleth da,y of September, one thouæ.nd eight Elizabeth. Rusk. and in the presence .)f us. 
hnudred and fiity-twO. Iøe.a.c II ill, of Tra- I Rosa Cameron, IpcJøh RWik. bachelor, aOO MIntha Love, of Y()rk. I Ca.mpbell and Mcinnes-At Toronto, on the 
EpinBt;er, were by Uoense united in, thirty-first day of December. one thou- 
b)' me.. John :Barclay, This marriage 11M sand eight hundred and fifty-two, William 
been duly aolemnized between us, Isaac lUll, Campbell. of Scarboro, bachelor, and Sarah 
ltbrtha Love. ami ii. the presence of nEt- Jane 
lcInnes, of l\Iarkham, l'pinster, daugh- 
Glom. Horroot.!
 Harriet Carnenlll. ter of James McInnes, of the same plaoe, 
Mills a.nd Adßms-.At Toronto, on the were uIÙted in m.a!"riage, .by license. by me, 
first d.aJ' of October. one thl.uss.nd ei.ght J
aJ'clay. TnlS marrll1F.e has been duly 
nd fifty-t woo John Mill.'!, of AI- s-?,emmzed between us. "illlam Campbell, 
bion., baf'heIOl', a.nd Eliza Adams, of To- :::;Oarah Jaue 
IcInnes, and. in the. preseuce of 
ronto township, in the Gure, S})inster, dimgh- Us, 
hn OaJn;pbell, Damel Sprmg. 
tar of John Al1tam.s, of the same place. were . Wilson and Call1P.bell-_
t Toronto, on the 
un.ited in marriage by lic.
nse. b,)' Ille. John e
teenth day Of ,March, one thousand 
Barcla3. This hßB been. dul,. 501"1 elgnt. hundred and fifty three, R.obo
t Wil
emllizeJ bet ween U
. .John .Mills, Eliz:a Súll, of Toronto, bachelor, and El1zlI.beth 
AèßIDBo. anù in the presence of us, 'Thwnas Oampbell, ßI'i
 of the, same place, were 
Byona, Elim Mills. b}1 hf'ense u
lted m. marnage, by me, John 

inc1all' and Oliver-_
t Toronto, on the B:lr!;IIl.Y. ThIS marrmga has bOt;'1l duly 
tenth dn,,, of 1\ovember, one thousand eight cmmzed between us,. Robert Wilson, El1za
hundred -IlIllI fifty-two, Duncan Sinclair, of beth Oam
bell, and m t
 presence of us, 
Erin. widtJwer, and Ellen Oliver, of the R.obert T.flylor. Wm. Ste
place, widow, were, b.r, un!ted in Patterson and 
cCormick-At Toronto, 
nmrria&re, by me, John Barclay. This mar- on the twent:;-fthird day of Maroh, one 
ringe has been duly solemnizeù between us, tht>usand eight hundred and fifty-three, 
Duncan Sinclair, Ellen Oliver, and in the Alexander Patlerson, of Scarburo, bach- 
presence of us, John ::\lcArthur, Rebecca. elor, and Anne McCormick, of Toronto. 
WiLson. spinster, daughter of John McOormic;
. of 
::\IcArthur HJ1d Currie-At Toronto, on the _
rgyleshlro, were by license united in mar- 
eighteenth d;IY of XO\ember. one thou- ringe, by me, John Ba.rcla.y. This mar- 
s.anù eight hUIIl]rcd alld fifty-two, Neil l\Ic
 riagei has been duly solemnized hetween l1S. 
Arthur, .)f Hamilton, Bachelur, and Ann AlexuJ1der Pa.tterson, Anne MeCormick, 
Currie. of tho towns.hip of Toronto, spin- Iwd in the presenoo of us, John Meek, '\Vil- 
ster. wcrp unit!'.l in ma.rriage, by license, lIaJ1i Orawford. 
by me. John l:arcla:r. This marriage has Underwood and Taylor-At Toronto. on 
l/l,"{'n ùU]J- s"}lcBluize.j b8tween us, Niel Mc- the: twent,r-f'mrth day of March, one thou- 
Arthur, Ann f'urrie, n.uù in the presence sand eight hunl1red II.nd fifty-three. after 
of us, Colin )[öArthur, ::\Inry Currie. regular publication of banns, Franci<; Un- 
Sutherland BI1Ù :::utherlllnd-At Toronto on dOI'wood, of Scarboro, bachelor, and Nancy 
the twcnt:y-tllird ùay of November, one Ta)'lor, of the s
me plaf'e. !'pinslcr. 11aug'hter 
thous'lIHI eõ hun,11'cII and fiftv-two, Rob- . of the late Richard Taylor. of Sc trboro, 
ert S
therland.. of Gwillimoury West, bach- w.ere unit
d in 1Il
a.rriage, by mo, .Johu. Bar- 
eior, and U!\I"bara Sutherland, of the same 
lay. This marnage ])een duly so .emn- 
l';<1Ce 51.iuster dau'''hter of Herman Suth- ized between us, FrauCls lJ1ll1erwood, Nancy 
erland, of saij to';nship, were by license Taylor, and in .the presence of us, TI.'char I 
united in marriage. by me, John Barclay. Tuylor, Helen Little. 
This. marriage has been duly solemnized be- Robin..c;on and Finlay-At Toronto, on the 
tween us. Robert Sutherland, Barbara Suth- twenty-fifth day of March, one thousand 
erland, and in the presence of us, William eight hundred and fifty-three, Andrew 
Budge, Alex. Din
wall. lWbinson, of the city of Toronto, bachelor, 
JlÛhn.Son and Ekerlin-At Toronto, on the and Sa.rah Finlay, f'if the sam<3 plu.ce, sllÏn- 
sixth da,y of December, one thousand eight ster, daughter of Richa.rd I<'inlay, of the 
hundred n.nd fifty-two, William John.s;on, of same city, were by license uni
d in l!1ar- 
Toronto, bacbelor, and Jane F...kerhn, of riage, by me. J;}hn Barclay. Tins marriage 
the Bame place, spinster, were united in has been duly solemnized between us. An-, by me, John Barclay. This mar- drew R'Jbin.son, S;lrah Finlay, and in the 11M been duly solemnized between us, 
reselJce of us, P..0bert Finlay, Catherine 
William Johnson. Ekerlin, and In the :s.tuart. 
preøenoe of us, Thoma.s Watt, Janet Watt. McNeill and Johnston-At Toronto. on the 
 n.nd RIJ
ers-At Toronto, on the twenty-third day of April, one thouSlU1d 
twenty-third day of Deoomber, one thou- eight hundred and fifty-three, Ja.mes Mo. 
s.a.nd eight hundred and fifty-two. James Neill, of Meadowville, Toronto township, 
GeorlrÐ' of ffiunilton, bachelor, and Clara bachelor, and Jane Johnston, of the same Rogers, of Toronto, spinster, daughter pla.ce, spinster, daughter of the late John 
.r ,J()j!eph R.olrOrs, of the same place, were J-nhnston, were .united in Ina.rriage, by me, 
muted 1.1 ma.rr1a.ce, by license, by me, J()hn J"')hn Ba.rclay. This marriage haa been 



duly solemnized between us, James McNeill. 
Jane JQh, nBton and In the presence of Dor- 
oa.s Smyth. Rosa Ðameron. 
Robb and Daniells-At Toronto, on the 
l!e'Venth day Qf July one thousand eight 
hundred and nfty three. William Robb. 
of Markham, widower, and Maria Daniells, 
of the Barna place, splnsterk daug-hter of 
JlI1JI1es Da.niells, alsl) 01 Markham, were by 
licenæ, united In marriage, by me John 
Barclay. This marriage has been duly 
øolemnlzed between us, William Robb, 
Ma.rla Daniells, and In the presence Qf 
Alex. MoPherson. 
Oarr and McKechnie-At TlJrollto, on the 
first day of AUg11st one thousand eight 
hundred and fifty three, Robert Darr, of 
Toronto, widower, antI Mary McKechnie, of 
the same place, spinster, daughter of the 
late Donald McKechnie, of Lanarkshire, 
Scotland, were by license, united in marriage 
by me, John Barclay. This marriage has 
been dUlY s-olemnized between us, ltnbert 
Carr, Mary McKechnie, and in the presence 
of us, Donald McXh en, William McKf'chnie. 
Hunter and Mair-At Toronto, on the 
third day of August, one thou.;aull eightv 
hundred and fifty three, Georg:) Huuter, of 
UXbridge, bacheior. and Isabella Mair. of 
Pickering, spinster, dau:rhter of James )Iair. 
of the .same place, were by license, united 
In marriage by me, John Barclay. This 
marriage has been duly solemnize,1 between 
us, George Hunter, I
:lbül1a Mair, and in 
the presence of us, Juseph Duga:an, Rachel 
Mc.Doulrall and Wells-At Toronto, on the 
eighth day of Sc,ptember, one thousand eight 
hundred and fifty three. David 'Mf'DougaIl, 
of Vaughan, widower, an.l Frances Wells, of 
pinster, were by license, unite I in 
marriage by me, John J:arclay. This mar- 
rl8.g'Ø has been dul:r solemnized betwe
n us, 
David McD')ugall, France.'! Wells, and m the 
presence of us. Rosa Dameron, 
[ary Ann 
T-odd and Purdy-At Toronto, on the 
twenty-third day of &>ptember, one thou- 
sand eight hundmd and fifty three, Thomas 
Todd. of l\Iarkbam village, hal'helor, and 
Joane Purdy, of the same pla
e, spinster, 
daughter of James I>urdy, of 
f'luboro', were 
united in Inar.-iagc by me, .John Harclay. 
This marriage has been duly solemnized 
between us, Thi>mns Todd, Jane Purely, 
and In the pr('<;ence ')f us, Jllll1Cd Burrows, 
Betty Anno Burrows. 
Rich and Lynn-At 'J'oronto, on the fifth 
dav of Oclober, one thomanll eight hundred 
and fifty-three, after regular publication 
of banns, John Rich, of Scarboro', widow- 
er, and Ellen Lynn, of the same place, spins- 
ter, were unitod ill marriage 1>y me, John 
Barclav. This marriage has boon duly 
solemnhed between us, John Rich, Ellen 
Lynn. and in the presence of William R,ich, 
Anne Lynn. 
DavlSQn and Montgomery-At Toronto, on 
the tenth day of October, one thouBan I eight 
hundred and fifty-three, George Da\iSon, 
ot Tra.falgar, Bnd ffiliza Montgumery, of the 
Bame place, spinster, daughter of the late 
Barah Montgomery, were 1>y license united 
in marriage by me, John Barclay. This 
JlWLrriage! has been dUly solemnized between 
us, Georgo Davison. Eliza Montl:'omery, and 
in the presence of J-ohn Wallis', Elizabeth 
W' all is.. 
Willson and Cowan-At Toronto, on the 

fifteenth day of November, one thou8anit 
eight hundred and fifty-three. William 
Martin, WillBon, of York township, widower, 
and Eliza Cowan, of the place, spins- 
ter. were united In marrIage by me, John 
Barclay. This marriage has been dull' 
solemnized between us, William Martin Will- 
son, Eliza. Cowan, and in the presence of UI 
John Lindsay, William Wills. 
Brown and Mills-At Toronto, on the 
seventeenth day of November, one thousand 
eight hundred and fifty-three, Oharlell 
Brown, of TuJla.more, bachelor, and Su- 
8annah- Mills, of Lambton. spinster, were by 
license united In marriage by me, John 
Barclay. Thm marriage has been duly 
øolemnized between us, Charles Brown, 
Susa.nnail Mills, and In the presence of us, 
Noble Taggart, Margu.ret McCUnchy. 
Dunn and WaltQn-At Scarburo', on the 
twenty-fourth day of No\ember, one thou- 
s.a.nd eight hundred and fifty-three, Levi 
DurUl, of Scarboro', bachelor, and Mary 
Anno W.alton, of the same place, spinster, 
daughter" of Jo.seph Walton, were unite.l in 
marria,ge bJ' me, John .Harclay. This mar- 
riage has been duly f'olemnized between us, 
Le\'t Dunn, :\Iary AI
ne Walton. and in the 
pl"esence of us, Thomas Little, George 
Castle and C
rfra.e-At Toronto, on the 
ninth" <LV of December, one thousand eight 
hundred and fifty thrf'e, Samuel Castle, of 
'l'orontfJ, bachf'lor, and Marv Carfrae, of 
the smIle plal'o. s!.lnster, were by license, 
uuited in m.arriage, by me, John Barclay. 
This marriagp has been dul
- solemnized 
between us, :5amuel Oastle, Mary Carfrae, 
a.n&d in the presence of us, Mary Hamilton. 
James Hamilton.. 
Linfoot and Si
on-At Toronto, on the 
twenty-third daJ' of Dpcember, one thou- 
sand eii'ht hundred and fifty-three. John 
LiIÚoot, of Richmund Hill, widower, and 
Mary Simpson, of the same place, widow 
of the late .John Simpson, wer'e bv license, 
unlled in m:Lrr-inge, Ly me. .Tohn' Harchy-. 
This m.arrÎlLge has been duly solemnized 
betwf'en us, John LinfO'.Jt, :\Ial".r :::3l1npsun, 
and in the presence 
f John Oameron, 
Martha Baker. 
:5lriV1ey fiJld 'nllia
nson-A.t Toronto, on 
the scoond day of January, one thousand 
eight hundred and fift
'-four, Francis 
ley. Jennett Williamo<;on, and in the pm- 
sance of us, J'}hn )ld)on:lld. Arch. Duncan. 
I Finlay and Dale-_\t Torontu, on the 
Beventh day \)f January, one thousand eight 
hundred and fifty-f.')ur, Rubert Finlay, of 
Toronto, bachelor, an(] Jane Dale, of the 
same place, spinster, were by license, united 
In marriage. by me, John Barclay. This 
marriag.e has been duJy solemnized be- 
tween us, Robert ]!'inlay, Jane Dale, and in 
the presence t)f us, Thomas Dale, Mary 

"' th<,rdRle. 
White and Gilmore-At Toronto, on the 
'tenth day of January one thoUB8.ndeig'ht 
hundred and fifty four, OharJes White, 
of Pickering, bachelor, and Elizabeth Gil- 
more, of the same place, spinster, were by 
license, united in marriage, by me, John 
I Barclay. This marriage has been duly 
. BOlemnized between us, Charles White, 
I Eliza beth Gilmore, and In thc presence of 
I \18, James S. P"lmey, Wllliam Gilmore. 
Bryson and Sweeny-At Toronto, on the 
eighth: day of February one thousßnr1 eight 
hundred and fifty four. Robert Bryson, of 



the wwnl3hip of York, bachelor, and dau.ghter af the late Arcbibald Macdanald. 
erine Sweeny. Qf the place, widoow, af ArgTleøhlre, ScatJs.nd, were by liceru119 
were by license, united In, by me, UTJJtwl In me.rrlage bv me. John Barclay. 
.John Barclay. This marriage has been duly This marriage: h&.ll been duly 1'I0iemnizeo be- 
lIolemnized between us. .Rûbert Bry.on. tween. \lB. Mtl.tthew stewart, Isabella Mac- 
Catherine S",pf>ny. and in the presence o
 doTJAld, and In the preeence of 
us, !Wbert :Mills, l!Iamuel Wright. M-cDonald, Peter McDonald. 
Elliott and McArthur-At TlOranta, an Ribble Bond Dorin-At Taronto, on the 
the twenty-,third day Qf March, ane thau-'-øecond day af Juty, one thouMnd 
øa.nd eiJ:bt hundred &nd fifty-four, Hum- eight hu!l1dred and fift;y-four. Ch8.8. R.ibblt\,. 
pbrey Elliott, af Toronto., bachelar, and of Oakville. hachelor, an.1 EUe'I'l Dorin. of 
Ms.ry McArthur, of the place, spln- Taranto, øpl11f!tØ'r, were by license united 
eter, were by license, united In ma.rrlø.ge, In DltI.rrla,ge hy me, John Barclay. This maT- 
by me, J'
n BArclay. Thl.s marriage has h&.ll been duly øolemnized betweoo UI'I, 
been duly solemnized ootween us, Humphrey I Charlee IUbb
 Ellen. Dorin.. Bond in the 
Elliatt, MarT McArthur, a.nd in the pre- presence af us, S&m.uel Kingston. Matilda 
senOOI af us, Ruasel Ingll., R. S. Miller. Ribble. 
GUchriBt and McMillan-At Taronto, on I Gunn 8011d McInto.ah-At To.ronto, dn the 
the third day of April, ane th:msand eight tW8n.ty-Bixlh day of Jul,y. aM thol1so,.nd 
hundreù linù fifty-f'.>ur, Peter Gilchrist, o.f eight hundrod a'nd fifty-four, Rohprt Gunn. 

l.ra. bach'3br, and 
Ißry Mc:\lilla.n, of ; of the Roys.l Canadls.n'RUles, bachelor, IWld 
Yarkvil1e. $pinster, daughter af the late " Mary McIntosh, of the '1'oronto GarrÍson. 
Peter McMillan, of un, 5,cotalnd, were lJy tpillt3ter. were, after rogula.. publication of 
license, united In marriage, by me, John I of bal1ßS, united in by me,. John 
Barcla}-. This marriage has been duly 801- Barclay. This mQrriag
 has boon duly sol- 
emnizpd between us, Peter Gilchrist, Ma.ry I emn.lzed between u& R. GUlU1. Mtl.ry M('In- 
McMillan. and In the presence af 11., &od- toab.. ani! in the presence of us, Wm.. Mc- 
erlok Daherty, John Sinclair. I Ca.llum.. Mar,garet Keltle.. 
R.a.nda.ll a.nd Boxall-At Taronto, on the McWhier a.nd Dixon-At Toro.nto. on the 
twenty-fourth day at June, I)ne thousand twenty-fourth day of August, one t.hoq96nd 
el&11t hundred and fifty-tour, Adolphu8 Ran- I ei
ht hundred and fiftv-follr. Robert Mc- 
dill, of Toronto. bachelor, and Matilda Box- I Wnirr. of Trafalgar. bachelor, and 
all, af the Bame place, spinster, daughter af , Dixon.. of Weston." spinste-r, were by license 
Henry Boxall, oaf Guildford, in the County I united in Jn6rrin,ge by me. John Barclay. 
of Surrey, England, were by license. united This marriage has been duly solemnized be- 
In ma.rriag-e, by me, JJ)hn Barclay. This tweøn. ll& Robert McWhirr, Anne Dixon. 
marriaK'S has been duly solemnized be- 8on.d In the presence of U& J. Alexander. 
tween us, Adolphus Randall, Matilda Box- James WilBon.. 
a.ll, and In the presence of us, Jamel Lyon, I Forbe!! a.nd Arml'ltronl[-At Toronto., on 
Eliza.beth Lyon. the twenty-ninth day of AUl[u!lt, one thou- 
<Jobine and McKay-At Toronto., on the !lanel eil[ht hundred and fifty-four, Jamel'l 
twenty-eighth day of June, ane thousand Forbes, of Pine Grove villago. bachelor and 
e!l[ht hUndre
 and fift
.-four. .Rûbert 00- Jane Armstrong. o.f the saIlle place, spin- 
hme. of HamIlton, bach('lor, an(l Jane Mo- ster. were by license united In marrisl[e 
Kay, W
dow of the la
e WllL. 
Kay, of the by me. John Ba.rclay. This marrial:'e has 

e City, were by hcense, ulIlted !n mar- been duly solemnized between us. .Jameø 
n&K'S, by me. John Barclay. ThIS mar- }'orbe!!. Jane Armstron&" and In the pre- 
riaK'S has been duly solemnized between I !lence of us Robert Ro biD8 on, Mary Ad- 
us, Robert Oobine, Jane McKay, and in è1son. . 
the presence of us, Jahn Osprey, Js.
e8 Thlbada a.nd Vennin g -At Toranto on the 
Arm,o;trong. ' 
D&1e and Oruther8-At Toronto., 011 the ei
hteenth day of 
ptember. one thousand 
twenty-eighth day of .June, one thoU8ßl1d I ei&,ht hundred and flftl'-faur. Jahn Baptbte 
eI,ght hundred IIlIId fifty-four, JaSØJ)h. Dale. Thibodo. of Uxbrida-e. bø.chelor, and Jane 
.f Plokering, ba.chelar, 8IIld Anne Cruthers, I Vennwl[. of the place. sfinster. daul:'h- 
.f the s&me place. widow of the late Wil- ter of Richard '\ enninl'. af Ilokerinl[, were 
lIam Crothers, were by license united In by li('ense united in marrial'e by me, JOhD 
ma.rrlage bl' me. John Barclay. This ma.r- Barclay. This marrial'_ has been duly 1'101- 
rlage hll.8 been duly eolemnlzed betweØn us emnlzed between' 1U1.. Johu Baptist Thlbodo. 
h Dale. Anne Crotherø., a.nd in th
 I Jane Yeuuill&', and In the presence of UI'I. 
þresence of 
 Thomaa Rlchard8'. Wil- J. Mulen, Ellen Drummond. 
Ila.m McQuay. Mane!! and Oonner-At Toronto, an the 
Johl18ton and &talllck-At Taronta, on I nineteenth day of September, one thousand 
the twentieth day of July, ane thousa.nd ell:'ht hundred and fifty-four. Thoma. 
el.ght hundred ø.nd fiftl'-four, William JOhn- I Manes, of Ohurch'Yllle. widower. and Marl' 
øton. af Scarboro', bachelar. Rnd Elizabeth Oonner. af the same place. spln.ter. were 
Rets.l1Ick. of the Bame place. spinster, by lkense united In marrlal[e by me. John 
ter of the late William Retallick. of To- I I Bar('lay. This marrla&,e h8.8 been du13 '01- 
ronta. were by license united In marrl&g'e emnized between us. Thomas Manea. Mary 
by JDð. John, Barclay. This marria
e hll8 Oonner, ø.nd In the presence of UI'I. J. H. 
1>een duI,y solemnized between USo, Will1a.m MacKerras. John Mulen. 
30bnllton. Ellzabeth R.eta1lick, s.nd in the . 1 Sinclair and Thomson-At '1'aronto, on the 
lJlresence af us. Andrew Thomson, Oather- third d
 af Octaber. one thousand eight 
IDe Oox. I hundred and fifty-four. Archibald SinclaIr. 
stewart &nd MacdoDAld-At Toronto. on of 'foronta. bachelor. and Mary Thomson. 
tho twenty-first day of JUI1Y, ane t.housa.nd of Klng!lton spinster, were by license unit- 
ei.crht and fifty-bour, MatthfIW ed In marri
l[e by me, John Barclay. Thll 
St.wa.rt. of Toronto. bachelar. ø.nd Isabella I rnarrla&,8 has been duly solemnIzed between 
Ma.cdonald, of the sarno place. S'pinster, I us. Arch. Sinclair. Mary Thomson. and In 



'the presence of us. G. ll. WJ'att, Anna thousand eight hundred and fifty four, Sam- 
'7.hompson. u61 Foster, of the VUlaK'Ø of Weston, 
Press and Glue-At Toronto, on the ninth elor, and AgntJ8 McLachlan, of the same 
-da,y of October, one thousand eia-ht hun- place, spinster, daughter of the late Hua- h 
dred and fifty-four. James Press, of Mark- 
lcLachlan,. of Fife8hire, Scotland, were by 
.ham, bachelor, and Phoebe Glue, of the hcenae, umted in ma.rrlaK'Ø, by me, John place, spinster, dau&,hter of John Glue, Barclay. This marTial:'E) has been duly 
.of Pickerin&" were by license united In mar- solemnized between us, Sa.muel Fuster, Agnes 
ria1re by me, John Barclay. This marrial:'e MoLaohlan, and in the presence of us, James 
 LJean duly solemnized between us, Jas. Quirm, John Nicholson. 
Press, Phoebe Glue, and in the presence of Morley and Hedges-At Toronto, on the 
us, David Moore, Mary Moore. twenty-third day of December, one thou- 
Forbes and l<'era-uson-At Toronto, on the sand eight hundred and fifty-f, ,ur, "ïIliam 

Ixteenth day of October, one thousand Morley, of Toronto, bachelor, and Elizabeth 
.i:;rht hundred and fifty-four, John Forbes, Hed
s, o
he sarne place, spinster, <laugh- 
bachelor, and Isabella .Fer&,uson, spintser, ter of WIlham Hedges, of \Valpolo, were 
both residinJr in the towm;hip of Whitby, by' license, united in, by me, John 
'Were by license united in marriaa-e by me, t Barcla.r. This marrial:'E) has been duly 

ohn .Barclay. This marrial:'e has ueen duly I Bo
emmzed. between us, William Morley, 
tlolemnized between us, John Forbes, Isa- Ehzabeth Hedg-as, a.nd In the presence of 
bell a Fer&,uson, and In the presence of UB, ' WI. John Baker, M. Huntley. 
13etsy Stewart, John FerJruson. McLellan and Hayman-At Toronto,