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cfDepartment of Vlllu&ic 


l^ubliAned bu cJLebanon Ualleu L^olleae 

Vol. XXIX MARCH, 194] Number 12 


Published Monthly by the College, Annville, Pennsylvania 
VOL. XXIX MARCH, 194] No. 12 

Entered as second class matter at Annville, Pa., under the Act of August 24, 1912 


CLYDE ALVIN LYNCH, A.M., B.D., D.D., Ph.D., President 

Music Education 











Harmony, Composition, Eurythmics 


Director of Musical Organizations 


Music Education 

Band and Orchestral Instruments 


Band and Orchestral Instruments 


Engle Conservatory of Music 

Department of ^usic 

Mary E. Gillespie, b.s., m.a. 

Director of Conservatory of Music 

Training: Valparaiso University; Oberlin 
Conservatory of Music; B. S., 1926, and M.A., 
1934, Teachers College, Columbia University. 
Experience : Grade teaching in city and rural 
schools, State of Indiana : Supervisor of Music. 
Public Schools, Scottsburg, Ind. ; Supervisor of 
Music, Public Schools, Braddock, Pa. ; Director 
of Music Department, University of Delaware, 
1925-1930: present position, 1930— 

Ruth Engle Bender, a.b., Piano 

Troinimj: A.B., Lebanon A^alley College; 
Oberlin Conservatory of Music; Teachers 
Diploma, New England Conservatory of 
Music ; advanced private study with Lee Patti- 
son, Ernest Hutcheson, and Frank LaForge ; 
graduate courses at Columbia University and 
at New York University ; Master classes with 
Sascha Gorodnitzki, summers 1935, 1937. 
Experience : Professional accompanist New 
York City ; ensemble playing with members of 
New York Symphony Orchestra ; active as 
soloist and accompanist in musical organiza- 
tions throughout Eastern Pennsylvania ; In- 
structor in Theor}^ and Piano, Lebanon Valley 
College Conservatory of ]\Iusic ; Director of 
Lebanon A^allev College Conservatory of Music, 
1924-1930; pre'sent position, 1930— 

R. Porter Campbell, mus.b., Organ 

Training: Diploma in Piano and Organ, 
Lebanon \'alley College Conservatory of 
Music ; Mus.b., Lebanon Valley College Con- 
servatory of Alusic ; advanced private study 
with Aloys Kramer and Arthur Friedhan; 
private study in New York and Italy with 
Pietro Yon, Italian organist ; private study 
with Alexander McCurdy, Tr., Curtis Institute, 
Philadelphia, 1935-38. 

Experience : Recitals and concert work both in 
U. S. and abroad (St. Peters, Rome, Milan, 
and Settimo \^ittone) ; Instructor in Piano and 
Theory, Lebanon Valley College Conservatory 
of Music ; organist and choirmaster. Seventh 
Street Lutheran Church, 1921-1924 and St. 
Luke's Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Pa., 
1924—; present position, 1920— 

Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Alexander Crawford, Voice 

Training: Early instruction from Alexander 
Crawford, senior, Glasgow, Scotland ; private 
study with William Shakespeare, London, Eng- 
land, Deems Taylor, and Douglas Stanley, 
M.S., New York City; Member of the British 
& American Acoustical Societies, 1935 & 1936. 
Experience : Concert, oratorio, and operatic 
work throughout the U. S. and Germany ; pri- 
vate teaching, London, England, Denver, Colo- 
rado, and New York, 1923-1927; present posi- 
tion, 1927— 

Harold Malsh, Violin 

Training : Graduate, 1923, Institute of Musical 
Art, New York ; private study, David No- 
winski, Philadelphia, Pa., Ottaker Cadek, New 
York City. 

Experience : Instructor in Violin, Music and 
Art Institute, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; private 
teaching. New York City ; member Harrisburg 
String Quartet and Harrisburg Symphony ; 
concert work throughout Eastern U. S. ; pres- 
ent position, 1924 — 

Ella R. Mover, b.s., m.a. 

Harmony, Composition, Euryihmics 

Traijiijig: Institute of Musical Art, New York, 
1920; graduate Fontainebleau School of Music, 
Fontainebleau, France, 1922; B.S., 1927, and 
M.A., 1932, New York University. 
Experience : Head of Theory and Piano De- 
partment, Westminster College, New Wilming- 
ton, Pa. ; Head of Theory and Piano Depart- 
ment, Chatham Hall, Chatham, Va. ; Instructor 
of Piano, New York University ; Instructor in 
Music, State Teachers College, California, Pa.. 
1929-1931 ; present position, 1931— 

Department of Music 

Edward P. Rutledge, b.s., m.a. 
Director of Musical Orgciiiizafions 

Traiuinq: Two vears' study at Institute of 
Musical Art, New' York; B.S., 1925, and M.A., 
1931, Teachers College, Columbia University; 
Westminster Choir Summer School, 1935. 
Experience : Director High School Orchestra 
and Band, Ottumwa, Iowa; Director, High 
School Chorus, Social Motive School, New 
York ; Director School Orchestra, Edgewater, 
N. J. ; Supervisor of Music, Public Schools, 
Ncodesha, Kansas ; Instructor in !Music Edu- 
cation, Summer Sessions, Columbia University. 
1926-1932; Instructor, Summer Session, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1937 ; present 

position, 1931 — 

D. Clark Carmean, a.b., m.a. 

Music Education 

Band and OrcJjestral Instruments 

Traiiiiiu/ : A.B., 1926, Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, Delaware, Ohio; M.A., 1932, Teach- 
ers College, Columbia University ; National 
Band and Orchestra Camp, Interlochen, Alich- 
igan, 1934; Christiansen Choir School, Sum- 
mer, 1938. 

Experience : Instructor of Music, Logan and 
Marion Counties, Ohio ; Supervisor of Alusic, 
Erie County, Ohio ; Instructor of Music, Cleve- 
land City Schools ; Supervisor of Music, Neo- 
desha, Kansas ; National Bands and Orchestra 
Camp, Interlochen, Mich.. 1934; Music Depart- 
ment, Summer School, Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege, 1937 — ; present position, 1933 — 

W. Mere Freeland, A.B., Piano 

Training : Oklahoma City University and 
University of Oklahoma. Graduate Oklahoma 
University, 1932. Fellowship in Juilliard Grad- 
uate School of Music, New York City, 1932- 
1936. Student of Madame Olga Samaroff- 

Experience : Ten years' private teaching in 
Oklahoma ; accompanist and Student Conduc- 
tor of Oklahoma University Men's Glee Club ; 
conducted Men's Chorus, Oklahoma City ; ex- 
tensive concert tours throughout United States 
and Canada with Earle Spicer and Joseph 
Bentonelli ; present position, 1938 — 

Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Myron Taylor, Voice 

Training: Kansas City Conservatory of Mu- 
sic, Kansas City, Mo., 1922-1927; Opera 
Scholarship, Eastman School of A'lusic, Roch- 
ester, N. Y. ; Alfredo Martino, Royal Opera, 
Rome ; Dr. Franz Hallasch, State Opera, Mu- 
nich ; Mme. Yvonne Curso, Paris Opera, Paris, 
1929-1930; Estelle Liebling, New York City; 
George Fergusson, Berlin and New York City. 
Experience : Teacher of voice and piano, Kan- 
sas City Conservatory, 1922-1928; principal 
tenor, New York Opera Comique, 1931-1932; 
Russian Opera Company, New York City, 
1934-1936; leading singing-acting role in Max 
Reinhardt's Broadway production, "The Eter- 
nal Road", 1937 ; debut at Metropolitan Opera, 
leading role in "The Man Without a Country" 
(Damrosch), Spring season, 1937; guest solo- 
ist, Columbia Broadcasting Company, on 

"March of Time" and with Howard Barlow's 
r orchestra ; Toronto Opera Guild, 1939 ; St. 

Louis Municipal Opera, Summer 1939 ; present 

position, 1939 — 

Virginia Darnell, B.S., M.A. 
Band and Orchestral Instruments 

Training: University of California, 1926-1927; 
University of Southern California, Summer, 
1931; Coe College, 1932; B.S., Teachers' Col- 
lege, Columbia University, 1938 ; M.A., ibid, 

Experience : Women's Symphony of New York 
City. 1937-1938 season ; extensive tours 
throughout the United States with concert 
orchestras ; Supervisor of Elementary Instru- 
mental Music, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1938- 
1940 ; private teaching in Los Angeles, New 
York City, and Shreveport ; present position, 

Joseph Battista, Piano 

Training: Winner of D. Hendrik Ezerman 
Scholarship in Philadelphia, Pa., 1935 ; Fel- 
lowship in Juilliard Graduate School of Music, 
New York City, 1936-1939; Accompanist for 
Charles Hackett, voice instructor, Juilliard 
School of Music, 1938-1939; Student of Mme. 
Olga Samaroff-Stokowski, Philadelphia Con- 
servatory of Music. 

Experience : Illustrated lectures with Mme. 
Olga Samaroff-Stokowski for Metropolitan 
Opera Guild, 1937-1938; Winner of Youth 
Contest, Philadelphia, 1938, awarding appear- 
ance with Philadelphia Orchestra ; re-engaged 
in 1939 for regular pair of concerts in an all 
Richard Strauss program ; Assistant to Mme. 
Olga Samaroff-Stokowski at Philadelphia 
Conservatory of Music, 1940 — ; New York 
Debut, Town Hall, 1940; Extensive concert 
tours throughout the United States ; Professor 
of Piano, Lebanon Valley College Conserva- 
torv of Music, 1940^ 

Department of Music 


THE aim of Lebanon Valley College Conservatory is to teach 
music historically and aesthetically as an element of liberal cul- 
ture; to offer courses that will give a thorough and practical under- 
standing of theory and composition ; and to train artists and teachers. 


An applicant for admission must (1) be a graduate of a four-year 
High School, and (2) possess a reasonable amount of musical intelligence 
and accomplishment, such as : 

(a) The possession of an acceptable singing voice and of a fairly quick 
sense of tone and rhythm ; 

(b) Ability to sing at sight hymn and folk tunes with a fair degree of 
accuracy and facility ; 

(c) Ability to play the piano or some orchestral instrument represent- 
ing two years' study. 


For Training Supervisors and Teachers of Public School Music 
(B.S. in Music Education) 

This course has been approved by the State Council of Education for 
the preparation of supervisors and teachers of public school music. 

The outline of the curriculum follows : 

Clock Semester 

First Semester Hours Hours 

English, including Library Science 4 3 

Place and Purpose of Education in the Social Order, 

including School Visitation 3 2 

Harmony 313 3 3 

Solfeggio 112 (Sight Reading) 3 2 

Ear Training 212 3 2 

Private Study: Voice, Piano, Strings (Violin, \'iola, 
'Cello, Bass) ; Woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, Clari- 
net, Bassoon) ; Brasses (Trumpet, French Horn, 
Trombone, Tuba) ; and Percussion Instruments. 
Chorus, Orchestra, and Band. Work arranged 
for greatest benefit of students 9 3 

Health Education 2 1 

27 16 

10^"^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Clock Semester 

Second Semester Hours Hours 

English 3 3 

Speech 3 3 

Harmony 323 3 3 

Solfeggio 122 (Sight Reading) 3 2 

Ear Training 222 3 2 

Private Study (See First Semester) 9 3 

Health Education 2 1 

26 17 

Third Semester 

Appreciation of Art 3 2 

History of Civilization 4 4 

Harmony 332 2 2 

Solfeggio 132 (Sight Reading) 3 2 

Ear Training 232 3 2 

Eurythmics 831 2 1 

Private Study (See First Semester) 9 3 

26 16 

Fourth Semester 

Principles of Sociology 2 2 

Literature 3 3 

Harmony 342 2 2 

Elements of Conducting 642 2 2 

Methods and Materials 443 4 3 

Eurythmics 841 2 1 

Private Study (See First Semester) 9 3 

24 16 

Fifth Semester 

General Psychology 3 3 

Advanced Choral Conducting 653 3 3 

Harmony 352 2 2 

History and Appreciation of Music 553 3 3 

Methods and Materials 453 4 3 

Private Study (See First Semester) 9 3 

. 24 17 

Sixth Semester 

Educational Psychology 3 3 

Harmony 362 2 2 

Advanced Instrumental Conducting 663 3 3 

History and Appreciation of Music 563 3 3 

Methods and Materials 463 4 3 

Private Study (See First Semester) 8 2 

23 16 

Department of Music ■^■^11 

Clock Semester 

Seventh Semester Hours Hours 

Physical Science 4 3 

Student Teaching and Conferences 77f> 8 6 

Private Study (See First Semester) 6 2 

Elective 4 4 

22 15 

Eighth Semester 

Educational Measurements 2 2 

Student Teaching and Conferences 786 7 6 

Private Study (See First Semester) 6 2 

Elective 5 5 

20 15 

Department of M.usic """"^IS 


First Year 

Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Sight Singing 112 and 122 4 

Sight Playing 1 

Harmony 313 and 323 6 

English 14 4 

Dictation 212 and 222 4 

Elective 6 

Physical Education 2 

Second Year 

Third Year 

Fourth Year 


Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Sight Singing 1 32 3 

Sight Playing 1 

Harmony 333 and 342 6 

Elective 6 

Harmonic Dictation 232 2 

History and Appreciation of Music 553 and 563 6 

Physical Education 2 


Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Musical Form and Analysis 352 6 

Elective 12 

Conducting 642 4 

Junior Recital 2 

Eurythmics 831 and 861 2 


Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin or Orchestral Instruments 4 

Composition 363 3 

Ensemble Playing 1 

Counterpoint 372 3 

Elective 12 

Senior Recital 4 


Above Electives may be selected from the college department. 

Students may also elect other courses listed under the Music Education 
course including orchestras, bands, glee club, and instrumental ensembles. 

14^^^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Student Teaching 776, 786. 

Sci'cn Iioiirs Ihroughout the year, twelve semester hoitrs credit. 

The Senior Class of the Music Education course teaches in the Derry 
Township ConsoHdated Schools at Hershey, Pa. Teaching includes vocal 
and instrumental work from kindergarten to high school. 

This work is done under the guidance of the following faculty : 

Mary E. Gillespie, A.M. Columbia University, Director of the Con- 
servatory of Music, Lebanon Valley College. 
D. Clark Carmean, A.M. Columbia University, Music Education and 

Instructor in Band and Orchestral Instruments. 
J. I. Bauglier, Ph.D. Columbia University, Superintendent of Derry 

Township Consolidated Schools, Hershey, Pa. 
Richard G. Neubert. B.S. in Music, New York University, Super- 
visor of Music, Derry Township Consolidated Schools, Hershey, 
A laboratory fee of $17.50 per semester is charged for student 

College Band 910-9n. 

T'li'O hours per week throughout the year. 

Lebanon ^'alley College maintains a uniformed band, the membership 
of which is made up of college and conservatory students. The band con- 
tributes to college life by playing at football games, by appearing on sev- 
eral programs during the year, and by providing the musical accompani- 
ment for the annual May Day Fete. During the spring several concerts 
are given in various cities of this section of the state. Membership in the 
band is determined by an applicant's ability on his instrument and by the 
needs of the band with respect to maintaining a w'ell-balanced instru- 
Girls' Band 912-913. 

T^Tt'o hours per zveck tliroughout tlie year. 

This organization is open to girls of the Conservatory and College 
alike. Membership in this band is determined by the applicant's ability 
on her instrument, and by the needs of the band with respect to main- 
taining a well-balanced instrumentation. The group will participate in a 
Spring concert. 
Symphony Orchestra 914-915. 

Two hours per week tlirougltout the year. 

The Lebanon ^'alley College Symphonj' Orchestra is a musical organi- 
zation of symphonic proportions. Open alike to advanced players from the 
college and the conservatory, the orchestra adheres to a high standard 
of performance. Throughout the school year a professional interpretation 
of a wide range of standard orchestral literature is insisted upon. 
College Orchestra 916-917. 

Ttvo hours per ■zveck tlirougliout the year. 

Department of M.usic '■'■^15 

The College Orchestra is open to all memhers of the Conservatory and 
of the College who are sufficiently qualified to belong to this organization. 

Junior Orchestra 918-919. 

One hour per week throughout the year 

Students of the elementary and advanced instrumental classes are given 
an opportunit}' to play their instruments in the Junior Band and the 
Junior Orchestra, thus gaining a type of valuable ensemble experience not 
possible to attain in the instrumental classes. 

Glee Club 63-64. 

One hour per zveek tlirouglwut the year 

The Glee Club is a mixed chorus of selected voices. The personnel of 
the organization, while open to all L. Y. C. students, is limited to forty 
members. During the Spring the Club appears in concerts in several 
communities throughout this section of the state. Choral literature of the 
highest type is studied intensively. 

College Chorus 61-62. 

One Jwur per zveek throughout the year 

The mixed chorus is open to all on the campus who are interested in this 
type of musical performance and who have had some experience in singing. 

Instrumental Ensembles. In addition to the larger musical organiza- 
tions there is additional 0])i)ortunity for advanced players to try out for 
such ensembles as : 

( 1 ) String Quartet 

(2) \"iolin Choir 

(3) Brass Ensemble 

(4) Woodwind Ensemble 

Voice, Piano, Organ, Chorus, Orchestral and Band Instruments. 

The W'Ork in the foregoing fields will be organized from the standpoint 
of the development of musicianship in the individual student. The work 
continues through eight semesters and assures a well-rounded and many- 
sided acquaintance with various musical techniques. 

Private instruction is provided in Applied Alusic ( Piano, Voice, Organ, 
\"iolin, and all instruments of orchestra and band). 

Piano: Mrs. Bender, Air. Freeland, Mr. Battista. 

\"oice : Air. Crawford, Air. Taylor. 

Organ : Mr. Campbell. 

Violin: Mr. Alalsh. 

Brass : Mr. Rutledge. 

Viola, 'Cello, and String Bass : Air. Carmean. 

Woodw'ind : A^irginia Darnell. 

A bulletin describing courses in Practical Alusic will be sent upon appli- 

16^"^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 


The Conservatory of Music sponsors a Junior Department especially 
adapted to children of elementary or high school age. 

This Junior Department offers either private or class instruction in 
piano and all instruments of the band and orchestra. A desirable number 
for class instruction is from four to six members. 


Music study may be credited toward the A.B. Degree to a total of 
twenty semester hours (five semester hours per year). For such credit 
the requirements are as follows : Two half hour recitations per week in 
Applied Music, two hours per day in practice, two hour recitations per 
week in harmony. 

Before entering upon this course of study the candidate must pass the 
examinations required by the Director of the Conservatory. 

A student desiring credit for this course of study is expected to continue 
the same until graduation. Credit will not ordinarily be granted for a 
single year of study. Only under exceptional conditions may such credit 
be granted by the faculty upon recommendation of the Director of the 

The College offers to students of exceptional merit the opportunity under 
careful guidance of arranging special electives either in work leading to 
the A.B. degree or the B.S. degree in Music Education (Public School 
Music), so that upon the attainment of either degree the subsequent degree 
can be earned by taking two or three semesters additional work. 


The student evening recitals are of inestimable value to all students 
in acquainting them v/ith a wide range of the best musical literature, in 
developing musical taste and discrimination, in affording young musicians 
experience in appearing before an audience, and in gaining self-reliance 
as well as nerve control and stage demeanor. 

Students in all grades appear on the programs of these recitals. 


A Matriculation Fee of five dollars must be paid by all full-time stu- 
dents who are entering the College or Conservatory for the first time. 
This fee should accompany the application for admission. If a student's 
application is not accepted, the fee will be returned. 

All students not enrolled in regular College or Conservatory Courses 
will be required to pay a matriculation fee of one dollar, once in each 
school year. 

Department of M.usic "^^^17 

The rates for the Alusic Education Teachers' and Supervisors' Course 
are $300 per year, which covers not only tuition but also a fee for student 
activities. The Music Education Teachers' and Supervisors' Course in- 
cludes two private lessons per week, the use of a piano two hours daily 
for practice, and theoretical and college courses not exceeding a total of 
seventeen semester hours each semester. 

Extra hours in theoretical and college courses will be charged at the 
rate of $8.50 per semester hour. 

Private Lessons 

The rates per semester, one lesson per week, are $25.00. 
The rates per semester, one class lesson per week in the Junior Depart- 
ment, are $12.00. 

Rent of Practice Instruments 

Piano, one hour daily per semester $4.00 

Each additional hour daily per semester 2.00 

Organ, one hour daily, per semester 20.00 

Organ, two hours weekly, per semester 10.00 

Band and Orchestra Instruments, per semester 6.00 


Regular Conservatory students are not enrolled for a shorter period 
of time than a full semester, or the unexpired portion of a semester ; 
and no reduction is made for delay in registering when the time lost is 
less than one-fourth of the semester. 

No reduction is made for absence from recitations except in case of 
protracted illness extending beyond a period of two weeks, in which case 
the loss is shared equally by the college and the student. 

Conservatory students are under the regular college discipline. 


Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 

Console of the new $20,000 four-manual MoUer Organ to be used for 
instructional and devotional purposes in the Conservatory of Music 


GREAT ORGAN (unenclosed) 

Violone 6i Pipes 

Principal 6i Pipes 

Diapason 6i Pipes 

Harmonic Flute 6i Pipes 

Gemshorn 6i Pipes 

4 Octave 6i Pipes 

4' Flute Overte 61 Pipes 

4' Gemshorn 61 Notes 

2-2/3' Twelfth 61 Pipes 

Fifteenth 61 Pipes 

[II Rks. Mixture 163 Pipes 

Chimes (from Solo) 

SWELL ORGAN (enclosed) 

16' Flute Conique 73 Pipes 

Diapason 73 Pipes 

Rohr Flute 73 Pipes 

Spitz Flute 73 Pipes 

Salicional 73 Pipes 

Vox Celeste 61 Pipes 

Octave 73 Pipes 

SWELL ORGAN (enclosed) 
4' Flute Triangulaire .... 73 

4' Salicet 61 

2' Fifteenth 61 

1-3/5' Tierce 61 

III Rks. Mixture 183 

16' Waldhorn 73 

8 Trumpet 73 

S' Oboe 73 

8 Vox Humana 61 

4 Clarion 73 


CHOIR ORGAN (enclosed) 

16' Dulciana 97 

English Diapason 73 

Concert Flute 73 

Dulciana 73 

Unda Maris 73 

4' Flute d'Amour 73 

4' Dulciana 73 

4 Unda Maris II 73 



Department of Music 


CHOIR ORGAN (enclosed) 

z-ij'i Dulciana Twelfth 6i Notes 16' 

z-z/i' Rohr Nazard 61 Pipes 16' 

2' Piccolo 61 Pipes 16' 

2' Dulciana 61 Notes 16' 

S' Clarinet 73 Pipes 16' 

Harp 49 Bars 8' 

Celesta 37 Notes g' 

Tremulant 8' 

SOLO ORGAN (enclosed) 8' 

III Rks. Diapason Chorus 219 Pipes 4 

8' Gamba 73 Pipes 10-2/3' 

8' Gamba Celeste 61 Pipes H Rks. 

8 Viole Sourdine 73 Pipes 16 

8' Viole Celeste 61 Pipes 16' 

4' Gamba 61 Notes 8' 

4' Orchestral Flute 73 Pipes S' 

8' Tromba 73 Pipes 4 

8 French Horn 75 Pipes 

4' Clarion 61 Note? 

Chimes 21 Tubes 


Choir 4 
Choir 16 
Choir Unison Off 
Solo to Swell 
Solo to Swell 4' 
Solo to Swell 16' 
Choir to Swell 
Choir to Swell 4' 
Choir to Swell 16' 
Swell 4' 
Swell 16' 
Swell Unison Off 
Solo 4 
Solo 16 
Solo Unison Off 

Swell to Great 
Swell to Great 4' 
Swell to Great 16' 
Choir to Great 
Choir to Great 4' 
Choir to Great 16' 
Solo to Great 
Solo to Great 4' 
Solo to Great 16' 
Solo to Choir 
Solo to Choir 4 
Solo to Choir 16' 
Swell to Choir 
Swell to Choir 4' 
Swell to Choir 16' 


Diapason 32 Pipes 

Bourdon 32 Pipes 

Violone 32 Notes 

Dulciana 32 Notes 

Flute Conique 32 Notes 

Octave 12 Pipes 

Flute Major 12 Pipes 

Concert Flute 32 Notes 

Gamba 32 Notes 

Dulciana 32 Notes 

Flute 32 Notes 

Quint 32 Notes 

Mixture 64 Pipes 

Trombone 32 Pipes 

Waldhorn 32 Notes 

Trumpet 32 Notes 

Tromba 32 Notes 

Clarion 32 Notes 

Chimes (from Solo) . . 21 Note? 

Great 4' 

Great Unison Off 
Swell to Solo 
Swell to Solo 4' 
Swell to Solo 16' 
Solo to Pedal 
Solo to Pedal 4' 
Swell to Pedal 
Swell to Pedal 4' 
Great to Pedal 
Great to Pedal 4' 
Choir to Pedal 
Choir to Pedal 4' 
Pedal to Pedal Octave 

8 Pistons affecting Swell Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Great Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Choir Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Solo Organ 

8 Pistons affecting Pedal Organ 

10 Pistons affecting Full Organ 

Crescendo Indicator — slide — four stages 

Sforzando Piston and toe stud 

All Swells to Swell Piston and toe stud 

Great to Pedal Reversible 

Swell to Pedal Reversible 

Choir to Pedal Reversible 

Solo to Pedal Reversible 

Balanced Expression Pedal — Choir Organ 
Balanced Expression Pedal — Swell Organ 


Balanced Expression Pedal — Solo Organ 
Balanced Crescendo Pedal 
5 Full organ combination Pistons dupli- 
cated by toe studs 
5 Pedal combination Pistons duplicated 
by toe studs 

Pedal to Swell — On and off 
Pedal to Great — On and o£F 
Pedal to Choir — On and off 
General Cancel Piston 
Coupler Cancel Piston 
Combinations cut-out with lock 
Electric Clock 
Harp Dampers 
Cliimes Dampers 


Department of Music 





Bliven, Jeanne Lois Musi 

Boyd, Margaret Elizabeth Mus 

Brown, Gladys Mae Mus: 

Caton, Earl Thomas, Jr Mus: 

Coleman, Catherine Ruth Musi 

Cox, Joan Elizabeth Mus 

Creeger, Edwin Claude Mus 

Dreas, Laurene Ethel Mus: 

Fauber, Joseph Wilmer Musi 

Gottshall, Henry G Mus' 

Hackman, Robert Gender Mus 

iHains, Luke El wood Musi 

Immler, Audrey Jane Mus 

Rittle, Mildred Louise Mus 

Spangler, Mary Elizabeth Musi 

Strickhouser, Jean Luella Musi 

Trupc, Thelma Leona Mus 

Ed Sugar Loaf N. Y. 

Ed 118 East High St Manheim Penna. 

Ed 106 East Cherry St Palmyra Penna. 

Ed 218 Hamilton St Harrisburg Penna. 

Ed .549 Grove Ave Johnstown Penna. 

Ed. 23 West Main St Ephrata Penna. 

Ed Thurmont Md. 

Ed 1428 Palm St Reading Penna. 

Ed 114 South 4th St Lebanon Penna. 

Ed 43 West Main St Annville Penna. 

Ed 231 Spruce St Lititz Penna. 

Ed 1500 King St Avon Penna. 

Ed 2145 North Second St.. Harrisburg Penna. 

Ed R. D. No. 2 Lebanon Penna. 

Ed 239 South 1st Ave Lebanon Penna. 

: Ed York New Salem . . . Peima. 

Ed 115 South 9th St Akron Penna. 


Bieber, Robert Jacob Mus 

Boger, Louise Adeline Mus 

Brandt, Rosanna Meyer Mus 

Co.x, Margaret Alice Mus 

Curry, Herbert Shenk Mus 

Deitzler, Phyllis Elizabeth Mus 

Drendall, Harry Iven Mus 

Goodman, Virginia Warfieid Musi 

Herr, Anna Mary Musi 

Hollinger, June Elizabeth Musi 

Koons, Lucille Musi 

Light, Mary Grace Musi 

Martin, Marguerite Helen Musi 

McCurdy, J. Richard Musi 

Moore, George Luther Mus 

Sechrist, Helen Rae Musi 

Shillot, Betty Louise Mus 

Sholley, Irma June Mus 

Turco, Victoria Mus 

Weiler, Robert Tounsley Musi 

Wild, Harold Mus' 

Wix, Ruth Irene Musi 

Ed 316 North 11th St Reading Penna. 

Ed 121 Railroad St Annville Penna. 

Ed R. D. No. 3 Lebanon Penna. 

Ed 734 North Third St Reading Penna. 

Ed 403 Elm St Hershey Penna. 

Ed 475 Mill St Catawissa Penna. 

Ed Mountaintop Penna. 

Ed 15 East Main St Annville Penna. 

Ed Peach Bottom Penna. 

Ed 963 Quentin Road Lebanon Penna. 

Ed 219 East Maple St Cleona Penna. 

Ed R. D. No. 1 Annville Penna. 

Ed 403 East Main St Dallastown Penna. 

Ed Star Route Shippensburg Penna. 

Ed 2.333 Jefferson St Harrisburg Penna. 

Ed 22 West Main St Dallastown Penna. 

Ed 1613 Revere St Harrisburg Penna. 

Ed 34 West Granada .Ave. . . Hershey Penna. 

Ed 146 S. Hanover St. Carlisle Penna. 

; Ed 1426 Linden St Reading Penna. 

Ed Cornwall Penna. 

Ed 3242 Jonestown Rd .... Harrisburg Penna. 


Boeshore, Anna Mae Music Ed Jonestown Penna. 

Brine, Dorothy Louise B, Mus 3817 Garfield St , N.W. . Washington D. C. 

Carey, Margaretta Adelaide Music Ed 1825 Zarker St Harrisburg Penna. 

ColUns, Ann B Music Ed 20S Union St Middletown Penna. 

Detambel, Marvin Harold Music Ed 40 Front St Mohnton Penna. 

Dunkle, Emma Catharine Music Ed 3311 Brisban St., 

Paxtang Harrisburg Penna. 


Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 




Ebersole, Loy Arnold Mus: 

Ebersole, Walter King Mus^ 

Emrich, Betty Mae Mus 

Germer, Meredith Johnson Mus 

Gruber, Jane Gingrich Mus 

Hammond. Joyce Mus; 

Immler, Richard Andrew Mus: 

Kerr, Elizabeth Krause Mus: 

Kreider, Verna Laura Mus: 

Maurer, Harold William, Jr Mus 

Morrison, Albert Harold Mus: 

Morrison, Helen Alice Mus: 

Oberholtzer, Harry Irving Musi 

Phillips, John Richard Musi 

Robertson, Jessie Custer Mus: 

Schopf, Janet Marie Mus: 

Smith, Doris Chittick Mus: 

Stansfield, Genevieve Marie Musi 

Stine, Evelyn Justina Mus: 

Talnack, John Paul Musi 

Uberseder, Hans William Musi 

Yestadt, James Francis Mus: 

c Ed 1510 Zarker St Harrisburg Penna, 

c Ed H. I. S. Gro Mor Hummelstown Penna. 

c Ed Ono Penna. 

c Ed 2207 North 4th St Harrisburg Penna. 

c Ed 222 College Ave AnnviUe Penna. 

Ed Box .369 Dover Del. 

c Ed 2145 North 2nd St Harrisburg Penna. 

c Ed 812 Chestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

c Ed 128 East Lincoln Ave. . . Lititz Penna. 

c Ed 260 South 8th St Lebanon Penna. 

,c Ed 429 Pine St Steelton Penna. 

e Ed 210 Lewis St Minersville Penna. 

c Ed Strausstown Penna. 

c Ed 251 South Second St. . . . Steelton Penna. 

Ed 1201 N. 2nd St. Apt. 9 .Harrisburg Penna. 

c Ed Mountville Penna 

c Ed R. D. No. 1. Box 108-A Long Branch N. J. 

c Ed 9 East Main St Mechanicsburg . . .Penna 

Ed 5845 Catherine St. ... Philadelphia Penna. 

c Ed .342 Pine St Reading Penna. 

c Ed .3004 Freemansburg Ave. Easton Penna. 

c Ed 1719 Forster St Harrisburg Penna. 

Albert, J. Ross Musi 

Bachman, James Smith Musi 

Brubaker, Dale Musi 

Chambers, John Delmar Mus' 

Converse, Barbara Elizabeth Musi 

Deibler, Kathryn Savilla Musi 

Fidler, Kenneth Richard Musi 

Fisher, Paul Gottshall Musi 

Fleming, Lorin Eugene Musi 

Foltz, Leah Susan Mus' 

Fornof f. Hazel Jane Musi 

Frantz, Charles Paul Musi 

Garland, Jean Louise Mus' 

Geraoe, Anthony Joseph Mus 

Hollinger, Clayton Elias, Jr Musi 

Klueker, Dorothy Jane Musi 

Landis, Dorothy Hope Musi 

Light, Janet Naoma Musi 

Ling. Minnie Evelyn Mus 

Miller, Emma Catharine Musi 

Mowrey, Wayne Lytle Musi 

Reed, Carroll Melvin Mus: 

Schaeffer, Jacob Robert Musi 

Seavers, Garneta Louise Musi 

Sharman, Charles Winfield, Jr. . . .Musi 

Smith, Alton Matthew Mus 

Tippery. Miriam Winifred Musi 

Unger, Franklin Hcrtzler Mus 

Witmeyer, Clyde Richard Musi 


c Ed R. D. No. 1 Lebanon Penna. 

e Ed New Holland Penna. 

cEd R. D. No. 2 York Penna. 

c Ed 74 Springs Avenue Gettysburg Penna. 

c Ed 309 Barker St Ridley Park Penna. 

c Ed 201 Market St Highspire Penna. 

c Ed 347 West Douglass St. . . Reading Penna. 

c Ed 2231 Spring St West Lawn Penna. 

c Ed Dillsburg Penna. 

c Ed 16 South 21st St Harrisburg Penna. 

c Ed R, D. No. 1 Columbia Penna. 

c Ed 329 Sterigere St Norristown Penna. 

c Ed 208 West Second Ave. . .Waynesboro Penna. 

c Ed 639 Chestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

c Ed 506 South 12th St Lebanon Penna. 

c Ed 448 North Hanover St. Carlisle Penna. 

c Ed 9 North Railroad St Mverstown Penna. 

c Ed 364 North Eighth St. .. . Lebanon Penna. 

c Ed 1506 Dauphin Ave Wyomissing Penna. 

c Ed 1433 West Market St.. . . York Penna. 

c Ed Quincy Penna. 

c Ed 640 George St iHagerstown Md. 

c Ed R. F. D. No. 2 Fleetwood Penna. 

c Ed 117 S. Queen St Shippensburg Penna. 

c Ed 1036 Green St Reading Penna. 

c Ed 216 N. Richmond St.. . .Fleetwood Penna. 

c Ed 1016-23rd Avenue Altoona Penna. 

e Ed 706 Bridge St New Cumberland. . . Penna. 

c Ed 210 East Main St Annville Penna. 

SPECIALS— Part-time 

.4nger, .lean Priscilla Voice, Piano 316 E. Chestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Arnold, Luzille Organ R. D. No. 3 Lebanon Penna. 

Aungst. Randall Piano West Sheridan Ave .Annville Penna. 

Barber, Irene Piano Barryville N. Y. 

Bernhard, Virginia Claire Violin 710 Ninth St Ocean City N. J. 

Black, Betty Piano 440 Maple St Annville iPenna. 

Boger, Madeline J Piano 125 N. Railroad St. . . .Annville Penna. 

Bomberger, Anna Mae Organ 128 E. Cherry St Palmyra Penna. 

Bomberger, Dorothy Hartz Organ, Piano. . . 443 North Eighth St. . . . Lebanon Penna. 

Bomgardner, Josephine Voice 40 East Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Bordwell, Margaret June Voice, Hist, of 

Music 311 Frederick Rd Hagerstown Md. 

Bonder, Norman M., Jr Trumpet 3437 Dupont Ave Baltimore Md. 

Bowman, Jean Piano, Voice. ... 15 West Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Bowman, Nancy Piano 15 West Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Burgner, Eva Grace Piano 1311 Harding St Palmyra Penna. 

Department of M.usic ""^^23 


Buser, Sara Ann Piano 301 First Ave Lebanon Fenna. 

Butterwiek, Helen I Voice 218 E. Maple St Annville Fenna. 

Carbaugh, John Edward, Jr Mus. Minor. . . . 1025 Walnut St Lemoyne Penna. 

Carper, Miriam Piano 221 East Oak St Palmyra Penna. 

Chunko, Virginia Piano 41 North Saylor St Annville Penna. 

Cocos, William Voice 12 South 11th St Lebanon Penna. 

Cooper, Mrs. Ethel G Voice 1620 Market St Harrisburg Penna. 

Crall, Lloyd Voice 296 W. Franklin St Ephrata Penna. 

Deraco, Teresa Voice 814 North 7th St Lebanon Penna. 

Dyson, Elwood T Organ 474 East Main St Annville Penna. 

Dyson, Mrs. Elwood Voice 474 East Main St Annville Penna. 

Edwards, Jean Piano 30 East Main St Annville Penna. 

Ehrlich, Ethel F Harmony 1 56 Ridge Road Lyndhurst N.J. 

Farmer, Arthur Voice 133 Cumberland St Lebanon Penna. 

Fernsler, Helen Oboe 426 North 1 1th St Lebanon Penna. 

Fisher, Mrs. Winona R Organ 35 North 19th St Harrisburg Penna. 

Frith, Shirley Piano Cornwall Penna. 

Gerhart, Henry Piano Jonestown Penna. 

Gingrich, Betty Voice 232 East Main St... . . . .Palmyra Penna. 

Gingrich, Jean Organ 232 East Main St.. .... Palmyra Penna. 

Gingrich, Robert Violin 232 East Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Groh, Mrs. S. B Piano 1017 Chestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Guise, Helen Piano, Voice York Springs Penna. 

Hall, Aima Fae Piano 128 E. Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Heilman, Jane Violin Cornwall Penna. 

Hess, Elizabeth Ann Voice, Piano, 

Theory 1011 E. Cumberland St. Lebanon Penna. 

Hess, James Oboe 1011 E. Cumberland St.. Lebanon Penna. 

Hollinger, Richard Piano East Maple St Annville Penna. 

Holly, Marjorie Ann Voice Annville Penna. 

Houser, Maeredith Organ, Piano, 

Cello 218 W. Main St Annville Penna. 

Imboden, Josephine Piano 103 Cherry St Palmyra Penna. 

Ingraham, Olive Young Voice 470 E. Maple St Annville Penna. 

Johns, Mary Elizabeth Voice 306 South 4th St Lebanon Penna. 

Kadel, Adele Piano 1565 Elm St Lebanon Penna. 

Kissinger, Carolyn Piano, Voice .... 429 North 12th St Reading Penna. 

Knoll, Robert Voice 734 Hill St Lebanon Penna. 

Kreider, Edwin U Piano Lancaster St Annville Penna. 

Levitz, .-Vdelle Piano 128 Cumberland St Lebanon Penna. 

Light, Doris Piano 19 E. Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

Light, Mrs. Emma Hoke Piano, Harmony.339 North 8th St Lebanon Penna. 

Light, Louise Piano Cornwall Penna. 

Long, Helen Piano 124 E. Cherry St Palmyra Penna. 

Longenecker, Mary Grace Cornet, Piano . . . Maple St Annville Penna. 

Manderbach, Gordon Oboe 118 South 8th St Lebanon Penna. 

Manwiller, Ralph Heck Voice, Piano. ... 126 North 8th St Reading Penna. 

Maurer, Eloise Piano 1544 Oak St Lebanon Penna. 

Mehaffey , Mary E Voice 540 N. Ninth St Lebanon Penna. 

Meyer, Nancy Piano R. D. No. 3 Lebanon Penna. 

Millard, Marion Piano Annville Penna. 

Miller, Mabel Jane Hist. Music 313 E. Main St Mount Joy Penna. 

Minnioh, Betty Mae Mus. Minor Wiconisco Penna. 

Moyer, Betty Piano R. D. No. 2 Hershey Penna. 

Moyer, Nancy Piano R. D. No. 2 Hershey Penna. 

Moyer, Virginia Elizabeth Piano Mt. Aetna Penna. 

Nagle, Violet Mae Piano 327 East Main St Annville Penna. 

Peterson, Elizabeth Anne Voice Cornwall Penna. 

Phillippy, Howard Voice 428 N. Railroad St Palmyra Penna. 

Potts, Wilma Helen Voice, Piano York Springs Penna. 

Prutzman, Frances Piano 1 196 Maple Ave Lancaster Penna. 

Reed, William Violin 41 Mifflin St Pine Grove Penna. 

Reinhold, Rosalie Bassoon 301 Lehman St Lebanon Penna. 

Rice, Betty Voice 34 Manheim St Annville Penna. 

Risser, Harold Piano R. D. No. 4 Lebanon Penna. 

Rohland, John Piano 235 Walnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Rutledge, Mrs. Wilma Voice 637 Maple St Annville Penna. 

Sager, Jules Voice 918 Maple St Lebanon Penna. 

Schott, Sara Piano Cornwall Penna. 

Sohreiner, Ona Eileen Organ 418 West High St Manheim Penna. 

Shalley, Anna Margaret Harmony 1 25 South 11th St Lebanon Penna. 

Shenk, Esther Voice 438 East Main St Annville Penna. 

Shettel, Viola Evelyn Piano 23 W. Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

Shroyer, Ann Piano 83 E. Sheridan Ave Annville Penna. 

24""^ Lebanon Valley College Bulletin 


Shroyer, Frances Jean Piano 83 E. Sheridan Ave Annviile Penna. 

Smee, Pauline Organ R. D. No. 6 Carlisle Penna. 

Snyder, Pauline Piano, Organ Denver Penna. 

Spitler, Evelyn Piano 115 E. Main St Palmyra Penna. 

Starr, Kathleen Piano Maple St Annviile Penna. 

Stonecipher, Evelyn Cornet 471 E. Main St Annviile Penna. 

Stonecipher, Virginia Piano 471 E. Main St Annviile Penna. 

Strauss, Elinor Piano Jonestown Penna. 

Struble, George, Jr Piano 27 N. Uirich St Annviile Penna. 

Summy, Helen Voice Hershey Penna. 

Taylor, Mrs. Myron Organ 28 West 63rd St New Yorlc City N. Y. 

Ullery, William W Piano Men's Dormitory, 

L. V. C Annviile Penna. 

Umberger, Mrs. Edmund Piano 619 Chestnut St Lebanon Penna. 

Wagner, Virginia Ann Piano 124 College Ave Annviile Penna. 

Ware, Evelyn Hist. Music 1201 North 15th St Harrisburg Penna. 

Weidner, David S Voice R. D. No. 1 Lebanon Penna. 

Wildermuth, Emma Piano 432 East Market St Pottsville Penna. 

Yannaccone, Robert Mus. Minor. ... 139 Sunbury St Minersville Penna. 

Yokum, George Voice Hershey Penna. 

Zentmyer, Richard Voice 39 Maple Ave Hershey Penna. 

Zug, Esther Piano R. D. No. 2 Lebanon Penna.