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Full text of "Leaves from the ancestral tree, with twigs and blossoms from its clinging vines. Genus, man; family, Jackson"

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The Ancestral Tree, 

WITH TW1Q5 yMiD PL0650M5 FROM 1T5 

(Senus, nytan; jFamily, (Jackson. 




)" I 


^n/OOK not motirnfiiUy into the past. It comes not back 
^^K^ again. Wisely i7nprove the p}'ese?it. It is thine. 

Go forth to 7)ieet the shadoxvy fnt7i7'e., xvithoiit feat-., and with a 

?}ianly heart.''' 


'We go forth like children in the morning, 
Scattering, to spend the summer hours ; 

One, his brow with laurel wreath adorning, 
One to saunter 'mid a bed of flowers ; 

"One to lose his way, and wander, straying 

'Till the twilight, frightened and alone; 
One, it may be, wearied with his playing, 
Wending home his footsteps ere the noon. 

"But, whatever fate to us is given. 

All, when day is done, again shall meet, 

And at nightfall, 'neath the stars of heaven. 

Shall be gathered at our Father's feet." 


The antiquity of this family has never been questioned. At 
least, no such questioning has come to us. Like other large fam- 
ilies it has its tradition. And curiously this resembles that of the 
others. "Three brothers came from England, and settled in dif- 
ferent parts of the country." But the same story is told of the 
Smiths and Jones and Browns, and one can be proven as well as 
another. History shows that many, many years ago three broth- 
ers came from a hilly portion of the British American possessions, 
east of the St. Lawi'ence river, and their progeny are now found 
in both the Dominion of Canada and the United States. These 
three are largely responsible for the gathering of these "leaves," 
and should receive suitable credit on the part of any who give 

If errors shall be discovered in any portion, they may be chari- 
tably charged to some deceased relative, who will not be disturb- 
ed by the criticism. If this does not give prompt relief to the suf- 
ferer he may next forgive the compiler and printer, and then send 
a corrected date to J. Henry Jackson, of Barre, Vermont. If 
there shall be any additional information it will be duly credited 
to the informant, and the amount may be taken in board at Ma- 
plewood at any time before the Christmas holidays. 

All unkind criticisms, or severe theological quotations should 
be sent postpaid to the department of theology in Kingston, On- 

It is proper that the editors should thus early refute the state- 
ment that the family had its origin in "the house that Jack built," 
or the other pernicious slander that they are the offspring of "Jack 
the Giant Killer." Careful investigations reveal the fact that some 
giants have, by great effort, been got away with, but we also find 
that too many remain unsubdued, and for the present we may re- 
frain from sighing for more worlds to conquer. 

With a good glass and a vivid imagination, we are able to trace 
our origin to the gentleman who was granted more privileges than 
any of his posterity. To aid this probability an expression has 

been transmitted through the ages concerning members of the fam- 
ily, to the effect that "they have a great deal of the old Adam in 
them." The saying which is applied to youthful members of 
the same line, that "they raise Cain," goes to show the particular 
branch of the first family of the land which has the honor of con- 
tributing to our present imperfect state. 

Having thus clearly demonstrated our undisputed, and indisput- 
able claim to antiquity, we may pass rapidly along the next his- 
torical period of five thousand seven hundred years, and copy a 
record in marble, found in the cemetery in Petersham. It reads as 
follows : 

James Jackson, died December 8th, 1810, aged 80 years. 

Mary Jackson, died March 2d, 1815, aged 76 years. 

In the records of the Town Clerk may be seen the names of their 
children, as follows : 

Anna, born January 17th, 1758. 

Mary, born October 4th, 1760. 

Sophia, born June 15th, 1763. 

Martha, born February 8th, 1766. 

James, born May 2d, 1768. 

Lucretia, born March 19th, 1770. , . . 

John, born July 2nd, 1771. 

Sarah, born December 22d, 1772. 

Lucy, born August 9th, 1774. 

One unnamed daughter died in infancy. Martha married Capt. 
Joel Brooks, and they had nine children, some of whom moved to 
Canada. Mrs. Brooks died December 2d, 1815, aged 50 years. 
Lucretia married Mr. Prentiss, of Athol, Mass. Sarah lived for 
many years with her brother John in Brome, but died in Peters- 
ham, unmarried. Lucy, also unmarried, died November 25th, 
1843, aged 69. 

James married Rutha Fisher, and their children were : 

Rutha Baker, born November 3d, 1793. 

James Appleton, born December 1st, 1795. 

John Emory, born March 8th, 1797. 

Mary, born February 8th, 1801. 

zra a ei, ) born January 4th, 1804. 
Ezra Leland, } ^ 

Mary, born November 10th, 1807. 

Ezra was an actor in Montreal, and visited his uncle in Brome. 

James Appleton lived in Petersham many years, and was called 
"The General" because of the striking resemblance to the Presi- 
dent, Andrew Jackson, who was his second cousin. He died 
about 1864, leaving a widow, but no children. 

'•Rev. John Jackson, of Gill, entered his intention of marriage 
with Miss Rebecca Rogers, of Petersham, January 17th, 1798," 
is the way our grandfather wrote the word engaged^ in the Peters- 
ham register. 

Rebecca Rogers was one of ten children of Josiah Rogers. 
He was a wholesale merchant in New Ipswich and Petersham, and 
paymaster in the Revolutionary War. He was reputed wealthy, 
and, in the times "which tried men's souls," invested all his prop- 
erty in Continental notes, which he kept till they were thought to 
be worthless, when he put them, "half a bushel," in the fire, 
moved to Stukely, Lower Canada, March 8th, 1803, and began 
life anew. He had a brother Abel in Massachusetts, John, in 
Bridport, Vt., Paul, in New York, and Noah in New Hampshire. 
His father, Thomas, was born in 1714, and died September 18th, 
1794. His mother, Martha, was born in 1722, and died Septem- 
ber 8th, 1796. His grandfather's name was Thomas, a direct de- 
scendant of John Rogers, the martyr, and he emigrated to Ameri- 
ca early in the eighteenth century. Josiah was one of eight sons, 
and here are the names of his children : 

(1) Thomas was a soldier, and died, unmarried, in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

(2) Rebecca was born November 2d, 1771, married Rev. 
John Jackson, February 27th, 1798. and died at J. Addison Jack- 
son's October 13th, 1855. Buried in Brome, P. Q. 

(3) Nancy married Mr. Healy, and lived in Stukely, P. Q. 
They had one son, George Knowlton. 

(4) Josiah married Lydia Harvey, and their children's names 
were Reuhama, Harris, Albert, Daniel, Edward, and Diantha. 

(5) Samuel married Sarah Seaver, and their children are Saf- 
fronia (Ingalls), Alvira (Wing), Harriet (Bennett), Mrs. Hub- 
bard, Richard and Samuel. 

(6) Charlotte married Alvin Williams, and their children were 
William, John, Henry, Charlotte (Lynch), and Lucy (Channel). 


(7) Edward, a printer, afterward a midshipman under Lord 
Nelson, lost his life in the wrecking of his ship at the Sandwich 

(8) Francis married Betsey Blunt, and their children were 
Henry, Harris, Mary (Blunt), and Matilda (Tibbetts). 

(9) Augustus married Patty Blunt, and their children were 
Rebecca (Peters), Martha, and Henry. 

(10) William Henry died of small-pox in 1821. 

John Jackson graduated from Dartmouth College in June, 
1792, was ordained pastor of the Congregational church in Gill, 
Mass., January 10th, 1798, married February 27th, 1798, and re- 
signed October 10th, 1801. In 1812 he removed to Stukely with 
all his possessions. They inventoried as follows : 

Five sons at $2,000 $10,000 

Three daughters at $4,000 12,000 

House goods, two loads 400 

Gold coin 600 


After three years' residence in Stukely, he settled in Brome, 
where he secured three hundred acres of land, and betterments, 
from Mr. Luce, for which he paid $200. Government afterward 
demanded $200 more, and the youngest son. Nelson, rode on 
horse-back to Montreal, where Mr. DeWitt assisted him to get the 
money from the People's bank. 

From this time he devoted the most of his attention to farming, 
although as late as 1833 he was known to conduct religious ser- 
vices in his own neighborhood. He is described as of fine, gen- 
tlemanly bearing, six feet in height, and a member of the Masonic 
fraternity for nearly fifty years. He held a commission as Justice 
of the Peace from 1830 to 1844. 

For several years he was associated with the temperance organ- 
ization of Rechabites. 

He died of pneumonia, March 18, 1844, at the age of 73. His 
children were : 

(1) John Adams, born April 6, 1800. Married Rachel West- 
over December 24th, 1824. Rachel died June 6th, 1848, aged 44, 
leaving three children. The eldest son, Egbert, was born October 
29th, 182.5. Married Annie Pettes, by whom he had several 
daughters, and one son, Jerry, and died April 22d, 1887, aged 


61 years. Alonzo married Miss Gleason, and died August 7th, 
1858, aged 31. He left one son, John. Jane was born August 
7th, 1831, married William Allen, and died April 9th, 1867, aged 
35 years. Her son, William Alonzo, was born December 10th, 
1853, and Lorenzo Egbert, January 12th, 1856. The second 
marriage of John A. Jackson was October 8th, 1848, to Patty 
Knowlton. Their son, Charles A. Jackson, is a successful teach- 
er in Montreal, and has one daughter. Another son, Frederic, 
died January 8th, 1859, aged 8 months. John died at Waterloo, 
August 11th, 1883, aged 83 years. 

(2) Rebecca Rogers Jackson was born August 15th, 1801, and 
married Josiah Pratt December 31st, 1817. She died in London, 
Ontario, March 16th, 1837, aged 36. Her son and daughter set- 
tled in Freeport, and Bloomington, Illinois. 

(3) Lucretia Prentiss JacksOn, born February 4th, 1803, was 
married to Gilbert Frary, of Sutton, December 27th, 1831. She 
died January 28th, 1848, leaving two daughters and two sons. 
Safironia married Luther Bullard, and died without children. 
Emily and George, are unmarried, and Giles, who married Miss 
Smith, died June 29th, 1884, leaving a lovely family. 

(4) James Madison Jackson, born June 25th, 1804, married 
Mary Smith, January 16th, 1826. Her birthday was June 23d, 
1805, and she died in Stowe, Vt., November 11th, 1866, aged 61. 
James died in Lawrence, Kansas, December 25th, 1869. The 
eldest child, William Pratt Jackson, was born July 26th, 1828. 
He went with his father to California in 1850, married there, 
and died in the City Hospital in San Francisco, June 12th, 1874, 
aged 46. The next two children, Sarah and Albert, died in 

Mary Lucretia Jackson, born April 28th, 1830, married Ira M. 
Marshall, November 30th, 1854. Ira was born March 5th, 1823. 
Their children are: Fred Cady Marshall, born September 10th, 
1855 ; married. Eula Iselle, born March 9th, 1861, married Wil- 
liam N. Strong, September 11th, 1886. Willis Preston, born Feb- 
ruary 5th, 1864, is a Methodist minister and married. Lewis 
Jackson Marshall, born March 24th, 1871. 

James Madison Jackson, Jr., was born November 15th, 1833. 
He married Lucia Jenny, of Stowe, November 15th, 1858. She 
was born October 28th, 1841, and died May 1st, 1889. 


Walter Kendrick Jackson, born July 11th, 1860. Now in U. 
S. Navy. George Wilbur, born January 5th, 1866, died Decem- 
ber 24th, 1869. James Willis, born June 28th, 1871. John 
Franklin, August 1st, 1873 ; Mary Almira, May 6th, 1876 ; Geor- 
giana, October 30th, 1878. James was in the U. S. sendee dur- 
ing the civil war, and is pensioned. 

Helen Eliza Jackson was born July 30th, 1835, and married 
Joseph Huse November 8th, 1853. He was boi'n August 26th, 
1831, was pensioned for service as a soldier, and died of disease 
contracted in the army, July 21st, 1888. 


Albert James Huse was born June 9th, 1856, and married Alice 
Grout, December 25th, 1878. Their son's name is Roy. Emma 
May, born May 4th, 1860. Bertha Marietta, born May 21st, 1866, 
married Charles H. Dana, January 7th, 1886, and their daughter's 
name is Ethel Vida. George Nelson, born May 23d, 1870. Clara 
Adelaide, born August 15th, 1872 ; Gracie Mabel, born Decem- 
ber 21st, 1875. Helen receives the pension of a soldier's widow, 
and lives with the younger children in Morrisville, Vt. 

Rebecca Emma Jackson was born July 10th, 1837, married 
Charles Volney Wilkins, February 24th, 1868, who was born 
November 19th, 1843. 


Forrest Earl, born November 27th, 1872. Leon Elmer, Octo- 
ber 24th, 1875. Their home is a pleasant one in Waterbury, Vt. 

George Washington, and Charles Edward Jackson were born 
February 14th, 1842. The latter died in February, 1843. George 
W. married Miss Mary Ann Murphy in November, 1868. 


Annie, born April 27th, 1870. 
Mabel Perry, born December 2d, 1873. 
John, born January 17th, 1876. 
Helen, born March, 1878. 
Eliza Bella, born October, 1879. 
Mildred, born December, 1881. 
Fred, born August 1st, 1883. 
Georgie W., born July, 1885. 


George was in the Vermont cavalry during the recent war, and 
did faithful sei'vice. He lives in Waterbury, Conn. 

John Jackson was born May 19th, 1845. He married Stella 
Buecking in Kansas City, Mo., October 29th, 1874. 


George Henry, born December 23d, 1875. 

Francis Ferdinand, born January 17th, 1878. 

Mary Meta, born July 9th, 1880. 

Mildred, born July 18th, 1883. 

Bernice, born February 19th, 1885. 

Herbert Nelson, ") , ^ .-i.t i -loor, 

T\ u -n^ r born June 22d, 188/. 

Donald iLugene, j -^ ' 

John has a pleasant home on Garfield Avenue. 

Millie Mildred Jackson was born August 7th, 1847. When 
about ten years old she went to live with her uncle Nelson, who 
was much attached to her. Here she married Nelson Pettes Em- 
erson, of Highland Farm, Sutton Junction, Province of Quebec, 
March 18th, 1866. Mr. Emerson was born March 1st, 1840. 


Charles Nelson, born May 6th, 1868. 

Mary Jane, born June 2d, 1870. 

John Jackson, born October 30th, 1873. 

Samuel James, born July 27th, 1876, died July 14th, 1878. 

William Harold, born May 7th, 1878. 

Jessie Eliza, born January 23d, 1883. 

The latch-string of this home is always out. 

Loella Albina Jackson was born June 9th, 1851, and died in 
Stowe, Vt., November 19th, 1868. 

(5) George Washington Jackson, M. D., was born August 
26th, 1805, and married Helen P. Lalanne, September 9th, 1830, 
and was a successful practitioner of medicine in Brome, P. Q., un- 
til his death, January 2d, 1836. His wife afterward married 
Capt. Solomon Squier, of Sutton, and died December 18th, 1867, 
aged 09. 

The only child of the Doctor was Harriet, born October, 1835. 
Married Hon. Eugene A. Dyer, January 30th, 1860, and died 
March 18th, 1867. 



Leon Eugene, born April 15th, 1861. 
Charles Chester, born August 21st, 1863. 
Harriet Helen, born February 15th, 1866. 

(6) Sarah Saffronia, was born December 21st, 1807, and 
died, unmaiTied, June 14th, 1831. 

(7) Joseph Addison, and 

(8) Horatio Nelson, were born on the fifth day of March ^ 
1810. As they grew to manhood, they resembled each other sO' 
closely, in both form and feature, that strangers could never be sure 
which they were addressing. Even their best girls were not al- 
ways certain which was who. 

Addison married Almira Harvey, of Granby, October 5th, 1840.. 


Martha Jane, born December 17th, 1842. Died March 12th^ 
1851, aged eight years. 

Ann Eliza, born October 20th, 1847. Died August 22d, 1867^ 
aged 20. 

Charles, born May 4th, 1852, is now a Station Agent in Bed- 
ford, P. Q. 

Almira H. Jackson, died August 10th, 1853, aged 37 years^ 
leaving Grandma Jackson to care for her children. 

June 13th, 1854, Addison Jackson was married to Ann Stephen 
Small, of Dunham, P. Q^ 


Mary Lilla, born November 14th, 1855, died August 22dv 

Almira Isabella, born August 1st, 1858, married Charles Arthur 
Batcheller, September 27th, 1888. He was born September 24th, 
1858, and their daughter, Mary Elizabeth, October 25th, 1889. 
Post-office, Bedford, 

William Henry was born January 17th, 1867, and is a printer 
in New York. 

Joseph Addison Jackson died July 5th, 1874, aged 64. 

Horatio Nelson Jackson married Eliza Maria Hollister 
July 15th, 1833. Miss Hollister's grandparents, Johnathan and 
Mehitable Hollister, were from Fairfield, Conn., and died in 
Hinesburgh, Vt. 


Jonathan was born March 25th, 1745, and died July 10th, 1837, 
aged 92. His wife was born August 25th, 1747, and died May 
27th, 1831, aged 84. 


Darius, born November 25th, 1765. 

Damarus, born July 25th, 1768. 

Stephen, born May 23d, 1770, died in Akron, New York, 
April 27th, 1848, aged 78. His business was that of mason, and 
the only living child at his death was Eliza. 

Asahel, born September 4th, 1772, died October 17th, 1772. 

Daniel Taylor, born March 4th, 1774, died November 6th, 1775. 

Mary, born August 30th, 1775. 

Jonathan, born December 4th, 1778, died in Fairfax, Vt., un- 
married. May 30th, 1841, aged 63. 

Mehetibel, born June 22d, 1780. 

Rebecca Fairman, born January 24th, 1783, married Gideon 
Draper, of Akron, New York, where their children now reside. 
She died June 11th, 1824, aged 41 years. 

The HoUister Bible was found in the possession of John D. Ish- 
am, Esq., Williston, Vt. 

Samuel Farrand, M. D., was from New Milford, Conn., and 
removed to Hinesburgh in 1793. His brother Daniel was a Con- 
gregational minister in Canaan, Conn., whose son Daniel was a 
lawyer in Burlington, Vt. Another son, Sherman, and five 
daughters, were the fortune of this clergyman. 

Samuel's brother Joseph was a farmer in Hinesburgh, and his 
descendants live in Colchester. 

Dr. Farrand married Anise Washburne, of Sandy Hook, N. 
Y., and their children's names are as follows: (Dates were lost 
in Brome with an account book in 1869.) 

(1) Eliza, married Charles Calkins, and moved with a Ver- 
mont colonv to Michigan. 

(2) Deborah married Andrew Fabrig, of Newton, Conn. 

(3) Nathaniel, married "West." 

(4) Sarah, married Stephen Hollister in 1799, and lived in 
Hinesburgh until 1833, when she moved to Brome, Lower Cana- 
da, where she died April 5th, 1853, aged 78. 

(5) Samuel, married Mary Pratt, a twin sister of Josiah, al- 
ready mentioned. Samuel's daughter Narcissa married Nathaniel 


Pettes, and they had one daughter Louise. His daughter Mary 
married Henry R. Williams, ofBrome. Children, Mary (Paige), 
Sarah, Henry. 

(6) Patience married Heman Chittenden, of Burlington. 

(7) Philo died in Hinesburgh, aged 19. 

(8) Irene died, unmarried, aged 40. 

(9) William married in Rochester, N, Y. 

The children of Stephen, and Sarah Farrand Hollister 
were : 

(1) Eliza Maria, born in Hinesburgh, Vt., July 21st, 1801. 
In 1811 she attended a select school in Vergennes, which was 
taught by Miss Smith, who later married and lived in Montreal. 

She attended Mrs. Willard's school in Middlebury from 1814 to 
1816. She taught thirty terms in Chittenden county successfully. 
In 1830 she taught in Frost Village, Canada, and in 1831 her cous- 
ins, Mary and Narcissa Pratt, attended her school in Brome. Here 
also the youngest son of Squire Jackson was an occasional pupil, 
and engaged her for a long term, which she most faithfully con- 
ducted for forty-eight years. In 1869 she removed to Montreal, 
where she sweetly fell asleep April 14th, 1881. Age 79. 

(2) Stephen Schuyler was born in 1804, and lived eleven 

(3) Samuel Farrand was born March 12th, 1808, and married 
Louisa Isham, May 9th, 1837. 


Sarah H. was born February 26th, 1838. She married Edward 
Morehouse, a U. S. soldier, February 25th, 1867, and resides in 
Topeka, Kansas. 

Henry Hollister was born January 19th, 1840, and married Ma- 
bel C. Talcott, March 27th, 1861. Died July 9th, 1867. He was 
a druggist in Iowa, and left five children in Volga City, Iowa. 

Helen Augusta Hollister was born December 2d, 1842, and 
married Horace Mead, December 20th, 1860. The children were 
Carrie and Grant. 

Mr. Mead died in Hinesburgh, Vt., and some years later she 
married James S. Collins, Esq., of Topeka, Kans., where she has 
a pleasant home. 


Samuel Farrand Hollister died in Saint George, Vt., January 
18th, 1846, aged 38. His widow, Louisa, married George Saxton, 
and they had one son, Horace, who now lives in South Burling- 
ton, and has one daughter. 

Mrs. Louisa Saxton died May 12th, 1881, aged 71, and George 
Saxton died June 5th, 1872, aged 67. 

The fourth child of Stephen and Sarah Hollister, Betsy Ann, 
■died in 1815, aged two years. 

Children of H. N. and E. M. Jackson. Joseph Addison Jack- 
son, Jr., was born June 18th, 1834. He received his education 
at the High school at Fi'ost Village, the Academies at Bakersfield 
and Barre, and the Medical Department of the University of Ver- 
mont, where he took his degree of M. D. in 1864, and in March, 
1879, the degree of M. D. C. M. at McGill University. Novem- 
ber 8th, 1859, he married Elizabeth Mary Hungerford, who died 
October 10th, i860. January 11th, 1864, he married Ellen Maria 
Schofield, of St. Armand, who was born November 13th, 1839. 


Alice Maria, born August 22d, 1865, died September 5th of 
same year, aged two weeks. 

Alice Maria, 2d, born Januar}- 12th, 1870, died September 1st, 
1870, age eight months. 

Eva Ellen, born January 24th, 1875. 

Addison Henry, born August 13th, 1877, died July 17th, 1878, 
aged 11 months. 

Ellen Jackson died August 9th, 1878, in St. Armand, aged 39. 

August 20th, 1879, Dr. Jackson married Alice Rowell, of Law- 
renceville, N. Y. Her birthday was July 31st, 1856, and a son 
was given her, Clarence Addison, September 21st, 1880. Their 
home is in Manchester, N. H. 

Samuel Nelson Jackson was born in Brome, December 21st, 
1838. He was educated in Shelburne, Omaha, Neb., and Barre, 
Vt., as well as in Toronto and Monti'eal. His ordination was 
April 4th, 1866, and his marriage to Mary Ann Parkyn, of Mon- 
treal, took place April 26th, 1866. She was born February 22d, 


Maggie Parkyn, born October 14th, 1868, died September 28th, 
1869, aged 11 months. 


Forrest Holmes, born March 13th, 1870, died August 18th, 
1870, aged 5 months. 

John Hohnes, born March 21st, 1871. 

Horatio Nelson, born March 25th, 1872. 

William Parkyn, born March 18th, 1873. 

Samuel Hollister, born December 7th, 1875. 

Joseph Addison, born August 2d, 1878. 

Holmes is a dentist in Barre, Vt., being a graduate from the 
Phila. Dental College, and Nelson is a student of medicine in Bur- 
lington. The other three are at their home in Kingston. In 
1871 the degree of M. D. was conferred on Rev. Mr. Jackson, and 
June 16th, of the same year, he was installed pastor of Zion 
Church, Toronto. September 5th, 1877, he was installed in 
Kingston, Ont. Since that time he has served as Chairman of the 
Congregational Union of Canada, 1881, and also as editor of the 
"Canadian Independent." In 1884 he was made Lecturer in the 
Congregational College, Montreal. June 17th, 1891, he sailed 
for Europe with Dr. J. A. Jackson. 

John Henry Jackson was born April 19th, 1844. Received the 
degree of M. D. from the Med. Dep. U. V. M. in June, 1865. 
Married Anna Dutton Wells June 24th, 1867. Their son, Joseph 
Wells, was born April 25th, 1868, in Stockholm, N. Y. 

Anna Dutton Jackson was born July 5th, 1847, and died No- 
vember 29th, 1868. Her father, Thomas Wright Wells, was born 
in Plymouth, Conn., August 9th, 1815, and died March 12th, 
1876, aged 61. Her mother, Susan Smith Morse, was born in 
Litchfield, Conn., February 1st, 1814, and died July 27th, 1872, 
aged 58. Her brother, Joseph DeWitt Wells, was born April 
28th, 1844, and died September 5th, 1866, aged 22. Another 
brother, Wallace Herbert Wells, was born December 23d, 1849, 
and has been Postmaster many years in Brasher Falls, N. Y. He 
also has a daughter, Anna. Dr. Jackson married Cora Augusta 
Wood, December 24th, 1869. She was born October 30th, 1844. 


Arthur Wood, born December 16th, 1871, baptized July 7th, 
1872, died October 13th, 1886. 
Fred Kinney, born March 14th, 1874, baptized July 22d, 1875. 
Harry Hollister, born August 30th, 1884, baptized June 21st, 1885. 


Dr. Jackson was a member of the Hovise of Representatives in 
1878, and was made Professor of Physiology in 1882. The hon- 
orary degree of Master of Arts was confeiTed on him in July, 
1884, and in 1890 he was a delegate to the British Medical Asso- 
ciation, and the International Medical Congress at Berlin. In 
1888 he received the 33 ^ in Masonry. 

Dr. Joseph W. Jackson is a practitioner of medicine in Bai're. 
June 23d, 1887, H. Nelson Jackson married Mrs. Miriam Huse 
Babcock, of Albany, Vt., and now lives at Cote St. Paul, Mon- 

Mrs. Cora W. Jackson is a native of Barre, and a descendant 
of Israel Wood, one of the early settlers of the town. He was 
born March loth, 1766, in Westminster, Mass. He married Aba- 
GAiL Wheeler, of the same town, January 22d, 1800, and died 
September 26th, 1846, aged 80. 

Abagail's brother, Josiah Wheeler, was born July 19th, 1785, 
and he married Betsy Puffer, who was born March 19th, 1788. 


Josiah A., born September 1st, 1808. 
Betsy, born January 4th, 1814. 

Newell R., born May 6th, 1816, died March 28th, 1853, leav- 
ing a son, Francis Edward. 

t:> . "V-. h born Noveinber 15th, 1818. 
l^rancis D., j ' 

Orange, born April 24th, 1821. 

Mary A., born September 21st, 1823. 

Caroline, born May 10th, 1827. 

Martha M., born January 9th, 1829. 

Harriet W., born August loth, 1832. 

Abagail Wheeler (Wood) was born February 5th, 1774, died Jan- 
uary 7th, 1847, aged 73. 

William Wood emigrated to New England in 1638, at the 
age of 56, and settled at Concord, Mass. He died there May 14th, 
1671, aged 89. He came to this country with his nephew, the 
Hon. Thomas Flint, who came from Matlock, Derbyshire, Eng- 
land. He left an only son, Michael Wood, and a daughter 
Ruth, the wife ofCapt. Thomas Wheeler. William Wood, "from 


his connections, and other circumstances, is supposed to have 
been the acute author of a book entitled, 'New England's Pros- 

Michael, son of William Wood, died at Concord, Mass., May 
13th, 1674. His children were Abraham, Isaac, Thomas, Jacob, 
John, and Abigail, who married Stephen Hosmer. 

Abraham, son of Michael Wood, died at Sudbury, Mass., in 
1742. His children were Samuel, Cornelius, Hannah, Rebecca, 
Ruth, Abigail and Nathan. Samuel settled in what is now 
Northboro, Mass., where many of his descendants ai-e still living. 
Cornelius settled in vSudbuiy, Mass. Hannah married Daniel 
Walker, and settled in Westminster, Mass. Ruth married Daniel 
Goodnow, and settled in Sudbury, Mass. Rebecca married 

Cutler, and settled in Sudbury, Mass. Abigail married 

Dea. James Walker, and settled in Westminster, Mass. 

Dea. Nathan Wood, youngest son of Abraham Wood and 
Hannah, his wife, was born in Concord, Mass., March 24, 1723, 
where he resided until about 6 years of age. He then removed 
with his father to Sudbury, Mass., where he lived until the age 
of 26 or 27, when he married Rebecca Haynes, daughter of 
Ahijah Haynes, of Sudbury. The following is the certificate of 
their marriage, found on tlie records of that town: — "Nathan 
Wood and Rebecca Haynes, both of Sudbury, were married at 
Sudbury, May the 2d, 1750, by me tlie subscriber, Israel Loring." 

Soon after his marriage he removed to Stow, Mass., where he 
hired a farm for four or five years, on which he remained until the 
expiration of that time. He then removed v^^ith his family (which 
consisted of one daughter and three sons) to Westminster, Mass., 
in June, 1756. He died there June 17, 1777, in the 55th (accord- 
ing to the date of his birth in the Records ol Concord) year of his 
age. His family consisted of 15 children, who were all living at 
his decease, and able to follow him to the grave. After his death, 
his widow was married to Mr. Nathan Howard, with whom she 
lived more than forty years, until her death, March 20th, 1819, 
aged 87. 

The following is a record of the family of Nathan Wood and 
Rebecca Haynes : 

* Shattuck's History of Concord, p. 388. 



June 17, 1777. ) 
March 20, 1819. J 

Born. Married. 

Nathan Wood, March 24, 1723. > ^ ^ 
Rebecca Haynes, Feb. 26, 1732. j J -• /> • 

Their children were as follows : 

Lucy, (Mrs. Barnard) born April 10, 1751 : living May 1847, aged 96 
Nathan, ..." Nov. 7, 1752 

Ahijah, ..." Feb. 15, 1754: " 

27, 1755; " 

5, 1757; " May 8, 1795, 

4, 1759; " O'^t- ^4' 183I' 

26, 1761 ; " Oct. 28, 1828, 


Rebecca. (Mrs. Graves,) 

Hannah, (Mrs, Hoar,) 

Samuel. . 

Moses, ? T- • 

Aaron, r^^"'' . 



Ruth, (Mrs. Everett,) 

Abigail, (Mrs. Baker,) ' 

Ezekiel, ... 

Nahum, . . . ' 








Died Jan 6, 1841, 

July 24, 1840, " 86 
March 23, 1846, " 90 




18, 1762; Drown'dDec. II, '77, 

19, 1762; Died July 4, 1815, 

2, 1764; " Dec. 8, 1812, 

15, 1766; " Sep. 26. 1846, 

r, 1768; " Feb. 2, 1820, 

9, 1769; living May, 1847, 

25, 1772; Died May 30, 1812, 

" April 5, 1776; " July 3, 1825. 

Ezekiel's children were Judith (Keith), who died March 31st, 
1886, aged 84, Drusilla (Leach), Ezekiel Haynes, Stillman and 
Martha (Miller). 

Ezekiel Haynes Wood married Emily Foss May 23d, 1830. 
She was born January 30th, 1811, and died September 17th, 1877. 
Ezekiel died January 4th, 1890. 


Joseph Orville was born February 16th, 1831, married Mercy 
N. Wilson February 14th, 1861, and their home is Los Vegas, N. 
M. Their children are Willie Orville, born October 15th, 1863 ; 
Albert Thomas, April 27th, 1866 ; Hattie Ann (Rogers), Septem- 
ber 28th, 1867, married in April, 1890 ; Rose, born May, 1869, 
and Ellen May, born in June, 1870. 

Myra Wood was born October 2d, 1834, married Kimball L 
Bancroft February 15th, 1859, and their daughter, Emily Ida, 
was born October 31st, 1862. 

Augustus Wood was born July 4th, 1836, and died October 4th, 

Phebe Wood was born July 18th, 1838, married Henry P. Gale 
February 20th, 1861, and their daughter, Amy Ellen, was born 
February 20th, 1867. Mr. Gale died in December, 1870. 


Ellen Wood was born October 8th, 1841, married Daniel H. 
Clark May 15th, 1862, and died October 8th, 1869. Their daugh- 
ter, Vettie Amanda, was born December 30th, 1866. 

Joel Baker Wood was born May 13th, 1843. 

Sarah Ann Wood was born August 25th, 1844, and married 
Horatio N. Bailey, February 20th, 1879. Their daughter, Dru- 
silla Wood Bailey, was born September 4th, 1880, and Clyde 
Russell Bailey November 26th, 1881. 

Emily Jane Wood was born November 20th, 1845, and married 

" Charles H. Page October 4th, 1864. Their daughter, Judith 

Wood Page, was born May 4th, 1872, and died January 24th, 

1889. Gertrude Miller Page was born September 14th, 1874, and 

died April 14th, 1875. 

Drusilla Wood was born June 15th, 1847, married Dr. H. O. 
Worthen September 7th, 1865, and died February 22d, 1869. 

Ida Isabel Wood was born October 6th, 1852, and died April 
25th, 1853. 

Stillman Wood was born in Barre, December 6th, 1808, and 
died September 28th, 1884. His wife, Harriet Clark, was born 
August 27th, 1808. Siie died July 20th, 1873. 

Their son Henry was born January 16th, 1834, and married 
Margaret Osborn Baker at Iowa City, Iowa, October 10th, 1860. 


William Henry was born at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September 
15th, 1862, and died April 26th, 1863. Helen Maria, born in 
Chicago, 111., October 27th, 1877, died in Boston, May 29th, 1888. 

Helen Maria Wood was born April 11th, 1841, and married 
Rufus Bennett Fowler, November 17th, 1875. 


Henry Wood, born in Worcester, Mass., November 11th, 1876. 
Susan Bennett, born January 1st, 1885. 

Mrs. Sarah M. Pinks Wood was born January 6th, 1826, and 
died February 16th, 1890. 


(1) Abigail, born March 5th, 1801, died August 11th, 1807, 
aged six years. 


(2) Abraham, born May 19th, 1803, died December loth, 
1869. aged 67. He married Pamela Lyman, of Norwich, who 
died March 2od, 1867, aged 62, and their children are Abigail 
(Dodge), Harvey, Mary Ann (Dow), and Theodore. Theodore's 
children are : 

Chester J., born April 21st, 1866. 
Abram, born June 12th, 1868. 
Alice R., born June 12th, 1870. 
Addison B., born July 6th, 1872. 
Royal L., born April 17th, 1875. 
Mabel W., born August 4th, 1877. 
Blanche T., born January 3d, 1880. 
Percy T., born June 2d, 1882. 
Evelyn A., born March 30th, 1885. 

(3) Israel Wood was born March 27th, 1805, married Joanna 
Foss, and died December 30th, 1849, aged 44. No children. 

(4) Josiah Wood, born April 8th, 1807, married Lydia Taft. 
Died without children, November 25th, 1884. 

(5) Lewis Wood was born February 19th, 1809, married Ruby 
Bancroft, and their children were Emeline (Jacobs), Elizabeth 
(Freeman), who died July 4th, 1873, aged 30, her daughter, 
Cora Freeman (Carpenter), died March 2d, 1889, aged 22, 
leaving a daughter, Grace, who died Jmie 10th, 1889, and her 
son, Walter, March 3d, 1874, aged 8. Israel, born April 19th, 
1845, Ezekiel and Albert. Ezekiel died April 11th, 1891. 
Lewis Wood died August 1st, 1876. 

(6) Leonard Wood was born November 29th, 1810. He 
married Angeline Ripley, and their children are Alma (Clough), 
Lorenzo, David, Rev. Josiah Wood, of Baraboo, Wis., and Mary. 

(7) Joshua was born March 9th, 1813, and died March 19th, 
aged 10 days. 

(8) Huldah was born April 8th, 1814, and died May 16th, 
1836, aged 22. 

(9) Abel Wood was born March 12th, 1816. He married 
Cynthia Mary Kinney May 25th, 1843. Their children were 
CoRALiNN Augusta, born October 30th, 1844, and James 
Clement, born July 11th, 1846. He died April 9th, 1869, aged 23. 

Cora's great-grandfather, Daniel Kinney, was born in Dunsta- 
ble, N. H., October 8th, 1755, and died September 29th, 1817, 


aged 62. His wife, Ann Park, was born in Boston, July, 1761, 
and died April 17th, 1843, aged 82. Their marriage was January 
18th, 1780, and their children were: 

(a) Dorcas, born August 23d, 1781. She married Caleb Al- 
exander, and died in Northfield. 

{5) John, born December 31st, 1783, married Mahala Gale, 
who died December 15th, 1832, aged 45. 


(1) Lucy, born July 7th, 1811, married Solomon Wood, and 
had one daughter, Mrs. O. H. Reed. Mrs. Wood died March 
16th, 1875, aged 63. 

(2) Emeline, born August I7th, 1816, died, unmarried, March 
23d, 1839. 

(3) Mary Ann was born August 20th, 1820, and died No- 
vember 12th, 1848. 

(4) John Elhanan was born May 17th, 1826, married Mary 
Noyes, and lives in Decatur, 111. John Kinney died March 17th, 
1863, aged 79. 

(c) Daniel Kinney was born March llth, 1788, and married 
Betsey Culver, who died August 6th, 1856, aged 62. Their only 
child, Betsey Ann (Bunnell,) died August llth, 1878, aged 48. 
Daniel died March 3d, 1843, aged 55. 

(d) James Kinney was born July 29th, 1790, in Jafirey, N. 
H. He married Esther Mower, a daughter of Thomas Mow- 
er, in May, 1815. James Kinney died November 16th, 1871, 
aged 81. 

Samuel, Thomas and Joanna Mower came from England to 
Massachusetts in 1714. Samuel settled in Maiden, Thomas in 
Topsfield, and Joanna, who remained unmarried, in Boston. She 
was manager of an inn, which had for many years the sign of a 

Thomas Mower, 2d, married Mary Kinney, May 5th, 1752. 


Mary, born January 30th, 1753, 
Abigail, born November 18th, 1754. 
Hannah, born October 7th, 1756. 
Elizabeth, born November 13th, 1758. 
Lois, born February 24th, 1761. 


Deborah, born December 22d, 1762. 
Thomas, born January 9th, 1765. 
Josiah, born November 27th, 1769. 

Thomas Mower, 3d, married Phebe Thomas, of Jaflrey, N. 
H., September 3d, 1793, who was born September 30th, 1772. 
She died April 19th, 1810. 


{a.) Esther Kinney was born August 17th, 1794, and died 
June 7th, 1872, aged 77. Her eldest son was Liberty Thomas Kin- 
ney, born March 11th, 1816, married Caroline Wheeler March 11th, 
1842. Died April 17th, 1891, aged 74. Their son, Curtis Wheel- 
er Kinney, died December 7th, 1862, aged 19. Their daughter 
Carrie died October 5th, 1853, aged 6 weeks. Another daughter, 
Mary Alice Kinney, was born September 1st, 1846, and married 
George E. C. Wheaton January 1st, 1866. They had one daugh- 
ter, Carrie Alice Wheaton, born in August, 1867, married Elmer 
E. Owen, of Barre, January 1st, 1890. Their daughter, Lena 
Ellen Owen, was born December 12th, 1890. The second child 
of James and Esther Kinney was Cynthia Mary, born Octo- 
ber 11th, 1820. She married Abel Wood, and her children were 
Cora Augusta, and James Clement. She resides with her 
daughter, Mrs. Jackson, in Barre, Vt. The third cliild of James 
and Esther Kinney was Esther Ann, born April 17th, 1828, and 
died unmarried, November 17th, 1881, aged 53. Hers was a pure- 
ly unselfish life. 

(d.) Ezi-a Thomas Mower was born June 24th, 1796. He mar- 
ried Sally Webster and died January 29th, 1848, and their children 
were, (1) Phebe (Martin,) born April 10th, 1820. She married 
Lyman Martin, and their children are Ann (Green), Alice (Lynde), 
Frank Martin and Frances (Lynde). (2) David Webster Mower, 
was born April 18th, 1822, and married vSarah Ann Eastman Oc- 
tober 1st, 1846, died February 26th, 1891. Their children were 
George Alson, born December 13th, 1853, died December 13th, 
1854. Willie David, born July 4th, 1856, died June 30th, 1862. 
(3) Denison S. Mower was born March 12th, 1824. He married 
Amanda Hayden, and afterwards Lorinda Gale. His children 
are Ezra Thomas, and George, who died in infancy. Ezra 
Thomas married Emma Nye, and their child is Willie. (4) Anne 
was born November 25th, 1826, married Hawley Gale, and 


their children are Wilbur, died December 10th, 1858, Willis, and 
Nettie (Elder.) (5) Jennett was born July 16th, 1828, married 
Hiram S. Martin, and their children are Ella, who died at 12, Liz- 
zie, who married B. F. Robinson, Burton C, who married Ma- 
bel Darling, Frank B. married Hattie Crawford. (6) Mary 
Mower, born May 29th, 1833, was a teacher in Barrc Academy, 
and died December 26th, 1853. (7) Charles, died December 4th, 
1858, aged 12. (8) Columbus, died in infancy. 

(c.) Olive Mower was born January 10th, 1798. She married 
John Martin, of Williamstown, and died childless. 

(d.) Polly was born March 3 1st, 1800, and died June 10th, 1800. 

(e.) Polly, born October 28th, 1802, and married Ariel Albee, 
who died October 1st, 1884. She died in 1872. Her children were 
Phebe Thomas, who was born May 3d, 1835, and married Seth 
Conant, of Hardwick. She died June 14th, 1885. Luciiia Sabra 
Albee was born November 22d, 1838, and married William L. 
Pearl, of Saint Johnsbury. Their children are Lilian, Bertha and 

(e) Ephraim Kinney was born March 23d, 1793, married 
Avis Moody, and died December 27th, 1872, aged 79. 

(/") Lydia Kinney was born March 1st, 1797, and died Jan- 
uary 18th, 1888, aged 90. She never married. 

^HE old^ old fashion^ Death! 7 he fashro?i^ which 
%P came with our jftrst parents^ and shall coiitin7ie^ ?in- 
til the heavens be rolled together as a scroll. The old, old 
fashion. Death ! (9, thank God, all who hear it, for the old- 
er fashion yet of IMMORTALITY I" 


^»!l'' .A'' '\J JJJ_i Jj.