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MAR 1 -J 1971 



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San Francisco Public Library 

U^-^'^ ^ /l'^. 




Paid-up Capital $1,500,000 

Surplus Fund and Undivided Profits 335,000 







LONDON Bank of Montreal. 

PARIS - Hottinguer & Co. 

HAMBURG Hesse, Newman & Co. 

DUBLIN Provincial Bank of Ireland. 

NEW YORK National Bank of Commerce in New York. 

BOSTON Blackstone National Bank. 

CHICAGO First National Bank. 

Bank of British North America. 


PAID UP CAPITAL, £1,000,000 

Head Office, Clement's Lane, London. England. 


Commercial Credits Issued 

For nse in Europe, China, Japan, the East Indies, South America and Australia. 

Demand and Time Bills of Exchange, payable in London and elsewhere, bought and sold at current 
nites ; also Telegraph Transfers. 

Demand Drafts on Scotland and Ireland ; also on Canada, New York, Chicago, British Columbia and 
Oregon, and on the Chartered Mercantile Bank at Hong Kong, Shanghai and Yokohama. 
Bills collected and other Banking Business transacted. 
Interest allowed on special deposits. 

W. LAWSON, ) . 

C. E. TAYLOR, f'^Sents. 


The Nevada Bank 

i:>- r?.A>-cisco, 

aPITM. nUD ■. GMJ3 - - - S3. 000.000 


± * i. » 

t-'TmrnFr^.'!, laii Tn.^-^.rHra uretns i.-L: ACtrP zx aarr psrs 







Deposits, 31st Dec, 1882 $12,985,980.00 

Guarantee Capital and Reserve Fund 472,630.57 

ALBERT MILLER, President; ALEXANDER CAMPBELL. Sr., Vice-President : W. C. B 


T. B. KENT Surveyor 


J. A. L ANGSTROTH Accountant 

Beceives Deposits. Loans on Real Estate Security. Country Remittances may be sent by Wells, Fargo & 

Co., or by checks of reliable parties, payable in San Francisco, but the responsibility 

of this SaTings Bank commences only with the actaal receipt of the 

money. The signature of the depositor should accompany 

the first deposit. No charge is made for 

pass-hook or entrance fee. 

OFFICE HOURS 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. 

Saturday evening, for receipt of deposits only, 61 to 8. 




No. 526 California St 

dee licirs liom 9 A. I. to 3 P. I. Extra hours en Sammays trom 7 to 8 P. I. lor recelYing or Deposits Only- 
Loans made on Real Estate and other Collateral Securities, 
at current rates of interest. 

L. GOTTIG President 

F. ROEDING Vice-President and Cashier 





Hibernia Savings and Loan Society 


INCORPORATED 12th April, 1859. 

N. E. cor. Montgomery and Market Sts. 

The objects for which this Association is formed are, that by its operations the depositors 
thereof may be enabled to find a 


And borrowers may have an opportunity of obtaining from it the use of a moderate capital, 
on giving good and sufficient security for the use of the same. 


Pbesbdent M. D. SWEENY. Tbeasubeb KOBERT J. TOBIN 

Vice-President C. D. O'SULLIVAN. Attobnet RICHARD TOBIN 

Any person can become a depositor of this Society on subscribing to the By-Laws. 

DepOMifw can be ninde of any snni, from ONE DOliIiAR to an.v auionnt. JLoans made 
on nceurily of Real Estate witliiu tlie citj and county. 

Royal Mail l\m Fackel Gompanj. 


Notice is hereby given that arrangements have been entered Into between the 


For the forwarding of treasure to the Bank of England and to the Bank of France 
and Hamburg, by the steamships of the two Companies, under through bills of 
lading, for delivery at destination by the Packets of the ftoyal Mail Steam 
Packet Co. 

The following Steamships of the R. M. S. P. Co. leave Asplnwall for the 
West Indies and Southampton, calling at Cherbourg, France, and at Plymouth, 
England, to land passengers, on the fith and 22d of each month. 

Regrlatered Tonnag^e. Horse Power. 

.Cai><ain Rruce 




PARA 3.805 

»ON 3.80.5 

HIEnWAY a,687 

nONKI..IiE 3,SS«. 

N I LE 3.089 

E1.BE .^,068 " Brand«>r 

RETURN TICKETS, available for twelve months, issued at a reduction of 25 per cent. 

Tlie Company also dlspatohcR an Extra Steamer from Asplnwall on the 23d of each month, for Bremen, 
whlc-li aflordH uront facllitioH to sliippers of cargo for Bremen and Hamburg. 

Through First ClasK tickets are issued from San Francisco to Plymouth, Cherbourg and Southampton, at 
8200 V. Third Class. ¥lOO. 

For further particulars, etc., apply to the Company'H Agent. 




^G ^ OF CALIFORNIA, (^ i^ 

Assets, Dec. 31, 1883 $1,473,025 

Losses Paid in 21 years ... - $5,318,080 



Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company. 

Its popularity is attested by the fact that its business on this Coast 
for 1883, yielded 


Than those of any other Company, American or Foreign. 

9IARIXF. AUKNCIES in Portland. Ore«ron. Vlclorla. B. C. and Hunolnln, II. I. 
AppIlcnntM ror inurine Initnranoe at other Points may obtain Informailon and rates 
tliroagrh the Company's Iiocal Agr^nts. 

D. J. STAPLES, President. i 

ALPHEUS BUU., Vice-President. 

W. J. BUTTON, Secretary. 

E. W. CARPENTEIt, Asst. Secretary. 




CAPITAL, paid up $ 400,000 

ASSETS, Jan. 1st, 1884 1,060,874 


Of Boston. 

CAPITAL, paid up $200,000 

ASSETS, Jan. 1st, 1883 382,029 


Prussian National 



CAPITAL ' $2,250,000 

ASSETS, Jan. 1st, 1883 3,U0,247 

Losses Paid here as soon as Adjusted. 






COMBINED CAPITAL, $30,500,000. OOMBIHED ASSETS, $37,390,813 16. 

FALKNER, BELL & CO., General Agents, 




Capital Subscnbed aod Guaraoteed, - - - . _ jj jj ^£ 

|i|p| %#CT| A ^w'ss Fire Insurance Company 

CAPITAL Subscribed and Guaranteed, $2,000,000. , 

l:M4 Swiss Marine Insurance Cos. CflffllineJ 

^|y "lfe^~ JiF CAPITAL Subscribed and Guaranteed. $4,000,000. 

HARRY W. SYZ, General Agent. 

420 and 422 California St. 



Hamburg-Magdeburg Fire Insurance Co. 

O^* ZZ .^^ 3VE ^ XT DEL G;- . 

ASSETS, Home Office, Jan. 1st, 1883 $745,031 24 

DEPOSIT in the State of Oregon 50,000 00 

Gertnania Fire Insurance Co. 

ASSETS, Jan. Idt, 1884 $2,700,729 32 

DEPOSIT in the State of Oregon 50,000 00 

Magdeburg General Insurance Co. 

OI« 3VE.^^<3-X3X3^XTXlO. 


ASSETS, Jan. 1st, 1883 $2,409,936 21 

The National Marine Insurance Association, (L'd.) 

o]E» x*03x^3^03^a•. 

CAPITAL, (authorized) $5,000,000 00 

CUTTE & FRANK, General Agents, 

307 California Street, San Francisco. 


Siiippins a d CoMission Merckts. 




CAPITAL 9», 000, 000 00. 


Trmtlantic Fire InsuraBce Co. 

OF H wA. 3S^ B TJ I^ G- - 

Capital, - - $1,500,000 

GEO. MARCUS & CO., Agents, 
504 California Street, San Francisco. 



208 California Street, 



American Sugar Refinery, San Francisco ; 
San Jose Fruit Packing Company, San Jose , 
Colton Fruit Preserving Company, Colton. 


Liberal -A^clvances mad.e on ConsismmentH. 










San Francisco, - - - - California. 


Constantly on hand, a large and complete assortment of 


Whale Line, Bale Rope, Tarred Manila Rope, etc. 




511 and 613 Front Street. Manufactory at the Potrero. 



J. W. Shaeffer 8r Co. 

321 and 323 Sacramento St. 





Nos. 509 - 511 Market St. 

Price Hay press, 

faatent nnd moat durabU 
Hbt Pre»e made. 

Throe men baled 88)4 tona 

m 12 hours. Areraie d»y« 

k IRtonaperdny. 

San Francisco. 


money OQ an outlay 
of »450 in a Prjc* 
Preaa, ttmn ao in- 
any other murhina 

I'RK E, 8-tSUi 
Weight, KGUO Iba. 

T' niC«ali. 


Carriages, Phaetons, 

Two-Wheeled Phaetons, 

Of every (IcHcrlittlon. 



Price's Baling Presses. 



Ingersoll's Hay Presses. 

Huntl Hop Presses S75 <o SIOO. DederickVs 
Perpetual Balliii; Preases. 



RuBBcirs Snw Mills, Orooni Shovel Co., Seymour 

Suath ami Grain CrndU' Co., McCormick 

Twine Ulmlers, Lyman 4-poiuted 

Stoil Uarbed Wire. 

Milburn Hollow Axle Farm Wagons. Randolph Headers, 
Hollingsworth Rakes. 



I'mMfKll l®l£®¥» l®j^©^imt©at©mt« 


Gold and Silver Bars taken for Refining. 

Also Manufacturers of 



H. B. UNDKRHUX, Jr., Secretary. A. J, RALSTON, President. 

Rolling Mill Company 

CAPITAL STOCK, $1,000,000. 

Established for the manufacture of Iron and Steel Bails, Merchant Iron, Rolled Girderfl, and every 
variety of Rolled and Hammered Shafting, Railroad Supplies, Forgings of all kinds, Horse Shoe Shapes, 
Machine and Bridge Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Boiler Rivets, Harrow Teeth, etc., etc. 

Office: 202 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal. 

Orders addressed to PACIFIC ROLLING MILL CO., P. 0. Box 2032, will have immediate attention 


President Wm. Alvord. Superintendent .... Patrick Noble 

General Manager. . L. B. Benehley. Secretary Charles M. Keeney 



iieiiiE Wilis 

Nos. 49 and 51 FREMONT ST., 

IDE.A.IJEI^s insr 

Engines, Boilers and Machinery 


Manufacturers of 






Baker Rotary Pressure Blowers, Wilbraham Rotary Piston Pumps,, 

Hot Polished Shafting from Akron, Ohio, and 

P. Blaisdell & Go's Machinists' Tools. 






PUMPING MACHINERY of all kinds, 








Opposite Minna, SAN FRANCISCO. 



Eureka Lubricator, 



,0- Brass SlilpWork of all kinds, Spikes, 
SheatinR Nails, Uviddor Braces. Hinges, 
etc. Also Church and Steamboat Bells and 

Steam, Liquor, Water, Oil and Flange 
CockB and Valves made and repaired. 

Hydraulic Pipes and Nozzles, and Hosi 
Couplings and Connections. 

Garden Valves, substitute for Hose Bibs. 




W jnbji va»v )K^ 


AND — 

Plans, Working Drawings and Specifications for all kinds of Machinery. 


INos. 237 to 257 First Street, San Francisco. 

GEORGE H. MIXER. Proprietor, 
1 17-1 19 Main Street, San Francisco. 








Broken Castings and Machinery Repaired. 




Manufacturer of 

Sleain Engines, Tliresliing MacMnery, Harrows, California Wind-Mills, 
''acmc hav rickers, 

All kinds of Castings, etc. 

With the Rakes the liay is taken liom the swatl', 
when cured, justae left by the njower, or fr.mi the 
■windrow or shock, if it is desired to cure it before 
stacking, and when the Rake is loaded it is driven 
to the Ricker. one horse on either side of the 
pitcher head, the rake teeth entering between the 
pitcher teeth, the bay is pressed forward against 
the pitcher head, the horses then back the Rake 
off, leaving the hay in a compact mass upon th<' 
pitcher and return to the field for another load. 
As soon as the rake is out vf the way, the horse 
attached to the pitcher rope is started and travels 
about lifty feet, which brings the pitcher liead 
containing the hay to a point slightly beyond the 
perpendicular, when the hay is dropped iu the 
center of the stack, the horse is backed up, the 
pitcher being brought back to the ground by the 
action of the weight-box ready fur another load. 
Also adapted for unloading Header Wagoks 
WITH Nets. 

This cut represents my NEW AUTOMATIC, 
this engine is fully up to the advanced modern prac- 
tice, both in engine and steam economy. In simplicity 
of mechanism, accessibility of parts, adjustment for 
wear, large wearing surfaces, and elegance of form, 
this engine rivals the latest productions of the best 
EHStern makers. I will build my engines to order of 
any size up to 200 horse-power. Also build, to order, 
portable and traction engines. 

Write for Catalogue. 



625 Sixth St. L Econon7 
SiNiMaSCO,CAL ^S Bnr^bUitj. 

Patented Eec. 21. 1875 


Reed's Sectional Boiler 

steam-Pipe CoTering^. 

1. T.. MERI^Er^T^, 

agent for the 



Reed's [lastic Sectional Non-Conductiog 


Aiul Paints. 



Universal Wire Bonnfl Asliestos 


Also, Patented 

Boiler Cleaning Liquid Compound, 

For the Prevention and Removal of Scale in 
Steam Boilers. 






Clarke's Adjustable Carriage Umbrellas, 

Whitney's Side Bar Springs, Peters' Patent Adjustable 
Leatlier Dashes, 



Meel and Body Factory Located at 

16, 18, 20 and 22 Beale Street, - - - - SAN FRANCISCO. 

Sacramento House : 709, 7U, 713 and 715 J Street. 




Van Ness Ave., bet Hayes and Grove, 


This Institution, conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, was opened for the reception of 
students on the 15th of October, 1855. On the 30th of April, 1859, it was incorporated and empowered to 
confer degrees and academical honors in all the learned professions, and to exercise all the rights and 
privileges common to any other literary institution in the Uuiled States. The design of this Institution is 
to give a thorough 

Eo£lisli, Classical, Matbeinatical aM PMlosopMcal 

^ ^ "O" o .^^ ^^ s © ^r 


The Course of Studies embraces the Greek, Latin and English Languages. Poetry, Rhetoric, Elocution 
History, Geography, Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Mathematics, Chemistry, Mental, Moral and Natural Philos- 
ophy. The study of the French and Spanish Languages, Vocal Music and Practical Telegraphy is optional. 

Besides the Classical, there is a Preparatory and Elementary Department for the younger students. Its 
object is to qualify the pupil for the higher studies. 

This Institution, provided with a full staff of Professors, presents the highest advantages for the 
mental and moral training of the students. 



The Laboratory contains over Two Hundred and Fifty PURE CHEMICALS, and all that is neces- 
sary for the most complicated Manipulations and Analysis. 


The " St. Ignatius' College Orchestra," and the two " Philhistorian Debating Societies," are established 
in the College for the improvement of the pupils and younger gentlemen of good standing. 

REV. JOSEPH SASIA, S. J., President. 


loliifs ef iitri la 


Dolores St., bet. Sixteenth and Seventeenth Sts, San Francisco. 

Conducted by the SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME. 

This Institution, founded in 1806, chartered in 1876 by Act of the Legislature of the State of Cali- 
fornia, and empowered to confer Collegiate Honors, is situated on Dolores Street, opposite the Old Mission 

The course of inKtruction embraces all the branches necessary to the acquisition of 

"I" ]E3 X=C :iV£ S s 

Tuition, Board, Washing and Bedding, per annum $260 00 


Piano, with use of Instrument, per annum $60 00 

Vocal Music, Class Lessons '• " 20 00 

Vocal Music, Private Lessons " '• 36 00 

Drawing, per annum 20 00 

Painting in Water Colors, per annum 36 00 

Painting in Oil, per Lesson 100 

Vacation spent at the College 30 00 

Graduating Fees 10 00 

Physician's Fees to be paid in case of sickuesti. 

Bills are pre!>euted and are payable at the beginning of each half session, in advance. 

Select Day School Attached to the College, 


Tuition in the 1st and 2d College Classes $600 

Tuition in the 3d and 4th College Classes 5 00 

Tuition in the Ist and 2d Preparatory Cli-.sses . . . : 4 00 

Tuition in the 1st and 2d Grammar Classes 3 00 

Tuition in the lf;t and 2d Intermediate Classcx 2 00 

Tuition in the Ist and 2d Primary Classes 1 GO 

Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Drawing, Painting and Private Elocution lessons form extra charges, 
IS in the Bo«nling S.hool, but lessons in French and Spanish are given gratis throughout ; as Hl^o in Pluin 
and Fancy Needlework. 

N. B. — A Private Couveyame is furnished at moderate rates, for the convenience of pupils ret^iding in 
distant parts of the city. 

For further particulars, apply to the 




coraiT OF 01 mi or m nm m, 

Between "Webster Street and Lake Merritt, 


Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. 

(Payable half Yearly in Advance.) 

Ilecl and Brddiner. witlioiil sheet)* (if supplied b.> the Insiitation) iO < 

Piano, Harp, Onilar, Voral >Iu»tic, Drawing and fainlingr. form extra eh»rKe». 

For further particulars apply to MOTHER SUPERIORESS. 


itati? BmtM©!?, 


Bet. Mission and Howard. SAN FRANCISCO. 

F= A C I 1= I C 

Elass Slainin;, Cutting, k\mi d Mimi Works 

19 FREMONT ST,,, and 1213-1215 HOWARD ST., 


Glass Cutting, Staining, Embossing and Designing in all its Branches. Bending of Glass 

a Specialty. 

ician d llatbatical ktrument Maker, 

San Francisco, ... California. 

Iflstrmnents Made to Order, Repaired aud Carefally Adjusted. 






i M. JEIELL ii CD. 

Manufacturers of 







Berry St., bet. Third and Fourth. 

Send for Catalog'ne and Price Lliit. 

A, mum, 


Montgomery St., 





Gold ^ Silver Plater 

IVo- 6*23 S;ACTtA]\i:EIVTO ST., 

Between Montgomery and Kearny, - - SAN FRANCISCO. 

9Iaiinrae(ui'«>i' and Ini|torler of Coach and Carriaee ]I»rd«varo. I<aiii]>H, etc. A good 
asBortnient ol' Carriag^e Lanipn and Candles conKtantiT on hand. Parlioular altenf ion 
paid (o ih« rei>airine of Carriage L>ani|iH. Name I'lates made at tthort notice. A good 
aitsortment of JDoor Plates and Slumbers on hand. 

N. B.— Orders from the Country |ironi|>tly attended to. * 


256 Market Street, San Francisco. 

Sole Agent for tlie Paeitje Coast r«»r 

Dupont's Cannon, Musket, Blasting, Mining & Sporting 

^ im "%^ ^ ^m im. 9 

Union Metallic Cartridge Co's Cartridges, Rim and Central Fire Brass 

and Paper Shot Shells, Wads, Primers, Bullets, etc., etc. 

Queen Lily Soap! 



The great and increasing success of 
Queen Lily Soap has induced numerous 
imitators to ofier on the market a worth- 
less imitation, but possessing none of the 
extraordinary properties for wliich the 
Queen Lily Soap is so justly and univers- 
ally ])raised. The Queen Lily Soap is 
guaranteed to do washing of white clothes 
without rubbing or injury to the most 
fj delicate fabric, bleaching them a pur<i 
M snow white, and leaving the texture soft 
and pliable. 

Any onfi ^vlwhini; to tvsi the Queen l.lly Soap 
win rocelvt- a bar by 8«ndin|f 10 oeiitx to pay 
PRICE, $2 PER BOX. Seat by regrular freight C. O. D. 

Factory— Cor. Sixteenth and Utah Sts., San Francisco. 



>^ M^ 3^ 3^ 



Xxxxx3or-tex- of 


Matched Pairs.Coose 
Stones and Orlulnal 
I'ackaKeg, and all 
goods of this char- 
acter required by 
the Trade. 

S'lectlon p a c k a L' e s 
.-ent npim applica- 
tion with satisfac- 
tory reference. 





Wholesale and Retail 


R^dWQod, Qregon Fiae? Suga^ Fine^ 



And N. W. Cor. Bryant and Main Sts , San Francisco. 


Wholesale Candy Manufacturers, 



U8 FRONT ST., bet California and Pine, - - SAN FRANCISCO. 

Steam Caiidv Factory, 118 Front Street. 

H. L. DuDGE. L. H. jWEENKV. J. E. KdiGLE-S. E. W. V.W SKKLEN. 



Wholesale Provision Dealers 


Nos. U4 and 116 Market St and U and 13 California St., 

Sole Afents for Libby. McNeill * Libby's Canned Meats. H. M. Dupee's Chicago 

IP. O. BOX 1242. 

IVEI^CH c& CO., 


Brittan's Building, 109 CALIFORNIA ST., San Francisco, Cal. 
Agents Moodyville Savrmill Company (limited) Burrard Inlet, B. C. 

R. 1>. WELCH Oi CO., . . - 4..6 Tower Cli»mber«, Liverpool, Kng. 

WKIXH, RITHET & CO., .... Victoria, BrlUsli ColnnaMa. 



G. i:. JESSE. 

H. M. DREW. 



>_ 4 A i 

* ■♦■ *_ ■♦• i i 


Berry Street, bet. Third and Fourth, 

Constantly on hand and made to order, Stair Rails, Posts, Balusters, etc. 


V \ I ^f^^UFACTt•^^ED BY i » 

^. MENZO SPRING,! eif 

jfe>K , No. 9 Geary Street, ^ ^Jj^ 

wS^t ~^'^'Con)m!s.'.|one<l to fiirni.'.h Limbs on Government Orders to "«)fllcer or'^^^^^^^B 
^K*^ **^ ■» ' t pnlisted or hire<l man " who has Inst a Mmti in the mirtjirvnr havaI . * ■ M^^^^^^^F 

'Comm!s.'.|one<l to fiirni.'.h Limbs on Government Orders to "«)fllcer orV 

enlihted or hlre<l man " who has lost a llmN in the mli:tarv or naval 

Witlii.nt service of the L". S. Government; they oeing t-ntltled to I i-„i„„_, i 

T .f.r«l \T. tin,, one once in five years, and iran^porUtlon . ^L?'^^:!^ 

Lateral M. tion. I i,ald to and from Mannfnctrrv. Ankle Motion. 


Descriptive Circulars, Blanlcs for talcing Measurements, with Instructions and Price List, free on application, as above 









Corner Second and Folsom Streets, 

s-A-3Nr lE-n-A^axroisco. 

The amount of Beer Sold during the year 1883, was 62,013 Barrels! 

I take th<- i)r<tteiit opiiiTtunity of thanking my friends and iiihtonierR for the liberal 
support liereldfore extended to the 


And notify them that I have added to my establishment 

Hy which I hope, thronKh the Kriatly lucrtased facilities now possessed 
by me, io furnish, as usual, a 


me, but couvince them that I am 
ronage and support. 


That shall not only equal that previously furnished by me, but convince them that I am 
determined to merit their continued patronage and support. 



Corner Fulton and Webster Sts., San Francisco. 



Room 28, Fhelan Euilding, Market St., 


We take pleasure in informing the Public that we have just opened a Tailoring Establishment 
at Room 28, Phelan Building, which we guarantee to be FIRST-CLASS in 
every respect. Our Stock of 

is a large and varied one, and our special aim will be to turn out 


By reason of Lio^v Rent, Superior Faciltiex, lionj^ Kxperience, the most Skilled Work- 
men, etc., we are enabled to excel anything produced here. Samples, with our Improved ruleB of self- 
measurement, sent free. 





Red Mks's BuiLDiNa. opp. Un.ok Square, San Francisco. 

•xnis scho,,! is Justlv ranked by the public as the best Commercial College on the Pacific 
Coast. It affords excellent facilities in the following courses o£ instruction : 


This is designed to prepare students for co^ and business pursuits. It embraces 
the ioUowing BtudiW : 

COttRESPONDENCE-EmbrMinB li..lru«li«n m compoa.Uoii ol letter., tue oi 

^''''\^''l^tv,^S%t^n^-^^^^^^ and Ketail Merchandising. Importing and 
"^^^SSAri^SStl^K^^. contracts, Par^^^^^ 

BUSINESS CUSTOMS and HABITS-Lectures and practical instruction on the habitudes 
'"'rSuRE^A^foRA^NSTRUCTION-On Commercial Geo^phy. Political Econonn. 
and General Business subjects. 

ItATES OP TUITION— Payable In advance. 

SCHOLARSHIP for the lull Business Course as above explained, time unlimited. - - f 70 


Three Months, Day Sessions, 
One Mouth, 


Three Months, Evening Sessions, 
Out; MouUi, 


This department .. 'le3..nedn,H™paHin^ to^e^or.^ a^ 
Algebra, Geometry, ^I^--t..M.^Sarveym«. Uul l-n,^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^ 


It ,s frenuently desirable for student, pursuing ^^^^^^^^ ^^.^^''tuT.^. 
^&?'i^e^'^uirr ^oi:ib^::r the'cCa^?;:;; term of Six months, payable iu advance. 


Persons deslHn. to stndy onlv^.omo v^HcuUr l^ch .^^^^ ^-mansUip, 

Arithmetic, etc.. can eater tlio Collciio lor bucu urauta ui-uu t i 


The course In this department .ncludes even^th.n. that will maUs^^^^^^^^^^ Art of 

KCa;-;^ .-"-1^-:^^^^!;:^; '^;;rt^!s^^!"^x months, s^o. 




^"W'^^m^w^^^ ^*^S 


(Successor to Medical College of the Pacific.) 


H. GIBBONS Sr., M. D., Professor of the Principles 
and Practice of Medicine. 

L. C. L.\NE, M. D., Professor of Surgery. 

C. N. ELLINWOOD, M. D., Professor of Physiology. 

ADOLPH BARKAN, M. U., Professor of Ophthalm- 
ology and Otology. 

J. H. WYTHE, M. D., Professor of Microscopy and 

HENKY GIBBONS Jr., M.D., Professor of Obstetrics 
and Diseases of Women and Children. 

W. A. DOUGLASS, M. D., Professor of Clinical Sur- 

J. O. HIRSCHFELDEK, M.D., Prof essor of Clinical 

The Three-Year Carrlciilnin is adopted by 
this College ; attendance upon three regular courses— 
at least one in this insiitution— being obligatory. 

A Matriculating Examination, or other ev- 
idence of the pos-essiou cf a fair education, will be 
required on entering. 

The Regular Course commences on the first 
Monday in .luue of each year, and continues until 
November. It is thus a Summer Course, contrary to 
general usage. 

The Intermediate Course commences early 
in January of each year, and continues nearly four 
months. It is a great assistance as a preparatory step 
to the Regular Course, and as offering the fullest op- 

iu^^u.v...., Ipoitunities for the prosecution of dissection. Al 

CLINTONCUSHING, M.D.. Professor of Gynecology, though attendance upon this course is not obligatory, 
W U JOHNSTON. M. D., Professor of Chemistry it is earnestly recommended that all attend it who 

and Toxicology. fan possibly do so. 

R. H. PLUMMEH. M.D., Professor of Anatomy. I should any further information be desired, it may 
CHAS. H. STEELE. M. D.. Lecturer on Materia Med- [ ^e obtained by application, in person or by letter, to 

ica and Therapeutics. 
J. F. MORSE, M.D.. Adjunct to Chair of Clinical 

W. 8. WHITWELL, M. D., Adjunct to Chair of Ob- 

CHAS. E. FARNUM, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 


Dean of the Faculty, 
Office. 101 Dupont Street, corner of Geary ; or at 
the College, NE. corner Sacramento and Webster Sts. 




Bradley & Rulofson have on exhibition Photographs of all distinguished 

Personages and Artists Avho have visited this Coast 

during the past eighteen years. 



Between Market and Geaiy Streets, SAN FRANCISCO. 





Assets, .... $1,414,548.00 


Assets, $1,411,894.41. 


Assets, $1,595,550.34 

Safe Deposit Bnilliiig, 322 MONTGOMERY ST, San Fraucisco, Cal. 

GEO. D. DORNIN, Manager. WM. SEXTON, Ass't Manager. 

p. J. WHITE, PrcBidcLt JAMKS PHELAX, Vice-PreBident. R. G. BRUSH, Secretary. 


FIe® aa€ Mafia© lainsaae© ©©e 





(successors to I-. V. GILLESPIE) 


— OF — 


— AND — 


Titles Examiued and Abstracts Furnished to L.ands in any 
County in the State. 

522 CJ^^liroxrxxi^; Strooi;, 



Havana 6l Domes tie Cia;; 



Located in Lake County, Cal., 14 Miles North of Lakeport. 

The bekling power of these waters i.s something wonderful. As a blood-purifier they cannot bo 
sarpaesed ; as a tonic they are pleasant and satisfy the desire for ardent spirits. They cure RbeuDiatism, 
DyBpepsia, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Gout, Intermittent Fever, Catarrh, Sore Eyes, Kidney and Liver Troubles^ 
Scrofulous Diseases, and in fact impurities of the blood of whatsoever kind. 

■\Vntern. — There are Sulphur, Soda, Iron and Magnesia Springs. 

Route.— From Snn Francisco take cars to Calistoga, thence stage to Lakeport and the Springs; or take 
S. F. and N. P. RR. to Cloverdale, thence stage to Springs via Ukiah or L»kepoit. Daily stage to and from 
the Springs. 

Accoinmodationg. — Ample, as a new and commodious hotel hag just been completed and furnished. 
Camping or cottages for those who wish i ither. Good fishing and bunting in the vicinity. 

Ratec — For Hotel Guests, from $10 to *U per week. 

For further information address the Proprietor, 

'\7S7"Sk/L. 1-M. 

Bachelor P, O., Lake County, Cal. 




©lidL lilT©^ aad iilT©5 Flat©4 WsLm^ 



Sole km\ for MflUer's anl E. H. Welsli Mannfaclnring Go's Fine Clocks. 

7 and 9 Third Street, - - - San Francisco. 





Office and Works: King St., near Fourth,. 


For the Year commencing April, 1884, 






Th« OBoars of th« Manlclpal Oovernment, Societiea and other Oryantsatlons, and 
a ffr«at variety of Uaefol Information. 




PHbliecUion Office: No. 518 CLAY STREET. 









Office and Works: King St., near Fo^f-th. 



For the Year commencing April, 1884, 



AKD A ^ 






nm Onoen of the Municipal Goverament, Sool«tl«s and other Orranlsationa, and 
a yreat variety of Uaefol Information. 




FHblieation Office: No. 518 CLAY STREET. 




(Successors to R. STONE ) 


Harness, Saddles 


Robes, Horse Blankets, and all kinds of Harness and Patent 


Agents for CLARK & GO'S CELEBRATED WHIPS, at Factory Prices. 

Entered according to Act of CoDgrese, in the Year 1884, by Painter & Co., In the office of the 
Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 



... 139 
:.. 72 

... 137 
... 137 
... 137 


BUILDINGS. BLOCKS, ETc;;;;!";;;:'"" 

Blocks, Rows, WharTes "" 

Place.i of Amusement ...".". 

Prominent Places 

Public BiiUdinffs, Halls , « 



CHINESE directory:..'.".:: u4 

CHURCHES :.. "« 

COURTS ■ l\ 

ELECTION DisTBicTs.:::::::::..:::.:.:: ^ 

City and County ^r, 

ConRresBlonal cr 

Senatorial and Assembly fin 


Army P- 

Coast and Geodetic Survey B7 

Custom House ' oi 

Internal Revenue '.''". B7 

Light House Department «« 

Post-office ?5 

Surveyor-General ca 

United States Treasury cs 

Umted States Mint....: ^ 




City and County 

Federal ;^ 

Slate \^ 

MILITARY ........: ]f, 

Independont Companies .': { .' 

«TTiL,?^®*i?"«' <5uard of California ::::::: in 


Board of Education r- 

Board of Supervisors.... ?!, 

T.^^ City and County Officers....:::: : ?» 



PUBLIC SCHOOLS .:..::::: ^ 

^^<^i^El'L'!.t^^' :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:: I 

Benevolent ''-'"::::".'.':::::.'.'.'.'.':::::.':."::::"' 82 

Odd Fellows 








Mtn&Insm&nce Co back cover 

Allen W R. <feCo I'S.-} ,279 

Alta California (The) ..:: ' ff™ 

Anglo-Californian Bank....'.:....::::::". '.2 

Armef & Dallam 1V78 iiigy 

Asphaltum and Mastic Roofing ' 

.„,C2-^..". 1158,1250 

Anit & Wiborg '.1217 

Bacon & Company 12.54 

Baldwin A. C...... jfra 

Bancroft A. L. <fe Co....'..'.:".'.'.'.': 221 

Bandmann, Nielsen & Co 1236, '1254 

Bank British North America. . 7 

Baptis John H ""i'207 

Barnard's Business College... 1186 

Barr .T. D ""l''7i 

Barrett <fe Sherwood,' 

■D />.. -r „ sl'le lines, front cover 

Bay City Iron Works 1206 

Bennett E. 1233 

Berry <& Place Machine Co,' 

i>i , ^ ^ ^^^- "f names, side lines 

Blgelow C. L l^nfi 

Black Diamond Coal Mining 'Co ' 33 

Boericke & .Schreck ■""584 

Boesch Emlle iVi 

Bothin Mnfg Co : im 

Bradley & Rulofson... 40 

Brady M '{0^ 

Bragg Robert "35 

Browell J V205 

Brown Chas. & Son ..."""''"'.'.'"""i2m 

Brown D. S. & Co 1201, 1260 

Burke Martin .T. &.Son 12.57 

Bush & MaUett 000 

snsweii \v. F ::!:!.':::::::::z'.'.'i249 

^adenau John M. <ft Co 472, 1180 

Jaledonlan Oat Meal Mills 1245 

California Brass and Bell Foundrv...22 
.-allfornia Electrical Works...ll66", 1198 
, 1241, 1242, 1244, 1264, 1272 1278 

?« ifomla Fireworks Co ..1201 

Mllfomla Grocer and Canner 1244, 

Jallfomia Insurance Co ' 14 

^llfornia Savings and LoanSoc'i'e't'v'.'..3 

!app C. S. & Co 1258 

-arvlii Manufacturing Co., back of'map 

Casey J. J. & Co 12.53 

Chicago and North-Western Ra'i'l'wav, 
^._. ^ , .'■■ommencement each letter 

Chlsholm A Russell 1261 

Clark G. W. & Co., " 

_, ,_ ^, . reg. of names, bottom lines 

Clark N. A Sons 1362 

Clark Truman S. & Son " 1219 

Coats' Spool Cotton 

/^ „ , ^, . '■'^^- ^^ names, top lines 

College of Notre Dame... . 97 

Collinn T .'. ;; lifis 

Colton Dental Association 'm'n92 

Commercial Insurance Co 13 

Conkim Bros 1170 

Conklin Wm ". 863 

Convent of Our Lady of the 'Sacred" 
Heart "« 

Cook A. 0. ASon :::::iifi'fi','i2i6 

CookH. N 1166, 1216 

f'oon M. F 1J99 

Cooper Medical Collew m 

Coos Bay Stave and Lumber Co'.'..'.:'l282 

Cornwall P. B 33 

Craig Hugh inside fr'6'n't"coV"r 

Crystal Lake Ice Co 1217 

Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch..'.'.'.'.'.. 688 

Davis* Cowel) 379 

Day Thomas A Co "'1206 

Decker C. W 339;'ll92 

Degen L. P ' nee 

Delmonico Champagne, 

_ , middle of every right pace 

Denniston E. G .. 1264 

Dessau S ^i 

Detroit Safe Co i'60 

Dewolf & Arnold '.".'.12.58 

Dickson, De Wolf A Co.... 1286 

5"*°e & Co back of cover 

Dodge, Sweeney <fe Co 32 

Donaldson & Co top edge of book 

Dornin George D 41 

Dougherty P. E. & Co '.'.'.'.'.'...'.'.'405 

Duncan George A Co 1158, 1259 

Dunham, Carrigan A Co 1213 

Eastman Frank A Co 420 

"Eclipse E.'stra Drj- " Champagne," 
„ „ reg. of names, side lines 
Egerton Henry C. 1241, 1266 

Examiner The .'«_ 43^ 

Electrical Suppiv Co., 

i 1166, (2) 1198, 1242, 1272 

Falkner, Bell A Co 13 

Famsworth A Ruggles. "440 

Felton A Guilieaume.!.....'..'.'.'.' 1280 

Fllippe T. B 27, 

Firemans Fund Ins. Co., 

-c, * ^T .. , J'' '*^' "nd front cover 

First National Bank 7 

FIschbeck H. A Co_ '.'.'.".'.'.'.'.■.'." "30 

Foard Lorentz 1263 

Forbes A. B fr'dnt'cover 

Forderer Joseph F .. 12.59 

Francis, Valentine A Co.... .' 467 

Frank Henrv y-.^i 

French Caterers J7.' 

Freud M. & .Sons .'. ngo 

Fulda Bros iion 

Fulton Iron V/orks, 

21, and reg. of names, top lines 

German .Savings and Loan Society.... 9 

^Ml,'"'"l''l'l'r^- * ^"^^ 118i. 1185 

Gilbert A Moore 120.5 

Gladding, McBean A Co., 

n, ^ -r ,„ .see business headings 
Globe Iron Works Co.. . 2'' 

Golden State and Miners' Iroii " 

Works. _ 23 

Gordon Hardware Co... ....:. j'2]3 

Graff Albert iST'lSS? 

Greenebanm <fe Co .'.1236 

Grimm A Nolan ..i93,"ll80','l261 

Gnienhagen C. H i2«i 

Guittard E. & Co :::.:::::"ii8i 

GutteA Frank 1,5 

Hall A. I. <fe Son, 

1. and reg. of names, side lines 
Hambnrg-Maedebnrg Fire Ins. Co.... 15 
Hamniam Baths nft, 

Hank.s M. w. & Co ::::.::.'.';.';"i2.59 

Hansen C. R. <fe Co., top line, back cov 
Haraszthy Arpad <ft Co., 
^ _ reg. of names, side lines 
Harriss D 1216 

Harvey 0. D .'.'::::'i3i5 

Hawley David N 1261 

Heald's Business College :.1186 




Helnlneer C. H. & Co 1264 

Helvetia SwUs Fire Ins. Co 14 

Hendv Joshua. Machine WorkB 20 

Herrmann C. &Co 1214 

Hlbemln Savings and Loan Soc 10 

Hicks D. <fe Co., 

.569, and reg. of names, side lines 

Hills Bros 1185 

Hinckley, Spiers 4 Hayes, 

21, and reg. of names, top lines 

Hinz & Landt 12.38 

Hobbs, Wall A Co....„ 575, 1172 

Hoffman * Co 1199 

Hopper S. E 1207 

House worth Thomas & Oo 1349 

Howe Scales 1261 

Hubbell, Shattiick & Co 33 

HuKhes E. C, reg. of names, side lines 
Hughes Rlenzl, reg. of names,slde lines 
Hurley D. J 28 

Imperial, London, Northern and 

Queen Ins. Go's front cover 

Indianapolis Chair Mnfg Co., 

front edge of book 

Jackson Byron 24 

.lackson P. H. «fc Co 1217, 1219, 1264 

Jacoby Louis 12 

Jesse <fe Drew 35 

.Tewell A. M. 4 Co 29 

Johnston William D 11.59 

Jndson Manfg Co 1^68 

Kallenbere Theodore 12^3 

Kaulfuss F. C 1207 

Kllbourn W. W. * Co 1196 

Klni: James L bottom edge of book 

King M 1247, 1248 

King-Morse Cannin..; Co., 

1176, 1215, 1252 

Kittle & Co reg. of names, top lines 

KlinknerC. A. &Co....- S39 

Kneass A Co 1268 

Knopf & Krembser 1222 

Knorp A. F 1206 

Knowles George B. A Son 32 

Kohlcr A Frohling, 

bottom line, front cover 

Koster John L 1276, 1282 

Krogh F. W. AOo 1279 

Kuner A 29 

Lane W. E., 

668, 1174, 1181, 1206, 1253, 1262 

Larklns A Co 148 

Lawson J. C 1273 

Lee John A Co 1273 

Le i'age'B Glues, 

reg. of names, bottom lines 

Llftsenfelrt P. _ side line, back cover 

Linforth James, 

1166, 1202, 1219, 1268, 1278 

Lion Fire Insurance Co 41 

London and Provincial Ins. Co 14 

London, Paris and American Bank ...6 

Low (;. Adolphe * Co 16 

Lownev Jerry A Sons 1179 

Luckiiardt C. A. & Co 1159 

Lund Henry A Co 15 

LundyT _ 43 

Lutgen Charles F 1157 

Lynch J WIngdeld 1181 

Macondray A Co reg. of names 

upper corners, right page 
Macdonough J. <t Co., 

reg. of names, top lines 

MacLennan J. D 1251 

Magnetic Elastic Truss Co 1274 

MalloM John 

Marcus G<'o. A Co 16 

Marsh H. F 1189 

Martcll .I.ihn 30 

Marwcdcl (;. F 1233 

McAlestcr A Jones, 

1173, 12S7, and back cover 

Medical Pept University of Cat 39 

Mercer M. A 1189 

Mi-rrell I. L 24 

Metrnpolltnn Employment Office.. .1198 

MeuKfldorller J. C. A Son 1214 

M.iiNS(l(,rller K 782, 1214 

M.MiswIcrMer M 782 

Mlt.holl J. K. A Co 1178 

Mlxor George H 23 

Montague W. W. & Co reg. of 

names, upper corners left page, 
and 1193, 1219, 1233, 1266, 1268,(3)1273 

Montealegrc A Co 16 

Moore, Hunt A Co back cover 

Morton J. A Co 1193 


Mott J. H. A Co 810 

MuUerC _ 814 

Munsell James, Jr.. .reg. of names, 

lower corners right paee 

Murphey William L 1249 

Murphy Adam H. A Co „ 1185 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co., 
register of names, lower corners 

right page 
Mutual Life Insurance Co... front cover 

Napa Glue Factory 1207 

National Brewing Co „ :T7 

Neustadter Bros 1263 

Nevada Bank of S. F 8 

Nevada Metallurgical Works 1159 

Newhall H. M. A Co 17 

New Zealand Insurance Co., 

Inside of front cover 
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile 

Agency Co inside of front cover 

Nichols A. C. A Co 1222 

Norcross A Co 838 

Noriega Juan L 838 

Norwich Union Fire Ins. Co 13 

Nounnan, McCusker A Co 1229, 1266 

Novelty Iron Works and Foundry.. ..23 

O'Kane John 848 

Oakley A. D 8.54 

Oceanic S.S. Co .inside back cover 

Oliver H. A Co 1199 

Oliver Wm. F back of title 

Orient Insurance Co 41 

OsUorn R. F. AOo 1205 

Pacific Bank 4 

Pacific Boarding and Sale Stables 863 

Pacific Business ('oUege 

38, 1187, and back of cover 

Pacific Carriage Co 33 

Pacific Coast Land Bureau 864 

Pacific Collection Co 1186 

Pacific Glass Works 44 

Pacific Lamp A Reflector Co 1221 

Pacific Rolling Mill Co 19 

Pacific Saw Manufacturing ('o 1261 

Pac. Steam Carpet Beating Works.lHS 
Pacific Vinegar and Pickle Work8..1276 

Packsher S 1181 

Paige S. B. A Co 1260 

Palmer A Rey 1274 

Paltenghl A 1234 

Pardlnl N. A Co 1215 

Parke A Lacy, reg. of names, side lines 

PasqualeB 1202 

Patent Brick Co 1172 

Pavne Bros 1169 

Peddar Sydney H 1180 

Peruvian Bitters, 

reg. of names, side lines 

Phelps A Miller 886 

Philadelphia Brewery 36 

Pioneer Carpet Besting Machine.. .1179 

Pons Henrlette Mme 1190 

Pratt H. G 1178 

Prescott Insurance Co 12 

Price Jacob 1157, 1254 

Price Thomas 11.59 

Providence Washington Ins. Co 12 

Prussian National Insurance Co 12 

Qiiigley ,T. A Son 

Quinn's Foundry 

Rankin G. A. A Co 1189 

Raveley S. W back of cover 

Rayp A Hampton 1179 

RiccI Bros 1189 

Richards A Snow 12.53 

Rlchter P. E 1280 

Roach John 28 

Rothschild A Ehrenpfort 32 

Royal Mall Steam Packet Co 10 

Royal, Norwich Union and Lan- 
cashire Fire Insurance Cos 13 

Rufllno L. J. A Co 1234 

Runnels A .Stateler 1199 

Russia Cement Co., 

reg. of names, bottom linos 

Salomon Bros S7 

San Francisco and Pacific Glass 

Works 44, and back of cover 

San Francisco Bridge Co 1172 

San Francisco Carpet Beating Ma- 
chine 1178 

.San Francisco Cordage Factory 17 

San Francisco Chandelier Factory, 

193, 1180, 1264 
San Francisco Laundry, 

reg. of names, bottom lines 


San Francisco Novelty Works, 

193, 1180, 1264 

San Francisco Plating Works 1264 

San Francisco Savings Union 9 

.San Francisco Wire Works 1281 

Sanitarium Baths 1166 

Santa Clara Ci.liege. 958 

.Saratoga Springs. 42 

Savings and Loan Society 3 

Sawyer B. F. A Co 1270 

Savior Bros 1167 

SchaezlelnR 1264 

Schafer A Co reg. of names 

lower comers left paee 

Schenk Chris l200 

Schmidt Label and Lith. Co 9fi«, 

1171, 1200, 1221, 1229, 1254, 12S3 

Schoenstein Ferdinand B 1246 

Selby Smelting and Lead Co 19 

Selig A 1191 

ShaefTer J. W. A Co 18 

Sheplar S. H. A Co 34 

Shepman W. E 1264 

Shreve George C. A Co., 

1193, 1220, 1264, 1277 

Slebrecht Franz 1163, 1189 

SIkes E. A Co _ 42 

Simpson & Millar 42 

Sklnker John 30 

Slaven Henry B., 

reg. of names, side lines 

Spauldtng George <fe Co 12.55 

Spanldlng J. A Co 1179 

Spreckels J. D. A Bros 1287 

Spring Menzo 35 

St. David's House, 

reg. of names, side lines 

.St. Ignatius' College „...26 

Starblrd A Goldstone 1232 

Stearns Mnfe Co 126 

Steele J. B. Mrs. A Co 126 

Stevenson A Longwill 1029 

Stockman .Tohn M 1199, 1249 

Stockton E. A 1267 

Stone L. D. A Co back of title 

Strahle Jacob A Co 1167 

Sun Insurance Co 1042 

Sutro A Co 

Sutton Chas. Jr. A Co., 

bottom line, hack cover 

Swiss Marine Ins. Cos. Combined 14 

Svkes' Academy of Languages 1271 

Syz Harry W 14 

Taber I. W 1047 

Tatum A Bowen 1282 

Thomas Joseph 1247' 

Tlmraerman feo. W. A Co 1218, 1263" 

Transatlantic Fire Insurance Co 181 

Tnimnn, Isham A Co., 

18, 1254, and reg. names, bottom lines' 
Trumbull R. J. A Co., 

top line, front cover 
Trnworthv's F. M., Stencil Work8..12e7: 

Tubbs A Co W: 

Tucker J. W. A Co lOTT 

Tuthlll, Cox A Co — ■ 

Union Ice Co _^ 

Union Pacific Transfer Co 1077 

Wadham L IISI 

WaldteufelA -..lia( 

Ward's Dnig Store llix 

Wabhington Insurance Co ~ ■> 

Waterhousp A Lester 2' 

Watson, Miller A Oo „ i ' r 

Weed A Kingwell ' 

Welch A Co 

Wellington B. FL _ 

Wells, Fargo A Co 

Western Insurance Oo 

WhltPlaw T. P. H 123,i, I 

Whitney A Marshall i ' 

Wlchman Bros _ 1 1'^ 

Wleland John n 

WIgniore John, 

reg. of names, top I in.' 

Will A Flnck 1166, 11.S7, W'.' 

Williams, DImond ACo i:- 

Wllmerdlng A Co.. reg. names, sMe 

lines, and middle every right pagi 
WilshiroW. B. ACo., 

side line, back cove 
Wilson Sewing Machine Co., 

1, and reg. of names, side Hit" 

Wolff A Rhelnhold... ' ^ 

Wood Geo. M. A Co 

Woodworth, Schell A Oo 

Wooster J. B. A Oo ! - 

Zeile C. D ' i^ 


Iraportejra ofamd Dmlem In COAL, nnd PI«i IRON. 

41 Market Street, vomer Kpear. 



City and County of San Francisco, 1884. 

Mayor of the City and County.— WASHINGTON BART- 
LETT, ex-officio President of the Board of Supervisors; salary 
$3,000 per annum. 

Clerk.— J. T. WASHINGTON ; appointed by the Mayor ; 
salary $3,000 per annum. 


Term of office, two years ; salary, $1,200 per annum ; terms 
expire first Monday In December, 188+. WeeKly meetings 
each Monday evening. Quarterly meetings first Monday in 
January, April, July, and October. Special meetings at the 
discretion of the President. 


Clerk.— JOHN A. RUSSELL ; appointed by the Board ; salary 
$3,600 per annum. 

Deputy Clerk.— WILLIAM T. PATTERSON ; salary $1,800 
per annum. 

Sergeant-at-Arms.— HENRY E. CORBETT ; salary $1,200 
per anniun. 


Seventh Ward— JOHN D. GRIFFIN. 

Eighth " 






Eleventh " 


Twelfth " 


First Ward— J. T. SULLIVAN. 
Second " J. J. REICHENBACH. 
Fifth •' J. HENLEY SMITH. 
Si.\th " E. B. POND. 

STANDING COMMITTEES.— Judiciary— Smith, Strother, Shirley. Finance and Auditing— Pond, 
Smith, Burton. Fire Department — Burton, Reichenbach, Lewis. Streets, Wharves, etc. — Ashworth, Bur- 
ton, SullivHn. Public Buildinps- Shirley. Reichenbach, Lewis. Water and Water Supplies— Strother, 
Shirley, Pond. Health and Police, and House of Correction— Strother, Shirley, Pond, Burton, Ranken. 
License and Orders— Sullivan, Ashworth, Lewis. Hospital— Reichenbach. Smith, Ashworth. Printing 
and Salaries -Ranken, Sullivan. James. Industrial School— Lewis. Pond. Burton, James. Griffin. Street 
Lifjhts— James, Pond, Lewis, Ranken, Sullivan. Outside Lands— Griffin, James, Strother, Ashworth, 


Term of office, two years ; expires first Monday in December, 1884. No compensation. Meetings, first 
•nd third Fridays of each mouth. 

Pbepident— ROBERT P. HASTINGS. Secretary— John T. McGeoghegan ; salary, $2,400 per annnm. 
Assistant Secretary— Wm. H. Miller ; $1,500 per annum. Assistant Secretary — Lewis 0. Ferguson; $],200> 
per annum. Messenger — Thomas J. Gallagher ; $600 per annnm. 

Superintendent of Common Schools— A. J. MOULDER ; salary, $4,000 per annum. 

Deputy Superintendent -JOSEPH O'CONNOR; appointed by the Superintendent ; salary, $3,000 per 







STANDING COMMITTEES— Classification— Cleveland. Danielwitz, Brand. Hastings, Moulder. Roles 
and Regulations— Travers. Eaton. Cleveland, Hastings. Moulder. Credentials and Qualifications of 
Teachers— Cahalin. Melcher. Coiiklin. Ha«ting8. Moulder. School Houses and Sites— Conklin, Cahalin, 
Eatou. HastinRs. Salaries— Melcher. Piatt, Travers. Furniture and Supplies— Plait. Travera, Danielwitz, 
Hastings. Finance— Danii-lwitz. Brand. E'lton, Piatt. HastinKS. Judiciary— Brand, Rodgers, Foard! 
Printing— Foard. Melcher, Rodgers. Janitors— Eaton, Cahalin, Cleveland, Hastings, Moulder. Visiting— 
Rodgers, Foard, Conklin. 


Truman, Isham & Cc. 

Manufacturers' llgents, 

509, 511 MARKET ST. 


nillblVLLI, OriLnO OC nnluOf Agents for the celebrated »EAKE ST£AM PI7»i'S. 



STJPERIOK COURTt— Department No. 1.— Judge— THOMAS K. WILSON; term expires January, 1887 
salary, ?4, 000 per annum. Reporter— J. H. W. Riley; salary, fees. No. 2.— Judge— JEREMIAH F. SULLI- 
VAN ; term expires January, 1885 ; salarv. $4,000 per annum. Reporter— Thomas R. Knox ; salary, fees 
No. 3.— Judge— JOHN F. FINN ; term expires January, 1887 ; salary, 84,000 per annum. Reporter— H. A 
Jones ; salary, fees. No. 4.— Judge— J. G. MAGUIRE ; term expires January, 1H89 ; salary, S4,00U per annum 
Reporter— J. G. Allen; salary, fees. No. 5.— Judge— JOHN HUNT Jr. ; term expires January, 1885; salary 
$4,000 per annum. Reporter— E. S. Belden ; salary, fees. No. 6.— Judge— M. A. EDMONDS ; term expirei 
January. 18t!7 ; salary, .$4,000 per annum. Reporter— C. F. Reynolds; salary, fees. No. 7,— Judge— T. H 
REARUON ; term expires January, 1885 ; salary, $4,000 per annum. Reporter— Hervey Darneal ; salary, fees 
No. 8.— Judge— F. W. LAAVLEK ; term expires January, 1887; salary, $4,000 per annum. Reporter— J. L 
Holland; salary, fees. No. 9.— (Probate)— Judge— J. V. COFFEY; term expires January, 1889; salary 
$4,000 per annum. Reporter— S. P. Sumner ; salary, fees. No. 10.— (Special)— Judge— F. M. CLOUGH ; tern 
expires Januarv, 1889; salary, S-1,000 per annum.— Reporter— Stephen Potter; salary, fees. No. 11.- 
(Criminal)— Judge— D. J. TOOHEY; term expires January, 1889; salary, $4,000 per annum. Reporter- 
John J. Maginis; salary, fees. No. 12.— (Criminal)— Judge— ROBERT FERRAL ; term expires January, 
1885; salary, $4,000 per annum. Reporter— R. T. Gallagher; salary, fees. 

POLICE COURT No. 1.— Judge— H. "WATSON WEBB ; salary, $4,000 per annum. Prosecuting Attorney- 
W. C. Graves ; term regulated by the Board of Supervisors ; $3,000 per annum. Clerk— Hiram B. Cook ; tern 
regulated by the Board of Supervisors ; $2,400 per annum. Interpreters— Louis Locke, Chinese ; Ernest C 
Stock, French ana German ; Andrew Glover, Italian, Slavonic and Portuguese ; $1,500 per annum each. 

POLICE COURT No. 2.— Judge— JAMES LAWLOR ; salary, $4,000 per annum. Prosecuting Attorney- 
J. F. Coffey ; salary, $3,000 per annum. Clerk— Wm. D. Farren ; salary, $1,500 per annum. 

JUSTICES' COURTS — Justices— J. C. PENNIE, (Presiding Justice) , E. GiXson, T. W. Taliaferro, Charle 
H. Wolff, and Jos. J. Dunne ; salaries. Presiding Justice, $2,700 per annum ; Associates, $2,400 per annur 
each. Clerk— Frank P. Murphy ; $2,400 per annum. Deputy Clerks— P. Deveny and John H. Mott; $1,20 
per annum each. Janitor — John McHardy Hay ; $900 per annum. 

City and County Attorney and Counselob— WILLIAM CRAIG; salary, $5,000 per annum. Assisv 
ants— John H. Meredith, $2,400 per annum ; John A. Reichert and Chas. L. Weller, Jr., $1,500 per annum. 

DisTHiCT Attorney— JEREMIAH D. SULLIVAN; salary, $5,000 per annum. First Assistant— E. l! 
Stonehill; $3,600 per annum. Second Assistant— D. T. Sullivan; $3,000 per annum. Clerk— W. M. Fit 
Maurice ; $1,800 per annum. Assistant Clerk— T. W. Freelon, pro tern ; $1,500 per annum. 

Chief of Police— PATRICK CROWLEY ; appointed by the Board of Police Commissioners ; salary 
$4,000 per annum. Clerk— Alfred Clarke, $1,800 per annum. Property Clerk— William CuUen ; $1,800 p« 

County Clerk— WM. T. SESNON, and ex-officio Clerk of the Superior Court ; salary, $4,000 per annun i 
Deputies— James D. Ruggles, A. J. Raisch, W. J. Rightmire, W. E. Schwerin, B. J. Crimmins, E. J. Case; 
Thos. Gilhooly, Charles Z. Soule, D. C. Van Nostrand, John W. Bourdet, J. Steppachtr, Ed. Ewald Jr., V 
J. Blattner, J. J. Farrell and Joseph B. Cook. Court Room Clerks— W. G. Burke, C. J. Murphy, Samu< 
Tevis, George Aldrich. D. J. Crowley, J. J. Driscoll, Frank G. Andrews, E. L. Myers, Frank J. Skelly E. < 
Palmer and James C. Nealon. Copyists— H. P. Tricon, J. P. Couch, John Hamilton, H. S. Falk and J.]l 

Sheriff— PATRICK CONNOLLY ; salary, $8,000 per annum. Under Sheriff— M. F. Cummins, $2,400 pi. 
annum. Bookkeeper— M. J. McGrath, $3,000 per annum. Assistant Bookkeeper— Henry Marx, $1,200 pi' 
annum. Deputies — John Rafferty, John Sillery, John F. O'Day, John H. Haruey, John Heaney, James ■■ 
Murphy, S. J. Farrell, L. P. Peck, Marion A. Wilson, William Free, Jeremiah J. Collins, James McGarn 
William H. Williams, Thomas J. Farrell, William H. Bigger, John R. Morton, James Dean, Jerome Deas." 
Joseph Diamond, Rodger Carlin, E. P. Enright, P. McDonald, Carter Tevis, A. J. Martin, Joseph MansfieL 
Laurence Dunne and Thomas Kiernan. Sheriff's Keepers — Matt. McCaffrey, Denis Murphy, W. H. Bolshai 
George Donoghue, Louis Ehrlich, James R. Keogh, and James Duffy. Chief Jailer— John Kirkpatr.c 
Jailers — John W. McKenzie, James H. Dunne, Ferdinand Zeiglmyer, Richard McDonnell, John Lawle 
John E.Hopkins, and P. H. Naughton. Matron— Mrs. Bride. 

Recorder— WILLIAM J. BRYAN ; salary, $4,000 per annum. Chief Deputy— Hyman P. Bush, $3,0" 
per annum. Deputies — Wm. R. Sloan, and Henry Casey. Clerks — Thomas P. Casey, Charles H. McCourtne* 
William F. Lavelle, William P. Merriam, Michael F. O'Connor, John C. Burke, Henry Vollers, Alfred Seal 
Joseph Doran, H. Choynski, William G. Lansing, Jacob W. Edsill, Benjamin Asch, Bartholomew C. Derhai. 
William J. Hayes, Denis F. Slattery, and George D. O'Nell. Porters— J. Sullivan and William Akins. 

Auditor— WILLIAM M. EDGAR; salary, $4,000 per anuum. Deputy— Charles Hubert, $3,000 p. 
annum. Clerks— H. C. Farquharson and Stephen H. Parker, $1,800 per annum each. 

Treasurer— C. REIS ; salary, $4,000 per annum. Chief Deputy— J. C. Reie, $3,000 per annum. Dep; 
ties— A. A. Hobe, and Peter Sander. 

Assessor— LOUIS F. HOLTZ ; salary, $4,000 per annum. OCace Deputies— J. M. Merrill (chief) am 
E. T. Batturs, $2,400 per annum each ; Gordon E., T. B. Mortie, William Miller, Geo. Tyrall, Jam 
Curlett, M. M. Baldwin, and D. Maloney, $1,800 per annum each. Chief Draftsman— Alfred D. Meesegat 
$2,400 per annum. Field Deputies— Chief Deputy, $200 per month. Assistant Deputies, $100 per mouth eac 
when employed. 

Tax CoLLECTOBt— JOHN H. GRADY; salary, $4,000 per annum. Chief Deputy— William J. Gaviga* 
$2,400 per annum. Cashier— L. J. Welch, $2,400 per annum. Deputies— Henry Hart, D. J. Gordon ai 
Thomas B. Cunningham, $1,800 per annum each. Porter- Daniel Bigelow, $840 per annum. 

• For location of Public OfiBceB, see Key to Public OfllceB. 

t This Court was organized in January, 1880, after the adoption of the new Constitution, and the folio ' 
ing named Courts abolished ; Fourth, Twelfth, Fifteenth, Nineteenth and Twenty-third District, Count ;; 
Probate, Municipal Court of Appeals, Municipal Criminal and City Criminal. 

t The Tax Collector is allowed by law one Chief and one Cash Deputy, at a salary of $200 per month eac i 
three general Deputies, at $150 per month each ; and extra Clerks, when employed, $150 per month eac 
The entire annual amount of salaries for his Deputies and Clerks not to exceed $12,0U0. 



JOHN WIGMORE— HARDWOOD LUMBER: 129 to 147 Spear Street. 



License Collector *— JOHN T. FOGARTY ; appointed by the Board of Supervisors ; salary, $3,000 per 
annum. Deputy — M. C. Conroy, $1,800 per annum. Cashier — L.Fitzgerald, $1,500 per annum. Assistant 
Collectors— John J. Boyle, William S. Fitch, S. H. Smith, Henry Schmidt, James H. Ryan. J. F. Carroll, 
Thomas H. Fogarty, A. A. Edgar, M. C. St-lden, Denis Griflan, Michael Finn, Robert Kerrigan, I. Danielwitz, 
Bobert Nash, E. B. Brady and S. J. Strauss, $1,500 per annum each. 

Begistbab of Voters— JAMES A. JOHNSON; appointed by the Governor ; salary, $3,600 per annum. 
Chief Clerk— Wm. Broderick, $1,800 per annum. Clerk and Messenger— Charles J. Blackburne, $1,500 per 

Surveyor t— GEORGE H. ROGERS ; salary, $500 per annum and fees. 
and William Plater. Collector— Frank Osborn. 

Deputies — Charles S. Tiltou 

StjPEBiNTEXDENT P0BLrc STREETS AND HIGHWAYS— T. J. LOWNEY ; Salary, $4,000 per annum. Depu- 
ties — Edward H. Drum, John A. Hogan, James E. Lowney, James J. Flinn, Edward Owens, Thomas Clark, 
James Buchanan, Maurice Sullivan, Thomas Blanchfield, John Redden, Michael B. Mara, Patrick Donohue 
and John J. McDade. 

Coroner— M. LEVINGSTON ; salary. $4,000 per annum. Deputies— M. J. Simmons, $1,800 per annum, 
and J. J. Groom, $1,500 per annum. Messenger— P. J. Shanly, $900 per annum. 

Public Administbator- PHILIP A. RO.ACH ; salary, fees. Attorney— John A. Wright; salary, fees. 

City Physician— CHARLES BLACH ; salary $1,800 per annum. Police Surgeon— Frank H. Dennis, 
$1,200 per annum. 

Pound Keeper- JOSEPH LINDO ; salary, $900 per annum and fees. 

Fire Department Commissioners— FRANK G. EDWARDS (President), Gordon E. Sloss, Gus Reis, 
Frederick C. Siebe and John Mason; no compensation. Clerk— Ezekiel B. Vreeland ; salary, $1,800 per 
annum. Janitor and Messenger— George W. L. Post, $900 per annum. 

Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph— Superintendent— JOHN CURKAN ; term regulated by the 
Board of Supervisors ; salary $2,400 per annum. Operators— William Morton, Alfred Clarke, Jr., and E. H. 
Reeee, $1,500 per annum each. Line Repairers — W. S. Jackson, $1,200 per annum; A. B. Kjnney and Daniel 
Shay, $1,080 per annum each. 

Park Commissioners— F. M. PIXLEY (President) Irvin McDowell and J. Rosenfeld ; no compensation. 
Engineer— City and County Surveyor (ex officio), no compensation. Secretary— R. S. Smith. Superinten- 
dent — John J. McEwen. 

Board of Health— Members : THE MAYOR (President) , and Doctors J. C. Shorb, P. F. Auguste 
Alers, William A. Douglass and A. W. Perry ; no compensation. 

Board City Hall Commissioners- MAYOR (ex officio) , Auditor (ex officio) , City and County Attorney 
(ex officio) ; salary, $1,200 per annum each. Secretary (pro tern.)- J. T. Washington, $2,400 per annum. 
Architect— John M. Curtis. 

Commissioners of Insanity- Isaac S. Titus, M. D., L. J. Henry, M. D., J. M. Eaton, M. D., and A. P. 
Hayne, M. D. ; salary, fees. 

Office Health Department— Health Officer— J. L. MEARES, M. D.; salary, $3,000 per annum. Quaran- 
tine Officer.- William F. McAllister, M.D., $1,800 per annum. Secretary— Peter MuUoy, $2,100 per annum. 
W. H. A. HodgdoD, M. D., Assistant Secretary; $1,200 per annum. Health Inspectors — Jefferson Martenet, 
John Kelly -Jr., Otto H. Frank, T. M. Boarman. Jacob Gans and E. H. Coe, $1,200 per annum each. Market 
Inspector- E. F. McKittrIck, $1,200 per annum. Superintendent of Hisinterments- G. W. Green, $900 per 
annum. Messenger— John A. Coffey, $900 per annum. Inspector of Drainage and Plumbing — James E. 

Alms House and Hospital— Superintendent — M. J. KEATING ; salary, $2,400 per annum. Matron— Mrs. 
M. J. Keating, $720 per annum. Resident Physician — S. R. Gerry, $1,500 per annum. 

City and County Hospital — Superintendent Physician— E. H. BRYAN; salary, $2,400 per annum. 
Resident Physician- W. E. Bates, $1..500 per annum. Visiting Physicians— W. F. McNutt and Henry Gib- 
I bons, Sr., $1,200 per annum each. Visiting Surgeons.— W. A. Douglass and R. A. McLean, $1,200 per annum 
j each. Apothecary— J. R. Garrett, $1,200 per annum. Terms regulated by the Board of Health. 
! Twenty-sixth Street Hospital— Resident Physician. —JOHN W. FOYE, salary, $1,800 per annum. 
I Steward — Jeremiah Sullivan, $fK»0 per annum. 

I Indubtrlal School (Transferred to the control of the Board of Supervisors April 9, 1872, by Act of the 
i Legislature)— Supirintendent-JOHN S. KENNY; salary, $1,680 per annum. Assistant Superintendent— 
I James W. Silk, $1,080 per annum. Teachers— John F. Meagher, $1,080 per annum; William Hinds, $900 per 
I annum. Teacher Music— J. C. Kemp, $780 per annum. Foreman Shoe Shop— Dan Maloney, $780 per annum. 
I Foreman Tailor Shop— A. P. McCarthy, $780 per annum. Gardener— John Beatty, $480 per annum. Team- 
I Bter — Thomas McDermott. $600 per annum. Farmer — Edward Sweeney, $600 per annum. Carpenter — Guto 
I Austrine, $780 per annum. Steward— James Byrnes, $780 per annum. Matrou — Mrs. J. S. Kenny, $600 
' per annum. Seamstress — Mrs. J. Belmore, $360 per annum. Visiting Physician — Benjamin D. Dean, $900 
per annum. 

House of Correction- Superintendent.— SAM SHEAR; salary, $1,800 per annum. Assistant Superin- 
tendent-Thomas Seal, $1,200 per annum. Matron— Mrs. A. T. Green, $600 per annum. Twenty-one Guards, 
who receive $660 per annum each. 

Superintendent City Cemetery— JEREMIAH MAHONEY ; salary. $900 per annum. 
Gas Inspector- ROBERT C. AMES. 

Gardeners Public Squares- EDWARD DEADY (chief) ; salary, $l,200Jper annum ; G. C. Driscoll, Ed. 
Riley, J. G. NIhen, A. Oliver and H. G. Allen ; $900 per annum each. 
' Gate Keeper Pioneer Park— James Gilmartln ; salary, $480 per annum. 
I Watchman Old City Hall— Henry Finley ; salary, $960 per annum. 

1 Watchman New City Hall— William Armstrong (night) salary, $960 per annum ; Frank Murphy (day) 
1 $900 per annum. 

! * The Act of the Legislature, April 3d, 1876, authorizes the Collector of Licenses to appoint, with the 
^ advice and consent of the Mayor, Auditor and Treasurer, ae many Assistaot Collectors of Licenses as they 
I may deem necessary, not to exceed twelve, to hold their offices during the pleasure of the Collector of 
i Licenses. 

i t The County Surveyor receives fees for surveying private property, principally street work. Salaries of 
Deputies and Clerks paid by the Surveyor. 


645 Market St., 


Wholesale and Retail dealers In Paper 
HansritiKH, and all kinds of Window 
Shade Materials and Fixtures. 

KITTLE & CO . IMPROVED OIL CAKE MEAL-the best feed in the world. 



Election Districts. 

state Congrresslonal. 

FiBST DisTBiCT.— The City and County of San Fran- 

Second Distbict. — The counties of Contra Costa, 
Alameda, San Joaquin, Calaveras, Amador, El Dorado, 
Sacramento, Placer, Nevada, Alpine and Tuolumne. 

Thtrd District. — The counties of Marin, Sonoma, 
Napa, Lake, Solano, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba, Sierra, Butte, 
Plumas, Lassen, Tehama, Colusa, Mendocino, Hum- 
boldt, Trinity, Shasta, Modoc, Siskiyou, and Del 

FoiTBTH Distbict.— San Diego, Los Angeles, San Be- 
nito, Sau Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San 
Luis Obispo, Tulare, Monterey, Fresno, Kern, Mer- 
ced, Mariposa, Stanislaus, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, 
San Mateo. Mono and Inyo. 

Senatorial and Assem'bly. 

EliGHTH District. — The City and County of San 
Francisco and the County of San Mateo shall be the 
Eighth Senatorial District, and shall elect one Sena- 
tor ; the County of San Mateo shall elect one member 
of the Assembly. 

Ninth District.— Commencing at a point where the 
southerly line of Uniied States Military Reservation, 
known as the "Presidio Reservation," intersects with 
the waters of the Pacific Ocean ; thence meandering 
along the waters of said ocean and the waters of the 
Bay of San Francisco, northerly, easterly, and south- 
erly, to the point where Washington street intersects 
with said Bay ; thence westerly along said Washington 
street, to its intersection with First avenue ; thence 
northerly, along said avenue, to its intersection with 
the southerly boundary line to said " Presidio Reser- 
vation ;" thence westerly and along the southerly 
boundary line of the said "Presidio Reservation," to 
its intersection with the Pacific Oi'ean, and the point 
of beginning, shall be the Ninth Senatorial District. 
and shall elect two Senators and four members of the 

Tenth District. — Commencing at a point where 
the southerly boundary line of the "Pret.idio Reserva- 
tion" intersects with the waters of the Pacific Ocean; 
thence easterly and along the southerly boundary line 
of said "Presidio Reservation" to the point where 
First Avenue intersects with said boundary line; 
thence southerly along said First avenue to the point 
where Washington street intersects with said First 
avenue ; thence easterly along said Washington 
street to its intersection with the waters of the Bay 
of San Francisco ; thence southerly along the line of 
said Bay to the point of intersection of Market street 
with said Bay; thence westerly along said Market 
street to the point where Geary street intersects with 
said Market street; thence westerly along said Geary 
street to where It connects with the Point Lobos Toll 
Road; thence along said Point Lobos Toll Road, and 
said toll road produced in a direct line to the Pacific 
Ocean; thence northerly along said ocean to the point 
of beginning, shall be the Tenth Senatorial District, 
and shall elect two Senators and four members of the 

Eleventh District.— Commencing at a point on the 
line of Market street where Fourth street intersects 
■with said Market street; thence easterly, and along 
said Market street to the waters of the Bay of San 
Francisco; thence southerly and southwesterly along 
the line of the waters of said Bay, to a point where 
Fourth street intersects witli naid Bay; thence north- 
erly along the line of said Fourth street to the point 
of beginning, shall be the Eleventh Senatorial Dis- 
trict, and shall elect two Senators and four members 
of the Assembly. 

Twelfth District.— Commencing at the intersec- 
tion of Larkiu and Geary streets, and running thence 
easterly along said Geary street to its Intersection 
with Market street; thence southwesterly along the 
line of said Market street to tlie point of intersection 
of Fourth street with said Market street ; thence 
southerly along said Fourth street to the point of Its 

intersection with Channel street; thence southwest, 
erly along said Channel street to the point of its In- 
tersection with Eighth street; thence northerly along 
said Eighth street to the point of its intersection with 
Market street; thence southwesterly along said Market 
street to the point of the intersection of Larkinstreet 
with said Market street ; thence northerly along said 
Larkin street to the point of beginning, shall be the 
Twelfth Senatorial District, and shall elect two Sena- 
tors and four members of the Assembly. 

Thirteenth District.— Commencing, at a point 
where the Point Lobos Toll Road produced in a direct 
line westerly intersects with the waters of the Pacific 
Ocean, and running thence easterly along said Point 
Lobos Toll Road to the point of its connection with 
Geary street; thence along said Geary street easterly 
to its intersection with Larkin street; thence south- 
erly along said Larkin street to the point of its inter- 
section with Market street; thence northerly along 
said Market street to the point where Eighth street 
intersects with said Market street; thence southeast- 
erly along said Eighth street to its intersection with 
Channel street; thence northeasterly along said Chan- 
nel street to the point of its intersection with Fourth 
street ; thence southeasterly along said Fourth street 
to the point of its intersection with the Bay of San 
Francisco; thence southerly along the line of the 
waters of said bay to the point of intersection of the 
boundary line between. the City and County of San 
Francisco and the County of San Mateo with the wa- 
ters of said bay; thence westerly along said boundary 
line to the point of its intersection with the Pacific 
Ocean; thence northerly along the line of said ocean 
to the point of beginning, shall be the Thirteenth 
Senatorial District, and shall elect two Senators and 
four members of the Assembly. 

City and County. 

First Ward. — Bounded by the waters of the Bay of 
San Francisco on the north and east ; by the north 
line of Washington street on the south ; by the east 
line of Kearny street on the west ; including the 
islands in the Bay. 

Second Ward. — Bounded by the waters of the Bay 
of San Francisco on the north ; by the west line of 
Kearny street on the east ; by the north line of VaU 
lejo street on the south ; by the east line of Larkin 
street on the west. 

Third Ward.— Bounded by the south line of Wash- 
ington street on the north, by the waters of the Bay 
of San Francisco, and the northerly line of Market 
street on the east ; by the north line of California 
street on the south, and the east line of Kearny street 
on the west. 

Fourth Ward.— Bounded by the south line of Val- 
lejo street on the north, by the west line of Kearny 
street on the east, by the north line of Washinutun 
street on tne south, and by the east line of Larkin 
street on the west. 

Fifth Ward. — Bounded by the south line of Cali- 
fornia street on the north ; by the northerly line of 
Market street on the southeast ; and by the eatt line 
of Kearny street on the west. 

Sixth Ward. — Bounded by the south line of Wash- 
ington street on the north by the west line of Kearny 
street on the east ; by the north line of Pine street on 
the south ; and by the east line of Larkin street on the 

Seventh Ward.— Bounded by the southerly line of 
Market street on the north-west ; by the waters of the 
Bay of San Francisco on the north-east ; by the north- 
erly line of Harrison street on the south-east ; and by 
the easterly line of Second street on the south-west. 

Eighth Ward.— Bounded by (he south line of Pine 
street on the north ; by the west line of Kearny street 
on the east ; by the northerly line of Market stn et on 
the south-east ; and by the east line of Larkin street 
on the west. 

Ninth Ward.— Bounded by the southerly line of 
Harrison street on the north-west ; by the waters of 
the bay of San Francisco on the north-east and east; 
by the northerly line of Channel street on the south- 
east ; and by the easterly line of Seventh street on 
the south-west. 

SAN FRftNCISCO LAUNDRY. »"'*'''''9*§i'4»,"3!?eV.?7T'-''*''^"'' 


COKE, 41 iH»rk«t Street, c«<rii«r Spear. 



Tenth Ward.— Bounded by the southerly line of 
Market street on the north-west ; by the westerly line 
of Second street on the north-east ; by the northerly 
Hue of Harrison street on the south-east ; and by the 
easterly line of Seventh street on the south-west. 

Eleventh Wabd.— Bounded by the southerly line 
of Eidley street, the southerly line of Kidley street 
produced due west to the Pacitic Ocean, the southerly 
line of Market street, the westerly line of Seventh 
street, and the southerly line of Channel street on 
the north ; by the waters of the Bay of San Francisco 
on the east ; by the southerly line of the City and 
County of San Francisco on the south ; and by the 
waters of the Pacific Ocean on the west. 

Twelfth Ward.— Bounded by the waters of the 
Pacitic Ocean and the waters of the Bay of San Fran- 
cisco on the north ; by the west line of Larkin street 
on the east ; by the northerly line of Market street, 
the north line of Kidley street, and the north line of 
Ridley street produced due west to the Pacitic Ocean 
on the south ; and by the waters of the Pacific Ocean 
on the west. 

Police Department. 

Chief of Police.— PATRICK CROWLEY. 

Commissioners.— Richard P. Hammond, William 
Alvord, Robert J. Tobiu, and the Chief of Police 

Captains op Police. — Isaiah W. Lees, William Y. 
Douglass, John Short, A. W. Stone, and Andrew 
J. Dunlevy. 

Clerk Chief of Police. — Alfred Clarke. 

Property Cleek.— William Cullen. 

Detectives. — John Meagher, John Coffey, William 
S. Joues, G. D. Harper, Joseph Bee. Benjamin F. 
Bohen, Daniel Coffey, J. R. Rogers, Edward Byram, 
Arnop Bainbridge, Robert Hogan, and Christopher C. 

Sergeants.— George W. Harman, Abraham Sharp, 
J. W. Shields, T. P. Kingsbury, John Spillane, 
Edward Cohrn, Michael Fitzgerald, Gideon Thomp- 
son, William L. Coles, William E. Hall, Socrates C. 
Fleming. Thomas D. Barnstead, Thomas Flanders, 
Bernard Harter, George L. Gano, George Birdsall, C. 
H. Witham, John Duncan. Charles Nash. Charles Cul- 
len. C. Martin, R. J. Falls, J. T. Wright, M. Lind- 
heimer, Joseph Melody, Charles W. Armager, Wm. 
I). Heusley, J. A. Wilson, William H. Keutzel. Thos. 
1. Langford, John P. McDermott. Frederick T. 
Browu, Charles Cook. M. Murphy, Thomas W. Bethel, 
T. D. McKenna. Stephen Bunner, A. J. Houghtaling, 
and George W. Hogue. 

Corporals- P. S. Hagerty, John C. Ayres, John 
M. Fitzgibbon, James H. Hutton, Watson Nichols, 
John Avan and Patrick Sleviu. 

*The Act of the Legislature of 1877-78, approved 
April 1, 1878, authorizes the Board of Supervisors to 
increase the police force in their discretion to any 
number not exceeding four hundred in all. Number 
now atithorited and employed, five captains, salary 
$1,800 per annum each; one clerk of Chief of Police, 
$1,800 per annum; one property clerk, $1,800 per an- 
num; twelve detectives, $1,500 per annum each; 
twenty-five sergeants, $1,500 per annum each ; twelve 
corporals, $1,404 per annum each; two hundred and 
seventy-three regular patrolmen, $1,224 per annum 
each. An ordinance has beeu passed increasing the 
force to four hundred, the limit allowed by law. 

The sum of $21 per year ($2 per month) is deducted 
from the pay of every member of the force tor the 
creation of " The Police Life and Health Insurance 

8. Jackson, A. B. Kinney and 

Fire Alarm and Police Telegraphf 

Superintendent— John Curran. 

Operators— Alfred Clarke, Jr., E. H. Reese, and 
WiUiam Morton. 

Daniel Shay. 

signal box stations. 
2 — S. W. comer Mason and Lombard. 
3 — S. E. comer Stockton and Greenwich. 
4 — N. W. corner Sansome and Greenwich. 
5 — N. E. corner Battery and Union. 
6 — S. E corner Montgomery and Green. 
7 — S. E. corner Kearny and Union. 
8 — S. W. corner Powell and Union. 
9 — N. E. corner Dupont and Vallejo. 
12— S. W. corner California and Kearny. 
13 — S. W. corner Front and Broadway. 
14— S. W. corner Stockton and Bi'oadway. 
15— S. W. corner Clay and East. 
16 — N. W. corner Mason and Pacific. 
17 — N. E. corner Keamy and Pacific. 
18 — N. E. corner Sansome and Jackson. 
19— N. E. corner Davis and Washington. 
21 — S. E. corner Clay and Kearny. 
2a— S. E. corner Taylor and Clay. 
24 — S. E. corner Clay and Powell. 
25— N. W. corner Washington and Dupont. 
26— S. E. corne^lay and Battery. 
27— N. W. corner Montgomery and Commercial. 
28— N. W. corner Pine and Dupont. 
29— N. W. corner Stockton and California. 
31 — N. W. corner Sansome and Halleck. 
32 — N. E. corner California and Drumm. 
34 — S. W. corner Mission and Steuart. 
3.5 — S. E. comer Montgomery and Pine. 
36 — N. W. comer Folsom and Steuart. 
37— N. E. corner Battery and Bush. 
38 — S. W. corner Market and Second. 
39— S. E. comer Howard and Spear. 
41— N. W. comer Sutter and Jones. 
42— S. E. comer Geary and Mason. 
43— 0'Farrell,Jiear Dupont. 
45— S. E. comer O'Farrell and Jones. 
46— N. W. corner Kearny and Sutter. 
47— S. W. corner Eddy and Powell. 
48— S. W. comer Geary and Kearny. 
49— N. W. comer Stockton and Sutter. 
51— N. W. corner Folsom and Beale. 
52— S. W. comer Mission and Fremont. 
53— N. side King bet Second and Third. 
54— Engine House No. 4, Second, near Howard. 
56— South side Bryant, west of First. 
57— N. W. corner Brannan and Second. 
68— N. W. comer Folsom and First. 
59— P. M. S. S. Co.'s wharf, foot of First. 
61— S. W. corner Howard and Third* 
62— S. W. comer Mission and Fourth. 
63— N. W. corner Harrison and Fourth. 
64— S. W. corner Howard and Fifth. 
65 — S. W. corner Mission and Sixth. 
67— N. E. comer Harrison and Hawthorne. 
68— N. E. corner Brannan and Fourth. 
69— N W. comer Bryant and Third. 
71— S. W. corner Mission and Eleventh. 
72— S. E. corner Mission and Thirteenth. 
73— S. E. corner Howard and Eighth. 
74— Engine House No. 7, Sixteenth. 
75— N. W. corner Jones and McAllister. 
76— S. W. comer Market and Hayes. 
78— N. E. corner Folsom and Ninth. 
79— S. E corner Folsom and Twelfth. 
81— S. W. comer Franklin and Hayes. 
82— N. E. comer Fulton and Gough. 
83 — N. E. corner Octavia and Oak. 
84 — Junction Valencia and Market. 
85 — S. E. corner Laguna and Hayes. 
86— S. W. corner Oak and Van Ness Avenue 
87— S. E. comer Haight and Webster. 
91— N. E. comer Hyde and Turk. 
92— S. E. corner Franklin and Turk. 
93— N. E. corner Jones and Turk. 
94— S. E. comer Polk and Ellis. 
95— N. W. comer Taylor and Golden Gate Avenue 
96— S. W. corner Ellis and Taylor. 

tEstablished April 24, 1865. 




TRUMftN, ISHAM&C0.,511IarMSt. 




97— S. E. corner McAllister and Polk. 
123— S. W. comer Hyde and Union. 
124— Pioneer Woolen Mills, Black Point. 
125— N. W. comer Filbert and Joues. 
126— S. E. corner Hyde and Washin(,'ton. 
127— S. E. comer Broadway and Pulk. 
128 — S. E. corner Clay and Leavenworth. 
129— N. \V. corner Pacific and Leavenworth. 
132— S. W. corner Pine and Mason. 
134— S. E. comer Bush and Hyde. 
135— S. E. corner Bush and Polk. 
136 — N. E. comer Post and Van Nes8 avenue. 
137—8. W. corner Post and Larkin. 
138— S. W. comer California and Larkin. 
139—8. E. comer O'Fairell and Hyde. 
142— N. E. comer Valencia and Twentieth. 
143— N. E. comer Mission and Twenty-second. 
146 — N. W. comer Folsom and Twenty-second. 
146 — N. E. corner Folsom and Sixteenth. 
147— N. E. comer Howard and Twentieth. 
148— N. E. comer Mission and Sixteenth. 
149— N. E. comer Folsom and Eighteenth. 
162 — N. W. corner Brannan and Ei^jhth. 
163 — N. W. corner Harrison and Seventh. 
154— N. W. comer Bryant and Sixth. 
156 — N. E. corner Fourth and Berry. 
157 — N. \V. corner Folsom and Fourth. 
158— N. W. corner Folsom and Fifth. 
169— N. W. corner Folsom and Sixth. 
162— S. E. corner Pacific and Franklin. 
163— S. E. corner Sacramento and Franklin. 
164- S. E. comer Clay and Polk. 
172 — S. E. corner McAllister and46ucbanan. 
173— S. W. corner Ellis and Buchanan. 
174— N. E. corner Turk and Fillmore. 
175— N. E. corner Grove and Webster. 
176— N. W. corner Post and Octavla. 
178— N. W. comer Buchanan anc' Geary. 
182 — N. E. comer Sixth and Townsend. 
183— S. E. corner Mission and Eighth. 
193—8. W. corner Hyde and Cheslnut. 
194 — N. W. corner Stockton and Francisco. 
213— S. W. corner Bush and Buchanan. 
214 — S. E. corner Bush and Steiner. 
215— S. W. comer Washiiii^ton and Webster. 
216 — 8. E. corner Sacramento and Fillmore. 
217— S. E. corner Bush and Devisadero. 
218— K. E. corner Post and Fillmore. 
219— S. E. corner Filbert and Fillmore. 
231— N. W. corner Howard and Twenty-fourth. 
234— N. W. comer Harrison and Twenty-fourth. 
236 — 8. W. Twenty-second and Potrero Avenue 
236— N. E. corner Mission and Twenty-sixth. 
237—8. W. corner Twenty-second and Dolores. 
238— N. E. corner Santa Clura and Potrero avenue. 
239— N. W. corner Butte and Columbia. 
241—8. E. corner GouKh and Bush. 
243— N. W. corner Clay and Scott. 
245— S. W. corner Geary and Steiner. 
246—8. E. corner G(^ary and Devisadero. 
247— N. W. c#rner Turk and Scott. 
248— N. E. I'orner Devisadero and Fulton. 
251— N. E. corner Bioadway and Octavia 
253 — N. E. corner Union and Laguna 
254 — N. E. corner Union and Pierce. 
266—8. E. corner Fillmore and Pacific. 
2fil— 8. W. corner Stevenson and Ecker. 
263— N. E. corner Main and Bryant. 
2G4— N. R. corner California and Front. 
271— S. W. corner Seventeenth and Church. 
273— Eighteenth, east of Castro. 
274— N.W. corner Twenty-fourth and Guerrero. 
27.5— Corner Tweiitv-fo\irtli mid Clnircli. 
27(!— S. W. corner Valencia an.l KlKlitoenth. 
281— San Bruno Koad and Tweiity-ii^'lith. 
283— Corner Twenty-eJKlilh and Cliurch. 
284— Corner Twenty-ninth and Mission. 
291— S. W. corner Jones and Vallejo. 
312 — N. E. corner Jackson nnil Lacuna. 
814 — 8. E. corner California and T.n(,Mina. 
321— S. K. corner Pierce and (!ulif(iniia. 
324—8. E. corner Sacramento and Uroderlck. 
325— S. E. corner California nnd Central avenue. 
326—8. E. cornrr Sutter and Baker. 
341— S. W. corner Ellis and Pierce. 
351— N. W. corner MontRomery and Broadway. 
S.'-.2— North Point Sea Wall. 
361— S. E. corner KIdley and Guerrero. 
862— N. W. corner Noe and Fifteenth. 
371 — N. E. corner Sutter and Mason. 


2— Twenty-eighth and San Bruno Road. 
3— N. E. comer Honduras and Kentucky. 
4— S. W. corner Tenenffe and St. John. 
5 — E. side Kentucky, bet Sierra and Nevada. 
C — S. W. corner Butte and Kentucky. 
7—8. W. corner Yazoo and St. Thomas 

Directions for Key-holders. — Upon the discoY- 
ery of a fire near your signal-box. turn the crank 
steadily to the right, forty times, then wait a few 
moments, and if you hear no alarm on the large 
bells, turn as before. If you still hear no alarm, go 
to the next box and give the alarm from that. Never 
open the box or touch the ciank except in case of 
fire. Never signal for a tire seen at a distance. Do 
not give an alarm for a burning chimney. Be sure 
your box is locked before leaving it. Upon a second 
alarm being struck for the same tire it will be con- 
sidered a general alarm. Second alarum will be 
turned in only by order of the Chief Engineer or hiB 

Keys of the signal boxes are deposited in the vicin- 
ity of each box, at such places as are indicated upon 
cards placed thereon. 

The signal boxes in use consist of eighty-two crank 
boxes and seventy-seven automatic boxes. An alarm 
from an automatic box is given by pulling down the 
hook once and letting go, unerring mechanism doing 
the rest. 

Complaints concerning the working of the Fire 
Alarm Telegraph, irregular striking of the bells and 
gongs, broken wires, etc., .should in all cases be made 
at the Fire Alarm Office, Brenham Place. 

In case of tumult or riot, whereby the services of 
the Police force are required, an alarm will be given, 
consisting of ten strokes upon the bells and gongs, 
repeated five times, which will be a signal for the Po- 
lice to assemble at the old City Hall. This alarm will 
be given only by order of the Mayor or Chief of 

The telegraph apparatus consists of about one hun- • 
dred and twenty miles of wire, divided into nineteen 
circuits, of which twelve are signal circuits, or cir- 
cuits running to the signal boxes. Alarm gongs are 
located in the different Engine, Hook and Ladder, and 
Hose houses, each connected with the Central Office by 
the tire alarm circuits and eight alarm bells for striking 
the alarm box, located as follows: One on the Hall of' 
the Exempt Fire Co., one on the Engine House on Sixth 
street, one on the Engine House on Stoi-kton street, 
one on the Engine House on Second street, one on the 
Engine House on California street, one on the Engine 
House on Sixteenth street, one on the Engine House 
on Bryant street, and one on the Engine House on Pa- 
cific Btreet. The bells and gongs are each struck at 
the same time by electrical machinery. 

Fire Department. 

The Paid Fire Department of the City and County 
of San Francisco was organized December 3, 18(10. 

The present force consists of three hundred and 
three officers and men (Including the Board of En- 
gineers, the Clerk and Messenger of the Board of Fire 
Commissioners, the Veterinary Surgeon, and employ- 
ees at the Corporation Yard), twelve steamers, to 
each of which is attached a hose reed, eight hose 
carriages, and f<uir hook and ladder trucks; 
also five steaintrs, seven hose reels, and three 
hook and ladder trucks in reserve at the Cor- 
poration Yard, the condition of which is as fully kept 
up to the standard reciulred as that of the apparatus 
in active service. Each steamer and hook and la<idpr 
truck Is drawn by two horses, and the hose carriages 
by one each. Number of horses In the Department, 
seventy-one. Amount of hose In use twenty-four thou- 
sand feet, all of which Is carbollzed. Number of hy- 
drants, one thousand three hundred and seventy-one 
available f. r the piirpose of extinguishing tires; num- 
ber of cisterns, fltty-tive, in good order ; total ca- 
pacity, two million eleven thousand eight hundred 
and fifty-six gallons.' 

Expenditures for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 
1883.— Salaries, $199,260 (K) ; running expenses, |39,- 





YardM: 12U to 147 Mpear St., nnd 2tt, 2M Ilowitrd St. 



901 98 ; purchase of material, $16,551 60 ; new engiue 
house No. 13, $12,099 60. Total cost of department, 
$207,812 99. 

Board ofFibe Oommibsioners.— Frank G. Edwards, 
President; Gordon E. Sloss, Gus Reiss, Fred. C. Siebe 
and John Mason. E. B. Vreeland, Clerk ; George W. 
L. Post, Messenger. 

Officers.— David Scannell, Chief Engineer ; James 
Riley, Assistant Chief Engineer ; A. C. Imbrie, John 
McCarthy, Thomas Sands and Qeo.W. Kennurd, Assis- 
ant Engineers ; Samuel Rainey, Superintendent of 
Steamers ; John W. Keilly, Assistant Superintendent 
of Steamers ; Peter Burns, Veterinary Surgeon ; Will- 
lam Eyre, Corporation Yard Clerk ; Charles A. Lyons, 
Corporation Yard Drayman ; John McCartliy and 
Dennis Sullivan, Hydrantmen; John Wills, Carpen- 
ter; H. H. Gorter. Substitute Engineer and Machinist; 
Cornelius Guinee, Corporation Yard Watchman. 

Ste.\mer No. 1.— Located 419 Pacific street. Com- 
pany organized December 3, 18fi(>. Engine, .\mo8keag. 
second class; size of cylinder, six and a half inches; 
length of Rtioke, ten inches ; capacity, four hundred 
gallons per minute ; weight, six thousand five hun- 
dred pounds. Foreman, John Hewston. 

Steamer, No. 2 — Located 412 Bush street. Com- 
pany organized December 3, 1806. Engine. Amoskeag, 
second class ; cylinders, si.x and a half inches ; length 
of stroke, ten inches ; capacity, four hundred gallons 
per minute ; weight, six thousand pounds. Fore- 
man, William J. Courtney. 

Steamer, No. 3. — Located on the south side of Cali- 
fornia street, between Leavenworth and Hyde. Com- 
pany organized December 3, 1866. Engine, Amos- 
keag, third class ; cylinders, seven and a half inches ; 
length of stroke, ten inches ; caiJacity, three hundred 
gallons per minute ; weight, five thousand five hun- 
dred pounds. Foreman, M. J. Dolan. 

Steamer, No. 4. — Located 144 Second street. Com- 
pany organized December 3, 1HG6. Engine, Amos- 
keag, second class ; cylinder, six and a half Inches ; 
length of stroke, ten iu'hes; capacity, four hundred 
gallons per minute ; weight, six thousand five hundred 
pounds. Foreman, Edward Keating. 

Ktkamer, No. 5.— Located 1219 Stockton street. 
Company organized December 3, 1866. Engine, Amos- 
keag, third class ; cylinders, seven and a half inches ; 
length of stroke, ten inches ; capacity, three hundred 
gallons per minute ; weight, five thousand five 
hundred pounds. Foreman, John J. Mahoney. 

Steamer, No. 6.— Located 311 Sixth street. Com- 
pany organized December 3, 18G0. Engine, Amos- 
keag, Second class ; cylinders, six and a half inches ; 
length of stroke, ten inches ; capacity, four hundred 
gallons per minnte ; weight, six thousand pounds. 
Foreman, John Dougherty. 

Steamer, No. 7.— Located on the north side of Six- 
teenth street, between Valencia and Guerrero. Com- 
pany organized April 15, 1808. Engine, Amoskeag, 
second cla.-s; cylinder, eight and a half inches; 
length of stroke, twelve inches ; capacity, tour hun- 
dred gallon.s per minute; weight, six thousand 
pounds. Foreman, John J. Skehan. 

Steamer, No. 8. — Located Pacific avenue, between 
Polk and Van Ness avenue. Company organized June 
1, 1809. Engine, Kimball, third class; cylinder, 
seven and a half inches; length of stroke, ten inches; 
capacity, three hundred gallons per minute; weight, 
four thousand pounds. Foreman, James Grady. 

Steamer, No. 9..— Located 320 Main street. Com- 
pany organized October 30, 1873. Engine, Amoskeag, 
second class ; cylinder, six and a half inches ; length 
of stroke, ten inches: capacity, four hundred gallons 
per minute ; weight, six thousand pounds. Foreman, 
M. Kelly. 

Steamer. No. 10.— Located on Brjant street, be- 
tween Third and Fourth. Company organized Febru- 
ary, 1873. Engine, Amoskeag, second class ; cylinder, 
six and a half inches, length of stroke, ten inches ; 
capacity, four hiindred Kullons per minute ; weight, 
Bix thousand pounds. Foreman, Bernard A. Rawle. 

Steamer, No. 11.— Located on Fourteenth avenue, 
between Railroad avenue and N street. South San 
Francisco. Company organized June, 1874. Engine, 
Amoskeag, second class ; cylinder, eight and a half 
Inches; length of stroke, twelve inches; capacity, 

four hundred gallons per minute ; weight, six thou- 
sand pounds. Foreman, C. J. Gillen. 

Steamer No. 12. — Located southwest corner of 
Drumm and Commercial streets. Company organ- 
ized September, 1879. Engine, Amoskeag. first class ; 
cylinders, eight inches; length of stroke, twelve 
inches ; capacity, six hundred gallons per minute ; 
weight, nine thousand pounds. Foreman, John 

Steamer No. 13.— Located Valencia street, between 
Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets. Foreman, 
Thomas Cavanagh. 

Hose, No. 1.— Located 112 Jackson street. Company 
organized December 3, 1866. Foreman, Charles Towe. 

Hose, No. 2. — Located on Post street, near Fillmore. 
Company organized December 3, 1866. Foreman, 
M. Lavell. 

Hose, No. 3. — Located on Folsom street, near 
Twenty-second. Company organized December 3, 
1806. Foreman, Isaac V. Denniston. 

Hose, No. 4.— Located 1802 Stockton street. Com- 
pany organized December 3, 1866. Foreman, James 

Hose, No. 5.— Located on the south side of Market 
street, between Tenth and Eleventh. Company or- 
ganized December 3, 1866. Foreman, James Riley. 

Hose, No. 6. — Located on McAllister street, between 
Webster and Buchanan. Company organized April, 
1876. Foreman, I. E. Littlefield. 

Hose. No. 7. — Located on Tennessee street, between 
Sierra and Napa. Company organized February 1, 
1879. Foreman, M. McCoy. 

Hose, No. 8. — Located on Filbert street, between 
Fillmore and Webster. Company organized February 
1, 1879. Foreman, Ira J. Casebolt. 

Hose, No. 9.— (Fireboat, Governor Irwin) . Located 
Broadway Wharf, foot of Broadway. Organized 1878. 
Foreman, Thomas Coleman. 

Hook and Ladder, No. 1. — Located 22 O'Farrell 
street. Company organized December 3, 18C6. Fore- 
man, A. Rissland. 

HoDK AND Ladder, No. 2.— Located 627 Broad- 
way, Company organized December 3, 1866. Fore- 
man—John O'Brien. 

Hook aito Ladder, No. 3.— Located on the south 
side of Market street, between Tenth and Eleventh. 
Company organized November, 1874. Foreman, 
George T. Silvey. 

Hook and Ladder, No. 4.— Located on the north 
side of Pacific street, between Jones tnd Leaven- 
worth. Ctmipany organized April, 1877. Foreman, 
James W. Kentzell. 

Fire Patrol. 

Established in May, 1875, by the Board of Fire Un- 
derwriters. It is conducted on the same principle 
as the one in successful operation in New York City. 
The apparatus consists of wagons cBrrj'ing rubber 
covers, fire extinguishers, ladders, and other appli- 
ances for extinguishing fires, saving life, and protect- 
ing property from damage by water. The force con- 
sists of fourteen men including the Captain, who are 
on duty day and night. There are two stations. No. 
1. located .louthwest comer of Stevenson and Ecker 
streets, and No. 2, north side of Grove, between Lar- 
kin and Polk streets. Telegraph wires extend from 
Station No. l to the office of the American District 
Teleeraph Co. , and also to the Palace and Grand Hotels. 

Station No. 1.— Members.— Russell White, Captain ; 
Charles H. Okell, Lieutenant; G. W. Harrison. Chris- 
topher Lee, A. D. Vost. O. P. Huntress. James Igo, J. 
Cavanaugh, Harry Nash, W. T. Thoney and George 
W. Lake, Privates. 

Station No. 2 —Members.— John F. O. Comstock, 
Lieutenant ; Charles Thoney, William Horn, R. 8. 
Chapman and James Moloney, Privates. 

Fire Marshal.— John L. Durkee (appointed by the 
Board of Underwriters) . Office, old City Hall, first 
floor, room 21. 









The free piiblic schools of San Francisco are the 
pride of the citizens, and their efficiency attract many 
families to reside in the city in order that their child- 
ren may reap the advantages they offer. The first 
English school was established in April, 18-47, with 
about thirty pupils, taught by a Mr. Marston, who is, 
therefore, the pioneer teacher of the city. Late in 
ihe same year the citizens organized a public school, 
and erected a building on the southwest corner of the 
Plaza, now Portsmouth Square. In April, 1849, the 
Common Council established a public school, and 
John C.Pelton and wife were employed as teachers, 
and this was the beginning of the system which has 
continued to the present time. During the fiscal year 
of 1882-1883 there were 61 schools, employing 687 
teachers, and having an enrolled attendance of 40,722 
pupils, of whom 21,474 were boys, and 19,248 girls. 
By the report of the School Census Marshal, June 30, 
1883, the number of youth in the city under seven- 
teen years of age is 78,513, being an increase for the 
year of 3,133. The number between five and seven- 
teen who are entitled to draw school money is 57,287, 
au increase of 1,620 for the year. The number attend- 
ing private and church schools only, during the year 
(not including Chinese) was 5, .589, a decrease during 
the year of 142. The number between five and sev- 
enteen years of age (not including Chinese) who 
have not attended school at any time during the 
year was 14,806, an increase from the preceding year of 
617. The last exhibit — of children not attending 
any school — is worthy of note. The enrollment at 
the different schools was as follows : High schools — 
Boys, 339 ; girls, 867 ; total, 1,206. Grammar schools, 
including some Primary grades — Boys, 6,456 ; girls, 
7,007 ; total, 13,463 Primary schools, including some 
Grammar grades— Bovs, 12,273 ; girls, 11,121 ; total, 
23,394. Evening schools— Boys, 2,406; girls, 253; 
total, 2,659. The financial condition of tlie Depart- 
ment is represented as follows: The city tax for 
school purposes in the year 1882-83 was .1429 cents on 
each $100. The total income, including cash on hand 
at the beginning of the year was $821,045 00, an in- 
crease from last year of $56,944 38. The expendi- 
tures were$791, 174 99 ; increase for the year $55,700 .38. 
Cost of instruction per pupil, based on the enroll- 
ment, and e.xcludiug expenditures for buildings, 
$18 85. Cost of instruction per pupil, based on aver- 
age daily attendance, and including expenditures for 
buildings, $23 63. The amount paid teachers' salaries, 
$638,637 53; an increase from the preceding year of 
$15,269 08. The estimated value of school property 
is: School sites, $1,930,000; buildings, $975,000; 
school furniture, $195,000; libraries, $12,000 ; school 
apparatus, $25,000. Total, $3,137,000. 

EVENING SCHOOLS.— Mr. Joseph O'Connor, In- 
spector of Evening Schools, reports the number of 
pupils enrolled during the year at 2,059. Average 
daily attendance, 924 : average numb'T belonging 
to Evening Schools, 1,054. The terms and holidays 
are the same as those of the day schools. The studies 
are reading, arithmetic, penmanship and composi- 
tion or letter-writing, bookkeeping, industrial draw- 
ing, mathematics, etc. There are two Spanish classes 
of sixty pupils each, who receive lessons alternate 
evenings, from two teachers appointed for that pur- 
pose. The total number of classes now in the schools 
are twenty-eight. The highest number during the 
year having been thirty. The Evening Schools are 
held at the Lincoln, Mission and Washington Schools. 

tution brings numerous changes in the Public School 
system. It recognizes evening, tochnical and normal 

I siliools as properly belonging to the Commoa School 
system, and makes high schools and cosmopolitan 
schools i)ractically independent of the State, but de- 
pendent upon the city for their establishment and 
support. The Board of Education (Section 7) will 

1 have control of the schools, selecting text-books, 
direct the examination of teachers, and, unless done 
by the Legislature, will prescribe the course of studies, 
which may include all the sttidies of the high schools. 
The changes iu the examination of teachers and the 

; selection of text-books are important. 

SCHOOL HOUSES.— The total number of build- 
ings used by the Department is 64, of which 63 are 

owned by the city and 1 rented. Of those owned b 
the Department, 6 are of brick and 57 are of wooc \f 
The amount paid for rented rooms was $3,571 70. J 

SCHOOLS, MAY, 1881. I, 

BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL.— Location, north side Sut 
ter street, between Gough and Octavia. Pupils en i 
rolled, 339 ; average attendance, 265. 

GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL.— Location, north sid.t 
Bush street, between Hyde afad Larkin. Pupils en' 
rolled, 867; average attendance. 7.50. Branch Girlss 
High School, east side Powell street, near Clay. 

north side Brondway street, between Powell anc 
Mason. Pupils enrolled, 798 ; average attendance, 667 ' 

street, between Jones and Leavenworth. Pupils 
rolled, 847 ; average attendance, 769. 

tion, Columbia street, between Twenty-fifth and 
Twenty-sixth. Pupils enrolled, 728; average attend; 
ance, 634. 

DENMAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL.— Location, north-: 
west corner Bush and Taylor streets. Pupils enrolled: 
1,015 ; average attendance, 877. 

side Eighth street, between Harrison and Bryant.; 
Pupils enrolled, 1,072 ; average attendance, 906. 

side Mission street, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty- 
sixth. Pupils enrolled, 709; average attendance, 592. 

side Geary street, near Pierce. Pupils enrolled, 796 ; 
average attendance, 711. 

north side McAllister street, between Franklin andit 
Gough. Pupils enrolled, 1,110; average attendance,-, 

side Fifth street, near Market. Pupils enrolled,! 
1,554; average attendance, 1,168. 

MISSION GRAMMAR SCHOOL.— Location, Missioni; 
street, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Pupils en-- 
rolled, 817 ; average attendance, 706. 

Location, north side Filbert street, between Jones- 
and Taylor. Pupils enrolled, 658 ; average attend- 
ance, 542. 

RINCON GRAMMAR SCHOOL.— Location, Silver r 
street, between Second and Third. Pupils enrolled, , 
695 ; average attendance, 566. 

Location, Eddy street, between Polk and Van Ness > 
Avenue. Pupils enrolled, 1,145; average attendance. 

tion, south side Broadway street, betwe(-n Larkin and 
Polk. Pupils enrolled, 873 ; average attendance, 748. 

southwest corner Washington and Mason streets. 
Pupils enrolled, 646 ; average attendance, 562. 

tion, Cortland avenue, near Moultrie. Pupils enrolled, 
190; average attend.ince, 143. 

tion, east side Eighth street, between Harrison and 
Bryant. Pupils enrolled, 710 ; average attendance, 674. 

EMERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location, north- 
east corner Pine and Scott streets. Pupils enrolled, 
587 ; average attendance. 613. 

EWING PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location, north side 
Harrison street, between Fourth and Fifth. Pupils 
enrolled, 1,462 ; average attendance, 1,184. 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY *^°°° '^Z^'^At^^'"''''^^ 

>09f ESTIC COAL, 41 Hsrbet Street, corner Mpe'sr. 



iide Union street, between Montgomery and Kearny. 
Pupils enrolled, .5i>0 ; average attendance, 518. 

lorth Bide Golden Gate Avenue, between Pier.^'e and 
Jcott. Pupils enrolled, 522 ; average attendance, 440. 

GRANT PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location. Golden 
38te Avenue, between Leavenworth and Hyde. Pu- 
sils enrolled, 912 ; average attendance, 6«0. 

rfon, south side Greenwich street, between Jones 
ind Leavenworth. Pupils enrolled, 812; average at- 
tendance 678. 

lorth side Grove street, between Larkin and Polk, 
Pupilsenrolled,987 ; average attendance, 834. 

UiVING PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location, north side 
Broadway street, between Montgomery and Sansome. 
Pupils enrolled, -549 ; average attendance, 428. 

ion, north side Jackson street, between Webster and 
Fillmore. Pupils enrolled, 373 ; average attendance, 

LINCOLN PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location. east side 
Fifth street, near Market. Pupils enrolled, 1,552 ; av- 
5rage attendance, 1,163. 

tion, north side Lombard street, between Baker and 
roderick. Pupils enrolled, 108; average attend- 
hnce, 88. 

MISSION PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location, west side 
Vlissiuu street, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Pu- 
pils enrolled, 747; average attendance, 038. 

Location, southeast corner Noe and Twenty-fifth 
afreets. Pupils enrolled, 484 ; average attendance, 
i05. , 

REDDING PRIMARY SCHOOL.— Location, south- 
west comer Pine and Larkin streets. Pupils enrolled, 
343 ; average attendance, 629. 

Point Lobos avenue, near Nineteenth avenue. Pupils 
enrolled, 67 ; average attendance. 54. 

Location, south i-ide Bush street, near Stockton. Pu- 
pils enrolled, 1,107 ; average attendance, 876. 

Fourieenth avenue, near L street. Pupils enrolled, 
301 ; average attendance, 482. 

iide Minnesota, between Sierra and Napa streets. 
ipils enrolled, 403: average attendance, 324. 

tion, west side Powell street, between Washington 
ind Jackson. Pupils enrolled, C95; average attend- 
■^nce, 538. 

tion. Sanchez street, between Fifteenth and Six- 
teenth. Pupils enrolled, 598 ; average attendance, 486. 

iion. east side Shotwell street, between Twenty-second 
md Twenty-third. Pupils enrolled, .545; average at- 
tendance, 443. , 

north side Silver street, between Second and Third. 
upils enrolled, 1,017 : average attendance. 779. 

south side of Union street, between Franklin and 
Goiigh. Pupils enrolled, 374 ; average attendance. 307. 

»nt street, near Sixth. Pupils enrolled, 821 ; average 
ttendance, 681. 

side Tehama street, near First. Pupils enrolled, 
1,0:« ; average attendance, 783. 

south side Turk street, between Webster and Bu- 
chanan. Pupils enrolled, 840 ; average attendance, 


UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL.-Location, northwest 
comer Filbert and Kearny streets. Pupils enrolled, 
534 ; average attendance, 4S9. 

tion, east side Valencia street, between Twenty-second 
and Twenty-third. Pui^ils enrolled, 1,101 ; average 
attendance, 9*7. 

Lacation, West Mission street, between Hermann and 
Ridley. Pupils enrolled, 693 ; average attendance, 558. 

BUENA VISTA SCHOOL.-Location, York street, 
between Solano and Butte. Pupils enrolled, 203 ; av- 
erage attendance, 156. 

FATRMOUNT SCHOOL.— Location, Chenery street, 
near Randall. Pupils enrolled, 556; average attend- 
ance, 416. 

LAGUNA HONDA SCHOOL.— Location, Seventh av. 
euue, near Laguna Honda. Pupils enrolled, 80; 
average attendance, 62. 

LOBOS AVENUE SCHOOL.— Location, PointLobos 
avenue, near Parker avenue. Pupils enrolled, 200 ; 
attendance, 172. 

OCEAN HOUSE SCHOOL.-Location, San Miguel 
Road, near Ocean House Road. Pupils enrolled, 53; 
average attendance, 47. 

SOUTH END SCHOOL.-Location Williams street, 
near Henry. Pupils enrolled, 146 ; arverage attend- 
ance, 111. 

WEST END SCHOOL.-Location, San Jo86 Road, 
near Six-Mile House. Pupils, enrolled, 116 ; average 
attendance, 95. 

cation. Harrison street, between Tenth and Eleventh. 
Pupils enrolled, 70; average attendance, 43. 

No. 112 Jackson street. Pupils enrolled, 62 ; average 
attendance, 49. 

.512 Union. Pupils enrolled, 72; average attendance, 

EVENING SCHOOLS.— Location, Lincoln School, 
Mission School, and Washington School. Pupils en- 
rolled, 2.659 ; average attendance, 924. 

Fifty-eight schools, exclusive of Evening Schools. 

Ck)lleges and Private Schools. 

Notwithstanding the excellence of the free public 
schools of the city and State, their exemption from 
direct cost to the pupil or parent, and the great in- 
terest taken in them by the public as the nurse and 
strength of our free institutions, colleges and private 
schools of great wealth, popularity and importance 
rise and prosper. That such institutions exist, show 
the great interest taken in educational matters. The 
public and private syrtems are rivals, each stimulat- 
ing the other, and setting examples of enterprise, 
management, salaries, edifices, progress and stahdard 
of scholsrships. There are in San Francisco about 
one hundnd private schools, in which term are in- 
cluded the select school of a few pupils, the semina- 
ries, commercial schools, academies, convent schools, 
and colleges, with their thousand students. The 
Census Marshal reported the number of youth at- 
tending private and church schools in this city in 
June, 1881 mot including Chinese) at 5,731. Many of 
the private schools having edifices of great capacity, 
cost and grand architectural appearance. 

SACRED HftART COLLEGE.— The Sacred Heart 
College, located on the corner of Eddy and Larkin 
streets, is a wooden structure of three high Btories 


.... , c *w u- . TRUMAN, ISHAM & CO., »o». »" ^akket »t. 

-ightnmg Jump-Seat Vehicles. Agens, wholesale ^nd Retail. San Francisco. 


FriiTON IRON W^OBHS,220 Fremont Street. 


and basement, and covering a large portion of the 
block. This is conducted by the " Christian Broth- 
ers," under the direction of Brother Genebern. The 
number of students is 700. The object of this insti- 
tution is to give a thoroughly Christian and secular 
education, embracing the classical, scientific and 
commercial courses. 

The Sacred Heart Presentation Convent is a fine brick 
building of ample proportions, located at the comer 
of Taylor and Ellis streets. This is a chartered col- 
lege by act of the Legislature and empowered to con- 
fer graduating certificates. The school is free of 
charge to all denominations. It was opened on the 
24th of May, 18G9, and the number of pupils increas- 
ing, made it necessary to enlarge the building, and in 
1870 the portion fronting on Ellis street wa.9 added. 
Later on a wing within the enclosure was built, to 
afford more ample facilities for the improvement of 
pupils In music, needlework, painting, drawing, etc. 
The Institution contains 600 pupils, and is under the 
charge of Mother Mary DeSales. 

ST. IGNATIUS COLLEGE.— The St. Ignatius Col- 
lege located on the west side of Van Ness avenue, 
and extending from Hayes to Grove streets, ranks 
among the oldest and most prominent of the colleges 
of San Francisco, opening for the reception of stu- 
dents on October 15, 185.5. It was incorporated under 
the law of the State April 30, 1859, and empowered to 
confer degrees and academical honors. The number 
of students usually in attendance is upwards of 600, 
with a staff of 27 professors and teachers. The col- 
lege edifice consists of two main buildings, connected 
by spacious corridors. On the corner of Grove and 
Van Ness avenue, the first two stories are used for 
class and lecture-rooms, and the two upper floors as 
an exhibition hall. The college will accommodate 
twelve hundred stvidents. The church and college 
combined front two hundred and ninety feet on Hayes 
street, and runs through to Grove street, a depth of 
two hundred and seventy-five feet. It is one of the 
largest and most magnificent edifices the city contains. 

ST. MARY'S COLLEGE.— The St. Mary's College 
located on the east side of Mission street, or County 
Road, about four miles from the City Hall, is repre- 
sented as in a flourishing condition. It is one of the 
oldest colleges on the coast, and has been under the 
management of the Christian Brothers since 1863. 
During the last year there were about 250 students in 

(City) College, Rev. James Matthews, DD., principal. 
Is located on the south side of Haight street, between 
Laguna and Octavla. It was founded in ISo'J. Al- 
though having a nominal connection with the Pres- 
byterian Chinch, the institution is not under ecclesi- 
astical contriil, and is unscctarian in its character. 
The course of study at present prescribed, extends but 
little further than Is needful to flt pupils for entering 
with advantage a college or university course. The 
course of study will be extended as rapidly as the 
students can be prepared for it, and the trustees can 
provide the means of maintaining a competent 

COOPER MEDICAL COLLEGE.— Located corner of 
Sacramento and Webster streets. This college is the 
SUcces.sor of the Medical College of the Pacific. Its 
handsome building was erected in 18S2 by Prof. J,. ('. 
Lane, and named in honor of the late Prof. E. S. 
Cooper. Its Faculty consists of Henry Gibbons. Sr., 
M. D., Professor of Primiplcs and Practice of Medi- 
cine; L. C. Lane, M. D., Professor of Surgery, and 
President; C. N. Ellinwood, M. D., Professor of 
Physiology ; A. Barkan. M. D., Professor of Ophthal- 
mology and Otology ; .Jos. H. Wyttie, M. 1)., Profpssor 
of Microscopy and Histology; Henry (iibV)ons, .Tr., M. 
D., Professor of Obstetrics, etc., and Dean; William 
A. Douglass, M. I)., Professor of Clinical Surgery ; 
Jos. O. Hirsehfelder, M. U., Professor of Clinical 
Medicine ; Clinton Cushlng, M. D., Professor of Qyn;p- 
cology ; W. D. Johnston. M. D., Professor of Chemis- 
try and Toxicology ; R. H. Plummer. M. D., Professor 
of Aniitoniy ; CliiirlcH H. Steele, M. D., Lecturer on 
Materia Medica and Tlierapeutles ; John F. Mors". M. 
D., Adjunct to Chalrof Clinical Surgery : W. a. Whit- 
well, M. D., Adjunct to Chair of Obstetrics ; Chas. 

E. Farnum, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. Wintei 
and summer courses of lectures are given yearly. 
The summer is the regular course. Three regular 
courses of lectures required, together with digsec 
tions and attendance upon clinics. The regulai 
course begins on the first Monday in June ; the Inter 
mediate on the second Monday in January. For par 
ticulars inquire of Henry Gibbons, Jr., M. D., Dean 
Oflice,101 Dupont street. 

SAN FRANCISCO.— Incorporated January 20, 1881 
This College opened its first regular session at the Col 
lege Buildingon Haight street, June 3d, 1884, and wil 
continue five months, with an intermediate coursi 
commencing about February, 1885. The plan of stud: 
includes a three-year graded curriculum. Provide( 
with ample facilities for clinical teaching, in a Dls 
pensary connected with the College, the Homwiipi 
thic Hospital and all the public hospitals of Sai 
Francisco, the Faculty will aim to make the conrf 
instruction thorough and practical in all the subject 
pertaining to a high standard in medical science 
Its Faculty consists of J. N. Eckel, M. D., Professo 
of Predology; S.Worth, M. D., Professor of Theor; 
and Practice; 0. B. Currier, M. D., Professor of Dis 
eases of the Throat, Heart and Lungs; William Boe 
ricke, M. D., Professor of Nervous Diseases; W. El 
Ledyard, B.A., M.B., MR. C. S., Engl., Professor 
Clinical Medicine ; A. McNeil, M. D., Professor 
Materia Medica ; G. H. Palmer, M. D., and F. E. J 
Canney, M. D., Professors of Surgery ; H. C. French 
M. D., Professor of Ophthalmic and Aural Surger: 
and diseases of the Eye and Ear; A. C. Peterson, Hf 
D., Professor of the .•Vnatomy, Physiology and Histol 
ogy of the Eye and Ear ; G. M. Pease, M. D., Professo 
of Gynsecology and Surgical Diseases of Women : J 
A. Albertson. M. D., and George E. Davis, M. D.. Pre 
fessorsof Obstetrics ; R. H. Curtis, M. D., Professo 
of Descriptive and Surgical Anatomv : W.E. Ledyard 
M. D., DeuKUistrator of Anatomy ; Benjamin P. Wall 
-M. D., Professor of Physiology; M. S. McMahan, 11 
D., Professor of Pathology; E. A. Schreck, Ph. G 
Professor of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Toxicologj 
W. A. Dewey, M.'D., Professor of Skin and Venerea 
Diseases. C. B. Currier, M. D., Dean, 427 Gearj- stree. 

The San Francisco Theological Seminary is located i 
121 Haight street. This institution was organized bi 
the Synod of the Pacific of the Presbyterian Churcl 
in October, 1871, but is open for students of all di 
nominations. The qusllflcations for admission an 
the course of studies are the same as in the oldes 
and best theological schools in the It has 
library of over six thousand volumes. The Facut 
are : Rev. Drs. Scott, Burrowes and Alexander. Ten 
opens September 1st, and closes May Ist of each yt 

California College of Pharmacy was incorporate 
August 7, 1872, and aftlliated witli the Universltv i 
California, June 18, 1873. The aim of the institutio 
is to unite the pharmacists and drugirists of the Pi 
cific States in organized efforts to elevate the specli 
educational standard of the business of the apoth. 
cary, by cultivating, improving and difl'using th 
principles antl practice of legitimate pharmacy ; li 
collateral branches of science and the arts; the bet 
modes of rendering available medicinal agents, I' 
giving instructions in the same and in the art of di 
penslng, by a series of lectures and practical deraoi 
si rations. Lectures are given for a term of si 
iiKuiths, during each year, at College Building, N' 
113 Fulton street. 

Institution, which Is in connection with and undi 
the auspices of the University of California, owes i 
formation to the munificence of Judge S. V. Hasting 
who endowed it with a tree gift of ?ino.0()(l. Th 
of the Legislature establishing the College autli<> 
the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco topni 
suitable rooms in this city, and makes it niniidatoi 
upon the liBW Tiibrary Association to extend its 1 
fits to the students of the College. It is now h'cat) 
in the huiUllng of the Society of California Pi.)iiecr 
80H Moiitgomerv street. The numlier of students 
200. The Facility are : W. T. Reed, President ; K. 
Hastings, Dean ; Charles P. Hastings. Registrar. C 
fice of Dean and Registrar. 418 California stre« 
room 4. 




JOHN -vriesfOKK. 

183 »i>enr Mtr«et. 



OF CALIFORNIA.— The Medical Department of the 
University of California occupy the building formerly 
known as the Toland Medical Collegf, located on the 
east side of Stockton street, between Chestnut and 
Francisco. The building was donated to the Univer- 
sity by the late Dr. H. H. Toland. This is an insti- 
tution of a high character ; the Faculty being com- 
posed of some of the most prominent members of the 
medical profession. The course of studies are the 
same as those pursued in the most prominent col- 
leges of the East and Europe. An annual course of 
lectures are given, commencing on the first Monday 
of February and terminating on the 31st of October. 
A. McLean, M. D., Dean. Office 603 Merchant 

OF CALIFORNIA.— This Department was founded 
by the Board of Regents, under a petition from the 
Medical College, September 7, 1881, with a Faculty 
as follows : William T. Reid, A. M., President of the 
University and ex-officio President of the Faculty; 
A. F. McLain, M. D., D. D. S., Professor of Dental 
Pathology and Therapeutics; S. W. Dennis, M. D., 
D. D. S., Professor of the Principles and Prac- 
tice of Operative Dentistry, Dental Pathology and 
Histology; C. L. Goddard, A. M., D. D. S.. Pro- 
fessor of Mechanical Dentistry; M. W. Fish, M. D., 
Professor of Physiology; A. L. Lengfeld, M. D., Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry: William B. Lewitt, M. D., Pro- 
fessor of Anatomy ; W. E. Taylor, M. D., Professor of 
the Principles and Practice of Surgery. In addition 
to the Professors, there are five demonstrators and 
thirteen members on the Clinical Board for clinical 
Instruction. The preliminary term begins February 
Ist and continues until October 30th, annually. S. 
W. Dennis, M. D., Dean of the Faculty. Office 530 
Sutter street. 

BUSINESS COLLEGES.— Of these there are three 
located as follows : Pacific, 320 Post street ; Heald's, 
24 Post street ; Barnard's, 37 Post street. These 
Institutions enjoy a high reputation, as is attested by 
the large number of students in attendance, both from 
the city and interior. The course of studies embraces 
bookkeeping, penmanship, mathematics, telegraphy, 
and others calculated to prepare the student for corn- 
men ial pursuits. 

cated at the southwest corner of Bush and Kearny 
Btreets, and Sykc's, located at 37 Post street, offer 
every faciltiy for those desirous of studying modern 
languages. The Professors personally superintend 
the Spanish and French classes, and they have a 
corps (if first-class assistants to teach any of the other 
Unguages that pupils may desire to learn. 

In addition to the institutions enumerated above, 
are many private schools of excellent reputation ; 
the most prominent of these are the University 
School, Urban Academy, Zeitska s Institute, Home 
Institute, Mefrefs French and English Institute, 
Academy of Notre Dame, St. Rose Academy and St. 
Vincent School. 

Fefleral ani Slate Olcers. 

Federal Officers. 

Army C. S., Division of the Pacific, and Depart- 
ment OF California.— Maj. -Gen. John Pope. Com- 
mauding ; Capt. Wm. McK. Dunn, Capt. D. M. Taylor, 
Lieut. R. T. Emmet, Aids-de-Camp ; Col. J. C. Kelton, 
As.'iiKtant Adjutant-General; Maj. Joseph C. Breck- 
idt,'e. Assistant Inspector-General ; Mnjor William 
Wiiitbrop, Judge Advocate; Col. J. D. Bingham. 
Deputy Quartermaster-General, Chief Quartermaster ; 
Major Michael R. Morgan, Chief Commissary of Sub- 
sistence ; Col. Charles Sutherland, Surgeon U. S.A., 
Medical T^irector; Col. E. I. Baily, Surgeon ; Lieut.- 
Colonel G. L. Febiger, Deputy Paymaster-General, 
Chi. f Paymaster; Major William A. Jones. Corps of 
Engineers, Engineer Officer. Headquarters, Presidio 
Reservation. Major Geo. H. Weeks Quartermaster, 
in charge Q. M. Depot. San Francisco, Cal ; Capt. G. 

A. Hull. M. S. K., in charge of Clothing Depot ; Capt. 
Charles F. Humphrey, Assistant Quartermaster, Depot 
Quartermaster; Capt. Henry Johnson, Medical Store- 
keeper ; Lieut. -Colonel John Moore. Assistant Medical 
Purveyor ; Maj. T. C. Sullivan. 0. S., Purchasing and 
Depot Commissary of Subsistance ; offices, 36 New 

Army U. 8., Department California.— Maj.-Gen. 
John Pope, Commanding (same staff officers as 
under Division), Presidio Reservation; Lieut.-Col. 
G. L. Febiger, Deputy Paymaster-General j Majors 
Charles J. Sprague, W. E. Creary, J. S. Witcher and 
Frank M. Coxe, Paymasters ; offices, 36 New Mont- 

Army U. S., U. S. Engineers, Pacific Coast— 
Lieut.-Col. Charles S. Stewart, Senior Engineer, Presi- 
dent Board of Engineers Pacific Coast, and Engineer 
in charge Twelfth Light House District and fortifica- 
tions. Fort Point ; Lieut.-Col. Geo. H. Mendell. in 
charge Alcatraz Island, Lime Point, Oakland Harbor 
Improvement, Humboldt, Wilmington, Sacramento 
River, San Joaquin River, and Petaluma Creek ; First 
Lieut. Albert H. Pay son. Recorder Board Engineers; 
offices 533 Kearny street. 

Board of Examining Surgeons for Pensioners— 
C. N. Ellinwood, M.D., President ; J. M. McNulty, 
M.D. ; and L. L. Dorr, M. D. Board meets first Wednes- 
day of each month, at 11 o'clock a. m. ; office, 715 Clay. 

Coast and Geodetic Survey (Western Coast 
Division)— Professor George Davidson, Augustus F. 
Rodgers, Louis A. Sengteller, J. S. Lawson, S. Forney, 
and E. F. Dickens. San Francisco ; Cleveland Rock- 
well, Portland, Or., J J. Gilbert, Olympia, W. T., 
Assistants. F. W. Morse, R. A. Marr and P. A. Welk- 
er, San Fran-cisco, Aids. Ferdinand Westdahl, San 
Francisco, Draftsman. Charles B. Bill, Clerk. Vicente 
Denis, Messenger ; office, U. 8. Appraiser's Building. 

Collector of Port— William H. Sears ; office Cus- 
tom House, third floor. 

Court, Circuit.— Stephen J. Field, Presiding Jus- 
tice ; Lorenzo Sawyer, Circuit Judge ; Court Room, U. 
8. Appraiser's Building. 

Court, District — Ogden Hoffman, Judge ; Court 
Room, U. S. Appraiser's Building. 

Court Commissioners — L. S. B. Sawyer, Frank D. 
Moncton. A. D. Grimwood, Southard Hoffman ; office, 
U. S. Appraiser's Building ; Charles A. Low, 23 Mont- 
gomery Block; Nathaniel Holland, 606 Clay; J. A. 
Robinson, 507 Montgomery; Theodore Reichert, 610 
Commercial ; Charles J. Torbert, Central Pacific R. 
R. Building, corner of Fourth and Townsend ; John 
J. Maginis, 636 Clay street. 

Unitf.d States Attorney — S. Hilborn ; Carroll 
Cook and Ward McAllister, Assistants ; office, U. 8. 
Appraiser's Building. 

SuPEavisiNO Inspector Steam Vessels— Charles 
0. Bemis ; office, U. S. Appraiser's Building. 

Inspector of Boilers- James Hillman, office, U. 
8. Appraiser's Building. 

Inspector of Hulls- John H. Freeman ; office, U. 
8. Appraiser's Building. 

Internal Revenue— Chancellor Hartsdn, Collector; 
John E. Youngberg, Deputy and Chief Clerk; Andrew 
Jackson, Cashier; C. B. Higby, H. White, Francis 
M. Cooley, E. F. Bean. T. N. Machin, J. Mecklinberg, 
W. C. Dunlop, C. A. Marston, B. C. Hartson, David 
MacGregor. Milton Wason.W. S. Moore. J. M.Keeler, 
C. H. Livingston. A. F. Learned, P. T. M. Wate. H. C. 
Whittemore, and Frank Easterby, Deputies ; George 
A. Newbold, C. W. Miller, G. S. McCracken, B. C. 
QuiKley. E. W. Woolsev. P. D. Browne, G. W. Wilson, 
W. W. Bunker. R. H. Rogers. Isaac Ayrc, H\igo Herzer 
and W. M. Macmillan. Gangers; Henry B. McNeil, 
Joseph Savage. H. H. Havens, W. R. Steam, Charles 
Maltby. Manfred C. Burnell, J. W. Mandeville, Benja- 
min Haynes. Benj. Hecox, W. L. Phillips. W. S. 
Moore, S. S. Saul. J. Winkler. John Rlncke andD. A. 
Morse, Storekeepers; JUss Mollie Costello, MissC. A. 
Jessnp and A. J. Piatt, Clerks; office, U. 8. Ap- 
praiser's Building. 

Land Office- William R. Wheaton, Eegister; 
Charles H. Chamberlain, Receiver; office, 610 Com- 
mercial street. 

WINDOW SHADES %'r,SK!sl'G.W.CM& Co., 645 Marbtbt 






Light House Department, Pacific Coast — Twelfth 
Light House District: Com. John W. Phi.ip, U. S. N.. 
Inspector of the District; Charles H. Thompson, 
Clerk; Captain A. H. Payson, TJ. S. A., Engineer; 
Temple T. Spotts and C. R. Gutheil, Clerks; John 
O. Brown, Messenger; office, 73-79 U. S. Appraiser's 
Building. W. H. Sears, Superintendent of Lights; 
office, Custom House; J. A. F. McFarland, Keeper, 
and a. A. Townsend, Assistant, Alcatraz Island; J. 
B. Brown, Keeper, James Butterfleld, John Webb and 
Frank Brandt, Assistants, Point Bonita ; James Ran- 
kin, Keeper, J. G. Burgstream. Assistant. Fort Point; 
Thomas Owen, Keeper, Philip Savage, W. H. Rugg, 
D. K. Splaine, Assistants, South Farallone Island; 
John C. Liune, Keeper, Walter Young, Assistant, Goat 
Island; C.F. Winsor, Keeper, Albert Tlppett, Assist- 
ant, East Brother. 

Makine Hospital, U. S.— John Vansant, M. D., Sur- 
geon; Hospital, Presidio Reservation, near Mountain 

Mabine Hospital Service U. S., Pacific Coast, 
Scbgeon-in-Chaege— John Vansant, M. D.; office, U. 
S. .\ppraiser'8 Building. 

Mabshal, U. S.— Moses M. Drew; Deputies: George 
F. Worth, W. L. McEwen, Horace Bacon, B. J. Aker- 
nian. Henry Finnegass, and Charles H. Peterson; 
office, U. S. Appraiser's Building. 

Mint, U.S. Sitpebintendent of— Edward F. Burton, 
office, northwest corner of Mission and Fifth streets. 

Naval Officee (Port of San Francisco) — Bradley J. 
Watson : Deputy Naval Officer John Pattison ; office. 
Custom House, second floor. 

Pay Dibector, U. S. N.— Caspar Schenck; office. V. 
S. Appraiser's Building. 

Pension Agent, U. S. Army and Navx — Henry Cox, 
D. D. ; office, 620 Washington street. " 

Post Office— J. L. Wilder, Superintendent Rail- 
way Mail Service ; office. Post Office Building ; George 
L. Saybolt, W. A. Robinson, J. O. Culver, Theodore 
F. Tracy and R. B. McGaughey, Inspectors Post Of- 
fice Department, office. 32U Sansome street; Samuel 
W. Backus, Postmaster; office, northwest corner of 
Washington and Battery streets. 

Secret Service Division — Henry Finnegass; office, 
0. S. Appraiser's Building. 

Shipping Commissioner — J. D. Stevenson; office, 118 
Jackson street. 

Signal Service U. S. A.— Nelson Gorom, Observer ; 
Charles Seward, Assistant ; office, 42 Merchants' Ex- 

Sijrveyor-General fob California— William H. 
Brown ; office, tilO Commercial street. 

Surveyor Port — John M. Morton ; office, Custom 
House, second floor. 

Treasurer U. 8., Assistant- Nathan W. Spauld- 
Ing; office, 610 Commercial street. 

Treasury Department U. S., Special Agent— 
Joseph F. Evans ; office, U. 8. Appraiser's Building. 

U. S. Surveyor-General's Office. 

610 commercial stui:h 

W. H. BROWN, Surveyor-General. 

Theodore Reichert, Chief Clerk; Joseph R. Man- 
ran, Chief Driflsman ; Casimir Biclawski, J. U. 
Wildes, J. V. B. Goggin, T. D. Beaslev. J. W. D. Jen- 
sen, R. B. Symington. J\illu8 Von Scliinidt. J. C. Hen- 
keniufl, Franz M. (iolilstein. M. O. Wheeler, Charles 
E. Uren, 8. P. linbcook, Draltsmen ; John R. MauineHB, 
Bookkeeper; Harry J. I/isk, Ranch Clerk; E. H. Saw- 
yer, Corr(>s))ondence Clerk; J. A. Forbes, Jr., F. C. 
Heth, and P. McNcvln. Clerks; Mrs. H. H. Hiinna, 
Mrs. L. li. Field, Miss M. S. Reynolds, Miss F. J. 
Chlpnian.Mrs. J. R. Easttiiun, Mrs. F. D. How, Miss 
E. (;hrvBtBl, Mies K. Flynn, Miss F. Tinu'lev, Misfi 
I E. W. Block. Miss K. I. Soule, Miss I,. T. Scntt. Mrs. 
J. M. Halpy, Mrs. E. W. Gagen and Mrs. H. W. Pen- 
degast. Copyists. 

United States Treasury. 

610 commercial street. 

Office hours from ten o'clock a. m. to three o'clocl 
p. m. 

NATH.\N W. SPAULDING, Assistant Treasurer. 

F. G. Bornemann, Cashier; J. W. Dodge, Assistan 
Cashier; Richard M. Anthony, Bookkeeper; L. A 
Boynton, Chief Clerk; Jerome Spaulding, Receiv 
iiig Teller; Asa S. Collins, Coin Teller; W. R 
Stearns and George W. Young, Clerks; H. S. Tucker 
Janitor; L. J. Roland, W. A. King, Charles Suanet an( 
John Hausen, Night Watchmen. 

Custom House. 

Northwest corner of Washington and Batter; 
streets ; office hours daily, from nine o'clock a. m. ti 
three o'clock p. m. (Sundays expected.) 

WILLIAM H. SEARS, Collector. 

J. Frank Millee, Deputy Collector and Auditor. 

Mack Webber. Deputy Collector. 

Edward B. Jerome, Special Deptity Collector. 

M. Morrison, Deputy Collector, Vallejo, Cal. 

L. Mizner, Inspector, Benicia, Cal. 

J. J. Bchiefl'eily, Deputy Collector, San Loul 
Obispo, Cal. 

collector's office. 

Charles C. Leavitt, Adjuster of Duties ; H. Clay Mil 
ler. Cashier: D. S. Moalton, Assistants Cashier ; I 

A. Leavy, G. H. Ferree, George A. Watson and F 
Frank Clarke, Entrj' Clerks ; Charles E. Cloyes, Cler 
and Assistant Auditor ; Thomas H. Craig, Entrv an^ 
Clearance Clerk ; C. H. Blinn, William A. Darliup 
Ben. Hall, William I. Kip, David Harris. Homer t 
Evans, Samuel L. Potter, R. D. Lennox, Thomas M 
Nosier, William J. Coey. D. M. Ca.shin. Henry W 
Martin, E. A. Colson, Benjamin F. Small, and Cree 
Unger, clerks ; Leon E. Pratt and Herbert D. Corletl 
Messengers ; W. L. Crawford, S. M. Folger and Joh: 
Drynen, Watchmen. 

warehouse division. 
W. FORD THOMAS, Deputy Collector and Stor< 
keeper, Chas. W. Clayes, Warehouse and Withdrawf 
Clerk ; Thomas W. Scott, Bond Clerk ; George Barring 
ton. Warehouse Bookkeeper ; Alvin Flanders, F. I 
Sharp, H. Colby, E. Watson and David N. Coey 
Clerks ; J. M. Creed, James Stockton. A. D. Bnldwii 
Phineas CT. Blunt. William S. McRoberts, James E 
Wordcn. H. L. Hosnier. and William P. Saxe, Assisv 
ant Storekeepers ; John Corbett and E. D. Farrinf . 
ton. Receiving Clerks ; Jiu'ob C. Shrader, Opium In 
spector; Alfred Gibbons, Superintendent of Wart 
houses; T. Mahoney, Samuel Shepard and Squar 
Higgins, Watehmon ; A. W. Kaplan, Messi nge 
Thomas J. Falls, Engineer Appraiser's Store; E. E 
Piniiey. Corder a«d Sealer; O. S. Buckboo. Saniu( 
H. Center, George W. Apgar, Isaac HoUiday, A. ( 
Buckbee, D. G. Grant, Maurice B. Walsh, Ge 
Shaw, Jnmes Feeny, Martin J. Acton, Jeromia 
Keefe, Thomas Campbell, H. E. Thomas, mnd Josep 
Fitzler Laborers. 

appraisers' hepartment. 
George W. Dent and Jacob G. Moore. Apprniserf 
Charles M. Leavy and W. U. Orutton. Assistant Aj 
|)raiKers; Nathan B. Hoyt, George McDonald, TI 
dore F. Jerotno. John A. Sampson and K. B. Dennisoi 
Examiners Merchnndiso : Charles BuiTcll, Exaiuiuf 
Drugs; T. O. Ixnvls, Clerk; N. Whitelsw. Anilre 
Hollywood, W. O. WagRtaff, and A. M. Hlltz. Saniplerf 
John J. Stoddard. Messenger; B. S. Lynes, P. Mat 
goin, T. F. Perry, M. C. Edwards, O. Hilton. Samui 
Jensen, Edward M. Kister, James M. Allen, Mason f 
Blackburn, Martin Flagley. A. Eunis, W. J. Nlcholll 

B. F. Stroinberg and O. N. Dodge, Laborers. 

surveyor's office. 

JOHN M. MORTON, Surveyor. 

Halsey F. Cooper, Deputy Stirvryor ; Henry V" 
Brown, Assistant Surveyor; Joseph W. Church, Clerll 
Frank T. Hawes, Messenger. 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY ---'- v^fcr^tE-irVr"*'" 

Iltt|>Ok'i«i'> or and Dealers in COAI. and PIO Ilt<»lV, 

41 Market Ktreet, corner Spear. 




William H. Scales. William J. Ruddick and Henry 


James E. Squire, James Hart, Joseph Hollywood, 
Henry Charbonuell, John C. Millan, Frank M. Bee, 
Amasa B. Andrews, George Allman, William W. Stun- 
eieford. Ji)hn B. Phelps, Carl F. Rosecianz, Mason 
C. Southard. Alfred Ulp, John C. Kelley, Edward 
McLaughlin. F. D. Ciprico, Georee Ga\ lord, W. Har- 
rint'ton, J. L. Lang. C. V>. Douglass, Chauncy M. St. 
John, F. B. Tarbett, J. C. Palmer. Charles W.Sheuck, 
George Warren, Joseph Klopenstein, W. H. Thomp- 
son, John F. Pinkham, Thomas M. Browne, C. P. 
Clark, D. W. McCrary, William A. Whaley, H. Hude- 
man, Daniel W. Grant, James H. Breeze, Porter Ha- 
den, Silas P. Ford, Symmes H. Hunt, S. D. Simonds, 
James Kevins, George E. Coe, F. M. Pierce. George 
A. Warren, E. A. Holmes, B. I. Salomon and Henry 
Webb, Inspectors ; Mrs. Mary M. Slicer, Inspectress. 


John P. Skelton, Robert M. Cochran. Herman 
Tucker, F. Cruse, C. M. Strattan, E. T. McLean, O. >I. 
Marsh, J. F. Ray, Stephen Jewett, C. J. Raney, W. 
Ottenheimer. H. W. Beddan, W. G. Lee. Charles 
Hoerchner, Jeflrey Powers, Thomas J. Smith, Charles 
O'Donnell, W. G. Lee, Martin Winslow, Charles 
Emslie, J. L. Roiindry, J. J. Lavin, J. P. Cooper, John 
W. Kelly. A. S. Buckley, C. A. Harper, Thomas J. 
AuBinder, John C. Neilson, J. D. Mahlstedt, Charles 
A. Spurrier and W. McMurray. 


Thomas P. Valleau, L. Van Orden. and Lucius A. 
Booth, Weighers ; Elijah B. Keyes, T. Kane, Henry 
Stacy, Frank Wadsworth. E. C. Sterling, Hardwick 
Newhouse, Samuel E. Garland, Rufus Van Schaick, 
Harris Jenks, George W. Peterson, E. J. Weeks, Walter 
H. Byington, Aaron Kahn, Samuel O'Donovan, J. J. 
Lyon andH. C. Menomy, Assistant Weighers. 


J. W. Probasco and C. B. White." 


Charles A. Foster and S. H. Hunt. 

NAVAL office. 

BRADLEY J. WATSON, Naval Officer. 

John Pattigon, Deputy ; Daniel Gorham, Cashier ; 
Valtntine Alviso, Edmund R. Rockwood, William F. 
French, Frederick A. Doane, W. H. Friend, Alexander 
Hay, George W. Branch and John J. Shepheard, 
Clerks ; Conrad Usinger, Clerk and Messenger. 

John Hefeman and Moses A. Abbott. 

U. S. Mint. 


The law for the establishment and regulation of the 
Mint of the United States, provides that any person 
may deposit gold bullion for <'oinage or to be made 
into tine bars. The bars to be stamped in such man- 
ner as shall indicate the weight, fineness and value of 
the same. In the case of silver biillion deposits are 
received only for maniifaiture into fine bars, the 
Government re>erving tlie right to make its silver 
coin from bullion purchased In the market. 

Office hours from nine o'clock a. m. to three o'clock 
p. M. Gold bullion received daily from nine o'clock 
A. M. to twelve o'clock m. Silver received from 
nine o'clock a. m. to one o'clock p. m. Visitors ad- 
mitted daily from nine to half past eleven o'clock 

A. M. 

EDWARD F. BURTON, Superintendent. 


Edwin G. Waite. Chief Clerk ; Charles H. Hedges, 
Ca.«hier : H. C. Johannes. Offli e Clerk : W. P. Edwards 
Jr.. Register of Deposits; Edward Wlieaton, Book- 
keeper; J. R. Hardenbergh, Assistant Bookkeeper; 
D. S. Noggle, Weigh Clerk ; George J. Benuett, 

Assistant Weigh Clerk; William H. Keith, Test j 
Weigher; Geo. L. Harris, Chief Engineer; Jamea B. i 
Moore, Superintendent of Deposits Melting; W. H. 
Clark, Adjuster of Weiahtg and Balances; Arthur 
Gieglingeo and H. R. Muller, Clerks; C. F. Robinson, 
Captain of Watch ; George Parry, huperiutendent'a 
Computing Clerk ; E. S.Gaver. Abstract Clerk ; Charles 
S. Swasey. Assayer's Computing Clerk ; J. M. Currier, 
Wurrant Clerk ; Stephen Wing, Transfer Clerk • Chas. 
H. Seymour, Chip Room Clerk ; A. M. Hepburn, W. 
H. Gladwin, E. P. Mawelus, Charles Barlow, J. H. 
Tennant and Isham Case. Workmen ; John Tor- 
rence and Joseph Goodridge, Carpenters ; L. V. 
Hogeboom and C. A. Stanley, Assistant Engineers ; S. 
W. Taylor, Blacksmith ; T. Mahony, Day Watchman 
and Porter; W. H. Childs, Storekeeper: Patrick 
Reardon, William T. :^isherand E. C. VanDuyn, Fire- 
men; William Hnlbert, Custodian of Cabinet; J. H. 
Bundy, E. S. Hamilton and John Curry, Messengers ; 
Owen Sheridan and C. C. Hillard, Helpers ; Wm. 
P. Ruggles, and William F. Gregory, Doorkeepers ; E. 
A. Ludwick, L. W. Ransom, Alex H. Todd and J. G. 
Trimble, Conductors ; Jackson Jordan, W. K. Benja- 
min, O. T. Ames, F. C. Lewis and Frank Moyer, 
Janitors ; A. S. Baker, George E. Richmond, Charles 
Simmons and J. M. Anderson, Outside Watch- 
men ; William M. Boyd, James King, James D. Bow- 
land, A. W. Morse. J. Y. Jones. Daniel Cram, W. S. 
Pearson. J. E. Whitcher, William Williams, W. M. 
yirtlot, Samuel Wells and Edwin A. Cady, Watch- 
men ; J. H. Cornwall, Cleaner. 

assater's department. 

OSCAR D. MUNSON, Assayer. 

Henry H. Lawrence, Assistant Assayer ; Charles H. 
Sherman, Second Assistant Assayer; Martin V. Bit- 
ter. William V. Watson, Ellas Oilman, William C. 
Andrews, Walter S. Shannon. William T. Reilly and 
E. Ruhling. Weighers ; H. Robinson, F. W. Gibbons, 
R. T. Roberts, W. S. Dibble, James Oglesby, George 
H. Loring, D. S Sherman, Joseph Jacobs and Moses 
Furbubh, Workmen ; Frank D. Hetrich, Foreman. 


ALEXANDER MARTIN, Melter and Refiner. 

T. B. McCauley, Assistant Melter and Refiner. 

John Feix, Foreman of Refinery ; Frank H. Lasselle, 
Henry M. Clayes, Benjamin S. Marston, Charles A. 
Buckbee. and George A. Dall, Clerks ; Jacob Stadtfeld. 
Frederick M. Benner, Joseph L. Wilson, Charles C. 
Merrill, Clarence W. Fisher, John La Blanc, Ed- 
ward J. Levy, Gaetano Bacigalupi, James Clark, 
William B. Hunt and Benjamin F. Stoakes, Melters ; 
Garrett E. Rice, Henry Classen, Peter Sesser, William 
L. Eaton. Albert S. Bierce. George Brown and Edward 
M. Hooper, Operatives ; Herman Littlebrandt, John 
Carter, David A. Lancaster, George Rodden. Van 
Benssalaer Raymond, Thomas F. Clark, William Han- 
ley, George F. Harris, Joseph Fisher, Joseph Arm- 
strong. George H. Rogers, George Lake, Charles 
Ellsworth, William H. Davis, John Duane, Thomas 
McGlynn, John Biglev, Dennis Visher, William P. 
George, Charles S. Waltman, Edward Melville and 
Abraham Lewis, Helpers; H. J. Moore, Plumber; 
Richard W. Law, Samson Lion and Robert Rowe, 
Sweep Cellar Operatives ; Edgar C. Brown, Messenger. 



Henry R. Williams. Assistant Coiner. 

E. C. Bowen, Foreman Press Room; George M. 
Adams Foreman Cutting Room ; P. H. Andross, Coin- 
er's Clerk ; Hugh Chalmers, Af-slstant Clerk ; F. H. 
Fisher, Chief Adjuster; Thomas C. Maher, Press 
Boom ; J. W. Wesiover, Foreman Whitening Room; 
Wro. H. I^owrie, Foreman Rolling Room ; R. J. Raw- 
lins, Foreman Annealing Room ; F. C. Berdan, 
Weigher : Francis Hill and Hartley Williams, 
ant Weighers; P. W. Mulcahy, Whitener; George C. 
Kent and Samuel Booth, Cutters ; H. J. Hunter, Die 
Hardener : J. B. Harmstead. E. Houston, J. J. Hanifin 
Jr. and W. Bedell, Machinists; J. B. Patterson, A. F. 
Pratt. Bartley Cavanangh. John Conness Jr., A. G. 
Hansen, Frank W. Pa«e, Charles G. Wilkins, Antone 
Glock. A. R. McFarlan. John H. Gilmore, E. F. 
Whitney. George Hadsell. V. W. Plunkett, T. Percy 
Pease, William SUley, J. J. Woodhonse, John P. 


"^t^^^S^^r TRUMAN, ISHAM & CO, 

599, 511 Market St. 

San FrancJsco. 



Babcock, James Fitzpatrick, John H. Earle, A. S. 
Hubbard, Edward B. Hinds, L. Walker, C. A. Grim- 
mer, C.W. Adams and L. H. Long, Workmen : Frank J. 
Currier, Machine Hand; Mrs. D. M. Thaller, Miss 
M. M. Eschenberg, Mrs. Mary W. Denver, Mrs. 
Honora J. Saunders, Mrs. M. Baine, Annie S. Ran- 
dall, Sarah Brown, Miss Kate McKenna, Emma C. 
Leonard, Mrs. M. E. Daingerfield, Margaret B. Bow- 
man, Virginia A. Deal, Addie E. Gould, Mrs. Olive 
Dawley, Nina Larowe, Nellie Hagadom, Mary E. 
Flagg, Dottle F. Sargent, Louisa Lewis, H. A. Chip- 
man, Mrs. Cornelia Bowman, Mary M. Springer, C. 
P. Sturtevant, J. C. Edlefson, Mary P. Hatch. Louisa 
Fisher, Emma C. Lawrence, Emma J. Lewis, Mrs. 
Francis V. Wait, Laura Zerman, Mrs. Ellen R. War- 
ren, Jennie M. Downer, Susan Amsbary, Mrs. S. 
Maltman, Emma C. Ainsworth^ Mi^s Ella M. Green- 
hood, Mrs. Mary L. Whittemore, E. S. Snell, Mrs. E. 
W. Bourne, Sarah J. Hofifman, Teresa M. Harrison, 
Mary B. Cunningham, Miss Agnes C.James, Annie 
V. Nelson, Linny Wolf and M. A. Whittingham, Ad- 
justers. Miss Ellen Fletcher, Janitress. 



General delivery open daily from half-past seven 
o'clock A. M. to six o'clock P. M.; Sundays from ten 
o'clock to eleven o'clock a. m. Registry Office open 
daily from half-past seven o'clock a. m. to four o'clock 
p. M. Stamp Window, open daily from eight o'clock a. 
M. to five o'clock p. M. Box Window open daily (ex- 
cept Sundays) from half-seven o'clock a. m. to five 
o'clock P. M. Money Order Office open dally (except 
Sunday) from nine o'clock \. m. to three o'clock p. m. 
Carriers' Window open daily from half-past seven 
o'clock a. M. to five o'clock p. m.; Sundays from ten 
o'clock to eleven o'clock a. m. 

SAMUEL W. BACKUS, Postmaster. 

William C. Docoherty, Deputy Postmaster. 

Samuel C. Stow, Cashier; O. E. Perigo, Bookkeeper ; 
D.S.Richardson, Secretary; Alexander M. Cox, Gen- 
eral Superintendent ; Louis Miller, Assistant General 
Superintendent ; V. D. Duboce, Dead Letter Clerk ; 
Barlow Dyer, Chief Mailing Clerk; D. C. Owen, Chief 
Registry Clerk ; Albert Hart, Chief Money Order Clerk; 
H. W. Butler, Chief Clerk Newspaper Division ; C. R. 
Morris, Chief Box Clerk ; John Crowley, Stamp Clerk ; 
W. A.Cooper, H. J. Finnegan, John Greenwell, Dennis 
Coyne, John W. Perry, Jas. N. Morgan, Robert Conness, 
W. N. Jacobs, A. S. Sheldon, E. S. Pratt, F. J. Kearney, 
W. M. Josephy, W. H. Church, M. L. Culver. C. H. 
Hollister, J. R. Hardenberg Jr., J. F. Costello and E. 
D. llerrlck, Miiiling Clerks ; L. P. Smith, George S. Mc- 
Conib, C. W. Plielps, J. A. Baldwin, U. Wallace, Adolph 
Berg. M. G. Sawyer, E. F. Williams, Mrs. Abblo L. 
Marble, Mrs. C. F. White, Mrs. S. M. All.'U and Miss 
La\ira A. Horrell, Registry Clerks: H.A.Martin, John 
L. Edwards, Joseph Figuiere, T. F. Tracy Jr., J. S. 
Kennedy and M. W. Walsh, Money Order Clerks ; A. J. 
Vining, E. A. Poguo, A. L. Adams, J. M. McOrew Jr., 
J. L. Pumye.i. E. U. Bromley, (has. H. Douglass. W. 
F. DouglHHK, C. S. KasHon, K. F. Seagrave.W. C. Gulrey, 
Martin Lelsuer and John M<-Culloin, Newspaper 
Clerks; William W. Waters. Charles F. Amennan, C. 
N. Perkins and G. T. Tavlor, Hox Clerks ; Daniel Mc- 
Qrath, A. L. Doe, Geo. E. Little, Adolph Sober, Geo. 
Ashlm, J. W. Burson, J. P. Buckley, E. F. Donnelly, 
Jacob Hamm, E. McA. Johnson, Mrs. C. Kelly, Miss 
M. L. Hunker, 0. T. Lagercrantz, Theodore Link, J. 
H. Seaman, John H. Hunt, A. C. Tavlor. Frank H. 
Vasllt, H. Sfhuck and Emma F. Edwards, City Deliv. 
ery ; John Valentine, N. 8. Larney, John Dugau and 
R. N. Clark, Porters. 


Facilities are given to the post-office offlclals in the 
discharge of tin Ir daily duties, and greater security 
afforded to the i)ulilic. by careful attention to the fol- 
lowing recouuiieiidntions: 

Make the address on letters legible and compete, 
giving the tiame of the post-office, county and State, 
'ihonameof the street and number of the house sliould 

also be given on letters addressed to cities where let- 
ter carriers are employed; while the letter will eventu- 
ally reach its destination without a number, the 
omission is often a cause of hesitation and delay. In 
the case of letters for places in foreign countries, the 
name of the country as well as the post-office should 
be given in full. Letters addressed, for instance, 
merely to " London," without adding " England," are 
frequently sent to London, Canada, and vice versa, 
thereby causing delay, and often serious loss. 


The Free Postal Delivery System is similar to the 
one so successfully maintained in several of the 
large Eastern cities. There are sixty districts, each 
of which is in charge of a carrier, who delivers 
promptly all mail matter received at the Post Office, 
upon which is written the correct address, street and 
number of the party for whom it is intended. 

All persons who desire their letters, etc.. retained 
until called for, must leave their address at the Post- 

Alexander M. Cox. Superintendent ; Louis Miller, 
Assistant Superintendent ; V. D. Duboce, clerk ; W. J. 
King, A. J. Dheilig, C. F. Scovern, Robert D. Cunning- 
ham, H. E. Pope, C. S. Baker, G. C. Johnson, John 
Gundelach, G. W. Hart, Otto H. Johnson, Augustus 
Kins, J. L. Lansing, F. E. Marsh. W. F. Mnurer, T.B. 
Parker. T. L. Hill, H. A. McCauley, H. A. Fink, Thomas 
J. MuUin, Samuel S. Gibson, W. S. Simmons, Henry O. 
Perry, Stanley O. Post, J. R. Rines, Alvin B. Reed", E. 
G. Petterson, A. E. Booth, J. S. Coleman, J. Mackey, 
C. T. Hull, J. L. Kelly, F. F. Werner, R. M. Murphy, 
F. W. Meyer, G. H. Robinson. L. H. Bottomly, I. 0, 
Anker, J. O'Connor. I. Simon. F. L. Bacon, Geo. J. 
Black, J. D. Wiseman, E. J. Waldron, A. M. Osio, R, 
J. Gilmer, M. Heath, E. Volz, M. J. Sullivan, J. Wien- 
shenk, T. A. Campbell, E. A. Parker, Thos. McDermott, 
P. J. Fay, James Daniels, F. J. Silencer. F. E. Smith, 
John McGowan, H. G. Gerdes, R. Chapman, L. F. 
Nunan, Thomas Hollls, W. L. Ketchum,W. H. Glenn, 
James H. Smith, Jeremiah M. Smith, George White, 
R. E. Williams, George F. Conway. Frank P. Forbes, 
Dexter J. Harlow. W.B. Chamberlain, H. M. Castlllar, 
W.P. Spencer, F. D. Arnold, Richard H. O.Weber, A, 
Springer, M. C. Burnes, Charles Eggeling, F. H, 
Stanley and Reason B. Beall, Carriers; George 

A. Billings, Superintendent Station A ; H. W. Forbes 
Superintendent Station B, and George F. Earle, Clerk 
H. L. Starkweather, Superintendent Station C; M. A 
McLaughlin, Superintendent sub-Post Office, South 
8. F. 


Three Branch Offices have been established at the 
following named localities ; Station A, i;i0.5 I 
street; George A. Billings. Superintendent. Open ii:iily 
from eight o'clock a. six o'clock p.m. ; Saundnys 
from ten o'clock a. m. to eleven o'clock a. m. Station 

B. northwest corner of Mission and Eighth street 
ugh W. Forbes. Superintendent; George F. Earle, 

A. M. Station C, northeast corner of Twentieth and 
Mission streets ; H. L. Starkweather, Superintendent- 
Open dally from eight o'clock a. m. to five o'clock r. m. 
Sundays from ten o'clock a. m, to eleven o'clock a. m 
A Sub-office has been established on Railroad avenue 
near Manitoba, South San Francisco, where letters 
may be left for registration, and requests for money 
orders will receive prompt attention. 


There are three hundred deposit boxes for the re- 
ception of letters, placed in prominent localities 
throughout the city, from which coUectI 
made several times during the day in season for the 
departure of the malls. 


J. L. WILDER, Superintendent; James M. John, 
son. Chief Olerk ; U. B. Miller, Clerk. 

Geo. L. Seydoldt. W. A. Rodinson, J. O. Culver, 
Theodore F. Tracy and R. B. McGauouey, Inspect- 
ors Post Office Department. 

P. R. Downer. Fred. F. Creque, J. F. Harris, M. J 
Maloney. W. C. Bontelle. William C. Dubois. Thomis 
J. Ford. Isaac N. Merrill. M. E. Quinibv. J. H. Reld 

C. W. Quruev. William Knapp. R. H. McCloud. E, E 
Danforth, J. H. Robinson. John W. Stevenson, R. I. 

Clerk. Open from eight o'clock a. m. to six o'. 
P.M. ; Sundays from ten o'clo.-k a.m. to eleven 


SHIP PLANK and TIMBER, LOCUST TREENAILS: *'**"^ Y3'3«>^«a«r^ri*reoe. 



Auld, George Babcock, Stephen Tripp, C. F, Wood, 
Albert Teal, William M. McClond, Albert H.Merrill, 
Frank A. ReynoUls, Samuel Flint, Jae. M. Lewis. E. 
9. Harrison, W. K. Jones. A. C. Mahone, John Bar- 
rinston, George A. Bromley, Jabez Churchill, George 
H. Kelly. R. A. Brown, W.W. Little, W. O. Swan, Jr., 
Henry Wilbur, D. W. C. Story, Josiah H. Gibbs, 
Charles C. Hilton. Frank P. Howland, W. M. Polleye, 
Tames R. Wilson, H. A. Swauey, F. R. Haaiz, A. R. 
McCall, E. H. Ostrander, C. B. Robinson, Frank 0. 
Stevens, C. S. A. Taylor, H. P. Thrall, H. W. Watkins, 
»nd J. H. West. Postal Clerks. 

State Officers. 

ExKCUTivE Depabtment. — George Stoneman, Gov- 
ernor; John Daggett, Lieutenant-Governor; Thomas 
L. Thompson, Secretary of State ; John P. Dunn, 
Controller; E. C. Marshall, Attorney-General; W. A. 
January, Treasurer; H. I. Willey, Surveyor-General; 
W. T. Welcker, Superintendent Public Instruction; 
Geo. B. Cosby, Adjutant-General ; James J. Ayres, 
State Superintendent of Printing ; William H. Hall, 
State Engineer ; T. H. Wallis, State Librarian. 

Board Railroad ConrMissroNEES. — 0. J. Carpenter, 
W. P. Humphreys and W. W. Foote. 

Board Equalization.— Charles Gildea, C. L. More- 
ouse, C. E. Wilcoxson, John Markley, and John P. 
lunn, ex officio. 

Board Education.— George Stoneman, President; 
riUiam T. Welcker, Secretary. 

Board Health.— Henry Gibbons, Sr., M. D., San 
Francisco; O. W. Breyfogle, M. D., San Jose; W. R. 
Cluness, M. D., and F. W. Hatch, Sr., M. D., Sacra- 
mento ; J.P.Widney.M.D., Los Angeles; C. C. Mason, 
Chico ; F. W. Hatch, Jr., M. D., Napa. 

Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute.— W. Wilkinson, 
Superintendent; A. K. P. Harmon, George D. Dornin, 
Isaac Wormser, Elliott H. Woolseyand R. A. Redman, 


State Insane Asylum (Stocktoh) . — W.T.Browne, M. 
D., Superintendent; W.H.Mays, M. D., and WalterR. 
[janKdon, M. D., Assistants ; Robert Watt, Lewis 
M. Cutting, J. K. Doak, Donald McLennan and Obed 
Harvey, M. D., Directors. 

State Asylum fob the Insane (Napa).— Benjamin 
Jhurtleff, N. D. Rideout, J. C. Martin, D. L. Haas and 
J. F. La-wdin, Trustees. 

State PRisoN.--John Boggs, D. W. Gelwick, W. 
Hendricks, Charles F. Robbins and W. C. Van 

State Appointees. 

Bank Commissioners Board of— William F. White, 
r. E. Farnum, J. M. Litchfield ; office, 528 Califorina 


Commissioneb of Immigration- p. A. Forrester; 
>fflce, 525 Front. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics— John S. Enos, Com- 
nissioner; Hugh J. Mohan, Assistant Commissioner. 
)ffice, 14 Dupont street. 

Fish Commissioners- A. B. Dibble, R. H. Bucking- 
lam and Joseph D. Redding, office 302 Montgomery. 

H.\RB0B CoMMissiONKBs— William Irwin, John H. 
Jflse and A. C. Panlsell, Commissioners ; James C. L. 
I^sdsworth, Secretary; A. T. Vogelsang, Assistant 
Jecretary ; Marsden Manson Chief Engineer ; Howard 
3. Holmes, Assistant Engineer; T. C. Koogan, Attor- 
ey; Martin Corcoran, Chief Wharfinger; Martin 
elly. Assistant Chief Wharfinger ; office 10 Califor- 
lis street. 

Insurance Commissioner.— Geo. A. Knight ; office, 
401 California street. 

Notaries Public— See Business Dir^btory. 

Pilot Examiners- H. H.Watson, H. O. Williams 
and E. N. Laflfey ; office, 62 Merchants' Exchange. 

Pilots — W. N. Shelly, Charles Mayo, John Mahan, 
Frank Murphy, Thomas J. Knipe, Frank Boyd, Wm. 
W. Neal, William E. Domett, John W. Ott, Freeman 
Trask, J. S. DoUiver, Eugene M. Freeman, J. Henry 
Rocers, James Blood, George Johnson, Thomas H. 
Barber, John Read. Stephen, Castle George D. Korts 
and J. B. Jones; office, NE corner Washington and 

Benicia and Mare Island Pilot— C. H. Harrison. 

Wilmington— Thomas Powers. 

Port Wardens— Charles Thorn, Otto Luders and 
George Cummings ; John P. Jourden, Secretary ; 
olfice, 525 Front street. 

Registrar— James A. Johnson ; Wllliani Broderlck, 

ViTicuLTURAL Commissioners.— Arpad Haraszthy, 
President; C. A. Wetmore, Secretary ; office, 111 
Leidesdorff street. 

Park Commissioners— F. M. Plxley, Wm. Alvord 
and John Rosenfeld. 


United States Circuit Court, District of Cali- 
fobnia.— Regular terms held in San Francisco, first 
Monday of February, Second Monday of July, and 
fourth Monday of November. Special terms at the 
discretion of the Court. Stephen J. Field, Presiding 
Justice; Lorenzo Sawyer, Circuit Judge ; L. S. B. 
Sawyer, Clerk. 

United States District Court, District of Cali- 
fornia .—Regular terms held in San Francisco, first 
Monday of April, second Monday of August, and first 
Monday of December. Special terms at the discre- 
tion of the Court. Ogden Hoffman, Judge; Southard 
Hoffman. Clerk; A. D. Grimwood, Deputy Clerk. 

Supreme Court of California.— Regular terms 
held in San Francisco, second Monday In January and 
third Monday in July; at Los Angeles first Monday 
in April and second Monday in October, and at Sac- 
ramento first Monday in May and second Monday 
in November. Robert F. Morrison, Chief Justice; 

E. W. McKinstry, James D. Thornton. E. M. Ross, J. R. 
Sharpstein, S. B. McKee and Milton H. Myrick, Asso- 
ciate Justices ; Edward C. Marshall, Attorney-General; 

F. W. Marshall, Deputy Attorney-General, J. W. Mc 
Carthy, Clerk; J. B.Williams, Frank Myers, W. 8. 
Leake, J.S. Kilsby and John T. Gaffey, Deputy Clerks ; 
Thos. F. O'Connor and F. T. Meagher, Secretaries 
and Librarians ; W. W. Cope, Reporter; Henry C. 
Finkler and Perrie Kewen. Bailiffs ; John J. Crow- 
ley and James J. Barry, Janitors. Rooms 121 Post. 

Superior Court. — Sessions held daily. 

Justices' Court.— Sessions held daily. J. C. Pen- 
nle. Presiding Justice ; E. Gilson, T. W. Taliaferro, 
Charles H. Wolff and Joseph J. Dunne. Justices; 
Frank P. Murphy, Clerk; P. Deveny and John H. 
Molt, Deputy Clerks. 

Police Coubt— Sessions held daily. H. Watson 
Webb, Judge ; Wtlter 0. Graves, Prosecuting Attor- 
ney ; H.B.Cook, Clerk; C. H. McDonald, Assistant 
Clerk: G. H. Cabaniss, Clerk Prosecuting Attorney; 
Joseph A. Becsey, Louis Locke, E. C. Stock, and 
Andrew Glover, Interpreters. 

Police Court No. 2.— Sessions held daily. James 
Lawlor, Judge ; Joseph F. Coffey, Prosecuting Attor- 
ney ; W. D. Farren, Clerk ; H. J. Stafford, Clerk Pros- 
ecuting Attorney. 

CEILINGS DECORATED '" To^SriTair- «m«i*Kl«»- 





corporated, 1873. Capital stock, £000,000 ster- 
ling; auiouut paid in £300,300 sterling ($1,501.- 
500). Number of shares of "common stock" 
issued 29,970, £20 each, and 600 shares " deferred 
stock," £1 each. Surplus, .*tOO,000. Directors; 
E. H. Lushington, "William F. Scholfield, Isaac 
Seligman, Joseph Sebag, Julius Slngton. 

Sas Francisco Branch. NE cor Pine and Sansome 
streets. F. F. Low and Ignatz Steinhart, mana- 
gers ; P. N. Lilienthal, cashier. 

18(V2. Capital i-tock £500,000 sterling; amount 
paid in £340,000 sterling. Directors: Robert 
Gillespie, Eden Colville. James Anderson, Henry 
D. Harrison, Henry E. Ransom, Sir John Rose, 

San Francisco Branch. SE cor California and San- 
some streets. W. Powell manager. 

corporated, 1840. Capital stock £1.000,000 ster- 
ling ; amount paid in £1,000,000 sterling. Shares 
of stock issued, 20,000 ; amount paid up on each 
share of stock £50 sterling. Directors; J. J. 
Cater, E. A. Hoarc, Henry R. Farrer, John Henry 
Brodie. Richard H. Glyn, Henry J. B. Kendall, J. 
J. KingBford. Frederick Lubbock, A. H. Phill- 
potts, J. Murray Robertson. 

San Francisco Branch, 219-221 Sansome street. 
W. Lawson and C. E. Taylor, agents. 

BANK OP CALIFORNIA. Incorporated June, 
lKi;4. Capital stock $3,000,000; fully paid up. 
Number of shares of stock issued 30,000, $100 
eacli. Directors; D. O. Mills. William Sharon, 
William Alvord, Charles Mayne. E. W. Newhall, 
Jerome Lincoln, Adam Grant, J. C. Wilmerding, 
James Freeborn, Fred. Sharou, M. Lewis. Loca- 
tion— NW cor California and Sansome streets. 
William Alvord, president; Thomas Brown, 

CISCO. Capital, paid up, $1..5OO.O0O. Directors: 
D. Callaghan. C. G. Hooker, Peter Donahue. I8;iac 
Wormser. James Moffitt. N. Van Bergen, James 
H. Jennings. Location— SW cwr Montsomery and 
Summer streets. D. Callaghan. president ; James 
Plieluu, vice-president; E. D. Morgan, cashier. 

corporated April 24. 1874. Capital stock $1,000,000 ; 
amount paid in $041,400. Number shares of stock 
issued 10,000 ; amount paid on each share of stock 
$00 plus $(;2,40O full p.iid up. Directors; J. H. 
Gardiner, H. J. Li-willing, T. E. Tvnan, Thomas 
McConnell, H. M. Larue. Triah Wood, J, C. Merrj'- 
fleld, J. C. Steele, C. J. Cressey. Seneca Ew<r. A. 
D. Logan. Location — NW corner California and 
Battery streets. A. D. Logan, President ; A. Mont- 
pcllier, cashier; F. McMullen, secretary. 


(limited). Incorporafed in London, England, 
18H0. Capital htork £42(),OOii ; the amount sub- 
scribeil and fully paid up Is £420,000; shares of 
stock issued 00.000; i)ald up on each share £7. 
Directors; W. F. Habcock, G.W. Campbell. E. H. 
Green, Henry Goschen, Julius Mav, J.S. Morgan, 
U. 1). Peebles. K. Uodewald, Robert Ryrle, R. 
Sulzbach, Baron H. de Stern. 
San Francisco Urancu, 424 California strej't. A. Scriv- 
ener, manager; William Steel, assistant manager. 


(limited). Incorporated January 9, 1884. Author 
ized capital £l.lMtO,IH)0 ; subscribed £500.000; paid 
>ip £300. OiK). Directors: William Patterson, Esq., 
James Whittnl, Eh(i.. James La Fontaine, Esq., 
Siglsmnnd Louis Simon, Esq., Simon Lazard, 
Esq., EUe Lazard. Esq. 
San Francihco Branch, 205 Sansome street. DaTld 
Oahn. manager ; Eugene Meyer, sub-manager. 

dation) 320 Sansome street. 

COMPANY (in liquidation) 6 California street 


Incorporated October 4, 1875. Capital stock, paic 
up. $3,000,000; shares of stock issued 30.000 
amruint paid up on each share is $100. Directors 
J. C. Flood, J. L. Flood, J. W. Mackay, J. G 
Fair, George L. Brander. Location— NW cor Mont 
gomery and Pine streets. J. C. Flood, president 
J. S. Angus, cashier. 

PACIFIC B.ANK. Incorporated February 4, 1863- 
Capital stock, paid up, $1,000,000. Number o 
shares of stock issued 10,000; amount paid o) 
each share $100. Location — NW cor Sansome 
Pine streets. R. H. McDonald, president ; Loui 
Vesaria, vice-president ; S. G. Murphy, cashiei 

)iorated February 5, 1860. Capital stock $0,250, 
000. Directors; Lloyd Tevis, Leland Stauford 
Charles F. Crocker, Oliver Eldridge, George E' 
Gray. Charles Crocker, J. C. Fargo, John J 
Valentine, Charles Fargo. Location— NE cor Cali 
fornia and Sansome streets. Lloyd Tevis. presi- 
dent ; John J. Valentine, vice-president ; Jame 
Heron, secretary; Henry Wadsworth, cashier. 

ETY. Incorporated June 24, 187.3. Capital f-toc 
$100,000 ; amount subscribed and paid in bystoci. 
holders $71,000 00. Number shares of stoc 
issued 710; amount paid on each share fl0( 
Directors ; David Farquharson. Robert F. Bunkei 
Alex. C. Corbett. Joseph R. Wilcox. Edward Fat' 
rell, John Bain, John Easton, Charles D. Faniu 
harson, J. F. Cowdery, V. Campbell, Tlmma 
Downing. Locntion— NW cor Eddy and Pi>we) 
streets. David Farquharson, president ; Verno: 
Campbell, cashier. 

SAVINGS (in liquidation) 040 Market street. 

AND LOAN SOCIETY. Incorporated Marc 
11, 1879. Cai'ital stock $300,000; amount paid i 
by stockholders $147, .500; amount subscribe 
$222,750. Directors: A. Pissis, G. Touchar<l, 1 
Fleury, J. C. Sala. H. Barroilhet, L. C. Babin. l! 
V. Merle, A. Comte Jr., E. J. Le Breton. Loci 
tion — 534 California street. Landry C. liabii 
iJresident ; A. Brand, secretary 


Incorporated February 10, 1808. Capital stoc 
$400,0(H); amount paid in $300,000; numbt 
shares of stock issued 400. Directors; L. 
tig, Charles Kohler, Edward Kruse, Oeovf^e E 
Eggers. A, E. Hecht. Peter Spreckels, N. V«> 
Bergen, F. Roedlng, Ignalz Steinhart. Locatio 
—.526 California street. L. Gottig, president ; 1 
Roedlng, cashier. 

ETY. Incorporated April 12, 1859. This bun 
has no capital stock ; conducted on the " luiitui 
plan." Reserve fund $1,272,607, Dlrecton 
MylesD. Sweeny, C. I). O'Sullivan, D. T. Miirph; 
Gustave Touchard. D. J. Oliver, Peter Doui 
hue, M. J. O'Connor, R. J, Tohin and Joseph 1 
Donohoe. Location— NE cor Market and Mon 
gomery streets, Mylcs D. Sweeny, prcsiden' 
Robert J. Tobln, secretary. 

ETY. Iucori)orated November 24, 1809. Cap 
tal stock $100,000; amount paid In $Ho.O0 
Number of shares of stock issued 100. Dire 
tors: A. C. Weber. A. H. Ryhiner, A. H. Long) 
borough, W. J. Lowry, E. I). Keyes, E. Brniii 
Henry Luchsinger. Location— 18 Geary street, i 
C. Weber, president ; A. Hartman, cashier. 


(ill liquidation). Location — 26 Moutgomei 
dation). Location— 20 Montgomery. 



COK£, 41 market Street, corner Spvur. 



corporated Juue 18, 1802. Capital stock, paid up 
in full, aud reserve fund, $47-2,()0t. Number of 
shares of stock issuid 1.(500. Directors : W. C. 
B. De Fremery, Albert Miller, George C. Board- 
man, Alexander Campbell, Sen., W. Ashburner, 
D. E. Martin. Charles Pace, John Arctibald, 
Joseph G. Eastland. Locntion— 5;j2 California 
street. Albert Miller, president; Lovell White, 

ated July 23, 1857. Capital stock J.'iOl), 000, all paid 
in. Number of shares of t^tock issued 5,000. 
Directors ; J. H. Qoodinan, Isaac Hyde, Horace 
Davis, W. A. Bray, A. W. Bowman, A. A. Smith, 
W. A. Aldrich, S. C. Bigelow, B. O. Devoe. Lo- 
cation—file Clay SI reet. Horace Davis, president ; 
Cyrus W. Carmany, cashier. 

March 2, 1871. Capital stock $300,000; amount 
paid in $1')0,000. Number of shares of stock 
Issued 1,200. Directors: D. O. Mills, W. F. 
Babcock, William Alvord, Calvin Pai;:e, Adam 
Grant. Bartlett Doe, Jerome Lincoln, W.S.Jones, 
8. L. Jones. Locution — 215 Sausome street. 
Jerome Lincoln, vice-president; Winfleld S. 
Jones, cashier. 


First Baptist Church. 

Location, north side of Eddy street, between Jones 
d Leavenworth. Rev. William M.Kiucaid Pastor; 
Jldeuce, Fruitvale. 

This church was organized in June, 1849. 
Mumber of communicants, three hundred and fifty, 
le Subbath School has an average attendance of about 
hundred. The library contains about one thous- 
d volumes. 

3«bbath services morning and evening. Sabbath 
hool at half past twelve o'clock P. M. Prayer Meet- 
j every Monday and Wednesday evenings ; Church 
venant Meeting the Wednesday evening preceding 
a first Subbath in each mouth. 

Tabernacle Baptist Church. 

BV. John Francis, Pastor; residence, Alameda, 
eet in lower hall. Metropolitan Temple, Fifth 
et, near Market. Services are held at the usual 
urs. \ 

Third Baptist Church (Colored). 

Jocatlou, east side of Powell street, between Bush 
1 Sutter. He V. George Duncan, Pastor ; residence, 
rear of Church. 

fumber of members, about seventy-five. This 
irch was organized in 1854. Services are held every 
)bath at three o'clock and half past seven o'clock P. 
A Sunday School, with an average attendance of 
rty, is held at two o'clock P. M. 

Union Square Baptist Church. 

jocation, south side of Post street, between Powell 
1 Mason. Rev. N. L. Ruwell, Pastor ; residence, | 
OFsrreH street | 

'he church was organized in the old City College j 
ipel. corner of Stoi kton and Geary streets, Octo- 
31. 1806, with fifty-three members, to which ail- I 
ons have been made nearly everv month, the num- 1 
' now beiuK about one hundred and forty. 

vices are held every Sabbath at eleven o'clock j 
VI. and half past sev^n o'clock P. M. Prayer Meet- 
is held on Wednesday evenings, and a meeting 
the study of the Sunday School lesson, at wtilch 
Pastor presides, is held on Friday evenings at I 
f-pMSt seven o'clock. | 

he Sabbath School is in a prosperous condition, 
I has a librwry of more than sixteen hundred vol- 
es. It meets immediately after morning sers-ice. . 

Fifth Baptist Cilnrch. 

Location, Twenty-second street, between Howard 
and Capp. Ri-v. DeWitt T. VauDoren, Pastor; resi- 
dence, 300 Twenty-lirst street. 

Thi< church was organized August 17th, 1809. 

Serviies are held every Sabbath at eleven o'clock 
A. M. aud half-past seven o'clock P. M., in Winter, and 
forty-five minutes past seven o'clock P. M. in Summer. 
Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at half past seven 
o'clock P. M. in Winter, and forty-five minutes past 
seven o'clock P. M. in Summer. 

A Sabbath School, with an average attendance of one 
hundred aud sixty teachers and scholars, and a library 
of about six hundred volumes, are coimected with the 
church. The school meets immediately after morn- 
ing service. 

Churcli of the Pil(;rini8. 

Meet (temporarily) in Grand Central Hall, corner 
Market aud Sixth streets. Rev. William H. Pendle- 
ton, pastor. Services are held at the usual hours 

Baptist Mission Chapel. 

Location, Eleventh Avenue, between F and Q 
streets. South San Francisco. The house of worship 
is neat and convenient. One preaching service is 
held every Sabbath, in connection with which is a 
Sunday School. No church has yet been organized. 
Zion Baptist Church. 

This Church was organized February 7th, 1881. 
Place of worsbip, east side Laguna street, between 
Golden Gate avenue and McAllister street. Rev. 
Henry A. Sawtelle, D. D., Pastor; residence, 15'22 Eddy 

Services every Sunday at eleven o'clock A.M.. and 
half pastseven o'clock P. M. Sabbath School at close 
of morning service. Prayer Meeting Thursday even- 

Baptist Chinese Mission. 

Location, 740 Washington street ; Rev. J. B. Hart- 
well and Mrs. J. L. Sunford. Missionaries. Preaching 
services and Bible Class are held every Sabbath. Sab- 
bath School at six o'clock P. M. The library, con- 
sisting of works in the English and Chinese languages, 
numbers five hundred volumes. Connected with this 
is a school for teaching Chinese the English language 
every evening at seven o'clock, closing with religious 
exercises. All religious services in the Chinese lan- 

First CoiiK'regfatlonal Church. 

Location, southeastcornerof Post and Mason streets, 
Rev. Charles D. Barrows, D.D., Pastor; residence, 1312 
Taylor. Rc-v. E. F. Dinsmore, Assistant Pastor ; res- 
idence, 538 Eddy street. Rev. A. L. Stone, D. D., Pas- 
tor emeritus. L. B. Benchley, Superintendent of 
Sunday School. 

This church was organized July 29th, 1849. The 
present membership is about seven hundred. 

Services are held every Sabliath at eleven o'clock 
A. M., and at half past seven o'clock P. M. between 
the first of September and first of May, and at fori y- 
five minutes past seven o'clock P. M. during the other 
months of the year. Chinese School at six o'clock. 
Church Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at half past 
seven o'clock P. M. Young Peuples' Meeting Friday 
evening. Teachers' Meeting Saturday evening. So- 
cials monthly, Monday and Thun^day evenings. Local 
Mission rooms, 330 Sutter street ; Mrs. E. A. Whipple, 

The Sabbath School connected with the Church has 
an enrolled membership nf about one thousand schol- 
ars and teachers. It meets immediately after morn- 
ing service. A valuable and instructive library of 
over fifteen hundred volumes is attached to the 

Plymouth Conj^eflfational Church. 

Location, north side of Post street, between Web- 
ster and Bucliaunan. Rev. T. K. Noble. Pastor; rflsl- 
deuce, 2200 Steincr street. 

This church was organized January 12th, 1862. 

During the year 1H«2. this Church has erected ft 
new edifice, with all modern appointments, at a cost 
of thirty thousand dollars. 

Services are held everj- Sabbath at eleven o'clock 


509, 5 I I 
Market St. 


Dfiilericlf'ii Pfimnial HAY PRFSISL^ 

HINCKLEY, SPI ERS & HAYES, ^^^InT.c^^n^f^^^^^r^nt:.^^.^^^'^^'^'^^ 


i : , , „,. -p ,T q,|,v,ath 1 This is the oldest parish of the Protestant Episcopal 

huudred scholars. I ^^^' Sunday Sermons after Morning and Evening 

Third Congregational Church. Prayers every S^^^^^^' '^^,f ^nS^'^ my'lun 

Location, south Bide of Fifteenth Street, near Mis- Uhe greater Fes^^^^^^^ 
sion. Eev. E. G. Beckwith, Pastor; residence 12 ^ay ^^^ool *t haU past ^^^ ^^^^ Sunday in 

Beaver street. Number of members, one hundred ^^^ecmsmg "i^xu^^^^^, ^^^^.^^^ Monday at four 
and seventy. ... ,, ^ ^^ ,, „<• ioro I o'clock P. M. Ladies' Pastoral Aid Society aftei 

This church had its origin in the Fall of 1862. 1 o ciooa. r. m. 

Services are held every Sabbath at eleven o clock 

Services are neia every sauoaiu »>. cicvci^ ;:; T 
A. M. and half past seveu o'clock P.M. Prayer Meet- 
ine every Wednesday evening. 

'fhe Sabbath School was organized November 5th. 
1862 Its first session was held on Sunday, November 
9th of the same year, the total attendance being thirty- 
three At present the average attendance is about 

three hundred and fifty. Meets ' """' 

morning service. 

Ponrth Congregational Church. 
Location, south side of Cireen street, between Stock- 
ton and Powell. Kev. H. Macy, Pastor; residence, 
306 Lombard street. 
The church was organized February I860. _ 
Strvices are held every Sabbath at eleven o clock 
A M. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at eight 
o'clock P. M. The Sabbath School connected with 
the church numbers about three hundred members 
and has a library containing eight huudred volumes. 
Meets immediately after morning serv""° 

o'clock P. M. Ladies rasiorai aiu ov^^.^^-j -.™ 
Morning Prayer, on Fridays at eleven o clock A. Ml 
Industrial School at ten o'clock A.M every Saturday 
Lenten Services as arranged by the Rector from tim.. 

to time. ^. . 

Grace Church. 

Location, southeast corner of Calif ornia and Stock* 
lenaance is auuui, , ton streets. Rev. R. C. Foute, Rector; residence( 
immediately after j^qqs pine street 

This church was organized in 1819. 
The corner stone of the present church edifice wai 
laid by Bishop Kip in May, I860. 

Services are held every Sunday at eleven o cloc. 
A M , and half past seven o'clock P. M. Sunaail 
School meets at half past nine o'clock A. M. 

St. John''s Church. 

Location, northeast comer Fifteenth and Valencl 
streets. Rev. E. B. Spalding. Rector ; residence, 15.< 
Mission street. . „_ 

This church was established in November. 1857. 
Services are held every Sunday at eleven clo< 
». „i r^hni-i-h A M and on Sunday evening at half past 8evt< 

Bethany Congregational Church. | A.^ m.^ u^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^,^1^ j^ 

Location, Bart) ett street, near Twenty-fifth. Rev. | ^ ^^^ Sunday School numbers about three huu 
William C. Pond. Pastor ; residence, 9-10 Capp street. ] ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ scholars, and twenty teachers. Nuii 

This Church was organized February 23rd, 1873. Re- ; ^^^_ ^^ volumes in the library, one thousand. Mee 
cognized by an Ecclesiastical Council duly called 1 ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^j^g o'clock A. M. 

^te^lirive heW every Sabbath at eleven o'clock j Church of the Advent. 

A M. and thirty minutes past seven o'clock P. M. location, south side of Howard street, opposi 
Prayer Meeting Wednesday evening at eight o clock. Montgomery. Right Rev.WiUiam Ii>graaiu Ki 

A Sabbath School, from whence sprung this church \ p t l. d.. Bishop of the Diocese of Californ: 
was organized in August, 1872. It has an enrolled.^ residence southwest corner of Franklin a. 

membership of four hundred, and a library ot three | ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^V. L. Gitliens Assistant Recto 

hundred and fifty volumes. Meets at half past twelve , ^.^^j^^^^ ^23 Howard street. Study at the Church 
o'clock P. M. Chinese Sunday School meets at halt 1 ^^^^ parish was organized June, 1858. The pres(- 
past six o'clock P. M. church building ^yas completed and consecrated *< 

California Chinese Mission ruary ^^^:::^^^:^^^^^^'^^^i^ 

Rev. W. C. Pond, Superintendent; residence 9-tO a^J^^^^ ^^^ ^^ average attendance of about four hn 
Capp street. , I ^red, and meets at half past nine o'clock A. M. 

Incorporated March. 1876. This corporation has area, aii 
been formed for the purpose of conducting Christian, 
missionary and educational operations among the 

missionary uuu cnuvon./"." v.^^.- 
Chinese and Japanese in California. 

There are five Mission Schools in San Francisco . 

1 Central No. 1-No. 5 Brenham Place ; Teachers. 
Miss Jessie S. Worley, Miss Anna L. Snook and Jee 

""'Barnes— No. 8 Ridley street ; Teachers, Mrs. H. 
H. Lamont and Chung Mon. 

3 Bethany — Bethany Chapel, No. 412 Bartlett 
street ; Teachers. Mrs. J. C. Snook and Hong Gam. 

4. West— No. 1818 Laguna street ; Teachers. Misses 
Florence N. and Effle D. Worley. , , „ , 

5 North— Polk street, near Chestnut. Teachers. 
Miss M. C. Waterbury and Sing San. , tvt r 

R.'liglous services are hold every Sunday at No. 5 
Brenham Place., at eleven o'clock A. M.. andhalf past 
seven o'clock P. M.. and every Wednesday at ha f 
past seven o'clock P. M. Hours of instruction in all 
the schools 

^TliTcongregational Association of Christian Chiu^ 
ese. organized In connection with this Mission, for 
mutual aid in the development of Christian c laracicr 
andindoingChristlan work, has about one hundred 
and eighty-five members. Chung Mon, President; 
Jee Gam, Secretary. 

Trinity Church. 

Location, northeast corner of Post and Powell 
BtreetH. Rev. Hiram W. Beers. D.D., Rector; residence. 
1006 Sutter street. 

I uaii-pabv ijiuc <j i-iw^i» '.. --• 

Choral service in the evening by a choir of slxi 
five boys, being the largest choir of boys in the Unl • 

St. Alban's Church. 

Present place of worship. Cambrian Hall. 1133 Ii\ 

Bion street. Rector, vacant. ,n>.,„.i, •«. 

Organized in 1870, as a Free Episcopal Church, \l> 

full choral services. It is now under the immed 

supervision of the Bishop of the Diocese. 

Services are held at half past nine o clock A. 
and the Sunday School, under the superintende. 
of W. G. Badger, meets at half past nine o clock A 
St. Luke's Church. 
Location, southeast corner of Clay street and 
Ness Avenue. Rev. A. Douglas Miller. Rector ; i 
dence, 1419 Hyde street. 
The first services of the Protestant Episcopal Chi 

seven o'clock P. M.. ana every nBuuumi..^ »i u..w -I'lie nrst services 01 uioriuKniau., .^.K-.'—r- 
past seven o'clock P. M. Hours of instruction in aU „t 34^^ Valley .which led to ^I'e organization of 
the schools: five to seven P. M.. each day except L-uur..^, ,verc held by the Rev. Giles Laston, Assis 
w„,in«a,l..v Rector of Grace Church, in Spring Vallej 

Rector of Grace Church, in Spring Valley Sc 
House, on Broadway street, between Larkin and 1 
on the fourth of March, 1866. ' 

The building now occupied by the oongregatloE 
completed September ■-!'•'. l«''«'/'»'l5«"f*='^'^*':'^J 
13 187:1. It was enlarged, and a Guild room ac 
December, 1878. The church will now accommc 
over five hundred persons. 

The church is supported by offerings and moi 
Bubscriptions, and scats are free. Scrv cos are 
everv Sunday at eleven o'clock A.M. and at halt 
seveii o'clock P. M; and on Saints' Days, and ■ 
Holy llays at eleven o'clock A. M. Sunday S< 
meets at half past nine o'clock A. M. 

LePAGE'S GLUES received highest award, BERLIN, Iffi 


St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church. 

Location, south side California street, between FlU- 
more and Steiner streets. Rev. W. S. Neales, Rector : 
residence. 1713 Pierce street. 

This church is the outgrowth of St. Paul's Mission, 
organized by several residents of the Western Addi- 
tion, October Ist, 1873. It was regularly incorporated 
as a church in the month of March, 1881. 

Services are held every Sunday at eleven o'clock 
A. M. and half past seven o'clock X^. M. The Sunday 
School, under the immediate superintendence of the 
minister in charge, meets at half past nine A. M. It 
has about two hundred and thirty children enrolled. 

St. Peter's Church. 

Location, northeast corner of Stockton and Filbert 
streets. Rev. George C. Whyte, Rector ; residence, 
1908 Dupont street. . 

This narish was organized in July, 1867. 

The church building accommodates three hundred, 
the sittings being free. 

Services every Sunday at eleven o'clock A.M. and 
half past seven o'clock P.M. 

The Sunday School connected with the church is in 
a very flourishing condition; meets at half past nine 
o'clock A. M. 

St. Stephen's Church. 

Location, north side of Fulton street, between Web- 
ster and Fillmore. Rev. Edgar J. Lion, Rector; resi- 
dence, 723 Grove street. 

This church was organized early in the year 

The congregation now numbers about two hundred 
and fifty. Services are held on Sundays at eleven 
o'clock A.M. and a quarter to eight P.M. The Sunday 
School, which numbers about two hundred, meets at 
one o'clock P. M. 

Mission Services. 

City Front Mission Sunday School, 116 Jackson 
street, under the charge of the Board of Missions of 
the Dioeese of California ; R. B. Sanchez, superin- 
tendent. Sunday School at two o'clock P. M. 


St. Mark's German Kvang^elical Lutheran 

Location, south sideof Geary street, between Stock- 
ton and Powell. Rev. Julius Fuendeling, Pastor ; 
residence, 203 Powell street. 

This is the oldest German Evangelical Lutheran 
Congregation in the city, it being in existence since 

The consolidation of the First German Evangelical 
Lutheran Congregation of Greenwich Street, and the 
German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of St. 
Mark's Church, took place on Tuesday, the 23d day 
of July, 1867. Number of members one hundred and 

Services In the German language every Sabbath at 
forty-five minutes past ten o'clock A.M. The Sabbath 
School meets at half past nine o'clock A. M. ; number 
of children, four hundred. 

St. Paul's German Evang^elical Itutheran 

Location, south side of Mission street, between 
Fifth and Sixth. Rev. J. M. Buehler, Pastor; resi- 
dence, 953 Mission street. 

This church was organized on the fifteenth of May, 

The Ladies' Society connected with this church has 
a membership of ninety-nine, and has proven a very 
efficient auxiliary to the cause. 

The Sabbath School now numbers seven hundred 
scholars, with fifty-five teachers. 

Services in the German language every Sabbath at 
half past ten o'clock .\.M.,and half jiast seven o'clock 
P. M. Wednesday evening. Sabbath School at nine 
o'clock A.M. 

A Day School, under the auspices of the congrega- 
tion, has been established, which includes the 
branches taught in the Public Schools; devotes par- 
ticular attention to the study of the German language, 
and has special regard to the moral training of their 
children in the spirit of the Christian religion. 

Our Saviour's Scantlinavlan Evangelical 
Lutheran Church. 

Location, 18 Sherman street. Rev. O. GrCBnsberg, 
Pastor; residence, adjoining church. 

This church was organized on the twentieth of Oc- 
tober, 1870. 

A Ladies' Society to promote the interests of the 
church and for the relief of poor Scandinavians has 
lately been organized. Services in the Scandinavian 
language Sundays and holidays at half past ten o'clock 
A. M. The seats are always free, and strangers are 
welcome. Its membership is now one hundred and 

First £van<;elical Reformed Church (Ger- 

Location, east side of Eleventh street, between Mar- 
ket and Mission. Rev. Daniel E. Schodler Pastor; 
residence, 29 Eleventh street, basement of church. 

This society was organized by the Rev. Frederick 
Fox, on the eleventh of April, 18o9. 

The church, occupied by the congregation, was 
dedicated December 15, 1872. 

Services every Sabbath in the German language at 
eleven o'clock A. M.,and Thursday evening at half 
past seven o'clock P. M. German Sabbath School at 
half-past nine o'clock A. M. 

Emanuel Church of the Evangpelical As- 

Location, north sideof Jessie street, between Sixth 
and Seventh. Rev. F. W. Fisher, Pastor; residence, 
538 Jessie street, rear of church. 

Number of members one hundred and thirty. Ser- 
vices in the German language every Sabbath at half- 
past ten o'clock A. M., and half past seven o'clock 
P. M. Sabbath School, numbering one hundred and 
ninety teachers and scholars, meets at quarter past 
nine o'clock A.M. Prayer Meeting every Tuesday 
and Thursday evening, and Bible Meeting every Fri- 
day evening at eight o'clock P.M. 

Congregation Emanu-El. 

Location of synagogue, north side of Sutter street, 
between Stockton and Powell. Rev. Elkan Cohn, 
Rabbi ; residence, 905 Hyde street; Max Wolf, Reader. 

Organized April, 1851 . 

A school for the religious education of the youth, 
with three hundred pupils, is conducted in the base- 
ment rooms of the synagogue building. 

Con£nre{!^ation Ohabai Shalome. 

Location of sjToagogue, east side of Mason street, 
between Geary and Post. Rev. Dr. A. S. Bettelheim, 
Rabbi; residence, 1311 Larkin street. 

The elegant edifice occupied by this congregation 
was erected in 18G5. Number of members about one 
hundred and fiftv. 

Con£fre£^atlon Beth Israel. 

Location of synagogue, Turk street, near Taylor. 
Rev. Dr. A. J. Messing, Rabbi; residence, 802 Van 
Ness Avenue 

This congregation was organized in 1861. 

The present membership is about two hundred. 
Services are held daily, morning and evening, at the 
usual hours. 

Congregation Sherith Israel. 

Location of synagogue, northeast corner of Post and 
Taylor streets. Rev. Dr. Falk Vidaver, Rabbi ; resi- 
dence, 1115 Sutter street. M. Luxenburg, Cantor. 

Cong^reg^ation Shaarey Zedek. 

Location of synagogue, east side of Stockton street, 
between Broadway and Vallejo. On account of the 
death of the minister, the place is temporarily va- 
cant. 8. Polack, Secretary. 

Services every Friday evening and every Saturday 
morning. School for religious instruction daily, from 
three to five P. M. 
Congregation Beth-Menahim Streisand. 

Location of synagogue, Minna street, between 
Fourth and Fifth. Joseph Wilner, Rabbi. Resi- 
dence, 559 Natoma street. Services held every day. 

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J. & P. COATS' 

Beat »tx Cord 



Congregation Nevali-TzedeU. 

Location of synagogue, 14 Golden Gate avenue. 
David Davis, teacher of the congregation ; residence, 
524 Jessie. Services held three times daily. 

First Methodist Episcopal Chnrch. 

Location, west side of Powell street, between Wash- 
ington and Jackson. Eev. J. P. Macaulay, Pastor; 
residence, 1114 Jackson street. 

This is the oldest Protestant church organization in 
San FranL-isco or in California, several families 
having been formed into a society here by Kev. W. 
Eoberts, in 1840. 

The present beautiful edifice was erected in 1871. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A.M., and 
half-past seven o'clock P.M. -Sabbath School at half 
past twelve o'clocK P.M. Prayer Meeting on Wednes- 
day evenings. 

Howard Street Methodist Epijicopal Chnrch 

Location, south side of Howard street, between 
Second and Third. Eev. F. F. Jewell, D. D., Pastor ; 
residence, 8 Hubbard street. 

Thissociety was organized in 1852. 

There are now four hundred and fifty communi- 
cants, and a Sabbath School, numbering fifty oflacers 
and teachers and five hundred scholars, with an aver- 
age attendance of about four hundred, and a library of 
two thousand volumes. Services every Sabbath morn- 
ing and evening at the usual ho\irs. Prayer Meeting 
on Sunday, at half past six o'clock P. M., and on 
Wednesday, at half past seven o'clock P. M. Class 
meetings at nine o'clock A. M. and twelve o'clock M. 
Sundays. Sabbath School at two o'clock P. M. 

Central Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Location, north side of Mission street, between 
Sixth and Seventh. Eev. Elbert E. Dille, Pastor ; resi- 
dence, 1024 Mission street. 

The church was organized in 1864. 

The Society now numbers, including probationers, 
four hundred rnd ten. 

Services every Sabbath morning and evening at the 
usual hours. Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings, 
and Praise Service Sabbatb at six and a half o'clock 
P.M. Sabbath School and Bible classes at two o'clock 
P. M.; number of scholars and teachers, five hun- 
dred. Class Meetings Sabbath at half pai-t nine 
o'clock A.M., and at half past twelve o'clo.^k P. M., 
and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Young peo- 
ple's meeting every Monday evening. Choral Society 
held Saturday evenings. 

Grace Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Location, east side of Mission street, between Eigh- 
teenth and Nineteenth. Eev. H. B. Heacock, Pastor ; 
residence, 6t)H Twentieth street. 

This churrh was known as the Mission Street Meth- 
odist Episcopal until 1H76, when the present name 
was adopted. Number of members, one hundred and 

Services on Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. M., and at 
half past seven o'clock P. M. Prayer Meeting on 
Wednesdays at half past seven o'clock P. M. The 
Sabbath School connected with the church has an av- 
erage attendance of three hundred and eiijhty. and a 
library of five hundred volumes ; meets at nine 
O'clock A. M. ; J. S. Eeuwick, Superintendent. 

Kentucky Street Methodist 


Location, Tennessee street, south of Solano, Po- 
frero. Eev. A. H. Brigga, Pastor ; residence, west side 
Tennessee, between Butte and Solano 

Organized 1870. Number of members, thirty. Sun- 
day School attendance, ninety. Services every Sab- 
bath at eleven o'clock A. M. and seven o'clock P. M. 
Prayer Meeting Thursday evenings. Sunday School 
at half-past nine o'clock A. M. 

St. Paul's German Methodist Episcopal 

Location, north side Broadway street, between 
Stockton and Powell. Eev. F. A. Werth, Pastor ; resi- 
dence, 13.'1 Powell street. 

This church was organized February 29, 1859. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A.M. 
half past seven o'clock P. M. ; also, every Wednefi 
evening in the German language. Sunday Schoc 
nine o'clock A. M. 

Gorman Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Location, Folsom street, between Fourth and Fi 
Eev. Eeinhard Steinbach, Pastor ; residence, 864 1 
som street, rear. 

This church was organized in the Fall of 1: 
Number of members fifty-five. 

Services every Sunday at forty-five minutes past 
o'clock A. M. and half past seven o'clock P. M. i 
bath School at nine o'clock A. M. Prayer Meet 
every Wednesday evening at half past seven o'ch 
Praise meeting every Friday evening at half past se 
o'clock. All services in the German language. 

Hayes Valley Methodist Episcopal Churt< 

Location, Mowry's Hall, corner Laguna street 
Ivy avenue. J. Fred. Holmes, Pastor; residence,'. 
Market street. 

Services at eleven o'clock A. M. and half past se 
o'clock P. M. Sunday School at half-past nine o'cl 
A. M. Prayer meeting Tuesday evening at half j 
seven o'clock. 

Centenary (formerly Trinity) Method' 
Episcopal Church, South. 

Location, Bush f-treet, between Octavia and Gov 
Eev. C. B. Eiddick, D. D.. Pastor; residence, rea: 
Church. Services every Sunday at eleven o'clocl 
M., and half -past seven o'clock P.M. SundfySch. 
half-past nine o'clock A. M. Prayer-meeting ev 
Wednesday evening at half-past seven o'clock P. 

Bush Street Methodist Episcopal Churc' 

Location, Bush street, between Scott and Dev 
dero. Eev. T. H. Sinex, D. D. Pastor; residence, '. 
Bush street. 

This house of worship was built from the proct 
of the sale of the Seaman's Bethel, in 1869, and rec 
structed in 1881 at a cost of $5,000. A Sunday Sch. 
with about three hundred members and a iibrar 
five hundred volumes, is connected with the chui 
Number of communicants and probationers, one h 
dred and fifteen. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A.M. 
half past seven o'clock P.M. Class Meeting Fridi 
at half past seven o'clock P. M., and Sundays at 
o'clock A. M. Prayer Meeting Wednesday eveuii 
Sabbath School every Sunday at two o'clock P. M 

South San Francisco Methodist Episcofi 

Location, Fifteenth avenue. South S. F. Eev. A. 
Briggs, Pastor ; residence, west side Tennessee, 
tween Butte and Solano streets 

Si-rvices every Sunday at half past seven o'l 1 
P. M. Sunday School at three o'clock P. M., un 
the supervision of Mr John Pinder. 

Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal Chur* 

Place of worship, Howard street, between Eig 
and Ninth. Eev. C. J. Wigren, Pastor; residence 
Glen Paik avenue 

This chiirth was organized September 27th, li 
Services are held every Sabbath at eleven o'cl' 
A.M., and half-past seven o'clock P.M. Pra\erM< 
ing Wednesdays at half-p;ist seven o'clock P. M. 

Sunday School meets at a quarter to ten o'clock A 

Twenty-seventh Street Methodist Epis* 
pal Church. 

Location, south side Twenty-seventh street, betw 
Church and Sanchez. Eev. George W. Beatty, Past 
residence, 222 Clipper street. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A M., i 
seven o'clock P. M. Sunday School at half past twe 
o'clock P. M. Prayer Meeting Wednesday evening 
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Churc 

Location, west side of Stockton street, between C 
and Sacramento. Eev. Alexander Walters, Past 
residence, 27 !« Bernard stre( t. 

The congregation was organized by Eev. Johi 
Moore, August 1,18.52. 

Connected with the church ia a Sabbath Schoo! 
three teacliers and thirty scholars, and a library 
four himdred volumes. 





Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. M. and 
baU past seven o'clock P. M. Sabbath School at one 
o'clock P. M. 

African Rletliodist Episcopal Churcb. 

Location, west side of Powell street, between Jack- 
son and Pacific. Rev. R. Seymour, Pastor ; residence, 
905 Jackson. 

The society worshiping here was organized in 1859. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. M., and 
half past seven o'clock P. M. Sabbath School at half 
past one o'clock P. M. 

Chinese Mission House of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 

Location. 916 Washington street. Rev. Otis Gibson, 
Superintendent ; Lee Tong Hay, Assistant. K. Mie- 
yama, native helper. 

This Mission House was erected in 1870. The build- 
ing contains rooms designed for, and used as, an 
Asylum for Chinese women and girls, who may 
be saved from lives of slavery and shame. Mrs. 
Jane Walker is employed as teacher and missionary 
in this department. Sabbath School for women at 
twenty minutes past one o'clock P. M. every Sabbath. 
The entrance to the Chinese department is on Stone 
street, and to the Parsonage department, 916 Wash- 
ington street. 

The schools are graded into five classes, employing 
five experienced teachers, and are open every evening 
during the week except Saturday. Tuition $1 per 
month. Bible Class meets every Sabbath at eleven 
o'clock A. M. Sabbath School at six o'clock P. M. 
Praise Service and Bible Class Wednesday even- 
ings. Services in the Chinese language every Sab- 
bath, at twenty minutes past twelve o'clock P. M. 
Preaching in English the first Sabbath of each month. 
San Francisco Church Extension Society. 

This incorporation is formed for the purpose of 
founding churches, of establishing Sunday schools 
and preaching places and of relieving over-burdened 
churches in the City and County of San Francisco. 
Directors: Robert McElroy, Charles Goodall, J. W. 
Whitmg, Otis Gibson, Samuel Hancock, John R. 
Sims, William Abbott, T. H. Downing, Joseph F. 
Forderer, J. C. Bates, W. F. Gibson 

First Presbyterian Church 

Location, southeast corner of Van Ness avenue and 
Sacramento street. Pastorate vacant. 

This church was organized May 20, 1819. 

Present number of communicants is about one 
hundred and ninety. 

Services are held every Sabbath at eleven o'clock 
A. M., and at half past seven o'clock P. M. Lecture on 
Wednesday evenings. Evening Prayer Meeting at 
half-past seven o'clock P. M. The public invited to 
all services. 

There is a large and flourishing Sabbath School con- 
nected with the church. Average attendance, two 
hundred. Number.of teachers, thirty-five. A choice 
bbrary of over eight hundred volumes is attached to 
the school. C. C. Shaltuck, Superintendent. Sab- 
bath School and Bible Class meet at one o'clock P. M. 

Calvary Presbyterian Church. 

Location, northwest corner of Geary and Powell 
streets. Samuel P. Sprecher, D. D., Pastor; resi- 
dence, 1005 Leavenworth street. 

This church was organized July 17, 1^4. 

Services_ every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. M. and 
half past' seven o'clock P. M. Public Lecture 
Wednesday evening. Prayer Meeting every Friday 
e^-ening. Sabbath School meets at half past twelve 
o'clock P. M. 

Howard Presbyterian Chnrcku 

' Location, south side of Mission street, between 
Third and Fourth. Kev, Robert Mackenzie, Pastor; 
residence, 727 Mission street. 

The church was or^'anized September, 1850. 

The number of communicants enrolled is about 
seven hundred. 

Regular services, are held on SMitda.y8. at eleven 
o'clock A. M. and half -past s&ven, o'clock P. M. 
Sunday School me»te at half -past twelve o'clock P. M, 

Larkln Street Presbyterian Church. 

Location, corner of Larkin and Pacific streets. Rev. 
John C. Eastman, Pastor; residence, 1908 Polk street. 

This enterprise was commenced by Rev. J. D. 
Strong, in April, 1862. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. M. and 
half past seven o'clock P. M. Young People's Prayer 
Meeting Sundays at half past sis o'clock P. M., and 
regular Prayer Meeting every Wednesday night. The 
Sabbath School has an average attendance of two 
hundred and fifty, and meets immediately after morn- 
ing service ; B. Dyer, superintendent. 

Central Presbyterian Tabernacle. 

Location, northeast corner Golden Gate avenue and 
Polk street. Rev. W. J. Smith, Pastor ; residence, 740 
Guerrero street. 

This church was organized by a Committee of the 
Presbytery of California, May 14, 1865. 

Sabbath services held at eleven o'clock A.M.. and 
half-past seven o'clock P.M. Prayer Meeting every 
Wednesday in the lecture room at half-past seven 
o'clock P. M. Praise service is held fmm quarter to 
seven till half-past seven o'clock P. M. The Sacra- 
ment of the Lord's Supper is administered on the first 
Sabbath in March, May, July, September, and No- 

Superintendent of Sunday school, I. M. Stanton 

Spanish Presbyterian Church. 

Location, north side of Greenwich street, between 
Dupont and Stockton. Rev. H. L. Harris, Pastor ; re- 
sidence, in rear of church. Hours of service, in 
Spanish at eleven o'clock A. M.. and in English at 
half-past seven o'clock P. M. Sunday school at two 
o'clock P. M. 

Emmanuel Dllssion. 

Location, 928 Harrison street, between Fifth and 
Sixth. Rev. James Woodworth, Superintendent ; res- 
idence, 1713 Stevenson street. Sunday School every 
Sabbath at half past two o'clock P. M. 

United Presbyterian Church. 

Location, west side of Mason street, between Eddy 
and Eliis. Kev. M. M. Gibson. D. D., Pastor; resi- 
dence, H03 Guerrero street, near Twentieth. 

This church was organized January, 1866, by the 
Rev. J. T. Cooper, D. D.. with thirty-eight members ; 
it now numbers about three hundred and fifteen. 
It uses the metrical version of the Psalms of David in 
praise. The pews are free. 

Services are held every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. 
M., and half past seven o'clock P.M. Sabbath School 
at half past nine o'clock A. M. 

Two Missions are now attached to this Church; one 
located in Carr's Hall, southeast corner Twenty- 
fourth and Mission streets. This Mission is now 
known as the Second United Presbyterian, Rev. T. B. 
Stewart, Pastor; the other at 512 Union street. 

IVestminster Presbyterian Church. 

Location, south side of Fell street, between Octavia 
and Laguna. Rev. John Quincy Adams, Pastor. 

Organized April 4, 1864. Number of cftembers, about 
two hundred and tbirty-seven. 

Services every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. M. and 
half past seven o'clock P. M. Sunday School at half 
past twelve o'clock P. M.; C. Geddes, Superintendent. 
Average attendance, two hundred and fifty. Prayer 
meetings Wednesdays and Fridays at half past seven 
o'clock P.M. 

Howard Street Presbjrteri»n Church. 

Location.east side of Howard streebbetween Twenty- 
first and Twenty-second. Rev. A.. S. Fiske, Pastor; 
residence, 2336 Mission stree*. ^ ^ , 

Organized 1888. Number of members, one hundred 
and eighty. , , , , „ ^ 

Services every Sabbath it elewn o'clock A.M. and 
half past seven o'clock P.M. Prayer meeting and 
Teachers' meeting at half-pastseveno'elockWednesday 

twelve o'clock P.M. 


Sunday School at half-. 
.\verage attendance two hundred and fifty. 

St. John's Presbyterian Chur«h. 

Location, nortii side of Post street, between Mason 
1 and Taylor. R*v. W. A. Scott, D.D., Uu D., Pastor; 


Hay> Hide, Hop, Wool, Rag and Orchilta Presses. 


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S oMBtoatacctt. Brr. A. W. Laoaafc. P. P.. i « — «■* . 

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aadkatf^Mtaemo^dork A. M.: Terpen «wj 
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pers, three o'clock P. M. Catechism, on Sundays, at 
two o'llock P. M., taught in the English and French 
languages, preparatory to communion for children 
from ten years and older. Baptism of infants, one 
o'clock P. M. The course of preparation requires one 
year's attendance at the Sunday School, and time fixed 
for confirmation and communion is the first day of 
May of each year. 

Misglon Dolores. 

Location, southwest corner of Sixteenth and Dolores 
streets. Rev. Richard P. Brennan, Pastor ; Rev. John 
J. Sullivan, assistant Pastor. Pastoral residence, 
adjoining the church. 

The church was dedicated on the ninth of October, 
1776, although projected in 1769, by Father Junipero 
Serra, the Father of the California Missions. The 
first Friar who had charge was Francisco Palou, who 
was assisted in his labors by Benito Cambon. At the 
organization of this Mission, and for its protection, 
there were fifteen soldiers located at the Presidio, 
under the command of S. Flores. A cemetery is at- 
tached to the church, in which the first interment 
was made in September, 1776. The first Indian con- 
vert was baptized on the twenty-seventh day of De- 
cember, in the same year. In the introductory por- 
tion of the San Francisco Directory for 1862, page 5, 
will be found further details connected with the his- 
tory of this Mission. Attached to this church is a 
large day school. 

Masses at half past six, eight, one-quarter to nine, 
and half past ten o'clock A.M. on Sundays and Festi- 
vals. Vespers at half past seven o'clock P.M. 

The congregation no longer worships in the old 
church, a new one having been erected, and which 
WHS dedicated on the 27th of February, 1884. The 
new church is a beautiful Gothic edific, of the thir- 
teenth century style, finely frescoed, and finished In 
the style of that architecture, at a cost of about 

St. Joseph's Churcli. 

Location, west side of Tenth street, between Folsom 
and Howard. Rev. P. Scanlon. Pastor ; Rev. J. A. 
Gallagher, Rev. Mathew Largan and Rev. P. J. O'Con- 
nor, Assistants; residence adjoining the church. 

This church was opened for divine service on the 
eighth day of December, 1861. 

Services on Sundays and Festival days. Masses; Sun- 
days at six, seven, eight, nine, and half past ten o'clock 
A.M.; Catechism at nine o'clock A.M., and Vespers at 
seven o'clock P.M. in Winter, and half past seven in 
Summer. Masses on weekdays at half past six, seven, 
half past seven, and eight o'clock A.M. 

St. Rose's CHurch. 

Location, Brannan street, near Fourth 
Nugent, Pastor; Rev. C. O'Connor 
residence, adjoining church. 

This church, which was instituted as a chapel, and 
served from the various other Rciman Catholic 
Churches of the city, has been entirely remodeled and 
rebuilt, and a separate parish constitiited for it. It 
was formerly dedicated April 20, 1879. 

Masse.s are said at eight, nine and half past ten o'clock 
A.M. Sunday School at two o'clock P.M., and Ves- 
pers at half past seven o'clock P.M. 

St. Brid£fet's Church. 

Location, southwest corner of Broadway street and 
Van Ness avenue. Rev. T. Callaghan, Pastor; Rev. 
James O'Connor, Assistant; residence, adjoining the 

This church was completed and services first held 
In February, 1864. 

Masses every Sunday at half past six, eight, and half 
past ten o'clock A. M. and vespers at half past seven 
o'clock P. M. Catechism for the children at nine 
o'clock A.M. Masses on week days at seven o'clock 

St. Peter's Church. 

Location, west side of Columbia street, between 
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth. Rev. P. S. Casey, 
Pastor; Rev. F. Szule, Assistant; pastoral residence, 
east side of Alabama street, between Twenty-fourth 
and Twenty-fifth. 
I The Academy adjoining the church, under the charge 
of the Sisters of Mercy, accommodates the youth of 
j the parish. 

Masses on Sundays at seven, half past eight, and 

Rev.D. F. 
Assistant Pastor ; 

half past ten o'clock A.M. Sunday School at twenty 

minutes past nine o'clock A. M. for boys in the 

church, and one o'clock P. M. for girls in the convent. 

St. Paul's Church. 

Location, northwest corner of Twenty-ninth and 
Church streets. Rev. Lawrence Breslin, Pastor; res- 
idence, 1526 Church street. 

Masses on Sundays at eight and ten o'clock A. M. 
Sunday School at half past ten o'clock A. M. 

St. Boniface's Church (German). 

Location, south side of Golden Gate Av, between 
Jones and Leavenworth. Rev. Sebastian Wolf, Pas- 
tor; residence, in rear of the church. 

This church was dedicated June, 1870. Masses on 
Sundays at eight, and half past ten o'clock A.M. and 
Vespers at three o'clock P.M.; weekdays, Mass at 
half past seven o'clock A.M.; Catechism, Sundays at a 
quarter to eight o'clock A.M., under the charge of the 
Sisters of St. Dominic. 

Church of the Holy Cross. 

Location, Calvary Cemetery. Attended from St. 
John the Baptist Church. Masses on Sundays at 
eight and half -past nine o'clock A. M. Sunday School 
after last Mass. 

St. John the Baptist Church. 

Location, north side of Eddy street, between Oc- 
tavia and Laguna. Rev. A. Cullen, Pastor; Rev. 
James Flood, Assistant ; pastoral residence, 1122 Eddy 

Masses Sundays at seven, nine and half past ten 
o'clock A. M. Vespers Sundays, at half-past seven 
o'clock P. M. Sunday School in the morning alter 
nine o'clock Mass. 
Yglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. 

Location, north side of Broadway street, between 
Mason and Taylor. Rev. Andres Garriga, Pastor ; Rev. 
Antonio Benidet, Assistant ; pastoral residence, 908 
Broadway street. 

This church was organized for the benefit of the 
Spanish and Portuguese residents. The first services 
were held on Christmas Day, 1875. 

Services are held in the Spanish language at ten 
o'clock A.M., on Sundays and Festival days. Masses at 
seven, nice and half-past ten o'clock A. M. Vespers 
at half-past seven o'clock P. M. Mass on week davs 
at seven o'clock A. M. The Sunday School has an at- 
tendance of over two hundred scholars ; meets at 
nine o'clock A. M. 

San Pletro Church. 

Location, northeast corner of Filbert and Dupont 
streets. Rev. Carlo Franchi, Pastor. 

In addition to services held at the different Roman 
Catholic churches throughout the city, religious exer- 
cises take place regularly at the following institu- 
tions : Presentation Convent Chapel. Powell street; 
St. Rose's Convent, corner Steiner and Tyler streets ; 
New Presentation Convent, corner of Taylor and Ellis 
streets ; St. Mary's Hospital Chapel, corner of First 
and Bryant streets; Magdalen Asylum Chapel, Po- 
trero avenue, near Twenty-first street; St. Mary's 
College Chapel, San Jose Road; St. Vincent's Orphan 
Asylum, South San Francisco ; Sacred Heart College, 
corner of Larkin and Eddy streets ; St. Brendan 
Chapel, corner of Spear and Market streets, and 
Italian Hospital, Twenty-eighth street, near Noe. 

First New Jerusalem Church. 

Location north side of O'Farrell street, between 
Mason and Taylor. Rev. John Doughty, Pastor ; resi- 
dence, 1.508 Leavenworth street. 

This society was organized February 15, 1852. 

Services are held every Sabbath at eleven o'clock A. 
M. Administration of the Sacrament of the Lord's 
Supper at the close of the morning service on the 
first Sundays In February, May, August and Novem- 
ber. Sabbath School at half past twelve o'clock P. M. 
Second Xe%v Jerusalem Church. 

Rev. J. Worcester, pastor; residence, Oakland. 
Meet at Druids' Hall, 413 Sutter street. Services at 
usual hours. 


Importers of French. Anierlcnn and ti \|' f!T,ARK" Ar f!0. 
KuKliHli l>»|>«r llnnrinffo. Private "• " • l^l'AniV ffi l^U. 

645 Market st. 

J. & K. UUA r b 5f uuL uu I i UN. uesT Tor nana ana macnme bewinc 

^ 80 


First Unitarian Clmrcli. 

Location, south side of Geary street, between Du- 
pont and Stockton. Rev. Horatio Stebbins, D. D., 
Pastor : residence, 1609 Larkin i^treet. 

This church was organized October 20, 1850. 

There is connect-d with the society an organized 
charity, called The Society for Christian Work. 

Religious services are held on Sunday at eleven 
o'clock A.M. and half past seven o'clock P. M. ; all 
seats are free at the evening services. 

The Sunday School has about three hundred and 
twenty-one scholars and teachers, and a library of 
two thousand volumes. The Sunday School is held at 
half past nine o'clock A. M. 

The Mariners' Chnrcli. 

Location, northeast corner of Sacramento and 
Drumm streets. Rev. Joseph Rowell, Pastor; resid- 
ence, 1416 Sacramento street; Rev. W. D. Bishop, 

This church was organized with sis members, in 
December, 1858, and now numbers two hundred and 

This church finds a wide field for usefulness, in the 
usual church services, a large Bible CI iss for seamen 
and strangers, a free reading room, month'y meetings 
of the S. F. Marine Temperance Society, several 
Prayer meetings on week-day evenings, preaching on 
the Sabbath, and personal labor on the Sabbath and 
during the week at the U. S. Marine Hospitil, dis- 
tribution of bibles and tracts on shipbo.ird, boarding 
houses, and elsewhere, and missionary labors about 
the streets wharves and shipping, and on board sea- 
going vessels. It is an undenominational missionary 

There is connected with this church a Bible Class 
and Sabbath School, numbering more than one hun- 
dred teachers and scholars ; meets at half-past nine 
o'clock A. M. Services e very Sabb. that eleven o'clock 
A. M. and half-past seven o'clock P. M. Prayer meet- 
ings every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, 
at half pa«t seven o'clock P. M. 

During the year 1860 a society was r->rmed among 
the business men of San Francisco, having for its ob- 
ject the moral improvement of seamen, called the 
San Francisco Port Society. It seeks to attain its ob- 
je. t by sustaining the prea- hing of the gospel, and 
other missionary labors in connection with the 
Mariners' Church. 

Christian Church. 

Place of worship, Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion. 2.3-2 Sutter. 

Xo stated Pastor at present. The congregation have 
ptirchased a lot on Twelfth street, bet Mission and 
Howard streets, and expect to build a church on it 
during the current year. 

Services every Sunday at eleven o'clock A. M. and 
half past seven o'clock P. M. 

Second Advent Christian Church. 

Location, 927 Mission street. Thomes Howell, El- 
d«* : residence, 20 Derby, off Taylor. 

This Society was organized in 1870. Services are 
held every Sunday at eleven o'clock A.M. Present 
membership about fifty. 

Seventh-Day Adventlst«. 

Organized, 1871 ; place of worship, Liguna street, 
between Tjler and McAllister; M. C. Israel, Elder; 
residence, Oakland. 

Services every Saturday, at eleven o'clock A. M. 
Sunday School at ten o'clock A. M. Prayer Meeting, 
Wednesday eveoiugs. 

The Independent German Congreg^ation of 
San Francisco. 

Incorporated July 1, 1870. Lectures by the Speaker, 
Mr. Fred. S hueuemann-Pott, held at 310 O'Farrell 
street, Sundays, at two o'clock P. M. during the Winl 
ter months, and on Wednesday evenings during the 
Summer. Sunday School at nine o'clock A. M. ; num- 
ber of scholars, one hundred. 

Reorganized Church of Jesus Chri 
of I<atter-Day Saints (San Francis- 
Branch; . 

Organized 18ti3. George S. Lincoln, Presiding E; 
er. This congregatiOD numbers thirty-five membe 
including five Elders, two Priests, one Teacher, a. 
! two Deacons. 

'• Meets everv Sunday at half-past seven o'clock P. 1 
I in Lincoln Hall, 71 New Montgomery street. 

I Russian Church. 

I Place of worship, 1713 Powell. Rev. W. N. 
homoflf, Arch-prie*t; residence, 7J0 Filbert stre« 
I Services every Sunday at tan o'clock A.M, and 
urday at six o'clock P.M. 

Sunday School at two o'clock, P. M. 
There is a school in connection with the churi 
held every day during the week except Sunday, f 
the instruction of children in religion and preparii 
them for the church. 

Swedish Church. 
Services held in the Church of the Advent, Howa 
street, opposite New Montgomery. Rev. Adoli 
Noren, Pastor ; residence, 332 Shipley street. 

Friends' Meeting. 

Services held in Superior C 'urt Room No. 4, thi: 
floor New City Hall, every First Day, at eleven o'clot 
A. M. Entrance on the nortli side, at the small do- 
near the center of the building. An iuvitation 
attend is cordially extended to all. 

San Francisco Spiritualists' Union. 

Organized May 26. 1872. Meets every Sunday 
Ixora Hall, 737 Mission. Number of members, tv 
hundred and fifty. CLiildren's Progressive Lyceum 
half past ten o'clock A. M. Conference or Lecture . 
two o'clock P. M. Lecture at half past seven o'clot 



— Rev. Frederic E. Shearer, Secretary. Tiiis sooiei 
was organized in 1»25, to diffuse Gospel truth throug 
the printed page. Its headquarter=i arc at 150 Nt 
stre. t. New York. It prints the Gospel in one hui 
dred and forty-five languages or dialects, publish* 
over thirteen hundred ditltrent books, thirty-five huJ 
dred tracts ami cards, and seven periodicals. The P» 
cific agency was established in December, 186y, an 
employed last year twenty-two colporteurs. Its m; 
sionary work in this field, with the aid rendered 
churches and -Sunday Schools, was at a cost of J10,00( 

Its deposit -ry, at 7n7 Market street, is also the di 
po9itory of the American Sunday School Union, th 
Presbyterian Board of Publication, and the Congregi 
tional Publishing Society. Twelve million, thre 
hundred and forty-six thousand, four hundred copie 
of its publications were issued during the past veai 

ber 30, 1849. Depofitory, 749 Market street. Meet 
ings of the Board of Trustees are held by appoint 
ment. on the Tuesday after the first Sunday of eaci 
month. Superintend, nt, Rev. Joseph Thompson 

CHIRCH.— Organized 1873. Metts every Frida; 
Trinity Church, after morning service. The object o 
the society is to tike und.r its care the destitute 
friendless within the bounds of Trinity Church parish 
to find employment for those requiring it, and to pro 
viilc clothing and assistance for such as may be il 
need of it ; to visit and comfort the sick and thi 
afflicted; to endeavor to bring to the church those wh« 
are neglectful of its services, and particularly tin 
poorer and friendless classes; to gather chillren iut< 
the Sunday School, and to aid in providing active au( 
competent teachers ; in short, to do all in its power 
under tje guidance and direction of the Rector of tht 
parish, to advance the interests of the Church o) 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY ''■•''"""*«ir*!?."i''°Ill'?:"x^"''^'''"« 

J. MAUUUNUUun a bu. 

41 Market Aitreet, corner Spear. 



Christ, and to extend to those around the privileges 
and blessings of the gospel. 

Officers— Mrs. Harrison Randolph, President ; Mrs. 
H. W.Beers, Vice-President ; Miss Huddart, Secretary ; 
Mrs. J. Mathieu, Treasurer. 

CO.\Sr BRANCH.— The Book Concern was established 
in 1789 on a borrowed capital of $600. The total sales 
of the Eastern and Western concerns for the last fiscal 
year were $1,566,739. The records show that, by order 
of the General Conference, the Concerns liave paid, 
for religions and benevolent interests and objects 
outside of their own business, $1,753,590. Net capi- 
tal, per report of 1877, $1,403,666. 

The San Francisco Depository, 1041 Market street, 
Bev. J. 6. Hill, Agent, was established in 1864, and 
entered its own present commodious building in 1877. 
The National Temperance Publication Society of New 
York, and the Publishing House of the M. E. Church 
South, of Nashville, are represented by full lines of 

TERI.AN CHURCH.— Organized March. 1874, and has 
for its especial field of labor the evangelization of 
heathen women on the Pacific Coast. Thirty-one 
auxiliary societies have been formed on the coast, 
seven of which are located in this city. The society 
purchased in June, 1876, the property at 933 Sacra- 
mento street for the purposes of the Mission Home. 
Daily school in English and Chinese is maintained, 
and Chinese women are in cases of persecution 
afforded shelt r in the Home. 

Officers.— Mrs. P. D.Browne, President ; Mrs. Hen- 
Bhelwood, Treasurer; Mrs. F. Hiller, Jr., Recording 
SecretHry; Mrs. I. N. Condit, Corresponding Secre- 
tary; Miss M. Culbertson, Superintendent 

tober, 1875. Composed of the clergy and laity of the 
several Presbyterian churches of the City. Objects: 
The advancement of the interests of Presbyterianism 
upon the Pacific Coast, mission work and evangeliza- 

The Union meets quarterly at the different churches. 
The Board of Directors meet on the first Monday 
of each mouth. 

Sabbath Schools are maintained by the Union every 
Sunday afternoon as follows : 56 First street, George 
M. Edmunds, Superintendent ; comer Steiner and 
fieary streets, James Horsburg. Superintendent ; 
corner Jersey and Sanchez streets. Rev. John Carring- 
ton, Superintendent, and Macartney's Hall, 927 Pa- 
cific street, George Leonard, Superintendent. 

Officers.— Thomas Magee, President: J. Elliot Con- 
diet, Vice-President; Arthur W. Edwards, Recording 
Secretary ; William S. Jack, Corresponding Secretary; 

. L. Van Winkle, Treasurer. 

'ormed in the interest of the self-reliant, self-res- 
jecting girls of San Francisco, and unprotected 
itrangers. It will be conducted upon business prin- 
iiples, compromising iu no way womanly independ- 
ince, and proposes to be largely self-supporting when 
*ully established. 

Its object is to open attractive rooms for music, 
■eading, etc. ; form classes for practical aid in the 
ine of each girls's own endeavor ; also, to sublet all 
riviite rooms in the Society's building to those with- 
ut or too remote from friends and home, and furnish 
oard at moderate cost. 

Officers for 1844-45.— President, Miss M. B. Coch- 
anr-; Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Grace 8. Bray and Mrs. 

. P. Taylor: Treasurer, Wm. Bosworth; Secretary, 
Irs. R. S. Miller; Auditor, N. E. Boyd, 911 Bush 
treet ; Superintendent, Mrs. C. E. Kinney. 

larch, 1860. Objects: The moral improvement of 
eamen and others connected with the sea, in this 
ort, by aiding the American Seaman's Friend Society 
f New York, in sustaining the Mariners' Church of 
an Francisco, and in such enterprises connected 

erewith as the society may approve. Any person 
lay become a member by paying $5 a year, or a life 
lember by the payment at one time of $50. 

In 1866 they erected a fine house of worship for the 

amen of this port, on the comer of Sacramento and 

Drumm streets, at a cost, for lot and house, of more 
than $20,000, which was contributed for the purpose 
by citizens of San Francisco and others. 

Officers. — Oliver Eldridge. President; Henry P. 
Blanchard, Vice-President ; J. Eowell. Secretary ; Rob- 
ert Balfour, Trea'surer ; Ira P. Rankin. J. T. Dean. I.W. 
Raymond, Charles Goodall, Robert Balfour, David 
Meeker, Charles Ferris and J. Rowell, Trustees. 

SODALITY OF THE B. V. M.— Organized Decem- 
ber, 1861. Organizations of the above sodalities have 
existed for the past two hundred years. This sodality 
was founded in this city by the Rev. J. M. C. Buchard, 
S. J., having for its object the moral and religious im- 
provement of its members. The society is governed 
by a Prefect and two assistants, together with a Sec- 
retary, Treasurer, and a council of twelve members 
elected annually. Its present spiritual Director Is 
Rev. J. Pinasco. It has a library of over three thou- 
sand volumes, which is open every Sunday at half 
past two o'clock P. M., and Monday, Wednesday 
and Friday at half past seven o'clock P. M., to 
members of the Sodality and subscribers paying a 
small monthly fee. Gentlemen's Sodality meetings 
held every Sunday morning, at a quarter to eight, in 
their ch.ipel, basement of St. Ignatius Church, on 
Hayes street, west of Van Ness avenue. Number of 
members about six hundred. 

Ladies' Sodality of tbe B.V. M. meets on Sundays, 
at half past two o'clockP. M.,in their chapel, over the 
eastern side aisle of the church. Number of members, 
two hundred and fifty. Volumes in library, about fif- 
teen hundred. Present Director Rev. A. MaraschI, 

WILLING WORKERS.— The Society of Willing 
Workers is composed of the members of the church 
and congregation of Union Square Free Baptist 

Officers.— President, Mrs. L. Knight ; Vice Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Gillespie ; Secretary, Mrs. J. S. Pelton, 
Treasurer, Mrs. Doe ; Board of Directors, Mrs. Bar- 
low Dyer, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. C. Flint. 

corporated September 13, 1853. The objects of this 
association are; 

1st. The improvement of the physical, mental, 
and spiritual condition of its members, the develop- 
ment of their charity and zeal, and the extension of 
the Christian religion, especially to such as are not 
in the habit of attending public worship in the 

2d. To unite the members, particularly the young 
men of the various churches and congregations of 
this city, in such works of charity as are not specially 
provided for by the churches themselves. 

For the attainment of these objects, there is pro- 
vided and maintained: A library and bath rooms, free 
to all members of this association. A reading room, 
well supplied with current literature, daily, weekly, 
pictorial, secular, and religious papers, tree to all 
such as conform to the rules and regulations issued 
by the Board of Managers from time to time. The 
library contains upward of four thousand volumes. 
There is also a gymnasium connected with the insti- 

A Prayer Meeting, to which all are invited, is held 
at the rooms every Saturday evening, from eight to 
nine o'clock ; also a Daily Prayer Meeting, from quar- 
ter past twelve o'clock to one o'clock P.M. Bible 
Class, on Monday evenings at half past seven o'clock. 
Services in the large hall of the association every 
Sunday at three o'clock P.M. 

Services are also held under the auspices of the 
association in the various prisons of the city, as well 
as frequently in the open air at various localities. 

The association has a large and handsome building 
on Sutter street, between Kearny and Dupont. The 
free reading rooms are open every day from half- 
eight o'clock A. M. to ten o'clock P. M. 

Officers.— George W. Gibbs, President ; H. W. Sever- 
ance, Recording Secretary ; H. J. McCoy, General Sec- 
retary ; A. G. Sheahan. Assistant Secretary: Prentiss 
Selby, Treasurer; L. B. Benchley, Librarian. Board 
of Directors— J. W. Whiting. W. B. Parsons, Samuel 
Carson. Peter B. Simons, N. T. Romaine, L. B. Bench- 
ley. S. F. Bufford, George W. Gibbs, Capt. G. A. Hull, 
R. V. Watt, A. B. Forbes, H. J. Mahan. John W. But- 
ler, R. P. Davidson, H. W. Severance, Prentiss Selby, 
E. W. Newhall and Charles A. Laton. 


If H U U 11 O sou, 511 atarket Street, 

Edivard»' Llfflitninfr Jamp- 
?►««*■> for Bftle to the Trade. - > , 

UlklOI/l rV CDICDC S. UAVCC FUtTON IKON KFOKKS. 220 Fremont street, 
nlNUlVLIlT, OrlbnO W tlATtO, Manufacturers of QUAKT1;MI1.I.S and Mining Jlachme» 



TION. — location of rooms, northeast comer of Sacra- 
mento and Stockton streets. Open every day until half 
past nine o'clock P.M. The association is under the 
charge of Rev. A. W. Loomis, D. D., and Rev. A.I. 
Kerr, who give instruction in the English language, 
and have charge of the library 

Officers.— Lee Shuck, President; Dia Che, Secre- 

Ized October 14, 1877. The objects of the association 
j are: 

I 1st. The improvement of the mental, moral, and 
social condition of its members. 

2d. The protection of Hebrew Interests. 

The association at present numbers one hundred 
members, and meets monthly at their rooms 211 
Sutter street. 

Officers— Max Popper, President ; Henry Kohn.Vice- 
President ; Max Goldman, Recording Secretary ; Eu- 
Eugene G. Davis, Treasurer ; Marks Blaskower, R. E. 
Max, and Maurice Brandt. Directors. 

Organized September 9, 1877. Incorporated February 
1, 1878. Number of members, about one hundred and 
eighty. The objects of the association Includes the 
establishment of an industrial department for desti- 
tute women, a reading room and library for women 
and girls, the furnishing of advice, sj-mpathy, tempo- 
ral aid and encouragement to friendless and homeless 
young women arriving or residing in the city, and the 
extension of moral and religious surroundings to all 
families needing such ministrations. 

The rooms of the association are located at .539 How- 
ardstreet, and consist of library, reading and sewing- 
rooms. The library contains over one thousand vol- 
umes of well selected literature, and the reading room 
is copiously supplied with the choicest periodicals. 
The annual meeting is held on the second Monday in 
Septembe- of each year. 

Officers— Mrs. L. C. Redington, President; Mrs. A. 
T. Trask, R<?rording Secretary; Miss A, Van Winkle, 
Treasurer; Miss L. C. Atkinson, Corresponding Secre- 
tary ; Miss H. R. Shaw, Superintendent and Librarian. 

Benevolent. * 

AMF:ricaN LEGION OF HONOR.— This organiza- 
tion is a secret benevolent society, composed of Su- 
preme, Grand and Subordinate Councils. Its objects 
are as follows : 

Ist. To unite fraternally all white persons of good 
moral character who are socially acceptable, and, if 
for benel'uial nienibership. of sound bodily health, 
and between eighteen and sixty-five years of age. 

2d. To give all moral and material aid In its power 
to its niemliers and those dependent upon them. 

;td. To educate Its members socially, morally and 

4th. To establish a fund for the relief of sick and 
distressed bcnelicial members. 

r)th. To establisli a Benefit Fund from which, on 
the SHtlsfactory evidence of the death of a beneficial 
member of the Order, who has complied with all its 
lawful reriuirements.a sum not exceeding $5,000 shall 
be piild to the family, orphans, or dependents as the 
member may direct. 

A Grand Council was instituted Aujtust 8, 1881. 

Grand officers: Hon. Aoron Bell. Shasta, Grand 
Commander ; James Lenhart, ban Francisco, Grand 
Vice-Commander ; W. S. Brown. Sun Francisco, Grand 
Orator; Mrs. Abble E. Wood, San Framiseo, (Irand 
Secretary ; John N. Besse, Watsonville, Grand Treas- 
urer ; D. O. Kelly, Fresno. Grand Chaplain; L. 
Khrllch. San Francisco, Grand Guide ; Henry Tzack, 
Grass Valley. Grand Warden; Charles Beesley, 
Fresno, Grand Sentry. 

There are eighty-four subordinate Councils under 
the jurlHdictlon of the Grand Cotmcil, fifteen of which 
are located in San Francisco, as follows: 

GoLPEN CouwciL No. 118.— Meets every second and 
fourth Wednesday evenings in the month at 32 O'Fftr- 
rell street. 

Alta CoDNCtL No. 147.— Meets every Friday evening 
at 32 0'F»rrell street. 

Mybtle Council No. 187.— Meets every Wednew 
evening in Washington Hall, 35 Eddy street. 

California Council No. 250. — Meets every first i 
third Monday evenings in the month at 32 O'Fan 

BOHEBCAN Council No. 261.— Meets every Wedt 
day evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

San Francisco Council No. 442. — Meets every Tti 
day evening at 417 Kearny street. 

Coleman Council No. 451.— Meets every Tues- 
evening at corner Sixteenth and Valencia. 

Washington Council No. 480.— Meets every seci 
and fourth Friday evenings in the month at 32 O'] 
rell street. 

Occident Council No. 602.— Meets every first 
third Saturday evenings in the month at 32 O'l 
rell street. 

Golden West Council No. 547.— Meets every sec 
and fourth Friday evenings in the month in Hamil 
Hall, corner Geary and Steiner streets. 

Golden Star Council No. 548.— Meets every Th- 
day evening in B. B. Hall, 121 Eddy street. 

Protection Council No. 596. — Meets second 
fourth Friday evening In B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 E 

Metropolis Council No. 640.— Meets every Sa 
day evening In Red Men's Hall, 320 Post street. 

Mystic Council No. 674. — Meets every first 
third Wednesday evenings in the month at 32 0': 
rell street. 

Golden Shore Council No. 695.— Meets every 
urday evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

ject: Mutual benefit to members of the order. 

Organized 1867. Number of members in San F 
Cisco, about thirty-ftve hundred. 

District Deputy Grand Master, John D. Coi 
Office, 213 Fremont street. 

Four Subordinate Lodges have been organize 
this city, viz : 

California Lodge, No. 1.— Meets every first 
third Thursday evening at 18 M Eddy street. 

Verba Buena Lodoe, No. 2.— Meets every Fr 
evening at 18 M Eddy street. 

Pacific Lodoe, No. 5.— Meets every Friday eve 
at Champion Hall, Potrero. 

Harmonv Lodge, No. 6.— Meets every second 
fourth Tuesday evening at 18)4 Eddy street. 

of this order are to aid the sick members, give r 
to their widows and orphans, to find employnien 
the unemployed, and all other benevolent pnrp 
This order has been In existence fron\ time iiiim 
rial, and its Cmirts are to be found in almost e 
civilized country. Seventeen courts in the g 
with several femi.lo branches known as circlet 
branch known as Knights of Sherwood Forest. ' 
membership about r^OO. 

California District.— Organized December. 
Officers.- Henry Beaver, D. C. R. : Alexander Nl' 
son. D. S. C. R. ; Max Goldman. D. Treasurer; : 
McLennan, D. Secretary, 420 Montgomery street 
Webb, D. B. 

Court Robin Hood, No. 6931.— Meets second 
fourth Tuesdays of each month In Druid's Hall 
Sutter street. 

Court Eureka, No. fiUti.— Meets first and 
Thiirsdays of each month In Red Men's Hall, 610 

Court Aurora, No. 6450.— Meets first and 
Fridays of each month in Shlel's Building. 32 
rell street 

Court America, No. 6454.— Meets second andf< 
Thursdays of each month In Champion Hall, Pol 

Court California. No. 6671.— Meets every Tu< 
evening. In Foresters' Hall, 20 Eddy street. 

Court Invincible. No. 6672.— Meets first and 
Fridays of each mouth In Odd Fellows' Hall, C' 

Eighth and Franklin. Oiikland. 


YitrdH: VZ» to J 



CouBT OcciDE>rrAL, No. 6676.— Meets second and 
fourth Fridays of each month In Shlels' Building, 
82 O'Farrell street. 

CoPBT Golden Gate, No. 6681. — Meets second and 
fourth Tuesdays of each month in Sbiel's Building, 
82 O'Farrell street. 

Court San Fbascisco, No. 6744.— Meets second and 
fourth Thursdays of each month In Washington Hall, 
3S Eddy street. 

CouBT Bat Crrr, No. 6857.— Meets second and fourth 
Wednesdays of each month, in B'nai B'llth Ball, 121 
Eddy Street. 

CouET Eucliean, No. 6932.— Meets every Monday 
evening, in Grand Central Hall, 997 Market street 

CouBT Stab of the West. No. 6956.— Meets every 
Friday evening, in Foresters' Hall, 20 Eddy street. 

Court Eclipse, No. 6972. — Meets every Monday 
evening, in Foresters' Hall, 20 Eddy street 

Conclave No. 11, Knights of Sherwood Forest.— 
Meets Second and Fourth Thursdays of each Month, 
In Washington Hall, 35 Eddy street 

Washington Circle. Companions of the Forest. — 
Meets second and fourth Tbnrsdays of each month, 
in Forestt^rs' Hall, 20 Eddy street 

CouBT Pride of Califobnia, No. 1 (.Juvenile 
Branch).— Meets second and fourth Tuesdays of 
each month in Grand Central Hall, 997 Market street. 

Court Young America, No. 2 (-Juvenile Branch). — 
Meets first and third Saturdays of each month in 
Champion Hall, Potrero. 

March 29, 1869. Headquarters, Irish- American Hall. 
Board of Directors, composed of all the Division 
Officers in the county, meets on the 20th of each 

State Officers.— John Fitzsimmons, Oakland, State 
Delegate; J. C. O'Connor. State Secretary; P. S. 
Harnev, Sacramento, State Treasurer. 

J. W. Sheehr. County Delegate ; John H. Gllmore, 
County Secretary ; P. Conlan. County Treasurer. 

Eight Divisions have been organized in this city, 

Division No. 1. — Meets second Friday of each 
month in Irish-American Hall, 818 Howard street. 

Division No. 2.— Meets first Thursday of each 
month in Irish-American Hall, 818 Howard street. 

DmsioN No. 3.— Meets third Tuesday of each 
month in Huddy's Hall, 909 }4 Market street. 

Division No. 4.— Meets first Friday of each month 
in Irish- American Hall, 818 Howard street. 

Division No. 5. — Meets first Wednesday of each 
month in Mayberry Hall, 2417 Mission street. 

Division No. 6.— Meets second Wednesday of each 
month in Irish-American Hall, 818 Howard street. 

Division No. 7.— Meets second Tuesday of each 
month in Irish-American Hall, 818 Howard street. 

Division No. 8.— Meets first Tuesday of each month 
in St. Joseph's Hall, west side of Tenth street, be- 
tween Howard and Folsom. 

Harmont Lodge No. 9.— Meets every Saturday at 
913 Market street. 

Terba Buena Lodoe No. 14.— Meets every Friday 
at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Bernal Lodge No. 19.— Meets every Monday at 
comer of Sixteenth and Valencia streets. 

Unity Lodge No. 27.— Meets every Tuesday at B'nai 
B'rith Hall, 121 Eddy street. 

Valley Lodge No. 30.— Meets every Wednesday at 
32 O'Farrell street. 

Spartan Lodge No. 36.— Meets every Friday at 32 
O'Farrell street. 

Myrtle Lodge No. 42. —Meets every Saturday at 
913 Market street. 

Washington Lodge No. 60.— Meets every Thurs- 
day at B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 Eddy street. 

BxTBNs' Lodge No. 68.— Meets every Thursday at 
913 Market street. 

Sts. John Lodge No. 73.— Meets every Thursday 
at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Magnolia Lodge No. 41. — Meets every Monday at 
32 O'Farrell street. 

Franklin Lodge No. 44.— Meets every Friday at 
35 Eddy street. 

Hercules Lodge No. 53. — Meets every Friday at 
Hamilton Hall, soutbweet comer Geary and Steiner 

Excelsior Ixddge No. 126.— Meets every Thursday 
at Excelsior Hall, 2419 Mission street. 

Olympic Lodge No. 127.— Meets every Tuesday at 
35 Eddy street. 

Fidelity Lodge No. 136.— Meets every Wednesday 
at 218 Post street. 

Bay View Lodge No. 159.— Meets every Friday at 
comer Railroad and Seventeenth avenues. South San 

Tbiumph Lodge No. 180.— Meets every Tuesday at 
325 Montgomery street. 

' NoE Valley Lodge No. 185.— Meets every Tuesday 
in Edwards' Hall, southeast comer Jersey and San- 
chez street. 

porated February 19, 1884 ; capital stock f 100.000, 
shares 10,000, at flO per share. Edwin Danforth, 
President ; J. N. Bloch. Vice-President ; John Hoesch, 
Secretary ; Frank W. Rossbach, Treasurer. The com- 
mittee on subscriptions reported 125.000 subscribed 

—Incorporated January '23, 1880. Objects: To provide 
for the payment to the widow of a deceased member 
thereof a stipulated sum of money raised by assess- 
ments from its surviving members. 

Officers— William H. Jordan, President; P. Veasey, 
Vice-President ; E. M. Readiug, Secretary; J. W, 
Belden, Treasurer. Office 38 St. Ann's Building. 

ized April 12, 1879. Number of members, two hun- 
dred &nd twenty. Meets at 806 Montgomery street, on 
the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. 
Object — To assist needy members in case of sickness 
or distress. 

Officers.- R. T. Michaelsen. President; John F. 
Sylvia, Vice President ; G. S. Olsen, Recording Sec- 
retary ; M. P. Milloglav, Treasurer; T. Gurmendez, 
Financial Secretarv. 

SOCIATION— Incorporated March 27, 1879. Number 
of members, 85. Meets every Friday evening at 310 
O'Farrell street. Object : To assist its members in 
sickness or distress. 

Officers— M. P. Milloglav, President ; G. Dabelich, 
Vice-President : R. Spiro. Recording Secretary; J. M. 
Russell, Financial Secretary : Wm. Green. Treasurer ; 
M. Beeovich, Sereeant-at-Arms ; A. Russell, Conductor; 
R. Spiro, Cantaln; G. Dabelich, First Lieutenant; 
N. Sturiza, Second Lieutenant. 

Beige de Secours Mutuels. Tbis society was organ- 
ized April 1. 1883. Number of members, about 100; 
meetings, first and third Friday of each month at 




Lafayette Hall, 730 Moiit«oniery Ptreet. W. B. Cbap- 
man, (Consul for Belgium) Honorary Prepident ; 
Joseph Gaillard. Presldt-nt ; G. Lfemans and R. Van 
Goethem. Vice-Prewdents ; E. J. Iiuhaus. Recording 
Secretary; Leon Gaillard, Financial Secretary ; Louis 
Nevraumont, Treasurer. 

ELKS.— Organized April 11, 1876. George Bell, Dis- 
trict Deputy and Grand E. R. 

San Fr.vncisco Lodge, No 3.— Meets everv Sunday 
afternoon at Druid's Hall, 510 Bush street. Num- 
ber of members one hundred. 

Officers.— .John Porter, E. R. ; C. Terry, E. L. K.; 
W. George. E. L. K.; H. Flnnegas, E. L. K.: W. C. 
Dudley, Secretary; J. C. Combes, Treasurer, H. Leh- 
man, Tyler. 

California Lodge, No. 12.— Organized March 9, 
1879. Number of members, sixty-five. Meets every 
Sundsy at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Officers.— Bert McNulty, E. R.: H. Greenhood, E. L. 
K.: C. W. Nevin, E. L. K. ; F. Klityl, E. L. K.: A. M. 
Blade, Secretary; Alfred Perrier. Treasurer; E. 
Englander, I. G. ; T. E. Finley, Tyler; J. H. Harney, 
Esq.; Frank Meyers, Chaplain. 

B'NAI B'RITH— District Grand Lodge. No. 4.— 
Meets every fourth Sundny in January, at B'nai B'rith 
Building, 121 Eddy street. 

Officers.- F. Sperling, President ; D. Hirschberg, 
First Vice-President; H. Marks, Second Vlce-P esi- 
dent ; Louis Blank. Secretary; A. L. Badt, Treasurer; 
Sol Cohen, Guard; B. RosenherK, Messenger. 

Ten lodges have been organized in this city, all of 
which meet in the B'nai B'rith Building upon the 
following eveuings, viz: 

Ophir Lodge, No. 21.— Meets every Wednesday. 

Unity Lodge, No. 273.— Meets every Monday. 

MoDiN Lodge. No. 42.— Meets every Tuesday. 

Pacific Lodge, No. 48.— Meets every Thursday. 

Montefiobe Lodge, No. .51.— Meets every Monday. 

Columbia Lodge, No. 127.— Meets every Monday. 

Golden Gate Lodge, No. 129.— Meets every Wed- 

Occidental Lodge, No. 32.5.— Meets every Tuesdav. 

California Lodge, No. 163.— Meets every Thurs- 

Cremieux Lodge, No. 325.— Meets every Monday. 

B'NAI B'RITH Hall Association. — Incorporated 
April 9, 187H, for the purpose of building and main- 
taining a suitable structure for the accommodation of 
the order. Under its auspices a magnificent new four 
story hall building has been erected upon Eddy street, 
between Mason and Taylor, at a cost of, including the 
lilt, $7.5,000. Grand dancing hall with stage arrange- 
ment, with perfect dining-rnom accomodation. The 
furnishing involved an addiiional outlay of Jl5.(i00. 
Six CMpacinuK halls are contained within the building, 
besldeB a library and readingroom. The library con- 
tains about six thousand volumes. 

Officers.- J. Samuels, President; E. Shrler. Vice- 
President : Louis Blank, Secretary ; Jules Cerf, Treas- 
iirer; H. Ross, Librarian. 

Board of Relief, I. O. B. B.— Organized Febru- 
ary 3. 18H4. 

Officers.— S. Patek, President; Emil Marks, Vice- 
President; Edward I. Wolfe, Secretary; D. Davis, 

September 16,1874. Rescues homeless, neglected or 
abused children of California, and juvenile offenders 
who would otherwise be coinmlttod to prison; pro- 
vides for such until nuitiible homes or em))1oyiiient 
are found for them, and continues to look after their 
condition and treatment; maintains reailing rooms, 
libraries, baths, a gyinnasiu'n. savinu's hank, sewing 
s hool, class In music, and classes for Instruction in 
otlier branches ; also lectures, entertainments, and a 
temperance organization. Lodgings are furnished at 
a nominal cost to working boys and girls who have 
neither homes nor suitable guardianship in the city. 
The work is free from scctHrianisiii and depends upon 
voluhtary coufrlbullons for its suj)port. Office and 
•' Home," No. (18 Clementina street. San Francisco. 

Officers.- George C. Perkins, President; C. K. Bon- 

, Secretary; Dudley C. Bates, Treasurer 
T. Dooley, Superintendent. 

NI.\.— Rooms, 5:n California street. 

This society was organized in 1865, for the pur] 
of affording relief to sick and destitute members 
per.sons who were subjects of Great Britain at. 
time of their birth, and of promoting the social 
intellectual improvement of its members. Betw 
twelve and thirteen hundred members have been 
mitted to membership, and there are now some 
hundred and fifty paying members, including t 
teen life inembers, on the rolls. In May, 1867, 
association was completely reorganized and incoi 
rated, and a constitution adopted, containing sev 
admirable features, and, among others, provisions 
free lectures, debates, and social concerts. From 
time of its formation the affairs of the soci( ty h 
bei-n carefully and judiciously managed, and its cl 
ity dispensed with prudent liberality. It has unifo 
ly co-operated with the San FrancisVo Benevolent 
sociation, St. Andrew's Society, and other soeiet 
and through its agency their burden has been gre» 
lightened ; many hundreds of sick and destitute] 
women, and children effectively relieved, and a 111 
number provided with employment. The relief gl* 
is, for the most part, temporary. The Board of 
lief is in attendance daily from ten o'clock .\.M> 
one o'clock P.M. The regular meeting is held on 
first Tuesday of each month, at seven and a t 
o'clock P. M. in winter and eight in summer. 

Officers.- W. Greer Harrison, President; Jan 
Sennet. First Vice-President; G. J. Theobald. Sec( 
Vice-President ; Henry A. Fox, Treasurer ; J. P. I 
Currie, Secretary. 

November 27, 1865. 

The objects of this association are the amelio 
tion of the condition of prisoners, the impro 
ment of prisons and prison discipline, and the 
and encourasement of discharged prisoners in th 
efforts to regain their forfeited positions and seci 
for themselves an honest livelihood. 

Officers.- Ira P. Rankin, President ; Henry Gibbo 
M. D., Vice-President; Rev. James Woodworth 
retary and General Agent ; Nathaniel Gray, Treasur 

OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN.— Incorporated € 
tember 2, 1876. Number of members, two hund 
and three. 

Objects : To provide ways and means to secure t 
enforcement of an Act for the prevention of cruel' 
to children, and to labor in the education of a puh 
sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward cb 
dren. Office. 604 Merchant street, room 12. 

Officers.— Joseph W. Winans. President; R. H. K 
Donald, Treasurer ; Nathaniel Hunter, Secretary. 

Sacramento street, between Baker and Lyon. Inav 
mated May, 1867. Organized May, 1868. Iiic< 
porated January, 1873. 

This hospital is specially devoted to the treatine 
of diseases peculiar to women, and only such i 
are admitted. It Is open to all irrespective of c 
or nationality, and offers the comforts o( a honi 
addition to surgical and uiedii-al treatment. The 
men's Hospital exists as a purely medical cliarit 
and gives relief to two classes of patients: 1st. 1 
those who are destitute and unable to pay auythin 
2d. Those whose means are too limited to enab 
them to pay for private medical attendance, by p» 
ment of a moderate sum for board, receive medic 
attendance and nursing without charee. Tl 
siirgcon in chief receives no remuneration fi 
his services. Out patients treated gratuitously I 
the House Physician. Application for admisslc 
must be made ti the Lady Managers, the Matron » 
the Hospital, or to Dr. John Scott. 729 Sutter street.' 

OtHcers. —James W. Hurling. President ; J. R. Bo: 
t 'n. Vice-President ; Samuel O. Hunt, Secretary i 
Treasurer; John Scott. M. D., F. R. C. S.. Stirgeoni 
Chief; H. J. Todd, M. D.. House Physician; V' 
J. H. Hatch, President; Mrs. D. F. Neal, Vice-PrflJ 
dent; Mrs. W. M. Searby, Secretary Board of Lal)> 

FRANCISCO.— Incorporated September 3, 1869. Niui 


Washing Called for and Deiiverei 

^FFict:. aa ueaby nt. 

I^EHIfilff. CV9fBERl.A>rn and F.1VOI.TSH roVSOttT 
COKE. 41 Nnrket Street, corner Speur. 



r of members, two hundred and ten. Meets second 
Ipnday of eai'b month at Cambrian Hall, IVVS Mis- 
jiuBtreet. Object: To assist its members in case 

sieknefis or -want. 
.Officers.— Thomas Price, Presldeut ; H. A. Powell, 
•ret Vice-President; W. A. Jones, Second Vice- 
eeident;S. L. Jones, Treasurer; John Edwards, 
rrespouding and Financial Secretary: H. J. Owen, 
cording Secretary; Owen Jones, J. L. Daniels, B. 
Price, Evan Davis. John E. Raymnnd. Robert E. 
llllams, David H. Watkins, Board of Directors. 

n. Meets second and fourth Tlinrsdav of each 
)nth, at B'nai B'rith Hall. 121 Eddy street. Num- 
r of members, two hundred and fifty. Objects: 
la promotion of more friendly intercourse among 
nadians ou this coast, for mutual assistance in se- 
rlng employment for those in search of such, and 
r benevolent purposes. 

Dfflcers.— W. J. Gilliland, President: A. W. Mc- 
ozle. First Vice-President ; Robert Fiddes. Second 
ce-President ; James M. Kamp, Treasurer ; Adam 
Inland, Recording Secretary; William Sansom, 
Dancial Seen tary ; William Langstaff Jr., Corns- 
Dding Secretary ; D. MacLean, Physician ; A. H. 
Uker, Marshal. 

ETV.— Organized August 23, 1873. Number of mem- 
rs, cne hundred and sevenfy-live. Meet* every 
ifd Wednesday evening of each month at Irish- 
lerican Hall, 818 Howard street. 
Jbjects : To extend aid and at'sistance to members 
case of sickness or accident, to bury the dead, to 
ord mutual protection in business, and to elevate 
5 character of its members. 

)fflcers.— Patrick Furlong. President ; Patrick Kil- 
any, Vice-President ; Frank Donnelly, Recording 
retary ; Hugh McKivett, Financial Secretary ; D. 
rrell. Treasurer. 

(janized Oetnber 26, 18(>2. Mef tings held the first 
Qday <-f each month at B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 Eddy 
eet. Number of members, one hundred au d twenty- 

Pheir ob-ect is to relieve and care for the sick, In- 
n, and disabled members of the society, etc. The 
^ds and property of the society constitute a Charity 

rs.- L. Ehrlich, President : Charles Grosslicht, 
retary; Morris Levy, Treasurer. 

d September. 1861. Incorporated Mr.y, ]8(;8. Meet- 
held the third Sunday of each month at B'nai 
1th Hall. 121 Eddy street. Number of members, 
hundred and forty. • 

)bjeft : To afford relief to its members in case of 
kness or distress. 

cers. -Joseph Henry, President ; A. Bernstein, 
Jording Secretary ; Samuel Levy, Treasurer. 

anized February, 1857. Meetings held the second 
Jdayofeach month at B'nai B rith Building. 121 
y street. The object of this society is to aid its 
rabers in case of sickness or distress, 
fflcers.— William Green, President ; W. Myer, Sec- 
ry; W. Geist, Treasurer. 

y 8, I860. Meetings held the fln-t Sunday of each 
>th at 32 O'Fsrrell street. Numb^ r of members, 
hundred and thirty-five. Objei t: To aid its mem- 
sin caJ=e of sickness or distress. 

cers. — M. Lewis, President; L. Llcbt, Becre- 
A. P. Craner, Treasurer. 

f 26, 1874. Meetings held the second Sundav of 
l» month, at B'nai Brith Hall, 121 Eddy street, 
liber of members, ninety. 

fflcers.- Julius Ptnuiprr. President; J. Israelaky, 
iretary; W. Davis, Treasurer. 

ober 7. ItHO. Meetings held the third Sunday of 
month at B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 Eddy street. Ob- 
;: Mutual relief of its members, 
fflcers. — A. Zimmerman, President ; Charles Roth- 

olz. Vice-President; Jacob Oans, Secretary; D. Davis, 


H. Madisen, President ; Mrs. N. M. Lund and Mrs. P. 
Christotferson, Vice-Presidents ; Mrs. J. Simpson, Re- 
cording Secretary; .Miss Mary Anderson. Financial 
Secretary ; Mrs. C. Decker, Treasurer. Number of 
members, nluety-one. 

October, 18.')0, to assist poor and needy Hebrews in 
want or sickness. Number of members, five hundred 
and ninety, who pay one dollar each per month, 
besides an additional sum of twenty-five cents, for the 
support of widows and orphans. The society has a 
fund on interest. Office, 414 Clay street. 

Officers.— Henry Epstein, President; Leo Eloesser, 
Secretary ; Aaron Cahn, Treasurer. 

EXEMPT FIRE COMPANY. — Organized Decem- 
ber 8, 18C2, in pursuance of an Act of the Leg- 
islature, approved March 26, 18;)7, which pro- 
vides that F.xempt Members of the Department 
may organize themselves to be known and des- 
ignated as the "Exempt Fire Company," and 
for the purpose of associating themselves together 
for mutual benefit and assistance, and for the 
more especial object of receiving and administering 
the "Fire Department Charitable Fund," from which 
they are entitled by law tc relief. Reorganized April 
15, 1872, under a supplementary Act of the Legislature, 
approved Mnrch 14, 1872. Meetings of the company 
are held on the third Monday of eachmonth, attheir 
ballon Brenham Place. 

Officers.- John W. Cherry, President: Edward T. 
Anthony, and Paulin Huant. Vice-Presidents ; George 
W. Corbell, Secretary ; George T. Bohen, Treasurer. 

TION.— Organized 18G8. Reorganized May 7, 1874. It 
includes all the officers and members of the Paid Fire 
Department, and has for its object the 
creation and maintenance of a fund for benev- 
olent purposes in their behalf. An assess- 
ment of one dollar per month is made on all mem- 
bers, and benefits to the amount of ten dollars per 
week are paid members during sickness. Special as- 
sessments of one dollar on all members is also made 
upon the death of a member, the amount realized be- 
ing applied first to funeral expenses, the residue go- 
ing to the heirs of deceased. 

Officers— David Scannell. President: A. C. Imbrie, 
Secretary ; Gus Rels, Treasurer; John Mason, Fred. 0. 
Siebe and David Scannell, Trustees. 

ganizid in 1849, to ussitt needy Hebrews in sickness 
and in want. Reorganized 18.'53. Incorporated 18G2. 
Number of members, three hundred. Office of Secre- 
tary. c<'r Post and Taylor i-treets. 

Officers- C. Meyer. President; L. Bramer. Vice- Pres- 
ident: B. J. Sldeman. Treasiinr; Isaiah Cohn, Sec- 
retary; E. Gislinski, Wm. Saalburg, M.Wurkheim, A. 
P. Craner, Trustees. 

ASSOCIATION.— Organized January 10, 1864. Mc et- 
ings h.'ld second Sunday of each month, at B'nai 
B'rith Building, 121 Eddy street. Number of members, 
one hundred and sixteen. The object of this associa- 
tion is to rstabllsh an institution for mutual assist- 
ance to ladles of the Hebrew faith who may become 
memb' rs of the society; to furnish a physician and 
medicine, a weekly benefit to sick members, and, on 
deatli of a member, to defmv the funeral expenses. 

Officers.— L. Sob mon. President: L. Ehrlleh. Vice- 
President; Louis Llcht, Secretary; M. Marks, Treas- 

meets at Fxrel^ior Hall, 2319 Mis^ion street. Officers: 
Mrs. Dr. Bush, Mrs. Grotber, Mrs. Bellermann, Mrs. 
Wanz, Mrs Reulein, Mrs. Cordcs, Mrs. Stoer and 
Mrs. Bruns. 

ciete Fran^aise de Bienfaisance Mntuelle.l— Fsfab- 
lished December 28, 18.';i. This is a Mutual Relief 
Society, established for the purp' se ot affording as- 
sistance to its members in case of sirkness. The 
rooms of the soci. ty are located at 510 Jackson street. 


RUMANJSHAM & CO., 509, 511 Market StifsSSs^^naSSEflSw 

















The commodious hospital on Bryant street, between 
Fifth and Sixth, forms a very important addition to 
the charitable institutions of the city. The Central 
Pharmacy of the Society is open every day (Sundays 
excepted), between one and five o'clock P. M., at 510 
Jackson street. 

Officers.— H. Barroilhet, President ; I. Boudin, First 
Vice-President : S. "Weill. Second Vice-President: G. 
■VVolfif, Treasurer; Ch. Maubie. First Secretary; A. 
Schmidt, Second Secretary ; F. Bazan, M. D. ; G. 
Gross, M. D. ; Bernard Hoftstetter, M. D., Physicians; 
N. J. Martinache, M. D., Oculist; A. Van Crom- 
brugghe. Dentist. 

man) .—Organized May 19,1877. Number of members, 
one hundred and twenty-five. Object: To aid its 
members and their families in case of sickness and 
distress. Meets first Saturday evening in every month 
at 510 Bush street. 

Officers.— John Hagler, President; Henry Brown, 
Vice-President; Jacob Rohrer, Treasurer; William 
Pircher, Secretary ; Jos. Willey, Financial Secretary. 

Henry'*'. Gantner, President; H. Burkheim, Vice- 
President; J. Knoop, Secretary ; D. Knoop, Treasurer. 

SAN FRANCISCO (styled in German, Die Allgemeine 
Deutsche Understuetzungs Gesellschaf t) .—Is one of 
the largest and most efficient charitable institutions 
in the State. It was organized on the seventh of 
January, 18.54, with one hundred and five members, 
and has rapidly increased, until now it numbers three 
thousand five hundred and thirty-seven members. 

i Only Germans and persons speaking German are 
admitted to membership. The chief purpose of the 
association is mutual assistance in case of sickness, 
and when sick every member has a right to demand 
support and medical attendance from the society. 
The society has a second purpose of doing charity to 
Germans not members of the association, and especi- 
ally to German immigrants newly arrived. For this 
purpose the society has expended during its existence 
about $300,000. The hospital of the society, located 
on the block bounded by Fourteenth, Ridley, Noe 
and Castro streets, is built after the most improved 
plans of modern hospital architecture, and has ac- 
commodations for three h undred patients. It was 
formally opened February 22, 1878, and replaces the 
loss of their old hospital on Brannan street, which 
was burned August 28, 1876. 

The office is at 535 California street, where the gen- 
eral agent, Rugene Roemer, can be found from eight 
o'clock A. M. to five o'clock P. M., on week days. All 
applications for admission into the society, or (or 
charitable relief, and to furnish employment or ser- 
vants to applicants, should be addressed to the agent. 

' No charge for application. 

! Officers. —F. H. Rosenbaum, President; L. Hess, 
First Vice-President; A. G. Russ, Second Vlce-Presi- 

I dent; F. C. Siebe, Treasurer; Ad. Hochsteln, Corres- 

I ponding Secretary; Cesar Bertheau, Financial Sec- 

'' retary ; H. Epstein, F. O. Becker and J. .Schumacher. 

, F. Hufschmidt, U. Haesloop, W. 0. Hildebrandt, H. 
Schroeder. Trusteus. 

CIETV.— Organized 1870. Object: To aid the poor 
and distressed German women of San Francisco. 
Number of memljers two liundrcd and fifty. Meets 
first Monday In each month nt 312 Post street. 

Offlcers.— Mrs. Fred. Hess, President; Mrs. J. Men- 
tel, Vice-President ; Mrs. Muser, Secretary ; Mrs. 
Williuui Hesse, Treasurer. 

January. 1807. 

Tills is an organization of honorably discharged 
Boldiers, Hailors, and marines of the Army and Navy 
of the United States, wlio served to suppress the late 
I rebellion, and whose objects are to perpetuate a fra- 
' tornal feollug among its members. ti> aid and assist 
those in distress, and i)rovlde for the widows and 
orphans of their deceased comrades. 
I Officers of Department of California.— Commander, 
J. M. Davis, San Francisco; S. V. Commander, H. Q. 
Bennett. San Jose; J. V. Commander, H. A. Burnett, 
Sacramento ; A. A. General, J. H. Gilmore, San Fran- 
cisco ; A. Q. M. General, Chas. H. Bllnn, San Fran- 

cisco ; Inspector, Truman H. Allen, Oakland ; Jud 
Advocate, John Ellsworth, Alameda ; Chief Must* 
ing Officer, H. B. Worcester, San Jose ; Medical I 
rector, E. P. Wood, Yountville; Chaplain, Rev. T. 
Noble. San Francisco. 

Council of Administration.— Geo. L. Harris. Then: 
Post, No. 2, San Francisco; J. C. Bolles, Lincc 
Post, No. 1, San Francisco ; A. W. Sefton, Warr 
Post, No. 5i, Sacramento ; Andrew Hollywood, Ly 
Post, No. 8, Oakland ; W. R. Thomas, Appomatt 
Post, No. 50, Oakland. 

Lincoln Post No. 1.— Organized May 27, 1867. 
Hanson, Commander. Meets every Thursday ev« 
ing in Washington Hall, 35 Eddy street. 

George H. Thomas Post No. 2.— C. E. Royce, Go 
mander. Meets every Tuesday evening in Fidel 
Hall, 218 Post street. 

Garfield Post No. 34. — A. Brown, Command 
Meets on second and fourth Fridays of each moE 
in Lincoln Hall, 71 New Montgomery street. 

Colonel Cass Post No. 46.— Timothy Curran.Co 
mander. Meets every Wednesday evening in Wsi 
ington Hall, 35 Eddy street. 

General Meade Post No. 48.— J. M. Creed, Oc 
mander. Meets every second and fourth Wedn 
days of each month, in Lincoln Hall, 71 New Mo 
gomery street. 

Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Assoc 
TioN.— Incorporated January 28, 1870. Meets at 
Merchant street. 

Officers.- NathanielHunter.President; B.G. Ban 
Vice-President; S. P. Ford, Secretary: C. Mai 
Kinne, Treasurer. 

NO. 1.— Meets first, third and fourth Wednesday 
each month in Huddy's Hall, 909 M Market. 

W. Levy. President ; Mrs. S. Gump. First Vice-Pi 
ident ; Mrs. S. Danenbaum, Second Vice-Preside 
Mrs. Louis Sachs. Treasurer ; Mrs. J. Einstein, £ 

ganized May, 1872, under the auspices of the Sister 

A home, built of wood, three stories in bight, 
been erected on Rincon Place, adjoining St. Ma: 
Hospital, which at present conlains about ninety 

ETY OF THE PACIFIC CO.\ST.— Meets first Sun 
in each month at 417 Kearny street. Joseph P 
President; A. M. Kline, Vice-President; M. B< 
Treasurer; Adolph Freylach, Secretary; S. R 
G. Rethy. A. PoUak, Trustees; St. Mattish, Librar 

CHARGED CONVICTS.- An institution in which 
charged prisoners are taught self help. Micl 
Dunn. Superintendent. Corner Stelner and Oi 
streets. H. P. Coon. President ; C. W. Whitney, V 
President; J. S. Hutchinson. Secretary and Treasij 

Chief of Records, 122 Geary street. 

William M. Belts, Great Sachem, Oakland ; A. 
drews, G. S. Sagamore, San Francisco; B. L. Mel 
aid, G. J. Sagamore. San Francisco ; Charles E. 8; 
cer. Great Prophet. Sacramento; H. S. Winu.C 
of Records. San Francisco; Adam Smith, G. 1 
Wampum, San Francisco ; Charles E. Spencer, 
Rep. G. C. U. S.. Sacramento; Adam Smith, 
Rep. G. C. U. S.. San Francisco; George F. BroD 
Great Sannap, Sacramento; F. A. Hornblower, G 
MIshlnewa, San Francisco; E. B. Osier. G. O. of 
Wigwam, Sacramento; J. 0. Dean, O. G. of the 
est, Nevada City. 

Number of tribes in the State, twenty-six. The 
lowing meet in San Francisco, at Red Men's Hall 
Post street: 

, — Meets every Monday evcnlnr 
4.— Meets every Wednesday e 

Hiawatha, > 
Manzanita, : 
InrtABA, Nc. 6. 

-Meets second and fourth Thui 

evenings of each month. 





IfttDroHOMAH, No. 9.— Meets every first and third 
lesdty evenings of each month. 
J'OHONACHEE, No. 10.— Meets every Monday evening. 
I'OOAHONTAS, No. 11. — Meets every Friday evening. 
ijlOTOYOME, No. 12.— Meets first and third Thursday 
tnlngB of each month. 

llmnNOi-E No. 54.— Meets every Wednesday evening. 
Icahoe Pegbee Council, No. 1.— Meets first and 
Ird Sunday evenings of each month. 
JitPBOVED Order Red Men's Hall Association. — 
sets every second Monday in the month at the Hall, 
)Po8t street. 

tMPRovED Order of Rf.d Men's Library Associa- 
-Meets first Saturday in the mouth at the Hall, 
) Post street. 

ENT FUND ASSOCIATION.— Organized September 
1881. Annual meeting held on the first Tuesday in 
.ly of each year. Its objects are as follows: 
Ist. To unite for beneficial membership all mem- 
inj of the Order in California, Nevada and Oregon 
sound bodily health, between twenty-one and 
sty years of age. 

3d. To establish a relief fund from which mem- 
irs of this organization, who have complied with all 
I rules and regulations, may receive the benefit of a 
im not exceeding two thousand dollars. 
Officers — A. Andrews, President; Wm. Rotrosky, 
ice-President; H. S. Winn, Secretary ; Wm. M.Betts, 
reasurer ; A. Andrews, Wm. Rotrosky, H. S. Winn, 
M. Betts, John F. PInkham, S. A. Clough, P. R. 
lack, Charles E. Spencer, W. H. Gray, Directors ; 
onry M. Fiske, M. D., Medical Examlner-in-Chief. 

:ed in San Francisco, April, 1878. Number of mem- 
ers about one hundred. 

Pioneer Lodge, No. 87.— Meets first and third 
uesdays of every month, at B'naiB'rlth Building, 121 
kldy street. 

»F THE PACIFIC COAST.— Grand Council organ- 
zed December 8, 1881. This order is essentially a 
ome Institution. It is managed at home by our own 
Itlzens chosen for that purpose by the representa- 
Ives of the Councils, and is the only organization of 
he kiud that is exclusively controlled on this coast. 
t embraces the State of California, Nevada and Ore- 
pn, and Washington Territory. Its objects are as 
1st. To unite in bonds of Fraternity, Indemnity 
td Relief all acceptable persons of good character, 
teady habits, sound bodily health and reputable 

2d. To improve the conaitlon of its membership 
noralJy, socially and materially by timely counsel 
ind instructive lessons, by encouragement in busi- 
less, by assistance to obtain employment when in 
leed.and by establishing a fund from which a weekly 
lenefit may be paid to sick or distressed members. 

3d. To establish a Relief Fund from which mem- 
aers of this organization, who have complied with all 
ta rules and regulations, may receive the benefits of 
k sum not exceeding three thousand dollars. 

Officers.— T. M. Cook, Past Grand Councilor, Oak- 
land ; C. O. Burton, Grand Councilor, San Francisco ; 
E. C. Wheeler, Grand Vice-Councilor, Portland ; Isaac 
L. Laug, Grand Secretary, San Francisco; George 
H. Haas. Grand Treasurer, Alameda ; Mrs. Abbie E. 
Wood, Grand Marshal, San Francisco; C. J. Pullin, 
Grand Warden, Livermore: C. M. Parker, Grand 
Guard, Vallejo ; 8. Sandhault, Grand Sentry, Centre- 
Oflice of Grand Secretary, 48 St. Ann's Building. 
There are now ninety-two subordinate Councils In 
this State with an aggregate membership of seven 
thousand. The following Councils are located in this 

Concord Council No. 2.— Meets every Monday 
evening In B'nal B'rith Hall, 131 Eddy street. 

Empire Council No. 7. — Meets every Monday even- 
ing in Sanders' Hall, New Montgomery street. 

Home Council, No. 11.— Meets every Monday even- 
ing at Washington Hall, 3.i Eddy street. 

Phoenix Council, No. 18.— Meets every Monday 
evening in Fidelity Hall. 216 Post street. 

Occident, No. 31. — Meets every Monday evening at 
1049 Market street. 

Western Star, No. 11.— Meets every Tuesday even- 
ing at corner Geary and Stelner. 

Alhambra, No. 9.— Meets every Wednesday evening 
at 812 Pacific street. 

L'UNioij Franco - American Council, No. 10.— 
Meets every Wednesday evening at 417 Kearny street. 

Washington Council, No. 16.— Meets every Wednes- 
day evening in Champion Hall, Potrero. 

Hercules, No. 24.— Meets every Wednesday even" 
ing at 512 Bush street. 

Olive Branch, No. 61.— Meets every Wednesday 
evening on Sixteenth street. 

Union Council, No. 4.— Meets every Thursday even- 
ing at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Golden Shore Council. No. 5.— Meets every Thurs- 
day evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Garfield Council No. 6.— Meets every Thursday 
evening at l31 Eddy street. 

Bohemian, No. 23.— Meets every Thursday evening 
at 216 Post street. 

Melville Council No. 59— Meets every Thursday 
evening in Washington Hall, 35 Eddy street. 

Bay City, No. 13. — Meets every Friday evening at 
131 Eddy street. 

Cosmopolit.'ln, No. 52. — Meets every Friday even- 
ing at Druid's Hall, 413 Sutter street. 

Californl^ Council No. 56.— Meets every Saturday 
evening in Myrtle Hall, Railroad avenue, South San 

American- Meets every Tuesday evening at Cam- 
brian Hall, 1133 Mission street. 

Pacific, No. 80.— Meets every Thursday evening at 
Hamilton Hall, corner Geary and Steiner streets. 

Life Boat Lodge, No, 185.— Meets at 812 Pacific. 

German Order).— The Gross Stamm of California 
meets annually the last Monday in July. Address, 510 
Bush street. 

Officers.— J. Rumetsch, Grand O. Ch. ; J. A. Falk- 
enstein. Grand U. Ch. ; J F. Lindow, Grand B. Ch.; 
C. B. Rode, Grand Pr. : Samuel Polack, Grand Sec- 
retary ; J. Gutberlet. Grand Treasurer. 

The following subordinate Stamms meet at the 
Hall, 510 Bush street, at eight o'clock P. M. 

California Stamm, No. 70.— Meets every Friday. 

Golden Gate St.oim, No. 74.— Meets every Thurs- 

Pacific Stamm, No. 78.— Meets every Monday, 
I Germania Stamm, No. 83.— Meets every Tuesday. 
' Herman Stamm, No. 224.— Meets every Monday. 
j Verba Buena Lager, No. 8.— Meets second and 
' fourth Fridays of each month. 

Independent Order Red Men's Hall Associa- 
tion.— Incorporated December 24, 1867. Meets first 
Monday of each month at the Hall, 510 Bush street. 

Officers.- D. H. Bockmaun, President; Fritz Schir- 
meler. Secretary ; Samuel Polack, Treasurer. 

' Organized May, 1860. Meets first and third Mondays 
of each mouth at the Irish-American Hall, 818 Howard 

Officers.- William O'Connell, President; Daniel 
O'Keefe, Vice-President ; Peter McArdle, Treasurer ; 
M. Farrell, Recording Secretary; E. F. Cluin. Finan- 
cial Secretary; J. H. Biordan, Corresponding Secre- 

December 30, 1867. Number of members, seven hun- 

This is a mutual relief society, established for the 
purpose of affording assistance to indigent sick mem- 
bers. Meetings held the first Monday of each month 
at 425 Washington, room 6. 

Officers.- J. C. Sala, President; A. Daneri, Treas- 
urer; Benjamin Morou, Secretary; A. Casassa, Collec- 
tor; J. Pescia, Physician. Secretary's office, 425 
Washashington street, room 6. 



G.W.CLARK &€0. 

lor Resiflences, Stores , Offices, etc. e 45 m arket st. 



SOCIETY.— (Societa di Mutuo Soccorso della Com- 
pagnia Bersaglieri Italian!. )— Incorporated February 
18, 1881. Number of niembc-rs. five nundred and 
twenty-five. Meets on the second Thursday of every 

•"°0"^^e"^.!!i^5:iSSdent; Pietro Canepa and ! ^4^ Lro^^^r^'el^g^^n^ >t?B o'f 
Gervasco (iaspari, Vice-Presidents ; E. C. Palmieri, Tji"^ *'! "'^nr.'h.H f . bl^L.V 

Secretary ; Pietro Castagnetto, Treasurer. 

enstein, San Francisco, Deputy Supreme Commander. 
Five Castlfs in the State witha membership of about 
four hundred. 

OF CALIFORNIA.— William Ryan Stewart, President ; 
Phil. O'Brien, Vice-President; Thomas Doolin, Treas- 
urer ; J. G. Browne, Secretary. 

KNIGHTS OF HONOR. — Organized June, 1873. 
Objects: Benevolent, fraternal and beneticial. The 
first Lodge organized in this State was the California, 
In May, 1879. 

Grand Lodge of Califobnia.— Organized March, 

OlHceis.— J. W. Ward, Jr., Past Grand Dictator; W. 
H. Barnes. Grand Dictator ; T. A. Earless, GrandVice- 
Dictator; Duncan McPherson, Grand Assistant Dicta- 
tor ; C. H. M. Curry, Grand Reporter; R. H. Warfield, 
Grand Treasurer ; G. W. Lemont, Grand Chaplain ; J. 
M. Lenhart, Grand Guide ; R. L. Dunn, Grand Guar- 
dian ; R. Faraday, Grand Sentinel ; W. C. Van Fleet, 
Grand Trustee ; L. R. Webster, Supreme Representa- 
tive; Lee O. Rodgers, State Medical Examiner. 

There are about fifty-seven lodges, numbering four 
thousand three hundred members, iu California. 
There are twenty-two lodges in this city, viz.: 

Ivy Lodge No. 1716. — Meets every Friday evening, 
•t 104i«Vi Market street. 

Germania Lodgf- No. 1718 (Works In German).— 
meets every Tuesday evening at 913 Market street. 

Fbiekdship Lodge No. 1731.— Meets every Tuesday 
evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Charter Oak Lodge No. 1755.— Meets erery Thurs- 
day evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Ehreka LobOE No. 175(5. — Meets every Wednesday 
evening at 121 Eddy street. 

Yerba Bcena Lodge No. 1788. — Meets every Mon- 
day at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Norman Lodge No. 1841.— Meets every Tuesday 
evening at '20 Eddy street. 

Saxon Loige No. 1H48.— Meets first and third Tues- 
day evenings iu each month at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Union Louge No. 1H95.—Meetsevery Tuesday even- 
, Ing at 32 O'Farrell street. 

I San FRANcisro Lodge No. 1922. — Meets every Mon- 
day evening at 121 Eddy street. 

TANcnED Lodge No. 19'27. — Meets every Monday 
evening at 18 Eddy street. 

YnaKMiTE Lodge No. 1930.— Meets every Wednesday 
evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

O.ciDENTAL Lodge No. 1990.— Meets flrnt and third 
WedncBday evenings In each mouth at 121 Eddy street. 

MisaioN Lodge No. 210ii.— Meets first and third Fri- 
day evenings In each )uonth at '2933 Sixteenth street. 

Kky«tone Lodge No. 2107.— Meets every Thursday 
evening at ;)2 O'Farrell street. 

FiiiKi.iTY Lodge No. 2108.— Meets every Friday 
evening at 2lM Poht street. 
I F-AOi,K Lodge No. 2'204.— Meets second and fourth 
I WrilneBdny evonlnga in each month at 32 O'Farrell 
I street. 

America Lodge No. 2229.— Meets first and third 
Thirsday evenings In each month at corner Sixth and 
Market streets 

CoNriDKNOK Lodge No. 2'282.— Meets first and third 
Tuesday evenings In each month at 32 O'Farrell 

Far Wk«t Lodge No. 2324 
evening at 1901 Geary street. 

Anchor Lodge No. 230fl.— Meets first and third Frl- 
day evenings In each month at 1131 Mission street. 

-Meets every Thursday 

Pol.^r Star Lodge No. .—Meets every Frid 

evening at 24 '29 Mission street. 

in 1878, by the State of Kentucky. Its objects are 
unite fraternally all acceptable white men and worn 
business or occupatio 
age ; to promote be 
and charity, by establishing a relief fun 
from which, on satisfactory evidence of the death 
a member of the corporation, a sum, not esceedl) 
three thousand dollars, shall be paid to the beneficia 
as the member may direct. Dr. S. American, Depu 
Supreme Protector, 405 Kearny street. There are 
present seven lodges in this city, as follows: 

Aurora Lodge No. 202.— Meets first and third Mol 
days in each month at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Martha Lodge No. 241 (German).— Meets secoi 
and fourth Wednesdays in each month at 121 Bd( 

Bay City Lodge No. 619. — Meets every Monday 
1133 Mission street. 

Golden ROle Lodge No. 660. — Meets every Thnr 
day in Red Men's Hall. 320 Post street. 

Conclave Lodge No. 710.— Meets every Monday 
Red Men's Hall, 320 Post street. 

Fidelity Lodge No. 745. — Meets every Friday 
Grand Pacific Hall. 

Jewel Lodge No. 767.— Meets every Monday i 
Mowry's Hall, corner Grove and Laguna streets 

Pacific Lodge No. 186.— Meets Thursdays in Gran 
Pacific Hall. 

Empire Lodge No. — . — Meets Saturdays iu Un 
versal Hall, 812 Pacific street. 

KNIGHTS OF LABOR.— United States General A 
sembly organized 1879. Objects: Benevolent an 
Protective. There have been nine Local Assembll) 
instituted in this city as follows: 

Bay City L. A. 1390.— Meets everj- Thursday evei 
Ing in Huddy's Hall, 909k Market street. 

Hayes Valley L. A. 1573.— Meets every Monda 
evening In Huddy's Hall, 909)4 Market street. 

Pacific L. A. 1580.— Meets every Tuesday evenin 
In hall corner Leavenworth and Pacific streets. 

Eureka L. A. 1760. — Meets every Friday evening i 
Mayberry,s Half, 2714 Mission. 

Painters' L. A. 1903.— Meets every Tuesday i 
Huddy's Hall, 909 J4 Market. 

Unity L. A. 2130.— Meets In Concordia Hall ever 
Tuesday evening. 

Pattern Makers' L. A. 2188.— Meets every Tuesda 
Evening In Huddy's Hall, 909 )< Market t^treet. 

White Shoemaker's L. A. 2216.— Meets every Frlda 
evening in K.R. B. Hall. 

Harness, Collar and Whipmakebs' L. A. 2383.- 
Me( ts first and third Wednesday of each month 1: 
Huddy's Hall. 909 J4 Market street. 

Knights of Labor Co-operative Society No. 1, o 
California.— F. A. Potter, President; M. Steck, Sec 
retary ; J. D. O'Brien, Treasurer. 

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS.— The first Lodge of thi 
Order in California was organized Man-h '26, 18r.9 
Since then other Ixniges have been orijanized iu th' 
State, nineteen of which are In San Francisco. 

The Grand Lodge of California. — Organized Sep 
tember '28, 1869. 

Officers.- Frederick W. Bell, P. G. C, Eureka, Hum 
boldt county ; Stanton L. Carter, O. C, St.cktou ; T 
F. Bachelder.V. O.C.,San Francisco; J. H. Simpson 
O. P.. San Diego ; John H. Harney, G. K. of R. am 
S., San Francisco ; George Cantus, O. M. of E., Als 
meda; J. W. Guthrie, G. M. at A., Sacramento; E. E 
Tucker, G. I. G., Stockton ; W. J. Rogers, G. O O. 
San Francisco Supreme Reiiresentatives— J. H. Gyse 
l.iar. long term : E. 'I'. Blackmer, short term. 

The following Subordinate Lodges of the City ol 
San Francisco meet at Pythian Castle, 913 Markel 
street, on the following evenings: 

California Lodge, No. 1.— Meets every Thursday 

Damon Lodge, No. 2.— Meets every Tuesday. 

Golden Gate Lodge, No. 3.— Meets every Friday. 

Laurel Lodge, No. 4.— Meets every Monday. 

IvANHOE Lodob, No. 6.— Meets every Wednesday. 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY ""^ U^.!K?.n."i/j;ir:x^ s*"'* 


Importer* ofnnd I>«wlerii In C'OAl. and PIW IR«W, 

41 Market MIreet, corner Kpesr. 



l^tXMANiA Lodge, No. 8.— Meets every Wednesday. 
riu;K.\ Lodge, No. 9.— Meets every Friday. 

I sioB Lodge, No. 12.— Meets everj- Tuesday. 
( . ■! iNY Lodge, No. 15. — Meet.s every Thursday. 
HlviiTLE Lodge, No. 16— Meets every Tuesday. 
iMETHOPOLlTAS LoDGE, No. 24.— Meets every Mon- 

i>iirTH San Fbakcisco Lodge, No. 45. — Meets every 
.| rsday at Myrtle Hall, Railroad avenue, South S. F. 
(jJAYAiiD Lodge No. 53.— Meets every Thursday ev- 


Jtbacuse Lodge, No. 68.— Meets every Wednesday. 
Utnr Lodge, No. 61.— Meets every Thursday at 
13 Sixteenth street. 

}OLDEN Crrv Lodge, No. 63.— Meets every Friday. 
TT Lodge No. 65.— Meets every Tuesday at Ham- 
on Hall, southwest corner Geary and Steiner streets. 
JiXtJEZj) Lodge No. 72.— Meets every Tuesday 
snlng at Washington Hall, 35 Eddy street. 
'08TICE Lodge No.85.— Meets every Tuesday at Red 
in** Hall, 810 Bush street. 
IKCTION No. 70 OF the Exdo\v5ient R.4NK.— Meets 

B«cond Saturday of each month at 913 Market 

tumEAU OF Relief.— Meets at 913 Market street 
It Monday of each month. 

Jhifobmed DnisioN No. 2.— Organized, 1881. Meets 
the last Saturday of each month in Pythian Castle, 

Mmrket street. 

aoific Division No. 3.— Organized March 24. 1883. 

'l first and third Tuesdays of each month at 927 
ion street. 

tooms, 913 Market street. This library contains 
rly thirty-two hundred volumes in the various de- 
*tnient8 of literature. 

Jfflcers— C.W. Nevln, President ; D.W. Saylor, Vice- 
«ident; F.A.Brooks, Secretary ; A. H. Gage,Treas- 
James Patterson, Librarian. 

aaGHTS OF ST. PATRICK.-Organized January, 
Number of members two hundred and fifty. 
eta second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, at 
Market street. Objects: The elevation of Ireland 
ber place among the nations; the formation of a 
•■' for sick members, and to provide them with 
ian burial; the education and advancement of 
friends of the society. 

(fflcers.— T. J. Welsh. President; C. Gildea, First 
e-President ; P. Curry, Second Vice-President; 
emiah Deagy Recording Secretary ; John Mulhem, 
uncial Secretary ; John McDermott, Treasurer ; 
M. O'Connor. Corresponding Secretary; Hugh 

, Sergeant-at-Arms. 
izatiou, the object of which is known only to 
nenibers of the association. Meets every Wed- 
y, at 861 Market street. 
orporated September 24, 1867. Location of asy- 
north side of Pine street, between Kearny and 
Object: To dispense charity to poor and 


de Bienfaisance des Dames Fran^alse). — Incor- 
ated June 5. 1867. Meetings held last Monday of 

month, at Trench Library, 120 Sutter street. 

ber of members, about two hundred. Object : 
I relief of French families that may be in want 
fBcers.— Mrs. C. Mayer. President ; Mrs. E. Raas, 

President; Miss M. Fleury, Secretary; Mrs. H. 

I, Treasurer. 

ibllshed August 4, 1833. Incorporated August 9, 

lis society has under its supervision a Home 
re friendless or destitute girls under the age of 
teen and over two years, and boys under ten and 
■two years, may be received and provided for un- 
permanent homes in Christian families can be 
for them. \ 

The building of this institution is located on Frank- 
lin street, between Post and Geary, and is a fine and 
commodious structure. It consists of a main build- 
ing and north wing, two stories high, with full base- 
ment and Mansard roof. 'I'hp wing was commenced 
October 1, 1863, and completed April 20, 1864, and 
the main building wa.s finished in the beginning 
of 18C9. The cost of the edifice, including grading, 
fencing, etc., was ^4,000. 

Applications for admission should be made to Mrs. 
J. H. Flint, at the Home, between the hours of one 
and three o'clock P. M., on Mondays and Fridays of 
each week. Donations of money, etc., may be sent to 
Miss Lizzie Hutchinson, southwest corner of Howard 
and Fifteenth street. Letters and communications 
should be addressed to Mrs. M. S. Jackson, 1006 Pine 
street. ^ 

Officers.- Mrs. Nathaniel Gray, President; Mrs. 
George Barntow, Vice-President; Miss E. Hutchin- 
son, Recording Secretary ; Mrs. M. S. Jackson, Corres- 
ponding, Secretary; Mrs. Jane Flint, Treasurer ; Miss 
Mary McGladery, Matron. 

ized March 26, 18.56. This society is the offspring of 
the great philanthropic movement on behalf of sea- 
men which lias peculiarly distinguished the last half 
century. The "men of the sea," an invaluable class 
of all mercantile countries, are subjected, by the na- 
ture of their avocation, to hardship and deprivation, 
moral, social, and intellectual. To ameliorate their 
condition by supplying them with a home, when on 
shore, surrounded by remedial influences, and afford- 
ing them protection from imposition, are the objects 
of the society. 

Meetings of the Society are held the first Wednesday 
of each month, at the Sailor's Home, northeast corner 
of Harrison and Main streets. 

Officers.-Mrs. H. S. Tucker, President; Mrs. R.S. 
Barclay, Vice-President; Mrs. O. J. McKinnon, Secre- 
tary ; Mies S. M. N. Cummings, Corresponding Sec- 
retary, 1416 Sacramento street; Mrs. C. E. Cogswell, 

Frauen Verein) .—Established August 12, 1855, for the 
purpose of assisting Hebrew women under all cir- 
cumstances of want. Meets Mondays and Thursdays 
of each week, at 414 Clay street. 

Number of members, three hundred and sixteen. 

Officers.-Mrs. S. Foorman, President; Mrs. Jacob 
Blum. Vice-President; Leo Eloesser. Secretary ; Mrs. 
M. Heller, Treasurer. 

—Incorporated April 8, 1861. Number of members, 
twenty-five. Meets in the vestryA. M. E. Church, Pow- 
ell street, second Monday evening in each month. 
The objects of the society are to aid its sick and bury 
its deceased members. 

Officers.-Mrs. C. S. Davis, President; Mrs. S. 
Hargro, Vice-President; Mr. Barney Fletcher, Secre- 
tary; Mrs. J. Long, Treasurer; Mrs. E. Bell, Chap- 
lain ; Mrs. E. Handy, Assistant Secretary. 

ET'f.— Established 1855. Meets Tuesdays and Fridays 
of each week, at two o'clock P.M., at B'nai B'ritb Build- 
ing, 121 Eddy street. The objects of the society are to 
assist the poor and needy, to attend the dying, and 
bury the dead females of the Jewish faith. The affairs 
of the society are managed by a board of officers and 
an adjuncta of three Councilmen. 

Officers.-Mrs. E. Goslinsky, President; Mrs. G. 
Brownstein. Treasurer; Isaiah Cohn, Secretary. 

porated March 10. 1874. This society was organized 
for the purpose of taking care of the young children 
of working women during the day, thus allowiuK the 
mother to perform a day's work. The Infant Shelter 
is located at 612 Minna street. The rooms are pleas- 
ant and spacious, and fitted up with all the articles 
necessary for a nursery. 

Officers.-Mrs. J. S. Spear, President; Mm. John G. 
Harding. Vice-President ; Mrs. George W. Tyler, Sec- 
retary ; Miss Fannie C.Sampson, Treasurer; Mrs. J.B. 
Stetson, Mrs. J. 8. Spear. Mrs. John G.Harding, Mrs. 
George W. Tyler, Mrs. S. P. Hall. Miss Maggie Neeb, 
Mrs. J. B.Watties, Miss Emma Margo and Mrs. George 
Stoneman, Trustees ; Mrs. Jane Temple, Matron. 

.1. jr. TRmAK 

Fruman, Isham & Co. 

Manufacturers' Agents, 

509, 511 MARKET ST, 


UIKIPWI tV QPIPRQ Xm UAYtQ FUI.TOBr iron WOKKS, 220 Freiuom street l 
nilll/fVLCl, OrmriO Ot nnlllO; A£eDtsforthecelebratedI>EA>'£STli:A»I>m«>[ 



LODGE OF GOLDEN LIXKS.— Organized January 
23d. 1879. Location, Cambrian Hall, 1133 Mission 
street. The object of the association is for mutual 
improvement of young men. Their principles are 
religious and temperance. It i.s a secret society. 

Ofi&cers.— James E. Andrews, Eminent Comuiander; 
Sherman T. Fogarty, Assistant Commander; Willie C. 
Meagher, Secretary ; Willie G. Luckhardt. Treasurer ; 
Frank Graves. Financial Secretary ; William G. Bad- 
ger, Patriarch; J. H. Baker, Assistant Patriarch; Chas. 
S. Russell, Corresponding Secretary; A. Gilmore 
Pierce, Prelate; A. Andrews,. Tyler. 

TION. — Organized August (), 187'2. Number of mem- 
bers, sixty. Meets first and third Wednesdays of each 

Officers.— P. A. Grady, President; Bemard*McCann, 
Vice-President; M. McGivney, Sergeant-at-Arms. 

STATES.— Organized in San Francisco April 17, 1875, 
and acts directly under the jurisdiction of the Grand 
Lodge of the United States. 

Two Lodges have been instituted in this city, viz : 

California True Blues, No. 118.— Meets at909Ji 
Market street, every Saturday, at 7:30 P. M. Samuel 
Garrett, W.M.; George Johnson, Secretary ; residence, 
452 Clementina street. 

Harmony, No. 127.— Meets on the second and fourth 
Saturdays of each month at the Potrero. 

MAGDALEN ASYLUM.— Under the charge of the 
Sisters of Mercy. Location, Potrero avenue, near 
Twenty-first street. 

A large anfl commodious building, three stories in 
height, has been erected for the accommodation of the 
inmates of the asyluiu. Since the foundation of this 
institution, over one thousand two hundred and 
twenty-three females huve been received, most 
of whom have been reformed by the influ- 
ence and attention of those in charge. Only about 
six per cent have proved refractory. At the present 
time there are over two hundred penitents, attended 
by twenty Sisters ot Mercy. Rev. Father Messea and 
Rev. Father Tadini have spiritual charge of the 
institution. A society called the Magdalen Society 
of San Francisco has lately been organized with 
a view to provide funds for the better support of this 

TION.— Organized April, 18()7. Incorporated April 
28, 18(;'.). Meets every Thursday evening, at 71 New 
Montgomery street. Number of members, three 
hundred and thirty. 

Ollicers.-James Klvell, Senior Commodore; James 
Madison, President; Niel Iversen, Vice-President; 
L. Traung, Recording Secretary ; C. Decker, Treas- 

MATER MISERICORDI.E (House of Mercy).— Un- 
der the charge of the Sisters of Mercy. 

Location, 23 )i Rlncon Place, adjoining St. Mary's 

This is for the protection of young women of un- 
blemished character— none others admitted. Some 
remain waiting for a situation, and others arc em- 
Ijloyed in the sewing school, where drewauiaking and 
all kinds of machine sewing is neatly done at short 
notice. At present there are about forty inmates. 
The institution is supported by the inmates and 

ganized May 3, 1871. 

Objects : To chensh the memories and associations 
of the war waged in defense of the unity and indivi- 
sibility nf the Republic ; to strengthen the ties of fra- 
ternal fellowsliip and sympathy formed from com- 
panionship in arms ; to advance the best interests of 
the soldiers andsBilorBof the United States, rspcilally 
those associated as members of this order, and to ex- 
tend all possible relief to their widows and children ; 
to foster the cultivation of military and naval science; 
to enforce unqualilicd allrgiani'i' to the General Gov- 
ernment ; to protect the rights and liberties of Amer- 
ican citizens, and ti> maintain the national honor, 
union, and independence. Meets first Wednesday of 
February, May, August, and November. 

Officers.— Bvt. Maj.-Gen. W. L. Elliott, U. 8. A.. 

Commander; Commander Henry Glas^, U. S. N., f 
nior Vice-Commander; Captain Arthur E. Magill, 
S. v.. Junior Vice-Commander; Bvt. Lieut. -Col. W. 
Smedberg, U. S. A., 316 California street, Record 
Captain C. Mason Kiune, U. S. V.. Treasurer; B 
Brig.-Gen. Rufus Saxton, U. S. A., Chancellor; B 
Col. Alanson M. Randol, U. S. A., Registrar; Ri 
Daniel Kendig, U. S. A., Chaplain; Lieut.-Col. Alexf 
der G. Hawes, Major John H. Simpson, Captain W 
liam H, Dimond, Bvt. Capt. Alfred Malpas, Secoi 
Lient. Albert W. Collins, U. S. V., Council. 

Organized 1873. Incorporated February 17, 18 
Number of members, twenty-four. Meets at hall, jui 
tion Market and Sutter streets, the first Wednesday 
every month. Object: Relief of its members in sit 
ness, want, and distress. 

Officers.— H. G. Gerritzen, President; G. Vand 
Berg, Vice-President ; A. P. De Wit, Secretary; P. 
Van Lobensels, Treasurer. 

5, 1874. Number of members, two hundred andeig. 
Meets the first and third Wednesdays of every mom 
at Sander's Hall, 71 New Montgomery street. 

Object: Mutual benevolence in case of sickness 

Officers.— Henry Pilster, President ; Anton B«'. 
ning, Vice-President; Carl Moller, Secretary; Men- 
Eden, Financial Secretary; Henry Randhahn, Tre> 

Organized March 19, 1874. Meets first Wednesday* 
each month, at the Home on Francisco street, 
tween Powell and Stockton. Number of niembe 
one hundred and fifty. Objects: The founding ol 
Home for the needy, sick and destitute of all natioi 
The Society have erected a handsome and comu 
dious building on the above lot. 

Officers.— Mrs. C. Nelson, President : Mrs. Jo^ 
Mason and Mrs. W. Lidstrom. Vice-President ; Mrs. 
B. Petersen, Treasurer: Miss Emma Dugand. Recoi 
ing Secretary ; Mrs. Ehrhorne. Financial Secretai 
Miss Amy Hammer. Corresponding Secretary. 

ORDER HERMANN'S SONS — Organized June 
1870. Meets at 510 Bush street. Object: To aid. 
members and their familiesiucase of sickness, deat 
or distress. Number of members, two himdred 

A Grand Lodge was organized June 12, 1878. 

Grand Officers. — Philip Rotherman. Grand Pre 
dent; Charles Bernard. Grand Vii-e- President ; Eu 
Grimm, Grand Secretary ; David Vogt, Grand ' 

San Francisco Lodge, No. 1.— Meets every Wedn« 
day evening. 

Ernst Von Bandel Lodge, No. 3.— Meets eve 
Tuesday evening. 

Eureka Lodoe.— Meets every Friday evening at ! 
Bush street. 

LoDdE, No. 3. — Meets first Sunday of every month 
32 O'Farrell street. 

Officers. — Louis Solomon, President; Michael Marl 
Vice-President; Louis Licht, Secretary; Morris Pi 
cus. Treasurer. 

20, 1880. A Grand Council was organized May 17. 181 

The Order of Chosen Friends is a secret bene 
society. Not secret for the protection of wrong doir 
as is believed by many, but secret only in the sen 
of being private, having signs and passwords, that; 
membership miy be better protected in their work 
giving aid to the distressed and proti-ction ; 
weak. To unite in bonds of fraternity, aid and pi 
tection all acceptable white persons of good cli 
tor. steady habits, sound bodily health and reputal 
calling. To improve the condition of its luembt 
ship, morally, socially and materially, by establis 
ing a fund from which a weekly benefit may be pa 
to sick and distressed members, and uponBRtisfiiel 
evidence of the death of a member paying from i 
endowment death fund of from one to three thousai 

This society is not intended as a rival of, bui 
worker with, othfer benevolent orders in the gre 


lOHN WIGMORE— HARDWOOD LUMBER: 129 to 147 Spear Street. 



i trork ot relieving and elevating the condition of man- 

J (I tkers of the Grand CJouncll.— John W. MoCor- 

.. Pi6t Grand Councilor; W. F. Morrison. M. D., 

i Councilor ; Daniel Sewell, Aaslstant Grand 

: ilor; Charles E. Swezy, Grand Vice-Councilor; 

: - •• E. Evans, Grand Recorder; H. Frooniberg, 

,1 Treasurer, Mrs. J. T. Evans, Grand Prelate; 

H. Keser, Grand Marshal; E. P. Edson, Grand 

u ; Mrs. M. E. Harrison, Grand Guard ; William 

Engluud. Grand Santry; Charles Alpers. T. P. McKen- 

!ie and G. H. Wolfe, Grand Trustees. 

The Grand Recorder's OiBce will henceforth be at 

127 Kearny street, room No. 5. All communications 

^ ihoulii be aldressed to that place. All communica- 

aons for the Grand Councillor should be addressed 

;o 33 Kearny street. 

There are one hundred and fifty-seven subordinate 
Douncils in the State, fourteen of which are in this 
Ity, viz ; 

CoxcoBD Council No. 2.— Meets second and fourth 
(Wednesday of each month at 927 Mission street. 
Obtstal CouNcn, No. 4.— Meets every Thursday 
veniug at 927 Mission street. 

American Couscu, No. 7.— Meets every Tuesday 
svening in Red Men's Hall, 320 Post street. 

Pacific Couscn. No. 8.— Meets every Friday even- 
Ag in Washington Hall. 33 Eddy street. 

CoLcriiBiA Council No. 11.— Meets every first and 
iiird Thursday evenings in Shiel's Building, 32 

C'f arrell street. 
Samaritan Council No. 13.— Meets every Thursday 
i-euing at 1133 Mission street. 
\\ -HiNGTON Council No. IG. — Meets every Wednes- 

N -ning at Red Men's Hall, 320 Post street. 
^ AL Council No. 46.— Meets every first and third 
i.y evenings in Red Men's Hall, 320 Post street. 
IRE Council No. 47.— Meets every Monday even- 
. : 310 Bush street. 

LEY Council No. 58.— Meets every Wednesday 
..itj corner Ivy Av and Laguna street. 
: ..L.EN Gate Council No. 60.— Meets evc-y Friday 
iug at hall northwest corner Leavenworth and 


ON Council No. 61.— Meets every Thursday 
ng in King's Hull, 2131 Mission street. 
Faibmocnt Council No. 103.— Meets every Thurs- 
day curner Thirtieth and Church streets. 

California Council No. 56.— Meets Wednesday 
evening at 927 Mission street. 

Home Council No. 14. -Meets Tuesday evening at 
Excelsior Hall, No. 713 Mission street. 

Ited May 31, 1882. Location. Petalums, Cal. An In- 
nranc-e Society with endowment feature. 

There are thlrt.v-five Councils, with a membership 
>f about 2,00i), in the State. 

Officers of Grand C)uncil.— L. G. Nay. Past Grand 

juncilor ; Charles E. Button, Petaluma, Grand Couu- 
;ilor ; J. A. Wiswell. Grand Vice-Councilor ; Dr. .1. H. 
3rane, Petaluma, Grsind Mediial Eximiner ; M. H. 
?»lkuer, Petaluma, Grand S -cretary ; D. B. Falr- 
)«nks. Grand Treasurer; W.R. Veale, Grand Prelate; 
K^illiam Zartman, Grand Mirshal ; J. 8. Shepherd, 
Jrand Warden ; 8. Brooks, Grand Guard ; Charles 
Slaikburn. Grand Sentry. 

Grand Trustees.— A. P. Whitney. John Fritsch, H. 
L. Weston, L. Ellsworth. C. Temple. 

E. D. Fubler. D. G. C, 309 Clay street. 

Smnized January 31, 1851, and incorporated February 
0, 18.51. 

Original Olflcers.— Mrs. .\lbert Williams, President ; 
tn. S. H. Willey, Vice-P. evident ; Mrs. A. E. War- 
ren, Secretary; Mrs. Boring. Treasurer; Mrs. R. H. 
RTaller. Mrs. C. V. Gillespie. Mrs. Taylor, Mrs Joice. 
Urs. .\.. Dubbs, and Mrs. O. C. Wheeler, Managers ; 
Dharles Gilmore, D. L. Ross, and S. Franklin, Trus- 

It originally occupied the building on the comer 
)f Second and F.ilsom streets, owned by Gen. H. W. 
Salleok, whence they rem ived the children in March, 
L8o4, to the present building, comer of Laguna and 

Halght streets, just then completed, at a cost of 
$30,000. This house, built of stone and brick, ex- 
pressly for the purpose, is highly creditable to the 
institution, as one of the noblest monuments of San 
Francisco benevolence. During the years 1862-3, a 
large and convenient addition was made to the pres- 
ent building, at an expense of $30,000, which, to- 
gether with the main building, will accommodate 
two hundred and fifty children. As a complement to 
the Sansome Hook and Ladder Co., who, upon dis- 
banding, donated to the asylum the building and lot 
owned by them, the new addition is called the '• San- 
some Wing." 

During the j-ear 1879 the upper story of the build- 
ing was fitted up. and for the first time in its history 
the entire capacity of the asylum has been made 
available. The present number of children in the 
asylum is two hundred and fourteen. 

Officers.- Mrs. Dr. C. C. Keeney. President ; Mrs. 
H. B. Tichenor, Vice-President ; Mrs. Isaac Swain, 
Second Vice-President ; Mrs. Henry Haight, Treasur- 
er ; Mrs. F. MacCrellish, Secretary ; Mrs. D. L. Water- 
man, Matron ; John Nightingale, Physician. 

ORPHAN ASYLUM (Roman Catholic).— Organized 
March 23, 1851. In July of the same year the erection 
of a wooden edifice was commenced, and completed 
the following September. It was occupied in part 
for a school, and a portion was temporarily used as a 
church, under the pastoral charge of the Rev. John 

On .\ugu8t 18, 1852, the asylum was taken In charge 
by the Sisters of Charity. In 18">4 a capacious brick 
buildini? was erected on Market street, near Third, at 
a cost of $45,000. In 1864 an additional brick edifice 
was erected for a school, which was attended by 
several hundred day scholars. 

In 1862 a farm of fifty-three acres, near Bay View, 
South San Francisco, was purchased, where there 
has been established a branch institution for very 
young children, called the St. Joseph's Infant Asy- 
lum. On this same tract of land a large and com- 
modious wooden edifice, with all the modern con- 
veniences, was erected In 1872. The present building 
is beautifully located on a hill, commanding an ex- 
tensive view of the surrounding country. It covers 
an area of two hundred and four by two hundred and 
eighty-two feet, including an open centre court, 
measuring eighty by one hundred and forty-four feet. 
It will accommodate about eight hundred children. 

DREX.- Organized March 24, 1876. The objects of 
this Institution are to provide for women and chil- 
dren medical aid of competent physicians of their 
own sex, and the establishment of a hospital for 
women and children. They have also fully estab- 
lished a training school for nurses ; the education of 
nurses being one main object of the institution. 
Location, 221-2-23 Thirteenth street. The Resident 
Physician is in daily attendance until twelve o'clock M. 

Officers.— Mrs. W. B. Harrington, President; Mrs. 
Wm. H irdy an 1 .Miss Lacy Fay, Vice-Presidents ; Mrs. 
E. Burke. Secretary; Mrs. F. A. Prentice, Correspond- 
ing Secretary ; Mrs. O.W. Easton. Treasurer ; Mrs. D. 
McLennan and Mrs. I. M. Keeler, Auditors ; Mrs. E. 
C. Gott, Matron ; Mrs. Charlotte B. Brown, M. D., Mrs. 
8. M. F. Wanzer, M. D., Attending Physicians. 

SOCIETY.— Incon)orated July 20. 1871. Location, 
east side of Devisadero street, between Hayes and 
Grove. Formed for the care, relief, protection, and 
improvement of orphan children, and for the care of 
aged Israelites who are without adequate means of 

Officers.— S. W. Levy. President; Louis Sachs, Vice- 
President; Lewis Gerstle, Treasurer; Leo Eloesser, 
Secretary; David Michael, Collector. 

CIATION.— Organized December 7, 1876. Incorpor- 
ated December 23, 1876. The Dispensary is located In 
the Hahnemann Medical College Building, No. 115 
Haight street. 

The object of the Association Is to provide gratu- 
itous medical and 8u^gic^l aid for the des-^rving poor, 
and to visit at their homes such among them as are 
not able to attend the Dispensary. A physician, speak- 
ing French and Licrinan, will be in daily attendance 
at the Dispensary. Specialties: Diseases of the eye. 


Wholesale and Retail dealers In Paper 
Hanpinsm. and all k^ndsof Window 
Shade Materials and Fixture*. 

KITTLE & CO . IMPROVED OIL CAKE MEAL-the best feed in the woi 



ear, throat and chest, and skiu diseases. Dispensary 
open dally from 10 to 12 A. M., and 1 to 4 P. M. 

Officers.— Mrs. C. E. Gibbs, President; Mrs. R. E. 
Kendall and Mrs. M. S. Cox, Vice-Presidents; Miss 
H. K. Taylor, Treasurer ; Mrs. George W. Fink, Sec- 
reiary; C. B. Currier, M. D., Attending Physician. 

Polakow w Kalifornii) .—Organized January 23, 1873. 
Objects; Social, literary and benevolent. Meets twice 
a month (first and third Sunday of each month) at 
their rooms, 1235 Market street. 

Officers.— Dr. L. Pawlicki, President; F. Lessen, 
Vice-President ; Alex. Bednawski, Secretary and Li- 
brarian ; Gustav Heilman, Treasurer. 

SOCIETY. — IncoriJorated August, 1868. Meets the 
second and last Thursdays of each month, at eight 
o'clock P. M., at 510 Bush street. 

Objects: To aid its members in sickness and dis- 

Officers.- M. T. Freitas, President ; Antonio Mar- 
tino, Vice-President; Charles H. Warren, Secretary; 
Josd Baptiste, Treasurer. 

. — Organized January, 1809. Incorporated January 
25,1870. Objects: To establish and sustain a charit- 
able institution for the permaneut care and main- 
tenance of poor, aged, or infirm women, members of 
the Episcopal Church, who are from any cause inca- 
pacitated from taking care of themselves, anil such 
others as the Board of Managers may think entitled 
to its benefits. Also, for the temporary residence of 
Christian women seeking employment. 

The association is supported by monthly contribu- 
tions from the various Protestant Episcopal Churches 
of San Francisco. Location of Home, San Jose ave- 
nue, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth Sts. 

Officers.— Right Rev. Bishop Kip. D. D., President ; 
A. N. Drown, Vice-President; C. W. Wliitney, Secre- 
tary ; Jos. G. Eastland, Treasurer; Rev. E. J. Lion, 
Chaplain; Right Rev. Wm. J. Kip, Rev. E. J. Lion, 
Joseph G. Eastland, A. N. Drown. E. H. Rixford, C. 
W. Whitney. Trustees. Ladies' Board of Managers: 
Mrs. C. W. Wliitney, President; Mrs. R. B. Sanchez, 
Vice-President; Mrs. J. G. Clark, Secretary; Mrs. 
Mary S. Jackson. Treasurer. 


August 5, 1877. Number of members, one hundred 

I and fifty. Meets each alternate Wednesday afternoon 

I in Druid's Hall, 413Sutter8treet. Obiects, benevolent 

and protective. 

Officers.— Albert Miller. President; Adolph Al- 
brech, Vice-President; William Swalvie, Recording 
Secretary ; Gustav Guuther. Treasurer. 

— Orgaiiizi'd 1865. Office, '20 Webb street. The de- 
sign of this Association is to improve the condition 
of the deserving indigent, and, so far as practicable, 
to relieve their necessities. 

Officers. — N. Gray, President ; J. C. Patrick, Treas- 
urer ; Robert Beechiug, General Agent and Secretary. 
tion, 800 Stockton street. This hospital whs opened for 
the reception of patients on the first day of Ai)ril, 
1808. The object of the institution is the care of poor, 

I sick women. There is no rule us to the nativity, reli- 
gion, or social condition. It is a charity in the broad- 
est sense of the term. Any woman who is poor and 
sick is entitled to share its benefits. It is u general 
liospital for all diseases, and for lying-in. During 
the twelve years it has been open there have been near- 
ly one thousand births. Of the whole iiumberof births 
over fifty per cent, have been illeaitiiuate, showing 

I concliisively the need of such an instituiiou, as, if it 
were not for this hospital, the imibabilities are that 
the greater number would have shared the fate of so 
many thousands of innments murdered In their moth- 
ers' womb. There have been besides a large number 
of patients admitted for gem ral diseasi-. There have 
also been a very large number of outside ]>Htient8 
treated, the physiiian and surgeon being in attend- 
ance every morning from ten to eleven o'clock to 
treat afiy poor persons who may come. It was sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions until 1870, when 
the State appropriated $.5,000 a year for its support. 
In 1»79 the appropriation was reduced to $3,000. Dur- 

ing the past year this appropriation has been w: 
drawn entirelj-, consequently fewer patients will 
admitted free. The Hospital is under the care of 
C. B. Hutchins. 

Officers.— Mrs. Conkling, President ; Mrs. I. Hei 
Vice-President; Mrs. C. B. Hutchins, Secretary ; ^ 
M. Greenbaum, Treasurer; Laura Bird, Matron. 

Incorporated October, 1880. Object : Carrying fr 
flowers and delicacies to the sick in hospitals and te 
ments. Rooms, 713 Mission street, where theiueinl: 
meet every Thursday from nine o'clock A. M. till 
o'clock P. M. for arrangement of flowers, etc. 1 
tribution Thursday afternoon 

Officers. — Miss Mary D. Bates, Honorary Preside 
Miss Bessie M. Raymond, President ; Miss Effie Jo 
son, Vice-President; Miss Kate B. Elliott, Cor: 
ponding Secretary ; Miss Fannie Danforth, Record 
Secretary ; Miss Mary G. Eldrldge, Treasurer 

Location, corner of Valencia and Twenty-seves 
streets. This is a well-situated sunny home for 
sick, where excellent nursing is provided, and wh'i 
the iiest Homteopathic I'hysicians and Surgeons 
in attendance. Applicatidus fur admission should, 
made to Dr. E. H. Russell, at the Hospital, or to i 
of the officers. 

FOUNDLING ASYLUM.— Incorporated April, It 
for the care, protection, and proper treatment of ■ 
protected single women, with their offspring, toget i 
with all other children that may be abandoned 
infancy by outside parties, said children being c. 
sidered foundlinc,s. 

This announcement embraces two institutions 1 
der the same management, to wit, the San Franci 
Lying-in Hospital receives only unfortunate sednt 
girls of hitherto good moral iharai ter, and who 
screened, give promise of becoming good and u 
ful women. No one can ever be admitted a seer 
time. The Trustees design to make this institut: 
respectable in the highest degree. Efficientandavi 
able to patients from every county in the Sta 
regardlessof religious belief sectarianism or nation 
ity. No one is required to pay more than her a' 
cost to the hospital. This is a special lying 
hospital, and for the specialties for which ft > 
organized affords facilities not to be found elsewli 
on this coast. No cases of disease are admitted 
treatment. It is therefore expected to be kept f 
from erysipelas and other contagious diseases tl 
are the bane of lying-in wards connected with g^ 
eral hospitals. Its locality, facing Jtfferson Squa 
Is not surpassed for salubrity by any other in 1 
city. The building is thoroughly ventilated, 
affords all the comforts of a private homo free fn 
intrusion. Competent nurses are In attendance d 
and night. All applicants must furnish satisfactc 
proof of having heretofore sustained a good mo 

The Foundling Asylum, 910 Golden Gate aveni 
receives only abandoned infanta prior to two j 
of age. They must be deposited in the recep 
provided for them in accord.'ince with the direutic 
upon the signs connected with said receptacle. T 
Trustees aim at i.rocuring the adojition of as many 
these children by thrifty, industrious, moral 
temperate people (and no others need apply) as th 
can. It is distinctly to be understood that the 
fants are not sold 

For consultation the attending physician (Ben 
mtn F. Hardv, M.D.) will be found at the Hospif 
913 Golden Gate avenue, daily from half p;ist eley 
A. M. to half past twelve M.. or at his residence, U 
Fulton street, between Bmderlck and Baker stree 
at nine A. M. and cme and five P. M. All lette; 
especially letters of inquiry, should be addressed 
the doctor, at his residence as given above, inclosi 
an addressed and stamped envelope to ensure 
prompt reply. 

Officers.— Solomon Heydenfeldt, President ; Ben. 
niin F. Hardy, Sim retary ; Benjamin F. Hardy, M. ] 
Attending Physician and Surgeon. 

ETY.— Organized December 21, 1870. Incorporat 
February 23, 1871. Number of members twenty-fl\ 
The objects of this society are for the protection a»i 

SAN FRftNCISCO LAUNDRY. »'^"'""'«§fl,»3?EV»?7T'-''*''«'" 

COKE, 41 9Iitrke( Ktreel,, voraer Mpesr. 



T«1ief of deserving physicians and their families who 
m»y suffer from sickness or want, and to promote 
kindly professional and social intercourse among 
themselves and their professional brethren at large. 
A Literary Chapter was organized July 21. 1871. for 
the following objects: First— The collection of a 
library. Second— The establishment of a museum. 
Third— The publication of a medical journal, or mon- 
otrraphs on medical subjects, as the society may, 
from time to time, determine or order to be printed. 
Fonrth— Reports of cases and the discussion of such 
medical subjects as shall be brought before the Chap- 
ter. IJegular meetings of the society and the Lite- 
rary Chapter are held on the twenty-tirst day of each 

Oificers.— George H. Powers, M. D., President; Lad- 
islaus Pawlicki, M. D., Treasurer ; A. M. Wilder, M.D., 

LiTKRART Chapter.— H. H. Gardner, M.D., Sec- 
retary and Librarian and Curator. 

Incorporated January 20, 1804 ; reorganized December 
17, iyT.5. Meets quarterly, second Tuesday in January, 
April, July and October, at one o'clock P. M. in Arion 
Halle, northeai^t corner Kearny and Sutter streets. 
Number of members, seventy-seven. The object of 
this society is to assist sick and disabled members 
and their families. 

Officers.- A. H. Beck, President; T. Eisfeldt and 
Charles Winkler. Vice-Presidents ; Albert A. Muller, 
Secret.Hry ; John Baumann. Treasurer. 

AL BENEFIT ASSOCI.\TION.— Incorporated March, 
1880. Number of members, sixty. Meets at such 
time and place as may be designated by the Board of 
Directors. The objects of this society are to secure 
U) the families or dependents of its members such 
pecuniary benefits and aid in such sums and at such 

mes as may be provided by its by-laws. 

Officers.— A. B. Field, President ; W. H. Yates, Vice- 
President ; W. A. Bray, Treasurer; W. H. Walker, 

: riON OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.— Incorporated 
n \prll, 1868. Office, 004 Merchant street. Number 
t )f members one hundred and fifty. The objects of 
Ihis society are to provide ways and means to secure 
' iiforcement of " An Act for the more effectual 
' • ntion of Cruelty to Animals," approved March 
I 1 - 8, and to labor in the education of a public sen- 
jT i.iitof humanity and gentleness toward domestic 
Iknd uther animals. 

ijl Officers.— Joseph W. Winans, President ; Jacob Z. 
ipavis, Vice-President; Nathaniel Hunter, Secretary ; 
> James S. Hutchinson, Treasurer. 

SCANDINAVIAN SOCIETY.— Organized February 
.. !8. I8.")!i. Number of members, three hundred and 
, Ifty. Meets first Tuesday of every month at Hall, 

1 New Montgomery street; open every day and even- 
,. ng. The object of this society Is to aid their 
j lick and bury their dead, also to assist their country- 
,. nen and others who may be deemed by the society 

worthy objects of its charities; also to have a hall for 
- nonthly meetings and a library. 

; Officers.- Jacob Jensen, President; P. E. Erickson, 
^ 'Ice-President ; Jolin Lundstrom, Secretary ; N. L. 
,. lykes. Treasurer. 

CIETY.— Organized May 2, 1880. Number of members 
: bout seventy. Meets first and third Wednesday even- 
:i ngs of each month at 10 California street. The 
t >bjectB of this society are mutual assistance In case 
It if sickness and to bury its dead. 
«t Offlcers.-V. Chiuda, President; Peter Vucanovlch. 
<a ^ice- President; Lazar Jovovich, Treasurer; A. Sab- 
! Iclch. Secretary. 

SOCIATION. —Organized November 17, 18.57. Incor- 

. lorated April 1, 1873. Number of members, one hun- 

". Ired and sixty. Meets first Tuesday of each month 
tlO Califoruia street. The objects of this society 
w mutual assistance in case of sickness, and to bury 

iX te dead. 

.^ Officers.— Peter Svetinlch, President; F. Antonlvich. 

•< 'Ice-Presldent: D. Mengola, Treasurer; Anton Bar- 

e Ich, Recording Secretary; Prospero Marislch, Finan- 
lal Secretary. 

tober. 1873. This society is connected with the First 
Unitarian Church ; and is under the auspices of the 
ladies of the congregation, every one of whom is ex- 
pected to aid In its sujiport. The objects of the so- 
ciety are to relieve the sick and destitute, distribute 
clothing, seek employment for needy women, and 
assist the unfortimate in all practicable ways. Con- 
tributions of reading matter are distributed to the 
prisons, hospitals and asylums. The social interest 
of the congregation is the special care of the society, 
and is sought to be promoted by systematic visiting, 
extending a hospitable welcome to strangers and so- 
cial receptions. The money needed for the prose- 
cution of this work is obtained by the Sewing Society 
of the Congregation, which meets every alternate 
Monday at two o'clock P. M. in the church parlors, 
to which all are fcordially invited. 

Officers.— Mrs. Horace Davis, President ; Mrs. Dr. 
Soule, Secretary ; Mrs. J. G. Jackson, Treasurer. 

ject of this society is to relieve distress wherever 
found. Though a legitimate offspring of the Catholic 
Church, and principally supported by members of the 
same, yet Its charities are extended to all worthy per- 
sons who are in distress. 

St. P.vxnicK's Confebence.— Organized 1866. Meets 
every Wednesday evening in the basement of St. Pat- 
rick's Church. 

St. Peter's Conference.— Organized 1870. Meets 
every Sunday after last Mass, in library attached to 

SONS OF JACOB .—Organized January, 1878. Num- 
ber of members, ninety. Meets first Sunday of each 
mouth at B'nal B'rith Building, 121 Eddy street Ob- 
jects: benevolent. 

Officers.— J ulins Adelson, President; B. Zelmer, 
Vice-President ; Henry Raymond, Secretary ; Wm. 
Davis, Treasurer. 

17, 1852 ; reorganized April 0, 185<j. Number of mem- 
bers, two hundred and fifty. Meetings held first Wed- 
nesday of each month, at Irish-American Hall, 818 
Howard street. 

Officers.- P. M. Hare.President ; John Coakley, Vic©. 
President ; Thos. O'Brien, Treasurer ; James O'Brien, 
Recording Secretary, Luke Battles, Financial Secre- 

Organized 1877. Number of members about one hun- 
drel and twenty. Meets on the last Thursday of each 
month, at 531 California street. Office, southeast 
corner of Stockton and Union streets. 

Objects: Benevolence and mutual assistance. Office, 
southwest corner Sansome and Washington streets- 
Officers.— Modesto E. Garcia, President : F. Labadle, 
Vice-President J. M. Tinoco, Treasurer; J. J. Fatjo, 
Financial Secretary; Jose Costa, Recording Secre- 
tary ; Jos6 Alcayaga, George O. Jewett, Juan V. Dro- 
let and Jos^ Alonzo, Directors. 

ST. ANDREW'S SOCIETY (Scotch Benevolent So- 
ciety) .—Organized September 21, 1863. Incorporated 
August 4, 1865, for the purpose of aiding indigent 
Scotch people and their families; also, for finding 
employment for their unemployed countrymen. Num- 
ber of members three hundred and fifty. Meets 
every Monday evening at eight o'clock. In Fidelity 
Hall, 218 Post street. Reading room is open every 
day and evening. All Scotchmen and the sons of a 
Scotch parent are eligible as members by paying 
throe dolUrs initiation fee, and fifty cents monthly. 

Officers. — George L. Brander, President : James R. 
Watson snd James G. Gould, Vice-Presidents ; Daniel 
Wilson. Treasurer; Watson W. Ti)pping, Retording 
Secretary ;W. Hendry, Assistant Secretary ; John I. 
Husband, Financial Secretary ; Alexander Murdock, 
Librarian: Rev. W. A. 8coft,D.D., Chaplain: Wm. F. 
MoNutt, Physician. 

EsUbllshed ISfX). The objects of this society are to 
extend assistance to each other in tinie of sickness, by 
corporeal aid and spiritual consolation ; fur provid- 
ing their deceased brethren with a decent and Chris- 
tian interment in accordance with their Holy Faith; 
for the relief of the families they may leave after 
them: as also for stimulating each other to a more 

MopVot Qt "AY' "ii'E' ^^^' w^^i-' '^A^' Ul. ORCHILLA PRESSES. 



constant observance of the duties of religion, and 
the general promotion of moral and intellectual im- 
provement. Meetings held third Sundaj' of each 
month, in the basement of St. Mary's Cathedral. 
Number of members, four hundred and fifty. 

Officers.— Michael Dolan, President; Philip Cos- 
grove, Vice-President; Henry J. Gallagher, Treasu- 
rer; Thomas Quinn, Secretary. 

FRANCIS PARISH.— Organized March 3, 1872. Num. 
ber of member.s, three hundred. Objects, to visit 
the sick, bury the dead, and provide for families of 
deceased members. Meets the first Sunday of each 
month, at three o'clock P.M., in St. Francis' Church. 

Officers. — John Simpson, President; Timothy Mc- 
Ginley, Vice-President; John Mulholland, Treasurer; 
James M. KejTiolds, Recording Secretary; J. J. Reich- 
enbach, Financial Secretary. 

ST. MART'S LADIES' SOCIETY.— Meets adjoining 
St. Mary's Hospital, in St. Mary's Hall, a wooden 
building, tixty by thirty feet, erected by the Society 
for their meetings. St. Mary's Society, which was 
founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1859, for the purpose 
of promoting piety among the Catholic females, has 
recently been converted Into a Mutual Benevolent So- 
ciety. It numbers between eleven and twelve hun- 
dred members. The officers of the society are se- 
lected from the Sisters of Mercy. 

FORNIA.— Headquarters, San Francisco. Objects: To 
unite in a mutual union. Irishmen and their descend- 
ants of all creeds and classes, to protect and extend 
charity to the widow and orphans, and to strengthen, 
foster, and promote fraternal feelings of friendship 
and charity among its members. 

Alli.^nce, No. 1.— Organized March 20, 187.3. Num- 
ber of members two hundred and thirty. Meets first 
and third Mondays of every month, at 861 Market 

NEVOLENT SOCIETY.— Organized July, 1870. Num- 
ber of members one hundred and twenty. Meets sec- 
ond Monday of each month In the basement of St. 
Boniface Church. The objects of this Society are to 
afford relief to distressed members, and the support 
of their widows and orphans. 

Officers.— P. H. Donks, President; V. Ehrman, 
Vice-President ; George Kniewel, Recording Secre- 
tary ; B. Windhaus, Financial Secretary ; John Leh- 
ritter, 'I'reasurer. 

NEVOLENT SOCIETY.— Organized March, 18(15. In- 
corporated January 7, 1807. Meets first Monday of 
each mouth in the basement of St. Boniface Church. 
The objects of this Society are mutual benefits to its 

OflBcers.- F. F. Speckman, President; L. Guntz, 
Vice-President ; Adolpli Popper, Recording Secretary ; 
John Lehrltter, Financial Secretary ; Peter Scheukel, 

SWEDISH SOCIETY— Organized September 20, 1875. 
Number of members, one hundred and fifty. Meets 
every Monday evening, at 71 New Montgomery Pireet. 
Objects : To taKi- care of sick members, aid the desti- 
tute, and bury the dead. 

Officers.— H. L. Lidstrom. President; P. E. Erick- 
Bon, Vice-President; P. O. Peterson, Recording Sec- 
retary ; A. Vikander, Corresponding Secretary ; C. Th. 
Lagercrantz, Treasurer. 

ganlz(!a 1H-»'J. Reorganize! 1874. Number of mem- 
bers, six hundred and fifty. Object: To afford its 
members mutual Bssistance In cases of sickness or 

Ofticers.-Antoine Burer. President; P. A. Giannini, 
Vice-President; Edward (ialliiinl. Treasurer; Henry 
J. Solaro. So. retary ; Antonio R<.ttanzl, M. J).. Physi- 
cian ; R. Mae.stretti, Collector. Office of Society, 309 
Clay street. 

SWISS RELIEF SOCIETY.— Organized 1874. Ob- 
jects: To support their sick or poor countrymen, and 
to procure employment for those who are in want of 
It. Office 527 Cluy street. 

Officers.— F. Berton, President and Secretarj- ; A. 

Borel, Vice-President ;N. Giamboni, Edward Gallii 
and C. Buxtorf, Committee ; F. Berton & Co., Tr 

FRANCISCO.— Organized May, 1873. Meets on 
first and third Wednesdays of each month. Obje- 
The mutual assistance of teachers of the San Fi 
Cisco School Department, and more particularl; 
minister to the wants of the sick. 

Officers.— Miss C. L. Hunt, President ; Miss N. Li 
berg. Recording Secretary; Miss N. Haswell, Fii 
cial Secretary ; Miss Louisa Classen, Treasurer. 

9, 1882. Meets the second and fourth Thursdays 
each month at Tivoli Gardens. Number of memb 
ninety. Object: Assistance in cases of sickness 
death, and to defray the funeral expenses of ] 

Officers. — H. Nieman, President ; A. Stocknie; 
Vice-President; A. Hoffman, Secretary ; William K 
ing. Treasurer. 

Grove of C.\LrF0RNI.^..— Office Druids' Hall, 413 i 
ter street. 

Grand Officers.- Geo. W. Peckham. N. G. A. 
Heury. D. G. A.: Henry A. Chase, Grand Seerete 
John HosB, G. T. ; F. Cavagnaro, G. M. : Jan, 
drotti, G. G. ; C. E. Carlson. O. S. ; Philip Re 
bacher, E. Maginnis and J. E. Nickels, Trustees. 

The Grand Grove meets the first Tuesday in J 
of each year. 

The following named chapter and groves meet 
the hall, 413 Sutter street : 

Hartn.^gel Supreme Arch Ch.\pter, No. 3 (Ei 
lish) .—Meets the fourth Sunday afternoon of e 

San Francisco Grove, No. 3 (German).— M< 
every Thursday evening. 

Eureka Grove, No. 4 (German) .-Meets evi 
Thursday evening. 

Norma Grove, No. 5 (English).— Meets first 
third Tuesday evening of each month. 

SiGEL Grove, No. 7 (German) . — Meets first and tbi 
Monday evening of each month. 

Perseverance Grove, No. 10 (French).— M« 
every Tuesday evening. 

Schiller Grove, No. 11 (German).— Meets seci 
and fourth Wednesday evening of each month. 

Hesperian Grove. No. 15 (English). — Meets ev 
Tuesday evening. 

Elvin Grove, No. 16 (English).- Meets second 
fourth Munday evening of each month. 

Laurel Grove, No. 17 (English).— Meets every] 
day evening. 

Templar Grove, No. 10 (English).— Meets first i 
third Monday evening of each month. 

Gali.iklo-GalileI Guove, No. 37 (Italian),— M<1' 
every Friday evening. 

BoAPiciA DuuiDio Circle No. 3.— Meets every i 
urday evening. 

General Reliek Committee. — Meets third S 
day of every month. 

Druii>8' Hall Society. — Office Druids' Hall, 
Sutter street. F. Staud, President ; John>J?itir, S 
retary; N. Dimmer, Treasurer. Annual meeting 
shareholders, second Monday of February. The Boi 
of Trustees meets on the third Wednesday of ei 

Druitis' Library.— Druids' Hall, 413 Sutter strf 

DRi:in HALL SOCIETY— John Bohn, C. L. Cra 
bon, J.C. Haberling, S. Pidancet, F. E. Behrmau, 
H. Clnssen. O. W. Pecklmni, H. A. Ctiase. R. Gaiitn 
W. Merz, F. Staud. John BIttner, N. Dimmer, J. 
Wertheiuier, H. Jones and Z. A. Mohr, Trustees. 

Meets second and fourth Wednesday of each luoi 
in Sundc! s' Hall, 71 New Montgomery street. Objec 
Mutual benefit. 

Officers.— Frank Willson, President; John Mill 
Vice-President; Peter G. Sundberg, Secretary; Al 
ander Davis, Treasurer. 




YurtlM: 12» to 147 Mpear St., and SO, 9» lIOMurd Nt. 



UNITED CALUF0BNIAN8.— This order was Incor- 
poFHted In June, 1876. Number of members, one 
hundred and thirty. .Meets every Friday evening, in 
their hall, 417 Kearny strett. 
i Officers.— J. p. Sullivan, President; E. W. Herrin, 
' Vice-President; G. Pohlmann, Prelate; J. F. Lyons, 
BeoordinK Secretary ; Andrew Gorman, Financial Sec- 
I ntsry ; Geo. E. Luther, Treasurer ; Robert McPcake. 
Inner Guard ; Louis Robinett, Outer Guard ; James 
Callaghan, Conductor. 
I UNITED ORDER OF HONOR.— This order is a 
I secret bentvolent society. There are thirteen Lodges 
j In San Francisco and Oakland, with a member- 
ship of abt)ut 500. Alexander Rothenstein, Deputy 
Supreme President 

VETERANS' HOME.— Incorporated March 7, 1882. 
Office, 528 California street, room 2. 

Objects: The founding of a home for the relief and 
support of worthy officers, soldiers, marines and sail- 
ors who honorably served in the army and navy of 
the United btates during the war with Mexico or of 
the Rebellion, or in any other war, and who are in 
indigent circumstances, and by reason of age, infir- 
mity or wounds received in service, or incapable of 
self-support, and for that purpose to receive contri- 
t)utions and to take and hold real and personal prop- 
erty by grant, devise or bequest and to erect suitable 
buildings for the use and occupation of the benefici- 
aries of the Association. 

Officers.— T. W. Freelon, President; Stuart M. Tay- 
lor. Vice-President ; L. Wadham. Secretary ; George 
W. Walts, Treasurer. Board of Directors.— Stuart M. 
Taylor, J. M. Davis, G. W. Walts, C. B. Hutchins, M. 

A. -McLaughlin, J. G. Edwards. J. A. Waymire, P. H. 
M( Grew, Louis Dampf, T. W. Freelon, J. L. Bromley. 
Executive Committee. — J. A. Waymire, J. M. Davis, 
Stuart M. Taylor, P. H. McGrew, J. L. Bromley. Ex- 
ecutive Committee of Advisory Committee. —J. S. 
Taber, Charles Goodall, C. Hartson. Hiram Tubbs, C. 

B. Stone. Commandant and Medical Director. — Dr. 
E. P.Wood. 

Izeil June, 18()7. Incorporated January. 1870. Meets 
on the first Mondav of each month at Young Men's 
Ben.iieial Society Hall, 927 Pacific street, bet Powell 
hi Mason. 

'lijects : To take care of the sick members and 
i ! v the aead. 

llicers.— William J. Osborn, President ; Charles 
' nil h, Vice-President; Charles Malhado, Recording 
- retary ; Thomas M. Groves, Corresponding Secre- 
>• ; J. E. Francis, Treasurer. 



' -^<'0. — Orfjanized January 13, 1878. The member- 

I' embraces the entire force. The object of this 

■ M iation is to render pecuniary aid to the widows 

1 orphans or family to the extent of one thousand 

■I ilars. 

uffli-ers.— Counsellor Alfred Clarke, President ; 
Charles Cullen, Vice-President ; John T. Fitzhenry, 
Recording Secretary ; David J. Quaid, Financial Sec- 
refciry ; iohn W. Moffitt, Treasurer; John Cronin, H. 

C. Reynolds. James Smith, P. J, Hussey and John 
Wallace, Trustees. 

YOUTHS' DIRECTORY. — Office 1417 Howard 
street. This institution, established November 1, 
1874, under the patronage of Archbishoji Alemany, 
comprises a Free Intelligence Bureau and a Tempo- 
rary Home for friendless boys in search of employ- 
ment. It is maintained by voluntary contributions 
from the public. Destitute lads, in quest of work, 
are admitted free to the benefits of its refectory, dor- 
mitory, lavatory, and reading-room, until places are 
procured for them in town or country, without 
charge to either employers or employees. No dis- 
crimination between applicants on account of religi- 
ous belief. Last year five thousand six hundred of 
every tongue and kindred, obtained protitable occu- 
pation on farms, in factories, stores, and shops. Of- 
fice open every week day from nine o'clock A.M. to 
one o'clock P.M. 

Officers.— James R. Kelly, President ; G. Touchard, 
Treasurer; James Reid, Superintendent and Secre- 
tary: Mrs Ellen Reid. Matron; J. R. Kelly, R. Tobin, 
C. D. O'Sullivan, G. Touchard. M. J. O'Connor, J. A. 
Donohoe, Henry Barroilhet and Peter H. Burnett, 


sembles annually at the Masonic Temple, in the City 
of San Francisco, on the second Tuesday in October. 
Its officers for the year ending in October, 1884, are: 
M.-.W.-. Jonathan Doan Hines, Grand Master, San 

R.-. W.*. Wiley James Finnin, Deputy Grand Master, 

R.-.W.-. Edmund Clement Atkinson, Senior Grand 

Warden, Sacramento. 
R.-.W.-. Hiram Newton Rucker, Junior Grand War- 
den, Merced. 
V.-. W.-. Moses Heller, Grand Treasurer. San Fran- 
V.-.W.-. Alex. Gurdon Abell, Grand Secretary, San 

V.-. R.-. William Amon Knighten, Grand Chaplain, 
San Buenaventura 
W.-. John Henry Dickenson, Grand Orator, San 

W.-. George Tuttle Grimes, Assistant Grand Sec- 
retary, San Francisco. 
W.-. John Werner Shaeffer, Grand Lecturer, San 

W.-. Rollin Corralus Gaskill, Grand Marshal, 

W.-. Theodore Reiser, Grand Bible Bearer, Ana- 
W.-. Nathaniel Lynch Allen, Grand Standard 

Bearer, Salinas 
W.-. Samuel Prager, Grand Sword Bearer, Los 

W.-. George Alex. McKenzie, Senior Grand Dea- 
con, Stockton 
W.- . John Marvin Melendy, Junior Grand Deacon, 

W.-. Wilson Hays, Senior Grand Steward, San 

W.-. George Washington Carpenter, Junior Grand 

Steward, Yuba City 
W.-. Willinm Brownlie, Grand Pursuivant, Val- 

W.-. Samuel David Mayer, Grand Organist, San 

W.-. James Oglesby, Grand Tyler, San Francisco. 

This body was organized in the year 1850, and there 
are now in existence, under its jurisdiction, two hun- 
dred and seventeen Subordinate Lodges, of which six- 
teen are in the City of San Francisco, as follows: 

Californta Lodge, No. 1.— Meets every Thursday 
evening in King Solomon's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

La Pakfaite Uhion Lodge, No. 17. — Meets every 
Friday evening in St. John's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Occidental Lodge, No. 22.— Meets every Monday 
evening in King Solomon's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Golden Gate Lodge, No. 30.— Meets every Tuesday 
evening in King Solomon's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Mount Mohiah Lodge, No. 44.— Meets every Wed- 
nesday evening in King Solomon's Hall, Masonic 

FiDELFTY Lodge, No. 120.— Meets every Thursday 
evening in St. John's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Hermann Lodge, No. 127.— Meets every Monday 
evening in St. John's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Pacific Lodge, No. 13fi.— Meets every Tuesday 
evening at B'nai B'rith Building, 121 Eddy street. 

Crockett Lodge, No. 139. — Meets every Friday 
evening at B'nai B'rith Building, 121 Eddy street. 

Oriental Lodge, No. 144.— Meets every Tuesday 
evening in St. John's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Excelsior Lodge, No. li'6.— Meets every Wednesday 
evening in St. John's Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Mission Lodge, No. 169.— Meets every Wednesday 
evening at the corner of Sixteenth and Valencia 

South San Francisco Lodge, No. 212. —Meets every 
Thursday evening at Myrtle Hall, Railroad Avenae, 
South San Francisco. 

Doric Lodge. No. 216. — Meets every Thursday 
evening at B'nai Brith Building, 121 Eddy street. 







Speiia>-za Itaiiana Lodge, No. 219.— Meets every 
Saturday evening in B'nai B'rith Building, 121 Eddy 

King Solomon's Lodge No. 260. — Meets every Mon- 
day evening at southwest corner Geary and Steiner 

bles annually at the Masonic Temple in the City of 
San Francisco, on the fourth Tuesday in April. Its 
oflacers for the term ending in April, 1885, are: 

M.-.E.-. Jonathan Doan Hines, Grand High Priest, 
San Buenaventura. 

R.-. E.-. Edward Coleman, Deputy Grand High Priest, 
Grass Galley. 

R.-. E.-. Benjamin Franklin Tuttle, Grand King, Pet- 

R. .E.-. Michael James Keating, Grand Scribe, San 

R.-. E.-. Hiram T. Graves, Grand Treasurer, San 

R.-.E.-. Thomas H. Caswell, Grand Secretary, San 

R.-.E.-. George H. Gilbert, Grand Chaplain, Placer- 

M.-.E.-. Thomas H. Caswell, Grand Lecturer, San 
E.-. William Thompson Luther, Grand Captain of 

the Host, Downieville. 
E.-. William Vanderhurst, Grand Royal Arch Cap- 
tain, Salinas. 
Comp. Samuel D. Mayer, Grand Organist, San 

Comp. Ira C. Root, Grand Guard, San Fran- 
This body was organized in the year 1854, and there 

are now in existence, under its jurisdiction, fifty-three 

Subordinate Chapters, of which two are in the City of 

San Francisco, as follows: 

San Fbancisco Chaptee, No. 1.— Stated meetings 
first and third Mondays of each month in the Chapter 
Hall, Masonic Temple. 

Califoenta Chaptee, No. 5. — Stated meetings first 
and third Tuesdays of each month in the Chapter 
Hall, Masonic Temple. 

sembles annually at the Masonic Temple in the City 
of San Francisco, on the fourth Thursday in April. 
Its officers for the term ending April 14, 1885, are: 

M.-. P.-. George Alex. McKenzie, Grand Master, Stock- 
R.-. P.-. Franklin Henry Day, Deputy Grand Master, 

San Francisco. 
R.-.P.-. Robert Gilmore Cunningham, Grand Illus- 

trions Master, Los Angeles. 
B.-. P.-. Lemuell Trescott Oane, Grand Principal Con- 
ductor of the Works, Marysville. 
R.-.P.-. David W. Laird, Grand Treasurer, San Fran- 
R.-.P.-. Thomas Caswell, Grand Recorder, San Fran- 
Comp. Osgood C. Wheeler, Grand Chaplain. 

Comp. Charles Lord Field, Grand Captain of 

the Guards, San Francisco. 
Comp. James Bestor Merritt, Grand Steward, 

Comp. Ira Colbum Root, Grand Sentinel, San 
This body was organized in the year 1860, and there 
are now in existence under its jurisdiction ten sub- 
ordinates, of which one is held in the City of San 
Francisco, viz : 

California Council, No. 2.— Meets on the first 
Saturday in each month in the Chapter Hall, Masonic 

annually at the Masonic Temple, in the City of San 
Francisco, on the Thursday following the fourth Tues- 
ay in April. Its officers for the term ending April, 
1885, are : 

R.-.E.-. Sir William Monroe Petrie, Grand Coi 

mander, Sacramento. 

V.-.E.-. Sir Philip Walter Keyser, i)eputy Grai 

Commander, Marysville. 

E.-. Sir Reuben Headly Lloyd, Grand Generalij 

simo, San Francisco. 
E.-. Sir Tristam Burgess, Grand Captain Genera^ 

San Francisco. 
E.-. Sir Hezekiah Lord Hosmer, Grand Prelat 

San Francisco. 
E.-. Sir Carnot Courtland Mason, Grand Senic 

Warden, Chico. 
E.-. Sir Samuel Hopkins Wagner, Grand Juni( 

Warden, San Jose. 
E.-. Sir John Francis Merrill, Grand Treasure: 

San Francisco. 
E.-. Sir Thomas H. Caswell, Grand Recorder, Sa 

E.-. SirRollin Corralus Gasklll, Grand Warde 

E.-.^ Sir Henry Jemison Burns, Grand Standai 

Bearer, San Francisco. 

E.-. Sir George Ashbury Johnson, Grand Swor 

Bearer, Santa Rosa. 

Sir Samuel David Mayer, Grand Organist, Sa 


Sir James Ogle.sby, Grand Captain of tl 

Guards, San Francisco. 

This body was organized in the year 1858, and the 

are now in existence under its jurisdiction twent; 

four commanderies, of which two are in the cit 

of San Francisco, viz.: 

California Commandebt, No. 1.— Meets every Fr 
day evening in Commandery Hall, Masonic Tempi* 

Golden Gate Commandery, No. 16.— Meets ever 
Monday evening at their Asylum in Golden Gat 
Block. 131 Post street. 

ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE.— Meets at the Masoni 
Temple, in the City of San Francisco, on the secon 
Wednesday in January. Its officers for the term end 
ing January, 188tj, are: 

V.-.I.-. David McClurcVenerable Grand Master, Oal 

I.-. Theo. H. Goodman, Grand Prior, San Fran 

I.-. Stephen Wing, Grand Preceptor, San Fran 

I.-. William T. Garratt, Grand Constable. Sai 

I.-. Columbus Waterhouse, Grand Admiral, 

I.-. Nathan W. Spaulding, Grand Chancellor, Oka 

I.-. Wm. H. L. Barnes. Grand Minister of State 

San Francisco. 
L-. William Jeffray, Grand Almoner, San Fran 

I.-. George J. Hobe, Grand Registrar, San Fran 

I.-. Thos. J. Knipe, Grand Keeper of Seals an< 

Archives, San Francisco. 
I.-. David W. Laird, Grand Treasurer, San Fran 

I.-. A. A. McAllister, Grand Primate, Vallejo. 
I.-. Richard S. Corning, Master of Ceremonia* 

San Francisco. 
I.- Charles H. Wells, Grand Expert, San FraO' 

I.-. Charles T. Hancock, Grand Assistant Expert 

San Francisco. 
I.-. Henry Wolfsohn, Grand Beausenlfer, Sat 

I.-. Henry L. Cohen, Bearerof the Vexillum Belli 

San Francisco. 
I.-. Lunian Wadham, Grand Master of the Guards. 

San Francisco. 
I.-. Arthur W. Foster, Grand Chamberlain, San 

I.-. William G. Harrison, Grand Steward, San 

I.-. Marcus C. Meyer, Orand Aid-de-Camp, San 

I.-. Treat P. Clark, Grand Sentinel, San Fran- 

Godfrey De St. Ouab Codnch,, Kniohts Kadosh, 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY °°°° *?„!!.'5i i?.r "'"*'" 

InAvUUlMUUun OI l»U. nomESXIC coal., 41 market street, comer Kpear. 



■"lilo. 1.— Meets at the call of the Commander at Ma- 
onlc Temple. 

Yebba Buena Chapter of Rose Croix, No. 4. — 
iilileeta at the call of the Wise Master at Masonic Tem- 

Tebba Buena Lodge of Perfection, No. 6.— Meets 
very Friday evening at Masonic Temple. 


inuary 8, 1879. Objects : The union of the pioneer 

oigllasons of the Pacific coast and the preservation of 

[asouic history. Quarterly meetings held at Masonic 

'emple. Ofiice, room 6, Chronicle Building. 

Olflcers. — James M. McDonald, President ; Charles 

• Blake, Sr., Vice-President ; Edwin A. Sherman, Sec- 

btory ; David W. Laird, Treasurer ; Charles H. Haile, 

iilff BTShal ; Rev. David McClure, Chaplain. 

ef of San Francisco is composed of the Masters or 
m epresentatives of the sixteen Lodges holding con- 
tarrent jurisdiction in San Francisco. Said Lodges 

^ntribute to, but draw nothing from the funds of the 
oard— sojourning Master Masons, their widows and 

iktrphans, being alone recipients of its charities, 
[oney refunded is again given to the needy of our 
:der. Organized m 1856. P. D. Code, Chairman; 

^■rrison Jones, Secretary. 


inuary 26, 1863. Office, room 42, Masonic Temple. 

fiilofficers.— William R. Wheaton, President ; Joseph 

eiapli lement, Vice-President ; George J. Hobe, Secretary ; 

;j,j, enry L. Davis, Treasurer; Edwin L. Smith, Super- 

„ (^ itendent. 

f ,ij |se. Office, No. 6 Masonic Temple, second floor. 
(.^.■Jjj ssociated for the puroose of erecting and furnishing 
Z^^ le Masonic Temple, at the northwest corner of Mont- 
^(jjbmery and Post streets. 

Officers.— Alexander G. Abell, President ; George T. 
^ ^^^ rimes, Secretary. 

' "*' ASTERN STAR.-Meets in the City of San Fran- 
Bco (unless otherwise ordered), on the Monday fol- 
* ''" wing the second Tuesday in October of each year. 

, The Grand Chapter was organized on the seventh 
' '" ' April, 1873. Its officers for 1884 are : 

il, Sii A. C. Hartley, Worthy Grand Patron, Antioch. 

Mary A. Flint, Worthy Grand Matron, San Juan. 
ir.Ob Darwin De Golia, Associate Grand Patron, Oakland. 

Mary J. Mayhew, Associate Grand Matron, Red 
: Stitt luff. 

Kate J. Willats, Grand Secretary, office 103 Mont- 
cFn* mery street, San Francisco. 

Annie E. Briggs, Grand Treasurer, Holllster 
nFni' Sarah Reynolds, Grand Chaplain, San Jose. 

Mary J. McCool, Grand Marshal, Vallejo. 
•Isu'MattJe A. Farnum, Grand Conductress, San Fran- 

iiFiif Mary J. Young, Associate Grand Conductress, Sac- 

!»(, \gues Johnson, Grand Adah, Benicia, 
:Boni» 3orinne F. Ingram, Grand Ruth, Lincoln. 

Susie F. Neil. Grand Esther, San Francisco. 
r F:i> ff. Ella Borland. Grand Martha, Martinez. 

3arrie N. Edwnrds, Grand Electa, San Francisco. 
Erert (Victoria F. Anthony, Grand Warder, Oakland, 

Unry A. Hasty, Grand Organist, San Francisco. 
[;r, SB fustlce C. Merryfield, Grand Sentinel, Dixon. 

jflU The first Subordinate Chapter was organized on the 
'" ith of May, 1869. There are now fifty-six Subor- 
-j.jt late Chapters under the jurisdiction of the Grand 

sin "" Jhe following three chapters are in San Francisco : 

j[d sa SkiLDEN Gate Chapter, No. 1.— Meets every Mon- 
y evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

"'^■' Jalifornia Chapter No. 4. — Meets every Friday 
fjij ming in B'uai B'rith Building, 121 Eddy street. 

VT Chapter, No. 27.— Meets every Tuesday even- 
r , ^i t at 32 O'Farrell street. 


I. O. O. F. 

Smith, Grand Master, Oakland ; Nathaniel Cook, Dep- 
uty Grand Master, Santa Clara; C. T. McEachran, 
Grand Warden, St. Helena; W. B. Lyon, Grand Sec- 
retary, San Francisco ; C. T. Pidwell, As.sistant 
Grand Secretary, San Francisco ; John Hanson, 
Grand Treasurer, San Francisco; Leon D. Freer, 
Grand Rep., Oroville ; H. T. Dorrance, Grand Rep., 
Stockton; Rev. A. F. Hitchcock, Grand Chaplain, 
Sulsun ; V. S. Northey, Grand Marshal, Oakland ; 
Charles R. Mayhew, Grand Conductor, Red Blufl"; 0. 
E. Mulloy, Grand Guardian, Nevada City ; E. Ddnker, 
Grand Herald, San Francisco. 


W. B. Davies, Grand Patriarch, Sacramento ; J. 
Henry Applegate, Jr., Grand High Priest, San Fran- 
Cisco; W. W. Lyman, Grand Senior Warden, St. He- 
lena ; W. B. Lyon, Grand Scribe, San Francisco ; 
John Hanson, Grand Treasurer, San Francisco; L. 
A. Simon, Grand Junior Warden, Oroville ; L. L. 
Alexander, Grand Rep., Mendon ; C. H. Randall, 
Grand Rep., Sonora ; John W. Glennan, Grand Senti- 
nel, Redwood City ; E. Dunker, Deputy Grand Sen- 
tinel, San Francisco ; W. H. Fox, Grand Marshal, lone. 

All the Subordinate Lodges and Encampments of 
the I. O. O. F., located in this city, excepting those 
marked with a star, meet at their Hall, 325 Montgom- 
ery street, on the following evenings, viz: 

Golden Gate Encampment, Nc. 1.— Meets second 
and fourth Fridays of each month. 

Walhalla Encampment, No. 7.— Meets first and 
third Fridays of each month. 

WiLDEY Encampment, No. 23.— Meets second and 
fourth Saturdays of each month. 

Unity Encampment, No. 26.— Meets second and 
fourth Mondays of each month. 

Oriental Encampment, No. 57. — Meets first and 
third Saturdays of each month. 

California Lodge, No. 1.— Meets Monday. 

San Francisco Lodge, No. 3.— Meets Friday. 

Harmony Lodge, No. 13.— Meets Tuesday. 

Yerba Buena Lodge, No. 15.— Meets Thursday. 

Templar Lodge, No. 17.— Meets Wednesday. 

Magnolia Lodge, No. 29.— Meets Tuesday. 

Bay City Lodge, No. 71. — Meets Monday. 

Abou Ben Adhem Lodge, No. 112.— Meets Thursday. 

Gebmania Lodge, No. 116.— Meets Wednesday. 

Concordia Lodge, No. 122.— Meets Monday. 

Apollo Lodge, No. 123.— Meets Friday. 

Parker Lodge, No. 124.— Meets Tuesday. 

Unity Lodge, No. 131.* — Meets Tuesday, corner of 
Valencia and Sixteenth streets. 

Herman Lodge, No. 145.— Meets Wednesday, 

Pacifio Lodge, No. 155.— Meets Thursday. 

Ophir Lodge, No. 171.*— Meets Friday, in Shiela' 
Building, 32 O'Farrell street. 

Occidental Lodge, No. 179.*— Meets Thursday, in 
Shlels' Building, 32 O'Farrell street. 

Cosmopolitan Lodge, No. 194.— Meets Wednesday. 

Golden Gate Lodge, No. 204.— Meets Tuesday. 

Alta Lodge, No. 205.*— Meets Monday, in K. of P. 
Castle, 913 Market street. 

Franco-American Lodge, No. 207.— Meets Thurs- 

FiDELrrY Lodge, No. 222.*— Meets Monday, in K. of 
P. Castle, 913 Market street. 

Morse Lodge, No. 257.— Meets Friday. 

Myrtle Lodge, No. 275.*— Meets Wednesday, in 
Myrtle Hall, South San Francisco. 

Western Addition Lodge, No. 285.* — Meets Wed- 
nesday, in Hamilton Hall, corner Geary and Steiner 

Excelsior Lodge, No. 310.*- Meets Monday, in Ex- 
celsior Hall, 2319 Mission street. 

Excelsior Degree Lodge, No. 2.— Meets first and 
third Saturdays of each month. 

ihtninn liimn-^ Vnhirloc 


509, 511 91 ABKET ST. 

San Fpflnr.isr.n. 


FUIiTOH IRON TVORKS. 220 Fremont Street 

Manufacturers uf Amalsamating Pans and Settli 



Teutonia Degree Lodge, No. i. — Meets second and 
fourth Fridays of each month. 

Califobnia Rebeeah Degree Lodge, No.l. — Meets 

Templab Rebekah Degree Lodge, No. 19.* — Meets 
Saturday in Shiel's building, 32 O'Farrell street. 

Gener.^l Relief Committee (CompoBsd of all the 
Noble (irands and Vice-Grands of the Subordinate 
Lodges of San Francisco) . — Meets every Sunday at ten 
o'clock A. M. 

corporated September 26, 1SG5. Office, 410 Kearny 

1858. Capital stock, $150,000 ; office, 325 Montgomery 

ganized December 30, 1854. Rooms, 325 Montgomery 

Incorporated February 3, 18G8. Office, 325 Montgom- 
ery street, room 5. 

The object of this association is to secure to the 
families of its deceased members pecuniary aid. 

ganized April 17, 1877. Objects: The preservation 
of the history and traditions of Odd Fellowship. 
Office, 325 Montgomery street. 

Officers.- E. F. White. President; W. H. Barnes, 
Secretary; Philo White, Treasurer. 

ganized December 30, 1854. Rooms, 325 Montgomery 

The library contains nearly thirty-nine thousand 
volumes in the various departments of literature, in- 
cluding one of the most extensive collections of works 
on the eiirly history of the Pacific Coast. It also con- 
tains what is bilieved to be the most complete and 
valuable cabinet of minerals, etc., iu the State. 

Officers.— T. K. Wilson. President; Daniel Mc 
Lareu. Vice-President; W. H. Peckham, Recording 
Secretary ; Max Brooks, Corresponding Secretary ; E. 
Maginnis, Treasurer; George A. Carnes, Librarian; 
Andrew J. Cleary, Assistant Librarian. 


June, 1874. It is a branch of the Total Abstinence 
Union of America, which comprises four hundred and 
thirty Subr)rdinate Societies. Meets ivery three 
months In St. Joseph's Hall. Tenth street. It is sup- 
ported by an aunvial tax of ten cents on each member, 
gives free lectures and <-ntertainmeuts when funds 
permit, and has for its object a combination of all the 
total abstinence societies. 

Officers. -Rev. J. B. McNally, President ; John Mc 
Laughlin, Vice-President ; D. O'Connell, Correspond- 
ing Secretary; W. Hlggins, Recording Secretary; 
John Bolger, Treasurer. 

The following subordinate societies have been or- 
ganized, and meet at the time and place below noted, 

St.'s C. T. A. B. and L. Association.— 
Meets first and third Sundays of each month at St. 
Joseph's Church. 

St. Maky's C T. a. B. and L. Association.— 
Meets t\rst and third Sundays of each mouth In base- 
ment of St. Marys Cathedral. 

St. Patrick's C. T. A. B. Bocikty. — Mectti second 
and fourth Sundays of each mouth iu basement of St. 
Patrick's Church. 

ance mutual beuelit organization, I" aid bv all legiti- 
mate ineatis in the suppression of tlie liciuor traffic 
and for mutual relief in sickness, in connection with 
a life-insurance system upon a niuiual i>rotPC(lve 
basis— each one of two thousand members in a dis- 
trict paying one dollar upon the death of another. 

Supreme Council. — Organized October 22, 
Meets annually on the Third Tuesday in October 

Officers. — Charles Lee, Supreme Commai 
Stockton ; Richard D. Mowry, Supreme Couns. 
San Francisco ; John C. Harris, Supreme Secre 
San Jose ; C. W. Pomeroy, Supreme Treasurer, 

The following named Encampments have been 
ganized in San Francisco. 

Golden Gate Encampment, No. 26.— Meets e 
Monday evening in Grand Pacific Hall. 

Templar Encampment, No. .50. — Meets every 1 
day evening in Grand Pacific Hall. 

Mount Horeb Encampment, No. 69. — Meets e 
Thursday evening iu Champion Hall, corner V 
cia and Sixteenth streets. 

TEMPLAR SOCIAL CLUB.— Honorary Preside! 
D. Mowry ; President, Gus Pulscheu; Vice-Preslc 
F. O. Ordway ; Secretary, Cora L. Carl; Treasure 
M. Mowry; Manager, C. A. Stowell. 

BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, No. 1.— Organized : 
1869. Number of members, three hunared. 1 
every Sunday and Friday evenings, at Irish-Ameh 
Hall. Objects: To encourage all persons to abf 
from the use of intoxicating liquors; also to affor 
lief in case of accident, or sickness, and assist i) 
burial of deceased members. 

Officers.— E. J. Reynolds, President ; Joseph J 
land and C. Cavanagh, Vice-Presidents; F. E. B 
Financial Secretary; E. P. Donovan, Correspon 
Secretary; J. J. Donnigan, Treasurer; Dr. W. D. 
Carthy, Physician. 


ganized May 24, 1859. The property now occu 
by the institution, northeast corner of Stockton 
Chestnut streets, was purchased iu 1862, at an exp 
of $7,500, and enlarged in 1877, at a further expen 
$7,000. It is couducted under.the auspices of the 
ent Dashaway Association. 

Officers— Capt. H. J. Burns, President; Wil 
Martin, Secretary ; Pr. R. H. McDonald, Treasi- 
J. Gray Jewell, M. D., Superintendent and Itesi 

Grand Lodge organized May 29, 1860. Jurisdic 
embraces the State of California and Arizona T 

Number of working Lodges, three hundred and 
enty-flve. Total meuiberBhip, about nineteen 
sand. George B. Katzenstein Grand Worthy 
tary, Sacramento. 

This Order sustains the Good Templars' Hoi 
Orphans, located at Vallejo, California. The hi 
ings, which are capacious, elegant ami <'omfi 
were erected in 1869, by the Good Templars of Ca) 
nia and Nevada. The Home was opened for thf n 
tion of orphan children, (.)ctobcr 1, 1870, and is 
occupied by one hundred and thirty children, wh 
receiving shelter and education beneath i 
$45,0CO has been expended in its erection, and s 
$200,000 in support of its inmates. It is in 
plete and exact sense a public charity, openly li 
ing the homeless from all portions of the S 
California and Nevada, to share in its bentiicei 
It derives its name from the fact of i 
tion by the Good Templars and its sui)i)or 
that Older. It is also under the control of tlie G 
Lodge of the Order, but Us title is not meant to 
vey any idea of excliisiveuess as to the class adm 
to its sheltering offices. To be a homeless oridia 
the only passport re(juired at its portals. In coi 
tion with this society, and sustained by iliem 
Bands of Hope, composed of children under iv 
years of age, who are supplied with rituals and ba 
free. These organizations now number in the I 
about fourteen thousand ihil<lren. 

Omcers of the Grand Lodge.-Col. J. L. Cole 
W. C. T., Sonora; J. A. Fairbanks. G. W. C, ' 
Oakland; Mrs. May Guthrie Tongier, G. W. V 
San Francisco ; George B. Katzenstein, G. W. S.. 
raniinto; Ur. Isaac S. HaNey, G. W. T.. V»l 
Julius Lyons, O. W. A, S., Los Angeles ; E. \ 
. Culver, G. W. Mess, Newcastle; Edward Smlih. ( 
Marshal, Live Oak ; Mrs. E., O. W. D. 
I Woodland; Rev. William H. Tubb, G. W. Chap 
1 Martinez; Miss Lizzie A. Moore, O. W. I. G., Tu.' 


lAK, ASH, HICKORY, WHITEWOOD, BEECH: '""* ^'«?l?^^«r «,reeu 



il. L. GregR, G. W. O. G., Plymouth ; M. C. Win- 
hester. P. G. W. C. T., Grafton ; Mrs. M. E. Richard- 
1 in. Gen. Supt. Juv. G., 1G05 Thirteenth Av., East 

, The Grand Lodge publishes an official organ— The 
HlVekly Kescue, office 508 Montgomery street. Frank 
i.. Lane manager; Rev. E. F. Dinsmore editor. 

Thp following named subordinate lodges meet in 
Jais city: 

Camfornia Lodge, No. 7. — Meets every Monday 
vening, In Quo Hall, corner Mission and fifteenth 

EvENiNO Stab Lodge, No. 114.— Meets every Thurs- 
•y evening, at 32 O'Farrell street. 

Headlight Lodge, No. 120. — Meets every Wednes- 
sy evening, at 1133 Mission street. 

OoNSTiTtmoN Lodge, No. 130.— Meets every Friday 
vening, in Shiels" Building, 32 0"Fairell street. 

Bright Hope Lodge, No. 160.— Meets every Tuesday 
vening, in Fraternal Hall, 2933 Sixteenth street. 

Life Boat Lodge, No. 185.— Meets every Monday 
vening, at Universal Hall, 814 Pacific street, between 
tockton and Powell. 

Golden Gate Lodge, No. ISCr^Meets every Tues- 
•y evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

INTEBNATIOKAL LoDGE, No. 291.— Mects every Mon- 
ay evening, in Grand Central Hall, 997 Market street. 

Valley Lodge, No. 293.— Meets every Friday 
vening, in Grand Central Hall, 997 Market street. 

Spring Valley Lodge, No. 314.— Meets every Tues- 
•y evening, in Union Hall, cor Fillmore and Green- 
rich streets. 

Crystal Lodge, No. 417.— Meets every Tuesday 
vening at 35 Eddy street. 

MisPAH LoDGi;, No. 1.38.— Meets every Friday even- 
Dg at 8.^)9 Market street. 

larch 22, 18(i6. Meets on the second Tuesday eve- 
ingof each month, at the Mariners' Church, north- 
ast corner of Sacramento and Drumm streets. Num- 
«r of members, two thousand, to which additions are 

■de continually. 

Officers.— Rev. Joseph Rowell, President ; Rev. W. 
). Bishop, Secretary. 

anuary2,1859. Meets at 105 Stockton street. 

Officers.— John Densmore, President; E. N. Zer- 
aan and J. A. Field( r. Vice-Pre.sidents ; J. M. Piatt, 
«cretary; E. Fountain, Treasurer; James Butter- 

orth, Peter Bell, James GlIleBpie, J. A. Fielder, 

rustees of the Association : William Martin, John 
)en8more, A. Porteous, H. Van Husen, Trustees 
lome of Inebriates. 

SONS OF TEMPERANCE.— Office of the Grand 
cribe. at San Francisco. 

Officers of the Grand Division.— George Bramall, 

. W. P., Haywards; N. Davidson, G. W. A., San 

rancisco ; Joseph R. McLean, G. Scribe, San Fran- 
isco ; J. J. Hucks, G. Treasurer, San Francisco ; 

homas Walker, G. Chaplain, Santa Cruz ; Mrs. M. E. 
Hennsn, G. Conductor. Redwood City ; D. N. Cox, 
r. Sentinel, Sacramento. 

The following named Subordinate Divisions meet 

I Sau Francisco : 

Grand Dnisios, Annual Session on the fourth 
"uesday in April of each year. 

Centennial Division, No. 18.— Meets every Tues- 
ay evening at Champion Hall, Potrero. 

New Era Division, No. 2.— Meets every Saturday 
vening at Grand Pacific Hall. 

MurrAL Relief Division, No. 1.— Meets every 
Wednesday evening at 20 Eddy street. 

TEMPERANCE LEGION. — Organized February 1, 
Ifi6, with forty-five members. Since that time over 
snr thousand members have signed the muster roll, 
ai are now organized in twelve companies. There 
i also a Ladies' Roll, which numb' rs over nine hun- 
red membei-s, and a Cadets', with over six hundred 

Public meetings are held every Sundav evening. 

Officers. — F. E. R. Whitney, Commander-in-Chief ; 

Frank Richards, Colonel and First Aid ; Thomas Ful- 
ler, Lieutenant-Colonel and Second Aid ; W. G. Cue' 
Adjutant ; Isaac Nichols. Paymaster : Dr. H. Gib" 
bons, Jr., Surgeon ; R. B. Gardiner, Chaplain ; F. E- 
Potter, Chief Quartermaster; Wm. M. Moore, First 
Assistant Quartermaster; Wm. J. Coulter, Second As- 
sistant Quartermaster-General ; J. A. Phelps, D. W. 
Saylor and Charles Woo ten, Aides-de-camp. 

California Branch. 

Officers.— Mrs. P. D. Browne, Oakland, President ; 
Mrs. L. P. Williams, S. F., Recording Secretary; Mrs. 
H. H. Havens, Oakland, Corresponding Secretary; 
Mrs. C. H. Chamberlain, East Oakland, Treasurer. 

The Women's National Christian Temperance 
Union Is the largest society ever composed ex- 
clusively of women, and conducted entirely by them. 
So far as reported (the returns are very incomplete) 
there are about 3,000 local auxiliary, with a member- 
ship of 50,000, and 494 juvenile organizations. 


uary 13, 18T8. Number of members, one hundred 
and thirty. Meets first and third Tuesdays of each 
month at .539 California street. Objects : Protective 
and benevolent. 

Officers.— F. C. Von Imhofi", President; F. Stanley, 
Vice-President : R. Oppenheimer, Recording Sec- 
retary ; E. Kaeintz, Financial Secretary ; J. Lehritter, 
Treasurer; John Dohs, Employment Secretary; office, 
542 Clay street. W. Lippert, J. Frank, William 
Streib, Trustees 

— Organized November, 1880. Meetings held at the 
call of the President. 

Officers.— Wm. Westerfeld, President; P. F. Mc- 
Grath, Recording Secretary; Isidor Boudin, Financial 
Secretary; Julius Schnlz, Treasurer. 

ganized April, 1877. Number of members, 240. 
Office, Union Block, 202 Market street, upper floor. 
Objects : To protect the interests of its members, 
prevent settlements without full investigation, resist 
inequitable and fraudulent settlements, and bring 
about joint action in the collection of debts (other 
than in the ordinary course of business) . 

Officers. — .Jacob S. Taber, President; Jules Cerf, 
First Vice-President ; C.J.Dempster, Second Vice- 
President; Moses Heller, Trea.'iurer; J. H. Shank- 
land, .Attorney ; H. L. Smith, Secretary. 

Incorporated June 24, 1873. Capital stock $100,000. 
Office northwest comer Eddy and Powell streets. 

Officers.— David Farquharson, President ; Robert 
P. Bunker, Vice-President ; John Bain, Treasurer; 
Vernon Campbell, Secretary ; John Easton, Surveyor ; 
J. F. Cowdery, Attorney. 

TION.— Organized in 1882. Number of members one 
hundred and fifty. Object : The advancement and 
protection of the legitimate dairy Industry. 

Officers.— F. C. De Long, President ; Robert Ash- 
burner, Treasurer ; E. J. Wicksou, Secretary. Secre- 
tary's office, 414 Clay street. 

CAL SOCIETY.— Incorporated January, 1878. Annu- 
al meeting on second Wednesday of May, in the City 
of San Francisco. Object: The advancement of the 
science of medicine and surgery. 

Officers.— G. M. Pease. M. D., President; W. A. 
Hughson. First Vice-President ; S. O. Tucker, Second 
Vice-President; A. C. Petersen, M. D., Secretary; O. 
E. Davis, M. D., Treasurer. 

SOCI.ATION.— Organized July, 18B9. Number of I 
members two hundred. Meets semi-monthly. Ob- | 
ject: Woman's political enfranchisement. | 

Officers.— Mrs. Clara S.Foltz, President: Mrs. Laura , 
DeForce Gordon, Vice-President ; Mrs. Mary J. Col- | 
11ns, Corresponding Secretary ; Mrs. Rachael Olmstead, ; 
Recording Secretary ; Mrs. A. M. Slocum. Treasurer. 

mow SHADES V/KS ItRLIf G. W. C!arl[ & Co.. 645 M^rtet bt. 






CO.— Organized February 1, 1880. Meets first Mon- 
day of each montli at No. 116 Montgomery street. 
I Object — It is established for the purpose of securing 
I a certain sum— not exceeding two thousand dollars— 
, to the person designated by any member of the Asso- 
j ciation previous to his or her death. 

Officers.— Rev. J. B. McNally, President; John Mc- 
Laughlin. Vice-President; Edward Gilson, Secretary; 
P. F. McGrath, Treasurer. 

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.— Rooms, Merchants' 
Exchange, California Street. Organized April, 1850. 
Present membership 156. Regular meetings, third 
Tuesdays in -January, April, July and October. .Annual 
meeting, third Tuesday in January; election of officers, 
second Tuesday in January. 

Officers.— Horace Davis, President; D. J. Staples, 
First Vice-President; Andrew Welch, Second Vice- 
President; J. J. McKinnon, G. W. McNear, C. L. 
Taylor, J. N. Knowles. A. P. Elfelt, Eugene De Sabla, 
Andrew Crawford, H. L. E. Meyer, W. L. Merry, C.W. 
Whitney, Edward L. G. Steele, Jacob S. Taber. 
Trustees; Morris Marcus, Secretary, Treasurer and 
Librarian. Office, 26-28 California street. 

corporated 1H84. 

Officers.- J. W. Scbaeffer, President;' H. Engel- 
brecht, Vice-President ; Rudolph Mayrisch, Treas- 
urer; J. M. KautTman, Secretary. 

COAST.— Organized June 12, 1876. Number of mem- 
bers. 300. Meets first and third Friday of each mouth 
at Buddy's Hall. Objects : To improve the condi- 
tion of its members and protect them against the 
encroachments of Chinese cheap labor. 

Officers.- George Benker, President ; Bernard 
Heim. Vice-President; George Deckelman, Secretary; 

Marks, Financial Secretary ; L. Alexander, 


C.VLIFORNIA.— Organized in 1878. Objects: Protec- 
tive and Mutual. 

Officers for 1884.— Oscar W. White, President; Wm. 
H. Brown, First Vice-President; A. S. Levy, Second 
Vice-President ; Alex. Russell, Third Vice-President; 
E. T. B. Mills, Secretary and Treasurer; A. H. Mallo- 
ry. Ben. Latz, H. A. Hall, W. E. Stubbs, M. L. Tich- 
ner, Morris A. Rothchild, T. J. Colbert, John H. F. 
Peck, Henry VanHeusen. A. F. Gunn, Directors. 

UNION.— Organized February 6, 1880. Number of 
members, sixty. Meets on the first and third Friday 
of every mouth at Colosseum, 010 Washington street. 
Objects: To furnish employment and provide for 
members in need ; also funeral benefits. 

Officers.— Willliim Biiehle. President; O. Brown, 
Vice-President; E. Grimm, Financial Secretary; Dan 
Wclkli, Employment Secretary; Henry Niemeyer, 

FRANCISCO.— Organized August 26, 1876. Number 
of members, about two hundred. Meets second and 
last Saturday evenings of each month at B'nal B'rith 
Hall. 121 Eddy street. 

Officers. — John 8. French, President; Reuben Worth, 
Vice-President; Joseph Niedrost, Recording Secre- 
tary; Geo. C. Evers, Financial Secretary; L.J.Welsh, 

ized January. 1H81. Meets first Friday evening in the 
month in Washington Hall, :).'! Eddy street. Object: 
Mutual protection. 

Officers.- A. Plevln, President; A. Engler. Vice- 
President: Patrick Cotkcry, Secretary; James Mc- 
Mahon, Treasurer. 

ASSOCIATION. -Organized 1877. Membership, one 
hundred. Meets on the first Saturday of each month 
at .(117 Broadway street. 

Officers.— Antonn Francovlch. President; G. San- 
genlll, Vice-President; P. Bar. tta. Treasurer; Oiu- 
seppo MoUnari. Secretary. Office, 23 Vallejo street. 

December 6, 1876. Office, 539 California street. 


Objects : To raise funds, and make loans amo: 
its members, thus enabling them to acquire ai- 
improve real estate. 

Officers.- George Lang, President; F. Ludeman 
man, Vice-President; Hugo Pfersdorff, Secretar.i 
Otto Fauss, Treasurer. 

SOCI.ATION.- Organized June 14, 1875. Meets secoi 
Monday of each month at 126 Kearny street. Object 
To accumulate a fund by monthly subscriptions, etc 
and loan the same upon such security and in 
manner as the Directors may prescribe to its stoc 
holders, to aid them in acquiring and improving re 

Officers.— Emanuel Raas, President ; E. G. Lyor 
Vice-President; Henry Barroilbet, Treasurer; L. 
Dennery, Secretary. Office, 126 Kearny street, room 

LOAN SOCIETY.— Incorporated February 1, 186 
Reorganized December 30, 1878. Paid-up capitr, 
$143,195. Office, 534 California street. 

Officers.— Landry C. Babin, President ; J. C. Sal. 
Vice-President; G. Touchard, H. Barroilhet, P. Fie. 
ry, A. Comte, Jr., P. V. Merle, A. Pissis, E. J. Le Bl 
tun and J. C. Sala, Directors. 

Organized August 15, 1874. Number of member 
seventy-eight. Meets last Saturday of each mont 
at 105 Pacific street. 

Officers.- L. Peri, President ; P. Isola, Vice-Pres 
dent ; Giacomo Bignotte, Secretary, residence, 
Lafayette Place ; T. Lacoste, Treasurer. 

corporated February 10, 1868. Capital stock, $400,00 
Office, 526 California street. 

Officers.— L. Gottig, President ; F. Roeding, Cas 
ier; George Lette, Secretary. 

Organized September, 1877. Office, 309 Caliform 
street. Objects: To raise funds by installments i 
to make loans thereof to its members. 

Officers.- 1. Gutte, President; J. C. Hlggim 
Vice-President ; F. R. Berg, Secretary ; Anglo-Caii 
fornian Bank, Treasurer. 

Ai)ril 1, 1871. Meets second Wednesday of eac. 
month at Huddy's Hall, 909 M Market street. 

This is an association of retail grocers, organize 
for the purpose of protecting its members against ba. 

Officers.- M. W. Bergin, President ; P. Kelly, Vic 
President; .Aug. C. Evers, Secretary ; W. Fahrenkru 
Treasurer. Office, 605 Clay street, room 9. 

GUN CLUB— Organized December 19, 1876. Object 
To practice pigeon-shooting, and assist in enforclc 
the game law. 

Officers.— Jas. V. Coleman, President ; F. S. Butle 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

ruary 8, 1853. Meetings held quarterly. Number 
members, twenty. 

Officers.— J. A. Johnston, President ; Barnard Li 
vy. Secretary ; Frederick W. Sierp, Treasurer. 

— Office, northeast corner of Montgomery and Murki 

Officers.- M. D. Sweeny, President; Robert J. T( 
bid. Secretary and Treasurer. 

gust, 1K75. Office, 318 Pine street, room 40. Object! 
"To riiise fiinds by installments and to make Iosd- 
thereof to its members. 

Officers.— W. B. Bradbury, President; Dr. C. 
Blake, Vice-President; J. A. Fisher, Secretary; 
Wiseman, Treasurer. 

Decembi'r, 1880. Office, northeast corner Bush an 
Jlontgomery streets. The object of this .Vasociatio 
is to provide aid to its members, their heirs c 
dependents, by a mutual association of persons 
good health, in order to equalize the risk of accider 
or mortality, and to furnish the aid so rendered at tb 
lowest possible cost to its members. 


Imporiera of. and Denier* In COAI< »nd PIO IROBT, 

41 Jftnrket Htreet, corner Npeai 



Officers.— Sam. Baker, President ; Andrew 8. Brow- 
ell, Secretary; Charles N. EUinwood, M. D., Medi- 
1 Director. 

rporated November 24, 1869. Office, 18 Geary street, 
ipltal. JIOO.OOO. Number of shares, one hundred ; 
MO.OOO paid in. 

Officers. — Adolph C. Weber, President; Henry 
ucht-incer, Vice-Prcbident ; Ernest Brand, Secretary 
id Cashit r. 

IBON MOLDERS' UNION.— Organized April, 1873. 
umber of members, two hundred and sixty. Meets 
coiul and fourth Wednesday evenings of each 
outh, at Huddy's Hall. 909 J, Market street. Objects: 
he eucourayeuient and advancement of molders and 
eir social elevation. 

Officers.- George Spring, President; Charles Ander- 
Vice-President ; Hippolyte Cuneo, Treasurer; 
rthur Baker, Recording Secretary; P. J. Feeney, 
orrespouding and Financial Secretary. 

rporated March 12, 1881. Capital, $300,000; 5,000 
lares at $C0 each. Office, 531 Washington street. 
be objects of this corporation is the promotion of 
Mjperative farming. 

Officers. — M. J. Fontana, President; J. H. Garrett, 
Ice-President; Henry Casanova, Treasurer; A. Sbar- 
)ro, Secretary ; D. Freidenrich. Attorney; A. Daueri, 

Campodouico, G. B. Cevasco, G. Ginocchio, B. 

kpolli, A. Zabaldano and J. H. Garrett, Directors. 

rguilzed August 15, 1875. Number of members, 
rty. Meets first Tuesday of each month, at 861 
•rket street. 

Officers— T. B. Gould, President; Frank C. Mergan- 
•ler, Vice-President ; Henry Marsden, Secretary; 
J. McDonald, Treasurer. 

Officers.- P. H. Kerrigan, President; J. C. Huck- 
ster, Vice-President; W. 0. Southwick, Secretary; 
allies D. Cahill, treasurer; M. Shine, Sergeant-at- 

pinized April 1, 1857. Re-organized April 23, 1863. 
jmber of members, four hundred. Meet second 
id fourth Thursday of each month at Sanders' Hall, 
New ^lontgomery street. The object of this asso- 
Mlon is to procure a fair and uniform rate of wages 
ft the trade. 

Officers.- Robert Lawton, President- John Dowl- 
g, Vice-President ; John Bannister, Treasurer ; M. 
pbell, Secretary. 

LEAGUE OF FREEDOM.— Organized June 19, 1874. 
■« annually (no specified place). Office of Secre- 
605 Clay street, room 9. Object: Mutual protec- 
against any infringement upon personal rights of 


Officers. — R. J. Harrison, President ; Julius Buh- 
Secretary ; John Siebe, Treasurer. 

CIATION.- Meets first and third Friday of each 
nth at 8J8 Howard street. 

Officers— Charles Wheelan, President; Timothy 

lllvan. Treasurer. 

September 1, 1872. Number of members, one 
ndred and twenty-five. Meets the third Tuesday 
each month, at 71 New Montgomery street. Ob- 
ts: For mutual benevolent purposes only, in aiding 
d assisting its sick members and burying the dead. 
Officers.- Andrew C. Freese, President; Thomas 
ennan. Secretary ; George McDonald, Treasurer. 
A.— Incorporated November 13, 1883. This Asso- 

ion has no capital stock. 
Officers.— A. S. Hallidie, President ; Irving M. Scott, 
e-President ; N. W. Spauldlug, Treasurer; Geo. C. 
•koi. Secretary. 

)fflce, room 43 Merchants' Exchange. 
Ill persons or firms engaged In manufacturing In 
R State are eligible to become members of this Ab- 

?be objects of the Manufacturers' Association are : 
develop and protect the producing and manufac- 

turing interests of California ; to circulate informa- 
tion of new districts or distant points open to our 
manufacturers ; to prevent oppressive lei'islation and 
unfair taxation ; to provide a place of meeting for 
interchange of ideas and promotion of good feeling 
among members ; for the maintenance of a reading 
room, and bureau of statistics relating to manufac- 
turing and other interests ; to aid California manufac- 
turers and all other industries, by causing interest in 
and preference for their productions and wares. The 
entrance fee is twenty dollars, and dues five dollars 
per quarter. 

poratedNovember 4, 1869. Office, 6 Post street. Capi- 
tal, $150,000. Number of shares, three hundred. In 
process of liquidation. 

Officers. — Peter Dean, President ; Francis Smith, 
Vice-President ; H. T. Graves, Secretary. 

'master PAINTERS' ASSOCIATION.— The objects 
of the society are to promote a friendly feeling among 
the craft, the exchange of ideas and experience with 
regard to the best methods of doing work. 

Officers.— E. H. Gadsby, President ; H. M. Rose- 
crans and David Kanary, Vice-Presidents; Thomas 
Noble, Secretary ; B. L. Brandt, Treasurer. 

porated June 1, 1868. Capital, $2.50,000. Office, Mer- 
chant's Exchange Building, California street, between 
Montgomery and Sansome. The object of this corpor- 
ation is the promotion of the interest of trade and 

Officers.— Chas. Clayton, President; James C. Pat- 
rick, Secretary ; Moses Heller, H. Dutard, C. B. Stone, 
W. H. Dimond, J. M. Shotwell and Wm. Dresbach, 

739 Sacramento street. Object : The promotion of 
the interest of trade and commerce. 

Officers.— Tuck Chong & Co., President; Chew Ying 
Lung & Co., Vice-President; Kwong Tai Chong, First 
Secretary ; Yuen Fong Low, Second Secretary. 

porated February, 1876. Meets first Monday of each 
month, at 320 Sansome street. Objects: To raise 
funds by installments and to make loans thereof to 
its members. 

Officers.— David Stern, President : D. Samuels, Vice- 
President; L. L. Dennery, Secretary ; Julius Jacobs, 

Office. 12fi Kearny street, room 5. 

SOCIATION.— Organized December 10, 1874. Meets 
every Friday afternoon at 35 Eddy street. 

Objects: "To enable its members to buy feed, stock, 
and all they consume on advantageous terms; to pro- 
tect them from wrong by their employees and the per- 
sons with whom they deal, and against customers who 
are delinquent in paying their bills. 

Board of Directors.— G. C. Smart, F. L. Such, J. D. 
Daley, J. A. Roy, and C. W. Taber. G. C. Smart, 
President ; A. T. Noble, Secretary. 

MINERS' ASSOCIATION (THE) — Organized Octo- 
ber 1, 1876. Office, 320 Sansome street, room 23. Ob- 
jects: Protection of members and mine owners from 
encroachments on their rights. 

Officers.— L. L. Robinson, President ; Walter A. 
Skidmore. Secretary; Bank of California. Treasurer. 

—Incorporated November 7, 1874. Capital stock, 
$1,000,000, in five thousand shares of $J00 each. Meets 
first Tuesday of each month in B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 
Eddy street. 

Objects: To raise funds in shares payable In peri- 
odical installments, and to make loans to its mem- 
bers for the purpose of aiding them In acquiring and 
improving real-estate. 

Officers.— H. Levy, President ; H. Lowenberg. Vice- 
President; Ferdinand Toklas, Secretary ; A. E. Hecht, 

April 2, 1884. 

Officers.- W. C. Bryant, Supreme President; J. 0. 
Morse, Supreme Secretary ; J. C. Gore, Svipreme Treas- 
urer ; Kev. A. I. Messing Supreme Chaplain ; Wm. F. 
Morrison, M. D., General Manager, 23 Kearny street. 


500, 511 Market St. 

San Francisco. 

jfanaracturerB of STATIOSEKV and MARINE ENeiNES and BOII.EK» 



I Organized March, 1875. Meets first Wedne.sday of 
each month In B'nai B'rith Hall, 121 Eddy street. 
I Number of shares, five thousand. 
• I Object : To grant loans to members to enable them 
^ to provide themselves with homesteads. 
,2 Officers.— Jules Cerf, President; J. Baum, Vice- 

y President ; L. L. Dennery, Secretary ; Matthias Mey- 
;h er, Treasurer. Office of Secretary, 126 Kearny street, 
$ room 5. 


porated February, 1882. Organized for the purchase 
and sale of fruits, vegetables and other material used 
in their manufacturing. Office, northwest corner of 
Broadway and Sausome streets. 

Officers —A. D Cutler, President; P. D. Code. Vice- 
President ; I. H. Morse, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Meetings held daily, morning and afternoon, at 316 
Montgomery street, between California and Pine 

Officers. — Charles L. Weller. President ; Baldwin 
Gardiner, Vice-President ; Samuel F. Clough, Secreta- 
ry; R. C. Tobin, Treasurer; I. B. Bourne, Chairman. 

28, 1882. Number of members, one hundred. Meets 
weekly in Huddy's Hall, 'JO'Jk Market street. Object: 
To establish and maintain a jobbing stall and butch- 
ers' exchange. 

Officers. —George A. Raabe, President; Martin 
Glennan, Secretary. 

cember 17, 1873. Number of members one hundred 
and twenty. Meets first Wednesday of each month at 
71 New Mont^'omery street. 

Officers.— Frederick Fielder, President; Levi Small, 
Vice-President ; James W. McKenzie, Secretary; Wm. 
Smith, Treasurer. 

TION.— Organized July 25, 1853, for the regulation of 
wages and the protection of each other. Number of 
members two hundred. Meets every Monday evening 
at 80() Montgomery street. 

Officers.— Michael J. Morau, President ; Thomas 
T. F. Bryant, Vice-Presi<lent ; F. E. Durham. Record- 
ing Secretary ; John Band, Financial Secretary ; Her- 
man Smith, Treasurer. 

ERS.— Organized September 1, 1874. Meets first Mon- 
day of each niDnth. Objects: Mutual benefit of the 
members, and to promote the interests of the trade 
generally. Offlc' of Secretary, 517 Washington street. 

Officer.-*.- R. F. Bunker, President; Frank Ross- 
bach, Secretary; William L. Merry, Treasurer. 

Sansonie street. 

Officers.— Hon. F. F. Low, President; James S. Hut- 
chinson, Secretary. Hon. F. F. Low, Geo. L. Brander, 
Howard Havens, W. Lawson, D. Calm, Committee. 
Charles Sleeper, Manager. 

Orgiinl/.ed February 4, lHr,8. Number i)f members, 
one hundred and ten. Meetings held at St. .\ndrew8' 
nall,21HPoHt street, on the second and fourth Tues- 
days of each month, at eight o'clock P. M. 

Officers.— W. S. Whitwell. M. D., President; C. E. 
Blake, M. D., First Vice-President: C. O. Keuyon, M. 
D.. Second Vice-President ; H. H. Hart, M. D., Record- 
ing Secretary; G. J. Filzglbl)on, M. D., Assistant Re- 
cording Secretary ; James Simpson, M.D.. Correspond- 
ing Secretary ; U.S. Hiildwin.M. D.. Treasurer; C. G. 
Kenyon. M. I)., Librarian and Curator ; Jas. Simpson. 
M. D.. Henry Gibbons, M. D., and Wm. F. McNutt. M. 
D., Directors. 

ganized October !>, 186SI. Numl)Pr of members about 
twenty-five. Meets in tlio offices of the 
membern the second Monday evening in each month. 
Object: The promotion of the dental profession. 

Officers.— W. N. Knowlcs. President ; S. E. Knowles. 
Corresponding Secretary; J.J. Birge, Treasurer and 


—Incorporated October 28, 1882. Office, 531 Washii 
ton street. Object: To make loans to its members; 
the improvement of real estate. Capital stoi 
$1,000,000 divided into five thousand shares of $',! 

Officers. — Thomas J. Welsh, President; Willi:- 
Wagner, Treasurer ; A. Sbarboro, Secretary. 

nized September 15, 1867. Number of members t; 
hundred. Meets daily at half past ten o'clock A. " 
in rooms in Merchants Exchange, California stn 
between Montgomery and Sansome. Object: Top; 
mote the interest and convenience of dealers in 
mestic produce. 

Officers.- Chas. Clayton, President ; R. P. Tennn 
Vice President; W. H.Walker, Secretary; H. Dut« 

June 18, 1862. Office 532 California street, corner i 
Webb. This incorporation now holds deposits to 
amount of $12,046,884. and has a paid-up guarani 
capital and reserve fund of 1472,604, which sum 
Increased each half year. The guarantee capital i 
reserve fund cannot be withdrawn, nor can they> 
diminished, except in payment of losses, and tl! 
form an absolute security to depositors for their 
posits and declared dividends. 

Officers. — Albert Miller, President ; Alexano 
Campbell, Sr., Vice President ; Lovell White, CasM 
and Secretary. T. B. Kent, Surveyor. 

—Organized > ictober 23, 1878. Number of membl 
two hundred and thirteen. Meets first Wednes* 
of every month at 44 Sjiear street. 

Officers.— William H. Miller, President; Jo8'« 
Eviston. Vice-President ; James E. Connolly, Sef 
tary ; John A. Dirks, Treasurer. 

BOARD.— Organized September 11, 1862. Meetii 
held daily at 9:30 and 11 A. M., and 2:30 P. M., at; 

Officers. — George T. Marye, Jr., President; 
Wakefield, Vice-President; B. H. Coit, Chairm i 
J. M. Shotwell. Treasurer; Charles S. Neal. Secret i 

21.— Organized 1868. Number of members, four 1 
dred and fifty. Meets on the last Sunday of ei\ 

Officers.— P. H. Desmond. President; Andrei" 
Smith, First Vice-President ; L. K. Neiswanger, I 
Olid Vice-President; A. L. Fortson, Recording 
Corresponding Secretary; John Rock, Financial 
retary ; James P. Olwell, Treasurer. 

July 23, 18.57 ; re-incorporated December 12. 1 
Office, 619 Clay street. 

The object for which this society is formed, is, 
by means of it depositors may find a secure and pr 
able investment for small savings. Deposits recet i 
from $2 50 up to any amount. Reserve fund, $'. 
823 35. Capital paid in, $.-)00,000. 

Officers.- Horace Davis, President ; S. E. Blge 
Vice-President ; _ Cyrus W. Carmany, Cashier and 

August 17. 1879. Meets first Saturday of i 
month at their rooms 423 Broadway. Numliei 
members one hundred and fifty. Objects: To 
iorate the individxial and social condition of its re 
l)ers through union iind mutual protection in t' 
trade ; to se^'k with honest and legal means to fa> 
itate and ameliorate their business, iu order to 
tain their principal object, the welfare and prospe 
of its mi'mbers. 

Officers.— Giovanni Devincenze, President: .lot 
Sbarboro, Vice-President; 8. Deneri, Secretary; Pi 
Cauepa, Treasurer. 

CISCO.— Organized February 1, 1878. Incorpor 
May 11,1878. Number of members, nine bund 
Meets every other Friday evening at 64 Sacram 

Officers.— James Carr, President; John Lamb,^ 
President ; J. D. Griffiths, Recording Secretary; J« > 
Carr, Treasurer. 


IS J^Xj-^TT-J^irS I2,EXiI-A.BXi 




rillTY SAVINGS BANK.— Incorporated March, 
OHpital stock. $300,000. Office, 215 Sansome 

.rs.—( Vacant), President ; Jerome Lincoln, 
resident; Winfleld 8. Jones, Secretary. 


AS30CIATI0N. — Organized February. 1881. 

list Friday of each month in Sanders' Hall, 

A Montgomery street. 

li. <rs.— D. Smith President ; Thomas Litsor, Sec- 

ry ; John Dougherty, Treasurer. 

riEL.— Organized Sept. i. 1870. Number of 
ilisrs, fifty-eight. Meets first Monday of every 
tb at 508 Bush street. 

ti (rs.— August Portal, President; Henry Le Clair, 
! Ksidrnt; Henry F. Tyson, Secretary; Joseph 
n. Treasurer. 

lETY or GERM.\N PHYSICIANS.— Organized 
Number of members, nineteen. Meets first 
silay of each month at eight o'clock P. M., at 16 
-y street. 
)',■■•■{: Advancement of medical science. 

' rs.— H. Ferrer, M. D„ President; Gustav C. 
M. D., Secretary: AdolpU Aronstein, M. D., 
nr and Librarian. 

' ruary, 1876. Incorporated August, 1876. Num- 
ii'iiibers, one hundred. Objects, preservation 
Hid garni', and retention of fishing preserves, 
itice, 320 Sansome street. 

• IS —John F. Lohse, President ; John M. Adams, 
r sident; AVilliam Stuart, Secretary. 


• .1 May, 1803. Meets first Wednesday of each 
at Irish-American Hall, 818 Howard street. 

• IS. — Alonzo Bassett, President ; Thomas Ken- 
Vice-President ; Dennis E. Hogan, Secretary ; 

It 'pkins. Treasurer. 

;,ORS' PROTECTIVE UNION.-Organized Sep- 
: -".», 1873. Number of members, one hundred. 

• .'ond and fourth Mondays of each month at 
ht Hall. 316 Post street. "Objects: The better 

•, 'U of the trade and to promote the interests 


rs.— Eric Westine, President ; Johan Ek, Vice- 
•nt; August Otto, Secretary; J. Meitsch, Treas- 

ERS' ASSOCIATION.— Organized May 13, 
Mtets quarterly. 
3.— Charles Kohler, President ; Fabian Joost 
" olae Bruns. Vice-Presidents ; A. A. Hobe, 
: John Wieland. Treasurer. 

« LO.AN ASSOCIATION,— Incorporated May 
Capital Stock $1,000,000, in five thousand 
I J200 each. Meets second Tuesday In each 
lu B'nai Brith Hall, 121 Eddy street. 
;>Ji,j. its: To raise funds in shares payable in peri- 
neal lustalliueuts, and to make loans to its members 
T the purpose of aiding them in acquiring and im- 
rovingreal estate. 

Officers.— Isaac Upham, President ; R. F. Osborn, 
ce-Presideat; Mathias Meyer, Treasurer; L. L. 
nnery. Secretary. Office, 126 Kearny street, room 5. 
e of America, Grand Central Division of the Pa- 
flc Slope, 14 Dupout street. 

Officers.— John Pope Hodnett, President; M. T. 
Sullivan, Vice-President; John M. Dolan, Secre- 
ry ; Patrick Driscoll, Treasurer. 
luary 13, 1808. Number of members, twenty. one. 
ipiUl, $80,000. Office and depot, 14 First street. 
Officers.— J. D.Sullivan, President; John Markham. 
[ice-Presidi-nt ; Walter Rosie, Secretary ; Dennis 
iCarthy, Treasurer. 

pRNlA.— Meets first Tuesday of each month at San 
Irancisco office, 508 Bush street (Cafe Lafayette). 

umber of members twenty-five. 

Officers.— Charles Pinot, President; A. Jourdain, 
[ice-President ; Jean L. Bordes, Treasurer ; Henry F. 

Literary, Historical, Etc. 

ADELPHI SOCIETY.— Organized June 30, 1874. 
Number of members, about sixty. Meets every Fri- 
day during the term of college, at Pharmaceutical 
Hall, 113 Fulton street. 

This society was organized by the students of the 
California College of Pharmacy, for the especial pur- 
pose of discussing the lectures of the faculty, and 
their mutual improvement in matters appertaining to 

Officers.— Isaac Jacobs, President ; George Cabaniss, 
Vice-President ; Joseph Kelly, Secretary ; Abraham 
Williams, Treasurer. 

ty-seven members. 

Officers.- W. B. Tyler, President; Syney Smith, 
Vice-President ; U. M. Seyer, Secretary and Treasurer. 

ized April 4, 18.')3. Number of members, three hun- 
dred and twenty-five. Academy Building, southwest 
corner of California and Dupont streets. 

Board of Trustees. — George E. Gray, President; 
Thomas P. Madden, Vice-President ; Lewis Gerstle, 
Robert W. Simpson, Charles F. Crocker, Ralph 0. 
Harrison and James M. McDonald; Charles Wolcott 
Brooks, Secretary. 

Officers and Council. — Prof. George Davidson, 
President; H. W. Harkness, M. D., First Vice-Presi- 
dent; H. Hermann Behr, Second Vice-President; S. B. 
Christy, Corresponding Secretary; Charles G. Yale, 
Recording Secretary; Elisha Brooks, Treasurer; C. 
Troyer, Librarian; W. G. W. Harford, Director of 

Curators— Ernest F. Lorquin, Birds and Mammals; 
J.J. Rivers, Radiates, Reptiles and Crustacea; Miss 
Rosa Smith, Fishes; Arthur B. Stout, M.D.. Ethnology 
and Oste-ology ; Rev. Edward L. Greene and Mrs. Mary 
K. Curran, M. D., Botany; Hans Herman Behr, M. D., 
Entomology ; Josiah Keep, Conchology ; John T. Ev- 
ans and Walter M. Wolfe, Mineralogy ; Melville At- 
wood, Geology and Paleontology. 

Committee on Publication— Prof. George Davidson, 
Charles Gregory Yale and H. Herman Behr, M. D. 

The regular stated meetings of the Academy are 
held on the first and third Monday evenings of each 
month. The regular stated meetings of the Board of 
Trustees, and meetings of the Council, take place 
twice a month, as notified. 

rated July 14, 1870. Number of members, fifty. An- 
nual meeting at College of Santa Clara, on "day of 
commencement. Objects: Cultivation of the history, 
antiquities, and ethnography of the west coast of 
America, and the publication of early relations and 
documents connected therewith. Rooms, 323 Cali- 
fornia street. 

Officers.- Rev. A. Varsi, Charles H. Sawyer, Tibur- 
cio Parrott, and John T. Doyle, Trustees; Ralph 0. 
Harrison, secretary. 

Kearny street. 

Officers.— Jules Tavernier, President ; John A. 
Stanton, Vice-President; C. D. Robinson, Secretary, 
606 Battery, room 42 ; Jules F. Pages, Treasurer. 

COLLEGE OF PHARMACY.— The society was incor- 
porated December 10, 1871. The college was iucorpo- 
rat<d August 7, 1872, and affiliated with the Univer- 
sity of California June 18, 1873. The society and 
college were consolidated January, 1878. Lectures 
given at the Hall of the College of Pharmacy, Fulton 
street, between Polk and Van Ness Avenue, for a term 
of six months, commencing Tuesday, April 3, 1883. 

The main object of the Institution is to unite the 
apothecaries of this State in organized efforts to ele- 
vate the standing of those engaged In the profession, 
by raising the qualification of its members. This is 
Bought to be accomplished by giving Instru<-tion, by' 
lectures and otherwise, in those branches of science 
on which depend the practice of pharmacy. Four 
chairs have been established in the College, viz., 
Chemistry, Botany, Materia Medica and Pharmacy. 
The society meets quarterly or oftener for the discus- 
sion of topics of scientific and practical interei>t to 
the pharmacist. 

;eilings decorated '- TorAzrcTaL^- «• i^-.««¥£'ii«'»- 





iti I 
^ ! 

Officers.— -James Topley, President; A. L. Lang- 
feld. First Vice-President; S. A. McDonnell, Second 
Vice-President ; Fred. Grazer, Corresponding and Re- 
cording Secretary; E. A. Schreck, Treasurer; J. J. B. 
Argenti, Librarian and Curator ; .John Calvert, Editor. 

ated June. 1875. Objects : To encourage rifle prac- 
tice ; to promote a system of armory drill and target 

1 firing among the National Guard; and to pro%-ide a 

j suitable range for the use of the members of the As- 

, sociation. Office, 523 Pine street. 

Officers.— Col. H. D. Ranlett, President; Lieut. H. 

I W. Sime, Vice-President ; Capt. E. G. Sproule, Secre- 

j tary: Col. A. Andrews, Treasurer: Sergeant Nash, 
Lieut. Townsend, Lieut. Kellogg, Capt. Fairbanks, 

j Col. Tobin, Lieut. O'Brien, Capt. Collier and Col. J. 

! H. Dickinson, Directors. 

Incorporated March, 1876. Objects: To educate Cali- 
fornia boys and girls in the mechanical arts and 
trades. Has an endowment of $475,000, left by James 
Lick, which has not yet been paid over. 

Officers— Horace Davis. William Ashburner, Lor- 
enzo Sawyer, J. D. B. Stillman, and A. S. Hallidie, 

T. J. Birge, President ; A. Warner, Vice-President ; S. 
E. Goe. Secretary; S. E. Knowles, Treasurer; W. C. 
Harding, Librarian. , 

Incorporated December 27, 1876. Number of mem- 
! bers, sixty. Object: To make aPaeific Coast geological 
I collection, and to encourage the study of geology in all 
its branches. 

Officers.— Henry G. Hanks, President; Melville Att- 
wood, Vice-President; S. Heydenfeldt, Jr., Secretary. 

CIETY.— Organized September. 1879. Number of 
members, one huniired. Meetings held the last Fri- 
day of each month at Grangers' Hall, 40 California 
street. Objects: To promote the science and practice 
of horticulture in all its branches. Secretary's office, 
414 Clay street. 

Officers.— E. W. Hilgard, Berkeley, President; A. T. 
Hatch, Cordelia, Solano Co., Vice-President; R. J. 
Trumbull, San Rafael, Treasurer; E. J. Wickson, San 
Francisco, Secretary. 

ized under an Act of the Legislature entitled " An .\ct 
to provide for the establishment and maintenance of 
a Mining Bureau," approved April 16, 1880. The ob- 
jects of the Bureau, as set forth in the first section of 
the Act, are as follows: " Thi're shall be and is hereby 
established in this State, a Mining Bureau, the prin- 
cipal oftice of which shall be maintained in the City 
of San Francisco, at which place there shall be col- 
lected by the State Mineralogist, and preserved for 
Study and reference, specimens of all the geological 
and mineralogical substances. Including mineral 
■waters, found in this State, especially those possess- 
ing economic or commercial value, which specimens 
shall he marked, arranged, classified and described, 
and a record thereof preserved, showing the character 
thereof, and the i)lace from whence obtained. The 
State Mineralogist shall also, as he has opportunity 
and means, collect, and in like manner preserve at 
said office, niincralH, rocks, and fi'sslls of other States, 
Territories and countries, and the collectionsso made 
shall at all reasonable hours l)e open to public inspec- 
tion, examination and study." On May 15, 1880, the 
Governor appointed, iu accordance wilU tlie Act. as 
State Mineralogist, Henry G. Hanks, well-known 
throughout the State as a gentleman of large practical 
and scientific knowledge of mining and mineralogy. 
He at once iirocured rooms at No. filit Montgomery 
street, but soon found they were inadeq\iate for the 
purpose, and therefore removed to No. 3i:i Pine street 
temporarily, as the building was soon to be torn 
down. The Bureau Is now located at No. 212 Sutter 
street, where spacious rooms have been titted up fnr 
the reception and preservation of specimens and a 
public museum, which are open daily to visitors, free, 
from ten A. M. to tliree P. M. The museuiu will be 
found very interesting and instructive to tourists as 
well as our own citizens. 


ized. 1871. Number of members, twenty-five. Me« 
monthly at the law office of Crittenden Robinson, 3 
Kearny street. 

Officers.- Crittenden Robinson, President ; O. ] 
Bogart, Vice-President; Samuel E. Knowles, Seci 
tary and Treasurer. 

M. F. Davis, President ; A. S. Hallidie, Horatio Ste 
bins. D. D., Almon D. Hodges, Jr.. Robert Roy. Jol 
C. Hall, John Deaue, Henry Kenibzer, Wilfred Pa 
and John H. Boalt, Vice-Presidents; Joseph G. Eai 
land, F. B. Perkins, W. B. Harrington, Charles 
Allen, James S. Bunnell. Samuel B. Wiggin, Mori 
U. Bates, Charles A. Murdock, James Denman and 
B. Nye, Executive Committee; James S. Bunne 
Secretary and Treasurer; F. I. Vassault, Asslsta 

PACIFIC— Organized February, 1876. Meets at rooi 
216 Sansome.street. Object: Mutual improvement. 

Officers.— E. W. Carpenter, President ; Wm. Sexto 
Vice-President; R. H. Naunton, Secretary and Trei 

Office, 411 Post street. Objects: To encourage G< 
graphical exploration and discovery ; to investigt 
and disseminate Geographical information by disci 
sion, lectures and i^ublications ; to establish in th 
the chief city of the Pacific States, for the benefit 
commerce, navigation and the industrial and mater 
interests of the Pacific Slope, a place where the mea 
will be afforded of obtaining accurate informatic 
not only of the countries bordering on the Pact 
Ocean, but of every part of the habitable globe: 
accumulate a library of the best books on Geograpl 
History and Statistics ; to make a collection of t 
most recent Maps and Charts— especially those whi 
relate to the Pacific Coast, the Islands of the Pacif 
and the Pacific Ocean ; and to enter into correspc 
deuce with scientific and learned societies whose < 
jects include or sympathize with Geography. 

Officers.— George Davidson, President ; Ogden He 
man, John F. Swift and T. E. Slevin, Vice-Pre 
dents; F. Lambertenghi, Foreign Secretary ; Jan 
P. Cox. Home Corresponding Secretary; C. I. Hutt 
inson. Treasurer; C. Mitchell Grant, Secretary. 

Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month 
Druids' Hall. 

uavy 18, 1882. Meet on the first Friday of every mor 
at the Louvre. Objects: To skill the members toeri 
in the use of the ride, and to cultivate and strength 
the bonds of friendship among them. 

Officers.— J. A. Bauer. President; John A. Schml- 
Vice-Prtsident; Wm. Ehrenpfort, Treasurer; Orl 
Brooks, Secretary; W. H. Schneider, James Stanti 
J. Utschig, Shooting Masters. 

September 1,1878. Niimber of members, about 8< 
enty. Meets in Pioneer Hall, 808 Montgomery stre 
evi-rv Thursday evening. 

Officers.- Win. R. Jacobs, President ; Richard St 

der, Vice-President ; Campbell, Secretary ; Era 

R. Williams. Treasurer. 

INVENTORS' INSTITUTE.— Incorporated in 18 
Rooms 30 First street. Objects : To sell a 
dispose of patent inventions of all kinds, in tl 
Stiitc and elsewhere; the placing of creditable n 
useful inventions of all kinds before the public 
advertising, etc., and traveling salesmen ; the 
hlhltion in the Exhibition rooms connected with 1 
Institute, models of inventions, drawings, etc. 

Officers.— Solon Pattce, President; First Natioi 
Bank, Treasurer; Daniel Buck, Secretary; A. 
Smith, Manager. 

JERSEY CATTLE CLUB.— Pacific Coast Jen 
Cattle Club meets at No. 1, Stock Exchange, PI 
str< et. Number of members, eighty. 

Officers. — John W. Coleman, President ; Rob 
Beck, Secretary and Treasurer; James M. McShaft 
A. Milliard, R. G. Sneath, John W. Coleman, Bob 
Beck, Executive Committee. 

—Organized in October, 1877. Meets every Monc 



ItEHieil. CVlHLttKm.A'Sn and FNei^fSII F0171VDRT 
COKE, 41 9Inrket Street, corner Mpear. 



ternoon In the Debatiug Hall of St. Ignatius Col- 

Offlcere.— Robert Smith, S. J., President: Ernest 
uh, Vice-President ; Wllliani Ryder, Recording Sec- 
!tary ; John Bryan, Corresponding SccK-tary ; Joseph 
irry. Treasurer ; Frank Mitchell, Librarian ; Arsene 
ilande. Censor. 

riC SOCIETY. —Object: Mutual improvement in 
erature and elocution. 
Officers. —Frank E. McCnlloch, President ; Charles 

Swith, Vice-President ; Paul Keller. Recording 
cretary ; G. Howard Thompson, Corresponding 
cretary; Chapman Salomau, Treasurer. 
.8t4, 1871. Meets third Monday of each month, at 

Sutter street. Objects: To promote friendship, 
xmony, and intelligence among the French resi- 
nts of California, and enable them to co-operate in 
terprises of general importance. 
OflBcers.— Dimiel Levy, President; E. Baas, First 
ce-President; J. Pinet, Second Vice-President; E. 
eyer. Treasurer ; A. Goustiaux and L. Saclier, Secre- 

The library belonging to the society contains about 
elve thousand volumes, partly voluntary donations, 
y person may have access to the reading room, being 

leptable to the Board of Trustees and paying an 

tlatory fee of one dollar, and fifty cents monthly, 
'n advance. Open every day from twelve to six 
lock P.M.. and from half-past seven to ten o'clock 
M.. except Suudayp and legal holidays. 
DfiBcers. — Daniel Levy, President ; E. Raas and 
Pinet, Vice-Presidents ; A. Masson, Librarian and 


of Sacramento and Drumm streets. Estab- 
hed March 21, 1876, for the purpose of affording 
ners visiting this port, and others, opportunity of 
tdlng the local. Eastern, and foreign newspapers, 
' periodicals, free of charge. A library is also in 
jrse of formation, towards which already over 
!ht hundred volumes have been donated, 
iflacers.— Henry Chester, President; Charles Ferris, 
urer; W. D. Bishop, Secretary and Librarian. 

MECHANICS' INSTITUTE.— Organized March 29, 

15. Location, 31 Post street. 

The objects of this institute are the establishment 
a library, reading room, collection of a cabinet, 

entitle apparatus, works of art, and other literary 

1 scientific purposes. The society has a Reading 
well supplied with the leading scientific and 

?rary periodicals of the day.and a valuable library 
taiiiing thirty-three thousand volumes, including 
ny rare scientific works. Among these is a com- 
te set of the Philosophical Transactions of the 

yal Society, the full collection of Annales des 
ts et Chaussees, the full set of British Patent 
,ce Reports (three thousand five hundred volumes) 
igler's Polytechnisches Journal, Poggendorf's An- 
en, Guy's Hospital Reports, etc., etc. Any person 
become a member, being acceptable to the Board 

frustees, by paylne an initiation fee of one dollar, 
one dollar and fifty cents quarterly dues in ad- 
)fflcer^.— P. B. Cornwall, President; A. W. Star- 
and David Kerr, Vice-Presidents ; J. A. Bauer, 
sasurer; J. H. Culver and 8. J. Hendy, Correspond- 
Secretaries: W. P. Stout. Recording Secretary; 
ace Wilson, Librarian; Arthur Jellison, Assistant 

i January 24, 1853. New Mercantile Library Build- 
north side of Bush street, between Sansome and 

he rooms of the association are (Commodious and 
1 arranged. The library contains about fifty-two 
upaud volumes, and the reading rooms are amply 
plied with papers and magazines from the Eastern 
ties and Europe. The terms of membership are 
e dollars per quarter in advance, 
fficers.— J. H. Wildes, President; David Wilder, 
e-PreRident; Ed. B.Young, Recording Secretiry; 
t. McNulty, Corresponding Secretary; Henry 
lineux, Treasurer ; A. E. Whitaker. Librarian ; L. 
Vetherbee, Assistant Librarian ; Edward J. Bailey, 

MILITARY LIBRARY. -Incorporated January 3, 
1873, for the purpose of acquiring, preserving and con- 
ducting a public library, to consist chiefly of books, 
magazines and newspapers of a military character. 
There are twelve hundred and twenty-three volumes 
and two hundred maps. 

Officers.— W. H. Dimond, President ; W. R. Smed- 
berg. Treasurer; David Wilder, Secretary and Libra- 
rian ; W. H. Dimond, W. R. Smedberg, Robert Tobin, 
G.W. GrauniSB, A. S. Hubbard. H. D. Raulett. J. C. 
Robinson, H. P. Bush, Hans H. Kohler, Trustees. 
Office 328 Montgomery street, room 21 

I NIA DIVISION.— The purpose for which this asso- 
I ciation was formed is to perpetuate the memory of 
' the martyr President, Abraham Lincoln, by annual 
' celebrations of his birthday, to hold memorial ser- 
j vices on the anniversaries of his death, and do such | 
! other acts as may be deemed expedient to preserve ; 
i and cherish bis memory and the principals of loyalty 
j to country and freedom, for which he died, and also | 
I to cultivate social intercourse amongst its members. | 

An annual meeting and service is held each year on : 

j February 12th, and memorial services on April 1.5th I 

Directors. — Washington Ayer, Columbus Water- I 

house, Edwin A. Sherman, J. M. Bufflngton, J. L. | 
I Cogswell. Reginald H. Webster, Charles H. Wells. i 

ganized July 11, 1875. This Society is composed en- | 
tlrely of young men native to the State and born 
since July 7, 1846, the day upon which the American 
flag was raised at Monterey by Commodore Sloat, and 
has for its object, aside from its social and beneficent 
character, the preservation of the traditions insepar- 
ably bound up in the pioneer history of the State. 
There are thirty parlors in the State. 

A Grand Parlor was instituted in December, 1878, 
which will hereafter meet annually in April. 

Officers.— John H. Grady, Past Grand President; 
A. F. Jones. Grand President; John A. Steinbach, 
Grand Vice-President; Charles W. Decker, Grand 
Treasurer; F. B. Houston. Grand Secretary; M. A. 
Dorn, Grand Lecturer: C. H. Lindley, Grand Marshal. 

Two subordinate Parlors have been organized in 
San Francisco, viz : 

California Parlor No. 1.— Meets every Thursday 
evening in Red Men's Hall, 320 Post street. Number 
of members, one hundred and seventy-five. 

Pacific Parlor No. 10. — Meets every Tuesday eve- 
ning at Charity Hall, 32 O'Farrell street. Number of 
members, one hundred and twenty-five. 

Order was first organized in Philadelphia in 1847. In 
1866 the Order was reorganized and placea upon a 
more substantial basis, and its membership now seek 
to locate a camp in every town in the United States. 
It has for its objects the inculcation of pure Ameri- 
can principles ; the opposition to foreign interference 
with State interests in the United States of America ; 
the cultivation of a fraternal and brotherly love ; the 
preservation of the Constitution of the United States, 
and the propagation of free education. 

State Officers.— C. L. Weller, Past President ; Robert 
Ash, State President; A. H. Cummins, State Vice- 
President; C. H. Haile, State M. of F. and C. ; A. C. 
Reld, State Treasurer; A. K. Hollis, State Secretary. 
Office, 2222 Mission street. 

There Is a sick benefit fund for members, male and 
female, which pays $10, $15 and $20 per week. 

State Camp.— Was Instituted December 15, 1880. 

Number of Camps in the State thirty-two. 

Seven Camps of the Order have been established in 
this city, viz. : 

Washington Camp, No. 1. — Instituted October 7, 
1877. Meets every Tuesday evening at Washington 
Hall, 35 Eddy street. 

Washington Camp, No. 2.— Instituted April 11, 1878. 
Meets every Monday at Washington Hall, 35 Eddy 

Washington Camp, No. 4.— Instituted May 30, 1879. 
Meets every Wednesday at Washington Hall, 35 Eddy 

Washington Camp. No. 7,— Instituted December 18, 
1879. Meets every Thursday evening at Cambrian 
Hall, 1133 Mission street. 

509, 5 I I 
Market St. 


Dedericrs Periietnal HAY PRESSES 


FV1.TOX IRON WORKS, 230 Fremont Street, 

Manufacturers of Sasar Mills, Vacaani Pans, £te. 



Washington Camp No. 9.— Instituted May 23, 1880. 
Meets every 'Wednesday evening at Fraternal Hall, 
Sixteenth street. 

Washi.>«gton Camp, No. 12.— Meets every Monday 
evening in Blair's Hall, Mission street. 

Washington Camp, No. 14.— Meets every Saturday 
evening at 32 O'Farrell street. 

daughters of AMERICA. 

Circle No. 1.— Meets every Wednesday evening in 
Blair's Hall, Mission street, near Seventeenth. 

Circle No. 2.— Meets every Friday evening in 
corner Sixteenth and Valencia. 

Golden Gate Commandert. — Blue Degree, or high- 
est branch of the Order— was instituted December 14, 
1880. Meets every Friday in Washington Hall, 35 
Eddy street. 

PEOPLE'S FREE LIBRARY, THE.— Organized 1879. 
Location north side of Bush street, between Kearny 
and Dupont streets. 

This institution was provided for in the Act passed 
by the Legislature of 1877-8, authorizing the creation 
and maintenance of free libraries, and empowering 
the Supervisors to levy a tax of not exceeding one 
mill on the dollar for their support. Pacific Hall, on 
Bush street, was selected for the library. Albert Hart 
■was appointed Librarian, and on the evening of June 
7, 1879, the library was formally opened with about 
6,162 volumes, (magazines and periodicals not in- 
cluded), t igetlier with a newspaper department, em- 
bracing papers from every county of the State, and 
from all the States and Territories of the Pacific Coast. 
During the past year, the library has been improved 
in every department, new books purchased and added, 
and the facilities for circulating the same greatly 
improved. At this time there are 35,000 volumes in 
the Library, and new books are being added at the 
rate of about 1.000 per month. Between 25,000 and 
28,000 are circulated each month. Number of mem- 
bers (persons entitled to use books at home), 14,000. 
The library is open for reading from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Board of Trustees.— Thos. B. Bishop, John S. Ha- 
ger, A. S. Hallidie, J. M. McDonald, George H. Rog- 
ers, E. D. Sawyer, Irving M. Scott, Louis Sloss, Chas. 
C. Terrill, Kobt. J. Tobin, John H. Wise and the 
Mayor, ex-oflftcio ; Secretary, Henry Marshall ; Libra- 
rian, Fred. B. Perkins. 

ized October, 1863. Meets every Wednesday afternoon 
at St. Ignatius' College. It is composed of the high- 
est classes of the College, tlie graduates and under, 
graduates ; but it receives also as members, other 
educated young men who are not students of this Col- 
lege, provided they possess the required qualifica- 
tions. Their debating nail contains a choice library, 
for the use of the members. 

Ofl^cers.— Rev. Jos. M. Neri. S. J., President; Francis 
J. Hubbard, Vice-President; William Callaghan, Re- 
cording Secretary ; Charles Lastreto, Corresponding 
Secretary and Treasurer ; Thomas Connolly, Libra- 
rian ; Eugene McFadden, Censor. 

March 28, 1871. Objects: The promotion of painting, 
sculpture, and fine arts akin thereto, the dittusion of 
a cultivated taste for art in the community at large, 
and the establishment of an academy or school of de- 
sign. Membership in this society, which has now 
about six hundred contributing', one hundred and 
fifty life, aud nine honorary members, is open to 
all lovers of art. Regular niiMubers' meetings held 
on the fourth Tuesday of March, June, Septem- 
ber, and December, In the rooms of the society, 430 
Pine street. Annual election of officers last Tuesday 
In March of each year. 

Officers.- W. H. L. Barnes, President; F. Marion 
Wells and A.J. Le Breton, Vice-Presidents; Joseph D. 
Redding, Secretary: J. R. Martin, Assistant Secretary ; 
George W. Granuiss, Treasurer ; D. J. Oliver, E. P. 
Murphy, E.E. Potter, Charles Josselyn, R. C. Harrison, 
and Samuel M. Brooks, Bo:ird of Directors. 

The School of Design connected with the associa- 
tion was organized December 31, 1873. The school 
has ninety pupils. Its affairs are managed by a 
committee of members of the Ait .■Vssociation. Virgil 
Williams, Director of School; W.E.Rollins, Assistant 

ized April 20, 1872. Number of members, about 
two hundred. Objects: To maintain the horor antJ 
dignity of the profession of the law , to increase its 
usefulness in promoting the due administration of 
justice, and to cultivate social intercourse among ita 

j members. Rooms, 121 Post street. Number of mem- 
bers — active, one hundred and six; non-resident, flty- 
three; judiciary, twenty-one. 

Officers.— W. W. Cope, President; John A. Stanly 
and John H. Boalt, Vice-Presidents; Thomas V. 
O'Brien, Secretary; D. M. Delmas, Corresponding 
Secretary; John M. Burnett, Treasurer. 

— Organized 1865. Library coiitains about twenty- 
four thousand volumes. Rooms, New City Hall. 

Officers— J. P. Hoge, President; Joseph W.Winans, 
Treasurer ; F. P. Deering, Secretary and Librarian. 

Organized April 5, 1872. Incorporated Angus! 
30, 1872. Number of active members, thirty. Meets 
second and fourth Mondays of each month at 120 Suttei 
street, room 42. Object: The study of microscopical 
science on the Pacific coast. 

Officers. — C. Mason Kinue, President; S.M. Mouser, 
Vice-President ; E. J. Wickson, Recording Secre- 
tary ; Charles W. Banks, Corresponding Secretary: 
Arthur M. Hickox, Treasurer. 

ized August, 1850. Rooms, 808 Montgomery street. 

The expressed objects of the society are to colled 
and iDreserve information connected with the early 
settlement and subsequent conquest of the country, 
and to perpetuate the memory of those whose saga- 
city, energy and enterprise induced them to settle in 
the wilderness and become the founders of a ; 
State. All who were in California prior to the 
first day of January, 1850, are eligible to membership. 
Any who have rendered distinguished or importani 
services to the society or State, may be admitted 
honorary members. The roll of the society embraces 
the names of over twenty-three hundred members. 
Regular meetings of the society take place on the flrs( 
Monday of each month. Annual election of offlcert 
on the seventh day of July, the anniversary of the 
conquest of California, and of the raising of the 
American flag on its soil. Annual celebration ou the 
ninth of September, the anniversary of the admissioB 
of California into the Union. The Society is pos- 
sessed of a library, an excellent cabinet of minerals, 
relics of early times, and various other objects ol 

Officers.- Nathaniel Holland, President; C. A. C. 
Duisenberg, San Franciseo ; Charles Clayton, 
Francisco ; Anthony Chabot, Oaklaud ; Philip W. Key- 
ser, Yuba City, and P. W. Murphy, San Louis Obispo, 
Vice-Presidents ; Howard Havens, Treasurer ; Ferdi- 
nand Vassault, Secretary ; Isaac Bluxome, Marshal. 

California street, room 9. 

Officers.— L. Wood. Cooper, Santa Barbara, Presi- 
dent; A. H. Webb, Secretary; N. G. Vallejo, Sonoma, 
Treasurer and Commissiouer for Sonoma District 
Dr. S. 8. Chapin, Sau Jose, Inspector of Fruit Pests 
H. C. Wilson, Red Bluff, Commissioner for Sacra- 
mento District; G. N. Milco, Stockton. Comraissionel 
for Sau Joaq\iln District ; N. R. Peck, Gold Ruu, Com- 
missioner for Nevada District; A. F. Coronel, Loi 
Angeles, and Edwin Kimball, Haywards, CommiS' 
sioners State at Large. 

by Act of the Legislature, March 15, 18><3. Office, « 
California street, room 7. Meets on the last Thursdsy 
of each month, at 2 o'clock P. M. 

Officers.— C. A. Buckbee, President; Mrs. S. A. RtJ' 
mond. Secretary; Warren B. Ewer, Treasurer; R.J. 
Trumbull, Mrs. J. H. Hiitell. Mrs. H. B. Willian* 
Mrs. E.B. Barker; E.W. Hilgard. Berkeley; Mrs.J.O. 
Carr. Pasadena; Mrs. F. M. Kimball, National City. 

Turk, Sai^ta Rosa; L. J. Rose, San Gabriel; George 
West, Stockton; George L. Blanchard, PlacervlUe 
and Charles A. Wetmore, San Francisco. 

STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY.— Offlcers.-R. Beverlj 
Cole, San Francisco, President; W. S. Thome, 8m 








, First Vice-President; W. T. Gibbons, Alameda, 
nd Vice-President; A. H. Asard, Oakland. Third 
-President; H. J. Crumpton, Lakeport, Fourth 
-President; D.Powell, Marysville, First Assist- 
Jecretary ; L. M. F. Wanzer, San Francisco, Sec- 
Assistant Secretary ; T. W. Hatch, Sacramento, 

:h, 1881. Meets first Friday in every month at 
Stockton St. The objects of this society are the 
)HRhment of rooms for the exhibition and sale 
Oman's work ; the diffusion of a knowledge of de- 
rive art among women and their training in arti- 
ndnstries. To maiutain a library of hand-books 
ibjects of Decorative Art and Design, for the use 
lembers and pupils. 

icers. — Mrs. L. L. Baker, President ; Mrs. C. 
ing, Mrs. Gerstle and Mrs. Balfour. Vice-Presi- 
i; Mrs. M. Castle, Treasurer; Mrs. McNutt, Re- 
ng Secretary ; Mrs. R. Kaufman, Corresponding 
itary ; Miss A. W. Barry, Superintendent. 

-Incorporated April, 1881. Meets the second 
aesday of each month in the Library of the First 

Jerusalem Church, 318 O'Farrell street. Ob- 
: To maintain a library and reading room of the 
8 of Emanuel Swedenborg, aud to disseminate 
s and tracts in harmony therewith, 
icers.— R. R. Provines, President ; A. "W. Man- 
, Vice-President; Benjamin Shellard. Treasurer ; 

Doughty, Secretary; Thomas S. Miller, Benja- 
Shellard, Eric Ekelund, A. W. Manning, John 
raitb, George H. Sanders, E. D. Feusier, John 
[hty and R. R. Provines, Directors. 

arated November 10, 187i. Rooms, 83S Market 
The objects of this association are to form 
re perfect union of the Pioneers of California in 
londs of friendship, and to cultivate social inter- 
ne between them ; to collect and preserve histor- 
acts and information in connection with the early 
subsequent history of the settlement of the Pa- 
Coast ; to form a library for the diffusion of use- 
nowledge among its members ; to form a cabinet 
ich minerals, geological, and other natural sub- 
;e8 as can be obtained by the association ; to pur- 
;uch literary and scientific objects, by means of 
res or otherwise, as shall be deemed expedient 
le Board of Directors, and to perpetuate the mem- 
f those whose wisdom, valor, and enterprise ad- 
5d civilization to the shores of the Pacific. All 
3 males who were in California prior to the ninth 
)f September, 1850, and the male descendants of 
uch, of lawful age, are eligible to membership, 
e library now contains upward of twenty-five 
red volumes, and the cabinet for mineralogical, 
gical, and other specimens of California produc- 
is in a very flourishiug condition. Board meets 
d Tuesday of each month. 

leers.— Wm. T. Garratt, President ; William Pear- 
nd John W. McCormick, Vice-Presidents ; Low- 
Hardy, Jr., Secretary ; Robert Dinsmore, Treas- 
; W. W. Williston, Marshal. 

CHNICAL SOCIETY.— Meets at Druid's Hall, 

r street, first Friday in each month, 
cers.— Colonel George H. Mendell, President ; 
Specht. Vice-President; Charles G. Yale, Secre- 
411 Clay street ; Joseph Crockett. Treasurer. 


h 8, 1879. Number of members, one hundred 


cers.— James A. Waymire, President; J. G. Ma- 

, First Vice-President; A. C. Searle, Second 

President; W. A. S. Nicholson, Secretary and 

;urer. Address. 023 Montgomery street. 

mith. President; George Wirnmer, Vice-Presi- 
W. Patterson, Secretary; Eugene C. Smith, 
^sponding Secretary ; Simon Kelly, Treasurer. 

sner. President; George Nuttall, Vice-President ; 

rmer. Secretary ; C. G. Levlson. Financial Sec- 
f, Gns. Brenner, Treasurer; H. W. Faust, J. W. 

M. Feintuch and H. C. Badger, Directors. 


WAR.— Organized July 2, 1866. Number of members, 
ni«ety-five. Meet second Thursday of each month, at 
the hall, 516 Bryant street. 

Officers.- Wm. Blanding, President ; Vm. L. Dun- 
can, Vice-President ; John C. Robinson, Secretary ; 
James L. Martel, Treasurer ; Samuel Deal, Marshal. 

ARIEL ROWING CLUB.— Officers.- George H. 
Branch, President; Thomas Brown, Vice-President ; 
William H. Growney, Secretary; John Muirhead, 
Treasurer; Walter Blake, Captain 

BOHEMIAN CLUB. — Incorporated April 9, 1872. 
— Number of members, five hundred. Business 
meetings held second Tuesday in January, April, 
July, and October. Literary and musical meetings 
last Saturday evening of each month, at the rooms, 
430 Pine street. Objects -. The promotion of social 
and intellectual intercourse between journalists and 
other writers, artists, actors, and musicians, profes- 
sional and amateur. 

Officers.- Stuart M. Taylor, President ; Joseph D. 
Redding, Vice-President ; Raphael Weill, Treasurer; 
Horace G. Piatt, Secretary ; Joseph N. H. Irwin, Sam- 
uel O.sbourne, George W. Spencer, Henry Wadsworth 
and Fred. Yates. Directors. 

CALEDONIAN CLUB.— Organized November 34, 
1866. Number of members, six hundred and fifty. 
Meets the first and third Fridays of each month, at 
Fidelity Hall, 218 Post street. Objects : Encourage- 
ment and practice of the games, and preservation of 
the customs and manners of Scotland, and a promo- 
tion of a taste for her literature, music, etc. 

Officers.— John F. Kennedy, Chief; John Elder, 
First Chieftain; John Rted, Second Chieftain ; David 
Kerr, Third Chieftain; David Ross, Fourth Chief- 
tiin ; D.Maclean, M. D., Physician ; D. A. Macdonald, 
Colin M. Boyd, and Angus McLeod, Trustees. 


Officers.— P. H. Pellegiani, President; M. Silva, 
Vice-President; J. H. Hansen, Treasurer ; J. W. Ring, 
Financial Secretary; William HoUoway, Recording 
Secretary ; L. Pellegiani, Sergeant-at-Arms. 

1878. Games every Sunday at Recreation Grounds, 
San Francisco. It is composed of the following Clubs: 
Occidentals, Redingtons and Wooiisockets. 

Offlcers.-Waller Wallace, President; Edward Mor- 
ris, Vice-President ; Horatio Lawton, Secretary ; James 
Chesley, Treasurer. 

uary, 1876. Meets at Arion Halle, northeast comer of 
Kearny and Sutter stieets, first Wednesday of each 
month. Number of members, thirty. 

Officers. — Philo Jacoby, President ; John Utschig, 
Vice-President ; A. W. Hatje, Secretary ; J. H. Shulte, 

CERCLE FR.\.NGAIS.— Organized 1884. Number of 
members, 110. Club rooms northwest comer of Stock- 
ton and O'Farrell streets. 

Officers. — Eugene Dubedat, President; G. Wolff, 
Secretary ; Eugene Thomas, Treasurer. 

SOCIATION.— Organized August 7, 1880. Number of 
members, three hundred and seventy-seven. The 
object of the Association is to promote the social, 
mental and industrial education of women and girls, 
and to found a Woman's College of Industry. An 
annual meeting is held on the first Wednesday and 
Thursday of September, at 1921 Sacramento street. 

Officer.-*.— Mrs. J. W. Stow, President; 8. Gertie 
Smyth, Vice-President. 

CONCDRDIA CLUB.— Organized November, 1864. 
Number of members, ISO. Meetings held first Tues- 
day of each month at 102 O'Farrell street. 

Officers. — H. Wangeuheim, President; J. M. Roth- 
child, Vice-President; J. Thalhimer, Recording Sec- 
retary; A. W. SchoUe, Financial Secretary; J. Ehr- 
man, Treasurer. 

DANISH SOCIETY (Norden) .—Organized July, 1873. 
Number of members, about one hundred. Meets 
second Tuesday of each month at 155 New Montgom- 

W.CLARK El C0.^'I?211BS^' 645 MflRKETSl 


J. & P. COATS' 

BeHt Six Cord 




ery street. Object: To encourage social and dramatic 

Officers.— Peter Rasmnssen. President; William 
Sonderup, Recording Secretary; N. P. Nelson, Treas- 

DECTSCHER VEREIN. — Organized October 2, 
1876. Objects: Social recreation and cultivation of 
music, singing, and German literature among its 
members. Meets second Monday of eacb month, at. 
Club Rooms, 216 Duiiont street. 

Officers. — Prof. A. Herbst. President; Charles 
Bundshu, Vice-President ; Otto H. C. Hundesser, Re- 
cording Secretary ; H. Ankele, Financial Secretary ; 
J. G. Oldelehr, Treasurer; H. C. Meussdorfifer, Libra- 

ganized July. 1877. Number of members, forty. 
Boat house, foot of Montgomery Avenue. 

Officers.-H. W.Wieland, President ; R. P.Rothkopf, 
Vice-President ; J. O. Dwyer, Recording Secretary; 
J. E. Peterson, Financial Secretary; A. Klumpp, 
Treasurer; Geo. W. Van Guelpin, Captain; Geo. 
Prosek, Assistant Captain. 

June 4, 1878. Number of members, twenty-flve. An- 
nual reunion held in May. 

Officers.— Hugh Chalmers, President; Chester E. 
Pinkham, Secretary ; Thomas McManus. Treasurer. 

EUREKA TURN VEREIN.-Organized October 26, 
1863. Number of members, one hundred and -fifteen. 
Pupils, one hundred and fifty. Regular meetings, 
first Wednesday of each month. Hall, 706 Powell 
street, between California and Pine. 

Officers.— August Wessell. President; Wm. Stopel- 
feld, Vice-President; Wm. Dolling, Recording Secre- 
tary; A. Asmann. Corresponding Secretary; A. Kay- 
ser. Treasurer; William G. Koch, First Leader; Aug. 
Golly, Second Leader ; C. Locan, Libi-arian. 

EXCELSIOR CLUB.— D. J. Gordon. President ; D. 
R. Conniff, Vice-President ; Wm. McCreery, Recording 
Secretary ; C. Tickner, Financial Secretary. 

PACIFIC COAST.— Organized January 13, 1875. 
Number of members, fifty. This Society is composed 
exclusively of members of the New York Public 
School No. 7. between the years 1826 and 1846. Annual 
meeting and banquet In March or April, the date 
being set in conformity with the same celebration in 
New York City. 

Officers.— H. A. Crane, President; W. H. Bovee and 
H. N. Morse. Vice-Presidents ; H. F. Stivers, 
Secretary ; W. F. Buswell, Treasurer. 

GERMANIA CLUB.— Organized December 12, 1873. 
Number of members, about ninety. Meets every Tues- 
day evening, at 71 New Montgomery street, room 3. 

Officers.— F. Mangels, President ; G. Ahlers. Vice- 
President; D. Tiedemann. Recording Secretary ; H. 
Janeen, Financial Secretary ; W. A. Luhr, Treasurer. 

ruary 28, 1876. Number of members, fifteen. Meets 
every Monday evening, at northwest corner of Fifth 
and Stevenson streets. 

Officers.- Joseph E. Donovan, President; George 
K. Coates, Vice-President; C. W. Hubner, Secretary; 
John E. Broderick, Treasurer; H. J. Gallagher, Com- 
nmndrr; James E. Cole, Vice-Commander; George E. 
Hoar, Commissary. 

February, 1881. Number of members twenty. Meets 
first Tuesday of each month at southeast corner Third 
and Howard streets. 

Officers.- T. G. Cockrill. President ; J. C. O'Connor, 
Vice-President; J. C. Doyle, Secretary ; C.A.Jackson. 
Treasurer ; Chas. Wendt, Commander; C. A. Russell, 

1H66. Incorporated February 1. 187:1. Number of 
members, one hundred. Meets every Thursday even- 
ing at Druids Hall. 413 Sutter street. 

Officers.— Leonard S. Clark, President ; J.B. Harries. 
First Vice-President; Miss Emma Hopf. Second Vice- 
President; L. L. Dobbs. Recording Secretary ; James 
Young, Financial Secretary ; James Biddick, Treas- 

urer ; Miss P. V. Gabbs, Librarian; A. 0. Eime 

ized 1874. It is composed of the Pacific Coast Alumi 
of Harvard University, and now numbers about sixi 
members. Meetings are held quarterly at some bote 
Objects: Good fellowship and the interests of Harvai 

Officers.— John W. Taylor President; B. C. Whi 
man and G. W. Minns, Vice-Presidents ; Frank . 
Symmes, Secretary, office, 122 Sutter; Pelham V 
Ames, Treasurer. 

HOWARD CLUB.— Organized July 21, 1881. >i" 
ber of members, fifty. Meets every Monday evei 
at 701 Howard street. 

Officers.— Thomas I. Donohue, President ; Fran » 
McCarthy, Vice-President ; Daniel Crowley, Secretar 
Charles Fuselier, Treasurer. 

President ; Louis Cooper, Vice-President ; George ^. 
Branch, Treasurer; Charles H. O'Connor, Secretar; 

MERION CRICKET CLUB.— Organized Novenibe 
1878. Objects: Practice and elevation of all amatei 
athletic sports, and of the game of cricket in partici 
lar. Matches every Saturday afternoon during cricki 
season (May to November). Field day of athkt: 
sports held yearly, or semi-yearly. Annual mectii: 
in March. 

Olficers.- W. Greer Harrison, President ; C. Creigl 
ton, Vice-President; Ben. Benjamin, Captain; J. . 
Theobald, Vice-Captain; C. B. Hill, Secretary an 

Organized February 21 1877. Number of meml 
thirty-seven. Boat house foot of Leavenworth sti 
North Beach. Boats, three four-oar barges. Col 
blue and white. 

—Organized January 1, 1881. Meet on the secomi 
fourth Saturday evenings of each month in Odd 1 
lows' Hall, 325 Montgomery street. Objects: Tb. 
provement of its members in the work of the ui ; 
and for social and literary purposes. 

Officers.— John Thompson. President ; J. N. E. v 
son, Vice-President ; John Edwards, Secretary ; 1 
Hamilton, Treasurer. 

OLD NEVADANS.-Organized 1876. Number < 
members, four hundred. Meets annually. 

Officers.- Warren B. Ewer. President ; C. D. Cleav 
land. Vice President; Watt Helan, Secretary; J. 1 
Days, Treasurer. 

OLYMPIC CLUB.— Reorganized September 1, 187: 
by the consolidation of the San Francisco Olympi 
and the California Olympic Clubs. Number of men 
bers, seven hundred. Temporarily situated in Phel« 
Building, rooms 124-26-28 and 1:16-38. Will move ii 
to new quarters at No. 120 O'Farrell street, aboi 
August, 1884. Rooms will be more elaborate tha 
formerly, with some new appurtenances. Lost ever 
thing by fire June 19, 1883; about S.'iO.OOO. 

The Club give socials on the third Friday of eac 
month, to which no gentlemen but members are 

Class afternoons, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satu 

Class evenings, Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday 

Officers.— M. J. Flavin, President; W. Levistoi 
Vice-President; H. B. Rusf, Treasurer; J. B. Leigl 
ton. Secretary ; J. A. Hammersmith. Leader; K. 1 
Doolan. J. H. Jennings, A. B. Spreckles. G. R. Roi 
seter, W. C. Brown, Dr. W. T. Garwood, Board 
Directors ; K. T. Stombs, Assistant Secretary an 

PHILOMATHIC CLUB.— Organized November 
1881. Object: Literary, especially debate. Mee' 
every Monday evening in Society Hall, 310 O'Farre 
street. Free to the public. 

Officers.— Thomas P. Andrews. President; A. Hathi 
way. Secretary ; Leo Weil, Treasurer. 

PACIFIC CLUB.— Number of members 236. Boom 
containing library and rearting rooms, supplied wit 
all the domestic and foreign newspapers and period 
cals. Northeast corner Post and Dupont streets. 


A SPECIALTY. Office. 33 Geary St 


Importers of and Dealer* In all kIndM of VOBEIOBT and 
DOMKNTIC C4»AL„ 41 Market Mtreet, corner Kpear. 



OflScerB.— James T.Boyd, President; R. J. Wilson, 
Vice-President ; C. J. Swift, Secretary ; John McKee. 

MONT. — Organized January 6, 1879. Number of 
members about three hundred. Meet second Friday 
of each month in Saratoga Music Hall, 814 Geary 
street. Anniversary festival, January 17. Objects: 
Social and beneficial. 

OtScers.— George C. Hoadley, President ; A. C. Tay- 
lor. Vice-President ; Charles H. Blinn, Secretary ; E. 
P. Monroe, Treasurer. 

PACIFIC TURN BEZIRK (of the North American 
Turner Bund) .—Organized ISiiO. Meets at the call of 
the President at 310 O'Fsrrell street. The next anni- 
versary meeting will be held in San Francisco. This 
Bezirk has fifteen hundred members. 
This is an organization of the ditterent TurnVerein 
1, of the States and Territories of North America on the 
4 Pacific Coast, and has for its object the cultivation of 
rmuistic exercises in general, mental and physical 
. I 1. iition, to facilitate as much as possible the estab- 
iiiieut of new Turn Verein, and to impart iuforma- 
i. ;j on the subject of their organization to the differ- 
, cut libsociations constituting the Pacific Turn Bezirk. 
i The following societies constitute the Pacific Turn 
jj Beziik: Turn Verein Vorwarts, and Eintracht Turn- 
gedion, San Francisco ; Sacramento Turn Verein, Sac- 
j rameuto; Marysville Turnliederkranz Verein, Murys- 
T, ville ; Stockton Turn Verein, Stockton ; Oakland 
.TurnVerein, Oakland; San Jose TurnVerein, San 
'"cJdse : Turn Verein Germania, Los .-Vngeles ; Napa Turn 
X', Napa; Virginia City Turn Verein, Virginia 
' ly. Nev. ; Petaluma Turn Verein, Petaliuna. 

1 ACIFIC YACHT CLUB.— Organized June 28, 1878. 
N iilier of members, one hundred and ninety five. 
M ts quarterly, first Wednesday in March, June, 
- itember and December, at the Palace Hotel. Head- 

: Iters, Club-house, Old Saucelito. 

' olicers. — C. H. Harrison, Commodore ; W. Letts 

ivtr, Vice-Commodore ; Charles G. Yale, Secretary ; 
■rge T. Bohen, Financial Secretary; Franklin 

:.:ii^8, Treasurer ; Mathew Turner, Measurer; John 
, F. A. Hyde, C.W. Kellogg, J. Mervin Donahue and 
. . r. Hoyt, Trustees. 

jl(5T7. Number of members, about four hundred. 
*■ Hnnual reunion held in June. 

Officers.— William Hollis, President ; J. H. Gates, 


' ' luber 13, 1878. Number of members, thirty-two. 

'I ' • ts second Thursday of each month at The Windsor, 

: ii'T of Fifth and Market streets. 

iitlicers. — Columbus Waterhouse, President; H. C. 

"•Cygers, Captain ; Charles A. Butler, First Lieutenant ; 

ijflarry A. Green, Second Lieutenant; Fred. W. Gib- 

^ on. Bugler ; George J. Hobe, Secretary and Treasurer. 

anized September, 1874. Number of members, sixty. 
I leets first Wednesday of each month, at Turn Verein 
[all, 510 Bush street. Objects: Social enjoyment and 
lutual improvement of its members. 
iiK Officers.- W. D. Waters, President; W. E. Cunning- 
am, Vice-President; Thomas O'Neil, Secretary; W. 
iiiyaters. Treasurer. 


Bptember, 1874. Objects: Cultivation of music, so- 
rJ lal entertainments, and to assist its members in sick- 
Meets first Tuesday of every month, at Geneva 
a ouse, 11&-1-20 Ellis street. Number of members, 

30ut 150. 

Officers.- P. Segesser. President; J. Vetterli , Vice- 
ffcesident; S. Fritchi. Secretary; Fred Spelti, Treas- 
■* rer; G. Hilzinger, Financial Secretary; J. Appen- 
fifl^Uer and A. Weber, Librarians. 

ay, 1878. Number of members, forty. Meets every 
ednesday at Bendel's Hall, southwest corner Turk 
Id Fierce streets. Objects: Social. 
Officers.- A. Eitzen, President ; Ph. Kinzel. Vice- 

esident; G. Witt, Secretary ; Ad. F. Hinz, Treasurer ; 

Waidle, Leader. 

1865. — Number of members seventy. Monthly contri- 
bution, one dollar. Meets every Tuesday evening in 
Turn Verein Hall, 323 Turk street. The object of 
this association is the cultivation of music. 

Officers. — George Forster, President ; A. Hengsler, 
Vice-President; F.G.Gerhard, Treasurer; H. Fort- 
riede, Secretary ; E. Holsinger, Librarian ; H. Holz- 
hauer. Leader. 

Organized March 12, 1882. No of members 390. Meet 
on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 
8G1 Market street. Scotchmen, whether at home or 
abroad, love to wander back to their childhood days. 

This club was organized for the purpose of joining 
together in friendly relations the kilted lads and 
bonnie lasses of Scotland. Establishing, preserving 
and handing down to posterity in their original pur- 
ity the ancient customs of Scotland, and to create a 
taste for her Highland costume and dances, and to 
elevate the national music (the time honored instru- 
raent, the great Highland bagpipe) language, litera- 
ture, poetry and song, which have done so much to 
instruct and elevate the world for so many centuries. 

Officers.— J. D. Coulie, Royal Chieftain; W. V. 
Gray, Vice-Royal Chieftain; Donald Wier, Royal 
Recorder; Alexander Sharp, Royal Treasurer; J. H. 
Mclunes, Royal Financial Secretary; M. J. Stokes, 
Ruyal Master of Arms ; D E. McMillan, M. D., Royal 
Physician ; Andrew Foreman, H. P. Christie and 
Hugh Fraser, Trustees. 

Hall south side of Turk street, between Leavenworth 
and Hyde. 

The objects of this society are the cultivation of 
gymnastic exercises in general; to encourage morality ; 
to improve health ; to cultivate music, and to enter- 
tain and cultivate free religious and political senti- 

Stated meetings first and third Wednesday evenings 
of each month, at half-past eight o'clock. Number 
of members, about four hundred, of which about 
forty are attached to the vocal department, 
F. Waidle, Leader ; twenty-five to the dramatic 
section, N. Cremer, Manager; forty-five to the 
rifle section, D. Schoenfeld, Captain, and twenty- 
five to the fencing section, F. C. Miller, Teacher. Be- 
sides this, there exists, in connection with the associ- 
ation, a Verein for boys, from fourteen to eighteen 
years, which numbers fifty-six members, and is called 
the Turnzoelingsverein, governed by their own offi- 
cers, imder the supervision of three members of the 
San Francisco Turn Verein. Stated meetings last 
Wednesday of each month. 

There is also a school for boys from seven to four- 
ti'eu years, which numbers two hundred and fifty 

Social meetings for members are held every first 
Thursday evening, and on the last Sunday evening of 
each month, when a dramatic entertainment is given. 
A relief societyfor sick members, numbering two hun- 
dred members, is attached to the association. 

Officers of the Verein.— I>ouis Markus, President ; 
H. Gressel, Vice-President; Rich. Liebrich, Recording 
Secretary; jlouIs Roich, Corresponding Secretary; 
Otto Burmeister, Treasurer; R. Koss, Financial Sec- 
retary ; D. Stieber, First Leader ; D. Frank, Second 
Leader; M. Schmeider, First Librarian ; L. Hinz, 
Second Librarian ; Charles Himbert, Sergeant-at- 
Arms ; Charles Hubert, Jacob Weiss and H. Plage- 
mann. Trustees; Conrad Weidemann, Teacher of Gym- 

SAN FRANCISCO VEREIN.— Incorporated October 
2, 1853. Number of members, two hundred and fifty. 
Reading room is supplied with thirty different news- 
papers, and all the current magazines and periodicals. 
Library numbtrs about twenty thousand volumes. 
Rdoms 219 Sutter street. 

Officers.— I. Gutte, President; Joseph Wolf and F. 
D. Staadtmuller, Vice-Presidents; Sig. Greenebaum, 
Treasurer; Louis Sloes, Jr., Financial Secretary; Ed. 
PoUitz. Recording Secretary; C. F. Ebner. Librarian; 

ly, 1869 ; reorganized, July, 1873. Number of mem- 
bers, one hundred and forty-five. Meets first Tuesday 
of each month, at parlor A, Palace Hotel. 


.SI lIlLlllll rnF.3^F^^ U^u U-.Ao. Un,y U/.^nr R^^ -.nH nrnkill^ Pmccoc 




Headquarters, Club House, Saucelito. Secretary's 
address, 414 Clay street. 

Officers. — John I). Spreckels, Commodore; W. L. 
Oliver, Vice-Commodore; Franklin Bangs, Treasurer, 
Mathew Turner, Measurer; Chas. G. Yale, Secretary. 

CIFIC— Organized October 1, 187.5. Number ot mem- 
bers, seventy. Meetings held quarterly. Objects : 
To perpetuate a friendly feeling among the ex-mem- 
bers of the Seventh Regiment (New York City), resid- 
ing on the Pacific Coast. 

Officers.— J. T. Yarrington, Captain ; Joseph Dur- 
brow. First Lieutenant ; William R. Wheaton, Second 
Lieutenant ; W. R. Smedberg, Clerk. 

ganized November 29, 186.5. Annual meeting held on 
the twenty-fifth day of April, the anniversary of Gen- 
eral E. V. Sumner assuming the command of the 
Department of California. Composed of the officers 
of the California Volunteers, U. S. A. 

Officers.— B. T. Catlin, President; J. B. Whitti- 
more and H. R. Miller, Vice-Presidents; Eiisha 
Brooks, Secretary; S. P. Ford, Judge Advocate; J. C. 
Innes, Recorder. 

SOCIETY OF OLD FRIENDS.— Meets last Friday 
in every month in the Justices' Court, corner of 
Washington and Kearny streets. 

Officers.— C. H. Gough, President; J. Kester, Vice- 
President ; J. E. Slinkey, Secretary ; Martin Clark, 
Treasurer ; E. Deaves, Sergeant-at-Arms. 

SWISS RIFLE CLUB.— Organized September 1, 
1860. Number of members, fifty. Meets second 
Tuesday of each month at Swiss Hotel, 629 Commer- 
cial street. 

Officers. — P. A. Giancini, President ; M. Stuber, 
Vice-President and Treasurer; J. FrappoUi, Secre- 
tary ; P. E. Croce, Shooting Master. 

TEUTONIA SOCIETY.— Organized June 1, 1866. 
Number of members, three hundred. Meets at Teu- 
touia Hall, 1322 Howard street, every Tuesday eve- 
ning for business purposes, and Wednesday evening 
for social enjoyment. 

The objects of this society are to assist members 
who, by accident or sickness, are incapacitated from 
pursuing their calling, and for the relief and support 
of the aged and the widows and orphans of deceased 
members, and for the purpose of defraying the fune- 
ral expenses of the'membeis thereof. 

Officers. — Fritz Hagerman, President; Henry Geil- 
fuBs, Vice-President ; A. Wagner, Financial Secretary ; 
Louis Haake, Treasurer. 

THALIA VEREIN.— Organized July 2, 1862. Incor- 
porated January, 1871. Meets on the first and third 
Tuesday evenings of each month, at the club rooms, 
414 Pine street. Number of members, about two 
hundred and eighty-five. 
I Officers.— William Haker, President; K. Meuss- 
dortter, Vice-President ; Rudolph Albrecht, Secre- 
tary ; Albert Wissel. Treasurer; Th. Groeling, Li- 

ember 17, 1H77. Number of members, one hundred 
and ninety. Met ts the fourth Saturday of each 
month at t'i'2'S Pacific street. Objects : Social and be- 
Officers.— D. Paroni, President; G. D. Mariani and 
1 M. Vanoni. Vice-Presidents; G. Lepori, Secretary; 
I G. Male, Treasurer. 


— Organized June, 1808. Incorporated, 1877. Num- 

I bcr of members, seven hundred. Objects : Social 

intercourse and the annual reunion of the members, 

which is celebrated by a picnic. 

Officers.- D. Sewell, President ; George W. McPher- 
! son, Vice-President ; W. L. Cunningham, Sei-retary ; 
j H. M. Rosekrans, Treasurer. 

TURN-VEREIN VORWARTS.-Organized Jan. 11, 
I 1880. Meets th.- first and third Wednesdays of each 
I month at their Hall. ;U0 O'Farrell street. The objects 
; of this Society are : The cultivation of gymnastic 
j exercises, the iinprovenient of health, to entertain 
I and cultivate free religious and political sentiments, 

and to encourage morality. Number of memb< 
about three hundred. Exercise nights Tuesday 
Thursday of each week. School for ladies, boys 
girls every afternoon. There is also an Engli 
speaking section connected with the Society, wh 
meets every Monday and Wednesday night. 

Officers.— John Fuerst, President; F. Kaulfi 
Vice-President; D. Salfeld, Recording Secreta 
Stephen Ruf, Corresponding Secretary; H. Kup 
First Turnwart ; H. L. Mueller, Second Turnwi 
C. Holtum, Financial Secretary ; C. Schwem 
Treasurer ; C. Flach, Teacher; J. Joergens, Serget 

UNION CLUB.— Incorporated November 8, 1( 
Rooms, northwest corner of California and Mt 
gomery streets. 

The objects of this association are to carry on i 
conduct the business of a CUib Hoiise for the en' 
tainment, use and profit of such persons as may 
come members thereof. 

Officers.— Walter E. Dean, President ; Joseph Cls 
Vice-President; William F. Russell, Secretary i 

1874. Meets at the call of the President. Num 
of members, two hundred and seventy-five, compo 
entirely of members and ex-members of the Fire 
partment. Objects : Social culture and benevolet 

Officers.— Wm. H. Bogardus. President; Sam 
McDowell and H. W. Burckes, Vice-Presidents ; V 
liam G. Cue, Secretary ; William J. Smith, Treasur 
J. E. Mitchell, Marshal ; John W. McAdoo, Serge 
at- Arms. 


son, Pnsident; John Skelly, Vice-President ; M. 
Donleavy, Recording Secretary; M. F. Gotham, 
nancial Secretary; M. J. Wrin, Treasurer. 

VEREIN EINTRACHT.— Organized May, 1868; 
organized December, 1873. Number of niembe 
eleven hiindred. Meets every Wednesday evenini 
their Hall, 316 Post street. Objects : To foster t 
cultivate the musical and dramatic arts, to givesoc 
and literary eutevtainments, and to assist its m« 
bers in sickness and times of need. In connect 
with this society a gymnastic section, under 
leadership of Louis Gerichten, is maintained. 

Officers.— Joseph Sherer, President ; B. Drej 
Vice-President ; Chris. Roeber, Secretary ; F. 
Freund, Treasurer. 

AND BATTALION.— Organized May 1. 1866. Offi 
422 California street. Number of members origins 
one hundred and eighty-two, comprising the surv 
ors of the five hundred men in the California liatl 
ion and Calfornia Hundred at their discharge in i 
gust, 186.5. Holds an Annual Reunion on .\pril 
each year, the anniversary of Lee's surrender. 

Officers. — Captain C. Mason Kinne, President: Li 
tenant W. A. Robinson, Secretary; General D. W. 
Thompson, Treasurer. 

WAGNER VEREIN.— Organized August 23, If 
Meets every month at the call of the President. ( 
jects: Cultivation of music, recreation, and promoti 
of social intercourse. 

Officers.— F. T. Briggs. President; Robert Eff 
Vice-President; George W. Longley, Secretary a 
Treasurer— office, 332 Bush street ; R. H. Swayne, i 
sical Director. 

tember 1, 1877. Number of members, seventy-fl 
Regular meetings are held on the second Fridays 
January, April, and October, of each year, at pli 
that may be designated by the Executive Conuiittt 
There is also an annual meeting and banquet out 
last Friday of October. 

Objects; To promote social intercourse among 
members ; to revive the memories and cherish i 
spirit of Alma Mater, and to further the interesM 
liVu-ral education upon the Pacific Coast. 

Officers.— Martin Kellogg, President; Gordon BIl 
ding and Ely I. Hutchinson, Vice-Presidsnts ; Moii! 
ford S. Wilson, Secretary; Donald Y. Cainpb* 

LePAGE'S LIQUID GLUES are always ready for ut 






Commander-in-Chief, Governor George Stoneman. 

Staff. — Major-General George B. Cosby, Adjutant- 
leneral, Inspector, Quartermaster, and Commiasary- 
Jeneral, Chief of Ordnance, and ex officio Chief of 
taff; Colonel John J. Tobin, Ansistant Adjutant-Gen- 
ral; Colonel Wm. Hammond Hall, Chief Engineer; 
!olonel Cabel H. Maddox Judge Advocate-General ; 
>)1. G. G.Tyrrell, Surgeon-General ; Col. A. Andrews. 
•aymaster-General ; Colonel Chas. Sonntag, Inspector- 
general of Rifle Practice ; Lieutenant-Colonels Chas. 
I". Hanlon, George H. Kimball, J. Merviu Donahue, 
larry W. Carroll, Cornelius McLean, Guy Shirley, 
£. W. Wright, Delmar E. Ashby, AidB-de-Camp. 

Major-General Walter TurnbuU, Commanding 
)iviBion ; headquarter.-*, San Francisco. 

Staff.— Lieutenant-Colonel R. G. Brush, Assistant 
djutnnt- General and Chief of Staff; Lleutenant- 
JolonelJohn R. Savers, Division Inspector; Lieuten- 
nt-Colonel Lyman C. Parke, Engineer Officer ; Lieu- 
enant-Coiunel J. P. Triest, Ordnance Officer ; Lieuten- 
Jit-Colonel Warren P. English, Quartermaster ; Lieu- 
inant-Colonel Robert McKillican, Inspe. tor of Rifle 
ractice ; Lieutenant-Colonel William Forsyth, Com- 
ilssary ; Lieutenant -Colonel Charles E. Travers, 
'aymaster; Lieutenant- Colonel H. J. Brady. Judge 
Idvocate; Lieutenant- Colonel J. C. Tucker, Surgeon; 
ilajors F. A. Woodworth and Chas. A. Kenney, Aids- 

Second Brigade. — That portion of the National 

uard located in the City and County of San Francisco 
ind the counties of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San 
►lateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Sonoma, 
Jolano, Napa and Lake, now consists of one Reg- 
ment of Infantry, one Regiment of Artillery, one 
battalion of Infantry, two unattached Companies of 
nfantry, and two Companies of Cavalry, comprising 
econd Brigade. Headquarters, 7 Nucleus Building. 
Jrigadier-Geueral William H. Dimond, commanding. 

Staff.— Major E. E. Danforth, Assistant Adjutant- 
Seneral and Chief of Staff; Major W. H. Holmes, 
inspector; Major John T. Cutting, Ordnance Officer; 
'ajor Frank P. McLennan, Engineer Officer : Major 

orace G. Piatt, Judge Advocate ; Major Thos. H. 
*Tiffin, Quartermaster ; Major Vanderlyun Stow, Com- 
nlssary; Major Edward C.Webb M. D., Surgeon; 
tfajor , Paymaster; Major A. F 

Company D.— George D. Harvey, Captajn; Vincent 
KingAvell, First Lieutenant ; W. A. Nelson, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty - six. 
Armory, northwest corner of New Montgomery and 
Howard streets. 

Company E. — George Teller, Captain; Thomas 
R. Browne, First Lieutenant ; J. W. Heerdink, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty-eight. Ar- 
mory, northwest corner of New Montgomery and 
Howard streets. 

Company F.— A.W. Collins, Captain ; Geo. Fredricks, 
First Lieutenant ; P. S. Teller, Second Lieutenant. 
Number of members, sixty six. Armory, 31« Post 

Company G.— Charles L. Tllden, Captain ; H. W. 
Adams, First Lieutenant; Leo. F. Hampton, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty-eight. Ar- 
mory, 318 Post street. 

Company H.— Hyman P. Bush, Captain ; 

.First Lieutenant; Wm. H. Eraser, Second Lieu- 
tenant. Number of members, sixty-one. Armory, 
northwest corner of New Montgomery and Howard 


316 California street. 


ipector of Rifle Practice ; Captain Perrle Kewen, Aid- i 
le-Camp. I 

Composed of the following regiments, battalions 
md unattached companies : 

02 Montgomery street, room 17. 
^^ Field Officers— John H. Dickinson, Colonel; L. L. 
Jromwell, Lieutenant-Colonel ; George M. Gaylord, 

Staff Officers— Geo.W Reed, Adjutant ; E. C.Hughes, 
Juartermaster; A. S. Peterson, Commissary; Wm. 
31uft". Paymaster; F. Buxton, Ordnance Offii-er; Geo. 
J. Strong, Inspector Rifle Practice ; A. M. Wilder, M. 

., Surgeon; .D. D.. Chaplain. 

Non-Commissioned Staff.— Wm. Mitchell, Sergaent 
klajor; Wm. M. Sime, Quartermaster Sergeant; C. G. 
Jidstrom. Commissary Sergeant; H. C. Johnson. Ord- 

ance Sergeant: , Hospital Steward; C. M. 

tfayberry. Drum Major ; Wm. J. Blythe, Principal 

Composed of the following companies, viz.: 

Company A. — J. H. McMenomy, Captain; William 

■ Sullivan Jr., First Lieutenant; H. S.Ferguson, 

Second Lieutenant. Number of members, seventy- 
me. Armory, southeast corner New Montgomery and 
"Inna streets. 

Company B.— Samuel J. Taylor, Captain; F. J. 

Ireniple, First Lieutenant; , Second Lieutenant. 

dumber of members, sixty-four. Armory, northwest 
:omer of New Montgomery and Howard streets. 

Company C— H. S. Templeton, Captain ; John E. 
Llein, First Lieutenant ; S. H. Palmer, Second Lieuten- 
»nt. Number of members, sixty-six. Armory, 318 
Post street. 

Field Officers. — William R. Smedberg, Colonel; 
David Wilder, Lieutenant-Colonel; James E. Hughes, 

Staff.— Edward G. Sprowl, Adjutant; Geo. H. Red- 
ding, Quartermaster ; Carl F. A. Last, Commissary ; 
Hans H. Kohler, Paymaster ; George F. Ashton, Ord- 
nance Officer ; M. N. Laufenburg, Inspector of Rifle 
Practice ; Chas. W. Fitch, M. D., Surgeon; Rev. C. D. 
Barrows, Chaplain. 

Non-Commissioned Staff.— Richard Brown, Sergeant 
Major ; H. B. Hosmer, Quartermaster Sergeant; Spen- 
cer C. Burkbee, Commissary Sergeant; H.M. Hinckley, 

Ordnance Sergeant; , Hospital Steward ; Joseph 

Enwright, Drum Major ; John Bree. Principal Mu- 

Composed of the following companies, viz.: 

Company A, (Gatling Battery). 

Captain ; James Byrne and John P. Warren, First 
Lieutenants ; T. J. Glynn and Chas. Callahan. Second 
Lieutenants. Number of members, eighty. Armory, 
southeast corner of New Montgomery and Minna 

Company B, (Light Battery) .— W. B. Collier, Cap- 
tain ; Wm. Macdonald and Hugh T. Sime, First Lieu- 
tenants ; Charles C. Fisher and , Second Lieu- 
tenants. Number of members, seventy. Armory, 
519 Mission street. 

Company C— John Bruer, Captain; A. Huber, First 
Lieuteuant ; Henry J. Mangels, Second Lieutenant. 
Number of members, seventy. Armory, 620 Bush 


Company D.— Philip Newman, Captain ; Gerhard 

F. Reck, First Lieutenant ; John C.Lohmeyer, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty-two. Armory, 
620 Bush street. 

Company E.— Joseph T. Donovan, Captain; J. J. 
Carroll, First Lieutenant ; John H. Flynn, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty-two. Armory, 
519 Mission street. 

Company F.— Thomas S. Taylor, Captain ; Chas. N. 
Stangroom, First Lieutenant; Prescott Loring, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, seventy. Armory, 
southwest corner of Sutter and Powell streets. 

Company G.— Wm. C. Sharpstein, Captain; Samuel 

G. Buckbee, First Laeutenant ; Charles H. Crocker, 
Second Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty-five. 
Armory, Phelan Building. 

Company H.— William D. Waters, Captain; James 
W. Reinfeld, First Lieutenant; Thomas F. O'Neill, 
Second Lieutenant. Number of members, sixty-four. 
Armory, 620 Bush street. 

Cadet Company.— Emmett Bixford, Captain ; Thos. 
A. Gamble, First Lieutenant ; Robt. S. Atkins. Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, seventy-five. Ar- 
mory, 420 Post street. 

PAPER HANGINGS ''"•^"•^"-''^^^^^^^ g.w.clark&co. 

I «l 1.11 IIHI1UII1UO Kesidencea DecJraled In ArtUll'style. 645 Market St. 

J, & p. COATS' SPUUL uui I UN. uest Tor nana ana macnine bewinr 



Howard and New Montgomery streets. 

Field Officers.— Robert Tobin, Colonel ; Patrick 
Boland, Lieutenant-Colonel ; Thos. F. Barry, Major. 

Staff Offlcers.— P.M. Delauy, Captain and Adjutant; 
Wm. D. Lawton, First Lieutenant and Quartermaster; 
Henry Perry, First Lieutenant and Commissary ; B. P. 
Oliver, First Lieutenant and Paymaster; R. P. Ham- 
mond, First Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer ; J. J. 
O'Brien, First Lieutenant and Inspector of Rifle Prac- 
tice ; F. B. Kane, First Lieutenant and Surgeon ; J. E. 
Cottle, First Lieutenant and Chaplain. 

Composed of the following companies, viz : 

Company A. — Robert Cleary, Captain; Michael 
Leahy, First Lieutenant ; John B. Thomas, Becond 
Lieutenant. Number of members, forty-seven. 

Company B. — Henry P. Filiate, Captain ; 

First Lieutenant; Christopher J. McClunie, Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, seventy-four. 

Company C. — Henry Levy, Captain ; Martin Ryan, 
First Lieutenant ; , Second Lieutenant. 

Company D. — J. O'Connor, Captain; Thos. J. Lynch, 
First Lieutenant ; John J. Lane, Second Lieutenant. 

CompanyE.— Michael McCormick, Captain; Richard 
Ennis, First Lieutenant ; Daniel J. Nichols, Second 

Company F. , Captain ; James F. Smith, 

First Lieutenant; Wm. J. Sullivan, Second Lieutenant. 

Cadei Cobps. — Charles McDavitt, Captain ; Martin 
J. Burke, First Lieutenant; J. H. Sheridan, Second 

Companies of this regiment are all located at regi- 
mental headquarters, except Company C, which is 
located In Oakland. 

GADE, N. G. C— Headquarters, 218 California street. 
Horace D. Ranlett (Oakland) Lieutenant-Colonel Com- 
manding ; Thomas J. Parsons (Oakland) Major; 

, Captain and Adjutant; Wm. Simpson, M. D. 

(San Jose) Major and Suri;eon ; Osgood C. Wheeler, 
D. D. (Oakland) Captain and Chaplain ; Fred. Kuhnle, 
(Petaluma) Lieutenant and Inspectorof Rifle Practice; 
Sheldon I. Kellogg, Jr. (Oakland) Lieutenant and 
Ordnance Officer; Loring G.Nesmith (San Jose) Lieu- 
tenant and Paymaster; George H. Brown (San Fran- 
oi.'<co) Lieutenant and Commissary ; Leroy W. AUum, 
(Oakland) Lieutenant and Quartermaster. 

Company A.— (Oakland)— Thomas H. Thompson, 
Captain ; George F. Wright, First Lieutenant; E. M. 
Campbell, Second Lieutenant. Number of members, 
sixty seven. 

Company B.— (San Jose) — Albert K. Whitton, Cap- 
tain; Eilwin M. Hills, First Lieutenant; Thomas F. 
Morrison, Second Lieutenant. Number of members, 

Company 0.— (Petaluma)- D. B. Fairbanks, Cap- 
tain; Geo. W. Zartman, First Lieutenant; , 

Second Lieutenant. Number of members, slxty.six. 

Company D.— (Vallcjo)— Frank O'Grady, Captain; 
Richard Coleman, First Lieutenant; Alex. J. Powers, 
Becond Lieutenant. Numberof members, sixty-three. 

HUHHAliH.— C. C. Keene, Captain; Martin Brunsen, 
First Lieutenant; Rudolph Homeier, Second Lieuten- 
ant : Henry W. TIttjen, Junior Second Lieutenant. 
Number of members, seventy-four. Armory, south- 
east corner of Minna and Now Montgomery streets. 

Oakland Linux Cavalry. —Webb N. Pearcp, Captain; 
Geo. B. Flint, First Lieutenant; Thos. L. Bromley, 
Second Lieutenant; F. E. Whitney, Junior Second 
Lieutenant. Number of members, slxty-elgbt. Ar- 
mory, corner Twelfth and Washington streets, Oak- 

companies are independent of the National Guard of 
California, and not under control of the State mili- 
tary authorities : 

ArsxniAN Militahy Co. — Organized March, 1870. 
Armory, :J10 O'Farrell strei t. 

Offlcers— R. Spiro, Captain ; G. Dabtlich, First 
Lieutenant; N. Sturiza, Second Lieutenant. 

EiNTBACHT RiFUE SECTION.— Organized, 1876. Ntj 
ber of members, sixty. Armory, 316 Post street. 

Officers.— F. A. Kuhl, Captain; L. H. Kauftm 
First Lieutenant; H. Si-hubert, Second Lieutenant 

Fbench Zouaves. — Organized May, 1870. Numl 
of members, one hundred and thirty-one. Armo 
808 Pacific street. 

Officers. — J. Routes, Captain; F. Garcia, Fi 
Lieutenant; H. Picheu, Second Lieutenant. 

G.4BIB.A.LDI GuABD.— Organized June 6, 1868. Nu 
ber of members, five hundred and flfty. Armo: 
423 Broadway street. 

Officers.— F. Luchetti, Captain; P. Paganini, Fi 
Lieutenant ; A. De Luca, Second Lieutenant. 

Geeman Fusilieb Guabd. — Organized Decemt 
17, 1870. Number of members, fifty. Armory, C 
Turn-Verein Hall. 

Officers.— C. A. Duisenberg, President ; Char) 
Paull, Secretary ; Charles Kirch, Treasurer ; 
Stettin, Captain ; John Wiese, First Lieuteuan 
George Schaefer, Second Lieutenant. 

Independent Rifles.— Organized March 15, 18' 
Number of members, seventy. Armory, 6'20 Bu 

Officers.— George Cantus, Captain; Theo. Schmf 
holz. First Lieutenant ; J. Kuhlke, Second Lieuteuai 

Italian Shabpshootebs (Bersaglieri Italiani) 
Organized May, 1878. Number of members, sevent 
Armory, 625 Broadway street. 

Offlcers. — Venanzio Quilici, Captain; S. Giovannli 
First Lieutenant; A.. Codeglia, Second Lieutenant. 

JuABEZ Guard.— Organized October 28, 1877, out 
the Guardla Juarez and Guardia Lerdo. Number 
members, forly-three. 

Officers— Antonio De La Torre, Captain ; F. Ybarr 
First Lieutenant ; Second Lieutenant 

Lafayette Guard.— Organized June 1, 1868. Nun 
ber of members, one hundred and twenty. Armor 
730 Montgomery street. 

Offlcers. — E. Luitringer, Captain; E Giraud, Fir 
Lieutenant; Corel, Second Lieutenant. 

ScHUETZEN Vebein.— Organized September, 185' 
Number of members, one hundred and fifty. Armor; 
Turn Verein Hall, 323 Turk street. 

Offlcers. — John Wulzen, Captain ; A. Browning, Firi 
Lieutenant; John Boltz, Second Lieutenant; Hent 
Tennis, Third Lieutenant; Louis Haacke, Fourt 

Swiss Shabpshootebs. — Organized March, 1H6( 
Number of members, fifty-four. Armory, 630 Bus 

Officers.- P. Gianlnni. President; Morltz Stubei 
Vice-President and Treasurer; Frank Frapolli, Set 


BETH OLAM ( Hebrew) .—Point Lobos avenue, ne» 
Thirty-third avenue. 

CALVARY (Roman Catholic).— North side Broder 
Ick street, between Geary and Turk streets. 

CITY.— From Tliirty-third avenue to Forty-oightl 
avenue, north of Point Lobos avenue. 

GREEK- Turk street, rear of Odd Fellows*. 

HOME OF PEACE (Hebrew).— Between Eight, 
eonth. Nineteenth, Dolores and Church streets. 

LAURKL HILL (late Lone Mountain) .-Betwoen 
Post and California streets, fronting Central hvtnue 

MASONIC— West of Masonic avenue, between Ful- 
ton and Turk streets ; entrance, Turk street, ueal 
Lone Mountain. Office, Masonic Temple. 

ODD FELLOWS'.- Point Lobos avenue, near Lont 
Monutain. Office, 410 Kearny street. 

SHERITH ISRAEL (Hebrew) .—Between Nine, 
teeuth, Twentieth, Dolores and Church streets. 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY ^'•"■"P«*i!f.±".*s"S£lt'?S!:"'''''''''« 


Importer* or and Dealem In COAl, and MO IRON, 

41 JHarkct iitreet, corner Kpear. 






ExPLAKATOKT.— The Ordinance for re-numberlng the bulldlngB of this city provides that " Market Stropt shnii i.o fho 
tartins point for the numbers of all buildings fronting on the streets running therefrom In a northerly d Section and also 
:.r those running therefrom In a southeasterly direction. The streets laid down In the official map of the cUvMfor^^^^^ 
he « ater front thereof shall be the starting point for numbers on all streets running weSy an^d southwesterhXere 
rum except upon such streets ninnlng westerly commencing from Market Street%nd upon all such sTre^^^^^^^ 
.treet shall be the starting point for numbers. On all streets the numbers on the right hMd^ldestarMnL. from the nn^n^^ 
•f beginning, are even numbers, and on the left hand side, odd numbers. One hundred numbe^iorTs^^^^^^^ 
nay be necesRary, shall be allotted to each block bounded by principal streets; nuXrs lS5%l' and 3W beinc ?etnert 
vely the numbers for commencing the blocks distant one, two, and three streets from the starUngnolnt^o^^^ 
h^^"?i"''\ff even numbers, and numbers 101, 201, and m, in similar manner fortheoppSste side of the street 
hl^nf^^h"' "r-^*?"*'/" *.*"*' 't® '°'"'>' '^S"'"'' °* ^^^ ""'"''e'" P'»<=e'l on a building at any Zeet crossing shall Indkate 
^.AoM "t" f """° ,^^T^^ .^"'^^ street-crossing Is from the starting point. Not lels than tSy feet nfiontaie of alt 
nenr. i°hiri ^?J"]'^ '?*l' ^f *"°T^2 ^°^ ^^"^ number. On all cross or Intermediate streets the numberl^sh^n com 
loencc where said streets begin, and shall conform to the plan specified In this Order " numoenng snail com- 

».,!,Jii ?°^^ decimal system of numbering buildings, the exact location of ony'number Is readily ascertained- for 
\',"1P',^' 11-^"° ""■*",.' \° ^"i ^-■^ Montgomery, It Is on the east side of the block extending from Clav to Wflihln.;tnn 
hich Is the seventh from Market-Commercial and Merchant being private streets Agf In S^S ( ' a v Is on thp ninth' 
lock from the water front, which Is the one extending from Dupont to Stockton It mu?t be bornt in mind tha? Sne 
'""Jj,!^'^'^ numbers are allowed on each block between principal streets. ""^ '"^ ""^ 

•I. J nH„„ V '."^ ^V^^^^ "/.I **"' partially opened, and each differ materially from the plan originally laid out vW • 
,lein.-ntlna, Ecker, Jessie, Minna, Natoma, Ritch, Shipley, Stevenson, and Tehama onginauy lam out, viz . 

„. Jm 'r''^o''>' lying west of Laurel Hill and Odd Fellows' Cemetery, and generally known as the Outside Lands h«K 
f,nn^n^„*'*'^S surveyed and Is designated on the new official City and Countv Map as avenuerand streets Those 
"""'S-f ".°'^'' ^""^ f'i*^ are named respectively from First to Forty-ninth avenues, and those runntae east and weT 
poni First arenue to the Ocean, and parallel with Point Lobos Avenie, A to W streets running east and west, 

Kelerence Is frequently made in the Register of Names to the following, and whlcli are located as follows- TTnoHiov>a 
i^?«rLl"\l '"?*"'* TEl?^ Pierce and between Geary and Washington; Horner's Addition, south and new thll^^^^ 
B H^^nufh'nrTwi'n '"°,'TrL°' ^J^vM"' San Miguel Ranch, southwest and near the Mission Dofores^Bernal Heights 
• .'j o°"'il "' Twenty-sixth Street, between San Bruno and San Josg Roads: and University Mound Trnrt Ttt m t ^ 
"'^m'^.??'!?!?'?" ^""^,5 ^'1 P^i!*^ f^""^ ^^^ C't-^' Hal'- See, also, Promlnenr^laces. enrstreet ^rectorv ^^^ ^^ ^•^' 
av^ ^r;i StrL^Pn'^r"?'^- M Fractional blocks, one hundred numbers allowed for'tlrst two blocks. & Fronting the 

^\^ ^f.' '''reet ends. ( ) Street does not cross. B. H., Berna Heights. U. M T Unlversltv MnnnfiSrraVf « I r 

outh San Francisco. A blank Is used where the number at the crossing of a street wuld not beT<^rtaTned. ' 

.. b.:t Point Lolwsav and 
B fm First av W. 
. Sunth S F. See Alle- 

twrdeen, bet Jonah 
and Albert f ni Sunnv Vale 
Homestead Associallon S 
to Canty line. 
icvaoia. fni Ocean House 
Roail SWSnn Miguel. 
icorn Alley, bet Cal'- 
fornia and Sacramento, Im 
Ijfavenworth W. 
,oton. West End Home- 

da Alley, bet Hvde 
i Leavenworth fm Ada 
Court E. 

da Court, bet Leaven- 
•Torih and Hyde fm O'Far- 

dair. bet Fifteenth and 
Sixteenth fm Howard W 
to Capp 

dam, N and SsEve bet 
San Bnino Road and Cali- 
fornia av, B H 
ddlHon, fm Beniis W to 
Castro, KuirmoiMit Tract. 
delalde Plaee, bet 
Geary and Post fm Taylor 

delo, bet Chace and 
StrinL-ham fm Islals Creek 
Sto Hecker 

dele .4.lle,v, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 1m .Fackson 

dler, bet Pad (Ic and 
Broadway fm Dupont E 
to Montcoinerv av 
dona Place, bet Ma- 
son and Taylor Ini Wash- 
ington N. 
sate .4Ile.v, bet Tav- 

or nud Jones fm Post N 
to Lewis pi. 

Agrnes liane, bet Stock- 
[ ton and Dupont fmValleJo 

Alabama, bet Florida 
and Harrison fm Twenty- 
first S to Serpentine av 
! Alameda, hot Channel 
and El Dorado fm the bav 
W to Harrison. 
Alamo Square, bet 
I Scott and Stelner, Haies 
and Fulton. 
AlaRka. bet Water Front 
and Mexico tin Water 
, Fronts to India. 
Alanka Place, bet Bay 
and North Point fm Mason 

' Albert, Sunnv Vale 

I Albert Alley, bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth fm 
Dolores W. 

Albion ATCnne. bet 
Valencia and Guerrero fm 
Fifteenth to Seventeenth. 

Alcalraz Square, bet 
.Tetlersun and N Point, 
Franklin and fiongh. 

Alder Alley, bet Guer- 
rero and Fair Oaks fm 
Twenty-flrst S to Twenty- 

Aldlne, fm Wiliard E to 
Masonic Cemeterv. 

Aleniany Avenne, 
Academy Tract. 

Aleniany Avenue, bet 
Dolores and Thurrh fm 
Seventeenth to Church 

Alirer Place, bet Harri- 
son and Bryant fm First E 

AlKCria, South S F, bet 
Sumatra a',d Lahalna fm 
Islal.s Creek SE to Water 

Alice, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Folsom to 
Alice Alley, bet Tavlor 
and Jones from Post N to 

lany, S 
and St Lawrence 
fm St Thomas SW to 
County line. 
Allen, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm. Hyde W 275 ft 
and thence at right angles 
S 57 ft. 

Allen, BH. See Bronte 

Alleys Court, bet San- 
sonie and Montgomery fm 
Greenwich K. 

AlIlHon, West End Map 
No 2. 

A I m e r a , bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde fm ClavN 

Alta, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm Sansome W. 

Alta Plaza, bet Scott and 
Stelner, Jackson and Clay. 

Alvarado, bet Twentv- 
se-ond and Twentv-thlfd 
fm San Jose Av to Dia- 

Amador, bet Islals and 
Calaveras liii the bay to 

Amazon, E s Countv 
Road 5'. miles fm City 
Hall, E. ft. ..\. 

.4mboy .4Iley, bet Pow- 
ell antl Mason lin Union N 

AmherHt, bet Princeton 
and Yale Im Silver av S, 
U. M. T. 

Amity Alley, bet Mont- 
gomery av and Mason fm 
Chestnut S. 

Ander)H>n, bet Cherubus- 
co and Jefferson av fm 
Cortland av N, B H. 

Andover Avenue, fm 

Coriland av S to Holiday 
Map A. 

Andrew, bet Fifth and 
Sixth fm Folsom N. 

Ankeny Place, bet Sut- 
ter and Bush fm Powell E. 

Anna. See €>laHiro«r. 

Annie, bet Ni-w Mont- 
gomery and Third fm Mar- 
ket to Mission. 

Anthony, bet First and 
Second fm Mission N. 

Antonio, bet Ellis and 
O'Farreli fm Jones W. 

Appleton, bet Baker av 
and Charity fm Nashua S. 

Aragro, fm Havelock NE. 
Belleroche City. 

Arch, City Land Associa- 

Arcrentine, South S F, 
bet Guatemala and Ecua- 
dor fm .San Bruno Road to 
County line. 

Arizona, bet Colorado 
and Idaho fm Water Front 
8 to India. 

Arkanaaa, bet ConnecM- 
cut and Wisconsin fm Cen- 
ter S to Tulare. 

Arlinirton. fm San Jose 
Road nr Charles SW to 

Army, bet Twentv-slxth 
and Twenty-seventh fVn 
San Bruno Road W to 
Belle vue. 
ABh Avenue, bet Fulton 
and McAllister fm Larkin 
to Fillmore. 
South Street N.tide. 
1 LArkln 2 

101 Polk 100 

201 Van Ness avenue.. 200 

301 Franklin 300 

401 Gough 400 

If A R n N ^ TRUMAIN, ISHAM & CO.. buggies, carriages 

n H U U n 50.. 511 Market Street, ' ^'^H^Ztto^iS^'^^^^.^fj^r'^ 

HINCKLEY SPIERS & HAYES ^F^-TOf^?^' works, aao Fremont Stre** 
■ III1VIII.I_ ■ , OritnO W nniCO, ilanufacturers of quartz MIH^S and MinmsMachini 






501 Octavlft 500 

601 Laguna 600 

701 Buchanan 700 

Anliborton Place, bet 

Post and Sutter fm Du- 

pont E. 
AHbbar;;)', bet Masonic av 

and CiHvfon itn Fulton S. 
AHtor, bet Medford and 

Walbridge, Visitacion Val- 

AtlienH, Excelsior Home- 
stead Association. 
AKridge Alley, bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
fni Filbert N. 
Anbnrn, bet Mason and 
Taylor fin Jackson to Pa- 
AiifrnMt Alle.r, bet Pow- 
ell and Mnson fm Green N. 
AneiiHla, Sonth S F, S or 
Helena fm Silver av W to 
Aiiatin, bet Pine anil Bush 

fni Larkin to Octavla. 
Sovth fitreet. N. side. 

1 Larkin 2 

101 Polk 100 

Van Nessavente.. 200 

301 Franklin 300 

401 Gough 400 

fe) Octavla (e) 

Averlll ATenue. bet 
Fifth and Sixth fm Harrl- 
Qj) son S. 

Axoren. South S F, bet 
Gibraltar and Guadaloup;; 
fm Charter Oak av to 
Aztec, bet Cherubufcoand 
Bnena Vista fm Coso av 
NE, BH. 
R, bet A and C fm First av 

B. ,«!onth S F. See St. 

Bnche. bet Porter and 
^ I Andover av fm Crescent 
_ j avS, BH. 
^ I Bncon, bet Burrow and 
5 I Wavlnnd, tm Potrero av 
g i W, U. M. T. 
E Radirer, Sprlnp Valley 
C3 lli'inesteail Association. 

~ Buele.r Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton from 
O'Fnrrcll \. 
Bnliania, South S F, bet 
Trinidad and Corea fm 
Schneider SE to Water 
Baker, bet Broderick and 
Lvon fm HalKhtto Lewis. 
West. Slreel. E. aide. 

1 HalKht 2 

I 101 Pace 100 

201 Oak 200 

:f01 Fell „ 300 

401 Hayes 400 

SOI Grove.. 500 

«n Fiillon 600 

701 McAllister 700 

801 Golden Gate av 800 


("alvnry Cemctorv 

OO i;»I (Jearr 1300 

t 1401 I'oht 1400 

O . i.wi Slitter I.VX) 

2 1«"1 Bush ifiOO 

g I I70I I'Ine 1700 

g; , ISOl California 1800 

fi I'lOl ,«(icramento UKX) 

E 3101 Clay 2000 
2II1I WashlnRton 2100 

O -.-jni Jackson 2200 

O I 2;i(ll Pnrlric 2300 

I 2401 Itrondway 2400 

.fc : %m VaMej,. 2.VK» 

< I 2601 (:n.,n 26(10 

^' 2701 |-ii|..n 2700 

^:2 '-W1 Kllhirt 2800 

O 2W1 Gn'.nwlch 2il00 

m I ;«ioi Loiiii.arii ;)ooo 

L. I 3101 Che.stnut 3100 

09 1 .■1201 Francisco 3200 

a» xm Bay.. xm 

C 340! North Point 3400 

~* 3.501 Beach 3500 

3601 Jefferson 3600 


Raker Avenue, fm 

Railroad av E to Islals 

Ralance, bet Sansome 

and Montgomery fm .Jack- 

Fon to Gold. 
Raid win Court, bet 

Fremont and First fm Fol- 

som NE. 
Raltimore Park, bet 

KIdley and Fourteenth fm 

Guerrero W to Polores. 
RankM, fm California av 

S to Crescent av,B H. 
Rannam Place, bet 

Dupont and Stockton fm 

Green to Union. 
Rarbadoes, South S F, 

bet Uruguay and Poito 

Rico fm Railroad av to 

County line. 
Rarneveld Avenue, 

K of San Bruno »:oad fm 

Conklinc S to Silver av. 
Rartielt, bet Valencia 

and Mission fm Twentv- 

flrst S to Serpentine av. ' 
E(ist. fitreet. W. side. 

1 Twentv-flrst 2 

101 Twenty-second 100 

201 Twenty-third 200 

301 Twenty-fourth 300 

401 Twenty-fifth 400 

50i Twenty-sixth 500 

("«) Serpentine A venue (e) 
Rartlett, bet Warren and 

Merced fm Thirtieth S to 

Laidley. See Harper. 
Rartlett Alley. See 

Rartol, bet Sansome and 

Montcomery fm Vallejo S. 
Ratter.r, bet Front and 

Sansome fm Market to 

the Bay 
Wen. Street. E. side. 

1 Market and Bush.. 2 

101 Pine 100 

201 California 200 

213 Halleck 

301 Sacramento .300 

315 Commercial 312 

401 Clay 400 

417 Merchant, 416 

501 Washington .500 

Oregon 512 

601 .lackson 600 

701 Pacific 700 

Chambers 710 

801 Broadway 800 

901 Vallejo 0(X) 

1001 Green 1000 


1101 Union 1100 

1201 Filbert 1200 

1301 Greenwich (d) 

(e) Lombard (e) 

Rauer, A< ademy Tract. 
Rauni AUe.T, bet Pow- 
ell and Ma.M.nfm Union N 
Ray, bet Francisco and 
North J'oint fm Kearny to 
Presidio Reservation. 
South. Street. X. .idr. 

1 Kearnv 2 

101 Pupont 100 

Midway East 

201 Stockton 200 

Midway We-t 

301 Powell .300 

401 Mason 400 

.501 Tavlor .500 

601 Jones 600 

Montgomery av... 

701 Leavenworth 700 

801 Hyde 800 

JiOl Larkin flOO 

1001 J'olk 1000 

1101 Van Nes< av 

1201 FrouKlin 

13 1 Gongli 

1401 OitavlH ■" 

Lagiiiia 1.500 

Mnchanan ....1600 

1701 Wel)^tpr 1700 

ISOl Klllm.ire isoo 

IlKll SlehK'r I'KiO 

2(K)1 I'lene 2000 

2101 .Scott 2100 

2201 Devlsadero 2200 

2:101 Jlrodrrlck 2;«io 

2401 Baker 2400 

(e) Lyon f«) 

Ray View Place, bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
fm Union N. 
Ray Avenue, bet First 

and Second Im Brvant S. 

Reach, bet North Point 

and JefTerson fin Dupont 

to Presidio Reservation. 

South. Street. N. .tide. 

((/) Dupont 2 

id) Stockton 100 

a)I Powell 200 

.301 Mason 300 

401 Taylor 400 

501 Jones 500 

601 Leavenworth 600 

Montgomery av... 

701 Hyde 700 

801 Larkin 800 

901 Polk 900 

Van Ness av 

Gov't Reservation 

1401 Laguna 1400 

1.501 Buchanan 1.500 

1601 Webster 1600 

1701 Fillmore 1700 

1801 Stelner 1800 

1901 Pierce 1900 

2ii01 Scott 2000 

2101 Devlsadero 2100 

2201 Broderick 2200 

2.301 Baker 2300 

(e) Lyon (e) 

Reacon. fm Castro SE to 
Bemls, thence W to Cas- 

Reale. bet Main and Fre- 
mont fm Market SE to the 


S.W. Street. 

1 Market 2 

Vischer place 

101 Mis.sion 100 


201 Howard 200 ' 

301 Fol.som 300 

Beale place 

401 Harrison 400 

501 Bryant 500 ! 

(e) Brannan (e) 

Reale Place, bet Fol- 

Rom and Harrison fm I 

Main W. 
Reaver, bet Fifteenth and 

Si.Ktccnth fm Noe W to I 

Recker Place, bet Post j 

and Sutt.-r fni Taylor E. : 
Redford Place, bet i 

Stockton and Powell fm 

Jackson N. 
Reldenian, bet Devlsa- 
dero and Scott fm Ellis to 

O'Fnrrell. j 

Relcher, bet Fourteenth ' 

and Fifteenth fm Market 

Relflen, bet Montgomery 

and Kearny fm Bush to 

Rellair Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 

Clu'stnut to Kraiicl.sco 
Bellcvue. W of Ellen fm 

Eliziibeth to Thirtieth 
Bellevue Avenue, 

West Knd Homestead As- 
BenilB, fm Beacon SE to 

Fairmount, thence SW to 

BenninBton. bi't Wood 

and North av, B H. 
Benton Avenue, fm 

Andover av nr Crescent 

Reppeler. San Miguel. 
Bergen Alley, bi'l Hay 
and North roinl.fmllvde 

Bernadotte, bet 

and Schneider fm _ 

Creek channel NE to 1 

Bernal, E of San Br 

Road fm Vermont to 

rengo. See liOonii« 
Bernal, fm Sepentlni 

S to Preclta av. 
Bernard, bet Pacific 

Broadway fm Tayloi 

South. Street. X. t 

1 Taylor 

101 Jones 

(e) Leavenworth.. 
Bernice, bet Folsom 

Harrison fm Twelfth 

Thirteenth ' 

S.E. Street. X 

1 Second 

Hammond pl.^ 

101 Third 





201 Fourth..-. 

301 Fifth 

401 Sixth 

501 Seventh , 

(e) Eighth ^ 

Berry,betSutteranrl n 

fm Dupont E. See M.< 

Bertha, bet Mission 

Howard fm Beale W. 
Beuluh. bet Frodo 

and Waller fm Tnle 

Bitrelow, San Miguel 
BilliuiirM Place. 

.Montgomery and S.insi 

fm Filbert N. 
Birch Avenue, 

Grove and Fulton nu 1 

kin W. 
South. Street. 

-\ ■ 

B<'rliHliirc. Mission and 
'1'liirtletli Street Exten- 
sion Koniestead Union. 

Berlin, bet GIrard and 
(Joidtlngen ffn Silver av S. 

Bermuda, South 8 F, 
bet Granada and Malta fm 
Itallroad av to Water 


101 Polk 

201 Van Ncs."! avenue. 

301 Franklin 

401 Gough 

501 Octavla 

601 Laguna 

701 Buchanan 

BiMuiarck. San Miu 

BlackMtone Place 

L<iinliard nr Larkin N 

Blaine, tin North av . 

I'rentiss, B H. 
Blake, bet Collins 
Cook ini St Rose-snvl 
Lnnr.l Kill ( '■iiirt.TV. 
Blanche .llley. 
.■-•aMcli.v, and Vlcksliur; 
Twentv-third N. 
BIOHftom, bet Quinn 
Fourteenth, fm Vnlei 
to Guerrero. 
Bluxome, bet Bran 
and Townspiid t'ni F 
SW, anil bet Branimn 
Townsend fni Fourth 
to .Sixth. 
Bonrdniau Place, 
Sixth and .Seventh 
Brannan to Brvant. 
Bolivia. South S F, 
Carthagena fm San Br 
Road SE. 
Bond, bet Twelfth 
Thirteenth fm MIssloi 
Gleu Park av. 
Bond. S'>e nehon*. 
Bond .llley. bet Str 
ton and Powell fm (In 
wich S. 
Bone Alley, bet Mr 
gomerv and Kearny 
Green N. 
Bonlla, bet Vallejo i 
Green fm Polk to Van N 

Bonrbin Place, 

Stelner and Pierce fm 
dy lo Kills. 



WALNUT. MAPLE, CHERRY: '?];"r^.T^'.t^r;^r«^rs/.?i^rr''^''^'''- 


Kpvur .St., and Stt. 9H Howard NC 


8301 Lombarrt 3300 


Lobo6 Square 

3601 Bay 3fi00 

3701 Xorth Point 3700 

3801 Beach 3800 

3801 Jeflerson 3900 

4001 T<inquln...„ 4000 

(e) Lewis (e) 

Bochanan Alle^r, bet 

First and Second fm How- 
ard to Tehama 

Buena Vista, fni Cort- 
land a v N E to CobO av. 

Buena ViKia Park, 
bet Utah and Vtrmont, 
Kapa and Shasta. 

Barcfaam Place, bet 
Golden Gat.- av and Turk 
fm Leavenworth \V. 

Bnrso.vne Plaee. bet 
Leavenworth and Hyde 
fm Pacific S. 

Burnett Plaee. bet 
Sansomc and Montgom- 
ery fni Bush Jf. 

Bnrnftide Avenue, fm 
Berk-hire >E to Mli*lon 
and Thirtieth Street Ex- 
teubion HomC'tead. 

Burrilt, bet Stockton and 
Powell Ini Bush S. 

Burrows, bet Felton and 
Bacon fm Potrero av W, 
r. M. T. 

Burton, E of .San Brudo 
Road 4 miles fm City Halt 

Bush, bet Sutter and Pine 
Im Market \V to Central av 

Soul/i. Street. y. side. ' 
1 ilarket and Front 2 

101 Battery 100 

201 Sansome 200 

Burnett place 206 

301 3Iontgomer.v._ 300 i 

306 Rn8K alley ' 

311 Trinity ' 

Belden 312 

401 Kearny 400 I 

St George aUey 406 1 

407 Clara lane i 

433 Mary lane | 

501 Dupont 500 

- Chatham place 518 

601 Stockton eOO i 

603 BuiTlU 

Monroe 610 i 

615 Chelsea place 

701 Powell „ TV) 

Btuh-street place. 714 

801 Ma.'ion 800 

901 Taylor 900 

1001 .Tones. 1000 

1101 Leavenworth HOC 

1201 Hyde UOO 


1301 Larkin 1300 

1401 Polk 1400 

1501 Van Nesa avenne.loOO 

1601 Franklin.. 1600 

1701 Gou»;h....- 1700 

1801 OcUvla. 1800 

1901 Laguna 1900 

2001 Buchanan 2000 

2101 Webster 2100 

2301 Fillmore iMO 

2:«1 Stelner 2:«i0 

2401 Pierce HOO 

2501 [Jicott 2.500 

2601 Pevlsadero 2600 

2701 Broderick .2700 

2801 Baker. 2800 

2901 Ljron 2;«0 . 

<e) Central avenue....... («) 

Bnah-at Plaee, bet 

Powell and Ma^on fm 

Bu^h N. 
Butler, fm California av 

S to Cortland av, B H. Solano and Napa 

fm the bav W to Harrison 
B,Tinarton. bet Elllt> and 

M'FarreU im Webster to ' 

By rne. See Pea»b*4ljr. 
By ron, fm Montcalm S to 

Hope, B U. 
B^ron. See BM«Mt. 
Byxbee, bet 31ontlollo 

and Ralston fm Woreerter 

av N. 
<■, Souths F. Seejame*. 

. bet 

t^ek and Norman fm Or- 
leans NK. 
Bourne, bet Chace and 

Llewellyn fm Kossuth S 

to Her ker. 
Bontwell, bet Stenben 

and Charter Oak av fm 

Islals Creek S. 
Bowdoin, bet Hamilton 

and Dartmouth fm Silver 

av S, U. 51. T. 
Bower Place, bet Pu- 

pont and Stockton fm 

Green S. 
Bowie Arenue, bet 

Howard and Folsom fm 

Eleventh E. 
BowleH Place, bet 

Twelfth and Thirteenth 

fm Howard X. 
Bowman Place. S s 

Bryant nr FIrtt, 

(o.'* ce, bet Cook and Wll- 

llamMin fm Geary N. 

lord, bet Harrison and 

Bryant, Seventh and 

Klehth, and E and W sides 


lo.Tlnton. bet Hohoke 

and Hamilton fm Silver 

av y to Rickard. 
Bradford, fm Cortland 
X to California av BH. 
Brad.v, b»t Potter and 

Hermann fm Market SE to 

Brady Place, bet Green 

ami I'nioii fm Larkin E. 

See Rockland. Bryant and 

Tr.wnsend SWfmBeale to 

Potrero av. 
9J^. Street. A'. W. 

1 Bealp. 2 

Iffl Fremont... 100 

201 First 20O 

301 Second 300 

311 Stanford 

Central place.. 

371 Thompson avenue 

401 Third 400 

417 Ritch 416 

— Zoe 430 

501 Fourth 500 

601 Fifth 600 

701 Sixth 700 



— Boardman place ... 

Brannan place 


801 Seventh 800 

— Norton court 

901 Flehtli 900 

— Converse 

pool Ninth 1000 

trannan Place, bet 
Sixth and Seventh fm 
Brannan SE. 

trazil .4Tenue. Excel- 
Bl"r Homestead .A8K>cla- 

Irenham Place, bet 
Kearny and Dnpont fm 
Clay to Wa«h!nirton. 
Irewster. im Hope SW 
to rallfomla av, B H. 
Iridircbet Leavenworth 
and Hydefm BroadwavS. 
triirfat, nr San Miguel 

Iroad, W B oil San Jos-fi 
Road nr San Miguel SU- 

troad'a Plaee, bet 
}?> de and Larkin fm Bush 

(roadway, bet Pacific 

and Vallejo fm Davis W. 

Smith. Street. A', tide. 

1 Davis 2 

101 Front 100 

201 Battery 200 

— Stevens alley.. 

301 Sansome.. 300 

321 l»Tescott 

— BartoL -HO 

401 MontKomery 400 


501 Kearny 500 

— Pinckney. 620 

Montgomery av.... 


Duncan court ... 


VirKlnia court.. 
Morev alley . 

... eno 

... 630 
... 70O 




... 800 


Taylor. ». 






Morse place. 







!! 1.300 


Van Ness avenue .1600 

Franklin 1700 

Gough 1800 








Scott . . 







.. (e) 

: Broderick. bet Devi.-ia- 
dero and Baker fm Waller 
to Lewis. 

We^t. Street. E.tide. 

I 1 Waller 2 

101 Halghl 100 

201 Pace 200 

301 Oak 300 

401 Fell 400 

501 Ha.ves 500 

601 Grove , 600 

701 Fulton 700 

801 Mc.\IIIster 800 

901 Golden Gate av 900 

1001 Turk 1000 

1101 Eddy 1100 

1201 Ellis 1200 

1301 o'Farrell.. 1300 

1401 G'ary 1400 

Garden av 

1501 Post 1500 

1601 Sutter _...ie0O 

1701 Bush 1700 

1801 Pine 1800 

1901 California* 1900 

2001 Sacramento 2000 

2101 Hav 2100 

2201 Washington 2200 

2301 Jackson 2300 

2401 Pacific 2400 

2.501 Broadwav 2500 

2601 Vallejo 2600 

I 2701 Green 2700 

I 2801 Inlon 2800 

2901 Filbert 2900 

.3001 Greenwich 3000 

3101 Lombanl 3100 

I .3201 Chestnut :C00 

! .^301 Francisco .3300 

I .3401 Bav 3400 

I iWl North Point .X500 

3601 Beach 3600 

3701 .Jefferson .3700 

3801 Tonquln 3800 

(«) LewlB..„ (e) 

Broderick ATCnne, 

bet Kleveiith and Potter 

fm Market S. 

I Bronte, bet Mercer and 

I Putnam fm iv>rtland av s 

' to San Bmno Roa^l, B. H. 

Brook, fm Dolores nr 

Thirtieth E to San Josfi 

Brooklyn Plaee, bet 

Dupont and Stockton fm 

Sacramento S. 
Brooks, t>et Keamv and 

Dupont fm Market to 

{ Brosnan, bet Ridley and 
I Fonrt"epih fin Valencia 
I to Guerrero. 
Brown's Alley, bet 

Hyde an.l Larkin fm Mc- 
■ Alllster N. 

Brace Place, bet Lang- I 

ton and Otis pi fm Folsom I 

SE. I 

Brunswick, West End I 

Homestead. i 

B r .T a n Place. See 

Burnett Place. 

Bryant, bei Harrison and \ 

Brannan SW fm Spear to 

Eleventh. j 

S.E. Street. N.W. | 

1 Spear 2 : 

101 Main 100 

2'1 Beale 200 \ 

301 Fremont 300 i 

401 First 400 

Ellerv _ i 

419 RIncon place. 418 

443 SUnly place 444 

501 Second 500 

5.33 Central place. 

601 Third 600 ' 

615 Ritch I 

635 Zoe 1 

701 Fourth 700 

801 Fifth 800 


Oak Grove av I 

Morris av. 

900 Sixth 900 1 


Garden i 

Jones place 

Gilbert ' 

1001 Seventh 1000 | 

Langton ! 

.White place , 


1101 Eighth 1100 

1117 Converse. 

Preston place 1118 

1201 Ninth 1200 


1301 Tenth 1300 

(e) Eleventh (e) 

Bryant Avenne, bet 
York and Columbia fm 
Twenty-first S to Serpen- 
tine av. 
Bryant ATcnue, bet 
Eighth and Ninth. See 
Preston Place. 
Buchanan, bet Laguna 
and Webster fm Market N i 
to Lewis. I 

W. Street. E.tUU. \ 

1 Market 2 

101 Kate 100 1 

201 WaUer 200 

301 Halght 300 

Rose avenue 

401 Page 400 

Lily avenue 

501 Oak 500 

Hickory avenue... 

601 Fell 600 

Linden avenue.... 

701 Ha.veR. 700 

Ivy avenue. 

801 Grove. ^ 800 

Birch avenue 

901 Fulton 900 

Ash avenue « 

1001 McAUIeter 1000 

Locust avenue 

1101 Golden Gate a v... .1100 

Elm avenue 

12U1 Turk 1200 

Lauiel avenue 

1301 Eddy 1300 

Willow avenue .... 
1401 Ellis. 1400 

Olive avenue. 

1.501 O'Farrell 1-500 

1601 Geary 180O 

1701 Post 1700 

1801 .«utter ISOO 

IHOl Bush 1900 

2001 Pine JMOO 

2101 California 2100 

2201 Sacramento 2200 

2301 Clav CHOO 

2401 Washington 2400 

2501 Jack.<!on 2500 

2601 Pacific _.„ 260O 

2701 Broa<Jway 2700 

2801 Vallejo 2800 

2901 Green 2900 

3001 Union 3000 

3101 Filbert. 3100 


3301 Gre.uw1ch 3200 








C, bet B and D fm First av 

Cabot, bet Samoset and 
StarSE fni California av 
to Franconia av, B H. 

Cadell Alley, bet Du- 

pont and Stocljton fm 
Union N. 
Cadwallader, E of San 

Bruno Road 4 miles from 

City Hall. 
Calaveras, bet Amador 

and Mendocino fm the bay 

W to Honduras. 
Caledonia Alley, bet 

Valencia and Julian av fm 

Fifteenth N and S. 
Calhoun, bet Sansome 

and Montgomery ftn Green 

to Alta. 
California, bet Pine and 

Sacramento fm Market W 

South. Street. N. side, 

1 Market & Drumm 2 

101 Davis 100 

201 Front 200 

301 Battery 300 

401 Sansome 400 

421 Leidesdorff 424 

501 Montgomery 500 

531 Spring 

Webb 532 

601 Kearnv.. 600 

625 St Mary's place 

637 Quincv 

701 Dupont 700 

— - Seiina place 7J6 

725 Grace terrace 

801 Stockton 800 

Ellick lane 

Tratt place 812 

821 Prospect place 820 

Miles court 832 

901 Powell 900 

Gustavus 920 

1001 Mason lOOO 

Cushman 1016 

1101 Taylor iioo 

1201 Jones. 1200 

Highland Terrace.. 

1301 Leavenworth 1.300 

Helen place 

1401 Hyde 1400 

1501 Larkln 1,500 

1601 Polk 1600 

J701 Van Ness avenue. 1700 

1801 Franklin 1800 

1901 Gough 1900 

2001 Octavia 2000 

2101 Laguna 2100 

2201 Buchanan 2200 

2301 Webster 2300 


2401 Fillmore.. 2400 

2.501 Steiner 2.500 

2001 Pierce 2600 

2701 Scott 2700 

2801 Devisadero 2800 

2901 Broderick 2900 

aOOl Baker 3000 

3101 Lyon 3100 

3201 Central avenue .3200 

Walnut 3;^00 

Laurel 3400 

Locust 3500 




3801 Cherrv 

^1 First av .i.'.'.'.WsgoO 

California Avenue, 
E of San Josfi Road and W 
of San Bruno Road, B H. 

California South, bet 
California and Clement fm 
First a V W to Fifth av. 

Cambridge,bet Yale and 
Oxford fm Silver av S, U. 
M. T. 

Camille Place, bet 
Taylor andJones fm Wash- 
ington N. 

Camp, bet Sixteenth and 
Seventeenth fm Guerrero 

4'anipbell, bet Sixteenth 
and Seventeenth fm Dolo- 
res E. 

Capitol, W of Old San 

Jos6 Road nr San Miguel 
Capp, bet Mission and 
Howard fm Fifteenth S 
to Serpentine av. 

East. Street. W. side. 

1 Fifteenth 2 

Adair — - 

101 Sixteenth 100 

201 Seventeenth 200 

301 Eighteenth 300 

401 Nineteenth 400 

501 Twentieth 500 

601 Twenty-first 600 

7ul Twenty-second 700 

801 Twenty-third 800 

901 Twenty-fourth 900 

1001 Twent.v-nfth 1000 

1101 Twenty-sixth 1100 

(e) Serpentine avenue (e) 

Card Alley, bet Valleio 

and Green fm Stockton W. 

Carl, bet Frederick and 

Sullivan fm Clavton W. 

CarlosI»lace,bet Powell 

and Mason fmO'Farrell S. 

Carolina, bet Wisconsin 

and De Haro fm Eighth S 

to Napoleon. 

Caroline, bet Sixth and 

Seventh fm Folsom SE. 
Caroline, bet Ninth and 

Tenth fm Howard SE. 
Caroline Place, bet 
Jackson and Pacific fm 
Powell E. 
Carr Place, bet Mason 
and Taylor fm Chestnut S. 
Carthagena, South S F, 
bet Yucatan and Bolivia 
fm San Bruno Ryad to 
County line. 
Carver, fm California a v 

S to Powhattan, B H. 
Case. \Vs San Bruno Road 

4 miles fm City Hall. 
Caselli Avenue, bet 
Eighteenth and Nine- 
teenth fm Douglass W. 
Castro, bet Noe and Dia- 
mond fm Ridley S 
Cayuga, West End Map 

No 1. 
Cedar, bet Davis and 
Front fm Clay to Wash- 
Cedar Alley, bet Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth 
fm Dolores W. 
Cedar A venue, bet 
Geary and Post fm Larkln 
W to Laguna. 
South. Street. N. side. 

1 Larkln... 2 

101 Polk 100 

201 Van Ness av 200 

301 Franklin .300 

401 Gough 400 

501 Octavia 500 

Cedar I^ane, bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth fm 
Mission to Valencia. 
Cemetery Avenue. 
See Central Avenue 
Center, bet El Dorado and 
Santa Clara fm the bay W 
to Harrison. 
Central. See Sargent 
Central Avenue, bet 
Lyon and Wa nut fm 
Geary N to Presidio Reser- 
Central Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 

Central Place, bet Sec- 
ond and Third fm Bryant 
to Brannan. 

t entral Road, fm Mc- 
Allister SWto Ocean View 

Centre, bet Second and 
Third fm Bryant SE to 
South Park 

Chace, fm Islals Creek S 

Chambers, bet Pacific 
and Broadway fm Davis to 

Chambers Alley, bet 
Powell and Mason fm 
Greenwich to Lombard. 

Channel, bet Berrv and 
Hooper SW fm the bay to 

Channel, W s San Bnino 
Road 4 miles fm City Hall. 

land av NE to Coso 

Charity, fm Cadwallader 
NW to Islals Creek. 

Charles, bet Leaven- 
worth and Hvde fm Gol- 
den Gate av N. 
Jf Charles, S of Fairmount 
fm San Jos6 Road NW to 

Charles Place,bet First 
and Second fm Harrison to 
Essex pi. 

Charter Oak Ave- 
nue, bet Boutwpll and 
Elmira fm Islals Creek S 
to Woolsev. 

Ch ase, bet Williamson and 
Merrifleld fm Geary N. 

Chatham Place, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Bush N. 

Chattanooga, bet Dolo- 
res and Church fm Twen- 
ty-first S to Twenty-fourth 

Chelsea Place, bet 
Stockton and Powell fm 
Bush S. 

Chenery, S s Thirtieth S 
to Randall, thence SW to 

Cherry, bet Maple and 
First av fm California N. 

CherubuNco, fm Cort- 
land av NE to Coso av. 

Chesley, bet Seventh and 
Eiyhth fm Harrison SE. 

<^'hestnut, bet Lombard 
and Francisco W fm San- 
some to Presidio Reserva- 
South. Street. iV. side. 

1 Sansome 2 

(c) Montgomery 


101 Kearnv lOO 

201 Dupont 200 

Bellair place 224 

301 Stockton 300 

Chestnut alley 

401 Powell 400 

501 Mason 5OO 



Montgomery av... 

601 Taylor 600 ' 

701 .Tones 700 

801 Leavenworth 800 

901 Hyde 900 

1001 Larkin lOOO 

1101 Polk 1100 

1201 Van Ness avenue. 1200 

1301 Franklin 1.300 

1401 Gough 1400 

1.501 Octavia 1500 

1601 Laguna 

1701 Buchanan 

1801 Webster I8OO 

1901 Fillmore 19OO 

2001 Steiner 2000 

2101 Pierce 2100 

2201 Scott 2200 

2;!01 Devisadero 2.300 

2401 Broderick 2400 

2501 Baker 2500 

(e) Lyon (e) 

Chestnut Alley, bet 

Stockton and Powell fm 
Chestnut N. 

China, NW s Drv Dock 
Basin to Water Front. 

China Avenne, Excel- 
sior Homestead Associa- 

Church, bet Dolores and 
Sanchez fm Ridley S to 

Church I^ane, bet Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth fm 
Dolores W to Church. 

Church Place. See 

City Hall Avenue, fm 
Market opp Eighth to Park 

Clairville Place. See 
Orahain Place. 

Clara, bet Folsom and 
Harrison fm Ritch to 

Clara Avenue, W of 
Douglass fm Eighteenth N 

Clara I^ane, bet Kea 

and Dupont fm Suttei 
to Busn. 
Clarence Place, 

Second and Third 
Townsend NW. 
Clarion Alley, 

Seventeenth and Wlllc 

fm Valencia to Mission 

Clark, bet Jackson 1 

Pacific fm Drumm 


Clay, bet Sacramento < 

Washinuton W fm Eae 

South. Street. JV. si 

1 East 

101 Drumm 

201 Davis 

301 Front 

401 Battery 

501 Sansome 

■527 Leidesdortr - 

601 Montgomerv 

701 Kearny 

Brenham place 

801 Dupont 

813 Waverly place 

■ Spofford 

901 Stockton 

Clay avenue 

Parker alley - 

917 Prospect place - 

1001 Powell V 

1015 Tay - 

Wetmore place li 

1101 Mason 1 

Yerba Buena 1 

1201 Taylor i; 

1301 Jones 1; 



1401 Leavenworth !• 

1501 Hyde K 

Torrens court 

1601 Larkln 1( 

1701 Polk r 

1801 Van Ness avenue. I.' 
1901 Franklin li 


Lafayette Park., 

2201 Laguna 

2301 Buchanan 

•2401 Webster 

^501 Fillmore 

^001 Steiner 

2701 Pierce ;;;.j 

2801 Scott a 

2901 Devisadero I 

311OI Broderick .S 

3101 Baker 31 

3201 Lyon S 

3301 Central avenue S 

3401 Walnut..„ 34 

3.501 Laurel at 

3601 Locust at. 

3701 Spruce S 

3801 Maple M 

3901 Cherry E: 

(e) First avenue I 

Clay Avenue, bet Stoe 

ton and Powell fm Clay] 

Clayton, bet Ashburyai' 

Cole fm Fulton S. 
Cleaveland, bet Folso 
and Harrison fm Seven 
to Columbia Square. 
Clement, bet Califoni 
and Point Lobos av i 
First av W. 
Clement Place, b 
Dupont and Stockton I 
Green S. 
Clementina, bet Uo\ 
ard and Folsom fm Fir' 
South. Street. A'', sidi 

1 First 

Oscar allev.. . — 

(6) S-cond....: ( 

(6) Third ( 

301 Fourth 3 

401 Fifth 4 

(6) Sixth. 
(b) Seventh 
701 Eidhih. 

(6) Ninth {; 

Clinton, bet Sixth u. 
Seventh fm Bryant to 8 1 
of Brannan. 
Clinton Park, bet SXf 
ley and Fourteenth II 
Guerrero W. 



Washing Called for and Delivered 



KiEBUCH. Ci:9IBERl,A9ri> and KHrei^ISH TOVJiDKTt 
COKE, 41 Slarket Street, corner Spear. 



Ipper, bet Twenty-flfth 
nd Twenty- -sixth frn Old 
I an Jose Koad W to Doug- 

i ■»■ d e , bet Third and 
"ourth im Townsend NW 
I'dman Place, bet 

owell and Mason fm 
k'flshinEton P. 
hen Place, bet Leav- 
n worth and Hyde fm El- 

hn Place, b<=t Leav- 

oworth and Hyde fm 

ackgon S. 

le, W of Clayton S fm 

ulton to Carl. 

llesre. bet Dartmouth 

nd University fm Silver 

vS, U.M.T. 

Il^«:e Place, bet Lar- 

in and P'>lk fni Haves N. 

Ilinsrwood, bet Cas- 

and Diamond fm Sev- 

iteenth S to Twenty-sec- 


IlinH. bet Wood and 

errie fm Geary N. 

lorado, bet Mexico 

id Arizona fm Water 

ront S to India. 

■ ton. bet Market and 

ilssion fm Brady E. 

lambia, bet Nlne- 

euth and Twentieth. 

>e C nni berl an d. 

lambia, bet Bryant 

id Harrison. See Flor- 


lambia Place. S e 

reclta av S to California 
I'-, B H. 

^lambia Place, bet 
hryant and Brannan. See 
I'arKO Place, 
[lambia Square, bet 
i.xth and Seventh fm 

olfoni to Harrison. 
umbia Sqaare, bet 
Isom and Harrison, 

erman and Columbia 


i, bet Tolo and 

arin fm the bay W to 


xnmerce. bet Green 

d Union fm the bay to 


mmercial, bet Sac- 

mento and Clay fm East 

til. .Street. N. side. 

East 2 

Drumm _ 100 

Davie 200 

Front 300 

Battery 400 

Sansome „ 500 

LeideBdorff. 524 

Montgomery _ 600 

Kearny 700 

Dupont (e) 

ncord ATCnae, 

est End Map No 2. 

Kdon, nr Junction 
n Bnino Read and SU- 
r av. 

ikling:, bet Lavton 
d Waterville fm Silver 

N to Silver Terrace 

necticut. bet MIs- 
nri and Arkansas fm 

S to Tulare. 
iTCrse, bet Eighth 
d Ninth fm Brvant S. 
ik, bet Ferrie and 
yce fm Geary K. 
»per'B Alley, bet 
samy and Dupont fm 
ckson S. 
■bet* Road, fm Clara 

SW to Caseili av. 
«a. South S F, bet Ba- 
ma and Marquesas fm 

nelder to Water Fr6nt. 
;«ei, fm California av 
■ Montcalm and Samo- 
-E to Francoiiia av. 
tiand Avenue, fm 

Jose Road nr Thirti- 

E to San Bruno Road. 

Coao Avenae, fm Xorth 
av JfW to California av. 

Costa Rica, .South S F, 
bet Martinique and Ma- 
deira fm Railroad av to 
County line. 

Cotta. Spring Valley 
Homestead Association. 

Cottage Place, bet 
Gearv and Tost fm Jones 

Cottase Place, betCMay 
and Washington fm Tay- 
lor W. 

Cottage Row, bet Web- 
ster and Fillmore fm Sut- 
ter N. 

Cotter, .\cademv Tract. 

County Road or San 
Jo<te Road, fm tf rmi- 
natlon of Mission SW to 
County line. 

Craut, bet Edinburg and 
Madrid Im Islais Creek SE 
E.xcelsior HomesteaiJ. 

Creek l.ane, bet Thir- 
teenth and Fourteenth fm 
Howard to Folsom 

Crescent Avenue, fm 
San Jose Road nr St Ma- 
ry's College E to San Bru- 
no Road. 

Croce, Academy Tract. 

Crocker, S s Stevenson 
av bet Brady and Hermann 

Cronogne Avenue. 
bet Guerrero and Dolores 
fm Twentv-second S. 

Crooks, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Townsend 

CroHN. ."San Miguel, West 
End Map No 1. 

Crystal, Railroad Home- 
stead .Association. 

Cumberland, bet Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth fm 
Guerrero to Noe. 

Cumberland Place, 
bet Nineteenth and Twen- 
tieth fm Valencia W. 

Cnshman, bet Mason 
and Taylor fm California 
to Sacramento. 

Custom UouKc Place, 
bet Battery and Sansome 
fin Washington to Jack- 

C u V i e r , Spring Valley 
Homestead Association. 

Cypress Alley, bet 
Howard and Capp fm 
Twenty-fourth to Twen- 

». bet C and Goldeii Gate 
Park fm First av W. 

», South S F. See Kas- 

Dacotah, fm Water 
Fronts to India. 

Dale Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hvde fm 
Golden Gate av S. 

Dame, bet Chenerv and 
Whitney S s Thirtieth to 

Dan vers, fm Caselll av 
NW to Corbett Road. 

Dartmoafh, bet Bow- 
doin and College fm Silver 
av S, U. M. T. 

Davis, bet Drumm and 
Front N fm Market to 

West. Street. E. side. 

1 Market and Pine.. 2 

101 California 100 

109 Parrott allev 

201 Sacramento 200 

213 Commercial 214 

301 Clav 300 

(d) Merchant (d) 

401 Washington 400 

411 uregon 410 

301 Jackson _ 500 

513 Clark 314 

601 Pacific (d) 

619 Ch.imbers (d) 

701 Broadwav (d) 

."(■«) Valielo (e) 

Dawson Place, bet Sac- 
ramento and Clay fm 
Mason E. 

Day, bet Twenty-ninth 

and Thirtieth fm Old San 

Jose Road W to BellevTie. 

Day, bet Seventeenth and 

Eighteenth fm Dolores E. 

De Boom, bet Bryant 

and Brannan fm Second 


DeIIaro,bet Carolina and 

Rhode Island fm Eighth S 

to Precita Oeek. 

DeKalb, fm Cortland av 

S to Crescent av. 
DC I<ong. San Mignel. 
Dearborn Place, bet 
Valencia and Guerrero fm 
Seventeenth S. 
Decatur. See Roscoe 
Decatur, bet Seventh 
and Eighth fm Bryant to 
Decker Alley, bet Fol- 
som ancl Harrison fm Sev- 
enth SW. 
Dehone, bet Church and 
Sanchez fm Sixteenth to 
Delaware, bet Massa- 
chusetts and Marjland fm 
Solano S to Honduras. 
Delaware Avenue, 
bet Otsego and San Jose 
Road, San MlgueL 
Delaware Avenue. 
City Land Association. 
See Iforcester Ave- 
Delaware Court, bet 
Powell and Mason fm 
Suiter N. 
Delgado Place, bet 
Green and Union fm 
Hvde E. 
Delta Place, E s Misson 

b.t Sutter and Bush. 
Denmark. South S F, 
bet Honduras and Mon- 
tenegro fm Islais to China 
Dent Place, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Jack- 
eon N. 
Derb.v, bet Gearv and 
Post fm ilason to Taylor. 
Devisadero, bet Scott 
and Broderick fm Ridley 
N to Lewis. 
West. Street. E. sUle. 

1 Ridley 2 

101 Waller. 100 

201 Halght 200 

301 Page 300 

401 Oak 400 

501 Fell „ 500 

601 Hayes 600 

71 Grove 700 

801 Fulton 800 

901 McAllister 900 

100 1 Golden Gate av_ .. . lOOO 

llOl Turk 1100 

1201 Eddy 1200 

1301 Ellis. 1300 

1401 O'Farrell 1400 

1.501 Gearv 1500 

1601 1600 

1701 Sutter 1700 

1801 Bush 1800 

1901 Pine 1900 

2001 California 2000 

2101 Sacramento 2100 

2201 Clay 2200 

2.301 Washington 2:»0 

2401 Jackson 2400 

2501 Pacific 2500 

2601 Broadway 2600 

2701 Vallejo. 2700 

2801 Green 2800 

2901 Union 2900 

3001 Filbert 3000 

3101 Greenwich .. ..., 3100 

.3201 Lombard 3200 

3301 Chestnut 3300 

»401 Francisco 3400 

3501 Bav 3500 

3601 NorthPoint 3600 

3701 Beach _ 3700 

3801 Jetrerson._ 3800 

3901 Tonquin 3900 

(e) Lewis (e) 

Devrees. E of San Bruno 
Road 3 miles fm City Hall. 

Dewey, bet Third and 
Fourth fin King to Berry. 

Dexter, bet Spear and 

Main fm Howard S. 

Diamond, bet Castro and 
Douglass fm Seventeenth 
S to Thirtieth. 

Diamond, Visitaclon 
Valley. .See ^ledford. 

Dickerson, E s San Bru- 
no Road, 2'o miles fmCitv 

Digby, fm El Monte SE 
to Beacon. 

Dikeman Place, bet 
Ellis and O'Farrell fm Ma- 
son W. 

Dock, bet Union and Fil- 
bert fm Batterv E. 

Dock, South S F, bet Tevis 
and Ship fm St Thomas 
SW to Countv line. 

Dodge, bet Hvde and 
Lark in fm Turk S. 

Dolores,bet Guerrero and 
Church fm Markets to Old 
San Joff Road. 

East. Street. W. side. 

1 Market 2 

Baltimore Park.... 

101 Fourteenth IfO 

201 Fifteenth 200 

Albert alley„ 

- — Wells avenue 

301 Sixteenth 300 

Church lane 


401 Seventeenth 400 



501 Eiehteenth 500 

601 Nineteenth 600 


701 Twentieth 700 


801 Twenty-first 800 

901 Twentv-second 900 

1001 Twentv-third 1000 

1101 Twenty-fourth „... 1100 


1201 Twentv-fifth 1200 

Clipper „. 

1301 Twenty-sixth 1300 


1401 Twenty-seventh...l400 


1501 Twenty-eighth 1500 


1601 Twenty-nlnth 1600 



Dominica, South S F, 
bet Manitoba and Servia 
fm Islais to "Water 

Dora. See I^angton. 

Dore, bet Ninth and 
Tenth fm Harrison to 

Dore Alley, bet Powell 
and Mason fm Jackson S. 

Dorland, bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth fin 
E of Dolores W to San- 

Douglas Place, bet 
Harrison and Folsom fm 
Beale E. 

Douglass, bet Diamond 
and Ellen fm Seventeenth 
S to Thirtieth. 

Dover, bet First and Sec- 
ond fm Rlncon pi S to 

Dow Place, bet Folsom 
and Harrison fm Second 
SAV to Hawthorne. 

Downey, bet Seventh and 
Eighth fm Bryant S. See 

Drumm, bet East and 
Davis K fm Market to Pa- 
West. Street E. side. 

1 Market and Cal'a.. 2 

101 Sacramento 100 

115 Commercial. 116 

201 Clay „ 200 

(6) Merchant 214 

301 Washington 300 

Oregon _ 

401 Jackson 400 

409 Clark 

(e) Pacific „.. (e) 

RUMAN,ISHAM& CO., 509, 511 Market 


Wagons, Bii£2ies,Carria2es.siea]aEji8jiies 


Drury I.aii'e,bet FolBom 
and Harrison fm Seventh 
to Langton 

Dry, or Junction, W s 

Old San Jos6 Roail bet 
Twenty-ninth and Thir- 
tieth W to Bellevue. 

I>uane, betLombanl and 
Ch'stnut fm Jones Vi. 

Dublin, Excelsior Home- 
stead Association. 

Duniconibe Alley, 
bet Kearnv and Dupont 
tin Jackson N. 

Dunbar Alley, bet 
Slontgomerv and Kearny 
fm Jleri-hant to Washing- 

Duncan, bet Twenty- 
seventh and Twenty- 
eighth fm Old Pan Jos6 
Road W to Belle vue. 

Duncan <'ourt, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Broadway N. 

Dunkirk, bet Kocecrans 
and Prentiss fm California 
av S to Powhattan. 

Dunn Alley, bet Broad- 
way and Valleio fm Kear- 
ny E. 

Dupont, bet Kearny and 
Stockton N fm Market to 

West. Street. E. side. 

1 Market AO'Earrell 2 

101 Gearv lOO 

111 Morton 110 

201 Post 200 

Ashburton place... 208 

213 Stockton place - — 

219 Mills place 

Tillmnn alley 

301 Sutter 300 

Martin 312 

313 Harlan place 

401 Bush 4oO 

501 Pine 500 

505 Virginia court 

601 California 600 

Mansion House pi 

701 Sacramento 700 

Commercial 714 

801 Clay 800 

901 Washington 900 

!)23 Hall Court 

1001 Jackson 1000 

1021 Sullivan alley 

1101 Pacific 1100 

Dupont alley 1126 

1201 Broadway 1200 

Montgomery av.... 


1301 Vallejo 1300 

1401 Green 1400 

1501 Union 1500 

Noblll alley 1506 

1601 Filbert 1600 

Pardee alley 

Gerke aUey 1618 

1701 Greenwich 1700 

1709 Edith place 

Edgar place 

1801 Lombard 1800 

1901 Chestnut 1900 


2001 Francisco 2000 

2101 Bay 2100 

2201 North Point 2200 

(e) Beach (e; 

Dupont Alley, bet I'a- 
cllic and Broadway fm 
Dupont E to Montgom- 
ery av. 
Dupont Place. See 
Mansion Iloune 
DiViKliI-, bet Wooleey and 
Olmstead fm San Bruno 
K, South S F. See ©lla. 
Kant, fm Folsoni NW to 

I'aclflc, fronting the bay. 
Wtat. Street. E. side. 

1 Folsora (d) 

101 Howard Ut) 

201 Mission (d) 

;«1 Market (d) 

401 Clay (d) 

Merchant „ (d 

501 Wa.shlngton (d 

601 Jackson (d 

fe) Pacific (e 


Eaton Alley, bet Pow- 
ell and Mason fm Green S. 

Ecker, bet First and Sec- 
ond fm Market to Mi.ssion. 

Ecuador, South S F. bet 
Argentine and Nicaragua 
fm San Bruno Road to 
County line. 

Eddy, bet Turk and Ellis 
W f m iunction Powell and 

South. Street. N. side. 
1 Market and Powell 2 

Glasgow 14 

27 Eddy place 

101 Mason 100 

201 Taylor 200 

301 Jones 300 

Wagner alley 

401 Leavenworth 400 

501 Hyde 50il 

601 Larkin 600 

701 Polk 700 

801 "Van Ness avenue. 800 
901 Franklin 900 

Gough 1000 

Octavia 1100 

1201 Laguna 1200 

1301 Buchanan 1300 

1401 Webster 1400 

1501 FiUmore 1500 

1601 Steiner 1600 

1701 Pierce 1700 

Farren avenue 

1801 Scott 1800 

1901 Devlsadero 1900 

2001 Broderick 2000 

(e) St. Joseph's av (e) 

Eddy Place, bet Mason 

and Marset fm Eddy. 
Edgar Place, bet 
Greenwich and Lombard 
fm Dupont W. 
Edinburgli, Excelsior 

Homestead Association. 
Edith, bet Greenwich and 

Lombard fm Dupont W. 
Edward, bet Hyde and 

Larkin fm Bush N. 
Eietite«ntli, bet Seven- 
teenth and Nineteenth fm 
Harrison W. 
South. Street. N. side. 

1 Harrison 2 

101 Folsom 100 

119 Shotwell 118 

201 Howard 2fX) 

219 Capp 218 

301 Mission 300 

Jessie „ 


401 Valencia 400 

501 Guerrero 500 

Dolores 600 

701 Church 700 

801 Sanchez „ 800 

901 Noe 900 


1001 Castro 1000 

1101 Diamond 1100 


1201 Douglass 1200 

Eislileentli Avenue, 
South SF. SecAlifcria 
Eigrhteenlh Avenue, 
betSeventeenth and Nine- 
teenth avs fiom Presidio 
Reservation S. 
EiKlitli, bet Seventh and 
Ninth fm Market SE to 
Eojit Street. W.side. 

1 Market 2 



101 Mission 100 

115 Minna 114 


201 Howard '. 200 

205 Nilnan's alley 

(b) Tehama 


.•101 Folsom 300 



401 Harrison 400 

SOI Br.vont 500 

601 Braiinan 600 


Eighth Avenue, bet 
Seventh and Ninth avs 
fm Presidio Reservation 
S too. 

Eigrbtlt A venue. South 

S F. See Bahama. 
El Dorado, bet Alameda 
and Ceiiter fm the bay to 
Sixth and fm Eighth to 
El Monte, fm Beacon W 
to Castro, Falrmount Tract 
Eldrid|;e, bet Harrison 
and Bryant Seventh and 
Eighth, E and W sides 
Eleventh, bet Tenth and 
Twelfth fm Market SE to 
East. Street. W. side. 

1 Market 2 

101 Mission 100 

201 Howard 200 

Bowie avenue - — 

Henrietta square.. 

301 Folsom 300 

401 Harrison 400 

(e) Bryant (e) 

Eleventh Avenue, bet 
Tenth and Twelfth avs 
Im Presidio Reservation 
Eleventh Avenne, 
South S F. See Mani- 
Elgin Park Avenne, 
S s Market bet Valencia 
and Guerrero. 
EI iia. bet Taylor and Jonee 

See Marion Place. 
Eliza Place, bet Taylor 
and Jones Im Washington 
Elizabeth, bet Twenty- 
second and Twenty-third 
fm San Jos6 av AV. 
Elizabeth, bet Third and 
Fourth fm Folsom SE to 
Elk, fm Cadwallader N to 

Islals Creek. 
Ellen, bet Douglass and 
Belle vue fm Elizabeth S 
to Thirtieth. 
Ellen, bet Seventh and 

Eighth fm Harrison S. 
Ellery, bet First and Sec- 
ond fm Bryant SE to Fed- 
El lick Alley, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm Pa- 
clHc N. 
Ellick I^ane, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Califor- 
nia N. 
Elliot Park, bet Geary 
and O'Farrell fm Steiner 
Elll»,'bet Eddy and O'Far- 
rell W fm Junction Stock- 
ton and Market. 
South. Street. N. side. 
1 Market & Stockton 2 

101 Powell 100 

111 Glasgow 

201 Mason 200 

301 Taylor 300 

401 Jones 400 

501 Leavenworth 50o 

601 Hvde 600 

701 La kin 700 

801 Polk 800 

901 Van Ness avenue.. 900 

1001 Franklin 1000 

1101 Gough 1100 

1201 Octavia 1200 

1301 Laguna 1300 

1401 Buchanan 1400 


IMl Webster 1500 

Folger alley 

1601 Fillmore 1600 

1701 Steiner 1700 

Bourbln place 

1801 Pierce 1800 

Farren avenue 

1901 Scott 1900 


2001 Devlsadero ..2000 

2101 Broderick 2100 

(<) St. Joseph's av (e) 

EllHworth, fm California 
av S to Cortland av, B H. 

Em Avenue, bet Gul- 
den Gate av and Turk fm 
Larklu \V. 

South. Street. iV". sid 

1 Larkin 

101 Polk II 

201 Van Ness avenue, a 

301 Franklin 3 

(W Gough (, 

Jefferson Square... 
Elmira, bet Watervll 

and Charter Oak av f 

Islals Creek S to Silver*' 
Emma, bet Bush aii 

Pine fm Stockton E. 
Emma. See Eedyari 
Emma Place, b 

Stockton and Powell f 

Emmet Place, bet Ca 

ifornia and Sacramento f 

Stockton W. 
Erie, bet Thirteenth ai. 

Fourteenth fm Mission i 

Esmeralda Avenaii 

fm North av NW to Ca 

fornia av. 
Essex, bet First and S& 

ond fm Folsom to Harris<- 
Essex Place,bet Folso 

and Harrison fm Essex ' 

to Charles pi. 
Estefana.Junction Hec 

er and Stringham SW 

Islals Creek. 
Eugenia, bet Josepbii 

and Wood fm Geary N. . 
Eugenia, bet A'irgln 

and Cortland avs fm M' 

sion E, B H. 
Eureka, bet Dlamo) 

and Douglass fm Sc 

teenth S to Twenty-thlr 
Eureka. See Yumai 
Eureka Place, 

Bush and Pine fm Lark t 

Eve, W s San Bruno Ro. 

W to Californio av, B Hi 
Everett, bet Mission ftj' 

Hcward fm Third 

Ewer Place, bet Sach 

mento and Clay fm Masi 

Ewlng Place, bet Pc 

and Sutter fm Laguna 1 
Exeter, bet Crane af 

Gould Im Paul av 

F, South SF. SeeTall.1 

Fair Avenne, fm C« 

fornia av W to San Jo 

Fair Oaks, bet Guerre 

ond Dolores fm 

teenth to Nineteenth a 

fm Twenty -first to Twe 

Falrmount, S of Rs 

dall fm San Jo^e Koad 

to Bemis 
Faith, fm California av 

W to Brewster, B H 
Falcon Place, I 

Broadway and Vallejo ' 

Taylor E. 
Falkland, South S 

tiel Teuerllfe and Sumal 

fm San Joaquin to Wat 

Falmouth, bet Fll 

and Sixth from Folsom 

Fargo Place, bet Bli 

ant and Brannan 

Boardman pi SW. 
Farragut Avon an 

San Miguel. 
Farrallones, Rallro 

Farren Avenue, I 

Scott and Pierce fm Ed 

Federal, bet Bryant a i 

Brnnnan fm First SW. 
Fell, bet Oak and Hayes 

fm Junction Polk and M*' 

South. Street.' 

1 Market and Polk. 
101 Van Ness avenue . 1 

201 Fronklm 

301 Gough 




133 Mpear Aitr«.et. 


Octavia 400 

iOl Laguna 500 

Buchanan. 600 

01 Webster 700 

m Fillmore 800 

01 Steiner 900 

101 Pierce 1000 

Scott tlOO 

Ml Devlsadero 1200 

»»1 Broderlck 1300 

iOl Baker. 1400 

Lyon 1500 

Lott 1600 

Masonic avenue... 1700 

Ashbnry 1800 

V Clayton vm 

Cole 2000 

Shrader 2100 

(e) Stan.van (e) 

^''* 'ella Place, bet Bush 
i„_ and Pine fm Powell E. 

''Fn^,t^„^H\.*,"K"*'^l' B} ;^on,b«rd 3300 


Fourth and Sl.vth avs, fm 
Presidio Keservatlon S to 


Vff' d 


elton, bet Sillinian and 

Burrows fm San Bruno 

Road SAV to La Grand av. 

'ern Avenue, bet Sutter 

and Bush im Larkin to La- 


outh. Street. JV. side. 

Larkin 2 

_01 Polk 100 

S)l \ an Ness avenue. 200 

Franklin 300 

Gough 400 

- JiOl Octavia 500 

:i 101 Laguna 600 

-•errie. See Blake, 
ielding. bet Mason and 
Tflylor fm Lombard N. 
ifteenth, bet Four- 
teenth and Sixteenth fin 
Harrison W. 

■ mreet. N.xidt. 

Harrison 2 

Folsom 100 


Howard 200 



— Minna. 

»1 Mission 300 

-^— Lida place 

Julian avenue 

— Caledonia alley 

01 Valencia 400 

01 Guerrero 500 

Dolores 600 

Church 700 







South S F. 



bet Fourteenth and Six 
teenth avs tra Presidio 
Reservation S to W. 
Ifth, bet Fourth and 
Sixth fm Market SE to the 

Street. W. side. 

MarKet 2 

6) Stevenson 14 

Mint av 22 

33 JesBle (6) 

01 Mission v.' 100 

21 Minna 106 

•» Aatoma 124 

Howard. 200 

Tehama 210 

•fl Clementina 226 

01 Folsom 300 

17 Shipley 316 

2? Clara 328 

01 Harrison 400 


Bryant ". 500 

Tiiford ;..; 

Brannan 600 





01 Berry 




HuhbeiL ;:"": 


inh ATenne, Soutt 
See St. Thomas 

Fifth Avenue, 

Fifth and Sixth. See 
AverlH Avenue. 
Figaro, bet Isabel and 
Cnllfornia av S fm Califor- 
nia av to Montcalm, B H. 
Filbert, bet Union and 
Greenwich W fm Front to 
Presidio Reservation. 
South. Street. -y. side. 

1 Front 2 

101 Battery 100 

201 Sansome 200 

Billings place 

Napier alley 

Norton place 

301 Montgomery 300 

401 Kearnv 400 

407 Filbert place 

417 Varennes 

427 Grand place 

501 Dupont 500 

- Medan place 504 

515 Jasper place 

Stockton " fioo 

701 Powell 700 

Gaven 706 

Montgomery ay.... 

- Scotland 724 

801 Mason 800 

901 Taylor 900 


1001 Jones looo 

Attridge alley 

1101 Leavenworth 1100 

Randall place 

1201 Hyde 1200 

1301 Larkin 1300 

1401 Polk 1400 

1501 Van Ness avenue..l500 

1601 Franklin 1600 

1701 Gough 1700 

1801 Octavia 1800 

1901 Laguna 1900 

2001 Buchanan 2000 

2101 Webster 2100 

2201 Fillmore 2200 

2301 Steiner 2.300 

2401 Pierce 2400 

2501 Scott 

2601 Devlsadero 

2701 Broderlck 

2801 Baker 2800 

(e) Lyon (e) 

Filbert Place,bet Kear- 
ny and Dupont fm Union 
to Filbert. 
Fillmore, bet Webster 
and Steiner Nfm Ridley to 

3401 Chestnut ^.„ 

3501 Francisco "3566 

3601 Bay .3500 

3701 North Point ■.■.■.■.;::;:37oo 

3801 Beach 13800 

3901 Jefferson 3900 

4001 Tonquin 4OOO 

(e) Lewis (ei 

First, bet Fremont and 

Second fm Market SE to 

the bay. 
East. Street. W. side. 

1 Market 2 

Stevenson....."..'."".'.' 22 

— - Jessie 46 

Lick alley .'.'1' 56 

101 Mission..' '" 100 

Minna " 118 

^>'onja 146 


Howard .'." 200 

Tehama 220 

Tehama place.. ..j,. 

Clementina 248 

Folsom 300 

Guy place 318 

Boston place 320 

Laurel place 350 

Harrison 400 

Goodsell place 

Simpson place 416 

Alger place 

Bryant 500 

Federal 520 

Brannan 600 






, 2700 




-B. side. 



South. Street. 

1 Ridley 

101 Kate 


201 Waller ..;.;::::;::: 200 

301 Halght 300 

^; Page 400 

501 Oak 501, 

^} Fell 600 

701 Hayes 700 

801 Grove 800 

901 Fulton 900 

1001 McAllister lOOO 

1101 Golden Gate av iioo 





i:i01 Eddy 

1401 Ellis 

1501 O'Farrell. 

1601 Geary 

1701 Post 

1801 Sutter 

1901 Bush 


2001 Pine 

2101 California „ 

2^1 Sacramento 2200 

2-»l Clay 2:J00 

2401 Washington 2400 

2501 Jackeoa 2500 

2601 Pacific ma 

2701 Broadway 2700 

Moi vaiiejo...„....'::::::;:28o6 

2901 Green 2!«0 

3001 Union 30OO 

3101 Filbert ....:::.:.. "li6o 


3201 Greenwich .'"!3200 

Moulton "" 

(e) Townsend (e) 

First Avenue, bet 
Mission and Valencia. See 
Julian Avenue. 

First Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation S to J. 

First Avenue, .South S 
F. See Honduras. 

Fisher Alley, bet Pa- 
cific and Broadway fm 
Powell E. 

Flint Alley, bet San- 
some and Batterv fm Val- 
lejo S. 

Floral drove. See 

Florence, bet Taylor and 
Jones fm Broadway to 

Florida, bet Alabama 
and Bryant av fm Channel 
S to Serpentine av. 

Folgrer Alley, bet Web- 
ster and Fillmore fm Ellis 

Folsom, bet Howard and 
Harrison SW from East to 
Thirteenth thence S. 

S.E. Street. JST.W.side. 

1 East 2 

(r) Steuart '"'. (c) 

101 Spear M 

201 Main 200 

301 Beale 300 

315 Zoe place 

401 Fremont 400 

Baldwin court 408 

409 Grant place ... 

501 First ; 500 


543 Essex 

601 .Second '.'.■.■.■; 600 

6:i3 Hawthorne 

649 Hampton place... " 

701 Third 700 

717 Ritch _ 

761 Alice " 

801 Fourth 800 

827 Miller place... -_- 

901 Fifth ."" 900 

929 Falmouth " 

1001 Sixth 1000 

1011 Caroline __ 

Harriet ....1016 

1019 Columbia Square. . 

Rus8 .'.'.1028 

1039 Sherman ;_ _ 

Moss 1042 

1101 Seventh noo 

1113 Langton nw 

1127 Bruce place. .._ 

Rausch 1130 

114.5 Otis place '_ 

1201 Eighth 1200 

1301 Ninth 1300 

1401 Tenth iiiii^ 

1417 Juniper. . 

1501 Eleventh '.'." 1.500 

Norfolk ' 

1601 Twelfth ;.'.'.'.".'.'.'l600 

1701 Thirteenth ....1700 


1801 Fourteenth ..'"'!" 1800 

1901 Fifteenth.... "w 

2001 Sixteenth S.^m 

„i?^ Seventeenth 2100 

220 Eighteenth ;:2266 

■>i^} J;'°eteenth 2300 

2401 Twentieth 2400 

9^} Twenty-first ::25a) 

;O01 Twenty-.second....2600 

2701 Twent.v-third 2700 

;»01 Twenty-fourth 2800 

2901 Twenty-fifth .. 2900 

3001 Twenty-sixth:::::::3ooo 

*'•>*•«; Avenue. See 
Otis Place. 

Foote Avenue, San Mi- 

*"?■**!'' '^''' Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth fm Sanchez W 
to Castro. 

*"i?**'.t*o®i'» Avenue, 

South S F. See Porto 

Fortie'th Avenue, fm 

City Cemetery S. 

•"."^T'r^t"*!^**'** Avenue 

fm City Cemeterv S. 

Forty-eigrhth " Ave- 
nue, South S F. See 

Fprt.v-Ufih Avenue. 
fm City Cemeterv S. 

Forty-arth Avenue, 
South S F. See I»ica- 

Forty-tirst Avenue, 
tm City Cemeterv S 

Forty -first Avenue, 
houthSF. See San Oo- 

Forty -fonrth Ave- 
nue, fm City Cemetery S. 

Forty. fourth Av- 
enue, South S F. See 

Forly-ninth Avenue, 
fm B, south to J. 

Forty-ninth Avenue 
bouthSF. See Bolivia 

Forty-second Av- 
enne, fm City Cemetery 

Forty-second Av- 
enue, South S F. See 

Forty-seventh Ave- 
nue, fm City Cemetery 


Forty -seventh Ave- 
nue, South S F. See 

*'<»«'ty-8lxih Avenue, 

fm City Cemeterv S. 
Forty -sixth Avenue, 

South SF. See Tahiti. 
Forty-third Avenue, 

fm City Cemetery S 
Forty-third Avenue, 

South S F. See Argen- 
Fountain, bet Ellen and 
Bellevue fm Twenty- 
fourth to Twenty-sixth 
Fourteenth, bet Thir- 
teenth and Fifteenth fm 
Harrison W. 
SoiUh. Street. 
I Harrison.. 
101 Folsom ..., 
201 Howard... 


301 Mission 300 

Julian avenue ... . 

401 Valencia .'.'.'.'.'.' 400 

501 Guerrero 500 

601 Dolores ' 600 

Market „... ' 

701 Church ! 700 

801 Sanchez. 

901 Noe 

I 1001 Castro. ,^ 

i ?'?"*:*««'?**' Avenue, 
♦ South S F. See Para- 
' suay. 






200 I 

800 i 

90O i 

.1000 I 


WmWafles lorBesidences. stores, OfflCBS. etc. ^' 645 waSfsf ^^' 




Foarteenth Avenne, 

fm Pregldio Keservatlon 

south to V. 
Fourth, bet Third and 

Fifth fm Market SE to the 

£a>t. .Street. W. tide. 
I Market „ 2 

21 Stevenson. 

31 Jessie _ 30 

101 Mission. 100 

117 Minna 116 

133 Ererett.„ 

aoi Howard 200 

219 Tehama 218 

343 Clementina 242 

301 Folsom 300 

317 XiOnita :ii6 

333 Clara 332 

401 Harrison _ 400 

418 Perrr 416 

431 Silver 

501 Brvant. _. 500 

523 WeUh 

Sf! Frtelon 

601 Brannan 600 

Blax.<me 620 

701 Townsend 700 



801 Berrv- gQO 


Hoop r. 



Fonrtli Arenne, fm 
Presidio Reservation S to 

Foarth Arenae, Sonth 

8 F. See3tanlla. 
Foartb PIa«e,bot Hvde 

anrl Larkin fm Paclflc P. 
France Avenue, Ex- 
celsior Homestead Asso- 
Franoin, Academv Tract 
FranclHCO, bet Chestnut 
and Bay W fm Montgom- 
ery to Presidio Beserva- 
South. Street. if. side. 

1 Montjfomery 2 


(c) Kearny (c) 

101 Dupont _ 100 

Midway K«6t 

Bellair place 

201 Stockton 200 

Midway West 

301 PoweU 300 

401 Mason 400 

501 Taylor 500 

Montgomery av.... 

801 Jones eOO 

701 Leavenworth 700 

801 Hvde 800 

901 Larkin fflO 

1001 Polk 1000 

1101 Van Ness avenue.. 1100 

1201 Franklin 1200 

1301 0..i,i;ti 1300 

l-Kil octavia 1400 



1701 \Vfb5 

1801 Fillmore...... 

1901 Stelner 

2001 Pierce 

2101 Scott 

2201 Dcvlsadero.... 

2:«1 Bro<lerlck. 

2401 Bauer 

Franeonla Arei 

{r.) Lyon 



av, H n. 

Frank Place, Det Pine 

an.l C/illioruiafm Mason \V 

Franklin, bet Van Nus« 

av and i;oii«h N fm Mar- 

k.-t to L'wis. 

Wctt. Street. E. tUle 

1 Market and Page... 2 

Lily avenue 

101 <»ak _ 100 

Hickory avenue.... 

201 Fell 200 

Linden avenae . 

801 Hayed aoo 

Ivy avenue_ 

401 Grove 400 

Birch avenae. 

501 Fulton. 500 

Ash avenue 

601 McAllister 600 

LocTist avenae . 

701 Golden Gate av„... 700 

£lm avenne „ 

801 Turk. 800 

Laurel avenae 

901 Eddy 900 

Willow avenae.... 

1001 Ellis 1000 

Olive avenue.. 

1101 O'FarreU. 1100 

M^Ttle avenue 

1201 Geary 1200 

Cedar avenue. 

1301 Post 1300 

Walnut avenue 

1401 Sotter 1400 

Fern avenue 

1.501 Bush.. 1300 

1-507 Austin 1508 

1601 Pine 1600 

1701 California 1700 

1801 Sacramento 1800 

1901 Clay 19OO 

2001 Washington 2000 

2101 Jackson 2100 

2301 Pacific 2200 

2:»1 Broadwav 2300 

2401 VaUeJo „ 2400 

2.501 Green 2500 

2601 Union 2600 

2701 FUbert 2700 

2801 Greenwich 2800 

2901 Lombard 2900 

.%01 Chestnut 3000 

3101 Francisco 3100 


Gov't Reservation 

(e) Lewis (e) 

Franklin Square, bet 
.'^anta Clara and Center, 
York and Jersev. 
Frederick, bet Bryant 
and Brannan. See Fed- 
Frederick, bet Carl and 
Waller fm Masonic av W. 
Freelon. See l,lei«-- 

Freelon, bet Bryant and 
Brannan fm Fourth E to 

Fremont, bet Beale and 
First Im Market SE to the 
JEaH. Street. W. side. 

I Market 2 

101 Mission 100 


201 Howard 200 

24.3 Lincoln place 

301 Folsom 300 

401 Harrison 400 

425 Lawrence place... 

501 Bryant „ 300 

(e) Brannan (e) 

Fremont Court, bet 
Powell and Mason fm Clay 

FrcKuo, bet I'lumaa and 
India fm the bav W to 

Friedman Place, bet 

Pacillcand Broadwav from 
'-Larkin E. 

Front, bet Davis and Bat- 
tery N irom Market to 
We-,t. Street. £. tide. 

1 Market 2 

101 I'lm- 100 

201 (•aiifomla „... 200 

211 Halleck 

:«1 Sacramento 300 

317 Commercial 318 

4<ll Clay „ _ 400 

(c) Merchant. .,.._...„. 4I6 
501 Washlnifton fiOO 

Oregon 510 

601 Jarkson....„ „. 800 

Clark 614 

701 Pacific 700 

71:1 (,'banibers 712 

NOI Broailway 800 

!«1 Valltjo (d) 

lOOl Green (a) 

Commerce (d) 

1101 Union (, 

Dock (, 

1201 Filbert 

(e) Greenwich.. 

Front .4.Tenue, bet 

A\ ater Front and Hondu- 
ras fm India SE. 
Fulton, bet Grove and 

McAllister W fm Larkin. 
South. Street. X. side. 

1 Larkin _... 2 

101 Polk 100 

201 Van Jfess avenue. 200 

.301 Franklin 300 

401 Goush..._ 400 

501 Octavia. 500 

601 Lasuna ..„ 600 

701 Bacbanan. 700 

801 Webster 800 

901 Fillmore _ 900 

Steiner lOOO 

Pierce iioo 

1201 Scott 1200 

1.301 Devisadero i;«)0 

1401 Broderick 1400 

1501 Baker 1500 

1601 Lyon 1600 

1701 Lott 1700 

1801 Masonic avenue 1800 

1901 Ashburv tHOO 

2001 Clayton. 2000 

2101 Cole 2100 

2201 Shrader 2200 

2301 Stanyan 230O 

G, South SF. SeeSantee 
eainen, bet Batterv and 
San.-ome fm Green to 
I nion. 
Cale, bet First and Second, 
fm Townsend to,and front- 
ing, the bav. 
Grant Alley, bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores fm Fif- 
teenth to Sixteenth. 
Gambter, bet Madison 
and Harvard fm Silver av 
Garden, bet Sixth and 
Seventh fm Harrison to 
Garden ATCnne, bet 
Geary an' I Post fm Devis- 
adero to Btoderlck. 
Gardner, bet Keamvand 

Dupont fm Post X. 
Gardner Place, bet 
Clay and Washington tm 
Slason W. 
Garen, Ws San Bruno 
Itoad 4 miles fm Citv Hall 
GarOcId, N of Shields 
fm Orizaba av W, City 
Land As-soclation. 
Gate*, fm Cortland av S to 

Crescent av, B H 
Gaven, University H 

Gaven, bet Powell and 
Mason fm Filbert to 
Geary, bet O'FarreU and 
Post W fm Junction Kear- 
ny and Market to First av. 
South. Street. y. tide. 
1 JIarket AKeainy. 2 

25 Brooks 

101 Dupont. „ 100 

301 Stockton 

■301 Powell 300 

401 Mason 400 

— Metcalfe place 416 

417 Martha place _ 

.501 Taylor .500 

511 Geary place „_„. 

515 William ^ 512 

601 Jones 600 

701 Leavenworth. 700 

801 Hyde .SOO 

901 Larkin <ioo 

1001 Polk 1000 

1 101 Van Ness avenae. 1 100 

1301 Franklin „ 1200 

1301 Gough 13tX) 

1401 Oclavla. 1400 

1.501 Lajftina. 1500 

1601 Buchanan „ i«00 

1701 Webster.....™ 1700 

1801 Fillmore ison 

1901 Stelner 

2001 Pierce „ 

2101 Scott _ 2100 

2201 Devlaadero 2200 

2301 Broderick 2300 

8t Joseph's av 

Baker. 2400 

Lyon 2.500 

Central avenue 2600 

Walnut, 27 

2^1 Laurel 28 

2901 Collins ' "iSI 

3101 Blake. 30 

3101 Cook ■; 311 

3201 Bovce 33 

3301 Williamson.. ..■.■.■.■.■.'.■.".33 

3401 Chase 3* 

3501 Merrifield .Vi 

3601 Mear.s 361 

(e) First avenue (« 

Gear.v Place, bet Tayh 

and Jones fm Gearv S 
Geneva, bet Sixth ai 

Seventh fm Brannan SE, 
Geneva Avenue, fi 

Old County Road, Sa 

Georgre, bet Fifth an 

Sixth im Hooper to Ho) 

Georsia, bet Louisian 

and Michigan ftn Solano 

to Honduras. 
Cterke Fllb« 

and Greenwich (in Dupoi 

Germania, bet Katen 

^\ aller 13 ^Veb6ter to FJl 

<Sertrudis, fm Hecker 

W to Islals Creek. 
GIblM<.bet Washlu^tonaB 

Jack.eon fm Montj^omet 

av W. 
Gibraltar. Sooth 

Madagascar and Azoresfl 

Charter Oak av to Counl 

GIbiion, bet Green an 

Union fm Larkin E. 
Gila, South S F. bet K« 

kaskia and Tallapoosa li 

India SW to Couutv line; 
Gilbert, bet Sixth an 

Seventh fm Bryant I 

Gilmore, E s Kentuck 

nr Shasta. 
GIrard, bet .San Broa 

Road and Berlin fm Silvc 

av S. 
GlaNgow, bet Pow-^" ■>- 

Masciii Im Eddvt.i I 
Glen Park A>«: .. 

bet Mission and H 

fm Twelfth SW. 
Glent«ood Pla<'< 

Twplftli and Thi; 

fm Howard .«;. 
Glover,bet Broadu 

Vallelo itu Jones N\ 
Goat Alle.T, bet I 

ami Sansome fm ^ 

to tJreen. 
GodeuB, E 6 Mis 

Thlrtlith E to Ca 

God.v, Ws MlBSii,: 

Goettincen, bet 

and Simersel fm 
av S. 
Gold, bet Jackson n 
clflc fm Sansome t'. ' 
Golden Court, l»: 
and Leavenworth (: 
ramento .s. 
<,)olden Gate > > 
enne, bet .Mc.\lli^• 
Turk Wfiii JuncU. 1 
lor and Market. 
South. Street. -N 

1 Market and Ta> 

101 Jones 

201 Leavenworth .. 

Dale place 


301 Hyde 

401 Larkin 

501 Polk 

801 Van Ness avenu 

701 Franklin 

801 Gongh 

901 Octavia. 

1001 Laguna 

1101 Buchanan IIC 

1301 Webster I2C 

1301 Fillmore 130 

1401 Stelner 14C 

1.501 Pierce 150 

1601 ScoU... 180 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY "^^ ^T. west of nilmore Stree- 

w www kriVill^ll I OFFICK, 33 GBAKY »T. 

. MACDONOUGH & CO. '-'••"-'- «'-«-«-.*r..„coAr.„„^r,«.K«v 



J\ — Seymour avenue... 

jgjTOI DevlMdero 1700 

I Noi Broderlck 1800 

t;vi Baker 1^00 

>.,'!'} L.vo" ■•MO" 

(101 LoK 2100 

.>;(f) Masonic avenue... (e) 

jjiolden ante Park, 

fl l.t 1) and H Ini the ocean 
t(. Stanyan and bet Fell 
and Oak to Baker. 
loldnian Place, bet 
Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth fni MiKklon E. 
l«H>d-thil<lren, bet 
hearny and Pupont fni 
Greenwich to Lombard 
iiiodoell Place, bet ' 
Harrison and Bryant fm 

lordon, bet KIghth and 
Mnth irom Harrleon NM' 
•"«»•, bet Franklin and 
•ctayla N fm Market to 

Street. E. tide. 

Market * Halght. 2 

Rose avenue 

M PfSe 100 

Lily avenue 

01 Oak 200 

Hickory avenue.... 

01 fpll. 300 

Linden avenue 

" H'jes :.: 400 

Ivy avenue 

(•rove ; 500 

Birch avenue.....' 

31 Fulton .'.'.' 800 

Ash avenue....'...*.'." 

McAllister 700 

Locust avenue... 
Golden Gate av.'.."'.' 800 

Tark 900 

Laurel avenue!!!.' 

Wl'y 1000 

jviiiow avenue 

t;j''8 UOO 

Olive avenue 

O'Farrell ;:i2oo 

Myrtle avenue.... 

IJeary 1300 

t^ilar avenue... 

';?»' !.!!l400 

" alnut avenue. 

S''«er -.ISOo 

fern avenue. 

B"s|' -.".-leoo 


Pine '.'..!!!!! ""1700 

California '.■.!i8oo 

Sacramento looo 

y.a>--; ...2000 

v> af hington 2100 

Jackson. . fonn 

g-'^'flc ■Z!.'.'!!!i^ 

Broadwoy 2400 

Jn'lejo 2500 

, "'"7" .2600 

* Union _2700 

Filbert " '2800 

Greenwich '_'2flO0 

Lombard 3000 

Chestnut .Sino 


Oratfan, S of Sullivan Im 
Sfanynn W. 

*'r';*.*"',.,^.''' Vallejo and 
Union Wlm tront to Pre- 
sidio Reservation. 

"^l^rolItT'- ^-'"'^J 

- gS&:!:!!!F"-''^ 

201 Sansome " 200 

— — Calhoun ' 

301 Slontpomery 


319 Kohler place. 

Bone alley " S2& 

3.S1 Heed place.. ..!:;:;:!-r? 

401 Keariiy 400 

I Sonora " 405 

-— - Lafayette place!!!!! -120 

501 Dupont .500 

Baniiani place ....!! 510 

- Union place 522 

5J9 Bower place 

Graham place !!!!!! 639 

Montgomery av.... 
601 Stockton fioo 

701 Powell.. !:!:::;;; ^ 

£.aton alley... 

— - August alley ....'.■.!!.■ 713 

801 Mason goo 


90t Taylor qoo 

\Z Jones :::::::.iZ 

1101 Leavenworth uoo 

New Orleans alley 


1201 Hyde 

1301 Larkln..., 

1401 Polk „,„ 

\m\ I"" Ness avenue'.! 1500 

}S. j^™n^lln 1600 

""' Gough 1700 

2501 Scott asno 

2G01 Dovlsa.lero.. 2600 

2701 Broderlck ■.'.'.'.■.'.'..'ZTOO 

""Iter 2800 





1801 Octavla.... 

1901 Laguna ! 

2001 Buchanan 

2101 Webster... 

.2201 Fillmore ; 

2301 Stelner 

2401 Pierce... 

2501 Scott ..'!!!!.':!... ^„ 

2601 Devlsadero "2600 

g« Broderlck .':;.'; !!!2ro6 

2801 Baker 2Sm 

(e) Lyon !!!!!!!!!!::!!: (^ 




Oreen Place, bet Mont- 

1 Francisco.. .^„ 

Bay !!!!!!!!!" 

Gov't Rese'r'v'a'tio'n 
> I^^^ls (e 

rnia bet Dupont and 

ahaiii Place, bet 

ocklon and Dupont fm 
nloii to (7reen. 
anada. ^:oHth 8 F, bet 
ilvadur and Bermuda fm 
mibkbee to Alleghanv 
»nd Avenue, bet 
inth and Tenth fm MIs- 
>n to Howard. 
»nd Place, bet Dn- 
m and Kearny fra Fll- 

»nt, bet ."Saratoga and 
n ini La Grand av S 
»nt AIIe.T, bet Guer- 
o and Dolores, fm Fif- 
nih to sixteenth. 
'■* ^ '»<•«'. bet Tre- 
nt and* Irstfm Folsom 

«■*?"• Coart, bet 

Mission and Howard, 
Sp^ar qnd Sleiiart. 
Qreenwich, bet Filbert 
and Lombanl W fm Front 
to Presidio Reservation 

"^T-Tr^Zt ''■'^% 

101 Battery !!!!;;.' jqo 

201 .Sansome... " 200 

Prlngle court'.':!!!!!! 

301 Montgomery 300 

401 Kearny jm 

-— Telegraph place.'::: 

501 Dupont goQ 

505 Kramer plactj.'.... " 

Bellevue avenue!' 

601 Stockton 800 

Bond allev... 

701 Powell ...."..... : 700 

703 Gaven _ 

Chamber's alley" 

721 Scotland ...;: 

Montgomery av.!!! 

801 Mason 800 

Hartmann !!.!!!! 806 

.lansen 816 

901 Taylor "^ 

907 Roach ...!!!"_ 

1001 Jones 1000 

1101 Leavenworth..:.'.': '1100 

Randall place .. 




(e) Lyon rg) 

^vm """V •'e' Unlon"'and 
1' llbert fm Octavla to La- 

t ulton tm Larkln W. 
Scnttli Street. A' side. 
1 Larkln 2 

101 Polk ■.'.'.!"; ]o5 

?SJ y*" ?'.?'"'* a^'enu'e!! 200 
301 Franklin 300 

*ji <Jo"e'' ::::Z 

501 Octavla 500 

601 Laguna :"" fi(io 

701 Buchanan... 70O 

801 Webster... 800 

901 Fillmore 960 I 

Stelner .v:!.::::::: 

,.^, ^'""'0 Square.!!!!!! 
1201 Scott 1200 

}^}-^?.::i'S"'''''''''"{4'ss ' 

l^\ Bfer :.':!::!!:::!::}'5oS 

1601 Lyon ifino 

1701 Lott ..; ,700 

JmJ Masonic avenup!!!i800 

1901 Ashbury 1000 

^) iKi;:!!EE;;:i 

Ouadaloupe, South SF 
°f' Azores and Vancouv- 
er fm Charter Oak av to 
County line. 
enalemala. South S F, 
bet San Domingo and Ar- 
gentine fm San Bruno 
Road to County line. 
*'"«»'»'e«*o, bet Valencia 
?»•' .Dolores fm Market S 
to Old San Jos6 Road, 
^•o*^. ^Street. W. tide. 

Market o 

Rl'lley :;.;•"■• joo 

Clinton Park!!!. 

Baltimore Park.!"' 





.;,■■"• 1400 

Van Ness avenue. 1.500 

J,ranklln moo 

Gough 1700 

I'ctavia !i8O0 

Laguna...„ uoo 

BiK-hanan 2000 


Fillmore 2260 

2301 Stelner ......V; ■fflOO 

iWOl Plerce...„..:.:... I ^M 



201 Fourteenth '" 200 

301 Fifteenth. .::::"" m 

401 Sixteenth !!!..!! 4S0 

— Camp 

501 Seventeent'li!!!!!!!!!! 500 

519 Dorland ^18 

601 Eighteenth. .:.: m 

701 Nineteenth..::...:- mO 

„^ Cumberland 

801 Twentieth 800 

^1 T^^entyi'fl'm!::!::::; 900 

X)l Twenty'-"8cco'iid!!!!!i000 


101 Twenty-thlrd:.:::"iioo 

_ Elizabeth •••■•""" 

5SJ J'*''^nty-'"""rth....'.':i200 

]^] Twenty-fifth 1.300 

1401 Twenty-Hlxth 1400 

Ouiana, South S F. bet 
Vancouver and Malacca 
fm Railroad av to County 

Oun'niaon ATcnae. 8 

s Preclta av S to Ripley 
place. '^ 

finntH'rnn,het Powell and 
»i asoii fm California to Sac- 

Oiilenberv. West End 
Home.Mead Association. 

*"'•'♦; ,pi«««, bet Folsom 
and Harrison fm First SW 

H, bet Golden Gate Park 
and I im First av W 

H, South S F. See Pen- 

401 Webster 400 

501 Fillmore " sflO 

801 Stelner .— * ^ 

701 Pierce.... SS 

801 .Scott ::::::: i^ 

901 Devisadero. " " <H)n 

1001 Broderlck....:!!! :::::iiS 

1101 Baker iino 

1201 Lyon :..: .1^ 

1301 Lott !!!! \-^ 

)*}' Masonic aven'a'e!!!l400 

ItOl Ashburv ivin 

1601 Clayton iZZlS 

1701 Cole 1701, 

1801 shrader ....:::;■•: i^ 

(e) Stanyan ! (g) 

■»'««Wr San Bruno Rood 

""Vm "*•'•' •*«' Sansome 
1 ar^d Montgomery ttai Val- 

Hull C-oiirt, bet Wash- I 

II»II Place, bet Leav- 

"«"«««*' bet California 
and Sacramento fm Front 
to Leidesdorff. 

"»"**!?' ?' * Buchanan 
nr Lombard. See Mag- 
nolia. ^ 

".?Vu"**!"' ''«' Holyoke 
5;"^.By«^''oinfm Silver av 

nlaniiiion Sqaare, bet 

.Vott and Stelner, Post and 
Haniiln, bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde fm Green 

Hamlin Place, bet 

LarkiiT'E^ and Vallojo fm 
Ilanimo'nd Place, bet 

Second and Third ftn 
Townsend to Berry. 
Ifaiu|iKhire,bet Potrero 
?/ 8,°''„Yont fm Mission 
Creek S to Twenty-flret, 1 
thence E to Jersey, thence 
S to Serpentine av. 

Hainpfon <'ourt, bet 

Hawthorne and Third fm 
Harrison NW. 

I1aiu|i(4>n Place, bet 
Second and Third fm Fol- 
som SE. 

Hancock,bet Eighteenth 
?.k'' ^^'nr;««nth, from 
Church to Noe. 

Hanover, West End 

Hardie Place, bet Sut- 
ter and Bush im Kearny 

Hard^, bet Church and 
haiKhes N from Sixteenth 
to Seventeenth 

Harlan Place, bet Sut- 
ter and Bush tm Dupont 

Harlem Alley, bet 

Li-avenworth and Ada 

Court fmo'Faia-llN. 
Harper, bet Warren and 

Merced fm Thirtieth S to 

Harriet, bet Sixth and 

Seventh fm Howard to 




HarrUon, bet Folsoin 
and Bryant SU fm Steuart 
to b ourteenth, thence 8 to 


ruman, Isham & Co. 

Hanrin, bet Third and 
!■. Mirth im King to Berry. 
HaiKlit, l>et Waller and 
J'age W fm Junction Gough 
ond JIarket. 
*""'■ 'Street. jv. side. 
1 Market and Gough 2 

101 Dctavia „. 100 

201 Laguna 2OO 

301 Buchanan 300 

V. tide. 



Manufacturers' Hgeris, 

Serpentine a 
South. Street. 

I Steuart 

101 Spear 


201 Mam „ " 200 

301 Beale ::..": So 

431 Fremont ^ 

501 jirst ::.: 500 

fcssex sjg 

551 Rincon place... ."" 

557 Stanley place ". 

— - Charles place ...:.!:: 570 

901 Second __ 800 

509, 511 MARKET ST. 

»AS FBA9rCl»CO. 

UIMPkl CY QDITRQ Jt, UAVCQ rri^ToiriRosr workn.»»« Fremont si r<^« 

nini/IVLEl I , Or ILnO <X riA I CO, A«<-nu for lUe celobrauM »KANK SSTKA2V PlT»r 



U »r r I » o B Areaar. 

S«^ Brace Place. 
Mnrr.i.fni Lakiley SWto bet Xo« and 
t.i-;- '.:, Ki(!ht««ntb $ to 

Hnriniitna, bet Ma»on 

.1: , .-.^ : r ttai Gtvenwich 

, niery av. 

li:ti>:iiri. bet rtMnbtor 

- 1 ftn Silver «v 

laoi Lyon. l«Xt ! 

IWl LoM «_ ITWI 

1»M Masonic •veBne....l8lX) 

i«»V. .•\snbury iwoo 

avt o«,vton aw 

2101 Colo _. ._ 2UT0 

2au Shr«.U-r 2300 

V.J Staivvan (,f) 

Ha^aard. ht^t Seventh ! 
»ml KWhlh ftti Harrlsiin 1 

Ha? wood. S<v Alice. ' 

Heart. Ivt Rrlght ami Vic- • 

tori.i, riiy Lana Assixla- 1 

Heath, fm Cortland av | 

S to San Bruno Road. j 

Heeker, fu» Islals Creek 1 

W. i;iil Map No 4. I 

Helen Place, l>et Leav- 
enworth and Hyde tlnCal- 1 

Helena, S<^uth S F. S of 1 
Islaif I'n^'k fm Water- | 
V lllo M" to SteHl>en. I 

Henrtcmon Avenne, 
S s iJe.iry l^et Johnson av 
atul Kin-t av. 

Henrietta, fm San Jos^! nr Thlnleth SK to 
North av, B H, 

Klovouih K. 

Henr.> . Ul Ilyde and Lar- 
klu fni Lv'inliard X. 

Hcnr.> . l". M. T. See 

Hcnr.i. b»-t Fourteenth 
and Kitttvnth t^» Noe W. 

Hcrinarer, K of San Bra- 
no Ki^ad 4 miles 1^ City 



Hernaann. Kof SanBni- , 

no K<vad Smiles tm Cltv 

Heron, bet Folsom and i 

Harris^Mi nn Ktshth XE. j 


d Alle.v. bet 

iind l>upoQt im 


r eoo 

Bellevue and 
Vean House ( 
-flrth S 

.V. tide. 

lln«c-it« Place, bet 

^: , n: : and To* ell fm 

\\ .•.-• : .:.'U S. 
■iMnrk. '.'-I Tenth and 

: m Vol^om S. 
Hnm Ihorne, bet Second 

:^ . . • : an Kolsom to 

i;..-- - ■ . 
Hm> <-ft. : ; F< '.; and Grove 


.e_ aw 

■ .^'a. 







( Max-in and Scv»tt pi fm ] 
Pacliic S. ' 

He:rn Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde tin ' 
Oay S, I 

Hickor.T ATCanc, bet . 
i (."'ak and Fell im Van Xess \ 
av to Webster. s 

I 5ii>ii/A. Strtet, 
i 1 Van 
101 Franklin.. 

i ail Oouih 

an iMavla... 
] *>\ Lacuna.... 
I SOI Biuh-inan 
, AU Web.-tor.. 

Uivli. I 
I Misflon tvean 
Koal im Twint 
to Twrnty-Mxth. | 

'' Hlvl>l»nd Terrace. , 
N s CjUlf^'mla bet Jones 
and Lcavfuworth. ! 

Hill, bet Twenit -first and i 
Tw.•m^->• V, ;ul fill Vi,l-;i- 
1 cla ^^ 

Hinilii. i in. 111:1 l-;:i. .' 
' l<ei ^ 

ra..l.> ... ..:,...,.iu«v. 
, Htncklej. IhI Bi\>ad»ay 

and Vall.-Ji' I'm Kt'am> to 

l>uvv>nt. I 

Hobart Alley, b^t I'o^t 

and Suiter fm Taylor E. 
Hodare* .\IIey. bet San- 

!k>mr an '. .Mont<^«merT ftn | 

ValL'Jo N. 
Hodce* C o n r I. bet 

.Mark.t and Mission fax 

Spear W. 
Hodnoa Alle.v. bet 

Mlvdon and First av fm 

SiNtwnth N. 
' Hoir ATCBiie. bet Mls- 

i.lon and Valencia ftn Slx- 

ter'nth to Seventeenth. 
HolllB, bet Buchanan and 

^V^■b^ter Im Elll^ to UFaT- 1 


Holly Park Avenue, 

S\\ s Bernal Uelshta nr 

San Jo.<* Road. 
Holyoke. iH^t Si^niertiot 

and Hamilton tin Silver 

av S. 
Homer. Ivt Boyd and 

H.irrUon im Cliesloy NK 

niKl SW. 
HoiiiCKlcad. bet Poitj;- 

lass .ind Kllen ftn Twcuty- 

I'ourth to Twonty-sl.xth. 
Hondnrax. Sonlh S F, 

K 01 l^eumark fm Islals to 

Hooker .4 1 1 e :>' . bet 

Bush and IMne fm Ma»on 

Hooper, bet Channel and 

Irwtn SW fm Kentucky to 

Ho|te. fm California av X 

W to Franconla av, B H. 
Hopelon Terrace, bet 

St.'ckton and rowoll fm 

W.-.shtn>;ton S. 
Horace AIlc.i. bet F.d- 

som and ShotwoU tin 

Twonty-iifth to Twentv- 

Houston, bet Chestnut 

and Fiancisco fm Ta.vlor 

to Jones. 
Howard, bet Mission and 

Folsom SW fm East to 

Thirteenth, thence S to 

Sorv>entlne av. 
^iifA. Sttrtt. .V. ride. 

1 EaM „. 2 

Ac\ Stenart. (c) 

Green court.... 

101 Si>e*r „ 100 


»1 Main „ aw 

;vi Beale 300 

*M Fremont. 400 

sn Firsu „ 500 

Maiden alley 

Second. eoo 

New Montgomerv 

K« Hubl»anl 

Wl Third ...„ TOO 

AH Fourth 800 

Howard courC.™.. S14 

»n Fifth „ 900 


1001 sixth 1000. 

1013 Harriet 

um Kutw 

li^ Moss. 

1101 Seventb. 1100 

1111 Lan^jn 

1127 Kausch..._ 

1159 Sumner 

13)1 E1>:hth„„ _....iaiO 

" Mnlh „.., 1300 



Berkeley avenue. 

- (Srand avenue „ 

l*n Tenth..„ 1400 

laoi K)eventh„.„ ISO) 


leoi Twelfths leoo 

Botrles place 1626 

i:\n Thirteenth ITOO 

Krle „ 

l.*l Fourteenth..™ ISOO 

ISOl Filteeulh 1900 

Hudaon. See Appi 

Hulbcrt Alle.T. 

Four>h and Fifth S] 

I NW fm iMara. 

I Humboldt, Kt SU 

and Nevada ftn Wi 

FMnt to Marvland. 

Hunt, l>et Mission 

Howarxl ftn Thlnl N K. 

Hunter. Ws San Br 

Riwd 4 miles ftn City ] 

Hur«>u. San Mlgnc 

Hyde, bet Leavcnwc 

and Larkin X ftn Mc 

lister to Jell'erson. 

WesU Street, E, * 

1 McAllister 

101 Tyler 

a)l Turk 

20s Hyde place 

an Kdd.T 

401 Kills. 

501 O'Farrell 

Mabel alley 

(501 Geary 

TOl Post 

Sin Sutler. 

an Bush 

1001 Fine 

1101 CVaiibmla. 

ran Sacramento. 

Troy alley 

l.'Xn Clay 

14(n Washlntstou 

1501 Jack!«.>u.._ 

lan Pacific. 

L> nch 

1701 Bruadwuy 

ISin Vallejo 

1901 Green 

I><>lgado place .... 

Russell _..__ 

axil rnloa r- 

Alien , 

2101 Flllwrt 

2an Greenwich 

j 2:»n Lombard. „... 

I 2*n Chestnut 

2501 Francisco 

aeoi Bay ...._ 

Benten alley 

27»n Xorth I'oint 

2901 Beach 

^#) Jeffersiin.. , 

H.Tde Place, l<et 1 

and RIdy lYn Hyd.- W, 
I, bet H and J fm First 

I, Simth S F. See Oni 
Idaho, U>t Arizona 

Pacotah ihi Water F? 

Sto India. 
Illinois, bet MKta< 

and Kentucky ftu Koi 

S to Honduras. 
India, S^>uthSF.SW 

N s of India Basiu. 
India .%Tcnue. K> 

slor Homestead .' 




_ 2300 

2501 Twenty Urst, iiOO 

2«i>l Twtnty-sttond 3800 

2701 Tw<nt\-ihli\l Z?X) 

2*11 Twt.ntv-luunh..„..2Sl00 

2»il Twenty-ailh -iWO 

:n>I Twenly-slxth. 3000 

i.e'i SeriK'uilne av (,e) 

Howard Court, bet 

Fourth and Fifth fm 

H.wani N\V. 
HoM Ih. ~ . ^: , 
Huhltai.l r..i 



.vniih >\^ nil ivtniucKyto 

■ ndsoa, bet Fourth and 
Fifth f m Channel to South. 

Indiana, bet MIuim 
and Iowa fm Center 
Ion. lH>t Grant an<l M,- 
Ileld ftn La Grand av ! 
Iowa, bet Indiana 
Pennsylvania im Cent 
to Tulare, 
Irwin. K't Hiniper 
HubbellSWfm K.ntl 
to Klrhth. 
iMtbel. fm Wolfe SI 

Sliakspeare, B H. 

IsiB, W't Kolsoni an t : 

rl.-on fm Twelfth >W 

lalalm. S s lMai> <' 

channel I'm the '..a;- W 

Ital.v A«enuc. 1. 

slor Homestead A.-m 


iTf ATCnae, Ni H. 

at>d Urove fm IVIk \* 

South. Streei. S.t 

1 Polk _ 

iM Van Xesaaveuu*. 

iOi Franklln._:. 

301 t«>UKb 

401 i>ctavla...„ _. 

501 La«iuna_ 

eoi Buchaiutn 

701 Webster 


>ijOHN WIGMORE— HARDWOOD LUMBER: 129 to 147 Spear Street 






_ 800 

ace._ fm 



._10I4 I 

„.IM» I 

...1200 ■; 

...laoo I 

r.Hoo I 

...1300 ! 

..A«m ' 

tmwti, S<iath S T. b«t M»a- 
ritlnn &Dd .Salvador fm .Sil- 
ver av to Anegrbany. 
JefTrraom. bet Beach and 
Toafium W fm Powell to 
{TeaUlto Reserratlon. 
SoutA. Street. Jf. tide. 

1 Powell. (d) 

101 Ma«on (d) 

8)1 Taylor (d) 

301 .loner rd) 

401 L^arenwonb (d; 

-501 Hy<le Cdj 

«01 Larkla. 8» 

TOl Polk 7W 

Van Ne»a ar<fnue. 

— GoT't Reservation 

13)1 LauTina „ia» 

l-Tjl Bachaaan 1300 

HDl WetHter t«0 

l.y>l FtUmore 130O 

lfii)l jiteiner IBOO 

17j1 Pierce 1?» 

ISOl Scott L*0 ' 

l!«l Devtsader^y. 190O 


411 Antonio 

Sterelo-i place... 

.501 OKarreU 

mi Geary 

Cutta^'e place.... 

701 Poit _ 

Lewla place.... 
?iu[tt-r _ 

Whlfe's pU.:e . 

V)l Ba»h 

l'«'l Pia^ „. . 

1101 Calif.. m;a 

IJjl >acTaiii-:a:o..... 


1301 Cl*y 

1401 Waahtagton.— 

1.501 Jackaon 

lani Pacific 

IW BemanL 

1701 BrMdway 



ai;l Baker.. 
ie> Lyon.. 


1901 Green 



2101 Filbert. 





„ 3700 


enae (e) 


UHom Park, bet | 
i • Lara and )Iaripo»a, > 
na and .\rkan--a*. ' 
>»»o« Pl»««, bet 
.-J and Vallejo fm 
•-•-ni-r.- E. 

jreflnprson AT«iia«, E s 

Ljr;r-. li. r rO.rtlandav 
J»-' uare, het 

! Til Eddy, 

Jerome .llley. bet 

MontKomerr and Kearnv 
fm Pacific .S. 


Cre«k - 


and T- 

-^an Jor« 1...C1 . .- ■.■ i.-..^- 
Je^alc, bet Jlarket and 

Mission t'm First SW. 
.^.£. StrteL .V". W. tide. 

1 First 2 


Anthony.^ .._____ 

101 SWond MO 

Xew Montgomery 

161 Annie 1«2 

<b) Third (b) 

301 Fonrth dOO 

m FKtb.._ (b) 

431 Mint arenae 

501 Sixth SCO \ 

*)1 Seventh 80O j 

There are also In thla [ 
block nambers from 1 
to aoiDdoslve. 
701 E»ebrh TOO 




Jone* AI1«7, bet Sao- 

; >Iont«i]nnerT ftn 

a to Jackson. 

■J.MM . I>la««, NsBry- 

- '.chandSerenth 

JuixrpbiMC, bet Central 

av an>i Eogenfs (m Ge«rr 

JoacHk'" Terrace, E s 

Stockton bet Lombard ami 

l'v>l Filbert. 


1701 Lombard.. 


1901 FtaiiciM»>. 

am Bay 

(«j N<jrtb Point 

Keaiaefcce, bet Baoiu 

asd GMe» fm Caitfomia 
ar S to BfMAmr Ttan, B. 


b-rs NinrteenthandTweQ- 

Siesh fm Howanl W. 
Meat, bet ra^>n and FO- 

benAn Mason W. 
Kea<iB<k7, liet DKnois 

and T« - ~ 

nets to 

Ja7,fm CaBfomia av XW 

JaUa. bet Seremh and 

Berrr SW te the bay . . 
.9LEL Stnei. JT.W.Hig. 

pont and Stockton fm 

O'FarreU y. 
JaUaa ATemae, bet 

Miasion and Valettcia Cm 

Foorteenth to Sxteenth. 
JalitBK, bet Keamr and 

Dnpou fm LombMd S. 

JTamcMam, or Brj-, bet I 
Twenty-nlBth and Tbir- 
tietli fm9maJ<m€ Boai W 

per, bet Tenth and 


(fr) I 

16J I 

Malta ao-1 MailaKa.«car fm 
RallTijadav to Water Front 

l»aie», .«onth S F, bet.^t 
Lawr^nr^ an.l Kaskaskta 
fm \Narr Fmnt SW to 
Ojnntv J.'!... 

aae Place, bet Mason 
and Taylor fm Pme N. 
iutaea. bet Ma.<on and 
Taylor fm Greenwich to 

apan, S s Bryant bet 
First and Second. 

lapan Aveane. E.tcel- 
»1or Uomesteail Ajisocia- 

ilbenfm Jasper place 

laaper Place, bet Do- 
vmr and Stockton ftai 

L 'a:...n Co t ilbert. 


K'ri.- :• 

Jonah. S';nn-Vil" Uoci'- 

Jone«, ' 7i ' - >.' 

Jaalpera, bet Tiikand 

St Rom's av fm Maaonle 

av W to Parker ar. 
K. bet J and L fm roaith 

av W. 
K. S'>ath S F. See Saraa- 

Kan>:ut. V. E"" -I^ Inland 

Uia, ?..ath SF, 
and GUa fm 
rSWtotoon-<on fm India MT &£. 
K»hler'% yta 

fm Green &, 

MaaciMik*, fm Oortland 

av S to CRMcn* •▼. B n. 


Imp-.nt and dtocktao fm 
Kraac<Ci-<lI Alley, 

lad ~ 

I^CucMa. bet On 

lAfaycMe, West 



too, Gon^h and Lagnaa. 




Kittle & CO . improved oil cake MEAl-the best feed in the wt 



l.arayeUe Place, bet 

Kearny and Dapont Im 
Green to Union. 
I.a Orand Avenue, 

fm India av S. 
liaguna, bet Octavia and 
Buchanan N fm Market to 
Weict. Street. E. side. 

I Market and Kate .. 2 

101 Waller 100 

201 Halght 200 

Rose avenue 

301 Page 300 

Lily avenue 

401 Oak 400 

Hickory avenue.... 

501 »11 500 

Linden avenue 

601 Hayes 600 

Ivy avenue 

701 Grove 700 

Birch avenue 

801 Fulton 800 

Ash avenue 

901 McAUlBter 900 

Locust avenue 

1001 Golden Gate av 

1101 Turk 

Laurel avenue 

1201 Kddy 1200 

Willow avenue 

1301 Ellis 1300 

Olive avenue 

1401 O'Farrell 1400 

Myrtle avenue 

1501 Gear.v 1500 

Cedar avenue 

1601 Post 1600 

Ewlng place 

Walnut avenue .... 

1701 Sutter 1700 

Fern avenue 

1801 Bush 1800 

1901 Pine liJOO 

2001 California 2000 

2101 Sacramento 

2201 Clay 

2;»I Wa'-hlngton 2300 

2401 Jack>on 2400 

2501 Pacific 2500 

2601 Broadwa>- 2(KX) 

2701 Vullejo 2700 

2801 Green 2800 

2901 Union 2900 


3001 Filbert 3000 

— — Harry place 

3101 Greenwich 3100 

3201 Lombard 3200 


3301 Chestnut .'(300 

;J401 Francisco 3400 

35()1 Bay SiJOO 

.■«!01 North Point 3600 

3701 Beach 3700 

3801 Jcflerson 3800 

3901 Tonquin 3900 

(e) Lewis (e) 

Laliainn, .South S F, bf>t 

Algeria and Mauritius fui 

Islals Creek to Water 

Laid lev, fm Thirtieth .S 

K to }<alrniount, thence 

SW to Cahtrci. 
I>aKe, bet Clay and .Sacra- 

nienlc) I'm First av to City 

Landern, croHses Market 

at liiiicllon of Fourteenlh 

and Church. 
liunicton, bet .''evcnth 

and KIglilh fm Howard to 

.s ..t Itrvanl. 
I.apidare. bet Valencia 

anil GMierrero fm Elgh- 

leenlh to Nineteenth. 
L,arkin, bet ll.vdc and 

I'olk N fm Alarket to 

Went. Street. K side. 

1 Market and Hoyes 2 

Park avenue 

101 Grove 

Birch avenue 

201 Fulton 

213 Ash avenue 

301 McAllister 300 

315 Locust avenue 

401 (lolden (idle av 400 

Kim aven\ie 

Turk 500 

Laurel avenue 

Eddy 600 

Willow avenue 

Ellis 700 


Olive avenue 

O'Farrell 800 

Myrtle avenue 

Geary 900 

Cedar avenue 

Post 1000 

Walnut avenue - — 

Sutter 1100 

Fern avenue 

Bush 1200 

Vorralh place 1206 


Pine i:<00 

California 1400 

Sacramento 1500 

Clav 1600 

Washington 1700 

Jackson 1800 

Pacitic 19(10 

Friedman place 1910 

Broadwa.v ....2000 

Hamlin place 

Vallelo 2100 

Green 2200 


Union 2300 

Filbert 2400 

Greenwich 2500 

Lombard 2600 

Chestnut 2700 

Francisco 2800 

Bay 2900 

North Point 3000 

Beach 3100 

Jefferson (d) 

Tonquin (e) 

l,aHliie, Det Eighth and 

Ninth fiH Mission NW. 
I.a(.liani Place, bet El- 
lis and O'Farrell fm Ma- 
son W. 
liaura Place, bet San- 
some and Montgomery I'm 
Pine S. 
l<aurel, bet Walnut and 

Locust fni California N. 
liaurel Avenue. See 

Andover Avenue. 

liaurel Avenue, bet 

Turk arid Eddy fm Larkin 

to Webster. 

South. Street. iV. side 

1 Larkin 2 

101 Polk 100 

201 Van Ness aveime.. 200 

;)01 Frankdn ,300 

(6) GouMh (6) 

Jefl'erson Square... 

(h) Octavia (b) 

fiOl La-nna 600 

701 Buchanan 7tX) 

801 Webster 800 

Liaurel Place, l>et Fol- 
soni and Harrison fm First 
to Essex. 
■..auHHal, bet Halght and 
WnlliT fui Fillmore W to 
liawrence Place, bet 
llnrrlson and Bryant fm 
Fremont E. 
l.a,y<on, E of Conkling 
fm Silver av N to near 
I<ea ven wor t h, bet 
J.-nesand Hyde N fm Mc- 
Allister to Jelferson. 
Wfjit. Street. K. side. 

I McAllister 2 

101 G. Men Gate av 100 

Biirchani place 

201 Turk 200 

:m ¥aU\ 300 

401 Ellis 400 

501 O' Fan ell 500 

001 (;<urv 600 

701 Post 700 

801 Suiter 800 

901 Bush 900 

1001 Pine. lOOO 

1101 Cullfornln 1100 

Aiorn alley 

1201 Socramento 120n 

1301 Clay 1300 

1401 Washington 1400 

1501 Jackson 1500 

1601 Pocltlc IflOO 

1609 Lynch 

Bernard 1614 

1701 Broadway 1700 

- Waldo alley — 


1801 Vallejo 1800 

1901 Green 1900 


2001 Union 2000 


2101 Filbert 2100 

2201 Greenwich 2200 

2:W1 Lombard 2300 

2401 Chestnut 2400 

2501 Francisco 2.50(> 

2601 Bay 2600 

2701 North Point 2700 

Montgomery av.... 

2801 Beach 2800 

(e) Jefferson (e) 

Ledyard, bet Concord 
and Scott avs fm Silver av 
lice, fm Cortland av S to 
San Road, S s B H. 
I<elde»tdorfr, bet San- 
some and Montgomery fm 
Pine N to (;iay. 
West. Street. E. tide. 

1 Pine 2 

101 California 100 


201 Sacramento 200 

213 Commercial 212 

(e) Clay (e) 

Lena Place, bet Shasta 
and Napa from Illinois E. 

Leunore. E s San Bruno 
Road 3 miles fmCltvIlall. 

LeroT Place, bet Jones 
uiid Leavenworth Im Sac- 
ramento N and S. 

LcMtrade Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Pacitic N. 

liCulH. fm Polk Wto Pre- 
sidio Reservation fronting 
the bay. 

LewlH. See AddlHon. 

LewiM PliM-e, bet Post 
anil Sutter Im Taylor to 

Liberty, bet Third and 
Fourtli See Cl.vde. 

Liberi.v, bet Twentieth 
and Twent>-lirst fm Val- 
encia W to Castro. 

Lick, bet Un'on and Fil- 
bert fm Tavlor W. 

Lick Alle.v, bet Market 
and Sllsslon Im First W. 

Lick Place, bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 
Post to Sutter. 

Lida Place, bet Mission 
and Valine a Im Klfteentli 

LieblK. .San .Mlu-nel. 

Lilac Alle.v. het Mission 
anil Capp from Twenty- 
fmirlh to Twenly-slxih. 

Lily Avenue, liet I'ngc 
and Oak fm Franklin W. 

South. Street. A', side. 

1 Franklin 2 

101 Gough 100 

201 (Ictavia 200 

•■101 Lacuna 300 

401 Bnchanun 400 

MI ^^■el)^ter ■'iOO 

Lima, lilt Leavenworih 
and Jlvile Im Filbert N. 

Lincoln, B H. See 

Lincuiu Avenue, bet 
Green and Union fm 
Jones W. 

Lincoln Place, bet 
U'nioii and F Ibi-rt fm 
Hyile E. See Allen. 

Lincoln Place, bet 
Ilowanl anil Folsoni fm 
Fremont E. 

■Mucoln Koad, bet 
Clara nv and I)iiuglass fm 
Twentieth to Twenty-sec- 

Linden Avenue, bet 
Fell and Hayes fm E s 
Van Ness av to Webster. 

South. Street. N. side. 
1 Van Nesi) av 2 

101 FrankUn 

201 Gough 

301 Octavia 

401 Laguna 

501 Buchanan.... 

(el Webster 

Llppard Aver 

Mission and Thlrtl 

Extension Homeste* 


Llfibon, E.xcelsior ] 

stead Association. 

Little, bet MIsslo: 

Pelaware av t 

Hou.-^e Road N. 

Li « lie WebHter.r 


Lizzie, bet Twenty 

and Thirtieth fm JM* 


Llenellyn, bet El 

and ( irsenlus fm N' 

N to Freedom. 

LobOH, Railroad ] 


Lobo8 Square,'. 

Webster and Li . 

Chestnut and Bay. 

Loeuiit, bet Laurc 

Spruce fni Cnlifornli 

LocuHt Avenu« 

McAllister and (( 

Gate av fm Larkin I 


South. Street. A\ 

1 Larkin 

101 Polk ^ 

201 Van Ness avent 

301 Franklin 

401 Gough 

.501 Octavia 

601 Lasuna 

701 Buchanan.... 

Logran. fm La Gran 

Lombard, bet {' 

wlch and Chestnut 

Battery to Presidio 


South. Street. Ai 

1 Battery 


101 Montgomery 


201 Kearny 

Good Children . 


301 nupont 

Wells c urt 

501 Stockton 

507 Lombard place.. 
601 Powell 

Chambers alle.v. 

701 Ma-on 

705 Hartmann 

Field ng 

Montgomery av 

713 Jansen 

801 Tavlor 

901 Jones 

1001 Leavenworth . 

1101 Hyde 

• — Henry 

1201 Larkin 

i:»l Polk 

1401 Van Ness aveni 

1501 Franklin 

1601 Giiugh 

1701 Octavia 

1801 Laguna 

IlKll Buchanan 

2001 Webster 

2101 Fillmore 

'2201 Sleiner 

itOl Pierce 

•2401 Scott 

2.-1OI Hevlsadero 

2801 Broderlck 

2701 Baker 

(e) Lyon 

Lombard Placo 

Slockion and i'ow 

Lombard S. 
London, Exce 

lloinesleail Associo 
LoomlH. fm Railrc 

near Waterloo N to 

rna.l av near Kossul ' 
Loll, liet Lyon »ii> 

sonic av N fm Wa 


SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY. "^^"'"fl^^l.&IILWT'-'*'" 



---^-^^^^.. - ^--^«^j:or.„Hv 

iilBM, bet Folsom and 
rrihon fin Ritch to 

"i»a AlIe.T, N s Lou- 

' ■< ! Hay ward ami Eliz- 


ouUburir. bet Howth 
hnu 1 ain f rii ( )iean House 
~"n.l to Mt ViTuon av. 
••lalana, bet Jiarv- 

i • I aiil Cn'orpla fm Sola- 

- I ' Honduras. 
f I 1 Association. 
kxier. bet Kearnv and 
w.ll'npont fm Jackson to Pa- 
«r* Orleans to Ber- 
« J i.'i, av. 

ur.T, bet Masonic av and 
«B Vshlmr.vfm Wallers. 
i!i und.r I^ane, fin Vlr- 
Mrila av NE to Coso av, 

unl Avrnne, bet Gol- 
rt, leiK^atcav and McAllister 
u in Lat'iiua 

' .yell. Spring Valle.v 
;i! loniHstoad .\B,soclatlon. 
Ill tnoli, bet Paciac and 
m {road way fm Leaven- 
( •orth to Hvde. 
Di »;on, bet Baker and Lott 

s Im Halpht toTurk, and 
) >ct Raker and Ceniral av 
... m fJeary to Lewis. 
... >on«i. BH. 8ee]fIinot 
Di, ■ell Place, bet Jones 
.. ii'l l,''avenworth fm Sac- 


I. and Nfm Seventh 

■''.^K. SeeYaioo 

■ I wonty-second and 
'^iiity-thlrd fm Sanchez 
_^. Piamond. See Alva- 

Alley, bet (J'Ear- 

i_ .' '-eary fm Hyde E 

S necdonia. S s Callfor- 

. la av ,s to Cortez, B H 

- »f *»«"«»P. South S 

, bet Jamaica and Glb- 

allar fm Railroad av to 

ountv line. 

kdeira. South S F, bet 
o«iii Kka and Uruguay 
n Railroad av to Countv 

kdderi, bot Third and 
"nrihfm King to Berry. 
»<llHon, bet Knox and 
Binbterlm Silver avs 
idrld. E.\telKlorHome- 
ea,l Association. 
»mieAlle.T,bet Geary 
Ipi'l C.^t fm Jones E. 

1 1 a, bet Lnmba 
stiiut fm Lagni 

Uden tane.betMont- 
>nitry aud Kearny fm 
ontfciniory av S. 
Iden 'l,ane, bet 
kii.n and I'owell fm 
«II>'J- -N. See Vnlean 

''»•''"'■' Spear and Beale 
D Market SE to the bav. 


Wain street place 

.'"^"""O 100 

y"»ard 200 

iV'^"™ 300 

Kwicon court 

lfarrlson....„ 400 

Hryant (,\ 

.In SiPeet jpiaci^: 
I ,; ' -k^t and Mission 

'I '« 'ai' 

iiHl Tobatro fm 

-'■•• < i av to County 

I',*.'**." Alley, bet 

Irs^^and Second fm How- 

illa. South S K, bet 
trniuda and Jamaica fm 

nalTiiia Place, bet 

Sacramento, and Clay fm 
Mason W. 
manehenler, fm Mon- 

B.Tl'."* *^ ^ "''"°^' "'• 

iVIani'la. South S F, bet 
MoiilencKro and St Thom- 
as fnilslals to California 
Pry Pock. 

Slanlloba, South S F, 
bet Marquesas and Pom- 
mica fm Baker av SE to 
\\ ater Front. 

MaiiHell, S ofOlmstead 
IniSrtii Bruno Road W, 

naiiHlield, bet Ion and 

Kno.x im La Grand av SE 

M » ""Ion House 
Place, bet California and 
Sacrnnientofm P^pont^\, 

M«i»«e. het Spruce and 
Cherry fm CalltornIa N. 

naple Court, bet Guer- 
rero and Polores fm Four- 
teenth N. 

Mapc.y Place, bet Ma- 
son and Taylor fm Jack- 
son s. 

9Iarengro. SE of San Brn- 
no Road .3 miles fm City 
Hall. See Pl.Tiuoulh. 

narKaret Place, bet 

Kearii.v and Pupont fm 

VallPio N. 

Sfargrarer Place, bet 

Mason ami Taylor fm Turk 


Marjrap.v, bet Sanchez 
and Noe I'm .Vlvarado S to 
Maria, bet Harrison and 
Bryant and Seventh and 
Mghth E and W sides of 
Slarln, bet Colusa and 
Tulare fm the bav W to 
Marion Place. bet Tav- 
k.r and Jones fm Uulon X 
MarlpoHa, bet Santa 
Clara and Solano fm the 
bay W to Harrison. 
MarinoHa Terrace, 
bet Seventh and Eighth 
fm Harrison N. 
Market, fm East SW to 
corner Castro and Seven- 
S.E. Street. Jf.W.side. 
1 East and Sacra'to.. 2 

(e) Steuart 

101 Spear 

Prnmm and Cal'a'. lOO 

201 Main 

lavis and Pine 200 

.■»! Beale 

401 Fremont 

1701 Bradv 

- r.oi:trh and HalghtSOOO 
1801 \alencla 

Octavia A Waller...210O 



1901 Guerrero " 

Laguna and Kate!j200 


2001 Polores ." 

— — Buchanan .'...'2.!00 

2101 Church and Four- 

o.^, „»«enth 2400 

2201 Fifteenth &San'z...2500 
2301 St.xteenth andNoe.2600 
(e) Seventeenth and 

Castro yg) 

Marn«e»«ai», South S F, 
bet Corea and Manitoba 
fm Schneider to Water 

Martha Place, bet Ma- 
sou and Taylor fm GearvS. 

Martin, bet Bush and 
Sutter fm Pupont E. 

Martinique, South R F, 
bet Tobago and Costa Rica 
fm Railroad av to Countv 

Mar.v, bet Fifth and Sixth 
till Mission to Howard. 

Mar.v l,ane, bet Kearny 
aud Pupont fm Bush S. 

Front !;.'.'.""!! 300 

501 First ___ 

— - Battery and Bush! 400 

527 Ecker 

Sansoine & Sutter" ."iOO 

601 Second 

-— - Montg'y and Post.'. 600 

617 J>ew Montgomery 

Brooks 7^ 

— — Pupont A O'FarT. 800 

801 Fourth 

Stockton and Eliig MX) 

"^ FiaY.!'..':.":!.^"-^-!^ 

mi slxth".::!!:'!!:!!;!!^ 

Taylor aud Golden 

, G«te av 1200 

— - J"nes A McAlllstriaoo 

1101 .Seventh 

— - City )Iall avenue..: 

1201 Elirhth 

1301 Ninth ■■■ 

l4m I;-lj|,'>«"^.^ 

mi ^:^i^EP'^ 

— - V«nNe>sav&(>ikl800 

1601 Potter 

Franklin and Pai:e.I!»no 

Rose avenue 1912 

Maryland, bet Pelaware 
and Louisiana fm Solano 
S to Honduras. 
MiMon. bet Powell and 
Taylor N fm Market to Jef- 
We-H. Street. E. side 

1 Market and Turk.. 2 

101 Eddy 100 

201 Ellis 200 

Latham place 

217 Pikeman place 

Wl O'Farrell 300 

401 Gear.v 400 

40!) Derby ..._ 

4111 Kappelercoui^ 

501 Post, ^ 500 

Scheerer place 

601 Sutter 6^0 

-— Pelta place 616 

701 Bush 700 

Hooker allev . 

801 Pine 800 

Frank place — 

301 California JOO 

1001 Sacramento 1000 

1011 Ewer Place.....:.:::— - 
1017 Malvlna place 

Dawson place 

1101 Cla.v 1100 

1107 Matthew place... . 

TZr. ?'!'=PPa'^ place 1110 

1201 Washington 1200 

1»1 Jackson i.-JOO 

John 1314 

1401 Pacific 1400 

isni Broadway 1.500 

60 Vallejo 1600 

1701 Green 1700 

Winter's lane 1716 

1801 Union 1800 

Kent 1809 

1901 Filbert .......: ISOO 

mil Valparaiso.......:..::.--: 

2001 Greenwich 3000 

Montgomery av 

-101 Lombard 2100 

2201 Chestnut 2200 


2:i01 Francisco .'.'2300 


2401 Bay 2400 

2501 North Point 2500 

Ala,«ka place._„.. 

2«01 Beach 2600 

(«) Jefferson _ <«) 

Maaonlc Avenue, bet 

Lott and Ashbury S fm 
ManHacl■unettJ^ bet 

New York an I Delaware 

fm Sonoma S to Honduras 
MaMKaHoil. fm Cortez SE 

to i ranconia av, B H. 
Mateo, \\- of .Mljuei from 

San Jos6 Roa.1 NW to 


Matthew- Place, bet 

Clay and Washington Im 
Mason W. 
MaurltluH. South S F, 
bel Lahalna and Java fm 
ElmiraSR to Alleghany. 
Maxwell, bet Larkln "and 
J ok fm Brood way N to 
Ma.vflower, E s Rose- 
crans bet California av 
and I'owhattan, B H. 
Maszinl, E of Orleans 
fm Preclta Creek SE to 
McAIIiMter, bet Fulton 
and Golden Gate av W 
fin Junction Jones and 
South. Street. A\ side. 
1 Market and Jones 2 

Park avenue 

Leavenworth lOO 

Hvde 200 

Brown's alley I 

301 Larkln .-JOO 

401 Polk 400 

501 Van Ness avenue.. ,500 

601 Franklin 61.0 

701 Gough 700 

801 Octavia 800 

901 Laguna 900 

1001 Buchanan lOOO 

UOl Webster noo 

12<)1 Fillmore 1200 

1301 Stelner [ 1.300 

1401 Pierce 

1501 Scott .::; 1500 

1601 Devlsadero 1600 

1701 Brodetlck 1700 

180} Baker .:i800 

2»»1 Lott 2000 

(.e) Masonic avenue... (e) 

McClellan, fm Califor- 
nia av bet MInot and Wool 
S tn Cortland av, B H 

McrorniIck, bet Hvde 
and Larkln fm Pacific S. 

McOerniott Place, 
bet Turk and Eddy fm 
Jones W. 

Mcl^aren I<ane, bet 
fm Folsom W. 

McLea <'ourt, bet Har- 
rison and Bryant fm Ninth 

Meachani Place, bet 
Hyde and Larkln fm Post 

Meara. bet Merrlfleld and 
First av fm Gcarv N. 

Medau Place, bet Pu- 
pont and Stockton fm Fil- 
bert N. 

Medford, bet Astor and 
Tobln SE to Countv line, 
Visltaclon Vallev. 

Medwa.T AUe.r, bet 
Church and Chattanooga 
fm Twenty-third N. 

Meeka Place, bet Mar- 
ket and Mission fm Main 

MeiluK, bet .Mission and 

Howard fm Fremont W. 
Mendocino, bet Calave- 
ras and Plumas fm the bay 
W to Honduras. 
Merced, S s Thirtieth nr 

Noe S to Laldlev. 
Mercer, fm Cortland av 

S to Crescent av. B H. 
Merchant, bet Clav and 
« ashington W ftn East to 
Soutli. Street. jV. side. 

1 East 2 

(6) Drnmm " (6) 

(t>) Davis (6) 

.301 Front „ 306 

401 Batter.v 400 

•Vll .San.some .wo , 

601 Moiitaomerv 600 ! 

Dunbar alley 628 

(«•) Kearnv tg) \ 

Merrlfleld, hot Chase ' 

and Mearsfm (iearv N. 
Merrill, bet Vall.-Jo and ' 
Green fm .Jones to Leav- 




aierrill, bet AVilllamson 
and Goettingen fin Silver 
av N. 

MerrimacN of Alameda 
fm the bay to Tennessee. 

Merse.v Alley, bet Do- 
lores and Chattanooga fm 
Twentv-third N. 

Metcaif Post 
and Sutter fm Laeuna \t. 
See Ewing: Place. 

Sletealfe Place, bet 
MasiiD and Taylor fm 
Geary N. 

Mexico,' bet Alaska and 
Colorado fm 'Water Front 
S to India. 

9Ilclii{;an, bet Georsla 
and Illinois fm Solano S to 

Middle, bet Fillmore and 
Webster fm Pine to Cali- 

Midway, bet Dupont and 
Stockton fm Francisco to 

Midway East, bet Kear- 
ny and Pupont fm Fran- 
cisco to Bav. 

Midway ■We«*,betStock- 
ton and Powell fm Fran- 
cisco to Bay. 

Mler»<^l< fni Bemis near 
Fairmount SE to San Jos6 

MlIeM ('«art, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Califor- 
nia N. 

MfleH Place, bet Stock- 
ton and Powell fm Sacra- 
mento N. 

Mil Her Place, bet 
Fourth and Fifth fm Fol- 
poni S. 

MillH Place, bet Post 
and Sutter fm liupontW. 

Milton, Spring Valley 
Jl(jni(stead Association. 

Minerva, Katlroad 

Minna, bet Mission and 
Howard fm First SW. 

S.S. atreet. ^'.W.std€. 
1 First 2 

Shaw alley 

101 Second 100 

New Montgomery 

201 Third 200 

liOl Fourth 300 

401 Filth 400 


501 Sl.\th 500 


fiOl Seventh 600 

64.'; Julia 64fi 

701 Eighth 700 

(6) Ninth <b) 

it>) Tenth (6) 

10(11 Eleventh 1000 

1021 Lafavettc place 1020 

a>) Twelfth (6) 

(6) Thirteenth (b) 

l.iOI Fourteenth 1300 

(I,) Fifteenth (6) 

Minna Place, bet Mis- 
sion and Howard fm Beale 
HinncHOta, bet Tennes- 
sie Hiiil Indiana I'm South 

Minnie, Ix't .\shburv and 

ClaMi.ii fui Wallers. 
Minol. till California av S 

to ('..riliiiid av. «. H. 
Mini Avenue, bet Fifth 
iiijil Sixlli fni Mission N 
. nil. I liri MiiiKii and Mis- 

sImO fin Kiflli \V. 
MlKMioii, Im'I Miirket and 
lluwiii.l s\V (ni East to 
Tlilrici-iilh, thence S to 
County Itoad. 
S.E. Street. N.W.slde. 

1 East 2 

(r) Steunrt (c) 

1(11 Spear 100 

201 Main 200 

■Ml Iteale 300 

401 Fremont. 40O 

501 First 500 


5.'J7 Shaw alley 

'■ — Anthony 570 



New Montgomery 

. 60O 



. 700 

Opera alley 






. 900 

Mint avenue 






















Grand avenue.... 










-West Mission 


















Goldman place... 



Clarion alley 




























Mission and Ocean 
Road, fm terminus of 
Mission W. 

Miasion Alley, bet 

Seventh and Eighth fm 
Mission N to .Jessie. 

MiHHion Avenue, bet 
Valencia and Guerrero fm 
Seventeenth S. See 
Dearborn Pla«'e. 

Mldftion PIaza,bet Mis- 
sion and West Mission fm 
Twelfth to Thirteenth. 

Miftftiskippi, bet Penn- 
sylvania and Texas fm 
Center S to Tulare. 

MiHMOuri, bet Texas and 
Connecticut fm Center S to 

Mohawk Avenue, 
San Miguel. 

Mononifitliela, South 
S F, belt Kage and Savan- 
nah fm Honduras SW to 
Vlsttaclon Valley. 

Monroe, bet ."Stockton 
and Powell fm Bush N to 

Montana. Kallroad 

Monlcnini, bet Wolfe 
and Cortiv. fm California 
av Eto I^ol>el. B H. 
Monleneirro. South SF, 
bet Denmark and Manila 
fm Islals to California Dry 
Montezuma, fm Coso av 

E to Folsoni, B H. 
MontK«iniery, bet Son- 
some and Kearny N Im 
Marki't to Francisco. 
West. .Street. E. side. 

1 Mark<-t and Post... 2 

101 Sutler 100 

2111 Bush 200 

■.m Pine 300 

319 Summer 

401 California 400 

501 ""Sacramento 500 

513 Coniuierclal 518 

001 Cla.v HOO 

fil3 Merchant 022 

701 Washington 700 

Montgomery av.... 

801 Jackson (sOO 

Gold 80(i 

001 PaclHc 900 

915 Montgomery court 

1001 Broadway 1000 

Hinckley - — 

1101 Vallejo 1100 

Jackson place 1112 

1201 Green 1200 

Moulton place 

l."»l Union 1300 

1311 Montgomery place 

1315 Alta 1314 

1401 Filbert 1400 

1501 Greenwich 1500 

1601 Lombard 1600 

1701 Chestnut (6) 

(e) Francisco (e) 

Montgomery Av- 
enue, fm N W cor Mont- 
gomery ami Washington 
NW to Beach. 
-S. W. Street. X. E. side. 
1 Wash and Mont... 2 


101 Jackson 100 


201 Pacific 200 


301 Broadway 300 


401 Vallejo 400 


501 Green .500 

601 Union 600 


701 Filbert 700 

801 Greenwich 800 


901 Lombard 900 

1001 Chestnut 1000 


1101 Francisco 1100 


1201 Bav 1200 

1301 NorthPoint 1300 


(e) Beach (e) 

Mont«:oniery Court, 

bet Pacific and Broadway 
fni Jlontgomery W. 

Montgomery Place, 
bet Union and Filbert fm 
Montgomery N. 

Monlieello, City Land 

Moore Place, bet Hyde 
and Larkin fm Union N. 

Morcy Alle.v, bet Stock- 
ton and I'owell fm Broad- 
way to Vallelo. 

Morrel Place, bet 
Hyde and Larkin fm Pa- 
cilic N. 

MorriN Avenue, bet 
Filth and Sixth f ui Uar- 
ri.>ion to Bryant. 

MorMe, b'-t Dupont and 
Kearny fm Bush to Pine. 
See at MeorKe Alley 

Morne, San Miguel, W End 
Map No 1. 

Morse Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde I'm 
Broadway S. 

Morion, bet Geary and 
I'ost fm Kearny to Stock- 

Moscow, Excelsior 
Homestead .\ssoclatlon. 

Moss, iK-t Sixth and S«v- 
entli fm Howard to Fol- 

Moulton, bet Greenwich 
and Lomliard fJn Buchan- 
an to Stelner. 

Moulton Place, bet 
Green ami Union fm Mont- 
gomery W. 

Moultrie, fm Cortland 
av to ''rescent av, B II. 

Mount Vernon Av- 
enue, bet Mission and 
Sun Jose Koail fm Accacia 



Munleli.Excelsior Home- 
stead As'oilailon. 
Myrtle Avenue, bet 
(TKarrell and Geary Im 
Larkin to I.aguna. 
fioulh. Street. A', tide. 

1 Lnrkin 2 

101 Polk 100" 

201 Van Ness avenue. 

301 Franklin 

401 Gough 

501 Gctavia 

601 Laguna 

Sf, bet M and fm Sevei 

Bf, South S F. See Sii 

STagrlee Avenue. $■ 


Napa, liet Butte and Sie 

fm the bav W to Harris 

Napier Alley, bet S- 

some and Montgomery 

Filbert N. 

Naples, E.xcelslor Hoi 

stead Association. 

Napoleon, bet Nora- 

and Tulare fm Biggs SV« 


Nashua, fm Islals Cr- 

Sto Islais Creek, GiftB* 

No 4. 

Natlck. bet Roanoke i 

Castro fm Chenery S. 
Natoiua, bet ^lissloD i 
Howard fm Fremont 6- 
S.E. Street. 

1 First 

101 Second 

New Montgomery 

(6) Third 

(6) Fourth 

40l Filth 

501 Si.xth 

eoi Seventh 

701 Eighth 

(6) Ninth 

901 Tenth 

1001 Eleventh 

1019 Lafavette plate. 

(ft) Twelfth 

(6) Thirteenth 

1301 Fourteenth 

(6) Fifteenth 

Nebraska, bet Venr; 
and Utah fm Mlec 
Creek S to Preclta Cri' 

Necropolis Avenai 

bet Sixteenth and Se\ 
teenth fm Dolores W. 
Nevada, bet Ele ve:itli 
Twelfth fm Folsoni S' 
Harrison. See Norfi < 
Nevada, Ijet Sierra 
Yolo fm the bay W to 
trero av. 
New MontKomery 
Second and Third Ini 1^ 
ket SEto Howard. 
E. .Street. IP. ;, 

1 Market 

15 Stevenson 

29 Jessie 

101 Mission 



(e) Howard 

New Morse, We.-t 

New Orleans Alli 
bet Leavi^uwurtl 
Hydelm (Jreen N. 
New Paeilie. I>el Kt) j 

ami Ninth ini Mi.v 

New York, bet \'lr(j 

and Massachusetts 

Water Fronts to Ho 

Newell, bet Mas..n 
Taylor fm Lombard 
.See Field I UK. 

Newhall. bet Loni 
and Chestnut fin Stoc 
to Powell. 

Niagrara Avenue. 
Senec a and Mount Ve 
avs fm Mission W to Uoad. 

Nicaragua. South 
bet Ecuador and Tahb 
San Bruno Hoad to C 

tv line. 

Nineteenth, bit E and Twentiefl i 
Harrison W. 
South. Street. X. ^ 

1 Harrison ! 

101 Folsom • 






301 Howaril 200 

ni Mls^liiii!'.'." "."'".".'" 300 

Jt-.-blc ^ 


401 \„ 400 

SOI Gn. 500 


701 Cliiir.h.... 

mi Samli.-z. 800 

901 N.H- 900 

.1001 Ci^trn 1000 


1101 I'liiiiHinJ 1100 


(«) Doux-lass. (e) 

Nlnelernth Avenae, 

fill I'r-'.slilio Reservations. 
Bllnrlroiitli Avenue, 

Soiiili SK. See I^ahainn 

Ninlh. l>ot Eighth and 

Tenth fm Mariet 6E to 

MI>.-.i..M t'r.-ek. 
Eatt. syrtet. W. sule. 

1 Mnrket 2 


101 Mi^fioii";!!;;;!!";!!!! loo 



301 II..«anl 200 


CI ni.iitlDa, 

301 FoNi.rii 300 

«1 HurrlM.n 400 

-M.L.^ii court 

SOI I'.rvaiii 500 

901 Braiiiiai) 609 

Kinth Avenne. from 
I'residlo Keservation S to 

Ninlh Avenue, Souths 
V. See Corea. 

M'oble. l>.'t Firth and Sixth 
fm HiihtM'llt.. South. 

Xoble riare, b^t How- 
anl and Folsom fm Third 

Noble'o Alle.v, het 
Inlon and Flll)crt fm Dn- 
pont E. 

Noe, bet Sanchez and Cas- 
tro fm RIdler S to Thir- 

Noonan Avenue, bet 
Howanl and Clemeutlna 
fm KlL'hth E. 

Xoonan'H Alley, bet 
Slocklon and Powell fm 
Vall.J'i S. 

Korfolk. bet Eleventh 
and Twelfth fm Folsom 
SE to Harrison. 

Momtan. b<-t BourboD 
and Na|iii|eoii fm Preclta 
(Ywk S\V toiirleans. 

Morlh .4venae.fni Ciso 
•v.xWtoH.pUv Park.BH. 

Xorlh Point, l>rt Bar 
and Bi-ai h W im Kearny 
to rri'sidlii Reser*'«tlon. 

6ioiif/i. str''et. N. tide. 

I'ui t fc) 

Stn.ktun 100 

l'..w.-ll 310 

.■Ma-.. II 300 

Ta;l..r 400 

.I"H.- 500 

Mnii!^:(imerv av.... 

L>avenwortb 800 

701 Hvde „ 700 

801 Larkln 800 

«01 Polk 900 

Van Ness avenue. 
Oovt Reiervatlon 
L«^.'U^a _1400 



r lono 

! ■ 1700 

r 1«)0 


-, ntl 2000 

Ik-vi.-adero 2in0 

i Iiro<lerlck_ 2300 

1 Baker...„ 2300 

^ («) 

>orlon. .\tademv Tract. 
Xortoit Court, bet Sev- 
enth and ElKhlh fm Bran- 
nan S. 

Korton Place, bet 

MontL'oinerv and Sansome 

fni Filbert N. 
Norwich, bet Montezu- 
ma and Prospect av fm 

Folsnni \V, U. U. .<ee 

BTnnan'H AIle.Y, bet 

Howard and Tehama fm 

Ekhih E. 
Ntc, fm Gadwallader N to 

Islals Creek. 
©, bet N and P fin Eighth 

av W. 
0*< onnell Place, bet 

Mason and Powell, from 

Vnllejo N. 
O'Farrell, bet Ellis and 

Geary W fm Junction Du- 

pont and Market. 
SwUl\. Street. y. fide. 
1 Market and Dupt.. 2 

Bnelev place 14 

Juila court 28 

101 Stockton 100 

201 Powell 200 

219 Carlos place 

O'Farrell alley 228 

301 Mason 300 

Raphael place 

401 Tavlor 400 

William 4^0 

501 .Tones 500 

601 Leavenworth 600 

Harlem alley 

.\da court 

701 Hvde 700 

801 Larkin 800 

901 Polk 900 

inoi Van Ness avenue..l000 

1101 Franklin ilOO 

1201 Gouph 1200 

i:»l (tctavia 1300 

um Lagana 1400 

151)1 Buchanan 1500 

1601 Webster 1600 

1701 Fillmore 1700 

1801 Stelner 1800 

1901 Pierce I!i00 

3001 Stott 2000 

2101 Pevisadero 2100 

i-JOl Brnderlck 2200 

(e) St Joseph's av (e) 

O'Farrell Alle.v, bet 

Powell and Mason fm 
CFarr^'II N and bet ( CFar- 
rell and Gearv fm >Iason E. 
Oaic. bet Page and Fell W 
fm lunctlon Van Ness av 
and -Market. 
SoiUh. Street. -V. tide. 
1 Mkt&VanXessav 2 

101 Franklin 100 

2ni Gough 200 

301 Otavla 300 

401 Lagima 400 

•501 Buchanan -500 

601 Webster 600 

701 Fillmore 700 

801 Stelner 800 

901 Pierce 900 

1001 .Scott 1000 

1101 Pevlsailero 1100 

1201 BnHlerlck -....1200 

1301 Baker 

1401 Lyon 

1501 Lott 

IflOl Masonic avenue ... 

1701 Ashbnrv 

1801 Cla%-ton 

1901 Cole 

2001 Shrader 

(e) Stanyan „ (e) 

Oak Urove Avenne, 

bet Filth and Sixth Im 
Harrl'on to Brvant. 

Oak Place, bet Geary 
and Post fm Mason to Tay- 
lor. See nerb.v. 

Ocean Ho line and 
Beacit Road, fin ter- 
mination Point Lobos nv 
S and E to i:»cean View 

Ocean Ilonne Road, 
(Central) fm Mc.Mllsfer 
SW to Ocean View Hou«e 

Ocean Honae Road, 
(Mission) fm Mission Di.- 
lore-s SW to Ocean View 

Ocean Houmc Road, 

(old) fm San .lose Koail nr 

Industrial jSchool W to 

Ocean View House. 

Octavia, bet Gougb and 

Lacuna N fra Market to 


irf.«r. Street. E. iMe. 

1 Market i Waller... 2 

101 Halght 100 

Rose avenue „ 

201 Page 200 

Lllv avenue 

301 Oak 300 

Hickory aveuue.... 
401 Fell 400 

Linden avenne ..._ 
501 Hayes 500 

Ivy avenue 

601 Grove.. 600 

Birch avenue _ 

701 Fulton 700 

Ash avenue 

801 McAllister 800 

Locust avenue 

Golden Gate av 

Jefferson Square... 
1101 Eddy._ 1100 

Willow avenue 

1201 El'ls 1200 

Olive avenue 

1301 O'Farrell 1300 

.Mvrtle avenue 

1401 Geary 1400 

Cedar avenue 

1501 Post 1500 

Walnnt avenue 

1601 Sutter 1600 

Fern avenue _ 

1701 Bush 1700 


1801 Pine 1800 

1901 California 1900 


Lafayette Park 

2201 Washington 2200 

2:«1 .lackson .• 2-300 

2401 Pacific 2400 

2.501 Broailway 2-500 

2001 Vallelo 2600 

2701 Green 2700 

2801 Union 2800 


2n01 Filbert 2900 

3001 Greenwich 3000 

3101 Lombard 3(00 

:J201 Chestnut 3200 

3:»l Francisco 3300 


Gov't Reservation 

3801 Tonqnin 3800 

(e) Lewis (e) 

Ohio, bet Sansome and 
Montcoraery fm Pacific to 
Vallflo. See Prencott. 
Ohio, bet Wvomlng and 
Vlmlnla fm Water Front 
S to Honduras. 
Old Hickor.T, EsAnd- 
over av nr Crescent av E 
to San Itriino Koad. 
Old Han Jomc Road, 
fm junction Valencia and 
Twenty - second .SW to 
County line. 
Olean. Gift Map No 4. 
Olive Avenue, bet El- 
lis and O'Farrell fm Lar- 
kin to Buchanan. 
Smith. Street. -V. tide. 

1 LarklQ 2 

101 Polk 100 

201 Van Ness avenue.. '200 

.301 Franklin „... 300 

401 Goueh 400 

.501 ocUvla. 500 

flni Lacuna 800 

01iv*4°ourl, beiLauuna 

and Buchanan fm Cnton S. 

Oliver, West End Home- 


Olmolead, b?t D wight 
and ^lansellfm San Bru- 
no Road W. V. M. T. 

OIne.v Place, bet Town- 
send anil King fra Ham- 
mond SW. 

Oneida Avenne, i^n 

Oneida Place, bet 
Stockton and Dupont fm 
.'^■ram-nto .<*. 

Onondayra Avenue, ' 

San Sllgtiel, \\ End Map 

No I. I 

Opal Place, bet Golden 

Gate av and Turk fmTay- i 

Opera Alley, bet Third I 

and Fourth fni Mission i 

NW. I 

Ophir Alley, bet Taylor i 

and Jones fm Post N to , 

Lewis pi. 
Orani^e Alley, bet Va- | 

li-iicia and Bartlett fm , 

Twentv-fourth to Twen- 

Ordway, bet Ward and I 

Mansell fm San Bruno I 

Road W. 
OrcKon. *'6' Washington j 

and Jock son W fin East to ' 

Batterv. I 

South. Street. iV. side. 

1 F^st 2 

101 Drumm. 100 

201 Dovis 200 

(6) Front 

(e) Battery.. 

Orient A II e y, bet 
Church and VIcksburg fm ' 
Twentv-thlrd N. I 

Orizaba .1 venue. City 
Land Association. 

Orleana, bet Vermont 
and MazzinI fm Kansas 
8W to Tulare. 

OrtieniuK, fm Peabody S I 
to Salome. j 

OHage, South S F, bet 
Penobscot and Monongo- 
hela fm India SW to Vlsl- 
taclon Vallev. 

OHUire Alley, bet Miss- 
ion and Bartlett f m Twen- 
tv-fonrth N. 

OHborne, fm State N to 

OiKrar Al ley. bet Second 
and R'idnev fm Clemen- 
tina NW. 

OtlB Place, bet Seventh 
and Eighth fm Folsom SE 

OtMegro, bet Cavuca and 
Delaware avs Im Geneva 

Ottowa, San Miguel. 

Oxford, bet Cambridge 
and Harvard fm Silver av 
S, U M T. 

P. bet O and Q fm Ninth av 

P. South S F. See St. 

Pacilic, bet Jackson and 
B-oa<lwav W fm East. 

South. Street. X. lide. 

1 East 2 

(r) Dmmm - (e) 

101 Pavls 100 

201 Front 200 

.•«11 Batterv .300 

^01 Sansome 400 

Prescott 418 

501 Montgomery 500 

Jerome alley 

801 Kearny 600 

Montgom«T>- av.... 

Lestrade place 632 

641 Lozler 

701 Dupont .« 700 

Pacific place _. 706 

719 Sullivan alley 

ElUck alley 722 

801 Stockton SrO 


901 Powell 900 

Keyes alley 006 

Scott place 922 

Hewlett alley. 

1001 Mason lono 

Salmon 1016 

1018 Auburn 

HImmelmann pi... 1024 

1101 Tax lor ll'W 

13ni Jones 1200 

1301 Leavenworth 1300 

1307 Burgoyne place 

1401 Hyde 1400 

Morrel place 1420 

1421 McCormIck 

14;n Fourth place 

(<) Lorkln._ (e) 


J. & P, COATS' SPOOL COTTON. *'^*=^'^sl^V'^»'r««H««ir'-ARiTY, 


Pacific Alley, bet Du- 

pont and Stockton fm 
Broadway S. 
PaciSc ATenae, that 
part of Pactflc street ex- 
tending fm Larkin to First 
av; the numbers continue, 
however, in regular order 
fm the commencement of 
Pacific street: 

loOl Larkin igoo 

1601 Polk :;...;:::: ifioo 

}!?' Y"" Ness aveDue..]700 

1801 Franklin isoo 

1901 GouKh 1900 

200J Octavia 2000 

2101 Laguna 2100 

2201 Bnchanan 2200 

asoi Webster 2300 

2"101 Fillmore .' 2400 

2.i01 Steiuer jooOO 

2«JI Pierce 2600 

2701 Scott .:::::.:.::;57oo 

2801 Devlsadero 2800 

2901 Broderick 2!i00 

;«)01 Baker 3000 



;?M1 Central avenue.'.'.!!!3200 

^V■alnut . 





First avenue.. 



Pacific Place, bet Du- 

pont and Stockton fm Pa- 
cific N. 
Page, bet Halght and Oak 
,'S J""ttion Franklin 
and Market. 
^"t\, fitreet. iv. side. 
1 Market A Franklin 2 

101 Cough 100 

201 Octavia ;.. a* 

""■ Laguna 300 

Buchanan 400 

l),eb8ter. 500 

J'llimore boo 

Steiner .■;.■; 700 

r^lerce aoo 

?co" 900 

Devlsadero 1000 

groJerick uoo 

poker 1200 

f-7° 1300 

i-""-.. 1400 

Masonic avenue ... ISOO 

^.^l^bury 1600 

(/}i\yU)n 1700 

C-,'^'*-- 1800 

Shrader , 

(C) Stanyan., 



Palmer, from Junction 
l;li'rn''."7' °""^ Miguel to 
PnlmoUo Aveiiue,fm 
i'l.\nioiithW to Worcester 
Paragrua.T, South S F 
but ServlH and Tenprllle 
fin fslals Creek to Water 
Pardee Alle.r, bet Fil- 
bert and (ireenwich fm 
Dupont W to Kramer pi. 
Pari*. KxrHslor Home- 

Sleii'l .^^^.,(■iat|l,n. 
Pari* .Ivemie, bet Fifth 
"11(1 SLxih till Harrison to 
Brviint. s,.e AIorrlH 
Park Avenue, l>o( Mar- 
ket >ind the (;if. Hall s\V 
Im .Mc.\lllst..rt.. I.arkln. 
lark .t^eiiiie, Imlos- 
IM- llajly i'lirk.SWf, It-r- 
iiiil lli'iK-liih. s.-c Holly 
Park I.,aue .\orili, bet 
lir>nnl and nrannan tin 
N.( ..nd to Thlnl. 
Park I^aneNoulh, bet 
Hi'wuil and liraiinan I'm 
I bird tM(;,.„tral p|. 
I'ark Place, bet Folsoni 
iind Harrison linSeconcI K 
Park ItoatI, S of llalght 
and K of Broderick, |n- 
clohliig Buena Vi.sta Park 

Parker Alle.v, bet 

Powell and Clay av fm 
Clay N . 
»*ar.»*««' Avenue, bet 

Odd bellows', Calvary and 

Masonic Cemeteries fm 

Fulton N to Gearv. 
^V».«',»*«'«* Avenue, bet 

W i>lfe and Rutledge avfni 

Alal ania E, R H. 
Parrolt Alle.v, bet Cal- 

liornia and Sacramento fm 

Dayis W. 
Patlemon, E s Bernal 

Hei;;hts bet San Bruno 

Road and Bernal. 
Paul. S 8 Crescent av nr 

San Bruno Road. 
Paulding, fm Old San 

Jose Roail NW of House 

ol Correction. 
Peabod.y,bet Talbert and 

Rutland fm Siinnv Vale 

Homestead S to County 

Pearl, bet Valencia and 

Guerrero fm Market to 

Pelliani, bet Bourne and 

iirsenius Ini Baker a v N 
Pennttyl vania Av- 
enue, bet Ir.wa and Mis- 
sissippi fm Center S to 
Tulare. * 

PenobHCOt, South S F 
betSantee and Osa-e fm 
India SW to Visitacion 
Perinc, bet Californlaand 
Sacramento Im Steiner to 
Pcrr.v, bet Harrison and 
Bryant fm SE of Third to 
.$■.£. Street. S^.W. side. 

1 ^ assar place 2 

101 Third 100 

201 Fourth 200 

(e) Fifth (e) 

PerNla Avenue, Ex- 
celsior Homestead Asso- 
Petal um a Avenue, 

fm Point Lobos av. 
PfeiflTer, bet Chestnut 
and Francisco f m E s Du- 
pont to Stockton. 
Pierce, bet Steiner and 
Scott N fm Waller to 

Pierce Row, bet Da- 

pont and Stockton fm 
Union S. 
Pine, bet Bush and Cali- 

fornia W fm Market 
Central av. 
South. Street, JV.side. 

1 Market and Pavls 2 

101 Front 100 

201 Battery 200 

301 Sansome 300 


335 Laura pla:e 

401 Montpomerv 400 

407 Russ alley..: 

435 Belden 

501 Kearny 500 

505 St George alley 

515 Central place. .. 

-— St Mary's place....".' .520 

527 Qulncy ,532 

601 Dupont 

Sophie Terrace. 

701 Stockton 

-~ Prospect place.. 



West. Street. 

1 Waller 

101 Hnlgbt.... 

201 j'ace 

301 Oak 

401 Fell 


Alamo Square....". " 

701 Fulton 

801 McAllister 

im Golden Gate av " 

1001 Turk 

lini .. 

1201 Ellis. .:;; 

i;«l O'Farrell "' 


Hauillton Square.'.'. 

bWl }'oKt 

1601 Sutter 

E. side. 




, 300 








Alti Plaza... 

.Tacksou , 

I'aclHc , 





725 Monroe 

801 Powell .'.■.■;.■.■; 800 

!X)1 Mason 900 

-— Jane place, " 908 

mi Taylor looo 

1101 Jones 1100 

Touchard ", 

1201 Leavenworth 1200 

1301 H.vde "im 

1401 Larkin ■"■|455 

1.501 Polk ":....;.;:;: 1500 

}£?} ya" Ness a venue.. 1600 

1/01 Jranklin 1700 

1801 Gnugh ;i800 

inoi Octavia iiiioo 

2(K)1 Laguna 2000 

2101 Buchanan '..'..'2100 

2201 Webster... 0055 


2:t01 Fillmore "2300 

2401 Steiner 2400 

2.W1 Pierce '.^ 

2601 Scott ■.:::."::::26oo 

2701 Devlsadero _ 2700 

2801 Broderick "2800 

2!i01 Baker ""2m 

.■JOOl Lyon '"aooo 

(e) Central avenue (e) 

PInIc Alle.v, bet RMlev 

and Market fin I'earl W " 
Pinkham Place, bet 

S.^^fiT'',.?'"^ Folsom fm 
Eighth W. 
Pinkue.v Place, bet 

Kearny and Dupont fm 
Broadwav to Valle|o 
Pioclie AIle.v,bptWav. 
erly pi and Stockton fm 
Stockton N. 

Piper Alle.v. bet Miss- 
ion and Jessie fm Ecker. 

Plxlc.v, bet Filbert and 
Greenwich fm Buchanan 
to Steiner. 

Platle, South S F, bet 
.Savannah and Yazoo fm 
Honduras S\V. 

Pleaaani, bet .Sacra- 
mento and Clay fm Tavlor 
to .Jones. 

Pluman, bet Mendocino 
and Fresno im the bay W 
to Honduras. 

Plyiuoulh, opp Sickles 
av fm Old Son Jose Road 

Elm avenue. 

601 Turk : 

Laurel avenue. 

701 Eddy 

«„ Willow avenue. 

801 Ellis 80( 

807 Oliveavenue ." 80* 

^ i>;Farrell oo( 

iXX? MjT'le avenue 90f 

1001 Geary 100( 

;??? Gfi'lar avenue.. ...'!.'.'l00f 

1101 Post iio( 

io«. !5^'alnut avenue...'.".' 

1201 Sutter i20fl. 

v^i ^ern avenue 12lf 

lx)l Bush i»v 

i:*^3 Austin.... 

1401 Pine ijof 

501 California. ...:::;::::;, .w 

loOl .Sacramento i«0( 

I'Ol Clav 170C 

i*)l Jackson 

2001 Pacific. . 
2101 Broad wav.".'; 
2201 Vallejo...:.... 


2301 Green 

2401 Union 

2.501 Filbert 

2601 Greenwich 
2701 Lombard. .." 
2801 Chestnut..;.. 
2901 Francisco 
3001 Bav... 

;"01 North Point. .„^. 

■^^\ Beach ;«00. 

.JiiOl Jefferson . :!;ton. 

3401 Tonquin.:....'.;'.".".'.- 7^ 

^e) Lewis (g< 

'."^ I-ane, bet Pacific 

an.l Bn.adway tm Stockton 

\ .See .Stark. 
Pollard Place, 

Va'll^S'.^N':"'' ^"""°* '■■^ 
Pollock. South S F, bet 
Mater Front and Von 
bchmldt fm Bermuda SW 
av SW to C-nntv line. 
Pope, West End Map No2 
Poplar .4llev, bet Va- 
lencia and San .lose av fm 
Twenty-fourth N\ 
•^®>'»«'»*. S s Oescent av 

bet Decatur and Bache. 
Porter Avenue, San 

Porto Rleo, .South S F, 
bet Barbndoes and San 
Domingo fm San Bruno 
Road toCiuntv line 
PortMiuouth Square, . 
bct(!lay and Washington, 
Kearny and Breiiham j)!. 
Pont, bet Geary and Sutter' 
W fm Junction Market and 
Montgomery to Central av. 
South Street, X. side. 
1 Market and Mont 2 



2S01 fill 

2!K)1 Flll)..rt... ..:.""' 

•t""! <;i.,M.wich....' 

3101 l,,,ml>iir.l 

3201 Cii.'stnut 

;itni Fnincisco 

3401 Bay 

IWH North Point... 

3601 Beach 

■1701 Jetferson 

3801 Tonquin 

(e) Lewis 

■• (e) 

N t.) 

Pocalionlaa, N 

f'irnia av nr Min 
North av, B H. 
Point liOboB Avenue, 

b"t Cleinent and A ini 

First av W. 
Polk, b.t Larkin and Van 

Ness av N fm Market to 

BV.««. Street. 







4<>1 I'owell 

.V)l Mason , 

601' Taylor 

Agate allev 

617 M'llMam ...'. ."- 

•>phlr alley .'.." 

Jones. 700 

Leavenworth 800 

"/''•?. 900 

Meacham place 

J.nrkln lOflO 

].""<■■"■ I'OO 

Ness avenue.. 1200 

I Marketand Fell., 

101 Hayes 

HI Ivy a venue 

201 Orove 

Birch avenue 


Ash avenue 


Locust avenue.... 

(Golden Gate av... 









1701 Buchanan... 

1801 Webster 

11101 Fillmore 


„ Pierce 

2301 Scott 

2.301 Devlsadero 

2401 Broderick 

2.501 Baker 

2<i01 Lvon 


(c) Central avenue...".. («) 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY *'°°° '"?m^'^A '■°* ""'ces 

J. MACDONOUGH & CO. '''s^r^^Mfic^v^.^rirAL-^cii^i^f:^^^^^^^ 



Postonic* Place. Pee 

Caatoni Iloune PI. 
Po<onin<% South S K, bet 

Tonilili-'lxi' and San .loa- 

qiilu fin IflalsSW to Sll- 

vfr av. 
Po«r*ro Avenue, bet 

riah and Hampshire fm 

Brannan S to Preclta 

Potter, bet Eleventh and 

nra<1v fm Market SE to 

I'oMell. bet Stockton and 

Ml -I ill fm Market to Jef- 

. .SIrrct. E. side. 

Market and Eddy.. 2 

> I'Farrell 

...: 200 


.... 400 


.... 500 

.\nkeny place... 

.... 518 


.... 600 

Fella place 

.. 616 


.... 700 

1 ! -i.a 

... 800 

11 to. 

.... noo 


'.'> I-' iiKion.... 





1 srollue place. 




':' ■• 'alley 







.. 1800 



' heRtnnt 



Vande water. 



North Point 



... (d) 


... («) 

; Powell Avenne, W s 

• lallionila av \V to San 
1' .lo!-e Roa.l. 

PoMhnltnn, fm Xorth 
i: av K to WInMow. B H. 
, ,Frniriie, Excelsior Home- 
f i-tead .Association. 
■2 Pratt, bfct Brannan an.l 
- T^^^nsend fm Seventh 

e,' Pratt Place, N b Call- 
•^ fomla bet .Stockton and 

Prcolta Avenue, from 

- -i .lose Koad nrTwentv- 

•nth E to San Bruno 

PreniiMK, fm California 

-j»v s to Cortland av, B II. 1 

H{PreMrott. bet Sansome 1 

au'l JIuiitgomerv ftn I'a- I 

•■ilir N to Broudwav and i 

fm Volleto s. " 

PrcMidio Koad. fm ter- 
mination of Central av N' 
.to Presidio Barracks I 

'rent on Place, bet 
Klthth and Mnth fm Brv- 
ani X\V. I 

'retch, E of .«an Bruno ] 
Road 3 mlL's fm Cltv Hall. 
'rIeM, bet Jones and 
l,eavenworth fm C\av to ' 
'rlni, ."^an Mlfniel. 
'rinceton. bet Unlver- 
Klty and .\mhen=t fm Sil- 
ver a v s, r >1 T. 
'riuKle rourt, bet 
S«ns<ini<'and .Montgomerv 
fhi Greenwich N. ! 

Pro«i>ect .4 venue, fm ] 
Cortland av NE to Coso i 
av, B H. 

Prospect Place, bet 
•^tocKton and Powell fm ' 
Pine to Clav. 

Pulawhl. fni Cortland av 1 
" to Crescent av, R H. ' 

Putnam, fm Cortland av i 
) Crescent av, B U. 

Pntzman, E of San Bru- 
no Road 3 miles fm City 

Q, South S F. See Tom- 

Q. bit P and R fm Tenth 
av W. 

<tuince Alley, bet Do- 
lores and Fair Oaks fm 
Twenty-fl^^st to Twentv- 

Quincy, bet Kearny and 
Uiipont fm Pine to Cali- 

QuinCT' Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Pine S. 

Quinn, bet Ridley and 
Fourteenth fm E of Valen- 
cia W to Guerrero. 

B, bet Q and S fm Eleventh 
nv AV. 

K, South S F. See Poto- 

Railroad Avenue, 
South S F, fm Denmark 
SW to San Bruno av nr 

Railroad Avenue, 
fm Mareneo to Delaware 
av. See Palmetto 

Railroad Avenue, 
fm Islais Creek to Silver 
av. see Barneveld 

Railwa.v, bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth fm 
Dolores E. 

RalMton, City Land .Asso- 

RaniMcIl, bet Arch and 
Victoria, City Land Asso- 

Randall, \V s San Jos€ 
Road nr Thirtieth W to 

Randall Place, bet 
Leavenworth aud Hyde 
fm Greenwich N. 

Randolph, bet Sargent 
and Stanley fni Orizaba a v 
NV, Cit.\ Land Association 

Raphael Place, bet 
TayU.r and Mason fm 
o'Farrell N. 

RauHch, bet Seventh and 
KiKhth fm Howard to Fol- 

Ray n olds, Visltaclon 

Reaeran Place, bet 
Powell and Mason fm Gea- 
rv S. 

Redfleld Alle.v, bet 
I'nlon and Filbert fm 
Taylor W. 

Reed, bet .Ior,es and Leav- 
en worth fm Clay to Wash- 

Reed Place, bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 
(Jreen S. 

Resent, bet Sickles av 
and Llebig fm Old San 
Jose Road SE to Wvom- 

Reaervoir. bet Kate and ' 
Fourteenth fm Market W. ! 

Rhine. .San Miguel. 1 

Rhode Inland, bet De 
Haro and Kansas fm 
Eighth S to Preclta Creek. 

Rice, San Miguel. 

Rickardn, W s .San Bru- 
no Roa.1 3 miles fm Cltv 

Ridley, bet Hermann and 
Fourteenth fm Mission W 
to I)ovl«adero. 

Rifr««, fm Napoleon S to 

Rincon Avenue, bet 
Brannan anl Townsend 
fm S."'l to Japan. 

Rincon Court, bet Fo|- 
Fom and Harrison fm Main 

Rincon Place, bet First 
an I Second f m Harrison to 

RinKOld,bet Folsom and 
Harrison fm Eighth to 
Ripley Place, bet Ca- 
bot and Samoset fm Cali- 
fornia av \V to California 
av, B. H. 
Rileh, bet Third and 

Fourth fm FolM.m SE. 
East. atreeL W.side. 

1 Fol.som 2 

(6) Harrison (6) 

201 Bryant 200 

301 Brannan 300 

(e) TownS'end (e) 

Ritter, bet Seventh and 
Eighth SE fm Harrison. 

Roach, bet Taylor and 
Jones f m Filbert to Green- 

Roanoke, bet Mateo 
and Castro fm Old San 
Jos6 Road N\V to Bemis. 

Robbinn Place, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
Union N. 

Rockland, bet Union 
anil Green fm Larkin E. 

Rodne,T, bet First and 
Second fm Fol.som NW. 

Rondell Place, bet 
Mission and Valencia fm 
Sixteenth to .Seventeenth. 

RoNCoe, fm Crescent av 
W of Porter S. 

Rone, S s Chenery nr 
Castro. ,See STatick. 

Rone, S s Crescent av S to 
Case. See Nalem. 

Rone Alley, bet Jessie 
and Mission fm New 
Montgomery W to .\nnle. 

Rone Avenue, bet 
Halght and Page fm Mar- 
ket W. 

.South. Street. y. side. 

I Market 2 

101 Gough TOO 

201 octavia 200 

:m Laguna 300 

401 Buchanan 400 

.501 Webster 500 

Rone Place, bet EUls 
and Eddv fm Taylor E. 

ROHCcrann, fm Califor- 
nia av S to Powhattan, B 

Ronn Alley. See 
Ktout*H AlVey. 

Rounneau, Spring Val- 
ley Homestead Associa- 

Rowland, bet Montgom- 
ery and Kt-a-ny fm Broad- 
way S, and bet Paclficand 
Broadwav fm Kearnv E. 

Rnger, E of San Bruno 
Road 3 miles fm Cltv Hall. 

Rnnhton Place, bet 
Third and Fourth fm 
Brannan S. 

Runn, bet Sixth and Sev- 
enth fm Minna to Folsom. 

Rum Alle.v, bet Mont- 
gomer>- and Kearny fm 
Pine to Bush. 

Runnel I, bet Green and 
Union fm Hyde W. 

Runnia Avenne. Ex- 
celsior Homestead Asso- 

Rutland, bet Peabody 
and Cora fm Snnnv Vale 
Homestead Tract S to 
fViunty line. 

Rntledse Avenne, B 

S, South S F. See Han 

S, bet R and T fm east of 

Twellth av W. 
Sacramento, bet Call- 
fonila and Clay W fm 
South. Street. .V. side. 
1 Market and East... 2 

101 Drumm 100 

201 Davis 200 

:«1 Front 300 

4J)I Battery 400 

.V)l .Sansome SOD 

.525 LeldesdorfT. 522 I 


Monlgomer.v _.. 

Webb 1 

Keaniv 700 I 

Dupont 800 j 

Waverly place 810 

Oneida place ] 

Ploche allBN I 

Stockton 900 

Prospect place 934 

Miles place 928 i 

Powell .1000 

GustavuB , 

Tay 1014 

Mason IIOO 

Verba Biiene 1114 


Taylor 1200 

Jones 1300 j 

Lysett place , 

Leroy place 1320 ] 

Golden court | 

Leavenworth 1400 ; 

Kimball place 1406 , 

Hyde KMO 

Larkin IfiOO 

Polk 1700 

Van Ness avenue.JSOO 

Franklin 1!K)0 

Gough 2000 

Octavia 21»X) 

Laguna 2200 , 

Buchanan 2:»0 , 

Webster 2400 , 

Fillmore 2500 , 

Stelner 2600 I 

Pierce 2700 

Scott 2800 

Devlsadero 2<X)0 

Broderick 3000 

Baker 3100 

Lyon .3200 i 

Central avenue 3.300 ; 

Walnut .3400 

Laurel 3.500 

Locust 3600 

Spruce 3700 

Maple. 3800 i 

Cherry 3900 

First avenue (e) I 

Sadowa,Ws Old San Josfi 
Road nr San Mignel SU- 

Sairaniore, Railroad 
Homestead Association. 

Salem, fm Crescent av S 
to Case. 

Salinas Avenue, bet 
Malacca and Tobago (m 
Railroad av W to San 
Bruno Road. 

Salmon, bet Mason and 
Taylor fm Pacific to Broad- 

Salmon Place, bet 
Broadwav and Vallejo fm 
Larkin E. 

Salmon Place, bet 
Mason and Taylor fm 
Green N. 

Salome, fm Islais Creek 
NE to Baker av. 

Salvador, South SF, bet 
Java and Granada fm Sil- 
ver av to .Alleghany. 

Samonet. I>et Cortez and 
Cabot (m California av SE ! 
to Framonla av, B H. I 

San Antonio, bet Val- { 
lejo and Green fm Kearnv I 
N\, ami l>et Kearny and , 
Dupont fm Vallejo N. ' 

San Bruno Avenne, [ 
fm Nebraska bet Utah 
and Vermont S to County 
line. I 

San nominaro. South i 
S F, bet Porto Rlc> and I 
Guatemala fm .San Bruno ; 
Road to County line. 

San Joaquin, .South S 
F. bet Potomac and St I 
Fraud- im Islais SW. 

San Jone Avenue, fm ! 
Ca«tro(Falrmoiint Tract) 
SW to t^ounty line. 

San Jone Avenue, fm 
Twentv-spcond bet Valen- ' 
claandOuerrtT'SW. | 

San Jone Road, or { 
County Road, fm ter- 
minal ion ."Mi.^slon SW to I 
County line. 


inh+^nrhfmnC.^^TiTi,- 1 TRUMAN, ISHAM & CO., »•» »» itABi^T .t. 
-igntnmg Jump-seat vehicles, Aaents. wholesale and Reiaii. San Francisco. 

HINCKLEY SPIERS & HAYF55 *:j^I''«'<>»^I»«Bf WOKKS. 22© Fremont SIreet, 
niliunut. I ^ W nMI Co, Manutacturers of AmaleamaWne pans and SetUe 

i and Settler*. 



San I<uis Allej, S s 

Jackson bet Dupont and 
San mtlguel Station, 

San Jos6 Road 53<i miles 
fm Cltv Hall. 
Sanchez, bet Church and 
Noe fm Ridley S to Thir- 
Sanaome, bet Battery 
and Montgomery N fm 
Market to Chestnut. 
West. Street. E. side. 

1 Market and Sutter 2 

101 Bush 100 

201 Pine 200 

30) California 300 

313 Halleck 312 

401 Sacramento 400 

417 Commercial 416 

501 Clay .500 

515 Merchant .514 

601 Washington 600 

701 Jackson 700 

705 Gold 

801 Pacific 800 

Stevens alley 

901 Broadway 900 

1001 Vallejo 1000 

1101 Green 1100 

1201 Union 1200 


1301 Filbert 1300 

1401 Greenwich 1400 

1501 Lombard (d) 

(e) Chestnut (e) 

Santa Clara, bet Center 

and Maripofa fm the bay 

W to Harrison. 
Santa KoMa Avenue. 

See St Rose's Ave- 
San tee. South S F, bet 

Tallapoosa and Penobscot 

SW to Coiinty line. 
Saratosra, bet Lopan and 

Grant fm La Grand av ,SE. 
Sareent, bet IJandolph 

and Shields fm Orizaba av 

Savannah, .'^outh S F, 

bet Monoiieahela and 

I'latte fm Honduras SW 

to Railroad av. 
Scheerer Place, bet 

Post and Sutter fm Mason 

Schiller, San Miguel. W 

Knd Map No 2. See »e 
Schneider, S of Bema- 
doKefni Islals Creek chan- 
nel NK to Trinidad. 
Schu.vler. Im Cortland 
av .S to Crescent av, B H. 
Sciinerin, VIsltaclon 

Scotland, bet Powell and 
Mason fm Filbert to Green- 
Scott, bet Pierce and De- 
vlsadero N fm Ridley to 
West. Street. E. sule. 

1 Ridley -2 

101 Waller ino 

201 Haifc'ht 200 

301 Pane .300 

401 Oak 400 

SOI Fell M) 

6f)l Hayes 

701 Grove 

Wll Full, .11 800 

!)I>1 iMcAllihter 000 

KKII (ioMrii (Jatenv imX) 

1101 Turk 1100 

1201 Kdilv 1200 

i:«U Kills i:too 

1401 O'Fnrrell HOO 

Klllot I'ark 

I.VH (;ear>- 

llii>l Post IfiOO 

1701 Sutter 1700 

I«)l Bush 1800 

liioi Pine inofl 

2001 California 2000 

2101 Sacramento 2100 

2201 Clay 

2;«)1 Washington 

2401 Jackson 2400 

2.501 Pacific ..2.500 

2fflil Broadway 2600 


2701 Valleio 2700 

2801 Greea 2800 

2901 Union 2900 

3001 Filbert 3000 

3101 Greenwich 3100 

3201 Lombard 3200 

3301 Chestnut 3:i00 

3401 Francisco 3400 

3501 Bay .3500 

3601 North Point :<600 

3701 Beach 3700 

3801 JefTerson .3800 

3901 Tonquln 3<)00 

(e) Lewis (e) 

Scott, im North av S to 

Cortland ar, B. H. See 

Scott Avenue, fm Bar- 

neveld av NW to Silver 

av, Potrero. 
Scott Place, bet Powell 

and Mason fm Pacific to 

Second, bet First and 

Third fm Market SE to the 

East. Street. W. side. 
I Market 2 

21 Stevenson 20 

(6) Jessie 26 

101 Mission 100 

117 Minna 118 

137 Notoma 138 

201 Howard 200 

219 Tehama 218 

233 Clementina (b) 

301 Folsom 300 

313 Park place 

Dow place 

Vernon place 326 

401 Harrison 400 

Silver 4-28 

501 Bryant 500 

North Park lane... 

South Park 516 

De Boom 

601 Brannan 600 

Rlncon avenue...,. 

701 Townsend 700 

(e) Berry (e) 

Second Avenue, bet 

Valencia and Guerrero I'm 

Fifteenth to Seventeenth. 

See Albion Avenue. 
Second Avenue, South 

S F. See Denmark. 
SecondAvenue,ftu Pre- 
sidio Reservation S to J. 
Selina Place, bet Du- 

pont and Stockton fm Cal- 

Ifnrnia N. 
Senator, bet Broadway 

and Vallejo fm Davis to 

Seneca Avenue, bet 

Ocean House Road and 

Niagara av fm JMlsslon W 

to San Jose Road. 
Ser|>entine Avenue, 

fm Utah nr Yolo W to Old 

San Jos6 Itoad. 
Servia, South S F, bet 

Dunilnica and Paragnav 

fm Islals Creek to Water 

Sevenfcenth, bet Slx- 

t(!(!nth and Eighteenth fm 

Harrison W. 
Soiitti. Street. A^ stite. 

1 Harrison 2 

Treat avenue 

101 Folsom 100 


201 Howard 200 

219 Capp 220 

■m Mission 300 

Holfavenue 318 

401 Valencia 400 

Second avenue 

431 Mission avenue 

.501 Guerrero 600 

601 Dolores BOO 

A lemany avenue... 

701 Church 700 

801 Sanchez 800 

901 Noe !)00 

1001 Castro lOOO 


1101 Dlainon<l 1100 



Clara avenue I 

Seventeenth Avenue, 

Souths F. See Sumatra 
Seventeenth A venue, 

fm Presidio Reservations. 
Seventh, bet Sixth and 

Eighth tin Market to 

Pennsj'Ivania av. 
East. Street. W. side. 
1 Market 2 

11 Stevenson 12 

Jessie .38 

101 Mission 100 



201 Howard 200 

:«1 Folsom 300 

Decker alley 

— Drurylaue 306 


401 Harrison 400 

501 Bryant 500 

601 Brannan 600 

701 Townsend 700 


801 Berry 800 


901 Hooper 


1001 Hubbell 


1101 Center 

(e) Pennsylvania av.... (e) 

Seventh Avenue„?outh 

S F. See Trinidad. 
Seventh Avenue, fm 

Presidio Reservation S to 

Seymour Avenue, bet 
Scott and Devisadero I'm 
Gulden Gate av to Turk. 

Shaks|>eare, tm Isabel 
S to Hope, B H. 

Shakspeare, San .Mi- 

Sharon, bet Church and 
Market fm Fifteenth SB. 

Sharp Place, bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde fm 
Union S. 

Delaware and fm Vermont 

to Utah. 
Shatn- Alle.T, bet First 

and Second Im Mission to 

Sheppard Place, bet 

Clay and Washington fra 

Mason K. 
Sheridan, bet i'olsom 

and Harrison fm Tenth 

Sherman, bet Si.\th and 

Seventh fm Folsom to 

Sherman, bet Castro and 

Diamond fm Seventeenth 

S to Twenty-second. See 

Sherman, bet Webster 

and Fillmore fm Ellis .S. 
Nlierman Avenue, 

San Miguel. 
Sherwood Place, bid 

Mission and Howard fni 

Third NE. 
Shields, bet Garileld and 

Sargent tni Orizaba av W. 
Ship, .South S F, bet Dock 

(ind Alleghany ttom St. 

Thomas SW to Cnuntv 

line. Folsom ami 

Harrison fm Fourth SW. 
Shotwell, bet Howard 

und Folsom fm Fourteenth 

S to Serpentine av. 
Ea.ll. Street. fV. side. 

I Fourteenth 2 

101 Fifteenth 100 

201 Sl.xteenth 200 

301 Seventeenth 300 

401 Eighteenth 400 

.501 Nineteenth 500 

601 Twentieth 600 

701 Twenty-flrst TOO 

HOI Twenty-second...„ 800 

!K)1 Twenty-thlnl ilOO 

1001 Twenly-fimnh 1000 

1101 Twenty-Uflh IiOO 

1201 Twcnty-sl.xlh 1200 

(e) Seri.eiitlne avenue 'r) 

Shrader, bet Cole and 
Stanyan S fm Fulton to 

Sickles Avenue, San 

Siegel, fm California av S 

to Cortland av, B H. 
Sierra, bet Napa and Ne- 
vada fm the bay W to Po- 
trero av. 
Silliman, bet Silver av 
and Felton fm San Bruno 
Road W, U M T. 
Silver, bet Harrison and 
Bryant fm Second to 
S. E. Street. X. W. side. 

1 Second 

101 Third 100 

(c) Fourth (e) 

Silver Avenue, South 
S F. fm Teneriffe nr Tom- 
bigbee W to County road. 
Simpson Place, bet 
Harrison and Bryant tva 
First W. 
Sixteenth, bet Fifteenth 
and Seventeenth fm Har- 
rison W to Castro. 
South. Street. X. side. 

1 Harrison (2600) 

101 Folsom (2700) 100 

Shotwell (700) 

201 Howard (2800) 20C 


301 Mission (2900) 300 

Julian avenue 

Hotr avenue 

Lida place 

Rondell place 

401 Valencia CJOOO) 40C 

Albion avenue 

501 Guerrer (3100) 500 

Gfallndo alley 

Spencer alley 

601 Dolores (3200) fiOC 

701 Church (.^300) 7IK) 

801 Sanchez (3400j soo 
901 Noe * Mkt..(3500) SWC 
1001 Castro (3600) lOOO 

SIxteentli Avenue, 

South S F. See Falkt 


Sixteenth Avenue, 

fni I'resldio Keservatlon.S. 

Sixth, bet Fifth and 

enth fm Market SK to Ten- 


. Street. 

ir. .tide. 












































SOI Berr.v 


901 Hooper 


1001 Ilubbell 


West Ehlorado . 



(e) Tennessee 


Sixth Avenue, fni i're- 
sldio |{.-s,rv,illuM S t.i K 

Sixth .tvfiiuo. s. mil i 
F. .Sic %'«>noziit>ln. 

Solano, b.i Miiiip.iMi iini' 
Butte lin the bay W tc 

Somerset, bet Goettln- 
g-n iind Holyoke fin Sil- 
ver avS, U. M. T. 

Sonoma, bet Nevada nnc 
Volo fm the bay W tc 




133 S|»ear Street. 



Place, bet 

Kesrnv and Dupont tm 

Vallejo N. See Snn 

Sonora, bet Kearny ami 

Pupont I'm Green to 

Sophie Terrace, bet 

Dnpont and Stockton fni 

Pine N. 
Soutli, SE of Hubbell SW 

(in Kentuckv to Center. 
South Avenue, fm 

Crt>6ccnt av NE to IloUy 

I'ark, B H. 
South Park, bet Bryant 

and Brannan fm Second to 

South Park AlIe.T, 

In-! South I'ark and Bran- 

non fin Third E. 
South Park Avenue, 

bet .Second and Third Im 

Brnnnan .><. 
South Park l.ane, 

tx't Brvant and Brannan 

tin Central pi to Third. 
Spear, bet Steuart and 

JTaln fm Market SE to the 

Ew!t. Street. W. side. 

1 Market. 2 

Hodpes Court _ 

101 Mission 100 

201 Howard 200 

301 Folsom 300 

*>1 Harrison 400 

(e) Bryant (e) 

Spenrer Alley, bet 

Guerrero and Dolores fm 

Slxte<>nth N. 
Spoirord. bet Dupont and 

Stockton fm Clay to Wash- 
Sprin|c, bet Montgomery 

and Kearny fm Calllomla 

to I'ine. 
Si>ruce. bet Locust and 

JIapN' fra Callfomla Jf. 
St. Charleft, bet Pacltlc 

and Bnmdwav fm Kearny 

E. See Rowland. 
St. « harles Place, bet 

Vallelo and Green fm 

K'-arny \V. See San 

St. Franoln, South S F, 

fm Trinidad SW to Mar- 


»>t. tiieoree Alle.v, bet 

i: Mriiy ami Dupont fm 
,-li to I'ine. 
SI. JanieH Alley, bet 

1 i.-t and Sutter fm Mason 

St. John, Sontb S F, bet 

Susquehanna and "rom- 

blRbee fm Honduras SW 

t.) Pcitrero av 
St. Jo*eph'B Avenue, 

bet Broderick and Baker 

fni Turk N to Geary. 

St. liawrence. South 8 
K. fm Montenegro SW to 

St. LoalH Alley, bet 

Dupont and Stockton fm 

Jackson S. 
St. .'Mary'n, bet Kearny 

and Dupont fm Pine to 

St. Roae'H Avenne,bet 

G<'arv and Junipero Im 

Masonic av W to Udd Fel- 

St. Thonia*. South S F, 

Ixt Manila and Venezuela 

fm Islais to Wat'T Front. 
St. Vincent. See Vin- 
Stable Alley, bet Flf- 

tciiitli and Sixteenth fm 

■\iil.'ncia E. 
StnndiHh. fm Callfomla 

av S to Powhattafi, B H. 
Stanford, bet Second and 

Third fm Brannan to 

Stanley. S of Randolph 

fin Orizaba «" W, City 

Laud Association. 

Stanly Court, E s 

Stanly pi bet Harrison 
and Bryant. 
Stanly Place, bet 

First ami Second fra Har- 
rison to S of Bryant. 

Stanyan, betShrader and 
Golden Gate Park fm Ful- 
ton S. 

Star, fm California av SE 
to Franconia av, B H. 

Stark, l>et I'acitlc and 
Rr.iadway fm Stockton E. 

State, City Land Associa- 
tion. See Ramnell. 

Steiner, bet Fillmore and 
Pierce N fm Kidley to 

West. Street. E. side. 

Ridley 2 

- Kate 100 

201 Waller 200 

301 Halght „.. 300 

401 Page 400 

501 Oak 500 

601 Fell 600 

Haves 700 

Grove 800 

901 Fulton iiOO 

1001 McAllister. 1000 

1101 Golden Gate av 1100 

1201 Turk 1200 

1301 Edd.v 1300 

1401 Ellis 1400 


1501 O'Farrell 1500 

1503 Elliot park 

Geary 1600 

1701 Post 1700 

1801 Sutter 1800 

1901 Bush 1900 


2001 Pine 2000 

2101 California 2100 


2201 Sacramento 2200 

- ciav zm 

Washington 2400 

2501 Jackson 2500 

2601 Pacific 2600 

2701 Broadway 2700 

2801 Vullejo 2S00 

2901 Green 2900 

:«0l Union 3000 

3101 Filbert 3100 


;C01 Greenwich 3200 


3301 Lombard 3.300 

3401 Chestnut 3400 

3.501 Francisco 3500 

3601 Bay 3600 

3701 North Point 3700 

Bench .3800 

.letrerson 3900 

4001 Tonquin 4000 

i.e) Lewis (e) 

Steuart, bet East and 
Spear fm Market SE to the 

Eaxi. Street. W. side 

1 Market 2 

101 Mission 100 

201 Howard 200 

301 Folsom 300 

(e) Harrison (e) 

Steuben, bet Boutwell 
and San Bruno Road fm 
Snn Bruno Road to Hel- 

Steveloe Place, bet 
Ellis and O'Farrell fm 
Jones E. 

Steveno Alley, bet Pa- 
cific and Broailway fm 
Sansonic E,t hence at right 
angles N to Broadway. 

Stevendon, bet Market 

and Mission fm FirM SW. 

S.E. Street y.W.stdf:. 

1 First 2 


101 Second 100 

(6) New Montgomerv (6; 


201 Third 200 

(6) Fourth (6) 

401 Finh 400 

501 Sixth .500 

601 S<-venlh 600 

7t)l Eighth 700 


oOl Ninth 800 

(6) Tenth (6) 

(6) Eleventh (6) 





(6) Twelfth (b) 

(b) Thirteenth ...„ (6) 

'A) Fourteenth (6) 

(bi Fifteenth (h) 

(b) Sixteenth (6) 

(6) Seventeenth. 

Willow avenue 

1701 Eighteenth 1700 

1801 Nineteenth 1800 

1901 Twentieth 1900 

(e) Twenty-first (e) 

StevenHon Avenue, 

S s Valencia bet Hermann 

and Brady. 

Stockton, bet Dupont 

and Powell N fm Market 

to Beach. 

West. Street. E. side. 

1 Market and Ellis... 2 

101 O'FarreU 100 

Geary.... 200 

Morton 212 

301 Post 300 

Stockton place. 308 

401 Sutter 400 

501 Bush 500 

Emma 508 

601 Pine 6W 

701 California 700 

709 Emmet place 

801 Sacramento 800 

901 Clay 900 

1001 Washington 1000 

1101 Jackson 1100 

1201 Pacific 1200 

Stark 1232 

1301 Broadway 1300 

1401 Vallelo 1400 

1413 Card alley 

Montgomery av.... 
1501 Green ]5(« 

Union 1600 

1701 Filbert 1700 

1801 Greenwich 1800 

1901 Lombard 1900 


2001 Chestnut 2000 


2101 Francisco 2100 

2201 Bay 2200 

2:«1 NorthPoint 2300 

(e) Beach (e) 

Stockton Place, bet 

Post and Sutler fm Du- 
pont to Stockton. 

Stone, bet Stockton and 
PowpU fm Washington to 

Stonenian, bet Monte- 
zuma and Prospect av fm 
Folsom W, B. H. 

Stout'M Alley, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton ftn 
Washington to Jackson. 

Strinsham, from Islais 
Creek W of Adele S to 

Sullivan, bet Carl and 
Grattan fm Cole W. 

Sulli van, fm Cortland av 
S to Crescent av, B H. See 

Sullivan, VIsttaclon 
Valloy. See Aotor. 

Sullivan Alley, bet 
Dupont and Stockton fm 
Pacific to Jackson. 

Sullivan Alley, bet 
First and Second fm Mis- 
sion to Minna. See Shaw- 

Sullivan Alley, bet 
Jackson and Pacific fm 
Dupont W. 

Sumatra. South S F,bet 
Falkland and .\lgeria fm 
Islais Creek to Water 

Summer, bot Pine and 
Callfomla fm Montgomerj- 
to Kearny. 

Sumner, bet Rosecrans 
and Prentiss fm Callfomla 
av S to Powhattan. See 

Smnner, bet Seventh and 
Eighth fm Howard SE. [ 

Snaquehanna, South 
S F. bet Yazoo and St 
John Im Honduras SW. 

Sutter, bitt Postand Bush 
W fm Market to Central I 

South. Street. N. side. \ 

1 Sansome 4 Market 2 

101 Jlontgomery 100 

Trinity 106 ' 

111 Lick place 

201 Kearny 200 

Clara lane 240 

301 Dupont 300 

401 Stockton 400 

501 Powell 500 

Delaware court.... 

601 Mason 600 

701 Taylor 700 

801 Jones 800 

901 Leavenworth 900 

1001 Hyde 1000 

1101 Larkln 1100 

1201 Polk 1200 I 

i:»l Van NesB avenue..l300 

1401 Franklin 1400 

1501 Gough 1500 

1601 Octavla 160O 

1701 Laguna 1700 

1801 Buchanan 1800 

1901 Webster 1900 

2001 Fillmore 2000 

2101 Steiner 2100 

2201 Pierce 2200 , 

2.301 Scott 2:JOO 

2401 Devlsadero 2400 

2501 Broderick 2500 ' 

2601 Baker 2600 I 

2701 Lyon 2700 i 

(e) Central avenue (e) \ 

Swan, fm Bernal SW to ' 

i unction Plymouth and 
Sweeny, W s San Bruno I 
Road 3 miles fm Cltv Hall. ' 
Sweet, bet Taylor and 
Jones fm Broadway to 
T, South S F. See St \ 

T, bet 8 and U fm Twelfth 

av W. 

Tahiti, Sonth S F, bet 

Nicaragua and Vucatan 

fm San Bruno Road to 

County line. 

Tallapooaa, South S F, 

bet Gila and Siintee fm 

India SW to County line. 

Tara, San Miguel, W End 

Map No I. 
Tay, bet Powell and 
Mason fm Sacramento to 
Ta.vlor, bet Mason and 
Jones N fm Market to 
West. Street. E. side. 

1 Market and Golden 

Gate av_ „ 2 

Opal place 

101 Turk too 

201 Eddy 200 

301 Ellis 300 

401 O'Farrell 400 

501 (Seary 500 

Derby 504 

Tayldr place 516 

517 Adelaide place . ...-^ 

601 Post eoo 

Hobart alley 

605 Lewis 

701 Sutter. TOO 

801 Bush 800 

Mulford alley 

901 Pine „. 900 

Villa place 908 

1(01 California 1000 

1101 Sacramento.... 1100 

1115 Pleasant 

1301 Clay 1200 

l.Wl Washington WOO i 

1401 Jackson „.J400 ' 

1501 Pacific 1500 

1535 Bernard 

1601 Broadwav 1600 

Falcon place. _ 

1701 Vallejo „J700 

1801 Green 1800 

Lincoln _ 

The Largest Laundry Establishment on the Pacific Coasf 





1901 Union 1900 

Itedfield alley 

2001 Filbert... 2000 

Valparaiso 2012 

2101 Greenvvicb 2<00 

2201 Lombard :. 2200 

Montgomery av 

2:»1 Chestnut 2300 



2401 Francisco 2400 


2.W1 Bay 2.')00 

2601 North Point 2mo 

2701 Beach 2700 

(e) Jefferson (e) 

Ta.Tlor Place, bet Post 

and Geary fin Tavlor E. 
Ta.Tlor Place, bet 

Union and Filbert fm Tay- 
lor K and W. Howard and 

Folsoni fni First SW. 
S.K Street. N.W.slde. 

1 First 2 

101 Second 100 


201 Third 200 

301 Fourth 300 

401 Fifth 400 

(Ij) Sl.\th (ft) 

(.b) Seventh (ft) 

701 Eighth 700 

(b) Muth (ft) 

Tehama, S s Montezuma 
•S to I'Mspect place, B U. 
.'*ee itlanclieHler. 
Tehama Place, bet 
Howard and Folsom fm 
First NE. 
Telegraph Place, bet 
Greonwiih and Lombard 
I'm Gkjoil-Chlldren E. 
Tenerl ire. South fS F, bet 
I'araKuay and Falkland 
(m I.slals Creek to Water 
I Front. 

I TenneH»ee,bet Kentucky 
and Minnesota fm South S 
to Tulare. 
Tenth, bet Ninth and 
Eleventh fm Market SE 
to Mission Creek. 
Eatt. i)treet. IK sMe. 

1 Market 2 

101 Mission 100 

201 Howard 200 

225 Warren avenue 

;t01 Fol.som 300 


401 Harrison 40o 

501 Bryant 500 

Tenlli Avenue, Souths 

F. Sec 9f arfiueoaN. 
Tenth Avenue, Im Pre- 
sidio Kewrvatlon s to 6. 
Terrace View, bet 
Kearny and Dupont fm 
V ranclsico S. 
TevU, South S V, bet Von 
Schmidt and Dock fm 
Water Front KWto County 
TevU, bet Third and 
Fourth (m KIiik Ic. B.rrv. 
TexaH, bet MIhkInnIpiiI 
and Missouri Im Cfiilir S 
to Tular.-. 
Theudure Alle.r, bet 
Stwkton and Noonan's 
alley fm Vallcjo .■<. 
Thereaa, Academy Tract. 
Third, bet Second niid 
Fourth fm Market SE to 
Jicut. .Street. W. tUle. 

435 Silver 436 

501 Bryant 500 

Park lane north.... 

519 South Park 

5:J7 Park lane south... 

601 Brannan 600 

701 Townsend 700 


801 Berry 800 


Third Avenue, fm Pre- 
sidio Reservation S to J. 
Third Avenue, South 
S F. See 9Ion(enecrro 
Thirteenth, bet Twellth 
and Fourteenth fm Mis- 
sion to Harrison. 
North. Street. S. side. 

Mission 2 

Howard lOO 



Folfom 200 

Treat avenue 

;J01 Harrison 300 

Thirteenth Avenue, 

fm Presidio Beservation 

S to U. 

Thirleenth Avenue, 

South S F. See Servia. 

Thirtieth, S of , ay fm 

Mission W to Belle vue. 
Thirtieth Avenue, fm 

I'resldio Reservations. 
Thirtieth Avenue, 
South SF. SecOuada- 
Thirt.v-elgrhth Av. 
enue, fm City Cemetery 





... 2 


... 20 



... (b) 






.. 118 

Sherwood place. 


.. 138 




.. 200 


.. 224 


Noble place 

.. '£16 








.. 400 



... 418 

Thirty-elehth Av- 
enue. South S F. See 

Thlrt.y.tinh Avenue, 

fin City Cemetery S. 

Thirt.y-fifth Avenue, 
South S F. See Mar- 

Thirt.v-lir«t Avenue, 
Im Presidio Reservation S. 

ThIrt.y-flrMt Avenue, 
South S F. See Van- 
cou ver. 

Tlilrt.v - fourth Av- 
enue, fm City Cemetery 

Thirty - fourth Av- 
enue, South S F. See 

Thlrt.y - ninth Av- 
enue, fm City Cemetery 

Thirty - ninth Av- 
enue, South S F. See 

Thlrt.y -ftecond Av- 
enue, im Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 

Thlrt.y - Hecond Av- 
enue. South S F. .See 

Thlrt.y - Hcventh Av- 
enue, fm City Cemetery 

Tlilrt.T - Kcventh Av- 
enue. South S F. See 

Thlrt.y -Mixth Avenue, 

fni Cllv Ccnictorv S. 

Thlrt.y -Mixth A venue, 
.Soulli S F. See t'onta 

Thlrt.y - third Av- 
enue. Im City Cemetery 

Tlilrt.y - 


TliOmpHon Avenue, 

bri .Sicond and Third fm 

Braniwiti S. 
Thornton. City Land 

Thrift. Ballroad Home- 

Tllden. W s Noe bet Fif- 
teenth and Sl.vteenth. 
Tllford, bet Bryant and 

Brnnnan fm Sl.\th NE. 
Tillman Alle.y, bet 

Sutler an I Stockton pi fm 

Hupont W. 

Tingle.T, Academy Tract. 
Tobago, .South S F, bet 

Malacca and Martinique 

fm Railroad av to Countv 

Tobin, Visltaclon Vallev. 
Tom ana, fm Calllornia 

avSEto California av, B 

tm Honduras SW. 
Toufiuin, bet .lefferson 

and Lewis W fm Larkin 

to Presidio Reservation. 
Torrens Court, bet 

Hvde and Larkin fm Clay 

Touch ard. bet Jones and 

Leavenworth fm Pine S. 

Townsend. bet Brannan 
and KInB SW from First 
to Eiehth. 
S.E. Street. A^.W.side. 

1 First 2 


Second loo 


Clarence place 

Hammond place... 

Third 200 





CrooKs _.„ 

Fourth 300 

Fifth 400 

501 Sixth 500 


601 .Seventh 600 


Treat Avenue, bet Fol- 
som and Harrison fm 
Thirteenth S to Serpentine 




W. side. 

Ea.1t. Street. 

1 Thirteenth . 

101 Fourteenth 100 

201 Fifteenth 200 

:i01 Sixteenth .-JOO 

401 Seventeenth 400 

'"■ Fighteenth ,500 

Nineteenth 600 

Twentieth 700 

Twenty-first 800 

Twenty-second .... 900 

Twenty -third 1000 

Twenty-fourth 1100 

Twenty-fifth 1200 

Twenty-sl.\th 1300 


(C) Serpentine av.. 


Trent Alle.y. bet Dolo- 
res and Clintlnuooga fm 
Twenty-l„.irth N. 

Trenton. \k-i Stockton 
and Powell fm Washing- 
ton N to Pacific. 

Trinidad. .South S F, bet 
\ enezuela and Bahama 
fm ochneider S to Water 

TrInlt.T, bet Montgomery 
and Kearny fm Sutter to 

Trlnlt.T Court, W s 
Trinity bet Sutter and 

Tro.v Alle.v, bet Sacra- 
in.-nto and Clay fm Hyde 

Truett, bet Clay and 
Washington fm Mason W. 

Trumbull, bet Canal 
and Ncy fm County Road 

Tulare, bet Marin and 
Islais Creek channel fm 
the bay W to Orleans. 

Tulip Alle.v, bet How- 
ard ond Minna fm Rugs 

Turk, bet Golden Gate av 

an.l E.ldy \V im Junction 

Mason and Market. 

Sinit/i. Street. X. side. 

1 Market & Mason... 2 

Margaret place 14 

101 Taylor 100 

201 .lones „.. 200 

:i0I Leavenworth 300 

401 Hyde 400 


501 Larkin 500 

601 Polk : 600 

701 Van Ness avenue. 700 

801 Franklin soo 

901 Gough 900 



1201 Buchanan 1200 

1301 Webster :i300 

1401 Fillmore 1400 

1501 Stelner 1500 

1601 Pierce ifiOO 

1701 Scott 1700 

,„^, Seymour avenue... 

1801 Devlsadero 1800 

1901 Broderick iboo 

- — St. Joseph's av.... 

2001 Baker...... ;; (ft) 

Lyon (b) 

L-^tt..... (ft/ 

Masonic avenue... 

Twelfth, bet Eleventh 

andThirteenth fm Mission 

SE to Harrison. 

X.JH. Street. S.W.sUle. 

1 Mission 2 

Glen Park avenue. 26 

101 Howard lOO 

201 Folsom 200 



(e) Harrison (e) 

Twelflh Avenue, fm 

Presidio Reservation S to 

Twelfth Avenue, 

South SF. See Domin- 
Twentieth, bet Nine- 
teenth and Twenty-first 
fm Harrison W to Doug- 
South. Street. 2f. side. 

1 Harrison , 2 

Treat avenue ' 

101 Folsom (400) 100 


201 Howard (700) 200 


301 Mission (800) 300 

Jessie „ 


401 Valencia (900) 400 

501 Guerrero ,500 

601 Dolores 

701 Church 

801 Sanchez 

noi Noe , 

1001 Castro ' 


1101 Diamond 


(e) Douglass 

Twentieth Av 
fni Preslillo Beservation 

Twentieth Avenue, 

South S K. .See Maurl- 


Twent.y-elKlith, bet 

Duncan and Valley l^n Old 
San Jos6 Road W to Bel- 
South. Street. y. side. 

1 Guerrero 2 

101 Dolores 100 

201 Church 200 

301 .Sanchez .'JOO 




.501 Castro 

(!01 Diamond 600 

701 Douglass 700 

801 Ellen 800 

(e) Bellevue (e) 

Twent.v-elKhth Av- 
enue, Im Presidio Beser- 

Twent.y-eisrhth Av- 
enue. SoMlli S F. Sec 
tiiihraltnr. Twen- 

ty-lourlli and Twenty- 
sixth fm Potrero av W. 
South. Street. JV. sUle. 

1 I'litrero avenue 2 

101 Hampshire 100 

201 York 200 

.301 Bryant avenue .300 

401 Columbia 400 

.501 Alabama 500 

WINDOW SHADES rtS Slf fX,:: rTWtoUnn fiilMfirhtSt 


Ittiliorierii of and I>«Alcr«t In COAI. «nd PI« IROy, 

41 Market Htreet, corner »pettf< 



eoi Harrison 600 

Treat avenue 

701 Folsom 700 

Horace alley ........ 

Shot well 

Virgil alley 

801 Howard 800 

Cypress alley 


Lilac allev 

901 Mission 900 


Oranse alley 

1001 Valencia 1000 

San Jogg avenue... 

1101 Guerrero IIOO 

1201 Dolores 1200 

l.'Bl Church 1300 


1401 Sanchez WOO 

Kkppler alley 

1501 Noe 1500 

IflOl Castro 1600 

1701 Plamond 1700 

1801 Douplass 1800 

1901 Ellen 1900 


Twent.v-flftb Avenue 

South S F. See Maltn. 

Twenty-firHt, bet Twen- 
tieth and Twenty-second 
fm Potrero av W to Eu- 

Bouth. Street. JV. side. 
1 Potrero av 2 

Jersey 100 

201 Hampshire 200 

Brvant avenue 

301 York 300 

Florida 400 


501 Columbia 500 

601 Harrison 600 

. Treat avenue 

701 Folsom 700 


801 Howard 800 


901 MI.«hlon (1000) 900 


1001 Valpncta„,. „(1100) 1000 

1101 Guerrero (1200) 1100 

Alder alley 


Onlnce alley 

1201 Dolores 1200 


1301 Church 1300 

Vicksburg — 

1401 Sanchez 1400 

1501 Noe 1500 

1601 Castro 1600 


1701 Diamond 1700 

(e) Eureka (e; 


fm Presidio Reservations. 
Twent^vflratA venue. 

South S F. See Java. 
Twenty • fourfh, bet 

Twenty-third an<l Twen- 

ty-lirth fm Potrero av W. 

Soiilh. Street. S'. side. 

1 Potrero avenue 2 

101 Hampshire 100 

201 York 200 

301 Br ant avenue 300 

401 400 

501 .Alabama 500 

601 Harrison 950 

Treat avenue 

701 Folsom 700 


801 Howard 800 

f'ypress alley 


Lilac allev _ 

901 Mission 900 

O.sape alley _ 


I irange alley 

1001 Valenc'o 1000 

Poplar alley 

San .lose avenue... 

1101 Guerrero 1100 

Aider alley. 

Fa r Oaks 

Quince alley 

1201 Dolores 1200 

Trent alley 


1301 Church 1300 


1401 Sanchez 1400 

1501 Noe 1500 

leOl Castro 1600 

1701 Diamond.. 1700 

1801 Douglass. 1800 

1901 Ellen 1900 


Twenty - fourth Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - fourth Av- 
enue, South S F. See 
Twenty-ninth, bet Val- 
ley and Day fm Mission 
Wto Bellevue. 
Twenty • ninth Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - ninth Av- 
enue, South S F. See 
Twenty - second, bet 
Twenty-flrst and Twenty- 
third fm Potrero av W to 
Ocean Road. 
South. Street. N. side. 

1 Potrero avenue 

101 Hampshire 100 

201 York 200 

301 Brvant ovenue 300 

401 Columbia 400 

501 Alabama 500 

601 Harrison 600 

Treat avenue 

701 Folsom 700 


801 Howard 800 


901 Mission 900 


2001 Valencia 1000 

San Jos6 avenue .. 

1101 Guerrero 1100 

Alder alley 

Fair Oaks 

Quince allev 

1201 Dolores 1200 


1301 Church 1300 


1401 Sonchez 1400 

1501 Noe 1500 

1601 Castro 1600 


1701 Diamond 1700 


1801 Douglass 1800 

Tw enty - itecond Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - necond Av- 
enue, South S F. See 
Twenty • seventh, bet 
Army and Duncan fm (»Id 
San Jos6 Road W to Belle- 
South. Street. N. side. 

1 Guerrero 2 

101 Dolores 100 

201 Church 200 

301 Sanchez 300 

401 Noe 400 

501 Castro 500 

801 Diamond 600 

701 Douglass 700 

801 Ellen 800 

(«) Bellevue (e) 

Twenty-seventh Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty-seventh Av- 
enue, South S F. See 
Twenty - sixth, bet 
Tw.nty-flf1h and Armv 
fm York W to Ocean Road 
South. Street. X. side. 

1 York 2 

101 Bryant avenue 100 

201 Columbia 200 

301 Alabama 300 

401 Horrl.-on 400 

Treat avenue 

501 FoUom 600 

Horace allev 


t-lrgil alley 

,.601 Howard eCO 

Cypress alley 


Lilac alley 

701 Mission 700 


Orange alley 

801 Valencio 800 

San Jos6 avenue... 

901 Guerrero 900 

1001 Dolores 1000 

1101 Church 1100 

1201 Sanchez 1200 

l.»l Noe 1300 

1401 Castro 1400 

1501 Diamond 1500 

1601 Douglass 1600 

1701 Ellen 1700 


Twenty • sixth Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 
Twenty - sixth Av- 
enue, South S P. See 
Twenty-third, bet 
Twenty-second and Twen- 
ty-fourth fm Potrero av W 
to Douglass. 
South. Street. N. side. 

1 Potrero avenue 2 

101 Hampshire 100 

201 York 200 

301 Bryant avenue 300 

401 Columbia 400 

501 Alabama 500 

601 Harrison 600 

Treat avenue 

701 Folsom 700 


801 Howard 800 


901 Mission 900 


1001 Valencia 1000 

San Jos6 avenue... 

1101 Guerrero UOO 

Alder alley 

Fair Oaks 

gulnce alley 
olores 1200 

MerKey alley 


Medway alley 

1301 Church 1300 

Orient alley 


Blanche alley 

1401 Sanchez 1400 

1501 Noe 1500 

1601 Castro 1600 

1701 Diamond 1700 


1801 Douglass 1800 

Twenty - third Av- 
enue, fm Presidio Res- 
ervation S. 

Twenty - third Av- 
enue, South S F. See 

Tyler,now Golden GateAv 

V, bet T and V fm Thlr- 
teeBth av W. 

ITnadilla Avenue, 

San Miguel. 
Union, bet Green and 
Filbert W fm Front to 
Piesidio Reservation. 
South.' Street. N. side. 

1 Front 2 

101 Battery 100 


201 Sansome 200 


301 Montgomery 200 

323 Vincent 

401 Kearnv 400 

Filbert place 406 

407 Sonora 

419 Lafayette place 

Varennes.... 420 

501 Dupont 500 

(3adell alley 508 

509 Bannam place 

Jasper plwce 518 

523 I'nion place 

5.35 Graham place 

601 St .ckton 

Montgomery av.... 

701 Powell 700 

Baum alley 

Amboy alley 

717 August alley 

801 Mason 80O 

901 Taylor ,.... 900 

Marlon place 

lOOl Jones 1000 

Bay View place 

1101 Leavenworth 1100 

Sharp place 

1201 Hyde 1200 

West End alley.... 

Moore place 

vm Larkln VMM 

1401 Polk 1400 

1501 Van Ness avenue. 1500 

1601 Franklin 1600 

1701 Gough 1700 

1801 Octavia 1800 

1901 Laguna 1900 

2001 Buchanan 2000 

2101 Webster 2100 

2201 Fillmore 2200 

2301 Stelner 2.300 

2401 Pierce 2400 

"611 Scott 5200 

2601 Devlsadero 2600 

2701 Broderick 2700 

2801 Baker 2800 

(e) Lyon («) 

Union Alley, fm Union 

Union Avenue, fm 

Audover av E to San 
Bruno Road, B H. 

Union Place, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton fm 
Green to Union. 

Union Square, bet 
Powell, Stockton, Post and 

University, bet College 
and Princeton fm Silver 
av S, U M T. 

Urnguay, Sooth S 
Maileira and Barbadoes 
fm Railroad av to County 

Utah, bet Nebraska and 
Potrero av fm Mission 
Creek 8 to Preclta Creek. 

V, bet U and W fm Four- 
teenth av W. 

Valencia, bet Guerrero 
and Mission fm Markets 
to Twenty-ninth. 

East. Street. W. side. 

1 Market 2 

15 Stevenson avenue 

101 Hermann 100 

201 Ridley 200 

209 Quinn 208 

— Brosnan 

301 Fourteenth 300 

401 Filleenth 400 

Stable alley 

501 Si.xteenth 500 

601 Seventeenth 600 

Clarion alley 

611 Cedar lane 

617 Wlllowsavenue.... 

701 Eighteenth 700 

801 Nineteenth 800 

— Cumberland pl_... 820 
901 Twentieth 900 


1001 Twenty-flrst 1000 

Hill 1018 

1101 Twenty-second ....1100 

1201 Twenty-third 1200 

1301 Twenty-fourth ....!:«) 

1401 Twenty-flfih.J 140ii 

■501 Twenty-sixth 1500 


(e) Twentv-nlnth {«) 

Vallelo, bet Broadway 
and (;reen fm Davis W to 
I'residio Reservation. 
South Street. N. tide. 

1 Davis (lO 


101 Bailerv „.. 100 

Flint alley. „.. 

Goal allev 

201 Sanwjme' .200 

Hall alley 

J'rescott court 

Hodges oiley 


301 Montgomery aOO 

•^T^^^^^Sf' TRUMAN, ISHAM & CO.. '"V.Vir.V^^'o^^ 

11 JIanDractarerB or STATIONERY and MARINE EK6INES and ROII^ERsl 



401 Kearny 400 

2701 Greenwich 2700 

Vorralh Place, bet 

1017 Wetmore place. ...— 


2801 Lombard 2800 

Bush and Pine fm Larkin 

1101 Mason U 

San Antonio 

2901 Chestnut 2nOO 

3001 Francisco 3000 

Vulcan I,ane, bet 

.\dona place Hi 

Pollard place 

1201 Taylor 12 

Margaret place 

(6) Bay 3100 

Stockton and Powell fm 

Camllle place 

501 Dupont 500 

(b) North Point 3200 

Vallelo N. 

1301 Jones 13 

(b) Beach 3300 

W, south ot V tm Fifteenth 

1319 Priest - 

Vallejo place 

(6) Jeflferson 3400 

av W. 

1325 Keed - 

Agnes lane 

(6) Tonquin 3500 

Wagner Alley, bet 

1401 Leavenworth 14 

601 Stockton 600 

(e) Lewis. (e) 

Jones and Leavenworth 

1501 Hvde 15 

Vulcan lane 

Vancouver, South S F, 

fm Eddy S. 
Waldo Alley, bet 

1801 Larkin 16 

1701 Polk 17 

Theodore alley 

Koonan's alley 

bet Guadaloupe and Gul- 

Broadway and Vallejo fm 

1801 Van Ness avcnue..l8 

Wheelock place 

Leavenworth W. 

1901 Frankhn 19 

701 Powell 700 

County line. 

fValbrldge, Vlsltaclon 

Gough 2a 

Washoe place 

Vandewater, bet Fran- 


Octavia 211 

O'Connell place .... 

Wall Place, bet Leav- 

2201 Laguna 22- 

801 Mason 800 

to Taylor. 
Varennes, bet Kearny 

en woith and Hyde fm 
Jackson N. 

2301 Buchanan 2.1 

2401 Webster 24 

Vallejo court 

901 Taylor 900 

W^allace Place, bet 

2501 Fillmore 25 



Kearny and Dupont fm 


V a N M a 1 b or o. Sunny 
Vale Homestead. 

California N. 
waller, bet Ridley and 

Alta Plaza . 

1001 Jones 1000 

2801 Scott 28 

1101 Leavenworth 1100 

VaKHar Place, bet Sec- 

Haight W fVn Octavia and 

2901 Devlsadero 29 

1201 Hvde 1200 

ond and Third fm Harrl- 


3001 Broderick 30 


■^on SE. 

South. Street. y. side. 

3101 Baker 31 

1301 Larkin . 1300 

Venezuela, South S F, 
bet St Thomas and Trini- 
dad fm Islals to Water 

1 Market & Octavia.. 2 

101 Laguna 100 

201 Buchanan 200 

:3201 Lyon 32 

:5301 Centralavenue 33i 

3401 Walnut 34: 

1401 Polk 14(/0 

1501 Van Ness avenneJSOO 

1601 Franklin IfiOO 


■.m Webster 300 

:»01 Laurel 38 

1701 G(,ugh 1700 

Vernielir Place, bet 

401 Fillmore 400 

3601 Locust 38 

ISOl octavia ISOO 

Stelner 500 

3701 Spruce 37 

3801 Maple 38 

1901 Lagiina 1900 


Pierce 600 

2001 Buchanan 2000 

Vermont, bet KansaB 

701 Scott 700 

;i901 Cherry 39 

2101 Webster.... ...:;:; 2100 

2201 Fillmore 2200 

and Nebraska fm Mission 
Creek to Precita Creek. 

801 Devlsadero 800 

Broderick 900 

2.W1 Stelner 2300 

Vernon, City Land Asso- 

Public Park 

Wafliington AUej 

bet Kearny and Dupo 
fm Washington to Jao 

2401 Pierce 2400 

Lott 130O 

2501 Scott 2500 

Vei-non Place, bet Fol- 

1301 Masonic avenue...l300 

26(J1 Devlsadero 260o 

1401 Ashbury 1400 

2701 Broderick 270o 

ond W. 

1501 Clayton 1500 

WaNhineton Avenn 

2801 Baker 2800 

Vernon Place, bet 

1601 Cole 1600 

bet Ninth and Tenth 1 

(e) Lyon (e) 

Mason and Taylor fm 

1701 Shrader 1700 

Mission to Howard. S 

Tallejo Court, (or Ter- 

Jackson S. See Marcy 

(e) Stanyan (e) 

Rerkeley Avenue 

race) bet Mason and Tay- 


Waftliington Avenii 

lor fm Vallejo S. 

Vernon Place, bet 

Walnut, bet Central av 

bet Folsom and Coliimt 

Vallejo Place, bet 

Green and Union fm Hyde 

and Laurel fm California 

pi fm Preclta av S, B H. 

MoiitKomeryav and Stock- 



ton ftn Vallejo S. 

Verona, bet Folsom and 

Walnut ATcnue, bet 

Wanhinirton Squar< 

Valley, bpt Twenty- 

Harrison fm Third NE. 

Post and Sutter Im Larkin 

bet Montgomery av aii 

VickHburg, bet Church 

to Laguna. 

Powell, Stockton, Fllbt 

fm Old San Josfi Road W 

and Sanchez fm Twent>- 

South. Street. X. side. 

and Union. 

to Belleviie. 

tirst S to Twenty-tifth. 

1 Larkin 2 

Waitlioe Place, b 

ValparalMO, bet Filbert 

East. Street. W.side. 

101 Polk 100 

Powell and Mason fmV. 

and Greenwich fm Mason 

1 Twenty-first 2 

201 Van Ness avenue.. 200 

lejo N. 

to Jonoti. 

101 Twenty-second 100 

301 Franklin 300 

Water, bet Chestnut ai. 

201 Twenty-third 200 

401 Gough 400 

Polk and Krnnklln N fm 

301 Twenty-fourth 300 

501 Octavia 500 


Market to Lewis. 

(e) Twenty-flfth (e) 

(e) Lagiina. (e) 

Water Front, fm Cou 

West. .Street. E. side. 

Waltiiam, bet Prospect 

1 Market and Oak... 2 

Victoria, City Land As- 

av and California av fm 

the bay to Shasta. 

Ulckorv avenue... 


Folsom E. 

Walerville. bet Klmi 

101 Fell....; 100 

Vienna, E.xcelsior Home- 

Ward, fm California av S 

and Conkllng fm Augut 

109 Linden avenue 

stead Association. 

to Crescent av, B H. See 

tu Htdena. 

201 Hayes 200 

Villa Place, bet Pine 


WatHun Place, W( 

and California fm Taylor 

Warren, S s Thirtieth 

Knd Man No 1. 
Watt Avenue. W< 

301 Grove 300 


bet Whitney and Bartiett 

Birch avenue 

Vincent, bet Monfgom- 

S to Palmer. 

End Homestead. 

401 Fulton 400 

Ash avenue 

Virsrll AlIe.T, bet How- 

Jloward and Folsom fm 
Tenth NE. 

I)upi)nt and Stockton f 
Sacramento to Washlr 

501 McAllister 500 

Locust avenue 

ard and Shot well I'm Twen- 

Warren Place, bet Six- 


001 Golden Gate av 600 

ty-llllh S to Twenty-sl.xth. 

teenth and Seventeenth 

W a y 1 n n d, bet Bac 

Virginia, bet (ihio and 
New York fm Water Front 

fm Mission E. 
WaHliincton, bet Clay 

andWoolsev Im I'oirc 
av W. U M T. 

701 Turk 700 

Laurel avenue 

S to Honduras. 

and Jackson W fin East. 

fvayne, Dei (iatos a 

801 Eddy 800 

Virginia, bet Stockton 
and I'owrll fm Washing- 

South. Street. N. side. 

Kosciusko fm (Jortiaiid 

Willow avenue 

1 East 2 

801 Ellis <m 

ton to I'aclllc. SeeTren- 

101 Prumm 100 

201 Davis 200 

Webb, bet Montgonie 
and Kearny fm Califorr 

909 Olive avenue 908 

1001 O'Farrell Um 

217 Cedar 

1009 Myrtle avenue. Ukw 

California av SE to Cher- 

;»1 Front 300 

Webb Place, bet Gre 

1101 Gearv IIOO 

UbllM (>, li H. 

401 Batleryi 400 

and Union fm Mason W 

Cedar avenue 

VirKlnia <;our(, bet 

Custom House pi... 412 

WebHter, bet Montgo: 

1201 Post 1200 

Pine and Calllornia fm 

501 Sansome 500 

ery and Kearny tin Lm 

Walnut avenue 

l>upont W. 

Jones alley 5:t2 

bard to (Jhestnut. ^• 

i:«>i suti.T 1300 

VirKlnia Place, bet 

601 Montgomery 600 


1311 Frni avenue 1310 

I'ow.ll and Stockton fm 

Montgomery av 

1401 Bush 1400 

Hroa.lwav to I'acillc. 
ViHCher Place, bet 

641 Dunbar alley 

Kearny 700 

WebHter, bet Biulian 
and Fillmore N I'm Ki 

J409 Austin 1408 

I'lOl I'Inc l.'iOO 

Market anil Mission fm 
Heale E. 

727 Brenham place... 

Washington alley. 744 

to Lewis. 
West. Street. E. sU 

ltii»l California Ifioo 

1701 Sacramento 1700 

VlMllacion, Vlsltaclon 

801 Dupont 800 

1 Kate 

litoi WaVl)lngtifc".'.!";.";i9fl0 


811 Wavcrly place 

Gemiania - 

VoiKlit, E of San Bruno 

823 SpolT.ird 

101 Waller 1 

21X11 Jackson 2000 

Kciad 4 miles fm CltvHall. 

- — Sloufs or Boss at 828 

201 Halght 5 

21111 I'QClllc 2100 

Voine.v Alley, bet 

901 Stockton 900 

Kose avenue 

2201 Jlroadwsy 2200 

Alice and KItch Im Fol- 

907 Havens place 

301 Page i 

2;«)1 Vnll.'Jd 2.i00 


913 Hopeton Terrace . 

— Trenton 914 

Von Nclimidt, South S 

401 Oaii <. 

2401 (Jn.'U 2400 

F, bet Pollock and Tevts 
fui Water Front SW to 

Hickory avenue ... 

501 Fell { 

1001 Powell 1000 

2601 Filbert 2600 

County line. 

1007 Codman place 

Linden avenue 


IS -A.L"W^-Z-S I2,DEXiI-A.BXj:E 




,,j lUOl 

Hayes 600 

Ivy avenue 

Grove 700 

Ulrch avenne _ 

Kulton 800 

Ash avenue 

McAllister 900 

Locust avenue 

(Jolden Gate av„...100e 

Kim avenue 

Turk 1100 

Laurel avenue 

Eddv 1200 

Ellis" 1300 


O'Farrell WOO 

Geary 1500 

Post 1600 

Sutter... 1700 

Bnsh 1800 


Pine 1900 

California 2000 

Sacramento ._„ ...2100 

Clay : 2200 

WaslilntJton 2300 

Jacksou 2400 

PaclBc 2500 

Broadway ..2600 

Vallejo 2700 

Green 2800 

I'r.lou 2900 

Filbert 3000 


Greenwich 3100 


Lombard 3300 

Chestnut „ 

Franclsco_ _... 

Bay 3500 

Xorth Point 3600 

Beach 3700 

Jett'erson 3800 

Tonauln_ 3900 

Lewis .(e) 

Weldon, S s Crescent av 

nr f<au Bruno Road. 
Wells Avenue, bet 

Fifteenth and Sl.xteenth 
fm Dolores to Church. 

Wella Court, bet Du- 

pont and Stockton fm 
Lombard S. 

IVelsh, bet Bryant and 
Brannau fm Zoe to S\V of 

Went Avenne, fm San 

Jos6 Rond nr Cortland av 
SE to Holb- I'ark. 

Weat EI Dorado, bet i 

South and Eureka SW fm 

Sixth to Center. | 

West-End Alley, bet ! 

Hyde and Larkiu fm l 
Green to Union. 

West Mission, Ws Mis- i 

sion bet Twelfth and I 
Wetniore Plitce, bet 

Powell and Mason fm Clay 
to Washington. 

Wheelock Place, bet 

Stockton and Powell fm 
Vnllejo N. 

White, bet Hyde and 
Larkin fm Vallejo N. 

White Place, bet Sev- 
enth and ElKhth fm 
Brvant SE. 

White's Place, bet Sut- 
ter and Bush fm Jones E 

Whltingr, bet Lombard 
and Chestnut fm Dupont E. 
Whitney, bet Mission 

and Howard fm FUleenth 

to Sixteenth. 

Whitney, bet Dame and 

Warren fm Thirtieth S to 

Wlldey, bet Pine and 

Bush fm Webster to 

Wlllard, fm N s Grat- 

tan N to Golden Gate 


William, bet Tsylorand 
Jones fm O'Farrell to ! 
Post. j 

WetU Street. JE. tide. ' 

1 O'Farrell 2 

101 Gearv 100 

(e) Post (e) I 

Williams, bet Goettnl- I 

gen and Holyoke fm Silver 

av S, U M T. See Horn- , 


Williamson, bet Boyce i 

and Chase fm Geary N. 
Willow, bet Filth and 
Sixth fm Folsoni to Ship- 
ley. See Falmouth. 
Willow Avenue, l)et 
E<i'ly and Ellis fm Larkin , 
to Buchanan. 
South. Street. X. side. ' 

1 Larkin 2 i 

101 Polk 100 

201 A'an Ness aveuue„ 200 i 

301 Franklin 300 ' 

401. Gough 400 1 

" " Uctavla 500 


601 Lagoina 

(e) Buchanan.. 

.. (e) 

Willows Avenue, bet 

Seventeenth and Eigh- 
teenth fm Valencia to 

Winans Alley, bet 
Howard and Tehama tm 
Eighth E. 

Winkle, S of San Bruno 
Road 3 miles fm CltvHall. 

Winslow, fm California 
av s to Powhattan, B H. 

Winter Iiane, bet Green 
and Union fm Mason E. 

Wlnthrop, bel Mont- 
gomery and Kearny fm 
Lombard N to Chestnut 

Wisconsin, bet .Arkan- 
sas and Carolina fm Eighth 
S to Napoleon. 

Wolfe, fin California av £ 
to Isabel, B H. 

bet Eugenia and 
Collins fm Geary N. 

Wool, fm North av S to 
Cortland av, B H. 

Woolsey, bet Wayland 
and D wight fm Potrero av 
W, U M T. 

Worcester Avenue, 
City Land Association. 

Worden, bet Stockton 
and Powell fm Francisco 

Worden Avenne, San 

W^yoniiuK, bet Dacotah 
and Ohio fm Islais S to 

WyomiuK Avenne, 
San Miguel. 

Tale, bet Amherst and 
Cambridge fm Silver av S. 
U iM T. 

Yazoo, South S F. bet 
Platte and Susquehanna 
fm Honduras SW. 

Yerba Bnena, bet Ma- 
son and Taylor fm Sacra- 
mento to Clay. 

Yolo, bet Nevada and Co- 
iQsa fm the bay W to Po- 
trero av. 

York, bet Hampshire and 
Florida tm Mission Creek 
S to Twenty-flrst, thence 
E to Hampshire, thence S 
to Serpentine av. 

Ynba, bet Colusa and Yolo 
fm the bav W to Iowa. 

Yucatan, South S F, bet 
Tahiti and Carthagena fm 
San Bruno Road to Coun- 
ty line. 

Yuma, S of El Dorado fm 
Sixth SW to Center. 

Zini, fm Napoleon S to 

Zoe, bet Third and Fourth 
fm Brvant to Brannan: 

Zoe Place, t>et Beale 
and Fremont fm Folsom 


No. 518 Clay Street, San Francisco. 

Directories of all the principal cities of the United States, Canada ^ 

i 3 

and Austradia, kept on file I 

For the acGommodation of our Patrons. 


IN FRESCO OR PAPER, in the ft, W. CLARK & CO. 

most Artistic manner. 645 Market «t. 




Alms House, San Miguel or Mission Ocean House 

Road, m miles from City Hall 
City Hall (new), bet McAllister, Larkin, and Park Av 
City Hall (old) , E s Kearny, bet Merchant and Wash. 
County Hospital, E s Potrero Av, bet Twenty-second 

and Twenty-third 
County Jail, N b Broadway, bet Kearny and Dupont 
Custom House, NW cor Washington and Battery 
Hall of Records, S s McAllister, nr Leavenworth 
House of Correction, Old San Jose Road, 5 miles from 

City Hall 
Industrial School, Old San Jos^ Road, 5 miles from 

Citv Hall 
Post Office, NW cor Washington and Battery 
Twenty-sixth St. Hospital (small-pox), S s Colusa, nr 

De Haro 
United States Appraisers' Store, E s Sansome, bet 

Washington and Jackson 
United States Marine Hospital, Presidio Reservation, 

nr Mountain Lake 
United States Mint, NW cor Mission and Fifth 
United States Sub Treasury, 610 Commercial 


Academy, N s Pine, bet Montgomery and Sansome 

Alhambra, 325 Bush 

Alta California, 5'29 California 

Anglo-Califoruiau Bank, NE cor Sansome and Pine 

Bancroft's, 7-21-72.5 Market 

Bank California. NW cor California and Sansome 

Bernis', 626 California 

Bradbury, 5'i Second 

Brittau's, 8W cor California and Davis 

Capital, NW cor Kearny and Pine 

Central Pacific RR.Co.'s, NE cor Fourth and Townsend 

Chronicle, NE cor Kearny and Bush 

Cochituate, 213-215 Sansome 

Cogswell's, SE cor Front and Clark 

Commercial, NW cor Pine and Battery 

CoBniopolitau, SW cor Bush and Sansome 

Crook's, SE cor Mission and Third 

Davidson's, NW cor Montgomery and Commercial 

Dividend (or Morrison's) , NW cor Pine and Leid. 

Dolan's, NE cor Third and Hunt 

Donohoe, Kelly & Co.'s, SE cor Montgomery and Sac. 

Dooly's, NW cor Sansome and Sutter 

Duncan's. 411 M California 

E.xenipt Fire Company, W s Brenham PI, opp Plaza 

Express, NE cor California and Montgomery 

Fair's, SW cor Sansome and Pine 

Flremens Fund Insurance Co.'s, SW cor California 
and Sansome 

Franklin. 406-410 California 

Frledlander'H, NE cor California and Sansome 

German Savings and Loan Society's. 526 California 

Halleck, K s Sansome, from Sacramento to Halleck 

Hayward's, 41.V423 California 

Hlbernla Savings and Loan Society, NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Market 

Howard's, .'521-523 Montgomery 

Irving, IH'J Post 

Kl( to, 120 Sutler 

Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., NE 
ci)r California and LeidesdortV 

London and San Frundsco Bank, NW cor California 
and Li'ideHdortT 

Masonic Templf, NW cor Montgomery and Post 

Mayniird's. NW cor California and Battery 

McCreiry's, NE and SE loriurs Montgomery and Pine 

MechanliH' lnsllt\ite, 27 Post 

Mechanics' Pavilion. W s Larkln, bet Hayes and 

Mircatitilc Library, 216 Bush 

Merchniits' Kxchungc, SsCal., bet Mont, and San. 

Mcrritt'K. NW cor California and Pnimm 

Mt-tn.piilitan Tempi.-, NE cor Fifth a?ul Jessie 

Morrison's, NW cor Pine and LeidcsdortT 

Murpliv, Grant ,t Co.'s, NE cor SauHomr and Bush 

Naglee's, SW cor Montgomery and Merchant 

Niantic, NW cor Clay and Sansome 

Nucleus, SE cur Market and Third 

Odd Fellows', 323-327 Montgomery 

Pacific Back, NW cor Sansome and Pine 

Pacific Exchange, 316 Montgomery 

Parrott's. NW cor Sacramento and Montgomery 

Phelan's, junction Market and O'Farrell 

Phoenix, SW cor Sansome and Jackson 

Pioneers', 808 Montgomery 

Reese's, 716-722 Washington 

Safe Deposit Co.'s, SE cor Montgomery and Californ 

San Francisco Gas Co.'s, First, Howard, and Nator 

San Francisco Savings Union, NE cor Cal. and Wei 

San Francisco Stock Exchange, S s Pine, bet Sanson 

and Montgomery 
Sather's, NE cor Montgomery and Commercial 
Savings and Loan Society's, 617-621 Clay 
Sherman's, NE cor Montgomery and Clay 
Shiels', 32 O'Farrell 
St. Ann's, NW cor Powell and Eddy 
St. Mark's, SW cor Kearny and Morton 
St. Lawrence, 212 Sutter 

Stevenson's, SW cor Montgomery and California 
Tallant k Co.'s, NE cor California and Battery 
The Howard, NW cor Stockton and O'Farrell 
The Real Estate Associates, 230 Montgomery 
Tucker's, NW cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Union Insurance Co.'s. 416-418 California 
United States Appraiser's. E s Sansome, bet Was 

ington and Jackson 
Webb's. 37 Second 

White House, NW cor Kearny and Post 
Wliiting's, SE cor Sansome and Pine 
Young Men's Christian Association, 232 Sutter 


Alldacks, SW cor Bush and DeviFadero 

American, NW cor Pacific and Leavenworth 

American Protestant Association, 713 Mission 

Apollo, 808 Pacific 

Archery, 1155-1157 Mission 

Armory, 134 Fourth 

Barra's, 118 First 

B'nai U'rith, 119-121 Eddy 

Canibrlan, 1133 Mission 

Carll's. 1328 Hush 

Centennial, 421 Hayes 

Champion, N s Butte, bet Tennessee and Kentucky 

Charter Oak, 771 Market 

Columbus, S 8 Stevenson, bet Third and Annie 

Docking's. 409 Montgomery Av 

Druids', 413 Sutter 

Golden Gate, 1622 Pacific Av 

Grand Armv of the Republic, 71 New Montgomery 

Grand Central, 1)97 Market 

Grand Western, 1328 Bush 

Hare's, Tenth Av, South S. F. 

Hiberula, 246 Third 

Hoag's. SW cor Sutter and Powell 

Huddy's. 909M Market 

Humboldt, SE cor Mission and Erie 

Improved Order Red Men's, 3'20 Post 

Independence, 39 Fourth 

Independent Order Red Men's, 510 Bush 

Irish American. 816-818 Howard 

Irish Confederation, 761 Market 

Ixora, 737 Mission 

Kesslng's. cor Twenty-first and Howard 

King's. 2131 Mission 

KniRlifs of Pythias. 913 Market 

Lafayette, 730 Montgomery 

Lincoln, 413 Third 

Maiinerbuiid, W s Potrero Av, bet Twenty-fourth an 

Masonic Temple, NW cor Montgomery and Post 
M.iyberry's, E s Mission, bet Twentieth and Twent; 

Mechanics' Institute, 27 Post 
Mercantile Library's, 216 Bush 
Mowry's Opera, SW cor Grove ana Laguna 
Myrtle, W s Railroad Av. bet Seventh and Eighth At 
National Arr.iory. 3'24 Post 

National Republicim. 1113 Mission < 

Odd Fi llows'. 325 Montgomery 
Ono, 1883 Mission 


Office, 33 Genry SU 

MACDONOUGH & CO. "'^"'«n-«%?2:^f^'^^2^e'lsrr'l/i^«^it?«S?.^^^^^ 

corner Mp«>a»r. 



Pbilbarmonic, NE cor Stockton and Jackson 
Plxley, NE cor Paciec and Polk 
Piatt's, 216 Montgomery 
Polk Street Music, li;05 Polk 
aiggere' and Stevedores', 429 Pacific 
Janders', 71 New Montgomery 
Jaratoga, 814 Geary 

H. Cyprian's, NW cor Jackson and Virginia 
H. Ignatius', 841 Market 

H. Joseph's, W 8 Tenth, bet Howard and Folsom 
H. Peter's Temperance. E s Alabama, bet Twenty- 
third and Twenty-fourth 
^'ammauy, cor Folsom and Eighth 
rerpsichorean.N s Pacific, nr Stockton 
Ceutonia, 1322 Howard 

Verein (Eureka) , E s Powell, bet Cal. and Pine 

um Verein (old) , N s Bush, bet Stockton and Powell 
^irn Verein (San Francisco), S s Turk, bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
him Verein Vorwarts, 310 O'Farrell 
Jnlon, S 8 Howard, bet Third and Fourth 

eterans', 516 Bryant 
Washington, 36 Eddy 

oung Men's Christian Association, 232 Sutter 


lBMOBT, NW cor New Montgomery and Howard 
^tor, 625-633 Sacramento 
«lden, SW cor Bush and Montgomery 
lythe's. SE cor Dupont and Geary 
roadway, NW cor Broadway and Kearny 
alifornia. SE cor Calilornia and Battery 
ommercial. SE cor California and Front 
iourt, 636 Clay and 641 Merchant 
lagle, NW cor Pine and Davis 
rank's, NW cor Sansome and Washington 
tout Street, E s Front, from Clay to Washington 
tolden Gate, 131 Post 
Jansford, 110-132 Market 
arpending, S a Market, bet First and Second 
(olbrook, SE cor Market and Beale 
oward's, 627 Third 
[etropolitan, 8-14 Montgomery Av 
lontgomery, E s Mont.,fromMerchantto Washington 
evada, NW ror Montgomery and Pine 
"Donnell's, NE cor Vallejo and Dupont 
rleutal.SW cor Bush and Battery 
ark's , SE cor Valencia and Sixteenth 
eese's, W 3 Battery, bet Pine and California 
Bfe Deposit, SE cor California and Montgomery 
hiels', junction Market and Post 
hurlow, E B Kearny, bet Sutter and Ver Mehr PI 
Dion, junction Marliet and Pine 
irglula, NW cor Stockton and Pacific 
ashington, HI? Montgomery Av 
■nkee, SW cor Front and Pine 


aYnard's, SE cor Pine and Battery 

(uih Park, Third, bet Bryant and Brannan 

ttel's, W s Clara Lane nr Sutter 


ITTKBY Street, foot Battery 

le Street, foot Beale 
wadway, foot Broadway 

ntral Pacific BR., foot Second 

lannel Street, foot Channel 

lannel Street South, extension of Channel Street 

iwey's. foot Third 

Dock Co. 's, Hunter's Point 
Street, from Market to Folsom 
Umore Strt et, foot Fillmore 

Isom Street, foot Folsom 
■ont Street, foot Front 

een Street, foot Green 

thaway's, cor Spear and Bryant 

rrison Street, foot Harrison 

bbs', E s Long Bridge, foot Fourth 
)dKkin's, foot L, South S. F. 

ward Street, foot Howard 

ward No. 2, bet Howard and Folsom 

imboldt, foot Spear 
I'kson Street, foot Jackson 

in Street, foot Main 

rkpt Street, foot Market 

Iggs", from Francisco, bet Powell and Uuon, 
North Beach 

Oakland Ferry, East, bet Market and Clay 

Oriental, foot First 

Pacific Mail SS. Co.'s, Brannan and First 

Pacific Rolling Mills Co.'s, Potrero Point 

Pacific Street, foot Pacific 

Rincon, foot Steuart 

Rlncon Point, Spear, bet Folsom and Harrison 

San Francisco Gas Co.'s Wharf, foot Second 

Second and Berry Street, foot Second 

Section 1 Sea Wall, from Kearny to Stockton 
" 2 " " Kearny to Sansome 

" 3 " '• Sansome to Front 

A " " Stockton West 

Spear Street, foot Spear 

Steamboat, Long Bridge 

Third Street, foot Third 

Union Street, foot Union 

Vallejo Street, foot Villejo 

Washington Street, foot Washington 


Adelphi Theater, 607 California 

Baldwin Theater, 932-936 Market 

Bella Union Theater, 803 and 805 Kearny 

Bush Street Theater, 325 Bush 

Haverly's California Theater, N s Bush, bet Eeamy 

and Dupont 
Chinese Theaters, 623 and 626 Jackson, and 814 and 

836 Washington 
Emerson's Theater, 320 Bush 
Fountain, SE cor Kearny and Sutter 
German Theater (California), N B Bush, bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Germania Summer Theatre, S s Erie, nr Mission 
Grand Opera House, N s Mission, bet Third and Fourth 
Tivoli Garden, 28-32 Eddy 
Wiener Garten, NW cor Sutter and Stockton 
Winter Garden, W s Stockton, bet Post and Sutter 
Woodward's Gardens, N s Mission, bet Thirteenth 

and Fourteenth 


Alcatraz Island, 2 miles NW Telegraph Hill 

Angel Island, 5 miles from City Hall 

Bay District Fair Race Grounds, entrance cor Seventh 

Av and Fulton 
Bay View, nr Hunter's Point, 5 miles S City Hall 
Bernal Heights. S of Serpentine Av, bet San Jos^ and 

San Bruno Roads 
Black Point, junction Van Ness Av and Bay Shore 
Buena Vista Park, S of Haight, bet Broderick and Lott 
Clark's Point, foot Broadway 
Clift' House, 6h miles W City Hall 
Dry Dock (California), Hunter's Point 
Fairmount, W s San Jos^ Road, nr Thirtieth 
Farallones Islands, 29 miles from City Hall 
Fort Point, nr the Golden Gate, 4 miles W City Hall 
Oarratt's Point, !^ mile SW Hunter's Point 
Golden Gate, 6 miles W City Hall 
Golden Gate Driving Park, Point Lobos Av, 5 milea 

from City Hall 
Golden Gate Park, W of Stanyan, bet D and H to 

Ocean, entrance Baker, bet Oak and Fell 
Hayes Valley, N of Market and W of Larkin 
Holladay Heights, bet Clay.Wash., Gough and Octavia 
Holly Park, SWs Bernal Heights, nr San J6s6Ro8d 
Hunter's Point, 5 miles SE City Hall 
Islaia Creek Bridge, from the termination of Ken- 
tucky to Railroad Av 
Kensington, Howard, nr Twenty-first 
Lagoon, Gough. bet Lombard and Francisco 
Laguna de la Merced, 7 H miles SW City Hall, nr 

Ocean View House 
Lake Honda, 4 miles SW City Hall 
Lakeville. nr Lagima de la Merced 
Lime Point, opp Fort Point 

Lone Mountain. S of Point Lobos Av, nr Toll Gate 
Long Fridge, from foot Fourth to Potrero Nuevo 
Mission Creek, from Harrison and Nineteenth, 8E to 

the Bay 
Mission Dolores, 2H miles SW City Hall 
Mountain Lake, 4 miles W City Hall, bet Point Lobos 

Av and Presidio Road 
Mountain Lake Park, 4 miles W City Hall, bet Point 

Lobos Av and Presidio Road 
North Beach, foot Powell, Wto Black Point 
North Point, foot Francisco 
Ocean View House, Ocean House Road, 7 miles SW 

City Hall 







Mission Street, foot Mission 

Mission No. 2, bet Mission and Howard 

Ocean Side House, Beach Road, 8 miles SW City Hall 

Ocean View Kiding and Driving Park, Ocean House 

Koad, 7 miles SW City Hall 
Pacific Heights, California to Broadway, bet Van 

Ness Av and Fillmore 
Point LoboB, 6J4 miles W City Hall 
Point San Quentin, Potrero Nuevo 
Potrero Heights, Potrero Nuevo, nr Bay Shore 
Potrero Nuevo, 2)4 miles S City Hall 
Presidio, 3 miles W City Hall 

Bincon Point, foot Harrison 

Russian Hill, Taylor, bet Broadway and Green 

San Jose or Black Point, junction Van Ness Av a 

Bay Shore 
Seal Rock, 6 M miles W City Hall 
Spring Valley, nr and S Lagoon 
Telegraph Hill, Montgomery, from Broadway N to i 

Tuckerville, from Buchanan to Webster and Wai 

ington to Pacific 
Visitacion Valley, nr the Bay and San Mateo Co. Li 
Terba Buena, or Goat Island, 2 miles NE City Hall 



Abmy, Military Division of the Pacific, and Dept of 

California, headquarters Presidio Reservation 
Army, Engineers, Engineer Oflicer Military Division 
of the Pacific, Presidio Reservation; Fortifications 
Harbor S. F., 533 Kearny ; Light-house, U. S. Ap- 
praisers' Building 
Army, Depots and Warehouses, 36 New Montgomery, 

and Verba Buena Island 
Bankruptcy, Registers District California, 636 Clay 

and .506 Battery 
Board of Examining Surgeons for Pensioners, 715 Clay 
Coast and Geodetic Survey, U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Courts, Circuit Judge. Clerk ; District Judge, Clerk ; 
District Attorney, Marshal, Commissioners, U. S. 
Appraisers' Building 
Customs Port San Francisco, Collector, Naval Officer, 
and Surveyor, NW cor Washington and Battery; 
Appraisers' Store, E s San. bet Wash, and Jackson 
Geological Survey, 155 New Montgomery 
Inspector Boilers, U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Inspector Hulls, U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Internal Revenue, Agents, Collector, Gangers, U. 8. 

Appraisers' Building 
Land Office, Register and Receiver, 610 Commercial 
Life Boat Station, Ocean Beach, nr Golden Gate Park 
Light House Department (Twelfth District) Inspector 

and Engineer, U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Marine Hospital, Presidio Reservation, nr Mountain 
Lake ; Superintehding Surgeon, U. 8. Appraisers' 
Mint, Superintendent, Assayer, Coiner, Melter and 

Refiner, NW cor Fifth and Mission 
Navy Pay Office, U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Pension Agent, Army and Navy, 620 Washington 
Post Office, Postmaster, NW cor Washington and Bat- 
tery ; Assistant Superintendent Railway Mail Ser- 
vice, 8W cor Jackson and Battery ; Post Office In- 
spectors, 3'20 Sansome 
Secret Service Division, U. S. Appraisers' Building 
Shipping Commissioner, 118 Jackson 
Signal Service. 42 Merchants' Exchange 
Special Agent Treasurj-Dept, U.S. Appraisers' Bldg 
Supervising Inspector Sttam Vessels, U. S. Apprais- 
ers' Building 
Surveyor-Onieral California, 610 Commercial 
Treasurer Assistant, 608 Commercial 

AssAYEn State, .'128 Montgomery 

Bank CouimiHsloncrs, 528 California 

Fish Commissioners, 401 California 

Harbor Coiumissiouors, 10 California 

Mineralogist State, 212 Sutter 

Immigration ConiniiHHionir, ."iOS Battery 

Insurance ComnilsHloner, 401 C^alilornia 

Pilot Examiners, 62 Merchants' Exchange 

Pilot8..'i0fi Battery 

Port Wardens, 525 Front 

Prison Directors, 410 Kearny 

Railroad Commissioners, 3'20 Sansomo 

State University, Land Department, 310 Pino 

Supremo Court, 105 Stockton, Judges' chambers, 106 

Vltlcultural Commissioners. Ill Leidesdorff 


Assessor County, new City Hall, first floor 
Attorney and Counselor, new City Hall, third floor: 
Attorney District, 8 Montgomery Av 
Attorney Police, old City Hall, first floor 
Auditor County, new City Hall, first floor 
Board City Hall Commissioners, New City Hall 
Board Education, new City Hall, third floor 
Board Election Commissioners, new City Hall, b 

Board Equalization, new City Hall, second floor 
Board Fifteenth Avenue Extension Commissione 

59-60 Merchants' Exchange 
Board Health, 14 O'Farrell 
Board Revenue Fund Commissioners, Mayor's Offli 

new City Hall 
Board Supervisors Clerk of, new City Hall, second fl( 
Clerk County, new City Hall, first floor 
Coroner County, 641 Sacramento 
Court Superior, Departments No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 

City Hall, second floor; No. 6, 7, new City Hi 

second floor; No. 8, new City Hall, third tloi 

No. 9 (Probate), and No. 10 (Special), new C 

Hall, second floor; No. 11 (Criminal), 8 Mo 

gomery Av, third floor; No. 12 (Criminal), 

Courts Justices', SE cor Kearny and Washington 
Courts Police, old City Hall, first floor 
Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, Brenham PI 
Fire Department Commissioners, old Cily Hall 
File Department Corporation Yard, N s Sacramen 

bet East and Drumm 
Fire Department Engineers, old City Hall 
Fire Marshal, old City Hall, third floor 
Free Public Library, 428 Bush 
Gas Inspector, old City Hall, first floor 
Grand Jury rooms, new City Hall, basement 
Health Officer, 14 O'Farrell 
Hospital, E 8 Potrero Av, bet Twenty-second o 

House of Correction, old San Jos^ Road, 5 miles fr 

City Hall 
Industrial School, old San Jos6 Road, 5 miles fr> 

City Hall 
Jail, N 8 Broadway, bet Kearny and Dupont 
License Collector, new City Hall, basement 
Market Inspector, 14 O'Farrell 
Mayor City and County, new City Hall, first floor 
Park Commissioners, 336 California 
Physician City, 514 Kearny 
Police Chief, old City Hall, first floor 
Police Commissioners, old City Hall, second floor 
Police Stations, old City Hall, basement ; 829 Folso 

622 Davis ; 247 Stenart ; new City Hall; '207 J 

teenth, and cor Polk and Jackson 
Pound Keeper, N s California, bet Walnut and Lau 
Public Administrator. .528 California 
Quarantine Officer, SE cor Green and Front 
Recorder County, Hall of Records, new City Hall 
Registrar of Voters, new City Hall, basement 
Sherlfl' Cotinty, old City Hall, first floor 
Superintendent Common Schools, new City Hi 

third floor 
Superintendent Streets, new City Hall, basement 
Surveyor County, new City Hall, third floor 
Tax Collector County, new City Hall, first floor 
Treasurer County, new City Hall, first floor 
Twenty-sixth St. Hospital (small-pox), Colusa, 


LePAGE'S LIQUID GLUES are always ready for us 


133 ftii»ear Mtr<^e(. 



bbott Charles, engineer O. R. and N. Co., r. 615 

ms Kdward F., agent A. S. Barnes & Co. (New 
York) office. 327-329 Sansome 

dams James (A.. Q. Rodeu & Co.) r. 28 Berkeley Av 

dams John Q. Rev., pastor Westminster Presby- 
terian 'Church, r. 4 Silver 

dler H.,r. HOG Polk 

dlesberger Charles, cooper Hogan b Co., r. 237 Sixth 
Life Insurance Co. (Hartford. Conn.) William 
. Alkins manager. 504 Kearnv 


Slatt-r and J. S. Wheeler' real estate 
affeiits and manufacturers of aifents' 
gup]ilic^ aSo Kearny, rooms 3-4 

■hlera William M.. janitor State Investment and Ins. 

Co., r. 1233 Pacific 

sley Francis, collarmaker Main & Winchester 
Itten Ellen, r. 1010 Pacific 

ns William H., manager ^tna Life Ins. Co., r. 710 

binson Alfred H., r. 407 Minna 
en George H., r. 1350 Folsom 
Iden L. D., r. 1350 Folsom 
[drich Hugh S., porter Livingston & Co., r. 1225 


rich James H., r. 1225 Union 
exln Evfim P., choir singer Russian Church, r. 1715 

lee Daniel, clerk Simpson & Millar, r. 12 Page 

John G., stenographer. 67 Nevada Block, r. 1017 

len William C, r. 518 Eddy 
lenberg Wilhelm. r. 516 Pine 

n D. D., cigars and tobacco, 338 Bush, r. 137 

■I<ihn C, compositor Call, r. 615 Pine 
!! George, teacher music, r. 2546 Howard 
in Otto, molder, r. 676 Harrison 
ftman T. Mrs., r. 134 Clara 
iidersen Christine, r. 644 M Natoma 
adersen Lars P., shoemaker, r. 108<) Howard 
aderson Brothers (William B. and Richard K.) car- 
penters and builders, 23 Seventh 
iderson C. L., civil engineer, 419 California, r. 326 

iderson E. G.. r. 213 Mason 
ider«)n Heury, r. 1003 Powell 
iderson L. H., r. 1003 Powell 
iderson M. r. 257 Perry 
iderton Frederick C. (A. W. Norton * Co.) r. 418 

idrews Frank G.. deputy County Clerk, r. 321 Ellis 
idrews George W., r. 1 Hampton PI 
iglo-Americau Smoke Consuming, Fuel Saving Co., 

Mortimer F. Wood superintendent, office 1076 

kel Harry, jeweler, r. 1005 J< Minna 
son Patrick F., painter, r. 917 Vallejo 
thony Eliza E. Mrs., journalist, r. 13 Stockton 
thony William T., agent D. S. Walter* Co. (New 

York) 407 Commercial 
ttsell T.J. , student Pac. Business College, r. 508 

pel Herman, r. 1065 Market 

plegate John J. , soapdealer, 5 Front, r. 1615 Web- 
buckle Brothers (St. Louis, Mo.) Henry W. Smith 

agent. 405 Front, room 3 
chibald George W., apothecary Wakelee & Co., r. 

209 Powell 
chibald John. r. 22 Perry 
He Mining Co. (Pima Co.. A. T.) Charles C. Harvey 

secretary, office 309 California 
mstrong John J. (Sullivan & Armstrong) r. 704 


old James B. (Dewolflf * Arnold) r. Rnss House 
lold Matthew, superintendent Union Iron Works, 

r. 25 Hawthorne 

old Oletle, r. 1526 Jackson 

Arrington William B., with A. L. Bancroft Jc Co.,r. 
1517 Tavlor 

Asher Jacob, r. 423 Ninth 

Atkinson C, r. 423 O'Farrell 

Atkinson L., r. 423 O'Farrell 

Atwood Robert B., clerk, r. 32 Fourth 

Ande F. L.. r. 731 Pine 

Austin George B., Liquor saloon, 657 Fourth, r. 541 

Austin Sampson, packer R. A. Swain, r. 1513 Geary 

Automatic Railroad Switch Co., C. 8. Drake superin- 
tendent. 4.30 Golden Gate Av 

Avery D. (A. Beth & Co.) r. 1032 Market 

Axelrood Max, physician, office and r. 829 Broadway 

Ayer Charles A., freight clerk S. P. RR., r. 422 Geary 

Ayer Frank P., r. 418 Sutter 

Ayer Harry W.. r. 502 Washington, room 4 

Ayres Frederick L., painter, r. 209 Kearny 

Babcock M. G., r. 539 California 

Bacon E. T., agent Fowler's Boiler Covering, 656 

Bacon Tennie Miss, r. 10 Vassar PI 
Bacon S. Mrs., r. '218 Eddy 
Bacon William O., clerk Redington & Co., r. 1415 

Baer Joseph (Kaufman, Baer & Co.) r. 2024 Bush 
Baggs Frank A., r. 1140 Market 
Bagwell Nora Miss. r. 528 Sutter 
Bailey E. A. Mrs., r. 502 Sutter 
Bailey W. J., r. 22 Golden Gate Av 
Bailey William J., r. 237 Second 
Baird ^ ndre^v, notebroker, 409-411 Montgomery, 

r. Oakland 
Baird John R., student Pac. Business College, r. 12)4 

Bajer William, r. 266 Brannan 
Baker Judsh (Sttveus. Baker * Co.) r. 321 First 
Baker M. E. Mrs., r. 328 Gearv 

Baldwin John W., attorney at law, r. 826 Jj Twentieth 
Bald^vin. Sexton & JPeterson, manufacturing 

jewelers .ind importers diamonds (New York) 

Phelps * Miller agents, 120 Sutter 
Baldwin William H., contractor, r. 2103 Stockton 
Ballinger C. Mrs., r. 514 Ninth 
Ballinger W. M., r. 1656 Mission 
Baunon George H., laborer, r. 366 Natoma 
Barash Simon J., r. 14 Garden 
Barbanson John, soapmaker, r. 1329 Sacramento 
Barnes J. D., r. 139 Valley 
Barnes George W., r. 24:W Jackson 
Barnes Robert E.. manaiier Nevada and California 

Lumber Co's Box Factory, r. 310 Hyde 
Barnes S. G Mrs., r. 1105 Stockton 
Barney Alfred S., chief deputy U. 8. Shipping Com- 

missioner, 6a3 Front, r. 1838 Ellis 
Barney M. E.. r. 1513 Hyde 
Barnhardt Charles, r. 513 Hyde 
Barnum J. Y.. r. 37 Taylor 
Barr J. D., r. 1214 Mason 
Barr S. A., r. 1214 Mason 

Barrows Stephen S., carpenter, r. 1510 Folsom 
Barry A. W. Miss. r. 300 Ptockton 
Barry J. J., r. 207 Fillmore 
Barry W. J., r. 1109 Howard 
Barter Ella A. , widow, r. 922 Green 
Bartley S. P.. r. 1.517 i< Market 
Barton Wlllard T. (Deering k Barton) attorney at 

law. 523 Montgomery, V. 2618 Pacific Av 
Basch Ada Miss, r 801 Leavenworth 
Basso C. r. 1518 Stockton 

Batchelder Samuel N., patternmaker, r. 2505 Howard 
Bates J. J., r. 1.54r. Howard 
Batt«-n E. S., student Pac. Business College, r. 2921 

Baumeister Joseph, carpenter, r. 419 Natoma 
Bay City Iron Worltn, C. L. Bigelow propri>;tor, 

3-23 Mission and 103-105 Fremont 






lEILINGS DECORATED '" ";^l^^^:^;J;. '^ «• I^L^fi * <^»- 






Bay View Distilling Co., D. G. Scofleld presi- 
dent, C. W. Coburn vire-president, Frank Thi- 
bault secretary. A. A. Louderback, superintend- 
ent, office 320 Sansome, compressed yeast depot, 
NW cor Third and Howard 
Beardslee Fred. W., dealer Berkeley town prop- 
erty and choice vine and fruit lands, main office 
Shattuck Av, opp railroad depot. East Berkeley, 
branch office 410 Montgomery, r. Berkeley 
Beals Edward C, carver Jacob Strahle & Co., r. 1214 

Beasley E. C, teacher classics, r. 132454 Webster 
Beaver Fred. H., r. 1300 Taylor 
Beck A. Mrs., r. 718H Union 

Beck Reinhold, confectioner Roemer Bros., r. 7 Bel- 
den PI 
Beck Robert, clerk local freight office 0. P. RR., r. 

324 Turk 
Bedford Edmund E., clerk, r. 10 }i Taylor 
Begemann J. H. (Whitelsw & Begemann) r. 325 Bush 
Behlmer Henry, laborer S. F. Stock Brewery 
Belgrave R. B. Mrs., r. 812 California 
Bell Walter B., r. 409 Geary 
Bellenot J., r. 423 Dupont 
BemlSB D. S. Mrs., r. 924 Natoma 
Benchley Leonidas B., general manager Pac. Rolling 

Mills, 202 Market, r. 2516 Pacific Av 
Bender Josiah D., coUarmaker Main & Winchester, r. 

920 Harrison 
Benjamin Levi M., policeman, r. 70 West Mission 
Bennett C. H., r. 143 Perry 
Bennett Lucy J. Mrs., r. 1212 Polk 
Bennett Mary C. Miss. r. 1047 Miss 
Benson Francis, r. 28 Tehama 
Benson M. E. Miss. r. 5 Bryant Av 
Benson V. L., r. 5 Bryant Av 

Bentley William R. k. Co. (William R. Bentley and 
Orrin 8. Orrick) mnfrs sole agents Star Mixed 
Paints, 10 Montgomery 
Benzon A. F., bookkeeper Triibenbach & Co., r. Oak- 
Bereuz Adolpb, r. 906 Market 
Beresforcl Hotel, William Chamberlin proprietor, 

NW cor Bush and Stockton 
Berger George W., r. NE cor Stockton and O'Farrell 
Berry W. L., student Pac. Business College, r. 100 

Bertram G. & Co. (George Bertram and Charles 

F. Schnpp) hats and caps, 502 Kearny 
Beet Belle Miss, r. 6 Turk 
Best Samuel, traveling salesman, r. 3.33 Geary 
Beth Adolph (A. Beth & Co.) restaurant and saloon, 

SE cor Post and Kearny, r. 102 Guerrero 
BetU A. <!(£ Co, (.\dolph Beth and D. Avery) pro- 
prietors Vienna Beer Parlor, r. 1032 Market 
Beyfuss Ernst, decorator. 120 Sutter, r. 1428 Webster 
Bidwell F. J., groceries, 1025 Market 
Blebeshimer Peter, laborer S. F. Stock Brewery 
Bielenberg Peter H., groceries and liquors, NE cor 

Harrison and Benle 
Bi|felo-»v C. li. , proprietor Bay City Iron Works, 

323 MisRion and 103-105 Fremont 
Bigley D. Mrs., r. 1326 Mission 
Blgley John, r. 3 Natoma 
Billings John, r. 134 Fourth 
Blsliy S. A. Mrs., r. 270 Oak Grove Av 
Blssell William C. stenographer, r. 30 Hawthorne 
Blackburn Benjamin F., cashier Evening Post, r. 9 

Blackburn Hiram H., r. 1126 Howard 
Blade Arthur M., salesman M. Meussdorfifer, r. 1304 

Lark in 
Blaiue 11. J., driver Omnibus R. R., r. 1330 Howard 
Blako Charles M. Rev., r. 1128 Twenty-first 
Blake Elizabeth S. Mrs., dressmaker, r. 8 Octavia 
Blenkarn T., r. 551 Stevenson 
Blenkarn T. J., r.551 Stevenson 

Block Elina M.. proprietor Carmen Island Salt 
I Works, Pier 23, Steusrt, office 207 Front, r. 923 
Block Harrv (Block Brothers) r. 2306 Sutter 
I Blockson E. C, r. 418 Sutter 
j Blocksom F. A., 14-16 Battery, r. 418 Sutter 
' Bloom Joseph (Straus, Bloom & Co.) r. 716 Golden 
I Gate Av 

I Bloomfleld William, tailor, r. 385 Dolores 
I Blossom H. E., meter reader Spring Valley W. W., r. 
1 1617 Sutter 

Bogallo Martin, waiter Vienna Garden 
j Bohm E. A., r. 571 Howard 

Bohns Louis, engineer S. F. Stock Brewery, r. 2( 

Bolton A. O., r. 1927 Jessie 
Bolton E. Mrs., lodgings, 206'Keamy 
Bolton Jefferson D., bookkeeper Carr & Co., r. V. 

Bonnington Charles Mrs., r. 1135 }4 Valencia 
Boomershine Jonathan, engineer, r. 512 Francisco 
Borden Edward G., traveling salesman.r. 231 Elever 
Borland A., confectionery, 1804 Polk 
Borland R.. with A. Borland, r. 1804 Polk 
Bornstein S., r. 449 Tehama 

Bose August, groceries and liquors, 731-733 Branns 
Bosnell Louis, r. 521 Pacific 
Bostwick Frank F., clerk H. S. Crocker & Co., 

Bostwick Harry B., r. 915 Valencia 
Bostwick Henry E., clerk Doane & Henshelwood,. 

915 Valencia 
Boulett Eugene, machinist P. A. Robbins, r. 23 Stt 

Bousfleld William C, stock and bond brolii 

312 California, r. 604 Sutter 
Boutadelli Antonio, painter G. B. De Ferrari, 

Kohler PI 
Bowen F. W.. r. 404 Post 
Bowen Nora Mrs., r. 2408 Sacramento 
Bowers Charles, r. 224 Twenty-third 
Bowers George W., commercial traveler, r. 3 

Bowie James D., r. 116 Morris Av 
Bowman J., r. 135 J<i Dore 

Bowman James, clerk G. W. Clark & Co., r. 804 Grr 
Bowser George, r. 211 Jones 
Boyce F. H.. bookkeeper, r. 725 Pine 
Boyce Nellie E., r. 942 Geary 
Boyd Thomas, r. Brooklyn Hotel 
Boyle Hannah, widow, r. 2529 Howard 
Boyle John P., r. 1407 Jackson 
Boyle Lucy Miss, r. 2529 Howard 
Boysen Charles M.. hatter Hermann & Co., r. Oaklii 
Bradley G. N., r. 1723 Market 
Brady John P. (W. Stout k Co.) r. Oakland 
Braeth W., r. 409 O'Farrell 
Brake 0., r. 38 McAllister 
Brake T.,r. 38 McAllister 
Brinner Gus, jeweler, r. 309 Powell 
Braiiner H.. jeweler, r. 309 Powell 
Brannsi-hweiger Gustav, porter, r. New Atlain 

Brenan James M., r. 2.510 Post 
Brenlgon Felix H. , grocer, r. 1025 Howard 
Brennar Annie, r. 1416 Kearny 
Brett E., r. 417 Pine 
Briggs D. M. Mrs., r. 606 Montgomery 
British Columbia Packing Co. of San Francim 

Newton M. Bell secretary, office 121 Market 
Brocklebank John W . r. 330 Pine, room 44 
Brocklebank M. T., real estnte agent, 330 Pine 
Brocknian Frank, clerk H. L. Howse, r. 528 Hayes< 
Brockman George, with W. IT. Tel. Co., r. 528 Ha» 
Brockman M. A. Mrs., r. 528 Hayes 
Brockman Lou Miss, r. 1320 Sansome 
Brod Henry, r. 12 Polk 
Brod John, r. 12 Polk 
Brook John, r. 787 M Mission 
Brooks Bessie Mrs., r. 122 O'Farrell 
Brooks E. S.. r. 826M Twentieth 
Brooman Alice Mrs., r. 1220 Green 
Brophy John. r. 35 Fourth 
Brophy Michael, livery stable. 1325 Bush.r. 35FoM 
Brosc-hart Maria C. Mrs., midwife, r. 2.30 Sixth 
Brouchoud Joseph, t'-acher painting Zeitska'a Iin 

tute. studio 213 Phelan BIdg. r. Berkeley 
Brown A. Mrs., r. 223 Leavenworth 
Brown Abbie Mrs., r. .'(30 Eddy 
Brown Agnes Mrs., r. 223 Leavenworth 
Brown C. M. Miss, r. 223 Leavenworth 
Brown E. D.. r. 2621 Howard 
Brown Frank E., insiirance agent, 239 Phelan Bldli 
Brown Joel T.. r. 1307 Vj Polk 
Brown John 8., r. 501 Post 
Brown Joseph, r. 1510 Mission 
Brown Lewis, waiter, r. 107 Natoma 
Brown 8. D.. real estate, 20 Kearny, r. 717 Post 
Bruce James, laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. W o M»I 

igan, bet NapH and Shasta, rear 
Bnine Louis, clerk Philip Wolf k Co., r. 319 Bus<l 
Brunner Philip, tinsmith W. W. Montague & Cc 

1208 Twenty-second 

sflN FRflNr.isr.n li\undry 

The Largest Laundry Establishment on the Pacific C' 


Imporleraorr- j I>e»Ier« In all lilndn of FOREieN nnd 
]>4»]HKSTXC COAL. 41 Blarket Street, corner K|>ear. 



Brazzer C, r. 2420 Post 

Br;an F. H.. r. 946 Folsom 

BnchtDau Miirdock E.(Bucbanan & Miller) r.Ahlborn 

Buchanan & Miller(M. K. Buchanan and John Miller) 

fruits and veeetablee, 9-10 Centre Market 
Buchholz Louis Von, r. 930 Market 
Buckley Samuel, r. 544 Fifteenth 
Buikley T., r. 457 Tehama 
Buckminster Park B., printer, r. 626 Jessie 
Buckner E. M. Mrs., r. 567 Minna 
Bugbee John 3., attorney at law, 8. F. Stock Exchange 

Bldg. room 16, r. 466 Seventeenth 
BuRbee Winslow, r. 466 Seventeenth 
Bunker Anna M. Mrs., r. 1805 Pierce 
Bur. ham John, r. 8 Octavia 
Burdette Charles, r. 236 J4 Sixth 
Burdette L. B., r. 236 >i Sixth 
Burke George, r. 939 Howard 
Burkett Nina, r. 5 Mason 
Buruess William, r. 1321 Larkin 
Burnett Peter H.. r. 610 Jones 
Burnett R. DouKlass, r. 712 Taylor 
Burns D. H. Mrs., r. 1203 Powell 
Burns H. J., r. 1322 Broadway 

Burpee Lester O. (Turner Brothers k Co.) r. Oakland 
Burr S. B. Mrs., r. 917 Larkin 
Burtchaell J. W., r. 2205 Polk 
Burton S. C, r. Colonnade House 
Bush .Anthony H., clerk freight auditor's office C. P. 

RR.. r. 108 Sixth 
Bush Gertie A. Miss, r. 430 Clementina 
i}J Butler Thomas F., stenographer Union Iron Works, 

r. Oakland 
Butler Thomas J. (A. O. Roden & Co.) r. 219 Hayes 
Butterfield A., r. Terminal Hotel 
Butt<rtield Frank W., r. 1210 Market 
Button Herbert E., clerk Wohl & PoUltz, r. SE cor 

Leavenworth and O'Farrell 
Byron Daniel J., contractor and bricklayer, r. 2319)^ 


Oabaniss George H., Bssistant Prosecuting Attorney 
Police Court No. 1, r. 130 EiKhteenth 


(John M. Cadenau) French caterers, 
9^6 l*ine (See acLv. pa^e 473) 

Cagney Timothy, carpenter, r.'26 Mary 

Calien William & Co. (William Cahen and Joseph 

Ueineberg) importers ; nd dealers cigars and 

tobacco, 946-948 Market 
California Land and Improvement Co., C. A. Sherman 

Heiretnry, 407 California 
Cambridge O H.. r. 51 Fifth 
Campbell James W., r. 820 Howard 
Campbell J. D., r. 517 Hayes 
Campbell Robert J., r. 631 Sacramento 
Campe Harry, engineer, r. 2 Hulburt PI 
Canning James, porter George W. Gibbs & Co., r. 16 

Capple John, r. 156 Broadway 
Carbtrry E., r. 181 Jessie 
Cariiiichael James, r. 2611 M Sutter 
Carue Henry, patternmaker, r. 19 Oak Grove Av 
Came Reuben, blacksmith Risdon I. and L. Works, r. 

19 Oak Grove Av 
Caro I. Rev., r. 314 Fulton 
Carr Ethel E. Mrs., r. 632 Market 
Carrigan Edward, painter, r. 2437 Larkin 
Carrigan Mary, widow, r. 2437 Larkin 
Carstens George, r. 523 Seventh 
Carter Oliver, r. 1122 Stockton 
CasaKsa Charles Jr., bookkeeper G. B. Deferrari, 309 

Montgomery Av 
Casey Ann Mrs., r. 19 Heron 
Casse C. r. 516 Union 

Ca8.iin F., importer and dealer cigars. 604 Battery 
Castrejou Francisca, widow, r. 1405H Stockton, rear 
Cavasso Hortense Mrs., furnishing goods, 608 Mont- 
Centenary (formerly Trinity) M. E. Church, South, 

Rev. C. B. Blddick D.D. pastor. Bush, bet Gough 

and Octavia 
Central Branch Union Pacific BR., Harry B. Smith 

Jr.. Pac. Coast passeneer agent, William A. Bis- 

sell Pac. Coast freight agent, 605 Market 
Chadwiik Curtis F.. carpenter, r. 4 Sherman 
Chadwick Nathaniel Q.. carpenter, 1702 Washington 

Chainberlin William, proprietor Beresford Ho- 
tel, r. NW cor Bush and Stockton 
Chandler A. A. Mrs., r. 208 Eddy 
Chapin H. B., r. 725 Pine 
Chapin Margaret Mrs., groceries and liquors, 226 

Chapman William J., contractor for sewer 

work, etc.. vaults, cellars, sewers, yards, etc., 

cleaned, 916 Montgomery 
Charleton C. E., r. cor Cook and Geary 
Chase H. M., r. .508 Capp 

Chase Joseph, planer Pac. Box Factory, r. 520 Fourth 
Chase William W. (W. W. Chase & Co.) r. 608 Capp 
Chauvin F. Lee, teacher elecution, 1040)i Market, r. 

215 Jones 
Cherry Barrett S., switchman C. P. RR., r. 511 Bryant 
Christ L. Mrs., r. 109 Fillmore 
Christie Jean M Miss. r. 218 Eddy 
Cliristopher Telfer, dentist, 204 Sutter, r. 1524 

Chute T. R. Mrs., r. 430 Sutter 
Cills John W., salesman, r. 524 Chestnut 
Claggett William, bartender, r. 30H O'Farrell 
Clapp Edward S. Mrs., widow, r. 1624 Turk 
Clark E. D. Mrs., r. 2029 Mission 
Clark G. H.. r. 719 Hyde 
Clark H. L., r. 429 Greenwich 
Clark James, r. 2603 54 Polk 
Clark J. H.,r.405 Geary 

Clark W. S., physician, office and r. 927 Market 
Clayton Hugh J., lithographer, r. 115 Ellis 
Clinton J. G. Mrs., r. 1614 Buchanan 
Coffin Charles W., r. 114 Turk 
Cognacce George (Paolineili & Cognacce) r. 801 Jj 

Cohen Herman, r. 309 Powell 
Cohen M., r. 527 Pacific 
Cohen R. Miss, r. 157 M Shipley 
Cohen Wolf, glazier, r. 2407 California 
Cohn Elias (Hoffman, Cohn & Co.) 156 Third 
Cohn J., r. 1019 Sutter 

Cole Robert E. (McKenna & Cole) r. 737 Folsom 
Coleman William Emmette, Quartermaster's office, 

Presidio, r. 418 Sutter 
Colin Josephine Mrs., teacher French, Zeitska's In- 
stitute, r. 820 Filbert 
Collins J. C, r. 16 Octavia 
Collins Richard, contractor, r. 615 Stockton 
Collins Richard M. (W.W. Chase 4 Co.) r. 608 Capp 
Collopy George £., r. 207 Clara 
Collopy Timothy, laborer, r. 207 Clara 
Collopy William P., r. 207 Clara 
Collyer W. E., r. 530 Bush 
Colton Ellen M., widow, r. NE cor California and 

Coltxau Otto, r. 466 Minna 
Colvill E. L., r. 252 Ellis 
Colwell A. J., r. 712 Sutter 

Comstock George, clerk J. C. Bates, r. 904 Taylor 
Comstock Sarah T., widow, r. 411 Post 
Conant George B., proofreader Rural Press, r. 603 

Conklln John, helper J. Kitterman, r. 6 Winter Lane 
Connell Sarah M., r. 1324 Howard 
Connelly Kate, domestic .501 Post 
Connelly Mart. r. 1017 Clav 
Conrad J. B., r. 718 California 

Consul Tnrlcey, George W. Gibbs, 33 Fremont 
Cook C. D. Mrs., hairjewelry, r. 611 Union 
Cook George G.. engineer, r. 139 Clara 
Cook H. L., r. 812 O'Farrell 
Coombs E. J. Mrs., r. 663 Howard 
Cooney Thomas J., .shoemaker, r. 11 Twenty-sixth 
Coop John, proprieter San Francisco Planing Mill, 

N B Bryant, nr Fifth, r. Oakland 
Cooper W. T.. r. Ahlborn House 
Copperthwaite Thomas M.. r. 1538 Valencia 
Corcoran James, liquor saloon, 133 Third, r. 257 Perry 
Cordes Martin P., machinist, r. 38 Natoma 
Cordy M. Mrs., r. 832 Folsom 
Cornelius Charles W. (Stechhan & Cornelius) r. 

Comyn Mortimer, r. 12}^ Oak Grove Av 
Cosgrove J. Mrs., r. 915!ii Market 1 

Costa Jo-e, insurance and general business agent, I 

424 Montgomery, r. NE cor Stockton and Union 
Conifhlin Joseph c., dealersecond-band engines, j 

boilers, steam pumps, etc., machinery taken on i 

commission. 760 Brvant I 

Coulter F. H.,r. 435 Bush I 


Lightning Jump-Seat Vehicles. Aflentt. wholesale and Retail. "' San Francisco. 




Covillaud Charles J., law student, r. 22 Kearuy 
Cowap Samuel J., plumber W. F. Wilson, r. 211 Perry 
Co-win Brothers (William S. and Arthur R.) fancy ad- 
vertising cards, 410 Kearny 
Cox George, patternmaker Cal. Wire Works, r. 801 

Cox W. Q.. r. 2643 Mission 
Coyne Anthony N., bartender Joyce & Omdorfif, r. 530 

Cram L. D., clerk general freight ofiSce C. P. RR., r. 

204 VHlencia 
Cramer Albert, bookkeeper Philadelphia Brewerj-, r. 

836 Fifteenth 
Crandall & Ross (Thaddeus P. Crandall and Andrew J. 

Ross) mnf rs searalesa hosiery, 105 Battery 
Crelley James, r. 320 Ivy Av 

Crescent City Wharf and Dock Co., office 44 Market 
Crocker Aaron, di-y goods, 1125 Stockton, r. 1312 Mason 
Crook L. J., r. 14 Geary 
Cron Albert, r. 412 Sixth 
Cron Eugene, r. 412 Sixth 
Cron Louis, r. 412 Sixth 
Crosby T. W., r. 19 Silver 
Crossman William, r. 632 Howard 
Crothers George, r. 244 Ninth 
Crow Carrie, r. 419 Clementina 
Crystal Plumbago Co., Frank Stover secretary, office 

1804 Folsom 
Culbertson Stephen, r. 806 Mission 
Cummings Charles, proptr St. George Hotel, 812 

Cummings John, r. 1182 Harrison 
Cuneo Bartolomeo, scavenger, r. fiOi Chestnut 
Cunningham Mary A. Mrs., r. 645^4 Natoma 
Cunningham Thomas M., r. 18 Oak 
Curragb J. M., mechanical dentist, 204 Sutter, rooml 
Curran Hugh, r. 825 Mission 
Currey Alexander, r. 678 Harrison 
Curtis R. H., physician and surgeon, office and r. 610 

Cusick William, r. 514J^ Third 

Dahl Henry, r. 208 Francisco 

Da Luz Francisco F., groceries and provisions, 721 

Dalmas John K., contractor, r. 845 Mission 
Dammann John (Hinders & Dammann) r. 1429 

Daniels Joseph, bookkeeper S. F. Gas Light Co., r. 

1012 Leavenworth 
Daniels Samuel H., exchange clerk Bank of Cal., r. 

1012 Leavenworth 
Dark A. C, r. 125 Ellis 
Dausman H. L. Dr., r. 1401 Van Ness Av 
Davi'iiport Louise Mrs., r. 109 Dupont 
Davidson Joseph R., physician, office and r. 411 

Golden Gate Av 
Davles M Mrs., r. 1249 Market 
Davii'S W. E.. r. 1914 Taylor 
Duvia A. I'k Son (Aufnist and Joseph Davis) 

wholesale jewelry, 20H Kearny 
Davis Charles L., r. 628 Market 
Davis George A. (George A. Davis & Co.) r. Lick 

Davis George A. k Oo. (George A. Davis) agricultural 

implements, 17-19 Main 
Davis J. F. Mrs., r. 405 Eddv 
Davis W. H., r. 628 Market 
Dean C. A., r. SE cor Castro and Seventeenth 
Dean Ralph M., r. 9 Elliot Park 

Dean W. E., livery stiible, SE cor Geary and Leaven- 
worth, r. The Baldwin 
Dean Willis E.. salcBman llankeu Bros., r. 18 Octavia 
Dt-avcs Edwin, artist, r. 821 Larkin 
Deavfs Harry, propertymiin California Theater, r. 821 

Lark In 
DeavcH Waiter, artist, r. 821 Larkin 
Deering Friinli P. (Deeriiig fc Burton) r. 819 California 
De<'rInAr& Bartoit (Frank P. Deiriiig and WiUard 

T. Barton) attorneys nt law, 523 Montgomery 
Do Ferrer Joslfa Mrs., r. 1405 M Stockton 
De Lacy Mary, domestic 418 S\itter 
Do I.akar M., r. 793 M Stevenson 
Dement J. C, r. 1206 Market 
Dement W. C. Mrs., r. 1206 Market 
Deiiiing S. V. Mrs., r. 311 Hyde 

Demorest M. D. (Martine Ji Co.) r. 652 Market 
Dennis George E., r. 1229 I'acitlc 
Dennis Zeiss Mme., teacher music, r. 730 Sutter 

De Ramirez C. F.. r. 2917 Clay 

De Silva Jose de Mattns. r. 17 Lafayette PI 

De Sortes Frances, r. 312 Eddy 

Devlin John, r. 405}^ Fifth 

Dewey H. W.. blacksmith, r. 124 First 

De Witt O. E., r. S02 Washington 

Dewoir <& Arnold (William M. Dewolf ann 

James B. Arnold) real estate agents and houai 

and insurance brokers. 200 Post 
Dewolf William M. (Dewolf & Arnold) r. 1320 Scot* 
Dierck Frederick A., r. 421 Harrison 
Diggs Alice Miss, typewriter, r. 717 Post 
Diggs Eva E. Miss, typewriter copyist, 606 Montgomi 

ery, room 10, r. 1408 Hyde 
Ditzler Magdalena, r. 1403 Baker 
Dixon T. B. Mrs., r. 150 Fourth 
Dohrman Bessie Mrs., r. 663 Twentieth 
Dolbeer Si Carson (John Dolbeer and Wllliaa 

Carson) wholesale lumber dealers and shii^pinii 

10 California 
Dolchey H. D. Mrs., r. 963 Mission 
Donahue Robert E., clerk Union Ice Co., r. 82 Tenti 
Donald D., r. 901 Shotwell 
Donallen Benjamin C, r. 6 Caroline 
Donohue Julie, r. 2319 California 
Donovan E., r. 1151 Mission 
Doolan Tnomas, driver S. F. Stock Brewery 
Doru D. S. (Dorn & Dt)ru) r. 1407 Guerrero 
Dorsett George, r. 834 Folsom 
Dorspy Peter, miner, r. 327 Tehama 
Douglas Roderick, seaman, r. 117 Drumm 
Douthitt D. William, attorney at law, office 318 Plni 

r. 1607 Scott 
Dowland Edwin, r. 523 Franklin 
Doyle C, r. 643 }<S Natoma 
Drake Herman B., salesman John Taylor & Co., : 

1936 Jessie 
Drew F., r. 418 Leavenworth 
Dreyfuss Julius, r. 123 Turk 
Driver I. Mrs., r. 7 Everett 
Dro^vn Albert N., attorney at law, 621 CUn 

r. 1722 Vallejo 
Druhe John G., groceries and liquors, SE cor Dupoii 

and Greenwich 
Duffy C. E., r. 645 Oak 
Duffy E., r. 645 Oak 
Duffy J., r. 645 Oak 

DuUea E. F. (Sullivan & Dullea) r. 1.W4 Folsom 
Dunbar J. L. Mrs., millinery, 1809 Polk 
Dunbar Joshua, mechanic Jason Springer i Co., , 

r. 1809 Polk 
Dunlevy Andrew J., captain Harbor Police, r. 933 i 

Dunn Beasse M. Mrs., r. 931 Valencia 
Dunn Henry L. (Henrv L. Dunn k Bro.) r.l61 Octav.> 
Dunn Henry L. <Sf Brother (Henry L. «c> 

Thomas F. Dunn) gents' furnishing goods. IK 

Dunn Thomas F. (Henry L. Dunn & Bro.) r. 161 O 


Dupas Amed^e, wood and coal, 130 Ellis, r. Ill Jess- 
Duperu N.. stockbroker, 421 California, r. NW ct 

Lombard and Jones 
Durham A., shoedealer, r. 309 Powell 
Dwyer B., r. 4.39 Fell 

Eaton Charles H., r. 2430 Jackson 

Eberhardt Christian, waiter, r. 321 Jessie 

Edmonds E. S., r. 709 Hyde 

F.dniondson Jonathan, r. 1008M Market 

Eihvarils Emma Mri*., r. 32 Sixth 

Edwards George H., conductor Market St. RR., r. '. 

Edwards J., r. 2222 Mission 
Edwards J. A., r. 1005 Market 
Edwards William S., r. 28 Seventh 
Ehrenberg Alfred G., r. 226 Dupont 
Ehrenberg Theodore E., clerk Baker k Hamilton, 

225 Dupont 
Ehrmnn M. C. Mrs., r. 1005 M Powell 
EikerM. E.r. 316 Ellis 

Eisen Edward G. (King k Elsen) r. 906 Market 
Eitzen Augustus, bookkeeper Henry Kahn k Co.. 

109 Filluinre 
El Croiiista (Siianisli weekly) J. M. Ybarra edlto 

office 529 Washington 
Eldridge Kersey C, r. 224 Fourth 
Elliott Charles, r. 614 Sutter 




Yurds: I30 to 147 ftipear »t., »U(1 XU, »H How»rd Hi. 



BlllB Clement E., cabinetmaker A. J. Forbes, r. 8 El- 
liott Park 

Ellis G.W..r. 1405 Scott 

Ellisou Cora A. Mrs., bomoeopatbio pbysician, office 
and r. 138 McAllister 

ElvlaRe n. T., carpenter, r. 60 Tbird 

Emanuel Leonard H , salesman Davis Bros., r. 725 

Emerson's Standard Tbeatre, Stecbban & Cornelius 
proptrs, 320 Bush 

Eacbe Otto, commission merchant, 12 Stevenson, r. 

Esdor H. J. (Esdor & Co.) 606 Sacramento 

Esdor & Co. (H. J. Esdor) inventors and mannfac. 
tiirers' agency and merchandise brokers, 606 Sac- 

Evans Joseph, r. 117 Cedar Av 

^ Fabra 8., with Lenormand Bros., r. 735 Howard 

FaKiu H. D.. r. 28 Hubbard 

Fagin James Mrs., r. 502 Sutter 
ji^l Farlaud Miles L., compositor, r. <00 Geary 

Fm-ns worth & Kujurifl^'a (1^- L- Farnsworth and 
John Ruggles) draymen, 100 California 

Far nam Charles IE., physician and Surgeon, 
Demonstrator of Anatomy Cooper Medical College, 
office and r. 672 Mission, office hours 12 M. to 2 

Farren R. J., r. 231 Kparay 

Fairlpy Julia, r. 834 Folsom 

Faulkner R. D., r. 532 Polk 
j^ Faure Joseph, waiter Fulton Restaurant, r. 145 Larkln 
' Fantz Henry (Hey, Grauerholz & Fautz)r. 2217 Taylor 

Feathus J. E. Mrs., r. 106 Seventh 
I Fehler Henry, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 642 
I Fourth 
[Fenton Walter, r. 116 Twelfth 

Ferguson G. C. Mrs., dressmaker, r. 157 5^ Tehama 

Fester Adolph.r. Chicago Hotel 

Feusier A. G. Clermont, student, r. 621 Green 

Fichter George, waiter Fulton Restaurant, r. 145 Lar- 
J| Fiedler F., r. 606 Stockton 
^ Filgate Henry P., r. 11 Clinton 

Finck William, bartender Vienna Garden, r. 625 Poet 

Fluberg Louis, jeweler, r. 1413 Twentv-flfth 

Fiiilayson J. F.. r. 1606 Larkin 

Finn Thomas, bookkeeper, r.623 Geary 

Fischer Franz, teacher music, r. 1143 Mission 

1 1- her William, brewer, r. 404 Francisco 
h. r Will E., real estate, r. 423 Franklin 

' ■ I & Baum (Abraham Fisher and Morris Baum) 
••mcy dry goods, 516 Market 

' li F. Mrs., widow, r. 615 Stockton 

■ _orald Frederick, r. 204 Golden Gate Av 

-•■raid T. E., r. 44 Third 
iFitzu'erald Thomas, blacksmith, r. 626 Jessie 

Fitzgerald Thomas G., clerk Weil, Leiter & Co. , r. 026 

Fitzpatrick Nellie, domestic 418 Sutter 

Flagg W. H., r. 418 Sutter 

Flaherty J. Mrs., r. 11 Louisa 

FleiKheimer H.. stationery, r. 309 Powell 

Fleischmann William N.. clerk Wallace, Pillsbury & 
Blanding, r. 503 Post 

Fletcher S. A., r. 1304 Larkin 

Flynu Albert, r. 521 Minna 

Foerster Constantine E. A., clerk, r. 834 Mission 

FoRarty Jamos, driver S. F. Stock Brewery 

Foltz Clara Shortridge. attorney at law, 26-27 Steven- 
son BUlg. r. NE cor Polk and Sutter 

Forbes Frank H., druggist and apothecary, cor Ellis 
and Larkin 

Ford M. A. Mrs., r. 949 Howard 

Fore Charles W.. (Asa Barker k Co.) r. 2308 Jackson 

ForPt E. Mrs., r. 623 Ellis 

Forster E. J.,r. 315 Sixth 

Forster George (Wagner & Forster) r. 637 O'Farrell 

Forsyth Robert, mechanical engineer Risdon I. and 
L. Works, r. 600 Bush 

Foster E. J., r. 905 H Howard 

FontsH. J., r. 738 Market 

Foy Frederick B..r. Ruas House 

Frank Mark.s (Frank \ Radgesky) r. 929 Jackson 

Frank & Radgesky (Marks Frank and Louis D. Rad- 
gesky) cigar mnfrs, 204 Clay 

Franke Julius O., waiter, r. Hansa House 

Franke Raphael, waiter, r. 710 Broadway 

Fraser Charles E., r. 718 Franklin 

Frederick William C, r. 128 Second 

FrelliBhr Julius, fringe mnfr, 871 Market, r. 1227 
Folsom, rear 

French Cyrus E. Mrs., r. 945 Howard 

Frey <& Vizard (William A. Frey and Henry 
Vizard) proprietors Central Bazaar, fancy goods, 
music, toys, stationery, books, etc., 107-109 Post 

Friend E. Mrs., r. 31 Minna, rear 

Friend-Ergkine Clt;ar Co., W. H. Friend presi- 
dent and W. W. Erskine secretary, 4 California 

Frier Matbiar, r. 431 Shipley 

Fruchey J. C. (Fruchey & Peterson) r. 418 Minna 

Fruchey & Peterson (J. C. Fruchey and George B. 
Peterson) painters and grainers, 418 Minna 

Fry Thomas J., hackman, NE cor Kearny and Sutter, 
r. 231 Seventh 

Fuller Hattie B. Mrs., r. 1112 Hyde 

Fulton Restaurant, Joseph Gamier proprietor, 
145 Larkin 

Fuog Kate Mrs., r. 118 Langton 

Gafflgan J. A., r. 544 Natoma 

Gaffney F. B., r. Bresliu Hotel, Potrero 

Galimberti Charles, restaurant, 1214 Polk 

Gallagher Edward A. T.. r. 2719 Mission 

Gallagher John P. (Pooley& Gallagher) r. New Frank- 
lin Hotel 

Gallagher Mary Miss, r. 331 Union 

Galllgan Edward (W. C. Allen k Co.) r. 113 Taylor 

Galloup H. C, r. 419 Sacramento 

Galloway Martha, widow, r. 2203 Devlsadero 

Galloway Martha 8., assistant Greenwich St. Primary 
School, r. 2203 Devisadero 

Galloway W. T. (W. T. Galloway & Co.) r. 2203 De- 

Garcia Herculano, wireworker, r. 12 Union PI 

Garnier Joseph, proprietor Fulton Restaurant, 
145 Larkin, r. 9 Fulton 

Gaspar James H., teamster, r. 732?i Clementina 

Gehlick Julius, cabinetmaker, r. 219 Twelfth 

Gentry Kate Mrs., r. 205 Fifteenth 

George S., r. 313 t'remont 

Gerling C. C. Mrs., r. 319 Capp 

Gibson A. B. Mrs., r. 623 Golden Gate Av 

Gibson Florence Mrs., r. 623 Golden Gate Av 

Gibson Thomas, r. 1056 Howard 

Gies C. W., barber Oceanic SS. Mariposa, r. 509 

GildmacherL., r. 309 Powell 

Gill Harriet, r. 4 k Harriet 

Gillespie C. V, , attorney at law and searcher of 
records, 409 Montgomery, r. 2019 Devis.idero 

Gilli R. Castelli. diugs and medicines, 523 Davis 

Gimbel William, porter Dodge, Sweeney & Co., r. 522 
Montgomery Av 

Givins Henry J., porter, r. 321 }4 O'Farrell 

Glanville William W., shoecutler, r. 27 Perry 

Glasor Charles T., salesman Nolan Bros., r. 1430 

Glaser Marks, merchant, r. 14.30 Webster 

Glassford John R., conductor N. B. and M. RR., r. 509 
Birch Av 

Gleeson William H., jeweler, r. 716 McAllister 

Gold Ralph W., patternmaker, r. 28 Hawthorne 

Goldberg H. Mrs., widow, r. 309 Powell 

Golden Era The (weekly) Warner & Bunyan pub- 
lishers and proprietors. 29 Kearny 

Golden Thomas, undertaker, 1117 Market, r. 219 

Gollin Walter W., manager Trans-Atlantic Marine 
Ins. Co., 311 California, r. 2220 Californis 

Goocb Byron, r. 1402 Bush 

Goodnough Algernon M.. agent Bradbury Pianos and 
Smith Organs, 20 O'Farrell 

Goodwin Frank, r. 1242 Mission 

Goodwin J. C. Mrs., r. 1242 Mission 

Goes Alfred F., real estate, 238 Kearny 

Grace Henry S., r. 161 Perry 

Graham 0. E. T., r. 8W cor Julian Av and Fifteenth 

Graham Thomas D., clerk G. G. Burnett, r. 614 Sutter 

Graham T. T., r. 100 Fifteenth 

Grand Fruit Store, Georges Belenez proprietor, 
wholesale and retail fruits, 8E cor Polk and Bush 

Grant Julia, r. 1635 Post 

Grauerholz Henry J. (Hey, Oranerholz k Fantz) r. 102 

Grave B. Si Co. (Bernard Grave, William Newald 
and Henry F. Maass) carriage and wagon makers, 
421-423 Pacific 


KITTLE & CO. IMPROVED OIL CAKE MEAL-the best feed in the woi 



Greeley Josephine, widow, r. 615 Stockton 

Green Henri>tt» Mrs., r. 1020 Treat Av 

Green J. C. Mme., French dressmaker, r. 1418 Powell 

Green Lyman, law student, r. 743 Pine 

Greene Joseph C, engineer H. S. Crocker & Co., r. 
1«8 Powell 

Greenebaum C. Mrs., r. 337 Turk 

Greening Johnson, r. 1508 Powell 

Greentree L. L., r. 761 Market 

Greenwald Felix, traveler Salomon Bros., r. 2422 Fil- 

Gress Kent W., carpenter, r. 61 Fifth 

Griffin James, r. 318 Capp 

Griswold E. W., r.418 Sutter 

Groensberg Die Rev., pastor Scandinavian Evangel- 
ical Lutheran Church, r. 106 Ninth 

Groezinger Charles (C. Wucherer & Co.) r. SE cor 
Gough and Lombard 

Grosse William, merchant. 120 Sutter, r. 1428 Webster 

Guggenheimer Simon, traveling salesman Cunning- 
ham, Curtlss k Welch, and stationery, etc., 613 
Kearny, r. 718 California 

Gulllermet Frances, r. 417 Sutter 

Guindicelli C. P., r. 209 Turk 

Gundelfinger Henry, commercial traveler, r. 1428 Ellis 

Guntlier Carl B., baker, r. 507 Minna 

Gutch Gustave, attorney at law, r. 743 Pine 

Hager John S., attorney at law. r. Palace Hotel 

Hall E. C. Mrs., r. 18 Hubbard 

Hall Samuel H., physician, office and r. SE cor 
Market and Ninth 

Halsey Charles, r. 1844 Sutter 

Halsey James D.. r. 1844, Sutter 

Hammett Alice P. Mrs., r. 109 Ellis 

Hammond Richard P. (Newbery & Hammond) r. Pa- 
cific Club 

Hansen A. P., r. 915 Folsom 

Hansen William, seamau. r. 13 White 

Hanson John. r. 151 Silver 

Harding Matthew (Harding & Mullaly) r. 308 Dupont 

Harding k Mullaly (Matthew Harding and Thomas 
MuUfily) liquor saloon. 308 Dupont 

Harger L. A. Mine., r. 311 Hyde 

Barker Asa Si Co. (Asa Harker and Charles W. 
Fore) importers and wholesale grocers, 108-110 

HarkinH John M., entry clerk E. & S. Heller, r. 3102 >,' 

Harn J. F.. r. 64GM Natoma 

Harney B. P., r. 19 Twelfth 

Harnev J. W., r. 19 Twelfth 

Harp May Mrs., r. 222 M Fourth 

Harrington Dennis F., capitalist, r. 2404 Clay 

HarrlH Henjamin (Harris Bros. & Co.) r. 1511 Stelner 

Harris George W., r. 915)^ Market 

Harris H. C, r. 915).} Market 

Harris Samuel C. plumber W. F. Wilson, r.461 Jessie 

Harrison Bertha, manager The Berlin Ostrich and 
Fancy Feather Mnfg Co.. r. 128 Eddy 

Harrison John F.. r. 323 Bush 

HaskettO. G.,r. 719 Ellis 

Hassin Carrie, r. 67 Shipley 

Haste J. A., r. 1518 Polk 

Hatch Andriw J., president Schmolz Patent Fan 
Wheel Co., 420 Montgomery, room 27 

Hatcher A. M., r. 244 KUis 

Hathaway Charles A., r. 219 Powell 

Havens L. L. Mrs., r. 724 M Market 

Hawkins C. H., r. 218 Linden Av 

Hawkins J. M.. r. 218 Linden Av 

Hawley Frank R., r. 224 Fourth 

Hay William A., r. 62 South Park 

Harvey George, r. 321 Austin 

Harvey George H.. captain tug Rescue, r. 1811 Maaon 

Hirvey M. F.. r. 3102)4 California 

Harvey Nellie Mrs., r. 121 Ivy Av 

Harvey S. A. W., r. 3102)4 California 

Heaphy Marv A. Miss, r. 1012 Leavenworth 

Heintze Charles G., plumber W. F. Wilson, r. 022)4 

Helms Charles E.. r. 508 Third 

Hemlor Alice V. Miss, r. 305 Kearny 

Hemme I^ouis (Hemino k Maurer) r. 11.1 Grove 

Hemphill Josepli Rev., pastor Woodbridge Presbyte- 
rian Cliurch, r. 1904 Webster 

Henderson Stei)hen H., clerk, r. 216 Minna 

Henning Howard H., machinist George C. Shreve k 
Co., r. 1304 Pino 

Herckelrath William, r. 84 Tenth 

Hease William, president Boca Brewing Co., 

Sacramento, r. 1706 Buchanan 
Hesse William Jr.. secretary Boca Brewing «■ 

406 Sacramento, r. 1706 Buchanan 
Haseltine Ernest, dealer in tackle blocks, 9 8p<' 

r. 207 Post 
Haseltine William E., clerk Ernest Haseltine, r. 7f 

Hey, GranerKolz Si Fautz (John Hey. He 

J. Grauerholz and Henry Fautz) importers 1 1 

wholesale wines and liquors, 105-107 Californl 
Hey John (Hey, Grauerholz and Fautz) r. 208 Jon« 
Heyman Henry, r. 1946 California 
Higglns C, r. 514 Eddy 
Higgins Charles, r. 713 Larkin 
Higgins Lizzie, r. 2319 Jackson 
Hildebrand Ida Mrs., r. 4 Geary PI 
Hill E. S. Mrs., r. 227 Sixteenth 
Hill S. W., r. 17 Ellis 
Hills J. Mrs., r. 218 Eddy 

Hinders Henry (Hinders k Dammann) r. 1412 Larr 
Hinders & Dammann (John Dammann and He 

Hinders) book and job printers, 535 Calitorniei 
Hirshfield R. Mrs., r. 1719 Sutter 
Hixson James P., tailor, r. 1909 Baker 
HixBon Lillion D., clerk, r. 1909 Baker 
Hobson Charles, millhand Cal. Oil Works, r.33Evei 
Hochheimer Moses (H. Wangenheim & Co.) r. \1 

lows, Colusa Co. 
Hofifman B. L., r. 1140 Market 
Hoflman Oscar, r. 536 Ellis 
Hoffman Simon, commercial traveler, r. 536 Ellis; 
Hoffmann Dora, r. 944 Harrison 
Hogan O. J., r. 502 Washington 
Hogan Robert, r. 502 Washington 
Hogan Robert, r. 520 Kearny 
Holden Julia Mrs., r. 821 J4 Folsom 
Hulsinger Eberhard, bookkeeper Forbes Bros., r. 

Home Circle (monthly) H. A. Smith proptr, 619] 
Hommel O. P., r. 1427 Polk 

Hook Albert W. (Hiwk Bros.) r.264 Golden Gate M 
Hopp Detlef , r. 8 Decatur 
Horgan D. F., r. 907 Folsom 
Horger John, r. 127 Page 
House A. G., r. cor Twenty-sixth and Folsom 
House J. W., r. cor Twenty-sixth and Folsom 
Housman Charles V., civil engineer, r. 829 Broadi 
Howell Mary Mrs., r. 228 Fulton 
Howard Belle T. Miss, r. 1017 Union 
Howard Ida Miss. r. 1017 Union 
Howe John C, pressman Pac. Newspaper Pub. 

r. 2110 Larkin 
Hubbard Moses P. (Cal. Cigar Box Co.) r. 602 Slxi 
Humpage John, die reamer Cal. Wire Works, 

H\int Olive Mrs., lodgings. 6 Turk 
Hunter Henry, r. 110 Fourth 
Huntington Elmer C, patternmaker Globe II 

Works, r. 19 Oak Grove Av 
Husted Frederick M., attorney at law, 410 Ml 

gomery. r. Berkeley 
Hutehings F. v., r. 204 Seventh 
Huth Johannes, r. 622 Montgomery 
Hulton H. R. P., r. 1336 Sacramento 
Hutton Ralph T., r. 1336 Sacramento 

Ince Annette, r. 1130 McAllister 

Ideographic (monthly) F. T. Morelle editor, 

Ingram E. F., r. 1920 Broderlck 
Inman Arthur V. (Inman & Moulthrop) r. San Joe 
Inman fc Moulthrop (Arthur V. Inman and How) 

K. Moulthrop) engineers and machinists, 31 T" 
Inventors and Manufacturers' Agency, Esdor &^ 

proplrs, 606 Sacramento 
Isaacs Isidore (Isaacs A: Brother) r. 6 Valparaiso 
Isaacs Samuel (Isaacs *: Brother) r. 6 Valparaiso 
Isaacs & Brother (Samuel and Isidore Isaacs) cl 

ing. 403 Kearny 
Israel Grant, stockbroker, r. 611 Hyde 
Israel Grant Jr., clerk Tax Collector's Office, r. 

Ives Henry J., machinist, r. 734 Vallc.lo 

Jacobs Harry R. (George F. Pierce & Co.) r.l39La» 
Jacobs J. M., r 24 Mint Av 



Office, 33 Geary St. 

o'SHIP PLANK and TIMBER, LOCUST TREENAILS: ''*'"' "T^^^^S^^tr^.^. 



J«cob8 Henrietta, widow, r. 628 Fulton 

JacobBOD D., r. 851 Grove 

January -I. James, r. 1626 Sacramento 

Jenkinx A. M. Mra., r. 330 Eddy 

Jewell O. H. (Thomas G. Walkington & Co.) r. 817 
Golden Gate Av 
.^ Jewish Progress The (weekly) Abe Seeligsohn, editor 
'' and proptr, 313 Kearny 

Jobson E. C, bookkeeper, r. 725 Pine 
^^ Jobst Mathias, liquor saloon, 25 Sixth, r. C Antonio 
'' JohRnnseu Arthur F., r. 117 Cedar Av 
«'"| Johannsen Martin A., carpenter, r. 117 Cedar Av 

Johannsen Peter, teacher music, r. 117 Cedar AV 

Johnson M. E. Mrs., r. 215 Eleventh 

Johnson William Neely, attorney at law, 802 Mont- 
gomery, r. 1733 Broadway 

Jones C. J., r. 14 Dupont 

Jones D. A., r. 1124 Howard 

Jones Davicl H., commission importer, 310 Pine, 
room 13, r. Palace Hotel 

Joost Hermann, dairy produce, 307 Battery, r. 227 
5(i Jordan Rudolph, secretary Schmolz Patent Fan Wheel 
Co., r. 897 Fulton 

Jordnn William P., president Union Pac. Trans. 
ferCo., 202 Bush 

Jorgen Frederick, laborer, r. 9 Cleveland 

Joseph! William M., clerk Post Office, r. 2832 Cali- 

Jury James, r. 821 Kearny 

Kaerapper W. H., r. 229 Fell 

Kalin Henry & Co. (Henry Kahn) dealer mathe- 
matical instruments and optical goods, 212 

Kalmdree F. E. F., r. NE cor Buchanan and Wash- 

Kalischer Julius L.. mohel, office 113 Battery, r. 909 
([IKarr William J., policeman, r. 38 Taylor 

Katzl Hattie Mrs., r. 306 Hyde 

Kaufman Mary, widow, r. 2126M Bush 

Kavanagh John, waiter, r. 327 Tehama 

Kelling Kate Miss, r. 1315 Kearny 

Kelly James L., r. 27 Perry 

Kelvingtou G., r. 808 Green 

Kemnie Christian, driver S. F. Stock Brewery 
,), Kennedy John K., shipwright, r. 2241 Jackson 

Kennedy James S., clerk Post Office, r. 315 Oak 

Kennedy William H., manager Union Pacific 
Transfer Co., 202 Bush 
) ( Kennelly Mary, r. 822 Post, rear 

Kenney Edward R., r.846 Mission 
lit Keppler Louis, bookkeeper Fisher Packing Co., r. 
1(;02 Polk 

Kerr Matthew, liquor saloon, 1338 Market, r. 19 Clara 

Keyser M.. r. 227 Fifteenth 

Keystone Wringer Co., William F. Meek manager, 102 
I Kifth 

Kllbourn W^. W. & Co. (M. M. and W. W. Kil- 
bourn) wholesale and retail druggists, 01 Second 

KUroy Mary, widow, liquor saloon, i21H Pacific 

King John Jay (King & Eisen) r. 906 Market 
Ing *: Eiseu (John Jay King and Edward G. Eisen) 
dentists, 906 Market 

King Mamie Mrs., r. 132 Sixth 

Kipling John P., r. 122 Post 

Kirschbaum Esedor (Kirschbaum & Sons) r. 1904 

Slatzl F. J., r. 1721 Market 

Kneass Dallas A., paper carrier, r. 1003 Mission 

IneaBS Edward D. (Kneass & Co.) r. 1003 Mission 

F.. compositor Chronicle, r. 1003 Mission 
Mrs., r. 608 Leavenworth 
ellarman S. F. Stock Brewery, r. 2118 

inox Addison C, agent Mining Press, r.630O"Farrell 

ioeuig William, r. 676 Harrison 

?olman U., r. .312 Eighth 
jli lorne Teresa Miss, teacher, r. fiOT Hyde 

KUBchmitzky Qustave, r. 2335 Bush 

ineaBS Kdwa 
1^ SneasB John '. 
,, xnlght R. A. 
ji inoche D., c« 

^emlein Emma Miss, teacher music, r. 721 O'Farrell 

-aemlein Rose, widow, r. 721 O'Farrell 

j« Fleur Victor, bootmaker, 410 Kearny, room 20. r. 

413 Golden Gate Av 
[iipake Bigler Forestry Commission, James V. Coleman 

chairman, office room 42 Nevada Block 

Lande Edward, attorney at law, 426 California, room 

2, r. 307 Steluer 
Lande Raphael, merchant, r. 307 Steiner 
I.apham John G., r. 604 First 
Larson Andrew O., r. 4 Harrison Av 
Larson Ida M., r. Twenty-ninth and Sanchez 
Layng William G. (Layng & Wellington) r. 1115 Clay 
Layng & Wellington (William G. Layng and George 

E. Wellington) book and job printers, 518 Clay 
Layton C. W., r. Colonade House 
Leach A., r. 107 Turk 
Leavitt William F., mnfrs agent, 410 Kearny, r. 1510 

Leddy John, secretary Union Pac. Transfer Co., r. 

Silver Star House 
Lee Benjamin F., collector Harbor CommisBlonerB, r. 

2021 Webster 
Lee Patrick, groceries and liquors, 1821 Hyde 
Le Fevre Isidor A., engineer and draughtsman, r. 

108 3« Hayes 
Leffingwell J. S. Mrs., r. 24 Sixth 
Leonard Charles L., r. 1124 Eddy 
Leonard E. W., r. 1124 Eddy 

Iievingston Marc, city and county Coroner, 
office 731 Mission, and physician, office 37 Post, 
r. 927 Geary 
Levy David L., editor and proprietor Pacific 
Life, office Frank's Block, NW cor Washington 
and Sansome, r. 345 Eighteenth 
Levy Isaac, boots and shoes, 932 Market, r. San 

Levy Isidor, r. 1517 Dupont 
Le^vis Ad. & Co. (Adolph Lewis) importers 

Havana and Key West cigars, 205-207 Battery 
Lewis Adolph (Ad. Lewis & Co.) r. 1303 Gough 
Lewis G. M., r. 164 Silver 
Lewitt Benjamin, r. 154 Eddy 

liinfortli Edward J., attorney at law, 320 Cali- 
fornia, room 10, r. 127 Fourteenth 
Lightbody John P., machinist, r. 12 Eighth 
Ligon C. A., r. 139 Minna 
Linck Theodore, r. 626 Harrison 
Lloyd Frank H., r. 1507 Franklin 
Loftus Frank, r. 1330 Church 
Londry Joseph H., r. 224 Minna 
Love Joseph H., r. 18 Birch Av 
Lovejoy H. P., r. .329 Fourth 
Lowe A. J., r. 7.55 Harrison 
Lowe Hannah Mrs., r. 511 Folsom 
Lowenberg Robert (Rinaldo Bros, and Lowenberg) 

r. 2120 Pacific Av 
Lowther Fannie Mrs., r. 1153 Folsom 
Luce George C, carpenter, r. 1165 Market 
Lucky Charles, captain tug Hercules, r. 106 Ninth 
Lyle Andrew G., paper carrier, r. 218 Fair Oaks 
Lynde W. J. Mrs., r. Grand Hotel 
Lydon Thomas, r. 16 Folsom 
Lyon Mortimer, r. 636 Ellis 

MaasB Henry F. (B. Grave & Co.) r. 1007 Golden Gate 

Mackay Alexander, Importer and manufacturer 

carpets, oilcloths, etc., 716 Market, r. 619 Nine- 
Mackay Walter 8.. bookkeeper Alexander Mackay, r. 

619 Nineteenth 
Madigan William, stonecutter, r. 1205 Turk 
Mah6 Gustave (Mosgrove, Mah6 & Co.) r. 307 Steiner 
Mahoney Henry, salesman, r. SW cor Gough and 

Mahony Mary,r. 10 Hayes 
Mallestad Thomas, r. 263 East 
Maloney P. O.. r. 315 Oak 
Malpiede Giuscppl, r. 310 Bush 
Manley Joseph B.. salesman, r. 952 Howard 
Mann B. C. r. 1936 Union 
Mann Frederick P.. physician, 209 Kearny, r. 2223 

Mansfield Gilbert, r. B26X Gilbert 
Marltzen A. Mrs., r. SE cor Fulton and Webster 
Mariizen C r. SE cor Fulton and Webster 
Markus Louis, gents' furnishing goods, 313 Dupont, 

r. 264 Golden Gate Av 
Marrell H. A. Mrs., r. 1023 Stockton 
Marshall J. W.. manager Woodward's Qardena 
Martin James, r. 2 Potrero Av 
Martin Michael E., r. 422 Second 
Moulihrop Howland K. (Inman & Moultbrop) r. SM 


™0W SHADES "K,SS::a(i.W.Clarl[& Co., 645 MarMSt. 





Martindale William, gripman Presidio RR., r. 2431 

Martine & Co. (Miss M. D. Demorest) toilet articles, 

652 Market 
Mason C. E. (W. C. Maxwell & Co.) r. 326 Geary 
Matheson Mark, steward P. M. SS. San Jose. r. 120 

Mathieson George, r. 10 M Turk 
Mattheas Charles, liquor saloon, 536 California 
Maupln C. H. Mrs., r. 423 Ellis 
Maxwell W. C. (W. C. Maxwell & Co.) r. 326 Geary 
Maxwell W. C. & Co.(W. C. Maxwell and 0. E.Mason) 

physicians, 326 Geary 
Mayer Henry E., r. 340 McAllister 
Mayhew H. Allen, grain broker, room 28 Merchants' 

Exchange, r. Niles 
Mayo Laura Mrs., actress, r. 229 Kearny 
McCann Richard, contractor and builder, r. 217 

McCarthy M. A. Mrs., r. 14 Oak 
McChain Jasper F., clerk L. A. Kelley & Co., r. 530 

McClelland J. L., r. 1638 JfS West Mission 
McClure J. Mrs., r. 1231 Stockton 
McConlogue May Miss, telegraph operator, r. 1233 

McCormack John, r. 327 Oak 
McCoy Charles I.., mining secretary, 79 Nevada 

Block, r. Oakland 
McCue Mary Mrs., r. 2619 Folsom 
McCusker James E. (Nounnan. McCusker & Co.) r. 

719 Webster 
McDearinon TVllllam, manager Salamander Felt- 
ing Co., 402 Montgomery, r. 611 Shotwell 
McDonald C. Mrs., r. 525 Fulton 
McGinnis Edward, r. 203 Langton 
McQrath Thomas (McGrath & Sieweke) 1522 Stockton 
McGrath & Sieweke (Thomas McGrath and Eugene L. 

Sieweke) liquor saloon, 1522 Stockton 
McKinney C B.. r. 783 Market 
McKisickli. D., attorney C. and S. P. RR., NE cor 

Fourth and Towusend, r. 1215 Sutter 
McLaughlin M. C. Mrs., r. 354 Grove 
McLoghlin Raphael, clerk Lebenbaum, Goldberg & 

Co., r. 1109 Post 
McNab Allan, r. 712 Twenty-third 
McXally Frank H., attorney at law, 20-21 Nevada 

Block, r. 448 Sixteenth 
McNally John, steward, r. 908 Folsom 
McNeeve Mrs., r. 1125 Folsom 
McNeil John, r. 1633 Polk 
McManus Micliael, r. 504 First 
McManus William, r. 716 McAllister 
McShane Thomas, r. 251 Clara 
McShary Charles, r. 39 Austin 
Megow Charles, stevedore, r. 627 Green, rear 
Mehrtcus J. H. (J. H. Mehrtens & Co.) r. 1708 Clay 
Mf lirteiiM J. H. tSi Co. (J. H. Mehrtens) wholesale 

and retail grocers, SW cor Polk and Clay 
Mclaiider August G., laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 

308 Seventh 
Melody Joseph, sergeant police, r. 113 Leavenworth 
Meredith John H. (Craig Is. Meredith) and assistant 

City and County Attorney, oflSce 328 Montgomery, 

r. 2623 Clay 
Merrill Frank H., agent, 36 Merchants' Exchange, r. 

419 Eddy 
Merrill Mary A. Mrs., r. 14 Turk 
Meyners V., r. 2007 Leavenworth 
Michael Maurice C, r. 13 J8 Ellis 
MlloH C. M., r. 307 Fourth 

Miller Alfred A., carpenter S. P. RR., r. 2223 Harrison 
Miller Charles W. J., master mariner, r. 419 East 
Miller W. E., salesman J. H. Mehrtens 4 Co., r. 1708 

Mlllx William L. B., cashier E. Detrick k Co., r. 1624 

Milsner Abraham, foreman Zekiiid & Loew, r. 643 

Mitchell Alexander, restaurant, 206 McAllister 
Modetia Sarah, r. 1304 Larkin 
Mogan A.R.,V. 1322 O'Farrell 
Moore Albert E., carpenter, r. 1214 Polk 
Moore Edward F.,r. 716 McAllister 
Mora Oenevlrve, r. 114 Ellis 
Morgeiistern Lewis A., agent, r. 725 Turk 
Morgiin J. A. * Co. (Joseph A. and William H. Mor- 
gan) sallmakers, 7 Clay 
Morne A. M., r. 755 Harrison 
Moses Max, r. 6."i7 Harrison 

Moulton W. True, with Ivison, Blakeman & Taylc 

329 Sansome 
Mozart Edward, r. 819 Larkin 

Mugarrieti Jos^ M. , teacher Spanish, r. 1557 Kearnj 
Muhlendorff Adolph, salesman, r. 2212 Bush 
Muhlendorff Henry, r. 2212 Bush 
Muller F. C, r. 1857 Stevenson 
Mundell Oscar C, with John T. Hays, r. Park Hote 
Murdoch Robert, tailor, 731 Montgomery, r. NW c 

Green and Leavenworth 
Murphy Catherine Mrs., r. 47 Garden Av 
Murphy E. Mrs., r. 10 )i Cleveland 
Murphy John, r. 92834 Harrison 

Naime H. L., passenger agent C. B. andQ.RR., 

Russ House 
Nebel J. Julius F., coffee saloon, 103 Washington 
Nelson A. Mrs., r. 106 Ninth 
Newton D. H., r. 712 Sutter 
Newton James S., r. 712 Sutter 
Nicolaison Frederike, cook, r. 431 Shipley 
Nipper Diederich (Schaefer & Nipper) r. 325 Fell 
Nolan William, r. 834 Folsom 
Norriss G. P., r. 1703 Devisadero 
Norton John S., r. 224 Clementina 
Nounnan Joseph F. (Nounnan, McCusker & Co.) 

520 Fell 
Nonnnan, McCusker <& Co. (Joseph F. Novi 

nan and James E. McCusker) stationers, printst 

and lithographers, 509 California 

O'Connor Eugene, carpenter, r. Alvarado, nr Sanoh i 
C'Sullivan Michael, policeman, r. 1230 Bush " 

Olsen Y., r. 257 Perry 
Oppenheim Adolph, r. 550 Mission 
Osterhoudt Madison S., salesman, r. 136 Sixth ; 

Overend Annie L. Mrs., r. 836 Mission 
Owens B. F., r. 213 Stevenson 
Owens C. C, r. 1123 Mission 

Pacific Fruit Co., N. K. Masten president, M. 

Brewer manager, C. B. Jennings treasurer, A. 

Cutler secretary, 408-410 Davis 
Paciflc Truclcin&: Co., A. F. Conant preside' 

Sidney M. Smit^ vice-president, A. D. Cuti 

secretary and treasurer, 19 Main 
Paclieru' Kxchan^**, A. D. Cutler president, 

D. Code vice-president, I. H. Morse secretary ai 

treasurer. NW cor Broadway and Sansome 
Paige Cutler, real estate, 110 Leldesdoflf 


proprietor Metropolitan Mnrble Wc 
1335 Market, r. 790 Stevenson 

Parks H. H. Rev., r. 513 Shotwell 
PHrmclee George E., r. 448 Clementina 
Palmer H. C, teacher music, r. 316 Fremont 
Parsons Charles B.. r. Castro, bet Fourteenth a« 

Partridge L. G., attorney at law, 8. F. Stock Exohai 

Bldg., room 16 
Pecht Richard, r. 242 Green 
Perry James C, r. 1816 Geary 
Peterson Axel, r. 151 Silver 

Peterson George B. (Fruchey fc Peterson) r. 418 Mltn 
Pettit Edwin, cabinetmaker West Coast Furniture O 

r. 818 Powell 
Pettit George, r. 520 Bush 
PfalT Hertha Mrs., r. 706 Fifteenth 
PfafT Frank, r. 706 Fifteenth 
Pfortner Charles, r. 612 H Francisco 
Phcl|iB Tracy, expressman, NE cor Stockton 

Broadway, r. 1325 Dupont 
Phelps William, r. 2643 Mission 
Phillips R. v., r. 329 Fourth 
Pierce George F. (George F. Pierce & Co.) r. 139 L 

Pierce Oeorife P. & Co. (George F. Pierce «> 

Harry R. Jacobs) fruit and confectionery, 1 

Plaffemann Si Bernliard (John Plagemann a> 

George Bernhard) proprietors The Rendezvo > 

16 O'Farrell 
Polsaon Du Brntz, r. 1316 Calforiiia 
PoisMon Frederick C, r. 1316 California 
Pduvallet Charles, showcard writer, r. 7 Brooks 
Powell L. R. Mrs., r. 712 Sutter 
Power (leoflrey, r. 227 Second 

LgPAGE'S glues received highest award, BERLIN, I88P 

Importora or|»nd I>«nlera In COAE. and PIG IROST, 

41 Market Street, corner Mpear. 



ylo Power MlcUoel, r. 227 Second 
Priest S. B., r. 1850 Folaom 
Pugb Edmund, galesman Altschul, Seller tt Co., r. 

Brooklyn Hotel 
Pugh Joseph, r. 1 McDermott Pi 

itellQninn John H., machlnehand West Coast Furniture 

Co., r. 2019 Howard 
Qulnn Peter, r. 2 Twentieth 
Qiilnn Thoraas, r. 2019 Howard 
Quinn William 8., machinist West Coast Furniture 

Co., r. 2019 Howard 

Rambo Edward B., manager Winchester Bepeat- 
inp Arms Co.. 41 &-420 Market, r. 1130 Pine 

Randall William W. Mrs., r. 1623 Pine 

Riiy«> & Hampton {A. P. Kaye and Leo F. Hamp- 
ton) carpets, oilcloths, etc., 739 Market 

Reed John J., shlpcalker, r. 9i0 Harrison 

Reill.v Alice Mrs., r. 422 Second 

Rendezvous Tile, Plagemann k Bernhard pro- 
prietors, 16 O'Farrell 

Reynolds George E., r.l223 Buchanan 

Reynolds Lewis, secretary James G. Fair, r. 1223 

Richards Enoch J., chief engineer stmr Ferndale, r. 
„ 21 Perry 

[t, Richmond Harry H., carpenter, r. 1922 Stevenson 
|Rled<fcCo. (Henry Ried and Albert Flurscheim) 
manufacturers fancy goods, 236 Ellis 

Roberts D. L., r. 331 Kearny 
k Roberts Eli, r. 247 Sixteenth 

Roberts W. L. Mrs., r. 515 Geary 

Robinson Jessie Mrs., r. 107 Turk 

Robinson L. Mrs. r. 1922 Stevenson 

RobinPOD W. C, r. 523 Pine 

RODEN A. G. & CO. ,Adoipn o. 

Roden, James Adamg and Thomas J. 
Bntler) proprietors Record Stables, 
1120 Market 

Roehm & Davison, importers and jobbers carriage 
goods (Detroit, Mich) C. Warner agent, 109 Cali- 

, fornia, room 19 
"I Rogers G. A., steward, r. 1214 Polk 

Rolls John S., searcher records, r. 121 Ridley 

Ropps W.W., r. 857 Market 

Rosin Annie M., widow, r. 915 Folsom 

Rothschild Kate Mrs., r. 4.S3 Minna 

Rotter F. J., r. The Windsor 
jRowe Albert (Willcutt & Rftwe) r. 16 Perry 
iRowe William J., r. 632 Howard 

' RuRcles John (Farnsworth feRuggles) r. 515 O'Farrell 
'k Ry«u Pierce H„ r. 742 Twentieth 

Ryhner Joseph, machinist, r. 6 Vassar PI 

San 9Ia- 


teo Co. ) Alfred Tobin proprietor, James 
J. Smith city aifent, office 14 Post, 
depot 521 Capp, Telephone No. 844 

Sanborn Clio Mrs., r. 1531 Golden Gate Av 
Satiford Whitfield, r. Florence House 
Sawyer C. H., r. 21 Clinton Park 

wyer Ella C. , r. 21 Clinton Park 
Scanlan Daniel, tailor, r. 468 Sixth 
Schiuck Jennie r. 943 Folsom 
8chl.»m Hugo V., salesman Kohler b Chase, r. 734 

Schlani Oscar A., salesman Eohler ti Chsse, r. 734 

I Schmidt F. E., salesman Naber, Alfs & Brune, r. 130 

Schmidt Herman, r. 2519 Larkln 
a hniitt Eva Mrs., r. 1120 Mission 
lijSohiuitz A. F., r. 403 Stevenson 
Schubert Charles, clerk, r. 8.36 Fifteenth 
Schwartz Manuel, r. 1113 Clay 
Schwatka Augustus C, correspondent New York 

Herald, r. 714 Green 
Schweitzer Otto, r. 915 Folsom 
Schweibert Henry, bartender, r. 8W cor Fillmore and 

Sciallire C. Mrs., r. 1329 Sacramento 
Scully James, r. 44 Third 
Seik Sophy Miss, r. 1H36 Howard 
Shardlow Mrs., r. 28 Octavia 
Sharlock Zarane. r. 17 Willow Av 

Shortridge Samuel M., law student, r. NE cor Polk 

and Sutter 
Sitton J. J., r. 822 Point Lobos Av 
Skerrett E , r. 1153 Howard 
Sloat Charles F., dentist, r. 127 Kearny 
Slocum Harry B., clerk Lot D. Slocum, r. 925 Sutter 
Smith Charles F., r. NW cor Howard and Fourth 
Smith E. P., r. 8 Octavia 
Smith Herbert, broker, office 606 Montgomery, room 

16, r. The Baldwin 
Smith James J., city agent San Pedro Dairy, 14 

Post, r. 118 Ellis 
Smith James W., advertising agent, r. Brooklyn Hotel 
Smoot David L., attorney at law, 606 Montgomery, 

r. San Rafael 
SmytheR., 1109 Post 
Smythe S. C. Mrs., r. 707 Minna 
Sommer A. M., r. 915 Folsom 
Sorge Enrico, teacher music, r. 712 Hyde 
Soule P. H., r. 1515 Hyde 
Spauldlng Charles A., r. 718 California 
Squier Z. Mrs., r. 616 Grove 
Stirling John F., r. 20M Oak 
Stock Edward, r. 504 H Third 
Stoltz KvgeneJ,, wood and coal, 202 Bush, cor 

Sansome, r. 1616 Bush 
Stone J. C. Mrs., r. 35 Fifth 
Stone P. C. M., r. 3 Pearl 
Stout A. A., r. 128 Morris Av 
Struss William, groceries and liquors, S£ cor Eearny 

and Vallejo 
Stuart Jesse C, seaman, r. 1231 Stockton 
Sullivan Eliza J., r. 2012 Larkin 
Sullivan Ellen A., lodgings, 112 Eddy 

Tauszky Emund, attorney at law, with Wallace, Pills- 
bury & Blanding, r. 503 Post 

Taylor J. C. Mrs.,r. 13 Powell 

Taylor Stephen F., miner, r. 13.50 Folsom 

Thompson Ellen M. Mrs., r. 305 Minns 

Thompson Lucie A. Mrs., r. 539 Howard 

Thompson M. E., r. 1531 Golden Gate Av 

Tibbetts Walter G., r. 808 Valencia 

Tirrell Anna M., widow, r. 603 Ellis 

Tobin Alfred, proprietor San Pedro Dairy, office 
14 Post 

Tobin G. M., r. 213 Jones 

Toner Belle, r. 930Ji Harrison 

Towle George W.. real estate and business agent, 33 

Towndrow W. N., r. 1348 Folsom 

Treche Louis F., r. 336 O'Farrell 

Union Brewery, H. Thode proptr, 326 Clementina 
Union Furniture Co., 813 Market 

Van Pelt Rachel S., widow, r. 1704 Polk 
Van Praag Samuel, cigars and tobacco, 1211 )i Polk 
Vidaver J., r. 314 Fulton 

Von Arx Julius, distiller Harbor View Distillery, 
412 Ji Green 

Waite C. P., r. 244 Taylor 

Waldo J. A., r. 107 Turk 

Wales Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co., J. M. 

Davies secretary, 2 New Montgomery 
Walker Anne Mrs., r. 1218 Mission 
Wall Mary E. Mrs., r. 1623 Pine 
Walsh John B., stationery, 129 Sixth, r. 548 Minns 
Warfleld C. B., r. 302 O'Farrell 
Watt James, collector S. F. Gas Light Co., r. Rubs 

Watt Lizzie J., widow, r. 610 Oak 
Wegener M. Mrs., physician, office andr. 1009 Mission 
White James E., teamster, r. 802 Webster 
Whitney E.B., commercial traveler, r. 508 Sacramento 
Wiblitzhauser Adelbert, machinist, r. 709 Stockton 
Wickson G. G. Jk Co. (George G. Wlrkson and 

N. F. Heath) Remington type writer, 639 Market 
Wickson George G. Sr., butcher, 1 Mission Market, r. 

2116 Howard 
Willl8F.H.,r. 417 Powell 
Wilson M. A. Mrs., r. 315 Ellis 
Wilson Richard, mining engineer, 409 California, r. 

543 Mission 
Winters Thomas, r. 402 McAllister 
Woodruff Burton A., r. 733 Bush 


Threshing' Machines. 


509, 511 Market St. 

San Francisco. 



Manufacturers of 


1 ^ 



Carriages of all Descriptions: 

631 and 633 HOWARD STREET, 

Comer of Hubbard, San Francisc: 

All KiiJii of inMw aifl Carriage Paiitii floiie at tie Shortest Notia 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY «*shing mne m^short notici 




, Silver and Nickel Hating. ? 

San Francisco 

iff iifi m 










Novelty aii ihandelier 





Electro - Bronzing, Grinding and Polishing. 


21 Stevenson St., San Francisco. 


O ♦^ > ♦ (D »^- 

I MACDONOUGH & CO. '"'^'•'"*'^''"'*'**''»*'^4V'AL^U^eV«Tr^eT,V^ife?*«'^^^ 




aSi" Notice— Aame« too late for regular insertion, removals, changes, etc., which have occurred during the 
priiUtng of the xvork, will be found on the pages immediately preceding this. 


Lv..._ Avenue 

..„ Building 

»et, between 

cor corner 


R. East 


.„ North 



'^^ ::-.:.:°Tiacl 


supt superintendent 


proptr proprietor 

r resides, or residence 

RR Railroad 

Key Reverend 

g South 






.... Callt'omia 

s side 

S. F F. D....8. F. Fire Dept 
8S Steamship 




Leav Leavenworth 

Leid Leidesdorff 

Lonib Lombard 

Jlerch Merchant 

Mont Montgomery 

.<ac Sacramento 

.San Sansome 

Stev Stevenson 

.Stovrk Stockton 

Wash Washington 




Akron, Alliance, 
Ohio, tickets at General Ticket Ollice, 3 
Ne'»v Montgomery street, under Palace 
Hotel, via Overland SIiortLiine, C'eittral 


Henry P. Cope proptr, 
808 Kearny 

Itforth Bernhard, seaman, r. 329 Broadway 

Laron Aaron, cutter Bauer Bros. & Co., r. 1307 Gough 

David, stamping, 133 Sixth, r. 29 Harriet 
Laron David Mr?., dressmaker, 133 Sixth, r. 29 Har- 

Lmron Emll, salesman, r. 1620 Geary 
Ltron Emil, salesman Greenberg k Rosenberg, r. 

32 J4 Geary 
Uron Harris, merchant (Arizona) r. 503 O'Farrell 
Uron Joseph, barber, 532 Third, r. 141 Clara 
Laron Joseph, foreman S. Jacob, r. 739 Golden Gate 

Laron Simon, salesman Bauer Bros. & Co., r. 1307 

^Aaron. See Aron 

badie Ipolita, blacksmith, r. 708 Battery 
.badie Jean, French Benev. Soc, 510 Jackson 
.badie Joseph, tailor, 1222 Stockton 
:badle Magsie, French Benev. Soc, 510 Jackson 
.badie William, cattle dealer and rancher, r. 1724 

•bbe Olive B. Miss, nurse, r. 221 Thirteenth 
Jhbes Francis H., house and sign painter, 1821 Polk 
,bbey Edgar W., bookkeeper Hall's Safe tt Lock Co., 
s r. 608 Eighteenth. Oakland 
Lbbey Isidora, widow, r. 837 Broadway 
Lbbiati Cii^sar, musician, r. 654 Jessie 
Lbbot Charles, clerk Osborn & Alexander, r. 2430 Pine 
Lbbot Charles M., r. NW cor Eddy and Pierce 



Abbot Geor;;e, projirietor Sau Francisco Wool Ex- 
change, NW cor Fitth and Townsend. r. 2012 Pa- 
cific Av 
Abbot S. Leonard Jr., bookkeeper Security Savings 

Bank, r. 2440 Jackson 
Abbotsford House, Michael Brogan proptr, NW cor 

Broadway and Larkin 
Abbott Allan H., r. 221 Leavenworth 
Abbott Annie, widow, r. 212 Fell 
Abbott Charles M. Mrs., widow, r. 100 Jones 
Abbott Charles H., wool broker, NW cor Fifth and 

Bluxome, r. 612 Taylor 
Abbott Frank, cook Arcade Restaurant, r. 474 Tehama 
Abbott Frank H. foreman B. F. Sterett, r. 1513 Taylor 
Abbott George H. , r. 1628 Polk 
Abbott George W.. bookkeeper, r. 221 Capp 
Abbott Jennie F. Miss, teacher music, r. 212 Fell 
Abbott Jolin E., attorney at law, 314 Montgom- 
ery, room 14, r. 13J3 'Vallejo 
Abbott Joseph, clerk, r. 744 Howard 
Abbott Joseph E., contractor, r. 727 Grove 
Abbott L. A. Mrs., widow, r. 8 Octavia 
.\bbott Lewis H., conductor Omnibus BR., r. 704 

Abbott Margaret, groceries and liquors, 116 Welsh 
.\bbott Martha K., ladles' nurse, r. 822 Mission 
Abbott Michael, fitterColnmbiaFoundry,r. 7 Baldwin 

Abbott Moses A., boatman Custom House, r. 281 

Abbott Osborn (Bousfleld & Abbott) r. 422 Van NesB 

Abbott Robert W. (Howell & Abbott) r. 212 FeU 
Abbott Samuel S., mechanic Woodward's Gardens, r. 

1669 Mission 
Abbott Thomas, boarding, 702 Front 
Abbott Thomas, cleaner Palace Dye Works, r. cor 
Twenty-eighth and Sanchez 


Truman, Isham & Co. 

Manufaclurefs' Jgents, 

509, 511 MARKET ST, 

S.4.X FR.4XC1SCO. 

UlilOIXLuT, or Itnu %X nRlC.O, Agentsforthecelebrated DEA^fE steam rUMPS 




Abbott William, bookkeeper Methodist Book Depoat- 
tory, r. 311 Haigbt * 

(©~ Abbott. See Abbot 
Abel Andrew M., carpenter, r. 319 Tenth 
Abel Daniel, machinist, r. 322 Third 
Abel GeorKe A., shipping clerk Elisha Ransom & Co., 

r. 24 Hampton PI 
Abel H. Christian, hassockmaker, r. 18 Oak Grove Av 
Abel Ray Miss, student, r. The Windsor 
Abel Richard, master mariner, r. 20 Zoe 
Abel Walter S., r. 20 Montgomery 
Abell Alexander G., Grand Secretary Grand 
Lodge F. aud A. M., Masonic Temple, r. 1027 
Abell Edward A., clerk, r. 1027 Washington 
Abell Lindley S., giipman Market St. RR., r. NW cor 

Devisadero and McAllister 
Abels Charles (S. T. Giilard & Co.) r. 923 Howard 
Abels Hermann, cabinetmaker Aug. Jungblunt &Co., 

r. 616 ?4, Natoma 
Abels Solomon E., attorney at law, 137-139 Phe- 

lan Building, r. 1107 Filbert 
Abelsuri Julius, waiter S. F. Bar Assn, r. 415 Mason 
Abend Poat (German daily and weekly) S. F. 
Abend Post Publishing Co., publishers and pro- 
prietors, 535 California 
Abenheim Leopold, teacher languages, 1303)4 Polk.r. 

1017 Larkin 
Aber .\dolph, cigarmaker, r. 5 Central PI 
Aber Charles, glazier B. & J. S. Doe.r. cor Steuart and 

Aber William E., bookkeeper Stockton Planing Mill, 

r. 8323^ Harrison 
Abercombie A. R.. peddler, r. Capitol House 
Abernethy Charles, seaman, r. 37 Pacific 
Abernethy Louis, salesman Murphy, Grant & Co., r. 

Abey Ellen, widow, r. 400 Geary 
Abley Fritz, cook 132 Fourth, r. 4.50 Minna 
Abraham Abraham, bookkeeper lYiedlander & Stem, 

r. 9 Seventh 
Abraham C. & H. (Charles & Henry) proptrs Western 
Nursery, NW cor Union and Pierce, and florists 
106 Cal. Market 
Abraham Charles (C. & H. Abraham.) r. NWcor Union 

and Pierce 
Abraham Christian, driver Hacke & Hagedorn, W s 

Scott, Dfct Greenwich aud Filbert 
Abraham Gabriel, tailor, 1220 Market, r. 230 Seventh 
Abraham Henry (C. ic H. Abraham) r. NW cor Union 

and Pierce 
Abraham llymau, salesman Pacific Jewelry Co., r. 

1520 Post 
Abraham Isaac, merchant, r. 732 McAllister 
Abraham Isidore, law student William H. Sharp, r. 

435 Bush 
Abraham Joseph, clothing, 721 Sansome 
Abraham Josephlue, French Beu. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Abraham Marx, barber, 312 Paciflc 
Abraham Mnrx, waiter, r. 114 Turk 
Abraham Nathan (P. Abraham & Son) r. 9 Seventh 
Abraham P. & Sun (Philip and Nathan) dry goods, 

44 Sixth 
Abraham Peter, seaman, r. C8 Silver 
Aoraham Philip (P. Abraham & Son) r. 9 Seventh 
Abraham R., merchant, r. 719 Hyde 
K^i^ Abraham. Sec Abrahams, Abram and Abrams 
Abrahams Abram, second-hand clotliiiig, r. 400 Pacific 
.Vbrnhams Abram B., clerk Louis Abrahams, r. 605 

M.Al lister 
Abrahams George, laborer, r. E 8 WlBconsln, bet Co- 
lusa aud Marin 
Abrahams I., clerk Jacob Abrahams, r. 435 Minna 
Abrahams Jacob, clothing, H14 Battery, r. 435 Minna 
Abrahams Lewis, jewelry, 13 Kearny, r. The Windsor 
Abrahams I>ouiB, clotlitng, 4-0 Clay, r.r,05 McAllister 
Abrahams Max, salesman Lewis Abrahams, r. 1U22 

Abrahams Meyer, tailor, r. 4 John 
Abrahams Meyer, tailor, r. 605 McAllister 
Abrahams Morris, commercial traveler B. Frledland- 

er,r. 1022 Jackson 
Abrahams Simon, tailor, r. 954 Folsom 
*/• Abrahams. See Abraham, Abram and Abrams 
AbrahaniMon Gnstave, fancy goods, 130 Kearny, 

r. New York 
Abraliamson Herman, with Gustave Abrahamson, r. 

Abrahamson John, bartender A. Larsen, r. 029 Clay 
Abrahamson John, peddler, r. 611 Howard 

Abrahamson Julius, with Gustave Abrahamson, 

Abrahamson Nels, liquor saloon, 119 Jackson 
Abrahamson Peter, r. 1122 Hyde 
Abrahamson Samuel, r. 238 Steuart 
Abrahamson Siegfried, pawnbroker, 519 Montgomer 

r. NW cor Dupont and Bush 
1^" .Abrahamson. See Abrahamson 
Abram John, r. 1507 Larkin 
Abram Morris, junkdealer, r. 236 Perry 
Abram Robert, machinist Baldwin Theatre, r. 3 

Abramovich Bros. (John and Drago) fruit and veg 

tables, 1501 Polk 
Abramovich Drago (Abramovich Bros., and Abrai< 

ovich & Co.) r. 1.501 Polk 
Abramovich John (Abramovich Bros, and Abraj 

ovjch & Co.) r. 1501 Polk 
Abramovich & Co. (John and Drago Abramovich ai 
M. Rostovich fruits and vegetables, 1654 Po 
Abrams Adolph J., barber A .Grimm, r. 11 Carlos 
Abrams Ambrose, r. 203 Ritch 
Abrams Augustus D., cigar maker, r. 1833 Bush 
Abrams David, merchant, r. 1833 Bush 
Abrams Edward C, trunkmaker Fecheimer & Steel 

r. 203 Ritch 
Abrams H. & Co. (Herman Abrams and Samuel Meye 

fruits, 238 Fourth 
Abrams H. C, laundryman S. F. Laundry 
Abrams Henrv M., clerk Wenzel, Rothschild & Hade 

feldt, r. 1833 Bush 
Abrams Herman (H. Abrams & Co.) r. 258 Tehama . 
Abrams Hyman, jeweler Pacific Jewelry Company, 

1520 Bush 
Abrams Isaac, clothing and furnishing goods, £ 

Kearny andll4 Third, r. 433 McAllister 
Abrams I., salesman Weil & Woodleaf, r. 435 Bush 
Abrams J., driver United Carriage Co., r. 248 Cleme 

Abrams Jacob, teamster, 423 Front, r. 248 Clementl 
Abrams John (Carroll, Abrams & Carroll) r. 29 E 

Abrams Jonas, r. 128 Olive Av 
Abrams Joseph D., salesman A. Andrews, r. 18 

Abrams Lippman, second-hand clothing, 706 Vallc 
Abrams Lottie, domestic 800 Bush 
Abrams M., r. 2080 Market 
Abrams Max, merchant tailor, 919 Pacific 
Abrams Max. peddler, r. 248 Clementina 
Abrams Meyer, tailor Isaac Liessman, r. 605 McAUist 
Abrams Minnie Miss, r. 128 Olive Av 
Abrams Nathan, salesman Isaac Abrams. r. 433 ITi 

Abrams S. Mrs., widow, r. 507 Lombard 
Abrams Samuel, salesman Coureich Bros., r. 248 Cle: 

Abrams Thomas, printer, r. 025 Bush 
Abrams William, peddler, r. 265 Tehama 
Abrams. Sie .\brahani, Abrahams and Abram 
Abruinsoii, Bacon &Heuni.sch ( Edward Abra 
son, Gaston E. Bacon and Adam Heuuisch) impo 
ers and commission merchants, corks and liqi 
dealers' glassware, 116 Battery 
Abramsou Charles, seaman, r. 206 Steuart 
Abramson Edward (Abrauisou & Bacon and Abra 

son. Bacon & Heunisch) r. 238 Sutter 
Abramsou John B., cooper, r. Ahlboru House 
Abriinison t^ Uni-on (Edward Abramson and Q 
ton E. Bacon) pharmaceutical chemists, 717 01 
and SW cor Dupont and Sutter 
Abramson. See Abrahaiusou 
Abrego Ysmael M., salesman Huntington, Hopkini' 

Co., r. Oakland 
Abrook John, liquor saloon, 1013 Kearny 
Abs Ferdinand, inachiuist, r. 350 Fremont 
Abt Charles, gatekeeper (Quartermaster's Dept. Prr 

dio Reservation, r. 25.52 Greenwich 
Abul John, tanner A, B. Patrick & Co., r. NE i 

Eighteenth and Folsom 
Arudeiny liiilldiuff, 330 Pine 
Academy of l.untirua^eN, Prof. T. B. de Felll 

proprietor, SW cur Bush and Kearny 
Academy of Natural Sciences, SW cor C) 

foriiiii and Dupont 
Academy «if N'otre Dnme, Eb Dolores bet 8 

t'liitli and Si vtiiteeuth 
Accident luHiirance Co. of North Ameri' 
(of Montreal. Canada) Irwin & Toy general agCL 
405 California 



JOHN WIGMORE— HARDWOOD LUMBER: 129 to 147 Spear Street. 




Aceret Annie Mme., dressmaker, r. 708 Gough 
Aceret Jacob, gardener, r. 708 Gongh 
Aceves Alexander, shoemaker, r. 423 Clementina 
Acbsrd Charles Jr., carriagetrimmer Garrick & Allen, 

1r. Oakland 
Acheson Robert, hopbroker, 122 Clay. r. 1103 Mont- 
Acliiii Auguste (J. Bemou & Co.) r. 633 Third 
\ ' inaal John, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 

111 .Vlbion O., carpenter, r. 1114 Filbert 
I Frank v., carpenter and builder, 1209 Polk, r. 
u; 10 Sacramento 
Acker V. Mrs., dressmaking, 407 Sutter 
Ackerman Albert, salesman The Famous Crockery and 

and Fancy Goods Co., r. 1509 Gough 
Ackorman, Block <!b Co. (Hart S., Samuel S., 
Isidore H., and Isidore S. Ackerman and Maurice 
Block) crockery and glassware, 13-15-17-19 Front 
Acktriuau Charles, baker, r. 055 Clay 
\ i .niian Charles, carpenter, r. 734 Tehama 

1 man Charles L. (Napthaly, Freidenrich & Ack- 
niian) attorney at law 426 California, r. 423 

I man Claus, packer Golden Age Mills, r. 1113 
I ilbert 
, . nuan E. J., carpenter, r. 529 Sacramento 
, Acivriuan Emanuel, salesman D. N. & E. Walter 

J, & Co., r. 1309 Larkin 
lAckerman Hart S. (Ackerman, Block & Co.) r. 1509 
! Gough 

: A> ' . iiuau Henry, master mariner, r. 27173<S Mission 
nuan Henry S., clerk, r. 423 Eddy 
I man Isidore H. (Ackerman, Block & Co.) r. 
1 :.i)it Gough 
*'Aolitrinan Isidore S. (Ackerman, Block & Co.) r. 
. I' 1509 Uough 

"i. Ackerman Jacob, laborer Mechanics' Mills, r. 1039 
- ' Allssion 
^ < nuan John, barber, r. 3 Glover 

luian Kobert, master mariner, r. 2722^ Folsom 
1 man Samuel, salesman D. N. & E. Walter & Co., 
1 13U9 Larkin 

■ nuan Samuel S. (Ackerman, Block & Co.) r. 
N. w York 

nuan Sigmund H., assistant superintendent The 
! iiuous Crockery and Fancy Goods Co., r. 1509 

nuan Sigmund L., commercial traveler Neu- 
-t:i<.Uer Bros 

:man William, bartender, r. 615 Kearny 
: son Charles H., contractor and builder, oflBce 
lul r. 215 Kearny 

I son David C, laundryman, r. XW cor Church 
■ imI Elizabeth 

1 s(m Frank, driver Engine No. 6 S. F. Fire Dept., 
: . :U4 Sixth 

:son George, student, r. 16 Turk 
rs(in Thomas, r. NW cor Church and Elizabeth 
rson ThomaB, laborer, r. 2 Freelon 
1 sou William, student, r. HI Turk 
1 son William E., repairer Fire Alarm and Police 
I ' Ifgraph, r. 907 Jackson 
and Catherine Mrs., widow, r. 42 Tehama 

a William E., mate, r. SW cor Kentucky and 

' y C. F., student Heald's Business College, r. 765 
,L,\. kii y Lyman, r. 1009 Twenty-first 
lAcme Mill and Mining Co. (Amador Co., Cal.) J. M. 
' Bufflugton secretarj', 309 California, room 4 
Acosta Antonla, dressmaker, 7 Salmon 
> si;, Dansto, painter, r. 7 Salmon 

~t;i Peter J., laborer, r. 428 Greenwich 
, nstapace Costante, Bersaglieri Soc, 025 Broadway 
^-rcs Richard T., paperruler Althof & Bahls, r. 611 
n Acton Martin J, laborer Custom House, r. 15 Elliot 

iJi Acton Richard, hamessmaker. 2803 Mission 

Acton Robert, foreman P. F. Nolan & Co., r. 30 Golden 
Gate Av 
eij| Acufia I. M., student, r. SE cor Filbert and Mason 

Adae W.W., copyist S. F. Chronicle, r. 313 Hyde 
Adair Bruce, butcher, r. Central Pacific Hotel 

Adair Henry, clerk, r. 748 Harrison 
ill Adair Jennie M., widow, r. 748 Harrison 

Adair William H.. clerk G. G. Burnett, r. 327 Mont, 
erf Adair William, varnisher, r. 748 Harrison 
i:9 M»m Ely, sbingler Phelps Mnfg. Co., r. North Point 
and Laguna 

Adam Emil, with Figer & Co., r. 626 Filbert 
Adam Frank, butcher, r. 1801 Mission 
Adam Robert, bakery, 1049 Howard 
Adam Thomas (Adam *: Kibbe) r. 814 Hayes 
Adam Hi Kibbe (Thomas Adam and Millard Kibbe) 
wines and liquors, junction Market, Kearny ana 
Adami Cremente, fruits and vegetables, SE cor Stock- 
ton and Greenwich 
Adami Philip , laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 118 Gilbert 
Adamlch John, bartender Stephen Divisich, r. 332 East 
Adams Adolph, salesman dull' Bros., r. 9 Graham PI. 
Adams Albert F., blacksmith City RR., r. 1933 M Jessie 
Adams Albert F., Custom House aud Internal Revenue 

broker, 423 Washington, r. Alameda 
Adams Alexander P., coffee roaster, 51 Fremont, r. 

1424 McAllister 
Adams Alice, widow, r. 9 Sherwood PI 
Adams Amos, real estate, 40 California, r. 110 Ninth 
Adiiiiis Amos C, attorney at law, 137-139 Phelan 

Bldg, r. 2401 Wrbster 
Adams Arthur L., clerk Post Office, r. 1802 Dupont 
Adams Bert C, clerk J. H. B. Wilkins, 330 Pine, r. 

Adams Charles, hooker Pac. Rolling Mills, r. SE cor 

Mariposa and Mississippi 
Adams Charles F., r. 314 Fourth 

Adams Charles F., with Butler & Haldan, 413 Cali- 
fornia, r. 1910 Hyde 
Adams Charles W., carpenter repair shops C. P. RR., 

r. 1504 Folsom 
Adams Charles W., workman coiner's dept U. S. Mint, 

r. Alameda 
Adams Christopher, gunsmith, cutler, etc., 508 Com- 
mercial, r. 1110 Broadway 
Adams Clara A. Miss, assistant Broadway Grammar 

School, r. 1910 Hj'de. 
Adams Cyrus (Cyrus Adams & Co.) r. 2205 Devisadero 
Adams Cyrus & Co. (Cyrus Adams) importers and 

dealers leaf tobacco, 518 Battery 
Adams Daniel H., barber, r. 39 Minna 




Adams Daniel S., shoemaktr R. P. Chase & Co., r. 
031 Stevenson 

Adams Daniel T., cooper, r. 14 McLea Court 

Adams E., laborer National Iron Works 

Adams E., photographic retoucher, r. 223 Austin 

Adams Edson, real estate, 91-92 Montgomery Block, 
r. Oakland 

Adams Edward, liquor (ialoon,243 Third 

Adams F., millwright Pioneer White Lead Works, r. 
406 Sixth 

Adams Frank, barber, r. Empire Lodgings 

Adams Frank F., teamster, r. 1001 Battery, rear 

Adams Frank H., bookkeeper Huntington, Hopkins 
.1; Co.. r. East Oakland 

Adams Frederick, painter, r. 405 Minna 

Adams George, clerk Michael Gilbert, r. 1110 Broad- 

Adams George, expressman, SW cor Dupont and Post, 
r. 1213 Kearny 

Adams George, laborer, r. 6 Mission 

Adams George E , butcher G. Hawes, r. 185 Sixteenth 

Adams George H., boxmaker, r. 4 Elgin Park 

Adam*" George M., foreman cutting room, coiner's 
dept U. S. Mint. r. 923 McAllister 

Adams George P., bookkeeper Irwin & Toy, r. Alameda 

Adams George A., foreman Grocer and Country Mer- 
chant, r. 1910 Hyde 

Adams George W., lumber surveyor. Pier 9, Steuart, 
r. 708 Pine 

Adams Gustave A., gripman Market St. RR., r. cor 
Broderlck and Fulton 

Adams Harry, flour packer, r. 30 Jessie 

Adams Henry, painter, r. 740 Harrison 

Adams Henry, pressman, r. 41 Eddy 

Adams Henry B., gunsmith Liddle & Kaeding, r. 1202 

Adams Henry Q., searcher of records, r. 101 Bartlett 

Adams Henry W. , clerk Board of Trade of San Fran- 
cisco, r. 1309M Golden Gate Av 

Adams Herbert, second assistant engineer P. C. SS. 
City of Chester 

Adams Hill Consolidated Mining Co. (Eureka, Nev.) 
D. A. Jennings secretary, 401 California 

'.G.W. CLARK & CO. .N?f«'!oy 

Market St. 

Wholesale and Retail dealers In Paper 

KITTLE & CO. IMPROVED OIL CAKE MEAL--the best feed in the won 




Adams Isaac, barber, r. 704 Ellis 

Adams Jacob, proptr Broadway Brewery, r. 628 Broad- 

Adams James (Adams & Butler) r. 28 Washington Av 

Adams James, brassmoulder William T. Garratt, r. 
331 Green 

Adams James H., r. 1910 Hyde 

Adams Joel, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 724 Bran. 

Adams John, r. 112 Kearny 

Adams John, r. 335 Bush 

Adams John, blacksmith, r. 113 Trenton 

Adams John, boxmaker Hobbs, Wall & Co.. r. 912 

Adams John, carpenter, r. 314 Third 

Adams John, carpenter, r. 236}^ Sixth 

Adams John, driver Pacific Carriage Co. 

Adams John, restaurant, 534 Third 

Adams John, stairbuilder Albion J. Sanborn, r. 512 

Adams John F., barber, r. 322 Third 

Adams John H., cellarman Broadway Brewery, r. 10- 
Polk Lane 

Adams John M. (Adams & Carter) r. 2510 Washington 

Adams John P., r. 2:^04 Harrison 

Adams John P. Jr. (Adams & Kno%vnburg) and extra- 
man Hose Co. No. 3, S. F. F. D., r. 2304 Harrison 

Adams John Q., attorney at law, 604 Clay, r. 1028 

Adams John Q., blacksmith, r. 1320 Guerrero 

Adams John Q., plumber, r. 9 Clara 

Adams John Q.. receiving teller Nevada Bank, r. 734 

Adams John S., policeman, r. 1615 Baker 

Adams Joseph B., bookkeeper, r. SW cor Solano and 
Pennsylvania Av 

Adams Joseph W., junk dealer, 550 Mission, r. 32 
Golden Gate Av 

Adams Josephine S. Miss, saleslady Singer Mnfg Co., 
r. 316 Taylor 

Adams L. Miss, dressmaker, r. 620 Post 

Adams liawsoii S. (Adams, McNeil & Co. Sacra- 
mento; office 405 Front, r. 825 Bush 

Adams Lemuel C, traveling salesman J. A. Folger & 
Co., r. Grand Hotel 

Adams Lorenzo O. (Crary, Wild & Adams) r. 509?i 

Adams Lucy F. Miss, assistant Turk-street Primary 
School, r. 1910 Hyde 

Adams Martin, waiter, r. 533 Sacramento 

Adams, JIcNeil & Co. (Sacramento) wholesale grocers, 
office 40") Front 

Adams Nathaniel, carpenter, r. 740 Harrison 

Adams Nelson J. (W. C. Cook & Co) r. 923 McAllister 

Adams Phillip, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 118 

Adams Q. L., dentist, r. 1515 Leavenworth 

Adams K. Noda, widow, r. 19 Trenton 

Adams llichard L., teamster, r. 856 Brannan 

Adams Ruth, hostler, r. 222 Fifth 

Adams Samuel, shipcarpenter. r. 324 Twenty-eighth 

Adams Samuel W., blacksmith City RR., r. 1933}^ 

Adams Sarah, widow, r. 811 Filbert, rear 

Adams Thomas B., master mariner, r. 442 Twenty- 

Adams Timothy W., sawsmith N. W. Spauldlng, r. 
4 ElKin Park Av 

Adams William, coflfee roaster, r. 740 Harrison 

Adams William, exi)res8man, r. 4 Biircham PI 

Adams William, grocer, r. 514 Hyde 

Adams William, salesman Asa Harker & Co., r. 804 

Adams William, ship carpenter, r. 5 Market 

Adams William, wool sorter Falkner, Bell & Co., r. 
1050 Howard 

Adams William A., longshoreman, r. 331 Green 

Adams William H., r. 1320 Guerrero 

Adams Williiim H. Jr.. slioiniakf-r, r. 1.320 Guerrero 

AdaiUM Willinm .1., luiubtr dealer and shipping 
merchant and proprietor Washington Mills (Sea- 
beck) office Pier 17, Steuart, r. Menlo Park 

Adams William L., with William J. Adams, r. Menlo 

Adams William P. (F. F. Adams, Walla Walla, W. T.) 
office Brown Bros. & Co., 121 Snnsomo 

Adams William P., shoe finisher Cahn, Nickelsberg & 
Co., r. 230* Harrison 

Adams William S., captain stmr Thetis, r. 69 Natoms 

Adams Z. B., commercial traveler J. 0. Johnson & 
Co., r. 1309 ;<i Golden Gate Av 

Adams & Butler (James Adams and Thomas J. Buth 

hay, grain and feed, 42-44 Clay 
Adams <& Carter (John M. Adams and William 

Carter) mining and mechanical engineers a 

agents Frue Ore Concentrator, 109 Caliform 

room 7 
Adams & Knownburg (John P. Adams and Charj 

Knowmburg) tallow Tenderers, W s DeHaro, 1 

Center and El Dorado 
1^" Adams. See Adam 
Adamsou James, machinist, r. E s Pennsylvania A 

bet Butto and Solano 
Adamson Lawrence, driver Central RR., r. 18 Boasi 

man PI 
Adamson Margaret, widow, r. E s Pennsylvania i 

bet Butte and Solano 
Adamson Richard, salesman Murphy, Grant & Co., 

1913 Stevenson 
Adamson Thomas, salesman Henry Wolff, r.l20Sut; 
Adamson W. R. H., office 74 Montgomery Block, 

Sutro Heights, opp Cliff House 
Adcock Charles E., bookkeeper Edwin Adcoek, r. ] 

Adcock Edwin, milliner, 748 Market, r. ] 

Adcock John T., clerk Charles F. Doe, r. 906 Valeni 
Adcock Kate Mrs. , milliner. 10 Kearny an 

Market, r. 127 Kearny 
Adcock Robert A., clerk A. M. Simpson & Bro., r. i 

Adcock William N., jeweler Cal. Jewelry Co., r. i 

Adderson George W., machinist Golden State a.. 

Miners' Iron Works, r. 1407 Sacramento 
Addle Gravel Mining Co. (Plumas Co.) office 16- 

Addison A. Mrs., widow, dressmaker, r. 419 Steve 

Addison George, r. 1407 Sacramento 
Addison James, machinist Risdon I. and L. Works, 

566 Folsom 
Addy Frank, porter P. M. SS Granada 
Adelphi Society. SW cor California and Dupout 
Adelphi Theatre, 609 California 
Adelsberger Charles with Hogan & Co 
Adelsdorfer Alfred (Adelsdorfer & Co.) r. 1718 Busb 
Adelsdorfer Alfred Jr., bookkeeper Esberg, Bachm 

& Co., r. 1718 Bush 
Adelsdorfer Joseph, with Adelsdorfer & Co.,r. 17 

Adelsdorfer Max. clerk Davis Bros., Toklas k Co., 

1718 Bush 
Adelsdorfer Rosa, widow, r. 1605 Gough 
Adelsdorfer William clerk Davis Bros.. Toklas&Co. 

1605 Gough 
Adelsdorfer & Co. (Alfred Adelsdorfer) ooffee ai.i 

spice mills, 406-408 Clay 
Adelson Julius (Macowsky & Adelson) r. 945Jj Fe'i 

Adema William, caulker, r. 3 Zoe PI 
Ader Frederick, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ader Jean L. (Advr «: Dulad r. 736 Pacific 
Ader& Dulnc (JeanL. Ader and Jean Dulac) prop* 

Lafayette House, 736 Pacific 
Ader Paul, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Adge Frederick I., cooper, r. 20>4 Clinton 
Adie M. E. Mrs., widow, r. 2437 Buchanan 
Adington C. F., r. 935 Mission 
Adkins Charles, peddler, r. Cnpitol House 
Adlam Benjamin, laborer Pacific Rolling Mills, 

Brtslin Hotel 
Adler Aaron A. (Jost >^ Adler) r. 1316 Van Ness Av 
Adler Adolph, bookkeeper D. Goodman and st 

retary Pinal Consolidated Mining Co., 64 Ncva< 

Block, r. 637 Sutter 
Adler Benjamin, bntchi r, 701 Polk, r. 1612 Califoru 
Adler Benjamin, clerk Bauer Bros. & Co., r. 622 G^ 

den Gate Av 
Adler Charles (W. & I. Steinhart & Co.) r. Alameda 
Adler Charles, bookkeeper, r. 915 Geary 
Adler Charles E. (Fechhelmer, Goodkind & Co.) 

Palace Hotel 
Adler David, crockery and glassware, 1009 )i Stock t< 
Adler David, dealfr hides, r. 808 Laguna 
Adler David, upholsterer F. S. Chadbourne & Co., 

1009 Stockton 
Adler Elkan, r. 715 Eddy 
Adler Emil, engineer Pacific Bridge Co., r. 2417 B 

Adler Fanny, f rlni;emaker M. Ettinger, r. 408 H Lark 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY. "»''''"8we}Non|at^v?7,'-OwRat« 

COKEV41 3Iark«t !«treet. corner Kpear. 




Adler Harry (Nathan k Adler) r. 112 Kearny 
Allir Herman, bookkeeper F. Toplitz & Co., r. 1017 
.. r Jacob, clerk Hellman, Haas & Co., r. 505 Post 
1 !lor .Jacob E., commercial traveler, r. 715 Eddy 
Adler John, laborer P. M. SS. Co. 
Adler Joseph, salesman Davis Bros., r. 13 Hopeton 

Adler Julius, local ageut Union Insurance Co., r. 503 
'■ Adler Leopold, r. 910 Geary 

Adler Leopold, boots and shoes, 408}^ Larkin 
Adler Maurice, salesman Mayfield fc Co.,r. 720 Howard 
Adler Moses, capitalist, r. Commercial Hotel 
Adler Moses, drj- goods, 934 Dupout, r. 13 Hopeton 
- A i'.ir Moses W., liquor commission merchant, 409 
Battery, r. 1111 Post 

. r Robert, shoemaker, r. 435 Golden Gate 
'a lier Sigmund, salesman W. W. Montague & Co., r. 
,y 505 Post 

I Adler Solomon, capitalist, r. 622 Golden Gate 
n Adler Solomon, salesman Altschul, Seller & Co., r. 
J- lfil2 California 

iriRton Thomas A., bartender, r. 117 Stevenson 
V .■ Max, r. 30Ritch 
' iliiiii B.. laborer Puc. Rolling Mills 
U Aflmiiii^itrator Public, 318 Pine, room 30 
"(Adolph Edward, r. 889 California 
Adrian Adrien, dyer, r. 48 Oak 
Adrian Frank I., butcher, 5-6 Cal. Market, r. 420 

Adriance J. C, country agent Cal, Cracker Co., r. 
East Oakland 
'^IJAemi George, cabinet maker, r. 703 Green 

.^tna Insurance Co. (Hartford, Conn.) George 
C. Boardman manager, T. E. Pope assistant man- 
ager, Nelson W. Winton city agent, 311 California 
.ZEtiia Iron Works, Lewis M. Starr proptr, 217- 

221 Fremont 
.Stna Life Insurance Co. (Hartford, Conn.) C. W. 

Danuals agent, 504 Kearny 
WM .Joseph, music and stationery, 8U5 Larkin 

an Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. R. Sey- 
iiiorrr pastor, W s Powell, bet Jackson and Pacific 
: .an Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Rev. Alex. 
Waters pastor, W s Stockton, bet Clay and Sacra- 
1 :ird Alexander H., clerk Benj. S. Brooks, r. 311 

Agard George L. bookkeeper Gilman A: Danforth, r. 

311 Green 
Agard J. J., special agent Hartford Fire Insurance 

Co., 313 California, r. Oakland 
Agard John A., bookkeeper, r. 311 Green 
n Agard P. E., French Ben. Soc, .510 Jackson 
Agard William A. T., bookkeeper M. Eosenshine & 

Bro., r. 311 Green 
Agftton Emile, butcher J. Y. Wilson k Co., r. 715 

Montgomery Av 
Agee John, teamster, r. California Av and Montcalm 
Agen Michael, quarryman Quartermaster's Dept. Pre- 
sidio Reservation 
Ager Elisha C, drayman Gordon Hardware Co., r. 400 

Ager Janus E. (Bacon & Company) r. Alameda 
A£:er John E., manager A. B. Forbes, 214 Sansome, 

r. 2842 Mission 
Aggamore Paul, painter, r. 2233 Geary 
Aggeman Abraham, laborer, r. Elizabeth nr Church 
Aggeman C, teamster, r. C21 Second 
Agnet Louis, French Benev. Soc.. 510 Jackson 
.=(jAgnew Frank B., clerk W. J. Callingham & Co., r. 323 
Agnew Frank L., clerk S. F. Gas Light Co., r. 59 South 
w George M.. stenographer Huntington, Hopkins 
\- Co.,r. 325 Fremont 
A !!,\v Gilmore, compositor S. F. Chronicle, r. 323 

I Jessie 
Agnew John J., foreman teamster S. F. Gas Light Co., 
r. 318 Fremont 
Acttiphv Patrick, shipcalker, r. 90 Frederick 
^ i-w Robert, longshoreman, r. 226 Filbert 
\v Rose, widow, r. 245 Fifteenth 
1 :• \v Samiiel, porter Merry, Faull & Co., r. 1616 

Agnew Thomas, city agent and surveyor The State In- 
vestment and Insurance Co., 218 Sansome, r. 2423 

Agnew William, teamster S. F. Gas Light Co. 

Agostine Guillaume, French Benev. Soc, 510 Jackson 

Agricultural Insurance Co. (New York) Hutchinson & 
Mann agents, 322-324 California 

Ag'ricnltural Machine Works, Byron Jackson 
proptr, 62.5-027 Sixth 

Agricultural Park, N s Point Lobos Av, bet Twenty- 
third and Twenty-seventh Avs 

Aguarez Domingo, laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. N 8 
Napa bet Illinois and Michigan 

Aguilar Adeodato, bootblack Knoechel & Brand, r. 10 

Aguirre Ceferiuo, French Benev. Soc, 510 Jackson 

Aguirre John, capitalist, r. 1314 Powell 


facturer and retail deali 

dies, inarroHii glacf Mi and fruits places, 

4:39 Kearny, r. G!J9 California 

Asuirre Pedro A., Spanish Benev. Soc. 413 Sacramento 

Aguirre Pedro J., French Benev. Soc, 510 Jackson 

Ahearn James, watchman Market St. RR., r. 1113 Bry- 

[^"Ahearn. See Ahem 

Ahern Ann, widow, r. 15 Boardman PI 

Ahern Anne, widow, r. 2258 Eighth 

Ahern Catherine, bakery, 316 Folsom 

Ahern Daniel, laborer S. P. C. RR., r. 1611 Broderick 

Ahern Daniel, plasterer, r. 11 Hunt 

Ahern James, gardener, r. 868 Folsom 

Ahem Jeremiah, carpenter, r. 126 Fern Av 

Ahern Jeremiah, teamster, r. 235 Oak 

Ahern John M., liquor saloon, 213 Larkin 

Ahern Joseph, r. 510 Taylor 

Ahern Kate, domestic, 2127 California 

Ahern Margaret, domestic, 826 O'Farrell 

Ahern Martin, salesman Drake & Emerson, r. 803 

Ahern Mary, domestic, 717 Turk 

Ahern Mary A. Miss, assistant Franklin Grammar 
School, r. 213 Larkin 

Ahern Maurice, moulder, r. 1420M Broadway 



Aheru Maurice, watcbruau S. P. C. RR.Ferry Wharf, 

r. 14 Farreu Av 
Ahern Michael, boot crimper, r. 1820 Ellis 
Ahern Michael, laborer, r. 119 Gilbert 
Ahern Michael, laborer, r. 2733 Pine 
Ahern Patrick, deckhand C. P. RR Ferry, r. Oakland 
Ahem Patrick, lamplighter S. F. Gas Light Co., 
Aheru Patrick, longshoresman. r. 402 Harrison 
Ahern Patrick, tailor, r. 2021 Mission 
Aheru Roger, carpenter Hibernia Brewery 
Ahern T., conductor Market St. RR., r. Cable House 
Ahern Timothy, helper .Etua Iron Works, r. 34 Minna 
Ahern Timothy, laborer, r. 125 Lily Av 
Ahem William J., salesman, r. 535 Minna 
BSTAhern. See Ahearn 
Aherne D. J., salesman J. J. O'Brien & Co., r. 419 Ivy 

Aherne Patrick O., laborer, r. 419 Ivy .Av 
Ahert Albert, tinner Wiester & Co., r. 1136 Folsom 
Ahlbach Henry, porter Bachman Bros., r. 605 Willow 

Ahlbach Jacob, stoves, tinware etc.. 2.31 Fourth, r. 

1.506 Folsom 
Ahlbach William, plumber Jacob Ahlbach, r. 1506 

Ahlborn August, cook Philadelphia Hoose, r. 7 Bnsh 

St. PI 
Ahlborn Charles (Ahlborn & Boeckmann) r. Ahlborn 

Ahlborn Henry, expressman, r. 23 Johnson Av 
Ablborn House, Ahlborn iBoeckmann proprietors, 

319..32:i Diipont 
Ahlborn William, watchman Dohrmann k Co., r. 15Jj 

Preston PI 
Ablborn <!te Boeckmann (Charles Ahlborn and 

George Boeckmann) proprietors Ahlborn House, 

319-323 Dupont 
Ahlenfeld Morris D., stationery and cigars, 103)4 Fifth 
Ahlers Charles, r. 704 Battery 
Ahlers Charles G., clerk, r. 114 Fourth 
Ahlers George, liquor saloon, 229 Spear 
Ahlers Henry , brewer Albany Brewi ng Co . , r .75 Everett 


"TRUMAN, ISHAIVI& CO., 511 MarM St. 


HINCKIiEY, SPIEKS * HAYES. FriiTOX IBOX -fVORKS, 220 Fremont Street, 
aianafoctnrers orSAn^Il.l. MACHIXERY and SIIIKOI.E MACHIXKS.^ 




Ahlers John D., liquor saloon, 228 Pacific, r. 701 Bat- 

Ahlers Louis F. (Mehrtens & Ahlers) r. 1708 Clay 

Ahlers William, porter The State Investment and In- 
surance Co., r. 1015 Jackson 

)^~ Ahlers. See Alers 

Ahlert Frederick, machinist, r. 909 Buchanan 

Ahlert John, teamster Theodore Schulte, r. 17 Julian 

Ahlert Joseph, plumher, r. 909 Buchanan 

Ahlert William, plumber, r. 909 Buchanan 

Ahlf Diedrich, hog ranch, r. NW cor St. Thomas and 

AWgren Cliarles G,, proptr Finland House, 20 

Ahlgren Frank, liquor saloon, 16 Folsom, r. 20 Folsom 

Ahlstrom Peter, engineer, r. 807 Harrison 

Ahmer Paul, blacksmith B. Grave & Co., r. cor Hyde 
and Filbert 

Ahms Herman, carpenter, r. 1001 Folsom 

Ahnert August (Ahuert& Steinmiller) r. 132 Francisco 

Ahnert & Steinmiller (August Ahnert and Louis Stein- 
miller) junk dealers, 318 Francisco 

Ahpel Carl, agent Hyam Joseiih estate, 110 Montgom- 
ery, room 3, r. 615 Eddy 

Ahpel Henry , clerk Sun Insurance Co., r. 615 Eddy 

Ahrenger William H., carpenter, r. E s Tennessee, 
bet Butte and Solano 

Ahrens Adolph, r. SE cor Fremont and Howard 

Ahrens Charles, r. 816 Filbert 

Ahrens Charles, teamster, r. 117 Second 

Ahrens Charles A., conductor Sutter St. RR., r. 1513 

Ahrens Charles F., cabinet maker, r. lli;^ Morris A.y 

Ahrens Christian, watchmaker and jeweler, 616 Wash- 

Ahrens D. <St G. (Diedrich N. and George M.) 
wines, liquors, and cigars, SE cor Howard and 
Fremont and SW cor Mission and Main 

Ahrens Diedrich N. (D. & G. Ahrens) r. SW cor Mis- 
sion and Main 

Ahrens Frederick, laborer, r. 18 Boardman PI, rear 

Ahrens George, jeweler C. Ahrens, r. 616 Washington 

Ahrens George M. (D. & G. Ahrens) r. SE cor Fremont 
and Howard 

Ahrens Henry, cook, r. 507 Mission 

Ahrens Henry, cooper, r. SW cor Dominica and Platte 

Ahrens Henry F. C, conductor Geary St. RR., r. 1921 

Ahrens J. Henry, liquor saloon and restaurant, SW cor 
Davis and Commercial, r. Oakland 

Ahrens Nicholas H. M. (Ahrens & Shattuck) r. 102 

Ahrens Rudolph C, clerk John P. Wleboldt, r. 902 

Ahrens Wilkin, groceries and liquors, SW cor Six- 
teenth and Foleom 

Ahrens William F., porter Richards & Harrison, r. 305 

Ahrens >t Shattuck (NiclKdas H. M. Ahrens and Orville 
J. Shattuck) groceries and liquors, NW cor Second 
and Minna 

Ahuniadft Joseph M., real estate agent, office and r. 
235 Kearny 

Alcardi Agost, valet, r. 346 First 

Aich Jacob, gardener, r. 1.503 Steiner 

Aich Rudol])b, gardener, r. 2926 Sacramento 

Alcher August, cashier Davis Bros., r. 1618 Stockton 

Aicher Frank, plumber, r. 1618 Stockton 

Aicher Kate, widow, r. 161H Stockton 

Aicher Olga Miss, dressmaker, r. 1618 Stockton 

Aigeltingcr Charles A, r. 1758 Ellis 

Aigeltingi r Charles A. Jr. (C. >^: G. Aigeltinger) r. 11 
Metcalf PI 

Aigeltinger 0. fz Q. (Charles A. Jr. and George) wood 
and coal. 1701 Sutter 

Aigeltinger Edward (Aigeltinger & Co.) r. 1768 Ellis 

Aigeltinger George (C. & O. Aigeltinger) r. 603 
Willow Av 

Aigeltinger Leopold, furrier, r. SiO Grove 

Aigeltinger & Co. (Edward Aigeltinger and Henry 
Christian) wood and coal, 1758 Kllis 

Aiken A., merchant, r. 529 Sacramento 

Aiken Addie E. Miss, assistant Broadway Grammar 
School, r. 1109 Green 

Aiken A. L., r. 818 Fifteenth 

Aiken Ann J., widow, r. 654 Willow Av 

Aiken Charles S., journalist Evening Bulletin, r. 

Aiken EdwardL. (Aiken & Jackson) r. 417}< Clementina 

Aiken George, teamster, r. 1228 Dupont 

Aiken Henry, attorney at law, r. 1109 Green 

Aiken Henry M. (Aiken & Warden) r. W s Noe, be 

Twenty-fifth and Jersey 
Aiken James, teamster, r. 212 Vallejo 
Aiken John, sailmaker, r. Capitol House 
Aiken John H. (Aiken & Kopp) r. NW cor Fifth an. 

Aiken John J. (Petrolia Laboratory Co. )r. 1127 Missio: 
Aiken Margery Miss, dressmaker, r. 233 Seventh 
Aiken Mary Miss, milliner, r. 654 Willow Av 
Aiken William C, associate editor The Rescue, i 

Aiken W. H., clerk, r. 326 Jessie 
Aiken William H., attorney at law, 509 Kearny, root 

5, r. 1109 Green 
Aiken Hi Jackson (Edward L. Aiken and Dani«i 

Jackson) milk dealers, stables 37 Clara 
Aiken & KopiJ (John H. Aikin aud Leonard Kopp 

groceries and liquors, XW cor Fifth and Folsot 
Aiken & Warden (Henry M. Aiken and James W 

Warden) wood and coal, NW cor Twenty-secoa 

aud Valencia 
(^"Aiken. See Aitken and Akin 
Aimer Frederick, shoemaker, r. 133 Broadway 
Aimley Joseph, machinist Cal. Wire Works, r. 32 

Ainsa Jesus, miner, r. 519 >■« Greenwich 
Ainsley G. , compositor Alta Publishing Co. 
l^*Aiu6ley. See Inslee 
Ainsworth A. G. Jr., clerk freight auditor's office C 

P. RR.. r. 862 Eighteenth 
Ainsworth Daniel N., merchant, r. 206 Eddy 
Ainsworth Emma C, adjuster coiner's dept U. E 

Mint, r. 321 Turk 
Ainsworth Frederick W., salesman Bonestell, AUe: 

& Co.. r. San Rafael 
Ainsworth Sadie Mrs., r. 2929 Sacramento 
Ainsworth William, watchman C. P. RR., r. 62 

Airaldi Luigi, r. 401 Pacific 
Aird Dorland, blacksmith, r. 562 Bryant 
Aird James C, blacksmith William H. Birch, r. 56 

.A.irey H. J., Webster Market, SW cor Jackson aa 

Airey George, stevedore, r. 63 Clementina 
Aitciiison John, millhand, r. 1040 Army 
Aitken Albert E., siiecial police, r. 1258 Montgomery 
Aitken Charles H., engineer Market St. Extensia 

RR., r. 830 Mission 
Aitken Edwin J., r. 1511 Broadway 
Aitken-Eggert Mrs., medium and magnetic healei 

830 Mission 
Aitken Eugene T., master mechanic, r. 1511 Broadwa 
Aitken James (Moynihan & Aitkin) r. 217 Devisiider 
Aitken James, policeman, r. 1934 Folsom 
Aitken James C, machinist Tate & Hainque, r. Bcrkt 

Aitken James E , clerk, r. loll Broadway 
Aitken John R. .carrier Chronicle, r. 818 Fifteenth 
Aitken J. R.. r. 24 Lapidge 
Aitken Mary Miss. r. 1511 Broadway 
Altkeu Haniuol. machinist Fulton Foundry, r. NW co 

Capp and Twenty-fifth 
Aitken Samuel Mrs., widow, r. NW cor Capp an. 

Aitken William, salesman NewoU & Bro., r. 151 

l»-Aitken, See Aiken 
AJnx Ilenvin;; D<i^vn Hulk Assoclntioni 

Henry Cottrell secretary. 28 California 
Akamatsu Shay, salesman Ichi Ban, r. 2414 Washing 

Aker Christ., baker, r. 10)4 Rausch, rear 
Akerly Benjamin M., clerk The Liverpool and Lon 

don ami Globe Insurance Co., r. Oakland 
Akerly Morris K., bookkeeper Oilman, Walker & Co. 

r. Oakland 
Akerman Benjamin J., deputy U. S. Marshal, r. 50 

I Akeroyd James, wool sorter, r. New Washingtoi 
I Hotel 

Akins Charles H.. r. 23 Glen Park Av 
.\kinB Wlllinni. janitor new Cltj' Hall 
Akmann Charles, clerk Meyer & Akmann, r. NE CO 

Eureka and Seventeenth 
Akmann William (Meyer & Akmann) r. NE cor En 

reka and Seventeenth 
Akstrand Alexander, stair builder, r. 518 Sutter 




Yardii: 1X9 «o 147 iiiitear HU, and 26, 28 Howard SU 




Uadio Pletro, waiter Campi's Restaurant, r. 419 

Uameda and Sac Joaquin Railroad Co., George H. 

'af,'i;niu-r secretary, office foot ^larket 
Maiueda Building aud Loan Association (of Alameda) 

Charles K. Clark secretary, 319 California 
Uameda Ferry, foot Market 

Uanieda Frank, seaman, r.SW cor Union and San- 
llameda, Oakland and Berkeley Direc- 

toi-r, L. il. McKenney & Co. publishers, 518 

ilanieda Real Estate Associates, James E. 

Damon manager, 43t} Montgomery 
labamaSIlning Co. (Storey Co., Nevada) R. H. Pond 

secretary. 320 Sansome, room 1.5 
ilaska Coiuniercial Co., Lewis Gerstle presi- 

lent, Emanuel Neumann secretary. 310 Sansome 
Uaska House, Charles Jekel proptr. <;25 Pacific 
llaska Mining Co. (Siena Co.. Cal.) A. Judson secre- 

t.iry. 320 Sansome, room 52 
llaska Packing Co. (Alaska) Cutting Packing Co. 

rents. . ffice 19 Main 
ilaska .^.-iliuon Packings and Fnr Co., 

David Wilder secreta'y. 328 Montgomery, room 2 
lax Joseph, restaurant keeper, r. 638 Xatoma 
Llbaiiy Bre^vinjr Co., Frederick Hagemann Jr. 

president, John A. Schaertzer vice-president, M, 

Sweeny secretary, 71-75 Everett 
Llbee Charles, driver Engine No. 10. S. F. F. D., r. 

5V) Bryant 
llbee Herbert J., shoe cutter Porter, Slessingerfc Co., 

r. Temescal 
Ibemarle House, Mrs. Mary F. Collins proptr, 8 Ma- 
liber John, bartender Halin & Lutzen, r. 915 Union 
libera John, captain bark Catherine Sudden 
ilberga George B., porter John Stable, r. 1220 Powell 
Jberger William C, r. Palace Hotel 
ilberighi P. & Co. (Peter Alberighi and William Ca- 

garni) fruits and vegetables, 1519 Buchanan 
ilberighi Peter (P. Alberighi & Co.) r. 1519 Bu- 

Jberigi Demltrio (Alberigi & Franceschi) r. 315 


ilberigi Jacopo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
.Iberigi & Franceschi (Demitrio Alberigi and Nicho- 
las Franceschi) wood and coal, 315 Broadway 
Jbers Anton E. E., collector, r. 25 Gilbert 
libers August (Albers & Schmidt) r. Alameda 
.Iber? George, clerk London Tea Co., 40 Third 
Ibirs Herman, teamster A. Meyer & Bro.,r. N. s. 

St. Rose, nr Blake 
Libers M. <fc Co. (Marcus Albers) groceries and 

" Huors, 335 Fourth 
Ibars Marcus (M. Albers & Co.) r. 3.35 Fourth 
Ibers & Schmidt (.\ugu6t Albers and Henry Schmidt) 

oyster saloon, 50-.52 Cal. Market 
^Albers. See Alpers 
Jbert Gustave, dyer, 1148 Folsom 
Ibert Henry A., oysterman Matteo Cressaglia, r. 712 

Ibert James E., clerk Lincoln & Parkin, r. 571 

Ibert John, druggist, r. 743 Pine 
Jbert Lewis (Lewis & Co.) r. 613 Pine 
Jbertl Antonio, piano tuner Sherman, Clay & Co., r. 

913 Filbert 

Ibtrti Francisco, piano tuner, r. 1020 Stockton 
Iberti G. W., compositor Evening Bulletin, r. E s 

Castro, nr Seventeenth 
Iberti -John, tinsmith, r. 1318 Dupont 
Ibertln Julie, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ibertson Joseph A., f)hysician, office and r. Ill 

Jbertzart Edward, dishwasher Geo. Roeben, r. 37 


Ibertzart Henrich. waiter Geo. Roeben, 37-39 Pacific 
Iblnson A. H., r. 2937 Sixteenth 
Ibion Brewery. J. H. Burnell & Brother proptrs, 

Corea, bet Santee and Penobscot office 519 Sac- 
Ibion Consolidated MinlnjET Co. (Eureka Co., 

Nev.) A. W. Havens secretary, Nevada Block. 

room 26 
.Ibion Pottery (.\ntioch, Cal. ) W. S. Ray & Co., 

proptrs, 12-14 Market 
Ibiztegui J. R., r. 1426 Mason 

Ibora Luigi, toys, 300 Montgomery Av, r. 525 Green- 

Alborelli Antonio, upholsterer, r. 1208 Larkin 
AlbrechtAlbert,waiterBigne&Wlttman, r. 1306 Powell 
Albrecht Albert (Albercht & Waters) r. 1065 Market 
Aibrecht August (Schroeder, Albercht & Co.) r. Oak- 
Albrecht Edward, bathman Knoechel & Brand, r. 

Germania, bet Fillmore and Steiner 
Albrecht Frederick (Wagner & Albrecht) r. 1507 Du- 
Albrecht Frederick, opaque artist G. W. Clark & Co., 

r. 656 Mission 
Albrecht George, horseshoer D. I. Newkirk, r. 242 

Albrecht John, tailor, 528 Bush 
Albrecht Laura, widow, r. 217 Leavenworth 
Albrecht M., driver Omnibus RR., r. 632 Howard 
Albrecht Reinhold, cigar maker, r. 1.507 Dupont 
Albrecht Rudolph, bookkeeper Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 

634 Twenty-second 
Albrecht Xavier, French Ben. Soc, .510 Jackson 
Albrecht & Waters (Albert Albrecht and Alexander 

Waters) hardware and fancy goods, 1049 Market 
Albright George F., clerk W. W. Montague & Co., r. 

36 New Montgomery 
Albright George W., chief clerk Quartermasters' dept 

U. 8. A., r. 36 New Montgomery 
Albright John T., salesman Hawley Bros. Hardware 

Co., r. 36 New Montgomery 
Alcaraz Jacob, peddler, r. 722 Broadway, rear 
Alcaraz Joseph, laborer, r. 722 Broadway, rear 
Alcaraz Mary, widow, r. 722 Broadway, rear 
j Alcayaga Facundo, seaman, r. 2213}^ Mason 
I Alcayaga Jose, groceries and restaurant, 522-524 
I Broadway 
Alcorn John, salesman O'Connor, Mofifatt & Co., r. 206 

Alcott William, driver J. Schwegerle & Co., r. 551 
I Fourth 

Aldeck Martin, cook, r. 217 Minna 
Aldehoff Henry, salesman Schoenholz Brothers & Co., 
r. 22 Turk 




Alden Frank, photographic printer Jones & Lotz, r. 

2221 Webster 
Alden George H., r. 923 J^ Mission 
Alden John, cook, r. 410 Fourth , 

Alden L. D., r. 923}^ Mission 
Alden Samuel B., policeman, r. 4 Bernard 
Alden William H., sewing machines, 517 Market, r. 

Alderman William, r. 913 Natoma 
Aldersey Ellen Mrs., widow, school, r. 2428 Buchanan 
Alderson Frederick, salesman Huntington, Hopkins 

& Co., r. 2228 California 
Aldine House. H. Greeley proptr. 404 Turk 
Aldred Robert, engineer S. F. Gas Light Co., cor Fifth 

and Howard, r. 54 Ecker 
Aldrich Frederick C, liquor saloon, 27 Pacific 
Aldrlch Hugh S.. porter Livingston & Co., r. 2001 1 

Hyde I 

Aldrich James H., r. 2001 Hyde 
Aldrich John, teamster Scott & McCord 
Aldrich Louis, attorney at law, r. 1026 Jackson 
Aldrich Lucius M., r. 256 Third 

Aldrich Stuart, clerk Post Office, r. 1026 Jackson | 

Aldrich William A., capitalist, 314 CaUfornia, r. 2618 | 

Pacific Av 
Aldrich William F., clerk Parke & Lacy, r. 1026 Jack- 1 

son I 

Aldridge Charles C, clerk Le Count Bros., r. 505 Jones 
Aldridge Charles M., barber P. P. Lehn, r. 505 Jones 
Alecada Dalgal, r. 24 Pickney PI 
Alemany Joseph S. Most Rev. Archbishop of 

San Francisco, r. 628 California 
Alers F., student Falkenau Ac Reese 
Alers Ferdinand, miner, r. Wm. Tell House, 325 Bush 
Alers P. F. Auguste. physician, office and r. 10 Ellis 
i^'Alers. See Ahlers 
Alex Auguste, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Alex Bemauer, foreman S. Bmml. r. 725 California 
Alex Joseph F., resUurant, 1403 Stockton, r. 638 Na- 
Alexander A. B. C, r. 1254 Howard 
Alexander Abraham (Honig & Alexander) r. 27 South 







Alexander Adolph, tailor, r. 211 O'Farrell 

Alexander Albert (Alexander Bros.) r. London. Eng. 

Alexander Andrew, shli) carpenter, r. C37 Second 

Alexander Archibald McI. , millhand Nathaniel W. 
Cole, r. 2205 Pine 

Alexander Benjamin, bookkeeper Liebes Bros. & Co., 
r. 1715 Mission 

Alexander Benjamin, traveling salesman P. Berwin & 
Bro„ r. 1026 Folsom 

Alexander Brothers (Josias and Albert) grain com- 
mission merchants, 12.3 California, room 36 

Alexander Charles, r. 317 Powell 

Alexander C. Mrs., midwife, r. 522 Folsom 

Alexander Charles, cigars and tobacco, 975 Market, r. 
501 Jessie 

Alexander Charles M., crockery and glassware, 207 

Alexander Charles 0„ commission merchant, 121 Cal- 
ifornia, r. Oakland 

Alexander C. M., salesman Whittier, Fuller & Co., r. 

Alexander David, r. 513 Jones 

Alexander David, commission merchant, 210 Mont- 
gomery, r. 513 Taylor 

Alexander David G. , clerk Welch & Co., r. 2205 Pine 

Alexander Eliza, widow, r. 1006 Market 

Alexander Ernest, gasfitter W. D. Hobro, r. 621 Bush 

Alexander Eugene, student Charles Wittram, r. 222 

Alexander Ezekiel, captain P. C. SS. Queen of the 
Pacific, r. 726 California 

Alexander Flora, widow, r. .503 Mason 

Alexander F. A., night watchman Market St. RE., r. 
30 Page 

Alexander Gantio, engineer, r. 468 Sixth 

Alexander George, r. .503 Mason 

Alexander George W, ( Osborn & Alexander) r. 2432 Pine 

Alexander Harry, foreman factory ^Y. Cohen & Co., r. 
763 Howard 

Alexander Henrietta, widow, r. 025 Geary 

Alexander Henry J., bookkeeper The Star. r. St.. Cloud 

Alexander Henry P., carpenter, r. 528^ Valencia 
Alexander Isaac, shoemaker, 404 Pacific, r. 21 Prescott 
Alexander IsUain E, , carpenter and builder, 616 

Alexander I. S., bookkeeper M. Waizman, r. 27 Russ 
Alexander Jacob A., hide dealer, r. 2513 Clay 
Alexander James, laborer, r. S s Twenty-sixth, bet 

Sanchez and Noe 
Alexander James, salesman A. I. Hall & Son, r. 763 

Alexander James, wood dealer. S s Berry, near 

Third, r. 4343^ Sixth 
Alexander Janet, widow, r. 2205 Pine 
Alexander John, laborer, r. 548 Bryant 
Alexander John, brewer, r. 724 Mission 
Alexander Joliu E, shipwright, r. 23 Haight 
Alexander Joseph, office 17-19 Sansome, r. 1102 Van 

Nes.s Av 
Alexander Joseph, salesman, r. 617 Green 
Alexander Joseph D. engineer, r. lOKi Green 
Alexander Jo.sias (Alexander Brothers) r. London, 

Alexander Kato, dressmaker, r. 306 Mason 
Alexander heo. E., clerk S. L. Mack & Co.. r. 102G 

Alexander Michael, clerk Lllienthal & Co., r. 1026 

Alexander Orlando, merchandise broker, 121 Califor- 
nia, r. Oakland 
Alexander Opi-ar. clerk, r. 125 O'Farrell 
Alexander Pliillip. fancy goods, 1715 Mission 
Alexander Rebecca, assistant West Mission Primary 

School, r. 625 Gearj' 
Alexander Rebecca, widow, r. 109 O'Farrell 
.\lexauder Reuben F., carpenter, r. McClellan, bet 

Cortland and Lincoln Avs 
Aloxaniler Richard S., shipwright, 223 Drumm, r. 23 

Alexander Rol)ert, seaman, r. SE cor St Thomas and 

Alexander Robert J., bookkeeper Eaglcson & Co., r. 

618 Grove 
Alexander S. A. Mrs., widow, coftee saloon, 238 Ellis 
Alexander Samuel, r. 1026 Folsom 
Alexander Samuel, canvas-ser. r. McClellan, bet Cort- 
land and Lincoln Avs, B. H. 
Alexander Samuel O. (S. O. Alexander & Co.) r. 125 


Alexander Sarah Miss, dressmaker, r. 1304 Folsom 
Alexand r S. Cameron, accountant Bank of Britisl 

Columbia, r. Cosmos Club 
Alexander Simon, clothing, 772 Howard, r. 763 Howan 
Alexander S. O. & Co. (Samuel O. Alexander am 

Abram Marcus) mufrs clothing, 2 Battery 
Alexander Sophia Mrs., dressmaker, 222 Ellis 
Alexander Theodore, cellarman. r. 724 Mission 
Alexander Theodore, clerk, r. 621 Bush 
Alexander Tina, widow, r. 313}^ Austin 
Alexander Wallace, bookkeeper, r. 1016 Green 
Alexander William, clerk J. H. Sayre, r. 2205 Pine 
Alexander William, porter Anglo-Californian Bank, r 

919 Pacific 
Alexander William F., palnt«r,N s Filbert, bet Piera 

and Steiner 
Alexander William T., r. 476 Jessie 
Alexanders Manuel, shoemaker, r. 720 Laguna 
Alexis Frank, gardener, NW cor California and Powel 
Alferitz Peter (Dellepiane & Co.) and groceries anc 

liquors, 521 Montgomery Av, r. 620 Green 
Alfolfo A., cabinetmaker, r. Hotel Eoma 
Alfonson Henry, cook, r. 276 Minna 
Alford Thomas, carpenter, r. 27 Minna 
Alford Thomas, teamster, r. 31 Hardy 
Alford W. A., student, r. 2210 Webster 
Alfred Aaron, special policeman, r. 10 Varennes 
Alfred Frank, waiter, r. 45 Second 
Alfred John N., compositor, r. 22 Natoma 
Alfred Rose Mrs., widow, r. 3 Boston PI 
Alfred Thomas, r. 3 Boston PI 
Alfs Frank, jewelryboxmaker. r. 1104 Clay 
Alfs William H. A. (Naber, Alfs & Brune) r. 110 Lilj 


Algeo James, shoemaker Gilbert Pringle, r. 1030 How- 
Algren Charles, baker, r. 3 Chatham PI 
Algren Gustave, cook. r. 2623 Sutter 
Alhambra Building, 319 Bush 
Alhambra Consolidated Mining Co. (Calico Dist. SaB 

Bernardino Co. Cal.) R. W. Heath secretary, 31f 

Pine, room 17 
Alhenoux Joseph. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ali Ambarque. jeweler, r. 616 Broadway, rear 
Alig John, milker, r. Helvetia Hotel 
Alison Charles, engineer tug Neptune, r. 2130 Mission 
Alison Charles, port captain, r. 210 Seventh 
Alison Charles N., brassfinisher William T. Garratt, r, 

138 Fremont 
Alison Clarence, apprentice Fulton Iron Works, r. 210 

Alison RufuB B.. assistant engineer P. M. SS. Cityof 

Pekiu. r. 210 Seventh 
Alison William H., assistant engineer P. CSS. Queen 

of the I'acific, r. 210 Seventh 
K^Allson. See Allison 

Alizeri Louis, laborer City and County Hospital 
Alkan Henry, traveling salesman Nasi, Greeuzweig ft 

Co. , r. 2024 Bush 
Alku.1* Emil, boots and shoes, 122 Sixth, r. 17 Fulton 
Allabaugh Mary Miss, dressmaker, r. 504 Ellis 
Allan James, r. 506 Seventh 
Allan John H., metal roofer, r. 250 Clementina 
Allan Robert I., foreman Cal. Barrel Co., r. 506 Scv- 

Allan William H., clerk, r. 541 Fourth 
Allard Dell, driver John A. Roy, r. W s San Bruno 

road. oppTeneriffe 
Allairdt Georjfe F., civil engineer, 418 Califor. 

uia. r. Oakland 
Allardyce A., r. 1.506 Leavenworth 
Allari Joseph, delicacies, .55-56 Cal. Market, r. 513 

Geary » 

Allari Louis, butcher, r. 513 Gearv 
Alldaek Joseph, r. 2513 Bush 
Allec Jules, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Allccq Victor, French Ben. Soc. 51(t Jackson 
Allee Daniel, clerk Simpson & Millar, r. 142 Fourth 
Allega George B.. r. 24 John 
AUegrttti Ignazio, confectioner, 501 Sutter, r. 

AUeman Alphonse, attorney at law A. P. Needles, 

Swiss Hotel 
Allemand Pierre, French Ben. Soc. 510 Jackson 
AUemannia Fire Insurance Co. (Pittsburg) Hutch! 

son & Mann agents, 322-324 California 
Allen A. H., stc'vedore, r. 246 Third 
Allen Addison F., clerk William T. Garratt, 1.38- 

Allen Albert, waiter, r. 675 Mission 



Office. 33 Geary St. 


Importers ofniirt nealors in all klndn or FORKIOX and 
»0>IKSTI€ COAL, 41 Slarket Street, vorurr .S|>ear. 




en Albert J. . r. 331 Guerrero 

en Alexander, bartender, r. 13 Steuart 

en Alexander H., watchman Cal. Sugar Refinery, 

r. 514 SUotwell 
en Alexander W., clerk Edward T. Allen, r. 514 


en Alfred D., mining, r. 90G McAllister 
en Alfred D. Jr., entry clerk A. L. Bancroft & Co., 

r. 900 McAllister 

n Annie B. Miss, r. 1207 Union 
en Austin S., wheel examiner C. P. KR., r. 50 

South Park 

en A. W., heater Pac. Rolling Mills 
en B. G. Mrs. (Allen & Hay) r, Oakland 

C, laborer, r. Capitol House 
en Carrie M. Mrs., r. 630M Minna 
en Cecelia Miss, glovemaker, r. 1709 Stevenson 
en Charles, r. 14 Mint Av 
en Charles, engineer, r. 1232 Lombard 
en Charles, salesman, r. 212t> Broderick 
en Charles, watchman, r. 327 Fourth 
en Charles D. (Bonestell, Allen & Co.) r. 2500 

leii Cliarles £., commission merchant, 202 

Market, room 6, r. Oakland 

en Charles R., wholesale and retail dealer ensou 

coal, coke and pig iron. 118-120 Beale, r. Oakland ; Allen Jane, widow, 

en Charles W., conductor C. P. RR., r. 474 Jessie " 

en Charlotte, widow, r. 718 McAllister 

en Christopher K., clerk, r. 54 First 

en C. F., mining engineer, r. Occidental Hotel 

en C. J., r. 811 Geary 

en David H., r. 1431 Steiner 

en Declan (Garrick & Allen) r. 10 Langton 

en D. :m. Mrs., dressmaker, r. 225 O'Farrell 

en E A. Mrs. furnished rooms, 1070 Howard 

en Edgar L., secretary Redwood Manufacturers Allen John O., stenographer, 07 Nevada Block, r. 

Allen Isaac, shoemaker, r. 15 

Allen Isaac P., exchange clerk Bank of California, r. 

Alleu Isaac P. ship carpenter, r. 126 Perry 

Allen Isaac S. , r. 1028 Pine 

Allen Jacob O., engraver on marble, r. 1207 Union 

Allen James, assistant engineer P. C. SB. City of 
Chester, r. 18 Ridley 

Allen James, carriage painter P. J. O'Brien & Sons, 
r. 621 Natoma 

Allen James, carriage washer J. H. Swain, r. 261 First 

Allen James, expressman, r. 1918 Pacific Av 

Allen James, laborer Charles S. Haseltine & Co. 

Allen James, longshoreman, r. 125 Clinton 

Alleu James, porter, r. 807 Kearny 

-Allen James, manufacturer toilet articles, 726 Bay 

Alleu James, tailor, r. 317 Tehama, rear 

Allen James B., compositor Chronicle, r.202 Franklin 

Alleu James B., salesman G. Bertrarm & Co., r. 207 

Alleu James G., captain schr Emma Utter, r.l2U 
j Tweuty-second 

I Allen James M. (Newlands & Allen) attorney at law, 
{ 426 California, r. SE cor Greeu and Buchanan 
I Allen James M. , laborer Custom House, r. 415 Stev- 

r. 804 Bay 

Allen Jennie Mrs. , r. 5 Himmelman PI 

Allen Jerome A., salesman Keaue Bros., r. Alameda 

Allen John, r 24 Julian Av 

Allen John, r. 622 Foiirth 

.\llen John, r. 1207 Montgomery 

Allen John, seaman, r. 208 Drumm 

Alleu John, tailor John Kavanaugh. r. 1315 Broadway 

Allen John, teacher music, r. 116 Ellis 

Alleu John Jr., mnfr show cases, r. 116 Ellis 

Assn. 18 Market, r. 513 Taylor 
en Edison, bookbinder, r. 11^ Antonio 
en Edward, bookkeeper, r. 513 Jones 
en Edward, S. J., student St. Ignatius College, r. 

214 Hayes 

en Edward, waiter, r. 308 Tehama 
leii Ed^vard T., manufacturers' agent hard- 
ware, cutlery and firearms. 410 Market, r. 2204 

en Elizabeth, widow, r. 1709 Stevenson 

n Elizabeth, seamstress Alex. Mackay, r. 214 


en Elizabeth P., widow, r. 2300 Mission 
en Emma, assistant Clement Grammar School, r. 

633 Geary 
Bn Ethan, salesman Sherman, Clay & Co., r. 1207 


sn Eugene C, conductor Market St. RR., r. 1207 


n F., laborer, r. Capitol House 

n Frank, wool sorter, r. 528 Sixth 

m Frank A., harnessmaker J. C. Johnson & Co., r. 

1126 Market 

sn Frank F., real estate, r. 10 Polk Lane 

n Frank H. (Allen, Tuggle & Co.) r. 614 Mason 

in Frederick E., lettercarrier, r. 2224 Howard 

n Frederick M., night clerk Portland Lodging 

House, 807 Kearuy 

m G., salesman Keane Bros., r. 208 Ellis 

n George, blacksmith Pac. Iron Works, r. Oak- 

n George, expressman, cor Fifth and Bryant, r. 

524 Eighteenth 

in George, millwright Joseph Wagner & Co.. r. 


sn George B., r. 1402 Bush 

in George P., boilermaker S'. P. RR., r. 3053 Six- 

m George P., physician, 26 J^ Kearny 

in George S. (W. R. Allen fc Co.) r. Oakland 

in George W.. pastry baker, r. E s Central Av, bet 

Bush and Sutter 

m George W., expressman, cor Sixth and Brannan, 

r. 2532 Bryant Av 

in George W., manager A. Schilling & Co., r. 1706 


m Hattie H. Miss, dressmaker, r. 2300 Mission 

n Henry, r 318 Taylor 

n Henry F. , with Allen & Lewis, r. Ross Valley, 

Marin Co. 

n Henry M., barber, r. 445 Clementina 
Sn Hugh, gardener and florist, r. 730 McAllister 


Allen John J,, mining, r. 906 McAllister 
Allen John W., coachman, r. 427 Cedar Av 
Allen Joseph, busiuess manager Chronicle, r. 26^ 







foreman A. 


hilling & Co., r. 1706 

Allen J. S, 

Allen Kate L. Miss, r. 514 Shotwell 
Alleu Laura T., widow (Allen & Hay) r. East Oakland 
Allen L. H., porter Albert Mau & Co., r. 321 Eddy 
Allen Lizzie \., widow, r. 321 Eddy 
Allen Lizzie U. Mrs., kindergarten, 2224 Howard 
Allen Lorenzo D., r. 1630 Pierce 
Allen Lorenzo H., clam dealer, r. 10 Alaska PI 
Allen Louisa Mrs., r. 104 Powell 
Allen Lucius H. (Allen & Lewis) r. 570 Harrison 
Allen Lumber S., shipwright, 103 Steuart, r. 967 Mis- 
Allen M. Mrs., janitress Clement Grammar School, 

r. 633 Geary 
Allen Margaret, domestic, 1717 Bush 
Allen Mary, r. 4 Rushton PI 
Allen Mary, widow, r. 1834 Howard 
Allen Mary G., dressmaker, 208 Ellis 
Allen Matt, horseman, r. 109 Montgomery 
Alleu M. E., gripman Market St. RR., r. cor Height 

and Stauyan 
Allen N., laborer, r. 529 Sacramento 
Allen Nellie Mrs., dressmaker, r. 967 Mission 
Allen Nicholas J., woodturner, r. 1315 Broadway 
Allen Oliver P., collector Howard St.Wharf No. 2, r. 

308 Eighteenth 
Allen Oliver P. Jr., clerk Anglo-California Bank, r. 

308 Eighteenth 
Allen Reece B., cashier Sherman, Clay & Co., r. 1348 | 

Allen Richard, laborer J. Macdonongh & Co., r. UH 

Allen Richard K., special agent Howell b Abbott, r. 

Allen Richard S., clerk ticket auditor's dept S. P. BB., 

r. 331 Guerrero 
Allen Robert musician Standard Theatre, r. 2731 Fol- 

Allen Robert G., printer, r. 2517 Bush 
Allen Samuel, lard renderer J. T. Wilson k Co., r. NE 

cor Chestnut and Fillmore 




■a.wABD» rATMnr TRUMAN, (SHAM & CO., =o»-»" «abmet!.t. 

Jump-seat Vehicles. Agenu. wholesale and Retail. SaH Francisco. 

UIKIPI/I rV CDICQC X. U AYITQ rri^TOS ikon works, aao Fremont street, 
ninuiVLu I , OriunO OC nnl CO, Mannfacturers of AmalsamaUng pans and Settle> 




Allen Samuel J., bookkeeper Frank Barnard & Co., r. 

Allen Sarah, r. 1710 Larkin 
Allen S. M. Mrs. . clerk Post Office, r. 317 Ellis 
Allen Susan K. Mrs., r. 230 Taylor 
Allen Theodore H. (Allen & Young) r. Lick House 
Allen Thomas, bakery and varieties, SE cor Powell 

and Clay 
Allen Thomas J., freight clerk P. M. SS. wharf, r. 

Allen Thomas S., shipwright, r. 208 Eighteenth 
Allen, Tuggle «Sf Co. (Frank H. Allen and Samuel 

P. Tuggle) hardwood lumber, cabinetwoods and 

ship islank and wagon materials, 18-20 Spear 
Allen W. C. & Co. (William C. Allen and Edward Gal- 

ligan) real estate agents, 238 Kearny 
Allen W. E., driver Napa Soda Works, r. 90.5 3«S Mission 
Allen William, r. 403 Broadway 

Allen William, clerk American Exchange, r. 832 Mis- 
Allen William, clerk, r. 541 Fourth 
Allen William, engineer, r. 22 Silver 
Allen William, exiiressman, r. 1918 Pacific 
Allen William, expressman, r. 2213 Pine 
Allen William, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Allen William A., salesman W. T. Garratt, r. 2230 

Allen William B., journalist Evening Bulletin, r. 534 
Allen William C, clerk William H. Allen, r. 313 

Allen William C. (W. C. Allen & Co.) r. 238 Kearny 
Allen William E., machinist Pioneer Woolen Mills, 

r. 1232 Lombard 
Allen William H.. attorney at law, 637 Kearny, r. 313 

Allen WilliaJU H., capitalist, r. 410 Leavenworth 
Allen William H., mining secretary, 306 Pine, room 

9, r. 1921 Geary 
Allen William J., fireman S. P. RR., r. 24 Julian Av 
Alien William M., fireman Pioneer Woolen Mills, r. 

12.32 Lombard 
Allen William R. (W. R. Allen & Co.) r. 513 Webster 

ALLEKW. R. &CO.,winiamR. 

and George S. Allen) importers iron pipe 
and plumbers' material, SS7 Market 

Allen William W. , attorney at law, 230 Montgomery, 

room 21, r. Oakland 
Allen W. T., traveling jiassenger agent Chicago 

Milwaukee & 8t Paul RR. , r. 104 Taylor 
Allen k Hay (Mr.s, Laura T. Allen and Mrs. Mary 

Hay) photographers, 342 Kearny 
Allen & Iiewis (Lucius H. Allen and C. H. Lewis) 

commission merchants (Portland, Or.) office 202 

Allen k. Young (Theodore H. Allen and Thomas 

Young) stevedores, 1026 Battery 
«^"AUen. See Allan 
AUeuberg Charles, bookkeeper B. Dreyfus &Co.,r. 

507 Golden Gate A v 
AUenberg Leopold, bookkeeper C. H. Meyer &Bros., 

r. .507 Golden Gate Av 
Alleq Eugene, wholesale 6heep butcher, office 320 

Sansome, room 11, r. San Jose 
Allerd Thomas, packer S. F. Glass Works, r. 567 

Alley Boujamln F., historian, r. 722 Harrison 
Alley Harry L., insurance broker E. D. Farnsworth 

&Son, r. 1126 Market 
Alley Mary Mrs., widow, r. 439 Eddy 
Alley William H. .longshoreman, r.N 8 Greenwich, bet 

Montgonierv and Sansome 
fty-Alloy. See Alice 
Alliance Marine Assurance Co. (limited) of 

Lonilon, I'lirmtt ^^ Co. agents, .'iOO Ciillfornla 
AlUeo Hi udri, waltrr, r. 1015 Powell 
Ailing K. II., r. liaUhviii Hotel 
Allingliam .V. J., lUH Kearny 

Allinghiim William (.Mlingliam & Baker) 105 Dupont 
Alllngham k Biikor (William Allingham and Maurice 

M. Baker) proptrs San Francisco A'arietles, 105 

Alliono Frank, restaurant, 87-88 Centre Market, r. 23 

Stockton PI 
Allioue Henry, steward Antonio Lo Prestl, r. 1015 

Alliot Joseithine, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Allis Edward P. (Edward P. Allis & Co.) r. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Allis Watson C, clerk Fairbanks & Hutchinson, 

Allis Edward P. & Co. (Edward P. Allis, John R. Cr 

and Alonzo Hallett) liourmlll builders. SW 

First and Mission 
Allison Charles, laborer P. M. SS Co. Wharf 
Allison Daniel, colormixer Pioneer White L< 

Works, r. 765 J4 Howard 
Allison David E. (Littletield, Allison & Co.) r. 1 

Allison Emma B. Mrs.,r. 1006 Bush 
Allison Frank J., salesman Louis Braverman & Co. 

601 Stockton 
Allison H. Charles, r. 418 Minna 
Allison James, blacksmith helper Risdon I. and! 

Allison James, engineer, r. 524 First 
Allison James G.. carpenter, r. 4123^ Fifth 
Allison John C, compositor Morning Call, r. 128 Get 
Allison Josiah E.. bookkeeper Littletield, Allisoi 

Co., r. 215 Kearny 
Allison Nevada Miss, dressmaker, r. 412 M Fifth 
Allison Thomas R., .525 Front, room 4 
(^"Allison. See Alison 
AUkire Samuel H., collector, r. 23 Kearny 
Allmau David, cooper, r. 137 Dore 
Allman George, day inspector Custom House, r. 

Allman George C, r. American Exchange Hotel 
Allman George D., bookkeeper Hills Bros., r. i 

Allman Miles, trackman Sutter St. RR. 
Allman T., liquor saloon, 272 Brannau 
Allmann Southern U. S. Mail Co., George Allman! 

secretary, office 420 Montgomery, rooms 2-3 
Allmann Northern IT. S. Mail Co.', George .Vllma 

secretary, office 420 Montgomery, rooms 2-3 
AUmeyer Mark, jiaperhauger, and extraman Hook a> 

Ladder Co. No. 3, S. F. F. D., r. 1425 Market 
Alloggi Achille, waiter Perini A: Ferinl, r. 1012 Mo > 

.\lloway J.'T.. gripman Market St. RR., r. 108 RidJ 
.\llquist Edward, longshoreman, r. 13 Steuart 
Allsactz Maiuard, shoemaker, r. 325 Clementina 
.Vllsopp J. Carletou, author .\.L. Bancroft & Co.,r. ( 

eyAllsopp. See Alsop 
Allstead Gustave, carpenter, r. Spring Valley Hem 

stead nr Missiim roa<l 
Allsworth Charles, r.27 Washington Av 
AllyueJohn W. (Allyne & White) r. NW cor Gou 

and Green 
Allyne & AVltite (John W. Allyne and William 

White) importers and jobbers oils, paints, 1 

etc., 112-114 Front, and proptrs Pacific Oil Wor ' 

cor Chestnut and Taylor 
Almada G., widow, r. 21 South Park 
Almon David (David Almon & Co.) r. 137 M Dore 
Almon David & Co. (David and Herbert Almo 

coopers. 40 Commercial 
Almon Herbert (David Almon & Co.) r. 137 )« Dr 
Alms House (City and County) San Miguel or Wl 

sion Ocean House Road, four miles from Ni'* 

City Hall 
Alonso Jose, cigar maker Jose .\. Garcia, r. 424 
Alpers diaries, manufacturer Neuts foot o 

fertilizers, office 230 Pine, room 36, r. SW ( 

Grove and Buchanan 
Alpers Charles W., musician, 532 Montgomery .\v. 

713 Filbert 
Alpers John, musician, r. SE cor Treat Av and Tweni 

Alpers Matilda Mrs., midwife, r. SEoor Treat .\v a« 

Twenty- fourth 
Alpers Peter, mill hand Capital Mills, r. 3 Kent 
BCTAlpers. See Albers 
Alpha Consolidated Mining Co. (Storey O'' 

Nev.) William Willis secretary. 21> Nevada lUO 
Alsberg Signiund. mining, r. 1065 Broadway 
Alson August, himbermiin, r. 9 Freelon 
Alsop John S., umbrella maker, r. 336 ;<; Bush 
B-i^Alsop. See Allsopp 
Alston Chas., r. 2 Chatham PI 
Alstrom Frederick, clerk A. Luxich, 2.54 Steuart 
Alt Bernard, salesman J. W. Gale & Co., r. 603 V.v 

Alt Christopher, shoemaker, 608 Vallejo 
Alt Joseiih, clerk Feigenb.-ium & Co.. r. 608 Vallejo 
Alta California (daily and weekly) Alfa Califorr 

Publishing Co,, proptrs, fi29 California 



4ak, ash, hickory, whitewood, beech 




Llta California Aliiiaiiac (annual) Alta Cal- 
ifornia Publishlnf: Co. proptra, 529 Calilornia 
4|LUa Calilornia Uuildinjf, !^-20 California 

Ita California Printing; House, Thomas P. 

Woodward proptr. 5'2>) Ciilifornia 
tlta California PublisUincf Co., publishers 
Alto California, Walter TurnbuU manager, 529 
Ita Silver Mining Co. (Gold Hill, Nev) William H. 

Watson secretary, 302 Montgomery, rooms 5-C 
Ita Soap Co. (William A. Engwer and Samuel Wein- 

traub) soap mnfis, 109-111 Oregon 
ItenbergP. F. H., cutter Charles Mayer, r. Alameda 
Itendorf Julius, grinder Pac. Saw Mnfg Co., r. 

Itflela Abel, real estate, r. 522 M Natoma 
Ithausen John, bartender The Fountain, r. 1024 Pa- 

ftherr Adolph, baker, r. 464 M Tehama 
thof E. & T. (Ernest and Theodore) oyster saloon, 
-:<: Market 
: i:rnest (E. & T. Althof) r. G2(i Market 
1 lleruian (Althof & Bahls) r. Oakland 
Theodore (E. & T. Althof) r. 1029 Valencia 
& Bahls (Herman Althof and John F. W. 
Ills) bookbinders, 329 Sausome 
Charles, bolt cutter, r. 263 Clara 
George, teacher music, r. 770 Harrison 
Otto, molder, r. 770 Harrison 
T. Mrs., r. 263 Clara 
Carl, sewing machine agent, r. 1503 Market 
Frank, cooper Rudolph Armstrong, r. 51 Sec- 
Jacob, tailor, 1024 Sutter, r. 715 Hyde 
Louis, painter, r. 555 Natoma 
Louis, salesman Rosenthal, Feder & Co., r. 

Aaron, bookkeeper Cahn, Nickelsburg & 
r. 435 Golden Gate Av 
Abraham, merchant, r. 823 Turk 
ncis C, salesman, r. 1211 Powell 
Quicksilver Mining Co. (Trinity Co., Cal.) 
les AUenburg secretary, office 630 Brannan 
William, lodgings, 825 Kearny 
ph, laborer, r. 508 Francisco, rear 
les, machinist, r. 734 Folsom 
Charles, chief clerk London, Paris and 
can Bank, r. 101 Dupont 
Leopold (Altschul, Seller & Co.) r. 1612 Cal- 

Ludwig, capitalist, r. 2417 Sutter 
Seller & Co. (Leopold Altschul and Samuel 
) wholesale crockery, glassware, etc., 119 

■r L. & Son (Levi and Samuel) gents' furnish- 
goods, 625 Montgomery 
1 iltr Levi (L. Altshuler & Son) and clothing, 505 
.Montgomery, r. 033 Ellis 
tsbuler Samuel (L. Altshuler & Son) r. 633 Ellis 
tube Bernardo, cattle dealer, r. 1316 Powell 
tube Maria Mrs., r. 4 Burrett 
tnbe Pedro, Spanish Ben. Soc, 413 Sacramento 
tus J., Bheetmaker Cal. Cracker Co., r. 30 Clay 
tvater Francis, salesman Shreve ji V/olf, r. 1033 

twatcr David, engineer National Mill, r. Alameda 
twattr Lottie, domestic, 2324 Mission 
Ivarudo Elisa, teacher piano, r. 5 Prospect PI 
varado Pascuala, widow, r. 5 Prospect PI 
varado Pedro, tinsmith, r. 410 Green 
varado Salt Works, Getz Bros. & Co. agents, oflSce 

11 Market 

varado Augustln, Spanish Ben. Soc, 413 Sacra- 
varet Philip, r. 9053^ Folsom 
varez Charles, clerk, r. .i06 Poet 
varez Henry, machinist, r. 518 Green 
varez Luis F.. foreman C. C. Diez, and crockery 

and glassware, 1G15 Polk 
vasou M. Blake Mrs., vocal culture, r. 730 Geary 
verson Stephen H., blacksmith E. Soule, r. 616 

ves Domingos, clerk, r. 119 Drumm 
ves Frank (Enos & .\lves) r. 315 Drumm 
ves Manuel (M Alves 4: Co.) r. 419 Davis 
es M. & Co. (Manuel Alves) produce and commis- 
sion merchants, 417 Davis 
vey Charles W., plumber and gasfitter, r. 1815 

vey John F., r. 1815 Stockton 

Alvey Leonard, musician, r. Central Pacific Hotel 

Alviso .\.delo, Spanish Ben. Soc. , 413 Sacramento 

AlviBO Crisanto, Spanish Ben. Soc, 413 Sacramento 

Alviso John J., drover, r. S s Servia, bet St. John 
and Tombigbeo 

Alviso Valentine, clerk Naval Office Custom House, 
r. Oakland 

Alviso William, butcher, r. 8 B Servia, bet St. John 
and Tombigbee 

Alvord Edward B., helper William H. Birch, r. 850 

Alvord W^illiani, president Pac. Rolling Mill Co., 
office 202 Market, and president Bank of Califor- 
nia NW cor California and Sansome, r. 564 

Alvord William M., paymaster Pao. Rolling Mills, r. 
864 Mission 

Alvorn Gustav, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 608 

Alunos Jesus, miner, r. 1508 Mason 

Alzamori Juan, laborer, r. 33 Hinckley 

Amadeo Fava, fruit store, 1136 Folsom 

Amador Annes, French Ben. Soc. , 510 Jackson 

Amador Canal and Mining Co. (Amador Oo.,0al.) R. 
N. Van Brunt secretary, 318 Pine, room 6 

Amador, Eldorado, IMacer and Sacramento 
Counties and Sacramento City Direct- 
ory, L. M. McKenney & Co. publishers, 518 Clay 

Amador House, Matthew T. Eddy proprietor, 675 

Amador Pacific Gold Mining Co. (Amndor Co., Cal.) 
office 224 California 

Amador Tunnel, Mill and Mining Co. (Amador Co., 
Cal.) A. Halsey secretary, 328 Montgomery 
room 7 

Amador Reduction Works, C. J. Garland agent, 528 
California, room 6 

Amann Frank, r. 21 St. Charles PI 

Amante Salvatore, Bersaglieri Soc. 625 Broadway 

Amaot Elizabeth, domestic, 2117 Bush 

Amark Babette, widow, r. 14 Alvarado 

Amary George, sailmaker, r. 1008 McAllister 




Amazon Insurance Co. (of Cincinnati) Smith & 

Snow general agents, 310 California 
Amblach Joseph, laborer, r. 6215^ Minna 
Amblach Ralph, laborer, r. 621 J^ Minna 
Ambler Benjamin, clerk Langley & Michaels, r. 2110M 

Larkin » 

Ambler S. F., mining, 328 Montgomery, room 8 
Ambra Felice, r. 532 Vallejo 

Ambrose Edward, theatrical manager, r. 35 Freelon 
Ambrose Hannah, domestic, r. 1014 Bush 
Ambrose J., laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. Breslin 

Ambrose James (Ambrose & Horan) r. 540 Birch Av 
Ambrose John, carpenter, r. 1227 Lombard 
Ambrose Reuben, musician, r. 1020 Powell 
Ambrose Samuel, mining, r. 1018 Valencia 
Ambrose William, horseshoer, r. .535 Fulton 
Ambrose & Horan (James Ambrose and Joseph J. 

Horan) poultry and game, 78-79 Centre Market 
Ambrosio Jos6, fish dealer, r. 7 Hinckley 
Ambrunn Frederick, cornice maker, r. 328 Minna 
Ame Paul, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Amedee Edward C. clerk, r. 409 Post 
Amed^e Georges. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Amedee Jean C, French Ben. Sdc, 510 Jackson 
Amedee Jacques L., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
.\medee Pierre, porter Belloc A: Co., r. 409 Post 
Amend Charles, druggist Louis Hilmer,r. 1413 Dupont 
Amendt Emil, carpenter, 530 Larkin, r. San Bruno 

Amenepger Frank, bartender Columbus Schmitt, r. 

W B Mission road, near Five Mile House 
American Aff<*>>cy, Hunter •& Co., Chinese em- 
ployment office, 010 !« California . 
American and Chinese Commercial News, 1006 Dupont 
American and European Immiffration Of- 
fice, G Ouesti manager, 513 Montgomery 
American Borax Mining Co. (Esmeralda Co., Nev,) 
W. H. H. Hart secretary, 230 Montgomery, rooms 
American Centrallnsnrance Co. (of St. Louis, 
Mo.) Smith & Snow general agents, 310 California 



'KgS ye G. W. m & Co., 645 Market St. 





Amei-ican Clock and Brass Co. (New York) H. 

Moliueux agent, 132 Sutter 
American District Teleg'raph Co., L. H. 

Jacobi superintendeut, main office 222 Sansome, 
branch offices 205 Suiter, 20G Market. 833 Sutter, 
961 Mission, cor California and Fillmore, cor 
Hayes and Laguna, C. P ER. Building cor Fourth 
and Townsend, cor Union and Powell, and NE 
cor Mission and Twentieth 
American Druids' Journal, Daniel Brown iiublisher, 
•402 Montgomery 


operative Life Insnrancc) A. W. Bur- 
rell president, M. C. Tliielniaun secre- 
tary, office 133 California 

American Excliang'e Hotel, Charles Montgom- 
ery and Brothers proprietors, 319-325 Sansome 

American Fire Insurance (of Philadelphia) Jonathan 
Hunt, Son & Co. general agents, 313 California 

American Flag Mill and Mining Co., George R. Spin- 
ney secretary, 310 Pine, room 44 

American Fur and Sealskin Coloring Co., 
Adolph Miiller superintendent, 102 Fifth 

American Hall, NW cor Pacific and Leavenworth 

American Heat and Light Co., Chas. A. Low secre- 
tary, office 307 California 

American Home Missionars' Society, 7 Montgomery 
Av, room 23 

American Insurance Co. (Newark, N. J.) Bal- 
four. Outbrie k Co. general agents, 316 California 

American Knife Co. (Thomaston,Conn.) H. Moli. 
neux agent, 132 Sutter 

American Legion of Honor, Mrs. Abbie E. 
Wood secretary, 74 St. Ann's Bldg 

American Legion of Honor Record (monthly) Frater- 
nal Publishing Co. publishers, 252 Market 

American Machine and Model Works, Issa- 
char A. Heald proptr, 111-113 First 

American Mercantile Union, Edward B. 
Thompson manager, 7(5 Montgomery Block 

American Protestant Association, 713 Mission 

American Roof Painting Co., W. B. Holcomb agent, 
413 Montgomery 

American-Russian Commercial Co., Charles 
Baum president, .525 Front, room 4 

American Salt Co., L. N. Webber manager, 217 
Sacramento, factory Beale St. Wharf 

American Samson, physician, office 405 Kearny, r. 1506 

American SaAV Co., The Stearns Mnfg Co. agents, 
21-23 Main 

American Steamsliip Line, J. B. Kirkland 
agent, 238 Montgomery 

American Sugar Refinery, cor Union and 
Battery, C. Adolpho, Low & Co. agents, 208 Cali- 

American Sunday School Union, Rev. Frederic E. 
Shearer agent, 7.57 Market 

American Tack Co. (Fairhaven, Mass.) Richards 
& Snow agents. 408 Market 

American Tract Society, Rev. Frederic E. 
Shearer secretary, 757 Market 

Amerl(^an Type Foundry, 510 Clay 

Amerman Charles F., clerk Post Office, r. Oakland 

Amerman J. B., manager printing and ninfg dept 
Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch, 331 Sousome 

AniPH Bonjaniln P., teamster Davis & Cowell, r. 541 
StiviiiKoii, rear 

AnicH ChiiileK E., compositor S^H. Sheplar & Co., r. 
541 Stivi'iiKou, rear 

Ames Kldwin, manager Studcbaker Bros. Mnfg Co., 
r. 942 Geary 

Ames Fisher, attorney at law,C07 Kearny, r. 1222 

Ames Frank, bull maker L. P. Degen 

Amos Frank, painter, r. 325 Bush 

Amos Frank H., clerk Hathaway & Co., r. 719 Golden 
Gate Av 

Ames Frank M. (Hathaway & Co.) r. 719 Golden Gate Av 

AmeB Frederick F., salesman Joseph Fredericks & Co., 
r. 44 Third 

Ames George E., mechanical engineer Union Iron 
Works, r. 1027 McAllister 

Ames George H., clerk Joseph Fredericks & Co., r. 116 

Amos George N., ship's clerk, 106 Leidesdorff, r. 1030 

Amos George 8., engineer S. P. 0. RR. stmr Newark, 
r. Alameda 

Ames Harry, machine hand A. Frei, r. 1001 Folson: 
Ames Henry K., adjuster Wheeler & Wilson Mnfg t 

r. 136 Twenty-sixtto 
Ames Herman, carpenter, r. 1001 Folsom 
Ames Howard C, clerk Studebaker Bros. Mnfg Co. 

942 Geary 
Ames J. v., teacher Spanish, r. 405 Green 
Ames James H., clerk Williams, Dimond & Co, 

Ames Malvina, widow, r. 117 Cumberland PI 
Ames Martha Miss, assistant Hayes Valley Prim 

School, r. 808 Twentieth 
Ames N. (N. Ames & Son) r. 405 Green 
Ames N. & Son (N. and N. C. Ames) general agei 

405 Green 
Ames Nicholas C. (N. Ames & Son) r. 1503 Dupont 
AmesO. F., janitor U. S. Mint, r. 148 Fifth 
Ames Oscar fl., shirt cutter Shirek & Tonner, r. 

Ames Pelham W., secretary Sutro Tunnel Co., 

Sansome, room 21, r. San Rafael 
Ames Robert C, gas inspector, r. 1906 Baker 
Ames Walter F., clerk C. A. Klinker & Co., r. 

Ames W. K., machine adjuster Wheeler & Wild 

Mnfg Co., r. 136 Twenty-sixth 
Amldon Cyrus S., salesman J. W. Davidson & Co., r.' 

Amidou Frank C, gripman Market St. RR., r. 714 

Amidon William H., compositor Bulletin, r. Baldr, 

Amiot Etienne, awningmaker S. Gentil, r. 20 AUei 
Amister Harris, milkman, r. 1912 Baker 
Amiraux Peter, mining, 419 California, room 2 

•2413 Buchanan 
Ammann .\dolph. saloonkeeper, r. 32 Steuart 
Ammanu Emil, carpenter, r. San Bruno Hotel 
Ammann Joseph, bartender, r. Capitol House 
Ammerose Baptiste, boot black, cor O'Farrell i 

Bagley PI, r. 575 Vallejo 
Ammerup G., paints, oils, varnishes, brust 

glass and wall paper. 1047 Market, r. 1220 Mar 
Amnion Bernard von, commission merchs 

63 Merchants' Exchange, r. 1922 Sacramento 
Ammom John, brewer Bavaria Brewery, r. N 8 Gre 

wich, bet Scott and Devisadero 
Amora Catello, laborer, r. 6 Washington 
Amorin Jose Gomez, seaman, r. 200 Union 
Amoroso Angiolo Asp, IJersaglJeri Soc. 625 Broadv 
Amoroso Felippo, Bersaglieri Soc, 025 Broadway 
Amos George W., machinist Joseph Wagner & Co. 

1721 ;« Hyde 
Amos John T., piauomaker Charles R. Hall, r. 

Elm Av 
Amos John T., millwright, r. 1721 ii Hyde 
Amos J. Philip, bookkeeper F. Cumminps & Co. 

415 Van Ness Av 
Amos Louise I. Mrs. (A. B. Patrick & Co.) r. 415 ^ 

Ness Av 
.\mo8 Mary, widow, r. .506 Minna 
Amos Mary, widow, ladies' nurse, r. 2019M Howar 
-Vmrock P.. gripmrin Market St. RU., r. Cable Houi 
Amsbury S. Mrs., adjuster coiner's deiiartmeut U 

Mint.r. Ill Turk 
Amsterdam Board of Under^vriters, Jan 

De Fremery & Co. agents. 410 Battery 
Amundsen August, upholsterer, r. 722 Shotwell 
Amy Gustavo L., merchandise and insurance brok 

39-40 Merchants Exchange, r. 8 ftlason 
Amy J. Mrs., r. 1926 Howard 
Amy Oscar M., r. 1710 Mason 
Amy Sarah Mrs., furnished rooms, 718 Ellis 
Amy Winflcld S., teamster Horace Davis & Co., r. 

Golden Gate Av 
Anagnostopnlos .\thaiiasios, liquor saloon, NW ■ 

East and Commercial 
Anatomical Museum, Jordan & Co. proptrs. 751 Mar 
Aucel Gustave, butcher, r. SE cor St. Thomas a 

Ancelin Arthur, laborer Arpad Hsraszthy & Co., r. 

Ancell William, carpenter, r. 349Vi Minna, rear 
Auchiok Conrad, sashmaker, r. 1133 Treat Av 
Anchor Saloon, M. Detels & Co. proprietors 

Ancient Order Workmen, H. G. Pratt gra 

recorder, office 40 St. Ann's Building 
Ancon Hotel, John Schlesselmann proprietor. 9- 



The Largest Laundry Establishment on the Pacific C( 

; MACDONOUGH & CO. ^'"'''''*^'' ''''''''' '^''''''^^[ll.Vli^^H'i^^^ir.Srl'^^^; 

reet, corner Mpear. 




Dconi "William, bartender Adolph Beth, r. 2654 How- 

Mi-a Court 
all J. S., Swiss sausage mnfr, 1317 Leavenworth 
! i ureu John, r. 1429 Twenty-fourth 
i.|. liuren Kate E., widow, r. 2304 Folsom 


..i i)rirtor Sun Francisco Pattern Works, 
ll llU-11^ Beule, r. 3>20 Burtlett 

tkiderU't' Frank, milker Charles Felch, r. NE cor Jer- 
'jr sey and Diamond 

iJidermard Emanuel, saloonkeeper, r. 470 Tehama 
Baders Albert A., bosmaker S. F. & Pac. Glass Works, 
a] r. 1236 Harrison 

jhdersen Adolph, laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. SE 
vjr cor Iowa and Solano 
jaderseu Alfred, teamster James Beatty 
ijhderBeu Charles, seaman, r. 642>j Natoma 
tiderseu Charles G., seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
indersen Conrad H., cook, r. 826 Vallejo 
mdersen Gustav, cook Frederick Krone, r. 1 Bussell 
jaderseu Hans, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Jbdersen Henry, tanner, r. San Bi-uno Hotel 
l^derscn Henry, steward, r. William Tell House 
Jaderseu John, expressman, r. 10 Eldridge 
iDdersen John, seaman, r. 114 Dore 
adersen John, millhand Kragen & Geist, r. 1312 
. Broderick 

bderseu John J . , cabinetmaker, r. cor Twenty-eighth 
I and Alabama 

pdersen Magnus, seaman, r. 317 Vallejo 
hdersen Martin, laborer, r. 327 Beale 
hdersen Xis, cigars and tobacco, 528 J^ Sixth 
adersen Peter M., seaman, r. 47 South Stanly PI 
adersen W., tailor, 417 Bush 
f"Andersen. See Andresen and Anderson 
iderson A., laborer Pac. Boiling Mills 
idtrson A., mangier La Grande Laundry 
pderson A., restaurant, r. 648 Fourth 
aderson Abraham, cabinet maker, 833 Fifteenth 
iderson Adelaide, domestic, 1310 Powell 
iderson .■\dolph (Johnson & Anderson) r. 812 Kearny 
aderson A. F., laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery 
iderson Albert, engineer, r. 21 Alta 
idersou Albert, deck hand S. P. C. RR. stmr Garden 

City, r. 277 Stevenson 
idersou Albert G., gilder Dampf & Schussler, r. 318 

iderson Albert P., salesman Meyer & Walker, r. 

;ider6on Alexander, laborer, r. S s Teneriflfe, bet 

St. John and Tombigbee 
iderson Alfred, clerk, r. 260 Clara 
iderson Alfred, helper W. S. Phelps & Co., r. 54 

iderson Alfred, seaman, r. 12 Washington 
Udersou Andrew, r. 23 Silver 
iderson Andrew (Anderson & Co.) r. 126 Capp 
derson .Andrew (.^.nderson & Rasmunsen) r. 29 

iderson Andrew, dishwasher, r. 114 Prospect PI 
iderson Andrew, fireman, r. 41 Pacific 
iderson Andrew, fireman C. P. RR. stmr Oakland, 


iderson .\ndrew, liquor saloon, 250 Spear 
iderson .\udrew, machinist Golden State and Min- 
ers' Iron Works., r. 506 Folsom 
iderson Andrew, seaman, r. 263 East 
iderson Andrew, seaman, r. SE cor Beale and Har- 

Iderson Andrew, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
idevson Andrew C, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 

1122)^ Bryant 
idersou Andrew J., carriage maker, r. K b Centre, 
bet Second and Third 
derson Andrew P., mining, r. Xew Atlantic Hotel 
iderson Anna B. Mrs., assistant Irving Primary 

school, r. 3044 Sixteenth 
iderson .\nnie, domestic, 1641 Bush 
derson Antone, liquor saloon, 20.'5 Pacific 
derson .\ntone, stableman Edward H. Martin, r. 

212 Slason 
ideri^on .\ntone C. , assistant bookkeeper Swanberg 

& West, r. 113 Stockton 
iderson Astrid, dressmaker Mme. H. Anderson, r. 

113 Stockton 
iderson A. T., gripman Market St. RR 
iderson August, seaman, r. Mecbanics House 
iderson August, seaman, r. 263 East 
iderson August, watchman S. P. C. RR., r. 267 East 

Anderson August G. , machinist Fulton Iron Works, 

r. 2019 M Howard 
-■Vndersou Augustus, cook, r. 422 Natoma 
Anderson Benjamin, carpenter, r. 250 Spear 
Anderson Berg, cook, r. 263 East 

Anderson Brothers (William B. and Richard K.) car- 
penters and builders, 2 Golden Gate Av 
Anderson Carl, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson Charles, r. 208 Ellis 
Anderson Charles, r. 373 Jessie 
.Anderson Charles, r. 781 Mission 
Anderson Charles, clerk E. Maher, r. NE cor Sacra- 
mento and Taylor 
Anderson Charles, cook, r. 225 Jessie 
Anderson Charles, fireman Bay View Distillery, r. 

N s Lahaina, bet Penobscot and Osage 
Anderson Charles, laborer, r. 373 Jessie 
Anderson Charles, laborer, r. 16 Bluxome, rear 
Anderson Charles, lauudryman La Grande Laundry, 

r. 18 Erie 
Anderson Charles, longshoreman, r. 23 Garden 
Anderson Charles, painter John P. Frazer, r. 630 

Anderson Charles, seaman, r. 16 Howard 
Anderson Charles, seaman, r. 37 Pacific 
Anderson Charles, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Anderson Charles, seaman, r. Mechanics' House 
Anderson Charles A., carpenter, r. 22 Isis 
Anderson Charles A. , liquor saloon, 209 Jackson, r. 266 

Anderson Charles E., stockbroker, 318 Pine, room 8, 

r. 718 Buchanan 
Anderson Charles F., engineer Thomas Bailey k Co., 

r 16 Bluxome 
Anderson Charles G., seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson Charles J., tailor, r. 1029 Hampshire 
Anderson Charles L., awning maker, 761 Howard 
Anderson Charles L., r. 1055 M Howard 
Anderson Charles P., longshoreman, r. 4 Frederick 
Anderson Charles R., tailor, r. 3Hartman PI 
Anderson Charles S., agent Washington Hall, 35 Eddy 
Anderson Christian, laborer, r. 1513 Montgomery, rear 




Anderson Christian, waiter C. Christenson, r. SE cor 

Fourth and Berry 
Anderson Christina, domestic, 1235 Pine 
Anderson Christopher M., clerk American Exchange 

Hotel, r. 1335 ji Natoma 
Anderson C. L., civil engineer, 419 California, room 

22, r. 310 Hyde 
Anderson Clara M., widow, r. 1111 Kearny 
Anderson C. M. Mrs., widow, r. 810 Stockton 
Anderson Cornelius, seaman, r. 2740 Sixteenth 
Anderson E., machinist Pac. Rolling Mills 
Anderson E., miner, r. 314 Bush 
Anderson Edward, painter Market St. RR., r. 55 J6 

Anderson Edward A., r. 1 Liberty 
Anderson Eerick E., cutter Salomon Bros., r. 1426 

Anderson Elizabeth, widow, r. SW cor Solano and 

Anderson E. J., private secretary S. F. Chronicle, r. 

526 Sutter 
Anderson E. M., tailor, r. 3 Mary Lane 
Anderson Emil, coffee saloon, 413}^ East 
Anderson Emil, deckhand stmr Mare Island, r. 

Anderson Emile, laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. W 8 

Michigan, bet Napa and Shasta 
Anderson Ernst E., tailor 620 Merchant, r.333 Dtmcan 
Anderson Eva S. Miss, assistant Lincoln Primary 

School, r. 603 Bush 
Anderson Evan, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson F. E., r. 636 Commercial 
Anderson F. P., first oflicer stmr Dora. r. .503 Folsom 
Anderson Frank, seaman, r. Mechanics' House 
Anderson Frank, teamster Harper A. Smith, r. cor 

Kearny and Commercial 
Anderson Frank H., teamster City Transfer Co., r. 

1314 Broderick 
Anderson Franklj-n, waiter, r. 257 Minna 
Anderson Frederick, longshoreman, r. 664 Natoma 
Anderson Frederick, quartermaster P. M. SS. City of 

Tokio, r. 238 Steuart 


509, 511 9Iarket St. 

San Francisco. 

KM I Lb & UU. 

I^I]KSE£I> A9ri> CASTOR OI1.S, Oil, CAKE 9IEAI., E: 




American Clock and Brass Co. (Xew York) H. 

Moliueux agent, 132 Sutter 
American District Telegrapli Co., L. H. 

Jacobi superintendeut, maiu office 2'22 Sansome, 
branch offices 205 Sutter, 200 Market. 833 Sutter, 
961 Mission, cor California and Fillmore, cor 
Hayes and Laguna, C. P RR. Building cor Fourth 
and Townsend, cor Union and Powell, and NE 
cor Mission and Twentieth 
American Druids' Journal, Daniel Brown publisher, 
402 Montgomery 


operative Life Insurance) A. W. Bur- 
rell president, M. C. Tliielmann secre- 
tary, office laS California 

American fixcliang-e Hotel, Charles Montgom- 
ery and Brothers proprietors, 319-325 Sansome 

American Fire Insurance (of Philadelphia) Jonathan 
Hunt, Son & Co. general agents, 313 California 

American Flag Mill and Mining Co., George R. Spin- 
ney secretary, 310 Pine, room 44 

American Fur and Sealskin Coloring Co., 
Adolph Miiller superintendeut, 102 Fifth 

American Hall, NW cor Pacific and Leavenworth 

American Heat and Light Co., Chas. A. Low secre- 
tary, office 307 California 

American Home Missionary Society, 7 Montgomery 
Av, room 23 

American Insurance Co. (Newark, N. J.) Bal- 
four, Guthrie & Co. general agents, 31(5 California 

American Knife Co. (Thomastou,Conn.) H. Moli. 
neux agent, 132 Sutter 

American Legion of Honor, Mrs. Abbie E. 
Wood secretary, 74 St. Ann's Bldg 

American Legion of Honor Record (monthly) Frater- 
nal Publishing Co. publishers, 252 Market 

Ainei-ican Macliine and Model Works, Issa- 
char A. Heald proptr, 111-113 First 

American Mercantile Union, Edward B. 
Thompson manager, 70 Montgomery Block 

American Protestant Association, 713 Mission 

American Roof Painting Co., W. B. Holcomb agent, 
413 Montgomery 

American-Russian Commercial Co., Charles 
Baum president, 525 Front, room 4 

American Salt Co., L. N. ^Yebbe^ manager, 217 
Sacramento, factory Beale St. "Wharf 

American Samson, physician, office 405 Kearny, r. 1506 

American Sa-w Co., The Stearns Mnfg Co. agents, 
21-23 Main 

American Steainsliip Line, J. B. Kirkland 
agent, 238 Montgomery 

American Sugar Refinery, cor Union and 
Battery, C. Adolphe, Low & Co. agents, 208 Cali- 

American Sunday School Union, Rev. Frederic E. 
Shearer agent, 757 Market 

American Tack Co. (Fairhaven, Mass.) Richards 
& Snow agents, 408 Market 

American Tract Society, Rev. Frederic E. 
Shearer secretary, 757 Market 

American Type Foundry, 510 Clay 

Amerman Charles F., clerk Post Office, r. Oakland 

Amerman J. B., manager printing and mnfg dept 
Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch, 331 Sonsoiue 

Ames Benjamin P., teamster Davis & Cowell, r. 541 
Stevenson, rear 

Ames Charles E., compositor S..H. Sheplar & Co., r. 
541 Stffvenson, rear 

Ames Edwin, manager Studebaker Bros. Mnfg Co., 
r. 942 Geary 

Ames Fisher, attorney at law, 607 Kearny, r. 1222 

Ames Frank, belt maker L. P. Degeu 

Ames Frank, painter, r. 325 Bush 

Ames Frank H., clerk Hathaway & Co., r. 719 Golden 
Gate Av 

Ames Frank M. (Hathaway & Co.)r. 719 Golden Gate Av 

Ames Frederick F., salesman Joseph Fredericks & Co., 
r. 44 Third 

Ames George E., mechanical engineer Union Iron 
Works, r. 1027 McAllister 

Ames George H., clerk Joseph Fredericks & Co., r. 116 

Ames George N., ship's clerk, 106 Leidesdorfif, r. 1030 

Ames George S., engineer S. P. 0. RR. stmr Newark, 
r. Alameda 

Ames Harry, machine hand A. Frei, r. 1001 Folson 
Ames Henry K., adjuster Wheeler & Wilson Mnfg t 

r. 136 Twenty-six«i 
Ames Herman, carpenter, r. 1001 Folsom 
Ames Howard C, clerk Studebaker Bros. Mnfg Co 

942 Geary 
Ames J. v., teacher Spanish, r. 405 Green 
Ames James H., clerk Williams, Dimond & Co 

Ames Malvina, widow, r. 117 Cumberland PI 
Ames Martha Miss, assistant Hayes Valley Prim 

School, r. 808 Twentieth 
Ames N. (N. Ames & Son) r. 405 Green 
Ames N. & Son (N. and N. C. Ames) general age 

405 Green 
Ames Nicholas C. (N. Ames & Son) r. 1503 Dupont 
AmesO. F., janitor U. S. Mint, r. 148 Fifth 
Ames Oscar H., shirt cutter Shirek & Tonner, r. 

Ames Pelham W., secretary Sutro Tunnel Co., 

Sansome, room 21, r. San Rafael 
Ames Robert C, gas inspector, r. 1906 Baker 
Ames Walter F., clerk C. A. Klinker & Co., r. 

Ames W. K., machine adjuster Wheeler & Wil; 

Mnfg Co., r. 136 Twenty-sixth 
Amidon Cyrus S., salesman J. W. Davidson & Co., r 

Amidon Frank C, gripman Market St. RR., r. 714 

Amidon William H., compositor Bulletin, r. Bald' 

Amiot Etieiine, awningmaker S. Gentil, r. 20 Alio 
Amister Harris, milkman, r. 1912 Baker 
Amiraux Peter, mining, 419 California, room 2 

2413 Buchanan 
Ammann Adolph, saloonkeeper, r. 32 Steuart 
Ammann Emil, carpenter, r. San Bruno Hotel 
Ammann Joseph, bartender, r. Capitol House 
Ammerose Baptiste, boot black, cor O'Farrell ; 

Bagley PI, r. 575 Vallejo 
Ammerup G. , paints, oils, varnishes, brusl 

glass and wall paper, 1047 Market, r. 1220 Man 
Amnion Bernard von, commission merchj 

63 Merchants' Exchange, r. 1922 Sacramento 
Ammom John, brewer Bavaria Brewery, r. N 6 Gre 

wich, bet Scott and Devisadero 
Amora Catello, laborer, r. 6 Washington 
Amorin Jose Gomez, seaman, r. 200 Union 
Amoroso Angiolo Asp, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadi 
Amoroso Felippo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Amos George W., machinist Joseph Wagner & Co. 

1721 !<;. Hyde 
Amos John T., piauomaker Charles R. Hall, r. 

Elm Av 
Amos John T., millwright, r. 1721 }4 Hyde 
Amos J. Philip, bookkeeper F. Cummin^'S & Co 

415 Van Ness Av 
Amos Louise I. Mr^. (A. B. Patrick & Co.) r. 415 ^ 

Ness Av 
Amos Mary, widow, r. 50(> Minna 
Amos Mary, widow, ladies' nurse, r. 2019 J^ Howar 
Amrock P.. gripm;in Market St. BR., r. Cable Hou 
Amsbury S. Mrs., adjuster coiner's department U 

Mint, r. Ill Turk 
Amsterdam Board of Underwriters, Jai 

De Fremery & Co. agents. 410 Battery 
Amundsen August, upholsterer, r. 722 Shotwell 
Amy Gustave L., merchandise and insurance brol 

39-40 Merchants Exchange, r. 8 Mason 
Amy J. Mrs., r. 1926 Howard 
Amy Oscar M., r. 1710 Mason 
Amy Sarah Mrs., furnished rooms, 718 Ellis 
Amy Winfleld S., teamster Horace Davis & Co., r. 

Golden Gate Av 
Anagnostopulos Athanasios, liquor saloon, NW 

East and Commercial 
Anatomical Museum, Jordan & Co. proptrs, 751 Ma»r 
Ancel Gustave, butcher, r. SE cor St. Thomas 1 1 

Ancelin .Vrthur, laborer Arpad Haraszthy & Co., r. 

Ancell William, carpenter, r. 349H Minna, rear 
Anchick Conrad, sashmaker, r. 1133 Treat Av 
Anclior Saloon, M. Detels & Co. proprietorf 

Ancient Order Workmen, H. G. Pratt gri 

recorder, office 40 St. Ann's Building 
Ancon Hotel, John Schlesselmann proprietor, 9 



The Largest Laundry Establishment on the Pacific C 


Iiupor(«ra or and Dealers in COAl. and PIG IROV, 

41 ^narket Silreet, corner Spear. 




bconi William, bartender Adolph Beth, r. 26 J^ How- 
srd Court 

' ni J. S., Swiss sausage ninfr, 1517 Leavenworth 
iren John, r. 1420 Twenty-fourth 
: luren Kate E., widow, r. 2304 Folsom 


priftor JSan Frnnoisco Pattern Works, 
;! 110-112 Beale, r. 320 Bartlett 

ffaderlec Frank, milker Charles Felch, r. NE cor Jer- 
JT Bey and Diamond 
idermard Eiuanuel, saloonkeeper, r. 470 Tehama 
iders Albert A., boxmaker S. F. & Pac. Glass Works, 

r. 1236 Harrison 
idersen Adolph, laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. SE 

cor Iowa and Solano 
idersen Alfred, teamster James Beatty 
idersen Charles, seaman, r. 642 3^ Natoma 
idersen Charles G., seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
idersen Conrad H., cook, r. 826 Vallejo 
idersen Gustav, cook Frederick Krone, r. 1 Eussell 
Kidersen Hans, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
idersen Henry, tanner, r. San Bruno Hotel 
Jidersen Henry, steward, r. William Tell House 
pdersen John, expressman, r. 10 Eldridge 
pdersen John, seaman, r. 114 Dore 
(idersen John, millhand Kragen & Geist, r. 1312 

Idersen John J., cabinetmaker, r. cor Twenty-eighth 

and Alabama 

Magnus, seaman, r. 317 Vallejo 
idersen Martin, laborer, r. 327 Beale 
idersen Nis, cigars and tobacco, 528)^ Sixth 
idersen Peter M., seaman, r. 47 South Stanly PI 
idersen W., tailor, 417 Bush 

Andersen. See Andresen and Anderson 
iderson A., laborer Pac. Boiling Mills 
iderson A., mangier La Grande Laundry 
iderson A., restaurant, r. 648 Fourth 
iderson Abraham, cabinet maker, 833 Fifteenth 
iderson Adelaide, domestic, 1310 Powell 
oderson Adolph (Johnson & Anderson) r . 812 Kearny 
aderson A. F., laborer Cal. Sugar Eefinery 
Bderson Albert, engineer, r. 21 Alta 
iderson Albert, deck hand S. P. C. EK. stmr Garden 

City, r. 277 Stevenson 
iderson Albert G., gilder Dampf & Schussler, r. 318 

iderson Albert P., salesman Meyer & Walker, r. 

(iderson .Alexander, laborer, r. S s Teneriffe, bet 

St. John and Tombigbee 
iderson Alfred, clerk, r. 260 Clara 
iderson Alfred, helper W. S. Phelps & Co., r. 54 

iderson Alfred, seaman, r. 12 Washington 
iderson .\ndrew,r. 23 Silver 
iderson Andrew (Anderson & Co.) r. 126 Capp 
iderson Andrew (Anderson & Rasmunsen) r. 29 

iderson Andrew, dishwasher, r. 114 Prospect PI 
Iderson Andrew, fireman, r. 41 Pacific 

rson Andrew, fireman C. P. RR. stmr Oakland, 
. Oakland 

iderson Andrew, liquor saloon, 250 Spear 
iderson Andrew, machinist Golden State and Min- 
ers' Iron Works., r. 506 Folsom 
iderson Andrew, seaman, r. 263 East 
iderson Andrew, seaman, r. SE cor Beale and Har- 
iderson Andrew, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
iderson Andrew C, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 

1122 3<. Bryant 
dersou Andrew J., carriage maker, r. N s Centre, 

bet Second and Third 
iderson Andrew P., mining, r. New Atlantic Hotel 
iderson Anna B. Mrs., assistant Irving Primary 

school, r. 3044 Sixteenth 
iderson Annie, domestic, 1641 Bush 
iderson Antone, liquor saloon, 205 Pacific 
Iderson Antone, stableman Edward H. Martin, r. 

212 Mason 
iderson Antone C, assistant bookkeeper Swanberg 

& West, r. 113 Stockton 
Iderson Astrid, dressmaker Mme. H. Anderson, r. 

113 Stockton 
iderson A. T., gripman Market St. ER 
iderson August, seaman, r. Mecnanics House 
iderson August, seaman, r. 263 East 
derson August, watchman S. P. C. EE., r. 267 East 

Anderson August G. , machinist Fulton Iron Works, 

r. 2019 }<J Howard 
Anderson Augustus, cook, r. 422 Natoma 
Anderson Benjamin, carpenter, r. 250 Spear 
Anderson Berg, cook, r. 263 East 

Anderson Brothers (William B. and Eichard K.) car- 
penters and builders, 2 Golden Gate Av 
Anderson Carl, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson Charles, r. 208 Ellis 
Anderson Charles, r. 373 Jessie 
Anderson Charles, r. T81 Mission 
Anderson Charles, clerk E. Maher. r. JfE cor Sacra- 
mento and Taylor 
Anderson Charles, cook, r. 225 Jessie 
Anderson Charles, fireman Bay View Distillery, r. 

N s Lahaina, bet Penobscot and Osage 
Anderson Charles, laborer, r. 373 Jessie 
Anderson Charles, laborer, r. 16 Bluxome, rear 
Anderson Charles, laundryman La Grande Laundry, 

r. 18 Erie 
Anderson Charles, longshoreman, r. 23 Garden 
Anderson Charles, painter John P. Frazer, r. 630 

Anderson Charles, seaman, r. 15 Howard 
Anderson Charles, seaman, r. 37 Pacific 
Anderson Charles, seaman, r. 238 Steuart 
Anderson Charles, seaman, r. Mechanics' House 
Anderson Charles A., carpenter, r. 22 Isis 
Anderson Charles A., liquor saloon, 209 Jackson, r. 266 

Anderson Charles E., stockbroker, 318 Pine, room 8, 

r. 718 Buchanan 
Anderson Charles F., engineer Thomas Bailey & Co., 

r 16 Bluxome 
Anderson Charles G., seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson Charles J., tailor, r. 1029 Hampshire 
Anderson Charles L., awning maker, 761 Howard 
Anderson Charles L., r. 1055}^ Howard 
Anderson Charles P., longshoreman, r. 4 Frederick 
Anderson Charles R., tailor, r. 3 Hartman PI 
Anderson Charles S., agent Washington Hall, 35 Eddy 
Anderson Christian, laborer, r. 1513 Montgomery, rear 




Ander.*oij Christian, waiter C. Christenson, r. SE cor 

Foiuth and Berry 
Anderson Christina, domestic, 1235 Pine 
Anderson Christopher M. , clerk American Exchange 

Hotel, r. 1335 $4 Natoma 
Anderson C. L., civil engineer, 419 California, room 

22, r. 310 Hyde 
Anderson Clara M., widow, r. 1111 Kearny 
Anderson C. M. Mrs., widow, r. 810 Stockton 
Anderson Cornelius, seaman, r. 2740 Sixteenth 
Anderson E., machinist Pac. Rolling Mills 
Anderson E., miner, r. 314 Bush 
Anderson Edward, painter Market St. RE., r. 55)i 

Anderson Edward A., r. 1 Liberty 
Anderson Eerick E., cutter Salomon Bros., r. 1426 

Anderson Elizabeth, widow, r. SW cor Solano and 

Anderson E. J., private secretary S. F. Chronicle, r. 

526 Sutter 
Anderson E. M., tailor, r. 3 Mary Lane 
Anderson Emil, coffee saloon, 413 J^ East 
Anderson Emil, deckhand stmr Mare Island, r. 

Anderson Emile, laborer Pac. Rolling Mills, r. W s 

Michigan, bet Napa and Shasta 
Anderson Ernst E., tailor 626 Merchant, r.333 Duncan 
Anderson Eva S. Miss, assistant Lincoln Primary 

School, r. 603 Bush 
Anderson Evan, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson F. E., r. 636 Commercial 
Anderson F. P., first officer stmr Dora. r. 503 Folsom 
Anderson Frank, seaman, r. Mechanics' House 
Anderson Frank, teamster Harper A. Smith, r. cor 

Kearny and Commercial 
Anderson Frank H., teamster City Transfer Co., r. 

1314 Broderick 
Anderson Franklyn, waiter, r. 257 Minna 
Anderson Frederick, longshoreman, r. 564 Natoma 
Anderson Frederick, quartermaster P. M. SS. City of 

Tokio, r. 238 Steuart 


509, 511 -^larket St. 

San Francisco. 




Anderson Frederick A., janitor Union Hall, r. 210 

Anderson Fritz, carpenter, r. German Hotel 
Anderson Frits M., machine hand, r. 917 Folsom 
Anderson F. V., watchman City RR., r. 1831 Mission 
Anderson Oeorge, carpenter, r! 2805 Clay 
Anderson George A., policeman, r. 403 Stevenson 
Anderson George W., Oakland and S. F. Express, 331 

East, r. Oakland 
Anderson Giens, seaman, r. NE cor Twenty-sixth and 

Anderson Gotfried (Errickson & Anderson) r. 425 

Anderson Gus, cook Royal Dining Saloon, r. 422 

Anderson Gvis, longshoreman, r. 22 PeiTy 
Anderson Gustav, bricklayer, r. 710 Brannan 
Anderson H., seaman, r. 2('i Steuart 

ANDEESON H. Mme. dressmaker 
and costnmer, 113 Stockton 

Anderson Hannah, domestic, 1020 Green 
Anderson Hans, coachman, r. 2320 Howard 
Anderson Hans, dishwasher Meyer & Wappel, r. 271 

Anderson Hans, laborer, r. 18 Oak Grove Av 
Anderson Hans, r. Old People's Home, Francisco, bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Anderson Hans P., ship carpenter, r. SE cor Vallejo 

and Sansome 
Anderson Harry, master mariner, r. 121 Francisco 
Anderson Harry, seaman, r. 503 Folsom 
Anderson Henry, r. 407 Stevenson 
Anderson Henry, waiter, r. 613 Stevenson 
Anderson Henry A., pressman David Kerr, r. 310 

Montgomery Av 
Anderson Herman, gardener, r. 13 Page 
Anderson Herman, gardener Masonic Cemetery, r. 461 

Anderson Hilda E., widow, r. 1415 Mason 
Anderson Hugh, photographer, NW cor Sixteenth and 

Anderson H. W. (Anderson & Brother) r. 347 Brannan 
Anderson Isaac, carpenter, r. 503 Folsom 
Anderson Isaac M., watchman, r. 327 Fifth 
Anderson Jacob, coachman, r. 1840 California 
Anderson Jacob H. V., salesman Samuel H. Harmon, 

r. 1423 Valencia 
Anderson James, laborer, r. 416 Greenwich, rear 
Anderson James, laborer City and County Hospital 
Anderson James, liquor saloon, 1021 Howard, r. 24>^ 

Anderson James, seaman, r. 9^ Liberty 
Anderson James Mrs., widow, r. 2030 Bush 
Anderson James A., boot fitter, r. 6 Telegraph PI 
Anderson James D., longshoreman, r. W s Sansome, 

nr Green 
Anderson James H., bookkeeper Samuel H. Harmon, 

r. 427 O'Farrell 
Anderson James H., clerk Cal. Insurance Co., r. 2631 

Anderson James W., principal Spring Valley Gram- 
mar School, r. 3044 Sixteenth 
Anderson Jane, widow, r. 5 Varennes 
Anderson J. D. , armorer San Francisco Hussars, r. SE 

cor New Montgomery and Minna 
Anderson J. D., stage employ^ Tivoli Opera House 
Anderson Jerome .\., physician, office 17 Phelan 

Building, r. 1108 Folsom 
Anderson Johanna, widow, r. W 8 Susqiiehanna, bet 

Servia and Paraguay 
Anderson John (.Anderson & Brother) r. 347 Brannan 
Anderson John, bookkeei^er, r. 815 Stockton 
Anderson John, captain schooner Laviua, r. 754 Bry- 
Anderson John, carpenter P. M. SS. Granada 
Anderson John, cabinetmaker, r. 1312 Broderiok 
Anderson John, distributor La Grand Laundry, r, 18 

Anderson John, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 114 

Anderson John, laborer P. M. SS. Go's wharf 
Anderson John, longshoreman, r. 1717 Ji Mission 
Anderson John, porter Moore, Hunt & Co., r. 318 

Anderson John, porter Stearns & Smith, r. 32 Natoma 
Anderson John, seaman, r. 203 East 
Anderson John, seaman, r. 209 Steuart 
Anderson John, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson John, soaman, r. 39 Minna 

Anderson John, seaman, r. 16 Prospect PI 
Anderson John, seaman, r. 45}^ Clara 
Anderson John, tailor, r. 7}^ August Alley 
Anderson John, tailor, r. 284 J$ Stevenson 
Anderson John, transferrer Bosqui Engraving 

Printing Co., r. 255 Clementina 
Anderson John, teamster, r. 3 Brady 
Anderson John, waiter, r. 617 Mission 
Anderson John C. (Anderson & Co.) r. NW cor Tw 

ty-ninth and Sanchez 
Anderson John E., painter, r. 155}^ Clara 
Anderson John H., clerk Tom. C. Grant, r. 203( 
Anderson John P., watchman, r. 27 Kate 
Anderson Joseph, carpenter, r. 7043^ Mission 
Anderson Joseph H., laborer, r. SW cor Kentucky £ 

Anderson J. P., r. 413 Broadway 
Anderson Julius, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
Anderson Julius, ship carpenter, r. 5 Everett 
Anderson J. W., clerk Anderson & Bro., r. 347 Bram 
Anderson Lars, shoemaker, r. 31 Welsh 
Anderson Laura, seamstress, r. 533 Sacramento 
Anderson Lilburn B., salesman T. Henry Asche 

206 Kearny 
Anderson Louis, blacksmith J. L. Cobleigh, r. 1 


Anderson Louis, driver Z. W. Moore, r. 512 Linden: 
Anderson L. S. Mrs., r. 15 Guerrero 
Anderson M. Mrs., widow, r. 55 Second 
Anderson Marcellus O., policeman, r. 767 Harrison 
Anderson Maria, lodgings, r. 257 Minna 
Anderson Marion S. Miss, assistant Emerson Primi 

School, r. 2030 Bush 
Anderson Mary, widow, r. 1 Moulton PI 
Anderson Mary, widow, r. 2436 California 
Anderson Mary Miss, dressmaker, r. 118 Ninth 
Anderson Mary, domestic, 1800 Franklin 
Anderson Mary Miss, saleslady City of Paris, r. 1 

Geneva. 118 Ellis 
Anderson Mathias, laborer, r. 202 Pacific 
Anderson Matilda, domestic, 835 California 
Anderson N., seaman, r. St. George's Hotel 
Anderson Nathan D., attorney at law, 240 MontgO; 

ery, r. 725 Pine 
Anderson Nelson, laborer, r. Breslin Hotel 
Anderson Nettie H. Miss, assistant Emerson Primt 

School, r. 2030 Bush 
Anderson Nils, secretary California Transpoi 

tion Co., NW cor Jackson and East, r. 10 C 

Grove Av 
Anderson N. P., seaman, r. 20 Steuart 
Anderson O. A., longshoreman, r. New Hansa Hole! 
Anderson Oliver, laborer, r. City Hotel 
Anderson Oliver, tanner, r. N s Falkland, bet To 

bigbee and St. John 
Anderson Oscar, second mate schr Aurora, r. 11 Cli 
Anderson Oscar O , mate stmr Constance, r. 1 h; Clj 
Anderson P., laborer Am. Sugar Refinery, r. li 

Anderson Paul, driver Hose No. 4, S. F. F. D., 

Anderson Peter, clerk, r. 811 Filbert 
Anderson Peter, fireman, r. Bay Street House 
Anderson Peter, fisherman, r. 213 Broadway 
Anderson Peter, laborer, r. 625 Bay 
Anderson Peter, tanner, r. S s Teneriffe, bet St. Jo 

and Tonibigbee 
Anderson Peter A. (.\nderson & Olson) r. 927)4 Jacka 
Anderson Philip, coachman, 41it Oak 
Anderson Reinhold, mechanic, r. 318 Eighteenth 
Anderson Richard K. (Anderson Brothers) r. 152" 

Anderson Robert, carpenter, r. 1326 Broadway 
Anderson Robert, passe-partout maker Alouzo 

Rathrauff, r. Oakland 
Anderson Robert S., law student, r. 3044 Sixteenth 
Anderson Robert W., first officer P. C. SS. Yaqulnv 

121 Nineteenth 
Anderson Rudolph, cabinetmaker, r. E s San Bnr 

Road, near Fifteenth Av 
Anderson Samuel, cook, r. Central Pacific Hotel 
Anderson Samuel, laborer, r. Bonanza House 
Anderson Samuel, tailor, r. 18 Stockton PI 
Anderson Sarah J., widow, r. 2631 Howard 
Anderton Stewart M., clerk insurance dept BalfO) 

Guthrie & Co., r. 2030 Bush 
Anderson Susan, widow, r. 6 Augiist Alley i 

Anderson Theodore K., cook 315 Fourth, r. 307 Fou: 
Anderson Thomas, coal dealer, 16 Drumm, r. 2 






133 Si»«ar Mtreet. 




erson Thomas, second engineer C. P. RR. stmr 
Oaklanil. r. Oakland 

erson Victor, seaman, r. Mechanics House 
erson Walter G., bookkeeper Friedlander & Koch, 
r. 220'.f Devisadero 

erson W. G., shipcarpenter, r. 611 Mission 
erson William, engineer S. F. Cordage Factory, r. 
W s Indiana, bet Sierra and Shasta 
erson William, mastermariccr, r. 353 Minna 
erson William, molder Columbia Foundry, r. 

erson William, porter Henry Koster, r. 107 Fifth 
erson William, seaman, r. 908 Sansome 
erson William B. (Anderson Brothers) r. 815 Mis- 

erson William B. (W. S. Ray & Co.) r. l-l Liberty 
erson William G., civil engineer, r. 1241 Mission 
erson William T., foreman Harrison & Dickson, 
r. 153)^ Clara 

erson William W.. barber, r. 32 Everett 
erson Winslow, physician, r. 825 Broadway 
erson W. S., gripman Market St. RR. 
erson & Brother (H. W. and John Anderson) wood 
and coal dealers, 347 Brannau 
derson & Co. (Andrew Anderson, George H. 
Wright. E. H. Hanson and S. F. Gashwiler) im- 
porters twine and duck, and manufacturers bags, 
tents and awnings. Ill Clay and 112 Commercial 
erson & Co. (Antonia C. Boysen and John C. An- 
derson) general merchandise, NW cor Twenty- 
ninth and Sanchez 

erson k Olson (Piter A. Anderson and Augustus 
P. Olson) liquor saloon, 902 Kearny 
erson & Rasmussen (Andrew Anderson and Nels 
Rasmuesen) wines and liquors, 29 Washington 
Anderson. See Andersen and Andresen 
erton Frederic C. (A. W. Norton & Co.) r. Railroad 
Av, bet Dominica and Manitoba 
lies Silver Mining Co. (Storey Co.. Nev.) 
Butler Burris secretary, 2 Nevada Block 
let Louis, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
iker Andrew, coffee saloon, 529 Washington, r. St. 
George's Hotel 

lauer Jacques, carpenter, r. 229 Tenth 
lauer Jeanette Mrs., bakery and confectionery, NE 
cor Washington and Stockton, r. 229 Tenth 
,lund Herman, carpenter, r. 205^ Oak Grove Av 
lometti Celeste, compositor, r. 826 Broadway, rear 
-r- '■•*■; Paul, packer J. A. Folger & Co., r. 826 
'.ay, rear 

Htonio, janitor, r. 103 Montgomery Block 
' I'e, Spanish Ben. Soc, 413 Sacramento 
listaquia, widow, r. 531 Vallejo 
.I'luin D., laborer, r. 1308 Montgomery 
-peh, student Heald's Business College, r. 
- - i.tli Park 

raUe William, r. 23 South Park 
rade Zt-ferino, cigar maker, r. 1505 Dupont 
re Alexander, laborer, r. 1319 Dupont 
re Daniel, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
re Francis J., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
r6 J. L. , porter Selby Smelting and Lead Co, 
re R., bookkeeper Hanley & Snow, 29 Glen Park Av 
reatta Charles, machinist, r. 512 Fourth 
reole Pelegrino, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
res Christian, musician, r. 345 Jessie 
res George S., r. 574 Folsom 

res Hf nry, machinist Pac. Rolling Mills, r. Bres- 
lin Hotel 

res Paul, broker, r. 625 Clay 
reseu Brothers (John G. and Christian Andresen) 
larriage and wagon makers, 607 Battery 
resen Christian (Andersen Brothers) r. Oakland 
resen John G. (Andersen Brothers) r. Oakland 
reseu Peter N., liquor saloon, NE cor Geary and 
[i«rkin, r. 723 O'Farrell, rear 
ressen P. Henry, cabinet maker 8. and G. Gump, 
:. 1020 Hampshire 

retta Charles, machinist, r. 512 Fourth 
reuccetti Daniele, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
:ew Alfred G.. carpenter, r. 1816 Hyde 
:ew Hannah Miss, stationery, 105 Ninth 
rew William, shoemaker, r. 1407 California 
Irews Abraham, importer and mnfr dia- 
nonds, jewelry and watches, 221 Montgomery, r. 
Lick House 

•ews Ada, fringemaker, r. 908 Treat Av 
•ews Albert, bookkeeper A. Jansen, r. 561 M Mis- 
•ews Albert, glass works, r. 1236 Harrison 

Andrews Alexander, engineer Odd Fellow's Ceme- 
tery, r. 13 Johnson Av 

Andrews Alice, domestic, r. 275 Stevenson 

Andrews Amador, route agent Wells, Fargo & Co., 
r. Arlington House 

Andrews Amador (Douglas & Andrews) r. Oregon 

Andrews Amasa B., day inspector Custom House, r. 
249 Second 

Andrews Augustine, clerk A. L. Bancroft k Co., r. 
275 Stevenson 

Andrews Augustus H., with George C. Shreve & Co., 
r. 275 Stevenson 

Andrews Charles, macbinistF. A. Bobbins, 23 Steven- 

Andrews Charles, seaman, r. Crystal Hotel 

Andrews Edward, waiter P. C. SS. State of California 

Andrews Eli, farmer, r. 424 Bryant 

Andrews Elizabeth Mrs., bakery, 203 Second 

Andrews Frank, r. 227 Geary 

Andrews Frank, tailor Hugh Price, r. Overland House 

Andrews Frank G., deputy county clerk, r. 646 Fol- 

Andrew Frederick C, quartermaster P. M. SS. San 

Andrews Frederick J., wood and coal, 753 Folsom, r. 
908 Treat Av 

Andrews George, foreman Horatio Frost, r. 15 Hamp- 
ton PI 

Anclre^vs George P. , colonel 1st Artillery U. 8. 
A., r. Presidio 

Andrews Gracie, r. 1306 Valencia 

Andrews Gorham (Andrews k Carroll) 32 California 

Andrews Hannah Mrs., lodging house, 957 Market and 
lodgings, 536 Market 

Andrews Harry, r. 312 Bartlett 

Andrews H. B., druggist A. Mer\-y, r. 1309 Stockton 

Andrews Henry M., first lieutenant Ist Artillery U. S. 
A., r. Alcatraz Island 

Andrews H. J., r. 701 Natoma 

Andrews James, crockery, 248 Third 

Andrews James, sale3man Breeze & Loughran, r. 1009 




.^Uidrews J. D. Mrs., r. 1043 Mission 
Andrews J. E., printer, r. .536 Market 
Andrews Jesse S., clerk Oregon Improvement Co., r. 

15 Hampton PI 
Andrews John, coalpasser P. M. SS. Granada 
Andrews John C, machinist Joseph Wagner k Co., r. 

203 Second 
Andrews Joseph, laborer, r. 13 Johnson Av 
Andrews L. Mrs., widow, r. 207 Post 
Andrews L. B., r. Russ House 
Andrew.s L. E. Miss, r. 1043 Mission 
Andrews Lew W., machinist Fulton Iron Works, r. 

115 Geary, rear 
Andrew.s 3I:iry E. Mrs., dressmaker, r. SW cor Laguna 

and Pine 
Andrews Oliver, wholesale hog butcher, St. Thomas 

bet Platte and Savannah, r. SW cor Venezuela 

and Platte 
Andrews Otis C, teamster, r. 685 Harrison 
Andrews Richard, Rigger's and Stevedore's Union, r. 

806 Montgomery 
Andrews Thomas G., carjjenter California Theatre, r. 

606 M Powell 
Andrews Thomas J., engineer, r. 7 Vassar PI 
Andrews Thomas J., maltster, r. 436 Brannan 
Andrews T. J., compositor Evening Bulletin, r. 236 

Andrews Tyre N., carpenter, r. N s Marquesas, bet 

Yazoo and Piatt 
Andrews W. C, weigher U. S. Mint. r. 219 Geary 
Andrews W. Clark, buyer Jones k Co., r. 1412 Sacra- 
Andrews William A., salesman W. k I. 8teinhart k 

Co., r. 212 Herman 
Andrews k Carroll (Gorham Andrews and Thomas 

Carroll) ship painters, office 32 California 
0^ Andrews. See Andrew and Andrus 
Andros Milton, attorney at law, 224 Sansome, r. 

301 Van Ness Av 
Andros Reginald J., carpenter, r. 1620 Union 
Andross J. H., clerk ticket auditor C. P. RB., r. 1027 


.ILIIlUO UtbUnH I LU most Artistic manner. 645 Mark^-t St. 





Andross M. C. Mrs., r. 1027 Mission 

Andross Porter H., clerk coiner's dept U. S. Mint, r. 

1004 Bush 
Andrus George W., furniture, 2015 Mission 
Andrus Jesse B., clerk local freight office C. P. ER., 

r. 227 Geary 
Andrna Wasliburiie R., secretary Board of 

Railroad Commissioners, office 14 Dupont, rooms 

25-29, r. Oakland 
Andruss E. Van A., captain 1st Artillery IT. S. A., r. 

Fort Wlulield Scott 
Andruss George H., with Tallant & Co., r. San Mateo 
Andry George, showcase maker, r. 109 Thirteenth 
Andrzejowski Llua, widow, r. 702 Bush 
Anduran C. & Co. (Charles Anduran and Charles 

Carpy) importers and jobbers foreign and Cali- 
fornia wines, and proptrs Uncle Sam Wine Cellar 

and Distillery, Napa, Cal., office 517 Sacramento 
Anduran Charles (C. Anduran & Co.) r. 738 Pacific 
Anfibolo Antonio, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Angel Henry, bartender, r. 627 Clay 
Angel Simon H., French-Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Angel Simon X., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Angel William, carpenter, r. 512 Fourth 
8^" Angel. See Angell 

Angellni Giuseppe, fruits, etc.. 433 Broadway 
Angelis E., apprentice Elsdon I. and L. Works 
Angelis Mary, widow, r. 1333 Natoma 
Angelis Otto, lamp maker, r. 137}^ Fifth 
Angelis Richard, upholsterer Alexander Jansen 
Angelis Theodore, bookkeeper, r. 2018 Taylor 
Angelius Charles, mattrass maker Indianapolis Chair 

Mnfg Co., r. 75G Howard 
Angelius John D., driver Albany Brewing Co., r. 756 


Angell , cook, r. 1326 Stockton 

Angell Androv J., real estate and note dis- 
counter, 424 Montgomery, r. 1327 Vallejo 
Angell C. A., draftsman Golden State and Miners' 

Ironworks, r. 11 Clementina 
Angell Horace B. , superintendent Golden State 

and Miners' Iron Works, r. 11 Clementina 
Angell Jerome E., clerk Hawley Bros., Hardware Co., 

r. New Washington Hotel 
Angell John C. , general manager Mutual Reserve 

Fund Life Assn, 314 Montgomery, room 14, r. 

HOC Stockton 
Angell •Toniitlian W., druggist and apothecary, 

NW cor First and Folsom, r. 455 Bryant 
Angell Otis B., bookkeeper Golden State and Miners' 

Iron Works, r. 11 Clementina 
Angell Sarah E., dressmaker, r. 931 Market 
B^Augell. See Angel 

Angelo Antony, porter A. Galll & Co., r. 1407 Kearny 
Angelo Edward J., bookkeeper Atlas Iron Works, r. 

215 Eleventh 
Angelo Henry J. , r. 429 Franklin 
Angelo Raymo, French Ben. Soc, 1510 Jackson 
Augelovich Joseph R.. cook, r. 1206 Larkin 
Anger Frank, r. H24 Pacific 
Anger Victor, saddleniaker, r. 33 Freelon 
AuL^erar Elizabotli, widow, r. 5 Vallejo PI 
Angermann Tlieodore, gardener, r. 1519 Polk 
Angerstein ciiHrles, laborer, r. 112 Clinton 
Angersteiu Frederick, musician, r. 439 Sixth 
Angersti In L., first officer O. R. and N. SS. Oregon, r. 

AngicT AbbyA. Miss, iprivate school, r. 1417 Larkin 
Angier A. H. Mrs., widow, r. 1417 Larkin 
Angier Albert W. , printer, 530 Commercial, r. Berkeley 
Angier Albert W. Jr., mufr paper boxes. 530 Com- 
Angier Dwight M., shipping clerk W. B. WllBhlre & 

Co., r. 215 Kearny 
Angler W. T., bookkeeper S. F. Gas Light Co., r. 1417 

Anglade Jacques, laundry. 2111 Mason 
Anglado Jean R.. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Angle Kasper, laborer, r. 522 Eighth 
Anglin Ednmnd, r. f.24 Fourth 
Anglin I'ntri.k, r. 2723 Bryant 
Anglin Kcbicra, domestic, 210 Lombard 
Anglin The >ma8, packer Cal. Furniture Mnfg. Co. r. 

721 Minna 
Aiiglo-C'iiliforniaii Bank (limited) Frederick 

F. liow and Ignntz Steinhart managers, Philip N. 

F. Lilientlial cashier. NE cor Sansonie and Pine 
Anglo-Mexican Itlining and Land Co., (Sin- 

aloa. Mexico) Charles A. Morse secretary, 217 

Sansonie, room 8 

Anglum Daniel, hotbedman Pac. Rolling Mills, r. 

Michigan, bet Sierra and Shasta 
Angonnet Benita, laundress, r. 917 Stockton 
Angonnet Frank P., laundry, 917 Stockton 
Angonnet Frank Jr., clerk, r. 917 Stockton 
Angonnet Lottie Miss, dressmaker, 917 Stockton 
Angonnet Mary Mrs., hair dresser, r. 917 Stockton 
Angoustures Joseph, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jacksoi 
Angus J antes S., cashier Nevada Bank of S. 

NW cor Montgomery and Pine, r. 1422 Hyde 
Angus William, clerk Johu Rosenfeld, r. 1513J«i I 

Anie Frederick, varnisher Richard Herring, r. 

Anixter H.,r. 1912 Baker 
Ankel Harry, jeweler, r. 1511 Mission 
Ankele John H., cashier Walter Speyer, r. 604 Sto 

Anker G. H., printer, r. 615 Octavia 
Anker J. C, letter carrier P. O. Station A, r. 615 < 

Ankers Christian, coffee saloon, 625 Kearny, r. 

Ankers Geerge, second officer P. M. SS. City of N 

York, r. 754 Bryant 
Annacles F., foreman Geary St. RR., r. NW cor Fi 

Av and Point Lobos Road 
Annear Samuel, solicitor Railroad Gazetteer, r. 

Annette Baptiste, French Ben Soc, 510 Jackson 
Annis Charles H., finisher Cahn, Nickelsburg & ( 

r. 519 Franklin 
Annis James S., policeman, r. 113 Ninth 
.\nsbacher Samuel, merchant, r. 1611 Post 
Ansberg Charles, butcher, r. 1713 Dupont 
Ansbro James J., laborer, r. 1323 Natoma 
Anseglione Julie, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ansela Ernst, poultry dealer, r. S s Cimiberland, 

Anseline Baptista, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson \ 
Anseline Xavler, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ansell Louis, cook Lick House 
Ansemo Jules, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ansendres Jose, boarding, 45 Sacramento 
Anshel Samuel, ladies' underwear, 410)4 Sixth 
Ansley Washington, cooperage and dealer sec( 

hand barrels and casks, 14 Merchant 
Ansol Anton, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. E 

mony Hotel 
Ansolabehere John, boarding, r. 20 Stockton PI 
Anson Henry J., salesman Frank D. Hardie & Co. 

909 Genry 
Anson Josei^h G., clerk Redington & Co..r. 2011 
Anson Patrick F., painter, r. 2011 Hyde 
Anson Richard, painter, r. 909 Geary 
Anson Richard J., clerk, r. 909 Geary. 
Anspacher Simop, office 119 Battery 
Anssani Sanui, cook Firenze Hotel, 8 Prescott 
Ansteit A. * Co. (James Denehy, Charles Krev 

and Daniel Donohoe) proprietors Lafayette Br 

ery, 725-727 Green 
Anstey Charles T., bookkeeper, r. 110 Taylor, rear 
Ansuldo Giuseppe, r. 401 Pacific 
Antelope Saloon, Patrick McCann proprietor, 

Antenuci O. Rev., assistant pastor St. Francis Chui 

r. 620 Vallejo 
Anthes Catherine, widow, r. 1016 Mason 
Anthes Frank F., with George C. Shreve & Co. r. 

Anthes Frederick P., salesman White & Cambridgi 

1010 Mason 
Anthes Kate Miss, shirtmaker, r. 1016 Mason 
Anthes Louis N., stock clerk Zadig, WoUberg & Co 

2 Sophie Terrace 
Anthes Peter, bartender F. G. Schneider, r. 2 Sop 

Anthonisen H., laborer Am. Sugar Refinery, r. 

Priuglo Court, nr Greenwich 
Anthony .\brahain, policeniiin, r. 927 fi Post 
.\nthouy .\lbert, clerk, r. 1426 Geary 
Anthouv I). L.. steward bark Forest Queen, r. Ill 

Antlionv Edward A., clerk, r. 124 Oak j 

Anthony Edward T. (E. T. Anthony & Co.) r. 12i.J 
Anthony Edwin R., clerk Paymaster's office C. P.J 

r. Alameda 
Anthony Eliza E. Mrs., journalist, r. 122 Post 
Anthony E. T. & Co. (Edward T. Anthony) repaclP 
' 407-409 Commercial 



COKG, 41 ;n3trk«t Ntreet, curner Npeur. 




thony George, confectioner Charles Quillet, r. 905 

thony George W. (G. W. Anthony & Co.) r. 238 

ithony G. W. & Co. (George W. Anthony) money 

brokers, and tobacco and cigars, 8E cor Kearny 

and Bush 
thony Henry J., peddler, r. 116 Ivy Av 
thony John A., local freight ageut C. P. RR., r. 

thouy Alarc. harnesacleaner, r. 737 Folsom 
thiiuy Mark, r. 1327 Twenty-fourth 
thony M. E. M. Mrs., widow, r. 225 Fourth 
thony R. M., bookUeeper U. S. Sub-Treasury, r. 964 

Elghteeutli, Oakland 
thony Will O., salesman John Hauly, r. 126 Fifth 
"Anthony. See Antoui and Antony 
iitisell Piano Co., T. M. Antisell proprietor, 

24 -i« Ellis 
itlsell Thomas M., proprietor Antisell Piano 

Co.. 24-2(1 Ellis, r. 508 Eddy 
itLsell William C, manager Antisell Piano 

Co., r. 56 St. Ann's Building 
tola .\ngelo, laborer, r. 1407 Kearny 
ton Frank, with Pac. Vinegar and Pickle Works 
tone Joseph, dishwasher, r. 8 Sber^¥Ood PI 
tone Louis, laborer Lafayette Brewery, r. 725 Green 
touolle Joseph 8., rsjilroad contractor, r. 1019 Lom- 
tonelli Pietro,.Ber8aglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
tonilli Vincent, fish. Grand Western Market, r. 814 

tonttti Edward, steward, r. 28 J^ Zoe 

jni Ermenegildo, fish, 1 Clay St. Market, r. 520 


toniazzi Peter, laborer, r. 4 O'Connell PI 
:onio Alvirez, porter Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson, 

r. 1407 )4 Stockton 

:onio Francisco, laborer, r. 1407 Kearny, rear 
tonio Giovanni, bootblack, r. 30 Greenwich 
tonio L.. cook, r. 1378 Dupont 
tonio Maria, fruit packer, r. 535 Vallejo 
tony Frank, winemaker, r. 37 Clara 
tony Joseph, r. 1506 Folsom 

raiHoli Kaffaello, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
rim Howard D., baggagemaster r. 423 Sutter 
rim Lottie Mrs., r. 423 Sutter 
ron Peter, laborer, r. 3 Ivy Av 
unovich Florio, coffee saloon, 520 Sacramento and 
403 East, r. 712 Green 

ifb Nicholas, r. 533 Union 
tz Henry, butcher Grand Western Market, 
stalls 1 and 2, r. 112 Austin 
euhoefer Therese, domestic 2110 Pine 

John, architect, r. 1007 Union 
It Charles M., shirt mnfr. 1305 Stockton 
tl Pemetri. French Ben. Soc, .510 Jackson 
ar George A., laborer Custom House, r. 2108 Tay- 

ar R. M., real estate agent, 320 California, rooms 

otliecaries Hall, W. J. Bryan druggist, 3 New 
Montgomery, Grand Hotel 
el Anna, widow, r. 509 Birch Av 

" Francis, baker Henry Blum, r. 1817 Powell 
el Julia, f ricgemaker M. Ettinger , r. 508 Birch Av 
el Julius, paper carrier, r. 116 Eleventh 
el Louis, liquor saloon. 515-517 Montgomery Av, 

. 309 Green 

el Samuel, speculator and extraman Hook and 
Ladder No. 3, S. F. F. D., r. 116 Eleventh 
el Simon, second-hand clothing, 247 Fourth 

1 John C, cabinetmaker, r. 353 Beale 

Appel. See Apple 

nzeller Jacob, carriagemaker, r. 426 Tehama 

arius F. W. (.\ppiarius & Schnohr) r. 1810 O'Far- 


arius Henry C. (Lohsen & Appiarius) r. 15 

Berkeley Av 

arius & Schnohr (F. W. Appiarius and W. 

ichnohr) groceries and liquors, 929 Larkin 

e.\braham, barber, r. 305 Hayes 

e Henry, metal polisher, r. 305 Hayes 
^^e Isadore, salesman Newman & Levlson, r. 305 


e Jacob, cashier Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch, 

. 305 Hayes 

e Robert L., engraver W. F. Oliver, r. 109 Fifth 

e Sarah, dry goods, 305 Haves 

e Wolf, dry goods, 305 ^ 

1^" Apple. See Appel 

Applebaum Max, tailor, 504^ Sixth 

Applegate F. E. Jr., r. 510 Geary 

Applejfate .T.Henry Jr., mining secretary, 320 

Sansome, room 43, r. 510 Geary 
Applegate John J„ soap dealer, 402 Front, r. 1615 

Applegate Josiali H., attorney at law, office 729 

Montgomery, room 2, r. The Baldwin 
Applegate T. H., r. 1035 Market 
Appo J. B., porter P. C. SS. Aucon 
Apt Maggie, domestic, 2302 California 
Apted Walter, solicitor Henry Boese, r. 118 FranciBCo 
.\quillon C. F.. French Ben. Soc, 51 Jackson 
Arabarco Pierre. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arabian Coffee Mills, Hills Brothers proptrs, 

12 Fourth 
Arata Andrea, clerk Arata & Guinasso, r. 801 Bush 
Arata Andrew (Lavezzo & Arata) r. 5113^ Fourth 
Arata Angelo, r 401 Pacific 
Arata Angelo, bootblack, E s Liedesdorff, bet Pine and 

California, r. 1510 Dupont 
Arata Angelo, bootblack r. 14 Union PI 
Arata Angelo, peddler, r. 431 Vallejo 
Arata Enrico, with Pac. Vinegar and Pickle Works 
Arata F. k Co. (Francisco Arata) livery stable, 421 

Arata Felice, Bersaglieri Soc, 025 Broadway 
Arata Francisco (F. Arata & Co.) r. 517 Greenwich 
Arata Francisco, liquor saloon, 526 Broadway 
Arata Giovanni, vegetables, 31 Colombo Market 
Arata Gio Battista, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Arata Giuseppe, bootblack, r. 513 Greenwich, rear 
Arata Joseph, cartman, r. 5 Maiden Lane 
Arata Louis (Arata & Casassa) r. 907 Steiner 
Arata Luigi, stableman, r. 420 Broadway 
Arata Maria, widow, r. 13 Jasper PI 
Arata Nicola, member Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Arata Paolo B., laborer S. F. Pioneer Woolen Factory, 

r. 2217 -- 

Arata Paul, vegetable dealer, r. 103 Vandewater 



Arata Seratiuo (Arata ^^ Guinasso) r. 801 Bush 
Arata Stefiauo, junk dealer, 1512 Stockton, r. G Hart- 
man PI 
Arata Stephen, bootblack, r. 1510 Dupont 
Arata & Casassa (Louis Arata and Domenico Casassa) 
produce and commission merchants,515-517 Davis 
Arata & Guinasso (Serafino Arata and Antonio Guin- 
asso) fruits and vegetables and produce, 801-803 
Arbelechi Bernaldo, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
.\rburua Michel, French Ben. Sic.,510 Jackson 
Arbogast Frederick, carpet layer Frank G Edwards, 

r. 930 Union 
Arcade House, Louis S. Starkweather proptr, 930 

Arcade Saloon, A. B. Broyer proptr, SW cor Mis- 
sion and Fourth 
Arcade Tlie, J. J. O'Brien & Co. proptrs, 924-928 

Arcadia Operatic and Social Club, Saratoga Hall, 818 

Arcadian Club Rooms, 211 Sutter 
Archambeau J., conductor Clay St. RR., r. 1418 Hyde 
Archer Charles, musician, r. 403 Broadway 
Archer Charles H., machinist Tait & Hainqne, r. 417 

Archer Edward, coachman, r. 1112 Hyde 
Archer Edward, cook, r. 139 Natoma 
-Archer James, machinist P. M. SS. Co., First and 

Archer Jennie Miss, r. 919 Folsom 
Archer John, teamster, r. 919 Folsom 
Archer William, machinist .S:tna Iron Works, r. 919 

Archer William Jr., molder, r. 919 Folsom 
Archibald Arthur W., foreman Record Livery Stable, 

r. 1129 Market 
Archibald George W., apothecary Wakelee & Co., r. 

945 Mission 
.\rchibald James W., iron molder, r. 987 Harrison 
Archibald Jennie A. Miss, dressmaker, r. 721 Shotwell 
.\rchibald John Jlrs., widow, r. 1312 Powell 
ArchibaldMargaretE. Miss, seamstress, r. 939 Valencia 

509, 5 I I 
Market St. 


Delericrs Pernetual HAY PRESSES 


FlTliTOX IROSr MORKS, aao Fremont street. 

Manufacturers of Sagrar :mili>, Vaeuniu Pani%, Et 




Ax-fliibalcl P. L., «& Co. (Prescott L. Archibald) 
proptis Record Livery and Sale Stables, 1129 Mar- 
Archibald Prescott L. (P. L. Archibald & Co.) r. 100 

Architectural Iron Works, O'Connell & Lewis proptrs, 

230-236 Steuart 
Arctic Ice Co., John W. Pew secretary and treasurer, 

office 310 Pine, room 15 
Arctic Oil IVorks, Josiah N. Knowles manager, 

E. L. Griffith secretary, office 28 California 
Arctic Packiiia: Co., H. F. Fortmanu secretary, 

office 323 Front 
Ardagh W. F., r. 816 Sutter 
Ardantz Bernat, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Ardery Joseph, carriagemaker, r. 503 J<; Natoma 
Ardizvis Elvezia, r. 1404 Dupont 
Ardizzi Benjamin, French Ben. Soc, 520 Jackson 
Ardouiu J. H., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arees Jean, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arellano Bernard, wireworker. r. 1006 Pacific 
Arellano Isabel Miss, milliner, r. 1006 Pacific 
Arellano John, leadworker, r. 1006 Pacific 
Arellano Manrs, carpenter, r. 1616 Dupont 
Arena Arthur, druggist's clerk, r. 105 Stockton 
Arena David, r. 105 Stockton 
Arena Peter, waiter Casino, Golden Gate Park 
Arendt Edward, upholsterer S. P. RR., r. Alameda 
Arena John, upholbterer, r. 533 Fifteenth 
Arensberg Hermann, physician, r. 31 Rausch 
Arenson Martin, r. 911 Bartlett 
Arents Edward, clerk, r. 5 Dawson Pi 
Ares Ramoua, shirtmaker, r. 9 Salmon 
Arey Henry, galvanizer, r. 813 Howard 
Arey R. B. Mrs., r. 1015 Lyons 
Arey Walter W., clerk Bandmann, Nielsen & Co., r. 

2225 California 
Arff Frederick, seaman, r. New Hansa Hotel 
Arfaten Knudt E., cabinetmaker J. Kemp & Co., r. 

Argall John, machinist, r. 630 Golden Gate Av 
Argeuta Mining Co. (Elko Co., Nev.) E. M. Hall sec- 
retary, 20 S. F. Stock and E.\change Bldg 
Argenti Frank, clerk John H. Dawson, r. 2940 Mis- 
Argeuti Jerome J. B., clerk W. M. Searby, r. 2940 

Argenti Tullio. marble cutter, r. 2940 Mission 
Argenti Tullio Jr.. blacksmith P. W. Commins, r. 

2910 Missicm 
Argonaut Mining Co. (Globe District, A. T.) Joseph 

Pentecost secretary, office 702 Market 
AvgoiiJiut Publishiiif; Co., F. M. Pixley presi- 
dent, Jerome A. Hart secretary, A. P Stanton bus- 
iness manager, i^ublishers and proiirietors The 
Argonaut, 213 Dupont 
Arg'onaut The (weekly) Argonaut Publishing Co. 

puV)lisliers and proprietors, 213 Dupont 
Argiiello A lbcr,flule8nian Noriega Bros., r. 113Stockton 
Argiiello Conception Miss, r. 1911 Bvisix 
Ariani Amabiliii. Bersaglieri Soc. 625 Broadway 
Ariaui Santi, liquor saloon, 894 Front, r. 331)^ Vallejo 
Arias Henry, candymaker Hlrschfeld & Saroni, r. 879 

Arica Bernardo, laborer, r. 1407 Kearny, rear 
Arighi Giovanni, vegetables, 71 Colombo Market 
Arillano Bernard, wire worker Cal. Wire Works, r. 

82fiJ<5 Pacific 
Arioii Ilulle, Henry Grimm proprietor, NE cor 

Kearny and Sutter 
Arion House, Fred. Huber proptr, 13-15 Page 
Arislia Jose M., French Ben Soc, 510 Jackson 
AristideGustav, <'ook, r. IC^ Hunt 
Arizona Block, SW cor Market and Main 
Arizona Hotel, Adolph Classen proprietor, 11-13 

Arjo Manuol, salesman G. Venard, r. 1.36 Lombard 
Arkison James I)., cutter Clinrlos Lyons, r. Oakland 
Arl Joseph, uslierTlvoli Opera House, r. 5 Burcham PI 
Arling Isaac S., stableman N. B. and M. RR., r. 2731 

Arlington House, Mrs. W. H. Brown proptr, 127 

Armsger Charles W., sergeant police, r. 927 X Post 
Arman Edward, cook, r. 263 East 
Armaud Adolphe M. , bookkeeper and casbier Abend 

Post, r. 2620 Sutter 
Armand August, r. 1513 Powell 
Armaud Celine Mine., dressmaker, r. 1613 Powell 
Armaud Franquelain. compositor, r. 31 John 

Armand Lionis, teacher French, Latin and Grc 

Sykes' Academy of Languages, 37 Post 
Armand William, drug clerk, r. 14 Hopeton Terr 
Armaniuo G. Batta, scavenger, r. 14 Union PI 
Armbruster B. Mrs., lodgings, 118 Dupont 
Armbruster D. Mrs., widow, r. 11 Hickory Av 
Armbruster Daniel, clerk Louis Hartter, r. 11 Hil 

ory Av 
Armbruster Julius, engraver Geo. C. Shreve & Co 

1622 Jackson 
Armbruster Soj)hia, widow, r. 161 Shipley 
Armel Thomas, laundryman S. F. Laundry 
Armenachis Basilios, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jack 
Armer Andrew M., bookkeeper S. B. Dinkelspi<: 

Co., r. 1424 Bush 
Armer Benjamin, shipping clerk M. Armer & Co 

1424 Bush 
Armer Herman, traveling salesman M. Armer & 

r. 1611 Polk 
Armer Joseph L., bookkeeper M. Armer & Co., r. 

Arnter M. & Co. (Max Armer) manufactui 

cigars and dealers tobacco, 306-308 Sacrament^ 
Armer Max (M. Armer & Co.) r. 1424 Bush j 

Armes Charles W., with Armes & Dallam, r. Oak), 
Armes Edgar C, r. 1313 California 
Armes Edward, laundryman S. F. Laundry 
Armes George W. (Armes & Dallam) r. Oakland 
Armes William, with Armes & Dallam, 230 Front 
Armes A Dallam (George W. Armes and Ricl! 

B. Dallam) importers and jobbers wooden 

willow ware, wrapping papers, twines, chu 

etc., 226-230-332 Front, cor Sacramento 
l^'Armes. See Arms 

Armiger Thomas H., teamster, r. 314 Beale 
Armiugton Edward J., foreman Spirit of Time 

909 Bush 
Armington Edward R., merchant tailor, 119 O'Far- 

r. 909 Bush 
Armisseu O., draftsman Risdon I. and L. Works 
.\rmi8tead H. V., medical student, r. 1811 Duponi i 
Armitage John (Branson, Armitage & Co.) r. 1008 

.Armitage Joseph, painter, r. 1008 McAllister 
Armitage T. W., clerk local freight office C. P. RII 

939 Howard 
Armitage William H.. draftsman W. F. Smith, 

Armknecht Louis, blacksmith Natonal Iron Worl > 

546 Tehama 

Armoniuo (iiovanni. Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broac 
Armonino Pictro, Garabaldi Guard, 423 Broadwaj. 
Armor George, cook, r. 417 Minna 
Armour William, cook, r. 641 Washington 
Arms Carl, waiter, r. 242 Jessie 
Armsby J. K. & Co. (J. K. Armsby, John M. Waite 

Henry Newton) commission merchants (Chic. 

office 318 Front 
Armsby J. K. {J. K. Armsby & Co.) r. Chicago 
Armstrong Albert M., teacher. 318 Montgomery, 1 1 

Armstrong Amelia H. Miss, r. 732 Bush 
Armstrong Andrew, steward Currau & Pool; 

Franklin Hotel 
Armstrong Andrew, waiter, r. Concordia Hote) i 

Armstrong Angel, miller Pioneer White Lead W 

r. 675 Mission 
Armstrong C. C. Mrs., r. 732 Bush 
Armstrong Charles F., cooper, r. 509 Seventh 
Armstrong D., canvasser, r. 13 Willow Av 
Armstrong Dennis, salesman, r. 912 Ellis, rear 
Armstrong E. I. Mrs., r. 1437 Pine 
Armstrong F. L., <lrafl8man, r. 401 Oak 
Armstrong Frank, drayman, r. 630 Branuan 
Armstrong George, bookkeeper, r. 2734 Bryant 
Armstrong George, clerk Timmermau & Uom • 

2734 Bryant Av 
Armstrong George, liquor saloon, 1127 Market 
Armstrong George F., carriage painter, r. 1001 Tw 

Armstrong George B., bookkeeper A. J. Leary, 

Armstrong Henry, house painter, r. S s Randa 

Armstrong Henry, seaman, r. 457 Jessie 
Armstrong Herbert G., bookkeeper John L. 

strong, r. 812 Grove 
Armstrong J., farmer, r. Capitol House 
Armstrong J., laborer, r. 18 Rondel PI 







rni-trug James, ice mnfr, r. SW cor Bryaut Av and 

' •ua James, r. 2811 Harrison 

long James, melter U. S. Mint, i^ 1913 Filbert 

!'ii^' James, theatrical agent, r. 97 Montf^omery 

■oug James T. (J. T. Armstrong & Co.) r. 250 

: iig Jennie Miss, r. 2012 Broadway 
iig J. L., laborer P. M. SS. Co. 
. iiMioLig John, clerk, r. 434 Jessie 
.,TiuBtroug John, cooper, r. G Derby 
[jtmstrong John, cooper Rudolph Armstrong, r. 118^ 
I Washington 

f'uistrciug John, laborer, r. 511 Mission 
! ! - ( M .ng John, laborer, r. 20 Otis PI 
iig John, tailor, r. 64 Jo Everett 
! ng John L., stockbroker, 318 Montgomery, r. 

I ; rove 
I ng John W., cook Sanders Hotel 

aig Joseph, helper U. S. Mint, r. 1913 Filbert 
; >ngJ.R. delivery clerk P. M. SS. Co.'s Wharf, 
. 1.') Bryant 
■ng J. T. & Oo. (James T. Armstrong and 
iiisRoss) coal oil and lamps, 627 Kearny 
! "ug Kate Mrs., saleslady Schoenholz Bros. & 
' . r. SE cor Bush and Devisadero 
■ng KateB. Miss, r. 1437 Pine 
; iig Lucy A., widow, furnished rooms, 923 

: nt,' Mary, r. 64 3^ Everett 
~ r iig Mary T., dressmaker, r. 702 Ellis 
' ng M. J. Miss, dressmaker, r. 131 Post 
ng M. Jennie Miss, with Joseph Hutchinson, 

ng Nellie Miss, assistant Hayes Valley Gram- 
.1 Sihool, r. 812 Grove 

■ ng Richard (Young & Armstrong) r. 2329 

r ng Richard B., clerk, r. 1437 Pine 
ng Robert, r. 109 Fifth 

ng Robert B., clerk Redington & Co., r. 602 
ven worth 

ng Robert H., seaman, r. 106 Steuart 
. I (long Ritdolnli, cooperage, 221 Main and 
' "ri-gou, r. 1023 Hampshire 
ng Samuel C. (Armstrong & Schmitt) r. 564 

■ :int 

■ng Samuel M., salesman WIester & Co., r. 688 

ng Samuel P. Mrs., widow, r. 203 Bartlett 
1 m^jronjr Tliomasi C, Haywards, San Leandro 
Qd San Lorenzo Express, 3 Commercial, r. Hay- 
■"' I 

g Thomas H., foreman Porter, Slessinger & 
r. ua Sherman 
_ Thomas L., foreman Clot & Meese,r. 401 Oak 
g Truman B., tinsmith Holbrook, Merrill & 

1723 Leavenworth 
g W. H., contractor, r. Winchester House 
g William (Armstrong & Son) r. 302 Capp 
■ng William, carpenter, r. 1525}^ Poet 
ng William, clerk Headquarters Division of 
flc, Presidio Reservation, r. 2130 Union 
ng William, corporal police, r. 7 Bagley PI 

g William, engineer, r. 1603 Dolores 
ng William, patternmaker, r. 44 Third 
rong William F. (Armstrong & Son) r. 302 Capp 
strong William G., compositor, r. 1437 Pine 
strong William H., night watchman New City 
Hall. r. 1923 Fillmore 

trong William H. Jr., apprentice Fulton Iron 
Works, r. 44 Third 

strong William J., salesman O'Connor, Moffatt & 
Co., r. 20(i Powell 

istrong Will^m W., accountant Hutchinson & 
Mann, r. 238 Golden Gate Av 
iBtrong Z., lawBtudent, r. 709 Taylor 
nstroiij; & Sclunltt (Samuel C. Armstrong 
and Edward A. Schmitt) hatters, 726 Market 
istrong & Son (William and William F.) grainers, 
302 Capp 

aboldi Angelo, cabinetmaker West Coast Furniture 
',iiili|Co., r. 621 Broadway 

■Iz Alonzo, blacksmith J. L. Cobleigh, r. 1925 

^IRNAUD albert .« 
il dealer wines and Ii<iuorg, NW cor 
Post and Dnpont, r. 30$ Stockton 

Arnaud Auguste, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arnaud C. F., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arnaud Jean Bruno, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arnaud Matilde, widow, dressmaker, 1028 Pacific 
Arnaud Pierre, boxmaker Pac. Box Factory, r. 12 

Arnberger Frank, musician, r. 2 Moulton PI 
Arnberger Frank Jr., clerk, r. 2 Moulton PI 
Arnberger Theodore, pressman, r. 2 Moulton PI 
Arndt William R., laborer American Sugar Refinery, 

r. 29 Alta 
Arneson Heurikke, widow, ladies nurse, r, 1917 Hyde 
Aruest Sebastian, bargeman N. P. C. RR., r. 135 Na- 

Arnett Nathaniel H., driver Hose No. 5, S. F. F. D., r. 

23 Fell 
K^ Arnett. See Aruolt 
Arnheim Gustave S., salesman, r. 8 Steuart 
Arnheim Herman S., accountant, r. 8 Steuart 
Arnheim Julius S., apothecary, 8 Steuart 
Arnheim Samuel S., varieties, 8 Steuart 
Arnheim William S., jeweler ,8 Steuart, r. 2740 Folsom 
Arnholdt Benjamin, with Louis Sloss & Co., r. 1208 

Arnhold Hugo, salesman Lilienthal & Co.. r. 1208 

Arnold Agnes J. teacher music, r. 425 Third 
Arnold Alexander S., inspector of bags E. Detrick & 

Co., 314 Thirteenth 
Arnold Alice, dressmaker, r. 737 Market 
Arnold Amanda Mrs., r. 326 Pacific 
Arnold Amos D., actor, r. 411 Minna 
Arnold Anna, widow, r. 1711 H Jones 
Arnold Austin, cashier Hawley Bros. Hardware Co., 

r. 413 Van Ness Av 
Arnold Beujaniin E., proptr Valencia Packing 

House and wholesole butcher, Yazoo, bet Manila 

and St. Thomas, r. 794 Twenty-fourth 
Arnold Brothers (Cyrus M. Arnold) real estate 

agents, 207 Kearny 
Arnold Caspar, hatter C. Herrmann & Co., 336 Kearny 


CHAMPAaNE. °"n°^!ir 

Arnold Charles, tanner Anton Krieg, r. San Bruno 

Arnold Charles M., carpenter, r. 1427 Pacific 

Arnold Charles S., clerk N. S. Arnold & Co., r. 516 
Van Ness Av 

Arnold Charles W., secretary E. B. Perrin, r. 120 Ful- 

Arnold Cyrus M. (Arnold Brothers) and president 
Safety Fund Ben. Assn, r. 515 }<J Valencia 

Arnold Daniel B., carpenter, 1703 Polk 

Arnold David E. , machinist, r. 253 Octavia 

Arnold Edson C, bookkeeper B. E. Arnold, r. 1322 

Arnold Edward H., milkman, r. 1045 Eighteenth 

Arnold E. J. Mrs., r. 1027 Mission 

Arnold Elizabeth Mrs., r. 8 Octavia 

Arnold Emily, widow, r. 1 Delgado PI 

Arnold Einma Mrs., teacher Silver St. Kindergarten, 
r. 40 Perry 

Arnold Ferdinand D.. letter carrier Station C Post 
Office, r. 945 Twentieth 

Arnold F. K., capitalist, ofllce 17-19 Sansome 

Arnold Florence (Arnold & Rellly) r. 12 Mason 

Arnold Florence A. Mrs., decorative Art Rooms, 1625 

Arnold Francis W.. cooperage, 2 Chambers, r. 623 Oc- 

Arnold Frank, actor, r. 737 Market 

Arnold Frank, fireman, r. 41 Pacific 

Arnold Frank, milker, r. Helvetia Hotel 

Arnold Frederick R., pressman Francis, Valentine & 
Co., r. West Oakland 

Arnold Freeman C, painter John Center, r. 731 Six- 

Arnold George, tanner, r. 15 Vi Boardman PI 

Arnold Geor^fe H.. manager Occidental Hotel, 
E 8 Montgomery, from Sutter to Bush 

Arnold George W., boxmaker, r. 487 Brannan 

Arnold Gold and Silver Mining Co. (Mohave Co., A. 
T.) A. Judion secretary, 320 Sansoma, room .52 

Arnold Gottlieb, meat market, W s Church, nr Twen- 

Arnold Harry B., clerk T. J. French, r. 2335 Mission 

tf .W.CLARK & CO. ^^■!PSE^»P 645 MARKETS!. 


J. & P. COATS' 

Best Six Cor<l 





Arnold Henry A., with Thomas H. Selby & Co., r. 18 

Albion Av 
Arnold Henry J., clerk, r. i Vallejo PI 
Arnold James, upholsterer J. M. Bonacina, r. 1 Del- 

gado PI 
Arnold Johanna Miss, r. 10 San Antonio 
Arnold John C, theatrical manager, r. 514 Bush 
Arnold John F., conductor Clay St. RK., r. 1503 Leav- 
Arnold John F., salesman Nolan Bros., r. 523 Octavia 
Arnold Joseph, actor, r. St. George's Hotel 
Arnold Joseph, coal dealer, 3;« Third, r. 331 Third 
Arnold Joseph W., boxmaker Hobbs, Wall & Co., r. 

487 Braunan 
Arnold Martin, restaurant, 417 Pine 
Arnold Mary H. Miss, dressmaker, r. 1 Delgado PI 
Arnold Matthew, superinteude nt Union Iron Works, r. 

670 Harrison 
Arnold M. E. Mrs., principal Silver Street Kinder- 
garten , r. 40 Perry 
Arnold Michael, teamster, r. 727 Clementina 
Arnold Nettie Miss, r. 8 Octavia 
Arnold Noah S. (N. S. Arnold & Co.) r. 514 Van Ness Av 
Arnold N. S. & Co. (Noah S. Arnold) hardware 

commission merchants and manufacturers' agents 

and agents Powcllton Coal Co., 109 California and 

23 Davis 
Arnold Otto, clerk London and S. F. Bank, r. 719 Sutter 
Arnold Philip A., cook Central Hotel, r. 217 Broadway 
Arnold Kichard. stonemason, r. 425 Third 
Arnold Rufus W., teamster, r. 2022 Folsom 
Arnold Thomas C. traveling agent, r. 1912 Pierce 
Arnold Thomas P. J., driver Hose No. 3, S. F. F. 

Dept, r. 2517 Folsom 
Arnold Uriah K., bookkeeper Greeuebaum, Sachs & 

Freeman, r. Lick House 
Arnold William, r. 418 Union 
Arnold William, tanner, r. I.tJ^ Boardman PI 
Arnold William G., clerk William A. Searles, r. 2335 

Arnold William H., machinist W. B. Wilshire & Co., 

r. 803 JiS Market 
Arnold William S., printer H. S. Crocker & Co., r. 

075 Mission 
Arnold William T., photographic printer, r. 1027 Mis- 
Arnold W. L., r. 1037 Golden Gate Av 
Arnold & Reilly (Florence Arnold and Mary J.Keilly) 

furnished rooms, 12 Mason 
B^"Aruoit. See Arnett 

Arnoux Louis, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arnstein Eugene, banker, r. 417 Mason 
Arnstein Ludwig (Steiu, Simon k Co.) r. 1706 Geary 
Aron Leopold, fresco painter, r. 14}(S Harriet 
Aronsohn C. Mrs., widow, r. 3 Monroe 
Aronsobn Martin, r. 3 Monroe 
Aronsohn Sigmund, agent Chicago Bottling Co., r. 3 

Aronsohn Simon (Aronsohn & Co.) r. 513 Stevenson 
Aronsohn & Co. (S. Aronsohn and George Kestel) 

fruits, 3 Sixth 
Aronson Abraham, cigar dealer, r. 438 Union 
ArouHon Abraham, furniture and carpets, 1322-1324 

Stockton, r.746 Vallejo 
Aronson David, r. 524 Stevenson 
Aronson G. & Co. (George Aronson) loan office, 12G 

Kearny, room 9 
Aronson George ((i. Aronson & Co.) r. DISX- Sutter 
Aronson Julius, clerk, r. 18 Prospect PI 
Aronson Leon, chik Brown Bros, k Co., r. 1900 Bush 
Aronson Philip N. (B. Blumeuthal &Co.) r. 1507 Scott 
AroiiHtein Adoliili, pUysiciau, ofllce 200 Kearny, 

r. 520 Jones, ofhce hours 12 m. to 1:30 p. va 
Arouse Eli, laborer, r. 122 Trenton 
Arpa Domenico, bootblack, SW cor California and 

Battery, r. 722 Pacilic 
Arper Albert D.. machine hand W. B. Bradbury, r. 

East Oakland 
Arraiublde B. John, cattle raisir, r. 1011 Buchanan 
Arreguy Martin, French B( n. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arrevillaga Jlartln, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arrighi Giovanni, Bersaglleri Soc, 025 Broadwav 
Arrighl Sennr, clerk G. Martini, r. NE cor Post and 

Arrigira Francisco, r. 835 Broadway 
Arrilagu Santiago, teacher music, r. 2315 Jackson 

61 Merchant's Exchange 
Arrington Nicholas T., bookkeeper, r. 10 Hopeton 
Arrington Nicholas O., commission and bond broker, 


Arrington William B., with A. L. Bancroft & Co 

51 Merchant's Exchange 
Arriola Elizabeth, widow, r. 1519 Mason 
Arriola Marie,, widow, r. 1318 Dupont 
Arriola Virginia Miss, teacher music, r. 1519 Mas( 
Arroll William, engineer Sutter St. RR., r. 11 

Arrowsmith John, laborer P. M. SS. Wharf, r. 

Arsenal Exchange Saloon, Julius Win 

proptr. NE cor New Montgomery and Howard 
Arsilia Urbano, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Art Association of San Francisco, rooms 

Arta Benjamin, laborer Pioneer Woolen Mills, r. 

Arteche Frank, sawyer Union Boi Factory, r. 

Arthur Charles S., freight clerk P. M. SS. Co., r. 

Arthur D. B. (Doyle & Arthur) r. Alameda 
Arthur E. S. Mrs., widow, r. 300 Braunan 
Arthur George, barber George L. Smith, r. 232 Ml 
Arthur Stephen E. (Arthur & Wood) r. 302 Fourt 
Arthur W.. carpenter, r. 507 Minna 
Arthur & Wood (Stephen E. .\ithur and James W< 

liquor sahion, 311 Fourth 
Artie Ice Co., John W. Pew secretary, 10 Front 
Artigues E. & Co., (Eniil. Jean and Louis) tripe, 

14 S. F. Market, 18 Bay City Market and 

Thomas, nr Railroad Av 
Artigues Emil (A. Artigues & Co.) r. 207 Valencia 
Artigues Jean (E. Artigues & Co.) r. 517 Bryant 
Artigues Joseph E'., Custom House clerk John g 

nier & Co., r 550 Bryant 
Artigues Louis (E. Artigues & Co.) r. 550 Bryant i 
Artigues Marius, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Artis Dennis, whitewasher, r. 208 Jessie 
Arvolous Manuela, widow, r. 837 Broadway 
Arx Y. V.., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Arzberger Henry, wool sorter, r. 119 Park Av 
Arzberger Martin, painter, r. 119 Park Av 
Asal Adolf, brush manufacturer. 1147."^ Mission 
Asbestos Boiler Covering Co., E. A. Millard agent 

Asbury P. I. Mrs., widow, r. 120 Liberty 
Asch Aaron, barber, r. 26 Oak Grove Av 
Asch Benjamin, t'opyist Recorder's Office, r. 351: 

Asch Isaac, barber, 215 Sixth, r. 20 Oak Grove A^' 
Asch Isidore, cigars and tobacco, 5 Dupont, n 

Asch Simon, clerk Newman & Freud, r. 26 Oak fl 

Asch Wolft". cigars, 215 Sixth, r. 20 Oak Grove Aw 

ASCHE T. HENRY c, .„., 

perfect fittiii^r ki<l jfluves, 3 Keo;) 
aiKl 10 G<-ary, r. Itrooklyn, X. V. 

Ascheck Henry F., stone oittcr. r. 11 Beidenian 
Aschen Henry C, clerk John W.Tamm, r.572 llo 
Aschermau Joseph E., salesman Newman & Levlli 

r. cor. Bush and Dupont 
Aschersohn Emil. r. 538 Jessie 
Aschheim A., clerk Neustadter Bros., r. 1313 Qovi 
Aschmann William A., porter F. Martens & Co., ii 

ftj*^ Asihmann. See Ashman 
Ascrcift Henry, receiver Geary St. RR., r. 1828 Bv 
Ash Alfred, bakery, 733 O'FarreM 
Ash Clara, widow, r. 128 Fell 
Ash David, stationery and fancy goods, 142 Eddy> 
Ash Elizabeth, widow, r. 317 Valley 
Ash Estella, glovemaker, r. 100 M Clara 
Ash Gregory, laborer, r. 302 Eighteenth 
Ash Henry, tlusinith, r. IGOk^ Clara 
Ash Lena Miss. r. 411 Filbert 
Ash liCo, insurance agent, r. .')02 Eddy 
Ash Mnrv, widow, r. 204 ,'« Fifth 
Ash Matthew, bartender John E. Richards, r 

Thirtieth and Mission 
Ash Peter, laborer, r. 551 Minna 
Ash Robert, attorney at law, 601 California, j 

Ash William, r. 813 O'Farrell 
Ash William H.. clerk J. J. O'Brien & Co,, r. 142. 
1^" Ash. See Asch and Ashe 
Ashard F., millhand Watson, Miller & Co.,; 

Ashburncr Wtlliam, r. 1014 Pine 


A SPECIALTY. Office. 33 Geary Slit 


Iin|>orl<>r» of niid DouIorH In all kindH of FOREION and 
I>4»9IKNTIC COAI^. 41 Dlarkft Stret't^ <-oi'nor N|M-ar. 




hbyElishaW., attoruey at law, office 838 Market, 

r. 4t;i Natoma 
hby Henry J., coachman, 808 Bush 
3liby Mark T., secretary Gover Mill and Mining Co., 

otVue 402 Front, r. North Temescal 
~h, William, r. 1401 Powell 

ft William H., student Pac. Business College, 
.. I:i07 Vallejo 
ol.Uuuii Archibald, bookkeeper Malter, Llnd & Co., 
, r, '.117 Sutter 

ijthtlinvn John, piano tuner, r. ii Third 
(iMidowij John Jr., pianomaker, r. 44 Third 
Jihc 0. L. Mrs., widow, r. 2315 Sacramento 
Mil' Johanna, domestic, 2130 Howard 
ilic Patrick, porter, r. 652 Natoma 
■>hc K. Porter, attorney at law, r. W s Van Ness Av, 

bf t Sacramento and Clay 
■ihe \V. L., r. 2315 Sacramento 
. .*" Ashe. See Asch and Ash 
^heiiii Michael, shipping clerk M. Banner & Co., r. 

47 Rues 
btiiii Samuel, salesman F. Toplitzfe Co., r. 47Russ 
« honbaek George, cigar maker, r. Franklin Hotel 
' • It. Iter Andrew, porter W. Loaiza,r. 563)^ Minna 
■'Iter Emma, widow, r. 563}^ Minna 
: Mixauder B., policeman, r. 217 Fair Oaks 
ii. I Aslier F., gents' furnishing goods, 303 Dupont, 
i. r. 1596 Bush 

,mer Charles L., r. 417 Kearny 
:j|[her Coleman, merchant, r. 1217 Polk 
■ Bher Daniel, clerk Asher F. Asher, r. 159G Bush 
jjjtoer Frances Miss, r. ir>9C> Bush 
, Iher Maurice L. , liquor saloon and cigars, 1021-1027 
;| Larkin, r. 1217 Polk 
T"-fr Samuel, glazier, r. 5203^ Sixth 

-■inion (.Asher & Co.) r. 107 Trenton 
^\ iiiiam, salesman Davis Bros., r. 1.'596 Bush 
V <,'o. (Simon .\sher and Hyman Smith) oil suit 
tis, 325 Davis 

n Emil, collector The Hebrew Observer, r. 
^ U'ssie « 

I Charles W.. agent West Publishing Co. of St. 
il. -Minn., 508 Montgomery, r. 310 Fell 
i William, watchman, r. NW cor Kailroad Av 
! St. Thomas 

' .lorge. clerk Post Office, r. 816 Sutter 
M. A. Mrs., r. 816 Sutter 

Solomon, cigars and tobacco, 206 Montgomery, 
111 Sutter 

i:.L., r. 1142 Howard 
•'■'hn, pantryman International Hotel 
I. uoiu^W., painter E. H. Gadsby, r. 862 Mis- 
~i II 
♦ill y Ward H., bookkeeper, r. 120 Sutter 
,MU y W. H. Mrs., dressmaker, 120 Sutter, room 51 
limiiii John, teamster, r. S s Twenty-first, nr Eureka 
fiman William, teamster, r. Ss Twenty-first, nr Eu- 

|man William H., stevedore, r. 124 Silver 
' 'Ashman. See Aschmann 

° imead E. R. Miss, assistant Noe and Temple St. 
'' Primary School, r. Bryant Av, bet Mariposa and 
■^ Solano 

imead Gustave S., carpenter, 41 Sacramento, r. 
,., Bryant Av, bet Mariposa and Solano 
^' ' imore C, r. 523 Kearny 

imore William E., oysterman Frank Gobey, r. 523 
fttenhaj^en Richard, upholsterer, r. 5!< Oak 
'' lltfMi CUarles, real estate and insurance agent, 
40'.i Montgomery, r. Baden, San Mateo Co. 
ton George F., special agent and adjuster Jen- 
ings & Stlllman, 317 California, r. 1517 Jackson 
ton George H., clerk Smith & Snow, r. Alameda 
worth Charles H, carpenter Brown & Rogers, r. 
*" Sanchez, -bet Army and Twenty-seventh 
iwortli Thomas, capitalist and Supervisor 
Twelfth Ward, r. 8(m; McAllister 

hoen Robert Shields,teacher|language8 and math- 
ematics, r. 736 Geary 
iksen Peter, seaman, r. Bay Street House 
»annA.,fancy groceries, 60-70 California Market, 
r. 1903 Fillmore 

lann William, clerk A. Asmann, r. 5 Ewer PI 
lus John, laborer National Flour Mills, r. 1529 

lus John, farmer, r. Mission Road and Russia Av 
mssen George, wood, coal and feed, 2813 Mission 

Asmussen Jordan, cabinetmaker, r. 3 Grant Alley 

Asmussen W. A. Mrs., dry goods, 401 Eighth 

Asmussen William, generator Central Gas Works, r. 
cor Francisco and Fillmore 

Asmussen William, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. NE 
cor Twenty-sixth and Shotwell 

Asmussen William A., groceries and liquors, NW cor 
Eighth and Bryant, r. 401 Eighth 

Aspden George, blacksmith, 14 Howard, r.418 First 

Aspden Matthias, blacksmith, r. 418 First 

Aspelin Carl, cigars and tobacco, SE cor Washington 
and Sansome, r. 435 M Shipley 

Asptialtuin and Mastic Roofing: Co., George 
I Duncan & Co. propretors, ().52 Market 
I Aspland Peter, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 
j Assalino Nicholi, tailor R. Drought, r. Salmon, bet 
Jackson and 13roadway 

Assalino Salvatore, cook Venaglia & Blteau, r. Twen- 
I ty-seventh, bet Harrison and Folsom 

Assanger Elizabeth Miss, r. 20 Harlan PI 

Assel Pierre, cook, r. 227 Second 
i Asselin Charles, Spanish Ben. Soc, 413 Sacramento 

Asselin John, carpenter Enterprise Mill 

Assenti Basilio, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 

Assessor City and County, new City Hall, first 

Assion Henry, tailor, r. 822 Filbert 

Assion Joseph, tailor, 205 Montgomery, r. 348 Third 

Associated Press, A. Richardson agent, 302 Montgom- 
ery, room 33 

Associated Veterans of the Mexican War, 516 Bryant 

Ast Louis E., barber, 434 Montgomery, r. 3 Bartol 

Astbury John, dry goods, 104 Ninth 

Astell Henry, printer Francis, Valentine & Co., r. 239 

Aster George, bookbinder, r. 1141 Twenty-first 

Asti Charles, S. J., St. Ignatius College, 214 Hayes 

Astin George P. Mrs., r. 1806 Jessie 

Aston James L., plumber, r. 411 Tenth 

Aston Sarah, widow, r. 411 Tenth 

Astor Block, 031 Sacramento 

A'stor House, Adolph D. Segelke proptr, 622 Pine 





Astorg Alphoiise, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Astorg Marcelin, butcher, 154 First, r. .507 Mission 
Astredo Anthony, liquor saloon, SE cor Stockton and 

O'Farrell, r. 914 Vallejo 
Atcliinson B. M. & Co. (Edward L. Cutten and 

Mrs. C. M. Atchinson) dairy produce and provi- 
sions, 16-17-28-30 Cmtre JMarket 
Atchinson C. M. Mrs. (B. M. Atchinson & Co.) r. East 

Atchinson J. R., machinist Pac. Iron Works 
Atcliison, Topeku and Santa Fe Railroad, 

John L. Triislow general agent. 4 New Montgomery 
Atchisson John, carpenter, r. 1041) -Army 
Athanasiade Marco, peddler, r. 67 Everett 
.\thearn Ann. widow, r. 1011 Treat Av 
Athearn Charles G. (Athearn J« Co.) r. 1011 Treat Av 
Athearn Charles H., bookkeeper Athearn & Co.,r.l011 

Treat Av 
Athearn Frank, messenger Wells, Fargo & Co., r. 2916 

Athearn Joseph H. (Athearn * Co.) r. Oakland 
Athearn M. A. Mrs., bakery, 1038 Polk 
Athearn William, chief clerk colleclion dept. Wells, 

Fargo & Co., r. 2910 Sacramento 
Athearn & Co. (Charles G. and Joseph H. Athearn) 
I groceries, provisiousand shipstores, 54-66 Steuart 

Athenour Joseph, florist, r. 036 Pacific 
I Athtnoux Manus, French Ben. Soc. 510 Jackson 
I Atherden William C, druggist, r.SE cor Twenty-sixth 

and Mission 
! Atherly William, engineer, r. 625 Howard 
i Atherstone T. S., with Sieger Mnfg Co., r. Oakland 
I Atherton Dwight C, salesman Sanborn, Vail & Co., r. 
; cm Bush 

I Atherton F. D. Mrs., widow, r. 1950 California 
t Atilia Rosalin, r. 17 Hinckley 

j Atkins Albartis, carcleauer Market St. RR., r. 231 
! Sixth 

Atkins David, machinist Clay St. Hill RR. 
■ Atkins Joseph, machinist, r. 1016 Geary 
j Atkins Robert C. (Orr i Atkins) r. OOH Geary 
• Atkinson David, laundrj-man The Baldwin 



Hay, Hide, Hop, Wool, Rag and Orchilla Presses. 




Atkinson Edgar W., r. 371 Minna 

Atkinson Edward J., shademaker, r. 371 Minna 

Atkinson E. V., conductor Market St. RR. 

Atkinson F. J., printer Bulletin, r. 216 Third 

Atkinson Francis, stoker Engine No. 6, 8. F. F. Dept 

Atkinson George, boxmaker Union Box Factory, r. 

Atkinson George, clerk general freight oflace C. P. 
RR., r. East Oakland 

Atkinson George F., woodturner, 259 First, r. 10 

Atkinson Henry T., shipping clerk Union Box Fac- 
tory, r. Oakland 

Atkinson James Mrs., r. 133 Ninth 

Atkinson J. B., r. Palace Hotel 

Atkinson John M., harnessmaker Main & Winchester, 

r. 228 Bush 

Atkinson Nathan, real estate, 330 Pine, room 5, r. 803 
Golden Gate Av 

Atkinson Richard E., librarian Bar Assn Library, r. 
415 Mason 

Atkinson Rose H., widow, r. 371 Minna 

Atkinson T.,nullhand Cal. Barrel Co. 

Atkinson T. Mrs., r. 7 Langton 

Atkinson Thomas, r. 520 Seventh 

Atkinsen Thomas, apprentice, r. 7 Langton 

Atlunson TIiomHs T. «& Co. (Thomas T. Atkin- 
son) stockbrokers, 337 Pine 

Atkinson Thomas Thompson (Thomas T. Atkinson 
& Co., and Atkinson k Mayer) r. 1U10 Turk 

Atlciiisioit «& Mayer (Thomas T. Atkinson and 
Samuel J). Mayer) real estate and insurance 
agents, 337 Pine 

Atlantic Bonded and Free IVarelionses, 
Gilman& Danforth, proptrs, office 716-718 Battery 

Atlantic Consolidated Mining Co. (Lyon Co.,Nev.) 
David Wilder secretary, 328 Montgomery 

Atlantic Dynamite Co., Albert Dibblee presi- 
dent, L. B. Chapman secretary, office i Califor- 
nia, works Drakesville, N. Y. 

Atlantic Free Warelionse, Gilman & Danforth 
proptrs, SE cor Broadway and Battery 

Atlantic Giant Powder Co., othce 4 California 

Atlantic Straw Works, James M. Forrest proptr, 132 

Atlantic U. S. Bonded Warehouse, Gilman 
& Danforth proptrs, 71(;-7I8 Battery 

Atlas Iron Works, Joseph B. Jardine proptr, 135 

Atley William, clerk Frielander & Koch, r. 607 Lom- 

Atrin Bernard, steward schr Courser, r. 238 Steuart 

Attel Marks, watchmaker and jeweler. 255 Third 

Attell Seymour, tailor, 55 Third, r. 615 Geary 

Atthowe William C, purser stmr Constance, Cal. 
Transportation Co., r. 112JA Park Av 

Attinger Frederick, tailor, r. 7 Carlos PI 

Attinger Mary, widow, tailores.s, r. 60H Sacramento 

Attinger John, tailor, r. NEcorTwenty-fourtli andNoe 

Attorney City and County, new City Hall, 
third floor 

Attridge Arthur, foreman Cshn, Nickelsburg & Co., 
r. Noe, nr Fifteenth 

Attridge Edward, laborer, r. 1010 Filbert 

Attridge James Jr., porter Vallejo-St Bonded Ware- 
house, r. 2003 Leavenworth 

Attridge John, shoemaker, r. 2003 Leavenworth 

Attridge Lizzie, (loiiie.>^^tic 826 OTarrolI 

Attridge Maggie, domestic 1303 Gougli 

Attridge Thomas, housemover, r. Golden Gate Hotel 

Alt-\vood M«'lVllle, cons\ilt)ng mining engineer, 
402 Montgomery, rooms 29-31, r. Saiicelito 

Atwood Caroline L., assistuut Girls' High School, r. 
1511 Clay 

Atwood Charles, seaman, r. 1103 Broadway 

Atwood Edward G., grocer, r. 537 Shotwel'l 

Atwood EdwRrd H., clerk J. O. Low J« Co., r. East 

Atwood Ernest C, machiucst William T. Garratt, r. 3 
Lawrences PI 

Atwood George E., hay find grain dealer, r. 160 Perry 

Atwood George W., teimiHtcr, r. •^■>H^'(i Kitch, rear 

Atwood Jolin W., laborer, r. 624 Fniirtli 

Atwood William W. (Atwood ,\: Patten) r. Oakland 

Atwood and Patten (Williasii W. and Charjes I 
S. Patten) wood engravers, 411 'v Ciilifornla 

Atzeroth Frederick, groceries and li(iuors, wood and 
coal, cor Eddy and Buchanan, r. 1318 Eddy 

Aubert Albert,;BausoKe factory, 10 S.F. Market and 
732 Montgomery, r. 818 Broodway 

Aubert Edward, clerk, r. 818 Broadway 
Aubert Eugene, cook E. Ohlan, r. 61ii Pacific 
Aubert Felix, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Aubert Lucien J., entry clerk Psyot, Upham & Co 

1314 O'Farrell 
Aubert Paul L., r. 1314 O'Farrell 
Aubert Zenone, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Aubertin George, barber, r. 724 Brannan 
Auborn I., widow, r. Truesdell House 
Aubrey Charles, r. 261 Jersey 
Aubrey Charles, tinner G. & E. Snook, r. 2163^ O'Ef 

Aubrey Charles B., teamster William H. Rouse & ( 

r. 261 Jersey 

Aubrey Frank, teamster Roth & Co., r. 1334 Dupont 
Aubry Francis O.. furniture, 2609 Mission, r. E s Ch 

tanooga, ur Twenty-third 
Auburn Frank, machinist, r. 760 Folsom 
Audd Joseph, printer, r. 139 Fourth 
Aude Annie Mrs., r. 731 Pine 
Aude M. Miss, r. 731 Pine 
Audemard Emanuel, porter Eugene Thomas ^: Co. 

478 Tehama 
Audemard Jules P., clerk Eugene Thomas & Co. 

478 Tehama 
Audemard Mary, laundry, 470 Tehama 
Audequet Victor, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Auditor City and County, New City Hall, f 


Audureaud Antoinette Miss, laundress, r. 20 Allen: 
Auerbach Alfred (Auerback & Thompson) r. 912 Bl 

Auerbach Leopold, capitalist, 206 Sacramento, r. 1 

Auerbach k Thompson (Alfred Auerbach and Da: 

Thompson) proptrs Pacific Fringe Factory, 

Aufibolo Cietauo, steward Poodle Dog Restaurant 

445 Bush 
Aufrichtig Moritz, watchmaker and jewelei 

Sixth, r. 4^1 Grove 
Augenstein Ernest, jeweler Wenzel, Rothschild 

Hadenfeldt, r. Oakland 
Auger B. E., commission merchant, 409 Batterj 

826 Howard 
Auger Flora Mme, millinery, 621 Larkln 
Auger Lewis S., r. 8 Albion Av 
Auger Louis F., carpenter, r. 1327 Natoma 
August John, milkman, r. 216 Washington 
August Josephine, widow, r. 710 Vallejo 
Augustine M. B., salesman J. A. Folger & Co. 

Augustine Morris (Rosenbaum & Co.) i*. 23 Kenruj 
Augustine William (Oakes & .\ugustine) r. 3>i 1 

Augustiny Charles F., clerk Hinz & Landt, r. 

Augustiny John, butcher Roger H. Sayre, r. 

Elm Av 
Aukamp Charles, liquor saloon, junction Mission i 

Auld Cecelia, widow, r. 515 Folsom 
Auld James, r. 1907 Buchanan 
Auld John M., harness maker Main & Wincheste> 

214 Perry 
Auld Robert, engineer Sutter St. RR., r. E s Boyce 

Auld Royal I., postal clerk U. S. Railway!' 

Service, r. Oakland 
Auld William P., salesman, r. 515 Folsom 
Aulhcman Antone, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Aulix George, milker Louis Renner, W s Mission 

Onondago Av 
Aull John, laborer, r. Wayne and Courtlaud .\v, 
Ault Joseph H., foreman Standard Oil Co., r. M'i ] 

Ault Joseph P., foreman Standard Oil Co., 

Ault Malhias, millwright, r. 909 3i Mission 
Ault Samuel W., trunkmaker, r. 552 Bryant 
Ault Willliiin, waiter, r. Bradley House, ll'i6 Mark 
Ault tSt 'Wlliorjj (Cincinnati, Ohio) manufjictu: 

jirinting and lithographic inks, varnishis. ( 

and dealers bronze powders, roller composit 

etc, William H. Campbell Jr. manager, 

«»■ Ault. See Alt 
Aultmauu Mill and Mining Co. (El Dorado Co., C' 

J. M. Bufflngton secretary, 309 California, roo 
.\unient Eugene, painter, r. 325 Bush 

LePAGE'S GLUES received highest award, BERLIN, I8i: 

JaBINET woods and VENEERS, 133 Spear St. JOHN WIGMORE 




ingst Henry, laborer, r. COS Sixth 

iridou A. L. & Co. (A. L. Auradou) poultry, game, 

c, 515 Merchant 
iiradon A, Leon Jr., with A. L. Auradou & Co., r. 

1300 Powell 
iradon Alexander L. (A. L. Auradou & Co.) r. 1309 


iradou Ernestine, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
iradou Marie J., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
iricli Abraham, butcher, r. 211 Austin 
irora Distilliug Co. (Aurora, Ind.) agency 312 Sac- 

irouze Francis, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
irouze Marius, barber, 203 Montgomery Av, r. 3 

Grand PI 

irrecoechea Joseph, real estate, r. 151G Larkln 
inun Consolidated Mining Co. (Esmeralda Co., N<;v.) 

B. H. Pond secretary, 320 Sansomc. room 15 
isman Otto H., teamster John A. Shaber, r. 224Vi 

O'Farrell, rear 
istermuhle Charles, cook, r. 201 Minna 
istin Alvah C, machinist, r. 2019 Hvde 
istin B. C. (Austiu & Hottua) r. 651?^ Folsom 
iBtln Benjamin C. Jr. clerk W. J. Callingham & 

Co., r. 651 M Folsom 
stin Charles Q., carpenter, r. 8 Otis PI 
stin Charles G. Jr., clerk, r. 8 Otis PI 
jstiu D. S., captain P. M. SS., San Jose 
istin Edwnrd, waiter, r. 110 Ninth 
istiu Edwin, seaman, r. .U}^ Zoe 
letiu Edwin C, millwright Genesee Flour Mills, r. 

605 Clay 
istin Elbert (E. Austin & Co.) r. Santa Cruz 

USTIN E. & CO. (Elbert Austin 
and CUarles L. Benton) ponltry and 
f^Hiiie, 65-67 California Market 

istlu F. B., r. 611 Folsom 

iBtin Henry, dentist, otfice and r. 634 Washington 

istln Htnry. r. 402 Broadway 

n Henry S. ( Thomas H. Selby & Co. ) r. San Rafael 
nstin Henry S., cigar boxmaker, r. 8 Otis PI 
ustin James, clerk L. P. Moore \- Co., r. 516 Seventh 
astin James H., clerk local freight oflfice C. P. RR., 
r. 1222 Folsom 

tin Joseph, examiner of claims P. M. 8S. Co., r. 
Palace Hotel 

nstin Joseph, drayman Crane, Hastings & Co., r.516 

tin Laurel N., teamster Renner k Co., r. cor Ritch 
and Townsend 
ustin Marcus E.,real estate agent, 330 Pine, rooms 
.55-56, r. Oakland 

tin Sampson, packer R. A. Swain & Co., r. 1620 Post 
nstin Tlinmas, porter Hinz <<: Landt, r. 411 Tenth 
stin Thomas, r. 823 Montgomery 
stin ^t Hottua (B. C. Austin and Nicklaus Hottua) 

livery and boarding stables, 737 Folsom 
strianBenevolent Sof-iety, 71 New Montgomery 
Btrian Military and Benevolent Society, 310 O'Far- 
strlan Protective Association, 806 Montgomery 
tey William H., steward Medovich & Monferran,r. 

627 California 
ntoinatic Se^vinf; Machine, A. T. Eggleston 

manager, 124 Post 
azerais House. Mrs. Cecelia Miller proptr, 29 Du- 
zerais Louis F., clerk Whittier, Fuller k Co., r. GU 

an John, corporal police, r. 13 Tehama 
vanzino Anotrio G., fruit peddler, r. 726 Green, rear 
vanzino Henry, fruit peddler, r. 620 Lombard 
vanzino Sebastiano, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
ve Frank, salesman J. Y. Wilson «: Co., r. 6 Mission 
venue House, Joseph Koster proprietor, NEcor 

Geary and Central .\v 
ver James H . r. 107 M Fifth 
M.. laborer, r. 100 Fifth 
verill Etta Miss, r. 1332 H..ward 
erill Harry C, cashier Eagleson & Co., r. 157 Oc- 
verill Wilson, porter Moore, Ferguson ft Co.. r. 564)4 

vers James, shoemaker, r. 573 Howard 

erson C, laborer Pac Rolling Mills 
very D. A., student Barnard's Business College 
ery Dean R. (D. R. Avery & Co.) r. 1437 Steiner 
erj- D. R. * Oi. (Dean R. .Vverv) fruits and vege- 
tables, 18-19 Centre Market 

Avery Eunice H., widow, r. N s Solano, bet Iowa and 
Pennsylvania Av 

Avery Edward, salesman Keystone Wringer Co., r. 
310 Fourth 

Avery Franc-is, secretary Sausallto Land and 
Ferry Co., ferry building. East nr Market, r. Sau- 

Avery George W., clerk A. Berson & Son, r. 427 Eddy 

Avery Harry, blockmaker, r. 550 Folsom 

Avery Hattie W., companion, r. 3 Yerba Buena 

Avery James O., compositor A. L. Bancroft k Co., r. 
N s Solano, bet Iowa and Pennsylvania Av 

.\very Judson, clerk D. R. Avery & Co., r. 1308 Steiner 

Avery R. J., block and pump maker, 35 Sacramento, 
r. 550 Folsom 

Avery Ross, carpenter, r. 8 Dehone 

Avery W. H., purser P. M. SS. San Bias 

Avesseau C. Clement, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 

Avesseau Prudence, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 

A Voz Portugueza, (semi- weekly journal) office 
506 Battery, rooms 13-15 

Avy Eu<fene, wholesale dealer sheep, wool com- 
mission merchant, and sole agent Mathews To- 
bacco Sheep Dip, office 320 Sansome, room 11, 
slaughterhouse, cor Railroad .Av and Venezuela, 
r. 310 Lombard 

Axelrood Max, physician, office 16 Geary, r. 1302 

Axford William, iron foundry, r.NW cor Twenty-fifth 
and Noe 

.Axt Hermann J., paper hangerJacob Gumpertz 

Axt Ludwig, shoemaker, 10623^ Howard 

Axtell John, cook, r. 15 Oak Grove Av 

Axtell John, painter Hall's Safe and Lock Co., r. East 

Axtell Washington M., r. 1947 Geary 

Axtmann Herman, cabinet maker, r. 1616 Buchanan 

Axtmann Leopold, bakery and confectionary, 221 

Ayer Charles A., freight clerk S. P. BR., r. 776 Howard 

Ayer Cyrus, coflfee saloons, 1334 Market and 133 Fifth 

Ayer E. E., r. 323 Kearny 



Ayer F. P., printer, r. Capitol House 

Ayer Isaac, ganger U. S. Internal Revenue, r. Alameda 

Ayer Jonathan R., house and sign painter, 618 Cali- 
fornia, r. 139 Valley 

Ayer Joseph S., contractor, r. 724 Seventeenth 

Ayer Jos-eph Y., contractor, r. 724 Seventeenth 

Ayer Mary R. Miss, r. 139 Valley 

Ayer Oliver, r. 139 Valley 

Ayer AVasIiin^ton, M. D., physician, 410 
Kearny, r. 1622 Clay 

Ayers Charles L., clerk Market St. RR., r. 932 Dolores 

Ayers Frank, peddler, r. 976 Harrison 

Ayers George W., tinsmith, r. SE cor Carolina and 
Santa Clara 

Ayers Grosvenor P., salesman Holbrbok, Merrill k 
Stetson, r. 1C05 Golden Gate Av 

Ayers Harry, liquor saloon, 1 Stockton, r. 105 Stock- 

Ayers Humphrey, engineer, r. 920 Dolores 

.\yer8 James, lumberman, r. 525 Green 

Ayers John C, corporal Police, r. 10*55 Market 

Ayers Joshua B., mnfr salve, r. SE cor Carolina and 
Santa Clara 
I Ayers Julia .\. Miss, dressmaker, r. SE cor Carolina 
and Santa Clara 

Ayen Lottie M. Mrs., r. 6 Perry 

Avers Maria D., \s'idow. r. SE cor Carolina and Santa 
I Clara 

Ayers Maggie, domestic, r. 1832 Bush 
I .\yeri) Robert E., machinist, r. SE cor Carolina and 

Santa Clara 
I Ayers William, carpenter, r. 1330 Sacramento 

Ayers William, shipcalker, r. N s Dominica, bet SoB* 
I quehanna and St. John 

! l^'Ayers. See .\yres and Eayrs 

Ayhens Paul, butcher, r. S s Paraguay, bet St. John 
and Susquehanna 

Ayler Edward, blacksmith Bigelow, Sims & Morris, r. 
What Cheer Hou«| 

Ayling Walter, mach«iat. r. 310 Folsom 

Aylsworth Nellie G. Urs., medium, r. 110 Ninth 

Ayres Emma, widow, r. 1208 Sutter 


'APER HANGINGS '°Ei'FV'»"'V?s"iJ^'""5"':' «.w.curk&co. 

KeMdences Decoi 

645 Market st. 

J, & p. COATS' SPOOL COTTON. Best for hand and Machine Sewlnii 




Ayres Frederick L., painter, r. 12'20 Eddy 

Ayres Henry, machinist, r. 563 Bryant 

Ayres Irvin (D. L. Beck & Sous) r. Oakland 

Ayres Sarah Mrs., groceries, 541 Montgomery Av, r. 

1220 Union 
Ayres William Jr., clerk, r. l'?20 Union 
Ayres William G., clerk Sarah Ayres, r. 1220 Union 
B^Ayres. See Ayers and Eayrs 
Ayscough Arthur, chairmaker. r. 140 Minna 
Azcavate Angel, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Azores Union House, Freitas & Eodgers proptrs, 66-68 


JjALliMUliLj Beloit, Battle Creek, 
Boston, Buffalo. Tickets^ lo^vest rates, 
at General Ticket Office, 3 New Moiit- 
gromery street, uiider Palace Hotel, via 
Overland Sliort Line, Central Pacitic, 
Baader John, bartender Jacob Weiss, r. 306 Stockton 
Baago Christopher, seaman, r. 22 Clara 
Baago Kmid, tailor, r. 116 Freelon 
Baago Peter, cooper George Larsen, r. 22 Clara 
Baar James L., conductor Market St. RK., r. 129 Page 
Baartz John, molder. r. Ill Jasper PI 
Baas Charles, bartender, r. 1718 Stockton 
Babb Milton E., attorney at law, 005 Clay, r. 214 San- 
Babbitt Alexander, seaman, r. 263 East 
Babbitt •Tobn H., proprietor Excelsior Straw 

Works, 120 Fourth, r. 304 Bartlett 
Babbitt Samuel T., ropemakcr S. F. Cordage Factory, 

r. NE cor Tennessee and Sierra 
Babcock Benjamin E. Mrs., widow, r. 1130 McAllister 
Babcock Charles F. (Hutchinson & Babcock) r. 725 

Babcock George, r. 708 Taylor 
Babcock George, clerk U. S. Railway Mail Service, r. 

Washington Corners 
Babcock Henry, clerk Parrott & Co.. r. 11 Essex 
Babcock John, receiver Market St. RR., r. 232 Fell 
Babcock John P., workman coiners dept. U. S. Mint, 

r. 502 Powell 
Babcock I-afayette M., superintendent factory George 

H.Tay& Co., r. Oakland 
Babcock N. T. Mrs., r. 2429 Buchanan 
Babcock S. P., draftsman U. S. Surveyor- General '8 

office, r. Oakland 
Babcock Warren C, calker, r. 40 Spear 
Babcock William (Parrott & Co.) r. 11 Essex, and San 

Babcock William F. (Parrott & Co.) r. 11 Essex, and 

San Rafael 
Babcock William W., carpenter, r. Concordia Hotel 
Babcock «Sf Wilcox Co. The, manufacturers 
water tube steam boilers, Charles G. Ewiug man- 
ager, 561 Mission 
Baboox Charles A., reporter The Bradstreet Co., r. 476 

Babeno Antonln, r. 1108 Filbert 
Babeno Frank, real estate, r. 1108 Filbert 
Babeno Tlionias, saloon keeper, r. 1108 Filbert 
Baber John I., cigars and tobacco, 620 Market 
Babin liaiidry C, rent collector, 612 Commer- 

riiil, r. 1213 Filbi-rt 
Babkirk Frederick, watchman .\merican Sugar Refin- 
ery, r. 1330 Broadway 
Babkirk Frederick H. M., assistant weigher American 

Sugar Retinery, r. 1330 Broadway 
Biibson Seth, architect, 318 Pine, room 37, r. Alameda 
Babtist John, brewer, r. 707 Mission 
BiiccHla Louis, r. 726 54 Broadway 
ItacciilH I,o\iiB, restnurnnt, .')36 Washington 
Baccnla Mary, r. 536 Washington 
Baccardo liingi, Giiribaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Baccei Fraucrsco, Bersugliori Soc, 625 Broadway 
Baccolli AdoU'o. Bersaalieri Soc. 625 Broadway 
Baccelli Pellcgrliio, BersHglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Bacci Joseph, laborer, r. 1015 Washington 
Bnccl R.iiiiualdo. Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Bacci Saiiti (G. Martin .t Co.) rj635 Vallejo 
Baccia Antone (Haase & Bacclajfi'. NE cor Main and 

Bryant ;' 

Baccus Alfred, French Ben. Soc. 510 Jackson 

Baccus Benjamin, porter Cutting Packing Co., r. 

West Mission 
Baccus Charles J., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Baccus George, r. 319 O'Farrell 
Baccus Herbert, shipping clerk W. W. Montagu) 

Co.,r. 3ii Twentieth 
Baccus John B., butcher Richard T. Baccus, r: 

Baccus Louis, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Baccus Richard T., butcher, SW cor O'Farrell ii 

Mason, r. 319 O'Farrell 
Baccus Robert J., laborer W. W. Montague & Co., 

4 Twentieth 
l^"Bacciis. See Backus 
Bach Abram, tailor, r. 7 Hopeton Terrace 
Bach August E., driver Julius Rosenstirn, r. 3 Mori 

Bach Catherine, widow, r, 1007 Washington 
Bach Charles (Bach & Lux) r. 1583 Folsom 
Bach Charles Jr., clerk, r. 810 Howard 
Bach Ferdinand, cabinetmaker, r. 1007 Washingtor 
Bach Frederick W., bookkeeper, r. 1002 Powell 
Bach Herman, traveling salesman Michalitscll 

Bros. & Co., r. 1007 Washington 
Bach Leon, clerk W. Harris & Co. 
Bach John (Bach, Meese & Co.) r. 2022 Mission 
Bacb, Meese it Co. (John Bach and Hermai 

Meese) formerly United Anaheim Wine GroW'V 

Association, whoh sale liquors, 321 Montgomer; 
Bach J., laborer, r. 64 First 
Bach William F,, lithographic engraver Schm. 

Label and Lithograph Co., r. 2022 Mission 
Back «& Liux (Charles Bach and Frank Lux) prop' 

Pioneer Bay and Union Malt Houses, and 

porters and jobbers hops, corks and brewers n 

terials, 535-537 Sacramento 
Bachasson Francois, French Ben. Soc. 510 Jackson 
Bachelder Alvah H.. manager Holt Bros., r. Oakla 
Bachelder C. S., exchange teller Pacific Bank, 

Bachelder Edward M., shipping clerk Cal. Cr:icl 

Co.. r. 1816 Stevenson 
Bachelder Frank J., traveling salesman Seth Thou 

Clock Co., r. 926J« Broadway 
Bachelder Horace, bookkeeper Huntington, Hoj 

& Co.. r. 1816 Stevenson 
Bachelder James W.. clerk Mission Bay Warehous- 

S. P. RR., r. 1816 Stevenson 
Bachelder John W., attorney at law.r. 1228 Washii 

lK?~Bachelder. See Batchelder 
Bacher Charles S., butcher, 8E cor Clay and Tayl> 

r. 1135 Clay 
Bacher E. Mme., hair emporium, 918 Market 
Bacher Frank A., hair emporium, 918 Market 
IJ^Baclier. See Backer, Baker, Bakker and Becke 
Bachert A., salesman B. Nathan & Co., r. Palace Ho 
Bacliinan Brotliers (Herman S., Nathan 

David S. and Lioi)old S. ) importers foreign 

domestic dry goods. 10-12 Battery and 10 Bu 

New York oihce 66-68 Worth 
Bachman David S. (Bachman Brothers) r. 1617 V 

Ness Av r 

Bachman Frederick, packer Langley & Michaels, 

r. 1 Sullivan Alley 
Bachman Herman S. (Bachman Brothers) r.New Yo 
Bachman Leopold (Frankenthal, Bachman & Co.) 

Palace Hotel 
Bachman Leopold S. (Bachman Brothers) r. 6 

Bachman Nathan S. (Bachman Brothers) r. 1716 V: 

Ness Av • 
Bachman Peter, laborer, r. 402 Broadway 
Bachman Samuel N., clerk Bachman Brop., r. 17 

Van Ness Av 
Backman Simon (Ksberg, Bachman k Co.) r. 11 

Van Ness Av 
Bachmann Emil, vcgetableman Qustave Liebold, 

20!« Stockton 
Bachmann Frederick, packer Langley & MichBels,r. 

Bachmann Jacob, locksmith, bellhanger and shootii 

gallery, 727 Clay 
lE^ Baclimann. See Beckmaun 
Bachraih Martin, collector, ofhce 315 Phelan Bull 

ing, r. 518 Eddy 
Bachrodt Hugo, clerk, r. 313 Geary 
liacigalupi Angelo, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Bacigalupi Antonio, porter George H. Tay * Co., 

834 Green 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY P™'"p'*Jl?«?''4»Si'll';?ts:*'''''''^ 





1 alupi Antonio L. (Bacigaliipl & Caeassa) r. 2 
I'l legraph PI 

,'.ilupi Carlo, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
^.iluiii Doiuenico, r. 401 Pacific 
:ilupi Francisco, Garbialdl Guard, 423 Broadway 
alupi Gaetano, silver ingot uielter U. S. Mint, r. 
Jl Filbert 

alupi Gerolamo, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
.:.ihipi Giovanni, r. 312 Union, rear 
.alupi Giovanni, bootsand shoes, 1404 Dupont 
i-alupi Giovanni, bootblack, r. 1114 Kearny 
„;ilupl Giuseppe, laborer, r. NW cor Montgomery 
Av and Francisco 
jlacigalupi Joseph, r. 923 Howard 
B»cigalupl Joseph, woodcarver, r. 1805 Mason 
*''jaclgBlupi L. Antonio, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
ariu'nlupi Livia, Bersaglieri Soc. 625 Broadway 

, alupi Louis, produce dealer, r. 526 M Linden Av 
alupi Luigi, gardener, r. 2309 Mason 
-alupi Napoleone, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
aii^jalupl Natule, Bersaglieri Soc. 625 Broadway 
1 acitjalupi Tomaso, fruits and vegetables, 1322 Kearny 
:i'H<it,'alupi & Caeassa (A. L. Bacigalupi and Stefano 
\ Casassa) fruits and vegetables, .507 "Washington 
acisalupo Barlo, sciivenger, r. 21 Lafayette PI 


' wine inaiiufactnrer and importer for- 
I eitfti niid cloiuestic wines and liqnors, 
! 1419 Dupont 

Mjacigalupo Francisco, Scavengers Protective Union. 
' 429 Broadway 

ligalupo Giovanni, Garibaldi Guard. 423 Broadway 
iiHacigalupo Luigi, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
snacigalupo Lorenzo, laborer, r. 14 Union PI 
|»oigalupi> Paul, bootblack, 62.'; Market, r. 433 Green 
>ii«Cigalupo Paulo, painter, r. 41(5 Union 
ililack Claus, carpenter, r. Chicago Hotel 
•"'i'-k L.. tailor L. Kelly, r. 202 Minna 
Mathias, waiter, r. 624 Fourth 
Arent C, printer, r. 318 Davis 
Frank, upholsterer Schlueter& Volberg, r. 2622 
- liter 

Henry, upholsterer Charles M. Plum & Co.. r. 
- Stockton PI 

■ r Charles, seaman, r. 263 East* 
r Samuel, r. Normandie House 
icker. See Bacher, Baker, Bakker and Becker 
ss Charles E., compositor Examiner, r. 322 Lom- 

iiauss Eniil W., merchant, r. 503 Jones 
an Andrew, carpenter, r. 13 Page 
tcnlt William, harnessmaker, r. 488 Eighth 
i:au Au'.,'ust, seaman, r. 20 Folsom 
-irtnn Otto, with C. F. Merle, r. .518 Sutter 
i- Charles, captain bktn Mary Winkelman, r. 121 
I rauclsco 
• acliiis Jacob, teamster, r. 216 Ninth 
1) ackus Jerome H.. manager Lick House Restaurant, r. 
J' 1103 Sutter 
aclius Oscar J. (George H. Tay & Co.) r. Oakland 
i< Peter, cook, r. N'E cor Mission and Fremont 
- Philip M., bookkeeper S. F. Merchant, r. 725 
nai'kiig Samuel W., postmaster San Francisco, 
M office NW cor Washington, and Sansome, r. 2119 
j1 Buchanan 
1^ Backus. See Baccus. 

■•come William (Flood & Bacome) r. 258 Clementina 
Bacon Adeline A., assistant Grant Primary School, r. 
T<] 1714 Sacramento 
lacon A. P., clerk S. F. Gas Light Co., r. 501 Geary 
!: ('. F. Mrs., widow, r. 2513 Folsom 
■: Charles, painter, r. 458 Sixth 
1 dwin H., with Coast Review, 320 Sansome, 
in 14, r. 611 Octayla 
. EL. Mrs., widow, r. fill Octavia 

1 raucis H., bookkeeper Woodward & Beach, r. 
Ml Howard 
;ttaron Frank P., president Globe Iron Works, 
i 220-224 Fremont, r. 412 E. Tenth, Oakland 
:;fl«con Frederick L., letter carrier Station C Post 
I Office, r. IfilOk Stevenson 

i n Uaston E. (Abramson i Bacon and Abramson, 
i. on & Heunisch) r. 5 Quincy PI 
:^ O. B., r. Koster House 
^.u George H.. assistant superintendent N. B. k 
,, M. RR.. r. 418 Twenty-fourth 
I lacon Henry D., real estate, 303 Sansome, r. 

Bacon Horace, bailiff U. S. District Court, r. 8 Sixth 

Bacon J. A., r. 611 Octavia 

Bacon Jacob (Bacon & Company) r. 2200 California 

Bacon John B. , wines and liquors, 213 Montgom- 
ery, r. 1711 Post 

Bacon Josephs., agent Boston and Philadelphia 
Boards of Underwriters, 316 California, r. 806 

Bacon Joseph V., bookkeeper Pioneer White Lead 
Works, r. 806 Jones 

Bacon Lewis G., teamster, r. 361 Eleventh 

Bacon Maria Mrs., r. 8 Steuart 

Bacon Martin, stock broker. 325 Montgomery, I. 
O. O. F. Building, r. 2022 Fillmore 

Bacon Robert, compositor A. L. Bancroft & Co., r. 611 

Bacon William, r. 326 Pacific 

Bacon William, steward, r. 724 Front 

Bacon William O., clerk Redington & Co., r. 1714 Sac- 

Baron & Company (Jacob Bacon and James E. 
Ager) book and job printers, 508 Clay and 509 San- 

Bacquie Henri, bartender Edouard Berard, r. 125 

Badaracco Antonio, liquor saloon, 1308 Pacific 

Badaracco Charles, plumber, 1206 Pacific, r. 1308 Pa- 

Badaracco David, wood and coal, 1314 Pacific 

Badaracco John, cook Chicago Restaurant, r. 127 

Badaracco Luigi, wood and coal, 1511 California 

BadarouB Sidney B., clerk, r. 579 Harrison 

Baddely William, driver Pac. Transfer Co., r. 5 Hunt 

Bade Joseph, coffee saloon, 654 Mission 

Badere John, flour merchant, r. 913 Natoma 

Badger Daisy F. Miss, with William G. Badger, r. 
Fruit Vale 

Badger Hill and Cherokee Gravel Mining Co. (Neva- 
da Co., Cal.) H. Pichoir secretary. 320 Sansome 

Badger James, expressman, r. 1221 L-iguna 



Badg-er William G., wholesale clothing and fur- 
nishing goods and agent Halktt, Davis & Co's 
pianos, and George Wood & Co's organs, 13 San- 
some. r. Fruit Vale 

Badjfley Guffene F., dealer watches, diamonds, 
jewelry, optical goods and mineral specimens, 
205 Montgomery, r. 602 Geary 

Badgley Jay S., merchant, r. 1014 Washington 

Badie Victor, machinist, r. 310 Montgomery Av 

Badlam Alexander, agent Northern Pacific Ex- 
press Co., 407 Montgomery, r. 1024 Franklin 

Badlam Alexander T., with Wm. T. Coleman & Co., r. 
1024 Franklin- 

Badouin August, patternmaker, r. 3 Graham PI 

Badt Alexander L., bookkeeper P. Berwin & Bro., r. 
1305 Oough 

Badt Morris, merchant (Wells, Nev.) office 111 Bat- 
tery, r. 035 Ellis 

Baecke Carl, shoe fitter, r. 422 Post, rear 

Baehr Charles, painter, r. 421 Bush 

Baehr Ferdinand W'., bookkeeper Carlson fc Currier, 
r. 9 Cedar Av 

Baehr Gustav. lodgings, 84<5 Mission 

Baehr William, mnfg jeweler, 649 Sacramento, r. 1721 

Baehr William Jr., bookkeeper M. Waterman & Co.,r. 
1721 Sacramento 

Baemish John, shoemaker H. Hanson, r. 25 Oak 

Baer , r. 226 Stockton 

Baer Eliza, widow, r. 35 Russ 

Baer Emilie Miss, teacher music, r. 35 Russ 


Baer John M.. liquor sal 
Baer Joseph (Kaufman 
»^ Baer. See Baehr. B 
Baerue Jacob, cook Prei 
Baerschmidt Emilia M 
Baerwald (ieorge, express] 

ard. r. 341 Grove 
Baettge Peter (Brugg( 
Baflgo Giovanni, sca^ 
Bafigo Giovanni, sea' 
Biigala Louit. drive: 

Twenty.Aftb and 

Sansome, r. 128 Oak 
) r. 409 Van Ness Av 

3010 Sixteenth 
Sixth and How- 

8 M Washington 



Co., r. SE cor 


H U U ll O 509. Sll Market Street. 


Edivardk' I.ii;litn!nir Jamp- 

Meat, fur .-ale tj tli- Tra.l.-. 







Baganall Joseph, longshoreman, r. 318 Main 

Bagge Agnes, domestic, 812 Powell 

Baggett William T. (William T. Baggett & Co., and 

Stockwell & Co.) and attorney at law, 522 Cali- 
fornia, r. Grand Hotel 
Baggett William T. & Co. (William T. Baggett) 

printers, 522 California 
Baggett Winfield S., bookkeeper W. T. Baggett & Co., 

r. 714 Guerrero 
Baggs Alexander L., clerk, r. 820 Howard 
Baggs Edward B.. clerk Pac. Club, r. 820 Howard 
Baggs Isaac, attorney at law, r. 820 Howard 
Bagley A. D. Mrs., widow, r. 28 Liberty 
Bagley David B., messenger Bank of California, r. 28 

Bagley James, sheetiron worker Francis Smith & Co., 

r. 3 Natoma 
Bagley Jeremiah, hostler, r. 240 Jessie 
Bagley John, laborer, r. 149)^ Tehama 
Bagley John B. E., molder Pac. Iron Works, r. 1074 

Bagley Louis, helper Central Gas Light Co., r. Twen- 
ty-fifth and Braunan 
Bagley M. C, r. 240 Sixth 
Bagley Perkins H., inventor, r. 118 Eddy 
Bagley Peter, laborer P. M. SS. Co. 
1^" Bagley. See Begley 

Baglietto Louis (Baglietto & Gracchi) r. 422 Vallejo 
Baglietto & Gracchi (Louis Baglietto and Giacomo 

Gracchi) produce commission, 421 Davis 
Bagnall John, assistant Hamilton Grammar School, r. 

20 Elliot Park 
Bagnasco Policarpo, photographer, r. 18 Lewis 
Bagnoli Temlstocle, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Bagot Frederick, solicitor L. M. McKenney & Co., 518 

Bahaii Mary A., r. 742 Minna 
Bahen James, laborer, r. 901) Mission 
Bahlmann Henry, cashier Philadelphia Brewery, r.2231 

Bahlmann Herman N., driver Philadelphia Brewery, 

r. 20H Twenty-second 
Bahls JohnF. W. (Althof & Bahls) r. Oakland 
Bahm Emil, boilermaker, r. 570 First 
Bahn Charles A., master mariner, r. 114 Valparaiso 
Bahn Louis, blacksmith E. Soule, r. 347 Jessie 
Bahn William, master bark California, office 18 How- 
Bahney Harry, driver Daly & Kinne, r. 1010 Valencia 
Bahnsen Bertha, nunse. r. KHil Octavia 
Bahuseii Johanna, nhrse, r. 16C1 Octavia 
Bahuseu William J./ waiter, r. 729 Montgomery 
Bahr C. laborer August Juugbluut & Co., r. 10 Golden 

Gate Av 
Bahr Louis, clerk Frederick Atzeroth, r.cor Eddy and 

Bahr Pauline, domestic, 1530 Ellis 
Bahrenfuss Henry, carpenter, r. 935 
Bahrs Andrew, insurance broker, 322 California, r. 

1515 Broadway 
Bahrs Annie, domestic 1714 Geary 
Bahrs George H., clerk Manuel Eyre, r. 1515 Broadway, 

Bahrs John, teamster Naber, Alfs & Brune, r. NW 

cor Eighteenth and Sherman 
Bahrt Miirtin, groceriiH and liquors, SE cor Twelfth 

and Folsom 
Bail Adolph, bookkeeper, r. l(i Hampton 
Bail Paul, tailor Henry Phmz. r. 15 Monroe 
Bail Uidinrd. bricklayer, r. 15 Monroe 
Bailey Alexander H., carpenter, r. 309 Fell 
Bailey Alexander H. Jr., r. 309 Fell 
Bailey Amos J., capitalist, r. 9ls Van Ness Av 
Bailey Annie, widow, r. 1423 Kearny 
Bailey Augustus, liarnossnniker, r. 502 V. Broadway 
Bailey C. H., clerk local freight office C. P. KU., r. 4 

Bailey Charles, carpent(T Eiiteiprise Mill 

"' '"■ " Revere House 

on, Hopkins & Co., r. 

Bailey Charl 
Bailey Charl 

Bailey Charles H, 
Bailey Charles J 

A.,r. ProHiil 
Bailey Chnrl.s I'^TolerV 

r. 227 S 
Bailey Clarenc. JKiijit 

U. S^A.,1. a WUm I 
Bailey nfemem P^plu 
Bailey David, r. 309 Fell 

Bailev) r. 22r, Fair Oaks 
tenant 1st Artillery U. 8. 

Kullway Mall Service, 
jiany D, 8th Infantry, 
15 Ellii 

Bailey E. Mrs., restaurant, 619 Sacramento, r. Astt 

Bailey Edward, teamster Pacific Carriage Co., r. Ba 

win House 
Bailey Edward J., butcher, 515 Bryant, r. Oakland 
Bailey F. C, delivery clerk P. M. SS. Go's wharf, r.: 

Guy PI 
Bailey Frank B. (Williams & Co.) r. 25k Stockton 
Bailey Frederick P., miner, r. 1309 Mission 
Bailey George (Bailey & McLean) r. 533 Commercii 
Bailey George, fireman, r. 316 Beale 
Bailey George, laborer, r. 32 Linden Av 
Bailey George, seaman, r. 613 Minna 
Bailey George, tinsmith and stoker Engine No. 11, ( 

F. F. D. 
Bailey George H., machinists. F. Tool Co.,r. 1510 P 

cific .\v 
Bailey Henry, bedmaker Capitol House 
Bailey Henry, mnfr curled hair, SW cor Martniosi 

and bt. John 
Bailey Henry, painter, r. 1229 Lombard 
Bailey Henry F., r. 807 Mission 
Bailey Henry J., barrel dealer, r. 1015 Howard 
Bailey Isaac, carrlagemaker, r. 911 Harrison 
Bailey J., r. 529 Sacramento 
Bailey James, cook S. P. C. RR. stmr Bay City 
Bailey James D. , secretary Union Insurance O 

410 California, r. 1915 Franklin 
Bailey Joseph C.,wool and leather, office 218 Califo 

nia, r. (Jakland * 
Bailey Joseph H., stationei-y and hardware, 524 Moi 

gomery Av, r. 830 Union 
Bailey J. W., quartermaster P. M. SS. City of Tokio 
Bailey Louis, barber, r. 02 Tehama 
Bailey Lewis H. Jr., machinist N. W. Spauldiug. r.2 

Bailey M., widow, r. The Tr\iesdell House 
Bailey Margaret, widow, r. 236 M Jessie 
Bailey Margaret, widow, liquor saloon, 71 Minna 
Bailey Mining Co. (Storey Co., Nev.) R. H. Pond 

retary, 320 Sansome, room 15 
Bailey Newton J., driver City RR., r. 1944 Mission 
Bailey Orrin, salesman William J. Heney & Co., r. U 

Bailey Patrick, barrel dealer, r. 719 Braunan 
Bailey Peter (Kelly & Bailey) r. 5 Howard Court 
Bailey S-amuel, islumber, r. 1621 Fillmore 
Bailey Sarah M., widow, r. 757?., Howard 
Bailey Shepard D., lodgings. .502^ Broadway 
Bailey Thomas (Thomas Bailey Jk Co.) r. 702 V^ 

Ness Av 
Bailey Thomas, dishwasher Bar Association, r. ] 

Bailey Thomas, foreman O. R. and N. Co.. r. 41 I 

Bailey Tlionias «& Co. (Thomas Bailey and W 

liaui P. Pyne) wool scourers, graders and pai- 

ers, NW cor Fifth and Bluxome 
Bailey Thomas J. (Bailey & O'Donuell) r. 704 LagUi 
Bailey William, pattern maker, r. 1015 Howard 
Bailey William, teamster, r. 302 Third 
Bailey William A., engineer, r. 308 hi Tenth 
Bailey William II., barrel dealer, r. 719 Branuan 
Bailey U., seaman, r. 1117\. i?1ocktou 
Bailey W. J., driver Citv RR., r. 1944 Mi.ssion 
Bailey W. T.. porter Holbrook, Merrill «: Stetsoi 

615 Harrison 
Bailey .■>: McLean (G(orge Bailey and William JI.Lea 

priiptra Railroad Lodging House. 533 Commerc 
Bailey & O'Donuell (Thomas J. Bailey and Tlion 

J. O'Donuell) plumbers and gasfitters, 532 llaj 
rer Bailey. See Baillie. Bailly. Bayley and Bayly 
Bailie James L.. policeman, r. 103 Leavenworth 
Bailie William, porter W. B. Sumner A: Co.,r. ! 

Bailies Joseph, bartender B. Mendioudou, r. ' 

Baillet August, wlno maker, r. 8 Caroline PI 
liaillet Joseph, laborer Arpad Haraszthy & Cii.,i 

Ciiroline PI 
Baillet Leoutine, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Baillie William T.. first e.iok V. M. SS. ('.iliina 
Balllv Acliille (Biiilly Brothers) r. 514 Filbert 
Bailly Arthur (Bailly Brothers) r. 514 Filbert 
Baillv Brothers (Arthur and Acliille) porKpacke 

71 Cal. Market 
Bailly Claudine. widow, r. 514 Filbert 
Bailly J. M., r. 235 Oak 
Bailly Jules J., porkpacker Bailly Bros., r. 1703 H 



IS t^Xj^w^a^-y-s 





JalUy Leon, stone grinder A. L. Bancroft & Co.,r. 

6U Filbert 
Jally E. F., clerk Hathaway & Co., r. 235 Kearuy 
lally Elijali I., colonel and surgeon U. S. A., of- 

fico 36 New Montgomery, r. 607 Bush 
Jally William J., proptr Isthmus House, 54 First 
lally Wilson V., plasterer, r. 54 First 

Baily. See Bailey, Balllie, Bailly and Bayley 
lain Alexander, engineer, r. 4'25 Greenwich 
lain Anna, widow, r. 2082 Market 
Jain Hannah, machine operator Neville & Co., r. 737 


ain James, machinist and extraman Hose No. 3, 
S. F. F. D., r. 6()0 Harrison 

1 James S., engineer Pha-nix Iron Works, r. N s 
Twenty-fifth, nr Castro 
lain John, treasurer Cal. Savings and Loan Soc, r. 31 

lain Thomas M., apprentice Edward O. Bennett, r. 
N 8 Twenty-fifth, bet Noe and Castro 
Bain. See Baine and Bane 
lalnbridge Arnop, detective, r. 622 Grove 
lainbridge Peter, liquor agent Lachman & Jacobi, r, 

445 Bryant 
laine Melinda,, adjuster coiner's dept U. S. Mint, r. i 
312 Eddy ' 

aiue Patrick, plumber, r. 737 Brannan 
aird Andrew, note broker, 430 California, r. San 

Pablo Av, North Oakland 
aird Charles W., bookkeeper local freight office C. P. 


aird James M. (Barry, Baird & Co.) r. 2705 Bush 
alnl Robert, iron moulder, r. 233 Seventh 
aird William, calker. r. 772 3<S Harrison 

Baird. See Beard 
airue John, cartman City RR., r. 15 Bernice 
ajovich John, lestaurant keeper, r. 212 Brannan 

Abijah, farmer, r. 920 Sutter 
aker Adam, driver Swain's Bakery, r. 416 Minna 
aker Adam S., teamster Fleming & Stetson, r. 332 


aker Albert, laborer Spring Valley W. W., r. 419 
ker Alfred, watchman, r. 625 Vallejo 
aker Alfred W., clerk Chinese Registration Office, 

Custom House, r. 403 Leavenworth 
aker Arthur, molder, r. 521 Howard 
aker Arthur, teamster, r. 44'.) Clementina 
aker Arthur S., bookkeeper Payot. Upham & Co., r. 

IS 12 Lyon 

aker A. S., outside watch U. S. Mint. r. Oakland 
er August, cabinetmaker, r. S s Twenty-fifth, bet 
Church and Sanchez 
iker Augustus, pictures, mirrors, etc., 742 Mission, 
r. Fair Oaks, bet Twenty-first and Twenty-second 
iker Charles, bakery, 508 Sixteenth 
iker Charles, bartender Stumer & Runstom, r. 105 

Prospect PI 
ker Charles, compositor, r. 907 Clay 
iker Charles E., clerk Hans Bros. r. 1504 Howard 
ker Charles F. (Witzel & Baker) r. 1906 Polk 
ker Charles F., bookkeeper Sather & Co., r. Oak- 
ker Charles H., gardener, r. W s Chenery,bet Thir- 
tieth and Thirty-first 
ker Charles H., teamster, r. 44 Zoe 
ker Charles 3., letter carrier Post Office, r. 801 Fil- 
ker Charles W., clerk, r. 434 3<. Tehama 
ker Conrad, assayer with Thomas Price, r. 34 Page 
ker Daniel, tanner, r. 278 Tehama 
ker Divide Mining Co. (Placer Co.) W. G. Hughes 

secretary, 330 Pine, rooms 18-19 
ker Dorsey F., miller Golden Gate Flonr Mills, r. 

127 Kearny 
ker Edward, r. 502 Stevenson 
ker E. L.. attorney at law, r. Nucleus House 
ker Emma Miss, r. 914 Chestnut 
ker Eugene J., teamster, r. 23 Ouk Grove Av | 

ker Fannie E., Mrs., assistant Mission Grammar 

School, r. 127 ;« Guerrero ! 

ker F. M., miner, r. Gait House. 632 Market 
ker Francis E., apprentice Fulton Iron Works, r. | 

ker Frank, laborer Lachman & Jacobi, r. 312 Te- 
hama j 
ker Frank, shoemaker, 408 Natoma 
ker George, r. 1721 Mission 

ker George, porter M. Heller & Brothers, r. 41 ■ 

Baker George, seaman quartermaster's department, 

Presidio Reservation 
Baker George H., engraver and lithographer, 429 

Montgomery, r. S s Green, bet Baker and Lyon 
Baker George O., conductor Sutter St. RR.,r.l305Ji 

Baker G.W.Mrs., r. 930 Market 
Baker H., draftsman, r. 13 Tehama 
Baker Harry, carriage painter, r. 450Natoma 
Baker Harry, waiter, r. 450 Natoma 
Baker Hattle, glovemaker, r. 2629 Mission 
Baker Henry, bakery, 1036 Clay 
Baker Henry, tanner, r. NW cor San Bruno Road and 

Baker Henry T., bookkeeper section 2 Sea Wall.r. NW 

cor California and Stockton 
Baker Horace, bookkeeper Ross & Hewlett, r. 10 

Baker Isaac, laborer, r. Twenty-eighth, nr Dolores 
Baker Isaac, lumberman, r. 20Folsom 

BAKER ISAAC M. fanUly^ro. 
ceries ami liquors, NAV cor Mason and 
Eddy, r. 103 Alason 

Baker Isaiah, shipping merchant, 217 Davis, r. 925 

Baker James, butcher, r. Ahlborn House 

Baker James, draftsman Risdon I. and L. Works 

Baker James W., bookkeeper Henry C. Egerton, r. 

Baker J. G., clerk Pacific Improvement Co., r. Oak- 

Baker J. Henry, bookkeeper Qoodall, Perkins & Co., 
office Front and Broadway, r. 219 Chattanooga 

Baker Jacob H., clerk construction dept P. C. SS. Co., 
r. 219 Chattanooga 

Baker John, r. 624 Fourth 

Baker John, r. 907 Folsom 

Baker John, commercial traveler, r. 216 Powell 

Baker John, laborer, r. 402 Broadway 

Baker John, mattressmaker C. W. Ridgeway & Co., r. 
208 Ninth 



Baker John, night watchmawP. M. SS. Co's wharf,r. 

347 Fifth 
Baker John, policeman Alms House 
Baker John, saloon keeper, r. 246 Jessie 
Baker John, seaman, r. 44 Steuart 
Baker John, stevedore, r. N s Greenwich, nr Sansome 
Baker John B, cashier Kenney & Dyer, r. 1626 Sacra. 

Baker John M., salesman Baker & Hamilton, r. 606 

Baker Joseph, machinist W. T. Garratt, r. 1721 }^ Mis- 
Baker Joseph H., r. 35 Moss 
Baker Lavinia G. Mrs. r. 127^ Guerrero 
Baker L. F. , coin merchant, r. 100 Fifth 
Baker Lidell, law student W. M. Pierson, r. 1420 Clay 
Baker Lincoln, clerk L. D. Stone & Co., r. American 

Exchange Hotel 
Baker Livingston L. (Baker & Hamilton) r. 1882 Wash- 

ington cor Franklin 
Baker Louis, bartender, r. 6 Miles Court 
Baker Louis F., produce commission merchant, 121 

Washington, r. Oakland 
Baker Lucy A., widow, r. 1090 Union 
Baker Marguerite, domestic. 814 O'Farrell 
Baker Mary F., widow, r. 434^ Tehama 
Baker Maurice M. (AUiugham A: Baker) r. 120 EleiE. 

enth • 

Baker Melville C. , house furnishing goods, 504 k Post, 

r. 2187 Eddy 
Baker O. D. engineer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 314 Fifth 
Baker Oliver H., r. 700 Broadway 
Baker Orrln S., attorney at law, 306 Pine, room 

11, r. 504 Taylor 
Baker Osborne F., stevedore and eitraman Engine No. 

1, a. F. F. I). 
Baker P.. attorneyjig|^g^£Ult House. 6.32 Market 
Baker RichardJi^^^^^BBteht office C. P. BR 

Ferry W 

Baker Robe: 

Bakdt- Robei^^^^^^^^^^^^Brki 
Baker Robi 


,i. W.CLARK k CO. "nrro^W'T^^?^' 







Baker Eobert T. (Baker & Kirk) r. S s Gilbert, bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Baker Samuel, salesman A. Andi-ews, r. 215 Austin 
Baker Sarah S. Mrs., r. 108 Stockton 
Baker Stella Miss, r. iHy- Tehama 
Baker Susie Mrs., assistant -Valencia St. Primary 

School, r. 218 Eddy 
Baker Thomas, blacksmith, r. 6205^ Natoma 
Baker "Walter T., artist, r. 637 J<5 Natoma 
Baker William, carpenter, r. 932 Twenty-second 
Baker William, clerk, r. Capitol House 
Baker William G., actor, r. 16 Turk 
Baker William G., bartender, r. 434!^ Tehama 
Baker William T., bartender, r. 29 Natoma 
Baker <& Hamilton (Livingston L. Baker and 
Robert M. Hamilton) Importers and .iobbers agri- 
cultural implements, machines, hardware, etc., 
and proptrs Benicia Agricultural Works (Benicia, 
Cal.) NW cor Davis and Pine, 9-15 J Sacramento 
Baker & Kirk (Robert T. Baker and Edward W. Kirk) 

teamsters, 10 Davis 
Baker's Home, Moeller & Grauffel proptrs, 625 

Bakers' (proptrs) Protective Union, P. F. McGrath 

secretary, 135 Fifth 
Bakerich Samuel, waiter, r. cor Stockton and Clay 
Bakewell Frederick F , hostler, r. 2il7 Mission 
Bakofsky Charles, laborer, r. 13J< Dore 
Bal W., apprentice Risdon I. and L. Works 
Balabrega Frank O., upholsterer, r. 772 J« Harrison Jogepli, commission merchant, 509 Da- 
Balarie Vincent, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Balce Valentine, butcher, r. S s Trinidad, bet Platte 

and Yazoo 
Balch Daniel W., assayer, r. 338 Oak 
Balch S. M. Mrs., widow, r. 16U Leavenworth 
Balcom C. F. Mrs., widow, r. 1413 Larkin 
Balcom Lydia E. Mrs. (Wagner & Balcom) r. 1629 

Bald Herman, bookkeeper, r. 1013 Mission 
Bald Mountain Oil Co. (San Mateo Co.) Lawrence 

Shanahan secretary, office 7'>9 Market 
Baldanza Ernesto, artist, r. .528t*ine 
Balderrame Rufino, clerk N. Garcia, 7 Piuckney PI 
Baldinella Lorenzo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Baldissoni Giovanni, Garibaldi guard, 423 Broadway 
Baldocchi Angelo (Amato Dalpino & Co.) r. 1514 Du- 

pont tt, 

Baldocchi Fortunato, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Rroadway 
Baldocchi Francisco, clerk, G. Baldocchi.r. 323 Mont- 
gomery Av 
Baldocchi Francisco, fruit and vegetables, 2206 Fill- 
Baldocchi Giuseppe, fruits, 1310 Dupont . 
Baldocchi Lulgi, Bersaglieri Soc. 025 Broadway 
Baldomero Perez, compositor A.L. Bancroft & Co., 

r. 1706 Mason 
Baldridge B. L., chaplain U. S. A., r. Angel Island 
Baldwin All <li. so II H., proptr S. F. Carpet Beat- 
ing Macliine, 1321-1323 Market, r. 1334 Folsom 
Baldwin Alex U., r. 1H06 Pine 
Baldwin Alex R. Jr.. r. 1806 Pine 

Baldwin A. S., bookkeeper J. B. Hageln. r. .501 Geary 
Baldwin A. S.. capitalist, office 306 Phelau Building, 

r. Oakland 
Baldwin A. W., superintendent Porter, Sles- 

singcr fi Co., 209Sansome, r. 317 Jones 
Baldwin Barry (Blum, Baldwin & Glrvin) r. 1824 

Baldwin Calvin C, assistant engineer Btmr Centen- 
nial, r. 725 Bush 
Baldwin Charles A., clerk 0. Adolphe Low & Oo. , r. 

1222 Pine 
Baldwin Charles H. (0. Adolphe Low & Co.) r. New 

Baldwin David F., laborer, r. 502 Linden Av 
Baldwin E. J., capltiillBt, r. The Baldwin 
Baldwin Elizabeth Mrs., portrait artist, studio and r. 

2328 Ji Harrison 
Baldwin Frederick A., clerk John H. Kemp, r. 632 

Baldwin H.. r. 118 Dupont 
Baldwin Hiirrv, r. 2012 Broadwi 
Baldwin Hirain 8., pli 
Baldwin Hon 

Baldwin H. P 

Baldwin 1, Mrs. 


and r. 612 Clay 
h proprietors. 

r. 212 yhir- 

Baldwin J. C, manufacturers' agent, 34 California, 

Baldwin James T., driver La Grande Laundry, r. 1922 

Bald^vin James W., contractor, cor Stevensc 

and Annie, r. 721 Seventeenth 
Baldwin John, driver White's Laundry, r. 1011 He 

Baldwin John W., attorney at law. r. 46 Liberty 
Baldwin Josiah A., clerk Post Office, r. 614 Powell 
Baldwin Leon Mrs., r. 34 Glen Park Av 
Baldwin Lloyd, attorney at law, 606 Montgomen 

r. Vernon Heights, Oakland 
Baldwin Lydia A., widow, r. 107 Hayes 
Baldwin Marcus M., deputy assessor, r. 2114 Misslii 
Baldwin Marshall S., bookkeeper John F. English, 

309 Jones 
Baldwin Mary E., widow, r. 626 Golden Gate Av 
Baldwin Nellie S. Miss, assistant Hamilton Grammn 

School, r. 2519 Sacramento 
Bald^vin Orvill D., manager branch office Martt 

J. Burke & Son, 304 Sixteenth, r. 113 Powell 
Baldwin Persis N., widow, r. 1525 California 
Bald^vin Pliarmacy, Henry B. Slaven proprietd 

NE cor Powell and Market 
Baldwin Rosauna, widow, r. N s Dominica, bet Yaz 

and Platte 
Baldwin Samuel, r. 1133 Union 
Baldwin Sherman C, physician, office and r. £! 

Baldwin S. M., carpenter, 236 Third 
Baldwin Starr, physician, office and r. 1007 Market! 
Baldwin Tlie, H. H. Pearson proprietor, NE c 

Market and Powell 
Baldwin Theatre, 932-936 Market 
Baldwin William H., contractor, r. 2283^ Francisco 
Baldwin William H., shipcarpenter, r. 3 Liberty 
Bale James, waiter, r. 648 Fourth 
Balena Alexander, conductor Geary St. RR., r. 1503 

Balentine Lettie Miss, r. 423 Ninth 
Baletti Peter, liquor saloon, 1506 Powell, r. 738 Valli 
Baletto Gabriele, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Baley A. Mrs., saleswoman, r. 781 Mission 
Balezynski M.,arohitect. r. 222M O'Farrell 
Balfour Alexander (Balfour, Guthrie & Co.) r. Liv 

pool, England 
Balfonr, Guthrie & Co. (Alexander Balfoi 

Stephen Williamson, Robert Balfour, Alexanc 

Guthrie and Robert B. Formau) shippiu 

commission merchants, 316 California 
Balfour Robert (Balfour, Guthrie & Co.) r. 1131 Ci 

Balfrey John, shoemaker, 506 )i Howard 
Balfur Charles E., draftsman Salkeld & Eckart, r 

Balge Henry A., woodcarver West Coast Furniti 

Co., r. 6'20 Fourth 
Balk Mary, widow, r. 2013 Hyde 
Baling Alex., conductor Geary St. R. R.. r. 1503 M I 

Balk Stephen 8., porter Kohler & Chase, and est 

man Hose No. S, S. F. F. D., r. 2013 Hyde 
Balke William, boarding and lodging, 8'20 Battery 
Bnlkiiin Mrs., widow, r. 1659 Geary 
Bull A. Everett, attorney at law, 39-40 Merchar 

Exchange, r. H Mason 
Ball Alfred, r. 19 Second Av 
Ball Charles Mrs., widow, r. 2840 Mission 
Ball Elizabeth Mrs., widow, W s Scott, bot Clay i 

Ball Frank, carpenter, r. Park Hotel 
Ball Frederick, porter Charles M. Plum & Co., r 

Ball Gardner (Ball & Julian) r. 1323 Clay 
Ball George, longshoreman, r. IfiO Steuart 
Ball George A., mining, r. 1818 Pierce 
Hall George S., r. 727 Larkin 
Ball Henry, mining, r. 314 Bush 
Ball Henry M., r. 1135 Pacific 
Ball Horace W., chief clerk M. P. and M. dept C 

RK., NE Fourth and Townsend. room 64, r. O 

Ball James E., varnishor, r. 21 Fulton, rear 
Ball Jessie, widow, r. 1317 Larkin 
Ball Joel, dentist, r. 45 Garden Av 
Ball John, watchmaker, r. 215 Jones 
Ball Richard, butcher, r. 1080 Howard 
Ball William K., messenger Pac. Transfer Co., r. 1 


LAUNDRY "^^'•'"?..P.1l'f^»?L!i"„''v°t"^'^ 































721 IVI arket St., San Francis c 


r'^^'TT^'^r^y'^T*' t'.r'^ 



liEIIIOII. ri-7IBF.RI^A.\-n and FKei^INII FOX:!VI>RY 
C4»KK, 41 n»rke( Street, eorner Mpeur. 




II <& Julian (Garduer Ball and George N. Julian) 
jroprietors Occidental Wool Depot, 436 Townsend 
agh John L., molder Pioneer Stove Works, r. 754 

agh William E. (Williams & Ballagli) r. 767 Market 
(igli William J., molder, r. 754 Mission 
ando Pietro. Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
antine Cathenue Mrs., r. 432 Fulton 
antine Charles M., bookkeeper Lippitt, Leak & 
Co., r. 915 Valencia 

antine Edward, glovemaker, r. 2319 Mission 
antine E. W., r. 2317 Mission 
ard Duane (Duane Ballard & Co.) r. 1601 Golden 
Gate .\v 

rd Duane & Co. (Duane Ballard) grain brokers, 
22 California, room 13 

ard Edward R., clerk, r. 1601 Golden Gate Av 
ard George, boxmaker Union Box Factory, r. Oak- 

ard George, carpenter, r. 1924 Folsom 
ard George, tinsmith, 215 Second, r. 202 Second 
ard I. T.,r. Lick House 

ard John(W. H. Martin & Co.) r. 2123 Sacramento 
lard Laura. A. Mrs., homoeopathic pnysic- 
iau, office and r. 205 Powell 

ard Samuel K., bookkeeper Cal. Insurance Co., r. 

lard <!k Hall (Isaac R. Hall) wool brokers, 426 

ario Enrico, laborer D. Ghirardelli & Sons, r. 419 

enberg Nathan, musician, r. 711 California 
etti Peter, saloon keeper, r. 738 Vallejo, rear 
eto G., r. 508 Francisco, rear 
etto Nicholas, seaman, r. 14 Janeen 
ey Edward J., collector Mercantile Library, r. 1310 

bans F., laborer, r. 732 Fourth 
bauB Frederick, blacksmith, r. 2209 Leavenworth 
heimer Charles, porter Michels, Friedlander & 
Co., r. .\liimeda 

ing Frank, wood turner West Coast Furniture Co., 
r. 426X. Fifth 

inger Francis, barber, 5 Jackson, r. 18 John 
JDger Frank J., city editor Call, r. 152 Broadway 
iDger J. A., gripman Market St. RR. 
Inger John J., teamster, r. SW cor Kentucky and 

inger Nicholas, r. 313 Green 
i'lger Richard, bookkeeper, r. 1515 J.£ Mission 
inger 8., conductor Market St. RR. 
IngfT Thomaii R., collector Olympic Club, r. 
1515 '4 Mission 
Ballinger. See Bellinger 
ou Addie L.. artist, r. 759 Market 
ou Evangeline, vocalist, r. 759 Market , 

ou J., laborer P. M. SS. Co. 

on Joseph, driver John Kelso, r. Sixteenth and 
as Rudolph, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
r Alexander J., feathers, 608 Market, r. 1333 

y .August E., dyer, r. 1005 Buchanan 
y Cicerine. widow, r. 1005 Buchanan 
y Eugene, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
y Joseph, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
of He Marine Insurance Co. of Basle, Harry 

. Syz general agent. 420-422 California 
oun Josepli L., merchant tailor, 621 Washing- 
ton, r. r. 615 Washington 

John, sheet iron worker Francis Smith t Co., 

18 X Greenland 
hrope Louis, carpenter, r. S s Sonoma, bet Utah 
ind Nebraska 

imore and Ohio Railroad, Peter Harvey general 
gent, 2 New Montgomerj* 

: Adolph, chief clerk purchasing and depot com- 
missary subsistence U. S. .\., r. 2328 Folsom 
;er Frederick, porter Lilicnthal & Co., r. Gunni- 
on Av. bet Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth 
Adolph (Balz Brothers i: Finkelday) r. E 8 Utah, 
bet Sonoma and Yolo 

Brothers & Finkelday (Louis and Adolph Baiz, 
nd Charles Finkelday) tanners, SE cor Yuba and 

Catherine, widow, r. 825 Vallejo, rear 
Louis (Balz Brothers & Finkelday) r. Tanners' 

arini Carlo, steward Campi's Branch Reetaorant, 
. W 8 Clara Av, nr Seventeenth 

Balzer Charles H., shademaker W. & J. Sloane & Co., 

r. 326 Tehama 
Balzer E., millhand Cal. Barrel Co. 
Balzer George, cook, r. Chicago Hotel 
Balzer Henry J., porter Glover & Willcomb, r. 326 

Balzer Hy, & Co. (Cesar Bertheau and F. F. 

Stone) importers and commission merchants and 

agents Bremen Underwriters and Danube-Austrian 

Insurance Co. (Marine Branch) 209 Sansome 
Bamann Beruhard, upholsterer, r. 24 Turk 
Bamaun Otto, cabinetmaker Kragen & Geist, r. 24 

Bambauer Carrie, domestic, 912 Union 
Bamber John (Leonard & Bamber) r. 8 Taylor 
Bamber Joseph J., driver Wells, Fargo & Co. and 

(Bamber \- Berg) r. Alameda 
Bamber & Berg (Joseph J. Bamber and John Berg) 

proptrs Sheltered Cove Swimming Baths, foot 

Montgomery Av and Bay 
Bamberger Slgmund S., traveling salesman Newmark, 

Gruenberg & Co., r. 1309 Ellis 
Bamberger Solomon S., r. 1309 Ellis 
Bambury Mary, domestic, SW cor Eddy and Franklin 
Bamford James, barber, 5 Eddy, r. 428 Minna 
Bammau Balz, milker, r. Helvetia Hotel 
j Bamman Charles, milker, r. Helvetia Hotel 
Bamman Da^-id, milker, r. Helvetia Hotel 
Bammanu Dietrick, groceries and liquors, 219 Fourth 
Bammann Frederick, expressman, cor Fifth and 

Market, r. 1109 Treat Av 
Bammann Henry H., teamster Horace Davis & Co., r. 

385 Shotwell 
Bamond Julius, house painter, r. 1112 Kearny, rear 
Banahan Alice Miss, r. 113 Perry 
Banahan Patrick, r. 113 Perry 
Banchark Henry, fireman, r. 14 3i Preston Place 
Banchieri Lorenzo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Banchou Jean, drover, r. SE cor St. Thomas and 

Bancon John, machinist, r. 210 Minna 



Bancroft A. L. &Co., publishers and importing 
books.-llers and stationers, printers, bookbinders, 
lithographers, engravers, piano and music deal- 
ers, map mounters and designers, 721 Market 

Bancroft Albert A., r. 1605 Franklin 
I Bancroft Albert L. (A. L. Bancroft & Co.,) r. 1C05 

Bancroft George H., r. 516 Jones 

Bancroft Herbert H. (A. L. Bancroft & Co.) r. 1298 
Van Ness Av 

Bancroft H. P., r. 721 Market 

Bancroft Lilirary (The) 1538 Valencia 

Bancroft William B. , manager printing dept A. L. 
Brancroft & Co., r. 810 Grove 

Bancroft's Building:, 721-723 Market 

Band Henry F., special agent Mutual Life Insurance 
Co. of New Y'ork, oflSce 214 Sansome. r. 2622 Bush 

Band John, RJg. and Stev. Union, 806 Montgomery 

Band Joseph, butcher, SW cor Valencia and Eigh- 
teenth, r. 707 Valencia 

Band Stephen, baker G. Engler, r. 409 Union 

Bandaalen Michael C, shoemaker Porter, Slessinger 

6 Co., r. 212 Twenty-third 

Bandmann Julius (Bandmann & Co.) r. 514 Lombard 

Bandmann, Nielsen & Co. (Julius Bandmann 

and Henry Nielsen) importers and commission 

merchants, and agents Giant Powder Co., 210 


I Bandiuci Agostino, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 

Bandy Aaron N., bookkeeper Drake & Emerson, r. 

7 Dupont 

Bandy James, engineer Charles M. Plum k Co., r. 1329 

Bandy James, laborer, p. cor Twenty-eighth and 

Bandy Morris, glove cutter, r. 12 Dale PI 
Bane D. C. (Truworthy i Bane) r. 317 Bay 
Bane James, laborer John Kelso, r. SE cor Sixteenth 

and Alabama 
Bane Luana D. Mrs., furnished rooms, 32 Ellis 
Banes Ru.«sell, clerk Crystal Baths, r. 329 Francisco 
Banfield Cunrad, master mariner, r. 7 Crook 
Banfield J. H., r. 503 Mason 



Oil MaTKei SI. Wagons, Bna[gies,Cania2es,sieamEJi£iiies 

HINCKliEY, SMERS & KATES, FlTtTON IRON WORKS, 230 Fremont Streel, 
SlanDfactnrers of HOlSTINe VfORKS. CAtiES, BUCKETS and C^B||i 




Banfill Albert E., bartender Nicholas Steiner, r. 1038 

Bang Christina, domestic, 525 Harrison 
Banger John, porter Hubbell, Shattuck & Co., r. 

Dolores, nr Seventeenth 
Banifhait Consolidatetl Gold Mining Co. 

(Shasta Co.) J. H. Applegate Jr. secretary, 320 

Sansome, room 43 
Bangs A. H., groceries, r. 1236 Valencia 
Bangs A. H. Mrs., widow, r. 1938 Stevenson 
Bangs E. «& Co. (Edward Bangs and William H. 

Bogardus) proprietors South Point Warehouse, S 

s Berry, bet Third and Fourth 
Bangs Edward (E. Bangs & Co.) r. 1936 Stevenson 
Bangs Franklin, clerk Home Mutual Insurance Co., r. 

Bangs G. A., barber, r. 121 Montgomery 
Bank August, cigarmaker, r. 419 Chestnut 
Bank Commissioners, John E. Farnum, Joseph 

M. Litchfield and William F. White ; Luman Wad- 
ham secretary, 528 California, room 2 
Bank Joseph, currier, r. 1225 York 
Bank of Britisli Columbia, SE cor Sansome 

and California 
Bank of British Nortli America, W. Lawson 

and C. E. Taylor agents, 221 Sandome 
Bank of California, William Alvord president, 

Thomas Brown cashier, NW cor California and 

Bank of California Building, NW cor Cali- 

fornin and Sansome 
Banker Abraham, housesmith Calvin Nutting Jr. , r. 

56 Tehama 
Banker Edward G., helper Calvin Nutting Jr., r. 

Golden Gate Hotel 
Banker Henry Mrs., r. 128 Langton 
Bankruptcy Registers (District Cal.) 506 Battery and 

636 Clay 
Banks Arthur E., correspondent Newton Bros. & Co., 

r. 724 California 
Banks C. W., cashier Wells, Fargo & Co., r. Oakland 
Banks Emma, Old Peoples' Home, Francisco, bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Banks George, driver Jacob Denzler, r. 628 California 
Banks George S., r. 849 Harrison 
Banks James, cook stmr AiJache, r. 115 Trenton 
Banks James, waiter stmr Centennial 
Banks John, laborer, r. 617 Mission 
Banks Joseph, tanner, r. 1225 York 
Banks Mary Mrs., laundress, r. 115 Trenton 
Banks Mary, widow, lodgings, 318 Davis 


machine and 

eiiyiiiv works and fine special 


Banks William O., draftsman Schmidt & Havens, r. 

HV.)Wi Washington 
Banksuii Joseph K., liquor sftloon, 1151 Market 
Banraau Alfred, r. 1000 Pacific 
Baumiin Charles, r. 1141 Union 
Banmann Sigmund, salesmau Levi Strauss & Co., r. 

304 Sutter 
Bannnhan Annie, laundress La Grande Laundry 
Banuahnn Henry, liostler McCord & Scott, r. 173 Clara 
Baunahan Kate, laundress La Grande Laundry 
ISanuan ]!. Mrs., widow, r. 2012 Pierce 
Bannan Barbara C. Mrs., assistant Emerson Primary 

School, r. 2012 Pierce 
Bannan E. Mrs. , widow, r. 1305 Green 
Bannan Eliza Miss, dressmaker, r. 220 O'Farrell 
Bannan George, shipping clerk William Lewis & Co., 

r. 2012 Pierce 
Bannan John, porter Bode & Searle, r. 26 Glover 
Banuan Maggie Miss, assistant South Cosmopolitan 

Primary School, r. 2012 Pierce 
Bannan .Mary, domestic, 41H Fn^mont 
Banuan Patrick, enKineer, r. E s Florida, nr Butte 
Bannan William, bookkeeper Edwards & Co., r. 2012 

Banuan William, trunkmaker D. Block & Co., r. Flor- 
ida, nr Nineteenth 
O^Bannau. See Bannon 
Bannart Catherine, widow, r. 229 Jessie 
Banueck Joun, clerk, r. 314 Gough 
Banner Brothers (Pincus and Samuel) importers 

clothing and furnishing goods, 5-7 Sansome 
Banner Charles, mnfr surgical elastic stockings, r. 

2;)3 Seventeenth 
Banner Henry, blacksmith, r. W s San Bruno Road, 

nr Islais Creek 

Marcus, r. 1002 Van Ness Av 


George C. Lake secx-etary, ofHce ^( 
Front, factory 3WV cor Folsom an 

Banner Pincus (Banner Brothers) r. 838 O'Farrell 
Banner Samuel (Banner Brothers) r. New York 
Banner Victor, salesman Banner Brothers, r. 8 

Bannerot Eugene A., machinist, r. 2141 Mission 
Bannett Harris, cutter, x» 518 Taylor 
Bannett Louis, jeweler, r. 518 Taylor 
Banuick John, salesmau Hinz & Landt, r. 314 Goui 
Banning Frances A. Mrs., principal Sanchez St. P 

mary School, r. 624 Castro 
Banning Mary Mrs., domestic 702 Dolores 
Bannister Alfred, vice-president Starr & Co.,16C» 

fornia, r. Mosswoods, Oakland 
Baunister Edward J., triinkm.iker, r. 12 Stanford 
Bannister G. C, r. 123 H Oregon 
Bannister George W., machinist, r. 12 Stanford 
Bannister John H., shipcarpenter, r. 138 Townsendi 
Bannister Joseph, upholsterer, r. 12 Stanford 
Bannister Joseiih E., boxmaker, r. 12 Stanford 
Bannon George H., laborer, r. 225 Fifth 
Bannon John, r. 624 Fourth 
Bannon Phillip, watchman, r. 352 Eleventh 
m^Bannou. See Bannan 

Banta Demarest, sash and blind mnfr, r. 44 Third 
Bantel Charles, confectioner, r. 653)4 Minna 
Banz Louis, porter Root & Sanderson, r. 1326 Howa' 
Baptis John H., mnfr gold pens, 328 Bush, 

Baptist Chinese Mission, J. B. Hartwell missioniri 

740 Washington 
Baptista Jose (Cardozo & Baptista) r. 1925 Geary 
Baptista Louis, cook, r. 5 Houston 
Baptiste Ammette, barber, 10*1 Market 
Baptiste Antone, deck hand C. P. RU. stmr Oaklan 

r. Oakland 
Baque Daniel, capitalist, r. 1523 Powell 
Bar Association, rooms 121 Post 
Bar Jacob, teamster, r. 32 Chester 
Bar J. C. clerk Bachman Brothers, r. 326 O Farrell 
Barabino Carlo, with Cutting Packing Co.. r. 3 

Baracco Audrew, poultry dealer, r. 349 Jessi. 
Baracco Loreuzo. Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broiiilway 
Baraco Vincent, peddler, r. 221 Eleventh 
Barada Ernest, liquor saloon, 331 Fourth, r. 172 T 

Barada L., traveling salesman Roth & Co., r. Til H 

Baralli Joseph, liquor saloon, ,521 Geary 
Barnttini Lorenzo,porterSiebe Brothers & PI: •iii.ii, 

r. Oakland 
Baraty Jean M., butcher, r. 1804 Dupont 
Baraty Marcellue, Fretu-h Ben. Soc. 510 ,I:i> 1, ii 
Barba A. J., French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Barbach Frederick, baser Cal. Cracker Co.. i , si5 Bl 

Barbageleta Frank, foreman D. Ghirardelli .<-: Sons, 

Barban Antonio, r. 532 Vallejo 
Barbanson Johu, soapmaker, r. 1009 Washint^tou 
Barbar Mary Mrs., cook, r. NW cor Railroad Av »' 

St. Thomas 
Barbarck Fernon, bartender, r. 268 Jessie 
Barbarlu Gratlen, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Barbaste Grace, widow, French laundry, 904 Stooku 
Barbat J. Henry, clerk Henry Trouctte. r. 910 PacU 
Barbat John, physician and druggist, 910 Pacific 
Barbe Jean, florist. S s Geary, nr Masonic Av 
Barboau Joseph, carpenter, r. SE cor Bryant and Six) 
Barbee Charles P., carpenter, r. 133 Ninth 
Barbee Harry B., purser clerk stmr Daisy, r. 1090 Ud1< 
Barbee John, captain stmr Daisy, r. 1090 Union 
Barber Anthony, compositor, r. 27 Hinckley 
Barber A\igustU8 H., clerk 8. F. Directory, r. Na 

Atlantic Hotel 
Barber Bryant H., telegraph operator, cor Twent; 

Second and Bartlett 
Barber Charles L., conductor S. P. RR., r. 1124 Sho 

Barber Elizabeth, widow, r. 1625 Webster 
Barber E. W., r. E s Diamond, nr Twentieth 
Barber George, bookkeeper C. D. Ladd. r. 1219 M«80 
Barber George A., uph.ilsterer Charles M. Plum & Co 

r. 102 Eddy 

LePAGE'S LIQUID GLUES are always ready for use 

IHOGANY, SPANISH CEDAR, PRIMAVERA: '**"''^'TaS'l^ar «*re... 




r James B., porter, r. S s Tweuty-fourth, nr 

John, longshoreman, r. 729 J^ Folsom 
serMaRsie A. Miss, compositor, r. 1222 Pacific 
Ocia, driver, r. 740 Twentieth 
Phiueas S., draftsman H. D. Mitchell, r. 9 

er Robert L., tailor. 40 Ellis 
er Thomas H., pilot, r. 1222 Pacific 
)er William (Doyle, Barber, Galpiu & Scripture) 
ttorney at law, 323 California, r. San Rafael 
er William E., carpenter, r. 1326 Jackson 
ers' Protective Union, office 542 Clay 
Barber. See Barbier and Barbour 
leri Betty Mrs., cook, r. 415 Larkin 
eri Frank, steward, r. 415 Larkin 
leri Joseph, saloon keeper, r. 1425 Dupont 
«to Nicholas, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 

Frederick, fish, 31 S. F. Market, r. 101 Jack- 

tta Nicholas, fish dealer and extraman Engine 
No. 12, S. F. F. D. 
loh A. A., cooper, r. 504 Sixth 
lich Anton, cooper, r. 504 Sixth 
iler Alice, widow, r. 30 Franklin 
iler Armand, porter Caleb Coates, r. 706 Pine 
lier Felix, French Ben. Soc, r. 510 Jackson 
)ier Howard F., clerk W. K. Vanderslice & Co., r. 
706 Pine 

ler Louis, paperhanger, r. 1507 Powell 
rbleri Gnetano, groceries and liquors, 136 

)ieri Giacomo, dishwasher, r. 509 Broadway 
rieri Giuseppe, bartender V. Quilicl, r. 142554 

ieri Giuseppe, dishwasher, r. 511 Broadway 
leri Paul (Levaggi & Barbieri) r. 752 Harrison 
leri Stephen, fruit ana produce, 212 Third 
ino Charles, r. 335 Union 
)oni Giuseppe, cook, r. 511 Broadway 
mnsonJ. B. C, superintendent Columbia Soap 
Works, r. 1009 Washington 

bour Brothers Co., The, mnfrs Irish flax 
threads, sail aud bag twines, and salmon gill-net 
twines. 517-ol'J Market 

Charles, dairyman, NW cor California and 

our Clitus, attorney at law, 715 Clay, r. 1523 
Golden Gate Av 

Thomas, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
elo Tomas. Spanish Ben. Soc, 413 Sacrameuto 
!hl Ciesar Rev., S. J., clergyman St. Ignatius Col- 
lege, 214 Hayes 

hi Giuseppe, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
bus Aunie, widow, r. 1445 Leavenworth 
kow Axel, laborer Cal. Sugar Refinery, r. 118 Gil- 

lay David B., stereotyper S. F. Chronicle, r. 5 

lay Kate L.. widow, r. 208 Ninth 
lay Peter T. (Hatch & Barclay) r. 1618 Bush 
lay Th'.imas H., general agent Safety Fund Be- 
evolent .\88n, 14 Dupont, room 47, r. '2H Lincoln 
Barclay. See Barkley 
lay Mary, widow, r. 2ii Langton 
lenF.C, r. 9 Thirteenth 
en Thomas J., tinsmith, r. 609 Seventh 
lenhagen Claus, laborer Cal. Su^ar Refinery 
let .\lexander, patternmaker Joseph Waguer & 
^o., r. 718 Filbert 
et Guslave, r. 1104 Alabama, rear 
ez Frank, molder City Iron Works 
ot Thomas, r. 3 Maiden Lane 
well Charles W., machine hand West Coast Fur- 
litureCo., r. 1315 Scott 

well John L., salesman Neville k Co., r. St. 
David's House 

Brothers (Edward, Gustav and Solomon) fumi- 

carpets, etc.. 300-308 Hayes 
Edward (Bare Bros.) r. 347^4 Grove - 

Gustav (Bare Bros.) and manager Lachman & 
itemfels, r. 347 >i Grove 
Solomon (Bare Bros.) r. 347H Grove 
Bare. See Baehr, Baer and Bahr 
illes Emile, butcher, r. NE cor Trinidad and 

illes John, laborer, r. S s Tenerlffe. bet Railroad 
Iv and Susquehanna 
illes Thomas, mining, r.3001 Octavis 
ndt Arthur H., r. 526 Howard 

Barenton Edward, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Baretto Robert, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Barfoot Henry, waiter, r. N s Greenwich, bet Baker 

and Broderick 
Barfred Edward, second officer S. P. C. RR. stmr Gar- 
den City, r. 216 Third 
Barg Bernard, musician, r. 763 Mission 
Barg John C, dairy produce, 411 Hayes, r. 309 Linden 

Barge Michel, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Bargau William, r. 508 Sixteenth 
Barger Daniel E.,. physician, office 120 O'Farrell, r. 

Grand Hotel 
Barger Edward, barber, r. 543 Second 
Barger William, machinist Chisholm & Russell, r. 543 

Barges Michael, chief cook French Hospital 
Barijh Yverine, widow, bakery, 342 Fourth 
Barghorn August, seaman, r. 5 Washington 
Bargion Manuel, machinist Joseph Wagner & Co., r. 

1327 Minna 
Bargmann Jacob, milkman, N s Filbert, bet Pierce 

and Steiner 
Bargone Leonardo (Narses & Bargone) r. 1118 Dupont 
Bargones James, special policeman, r. 404 Francisco 
Barhain, Halsted <& Bolton (John A. Barham, 

James L. Halsted and A. E. Bolton) attorneys at 

law, 213-215 Sansome, rooms 11-12 
Barham John A. (Barham, Halsted & Bolton) r. Santa 

Barhas Lena, domestic, 915 J^ McAllister 
Barhus Sophia, widow, r. 938 Pacific 
Barichievich John, waiter, r. 1055 Market 
Burichievich Martin, restaurant, 527 Commercial, r. 

1055 Market 
Baril Francois, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Baringer Emil, machinist, r. 732 ?i Clementina 
Barion August, salesman J. M. Brunswick & Balke 

Co.. r. 430 Shotwell 
Barkan Adolph, specialist diseases eye, ear and throat, 

office 14 Dupont, rooms 6-8, r. 1808 Gough 
Barke Elias, hostler, XL Dairy, r. 2400 Folsom 



Barkeloo Jnlui, real estate, r. 1114 Post 

Barker Albert D., stereotyper Painter & Co., r. 528 

Barker Alfred Z. T., painter and grainer. 1003 Natoma 
Barker Charles A., collector Hanson & Co., r. Russ 

Barker E. B., widow, r. 14 Stanly PI 
Barker Frank, r. NE cor Twenty-fourth and Sanchez 
Barker Frank, carpenter, r. N s Falkland, bet Tom- 

bigbee and St. John . 
Barker Grace, widow, r. 1421 Folsom 
Barker Henry E.. clerk Meyer.Wilson & Co., 212 Battery 
Barker Henry L., bricklayer, r. 309 Capp 
Barker H. L., carpenter, r. 1918 Union 
Barker Hosea, painter and whitener, 810 Jones 
Barker Isaac, decorative art rooms, 316 Sutter, r. 309 

Barker J., laborer, r. Branch House 
Barker James H., painter, r. 794 Stevenson 
Barker James P.. hostler, r. Ahlbom House 
Barker J. M., salesman Davis Bros., r. 622 Jj Green 
Barker John, pantryman P. C. SS. Queen of the Pacific 
Barker John, trunkmaker, r. Palasco, near Courtland 

Av, B. H. 
Barker Josefa, domestic, 1108 Post 
Barker Joshua, bookkeeper Coghill & Simon, r. Oak- 
Barker Martha H., widow, r. 1117 Ellis 
Barker Patrick, gasfitter Thomas Day k Co., r. 425 

Barker Peter, spinner Thomas Day Jc Co. 
Barker Squire, moulder O'Connor & Lewis, r. Oakland 
Barker Timothy L.. capitalist, office 126 Market, 

r. 1119 Castro, Oakland 
Barkhaus Diedrich (F. W. k. D. Barkbaus) r. 

Barkhaus Frederick W. (F. W. k D. Barkbana) r. 

1812 Buchanan 
Barkhaus F. W. Hi D., books and stationery, 

213 Kearny 

Barkhaus William, waiter Shepston k Dickinson, r. 

214 Eddv 



Wuidow Sliades lor Residences, stores, OfllMs, etc. * 645 Market st. 






Barbhausen Bertha, widow, r. 71(j Franklin 
Barkhausen Theodore, laborer, r. 1324 Filbert 
Barkhouse Creek Gravel Mining Co. (Siskiyou Co., 

Cal.) W. H. H. Hart secretary, 230 Montgomery, 

rooms 23-24 
BarkiD Charles, fruit store, 48 Seventh 
Barkley A. S., compositor, r. 123 O'Farrell 
Berkley Harry, clerk H. F. GiiUisson & Co., r. 123 

Barkley James H., painter, 1245 Mission 
Barkley S. I)., r. 808 Green 
Barkley William H., bookkeeper .George C. Bode, r, 

1019 Union 
fi^~Barkley. See Barclay 
Barkman Louis, electrotyper Filmer & Stiller, 

r. Oakland 
Barlage Charles G., sign painter, r. 27 Clinton Park 
Barlage Henry A., stairbuilder, r. 27 Clinton Park 
Barlage Henry D., teamster N. J. Rogers, r. 27 Clinton 

Barlage William A., bookkeeper Nordman Bros., r. 27 

Clinton Park 
Barleben Robert, r. 133 Jackson 
Barle Alexander, tailor, 651 Washington, r. 724 J^ 

Barletti Frank, bootblack, r. 14 Pollard PI 
Barli Giovaui. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Barling Horatio J., bookkeeper Murray Bros., r. 28 

Barlitzuella Isabella, widow, r. IZi^i John 
Barlow Arthur, brassflnisher William T. Garratt, r. 

03 Natoma 
Barlow Caroline B. Miss, principal Irving Primary 

School, r. 1312 Jones 
Barlow Charles, workman U. S. Mint, r. SW cor 

Fifth and Mission 
Barlow Etta Miss, shoefitter Nolan Bros., r. Channel, 

nr Bryant Av 
Barlow Frank, salesman Muser Bros., r. Berkeley 
Barlow George, bookkeeper, r. 512}^ Natoma 
Barlow John, longshoreman r. 6'.( Minna 
Barlow John, machlnistPac. Iron Works, r. 63 Natoma 
Barlow Martin, laborer, r. 4 Kate PI 
Barlow Sarah, housekeeper, 020 Vallejo 
Barlow Susan B., widow, r. Channel, ur Bryant Av 
Barlow William W., r. 1101 Howard 
Barman Charles, plumbing and gas fitting, 117 Fifth 
Barman Fred., with Liebes Bros.iC Co, r. 1225 Mission 
Barman George, butcher, r. NW cor Railroad Av and 

St. Thomas 
Barman Isaac, brassflnisher William T. Garratt, r. 

1225 Mission 
Barman Jonas, real estate, r. 943 Folsom 
Barman Rebecca, fancy goods, 124 Fifth, r. 943 Fol- 

Barman Sarah Miss, saleslady Rebecca Barman, r. 943 

Barmtniller Reinhold, upholsterer L. & E. Emanuel 
Barnaby Reginald II., weighirPac. Rolling Mills, r. E 

B Nnpa and Shasta, rear 
Barnaby J. C, drivi r Market St. RE. 
Burnairil Alexander B., mechanical and mining 

engineer, 37 Post 
Barnard Ellen, widow, r. 531 Linden Av 
Barnard Frank (Frank Barnard & Co.) r.NE cor Gough 

and VnlKjo 
Barnard Frank, cook P. C. SS. Queen of the Pacific 
Buriiiird Friink & Co. (Frank Barnard and Henry 

Voiirman) importers and jobbers coal and agents 

steamer Wilmington, 00!) Battery 
Barnard Frederick 11. driver, r. 20l)H Mission 
Burniird Ooortfo II., niaiiagcr Barnard's BnsinesB 

College, 37 Post, r. l()H:t Broadway 
Barnard I. D. real estiite and business agent, 127 

Montgomery, r. 37 Post 
Barnard James 8., machinist Cnl. Sugar Refinery, r. 

W K Kentucky, bet Biitic and Napa 
Barnard Lemuel H., Ncirctiiry S. F. Candle Co., r. 

Valeiuin, bet Twenty-second and Twenty-third 
Barnard Mary, widow, r. 1'224 Broadway 
Barnanl Matthew L., shoemaker, r. 200S Mission 
Barnard Moses S., cooper Pac. Lead Works, r. 31 S s 

Sonoma, bet Kansas and Vermont 
Barnard W. C, assistant bookkeeper II. Dutnrd, r. 

ffF" Barnard. See Bernard and Bernlinrd 
Barnurtrs BiiHint'SH ColIetr'MiiiflTeletfrnpIi- 

ir Institute, George B. Barnard manager, 37 

Baruer Louis, groceries and fruit, 163 Ninth 

Barnert David, clerk Hecht Bros. & Co. r. 919 PoU 

Barnert Joseph, merchant, r. 919 Polk 

Barnert Meyer, pressman Bacon & Co., r. 131 M(> 

Barnes Charles A., plasterer, r. 2800 Howard 
Barnes C. J., salesman Albert Man & Co. 
Barnes D. longshoreman, r. 310 Montgomery Av 
Barnes David, tailor, r. 2105 Taylor 
Barnes D. H.. watchman P. M. SS. City of Peking 
Barnes E. Miss, r. 911 Bush 
Barnes Edward H., groceries, 432 Brannan 
Barnes Edward T., bartender, r. 21 Clara 
Barnes Euclid T., assistant secretary Cal. Insunu 

Co., r. Alameda 
Barnes F. L., machinist, r. Park Hotel 
Barnes Frederick, millwright Joseph Wagner & k 

r. 232 Turk 
Barnes George, dairyman, r. N 8 Greenwich, bet- ' 

tavia and Laguna 
Barnes George, hotelkeeper, r. 5 Bay 
Barnes George E., dramatic editor Morning Cali' 

Commercial Hotel 
Barnes George N., clerk Harper A. Smith, r. 015 Bil 
Barnes G. T., laundryman S. F. Laundry 
Barnes Ira C, salesman M. Miller & Co., r. 922 Mui 
Barnes James, blacksmith, r. 17 Russell 
Barnes J. D., carpenter, r. Revere House 
Barnes J. E., student Heald's Business CcUege 
Barnes John W. (J. W. Barnes & Co.) r. 1329 Sansc. 
Barnes J. U., marblecutter, r. 275}^ Clara 
Barnes J. W. & Co. (John W. Barnes) groceries 

liquors, SW cor Greenwich and Sansome 
Barnes L. B., laborer, r. 1 Sheridan 
Barnes Michael, tollcoUector Vallejo St. Wharf,. 

Barnes Monroe, engineer Horace Davis & Co.. r. 1 

Barnes R. Lea, with Bank of British Columbli' 

Barnes Robert E., manager Nevada and Cali) 

nia Lumber Go's box factory, r. 14 Perry 
Barnes Robert L. C, mail clerk Evening BuUetiii 

1023 Stockton 
Barnes S. G. Mrs., r. 912 Clay 
Barnes Thomas, laborer, r. Park View Hotel, A] 

House road 
Barnes Thomas J., stairbuilder, r. 8 s Twenty-fll 

bet Dolores and Church 
Barnes W. H., barber P. M. SS. City of Pekiii:. 
Burnes 'W. H. !•., attorney at law, 426 Cal i 

room 7, r. 821 Sutter 
Barnes William, carpenter, r. SW cor Kentu< 

Barnes William, clerk Edward H. Barnes,ir. i;> 

Barnes William H., editor The Weekly Call , 

Barnes William T., trunkmaker, r. 2043 Howai 
Barnes William W., machinist S. F. Tool Co.. 

Barnes W. P., r. Lick House 
Barnett A. J., r. 2110 Howard 
Barnett E. Miss, dressmaker, 14 Dupont, r<N ■ 
Barnett Frederick, seaman, r. 110 Trenton 
Barnett George A., superintendent Jersey I'n 

Depot, 835 Howard 
Barnett G. P.. clerk local freight office C. I 

303 Eddy 
Barnett Harry J., salesman R. G. Sneath, r. 81! 
Barnett John, molder, r. 101 Minna 
Barnett Joseph (Barnett, Marks & Co.) r. 51 1' 

Barnett, Marks & Co. (Joseph Barnett, ;\I 

Marks and Samuel Kalisky) crockery, ; ! 

etc.. 199 Stevenson 
Barnett M. 8., merchant, r. 227 Leavenworth 
Barnett Richard P., woodworker E. A. StocKi 

Barnett Samuel, peddler, r. 1003 Bryant 
Barnett Thomas, butcher, r. 548 Minna 
Barnett William A., foreman Marder, Luf^i 

.'>28 Sacramento 
Barnett William J., salesman Fratinger X 

Ahlborn House 
Barnett William T. , clerk Wallace, Pillsbui .. 

ding, r. Berkeley 
Barney Alfred S., chief deputy U. S. Shipi : 

missioners, office 603 Front, r. 1949 Geai > 
Barney Charles W., salesman J. C. Meussi; 

son, r. 729)4 Natoma 



EDDY ST.. West of Fillmore Stre 

«»FrH'K. 33 «K.4KV ST. 

lACDONOUGH & CO. '"'^'**" *'•-'* '**-*'^V5i;^?u^e'S^I'."rt,tVi/«"e?l'. 

street, corner Spear. 




mey Benjamin A., president Silver King 
Mining Co., 328 Jlontgomery, room 19. r. 817 Van 
Kess Av 

»me>- B. Griffin, deputy V. S. Shipping Com- 
missioner, office P. M. SS. Cos wharf, r. 220'J 

ey James Jtt., mining and capitalist, 328 
Montgomery, room 19, r. Arizona 
neyT. R..r. 620 Ellis 

T. V. Mrs., r. 620 Ellis 
ey V. A. Mrs., r. 302 O'Farrell 
ney William L., reporter The Bradstreet Co., r. 62 
South Park 

George W., solicitor law department A. L. 
Bancroft & Co.. r. 516 J^ Bush 

Thomas D., sergeant police, r. 9 Rausch 
Howard, laborer Woodward's Oardens, r. 
1641 H Mission 

num John, collector, r. 304 Twenty-first 
num John A., foreman A. Waldstein, r. 6 Haggln 

raum Thomas L., carrier Barry, Baird & Co., r. 
1022 Vallejo 

rnwell Gilbert T., clerk Easton & Eldridge, r. 
N 8 Twenty-sixth, bet San Jose Av and Guerrero 
D Philip, cook S. F. Verein, r. 831 Oreenwich 
an Albert F., assistant bookkeeper John Saulnier 
& Co.. r. 972)^ Folsom 
9n Benjamin, clerk, r. 633 California 
an £doaard,6alesaiau J. Jullien ^^ Co., r. Alameda 
on Isadore, general men-handise, r. 419 Fell 
on John (J. Dupuy & Co.) r. 630Broadway 

^Baron. See Barron 

Peter, r. 21 Vandewater 

rparige August, baker, r. 4 Fella PI 
79 Minna 

rr Daniel, carpenter, r. 620 Brannan 

rr Daniel, salesman E. H. Jones & Co., r. 328 Oak 

rr Hannah K., widow, r. 328 Oak 

irr John, superintendent Potrero Station S. F. Gas 
Light Co., r. W s Louisiana, bet Sierra and Nevada 

Arr John D., mnfr umbrellas and parasols, 323, r. 1207 Bush 

rr John G., porter Murphy, Grant & Co., r. 8 Fifth 

Irr Mary, waitress, r. 62 Everett 
'rr Peter, seaman, r. 26 Steuart 

rr Stuart A., clerk John D. Barr, r. 1207 Bush 

rr Thomas, r. 702 Vallejo 

Irr William, machinist S. P. RE., r. 15^ Thir- 

rr William H., master mariner, r. 1011 Union 
Barr. See Bahr, Bar and Barre 
a Antouita, widow, cook, r. 15 Auburn 

rra Ezekiel I., liquor saloon. NW cor First and 

H Minna 
rra'B Hall, KW cor First and Minna 
rradale Alexander, engineer Shot Tower, r. 24 Te- 

Barradale. See Borrodaile 
rradas James C, barber. 519 Fourth 
rragat Peter, boots and shoes, 103 Seventh 
rraillac A. C. salesman DavisBros., r. 620 Jessie 

que Jean, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
rraud Auguste, compositor, r. 1013 Stockton 
rraud Philip, cook. r. 831 Greenwich 

raza Frank M., lithographer Schmidt Label and 

Lithograph Co., r. 38 Howard 

raza H., laborer Thompson Bros., r. 38 Mary 

re August, liquor saloon, NE cor Lombard and Oc- 

rreda F., r. 1614 California 
rreda F. L. Mrs., widow, r. 1614 California 
rrell Samuel, stockbroker, r. 225 Bush 

rella Joseph, laborer, r. 8 s Corea, bet Santee and 


:en Cornelius F., driver City RR.,r. 1807 Miaeion 

ren Gustav, baker, r. German Hotel 
rrens P. 8., milkman, r. 704 Seventeenth 
rrenton E., fireman Russ House 

rera Isidore, r. 2213 3< Mission 

rere Jean. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 

o EmiUe. widow, r. 917 Jackson 
rrett Alfred, jeweler, r. 236 Seventh 

rett Charles J., carpenter, r. 709 Seventeenth 

rftt Charles L., clerk 8. F. Gas Light Co., r. 1000 


rett Cornelius, teamster, r. 431 Shipley 

rett Domiuick W., bartender Terminal Hotel, r. 

cor Haight and Stanyan 

rett Edward, laborer! r. 609 Minna 



No Bottle Genuine unless the Label beara 
the Sig^nature of 

MACONDRAY & CO., Sole Agents. 

Barrett Edward, painter, r. 233 Stevenson 
Barrett Edward, shoemaker, r. 319 Tehama, rear 
Barrett Edward B., clerk, r. 219 Sixteenth 
Barrett Ellen T., domestic, 839 O'Farrell 
Barrett Francis A., carpenter, r. S s Sumatra, bet Sa- 
vannah and Monongahela 
Barrett Frank, liquor saloon. 120 Jackson 
Barrett George, hostler, r. 421 Bush 
Barrett George, jeweler, r. 36 Seventh 
Barrett George, teamster, r. 24 Clementina 
Barrett Hannah, widow, r. 517 Stevenson 
Barrett Hannah, widow, r. W s Kansas, bet Humboldt 

and Nevada 
Barrett Harry L., upholsterer Cal. Furniture Mnfg 

Co., r. 236 Seventh 
Barrett James, furnished rooms, 641 Washington 
Barrett James, painter, r. 112 Langton 
Barrett James F., laborer, r. W s Cook, nr Geary 
Barrett John, carpenter, r. 2921 Mission 
Barrett John, laborer S. F. Cordage Factory 
Barrett John, tinsmith W. W. Montague & Co., r. 112 

Barrett John J., baker, r. 318 Valley 
Barrett John M., editor Examiner, r. Nucleus Hotel 
Barrett Joseph, blacksmith's helper Market St. RR., 

r. 112 Langton 
Barrett Joseph, clerk Feigenbaum & Co., r. 616 Fol- 

Barrett Louis, treman Genesee Mill. r. 502 Washington 
Barrett M., extraman Entjine No. 13, 8. F. F. D., Va- 
lencia, nr Twentv-sixth 




Barrett Margaret Miss, saleslady Kelly Bros., r. 517 

Barrett Mary, domestic, 1S16 Washington 
Barrett Mary, widow, r. 1412 Powell 
Barrett Mary Miss, shoefitter, r. W s Kansas, bet 

Humboldt and Nevada 
Barrett Maurice, teamster, r. W s Kansas, bet Hum- 
boldt and Nevada 
Barrett Michael, boiler maker, r. 759 Mission 
Barrett Michael, calker, r. 24 Masonic Av 
Barrett Michael, laborer P. M. SS. Co. 
Barrett Michael, longshoreman, r. 804 Third • 
Barrett Michael, teamster George Morrow & Co., r. 33 

Barrett Minnie, domestic, 1310 Geary 
Barrett P.. laborer Pac. Rolling Mills 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, r. 235 Perry 
Barrett Patrick, lalwrer C. P. RR., r. 1209 Devisadero 
Rarrett Patrick F., driver, r. 302 Fourth 
Barrett Richard F., frame maker, r. 2021 Mission 
Barrett Robert, soap maker, r. 122 Gilbert 
Barrett Thomas, blacksmith Bigelow, Sims k Morris, 

r. H40 Harrison 
Barrett Timothy, teamster George Morrow k Co., r. 

IStOO Jones 
Barrett William, gardener, r. 712 Turk, rear 
Barrett William, molder, r. 229 First 
BarreU IfiUiam G., secretary 8. F. Gas Light 

Co., office SE cor First and Natoma, r. 1000 Pine 
Barrett Winnefred, widow, r. 516 Folsom 


(William J. Sherwood) impurtera jind 
mannfacturerx tvatches, cliamundii, 
Je^velry, etc., 14tO Montgomery 

Barretta John, driver Omnibus RR., r. 504 Third 
Barridge William, stair builder Albion J. Sanborn, r. 

621 Third 
Barrie A. C, salesman P. Beamish, r. 303 Eddy 
Barrie Charles J., teamster Bryden k Hinckley, r. 

127 Clara 



Manufaclurers' Hgents, 

509, 511 MARKET ST, 









Manufacturers of 


309, 311, 313, 315 and 317 MARKET STREET 

BaiTie David H., conductor Cal. St. RR., r. Iil8 Hyde 

Barrie Ernest, r. 824 Geary 

Barrie Louis, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jaclison 

Barringer Andrew, laborer, r. 131}^ Gilbert 

Barriiigton CUarleg li., druggist, 52.5 Montgom- 
ery Av, r. 109 Tan Ness Av 

Barringtou George F., clerk Custom House, r. Oak- 

Barrington John, clerk U. S. Railway Mail Service, r. 
Santa Rosa 

Barro Marie, widow, r. 629 Vallejo 

Barroilhet Henry, manager Belloc & Co. and 
president French Benevolent Society, office 524 
Montgomery, r. San Mateo 

Barron Arthur W., assistant superintendent Market 
St. RR., Haight street office, r. Halght and Stan- 

Barron August, compositor, r. 1013 Stockton 

Barron C, laborer Cal. Barrel Co. 

Barron Connell, vegetables and varieties, junction 
Sierra and Michigan 

Barron Cornelius J., house and sign painter, 815 

Barron Edward, capitalist, office 121 Post, r. Mayfleld 

Barron Ellen, widow, lodging house, 813 Stockton 

Barron G., chief printer Quartermaster's Dept Presi- 
dio Reservation, r. 2130 Union 

Barron George E,, clerk S. P. C. RR., r. Mayfleld 

Barron Henry, laborer, r. Capitol House 

Barron John, r. 2319 Mission 

Barron Joseph C, barber, r. 444!^ Natoma 

Barron Michael, carpenter, r. 2319 Mission 

Barron Nora Mrs., r. 2109 Stockton 

Barron William, carpenter, r. 934 M Harrison 

Barron William, carpenter, r. 1110 Clay 

(^Barron. See Baron 

Barroni Alfonso, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 

Barrow Charles, waiter. Royal Dining Saloon, r. 938 

Barrows Albert W., clerk J. M. Buffington, r. 109 Sil- 

Barrows Annie M. Miss, assistant South San Francis- 
co School, r. 109 Silver 

Barrows Churles D. Rev., pastor First Congre- 
gational Church, r. 1312 Taylor 

Barrows Edward C, clerk Union Pac. Salt Co., r. 2C26 

Barrows John, mnfrs' agent, office 7 First, r. 787 
j Barr.ows Laura M. Miss, assistant Turk Street Prim- 
' ary School, r. 2()26 Sutter 

Barrows Lucy, widow, r. 109 Silver 

Barrows Robert, agent Cal. Cracker Co., r. 2511 Post 
Barrows Robert, coachman, 1810 Howard 

Barrows Stephen S., carpenter, r. 1419 Folsora 

Barrows William H. (Barrows & Dare) r. 808 Guerrero 

Burrows & Dare (W. H. Barrows and John T. 
Dare) attorneys at law, 204 Phelan Building, 806 
8^ Barrows. See Burrows 

Barry Aaron J., carpenter Hobbs, Wall & Co., r. 14 
Bourbin PI 

Barry Ada Mrs., r. 1111 Broadway 

Barry Augustus W., driver Sutter St. RR., r. 102 Cen- 
tral Av, rear 
Barr}', Bulr<l «& Co. (James H. Barry, James M. 
liaird and John Henderson) book and job printers 
and book binders, 419 Sacramento and 320 8an- 
Barry Bartholomew, freight clerk C. P. RR., Sacra- 
mento stmrs, r. 3f>0 Clementina 
Barry Brothers (James W. and John M.) oxpreBsmen, 

SW oor Tliird and Howard 
Barry Catherine, domestic, r. 1 Welsh 
Barry Catherine, nurse, r. .W South Park 
Barry Charles E. (Barry & Evans) r. Oakland 
Barry Charles, printer, r. tilH Howard 
Barry David, laborer, r. In Herk<'ley Av 

Barry David, liquor saloon, 301 Ninth 

Barrs" David, peddler, r. 2.54 Beale 

Barry David, sailmaker, r. 18k Ridley 

Barry Dennis, porter F. Foley & Co., r. 778 Harriso 

Barry Edward, foundryman, r. 6 Freelon 

Barry Edward, laborer, r. 25 Anthony 

Barry Edward, milk dairy, Crescent Av, nr San Brur 

Barry Edward, stock and bond broker, 22 Merchant 

Exchange, r. Oakland 
Barry Ellen, widow, r. 710 Howard 
Barry E. M. Mrs., widow, r. 1915 Polk 
Barry Francis F., dairyman, r. 620 McAllister 
Barry Fraocis J., driver Milbrae Dairy, r. 1936 Bus 
Barry Frank W., clerk Redington &Co., r. 211 Tayh 
Barry Hugh J., groceries and liquors, 20 Hunt 
Barry James (Callan & Barry) r. 1336 Natoma 
Barry James, blacksmith, r. 211 Taylor 
Barry James, bricklayer, r. 522 Shotwell 
Barry James, boilermaker P. F. Dundon, r. 769 Bryai > 
Barry James, clerk Billings. Harbourne & Co., r. 

Church Lane 
Barry James, employe St. Marys Hospital 
Barry James, expressman, r. 3 Maria 
Barry James, expressman, r. E 8 Yazoo, bet Tenerif 

and Falkland 
Barry James, foreman A. Doble, r. 211 Taylor 
Barry James, laborer P. M. SS. Co. 
Barry James, mechanic, r. 312 Minna 
Barry James, paperhanger Longley & Johnson, r, 1 

Barry James, tentmaker Neville & Co., r.8 Glover 
Barry James, tailor, 759 Howard 
Barry James F., molder, r. 1610 Dolores 
Barry James H., manager Star Publishing Co., 4tl 

Bush, and (Barry. Baird & Co.) r. 1022 Vallejc 
Barry James J., janitor Supreme Court of Californii. 

r. 10 Grove 
Barry James W. (Barry Bros.) r. SE cor Falkland ani 

Railroad Av 
Barry J. B.. compositor Evening Bulletin, r.622 Hov 

Barry Jennie Miss, r. 1936 Bush 
Barry Jeremiah, driver Hiberni a Brewery, r. 303 Nlnti 
Barry J. J., carpenter, r. 529 Sacramento 
Barry John, r. 11 Carlos PI 
Barry John, r. 1209 Kearny 
Barry John, r*2523 Sacramento 
Barry John, calker, r. 21 Ransch 
Barry John, coachman, r. 11 Essex 
Barry John, coachman, r. 325 Folsom 
Barry John, houaepalnter, r. 361 Clementina 
Barry John, laborer, r. 402 Broadway 
Barry John, laborer, r. 1 Welsh 
Barry John, porter The Famous Crockery and ! 

Goods Co., r. 300 Clementina 
Barrj- John, tentmaker Neville & Co., r. 8 Glov. 
Barry John D., clork Redington k Co., r. 1209 ' 
Barry John H., chief delivery clerk W. U. Tel. i 

749 Howard 
Barry John J., shoemaker Jones & Bryant, r. SiU i 

Barry John J., teamster, r. 1006 X Natoma 
Barry John M. (Barry Bros.) r. SE cor Falklan 

Railroad Av 
Barry John R., boilermaker, r. 769 Bryant 
Barry John T., blacksmith, r. 623 Fulton 
Barry Joseph, r. 1936 Bush 
Barry Joseph, wool sorter, r. 2523 Sacramento 
Barry Joseph F., r. 3 Maria 
Barry Julia, widow, r. 13 Varennes 
Barry J. W., r. 135 Fifteenth 
Barry Katharine Miss, r. 1936 Bush 
Barry L. T., r. 122 O'FarrcU 
Barry Lila Miss, r. 1936 Bush 
Barry Margaret, ilomestlc, r. 1 Welsh 
Brrry Margaret, widow, r. 8 Glover 
Barry Margaret A. Miss, dessmaker, r. 305 5i Ma 
Burry Mary, r. 38 Quiuu 
Barry Mary, domestic, 1009 Buchanan 
Barry Mary, widow, r. 9 Cleveland 
Barry Mary, widow, r. 35 Valperaiso 
Barry Mary Misa, r. 1930 Bush 
Barry Martin, tailor, r. 1936 Bush 
Barry Matthew, fruit and vegetables, 8E cor Bft 

Hoiul Av and Falkl.ind 
Barry Maurice, laborer, r. 2733 Pine 
Barry M. C. Misa assistant Hayes Valley Granimi 

School, r. 211 Taylor 
Barry Michael, l»l)orfcr, r. 3 Powell Av 


N WIGMORE— HARDWOOD LUMBER: 129 to 147 Spear Street. 




Michad, porter Hathaway & Co., r. 300 Clem- 

arry Michael, shoemaker, r. W s Boanoke, nr Chen- 

arry Michael H., selector Wangenhein, Sternheim 

& Co., r. a Glover 
arry Michael J., groceries and liquors, 6.56 Natoma 
arry M. J., machiniet S. F. Tool Co., r. 710 How- 

ry M. J., carriage striper P. J. O'Brien & Co., r. 

■40-2 Broadway 
arry Owen, laborer, r. 623 Fulton 
arry P., ticket clerk C. F. EB., Oakland Ferry, r. 

arry Patrick, boileriuaker, and assistant foreman 

EuKine No. 3, S. F. F. D., r. ISi'J California 

Patrick, carriage painter B. T. Briggs & Co. , r. 

arry Patrick, groceries and liquors, NW cor Natoma 

and Fifth 
arry Patrick, laborer Golden State and Miners Iron 

Works, r. 140 Freelon 
arry Patrick, lamp lighter S. F. Gas Light Co. 
arry Patrick, watchman Michelssen, Brown & Co. r. 

TV 8 Utah, bet Center and Santa Clara 
arry Patrick O., clerk Simpson & Millar, r. 1112 Pa- 
arry Peter, carpenter and branch bakery, NE cor 

Minnesota and Solano 
arry R. F., ropemaker, r. 3009 Sixteenth 
arry Richard, laborer Weed i*c Kingwell, r. 260 Clara 
.arry Richard, upholsterer, r. 9 Cleveland 
arry Richard J., currier Jacob Beisel, r. W s Missis- 
sippi, bet Santa Clara and Mariposa 
arry Richard L., clerk Tax Collector's OflSce, r. 21 

jarry R. M., solicitor, r. 84 Everett 

Robert, bookkeeper, r. 21 Prospect PI 
arry Robert, engineer Cal. St. BR., r. 1410 Pine 
arry Robert, laborer, r. Arion House 
arry Robert V., machinist William T. Garratt, r. 342 


Bjry Teresa, widow, r. ilBh Linden Av 
arry Thomas, shoemaker and extraman Engine No. 
' F. F. D., r. NW cor Albion Av and Sixteenth 
arry Thomas, watchman Haslett & Bailey, r. NE cor 

Spear and Harrison 
arry Thomas, weigher, r. 514 Howard 
arry Thomas F. (Barry & Murphy) r. 7 Hunt 
arry Thomas F.. attorney at law, 217 Sansome, rooms 

14-16, r. 929 Greenwich 
arry Thomas F., sawyer, r. 440 Fifth 
arry T. T., salesman Levi Strauss & Co., r. Alameda 
arry William, currier, r. 424)^ Shotwell 
hrry William, helper Fulton Iron Works, r.66 Minna 
hrry William, laborer, r. 16 Cedar Av 
arry William, pantryman, r. 17 Harrison Av 
arry William, ship carpenter, r. 21 Bausch 
hrry William, teamster, r. 315 Jessie 
irry William, teamster Frank Barnard & Co., r. IS 

ury William, trackforeman Omnibus RB., r. 640 

irry William F., clerk Tax Collector's Office, r. 1623 


ry William F., pressman Barry, Baird & Co., r. 

1235 ITnion 

ry William H., carpenter, r. 639 Twenty-third 

ry William I., salesman, r. 1070 Howard 

ry William J., wharfinger section 4 Seawall, r. 35 


William J., horseshoer A. Doble, r. 211 Taylor 
rry William McG.. architect, r. 609 Post 
arry <fc Kvans (Charles E. Barry and William M. 

Evans) searchers records, 415 Montgomery 
rry & Murphy (Thomas F. Barry and John T. Mur- 
phy) liquor saloon, 711 Howard 
'■ Barry. See Barrie 
rsante G., fruit store, 233 Eighth 
irsel F., brickmason, r. 73 Water 
rser Louisa, widow, r. 416 Francisco 
rsi Paolino, fruit dealer, r. 1924 Mission, rear 
rsotti Antonio. Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
nottl Egidio, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
raotti Ernesto. Bersaglieri Soc , 625 Broadway 
reottl Virgilio (I'erpoll & Co.) r. 1521 Mason 
rstow Alfred (Rhodes & Barstow) attorney at law, 

430 California, r. Oakland 
rstow George Mrs., widow, r. 927 Pin© 
iBtow William, r. 506 Batterv, nwrn 42 

Crj^:E'J^lST (COMET ^ 

These celebrated TEAS can alw^ayg be bad 
of the trade, or 

204-206 Sansome Street. 

Barsuglia Achille. silversmith Particelli & laccheri 

r. 568 Stevenson 
Barsuglia Charles (Charles Barsuglia & Co.) r. 731 

Barsuglia Charles & Co. (C. Barsuglia and B. Biagi) 

fruit and vegetables, 1325 Stockton 
Bart Jean, rigger, r. 327 Montgomery Av 
Bart Patrick, carpenter, r. NW cor Manitoba and St. 

Bartalloni E., liquor saloon, NW cor Seventh and 

Bartels Christopher, conductor, r. 335 Fourth 
Bartels Conrad, carpenter, 818 Pacific, r. 1603 Mason 
Bartels Greta, domestic, 1016 Van Ness Av 
Bartels Henry, retail liquor dealer, 2232 UnioD, 

nr Steiner 
Bartels Henry, upholsterer, r. 604)4 Hyde 
Bartels Hermann 0., porter Dodge, Sweeney & Co., r. 

330 Minna 
Bartels Bichard', carpenter, r. 907 Treat Av 
Barten Louis, laborer Mission Soap and Candle 

Barter Ella A., widow, r. 220)4 McAllister 
Barth Alexander, carpenter, r. 529 Valencia 
Barth Charles, sheet-metal worker Conlin & Roberts, 

r. 715 Clementina 
Barth Isidore, stovefitter Pioneer Stove Works, r. 36 

Valparaiso, rear 
Barth Jacob, clerk Buyer & Reich, r. 1414 Hyde 
Barth Philip, broker, 306 Sausome, r. 209 Dupont 
Barth Richard, machinist, r. •22H Bush 




Barth William, galvanized iron worker, r. 335)4 Ship- 

Barthc Francois, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 

Barthel Robert, liquor saloon, 273 East, r. 130 O'Farrell 

Barthelemy Nicola, shoemaker Boisseau & Son, r. 6 
Adeline PI 

Barthol Adam, teamster, r. 463 Minna 

Barthold Herman, driver S. F. Stock Brewery, r. 3316 

Barthold Max. driver S. F. Stock Brewery, r. 2206 Ma- 

Barthold Radder, steward W. H. Stevens, r. 18-i6 

Bartholdi F.. shoemaker, 103 Ninth 

Bartholdy Albert, r. 1204 Howard 

Bartholome John, carpenter, r. 619 Ellis 

Bartholome John, cook Peter Garms, SW cor Front 
and Fnion 

Bartholow Eugene B., clerk general ticket office C. P. 
RB., r. 704 Pine 

Barthrop Edward, salesman R. W. Simpson, r. 728)4 

Bartles W. G., millman M. Nelson, r. Oakland 

Bartleson Edward, laborer, t.'M>< Minna 

Bartlett Albert J., porter Thomas H. Selby i Co., r. 
Park Hotel 

Bartlett Columbus, attorney at law, 12 Uont- 
gomery. r. Alameda 

Bartlett Edward C, bookkeeper John Scott Wilson k 
Co.. r. 1708 Leavenworth 

Bartlett Flora, widow, r. 334 Brannan 

Bartlett Henry, clerk Contra Coeta Laundry, r. 948 

Bartlett James H., carpenter, r. NW cor Sanchez and 

Bartlett Joseph, brass finisher William T. Garratt, r. 
410 Broadway 

Bartlett Joseph, commercial traveler, r. 633 Sacra- 

Bartlett Joseph A., assistant manager Stndebftker 
Kros.. r. 810 Leavenworth 

W/^l A Pi 1/ O r^r\ 6^5 MnrkAt St Whole.salo and Retail dealers In Paper 

. CLARK & CO. iN?E^moR decSSa^tVors, ^^^^^^'iLr^fi;^ ^^■'"^"'^ 

KITTLE & CO. IMPROVED OIL CAKE MEAL-the best feed in the world 





Brass and Nickel Plated 


Open. Fire - Place Trimming's 
a Specialty. 

309, 311, 313, 315 and 317 MARKET STREET. 

Bartlett Laura T., widow, r. 373 Jessie 
Bartlett Mary A., widow, r. 2517 Fillmore 
Bartlett May M. Miss, r. 1861J<S Stevenson 
Bartlett Pliny (Contra Costa Laundry Assn) r. Oak- 
Bartlett Robert B.. delivery clerk Hathaway's Ware- 
house, r. 36 Moss 
Bartlett Susie Mrs., lodgings, 923 Howard 
Bartlett Thomas, teamster, r. 15 Ritch 
Bartlett Walter A., teamster Charles M. Plum & Co., 

r. 1622 West Mission 
Bartlett Walter B.. teacher vocal music, r. 821 Powell 
Bartlett TVashiiiifton, Mayor of San Francieco, 

office new City Hall, first floor, r. 299 Hyde 
Bartlett William, engineer fire boat Gov. Irwin, r. 410 

Bartlett William C, journalist Bulletin, r Oakland 
Bartlette Ward, second steward Occidental Hotel 
Hartley Charles W., painter, r. 125 Laugton 
Bartley George, meterman S. F. Gas Light Co. 
Bartlf-y Samuel P., salesman, r. 1718 Broderick 
Bartling Henry, civil engineer, r. 24 Glen Park Av 
Bartling William (Bartling k Kimball) r. Oakland 


(William Bartlin«r and Henry Kimball) 
book binders and blank book manu- 
facturers, 505 Clay 

Bartman Ferdinand, millwright and carpenter, r. 729 

Bartman John B., millwright, r. Lyon, nr Oolden 

Gate Av 
Bartmann Anton, carpenter, r. N 8 Franciaco, bet Jones 

and Leavenworth 
Bartmnnn Charles J., professor music, r. 729 Grove 
Bartmann Ferdinand, carpenter, r. 719 Grove 
Barto Harrison, printer, r. 214 Eighteenth 
Barto Mary, widow, r. 2005 Polk 
Bartoli Damiano, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
BartoU Giov. Batta, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Bartolucci Angiolo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Bartolucci Giuseppe, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Barton Benjamin F. (B. F. Barton & Co.) r. 822 Twen- 
Barton B. P. <!(i Co. (Benjamin F. Barton) pro- 
prietors Pioneer Salt Works, and manufacturers 
Peerless Yeast Powder, 211-213 Sacraiuento 
Barton Daniel, plasterer, r. 45 Jessie 
Barton Franklin A., clerk Baker & Hamilton, r. 930 

Barton George, clerk Renton, Holmes & Co., r. 708 

Barton Hugh, stonemason, r. 22 Johnson Av 
Barton James, teamster Renton, Holmes & Co., r. 708 

Barton James, wines and liquors, 819 Battery 
•r^-_i— •. ,^ , , r. 721 Mission 

Barton John, ni 
Barton Jolui, paint 

T, r. 

24 Union 


president Union 
Pacific Salt Co., SIC Sacramento, r.cor 
Broadivay and Central Av, Alameda 

Barton Joseph C, commercial traveler, r. 413 Uraniian 

Barton Phineas W., with W. T. Y. Schenck, 36 Cali- 
fornia, r. Alameda 

Barton Polly, widow, r. 916 Van Ness Av 

Barton Ricliard D., conductor Presidio RR., r. 1232 

Barton Robert P., painter, r. 1232 Union 

Barton Thomas, clerk Renton, Holmes & Co., r. 708 

Barton Thomas, metalplater, r. 313 Eddy 

Barton Thomas S., salesman Coffin & Hendry, r. 1625 

Barton Vineyard (Fresno Co., Cal.) John W. Pew sec- 
cretary, 310 Pine, room 15 

Barton Wl'llard T. (Drown & Barton) attorney at law, 
621 Clay, r. 2618 Pacific Av 

Barton William, stevedore, r. 754 Harrison 

Barton William D., solicitor, r. 1232 Union 

Barton William H., salesman, r. 2422 Buchanan 

Barton William J., painter, r. 1204 Union 

l^-Barton. See Burton 

Bartore Narcesso, tailor, r. 408 Battery 

Bartore Sebastian, tailor, r. 408 Battery 

Bartram C. D. J., salesman H. Frledlander & Co., r 

3i(3 Eddy 
Bartram William, clerk Montgomery's Hotel, r. 82t 

Treat Av.rear 
Bartrin Bertha, r. 946 Folsom 
Bartrin Susan, widow, r. 946 Folsom 
Baruch Albert, salesman Hofifman & Co., r. 1405 Vai« 

Ness Av 
Baruch Frederick, traveling salesman Hoffman & Co. 

r. 1405 Van Ness Av 
Baruch Ida Miss, r. 1530 Ellis 
Baruch Isaac, capitalist, r. 1405 Van Ness Av 
Baruch Morris, salesman, r. 1530 Ellis 
Baruch Simon (B. Blumenthal & Co.) r. 657 Harrisoii 
Baruh Mose, compositor, r. 916 Larkin 
Barut Albert, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Barut August J., butcher J. Fos, r. 1701 Dupont 
Barut Raymond, French Ben. Soc. 510 Jackson 
Baruth Ernest F., liquor saloon, SW cor Post and Filll 

Bargone Paolo, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
Barzuglia Achille, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Barzuglia Carlo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Barzuglia Paolo, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Basacka Sophie, widow, r. 1906 Larkin 
Basalt John, laborer, r. 608 Sixth 
Basch Louis, traveler Weil, Lelter & Co., r. 622 Grovi 
Basch Morris, cigars, 624 Washington, r. Oakland 
Basch S. & Co. (Samuel Basch and Louis Krageni 

furniture, 821 Market 
Basch Samuel (S. Basch & Co.) r. 203 Fourth 
(^■Basch. See Bash 

Baschi Charles E., artist I W. Taber, r. 233 Turk 
Baschke Leokadia. domestic, 1360 Post 
Bascom Charles Mrs., r. 717 Howard 
Bascom Henry B., dressmaker, 115 Geary 
Bascom Mattie E. Mrs., dressmaking, 115 Geary 
Bascom Ray, pressman Francis, Valentine & Co.,1 

510 Commercial 
Basendorf Michael, scroll sawyer The Boiler MnffI 

Co..r. 14 Prospect PI 
Basford Jacob K., capitalist, r. 2008 Pine 
Basford Mary, domestic, 500 Sutter 
Basford Raphael X., clerk, r. 2008 Pine 
Bash Hyman, merchant, 206 M Bush, r. 1029 How8»i 
Bash John, seaman, r. 263 East 
Bashford Julia, widow, r. 825 Jackson 
Bashford Minnie Miss, 825 Jackson 
Basilauskl Alphonso, salesman Geo. Belenez. r 

Basini Edouard, French Ben. Soc, r. 510 Jackson 
Baskerville Annie, widow, r. 1628 Stockton 
Baskers-ille F.dwin, machinist, r. 48 Minna 
Baskerville John, trunkmaker. r. 2013 Folsom 
Baskin M. M. Miss, teacher Chinese Chinese Misslo: 

Home, r. 933 Sacramento 
Basler George A., painter, 19 Seventh, r. 1005 Markt 
Basler W.. baker, r. 625 Clay 
Basold Frank, miner, r. 608 Sixth 
Bass Isaac H,, proptr Elcho Lodging House, 863} 

Bass Thomas J. (T. J. Bass & Co.) r. SE cor Noe ani 

Bass T. J. & Co. (Thomas J. Bass) wholesale aO' 

retail dealers artists materials, paints and oUi 

and coach painters supplies, 14-16 Ellis 
Bassanio Benedetto, laborer, r. 515 Union 
Bassard George, cellar man, r. 612 Fourth 
Bassart Charles E.. master mariner, r. 2029 Mission i 
Bassen Joachim, maltster Albany 13rewing Co., r. 1 

Basser Ferdinand, laborer, r. N 8 Servia, bet Sui 

quehanua and St. John 
Bassett A. C, superintendaut S. P. RR. (norther 

division) NE cor Fourth and Townsend, rooi 

31, r. Menlo Park 
Bassett Byron S., clerk John Wlgmore, r. 222 Howar 
Bassett C. F. & Co. ( Charles P. Bassett) grain con 

mission merchant, 220 Clay 
Bassett Charles F. (C. F. Bassett & Co.) r. 1630 Wei 

Bassett Daniel J., machinist Risdon I. and L. WorlOi> 

r. 50 Clementina 

SAN FRANCISCO LAUNDRY. »"'"""» «§fl,??"3!!I.W-»* "4 


COKE. 41 9IarUet Ntr«e(, ouraer Mi>«ar. 




Eliza, widow, r. 50 Clementina 
Henry, builder, r. 421 Fourth 
Henry, clerk, r. 326 Broadway 
lett Henry M., teamster, r. (! Erie 
lett Joseph, commission merchant, 222 Clay, r. 
Fruit Vale 

Martin L., carpenter, r. 3 Mariposa, nr 

sett William H., clerk Renton, Holmes & Co.. r. 
3514 Sacramento 

si Fulvi, widow, r. 316 Broadway 
si Giuseppe, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
si Louis, boilermaker P. F. Dundon, r. 220 Minna 
Bignano Peter F., grocer, 410 Folsom 
Biliuo Samuel, laborer D. Ohirardelli & Sons, r. 
530 Union 

taasillio Joseph, engineer Black Diamond Coal 
Mining Co., r. 216 Union 

Blni Bernardo, collector S. F. Gas Light Co., r. 
1207 Paciac 

lasBlty James, plasterer, r. 113 Jones 

Alice Miss, millinery goods, 932 Market, r. 
1242 Mission 

Salvatori, Garibaldi Guard, 423 Broadway 
John (Basson k McDonnell) r. 509 Twenty- 

asBon & McDonnell (John Basson and J. P. McDon- 
nell) toys and notions, 2604-2606 Mission 

•stein John, jjnrdener, r. 2027 Howard 

Jaiithelm Joseph (Cahn, Nlckelsburg * Co.) r. 2126 
tian Agatha, domestic, 1517 Van Ness Av 

Benedict, tailor, r. 443 Bush 
iHan Johan, gardener, r. 1337 1^ Xatoma 

Abner F., drayman Waterhouse & Lester, r. 
1022 McAllister 

Joseph G., shipping clerk Waterhouse & Les- 
ter, r. 1614 Eddy 
ataille Pierre, liquor saloon, 544 California, r. 

726 Green 
tavia I.aura Mrs., bakery, 37 J^ Fifth 

latavia Phillip, barber, 53 Third, r. 37}^ Fifth 

latchelder H. Lincoln, clerk The Singer Mnfg Co., r. 
4 Hopeton Terrace 

atchelder James W., clerk Mission Bay warehouses, 
r. 1816 Stevenson 

atchelder John H.. car repairer Sutter St. RR., r. 

114 Austin 
tchelder Kate C. Miss, teacher, r. 4 Hopeton Ter- 

latchelder Levi P.. clerk W. S. Ray & Co., r. 4 Hope- 
ton Terrace 

latchelder Nathan P., shipping clerk Quartermaster's 
dept U. 8. A., r. 102S^ Folsom 
tchelder Nathaniel, miner, r. 822 Mission 

latchelder Samuel N., patternmaker, r. 358 Minna 

latchelder William H., rope splicer, r. 114 Austin 

latchelder William H. Jr.,houBepainter,r. 114 Austin 

latchelder William S., clerk auditing dept Wells, 
Fargo & Co., r. 4 Hopeton Terrace 
Batchelder. See Bachelder 

tatchelor Frank (Batchelor x Wylie) r. Alameda 

latckelor Si Wylle (Frank Batchelor and Joseph 
H. Wylie) agricultural Implements, 37 Market 

Jate William H., r. 729 Folsom 

tateman Abram, mining, 318 Pine, room 17, r. 
teman Calvin A. Rev., r. 423)4 Tenth 
teman Frank, groceries and liquors, 62 M West 

lateman John, r. 102 Natoma 

lateman John C, contractor and builder, r. 1912 Pa- 
cinc Av 
teman John L.. sawyer, r. 1018 Valencia 

lateman Joseph E., carpenter, r. 3015 Laguna 

lateman Michael C, contractor, r. 1912 Pacific Av 

lateman Michael C. Jr., contractor and builder, r. 
1912 Pacific Av 

lateman Miles, carpenter, r. 812 J4 Jessie 

ateman Robert A., hammerman Phelps Mnfg Co., 
a015 Laguna 

lateman William (J. Kemp & Co.) r. 1727 Jessie 

Jates A., puddler Pac. Rolling Mills 

Jatea Alfred, laborer S. F. Gas Light Co. 

Jates .\lfred. machinist, r. 11 Boardman PI 

Jates Brothers (Frank, Thomas D. and George) prin- 
ters, 603 Post 

Jates Catherine M., widow, r. 764 Harrison 

tea Dudley C, mining secretary, 79 Nevada 
Block, r. 1705 Octavia 



Yang Tsze Marine Insmice AssociatioD, 


MACONDRAY & CO., Agents. 


Bates E. A., r. 209 Ninth 

Bates Edward P., mining, 320 Sansome, room 62 

Bates E. S., r. 1311 Howard 

Bates Eugene J., traveler Leibes Bros. & Co., r. 20H 

Bates Frank (Bates Brothers) r. 603 Post 
Bates Frank D., salesman Standard Soap Co., r. 1705 

Bates Frederick L., clerk Gutta Percha and Rubber 

Mnfg Co., r. 309 Hyde 
Bates George (Bates Brothers) r. 603 Post 
Bates Greoige, gripman Market St. RB. 
Bates Georije E., clerk Joseph Wolf, r. SW cor VlckB- 

burg and Jersey 
Bates George W., collector Wellman, Peck k Co.. r. 

1705 Octavia 
Bates Hattie, widow, r, 229 Sixth 
Bates Henry, laborer, r. Capitol House 
Bates Jennie, widow, r. 309 Hyde 
Bates John S. Mrs., r. W s Vicksburg, nr Jersey 
Bates JosepIiC, attorney at law, 434 California, 

r. 2412 Pine 
Bates J. W., saddler, r. 216 Ninth 
Bates Marshall A., cashier W. J. Callingham & Co., 

r. 1218 Jones 
Bates Mary D. Miss., artistic florist and decorator, 

1619 Washington 
Bates Morris U. (Morris U. Bates & Co.) r. 416 Post 
Bates Morris U. <& Co. (Morris U. Bates and 

Victor J. Robertson) publishers and proprietors 

Commercial News and Shipping List and S. F. 

Trade Review, 415 Montgomery 




Bates R. P. Mrs., r. 729 California 

Bates Thaddeus, commercial traveler, r. 623 Harrison 

Bates Thomas D., advertiser Tivoli Opera House and 

(Bates Brothers) r. 603 Post 
Bates Walter E., resident physician City and 

County Hospital 
Batisse Germain, French Ben. Soc, 610 Jackson 
Batkln Alfred A., music clerk William A. Frey, r. 

Batkin Henry M., cashier John W. Roberts & Co., r. 

Batkin Joseph M., r. 130 Shipley 
Batkln Leonard 8., salesman Fechheimer & McBoyle, 

r. Oakland 
Batmale Justin. French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson , 
Batorl Sebastiano, Bersaglieri Soc. 625 Broadway 
Batsere John, cook Bigne & Wittman, r. 2713 Howard 
Batt Henry, cigar mnfr. 130G Polk, r. 1437 Polk 
Batt Isaac, cigarmaker Henry Batt, r. 1437 Polk 
Batt Jacob, merchant, r. 1437 Polk 
Batt Samuel, clerk, r. 1437 Polk 
Battaglia Giovanni, Bersaglieri Soc, 626 Broadway 
Battaglia Luigi, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
Battaglia Raftaello, Bersaglieri Soc, 625 Broadway 
BattaloraAngelo, r. 1409 Dupont. rear 
Battelora Pietro, glazier, r. 1419 Dupont 
BattaniB William, salesman W. W. Montague h Co., r. 

Occidental Hotel 
Battani V., laborer Am. Sugar Refinery, r. 337 Union 
Battano A., laborer Am. Sugar Refinery, r. 424 Union 
Batten Evans D.. stone cutter, r. 2921 California 
Batten Joseph, teamster, r. 946 Bryant 
Batten Mary Mrs., liquor saloon, 945 Bryant 
Batten Sampson, stone yard, SW cor Masonic Av and 

Gearv.r. 2921 California 
Batten Samuel H., clerk J. C. Bates, r. 2921 California 
Battersby James, watchmaker, 13 Third, r. 632 Jessie 
Battery Street Free Warehoase, Bode& Searle 

proprietors, 1201-1203 Battery 
Battenx Caroline, widow, r. 10*i Morris Av 

'RUMAN,ISHAM& CO., Jill Market St. 


MannfactarerM of SAW ]nll.l< ZtlACHINERX aud SSI9r«l.t: MACIIIXES 







Fire Grates and Tile. 

309, 311, 313, 315 and 317 MARKET STREET. 

Batteux Daniel, assistant bookkeeper Pac. Pickle and 
Vinegar Works, r. 106 Morris Av 

Batteux Pauline Miss, spooler, r. 106 Morris Av 

Batti Peter, liquor dealer, r. 726 Green 

Battile John, fisherman, r. N sLahaina, bet Monon- 
gahela and Savannah 

Battista Rampazi, macaronimaker, r. 13 Jasper PI 

Battiste Louis, cook A. Astredo, r. 5 Houston 

Battke Henry J., stevedore, r. 220 Ritch 

Battle Mrs., r. 28 Clara 

Battles Luke, collector Cal. Electric Light Co., r. 351 

Battles Ward, salesman Magee & Moore, r. 1113 Post 

Battles W. W. Mrs., widow, r. 1113 Post 

Battu Hippolyte Jr., painter, r. 1413 Sacramento 

Battu Zoe Mrs., r. 1413 Sacramento 

Batturs Edward T., deputy assessor, r. 842 McAllister 

Batzner Philip, driver John A. Hefer, r. 110 Perry 

Batzold Matthew, fancy goods, 452 Seventh 

Bauch Peter G., custom house broker, oflSce 520 Bat- 
. tery, r. 719 Union 

Bauch Peter G. Jr., clerk Seth Thomas Clock Co.. r. 
719 Union 

Baud Frank, proptr Hayes Valley Brass Works, 522 

Baudendistel Louisa, domestic, 906 O'Farrell 

Baudoin John, molder, r. 651 Third 

Baudoin Louis, hide insi)ector Louis Sloss & Co., r. 
651 Third 

Bauen Rudolph, cook, r. German Hotel 

Bauer Abraham (Bauer Brothers & Co.) r. Paris, 

Bauer Adolph, steward, r. 729^ Clementina 

Bauer Alexander, laborer, r. 1918 Pacific Av, rear 

Bauer Brothers & Co. (Abraham, Moses and 
Samuel) importers aud wholesale dealers fancy 
goods, laces, embroideries and Victoria zephyr, 
647 Market 

Bauer Csesar, brewer Philadelphia Brewery, r. 230 

Bauer Carl, laborer E. L. Ransome, r. S s Green, bet 
Gounh aud Franklin 

Bauer Carl, milk dairy, NE cor Twentieth and Doug- 

Bauer Charles, cabinet maker, r. 646 J4 Natoma 

Bauer Charles, cook E. Jorgensen, r. 48 Mary 

Bauer Charles, liquor saloon, 804 Pacific 

Bauer Charles, policeman, r. 721 Uj Clementina 

Bauer Charles Jr., r. 721 H Clementina 

Bauer Christ, saloon and billiards, NE cor Greenwich 
and Pierce 

Bauer Christiana Miss, dressmaker, r. 104 Taylor 

Bauer Emile, manager S. F. News Co., 210 Post, 
r. 1838 Geary 

Bauer Einil E., groceries and liquors, NE cor Market 
and Noo 

Bauer G., milkman, r. ."iOS Francisco 

Bauer George, liquor saloon, 429 Fourth, r.81 Natoma 

Bauer Homy, laborer, r. 732 Fourth 

Bauer Henry, upholsterer, r. 1519 California 

Bauer Henry C, box maker, r. 35H Franklin 

Bauer Henry G., paper cutter, r. a.IJi Franklin 

Bauer Jacob, liiiuor saloon, NW cor Stetiart and Fol- 

Bauer .1. C. iSi Co. (J. Christian Bauer aud Jo- 
soph Schweitzer) importers liopH,corks;and brew- 
ers' stock, 632 Sacramento 

Bauer J. Christian (J. C. lianor ^t Co.) r. 1516 Franklin 

Bauer John, pmptr Tivoli Brewery, 120 Fillmore 

Bauer John, clerk S. F. News Co., r. 2118 Jones 
Bauer John, cutler, 635 Kearny, r. 605 Broadway 

Bauer John, farmer, nr Ocean View Station 

Bauer John A., ninfg clicmist and drugglBt.llOl 
Post, and treasurer Mechanics' Institute, r. .509 
Bauer John F., farmer, nr Lake Merced 
Bauer John J., cabinet maker, r. 36 Clay 
Bauer Joseph, r. 39 Moss 


Bauer JosieMiss, furnished rooms, 1029 Post 
Bauer L., mlllman, r. 31 Gilbert 
Bauer Lena Miss, cook Frank Schulz, r. 320 Folso 
Bauer Leonard, cabinet maker, r. 11 Gilbert 
Bauer Leopold, foreman E. L. Ransome, r. S s Gree 

bet Gough and Franklin 
Bauer Louis, cutler, 10 Stevenson, r. 216 Stevenson 
Bauer Louis, traveling salesman Kramer. Goodmi 

Bauer Maria, domestic, 1120 Sutter 
Bauer Martin, tinsmith, 1616 West Mission 
Bauer Moees (Bauer Brothers & Co.) r. Grand Hotel 
Bauer Otto, laborer Louis Sloss & Co., r. 449 First 
Bauer Otto, manager J. Michalitschke, r. 1621 Clay 
Bauer Peter, r. 1321 }«J Stockton 
Bauer Richard, foreman Clot & Meese, r. 205 Fc 


Bauer Samuel (Bauer Brothers & Co.) r. 1307 Gouj 
Bauer Simon, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Bauer William, casemaker Antisell Piano Co., 

6463^ Natoma 
B^Bauer. See Bower 

Bauertield Frederick, upholsterer, r. 1137 Harrison 
Bauernschmidt John, brewer National Brewery, S' 

cor Fnlton aud Webster 
Baugh Washington, clerk, r. 521 Pacific 
Baugh W. &., clerk, r. 1102 Powell 
Baughman Charles P., salesman East & Co., i 

Baugus William L., locksmith, r. 681 Mission 
Baulsir Nimrod, lockmaker, i . 1332 Washington 
Baum Adam, cigarmaker, r. 2120 Mason 
Baum Berthilde, French Ben. Soc, 510 Jackson 
Baum Charles, president American Russian Con: 

mercial Co., 525 Front, room 4, r. 1705 Powell 
Baum David A., city agent The Liverpool and Loudo 

and Globe Insurance Co., r. 310 Kearny 
Baum Ferdinand, cook. r. 863 Market 
Baum George S., clerk, r. 410 Leavenworth 
Baum Gustave, r. 1715 Larkin 
Baum Henry, r. 1715 Larkin 
Baum J. & Co. (Julius Baum and Henry and Morrii 

Shrier) clothing, 9-11 Sansome 
Baum John T., liquor saloon, NW' cor Sansome anii 

Bush. r. Berkeley 
Baum Julius (J. Baum & Co.) r. 1111 Van Nei 
[5anm Morris (Fisher A: Baum) r. 534 Grove 
Bauiii Morris C. (Rothschild & Baum) attorue 

at law, 315 California, rooms 5-7 
Baum Reinhold. upholsterer, 448 Jessie 
Baum Rudolph W., physician, r. 1705 Powell 
Baum Simon, bookkeeper J. Baum & Co., r. 1804 Ll. 

Baum William, bartender Harry Ayers. r. 448 Jessie 
Baumau Charles J., tailor, r. 1141 Union 
Bauman Fritz, polisher S. F. Brass Works, r. 5 OtisPI 
Bauiuan Jacob, blacksmith, r. Park Hotel 
Bauman Joseph, dairy, SW cor Eighteenth aud Clar>i 

Bauman L., clerk Albert Mau & Co., r. 1141 Union