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9 • 9 



nian Hilt College 

man ma, norih Caratina 28?5t^ 

(70't) 689 -1201 

tnnttment , 103* 








I. K 




^■»- ■ "*^ ■' ■ " 






In August 1034 students flocked to the Mars 
Hill College campus anticipating a year of 
challenge and growth. With a rich history and 
a promising future, MHC offered them aca- 
demic challenges and community involvement 
to prepare them for a wide array of careers. 
Friendships, achievements, and educational 
opportunities were the mortar that enabled 
students to lay foundations BUILT TO LAST. 

2 Opening 


City without electricity 
. . . that is the Icind of en- 
vironment I want to go 
to school in." 

Beth Jones 

jThese students patiently 
await their chance to regis- 
ter for their classes. 

One of many, this tackle kept 
Concord at bay and resulted 
in a win for the Lions. 

The Pit is a favorite place of 
some students for reading 
their mail. 

"I have made friend- 
ships at Mars Hill that 
will remain in my heart 
and mind forever." 

Greta Fedock 

Opening 3 




Daily classes and intense studying 
led students to find ways to un- 
wind. While some students enjoyed 
working out in the new fitness cen- 
ter, others took naps in the Blue 
Lounge. Many students spend lei- 
sure hours playing sports, making 
trips to Asheville, or hanging out 
with friends. No matter who they 
were or how busy their schedules, 
they always took a few minutes to 
sit down, relax, and enjoy them- 

>^ ^ 



Students are relieved as they 
end a long day of classes. 

Do you suddenly feel like For- 
rest Gump? 

Studying: The end of a long 
day and beginning of a long 

Student Life 

^4 .'I ^ , "IT 

pP, or I'll throw my food! 

Watch out residents, here come 
Kevin Watkins, Patrick Nel- 
son, and Richard Myers and 
they look like they are up to 
no good. 

Heather Hughes, Cary Rhea, 
Tajsha Eaves, Becky Ander- 
son, and Michelle Gragg share 
a moment of friendship in their 



^ "I've been there. Fve -^ 

lived it. Now I work in '^ 

a cafe." 

f-^ , Cedric L. Scott 

"Don't postpone joy 
. . . graduate while 

you re young! 

Netta Russell Ollis 
and Maria Spangler 

"People are becoming 
more and more in- 
volved in athletics. It's 
great to field and hear 
people cheering for 


Casia Belk 

Student Life 



A surprise awaited students as they prepared to make 
their way through the long, drawn-out registration pro- 
cess. Administration had simplified the process so that 
students waited less than a hour to confirm their class 

Students still had to wait in long lines at the bookstore Wj J, 
while purchasing books and supplies, but the average yy 
time for first day registration was cut in half. /r.^ 

Waiting in line is nothing new. 
Tallying with friends is the pre- 
ferred way to liill time during 

Sggjffij) Registration 


Students register cars so Se- 
curity has a record. It was bet- 
ter to pay tlie small fee during 
registration than the large fee 
for a ticitet- 

Some of us even need financial 
help to get through college. 
One student listened intently 
as the loan process was ex- 
plained to him. 

"Okay, here's your schedule." 
Don Metcalf picked up a chap- 
el schedule as he waited for the 
end of registration. 

"Are you sure you want to do 
that?" Krista Faeth watched 
Melissa Blair and Amy John- 
son complete their student in- 
formation cards. 

Registration ^\w/^ 

31 -S 


jMfl|Sj| ^M 





The great Tikki god brought All smiles. Jennifer McCaleb, Tempie Naylor, Becky 

news ol'victory for the Anderson, and Heather Hughes proved that Lions Pride 

Lions. was more than just a name. 

Brian Matlock and Joy Moberg took pride in 
representing the Senior class. 



^\:^ -) 

-a "-n fi 







Homecoming week provided 
many social opportunities for 
students to show their school 

spirit and to participate in 
contests sponsored by the Stu- 
dent Union Board.The chalk 
drawing event drew many 
people to the front of Wren. 
Jimmy Buffet fans got their fill 
during during lunch and 
dinner. Others tried to prove 
they could do the best hula. 
Lion's Growl got everyone into 
the spirit for the parade and 
football game. In the early 
hours of game day, students 
making up the Main Events 
Committee prepared balloons 
for the floats and campus. The 
Lions beat the Newberry Indi- 
ans 34-14. The day ended with 
the dance, which was attended 
by the young and the old alike. 
The more daring participated 
in the Limbo event. It was a 
memorable day. 


is: IT' 

Heather Hughes and 
Becky Anderson were 

creative in the decora- 
tion of the football field. 


Patrick Nelson helps 

Keith Miller to get ready 

for his chance to hula. 

" Lion's Pride 
envolves a lot 
of hard work, 
but the appre- 
ciation of our 
efforts makes it 
all worth it." 

Temple Naylor 

With serious plans to 

roast the Newberry 

Indians, the Delta Zeta 

sisters expressed their 

school spirit. 

Chandra Willis found out 

just how low she could go 

doing the Limbo. 

Decorating the locker 

room was one of the 

many tasks that Lion's 

Pride members enjoyed 

performing for the 

football team. 

Bobby Hodge exhibits his 
own version of the hula 

dance. His style is 

interesting and clearly 





Theta Chi wenfall out to show their 
support for the Lions. 

Kenneth Land and Cosmo boosted 

school spirit among the crowd of 

Lion fans. 

Theta Chi improved (he 

apcarance of Memorial 

Library by displaying it 

in the school colors. 

Riding in the parade was 
an honor for Homecom- 
ing nominees Jim Fucci 
and Melody Muller. 


Representing Lamdas Chi, Kristian 
Wieda gave a smiie to onlookers. 

The Lions Kept the Newberry Indians 
at bay, beating them 34-14. 

Delta Zeta was one of 
many to be out decorat- 
ing in the early morning 
hours on game day. 

During half-time, Valerie 
Darnell waited through 
long lines for a snack. 






The International Festival provided students an opportunity to come 
together in a time of fellowship. Students had a chance to experience 
the tastes of culinary dishes from other countries. Students and fac- 
ulty shared knowledge of music, clothing, and learning institutions 
within their home countries. 

Each spring the festival is sponsored by the International Club to 
encourage interaction and understanding among all students. 


International Festival 

International Festival /^\\T/»e 



Jay Hirst enjoys making 
students dizzy. 

Di^^(S) Spring Fling 


...«, "^ *ii. ' 

3 -a 



Many students joined together for a fun-filled 
week of stress releiving excitement. Students ate 
great food at a reasonable price and played many 
games. These games included jousting, the human 
gyro, and jumbo-glove boxing. Great barbeque and 

terriffic games- what more could you ask for? 

Big Ed serves food to the 
hungry crowd of students. 

A new male bonding 
ritual of the 90"s. 

These guys look like 
they're practicing to be ifl^' 
American Gladiators, 8^IW' 

Tommy Dembinsky got caught on film with a questioning stare. He 
must be pondeiing something important, lilse what to do next in this 

Keepmg balance is no problem for this fraternity brother as he pedals The games were plentiful and many students made the most of them . 
along the fountain wall. 

18 Spring Fling 

-n. H ."^ ^ /5 

While waiting lor her chance to order lunch, this student smiles at the 



' ' <f >, 


1 « 

^ ^ 

Hanging oul and gossipping with fnends was a big draw for some 

" I have made 
some of my life 
long friends here 
at Mars Hill. 
They have 
helped me 
through the good 
times and the 
bad... They are 
worth all the 
gold in the world 
to me and I 
cherish them all. 
Mars Hill Col- 
lege seems to 
have that affect 
on most people." 

Patrick Nelson 

The little kid in every student seems to come to life during Spring Fling week. 

Spring Ring 






Success best describes Student Support Services' 1994 
Spring Banquet. SSS held the banquet in the private 
dining area of Pittman Dining Hall, using crisp linen 
napkins displayed by candlelight to enhance the mouth- 
watering cuisine. SSS gave out awards to recognize stu- 
dents' academic successes and Congressman Charles 
Taylor, the banquet speaker, and Dr. Earl Leininger 
spoke with the SSS participants during the dinner. The 
evening ended with the cutting of the TRIO 30th an- 
niversary cake. 

Glenda Crompton proudly dis- 
plays her well-earned award 


Support Services 

Andy Allison. Tim Dare, Aar- 
on Ratliff, Krista Faeth, Steve 
Rouse. Tammy Phillips, and 
Laurie Henderson smile after 
sampling the fine food. 

"It was nice to 
have good food, 
good friends, and 
SSS personnel all 
in one place." 
Jill Hetteen 

Brian Dayton, Valerie Darnell, 
and Candy Jones don'i seem to 
mind waiting in line for their 
chance at the buffet table. 

Support Services 

Chandra Willis trys to 

con\ince Drew Kasa to slide 

Mike Shea checks out the 
mess he made of himself. 


\ k\\ ui ihc Gateway stall 
members joined in the fun on 
the men's hill water slide. 

A perfect dismount bv John 
Ward . 



A Lasting Experience 

f^hen freshmen and transfer students arrive, the Gateway staff is 

Iways ready to show them a friendly smile and give them a helping 
land. Throughout orientation weekend, Gateway provides new stu 
ients the opportunity of getting to know each other as well as 
the campus. Staff members helped students to move in - if they 

sked - and answered questions. Gateway lays the foundation for 
relationships that are built to last. 

slide, slide down the slippery 


^. J.» 

Chef Bentley prepared Graduates.l'riends, and family 

pancakes tor college alumni gathered around the tlaa pole in 

at the Baptist State Conven- a moment of prayer, 



Last minute craming before that 
bigtestencourages socialization 

This student enjoys the sun 
while getting in some studying 
before class. 

^4 ^ Student Life 

New students got the chance to Christy Wyatt smiles at the 

meet each other at Freshman camera as the band marches 

Convocation- ''^ way down to the stadium. 

Hacki saclt in front of the cafe is John Payne is always ready 
a favorite past time for some to assist those who need 

students. help. 

Student Life 25_ 


26 Lunsford Festival 


The Lunsford Festival, which is held the first weekend in October every 
year, brought out a diverse group for a taste of Appalachian culture. There were 
booths offering a variety of homemade items: jellies, Christmas decorative pieces, 
toys, food, and quilts. Music could be heard throughout the day as local musicans 
came out to showcase their talents. The Bailey Mountain Cloggers drew a large 
crowd as they performed traditional styled clogging. A petting zoo and horse- 
drawn buggy provided a great diversion from routine life on campus. 


There were many interesting things to do, including 
hook weaving. 

■% -If 

For some. hanging out 
with friends made the 
festival a social event. 

The Bailey Mountain 
Cloggers added to the 
spirit of the festival. 

Amy Kari did her part by selling dried flowers to the festival visitors. 

Lunsford Festival 27 


The Bookstore is a DymondJonesand 

favorite sliopping spot of Stacie Gresham share a 

many during the after- moment of male bonding, 

t- ^ v« 

In the Spring of '95 Scott 
Melton displayed his 
martial arts training at a 
karate tournament which 
was held at MHC. 

Susan Waters andDavid 

Coker take time out to 
visit w ith each other on a 
sunny Fall afternoon. 


On November 2, the Art Club held 
its second onnuol Beaux Arts Boll in 
the LoPt. fl mexicon theme celebrat- 
ing "the doi^ of the deod" uuos used 
in the murals ond paper moche 

Students dressed in everything from 
Victorian dress, nursery ryhme char- 
acters, to jungle cots luere in otten- 
donce. Severol prizes luere given 
out to those uuith the best costumes. 
The top costume prize iiient to 
Kristopher Geddie for his ujonderPul 
impression oP Tino Turner. 
Everymon Jones ond the Stick 
People entertained the croiud 
throughout the night. 

Michael Scrip shows off just 
how sexy guys can be. 

30 Student Life 

Getting into the spirit of things 
freshman Deanna Bently poses 
with her friends. 

Kevin Giffin, an invader 
from Mars or a Mighty 
Morphin Power Ranger? 

Student Life 31 



32 Student Life 

Student Life 33 

The annual ChristitBS party, •v\ixLch is sponsored 
by t±ie Student Union Board, provided a change of pace 
for irany students. TheWrenbuilding closed doiAzn early 
Thursday, Decanber 7 , so that the Student Union Board 
maiibers could decorate the entire building before the 
festivaties started. Tr^svoredeooratedineverythirg 
from gaudy beads to homemade tree ornaments . The 
foodv^as laidout for self -service inadimlylitatmo- 
sphere . With the evening ' s mood set , the doors were 
cpened to admit the public. 

Students socialized among thetiselves, ate and were 
merry. StudeitsalsogottositcnoldSaintNicholas'slep 
to have their picture made and to get a candy cane . 

Patrick Nelson makes sure that evenone having their picture made with Santa gets through 
the line in an orderi\ manner. 

34 Student Life 

Chris Heppding, Robin Look mom! See whal I learned 

Rhyne, and Amy Carter in school this semester 

relax and listen to the piped m 
Christmas music. 

Ma,ny students, like this one, made personalized decorations to take 

Student Life 35 

Christine Kelly concen- 
trates on designing the 
perfect tree ornament. 

Michelle Gragg and Jennifer 
McCaleb wait for their lum to 
silon Santa's lap. 

Erik Barlik lounges in Santa 
land while people watching. 

Mike Shea is one of many to 
bring family to the party. 

Look who's sitting on Santa's 
lap now... "Have you two been 
really good this year?" 

36 Student Life 

:hristmas concert 


The band practiced and practiced the 
music pieces to be performed on the 
night of the actual concert. Their 
music brought much happiness to the 
audience and put everyone into the 
spirit of things. 



'^' "^i^-c. 



^.l^v ^HH 

Student Life 37 

Add More 

Color To 



£ecaiLi£ Qjiallic^ TnatteAA 

It didn't matter where a person came 
from or where they were going, each 
brought a new wave of ideas and diver- 
sity to organizations and clubs steeped 
in tradition. Each organization 
on campus welcomed old and new stu- 
dents alike, while trying to recruit new 
members. The fellowship that these 
groups offered encouraged many stu- 
dents, who would not normally socialize, 
to be more out going and encouraged 
lasting friendships for years to come. 

38 Organizations 


Organizations 39 

Delta Phi Zeta 

President: Melody Muller 
Members: 12 

Joy Miller, Marey Fromberger, Kim Hodges, 
Melynda Riddle, Melody Muller, Heather 
Davis, Amy Fowler, (Advisor) Kathleen 
Donald, Brandy Kelly, Eve Wilkenshoff, 
Jayme Goodyear, and Heather Young 

Alpha Psi Omega 

President: Ricke Claggett 
Members: 1 1 

Ricke Claggett, Cathy Harold, Joshua 
Callahan, Robert Staton and Bethany Bur- 

Not Pictured: (Advisor) John Oertling 
Marcia Francisco 

Zeta Chi Theta 

President: JimFucci 
Members: 12 

Jim Fucci, Taylor Mauer, Steve Arnold, 
Malcolm Bostic, Josh Sparks, Jason Evans, 
Marcus Chavez, Mike Devine, Mike Jones, 
Kevin Kerr, Hugh Watson, and Jody 

40 Organizations 




Lambda Chi Omega 

''orrest Connors, Michael Hanrahan, Chris 
ickstadt, Joshua Callahan, Robert Staton, 
iddie O'Berry, Kristofer Geddie, Kristian 
iVieda, and Neil Wilson 

Kappa Alpha Psi 

President: C. Tony High 
Members: 3 

Tony High, James Barber, and Kirk Ingles (not pictured) 

Delta Kappa Theta 

Tommy Hensley, Ryan Clevico, Mike 
Lenaghan, Paul Gosling, Jonathan Brandon, 
Patrick Nelson, Tim Dare, Matt Pace, 
Patrick Spence, Steve Rouse, Brian Matloqk, 
Roddy Alt, Andy Phillips, Richard Myers, 
Will Amnions, Don Metcalf, Steve Sullivan, 

Not Pictured: (Advisor) Darryl Norton, 
(Rose Queen) Ginger Robinson, Nelson 
Avila, Colin Conners, and Jeff Whitt 

Organizations 41 

Iota Chi Alpha 

President: Jennifer Black 
Members: 12 

Ginger Robinson, Daphne Parker, Holly 
Hendrix, Laura Barmer, Jennifer Black, 
Daphne Taylor, Jen Coup, Amy Ferguson, 
Julie Joslin, Jenn Wortham, and Gina Handy 

Not Pictured: (Advisor) Dr. Theresa Stern, 
Sherry Hopper, Julie Joyner and Joy Stallard 

Delta Zeta 

President: KathyEnnis 
Members: 22 

Vicky Barnwell, Casia Belk, Susan Carlile, 
Kim Chestnut, Jodie Conard, Gretchen 
Degroot, Rosie Dyer, Tajsha Eaves, Kathy 
Ennis, Marcia Francisco, Lauren Harrill, 
Dana Hawkins, Nila Helseth, Joy Hudson, 
Valerie Lemmon, Adrienne Mcallister, Kelly 
Morris, Megan Roland, Wendy Stout, Christy 
Toncray, Chandra Willis, and Andrea Wright 

Social Work Club 

President: Nira Cope 
Members: 25 

Geneeda Hopkins, Robin Ellis, Marian 
Spangler, Jennifer McCaleb, Dianne Bryson, 
Lori Payne, Nira Cope, Akira Ito, Lisa 
Baldwin, Netta Russell-Ollis, (Advisor) 
Cherry Seanger, Brian Matlock, Richard 
Myers, Holly Hendrix, and Veronica 
Not Pictured: Tracie Shinault, Robin 
Wingate, Stephanie Smith, Christie Minor, 
Winni Patillo, Mitzi Fullbright, Terri Wallace, 
Karen Silver, Alisa Jennings, Heather 
Cochan, and Beth Jones 

42 Organizations 

T' S 


Student Government Association 

S.G.A Executive Officers 

Jason Wunsch 
Laurie Henderson 
Ben Peacock 
Patrick Nelson 

Student Union Board 

Organizations 43 

Christian Student Movement 


General Council 

New Beginning Singers 

Shannon Powell, Leara Lewis, Renee Wyatt, 
Michelle Baker, Tricia Littlefield, Shelby 
Tomlin, Matt Queen, Kelli Brown, Amy 
Ferguson, Jonathan Clark, Chandra West, 
Steve bias, James Burris, Marty Gilbert, 
Aaron Hawkins, Kelly Evans, Rebekah 
Mains, Gena Ridley, Rachael Davis, Jamie 
Woods, Miena Hunnycutt, Ruth Swartz, 
Freda Morgan, Dan Mullinix, Matilda 
Brewer, Jennifer Head, Amy Slush, Marcie 
West, Amy Parker, Mitzi Fullbright, Amy 
Harris, Br/an Boyd, Sharleas Graber, kelly 
Cueman, Jennifer Pillsbury,Janey011is, 
Tajsha Eaves, Heather Hughes, Becky 
Anderson, Chris Reed, Carlos Orrotah, Kelly 
Christiansen, Ellisa Martin, and Ben Peacock 

44 Organizations 

Pi Sigma Alpha 

Lions Pride 

President: Brian Smith 
Vice-President: Kristen Walker 
Members: 6 

Main Event Committee 

Tony Thompson, Toni, Kristen Walker, 
Darcy DeJesus, Chandy Green, Amy Slusher, 
Colin Ditty, Christina Kelly, Melissa Blair, 
Patrick Nelson, Tommy Dembinsky, and 
Stephanie Walker (not pictured). 

Organizations 45 

Theta Chi 

President: Drew Kasa 
Members: 34 

Jarod Bailey, Paul Bass, Tim Baucom, Bradley Biddle, Erik Clark, David Conner, Holden Clodfelter, Jeff Daniels, 
Tommy Deminsky, Scott Elder, Jamie Eudy, John Faeth, Mike Hawkins, Allan Johnson, Brian Johnson, Drew Kasa, 
Sheftal Lanter, Kevin Limer, James Lyda, Mike McGill, Zeus Minter, Aaron Osborne, Greg Phoenix, Matt Piazza, 
Dave Plough, Aaron Ratliff, Jeff Rice, Jason Sawyer, Erik Silvasy, Ben Stipes, Marty Walker, Martin Woods, and' 
Brian Woody 

Fashion Club 

President: Heather Davis 
Members: 12 

Melynda Riddle, Shannon Harding, Heather 
Davis, Susan Cline, Tammy Phillips, Mame 
Crisp, Leslie Rose, Lori Collins, Kelly 
Cueman, Yuka Masui, Brittany Howard, 
Vanessa Taylor, (Advisors) Brenda Russell, 
and Rebecca Kruk 

46 Organizations 

Advisor: Coach David Bennett 
N4embers: 26 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (F.C.A.) 

Todd Conard, Tim Dare, Laura LeQuire, Ryan Littlejohn, Cory Hall, Amanda Hardin, Rosemary Burnett, Suzy 
iVought, Andy Allison, Alison Shannonhouse, Steve Rouse, K.C. Cheeks Tajsha Eaves, Jennifer Wiggins, Mandy 
Luke, Gretchen Degroot, Monica Rice, Tricia Littlefield, Mandi Morgan, Walt Fletcher, Frank Permer, Amy Harris, 
Vollie Barnwell, David Mains, and Chris Dotson 

Young Democrats Club 

President: Nathan Bennett 
Members: 5 

Bobbi K. Trotter, Laura J. Boisvert, Nathan 

Not Pictured; Milo Henderson 
Jason Wunsch 
(Advisors) Dr. Caudle & Lee 

Organizations 47 


Bonner Scholars 

Business Honor Club 

President: James Stork 
Members: 23 

Mr. Joe Blair (Advisor), James Stork, 
Patricia Bolinski, Anthony Wilson, Stephanie 
Cook, Nelson Avila, Brenda Jackson, Ken- 
neth Land, Christina Little, Leilani Lulay, 
Brian Stork, and Martin Woods 

Not Pictured: Erik Barlik, Lee-Ann 
Chrisawn, Bryan Googins, Christian 
Heppding, Kasey Jarrett, Matthew Lutz, 
Amy McClellan, Paulino Melendez, Elisha 
Newton, Frank Permar, Kristen Walker, and 
Christy Wyatt 

International Club 

48 Organizations 


Iota Alpha Omega 

President: James Burris 
Members: 9 Brothers 
10 Sisters 

Andy Thomas, Walt Sommeriin, Scott 
Melton, James Burris, Jonathan Clark, Chris 
Fox, Chris Reed, Chad Trantham, Scott 
Hughey, Ruth Swartz, Janey Ollis, Matilda 
Brewer, Amy Ferguson, Julie Joslin, Michelle 
Davis, Tamara Crain, April Watson, Hope 
Huffme, and Jennifer Head 

Sigma Tau Delta 

President: Nigel Hitchings 
Members: 25 
Adivor: Edwin Cheek 

Fox Hall 

Residential Director: Joy Stallard 
Residential Assistants: Susan Cline 
Amy Harris 
Robin Wingate 

Organizations 49 

_« a 

Stroup Hall 

Residential Director: Jennifer Black 
Residential Assistants: Jennifer Wortham 
Ellisa Martin 
Amy Slusher 
Karri McNaughton 

Huffman Hall 

Residential Director: Gina Handy 
Residential Assistants: Kristin Wiggins 

Lanese Belschner 
Ruth Swartz 

Brown Hall 

Residential Director: Scott Elder 
Residential Assistants: Sean Kelley 

Tommy Dembinsky 

50 Organizations 

ipx-mmil. IT- 

Melrose Hall 

Residential Director: Patricia Nelson 
Residential Assistants: Michael Lenaghan 
Norman Bove 

Myers Hall 

Residential Director: Milo Henderson 
Residential Assistants: Mike Jones 
Jamie Ward 
Hugh Watson 

Gibson Hall 

Residential Director: John Ward 
Residential Assistants: Aaron Ratliff 
Richard Myers 
Jason Wunsch 

Organizations 5 1 

Dickson-Palmer Apartments & 

Residential Director: Brian Matlock 
Residential Assistants: Roddy Alt 

Holly Hendrix 
Krista Faeth 
Kevin Watkins 

Art Club 

President: Andy Phillips 
Members: 15 


300 B 






52 Organizations 


Quality Reporting At Its Best 

The Hilltop 

As editor of a newspaper, one must convey informa- 
tion that will hold a reader's interest. Brian Graves knew 
this and set out to redesign the paper in order to enhance the 
journalistic talents of his staff and increase circulation. 
Coverage of campus news, sports, and computer programs 
available for use by students was top quality reporting. A 
total of 10 issues of the Hilltop were produced this year. 

Editor; Brian Graves 

Sports editor: Brian Buckner 

Editorial editor: Leslee Johnson (not pictured) 

Advertising editor: Brian Smith (not pictured) 

Distribution Manager: Dragan Djukic 

Staff Writers: Erik Barlik (not pictured), Dave Coker 
(not pictured), Dragan Djukic, Mandy Green (not 
pictured), Jillian Knight (not pictured), Lara 
LeQuire, Sarah Simmons, Brian Smith, Hope 
Worrell (not pictured). 

Layout/Proofing: Sarah Simmons, Sarah Ramirez 
(not pictured) 
Photography: Tim Dare 
Faculty Advisor: Melissa Stanz 

Every other Wednesday new 
topics and ideas were discussed 
for the next week's issue. 

Organizations 53 

Chances Are They're 
Playing Your Song 


WVMH 90.5 

The radio station has seen several changes under the management of Holden Clodfelter. 
New sound equipment made the job of DJing easier for those who worked the late night shifts. The 
range of music offered was expanded to include not just rock or alternative music but also Latin 
music. This new addition was implemented in the spring semester. 

The weekends were allocated to the WVMH Spirit Mix. The Spirit Mix played faithftally 
every Saturday and Sunday, spreading the Word to their listeners. 



Adam Reed. Walt Summerlin, Amy Parker, Deanna 
Bentley, Chad Sigler, Erik Barlik, Samantha Rhodes, 
Jamie Burris, Jason Dickert, Freda Morgan, Shannon 
Powell, Andy Thomas (not pictured, and Scott 
Hughey (not pictured). 

54 Organizations 

Gamma Chi 
L . President: Audrey 
Ji Funk 

^^ Members: 13 

Organizations 55 

56 Organizations 

Grayson Scholar Retreat 

In August the Grayson Scholars 
spent their time clearing the trails on 
Murray Branch. 

The river was made use of during their free time, though many found 
the water to be icy. 

At the end of the day. students were entertained by a singer who sang 
and played folk music. 

Organizations 57 


MAmt^m5 ^^ Jiccort> 



The yearbook is a permanent record of student life, a picture book, and a personal history book 
The Co-editors and staff have worked diligently to provide a book worthy of its theme. New designs 
were implemented, as well as new activity features, and layout ideas. The staff sought input from the 
student body to gain some insight about what they wanted included in their yearbook. Using input 
from students made the task of planning and organizing easier. The LAUREL staff consisted of : 


Stephanie Walker, Co-editor 
Jennifer McCaleb, Co-editor 

Copy Editors: 

Erik Barlik 
Kristen Walker 

Becky Anderson 
Michelle Gragg 
Erica Griffith 
Heather Hughes 
Temple Naylor 
Michael Shea 
Susie Shelton 
Laura Thomas 


58 Organizations 

Be Or Mot To Be... 




Whether it's poetry, prose, or artwork, the Uterary magazine publishes works submitted by the 
jtudent body. This year's co-editors. Amy Parker and Shelby Tomlin, are responsible for the orga- 
nization and publication of all chosen entries. 

The staff consists of Erik Barlik, Jillian Knight, Ramona Jansen, and Susan Waters (not pictured). 
The Staff has worked hard this Spring to correlate the annual edition. 

Organizations 59 


Clogging , a characteristic of 
Appalachian culture, has brought the 
Bailey Mountain Cloggers wide 
recognition as usual. Many of the 
team members have gone on to com- 
pete at international levels. 

The clogging team has brought 
Mars Hill College more honor each 
year and more trophies. The tradition 
of being champions has become a 
legacy Mars Hillians won't have 
trouble maintaining. 

Bailey Mountain 

60 Organizations 

J Ji 



Organizations 61 


There is a lot of work involved 
in designing and setting up for a play 
that might last a couple of hours. The 
actors have to study their lines for 
weeks, and each set takes at least 60 
hours of hard labor. 

The Theatre Department has put 
on serveral good plays this academic 
year. Twelfth- night and the Jack 
Tales were two of the department's 
most popular plays. 

62 Organizations 

racticing the script is vital to the success of the Jack Tales. 
he cast of the Jack Tales. 


Organizations 63 

^ J5 ■ .4t 








t t. 

•; .* ■ '*. 

Organizations 65 

JSk -A 


f^ 5 



66 Organizations 

"/ remember walking into my office for the first day of school thinking boy is this job going 

to be challenging. " 

Representing the student body as an 

ing and positive learning experience. 

Government Association is the 

skills. Jason Wunsch can attest to the 

can provide numerous opportunities 

Wunsch has taken his role seriously 

has helped to initiate several projects 

culturally. Wunsch helped organize 

International Olympics, the Senator of 



elected official can be a challeng- 
Being president of the Student 
ultimate test of one's leadership 
fact that involvement in the SGA 
for students to develop their skills, 
while in office. As president, he 
that have offered students more 
Holocaust Rememberance Week, 
the Month Award, and pushed for 

purified drinking water on campus. 
iVhen asked how he wished to be remembered, Wunsch replied, "I want to be remembered as a President who created 
iwareness and made people think about important issues from the past and the present society." 

(ust how much power does the Student Body President have on campus? The powers of the president are limited to making 
ippointments, veto over the senate, and acting as a go between between the faculty, staff, and students. "Many people think 
he Student Body President can control all aspects of campus life. I've been given credit and have been blamed for a lot more 
han I deserve," said Wunsch. 

^coking back over his term as president, Wunsch stated, " It will be hard to say good-bye to being president. I have enjoyed 
erving my fellow class mates in this capacity." 

Organizations 67 



68 People 

;9 ■■%. ■t 

». «, 

:U.L/V/ 1 ;L/.L/ 

>K> ■'»t*i^ 







tlat ^Jk 

Senior Class Offic- 
ers: President- 
Chandra Willis, 
Vice President- 
Bethany Burgess, 
Martin, Treasurer- 
D e g r o t 


Ashley Neal 


Business Admin. 

Maiden, NC 



Music Education 


Rodney Andrew 


Middle Gr. Edu. 

Richburg, SC 

Rebecca Jane 


History Education 

Kings Mtn., NC 

Steven Walker 


Recreation Adm, 

Cherokee, NC 

^o Seniors 


•f..; '•'fi. 


Nelson Avila, Jr. 


Info. Science 

Sumter, SC 

Erik Jon Barlik 


Info. Science 

Port Charlotte, FL 

Jennifer Alice 


Elementary Educ. 



Christopher Belk 

Physical Educ. 

Charlotte, NC 

Patricia Skillman 






Middle Gr. Educ. 

Boone, NC 

Sherry Elizabeth 



Brasstown, NC 

Brian Michael 



Marshall, NC 

Bethany Carol 

Musical Theatre 
Waynesboro, VA 



Elementary Educ. 

Greenville, SC 

James Albert 


Physical Educ. 

Stanley, NC 

Charles Ayden 
Butler, 111 

Business Admin. 
Morganton, NC 

Cameran Cacie 

Biology Educ. 
Greer, SC 

Carey Lynn 


Music Education 

Rocky Mt., VA 

Susan Carlile 
Dalzell, SC 

Seniors "71 



Mary Beth Turner 

William Shane 

John William 

Susan Emmalea 

hysical Educ. 



Cassidy Jr. 




Biology Education 


Fashion Merchand. 




Acworth, GA 

Port Charlotte, FL 

Heather Alice 

Randall Ted 

Colin Patrick 

Rhonda Stephanie 







Social Work 




Social Work 






Christy Jo Com 

Kenneth Ray Com 

Jennifer Lynne 








Elementary Educ. 




Boca Raton, FL 




Therapeutic Rec. 

Mars Hill, NC 

'^- Seniors 


Eric David 

Wendy Michelle 

Gretchen Christina 

Brian James 








Art Education 


Physical Education 

Greenville, SC 


Travelers Rest, SC 

Panama City, FL 

Travelers Rest, SC 

Robert Jason 


Music Education 

Nashville, TN 



Recreation Admin. 

Matthews, NC 

Jason Byron 






Political Science 

Shelby, NC 

Chandell Christina 



Lawrenceville, GA 

Amelia Kristen 

Amy Suzanne 

Marcia Rose Terry 

James Patrick 

Audrey Elizabeth 






Music Education 


Theatre Arts 

Physical Education 


Spartanburg, SC 


Mars Hill, NC 


Spartanburg, SC 

Seniors ,^^ 

^■-- :«. 



Michelle Leigh 

Bryan King 

Brian Christopher 

Amanda Lynn 

Smith Galyean 









Math Education 

Alexander, NC 

Newton, NC 

Greenville, SC 

Gretna, VA 


Carmen Schabilion 


Middle Grade Edu. 

Spruce Pine, NC 

Susan Diane 

Candler, NC 

Bobby Lee 
Gregory, Jr. 
Saluda, NC 





Shannon Michelle 

Fashion Merch. 






Elementary Educ. 

Travelers Rest, SC 

Jill Anne Hetteen Nigel Edward John 
Elementary Hitchings 

Education English 

Mars Hill, NC Quainton, England 

Buckford House 



Raleigh, NC 

1'^ Seniors 

Carol Phillips 

James Arle Hoover 

Gneeda Glass 

Mark Lemuel 

Joy Lynn 






Elementary Educ. 


Social Work 

Music Education 

Allied Health 

Green Mtn.,NC 


Brevard, NC 





Heather Marie 


Computer Science 


Matthew Steven 

Business Admin. 
Lenoir City, TN 

Akira Ito 

Social Work 



Alisa Paige 

Alan Daniel 



Social Work 

Business Admin. 


Pisgah Forest, NC 

SharonElizabeth DavidAUen JulieAnnJoslin 

Jones Jordan Therapeutic 

Social Work Physical Education Recreation 

Forest City, NC Walhalla,SC Raleigh, NC 



Biology Education 

Murphy, NC 

Mary Amanda 


Recreation Adm. 

Wheaton, IL 




Kevin Duane 

Mistie Ann Linker 

Susan Annette 

Matthew Dennis 







Physical Education 


Therapeutic Rec. 


Mars Hill, NC 


Oakboro, NC 

Newberry, SC 


James Ryan 


Brian Lee 


Jolin Patrick 







History Education 

Social Work 

Social Work 


igh Point, NC 




Calhoun, GA 

1^ Seniors 

Donald Lee 

Joy Elizabeth 

Kelly Amanda 

Melody Rachel 

Jody Murphy 







Physical Education 

Music Education 



Tampa, FL 



Leicester, NC 


Kristen Elizabeth 

Daphne Michelle 

Kevin Wayne 

Lori Dawn 

Frank C.Permar 






Elementary Educ. 

Math Education 


Social Work 


Taylors, SC 

Andrews, NC 

Fletcher, NC 

Andrews, NC 

Raleigh, NC 

ff?t D 






Gregory Allen 

Debra Ann Whitley 


■ 1 

Sean Stephen 






Physical Education 

Music Education 

Elementary Educ. 

Elementary Educ. 




Marshall, NC 

Candler, NC 

Raleigh, NC 

Ginger Leigh 




Social Work 

Swannanoa, NC 

Brian Jason 


Physical Education 

Englewood, FL 

Susan Lynn 

Hopson Shelton 

Physical Education 

Mars Hill, NC 

Harry Burgess 


Recreation Adm. 

Greenville, SC 


Seniors 77 

Stephanie Ann 

Donna McKinney 

Brian Richard 

Ruth Ellen 

Daphne Lynn 






Social Work 

Math Education 

Computer Science 

Math Education 


Spruce Pine, NC 

Mars Hill, NC 

Ormond Bch., FL 

Orange Park, FL 

Gilbert, SC 

Angela Lynn 

Laura Grace 



ementary Educ. 

Art Education 

Marshall, NC 

Gamer, NC 

Erika Arm 



Plantation, FL 

James Chad 




Randolph Douglas 



Ellenboro, NC 

Kristen Rachael 

Stephanie Andrea 



Political Science 


Mars Hill, NC 

Mars Hill, NC 

Tanya Marie 


Elementary Educ. 

Marshall, NC 

Holland Pemell 

Ward, Jr. 


Supply, NC 

April Dawn 


Recreation Adm. 

Anderson, SC 


Jeffrey Dean Whitt 



Manteo, NC 

Kristian Patrick 



Charlotte, NC 

Chandra Johns 

Business Adm. 
Greenville, SC 

James Anthony 




Joy Melissa Wilson 
Palatka, FL 

Robin Latisha 


Social Work 


Thomas Abraham 



Norcross, GA 

Brian Russell 

Business Adm. 
Midlothian, VA 

Tina Elaine Woody 
Computer Info. 

Spruce Pine, NC 

Richard Derek 



Millers Creek, NC 




Krisinda Hope 

Mary Ann Wright 

Jason Ora 

Hiroaki Yakame 

Sandra Nicole 




Physical Education 




History Education 


Elementary Educ. 

locky Mount, NC 




Lenoir, NC 

.Seniors 79 

Ashley Elizabeth 


Music Perform. 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Where were you ? 

Carol Lynn Baldwin 

Christopher Scott Fox 

Max Eugene Ballard, Jr. 

Benjamin Damon Frazier 

Heather Cherise Banks 

Dexter Jerome Gibbs 

James Claude Barber 

Bryan C. Googins 

Patrick Harrison Bohanon 

Paul Gosling 

Joshua Hudson Boone 

Sharleas Renee Graber 

Katherine Marie Deyton Boone 

Kitrina M. Mercer Hall 

Patrick Zeb Boone 

Robert Scott Hall 

Norman Frank Bove 

Mary Catherine Harold 

Shanna Clark Buckner 

Robert Lane Hensley 

Edward Logan Butler, IV 

Christopher Tony Hill 

Ellen Virginia Carver 

Charles Timothy Hill 

Ronald E. Chapman, Jr. 

Melanie Suzanne Holcom 

Kimberly Monteen Chestnut 

Donna Haney Hooker 

Laura Jean Coogler 

Sharon L. Dees Hopper 

Jennifer Michelle Davis 

Allen James Hoskyn 

Joel Mark Dover 

Stacey Barton Hughes 

William Arthur Earp, Jr. 

Brenda Kay Jackson 

Rebecca Ruth Edmonds 

Toby Lee Jenkins 

Christopher Scott Elder 

Leslee Nichol Johnson 

Jennifer Ruth Forgan 

Heidi Ann Kinser 

80 Seninr^ 




Kazue Kasahara 
Beth Woolaver Keesler 
Charles Reginald Kemp, Jr. 
Bryan Lee Kinser 
Ivan Alexander Kush 
Kerwin Gerrard Lee 
Jennifer Greene Lewis 
Calvin Shane Marcus 
Yuka Masui 

Christopher Bryan McKinney 
Miriam Capps McKinney 
Mark Adorn McLaughlin 
Eric Michel Medford 
William Dudley Melton 
Jon Thomas Mock 
Thomas Harold Mitchell 
Matthew Douglas Pace 
Jennifer Rachel Payne 
Randle Scott Peterson 
Diana Marie Robinson 
Rex William Roland 
Amy Jo Ross 
Andrew Ewell Scott 
Katherine Loretta Shelton 
Mark Shortall 

Jennifer Marie Silvers 
Cynthia Michelle Simmons 
Jennifer Jill Smith 
Richard Sean Smith 
Wesley Jim Smith 
Dennis Cornell Spain, Jr. 
Betty Nicole Staton 
James Michel Stork 
Randy Lee Strong 
Janelle D. Taylor 
Mark Donald Thompson 
Ronnie Dale Trivette 
Kristen Heather Vamum 
Ellie Katherine Waddell 
Marshall Preston Walker 
Robert Lee Waller 
Kevin Joel Watkins 
Stanley Wayne Wheless 
Dana Erlene Williams 
Jason Cody Williams 
Russell Williams, Jr. 
Eve Elizabeth Wolfe 
Alan Moore Wyatt 
Thomas Zagari 

A typical da\ in the 1 1 Ic olstudent-organized events 

Senior Queen and K i 

,l<>\ \loherg jndjim Fucci 


All Who's Who candidates are nominated by a committee, made up of fac- 
ulty and staff, on the basis of GPA (3.0 or better), involvement in non-academic 
activities on campus, and leadership. 

Aleisa Renea Alexander 

Major: Music Education and Vocal Performance 
Scholarships,Awards, and Extra Activities; Marshbanks- Anderson 
Scholar, North Carolina Prospective Teacher's Scholarship, Presser 
Music Scholarship, Alexander Music Scholarship, Choral Music 
Scholarship, 1994-95 Who's Who recipient, Mars Hill College Choir 
and Chamber Singers, Mars Hill College Marching Band and Concert 
Bands, Iota Chi Alpha Christian Sorority, Christian Student Move- 
ment, 1 995 Opera Workshop. 

Rodney Andrew Alt 

Major: Middle Grade Education 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activities: Mansfield Scholarship, Choir 
Scholarship, College Choir and Chamber Singers, Delta Kappa Theta 
fraternity. Student Government Association, Residential Living Staff, 
Sigma Tau Delta English Society. 

Jennifer Alice Bates 

Major: Elementary Education 

-82_^ Who's Who 


Patricia Skillman Bolinski 

Major: Accounting and Business Administration 
Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Mildred Loraine Bingham 
Scholarships, Bryan Appalachian Scholarship, Bryan Scholarship 
Goldsboro, Dorthea VanDeusen Opdyke Scholarships, George M. 
Joyce Scholarship, Franklin Bailey Wilkins Scholarship, Business 
Honor Club (Vice-President), Dean's List. 

Sherry Elizabeth Brown 

Major: Chemistry 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activities: Womens Basketball Athletic 


Bethany Carol Burgess-Smith 

Major: Musical Theater (BFA) 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Academic Grayson Scholar, 
Music Theater Fletcher Scholarship, Va Diems Theater Scholarship, 
Main Events Chairman, Student Union Board, Jazz Band Vocalist for 
MHC, Alpha Psi Omega (Secretary), Vice-President Senior Class, 
Showstoppers, Performing Ensemble. 

Carey Lynn Campbell 

Major: Music Education 

Scholarships, Awards, Extractivites: Grayson Scholar, Band Scholar- 
ship, MHC large and Chamber Ensembles, Publicity Chair for MENC, 
Principal Horn for three years. 

Who's Who 

James Albert Burris 

Major: Pysical Education 

Jim Carrara 

Major: Physical Education, K-12 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: South Atlantic Scholar, 
Athlete of the Year 1995, AU Conference - Tennis 1994-95 season. 
International Club, and Implementary Workout Program. 

Mary Beth Turner Cassida 

Major: Psychology 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Alpha Chi Honor Society, 
1995 Presenter at Carolinas Psychology Conference, Dean's List, and 
1992 Farm Bureau Student of the Year. 


Jill Lowery Douthwaite 

Major: Recreation Adminstration 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Grayson Scholar, Recreation 
Leadership Scholarship, Varsity Cheerleader, Student Union Board, 
Assistant Loft Manager, and Recreation Club. 

Who's Who 

% T 

Amelia Kristen Ferguson 

Major: Music Performance and Music Education 
Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Church Leadership scholar- 
ship, Comwell Music Scholarship, Choral Music Scholarship, College 
Choir President, Chamber Choir, TNT worship leader, CSM execu- 
tive officer, NBS-Social Chairperson, Iota Chi Alpha, Alpha Omega 
Sister, Student Admissions Committee, American Choral Directors 
Association, and Music Educators National Conference. 

Christopher Scott Fox 

Major: Religion 

Marcia Rose Terry Francisco 

Major: Theater Arts 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Dean's List, Theater Scholar- 
ship, Alpha Psi Omega treasurer, Bailey Mountain Cloggers, 
Shovvstoppers choreographer. Theater productions. Delta Zeta, 
Stanley Behrens scholarship. Honor Scholarship (UCl), and National 
Merit Commended Scholar. 

Brian Christopher Graves 

Major: History 

Who's Who 

Amanda Lynn Green 

Major: Mathematics Education 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Grayson Scholar, SNCAE, 

Intramural soccer, FCA, and Hilltop staff member. 

Jill Anne Hetteen 

Major: Elementary/ Art Education 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Sigma Tau Delta (Treasurer), 

Truesdale Scholarship, and Dean's List . 

Nigel Edward John Hitchings 

Major: English 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Grayson Scholar, Ayers 
Scholarship, soccer (Captain), Dean's List, Sigma Tau Delta (Presi- 
dent), International Club, and Preceptor -English. 


Julie Nicole Joyner 

Major: Biology 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Marshbanks-Anderson 
Scholar, Brazil Pre-Med Scholarship, Diercks Biology Scholarship, 
Iota Chi Alpha (IXA),- Residential Assistant, Bonner Scholar, and 
Dean's List. 


Who's Who 

% t 

Matthew Dennis Lutz 

Major: Business Administration/ Accounting 
Scholarsiiips, Awards, Extra Activites: Grayson Scholar, Mildred 
Lorraine Bingham Scholarship, Business Honor Club, Ralph M. Lee 
Scholarship, college marshall. Alpha Chi, Newman Scholarship, 
college Republican club (President), Habitat for Humanity (Presi- 
dent), and CSM Treasurer. 

Ellisa Daune Martin 

Major: History Education 

Donald Lee Metcalf 

Major: Sociology 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Soccer Scholarship, Faculty 
Scholarship, Soccer (Co-Captain), Player of the week in 1994, Delta 
Kappa Theta (served as President, Treasurer, and Parlimentarian), 
and Chief of Defense for Student Government Association. 

Joy Elizabeth Moberg 

Major: Physical Education 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Varsity Volleyball, Varsity 

Tennis, Student Educators Association Vice-President. 

Who's Who 

Susan Lynn Hopson Shelton 

Major: Physical Education 

Brian Richard Stork 

Major: Computer Science 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Business Honor Club, Alpha 
Chi National Honor Society, Faculty Scholarship, Mildred Bingham 
Scholarship, Clyde Dickson Scholarship, Bailey Mountain Cloggers, 
and Intramural sports. 

James Michael Stork 

Major: Business Administration 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Cyde Dickson scholarship. 
Rex & Joyce Walters Scholarship, Alpha Chi National honor Soci- 
ety, Business Honor Society (President), and Intramural sports. 

Ruth Ellen Swartz 

Major: Mathematics Education 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activities: Bonner Scholar, Faculty 
Scholarship, Arthur E. Wood Math Scholarship, Ruth Martin Chris- 
tian Leadership Scholar, Teachey Ministerial Scholarship, Dean's 
Scholarship, college mashall. Alpha Chi National Honor 
Society,Student Government Association "Student of the Year" and 
Residential Living Staff. 

Who's Who 

■U' .ii**i..i^i.-iix}k'--u\ 

% :t 

Keiko Yajima 

Major: Psychology 

Sandra Nicole Younce 

Major: Elementary Education, K-6 

Scholarships, Awards, Extra Activites: Student Education Associa- 
tion (President). 

Not Pictured: 

Edward Logan Butler, IV 
Mark Lemuel Hopper 
Kazue Kasahara 
Susan Annette Long 
Melody Rachel Muller 
Jason Ora Wunsch 

Who's Who 


Andy Allison 
America Ayala 

Cathy Baker 
Laura Banner 

Casia Belk 
Jamie Beltran 

Nathan Bennett 
Michelle Best 

90 People 

Jennifer Black 

Bryan Boyd 

Heather Brookshire 

Kelly Brovver 

Rosemary Burnett 

Becky Byrnes 

Joshua Callahan 

Julie Carter 

Lee Ann Chrisawn 

Jonathan Clark 

Tamara Crain 

Tim Dare 




1 kL 



i^ A 

1 & - 


Jennifer Davis 

Whitney Davis 

Dragan Djukic 

Christopher Eckstadt 

Rebecca Edmonds 

Ashley Edwards 

Robin Ellis 

Kathy Ennis 

Sherry Fender 
Christopher Fox 
Don Francis, Jr. 
Amanda Frazier 

Jennifer Gilbert 
Sharleas Graber 

Dawn Green 
Holly Gruntman 

James Hall 

James Hallock 

Gina Handy 

Michael Hanrahar 

Lauren Harrill 

Amy Harris 

Emile Henderson 

Laurie Henderson 

Holly Hendrix 

Kara Hensley 

Tommy Hensley 

Chris Heppding 

Ashley Hilliard 
Lora Hopkins 

Brittany Howard 
Scott Hughey 

People 91 

A^ 'ma 

Todd Hunnicutt 

Kasey Jarrett 
David Johnston 
Kazne Kasaham 

Jenay Keaton 

Christina Kelley 

Sean Kelley 

Brandy Kelly 

Darryl Knight 

Jonathan Kremkau 

Bernard Kynes 

Eric Lang 

Jay Ledford 
Lara Lequire 
Brandy Liddy 
Tara Lindsay 

Christina Little 

Leilani Lulay 

Adrienne Mcallister 

Kellie McCall 

Amy McClellan 

Johnathan Melton 

William Melton 

Julie Mills 

Christie Minor 
Bradley Minter 

Joel Moffat 
Cherie Nelson 

Patrick Nelson 

Darren Ponder 

Matt Queen 

Latonya Ray 


92 People 

Christopher Reed 
Robin Rhyne 
Rex Roland 

Andrew Runheim 

Mireille Sanl 
Laura Schilling 
Brandon Smith 

Kendra Smith 

Virginia Sparks 

Joy Stallard 

Robert Staton 

Walter Summerlin 

Andrew Thomas 

Sylvia Thomas 

Tony Thompson 

Bobhi Trotter 

Kim Waddell 

Robert Waller 

Thomas Walton 

Chuck Waycaster 

Chanda West 

Kristin Wiggins 

Kara Wilson 

Martin Woods 

Jennifer Wortham 
Andrea Wright 
Christy Wyatt 
Susan Vought 

People 93 

Where were you ? 

William Ammons 
Steven Arnold 
Diane Bartholomew 
Michael Bass 
Lisa Bero 
Bradley Biddle 
Steven Blakemore 
Katherine Bradsher 
Daniel Byrd 
James Carney 
Amy Carter 
Paul Chris awn 
Richard Claggett 
David Connor 
Laura Costner 
Greg Crawford 
John Faeth 
Krista Faeth 
Kathleen Gallagher 
William Gary 
Michelle Gentry 

Michael Gerrin 
Becky Gilbert 
Wayne Glanville 
Robert Gouge 
Stacie Gresham 
LeAnn Griffin 
Erica Griffith 
Gordon Hale 
Michael Hicks 
Anthony Hodge 
Clayton Hodges 
Wimberly Hubert 
Todd Hughes 
William Jacks 
Kevin Jackson 
Andrew Kasa 
Joel Knisley 
Amanda Kossnar 
Kenneth Land 
Walter Lanter 
Elizabeth Laurents 
Jef f ery Ledf ord 
Valerie Lemmon 

Greg Love 
Stephanie Maney 
Judson Maurer 
Kendra McFarlane 
Dale McGiboney 
Andrea McKinney 
James Newsome 
Elisha Newton 
Kimberly Nigro 
Edward ' Berry 
Dena Partain 
Kelly Payne 
Benjamin Peacock 
Andrew Phillips 
Matthew Piazza 
Terra Pittman 
Lorelle Post 
Michael Ramseur 
Brian Reagan 
Clay Rice 
Roger Rigney 
Elaine Roberts 

Kendell Rucker 
Larry Rumf el t 
Netta Russell 
Karin Schneider 
Jennifer Schommer 
Ellen Scully 
Jacqueline Shelton 
Janet Shelton 
Rena Shelton 
Tracie Shinault 
Brian Smith 
Angela Tabor 
Charles Taf t 
Anna Tipton 
Wade Tipton 
Kimberly Turner 
John Ward 
Alysia Watkins 
Carrie Westall 
Paul Whatley 
Neil Wilson 
Latisha Wingate 

Shane Woodard 
Bernard Wright 
Hiroaki Yakame 




i Class officers: Pres. Jennifer Halsall, Vice-Pres. Melissa 

/,y Blair (not pictured) , and Sec-Tres. Eric Silvasy 

f^ f^ 

Joshua Austin 
Nathan Baker 

I^V I 






Clarissa Barin 
Vicky Barnwell 

Lanese Belschner 

Stephen Bias 

Melissa Blair 

Laura Boisvert 

Craig Bost 

Jonathan Brandon 

Matilda Brewer 

Ginny Bridges 

Kelli Brown 

Astrid Calhoun 

Christine Cirelli 

Erik Clark 

Ryan Clerico 

Sherry Collins 

Jodie Conard 

Forrest Connor 

People 95 

*>t'mr ' .Ikm, 

96 People 

Lisa Couch 

Tom Cook 

Leslie Cox 

Tommy Dembinsky 

Michael Devine 
Christine Dillman 
Kristopher Dotson 

Christine Dubois 

Nicole Eller 
Patrick Ensley 
Chester Ervin 
Greta Fedock 

Rebecca Ford 
Mitzi Fulbright 

Daniel Fusco 
Terrance Ganey 

Kristofer Gedddie 
Dusty Giamanco 
Dawn Gillespie 
Jayme Goodyear 

Adam Gross 

Yard Gutierrez 

Cory Hall 

Diana Hall 

Jennifer Halsall 
Wendy Haneline 
Amanda Hardin 
Matthew Hardin 

Missy Harris 
Jennifer Head 
Amanda Hill 




where were you ? 

Joseph Allen 
Andrew Allison 
Joyce Ammons 
Christy Bailey 
Jarod Bailey 
Timothy Baker 
Sue Ellen Ball 
Timothy Baucom 
Scott Bean 
Michelle Best 
Michael Bonisa 
Malcolm Bostic 
Brian Bridges 
Mary Britton 
Shane Buckner 
Shelley Bundy 
Lamark Cash 
Stephon Charles 
Marcus Chavez 
Lori Cheatham 
Laura Collins 
Sherry Collins 
Wess Conner 
Sharon Covington 
Tamara Crain 
Charles Crane 
Elizabeth Crawford 
Daniel Cronin 
Heather Davis 
Marshall Davis 
Kellie Dell 
Colin Ditty 
Jennifer Doby 
Christine DuBois 
Rose Dyer 
Dana Elliott 

Brian Ellwood 
Mary Ennis 
James Eudy 
Jason Evans 
Jennifer Gilbert 
Jeffery Goard 
AnnMarie Grunder 
Charlie Hall 
Eric Hamman 
Joel Haney 
Michael Hanrahan 
Christopher Hargus 
Michael Hawkins 
James Heard 
Nila Helseth 
Kara Hensley 
Tommy Hensley 
Kimberly Herbers 
Brittany Howard 
John Howell 
Scott Hughey 
Stephen Hunnicutt 
Kasey Jarrett 
Dymond Jones 
James Jones 
Darryl Knight 
Jennyfer Krech 
Jonathan Kremkau 
James Kynes 
Linda Lail 
Jason Landreth 
Brandy Liddy 
LaTonya Lindsey 
Maria Lucksavage 
Anna Lytle 
Melissa Maney 

Kimberly Martin 
Myron McClellan 
Michael McNeil 
Molly Mello 
Sameul Messer 
Keith Michel 
Amy Miller 
Jennifer Miller 
Joy Miller 
Christina Minor 
Steven Moore 
Richard Myers 
Deanna Nycek 
Brian O'Donnell 
Aaron Osborne 
Charles Owenby 
Christopher Owenby 
David Parker 
Sarah Parks 
Lauren Passero 
Jennifer Paul 
Greg Peterson 
Elizabeth Pippin 
Nathaniel Pitts 
David Plough 
James Ponder 
Susan Powell 
David Privette 
Rodney Queen 
Elicia Ramsey 
Shannon Ramsey 
Molly Rich 
Dezra Richards 
Matthew Richardson 
Melynda Riddle 
Joseph Rizzo 

Brandy Rogers 
Megan Roland 
Yanira Ruiz 
Sean Rumfelt 
Jason Saylor 
Laura Schilling 
Andrea Sellers 
Evelyn Sellers 
John Silvasy 
Amy Small 
Christy Smith 
Derek Southern 
Charles Sterling 
Joseph Stewart 
Tiffany Stork 
Wendy Stout 
Neely Strange 
Brian Strum 
Vanessa Taylor 
William Thomas 
Sharon Thompson 
Kimberly Waddell 
Sayaka Watanabe 
Susan Watchers 
Hugh Watson 
Kevin Whitt 
Leon Williams 
Tonja Williamson 
Jasson Worley 
Jodi Yarbough 
Jeffery Zmistowski 

People 97 


Nicole Acker 

Brian Alexander 

98 People 

Jennifer Ammons 

Jennifer Andersor 
Brock Bailey 

Stacy Bailey 
Michelle Baker 

Robin Bates 

Michelle Baxley 


Natalia Berestovskay; 

Wendi Bosnak 
Ronnie Bo wen 
Andrew Brown 
Nakia Brown 

Mandi Buchanan 
Shelley Buckner 
Brian Bullmon 
Maggie Burch 

% t 

Marcus Burton 

Alii Cain 

Ashley Campbell 


Tim Chamberlain 
Kahlil Cheeks 
Scott Chestnut 

Susannah Clausen 

Dave Coker 

Lori Collins 

Kathleen Cook 

Matt Combs 

Jason Com 

Theodora Coston 

Michael Cottingham 

Zach Craig 

Mame Crisp 

Matthew Croshaw 

Kelly Cueman 

Jamie Davidson 

Laura Davis 
Rachel Davis 
Darcy Dejesus 
Brandon Eller 

Kelly Evans 
Jenean Fields 
Walter Fto^Ji 

Brandon Floyd 

Joshua Fountain 
Don Franklin 
Terry Gamble 

People 99 

Shanaia Garren 
Marty Gilbert 

Nichole Gilstrap 
Chris Greene 

Kevin Griffin 

Stephen Griffin 

Kelly Grooms 

Matthew Hanrahan 

Kathryn Harris 

Kyndra Harris 

Aaron Hawkins 

Deann Hawkins 

Elizabeth Head 

Thomas Heard 

Carla Helton 

Tiffany Hendrix 

Edward Hicks 

Jill Hipkins 

Tommy Horivick 

Danna Hughes 

Miena Huneycutt 

Bobby Hylemon 

Alvis James 

Caterina Jezzi 

Dishawn Johnson 
Brandon Jones 

Judd Jones 
Melanie Jones 

Stuart Jones 
Ryan Justus 
Jesse Keenan 
Benji Keisler 


100 People 

1^* d ^j^J^^i 




L J 

V V 

i A sii 


\m ^ 




^■^ » 


Troy Killian 

Betsy Kiser 

James Knox 

Shojiro Kondo 

Brian Lancaster 

Don Lavzon 

Carol Layne 

Aimee Leenhouts 

Heather Leonard 

Brittany Lewis 

Nicholas Lindsay 

Matthew Littleton 

Crystal Loan 

Amanda Luke 

Rebekah Mains 

Jodi Mann 

Steve Marshall 

Kim Mason 

Jenny Massa 

Lori Mayo 

Yawanda Mayumi 
Josh McFarlane 
Amanda Metcalf 

Christon Milligan 

Teresa Mitchell 
Eduardo Moreno 
Mandi Morgan 
Craig Morrison 

Stephen Myers 

Chad Nash 

Tiffany Nix 

Robert Norizsan 

People 101 

Jennifer Oakley 

Matthew Ownby 

Kristen pascoe 

Robin Payne 

Albert Perkins 

Erika Perrow 

Amanda Phillips 

Jennifer Pillsbury 

Patrick Piscifelli 
Candi Pittillo 
Daniel Poteate 
Jessica Powell 

Shannon Powell 

Amanda Pressley 

Mary Pressley 

Kristy Pyatte 

Jennifer Ramb 

Samuel Rease 

Adam Reed 

Rosyln Reed 

Phillip Redding 

Cheryl Renfro 

Brent Rhodarmer 

Shauna Rhoton 

Monica Rice 
Jewel Richardson 
Michael Robinson 

Leslie Rose 

Trevor Ross 

Kari Russell 

Jean Salterio 

Natasha Sanders 

102 People 

••9 % t 



k >c >-. 


V L 



(. .> 

1-. i 



Veronica Sapek 

Amanda Sappenfield 

Taku Sasaki 

Karrie Schemp 

Cedric Scott 

Michael Scrip 

Dawn Senter 

Muhammad Sharpe 

Tara Short 
Mysti Shuford 

Chad Sigler 
Allison Simpson 

Kumiko Simokado 

E.J. Slovak 

Chad Sparks 

Cory Stanley 

Brent Stuber 

Heather Swaim 

Mary Sypress 

Iku Taguchi 

Jennifer Taylor 
Andrew Teahaman 

Daniel Tegeder 
Stephanie Thompson 

Thomas Thorp 
Tara Tinnin 
Amy Tipton 
Jody To we 

Kelly Towe 

Amy Treadway 

Adam Turem 

Carlos Urrutia 

People 103 

Sherry Wagner 

Melissa Ward 

Rusty Ward 

Elizabeth Webb 

Hunter West 

Marcie West 

Michael Ward 

Jennifer Wiggies 

Jamie Woods 
Elizabeth Wyman 
James Yanulavich 

Dave Young 

104 People 

where were you 


James Alexander 

Gary Allen 

Nickey Allen 

Michelle Asselin 

Joshua Austin 

Matthew Austin 

Jessie Barber 

Ryan Bamum 

Vollie Barnwell 

Julie Beddingtleld 

Kaion Bell 

Robert Bettis 

Lynn Bills 

Kimberly Blevins 

Sara Boucakis 

Anthony Boyd 

Julia Bradley 

Jonathan Brandon 

Vanessa Brigman 

William Bumgamer 

Sara Buttert'ield 

Kenyatta Byrd 

Allison Byrley 

Janet Cantrell 

Gabriel Capps 

John Chastain 

Fransico Chollet 

Chad Christian 

Kelly Christianson 

Christine Cirelli 

Adrian Clark 

John Collins 

Lynn Collins 

Kevin Condrey 

Calvin Conrad 

Thomas Cook 

Ali Cowan 

Michael Dekeris 

William Ditmore 

Matthew Dixon 

Ann Enger 

Henry Ensley 

Deniel Epperson 

Byron Epps 

Mark Epps 

Kelly Evans 

Laura Evans 

Caldwell Ezell 

Kimberly Fender 

Jason Flynn 

Jason Flynt 

Anne Foard 

Sarah Fouts 

Leigh Froneberger 

Telina fuller 

Markell Gary 

Lea Gibson 

Sancheze Gillie 

Ryan Goldin 

Dawn Greene 

Rick Greene 

Jessica Grogan 

Lynn Gunter 

Keith Hale 

Susan Hall 

Rondell Hamilton 

Dawn Harris 

Stephen Harris 

David Hartley 

Donald Hero 

Jodi Hickey 

Gail Higgins 

Hope Huftme 

John Hutchinson 

Willis Inman 

Lindley Jayne 

Brian Johnson 

Donald Johnson 

Shawn Johnson 

Arto Johnson 

Steve Jones 

Brent Jones 

Alan Justice 

Isaac Kanarr 

Suzanne Kari 

Foster Knight 

Angela Kuykendall 

Michael Lee 

Ames Livingston 

Hope Lloyd 

Jay Lurie 

Adaryll Mackall 

Brian Mangum 

Alice Marquis 
Scott Martin 

Michelle Martin 

Lee Massa 
Sonya McCalister 

Marlon McGill 

David McGill 

Linda McGrath 
Laddie McMilligan 

Michael Meeker 

Greg Melikian 

Coker Metcalf 
Keith Miller 
Hope Monk 
Brent Moore 

Albert Morgan 
Siddarth Narasimhan 

Tempie Naylor 
Jill Nelson 
Cynthia Nix 
Gail Norton 

Greta O'Berry 
Seth Olinger 

Jonathan Orth 
Kam Osgood 
Bryan Otero 
Rose Paleno 
Dawn Parker 
Jewel Parker 
Noel Payne 

Wayne Pearsali 
Davis Piel 

Travise Pitman 
William Piatt 
Edward Plitt 

Troy Pritchard 
Elias Quirino 
Gavin Ratliff 
Dawn Ray 
Keith Reece 
Kerry Reed 
Brian Ricker 

Victoria Riddle 
Gena Ridley 

Roger Roberts 

Reed Rowell 

Amanda Sahl 

Marc Salvatto 

Brae Salyers 

Allyn Schlegel 

Greg Schulz 

Andrew Scovanner 

Louis Shields 

Ray Shiftlett 

Erica Shusha 

Charles Sluder 

Edward Somech 

Joshua Sparks 

Johnny Spiilman 

Damille Starr 

Lyn Steele 

Thomas Stipes 

Randy Sullivan 

Rene' Swizdaryk 

Kent Tanner 

Dwayne Taylor 

Dennison Taylor 

Mae Townsend 

Darshea Tucker 

Mariko Ugajin 

Lasha Van Dyke 

Charles Vines 

David Waddell 

Lynn Webb 

Enoch Weedy 

Cortni Weiland 

Ashlyn Whitson 

Eve Wilkinshoff 

Beth Wilkinson 

Misty Williams 

Br>'ce Williams 

Jamie Willis 

Donna Wilson 

Jon Wilson 
Wayne Wilson 

Sara Wilson 

Amy windham 

Jaimie Womble 

James Woods 

Leigh Woods 

Anne Woolaver 

Renee Wyatt 
Jennings Yoder 
Rashann Young 
Oliver du Cille 

People 105 

Scott's Bluff in Nebraska. 

The Pony Express Track and 
Station marker in Nebraska 
alongthe Piatt River 


Each summer students are pro- 
vided with many opportunities to travel 
and broaden their learning experiences 
at the same time. A group of 12 stu- 
dents, chaperoned by Dr. Tom Coates, 
went out West for three weeks in July. 
The Rocky Mountain Experience 
provided a structure-free environment 
in which students were able to have 
fun. The group visited several states, 
including Iowa, Wyoming, and South 



The top of Independence Rock 

and it shows 

Snake River with Mt. Moran in 
the background. 

April Watsonshows her 

enthusiasm tbrthe living 

Student Life 107 


the same college 
as a sibling has its 
advantages. Upon 
arriving on cam- 
pus, siblings 
already have a 
friend, unlike 
other students 
who are most 
likely away from 
home for the first 
time. Also, home- 
sickness is least 
likely to happen. 
During the four 
years at college, 
brothers and 
sisiters tend to 
develop tighter 
bonds, and are 
seen frequently 
everywhere to- 
gether. This isn't 
uncommon. To be 
able to share this 
type of bonding 
experience with a 
sibling is a memo-, 
rable one. The 
friendships made 
in college may be 
lasting, but the 
ones that are the 
most enduring are 
those of the heart. 

108 Student Life 


Jesse and James Barber 

John and Melissa Ward 

Chuck and Chad Owenby 
Callie and Eddie O'Berry 




The academic pursuit of 

knowledge has always been the 

foundation on which personal 

experiences are based. Trying 

t omake the grade can be 

tediuous for many students . 

Early morning classes can 

test the will of those who 

would prefer to sleep in. 

Holden Clodfelter and 

Jeff Rice learn what they 

need to know for the Hard studying is 

business world in IMs. somthing that is prac- 

Whitt'scommunications ticed by many MHC 

class. students. 

Art takes on many 
shapes, sizes and 
involves lots of 
creativity. Hal 
McDonal's class got 
exposure to modem 
contemporary styles. 




^ \\▼// /i 



% t 


Buisness communica- 
tions 335 involves a lot 
of rewriting, organizing 
and a sense of humor. 

Graphic Design provides 
an outlet for many to 
expand their creative 
powers in the commercial 

For some, studying 
becomes a way of life. 


Chenjiang Zhao seems lo enjoy this panicular class 

The older student can find going back to school harder than the first time. 

112 Academics 

X t J 

The Arts and Craft's [-ab is one 
ofthe most popular elective 
courses, and a lot of fun for those 
with a creative streak. 

Kevin Watkinscan be seen 
putting in time at the library. 

Computer Science majors listen attentivel) as Wall I umerexplains 

Academics 1 1 3 

Laura Thomas and fellow classmates lingered after class to ask their 




Voice class requires more than being able to carry a tune. It requires Cade Campbell goes over some class work with her professor, 
patience and dedication. 

114 Academics 

DrVcrhulsfs English class Russell Williams takes 

know show to make every class break from working on a 

day more interesting. Humanities project. 

Concentrating on design 
composition can be time- 
consuming for those studying 
Graphic Design. 

Students taking courses in Fashion Design created displays that 
showcased their talents. 

Academics 1 15 

Education Majors spend their 
class time reading children's 
literature for class discussions. 

Dr. Stern's classes are 
known to have interestin, 
lively class discussions. 

The painting class iillowcd 

the students to develop their Amy Harrisalways looks 

own creative styles. forward to being in thid class. 

i 16 Academics 

Many say there's a first time for everything. The "thing" this time around just happened to be 
a HomePage on the internet. Conceived by instructors Walt Turner, John Payne, and Bill Swift, the 
HomePage went from "zero-to-sixty" quickly. 

The sixty in reference here is six days. Behind the leg work of students from different back- 
grounds and majors, Mars Hill College went from City-wide to the World Wide Web in about two 

The future looks limitless for Mars Hill, especially now that the world can see a brief glimpse 
of what MHC has to offer. Everything from admission information to Bookstore merchandise has 
been included. Erik Barlik, a student on the HomePage team commented, "This is a legacy that will 
be here for a long time." 

Erik Barlik, Martin Gilbert, Bryan Gravely, Scott Hughey, Angela King, Ginger Robinson. Brian Stork, 
I: John Thompson, Nelson Avila, Kim Waddell, Leslie Cox, and Amy Small 

Academics 117 

One of the sacrifices that a football player is required 
to make is sleeping in the gym before all home 
games. This helps build team spirit and makes sure 
that Mars Hill Athletics are Built to Last. 

"Basketball has been a big part 
of my life, and I love to compete 
everyday in practice and in the 
games, but ni miss being with 
the guys on the team most of 

Matt Hurst 

"Mars Hill Baseball is Hot..." 
Scot Haney 

"MHC is a great place to coach 
because of a supportive 
administration, faculty, staff, and 
student body. Coaches in the 
athletic department are truly 
good guys, and I've been able to 
recruit men that have been a 
pleasure to coach." 

Coach Riggins 




"Athletics is the foundation that 
all future success is built upon ." 

Coach Crist 

"This season will be a fresh start 
forthe Softball program at MHC. 
Coach Mason has the patience 
and enthusiasm to push the team 
to greater heights. We are 
looking forward to a successful 

Kelly Brower 

"We practice hard to win tough 

Maris St.Clair-Canii 



I 19 



7\)o Resf Unfil Respect 

The Lions set out on a quest this year. It was for respect, not only in the South Atlantic 
Conference, but across the NCAA Division II ranks. For a while, it looked like they were going to 
get It; with five consecutive wins, they stood at 5-1, and 3-0 in the SAC. However, fortune turned 
against the Lions who managed to score only one victory in the following four games 

The Lions were led on offense by their field general, Ashley Abemathy (#7). He compiled an 
impressive year, ranking third in the SAC in total offense, en route to all-conference honors. 

Defensively, the Lions looked impressive, when not bitten by injuries. 1 995 Defensive Player 
of the Year (and AU-SAC linebacker) Mike Belk and comerback Benji Frazier led a host of improv- 
ing talent. ^ 

With a 6-4 record this year, the Lions may not have gotten to rest much, but their respect 
factor has escalated in the SAC. No one will dare overlook the improvements Head Coach Tim 
Clitton has made to this team. 


Practice makes perfect. The Lions head into the locker room after their daily virgil. 

120 Sports 

* *1 

Chico Kemp 
Lamark Cash 
Marlon Knox 
Nathaniel Pitts 
Patrick Johnson 
Ashley Abemathy 
Benjie Frazier 
Jay Gillie 
Stacie Gresham 
Scott Chestney 
Craig Bost 
Wayoln Greene 
Gerrard Lee 
Dan Tegeder 
Chris Rumfelt 
Nike Hicks 
Everett Fowler 
Trevor Ross 
James Heard 
Eire Riney 
Leon Williams 
Dymond Jones 
Allen Hoskyn 
Adam Gross 
Stuart Jones 
Brian Deyton 
Daniel Woodard 
Eric Lang 
Brian Lancaster 

•« ^' ; v y'^"';y,- ', -^f(r" 

Brandon Allen 
Gerald Wright 
Ben Shifflett 
Thomas Homick 
Jeff Zmistowski 
Stephon Charles 
Chad Nash 
Samuel Reasee 
Tony High 
Bryan Otero 
Anthony Boyd 
A.J. Teachman 
Frank du Cillle. Jr. 
Josh Sparks 
Randy Strong 
Donald Lauzon 
Nike Belk 
Byron Epps 
Gregory Nelikian 
Cedric Scottt 
Robert Bettis 
Nattew Austin 
Chris Nakins 
Ryan Goldin 
Ronnie Bowen 
Frank Chollet 
Nike Ramseur 
Jonathan Inman 
Keith Reese 
James Eudy 
Brent Orth 

Nike Devine 
Josh Noore 
Jason Williams 
Toriano NacKall 
Tim Baker 
Jason Flynt 
Dexter Gibbs 
David Waddell 
Natt Dixon 
Jason Pritchard 
Russell Nyers 
Nuhammad Sharpe 
Nathew Richardson 
Greg Phoenix 
Shawn Ward 
Anthony Floyd 
Chad Christian 
Michael Byrley 
Travise Pitman 
Brian Nangum 
Michael NcNeill 
Bradly Biddle 
Pat NcClellan 
Kelvin Jones 
Hugh Watson 
Alan Justice 
Joe Rizzo 
K.C. Cheeks 
Narlon NcGill 
Janes Woods 
Toronto Johnson 
Kendell Rucker 
Jeif Crane 

Sports 121 

"Just one more step.. ."#68 Toriano MacKall attempts to block the 
pass en route to a possible sack. 

"You've got no where to turn!" The Lions kick-off coverage team surrounds a kick returner. 

"Read\, set, hut, hut!" Abernathy calls an audible at the line of scrimmage. 

E\crj opponent knew the\ were in for a tough battle when the 
Lions took the field. 

122 Sports 

The Lions played tough dclonse this > oar, especially in their own territorv 

Lion fans and the umpire look on as Craig Best attempts a 30 yard 
field goal for the Lions. 

"How did he get that ball straight up in the air?" Chico Kemp surges towards the punter in his 
attempt to block the kick. 

Spoils 123 

Moves That Count . . . 

Men's Boskelbcill 

There were ten new faces on the Men's Basketball team this year. Although it seemed that 
the Lions had suffered a great loss with 5 Seniors graduating, the Lions proved that they still had 
what it took. Even though the team was young, they had great leadership from Senior Matt Hurst, 
Junior James Barber, and Sophomores Wes Conner, Sean Rumfelt, and Chester Weatheroy. 

With all of this young talent, the Lions were making sure that this team was Built to Last. 

(Front Row) Kevin Whitt, Josh Fountain, Albert Perkins, Matt Hurst, James Barber, Chester 
Weatheroy, Andrew Brown, (Second Row) Brock Bailey, Steve Roberts, David Riggins - coach, Stanley 
Wheless, Chris Heppding, Hiro Yakame, (Back Row) Chris Greene, Wes Conner, Thomas Heard, Sean 
Rumfelt, Ali Cowan, Jessie Barber, Tim Chamberlain, and Bobby Norizsan. 

124 Sports 

m m 


^' '^ 


Sports 125 

Shots Worth Taking .... 

Women's Boskelboll 

1995-96 South Atlantic Conference regular season champs at 1 1-3. 

The Lady Lions took to the courts hoping to make their dreams a reality this season. Their 
hopes were realized as they made national rank, placing at seventeen. They proved themselves to be 
strong opponents on the court as they accumulated win after win. Susie Hopson, a seasoned 
forward/center, averaged 21.4 points and 12.4 rebounds each game. Other seasoned players, like 
Jackie Shelton, Wendy Haneline, and Terra Pittman paved the way to victory for the Lions. 

126 Sports 

(Front Row) Neely Strange, Meg Turner, Sylvia White, Lisa Mason, Dena Partain, (Back Row) Elizabeth 
Pippin, Amy Small, Jackie Shelton, Wendy Haneline, Leslie Cox, Susie Hopson, Wendi Bosnak, 
Deshawn Brown-watkins, Sherry Brown, Terra Pittman, Amy Ross, Sara Wilson, Angela King, Alison 
Shannonhouse, and Kim Mason. 

Sports 127 


128 Sports 


Front Row) Derrick Southern, Rob Schlegal, Joel Moffatt, Kevin Wilson, Brian Saverese, Chico Kemp, Pat Ensley, Allen Roberts, 
Vlike Sterling, Scott Beam, (Middle Row) Jim Fucci, Jeff Goard, Adrian Clark, Chad Sparks, Sammy Hooper, Jason Corn, Isaac 
<anaar, Greg Peterson, Benjie Frazier, Joe Dodd, (Back Row) Brent Jones, Chuck Vines, Ayden Butler, Danny Cronin, David 
'lough, Jesse Keenan, Chris Collins, Chuck Owenby, Chad Owenby, Matt Morgan, and Eli Quirino. 

i ?J 


(Above) MHC infielders 
prepare for the opposition. 

The team warms up while 
the umpire looks on. Game 
time is near. 

Batters up. ..The Mars Hill Lions 
swing the bat to victory. 

Sports 129 

Sliding Into 
the Spring 
Season OF 



(Back Row) Lisa Mason. Natasha Sanders, Amy Wmdham, E.J. Slovak, Julie Mills, Kelly Brewer, (Front Row) Ann Marie Grander 
Sara Boucakis, Miena Huneycut, Amy Miller, Kim Tucker, and Kat Ayotte. "Jiunuer, 

130 Sports 

Waiting in line at the Bookstore dunng the lunch hour sometimes 
ended with students trying to rush to their classes. 

Dinnertime provided students 
with hearty, nutritious meals. 

Alrightguys!. Follow me, 

Dorming... This is the life! This 
student relaxes in his home away 
from home. 

Not only can students work 
out, but their laundry can be 
done at the same time. This 
student didn't find laundry 
day to be time consuming 





Sports 131 


Men's Soccer 

Lion soccer started strong in 
1995 with three wins in their first four 
contests. However, the talented, but 
young team struggled through a 1 - 1 1 
slump, en route to a 6-13 finish. 

The year proved to be one of 
promise for the Lions as senior 
midfielder Nigel Hitchings and fresh- 
man forward Kevin Dekeris were 
selected to the All-South Atlantic 
Conference second team. The 
nucleus of the Lions will return next 
year on their quest to win the SAC. 

132 Sports 


» > 

'■ ..^ 



' V 



i .' A.l0.i;ifL-:.LiL#V 


^ •WW ' . >~ •* , 


(Back Row) Jennifer Miller, Eric Davenport, Mike Whalley, Brenl Rhodarnier, Troy Killian, Don Metcalf, Colin Connors, Jody Yarbrough, Pat Piscilelli, Hunter 
West, Johnny Spillman, Gray Olinger. Jay Lurie. Steve Marshall, Coach Chris Crist, (Front Row) Mike Jones, Tom Thorp. Cory Stanley. Brian Ellwood. Kevin 
Dekeris. Austin Peil. Andy Henderson, Nigel Hilchings, Ames Livingston, Matt Littleton, Aaron Osborne, and Jamey Newsome 

Practice keeps this player on 
his toes while tr>'ing to block 


Keeping the 

ball from the 


opposing team is a 


Number ' 9 has his job cut out 





MHC vs 



MHC vs 

High Point 


MHC vs. 



MHC vs. 

St. Andrew 


MHC vs. 

Francis Marion 


MHC vs. 



MHC vs. 



MHC vs 

Lincoln Memoria 


MHC vs. 



MHC vs. 



MHC vs 



MHC vs. 



MHC vs. 



MHC vs 



MHC vs. 



MHC vs. 

St. Leo 


MHC vs. 



MHC vs 



MHC vs. 



Sports 133 

Lady Lion soccer started season strong, winning five of its first seven matches but in the end 
could only manage a' .500 record at 7-7-2 for the regular season. This was good enough for fifth 
place in the South Atlantic Conference. 

Senior midfielder Janelle Taylor and freshman midfielder Natasha Sanders each had out- 
standmg seasons and garnered All-SAC Second Team status. Along with Sanders, Kim Tucker 
received Player-of-the-Week honors in the very competitive SAC. 



The Team: Casia Belk, Glenda Crompton, AnnMarie Grunder, Julie 
Joslin, Julie Mills, Janelle Taylor, Leah Pickney, Nicole Acker, Christon 
Milligan, Jill Hipkins, Hope Lloyd, Natasha Sanders, Kim Tucker, Beth 
Wyman, and Kazue Kasahara (trainer). Not pictured: Kathy Ennis. 
Coach, David Bennett, Assistant Coach, Mark Thompson. 


Loss Ti 

MHC vs. Tennessee Wesleyan 


MHC vs. Belmony Abbey 


MHC vs. Union 


MHC vs. Lenoir-Rhyne 


MHC vs. Tusculum 


MHC vs. Gardner- Webb 


MHC vs. Lincoln Memorial 


MHC vs. Lees-McRae 


MHC vs. Elon 


MHC vs. Presbyterian 


MHC vs. Carson Newman 


MHC vs. Francis Marion 


MHC vs. Wingate 


MHC vs. Savannah 


MHC vs. University of North Ronda 


MHC vs. Catawba 


MHCvs. Lenoir-Rhyne 


Sports 135 

The Power Behind The 
Serve In 


Men's Team 

Jim Carrara, Wayne Glanville, Paul Goss, Steven Kramp, Siddarth Narasimhan, Mark 
Shortall, Mario St. Clair-Canaii, and Michio Yoshida. 

136 Sports 

Deanna Bentley, Amanda Hunt. Caterina lezzi. Brandy Kelly, Rebekah Mains, Joy 
Moberg, Laura Scully, Jennifer Schommer, and Joy Stallard. 

Sports 137 


It's what was touted by some as the 
best Cross Country season for Mars 
Hill to date, a wealth of young talent 
rose to the forefront. Leading the way 
was returning senoir Norman Bove, 
who garnered the First Union Scholar 
Athlete Award for the second con- 
secutive year. Bove provided much 
needed leadership for the young team. 
The team finished in the top half of 
every competition they entered, in- 
cluding our own Mars Hill Invita- 
tional, where the women placed sec- 
ond and the men placed won their 
team competiton. 

Three outstanding freshmen paced the 
new talent. Jennifer Wiggins led the 
women, and out ran all contenders at 
the Mars Hill Invitational in a time of 
20:18. Brae Salyers and Brock 
Bailey sparked the men's ranks. 
Salyers placed second at the Belmont 
Abbey Invitational at 27:32. Bailey's 
performance at the South Atlantic 
Conference meet was good enough to 
earn him Freshman of the Year hon- 


( 1 St row) Jennifer Wiggins, Amanda Metcalf, Kristie Parker, Tammy Phillips, (2nd row) Audrey 
Funk, Jennifer Davis, Eve Wilkenshoff, and Coach Owens 

"I really enjoyed 
being on the team. 
We were like a 
family on and off 
the field." 

Amanda Metcalf 




Norman Bove pushes himself to the limit. Coaching Assistant: BenjiKisIer 

"I enjoyed the 
trips, getting to 
meet new people 
and getting to 
participate in a 
high level of 

Brock Bailey 

Krl^(n I 

;irki-r prepares for the mcetb\ domg routine stretches. 

Sports ^wwg 


For the 1995 season, Mars Hill was looking to overcome the loss of two outstanding seniors. 
Although the young recruits showed promising potential at times, the loss proved to be too great. 

Senior Mandy Kossnar once again served as team captain, and led the Lady Lions to a second 
consecutive fifth place finish in the regular season conference standings. Kossnar graduates with a 
school record for the most digs in a career. 

The highlight of the year for the Lady Lions came at home against conference foe Carson 
Newman. After losing a tough second game 15-17, the Lady Lions rallied to win the final two games, 
and pulled out the hard-fought victory. 

(Front Row) Bill Shook. Mandy Kossnar, Nichole Gilstrap 

(Back Row) Kim Herbers, Sara Boucakis. Alison Shannonhouse, Brittany Wilkenson. Wendy Haneline.Jenny Swizdaryk, Stephanie 

Maney, and Tiffany Stork. 

140 Sports 

Where Perfection 
Is Par For The 

(Front Row) Don Franklin, JetTDavis, Brian Johnson, Jody Yarbrough 

(Back Row) Dana Elliot, Matt Combs, James Hall, Coach Ed Hoffmeyer. Daniel Byrd (not picture). 

Sports 141 

Cheer T >eaderft 

The task of pro- 
moting school 
spirit at the games 
has been the job 
of the Cheerlead- 
ers. Their enthusi- 
asm helps to 
pyche up the 
crowds and play- 

(From Row ) Christy Smith, Tara Short, Mysti Shuford, Heather Cochran, Jodi Mann, ( Middle Row ) Carol Layne, Christy Toncray, 
Chandra Willis - Captain. Nila Helseth, Jennifer Halsall, (Back Row) Mike Meeker, Tommy Dembinsky, Brian O'Donnell, Whitney 
Rose, and Daniel Poteate 

"Boys hold girls ^iJH 
hands, men hold 
girls feet..." 

Daniel Poteate 

Doing the Libeily requires a lot 
of trust and strength. 

142 Spons 

Sports 143 

This student brought a 
friend to school, and 
people say dogs aren't 

The sport trainers 
wait outside the 
locker room while 
the football team 
takes a break. 

Biking on campus is becoming popular once 
again. Students are now requesting that a 
bike rack be put out. 

Melissa Green works diligently to catalog library cards 
in the Curiculum Library. 

Dwayne Taylor takes a break on the steps of Wall after taking an 
exam he had been dreading. 

144 Student Life 


Sharon sells back her books 

The Pit is a great place to 
meditate or meet up with 

Student Life 145 

"jUtM.^ ' JJM.^ ' 


Biltmore celebrated it's 1 00 year birthday . 

On November 30, Student Support Services, which sponsors a trip to the famous Vanderbilt 
estate each year, took a group of students to the Centennial (1895-1995) of Biltmore. The name 
"Biltmore" comes from combining the name of the Dutch village [Bildt] where the Vanderbilt family 
originated and an old Enghsh word [more] for rolling hills. 

This year, 14 participants got the chance to see the well-known estate for themselves. Audio tours 
were provided for those who were interested in the history of the vast Vanderbilt collection. Partici- 
pants were able to tour at their own pace and to stroll the grounds. Though the day was a chilUng 
experience, the participants still managed to enjoy the day. Everyone should make an effort to go to 
Builtmore House at least once. It is truly a wonder to see. 

"If you come to 
Biltmore, don't 
try to find the 
Bass Pond!" 

Keisha Roper (Back Row ) RusseU Myers, 
Stephanie Walker, Jayme 
Goodyear, Jane Bradsher, La- 
Keisha Roper. Lucretia Van 
Dyke, (Front Row)Bucky 
Holder, Stephen Bias, Melanie 
Jones, Karrie Schremp, Amy 
Treadway, Jodi Mann, 
"It seems as if it Benjamin Keisler, and Judd 

^ , Jones 

came from the 
pages of 

Lucretia Van Dyke 
146 Student Life 

Participants arrived al Biltmore 
ready to have some fun. 

At the end of the day. participants gathered at the fountain to wait for 
the others. 

Those who were bored passed 
ihe time waiting for the vans by 
playing balancing games on the 

"I can't believe 
anyone lived in 
this house. It was 

Jayme Goodyear 

Student Life 147 

Community Life 

Chanticleer, a 1 2 man chamber choir performed in Moore Auditorium October 1 0, exhibiting a variety of Barry Drake perforomed music 

musical styles. from the 60's, and 70's . This 

-ru -r 1 r-^ ^ , ... . , r. . , „ , green Card event drew in a large 

The Taylor Fitness Center was dedicated by President Bentley in honor of James Taylor for his financial "^owd 
contribution which made it possible to open the new fitness center. 

148 Student Life 


The cast of Half Past Funny: 
Michelle Best, Jason Drake, Chris 
Eckstadt, Ami Kari, Josh Callahan, 
Keith Michel, and Robert Staton. 

The Lunsford Festival, which was held in the Loft, 
large crowd of participants and spectators. 

drew ; 

Student Life 149 

Historic Moments 
Around tlie World 

"Built to Last" is not just a scrap book of memories, but a record of history, past and new. 
Around the world history is being made everyday in ways that might not seem important now, but 
will be to future generations. History is fact and here are some historic facts that have played impor- 
tant roles in different aspects of our society. 

On April 1 9, a car bomb exploded in Oklahoma City, destroying a Federal Buildin, 
filled with scores of men, women, and young children. Timothy McVeigh, a Gulf 
veteran, was arrested and charged as one of the bombing suspects. 

Hurricane Opal hit the Gulf Coast of Florida,destroying or damaging thousands of 
homes along a 1 20-mile stretch of Florida Panhandle. It is the third-costliest storm in 
U.S. history. 

Human rights activist Harry Wu was finally released from imprison- 
ment in China after being held for 66 days. On August 24, Wu 
returned to his hometown of Milpitas, California. 

150 Historic Moments 

HillaryClintondeliveredaspeechonSeptember5 The Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves 
atlhe Women's Conference in China, to promote faced off in the World Series for the first time 

women's rights and heath care. in two years. The Braves won the Series with a 

1-0 victory. 

World Wide Pholos 


Cal Ripken, of ihe Baltimore Orioles, surpassed Lou Gehrig's Xhe signing of the Mideast Peace Accord, between Israel and the PLO toend Israel's occupation of the 

"unbreakable" record of appearing in 2 1 30consecutive games. West Bank cities and Palestmian self-rule over 30% of the West Bank, was signed on September 28. 

Ripkin's appeared in 2 1 3 1 consecutive games as of September 6, and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Jewish extremist in Israel on Saturday, November 4. 
that same night hit a home run that won 4-2 against the Califomnia 

This summer. Hootie and the Blowfish won an MTV award for best new artist li ir their vidcu. Hold My 
Hand." The 12th annual MTV Video Music Awards was held in September at Radio City Music Hall in 
New York. 

Jerry Garcia, co-founder of the Grateful Dead, died on August '•). 
while in a drug rehabilitation center.just eight days after his 53rd 
birthday. Ben & Jerry named an ice cream after him, "Cherry 

Historic Moments 151 

Colin Powell went on tour in September to promote liis 
Aiilobiograpliy, "My American Journey." Powell is the former 
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff He was also the first 
African- American to hold this position. 

Bosian Serbs took the capital of Sarajevo, when Europe and the U.S. recognized 
Bosnia. Serbs attacked "safe areas", killing many U.N. peacekeepers, as well as 
holding hundreds of them hostage. The U.S. deployed troops to Bosnia to act 
as peace-keepers in the area. 

Republican Senator Bob Dole 
formally declared his candidacy 
for President in 1996. 

152 Historic Moments 

Greenpeace staged Anti-nuclear 
demosirations in France. France 
resumed underground testing of its 
nuclear devices. 

The derailment of an Amtrak train in the remote desert of Arizona happened on 
October 9. Sabotage was evident because of the saboteur's apparent knowledge about 
the train ' s warning systems. A letter was found at the wreckaged, signed "Sons of 

Nc\\t Gingrich became the tlrst Republican Speakerofthe House in 
4(1 years and Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" for 1995. 

Fhoios h> Wide World Photos 

Historic Moments 153 




The basic 
building blocks 
of our education 
are molded by 
professors who 
have acted as 
mentors, encour- 
aging students to 
push themselves 
to their limits and 
to fully utilize 
their honed skills 
and text- based 
The faculty is a 
reflection of the 
quality of student 
to be found at 

154 Faculty 

i^ & 






Faculty 155 

In Memory of. 


Built to Last is an apt 

term to describe the career of a man 

who unselfishly and faithfully 

ministered to Mars Hill College 

students, faculty, and staff and 

served the interests of the entire 

college for 40 years. 

Dr. Otis Duck, who died on 

April 27, 1995, was an old-fash- 
ioned "country doctor" in the finest 

sense of the term. He was the 

college physician for 34 years; 

served 24 years on the Board of 

Trustees; and for almost half a 

century was pysician, confidant, 

and friend to several generations of 

students, teachers, staff members, administrators, and 

townspeople in Mars Hill. 

His portrait and some of the interesting instru- 
ments used in his medical pracdce are on display in the 

college infirmary. His name graces a plaque in Blackwell 
Hall, signifying his generous financial contribution to the 
cost of that building. A scholarship awarded annually to 
a graduating pre-medical student bears his name, another 
testimony of his generosity. Amagnificant set of color 
drawings featuring numerous facets of human anatomy 
and physiology are among the teaching tools of the 
Biology Department, a generous gift from Dr. Duck and 
his son Sigsbee, also a physician. The fitness trail which 
winds across the campus from just behind the chapel to 
the Mail Street boundary of the campus bears his name. 

In fact, there is hardly a physical facility or an 
aspect of college operafion that hasn't benefitted from his 
generosity, his wisdom and understanding, and his life- 
time devotion to the college and its students. His profes- 
sional practice, his personal dedicadon were, indeed, 
built to last. 

A native of Madison County whose great grand- 
father. Berry Duck (1805-1865), was one of the founders 
of the college. Dr. Duck was closely associated with the 
school all his life. He earned a junior college diploma in 
1937, served as college physician fi-om 1952 until 1986, 
served six 4-year terms on the board of trustees, includ- 
ing several years as chairman, was honored as "Alumnus 

156 Faculty 

of the Year" in 1974, and awarded an 
honorary degree in 1986. 

"Otis Duck was one of God's 
miracle creations," said Dr. Fred Bentley 
president of the college. "He was the 
most talented individual I've known. 
God gave him a sixth sense, for he had 
diagnostic abilities which exceeded the 
usual practice by others. Perhaps it was 
because he loved each patient that he 
was able to see inside each and know 
what was wrong. He will be remem- 
bered as a practitioner, preceptor, writer 
and lecturer; but most of all he will be 
remembered as the most loving, compas- 
sionate friend we could ever have." 
Following graduation from Wake Forest College 
in 1 939 and Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia 
in 1943, Dr. Duck did his residency at Knoxville General 
Hospital. He entered the Army Medical Corps during 
World War II and served as commanding officer of a 
medical company during fierce combat in Europe. After 
the war he returned to Mars Hill and began private 

He did post-graduate study in obstetrics at 
Harvard University and its affiliate, Boston Lying-in 
Hospital. In 1952 he built the Community Medical 
Center in Mars Hill, where he practiced until his retire- 

Dr. Duck was of the last generation of doctors 
who made house calls; he made them until 1994, when 
his final illness prevented him from treating patrients. 
During the first 26 years of his practice he delivered 
more than 3,000 babies, many of those "home deliver- 
ies." For many years he served on the Maternal Welfare 
Committee of the North Carolina Medical Society, and 
he was especially proud of never having a maternal 

In community life over the years Dr. Duck served 
as chairman of the Madison County Board of Health, on 
the Madison County Board of Education, and on the 
Mars Hill Board of Aldermen. During 1992 and 1993 he 
was mayor of the town of Mars Hill. 

He was deeply involved in the Mars Hill Baptist 
Church, where he was a member of the board of deacons 
for more than 45 years. 


Dr. Fred Bentley 


Mrs. Merry Burgess-Boyd 
VP Student Development 

Rev. Paula Dempsey 
Campus Minister 

Richard Hinshaw 
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Ed Hoffmeyer 
Athletic Director 

Dr. Earl Leininger 
VP Academic Affairs 

Faculty 157 

John Pa\nc 
Dean of Learning Resources 

Ray Rapp 
Dean of Continuing Education 

Harold Christman 
Acting VP for Development 

Walter Smith 
VP for Publications 

Claude Vess, VP Business Ser\ ices; Naomi Ferguson, Assistant to VP Business 
Services; Alma Robinson, Cashier; Myrtle Martin, Student Loan Officer; Penny 
Ponder, Bookkeeper; Michael Owens, Controller 

Edith Whitt 

Ruth Angle 
Director of Financial Aid 

Gerald Ball 
Director of Computer Center 

158 Faculty 

Dean Caldwell 
Residential Living 

Dr. Sue Fitzgerald 
Christian Education Ministries 



Jay Hirst 
Student Development Office 

Melissa Stanz 
Director of Public Relations 

Richard Dillingham 
Director of Appalachian Center 

Campus Police Officers; Craig Goforth (Chief), David Ingram, Stacey Allen, 
John Rice; Campus Security; Alan Wyatt, Sean Kelly, and Dwayne Taylor. 

» i 

Barbara McKinney, Director of Student 

Support Services; Weston Burgess, Teresa Ball, Hope Chandler, Darryl 

Counselor; Lisa Watchman, Tutor Norton (Manager), Shirley Thomas, 

Coordinator; Nancy Hyatt, Secretary Karla Chandler 

Faculty 159 


rf^^ M 

Jenaro Abraham 

Jeffery Andersen 

Winona Bierbaum 
General Education 

Joe Blair 

Carol Boggess 

Dr. Sam Boggess 

I H ^H ^B ^^* — ^ •% ^:/r^ ' ll^H 

Virginia Bovvers 

Stanley Buchanan 
Political Science 

160 Faculty 

Gaynelle Caldwell 

Dr. Barbara Car>' 

Dr. Edwin Cheek 


Dr. Jo Ann Croom 

Dr. Richard Cary 

Dr. Grainger Caudle 
Business Administration 

Dr. Thomas Coates 
Physical Education 

Dr. Jon Crawford 

Dr. Kathleen Donald 

Dr. Roland Doepner 

Faculty 161 

162 Faculty 

Dr. Weihu Hong 

Harry- Hughes 

Dr. Bill Hutt 

Dr. Ellison Jenkins 

Bcu> JollcN 

C. Robert .lone: 
Theatre Arts 

Dr. Noel Kinnamon 


Dr. Susan Kiser 

Dr. Richard Knapp 
Modem Languages 

Dr. David Knisley 

Faculty 163 

Robert Kramer 

Rebecca Kruk 
Fashion & Interior Merchandising 

Carolyn Lamberson 

Clyde Lawrence 
Business Administration 

Dr. James Lenburg 

Annemarie Lesage 

Dr. Kenneth Manske 

Dr. Hal McDonald, Jr. 

Dr. Katharine Meacham 

164 Faculty 

- -,J«^. ■»/-.% 

Dr. Robert Melvin 

Dr. Carolyn Nave 

Dr. Elizabeth Michel 

Charles Narron 
Business Administration 

Bobbie Nicholson 
Business Administration 

Julia Nooe 
Social Work 




John Oertling 
Theatre Arts 

Dr. Scott Pearson 

Dr. Barbara Pendleton 
Business Administration 

Faculty 165 

_ A, i4l 

Charles Phillips 
Physical Education 

Dr. Thomas Plaut 

Jane Potter 

Dr. Gordon Roberts 

Donna Robertson 

Brenda Russell 
Fashion & Interior Merchandising 

166 Faculty 


I )i Donald Russell 
Natural Sciences 

(. Ikii) Saenger 
Social Work 

Gail Sawyer 

Dr. Thomas Sawyer 

Daniel Schimdt 

Denise Schmidt 


Dr. Larry Stem 
Political Science 

Dr. Teresa Stem 

Dr. Walter Stroud 
Social & Behavioral Sciences 

Faculty 167 


Lauren flbernethy 
€v0lyn Anderson 
DiQnne flrroujood 
Kothleen Ryotte 
LUonda Boiley 
Fredrick Baker 
Sidney Baker 
Dr. Robert Baker 
Kevin Bornette 
Phyllis Bechirol 
Bruce Bradley 
Cathy Bridgers 
Brenda Briggs 
Rod Brombocher 
Mane Brotun 
Susan Bryson 
Rnnette Cameron 
Grace Campbell 
Dr. Tracy Campbell 
HIta Copps 
J. P. Carney 
flvo Carter 
Martha Carter 
Vernon Caiver 
Joan Costleujitz 
flndreuj Chittick 
Ivo CoQtes 
Robin Cole 
James CoxDodd 
Helen Doujiing 
Mory Culbertson 

Sherri Debrond 
Deono Dillingham 

Dovid Dittmonn 

Dr. Joseph Dodd 

flmando Fogg 

Jon Fogg 

Karen Flynn 

Bern ice Fox 

flndreuj Fnedlander 

Cindy Frost 

Vicki Godberry 

Robin Garner 

Dr. Joy Gentile 

Noncy Harmon 

Peggy Harmon 

Bonnie Hartley 

Dovid Hartley 
Gordon Hinners 
Jim Holcombe 
Dovid Johnson 
Brion Kelly 
Judy King 
Clara Knight 
Lindo Loughrun 
Sterling Laujrence 
Harold Littleton 
LisQ Mason 
Heather McKee 
Gujendolyn Metcolf 
Lou Miller 
Rochoel Miller 
Scott Miller 
Vickie Mills 
Sylvia Murphey 
Croig Nelson 

Phyllis IMeshem 
Lynne Poleno 
Cynthia Perkins 
Solly PfoFf 
CliPFord phifer 
LUondo Phillips 
Jeonnette Proffitt 
Chanty Roy 
Jone Renfroe 
Dovid Riggins 
James Roberts 
Beverly Robertson 

Barboro Robinson 
George Robinson 
Shelby Robinson 
Kelly Roverse 
Vicki Schroven 
Donna Seymour 
flilen Shelley 
LUilliom Shook 
Carole ShuFord 
Koren Silver 
flion Smith 

Pot Smith 
Sondro Sprinkle 
Dovid Stevenson 
Cdujord ST.Germoin 
Cynthia Storer 
lililliom SoilFt 
Daujn vornorsdole 
Horry Vorarsdale 
Rick LUolloce 
Jeon LUalsh 
Roberto LUillioms 

InFirmnri] - gurlto BroLun. LP(\I: 
GllenCoomer, Director of 
Medicol Services: Volene 
mien. LPN oncJ Ben 

flm^ Borr Justice 

UpLuord Bound Program: 
LUilliom Angle, Counselor: end 
Louise Robinson, Program 

A New Era Begins 

Dr. Fred Bentley stepped aside as president of the college on March 1, 
1996. He had stated earlier last year that he would step down if the Board of 
Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee found a suitable replacement 

that met the leadership requirements stated 
at "listening sessions" conducted by a group 
consisting of alumni, the Student Govern- 
ment Association, the Parents' Council, the 
National Alumni Board, and other groups. 

The search for the next president took 
months of extensive meetings, interviews, 
questionaires, and other actions. 

On December 20 Dr. Max Lennon was 
recommended unanimously as the next col- 
lege president. A 1 960 graduate of Mars 
Hill College, Lennon served as president of 
Clemson University from 1986 to 1994. 

Dr. Bentley will continue to serve out his 
last year (1996-97) at Mars Hill College by 
doing fund-raising and public relations duties. His time at MHC has been 
; one of positive financial growth and community involvement. 

Faculty 169 

Ahemathy. Ashlpv Npal 

70.120.121. 1?.7. 

Acker. F,li7ahethNicnlf9R 

Alexander. Brian Dpnni-; 9K 

Allen. Gau' Brandon 

Allen , .losephl.loyd 

Allen. Nicky Fugene 

Allison. AndrewOranvilip III 




Alvey. David Kenneth 

Ammons. Joyce Jiiree 

Ammons. William Ross Jr. 41 

Anderson. Patrick J 

Anderson. Rebecca Jane 

JXliL ll.44 .? 8 .7 Q 

Angel. James Anthony 

Arnold. Steven Thomas 40 

Asselin. M ichelle A 
Austin. Joshua Richard 95 

Ayala. America 

Bailey. Brock Philip 98 

Bailey. Stacy Pamell 98 
Baker. Cathy Joe 90 
Baker Michelle Christine 

Baker. Timothy Franklin 

Ballard. Christine Aileen 

Ballard. Max Fiig ene Ir 
Barber. .James Claude 41 ,108 
Barber Jessie 1 ce 1 08 
Barin. Clarissa Dawn 9*; 
Bariik . Frik Jon 
36.54..S8..'i9 7l 117 
Banner. Laura Michelle 4? 
Bamu m. R> an Matthew 
Barnwell. Victoria lynn 42.95 
Barnwell. Vollie Richard 47 
Bartholomew. Diane Joy Hun 
Bass. Michael Paul 46 
Bales. Jennifer Alice 71 8? 
Bates. Robin Kayc 98 
Baucom. Timothy Wendell 46 
Baxlev. Michelle Lorraine 98 
Beam. Scon Edward 
Bean. Brian Fills 
Beddinofield. Julie Diane 

Belk. Michael Christopher 71 


Belschner. Lanese Kathleen 

Beltran.laime Andres 

Bennett. Nathan Rovee 47 90 

Bentlev.Deanna Marie 


Berestovsk ava Natalia V 98 

Best. Michelle Krisline 90,149 

Betlis. Robert Vincent 

Bias. Stephen Michael 


Biddle. Bradley Cieorge 46 

Bills. Lynn Ray 

Black. .len niferMichelle 


Blair. Melissa Ann 7 45 95 

Blakemore. Chadwick Steven 

Boelt. Sara A 

Bohanon. Pah-ick Harrison 

Boisvert. Laura .Jean 47.95 

Bolinski. Patricia Skillman 

48.71 83 

Boone, .loshua Hudson 
Boone. Katherine Marie Peyton 
Bosnak. Wendi Michelle 98 
Bost. Craig Carroll 95 
Bowen. Ronnie Harris 98 
Boyd. Anthony Terrell 90 
Boyd. Jer^^' Bryan 44 
Bradford. Rebecca Denise 
Bradley. Julia Anne 
Brad.sher Katherine Jane 146 
Brandon. J onathan Church 

Brewer. Matilda Nicole 44 95 
Bridges , Brian Scott 
Brigman Vanessa Lynn 
Britton. M ary -Katherine 
B rooks. Joy Diane 
Brooks. Matthew Flias 
Brookshire. Heather Fariine 90 

Brown. Alicia Cheryl 71 
Brown. Andrew Peter 98 
Brown. Kelli Jean 44.95 
Brown. 98 
Brown. Sherry Fli7aheth 7 1 , 83 
Buchanan. Amanda Gayle 98 
Buckner. Brian Michael 53.71 

Buckner. Michael Step hen 

Buckner Shanna Clark 
Buckner Shelley Dawn 9! 

Bumgamer. William Boman 
Bundv. Shelley Flizaheth 

Burgess. Erin Alane 71 

Bureess-Smith. Bethany Carol 

40. 70.71 ^ 

Burnett. Rosemary Flizaheth 


Burns. James Albert 


Bunon. Marcus Lamare 99 

Butler. Charles Avden IIT 71 

Butterfield. Sara 

Byrd. Daniel Shawn 

Bvrd. Kenyatta Vemee 

Bvriey. Michael Todd 

Bvmes. R ebecca Fllen 90 

Cain. Allison Danette 99 
Calhoun, Astrid Andrea' 95 
Callahan. Joshua James 

Campbell. Ashley ToAnne 99 
Campbell. Carey Lynn 71,83 
Capps. Gabriel Anthony 
Cariile. .Susan 47 71 
Carney. James Patrick 
Canara Jim 72,84 
Carter. Amy Renee 35 
Carter. Julie Anne 90 
Carver. Fllen Virginia 
Cash, l.amark 
Caskey. Julie Annah 
Cassida. Martha Tennille 
Cassida. Mary Beth Turner 

Cassida. William Shane 77 
Cas.sidv..lohn William Jr 77 
Chamberlain. Timothy I .eon 
Chapman. Paola Elizabeth 
Charlton. Richard Michael 
Chastain. John Arthur 
Chavez. Marcus Alexander 40 

170 Index 

Cheeks. Kahlil Amad 47.99 


rhesmul. Scott Vemnn 'W 

Chollel, Fra ncisco Anthony 
rhrisawn. Jaime Ann Wnmhie 

rhrisawn. l ee-Ann 90 
Chrisaim. P aulflenell 
rhristianson. Kelly I.eah 44 

riaggetl. Rich ard loseph 40 
Clark , Adrian Marqliel 
Clark. Erik Everene 45.95 
Clark, .lonathan Earl 4 4.49,90 
Clausen. Su sannah Christine 


Clerico. Ry an T homas 41.95 

Cjine. Su.san Emmalea 


Clodfelter. Ryan Holden 46.54 

Cochran. Heather Alice 42.72 
Coker. William David 29.99 
Collins. Christopher John 
Collins. Christop herT ynn 
Collins. l.auraElizahelh 

Collins , Randall Ted 72 
Collins. Sherry Lynette 95 
Combs. Manhew Bradford 99 

Conard. Jodie Ella 42.95 
Condrey. Kevin Richard 
Conner. David Robert 46 

Connor. Forrest Lanier 41.95 

Connors. Colin Patrick 72 
Conrad. Joseph Calvin 
Cook. Kalhki-n Jam es 99 
Cook. Rhonda S tephanie 

Cook. Thomas John 96 
Cope. Nira Anne 42.72 
Corbin. Jonathan Perrin 
Com , Christy Jo 72 
Com, Jason Olee 99 
Com. Kenneth Ray 72 
Cotting ha m. Michael Denver 99 

Coup. Jennifer I ynne 42.72 
Covington. Sharon Carson 
Cowan. Ali Orlando 
Cox, Katrina Rose 72 
Cox. Leslie DeAnn 96.117 
Crai g. Zachary Samu el 99 
Crain. Tamara Dayle 90 
Crane. Charles Jeffery 
Crawford. Elisabeth Ashley 
Crawford. Gregory Scon 
Crisp, Mame LeAnne 99 
Cromp ton , Glenda Lee 20,72 
Cronin, Daniel Rudolp h 
Croshaw. M atth ew W ard 99 
Cueman. Kelly Melissa 

Dare. Timothy Jay Jr. 
Darnell. ValerieNicole 

Davenport. Eric David 73 
Davidson. Jamie Wayne 99 
Davis. Heather Ann 40.46 
Davis. Jennifer Glynn 91 
Davis. Jennifer Michele 
Davis. Marshall Jeffrey 
Davis. Rachel Celeste 44 ,99 
Davis. Whitney Leigh 91 

42 ,47,73 

Dekeris. Kevin Michael 

Dell, Kellie Ann 

Dembinsky, Thomas Eugene 


IkiiloiLNatalie Michelle 
Deyton. Brian James 21.73 
Dhermy. Susan Diane 
Dicke n, Rob ert Jason 54.73 
Dillman. Nora Christine 96 
Ditmore, William Anthony Jr 
Ditty. Colin Neal 
Djukic. Dr agan iXSl 
Doby. Jennifer 1 ynn Dixon 
Donohue. Joseph P atrick 
Dot.son. Kristopher James 

Douthwaite. Jill Lowery 73.84 
Dover. Joel Mark 
DuBois. Christine 96 
Dyer. Rose Maty 42 

Eaves. Tajsha Nanette 


Edmonds. Rebecca Ruth 91 

Elder. ChristopherScolt 


Filer. Jacque line Nicole 96 

Filer, Joseph Brandon 99 

Elliott. Dana Shea 

Ellwood. Brian Doug las 

Ennis. N 

F.nsley. Patrick Henry 
E pps. Byron Terron 
Epps. Mark Harrison 
Ervin. Chester Charies 96 
Eudy, James Henry 46 
Evans. J ennifer Kelly 44.99 
Ezell. Daniel Caldwell 

Faeth. John Thomas 46 
Faeth. Krista Lee 7.21.52 

Fender. K imberly 1 anette 
Fender. Sherry Ann 91 

Fields, Jenean Angela 99 

Finch. Cynthia Michelle 

Fletcher. Walter Theodore II 


Floyd. Brandon Anthony 99 

Foard. Melinda Anne 

Ford. Rebecca Lynn 96 

Fountain, Joshua Nahum 99 

Fouls. Sarah Sawyer 

Fowler. Amy Suzanne 40,73 

Fox, Christopher Scon 49.85 
Fox.x. Misty Dawn 

Francisco. Marcia Rose Tern,' 


Franklin , Don Edward Jr. 99 

Frazier. Amanda Gail 91 

Frazier Bei\|amin Damon 
F risbee. Lisa Duyck Mc Dona I d 

Fncci James Patrick 
1 2,40,73,81 

Fulbright.MitzJNelle 42.44.96 
Funk Aiidrey Elizabeth 55.73 

Galyean, Michelle Lucille Smith 

Ciarren. S hanaia Deanne 1 00 
Gary. Lee William 

Geddie. KristoferSimon-Olis 


Gerrin. Jimmy Michael 

Giamanco. Dusty Davis 

Oibhs. Dexter Jerome 

Gilberi Jennif er Christen 91 

Gilbert. Mariin J. II 


Gil bert, Rebec ca Marion 

Gillespie. Dawn Michelle 96 

Gilstrap . Nkhole Luzett£_Jil(] 

Glanville. Wa> ne Edward 
Fre drick 

Goodyear. Jayme Lynn 


Gosling. Paul 41 
Goss. Paul 
Gouge. Ro bert Jack 
Graher, SharieasRenee 

QraggJVlichelle Leigh ijb 
y an King 117 


Green. Amanda Lynn 86 

Green , Angela Dawn 91 

Greene. Chandelerl.aThia 
Greene. Christopher Neil 100 

Greene. Susan Diane 

Index 171 


Gre sJia: 
Griffin. Kevin I, ee 31.100 
Griffin. I.eAnnPenise 
Groom.s. Kelly Tennill e 100 
Gross. Hnd lev Adam 96 
Grunder. AnnMarieCrelia 

Gunter.rr>stalT ynn 
Gutierrez. Yarn P 96 

Hale. Gordon David 
Hale. Ryan Keith 

Hall. Cory ParU 47 , 96 
Hall. Diana Dale 96 

Hall. Robert Sentt 

Hallock. James Avent 91 

Halsall. Jennifer Ma rie 9S.96 

Hamman. FricNeal 

Handy. Gina Kristen 4? SO 90 

Haneline. Wendy Jill 96 

Hanev. Joel Seot IIS 

Hanklon. Condi I isa Deon 

Hanrahan. Matthew Thomas 


Hardin. Amanda F.rin 47 96 

Harding. Shannon Michelle 

Harold. Mary Catherine 40 
Harrell. CherieLynette 74 

Harris. Amy Myra 
. 116 

Harris. Melissa Suzanne 96 

Hattawav. Jennifer Ann Taylor 

Haw kins. Aaron Thomas 


Hawkins. Dana Rochelle 

H awkins. Michael Tilghman 46 
Hawkins. .Sandra DeAnn 

Head. Alice Elizabeth 100 

Heard. James Pemell 

Heard. Thomas FlovH Terrall 


Helton. Caria Dale 100 

Henderson. Emile A. Ill 

Henderson. Laurie Gay 


Henderson. William Andrew 

Hendrix Hol lvlvnn 47';->91 

Hendrix. Tifl'any Dawn 100 

Hensley. Robert lane 


Herbers Kimherly Marie 

Hickev.lodjpl ee 

Hicks. Fdward William 100 

Hicks. Mi c 

High. Christopher Tony 41 

Hill. Charies Timothy 
Hilliard. Ashley Flizaheth 91 
Hipkins. Jill Leigh 100 
Hilchings. Nig el F.dward John 

Hodges. Kimberley M ichelle 

Holder. Ruckford House 74 146 
Honevcutt. Carol Phillips 75 
Hooker. Donna Hanev 

Hopkins. Gneeda Glass 42.7.5 
Hopkins, l.ora Lvnn 91 
Hopper. Mark Lemuel 75 
Ho p per. Sharon! .. Dees 100 
Homick. Thomas Matthew 

Ikard.Antn ine Maurice 
Ingle. Nathan Bartholomew 
lnman..lnnathan Willis 
Ito. Akira 47 75 


Hudson. Iny Lynn 47,75 
Hu ghes. Danna Lynn 100 

Hughey. Scon Doug las 


Hunevcutt. Miena Jean 44 1 00 

Hunnicutt. Stephen Todd 97 

Hunt. Amanda .lane 

Hurst. Matthew Steven 


Hutchinson. John Aaron 

Hylemon. Fiohby loe 100 

Jackson. Brenda Kay 48 

James. Alvis l.eRoi 100 
Janson. Ramona Flyse 59 
Jarrett. Kasey Ramsey 97 
Jayne. Nicketiel.indley 71 

Jennings. Alisa Paige 42,75 

Johnson. Alan Daniel 46.75 
Johnson. Amy Elizabeth 7 
Johnson. Brian William 46 
Johnson. Donald Robinson 
.lohnson. Janice Lynn 
Johnson. Shawn Patrick 
Johnson. Toronto Artn 
Johnston. David Friward 97 
.lones. Benjamin Steve 

Jones. Brandon Lionel 100 

Jones. James Kelvin 

Jones. James Stuart 

Jones. Jon athan Brent 

Jones. Michael Thomas 40 

Jone.s. NiaMalika 

Jones. Sharon Elizabeth 

3. 42. 75 

Jones. William Judd 100 146 

Jordan. David Allen 75 

Joslin. Julie Ann 47 75 

Joyner. Julie Nicole 75.86 

Judkins.Kristy Nicole 

Justice. Alan Curtis 

Justus. Ryan Foster 1 00 

Kaiser. Heidi Ann 

Kasabara. Kaziie 

Keaton. len av Lanette 77 97 

Keenan, .lesse Alan 100 


Kelley. Christina Ann 36,45 ,97. 
Kellev. .Sean Aaron 50 97 
Kelly. Brandy Michelle 40 ,97 
Kemp. Charles Reg 

King. Ang ela .lemell 117 
Kinser. Bryan Lee 
Kiser. Eliz.abeth Delle 101 
Knight. Darry-I Bradford 92 
Knight. Jillian Foster 59 
Knisley..loel Camp bell 
Knox, .lames Marlon 101 
Kondo. .Shojiro 
Kossnar. Mary Amanda 
Kramp. Steven Amil 
Krech.len nyferLynne 
Kremkau. Jonathan S. 92 
Kush. Ivan Alexander 
Kynes. James Bernard Jr. 92 


1 .andrelh, Jason Matthew 

I.ang. Fric Michael 22 

Lanier. W aller Sheftall Jr. 4 6 
L.aurenls. Michelle Flizaheth 

I.au7.on. Donald Edward Jr. 101 

Laws. Roger Allen 
Lawter, Stephan Van Ruren 

I.ayne. Carol Ashley 101 
LeQuire. Lara Dawn 47.53.92 

Ledford, Jeffrey William 92 

Ledford. Marion Claude 
I.eenhoiits. Aimee Lynn 101 

Lemmon. Valerie Anne 42 

I.ena ghan. Michael Patrick 


Lewis. Brittany I.eara 

Lewis. JenniferCireene 44.101 

I.iddy. Brandy Kathleen 92,116 

Limer. Kevin Duane 46.76 


Lindsey. LaTonyaRenee 

Lindsey. O'Nicholas Rmeslo 


Linehaue h. Tiffany Lei gh 

MistieAnn 76 
Lisenbee. Da phne Caroline 
Linle. Christina Mae 4S ,92 

Liltlefield. Tricia Lynne 44.47 


Liltlelon. Matthew Davis 101 

Livingston. Ames Martin 

Lloyd, Hope Carolyn 

Loan. Crys tal Oail 101 

Long. Susan Annette 76 

Lov e. Gregory Ed ward 
Lucksavag e. Maria Rose 

Luke. Amanda Marie 


Lulay. Leilani Michelle 48.92 

Lurie. Jay Marshall 
Lyda. Jam es Ryan 46.76 

Lytle. Anna Marie 

Lytle. Lawrence Peon 

Mackall .' 
Mains, Paul David 47 
Mains. Rehekah Lyn 44.101 
Makins. Christopher La mont 
Maney, Stephanie Dawn 
Mangum. Joseph Brian 
Mann. Jodi Lynn 101.146 
Marcus. Calvin Shane 
Marquis.Jennifer Alice 
Marshall. Ernest Steven 1 1 
Martin. EllisaDaune 
Martin. Kimhedy Nicole 
Mason, Kimherly Rae 101 
Massa. lenny Lee 101 
Masui . Yuka 4 6 
Matlock. Brian Lee 
Maurer, Judson Taylor 40 
Maxwell. Cindy Charlene 
Mayo, Lori Beth 101 
M c Al ister.SonyaT. 
McAllister, AdrienneElise 

McCaleh. Jennifer Dawn 

McClellan. Amy Dawn 92 
McClellan, Myron Levon 
McFarlane. Kendra Fiona 101 
McCiihoney. William Dale 
McCiill. Marion 
McGrath. Linda I . ottise 
McKinney . Andrea Lee 
McKinney. Christopher Bryan 

McI .aughl in , Mark Adorn 
McNaughton. Kerri Marie 50 
McN eil. Michael Charks 
Medford. Fric Michael 
Meeker. Michael Aaron 

Melton.. Jonathan Scott 


Melton. William Dudley 92 

Mendez. Jason Neil 

MesbiT. SiunuclNji 
McK.iir, .Amanda Alison 101 

Michel. Keith Raymond 
Mille r. Amy Ranmna 
Miller. Erin Sarah 
Miller. JenniferMarie 

Milligan. Christon Marie 101 
Mills. Julie Diane 92 

Minor. Christina Diane 42,92 
Minler Bradley Wilson 92 
Mitchell. Jennifer Tori-Ann 
Mitchell,. Ion Thomas 
Mitchell. Teresa Ann 101 

MotTal. Joel Kirhy 92 
Moore. Joshua Brent 
Moore. M andy Grey 
Moore. Steven Webb 
Moreno. Eduard o Alberto 101 
Morgan. Freda Elizabeth 44.54 
Morgan. Mandi Marie 47. 1 00 
Morris. James Christopher 
Morris. Kelly Amanda 42.76 
Moms.Norman Preston 
Morrison. Craig Lee 2.3.101 


Mullini.x. I 

Muqihy. Jennifer I ee Pacheco 

Murphy. Jody 76 

Myers. Richard Glenn 

Myers. Russell 146 

Myers. Stephen Paul 101 

Narasimhan. Siddarih 
Nash.Chadwick Wallej-..LOi 
Nelson. C herie' Nicole 92 
Nelson. Jill Elizabeth 
Nelson. Patrick Mitchell 
5.10.1 1. 
Newsome . James 1 .ee 
Newton. ElishaBrackie 
Nigro, I 

Nl.\. Cy n thia Payne 
Ni.\. Tiffany Ann .101 

o ui.s 101 
Norton. Ashley Buriin 
Norton. Crys tal Dora Gail 
Nycek. Deanna Lynn Thomas 

O'Beny. Callie Greta 108 
O'Berry. Jame s Edward 41.10 
QIDonnelL Bnan Edwacd 
Olinger.Seth Grayson 
Ollis. Janey Lynn 44 
DIma. Kristin Elizabe th 77 
Orth. Jonathan Brent 
Oshome. Aaron Laurence 46 
Os good. Kam Lyn 
Owenby, Charles Chadwicke 
Owenhy. ChristopherCharles 

P arker. Amy Dianne 44.54.59 
Parker. D aphne Michelle 42.77 

Parker. Kristie Dawn 
Parker. Patience Jewel 
Parks. Sar ah Frances 
Parries, Kevin Wayne 12 

Paul. .lennifer Marie 
Payne, AliciaNoel 
Payne. Am y Marie 
Payne. Anjanette D arlene 
Eay:nc.Jcannic Pcgg 
Payne. Jenni fer Rachel 
Payne. Kelly Vir g inia 
Payne. Lori Dawn 42 ,77 

Index 173 


Payne. RohinCei-ilia 10? 


Pearsall. Jeremy Wayne 

Perkins. in? 
Permar. Frank r. 47.77 
Perrow. Erika Brandire in? 
Peterson. Gregory Don 
Peterson. Leslie. lanel 

Philli ps. Tammy I anette 21.46 
Phillips. Timothy Andrew 41 ,52 
Phoenix. Greg l.yle 4fi ,77 
Piazza. Matthew Dee 46 
Piel.Austyn Davis 
Pillsb ur\. Jennifer 44. in? 

Pitman. Travise Wayne 
Pittillo. Marv' Candace in2 
Pinillo. Winnie Ruth 
Pitlman. Terra Jo 
Pitts. Nathaniel Fric 
Plitl. Edward Randolp h 
Plough. David Arthur in 46 
Ponder. Grepnr^ Allan 77 
Ponder. James Darren 92 
Post, l.orelle Jean 
Powell. Jessica I. yda in? 


Pressley. Amanda Michele in? 

Price. Allison I.ea 

Privette. David Marcelliis 

Pyatte. Kristvlei gh in? 

Rose. Leslie Ann 46 in:' 
Rose. Randolph Whitney 
Ross. Amy. [o 
Ross. Trevor Pele in? 

Queen. Matthew Riinon 44.92 
Ouirino. Flias Manuel 

Ramh.JenniferFllen in? 

Ramseur. Michea l Shea 
Ramsey. Dehra Ann Whitley 77 

Rea gan. B rian Keith 
Reasee. Sa muel David II in? 
Redding . Philli p Andrew- 
Reed. Adam Christopher 10? 
Reed. Christopher A nderson 
Reed. Kerry I, eig h 
Reed. Mary Kathleen 
Reed. Roslvn Fay in? 
Renfto. Cheryl Lee in? 
Rhodarmer. Brent Nathan I n2 
Rhodes. Samantha Ruth 54 77 
Rhoton, Shauna Lyn 1 02 
Rhyne. Robin Dawn 35.93 
Rice. Jeffrey Clay 46 
Rice. Monica Sijsanne 47. in? 
Rich. Molly Garrett 
Richards. DezraFlisia 
Richardson. Jewel Verona 1 02 
Richardson, Manhew Curtis 
Riddle. Melynda Michelle 

Riddle. Victoria.Joy 
Ridley. Gena Carole 44 
Rigney. Roger Fric 
Rizzo. Jos eph Andrew 
Roberson. Thomas Andrew 
Roberts. Roger Allen 
Robinson. Diana Marie 
Robinson. GingerI.eig h 

Robinson. Grace Renee 
Robin.son. Michael Wade 102 
Rohinson. Nycole Dawn 
Rogers. Brandy K 
Roland. Megan Virginia 42 
Roland. Rex William 93 
Roper. La-Keisha Donnetta 
3 1 . 146 

Sapek. Veronica Lee 103 
Sappenfield. Amanda Renee 

Sa.saki. Taku UH 

Savarese. Brian Jason 77 
Saylor. Jason Michael 
Schaller. M atthew Michael 
Schilling. Laura .Jean 93 
Schleg el. Robert Allyn 
Schneider . Karin Anne 
Schommer. JenniferNirnle 
Schremp. Karriel.ynne 
Schulz. Gregory Matthew 

Scott. Cedric LeMans 5 in3 
Scovanner. Andrew Wesley 
Scrip. Michael Lee 3n.in3 
Scully. Laura Fllen 
Sellers. Andrea Carol 
Sellers. Ev elyn Christina F 
Shannonhoiise. AlisnnLayne 47 
Shaqje. Muhammad Abdul 
Shea. Michael Eugene Sr 

Shelton.. Jacqueline Suzanne 

Shelton. J anet Ruth 

Shelton. Susan Lynn Hopson 


Shields. William LouislV 

ShiffletL B enjamin Ray 

Shimoka do.Kumiko 

Shinault- Tracie Lynn 42 

Shinoda. Takanori 

Short, Tara Lynn 103 

Shortall. Mark 

Shuford. Mysti Dawn 1 03 

Sigler. Chad Vincem .54.in3 John Eric 46 
Silvers. Jennifer Marie 

Simmons. Sarah Beth 53 

Simms Gianni Cortpse 
Simpson Allison Chri.stine 103 
Sluder. An gela Gail 
Shider. Mark Charies 

■Smith. Bran don Chase 93 
Smith. Brian Scott 45 ,53 
Smith. lenniferlill 

Sowers. Donna McKinney 78 
Sparks. Chad Austin 103 

Sparks. Virginia I niiise 9? 
Spence. Patrick Hanson 41 
Spillman. Johnny Eug ene Jr 
St. Clair-Canaii Mario Rpnof 
Stallard. Mamie Joy 31 49 93 
Stanley. Cory McKelvey 1 03 

Staton. Robert Gene 40 4 1 ,93 

Sterling. Charies Mirhael Ir 

Stork. Brian Richard 48 ,78 
Stork. James Michael 48 88 
Stork. Tiffany Michelle 
Strange. Neely Lynn 
Strong . Randy Lee 
Strum. Brian Francis 
Stuber. Jason Brent 1 03 
Sugimoto. Hideko 15 
Sullivan. .Steven Randy 41 
Summeriin. WalterGrady 
4 . 54. 93 
Sun. Pui Yi 
Swartz. Ruth Ellen 44,50.78 , ? 

Swizdaryk. Jenny Rene' 
Svpress. Mary Elizabeth 103 

Tabor. Angela Dawn 

74 Index 

TafI rharles William 
T.ift. Jose ph Marvin 
Ta g uchi. Ikuo 103 
Taylor. D a phne I. ynn 42.78 
Taylor, D wav ne Anthony 

Taylor, lanelle D. 
Taylor, Ann 
Taylor, Vanessa Marie 46 
Tearhman. Andrew .loseph 103 

Thomas. A nrirewRerlrum 


Thomas . Ang ela l.ynn 78 

1 homas. 1 aura Grace 78. 1 06 

Thom pson, Harold Wayne 

Thompson, .lohn F.van LL7 

Thompson. Sharon Michelle 
Thompson. Stephanie Lane 103 

Thor p. Thomas Michael 1 03 
Tinnin. Tara Nicole 103 
Tipton, Amy Marie 103 
Tipton, Anna Marie 
Ti pton, Kevin Wade 
Tomlin. Shelby Ann 44,^ 
Toncray. ChristN Anne 42 
Towe, Kelly Diana 103 
TowTisend. Casandra Mae 
Tracy , F.rika Ann 78 
Treadway. Amy Denise 
Trotter, Bohhi Kay 47.93 

Tucker. Ran dolph Dougl as 78 
Turem. Adam lane 103 
Turner, Kimherly Ann 

Urrutia. Carlos Miguel 103 

Van Dyke. I .ucretia 1 .aSha 


Vamum. Kristen Heather 

Vines. Cha rles Eugene Jr. 

Vought. Susan leora 47.93 

Waddell. David Michael 

Waddell. Kimherly Shae 


Wagner, Sherry I. yn 104 

Walk er . K riste n Rachael 


Walker. Marshall Preston 46 

Walker. Stephanie Andrea 


Waller. Robert Le e 9 3 

Wallin. Tanya Marie 78 

Walsh - Grimm . Whitney Allison 

Walton. T homas Edward 93 

Walwyn.Tikisha Erica 

Ward. Donald Russell Gay 1 04 

Ward, Holland Pemell Jr. 78 

Ward. Jph n B r yant J r . 


Ward. Melissa Ellen 104.108 

Wat ers. S UiiMl Rebecca 29 
Watkms.Alysia Brown 
Watkin.s. Kevin Joel 5 .52,113 
Watson. April Dawn 78 
Waycaster, Charles Donald Jr. 

Weatheroy. Chester 
Webh. Cheryl Tynn 
Webb. Elizabeth Ann 104 
Weber, Charies Paul III 

Weinberger. Douglas Richard 

West. Chanda Leigh 44.93 
West. Hunter Lee 104 
West. MarcieJoy 44.104 
Westall. Carrie Eli7.abeth 
Whatley Michael Paul 

Whin. Jeffrey Dean 79 
W hitt. Kevin Lee 
Wieda.Kristian Patrick 

Wielechowski. Walter Jr. 
Wigg ins. Jennifer Ann 47.104 
Wi ggins. Kristin Michelle 50.93 
WilkensholT . Eve Kar ena 40 
Wilkins. Virginia Madison 
W ilkinson. Bnltney Beth 
Williams. Dana Eriene 
Williams. Jason Cody 
Williams. LeonComell 

Williams. Russell Jr. 
Williamson. Tonja Lee 
Willis. C handraJohns 
Willis. Jamie Lauren 
Wilson. Donna Elizabeth 
Wilson. James Anthony 48.79 
Wilson. Jon Eari 

Wilson. Kara Forrece 31.93 

Wilson. Kevin Wayne 

Wilson. Sara Jo 

Wilson. Steven Neil 41 

Windham, Amy Lynn 

Wingale. Robin Lalisha 


Wolfe. EveElizabeth 

Woodard. Daniel Shane 

Woodrum. Thomas Abraham 


Woods. James David 1 04 

Woods, lamie Leigh 44 

Woods, Martin Robert 

46 ,48.93 

Woody. Tina Elaine 79 

Woolaver. Jessica Anne 

Wooten. Richard Derek 79 

Worley, Jason Daniel 

Worrel l. Krisinda Ho pe 79 


Wright. Andrea Marie 42.93 
Wright. Gerald Bernard 
Wright. Mary Ann 79 
Wunsch. Jason Ora 
Wyatt. Alan Cody 
Wyatt, Alan Moore 
Wyatl. Christy Dawn 25.93 
Wyart. Renee Elizabeth 44 
Wyman. Elizabeth Gail 
Wyman, Jennifer Vickers IM 


Yakame, Hiroaki 79 

Yamada. Mayumi 

Yanulavich. James Bassett II 


Yellon , Mary Lou 

Yoshida , Michio 

Younce. Sandra Nicole 79.89 

Youn g . David Mason UM 

Young. Heather Jo 40 

Zhao , Chenj iang LL2 

Zimmerman. A.shley Elizabeth 


du Cille, Frank Oliver 

Index 175 

* IF^ 


This year's theme, BUILT TO LAST, seemed the best way to describe a quality education at Mars Hill Col- 
lege. MHC has been in existence for a long time and and will continue to move into the next century long after we ai 
gone. Built to Last was chosen because it is symbolic of permanence, old school ties, and traditions. 

We need to thank several people, without whose help, there would not have been a yearbook. Adam Turem 
thanks for taking lots of pictures of the sports, clubs, cheerleaders, and so forth. Erik Barlik, thanks for writing cop 
helping with the class section, and most of all, for figuring out how to set up the Index on the computer. We'd like tc 
thank Heather Hughes and Becky Anderson for getting quotes, pictures, making layouts, and so much more. Also, 
we give our thanks to the rest of our staff for being such a enthusiastic group. Thanks guys! ! 

Well, it's finally done and we can all 
sit back and breathe a sigh of relief I've 
enjoyed helping to create a new and better 
yearbook, but I thank the Lord that it is over 

Many hours were spent working to 
make a yearbook that was different from all 
the others, one that students and faculty can 
be proud of Working on this addition of the 
LAUREL was an experience I will never 

Thank you Stephanie for being there 
when 1 couldn't and for everything! 


Jennifer McCaleb 

Putting together the yearbook has 
been an experience I will never forget. I 
found it a challenge, and a bit overwhelmin 
at times. However, despite the many sleep- 
less nights I've pulled during the semester i 
order to meet deadlines, the satisfaction of 
being part of this undertaking was worth it 

I'd like to thank The Hilltop, the 
Coaches, Ms. Stanz, and everyone else wh 
loaned photos to the LAUREL. 
I'd like to thank Kxisten for helping me wit 
copy,and so forth. And I'd especially like t 
thank Erik for helping me out with copy,et 
during Christmas Break, when he didn't ha 
to, and for setting up the Index section. 

Stephanie Walker 

176 Editors' Notes