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joy. »^l^^"1 

/})• Ibc .\iiiiihers. Page 5 

W <:/rrt'» Siinlh. MIX 
Awiinl. Page 14 

New Alumni Association 
Preside)}!. Page 16 

Robert S. Lyons. Jr.. '61. Editor 

George J. (Bud) Dot.sey, 'b9, Alumni Director 


Joseph H. Cloran, '61. President 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq.. '62, Executive Vice President 

J. Patrick O'Grady. '82, Vice President 

Robert L. Buck, '90, Treasurer 

Charles I. Quattrone, '72, Secretary 

lA S.\LLE (LI.SPS 299-940) i.s published quarterly by 

L.i Salle Universitv-. 1900 W. Olney Avenue. 

Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. for the alumni, students. 

kiculrs'. and friends of the University^ 

Editorial and business offices are located at La Salle 

University. Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. 

Changes of address should be sent at least 30 days prior 

to publication of issue with which it is to take effect to 

the Alumni Office. La Salle Universitv. 1900 W. Olney 

A\'enue. Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. 

POST.VIASTER: send change of address to office 

listed above. 

Member of the Council for the Advancement and 

Support of Education (CASE). 




Five former La Salle players have tasted life 
in the National Basketball Association with 
vaiying degrees of success. 


MLich of the Lini\ersity's colorful heritage can 
be illustrated numerically. 


Joe Gillespie has achieved national 
recognition as the university's director of 
academic support sei"vices for student 


Ne-w trustees, a Linique ne^w interdisciplinary 
program in economics and international 
studies, and a new home basketball court for 
the Explorers highlight recent announcements 
of campus acti\ities. 


A quarterly chronicle of some significant 
events in the lives of La Salle's alumni as 
well as profiles of the new president of the 
Alumni Association and a new associate dean 
at use. 

FRONT COVER: Former E.xplorers in aclion (ficini left): 
Doug Overton. Tim Legler. Lionel Simmons. Kareem 
Townes. and Randy Woods. 

BACK COVER: La Sallc University alumni now reside in 
every state of the union, as these numbers Indicate. 

'"•'.'• .-VND ILLU.STRATION: Blake+Barancik Design 
/";R.'VP1T>-: Kelly & Massa 

Volume 40/ Number 2 LA SALLE Spring 1996 

JUN 2 7 1997 

► ►►►►How arc 
^ Speedy's Guys 


MAAC Touniai}ie)it 

Their professional 
careers have extended 
from Australia to Yakima 
but the biggest surprise 
is the best three-point 
shooter in the world 

By Frank Bilovsky, '62 

► ►►►►►►►►►►►►►► 

John Nash, the then-Philadelphia 76ers general 
manager, had gone to the Palestra nearly a 
decade ago to watch all those NBA prospects 
wearing Carolina blue and the lone one named 
Lionel Simmons wearing La Salle blue and gold. 

Or so he thought. 

One of the stars who pulled Dean Smith's North Carolina 
Tar Heels within a game of the NCAA Final Four later that 
year was a junior shooting guard out of Carlisle, Pa., 
named Jeff Lebo. He was the son of a high school coach 
and had come to Chapel Hill with a reputation as the 
most fundamentally-sound player in the nation. And he 
did nothing in his four years there to invalidate it. 

Carolina won a hard-fought game over La Salle and first- 
year coach Speedy Morris that night. But when Nash saw- 
Sixers coach Jim Lynam at the office, he didn't talk abcuit 
Simmons or Kenny Smith or Joe Wolf or Dave Popson, 
future National Basketball Association players all. 

■'I told Jimmy, 'You could take Tim Legler and put him on North Carolina 
and take Jeff Lebo and put him on La Salle and everybody would be 
saying what a great player Legler is and it's a shame Lebo's not as good, " 
Nash recalled. 

That was Januaiy 1987. 

Now hit the fast-forward button and let it take you to the summer of 1995. 
By now Nash and Lynam have their same titles, but are with the Washing- 
ton Bullets. And Lynam is looking for a shooting guard to back up Calbert 
Cheaney, who has played so well that he has allowed the Bullets to trade 
Rex Chapman. 

■Jimmy said he wcnild like to get someone who could shoot a three- 
l^ointer," Nash recalled, i said, 'Well, you know who the best three-point 
shooter in the world is.' He said, 'Reggie Miller.' And I said, 'Well, maybe, 
i")ut with what I've got to spend, how about Legler?' And Jimmy said, 
Y'eah, Tim Legler would be good. That's just the kind of guy I'm looking 

SPRING 1996 

page 1 


"He wants to 
get out of 
there badly. 
Six years in 
is enough." 

In between the two Nash-Lynam conver- 
sations, Legler had become a professional 
basketball nomacl. He had finished his 
La Salle career in 1988 with 1,699 points, 
but wasn't drafted by the NBA. So he 
joined the minor league Rochester 
(Minn.) Flyers for the 1988-89 Continental 
Basketball Association season. At the end 
of the year, the team moved to Omaha 
and Legler went with it. 

A lot of Creighton University undergrads 
earned their degrees in less time than 
Legler spent in Omaha. Fi\'e long years, 
punctuated with short-to-moderate NBA 
stints at Phoenix (1990), Denver (1991), 
Utah (1992), Dallas (1993), and Golden 
State (1994). There were also pre-season 
camp appearances at Minnesota (1990) 
and Washington (1991) during that 

But at least Legler had proven that Nash's 
theory was valid in his 1987 conversation 
with Lynam. Lebo never played in the 

And on February 9 this year, Legler 
proved Nash's 1995 reasoning was just as 
correct. That night before a national 
television audience in San Antonio's 
Alamodome, Washington Bullets shooting 
guard Tim Legler officially became the 
best three-point shooter in the world. 

■journeyman wins shootout," was the 
headline in the New "\'ork Times the next 
day. The stor>' pointed out that Legler 
had routed Orlando's Dennis Scott, 20-14, 
in the finals of the three-point competi- 
tion held in conjunction with the NBA 
All-Star game. 

For Legler, it was "one of the greatest, if 
not the highlight of my career so 
far. I looked at it as maybe being more 
important than a lot of guys because I 

had worked so long and so hard for the 
respect I didn't feel I was getting." 

It was also his second high point of the 
month. Nine days earlier, his wife Jennifer 
(Snyder, '89), a former La Salle women's 
basketball star, gave birth to the couple's 
first child, a daughter, Lauren Nicole. 

"Emotionally that week was crazy," Legler 

For him, winning the three-point compe- 
tition was the culmination of what he 
already had proven by leading the NBA 
in three-point shooting percentage for 
virtually the whole season. By the end of 
February', his average was a lusty 51 
percent, -^hich was actually higher than 
his overall field goal percentage. 

He wasn't the only one thrilled by his San 
Antonio accomplishment which earned 
him a $20,000 check. For Speedy Morris, 
suffering through the worst season in 
Explorer histor)', it was a chance to see 
one of his pros grab the NBA spotlight 
and make it shine on him alone for the 
first time while the nation watched. 

And for Speedy's other pros, it was a 
symbol of hope—a message about the 
potential rewards of hard work and 

"It's amazing, " Morris was saying shortly 
afterwards. "He's persevered so much to 
accomplish what he's accomplished. It's 
terrific. He deserves all the good things 
that have happened to him." 

For Lionel Simmons, the college Player of 
the Year in 1990 and a fine NBA player 
for his first four years with the Sacra- 
mento Kings, it was a message that 
maybe his career will get back on track. 
The L-Train missed the first six weeks of 
the 1994-95 sea.son after a knee opera- 

page 2 


tion. Since then, he has 

been reduced to a backup role and has been out of 

the Kings' player rotation most of this season, even 

though he is playing with a four-year, $17 million 


"He wants to get out of there badly, 

said Morris, who talks often to 

Simmons. "He sold his house out 

there. Six years in Sacramento is 


For Doug Overton, '91, who used short stints in the 
CBA and Australia as a 
springboard to three good 
years as a point guard with 
the Bullets, it's a message 
that things may turn around 
in Denver where he is 
getting fewer than 10 min- 
utes a game after a pre- 
season trade to the Nuggets. 

"I'm not getting the minutes I 
like but I'm working my tail 
off and I'm playing well 
when I get the chance," 
Overton said. "I'm playing 
tiehind a couple of pretty 
good guards in Mahmoud 
Abdul-Rauf and Jalen Rose 
just have to wait my turn." 

In Denver or elsewhere. 

"There are a lot of roles and a lot of jobs 
for guys like myself in the NBA," he said. 
"If I just do the right things, play well when 
I get the opportunity, I think I can be 
around for several years." 

For Randy Woods, '92, a first round draft 

choice of the Los Angeles Clippers, it's a 

message that a player can come back after 

being rejected by a weak team. Woods 

never got a real shot in three years with the Clippers, 

then was released after eight games with the Nuggets 

who got him this year in a pre-season trade. Being 

rejected with the Clippers 
is not the worst thing in 
the world. Legler was 
released by the Minne- 
sota Timberwolves, for 
goodness sake. 

And for Kareem Townes, 
■95, Legler's six years in 
the CBA should give him 
the patience to wait his 
turn in Yakima. Washing- 

Townes, undrafted 
despite 1,925 points 
during a three-year career 
at La Salle, was the last cut of the Los 
Angeles Lakers. He fell victim to the same 
problem that plagued Legler for years- 
outplaying someone in pre-season camp, 
then being cut because the other 
player had a guaranteed contract. 

"All I can do is keep 
working," Townes said 
w hen he was reached 
in West Palm Beach, 
Fla., before a March 
game. "I'm not impa- 
tient at all because in 
the process I'm doing 
nothing but learning." 

Learning while yearn- 
ing for some kind of 
social life while living 
in a city in South 

Central Washington 


"I didn't know this 
place existed until I 
came here," Townes 
said. He joined the Yakima Sun Kings when the 
San Diego CBA franchise folded earlier this season 
and is a\'eraging more than 15 points a game. 

SPRING 1996 

page 3 

"I've never been in a place like 
this in my life. Small ain't the 
word for it. I have no social life, 
no nothing/' 

The mental adjustment has been the toughest," he said. 
■ r\e never been in a place like this in my life. Small ain't 
the word for it. I don't do anything most of the time but 
sit in a hotel, go to practice, and go to games. I have no 
social life, no nothing. Mentally, you just have to be 
tough and deal with it." 

The mental part of the CBA was never a problem for the 
Leglers, who were able to keep returning to one city 
over Tim's five-year yo-yo period. They've made some of 
their closest friendships with folks from Omaha. 

"But Greg Grant, who was with us this year, played for 
eight CBA teams," Legler said. "If I had been one of 
those guys who was always being traded in the CBA, I 
probably ^Aouldn't have played that long." 

Morris says one of the reasons Legler was able to perse- 
vere was his wife, Jennifer, who was the first player he 
recruited at La Salle when he was hired as women's 
coach for the 1984-85 season. 

■■Jennifer was his right arm," Morris said. "She told him to 
hang in there." 

That was part of it. Another part was what Legler accom- 
plished during the days of all those 10 day contracts and 
split seasons between the NBA and the minor leagues- 
ironic because Legler rejected a chance to sign with 
baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates, who drafted him as an 
infielder after his high school career in Richmond, "Va. 

Legler sa\s he turned down the opportunity to join the 
Pirates' organization because the minor league life had 
no appeal to him at the time. But when he got to the 
Ccjntinental League, he thrived, leading it in scoring one 
year and averaging more than 20 points all five years in 

Tve always produced and been a successful player no 
matter where I've been-high school, college, CBA, 
USBL," he said. "I knew it was going to be the same v. ay 
in the XRA. And at Dallas, Golden State, same thing. I 
was nevci the 12th man who just sat there and didn't 

"It just seemed like at the end of the season, people 
around the league would look up and down their 
roster and I was always the kind of guy who didn't 
ha\e a guaranteed contract for the next season. And 
they would say they thought they could upgrade the 
position. And I was always the guy who was left out. 

"And those teams it seemed never did upgrade those 
positions. So I viould go play for another team, and 
play vvell for them, and the same thing would happen 
at the end of that season. Not having a big name and 
not having a huge reputation, those things hurt me." 

And now, thanks to the three-point shootout, Legler 
has a name and a reputation. And ironically enough, a 
guaranteed contract. He signed a two-year deal with 
the Bullets at the start of this season. 

He wants to play five or six more years, then would 
love to coach in the pros. 

Nash says Legler might be able to start coaching even 
before his NBA career is over. 

"I explained to him after the shootout that because he 
is under contract for next year he's not going to reap 
the benefits immediately," Nash said. "But this summer 
he'll probably get some shooting clinics and appear- 
ances that will be meaningful in \a hat he makes. 

'But I told him. This is going to be with you the rest 
of your life. You are going to be able to teach shoot- 
ing if you \Aant.' And obviously when his contract 
expires, he's going to be in a much better position to 
negotiate a much better deal for himself." 

A deal long overdue and completely deser\'ed for 
La Salle's Three Point Kin". 

Mr. Biloi'sky, who covered basketball/or many 
years for the late Philadelphia Bulletin, is 
business writer and columnist for the Rochester 
Democrat and Chronicle and Times-Union. He is 
co-author of the New Phillies Encyclopedia. 



IjA Saixe 

Much of the University's Colorful 
Heritage and History can be 
illustrated Numerically 


By Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61 

I IRST: La Salle established the first Evening Division (now the Office of 
Continuing Studies) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and only the third 
in the nation) permitted to confer baccalaureate degrees in 1946. 


• The number of graduates in the Class of 
1926. He was the late Francis J. Braceland, 
M.D., who went on to become one of the 
nation's most distinguished psychiatrists. 






Teams from La Salle have won two men's 
national basketball championships ('52 
NIT and '54 NCAA). Only 14 other schools 
have won both titles. La Salle's women 
were the national Division II field hockey 
champions in 1980. 

The number of appearances in the Olympics by Ira 
S. Davis, '58, former American record- 
holder in the triple jump. He finished 10th, 
4th. and 9th in the '56, '60, and '64 Games, 
respectively, missing a bronze medal by 
two centimeters in Rome. 

According to a recent survey. La Salle 
ranked in the top 4% among private 
undergraduate institutions originating 

La Salle's varsity eights won the Dad Vail 
crew championship six times from 1951 to 
1958. La Salle, incidentally, was the first 
Catholic college in the nation to sponsor a 
crew program. 

• Standard & Poors ranks La Salle University tenth among the nation's 
liberal arts colleges in the number of graduates who are top corporate 

SPRING 1996 

page 5 







Tom Cola's number 

Students from 21 foreign countries 
are attending La Salle. 

• La Salle students come from more 
than 700 schools in 26 states, most of 
them in the northeastern U.S. 

Brother Joseph 
F. Burke, F.S.C., 
Ph.D., '68, is 
the university's 
27th president 
and first 
alumnus to 
hold the 

La Salle 

graduates have 

won 47 

Fulbright Foundation 


the nation's only college-sponsored 
professional summer theatre, staged 
52 productions in the Dan Rodden 
Theatre in 27 seasons from 1962 until 
it was discontinued in 1988. 

ft BlAS_ 


1708 - Belfield/Peale House built 
(Estate acquired in 1984) 

1863 - La Salle College founded at 
1419 N. 2nd St. 

1867 - La Salle moves to Juniper 
& Filbert sts. 

1886 - La Salle moves to 
1240 N. Broad st. 

1929 - College Hall, the campus landmark, completed at 20th 

St. and Olney ave. 

1930 - Wister Hall opens as 

La Salle moves to its 
present campus 

1936 - McCarthy Stadium opens 

1940 - McShain Hall dedicated 

1946 - Evening Division estab- 


1947 - Leonard Hall constructed 

(dismantled in 1977) 

1948 - Benilde Hall opens (renovated as offices in 1973) 
1950 - Army ROTC established (unit deactivated in 1991) 

1952 - Library constructed (reno- 

vated as administrative 
center in 1989) 

1953 - First Residence Halls (SS. 

Albert & Bernard) open 

1955 - Separate Schools of Arts & 

Sciences, Business Adminis- 
tration, and Evening 
College established 

1956 - SS. Cassian & Jerome 

Residence Halls completed 

1959 - College Union Building opens 

1960 - Holroyd Hall Science Center dedicated 

1960 - La Salle College High School moves to Springfield 

page 6 



1962 - SS. Edward & Francis Residence 

Halls open 

1963 - Olney Garden (now La Salle) 

Apartments purchased 

1966 - St. George Residence Hall com- 


1967 - Women admitted to Evening 


1970 - College becomes completely 


1971 - Olney Hall Classroom 

Building dedicated 

1972 - Hayman Hall Athletic Building opens 

1973 - Wister Hall converted to 

Library Annex 

1976 - Art Museum opens 

1979 - St. Teresa Court Apart- 

ments purchased 

1980 - Good Shepherd prop- 

erty acquired 

1983 - St. Katharine Residence 

Hall completed 

1984 - La Solle granted University status 
1988 - Connelly Library dedicated 

1988 - St. Basil's Orphanage-Academy purchased 

1989 - St. Miguel Court Townhouses completed 

1990 - St. lohn Neumann Residence Hall opens 

1990 - First year that resident students (1,800) comprise 
majority of full-time (3,492) student body 

1992 - School of Nursing established 

1994 - Communication Center dedicated on South Campus 



• The number of buildings on La Salle's 



La Salle's Honors Program admitted 68 
students, the largest class in its history 
this year. Ten of those men and women 
ranked No.l in their graduating class; 
another seven were No. 2. 

• More than 80 per cent of the 

university's professors hold doctorate 

La Salle's 82 acre campus now 
stretches for more than a mile from 
the Good Shepherd area in the north 
to the entrance to the South Campus 
on Lindley ave. 


• La Salle College's enrollment in 1945 
at the end of World War II. A year later 
the campus was bulging with 1,200 
students, mostly veterans. 


The number of known 
La Salle University alumni. 

SPRING 1996 


on and off the Playing Field 

Joe Gillespie has Achieved National Recognition 

as the university's Director of Academic Support 

Services for Student-Athletes 

By Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61 

1)1 addition to e)icour- 
aging academic 
excellence, Joe Gillespie 
has achieved national 
recognition with his 
LEADERS progra m 
("La Salle's Enthusias- 
tic Athletes Developing 
and Encouraging a 
Responsible Society"). 

Shortly after coming 
to La Salle in 1992 
as the university's 
director of academic support 
services for student-athletes, 
Joseph E. Gillespie, decided 
to get the Explorers involved 
in community service 
projects. He called it the 
LEADERS program and had 
the men and women doing 
things like reading to young- 
sters at a public library or 
participating in career days 
at local schools. 

rhen one day he took some 
( )f La Salle's athletes to help 
with homework at St. 
Simeon's Community Center, 
"a unique, veiy ably-run" 
after-school program prima- 
rily for elementary school 

students on Hunting Park ave., not far 

from campus. 

"I had considered this a one-shot deal," 
recalled Gillespie recently while sitting in 
his office in Hayman Hall. "But these kids 
just loved the attention they got from 
La Salle's student-athletes. Then a number 
of our people asked if they could go to 
St. Simeon's again. 'These students really 
need us,' they explained. 'They were 
asking if we were coming back next 
week. "We didn't know what to say but 
we want to go back.'" 

That's how St. Simeon's became La Salle's 
project. 'We still go out and do other 
projects at different places," Gillespie 

explained. "But St. Simeon's is our 
primary focus. That program has 
just blossomed." Although La Salle is 
only scheduled there once a week, 
many of the Explorer athletes, who 
represent virtually all of the 
university's 28 men's and women's 
sports, go back two or three times. 
"You come away from there feeling 
so good," said Gillespie, a 1976 
graduate of Mount St. Maiy's Col- 
lege, in Emmitsburg, Md. "Once I 
walked in and found two of our top 
men's soccer stars playing 'double- 
dutch' with three of the girls. Some- 
times we'll be returning from a 
project elsewhere and the kids will 
ask me, 'can we stop at St. 

La Salle's student-athletes have 
made such an impact at St. Simeon's 
that the Explorers won the 1995 
Award of Excellence presented by 
Athletic Management magazine for 
the nation's top community relations 

And Gillespie's overall program has 
been so successful that La Salle 
ranks fifth nationally among Divi- 
sion I schools with a 94 per cent 
graduation rate of student-athletes, 
according to latest NCAA statistics. 

"I see myself as really providing 
support to our student athletes in 
three different areas — academic, 
athletic, and social," Gillespie 
explained. "I think that we have a 
moral obligation. If we go into their 

page 8 


Gillespie offers advice to 
sophomore basketball 
guard Mike Gizzi. "I've 
been to other schools and 
they have nice kids, " he 
says. "But not like the 
athletes here. Our kids are 
special. We have wonder- 
ful students here. " 

homes and tell these kids that we 
want you to come to 
La Salle, then we owe them the 
best experience we can give them." 

Although every La Salle student is 
assigned a faculty' advisor, Gillespie 
makes it a point to see every 
student-athlete and offer advice 
and encouragement in a variety of 
areas ranging from course-selec- 
tion, time-management and study 
skills to problems of adjusting to 
college etiquette. This meant 
meeting with 370 young men and 
women last year, either recipients 
of athletic grants or walk-ons. "I 
make it my business to know every 
one of them personally," he said. 
"Many of these students are com- 
fortably adjusted, so it's just a 
matter of letting them know that 
we're here to help them." 

Gillespie, who reports to the 
university's provost through the 
dean of arts and sciences, has more 
than 19 years experience in educa- 
tion as a teacher, counselor, and 
administrator in a variety of schools 
and agencies, many of them con- 
ducted by the Archdiocese of 
Philadelphia. He spent many nights 
at La Salle as a volunteer athletic 
counselor and advisor, helping his 
close friend Randy Monroe, then an 
assistant to head men's basketball 
coach Speedy Morris. In October 
1992, he was selected after a 
national search to replace Joan 
Broderick, who joined the U.S. 
Field Hockev Association. 

Gillespie, who holds a master's 
degree in psychoeducational 
processes from Temple University, 
attributes much of the success of 
Explorer student-athletes to 
La Salle's highly-cooperative fac- 
ulty. He recalled a conversation 
with a sophomore who was taking 
an accounting course in the 
evening last fall. The instructor. 
Brother Gerald Fitzgerald, called 
the student into his office and said, 
""When I teach, I walk around and 1 
look into eveiy student's face and 
yc:iu looked confused last night. 
And I want to make sure that I can 
clear that up." The student replied 
that, no, he really wasn't confused. 
"I feel that I'm on target," he 
added. "Good," said Brother 
Fitzgerald. "It must have just been 
the look. But I'm glad I checked it 
out. By the way, I also called your 
roommate and I'll see him for the 
same thing." 

"Novi- that's why our students are 
succe.ssful," Gillespie .said. "Our 
faculty really care about them. I 
challenge any other uni\ ersity in 
the countiy to make this same 
claim. I've had professors say to 
me, please tell him to come and 
see me. I'll be happy to work with 
him.' Or "tell them to try this.' 
Sometimes teachers say that a kid 
needs a good kick in the butt. \X'e 

have to treat them responsibly. If a 
student chooses not to take advan- 
tage of the opportunities offered 
here, it's important that they learn 
the consequences. " 

Gillespie hosts an annual luncheon 
late in the spring on National 
Student-Athlete Day. Each athlete 
invites the teacher or administrator 
who has contributed the most to 
his or her success as a student. 
"Some students have trouble 
picking only one teacher and ask if 
they can bring tv^'o," Gillespie 
explained. "I've also had faculty 
members tell me that this is better 
than winning a Lindback Award 
(for distinguished teaching)." 
Gillespie, himself, was surprised by 
some students with one of the 
awards last year. 

In describing his responsibilities at 
La Salle, Gillespie frequently refers 
to the Latin derivation of the word 
"Education": to lead forth. 

"Some schools look at this position 
as someone who just comes in to 
save, to keep people eligible," he 
explained. "'Well, we don't have to 
sa\e here. That's not our approach. 

"It's really to sene, not to save." 

SPRING 1996 

page 9 

Nevs^ Trustees Elected 



Aez/' trustees are (from 
left) Eileen M. Heck, 
Michael J. McKenna, 
Brothers Michael J. 
McGinniss, and Joseph 


Four new members have been 
elected to La Salle University's 
Board of Trustees, it was 
announced by Brother President 
Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

They are Eileen M. Heck, chairman 
and CEO of Accupac Incorporated, 
Mainland, Pa.; Brother Michael 
.McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D., 70, presi- 
dent of Christian Brothers University, 
Memphis, Tenn; Michael J. McKenna, 
'62, president and CEO, Crown Cork 
& Seal Co., Philadelphia, and Brother 
Joseph J. 'Willard, F.S.C., '64, associate 
vicar for administration. Archdiocese 
of Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Heck co-founded Accupac, Inc. 
with her late husband, Anthony F. 
Heck, '51, in 1974. .K privately-held 
contract manufacturing and packag- 
ing company serving the pharmaceu- 
tical, cosmetic, and health care 
industries, it now employs more than 
450 people at its facilities in Main- 
land, Telford, and Kulpsville, Pa. 

A graduate of Immaculata College 
where she earned a bachelor's 
degree in business education, Mrs. 

Heck has done graduate study in 
educational administration at Temple 
University and in finance at Ursinus 
College. The mother of five children, 
she was the first recipient of the 
Fournier Medal awarded by Mount St. 
Joseph Academy in 1993 for distin- 
guished ser\'ice. She has also been 
honored by the American Management 
Association in recognition of her 
outstanding commitment to manage- 
ment education. 

Brother McGinniss, who became the 
19th president of Christian Brothers 
University in 1994, sen-ed on La Salle 
University's faculty for ten years 
including three years as chairman of 
the Religion Department. He was also 
vice president of the La Salle Univer- 
sity Corporation. 

BriJther McGinniss earned master's and 
doctorate degrees from the University 
of Notre Dame. His 25-year-career as 
an educator also includes teaching 
assignments at Loyola University of 
Chicago and the 'Washington (D.C.) 
Theological Union, and a three year 
term as director of La Salle University's 
Project on Justice and Societv. He has 

won a number of awards and honors 
including a Lindback Award for 
distinguished teaching in 1992. 

Before being promoted to head Crown 
Cork & Seal, one of the world's largest 
packaging companies, McKenna 
ser\'ed as president of its North Ameri- 
can Division. He joined the organiza- 
tion in 1957 as a sales representati\'e 
and advanced to senior vice president 
of sales, then executive vice president. 
He joined its Board of Tru.stees in 

McKenna is a member of the Board of 
Directors of the National Food Proces- 
sors Association and on the executi\e 
committee of "Keep America Beauti- 
ful. " He is past chairman of the Can 
Manufacturers Institute and a U.S. 
Army \eteran. He was \'ice president 
and a founder of the Northampton 
Township Libran', in Bucks Count)', 

Brother 'Willard joined the Office of 
the 'Vicar for Administration in 1989. 
He previously held various positions 
working with youth in Philadelphia 
Archdiocesan dependent institutions, 

page 10 


teaching at West Catholic High 
Sciiool, and serving as director 
and principal at De La Salle in 
Towne. He sen'ed for ten years as 
administrator of the Saint Gabriel's 
Hall System \\'hich includes two 
day treatment centers, a residential 
facility for 220 adjudicated youth, 
a network of group homes, and 
an intake unit. 

A member of the Academy of 
Certified Social Workers, Brother 
Willard earned a master's degree 
in social work from the University 
of Pennsylvania. He has served on 
a number of national and regional 
boards and committees including 
the Christian Brothers National 
Conference for Social Justice. He 
is former chairman of the Catholic 
Institutional Administrators of the 
Archdiocese of Philadelphia and is 
a member of the Christian Broth- 
ers' Finance Committee for the 
Baltimore Province. 

Unique Interdisciplinary Major 
Offered in Economics and 
International Studies 

s part of its mission to prepare 
students for the 21st centuiy, 
La Salle's School of Arts and 
Sciences, led by the Departments of 
Economics and Foreign Languages, is 
now offering a unique interdisciplinary 
major in Economics and International 

The program is designed to prepare 
graduates for careers in such fields as 
international banking, investment 
houses, export-import firms, consult- 
ing, and economic analysis. It also 
positions students for gracfuate school 
and opportunities with such U.S. 
Government agencies as Foreign 
Service, Peace Corps, and Agency for 
International Development, those 
under the auspices of the United 

First Kean Scholarship 

Marc Ciambrello, shown 
with his coach, John 
Lyons, has been named 
the first recipient of the Thomas and 
Janet Kean Scht)larship that will be 
awarded annually to a deserving 
member of the Explorers' .swimming 
team, Ciambrello, a sophomore 
walk-on from Pennsbuiy High 
School and Levittown, Pa.. has been 
the best diver on the swimming 
team the past two years. A biology 
major with a 3-5 GPA, Ciambrello 
hopes to enter medical schc:)ol after 
graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Kean live 
in Norv.ood, N.C. He is a member 
of the Class of "54. 

Nations as well as other quasi-govern- 
ment agencies. 

"Students planning these careers need 
a deep and broad background," says 
Dr. Mark Ratkus, who had a leader- 
ship role in establishing this major. 
"ECI majors can develop these skills 
through a curriculum in economics, 
foreign language and culture, busi- 
ness, social science, and the humani- 

Nine economics "core " courses are 
required for an ECI major as well as 
three courses in a modern foreign 
language, two in mathematics and one 
in regional histoiy (or 1 and 2), and 
rw'o "international focus" courses. 
Students have the flexibility to select 
at least six of their major courses and 
to determine at least 13 free electives. 

"The sky is the limit as far as special- 
ization goes," says Ratkus. Students, 
for example, can select a strong 
concentration in either political 
science, foreign language, economics, 
or business. 

"I don't know of any other under- 
graduate program in these disciplines 
that requires foreign language profi- 
ciency as we do in this program. For 
example, for our Senior Seminar we 
require that some research and writing 
be conducted in the foreign language 
that the student learned." 

The staicture of the program, which is 
housed in the university's Economics 
Department for administrati\e pur- 
poses, was designed by Drs. Charles 
Desnoyers, associate professor of 
history; Richard E. Mshomba, assistant 
profes.sor of economics, and Ratkus. 

SPRING 1996 

page 11 



Nursing Center AvN^arded $75^000 in 
Health Grants; Cited for Improving 
Quality of Life in Philadelphia 

Dr. Patricia Gerrity. 
associate professor of 
nursing, is serving a 
two year term as the 
first appointee to fill 
the ]wiv Indepen- 
dence Foundation 
Nursing Education 
Chair at the univer- 
sity. The new chair 
ivas made possible 
by $500,000 in 
grants to the univer- 
sity in 1993 and 

The La Salle University Neigh 
borhood Nursing Center was 
recently awarded $75,000 in 
grants to further its community- 
based health care and education 
initiatives in Northwest Philadel- 
phia. A grant of $50,000 came from 
the Independence Foundation and 
an award of $25,000 came from the 
Connelly Foundation. 

"The grants recognize a genuine 
commitment to improve the quality 
of life among the citizens of North 
Philadelphia, said Dr. Gloria 
Donnelly, dean of the University's 
School of Nursing, in announcing 
the grants. She added that the 
grants further recognize that the 
Center is a model for the future 
delivery of primary health services 
in an urban community. 

The funds will play .i key role in 
helping the Center mov ■ more 

fully into the managed care envi- 
ronment, and the monies will 
strengthen the educational out- 
reach, particularly in the area of 
adolescent reproductive health. Dr. 
Donnelly said. 

"We are working hard at La Salle to 
educate nurses to be responsive to 
the needs of diverse groups in a 
managed care environment where 
primary care roles are increasing. 
At La Salle, community service is a 
cornerstone of the Christian Broth- 
ers' educational mission, and we 
know that providing service is an 
excellent platform for learning." 

The La Salle Neighborhood Nursing 
Center opened in June 1991 and 
operates at two sites — a house at 
20th and Wister sts. and at the 
Germantown \'WCA. The Center 
uses outreach workers to discover 
the healthcare needs and concerns 

of expectant mothers, children and others 
who frequently are not in the health 
system now, Dr. Donnelly said. 

"What people tell us about their needs 
determines a great deal about how we 
direct our health care and educational 
outreach," Dr. Donnelly said. 

"Critical to the success of the Center has 
been its determination to network with 
other organizations," said Dr. Patricia 
Gerrity, director of the Center. Partners 
have included the U.S. Public Health 
Service, a Division of Nursing, the City of 
Philadelphia's Department of Health, the 
American Nurses Foundation's Urban 
hnmunization Project, and community- 
based organizations such as Philadelphia 
Police programs, churches and syna- 
gogues and block captain organizations. 

A recent La Salle study, delivered to the 
American Public Health Association 
annual meeting, documented the differ- 
ence clinical care involvement had made 
in the lives of the first 100 mothers 
enrc^lled in the Center's healthcare 
program. The study showed tiiat the 
Center's style of educational healthcare 
intervention saves society money in the 
long run through such factors as a lower- 
than-average incidence of low-birth- 
weight babies. 

In a related development. Dr. Donnelly 
annoimced that the Center had been 
awarded membership in the Mercy 
Health Plan. The enrollment guarantees 
the Center monthly stipends for furnish- 
ing healthcare services to Northwest 
Philadelphia families in need. 

page 12 


Coach Speedy Morris Receives Contract 

Extension and Basketball Team Gets 

Nev/ Home at CoreStates Spectrum 

Coach Bill "Speedy " Morris 
is the Explorers ' all-time 
leader in victories. 

Anew home court for the 
Explorers, a contract exten- 
sion for men's basketball 
coach Bill "Speedy" Morris, and a 
"significant" partnership between 
La Salle's basketball program and 
CoreStates Bank were all announced 
by university officials at a press 
conference on Feb. 27. 

"We are veiy excited about these 
decisions," said Brother President 
Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D. "We feel 
that we will continue to take our 
men's basketball program in the 
proper direction. Coach Morris has an 
exemplaiy record of success here at 
La Salle and is the dedicated, inspira- 
tional leader we feel is needed as we 
.strive to succeed in the Atlantic 10 

The men's basketball team will play 
home games at the CoreStates Spec- 
trum beginning next year through the 

1998-99 season. Spectrum officials plan 
to modify the current 18,000 seating 
configuration to accommodate be- 
tween 7,000 and 8,000 people. 

The Explorers have been playing their 
home games at the Philadelphia Civic 
Center since the 1989-90 season but 
that facility is being closed after this 

Morris, the winningest coach in the 
Explorers' colorful court history, 
received a two year extension on his 
contract through the 1998-99 season. 
La Salle's Athletic Committee recom- 
mended the extension at its February 
meeting following the university's 
customaiy review process. 

Although La Salle struggled to a 6-24 
record this year, Morris has guided the 
Explorers to a 183-119 record in ten 
seasons at the helm. He reached either 
the NCAA or National Invitation 
season tournaments in each of his first 
six seasons, making it to the NIT 
championship game in 1987. During 
his first nine years, all 25 of his senior 
players have graduated. Since 1987-88, 
La Salle is the only Division I program 
with two First Team Academic All 
Americas — Tim Legler, '88, and Jack 
Hurd, '92. 

"I'm e.xcited that I will cc:>ntinue to be 
part of the La Salle basketball tradition 
and I look forward to our rebuilding 
process in the prestigious Atlantic 10 
Conference," said Morris about his 
fourth contract extension. "The basket- 
ball future at La Salle is bright and I 
am confident that Vv'c will recruit the 

talented players that will enable us to 
compete successfully in our new 

Under the three-year partnership 
agreement, CoreStates will be the 
official sponsor for all La Salle 
athletics and will have visibility at all 
home athletic events. The partner- 
ship will benefit other areas of the 
La Salle University community as 

"These decisions are critical ingredi- 
ents in our unfolding strategic plan 
that we expect will take us into the 
next century," said athletic director 
Bob Mullen. "Even though every- 
thing announced here today is 
through the year 1999, I am confi- 
dent that this partnership with 
CoreStates, as well as our coaching 
situation, will succeed well into the 
future. The final goal of this plan will 
be to play a majority of our home 
games on campus while still continu- 
ing to play some of our marquee 
games at the CoreStates Spectrum." 

A feasibility study on po.ssible 
expansion of La Salle's 1,000 seat- 
capacity Hayman Hall campus 
athletic facility is currently being 
conducted and will be reviewed by 
the university's Board of Trustees this 

The Atlantic 10 Conference will also 
begin playing its men's basketball 
tournament at the CoreStates Spec- 
trum beginning with the 1996-97 
season. This year's tournament 
was held at the Civic Center. 

SPRING 1996 

page 13 

Prominent Local Attorney Daniel J. Tann 
Receives Warren Smithy M.D. Avs^ard 

Daniel J. Tiuui (center) with 
La Toya Stromaii. president of 
the university 's African- 
American Student League, 
a)id Joseph //. Cloran. '61. 
president of the Alumni 

Daniel J. Tann, '82, believes in 
climbing ladders and 
fighting for what's right. 
Therefore, it's not surprising that he 
wants to be a U.S. senator someday. 

Tann, a Philadelphia attorney who 
li\'es in "Washington Township. N.J., 
took another step forward recently 
when the "Warren E. Smith, M.D. 
.\ward was presented to him at the 
se\'enth annual African-American 
.•Mumni Reception and Awards 

"It's an extreme honor to receive an 
award named after Dr. Smith 
because of all the good things that 
he has done for the students at 
La Salle and the city of Philadel- 
phia," said Tann who grew up in 
west Philadelphia, "especially since 
I had the opportunity to personally 
work with Mrs. Rosa Lee Smith (Dr 
Smith's widow) while I was a 
student at La Salle. She was an 
advisor for many of the minority 
.students. I had an opportunity to 
grasp the commitment that the 
Smiths had for young people. I am 
just honored to receive an award of 
this magniti le representing a man 
of Dr. Smith ;t liber." 

Tann was chosen to receive 
the "Warren E. Smith, M.D. 
Award because he has 
achieved success in his 
profession, has demon- 
strated a commitment to 
traditional Lasallian values, 
has made significant contri- 
butions to the community, 

and serves as an outstanding example 

to all La Salle students. 

Millie Carvalho, director of La Salle's 
Urban Studies and Community Service 
Center, remembers meeting Tann 
when she was new to her job. Over 
the years, she has seen the impact 
Tann's efforts have had on the 
African-American community. 

"Dan Tann is a man of integrity. He's 
just a real people person who likes to 
get things done. He likes to bring 
people together and do something in 
order to benefit students. He's a good 
planner, a real leader. He's someone 
you want to work v^ith." 

Tann is a litigation attorney with 
Pepper, Gordon, Breen & "Weinberg, 
P.C. where he specializes in commer- 
cial litigation, matrimonial law and 
criminal law. He began his career with 
the firm of Spear, "Wilderman, Sigmond, 
Borish, Endy and Silverstein as an 
associate in the General Practice 
Division where he was promoted to 
department manager. 

The late Dr. Smith, '54, was among one 
of the first African-Americans to gradu- 
ate from La Salle University's Pre-Med 
program. He ser\'ed as La Salle's 
psychiatrist for 15 years before retiring 
in 1984. He died in 1990. 

Dr. Smith served on the staffs of 
Hahnemann LIniversity Hospital and 
Einstein Medical Center in addition to 
maintaining a private practice. He 
worked as a psychiatric consultant to 
the Philadelphia School District, the 
city's Archdiocesan Schools, the Baptist 
Children's Home, and Philadelphia 
Police Department. 

— By Petra Chesner Schlatter 

Million Dollar Forum 

The Million Dollar Forum was formed in the early 1980s to encourage 
alumni and other benefactors to leverage and enhance their annual 
support for La Salle through life insurance gifts. Through their com- 
mitments, the participants have made lasting positive investments in 
La Salle's future. By so doing, they are also helping to ensure that future 
generations of students will have the opportunity to benefit from a La Salle 
educational experience. So far, more than two dozen alumni have joined 
the Million Dollar Forum. Those who might be interested in making similar 
commitments to La Salle's future are encouraged to contact Fred J. Foley, 
Jr., Ph.D., vice president for development. La Salle LIniversity, 1900 West 
Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141. His telephone number is 

page 14 


alumni notes 



Edward J. Cannon, M.D., retired 

from his private practice in 

Philadelphia after 48 years as an 



LTC. John J. Elliott was elected 
Chaplain of the Camden County 
(N.J.) American Legion and was 
accepted for membership in the 
Military Order of World Wars. 
Richard V. Emerson retired from 
the Pennsylvania Industries for 
the Handicapped after 14 years 
as sales manager. 


John E. Hughes, Ed.D., is now 

retired from education, but 
recently passed the IRS Enrolled 
Agent examination and is 
currently working for H & R 
Block, Inc., in Philadelphia. 


Vincent E. Cooke took a year's 
leave of absence from teaching 
to organize and conduct the 
Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta. He 
was principal race officer for all 

of the Challenger races which 
produced the winner of the 
America's Cup. 



James F. Smith recently 
authored The Path to a Success- 
ful Retirement. He was inter- 
viewed by The Philadelphia 
Inquirer and was featured at 
book signings in the Philadelphia 


John J. McNally retired from 
Price Waterhouse LLP after 
more than 30 years of service. 
He was selected to serve as the 
executive director of the Greater 
Washington (D.C.) CPA Society, 
where he is responsible for 
providing member services and 
continuing professional educa- 
tion to the approximately 4,000 

CPA's in the Washington area. 
John R. Ousey, Jr. was pro- 
moted to the rank of associate 
professor by the Pennsylvania 
State University. Ousey, who 
teaches earth and mineral 
science at Penn State's Delaware 
County Campus in Media, has 
been with the university since 
1970. Michael J. Pasquarello, 
of Weichert Realtors' Spring 
House (Pa.) office, was recog- 
nized as the office's top producer 
for listing the most homes in a 


George C. Stewart became 
president and co-owner of 
Genesis Manufacturing, Inc., a 
lamp shade manufacturer in 
Albertville, Ala. 


John G. Lemon, Jr. was 

ordained a permanent deacon by 
Cardinal James Hickey at St. 
Matthew's Cathedral, in Washing- 
ton, D.C. Lemon, a certified 
public accountant, is a research 
analyst in the Compliance 
Research Division of the Internal 
Revenue Service. Walter M. 
Migrala, Jr. has joined Merrill 

15th Annual Tax & Financial Planning 
Seminar Slated for October 26 at La Salle 

La Salle University's 15th annual Tax 
and Financial Planning Seminar, 
Featuring some of the most prominent 
local experts in the profession, will be 
held on Saturday, October 26 in the 
La Salle Union Building. Registration is 
at 8:15 A.M. with the sessions begin- 
ning at 9:00 A.M. 

Terence K. Heaney, '63, J.D., C.P.A. 

(left), will again coordinate the seminar. 
He will be joined by last year's other 
panelists Philip E. Hughes, Jr., '71, 
J.D., C.P.A. (second from left); 
Thomas Mahoney, '70, C.P.A., and 
Herbert E. Taylor, '74, Ph.D. (right) 

Topics to be covered at the seminar 
will include methods of reducing 
income tax burden, retirement and 
estate planning, preparing wills and 
financial documents, analyses of 
economic trends, and tips for financial 
securits'. Question and answer sessions 
and round table discussions on hypo- 

thetical tax cases and other 
ai^e also scheduled. 

:mancial matters 

La Salle University awards Continuing 
Education Units (CEU's) to participants. For 
accountants. La Salle University is approved 
by the Pennsylvania State Board of Account- 
ing to award Continuing Professional Educa- 
tion credit. 

For further informaticm, please contact the 
university's Development Office at (215) 
951-1881 or email De\' 

Lynch, in Red Bank, N.J., as a 
financial consultant. 


Lawrence G. Lupus was 

recognized as a member of the 
"Medallion Club," Better Homes 
and Gardens Real Estate 
Service, for $1 million plus sales 
and listing for 1995. He is a real 
estate broker with Bluewater 
Associates, in Emerald Isle, 


Albert J. McCune is on a short 

term assignment for the Ryder 

Company in Buenos Aires, 



Walter M. Urban recently 
participated in a joint military 
exercise at the U.S. Coast 
Guard Training Center, in Cape 
May N.J. 


James J. Lynch, a member of 
the university's Board of 
Trustees, has been named 
president and CEO of Prime 
Bancorp, Inc., of Philadelphia. 



Thomas W. DiEnno, CPA, was 

admitted to Associate status in 
the American College of Health- 
care Executives, an international 
professional society represent- 
ing more than 30,000 healthcare 
executives. Robert A. Griffith 
retired after 25 years with 
CoreStates Financial Corpora- 
tion as senior vice president, 
corporate real estate. Joseph 
M. Huber was recently ap- 
pointed senior vice president 
and chief finance officer of 
Graduate Health System. GHS 
is a regional health care 
provider organization serving 
central and southern New 
Jersey, southeastern Pennsylva- 
nia and Delaware. Dennis R. 
Rubisch was appointed vice 
president of KPR Sports 
International located in King of 
Prussia, Pa. where he is 
responsible for developing and 
implementing the company's 
strategic business, expansion 
and acquisition planning. 

SPRING 1996 

page 15 


A 'Xabor of Love*' for La Salle's New Alumni President 

Jdseph H. Cloran, '61, has spent much 
of his career putting ATMs in airports, 
credit cards in the pockets of corpo- 
rate leaders, and tra\'eler's checks in 
tlie hands of tourists. 

Now, as the new president of La Salle's 
Alumni Association he hopes to use 
much of that sales and marketing 
expertise to put some more spark into 
the activities of La Salle's graduates. 

"I certainly want to continue the pro- 
grams that have worked very well for us 
o\er the years," said Cloran, the vice 
president of travel industries at Ameri- 
can E.xpress. "But historically we've had 
a difficult time attracting some of the 
\ounger alumni—the people who have 
been out for ten years or so, the men 
and women who are in the early stages 
of their career development." 

Cloran explained that plans are now 
imdepivay for a new event during Senior 
Week that will be hosted by the alumni 
officers and promoted to familiarize the 
graduating seniors with the activities of 
the association. "This will be kind of a 
first step for the new grads to get a feel 
for '^hat the Alumni Association has to 
offer, " he added. 

Cloran also hopes to identify more 
activities— like the recently-organized 
Pravel Club that has been quite success- 
ful— that will make the Alumni Associa- 
tion more interesting and attractive to 
the older members who, perhaps, had 
been active in the past but haven't 
participated in recent years. 

Cloran joined American Express in 1975, 
marketing and selling ATMs in airports. 
Since then, he has been a national sales 
manager, selling Gold Cards to banks, 
and has supervised the national corpo- 
rate card sales force. He spent about 4 
years as vice president of product 
development and technical sales, 
assembling a team that sold terminal 
prc^ducts to merchants accepting Ameri- 
can Express cards— machines used to 
"swipe" cards and authorize their use in 
restaurants and stores. 

.As vice president of sales development 
of the Traveler's Checks Division, Clc^ran 
spent two years negotiating a major deal 
with the American Automobile Club 
national network as an outlet to sell 
American Express Traveler's Checks. 
That acquisition originally generated 
$800 million in annual sales. Today it 
accounts for 20 ' of the company's 
traveler's checkt ales in the United 

In his present position of vice president 
of travel industries, Cloran manages the 
accounts of about 70 of the largest 
customers who accept American Express 
cards including United Airlines, Hertz, 
ITT Sheraton, Thrifty Rent-A-Car, and 
Hospitality Franchise Systems that owns 
such hotel chains as Ramada, Days Inn, 
and Howard Johnson's. 

It's no surprise, says Cloran, that the 
credit card business is much more 
competitive than it was a decade ago. 
"In the United States today if you look at 
a transaction— somebody buying and 
selling something— only 46% of those 
transactions are on a credit card or a 
charge card. The other 54% are cash or 
checks. The business might look satu- 
rated but if you consider the potential to 
convert those transactions from cash to 
credit cards, there's still a huge market." 

Not only that, but many of the new 
companies coming into the business 
now offer rewards, rebates or cards with 
no annual fees. And then there are the 
"Affinity" cards specifically designed and 
promoted for groups ranging from 
airline cu.stomers to members of college 
and university Alumni Associations like 
La Salle. 

"They've made the economics of the 
business very difficult," says Cloran. "It 
just means that companies like American 
Express, who still have a significant 
share of that market, have to work a lot 
smarter and a lot harder and do things 
differently to make money than we did 
10 years ago." 

During his six years as an Evening 
Division student, Cloran worked at 

Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia, doing 
programming and systems development 
■^ork for the first large scale computer 
system used in the banking industry. 
After graduation, he spent 1 1 years at 
RCA, most of the time selling large main 
frame computers. 'When RCA decided to 
sell its computer operation to Speriy 
Univac in 1971 he joined that company 
as a sales manager. Two years later he 
joined Docutel Corp., a Dallas organiza- 
tion that was pioneering a new concept, 
automated teller machines, as a regional 
sales manager. 

"I was a little bit before my time," Cloran 
recalls. "Automated tellers really caught 
on five years after I left the business and 
Docutel had sold the company. At one 
time all the ATMs in Philadelphia and 
anywhere else were Docutel Machines." 

Cloran, who grew up in Philadelphia's 
Oxford Circle section, also serves the 
university in an advisory capacity as a 
member of the Council of President's 
Associates. He first became active as an 
alumnus when he joined the Basketball 
Club in the early '70s. He was asked to 
serve on the Alumni Board about ten 
years ago, was subsequently elected vice 
president, then executi\'e 'VP before 
being elected president of the 37,000 
member organization last May. 

Cloran says that his involvement with 
La Salle, "a labor of love," is also a sign 
of deep gratitude and a payback for the 
educational opportunity he received 
many years ago. 

""When I came out of high school 
(Philadelphia's Northeast Catholic), like 
a lot of people, there was a question 
whether I had the academic credentials 
to get into college," he recalls. "La Salle 
realized that and developed support 
courses to let you start your e^'ucation 
and fulfill some of the requirements that 
maybe you didn't have. I never forget 
that La Salle was willing to reach out 
and help people. I've always felt ver\' 
close to the school for that reason." 

Cloran, who commutes daily to New 
York from his home in Richboro, Pa., 
enjoys physical fitness activities, fishing 
and "anything outdoors" in his spare 
tirne. He and his wife, Doris, have three 
adult children— Nancy, a graduate of 
Rider University; Joseph, Jr., a graduate 
of Bloomsburg University, and Jennifer, 
'96, who recently completed her require- 
ments for a bachelor's degree in educa- 


page 16 


alumni notes 



Pitcairn Trust Company has 
appointed Gregory J. D'Angelo 

manager in charge of service to 
charitable and nonprofit clientele. 
BIRTH: to John E. Mitchell and 
his wife, Jamie M. Mandell, their 
second child, a son, Jordan 


Frank D. Glardini was honored 
by the Delaware County (Pa.) 
Associazione Regionale 
Abruzzese for his efforts in 
forming the Italy-America 
Chamber of Commerce and for 
his active participation in Italy- 
American community groups. 
Glardini is a tax director in the 
Philadelphia office of Coopers & 


Donald J. Rongione has been 
promoted to executive vice 
president of the Bollman Hat 
Company in Adamstown, Pa. 


Joseph J. Cassidy was named 
chief financial officer for Hospice 
of Lancaster County, Pa. 
BIRTH; to William Maher and 
his wife. Donna Thorp-Maher, 
('82 BA), their second child, a 
daughter, Rachel Mallory 


Sharon A. Fisher is a school 
librarian with the School District 
of Philadelphia. She earned her 
Life Insurance Certificate and is 
presently with Life Partners. 
fvlARRIAGE: Christopher M. 
Felix to Kim Marie Kerstetter. 
BIRTHS: to Robert J. McGlew 
and his wife, Mary, a daughter, 
Kelly Margaret: to George G. 
Mick and his wife, Annette 
Bucci Mick '86, a daughter, 
Maria Teresa. 


Francis J. McGrath was recently 
named a manager with Ernst & 
Young LLP in Philadelphia, 
specializing in dispute resolution 
and litigation support. William D. 
Shields received recognition for 
performing 49 plastic materials 
technology seminars within a 12 
month period and for adding over 

$1 million in sales in 1995 for the 
sales territory he manages for 
the Polymer Corporation. 
BIRTHS: to M. Judith Lynch 
and her husband, John, twin 
boys, Ryan and Christopher: to 
Francis J. McGrath and his wife, 
Maria, their second child, a son, 
Daniel: to Constance E. Stacy 
and her husband, Sean, their 
fourth child, a son, Ryan James. 


MARRIAGE: Mitchell J. Baker, 

Jr. to Erin Leigh Vasbinder. 


Carolyn Leonard Paulosky 

received the Fulmer Founders 
Award from the Metropolitan 
Philadelphia Chapter of the 
Healthcare Financial Manage- 
ment Association. James R. 
Potts is the director of informa- 
tion resources and technology for 
the Department of Energy in 
Phoenix, Arizona. 
BIRTH: to Alice Seiberlich 
Gaibler and her husband, 
Richard C. Gaibler, D.O. ('83 
BA), their second son, Riley 


Jeffrey E. Faller has earned the 
distinction of "CFP" from the 
International Board of Certified 
Financial Planners. 
MARRIAGES: Richard Galtman 
to Sara Abrams; Richard Yates 
to Mario Peluso. 
BIRTHS: to Jeffrey E. Faller 
and his wife, Renee Rapa Faller, 
('85 BA), their third child, a son, 
Jeffrey; to Anthony J. Kelly and 
his wife. Colleen McBryan Kelly, 
('86 BA), their third child, a son, 
Nicholas Anthony. 


Rose Mary Fee was promoted to 
director of risk management 
services at Cashan Corporation, 
in Hammonton, N.J. Tim 
Stephens joined Spectra Events 
& Speakers, Inc., in San Diego, 
Calif., as an information broker. 
BIRTHS: to James P. Farrelly 
and his wife, Karia K. Hansen 
('86 BA), a daughter, Victoria 
Catherine; to Annette Bucci 
Mick and her husband, George 
G. Mick, ('81 BS), a daughter, 
Maria Teresa. 


Kimberly Rober Burrows was 

promoted to manager in the firm 
of K.RM.G., in Philadelphia. 


Christopher J. Janis, C.P.A is 

a litigation consultant at Deloitte 
& Touche LLR in Philadelphia. 

Michael D.Willis accepted a 
position with the National 
Football League in New York City 
as a staff accountant working for 
the World League of American 
Football, based in London. 
BIRTHS: to Denise Galbraith 
Shannon and her husband, 
John Shannon, ('84 BA), their 
first child, a daughter, Moira 
Catherine; to Ernie J. Stefkovic, 
Jr. and his wife, Lisa Pileggi 
Stefkovic, ('89 BA), a daughter, 
Krista Rose. 


Peggy Gallagher recently joined 
High Associates, Ltd., of 
Lancaster (Pa.) as associate 
broker for commercial and 
industrial real estate. She will 
serve the Philadelphia region as 
well as Montgomery Delaware 
and Berks Counties. 


Mark W. Falvo was promoted to 
vice president of TMG Account- 
ing Solutions, a national account- 
ing, finance, and banking 
professional recruiting firm 
located in Dallas, Texas. Eileen 
King is currently working as an 
RN in the cardiac step-down unit 
at Temple University Hospital, in 

MARRIAGES: Paige Elaine 
Carmon to Todd T West; 
Francis Xavier Gannon to 
Hilary Alexandria Sohn. 


Christopher J. Barbier is 

director of technology at Urdang 
and Associates Real Estate 
Advisors, Incorporated. James 
P. McCabe had an article 
published in Healthcare Financial 
Management entitled "Request- 
ing an Exception to Medicare's 
Routine Cost Limit." He is a 
senior consultant at The 
Whitman Group, a health care 
consulting firm located in 
Huntingdon Valley Pa. Keith T. 
Morris is working as a financial 
advisor for Prudential Securities 
in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., and is also 
an assistant varsity basketball 
coach at Philadelphia's West 
Catholic High School. 
MARRIAGE: Jennifer L. Kurtas 
to Michael E. Wynn. 


Joseph D. Cataldi accepted the 
position of assistant controller at 
Ursinus College, in Collegeville, 
Pa. JoAnna L. Cattle, a cost 
accountant at Ortho Biotech, 
Inc.. has been elected director of 
public relations of the Raritan 
Valley (N.J.) Chapter of the 
Institute of Management 

Accountants for 1995-96. The 
IMA is the world's largest 
organization of management 
accountants and financial 
managers. Scott D. Posen 
accepted a position with A.C. 
Nielsen as an account associate. 
Patricia A. Sitko is a product 
specialist with U. S. Healthcare, 
in Blue Bell, Pa. 
Cataldi to Gemma Bowers; Craig 
J. Molloy to Christine A. Muffi, 
('93 BA) 


Michael S. Doser is an advertis- 
ing account coordinator for 
Roberts Communications, in East 
Rochester, N.Y C.John 
McComb is a programmer/ 
analyst for PJM Inter Connection 
Association, of Valley Forge, Pa. 
MARRIAGE: Colleen Henehan 
to Michael S. Mordan. 


Jean-Marie Latini Marston is 

employed by Keane, Inc., in 
Wayne, Pa., as a programmer 
consultant. Robert J. Meusel, Jr., 
is a staff accountant for Dugan, 
Valva, Confess, a marketing 
agency in Morristown, N.J. 
MARRIAGES: Jean-Marie Latini 
to Ricky G. Marston. Jr.; Robert 
J. Meusel, Jr. to Kim Dickey ('95 



John J. Courtney, M.D., has 

retired after 54 years in the 
practice of medicine. 


Rev. John Guischard is now 

residing at St. Peter rectory, in 
Rutland, Vermont. 


Brother Joseph Regan, F.S.C., 

was inducted into La Salle 
College High School Alumni Hall 
of Fame, in Wyndmoor, Pa.. He 
has spent 46 years there as 
teacher, counselor and assistant 
principal. Currently, he is in 
charge of the high school's print 


John L. McHale and his partner 
won the men's over-age-45 tennis 
doubles club championship at 
Greenwich (Ct.) Country Club. 


Dr. Joseph A. Hempsey has 

been named co-founder of the 
Association of Christian Thera- 

SPRING 1996 

page 1" 

alumni notes. 

pists, a Catholic International 
organization dedicated to 
wholeness and holiness in the 
healing professions. Frank P. 
McHale retired from Texaco as a 
project chemist after 28 years of 
service. Henry C.Taddei retired 
from teaching at Lenape (N.J.) 
Regional High School. 


Peter Finley was honored by the 
U. S. Marine Embassy Guard 
Battalion for his service as 
Battalion Consulting Psycholo- 
gist Joseph A. Granahan 
played on Pennsylvania's Senior 
Olympic Softball team in San 
Antonio, Texas, and won a bronze 
medal in the 100 meter dash in 
the state Senior Olympics at 
Shippensburg, Pa. Eugene 
McLoone has retired to 
Westmont, Pa., near Johnstown. 


Charles H. McGettigan retired 
from teaching high school in 
Absecon, N.J. He is currently 
teaching tennis and doing phvate 
tutoring. Dr. Charles H. 
Peoples, Jr. was executive 
director of Opportunities Industri- 
alization Center (OIC), in 
Philadelphia, and is responsible 
for setting up the Potomac Job 
Corps Center, in Washington, 
DC. G. Russell Reiss, Jr., M.D., 
has been practicing pediatrics for 
35 years in Glenside, Pa. 


Donald E. Praiss, M.D., was 

elected chief of urology in all 
divisions of the West Jersey 

Hospital System, in New Jersey. 


Harvey Portner, a Cheltenham 
(Pa.) Township commissioner, 
has been re-elected president of 
the Board of Directors of 
CADCOIVI, the Community Action 
Development Commission of 
Montgomery County. 


Edward P. Carey has retired 
from the Office of Legal Council 
of the Pennsylvania Department 
of Public Welfare after 18 years 
with the Department. He spent 
the last 1 5 years as Western 
Regional Counsel. James A. 
Gross, professor of industrial 
and labor relations at Cornell 
University, has authored Broken 
Promise: The Subversion of the 
U. S. Labor Relations Policy, 
1947-1994, published by Temple 
University Press. 


John (Jack) C. McDevitt has 

authored his fourth science 
fiction novel. Ancient Shores, 
published by HarperCollins. 


Donald M. Peterson, president 
and chief executive officer of 
Trustmark Insurance Company, 
in Lal<e Forest, III., was recently 
elected to the Board of Directors 
of the American Council of Life 
Insurance, a Washington, D.C.- 
based organization representing 
more that 600 U. S. life insurance 


Alumni Association Board of 

Directors Meeting May 8 

Baccalaureate Liturgy/ 

Senior-Faculty Reception May 11 

Commencement: Philadelphia 

Civic Center May 12 

REUNION WEEKEND '96 May 17-19 

South Jersey Golf Outing June 26 

Explorations: Trip to Ireland June 1 1-19 

Day At The Bay at Sea Isle 

Yacht Club August 18 

Young Alumni Party in 

Avalon, N.J August 24 

Robert J. Rowland, Jr., has 

been honored by the President 
of the Republic of Italy, Oscar 
Luigi Scalfaro, with the title of 
"Cavaliere." Dr. Rowland is the 
dean of arts and sciences at 
Loyola University New Orleans 
and serves on the Boards of 
Directors of the Metropolitan 
Area Committee and of the 
Catholic Foundation of the 
Archdiocese of New Orleans. 


Joseph Ciccimaro was 

honored at La Salle College 
High School, in Wyndmoor, 
Pa., for his 25 years of service 
as band director, instructor, and 
chair of the Music Department. 


Richard A. DISammartIno has 

been transferred to the Hong 
Kong office of J. D. Edwards. 
He is the director of marl<eting 
consultants for Asia Pacific. 


John J. McGinnis is teaching 
at Drexel University, working 
with electronic engineers from 
the L.G. Semicon Group based 
in South Korea. 


John E. Gulniven took early 
retirement as director of 
corporate public relations at the 
Chrysler Corp., in Washington, 
D.C., and has accepted a 
position as assistant professor 
at the University of Nebraska's 
College of Journalism, in 
Lincoln. Richard F. Keevey 
was recently selected to the 
Who's Who In America for 
1996. He is presently serving 
as the Department of 
Defense's director of finance 
and accounting. Arnold D. 
Samson will retire after 30 
years with the U. S. Postal 
Service. Dr. Lee Williames, 
vice president for academic 
affairs at the University of St. 
Thomas in Houston, Texas, has 
been elected the secretary 
general of the International 
Council of the Universities of 
St. Thomas Aquinas, a 
worldwide association of 
Catholic universities. 


David L. Sejda has been asked to 
serve as the interim dean of the 
School of Professional Studies of 
Jersey City State College for the 
1995-96 academic year. 


Joseph P. Braceland was recently 
appointed development program- 
mer manager for special programs 
at Loral Federal Systems, in 
Gaithersburg, Md. Joseph J. 
Ganz founded the law firm of 
Joseph J. Ganz and Associates in 
Bellevue, Washington. This firm is 
listed in Best Lawyers in America. 


Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D., was 

recently appointed to the 
President's Council at La Salle 
University and to the Board of 
Directors of the Pennsylvania 
Association of Non-Profit Organi- 
zations. C. Wayne Booker, owner 
of Colortech Graphics, opened his 
third store by purchasing Presto 
Print, in Columbus, Ohio. Robert 
H. Lemke has obtained the 
Associate in Marine Insurance 
Management from the Insurance 
Institute of America. Brother 
John Patzwall, F.S.C., has been 
appointed vice president of the 
Christian Brothers' Investment 
Services, in Oakbrook, II. 



Dr. Jerry English has accepted a 
position as a visiting scientist in 
nuclear medicine (radiopharma- 
ceutical chemistry) at the Center 
for Functional Imaging, Ernest O. 
Lawrence Berkeley National 
Laboratory, University of California, 
in Berkeley. Arthur Ogden has 
been named assistant athletic 
director for student services at 
Auburn University in Alabama. 
Ogden was chair of the Depart- 
ment of Liberal Arts at Interna- 
tional College in Naples, Fla., as 
well as being director of the 
Alternative Education program and 
a professor of philosophy. Col. 
Daniel F. Perugini, D.O., relin- 
quished command of Winn Army 
Community Hospital, Fort Stewart, 
Ga., to become the deputy 
commander for clinical services, 
Dwight David Eisenhower Army 
Medical Center, in Augusta, Ga. 
He was awarded the Legion of 

page 18 


alumni notes 

Merit for his service at Fort 


John M. Daly, M.D., was elected 
to the Board of Governors of the 
American College of Surgeons. 
Jim Durkin, retired Inspector of 
the Philadelphia Police Depart- 
ment, has published two books 
about the Civil War and is on the 
Board of Directors of the Civil 
War Museum in Frankford. 
Thomas E. Furlong moved from 
vice president of Tallahassee 
Community College to deputy 
executive director of Florida's 
State Board of Community 
Colleges. John McGrail's 
photographic work was recently 
featured on "Edie's People" on 
WCAU-TV, in Philadelphia. The 
newly-designed Independence 
Seaport Museum at Philade- 
lphia's Penn's Landing has a 
large permanent exhibit titled 
"Home Port," which contains 
several massive mural images 
photographed by McGrail. Dr. 
John P. McLaughlin was 
inducted as a Fellow in the Amer- 
ican College of Physicians. He is 
a gastroenterologist practicing in 
the Harrisburg, Pa., area. 


James F. Naegeli, the director of 
campus ministry at Central 
Catholic High School, in Canton, 
Ohio, is in his 26th year as a 
religion teacher there. As the 
head coach of the girls soccer 
team, he was named Coach of 
the Year in the Akron-Canton 
(Ohio) district. He was also 
elected vice president of the 
Board of Religious Education for 
the Diocese ofYoungstown. 
Charles J. Quinn, Jr. is associ- 
ate professor of Japanese 
language and linguistics at The 
Ohio State University He is co- 
author and editor of Situated 
Meaning: Inside and Outside in 
Japanese Self. Society, and 
Language (Princeton University 
Press, 1994), and has authored 
A Reader's Grammar of Classical 
Japanese (University of Michigan 
Center for Japanese Studies, 


Thomas J. Coyne is the director 
of admissions and enrollment 
management at Thomas Jeffer- 
son University in Philadelphia. 
He has been elected to the 
Middle States Regional Council 
of the College Board. George E. 
Kientzy is president of Kientzy & 
Company, Inc. in Delray Beach, 
Fla., and vice president of 
Bethesda Hospital Association. 



Edward R. Fox was a speaker at 
an international seminar on 
nonproliferation and export 
controls in Istanbul, Turkey The 
seminar was a joint effort of the 
U. S. Government and the 
Government of Turkey. Fox was 
also a member of an interagency 
team discussing nonproliferation, 
export controls and customs with 
the Bulgarian government in 
Sofia, Bulgaria. JackW. Lund 
was recently named president 
and CEO of the YMCA of Metro- 
politan Milwaukee (Wisconsin). 
The YMCA of Metropolitan 
Milwaukee is the 12th largest Y in 
the United States. John F. 
Mclnerney was appointed to the 
editorial board of the Journal of 
Rational-Emotive & Cognitive 
Behavioral Tfierapy, Human 
Sciences Press. 


Alice B. Kenyon earned an 
advance certificate in cultural 
competence from Temple 
University's Multicultural Training 
& Research Institute. Robert R. 
Leming manages the computer 
and information systems at the 
Philadelphia Museum of Art and 
was named to the Board of Dir- 
ectors of Liberty Net, Philadel- 
phia's civic internet provider. 
Kevin O'Rourke, manager of the 
city of Buena Park, was elected 
vice president of the California 
City Manager Association. 
Richard J. Papirio, the coach at 
Conwell-Egan Catholic High 
School, was selected the 1995 
Bucks County (Pa.) Courier 
Times Coach of the Year for high 
school baseball. Kathleen 
Whalen Reitz operates Whalen 
Properties, Inc., a commercial 
real estate brokerage in the 
Washington, D.C. area. 


Andrew E. DiPiero, Jr., Esq., 

has joined the newly created law 
firm of Rutter & DiPiero located in 
Philadelphia, Pa. Richard A. 
Rothwell, Jr., D.D.S., was 
awarded Fellowship in the 
American College of Dentists. 
Fellowship in the ACD is by 
invitation and is based on 
nomination and peer review. Dr. 
Rothwell is in general dental 

practice at Chesheim Dental 
Associates, in Philadelphia, and 
is the examining dentist for the 
School District of Springfield 
(Montco) Township. 



Pennsylvania State Represen- 
tative Dwight Evans, of 

Philadelphia's West Oak Lane, 
presented a $10,000 legislative 
initiative to MAD's (Mantua 
Against Drugs) role modeling 
program which presents special 
programs to students in the 
Northwest Philadelphia area. 
Three Flights Up. a book of 
poetry written by the late 
Elizabeth (Beth) Stahlecker, 
will be published this spring by 
Four Way Books, of New York 
City, as the first in a newly- 
established "Stahlecker Series" 
of short books. The author 
taught at Temple University until 
her death in 1991. Ellen D. 
Walsh is vice president and 
manager of field support & 
communications for Merril 
Lynch' s consulting and 
advisory services division. 


Mark Juliano was named 
president and chief operating 
officer of Caesar's Casino, in 
Atlantic City N.J. 


Elizabeth Cummlngs 
Reynolds and her husband, 
Bob, who live in Waxhaw, N.C., 
have been guest helpers at 
JAARS, Inc., the support arm 
for Wycliffe Bible Translators, a 
mission organization whose 
main aim is to put God's word 
into everyone's hand in their 
own language. 


Michael Kida translated Der 
Geist Im Widerspruch (The 
Spirit in Contradiction) from 

German to English. He works with 
the Lingual Institute, in Philadel- 
phia, and Linguacall International, 
in Glenside, Pa. 

79 Vanore 

James Vanore retired from the 
Philadelphia Police Department 
and taught junior high English, 
science and math for two years in 
Cape May, N.J. His first novel, 
Grave Departure, was published 
by Northwest Publishing, Inc.. this 
past fall. 


Mary Vaiko Brown is a registered 
nurse in the Women-Infant 
Services Department of Coronado 
Hospital, in Coronado, Calif. She 
is also assistant swim coach of 
Coronado Navy Swim Association, 
and master's swim coach at 32nd 
St. Naval Station, in San Diego. 
Joseph P. Pyle has been 
promoted to president of North- 
western Institute, in Fort Washing- 
ton, Pa., and its partial hospitaliza- 
tion programs. 

MARRIAGE: Gerard J. Bednar to 
Caria E. Alfano. 

BIRTHS: to James T. Basara and 
wife, Adrienne, a son, Keith 
Joseph; to Debra Kalkbrenner 
Diener and her husband, Richard, 
their second son, Glenn. 


Kathleen M. Conway is now 

assistant manager of the Day 
Treatment Program at Success 
Rehabilitation, Inc., in Bensalem, 
Pa., which is a facility for the 
rehabilitation of persons with 
traumatic brain injury. Jay S. 
Fineman, M.D., is the chairman of 
the Anesthesia Department at 
Lower Bucks Hospital, in Bristol, 
Pa. Harvey L. Madonick, M.D., is 
chairman of the Department of 
Emergency Medicine at Berkshire 
Medical Center, in Massachusetts, 
and assistant professor of emer- 
gency medicine at the University 
of Massachusetts Medical School. 


Craig Badolato, M.D., was named 
medical director of Melbourne 
(Fla.) Medical Group. Dr. Elliott 
Bilofsky moved his ear, nose, and 
throat practice from Yardley Pa. to 
Bedford County Pa. Daniel J. 
O'Dea was appointed data 
security coordinator for 

SPRING 1996 

page 19 


20tIi Century FicrioN 
wirh A TwisT oF BusIness 

How does an English major 
specializing in "20th Century 
Fiction" wind up as an 
associate dean at one of the most 
prestigious business schools in the 

As far as Michael L. Duffy, 72, is 
concerned, it was simply a matter of 
supply and demand. 

Duffy's peripatetic career began with 
quick stops as a high school and 
college teacher and a stint with the 
Internal Revenue Service before 
winding its way to the west coast 
where he is now associate dean for 
master's programs in the School of 
Business Administration at the 
University of Southern California, in 
Los Angeles. In between, Duffy 
picked up an M.B.A. from Penn's 
■Wharton School and a J.D. from the 
Law School at the University of 
California at Berkeley. 

■When Duffy entered La Salle, he 
expected to spend his life teaching 
English. Soon, though, he was 
getting di.stressing news from friends 
who had graduated a few years 

page 20 

Michael L. Duffy on campus 
at Southern Cal. "I always 
thought that an intelligent 
and inquisitive person could 
'ach anything, " he says. 

ahead of him and earned Ph.D.s. 
"The jobs just weren't there," he 
recalled. "It was very hard to get a 
college teaching job in any field of 
the liberal arts in the mid-70s. So I 
just lost my ardor for that career." 

Duffy, who spent three years as a 
member of the Christian Brothers, 
taught at Hudson (N.J.) Catholic and 
St. John's College (D.C.) High 
Schools for a couple of years, "trying 
to decide what to do when I grew 
up." After working as a revenue 
officer with the IRS in Washington 
and Philadelphia, he took some 
accounting and economics courses at 
night, earned his M.B.A. , then did 
some business consulting. "I really 
wanted to get back into education," 
said Duffy, who accepted an offer 
from Temple University to teach 
accounting and do some under- 
graduate student advising. 

In 1979, Duffy met some people 
from San Francisco State University 
at a family reunion. "Business school 
enrollment in California was just 
exploding at the time," he recalled. 
"There was such a great demand for 


people who were qualified to teach, 
especially accounting, that I was 
actually offered a job in ten min- 
utes." From 1981-88, he served as a 
lecturer and administrator in Cal- 
Berkeley's School of Business Ad- 

"Berkeley was an exciting place to 
go to school," said Duffy, who lived 
across the street from the apartment 
where Patty Hearst was kidnapped. 
"I went to school in the 60s and 70s, 
so Berkeley means something in 
terms of my image of America. It 
really was like being transported into 
a world that had some mythic 

In 1988, a teaching colleague per- 
suaded Duffy to accept a job running 
the Graduate Program in Accounting 
and Business Taxation at Southern 
Cal. "Things happen," he said. 
"■When I lived in northern California, 
I never thought I'd end up in Los 

Duffy was promoted to associate 
dean and professor of clinical ac- 
counting in 1991. Two years ago, he 
moved up to his present position 
directing an MBA program that has 
been ranked as one of the nation's 
Top 20 by U.S. Neivs and World 

MetraHealth Tech Services 
Division in Connecticut. He has 
been volunteering as a middle- 
school tutor and a dinosaur 
expert for Dinosaur State Park in 
Rocky Hill, Conn. 
BIRTHS: to Michael A. Basile, 
Jr., and his wife, Millicent Dulin 
Basile ('85 BA), their fourth 
child, a son, James Anthony; to 
Donna Thorp-Maher and her 
husband, William Maher ('80 
BS), their second child, Rachel 
Mallory; to Stephen J. Masceri, 
M.D. and his wife, Patricia, a 
son, Stephen, Jr.; to Frances 
Fallon Schuster and her 
husband, William, their second 
child, a daughter. Laurel. 


Jay Costenbader joined TSI 
Telesys, in Columbia, Md., as 
manager, software systems. 
Edward J. Kaminski, Jr. 
received a master's degree in 
environmental science from 
Drexel University. John W. Pie 
recently started a new position 
as project manager for AFTECH, 
Inc., in Malvern, Pa. AFTECH 
customizes automated systems 
for credit unions nationwide. Dr. 
James C. Pierce has been 
appointed assistant professor of 
biology at the Philadelphia Coll- 
ege of Pharmacy and Science. 
Olga Stavros Polites earned a 
master's degree in humanities 
from Beaver College, in 
Glenside, Pa. Carole L. Slotsky 
is working at Macy's and tutoring 
students in French, German and 

BIRTHS: to Richard C. Gaibler, 
D.O., and his wife, Alice 
Seiberlich Gaibler ('84 BS), 
their second son, Riley Stephen; 
to James V.Templeton, Jr., and 
his wife, Anne Galasso 
Templeton, their second daugh- 
ter, Victoria Anne. 


Martha Langley Ankeny is the 

technology coordinator for 
Germantown Friends School, in 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. Vincent S. 
Buccina is teaching at 
Pittsburgh's Central Catholic 
High School in both the English 
and Religion Departments. 
Richard J. Jansky recently 
passed his FAA examination and 
received a private pilot license. 
Joseph B. Pino, D.M.D., opened 
a private practice in family 
dentistry in Mount Laurel, N J. 
BIRTHS: to Margaret Nelson 
Buck and her husband, Kevin, 
their second daughter, Margaret 
Mary; to John Shannon and his 
wife, Denise Galbraith Shan- 
non ('88 BBA), their first child, a 

daughter, Moira Catherine. 


Joseph J. Delikat is living in a 
suburb of Atlanta, Ga., working 
as a sports handicapper. He is 
featured on "Early Action," a 
cable television handicapping 
show as "Mike Anthony." John 
Moore has been named director 
of pay per view services and new 
business development for Time 
Warner Cable in Albany New 
York. Dr. Ronald G. Ryder has 
joined the medical staff at Robert 
Wood Johnson University 
Hospital, in Hamilton, N.J., in the 
Department of Medicine, Section 
of Cardiology. 

BIRTHS: to Millicent Dulin 
Basile and her husband, 
Michael A. Basile, Jr.('82 BA), 
thier fourth child, a son, James 
Anthony; to Kathleen Vesho 
Brumbaugh and her husband, 
David, a daughter, Laura 
Elizabeth; to Renee Rapa Faller 
and her husband, Jeffrey E. 
Faller, ('85 BBA), their third 
child, a son, Jeffrey; to John 
Moore and his wife, Kelly, their 
first child, a daughter, Kathryn 

Karia K. Hansen, M.D., is the 

new chief of otolaryngology head 
and neck surgery, at Fort 
Leonard Wood Army Community 
Hospital, in Missouri. Maureen 
Kovatch is the human resources 
manager for Elastomeric 
Technologies, Inc., in Hatboro, 
Pa. She is a board member of 
the Northeast Philadelphia, 
Bucks, Montgomery Chapter of 
the Society for Human Resource 

BIRTHS: to KarIa K. Hansen 
and her husband, James P. 
Farrelly ('86 BBA), a daughter, 
Victoria Catherine; to Colleen 
McBryan Kelly and her hus- 
band, Anthony J. Kelly ('85 
BBA), a son, Nicholas Anthony 

alumni notes 

•87 p 

Edward M. Buchanan, M.D., is 

in his final year of residency in 
Ob/Gyn at Beth Israel Hospital, in 
Boston. He just accepted a 
Public Health position in Provi- 
dence, R.I., practicing Ob/Gyn. 
Timothy F. Collins is a recruit- 
ment supervisor for the human 
resources consulting practice of 
Cooper & Lybrand's New York 
office. Frank L. Cuce, D.O., is a 
second year orthopedic surgical 
resident at the Delaware Valley 
Medical Center, in Langhorne, 
Pa. Mary L. Goldschmidt 
received her Ph.D. in English 
from Emory University and is now 
the director of women's leader- 
ship programs at the Washington 
Center for Internships and 
Academic Seminars, in Washing- 
ton, DC. Donna L.Vittorelli, 
V.M.D., is working as a veterinar- 
ian at Absecon Veterinary Hos- 
pital, outside of Atlantic City, N.J. 
She will be competing in the U. S. 
Surfing Federation's Amateur 
Championships having placed 
second in the Junior Women's 
and Women's body board events 
at the East Coast Championships. 


Carol L. Enick is promotions 
specialist at Holt, Rinehart & 
Winston, the secondary school 
division of Harcourt Brace & 
Company, in Bellmawr, N.J. 
Bernadette Mulligan Janis is 
teaching part-time at Ursinus 
College, in Collegeville, Pa. 
BIRTHS: to Donna Gerhardt 
Gordon and her husband, a 
daughter, Haley Ann; to Robert 
R. Plefka and his wife, Kelly, a 
daughter, Tatianna Marie-Noelle; 
to Lisa Pileggi Stefkovic and 
her husband, Ernie J. Stefkovic, 
Jr. ('88 BBA), a daughter, Krista 
Rose; to Jeffrey S. Williamson 
and his wife, Rae, their first child, 
Sidney Sinclair Whatley 


Marcella Kuttler Bossow, Esq., 

joined Marshall, Dennehey, 
Warner, Coleman & Goggin. a 
defense litigation firm, as an 
associate in its headquarters in 
Philadelphia. Joseph W. Burke, 
M.D., graduated from Temple 
University Medical School and is 
doing a radiology residency at the 

Golf Team Reunion 

La Salle's former golf coach Jack Connors will host a 
reunion of members of the 1968 to 1985 teams on 
Sunday, April 28, from 2 to 5 P.M. in Hayman Hall, 2nd 
tloor. All former Explorer golfers are in\'ited \.V) attend. 

Good Things Don't 
Always Come in Pairs 




'e hope that you and your 
family are enjoying each issue 
of LA SALLE Magazine. But If 
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let us know so that we can 
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put our resources to better use. 

lA/Ve would like to continue 

to receive LA SALLE Magazine 

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Return to: 

Alumni Office 

La Salle University 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 



SPRING 1996 


alumni notes 


Reading (Pa.) Hospital & Medical 
Center. Eljssa Broderick Nolan 
joined the medical department of 
Edelman Public Relations World- 
wide in New York City. Michael R. 
Nuzzolo IS a microbiology supervi- 
sor at Merck Pharmaceutical, in 
West Point, Pa. Michael C. 
O'Connor is a sales and marketing 
representative for Chilton Publish- 
ing, in Radnor, Pa. He is also an 
assistant baseball coach at St. 
Joseph's Preparatory School, in 
Philadelphia. Sharon Sochanchak 
Scharr received her social worker 
certification. Michael Sims joined 
the Religion Department of Mount 
St. Joseph Academy, in Philadel- 
phia. Anthony C.Tridico received 
a doctor of philosophy degree in 
physical chemistry from 
Georgetown University, and 
accepted a research scientist 
position with Brookhaven National 
Laboratory, in Long Island, N.Y. 
MARRIAGES; Elissa Broderick to 
Frank Nolan ('91), Michael R. 
Nuzzolo to Tracy McCarron. 


Kate A. Carroll is a senior claims 
representative for State Farm 
Insurance Company, in Langhorne, 
Pa. Frank Nolan works in media 
planning for Ogiivy & Mather 
Worldwide Headquarters, in New 
York City. David J.Thompson 
recently won first place at the East 
Coast Artist Association's national 
competition, and had a showing at 
the Salmagundi Club, in New York 
City, in the American Artist 
Professional League's 72nd 
National Show. 

MARRIAGES: Christina Foley to 
Michael Vanho; Joan Diane Menna 
to Stephen D. Romesburg; Frank 
Nolan to Elissa Broderick ('90); 
Ramon L. Rivera, Jr. to S. Nichole 


Frank A. Christoffel, IV, has joined 
the staff of Pennsylvania State 
Representative Jere L. Strittmatter 
as a legislative assistant. Peter 
Lafferty joined the media products 
staff of Weber Marking Systems, 
Inc., as a media specialist. Leslie 
Blanchard Stapleford was 
promoted to traffic coordinator at 
the advertising agency of Reese, 
Tomases & Ellick, Inc., in 
Wilmington, Del. Mary E.Thomas 

received a master of science 
degree in economic develop- 
ment from the H. John Heinz III 
School of Public Policy and 
Management at Carnegie 
Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. 
Gregory Truitt is living in 
LaJolla, Calif., and working as 
the director of sales at Spectra 
Events & Speakers, Inc., in San 

Blanchard to Scott Stapleford; 
Mary E.Thomas to Doug Man; 
Dominic J. Vesper, Jr., to 
Kimberly Willett. 


David C. Nuzzolo is a staff 
biologist at Merck Pharmaceuti- 
cal, in West Point, Pa. 
Nuzzolo to Jennifer Sherrard; 
Christine A. Muffi to Craig J. 
Molloy, ('93 BBA); Jeffrey 
Husted VanTiem to Katie Lynn 


Julie E. Bevenour is teaching 
chemistry and physics at Little 
Flower High School for Girls, in 
Philadelphia. Edward A. 
Fitzgerald received his customs 
broker license and is employed 
at Wolf D. Barth Company, in 

Philadelphia. 2nd Lt. Douglas 

A. LeVien, III, was previously HviOVING? 
stationed in Korea and is now at 
Fort Bragg, N.C. 



Nancy Paris! McGlaughlin 

received a MSN from Villanova 
University and was inducted 
into Sigma Theta Tau Interna- 
tional Honor Society of 


Mary Ann Scott is working 
with the Crozer Chester (Pa.) 
Medical Center Nursing 
Research Committee. 


Diane M.Wolk received a 

nursing administration practice 




Chip Poston, a peace worker 
with Mennonite Central 
Committee in Jerusalem, 
served as part of a five- 
member team which observed 
elections in Gaza City 





Maura Mulligan Is working at 
Adolescent Treatment Alterna- 
tives, in Philadelphia, as a 
therapist to children and families. 
MARRIAGE; Eileen Cozzi to Ron 



William J. Scott, III, is vice 
president of human resources for 
Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Com- 
pany, in York. Pa. He is serving as 
president of the York Adams Area 
Council, Boy Scouts of America. 


Lucia Haber Montelone ('83 BS) 

has been appointed program 
director for the Health Care 
Management Program at Manor 
Junior College, in Jenkintown, Pa. 


Andrea Eadeh ('88 BA) is a 

business team leader for Rhone- 
Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, 
in Baltimore, Md. 
MARRIAGE; Andrea Eadeh to 

Christopher Wills. 



Maria J. Cerceo is a freelance 
writer doing public relations 
writing for Thomas Jefferson 
University Hospital, in Philadel- 
phia. Paul E. Franco is 
teaching at Archbishop Molloy 
High School, in Briarwood, N.Y. 
Rosemarie Jagielo is teaching 
third grade at Friends Select 
School, in Philadelphia. John 
A. Manion is teaching at St. 
John Neumann High School, in 
Philadelphia. Megan 
McCormac is teaching math- 
ematics to sophomore and 
junior high school students at 
Saint Maria Goretti High School, 
in Philadelphia. Kim Dickey- 
Meusel is teaching emotionally 
disturbed high school students 
in Bloomfield, N.J. Mark 
O'Donnell is teaching chemistry 
at St. John Neumann High 
School, in Philadelphia. Amaris 
Rodriguez is working at the 
University of Pennsylvania 
School of Medicine, in the 
Department of Psychiatry, as a 
research technician. 
MARRIAGE; Kim Dickey to 
Robert J. Meusel ('95 BBA) 

If your mailing address will change in tfie next 2 - 3 months, 
or if the issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no 
longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please 
help us keep our mailing addresses up-to-date by: 

1 PRINT your full name, class year and new address on the 
form opposite, and 

2 Attach the label from the back cover of this issue and mail 
to the Alumni Office, La Salle University, Philadelphia, 
PA 19141. 



Class Year 




Zip Code 

( ) 

I Phone Number (include area code) 


page 22 


Fribourg Club Dinner on May 1 7 

Joining in the festivities of REUNION WEEKEND '96 

will be the Alumni Association's newest affinity group, 
the FRIBOLIRG CLUB. A reception and dinner will be 
held on Friday, May 17, at 7 P.M. in the Dunleavy 
Room in the La Salle Union for anyone who studied at 
the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland, under the 
auspices of La Salle-in-Europe. The FRIBOURG CLUB 
hopes to sponsor an annual event to encourage 
La Salle-in-Europe alums to stay close and share 
memories. If you haven't received your invitation, 
please call the Alumni Office at (215) 951-1535. 

Sea Isle City and Avalon 
Events Scheduled in August 

Members of La Salle's alumni, community, and friends 
are invited to the first annual DAY AT THE BAY on 
Sunday, August 18, from 2:00 to 7:00 P.M. at the Sea 
Isle Yacht Club, in Sea Isle City, N.J. Enjoy a day of 
fun and friendship on the bay (beautiful sunset 
included)! Festivities include a buffet, DJ, and La Salle 
University memorabilia. 

The eighth annual YOUNG ALUMNI PARTY will be 
held on Saturday, August 24, from 5 to 9 P.M. at the 
Princeton Inn, in Avalon, NJ. This enormously- 
successful event is open to all alumni who have 
graduated between the years 1987 to 1996. Friends 
and family are also welcome to join in the festivities. 

For further information on both South Jersey events, 
keep your eye on the summer issue of LA SALLE. You 
are also welcome to contact the Alumni Office at 
(215) 951-1535 or e-mail Tim McNamara, the assistant 
director of alumni at 

William J. A\-er^' (left), chairman and chief e.xecutive 
officer of Crc:)wn, Cork and Seal. Incorporated, 
welcomes Colin Dooley and Michael Rocco to his 
office in Northeast Philadelphia. The two freshmen 
are the 1995 recipients of the university's Leadership 
Scholarships. These scholarships were funded by 
the proceeds from the third annual Charter Dinner at 
which Mr. Avery was presented with the 1995 La Salle 
University Leadership Award. 

chapterlclub notes 

Houston, Dallas and San Diego 
Host Alumni Chapter Activities 

The HOUSTON Chapter of the Alumni Association hosted 
Brother President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, at a 
reception and dinner at the University of St. Thomas on 
January- 9. Arrangements for the festivities were the result of 
the efforts of Dr. Lee WiUlames, '64, and his wife, Frances. 
Attending the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Michael Griffin, '62; 
Dr. Norm Rappaport, '69; Bill Madden, '82; Duane Pierce, 
'82, and Bud Dotsey, '69, director of alumni. 

A loyal group of DALLAS-based Explorers joined Brother 
President Burke at a cocktail reception at the Stouffer Renais- 
sance on Januan' (i. Attendees included Patrick Dooner, '61; 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kirsch, '62; Frank Rovelli, '63; Ed 
Mosczynski, '68; Frank Celii, '79; Bob Carty, '81; Edward 
Riley, "85, and John Eder, '87, A s]-)ecial guest that e\ening 
was Brother Michael McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D., '70, 
president of Christian Brothers Llniversity, in Memphis, Tenn. 
Representatives from La Salle, who dodged the "Blizzard of 
'96" to attend, included the university's athletic director Bob 
Mullen. Kathy McNally, the assistant director and coordinator 
of women's athletics; Dr. Annette O'Connor, chair of the 
Biology Department, and yours truly. 

Sunday morning, Febniary 18, witnessed early-rising SAN 
DLEGO Explorers join Brother President Burke at morning 
mass followed by a Communion Breakfast at the home of Dr. 
Joseph 'Wood, '52. Dr. 'Wood is the deacon at the Church of 
All Hallows in La Jolla where the Mass was celebrated, and he 
offered a stirring and memorable sermon during the services. 
After Mass, Dr. Wood's wife, Elizabeth, orchestrated the 
breakfast arrangements. Attendees included Alfred C. 
Strohlein, '56; Mr. and Mrs. David Linaugh, '67; Dr. and 
Mrs. Thomas Kilcheski, '72; Michael D. Flynn, '73, and 
Brother Charles E. Gresh, '55, F.S.C., the university's direc- 
tor of development. 

-Bud Dotsey, '69 

J. Anthony (Tony) Hayden, '67, congratulates his son, Tony, a 
member of Mount Saint Mary's College basketball team, 
following the Mountaineers' 81-66 victory over La Salle on 
December 6, at the Philadelphia Civic Center. Young Tony, a 
freshman, scored eight points in his first game as a starter. His 
father, a former member of La Salle's Council of President's 
Associates, recently left Cushman and Wakefield to establish 
his own firm in (x>nshohocken. Pa. 

SPRING 1996 

page 23 

alumni notes 


Peter W. Linn Is an 

engineer for PECO 
Energy Company, in 


MARRIAGE: Melanie Eve 

Patricia Obert-Thorn to 

Michael G. Longenhagen. 


Dr. Alan Harrison Bohl 

Management Department 


Melvin Woods 

Finance Department 


Josepli J. Clark 


Aloysius Lumley, F.S.C. 


Jerome Niland, F.S.C. 


Richard D. Espinosa 


Walter J. Malloy 


Francis R. O'Hara, Esq. 


Edward F. King, Sr. 

Dr. Henry T. Wilkens, Sr. 


Thomas C. Gheen, Jr. 


James F. Anthony 

Former Philadelphia Eagles general manager 
Jim Murray (second from right) v\'as presented 
with the 54th Signum Fidel Medal by 
La Salle's Brother President Joseph F. Burke, 
F.S.C, Ph.D., '68 (right), on Nov. H. Maria 
Tucker Cusick, '83, immediate past president 
of the Alumni Association, and Robert S. 
Lyons, Jr., '6I (center), editor of LA SALLE 
magazine, were surprise recipients of the 
John J. Finley Memorial Award for outstand- 
ing service to the alumni. Joseph H. Cloran 
(left) "61, president of the Alumni Association, 
made the presentations. 

La Salle Yearbooks Needed 

La .Salle University Archives needs copies of 
Explorer Yearbooks from 19^0, 1943, 1957, 
and 1958. If you have a copy to spare, please 
call Brother Joseph Grabenstein, F.S.C, '73, 
the university's archivist, at (215) 951-1294. He 
will be happy to make arrangements to pick 
the yearbook up 

I'mitk (J Hum is shown 
in 1954. the year he 
was captain and 
second leading scorer 
on La Salle's NCAA 
championship team 


Frank O'Hara's Intelligence 
Helped Explorers to NCAA Title 

Frank 'Wacky" O'Hara, '54, averaged 
just 6.8 points in the five tournament 
\ ictories that carried La Salle to the 1954 
NCA\ basketball title. But without the 
senior captain the E.xplorers never would 
ha\e won it all, according to a teammate. 

Frank Blatcher, '56, scored 23 points in 
the championship victory over Bradley in 
Kansas City, but he knew that the points 
never would have come without the help 
of O'Hara, who died on January- 2 at age 
64 of a rare disease that afflicted him for 
three years. 

I'm a shooter," said Blatcher, who was a 
sophomore when the Explorers won the 
national championship. "It's important for 
a shooter to know he's going to get the 
ball at the right time. With O'Hara, I knew 
I was going to get the ball." 

Although O'Hara would be known as a 
point guard in todays basketball lexicon, Blatcher said the 5-8 guard 
could score key points. But his greatest value was his intelligence on 
the court, which matched his Dean's List achievements in the class- 

"Whatever the era, he would have been an essential ingredient to the 
success of the team," Blatcher said. 

Case in point: La Salle was playing John Wooden's UCLA team in the 
19S3 Kentucky In\itational. Wooden switched from a man-to-man at 
one point to shut down Ken Loeffler's legendary weave. 

"Going to a zone is like feeding fish to sharks when you are an outside 
shooter." Blatcher said. "At a timeout. O'Hara looked at me and said, 
Frank, youre salivating. We will get you the ball." .\nd he did." 

.\fter he graduated from La Salle, 0"Hara earned a degree from 
\'illanova Law School and eventually enjoyed a highly-successful career 
as an attorney with Gulf Oil Corporation in Philadelphia, London, and 
Pittsburgh and with Kirkpatrick and Lockhart in Pittsburgh. He served 
as president of La Salle University's Alumni Association in 1961-62. 

Throughout his life, O'Hara played an active role in La Salle's alumni 
and development programs. As a long-time member of the Alumni 
Associations Board of Directors, he frequently ho.sted events for the 
Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter. He was also a founding member of the 
universirji's Million Dollar Forum program of life insurance commit- 
ments through which he effecti\ely endowed his annual support for 
La Salle and its students. 

O'Hara's death was attributed to primary progressive aphasia, a rare, 
degenerative brain disorder. There have been fewer than 20 known 
cases in the v^orld. 

Blatcher, who has been quite successful, himself, as president of his 
own insurance firm in Ha\'erto"wn, Pa., said he last saw O'Hara at 
Blatcher's 65th birthday party last .May. By then the disease had taken a 
terrible physical toll on O'Hara. but it hadn't affected his sense of 

"When I called him to in\ ite hini. 1 said I v\as trying to get together 
with people who are still waiting to receive a pass back from me. He 
said, "Rent Con\-ention Hall!'" 

--Frank Bilovsky, '62 

page 24 


Attention, Alumni from the Classes of 

•41, '46, '51, '56, '61, '66, '71, '76, '81, '86, '91 



Friday, May 1 7 

Welcoming remarks by Brother President 
Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, followed 
by informal picnic and .socializing at the 
Gazebo on the South Campus. 

Saturday, May 18 

Informational sessions offered on a variety of 
topics including "The Legacy of La Salle," 
"The Christian Brothers Today and Toward 
the 21st Centuiy," "Histor\' of La Salle 
Basketball and La Salle Olympians," "Estate 
and Financial Planning," and "A Guided 
Tour of Belfield." 

Saturday, May 18 

Brother President Burke will give special 
recognition to the Golden Anniversary Class 
of '46 and the Silver Anniversary Class of 
71. Class Gift presentations will be made by 
all reunion the envelope 
attached to your Reunion invitation to be a 
part of the success of REUNION WEEKEND 

Saturday, May 18 

A special Reunion Liturgy \\ ill be celebrated 
in the De La Salle Chapel in College Hall by 
Priest Alumni of the Reimion 

^^/^eun/on '96 

May 17 

May 18 

May 19 



Saturday, May 18 

The cocktail reception for all classes will be 
held after the Reunion Liturgy and followed 
by class dinners at multiple campus loca- 
tions. Socializing and dancing will follow 
the dinners in the Union and North Campus 
Dining area. 

Sunday, May 19 

Sunday Liturgy followed by a REUNION 
WEEKEND '96 Closing Prayer will be 
offered in the De La Salle Chapel. 


Enjoy walking and shuttlebus tours of the 
campus, shopping in the Campus Store, a 
\isit to our new Communication Center. 
lunch on the Patio, indoor track, basketball, 
squash, and outdoor tennis or use of the 
^X'etzler Track, participation in educational 
seminars, and much more! 

Your REUNION WEEKEND '96 brochure 
is in the mail with detailed times and 
locations for all Reunion events. Should 
you have any further questions, please 
call the Alumni Office at (215) 9511535. 

La Salle's Alumni Population by State 

wi -f 


i Ml' 

" 497 

¥>^ Rl 30 
" jt^r PA ijf^Ct 244 
T'OH I iWMj'lHJ 5,780 
169 K^ DE 346 

™.Wy VA%J«D700 

VT33 ,«E^, 

MA 214 

•"nni ,• -- "6> 
sc .-^ 

60 ' 

146 f Atlstntic 


LA SALLE Magazine 
La Salle University 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Second class postage paid at Philadelphia, PA 




^^ Home on the World Wide Web J I 



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La Salle Uniuersity 



Current URL 

Page complete 

JUN2 6 19H 



r ^ T^'.'T T^ ' .' ' ,* ' .' ' ,' '. ^ 



The President Reflects 


t'trsl AlliiuliL 10 iit/e. Pa}>L' 

All h(^H)rary-_degtve 
for a disliimiijshvil 
Page 11. 

Aliiiiun Humt'Luiuuig 
Weekend, page 23- 

Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61, Editor 

George J. (Bud) Dotsey, '69, Alumni Director 


Joseph H. Cloran, "61, President 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq., 62, Executive Vice President 

J. Patrick OGrady, 82, Vice President 

Robert L. Buck, '90, Treasurer 

Charles J. Quattrone, 72. Secretary' 

LA SALLE (USPS 299-940) is published quarterly by 
La Salle University, 1900 W. Olney Avenue, 
Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199, for the alumni, 
students, faculty, and friends of the University. 
Editorial and business offices are located at La Salle 
University, Philadelphia, PA 191-41-1199. 
Changes of address should be sent at least 30 days 
prior to publication of issue with which it is to take 
effect to the Alumni Office. La Salle University, 1900 
W. Olney Avenue. Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. 
POSTMASTER: send change of address to office 
listed above. 

.Member of the Council for the Advancement and 
Support of Education (CASE). 


Hundreds of pages of information aboLit the 
university are now available in attractive, 
colorful graphics. 


In his annual "State of the University" report, 
La Salle's president reflects on his alma mater's 
commitment, pride, and passion. 



An indoor track title for the men and a trip 
to the basketball championship finals for the 
wcMiien highlighted the Explorers' first year of 
Atlantic 10 competition, 


The university held its 133rd commencement, 
participated in the 150th anniversary celebra- 
tion of the Christian Brothers, and graduated its 
first "BUSCA " student, among other activities. 


Hundreds of the alumni, their spouses, and 
guests returned to campus for a memorable 
weekend in May. A pictorial report that 
continues throush the Alumni Notes section. 


BACK COVER: Nicholas A. Gkjrdano, Yn (left), 
president and chief executive officer of the 
Philadelphia .Stock Exchange, receives La Salle's 
fourth annual Leadership Award from Brother 
President Joseph P. Burke, F.S.C, Ph.D., '68, as his 
wife, Joanne, watches, at the Charier Dinner on 
March 30. (See story on page 20.) 


A ciuarterly chronicle of some significant events 
in the lives of La Salle's alumni. 

Volume 40/ Number 3 LA SALLE Summer 1996 



•tun 2 1 im 


by Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61 

La Salle is now accessible 
on the World Wide Web 

Po you need directions to La Salles campus? A calendar 
of alumni acti\ities? Specific information about a particular 
academic discipline or course offering? Xe^s about one 
of the Explorers' athletic teams? An updated biography of your 
fa^•orite faculty" member? A catalogue of books in tlie Connelly 
Librar\? Information about the .\rt Museum or the Christian 
Brothers, or data from the university "s Archixes? 

This is just a small sampling of the information tliat is now 
available — in colorful. graphically-attracti\e fashion — on 
La Salle's newly-created home pages on the Internet's World 
Wide Web. Actualh" there are hundreds of pages about tlie unixersiU" that 
can be accessed. obser\ed. and quickly dov^nloaded tlirough your per- 
sonal computer. 

■"E\ er\ body w ho's anybody is on the Web. "says Genasio (Herb) Ramirez, 
the university's Web administrator. "It includes anything and everything. 
Some Web pages can be \er\- exciting. They're meant to be educational. 
infoniiati\e. or just fun. But our purpose is to disseminate information 
and to use it as a recruiting device, not only with high school students 
and their parents but with older people considering returning to college 
or with prospective graduate .students: " 

"Its vev)- nearly a sun ival Lssue because students expect this kind of 
technological ad\ ancement in a college," says Ed Nickerson. who oxer- 
sees La Salles acti\"it\" on the Internet as the university 's director of infor- 
mation technolog\-. "They want to be able to fmd information about the 
college they're looking at attending. The Web site, itself, is certainh- 

SUMMER 1996 page 1 

Ed .\icheisoii 
became the 
director of 
technology last 

important from a marketing perspective. It 
will also give us the possibility to do 
other things with information transmission 
later, too, such as registration for classes, 
checking our billing, that kind of thing. 
There's a trend, in general, for colleges to 

do that." 

How to Surf La Salle's Net 

To access La Salle's home page, 
you must have a modem and 
some type of Internet Access 
Browser (e.g., Netscape, 
Microsoft Internet Explorer, or 
those provided by America 
Online, CompuServe, etc.). 

Type: http: //www. la sal 

The most popular browser used 
by La Salle is NetScape. 

"It provides a very- 
unique, tidy, 
highly efficient 
way of communi- 
cating," says 
George J. (Bud) 
Dotsey, '69, the 
university's alumni 
director. "The 
bottom line is that 
you have literally 
hundreds of 
thousands or 
millions of people 
who can queiy 
and get informa- 
tion on La Salle 

Hopefully, adds Ramirez, prospective 
students will look at La Salle's Web site to 
see what's going on at the university. 
"This is a very quick way to do that 
\\ ithout even picking up the phone. Of 
course, you also want to make that 
human contact but I think you'll see more 
people checking on our home page to 
see what the mission statement is, or to 
check if La Salle has, say, a major in 
chemistry or just a course in bio-chemis- 
try. Some of the more sophisticated 
intricacies of the individual academic 
disciplines will be more readily accessible 

than the information that's available over 
the telephone. And of course people can 
also obtain a list of university personnel 
as well as a directory of all academic and 
administrative offices" 

Ramirez, who estimates that La Salle's 
home page has already received 50,000 
"hits," says that he gets about 50 e-mail 
messages a week from people browsing 
on the Internet. "Many of them are just 
curious. They come in and look around 
and often don't really have anything to 
say or send. They just want to look at our 
page and pick up some information." 
Parents frequently send e-mail to the 
uni\'ersity requesting admissions and 
financial aid information and saying: 'My 
son or daughter is a prospective student. 
We're shopping for schools now.' 

The Alumni Office home page on the 
Internet's World Wide Web can be ac- 
cessed for information about various 
clubs and activities, a current calendar of 
events, Reunion/Homecoming informa- 
tion, and instaictions on ordering such 
La Salle University memorabilia as clocks 
or watches. Information will soon be 
available about alumni chapters in spe- 
cific geographic areas like the Pacific 
Northwest, California, Great lakes. South- 
west, Florida, New England, and the 
Middle Atlantic States. 

Dotsey, who spends as much as two 
hours a day talking to alums on his 
computer, says that he finds e-mail most 
advantageous when dealing with people 
on the west coast. One of its greatest 
advantages, he adds, is that you can 
communicate with anyone who has an 
address on the Internet at any time of 
day or night, seven days a week. 

"We all know that we don't go by the 9-^ 
clock," Dotsey said. "There are folks who 
send messages long into the night or do 
their best work in the wee hours of the 
morning. Plus there are time differences 
not just in the United States but through- 
out the world." 


Gervasio (Herb) 
Ramirez is La Salle's 
Web administrator. 

Although it is technologically possible, it is unlikely 
that you will see the complete directory of names, 
addresses, and phone numbers of the university's 
34,000 known alumni on La Salle's "Web page because 
of Privacy Act regulations. 

"But we're not too far away from the time when we 
can put material from LA SALLE magazine on line," 
says Nickerson. ""We already have the Collegian." 

Major renovations are being done this summer. They 
include a searchable database which will allow you to 
enter key words to access specific information and to 
locate all pages that mention that topic. There is also 
a '"Campus Tour" where a click of the mouse will 
locate and describe offices and buildings at La Salle. 
You will also be able to fill out submission forms 
requesting information on specific programs. 

La Salle's first Web page was created by Tom 
Schuster, '95, an education major who knew a lot 
about computers. "He put together a pretty good 'Web 
site in a month but didn't have the resources and 
time to really do a thorough job," says Ramirez. The 
current home page was designed by Ramirez in 
February and La Salle's Web site has since been 
maintained by him and the following student interns : 
Jeanine Capan, '97; Nevin Dougherty, '99; Lorraine 
Healy, '96; Mary Krause, '96; Ed Malinowski, '96; 
Steve Mocarski, '98; Christian Saffici, '99, and Minh 
Dlic Tran, '97. 

Ramirez, who offers three hour sessions at the univer- 
sity instructing how to create Web pages, says that it's 
difficult to pin down an exact number of files be- 
cause many La Salle students and professors have 
their own home pages. But he estimates that there 
are probably about 600 pages listed officially under 
La Salle — not including those facult\' members, staff, 
or students \\ ho are permitted to create personal 
home pages linked from the official La Salle pages. 

"The future of the Web site is that most of the aca- 
demic and administrative departments will have 
control of their own Web pages," he says. "The 
potential is there to ha\e \irtually a home page for 

every student, every faculty member, eveiy .staff 
member that they, themselves, can control. " 

La Salle's home page even contains information about 
exterior links that have been established — via Liberty- 
net and Metroscope — to other Web sites in the area 
including those of other college and universities, 
information about Philadelphia businesses, libraries, 
government, media, professional services, tourism, 
cultural sites, sports organizations and other groups, 
as well as other Pennsyhania historic sites, American 
colleges and universities, and anything related to the 
word La Salle. 

Nickerson, who joined La Salle's staff last September 
after a 17 year career as a civilian employee of the 
Navy, is in the process of standardizing and unifying 
all of the university's technology including tele- 
phones, voice mail, and computers. A graduate of 
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 
where he earned a master's degree in information 
systems, he most recently served as director of end- 
user computing at the Naval Aviation Supply Office in 

Nickerson says that it's difficult to predict how much 
impact Web sites and home pages will ha\'e in the 
future. "We'll just have to see," he explained. "In 1982 
we were asking, 'what are you going to do with the 
personal computer?' It's hard to say. It's a tool that 
has many avenues that can be explored. It's limited 
only by the imagination of each person doing the 

We have to keep in mind, says Dotsey, that today's 
younger generation uses the computer as the norm. 
"It is their number two pencil and if we do not pro- 
vide tliat electronic link, they're going to ignore us." 

SUMMER 1996 

page 3 

A Place of Commitment, Pride, and Passion 

By Brother President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68 

'7 love La Salle. I got a great 
education here, I thought 
you'd want to know." 


' his unsolicited commendation came from a 
graduating senior who approached me at a 
reception the day before Commencement. 
W'iiile the comment was deeply appreciated, it was not 
a surprise. A La Salle education works, and I believe I 
know why. 

It is our people who make La Salle work so well. 
Survey after survey of our graduates points to the 
quality of our faculty, their commitment to enthusiastic 
and innovative teaching, and their personal approach 
to students. This relationship betw'een faculty and 
students is the hallmark of the La Salle experience, but 
there is more. 

A university is like a small city, or perhaps a village. 
There are many hands and hearts that make it work, 
and work well. Behind all of what happens at La Salle 
are people. If you have not been to the campus re- 
cently then you may not have experienced the beauti- 
fully planted, remarkably maintained grounds of our 
safe and secure campus. You may not know of the 
thousands of good meals that are prepared each day, 
the 1,700 people housed here, or the commitment to 
service that characterizes our administrative offices. 

Across the campus there are people who view their life 
at La Salle as much more than a job. They are women 
and men in every shape, size, and ethnicity doing a 
di\ersity cjf jobs, and they all play a part in the educa- 
tional process. La Salle is what it is today because the 
people of \ llage La Salle have a commitment to our 
students ana each other. 

Brother Joseph Burke signs in with the 25th 
aunii'ersaiy class during the university's 
rece)it Reunion '96 celebration. 

The remarkable thing about the commitment of the 
people of Village La Salle is that it takes place 
within the context of change and uncertainty. As 
with most of us in higher education, the last few 
years have served up many challenges, and the 
once seemingly unchanging Village La Salle now 
seems to be changing all of the time. Some of this 
change was thrust upon us — the need to restructure 
and consolidate our administration and to "right- 
size" our faculty and staff. Some of this change is 
self-initiated — quality pursuits like AACSB accredita- 
tion of the School of Business Administration, the 
revitalization of science and math education, and 
new graduate programs, to name a few. 

But perhaps the thing that has evolved the most has 
to do with the way in which we see ourseK'es. 
Sc\ cral months ago. The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a 
front page story on the ways in which colleges and 

page 4 


La Salle's president chats with two of 
the newest members oftbeAliiniiii 
Association during the Indiictio)! 
Ceremony for the Class of '96 on 
May 10. 

universities recruit students today. La Salle was the 
main focus of the article. While being an "admissions 
counselor" is as much about counseling as it is about 
marketing, the newspaper focused on the marketing 
aspects. The La Salle that emerges from the article is 
proud, confident, and aggressive. It is a La Salle that 
is certain of the quality of what it does, and anything 
but sheepish about telling potential students and their 
loved ones about it. 

To be optimistic in treacherous times requires faith — 
faith in God, faith in the relevance of our mission, 
and faith in each other. And in the tradition of the 
Christian Brothers, faith is always accompanied by 
zeal. The dictionary describes zeal as "enthusiastic 
and diligent devotion, as to a cause, ideal, or goal; 

In thinking of the problems that Saint John Baptist de 
La Salle and the early Brothers encountered more 
than 300 years ago, as well as the challenges we face 
today, I think that an equally good complement of 
faith would be PASSION. We say that our faculty has 
a "passion for teaching," and that we want our 
students to have a "passion for learning." But there is 
more. For us to thrive, all of us — citizens and former 
citizens of Village La Salle — must be passionate about 
advancing and enriching this community. 

A place characterized by passion is not always an 
easy place to be. Passionate people have strong 
opinions. Passionate people hold tenaciously to what 
they believe La Salle is all about and where it should 
be going. At the same time, passionate people with a 
single goal — continually improving La Salle — will 
come together to share their talents to make even 
greater things happen. 

Happily, the Village La Salle of 1996 is a place where 

both faith and passion are growing. Happily, too, our 

alumni and alumnae are part of this excitement. Sev- 
eral weeks ago at our annual Alumni Reunion, gradu- 
ates from as far back as 50 years ago and as recent as 
five years ago came together to celebrate each other 
and La Salle. For some. La Salle seemed a completely 
new place, all grown up and remarkably beautiful. For 
others, it conjured up memories of people, parties, 
pranks, and prefects. 

Perhaps my favorite moment involved one of our Silver 
Jubilarians and his wife who are the parents of two 
current La Salle students. In speaking with another 
alumnus and his spouse whose child is beginning his 
senior year of high school, the Jubilarian couple spoke 
glowingly about the positive experience that their two 
children are having at La Salle. The La Salle they spoke 
about was not the La Salle of twenty-five years ago. It 
was the La Salle of today. A place where students are 
the center of all that we do, and we let them know 
that. A place where the best of the past has been 
preserved, where the present is ever exciting, and 
where the future is viewed with optimism. 

One might say that this article paints a rosier picture 
than it really deserves. After all, the financial reality of 
higher education in America in our time is sobering, 
and much of what is happening in our society is at 
best unsettling. Still, hazardous as the time may be, we 
are not without our resources. The principle resource 
we have is human — it is the people of Village La Salle. 
It is our faculty and staff, our alumni and alumnae. 

And in a special way our students who say to us in so 
many ways, "I love La Salle. I got a great education 

Brother Burke is La Salle's 27th president and the 
first alumnus to hold the position. 

SUMMER 1996 

page ? 

Brother Joseph F. Burke 
Reappointed President 


rother Joseph 
>F. Burke, F.S.C., 
'Ph.D., '68, has 
been unanimously 
reappointed president 
of La Salle University 
for a fi\'e-year term 
that begins in 1997. 
The announcement 
came from John J. Shea, who chairs the university's 
Board of Trustees. 

Brother Burke, a licensed clinical psychologist and 
former provost of the university, became the first 
alumnus to be president of La Salle when he was 
named on May 7, 1992. 

"The board is delighted with Brother Burke's super- 
lative performance," Shea said in a May l4 intei-view 
from his office at Spiegel. Inc.. where he ser\'es as 
vice-chairman, president and chief executive officer. 

"He has dealt with the dilemma of declining contri- 
butions to higher education from both federal and 
state government sources. He's faced enrollment 
pressures. "Working families increasingly find it 
difficult to pay today's tuition costs. Those pressures 
hit full impact as he began his duties." 

Shea noted tliat Brother Burke's first-term appoint- 
ment had come about after the unanticipated resig- 
nation of Brother Patrick Ellis, F.S.C., Ph.D., who left 
La Salle to become president of The Catholic Uni- 
versity, in Washington, D.C. 

"Brother Burke really had to learn on the job, " Shea 
said. "But he faced extraordinary adversity very 
well. He guided the university through a necessary 
right-sizing. For the 1995-96 academic year we had 
one of the highest freshman enrollments in many 
years. He's been heavily involved in academic 
concerns. He's been at the forefront of aligning 

La Salle with the new Atlantic 10 Conference. We 
belong in this conference. Atlantic 10 schools are 
close to La Salle geographically and share our 
\'alues. This change has brought about a great 

"Brother Burke also initiated 18 months ago a 
comprehensive long-term planning process for 
La Salle," Shea said. "This is the first time this has 
happened. Thanks to Brother Burke, the trustees 
feel La Salle is well-positioned for future develop- 
ment and growth." 

Brother Burke holds the academic rank of profes- 
sor of psychology. He originally sen'ed at La Salle 
as a faculty member from 19^3 to 1986, chairing 
the Psychology Department and serving two terms 
as president of the Faculty Senate. As a La Salle 
teacher, he earned the Christian R. and Mary F. 
Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished 
Teaching and initiated the university's Graduate 
Program in Human Services Psychology. 

During the 1986-87 academic year, Brother Burke 
sen'ed as an American Council of Education 
Fellow at the L'niversity of Hartford. Subsequently, 
he was appointed dean of that university's College 
of Basic Studies and special assistant to the presi- 
dent of the University of Hartford. 

In July, 1990, he returned to La Salle as provost 
and vice president of the corporation. 

Brother Burke graduated from La Salle with a 
bachelor's degree in English. He holds a master's 
degree in educational administration from the 
University of Miami and a Ph.D. in psychology and 
anthropology from The United States International 
Liniversity. He has been a member of the De 
La Salle Christian Brothers, the lay teaching order 
that conducts the university, since 1963. 

page 6 


An indoor 
track title for 
the men and a 
trip to tile 
finals for the 
helped the 
finish a strong 
sixth overall 
in their first 
year of 
Atlantic 10 

indication for 
La Salle's 

By Bob Vetrone, Sr. 


indication is going to be tlie key word here. 

Vindication in that La Salle University's athletic teams were capable of 
competing on a level with the other Atlantic 10 Conference teams in the 
Explorers' newest conference venture. 

Vindication in that some of its teams, shortchanged in pre-season prognosti- 
cations, rallied to performances beyond expectations. 

Vindication in that, in its inaugural Atlantic 10 season. La Salle was able to 
finish sixth in the Commissioner Cup standings, and that put them just at the 
halfway mark of the 12-team league. 

It made a bunch of La Salle people 
proud, including Director of Athletics 
Bob Mullen, who put it this way: 

■ I'm extremely proud of the hard 
work and dedication of my staff, 
coaches and student-athletes to 
enable La Salle to finish sixth in the 
Commissioner's Cup standings in our 
first ye^r. 

"We still ha\'e a big job ahead, based 
on the fact that we are 12th in the 
conference in overall resources, to 
maintain and improve this perfor- 

"Our academic success in the Atlantic 
10 is shown in that almost 33% of our 
student-athletes were recognized on 
the conference's honor roll (3.0 GPA 
and better), exceeding the majority of 
Atlantic 10 institutions." 

Let's start with men's indoor track, 
the sport in which La Salle captured 
its sole first-place finish. 

Charles Torpey's Explorers placed in 
16 of 19 events in the championships 
at Rhode Island, with Troy Harr>' 
accomplishing a double with victories 
in the 3,000-meter and the mile run. 

Other winners came La Salle's way 
in the 5,000 meters (Pete 
Dougherty), 1,000 meters (Ray 
Friedman) and a meet record in 
the 3,200 meter relay (Friedman, 
Mike James, Tom Shaw, Marc 

To show increasing improvement 
in the program's field events under 
assistant coach Moon Mondschein, 
Steve Nyce set a meet and facility' 
record in the shot put (54-07.25). 

The honors also included Co-coach 
of the Year recognition for Torpey. 

The men also took first place in an 
"unofficial" Atlantic 10 meet, which 
La Salle hosted, and the women 
tracksters made creditable show- 
ings in the indoors (5th) and the 
"unofficial" meet (4th). 

Meanwhile, oLit in the open 
spaces, the \A'omen's cross-countn,' 
finished third in the A- 10 confer- 
ence championships after being 
picked for sixth in the pre-season. 
The men came in fourth, exactly 
where they had been predicted. 
Freshman Joseph DiGiacomo 
earned Outstanding Rookie hon- 

SUMMER 1996 

page 7 

ors, and teammate Troy Harry made All-Conference. Terry 
Carroll was the Explorers' representati\e on the women's 
Ail-Star team. 


It liardi}' matters in the La Salle women's basketball pro- 
gram in what conference they're competing. For the third 
time in five years, and in its third different confer- 
ence, John Miller's Explorers fought their way to 
the championship game of a conference post- 
season tournament. 

This time, it got to the Atlantic 10 final where 
they encountered nationally-ranked George 
"Washington, giving the Colonials all they 
could handle before grudgingly yielding to 
the talented GW team, 73-68. 

■^'ou may remember that in 1994-95, in its last 
season in the Midwestern Collegiate Confer- 
ence, La Salle went to the title game at North- 
inois, against the home-team Huskies, and 
forced an overtime before losing by three, 80-77. 


And also you may remember that, in 1992, La Salle's 

final season in the Metro Atlantic Athletic 

Conference, a last-second, 73-71 loss to St. Peter's 

on an official's call that still rankles Explorer fans, 

kept Miller's heroes from advancing to the NCAA 


For 1996-97, the big project will be to replace Lori 
Sparling, who graduated with 1,123 points, and 

Marci "VC'illis, who overcame injuries and was a 

rebounding and defensive force. 

Chrissie Donahue, again, led the Explorers, and was 
voted to the All-Philadelphia Big 5 team and second 
team in the Atlantic 10. Her 14.1 points and 8.2 
reboimds were team leaders. 

Doing well (19-10 overall, 10-6 in the Atlantic-10) 
was, to coach Miller, "a vindication. " 

"A lot of people thought we couldn't compete 
moving into the Atlantic 10; I'm proud of what our 
team did," he said. 


Brian Schaller 
was chose)! 
for the GTE 
Academic All 
America team. 

With the men's first dual-meet swimming 
victory next season, John Lyons will reach the 
100 mark and with three, he will surpass Joe 
Kirk as the all-time leader. That Hall of 
Athletes member, whose name adorns the 
Hayman Hall Aquatic Center, notched 102. Lyons, whose 
men's teams have won 12 out of 14 conference titles in his 
La Salle tenure, again produced a team that held its own in 
the tough men's Atlantic 10 competition, finishing second to 
Ma.ssachusetts. The women came in fifth. 

In the far-reaching Eastern College Athletic Conference 
(F.CAO Meet, embracing more than 3" schools, the women 

came in third (behind Connecticut and 
Maryhind) and the men finished fourth 
(trailing Connecticut, Maryland and James 

Sophomore Dina Dormer paved the way 
among the women, setting several pool 
and meet records along the way and was 
voted the Atlantic 10 Most Outstanding 
Performer in the women's champicMiships. 


As the Atlantic 10 schedule dwindled 
down to a precious few days, coach Ray 
Perri's softballers needed a late-season 
surge to make the four-team tournament. 

A surge they got. "Winning the second 
game of a Thursday twin bill at St. 
Bonaventure, way up in Olean, N.Y., then 
enduring a long trip to Blacksburg, "Va,, 
they took a Saturday doubleheader from 
the "Virginia Tech Hokies, 

After sweating out tie-breaking proce- 
dures and other weather-related re- 
scheduling. La Salle was in, quite an 
achievement for a team that had tMily two 
seniors on the squad, third baseman Jen 
Bostak and outfielder Lisa Robbins. 

"Our goal was to get into the A-10 tour- 
nament, wJiich we did," Perri said. 
"Considering that for most of the season, 
we were working with one healthy 
pitcher, the team did fine." 

The fourth-place (out of 9) finish sent the 
Explorers into the tournament where they 
bowed to eventual champion Massachu- 
setts, defeated Temple in the consolation 
bracket in a 10-inning game, then 
dropped a 2-1 heart-breaker to Rhode 
Island in an eight-inning pitchers' dual, 
and finished third in the tourney. 

The main discovery was freshman pitcher 
Janice McGinty, who won 18 games and 
posted a 1.93 Earned Run Average, as she 
assumed the number one spot in the 
rotation, following the sidelining of junior 
Lori Congdon, whose early-season arm 
and wrist ailments sidelined her most of 
the year. 

"With both those pitchers returning, and 
the hopeful addition of incoming help, an 
even more impressive showing looms in 
Atlantic 10 competition. 

Junior second baseman Jen Rueter and 
graduated third baseman Jen Bostak were 

named to the All-Tournament team, with 



Rueter's lOth-inning single provid- 
ing the winning run against 

Chris Wilderman was another 
standout. After fighting through a 
2-for-17 slump at the season's 
start, the sophomore first baseman 
went 51-for-127, at .368. 


Cesidio Colasanti moved into the 
Atlantic 10 without missing a 
stride. The first-year star of a year 
ago continued his soaring scoring 
with 47 points on 22 goals and 
three assists. It was enough to 

make him the confer- 

ence's Player of the 
Year. Ken Keim (21 
points) and Erik Kline 
( 12) were other double- 
figure scorers for Pat 
Farrell's booters. 

Yuri Fedortchenko's 
1.78 Goals Against 
Average was instrumen- 
tal in helping the 
Explorers build a 10-7-2 
overall mark and 5-4-2 
in the Atlantic 10. 

Until that letdown, La Salle was 15-13. 
The rest of the sea,son....2-15. 

There were, however, individual 
highlights, notably the work of junior 
outfielder Brian Schaller and senior 
catcher-Designated Hitter Mike 
Hartman, both of whom made the All- 
Conference team. 

Schaller's 3.90 GPA in Economics/ 
Accounting earned him a spot on the 
eleven-man, GTE Academic All America 
team as well as on the Atlantic 10 
spring sports Academic All-Conference 
squad. On the field, his .415 batting 
average was second in the conference, 
and he led the Explorers in nms (46), 


(Approved by the university's Athletics Committee, October 1 8, 1989) 

The women's season 
was highlighted by a 1- 
win over nearby rival. 
Temple. The game, however, was 
played several hundred miles 
away in Oneonta, N.Y., and was 
billed as the Spalding Cup tourna- 
ment at a Soccer Hall of Fame. 

Krista Garberina scored the game's 
lone goal and was voted, oddly 
enough, the defensive .standout. 

La Salle University offers all students the opportunity to develop both their 
minds and their bodies. The Athletics Department, through its intercollegiate 
and intramural programs, enables and encourages all students to participate 
in a wide variety of sports at different levels of skill. Values, such as good 
sportsmanship, diligence and determination at many levels of competition 
are emphasized. The university also strives to operate its athletics programs 
successfully at a level of intercollegiate competition v/hich is consistent with 
its philosophical objectives. Consequently it seeks to join other institutions 
with like commitments to academic excellence and institutional integrity. 


Under interim coach Frank 
DiMichele, the ba.seball team was 
sailing along in fine fettle, then 
came the Liberty Bell Classic at the 
Vet. A hit batsman with the bases 
loaded enabled Drexel to tie the 
game in the bottom of the last 
inning. In the 12th, La Salle scored 
three rims, only to have the 
Dragons retaliate with a game- 
winning grand slam in the home 
half of the frame for the 6-5 

Runs Batted In (-tl), hits (71), home 
runs (10) and stolen bases (13). 

Hartman batted .355 with seven hom- 
ers, 36 RBIs and a team-leading 11 

Chris Seller, senior pitcher-DH-first 
baseman, added four to his career 
record of saves to give him a total of 1 1 
for his two seasons on the mound. 


For the third straight season, the men's 
basketball team fell below the .500 
mark. In fact, its 6-24 record was the 
v.'orst in school history. But, as 
Gallagher Club president George Paull, 
'67, pointed out in his annual .state-of- 
the-club message: 

• La Salle's strength of schedule, 
according [o the much-publicized RPI 
Rating, was the 16th highest among 306 
Di\ision I schools. 

• Of the Explorers' 24 losses, 19 
were by single digits, seven by four 
points or less, three on buzzer 
beaters. Those last three, as a matter 
of fact, came within a week. 

• two teams that entered the 
NCAA Tournament with only one 
loss. La Salle was ahead at the half - 
- by nine over Texas Tech in Texas 
and by eight over number one-rated 
and Final Four semi-finalist, Atlantic 
10 opponent, Massachusetts — at 

But lack of reserve strength and 
sheer numbers wore down Speedy 
Morris' Explorers throughout the 
'With captain 
(18.1 points, 
7.2 rebounds 
and 37 min- 
utes per 
game) the 
lone graduat- 
ing regular, 
and with a 
handful of fine 
high school 
checking in, 
things are 
looking better. 

And for an emotional high and a 
moment to remember, one that made 
almost every highlight show, was 
Steve Fromal's performance in a 76- 
70 upset of a George "Washington 
team that was closing in on a Top 25 
spot. In the illness-enforced absence 
of starting point guard Shawn Smith, 
Fromal, a seldom-used junior, 
stepped in, scored 17 points, handed 
off nine assists and committed only 
one turnover in his 40 minutes. 
Included in that 17 points were four 
three-pointers, one as the Colonials 
tried to overcome the heavy under- 
dog Explorers. 

As the conclusion drew near, and a 
La Salle victor^' was obvious, Fromal 
blew a kiss toward the Civic Center 
section where his mother and father. 
La Salle Hall of Famer Curt Fromal, 
'65, were sitting. 

SUMMER 1996 

page 9 

L '^ *=• R L L E 

Hel]iing La Salle to it.s first 
A- 10 title in history were 
indoor track standouts (from 
left): Ste\'e Nyce. Raymond 
Friedman, Gregg Mclntyre, 
and Pete Dougherty. 

Lori Sparling 
Janice McGinty 
Chris Wilderman 

la Salle partisan or not, if that TV 
moment didn't grab your emotions, 
the\- are hardly grababie. 

.Meanwhile, off the court, there were 
se\eral interesting developments. 

On Feb. 2^, Brother President 
kxseph Burke, F,S,C., Ph.D., '68, and 
.ithletic director Mullen announced 
an extension of coach Morris' 
contract that takes him through the 
1998-99 season. At the same press 
conference, Mullen announced an 
agreement with CoreStates Bank to 
play the Explorers' 1996-97 home 
games at the CoreStates Spectrum. 

Beyond that, the hope was that the 
long-awaited Hayman Hall upgrad- 
ing issue would be confronted and 
action viould be forthcoming. 

* * * 

The Atlantic 10 introduced women's 
crew as its 19th sport and the 
Explorers responded with a fourth- 
place finish in the nine-school 

In that meet, La Salle's Novice 4 
crossed the finish line first, well 
ahead of the held. That was fol- 
lowed by another important mile- 
stone, when the women's light- 
weight eight made it to the final in 
the Dad Vail Regatta, a standout 
achievement and a La Salle first in 
that prestigious regatta. 

The hard work of coach Sean Drea 
and his faithful assistants has begun 
to show as, more and more. La Salle 
crews battle their way through the 

As usual, another highlight was the 
running of the eighth annual 
La Salle ln\itational Regatta on the 
Cooper River in Camden County. 
With the guidance of longtime crew 
supporter Dr. Jim Kelly, the Invita- 
tional drew 245 boats representing 
31 colleges, and appears to be just 
growing, and growing, and 

Ed Lawless, the seven-year wrestling 
coach, has vitalized the program to 
the point where it experienced its 
first winning season (9-6) in 10 
years. Senior Rod Jefferson and 
junior Jim Savage led the way, each 
\\ith records of 21-1. 

The wrestlers are in a unique posi- 
tion, and it has nothing to do with 
their performances. La Salle is classi- 
fied as "non-scholarship Division I" 
and is the .sole program with that 
classification. And while La Salle is a 
Division 1 school, without scholar- 
ships the team competes against 
Division 111 programs. 

According to NCAA rules, a Division 1 
school cannot drop one of its spons 
to a lower level, although it can 
elevate sports up to Division I. 
La Salle awaits an answer to a re- 
quest to the NCAA for the change to 
Division 111 wrestling. 

The men's golf program, moving 
steadily forward under coach Joe 
Boyle, wound up its Spring season 
with a fourth-place finish in the 12- 
team Rutgers Invitational. The leader- 
ship of captain Dan Hoban, the 
team's lone senior, and the promise 
of freshmen Eric Till and Jason 
Krasley, sophomore Jesse Brookreson 
and juniors 'Walt Hoffner and Eric 
McNamee, both in Fall and Spring 
competition, was evident throughout. 

In tennis, men's coach Pat Shanahan 
and women's mentor Harold 
Conway, continued their diligent 
efforts to upgrade their programs. 
Junior Adam Walsh made the Atlantic 
10 Academic Honor Roll and posted 
a 3-2 record in the fall. The men 
finished 10th and the women, with 
all underclassmen on their roster, 
came in 12th in the Atlantic 10 

The \-olleyball team, experiencing 
another struggle, finished at 3-26, and 
with the end of the season, came 
coach John Kunzier's departure. Field 
hockey (2-18) goalkeeper Dori 
Shumadine was kept busy, with a 
national-leading 411 saves, also an 
Atlantic 10 record. By mid-summer, 
head coach Kathy De Angelis had 
accepted a position as head coach at 
Southwest iMissouri State. 

Bob Vetrone, Sr., the university's 
assistant director of sports 
information, is a member of the 
U.S. Basketball Writers' Hall of 

page 10 


Thacher Longstreth and 1^187 Graduates 
AvN^arded Degrees at 1 33rd Commencement 

W. Thacher 
Lo)}gstreth receives 
honorary degree 
from Brother 
President Joseph F. 
Burke, F.S.C.. 
Ph.D., '68. as his 
sponsor, Patricia 
Gerrity, watches. 

Philadelphia City Councilman 
W. Thacher Longstreth and 
1,187 graduates received degrees at 
La Salle's 133rd commencement 
exercises on May 12 at Philadel- 
phia's Civic Center/Convention Hall. 

Longstreth, who shared the spotlight 
with 837 undergraduate and 350 
graduate students, was awarded a 
doctor of humane letters degree 
commending a "career of civic 
participation and government 
service," which has resulted in his 
recognition as "Philadelphia's senior 
statesman, ambassador of good will 
and conscience of government." 
He was sponsored by Patricia L. 
Gerrity, Ph.D., associate professor of 

hi her commencement address to 
her fellow graduates, Nonee L. 
"Wagner of Schneck.sville, Pa., 
explained how all students "felt the 
personal touch at La Salle that no 
computer can capture. "We can tell 
our future generation about school- 
ing with a personal touch, about 
education with moral values, educa- 

tion with compassion. La Salle has 
made us more than learned individu- 
als. "We understand the power of 
human compassion." 

An honors student who graduated 
from La Salle in only three years with 
a dual major in history and religion, 
Wagner suggested that graduates 
might incorporate compassion into 
their lives by "living like Clara 
Isaacman," a Holocaust survivor who 
joined the resistance movement in 
Nazi Germany as a young girl. 

"Although in fear of the Nazis, she and 
her family gave up their own food 
during Passover to a rabbi in hiding," 
Wagner said. "Clara jeopardized her 
life to save the life of another. Just so, 
we in a time of relative peace must 
take the initiative to give something 
back to our world so full of opportu- 
nities for those who will take them." 

Isaacman visited La Salle's campus a 
year ago as part of a Coalition for 
Holocaust Studies program Wagner 
helped to establish at the university. In 
addition to playing a key role in the 

coalition, Wagner has devoted more 
than 650 volunteer hours to the work 
of the Holocaust Resource Center in 
Allentown, Pa., near her home. She 
begins post-graduate studies in 
religic:)n this Fall at Hanard Divinity 
School with an anticipated year of 
study at Oxford. 

Longstreth is a 1941 graduate of 
Princeton University and a decorated 
U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, 
After the war, Longstreth was a sales 
and marketing specialist for Life 
Magazine. From 1964 to 1973. he 
served as president of The Philadel- 
phia Chamber of Commerce. 

Twice a nominee for mayor of 
Philadelphia, Longstreth has sened 
five terms on Philadelphia's City 
Council. He's founder of the Greater 
Delaware Valley Chapter of the 
National Multiple Sclerosis Society 
and co-founder of the Black Coali- 
tion, which eventually became the 
Urban Coalition. 

SUMMER 1996 

page 11 



■ ■ ^ * ^ "-^ 

Christian Brothers^ General Councillor Explains 

HovN^ Saint La Salle Would Have ^^Touched the 

Hearts^^ of Today's Young People in Address 

at 1 50th Anniversary Celebration 


Rather Gerard Rummery, F.S.C., 
* general councillor of the 
Brothers of the Christian Schools 
who oversees the work of the De 
La Salle Christian Brothers in the 
English-speaking part of the world, 
recently called for La Salle Univer- 
sit\' faculty to continue working on 
a personal level with students and 
the marginalized. 

His comments came during an 
address at a Mass of Thanksgi\1ng 
on April 27 at Philadelphia's 
Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and 
Paul commemorating the 150th 
anniversary of the start of the 
Christian Brothers' mission in the 
United States. The Brothers were 
founded in 1680 in Rheims, France, 
and extended their ministry to the 
United States when a permanent 
foundation was first opened in 
Bakimore in 1845. 

Brother Rummery, who lives in the 
Brothers' international headquarters 
in Rome, Italy, emphasized that the 
founder of the Brothers, St. John 
Baptist de La Salle, insisted on 
students being known and being 
treated as individuals, just as the 
Good Shepherd knew each one of 
his sheep by name. 

La Salle is one of seven institutions 
of higher education in the U.S. 
under the sponsorship of the 
Christian Brothers. The Brothers 
alscj operate more than 70 colleges 
and universities in other countries 
throughout the world. 

.\sked what St. Jc^hn Baptist de 
La Salle would recommend to the 

Pa)1icipa}its cit the J5Utb cnuUversdry celebration of the 
De La Salle Christian Brothers in the United States are 
(from left): Rev. fames lannarella. '90; Bishop Edward 
Ciillen. MA '7J: Brother Benedict Olirer '60. prorin- 
cial; Philadelphia Cardinal Antbo)iy J. Bevilacqua; 
Brother Gerard Rummery, general councillor; Brother 
Emeiy Mollenhaiier, editor A Community of Memoiy 
and Hope; Rev.foseph Coffey, '83. a)id Brother Charles 
Lackes. '70, sesquicentennial coordinator. 

Christian Brothers today — given 
the current issues facing Catholic 
universities. Brother Rummery, who 
is originally from Australia, men- 
tioned several ideas. 

"When he talked to the Brothers 
about the kind of religious teaching 
they were to give in the catechism 
lessons, he said not to waste time 
on speculative truths — don't get 
the kids all tied up in knots with 
what might be or might not be," 
Brother Rummeiy said. "Teach 
them the good solid doctrine which 
is what they need to know. I think 
there's a balance between the 

practical — what they need to live and 
the principles by which they need to live 

While Brother Rummery said the Campus 
Ministry is important in today's difficult 
society, he emphasized that counseling 

individual students is essential. 

"De La Salle and the first group which 
stood with him in the l680s decided they 
would put away the title of schoolmasters 
which they had up to that time, and they 
said from now on, we're going to call 
ourselves Brothers," he explained. "By 
that we mean, we're going to be Brothers 
to one another — and older brothers to 

page 12 




the children we teach. I think tiiat 
being older brother and older sister 
— to young people — is an abso- 
lutely fundamental concept: you are 
older, you've got the experience of 
your own subject. Often the meeting 
groimd — where you meet your 
students — may be the objective 
subject matter of what you are 
teaching, and yet because you meet 
on that ground, you also meet as 
persons. That level of touching the 
heart — just being closer to young 
people today I think is sometimes of 
great importance because few people 
are responding to their enormous 
needs, which I don't think they get 
sometimes in their families. 

Helping others who are less fortu- 
nate than you, would probably be a 
focal point for the founder of the 
Christian Brothers in 1996," added 
Brother Rummeiy. "If you want to 
use the words, Campus Ministry, it 
would seem to me, it is not simply 
teaching the example of the Christian 
faith and what they (students) must 
believe whether they're Catholic or 
whether they're baptized Christian. 
There's something more than that. 
How exactly is their faith actually 
lived? What are they actually doing 
for other people? 

"I know many of them may stmggle 
to come to this university and most 
probably work to pay their way. Yet, 
we all know there are Skid Row 
derelicts and soup kitchens where 
there are people sometimes their own 
age much more unfortunate than they 
are. I think (there should be a) kind 
of practical program where people 
who have something are prepared to 
share with somebody else. That 
seems to me the real kind of faith 
formation of anybody. We owe them 
the right of intellectual formation in 
their faith. But I think we also owe 
them the example that this is a 
different kind of institution and if we 
believe it is worth maintaining, it is 
because of that attitude we take to 
one another and to people less 
fortunate than ourselves." Hi 

John Shannon, '84, representing Philadelphia's Mayor Edward G. 
Rendell, presents a proclamation honoring La Salle and the 
Northeast Regional Honors Council to John Grady (right), director 
of the university's Honors Program, and Brother President Joseph 
F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D. ,'68. La Salle hosted representatives from 
more than 100 schools attending the Council's 25th anniversary 
annual meeting. More than 200 students are enrolled in La Salle's 
Honors Program, which began 33 years ago and admitted a 
record number of 68 freshmen last September. 

Dr. EgidioJ. Capaldi, '52 (right), 
professor of psychology at 
Purdue University, receives the 
Dondero Award, for outstanding 
scientific contributions to the 
discipline of psychology, from 
Dr. John J. Rooney, '46, director 
of La Salle's Graduate Program in 
Human Services Psychology, at 
the annual Grimes Lecture on 
campus on March 23. Dr. Nora 
Newcomb, of Temple University's 
Psychology Department, deliv- 
ered the Grimes Lecture. The 
event honors the memory of the 
late De La Salle Brothers John 
Dondero and "Vincent Grimes, 
who served the university's 
Psychology Department for many 
years. Dr. Rooney will be starting 
his 50th year on La Salle's faculty 
in September. 

SUMMER 1996 

page 13 



Crisis In Professionalism Explored by 
Prominent La Salle Alumni and Faculty 


// ■ ts hard to be good by your- 
** ^ self." La Salle University 

philosophy professor 
W lUiam Sulli\'an, '68, recently told a 
campus audience re\'iewing the "crisis 
in professionalism." 

"Our own will and character take us 
just so far" in maintaining professional 
standards. Dr. Sullivan said, adding 
that guidance from a peer group 
becomes essential to any professional 
concerned about integrity. 

Sulli\an's comments anchored remarks 
from a symposium panel on March 28 
consisting of professionals with 
teaching, legal and medical back- 

Sullivan is the author of Work a)id 
/iitegrity. We Crisis and Promise of 
Professionalism in America. The book, 
he noted, has been getting consider- 
able attention around the coimtry. 

"I received a call today from a journal- 
ist in \'irginia who's writing about the 
mo\ement afoot there to get politi- 
cians to sign commitments not to 
prodtice negati\e campaign ads. " 
Sulli\an said. He cited the "cancerous 
features" of such advertising as an 
example of a crisis in professionalism. 

There's evidence that negative ads 
play a role in lowering voting turn- 
outs." he said, describing a critical loss 

in public trust. 'E\^erybody's capac- 
ity' to get what they want is dimin- 
ished as a result of the loss in tmst." 

Nicholas A. Giordano, '65. 
president of The Philadelphia 
Stock Exchange, said that profes- 
sionalism from a financial services 
perspective requires "offering 
ser\'ice with uncompromising 
integrity without thought of reward." 
Giordano said the securities profes- 
sion involves "transacting billions of 
dollars by telephone where your 
word is your bond." 

Giordano said 
the crisis in 
ser\ice fre- 
cjuently comes 
about in 
during which a 
broker's moti- 
\ation for 
a commission may well come 
before a client's profit from a 

"Insider trading takes ad\an- 
tage of information that's not 
in the public domain." 
Giordano added. "The public 
interest comes first. Traders 
must place the interests of the 
public ahead of theirs." 

Is there a crisis in the legal profes- 
sion? "Yes," said attorney Mary P. 
Higgins, '79, who's a partner in a 
center-city Philadelphia legal practice, 
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis. 

"Court T\'. unmerited suits and the 
lack of civility between attorneys 
have produced a loss of confidence 
in the legal profession. " she said. 

.Attorneys are 
charged with 
their clients' 
interests e\en in 
cases of non- 
Lawyers are 
expected, she 
said, "to be 
diligent, loyal, practicing civility and 
courtesy, and making use of the 
tnith — ha\ing their word count." 

Higgins explained that external 
regulation has been discussed as an 
a\enue toward impro\'ing standards 
of professionalism in the legal 
profession, but she added that a key 
responsibility lawyers have is "to 
think through hov,- they play out 
their role." 

Jtsychotherapist James T. Richard. 
'60, said p,sychiatiy standards are 
held up by a professional association 
with 47 divisions of 

"One of the expecta- 
tions is that we give 
something back to the 
people and communi- 
ties we sen-e," he said. 
.Many psychotherapists 
feel compromised by 
counseling \'isit limita- 
tions imposed by today's health 
insurance plans. 'Are such limits 
really in the best interest of patients?" 
Not always, suggested Dr. Richard, 
who chairs the Psychology Depart- 
ment at Bucks County Community 

"■Who tells the professional he or she 
may be working too hard?" Richard 
asked, in noting that many profes- 
sionals he counsels ha\e personal 

page l^ 


and health problems resulting from a 
concentration on work that detracts 
from a balanced perspective on life. Too 
much preoccupation with work is 
frequently detrimental to family life, he 


bert A. Rundio, '91 MSN, a nurse 
and healthcare 
administrator, said 
professional nurses 
"must be advo- 
cates for patient 
care" in a time 
when down-sizing, 
pressures to 
reduce costs and 
mergers greatly 
impact on issues 

such as the length of patient stays in 


Critical factors in the healthcare market- 
place are "lower salaries and insurance 
reimbursements," Dr. Rundio said. He 
noted that some seven million Ameri- 
cans have "no health insurance at all" 
and called upon "physicians, nurses and 
patients to reunite as advocates" for 
quality health care. Rundio is vice 
president for patient services at Shore 
Memorial Hospital, in Somers Point, N.J. 

Fiancis J. Ryan, 
'69, an associ- 
ate professor of 
education at 
La Salle, discussed 
challenges to the 
teaching profession. 
He said today's 
educational market- 
place calls for 
professional stan- 
dards with a "student-centered ap- 
proach" to teaching that takes into 
account "different learning styles." 

Dr. Ryan suggested some public critics 
question whether unions "foster or 
impede professionalism." Some feel 
teachers are focused more on money 
than service. He referred to movements 

advocating reforms in education 
and said professionals are revisit- 
ing "what is in and what is out in 
a diverse society. " 

Ortliopedic surgeon J. Michael 
Whitaker, '72, of Doylestown, 
Pa., described living in daily life 
as "a way 
we find 
out who 
we really 
are." He 
said the 


"Professionalism is a way of behaving 
that reflects human dignity," Dr. 
Whitaker explained while crediting 
mentors and teachers for "dedication 
in helping me form where I am 
going." He described vocation for 
him as a "calling. I believe we are all 
called to some- 
thing and that 
much of what 
we are, what we 
value, comes 
from listening to 
a voice inside." 

Dr. Michael J. 
Kerlin, '66, 
professor of 
served as coordinator of the sympo- 
sium and introduced the panelists. 





V 1 




L ■ 

Michael Keriin 


Dr. Lynne A. Texter ( right), shown discussing a project with 
Laura Galbraith, a junior from San Jose, Calif., is the 
university's 1995-96 recipient of the Christian R. and Mar\' F. 
Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. An associate 
professor, Dr. Texter is the assistant chair of the imiversitA's 
Communication Department and co-author of Aclranced 
Inteipersoual Comniiiiiicati'on. 

SUMMER 1996 






Remember \A'lien \oli were an undergraduate and you 
were anxious to know what work in your chosen field 
would REALLY be like? Wouldn't it have been reassuring 
if someone had been \\illing to spend some time with 
you and tell you what life after college was like? Well, 
today's students have the same questions and appre- 
hensions! And the Alumni/ae Mentoring Program, 
under Career Planning's Explorer Network, offers you 
the chance to help today's juniors and seniors learn 
about their chosen fields and benefit from your 

As an Alumni/ae Mentor, you will help a 
La Salle upperclassman prepare for his or her 
career. Using a variety of techniques such as 
"mock" job interviews, business lunches or office 
visits, your regular contacts with a young Ex- 
plorer will facilitate a smooth transition from the 
classroom to the world of work. 

In turn, based on their meaningful work with 
you, today's students v.ill become mentors in 
their own right — all to the good of La Salle! 


Alumni/ae can also help tomorrow's gradu- 
ates today by participating in their career 

planning and employment activities. These 


•The Explorer Alumni/ae Network which 
includes informational interviewing and 
networking through the World of Work 
Program. The W.O.W. program has been 
designed to bridge the gap between the 
classroom and the work world through 
on-site observations and informal 

•On-Campus Recruiting which allows 
seniors to meet with prospective 

employers and interview for full-time 


'M(x'k Interviews provide students with job interviewing experience and advice 
from experienced alumni. 

• Participation in the Internship Fair in the Fall and the Career Expo in the Spring. 
Both programs offer .students of all major fields of .study an opportunity to network 
with potential intern, co-op, summer, and full-time employers. 

• Providing literature for the Career Resource Center which contains information 
about potential employers, various career fields, and graduate and professional 

page 16 


George J. (Bud) Dotsey, '69 (center), director 
ofAlinuui. stands with his staff outside of 
Benilde Hall. They are (from left): Peg Duko, 
Jackie Carr, Eleanor Mulligan Kerwick, and 
Tim McXamara. 

Louis A. Lamorte.Jr.. director of Career 
Flan)iing. poses with his staff in the Adi)iinis- 
I ration Center (from left): Bernice Patton, 
Maria Elliot. Rita Bocchinfuso-Cohen. Janeen 
McGowin. and Genevieve Carlton. 

•Sponsoring Experiential Opportuni- 
ties that allow students to gain work 
experience related to their field of 
study. Academic credit can be earned 
by interning between 8 and 15 hours 
a \Aeek for a semester or co-oping 
full-time, on a paid-basis, for a 
period of 3 to 6 months. Either 
option gives a student the opportu- 
nity to gain valuable work experi- 
ence before graduation. 

• Summer Jobs Program gives under- 
classmen a unique opportunity to 
contact and submit their resumes to 
area employers for summer jobs. 

•Referral of full-time and part-time 
job opportunities which can be 
ad\ertised in Career Planning's job 
books and telephone jobline. 


Todays prospecti\e students come 
from farther afield than they e\-er 
have, and La Salle University's 
graduates now blanket every state in 
the union. When it comes to recruit- 
ing tomorrow's students, nothing is 
more effecti\e than the personal 

By x'olunteering to work with the 
counselors in the Office of Admission 
and Financial Aid, you can join a 
team with an increasinqlv more 

important role in the 
future of La Salle. By 
personal letters, phone 
calls, or visits, you will 
contribute directly to the 
recruitment of diverse and 
freshman classes. 

After a short training 
session Vs'ith the Admis- 
sion staff, you will be 
qualified to serve in the 
La Salle Explorer Alumni/ 
ae RecRiiting Network. 
You can volunteer your time and 
talents in one c:)r more of the following 

• Represent La Salle at your local high 
school "College Fairs," answering 
questions for prospective students and 

• Host receptions or social events for 
local high school students and their 

•Contact prospective students by 
phone or letter to communicate with 
them about La Salle and encourage 
them to attend the university. 

• Attend a La Salle Open House, talk 
with the prospects and their parents. 

• Refer new prospects to the Admission 

Members of the Office of 
Admission a)jd Financial 
Aid standing outside the 
Administration Center 
include (on the steps from 
left to right): Michael 
Payne, Colleen 
McDermott, Maryhelen 
Driscoll. Jayme Marcus. 
Tiff a ny Alo i, Becky 
Walenta, Jennifer Service. 
Rich Baringer Raul Fonts. 
Fdivard Haiper Kris 
Lowe. Brian Williams. 
Noel Sullivan, Melissa 
McGinley. and Jean Ken: 
(Standing from far left to 
right): Rob Schickling, 
Anna Allen, and Christo- 
pher P. Lydon. director of 
Admission and Financial 

SUMMER 1996 

page 17 


a 5a I 

La dalle's First ''BUSCA'' Graduate 
Hopes To Encourage Hispanic Students 


adeline Torres remembers the 
day in 1993 her future plans 

abruptly changed. 

She decided to take part in a program 
for Edison High School seniors led by 
La Salle University's Dr. Leonard 
Brownstein, then professor of Span- 
ish and director of La Salle's Bilingual 
Undergraduate Studies for Collegiate 
Advancement Program (BUSCA). 

"Before learning of that program, I 
had been planning to go back to 
Puerto Rico for college study," she 
recalls. Torres, a North Philadelphia 
resident ^ho dreams today of becom- 
ing a teacher of Spanish, didn't think 
she was fluent enough in English to 
excel at college study in the United 
States. Her family had only moved 
here from Puerto Rico in 1990. 

"Dr. Brownstein convinced me that 
day that La Salle University had a new 
curriculum for students like me," 
Torres says. "A program to help me 
adapt my language skills so I could 
succeed in my college studies." 

In May, Torres became the 
curriculum's first graduate. 'W^hen it 
began in 1993, the program had about 

20 participants. Today it has more 
than 50. 

L'nder the acronym BU'SCA, the 
Spanish word for quest, the curricu- 
lum offers an associate degree 
program taught mostly in Spanish. 
It's aimed at Latinos whose English- 
speaking language skills might 
otherwise bar them from getting a 
college education in America. 

The program offers such courses as 
history^ religion, philosophy, and 
fine arts to Latino students in their 
native tongue and other courses in 
English as a second language to 
help students prepare themselves 
for mainstream university study 
later on. It offers 20 courses in all 
— 12 in Spanish and four in English 
covering liberal arts subjects. Four 
other subjects have an English as a 
second language basis — all lead- 
ing to an associate's degree in 
liberal arts. 

Believed to be the first of its kind in 
the Philadelphia area — and one of a 
few in the nation, the BLISCA 
Program is offered afternoons and 
evenings at La Salle under the 
direction of Dr. James Devine. Dn 
Brownstein retired last year. 

Torres isn't taking much time out to 
celebrate her graduation. She's 
working toward a B.A. in Spanish- 
Education as well as a certificate in 
education with a concentration in 
Spanish in order to become a 
bilingual teacher in a North Phila- 
delphia public school. She spends 
much of her time with Edison High 
School teens in need of bilingual 
education as a teacher's assistant in 
the Americorps program. 

"I want to make a real difference 
with today's students," she says. "I'm 
concerned that so many of them are 
dropping out of school or into drugs, 
involved in violence. I can't say 
enough about what La Salle has done 
for me. 'Whenever I had a problem. 
Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Devine or some- 
one on the University's staff was 
there for me. Now I really feel ready 
to complete my studies and make a 
difference in my community." 

Through BUSCA, La Salle has been 
trying to target people with special 
needs in the neighborhoods sur- 
rounding the university. According to 
the Census Bureau, the Hispanic 
population in the Philadelphia region 
— an area from "VC'llmington to 
Trenton — increased 52 percent 
during the 1980s, from 147,902 in 
1980 to 225,868 in 1990. 

Many Hispanic immigrant families 
hail from professional backgrounds 
and hold professional ambitions as is 
the case \\ith Madeline Torres. "But 
they'\e been stymied because of the 
challenges of pursuing a university 
education due to their limited profi- 
ciency in English," Dr. Devine says. 
"BUSCA provides a climate and a 
program in which the learning of 
subject content and the mastering of 
English take place simultaneously." 

La Salle's Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, described 
the BUSCA Program as "absolutely 
integral to our mission as a univer- 
sity. Throughout our 130-year history, 
we have been there for people who 
often are not on the center .stage of 
American life." 

page 18 


Cardiologist Joseph Majdon Receives 
1 7th Annual Roland Holroyd Avs^ard 

Dr. Joseph F. Majdaii 
receii 'es Holro] 'd A u rini 
from Dr. William J. 
Markmann '70. 

Joseph F. Majdan, M.D., FACP, 71, 
clinical assistant professor of 
medicine and a cardiologist at 
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 
in Philadelphia, received the 1996 
Holroyd Award at the 17th annual 
Holroyd Lecture sponsored by 
La Salle's School of Aits and Sciences 
and the university's Health Professions 
Alumni Association on March 29. 

Dr. Majdan, who has become known 
over the years as "Cardinal Krol's 
physician," was chosen for the award 
because of his "unswei'ving dedica- 
tion" to his work and the professional 
model he represents to La Salle 
students. The award is named for 
Professor Roland Holroyd, who 
taught biology to more than 5,000 
students at La Salle during a 50-year 
teaching career. Dr. Holroyd died in 
1985. The university's Science Center 
is named in his honor. 

In accepting the award, Dr. Majdan, 
who teaches medicine at Jefferson, 
told the La Salle audience of several 
hundred medical professionals, 
teachers, staff and La Salle friends 
that his fondest memories of La Salle 
included those of Professor Holroyd. 
whom he described as "a noble, 

compassionate, caring and taie 
teacher. He ignited my passion for 

Dr. Majdan said he regrets "the 
growing deemphasis on teaching" in 
medicine. He said increasing patient 
loads make the emphasis on teaching 
for some "an afterthought and a 
burden." He said he yearns for his 
teaching profession to re-emphasize 
"bedside practice" rather than being 
preoccupied with what he described 
as "solely the business of medicine." 

The growing computerization of 
medical education with its emphasis 
on "analyses and characterizations," 
he said, leads to a depersonalization 
that 'Jeaves little time for students. 
Students are not like plants. They are 
individual human souls." 

He also decried a "deistic tendency" 
in the medical profession that has 
come from a "grov^ing mastery over 
the physical challenges." These 
actions create serious moral conse- 
tjuences, which he said are not being 
addressed in medical schools by 
making use of Judeo-Christian 

Dr. Majdan referred to 1972 remarks 
by Philadelphia's late Cardinal John 
Krol in which the Cardinal had 
suggested that "many are convinced 
that our schools cannot be morally 
neutral" and that "subjective convic- 
tion is not a criterion for truth." 

" Morality," Dr. Majdan said, "de- 
pends on the will of God, not men. " 

Dr. Majdan, a resident of New Hope. 
Pa., holds the Lindback Foundation 
Award for distinguished teaching, 
the 1986 Jefferson Medical College 
Class Portrait, five medical residents' 
outstanding teacher awards from 
Jefferson, and an American Heart 
Association Teacher of the Year 

This year's Holroyd Lecture featured 
a panel discussion on "The Direction 
of Health Care Management and 
Education into the 21,st Century." 
Presenters included George D. 
Lundberg, M.D., editor of TAMA, the 
Journal of the American Medical 
Association; "William N. Kelley, M.D., 
chief executive officer for the 
University of Pennsylvania Medical 
Center and Health System, and 
Donald Kaye, M.D., president and 
chief executive officer of the Medical 
College of Pennsylvania and 
Hahnemann Uni\'ersit\' Hospital 
System. ^h 

SUMMER 1996 

page 19 

President of Philadelphia Stock 

Exchange Receives Leadership 

Avs^ard at Annual Charter Dinner 

Nicholas A. Giordano, '65, 
president and chief executive 
officer of the Philadelphia Stock 
Exchange, received La Salle"s fourth 
annual Leadership Award at the 
Charter Dinner celebrating the 133rd 
anniversary' of the university on 
March 30 at The Union League of 

Giordano, who is also vice-chairman 
of the university's Board of Trustees, 
was honored for his "outstanding 
leadership in the corporate, civic, 
and go\'ernment communities that 
shape the quality of life in this 
region,"' according to Brother Presi- 
dent Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., 
'68, who presented the award. 

Thomas N. Pappas, '70, managing 
principal and senior \ice president 
of Johnson and Higgins; and Charles 
J. Reilly, '62, president and chief 
executive officer. Reilly Foam 
Corporation, were co-chairs of the 
black-tie dinner attended by 308 
guests. Music was provided by the 
David Ellis Orchestra. 

The Charter Dinner celebrates the 
founding of La Salle College on 
March 20. 1863 and pays tribute to 

Brother Charles E. Gresh. 
F.S.C., the university's director 
of development, chats with the 
1995 Leadership Award 
recipient. William J. Aver}'. 
chairman and CEO of Crown 
Cork & Seal Company, at the 
ChaHer Dinner 

the generations of Christian Brothers, 
laypersons, and clergy whose dedica- 
tion has made La Salle the prominent 
institution that it is today. Gross 
receipts from the event amounted to 
$142,450. Partial scholarships will be 
awarded in Giordano's name to four 
freshmen enrolling this September. 
The balance of the proceeds will be 
utilized to enhance the universit\-'s 
general scholarship fund. 

'While expressing "sincere personal 
appreciation " for the award, 
Giordano praised the hundreds of 
La Salle graduates who grew up in 
the neighborhoods of Philadelphia 
and worked their way through 
college before becoming successful 
doctors, attorneys, accountants, 
teachers, or other professionals. 

"These men and women had much in 
common," Giordano explained. 
"They were not scholarship kids. 
They were not jocks of great note. 
But they were hard-working commut- 
ers, both at school and at their jobs 
after school which helped defray the 
cost of the education that their 
parents could not afford. 

"They were smart enough and lucky 
enough to have their start at 20th and 
Olney. And to take advantage of that 
opportunity after graduation to 
succeed without compromise to the 
principles instilled in us by the 
Christian Brothers." 

Explaining how La Salle has changed 
over the years, Giordano added that 
the days of the '50s and '60s are 
different from the '90s. "'What is not 
different, however, is the need for 
opportunity. The need to have 
La Salle Uni\'ersity within the reach 
of today's neighborhood kids, whose 
parents face the same financial 
struggles as our parents." 

Describing La Salle University as a 
"treasure of the Philadelphia region." 
Giordano emphasized that such a 
valuable asset must be protected to 
guarantee the same educational 
opportunirv' for the students of the 
21st century. 

"This community treasure must 
continue to be a magnet for those 
neighborhood kids. Like us, they 
come to La Salle with hope in their 
hearts and curiosity in their eyes. 
And like us, they leave La Salle 
prepared for life's next steps and 
confident of their future. 

"Although the challenges today for 
La Salle are greater, so too is our 
brainpower and our resolve. 'We must 
not be afraid to ask the tough ques- 
tions and to employ our most cre- 
ative thinking. The new Philadel- 
phians of the 20th centun,- must help 
to insure that the journey through 
20th and Olney continues to be a 
viable road for the next generation of 
new Philadelphians." 

page 20 



Giordano, a certified public accountant, 
joined the Philadelphia Stock Exchange 
in 1971 as controller of the exchange 
and its subsidiary, Stock Clearing Corpo- 
ration of Philadelphia. He was appointed 
vice president of exchange operations in 
1971, senior vice president in 1975, and 
executive vice president in 1976. He 
assumed his present position in 1981 
when he was also named chairman of 
the Board of the Stock Clearing Corpora- 
tion and the exchange's other subsidiary, 
Philadelphia Depository Trust Company. 

Giordano is also a member of the 
Boards of The Options Clearing Corpora- 
tion, Independence Blue Cross, Greater 
Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition, 
National Italian American Foundation, 
Police Athletic League of Philadelphia, 
GPF Partnership for Economic Develop- 
ment, and Greater Philadelphia Chamber 
of Commerce. He is also chairman of the 
Board of Mount St. Joseph Academy. 

A resident of Blue Bell, Pa., Giordano 
and his wife, Joanne, are parents of 
three children — t^'o daughters and a 
son, all born the same day. 

Fehcia Gordon Appointed 
Director of the Annual Fund 

Felicia H. Gordon has been 
appointed director of 
La Salle's Annual Fund, it was 
announced by Dr. Fred J. Foley, 
Jr., the university's vice president 
for development. 

Gordon, who has served as 
assistant director of development 
since 1995, succeeds John J. 
Meko, Jr., '90, who held the 
position since 1993- He is now 
the director of the Annual Fund 
at Ursinus College. 

As director of the Annual Fund, 
Gordon will plan, coordinate, 
and implement the fund-raising 
program for the university's 
alumni, parents, and friends. 

A Philadelphia native, Gordon 
has been employed in the 
Archdiocese of Philadelphia's 
BLOCS (Business Leadership 

Organized for Catholic Schools) 
program. She established 
development programs at 
Philadelphia's Little Flower and 
Norristown's Kennedy-Kenrick 
Catholic High Schools. 

Previously, Gordon was a 
development officer at Drexel 
University and Spring Garden 
College. She earned bachelor's 
and MBA degrees from the 
University of Scranton. 

Chaircouple Named for Parents' Association 

Michael and Regina Creedon, of Maple Glen, Pa., have been named 
chaircouple for the university's Parents' Association for 1996-97. They 
succeed Bill and Marie Jones, who served as chaircouple since 1994. 

Michael is a member of the law firm, Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, 
Coleman and Goggin, in Philadelphia. Regina, along with her family, is 
the owner of Ventresca Travel, Inc., in Hatboro, Pa. Their son. Michael, 
Jr., '98, is a political science major at La Salle. Their daughter, Julie, is a 
senior at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. 

Regina and I hope to continue the growth trend of the Parents' Associa- 
tion that was spurred on by the Joneses," said Creedon. "We feel that it is 
a great way to be involved in our son's education and help the uni\'ersir^- 
to prosper and grow. 

"We have seen the \alue of the LaSallian philosophy and the Christian 
Brothers' tradition in Michael's personal growth and in his lo\e for the 
university. We want to help in any ■^■ay we can in making this possible 
for others." 

SUMMER 1996 

page 21 


La Salle University's 

Fifteenth Annual 

Tax and Financial 

Planning Seminar 



• Asset Accunnulation 

• Selection of Life Insurance Products 

• Investnnent Opportunities 

• Financing Children's Education 

• Structuring a Savings Plan 

• Planning for Retirement 

• Estate and Financial Planning 

• Personal Tax Planning 


Saturday. October 26. 1996, 8:15 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. 

La Salle Union Building 

Registration Fee: $35 per person / $50 for two 

La Salle University awards Continuing Education Units (CEU's) to participants. For 
accountants, La Salle University is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of 
Accounting to av/ard continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. 

For additional information and an invitation: Contact 
the La Salle Development Office by telephone at 
215-951-1881 or by e-mail, ( 


page 22 


Reunion 96 

Hundreds of members of anniversary classes from '41 to '91 returned 
to campus for a host of memorable activities on May 17-19. 

The Alumni Convocation in tiie Dan Rodden Theatre honored the Golden Anniversary Class of '4(1 
and Silver Anniversary Class of VT Paul Salvo, M.D., '46 (left), receives one of the commemorative 
medals from Brother President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68. Class gift presentations, such as 
the one offered by J. Christman Kennedy, '66 (right), were made by all Reunion Classes. 

The Reunion Liturgy was cel- 
ebrated by the Rev. Kenneth P. 
Hallahan (second from right), a 
lecturer in the university's Reli- 
gion Department. Readers were 
Jo.seph T. Mack, '46 (left), William 
T. Walker, '71 (second from left), 
and Dr. Joseph F. Flubacher, '3^. 
the chairman of the Golden 

Dr. Joseph A. Kane, '56 (right). 
La Salle's provost, reminisces at 
Reunion '96 with university 
trustees Leon E. Ellerson, '56 (left) 
and Dr. Henr)' G. De Vincent, '56 
(second from right), and Joseph 
H. Cloran, '61, president of the 
Alumni Association. 

SUMMER 1996 

page 23 

alumni notes 



Chester!. Cyzio, Esq., 

attended a special Senior Bar 
Conference in San Francisco 
as a representative of tfie 
Pennsylvania Bar Association. 
He will represent the American 
Bar Association at the Interna- 
tional Bar Convention, in Berlin, 
Germany, in September. 


Thomas J. Mazza retired from 
United Technologies Corpora- 
tion as a section manager for 


Anthony A. DiPrimio recently 

celebrated 20 years of teaching 

at Temple University. Dr. 

DiPrimio also teaches at West 

Chester University and Beaver 



Patrick F. Kennedy retired 
from RCA-General Electric 
after 34 years with RCA 
(bought by G.E.) and finally 
G.E. Charles J. Reinhardt 
and wife, Marge, were honored 
to be included in a private 
audience with Pope John Paul 


Thomas W. McGrath recently 
retired after 32 years with the 
Federal Government. 


Thomas A. Gannon, treasurer 
and controller of Reading (Pa.) 
Eagle Company, has an- 
nounced his retirement after 
three decades with the 
newspaper company. 


William Dale Sokel is a senior 
sales engineer with Mettler- 
Toledo Scale Corporation. He 
was elected a member of the 
Springfield (Montgomery 
County, Pa.) Township School 
Board/Park & Recreation 


John L. Seubert has been 
named "Knight of the Year" by 
the Knights of Columbus St. 
Mary's Council 6202, Our Lady 
Star of the Sea for 1995. 


Michael E. Miskel and wife, 
Jan, are now both retired from 
the Federal Government. 



Stephen J. Adams, Jr., 

assistant airport director- 
operations and facilities for 
Manchester Airport in New 
Hampshire, has recently been 
elected president of the 
Northeast Chapter-American 
Association of Airport Execu- 
tives (NEC-AAAE). AAAE is an 
international professional 
development organization for 
individuals in the airport 
management field. 


Donald Miller has retired from 
the U.S. Naval Reserve after 22 
years of service. 


Charles DeChristopher, Jr. is 

a national account executive 
with Dun & Bradstreet in New 
York. Rosemary A. Gallagher, 
CRA, is the director of domestic 
accounting for the Bank of 
Boston, in Massachusetts. 
Mark S. Kruger, M.D., is 
chairman of the Department of 
Emergency Medicine at Florida 
Hospital and has been residing 
in the Orlando area for 12 
years. Joseph P. Maher 
recently completed course work 
toward an MBA in finance from 
Saint Joseph's University. He 
was nominated for the Thomas 
Carpenter Award for leadership 
in the insurance industry and 
the community in 1996. 
BIRTH: to Charles 
DeChristopher, Jr., and his 
wife, Virginia, their third child, a 
daughter, Gina. 


MARRIAGE: Mitchell E. Katz 

to Karen M. Smith. 


John D. Rossi, III, CRA, has 

been appointed to serve on the 
Tax, Managerial, and Govern- 
ment Accounting and Reporting 
Subcommittee of the American 
Institute of CPA's Board of 
Examiners for the CPA exam. 
He was also named chairman of 
the Speakers Bureau for the 
Lehigh Valley Chapter of the 
Pennsylvania Institute of CPA's. 


Salvatore Faia recently 
became a member in the 
Commercial Litigation Depart- 
ment of the Philadelphia-based 
law firm of Cozen and 
O'Connor. Mark J. Howard has 
been elected a vice president of 
Bank One, in Columbus, Ohio. 

BIRTH: to Sari A. Simon and 

her husband, Jeffrey A. Groh, a 
daughter, Olivia Erin. 


Kathleen Kelly Mancuso was 

promoted to senior account 
executive of AmerlData 
Consulting, an international 
computer consulting firm. 
Catherine Roarty-Healey is an 
underwriter at Amerihealth 
Insurance Company of New 

MARRIAGE: Ann Hennessy 
to Richard J. Boston. 
BIRTH: to Kathleen Kelly 
Mancuso and her husband, 
Matthew, their first child, a 
daughter, Meredith Kelly. 


BIRTH: to Daniel K. 
Fitzpatrick and his wife, Beth, 
their third child, a daughter, 
Olivia Marie. 


Frank Fitzpatrick is a sales 
representative for Graphic Data 
located in Burlington, N.J. 
Mary C. Waldron is the 
inventory manager for Sysco 
Food Services. She recently 
received an MBA from Philadel- 
phia College of Textile and 


Kevin M. Oleksiak, who Is 

employed by Rohm & Haas 
Company, has been transferred 
to a new sales territory outside 
of Cincinnati. Leslie 
Strobaugh Rudisill is currently 
working for Neiman Marcus, in 
King of Prussia, Pa., as a sales 


Jacqueline Bogle Fanelli is a 

page 24 


corporate internal auditor for 
Tandy Corporation, in Texas. 
John J. Meko, Jr., has been 
appointed director of tfie annual 
fund at Ursinus College, in 
Collegeville, Pa. 


Jennifer Nelson, an account 
manager for Trans Union 
Corporation in tfie Pfiiladelphia/ 
Delaware Division, was named a 
President's Award winner for 

BIRTH: to Courtney Altemus 
Hamilton and her husband, 
Rob, a daughter, Courtney 


Louis Anthony D'Ovidio has 

been authorized by the Certified 
Financial Planner Board of 
Standards to use the CFP 
designation. John J. Gable was 
promoted by Cannon Financial 
Services to corporate account 
executive for major accounts in 
Philadelphia, Delaware, and 
Southern New Jersey. 


Paul Bennett is the head coach 
of La Salle University's ice 
hockey team which had its 
seventh consecutive winning 
season. Stacey M. Slater 
recently passed her CPA exam 
and is currently employed with 
KPMG Peat Marwick. 

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Joseph 

(Wayne) Gavin was appointed 
battalion officer for an Army 
community of 15,000 people 
located close to the French and 
Luxembourg borders. 



Michael C. Rainone, Esq. was 

recently appointed as the 
presiding judge for the National 
Trial Competition in the new 
Criminal Justice Center 
Building, at the invitation of the 
leadership of the Philadelphia 
Bar Association. 



JohnT. Nolan spent two 
weeks touring Italy which 
included a Papal audience. 



Michael F. Avallone, D.O., of 

Philadelphia, was recently re- 
elected to serve on the Board 
of Trustees of the Pennsylvania 
Osteopathic Medical Associa- 
tion (POMA), a statewide 
organization for physicians 
holding the D.O. degree. 
Brother Timothy Dean, F.S.C., 


H^^B (Meunion''"' ^M 






alumni notes 

has been appointed assistant 
principal of Bishop Walsh High 
School, in Cumberland, Md. 


Brother Thomas Chadwick, 
F.S.C., has been appointed 
associate director of the 
Lasallian volunteers, a group of 
persons who are willing to 
commit one or two years in the 
worldwide Christian Brothers' 
apostolate. Alonzo M. Lewis 
was named Pennsylvania State 
Athletic Conference Eastern 
Division "Coach of the Year" 
after guiding Cheyney State 
University's men's basketball 
team to the conference playoffs. 


Brother Kevin Stanton, F.S.C., 

received the "Distinguished 
Lasallian Educator Award" at a 
ceremony in Chicago. He was 
recently appointed principal of 
Calvert Hall College High 
School, in Towson, Md. 


Gerald Lawrence has been 
named president of Autotote 
North American System which 
supplies wagering systems and 
satellite TV communications to 
racetracks and casinos. Hugh 
A. Strehle is scheduled to 
receive a master's degree in 
public administration and will be 
entering a Ph.D. program in 
political science at West Virginia 


Lawrence J. Maher has written 

and published Mulligans' 

Complete Golf Etiquette, a 

booklet for beginners and most 



James C. McBrearty, Ph.D., is 

the conference director for the 
University of Arizona's 31st 
Annual Labor-Management 



William J. Kesselring was 

appointed senior operations 
officer and managing director of 
Chase Securities Inc., a 
subsidiary of the Chase 
Manhattan Banking Corpora- 
tion in New York. 



John W. Becher, Jr., D.O., of 

Newtown Square, Pa., was 
recently chosen president-elect 
of the [Pennsylvania Osteo- 
pathic Medical Association 
(POMA), a statewide associa- 
tion for physicians who hold the 
D.O. degree. 


W. Richard Bukata, M.D., is 

president of the The Center for 
Medical Education, Inc., a 
medical publishing, continuing 
education and software 
development firm. Dr. Bukata 
and his wife, Diane, recently 
celebrated their 25th anniver- 
sary. Walter J. Plagens is a 
member of the Cursillo Move- 
ment in the diocese of Saint 

SUI\/1MER 1996 

page 25 





alumni notes 

Petersburg, Fla. He is a third 
degree member of the Knights 
of Columbus, Father Farrell 
Council #6476. Michael R. 
Tyler and wife, Hope, own the 
Wild Swan Inn, a Victorian bed 
and breakfast, located in 
Lewes, Del. 




Dr. George Corwell, director of 
education for the New Jersey 
Catholic Conference, received 
La Salle University's 1996 
Carolyn and Enwin vonAllmen 
Outstanding Adjunct Teaching 
Award for his work with 
undergraduates in the English 
Department. Warren W. Faulk, 
a partner with the Westmont, 
N.J., law firm of Brown & 
Connery, will be installed as the 
70th president of the Camden 
County Bar Association. 


William P. Aicher is a special 
agent with the Department of 
the Treasury, U.S. Secret 
Service, in Little Rock, Ark. 


Brother Charles Barbush. 

F.S.C., has been appointed 
principal of Hudson Catholic 
High School in Jersey City, 

Gabriel Blanco, chairman of 
the Language Department at 
La Salle College High School, 
received the university's 1996 
Carolyn and Erwin vonAllmen 
Outstanding Adjunct Teaching 
Award for his work with 
graduate students in the 
Bilingual/Bicultural program. 


Thomas J. Pierce received a 

prize for distinguished 

teaching at California State 

University, in San Bernardino, 



BIRTH: to Elizabeth 

Washofsky Mann and 

husband, Peter, a son, 
Michael Thomas. 


John F. Camp, M.D., in his 

first entry into competitive 
weight lifting, placed first in 
both individual and team 
competitions in the 1995 
Charlotte (N.C.) Reps 
Championships. Carlo J. 
DiMarco, D.O. of Drexel Hill, 
Pa., was recently elected to 
serve on the board of 
trustees of the Pennsylvania 
Osteopathic Medical Associa- 
tion (POMA), a statewide 
organization for physicians 
holding the DO. degree. 


Mary Ann Kerlin is a "Reading 
Recovery" specialist for the 
North Penn (Pa.) School 


Kathleen Molla received a 

master's degree in nursing 

administration from the 

University of California, San 



John J. Chapman is currently 
manager of corporate real 
estate for Bristol-Myers 
Squibb. James P. Scanlin is 
president and owner of The 
Wittmaier-Scanlin Funeral 
Home Ltd., in Chalfont, Pa. 

'77 Smith 

Warren J. Smith, a veteran of 
20 years in the rubber industry, 
has been named technical 

manager for the Molded and 
Extruded Parts Division of Pelmor 
Laboratories, Inc., a custom 
rubber products manufacturer, in 
Newtown, Pa. 

MARRIAGE: Mary Lou Fagan to 
Thomas A. Graham, III. 


Joseph M. Phillips, Ph.D., was 

promoted to professor of econom- 
ics, at Creighton University in 
Omaha, Neb. 


Patricia D'Annunzio is currently 
teaching Spanish at Roman 
Catholic High School, in Philadel- 


Kurt Kanaskie has been named 
men's basketball coach at Drake 
University, in Des Moines, Iowa. 
He coached for the past eight 
years at Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania after coaching three 
seasons at Lock Haven State 
University. He guided two of his 
teams to the Division II equivalent 
of the Final Four. 



Rev. Paul A. Castellani was 

ordained priest for the Archdio- 
cese of Philadelphia. He will serve 
as parochial vicar at Holy Inno- 
cents Church. Mary McGonigle 
Oleksiak is currently residing in 
IVIilford, Ohio with her husband, 
Kevin Oleksiak, ('89-BBA), and 
their three children. Eileen 
Matthews-Sitarski owns her own 
business named "Segue Video 

page 26 


alumni notes 

Productions." Her first client is 
a national television program 
called "Home Matters" on the 
Discovery Channel. 


Stan Snock was appointed a 
special agent with the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation. 



Rev. Joseph L. Coffey was 

ordained priest for the 
Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 
He will serve as parochial 
vicar at St. Katherine of Siena 
Church. Samuel G. Falcone 
was recently awarded an MBA 
degree from George Mason 
University. Joseph J. 
WIcGrenra was awarded 
second place by the National 
Contract Management 
Association for his paper on 
Streamlining Government 
Contracting in a competition to 
honor Contract Manager's 

BIRTH: to Patricia A. 
Serratore and her husband, 
Ken Gross, a daughter, Kayla 


Janice Moser Lupas is living 
in Germany, near Munich, with 
her husband, Andrei, and their 
three children. 

BIRTHS: to Robert J. Houk 
and Winifred M. Houk, ('87 
BA), their first child, a daugh- 
ter, Rebecca Rosemary; to 
LenoreTroyanosky Siegler 
and her husband, Ken, their 

first child, a daughter, 
Jacqueline Hana. 


BIRTH: to Irene Koszarek 
Konschnik and her husband, 
Joe, a son, Daniel. 


Michael P. Bradley is working 
toward his FAA certification in 
becoming a basic flight 
instructor for powered para- 
chute flying machines. 
Francis (Fess) Hertzog 
recorded an acoustic tape of 
original songs titled 
Humminglow-So Hum. 
Thomas F. Keenan was 
named manager, Internet 
Publishing Services, for Chilton 

MARRIAGE: Lisa RogalskI to 
Jeffrey Norris. 
BIRTH: to Francis (Fess) 
Hertzog and his wife, Victoria, 
a son, Oren Free. 


Kateryna Alexandra 
Rudnytzky received the 
University of North Carolina's 
campus-wide Students' 
Undergraduate Teaching 
Award for 1995-96 for "demon- 
strated excellence in teaching 
and dedication to the intellec- 
tual development of under- 
graduates." During the 
summer, she will be heading 
up an English Immersion 
program at Lviv Theological 
Academy, in western Ukraine. 
BIRTHS: to Kevin P. 
Gallagher and his wife, Jean, 
twins, Caroline Marie and 
James Patrick; to Debra Ricci 
Naso, ('95 MBA), and her 
husband, Michael, their first 
child, a daughter, Christa 
Michelle; to Patricia Santry 
Sauvageau and her husband, 

Paul Sauvageau, ('89 BA), a 

son, Xavier Joseph. 


Karen Cantello has joined 
KPMG Peat Marwick in confer- 
ence management in its Division 
of Marketing in Strategic 
Services. Cantello formerly 
worked at Showcase Associates, 
a Philadelphia-based meeting 
and event planning company, as 
a sales/service manager. 
Richard Van Fossen, Jr., is 
working in development at the 
world-renowned Curtis Institute 
of Music, in Philadelphia. 


Paul T. Connor is currently the 

chief medical resident at the 

University of Vermont. Dominic 

Venezia is a manager for 

Window Wizards, in New Castle, 


BIRTH: to PaulT. Sauvageau 

and his wife Patricia Santry 

Sauvageu, ('87 BA), a son, 

Xavier Joseph. 

Rev. James M. lannarella was 

ordained priest for the Archdio- 
cese of Philadelphia. He will 
serve as parochial vicar at St. 
Joseph's Church, in Aston, Pa. 
MARRIAGE: Kathleen A. Ryan 
to Kenneth Hackman. 


Margaret M. Haines is a special 

education teacher at 

Collingswood (N.J.) High School. 
Kevin Hennessy received a 
master's degree in public policy 
analysis from the University of 
Rochester and is now a presiden- 
tial management intern for the 
U.S. Department of Health and 
Human Services. Theresa C. 
McDonnell graduated from 
Delaware County Community 
College with a degree in nursing. 
She is now a patient care techni- 
cian at Lankenau Hospital, in 


Judy Schaffer is the division 
director of the Central Texas Area 
Chapter of the March of Dimes. 
Based in Temple and responsible 
for an area covering more than a 
two-hour drive in any direction, 
Judy has stepped up the pace of 
fund-raising this Spring to include 
a golf tournament, a benefit 
breakfast, and a WalkAmerica 
event. Denise E. Siwinski 
graduated from Hershey (Pa.) 
Medical School and will be a 
resident at West Trenton Hospital 
in Voorhees, N.J, Francis G. 
Steiner, III, has been promoted to 
the position of technical director at 

MARRIAGES: Margaret (Meg) 
Haines to Michael Joseph 
Cannon; Francis G. Steiner, III, 
to Kathleen Quinn. 


Kathleen M. Loughman was 

promoted to project director for 
the Center for Innovative Training 
and Education (CITE), a federally 

SUMMER 1996 

page 27 

' Good Things Don't \ 

Always Come in Pairs 


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family are enjoying each issue 
of LA SALLE Magazine. But if 
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alumni notes 


funded program in Berks 

County, Pa. 

MARRIAGE: Jean Gallagher 

to Matthew Domanski. 


Mark Andrew Carr received 
the 1995 Rookie of the Year 
Award as a realtor with 
Coldwell Banker Bob Yost Inc., 
in York, Pa. He also received 
the Bronze Achievement Award 
from the York County Associa- 
tion of Realtors for his accom- 
plishments in 1995. Gerry 
Colwell has been appointed 
financial aid advisor at Lincoln 
Technical Institute's Philadel- 
phia campus. Theresa M. 
PIsanI met her husband, 
Philippe Moniez, while in 
Switzerland as part of the 
La Salle-in-Europe program. 
They reside in Lyons, France 
where Theresa is a private tutor 
in English. 

MARRIAGE: Mario A. Fisher 
to James B. Vandergrift. 


Debra A. Fazio will celebrate 
her second anniversary with 
Trylon Communications as a 
media account executive. 
John Gavin is attending U.S. 
Naval Officer Candidate School 
in New England. Sean 
Hallisky is studying law at 
Notre Dame University after 
giving a year of community 
service in Alaska. Maribeth C. 
Inverse has been promoted to 
the position of publicist with 
Allied Advertising/Public 
Relations, in Philadelphia. She 
represented Allied's Philadel- 
phia Office at Disney's 
"Pocahontas-Premier in the 
Park" in New York City. Marci 
Pettay is studying law at The 
Catholic University of America, 
in Washington, D.C. David 

Spaulding is attending Naval 
Officer Candidate School, 
specializing in intelligence, in 
Pensacola, Fla. William Zapf 
received a fellowship for 
graduate studies in international 
politics at George Washington 


Jason F. DiJoseph recently 
completed basic training at the 
U.S. Marine Corps Recruit 
Depot, at Parris Island, S.C. 
Elizabeth Randall Hanson is a 
graduate assistant in Interna- 
tional Programs at Bridgewater 
(Mass.) State College. John A. 
Manion is teaching senior 
English at Archbishop 
Prendergast High School, in 
Drexel Hill, Pa., and is head 
track coach at Saint John 
Neumann High School, in 
Philadelphia. David Patton 
won a fellowship for graduate 
study at State University of New 
York at Stony Brook. Kristen 
Polovoy was awarded a 
fellowship from Notre Dame 
University Law School. Jenni- 
fer L. Rieder is working with 
Allstate Insurance Company in 
Fort Washington, Pa. Gene 
Walton was awarded a graduate 
teaching assistantship from 
Texas Christian University 



MARRIAGE: Kathleen Bunkey 
Woods ('90 BSN) to Edward 
Douglas Frame, V.M.D. 


Kathleen Klein Gable ('90 
BSN) was recently promoted to 
manager of the Cardiac Rehab 

Division of Graduate Hospital, 
in Philadelphia. 





Rev. Richard M. Delzingaro, 
CRSP, retired early from 
Council Rock High School, in 
Newtown, Bucks County Pa., 
after almost 30 years as an 
English teacher to pursue his 
vocation to the priesthood as a 
member of the Clerics Regular 
of St. Paul, also known as The 
Barnabites. He was ordained a 
priest on April 12, 1996, at the 
Barnabite's National Shrine 
Basilica of Our Lady of the 
Rosary of Fatima, in Lewiston, 
N.Y, where he is currently 


Joan M. Hinderliter is teach- 
ing handicapped children at the 
John G. Whittier School in 
Camden, N.J. 


Audrey J.Tucker is finishing 
pre-medical studies at Bryn 
Mawr College. 


E. Jane Ruane ('81 BA) is 

care manager for Friends 
Recovery Services at Friends 
Hospital in Philadelphia. 




New Assistant Director 
of Alumni 

Eleanor Mulligan Kerwick, '96, 
who has ser\'ed as data coordina- 
tor in the Alumni Office since 
1990, has been named assistant 
director of alumni. Mrs. Kerwick 
had pre\'iously worked in the 
accounting and health care fields. late Joe \'enleiir. '50. who ivou 
a gold medal in the 200 meter 
butterfly at the 1948 Olympics in 
London, was fondly remembered 
when his wife Mary Ellen and his 
sons. Kevin (left) and Sean, visited 
campus in May to dedicate a 
display highlighting his career. 
Verdeiu; who set 21 American and 
19 world records, died in 1991. The 
display was prepared by Brother 
Joseph Grahenstein. F.S.C.. '73. the 
university's archivist. 



Virginia IVI. Wagner Is an 

administrator for Speciality 
Health Services at Hunterdon 
Medical Center in Flemington, 


Rosemary L. Mazzarella was 

cited as a friend and contributor 
to the 1996 Annual Art Show 
sponsored by the Child Abuse 
Prevention Committee of 
Greater Philadelphia. She is 
also a sponsor for The Cedars 
Home for Children Foundation, 
Inc.. in Lincoln, Neb. 



IVIiclnael D. Flynn ('73 BS) is 

the controller for Market 
Development, Inc., in San 
Diego, Ca. 


Walter J.Welsh, vice president 
and region executive for the 
Philadelphia Main Line offices of 
PNC Bank, has been appointed 
to Immaculata College's 
President's Council. 


Arthur J. Hass, CPA, was 

promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, 
U.S. Army Reserve, member of 
the 358th Civil Affairs Brigade. 


Steven J. Coper was recently 
promoted to project executive 
for ISSC, a wholly-owned 
subsidiary of IBM. He is 
managing a ten year l/S 
outsourcing contract in north- 
western Indiana. Robert A. 
Katz was named a sports 
information supervisor by the 
Atlanta Committee for the 1996 
Olympics. He will be respon- 
sible for overseeing the Sports 
Information Desk at the Olympic 
Village and ensuring distribution 
of information, schedules and 
results to team officials within 
the Olympic Village. 


Jennifer A. May was recently 
appointed personnel manager 
for an owner/operator of several 
McDonald's restaurants. 
BIRTH: to Karen Kaiser 
Woodring ('90 BA) and her 
husband, Kenneth, their first 
child, a son, Kenneth Joseph. 


Eric H. Molowitz ('85 BA) has 

been inducted into the National 
Honor Society for Collegiate 
Graduate Schools of Business 
(Beta Gamma Sigma). 

Dr. Robert J. Courtney, '41, shown here with last year's 
recipient. Philadelphia Mayor Edward G. Rendell, was 
honored, himself on May 17 at the 1996 Courtney 
Lecture in recognition of his distinguished career as 
professor and chairman of La Salle's Political Scioice 
Department. He retired in 1992. 




Marcel Sussman 

Benjamin S. Vassallo 



Mark S. Knox 

John E. Margraff 



Dennis J. McCarthy 

Thomas C. Gheen, Jr. 

History Department 

Raymond J. Pentzell 


Robert T. Bradley 

Joseph M. O'Brien 


Brother David Baginski, F.S.C. 

Carl A. Von Hake 



Joseph Fricker 

Edward T. Byrnes 


William E. Mignoni 

G. Fred lehle 


Edward F. Doyle 


Thomas J. McGinley, Sr. 


Francis J. Golden, Jr. 


Edward James Yoa 


William F. Hegarty 

SUMMER 1996 

page 29 

alumni notes 


Chicago Area Alumni Reception August 5 

Explorers Day at the Bay 

Sea Isle Yacht Club August 18 

Young Alumni Party 

Princeton Inn, Avalon, NJ August 24 

Alumni Association Board of 

Directors Meeting September 1 1 


Virginia Reception September 27 

Parents' Weekend October 11-13 

Hall of Athletes Awards 

Dinner October 1 1 

Bernard A. Bradley Class 

of '35 Alumni Run October 12 

Annual Awards Dinner November 15 




If your mailing address will change in the next 2 - 3 months, 
or if the issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no 
longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please 
help us keep our mailing addresses up-to-date by: 

1 PRINT your full name, class year and new address on the 
form below, and 

2 Attach the label from the back cover of this issue and mail 
to the Alumni Office, La Salle University, Philadelphia, 
PA 19141. 



Class Year 



State Zip Code 

I Phone Nurti. ,; (include area code) i 

annual Accounting Awards Banquet on April 19 
were three recipients of the Michael A. DeAngelis 
Awairl for outstanding achievement in the profes- 
sion. Shown with Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke. 68 (left), and Dr John F. Reardon. 59 
(right), chairman of the Accounti)ig Department, 
are Dr. Sandra Tomkowicz. Esq., '82. a professor 
at West Chester Slate University: Peter Martosella, 
'60 (center), president of the Palmieri Company, 
and John Greed, '82, a partner i?? the New York 
office of Arthur Andersen & Co. 

Special Offer For Alumni 

The Custom Frame For Your La Salle Diploma 

Museum quality framinq, acid- 
free, triple matting in blue and 
gold with the La Salle crest 
embossed in gold. Available 
in traditional cherry-stained 
hardwood or contemporary 
metal. Sponsored by La Salle 
University Alumni Association. 

Add res 



Telephone (Day) (Night) 

Frame: Q Traditional Q Contemporary Qty:, 
Cost per frame: $79.95 -i- $9.50 (S & H) Total: $ 

Payment: Check or M.O. payable to University Framing Service. 
Visa/Mastercard # Exp. date 

University Framing Service 

Marcom Marketing, Inc. 

P.O. Box 742, Huntingdon Valley, PA 1 9006 


I UFS Guarantees Quality of Your Frame For One Full Year \ 
Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery via UPS 

page 30 



The Language of Business: ^^Passing It On" 

Harriet Garrett mentors young 
entrepreneurs (from left) 
Brendan Bell. Robert Helms, 
and Toussaint CuiniiUngs. 

Harriett Garrett, '81, was a 
young mother juggling child 
care, a job and a household 
wlien she decided to return to the 
college classroom during a particu- 
larly challenging time in her life. She 
was absolutely determined to 
graduate with a degree in communi- 

"I just loved La Salle and its campus," 
recalled Garrett, who is now the 
general manager of the Philadelphia 
Sunday Sun, a newspaper that targets 
African American readers in the 
Philadelphia and South Jersey area. 

"My La Salle experience woke me 
up," she explained. "It gave me an 
understanding of myself. But it was a 
difficult stniggle for me. I began as a 
continuing studies saident but de- 
cided to attend full time because I 
was determined to get through the 

Now, she's "passing it on," working as 
a volunteer to avv'aken teens from 
PhUadelphia to the oppoitunities 
business careers can offer in terms of 
making a future. She works with 
anotlier volunteer, Reginald Branham, 
to coordinate a Youth Entrepreneurial 
Development Program. 

This year's edition of the program, 
which lasted a number of months, 
initially involved 13 teens who 
worked with Gan^ett to set up a 
business and write a business plan. 
Four completed all of the program's 

'They learned all about the language 
and requii'ements of business," 
Garrett says. "Now they know about 
marketing and financial statements." 
The program received special ftmd- 
ing from a legislative initiative grant 
obtained through the office of State 
Rep. LeAnna Washington of tlie 
200th Legislative District. 

GaiTett says getting involved with this 
kind of program was critical for her. 

"I think everyone in society has a 
responsibility to save our children," 
she explained. "'We no longer ha\'e 
the kind of situation where holding a 
job for 25 years is guaranteed. I feel 
unless someone takes the initiative to 
teach our children the language of 
business at a critical early point in 
their li\'es, it just won't happen." 

Gan-ett says the teens, all of them 
African Atnerican, have been an 
inspiration to her. 

"As soon as I interviewed them, I 
could tell they were special, excep- 
tionally bright," she recalled. "You 
could tell it in the way they spoke, 
how they earned themselves." 

Garrett said that at the close of the 
program, when each teen verbally 
presented a plan he had created "I 
had tears in my eyes, I was so im- 

La Salle played a key part in the 
program. The teens attended a 
Saturday workshop on campus 
sponsored by the university's Small 
Business Development Center. 
Participants had their business plans 
reviewed and approved by the 

Garrett says getting involved in the 
community is natural for her. She has 
served as a block captain near her 
home in Mt. Airy and has volunteered 
for other youth programs. She has 
been politically active, seiving on the 
staffs of both former State Rep. 
Gordon Linton and former U.S. Rep. 
William Gray. 

At the Suit, she oversees the work of 
six full-time employees and 10 sub- 
contracted individuals. She also 
handles the paper's acK"ertising and 

Garrett's fondest memoiy of La Salle 
is Brother Gerr>' Molyneaux's film 
class. "It was a marvelous, special 
experience tliat's made a major 
difference for me," she said. "I've 
watched Citize)! Kane more times 
than I can remember." 

SUMMER 1996 

page 31 

chapter/dub notes 

Seniors Welcomed to Altintni Association 
at Inaugural Induction Ceremony 

Brother PrL'sicli'iit JdStph F Burke (second fntm right) 
receires his membership certificate from Joseph H. 
Clonal, president of the Alumni Association, as 
Brother Ed Sheehy (left) and Bud Dotsey. director 
of alumni, watch during the inaugural Alumni 
Induction Ceremon V- 

The Class of 1996 was formally welcomed into the Akimni 
Association on May 10 at the inaugural ALUMNI INDUC- 
TION CEREMONY in the Dan Rodden Theatre. Alumni 
Association President Joseph Cloran, '61, performed the 
induction at which graduates recei\ed their membership 
certificates and enjoyed a reception on the La Salle Union 
patio He was assisted by Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, Brothers Ed Sheehy, '68, and 
Chip Echelmeier, and yours truly, 

Congratulations to all graduates! 

First Young Alumni Spring 
Fling a Phenomenal Success 

The Yoimg Alumni CAuh hosted the first ever YOUNG 
ALUMNI SPRING FLING on April 13th at the Ri\er Deck 
Cafe in Philadelphia's popular Manayimk section. The party 
was a phenomenal success as nearly 500 young alums had 
a great time on the Banks of the scenic Manayunk Canal. 
Another first at the event was the invitation and attendance 
of members of La Salle's senior class in anticipation of their 
soon-to-be-realized alumni status. 

Young Alumni Beach Party on August 24 

Be sure to miuk your calendars for the eighth annual 
YOUNG ALUMNI BEACH PARTY to be held once again at 

the Princeton Inn, in A\alon, N.J., on Saturday, August 24. 

President Meets with Atlanta Chapter 

On April 15, Brother President Burke traveled .south 
to meet and greet members of the ATLANTA Chapter 
of the Alumni Association. The e\ent was organized 
by Ginger Krawiec, '78; Mike Heron, '66, and 
Barbara Spaulding, '76. A cocktail reception was 
held at the Time Out Sports Bar, owned and operated 
by Joe DiPrimio, '79. Not only did the numerous 
attendees network, socialize, and enjoy DiPrimio's 
complimentary Philly cheesesteaks, they also had the 
opportunity to learn firsthand from Brother Joe about 
the latest happenings at 20th and Olney. 

Explorations Plans Trip To Washington 
and Cruise Through Panama Canal 
EXPLORATIONS, the Tra\el Committee of the Alumni 
Associatit)n, will sponsor a bus trip tcj the Holocaust 
Museum, in Washington, D.C., on November 9. It will 
include a stop at the beautiful L'nion Station in the 
naticin's capital. 

On February 19, 1997, the committee will run an 11 
day cruise from Acapulco through the Panama Canal 
with stops in Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, Montage 
Bay, Jamaica, and Key 'West, Florida. 

Information and pricing for these trips can be ob- 
tained by calling the Alumni Office at (215) 951-1535. 

The committee sponsored a wonderfully-successful 
trip to Ireland from June 11-19. 

Explorer's Day at the Bay 
Slated for Sea Isle Yacht Club 

Watch your mailboxes for your invitation to the first 
annual EXPLORER'S DAY AT THE BAY! This event 
will be at the Yacht Club in Sea Isle City, N.J., on 
Sunday, August 18, from 2:00 to 7:00 P.M. A full 
buffet, DJ, dancing, and cash bar is all included at a 
cost of S15 (S20 at the door). You may fill out the 
form below to make an advance reservation. Please 
call the Alumni Office (215-951-1535) for additional 

— Bud Dotsey, '69 

Yes, I ^ould like to enjoy the Explorer's Day at the Bay! 


Class Year 

Street Address 

Phone [H] ( 


Please indicate if you: 

[ ] Are a South Jersey Shore homeowner 
[ ] Rent frequently in South Jersey 
[ ] Neither of the above but would like to be 
included in all South Jersey Shore 

Mail $15, payable to La Salle University, to: La Salle 
University Alumni Office, 1 900 West Olney Avenue, 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

page 32 


Br. Edward j. Sheehy, F.S.C., '69 
Associate Professor, History 

Like their founder, St. John 
Baptist de La Salle, the Brothers 
have committed their lives to 
education. The Christian 
Brothers' unwavering devotion, 
commitment and love for 
La Salle have been truly their 
hallmark since the University 
was founded in 1863- 


^i-Jj«5jH j 

Your support will continue 

this tradition. 

Renew your commitment 

to La Salle. 

The 1996-1997 Annual Fund Campaign 
is beginning now! 



Br. Francis Tri Van Nguyen, F.S.C. 
Associate Professor. Sociology 

La Salle University 
Annual Fund Office 
Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199 
Phone; (215) 951-1539 
FAX: (215)951-1542 

LA SALLE Magazine 
La Salle University 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

The Fourth Annual 
Leadership Award 

-I'^'Ci r-\/-i 

■-' -» PMIadelphia, PA 













r - 





JUN 2 6 1? 




Roll of 





Charles J. Reilly, '62 

President, Reilly Foam Corporation 


y/u' .S7, Fniiicis De Sales Scl>- 

;,; /'clMe 12 


The Presicieiil s Receptiun. Page 36 

The Unlikely 
olympian. Page 32 

Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61, Editor 

George J. (Bud) Dotsey. '69, Alumni Director 


Joseph H. Cloran, '61, President 

Nicholas I. Lisi, Esq., '62, Executive Vice President 

J. Patrick'O'Grady, '82, Vice President 

Robert L. Buck, '90, Treasurer 

Charles J. Quattrone. "'1. Secretary 

LA SALLE ( USPS 299-940) is published quarterly by 
La Salle University, 1900 W, Olney Avenue, 
Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199, for the alumni, 
students, faculty-, and friends of the L'niversiry. 
Editorial and business offices are located at La Salle 
University'. Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. 
Changes of address should be sent at least 30 days 
prior to publication of issue with which it is to take 
effect to the Alumni Office, La Salle L'niversiry, 1900 
W. Olney Avenue. Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199. 
POSTMA,STER: send change of address to office 
listed above. 

Member of the Council for the Ad\ancement and 
Support of Education (CASE). 


A prominent alumnus has foLind considerable 
success making little parts out of big parts. 


1995-96 was an exceptionally-successful year 
for the university's fund-raising program. 


A profile of Derek D. Bro-wn, La Salle's unlikely 
Olympic star, as 'well as the quarterly chronicle 
of some significant events in the lives of the 
university's graduates. 


Alnnuii ReiDuiin Weekend. '.97. Page 35 

DESIGN AND ILLUSTRA'nON: Blake+Barancik Design 
PHOTOGRAPm': Kellv & Massa 

Volume 40/ Number 4 LA SALLE Fall 1996 

Plajring The Parts 

Charles Reilly started his business in the family 

garage in 1972. Today he's one of the nation's 

largest distributors of flexible foams 



Charles Reilly inspects pieces 
of foam at company head- 
quarters in Conshohoci<en, Pa. 

By Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61 


ne thing about Charles Reilly. He's not afraid 
to take a chance! 

He also knows a little bit about marketing. 

Combine these traits with a few million Nerf balls 
and you're well on your way to building some highly- 
successful businesses in flexible foams, real estate, 
medical packaging, and cosmetic products. 

"I got lucky," recalls Charles J. Reilly, '62, the 
president and founder of Reilly Foam Corporation, 
who started his business in the garage of his twin 
house in Philadelphia's Roxborough section in 1972. 
Since then it has grown into one of the nation's 
largest fabricators, converters, and distributors of 
polyurethane and other flexible foams. 

Operating with 160 employees out of plants in 
suburban Philadelphia, Hartford, Conn., and Jupiter, 
Fla., Reilly's company takes foam manufactured by 
its suppliers and converts it into products ranging 
from air-conditioning filters and mop-heads to 
disposable pre-op scrubbers or EKG pads for the 
medical profession. Its filters were used to protect helicopter en- 
gines from the sand during military landings, and a rapidly-increas- 
ing variety of products such as eye-brow applicators and toe-nail 
separators are being marketed for the cosmetics industry. 

"We make little parts out of big parts." Reilly explained recently 
from his office at company headquarters in Conshohocken, Pa. 
"Most of what we do is a little bit upscale when it comes to the foam 
industry. I use the analogy that we're in the automobile business. We 
have the Rolls Royce, the BMW, and the Mercedes franchises. We 
also sell Fords and Chevrolets, but only if we get our price." 

FALL 1996 

page 1 

It was, in fact, Reilly's first decision to make a 
little part out of a big part back in the late 
1 960's that literally got the ball rolling for 
him. He was working at the time as East Coast 
sales manager for Foamade Industries, a 
Michigan-based foam distribution company. 

and got involved with the Parker Brothers 
I game people. Kicking around ideas one 

day. they developed the idea for the Nerf 


"It started out as an indoor game," Reilly 
recalls. "But when they put together the cost 
of the paddle, net, and table, they thought it 
was kind of pricey. They were getting ready 
to drop the idea when I suggested, 
'why don't we just go with the 
ball? Why don't we do a market 

Officials of Parker Brothers, a 
privately-held company at the 
time, weren't quite sure what a 
market survey was. "I suggested that 
we make up 100,000 Nerf balls, pick a geo- 
graphic area, and test-market them," says 
Reilly. "We did that and the response was 

So unbelievable, in fact, that Reilly's company 
soon found itself producing and packaging the 
new concept by working three shifts daily at 
its two plants seven days a week, and flying 
planeloads of Nerf balls. Super Nerf balls and 
Nerf footballs all over the country. In the first 
year, alone, they sold nine million products. 

When Reilly's sizable Nerf commission arrived 
each quarter, he would take the check, drive to 
Ocean City, N.J., and invest in another real 
estate property. This later evolved into the 
Reilly Real Estate Partnership, a family part- 
nership specializing in development in South 
Jersey and Florida. 

Reilly is also a general partner of Reilly-Mita 
Industries, a real estate partnership that 
purchases, renovates, develops, and rents 
industrial properties. His partner in this 
venture is F Paul Mita, Jr., '56. 

in 1989, Reilly co-founded Safeguard 
Biologicals. which specializes in medical 
packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. 
Bernard J. Dillon, Jr., '59, is president and 
CEO of the company which also purchases 
plasma from different hospitals, processes it 
and then sells it to pharmaceutical companies. 
They, in turn, break it down and use the 
various components for different medical 

"The plasma business is like the commodities 
business," says Reilly. "Prices fluctuate. 
Sometimes the market is up. Sometimes the 
market is down. When it's up. it's really good. 
When it's down, it's really bad. That's why we 
introduced a line of medical packaging items- 
vials and things of that nature. This part of 
the business is growing rapidly and doing 
extremely well. When the plasma business is 
down, the packaging is there to support it." 

The rapid grov\rth of another business- 
Cosmetics-prompted Reilly to start his fifth 
company. Kathleen's Cosmetics, named after 
his wife and oldest daughter, last April. "We 
do a tremendously large volume with the 
cosmetics industry," he explained. "Everything 
from powder puffs to fingernail polish re- 
mover. It's a big market and we hope to be a 
major player in it. We bought a lot of auto- 
matic equipment to give us a little productive 
advantage. We think we have the proper 
marketing strategy and the right products. 
The reception so far has been exceedingly 

page 2 




According to industry experts, Reiliy 
Foam is perliaps the most profitable, 
most feared, most aggressive com- 
pany of its l<ind. In fact, its growth 
rate was so phenomena! in the late 
1980s--approaching 50% at times-- 
that Reiliy took steps to slow the 
business down on a number of 
occasions before, as he says, it got out 
of control. "My philosophy was if 
we're bringing new business in the 
front door and losing old business out 
the back door, we're only kidding 
ourselves. We controlled our growth 
until we were able to bring in addi- 
tional machinery and personnel to 
accommodate everyone." 

Today Reiliy Foam is one of the half 
dozen or so "A" fabricators in the 
nation, so-designated because it is one 
of the few major distributors 
equipped to handle upscale, high-tech 
applications and higher-priced materi- 
als. "We leave the so-called commodity 
products to other distributors," Reiliy 
says. "We don't get involved with 
products like cushioning, bedding, and 
furniture because the profitability is 
not that exciting." 

Reiliy began his career at Scott Paper 
Company selling foam to fabricator 
convertors-" People just like Reiliy 
Foam," he recalls. He left the com- 
pany to go into the leasing business 
for a couple of years, then was 
offered a position heading up East 
Coast sales for Foamade Industries, 
one of his former customers at Scott 
Paper, when that distributor decided 
to expand. 

Three of Charles Reilly's children play key roles in 
the operation of the company. They are (standing, 
from left): Michelle, Joseph, and Brian. 

After the phenomenal Nerf Ball/Parker 
Brothers success, however, the 
Foamade people cut his commission in 
an attempt to keep his salary in line 
with other salesmen. Another com- 
mission cut followed in 1972 when 
they decided to abandon their Eastern 
operation and concentrate in the 

"That's when 1 left and went into 
competition with them," Reiliy recalls. 
"But I'm still very friendly with the 
owner. He once told me, 'We gambled 
that you wouldn't leave. We gambled 
that you were doing so well that we 
could play with your commission a 
little bit.' 1 said, 'Well you gambled 
and you lost.'" 

Reiliy operated out of the family 
garage for a while, then took over 
part of a building in Philadelphia's 
Manayunk section before moving to 
Conshohocken in 1983. The Hartford 

plant opened in 1981 and Florida has 
been in operation for almost two 

Three of Reilly's four children are 
working for their dad. Joseph, '88, is 
Reiliy Foam's national sales manager 
Michelle, a '91 graduate of Boston 
College and a CPA, came on board last 
year and handles the firm's accounting 
and financial affairs. Brian, '95, 
recently completed the company's 
sales training program. His other 
daughter, Kathleen, a Harvard MBA 
graduate-"and a very successful 
young lady," is a marketing executive 
with American Express. 

"It's nice to have the kids around," 
says Reiliy, who expects to turn the 
reigns over to them in the next few 
years. "It really energizes me. The 
boys are just a pleasure to be with 
and there's no doubt in my mind that 
they're going to be successful. And 

FALL 1996 

page 3 


Michelle has really made my life a lot 
easier by taking over a lot of the 
financial aspects. It's very comforting 
to knov\/ that the company is doing 
well and that the children are succeed- 
ing me. 

"To be honest with you, I feel like I've 
gotten a couple of more arms and a 
couple of more legs. I like to tell 
people that my job has changed from 
being the quarterback. I'm now the 

And what is the secret to Reilly's 

"I tell my children, and I would say the 
same to all young La Salle graduates, 
don't be afraid to take a chance,'" he 
says. "There is a tremendous differ- 
ence. I consider myself a risk-taker. 
I'm not a gambler I don't go to the 
race track. I don't play the numbers. 
People ask me why 1 don't go to the 
race track and I tell them it's because 
they won't let me ride the horse. 

"But I will take a chance on real estate 
investment. I will buy stock in a 
company that I think has potential 
growth. But I see so many bright 
people out there who are afraid. I 
don't say that you have to bet the 
whole farm all the time but take a 
chance once in a while. The rewards 
of being in business for yourself are 
very gratifying. I would encourage 
every young person to consider the 
option of being self-employed. 

whether it be a doctor, dentist, 
lawyer business entrepreneur or 

Reilly and his wife, Kathleen Marie, 
have been married for 32 years. They 
spend various parts of the year at 
their homes in Villanova, Ocean City, 
and Admiral's Cove, Florida. "I really 
enjoy being with my family but I don't 
recreate enough," he says. "My wife is 
constantly on my back to get out and 
play more golf but I tell her that I 
enjoy being at my desk. I like playing 
the stock market. I like investing in 
real estate. I consider those to be 
some of my hobbies. But I probably 
should develop more outside inter- 

Reilly, who grew up in southwest 
Philadelphia, served for two years 
with the U.S. Army 502nd Airborne. 
He worked his way through La Salle 
thanks to the Gl Bill and a full-time 
job at night as a bartender. He made 
the decision to commute to 20th and 
OIney after talking to his future 
brother-in-law, Lenny Fernandez, '53, 
who was then dating his oldest sister, 
Rita. "I was very impressed with him. 
He rowed on the crew team and was 
an outstanding guy," recalls Reilly, 
who was also familiar with the 
Christian Brothers and felt very 
comfortable with them. 

"I have great memories of La Saile and 
the people I met there," says Reilly 
who earned a bachelor's degree in 

accounting. "It wasjust a great 
experience. Unfortunately I did not 
have chance to participate in social 
activities because I only had two 
Saturday nights off in four years. 
But the friendships I made at La Salle 
are still the friendships that I enjoy 
the most today." 

These friendships have also helped to 
foster a life-long commitment of 
dedicated service to La Salle for Reilly, 
a member of the university's Board of 
Trustees since 1992. A major benefac- 
tor to La Saile, Reilly conceived the 
idea for the annual Charter Day 
Leadership Dinner four years ago. He 
shared the concept with Thomas N. 
Pappas, '70, the managing principal 
and senior vice president of Johnson 
& Higgins. The two of them have 
served as co-chairs of the event since 
its inception. Gross receipts from this 
year's dinner amounted to $142,450. 

"My dad taught me two things," Reilly 
recalls. "Number one, whatever you 
give to charity, you get back ten-fold. 
And I honestly believe that. He also 
told me that what you do for yourself 
goes to the grave with you. What you 
do for others lives on foreven 

"It'sjust a nice feeling that I'm in a 
position to be able to give back to 
La Salle. I'm a little disappointed that 
more people in the same position 
aren't a little more giving." 

page 4 


tlonor Roll of Donors 


All gifts and gra)its re- 
ported in the Honor Roll of 
Donors represent payments 
received by the University 
between July I, 1995 and 
June 30, 1996. Multi-year 
pledges and contributions 
received after July I. 1996 
will be published in subse- 
quent Honor Rolls as 
payments are received. 

Every effort has been made 
to ensure the accuracy of 
the donor list. Occasion- 
ally, a donor's name is 
inadveiiently misspelled or 
omitted. If by chance, an 
error has been made, 
please accept our apology 
and notify us of the mis- 
take at 215-951-1539. 

To ensure that your name 
appears in the 1997 Honor 
Roll of Donors, please use 
the inserted remittance 
envelope to send your gift 
to the University at your 
earliest coiuenience. 

Dear Friends: 

On behalf of eveiyone at La Salle. I should like to thank our many benefactors for 
their exceedingly generous support for the University during the 1995-96 fiscal year. 

.\s detailed in this Honor Roll of Donors, the past year was an exceptionally success- 
ful one for our fund-raising program, and we are all very grateful for the outpouring 
of support that made this achievement possible. 

Among the many highlights noted in the Honor Roll, the following are worthy of 
special mention: 

1. Total gifts and grants from all sources increased from $6,052,214 to $6,549,322. 
Fiscal years '95 and '96 have been the two best years in the history of our develop- 
ment program, with the sole exception of the years during which Mr. and Mrs. John 
F. Connelly and The Connelly Foundation were funding the construction of the 
Connelly Library. Since 1994, total gifts and grants have increased by more than 21%. 

2. Alumni and parent donors both achieved new record-setting highs as 7,433 
graduates and 1,044 parents contributed $1,829,259 and $100,293 respectively to 
La Salle. 

3. The fourth annual Charter Dinner/La Salle University Leadership Award Ceremony 
honored Mr. Nicholas A. Giordano '65, President of the Philadelphia Stock Ex- 
change, and raised more than $105,000 for the University's scholarship fund. 

4. Three major planned gifts were received during 1995-96, including $27,793 from 
the estate of Catherine E. Doran,'78, $82,112 from the estate of Francis R. O'Hara, 
Esq. ,'54, and $340,000 from the estate of Almira C. Bainbridge. Special thanks are 
due to Frank S. Blatcher '56 and Gerald P. Ginley, Esq. '54 for their efforts regarding 
the O'Hara and Bainbridge donations respectively. 

5. Total gifts, grants, and pledges to the capital campaign passed the $27 million 

Quite clearly, the past year has provided a solid foundation for the future. As we 
move forward, we ask those of you who have supported La Salle in the past to 
continue to do so, and, wherever possible, to increase your commitments to the 
University. Your assistance is critically needed as w'e strive to enhance financial aid 
so that the next generation can afford the cost of attending La Salle. At the same 
time, we ask those who have not yet participated in our development/annual fund 
campaigns to make every effort to do so this year. 'With your help. La Salle will 
continue to prosper and to provide the high calibre education that is the hallmark of 
the Christian Brothers. 

.Many thanks again to everyone whose generosity and support has contributed so 
significantly to La Salle's success. 

Sincerely yours. 

Joseph F Burke, RS.C, Ph.D. '68 

FALL 1996 

page -5 

THE CHARTER CLUB (*«.,oo,mo,.) 

Estate of Almira C. Bainbridge 
Estate of Catherine E. Doran 
Mr & Mrs Francis J. Dunlea\y 
Leon Ellerson 

Ragan A. Henry, Esq 

Estate of Francis R. O'Hara, Esq 

Leon J. Perelman 

David T. Poiesz 

Joseph Schmitz Taist 
John J. Shea 
Alan H. Silverstein 
Jav R. Stiefel 

THE UNIVERSITY CLUB ('""o ♦»«'-'") 

Joseph A. Coffey, Jr., Esq 

William J. McCormick, Jr. 

Thomas Curley 

Richard J. Prendergast 

Henr\- G. DeVincent, MD 

Charles I. Reillv 

J. Hugh Devlin 

Joseph P. Rhein 

William J. Henrich, Jr.. Esq 

Richard S. Rueda, Esq 

John Kapusnick 

William R. Sautter, CPA 

Kathleen Burns Kapusnick 

Frank Stanton 

Joseph P. Klock. Jr.. Esq 

Robert M. Vetrone 

Christopher F. Koch 

THE SAN MIGUEL CLUB («,«».o *,,»«) 

Kevin R. Alger 

Thomas J. Mahoney, CPA 

James F. Anthony, III 

Joseph G. Markmann, CPA 

Peter R. Bossow 

Dennis S. Mario, CPA 

Michael J. Brennan 

Peter A. Martosella, Jr. 

Joseph R. Buckley 

Robert N. Masucci 

George F. Butler 

Dennis M. Maziarz, MD 

Mr & iMrs Walter R. Cavanaugh 

Lawrence E. McAlee, Esq 

Joseph H. Cloran 

Gerald P. McBride 

William F. X. Coffey, MD 

F. Owen McKeaney 

J. Russell Cullen, Jr. 

Cedric J. McKeever 

Mr & Mrs Richard J. Donnelly 

James F. McManus 

Jeremias T. Dubyk, MD 

Margaret M. McManus, PhD 

Michael L. Duffy' 

John J. McNally, CPA 

Henry F. Eberhardt 

James D. McShea 

Estate of Joseph J. Eberle, Jr. 

Mary Lou Monihan 

David C. Eisenhart, Jr., CPA 

Richard M. Monihan, MD 

Joseph F. Elm 

Jacques J. Moore 

Eugene J. Ferr>' 

James F. MuUan 

xMarie E. Ferr>' 

Joseph C. Murphy, CPA 

John J. Gallagher, Esq 

Jerry A. Naessens, CPA 

Paul J. Gallagher 

Patrick J. O'Leary, CPA 

John P. GarrLson, III 

Jonathan J. Palmer 

Linda E. Geraci, MD 

Thomas N. Pappas 

Garrett J. Girvan 

Harry J. Pearce 

William" E. Herron, CPA 

John P. Fenders, Esq 

William S. Hough 

Stephen J. Rauscher 

Thomas S. Kilcheski, MD 

Mr & Mrs John H. Reilly, Jr. 

C. Gerard Kramer 

Thomas S. Rittenhouse 

Donald W. Kramer, Esq 

Anthony C. Santopolo, MD 

Gregory LeCerff 

Raymond F. Shea, Esq 

Thomas A. Leonard, CPA 

Edward J. Stemmler, MD 

George H. Levesque, Jr. 

Charles L. Storm 

James M. Lord 

James J. Timoney 

Joseph E. Luecke 

Leonard A. Ward 

Thomas J. Lynch 

Gerald M. Wilk 

Trevor P. Lynch, MD 

Ronald J. Young 

Br Joseph F. Mahon, ESC 

John D. Zook, CPA 

Joseph J. Mahon, Jr., Esq 


($5,000 to $9,999) 

John B. Beal 

CPT E. F. Bronson, USN, Ret 
John F. Carabello, DMD 
Mary & Rudolf Chope 
Vincent J. Ciavardini 
Joseph E. Crowne, Jr. 
Charles L. Daley 
John M. Daly, MD 
William P. Foley 
Joseph A. Gallagher 
Nicholas A. Giordano. CPA 
Michael J. Griffin 
James R. Guntle, Jr. 
Terence K. Heaney, Esq. 
Eileen M. Heck 
Thomas J. Hoskins 
Joseph T. Jones. Jr. 
John H. Kennedy, CPA 
C. Raymond Larkin, Jr. 
Walter P. Lomax, Jr.." MD 
James J. Lynch 
Kathleen Gordon Lynch 
William J. Magarity 
Joseph D. McNamara 
Frederick C. Mischler, Sr. 
Michael G. Mullen 
Mary Ann Baker Philbin 
Tobias R. Philbin, PhD 
Joseph R. Sadowski 
William V. Toner 
I. Michael Whitaker, MD 
Charles J. Wolf, III, MD 
Zane R. Wolf, PhD 


The Christian Brothers who serve as faculty, 
administrators and staff members contributed 
$151,833 to the University in fiscal 1996 for 
scholarship assistance. 

Br Hugh N. Albright, FSC 
Br Arthur J. Bangs. FSC 
Br .-Vndrew Hartley, FSC 
Br Daniel W. Burke, FSC 
Br Joseph F. Burke, FSC 
Br Miguel A. Campos, FSC 
Br Lawrence J. Colhocker, FSC 
Br J. Edward Davis, FSC 
Br Charles F. Echelmeier, FSC 
Br Gabriel A. Fagan, FSC 

Br E. Gerald Fitzgerald, FSC 
Br Joseph Grabenstein, FSC 
Br Charies E. Gresh. FSC 
Br William E. Hall, FSC 
BrJcsephJ. Keenan. FSC 
Br Emer\' C. MoUenhauer, FSC 
Br Gerard F. Molyneau.x. FSC 
Br Francis Tri V. Nguyen, FSC 
Br G. John Owens, FSC 
Br Edward J. Sheehy. FSC 

page 6 


THE PRESIDENT'S CLUB ($1,000 to $2,499) 

James J. Anderson 

William J. Flannery, Esq 

Kevin E. Madden. CPA 

Robert R. Plefka 

Mark D. Saldino 

George W. Fleetwood 

William E. Mahoney 

Frank V. Possinger 

Anthony P. Baratta, Esq 

David C. Fleming, Jr. 

Wendy R. Mailman, MD 

Charles J. Quattrone, Jr. 

David E. Beavers, Esq 

Thomas J. Flood 

Roger Marchetti 

Paul D. Rahter, MD 

G. Michael Bellenghi, CPA 

Joseph F. Flubacher, EdD 

John K. Mariani, DO 

Albert S. Randa. CPA 

Edie Ellinger Belzer 

Robert Folberg, MD 

Anthony M. Marino 

Joseph W. Rebl 

Norbert F. Belzer. PhD 

Fred J. Foley, Jr.. PhD 

William J. Markmann, MD 

Robert T. Reichman, MD 

Benjamin D. Bernstein 

Estate of Raymond E. Foran 

William H. Marshall 

Kathryn Bareis Ricci 

Vincent P. Berry 

Ludwig M. Frank, MD 

Robert A. Martone, CPA 

Raymond A. Ricci 

William J. Binkowski 

Bernard J. Freitag 

Anna Celenza McAleer 

Dr & Mrs Kari Rickels 

Thomas L. Bower, II 

Armond F. Gentile 

Michael J. McAleer, CPA 

Catherine Roarty-Healey 

Donald J. Brooks 

Colleen P. Gillespie, Esq 

Thomas N. McCarthy, PhD 

Camien V. Romeo 

James J. Broussard 

Gerald P. Ginley, Esq 

John L. McCloskey 

Dennis R. Rubisch 

Francis H. Bruce 

Anthony R. Giorgio. MD 

John R. McCloskey, MD 

Leo D. Rudnytzky, PhD 

Roger G. Bucs, MD 

John E. Glaser 

Joseph R. McDonald, Esq' 

William R. Sasso, Esq 

Mr & Mrs James D. Burke 

James M. Glasgow 

Gerald W. McEntee 

Paul J. Schneider, MD 

Thomas R. Burke 

Mr & Mrs Donald W. Goodwin, Sr. 

Mr & Mrs Joseph McEwen 

Lawrence D. Schuler 

Donald J. Burkhimer 

Kathleen R. Gomiley 

Joseph P. McFadden 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Seiler 

Vincent Butera, MD 

Lawrence A. Grabenstein 

Robert L. McGill 

Mr & Mrs Michael S. Shalbert 

Lawrence P. Byrnes, Esq 

WUliam F. Grauer, CPA 

Stephen L. McGonigle 

Barbara A. Sharkey 

Albert A. Cantello 

John R. Greed, CPA 

Mr & Mrs Michael P. McHugh 

James J. Sheehan 

Thomas Capizzi, PhD 

Robert E. Hanrahan, Jr. 

John F. Mclnemey, PhD 

Robert A. Shore, MD 

Barbara Gawinski Carberry 

Thomas B. Harper. III. Esq 

John V. Mclntyre. PhD 

Michael S. Slanina, MD 

David P. Carberry 

Martin A. Healey 

Laura K. McKenna 

Brian J. Smith, CPA 

Gerard J. Carpency, Esq 

James J. Heger, MD 

Michael J. McKenna 

Peter F. Smith 

Louis J. Casale, MD 

John J. Helwig,Jr., MD 

William J. McLaughlin 

Sr R. Patricia Smith, GNSH 

Nicholas G. Cavarocchi 

Ulrich Hiesinger 

William J. McMahon.Jr. 

Rosa Lee Smith 

Dan A. Chila, CPA 

Mary P. Higgins, Esq 

James P. McMenamin 

Joseph L. Spaar, MD 

Robert J. Christian 

Kenneth L. Hill 

John W. McMenamin 

JohnM. Stack. Jr., MD 

John L. ConneU, CPA 

Fred Himmelstein 

Joseph D. McMenamin, DO 

Charies E. Stahlecker 

Joseph J. Connelly, Jr. 

Peter A. Horty, CPA 

Francis J. McQuilkin 

George W. Stairiker 

Terence J. Connors, CPA 

Francis J. Howley 

James G. McSherry 

James P. Steinitz 

Joseph P. Conville, Jr. 

Philip E. Hughes. Jr.. Esq 

Theodore H. Mecke, Jr. 

Marie M. Steinitz 

Nonnan H. Coopersmith, MD 

Henry L. Hulbert 

James P. Meehan 

Scon E. Stickel. PhD 

Dominic J. Cotugno, EdD 

Walter J. Hynek 

Mario V. Mele 

Br J. Stephen Sullivan, FSC. STD 

Dawn Riley Courtney, Esq 

Teresa M. Jackson 

Lawrence J. Mellon, Jr., MD 

Bonnie Amos Sweeder 

John B. Cregan 

Mr & Mrs William J. Jones 

G. HaroldMetz, PhD 

John J. Sweeder, EdD 

Robert C. Crosson, Jr. 

Joseph A. Kane. PhD 

John B. Millard 

Dr & Mrs Ralph Tekel 

Donald F. Cunningham 

Paul E. Karis. .MD 

F. Paul Mita.Jr. 

Michael R. Thompson 

Joseph A. DAmato, CPA 

Thomas J. Kean, Jr. 

John E. Mitchell, CPA 

John J. Tighe, Jr. 

Albert W. Davis 

Joseph F. Keenan, Esq 

Cyrus Mohebbi, PhD 

Thomas F. Toomey, Jr., MD 

John P. Davis 

Maurice A. Kelley 

Robert A. Monastero 

Peter P. Tozer, Esq 

Susan Murphy Dearolf 

Donald M. Kelly 

Mr & Mrs William T. Moms 

Francis J. Trzuskowski, Esq 

Walter W. Dearolf. 10. MD 

Thomas A. Kelly 

John T. Mulholland 

Owen J. Tucker 

Donald J. DeGrazia, CPA 

John F. Kent, Esq 

James P. Murphy. Esq 

Ernest R. Varalli 

Peter M. DiBattiste, MD 

William J. Kesselring 

Donald A. Murray 

Edward J. Vasoli 

Donald C. Dill 

William J. King 

John E. Murray. Jr., Esq 

Raymond T. Vasoli 

Bernard J. Dillon. Jr. 

James M. Knepp 

Paul F. Naughton 

Paul E. Vignone 

Rev Thomas J. Donaghy. PhD 

Joseph D. Kovatch. PhD 

Anthony J. Nocella 

Erwin von Allmen 

Gloria A. Donnelly, PhD 

Bernard G. Krimm, PhD 

Frank J. Noonan 

Vincent P. Walls 

Dennis M. Dougherty 

Harry F. Kusick 

Thomas J. Noone 

Hon Peter J. Walsh 

Dr & Mrs Jack Dugan and Sons 

Anthony M. Landis. DO 

Helen North, PhD 

John E, Warga. Jr. 

Mary Lynn Hensler Ellis 

John Langan 

G. Dennis OBrien, PhD 

Milton A. Washington 

Paul S. Ellis, MD 

Vera Lashcliyk 

Jerome C. O'Connell, E,sq 

R. Bmce Wayne 

Br Gabriel A. Fagan, FSC, PhD 

Tliomas J. La\in, Jr. 

Patricia Dcmegan O'Connell 

Hon Diane McMonagle Welsh 

Richard L. Fagnani, CPA 

Mr & Mrs William M. Lee 

Timothy M. O'Connor 

Thomas J. Welsh 

John M. Falker, MD 

Margaret M. Lennon 

Timothy T. O'Toole, Esq 

Ernest L. "Wlialon 

James J. Faulk 

Eric P. Linn 

Joseph M. Owens, PhD 

John T. Williams. MD 

Samuel V. Filippine, Jr. 

John W. Logan 

Gerald T. Page 

William J. Wisniewski 

Peter J. Finnegan 

Fernando Lombardi, CPA 

Joseph J. Panchella, CPA 

Mr & Mrs Robert T. Wright 

Joan M. Fitzpatrick 

Mr & Mrs Antonio A. Lucas 

John J. Persia 

George J. Zimmerman 

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick, Jr 

Estate of Eleanor K. Lynch 

John M. Pettine 

Paulette Travers Zimmemian 

John F, Flannery 

Catherine Filemyr Madden, CPA 

Marjorie M. Pincus 

FALL 1996 




Alumni $1,479,724 

Bequests $ 451,405 

Business Matching Gifts $ 259,533 

Class of 1996 $ 500 

Friends $ 191,078 

Faculty/Staff $ 60,261 

Parents $ 89,743 

Unduplicated Subtotal $2,514,780 



$ 151,833 


Ragan Henry Broadcast Group LP 


VMark Software, Incorporated 

Bloomberg Financial Markets, Commodities, News 

ARCO Cfiemical Company 

Elliott-Lewis Corporation 

DuPont Company 

First Union Foundation 


Rofim and Haas Company 

Philadelphia Stock Exchange 

Budd Company 

Crown Cork and Seal Company, Incorporated 

Johnson and Johnson 

Major League Baseball 

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Incorporated 

Midlantic Bank, NA 

Independence Blue Cross 

Reilly Foam Corporation 

Spiegel, Incorporated 

Tasty Baking Company 

Rouse Company 

Meridian Asset Management 

PECO Energy Company 

Arthur Andersen, LLP 

Johnson & Higgins 

Millard Consulting Services, Inc. 

Dole Packaged Foods Company 

Genuardi's Supermarket 

Interstate Realty Management Company 

United Refrigeration, Incorporated 

Prime Bank 

Clemens Construction Company 

Nason and Cullen, Incorporated 

Paul L. Newman - Newman's Own 

Quaker Chemical Corporation 

Wilber National Bank 

CoreStates Bank, NA 

Philadelphia Food Trades Organization 

Advance Transportation Company, Incorporated 

Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank 

The Bryn Mawr Trust Company 

Coopers and Lybrand, L.L.P. 

The Options Clearing Corporation 

Price Waterhouse, LLP 

Reilly-Mita Partnership 

Safe-Guard Biologicals 

SEI Corporation 

United Valley Bank 

Bell Atlantic Large Business Services 

Cadwalader Wickersham and Taft 

Campbell Soup Company 

$ 196,150 
$ 83,765 


Coca-Cola, Incorporated 

Ocean City Home Savings and Loan 

Paone Woodworking Corporation 

Susquehanna Investment Group 

Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union 

Crest Savings Bank 

Young Windows, Incorporated 

Bloom Staloff Corporation 

IPC Information Systems, Incorporated 

Household International 

Saks Fifth Avenue 

Weiser Waiek Group, Incorporated 

Comcast Cable Communications 

BHC Securities, Incorporated 

Blair Mill Administrators 

M. Burtnick & Company 

Homer Associates, Incorporated 

Moss & Boris, PC 

Omnitech Consulting Group, Incorporated 

Printing Management Systems, Incorporated 

The Selzer Company 

Bentley Systems, Incorporated 

Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Incorporated 

Guggino Productions Limited 

Institutional Property Assets 

Mease & Associates, Incorporated 

New Light Electric, Incorporated 

Schuylkill Capital Management 

Space Design, Incorporated 

Tellefsen Consulting Group, Incorporated 

Towers Perrin Forster and Crosby 

Freeman Fine Arts of Philadelphia, Incorporated 


The French Riviera, Incorporated 

W. R. Grace and Company 

Mental Health Consultants, Incorporated 

D'Lario's Taste of Italy, Incorporated 

Evergreen Lumber Company, Incorporated 

Pilot Air Freight 

Corporate Networking, Incorporated 


The Annenberg Foundation 

William Penn Foundation 

Independence Foundation 

W. W. Smith Charitable Trust 

Urasenke Foundation 

James S. Kemper Foundation 

The Connelly Foundation 

Allegheny Health Education and Research 

Hero Scholarship Fund 
Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation 
Advanta Foundation 
J. Wood Piatt Caddie Scholarship Trust 
Foundation for Independent Colleges of 

Pennsylvania, Incorporated 
Samuel S. Pels Fund 
Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America, 

Clara Abbott Foundation 
Anna M. Vincent Trust 
Baker Foundation 

Frank Roswell Fuller Scholarship Fund 
Frank J. Keane Scholarship Fund 
Snayberger Foundation 
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation 
Merit Gasoline Foundation 
Scripps Howard Foundation 
UPS Foundation 


























































































page 8 


CBS Foundation 

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation 

IVIartin de Porres Foundation 

Eileen M. Heck Foundation 

Samuel A. Blank Scholarship Fund 

Ruth W. Hayre Scholarship Fund 

Winchester Foundation 

Betty Godley Memorial Fund 

Postles Scholarship Fund 

Wolf Memorial Foundation 

Cuno Foundation 

A. Leo and Edna Ricci Fund 

Essex Meadows Foundation 

John McShain Charities, Incorporated 

Philip E. Potter Foundation 

Van Wynen Trust 

Adolph D. Klarmann Memorial Scholarship 

William and Mary Benz Foundation 

Frank J. Bogle, Sr. Memorial Fund 

Judge Lois Forer Fund 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation 

William C. and Mabel D. Hunt Memorial 

Scholarship Trust 
Ann and Arthur Marciano Fund 
Newport Scholarship Fund 
Ross Family Fund 
Smith Scholarship Fund 

Benjamin and Fredora Wolf Memorial Foundation 
AON Foundation 
Trustmark Foundation 


Estate of Almira C. Bainbridge 

Estate of Francis R. O'Hara, Esq. 

Estate of Catherine E. Doran 

Joseph Schmitz, Jr. Testamentary Trust 

School District of Philadelphia 

University of Pennsylvania 

United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania 

Police Athletic League Fund 

Teamsters Local 830 

Parents' Association 

Steamfitters Local 420 

La Salle University Alumni Association 

Estate of Joseph J. Eberle, Jr. 

Philadelphia Area Computer Society 

Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoads 

North Catholic Alumni Association Scholarship 

Union League of Philadelphia 

Diocese of Harrisburg 

Stradley, Ronon, Stevens and Young 

Chemical Club of Philadelphia 

Ocean City Colony Club 

La Salle University Health Professions Alumni 

Synod of the Trinity 

American Federation of State, County and 

Municipal Employees 
Boilermakers Local 13 
Estate of Eleanor K. Lynch 
Pennsylvania Campus Compact 
Kiwanis Club of Cape Coral, Florida 
Schnader, Harrison, Segal and Lewis 
ABWA, Ephrata Chapter 
Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition 
Ancient Order of Hibernians 
Philadelphia Paint and Coatings Association 
Delaware Valley Chapter, NAIOP 
Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce 
National Association of Aluminum Distributors 





























































$ 689,522 


























Society of Mayflower Descendants 

Summit Chapter, Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame 

Teamsters Local 1 1 

Women's Club of Lawncrest 

West Catholic Alumni Association Scholarship 

Cape Coral Women's Club 

ABWA, Francis Scott Key 

American Legion Auxiliary 

Association of Municipal Assessors 

Wildwood Independent Business Community 

Elkins Park Rotary Club 
Kiwanis Club of Toms River 
Lions Club Northeast 

Polish National Alliance of the United States 
Quarter Century Club 
Stratford-Lindenwold Rotary Club 
United Food/Commercial Workers 
Whiteville Central Alumni 
ESOP Association 

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce 
Wilmington High School Alumnae Association 
Knights of Columbus, Philadelphia Chapter 
Fairfax Crew Association 












$ 619,045 




Department of Education, Institutional 

Assistance Grant 
Department of Education, Act 101 Program 
Department of Education, Act 143, Adult 

Literacy Program 
Department of Commerce 
Department of Education, Institutional 

Equipment Grant Program 
Department of Education, Section 322, Adult 

Basic Education Program 
Department of Education, Summer Intensive 

Language Program 


Department of Housing and Urban Development, 

Special Projects Program 
National Science Foundation, Interactive 
Mathematics Program (San Francisco State 

University Foundation, Inc.) 
Department of Health and Human Services, 

Special Projects Program 
Department of Education, Interest Subsidy 
Department of Health and Human Services, 

Professional Nurse Traineeship Program 
Small Business Administration, Small Business 

Development Center Program (University of 

Corporation for National and Community Service 
Department of Energy, Pre-Freshman Enrichment 




$ 72,760 
$ 62,551 

$ 55,242 
$ 51,905 

$ 1 1 ,604 

$ 7,500 


S 750,408 
$ 202,360 

$ 115,707 

$ 115,025 
$ 64,960 

$ 62,015 

$ 34,340 
$ 8,983 





FALL 1996 



James J. Ahem. Jr. 
James B. Albrecht. .MU 
Stephen J. Andriole, PhD 
John J. Angelo. MD 
Mr & Mrs Thomas M. Aposlolik 
Dr & .Mrs Albert F. Argenziano 
Beverly A. Bacon 
William .M. Barbour 
William J. Barn,-, MD 
George H. Benz. Jr., MD 
William L. Berr>' 
Paul F. Betz, PhD 
Stanley J. Birch, Jr. 
Edward J. 
Eileen .M. Bonner. MD 
Robert E. Bonner, MD 
Lawrence T. Bowman, Esq 
Timothy C. Boyle, CPA 
Yvonne Vito Boyle 
Gregory O. Baice 
Edward J. Buchanan 
W. Richard Bukata. MD 
Martin J. Bukowski, MD 
MG William F. Bums, USA, Ret 
Charles J. Cabrey 
Gerald J. CahiU 
Marie M. Campbell 
John T. Capecci, CP.\ 
Louis C. Cappiella 
Francis J. Carlin. Jr. 
Gilbert C. Carroll, MD 
James F. Casey, Jr. 
Vincent J. Catanese, MD 
William F. Chapman, Jr. 
A. J. Chialastri, DDS 
Fiarry T. Chugani, MD 
William J. Collins, Jr. 
Michael E. Connaughton, PhD 
Mary Sheehy Connolly 
John J. Convey, PhD 
Steven J. Coper 
MAJ Marco Coppola, DO 
Dr & Mrs Chalmers E. Cornelius 
Paul R. Cosenza 
Robert M. Costello 
Denis B. Cummings 
Walter M. Czamota 
Joseph D'Aulerio, Jr. 
Ann M. D Innocenzo 
James A. Dalton, PhD 
William J. Daly, MD 
Joseph T. Danzi, MD 
Gerald T. Davis 
Ira S. Davis 
John J. Deady, CPA 
Francis P. Degnan 
James W. Degnan, PhD 
Francis E. Dehel, Esq 
Anastasia M. Dehner 
John J. Dennehy, MD 
James F. Dever 
Joseph V. DiCecco, PhD 
J. Barrs' Dickin.son 
Catherine M. Dougherty 
Michael F. Doyle 
Francis T. Duffy 
Dr & .Mrs R. Lawrence Dunworth 
Richard L. Du.szak.Jr., MD 
Thomas J. Dvorak 
Peter J. DwTer. Sr. 

David P. Efroymson. PhD 
Mr & Mrs Bertil C. Engh 
Joseph M. Evancich 
George T. Evans 
Thomas L. Evans, PhD 
Thomas W. Fairbrother 
Kevin O. Faley, Esq 
Mr & Mrs William M. Farrell 
Joseph A. Pick, Jr. 
James W. Finegan 
Peter J. Finley, EdD 
Mr & Mrs James L, Flickinger 
Joseph P. Flynn, Jr. 
Agnes M. Foley 
Edgar R. Fraunfelter 
John J. French 
William J. Friel, Jr. 
Curtis E. Fromal 
William B. Fynes, Sr. 
James J, Gallagher, Sr. 
John M. Gallagher 
John P. Gallagher 
Paul J. Gallagher 
Vincent A. Gallagher 
John J. Gariano 
Mr & Mrs John A. Gaudinski 
Joseph C. George, PhD 
Dr & Mrs William B. Glenn 
Mr & Mrs Francis C. Goerke 
Blair H. Gould 
David E. Greed, CPA 
John L. Gregorio 
James A. Gross, PhD 
John E. Guiniven 
Mark J. Guttmann, PhD 
Raymond F. Hagen, Sr. 
John J. Haggerty, Jr. 
Rev Kenneth P. Hallahan 
Charles A. J. Halpin, Jr., JD 
Catherine M. Harper, Esq 
John W, Harran 
Daniel P, Heenan 
Patricia O. Heenan 
W. Joseph Hetherington. Esq 
John Higgins 
Richard L. Hill, Esq 
Philip T, Hintze 
COL Gerald T. Hipp, USA 
Robert A. Hirsh, MD 
Thomas J. Hoban 
Joseph F. Hohenleitner 
Mr & Mrs Laurence M. Holbert 
Joseph D. Holston, Jr., Esq 
Matthew R. Hooper, Esq 
William C, Howrie. Jr., MD 
J. Robert Huck 
John C. Incarvito, Jr., MD 
Norman A. Jason, Jr. 
Paul G. Jennings 
Simon B. John, Esq 
Francis W. Judge 
Felix M. Kadel 
James A. Kazmerskie 
Richard F. Keevey 
Christopher T. Kelly 
James M. Kelly, PhD 
Paul J. Kelly, III, CPA 
James J. Kenyon 
Stephen M. Kerwick, Esq 
Peter L Kiernan 

John D. Kiggins 
Catherine King 
Thomas J. Kirscli 
Vincent R. Kling, PhD 
Mark R. Klingensmith, MD 
Richard C. Kovvalchuk 
Richard E. Kreipe, MD 
Paul D. Kruper, Esq 
Maryellen T. Kueny 
Raymond F. Kurian 
John D. Leahy 
Joseph F. Lepo, Jr. 
Donald L. Levick, MD 
Philip J. Lucia 
Edwin J. Lutz 
Robert W. Lynch 
William F. Lynn, Jr. 
Denise D'Antonio Malecki 
David P. Malone 
Pasquale C. Marchese 
Brian J. Martin 
William V. Martinez, MD 
Frank J. Mauer, Jr. 
Joseph P. McCaffery 
Thomas J. McCann 
Dennis J. McCarthy 
Gerald J. McConeghy, Esq 
John P. McDermott 
Michael P. McDugall 
Francis T. McGettigan, CPA 
Daniel E. McGonigle 
Peter M. McGonigle, Esq 
James F. McGowan, Jr. 
John J. McGrath 
Francis B. McHugh 
Paul W. Mcllvaine, MD 
Michael E. McLoone 
Mr & Mrs Joseph J, McMahon, Sr, 
Thomas A. McManus 
Daniel J. McMonagle, Sr. 
George J. Mecherly, PhD 
Alan J. Meltzer, MD 
Mr cS; Mrs Robert J. Merenda 
Harry J. Metzinger, CPA 
David C. Miller, MD 
Robert T. Moran 
James V. Morris 
Terry R. Moulder 
Mr &. Mrs Paul H. .Mullan 
Daniel R. Mullin 
Thomas J, Murphy, CLU 
Steven J. Napiecek 
James J. Newell 
John J. O'Hara.Jr., MD 
Robert F. Onraet 
Richard J. Papirio 
Elizabeth A. Paulin, PhD 
John S. Penny, PhD 
Gary T. Petrauski, MD 
James H. Pickering, Jr., Esq 
George E. Pierce, Jr., Esq 
I. David Pincus, Esq 
John W. Quinlan, Sr., CPA 
Louis M. Rakszawski 
Donald J, Reape 
Dorothy C. Reilly 
Ellen E. Reilly 
Charles J. Reynolds 
Joseph M. Ridgway 
William H. Rogers 

Donald J. Rongione 
Tht)nias C. Rosica 
Richard A. Rothwell. Jr., DOS 
David S, Rudenstein, Esq 
Peter J. Ryerson 
John J. Sabia 
Joseph A. Saioni 
Dennis L. Salvagio, Esq 
Gregory F. Schank 
Eric O. Scheffler 
Eric R. Scheftler 
John L. Schmidt 
Kathleen E. Schrader 
Paul M. Schugsta, Jr. 
Raymond L. Schutzman 
Ann E. Seiberlich 
William C. Seiberlich. Jr. 
Elmer J, Shamwell 
Lewis S. Sharps, MD 
William B. J. Siegfried 
William M. Siegle 
John F. Slanga 
Kathleen M. Slomski 
Thomas C. Smith 
William E. Smith 
Robert G. Sneath, Jr. 

Kathr^ne McGrath Speaker, EdD 
Mark D. Speaker, Esq 
Da\id J. Spinglcr 
Anthony D. Sproule 
Arthur C. Stanley 
D. Scott .Steelman, II 
Edward A. Stefanski 
James J. Straine 
Leon R. Stratoti 
Frank L Strocen, Jr. 
Karia M. Sztukowski 
Judith A. Taylor 
Stanley J. Travis, Jr., DO 
Barbara Guthrie Trovato, PhD 
Benjamin Tumolo 
William J. Ulhl, Esq 
Robert E. Useller 
Anthony F. Verlezza 
LTC John E. Wall 
Hon Joseph T. Walsh 
Frank J. Widmann 
Robert Wilczynski 
Joseph E. Wreen, PhD 
John G. Younglove, Esq 
Edward J. Zajac, PhD 
Thomas A. Zelante, Esq 
Henrv A. Zekanis 

Thomas N. Pappas. '70 (left), and Charles J. 
Reilly, '62, serred as co-chairs of the 
iDiiversity's fourth annual Charter Dinner/ 
Leadership Award Ceremony on March 30 
at Tlw f'lu'on f.eai>ue of Philadelphia. 


Gregg M. Argenziano '94 
Louis J. Bonder '42 
George J. Bucs 
Howard & Ruth Chase 
Robert J. Chesco '63 
Rudolf E. Chope 
Harvey Coffman 
Br Damian Connelly, FSC 
Jeffrey T. Cox '95 
Rev P. F. Cronin 
Prof Michael A. DeAngelis 
Br Claude Demitras, FSC '53 
Anna H. & Harry J, Donaghy 
Br lohn P. Dondero, FSC '45 
Paul R. Doran, PhD & 

Catherine E. Doran '78 
Michael A. Dugan "61 
William A. Felte, Jr. '50 
Robert J. Fitzgerald '70 
Raymond E. Foran '76 
Richard A. Funchion '56 
Br Vincent Grimes, FSC 
Charles V. Hardish 
loann Hamil 

Anthony F. Heck '51 

Roland Holroyd, PhD 

Dr Jo.seph Kelly 

Prof Richard E. Lautz 

Don G. & Richard F. Lull 

Daniel J. Lynch '78 

Christine A. Mazurek '85 

Thomas J. McFIynn, Sr. '63 

diaries (Chip) McKeaney '90 

Br leremy McNamara, F.SC 

Wiiliam F. Miller. Sr. '58 

M. O'Connell 

Thomas V. O'Malley '59 

John J. Prendergast '74 

Catherine Presko 

Br .\ugusline Roberts. FSC '52 

Sr Mary Ellen M. Schu '94 

Gerard M. Shannon, Jr. '76 

Blanche Smith 

Hugh T. Smith '52 

Marcel S. Sussnian. MD '32 

Paul Thibault '93 

lohn H. Veen '59 

Hon Thomas A. White '50 

page 10 


THE UGO DONINI CLUB ($250 to $499) 

Ramzie A. Abdinasser 
Louis A. Alekna 
Daniel J. Allan, Esq 
Robert P. Argentine. Jr.. MD 
Joseph Y. Ashman, Jr. 
Joseph A. Atkins 
Augustine C. Au, DDS 
John L. Austin 
Henry A. Backe, Sr. 
James R. Bacon 
Daniel J. Ball. Ill 
George A. Barbetto, CPA 
Roger A. Bard 
Joseph P. Barron 
Richard F. Barr>', III 
Andrew G, Bean, PhD 
John Beckno, Jr. 
Robert L. Bendorovich. Jr. 
Frederick J. Bernhardt 
William A. Biermann, MD 
Robert J. Blester, MD 
Adolph P. Birkenberger 
Harry R. Bittner 
Gabriel J. Blanco 
John F. Blee 
Thomas A. Bochinski, Jr. 
Joseph G. Boland 
Michael F. Bonner, CPA 
Mr & Mrs Lawrence J. Bonora 
Charies W. Booker 
Regina A. Boothman 
Susan C. Borkowski, PhD 
Carl J. Bowden 
Thomas J. Boyce. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Howard L. Brailman 
Leslie L. Branda 
Robert J. Bray, Jr., Esq 
Rev Robert H. Breen 
Philip J. Brennan 
Robert P. Brennan 
Joseph V. Brogan, PhD 
Thomas C. Brogan, PhD 
Edward J. Brown 
John T. Browne, Jr. 
Theresa Bruno 
William F. Bryan, III 
William D. Bucci 
Edward M. Buchanan 
Scott E. Budinsky 
Paul J. Burgoyne, Esq 
Charles E. Burke 
Mr & Mrs Robert W. Burkitt 
Horace G. Butler, MD 
Frank P. Buzydlowski, Esq 
John I. Cahill 
John J. Cahill 
John J. Callan 
Mr & Mrs Charles F. Calvanese 
Joseph H. Campbell, Jr. 
James J. Canavan 
Pascal R. Canavo 
Andrew J. Candelore, DO 
Mr & Mrs Nicholas Caramenico 
Francis J. Carbo, DDS 
Frederick L, Cardinal! 
Lawrence F. Carroll 

Stephen P. Carter 
Anthony J. Catanzaro 
Mary Ann Stephany 
Catanzaro, CPA 
Edward J. Cermack 
William T. Chain, Jr., MD 
Powell S. Channell 
William H. Chappeil 
Dennis J. Christofor 
Anthony J. Clark, Jr. 
Dewey P. Clark 
James J. Clarke, PhD 
Leo W. Clayboss, Jr. 
Richard J, Clifford 
Sharon L. Cody 
Dennis J. Collins 
Terence P. Collins 
Bruce C. Compton 
Francis X. Conaty 
Lawrence F. Conlin, Jr., DDS 
Joseph P. Coogan 
CPT Vincent E. Cooke, USN, Ret 
Mr & Mrs Francis J. Coppola, Jr. 
Philip S. Cosentino, Esq 
Charles V. Cosgrove 
George N. Costantino, MD 
Michael C. Coughlin 
Edward J. Coyle 
Kevin P. Coyle 
Robert J. Coyle 
Gary L. Crawford 
Mr & Mrs Michael P. Creedon. Sr. 
Dennis W. Cronin, MD 
Walter F. Cro,ssley 
Edward W. Cummings, Jr 
James F. Curran 
Lawrence F. Curran 
Maria Tucker Cusick 
Chester T. Cyzio, Esq 
J. Sandor Cziraky, PhD 
Roseanne M. D'Alessandro 
John P. D'Amato 
Mario N. D'Aulerio 
Brian P. Damiani 
Jeffrey I. Damsker, MD 
Frederick J. Daniels 
Robert P. Davine 
Alan E. Davis, CPA 
M. Alicia Davis 
Anthony M. DeAngelis 
Mr & Mrs Peter R. DeFlavia 
Margaret Flanagan DeLorenzo MD 
Roben T. Deck, PhD 
Joseph W. Delgross 
Mark Delowery, DO 
Michael J. Dempsey 
Stuart Z. Dershaw, MD 
Mr & Mrs G. Steven Detwiler 
William C. Deut-sch 
Charles J. Devine 
Edward H. Devine 
.Michael A. DiFato 
Nicholas A. DiFranco 
Richard A. DiSammartino 
Donna Tait Diaz, MD 
William E. Dietrich, Jr., PhD 

Mark Dodel, RN 
Edward G, Dolton, Jr 
Jennifer Donohue 
Scott M, Dorfner, DO 
Jo.seph F. Dougherty, MD 
Thomas F. Dudley 
Joseph J. Duffy 
Charles P. Dugan, Esq 
Joanne Bechta Dugan, PhD 
Kevin M Duggan 
Bruce R. Dych 
James P. Edwards 
Rebecca A. Efroymson, PhD 
John J. Egan, Jr. 
Mary A. Ehrlichman 
Paul D. Ehrlichman 
Catherine A Eichenlaub 
William J. Einwechter 
Robert J. Eisler 
Helen Galster Elliott 
John H. Engel 
W. Joseph Engler, Jr., Esq 
Carole Rothong Erlandson. MD 
Stephen E. Ertz 
Brian S. Ettinger, Esq 
Joseph V. Evangelist 
Joy Faber, Esq 
David Falcione 
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey A. Fanning 
Alfred G, Farina, Jr. 
Donna Ruzicka Farrell, DO 
Francis A. Farrell, Jr. 
Samuel J. Farruggio. Jr. 
Warren W. Faulk, Esq 
Joseph J. Fayer 
Richard A. Feeney, III 
Thomas J. Feerick, Esq 
Bernard M. Feldman, MD 
J. Alan Femer, MD 
Cynthia Bonatucci Fisher, MD 
P. W. J. Fisher 
.Michael D. Flanagan, MD 
J. Christopher Flavin 
William F. Flooks, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Joseph C, Fluehr. Jr. 
John S. Follet, MD 
Lawrence A. Forrest 
Joseph H. Foster. Esq 
Robert J. Foster 
Robert G. Eraser, Esq 
Raymond C. Freisheim 
Robert G. Fryling, Esq 
Kathleen Klein Gable 
Alice Seiberlich Gaibler 
Richard C. Gaibler, DO 
Stephen P. Gallagher 
Anthony F. Gallelli 
John C. Gallo 
Francis P. Gannon 
Cecile McCarthy Gantert 
Joseph J. Ganz, Esq 
Edwin J. Garcia 
John J Gardiner 
Mr & Mrs Daniel Gaudin 
Robert E. Gerhardt, MD 
William Gershanick, DDS 

Daniel A. Giannini 
Victor A. Giardini 
James J. Gibbons 
Jeffrey F. Gibbons, Esq 
John J. Gibbons 
Ralph E. Gilmore, Jr., OD 
Hon Francis X. Gindhart 
Michael J. Ginieczki, MD 
Anthony M. Giordano, Jr., MD 
Joseph C. Glatfelter 
Richard Goedkoop, PhD 
Richard S. Golaszewski 
Mr & Mrs Albert D. Goldhammer 
Stanley F. Gora, Jr. 
Charles F. Gordon 
Richard J. Gorski 
Michael D. Grace 
Edward J Grady 
Cari W. Graf, CPA 
John P. Graham, CPA 
Joyce M. Gray 
Robert L. Green, DO 
Lenora Spina Griffin 
Mark D. Grimm 
Bernard Grossman, MD 
Joseph X. Grosso, MD 
Louis S. Grosso, PhD 
Henry G. Gruber 
Hazel B. Grun 
Philip J. Grutzmacher 
Alfred M. Guaraldo 
Joseph Guaraldo 
Philip J. Guglielmi 
Denise M. Guiniven 
James K. Gulick, Jr. 
John C. Gyza 
Joseph P. Halpin 
Mr & Mrs Steven E. Haluszka, Sr, 
Eugene J. Hamburger, MD 
Joseph L. Hartley 
Joseph E. Hanlon 
Elmer F. Hansen, III 
Michele Katkocin Harbison 
Kyle N Hardner 
Louise P. Harman 
Robert L, Harman 
Sallyanne Harper 
Diane A. Haugh-Hoffer 
Dr & Mrs Arthur H, Hayes, Jr. 
Raymond P. Heath, PhD 
Br Richard D. Heriihy, FSC 
Kenneth J. Higginbotham 
James J. Higgins 
Edward B. Highland, Jr. 
Arthur Hilscher 
George W. Hippman 
Joseph G. Hirschmann 
Alice Lynn Hoersch, PhD 
Gerald T. Hofmann 
William A. Hofmann. III. .MD 
Paul J. Hogan 
Alexandra N. Holowchak 
Robert A. Hopstetter, Esq 
Thomas J. Horan, Jr. 
Ralph E. Horky 
David P. Horrell 

Mr & Mrs Kevin R. Houlihan 
Francis E. Hughes 
Jeffrey P. Hurley, MD 
William K. Istone, PhD 
Mr & Mrs Thomas W. Jacob 
George J. Jakabcin 
Jerome B. Jankowski 
Stephen F. Jankowski 
Mr & Mrs George Johnston 
William S. Johnston 
Edward C. Jones 
Francis M. Kaminski, Jr. 
Joyce L. Kanaskie 
Kurt M. Kanaskie 
Coleman F. Kane 
Edward T. Kane, Jr. 
John J. Kane 
Michael C Kazarnowicz 
John W. Keegan 
John J. Keenan 
William J. Keenan 
Thomas F. Kehoe 
Susan M. Kennedy 
William C. Kennedy 
Robert R. Kern 
C. William Kieser 
Edward P. Kiessling 
Charies W. Kilbride 
Joseph P. Kirlin. Jr. 
Stanley D. Kolman, DO 
John E. Kopacz 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Kopec 
Robert A. Kramer 
Louis M. Krivitsky 
Albert G. Kroll, Esq 
Mark S. Kruger, MD 
Nicholas F. Lacovara 
William J. Lahr, III 
Joseph R. Lakowicz, PhD 
James B. Lane, MD 
Gordon M. Langston, MD 
John E. Lanz, Jr. 
Gerald Lawrence 
Barbara R. Lear 
Bruce A. Leauby, PhD 
-Vlichael D. Lee 
Cornelius J. Lehane 
Robert H. Lemke, III 
Robert J. Lennox 
Alonzo M. Lewis 
George P. Liarakos, MD 
Victoria R. Lloyd 
Thomas A. Loftus, MD 
James L. Love 
COL Lawrence G. Lupus, Ret 
Nicholas T Lutsch 
Kevin C. Lynam 
Frank X. Lynch 
Joseph J. Lysek, Jr. 
Anthony J. Macrina 
George T. Magee, Esq 
Catherine M. Maher 
Edward C. Malarkey, PhD 
Maureen Gimpel Maley, Esq 
Joseph N. Malone 
.Morton S. Mandell, MD 
Joseph E. Markert 
.Mr & Mrs David J. Martin 
Joseph D. Martin 
Kyle V. Maryanski 
Gino Massino 
Ronald W. Matecki 

FALL 1996 

page 11 

Kathleen Shaw Mathis 
William W". Matthews, 111. Esq 
Joseph T. Maurer 
Dennis G. McCarthy 
James P. McCool 
John R. McCormack. Jr. 
William C. McCoy 
Thomas F. McCrea 
Francis B. .McCullough 
John F. McDemiott 
James J. McDonald 
James J. McDonnell 
Joseph T. McGee, Jr. 
John T. McGeehan, St.. MD 
John M. McGowan, MD 
James J. McGrath. Esq 
Frank P. McHale 
Mar\-lou K. .McHugh. EdD 
Mr & .Mrs Francis J. McKeaney. Jr. 
John F. McKeogh 
Francis X. McKeon 
Kevin J. McKeon, Esq 
Eugene P. McLoone, PhD 
Patrick C. McMahon, MD 
Harry A. McManus 
Michael G. McMenamin 
Denise McPeters 
Charles E. .McShane 
Peter .Mecznik 
Judy Hentz .Meier 
Thomas W. Meier 
John J. Mekojr. 
Vincent N. Melchiorre, Esq 
Hon James R. Melinson 
Joseph P. Melvin 
Joseph N. Menter 
Dr & Mrs Bruno M. Mercuri 
Kathleen .Meriwether, Esq 
Christopher P. Merrick 
John J. Merrick, Jr., PhD 
Kathryn Moos Merrick 
Richard B. Mesirov 
John A. Michnowicz 
Joseph A. Mihalich 
Barbara C. Millard, PhD 
Denis W. Miller 
Thomas M. Miller 
Paul Misura 
Richard B. Mitchell 
John C. .Mitkus 
Thaddeus A. Mlynarski 
Richard Mocarski 
Frank J. Moffa. Ill 
Augustine E. .Moffitt, Jr., ScD 
Joseph P. Mohr 
Charles J. Moloney, MD 
Francis J. Monzo 
Joseph P. Mooney, PhD 
Richard F. Mooney 
Rev John C. Moore 
Kenneth W. Moore, CPA 
Keith T. Morris 
Paul M. .Moser 
Georgette M. Most 
Frank B. .Vlullin, Jr. 
Sean P. .Munroe 
Michael R. .Murphy 
William J. Murphy 
Mr & Mrs Thad R. Murwin 
Joseph T. Nadolski 
Mr & Mrs Frank A. Nasto, Jr. 
Francis J. Nathans 

Mr ii .Mrs William C. Natoli 

Helene K. Nawrocki 

Paul J. Nekoranik 

Lynette Hyman Nelson 

.Martin F. Nel.son 

William E. Newbauer. Jr. 

Enos C. Ney 

Luong T. Nguyen 

Mar)' C. Nicolo 

Oregon,' J. Nolan 

Dr Richard L. Nyce 

Michael J. O'Brien 

William A. OCallaghan 

Bernard T. O'Connor 

Marie Kosorog O'Connor, PhD 

John J. O'Driscol! 

Alicia Koszarek O'Grady 

J. Patrick O'Grady, CPA 

James J. O'Neill 

Thomas A. Oravez 

Frank J. Papa, DO 

Joseph E. Pappano, Jr., MD 

Janet Pappianni Paret. MD 

H. Eugene Passmore, Jr. 

Ms Mar>' Paterson 

Donald P. Pazel 

George A Perfecky, PhD 

Mr & .Mrs Charles Perkins, III 

.\rthur A. Perry, Jr. 

Lawrence D. Persick 

COL Daniel F. Perugini, DO 

Mark D. Pilla 

Mr & Mrs Anthony J. Pizzo 

Richard G. Placey, Esq 

James F. Politowski 

Mr & Mrs John Porter 

Dennis M. Powell 

Kenneth J. Powell, Jr., Esq 

Patrick C. Powell, Sr. 

Robert B. Powell 

Richard J. Prendergast 

Mr & Mrs Anthony J. Purcell, Sr. 

Joseph L. Quinn 

Mr & Mrs Thomas J. Quinn 

Robert J. Raichle 

William F. Raichle. Jr. 

Anthony G. Rampulla 

Norman H. Rappaport, DDS, MD 

Mr & Mrs Nelso Redante 

John T. Reed 

Joseph H. Reichman, .MD 

Dennis J. Reid 

John H. Reilly. Ill 

Joseph C. Reilly 

G. Russell Reiss, Jr., MD 

Michael D. Ricci 

Daniel M. Rice 

Edward C. Rice 

Bradly J. Riegel 

Theodore E. Riegert 

John D. Rilling, CPA 

.Maureen R. Rilling 

James A. Riviello 

Michael S. Riviello. .MD 

H. David Robison. PhD 

Dennis J. Rochford 

Joseph G. Roddy 

Frank J. Rodgers 

Hon Joseph H. Rodriguez 

John J. Rooney, PhD 

Murray L. Ross 

Mr & Mrs William C. Rueter, Sr, 

Piyush G. Ruparelia 

Mr & Mrs Ronald B. Ruth, Sr. 

Joseph J. Ruzicka 

Stephen J. Ruzicka 

Francis J. Ryan, EdD 

G. .Andrew Sacks 

Nicholas A. Salandria 

Alfonso M. .Salazar, Esq 

Paul J. Salvo. .MD 

Patrick H. Sanaghan 

Martin Sanders 

John T. Santarlas, MD 

Paul J. Santella, Jr. 

Stanley J. Sasinowski 

John A. Sattel 

John T. Savage 

John J. Scalon 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Schaller, Jr. 

Nancy J. Scheutz 

Richard M. Schieken, MD 

James N. Schilk 

Leo J. Schilling, Jr. 

Paul G. Schott 

Edward 'V. Schulgen, Esq 

Joseph E. Schurtz 

Karen M. Schurtz 

Arthur J. Schwabenbauer 

Robert W. Schwaneberg 

Mar>' Ann Scott 

Peter A. Seibel 

Elizabeth A. Seiberlich 

Joseph R, Seiders. Esq 

Robert W, Seminack 

Joseph T, Sermarini 

Robert F. Shea 

Anne MacLeod Shoemaker 

Bernard J. Siegel 

Thomas J. Sielski 

Christopher W. Silvotti, Jr. 

Alice Harrigan Sinclair 

Gregory R. Smart 

John F. Smart, Jr. 

David L. Smith, PhD 

Mr & Mrs James H. Smith 

John A. Smith, EdD 

Paul D. Smith 

John D. Snyder 

Lauren Gartz Snyder 

Mr & Mrs David H. Souser 

Alan M. Spagnola, MD 

Francis J. Speiser 

John A. Spellman, Jr. 

David J. Spingler 

John D. Sprandio, MD 

Mark P. Stackhouse 

Ro.semarie A. Stankovich 

Mr & Mrs Donald M. Stanton 

Francis X. Stimmler 

Thomas S. Straub, PhD 

Paul F. Strohm 

Margaret A. Subokow 

James T. Sullivan, Jr. 

Michael L. Sullivan 

Thomas R. Swartz, PhD 

Joseph J. Sweeney 

Peter J. Sweeney 

Mark E. Swierczewski. DDS 

Harry P. Sykes 

Matthew J, Syrek 

Susan Szczepanski, PhD 

James W. Tait 

Dr & Mrs William W. Tan 

John K. Taus, DO 
Daniel E. Thomas 
Hubert A. Thomas 
Joseph T. Thompson, DMD 
John T. Thorn, E.sq 
Timothy R. Tilson 
Robert A. Toltzis, Esq 
Charles J. Tomasco 
C. Steward Tomkins 
Eric R. Toppy 
James A. Tornetta 
Jo.seph E. Truitt, III 
Mr & Mrs Robert J. Truitt 
Anthony A. Tursi 
Raymond E. Ulmer, Jr 
Mr Si Mrs Alex J. Valentino 
Michael E. Van Thuyne 
Lawrence J. Vannozzi 
Diane M Vari 
Paula A. Veneri 
Joseph V. Vernace. .MD 
Stephanie Donchelz Vernace 
Joseph J. Waldner 
Charles A. Walker 
Richard A. Walsh 
Robert J. Walsh, Jr. 
Thomas H. Ward, Esq 
Craig .\1. Waring 
William J. Warne 
Richard J. Weber, Esq 
William I. Weber, III 

Norbert W. Wein, Sr. 
Alan V;'ciss. MD 
Frederick M. Westcott 
James P. Whelan 
Barbara Moser White 
Harry J. White, PhD 
Lawrence NX'hile 
Richard T. White 
Man- L. Wilb\' 
Jt)hn Wiley. Jr., E.sq 
.'Andrea Eadeh Wills 
Isabel B. Wilsbach 
Frederick E. Wilson, Jr. 
Bruce R. Winokur, Esq 
Thomas P. Witt. Esq 
William M. Vi'ixted, .MD 
Joseph M. 'Woinar 
Paul E. VC'olfrom 
Mr & Mrs William D, Woolslayer 
James A. Wright 
Edward A. Wrobleski, MD 
John S. Wydrzynski 
Stephen .\. Wydrzynski, Esq 
Michael T. Wynne 
Lawrence J. Yearly 
Edward A. Yehle 
Mr & Mrs Carter .M. Young 
Robert Yurgal 
.\nthony M. Zarrilli 
Christopher R. Zegley 

Captain Edward F. Bronson, USN, Ret., '54, 
presents donation of stock to La Salle's 
Brother President Joseph F. Burke. F.S.C.. 
Ph.D., '68. as part of his aiuuial commit- 
ment to support the St. Francis De Sales 
Scholarship Fund. Watch i tig is Brother 
Charles E. Gresh. F.S.C.. '55. the university's 
director of development. This scholarship 
provides financial assistance to students 
from Salesianum High School, in 
Wilmington. Del., who are attending 
La .Salle. 


page 12 


THE ANNIVERSARY CLUB ($125 to $249) 

Joseph E. Abbott 

Michael J. Abbott 

James H. Abele 

Alben C. Achuff 

Paul J. Adair 

Teresa J. Adair 

Charles A. Agnew. Jr. 

Michael V. Aiello 

Mr & Mrs Philip N. Alampi 

Rev Robert E, Albright 

David H, Alexander, Jr. 

Richard J. Alexander 

Anna Melnyk Allen 

Robert D. Allen 

Susan F. Altamore 

MarceloJ. Alvarez 

Albert E. Amorosi 

Thomas J. Anderson 

Stephen F. Andrilli. PhD 

Nicholas F. Angerosa. PhD 

Thomas J. Ardecki 

Michael H. Arment 

Alphonse P. Arminio 

Mr & Mrs Hector L. Arroyo 

James J. Auchinleck 

Lawrence H. Auerweck 

Lena R. Aversano 

David J. Badolato. MD 

Joseph J. Baillie 

Benjamin G. Baird 

Harry F. Baker 

Walter Baker, Jr. 

William L. Baldwin 

Milton J. Ball 

Mr & Mrs Robert W. Barber 

William P. Barnett 

Edward i\I. Barr, Sr. 

James F. Barr 

Walter L. Bartholomew, Jr., Esq 

Kdmund A, Bateman. Jr. 

Joseph P. Batory 

John C. Becker, Esq 

John T. Becker, CPA 

Robert A. Becker 

Mr & Mrs Roben G. Becker 

Michael A. Belfiore 

Jonathen Bell 

Joseph J. Bellanca, MD 

George A. Bennett, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Richard W. Benson 

Dirk A. Berezovske 

COL Joseph B. Berger, Jr 

.Mr & Mrs Thomas J. Bergin, jr. 

Karen McKinney Bernhardt 

Kristian S. Berster 

Kathleen Bess 

Mr & Mrs Robert E. Bessette 

Mr & Mrs Gerald L. 


William H. Binns 

Thomas P. Birney 

Kathleen Dynan Black 

Paul F. Blinn 

Joseph B. Bloom 

Beverly Y. Blow, Jr. 

Eugene H. Bobbitt 

Ralph F. Boccella, DDS 

Gerald R. Bodisch, PhD 

Michael E. Bohan, MD 

Thomas R. Bonk 

William J. Bonner, Jr, Esq 

John J. Boral 

Laurence J . Borger 

Mr & Mrs Nicholas W. Botta 

Joseph J. Boyce 

James A. Boyd 

Gerald T. Bayer 

James M. Boyer 

Owen J. Boylan, Jr. 

JeffreyR. Boyle, CPA 

Thomas F. Boyle 

William E. Boyle 

Jerome T. Bradley 

Mr Oi Mrs Michael F. Brady 

Eugene J. Bransfield 

Gregory Braun 

Dr & Mrs Joseph F. Brazel 

William J. Breeze 

Sean P. Brennan 

Elizabeth Harper Briglia 

Walter J. Brough 

George L. Brown 

Robert H. Brown 

Alfred C. Bruhin 

Robert B. Brunt 

Mr & Mrs Richard R. Buehler 

Chri.stopher L. Bukata, VMD 

Harold J. Bullman, CPA 

Lawrence J. Bur, Jr. 

John R. Burns, Esq 

Joseph T. Burns 

Kevin C. Burns 

Ronald R. Burns 

Suzanne Coffey Burton 

Robert A. Butler 

Franklin S. Buzby 

Mr lS: Mrs Lewis W. Clark. Jr. 

Lester H. Cahn 

Edward J. Calabrese 

James B. Cameron 

James P. Campbell 

John P. Campbell 

Loudon L. Campbell, Esq 

Francis C. Cannon 

Frank D. Cannon, CPA 

John J. Cantwell 

EgidioJ. Capaldi, PhD 

Francis E. Capista, DO 

Joseph A. Cappello 

John P. Capuzzi 

Raymond C. Garden 

Jamie L. Cardillo 

Mrs Ana B. Carmouze 

.\rnold C. Carnevale 

Anthony M. Carney, Sr. 

.Mr & Mrs Robert G. Carney 

Thomas J. Carney, Jr. 

Barbara V. Carpentier 

iVIichael A. Carr 

James J. Carrigan 

Harriet A. Carroll 

Kate A. Carroll 

Dante Caruso. Jr. 

William J. Casler 

Steplien M. Cassidy 

Jon F. Caslano 

Eugene G. Cattle 

Mr & Mrs John F. Ceccola 

Francis G. Celii 

James T. Cella 

John .M. Cellucci 

William E. Cerv'ini 

Joseph T. Chambers, MD 

John J Chapman 

Georgiana M. B. Charles 

Gar\' S. Chase 

Jeffrey E. Christides 
Joseph T. Christy 
Joseph F. Ciccimaro 
David J. Cichowicz, PhD 
Patricia A. Cieslak 
Peter A. Ciliberto, Sr. 
Samuel P. Cimino, DDS 
Joseph P. Cimoch 
Robert G. Clarke 
Joseph D. Clayton, Jr. 
Charles P. Cleary, Jr. 
Elizabeth McCall Clement 
Raymond T. Clothier 
Joseph E. Coady 
W. Gerald Cochran, MD 
Gerald J. Coghlan 
Barbara A. Cohen 
Joseph A. Colasante 
James W, Colbert 
Regina Burke Colben 
Richard L. Golden. Ill 
Jo.seph J. Coll, Jr. 
Timothy F. Collins, Jr. 
Michael A. Colucci, Sf. 
Mr & Mrs Andreas Conodromos 
James M. Conley, Esq 
James E. Connell 
Brian P. Connelly 
Patrick J. Conner 
Mr & Mrs Bernard Connolly 
Mark J. Connors 
C. Gus Con.stant 
Anthony B. Contino, Jr. 
James A. Covery 
Susan D. Conway 
Patricia E. Coonahan, E.sq 
.Michael F. Cooney 
David G. Cornille 
Clifton J. Cortez, Jr. 
Henry T. Corvin 
James J. Cosgrove 
John P. Cotter, Esq 
J. Mark Coulson 
John J. Courtney, MD 
Carol McLoughlin Cowhe\' 
Gregory J. Cowhey 
Jeffrey D. Cowhey 
Mary Ellen Dooley Cowhey 
James P. Coyle, Jr. 
Joanne Thomson Coyle 
Alan T. Craig 
Don Crawford 
James J. Cronin 
Joseph G. Crosby, Jr. 
Lisa J. Cruikshank 
Anthony L. Cucuzzella, MD 
Gaston Fernly Cummings 
James J. Cunningham, Jr. 
John J. Cunningham 
Charles J. Curran 
Cornelius G. Curran 
Francis M. Curran 
Harry A. Cuthbertson. Jr. 
Donald J. Cuvo 
Joseph J. D'AIessandro 
Jo.seph R. D'Annunzio, E.sq 
.Margaret Funk Dailey 
Thomas J. Dalfo, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Robert E. Dal\' 
John F. Danella, MD 
Susan O'Connor Danella 
James J. Daniel 
LTC Richard E. Darcv. Ret 

Gerald E. Davis 
Francis D. DeGeorge 
Daniel J. DeMasi 
Juan J. DeRojas, MD 
John E. DeSantis 
Ro.semary A. DeSantis 
Bernard A. Deachilla 
Linda Sterling Degnan 
William C. Deibert, Sr. 
Daniel P. Delaney, Esq 
Eugene G. Delany 
Anthony J. Dennison. Jr. 
Joseph H. Dettmar 
Patricia M. Dever 
Stephanie P. Dever 
Megan Devlin 
Nicholas A. DiBello 
Richard C. DiMascio 
Thomas B. DiPaolo 
.Mr ik Mrs Vincent DiPietrantonio 
Enrico J. DiRienzo. MD 
Samuel J. DiValentino 
Gerard M. Dinon 
Donald A. Discavage 
Michael A. Ditizio 
Paul J. Doherty 
Francis M. Donahue, Jr., PhD 
John J. Donahue 
Lawrence J. Dondero 
Hon John J. Donnelly 
Patrick E. Dooley 
Joseph B. Doto, Jr., MD 
Gerald M. Dougherty 
Su.san M. Dougherty 
James E. Dowling 
Mr & .Mrs Richard J. Dowling 
Gerard P. Downey, Esq 
Walter D. Downey 
James J. Doyle. PhD 
John F. Dreyer 
Claudine E. Driebe 
John A. Duffy. Ill 
William T. Duffy 
.Mr S: .Mrs Robert A. Duggan 
.Mr & Mrs Timothy P. Dunigan Jr. 
Michael J. Dunn 
William L. Dunn. Jr. 
Charles J. Dunne 
Dennis M. Durkin 
Mary T. Durkin 
Patrick H. Durkin 
Thomas J. Durkin 
Karen Crane Eckhart 
John J. Eder. Jr. 
Sylvan H. Eisman 
Norris E. Eldridge 
Edward Ely, Jr. 
Richard C. Emery- 
Frederick A. Enck 
David C. Engel 
Henry V. Engel. Jr. 
William F. English 
-Arthur R. Ersner, MD 
Janet M. Eshleman 
Norman A. Ettenger. MD 
Eugene J. Evans, Jr. 
.Mark J. Everett 
David W. Fallis 
John Fanelli. Ill 
Debra A. Fazio 
Karen M. Fedele 
ValerioJ. Federici, MD 
Ronald F. Feinberg, MD, PhD 
GregfiiyJ Feldmcier. MD 

Thomas B. Fenerty 

Edward Ferenz 

Anthony A. Ferrara, Sr. 

Mr & Mrs Theodore L, Ferraro 

Robert D. Fierick 

Jay S. Fineman, .MD 

Ms Susan L. Fisher 

Rev David M. Fitz-Patrick 

Mr & Mrs Joseph .M. Fitzgerald 

Kathy Brown-Fitzpatrick 

Albert J. Flacco. MD 

Robert J. Fleischman 

James D. Flis 

Jerome Flomen 

Edward A. Flynn 

Mr & Mrs Patrick H. Flynn 

Daniel J. Fodor 

Jeffrey J Foose 

David L. Forde. MD 

Edward K. Forster 

Philip J. Fortune 

Francis T. Foti 

Martin P. Frain, Jr. 

Joan C. Frank 

L. Matthew Frank, MD 

Paul T. Frankenfield. Jr. 

Anthony R. Fratto. Jr. 

Stephen A. Fredericks 

Mr & Mrs James Fritz 

Gregory F. Froio, MD 

John F. Funchion, Sr. 

Br James Gaffney, FSC 

Mt & Mrs John J. Gaffney 

Thomas A. Gall. Jr. 

Dr & Mrs John R. Gallagher 

Michael F. Gallagher 

.Michael J. Gallagher, DDS 

Robin F.' Gallagher, DMD 

.Mr & .Mrs Thomas J. Gallagher 

Thomas R. Gallagher 

Elissa E. Gallo, Esq 

Richard B. Galtman, E.sq 

Thomas A. Gannon 

Scott F. Garberman. MD 

Louis J. Ganz 

John K. Gavigan 

Victor M. Gavin 

John J. Gaworski 

Edward M. Geary, Sr. 

Frederick C. Geary 

Thomas C. Gedman 

James A. Geier 

William A. Geppert. Jr. 

John E. Geraghry 

Harry W. Gerlach 

James L. Gertie 

William J. Gerzabek 

Nicholas R. Gianoulis. Sr. 

Laura Peszka Gibble 

Chris C. Giles 

Patricia S. Gimpel 

Alfred C. Giuffrida 

George R. Givens 

Chades W. Glantz 

David J. Glassman 

Dominic F. Glorioso. Jr.. DO 

Robert A. Godbey 

Mr & Mrs Chilton G. Goebel. Jr. 

Mark G. Gola 

Steven J. Gold 

Edward J. Golden. Jr. 

Paul A. Goldshlack. DO 

Warren S. Gold.stein 

Cry.stal M. Goodrich 

Robert B. Goodyear 

Sheila Kane Gorman 

Joseph A. Gould 

Robert B. Grant 

John B. Grasmeder. Jr. 

Dennis P. Green. Esq 

FALL 1996 

page 13 

Steven J. Green, MD 
Thomas D. Green 
Charles M. Greenberg 
Charles W. Greenberg 
Peter D. Greenspun. Esq 
John F. Gregor\- 
Michael V. Griffin 
Mr & Mrs Paul M Griffin 
George V. Griffith 
Robert A. Griffith 
Nicole M. Griffiths 
Joseph K. Grugan. CPA 
Michael C. Grundy 
Edgar M. Guertin 
Timothy J. Guiheen 
Stanley A. Guogas, Jr. 
Lawrence M. Gustin. MD 
Kathleen McCartney Gutekunst 
Mr & Mrs Stanley P. Gwiazda 
Charles J. Haag 
Thomas H. Haag 
John J. Hagan. Esq 
George [. Haggert\- 
Dennis M. Haines 
Thomas J. Haines. Esq 
Michelle A. Haitsch 
Michael Hajatian, Jr.. DDS 
Alfred S. Halas, DMD 
Annette L. Halpin 
Sean M. Halpin, Esq 
Mr & Mrs Richard Hamilton 
William J. Hamilton 
Gerald M. Handley, Esq 
John J. Haney 
William M. Hann 
Thomas P. Hanna, Jr. 
Mr & .Mrs Patrick O. Hanson 
Mr & -Mrs Joseph A. Harrington 
Mrs Elizabeth Harris 
John H. Harrison 
John M. Hart 
Thomas E. Hartberger 
Kenneth M. Hartley 
Richard A. Hathaway 
Frank W. Hauser, Jr. 
Robert Haverner 
Mr & .Mrs Arthur P. Havens- 
Mr Richard J. Heffernan, Sr. 
Mr & Mrs William D. Heffner 
Patrick H. Hegarty" 
William F. Hegarty 
Donald J. Heisler 
Francis J. Helverson 
Bert W. Henderson 
Charles D. Henderson 
Dean A. Henry 
Patricia Henry 
Richard J. Henr>' 
Charles A. Hepford. DPM 
Anthony C. Herman 
John M. Herndon, II 
Michael F. Heron 
Charles S. Herrmann 
Maurice Hickman 
Gregor>-J. Higgins 
John J. Higgins, Jr. 
Donald E. Hilben 
Mr & Mrs William Hillner 
Stanley T. Hines 
Vincent F. Hink, Jr., Esq 
Frederick J. Hirsekorn, PhD 
Francis J. Hoban 
Mr & Mrs Frederick J. Hoey 
Edward L. Hogan 
Michael R. Hogan 
Mr & .Mrs John C. Holden 
George H. Holder 
Larry D. Holman 
Dennis M. Honoski 
Philip J. Horn. Jr.. .VID 

John M. Horney. Jr. 
Valerie Selser Houk 
.Mr it .Mrs Delma L. Hughes 
John T. Hughes 
Mr & .Mrs Richard T. Hughes 
Stuart '^ Hughes 
Joanne S^ift Hummel. MD 
James B. Humphreys 
Robert J. Hunter 
.Mr & .Mrs Que Huynh 
Ronald A. lannacone 
.Mr & .Mrs Victor .M. Infante 
Leon J. Jablonski 
.Mr & .Mrs Robert A. Jackominic 
Gregory J. Jackson 
Richard M. Jacovini 
.\ndrew H. Jaffee 
.\ndrew F. Jannett, .MD 
Madeline Mallon Janowski 
John J. Jardine 
Dr & .Mrs jaroslaw Jan-moxych 
John P. Jasin 
A.ssunta M. Jaskolka 
Kellyann Franks Jeletic 
Mr & .Mrs David H. Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Jerr\' A. Johnson 
-Michael D. Johnson 
William R. Johnson 
James Wm. Jones, CLU 
Peggy K. Jones 
Robin W. Jones 
Robert J. Jurich 
Kathleen Conner Kaminski 
Charles J. Kane 
Stanley S. Karpinski 
John E. Katz 
John H. Katziner 
Thomas C. Kaul 
Thomas D. Kautz 
Edward J. Keenan 
George J. Keene 
Herbert R. Keilman 
Daniel J. Kelleher 
Duane F. Kelly 
Kevin D. Kelly, Esq 
Dennis T. Kennedy. PhD 
Gar\- W. Kennedy 
J. Christman Kennedy 
Ronny Kennedy 
Paul M. Keogh 
Michael J. Kerlin, PhD 
George J. Kern 
Mary R. Kershaw- 
Nicholas C. Kihm, Esq 
Charles F. Kiley 
Thomas A. Kilker 
John C. Killmer. Jr. 
Bernard F. King, DO 
Hon William A. King, Jr. 
Gerald P. Kirsch 
William Kitt 

.Mr & Mrs Alexander Klecor 
Patricia A. Kling 
Henry M. Kloczynski 
Fred L. Knight 
Gary M. Knoerlein 
Janet .M. Kollmann 
."MbertJ. Koob 
Mr & Mrs Vincent J. Kopec 
John P. Kovatch 
Joseph A. Krantz 
.Mr & .Mrs Cari J. Kratz, Jr. 
Lori A. Krause 
Stephen C. Krauss 
Harp,- G. Kyriakodis 
Christopher J. Lamb 
Joan Chernuka Lamborne 
Robert A. Lample 
Richard F. Langan 
.\ndrca J. Lapusheski 

-Michael P. La\in 

Michael F. LeDent 

Frank P. LcDonnc 

Thomas J. Leahy 

William L. Leahy 

Frederick J. Leinhauser 

Kathleen A. Lentini 

Clifford J. Lentz 

Martin L. Leonard 

Gennaro C. Leone 

Thomas E. Leone 

Harry Leopold, Jr. 

Eugene L. Lepore 

Wayne J. Lesky 

Steven J. Lichtenstein. MD 

Patricia M. Linard 

David J. Linaugh, CPA 

Thomas J. Lindsey 

Edward P. Lisiecki, Jr. 

Alfred A. Lisiewski, Sr. 

Gordon H. Livengood, Jr. 

Mark J. Llewellyn 

Edward J. LoCasale 

Charles T. LoPresto, PhD 

Sheila A. Lodise 

Tina .\. Longo 

Mr & .Mrs Barry- G. Lopoten 

Mr & Mrs Ralph S. Lovelidge. II 

Richard B. Lowe 

Janice Moser Lupas 

Charles P. Lutcavage, PhD 

Mary- Anne S. Lutz 

John J. Luxemburger, Jr. 

James M. Lynch 

John B. Lynch, Esq 

John P. Lynch 

M. Judith Torres Lynch 

Mr & Mrs Michael J. Lynch 

Robert J. Lynch 

Christina M. Lynn 

Leon F. Machulski 

Joseph T. Mack 

John H. Mackey, Jr., PhD 

Arthur S. Mackin 

Edward .Macko 

Harvey L. Madonick, MD 

Mr & Mrs Robert Magliacano 

Judith Polowczuk Magner 

Michael J. Magnotta, Jr. 

Donna Thorp Maher 

William J. Maher 

Charles J. Mahon 

Mary- E. Mahon 

Thomas J. Mahon 

Bernard J. Maier 

Rocco A. Mairone 

Lisa C. Makosewski 

Rita S. Mall, PhD 

Donna M. Malloy 

Michael P. Malloy 

John J. Malone 

John J. Maloney 

Raymond L. Malseed 

Kenneth R. Mancini, Jr. 

.Adeline Citrano Mandel 

Michael J. Mangan, .MD 

Joseph A. Manley 

Catherine E. Manning 

Richard Mansfield 

Timothy E. Mansfield 

Leo J. Mansi, Jr. 

Joseph J. Manson 

LTC Julie Trego .Manta 

Stephanie .M. Marcinkowski 

Mark F. .Marconi 

Francis X. Margay 

Frank A. Mariani 

Joseph E. Marino 

Joseph J. Mark 

Eileen Sweeney .Markmann 

Joseph .M. Markmann 
Robert J. Maro, Sr., MD 
Francis A. Marro, MD 
James G. Martin 
Albert A. .Martucci, .MD 
Harold E. Masback, Jr. 
Stephen J. Masceri, MD 
George L. Mason, III 
.Mr & Mrs Gregory F. Mason 
Louis P. Masucci 
George J. Matekovic 
Eugene J Mather 
Eileen Matlack, MD 
George E. Matthews 
Peter J. Mattson 
James J. Mawhinney 
Jack Maxwell 
Gerard W. Mayer 
Mr & Mrs Charies B. Maynard 
Mr & Mrs Joseph G. .Mazurek 
Joseph M. .Mazurek 
James P. McBrearty 
Joseph W. McBride 
Patricia A. McCabe 
John M. McCafferry 
John A. McCann 
Stephen G. McCarron 
.Man,- K. McCarthy, MD 
William A. McCoUaum. Jr. 
Walter A. McCool, DO 
James L. McCorkle 
John J. McCormick 
Michael F. McCormick 
Thomas B. McCoy 
Kevin J. McCracken 
Michael T. .McCracken 
Robert W. McCullough 
Albert J. .McCune, Jr. 
Roben J .McDermott 
William A. McDonald, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Gregorv' M. McDonough 
John S. McElderry 
Matthew J McElvenny 
Martin J. McFadden 
Cornelius T. McGiUoway 
William J. McGinn 
John J. -McGinnis 
Br Michael McGinniss, FSC, PhD 
John P. McGinty, Jr. 
LT Joseph G. McGirr 
William F. McGlynn 
Robert J. McGonagle 
Francis J. McGovern, Sr. 
James A. McGovern 
Dennis R. McGrath 
John F. McGreevey, Esq 
Mr & Mrs Terrence P. McGuigan 
Thomas M. McGuire 
William J. McHale 
Heather A. Mclnerney 
John H. McKay, CPA 
John P. McKenna 
Patrick W. McKenna 
Mr & Mrs Thomas W. McKenna 
James J. McKeogh 
Edward G. McKeon 
John P. McLaughlin 
Bernard M. McManus 
John A. .McNee 
Sandra B. McNeil 
Kathleen S. McNichol 
Vincent P. McNichol 
Dennis M. McNulty- 
John F. McShane, Jr. 
Ann Frances E. Meehan 
William A. Meehan 
James V. Meidel 
Steven I. Meisel, PhD 
Thomas C. Meizinger 
Colleen Mullen -Melchiorre 

Donato G. Melchiorre 

Rose Mendoza 

Wa\-ne D. Menzak 

Dt ik .Mrs Modesto Mercado 

James R. Mercer 

.Michael B. .Me>ers 

Chester F. Michewicz, Jr. 

William A. .Michuda 

Ann M. .Mickle, PhD 

Frank T. .Middleton, III 

John J. Mikus 

Donald Miller 

Edward A. Miller 

John F. Miller 

Mar>-anne C. Miller 

Michele M. Miller 

Mr & Mrs Roger Miller 

William B. Miller 

Mr & .Mrs Hee .Mahn .Min 

Michael E. Miskel 

J. Anthony Mitchell 

Peter J. Mlynarczyk, MD 

.Mark J. Momorella 

.Mr & Mrs Robert E. Monaghan 

Joseph F. Mooney, PhD 

Daxid P. Moran 

Robert J. .Moreton 

William H. .Morgan 

John G. Morrison 

Richard J. Morrison 

.Mr i& .Mrs Daniel J. .Morrissy. Jr. 

.Michael A. Mosley 

Mr & Mrs Michael .M. Moss 

Dominic J. Motta 

Joseph M. Mottola 

Mr & Mrs Robert H. Moyer 

Lynn M. Mueller 

John J. Mulderig. III. Esq 

James D. Mullen 

Mary C. Mullen 

William A. Mullen. Jr 

Matthew L. Mullin 

.Mr & .Mrs Dax'id H. Munyan. Jr, 

Joseph D. Murphy 

Joseph F. Murphy 

Lawrence E. .Murphy 

Leo E. Murphy, Jr. 

Michael J. Murphy 

Patrick C. Murphy, Esq 

Mr & .Mrs Joseph Murray 

Augustine J. Nace 

Ralph A. Nardi 

Dennis L. Natali 

Nancy .Mortenson Neary 

H. James Negler 

Josephine Nelson 

John J. Neuschel 

Thomas J. Niwinski 

Robert M. Nocentino 

John T. Nolan 

Robert J. Nolasco 

Gregory R. O'Brien 

John T. O'Brien 

Joseph S. O'Brien 

Richard W. O'Brien 

Joseph F. O Callaghan, PhD 

Bernard A. O'Connor 

Charles E. O'Connor. Sr., Esq 

Mr & Mrs Edmond O'Connor 

William J. O'Donnell. Ill 

Ms Elizabeth O'Hanlon 

Joseph A. O'Neill, Jr. 

Malachy D. O'Neill 

Kevin O'Rourke 

Walter J. Olawski 

Mr & Mrs Frank G. Oliv-o 

Mr & Mrs Harold J. Olson 

Mr & Mrs Gregory- R. Ott 

Samuel E. Padgett 

James D. Pagliaro. Esq 

page 14 


Robert B. Palardy 

Peter V. Palena. MD 

Angelo R. Palombi 

Paul J. Pantano 

Karen Capaldo Papania 

Robert D. Paradise 

Janet L. Parker 

Marisa P Pascale 

Francis. I. Pasquini, Esq 

Mr & Mrs David Patten 

Rol^ert Pavone 

Bohdan Pazuniak 

Ann Evenstein Pearlman 

Michael J. Pelone 

Martin Pendergast, Sr. 

James J. Pennestri 

Harry N. Pepe, DO 

Nancy M. Perl 

Nicholas L. Perna, Jr. 

Donald M. Peterson 

Helen Petit 

Louis J. Petti 

Francis W. Pfluger 

Eileen M. Haag-Phillips 

James D, Phillips, Jr. 

Carolyn A. Piccone, MD 

Thomas J. Pierce. PhD 

Troy H. Pierce 

Joseph A. Pinto 

Susan Sajeski Pitts, MD 

Walter S. Pletcher, Jr. 

Gerard A. Plourde 

John C. Plunkett 

George Podhiny, Jr. 

George T. Pollitt 

Anthony R Pontarelli 

Nancy K. Poole 

Chades Poolos 

Thomas F. Praiss 

Richard T. Preiss, Esq 

John G. Preston 

Kathleen M. Price 

-Mr & Mrs Anthony J. Prinzo 

John A, Pron. DPM 

Mr & Mrs Thomas J. Pullukat 

Joseph V. Queenan, MD 

Thomas J. Quinlan 

Vincent D. Quinn 

Laureen M. Quinter 

Joseph J. Raab, DDS 

Jane E. Rabbitt 

Daniel J. Ragone, CPA 

Randolph V. Ragsdale, Esq 

Jack M. Rappaport 

Thomas C. Ratchford, Esq 

Harr>- P. Rawls 

Jacqueline M. Ray 

Linda A. Razler 

Robert C. Reagan, Jr 

John F. Reardon. EdD 

Thomas M. Redanauer 

Charles J. Regan 

James P. Reich, DMD 

Francis Reidy 

Edward D, Reilly 

Kenneth M. Reilly 

Kristin E Reilly 

Richard A. Repko 

Robert J. Richards 

Robert W. Richards 

James J. Ritvalsky 

Joseph S. Rizzello 

Philip N. Robideau 

Charles J. Robinson 

Roy S. Robinson 

John J. Robrecht, III 

Kevin M. Roddy 

Sandra Tonikowicz Roddy 

Gene Rogalski 

Anne Walker Rogers 

Theodore M. Rogers, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Manuel Romero, Jr. 

Michael P. Rose 

Ellen Resinski Rosen, Esq 

John P. Rossi, PhD 

Mr & Mrs Larry R. Roth 

Richard A. Rothwell, Sr. 

William A. Rothwell. Jr. 

Maureen Rowan, Esq 

Jeffrey R. Royds 

Bany A. Rubin, DO 

Leslie Strobaugh Rudisill 

Robert C. Rumsey 

John J. Rush 

Henry W. Rutecki 

John A. Ryan, Esq 

Margaret A. Ryan 

Richard R. Ryan. MD 

Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq 

Michael G. Sabo 

Anthony Salerno, PhD 

Debra J. Saltsman 

Anthony L. Salvitti, Jr. 

C. Craig Samtmann 

Barbara A. Santc^ne 

Joseph F.X. Savona, Esq 

Leo C, Schaeffler 

PhyllLs Garberman Schapire. MD 

Rabbi Neal S. Scheindlin 

Baice E. Schell 

Robert W. Schell, Sr. 

Scott M. Schieck 

Albert H. Schoellhammer 

Joseph J. Schoen, Jr. 

Charles L. Schuster 

Paul T. Schwab 

Jerr)' B. Schwartz, MD 

Mr & Mrs James T. Schwender 

Matthew J. Schwenderman 

Charles F. Scott. Jr. 

Stephen Scott 

William J, Scott, III 

Lenferd J. Seely 

Joseph E. Seller 

David L. Sejda 

Christopher J. Serpico, Esq 

Maureen Dugan Serpico, Esq 

Robert J Sestito, Jr. 

Max G. Sewald 

John M. Shaeffer 

A. Edward Shanahan 

Cari B. Shanholtz. MD 

Donald F. Sharp 

Ronald J. Shatus 

Kenneth Shaw, Jr. 

Thomas W. Sheehan 

Thomas G. Shemeley 

Joseph F. Sheridan, DO 

Chades R. Shields 

Daniel T. Shiner, Jr. 

Rev & Mrs Robert B. Shrom, Jr. 

Joseph J. Sikora 

Robert W. Silber 

Leo F. Silvestri 

Paul V. Sipala. Jr. 

William J. Skyrm 

Robert T. Slinkard 

Kent M. Sloan 

Joan M. Smallwood 

Mr & Mrs John G. Smart 

Frank X. Smith. Jr. 

Gar\' C. Smith 

W. Ellis Smith. DMD 

William J. Smith 

Regina Cudemo Smock. MD 

Robert M. Smyth 

Raymond F. Snyder 

William D. Sokel 

Elizabeth McGinley Soltan 

Mr & .Mrs Werner S. Sontagh 

Mona C. Souto 

Barbara A. Spaulding 

Thomas W. Speaker 

Edward J. Springer 

Rus.sell A. Spruance 

William P. StClair 

Lisa Adams, DO 

George F. Stadalnik 

James W. Staerk, Esq 

Richard A. Stanko, Esq 

Norman J. Stayton 

Robert J. Stein. DO 

Daniel F. Steinmetz, Jr. , Esq 

Kathleen Coady Steinmetz 

Mr & Mrs Donald A. Stevens, Jr. 

Susan A. Stevenson 

George C. Stewart 

Michael J. Stock, Jr. 

Willa F. Stokes 

Frederick J. Stokley. PhD 

David E. Stout, PhD 

Richard E. Stoutzenberger 

Frederick A. Strasser, Jr. 

Hugh A. Strehle 

Edward M. Strogen, Jr. 

Richard F. Strosser 

Mr iS Mrs Reynold M. Stuart 

Mt& Mrs WillardJ. Stull, lil 

Karen Spielberger Sullivan. MD 

Philip A. Sullivan 

James P. Suszynski 

Mr & Mrs Thomas L. 


Michael A. Sweeder 

Francis E. Swiacki 

Robert W. Sykes 

Anelka Szaruga 

John J. Szczech 

Donna M. Talis 

Gerald J Tarantolo 

Barry M. Tarnef 

Herbert E. Taylor, PhD 

Robert T. Testa 

Frederick C. Teufel 

Raymond F. Theilacker 

John P. Thompson 

Frank P Thorik 

Ralph R. Thornton. PhD 

L^onald W. Thurlow. Jr 

Richard S. Tiedeken, PhD 

William E. Tierney, CPA 

John J. Todd 

Patty J. Todd 

Robert L. Tomlinson 

Mark A. Tonelli 

Mr & Mrs Paul Toomey 

David J. Torpey, Jr., MD 

Frank J. Trent 

Eugene F. Trimber 

Drs Chuong & Phuong Trinh 

Louis L. Trovalo, DDS 

John D. Tumolo 

John A. Turek 

Peter J. Tyler, Sr. 

Christopher C. Tyree 

Erich L. Uhlenbrock 

Mr & Mrs Thomas L. Ulrich 

William G. Upham, Sr. 

Mr & Mrs Robert K. Uyehara, Sr. 

Michael G. Valosky 

Judith M. Van Cleef 

Thomas M. Vapniarek 

Frank J. Varga 

George A. Vasiliauskas 

Dennis A. Veneziale, Esq 

Eugene J. Veneziale 

Michael J. Vergare, MD 

Catherine A. Victorius 

Carolyn A. VonMechow 

Virginia M. Wagner 

John R. Waite, Jr. 

Mary C. Waldron 

Linda Brown Walters 

Jerrold A. Walton 

Anthony G. Ward 

Arthur A. Warren, Esq 

John E. Warren 

Martin E. Washofskv 

Richard C. Waston, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Richard G. 


George L. Weber, DO 

Regina E Weber 

Edward Weiss 

Jack S. Weiss, MD 

John J. Welsh 

Mary Jeanne Welsh, PhD 

Steven K. Weltman 

Edward J. Werner 

D. Michael Wertz, DMD 

Frank M, Wetzler 

Michael J. Weyand 

Edward J. Whelan 

Donald C. White 

George T. White 

Helena M. White 

John D. Whiteman, PhD 

Thomas W. Whittle, III 

Wilben T. Wilkinson 

Jo,seph E. Wil.son, Jr. 

Nora Winkelman, Esq 

Mary M. Winn 

Mary Ann Winokur 

Louise F. Winski 

Rev Dennis J. Witalec 

Ms Janet Vargo Witt 

John G. Wolf 

Mr & Mrs William G. Wolfe 

Victor L. Woo, MD 

Lecjnard A. Wroblewski 

David A. Wylie 

J. Richard Yastrzemski 

J. Mary West Young, CPA 

John J. Zaccaria 

Wendy A. Zakrzewski 

Michael J. Zappitelli, DO 

Donald E. Zdanowicz 

Michael Zeik 

William N. Zelner 

W. Dennis Zerega, EdD 

Thomas J. Ziemba. DO 

COL Gabriel I Zinni 

Michael and Regina Creedon (left) are serving as chaircouple for 
the university's Parents' Association in 1996-97. They succeeded 
Bill and Marie Jones (right), who had served in this capacity since 
1994. Through the efforts of the Parents' Associatio)!. some 1,044 
parent donors contributed a total of $100,293 to the Annual Fund 
in 1995-96. 

FALL 1996 

page 15 


Paul J. Adair 83 
Charles E. Adier '56 
Thomas M. Aposiolik 
Anthony J. Baratta.Jr.. Ksq 'H6 
John J. Barbazon '61 
David E. Beavers. Esq '72 
Paul F. Betz, PhD '61 
Frank S. Blatcher '56 
Mr & Mrs Andrew Bossert 
Peter R. Bossow '61 
Mr& Mrs Konstanty Biiufal 
Gerald T. Boyer 'SI 
Mr & Mrs Edmund j. Bransfield 
Michael J. Brennan '80 
Donald J. Brooks '61 
Joseph Brown '91 
Timothy Browne 
Gregory' O. Bruce '81 
Linda Bruce 
John L. Burke '61 
Frank P. Buzydlowski. Esq '76 
Francis X. Campbell '51 
James P. Campbell '56 
John T. Capecci, CPA '80 
John F. Carabello, DMD '62 
David P. Carberry '74 
Mr & Mrs Jude Carey 
Mr & Mrs Carl Cavagnaro 
Dan A. Chila, CPA '70 
Andrea Cholewiak '81 
Joseph H. Cloran '61 
Joseph E. Coady '51 
Joseph A. Coffey, Jr., Esq '6-4 
Mr & Mrs Kevin Comerford 
Terence J. Connors, CPA '76 
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Conway 
Mr & Mrs Michael P. Creedon 
Christopher J. Crowe '81 
Mr & Mrs Fred Crump 
Thomas Curley '70 
Maria Tucker Cusick '83 
Chester T. Cyzio, Esq '51 
Richard J. Daisley '51 
Mr & Mrs Joseph A. D'Amato 
Charles E. Danihel '71 
Francis D. DeGeorge '51 
Eugene M. DeLaurentis '51 
Mr & Mrs Guy Derico 
Henry G. DeVincent, MD '56 
Nicholas P. Dienna '56 
Anthony A. DiPrimio, PhD '56 
Enrico J. Dirienzo, MD '61 
Lisa Donahue '91 
Richard J. Donnelly '81 
Peter J. Dorazio '81 
Mr & Mrs John Dougherty 
Thomas J. Durkin '56 
Mr & Mrs Louis Dwyer, Jr. 
Leon Ellerson '56 
William F. English '51 
Matthew A. Fanning 5 1 
Samuel V. Filippine '67 
John and Colleen Fitzpatrick 91 
Desayver A. Fleming '76 
Sergio S. Flores, CPA '88 
Dr Joseph F. Flubacher '35 
Bernard J. Freitag '56 
Thomas A. Gall, Jr '66 
Mr & Mrs James Gallagher 
John P. Gallagher '62 

P.iulJ, Gallagher '65 

Terence Gallagher '91 

Francis P. Gannon '51 

^X■illiam Gershanik, DDS '56 

Michael Glaze '91 

Barbara Kelly Greco '81 

Richard J. Greczyn '61 

Charles W. Greenberg '56 

Ben J. Giyctko '66 

Joseph Hainthaler '91 

Lisa and Michael Hallowell '86 

Mr cS: Mrs David Handel 

Jake Han-is '91 

Terence K. Heaney, Esq '63 

Richard J. Heniy '83 

Jo.seph L. Hepp '61 

James J. Higgins '66 

Mary P. Higgins, Esq '79 

Col Gerald T. Hipp, USA '61 

Frederick J. Hirsekom, PhD '69 

Karen Motsko Hoff '86 

Mr 6i Mrs biurence Holbert 

Philip E. Hughes, Jr., E.sq '71 

Joseph E. Huhn '71 

Walter J. Hynek '51 

Lisa Johnson '91 

Mr & Mrs George Johnston 

.Mr iS Mrs William Jones 

Julius Kamper '91 

Joseph A. Kane, PhD '56 

Robert J. Kane '66 

Lawrence J. Kelly '71 

Kenneth J. Kempf '71 

J. Christman Kennedy '66 

Mr & Mrs Robert Kerns 

Mr «S[ Mrs William Richarti King 

Mary G. Kolb 

Anne Marie Krause '91 

Raymond F. Kurian '64 

Jo.seph J. Lang '61 

Mr & Mrs Philip Lanz 

Wilbert N. La\'erghetta '51 

Thomas A. Leonard, CP.'\ '70 

Edward J. LoCasale '69 

Walter P. Lomax, Jr., MD '53 

Philip J. Lucia '51 

James J. Lynch '71 

Kathleen Gordon Lynch '77 

Thomas J. Lynch '62 

Robert S. Lyons, Jr. '61 

Joseph T. Mack '46 

Charles F. Mahoney '51 

Thomas J. Mahoney. CPA '70 

Martin G. Malloy, Esq '71 

Dr & Mrs William J. Markmann 

Lynn Provost Marta '86 

Mr & Mrs Robert Martin 

Jo.seph F. McAveety '5 1 

Joseph P. McFadden '6 1 

Linnea McFadden 

James T. McGlynn '51 

John P. McGonigle '86 

Stephen L. McGonigle '72 

Hairy McGovem '91 

Thomas F. McGowan '56 

James McGowen '51 

William J. McHale '51 

Mr & Mrs Michael McHugli 

Michael E. McLoone '67 

James F. McManus '69 

Joseph 1). .McNaniar.i "id 
Francis J. McQuilkin -il 
James D. McShea '61 
Eugene J. Mc'V'ey '61 
James P. Meehan '61 
Christine Klaster Meko, Es<| '90 
Theodore C. Mendala '51 
James R. Mercer '71 
John B. Millard 
Mr& Mrs John Mulhollanil 
Leo J. Mullen, Jr. '66 
James P. Murphy, Esq '76 
Thomas J. Murphy '56 
James W. Murray '61 
Mr & Mrs Frank .Nardone 
.Michael S. Niemann '86 
.Mr & Mrs Charles O'Brien 
William A. O'Callaghan '51 
Timotliy M. O'Connor '81 
Patrick J. O'leary, CPA '71 
Br Benedict Oliver, FSC '60 
Eileen O'Neill '81 
Thomas N. Pappas '70 
Mr cS Mrs William Patterson 
Harr^'J. Pearce '66 
Leon J. Perelman '33 
Mr & Mrs Ronald Raab 
Randolph D. Ragsdale '76 

Stephen J. Kausclier "3 
Joseph W. Rebl '91 
Charles J. Reilly '62 
Edward D. Reilly '51 
Robert M. Rogers, MD '56 
John D. Rossi '81 
Jane Ruane '81 
John J. Sabia '51 
William R. .Sautter, CPA '71 
Pauline C Scalvino, Esq '87 
Francis D. Scanlon '76 
Thomas M. .Scanlon '61 
Eric O. Scheffler '71 
John F. Schenkel '51 
Albert H. .Schoellhammer '51 
Paul M. Schtigsta '66 
Edward V. Schulgen, Esq ^1 
Joseph M. Schwab '91 
William C. Seibedich, Jr. '51 
Max G. Sewald '66 
John T. Shannon, Jr. '84 
Thomas J. Shaw, III '71 
Mr cS Mrs Robert Siitonen 
Robert T. Slinkard '91 
William Dale Sokel '66 
Barbara A. Spaulding '76 
Mr & Mrs James Spicer 

James P. Steinitz '68 
James J. Straine '63 
James T. Sullivan, Jr. '51 
John J. Sweeder, EdD '71 
Michael A. Sweeder '86 
Harry P. Sykes '51 
Mr & Mrs Jan Szo.stak 
Karia M. Sztukowski '83 
James F. Taddei '51 
Herbert E. Taylor, PhD '74 
Joseph E. Toner, III '74 
Eric R. Toppy '91 
T. Michael Townshend '71 
Edward A. Turzanski '81 
Francis J. Vemoia, E.sq '76 
Mr S: Mrs Peter Vizza 
Edward 'VX'addington '81 
Mr eS: Mrs Charles Wahl 
Edward?. Walsh '51 
Gregory J. 'Webster '81 
Kevin N. Weinstein, Esq '76 
Hon Diane McMonagle Welsh '76 
Harry J. White, PhD '54 
Mr & Mrs Jo.seph Willis 
Mr 6t Mrs William Woolslayer 
Thomas A. Zelante. Esq '76 


James F, Anthony, III 74 

Gaiy Barbera Dodge 

Bloomberg Financial Markets, Commodities, Ne'ws 

George F. Butler 75 / B & F Lithographic Company, 


John F. Carabello, DMD '62 

Coca-Cola Company 

Copy Products 

Mr & Mrs Francis J. Dunleavy 

Ulrich Hiesinger 

Holiday Inn City Line 

I B M 

Joseph W Klock,Jr., Esq 70 

George H. Levesque, Jr. 70 

Margarity Auto Dealerships 

Laura K. McKenna 


G. Dennis O'Brien, PhD 

Richard J. Prendergast '60 / ICS Incorporated 

Paul J. Rahter, MD 

Richard S. Ruecla, Esq '62 

Alan H. Silverstein '70 

Sr. R. Patricia Smith, GNSH 

Jay R. Stiefel 

Tasty Baking Company 

■VMark Software, Incorporated 

page 16 



($1 to $124) 


Joseph L. Abbamondi 

Gerard H. /\bemelliy 

Abe Abramovich 

Dominic Aceto 

Joseph N'. Aceto, MD 


Barbara L. Ackemian. MD 

Donald F. Ackerman 

Anita E.Ackovitz 

Patrice M, Adair 

Carmen S- Adamo 

Mr & Mrs Leon R. Adamo 

Lisa A. Adamovage-Hoback 

MichaelJ, Adams 

Michael W. Adams 

Paul V. Adams 

Suzanne M. Adams 

Charles R. Adelsberger 

Edward R- Agonis 

Jae Do Ahn 

NorbertJ- Aicher 

LouisJ. Aiello 

Robert M. Aiken, Sr, 

BernardinoA. Albence,Jr, 

Theodore H, Alber 

Daniel J. Albrecht 

GregoryJ Albrecht 

John P .\lcom 

Patricia G. Alderfer 

James J. Alesi 

Cynthia Alex-Palladino 

Mr& Mrs Jose LAIicea 

Frank P. Alizzi 

Henry M. Aiken 

.Marlyn .Myrna Alkins 

Sandra L. Allard 

Carole A. Allen 

Lawrence Allen 

Richard L. Allen 

Joanie D. Alston 

Carl Altilia 

Carol R. Altimari 

John C. Altrogge 

Marta V. Alvarez 

Mary A. Amabile 

JulioJ. Amadio, MD 

Thomas J. Ambolino 

Mr & Mrs Robert J. Ambrose 

Tract L. Ambrose 

Danielle Ambrosini 

Mrs Nicolina Ambrosini 

George C. Amey 

Mr& Mrs Joseph .\mmaturo 

Debra A. .toion 

Robert Amon 

Francis G. Amorosi 

Mr & Mrs Joseph W. Anaslacio 

William J. Anastacio 

Eugene Ancharski 

David L Anderson 

David 0, Anderson 

Elizabeth R, Anderson 

Nicole L. Anderson 

Mr & Mt5 Patrick R. Anderson 

JohnJ. Ando 

David L. Andrews 

Nicholas F, Andruzzi 

David R Angelo 

Mr & Mis Anthony P Angelone 

Mary Mayerhofer Angelucci 

Joseph C. Anhalt, Sr. 

Brian Anmuth, VMD 

James L. Annas 

Bohdan 0. Anniuk 


John R. Ansbro 

Pauline Ansley 

William Anstock, Sr. 

Theresa K. Anstotz 

Joseph S. Ansuini 

John F. Anthony 

Mary A. Anthony 

Ronald M. Anthony 

Joseph J. Antinori 

Mr & Mis .Anthony .^ntonelli, Jr 

Robert L, .\ntonelli 

David F. Antoni 

Mr & Mis Richard M- Apanewicz 

Stuart D. Appel 

Joseph E, Appicello 

Mr ^ Mrs I'hilipJ .\quilinu 
Eileen .McCann Araco 
Joselte A. Aramini 
Gregory T. Arbiz 
Rouel D. Arceo 
William J. Archer, Jr. 
Charles B. Ard 
Maria M. Ardizzi 
Mr & Mrs Charles M. Argondezzi 
Michael F. Arizin 
Mrs Lorraine M Armento 
Joseph F Armstrong 
Leonard J Annstrong, Jr. 
.Maureen G. Arnold 
Scott E. Arnold 
Thomas .M. Arnold 
Robert L. Arotin 
MichaelJ. Arrivello, Jr. 
Harry T Arton 
William J. .iWz, Jr. 
ArthurJ .^skins 
Jerry .^skow 
ThomasJ. Asman 
Lawrence T, Atkins, Esq 
Phyllis D. Atkins 
Edward J. Atkinson, Jr. 
.Maureen Giglio Aubuchon 
Mr & .Mrs Doniinick Aufiero 
Ms Jacqueline .\uguste 
Timothy A. Austin 
Alexaniier L. Avallon, Sr, 
Vincent R. Avallone.Jr., DO 
Patricia C. Averill 
Caroline E Aversano 
Richard A Avicolli, Sr. 
Mary Fanelli Ayala, PhD 
Deborah Eiser Azarewicz 
Jerome J. Azarewicz 
Mr & Mrs Joseph M. Azzolini 
Sarali A Babaian 
BrunoJ Bacallao 
.Mr & Mrs David P. Bacanskas 
Constance P. Bach 
Linda E. Bacheler 
Theresa M, Bachinsky 
Thomas G.Bachinsky' 
Fred S. Bachman 
Tara A. Backe 
Mary Ann Bacon 
Crai'gJ. Badolato, MD 
Carolyn Boccella Bagin 
John j Bagnell 
ThomasJ, Bagnell, Jr, 
John C Bahm 
Bonnie Bailey 
Christopher A. Bailey 
Richard J Bailey 
Joann Yanak Baillie 
.Mrs Josephine M, Baiocchi 
Earl F. Baker, III 
Mr& Mrs Earl F.Baker, Jr. 
Elisa L. Baker 
Man Beth Baker 
Mr & Mrs Robert A Baker 
Robert C. Baker 
Jennifer A Baklycki 
Paul T, Balcer ' 
Joseph A Bald:issarre, CPA 
Roseman Clancy Baldino 
ThomasJ. Baldino, PhD 
William J. Baldino 
Patricia A. Baldwin 
James M. Balestra 
Robert \', Baike 
Chuck M. Ball 
Coreen A. Ballisty 
John N. Balsama 
Mr & Mrs Pasquale Balsamo 
Dr & Mrs William H.Baltzell 
Harry F Bambrick 
Robert P Bandholz 
Albert J. Bandosz 
Aaron D Bannett, MD 
Henry J. Baraldi 
Gregory Baraniecki 
HelmutA. Baranyi, PhD 
lames F Barben 
Edward R. Barber 
Christopher J Barbier, CPA 
Francis C. Barbieri.Jr., Esq 

,\lr S Mrs James L. Barnette 

Brent M. Bamhill 

BeverlyJ Barnwell 

Joan T Barr 

John J- Barr, Esq 

.Marlene M, Barr 

Francis A, Barrett 

Franklin T. Barrett 

Michael P. Barrett 

Russell R. Barrett 

Susan Feick Barrett 

Susan M Barrett 

Thomas M. Barrett 

Vincent L. Barrett 

Mr & Mrs Mario Barrucci 

John E. Barry 

William V. Barry 

Patricia A. Barten 

Ma.\ Barth, PhD 

Roger Barth, PhD 

Mr & Mrs Donald Bartle 

James T Basara, DMD 

Ronald A. Baselice 

Alan S Baseman, .MD 

Millicent Dulin Basile 

George T. Bass 

Susan Salato Bassman 

Katherine O'Brien Bastian 

Frank J Batavick 

Garv F Batot 

FrankJ. Battaglia, PhD 

Joseph L. Battaglini 

Patricia C. Bauder 

David P Bauer, CPA 

Douglas B. Bauer 

Mr&MrsGeorgeJ. Bauer, III 

Francis C. Bauerle 

Mr & Mrs Carl E. Baumann, Sr, 

John P. Baumann 

Joseph E, Baumgartner,Jr , Esq 

.\nne P. Baumher 

Robert D Baxter, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Victor F.Bayers 

Mr & Mrs Robert C.Beadle 

Kathleen Martin Beans 

Walter F, Beard. Jr 

Barbara Swinand Beardslev 

Mr& Mrs William J. Beatn- 

Bruce T Beaumont 

LouisJ. Beccaria, PhD 

RobertJ-Becher, Sr. 

Francis X, Becht 

John C. Bechtel 

Bernice S. Beck 

Carl E. Beckjr. 

Kevin D. Beck 

ChristopherJ Becker 

Howard G Becker 

Patricia M. Becker 

Harriet M. Beckert 

Rudolph H Beckert. MD 

RichardA Bedford, MD 

Gerard J. Bednar 

Joseph P. Bednarovsky 

Stephen J Beduch 

Timothy J, Beehler 

James J. Beeson 

Mr & Mrs Andrew P. Begley 

JohnJ. Behan 

William R, Behm 

Ernest M. Behr 

Mrs Dorothy J. Beisel 

William J- Beisser 

Charles A Beilz.Jr, 

Edward K. Beitz 

Janice M Beitz 

JosephJ Belcher III 

ThomasJ. Belisari 

Mr & Mrs Edward F.Bell, Jr. 

Mar\a L. Bell 

Thom;is W.Bell 

William I 

Paul M. Bellanca, DDS 

Patrick A Belle 


Joanne Belsante 

Ms Maria A Beltle 

Ethel A. Belzer 

John Belzner 

Nicholas Bencie, DMD 

Larisa C, Bendiuk 

Robert A, Benetz 
Emanuel J. Benhavon 
Mr & Mri Edward Benish 
Mr&MrsPaul ABenner 
Barry F. Bennett 
Gerald J. Bennett 
Kenneth B, Bennington, HI 
Mr& Mrs John P. Bennis 
Fred J Bcnonis 
Mary Them Benson 
Mr & Mrs Ronald M, Benson 
Brian R. Bentz 
Catherine G. Bentz 
Robert M. Bentz, DMD 
LeroyJ. Bentzley 
George F. Beppel 
Michael J. Berchick 
Joseph W, Be renalo.Jr 
MichaelJ Bergin 
Kathleen M Bermingham 
Virginia S Bernard 
Barbara Christie Berndt 
JohnR Berndt,Jr 
Deborah E, Bernhardt 
Patrick M, Bernhardt 
Edward J- Bernier 
Edward I. Bernstein 
Rev Norman .X. Bernstein, PhD 
Lawrence C. Berran 
Mr & Mrs Lawrence W Berran 
David A. Berry 
Francis G, Berr\ 
Nancy S. Bern man 
Mr & Mrs Doniinick A. Bertoline 
Joseph F Bertolini 
Raymond H. Bertsch.Jr, 
Mr& Mrs John Bertucelli 
John A. Bertucelli 
Denise \'adenais Benvind 
George M Beschen, Sr 
George M Beschen, Jr, 
Martiena E. Besecker 
Richard N Best 
Frank .M, BeLsch 
Frederick P Betz 
Mr& Mrs John J. Bevan.Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Jay F, Bevenour, Sr 
Franklin E, Beyer 
Mr&MrsGirish Bhargava 
Theresa Ridgway Biansco 
RavmondT Bickert 
Mr'& Mrs Daniel A Bickle\ 
Mr & Mrs Joseph EBiebel 
Bernard J, Bieg 
PaulC. Bieg.Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Maurice BBielicki 
Thomas W. Biester 
Jonathan T Biggins 
Francis E. Bigley, Sr. 
Daniel P. Biko ' 
Diane Bitda 
Joseph Bille 

.Mr & Mrs Donald L Billings 
Mr & Mrs Robert Billingslea 
Louise Jackson Billups 
Mildred Bilt 
Richard F. Bingham 
Joseph S, Biondo 
John W, Birnbrauer 
Paul E Bisbing 
Anne K, Bishop 
Cecilia .\. Bishop 
Dennis J Bishop 
loseph j Bisicchia 
William P. Bissell 
Barbara Bittinger 
Henry C. Bittner 
Thaddeus F Bivenour 
Bernard L Black 
Helen K.BIack 
JamesJ, Black, PhD 
Robert J. Black 
Mr SMrsJamesH. Blades 
Mr & Mrs Carl A. Blake 
Robert C, Blake 
JohnJ. Blanch. MD 
Robert E. Blanchard 
Dr & Mrs Samuel Blank 
Michael S, Blash 
Monica Trotter Blash 
Rita Paddick Blaszczyk 
Carol FeUerman Blauth 
JohnH. Bleattler.Jr 
Jane A, Blender 
John W. Blesi 

Margaret Donaher Blessington 
Gregon T Blewett 
JosephF. Blickley, III 
\ictor P Blizard 
Gary B. Block 

.Mr& Mrs Frederick B Bloesch 
Tara A Bloesch 
Charles J. Bloom 
CharlesJ. Blount 
Allvson M Blue 
Edith M. Bobb 
Wesley .M. Bobbie 
Fred V. Boccella 
John M, Bocelli 
Michelle Lamb Boddorff 
Michael A, Boedewig 
Walter G. Boehm 
Mr & Mrs Francis GBoettcher 
Suzanne T. Bogatiuk 
Dana L. Boger 
Francis P Bogle 
(leorge W Bohnenberger 
Mr & Mrs Bernard J. Boland 
Brian M. Boland 
lohn A. Bolash 
James M.Boligitz. Jr. CPA 
Robert L, Bolsover 
Cathy J. Bolton 
Thomas F, Bolton 
Jane M Bomberger 
,\ndrew W. Bommentre 
Anthony A. Bonanni 
Raymond L, Bond 
Mr & .Mrs Thomas R Bond 
Mr & Mrs Edward J Bonello 
Diane M. Bones 
Thomas P. Bones 
Sylvain Boni, PhD 
Joseph M- Bonmer 
Robert W, Bonner 
Christine \ernalis Bonnes 
Alexander D. Bono, Esq 
Michael C. Bono 
Mrs Carmen L Bonora 
George \. Booker 
Sam R, Boone 
Thomas T. Booth, Jr 
JohnJ. Boothman.Jr 
George M. Boraske 
Donald 0, Bomies.Jr 
Ms Lucille T Born 
Mr& Mrs Juan Borrero 
Joseph .M Bozilleri 
\Villiam M. Bosch 
■Mr & .Mrs Andrew R, Bosserl 
Marcella Kuttler Bossow 
Peter R. Bossow, Jr, 
Walter S Bott, Sr, 
Catherine Dunworth Botta 
Christopher N. Botta 
loseph E- Botta 
Frank E. Bottorff 
,Mr& Mrs Konstanty Boufal 
SamanthaJ. Boultbee 
Susan Groh Boures 
Kathnn R Bourquin 
Mr& Mrs Albert J, Bove 
Thomas B, Bowe 
Tracev A. Bowen 
MrToddE, Bower, Sr 
Gerard R, Bowers 
-Mr & Mrs Robert C, Boweisox 
JohnJ. Bowes. Jr. 
Peter N. Bowman 
Mrs MrsJohnF Boyd 
Richard Boyd. Jr 
Virginia M. Boyd 
James L, Boyer 
JosephJ. Boyer 
Dennis J. Boylan 
l.orena Filosa Boylan 
Bernard Boyle 
Cornelius L Bovle 
.Mr & Mrs Hugh J. Boyle 
Mr&MrsJohnG. Bovle 
Leo A Boyle. Ill 
Marie T Bovle 
Robert F. Boyle 
Stephen J. Boyle 
Mrs Teresa A. Boyle 
Thomas .M. Boyle 
John T, Bozzi 
Theresa J. Bozzi 
Joseph P Braceland 
Paul T. Braceland 
Ra\mond B. Bracts 

Deirdre Braciszewski 
Kevin J. Bracken 
Tobv W Bracken 
JohnJ Bradfield 
Drs George ii Manlyn Bradford 
Eileen McGlone Bradley 
James P. Bradley, Sr,, JD 
John M. Bradley 
Maria Chindamo Bradlev 
.Michael P Bradley 
Sharon D Bradley 
William J, Bradley 
Laura Swidetski Bradner 
Joseph F, Brady 
Loretta B Brativ 
Mark A Brady, DVM 
Maureen K Bradv 
Paul R Bradv 
William J, Brady, Jr 
,\rlene Branch 
Dolores A, Brandolo 
Frederick C Brandt 
.Mrs Isabelle Brandt 
Charles H, Braner 
JohnJ. Branigan, Esq 
Mr & Mrs Edmund J. Bransfield 
PeterJ. Brauman 
Denise Deberardinis Braun 
Willis F Braun 
John P Braunsar 
Brian J- Bray 
Michelle Fossett Bray 
Delores M Brecker 
David W Breen 
.Mr ii .Mrs John J. Breen 
Owen J. Breen, Jr. 
Thomas A. Breen 
Gerald M. Breeze 
Kristin Brehmer 
John P Breickner, III 
Alfred E, Brennan 
Charlene L. Brennan 
Donald J. Brennan 
James P. Brennan 
Joseph C Brennan 
Joseph M Brennan 
Joseph P Brennan 
Joseph P. Brennan 

Kevin F, Brennan 

Mrs Regina D Brennan 
Timothy C, Brennan, Jr,EdD 
Joann Brenner 

Roseann Lvnn Brenner, Esq 
John F Brent, DMD 

Patricia A. Breslin 

Thomas C. Breslin 
JohnJ, Bresnan 
Joseph F BreLschneider 
Joseph A, Brett 

Mr & Mrs Darryl J. Brewster 

David P. Brickley 
James P Brickley 
John F. Brickley 

Robert C, Brief 

Bruce A. Brien 

Robert T Brill, PhD 

Mr & M^ Frederick J. Brino 

Monique Marie Brino 

Joseph P, Brisley 

Mrs Mary Anne E, Brister 

Stephen). Britt 

Mr & Mrs John Broadnix 

Mr & Mrs Steven P Brochinsky 

.\nne D Brodbeck 

George |, Bronkovic, |r, 

MarkJ, Brood 

Beverh' D, Brooks 

Mr & Mrs Edward T Brooks 

Joan M. Brooks 

Victor D. Brooks, Jr, PhD 

Grelchen Heebner Brosius 

Wade A, Brosius. DO 

Carl Brown 

Christopher M. Brown 

Mr& Mrs David J Brown, Sr, 

Harrv E, Brown 

James F Brown 

Joanne M Brown 

Kenneth B Brown 

LeRonJ. Brown 

.Mar^ Valko Brown 

Mr &. Mr Robert J. Brown 

Theodore W Brown 

William J, Brown 

Patricia M. Browne 

Timothy J Browne 

Anneniarie Lento Brownmiller 
Mr & Mrs Barry K.Bruce 
Judith Blanco Bruening 
Mr & Mrs John V. Brull 
Sharon D Brune 
Kenneth L. Brunetti 
Mary Fox Bruning 
Mr & Mrs Generoso G Bruno 
Jonathan P. Brunt 
Mr S Mrs David PBruton 
David J. Bryant 
Mr & Mis Howard Brvant 
Teresa L. Bryant 
Ms Margaret F, Brzozowski 
Ms Helen D Bubka 
Peter A, Bucci 
Joanne M. Buchanan 
Lois C, Bucholski 
.Margaret Nelson Buck 
Teresa M, Buck 
Matthew 1. Bucko. MD 
Joseph A Buenzle 
RobertJ. Bugdal 
.MrsJoAnn.M. Buggy 
Josiane M. Bulens 
Patricia Lynn Bull 
Kenneth F, Bullock 
Pearl Frazier Bullock 
Thomas F. Bullock, Esq 
Mrs Winnie Bullock 
Hank Bullwinkel 
HanevL Bunch, Jr 
John M. Buonomo, DO 
,Manann Dean Buonomo 
Mr & Mis ,*dara J, Burakouski 
Nancy M, Burawski 
Carol F- Burcin 
Joanne .M, Burdulis 
John N, Burgoyne 
Rodnev L, Burk 
Charles E, Burke, PhD 
Darlene Blaker Burke 
Diane M, Burke 
Mrs Ethel M Burke 
John L. Burke 
John T Burke 
Joseph P. Burke 
Joseph W Burke 

KellvAnneB Burke 
Louis A Burke 

Michael G Burke 

Michael T Burke 

Mr & Mrs Richard E, Burke, Jr, 
Thomas F, Burke 
William F, Burke. Ill 

Susan L. Burnett 

Bernard J, Bums 

Daniel D. Bums.Jr 
Joseph Bums 
Joseph F, Bums 

,\lichaelj Burns 

I'atrickJ. Burns, DO 

Richard H. Bums 

Robert T. Bums 

Frank .\- Burr 

Mrs Burton 

Gina R, Burton 

Man A. Buschka 

Mr &M5 Edward W.Buschke 

Mr S Mr David L. Buschmeicr 
John F. Butler 
John F, Butler 

,Mr Sl ,\lrs loseph B. Butler 

Man E, Butler 

Robert L. Butler 

Thomas M. Butler. PhD 

Rev Victor Butler, S\T) 

Leslie .M. Byard 

Francis X. Bvgolt 

BrianJ. Byme, PhD 

Mr & ,Mrs Edmund By me 

Sharon Wilson Byrne 

Brian T. Byrnes 

JamesJ- Bymes 

Robert M.Bvmes.Jr, 

Eileen Hilpl Cabry 

Catherine R, Cabungcal 

Maria C, Cacia 

Richard T, Cadigan 

Mr & ,Mis .Anthony J. Cafagna 

.\nthonv |, Caffarella 

CMDR Edward F, Caff rev, Jr, 

Shav S Caheriv 

J. Richard Cahill 

RobertJ. Caliill 

FALL 1996 

page- r 

George J. Cain 
Diego F. Calderin 
Linda A. Calderin 
Charles D. Calhoon. DDS 
John C Calhoun. VMD 
Nuncio N. Call 
Susanna C. Calkins 
John P. Callahan 
Rev Joseph W. Callaluui 
John K, Callamaro 
ThomasP. Callan.Jr 
Michael I- Canima 
Francis N. Campagna, MD 
Donald J. Campmiile 
Cecilia H. Campbell 
Daniel Campbell 
Ellen M. Campbell 
Francis X. Campbell 
Frank J. Campbell. Jr. 
Howaid F. Campbell, Jr. 
Joan A. C;unpbell 
Joseph J. Campbell 
Joseph M. Campbell 
Scoll F. Campbell 
Thomas E. Campbell 
Thomas J. Campbell, 111 
Francis \- Campi 
FrankJ, Cajnpisi 
Mr & Mrs Fernando Campos 
Joseph F. Canataro. EdD 
Domenick D. Caniglia 
John J. Canney 
Francis W. Canning, CPA 
Mr & .Mi^ James P. Canning 
John J. Canning 
.Mr & Mrs Terrence M. Canning 
James F, Cannon 
Margaret Haines Cannon 
Ramona M. Cannon 
Frederick J. Cantz.Jr. 
Louis P. Canuso 
David C. Canzanese 
Dr & Mrs Cesar M. Caoili 
GeorgeJ. Capaldi, DDS 
.Mr & Mis Abramo W. Capece 
Joseph J. Capista, DDS 
Joseph F Capodanno.Jr., Esq 
Nicholas J. Cappello, Jr. 
John J Capriotti 
Donald E. Caputi 
Mr & Mrs Alfonso .A Caputo 
John D, Caputo, PhD 
.Michael k Caputo 
■Mr & .Mr; Richard Caputo 
Robert J- Carabasi,.MD 
N'atalJ. Carabello 
Steven D. Caramelo 
Harr\ P. Carberr)' 
Anthony D. Carboni 
Linda Sanders Cardamone 
Debra A. Cardell 
Larry Cardonick 
Christopher J. Carey. Jr. 
.Mr & Mrs Gerald M. Carey 
Sara P. Carey 
Kristin E. Carickhoff 
John N. Carides 
Peter Carides 
Dawn C. Cariello 
Vincent J. Carita 
Lawrence J. Carlev,Jr., MD 
Mr& Mrs Charles' T.Carlin 
Tracy L. Cariino 
Frank Carlone, III 
Judith L. Carlson 
James W Carmody 
Rev Christopher Carney 
.Mr & Mrs Joseph M. Carney 
Rosemarie Carosella 
Mr & .Mrs John Carothers 
Jill S. Carozza 
Erwip A. Carp 
Francis J. Carr.Jr. 
Harris A. Carr 
John F. Carr 
Mr&MisJohnP, Carr 
■Mar}' Carr 
Steven M. Carr, Esq 
.Mr & .Mrs Gary A. Carraccio 
George A. Carroll 
Henry .M. Carroll 
John A. Carroll 
John J. Carroll 
.Mr & Mrs Michael Carroll 
William C, Carter 

Mr S Mrs William E Carter 
■Mis ■Marion T. Carlotio 
.Marco D. Canilli 
Mr& MriRocco Canilli 
Mr & Mrs .-^Ido Caruso 
.\nlhnny I). Caruso 
Jean B. Carulhers 
Ronald T. Casani 
Timothy A. Casee 
Camlyn S. Casey 
Daniel J. Casey 
.Mrs Mrs Denis B. Casey 
Joseph J. Casey 
.Michael .A Casey 
Thomas J. Casey 
Thomas J. Casey 
ChrLstina G. Cashman 
RobertG. Casillo, PhD 
June M. Cason 
Charles A. Cassidy,Jr. 
Douglas G. Cassidy 
Francis X, Cassidy 
Joseph F. Cassidy 
Philip E. Cassidy, Jr. 
Thomas V. Cassidy 
Robert F. Castaldi 
Cari C. Castellano 
Fredric A. Castellano 
Peter T, Castle 
\inccntM, Castronuo\o 
\'incentj. Cataldi 
.Margaret L. Catanese 
Mr & Mrs Robert GCaton.Sr. 
Dominic J. Catrambone 
Jennifer Delio Catrambone 
JoAnna L. Cattie 
Mr& Mrs Joseph G, Caucci.Jr. 
Edward E. Caufield 
David W. Cava 
Moira Brady Cava 
Bruce G. Cavanagh 
Mr&MisRobertP. Cavanagh 
Francis J. Cavanaugh.Jr. 
James K. Cavanaugh, Jr. 
Mary Fragale Caviston 
Angela M. Cella 
Joseph A. Centonze 
Frank A Ceraso 
Toni Ceraul 
Eugene C. Cerceo 
Maria J- Cerceo 
Patrick J. Cerceo 
Edward P. Ceresini 
Harry E. Cerino 
Jane Bates Cero 
Peter A Certo 
Charles F. Cerveny 
Michele Glodek Cesena 
Constance M. Chaga 
Tomasina A. Chamberlain 
James B, Chambers 
Christine M. Champine 
Howard S. Chandler 
John J. Chapman 
Edward J. Charlton, Esq 
.Ms Ellen F. Chase 
WilliamJ. Chase, Sr. 
.Michael). Checchia 
Anthony S. Checkowski 
.Mbert F. Chelius 
Patricia A Chelius 
Stephen W. Cheney 
Rev Perry A. Cherubini 
Nicola Vecchione Chesna 
Edward F. Chesnes 
Mr & Mrs Denis J, Chiappa 
Carmen J. Chiaradonna 
Elizabeth .M. Chiavaroli 
Mr & Mrs Dino F. Chiavegato 
Anthony T. Chiaverelli 
Donald R, Chierici,Jr.,Esq 
Mr & Mrs Joseph FChiliberti 
Joseph P, Chinnici 
Frank M. Chomenko 
Karen Cobb Chomenko 
Eileen .Monahan Chopnick 
Mr & Mrs .Metro M.Chrepta 
Gary M. Christian 
Mary J, Christian 
Philip Christian 
Mr & Mis David E, Christiansen 
■Ms Janet Christianson 
Charles W.Christy, III 
Susan Fry Chubb 

■Ms Rosemary Cianfrani 
Louis A, Ciarlante 
Lvnda Cicala 
MarkJCiccantelli. MD 
Mr& .Mrs James D, Ciccone 
Joseph A Ciconte.DMI) 
Gabriel D, Cieri, Fiq 
FrankJ, Ciervo 
Edward W. Ciesielski 
Rocco D. Cifone 
Mr& Mrs Paul C.Cifra 
Sandra E Cikana 
Robert E. Cimorelli 
Ms Maria I. Cintron 
PasqiialeJ ('iocco 
Mr&MrsDonald A. Ciotta 
John P Cipollone 
.Anthony Cirineo 
ArmandJ Cirone 
Nancy R. Cirone 
Thomas ■M. Cislo 
Mr & ■Mrs Joseph E, Citino 
Gary K. Clabaugh, EdD 
Joseph .M. Claffey 
Patrick J. Clancy 
Robert A. Clancv 
Daniel ?. Clark' 
Dennis M. Clark 
Mr& Mrs John J. Clark 
Lynn Gidel Clark 
Mr Robert J. Clark 
Mr Thomas F.Clark 
Annemarie F. Clarke 
Mary E. Clarke, Esq 
Stephen V. Clarke 
Pamela Z. Clar\' 
Laura C Clavin 
TimothyJ. Clay, DMD 
Mr&MrsJaniesP. Clear 
William N Clearfield, DO 
Michael 1) Clearkin 
Mr & Mrs Frank M. Clean- 
Gerard ■M. Cleary 
Mr & Mrs James E. Cleary 
Thomas J, Cleary 
Thomas R. Clean' 
Jennifer C. Clements 
Donna L. Clews 
Mr& MrsWayneA. Cline 
Larri' L. Clinkscale 
Deborah Herman Closson 
Neil Clover 
Patrick M, dowry 
Barbara A, Coady 
Brian P. Coady 
Man'anne Carson Coates 
John H. Cobb 
Curtis R.Cockenberg, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Gary Cocking 
Edward B. Codv 
Judith MCoe 
Merwin G. Coe 
Edward S. Coffin 
Timothy P. Cogan 
Teresa Murphy Coggshall 
Arnold L. Cohen 
Charies S. Cohen 
Judith Cohen 
Kenneth F. Cohen. Esq 
Robert Cohen, CPA 
Dr& Mrs Robert MCohn 
iMichele M. Colahan 
Thomas J. Colahan 
Vincent J, Colamosca 
Gerald Colapinto 
Joseph C Colasante 
.Mr & Mrs \ incent Colasante 
Mrs Mrs Richard LColden, Jr. 
Robert A. Cole 
Rosemarie A, Cole 
Ida R. Colella 
Stephanie A. Colello 
Kathleen .M. Coleman 
.Mrs .Margaret M. Coleman 
Victoria E. Coleman 
Daniel W. Coley 
■Mr & Mrs Edward W. Golfer 
John B, Coll 

.Mr & Mrs Stephen A Coll 
Florence J. Collier 
Nancy L. Collier 
WilliamJ, Collier, CPA 
Harry J. Collins 
James F, Collins 
John F Collins, Jr. 

Michele .M, Collins 
Mr & .Mrs John Collins 
Joseph J. Cnlosimo 
Robert J. Colton 
Eugene Cnlucci 
Rev Thom;is E. Comber, CSP 
JaniesJ. Conahan 
Ms Nancy .M. Conalian 
Raymond T, Conarty 
Edward W, Conaway, Jr. 
Eugene .M. Conhoy 
J. Emmett Condon 
William .M, Coneghen.Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Dennis G. Congdon 
Timothv S. Conklin 
Mr & Mrs Thomas FConlan 
John .M. Conlow.Jr 
Joseph D, Connell 
Joseph M. Connell 
Mr & iMis Thomas J. Connell 
JamesJ. Connellv 
Mr & Mrs Peter F, Connelly 
Robert J, Connelly 
.Mr & Mr Thomas J. Connelly 
William P. Connelly 
Gerald P. Conner 
Debra L Connolly 
Thomas F, Connolly, Jr 
James F. Connor 
John .M, Connor 
Kevin J. Connor 
Paul T, Connor 
Vincent R. Connor 
John J. Connors, Esq 
.Margaret R. Connors, Esq 
Thomas iM. Connors, Jr. 
Jane Kauffman Conolly 
■Mr & Mrs Lewis E. Conrad 
William D. Conrad 
John T Conroy 
Mary A. Conroy 
Sean P. Conroy 
Mr & Mrs Caraien M. Consiglio 
Richard J. Conte 
Hugh F, Conven 
James H. Converv 
WilliamJ, Convey 
Charles L. Conway, Sr., CPA 
Kathleen .M. Conway 
Patrick J. Conwav 
NWJlohn R.Cook 
Paul' X. Cook 
Mr & .Mrs Stephen I Cook 
Thomas N.Cook 
John T, Cooke 
Karen A. Cooley 
Timothy J. Coonahan 
Ijrolyn E. Cooper 
Dwight V. Cooper 
Mr & Mrs John J, Cooper, Jr 
James G. Copeland 
Cheryl L. Coppola 
Mary ^McGrath Coppola 
Charles J. Corace 
Dorothy J, Corbetl 
Erin N. Corcoran 
■Mr & Mis Francis T. Corcoran 
Mr & Mrs Harold T. Corcoran 
James F Corcoran 
Thomas E. Corcoran 
Michael J. Corey 
Francine Calafati Corley 
Mary Jo Kovatch Corley 
CPTThomas P. Corley 
Sonia Cornell 
John R, Corrigan 
Rosemary Mancini Corrigan 
Timothy A. Corry 
Christine A. Cortese 
Michael Cortese 
Cosmo J. Corvaglia 
.\nthonyT, Con'aia.Jr, 
GeorgeV. Corwell, EdD 
.Melissa A, Corwell 
Michael A, Cory 
Mr & .Mrs Frank L, Coschi 
Donald M.Cosenza, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Donald M.Cosenza 
Hon Francis P. Cosgrove 
Anthony L. Cossetti 
John M. Costa 
Edmond D. Costantini 
Michael S. Costanzo 
Brian P. Costello 
Joseph J. Costello 
Richard V, Costello 

Robert F, Costello. Jr 
Robert J. Costello 
JayJ. Costenbader 
HennJ. Cotton 
Mr S Mrs Edward MCouller 
Charlotte A. Council 
Mr& Mrs Ernest R, Council 
Theresa Council-Smith 
Albert J. Countryman 
Donald J. Courtney 
Robert J. Courtney, Jr. 
James \'. Covello 
Maurice E. Cox. Jr. 
A, Leo Cnyle 
Anthony N. Coyle 
Arthur E. Covie 
Charles A. Coyle. Edli 
CharlesJ. Coyle 
Edwins. Coyle, Jr. 
Francis T. Coyle 
James M. Coyle 
James P. Coyle 
John D, Covie 
.Michael H.' Coyle 
Colette M. Coyne 
Thomas J, Coyne 
George A. Cozza 
Maryanne D. Crager 
Harriet A. Craig 
LeoF Craig, Jr. 
Marie Bruno Craig 
.'\ndrew P. Crane 
Edwin S, Crane. Jr. 
James S. Crawford 
Jerry W. Crawford 
Br John M. Crawford, FSC 
■Margaret Lyman Crawford 
.Mis Helene M. Creary 
Conrad .M. Cregan 
Ralph F, Cretaro 
John J. Crewalk 
James .M, Crillev 
Barbara Cristaldi 
Dr & Mrs Anthony Cristiano 
Richard A, Croasmun 
James J. Crockett 
Stephen J. Croghan 
DonaldJ. Croke 
Lawrence W. Croll 
Geraldine Shields Cromley 
(ierald A Cropp 
Robert S Croskey 
Christopher J. Crowe 
Joseph E, Crowne 
Joanna M. Cruz 
Ruth Cuadrado-Wilkins 
Frank L, Cuce, DO 
David R. Cucinotta 
David P. Cullen 
Ms Frances ■M, Cullen 
lenniferCulp R. Gulp 
Catherine T. Cummings 
Joseph T. Cunnane 
Madeleine D. Cunnane, Esq 
Joseph T, Cunningham 
Raymond Cunningham, Jr 
(Catherine R Curley 
Christina TCurran 
Mrs Diane E. Curran 
Eileen .M. Curran 
Gregory J. Curran 
■Mary A, Curran, DH.M 
Mr& Mrs James E. Currie, Jr 
■Margaret O'Brien Curtin 
John J. Cush 
TimothyJ. Cush 
Dawn E. Cusimano 
WilliamJ. Cute 
Joseph S. Cymbor 
Pamela Doody Cyr 
Edward A Czemiakowski, DDS 
Casimir M. Czerpak 
.Mary Boules Czyzyk 
Mr & Mis Frank D'Aiuto 
ToniLynn A. DAlessandro 
John L D'Alonzo 
Mr & .Mrs Louis G. D'Alonzo 
.\ntonino P. D'.Vnbrosio 
RaifS. D'Amico 
Salvatore L, D'Amico 
John D'Angelo, CPA 
Nicholas C. D'Angelo 

Patricia A. D'Annunzio 
Mr S Mrsjames E. D'Anlonio 
Maria Toci DAiitonio 
George A. D'Ascenzo 
DavidJ Dlmperio.Jr. 
Peter J. D'llrazio 
Louis A. D'Ovidio 
.Mr& Mrs John J. Dabose 
Tonya R. Daher 
Colin Daigle 
Ms M. Carol Daigle 
.MrS Mn< Eugene .M, Daily 
RichardJ Daisley 
Richard T, Dalena 
Richard W, Dallara 
Mr& Mrs Charles T Daly, Jr 
lames F Dalv, |r 
John J. Daly ' 
TerenceJ. Dalv 
Barbara I Dal'zell 
Anthony J, Daniico 
FrankJ. Damico 
CharlesJ, Dammer 
John J. Dampf.Jr. 
James P, Dandy 
Brian D. Daniel 
Maryanne F. Daniel 
Leslee Wissnw Daniels 
Charles E lianihel 
Jane B, Danihel 
.Mrs .^rlene Danilak 
Lisa M. Dankanich 
Mr cS Mrsjames L. Danvers 
Malcolm H, Darden 
Richard E. Dardis, PhD 
John G. Darrah 
COL James J. David 
Kahtieen DeFeo Davidowski 
Mr & .Mrsjames E. Davidson 
Carole A. Davies 
John M Davies 
.Mr &. Mrs Jesus Davila 
Brian M. Davis 
Carl J, Davis 
Christopher, M.Davis 
Elizabeth A. Davis 
Frank E, Davis, Jr. 
George W. Davis 
Mr&MrsMarlinJ. Davis 
Marvann Pantano Davis 
Richard B. Davis 
Mr & .Mis Peter FDawley 
Mr &. Mrs John .M Dawson 
Thomas K. Dawson 
AnlhonyJ, Day 
Irene Veach Day 
Mr&MrsLarrvW, Day 
Peter L.DeAngells.Jr, 
Dana k De.^ngelo 
Larry T, DeAngelo 
Louis P. DeAngelo 
Joseph A DeBarberie 
ThnmiLsA. DeBerardinis. .MD 
MrsRitaJ DeBow 
Kathleen M, DeCerchio 
Kelly A. DeCesare 
Charles DeChristopher, Jr. 
Mrs Dolores DeFelice 
David .M. DeFilippis 
.Michael G, DeFino. Esq 
Mr & Mis Charles PDeFoncc 
Lester R. DeFonso 
Cynthia Bradford DeGeorge 
■Vlary Curran DeJoseph 
.Mariene M DeLaCnjz 
Mr& Mrs Ralph DeLaVergne. Ill 
Steven R DeLabio 
Eugene .M, DeLaurentis 
Mr & Mrs Michael E. DeLeo 
NicholasJ, DeLong 
Michael J DeLoretta.Jr 
Daniel A. DeLuca 
WilliamJ. DeMare 
Mr&MrsAlbertP, DeMasi 
Steven A, De.Masi 
Donald D, DeMuro 
Mr&MrslohnDeNicholas, |r 
Petrina Bisicchia DePasquale 
Rudolph TDePersia. Jr.. MD 
Victoria Allen DeSalvo 
Patricia DeSanto 
Donna Ryder DeSimone 
James A. DeStefano 
Raymond D. DeStephanis. Jr, 

Joanne Woods DeTitto 
Lawrence J. DeVaro.Jr. 
Mr S Mrs Frederick M.DeWolfe 
John B. Deamer.Jr. 
Karen A. Dean 
.Michael W Dean 
James I) Deicsy, Esq 
Sr Hilary Decker 
Thom;isJ. Decker, III 
Alfred Deckert 
Jean T-aimey Dee 
LiireltaM lieeble 
Dennis D Deegan 
ThonLisJ. Deegan 
Helene L. Deely 
WilliamJ. Deery.Jr. 
William R Deis.s, Esq 
Catherine M DelCiotto 
Diane M. DelColoinbo 
MarkA DelRossi 
Lucila Paramo DelValle 
Anthonv DelVescovo 
Siei)heii I lielacy 
\\r& Mrsjames). Delaney 
John L. Delaney 
)ohn R, Delaney 
Theresa L. Delaney 
Robert E Delanv 
Michael GDeir'Orto 
Gabriella DellaValle 
Albert \ Dellangelo 
Debra P. Delmar 
Michael F. Delp, Sr 
Kristine E. Demark 
Fariey L Demeio 
Christine Romaniw Demldowich 
.Mr & Mrs John iM. Dempsey 
Thomas J. Dempsey 
.Marie C Dench 
Ms Elizabeth C. Dennis 
Russel J. Denshuick 
Jeffrey P. Denton 
Lisa M, Denton 
Mr & Mrs Terry W Denzer 
Kathleen A. Depinan 
Anthony F, Derago 
RaymondJ Derbyshire 
John M Derderian 
Jon R. Derewicz 
Kristine Grady Deiewia 
.Ms Theresa G Derico 
.Marianne Deska 
Bernard T, Destafney 
Edwin J. Detrick 
Ave ,VI. Dever 
Mr& Mrs Dennis Dever 
Edward H. Dever, III 
Joseph G Dever 
Jewel L De\ereau\ 
UanielJ Devine 
Mr& Mrs Francis D. [levine 
Gerard C, Devine 
Edward J. Devinney,Jr. 
Francis J. Devinney 
BernardJ. Devlin 
Roberta Devlin 
T. Farrell Devlin 
Paul A. DiBlasi 
Anthonv J. DiBricida, III 
Cy nthia DiBuono, VMD 
.Mary Fazzini DiCamillo 
NicholasJ DiCandilo 
Louis A. DiCesari 
Michael DiChristofaro. CPA 
MarkA, DiCrislino 
RichardADiDio, PhD 
Dennis D. DiDomenico 
Vincent J. DiDonato, Jr. 
John M. DiFerdinando 
.\fr & .Mrs Dominique DiFilippo 
Elizabeth Good DiFrangia 
.Mr & Mrs .Mario DiGerolamo 
Richard DiGiacomo 
Gerald J. DiCilio 
Patricia A. DiGilio 
Anthony J. Dilenno.Jr. 
James A. Dilenno, DC 
LucianaA Dilorio 
Mr & .Mrs Richard T, Dijulia 
DavidJ- DiLucia 
Camille DiLullo 
Claude J, DiMarco, DO 
Domenico A. DiMarco, PhD 
Anthony R. DiMartino 
John A. DiMascio 

page 18 


Philip E. DiMassinio 
William F. DiMeo 
Jolin B DINunzio 
\inccnl DiPaolo 
Andrew E. DiPiero, Jr.. Esq 
Mr & Mrs Anthony DiPietro 
Silvio M. DiPietro 
Anthony A. DiPrimio, PhD 
Mr S Mrs Enrico DiSalvo 
Mr & Mrs Christopher DiSciullo 
Louis T. DiSlefano 
Jeffrey S. DiTanna 
Mary M. DiTroia 
Jason]. DiVirgilio 
Rev David E Diamond 
COL James M. Diamond 
Daniel G, Diasio 
Manuel W. Diaz 
Frances Jacob Diccicco 
■Michael J. Diccicco 
Michael B. Dickinson 
Ms Stella C.Dicknian 
Gerald J. Dieckhaus.Jr 
GerardJ. Diefes, MD 
Debra A. Diener 
Daniel J Dienna 
NiclioliLS I' Dienna 
Roberto Diemlf 
Mr& Mrs Joseph F. Diersingjr. 
Robert A. Dielerle 
Charles B. Dietzler 
Lawrence P. Difranco 
John B. Digan 
Andrea Fina Dignam. PhD 
Dr John T. Dignam 
Leo W. Dignam 
Francis X. Dillon. Esq 
JosephJ. Dillon 
Mary Deissler Dillon 
Michael J. Dillon 
Thomas F. Dillon 
James P. Dimatteo 
Ronald C. Diment 
.Mr S; .Mrs Peter Dimopoulos 
Daniel J. Dinardo 
Joseph D. Dinoto, Esq 
David Dipaolo 
Thomas J. Dispenzere 
Christopher], Ditsky 
John J. Dixon. Esq 
Bernadelle Dlugokecki 
Edward C. Dlugosz 
John W. Dlugosz 
Lynn Woytyeky Doan 
Man' Ellen G. Dobbins 
Theodore F Doberstein, CPA 
Thomas P. Dobroskey 
Madalyn A. Dodaro 
Russell L, Dodd 
MelvinJ Dodson 
Henry J. Doehne 
Gerard P. Doherly 
Jacqueline Doherty 
James R. Doherty 
Kristen Doherty 
Maria Raffaele Doherty 
Thomas A. Dohert\' 
Timothy Doherty 
Tricta M. Doherty 
Mr & Mi:s Joseph E. Dolack 
Andrew T. Dolan 
James T. Dolan 
Marv Rush Dolan 
Philip E. Dolan 
Stephen P. Dolan, Jr. 
Theresa Moser Dolan 
Ms M. Mancini Doll 
Amy J Dolphin 
Thomas \V. DomaleskT 
John J. Doman.Jr 
Daniel A. Domanico 
Jean Gallagher Domanski 
Mrs Kathn'n Dombrowski 
Beverly A. Domzalski 
David J. Domzalski 
Susan Feola Donachie 
Richard J. Donaher 
Francis J. Donahoe, PhD 
Daniel E. Donahue 
Edward J. Donahue 
Gerard B. Donahue 
Mr & .Mrs J.Joseph Donahue 
John ^L Donahue, Esq 
Lisa M. Donahue 
Therese M. Donahue 
Mark J. Donati 

Christopher ,M. Donalo 
Frederick J. Donatucci 
Lawrence C. Dondero 
Keith .M, Donnell 
Francis J. Donnelly 
James R. Donnelly, Jr. 
Mr&MrsJohnJ. Donnelly 
John M. Donnelly 
Joseph D. Donnelly, Jr. 
Joseph F. Donnelly 
Lisa McCarthy Donnelly 
Maureen P. Donnelly 
Michael E. Donnelly 
V'incenI M Donnelly 
William A. DiinnelK.Jr 
.Mr & .Mrs Edward C . Uonovan, Sr 
Francis R. Donovan 
Robert A. Donovan, III 
John A. Doody, PhD 
Dr & Mrs James E. Dooley 
Lisa .M. Dooley 
Michelle L. Dopke 
Cynthia J. Dopp 
Mr&MrsRobertJ. Dorazio 
William J. Dorgan 
Mr& MrsThomasJ Dormer, Jr. 
Marina M Dorosh 
Irene C Dorsey 
Michael S. Doser 
James J. Dotzman 
B Joan Dougherty 
(Cynthia M. Dougherty 
Edward M. Dougherty, Jr 
Eileen T Dougherty 
Harry J. Dougherty 
James E. Dougherty 
John J. Dougherty 
Mr & Mr Joseph A [)oiighert\' 
Joseph B. Doughert\' 
Karen A. Dougherty 
Maria D'Angelo Dougherty 
Michael J. Dougherty 
.Mr &. Mrs Michael K.TDougherly 
Peter J. Dougherty 
Stephen J. Dougherty 
Thomas E. Dougherty 
Thomas J. Dougherty 
William E. Dougherty 
Diane D. Douglas 
John M. Douglass 
Paul D. Downey 
William E. Downs 
Elizabeth Waier Doyle 
Francis J. Doyle 
Harry J. Doyle 
James J. Doyle, Jr. 
John J, Doyle 
John T, Doyle, CPA 
Joseph P. Doyle 
Thomas J. Doyle, Jr. 
William J. Doyle, Jr. 
Eugene J. Draganosky 
Mr & .Mrs Ulysses Draines 
Robert .M. Dreibelbis 
Robert C. Drennen 
Mark V. Drewicz 
Robert M. Dreyer 
Lisa Goldman Driban 
EdwardJ. Driscoll 
Joseph V. Driscoll 
Lawrence J. Driscoll 
Michael J Driscoll 
Rosemarie Grofcsik Driver 
Maynard Z. Drossner 
Harvey A. Druker 
Patricia J. Drumgoole 
Joseph P. Drumm 
COL Peter F.Drurv, Jr. 
Mr&Mt?,\vindraK Dube 
Roman M. Dubenko 
Mr&Mr^JohnJ. Diibon 
Samuel A. Duca 
Robert D. Duckett,Jr 
John M. Dudish 
.\ndrew 1. Duff 
\ashti C Duff 
James B. Duffey 
Sean D. Duffin 
Mr & .Mrs George J. Duffner 
Theresa C. Duffner 
Edward T Duff)', Jr. 
Joseph A. Duff\' 
Maureen T. Duffy 
Stephen F. Duff) 

Steven A. Duffy 

Jo.seph J Dugan. Jr 

Michael J Dugan 

John D Dugery 

Michael Dugery 

Kathleen E. Duggan 

Dennis M. Duhon 

GeorgeJ Duko 

James J. Dulin 

Gerald .\l. Duncan 

Mr S .Mrs Robert F. Dunchcskie 

,\nne Murphy Dundon 

JamesJ. Dunleav)' 

A. Ma\'o Dunn 

James A Dunn. Jr 

W'alter E Dunn. Jr. 

WilliamJ. Dunn, Jr. 

Robert C. Dunne 

N'anc\'J. Durdock 

Stephen J, Durdock 

Anthony J. Durkin 

Teresita .M. Durkin 

Alfred J. Durney, IV, Esq 

Charles M. Durning 

Richard A. Durso 

William A. Dun'ee 

Mr & Mrs Ronald FDuska.Sr 

.Arthur J Dustman. Jr. 

Teresa A. Duzinski 

Frances Dwyer 

James P Dwver. DO 

Judith A [)w\er 

Kevin P. Dwver 

Peter J. Dwyer.Jr. 

Robert A. Dwyer 

Suzanne M. Dvkes 

Jill G. Dymek ' 

ThouKis A. Dziadosz 

Francis T Dziedzic.Jr 

Joseph G. Dziena 

Mr & Mrs Louis Eacovalle, Jr. 

John H. Eadeh 

Mr& Mrs John N.Eadeh 

Mr & Mrs Andrew Eagland 

John R Earle 

Robin M. Eason 

Henn' B. Eastland, Esq 

Donald F Eberhardl 

Mr&.\lrsHaroldJ Eberly.Jr 

Frederick W. Ebner. Jr. 

Charles J. Echelmeier 

George F Eck 

Kathleen Vates Eckard 

Dr & Mrs Paul G.Ecker 

George P Eckerl 

Joseph C Eckert.Jr. 

.Marianne Eckert 

WalterJ. Eckroth 

Joan R. Eddy 

COL GeorgeJ Edelmann.Jr. 

Reuben S. Edmonson 

Beverly A. Edwards 

Carol A. Edwards 

James M. Edwards 

Thomas V Edwards, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Francis X.Eells 

Daniel M. Efroymson 

Daniel J Egan 

Joseph P. Egan 

.Mary E. Egan 

Joseph M. Egler 

Mr & .Mrs Joseph Ehmann 

Ellen I. Eidelson 

Ann MarieJ. Eidenshink 

Thomas R. Eisler 

Donna ,M. Ella 

WalterJ Eliasnn 

Theodore B. Ellerkamp 

James W. Elliott 

John W Elliott 

Lewis D. Elliot! 

Lisa V. Emenck 

Richard V Emetson 

.Mildred I. Emilius 

Stephen Eng 

.ViloineJ Engels 

Laura E. England 

Dennis H. Engle 

W. David Engle 

James R. Engler 

Mr&MrsJohnV. Engler 

.Mr & Mrs Anthony J. Englese 

Carol L. Enick 

Dr& Mrs Julian B.Entrada, Jr. 

N'ana' L. Entriken 

.Michael G Enz. CPA 

Anne B Eprighl 

Tina Epslein 

Donna M Erb 

Michael A, Erfurl 

.\lr& Mn.EricJ- Erickson 

Jeffrey Erinoff 

Edwiiui Lee Erkis 

Michael L. Eriich 

Mr^^ Mrs Anthony Errico 

Stephen F. Ertle 

Alice C. Eschallier 

Louis J. Eskuchen 

Mr & Mrs Charles J. Esposilo 

David Esposilo 

.Michael F. Esposilo 

Ruth Esposito-Verspyck 

Barbara S. Etsell, CPA 

Mr & Mrs Michael W. Ettore 

Mr & M5 Joseph D. Evangelist 

Mr & Mrs Marc Evankow 

Carmella Brown Evans 

Catherine M. Evans 

Mr & .Mrs Francis Evans 

Gregory A, Evans 

John W Evans 

Mr & Mrs Michael D, Eves 

Linda A Ewald 

James I' Ewell 

Mr & .Mrs Francis F. Faber 

Francis T. Faber. Esq 

Mark R Faber, MD 

Robert A. Fabiszewski 

John R Fafara 

Charles P. Pagan 

Stephen Faha 

John M. Fahy 

Gerald W. Faiss 

Mr & Mrs Albert J. Falcione 

Michael Falcione 

.Mr& .Mrs Joseph F. Faico 

Christine Hevs Falkenstein 

Jeffrey E. Fal'ler 

Renee Rapa Faller 

.Mine Durkin Fallon 

William D. Fallon 

Brian D Fancovic 

Joseph A. Fanelle 

Jacqueline M. Fanelli 

Salvalore M. Fanelli 

MatlhewA. Fanning 

Robert J Fanning 

Anthony C. Fanticola 

Cynthia Capponi Farano 

Peter J. Farano. MD 

Herman Farber 

loseph R Fares 

COL John C. Farley, USA, Ret 

Mr & Mrs Gregory Farmer 

Robert F. Farnan 

Debra Steffa Farrell 

Edward F. Farrell 

Frank A. Farrell 

Kevin J. Farrell 

Patricia C. Farrell 

Paul E, Farrell, DDS 

Donna M. Farrmgton 

Kiinherlee A Farruggio 

Anna Dolnvck\Fat 

Mr S.Mrs William A Faulls 

Christine K. Faust 

Mr &. Mr Gerald WFecher.Sr 

Deborah A. Feder 

Sr Rosalia Maria Federici 

Albert P. Federico.Jr. 

Elisa F. Federman 

Rose Mary E. Fee 

John J. Feehan.Jr. 

Robert F. Feehery 

JamesJ, Feeley.Jr. 

.Mr & .Mrs Joseph W. Feeney 

Michael J Feerick 

George G. Fehrenbach 

Robed J. Feik 

Neil J. Feinberg 

Howard D Feinstein, CPA 

Jennett Feldmayer 

Mis Calhenne M. Fellenberger 

.Mark Fenichel 

Edward F. Penning, Jr 

John R. Fenton 

Bettj'C. Fenwick 

.Mr & .Mrs John J. Fernandes 

Teri McCormick Ferrante 

JosephJ. Ferrara 

Lisa Lombard! Ferrari, DMD 

John R- Ferraro 

Francis P. Ferris. Jr. 

Mr & .Mrs Pasquale P. Ferro 

.Mrs Mi's Owen Fern' 

Mr &. Mrs Dennis Fetzer 

Louis E. Fidler.Jr 

Edward J. Filliben 

EricS. Fillman 

Albert S. Finarelli, III 

Feme W. Fine 

Catherine A. Finegan 

WilliamJ, Finegan, Jr, 

Mr & Mrs Thomas J. Finizio 

Thomas A. Fink 

Robert Finkel 

Margaret Fmkenhofer 

Ke\'iii G Finlay 

Patricia Pendergast Finlay 

Claire Finley 

.Man' L. Finiey 

WilliamJ Finley 

William M. Finn 

Mrs Catherine .M. Finnegan 

Joseph E. Finney 

Lisa M. Fiocca 

Daniel C. Fiorella 

.Ms Evelyn Fiorelli 

Linda M. Fiorelli 

Bruno C. Fiorenza 

Dr S Mrs Howard E. First 

Jennifer A- Firth 

Mr & Mrs Haney A. Fischer, Jr. 

Raymond M. Fischer 

Robert Fischer 

Robert E. Fischer, III 

Robert S. Fischer 

Sylvia Fishbein 

John R. Fisher 

Kathleen Murphy Fisher 

Kevin J, Fisher 

Robert Fisher, MD 

Sharon A. Fisher 

Mrs Marie Fiss 

Mr& Mrs G. Fitzgerald. Sr 

James P. Fitzgerald 

.Ms Kari Fitzgerald 

Otis Fitzgerald 

Mrs Rosemary T. Fitzgerald 

William A. Fitzgerald 

Brian P. Fitzpatrick 

Daniel K. Fitzpatrick 

Edmund J. Fitzpatrick 

Edward J. Fitzpatrick 

James M. Fitzpatrick 

John F. Fitzpatrick 

Richard .M. Fitzpatrick 

SlephenJ. Fitzsimmons 

Judith A. Fiume 

Robert J. Fix 

Michael G. Flach 

Paul R. Flack 

Mrs loan A. Flaherty 

M\J & Mrs William C. Flaherty 

Gloria Flamini 

William E. Flanagan 

Francis X. Flannery 

Victoria K. Flaville 

John R. Fleckenstein 

Eugene P. Fleisher 

Mr & Mrs Francis J. Fleming 

Harold R. Fleming 

Harry G. Fleming 

James E. Fleming 

Raoul L. Fleming 

Robert P. Fleming 

William D. Fletcher 

Mr & Mrs Bronislaw Flisak 

Cynthia J. Fliszar 

Edward P. Flood 

John .M. Flood 

Stephen C. Flood 

Sergio S. Flores, CPA 

Francis A. Florio 

Joan Skibinski Floyd 

Elaine R, Flynn 

James R. Flynn 

Dr&MrsJamesE. Flynn 

John M. Flynn 

Kevin P. Flynn 

Michael D. Flynn 

PatrickJ. Flytin.DO 

Rose .Marie A. Flynn 

ThomasJ Flynn 

EdwardJ. Fogarty.Jr. 

Patricia A. Fogel 

Daniel E. FoidI 

Rabbi Steven Folberg 

Cathleen Fraser Foley 

JamesJ. Foley 

James P. Foley 

Kevin J. Foley 

Paul J. Folev 

.Mr & Mrs Garry L. Foltz, Sr 

Joseph L. Folz 

Ronald .M. Fonock 

Robert M. Forberger 

Margaret .M Forbes 

Lois Glasgow Force 

Mr cS: Mrs Arthur G.Forcier 

Gilbert A, Ford. Jr. 

Mrs Mrs Joseph J. Ford 

Stephen H, Ford 

Thomas P. Forkin, Esq 

Frances Formicola 

Man'ellen Forrest 

Megan P. Forreslal 

.Margaret Forrestel 

Mr & Mrs Joseph Forle 

Catherine .Moser Foster 

Herman M. Foster 

Mrs Diana M. Fostik 

Kenneth M. Foh 

Mr & Mrs Dionisios Folopnulos 

Mr & Mrs Ronald Fountain 

Mr & Mis Wendell E Howler. Sr 

Donald W. Fox 

Edward R. Fox, Jr. 

Eric R. Fox 

James S. Fox 

Jeffrey W. Fox 

John Fox 

John C. Fox 

John V. Fox 

Lawrence J Fox 

Linda A. Fox 

Mary F. Fox 

William D.Fox,Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Efstalhios Fragogianis 

Kathleen R. Frame 

Mr& Mrs Joseph P. France 

ThomasJ. France 

DeniseA. Franchetti 

Donna Picrce-Franchetli 

Michael A. Franchetti. MD 

ThomasJ. Franchetti. DDS 

Mr & Mrs Louis J. Franco 

Mr & Mrs James M, Francoeur 

Linda Barber Frank 

.Michael W. Franks 

Julie .M Frantz 

Joseph F. Franzone 

Else R- Frasch 

Richard V Fratlone 

Edmund .M. Fraundorf 

Joseph F. Frazer 

Mar)'ann R. Frazier 

Lisa Vendiiti Frederick 

Ronald B. Frederick 

Richard A. Freedman 

Mr & Mrs Lloyd \ . Freeman 

Paul Freemer 

Joseph T. Freeth 

Frank J. Freitag 

Valentine A. Freitag 

Virginia M. Freitas 

C. Stephen French 

Mr & Mrs Michael J. Freund 

Mr & Mrs Terry S.Fridley 

Hugh J. Friel 

Stephen P. Friend 

Charies G. Fries. Ill 

Hugh J. Fries 

Mr& Mrs John J. Fries 

.Michele A. Frisko 

Dr & Mrs Peter P. Frisko 

Russell J. Frith 

Colleen O'Donnell Fritsch 

Frederic Fritsche, Jr. 

Darren T. Fritz 

Rev Robert J. Frilz 

John R Frock 

Harn L, Froehlich 

Mr&M5john« K.Fromm.Jr 

Francis J, Frysiek 

Christine Walters Fuhs 

PaulC. Fuhs,Jr. 

JamesJ. Fullam 

Mr & Mrs David Fuller, Sr. 

Ellen Donahoe Fuller 

Jennifer A. Fuller 

Susan Straub Fuller, Esq 

Kenneth G. Fulmer.Jr. 

.Mr & Mrs Wisdom G. Fumev 

Kevin F Funchion 
John E. Funkhouser 
.Mr & Mrs Thomas G. Purer 
Gerard V Furey 
Robert J. Furgione 
Mrs Angelika Kohler Furiong 
Thomas E. Furiong, Jr., PhD 
Christopher H. Furnian 
Edward F. Fumian 
Edmund J. Furphy 
Allan N. Fusco 
William B Fynes.Jr. 
.Michael R Gabai 
John P Gaffnev 
MrSMrsFrankL, Gager.Jr. 
.Mr & .Mrs .Nicola Gagliardi 
Olafs Gaibiselis 
Susan Cola Galley, PhD 
Joan H. Gainer 
Lisa M. Galante, MD 
Bemadetle V. Galanti 
Augustine F. Galasso 
Donna M, Galasso 
Carmela Melso Galati 
FrankA, Galati 
Frederick F. Galdo 
Mr&MrsD.W Gallagher 
Daniel A Gallagher, Jr 
Daniel A. Gallagher 
DanielJ. Gallagher. PhD 
Mrs Mrs Denis H. 

EdwardJ. Gallagher. PhD 
Eugene V. Gallagher, PhD 
Mr & Mrs Francis Gallagher, 

Hugh C. Gallagher 
JamesJ. Gallagher 
JamesJ. Gallagher, Jr. 
Joan Thomas Gallagher 
John E. Gallagher 
John F. Gallagher 
John J. Gallagher 
John P. Gallagher 
Mr SMrsJohn P. Gallagher, 

Joseph G. Gallagher. Jr., Esq 
JosephJ. Gallagher 
Joseph P. Gallagher 
MrS Mrs Joseph P Gallagher 
Judith E. Gallagher, MD 
Kathleen A. Gallagher 
Kevin P. Gallagher 
.Man E. Gallagher 
.Maureen P. Gallagher 
Michael T. Gallagher 
PeterC. Gallagher, CPA 
Richard P. Gallagher 
Rosemary A. Gallagher. CPA 
Terence Gallagher 
Thomas C. Gallagher. Esq 
WilliamJ. Gallagher. Esq 
Rocco V. Gallelli 
Gregory D. Gallen 
John H. Gallen 
.Mr& Mrs ThomasJ. Gallen 
Louis D. Gallo 
Maria R. Gallo 
Michael E. Gallo 
JamesJ. Gallombardo 
John R. Galloway. Esq 
Louis M. Galrao 
William F. Galvin 
CPT Enrico D. Gamalinda 
John V. Gambale 

John J. Canister 
Joseph A. Ganster 
Kathleen A. Ganster 
Ronald A. Gant 
Mr & Mis Edward L. 

James F, Garberina 
Casimir A. Garczynski 
Dennis W. Gardner 
Joseph L. Gardner, Jr. 
Leonard W Gardo 
Rev Thomas F. Gardocki 
Charles E Gargan 
Peter J. Garito, PhD 
Nora Reti Gamian 
Terrence D. Garmey 
Geraldine Garofalo 
Dominick D. Garofano 
John P. Garrahan 

FALL 1996 

page 19 

Mr&MRlknnolM, Garrell 
Donna M. Garrit) 
Joseph W . Garrity 
Robert J. Garrin\ PhD 
Viilhiini F- Garrity 
Mr Teresa Peters Garruto 
Stephen K. Gam 
John E, Ganson.Jr 
Vnlliam E. Gareon 
George Garwood 
Stephen P. Gar^ 
Carol L Gash 
Emesi F, G;ish 
Megaii M. G;iskill 
George \V, Gaskins 
Mr & Mrs George F. Gasper 
Barbara A. Gates 
AntlionyJ. Gatt 
Jennifer I.. Gatt 
Francis C. Gatti.Jr.Esq 
Mr&MrsAnthonyJ, Galto 
Christine M. Gaudinski 
Mr & Mrs lames G. Gaughan 
William J.Gault.Jr. 
Marianne Salmon Gauss 
Robert K, Gauss 
Siegfried J. Gauss 
Francis X. Gavigan 
Ann B. Gavin 
Mrs Dolores A. Gavin 
Christopher M. Gawinski 
Christine Wronka Gawlak 
Donna TrollaGaynor 
Joseph P. Gaynor 
Richard D. Gazda 
Donald L. Gearhart, Jr. 
Joseph M. Geary 
Donald J. Gedney 
Edward B. Gehring 
William A. Geiger. Jr. 
William J. Geiger 
Max Geisler 
Robert J. Geiss 
Edward P. Geisz 
Allan D. Geller 
Hayley Atnikov Geller 
Susan M. Gemmell 
Barbara Gennello 
Louis F. Centner, III 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth D. George 
Andrew J. Georges 
Michael A. Gephart 
Joseph R. Geraghty 
Carol L. Gerhard 
Brian P. Gerrard 
Frances Slowev Gerr\ 
Dr& Mrs Philip Gerson 
Gregory J. Geruson 
Robert Ger\'asoni 
Wayne D. Gess 
Stephen P. Gessner 
Rea Gettes 
Robert .\l. Giaccio 
Mr & Mrs Pandelis Gialiis 
William P. Gianforcaro 
Paul L. Giannette 
Richard A. Giantisco 
Mr & Mrs John Gianvittorio. Jr. 
Joy M. Gianvittorio 
.Anthony Giardinelli 
Gerald S. Giardinelli 
Eileen R. Giardino, PhD 
Edward J. Gibbons 
James J. Gibbons 
Elizabeth Crawford Gibbs M. Gibson 
Joan E. Gibson 
Joseph M. Gibson, MD 
Joseph!. Gibson, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs L. .Inthony Gibson 
Joseph A. Gidjunis, Sr. 
Joseph A Gidjunis. Jr. 
Paula S. Gidjunis 
David A'Gies, Esq 
Donna L. Gilbride 
Eileen M. Gildea 
Eugene J. Gilhool 
Christopher J. Gill 
John P. Gillane 
Anne Gillard-Cohen 
David M. Gillece 
Annemarie Knox Gillespie 
Anthony J. Gillespie 
Barbara Marro Gillespie 
Brian G. Gillespie 
Moira R. Gillespie 

Mr & Mrs Robert S.Gillespie 
Thomas R. Gillespie 
Joanne T. Gilmote 
Mr & .Mrs Francis J. Gilronan 
Jeanne M. Gilson 
Timoth\ L. Gimbel 
Mr& Mrs Donald J. Gimpel 
Mr&MrsjohnT. Gimpel 
Stephen Gin, Jr. 
RobertJ. Gindhart, MD 
Mar\' V. Ginieczki 
.Mary' D. Ginty 
John Ginyard 
Edmund F, Giordano 
Elizabeth .\l. Giordano 
James N. Giordano, PhD 
Mr & Mrs Raymond L Giordano 
Tricia A. Giordano 
Thomas]. Girone 
Charles W.GisselCPA 
Vincenzo Giuliano, .MD 
Donato Giusti 
Robert L. Giusti 
Dina L. Giustozzi 
Charies A. Glackin, Esq 
Steven B. Glaize 
James R. Glanzmann 
Frank J. Glaser,Jr. 
Eugene M. Glavin,Jr. 
Mr & Mrs George L. Glaze 
Patrick .M. Gleason 
Mr & Mrs Peter R.GIeason 
Elaine L. Glebocki 
Francis E. Gleeson, jr.. Esq 
Diane M. Glendon 
Mr & .Mrs Dennis G. Glew 
.Abraham H. Click, DDS 
PatrickJ Glickman 
.Mr & Mrs Gerald V. Glover 
Anthony T. Gluch 
Leonard F. Gmeiner 
Mr & Mrs Arthur C. Godin 
Barbara F. GodleW'^ki 
Barbara A. Goebel 
Joseph] Goebeljr, PhD 
Marlene M. Goebig 
Thomas H. Goetz, PhD 
James R. Goff 
Martin M. Gold 
Harry M. Goldbacher 
Henry W. Goldberg 
Richard A Goldberg 
Francis .X. Golden 
Mr & Mrs Hugh Golden 
Mary L, Goldschmidt, PhD 
James C. Goldsmith 
.Xancv M. Goldstein 
Reedb, Goldstein, PhD 
Brian T. Golembiewski 
.Mr & .\lis Walter J. Golembiewski 
Mrs Patricia Gollmer 
Robert], Gonnella 
Donald]. Good 
Claudia D. Goodman 
Mr & Mis Leonard S Goodman 
Ms Dorothy Goodwin 
Mark R. Goodwin 
.Michael H. Goodyear 
Felicia H, Gordon 
Jennifer M. Gordon 
Robert S. Gordon 
Edward \'- Gorman 
John T. Gorman 
Thomas J. Gorman 
J. Christopher Gormley 
Frank E. Gostomski 
Patricia A. Grabowski 
John]. Grace 
Joseph P. Grace 
Marina A. Grace 
Rena H. Grad 
Victoria B. Gradel 
John S. Grady 
Johns. Grady, Jr. 
Megan Donnelly Grady 
Angela Haydt Graham 
James]. Graham 
Kristen K Graham 
Mary I.ou Fagan Graham 
Robert A. Graham 
William H, Graham 
William]. Graham 
Raymond W. Gramlich 
Joseph AGranahan.Jr, 

Jiuues R. Grant 
Thomas A. Grant 
Dr & .Mrs Joseph A. Grasso 
JohnJ. Grauer, Esq 
Rosemaiv C, Grauer 
Philip J. Gray 
.Scott W.Gray 
Ann .M. Graziano 
Barbara Kelly Greco 
Mr S Mn> Carmine Greco 
James A. Greco 
Joseph A. Greco 
Mr & Mrs Michael B.Greco 
Kathleen M. Greely 
Aaron R. Green 
Edmund L. Green 
JohnT. Green, Jr. 
Owen L. Green, III 
Thomas D. Green 
Valerie Green 

.Mr & Mrs Har\ey S Greenberg 
Jane Gregorio Greenberg 
Joseph G. Greenberg 
.Neil P. Greenberg, Esq 
Loretta Z. Greene 
Gerald]. Greenfield 
Richard T, Greenfield 
.Michael B. Greenly 
Katherine Stacy Greenspun 
Leah P. Greenwood 
Mr &. Mrs Robert T Greenwood 
Howard M. Greger 
Dana .M. Gregg 
Dennis H. Gregory 
Mark S. Gregory 
William J. Gretzula 
Elizabeth Greway 
Dr 6c Mb Joseph N. Grevbush 
Kathleen Kuenzel Gribb 
Lorraine A. Gribben 
Sylvester Grier 
JohnH. Griesemer.Jr. 
Evin T. Griffin 
Walter J. Griffin 
Robert]. Griggs 
James]. Grimes 
Thomas J. Grimes 
Vincent J. Grimes 
Mr & Mrs Michael A Grippi 
Idawease F. Griswold 
Anne Preisler Groch 
Mr & .Mrs John U' Grochonalski 
Bruce F. Groeber, Sr. 
Maurice F. Grontkowski 
Edward .Vl. Groody 
Edward A. Grosik 
Mary E. Gross 
Deborah Aglira Grosso 
Dominic]- Grosso.Jr. 
Bruce A. Grove 
Gerard J. Grover 
Angela). Grubbs 
Denise Kessler Grugan 
Joseph]- Gram, Jr. 
Gerald C. Grunewald 
Edward S. Gryczynski 
Mr Si Mis Joseph C. Grz\'bo»ski 
Ms Maria L. Guardiola-Ellis 
Vincent A. Guarini 
James C. Guarino, MD 
James A, Guarrera 
Andrew J. Gubicza 
Robert Gudknecht 
John]. Guerin 
Joseph L- Guerin 
Joseph R. Guerin 
.Anthony]. Guerrieri 
RobertJ. Guglielmi 
Susan Stankard Guinan 
Mr & Mrs Richard P. Cuinnessey 
Rev John A. Guischard, PhD 
John R. Gulliford, VMD 
Joseph W.Gunder, Jr. 
James F. Gunn 
Frederick S. Gunlher 
HenryJ. Gunther 
Edward F. Gutekunst 
Rev Neil Gutmaker 
John R. Gyza 
Theodore J. Haag 
Joseph A. Haas, Jr. 
Kenneth K. Haas 
Harr}' B. Haeberle 
Cheryl L. Haegele 
Robert E. Haentze 
Elsie M. Haffly 

Karen P. H;ifner 
Mr & Mrs Richard R.IIafner 
Francis .M.Hagan. Jr. 
Harry J ILagan 
John P Hagan 
Michael Hagan 
Frederick J. Hagen 
Hilmar P. Hagen 
Kenneth G. Hager 
Eugene P. Hagerty 
Jane E. Haggerty 
John J. Haggerty 
Brian M. Hague 
Colleen M. Hahn 
Eugene R. Hahn 
Thomas G. Haight 
Eugene K. Haines 
William W. Haines 
Joseph R- Hainthaler 
George J. Haitsch 
Charles F, Haldeman, PhD 
Mrs Margaret A- Haldeman 
John B. Halfpenny 
Casev L. Hall 
John C- Hall, Jr. 
Rosalie Carev Hall 
William H. Hall, III, MD 
Edward T. Halligan 
Thomas A. Halligan 
Seann W. Halliski' 
John.M, Halloran.Sr, 
Lisa Marino Hallowell 
Michael .M, Hallowell 
Eileen K. Halpin 
EugeneJ. Halus.Jr. 
.Mrs .Mary A, Hamberg 
Diane L. Hamburg 
Isabel M. Hamill 
Courtney A. Hamilton 
James J. Hamilton 
Kim Hamilton 
Ms Sheila R. Hamilton 
Mr 4. Mis Wesley G. Hamilton 
William J. Hamilton 
William J. Hammer, MD 
Joseph M. Hammond 
James W, Hampson 
James F. Hanahan, Sr. 
Joseph L. Hancox 
Maria Puhy Hand 
William J. Haney 
Philip J, Hanlon 
GaryJ. Hanna 
John T. Hannas 
Joan Butler Hannigan 
RobertJ- Hannigan 
.Mr & Mrs Michael J. Hannon 
Sean T. Hanrahan 
Timothy F. Hanratty 
Charies C. Hansen 
David J. Hanson 
Elizabeth R. Hanson 
Glen C, Hanson 
Mr & Mrs Richard H. Hanson 
Mis Frances B. Haraszkiefticz 
Edwin E. Harbaugh 
Mr & Mrs Allan HHarbert 
Robert E, Hardenburg 
Susan Roth Harding 
Deborah L. Hare 
Robert .M. Harkanson 
George J- Harkins.Jr. 
James H- Harkins 
Richard J. Hamer 
James P. Harper 
Mary Dergarabedian Harper 
Muriel E. Harper 
Thomas M. Harper 
Mr & Mrs Rudolph EHarrer 
Albert S. Harris 
.Mrs Charletta Harris 
Dennis W. Harris 
Jason M. Harris 
Joseph R. Harris 
Kathi Pickens Harris 
Mr & Mrs Thomas E. Harris 
Jennifer A. Hart 
Richard J. Hart 
Elizabeth K. Hart-Burton 
Michael J. Harte 
Gerard R Harter 
James P. Hartey 
Thomas D Hartigan 

David A. Hartman 

IlaroldJ. Hartman, Jr. 

Mr & .Mrs Michael J. Hartman 

ThomasJ. HarLsough 

Kevin J. Harty, PhD 

Tanya Perfecky Harvey 

FrankJ. Haslam 

Arthur J. Hass, CPA 

Mr & Mrs Vincent P. Hissett 

Donna Portone Hasson 

Mr & Mrs John A. Hasson 

John J. Hasson 

Peter C. Hasson 

lainesj. Hatch 

loseph A. Hatch, CPA 

Michael S. Hatfield 

Gerald T. Hathaway, Esq 

Kathleen A. Hathaway 

Edward D. Hauck 

JohnJ. Haugh, III 

\incentP. Haugh, Jr. 

Charles R. Hauk 

Kimberley S. Hause 

.Mr & Mrs Steward Hausman 

William R. Hausmann.Jr. 

Karen Smith Hawkins 

Cynthia Fair Hawthorne 

JamesJ. Haybum 

Joseph J. Haydt 

Dr & Mrs Brian L. Hayes 

DeEtta F. Hayes 

Michael B. Hayes 

Robert E. Hayes 

Mr & Mrs Brace V. Haynes 

Diane M. Heal 

Mr & .Mrs Joseph J. Healey 

ThomasJ. Healy.jr. 

Joseph P. Heaney 

Richard J. Heaney 

Brian L. Heard 

Joseph F. Heath 

Mr & Mrs David R.Heaton 

Joseph A. Heayn 

Jeffrey R. Heberley 

Kathleen Hope Hebert 

RobertJ Heck 

GeraldJ. Heckler 

Emma I. Heckler 

Joseph F. Hediger, Jr. 

Maryanne Walsh Hediger 

John D. Heere 

JohnJ. Heffernan 

Diane .M. Hegarty 

Rev Michael P. Hegarty 

Vincent C. Hehl 

Harold W.Heil 

Kathyann Cusack Heilig 

William F, Heim 

Dr & Mrs William J. Heim 

Michael A. Heimeri 

.Marjorie ,\i Heinzer 

Lvdia A. Heise 

Thomas G. Helinek. MD, PhD 

William F. Helkowski 

Ms Kathleen M. Heller-Devine 

Christian J. Hellings 

Mr & Mrs F. Lawrence Helmick 

John R. Helwig 

James E. Hembree 

Dr & Mrs James R. Hemler 

Steven D. Hemmig 

Frank A. Hemphill 

Barbara Pomponio Henderson 

E. James Henderson, Jr. 

ThoniiLs K. Hendrick 

Mr & Mrs John W. Hendricks 

Mr & Mrs Maury Hendron 

Mary Ames Hendry 

Mr & Mrs Michael J. Heneghan 

Mr & .Mrs Joseph Hengstler 

Mr& Mrs James Henion 

Bernadettc A. Hennegan 

FrankJ- Henneman.Jr- 

Kevin D- Hennessy 

Mary A. Hennessy 

Michael P. Hennessy 

Christian E. Henningsen, Sr. 

David A- Henrich 

ThomasJ. Henrv 

Mr S: Mrs Robert WHepner, Jr. 

Richard L. Hepp 

Edward .M. Hepting 

Marline S Herceg 

-Mrs Donna Lee Herman 

Mis Dorothy Herman 

Harriet C. Herman 

Michael ] Henuan 
Mr& .Mrs Daniel J. Heron 
Francis D. Heron 
Gilbert C. Herrera 
James P. Herron 
Mr& Mrs ThomasJ. Hertz 
Valerie K. Hertzog 
Lee Grabowski Hesbacher 
Mr&MniJohnN. Hes.s,Jr. 
Alfred L. Helrick 
W.John Heuges 
Thomas C. Hewitt 
Charles R. Heyduk 
Linda Johnston Heyman 
Carole A. Heys 
Patricia Butzloff Hickerson 
Elizabeth R. Hickey 
Erin K. Hickey 
ThomasJ. Hickey 
John F. Hickey-Williams 
Arthur W. Hicks 
Charles H, Higgins 
Daniel J. Higgins 
John D. Higgins 
Mrs Mary E. Higgins 
Maureen F. Higgins 
Michael J. Higgins 
Thomas G. Higgins 
Carol A, Higgs 
James F. Hildenberger 
Catherine R, Hill 
Joseph E. Hill 
Naomi E. Hill 
Raymond P. Hill 
Mr & Mrs Robert H-Hillman 
Harry J. Hillock, Jr. 
Gerald C. Hilton 
Kathleen M. Himes 
Mr &. Mrs Frank Himmer 
Thomas .M. Hinchey, Esq 
Joan M. Hinderliter 
Rev Leonard Hindsley, OP, PhD 
David V. Hines 
Thomas K. Hines, Sr. 
William D Hines 
Teresa Martinez Hink 
Gregory S. Hinkson 
Theresa Pianka Hinterberger 
Mr & Mrs Robert R.Hintze 
lohn F. Hipp 
Hal M. Hirsch, DMD 
Michael A Hirsch, MD 
Michele Kauffman Hirsch 
Krista .M. Hirschmann 
Ralph SHisle, III 
Joseph L. Hitchings, Sr. 
Mr & Mrs Emon' L. Hiteshew 
Raphael J- Hotai,Jr- 
Mr Binh Hoang 
Lisa A. Adamovage-Hoback 
William E. Hoban 
Mary K. Hober 
Stephen F. Hober, Jr. 
Joseph L. Hockenbrock 
Eileen M Hoefling 
Karen Kraft Hoehn 
James Hoeke 
Victor C. Hoepfl.Jr. 
Barbara A. Hoepp 
Bridget A. Hoffman 
Edward B.Hoffman, Jr. 
.Mr & Mrs John A. Hoffman 
loseph K. Hoffman 
MrS Mrs Richard J. Hoffman 
Richard] Hoffman Jr. 
Stephen M. Hoffman, Jr 
William J. Hoffman 
Yvonne Oberdick Hoffman 
Jerome P. Hofmann 
Loretta A Hofmann 
Christine M Hogan 
James F. Hogan 
Joanne F. Hogan 
Mr & Mrs John M. Hogan 
Kathleen .McGarvie Hogan 
PatrickJ, Hogan 
DonaldJ. Hogeland 
George L, Hohenleitner 
Kathleen E. Hohenleitner 
COL Martin R. Hohlfeld 
Alan F, Holden 
Barbara E. Holden 
Mr& Mrs WilliamJ, Holden 
David I Holland 
Gerald W. Hollister 

William L. Holmes 
Mr & ,\lrs Julian Holowchak 
Catherine Friskn llolsing 
Patricia M. Holton 
lav II. Holtzman, MD 
joiin L, Holup, DO 
Joseph G. lloma 
David B. Homiak 
Steven F. Honeywell 
Barbara J. Hooven 
Christine A. Hopkins 
Arnold E. Hopson 
Joseph R. Horan 
Krishna .M. Horan 
Martin H. Horchler 
Francis J. Horn 
Francis]. Horn 
Paul D. Horton 
Paul R. Horton 
lules L. Horvalh 
Mrs M5 Michael A Hor\'ath 
Robert 0. Horvalh 
Joseph \ Hosack.Jr. 
Robert G. Houghton 
RobertJ. Houk,Jr, 
Winifred M. Houk 
RobertJ. Houlihan 
Wanda T. Houston 
Beatrice A. Howard 
John .M, Howard 
Norma A, Howard 
Stephen M. Howard, Esq 
Dr&MrsJosephH, Howe 
Fred A, Howell 
Mr&,MrsJohnC. Hoyt 
Robert M. Hrapczynski 
Kellv Beckner Hruska 
Mr & .Mrs F. James Hubert 
Mr&.MrsPaulB. Huck 
Paul A Hudak 
Joseph \'. Huffnagle, DO 
Ernest D. Huggard 
Thomas E. Huggard 
Allison P. Hughes 
Arthur M Hughes 
Bernice Hughes 
Charles J. Hughes 
Edward]. Hughes, Esq 
Eugene P. Hughes, Jr,, MD 
John E. Hughes, EdD 
Paul F. Hughes 
Mr& Mrs Robert E. Hughes, Jr- 
Howard M. Hugo 
Joseph E. Huhn 
Samuel L. Huhn 
Ronald G. Hull, Esq 
.Michael R Humanick 
Carol A Humenick 
Michael G. Huml, Sr. 
Raymond G- Huml-Jr 
Joseph T- Humphries 
Barry L, Hunsicker 
Robert L. Hunsinger 
John D. Hunt 
Mary N. Hunt 
Maureen A. Hunt 
Gerard]. Huribrink 
Bernard Hurley 
Daniel J. Hurley 
Kyran Huriey 
Laura Whiting-Huriev 
LTC& Mrs Robert D, Hurley 
Robert P. Hurley 
Alfred J. Hurlock, IV 
Jane Hurwitz 

Mr& Mrs Joseph Huskiewicz 
Mr& Mrs Richard M.Huss 
Christopher J. Hutchins 
Thomas |. Hutchinson, |r. 
Mr & Mrs lames T. Hvla'nd 
DrS Mrs Harold L-Hyman 
Ralph Hymes 
Richard Hymes 
JamesJ. Hynes,Jr. 
John C. Hynes 
Janice H. lannelli 
JohnJ. lannello 
Mr & Mrs Charles Clannetta, 

Eugene L. lannotti, PhD 
Michelle Phinn lannucci 
Lisa A. lavecchia 
Mrs MrsJohnN. Idler 
Mr& MrsGiosueS. 

page 20 


LA Salle UmversityF- 

Mail Order (Mog 

i.-JJMHJ-". 11 ■ III Kffl 


%" r 


F1 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

Navy Big Cotton Heavyweight; 80% Cotton, 
20% Polyester; University Shield Imprint 
S M L XL $28.95 XXL $30.95 

F2 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

Grey Big Cotton Heavyweight; 80% Cotton; 
20% Polyester; Classic Imprinted Lettering 
S M L XL $27.95 XXL $29.95 

F3 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

Navy Big Cotton Heavyweight; 80% Cotton, 20% 
Polyester; Gold Tackle Twill Letters with White 
Outline; Also Available in Grey with Navy Tackle 
Twill, Gold Outlined Letters 
S M L XL $46.95 XXL $48.95 

F4 Crewneck by Champion 

Grey Heavyweight Reverse Weave; 90% Cotton; 
Also Available in Navy with Gold Lettering 
M L XL XXL $39.95 


Mail Order Catalog 

Alumni l^vorites 




F5 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Navy Big Cotton (100%); Shadow Imprint with University 


8 M L XL $13.95 XXL $14.95 

F6 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Grey Big Cotton; 90% Cotton, 10% Rayon; Embroidered 
Lettering and Large Split "L' on Left Chest 
M L XL $17.95 XXL $18.95 

F7 Crewneck by USA Player Sportswear 

Navy Soft Textured Heavyweight; 50% Cotton, 50% 

Polyester; Embroidered Lettering and Design on Left 


M L XL $29.95 

F8 Golf Shirt by Gear for Sports 

White 100% Cotton Pique Knit; New Embroidered design 
with Large "L" on Left Chest; Also Available In Navy with 
Gold Lettering 
S M L XL $31.95 XXL $34.95 

F9 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Navy Big Cotton (100%); "La Salle Alumni" Imprinted on 

Left Chest 

M L XL $12.95 XXL $13.95 

Athletic Look 



F10 Sports Towel by Rah Rah Inc. 

1 00% cotton; Large 30" by 60" $1 5.95 

F1 1 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Navy big Cotton (100%); Popular Design with "La Salle" 
on Chest and Explorer Logo on Left Sleeve; Also Avail- 
able in Grey with Navy Lettering and Sleeve Logo 
S M L XL $13.95 XXL $14.95 

F12 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Navy Big cotton (100%); Chest Imprinted with "La Salle 

Basketball" and Large "L" with Basketball Pattern 

M L XL $12.95 XXL $13.95 

F13 Basketball Jersey by Gear for Sports 

Navy Pro Gear; 100% Nylon Mesh; "La Salle" on Chest 
S M L XL $21.95 XXL $23.95 

F14 Basketball Shorts by Gear for Sports 

Navy 100% Nylon Mesh; "La Salle Athletic Depf on Left 


S M L XL $18.95 XXL $19.95 






U N I V E R S I T ' 



F15 Wool Cap by Headmaster 

Charcoal Cap with Navy Brim; "La Salle" Embroidered 

in Navy; Adjustable to Fit $15.95 

F16 Poplin Cap by Headmaster 

Navy Cap with Gold Brim; "La Salle" Embroidered 

in Gold; Adjustable to Fit $12.95 

F17 Golf Towel by Imprinted Products 

White 1 00% Cotton with Grommet $ 4.95 

F18 Golf Balls by Precept 

New Aero Dynamics with "L" Imprint; Sleeve of 3 Balls $ 5.95 

F19 Tee Taggers 

8 Tees, 2 Markers; Holder Has University Seal 

in Navy, White and Gold $ 3.50 

Imprinted Products 





/— ^ 


F26 F25 F24 


White Coffee IVIug with Alumni Imp 


$ 5.95 


Oversize Navy Mug with "La Salle University" 
on One Side; University Seal on Opposite 

$ 6.95 


Navy Stein with University Seal 



Insulated Grey Plastic lUlug with 
Bold Imprint 

$ 3.95 


Basketball License Plate 



Wine Glass with University Shield 



Glass Mug with University Seal 



Gold Alumni License Plate with 

University Seal 

$ 2.951 

Kid's Stuff 




F28 T-Shirt by Chestnut Hill Marketing 

Grey 100% Cotton; "La Salle University" and Bears 

Imprinted on Chest 

12,18,24 Months 2,3,4 $7.95 

F29 Poplin Cap by League 

Navy Cap with Gold Embroidered "La Salle"; 

Adjustable Fit $1 1 .95 

F30 One-Piece by U-Trau 

Assorted Plaid 100% Cotton; "La Salle Baby" and 

Handprints on Chest; Bottom Snaps 

12,18,24 Months $17.95 

F31 Poplin Cap by League 

Navy Cap with White Embroidered "La Salle University" 

and Large "L" in Navy and Gold; Adjustable Fit $1 1.95 

F32 Baby Bottle 

Plastic Bottle with Bear Wearing "L' Logo and 

"La Salle University" in Scribble Print $ 3.95 

F33 Baby Bib 

Same Bear Design as T-Shirt $ 4.95 

distinctive Products by 
Rah Rah Inc. 


F34 100% Silk Tie 

with University Shield 

F35 100% Silk Tie 

Blue with Gold Stripe; 
"La Salle" Printed on Liner 

F36 100% Silk Scarf 

with Logo and Shield Accents 


^H ~^~'^ 





F37 Captains' Cliair 

Solid, Top Quality American Hardwood; University Seal 
is Laser Etched on Chair Back. Engraved Personaliza- 
tion Available (6-8 weeks for delivery) Chair $250.00 
Personalization $15.00 Shipping $20.00 

F38 Afglian 

Ivory with Navy Design;100% Cotton 

$ 32.95 

F39 Brass Recognition Lamp 

University Seal; Black Parchment Shade; Solid Brass 
Sand-cast Base, 26" high (6-8 weeks for delivery) 



Qty. Item No. Size Color Description Price TOTAL PRICE 


PA residents must add 7% on non-clothing items only 

Shipping and Handling please add $5.00 


Mail this order form to: La Salle University Campus Store 

igOOW.OIney Avenue 

Pi :ia.. PA 19141 
Please allow one week for delivery TWO WEEKS TO THE WEST COAST Orders 
received by December 12, 1996, will be delivered in time for the December holidays. 
If an item is temporarily out of stock, you will be notified. 

Express shipment available on request 

Ship to (please print): 



(Cannot be delivered to POBox) 



Graduation year 

Phone (day) 


Please make checks 


to La Salle Un 




Card No. 



Your signature 

(Required for charge purchases) 

Our Guarantee 

All of our products are guarantee(J to 
give 100°o satisfaction. We will 
replace it. refund your purchase price 
or credit your credit card. We do not 
want you to have anything from the 
LSU Campus Store that is not com- 
pletely satisfactory 

If you are interested in any La Salle 
University merchandise not shown in 
this catalog, please visit the Campus 
Store located in Wister Hal! or give us 
a call at 215-951-1395. 

La Salle University 
Campus Store 

1900 W.OIney Avenue 
Phila., PA 19141 
Phone: 215-951-1395 
Fax: 215-951-1069 

Mon-Thurs 9 AM - 7 PM 
Fri 9 AM - 3:30 PM 

RobertJ, Ilik 
Ermunno M, Incollingo 
Marlin A. Infanti 
Dr& Mr Biagio infraiico 
diaries A. Inglesby 
Leo C. Inglesby 
Edward F. Intravarlolo 
Camille Cavaliere lntroc;Lso 
Mr & Mrs Joseph F Inverse 
Mario j ioannucci 
Mr& ilrsTuliio ioannucci 
Mr & Mrs Kari F, loclium 
Jacqueline G. loli 
Richard M. lovine 
Marie Breslin Ireland 
Mr S Mrs Richard Irving 
Mr& Mrs Leonard Uri 
Ralph J. Irti 
Belsy A. Izes. MD 
Joseph K, Izes, MD 
loseph L- Izzo, MD 
RitaA Jablonski, RN 
Charles R. Jackson. Jr 
Norman D. Jackson 
Richard J, Jackson, Jr. 
Robert B. Jackson, Jr. 
Terrence j, Jacob 
RobertJ. Jacober 
Michael J. Jacobs, CPA 
Thomas C.Jacobs 
Maryann Jacobucci 
Mr& MrsF Peler Jaeger 
Christopher C. Jahn 
Aimee Tagert James 
William M.James 
ThonKis M, Jamrogowicz 
Rcmadettc Mulligan Janis 
Christopher J. Janis 
Frederick L. Janiszewski 
Dorothy F.Jannelli.MD 
William H.Janney 
William Janschka 
Richard]. Jansky 
Paul R.Janson 
John P.Janus 
Mr & Mrs Richard W', Janus 
Rose Ann Januzelli 
Richard J Janyszek 
Francis X. jardel 
Claire J. Jasiukiewicz 
Lisa W'augh Jasiukiewicz 
Kathleen M. Jaskowiak 
.\lr& Mrs Julian Jastrzebski 
John I.Jaszczak 
Mr& Mrs Joseph J. Jaworski 
Maureen Conroy jaworski 
James L. Jeffers 
William I, Jekot 
Mr&Mni Donald V.Jellig 
Kenneth J Jenkins 
.Michael F.Jenkins 
David F. Jennings 
Nancy Jennings 
ThomasJ. Jennings 
Timothy .\i.Jeremicz,Sr 
Sherrie A, Jermyn 
Rev& MrsHyeungOnJn 
Su.s-jn Johannesen-Costenbader 
John C Johannsen 
.\nn McCulliss Johnson 
Benjamin T, Johnson 
Edward B.Johnson. Jr. 
Jacqueline Loker-Johnson 
Jennifer .M. Johnson 
Linda A. Johnson 
Lonnie C. Johnson 
Niel A.Johnson, MI) 
Ralph E. Johnson 
Richard C. Johnson 
Ruperts, Johnson, Jr 
Thomas A, Johnson 
William R Johnson 
William R.Johnson 
James E. Johnston 
Michael C. Johnston 
William G. Johnston 
\Va\ ne S. Johnstone 
Gary .\. Jonas, Jr. 
Amelia K, Jones 
Brenda Adams Jones 
Carol P. Jones 

(^orey I Jones 
James H. Jones 
Josephj.W Jones 
Robert F Jones 
Mrs .Mrs Ronald V Jones 
ThomisF. Jones. Jr 
Thomas 0. Jones 
David R. Joniec 
Mr S Mrs Austin C Jordan, Jr 
Georges. Jordan 
John J Jordan 
James jiljourdan 
Joseph W. Joyce 
Judith Drobile Joyce 
Therese Joyce 
Jacqueline M.Juliano 
.Ms Kathleen D.Juliano 
Diane L Junikka 
.\ndrew .\1 Jurek 
Edmund MJurgelewicz 
Paul E Juska 
lames G Justice 
.Michelle L. Justice 
Stephen M. Juszczyszyn 
John A. Juzaitis 
Roman D, Kaczaj 
Helen M Kaczmarczvk 
Richard D. Kaczmarski 
Paula Ritchie Kadel 
Catherine KaelinAVatts 
Harr^ B Kaempf 
.Mr&.Mi^JohnE fcdel.Sr 
Thom;Ls K. Kaffenberger 
Cathleen Coffey Kager 
.WhurA. Kahn 
Rev Joseph A. Kaiser, STD 
Kevin D. Kaiser 
loseph I. Kalada 
Paul A. Kalal 

Mr & Mrs Henry J. KaliiiowkT 
Joseph J Kalkbrenner,Jr,,Esq 
.Mr& MrsKerwinV. Kalla 
Francis J. Kallam 
Jaines A. Kamerdze 
Edward J. Kammski.Jr. 
Julius N. Kamper 
Nicholas M. Kampf, III 
Mr&MrsLeonM. Kanach 
Johnj. Kane 

,\lr& Mrs Joseph E. Kane, Sr, 
MarguerUe M Kane 
Maureen .M Kane 
Mr & Mrs Thom;i5 F. Kane 
Susan M. Kaness 
John R. Kanicsar 
Louis .M. Kaniecki 
Gerald A Kaplan 
.Marlene Munitz Kaplan 
Mitchell S. Kaplan 
Charles F. Kappler 
Luis F. Karam 
ChesterJ Karas 
Kathleen .Mullen Kard:ish 
ThomasJ- Kardish, MD 
Joseph J. Karlesky 
Adrian F. Karsch 
Virginia Z. Kasey 
Ronald S. Kashon 
Bryce E. Kasuba 
James H. Kates, Jr, 
Kellv Kates 
William T. Katheder 
COL Norman E. Katz 
Robert A, Katz 
Michael J. Kauffman 
\iclorla Clark Kauffman 
Barry M. Kauffmann 
Robert A. Kauffmann 
Mr & Mrs John V. Kaznicki 
George |. Keane 
Mr&MrsJohnD. Keane 
Mr & Mrs Jeremiah P. Kearney 
John X. Kearns 
Jo.sephJ. Keating 
William F. Keating 
Mr.S: Mrs Francis W'. Kee 
John F Keebler. Jr 
AlhertJ Keefe.Jr. 
Theresa Curran Keeler 
Francis C. Keenan 
Peter J. Keenan 
Thom;is F. Keenan 
William Refer 
Edward E. Keidal 
Mr & Mn> Robert L, Keim 
Charles N. Keith, III 

Bri:in E Keica 

Dennis M Kelleher 

Edward F Kelleher 

Albert W Keilenbenz 

Lawrence J, Keller 

John J. Keiley 

Kevin V. Keiley 

Margaret .M, Keiley 

,\nthonyJ Kelly 

Barbara KeMiolds Kellv 

Catherine A Kelly 

Charles D. Kellv ' 

Rev Charles F Kelly 

Colleen McBnan Kellv 

Ilaiuel P Kellv 

Ileborah E. Kellv 

Edward F. Kelly' 

Eileen M. Kelly 

Eugene L. Kellv 

F .Mike Kellv ' 

Geffrey B Kelly. STD 

James E. Kelly 

James F Kelly 

James P. Kelly 

loanne .M. Kellv 

]ohnB, Kellv 

lohn P. Kellv 

lohn T Kellv 

HonJohnTJ. Kellv.Jr. 

loseph |. Kelly 

Joseph M. Kelly 

Joseph P. Kelly 

Joseph T Kelly 

Kathleen M, Kelly 

Kevin .M, Kelly 

LawrenceJ. Kelly 

Sr Margaret V. Kelly, RSM 

Maribeth Malioy Kelly 

Sr Mary K. Kellv 

Maura |, Kellv 

Mr Michael J.' Kelly 

Nancv A. Kellv 

Sr Patricia Kellv, GNSH 

Mr & Mrs Philip C.Kelh 

MrsPhvllisA. Kellv 

Robert B Kelly 

Rosaleen Sikina Kelly 

Sean B. Kelly 

ThomasJ. Kelly 

Thomas P. Kellv 

William F Kelly 

Charles E Kelton 

Ms Carrie M. Kemp 

Kenneth j. Kempf 

Stephen D Kendrick 

Eileen Kelly Kennedv 

James J. Kennedy. Sr 

loseph L. Kennedv 

CPT Joseph Kennedy. I'SN. Ret 

Patrick F. Kennedy 

.Mr & Mrs Robert A. Kennedy, Sr 

Robert E. Kennedy 

Stephen P Kennedy 

Rev Thomas R. Kennedy 

George T. Kenney, Jr, 

John F. Kenney 

John F Kennev. Ill 

Joseph P Kenney 

Mr & Mrs Robert G. Kenney. Sr 

Bernadette F. Kenny 

John R. Kenny 

Joseph A. Kenny 

Thomas E, Kenny 

W'illiamJ. Kenny 

Dennis M. Kensev 

Mr& Mn, RobertJ. Kensd.Jr, 

John J. Kent 

Terrence C. Kent 

William J. Kent 

Michael F Kenville 

Alice B. Kenyon 

Virginia .Mayer Kenyon 

James F. Keough, Jr. 

Edward J, Keppel 

DavidJ. Kerins 

Mary A. Kerlin 

Albert L. Kern 

Paul J. Kerns 

David j. Kerper.Jr. 

Margaret M. Kerper 

Rev Michael Kerper 

Justin A Ken^haw, III 

Kelh A. Kershner 

|ohn F. Kerstan 

Mark C. Kerstetter, PhD 

Mr& MrsArlin E Kessler 

William C. Kettelberger 

John W. Keuler, Jr. 

Mary' Simmons Kevlin 

Linda A Keyle 

George E Kientzy.Jr. 

Edward M, Kiernan 

James V. Kiernan, DO 

,Matthew E, Kiernan 

Nicholas C. Kierniesky 

Francis | Kiger 

Paul M" Kilbride 

Mr& Mrs Thomas J. Kilker 

Michael C. Kimble 

\W& Mi's Jdchen E Kindling 

Tiniiithy K Kindt 

Eileen M. King 

Eugene A. King 

Francis ,M. King.Jr, 

Jennifer M, King 

Leonard J Kingjr, 

Richard A King 

.Sean ,M, King 

Mr Sl Mrs William R, King 

.Mr & Mrs Thomas E, Kinka 

Bernard Kinker 

.Mr& Mrs Thomas M Kinsella 

John J, Kintsch 

Stephen C, Kiraly 

Ellis R.Kirbv.Jr,' 


Thomas M. Kirbv.Jr. 

MrLS:MrsD.inieij. Kirk 

FrankJ. Kirk 

Barbara A Kirkner 

Walter J. Kinvan 

Colleen A. Kirwin 

Mr & Mrs Wayne J. Kirwin 

Christina Bartuska-Kistler 

John W Kitchenman 

John R. Kite 

James R. Klagholz 

John E, Klaiber 

Thomas A. Klaus 

RevDa\idJ. Klein 

George W. Klein 

Ira S. Klein 

.Michele L. Klein 

Mr & Mrs William Kleinscbmidt 

Edward J. Klenk 

.Maureen McNally Klenk 

Robert J. Klenn 

loseph A, Klepchick 

Gerard A. Kleschick 

ZInaida Klevmenes 

lamesM Klick. MD 

.Maria P. Klink 

RevMaRhallJ. Kloda 

Gerard J. Klopf 

Gustave C. Klubal 

William G. Kluth 

Michael D. Kmiec 

Wayne T. Knapp, Sr, 

Thomas F. Knause 

C Wayne Knecht 

Grace Parker Knight 

John F. Knight, Sr, 

Richard J Knight 

John H Knox 

Ms Toni A. Knurek 

Steven J. Kobasa 

Michael J. Kobol 

Laura Degnan Kobus 

James F. Koch 

Patricia M Koch 

Jeffrey R Kochanowicz 

Joseph \ . Koehler, DO 

William C. Kohler 

Mr&Mi^JohnJ. Kokosfo.Jr 

Michael |. Kokoski' 

MrsMarvG Kolb' 

PaulJ. Kolkka 

HenryJ. Roller 

Ellen C. Kolodziej 

Mr(\ Mi^JohnJ. Kolodziei 

James A. Kolpack 

.\lr& Mrs John A, Kolson 

Natalie A, Kolson 

,MrS Mrs Joseph M, Kondracki 

Alexander C. Konieczny 

PeterJ Konopelski 

Irene Koszarek Konschnik 

Thomas M. Kontulv 

J. Harold Koob 

James A. Kopaz 

W''illiam L. Kopec 

Deborah R, Kopytko 

Eugene J. Kopytko 
Ann R. Korab 
t^atherine Geary Korn 
Joseph F. Koscinski.Jr. 
Rev David J. Kossey 
Eileen P. Koutnik 
Mrs Mary F. Koutnik 
Maureen A. Kovatch 
Sidney J Kowalczyk 
,\iidre«'F. Kozak.'PhD 
Mr it MrsJamesKozak 
Joseph J. Kozak.Jr. 
Mr& Mrs Tom Kozanas 
MrS Mrs Edward P. Kozmor 
Joseph J, Kozole 
W'illiamJ. Kracz 
.Mr it Mrs Paul Kraemer 
Ned 0. Kraft 
Raymond S. Kraft 
Allan R. Kramer.Jr, 
Hannah F, Kramer 
Maureen F, Kramer 
W alter A, Krankemann 
Susan .Moser Kraske 
MritMrsDaleW. Krasley 
Michael P Kratochwill 
Eric L. Kratschmer 
Mr ft Mrs C, Lawrence Kraus 
Ingo S. Kraus 
Theresa Gauder Kraus 
Mr& Mrs Paul E. Krause 
William J Krause, Jr. 
Barbara Lever Krauss 
Charles J. Krauss 
Mary Beth Krauss 
Virginia M. Krawiec 
Thomas R. Krebs 
John L Kreiner 
Karl F Kreiser 
.Maiy Masturzo Kreiser 
Jeanne Burczynski Kretscbman 
Edward J Kreuser 
Eric J. Kreig. DO 
Frank A. Krieger.Jr. 
Roxanne M. Kringle 
Joseph F. Krivda, MD 
StanleyJ. KroLJr, 
Helen D Kromdyk 
Courtney C, Kronk, III 
Jennifer Deamer Krouse 
John J. Krumenacker 
Joseph A, Krupa 
Brian W. Kruse 
Mr it Mrs Edward A. Krystopa 
Kenneth R. Kryszczun 
Mary Beth Krytzer 
StephenJ Ksiazek. .MD 
PatriciaJ. Kubach 
Michael L. Kubiak 
Andrea Aiken Kuczynski 
Mr& Mrs Kevin Kuebler 
William T. Kugler 
.Mr it ^h's Thoniits G. Kuhn 
William P Kuhn 
PhilipJ. Kulp 
Joseph J. Kulpa, Jr. 
Mr S Mrs George Kunka 
Linda Kunka 
Elizabeth Rodini Kuny 
Paul Kuny 
David P. Kunz 
H. Gordon Kunzman 
(Kirv V Kuper 
RobertJ. Kupiec 
.Maureen Fox Kupniewski 
John J. Kurek 
Deborah A. Kurowski 
Christopher J. Kurtz 
Kevin L, Kutcher 
Mr& Mrs Herbert A Kuttler 
ThonuisinaV Kweku 
Agnes Petka Kwiatkowski 
Sheila Kwoka 
Nancy Ritvalsky Kyle 
ThomasJ. Kyle.Jr, 
KathrynH, Kysor 
Craig A, I.aBarge 
Ms Laura L, LaBella 
Andrea B. LaPira 
Mrit Mn-FrankA. LaSala 
Mr it .Mni Nicholas LaSorsa 
Susan Howard LaValle 
Katherine G. Labman 
Elizabeth Lopez Labrum 
Michael J, Labrum 

Paul P Each 
Mr& Mrs John E. Lacy 
Steven Laderman 
Denise L. Ladner 
James E, Lafferty 
Kathleen F. Lafferty 
Russell A. Lafferty 
C. Andrew Lafond 
Mark A. Lafond 
Edward F. Lagan 
Angela A. Lagocki 
Constance Pelroni Lahoda 
Mark S. Lahoda 
Michael A. Lake 
loseph M. Lala,Jr, 
Charles E, Lally, CPA 
Robert M, Lam 
Andrew T, Lamas 
John W. Lamb 
William P. Lamb 
George V. Lambert 
Arthur C. Lanion 
John C. Lancaster 
Harold Van Ness Lance 
Mr it .Mre Arkady Landa 
EarleC Landes 
Suzanne Golden Landis 
Ruth M, Lane 
William G. Lane 
Rev Mary E. Laney 
W'illiamJ. Lang 
■Mr it Mrs Arthur J. Langan 
DonaldJ Lange 
.Mr it Mrs Henrv P Lannen 
Mrit Mn, PhilipJ, Lanz 
George A. Lapps 
.Mr it Mn; Philip J. Lardear 
Suzanne .M. Lardear 
Charles G. Lare 
John R. Larentowicz 
Joseph R. Large 
Benjamin J. Lariccia 
C Raymond Larkin 
loseph G Larkin 
MriiMrsWilliamL Larkin, Jr. 
William P. Larkin. Jr. 
Mr& Mis George J. Larmour.Jr. 
.Mr Si Mrs Edward A. Larr 
Patrick E. Larr 
Randolph K. Larsen.Jr. 
CarlaJ Laub 
Edward R. l.aughlin 
Aime M Lautenbacher 
Richard J, Lautenbacher 
Stephen M Lautenbacher 
-MritMrsJohnJ Lauter 
Sarah H Lauterbach 
Angel B. Lavergne 
Denise Lavery 
Kevin C. Lavin 
Andrew F. Lawless, III 
Ralph B. Lawrence, III 
,Mr it Mrs Terry A, Lawson 
Cathy G. Lazaroff 
Ronald N. Lazzaro, CPA 
John G. LeConey 
Barbara L. LeVan 
Mr & Mrs Douglas A. LeVien, Jr. 
William A Leanza 
Roberts. l,ebair,Jr. 
Mrit Mrs Michael J. Lech 
George E. Ledakis 
Michael Ledva, Jr, 
James A. Lee 
John M, \jx 
William T, Lee 
Dr & Mr William W, Lee 
Mr S Mrs Ving Y.Lee 
Laura Pollio Leeds 
Jennifer Snyder Legler 
John J. Ij;hane 
Edward J. Lehman 
George F. Lehman 
CPT William E. If hner.LiSN 
Doughis K, Leidy 
Ms Eileen Leinenhach 
Stephanie L, Leinhos 
Melanie Leinweber 
Belsv S. Ulpziger 
DavidA. kllig 
Robert R. Lcming 
Deborah J. Lemke 
John S. Lench 
F.dwardJ. Lennon 
Deborah Osmian Lenny 
.Mrit Mrs John A. Lenox 

Harry G. Lento 
Hubert P Leonard 
lohn P Leonard, |r. 
LTCJohnP Leonard, 111, IIS.MC 
Victor Leonard 
Matthew P, Leonardis 
AnneMarie Leone 
Charles J, Uone 
Jennifer Leone 
Karen ,M Leone 
Mr &, Mrs John A. Leonetti 
\'incent L, Uonetli 
Joseph C. Lepone 
John A. Leporati 
P. Stephen Urario, Esq 
Francis A, Lerro 
Mr&MrsJohnT. Lesko 
Thomas H. Less 
Roman I. Leszczyszyn 
Thomas R. Leitieri 
Nancv I,euzzi 
Howard B Levin, DO 
Lynn Piatknwski Levin 
.Mary Ivers Levine 
Lewis M, iCTinson 
Sandra M Levit 
Mrit MniJoelH Levitt 
Charles Lew 

Edward W'' I.ewandowski 
Kathleen T Lewandowski 
Theresa .M, Lewandowski 
Edith Tamburro Lewis 
Edmund F Lewis 
William L. Lewis. Jr. 
William M. Lewis 
.Mr it Mrs Robert K. Ley 
Jerome S. Lezynski, II 
Mr & Mis taierico A Liberatore 
DinoJ. Liberi 
Louis R. Liberio 
Joseph E. Liberto 
Carolyn .M. Librandi 
Kalhryn Dougherty Lieb 
James C.Lieber. Jr.. Esq 
Brian J. Lifsted 
Darren C. Lifsted 
John S. Ligenza 
Edwin W. I.ightkep 
Francis A. Lihotz 
.Mrit Mrs Ronald M Lijewski 
Joseph W Lindberger.Jr. 
F. Neil Lindenfelser 
Harold E. Lindenhofen.Jr. 
,\nn L Lindenmuth 
Bernard C. Lindinger 
PaulJ. Lindinger 
Mr & Mrs Charles R. Lindsay 
ThomasJ. Linhares 
Catherine Rowland Link 
Nile R. Linn, Jr, 
Peter W Linn 
Mr&MrsJeraldD. Linnell 
Joseph .M. Linsley 
Dennis Linso 
Nicholas P. Lintner 
Thomas R. Linton 
Norbert G. Lion 
Katherine L. Liptak 
Robert W . Liptak. II 
Mr it Mrs Robert W''. Liptak 
Mrit Mrs Carmen F, Lisa 
Kathleen E. Littel 
Rev J. Ferman Little 
Robert ,M. Liwacz, Esq 
Raymond J- Lloyd 
Rosemarie .M, Lloyd 
SabatoJ. I.oGiudice 
W alter N. Loburak 
Nicholas W. Locantore. Sr. 
George W Lochetto, Sr. 
Elizabeth R, Lochner 
William H. Lochten 
.\nne McDonnell Lodes 
Gregg R. Lodes, DC 
Lisa A. Loeber 
Annemarie P. Logan 
lohn P. Lohn 
Mr & Mrs Edward L.Lohr 
Mr& .Mrs Gary L. Loker 
Richard V Loila.Jr. 
James W Lomanno 
Kathleen .M. Lombard 
Louis A. Lombardo. Ill 
Sally Ann M. Lombardo 
ThomasJ. Londergan 
Coleen Kelly Long 

FALL 1996 

page 21 

Mr & Mrs Cuong Vi Long 
John C, Long 
Kim Laltimer Ixmg 
Michael A, Ixjng 
Mr & Mrs Ronald A. Long 
Thomas F, Long 
Denis S Longo, PhD K. Longo. Ill 
Joseph T l/)ngo 
Roger A. Loos 
Joseph T. Lopez 
Thom;is R, Lor.uideau 
Richard A. Lord.Jr 
George J. LorJi.Jr 
John J Lorenc 
Mr &Mr^ Charles CLotsntz 
Carol .A Lorentz-Bumelt 
ManinJ. Loscaizo. DO 
Gino Lostracco 
John Loughei>- 
Kathleen M Loughman 
Mr & Mr^ Robert Loughney. Sr 
Katharine M. Lounsben 
Milton H Lowe 
Bridget G. Low'erv' 
Robert W. Lower)' 
Michael J. Lubas 
Mr & Mrs Thomas M.l.ubiski 
Edward C- Lucas 
Mr & Mrs Joseph J. Lucxs 
MrlosephW. Lucas, Jr 
Mr'& Mrs Da\id A Luce 
Reva V. Luce 
Joaquin P. Lucero 
Juana Luchessi-Carozza 
Lisa A Luciani 
Fred L. Ludy 
John F. Lue 

Rev & Mrs Daniel Luetke 
Joseph J. Lukas 
John S. Lukowski 
Mr & Mrs James E, Lumsden 
Mark A. Lunsford 
BarryJ. Luroe 

Mr & Mrs .Mexander Lushnycky 
.Andrej X. Lushnycky 
Joseph G. Lutek 
Beverly J. Lutes 
Gerard J. Lutes 
GeorgeW Luther, PhD 
Kathleen Lutz 
Charles V, Lyman 
Eugene C. Lynam 
Brian J. Lynch. Esq 
Edward J, Lynch 
James J. Lynch 
James P. Lynch 
John .A Lynch 
Joseph E. Lynch 
Joseph F. Lynch 
Karen Landis Lynch 
Kathleen Bodisch Lvnch. PhD 
-Mark P. Lynch 
Richard R- Lynch 
Robert F. Lynch 
Robert J, Lynch 
Rochelle Pastemack Lynch 
Ellen Scher Lynes 
Francis E.Lynn, Jr. 
James J. Lynn 
Vfilliam H. Lynn 
Geraldine .M. Lyons 
Mr & Mrs Michael F. Lyons 
Richard M. Lvons 
Robert P. Lyons, MD 
Roberts. Lyons, Jr. 
ThomasJ. Lyons 
Mis Judith E. Lysczek 
Florence Lrter 
Mr & Mrs So Ma 
John J. Maben.Jr. 
Pamela A. MacAllister 
Edmond F. MacDonald 
John R, MacDonald 
Kathleen S. .MacDonald 
VFilliam F MacMullen 
Mr & Mrs .Michael J. MacNeal 
Laura A. .MacPherson 
Robert H.MacWilliams.MD 
Mr & Mrs Robert A. Macartney- 
Paul J. .Macey 
Andrea Palumbo Mack 
Darrvl L. Mack 
James M. Mack 
John ,A Macoretla 

Gerard T. Macready 
John P. Madden 
.Madeline T. .Madden 
William P Madden 
l)a\id Maddox, Sr 
H. David .Madonna 
Bri;ui D. .Maederer 
Florentino V. .Magallanes, Jr. 
Mary P Magee 
Ralph W .Magee 
Richard C .Mager 
Regina .\. Maginnis 
Michael B. Magnavita, CPA 
,Margaret Johnston Magnotta 
JohnF. Magosin.Jr. 
Daniel E. .\Iaguire 
Frederick C. .Maguirt 
JaniesJ. .Maguiie 
Marianne Maguire 
Michael J. .Maguire 
Nana M. Maguire 
Thomas C. .Maguire, Jr. 
Michael P. Mahan 
Stephen .Mahan 
Rev Edmund J. .Maher 
John J. Maher 
Joseph P. Maher 
Lawrence J- .Maher 
Patricia Parente .Maher 
ThomasJ. .Maher 
Mr & Mis John W. .Mahlraann 
Brian T. .Mahony 
Frederick W. .Maier 
Gerald .M. Maier 
.Michael R. .Maier 
Antonio .Maiocco 
,Mr & Mis Joseph P. Maiorana 
Thomas A. Maiorano.Jr. 
Lisa D. .Maiorini 
Raymond E. Majewski 
Mr & Mis Joseph Maikut 
Joseph T. Makarewicz, PhD 
Francis J. .Makovetz 
Robert P. .Malachowski 
Ronald K. Malasky 
Victoria G. .Malaszecki 
Edward T. .Malatesta 
James P. Malatesta 
Michael G, Malatesta. Sr,, CPA 
Thomas R. Malatesta 
Mr & Mis Daniel G.MaIek 
Ms Joanne .Malinowski 
Carl P. Malitskv 
Donald L. .Malizia, DDS 
Mr & Mis Gerald Malkowski 
Jose L. Mallabo 
Richard D. Mallatratt 
James F. .Mallin 
Francis T. .Mallon 
James J. Mallon, Jr., DO 
James V. .Mallon 
Lisa .\L Mallon 
Dennis P. Malloy 
.Andrew J. Malone 
J;inice .Maguire .Malone 
Maureen Leszcvnski .Malone 
Francis E. .Maloney 
.Matthew N. .Mammola 
Sebastian 0. Mancarella 
Vincent J. Mancini 
Anthony Mancuso, Esq 
Kathleen Kelly .Mancuso 
.\L Lynn .Maniiia 
Nicole L. Manente 
.Mr & .Mis .Anthony F. .Manero 
Mr & Mrs James A. Manes 
Frank .A. Manfredi 
.Mr & Mis Antonio M .Mangabat 
Antonio 0. Mangabat, Jr. 
Kristin Simmons .Mangabat 
Francis J. Mangan, Esq 
JohnJ. .Mangan 
John .A .Manion 
Elizabeth Washofsky Mann 
Concetla Mannello 
Karen O'Grady .Manners 
Mark A. .Manning, Jr. 
Wilraoth .Mannings 
Maribeth Scholten Manoff 
Dorothy R. B. Manou 
Dino S. .Mantzas, Esq 
Diane Koenig Manwaring 
.Mr & Mrs C.Michael Man zo 
Kristi .Manzo-Tsiouplis 
Colleen Marano, PhD 

John F Marazzo 
John A. Marchesani, MD 
.Audrey M. Marchese 
Maryann F Marchiano 
Thomas E Marchiondo. DO 
Joseph P. .Marchione 
Patricia .Marcinkiefticz 
Diane C. Marcozzi 
Ale.vanderJ. .Marek 
Thonnis «■. .Maresca 
Paul A. Marfino 
Joseph A. .Margay 
Robert Margevicius 
Deanna Kozub-.Marinelli 
Barbara A. .Marini 
Jacob C Marini 
Joseph A- Manni.Jr 
N;uic\ Brown Marino, .MI) 
Mr &Mrs Steven D.Marino 
Stephen E.Markert, Jr. 
\incent J. .Market 
Mr & .Mrs Eugene G. Markiw 
Edward ,M. Markowski, PhD 
Thomas L. .Markowski 
Mr & Mrs Robert J. Marks 
Arthur G.Madin, Jr. 
Joseph M. Marquart 
Dana Marrafino 
Christv E. .Marrella 
Leonard E. Marrella 
Mr Bernard B. Marshall 
Hubert Marshall 
Lynn Provost Marta 
Richard F. .Marta 
Anthony G. Martella.Jr. 
Anthony G. Martillotti 
Anthonv W. Martin 
Dr&.Mre Bernard F.Martin, 111 
Clare V. .Martin 
James F. .Martin 
John-Claude Martin 
Loretta .M. .Martin 
Mercy .A. Martin 
Paul). Martin 

Mr S: Mis Ronald W. Martin, Sr 
William J. Martin 
W illiam \. Martin 
Mr & Mis Wilmer M.Martin 
Joseph F. Martinelli 
Jose 0. Martinez 
Rev Nicholas F. Martorano, OSA 
Wanda .M. Martorano 
Nicholas J, Marucci 
Mr & Mis John P. Marx 
JohnJ. Masano 
.Mrs Michele .M. Mascaro 
Louis A. Masci 
Vincent J. .Mascoli 
Denise V'espe Mascolo 
.Anthony F..Mascuilli,Jr 
Benjamin J. .Mashioff 
Michael .Masny 
Donald J. .Mason 
Jacquelyn Harper Mason 
Patrice Carey .Massaro 
Eugene F. .Massey 
AlvinoJ. .Massimini 
Joseph Massucci 
Edward F, Ma.stal 
Thomas A .M:isterani 
Joseph W . .Masterson 
.Mark R. .Mastrogiovanni 
Robert A. Mastrogiovanni 
Maureen E. Mastropietro 
.Michael .A .Matalvage 
Gil Matar 
James D. .Matarese 
Lisa A. Maleja 
Marie Matera 
Angelina M. Matese 
Gary J- Mather 
Walter .M. .Mathews 
Randall G. .Matlack 
Joseph P. Matlock 
Catherine Bngidi Mattel 
Raymond A Mattem. Jr. 
Douglas L. Matthews 
Virginia Matthews 
Frank H. Matticola 
.Ms Doris M, Mattox 
Paul G, Mattus 
.Marv'ann A. .Matusko, CPA 
Mr& Mis James V. Maugeri.Jr 
Gregory S. .Maurer 
Joseph M. Maurer 
.Alfred J. Mauriello, II, MD 

AngeloJ. Mauriello 
Ralph J, Mauro, Esq 
Robert Maurone 
Bradle\ S .Maur\' 
Kristine Hodgkiss .Maury 
Mrs Mary Mavilla 
Frank J. May 
Jennifer .V May 
Mr & Mrs Vemon .Mayberry 
Charlene M. Mayer 
Harry J. .Mayer, Jr. 
Joan B. Maver 
Mr & Mrs William L. Mayer. Sr. 
RxsR. Mayo.Jr. 
William A. Mayor 
Bnice F Mays 
.Michael J. NJays 
.Mr & .Mis Eugene .Mazza 
ThomasJ. .Mazza, Jr. 
.Anthony T. .Mazzei 
Helen Schrama .Mazzei 
ThomasJ. .Mazzei 
Silvio .Mazzuca, Hi 
.Mr& .Mrs Silvio .Mazzuca, Jr. 
.Michael H. .McAdoo 
John P. McAlary 
Catherine D. .McAlee 
Maureen Neal McAleer 
PaulJ. McAleer 
Timothv .McAleese 
.\LAJ lohn P. McAlinn 
Mr &M5Danien. .McAllister 
-Margaret Grzesiak McAna 
Donald J. .McAneny 
Donna .M. .McAnespey, DPM 
ThomasJ. McArdle 
David M. .McArtin 
John J. .McAteer, Esq 
Rev Dennis T. McAuliffe 
Joseph S. McAuliffe. Esq 
Joseph F. McAveety 
Thomas .M. .McAveney 
James T. .McAvoy 
Jerome J. McAvoy.Jr. 
JohnJ. McAvoy.Jr. 
Stephen J. McBain 
James C. McBrearty, PhD 
Dorothy McBride 
Francis X. McBride 
James j. .McBride 
losephine Corrieri .McBride 
Richard W. McBride 
.Matthew J. McBryan 
Francis N. McCabe 
James M. McCabe 
Kathleen Conklin McCabe 
.Margaret Nichols McCahe 
.Michael G. McCabe 
.Mr & .Mrs Thomas McCabe 
James P. .VlcCafferty 
lames P. .McCaffertv 
'Man- E. .McCaffertv' 
Grace M, McCaffrev 
James D. .McCall 
Joseph J. .McCall, Jr. 
.Michael McCall 
William J. McCall 
Mr & Mrs Charles W. McCann 
Christine .M. .McCann 
Harry C. .McCann 
Kathleen M. .McCann 
Michael P. .McCann, Jr 
Patricia M. McCann 
Robert J. McCann, Jr. 
Daniel J. .McCardle 
Frank J, .McCarry 
Mail .Ann .McCarrx' 
Daniel J. .McCarthy 
Grace Dorrian-McCarthy 
James P. McCarthy 
Nadine McCarthy 
Samuel J. .McCarthy. Jr, 
Tara A. .McCarthy 
Kevin E. .McCarty 
John A. .McCaulev 
Miriam C. McCaulev 
John H. .McClearv, PhD 
William J. McCleary 
Mrs Anne Langan McClintock 
Mr&MrsD.J. McCloskey 
Francis M. McCloskey 
Michael C. McCloskey 
Mr & Mrs Robert F McCloskey 
William T. McCloskey 

Sr Marv McCluskev 
Elizabeth M. McCole 
C.John McComb, III 
JamesJ. McConville 
Mr&MisRobertP. McCool 
.Megan Mctjjmiac 
.Mr John J- McCormick 
JohnJ vicComiick 
Patrick G. McCormick 
.Andrew B, McCosker 
Frank J. .McCoy 
Richard F. McCracken 
\incent D. .McCrane 
Susan Kellv McCullion 
Mr & Mis Charles DMcCullough 
Henry J. .McCullough 
Thomas M .McCurdy 
Cindv .Ambruoso McCutcheon 
Patrick J. .McDaid. MD 
Colleen P. .McDemiott 
Edward H McDennotl 
James F McDemiott, Jr, 
John F. McDermott 
Joseph A. McDermott. Sr. 
Martin P. McDemiott 
Mr& Mrs Robert H.McDemiotI 
Tann L. .McDemiott 
W. Donald McDemiolt 
Edward J. .McDevitl 
Eugene). McDevitt 
John B. McDevitt 
)ohn C. McDevitt 
Charles M. McDonald 
Francis J. .VIcDonald 
Daniel J. McDonnell 
James P. .McDonnell 
)ane Snyder .McDonnell 
Neal .McDonnell, Jr, 
Stacey L. McDonnell 
Theresa C. McDonnell 
William P. McDonnell 
.Mr it .Mis Francis H. .McDonough 
.Ms Katharine .M. .McDonough 
Robert J. McElhennev.Jr. 
Mr& Mrs Charles P. McElroy 
John P. McElvenny.Jr. 
Kathleen M. .McEnemey 
Mr & Mrs Thomas J. McEnroe 
Irene T-.McEntee 
Edward 0. McErlean 
Francis 0. .NfcFadden 
JohnJ. McFadden 
)osephJ. .McFadden 
Kevin E. McFadden 
Marguerite Madden McFadden 
Vincent J. .McFadden 
Douglas S. McFarlane 
Mr&MisJohnR. McGahey 
Christina Mazza McGarrigle 
Jeffrev M. McGam' 
Mr&MrsSeanM. P. .McGarry- 
JamesE. .McGee.Jr. 
)ohn VV McGee 
Mr Joseph F. McGee 
.Marxann Torrington .VlcGee 
Michael P. McGeehan 
Charles H. .McGettigan 
Rev Msgr D. James McGettigan 
Joseph A. .McGettigan 
Mrc.<< .Mrs Joseph P McGettigan 
Christine M. McGill 
JamesJ. McGill 
Diane). McGinley 
Raymond .M. McGinley 
Francis McGinn 
Joseph C. McGinn 
Michael J. .McGinn 
.Michael P. McGinn 
Thomas M. McGinn 
Ronald J. McGinnis 
Rosemarie A. McGintv 
John P. McGiri- 
.Mr & Mis .Alexander J. McGivem 
Edward P. McGivem 
COL Joseph G. McGlade 
Nancv Parisi McGlaughlin 
Robert J. McGlew 
Edward J. McGlinchey, Esq 
Michael .A .McGlinchy 
Thomas W. McGlinn 
Edwin F. .McGlynn 
John J. McGlynn 
)ohn T. McGlvnn 
William J. .McGlynn 
James H. .McGoldrick 
Mr & Mrs Eugene McGonagle 

Mrs Pasqualine A McGonagle 
Roisin T. .McGonagle 
Edward F. McGonigal 
EugeneJ, McGonigle 
John P, .McGonigle 
Thomas P. McGonigle 
Denise .M. .McGovem 
Diane M. McGoveni 
.Mr& Mrs FrankJ .McGovem 
Thomas D. McGoveni 
ThomasJ. .McGovem, III 
Timothy P. .McGovem 
Jennifer McGowan 
Joseph C. .McGowan 
Thomas F .McGowan, Jr 
Joseph M. McGrail 
FrancisJ. .McGrath 
Francis T McGrath 
Jacqueline T. McGrath 
Mr&MrsJohnT McGrath 
Louis J. .McGrath. Ill 
Patricia A McGrath 
Sean .M. McGrath 
Sean P. .McGrath 
Thomas W. McGrath 
JohnJ. McGroarty.EdD 
William V. McGroarty 
Man' C. McGrory 
JohnJ. McGuigan 
)ohn P. McGuigan 
Thomas .M. .McGuigan. MD 
Denise M. McGuinn 
Gregory J. .McGuinness 
Joseph F, McGuinness 
Mrs Noulagh McGuinness 
Joann McGuire 
)oseph E. .McGuire 
Philip C. McGuire, PhD 
Gerald D. McGuriman 
Joseph .A .McGuriman 
JohnJ. .McHale 
John L. McHale 
John F. McHeniv', III 
)ohnJ. .McHenry 
Dennis P. McHugh 
Eugene F, .McHugh 
Mr & Mrs Hugh J. McHugh 
lames A. .McHugh 
Scott C. .McHugh 
Sharon Kelly McHugh 
Patrick J. Mcllhenny 
John B. Mcllvaine 
)ames G. Mclneme; 
Thomas P. .Mclntyre 
JamesJ. .McKay, Jr. 
Barbara Bonner McKee 
Daniel .McKee 
Joan Welte .VlcKee 
)osephJ. McKeefei)' 
Mr&MrsJohnW. McKeen.Sr. 
JamesJ. McKeever 
Kathleen .\1. McKeever 
W ayne G. McKeever 
Francis A. .McKelvev 
JamesJ. McKelvey 
Timothy F. McKenna 
Ann E. McKeown 
Frances C. McKeown 
Dania Marciano McKinnon 
Michael J. McLane 
.Alice Baehr McLaughlin 
.Andrew .M. .McLaughlin 
Francis T. McLaughlin 
Herbert J. McLaughlin 
Jacqueline McLaughlin 
Mr & Mrs James C. .McLaughlin 
John P. McLaughlin, DO 
Karen Lesniak McLaughlin 
Mark H. .McLaughlin 
.Mary Geyer McLaughlin 
.Michael). McLaughlin 
Robert F. .McLaughlin 
Theresa Greely McLaughlin, MD 
Thomas M. McLaughlin 
Thomas P. McLaughlin 
Timothy P. McLaughlin 
Timothy T. .McLaughlin, MD 
William J. .McLaughlin 
Thomas M. McLenigan 
Robert C. McMackin 
Ellen E. McMahon 
Joseph G. McMahon 
Joseph J. McMahon, Jr. 
Edward J. McManus 
Mr & .Mrs Paul E. .McManus, Sr. 

Raymond J. McManus 
Thomas H McManus 
David J. McMaster 
Anneliese Vishio Mc.Menamin 
Kevin P Mc.Menamin 
Timothy L. .Mc.Menamin 
William D. McMenamin 
Edward M. McMonagle 
Dorothv A. McMullen 
Robert W.McMunn 
Marcella A. McNabb 
James P. McNally 
);uiet M McNally 
Richard A. McNally 
Teresa M. McNally 
.Mary Mullin .McNamara 
Patricia Dunne McNamara 
Timoih\ W . .McNamara 
Charles'P. McNeelv 
Daniel J. McNeff 
Gerald J .McNeff 
Beth McNeffer 
William J. McNeill 
JamesJ. .McNichol 
)ohn.A. McNichol.Jr. 
Robert J. McNicholas 
JamesJ. McNulty 
Peter J. McNulty 
Robert J. McNuity 
Shannon B. .McNulty 
Donald J. McPeak 
JamesJ. .McPhillips 
Sharon M. McQuate 
Bartholomew W. .McQuoid 
.Michael J. McShane 
FrankJ. McSoriey. Sr. 
John P. .McStravock 
BrianJ. McSwigan 
Joseph C. McTammey 
William R. McTigue.Jr 
Brian P, McVeigh 
Joseph G- .McVeigh, PhD 
Kevin M. McVeigh 
Susan C. McVeigh 
EugeneJ. .Mc\ey 
Joanne M. Mc\ey, CPA 
John F. .McVey 
Matthew J. McVey.Jr. 
Melissa E. McVey 
William J. McVey 
George McWilliams 
William F. .Mealey 
.Michael J. Medemach 
Mrs Rose Medori 
.Mis Debra Adair .Medveckus 
,Mr & Mrs .Arthur J. Mee 
Mr& Mrs James J. .Meehan.Jr. 
Rev Joseph J. Meehan 
Mr & .Mrs Joseph P. Meehan 
Laurie McConchie .Meehan 
Geraldine A. .Meenan 
Mr & Mrs Hrair G. Megerian 
Joseph J. Mehler 
Robert F, Meighan 
Susan L. .Meighan 
.Mr & .Mrs Luis A. Mejias 
Hon Edward G. Mekel 
Mr&MrsJohnJ. Meko,Sr. 
Louis M. .Melasecca 
William R- Melcher 
.Matthew .Melinson 
Kathleen McLaughlin 

Diane Balzereit .Melley 
Thomas C. Melley, Sr. 
John .A. .Mellon 
CPTLawrenceJ. Mellon, III 
Albert J. Melone 
Timothy J. Melroy 
Darlene P. Melton 
EariL. Melville. Jr. 
■Marvann E. .Mena 
Thomas C. Menapace 
Theodore C. Mendala 
Rev David C. .Menegay 
Joseph A. Mengacci 
Brace Mercogliano 
Diane Brady Meicurio 
Mr & Mrs .\lexander Merdiuszcw 
Gerald J. .Mergen 
W. Darrell .Merkel 
Edward R. .Merkle 
Paul D. Mermelstein 
David B. Merrick 
JohnJ, Merrick 

page 22 


Edwin H. Merrill 
Mr&MreJolinR, Merritt 
Mr&MRWilliamM Merz.lll 
Francis J. Messaros 
Paul F, Mesure 
Mrs Metz 

Mr & Mrs John D. Metzger 
Diane C. Meyer 
Donna-Mana Tocci Meyers 
WallerJ Mevei's, |r 
William J- Meyers 
Mr & Mrs Russell Micciche 
Mr & Mrs Joseph E, 

MarcJ. Michalewsky 
Paul J. Michaloski 
Spiro G. Michas 
John H. Michel 
Annette Bucci Mick 
George G, Mick 
JohnE MiJgdt.Jr 
MrS M^ Myrdsl.iw Mieczkowski 
Robert B Miedel 
iMatthewC. Miehle 
Mr&MrsEmilF, Miele 
P:isquale A Mlgnano 
Walter M Migrala, |r 
MatthewJ Mihalich 
Edmund M Miksitz 
Edward W Mikus 
AnthonyJ. Milcarsky 
Michael P. Miles 
Michael A, Milelto 
Carol A. Miller 
David J, Miller. CPA 
Donald F, Miller 
Mr & Mr DonaldJ. Miller 
Francis A, Miller 
GinaA. Miller 
Jack T. Miller 
Mr SMrsJanies R.Miller 
Jennifer L. Miller 
John T. Miller 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Miller 
Mr&MrsLarryP. Miller 
Lawrence .Miller 
Lynn E. Miller. PhD 
Mary Brosmer Miller 
Ms Patricia A Miller 
PelerDaviil .Miller 
Mr SMn. Peter F.Miller 
Reuben G. Miller. PhD 
Robert J, Miller 
Robert J. Miller, EdD 
Robert P. Miller 
WillianiF Miller, jr. 
Williams .Miller 
.Mr & Mrs Williams. .Miller 
Randy J. .Miloii 
Lorraine Pollock Minderjahn 
Raymond F .Minger 
Michael S Miiighenelli 
MrS.MftSanlu.M. .Minghenelli 
Mr & .Mrs Angelo J. .Minieri 
Thomas J. Minifri 
GeorgeJ. Mink 
ElisaZiccardi Minni 
Philip J. .Minnigh 
LawrenceJ, Minuto 
Heather I.. .Vhrabelli 
PaulJ, Mirabile.Jr, 
Brunella L, .Mirarchi 
Sihana Mirarchi 
CeorgeJ. Mirchuk 
Frederick C. Mischler.Jr 
Maureen McGonigal Mischler 
Leon M. Misewicz 
Harriette R. Mishkin 
Allen .Mitchell 
Gregory R. Mitchell 
Joseph W. Mitchell 
Kenneth R Mitchell, Jr. 
William P Mitchell 
Patricia Mitchell-Warf 
Paul Miodzinski 
Edward Mockapetris 
June Modres 
Michelina Siravo Moffa 
John F. Mohan, Sr. 
Francis J. Moletlieri.Jr. 
Dr & Mrs William J. .Molinari 
Anthony D. Molinaro, Jr., .MD 
Kathleen M. Molla 
Margaret Verkuilen Mollahan 
Car«yJ. .Molloy 

Christine A. Molloy 
ThomasJ. .Mollov 
Robert W. Molush 
Br Gerard Molyneaux. FSC. Phil 
Joseph J Momorella 
Lawrence H Monaco, PhD 
Massimo Anthony Monaco 
Robert A, Monagan 
Oenise l.ange .Monaghan 
Helen M Monaghan 
John F. .Monaghan, HI 
.VIr & Mrs Thomas P. Monaghan 
Thomas J. Monaghan 
HichardJ Monastra 
Mr^^ Mrs Joseph .M .Mongau 
David (',. Mongeluzi 
AnthonyJ. Monico 
Robertj. Monk 
Henry F. Monroe. H 
Georg W. Montag, Jr. 
Denisc P Monlell 
.Mieh.iel K Montgomen 
SlephenJ .Monlgomer) 
RaymondJ. Monloni 
Neil Robert Monlovani 
Mr& Mrs .Man R Monzo 
llehra A Moone\ 
Francis .\1, .Mooney 
John B. Mooney, Jr. 
Michael J. Mooney 
Patrick J. Mooney 
Paul D. Mooney 
RichardJ. Mooney 
Richard T Mooney 
Dennis C Moore 
Dorothy M. Moore, MD 
Edward T. Moore. Jr. 
John A. Moore, Jr. 
John L. Moore 
Kevin P. Moore 
Linda M. .Moore 
Linda M. Moore 
Suzanne L. Moore 
William F. Moore 
.Vnnetle Naessens Moran 
WilfredoG. Morante 
Colleen Henehan-Mordan 
Maureen Flynn .Morell 
Anthony M. Morelli 
Vincent A. Morelli 
Howard M .Morgan 
Judith U. .Morgan. Esq 
Philips. Morgan, Jr. 
Robert G. Morgan 
Joseph R. Morice, PhD 
(>lirisline D. Moriconi 
AnthonyJ. Morlino 
RoherlW Moroski 
Nomran E. Morrell 
Mr & Mrs Albert J. .Morris, Jr. 
AnthonyJ. Morris 
Daniel A Morris. Jr 
Frederick P Morris. Ill 
.Mabel H. Morris 
Robertj. Morris 
Jo-Ann .Morris-Brady 
GeorgeJ. Morrison 
Thomas W. Morrison 
John F. Morrissey 
John F. Morrissey, Jr. 
Sylvester A. Morrone 
Rosemary R. Morse 
Margaret A. Morthorst 
Francis J. Mortimer 
Karen G .Morlka 
James Morion 
Stanley L. Morton 
WilliamJ. Morton, SSC 
Michelle Moscicki 
Lovern R, Moseley 
Francis .M. .Moser 
Hermann Moser, II 
Mr & Mrs Hamilton Moses. Jr 
Mr & Mrs David E Moskowiiz 
John F. Motley, MD 
Jeannette C. Moulis 
Leo P. .Mount 
Joseph R. .Mountain 
Alice K. Moy 
June F. Moyer 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth N. .Mover 
Douglas D. Mruz 
Susan E. Mudrick 
Alice Premaza Mueller, DO 
Diana Piccinini .Mueller 
Mr & Mrs Herbert Mueller 

JohnJ, Mueller. Jr. DO 
Kurl Mueller. Jr 
William R. Mueller 
DebraA, .Vluir 
James M, Mulderrig 
James R. Muldowney 
Rev John E. .Mulgrew 
John E Mulholland 
JohnJ. Mulholland.Jr 
-Martin J Mulholland 
Neerav Bharat Mull 
Anne M. Mullan 
Mr & Mrs Patrick J. Mullan 
CharlesJ Mullane 
JohnJ. Mullarkey 
Bruce D. Mullen 
LeoJ Mullen, Jr, 
W illiam G. Mullen 
Mr Francis F. Muller 
Holly L.Muller 
.Maura D, Mulligan 
Patrick I .Mulligan 
William T, Mulligan 
Edward 0. Mullin 
Gerald M Mullin 
Mr &Mn. Joseph Mullin 
RichardJ Miiltln 
.Man Rutkuwski Mullison 
John T Mulroney 
Elise Parker Mulvaney 
Bernadette Heck Mulvey 
Joseph J. Mundy 
.Maureen O'Hara Munoz 
David P. Murawski 
ChristopherJ. Murphy 
David R. Murphy 
Dennis M Murphy 
EdwardJ Murphy. Jr. 
Edw'ardJ. Muiphy 
James F. Murphy 
James P. Murphy, DMD 
JohnJ. Murphy, Jr. 
JohnJ Murphy, Jr. 
Mr & .Mrs Joseph A. Murphy 
Mr & Mrs Martin G. Murphy. Sr 
Patricia M. Murphy 
Philip A. Murphy 
Terese Gibbons Murphy 
Thomas R. Murphy 
Timothy J Miiiphy 
WilliamJ Muqiliy 
Lorraine .Murphy-Wydra 
Francis B. .Murray 
Jo Ann Murray 
John A. Murray 
JohnJ. Murray. CPA 
Joseph M. Murray 
Mr & Mrs Patrick W. Murray 
Thomas E. Murray 
Joanne Kelly Murset 
William A ^hlrtha.Jr. 
i^hrisline Dnniineske Musick 
.Mary C. .Muskevvitz 
Irene W. Musman 
Helen M. Musura 
Dolores J Myers 
.Mr & Mis George F .Myers 
George H, .Myers 
Jerry A. Myers 
Christopher W. Nace 
James F. Naegeli 
SimonJ, Nagel 
.MisRegina.V Nagle 
.Mr L^ Mrs Joseph A. .\arcavage 
Robert A. .\ardello 
.Mr & Mrs Frank Nardone 
Debra Ricci Naso 
Patricia Haydl Nault 
Mr&MrsLyleR. Neal.Sr, 
JackJ. Neary 
.Michael J. Neary 
LawrenceJ. Nedzbala 
George P. Needham 
Joseph G. Neelon 
Roy S. Neff 

Mr & .Mrs Anthony V. Neglia 
Cvnthia Perkins Nehila 
MrS Mrs Joseph H.Neill 
John W. Neithercott 
Hugh J. Nebs 
Catherine Nelson 
Charles E. Nelson, Sr. 
Joseph J. Nelson 
Martin J. Nelson 

Kerstin Nemitz 
.Mr&.Mis Paul M. Nesspor 
Mr L^ Mrs David W, Neubauer 
.Maria C. Neupauer 
William F. NeusidI 
WilliamJ. Neville 
Martin F. Ney. EdD 
|ohn M Never 
MrSMniV'imK. Ng 
.Mr& .Mrs An D- Nguyen 
Kathleen E. Nice 
Paul C, Nice 

Mr & Mrs Edward T. Nicgorski 
Marguerite A Nicholson-Sbenk 
Geoffrey L. Nicoletti 
PaulJ Nicolelti, Esq 
PeterJ. Nicolo.Jr. 
Kathleen McGauley Nieman 
Christine R. Niemynski 
MirekA Niemynski 
.Miriam T. Niessen 
ThomasJ. Niessen 
Florence .M. Niewood 
William D. Niewood 
Neil F, Nigro 
Helen C Nikirk 
Eileen E Niksa 
Ronald L. MIsen 
Richard A Nisula 
Jonathan N. Niszczak 
James M. Niwinski 
Richard E. Niwinski, Jr. 
Nathaniel Nixon, Jr, 
Mr S Mrs Cart Noakes 
RichardJ Nocella - 
Debbra Grier Nogowski 
Anne M Nolan 
GerardJ Nolan 
John P. Nolan 
Michael D. Nolan 
WilliamJ. Nolan. Sr. 
Edward |. Nolen 
David C Noll 
RavmondA. Noll 
Fred R. Noller 
James H. Noon, Jr, 
Francis J. Noonan 
Thomas E, Noone 
Ava I. Norfleet 
lienise M \orkus 
Lisa Rogalski Norris 
Waller F.Norris, Jr. 
LeoJ Norton 
Ms Lynn M. Norton 
David Norwitz 
Joseph A, Notarfrancesco 
Edward R, Novak 
Jo.seph S Novak 
Kristine Novak 
Mr& Mis Stanley M. Novak, Jr 
A Joseph Novello 
Clarence J, Nowack 
OIha Mychajliw Nowakiwsk7 
Roman 0. Nowakiwsk7 
Michael A. Nuccio 
Matthew R. Nunnally 
Mrs Barbara Ann Nuzzolo 
David C Nuzzolo 
Michael F. O'Beirne 
Catherine T. O'Brien 
Christina E. O'Brien 
Connell P. O'Brien 
Cornelius I. O'Brien 
Daniel F. O'Brien. CPA 
Dominic V, O'Brien, PhD 
James C. O'Brien 
Joseph E, O'Brien 
Kathrvn A, O'Brien 
Michael M, O'Brien 
Rev Raymond C, O'Brien 
RaymondJ O'Brien 
Robertj, O'Brien 
Mr & Mis Robert YOBrien 
ThomasA, O'Brien. PhD 
Thomas G. O'Brien 
CharlesAOConnelllll. Esq 
David C O'Connell 
Heather M.O'Connell 
COL John J. O'Connell, Jr, 
Richard W, O'Connell 
Sheila Smith O'Connell 
Susan J. O'Connell 
Daniel J. O'Connor 
Francis X. O'Connor 
Joseph J. O'Connor. HI 

Margaret E. O'Connor 
.Man- T. O'Connor 
Michael C. O'Connor 
Michael L. O'Connor 
Suzanne K. O'Connor 
Thomas F. O'Connor 
William L. O'Connor 
Daniel J, O'Dea 
Edward CO'Donnell. Jr. 
Edward M O'Donnell 
James F. O'Donnell 
JohnJ. O'Donnell. MD 
Joseph G. O'Donnell 
Joseph J. O'Donnell. Sr 
Mark M, O'Donnell 
.Michael E. O'Donnell 
RichardJ. O'Donnell 
Stephen P. O'Donnell 
Vincent J. O'Donnell 
Barbara P. O'Donnell 
WilliamJ. O'Driscoll.Jr, 
John F. O'Farrell 
ThomasJ. O'Farrell 
Ms Laura H. O'Gara 
Mr & Mrs EdwardJ. O'Grady 
EdwardJ. O'Hanlon' 
Denise M. O'Hara 
Thomas M. O'Hora.Jr. 
ThomasJ. O'Kane 
Thomas V. O'Kane 
Mr & Mrs Francis J. O'Keefe 
GeraldJ. O'Keefe.DMD 
Kevin M. O'Keefe 
James C. O'Laughlin 
MarietteT. O'Malley 
Mary Ellen Banford O'Malley 
ThomasJ. O'Malley, Esq 
Sean T. O'Meara, Esq 
Arthurs. O'Neill, Jr., Esq 
Eugene F. O'Neill 
Eugene F. O'Neill 
Gerald P. O'Neill 
leanine C. O'Neill 
MrS Mrs John J. O'Neill 
Joseph G. O'Neill 
Mary P. O'Neill 
Mar^' Rinehart O'Neill 
Maureen McGinn O'Neill 
Peter I. O'Neill 
Thomas A. O'Neill 
ThomasV, O'Neill. |r. 
Mr & Mis William B O'Neill. Jr. 
WilliamJ. O'Neill 
Gerald T O'Reilly 
JamesJ. O'Riordan.Jr. 
Francis E. O'Rourke 
KevinJ. O'Rourke 
Megan G. O'Rourke 
Mr& Mrs Michael O'Rourke 
Mr & Mrs Thomas P. O'Rourke 
Robert P. O'Shaughnessy 
Timothy O'Shaughnessy 
Kathleen M. O'Sullivan 
Robert T.O'Sullivan.Sr, 
RobertT O'Sullivan, Jr.. DO 
Francis C. O'Toole 
JamesJ- O'Toole 
JamesJ. O'Toole. Jr.. Esq 
John M. Oakes 
Mr& Mrs James A. Oakey 
Karen J. Oakley 
Maria Salome B. Ochabillo 
Rev Terry M. Odien 
Kristine T. Offshack 
R. Gary Ohiin 
Donna Smolenski Oksen 
Mr & Mrs Kwesi Olaniyan 
Kevin M. Oleksiak 
Man McGonigle Oleksiak 
MarkW (llcsa 
.Michael J. Oliner 
Robertj. Oliva 
Mario k. Oliveti 
Elizabeth Juliano Olivieri 
Margaret Mortimer Olkowski 
Richard M, Oiler, DPM 
Brian P. Olshevski 
John F Olszewski 
EdwardJ dwell 
Envin Z. Ombao 
Judith Opalow 
Stephen M Orczewski 
Susan E. Orehowsky 
Catherine M. Organ 
Mr & Mrs Daniel E. Organ 

Albert N. Oriold 

Evelyn Oriti 

JohnJ. Ormond.Jr. 

Charlie E, Oropeza 

Sidney H. Orr, MD 

Marc A. Orsiinai-si 

Jose Ortega 

Daniel R Orlolani 

Mr & Mrs Richard M.Ortwein 

ChesterJ Orzechowski.Jr. 

Diane Orzechowski 

Scott G. Orzehoski 

Cornelius J. Osborn 

Dawn M. Osborne 

Joseph M. Osborne 

Robert A. Osborne 

John T. Osmian 

Margaret McFariand Osterby 

Raymond A. Ostrowski 

John N. Oswald 

Linda I,. Ott 

Mark C. Oltinger 

Joseph \' Otto 

Sabina K. Otto 

Sean A. Outen 

Mr & Mrs Robert D.Overholt, Jr. 

John I., Overton 

Dennis T. Owens 

Eileen 0. Owens 

Jean Wall Owens 

Terry D. Owens 

DavidJ. Owsik,Jr. 

Vincent Paccapaniccia 

Robertj. Pace 

Guido C. Pacitti 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence Packard 

Mr & Mis Joseph W Paczkowski 

ThomasJ Padden 

MelindaS. Radio 

Arthur W. Pagan, Jr. 

Andrew J. Pagano 

Frank J. Pagano 

Kathleen Chambers Pagano 

Joseph A, Paglione 

Michael B. Palaia 

Gregory J. Palakow 

Ralph S. Palatucci 

Rosemary R. Pall 

JohnM Palm, Esq 

James M. Palmer 

Philip I, Palmer 

Walter'j. Palmer. HI 

Ms Geraldine M. Palumbo 

Michael R. Palumbo 

Theresa A Palumbo 

Stephen Paluszkiewicz 

Christopher Panchelli 

Sudhaker Pandey 

Mr & .Mrs RaymondJ. Panella 

Janee M. Panico 

Robert J. Pannepacker 

Mr S .Mrs \'iiicent Pannepacker. Sr 

Janice M Pantano 

.Mr & Mis Konstantinos Papantonis 

Gerard M. Papp, DO 

Michael J, Paquet 

Michael C. Patella 

Daniel J. Parente 

Mr & .Mrs David Sang Soon Park 

Michael W. Park 

Hermon I.. Parker 

Thomas M Parker 

Helen Parks 

Fiances Parrollo 

Dean K, Parsons 

George R Parsons, DO 

Mr Si Mrs Nicholas F. Pascale.Jr, 

DonaldJ. Pascucci 

Robert P. Pascucci 

Gabriel J. Pascuzzi 

Joseph M. Pascuzzo, DO 

Elizabeth M, Pasek 

Edward T. Pason 

Ellen Chester Pasquale 

Joseph L. Pasquale 

Bernice Pasquini 

Norman J. Pastore 

William \. Pastro 

Luci S. Patalano 

Angelo J, Patane 

Hetal Arun Patel 

.Meenal P, Patel 

John J. Patriarca 

Michele M. Patrick 

Patricia M. Patrick 

Stephen Patrylak 

Mr & Mrs Barr>'R. Patterson 
James R. Patterson 
Lawrence D. Patterson 
Mr & Mrs William R Patterson 
Man Walker Patti 
Mr & Mrs David MI'alton.Sr. 
Christl Patzau 
Allison Peacock Paul. PhD 
diaries M Paul 
Cristine E. Paull 
Carolyn Leonard Paulosky 
Michael J, Paulosky 
Marina A. Pavluk 
Mr S Mrs Andrew D. Payne 
Melvin B. Payne 
MrS Mrs James L Pean 
Joseph C- Pearce 
Samuel B. Pearlslein. DPM 
Catherine M. Peherdy 
A. Steven Pecora. DO 
Charles R. Peguese 
Mr& Mrs Ronald |. Pell 
Mr & Mrs Carlo Pellecchia 
Catherine McDevitt Peller 
GeorgeJ. Peller 
Paul V. Pelletier 
Janet Pellicciotti 
Joseph I. Pello 
Daniel's. Pelullo 
Joseph A. Pendergast, Jr. 
Patrick M Pendergast 
Leslie B. Pendley 
Mr & .Mrs Dennis M. Penko 
James M, Penny,Jr..Esq 
Philip L. Penny 
Joseph M. Penrose 
John V. Pensiero 
Nicholas F. Pensiero 
JohnJ. Penswater.Jr. 
James P. Penza. Jr. 
ChariesH. Peoples, Jr. 
Mr & .Mrs James F. Peoples 
Sandra L. Peoples 
Richard V. Pepino 
Mr & Mis Albert C.Perdunn, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Carios M. Perez 
Marta B, Perez 
Archie J. Pergolese 
Mrs Diane E. Pema 
Elizabeth Petrillo Perricone 
Gerard A. Perrine 
EmileG. Perrot.Jr. 
/VrthurAPern. HI 
Mr&MrsJohnny G.Perry 
Kathleen .M, fan 
Laura .M Peisichilli 
Kenneth F Persing 
Marygrace Chizek Pesce. CPA 
Robertj. Pesce 
WilliamJ. Pesesky 
Claudia]. Pelaccio. MD 
Thomas E. Peters 
Edward G. Peterson 
Paul E. Petit, MD 
Charles A. Petosa 
Mr & Mrs Giuseppe Petracca 
Gerald R, Petre 
ThomasA. Petrecz.Jr. 
Mr & Mrs PaulJ. Petroski 
Ruth Ann H. Petrosky 
.Anthony M. Petrucci 
Ms Linda L, Petrush 
John T. Petruska 
Joanne Rita Pettil 
HonJohnJ. Petht.Jr. 
Victor M. Pettyjohn 
Joseph L. Petulla 
.Michael A. Pevton 
lohn M. Pfeffer, HI 
Carl F. Pfeiffer 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth P Pfeiffer, Sr. 
Nicholas L. Pfeiffer 
Sharon Monaghan Pfeiffer 
Stephen K. Pfeiffer 
Garry M.Pfeil 
Bruce C. Pfetzing 
Edwin J, Pfiffner 
Kenneth R, Pfister 
Patricia L, Pfleger 
Mrs Kathleen A, Pflugfelder 
Mr & Mrs Tarn Van Pham 
Dorothy H, Phillips 
Hov1 J. Phillips 
Walter G, Phillips 
Justine M. Philyaw 
Richard P. Phinne\' 

FALL 1996 

page 23 

JohnJ. Pialkowki 
Chrislopher Picariello 
Rita Christensen Piccioni 
Elizabeth MullaAey Piccolo 
Joseph A. Piccolo 
Jeffrey Piccone 
William T. Piccone 
Nicholas A. Pick 
Robert J. Picollo 
Herbert T. Picus 
John VP Pie 
Theodore A. Piech 
Richard H. Pierce 
Rosetta Pierce 
Donna Pierce-Franchetti 
Lawrence M. Piereon 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Pietrafitta 
* illiani A. Pietrangelo, Esq 
Jeffrey S- Piettzak 
Barbara A. Pileggi 
Nicholas Pileggi 
Carmen A- Pilone 
Mark J, Pilsbur^' 
Mr & Mrs tageio L Pineiro 
Jody L. Pinkstone 
Vincent J- Pinto 
Kathleen Pedicone Pinzka 
John F. Piree. CPA 
James G. Pirolli 
Scott M, Pirollo 
Joseph A. Pirri 
Mr&MrsJohnJ. Pisani.Jr 
Theodora S. Pisciotta 
Vincent C. Piselli 
Remo M, Pitassi 
Janiene Conti Pitt 
Anthony F. Pizzuti 
Susan Schumacher Plage 
Walter J. Plagens. jr. 
Mrs Louise I, Plakans 
William H, Piatt, II 
Mr&MtsWilliamH. Piatt 
John J. Pleier 
Gina M. Pleskunas 
Gerald C. Plewes 
James G. Plewes 
lames J. Plick. Esq 
Bruno T.PIizak 
Janet Foy Plummer 
James C' Plunkett 
AnnaL Podlas 
Jack W. Pogue 
Erast Z, Pohorylo 
Mr & Mis James F. Pokomy 
Stacey N. Polakowski 
Carl Polansky 
Charles J. Policastro 
Ernest A. Polin, Esq 
Olga Stavros Polites 
John E- Politowski 
Denise M. Polk 
GabriellaA- Pollard 
Aaron J. Poller 
Frances A. Pollock 
William E. Pollock 
Thomas J, Poltorak 
Walter R. Poltorak 
H. Randolph Pomeroy 
Judith L. Ponipei-Milier 
James M, Pond, MD 
Mr&MrsAlbertE. Pooljr. 
John E. Pooler, Jr. 
Marie Seneff Poos 
Barbara B. Pope 
Mr & Mrs Michael W.Popen 
Robert Popielaiski 
Irene Masino Porch 
Charles A. Porrini.DDS 
Amy E. Porter 
Carmen V. Porter 
Mr & Mrs George E.Portillo 
Scott D. Posen 
.Michelle C. Postlewail 
Douglas J. Potenza 
Sandra-Lee M. Potero 
Uis E. Potter 
James R. Potts 
John F. Povilaitis, Esq 
Charles F. Powell 
Essie .Miller Powell 
Mr & Mrs Sherman Powell 
Stephen .M. Powell 
Hon Richard A. Powers, III 
Richard J- Powers 
Wolodvmvr C. Powzaniuk 

GeorgeA, Pozesky.Jr. 
Robert P. Pracilio 
Donald E. Praiss, MD 
Stanley TPraiss,DDS 
Martin R. Pnuiscavage 
Michael T. Pregler 
Jill A. Prendergast 
Mr & Mrs John P. Prendergast 
Mr& Mis John P. Prendergast 
.Mr & .Mrs Thomas A. Prendergast 
Albert C. Price, MD 
.Mice ^L R. Price 
Colleen R. Price 
Mr & Mrs James S. Priestley 
Edward M. Prig,ge 
Vincent J. Primavera 
Caesar J. Primus 
John D. Prinscott, MD 
Jeanmarie Mooney Prinzo 
Joseph A. Prinzo 
Stephen J. Procario 
Janice Mirarchi Promish 
Jeffrey E. Prosser 
Marie R. Provence 
Dexter Pruner 

Barbara Drennen Pruszynski 
John P. Pryor 
PeterJ. Pryor 
Nadia L. Pryszlak 
Robert J. Ptak 
Mr & Mrs Alfred O.Puntel 
Bemice Lisicki Purcell 
.Mark S. Purcell 
Mr & Mrs Ralph M.Purdy 
Cecilia B. Purschke 
Robert J. Pushaw,Jr., Esq 
Mr & Mrs Dunthur M. Pullasivamv 
Joseph A. Puzyn 
Barbara Gallen Pine 
FrancisJ. Pi'ne.Jr. 
John F. Pine. Ill 
LubomirB. Pyrih 
Patricia Dajnowski Quaile 
Richard Quake 
Theresa A. Quane 
Frederick M. Quattrone, Esq 
Joanne M. Quattrone 
Richard D. Quattrone, DO 
.Michael J. Quigg 
Thomas F. Quigley 
Eugene A. Quindlen 
Robert V. Quindlen 
Wilham J. Quindlen, Jr. 
AndrewJ. Quinn.Jr 
Charles J. Quinn,Jr 
Dennis M. Quinn 
Joan M. Quinn 
John J. Quinn 
Mr& Mrs John J. Quinn 
Mr& MrsJohnJ. Quinn 
John P. Quinn 
Joseph M. Quinn 
Kirsten T. Quinn 
Rosemary Quinn 
Nicholas J. Quitter 
Elizabeth T Raab 
Deborah L. Rabberman 
Michael F Raczynskj 
Ellen P. Radcliffe 
.Michael S, RadvanskT 
Lady Isolde Radzinowicz 
John A. Rafa 
John A. Rafes 
Bernard F. Rafferty 
John V. Rafferty 
Marv C. Raffertv 
Michael F. Rafferty 
Rachel A. Raffile 
Susan Hutt Raffin 
Thom:isJ. Rafter 
Frederick L. Ragsdale 
Nicholas F. Ragucci 
Josephine Rizzo Rahill 
Riaz U. Rahman 
Jonathan C. Rainey 
Daniel A. Rakowski 
Karen L. Rambo 
Joseph L. Ranisav.Jr. 
William J. Randall 
DavidJ. Randazzo 
Mr & Mrs John P. Ranieri 
Cheryl Oeilinger Raschilla 
Mr & Mrs Stanley J. Raszewski 
Joanne Wei! Rathgeber, Esq 
John P. Rau 
Frank P. Rauch.Jr, 

Stephen F. Rauch 
Norbert W Rauchet 
David E Rawlings, PhD 
Ruchelle E. Rawlins 
Bernard M. Rayca 
Dina .VI. Rayiuond 
Amy Shaw Re 
Michael M. Rea 
Karen E. Read 
Mrs Gracemarie Reader 
Francis W, Reagan 
Dennis T. Reardon 
JeffT, Reardon 
Mr & Mrs Timothy Reardon 
Edward C Recchiuti 
Courtney B. Reddington 
Martin |. Reddington 
Mr&MrsIohnW. Reeder.Jr. 
Mr& Mrs John C.Reen 
William C. Rees, MD 
Michael T. Reffner 
Brian D. Regan 
Cecelia E, Regan 
Maria Comely Regan 
Maureen Henry Regan 
William L. Regan, CPA 
NicholasJ Regina 
.\hchael E. Regusters 
Robert J. Reichardt,Jr. 
Robert W. Reichenbach 
David E. Reichert 
Harr\' A. Reichner 
Gerald J. Reid 
Thomas C. Reid 
Mr& Mrs Richard H. Reidnauer 
COL Charles W.Reif.DDS 
Cvnthia M. Reiff 
David N. Reiff 
Lours P Reiff 
Robert .M. Reifsnyder 
Bernard F. Reilly 
lames J. Reillv 
JohnL. Reillv.Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Philip Reillv 
William S, Reillv 
Harry T. Rein 
Richard B. Rein 
,\nn A. Reinhardt 
Robert M. Reinhart 
.WhurB, Reinholt,Jr.,OD 
Eric \L Reisenwriz 
Kathleen Whalen Reitz 
Karen A. Repeckyj 
Michael J. RepeckTj 
Charles G. Resch 
Richard K, Rettig, DPM 
Julia M. Rex 
Ms Ana V. Reyes 
FlorM. Reyes 
Catherine E. Reynolds 
Edward F. Reynolds 
Elizabeth Cummings Reynolds 
Mr & Mrs Theodore W Revnolds 
Karen Fraunfelter Rheams 
Allan J. Rhodes 
Kimberly Toomey Rhodes 
Rosemarie A. Riccardo 
Lisa O'Connell Ricchezza 
Mark C. Ricchini 
Vincent Rrcchiuti. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs David A, Ricci 
Mr & .Mrs Joseph Ricciardi 
Constance Rice 
George R. Rice 
David W. Richard 
James T. Richard, Jr. 
George W. Richards. IV 
Joan D. Richardson 
John F. Richardson 
Merle S. Richman 
Vlr & Mrs Larry D. Richmond 
.Vlichelle D. Richmond 
RobertJ, Richmond 
Leonard S. Richter 
John F. Ricks 
Joseph A Rider, Sr 
RobertW'. Rider, PhD 
WalterJ, Rider, HI 
Jennifer L. Rieder 
Mr & Mrs Matthew J. Rieder 
Albert J. Riegerjr, 
WilliaraJ Rieger, DDS 
Dorothv A, Riehs 
Mr&MrsWilliamJ. Ries 
Edward J. Riggin 
Mr Joseph Riggione 

Joseph L. Rigolizzo 

Charles A. Rilev 

Mr& Mrs Joseph Riley 

Leo J. Rilev 

John D. Rilling, Sr. 

Mr &. Mrs Frank A. Rio 

Denise L. Rippert 

Denise Versace Risoli 

Thomas M. Risoli 

James D. Ritzheitner 

Abigail Rivera 

Denise M. Rivera 

Richard H. Rivers 

Linda A. Riviezzo 

Mr & Mrs Philip Rivoli 

Mr & Mrs William Rizzo 

Joseph P. Roach 

Mary Cotter Roadarmel 

John P. Roarty 

Walter W. Robatzek 

Leo J. Robb 

iVlAJ Mark P. Robbins, DO 

Mr& Mrs Frank J. Rober 

James Roberto 

Mr& Mrs Clark M Roberts 

Jane Kirk Roberts 

John H Roberts 

Kimberly A. Roberts 

Kristina S. Roberts 

Annmarie Robertson 

Charles A. Robino, Ir. 

Daniel S. Robins, PhD 

Andrew J. Robinson 

Cheryl P. Robinson 

.Mr & .Mrs James R. Robinson 

John J. Robinson, Esq 

Linda K. Robinson 

Mark S. Robinson 

Richard J. Robinson 

Thomas T, Robinson 

Michael D. Rocco 

Julie F. Roccograndi 

Charles V. Roche 

Mr SMrsJohn M.Roche 

Karen Smith Roche 

Carroll E. Rockey 

Christine .M. Rocklage 

.Mrs Phyllis A. Rodgers 

Thomas J. Rodgers 

Amaris Rodriguez 

Dr& Mrs Eugene J. Roe 

Mark P. Roe 

George W. Roesser 

Edward A. Rogan 

Leo] Rohan 

Clair Warmerdam Rohrer 

Mr & Mrs Edward M.Rolke 

Mr & Mrs George Roller 

Erika Romaine 

J. Joseph Roman 

June M. Roman 

Patricia A. Roman 

Joseph A. Romano 

Marcie L. Romano 

Mary Heist Romano 

Philip G Romano 

Robert A. Romano 

Stacey L. Romano 

.Mr & .Mre Pedro Romero 

Benjamin R Romine 

Bernadette Lynn Ronca 

.Ms Ritadele Rone 

Arthur H. Roney 

Nicholas M. Rongione 

Francis A. Ronkowski 

Arnold D. Ronzoni 

Kevin B. Rooney 

Mark J. Rooney 

James E. Root 

Scott G. Roper 

Andrew C. Roppoli 

Mn; Maryellen J. Rorke 

DavidJ. Rosania 

George W. Rose 

Joanne D. Rose 

Richard A. Rose 

Stanley Rosen 

Debra .M. Rosenbach 

Mr & Mrs John W. Rosenbach 

Michael S. Rosenbaum, D.MD 

Joanne K. Rosenthal 

John V. Rosetti 

Julie A. Rosner 

Michael J. Rosner, MD 

Mr&MrsJohnH. Ross, Sr, 

John J. Ross,Jr, 

Hon MaurinoJ. Rossanese, Jr. 

Rfrger C. Ros.sell 

Dr)roth\ Suder Rossi 

John \). Ros,si, III 

Karen Lawlor Rossi 

Lorraine C. Rossi 

Michael A. Rossi 

ThoniiLs F. Roso 

Albert W Roslein 

CPT Christopher Roth 

Richard Roth 

John C. Rothwell 

Philip H. Rotstein 

Michael Rottina 

.Monica Burits Rotzal 

Francis S. Rovelli 

Angela M. Rowbottom 

Ann T. Rowland 

Bernard R. Roy 

■Maureen Cholewiak Royds 

Maureen O'Neill Roynan 

E.Jane Ruane 

Joellyn .\1. Ruane 

.Margaret A. Ruane 

ScottJ. Rubin 

Theresa A. Rucci 

Slanlev T. Ruchlewicz 

Kerth R Ruck 

William A. Ruck 

Mr & Mrs Anthony J. Rudolph 

Barbarann Rudy 

Joseph F. Rudy 

Patricia M. Rudzinski 

Charles F. Rueger, Sr, 

Robert T. Rueger 

Herbert M. Ruetsch. CPA 

Alfred B. Ruff 

Eileen Marie Ruff 

Man Smrth Rrrff 

Mr & Mrs William E. Ruff 

Michael T. Rufo 

Bruce A. Ruggeri 

Daniel F Ruggieri.Jr. 

Joseph H. Ruggiero.Jr. 

Joseph J. Ruggiero 

Charles R Rumsey 

Albert A, Rundio.Jr 

Mr & Mrs RobertJ. Runyon 

Mr & Mrs Salvatore Ruocco 

James P. Rupp, MD 

Louise Giannattasio Rupp 

Cecilia .VI. Ruppert 

Pat .M. Ruscio 

Joseph D. Rush, III 

Michael Rush 

Richard K. Russ 

Anna P. Russell 

Glenn C. Russell 

Stephanie G. Russell 

Michael J. Russi 

Renae Rutigliano 

Mr Si Mrs James E. Rutkowski 

James P Rutter 

Beth A. Ruzicka 

Mr & Mrs Frank J. Ryan 

James P. Ryan 

iMr&MrsJohn A, Ryan 

John P. Ryan, Jr. 

Joseph F. Ryan 

Kathleen A. Ryan 

Robert E. Ryan 

Thomas Ryan 

Thomas C. Ryan 

Thomas P. Ryan 

William F. Ryan 

William F. Ryan 

Ardis E. Ryder 

Robert G.Rvgalski.Jr 

Mr & Mrs Robert G.Rygalski 

Hon Henr\ E Rzemieniewski 

Matthew N.Sabatine,Jr,DMD 

Salvatore M. Sabatini 

Manuel M. Sabato 

James T. Sable 

Anne Wilson Sabol 

Alfred D. Sacchetli, MD 

John J. Saccomandi.Jr 

Stuart S. Sacks, Esq 

Mr & Mrs Adnan H. Sadaka 

Charies M. Sagan 

Virginia MnessigSague 

Kathn'n .M Sakautzki 

Mr S .Mrs Quirino D. Saladino 

Mrs Mary Ann Salak 

Frank J. Salandria 

FrankJ. Salfi 

Jaime P. Salindong, Jr. 
Michelle McGee Salmon 
William A Salmon 
Dranne P. Salter 
Christa Pasquini Saltzman 
Jerel P. Saltzman 
Dominic D. Salvatori, Esq 
Denise T. Salvo 
.Vfichael D- Salvo 
ChesterJ. Salwach, PhD 
CarioJ. Salzano 
MelvynJ. Sampson 
Amoid D. Samson 
Mark A. Samson 
Wendy Saniter 
Sandy Sanchez 
Serafin F. Sandella 
Kathleen .VI. Sandman, PhD 
ThomasJ, Sandner 
Joanne M. Sands 
Richard T. Sands 
Patricia A. Sandstrom 
Kara L. Sandusky 
Peter L. Sandusky 
Domenic B. Sanginiti 
I. David Sankey 
.Vlargaret Walsh Sanky 
Roseann C. Sansone 
Janice Rakszawski Santangelo 
.Mary Fitzgerald Santarelli 
Anthony j- Santoro 
.Michael j. Sanwald 
John J. Saraceno 
Nora K. Saragovi 
Leonard E. Sargeant 
Paul S. Sarkissian 
Francis C.Sarro, Jr., DDS 
Mrs Judith Sassano 
Mr & Mrs J. Alexander Satkouskr 
James J. Sauermelch 
Stephen F. Sauermelch 
Francis W Sauerwald 
Edward A. Saunders, Jr. 
Patricia Santry Sauvageau 
Paul T. Sauvageau 
James F. Savage, Jr. 
Donald P. Savakinas 
Agnes Loftus Saveri 
George M. Sawn 
Steven W. Sbelgio 
Joseph G. Scafirii 
Ignazio Scaglione 
John V. Scala 
Georgia S. Scales 
Ernest P. Scalzo 
Anthony C. Scancella 
John D. Scanish 
Susan C. Scanlan 
James P. Scanlin 
Joseph K. Scanlon 
Thomas M. Scanlon 
Anthony J. ScarcellLJr, 
John A, Scarduzio 
.Mr & .Mrs Geoffrey A. Scarinci 
John M. Scarpellino 
Daniel T. Scavilla 
.Michael N. Scavuzzo 
Salvatore J. Scelsi.Jr. 
Elizabeth C. Schaefer 
Paul D. Schaefer 
Grier D Schaffer 
Judy A, Schaffer 
Ellen Esposito Schaible 
Mr & Mrs Donald C.Schaller, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs William J. Schalleur 
John E. Schank 
Paulette R. Schank 
Joseph T. Scharff 
Robert E. Scharie 
Sharon Sochanchak Scharr 
Ray A. Schartner 
Gregory P. Schaub 
Kenneth J. Schauder 
Jennifer Poe Scheel 
David E, Scheerer 
Patricia D. Schena 
CPT Joseph H. Schenk, LISN, MD 
Thomas E.Schenk, Jr. 
David F. Schenkel 
John F, Schenkel 
Nicole Franke Sherman 
Karen Chernitski Scherra 
Joseph A. Schiavone, Sr. 
Steven M. Schiff 

Tina M, Schimony 
Henn A. Schinnagel 
Bart Schlachter 
Richard L. Schleicher 
Joann Murray Schluckebier 
.Mar\' Timmins Schluth 
IfslieE. Schmalbach.Jr. 
Carol Tressel Schmeer 
Joseph K Schmid 
Carol A. Schmidt 
John W. Schmidt 
Walter H, Schmidt 
Ann O'Brien Schmieg 
Lucy H Schmieg 
Albert J Schmitt 
Mrs MrsJohnJ. Schmitl.Jr 
Richard J. Schmucki 
Brian K. Schneider 
FrankJ. Schneider 
Gerard J. Schneider 
Jacahn Schneider 
Joanne Collins Schneider 
Paul F. Schneider 
Robert W. Schneider 
Mary L. Schneiders, DPM 
Joseph E. Schnupp 
Bernadette Glennon Schoch 
Sharon Faith Schoen, EdD 
Charles R. Schoenberger 
Mary E. Schooley 
Gerard J. Schom 
John A, Schorr 
Robert K Schott 
.Mr & .VIrs Alfonse L. Schrama 
RobertJ. Schreiber 
Thomas Schreiber 
Rose M. Schreiner 
Kenneth W Schubach 
JohnJ. Schubert, MD 
Francis L. Schuck 
Julie Dougherty Schuck 
Paul L. Schueller 
Mr & Mrs Robert Schueneraann, Sr 
Owen C. Schugsta 
ThomasJ. Schugsta 
Carol A. Schumacher 
Mr &. Mrs William OSchuraan 
Dr & Mrs Charles Schupack 
Mary Ellen Roken Schurtz 
Jonathan D. Schuyler 
AugustinJ. Schwartz, III, .MD 
Barry S, Schwartz 
Christine Birgel Schwarz 
Herbert E. Schweizer 
Helene M. Schwemmer 
Kurt C- Schwind 
Thomas W. Schwind 
Libero Scinicariello 
Anthony J. Sciole 
Gregory J. Scirrotto 
Frederick C. Scogno 
James F. Scott 
James J. Scott 
Loretla Young Scott 
Regina Adair Scott 
Diane Pandoli Screnci 
.tone M. Scull 
Joseph F. Scully, Jr. 
Richard M Scull, Jr 
SusanJ. Scutti, Esq 
RobertJ. Seader 
Sandra M. Searle 
John .M, Seay 
Luigi Sebastiani 
CPT John L. Sechler, USN, Ret 
James T, Sedlock, PhD 
Laura Seestaller-Wehr 
Raymond C. Seiberlich 
Frank D. Seidel 
Rogers E. Seller 
Ruth K, Seitter 
Robert L. Seiwell 
Joanne .M. Sekella 
Mr & Mrs Randall L. Selah 
Raymond J. Sell 
James J. Sellers, Sr, 
Richard W. Sellers 
EdwardJ. Seltzer 
Joseph Seltzer, PhD 
Daniel D. Semenuk 
Joseph N. Senek, Sr. 
RobertJ. Senior 
Dr & Mrs ,\ndrew M SenkowskT 
John ,VI. Senske 

page 24 


Br Robert M Sentman. OCD 
Henn R Seppanen 
Leonora M Serbyn 
John J. Serratore 
Patricia A. Serratore 
Ann Drew Servey 
MariaA. Sesso 
Mr & Mrs Raffaele Sesso 
John L. Seubert 
Mr & Mrs James W. Sexton 
Richard J. Sexton 
Maureen McDonnell Seybert 
Mr & Mrs Thomas I- Sevboth 
John P Sevkot 
Mr & Mrs Louis A- Sgro. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Thomas H. Shade 
Joseph M. Shakely 
Patrick B. Shanahan 
Mr & Mrs William E. Shanahan 
Wolodymyr Shandruk 
Eugenia M Shane 
Harry S, Shanis. PhD 
Denise Galbraith Shannon 
Mrs Helen T, Shannon 
John T. Shannon, Jr 
Karen L. Sharkey 
Mrs Mrs Edward L.Sharp 
Ms Lee Sharpe 
Sara J. Shaw 
Donna M Shea 
Elizabeth McNally Shea 
Mr& Mrs John M. Sheahan 
Mr Don P, Shearer 
Lisa Basile Shears 
Edward J- Sheedy.Jr 
Cecilia Sheehan 
JohnJ. Sheehan 
Joseph J Sheehan 
Lisa M Sheehan 
William J Sheehan 
Robert Sheeran 
Martin J, Sheeron 
Nicole L. Shellv 
Mr& Mrs Richard C Shelly 
Carroll E Shelton 
Stanton J- Shelton 
John T Shepherd 
Thomas P. Sheridan. Jr. 
William A- Sheridan 
William T. Sherlock 
Mr&M!5lohnM, Sherr\' 
Robert S. Shewbrooks 
Brian R. Shields 
Mr SMrsJohnG. Shields 
William D Shields 
Diraitry Shilenok 
Mark A. Shinn 
David Shore 
RavmondJ. Short 
Carl F. Shultz. CPA 
Janis M. Shwaluk 
Lauri Mandelbaum Sibert 
Michael E. Sibilia 
Harry A. Siddall 
BrianJ. SiegeI.Esq 
Robert L. Siegel. PhD 
Lenore Troyanosk)* Siegler 
James E. Siegmaii 
Charles M. Sielski 
Thaddeus P. Sieminski 
E. Drew Sikorski 
Max Silberman 
John |. Siliquini, MD 
Frank P. Silver, MD 
Marc S. Silverman 
Edward J. Silverthom 
Roseanne Silvestri 
Mary Sieracki Simme 
Sally A. Sinimel 
Michael J. Simmonds 
Arthur W.Simmons 
JohnB. Simms,Jr 
Kathleen A. Simon 
Michael J. Simon, 111 
PaulJ. Simon, DO 
G. Steven Simons 
Lisa A. Simonson. MD 
Kelly A. Simpson 
Michael W. Simpson 
Robert B Simpson. Jr 
W Donald Simpson 
Corinne Rowe Sims 
Michael J. Sims 
John R. Simzak 

Mr Howard I. Sinnamon 

Eileen Matthews Sitarsk] 

Mr & Mrs Walter S.Sitko 

Mr & Mrs Richard J. Siwinski 

Thaddeus J. Skarbek, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs .Mian G. Skewers 

Francis R.Skillman,Jr, 

Victor E, Skloff 

Edward W. Skorpinski, MD 

Patricia .Nines Skorpinski 

Ms Helen Skwirot 

Joseph F. Slane, Jr. 

Mr& Mrs Joseph P. Slater, Jr 

Timothy G. Slattery 

David K Slaugenhaupl 

Richard W. Slaven 

Charles E.SIavin, Jr. 

Michele A, Slavinski-.Mehlbaum 

Marion M. Slawiatynsky 

Karen T. Slevin 

Diane L Slifer 

JohnW. Sliner 

James A. Slinkman 

Mr & Mis Charles W.SIoden.Jr 

Leonard J. Slota 

Carole L SlotskT 

Carleene Chiaradio Slowik 

Mr&Mi^EariR, Slusser 

RobertM Slutsky, Esq 

Joan A. Smalarz 

Aiene Keenan Smart 

Mr&MrsJohnL. Smey 

Angela M. Smith 

AnnevaL Smith 

Barbara L Smith 

Bruce A- Smith 

Calvin C. Smith 

Charles H. Smith 

Mr & Mrs Charles H.Smith 

Chester E. Smith, DO 

David H. Smith 

David J, Smith 

Dennis J. Smith 

Edward C Smith 

Edward J Smith 

Francis J Smith 

Francis j- Smith 

Francis M Smith 

Gerald J Smith 

Gerard F. Smith 

Gregory P Smith 

Heather D Smith 

Ms Irene Smith 

Mr& Mis James D Smith, Jr 

James J Smith 

Janecia E. Smith 

Mr&MrsJohn B.Smith 

Joseph F. Smith 

Nancy A. Smith 

Philip I Smith 

Mr &. Mrs Philip J. Smith 

Robert T Smith, MD 

Spurgeon S Smith 

Stephen |. Smith 

Steven M. Smith. DO 

Theresa A. Smith 

Theresa Council-Smith 

Mr ^ Mrs \V Raymond Smith 

Wavne L. Smith 

William P. Smith, MD 

David B. Smolizer 

Geraldine R. Smoll 

Dennis P. Smrth 

William J. Smyth 

Barbara T. Snipes 

Mr &Mi5 David M.Snitchler 

Mr & Mrs Harold Snyder 

Kathleen B. Snyder 

HennJ Sobieski 

.Michael T Soby 

Joseph H. Soder 


Theresa A. Soffronoff 


loseph R, Solimeo 

Mr & Mrs William TSolt 

Richard T. Somershoe 

Stephen W, Soncini 


George J, Sosna, III 

Thomas M, Sottile 

Irene 1. Souder 

Patricia A Sovich 

Stephen C. Sovich 

David J. Sowerbutts, Esq 

John J. Sowinski 

Elaine E, Spadaccini 

Michael J Spadaro 

Kutli M Spadaro, Esq 

Monica UiCarlo Spangler 

Edward J. Spanier, PhD 

John M. Spann 

Maria Spano 

Livia F. Sparagna 

.Mr & M5 Theodore A. Sparling 

PaulJ. Speaker, PhD 

Joseph M, Speakman, PhD 

Gerard E. Speck 

Barbara King Spence 

JohnJ, Spence, Jr., Esq 

William \V. Spencer 

Ronald F. Spering 

Jeffrey C. Spicer 

FrancisJ Spiecker 

Lawrence S. Spiegel 

JohnJ Spielberger 

James P. Spiewak 

Mr & Mrs Francis X. Spillane 

Peter C. Spina 

Carmen J. Spinelli 

Mr&MrsVitoJ. Spiotto 

Stacy M. Spires 

David A. Spivack 

Harvey Spivack 

Thomas A. Spoltore 

LTC Thomas W. Sprague 

Mr & Mrs Richard \ Springer 

JamesJ Sproul 

John F Stjohn 

KiiTiberly .M Stabilito 

Jesse Stach 

Thomas R. Stack 

Robert E. Stackhouse 

Constance E. Stacy 

Mary E. Stadnyk 

Mr Peter J, Stadnyk 

Grainne Friel Stafford 

Joseph M Stagliano 

Frances E, Stahlecker 

Nancy T. Staich 

Leon Stallings 

JohnJ Stamerro 

Charles Stamm 

William H. Stamps, MD 

Mar.'ann C Stanczak 

Romayne Parks Stanell 

Joseph R. Stankiewitch 

George R. Stankovis 

Mr & Mr Thomas F. Stanley 

Wanda S. Stanton 

Dennis E Stanzione 

Leslie Blanchard Slapleford 

Elaine H Stapler 

Mark A. Staples 

Michele A. Staples 

Steven A. Staranowski 

Robert L. Starr 

Michael A Starrs 

Mr & Mrs James P. Startare 

A. Larry Staudmeister 

Mr & Mrs Richard L.Stauffer 

Paul A, Stead 

FrankM Steams, PhD 

.Mar\i\nn Kearnev Stecher 

Mr & Mrs Ritchie W.Steck.Jr 

Gar>' F. Steele, CPA 

Joan H. Steele 

Joseph P Stees 

.Mr& .Mrs Joel A. Steever 

.Maria Ford Stefaniw 

HarveyJ Stefanowicz 

.Mis Marilyn Stefans 

Lisa Pileggi Stefkovic 

James F. Stehli 

Ronald R. Stein 

David G. Steinbach 

George J. Steinbach 

Charles W. Steiner.Jr 

Francis G. Steiner. HI 

Mr SMns Edward M.Stelacio 

James]. Stella 


Frank A. Steltz 

Joseph F. Stengel 

Bernard Stepanski 

Katherine M. Stephens 

Misjean C.Stevens 

Leonard W Stevens 

.Mary T. Stevens 

Stanley Stevens 

Debra A. Stevenson 

Ms Dolores .M. Stevenson 

George R. Stevenson, Jr 

JohnJ, Stevenson, Jr. 

DavidA. Stewert, III 

Edward W'. Stewart, Jr. 

Mr S: Mrs Francis H.Stewart Jr. 

Julia Stewart 

Karen Schuck Stewart 

Mr & Mrs Richard T Stewart 

Joseph L. Stezzi 

Nicholas F. Sticco 

John W. Shekel 

Antoinette M. Stickler 

LouisJ. Shef, PhD 

Kurt E. Stieritz 

Mrs Ruth Stillabower 

Harold J. Stinson 

Joseph D. Stinson 

John C, Stipa 

Anne .M. Stock 

Anne .Marie Shervin Stockbower 

Wanda Stojanov 

JosephJ. Stoll. Esq 

Linda .Mauro Stoll 

Agatha Stone 

Christine M. Stone 

Mr & Mrs Joseph L. Stone, Jr 

Robert J. Stone 

Kathleen Stewart Stoneback 

Henrv C Stoughton, CPA 

Mr & Mrs C.Richard Stout 

Patricia A. Stover 

Robert F. Stover. Jr. 

Albert Stracciolini 

Marie McLaughlin Strahan 

Robert P. Strasavich 

Stanley A. Strauss. OD 

Robert J. Stravinski 

Robert 0. Strayhom, Jr. 

John F, Strazzullo, Esq 

Charles F Streibig.Jr 

Mr & Mrs EmilG. Stretcher 

Robert C. Streit 

Bertram L. Strieb 

William J. Strohecker 

Donna L. Strohl 

Alfred C. Strohlein 

Richard J. Strosser 

Timothy J, Strosser 

Terence W Strow 

JosephJ Strug, Jr. 

Mr&MrsJohnM. Strijs 

PaulJ. Struss 

Mr & Mb Raymond 


Carol G. Stukes 

Robert E. Stumpf 

Ms Maria Stusyk 

James R Stj'les 

Mvron Suchanick 

Mr & Mrs Daniel PSuchecki.Sr 

Mrs Mrs Joseph L 

Walt A. Suessenguth 
Thelma E, Suggs 
Linda C.Suhl 
Mitchel V. Sukalski 
Fernanda .M. Sulik 
Daniel F Sullivan 
F. Joseph Sullivan 
Mr & Mis James D. Sullivan 
James E. Sullivan, Jr. 
John I Sullivan 
Mr &'Mrs John J. Sullivan 
Martin T. Sullivan 
Mr & Mrs Thomas Sullivan 
William H, L. Sullivan 
William J. Sullivan, Jr. 
William M. Sullivan, PhD 
Linda J- Sullivan-Webb 
WilliamJ. Supemavage 
Linda R. Surden 
Thomas E. Surowicz 
Ann D, Sussman 
Francis P. Sutter, DO 
StanlevE. Swalla,Jr. 
Mr&MrsJohnB. Swaney 
John V. Swartz 
Carole Whittell Sweeney 
Diane F. Sweeney 
Ed C. Sweeney 
Gerard A. Sweeney 
John A. Sweeney 
Wayne J. Sweeney 
Geri Boyle Swenarton, CPA 
Gerald j. Swiacki 
John C Swiencicki 

.Andrea E. Swierz)' 
Thomas J- Swierzy 
George R Swoyer 
JohnF. Swoyer.Jr, 
Thomas D. Sykes 
Kevin E. Sylvester 
Blaise M. Syrnick 
Daniel L Syvvulak 
Kathryn A, Szabat. PhD 
Kenneth N. Szczepanski 
.Mr & Mis Joseph P. Szegda 
Mrs Mis Thaddeus W.Szewczak 
Mary Francis Whelan Szpila 
Walter R. Szwajkowski 
Gina .M. Tabasco 
Mr & Mrs Albert S.Taddei 
Henry C. Taddei 
James F Taddei 
Matthews. Taddei 
Mr & Mrs Francis M.Tagliaferro 
James A. Talaga 
Victor J. Talamo 
Robert M, Talbot 
Robert C. Talecki 
Dr & Mis Benito Tancor 
San Tran Tang 
Mr & Mrs Clarence W. Tange 
Anthony J. Tangi 
Thomas J. TantiUo 
Sophia Tarasov 
Joshua M. Tamoff 
Richard G Tarone 
Thomas C, Tarpy 
Mr& Mrs Daniei R. Tarrant 
Christopher B. Taulane 
Deebeanne M. Tavani. DO 
Louis A. Tavani 
Mrs M5 Nicholas J Tavani. Jr 
Mary J. Taylor 
William F. Tavlor 
William H. Taylor 
Dian Taylor-Pringle 
Alberto M Tecce 
Mary Beth Tecce 
Rose Farrace Tecce 
Michael P. Tedesco 
Zenobia M. Teel, RN 
Sr Sandra Teevens, OSF 
Karen A. Teitman 
Paul V Teitman 
GregoryJ Telthorster 
Anne Galasso Templeton 
James V. Templeton, Jr. 
Barbara Teoli 
Mr&MrsJohnJ Teoli 
Catherine Corbett Tereniak 
LouisA. Terrenzio.Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Daniel C, Test 
Eugene F. Thackray 
Mr&MrsRohitC thakkar 
Michael F. Thees 
Nicholas F. Thesen 
Ellen M. Thiele 
Mis Patricia E. Thiele 
James F. Thoma 
Anne M. Thomas 
Barbara .Maler Thomas 
Christine \ Thomas 
Edward A. Thomas 
Mr & MisJames R. Thomeczek 
William F. Thomer 
David J. Thompson 
Francis P. Thompson 
Mr & M5 Gerald D Thompson 
Mr k Mis Joseph A Thompson. Jr 
Mary McGee Thompson 
Michael K. Thompson 
WilliamJ. Thompson 
Patricia Gregorv Thorell 
Robert C. Thorn 
George T. Thome 
Nancy B. Thornton 
Barbara D. Thorp 
Mary Ellen C. Thorpe 
Todd R- Thorpe 
Judith M. Thudium 
Christine M. Tiano 
Natalie A. Tibenski 
Mr&MrsC. LeroyTibery 
Daniel P. Tierney 
James E. Tiemey 
Margaret M. Tiemey 
Yen Tieu 

Mrs Margaret M. Tighe 
.ManA. Tillger 
Mr&Mis.\rthurR Tilson 

Carol Timson-Schwarz 
Francis Tiso 
Edward G.Titterton.Jr 
Leigh McDonald Tobin 
Teresa M. Tobin 
Teresa N. Tobin, DPM 
Charles A Tocknell 
AnthonvJ. Tofani 
Mr&M'rsJacobJ. Tokar 
Joseph E. Toland 
Ms Maria Tolentino 
.Mr & Mis Joseph A Tomasco. Jr 
Mr k Mrs Ham' J. Tomaszewski 
Jane Borschel Tomaszewski 
David P Tomlinson 
Catherine Tommassello 
Mr & Mrs Peter C.Tomolonis 
Jacqueline Flahert)' Toner 
John P. Toner 
Vincent M. Tomo 
Matthew J. Torpey, Jr. 
Ms Carmen Torres 
Joseph A. Tortorelli 
Inez Tory 

Mr & Mrs Raymond Toscano 
Anthony Tosi 
Patricia A. Toth 
Frank A. Toto 
T. Michael Townshend 
Mark S. Trachtman, MD 
Rev Joseph A. Tracy 
Michael J. Trainer 
Thomas J. Trainer 
Peter J. Trainor 
Donald J. Trappier 
Edward A. Trauffer 
Patrice Lamb Trauffer, MD 
Joseph J. Traurig 
Mary M Trautwein 
Richard J. Travaline 
John G Travers 
Mr & Mrs Richard Travers 
Theresa Travis 
Margaret I Tredinnlck 
Jane Splendido Tresnan 
Thomas M. Tresnan 
Mark G. Tressel 
James M Trias 
Janice Perry Trichtinger 
Mr & Mrs John S. Trogner, Jr. 
Vincent J. Trolla 
Ms Esther Trovarelli 
Gerald J. Troy 
Leo E. Troy 
Frederic B Trucker 
David L, Truehart 
Viktor A. Tserkovniouk 
Alan L. Tucker 
Audrev |. Tucker 
Mr & Mrs Cari Tucker 
JohnJ. Tucker 
Matthew A. Tucker 
Richard A. Tucker 
Richard G. Tucker, DO 
John V. Tumasz, DO 
Michael J. Tumelty 
Mr & Mis Thomas J. Tumelty 
BrianJ. Tumult)' 
Mr & Mrs John M. Turcmano\1ch 
Susan ,M. Turcmanovich 
Mr & Mrs Charles W. Tunner 
Mr& Mrs John J. Turner 
Nancy Deal Tuisi 
Pasquale A. Tursi 
David R. Tuttle 
Charlene Pancoast Twiggs 
Karla N. Tymczy^zj'n 
Lemuel F Tyre 
Joseph H. Tyson. Ill 
Francis 0. Udicious 
Thomas .M, L'llmer 
Elizabeth J. Llmer 
James A. Llrich.Jr. 
Linda Muller Ulrich 
RobertJ. Umile 
Theresa Piecyk Imlauft 
.Mr & .Mrs Steven Underwood 
Carl G- I'ngaro 
Diane M. Ungvarsky 
James C. I rban 
Julie DiMaggio Urban 
.Arthur J. Ushka 
.Michael L. Uzzo 
Edward J. Vaccaro 
Richard F. Vaccaro 

Charlene Dewees Vail 
Mr&MniJuan E.Valentin 
Mr SMrsJosepbP Valentine 
Joseph F. Valeski 
WilliamJ. Valko.MD 
Thomas P. Vallely 
Thomas M. Vallone 
George A. Vamos 
Maureen Voung \'an Bmggen 
Mary Sloss Van Horn 
Robert C. Van Lede 
Michael VanBuskirk, Esq 
Joseph G. VanReymersdal 
Judith L. Vanbuskirk 
Curtis Vance 
Mary K. Vandegrift 
Robert P. VanderNeut 
Richard L. Vanderloo 
Rene \'andervossen 

Christina Foley Vanho 
Eugene D, Vannucci 
Michael Vardaro, Jr. 
Peter T. Varrone 
BemardJ. Vaughan, Sr. 
Mr&MrsElixbertoE. Velez 
Celeste M. Veneri 
Mr & .Mrs John Veneziale 
JosephJ. Venezi ale 
Mr & Mrs Rocco Venturo 
Mr& Mrs John L Venuti 
LisaJ. Venuti 
Joseph F.Verbitski, Jr. 
CPT George P. Vercessi.USN, 

Kara D. Verchinski 
Kenneth S. Verdon 
Natale Vemaci 
Joseph V. Vesci 
Kathleen .M. Vesho 
Dominic J. Vesper, Jr 
George H \ickers 
Robert F. Vickery,Jr 
Francis X. Viggiano 
Man' S. Vila 
Jennifer Anne Vile 
BerniceA. Villone 
Mr & .Mis Jaime A. Viloria 
Frederic C. Vincent 
Jennifer S. Vinci 
Thomas A. Vinciguerra, Jr. 
Frank J. Viola, Jr. 
Vincent A. Virgulti 
Kristin .Arnold Viscariello 
Barbara H. \'isco 
Mr & Mis Dominic \ isco 
Dominic J. Visco 
Jennifer A. Visco 
Peter L. Viscusi, PhD 
Albert J. Visek 
Alexander Vishnevsky 
Anna McDermott Vitak 
Katherine F. Vitale 
Donna L. Vittorelli, \^1D 
DonaldJ. \ivian 
Richard A. Vivirito 
Thomas F. Vizzard 
Anthony L. Voell 
Robert M. Vogel, EdD 
Garj' D. Vogin, ,\1D 
Gerard A. Vogt 
.Mr & .Mrs Francis P. Voight 
Catherine H. Voit 
Faith H. Voil 
Peter T. Volkinar 
Mis Nancy L. Volponi 
Edna C. Volz 
John C. Volz 
Mrs Mis Walter 
LeonJ. Vomdran 
Mr & .Mrs John Vosbikian 
James F.Voscavage. Jr. 
Benjamin R. Vukicewch 
Janice Neiman Vukich 
Matthew J. W'achowski.Jr. 
Joseph P Waddington 
Maureen E. Waddington 
Charles k. Wagner. Ill 
George J. Wagner.Jr. 
James W. Wagner 
Charles T.Wahl.Ir. 

FALL 1996 

page 25 

Theodore WWahl 
COL John R. Waite. Ret 
Henn J VI ajda. Ir 
Jason M. Waksman 
Jeffrey Vi aldnian 
John), ftaldron. Esq 
Joseph M. «'aldron 
Keiin M Waldron 
Usa Mclnlosh « aldron 
Donald |. ft alhelni. Bq 
Jon P. Vialhelm. MU 
Daniel R Walker 
Joanne M. W alker Esq 
Leroy G. *alker 
Marianne M Walker. Esq 
Robert Walker 
Robert M Walker 
Spring W. Walker 
William T Walker, 111 
Thomas M Waiko 
James R. Wall. MD 
Patricia k. Wallace 
Thomas E. Wallace 
William E.Wallace. Jr. 
Mr &. Mrs .\rthur.\. Walsh 
Daniel P. Walsh 
Ellen D. Walsh 
Can R, Walsh 
Hugh P. Walsh 
James J. Walsh 
Joseph .M Walsh 
Mrs Laura W alsh 
Sr Margaret E.Walsh. SSI 
Martin J. Walsh 
Mart C.Walsh 
Matthew G. Walsh 
Maureen McKeoan W'alsh 
Patnck E. W^alsh 
Richard F. Walsh 
Thomas P. Walsh. Jr. 
William F, Walsh 
William J. Walsh 
Joseph R W"alter 
George J. Walters 
TimothvJ, Walters 
Dr & Mrs Clarence Walton 
Francis J. Walton 
Susan OConnell Walton 
Anthony M. Waltrich. Ill 
PaulF W"altrich.Jr 
Richard M, Wang 
Wesley J. Waninger 
Damian H. Ward 
CMDRE, M.Ward. USN. Ret 
Joseph F.Ward, Jr. 
Maureen T. Ward 
Michael R. Ward 
Ms Roseman' Ward 
Mr & Mrs Thomas F Ward, Jr. 
James Warfel 
Joseph P Wargo.Jr. 
Lawrence .1 Wargo 
Mr & Mrs Charles L. Warner 
John H, Wamer 
Mark A. Wamer 
Anthony V. Watsavage 
Thomas J. Warsh 
Frances I Warwick 
Ronald D. Washington 
Michael A. Wasserleben 
Elizabeth Riley Wasserman 
Frani B. Wasserman 
James P. Waters, Jr. 
Gerry Watkins 
MarilvTi Watkins 
James M Watson 
John A. Watson 
Margaret D. Watson, PhD 
Susan Dean Watson 
Susan H. Watson 
William T. Watson 
Samuel J. Watt. Jr. 
William Watterson 
Joseph W. Watts 
William C. W'augh 
Patricia S. Waraniecki 
.Mr & Mrs Christopher C. Wearer 
John .A. Weaver 
Alfred E. Weber 
Eve M. Weber 
John R Weber. Ill 
Margaret Roberts Weber 
Robert M. Weber 
Mr&MtsWilliamH. Weber 
Gregory J, Webster 

.Man-belh O'Mara Webster 

.Angela D Wechter 

Mts .Angela Pirolli Wechter 

Ed»anl C Weed 

Scott Weichel 

C.MDK Rfitien P. Weidraan, I'SX 

Stephen J. Weikert 

Douglas B. Weiler 

Otto R. Weiler 

.Mr & Mrs taighi Weingaitner 

James L. Weinstein 

Kevin .M. Weinstein, Esq 

Stanley Weinstein 

Andrew I. Weinstock. MD 

Bruce G. Weintraub 

James J. Weir 

Toni Weisgrau 

PelerA. W'eismuller 

Barbara Weiss 

Diane Marshall Weiss 

Francis J. Weiss 

Joseph P. Weiss 

Karen B. Weiss 

Michael A. Weiss. DDS 

-Michael B. Weiss, DDS 

Norman M. Weiss 

.Mr & Mrs Paul B.Weiss 

Mr & Mrs William W.Weiss 

Richard A. Weissdog 

William E. Welch 

William V. Welch. Ill 

Janice V. Weiler 

Howaid Wells 

Donna DiEnno Welser 

.Mr &. Mrs Francis R Welsh, Sr, 

John J. Welsh 

John P. Welsh 

Joseph E. Welsh 

Michael J. Welsh 

Maryanne T. Welte 

Joseph E- Wenger 

-Mark A. Wennerslen 

Miriam Dvorak Wennersten 


Kevin P. Wentling 

Kristin Gentile Wentzel 

Patrice Saggiomo Werner 

R.John Werner 

Ira S. Wertheimer. DO 

Gerald F. W"esner 

Wanda E, Wesclomki 

Kenneth E. West. Jr. 

Linda J. West 

Mrs Theresa R. West 

Thomas P. West 

Byrne P. Whalen 

Charles J. Whalen 

Joseph L, WTialen 

Lyndanne M. Whalen. Esq 

Gerald J. Whartenby 

Mr & Mrs Richard F.Whearty 

Mr& Mrs John R.Whelan 

John T. Whelan. Ill 

Thomas J. Whelan 

Karen M. Whipple 

Eugene J. Whitaker.DMD 

Eugene). Whitaker. Ill 

Connie White 

Darren S. WTiite 

Edward J. White 

Francis C. Wliiie 

,Mr& Mrs James A. White 

James J. White 

James N. White 

John T.White 

John W . White 

Mr& Mrs Richard C.White 

Allen C. Whitehead 

Carolyn M. Whitehead 

Milton F. Whitehead 

Donald U, Whitman 

Jill S- Whimev 

Mr & Mrs Raymond R.Whittaker 

Thomas F. Whomsley 

WilhamJ. Wicklem 

James F. Widmeier 

William B. Wiegand 

Margaret Glanding Wilbv 

Glenn V. Wild 

.Mr & Mis Kenneth N.Wilhelm.Jr 

Staci M. Wilhelm 

Michael J. Wilkin 

.Ann KiefnerWilkins 

Michael J Wilkinson 

Nancy .McNally Wilkinson 

Robert J. Wilkinson 

Thomas J. Wilkinson 
Mr & Mrs Mario .A. William 
Anne F. W illiams 
Mrs .Arlene R W illiams 
Christine C. Williams 
Donna Haviland Williams 
Frances W illiams 
.Mrs Frances ,M. Williams 
Kevin J, Williams 
.Marylou Lazzaro Williams 
Robert D. Williams 
Steven E. Williams 
WalterJ. Williams, Jr. 
William D. Williams 
Mr & Mrs William P Williams 
Edward L. Williamson. Jr 
Jeffrev S, Williamson 
Gerald G. Willis. CPA 
.Michael D. Willis 
William G. Wills 
Ellen .A. Wilsbach 
Faith N. Wilson 
J;uiies F. Wilson 
James M. Wilson 
Joseph H. Wilson 
Joseph -M. Wilson 
Michael J. Wilson 
Pamela L. Wilson 
Patricia Wilson 
Paul .A Wilson. Jr. 
Richard E. Wilson 
Mr& Mrs Robert L.Wilson 
Roberta D, Wimbish 
MsPalncia.A. Winchell 
Selina Newell Winchester 
Robert W.Windhaus 
Susan C. Wing 
Ann M. Winn 
Richard S. Winslow. Jr. 
Paul Winter 
Albert R. Winther 
Mrii Mis John] Wisham.Jr 
.Mr & .Mrs Richaid E. Wisniewski 
Zigmund .M. Wisniewski 
Caroline P. Wistar 
.Marguerite A. Withers 
Mr & Mis Terence K Withers 
Shawn M. Witmer 
Adam Witpen 
Gerald D Wixted 
W illiam C- Wixted 
William E.J. Wixted 
Christopher R. Wogan, 111, Esq 
Kathleen Hess Wojciechowski 
Thomas F. Wojciechowski 
Chester Wojnar 
Richard .A. Wojnar 
Linda A Wojton 
.Anthonv L. Wolf 
David W^. Wolf, Jr. 
Thomas J. Wolf 
lohn L, Wolstenholme 
Mr&MrsW. BanettWood 
Harry W. Woodcock. PhD 
Thomas L. Woodin 
Karen Kaiser Woodring 
Donald M. Woods 
George C. Woods 
Susan Berg Woodward 
R. Cheston Woolard 
Barbara J. Woolston 
Ronald j. Woolston 
Joseph P. Worat\la 
Paul J. Worrell ' 
Louis C.Woyce. Jr. 
Frederick H. Wozniak 
Michael C. Wozniak 
Robert]. Wozniak 
F.Daniel Wright. Jr. 
Frederick]- Wright 
-Matthew J. Wright 
Robert T, Wright. Jr 
Wayne D. Wright 
Waiter R. Wszoiek 
Michael J. Wuensche 
James D. Wuenschel 
FrancisJ. Wuest. PhD 
JohnP. Wus.Jr. 
Edmund B. Wutzer 
Jennifer M. Wutzer 
Mr & Mis Robert W.WvatLjr 
ChariesJ. Wynne 
Robert Yacobellis 
Mark J. Yaqk 
Jeanne Yaecker 
Mitchell J. Yanak, Jr. 

Christine Kimmel Yardley 
Peter Yaremko 
Leanore R. Yarrow 
Richaid A. Yates 
James R. Yoa 
Frank C. Yoder 
JohnJ. Yodsnukis 
James .A. Yonchek 
Darry I G. Yost 
Arica N, Young 
Jacqueline .A. Young 
Kevin P. Young 
Linda Pinto Young 
Paul H. Young 
Donald W. Yurkonis 
Carolyn Dunn Zaccagni 
Elizabeth Graves Zaccaria 
Dawn M. Zaengle 
.Alexandra S. Zajac 
Paul F Zakulec 

Valerie A, Zaieski 
Thomas J. Zamadics 
Stephen T. Zamorski 
Dr & Mis Bemarit B Zamustien 
Matthew I). Zane 
Sandra Zdcp Zangara 
Sharon A. Zangaro 
Diane .Adeliz-ziZapisek 
John Zapotochny 
\incenlj. Zappacosta 
Joseph P. Zarreke. Jr. 
Carol O'Driscoll Zarrilli 
Stephen T. Zarrilli 
Jacqueline M. Zarro 
JohnJ Zarych. Esq 
Dennis T. Zawacki 
Natalie .M. Zawada 
Christina Kuropas Zawvckv 


Lance A Zcglen 

Daniel E Zehler 

Bruce K. Z^hnle 

Mrs Mrs Donald W.Zeiger 

Agnes V Zelazko 


M, Celeste Zelitch 

Rev l-eonard H Zeller 

Richard V.Zeller. Jr. 

\incent D. Zeller. CPA 

Peter T. Zenner 

HennJ. Zentner 

Longzhe Zheng 

Cynthia A. Zickel 

Ralph L. Ziegler 

Richard C, Zielinski 

StanleyJ Zielinski 

Mr & .Mrs Thomas R Zielinski 

Michael J Ziff 

Antliony A. Zimba 


Julie A Zimmerman 

Ellen Zinar 

Ronald R. Zinck 

Nancy E. Zoeltsch 


Michael S. Zona 

Mr & Mrs Joseph F. Zondio 

Uretta M Zom 

Francesca Serra Zorzi 

.Maria T. Zorzy 

John R, Zrada 

.AnthonyJ, Zuazo. CPA 

Donald J. Zuerlein.Jr 

Joseph W. Zuggi 

.Ms Joanne Zulewski 

Christopher M. Zupko 

Mr & Mrs Anthonv R.Zurad 

Special thanks and congratulations to the following matching 
gift coordinators whose efforts made possible the success of 
our matching gift program: 

Arthur -\ndersen LLP Foundation 
and .\nder,sen Consulting Foundation 
AT&T Foundation 
Bell Atlantic Corporation 

Catnpbell Soup Company 

CIGNA Foundation 

Coopers and Lybrand Foundation 

CoreStates Bank, N.A. 

Deloitte and Touche Foundation 

Exxon Education Foundation 

First Union Foundation 

General Accident Insurance 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies 

KPMG Peat Maruick Foundation 

Merck Company Foundation 

PNC Bank Foundation 

Prudential Foundation 

Rohm and Haas Company 

SmithKline Beecham Foundation 
State Farm Companies Foundation 

Terence J. Connors '"'6. CPA 

Stephen L. McGonigle '72 
Frank P. Buzydlowski. E.sq 76 
and Joseph E. Toner, III, 74 
Samuel V. Filippine '67 
Eric O. Scheffler '71 
Thomas A. Leonard, CPA '70 

('96 Parent) 
Dan A. Chiia. CPA '70 
and Karla M. Sztukowski '83 
Paul J. Gallagher '65 

C99 Parent) 
Thomas M. Apostolik 

C98 Parent) 
Edward J. LoCasale '67 

('95 Parent) 
Michael E. McLoone '67 
and James P. Steinitz '68 
Sergio S. Flores '88 
David P. Carberr>' '74 
John T. Capecci. CPA '80 
Raymond F. Kurian '64 
Richard J. Henr\' '83 
James J. Straine '63 
Frederick J. Hirsekorn, PhD '69 
and Stephen J. Rauscher '73 
and Harr\J. White. PhD '54 
Paul -M. Schugsta. Jr.. '66 

('98 Parent) 
.Michael S. Niemann '86 







jo.seph T. -Mack S 2,465 

James T. SulHvan. Jr. S 23.485 

'Henr\' G. DeVincent, MD S 63,477 

James D, McShea S 39,776 

J. Chri.stman Kennedy $ 32.131 

Philip E. Hughes. Jr.,'Esq S 49.5-i2 

Thomas A. Zelante, Esq S 23,618 

Richard J. Donnelly S 19,870 

Lynn Provost Mana S 17.547 

Eric R. Toppy S 11,146 

Grand Total $283,057 

page 26 



Diiiiiig 1995-96, the 244 corporations/foundations listed 
below matched 990 individual do>!atioiis and ci»itrihuled a 
grand total of $259,533 to the i'nirersity. 

CBS Foundation, Incorporated 
Chevron Corporation 
Chiquita Brands International, 

Incorporated Foundation 
Chubb LifeAmerica 
CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 
CIGNA Foundation 
Citicorp/Citibank, N.A. 
Clark Construction Group 
CNA Foundation 
Coca-Cola Company 
Colgate-Palmolive Company 
Colonial Penn Group, Incorporated 

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
CoreStates Bank, N.A. 
Culbro Corporation 
Dauphin Deposit Corporation 
Dean Witter Reynolds, 

Deloitte & Touche Foundation 
Dole Food Company, Incorporated 
Dow Corning Foundation 
Dow Jones Foundation 
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 

Duquesne Light Company 
Eaton Charitable Fund 
Elf Atochem North America 

Exxon Education Foundation 
Fannie Mae Foundation 
First Union Foundation 
Fleet Charitable Trust 
Fleming Companies, Incorporated 
Fluor Foundation 
EMC Foundation 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
GE Fund 

Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation 
General Accident Insurance 

Charitable Trust 
General .Mills Foundation 
General Re Corporation 
General Signal Corporation 
Georgia Pacific Corporation 

Glaxo Wellcome, Incorporated 
Glenmede Corporation 
GPU Corporation 
Graphic Controls Corporation 
GTE Foundation 
Harcourt General, Incorporated 
Harieysville Mutual Insurance 

Hartford Insurance Group 
Hercules, Incorporated 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hewlett-Packard Company 

Hoechst Foundation 
Hoffmann-LaRoche, Incorporated 
Hone\-well Foundation 
Houghton .Mifflin Company 
Hughes .Aircraft Company 
IB.M International Foundation 
ICI .-Acrylics. Incorporated 
ICI Polyurethanes Group 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

ADP Foundation 

Advanta Foundation 

Aetna Foundation, Incorporated 

Air Products Foundation 

Alco Standard Foundation 

Allied Signal Foundation, 

.■Mlstate Foundation 
American Cyanamid Company 
American E.xpress Foundation 
.American Home Products 

.American International Group. 

American Re-Insurance Company 
Arnica Mutual Insurance Company 
Amoco Foundation, Incorporated 
AMP Foundation 
.'\nheuser-Busch Foundation 
AON Foundation 
ARAi\L\RK Corporation 
ARCO Chemical Company 
ARCO Foundation 
Arkwright Foundation, 

Armstrong Foundation 
Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation 

and Andersen Consulting 

ASARCO Foundation 
Ashland Incorporated Foundation 
Astra Merck, Incorporated 
AT&T Foundation 
Baltimore Gas & Electric 
Company Foundation 
Bank South Foundation 
Bank LInited of Texas 
Bank of Boston Corporation 

Charitable Foundation 
BankAmerica Foundation 
Barclays Bank Foundation 
Barnett Banks, Incorporated 
BASF Corporation 
Bell Atlantic Corporation 

Berwind Corporation 
Betz Foundation 
Boeing Company 
BP America 

Bridgestone, Firestone Trust Fund 
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation 
Buckeye Management Company 
California Steel Pressure Pipe 

Campbell Soup Company 
Canon Financial Services, 

Capital Cities/ABC 
Carpenter Technology 

Corporation Foundation 
Carter-Wallace. Incorporated 
Certainteed Corporation 

Champion International 

Chase .Manhattan Foundation 
Chemical Bank 
Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 

I.MO Industries, Incorporated 
Industrial Risk Insurers 
Integrated Systems Consulting 

ITT Corporation 
John Hancock Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Johnson & Higgins 
Johnson & Johnson Family of 

Kellogg Company 
James S. Kemper Foundation 
Keystone International, 

Kmart Corporation 
Knight-Ridder, Incorporated 
KP.MG Peat Marwick Foundation 
Landis and Gyr Foundation 
Leeds & Northrup Company 
Lenox, Incorporated 
Lever Brothers Company 
Le\"i Straviss Foundation 
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation 
Lincoln National Corporation 
J.B. Lippincott Company 
Thomas J. Lipton Foundation, 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation 
Main Line Federal Savings Bank 
.Marion Merrell Dow, Incorporated 
Marsh & McLennan Companies, 

McDonnell Douglas Foundation 
.Mellon Bank Corporation 
.Merck Company Foundation 
.Merrill Lynch & Company 

Foundation, Incorporated 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mettler-Toledo, Incorporated 
.Mobil Foundation, Incorporated 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 

of New York Charitable Tnist 
Morton International, Incorporated 
Motorola Foundation 
Nalco Chemical Company 
National Westminster Bancorp 
Nationwide Insurance Enterprise 

NED Charitable Trust 
NCNB Corporation 
The Neiman Marcus Group 
Nellie Mae 

New York Life Foundation 
Nissan .Motor Corporation USA 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northwestern Mutual Life 

Foundation, Incorporated 
Nycomed, Incorporated 
Occidental Petroleum Charitable 

Foundation, Incorporated 
Owens Corning Foundation 
Pennsylvania Power & Light 

Pepsico Foundation 
Pfizer, Incorporated 
Philip Morris Companies, 

Phillips Petroleum Foundation 
Phoenix Home Life Insurance 

Pioneer Group, Incorporated 
PNL\ Foundation 
P.MA Reinsurance Corporation 
PNC Bank Foundation 

Polaroid Foundation, Incorporated 

PPG Industries Foundation 

PQ Corporation 

Premark International, Incorporated 

Price Waterhouse Foundation 

PrimeSource Corporation 

Provident Mutual Life Insurance 

Company of Philadelphia 
Providian Corporation 
Prudential Foundation 
Public Service Electric & Gas 

Quaker Chemical Foundation 
Quaker Oats Foundation 
Raytheon Company 
Reliance Insurance Company 

Reynolds Metals Company 

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Incorporated 
RJR Nabisco Foundation 
Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal 

Rohm & Haas Company 
Royal Insurance 
RL-^T-OLEUM Corporation 
Safeguard Scientifics, Incorporated 
Sallie Mae 

Santa Fe Pacific Foundation 
Science Applications International 

Sedgwick James, Incorporated 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
Sherwin-Williams Foundation 
SKF LISA, Incorporated 
SmithKline Beecham Foundation 
Sony Music Entertainment, 

Sony Pictures Entertainment 
Spiegel, Incorporated 
SPS Foundation 

State Farm Companies Foundation 
Stewart Huston Charitable Trust 
Stimsonite Corporation 
Stone & Webster, Incorporated 
Strawbridge & Clothier 
Subaru of America Foundation 
Sun Company, Incorporated 
Sun Life of Canada 
Tandy Corporation 
Tasty Baking Foundation 
Tenneco, Incorporated 
Texaco Foundation 
Te.xas Instruments Foundation 
Thomson Financial Services 
Towers Perrin Forster & Crosby 
UGI Corporation 
Union Camp Corporation 

Charitable Trust 
United Jersey Bank 
United Technologies Corporation 
LIPS Foundation, Incorporated 
USX Foundation, Incorporated 
Utilicorp United Foundation 
Vanguard Group, Incorporated 
W. W. Grainger, Incorporated 
Westinghouse Foundation 
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation 
Whirlpool Foundation 
William Penn Foundation 
Winn-Dixie Stores Foundation 
.Xerox Foundation 
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, 

Zurich Reinsurance Centre, 


FALL 1996 

page 27 

alumni notes 




MAY 16-18. 1997 


James J. Maguire recently 

retired from Conrail. 


MAY 16-18. 1997 


Thomas J. Dempsey has 

officially become a "snowbird." 
He is still active in financial 
services and pension administra- 
tion. Staff Inspector Paul T. 
Frankenfleld has retired from 
the Philadelphia Police Depart- 
ment after 38 years of service. 



MAY 16-18. 1997 


Ed Bader received the public 
service achievement award from 
Common Cause/Pennsylvania- 
Bensalem Chapter. 


Edward J. Bernier was recently 
elected treasurer of the Elizabeth 
(N.J.) General Medical Center 
Auxiliary Board of Trustees. 
Hllmar P. Hagen retired as 
human resources director of 
Safe Harbor Water Power, 
Hydroelectric Power Generator 
Corporation, in Lancaster, Pa., 
after 16 years of service. 



MAY 16-18, 1997 


Gerald M. Handley was made a 
fellow of the American Board of 
Criminal Lawyers. He was also 
selected for inclusion in the 
1 995-96 edition of The Best 
Lawyers in America under the 
specialty of criminal defense 


MAY 16-18. 1997 


James M. Thomas, C.P.A., was 

appointed treasurer and control- 
ler of the NRM Group, Inc. 
located in Norristown, Pa. 


Ronald R. ZInck was elected 

chairman of the Board of 

Directors of the Stop Smoking 
Today Council in Florida. 


Dennis M. McNulty was elected 
senior vice president, treasurer, 
and chief financial officer of 
Reinsurance Solutions Interna- 
tional, L.L.C., a Philadelphia- 
based insurance intermediary. 



MAY 16-18, 1997 


Samuel L. Huhn retired from 
General Electric Company and is 
now a volunteer national service 
officer for the Blinded Veterans 
Association in Philadelphia. 
John J. Middleton, Esq., has 
accepted the position of chief 
operating officer and secretary- 
treasurer with Connections 
Community Support Programs, 
Inc., based in Wilmington, Del. 


Paul J. Foley has been elected 
president of the Friends of the 
Kensington Library in Philadel- 
phia and is active in the Alliance 
of Friends of the Free Library of 


Charles P. McNeeley has 

retired from the Ocean City 
(N.J.) Police Department and 
plans to attend graduate school 
for an engineering degree. 



MAY 16-18. 1997 



Frederick J. Cantz, Jr., was 

recently licensed by the Com- 
monwealth of Pennsylvania as a 
certified public accountant. 
Joseph E. Steelman was 
appointed vice president and 
general manager of Topflight 
Corporation, headquartered in 
York, Pa. 


Walter Baker, Jr., was recently 

promoted to Latin American 

zone manager of financial 

products for Chubb & Son, Inc., 

working out of its Miami, Fla., 



Major Michael F. Marcoe 

participated in a NATO exercise 
coordinated by U.S. Marine 
Corps reservists in Northern 
Norway while serving with 
Marine Heavy Helicopter 
Squadron 772, Marine Air Group 
49, at the Willow Grove (Pa.) 
Naval Air Station. 
BIRTHS: to Thomas M. 
Tresnan and his wife, Jane 
Splendido Tresnan ('81 BA), 
their third child, a daughter, 
Jennifer Lynn; to Joseph P. 
Vitak and his wife, Anna 
McDermott Vitak ('86 MBA, '81 
BA), their second daughter, 
Charlotte Emily. 



MAY 16-18. 1997 

'84 Hershberger 

Todd D. Hershberger has been 
named an account executive with 
The Kelly-Springfield Tire 
Company's Custom Brands 
Division. He lives in Short Gap, 

W. Va., with his wife and two 
children. Cecilia Dolan 
Purschke is employed at TIME, 
Inc., as a marketing manager. 
Patrick Shanahan has been 
appointed head coach of the 
men's tennis team at La Salle 
University. He played for the 
Explorers from 1 981 to 1 984 and 
received the ITCA Scholar 
Athlete Award, the 1981 Most 
Deserving Player Award, and the 
1984 Male Scholar-Athlete 

MARRIAGE: Cecilia Dolan to 
Daniel Purschke. 
BIRTH: to Frederick C. 
Mischler, Jr., and his wife, 
Maureen McGonigal Mischler 
('85 BA), their second child, a 
daughter, Christie. 


Kathleen Kelly Mancuso is 

employed by Ameridata Consult- 
ing located in Somerset, N.J. 
BIRTH: to Kathleen Kelly 
Mancuso and her husband, 
Matthew, a daughter, Meredith. 


Marie Robinson Elliott retired 
from Buckman VanBuren, Inc., 
located in Horsham, Pa. She 
recently began a second career 
as executive director of the 
Montgomery County (Pa.) 
Association of Life Underwriters. 
Henry C. Stoughton, C.P.A., 

Eagles Plume: The Struggle to Freserie the Life and Haunts 
of America's Bald Eagle, written by Bruce E. Bean.s, "i-i 
(above), was published in by Scribner. The non- 
fiction book explore.s the decline and comeback of 
America's Bald Eagle. During his three-and-a-half years of 
research and writing. Beans helped biologists band eaglets 
and build a nest in New Jersey from which seven young 
eagles have already fledged. Most Americans, as Beans 
points out, have never actually seen a bald eagle in the 
wild. Along a river in southeast Alaska, he once saw 1,750 
of the large raptors in an hour. 

page 2.S 


alumni notes 

has expanded his accounting 
practice and has opened an 
office in Jenkintown, Pa. 
BIRTH: to Anthony M. Morelli 
and his wife, Gayle DeLeon 
Morelli ('87 BA), a son, 
Anthony Michael. 


MAY 16-18, 1997 

Gina Abbamondi Giuliani 

received her master's degree in 
education from Chestnut Hill 

BIRTHS: to Hugh J. Friei and 
his wife, Kimberly, their first 
daughter, Erin Nicole; to Gina 
Abbamondi Giuliani and her 
husband, Richard, a son, 
Richard James. 


Kenneth J. Bullock was 

honored for outstanding public 
service at the Federal Executive 
Board's 1996 "Excellence in 
Government Awards Program" 
for his work as a contract 
negotiator for the U.S. Navy. 
Jeffrey P. Denton received a 
juris doctor degree from 
Widener University School of 
Law and MBA from its School of 
Management. Christine Heys 
Falkenstein is working for Fox 
Chase Cancer Center, in 
Philadelphia, as the coordinator 
of clinical investigations in the 
protocol management office. 
BIRTH: to Jeffrey P. Denton 
and his wife, Lisa Donnelly 
Denton, a son, Riley Donnelly. 


Jonathan T. Biggins was 

named director of client services 
at Dawson/Russell, Inc. in 
Cleveland, Ohio. Stephen P. 
O'Donnell accepted a position 
with Connecticut-based Lydall, 
Inc., as a sales representative 
responsible for deep south, 
midwest, and northeastern 
states. Robert IVl. Walker is 
assistant vice president at the 
Bank of Bowie, in Maryland. 
BIRTHS: to Jonathan T. 
Biggins and his wife. Holly, 
their fifth child, a son, James 
Patrick: to Gregory P. Kay 
and his wife, Lisa ZampettI 
Kay ('88 BA), their second 
child, a daughter, Gina Nicole; 
to Sharon Monaghan Pfeiffer 
and her husband, Stephen K. 
Pfeiffer ('91 MBA, '82 BS), 
their second child, a daughter, 
Lauren Elizabeth. 


Tonya Lombardo Bergstrom 

is a manager for AT&T working 
in its King of Prussia (Pa.) 

office. Tonya lives in 
Lancaster, Pa., with her 
husband, Steven. Virginia M. 
Freitas was promoted to 
associate, health and welfare 
benefits practice, at A. Foster 
Higgins & Company, Inc., an 
employee benefits consulting 
firm. William V. McGroarty 
was appointed assistant vice 
president in commercial real 
estate finance at First Valley 
Bank, in Blue Bell, Pa. Mary 
Ellen Banford O'Malley is a 
financial analyst at The Hospital 
of the University of Pennsylva- 
nia Thomas J. O'Malley, 
Esq., is an attorney with 
Marshall, Dennehey et al in 
Philadelphia. He was appointed 
a committeeman for the 
Philadelphia Republican Party. 


George V. Booker is an 

instructor in the surface division 
of SEPTA, located in Philadel- 
phia, Mary Ann D'Angelo has 
been appointed sales represen- 
tative for the Doylestown (Pa.) 
district of Janssen 
Pharmaceutica, a member of 
the Johnson & Johnson family 
of companies. 


May 16-18, 1997 

Damian Mogavero received his 

master's degree in business 

administration from Harvard 


MARRIAGE: Dania Marciano 

to Porter C. McKinnon, III. 


Lawrence C. Berran was 

elected to serve on the board of 
directors of the Children's 
Advocacy Center, in Philadel- 
phia. Additionally, he is serving 
as a member of Saint Dominic's 
Parish Finance Council. 
MARRIAGE: Michelle Fosset 
to Brian J. Bray ('93 BBA). 
BIRTH: to Sean P. McGrath 
and his wife, Sandy, a daugh- 
ter, Corinne Pauline. 


Michael S. Doser is a financial 
services account coordinator for 
Roberts Communications in 
East Rochester, N.Y. He is 
also freelance writing in his 
spare time. Joseph R. 
Mongan is attending Widener 
University School of Law. Brad 
Riegel has recently joined 
Office Depot, Inc., and is 
training to be a merchandise 
manager in the Long Island 
area and Wisconsin. 


May 16-18, 1997 


James F. Curran has been 
appointed to the Advisory Board 
of the Cumberland County 
Office of Aging, in Carlisle, Pa. 


Brother John Herron, F.S.C., 

celebrated his golden jubilee in 
religious life at Archbishop 
Carroll High School, in Radnor, 
Pa., where for the past 1 5 years 
he was a history teacher, 
assistant athletic director, and 
moderator of the women's 


basketball team. Currently, he 
teaches at Calvert Hall College 
High School, in Towson, Md. 

May 16-18, 1997 


Bernard J. Freitag retired after 
35 years as a German teacher at 
Council Rock High School, in 
Newtown, Pa., and as foreign 
language coordinator for the 
Council Rock School District. 

Thomas J. Lynch Named 
Volunteer Chair of 1996-97 Annual Fund 

Thomas J. Lynch, "62, 
president and chief execu- 
tive officer of Philadelphia's 
United "Valley Bank, has 
been named volunteer chair 
of the university's 1996-97 
Annual Fund. 

"La Salle has helped me 
considerably to reach where I am today." said Lynch who 
will serv^e as spokesperson for the Annual Fund and 
maintain a relationship with the Parents' and Reunion 

"As Annual Fund chair. I know I'll have a unique oppor- 
tunity to give back to the uni\'ersity. Furthermore, in this 
role I hope to be a significant part of an e\'en brighter 
future for my Alma Mater." 

An active alumnus. Lynch is a member of the Ad\-isoiy 
Board of La Salle's School of Business Administration and 
Charter Dinner Leadership Award Committee. 

Lynch, who formerly was a senior vice president for 
community lending with Philadelphia's Fidelity Bank, has 
served in a number of civic leadership positions. They 
include membership on the executive committee of the 
Philadelphia Convention and "Visitors' Bureau and as 
treasurer of PhilaPride. Inc. for a Cleaner City. He is a 
member of the Union League, the Patrons Foundation, 
Pennsylvania Bankers Association, and the Catholic 
Philopatrian Literan,' Institute. 

Lynch resides in Blue Bell, Pa., with his wife. 'Virginia. 

T1k'\' ha\e two tlauehters. Susan and Denise. 

FALL 1996 

page 29 

alumni notes 


Parents Weekend October 11-13 

Hall of Athletes Awards Dinner. October 1 1 

Bernard A. Bradley Class of '35 Alumni Run October 1 2 

Fall Honors Convocation October 20 

Health Professions Theatre Trip-New York City October 26 

Tax and Financial Planning Seminar. October 26 

Alumnae Club Luncheon November 3 

Explorations: Bus Trip to Holocaust Museum November 9 

REUNION '97 Committee Meeting November 13 

Signum Fidei/Alpho Epsilon Induction 

Awards Dinner. November 1 5 

Alumni Association Board of Directors Brunch November 1 7 

Health Professions Officers Breakfast November 24 

AED Induction Ceremony November 24 

Young Alumni & Class of '97 Reception at 

The Riverdeck, Manayunk November 30 

Reception at Brandywine River Museum December 4 

May 16-18, 1997 

Ctiarles A. Beitz, associate 
professor of management at 
Mount Saint Mary's College, in 
Emmitsburg, Md., is tfie first 
recipient of thie Jofin W. Ricfiards 
Award for Teaching Excellence. 
Beitz, whio is tine chair of the 
Business, Accounting, and 
Economics Department, teaches 
in both undergraduate and 
graduate programs and presents 
a number of seminars to students 
and public and private sector 
senior executives. Robert A. 
Romano is starting an Interna- 
tional School in Shanghai. 


Edward Markowski, Ph.D., has 

been reappointed chairperson of 
the North Carolina Marriage and 
Family Therapy Licensure Board. 
Arthur H. Roney is the father of 
eight children and now grandfa- 
ther of 11. 

IVIay 16-18. 1997 


Rev. Emmett Gavin, O.Carm., 

has been appointed vice chancel- 
lor of the Archdiocese of Chicago. 
Rev. Dennis T. McAuliffe has 

been appointed coordinator of 
evangelization for the diocese of 


Dominic J. Cotugno, who 

recently took early retirement as 
superintendent of the Jackson 
Township (N.J.) Schools, has 
accepted a position as a member 
of the education faculty at 
Chestnut Hill College, in Philadel- 
phia. Donald J. Vivian has 
retired from the Philadelphia 
School District after 30 years of 


William J. Casler has recently 
completed his 26th year with the 
Criminal Investigation Division of 
the Internal Revenue Service. He 
is currently the chief. Criminal 
Investigation Division for the 
Assistant Commissioner (Interna- 
tional)-IRS Investigative Jurisdic- 
tion Overseas, and for U.S. 
territories and possessions. He 
received his master's degree in 
public administration from Golden 
Gate University. Joseph) T. 
Danzi, M.D., F.A.C.P., authored a 
medical text entitled "Positioning 
Your Practice for the Managed 
Care Market," published by 
Williams & Wilkens. Dr. Danzi is 
the senior associate dean of the 
Medical College of Pennsylvania 

and Hahnemann University's 
School of Medicine. 

May 16-18. 1997 

Augustin J. Schiwartz, M.D., 

continues in the private practice 
of medical oncology/hematol- 
ogy with the Good Samaritan- 
Saint Mary's Cancer Institute, in 
West Palm Beach, Fla. He is 
also a consultant at Duke 
University Medical Center, in 
North Carolina, and he contin- 
ues to raise horses and children 
at his home, "Dancing Sun 
Farm," in Palm Beach Gardens, 
Fla, John T. Thorn, Esq., a 
senior member of the Philadel- 
phia law firm of Cozen & 
O'Connor, P.C, has been 
elected to membership in the 
International Association of 
Defense Counsel. 


Gary L. Crawford, Esq., has 

been elected as the senior 
litigation partner at Debelius, 
Clifford, Debelius, Crawford and 
Bonifant in Gaithersburg, Md. 

May 16-18, 1997 


Thomas T. Robinson received 

an MBA degree from Saint 
Joseph's University. Gregory 
R. Smart was promoted to 
sales consultant manager- 
global alliance programme for 
Oracle Corporation, in Berwyn, 


Frank E. Gostomski is a 

biologist with the U.S. Environ- 
mental Protection Agency, in 
Washington, D.C. His team at 
EPA was recently honored for 
its work on whole effluent 
toxicity to protect aquatic life. 
James D. Pagliaro, Esq., has 
been elected to the Manage- 
ment Committee of the Phila- 
delphia office of Morgan, Lewis 
& Bockius LLP, where he also 
manages the firm's Litigation 


Alexander D. Bono, Esq., a 

partner in the law firm of Blank, 
Rome, Comisky & McCauley, 
and Carl M. Buchholz are 
editors of a recent publication of 
the American Bar Association 
entitled Mode\ Jury Instructions 
for Securities Litigation. 

Gaston F. Cummings is a 

social work supervisor at the 
Office of Community Family 
Center, which is an initiative of 
Philadelphia Children and 
Families Cabinet, located in 
center city Philadelphia. 
Sallyanne Donovan, Esq., has 
been elected vice president of 
claims by the Board of Directors 
of Harleysville (Pa.) Mutual 
Insurance Company. She was 
also elected vice president of 
Harleysville Group, Inc. 


Mary Them Benson, who just 
completed her eighth year of 
teaching at Oxford (Miss.) High 
School, was selected as a 
distinguished teacher by one of 
her senior students who was 
selected as a Presidential 


May 16-18. 1997 

Rev. David J. Klein received 
his chaplaincy certification from 
the National Association of 
Catholic Chaplains at the 
organization's national conven- 
tion, held in Orlando, Fla. He is 
the Catholic chaplain for Cooper 
Health Systems, in Camden, 


Diane Haugh-Hoffer along with 
her dog, Brandon, was recently 
certified by the Delta Society to 
participate in the national Pet 
Partners Program which brings 
animal-assisted therapy and 
activities to patients in hospitals, 
nursing homes and psychiatric 
care centers. Frank A. Toto 
was promoted to account 
manager of the Parboil Powder 
Coating Products Company, 
located in Baltimore, Md. He 
has been involved in the metal 
finishing industry as a sales 
representative and sales 
manager for 16 years. 
Lawrence White has completed 
the last of ten examinations to 
earn the Chartered Property 
Casualty Undenwhter (CPCU) 
designation. He is a consulting 
actuary with Ernst & Young LLP, 
in Philadelphia. 

page 30 


alumni notes 


Teresa M. Jackson received her 
master of education degree in 
instructional systems design from 
Penn State University, Great 
Valley Campus. She previously 
earned a master of management 
degree from Penn State and was 
awarded the "Outstanding 
Student Award in IVIanagement." 


Wanda E. Wesolowski has 

been nominated to be listed in 
\N}no's Who Among America's 
Teachers. 4th Edition. She is 
currently professor and chairper- 
son of the Radiologic Technology 
Department at the Community 
College of Philadelphia. 


Jane Splendido Tresnan 

received her master of arts 
degree in corporate and organi- 
zational communications from 
Fairleigh Dickinson University, in 
Madison, N.J. 

BIRTH: to Jane Splendido 
Tresnan and her husband, 
Thomas M. Tresnan ('81 BS), 
their third child, a daughter, 
Jennifer Lynn. 



May 16-18, 1997 

Susan F. Altamore is attending 
Fordham Law School, in New 
York City. Donna Tail Diaz, 
M.D., currently resides in 
Columbus, Ohio, with her 
husband and three children. She 
continues to practice obstetrics 
and gynecology in a five person 
group and was recently named a 
certified Diplomate of the 
American Board of Obstetrics 
and Gynecology. 


Patricia Littel Hobbib, Esq.. has 

joined the Consumer Financial 
Services Group of Blank, Rome, 
Comisky & McCauley, in 


Thomas E. Marchiondo, D.O., 

is an attending physician with 
Frankford Health Care System at 
Frankford-Torresdale Hospital, in 
Philadelphia. Bernadette 
Prendergast McPherson, Esq.. 

president of Prendergast- 
McPherson Company in 
Rutherford, N.J., was elected as 
a delegate to the 1996 Demo- 
cratic National Convention. 
Scott J. Rubin is a medalist 
winner for technical accomplish- 
ment at the 1996 Federal 
Executive Board (FEB) Excel- 
lence in Government Awards 


Kimberly Ann Atkinson, D.O., 

has completed her residency in 
neurology at Thomas Jefferson 
University Hospital and has 
joined Louis Pearlstein, D.O., of 
Bensalem, Pa. in the practice of 
neurology and neurodiagnostics. 
Joseph K. Scanlon is working at 
ICS in Philadelphia, doing data 
processing work in the direct mail 

BIRTHS: to Maureen 
McGonigal Mischler and her 
husband, Frederick C. Mischler, 
Jr. ('84 BBA), their second child, 
a daughter, Christie; to Phyllis 
Garberman Schapire, M.D., and 
her husband, Alan, a daughter, 
Alicia Zara. 


Joseph J. Bisicchia has been 
hired as a full-time video editor at 
Philadelphia's KYW-TV3. Major 
Robert P. Lyons, M.D., com- 
pleted his residency in orthopedic 
surgery at Temple University 
Hospital and is now serving at 
Walson Air Force Hospital, at 
Fort Dix, N.J. Patrick C. 
Murphy, Esq., has completed 18 
years with the Philadelphia Fire 
Department and has now joined 
the center city Philadelphia law 
offices of Anapal, Schwartz, 
Weiss & Cohen as an associate. 
Mia D. Strazzeri was awarded 
the doctor of osteopathic 
medicine degree from Philadel- 
phia College of Osteopathic 
Medicine. Her internship is at 
Delaware Valley Medical Center, 
in Langhorne, Pa. 



May 16-18. 1997 

Rebecca A. Efroymson, Ph.D. 

is a research associate in the 
Environmental Sciences Division 
at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
in Tennessee. James C. 
Guarino, M.D.. is in his second 
year of a cardiology fellowship at 
Hershey (Pa.) Medical Center. 
G. Russell Reiss, III, M.D., is 
completing a research fellowship 
in cardiac transplantation as part 
of his general surgery residency. 

BIRTHS: to Gayle DeLeon 
Morelli and her husband, 
Anthony Morelli ('86 BBA), a 
son, Anthony Michael; to G. 
Russell Reiss, III, M.D., and his 
wife, Susan, a daughter, 
Elizabeth Lillian; to Patricia 
Nines Skorpinski and Edward 
W. Skorpinski, M.D., a son, 
Edward Joseph. 


Marita Green Lind, M.D., and 

husband, Tom, have both 
completed their pediatric 
residencies at Geisinger (Pa.) 
Medical Center. They will be 
working at an A.I. duPont 
Children's Clinic in Delaware. 
Carolyn A. Piccone, M.D., has 
finished the residency program 

at York (Pa.) Hospital in 
obstetrics and gynecology. She 
will be joining Womencare OB/ 
GYN, located in Abington, Pa. 
BIRTHS: to Lisa Zampetti Kay 
and her husband, Gregory P. 
Kay ('89 BBA), their second 
child, a daughter, Gina Nicole; 
to Diana Piccinini Mueller and 
her husband, their second child, 
a son, Zachary Thomas. 


William J. Collins, Jr., gradu- 
ated from the Basic Officers 
Course at Marine Corps Combat 
Development Command, in 
Quantico, Va. John L. Holup, 
D.O., was recently featured on a 
followup episode of 48 Hours 
entitled "The Real E.R." Donald 



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FALL 1996 

page 31 



Although he's played 
the sport for less 
than three years, 
I Derek D. lirown, 
'93. led the Inited States 
mens handball team in 
scoring as the Americans 
pulled off r^'O big wins en- 
route to a ninth place 
finish— its best ever— in the 
1996 Olympics in Atlanta. 

Brown, who panicipated in 
varsity basketball and track 
for the Explorers, scored 26 
goals in the Olympics 
despite playing only four 
complete games. He suf- 
fered a pulled hamstring in 
the first ten minutes of the 
opener and didn't return to 
action until the third game. 
The U.S. beat Kuwait and 
Algeria after dropping its 
first four games to eventual gold- 
medalist Croatia, silver medalist 
Sweden, Russia, and Switzerland. 

"Realistically we were considered 
the underdog from the start," says 
Brown. Team USA finished 30th in 
the recent 'W'brld Championships 
and qualified for the Olympics only 
because the Americans were 
hosting the event. "Everyone 
thought that we would not win a 
game. But we were very confident 
in the way that we were training 
and playing. \i,'e really felt that on 
any given day we could beat an\' 

Brown, the Most "Valuable Player of 
the 1994 National Team Champion- 
ships, says that the Americans are 

"still fighting a lot of old handball 
ghosts" as far as world-wide re- 
spect is concerned. This despite 
winning the 1994 U.S. Olympic 
Festi\al and finishing as high as 
second in the 1995 National Cham- 
pionships and third in the 1994 Pan 
American Championships. 

"People don't really consider the 
USA good handball players," he 
explained. "They think that we are 
just a bunch of athletes thrown 
together to make a mockery of the 
sport. But that's not true. "We've 
become a really good team and I 
think it's abcuit time for us to get a 
little more credit internationally. " 

The USA handball team had 16 
members. Seven players are on the 

field at one time, positioned 
somewhat like a soccer 
configuration. In addition to 
a goalie, there are two 
wings on each end, left and 
right backs who perform 
like shooting guards in 
basketball, and a center 
back who is similar to a 
point guard. 

Brown says that team 
handball is a great spectator 
sport. "Just the athletic 
nature of it makes it attrac- 
tive," he explained. "It's fast- 
paced. It's not a long game 
( two halves of 30 minutes 
each) and takes less than an 
hour-and-a-half to complete. 

The Gold Medal game, won 
by Croatia over Sweden, 27- 
26, attracted a crowd of 
32,439 to the Georgia Dome. "It 
was just a great atmosphere to be 
in, " says Brown. 

Brown's college athletic experience 
turned out to be a tremendous 
asset, "especially in the position 
(right wing) that I play. We're 
supposed to be the speedy fast 
guys who are the first ones up and 
the finst ones back all the time," he 
explained. "My track background 
definitely helped with that." 

Brown's first experience with the 
sport came when USA Team Hand- 
ball lived at La Salle and trained in 
Hayman Hall from February, 1993 
to March, 1994. 

page 32 


"Like eveiybody else in this country, 
when you hear handball you think 
of smacking a little ball against the 
wall," he explained. "When I first 
saw it I really was skeptical. I had no 
idea what it was about and I really 
didn't care because I never heard of 

When Brown finally saw the team in 
action, however, his opinion 
changed. "I thought, 'Wow! This is 
really different. This is really interest- 
ing! It's a lot of running and a lot of 
jumping and there's physical contact 
involved. I've been doing this all my 
life, anyway." 

After being given the opportunity to 
practice with USA Team Handball for 
a week, Brown fell in love with the 
sport and officially joined the team 
in September, 1993. Since then he's 
traveled all over the world—from 
Argentina to Iceland and Hungary, 
from Brazil to Russia and Japan, 
among other nations. And, of course, 
there was that visit to the White 
House with other members of the 
U.S. Olympic team to meet President 
Clinton in August. 

Nothing can match Brown's Olympic 
experience, however. 

"Just playing in the games was 
incredible," he recalls. "But the thing 
that I will remember most is the 
lighting of the torch by Muhammad 
Ali. It was just amazing to see Ali up 
there lighting that torch. And it was a 
great feeling just being in the Olym- 
pic Village around all those athletes 
from different countries. Some may 
have a little more success or notori- 
ety, but just to talk and say. 'Hey, 

what's going on?' was just a great 

Brown says he will never forget the . 
Opening Ceremonies. He really didn't 
get to see much of the festivities 
because the team was forced to wait 
in an adjacent practice field for more 
than three hours while the other 197 
nations marched in. 

"By that time we were all kind of 
numb," he recalls. "We saw the 
fireworks and heard the music but by 
the time we got to march we were 
tired. It was 11:30 before we even got 
to the stadium. But when we went up 
that ramp and looked over, it was 
like 'Oh my goodness!' It was just an 
incredible feeling. To hear all the 
cheers for the U.S. team was just 
amazing. It was definitely worth the 

"I've watched just about every open- 
ing ceremony from the other Olym- 
pics and I'd get goose-bumps and 
teaiy-eyed every time. And now it 
was for me. I really don't think that 
the whole thing has sunk in yet. It 
would have been nice to have won a 
medal, but I will always be happy 
just to have been there. Nobody can 
take that away from me." 

Brown, a native of Washington D.C., 
earned bachelor's degrees in finance 
and English at La Salle where he 
made All Conference in track two 
years. He is now in Europe where he 
has been signed to play professional 
team handball for Sweden's National 


J. McAvoy has released his debut 
album entitled, "Sometimes The 
Characters Speak Louder Than The 
Lesson Of The Story." He is the 
recipient of a 1995 ASCAP award 
and was one of Out On The Town 
Magazine's top five performers to 
watch in 1993. Timothy E. Patten 
received a Ph.D. in chemistry from 
the University of California, Berkeley. 
He is an assistant professor of 
chemistry at the University of 
California, Davis, and will be conduct- 
ing research in polymer synthesis. 


Georgiana Bennett Charles recently 
retired from military service. She is 
currently working for Killeen Indepen- 
dent School District, in Texas, as a 
language arts teacher. Maria Cimini 
was recently named as manager, 
public relations, for Howard Johnson 
International, Inc. Her responsibilities 
include handling media relations with 
trade, consumer and travel press, 
community relations, internal 
communications and marketing 
communications activities. Robert Di 
Giuseppi began his career with the 
Secret Service as a uniformed White 
House guard. Since then he has 
completed advanced training and has 
been assigned to Las Vegas, Nevada 
where he does counterfeiting and 
credit card fraud investigation. 
Claudine E. Driebe is the news 
editor and morning anchorperson for 
WHLY-FM radio (106.3), in 
Blairstown, N.J. Kristy E. O'Malley 
is the marketing coordinator for 
production of fitness and informa- 
tional infomercials at the Guthy- 
Renker Corporation, in Santa Monica, 

MARRIAGE: Richard M. Lyons to 
Leanne Reilly. 

BIRTHS: to Karen McKinney 
Bernhardt and her husband, Mark, 
their first child, a daughter, Meghan; 
to Maureen Merk Heffelfinger and 
her husband, Ron, a son, Brett 


Charles A. Bruder received a juris 
doctor degree from Widener Univer- 
sity School of Law, in Wilmington, 
Del. He was president of the Moot 
Court Honor Society and received the 
Graham Foundation Award for his 
commitment to the Moot Court Honor 
Society. Catherine R. Cabungcal 
graduated from Hahnemann Univer- 
sity School of Medicine, in Philadel- 
phia. Patrick J. McDaid, M.D.. is an 
orthopedic surgery resident at Albert 
Einstein Medical Center, in Philadel- 
phia Patrick J. Zakrzewski was 
awarded the doctor of osteopathic 
medicine degree from Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medicine. He 
was the recipient of the Dean Arthur 
M. Flack and Belle B. Flack Memohal 
Award tor his proficiency in the 
practice of internal medicine. His 

FALL 1996 

page 33 

alumni notes 


internship is at Graduate 
Health System-City Avenue 
Hospital, in Philadelphia. 
Clauhs to Maria Wynne ('93 

BA): Robert Dougherty to Jen 
DiGatJ ('93 BA) 



May 16-18. 1997 

R. George Azizkhan, Jr., was 

awarded the doctor of osteo- 
pathic medicine degree from 
Philadelphia College of Osteo- 
pathic Medicine. His internship 
is at University General Hospital- 
Seminole, in Florida. Gina K. 
DePietro, Esq. is the editor of 

Assistant Director of 
Development Appointed 

Rev. James W. Kruc has been appointed assistant director 
of development at the university. 

Besides assisting in the alumni fund-raising program with 
an emphasis on personal solicitation, Father Kruc will 
serve as Senior Gift coordinator and help with all aspects 
of La Salle's Annual Fund and Capital Campaign. 

"I welcome both the challenge and the opportunity to 
share in La Salle's Catholic vision and tradition, " said 
Father Kruc, who is also an adjunct professor of religious 
studies at Holy Family College. 

A native Philadelphian, Father Kruc did his undergraduate 
and graduate studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, in 
Overbrook. Pa. He was ordained for the diocese of 
Richmond, Va., in 1989. He holds master's degrees in 
religious studies and divinity. 

lather Kruc previously served as development director 
and chaplain at the Catholic Campus Ministr)' Center at 
Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, 'Va. In Philadelphia, 
he has been on the staff of the Development Center as a 
fund-raiser, the Atlantic Financial Savings and Loan 
Association as a sales trainer and the Richardson Group as 
management consultant and trainer. 

He also served as a pastoral associate at St. Edward's 
Church, in Richmond, Va., and at the Church of the 
Resurrection, in Portsmouth, Va. 

the legal newsletter at LRP 
Publications in Horsham, Pa. 



Ann Marie Galante was awarded 
the doctor of osteopathic medi- 
cine degree from Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medicine 
and is serving an internship at 
Allentown (Pa.) Osteopathic 
Medical Center. Robert S. 
Lawrence holds a master of arts 
degree in anthropology from the 
University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill. He has just returned 
from a year of study at the 
Sorbonne in Paris, France, and 
has been granted a four year 
fellowship in the History Depart- 
ment at Rice University, in 
Houston, Texas. 


Frank M. Mazzotta was awarded 
the doctor of osteopathic medi- 
cine degree from Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medicine. 
His internship is at Graduate 
Health System-City Avenue 
Hospital, in Philadelphia. Gre- 
gory J. Palakow recently passed 
the New Jersey Bar Exam and is 
working for the firm of Marks, 
O'Neill, Reilly, O'Brien and 
Courtney in its Philadelphia and 
Westmont (N.J.) offices. Dawn 
C. Rawie is director of special 
events in the Marketing Depart- 
ment of Tropicana Casino, in Las 
Vegas. Christiana M. Roache is 
enrolled in the Scientific Journal- 
ism Graduate Program at Boston 
University. Kevin F. Rodowicz 
was awarded the doctor of 
osteopathic medicine degree 
from Philadelphia College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. His 
internship is at University General 


Hospital-Seminole, in Florida. 
Lisa M. Watson graduated from 
the Dickinson School of Law and 
passed the Pennsylvania Bar 
Exam. She is currently the 
assistant director of career 
services at the Dickinson School 
of Law. 

MARRIAGES: Michelle Fosset 
to Brian J. Bray ('93 BBA): 
Tricia Lyn Schafer to Thomas 
A. Petrecz, Jr. 

BIRTH: to Antonio Mangabat, 
Jr. and his wife, Kristin 
Simmons Mangabat, a daugh- 
ter. Amber Pearl. 


Christopher A. Idler lives in 
Manhattan and works at the New 
York Stock Exchange. He is 
employed by Henderson 
Brothers. Jacqueline M. 
Juliano graduated from Temple 
University School of Law. 
Michael J. Kokosky graduated 
twice from The Ohio State 
University, in Columbus. He 
earned a master's degree in 
public policy and management 
last March and received a 
masters degree in city and 
regional planning in June. 
Kathleen M. McCann is 
assistant manger of operations 
at IMAGES Aviation Design, an 
aircraft design software company 
located in center city Philadel- 
phia. Jeannette C. Moulls is a 
membership specialist for the 
Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. 
Michelle McGee Salmon is the 
director of development for the 
Hoyt Library, in Kingston, Pa. 
Debra A. Stevenson is em- 
ployed by Central Montgomery 
Mental Health as a benefits 
acquisition specialist in the Case 
Management Office. 
Robert Dougherty ('91 BA); 
Michelle McGee to Robert 
Salmon: Maria Wynne to 
Andrew Clauhs ('91 BA). 


Howard F. Campbell, Jr., 

received a master's degree in 
history from the University of 
North Carolina and has been 
accepted into a doctoral program 
in U.S. History at Duke Univer- 
sity. He is a social studies 

page 34 



Attention Alunnni from the classes of 
'42, '47, '52, '57, '62, '67, '72, '77, '82, '87, '92 

Your reunion will be held on May 16-18, 1997 
Mark Your Calendars Now! 

The "Reunion Weekend '97" brochure will be mailed to all Alumni who are 

members of reunion classes. Should you have any further questions, please 

contact the Alumni Office at (215) 951-1535 


Golden Explorers Joseph F. Flubacher, Ed.D., 35 

1947 William F. Costello 

1952 Benjamin Tumolo & Richard K. O'Donnell 

1957 John R. Galloway, Esq. 

1962 John F Carabello, D.M.D. 

1967 John J. Fallon 

1972 Stephen L. McGonigle 

1977 David S. Rudenstein, Esq. 

1982 Alicia Koszarek O'Grady & J. Patrick O'Grady 

1987 James F Bagnell 

1992 Thomas J. Cella 

FALL 1996 

page 35 



Good Things Don't 
Always Come in Pairs 



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family are enjoying each issue 
of LA SALLE Magazine. But if 
you receive two or more copies 
of the magazine in your 
household and really don't 
need that many copies, please 
let us know so that we can 
eliminate duplicate issues and 
put our resources to better use. 

I/We would like to continue 

to receive LA SALLE Magazine 

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Alumni Office 

La Salle University 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 


alumni notes 


teacher, varsity soccer and 
Softball coach at Gaston County 
School District in Gastonia, N.C. 
Barbara A. Cramer left WIP 
sports talk radio in Philadelphia to 
join the Production Department of 
Cable Network News (CNN), in 
Atlanta, Ga. Debra A. Fazio is 
employed in public relations for 
the Court TV Channel. Seann W. 
Halllsky is a law student at the 
University of Notre Dame Law 
School, in Indiana. Susan M. 
Turcmanovich works in the 
Production/Local Programming 
Department of WNEP-TVIS, an 
ABC affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/ 
Scranton, Pa. Robert E. Will- 
lams is a third year law student at 
Temple University and has 
achieved Dean's List status while 
working full-time as a sergeant in 
the Philadelphia Police Depart- 
ment. He is also clerking at the 
law firm of Chacker & Gay, P.C. 


Maria J. Cerceo is working in the 
Public Relations Department at 
Thomas Jefferson University, in 
Philadelphia. Audrey M. Hunt is 
a special educator in Harford 
County School District, in Mary- 
land. Stacy A. LoCasale, director 
of social services at Chapel Manor 
Nursing Home, in Philadelphia, 
has assumed the additional title of 
admissions director. Joseph T. 
Lopez is working as a stunt- 
double for Bruce Willis' new movie 
that is being filmed in Philadel- 
phia. Catherine E. Manning is 
employed with The Prudential 
Insurance Company of America 
as a customer service representa- 
tive. Charlene D. Nixon received 
a master's degree in social work 
from Widener University and 
passed the Licensed Social Work 
(LSW) exam. She is a consulting 
psychotherapist for Northwest 
Community Health System, in 
Philadelphia. Mark O'Donnell is 
teaching science at Philadelphia's 
Archbishop Ryan High School. 
James C. Plunkett is an admis- 
sions counselor at Fairleigh 
Dickinson University, in Madison, 
N.J. Kirsten T. Quinn recently 
completed a performance in the 
show "Filthy Rich" at Aliens Lane 
Theater, in Philadelphia, and is 
employed by Children's Outreach 
Social Services. Janet A. 
Stewart is pursuing a master's 
degree in English Literature at the 
University of West Florida, in 
Pensacola, where she was the 
recipient of the John C. Pace 
scholarship for the 1 996-97 
academic year. Kara D. 
Verchinski is teaching religion at 
Mercy High School, in Baltimore, 

Md. She was awarded the 
Professional Catechist's 
certificate from the Archdiocese 
of Baltimore. 



Peter C. Gallagher was 

promoted to vice president at 
CoreStates Investment Banking. 


Michael K. Thompson ('76 BA) 

has been promoted from 
assistant dean to associate dean 
at Yale Law School in New 
Haven, Connecticut. 


Anna McDermott Vitak ('81 

BA) and her family have moved 
to Westlake Village, Ca. where 
she is employed by Amgen. 
BIRTH: to Anna McDermott 
Vitak and her husband, Joseph 
P. Vitak ('81 BS), their second 
daughter, Charlotte Emily. 


Maria K. Koba ('80 BA) was 

appointed director of manage- 
ment information systems for 
Penn Treaty American Corpora- 
tion, in Allentown, Pa. 


David A. Henrich ('86 BA) was 

promoted to vice president-real 
estate finance at Main Line 
Bank, in suburban Philadelphia. 
BIRTH: to Stephen K. Pfeiffer 
('82 BS) and Sharon Monaghan 
Pfeiffer ('89 BBA), their second 
child, a daughter, Lauren 


BIRTH: to Charlene 

Dewees Vail ('80 BS) and 

her husband, Dr. Sydney 
Vail, their second daugh- 
ter, Alexandra Michelle, 


Patrick J. Mooney was 

promoted to program 
analyst project leader for 
the Mayor's Office of 
Information Services in 


J. Barry Dickinson ('93 

BS) was appointed chief 
executive officer and 
chairman of Interactive 
Services Group, Inc., a 
company specializing in 
portable computer system 


Courtney Altemus 

Hamilton ('90 BBA) was 

named assistant vice 
president. Commercial 
Business Group, at 
CoreStates Bank, 
BIRTH: to Courtney 
Altemus Hamilton and 
her husband, Robert, a 
daughter, Courtney 
Lawrence Hamilton. 



Denlse Lavery ('93 MSN) 

was elected to the School 
Board of the Upper 
Moreland (Pa.) School 

Jnlni I). I<illi)ig. CPA. '87. ami his wife. .Maiirei')i 
Ryan Rilling. '92 MA (left), arrive with Joseph A. 
D'Amalo. CPA. '7<S MBA. and his wife. Marie, to the 
annual President 's Reception fur major donors to the 

page 36 




The La Salle University Alumni Travel Club 

is sponsoring the 


Exclusively for Alumni & Friends of La Salle 

Enjoy either 1 4 or 17 
exciting days next June 

Leading the tour will be Brother Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, Presi- 
dent of La Salle University, and Bud Dotsey '69, Director of Alumni. Euro- 
pean-based alumni will be invited to meet us in various cities. 


Day 1 - Travel Philadelphia 

Day 1 1 - Travel to Paris 

to Rome 

Day 1 2 - Paris 

Day 2 - Rome 

Day 1 3 - Paris 

Day 3 - Rome 

Day 1 4 - Home to 

Day 4 - Rome 


Day 5 - Travel to Florence 

via Assisi 


Day 6 - Florence 

(London Extension) 

Day 7 - Travel to Milan 

Day 1 4 - Travel to London 

via Pisa 

Day 1 5 - London 

Day 8 - Milan 

Day 1 6 - London 

Day 9 - Travel to Fribourg 

Day 1 7 - Home to 

Day 10 - Fribourg 



Departure Date: 

June 16, 1997 

Return Dates 

From Paris: July 1 , 1 997 

From London: July 4, 1 997 


Breakfast and Dinner daily 

In London, Breakfast daily 


All First Class Deluxe 

Land Travel by deluxe nnotor coach 

Paris to London via Chunnel 

Multi-lingual tou 

r guides 

Admission to scheduled sites included 

Cost: $3199.00 

London Extension: $525.00 

Tell Nie More Aboui Europe!! 

(Fill in below for free broctiure) 


Class Year 


Phione (H)_ 




Mail to: La Salle University Alumni Office, 1900 West Olney Avenue, Philadelptiia, PA 19141 
Tour arranged ttirough Cultural Heritage Alliance • Air travel via British) Airways 

FALL 1996 

page 37 

alumni notes 


Patricia A. DiGllio graduated 
from Gwynedd Mercy College with 
a masters degree as a pediatric 
nurse practitioner. Ruth Esposito 
Verspyck is now living in Paris 
with her husband, Johan and son, 


Linda Sterling Degnan is 

enjoying private practice at the 
l\/1ind Body Connection, in King of 
Prussia, Pa., where she lectures 
and gives workshops in therapeu- 
tic touch and stress management. 



Sister Colette Campellone, 

O.S.C., made her first profession 

of vows at the Monastery of Saint 
Clare, in Langhorne, Pa. She was 
featured in an article in the Bucks 
County Courier Times entitled 
"Poor Clares, Catholic Sisters in 
Middletown." Michael Kimble is a 
social studies teacher at the Saint 
Andrew School in Cape Coral, Fla. 
Rev. William J. Morton, S.S.C, 
has been elected president of the 
Board of the U.S. Catholic Mission 
Association. Father Morton has 
been working in Dallas, Texas, and 
is now preparing for a new 
apostolate at the U.S. Mexican 
border area of El Paso- Juarez. 


Kathleen P. Ginley ('91 BA) was 

inducted into Pi Lambda Theta, the 
National Teacher's Honors 
Association. She is presently 
employed in the Brandywine (Del.) 
School District. 

Dr. Hoiiy G. De Vincent presents the Class of '56 Reunion Gift 
to Brother President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, during 
the Reunion '96 Alumni Convocation on May 18. The Class of 
'56 contributed $63,477. the highest of all the reunion classes 
which gave a total of $283,057. 



Joseph F. Buckley 


James J. Thomas 


Robert A. Kay 


Edward L. Wolaniuk 


James Magowan 


Paul M. Edwards 


Joseph P. Rosenello 



Marilyn B. Beckwith 

Robert T. Toohey 

James J. Sammon 


Barbara Ann Goebel 

Alumni Association president Joseph H. Cloran, '61, 
and bis wife, Doris (left), visit the university's Art 
Museum with Alumni Association secretaiy Charles 
J. Quattrone, '72, and bis ivife. .Marilyn Davis 
Quattrone, '78, during the annual President's 
Reception for major donors to the university. Some 
7.433 La Salle graduates contributed a total of 
$1,829,259 to the Annual Fund in 1995-96. 

Campus Ministry Center 
Nantes Associate Director 

Father Frank Berna, O.F.M., Ph.D., has been ap- 
pointed associate director of the university's Campus 
Ministry Center. He is the former vice president and 
dean of academic affairs at Ah-ernia College and 
previously served at Manhattan College, St. 
Bona\'enture University, the Yarra Theological Union 
in Melbourne, Australia, and at Philadelphia's Arch- 
bishop Ryan High School. 

page 38 


South Jersey Golf Invitational 
Draws Record Turnout 

Once again, the fourth annual SOUTH JERSEY 
GOLF INVITATIONAL, held at Rancocas 
Valley Golf Club in Willingboro, drew a record 
123 alumni and friends of La Salle, breaking the previ- 
ous record of 118 participants set last year. "It's a great 
event and the people make it so," exclaimed Eric 
Toppey, '91, who has played in all four South Jersey 
Invitationals. "The weather could not have been better 
and the course was in beautiful shape." This year's 
winners of the best ball/scramble format were Mike 
Anzalone, '91, Pete Goodwin, Rick Rosetti, '90, 
and Mike Tyrell, '91. The foursome combined for a 
9-under-par-62. Anzalone had a hole-in-one. 

Explorer's Day at the Bay 
a Tremendous Success 

The first ever EXPLORER'S DAY at the BAY was 
held on Sunday, August 18, at the Yacht Club 
in Sea Isle City, N.J. Nearly 200 people were in 
attendance and enjoyed fine food and drink as well as 
great music in a beautiful setting on the bay. We 
eagerly look forward to next year's Day at the Bay as 
all who took part had a truly enjoyable day. 

Eighth Annual 
Young Alumni Beach Party 

at the Princeton Inn, in Avalon, N.J., on 
Aug. 24, was a smashing success as nearly 700 
young alums (and those young at heart) attended. This 
function has grown to be the most popular event 
sponsored by the Alumni Office and we expect it to 
get even bigger next year. 

Chicago/Great Lakes Alumni 
Greet La Salle's President 

The GREAT LAKES and CHICAGO area Alumni 
Club, through the good graces of both Jack 
Shea, '59 (host), and Frank Possinger, '69 
(coordinator), joined Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, at a reception attended by 
41 people at the Dupage Club, in Oakbrook Terrace, 
II., on Aug. S. The Lasallian Assembly, '96, a gathering 
of Christian Brothers and their lay colleagues from all 
across English-speaking North America, took place that 
same week at Lewis University, in nearby Romeoville, 
II. As a result, a number of Christian Brothers from 
La Salle joined the mid-west alumni to enjoy a wonder- 
ful evening. 

chapter/dub notes 

Fribourg Club Organized 

The Alumni Association's Fribourg Club, com- 
prised of people who attended "La Salle in 
Europe" during their undergraduate days, got 
together during Reunion '96 festivities on May 17 
and plan to hold periodic meetings and an 
annual reunion. Among those attending were 
(from left): Charles A. Glackin, Esq., '56; Brother 
Arthur Bangs, F.S.C., Ph.D., '53; Dr. Bernhardt G. 
Blumenthal, '59; Thomas M. Zaleski, Esq., '86, 
and his sister, Mary "V. Zaleski, '87; Dr. Teresa 
Hooten Kozempel, '74, and Charles A. O'Connell, 
Esq, '69. 

The Alumni Mentoring Program 

Initial response to the ALUMNI MENTORING PRO- 
GRAM has been very strong! If you haven't yet 
\'olunteered to get involved with your Alma Mater, 
please send your card in now (it's in the center of the 
summer issue oi LA SALLE). 

Olympic Postscript 

In addition to Derek D. Brown, '93. who is profiled 
elsewhere in this issue, three other members of the 
Alumni Association figured in the activities of the 
1996 Olympic Games. Cristine Paull, '94, .served in 
Atlanta as assistant staff and volunteer system manager 
of the Olympic Family Bus System. Robert A. Katz, '88 
MBA, was a sports information supervisor at the Olym- 
pic 'Village. And Cheryl Coppola, '95. was selected to 
carry the Olympic Torch from Newlown Square, Pa., to 
Philadelphia. Well done, everyone! 

-Bud Dotsey, '69 

FALL 1996 

page 39 

Season Ticket Packages 

Gold Plan- SI 5D.D0 

Blue Plan - $90.00 

Young Alumni Plan - S60.0G 

(Class of 1 987 to 1996) 

Please call 215 951-1999 for morE information 
on season ticket packages or Young Alumni Plan 

Single game tickets can be purchased at the Spectrum Box Office 
or by calling TicketMaster at 215 33G-2000 

Inquire about our Corporate Package Game Sponsor Package or Suite for a Game. 
For more information, call 215 951 1 BOB 



only a 

La Salle 



Basketball . 


' at the \ 




1996-97 Men's Basketball Schedule 



Mount St. Mary's 

7 30 PM 



Super Chevy Classic, Iowa City, Iowa 

La Salle vs Southern Mississippi 

7:00 PM 

Iowa vs. Grambling State 

9:00 PM 








1145 PM 







Golden Bear Classic 

U Salle vs- Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo 


California vs, Hovrard 





2:30 PM 




8:00 PM 


1 1 


12:45 PM 







Virginia Tech " 





8:00 PM 



George Washington" 




Temple Jf 

9:00 PM 




8:00 PM 







Rhode Island ' 

7:30 PM 







Duquesne ' 

7:35 PM 



St. Bonaventure * 

7:35 PM 



Dayton * 

7:30 PM 



Xavier " 

7:30 PM 




7:00 PM 




12:45 PM 



A- 1 Tournament (CoreStates 


Home games (in caps) at CoreStates Spectrum 

Times are Eastern Standard and subject to change 

# Philadelphia Big 5 City Series games * AtlanDc 1 games 


The 1 996-97 Annual Campaign 

A Unique Opportunity to Give Bacli to Your Alma A/later 

P Vii'- ■''1 HT,\' 

By making your 

gift today in 

the enclosed 

envelope, you are 

renewing your 

conunitment to 

La Salle and 

making the future 

even brighter for 

your Alma Mater! 

Thank you, 

Thomas J. Lynch, '62 
Alumni Annual Fund Chair 



tm } 





:^^* \- 



La Salle University 
Annual Fund Office 
Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199 
Phone: (215) 951-1539 
FAX: (215)951-1542 


Alumni $2,100,000 8.100 Donors 
Parents $ 107.000 1.100 Donors 

he La Salle University Alumni Association presents... 


Eurotour '97 

■■.iHi-i!<MHIii<q B^ 



14-17 Days 

Booking Information 
& Tour Application 
on Page 37 




LA SALLE Magazine 
La Salle University 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Second class postage poid at Philadelphia, PA 


La Salle University Llbrai 

3 5006 00425 3072 

FOR R£Ft.%c.\Cc 
M ii Bi bkBn firam nit itain