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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 




Villa Maria College 

Special Friends . . . Special Times 

Friends and Fun Go Together 


Carol Albreski 
Mary Anderson 
Linda Anyzek 

Christine Auteri 
Jennifer Baker 
Nancy Bauer 

Janet Baumgratz 
Michelle Bayne 
Lori Berry 

Kathleen Bishop 

Cathy Bon 

Mary Ann Burgess 

Senior Class - 1985 

Karen Carlson 
Connie Chedrick 
Donna Ciccone 

Brenda Clabbatz 
Laurie Close 
Norma Conklin 

Karen Craig 

Kathleen Cunningham 

Anne Davis 

Jennifer Davis 
Sharon Davis 
Stephanie Dorn 

Senior Class - 1985 

David Dudenhoefer 
Colleen Emery 
Martina Engman 

Debra Evans 
Judith Feighery 
Lucy Ferko 

Dan Fuller 
Laurie Gehrlein 
Earlha Grimes 

Marian Hallett 
Laureen Hasbrouch 
Ann Horvat 

Senior Class - 1985 

Diane Hrinda 
Anita Hunsberger 
Sandra Hurley 

Eva Keith 
Patricia Kenawell 
Ann King 

Noreen Kisegy 
Gayle Klein 
Elizabeth Knight 

Barbara Luciano 
Deborah Mack 
Patricia Madlehner 

Senior Class - 1985 


Debbie Magee 
Beth Mangold 
Susan Marshall 

Kathleen Mattis 
Susan Mclndoe 
Joanne Metzler 

Ann Milkowski 
Patricia Miller 
Lisa Montgomery 

Cynthia Morris 
Lisa Muenz 
Deborah Nellis 

Senior Class - 1985 

Sr. Vittoria Nisi 
Barbara O'Connor 
Michelle Potthoff 

Robin Rawlings 
)ody Ruth 
Tammy Schossler 

Sharon Shenk 
Greta Shreckengost 
Merry Kay Turk 

Brenda Tuszynski 
Rosemarie VanDerMolen 
Elaine Vey 

Senior Class - 1985 

Pamela Waite 
jean Williams 

Senior Class - 1985 

Aren't They Photogenic? 


First North 

.J ; 


Third North 

When You Need a Friend 

Second North 




Semester Break 

Easy Living 

Who's Thirsty? 



/°*. \ 



Sports and Activities 




19th Annual 


Catching Rays? 

And Crowd Cheers On . . 

Interclass Swimmeet 

$,: "&* 2 


Where's the Dexatrim? 

Villa Crusaders 

Senior Skit 1985 

Hark the Harrold Seniors . . . 

Onward Christian Soldiers 

Don't you approve of my break dancing? 

Our Man Bucky 


Our Gatekeeper - Norma Haft 

Senior Wine and Cheese Party 

Our Guiding Light 

Star Search 

Christmas Mass 

Spring Fling 

Student Life 

Leadership Weekend 

Residence Council 

Student Nurses Organization 

rtftA nb 


SNO Officers 





Super Nurses - Only the public fear them. 



Strange Creatures 

Living in the Fast Lane 



Cafeteria Workers 

VMC Bookstore 

Justine Marie Allison "Teen" 

Nursing, ADN 

Freshman Class Vice-Pres. , Curric. Comm. , SNO: Acad. Vice- 

Pres. /Treasurer 

816 E. Main St., Reynoldsvi lie, PA 15851 

April 23, 1964 

Mary Kathleen Anderson "Mary Kay" 

Nursing, BSN 

43 Clinton St. North East PA 16428 

June 28, I960 

"Don't let the Dastards wear you down." 

Linda Lee Anyrek "Lin" "Ryzard" 

SNO, Sr. Helen Award, Dr. D.J. Novello Award, Commencement 


38 Yale Ave., Gloucester City, N.J. 08030 
September 18 
"What's up?" 

Christine Marie Auteri "Chris" 

Early Childhood Education: B.A. 

Student Council: Fr. Class Xep. , Co-Publicity Chairman, 

Member of Exec. Board, Rep. to Diwcipline Comm, SPSEA-3 yrs. 

155 W. Washington St., Bradford, PA 16701 

June 2, 1964 

"Some people think it'« holding on that makes one strong. 

Sometimes it's letting go." Sylvia Robinson. 

Nancy M. Bauer "Nannier" 

Home Ec /Merc handi sing and Retailing 

Home Ec Club Pres. : Soph., Jr., Sr. yr». , Jr. Class Treas. , 

Res. Council Publicity Co-chai sun, Jr. yr. , Stud. Council 

Academic Vice-Pres. , Sr. yr. 

413 Fourth Ave., Warren, PA 16365 

"That really irritates ne. M That's decent." 

Janet M. BaumgratE 
Nursing, ADN 
Waterford, PA 
March 11, 1949 

Michelle Marie Bayne "Michelle" 

Nursing, BSN 

Sr. Class Pres., SNO Pres., Softball, Leadership Award, 

R.A., Who's Who Among Students in Aoer. Coll. and Univ. 

216 Trailer Blvd., Lower lurrell, PA 

May 20, 1963 

Kathleen Ann Bishop "Birarro" 

Nursing, BSN 

Commencement Comm. 

333 Circle Dr., Delmont, PA 15626 

April 27, 1»62 

"Ye 6, can I help you?" 

Catherine M. Bon "Cathy" 

Nursing, BSN 

Stud. Council, Rea. Council, SNO, Faculty Appt. Comm. 

216 Columbus St., St. Marvs, PA 15857 

June 25, 1963 

"Cool Scoobies" "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A 

farewell ia necessary before you can meet again. And 

meeting again, after momenta or life times, is certain 

for those who are friends." Bach 

Karen Marie Carlson 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO, Sr. Class Treas., Research and Nomin. Comm. -SNO, 

FUN club. 

R.D. 3 Sugar Grove, PA 16350 

January 28, 1963 

"Don' t be stupid." 

Brenda Deni se Clabbatz 
Nursing, BSN 

1315 South Hill RD., Erie, PA 
June 15, 1963 

Laurie Theresa Close 

Elementary Education 

Deans List and SPSEA Secretary 

19 Hobson Place, Bradford, PA 16701 

March 4, 1963 

"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is stil 

a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.", 

Desiderata-Max Ehrmann 

Karen Marie Craig 
Nursing, ADN 

Kathleen A. Cunningham "Katie" 

Nursing, BSN 

8734 Grubb Rd., McKean, PA 16426 

June 17, 1963 

"Did I miss anything in class yesterday?" 

Anne M. Davis "Annie" 

Nursing, BSN 

Volleyball: Fr. , Soph., Sr. yrs., SNO, BSN Sub-curric. 

Comm., Student Life Comm., Sigma Theta Tau, Memory Book 

R.D. 2 Box 400, Blairsville, PA 15717 

January 24, 1964 

"Beware of the light-brown apple moth from Tasmania'." 

Jennifer Ann Davis "Zygmunt" 

Nursing, BSN 

677 N. Geary St., Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666 

November 17, 1962 

"Trauma tune '. " 

lUthryn KrasowsKi Davi i "Kathy" 

Nursing, BSN 

619 PopUr St., Erie, PA 16502 

March 30 

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going'. Thanks Mom 

and Dad!" 

Sharon E. Davis "Mom" 

Nursing, BSN 

Res. Council 2 yrs., Student Council 3 yrs., SNO 4 yrs. , 

Campus Girl Scouts 3 yrs., Marilyn Schaffner Memorial 

Avar, Who's Who Among Amer. Coll. and Univ. Students 

R.D. 4, Titusville, PA 16354 

November 22, 1963 

"It just doesn't matter!" 

Ronda Lane Deitch 

Public Relations/Advertising 

Erie Ad Club Scholarship, The Villager Staff, REAP Peer Gr. , 


3016 Wellington Rd. , Erie PA 16506 

September 10, 1945 

"Our greatest limiting factor is our concept of who we are." 

Michael LeBoeuf, Work i ng - Smart , p. 85. 

Stephanie M. Dorn "Hebe" 

Nursing, BSN 

P. P. A. 

1534 King Charles Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15237 

August 27, 1963 

"I need a belt." 

David Dudenhoefer 
Nursing, BSN 

9089 Ridge Rd. , Girard, PA 
June 18 


Gwinora Dykes "Gwin" 

Earlv Childhood Education, Assoc. Degree 

22UGlendale Ave. 

January 15, 1945 

Colleen A. Emery "Colly-Wal ly" 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO-Comrauni ty Chairperson/Research Comm. , FUN Club, 

Paparelli's Party Animals 

R.D. 2 Felton, Westfield, NY 14787 

September 12, 1963 

"Karen, what classes do I have today and who's going out 

with me tonight?" 

Marlina Sue Engman "Mar" 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO, Paparelli's Party Animals, FUN Club, 1984 Sr. Helen 

Mary Donaldson Award for work study-bookstore employee, Sr. 

Class Sec. 

22 Church St., North Warren, PA 16365 

October 15, 1963 

"For my friends: Good luck in all that you do, may God 

bless you and fill your life with love and happiness. I 

will miss you all, but I will remember all the good times 

that we had. It's nof goodbye-Keep in touch." 

Debra Marie Evans "Dimce" 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO 4 yrs., Honor Society in Nrsg. , Perceptions newspaper- 

Fr. yr. 

117 Bissell Ave., Oil City, PA 16301 

February 8, 1963 

"Only- ■ ■ days left 'til graduation." 

Judith A. Feighery "Judy" 

Nursing, BSN 

Sigma Theta Tau 

#1 Sherwood Ct. , Medford, K.J. 

December 30 

Lucy Anne Ferko 

Nursing, ADN 

200 Highland Ave., Punxsutawney , PA 

January 2, 1965 

"Believing is the beginning of a dream coming true." 

Daniel W. Fuller "Danny" 

Nursing, ADN 

5511 Mill St., Erie, PA 16509 

March 12, 1961 

"To be or not to be." 

Eartha Lee Grimes "Tha" 

Therapeutic Recreation: B.S. 


5347 Irving St., Philadelphia, PA 19139 

September 14, 1961 

"What else could happen?" 

Todd Richard Gustafson 

Nursing, BSN 

Interclass Swim Meet, Pres. of Student Council 83-84 

R.D. 2 Box 352, Pittsfield, PA 16340 

August 19, 1962 

"A small planet of a minor star at the edge of an 

inconsiderable galaxy in the immeasurable distances of space. 

Marian C. Hallett "Christy" 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO: Soph.-Publ. Chairperson, Sr.-Ways and Means Chprsn. , 

Student Council: Soph. -Student Rep. to Disciplinary Comm. 

Softball: Jr., Sports Activity Award: Jr. 

324 Benson Ave., Meadville, PA 16335 

April 27, 1963 

"I'm gonna rip your lips off, you swine Here we are at 

Villa Maria State Pen i tent iarv. Life stinks and then vou 


"Annie" "Anna Banana" 

Ann M. Horvat 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO 2 yrs., R.A. 

319 Concord St., 

April 14, 1963 

"I'm just keeping the public healthy." 

2 yrs. , R.D.C. I vr. 
Corry, PA 16407 ' 

Gayle Klein 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO 4 yrs., Soph. Class Treas. , Jr. Class Vice-Pres. , R.A./ 

Admin. R.A., Sigma Theta Tau 2 yrs., Nat' I Dean's List 4 


369 Carran Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15236 

March 12, 1963 

"To din" 

Deborah A. Mack 

Nursing, BSN 

Mayor Louis J. Tullio Award 2 yrs., Elaine Cruis Nrsg. 

Scholarship, SNO, Who's Who for Amer. Coll and Univ., BSN 

Sub-curr. Comm. /Baccalaureate Comm. 

R.D. I Box 93, Port Allegheny, PA 

September 17, 1963 

"That's tackv" 

Anita Hunsberger 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Dean's List: Spring 84, Fall 85 

2823 W. 32 St., Erie, PA 16506 

August 7, 1962 

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting 

what you get." 

Sandra L. Hurley "Sandy" 

Nursing, BSN 

Student Council (82-85), Editor of the yearbook, 84, Fr. 

Class Sec. 

Box 237 Thompson Rd. , Stewartstown, PA 17363 

July 18, 1963 

"Chee se-O-Cracke rs " 

Patricia A. Kenawell "Trish" 

Nursing, BSN 

Soph. /Jr. Class Presidents, Student Council Rep., SNO, 

Softball, Intramural Swim Meet6. 

206 S. State St., DuBois, PA 15801 

March 17, 1962 

"It's the thought that counts'." 

Ann Marie King "Drugs" 

Nursing, BSN 

Box 156 Venango, PA 16440 

January 26, 1962 

"It was due when?? 1 1" 

Noreen L. Ki segy 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO, Student Council Rep, College Chorus, Who's Who Among 

Students in Amer. Coll. and Univ. 

555 S. Keel Ridge Rd. , Hermitage, PA 16148 

March 2, 1963 

"It is better to succeed through obstacles than to attain 

it without a challenge." 

Patricia Madlehner "Pat tie" 

Nursing, ADN 

150 Brighton Ave. 

October 8, 1963 

"That's nasty" 

Debra Jean Magee "Debbie" 


Swim and Stay Fit 4 yrs., Swim for Amer. Red Cross-Fr. yr. , 

Certified in CPR/Standard First Aid, Business Club-Soph. yr. 

Joseph C. Angeloff Award-Jr. yr. 

420 Leasure Ave., New Castle, PA 16105 

April 25, 1963 

Susan R. Marshall "Smarsh" 

Nursing, BSN 

Commuter Council-Fr. yr. 

4119 Feidler Dr., Erie, PA 

March 25, 1963 

"Aww-ww-Gee-ee-zzz-ee — give me a 'lude!" 

Kathleen Marie Mattis "Kathy" 

Home Economics/Merchandising and Retailing 

Jr. Class Sec, Home Ec . Club Treas., Student Council Social 

Vice-Pres., Student Life Comm. 

207 Castle Dr., West Mifflin, PA 15122 

May 30, 1963 

"Oh my goodness!" 

Susan Elisabeth Mclndoe "Sue Mac" 

Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Vice-Pres. -SPSEA, Jr. Class Rep. -Student Council, Who's Who 

Among Students in Amer. Coll. and Univ. 

R.D. 2 Herman Rd., Cabot, PA 16023 

February 8, 1963 

"Don't eat the Big Mac!" 

Anne Milkowski "Annie" 

Nursing, BSN 

Commuter Council Pres. /Act i vi t ies Coordin., Student Council 

Rep., Student Life Chprsn., Basketball, Campus Girl Scouts 

4517 Tulane Ave. 

April 22. 1963 

"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." 

Ar i stot le 

Patricia Miller 

Nursing, ADN 

Swimming, jogging, horseback riding 

2800 Yale Rd. N.C. 27253 

June 6, 1964 

"Somebody has to do it, so it might as well be somebody who 

enjoys it." 

Jane Marie Moltz "Miss Jane" 

Nursing, ADN 

Fr. Class Sec, SNO-Fr. yr. 

119 E. Sixth St., Oil City, PA 16301 

May 24 

Lisa Valerie Montgomery 
Nursing, BSN 
928 Oakraont Ave. 
January 23, 1963 

Cynthia D. Morris "Cindy" 

Elementary Education 

Pres.-SPSEA, Sr. yr. , Who's Who Among Students in Amer. 

Coll. and Univ.-Sr. yr. , R.A.-Jr./Sr. yrs., Student 

Council Rep.-Fr. yr. , Tennis team-Fr. yr. 

411 Maple Lane, Sewickley, PA 15143 

May 17, 1963 

"I don't know!" 

Deborah Lynn Cifelli Nell is "Debbie" 

Nursing, RSN 

Sigma Theta Tau (Eta Xi ) 

1907 Lola Lane, North East, PA 

October 12, 1951 

Barbara J. O'Connor "Barb" 

Medical Technology 

Jr. Class Pres., Softball, Who's Who, Science Club 

14371 Main St., Wattsburg, PA 16442 

July 9, 1962 

Michele Potthoff "Mitch" 

Early Childhood Ed . /El ementary Ed. 


3331 Aberdeen Ave. 

August, 23, 1963 

Robin Rawlings "Rob" 

Nursing, BSN 

Sigma Theta Tau, Sr. Class Vice-Pres. , SNO, BSN Curric. 

Coram. /Sub-curric . Coram. 

R.D. I, West Springfield, PA 

May 6, 1963 

"Hey, It happens:" 

Jody Lynn Ruth 
Nursing, ADN 
Compus Girl Scouts, SNO 
Sandy Lake, PA 
August 2, 1965 

Tammy Sue Schossler "Schoss" 

Nursing, BSN 

Sr. class Rep. -Student Council, Softball 4 yrs. 

Oil City, PA 

August 24, 1963 

"What cat?:" 

Greta Shreckengost "Gret" 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO, Student Council, Sigma Theta Tau 

406 Vine St., New Bethlehem, PA 16242 

January I, 1963 

"What refrigerator?:" 

Patricia Skinner "Pat" "Skinerski" 
Nursing, BSN 

4142 Genesee Ave., Erie, PA 16510 
October 20, 1950 

Merry Kay Turk 

Nursing, BSN 

SNO Treas., Recording Sec, Social Vice-Pres., Sigma Theta 


R.D. I Oil City, PA 16301 

May 5 

"Watcha do' in in the buggy?" 

Brenda Marie Tuszynski "Bren" 

Nursing, BSN 

Sigma Theta Tau, Bp screening-Kiwani s Club, Commuter 

Counc i l-Fr. /Soph. yrs. 

429 E. 14 St., Erie, PA 16503 

April 20, 1963 

"The value of a smile: It costs nothing but creates much. 

It happens in a flash and the memory lasts forever. If 

you are in a hurry and run across someone too weary to 

smile, leave one of yours." 

Rosemarie Jean Van Der Molen 

"Roofis Rodriguiz Reveris Herera Hernandez" 

Therapeutic Recreation 

Public ity-Therap. Rec Activ. Club-l yr. , College Choir 

Lyr. , Student Gov't Body, Vice-Pres. -TRAC I yr. 

Box 100, Warwick, N.Y. 10990 

Februarv 19 

"How rude:" 

Elaine Marie Vey 
Nursing, BSN 

SNO, Residence Council Sec. /Program Planner, Floor Mngr.-2 
yrs., Publicity Chprsn. -Soph, class 
21 N. Howard Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 
December 21 , 1962 
The harder you work for something, the more you appreciate 

Pamela Oleksak Waite 
Nursing, ADN 

5966 Jodie Lane #8, Erie, PA 
September 6, 1956 

3. ati/e. Q-tsL my thank.4- to tJ\o<\e. fr-Lend-^ who -&0 mu-cA t^Lme. and e.ffort to create thL& 

Cap.tu.voA. u/tthtn theA.e. are. many, 
treasured, memories of our co-6deae ue^xr^. Way 
the-y. a-tu/ay.4- remLnd u<i>. of eccA othe.r. 

Aaatn, my aratttude. to you, who made, tht-b. 

Wttlx a-Ct -&tnce.r-Lty, 
Anne 2>av<L& 

TTjy. Jflemoru Booh. Crew: 
Qayte. KZ&Ln 
Ann J4o rvat 
BetK lHanao-td 
Sandy Mur-Ley. 
Tfle-rryXay Uurk. 
Chr-L.4. Aute.rt 

Uammy Scho'^i^Le.r 
C-retsz ScKre.chefig.o4JL 
Robtn Raw-tLng.4. 
Cathy. Bon 
$ody Rutlx 


1 HO Kuril/ Rcl 
Erie, I' A. 16509 

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