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Lebanon Valley College 

Vol. XXVI MARCH, 1938 

No. 12 

Jjeparlmenl of Jnadc 




.«^— ' 

Entered as second class matter at AnnvUle, Pa., under the Act of August 24, 1912 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


CLYDE ALVIN LYNCH, A.M., B.D., D.D., Ph.D., President 
MARY KDrrH GILLESPIE, B.S., M.A., Director 

Music Education 












Harmony, Composition, Eurythmics 

Band and Orchestra Instruments, Chorus 

Band and Orchestral Instruments 
D. CLARK CARMEAN, A.I',.. Al..\. 

Engle Conservatory of Music 

Department of M.nsic 

Mary E. Gillespie, b.s., m.a. 

Director of Comervatory of Music 

Training: Valparaiso University; Oberlin 
Conservatory of Music; B.S. (1926), M.A. 
(1934), Teachers College, Columbia University. 
Experience : Grade teaching in city and rural 
schools. State of Indiana ; Supervisor of Alusic, 
Public Schools, Scottsburg, Ind. ; Supervisor of 
Music, Public Schools, Braddock, Pa. ; Director 
of Alusic Department, Universitv of Delaware, 
1925-1930; present position, 1930— 

Ruth Engle Bender, a.b,, Piano 

Training: A.B. (1915), Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege ; Oberlin Conservatory of Music ; Teach- 
ers Diploma (1918), New England Conserva- 
tory of Music ; advanced private study with 
Lee Pattison, Ernest Hutcheson, Francis 
}iloore, and Frank LaForge ; graduate courses 
at Columbia University and at New York 
University : ]\Iaster classes with Sascha (lorod- 
nitzki, summers 1935, 1937. 
Experience : Professional accompanist New 
York City; ensemble playing with members of 
New York Symphony Orchestra; active as 
soloist and accompanist in musical organiza- 
tions throughout Eastern Pennsylvania; In- 
structor in Theory and Piano, Lebanon Valley 
College Conservatory of Music; Director of 
Lebanon Vallev College Conservatorv of Music, 
1924-1930; present position, 1930— " 

R. Porter Campbell, mus.b.. Organ 

Training: Diploma in Piano ( 1915), Diploma in 
Organ (1916), Lebanon Valley College Conser- 
vatory of Music; Mus.B. (1910), Lebanon Val- 
ley College Conservatory of Music ; advanced 
private study with Aloys Kramer and Arthur 
Friedhan ; private study in New York and 
Italy with Pietro Yon, Italian organist ; private 
studv with Alexander McCurdv, Jr., Organ 
teacher, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, 1935-38. 
Experience : Recitals and concert work both in 
U. S. and abroad (St. Peters, Rome, Milan, 
and Settimo A'ittone) ; Instructor in Piano and 
Theory, Lebanon Valley College Conservatory 
of Music ; organist and choirmaster. Seventh 
Street Lutheran Church, 1921-1924 and St. 
Luke's Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Pa., 
1924 — ; present position, 1930 — 

Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Alexander Crawford, Voice 

Training : Early instruction from Alexander 
Crawford, senior, Glasgow, Scotland ; private 
study with William Shakespeare, London, Eng- 
land, Deems Taylor, Percy Rector Stephens 
and Douglas Stanley, M.S., New York City ; 
Member of the British & American Acoustical 
Societies, 1935 & 1936. 

Experience : Concert, oratorio, and operatic 
work throughout the U. S. and Germany ; pri- 
vate teaching, London, England, Denver, Colo- 
rado, and New York, 1923-1927; present posi- 
tion, 1927— 

Harold Malsh, Violin 

Training: Graduate, 1923, Institute of Musical 
Art, New York ; private study, David No- 
winski. Philadelphia, Pa., Ottaker Cadek, New 
York City. 

Experience : Instructor in Violin, ]\lusic and 
Art Institute, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; private 
teaching. New York City ; member Harrisburg 
String Quartet and Harrisburg Symphony ; 
concert work throughout Eastern U. S. ; pres- 
ent position, 1924 — 

Ella R. Mover, b.s., m.a. 

Harmony, Composition, Eurythmics 

Training: Teacher's Diploma, 1915, Sternberg 
School of Music, Philadelphia, Pa. ; diploma, 
1920, Institute of Musical Art, New York; 
graduate Fontainebleau School of Music, Fon- 
tainebleau, France; B.S., 1927, and M.A., 1932, 
New York University. 

Experience : Head of Theory and Piano De- 
partment, Westminster College, New Wilming- 
ton, Pa. ; Head of Theory and Piano Depart- 
ment, Chatham Hall, Chatham, Va. ; Instructor 
of Piano, New York University ; Instructor in 
Music, State Teachers College, California, Pa., 
1929-1931 ; present position, 1931— 

Department of Aiusic 

Edward P. Rutledge, b.s., m.a. 

Band and Orchestra histntinciits and 
Choral Groups 

Training : Two years' study at Institute of 
Musical Art, New' York; B.S., 1925, and M.A., 
1931, Teachers College, Columbia University ; 
Westminster Choir Summer School, 1935. 
Experience : Director High School Orchestra 
and Band. Ottumwa, Iowa; Director, High 
School Chorus, Social Motive School, New 
York ; Director School Orchestra, Edgewater, 
N. J. ; Supervisor of Music, Public Schools, 
Neodesha, Kansas ; Instructor in Music Edu- 
cation, Summer Sessions, Columbia University, 
1926-1932; Instructor, Summer Session, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1937, 1938; present 
positirm, 1931 — 

D. Clark Carmean, a.b., m.a. 
Band and Orchestra Iiistrunients 

rmininy: A.B. (1926), Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, Delaware, Ohio; M.A. (1932), Teach- 
ers College, Columbia University. 
Experience : Instructor of Music, Logan and 
Alarion Counties, Ohio; Supervisor of Music, 
Erie County, Ohio; Instructor of Music, Cleve- 
land City Schools ; Supervisor of Music, Neo- 
desha, Kansas; present position, 1933 — 

Nella Miller, b.s., m.a., Piano 

Traininq: Tuilliard (Graduate School of Music, 
N. Y. City." 1925-1933; B.S., Teachers College, 
Columbia University, N. Y. City, 1934 ; private 
study in N. Y. with Carl Friedberg and Olga 
SamarofF ; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia 
University, N. Y., 1935. 

Experience : New York debut in Town Hall 
under auspices of Juilliard School of Music ; 
New York Recital, 1930; complete chamber 
ninsic of Brahms in eight concerts. New York. 
1932; Teacher of piano, Juilliard Graduate 
School of Music, 1930-1933; private teaching 
in New York Citv, 1929 — ; present position, 

Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Benjamin Owen, Piano 

Training : Bohlman School of Music, A'lem- 
phis, Tenn., 1924-1931 ; private study in N. Y. 
with Josef and Rosina Lhevinne, 1931-1932, 
1934; Alexander Siloti, 1932—; Fellowship 
luilliard Graduate School of Music, N. Y., 

Experience : Recitals in South and West, 
1928-1935; Soloist with orchestra of Juilliard 
Graduate School, May 9, 1936; Broadcasts 
over stations KFI and KFAC, Los Angeles, 
Calif., 1935-1936; Instructor of Piano, Juil- 
liard Graduate School, 1935 — ; Instructor of 
Piano. Lebanon A^alley College Conservatory 
of A/fusic, 1936— 

JuDSON House, Voice 

Traininc/: Honorary degree, i\I.M., Valpa- 
raiso University, 1924; pupil of Dr. Max 
Reinhardt, Frank LaForge, and Adelaide 

Experience : Principal tenor, Philadelphia 
Civic Opera Company, 1929-1933; teacher of 
voice. New York studio, 1927-1937; concert 
and oratorio appearances with leading festival 
and symphony orchestras of the United States 
and Canada ; principal tenor of the National 
Broadcasting Company, 1927-1936; Summer 
Opera Director, Chautauqua, N. Y., 1929- 
1930 ; Vocal Master classes, Brenau College, 
Gainesville, Ga., Lander College, Greenville, 
S. C, 1930-1936; Vocal Instructor, Lebanon 
Valley College Conservatorv of Music, 1937 — 

Department of Music 


'' I "*HE aim of Lebanon Valley College Conservatory is to teach music 
-■- historically and aesthetically as an element of liberal culture ; to 
offer courses that will give a thorough and practical understanding of 
theory and composition; and to train artists and teachers. 


An applicant for admission must ( 1 ) be a graduate of a four-year 
High School, and (2) possess a reasonable amount of musical intel- 
ligence and accomplishment, such as: 

(a) The possession of an acceptable singing voice and of a fairly 
quick sense of tone and rhythm; 

(b) Ability to sing at sight hymn and folk tunes with a fair degree 
of accuracy and facility; 

(c) Ability to play the piano or some orchestral instrument repre- 
senting two years' study. 


For Training Supervisors and Teachers of Public School Music 
(B.S. in Music Education) 

This course has been approved by the State Council of Education 
for the preparation of supervisors and teachers of public school music. 
The outline of the curriculum follows: 

First Semester Class Semester 

Hours Hrs. Credit 

^Introduction to Teaching 3 3 

(Includes social guidance on the campus) 

*Kiigli,sh In 3 3 

Harmony 313 3 3 

Sio-ht Readiii,^- 11 3 VA 

Dictation 21 3 IJ^ 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings (Vio- 
lin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, 
Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, French 
Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion In- 
struments. Chorus, Orchestra and Band. Work 

arranged for greatest benefit of students 9 3 

^Physical Education I 3 1 

27 16 

Second Semester 

*I':nglisli 1'. 3 3 

♦English Activities 3 3 

(Includes library work, public speaking, and 


lO--^^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

o JO i /-I ^' J Class Semester 

Second Semester — Continued Hours Hrs. Credit 

Harnionv 323 3 3 

Sight Reading 12 3 lj4 

Dictation 22 3 Ij^ 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings 

(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, 

Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 

French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 

Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. 

Work arranged for greatest benefit of students 9 3 

*Physical Education II 3 1 

27 16 
Third Semester 

*Science I — Biology 4 3 

(Includes the physiology of the nervous system 

as a basis of psychology) 

*History of Civilization 3 3 

Harnionv 333 3 3 

Sight Reading 13 3 VA 

Dictation 23 3 VA 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ, Strings 

(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, 

Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 

French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 

Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. Work 

arranged for greatest benefit of students 9 3 

Kurythniics 831 3 J_ 

28 16 
Fourth Semester 

*Psychology I 3 3 

*Literature I or Literature II 3 3 

Harmony 342 2 2 

Elements of Conducting 642 2 2 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings 

(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, 

Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 

French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 

Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. 

Work arranged for greatest benefit of students 9 3 

^laterials 443 3 3 

^ T6 

Fifth Semester 
*Educational Sociology 3 3 

Harmony 352 2 2 

History of Music 553 3 3 

Materials 453 3 3 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings 

(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, 

Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 

French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 

Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. 

Work arranged for greatest benefit of students 12 4 

Eurythniics 861 3 1 

26" 16 

Department of Music "-^^ll 

Sixth Semester Hours Hrs. Credit 

♦American Government 3 .5 

Harmony .^(i3 3 3 

Plistory of Music 3'i3 3 3 

Materials 4()3 3 3 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings 

(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), V^oodwinds (Flute, 

Oboe, Clarinet. Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 

French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 

Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. 

Work arranged for greatest benefit of students. . 12_ ^ 

(Includes instrumental class methods) 24 16 

Seventh Semester 

* Student Teaching and Conft-rences 777 10' j 7 

*Technique of Teaching 1 1 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings 

(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, 

Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 

French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 

Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. 

Work arranged for greatest benefit of students 6 2 

Elective (§Music Appreciation or Elective) ...... 3 3 

Elective (§Advanced Problems in Conducting or 

Elective) _3_ _3 

23Ki 16 

Eighth Semester 

•History and Philosophy of Education 4 4 

(Includes History of Education in Pennsylvania 
and School Law) 

*Student Teaciiinj>' and Conferences 787 l()'/> 7 

*Technique of Teaching 1 I 

Private Study — Voice, Piano, Organ; Strings 
(Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Bass), Woodwinds (Flute, 
Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon), Brasses (Trumpet, 
French Horn, Trombone, Tuba), and Percussion 
Instruments. Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. 
Work arranged for greatest benefit of students 3 1 

Elective (§ Organizing and Rehearsing of School 

Orchestras and Bands, or Elective) _3_ _3 

21^ 16 

Core 36 semester hours 

Student Tech. 16 
Theory 33 

Practical 34 

Elective Q 


■ — Cure Snlijects. 5 — Elective tor Teacliers aiKl Sniiervi>(ir- nt Music. 




Department of M.usic -•"^13 


First Year 

Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Sight Singing 1 1 and 12 4 

Sight Playing • 1 

Harmony 313 and 323 6 

English 16 ■ 6 

Dictation 2 ! and 22 4 

Elective 6 

Physical Education 2 


Second Year 

Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Sight Singing 13 3 

Sight Playing • 1 

Harmony 333 and 342 6 

Elective 6 

Harmonic Dictation 23 3 

History and Appreciation of Music 553 and 563 6 

Physical Education 2 


Third Year 

Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Musical Form and Analysis 352 6 

Elective 6 

Elective 6 

Conducting 642 4 

Junior Recital 2 

Eurythmics 831 and 861 2 


Fourth Year 

Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Composition 363 3 

Ensemble Playing 1 

Counterpoint 372 3 

Elective 6 

Elective 6 

Senior Recital 4 


Above Electives may be selected from the college department. 
Students may also elect other courses listed under the Music Education 
course including orchestras, bands, glee club, and instrumental ensembles. 

14-^^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 


Student Teaching. 777-787. Twenty-one hours throughout the year, 
14 semester hours credit. 

The Senior Class of the Music Education course teaches in the 
Derry Township School, at Hershey, Pa., and in the Cornwall School 
District, at Cornwall, Pa. 

This work is done under the guidance of the following faculty: 

Mary E. Gillespie, M.A. Columbia University, Director of the 
Conservatory of Music, Lebanon Valley College. 

Edward P. Rutledge, M.A. CoIuml)ia University, Instructor in 
Band and Orchestra Instruments. 

J. I. Baugher, Ph.D. Columbia University, Supervising Principal 
of Derry Township Schools, Hershey, Pa. 

Esther Bigham, B.S.M. Oberlin Conservatory, Supervisor of 
Music, Derry Township Schools, Hershey, Pa. 

A laboratory fee of $17.50 per semester is charged for student 

College Band. 910-lL Two hours per week. 

Lebanon Valley College maintains a uniformed band, the mem- 
bership of which is made up of college and conservatory stu- 
dents. The band contributes to college life by playing at foot- 
ball games, by appearing on several programs during the year, 
and by providing the musical accompaniment for the annual May 
Day Fete. During the spring several concerts are given in various 
cities of this section of the state. Membership in the band is deter- 
mined by an applicant's ability on his instrument and by the needs 
of the band with respect to maintaining a well-balanced instru- 

Girls' Band. 912-913. Two hours per week. 

This organization is open to girls of the Conservatory and Col- 
lege alike. Membership in this band is determined by the applicant's 
ability on her instrument, and by the needs of the band with respect 
to maintaining a well-balanced instrumentation. The group will par- 
ticipate in a Spring concert. 

Symphony Orchestra. 914-915. Two hours per week. 

The Lebanon Valley College Symphony Orchestra is a musical 
organization of symphonic proportions. Open alike to advanced 
players from the college and the conservatory, the orchestra adheres 
to a high standard of performance. Throughout the school year a 

Department of Music """^15 

professional interpretation of a wide range of standard orchestral 
literature is insisted upon. 

College Orchestra. 916-917. Two hours per week. 

The College Orchestra is open to all members of the Conservatory 
and of the College who are sufficiently qualified to belong to this 

Glee Club. 63-64. Two hours per week. 

The Glee Club is a mixed chorus of selected voices. The personnel 
of the organization, while open to all L. V. C. students, is limited 
to forty members. During the Spring the Club appears in concerts in 
several communities throughout this section of the state. Choral 
literature of the highest type is studied intensively. 

College Chorus. 61-62. Two hours per week. 

The mixed chorus is open to all on the campus who are interested 
in this type of musical performance and who have had some experi- 
ence in singing. 

Instrumental Ensembles. In addition to the larger musical organi- 
zations there is additional opportunity for advanced players to try 

out for such ensembles as: 

(1) String Quartet 

(2) Violin Choir 

(3) Brass Ensemble 

(4) Woodwind Ensemble 

Voice, Piano, Organ, Chorus, Orchestral and Band Instruments. 

The work in the foregoing fields will be organized from the stand- 
point of the development of musicianship in the individual student. 
The work continues through eight semesters and assures a well- 
rounded and many-sided acquaintance with various musical 

Private instruction is provided in Applied Music (Piano, Voice, 
Organ, Violin, and all instruments of orchestra and band). 

Piano: Mrs. Bender, Miss Miller, Mr. Owen. 

Voice: Mr. Craw^ford. Mr. House. 

Organ: Mr. Campbell. 

Violin: Mr. Malsh. 

Brass and Woodwind: Mr. Rutledge. 

Viola, 'Cello, and String Bass: Mr. Carmean. 

A bulletin describing courses in Practical Music will be sent upon 

16^-"^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 


The Conservatory of Music sponsors a Junior Department espec- 
ially adapted to children of elementary or high school age. 

This Junior Department offers either private or class instruction 
in piano and all instruments of the band and orchestra. A desirable 
number for class instruction is from four to six members. 


Music study may be credited toward the A.B. Degree to a total of 
twenty semester houis (five semester hours per year). For such 
credit the requirements are as follows: Two half hour recitations 
per week in Applied Music, two hours per day in practice, two 
hour recitations per week in harmony. 

Before entering upon this course of study the candidate must pass 
the examinations required by the Director of the Conservatory. 

A student desiring credit for this course of study is expected to 
continue the same until graduation. Credit will not ordinarily be 
granted for a single year of study. Only under exceptional conditions 
may such credit be granted by the faculty upon recommendation of 
the Director of the Conservatory. 

The College offers to students of exceptional merit the opportunity 
under careful guidance of arranging special electives either in work 
leading to the A.B. degree or the B.S. degree in Music Education 
(Public School Music), so that upon the attainment of either degree 
the subsequent degree can be earned by taking two or three semesters 
additional work. 


The students' Tuesday evening recital is of inestimable value to all 
students in acquainting them with a wide range of the best musical 
literature, in developing musical taste and discrimination, in afford- 
ing young musicians experience in appearing before an audience, and 
in gaining self-reliance as well as nerve control and stage demeanor. 

Students in all grades appear on the programs of these recitals. 
Each senior is required to appear in one special graduation recital. 


A Matriculation Fee of five dollars must be paid by all full-time 
students who are entering the College or Conservatory for the first 
time. This fee should accompany the application for admission. If a 
student's application is not accepted, the fee will be returned. 

All students not enrolled in regular College or Conservatory Courses 
will be required to pay a matriculation fee of one dollar, once in each 
school year. 

Department of Music "-"^17 

The rates for the Pubhc School Music Supervisors' Course are 
$300 per year, wliich covers not only tuition but also a fee for stu- 
dent activities. 

The Public School Music Supervisors' Course includes two private 
lessons per week, the use of a piano two hours daily for practice, and 
theoretical and college courses not exceeding a total of seventeen 
semester hours each semester. 

Extra hours in theoretical and college courses will be charged at 
the rate of $8.50 per semester hour. 

Private Lessons 

The rates per semester, one lesson per week, are $25.00. 
The rates per semester, one class lesson per week in the Junior 
Department, are $12.00. 

Rent of Practice Instruments 

Piano, one hour daily per semester. ........................ $4.00 

Each additional hour daily per semester. 2.00 

Organ, one hour daily, per semester. 20.00 

Organ, two hours weekly, per semester. .................... 10.00 

Band and Orchestra Instruments, per semester. ............. 6.00 


Regular Conservatory students are not enrolled for a shorter period 
of time than a full semester, or the unexpired portion of a semester; 
and no reduction is made for delay in registering when the time lost 
is less than one-fourth of the semester. 

No reduction is made for absence from recitations except in case of 
protracted illness extending beyond a period of two weeks, in which 
case the loss is shared equally by the college and the student. 

Conservatory students are under the regular college discipline. 


Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Console of the new $20,000 four-manual Moller Organ to be used for 
instructional and devotional purposes in the Conservatory of Music 


GREAT ORGAN (unenclosed) 

Violone 6i Pipes 

Principal 6i Pipes 

Diapason 6i Pipes 

Harmonic Flute 6i Pipes 

Gemshorn 6i Pipes 

4 Octave 6i Pipe: 

4 Flute Overte 6i Pipes 

4 Gemshorn 6i Notes 

i-2/3' Twelfth 61 Pipes 

Fifteenth 6i Pipes 

III Rks. Mixture 163 Pipes 

Chimes (from Solo) 

SWELL ORGAN (enclosed) 


Flute Conique 73 Pipes 

Diapason 73 Pipes 

Rohr Flute 75 Pipes 

Spitz Flute 73 Pipes 

Salicional 73 Pipes 

Vox Celeste 61 Pipes 

Octave 73 Pipes 

SWELL ORGAN (enclosed) 
4 Flute Triangulaire .... 73 Pipes 

4' Salicet 61 Notes 

1 Fifteenth 61 Pipes 

1-3/5' Tierce 61 Notes 

III Rks. Mixture 183 Pipes 

16' Waldhorn 73 Pipes 

8' Trumpet 73 Pipes 

8' Oboe 73 Pipes 

8' Vox Humana 61 Pipes 

4' Clarion 73 Pipes 


CHOIR ORGAN (enclosed) 


Dulciana 97 Pipes 

English Diapason 73 Pipes 

Concert Flute 73 Pipes 

Dulciana 73 Notes 

Unda Maris 75 Pipes 

Flute d'Amour 73 Pipes 

Dulciana 73 Notes 

Unda Maris II 73 Notes 

Department of Music 


CHOIR ORGAN (enclosed) 

z-i/}' Dulciana Twelfth 61 Notes 

2-2/}' Rohr Nazard 61 Pipes 

i' Piccolo 61 Pipes 

2' Dulciana 61 Notes 

8' Clarinet 73 Pipes 

Harp 49 Bars 

Celesta 37 Notes 


SOLO ORGAN (enclosed) 

III Rks. Diapason Chorus 219 Pipes 

8 Gamba 75 Pipes 

S' Gamba Celeste 61 Pipes 

8 Viole Sourdme 73 Pipes 

8' Viole Celeste 61 Pipes 

4 Gamba 61 Notes 

4' Orchestral Flute 73 Pipes 

8 Tromba 73 Pipes 

8' French Horn 73 Pipes 

4' Clarion 61 Note:" 

Chimes 21 Tubes 



II Rks. 


Swell to Great 
Swell to Great 4' 
Swell to Great 16' 
Choir to Great 
Choir to Great 4' 
Choir to Great 16' 
Solo to Great 
Solo to Great 4' 
Solo to Great 16' 
Solo to Choir 
Solo to Choir 4 
Solo to Choir 16' 
Swell to Choir 
Swell to Choir 4' 
Swell to Choir 16' 


Choir 4 

Choir 16' 

Choir Unison Off 

Solo to Swell 

Solo to Swell 4' 

Solo to Swell 16' 

Choir to Swell 

Choir to Swell 4' 

Choir to Swell 16' 

Swell 4' 

Swell lb' 

Swell Unison Off 

Solo 4' 

Solo lb' 

Solo Unison Off 


Diapason 32 Pipes 

Bourdon 32 Pipes 

Violone 32 Notes 

Dulciana 32 Notes 

Flute Conique 32 Notes 

Octave 12 Pipes 

Flute Major 12 Pipes 

Concert Flute 32 Notes 

Gamba 32 Notes 

Dulciana 32 Notes 

Flute 32 Notes 

Quint 32 Notes 

Mixture 64 Pipes 

Trombone 32 Pipes 

Waldhorn 32 Notes 

Trumpet 32 Notes 

Tromba 32 Notes 

Clarion 32 Notes 

Chimes (from Solo) , . 21 Notes 

Great 4' 

Great Unison Off 
Swell to Solo 
Swell to Solo 4' 
Swell to Solo 16' 
Solo to Pedal 
Solo to Pedal 4' 
Swell to Pedal 
Swell to Pedal 4' 
Great to Pedal 
Great to Pedal 4' 
Choir to Pedal 
Choir to Pedal 4' 
Pedal to Pedal Octave 


8 Pistons affecting Swell Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Great Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Choir Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Solo Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Pedal Organ 

10 Pistons affecting Full Organ 

Crescendo Indicator — slide — four stages 

Sforzando Piston and toe stud 

All Swells to Swell Piston and toe stud 

Great to Pedal Reversible 

Swell to Pedal Reversible 

Choir to Pedal Reversible 

Solo to Pedal Reversible 

Balanced Expression Pedal — Choir Organ 
Balanced Expression Pedal — Swell Organ 


Balanced Expression Pedal — Solo Organ 
Balanced Crescendo Pedal 
5 Full organ combination Pistons dupli- 
cated by toe studs 
5 Pedal combination Pistons duplicated 
by toe studs 

Pedal to Swell — On and off 
Pedal to Great — On and off 
Pedal to Choir — On and off 
General Cancel Piston 
Coupler Cancel Piston 
Combinations cut-out with lock 
Electric Clock 
Harp Dampers 
Chimes Dampers 

Department of Music '•^Zl 




Bryan, Frank Albert Piih. Sch. Music 1107 Second Ave Asbury Park N. J. 

Butterwick, Helen Irene Pub. Sch. Music 218 Maple St Annville Penna. 

Cox, Isobel Louise Pub. Sch. Music 23 W. Main St Ephrata Pcnna. 

Fink, Beatrice Lucille Pub. Sch. Music 23 E. Locust St Lebanon Penna. 

Franklin, Nora Mae Pub. Sch. Music 319 Cumberland St Lebanon Penna. 

Hasbrouck, Gerald Laubach Pub. Sch. Music 146 Clymer St Reading Penna. 

Heiland, Greta Annabelle Pub. Sch. Music 23 Henrietta St Red Lion Penna. 

Heller, Russell Kratzer Pub. Sch. Music. .42 N. 5th St Emaus Penna. 

.Tohns, Robert March Pub. Sch. Music. .306 S. 4th St Lebanon Penna. 

Kindt, Emily Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Music. .132 Church St Mohnton Penna. 

Knoll, Kathryn May Pub. Sch. Music Wernersville Penna. 

Maberry, Lucile Smell Pub. Sch. Mu.sic. . 122 Paxson Ave Schuylkill Haven. . . Penna. 

Miller, John Rodger Pub. Sch. Music. .Box 117 Rebersburg Penna. 

Mosher, Rita Marie Pub. Sch. Music. . Simpson Road Mechanicsburg Penna. 

Oyler, Cecil Charles Pub. Sch. Music. .141 Juniper St Harrisburg Penna. 

Ralston, James Henry Pub. Sch. Music. .607 N. 4th St Bellwood Penna. 

Smith, Cyrus Good Pub. Sch. Music. .1224 Oak St Lebanon Penna. 

Yoder, Christine Dorothy Pub. Sch. Music. Pa. Military Reservation . Colebrook Penna. 


Clippinger, Robert Smith Pub. Sch. Music. . 124 \V. Third St. Waynesboro Penna. 

Fridinger, Evelyn Gertrude Pub. Sen. Music. .232 S. Second St Steelton Penna. 

Gangwer, Mildred White Pub. Sch. Music. .20 East Second Ave Lititz Penna. 

Geyer, Grace Eleanor Pub Sch. Music. ,53 Brown St Middletown Penna. 

Himmelbcrger, Helen Irene Pub Sch. Music. .2319 Herr St Harrisburg Penna. 

Hoffman, .Arlene Elizabeth. Pub. Sch. Music 38 W. Main St Ephrata Penna. 

Immler. Luther Henri Pub. Sch. Music R. D. No. 3 Harrisburg Penna. 

Keene, Ruth Catherine Adeline. Pub. Sch. Music 29 E. Maple St Cleona Penna. 

Koenig, William Ferdinand Pub. Sch. Music 914 Spring St Reading Penna. 

Kjum, June Harriett Pub. Sch. Music 112 W. Park Ave Myerstown Penna. 

Marbarger, Jean Isabel , , . Pub. Sch. Music 102 W'. Main St Palmyra Pcnna. 

Meinhardt, Amy Mae Pub. Sch. Music 315 Market St Lykens Penna. 

Niessner, Virginia Helen Pub. Sch. Music 819 Bedford St Johnstown Penna. 

Patschke, Anita Eleanore Pub. Sch. Music 335 Canal St Lebanon Pcnna. 

Ranck, Ida Irene Pub. Sch. Music Bareville Penna. 

Saylor, Eugene Clyde Pub. Sch. Music. ,418 Reynolds Ave Lancaster. Penna. 

Shope, Donald Rcigh Pub. Sch. Music, .R. D. No. 2 Harrisburg Penna. 

Smith, Robert William Pub. Sch. Music. .669 S. 27th St Harrisburg Penna. 

Treo, Marianna Jeanette Pub. Sch. Music. .516 Second St New Cumberland.. Penna. 

Yeakel, Dorothy Adelaide Pub. Sch. Music. .1948 Howard Ave Pottsville Penna. 

Yingst, Kathryn Blossie Pub. Sch. Music. .1012 Walnut St. ..... . Lebanon Penna. 

Yokum, George Eugene, Jr Pub. Sch. Music. ,1627 Derry St. Harrisburg Penna. 

Zeiters, Dorothy Louise Pub. Sch. Music. .124 S. Hanover St Hummelstown Penna. 

Zettlemoyer, Elvin John Pub. Sch. Music. .5410 Hadfield St West Philadelphia, Penna. 


.\lbert Mary Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Music, .134 Canal St Lebanon Penna. 

Bover, Geraldine Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Music. .1951 Zarker St Harrisburg Penna. 

Cailen, Matthew, ,Ir Pub. Sch. Mu.sic. .1713 N. 5th St Harrisburg Penna. 

Cook, Lucie Helen Irene Pub. Sch. Music . . R. D. No. 1 Dauphin Penna. 

Cotroneo. Mary .Ann Pub. Sch. Music. .336 Cypress Ave Johnstown Penna. 

Druck, Margaret Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Music. . 140 S. Franklin St Red Lion Penna. 

Geesey, Claude Dennis Pub. Sch. Music. .17 E. 3fd St Boyertown Penna. 

Hershey, Ruth Evelyn Pub. Sch. Music. . 224 Java Ave Hershey Penna. 

Hoffman, Henry Frankhn Pub. Sch. Music. .929 Pear St Reading Penna. 

Klopp, Orval Woodrow Pub. Sch. Music. R. D. No. 3 Myerstown Penna. 

Kreider, Christine Evelyn Pub. Sch. Music. .241 S. 4th St Lebanon Penna. 

Lester, Phihp Howard Pub. Sch. Music Wilhamstown Penna. 

Morrison, Anna Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Music. .534 Pine St Steelton Penna. 

Rider, Clayton Merle Pub. Sch. Music. 226 W. Water St Middletown Pcnna. 

Schlosser, Verna Mae Pub. Sch. Music. .R. D. No. 2 Myerstown Pcnna. 

Sehock, Jeanne Elisabeth Pub. Sch. Music. 33 Frank St Mount Joy Penna. 

Strohman, H. Herbert Pub. Sch. Music. 403 N. 10th St Lebanon Penna. 

Wise, Esther Naomi Pub. Sch. Music. Broad St Elizabethville Penna. 

Yeagley, Harold George Pub. Sch. Music. .2114 Moore St Harrisburg Penna. 

22^"^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 



Bamberger, Lucille Henrietta. . . .Pub. Seh. Music.. 19 Hoke Ave Lebanon Penna. 

Bixler, Russell Jacob Pub. Sch. Music. .224 Ramsey Ave Cliambersburg Penna. 

Bliven, Jeanne Lois Pub. Sch. Music Sugar Loaf N. Y. 

Boyd, Margaret Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Music. .118 E. High St Manheim Penna. 

Brown, Gladys Mae Pub. Sch. Music. .106 E. Cherry St Palmyra Penna. 

Caton, Earl Thomas, Jr Pub. Sch. Music. .218 Hamilton St Harrisburg Penna. 

Coleman, Catherine Ruth Pub. Sch. Music. .304 Strauss Ave Johnstown Penna. 

Cox, Joan Ehzabeth Pub Sch. Music. 23 W. Main St Ephrata Penna. 

Creeger, Edwin Claude Pub. Sch. Music Thurmont Md. 

Dietrich, .-Mice Catherine Pub. Sch. Music West Hamburg . . . .Penna. 

Dreas, Laurene Ethel Pub. Sch. Music. . 1428 Palm St Reading Penna. 

Drendall, Harry Iven Pub. Sch. Music Mountain Top Penna. 

Dyson, Frances Reese Pub. Sch. Music. . . . • Nine Points Penna. 

Egli, Eleanor Pub. Sch. Music. .700 Hill St Lebanon Penna. 

Fauber, Joseph Wilmer Pub. Sch. Music. .613 Chestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Gardner, Mildred Elizabeth Pub. Sch. Mu.sic. .25 N. 19th St Harrisburg Penna. 

Hackman, Robert Gonder Pub. Sch. Music. .231 Spruce St Lititz Penna. 

Hains, Luke Elwood Pub. Sch. Music. .1500 King St Avon. Penna. 

Heilman, Alfred Henry Pub. Sch. Music .512 W. Main &t Palmyra Penna 

Immler, Audrey Jane Pub. Sch. Music. .R. D. No. 3 Harrisburg Penna. 

Jordan, Arthur Cleveland Pub. Sch. Music. .8366 Charlecote Ridge. .Jamaica N. Y. 

Koons, Lucille Ellen Pub. Sch. Music. .219 E. Maple St Cleona Penna. 

Leff, Elaine Helen Pub. Sch. Music. .65 1st .\ve Atlantic Highlands .N. J. 

Leff, Myrtle Gloria Pub. Seh. Music. .65 1st Ave Atlantic Highlands .N. J. 

Reed, William Brandt Pub. Sch. Music. .41 Mifflin St Pine Grove Penna. 

Rittle, Mildred Louise Pub. Sch. Music. R. D. No. 2 Lebanon Penna. 

Shank, Kathcrine Pub. Sch. Music. .1109 Greenwood Ave.. . .Wilmette III. 

Spangler, Mary Ehzabeth Pub. Sch. Music. . 239 3. 1st Ave Lebanon Penna. 

Strickhouser, Jean Luella Pub. Sch. Music York New Salem. . .Penna. 

Trupe, Thelma Leona Pub. Sch. Music. . 115 S. 9th St Akron Penna. 



Bollinger, Dorothy Pub. Sch. Music. .341 Walnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Seitzinger, Prowell Mack Music 239 Elm Ave Hcrshey Penna. 

Zerbe, Harry William Violin 47 N. Main St Pine Grove Penna. 


Acker, William Voice Cornwall Penna. 

Arnold, Lucille Piano R. D. No. 3 Lebanon Penna. 

Aungst, Randall Piano Class 315 Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

Baker, Melvin Cornet 261 W. High St Hummelstown Penna. 

Bender, Elizabeth Teall Voice, History.. . . 532 Maple St Annville Penna. 

Boltz, Joseph W Voice 315 Sheridan Ave Annville. Penna. 

Bomberger, .\nna Mae Piano 124 E. Cherry St Palmyra Penna. 

Bordwell, Margaret Voice 311 Frederick Rd Hagerstown Md. 

Boycr, Jean. Piano 5 Walnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Brown, Charles Willard McGaw. . Harmony, Piano. . Hershey Inds. School.. . Hershey Penna. 

Brunner, Phyllis Piano .\nnvilie Penna. 

Christ, Ruth Organ 136 E. Caracas Ave Hershey Penna. 

Clauser, W. Ray Voice Campbelltown Penna. 

Coble, Ruth E Organ 344 N. W. End Ave Lancaster Penna. 

Crcssman, Mrs. Catherine D Organ Centre Square Penna. 

Dietrich, Oleta Violin 221 N. Railroad St Palmyra Penna. 

Donough, Mary J Cello 536 Walnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Eariy, Josephine May Cello 120 Center Ave Cleona Penna. 

Fasnacht, Harold Violin .\nnville Penna. 

Fink, John Viohn 22 Lehman St Lebanon Penna. 

Fisher, Ethel Mae Violin, Harmony. 517 Cedar St., N. W. . . .Washington D. C. 

F!om, Esther Voice 2200 N. 5th St Harrisburg Penna. 

Galloppi, Carmella Profeta Piano 250 Line St Camden N. J. 

Garrett, Mrs. Pauline Voice 1529 Elm St Lebanon Penna. 

Goodman, Virginia Organ East Main St Annville Penna. 

Gruber, Jane liano 222 College Ave .Annville Penna. 

Hauer, Marlin L Piano .306 Cumberland St Lebanon Penna. 

Heilman. Elizabeth Piano .551 Weidman St Lebanon Penna. 

Heisey, Ralph R Voice 427 N. 7th Ave Lebanon Penna. 

Houser, Maeredith Organ, Piano 218 W. Main St Annville Penna. 

Keller, Ethel Piano 240 W. Main St Hummelstown Penna. 

Keller, Louise Voice 240 W. Main St Hummelstown Penna. 

Department of Music '■""^23 


Kemp, RcKiiia. Piuno Fredericksburg Peniia. 

Kerr, Elizabeth Piauo 812 Oliestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Knoll, Rol)ert Voice 734 Hill St Lebanon Penna. 

Kreider, Edwnn U Piano Class 141 N. Lancaster St Annville Penna. 

Kroll, Dorothea Betty Piano Chester N. Y. 

Lehr, Evelyn Jean Piano 164 N. 8th St Lebanon Penna. 

Leno, Carl Voice 114 W. Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Light, Anna Louise Voice 314 S. 12th St Lebanon Penna. 

Light, Doris E Piano Class 19 Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

Light, Louise Piano Class Cornwall Penna. 

Longenecker, Mary Grace Cornet Maple St Annville Penna. 

McClure, Jeanne Piano Class 223 E. Main St Annville Penna. 

Marbarger, John Porter Voice 102 W. Main St Palmyra Penna. 

March, IDorothy Piano Class 41 Church St Annville Penna. 

Marshall. Elizabeth Piano 427 Cumberland St Lebanon Penna. 

Means, Harriet. Piano 4 S. P'ourth St Lebanon Penna. 

Metzger, Edith Maude Voice 37 N. Union St Middletown Penna. 

Meyer, Thomas Voice Columbia St Schuylkill Haven . . . Penna. 

Millard, Marion Piano Class Annville Penna. 

Miller, Mrs. Glen Voice 5 N. 6th St Lebanon Penna. 

Miller, Jack E Voice Hershcy Inn Hershey Penna. 

Miller, Marlin L Piano 118 VV. Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Mills, Catherine Lucile Hist. Music 444 E. Main St Annville Penna. 

Moyer, Betty Piano R. D. No. 2 Hershey Penna. 

Nagle, Violet Mae Piano 327 E. Main St Annville Penna. 

Parker, Mrs. M. M Voice 204 E. Walnut St Lebanon . . Penna. 

Payne, W. Pnrnell Organ Community Club Hershey Penna. 

Philhppy, Howard B Voice 420 N. Railroad St Palmyra Penna. 

Reiff, Marian Louise Piano. Harmony.. 902 Bridge St New Cumberland.. .Penna. 

Rice, Elizabeth Piano Class 34 Manheim St Annville Penna. 

Rohland, Dorothy Louise Piano 101 S. Lancaster St Annville Penna. 

Rohland, Wayne Ellsworth Trombone 101 S. Lancaster St Annville Penna. 

Ruppersberger, Ellen Elizabeth. Voice, Harmony. .4413 Belvieu Ave Baltimore Md. 

Ryan, Doris Voice 30 N. 7th St Lebanon Penna. 

Sey lar, Evelyn Voice R. D. No. 2 HaHfax Penna. 

Shadle, Fred Ellsworth Trombone Valley View Penna. 

Shroyer, Am Elizabeth Pinno Class 83 E. Sheridan .Ave, . . .Annville Penna. 

Smith, Mildred E Voice 612 S. Railroad St Myerstown Penna. 

Snyder, Harvey Bowman Voice 104 N. Lincoln St Cleona Penna. 

Snyder, Pauline Piano, Organ, Harmony Denver Penna. 

Sprague, Patricia Piano Class 113 E. Main St.. Annville Penna. 

Sprague, Susan Piano Class 113 E. Main St Annville Penna. 

Stonecipher, Mrs. Blanche Voice 471 E. Main St Annville Penna. 

Stonecipher, Virginia Piano Class 471 E. Main St Annville Penna. 

Stoner, M. Louise Voice 562 S. 3rd St Lemoyne Penna. 

Strickler, Hugh Cello 203 Hathaway Park Lebanon Penna. 

Swope, Daniel August, Jr" Voice R. D. No. 1 Myerstown Penna. 

Thomas, Doris Piano Class 22 E. Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

Thomas, Robert Piano Class 22 E. Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

Umberger, Molly Elizabeth Voice, Piano Schaefferstown Penna. 

Walter, Norman Bass Viohn 1800 Cumberland St. . . .Lebanon Penna. 

Wilhams, Harry Piano Class Annville Penna. 

Wilhams, Jack Lyter Piano Class Annville Penna. 

Wilt, Martha Piano Class 50 College Ave Annville Penna. 

Witmeyer, Eleanor Piano Class College Ave .Annville Penna